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(The *0¥lountain Bagle. 

Volume 2 

Whitesburg, Letcher County, Kentucky, December 17, 1908. 

Number 16 


Dedicated to Tired Mothers and the Children ^ 
as They Join the Home Circle ^ 

at Evening Tide. ^ 


thusiasm and encnty to be guard- 

j ed by experience but not to b ‘ ( 6 I 

j paralyzed bv fear. J | YOUR 0 

The rose of Flonda. the most | i MOTHER i 

From a 

: The rose of Honda, the most,® MOTHER ^ Hoar Kditor. 

, beautiful of flowers, emiU no x X i . 

® 1 will send a short letter from 

, fragrance; the bird of Paradise, the Ixme Star State and perhaps 

: the most beautiful of birds, gives ^ it will please someone to hear 

I no song; the cypress of Greece, from a soldier buy. I am sta- 

I the flnest of trees, bears no fruit; Editor, tioned on the banks of the “Sil- 

I dandies, the shiniest of men, |   ''®»''‘e space to say some ver Hio Grande” at Uredo, Tex. 

'generally have no sense, and ball things to the boys and girls of The inhabitants are mostly Mex- 
‘ L 11 I i. . # our country in re$ran1 to their Jcan.s and Chinks. I oflcn 

room e Is, the loveliest of j ^wthers. I have seen so many take in the bull fiirhts which are 
ated creatures, very often ditto, mistreating their mothers the usual Sunday afternoon at- 
I — o— , gpQfhp,. J traction in Old Mexico and often 

A girl who is brought up to ‘ O,,, gj,] at this iilare. The trees here are 



The Home Circle! Don’t those! respectful to you, then you should , . . * 'in one way or another that I traction in Old Mexico and often ... 

three little words touch you in a be respectful to them. The Iwys ^ ^ brought uu to j come to the aid ol those kind, old, at this place. The trees here are of every imlividual L''manif^st 

way like which none others do? ' and girls who are s.Kiken to in a ^ Tn it “m.Z of self-con. n7 2 

Oh, the palpitating hearts, the harsh, rough tone of voice na.ur-'^® ® « ”‘ 1 "'K- fprintao anis ri s. are full of nice fioweni\)r!in7!s^ 

misery that results to humanity ally fall into the habit of re.s, Kind- ^ they to whom you owe your ex- «ates and l«-oans ' ^ 

from having no home! The boy, mg in the same way. Parental ^ . ' ' isteiico who cherish you in sor-llf”"’ ha''''- I want to spend one , r ,i , 

shifting from place to place, the • dignity and authority may be am wise a„,l l,.ggljlp g„jilo„*tfgrget more Xmas at home ns it has (hjpg^'for” arv*^ man* howevc-r 

girl «l 80 -what shall be said of asserted with the utmost firm- ‘ ' •« l ua-nes.s , ■ been four years since 1 had that 

her? The Home Circle shall tc ness, and yet without coarseness!*' ‘CU ties. Sicc.inta eentiroj j i,ay   gfipi, ix-gn inipre.ssed '’.gf?'""*' nothing happens I reigns within himself, and 

The strength of the will (lower [ject having burned so dim I now 

La'iiic Lti I III: mu I mi&c n HIM, t'liJ, v..i»s |mc»s,x , tux vicr.'n iifM*aru f • • *i i i 

gooil liearterl, tlod ble.ssed olT- as green now ns thev are in May , "   'v duul is manifest submit it to Eagle readers, for 

sprint sof Adams ribs. m dear old Letcher and theyards self-control, and their inspection and criticism, but 

Young men, love your mothers, are full of nice flowers. » ’ranges. 

they to whom you owe your ex- , '•anana.s. figs. Mates and pecans ' ‘ ‘ ‘ ** 

• . L u • I ' BTow horn 1 unnt in aimn/i ^ ** mosi, imiK)rtant pleased to try to write airain, 

isteiico.^ who cherish you in sor- • ^ro ' hero I want to spend ,L.aa ...v..." a.a 

girl also-what shall be said of asserted with the utmost firm- ' - your every joy. .uu. jm.s siuee i nau luai 

her? The Home Circle shall tc ness, and yet without coarseness She take entire j j have often lieen ini|ire.ssed 'f natfiing happens 1 

a permanent feature of the Eagle or arrogance. In fact it cannot ® ar^eof the money exianded . jg vel.ited of an Indian in n vcHr ° 

and the reason why need not be be well asserted in any other ® "'a* w ere M,.|vin r-m (ill 

sUtedhere. Our readers know way. A rude father or mother 1 ^ Ft. McIntosh 

, ,, „ u Ill u her husband infinite satisfaction. 'the same boat aeross a dangerous I • 

full well that from the home— , is likely to have rude sons and 

! She can earn a little something, 

and trouble and don’t forget more Xmas at home ns it has , most uiincuii Oh, that 1 could realize as did 

everiToy ' ‘hat , Sir Edmond Dyre, 

,, , . 1 pleasure. If nothing haiipens I his own master. If j “My mind to me a kinirdom is: 

lave often heen ini|.re. sed ^.|| ^ l,etcher .h'm»‘‘lf. and Such perfect ioy therein I find 

what iH mated of nn Indian ^ rules pasaions, desiroa and fears. As far exceeds all earthly blisa. 

h, who was asked, if he were * he is ureator than any kinjf of ' ^ most 

ng his wile and mothef in , Melvin Caudill, j this earth. We a.s mortals ought I Vni i t u.j 

laine boat across a dangerous I ' ’’‘“ah, Tex. , not to sacrifice the sentiments of] eravs.”^ ^ 

im and one had to be lost, _ i the soul to gratify the a|)|ietitea{ —Uncle Newt. 

' . -I, , , , replied. "My mother; for a man 

A mother is truly our guardian she will have the comfort of 

sions are excellent servants, and 
' when Dniperly trained and disci- 1 
Any Kuli.seriber who pavs cash , plined are callable of being ai -! 


the real horse, not the name, , daughters. . ■ which one he would save. He Grand Combination ^ “( , '’“"i I 

flows nine-tonths of all the good . u -n i e e replied. My mother; for a man sions are excellent servants, and i O/^UI^/^f 

or bad in this world. We ask| A mother is truly our guardian she will have the comfort of pgi, ha”e another wife, but he can ' when nnincrly trained and disci- 1 ov^rUJxJL 

our readers, fathers, mothers, Imr goodness knowing that whatever happens, never have but one motlier.” Any suli.seriber who pavs cash , plined are callable of being a|i-! 

brothers ami sisters to read and shields and protects; she walks | she will fall on her feet. If her Mannah, the mother of the ; “m Eagle one year or w ho ' plied to noble piiriKiaes; but when | 1 will b ‘gin a subscription 

‘ ’ with our infancy, our youth and husband dies, slie will be able t(T proiihet Samuel, not only had a “P I’*-'* ‘■“‘'scription for one, allowed to become niasUirs they | seliiHil at Mouth of Millstone on 

stuay caret uiiytneseaiiicics ana even sheltering us ‘lo something toward the support son serving God in his house, but year can have the following well , arc dangerous in the extreme. ' January 4. ISMK). and will con- 

remember while doing so they ^ of herself and children And wo ' ®I'e l vc l to see thnl son become known newspaiiers andinagazines To give away to passions weakens tmue until the examination of 

are addressed direct to you from "ith her absolving Ion e. and • one of the most iliiislrious men the prices named; you; to overcome them strength- , teachers in May. S|iecial atten- 

one whose heart yearns Ui doyou P“‘‘‘“*"K "’“"y lier think a woman who has sense m.ii.ntain Eaiii.k an.l ‘^'■“’•’er’s course. . 

Does anyone think It demands __ TUlTliiN ^ 

no iMiwer to calm storniy elc-! /oaeliet's course $2.00Dermu. 
ments of passion. tothrowolT the {['t^rniediate grades. j.W 
1 1 r , ■ .• . 1 riniary 1,00 • ■ 

load of dejection, to repress cv- . . . .. i. . ■ , 

. . I , , , I KKKi iKmrMmg can ne li«- .ip 

,„.v -..xii.inu ih.ii.oi.i wlivn the , .. . ». A/ 

de.iresL llo|ieh are wMIuim-J nn,l , P’^"''' amilic', ai $1 

turn the wounded spirit ' Trorh X, i f„r ih..«.. rhirTriou W 

good. ! blessed prayers. And when our and intelligence enough to bo self : ' Docs anyone think it demands TUm.iN ^ 

I mother, with all her burden of , subporting is always more re- oru,i of llio iimphels, and tlis Coiirier-Journal, weekiv | 5 ,, no iMiwer to calm storniy do- ; '•’‘'“‘•'•'“t'a $2. »Dermo. 

I love, her angelic innueiice, her , «l'ccted by her husband and by maker of kings. He became a Timos-Star, daily 2 fiJi 'ni'"ts of passion, totlirow olT the !! 

Kings may rule nations. Yntlggiojiy pgpp ,.pggpg,,ppi,ogotoouH everyone. 'great author, having compored Home and Farm j ij,, load of dejection, to repress cv- , esn Vk- I-/ ' 

woman’sdefthandmay prepare J ^ • the book of Ruth on., of the mmt Southern ru’e:ur,:J“M^ ^  «lpriva ' am.lic . ’ai $1 

the dish that rules the king. * . • k i U S Marshal’s Sale   charming I rwiiieti .  set 1 1, eages, j McCall’.s Miigaziiio J yo ol II 1 a e w.lluu.^ „„,l 

_ o_ "* happiness, of heaven, no one ; U.b.Marshal bale ^ thousand.s of eartli's popu- Spare Moments 1 “.'I ' all I can for those thirsting Tor 

■ -f f 1 ,, I can reckon; for our mother was ^ By virtue of execution No. 019 latioii liavo been lionorcd with ' Taylor-Trot wood .Magazine 1 76 discharge “f, knowledge. For information call 

Lultiv ate a spin 0 c leei ' none but ours, and we only can ' dij-octed to me which issued fronr bis name, and have delighted to J^gjuisville Herald, daily y ordinary duties. ' on or address, 

ness and gather friends a ut how , the clerk’s oOicc of the U.S.Dis- 'f* Hannah was also bless- 1 You must subscrilje through us. ^ large iwrtion of the willi T, C, WrighTi Prin, 

you bv the magic of a sunny face. memory must be. | ‘rict Court for the Eastern Dis- ! ed in tliat she had other sons and greater opiwrtunity ever of- •’"'^7 7";'''^ P‘'''- : Craftsville, Ky. 

— o— I srict of Kentucky in favor of the daughters to cheer her old age. fered f(»r a whole year’s reading, j ***^**** ^*^ ^ *^*'*'*^*'’^^^ ^" make our- — 

When amanisa success he| | United States of America, plain- , When at the pinnacle of Ki'eat- 1 selves and our children as | erf »ct Shcriffi Sale. 

^sioima *iio nroJif- uflrpn hp iqft It is difficult for u woman who tilV, ugaiiist Jiiii Hanks, defend- nes^^ Samuel never forgot his I j . H as possible, hvery motive of m- . . - . , * 

claims the credit, when he 1,,^ g„ g,.,ive fife as ant, for $1,179.27 1. or one of my mother. No truly great man , We ml.LMmthU whlv.V I" ^ 

failure he finds some woman to ^ pro|Kisilions but merely should desire to k-eome. and ! “J Sarv“f h2 

blame for it. _ , daughter’s ' f the hours of 1 and I^,k for a monient at Janws „o it for the iKmclit of our read- • /^h^h I f-r .voar 190H 1 willl 

° ou 11 i. 11 3 I), m. at the (ourthouse door in A. (.arli'.-ld, how he luado his way er.s. Addres.s, enuuicn miam ine nigai si iioini r,,.. m.u «« 

To give children good in.struc- 1 home. She I'kes her old ways Ky., from a log hut to the White House. | whitesburg Kv ”f human excellence, as this is | it bung the first day of 

tion and a bad example is but best, she longs to show the ; p^pose to public sale to the high- In his boyliood he was supported ’ the most glorious prize within an. irni o a • er y 

I . • t .1 ..... , . ... . • ' I J .11 1 n n/1 u^i.i ilil l./i 4 Iwi r./xil ' 1. OUT I . OXDOHC *. U nUDllC HH16 &b 

you bv the magic of a sunny face. 

When a man is a success he 
claims the credit; when he is a 

To give children good in.struc- 1 home. She I'kes her old ways Ky., from a log hut to the White House. | ‘ vviiitesburg Kv ”f human excellence, as this is | it being the first da/o# 

tion and a bad example is but best, she longs to show the ; pjjpose to public sale to the high- In his boyliood he was supported ’ the most glorious prize within an. irni o a • er y 

beckoning to them with the head ; voungor generation how they are e M bidd-r the followii g property a„d ccouragcd by the manual ' - CanfUdates » ' of 2/ s arlimr‘''‘‘ ‘ I thrD.uXu'e do^r ^ Wtlites- 

to show them the way to heaven wasting tlicir resources, 'i outh ,or so mud. tliereof as may bo labor of .bar old mo her INOtlCC, C-andldatCS. burg, Ky. the following describe! 

while you take them by the hand wiH learn only by ex, . Hence. . nuc„ -;tt.,':'r:itr 7‘ ^S^t ^ oS , An^uncements of candidates ..ik'^J^dr^^nd^i^ndf^ - -ch thei^f .. 

j»nd IpaH ihrm to nprflition , It resfnts interference. And so .* . . , !• ineuimuaii f ir oflico will Le churgod for aa / anr 4 ir% o«;r«ai „« wil autisfy taxea, interests and 

ana kaa inern 10 peruiiion. i . , A cer am tract of land in ooun-i mother sat by hia side and after '' pacitiea ( superior to ani/nal na- . /yL. *...8** 

-o I there are niisunderstandinKs and ty of I.,c;cher, atateof KenUicky • dz iivorintf his inaugural nddresa I • tuie) with which to begin. No .^^**^* VP*! tract 

It is a little thing to show vour unhappiness results. A woman on tree Jork^of crei ne ^^1 , wc $10.60 ^ ollice iM even the I*r|.ide,^^^^^^ | cL'k^Ky. on Mill'sTone creak*!: 

wile how dear she is to you, to is alwejs happier in her own ijgjrjning at a stake in the branch getting all else, and turniiigaside A complimentary notice will be . , .... ' . l ll . ' tributary of north fork of Ken- 

offer manly, lover-like sympathy home with her own income, how- at a , Kiint where the condilionar from i.x-l’rcsidenU.Judgesof the given each eandidate at time of valuable and being the same 

_.c.i.. .U. . ever Km...ll it m«v Ik*, than in the ine hetween James Banks and , .Supreme Court. Senators. Uepre- announcing. ( ommunieations- is .sell-iKirfection. ' w .1 hv n«uiH 

interference. And so UniteU Stales inal near oi.i 

A cerain tract of land in ooun-i m.illier sat bv his side and after 

misunderstandings and ty of lAtcher state i,( KenUicky ! d,iivoring bis inaugural n.ldress 

, , . . - ever small it mav than in the hne between James Banks and .Supreme Court. Senators. Uepre- mnouneing. ( ommumeations- 

and help when she is worn out ^ ever small it may be. man m me Foreign Courts and booms, etc. will Ik; con- 

with the day’s cares. Yet these home of another, even her own fork, thence running up and witl. ,,,. ,u„ f,,r,mi.ino. the as advertisements and 

... / , . 1 ,i ann or H'liiubter thouirh it be a ' ‘"6 meanders ot said branch to ‘or me mjnitni lorgeunig im. bg fgr at .'k; per line, 

little things go far to make the • , the fence at saiil Jim Banks’ wife of ins Ikisoiii, he lirst of all , t|),i writer assuming all reHitonsi- 

honie a nest of happiness and to home of wealth and lavish gen- house, thence on up the general eniliraced his mother and im- bility. S|K'cial rates by the coi- 

Conscienco aflTects the will 
|K)wt r of Ilian, as I will try ts 

conveyed to W J Hoar by David 
J Hoar, Geo W Morgan and Cath- 
erine Morgan by deed dated Jan . 

wife of Ills Ikisoiii, he first of all , the writer assuming all responsi- illustrate, hor instance. Uncle 1H89 and reference is iijade to. 
eniliraced his mother and im- bility. Sp ;cial rates by the col- • Dick” is us scrupulous as he can ggi’j f„r fui| description of 

keen the wife what she was in ' arosity, where there is an earnest direction of said branch with the printed a kiss of alTeelion on her umn. Cash must accompanj al be to pay every cent to all. pre-:„-l ,,miw»riw iwnrHaH in dead* 
-o- andhappy. ; public road going up said branch of a mother. ,oygg... 77*- Y ia f i ^ Tax l»7.3l'' 

When economy becomes the 
chief end and aim of existence, 
a sort of domestic god, before 
which all must bow clown, the ' 

--b- I to top of mountum to said Jim; GcorgeWashington.thegreat- 

The great event in every young I‘anks outside line where the road iggj jhe United Slates has Death Was On His Heels, 
man’s life is his awakening. 'h^k”7round wiX\op\)f *s 77P'’®'' Jesse P Morris of Skipiwrs.Va. 

There comes a time when he’s mountain and with the said Jim,be was in t.iis woiiu lie oweu it had a close call in the spring of 

IS I-..* l! aI._ W • , . L. " 

"J ‘h’n he would burn | 

Death Was On His Heels. ! '‘77’ *"'* "7 ‘”‘al $195.12. Given under my 

. . ' scruple to rum a virgin nor to, , 

, , 1 Banks’ outside line on the right to hi.s mother, 

aroused from the. dreamy care- , gjjg ^ht* branch going up Ug™ manv o 

Jesse P Morris of Skipiiers.Va. (jj.shoiior his friend’s wife. (He| 
had a close call in the spring of ^h.-refore is a most outrageous 

190t , He says. An attack of gcxual sinner.) 

happiness of the home is likely Lg;;; of Lyhood ^ '^fTa^irl^roLt^Vr 

to be sacrificed. Every expend!- . ,, u. the hill toward said Bee tree fork i “f’ 7 , with such a fearful cough that 

- ■' ing possibilities of life. If he „,o ...u, tiw.m in onr chilclbood / •' i “■ — ■ 'V— lor uommion.’ nut it may aisoi 

ciiro that woiilM irive nleasure is ' With said Conditional line between , “8 we iuw ttiem in our ciiiiuiioou, my friends declared consumption u,, u, i.^'nire Ga W A Flovd bv name, 

ture that would give pleasure  » then drops into indifference and said James Banks and WniBanksi and with Elizabeth Akers Allen had me and death was on my 7 ^ 7 u , 1 

he d n abeyance until such a time . to the beginning av,.I«i.n nau me anu oeain was on my ^hers overcoming for him? No! s«y». Bucklen a Arnica Salve 

, . i begins life in an easy, shiftless to tne wginning. exclaim. heels, 1 hen 1 was persuaded to , „„if cured the two worst sores I ever 

It is said that man is "born 
for dominion. ” But it may also 

hand this Uec 7, 1908. 

C.C.Crawford, S.L.C. 

Would Mortgage the Farm 

A farmer ou rural route 2, Em* 

as the family feel that they “can 
afford it,” and as a rule, this 
time never cumes, and the plea.s- 
ure is relinquished. 

way, he fritters away I 

ly, shiftless I to ine oeginning. exclaim, heels. Then I was persuaded to , , • , ir ■ 

hischances. I And being all the emire inter- , j^gg^vvard. turn backward. O ti.iie . trv Dr. King’s New Discovery. „n,| 

!est of the he rs of Hair son in iliuht . i. k..i i : , _ i and continuing to lisht and over- 

nd as a rule, this;,, ' . , ^ . 'est of the heirs of llairisoii in your flight, It helpeil me immediately and ‘ 7 

,mes and the plea.s- , Banks, deceased, they having Make me a child just for come the strong passions of iia- 

’ purpose to be his best and 00 his I cariveyed same to Jamta Hanks tonight; ties I was a well man airain I ^*'^**® *-^***^ 

iK»,. b. .m... «.,iy .. .b.!b„i,..dd.„d 

cured the two worst sorM I ever 
saw, one on my hand and one on 
my leg. It is worth more than 
double its weight in gok). I 
! would nut be without it if 1 had 
! to mortgage the farm to get 1U'| 

highest rank among equals in recorded in deeii book L page 499 Tai.7 m. "agam to your hear, as Jhc Ik. st remedy for ;;^hs i^d ' « Y"''* "*1? ! Only a 

1 ...: — _. 1 . Letcher County Court C elk’s ..f ^er.. i r. .i. .i. . U-achers and officials of our coun - 1 winy aim. ai wiiimuiuv vAWi 

There U sweet music in every business nrofe^sion or trade. Letcher County Court Cleik’s of yore. 

. .. . ' *• “■ ' ,! fr» .i .• 

home where the heart strings arc K;. thusiasm leads him to attempt 
touched by gentleness and cour- „,g seemingly impossible. En- 
tesy. The mild word, tlie gentle nefiipve ifis fr.;.rveluti. 

lung disease in all the world.’ 

■ ticc. For more siA-cific descriie , Smooth the few silver threads narantie at whites- 

ion see ,-.aid rcHioi-d. Leviei! u-Kin over° n7 sTun l7!' your loving burg drug store, 69c arm $1. overcome their passiuis, 
s the picperty of .Inn l ank* ' Trial botrle free. apiKditcs for narcotics a. 

lalo will lie made for ca.sli ill liand. me to sietp, mother, rock hols, not for your own s 

Witness our liands, this 7lh me to Jeep;' j for the sake of your chili 

ay of September, 1998. Young men, take these lines A Healthy Family I your iieiKliIxirsand tneiri 

‘Y.l‘'“'Lll!“ir’ to the inner chamber of your ‘ (iiir whi.le familv lianetiitived 1 IajCs be an exainpli 

id uimcr gnarantce at whites- ‘'’y ‘7 ‘ . 

irgdrug store, 60c arm $1. overcome their passiuis, and he , Where BuUeU Rdiv ” * 

iai botrle free. /*''• ^ David Parker, of Fayete, N. Y. " ' ' 

hols not for your own sakes bu ^ ^ 

for the sake of your children and I , ^ u 

A Healthy Family j ygur neiKiilx,rs and tneir children. ; lZdK\ectric *Bitte^ tavi 

■'Our whole family has enjoyed. IajCs be an example for the jgne is worth more than #600 to 

7 -n, 11 - - 7 -- ino seemingly impossioie. rai- „ ,k,_ g, jj,,, Bank? ‘ ‘ “ qvi"n;.,' p 

tesy. The mild word, tlie gentle „.iii n-V,:.,.- ,L- „ , ... , waltli keep. Dial botrli 

.nawer the ten, ter nci the on. "‘urvelou- «,ale Will lie made for ca.sli ill liand. u,K:k me to Eieep, mother, rock 

answer, the lender act, the pa-- , KflTgrj ,y,n gjg,jg transcendent i Witness our liands, this 7lh meto .lcep! 

tient consideratcnes.s, will toucli |oa,ie,sbjp in tlie cliosen sphere. 't’ay of September, 19.J8. Young men, take these linen " •. 

chords of kindness and make Tkesa forces in youth look for-! S.O.Hiar,.. to the inner chamber of your -ou, 

sweet meliKiy in the funiily as, ^.kjig l„gkg backward, i L.b.Mar. hearts, and love and honor and ^ggj hcaltl 

everywhere. A desolate, dreary -j.Ugy ,„„ke voutli radically ven-' a- ac ■ ■ chtrish the kind ino her who jj,. King’s 

pUceieahomedevo d of those , '^2 Come On, Candidates! danced you on he.- knees and ,gg„ . 

little courtesies which are prac- , gg„;g,,g;j,g.y gg^^g^g. youth', H’heycTean 

tieed in the best^.al life. , ,„gy ,„gkc misUkes, but is doing ,^ 0 " fer “yo"u “'are 1 Sgg j, ,„og.. big ad and do ! t®'". 

I Homethinjr Age less active, may rannin’. It’ll cost you |6, samel your Xmas shopping at their big yotij good. 
JJ jrou wish your children to be less mistaken. It is well for en- now as later. I store, I drug store. 

A Healthy Family 

overcome their passiuis, mid the | Where Bullets Ftdiy 

apiKditcs for narcotics and alco-| . , „ , , .. . 

. , 11 . David Parker, of Fayete, P 

ho s, not for your own sakes but ' . , . 1 . • 1 

, ’. , , . .. 1 ,1 u veteran of the civil war, ’ 

for the sake of your children and I , k 

!?(. --- - - i/ui wiiuic iitto ciijujfcu ' •■rwv » ^ uviic iv vi ui kii luui v iumi w 

■ hearts, and love and honor and j^ood health since we began using] Rtid not teach cliildren by nie. 1 spent much money docU{f- 

cIkHsIi the kind mother who King’s New Life Pills thiee examine to do things tiiat in after ing a bad case of stomach 
fates. danced you on her knees years ago,” says L A Haitiet, of years they will lay to our charge. | to little purpose. 1 than iViU 
want lo *’****^'*^® ^° ’***"■ , rural route 1 Guilford, Maine. Uctneiiiber, where there is a will Electric Bitters and they ; sailiM 

announce Archie C. Cruft, j They cleanse and tone the sys- there is a way. If you have the nie. 1 now take them, as 

you are I See U-w is Bros ’ big ad and do tern in a geiille way that d res will, you can certainly find the grid they keep me stroM). ^ 
$6, same vour Xmas shopping at their big I you; good. 25c at Whitesburg »*!’• well.” 50c at whiteeborg dn* 

I store, I drug store. My light on the foregoing sub - 1 store. 


Sample Offer 

15 Days Only 

Am^ulturs of Kentucky, is at 
iU head aa preeident of the com- 
pony and M.D.Coyle, an old per- 
lonal friend of our Mr. Davie, ie 
secretary and treasurer. Mr. 
Coyle is a practical printer and 
is in full charge of the mechaiv- 
leal end and in every issue is seen 
evidence of his artistic ability. 
Send for sample copy and see for 


A number of weddings have 
occurred in this section in tbc 
past ten days. 

Uncle Alex Birkbeck, an aged 
pensioner who came here from 
New York, has gone to the sol- 
dier’s home at Johnson City, 

The Home Circle in the f^gle 
will be an important addition and 
its ennobling influence will in- 
spire the readers to higher ideals, 
loftier ambitions. 

Dr.J.E.Venters sold his inter- 
est in the I^etcher County Home 
Telephone Co. to Booker Venters, 
who, together with W.B.Webb, 
will have complete control of the 
line. It is said some imixirtant 
short line connections will be 
added during the coming year. 
So mote it be. 

After spending several days in 
West Virginia surrounded as it 
were with the sweets of con- 
nubial bliss, Mr. and Mrs, Lloyd 
Webb returned to ask parental 
forgiveness. They were married 
at Welch. May not a single 
wave of dissension ever come 
along to "blow ill winds’’ to the 
happy (?) couple who have joined 
hearts for life. 


N. II WEBB KHtnr and Owner. 

Beautiful, Bright, Sparkling, Famous 

A r'S atTo diamond ring 

nrilliancy rqsalH (fi*nuino cxjHTti  fill* eT«*ry roquir«*mfnt 

of th * moBt txBf Hfig plPMex the mont faftliHioux, at only one thirtieth the coat 
of a real Hiamrtnd. 

Aa a moan* of introrfucinfr Iblt marvefotuand wondcrfule Kintfllatinf gem* and *c- 
curlriff aa many new friend* a*  |uickly a* poaaihle, wc are making a ipecial in- 
ducement for the New Ye*r. 

We want you to wear thia beautiful King, ihh matterpiece of man's handicraft, 
thi* Mimulation that a|iarkles with all the beauty, and f1a*he« with all the fire of 

A Genuine Diamond 

We want you to ahow it to y »ur friend* and take onh ra for u*. a* it fella 
itaetf aella at fight— and makea 

100 Per Cent Profit— 100 Per Cent 

for 'ou, alianlutelv without effort on your part. 

We want nomat repreaentativea everywhere, in rvery locality, city or 

cotintry, In fart, In every ronntry throughout tho world, Indh men and women, 
young or old, wh«i will not fell or pawn Th. Bamatto Simulation Diamond* under 
the preten*ethat they are (genuine Ci  m*. aa *ueh action with aimulation dim 
mond* dometime* lead-  to trouble or cmbara**ment. 

I^ou want a aimulation diamorKi, a 8ul)*titule for theg« milne, DON'T WAIT. 
ACT TODAY, a* thi* advertitw'ment may not ap}M ar again. 

Fill out Coupon below and mail at once. First Come. First Served. 


Bnl f«d flfl Meond-cUaB roatter Aug. 
tWT. At tlM poitoffloe At WMtea 
bW. KAiitAcky. imder. tb« Act of 
rwmi of Aug. f. 1873. 

Tlio Kind Ton Ilnre AliynyA nought* and Mlilch has lieeit 
In 11*6 fur over 30 ycnim* Iiaa bomn tho rdgnatnre oi 
and liaA b(»oii marlo under UIh per* 
r Aoiial fiitporvlNlun Atiieo lU lnfVinc7« 

/ c c^4d4 Allow no uno torteeolve you In thlA. 
An CoiinferfcItM, linlfatioiiA and ** Ju*t-n*«go(Nl'* are but 
Ksporlnierita that trifle with and emlnnger tho health of 
lufunU and ChUdruu^Kxpcrleuco agaiii*t Exporiment» 


After almost a year and a half 
of faithful service on the Eagle 
the printer thinks Santa Claua 
surely ought to come his way. 
How would a house and lot, just 
large enough for two, do, Mr. 
Santa? Suppose we petition old 
Santa to do this. 

(The above is slipiwd in una- 
wares and Mr. Davis docs not 
know it.— Ed.) 

ibMriptlofi. must b* paid in ad' 

TB* Bagle Covers Leteber Ceunty 
Like the Blue Canepy. 


CoNtoHu !* a Imnnlo*!* (MibNtltuto for Cantor OH* Pare- 
goric, l roim and Hoothiiig Kynip*. It in PIotiHaiite It 
c'outisiti* tiolUier Opiiitii* Morphine nor other Narcotle 
MtihHlntiroe ItA age la ItA guamntce* It dcHtroya WorniA 
mid ulUiya FeroHshnonHe It curcA Diarrhoea and Wind 
Colic# It rcllcvoa Teething TroiihlcH* cure* Con*ti|iatlon 
nod Flatiilciicye ft OHiUiiiIlateN tho Foorl* rt'Knlntcfi tho 
Htoma di and Itfiwol** Klving health}’ and natural nloep* 
The Childrcii’a l*amM.*ca~Tlie Muther'a Friend* 

THURSDAY. - DEC. 17. 1906 

Local Notices will be charged 
fkr at the raU of five cents per 
llna for first insertion and three 
eanta a line for each succeeding 


Write name of paper In which you mw this •dvertiaenient 

The BAHNATTO DIAMOND CO., Girard Bldg. Chicago. 

Sin: Pleaw Knd free umple offer, ring, earrings, stud or scarf (stick) pin catalog. 

Narse R.F.D.No 

No St. P.O.Box 

Town Of Cfly State 


Sears the Signature of _ 

Court of Appeals Grants a 
New Hearing in Floyd 
Frazier Cate. 


Fo* Owely Cow. OcA 

Tke Earle i« auth^*«-d »" * J***' 
wiiwui^Tk. B. Bentley acandid.te for 
Coonty Court Clerk of l.etcher rognty 
nbject to th. action of t^ votera at 
Ika November electioo, 19 W. 

For Am€W , 

Amltt Mitchell i. a candidate for 
aataer of Utcher county, to be voti^ 
hr in November 1908 , wkI ioliciu your 


Tb. Eagle i. authorlwvl to announre 
■bad. R. (Red) Comb, a camlidati- for 
AoBMaor of Letcher county oubject to 


III Use For Over 30 Ysars. 

A few days ago the Court of 
Appeals reversed the action of 
the Letcher Circuit Court in the 
Floyd Frazier case and granted 
him a new trial. All the testi- 
mony in the case seems to have 
been admissable to the jury but 
because the trial judge failed to 
I give self defense instructions the 
case was reversed. 

Last Saturday ShorilT Craw- 
ford returned to this place from 
Pineville with Frazier and bo is 
now in jail here awaiting trial 
which cannot come up at the 
January term of ('ircuit Court, it 
being now too near the beginning 
of the term for the Common- 
wealth to get ready. 


Ambrose Stidham lost a gootl 

Filbert Hall and wife are here 
from Norton. 

D. F, Maggard made a trip to 
Laurel county. 

H. C. Boggs made a trip to 
Osaka and Rotia. 

F’ranks creek S. S. is preparing 
for a big Xmas tree. 

James Caudill hud a girl bunieti 
to death several days ago. 

Fidw. Boggs was in .vour town 
ok educational business. 

Several from here will attend 
winter school at the burg. 

E. P. and I). F. Maggard’s mill 
is now on Smiths creek. 

There will be an entertainment 
at the close of school at F’ranks 

Elds. W. R. Boggs and Frank 
Cillv Dfeached at F’ranks creek 

Everywhere, Dec. 15, 1908. 
Dear Eagle Children; 

Writing letters is something I am not in the 
habit of doing. Tho’ I get millions of letters 
from the dear children every year, 1 always an- 
swer them by my pretence on Christmas Eve 
night. My purpose in this world is to visit and 
bring presents to good children and the better 
they are the more they get from my great store 
house. The past year has been a hard one on 
me and I thought sometime ago that I was not 
going to be able to get up my supplies but I 
now see that i will be able to come along on 
the night before Xmas. I want you all to be 
good not only from now until Xmas but every 
day that follows it. Say, children, do you think 
I would bring a single present to a boy that 
would drink whisky or swear? Now, the time 
is getting short and I must be about my busi- 
ness. Remember to be good. 

Your old friend, 


Oh. well, do you anything 
usuailv kept in n first class drug 
store? Then if you do call and 
look at onr stock. Tho best to- 
bacco.s and the best cigars al- 
ways on hand as well as a thou.s- 
and other things. Come in. 
come in. 


co.Mroi;.Ni i;i) on ^iiokt notick 


Death of Little 

Whitesburg Drug Store 

I-. V. rOKSIKCl.L, rroi.. 

Bpjther. drink lightly of that 
Chrif i Ikiuor which you have 

rr n,Hw niahtthe four-year-old 
girl of Wm.H.Day, which was 
seriously burned several days ago 
passed from its terrible sufferings 
into the blissful beyond. Tuesday 
the body of little Virgie was 
taken to Kings Creek and buried 
in the family graveyard where 
many of its friends who have 
gone on before lie awaiting the 
Great Day. (.anguage is inade- 
quate to express our sympathy to 
the bereaved parents. 

and Wdson Church at the Fiulia 
schooihuusc to large audiences 

Snow Drop. 

"Peace en earth and good will 
to men,’’ the cry that ought to 
lift the burden from the shoul- 
der! of the poor, will soon ec)io 
acroia the world. Will that 
(lorioua message, so long ago 
■ent from God and heralded by 
hia measengers, be drowned in 
the hilarious scream of the toper, 
the firing of the deadly ”38,’’ or 
will it be heard in silent, sacred 
devotion to the giver of the 
vorkl’a greatest gift— the Son? 


Bill Caudill, aged 85, died a few 
days ago. 

Wm.lWhitaker, Jr., is erecting 
a nice home. 

Blaine Blair was badly hurt 
by a tram car. 

.lohn M. Campbell is in tlic U. 
S. A. at Columbus, O. 

William Whitaker and Nanev 
Watts were married. Campbell is building a new 
home at mouth of Wolfp"n. 


Will KY 

Old Citizen 

riunisman rJro 

UliltiTOG, V/\ 

William Caudill (Stiller Bill) 
one of uur oldest and bust known 
citizens, died in the lower river 
section of this county a few days 
ago. He was about 85 years old 
and the father of fifteen children 
all living, the youngest being 38 
years old. He leaves a large 
generation besides a great host 
of friends to mourn his death. 
Stiller Bill Caudill was one among 
the best men of Letcher county, 
always an exemplary citizen and 
his influence and example will he 
much missed h  all. 

ManilfacUired By 

You say money is Ecarce. Well, 
money or brains one is. If 
money is scarce it will be scarcer 
after Xmas for no leas than three 
hundred hard earned dollars have 
already left this county, gone to 
Covlafton, Frankfort. Middles- 
boro, Dayton, Ohio, and other 
points. Men who earn their 
money have a right to spend it 
hi a legitimate way, but it seems 
to us that sending it away for 
suck a purpose ia a very poor in- 

Sheriffa Sale for Taxes 

By virtue of taxes due the state 
of Kentucky and Letcher county 
by Letcher Cannel Coal, Iron & 
Timl)er Co. for the years of liKl-1, 
190.5, 19(Hi. 1907, 1!H)8. 1 will on 
Monday, Jan. 11. 1909, being the 
first day of the January term [of 
Letcher Circuit Court, expo.»o to 
public sale to the highest and 
. tiest bidner, for cash in hand, at 
the Courthouse door in White.s- 
burg. Ky. between 10 a. m. and 
2 p. m. the following described 
pro[)erty or so much thereof a.i 
will satisfy the taxes, penalties, 
interest and costs, to-wit; Une 
certain tract or parcel of land in 
Letcher Co., Ky., and on Camp 
and Rockhouse fork ofNorthfork 
of Kentucky river, being the 
lands conveyed to ls tcher Cannel 
Coal, Iron &Timl)er Co. by the 
Interstate Uil Co. by deed dated 
July 2, 1902, and recorded indeed 
hook V page 567 Letcher C'uunty 
Court Clerk’s office and for full 
description of said land reference 
is made to the record in said 
clerk's office. 

Tax. pen. anil coat 1904, $ ,547.40 
1906. 647.40 

“ " 1906. 5:U90 

" " 1907. 678.30 

“ “ 19)8, 604 62 

ji^anijlactiiPing Chemists 

L 00 I 51 /ILLE 

Fcp sale by all merchants. If your merchant doss 
not ha^e it in stoek Write us direct. 


Mrs. Thos. Elkins is 
with lagrippe. 

Sallie Mullins ii 

Ninetoen hundred and eight is 
belog rapidly whiried into the 
put ’Thelaat station has almost 
been rauched. ’Throughout the 
•rduoua run along the route have 
w« tU performed our duty? Its 
•bout time to begin to check up 
the records and eee. As those 
of US «bo live to see the begin- 
ning of another year approach 
why not wash our hands clean of 
the many shortcomings of the| 
past year and with pure minds 
enter the combat for good and 
the batterment of humanity? 

I Honor Your Dead! | 

from an attack of typhoid. 

Arch Johnson is doing a good 
deal of work for J.J. Lewis. 

Stock men from Virginia are 
taking a lot of cattle from this 

There was no singing at the 
Maggard schoollu-use Sunday on 
account of the nun-arrival of the 
teacher. Culwel. 

Perpetuate Their Memory By Purchasing Your 

Monuments and Tombstones 

John S. Webb, Manager, Thornton, Ky. 

 ^ro the best that 

*o'-«iTut ro«, 

The Best and Cheap- 
est Marble I'ruducts 
to l(e i'ound in the 
South and Hast. 


Surveyor Dunlap and crew are 
on Colly. 

Miss Cora Hampton returned 
fro.-n Pike. 

Benton Pigman, of Pinetop, 
passed here. 

Arab Lucas is very low with 
pneumonia. I 

Don’t forget the big time at I 
Bowen schoolhouse Xmas. 

PiiiUa. i 

(•j Our wagons will bring one to your 
^ door and you can try it in your own 
m home. Every organ sold under a 
^ positive guarantee. Do not buy 
® until you see the FARRAND. 

Let Your Wants 
be known by call- 
ing on or address- 
ing me. Will be 
glad to call on You. 



ToUl $2,798.62 
Given under my hand this 14th 
day of Dec. 1908, 

C.C.Crawford, S.L.C. 

■■ ♦''-'N ‘ 

ikMif IrmIIGim ^ 

Ohk . ^ 

if wr *f the Eagle readers , 
wwMUlwIeNada daily phoer 
PMiliibad at Uw Capital of the 
*ilB Hmjt raiuM do well to look 
•VllM F tnpk.*loft Daily Nows., 
IMm 8 VgMlHMk«B-S*eratBqritf j 




Get ready for Santa Claus, he 

iisbaadadthis wav. 


Oil II 


yiiii rcgfii liirly iiiid 



ploiiKC you. '1 lie 










traiie c 

iiriicHtl v Hiilicitcil. 





Another Good Answer 




cling closer to the right is more, 

W.K.Kilbourn is away on bus- 

— o— 

Are there other candidates? 

j Better get, on, now! 


.- 0 — 

Oh, weil, 

— o— 

Santa will soon come 

_ o — 

And bring us a lot of extra 
^ o— 

Expenses that it iooks like 

We’ll have to bear or “bust,” 

— o— 

But God bless the happy chil-j in the Eagie in the future, 
dren ! — o- 

— 0 — ■ Monday was (Juarterly Court 

That plav around our door and day and several country citizens 
make ' came in. 

^0— _o— 

Life one continuous round of| Xny exchange is welcome to 
hard work. _ : clip from ths Eagle’s wings by 

I giving due credit. 

Eid, Fryman is recovering from 
I an attack of typhoid. 

— o— 

There shall not be a dull thing 

$100 Reward, $100 

The reiidom of thl* pA| er will be 
tt lenm that there ia at leant 
on«* dreaded dineane that nrience haa 
l»ern able to cure in all ita atafrea, and 
that ia ('utarrh. Ilall'a Catarrh Cure U 
tho only poaitive cure now known to the | 
_ m« dica) fraternity. Catarrh b«inir *| 
t «m.litulional dia.w rcqum-n « ronatt- ' 
' tutional treatment. Hall'a Catarrh t'ure 
ia taken internally artinK directly n) on 
the blood and mueoua aurfai’ea of the 
ayatern. then*by tleatroyinjf the foiimla- 
j lion of the disease and fri nnK the pa* 

I tient atnmfrth ay Ruildinn up the con* 

' atilution and aaaiatinir natute in doing 
j ita w'ork. Th«* pni]»rieton« have ao much 
1‘faith in ita curative iKiwera that they 

Attention is called to the ad of j 

Chi* ^ teatimoniala, Ad lreaa, 

F J Cheney A Co, Tohtki, (*. 
Sold by all druggiata, 

Take Kaira Family I’illa fur conati* 




Dear Editor, 

After carefully reading and 
studying the letters at hand I de- 
sire to reply in my feeble way "to 
my three critics, Mrs. Adkins, 

Maggie Lewis and Belva Brown. 

Kind friends, I am nothing but a f"® Barnatlo Diamond Co., 
country girl eighteen years old .cago. III., on page 2 of this issue 
and of course have not lived long j which is self explanatory. Read 

it, write them and 

mention the 

Their prattle will soon cease 
and who would not sacrifice a few 
dollars, tho’ they cost many hours 
of toil, to hear one happy, hearty 
laugh from them on Christmas 

— o— 

— o — 

Again the children’s column is 
left out, but next week the let- 
ters will appear. 

o — 

We need a new pair of socks. 


Pieturctqu* M«thed of C$Ubrating 
Yulttid* by tht Poitt. 

The lt p'ml (Imt tU«  blrd)i and Itonatii 
cauic to wtimbip the Infant Joius line 
I broiiftht nlH ut n pcculliir and plctur 
fsgiie uiftlio ] of ctlcbrnling ChrlMtmae 
among tho poles and other khulretl 
peoples of eastern Kuropo. 

Here luon tunsL In tlie guUe of 
storks, hears and other animals or 
blrdH and go abvat from Imiiee to 

, ,, These old ones are holy, so holy 

Circuit Court convenes Monday 

Jan. 11. 1. ■. y |yg(. year’s bird’s nest. 

Remember T.G. Wright’s school is the time to pay your sub- 

begins Jan. 4. 

Our jovial friend. John Rich-’ Teacher, is your school about 

ardson, of Pinetop. was here. 1 , f-et ready to 'lick your 

flint in .school at this or some 

Christmas goods! Xmas goods! other place. Don’t allow vour 
Santa goods!- all at Lewis’. t® «®t “t^le! 

— o I 

B Fields is accommodating and ' Kemember January 1 will soon 

will appreciate your trade. Sec , ^ here. How many will allow 

ad. Blair and Fields. their names to lie dropped and 

0 — . I a poor, hard working 

Many teachers came to town ! ®ditor and printer? 

Monday and wont back happy. ] 

Santa will get the money. i 

— o — 

The big school hero begins on 

Jan. 4. Belter see Judge Lewis 
or Mr. Adams and arrange. 

— o— 

The premium corn proposition 
grows more popular daily and 
some beautiful ears have arrived ; 

— 0 -' 

Dr. Fitzpatrick and Attorneys 1 
Hays and Fields returned from 
Frankfort and other iioints Sun- j 
day. 1 

— o— 

Thousandsticks, of Hydon, will 
j issue an industrial edition next 
week. Who said Leslie county 
was in the rear as to activity? 
A county newspaper is an index 
of the county’s progress, both 
educationally and morally. Here’s 
the Eagle’s claw, Bro. Chappel, 
and may success continue to 
: crown your efforts. 



H.C.Caudill, Roxana, sends the | 

Eagle to Levi Eldridge. at Free-, Eleven-Year*Old Child Meets 
Stone, and Henry Eldridge, at^ with Horrible Accident 

~ , Last Saturday. 

Chas.Collins, who can do any- 

thing, is concreting a walk on the I 

east side of the bank building j At Indian liotiom, near mouth 
fronting the door of the new I of Rockhouse, last Saturday a 
drugstore. little daughter of I.D.Caudill, a 

-o— worthy citizen, was burned to 

Miss Mayne Perry, the charm- death. The child was an imbe- 
ing music teacher, leaves for her cile and was lying in bed perhaps 
home at Big Stone Gap tomorrow ■ asleep when a spark caught fire 
to spend Xmas, accompanied bv ^ to the bed clothes. There was 
Miss Effie Salyer. j no one else in the room at the 

— o— j time and tlie child was almost 

Hiram Williams says he doeai burned ito a crackling before as- 
not care about his corn and sack j sistance reached. Our sympa- 
which someone found in the road , thies go out the parents in their 
above town, but would like to ' terrible ordeal, 
know who was so “hard up” or _ . . 

so dishonest. 

enough to observe a great deal 
and what I know, if anything, 
has lieen learned by observation. 

Now, I am very sure that I have 
never said tliat all girls come to 
disgrace on account of education, | 
but I have said that a large per i 
cent, of the girls that were so| 
highly educated thought they 
knew enough to take care 
themselves in any place and would 
go here and there teaching! 
school, etc., until they were more I 
than likely to return home sur- ' 
rounded by scandal and shame. 

1 guess the shoe is fitting pretty I 
light and you cannot bear it. I 
don’t care for your saying that 
the best cooks are highly edu- 
cated ladies. I guess some are , 
very good coi'ks but by no means | 
the best. No one can learn the I 
art of houf e'lceping thoroughly , 
and get an education at the same 
time besides. I liave always 
heard it said and that, too, by ^ 
men of experience that the only 
true way to learn a thing washy 
doing it. That is to say, you j 
. may know all about the science 
’ of a thing but to uo a thing you | 
must LEARN how by doing it. ; 

Studying the science of pedagogy i 
never made a teacher, reading i 
the best books on farming never' 
made a farmer, and. my dears, | 
you may read all the books on ■ 
cookery and housekeeping ever 
published ami without experi- 
encing the actual "it” you will 
never be the best of either. 

Please mention tho books that 
our precicus grandmothers read 
and stud’ed! No rhetorical train- 
ing could add one whit to their 
knowledge of these arts. But ’ 
back to the subject of the edu- 

S * C''fis »ws E™ Seolcncc, 

the education they can get. not 
of the kind that makes fashion’s ^ 
playthings, but of the sort that 
makes loyal women and sensible | 
mothers. 1 know, as every 
sensible girl knows, tliat God 
made woman for a helpmeet to 
man and sliecan be that helpmeet , 
nowhere else e(|uallv as well as 
in the home, surrounded by half 
a dozen chubby faced children. 

Now, dear friends, don’t all jump 
on me at once. I am just a 
country girl, trying my best to 
act sensible in all things. I could 

Do you need job work of any 
kind? Have your printing done 
at home where price is right and 
satisfaction guaranteed. 


FHIuw tFacherM, voiintr nn n mxi 
younf; la«Iit-a.  U  you want ntlmi.« 
fii«n in tht  ('ounty lliKh S(')hm I lOMtn to 
Im» OKtabliahctI in Whitrxburjj? !’• i 
tuinly you do. Thon u common Mcliixtl 
(ii| lomu Im ciuk'ntia). niploma oxami* 
nationtt will b«- holil tht* Innt FrHiny and 
' Saturday in .faniiary and the aoctmil 
Friday and Salimiay in May. Y »u can't 
j atTord to miaa them! I would profi r 
I th«’ lattrr aa ample time will b«' hml 
for prepnratiori. 

! JamcM S. IN'ndli'ton, Supt. 

Watch for tho red stencil print 
I on your paper. 

Do you owe tho Eagle aiiy- 

I find that by dote application two men can properly 
take care of the work of the Union Bank, of which 1 am 
president, and at we now have three men on the working ’[ 
force, I have secured the consent of the directors to organ- 
ize a school here and do teaching in the afternoons each 
day. Before noons my attention will be given to the bank; 
therefore, I ask all persons who want to see me concerning 
notes or other business to call at the bank before noon, 
and in no event to call upon me during school hours after 

Further, I will say that A. C. Adams, who is Assistsui'f 
Cashier, will be associated with me in teaching. He will- 
have charge of the Teachers’ Course before noon and dd 
his bank work in the afternoon. In this way there will be 
two men in the bank at all times, and one of ut in the 
school room. 

Further, we will associate some other competent teach- 
er with us. 

The Winter Term will open January 4, 1909, and 
continue fen weeks. 

The Spring Term will opt . March 15, 1909, and con- 
tinue until May examination. 


Ijigh School Course, jwr term $7.50 

Teachers’ Course, per term . . 6,00 

InteruK'diate Course, i er term 4.00 

Primary Course, per term 2.50 

Tuition tickets will be for sale at the bank. 

Trusting the school in its infancy may be favored with 
liberal patronage and that it may be of service to the public, 

I am, Respectfully, 


I thing? Well! 

V\ - V/ 

Ul TUK Ori' t’. OP frroliKM, BP.AIM ANO 

bincln:; tiirnld. To carry  »ul 
(Ilf Itlfii llifsf wtUl l irdM iind atmico 
IkmihIm art* Jcil iiIhmiI liy k ‘c| ciM. 

Aflcr ihf tj’ titrolM urc huii^ 
(ho liimatfH of tl»‘ li »UNf (hns lioii- I 
ored rewnni (ho NliiKfni hy plfln of | 
1‘iikcM, anil other diitutit*^. i 

1'hc pr«H.* *HHloii (lull Mc'VOd (o uiioUicr j 
liounc, whfi't* (he itcrfoniiunoe Ii» re- i 


' Bt'LbRi I 'ft Hi t o.. siHrCi :.oi i 


' %$m44' l« bullil Ness llssalMeaa. 

I 1 will n . Ln }ou a f^OuaiK Sit   

Ul r. H   1 . t.u l,"is Muaraiiis .  1 «•? i 
 t y r  fuMb'il. 

' Simvrnlf rollrcllon7.'^,"““S'J‘_l 

‘ ' " . I.. . » .1.' I! iits-i.ik Uis ' 

, r .uS «  Is-*. S|«al*k l-M, KSlIaa, 1 

s* *   i s .k-ss , |i%ia,4U, 

Sts Rsf lM-*t R»»la t-. IV fsiiM t«i . 

V T»li». osa-w, a—ss sa« fratsA UyasUSM, 

w4 law TaUv# ••• 

4.1 AUN.NTIKU T4» l*l.rA«r 

I IVrft# vxT_rw-i_i-L I 

JH Aj'lCfN’rf* * 

ait Ua liiuMiawS Is 
ill.t|ia,4. Ih.lhta4riaa  TaUS SU aUal 

L ,arW*i*aa( aaa4s, |b,ms a«4 naxt 

mmaUaa -t a - aHaaaaa. saasaatfai 

k isak. 

, l|.*»S t.ity a-ls 1baf ..w« a-wai a 
tm* ThU Rata aUaa laaaatb a %aa Ms 

Win SnciBEK IT 


ftrnr! «prc Mur lt((l« ptocklngs «f 
four mill* fI/Ph. ' 

A 'roi'f|lMg (o coininoii iTimrt, 

That roiilUn't cacuyt bulng (Bitlld of 


Armtosl uiiil tallril Into court. 

Very Serious 

It it • vtry aeriout nutter toutk 
for 000 medlcino ami have the 
wrong ono given you. For (hie 
reaoon we urge you ia buying 
to be careful to get the genuine^ 


Liver Medicine 

The rapulation of thH old, relia- 
ble medicine, for comtlipation, in* 
digeation lA^d liver trouble, is firm-* 
ly CHtablished. It docs not imitate 
Other mo licmet. It U better than 
ethers, or it would not be the fa* 
voriie liver powder, with a larger 
tale Uuo all others eointiined. 



'Now. whnt liMve you takeD?" 

biOMS Hint were knlMid 
This (|iK'Rll«m the iitaslatraln put. 

be mistaken in my ideas but first 4ml «mh iitoe etuvkiag quite UiMiy au* 

.... a I • lnUt*«l, 

Will have to be shown m a more 



Mrs. Polly Fields, a very es- 
timable old lady, widow of Moses 
Fields, died at the home of her 
son-in-law, J. F. Banks, on Big 

Aunt Mary Hogg 

Tuesday night at 11 o’clock. 
Aunt Mary, the aged wife of Un- 

Cowan. She leavcs a large circle I cle Jamei* W. Hogg, of just be- 

of relatives and friends to mourn - town, passed gently away, 
their loss. l ^^® "'a® ^ "tore years of age 

^ o— and had long been in failing 

Our old and highly honored health. The remains were in- 
friend. J. P. Dixon, is a candi- Sandlick cemetery in 

date for assessor of Knott county ^he presence of a large concourse 
subject to tlie Democratic prima- friends and relatives. Our 
ry to be held in April. Jerry | sympathies are extended, 
was assessor of this county for — 

flve years and made a good one' C * I III 

and we bespeak for him good I OCriOUSly 111 

swimming in our sister county. i . l _ , 

A phone message from 

■ Creek yesterday afternoon 

In this issue on page 1 appears | f^^ms us that Eld. James Dixon, 
our own Home Urcle - As known and oldest 

stated we propose to make this a citizens of our county, was seri- 
permanent part of the Eagle and not expected to live, 

while it will cost us muen thought "Uncle Jim” is a pioneer Bap- 
and extra work yet we believe it jjgj preacher, greatly loveil by all 
will pay. not in dollars and cents, i eop!e. and is iicrhaps over 
but in helping to mould and de - 1  ,p 
volop the rising generation of 

this country. To make the Eagle ' ^ rv r' j-j . i 

a family newspaper is our high- 

est ambition and we ask all to You candidates what want to 
help us to do so. He who makes , lie ’lected belter announce 
two blades of grass grow where! in the Eagle what fer you are 
onegerw before is a philosopher; jrunnin’. It’ll cost you $5, same 
Oa who caua c a one boy or girl to now aa later. 



plausible way than 1 have yet be- 
fore I’ll concede I’m wrong. 

Mary Standefer. 

U.S.Marshal’t Sale 

By virtue of three exorutionn N m. 
19, 2U. 21, diiected to me, which iniiuetl 
from the clerk 'ioftice of the I’.S. l)i»-| 
tri 't Court, dintrict of Kentucky, at 
 'oviriKb n, in fuvorof United States of 
America; No. 19 HKainst T. C. 
and W. J. BaU'M, No, 20 aRamat Frank , 
l*otter. T. G. Bate« and John Bentley, j 
No. 21 a^ainat Frank Butter, T. G. 
Bate» and Zack Bentley, I, or one of 
my deputies will on Monday, Jan. 4, 
1909. bi'twetmthe hours of 1 and 3 p.m. ' 
at the Coorthoubc door in WhitesburK, | 
L 'tcht r county, Ky., expoae to public 
sale to the hiKheat bidder the following 
pro| erty, or so much thereof as may be ‘ 
neccHoary to oatisfy plaintifTsdebt, in* j 
terest and coat#, to*wit: A certain 

tract of land in the county of l/«tcher, 
State of Kentucky, on Millstone creek 
of Nortlifork of Kentucky river and 
l)ounde l os follows: Beirinninv at a 

iMH-ch Ih-Iow the mill at a line of K. A. 
Craft's and with oekl Craft's line to the*   
line of Neloon Hampton and with line 
of said Hampton to line of S.B. Collier, 
ane with said Collier's line to line of 1. 
J. Adorns, aisJ with saidAdama’ line to' 
the beech or br-ginninK. Beinj^ the land 
conveyed by W. F. Bentley and Fatly 
Bentley, his wife, to T. G- H*«U-s by 
de * J dated June 1, 19U7, and recorded 
in deetl biok 33 poK** 479, etc., l-etclier ' 
(kj. Court Clerk's oftici’, reference to 
said deed being hereby matle foj a more 
Bp4*i'ilic (k*ecription o( said Ls/undary ef ’ 
latui. Total amount to be raised S2.*tuT* , 
49; levid on oa propertv of T. G. Batm. 
Terms; Sale will Iw mode for cash in 
hand. Witneos my hand thia Ifrth of 
Dec. 19U8. S. G. Sharp, I 

By F.M.Bloir, U.S.MarahaL 1 


1 run sway with a foot.** 

ru«i) ilts vnlc-« ut Uis court, shsklne win- 
dow untl rsft«*r. 

In sc •ruts gull* (inKicsl rsnff. 

Hates Ktillct tiHi t'luhlrvn In Ik-U alto shook, 
Ihouicii with Uoxhlcr. 

*1 sentviico ouch siucklnir to hatin!" 

T. e.Vi'i', 4U. 

"Full t.l 1 Hr" N .tlL«Mt 
P  •tigirwl Srrd* Im%«' a  4 ' 

AS* • rv tiil w^l Kluwiiis ImSiuiI IIkiu. ll |u)» W 
pl.iiil lltr l•rl,|. 

hcunoitubltr iitUtr- -•* 


P itlirwl R  il VAlvHltiir ft o) BiikiMg 

kH ii^'---l «ii4 I'.aily . . Hiultvi 

Ne« Gir, ti i*(«| . i,/iiKuAltrl 

VNsnlwril'a Kiditry VVgg L vu Su.hrl 
Itaviv New W hiif Was . . $4 T$ Bu  lirl 

Lume'a ku»t l'i M ( NVag . $4 jo Bushel 

Fairs Fsily A!.ibka . . , ft ' - Riiahel 
New F.SIK Gr.i lu« .... f .-., Hu»h«l I 
.tj a M.okH (.Ai-hii f .Ru ImI 
Bid kUc’s l.lshlliiMK I f , ou Bushel I 

LoMqcs, Rs4i«h, To«ns(o ami a lull h»r «| 
FUitl* *i  l BiilLsul lowiul Kiowtiig |iii e4 
S« imI lot  ( iii|ilel(* rAlaUitfiie or aiihmil a lial ol 
your re«|uitriMriils and wilfgiurir |,iues. 

Biiv liiivii (nun th«- ytower-Sus« Money. 

WritD (otlay. Mrnlioti this fNi| «r 


B•iUa■ fti tMhfarl $ac  Panat. Baar««.lB- 




Come to our store and 
get something that is 
as good as the best. 
Everything in the gen- 
eral merchandise Tine. 

Blair & Fields 


Suffering Ladies 

are tirpod to follow the example of tKousands 0?| 
their ai.sters and take Oardui, Onrdul h a non- 
iiiiiieral, noii-iiitoxicating inedldud for wom^ It 
is for sick, weak ladies, with eiclt facoale orftaas. 


It WIU Help You 

Tt i.s R Kemiiiio, curative medicine, th'ai ljulld«| 
the feniale system and relieves female pah 
Mrs. M. A. SJ^. C’lair. of Eskdale, W, ,Va.. •writes; | 

“llcfore taking Cavdul, T had give/j up all hope or 
getting well. 1 hiid au/fetpil for .1 ^■•4 ' ^ r 
loft side and was eonJiiied fe my hed, j-i I took Oardui, 
and now Cardni has about cured my female trouble-' 



K.V'I'I'IH mi.VMO.N'Altl.l-: 
lllTrillNCI IN  'ONNi:('TI(»N 


I ST A H 1 j K S 

j5} MAM   OMJNH, 

S wiii^ri:siii Nc;, kv. 



I u 



Jame.s P. Lewis, Pres. 
B. E. Caudill, Cashier, 

W. H. Potter, Vice-Pres. 
A. C. Adams, Asst. -Cash. 


W«»u, - 



fMtkurs. T« B »w. Smsw 
C«U«« SmI. YOuwHmi BUy Ap^U, 
WiU Ciacwr, •««. Wu am elMUret 
w eeUAu J m ISib^^OeN IwlscuMwyui 
Aw kutWf (ur yw Omu 



MF BwA ia LDuiewlu. WcNi Ut wBy 

IpnaetAM mJ Aihdus 

■. SuImIASmm, 



Dr. King’s 
New Diteowny 

F0«C8l!St!* .jQliLL 


^ 1 * 


atWlr. p«rtlrahir1/ In n»gnM to 
IMr fonlnt rbrlntmat ciMfnmn. 

VMm 90 opl* ^ Tntlor of 
lio riTor l«-liw«lfn. Tk* IM Iiwaliiior 
•ifc wonr • poruUir rmuHt bnl or mp 
VltiMt brim or Tlaor. It rraomblM lo 
fbifO • fMlI cbroM Iwt. The/ wmr 
• fort oi coot wltb oblrt ronvbtng bo- 

iMb tbo korro. Mwotblug on tbo ord« r 
tko htfbUiDdor'a kilt, ami wbito 
•rN with black bow*. 

Tko tchwalincr girla nloo wear wblta 
tfoeklofa oitb tha black bowa. Tbclr 
AIrto roach acari'cl/ below tbo koeea. 

Iko faabbm to wear acr »ral atlff 
iftlHfe, wbkb atand out from the per- 
fpa Biocb In the maniirr of ttio hoop 
tfiMa of our own gramliiiothcra. On 
4 kok koada the gtrla weur a funny 
unto pill boi iMWt of hat, to wlilcli are 
atikckad broad bamla tied tindi*r tbe 
rkla, roiliplately conreallng tbo eara. 

Tko koya and glrla bare an outdoor 
daart at Cbrlaimaa when (be weather 
ftTora. KacbTlIlage baa a farorltedatH • 
lap 9  ^nd where tbo y Hiiic i»e«*ple path- 
arfortke ftto. TboNiyaatHiidlnaaemt- 
atoela^ wkllo tbo glrla line up to awiilt 
•heir partnera. KrerytMidy uiaiutalna 
• 41faltlod alloiM'e. Finally one boy 
•Copt |i rwaril to the iiKilden of hla 
chotco, llfta hla arm and bowa pr e 
Poaodly. Kach of tbo b« ya In hla turn 
Ikon foea tbrouffh tho aamo ceremony 
mt chooalug hla iiartiier, who la hta for 
•ha day. Then t»eftna tbo danoa^ 
IPklck la rigoroua and hearty. 

Until Christmas 


My Home 


Lewis Bros.’ Store 


This announcement will be hailed with delight by hundreds of little foll^ who are looking forward to the coming of St 
Nick as the most important event of the year. In this assortment of IT 
country on the glol^ and which have been selected with great care wi 
we list a few of the many articles which we will have on display tor th  

Bell Rattles Musical Toys Dolls Collar & Cuff Boxes Autoniobiles 

Toy Pianos Toy Cuns Silk Handkerchiefs Albums Toy Pitlols Rubber Bi-lls 

Shooting Gallery Shells Shaving Sets Smokers’ Sets Firecrac’^ers hoiiis 

Vest Pocket Dictionaries Toy Wheelbarrows Mother Gcosc Books 

Mustache Cuds Chain Knives Cake Plates Do 

Money Banks Rose Bowls 
Xmas Stockings Sheep 

Slingshots Vinegar Bottles 
Postcards and Racks 

Toy Watches Toilet Sets 
Photo Frames Flower Vases 
Sad Irons, toy hiups 

North Pole Vi .;ncts 
RobbiU Fx '‘r  

OK it (niit 

Oo ibe and cU Cbris'iDus tree I 




Heart Action 

Tkere are certain nerres 
tlMt control the action 
at the heart ,Whcu they 
iMome weak, the heart 
•etion ia impaired. Short 
fcfMth, pain around lieai't 
alwking nciiBution, palpi- 
tation, fluttering, iVelile 
ar sapid pulao, and other 
diatreseirig ayuiptuina fol- 
low. Dr. Miles Heart Cure 
ia a medicine csiieidally 
aiaptcl to the needs of 
deae nerves and the uius- 
aalar structure of the 
heart itself. It is a 
aWengthening tonic tliat 
Wags spt^y relief. 
®ty it 

TW I mi/NrrtX with what 1 





A better shoe than these cannot 
be h»d Rt any iiHce, althouKh we 
offer them at to acorj- 
ing to size. 

We have sold this shoe so long 
and the sale of same is so wei I 
established that it i.s a.i staple as 
sugar add coffee. We do not cut 
above price under any circum- 
stances and we regard it the best 
shoe on the market today for 
$1.50. This shoe conies to us 
direct from factory, also. 

We buy tiiis slioe direct from tlio 
factory: we sell it on its merits 
at a close mar;riii and you will 
make no mistake in calling foi 
t’.e Wittonia, Dixie tlirl shoe. 

Wo liave loanu-d by experience 
tliat it actually tuke.s a $5 shoe to 
give the safnn* wear tliat a fesv 
years ago a $'! shoe would give. 
If you want the Lest shoe in town 
buy a pair of our Witt’s $5 shoes 
and you liave it. 

We have been selling this shoe 
for a number of years with in- 
creasing sales seaton which 
is proof of their wearing quality. 
Try a pair. 

S R •««nvir h trouble. wIiMi 
IhM in** I hail h^Hrl 
itn4 trWvl mutiy rmu-tilriL 
 Tv Mlba’ aliminAt' t'«m 4 
MiH. Htt 4 1 oNllludezl t* 
ra’ IlHA/t ('ure. I bnv* 
hollle*. «»4 BOW r HHH 
I H( Hll. I lun cured »nd 
• did U. I wrtU UlH la 
at It wUI attract th* at* 
ibMa w %9 BiifTcr a« I dl 4 ** 
#4 Mala St. Cvtlufioa. Kp. 

¥tm draatMl Mlto Or. Mllat* Haart 
aad w« aatbarMt aim to ratura 
7B 90 drat batUa (aaly) IV It fails 

_ Ay-We have just receiveei another shipment of clothing and our sto.-k .add here that tho.« wlio wish to get fixed on Hour at these prices liad better do so at once for 

ouperu (...lotmng suits, nants and overcoats U very complete ami prices right. Askto ' ' ‘ u. k,,., c„ii u,... 

see same. Prices on suits range from to $16 and overcoats from $7 to $10. Above prices are for 
men’s sizes. We have a full line of boys’ and children’s clothing at prices to please. All we ask is 
a look with a view of buying and we feel certain of the result. 

r ^___ We have just received another shipment of Ladies’ and Misses’ skirts wliich 

UtCaa OKiris ig the fourth and last shipment for the fall Hiid winter season, lienee if you 
w ish to get tne of these style skirts now is the time before they are all gone, for they 'viil p.o quicit at 
the prices »e ranie, which are for the Panama style and $;! for the Voile, V\e also h.ive « nice 
line of Ladies’ Coats at $4.50 to $ti and Misses' Coats at $1.2.5 to SS. 

lelieve that we cary the beat astoitid stock of groceries to l e found in lids 
feeiion and ask vour especial attention to this line of our business as we take siccial 
pains to try to keep this depaitment u^i to date with the goods U|ion the shelf and the prices on the 
bottom. Below we quote a few items m the grocery line: ( lioice evsporatesi peaches 12c lb, 
Muscatel raisins 15c lb, oatmeal 10c pkg, rice 7c Ih. No. 10 brown sugar Hie lb. tlr. sugar 2 ll| carioi..; 

. . ---• we 

i cniy have a liniilrd supriy and we rositi\*ly cannot buy any ,r.oreto sell at these pi ices, and we be- 
' lieve betc'-e Jan. 1 flour will be selling fc r $7.50 or more. Allow us to state that Royal Crown is sec- 
^ Olid to rone on tho niaikel. but is the I'esl. 

Prrrre We wish to inform tho trade tliat we will buy all the eggs you bring us at 16c per doz, 
^88* from now until Jan. 1, iOO;*. 

A *’■ " ’*''**^ 1 ’®'’ !''•**■ I’"- believe these prices 

/App.AJh ,, 111 li ng fciwuid bolli • g..;s ar.u uiiidcs Itr Santa Claus as he C ..11 Ufo lots of them to 
advantage just nov. 

Success Mauazine rsquim the srr- 
vloss oi s man in Lstcher county to 
look after expiring subscriptions snd to 
sccurs new business by means nf sprcinl 
■etlmds unususliy effective, position 
pesvaaent; prsfer one with experience, 
bwS sretUd consider say applicsnt with 
geaS natural quslMcntions: salary tl.SU 
pne day, with eommiasioii o|itian. Ad- 
Aav. with references, R. C. Peacock, 
ReSM MS, Sueesas Uxgasina Bldg., 

, \Vi‘ voiild lik.. to go dtwn on rcccid h.. doing a rtrictiy cash business, and 
" w I'ile il c 1 U'h ol ru liuc'e IS cash, rtill for the r.rc( mirodation of those who are 
\ V V I" j -1 ; ill, , 1 ci  n r* ; (' d. ,v ? r mi vi hen *. ;■ lit.ys we ir.rsn it and under 

do w  v!.i:,oi:i.r 't r,n u’':  g.. 11 ci c h.-ileon arrange- 
: li.e. Alt wi.o cv c I ic'.unts iio days old arc icqucsteo to tail cr.d seetJe sanie. 

for li pkg. Royal Crown flour, in cotton. BOc bag, Royal Clown flour, in wood, $7.20 hi I, 


ftr iMkaU aad GkiUiML 




Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), 1908-12-17

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Whitesburg, Letcher County, Ky., Kentucky by N.M. Webb
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