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date (1911-01-26) newspaper_issue 

65 adjoin and are ^Hpi^ from 
corner of Park StMpTd Glenn 
avenue. An extremely desira- 
ble place for a home. Natural 
gas will be piped along the street 
between these lots within the 
next 40 days. 

OFFICIAL DIRECTORY throwing reflection on the Sher- 

iff ticket but equally as much on 

reuit Court: On Fourth Mon- the Fiscal Court. They were the j 
day in June, and Third Mon- men that relieved the sheriff of 
day in March and November, these mistakes that he was not 
B. Hannah, Judge; John M. responsible for. In my territory 
augh, Com’th Attorney; R. M. there were eleven men charged 
ikley, Clerk; G. W. Phillipps, with poll tax that were released 
•ustee of Jury Fund; S. R. Col- and had their receipts. These 
 r, Master Commissioner, J. D. are as £°od men as Morgan coun- 
ts, Deputy Master Com’r. ty affords and prompt tax pay- 
ers. There were 19 men in my 

Minty Court: On Second Mon- that u h ? ve moved out ° f 

day in each Month. cou "‘ y that w f e as,essed 

Tuesday h f«' ™ er f e were 7 me " a8sess . 
■ LU ir . J , u ed here that were men of no such 

after Second Monday in each ^ Ther( , ^ Mm8 

3 Court: 

x ti j ■ a tions and as soon as the fiscal 

Mo " dw Apnl Court released me of thi. I paid 
and Octo er. theae men their money back. 

1. u ergus - Th ey live in this county now and 

Premdmg Judge. ^ ^ ^ ef 

feet. Some being in Toms 
Magistrate’s Court. Branch precinct with their init- 

irst District— W. G. Short, 1st gQ j^st acquainted 

Monday in each month. citizens of that precinct could 

econd District— S. b. enms, nQt ma k c out w jj 0 they were. 
Tuesday after 1st Monday in p| ve have died 8 j nce they were 
each month i , assessed. They were all put un- 

hird District- Harlan Murphy. . ;, ead of delinquent except 
Wednesday after 1st Monday ^ g,*,, Patterl m rked 

in each month. dead. Also 1 man, Silas Perry, 

ourth Dutnct— Charles Prater, whoi „ , „ 0 „. retident 

Friday after lat Monday in „ d ^ been 2 

years. Also 

each month. Taylor Shockey, a resident of 

^«-FrnnkKenna.ri. Wo|foH1Irty . , do „ ot 

.aday a r n o F tbe aherifT and hia deputie. are 

en mont . responsible for men dying, leav- 

ixi. District J. E. Lewis, . ,i . . , • i 

, , . » o j m j mg the county and being releas- 

Fridav after 2nd Monday in . 

' * aitci - ed from paying poll tax, and yet 

each month. being charged with same and 

cventh Diatnct-A F Bevin., holdi , hem relp0Mib | e . If 

Thumday after 2nd Monday in any one in my territory ,, 

each month. ed over this matter come to me 

lighth Distnct-Franklm Wal- gnd , ex |ai „ t the rel . 

ter, Thursday after 1st Mon- ^ ^ „„ donc 

Very respet, 

Luther Pieratt, D. S. 

prise and the school vnS ^..^ ened ! 
in 1775 with fifty children. Here 
Pestalozzi found his life work. 
His intense love for children and 
teaching knew no bounds. 

His school was not a financial 
success but he wanted to perse- 
vere. He lived like a beggar in 
order to teach beggars how to 

In 1780 he published a book 
entitled “Evening hours of a 
hermit.” In this book he wrote 
fundamental truths of education. 
He says “that education alone 
can lead to an independent, hon- 

all wis- 
rests upon the 

w BANK ..s 


5L™ J $42,000.00 

A(itl)orized U S Depository. 


. CONLEY, President. JOE O. STAMPER, Vic-rTre 

CUSTER JONES, aibler. 

orable, and happy life 
dom, he says, 
vigor of a good heart obedient to 
truth; and all happiness, upon 
simplicity and innocense.” 

“I build all liberty upon justice, 
and justice upon love; and the 
source of all justice and . of all 
earthly blessings, the source of 
love and charity, rests upon the 
the great thought that all are 
children of God.” 

In 1781 Pestalozzi gave to the 
world his greatest book, entitled, 
“Lienhard and Gertrude.” A 
book for the people.” 

The gloom of dark ages still 
hovered over the world in Pes- 
talozsi’s time. The schools were 
in a miserable condition, the tea- 
chers had more of superstition 
than education. The wealthy 
class alone had the advantages 
of education; they demoralized 
and oppressed the poor. Pesta- 
lozzi saw the misery and degra- 
dation of the people and his lov- 
ing heart and quickened brain 
worked out the plan of their lib- 
eration. In this book he tried to 
show mothers the great respon- 
sibilities that rested with them 
in the training of their children. 
He begged mothers to be to 
their children what no human 
being on earth can be in their 

In 1805 he established his great 
school at Yverdon, pupils came 
to him from all parts of the 
world. Here he kindled the 
flames of zeal and enthusiasm in 
the hearts afell his pupils, here 
he formulated the greatest prin- 
ciples of education. Here he ex- 
pounded the theory that educa- 
tion was good for the masses. 
His influence has revolutionized 
: the education systems of Europe. 


Weel ee Ceaaleelee. WHI* In priee- 
IM BMtltklal this el. 

_ B*UtU*k*418S7 


Corinthians and quote from 1 to 
4, inclusive; “Now concering the 
collection for tlW saints, as I 
have given order t^the churches 
of Galatia, even sqrdo ye. Upon 
the first day of ttie week let 
every one of you lay by him in 
store, as God hath promised him 
that there be no gathering when 
I come. And when J come, 
whomever ye shall approve by 
(Continued next week.)"' 

Supply Your 
Kitchen Needs Now 


Saw Hill For Sale. 

On 18 horse power Boiler 
and Engine, Russell saw rig, 
3 solid tooth saws, 1 48 inch, 
1 56 inch and 1 60 inch, 
swing cut off and side edger, 
lumber trucks and pipe dyes, 
emory wheel, mandrel, and 
in fact everything complete. 
Machinery in first class re- 
i pair. Will sell cheap. Call 

S ir old — 


it «nB»L\VOd 
hlchcblpc oft \\Y 
ad cauiM (torn- \\\ 
i dleeeee* — or 
, leaky tln-wara, 

ilia flarora and waatoe 

food. Replace the old were with 

We wish to say to the people of Mor- 
gan and. adjoining counties that we have 
recently purCfcs*secl the . ~ , 

W. J. Henry & 

at 50c. On the Dollar 

and are going to give our customers the 
advantage of the exceedingly low prices. 

“1892” Pare Spun 

Aluminum SsST 

oee of themeor telle- 
able line* we carry M 
th We here Juat rt M 
celrad e new 
7 lot Cose In V 
' and Ita theae W 
•uperlo roods end I 

rat e Buuv.air free. 

You can depend 
on anything 
you buy hero 

County Officers. 
Judge-I. C. Ferguson. 
Attorney— J. P. Haney. 
Sheriff-H. B. Brown. 

Clerk— J. H. Sebastian. 

Supt. Schools-T. N. Barker. 
Jailor— H. C. Combs. 

Assessor— Whitt Kemplin. 
Coroner— C. F. Lykins. 
Surveyor— M. P. Turner. 

Fish and Game Warden— W. C. 


Seitz Hardware Co. 


The name, date of birth 
and birth place of every man 
and woman in Morgan coun- 
ty 80 years old and dver. 
we want to compile a few 
statistics and will be obliged 
to any of our readers who 
will send us the name of any 
acquaintance of theirs who 
has reached the age of four 
.30  5re. Address 

IEd"bif.r West. Liberty. Ky. 

All persons owing us either by ! 
note or account must come in 

and settle at onee. We are com- i \ r U U V D V 
pelled to close up our years bus- I , 

iness and all accounts are due. WEST LIBERTY, KENTUCKY, 
Don’t forget that this means KmswTWG 

you if you owe us. HUTCHINSON STEVENSON HAI 

We want to do every one just 1 COMP ANY 

right and extend every courtesy : , . JL' 

to our customers that is possible, Wholesale Hatters, 

consistent with good business OuriatM, : : : Wotv». 
methods, but we are compelled YOUR ORDES SOL 1CITED, 
to meet our obligations 

W E can sell you any thing usually found in a First 
Class country store 25 per cent cheaper than any 
other firm in Morgan County and you have only 
|to call and examine our stock to be convinced. We are 

iot simply going to close out these goods and quit busi- 
ess-We have Come to STAY. Before the holidays we 
r^have an elegant line of NEW GOODS, fresh from the 

West Liberty Police Court— First 
Wednesday in each month, 
N. P. Womack, Judge. ^ 

MtuHpieau- guilty \o the cttyfge 
it would be interesting' 1 1 o 
know whether or not J. Wes- 
ley Hatcher could be, convin- 
ced that there is anyone else 
■jo vile as the editor of a dir- 
ty little sheet which carried 
a whiskey ad in its columns? 

whilfF posing ) At 
Christians, do acts, social ant, 
conimerc al, that forces upor 
ant thoughtful person the belief 
in ^ hell. A hell is need. 

t"ut yourself riglious gazaboos 
who prate of being as go xl as|tht 
other aie just as much hpocrits 
as the erring church member 
and a darned sight more, for 
yoir liypocracy has no hope. 
You are not as good as you pre- 
tend you aie and your outward 
seeming morality is built ed up- 
on an ignoble foundation i 
I have known men whom I be’i   
ed to be truly religious (Religion 
mean a fixed belief in something; 
— who wanted, and struggled, 
to follow Christ in truth and sin- 
cerity jet oft and repeatedly 
strayed to the flesh pots of the 
world- : Theirsins are not of the 
glaring kind and they are to b . 
pited and at the same time com 
mended for getting up and try- 
ing again after each fall. Such 
men do not deliberatly sin. They 
are caught off their guard. But 
I hold that there is no forgivness 
for a deliberate sin. Tne mar 
who beforehaad plans to do ar 
act that is not just and right, 
and does it. who sears his cons 
cience with daily acts that ar  
performed to augment his sto e 
of gold, to put him at the top oi 
the pedastal of fame or to giv t 
him power over others does it al 
his own peril and for him there 
is no forgivness. No repentance 
can undo a wrong un done. 

[stead off two. They’ neefl 
| not be so particular who they 
[nominate this year. Any ola 
; Republican can defeat Can- 
trill if he is nominated by a 
primary held persuant to 
| a call such as the one just is- 
sued by the Congressiona. 
Committee of the Ashland 1 
District. The days of gag 
rule and steam roller meth- 
ods in Kentucky politics arc 
numbered and he who would 
(accept a nomination unde; 
i such conditions is not a Dem- 
ocrat but a demagogue ofi 

«***Tiomi(iation for Superintend 
fnt of Schools of Morgan county 
subject to the action of the Den 
ocratic party. 

k Sewini 

We are authorized to announce 

of Index, as a candidate for the 
nomination for Sheriff of MoTgan 
county, subject to the action of 
the Democratic party. 

Just Think of it? 

The Free Sewing Machine i» in- 
jured for five years against accident 
breakage, wear, fire, tornado, light- 
ning and water. This shows our 

Prices Cli| 

Nothing Lack 

a Specialty 

Thanks, Awfully 1 

L. T. II overmale, who has 
been in the newspaper business 
for over twenty years, is now 
helping Editor Cottle run the 
Licking Valley Courier. None 
better than Lon.— djeattyville 
Enterprise. -|Pr % 

(But with .West Liberty hav- 
ing more pretty girls than any 
town on earth, it is rather un- 
kind to hint that I am old, Sam.) 

Our friend, L. T. Hovermale, 
author of the big-worded effu- 
sions entitled “Gnmption,” 
which he publishes in the Lick- 
ing Valley Courier, is attracting 
"some” attention. "Keep it up, 
my dearie.”— Hazel Green Her- 

Sewing Machine 

We are authorized to announce 
ofCaney, as a candidate for the 
Democratic nomination for Sher- 
iff oMdorgan county. 

Line Complete 

Fresh Oyster 

Prompt and efficint 
Come onfe $ 

ThlnK what tbl  meanal 

1 1 that If you break i!io whole machine 

— ' — -I!., or atr^’hment, e«c.) 

■M or any part (needle, belt, 1 

•j It will be replaced to you without chat ge. 

Send for oar booklet “In the Day’s Work’ 
Free Sewino Maciiinb Co., Chicago, III. 

Sold by AUTY McCLALN, 
West Liberty, Ky. 

the most detestable type. 

Cantrill hus been consid- 
erably in the limelight for 
several years and the stron- 
ger the light the shorter his 

1 1 TT' l .i J 

Wenr" authorized to announce 
' W. W. McCLURE, 
o' West Liberty, as a candidate 
for the nomination for Jailer of 
Morgan county, subject to the 
action of the Democratic party. 



County Attorney, 


shadow grows. His last act 
in taking a cowardly advan- 
tage of the Democrats of his 
district will settle his politi- 
cal doom and the sooner the 
Democratic party puts the 
seal of its disapproval or 
him the better it will be for 
all concerned. 

■ We are authorized 
E. J V\ EBB, 

of Blair's Mill, as a candidate 
for the nom^ation for Jailer of 
JUs-rKtto county, subject to the 
action of the Democratic party,' 


West Liberty, Ky, 

Allan N. Cisco. S. Monroe Nidkcll 





We are authorized to announce 
J..H. ROE, 

of Grassy Creek, as a candidate 
for the nomination for Jailer of 
Morgan county, subject to the 
action of the Democratic party. 

A Sure Specific or 

The enthusiasm maniyest- ^ 
ed of the Commercial Club cia | C j ub 
Saturday night augurs well be treatc 
for West Liberty. reckoned 

Let's begin the work of There’s a 
meking our town a better lidding” 
town right. If we are to ^ r d ™ tu 
benefit by the developement j n whatsr 
that we expect, and way of ai 
which now seems certain and see. 
Let’s do every thing we do 
in the right way, A system i , Nature 
of concrete walk, uniform is a 
and scient fically planed and ear | y at 
cuiit would add greatly to regular!, 
the beauty and value of the Clean tee 
property. Let’s abandon the .'bur dent 
unsightly and inadequate vicean(l 
board walks. The town has 
no bonded indebtedness, and 
the paying forconcrete walks t0 ta jt e ^ 
by the citizens would work a doing it? 



West Libuhty, kv. j 

Office in 

Commercial Bank Bufldim 

A Yearly Treatment — 523oses 
inteed to Cure the most coihrme 
Hussedness — or kill the Cus. 

we are authorized to announce 
Geo. W. Stacy, 

of Grassy Creek, as a candidate 
for the nomination for Jailer ol 
Morgan County, subject to the 
action of the Democrat party. 


We are authorized to announce 
John Patrick, (Assessor Johi ) 
of Grassy Creek, as a candidate 
for the nomination for Assereci 
of Morgan county, subject to the 
action of the Democratic party. 

Warmer than Tabasco! 

Fearless in E 

A Periodical for brainy pec pie. St 

Too Strom 

Send in Vour simojeon and get on t! e list, 

0. F. HENRY, 

West Liberty, Kentucky. 



Wholesale Hatters, 

dutlestoo, : : : West Va. 

Your Orders Solicited. 

We are authorized to announc  
of Insko, as a candidate for th- 
nomination for Assessor of Mor 
gan county, subject to the act 
ion of the Democratic party. 


Day to open an account with a 
clean, strong, progressive bank 
that will make your intresets its 
own. Why not now? 

Capital, $15,000 

; ! Deposits, 50.000 

I Commercial-Bank^ 


[ S. K. COLLIER, President, W. G. BLAIR, Vice President. 

! W. A. DUNCAN, Cashier. 


Feeding for Milk 

ICaeping the D.ify Herd Up to th« 
Muimum Production in Cold Weather 


\V laotuin CW/«f« 9/ jtgrfcmkun 

At One-half Price. £ 

£ If you will bring or send us your subscription during £ 
| the month of February we will send you £ 


* v l One Year f 

1 1 - • ft AND THE * 

Coi)»ri*bl. ino. br N.w.».mt L'uwo 

grain ration consists of wheat bra* 
8 Darts, oats 3 parts, corn maal I 
parts, and distillers' grains 2 part* 
Whero the cow requires variation la 
her feed suisll amounts of drlsd br#w- 
ers gr ains or oil meal ars used ocna 
slonally. , 

Prof. W. A. Henry speaks ns fol- 
lows regarding these feeds; "Wheat 
bran Is especially valuable due to Its 
laxative properties. It furnish#- bulk 
| and plenty of protein and ash so es- 
sential In milk formation. The com- 
, blnatlon of bran and conumoal Is not 
excelled as a dairy feed. The bulk 
of the oat though carrying little nu- 
triment renders this grain a feed of 
light character which Is easily di- 
gestible. Oats contain a higher pro- 
portion of digestible protein than corn 
This grain In Itself U a 

If you have a 
Farm, Boun- 
dary of Timber 
or Town prop- 
erty for sale, 
let us SELL it 
for you. 

If you want to 
buy a Farm 
Boundary o f 
Timber or Town 

s f Four Months % 

| f For Only $1.75 £ 

i pr this paper One Year and Daily Courier-Journal £ 
Eight Months for $2.50. £ 

i £ 6 

£ Subscriptions received at this price on- £ 
£ ly during the month of February. £ 

£ The State and National Campaigns are opening and £ 
• you want to^eep posted on political events. Read £ 
£ the Courier-Journal editorials. And Mr. Watterson’s £ 
£ letters from Europe will be interesting. £ 

wi^Gfiesiei^ p$y 

or whsst, 

well-balanced ration. Corn meal It a 
heavy, rkh feed and ehould always be 
lightened or extended by the uee of 
bran, shorts, oil meal or some other 
feed of light character." 

Feeding experiments prove thnt 
dried distillers' grains are more valu- 
able than oats as a feed for the dalr* 
herd. Cows are fond of brewers 
grains and their use Influenoes a good . 
milk flow. Because of the sloppy 
character of wet brewers »-;-^^they 
should he supplement**'- 1 *? »-■ .a dry 
feed In the wlrV^CWlon. 

Oil mj^^*s •' very healthful feed 
end 'j&g* ft* animals Into good con- 
^jwittoa. with pliable skins and ally 

Capital and Surplus $220,000 
Solicits Your Accounts 
Correspondence Solicted 

N. II. VViTHUjtspooN, President, 
W. R. Spwak, Assistan Ca tier, 

£ Subscription orders under this offer £ 
£ must NOT be sent to the Courier- * 
£ Journal, but to us. £ 

Commercial Bank Building. 

Store Department 

Kentucky Block Cannel Coal Co., 


Will be pleased to supply merchants with 
Flour, Salt, Oil, Mill Feed, etc. 

We also h)30dl e a eorppelte lir)e of 
General [Vlerebfindise for tl)e Retail 
Trade.. Also tty? best Farrr) W^gor) 
to be had, and can make you 
clpse prices. lb - 


Special Attention Given Every Customer. 

We are localed io the Arcade Building, which we nave 

Purchased, and a look will convince you we have the finest and mosti 
up-to-date line of Groceries ever seen in tblsclly. 

When in town give as a call and 
be convinced. 

to water but you can’t 
wake hi«n glrink. 

You can’t uukt him tai 
ither. Yri can atuff food in. 
o a thin man’s stwrtuch bul 

irsful mixing o£ 

road sf.lesrrw. Jif aM 

count of his long^pid faithfur 
service, be promoted tq the posi-* 
tion of sales manager, with duties 
at the home office, as spun as the 
work of re-mapping q|id extend- 
ing the territory now covered and 
to be covered by the xumpany 
hereafter can be arranged. 
This promotion comes to one who 
fully deserves it, and will be 
gratifying to his friends as well 
as to friends of the company and 
to all who are interested to note 
the progress and expansion of 
Huntington jobbing interests, to 
know that it denotes a general 
expansion of activities on account 
of the splendid growth of the 

Mr. Colvin has been an un- 
usually sucessful salesman, and 
his energy and loyalty have been 
prominent factors in buildin g up 
the trade of his company. 

(jamoj^.pie as only a 

th old friends in* town- f Solicits Your; Mccu^i.u 

Correspndence Invited 

---- - . ~ 
faithful .doggae, cgn i e, who will 
gainsay that the embodiment of 
all these should be called a soul? 

"Tobv;” a little black Cocker 
Spaniel, belonging to Denney M. 
Carter, formerly of West Liber- 
ty but now of Clearfield, was 
killed by the train at the latter 
place a few weeks ago. Every- 
body in West Liberty Will re- 
member her and her cute, clever 
tricks, and be grieved to hear of 
her untimely taking off. 

tlte'Spuf Alf. Dorjfi * pur- 

chased the place about five years 
ago for the sum of $8 per acre 
for 560 acres 

v anous ifOfrtyHUo/ 
gesfiou- wsf'adoii 
t Reception: S. | 
Ferguson, W. OH 
Sebastian and Hy 
Publicity: L. ' 

Mm ^ N. Hghry of liberty 
Krofd Station spent Tuesdajn! ight 
with G. W. Phillips and family. 
Mrs.Henry is now visiting Mrs. 
J. B. Hannah at Sandy Hook. 

lands in 

J. .4. in the- same region are worth 
from $1£ to 25 per acre, and Mr. 
rma 3, Dorin has refused an offer of $100 
ey. per acre for a certain portion of 
ick, f. his farm. These figures are in- 
his, | dicative of the posibilities in the 
C cultivation of the vast acreage, 
ild, V. of available southern lands to be 
EyrdV had todav at such low prices as 
the k winning of the Grand Inter- 
unca 1 ,, I national cup is illustrative of the 
i Floi-|yield which may be made from 
.V jlthcse same lands with proper 
laws: fcnethods and intelligent system 
JEvet Bpf agriculture. 

i D  Ml With the immense corn crop 
‘ -unhide in 1910 by the southeastern 
ito tit fdates, ^hfecorn belt had begun 

N. H. Witherspoon, President 
W. R. Sphah, Cashier. 

Miss Margaet Carter entertai- 
ned the “jollv crowd” Saturday 
night in honor of Boyd Lawson 
who left Monday for Cincinnati. 
All report a good time. 

A Bargain in Timber. 

100 acres of fine timber, vir- 
gin forest. On floating water, 
near railroad. This is the best 
proposition* on the market. It’ll 
not be on our hands long at the 
price we offer it. Want it? 

Cottle & Hovermale. 

No. 70 List Price, $8.00 /. 

“ Visible Loading” is a big ad- \j 
vantage. Yon im tho cartridge it 
go in the chamber. You know v|JP, 
when the gun Is load®. 

Gets alt the game In si£htl\ 
Practice now ami clean out, ell 
the farm pests y tills spring. 

,-n Points for (ho 

LSJti / Sharpshooter L 

and Hunter 

y r Ifyou want expert  nft niii-/t 

tton onShm *hwtln ,,llunt*fp- 
y ing or Tnpsb»t 4 ini , vrlty a 
• 7 . f jx-vtal teliin,; 13 w’lkh mbjet t 

J Intcrc.; i you mutt. By r.'turn mail 
\ ct/mej   - r letter tfWIng yt 11 tlilftalu- 

I \ aide Information,! cables tho Ms? Elevens 

1 » . :t lii i ' « ton* ttl I I-'** 

II il p:« c.t rlniiit Kmc^.Shotvnu. 1 'Ut* Itl 

j j iunl Ril.c Telescoped. It fit-’ t.‘,(jy, 

r N CTtAik your dcnlct an l insist on 
i»n.v:?Ss. uln«-c 

v I Uhipt'l.-ccty^preABt r -t-altl, 
yS A. upon rcodu of cr. tair g price. 

Wake up, Shake up, Stand up, 
preach up, pray up, pay up, 
square up, and stay up, never 
igi ve 'dp, let up, look up nor shut 
up. until your town and County 
is built up.— Selected. 

A Hero In A Lighthouse 

For years J. S. Donahue, So- 
Haven, Mich., a clivil-war cap- 
tain, as a lighthouse keeper aver- 
ted awful wreck, but a queer 
fact is, he might have been a 
wreck, himself, if Electric Bit- 
ters had not prevented. ‘‘They 
cured me of kidney trouble and 
chills, “he write after, “I had 
taken other so called cures 
for years, without benefit, 
and they allso improved my sight. 
Now, at seventy, I am feeling 
fine. “For dyspepsia indigestion, 
all stomach, and kidney trouble, 
they’re without equal. Try them 

Only 50 cts at all druggists. 

The Normal Literarey Society I 
on Monday elected the following 
officers: President, Willie Elam: 
Vice. President, Hendrix Willi- 
ams: Secretary and Treasuer, 
Miss Callie Nickell; Critic, Prof. 
D. V. Florence; Sergent, Gains 
Whitt , ( __ 

The Ladies’ Aid Society of the 
Christian Church will give a val- 
entine social in the basement of 
the church Wednesday night, 
Febuary 14th. A dainty, well 
prepared lunch will be served 
Further plans will be announced 
later. Look for them. 

lo be ch&ngedj|rom itstime-hon-‘ 
 red position, t^e capture, by 
1 southeyn farmerRpf the inter- 
lational Irophy, and'jthe record 
nade last year by Jerry Moore, 
f Souj(h Carolina, who grew 226 
ushelS of corn to the acre, com- 
ined with the tremendous crop 
f corn harvested last season hi 
me sojjh, still further demon- 
Iffltlifc-tke truth*^ the claims 
^hat the southeast is the ideaL 
general farming section. 

& tool ensuujjy 

P. C. SC si 

Cafc*pcu Fxlb, Bit*.. 

Sheriff's Sale Under Execution. 

Morgan Circuit Courtl 

Blair and Reed Plff. , 

Vs. Notice of Sale. 

Red Mon Lodge No. 112 Deft. 

Under and by virtue of Execution 
No. 122, which issued from the Mor- 
gan Circuit. Court, on the 17 day of 
January 1912, in favor of Blair and 
Reed, against Red Men Lodge, I will 
on the 11, day of March 1912, at tho 
front door of the court house hi 
Liberty Ky. it being County Court 
day, between the hours of 10 o’clock 
a. m. and 2, o'clock p. m. expose to 
public sale to the highest bidder on a 
credit, of three months. The follow- 
ing described property to viz: One 
Hall known as the Red Man’s Hall 
at Wrigley Ky Jcvied upon as the 
property of thd^ted Men Lodge No. 

: 112, to satisfy, an execution in my 
hands for collection in favor of Blair 
; and Reed, against t lie said Red Men 
■ Lodge, or a auflicieney thereof to 
j make sum of f60.12 so directed to be 
made. “ 

The purchaser will be required to 
! jxecte bond with approved security, 
bearing 8 per cent interest from date 
of sale. 

H. B. Brown 9. M. C. 

By T. J. Perry D. H 

Mr. W. W. Hibard of .Indi- 
anapolis, Ind., k Mivjfios. Mt 
Harrold and Mllc^^Rrrois^ 
of Uporte, 

been in the comp in the inters) 
eat of the projlied rrfflroad to 
Elk Fork coal fijls.*^^ * 

These gentlem n are backed 
by sufficient cap il to put this | 
enterprise throuj l and it is up 
to tlje people of Iprgan county 
to give them all ife ajd and en- 
couragement posi l le. West 
erty would have ad a rail raw 

I ago if he people had* 
i promoSrs the propmr 
iment, nit they let the 
tty pass.l Will they do 
’ ’Tis ixie this road 
ome into the to\fcn but 
tnat it wll be built adds 
o our chalice Of getting 
ing River Road, I jets 
ther one and all. ' 


Laundry called for and deliv- 
ered promptly and careful ser- 
vice rendered. Give me your 
laundry. I have the agency 
formerly held by Mrs, H. C. 

Adah Caiaway. 

Mesdames Auty McClain, Ed 
Day aud W. M. Wells paid the 
Courier office a call Tuesday 
evening to see our new location 
and new machinery. We are 
pleased that the ladies take an 
interest in the paper and always 
welcome them to our office. 

trouble. Price 50c and $1.00. 
Trial bottle free. Guaranteed 
by all druglsts. 

Radium 8eem» Indestructible. 
Hadlum ot the highest activity 
never loses any of Ita properties. A 
regular output of radium means a 
regular lncreaae In the quantity ol 
Mr. i radium In existence In the world in 
consequence bf this property, a hiring 
system has been developed, a proc* 


Eld. J. T. McGarvy, of Ljx- 
ington, preached two interest- 
ing and forceful sermons at the 
Christian church Sunday. 

McGarvey, at the beginning of 
his work here, has impressed Sure which will naturally hamper the 
his hearers as a broad minded ! development of a market 

man of scholarly attainments. I , 

We predict that his work lure ^ i knew some way I 0 make 
will result in much good. ' ■'religion more attractive lo the nun 
Mind le the Musty. «»." "Why not have a description ol 

The mind la the mifier over every heaven written by one of these men 
kind of fortune; eTgrcat mind b* who write descriptions m subtler re 
cones a groat fortune —Seneca. sorts for the railroader r 


We are still short the follow- 
ing numbers of the Courier: 
6, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 22 
and 24. Any one who will send 
or bring us these numbers will be 
suitably rewarded. 

Mrs. Sam Patton and son Creed 
Oney, of Gauge, and Mrs. Kim- 
Patrick, of Lvkins, are visiting 
Mrs. Patton’s daughter, Mrs. T. 
B. Sturdivent. who is very sick. 

Maslan, 5 year old daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. Jas L. Den- 
nis, who has been very sick, is 

W, G. OafUey, of Yocum, visit- 
ed his brotiii r, R. M, Oakley, the 
first o; the \t’eek. 


C. W. Womack is oirv*A sick 

always had the entry to the 

White Rouse, no matter wheth- 
er occupied by Democrat or Re- 
publican.— Lexington Herald. 



Jxcuit Court: On Fourth Mon 
$lay in June, and Third Mon 
-day in March and November 
. B. Hannah, Judge; John M 
Yaugh, Com’th Attorney; R. M 
itkley, Clerk; G. W. Phillipps 
Trustee pf Jury Fund; S. R. Col 
Her, Master Commissioner, J. D 
Lvkins, Deputy Master Com’r. 

Born to Morton Gamble and 
wife the 9 a boy. 

In answer to the advertis- 
ed Delinquents I make this 
remark: .That the explana- 
tion to that list was not suf- 
ficient to give me justice. 

Born the 13 to Henry Smith 
and wife a girl 

34, M4UUU.UU 

Authorized U S Repository. 

YOU u account cordially solicited. 

. JOSLEY, Prcsidont. JOE 0. STAMPER, Vic-rPre 

CUSTER JONES, ashler. 

Elizabeth Cole, little daughter 
of Henry Cole, is very sick 

That list should have stated 
| the reason why they were on 
! there. A part of them are 
i old men and have been re- 
i leased from paying pell tax 
by the Fiscal Court and were 
| charged to me, that is, the 
Assessor listed them with a 
poll, and there was no way 
1 for me to get rid of it except 
j to put it before^ the Fiscal 
(Court. Some several were 
i dead, some had - left the 
State and some were abso- 
j lutely delinquent. There 
'are several good men as 
| there are anywhere on that 
list. But I never put them 
on there for the purpose of 
casting a reflection on them ; 
just only to save myself op 
dollars and cents that A 
could not and had not 
lected. So if there is any 
person aggrieved over this 
i matter come to me and/ 1 
j will explain the matter. 

J Yours respet, 

\ H. B. Brown, S. M C. 

j wanted' 

J The name, date of bi *th 
f and birth place of every nsin 
1 and woman in Morgan cotiV 
ty 80 years old and ovet\ 
r we want to compile a few 
Vstatistics and will be obliged 
j any of our readers who 
will send us the name of any 
/acquaintance of theirs who 
Jhas reached the age of four 
I score. Address 
' Courier, West Liberty, ICy. 

J. A. Henry and son Denny 
of Flatwoods were in town Mon- 

County Court: On Second Mon- 
day in each Month. 

Quarterly Court: OjiJ\iesday 
after Second Monday ineach 
^nontlu , 

j^RaTCourt : On Wednesday af- 
ter Fourth Monday in April 
and October. 

I. C. Ferguson, 

Presiding Judge. 

B. S. Stamper, of Cannel City, 
was in town yesterday on busi- 


r J Wmi *» Ctmmlalt*. WrR* tar prlaa- 
“ Hat » M!tnla| thli it. 
n * SstabUahad 18S7 


Born to Jim Dennis, and wife 
of Ezel the 14, a girl, nee Anna 


Magistrate’s Court. 

First District— W. G. Short, 1st 
Monday in each month. 

Second District— S. S. 'Dennis, 
Tuesday after 1st Monday in 
each month i 

Third District— Harlan Murphy, 
Wednesday after 1st Monday 
in each month. 

Fourth District— Charles Prater, 
Friday after 1st Monday, in 
each month. 

Fifth District— Frank Kennaird, 
Wednesday after 2nd Monday 
in each month. 

Sixth District— J. E. Lewis, 
Friday after 2nd Monday in 
each month. 

Seventh District— A. F. Blevins, 
Thursday after 2nd Monday in 
each month. 

Eighth District— Franklin WaV 
ter, Thursday after 1st Mon- 
day in each month. I 

Ren Lykins, of Illinois is visit- 
ing his father, W. B. Lykins, 
who is very sick. 

Miss James and Mrs. Ar- 
chibald are planning to give 
a Washington Birthday en- 
tertainment on Friday even- 
ing, Feb. 24, for the benefit 
oLtfie school. s~ 

N. P. Womack, who has been 
at Chicago for a few days on 
business, returned home yester- 

Supply Your 
tchen fibeds Now 

You can't afford lo ils 


Tl» eEditor is sick this week 
and so our readers will not be 
bored with much editorial chit 

' We regret very -much to 
announce the death of Joe 
Stamp, which occurred about 
noon last Tuesday. He was 
one of Mrs. Rose’s pupils, 
being a member of the 6th 
gr .de. Joe was a good stu- 
dent and a good boy. The 
whole schobl joins in expres- 
sing their sincere sympathy 
| for the members of the be- 
reaved family. II. C, W. 

y ,hi "chip* ^ vCvs 

and causa. «tom- \\V 
ch dlaeaaaJ — or 
r, lenky tin-war#. 

 ol!a flavor* «r ! wastes 
.place the ola ware with 

“1892” Pure Spun 

k yCtV 006 of the tnaoy reila-A Jt 
T nistle l.nea we carryJV*? i 

w v- -wLli to say to the people of Mor- 
gan and adjoining counties that we have 
recently purchase] the 

W. J. Henry & Ca;,«6*ock of Goods 
at 50c. On the ^ 

and are going to give our customers the 
advantage of the exceedingly low prices. 

Mrs. Will Cartmell, who has 
been visaing relatives at Salyers- 
ville Wr some time, returned 
hdriie a few days ago. 

County Officers. 
Judge— I. C. Ferguson. 
Attorney— J. P. Haney. 
Sheriff— H. B. Brown. 
Clerk— J. H. Sebastian. 
Supt. Schools— T. N. Barker 
Jailor— H. C. Combs. 
Assessor— Whitt Kemplin. 
Coroner— C. F. Lykins. 
Surveyor— M. P. Turner. 
Fish and Game Warden— W, 


Seitz Hardware Co. 

N All persons owing us either by 
note or account must come in ; 
and settle at onee. We are com- j 
pelled to close up our years bus- 
iness and all accounts are due. j 
Don’t forget that this means 
you if you owe us. 

We want to do every one just , 
right and extend every courtesy 
to our customers that is possible, 
consistent with good business 
methods, but we are. compelled 
cvMneet our obligation^roj/ptly 
when due, ahd^re 
, fore, forced to ask our customers 
to pay theirs. 

Our books are ready for settle- 
ment with every one, and we 
shall expect all to come in with- 
out further notice. 

Very truly, 

Womack & Turner. 

0. F. HENRY, 

West Liberty, Kentucky, 




, ClmiaKm, : : : Wtst Vi. 

Your Ordes Soli cited. 

wfe can sell you any thing usually found in a First 
W Class country store 25 per cent cheaper than any 
other firm in Morgan County and you have only 
to call and examine our stock to be convinced. We are 
not simply going to close out these goods and quit busi- 
ness—^ V»e Before the holidays we 
will have an elegant lineon^^ fresh from the 

West Liberty Police Cpprt— First 
’ v in ca *f monfih, 

jTScfiool Motes. 

Saw Mill For Sale. 


On .18 horse power Boiler 
, and Engine, Russell saw rig, j 
3 eolid tooth saws, 1 48 inch, 

1 156 inch and 1 60 inch, 

! swing cut off and side edger, 
lumber trucks and pipe dyes, i 
I emory wheel, mandrel, and 
| in fact everything complete. 
Machinery in first class re- 
pair. Will sell cheap. Call 
! on or address 

H. G. Cottle & Co., 
West Liberty, Ky. 

Our school is still increas- 
ing by leaps and bounds, and 
is flourishing like the prover- 
bial green bay tree. Eight 
new students jwere -enrolled 
last week, and up to and in- 


We haven’t space to mention the 
many Bargains we are going 
to offer 

V,'e Can Sava You Money 

Kellie Carter is very sick, 

B. Lykins is reported no 

I eluding Tuesday of this week ' 
three mo^e new ones have 
enrolled, making our total 
enrollment to date about 290. 

We think it is safe to say 
that the three hundred mark 
will be passed before the 
close of the term. At pres- 
ent quite a number are on 
the sick list, still we are hav- 
iinga splendid attendance, 
and great interest is being 
! manifested in all the depart- 
I ments. 

j The entertainment given 
iii the College chapel Friday 
evening by the music and  $- 
ocution departments mbr- 
| oughly enjoyed by a {Burge 
attendance of patron* and 
friends of the school. 

I Tr * ^ 

The Normal department, 

| conducted by Prof. Florence, ' 
is increasing in numbers and 
•interest daily. These stu- 
! dents seem- to be very much 
in earnest, and to be taking 
Tfull advantage of the splen- 
did opportunity afforded 
’ i the, m to better equip them- 
' I selves for the noble work for 
‘ j which they have enlisted. So 
\ far about 50*haijtu been en- 
? rolled in this depfflj^git. 

j j v : . ' ' H 

1 ’ The baseball fever \ 

2 broken out in the school with 

• great violence within the 

* last few days, and every boy 
in school from the smallest 

, to the largest seems to bo 
a afflicted with this periodical 
- contagiom Jins a iittle ear- 
y ly to begin the national 
e ' game, still it seems that the ^ 
e ; boys cannot wait any longer. 120 -mo and 1 : 
d i So far four teams have boon j of Glenn ^   



Henry Watterson, Editor. 

\f J. R. Kendall is on Elkfork on 

One farm of 159 acres at the 
mouth of Big Cancy Creek, at 
terminus of Caney Valley Rail- 
road. 15 acres of fine bottom 
land, 1 overflows! every year. 
Plenty of go d ti’aole up land, 
not steep. Sufficient timber to 
keep in repair all necessary fen- 
ces. Will sell dii^ 011 

easy term*, of d® 

D. P. McKenzie, of Goodsey, 
was in town Saturday. . 


Licking Valley Courier 



CourL r-Journal 


For $^.50. 

We can also gi ve liberal -combi- 
nation rate with daily eir Sunday 
Courier-Journjil. Wrigy  T-)urier 
Journal Company, Lqjiisville, 
Ky., for free sample of ed 
ition you desire, butite sure t  
send your sebst^^won order t  
this paper- ^OT to the Courier 

Dillard McGuire, of Omer at- 
tended court here Monday. 

Lyon Mont., Jan. 24— Snow 
James Hams, of Olympia, wu „ .4 a „ d 0 „ e half {eet deep 

visiting relatives here last week. ..... ... , , , 

in this locality and the ther- 

_ L. B. Reed and I-Iarve Howard, jmometer registered 40 below 

of WngTPv,- were in town this zero. According to measure- 

week. ^ ^ .. . j ments taken as the snow fell 

there has been, to date, just 

J. H. Castle, of Index was in? e j^. pn feet 0 f snow-fall. 

town Saturday and subscribed ^ . ... „^i 

. „ ' Trams are tied up on several 

for the Courier. , , . a , r ... 

roads and traffic completely 

0. B. Coffee and Tom Spencer, stopped, 
of Loveland, were in town Sat- • “ ^ ~ 

urdav on business. Knew Twenty Presidents. 

Prize Offers from Leading Manufacturers 

Book on patents. “Hints to inventors." ‘Inventions needed." 
"Why some inventors fail.” Send rough sketch or model for 
search of Patent Office records. Our Mr. Greeley was formerly. 
Acting Commissioner of Patents, and as such had full charge of 
the U. S. Patent Office. 

Patent Attorneys 

Washington, D. C. 

One farm of 242 ;io|g 
Caney Creek, 2 mii^ 
West Liberty and liM 
railroad station. 3(lj 
bottom land, 70 a. ou| 
grass; 140 a. to clca^RS 
which is fine 

timber to keep .{'arm I 
New 5 room dwellir 
roomy new store house, 
tenant houses and a fi 
orchard, barn and all 
hot Vuitditigs v 

' fine mineralX sprhig 
well wateren A snlei 
tion for a Anterclia' 
Within easy r\wh of '' 
erty High Scho^aJVil 
bargain on easy 
ment. vS 

Kfl^ctive, Jauunry 1911 

Allan N. Cisco. H. Monrue Nii kcll. 





•I. \\ IIANK 

County Attorney, 



We have a number of farmsj 
boundaries of timber.' and 
town lots for sale which we 
have not the space to (adver- 
tise. If you wadiB, buy ! 

liuyl.ltv •• « 'Ji 1 - 

Cuuiptull JuiH'linU 430 # is 

T-Urvir. 4 47 9 W 

BcuttyvilloJnmil.. 510 1017 

Alliol 5 37 10 45 

O, \ K. Juiioiliill.. 605 1115 

Ar Jaiksun 610 11 JO 

l.v OaiuksaoU . 1 W 

ffUe fullpvsing coonoctlons nrc- niuilc 
tiuily csccpi Sumluy. 

TfUitik No. 1 A S oomurl M L A K. Jiniclion 
wltHU.iVO. Ky.DrMt St-riiiw. , 

Nnn. i. l.J mull will   - imiiiK t witli tlw Mjhiii- 
itil t  nti ul liv (ar vwiBOOKi'Vs lo ami Irom 

[.\'iiSaounei:!.i with ilia L. A A. at lloaltyvill* 
Jiim'lii'ii fur lUiMiyvilr K1 .... 

• l Mina No. 3A 4nii|lu-i i 11#'. * k. JuilCtinu 



Wkst Liburty, ky. 

Office in 

Commercial Bank Building 

Nos. ii and '-i will niolso cloao con 
no tion ui i '. Si K J uiici I nn with 
U ii u i 4 tor points, nn the Lex- 
ington di Fasten) Hallway. 

M L. Conley, Supt. 

-J n 4 For IndlsMtkm. 

.IV/UUl KelievM sour atomack. 

L’jj.tatiouoltUc heart. DigobU wUtyousefc 


l Day to open an account wit 
j clean, strong, progressive bfc 
t that will make your intresetc^ 
l own. Why not now? 

Capital, $15,000 

Deposits, 50.000 % 

Commercial Bank/ 


S. R. COLLIER, President, W. G. RLAlR, Vice Pres™ 

W. A. DUNCAN, Cashier. 


Weed Eradication 

Wato iaa V-fb -JHwI. Ctotral 

tod Ufah Th— Stow* fat. 

1 r rnor. a. moor* 

K Wh cw / 

At One-half Price. 

If you will bring or send us your subscription during 
the month of February we will send you 


One Year 


WM Ah. •• 

M Vtll Hwk'M * MW ptobt, althoatat 

It Mr aat ha .*•» .— k i n *ch 
Tha whala ptoat grww. raw*dly a*d 
rivtmM lu W awUr U Jnly ***■ 
whara pm wing M bhIth, ha 

BlW M It. hag. fMM fk».H l  

trf Mmi H«« ’ 

M. Vattad Btatto #«* *• " _ 

Wat annual. X “**“** 

ara Ufa. tod wtU 

W. Mk« n WH7 adwlMbto toM*/f 
M . 

W Par /•*»* »hnM 

wM la aatMtlia and partoiaMf 
■km hat. MnildnMd khn »■*" ** | 
wm4i Ml hn». Unnnd 
^alaal tkw. Thtn nnkt/ »•»* ***“ 
.IW wi.ll/ with *ravnndto '"TZ. 
UCM, ltn*l/ along »*• 

awaotiaa t. ta/ura ntona 

/■raw. H tha wlrita — * *» * 
V.lti4 auto* whtra wanda a* 
aia.r.a. war. lacllnad ta rtditototoa 
IIN that th./ «.uU »f*f ll,T_ * "T. tranhl.w... Tha Ih" * ** 

.wlMltato h»T. Ihi r “ , ** 4 ’,AV. 

•iw, Ml tl.arn arw a.w "** 

la ihli country whloh hat. k**' 

d«!tod kHIUH th. »m 4  kM* M»UU I 

pli.4 .ad m rapidly that tha 
lo.-tuat h.l bactnto dl#«anraaad *“ 
■Jim ip la Noaloaa **•*' 
»i. .pra*4laf at a rato wht.h ha* 

• lanaad tbop# wh. ar. MtailalH 
with th. MrloaMM. tt th. attnattoa 
/bar. ar. m.b/ tarn. wtmr. ** f* 

, Mt, m( tha rr.p prodndag 
 »•  «» » dtotr.ywd h/ »h 4». Thw« 
ta a gr Ml aaiaMity d mmt •** 
t *rtod aetlM I or wm 4 MBtral 
es , diction with rMpMt to »*• *4 lk * 
Pi,.*t a«4 aartoaa wW 
p. ti. 

If you have a 
Farm, Boun- 
dary of Timber 
or Town prop- 
erty for sale, 
let us SELL it 
for you. 

If you want tp 
buy a Far fa 
Boundary/' 0 * 

Timjyr^ Town 

rtoperty; let us 
SELL it to you. 


wipof-iesTeF? hy 

Four Months 

For Only $1.75 

Or this paper One, Year and Daily Courier- Journal 
Eight Months for $2.50. 

Subscriptions received at this price on- 
ly during the month of February. 

The State and National Campaigns are opening and 
you want to keep posted on political events. Read 
the Courier- Journal editorials. And Mr. Watterson’s 
letters from Europe will be interesting. 

«• la a iMaawtl pkart. la htotfit H 
Mapaa fmm mm ta thrto (Ml. 4. 

thl.tla W a. ra.Uk. ah. 1th. th. 
OaMk praM. hat la , .w. i .H a/ tru. 
'-aata. th. parka *f whM a#s Mpabl. 
it pra4.Hag plaaka. Wkwa aa41atarh« ' 
h/ .alklwatlM tha rMka ar. apt H 11. 
BMr th. arfiw. hat p. twp«r l  
iiltlratM Mtl aa4 wkwi It U par Imm lit paraa. a*/ ha 
faaa4 at a Aapth a t thrM fMt 
Caaa4a thlalU. aaltUa hMr 
tal4. that ara 

Capital and Surplus $220,000 
Solictts Your Accounts f 
Correspondence Solicted 

l«n to iltTr ja.^a.aM. 

Wt Wl . ,M WaM ■ndlMtt.n. 

» PMkMi hara kw. t.i t n l 
i4t m«   » 4 fw th. w^UatHa it 
kaMk pmm a ad Caaada IhtotUa. Tha 
nnm af Mr a*tM ia p ta ha rwi 
tar pH/ a pm Mil aad wmUpt bm 4I 
tlMa aa4 a math^ *IM ha. pra/M 
Mtlral/ MMawfal wadw aa. aat at 
•w4klwa haa fraaMatl/ lalUd fha 
wat aadw .Ma.what 41(.raat Madl 
tlaa*. Qaa.k frail la awi par*!* 
tMt aad Mar. dlUcalt t. aradteat* 
than th. Canada thiatla, haaa* aa/ 
a«M whl.h will .radlMU Qaa.k 
(raaa will aaiwt/ twtrar Canada thin 

N. H. Witherspoon, PrrsKlent. 
W. R. Sphak, Assistan Ca lier, 

H. 6. Cottle k Ci. 

Subscription orders under this offer | 
must NOT be sent to the Courier- I 
Journal, hut to us. J 

Commercial Bank Building. 

wWtrtCT partUaMrl/ la WlaMadU 
• t.4 th. a.rth MMtr.1 Ha la.. »la.: 
tjt.ach gran aa4 Caaada thUUM 
'i «m waad. ar. Mtr.w../ 4ia.alt t. 
»■» dicat. hMauM ^ khHr ywNar 
K. tar. aad hahlu. 

Wild Muatard ha. hM^« a aart.a. 
pail la th. hald. •! maa / 
p alM, a»4 la mm. mcIMm I. |H 
t .* ba/ond th. «Mtr.l .1 f.rM*r. 
o.;ug ordinary m«h^. »t arUltatiaa 
1 *nd t.Iom ha/a dMMiMaMd wh*r. 
tl« (laid. kir. thlahlf »wt«4 
t. auitara. C.a.l4.r.hl. .B.rt ha. 
h *-9 «xp.n4W by famara la palllag 
th. mu.tard plant, whn la (all hHam 
at « tlma wham tha wa.4 cmI 4 h. 
racily i^cogalMd la tha grata 6.14a 
hat * ha* 6.14a H.aa . badly lafMUd 
tM* wai a labortwaa tank, and *A«i 
waa don. at th. .xpmm *t 
or more of th. crop. 

(Xbar WMd. whUh ar. MpMtally 
.banxlou. ar« th. law thUtla. 6tar 
thl.t'i, Knglt.h plaatela. Ox e/.daUy, 
Toad 6ax. DMdw aad Talttak 
a»d la many aacUM. a»k- waaOp ara 

MTlOttl. ^ t 

hrlm Faa. graa. I. a paraaalal plaat Up- 
tag from /Mr ka /Mr aaWaa prw 
panted by aom. naaanal alraaM- 

Kentucky Block Can nel Coal Co., 


Will be pleased to supply merchants with 
Flour, Salt, Oil, Mill Feed, etc. 

We also handle a Gorrjpelte lipe of 
Geperal [V^erGh^ndise for the Retail 
Trade. Also the best Farrr) Wagon 
to be had, and can mak^ vn 

Th4  awM n. ha Ml Mi.M.fal 
1/ ok »»t m p*.M 
mU. N. ora, ana ha gr.wa daring 
th. yahr 1. whl.h thl. imtMMt la 
balng glTM. It aM.Uk. a t piawlag 
4a#p loo ugh t. ruok tha tmtinnul 
root., four tlMM la a dry MaKi, 
aad oft.n.r If tha ..a.M U wit. la 
fait, plawlag may prMUhly ha baf-an 
m Moa aa a .rap U ri.n H tha 1 
pra.adtag yanr 

la tha lalarral. hatwaM plawlag. 
th. grouad abnld ha .alUfaUd aRaa 1 
aaough ta praramt all Unf growth • 
Tha .prtag taatk hmraw mtw ah 
aiaalUat (Ml »— "ThU ,«rpa»a. hat ! 
iij .-ml « .( tha rau’i ka th. hat 
«tad. rail glarthg .aaahln. mt *aai 
M.r rapidly kllU th««. 

Thl. (all.wlhg at.'-hod U hi . pi Mr 
tala to ra.ult la c.mplHa aradloaUoa 
thaa aay Whw which ha. haM triad 
It gat. rid .( th. wm 4. with «aa 
/Mr', w.rk. Th. tkaraagh anHlra 
tloa of tha Mil Uapoa It la dplMdld 
roadltlM, aa that . auah largar .rap 
caa ka obtalnad tha follawlag /.ar 
tbaa would Jiap. haM paaalbla had 
tha waad. raa.taad, aad tha told will 
coatlnaa to hoar gH .rapa aftor th. 
WMd. ar. HiHlaatod 

Whw* th. Quaak raw ar thtotlM 
ara to ha raMorad Whllo a trap to ha 
lag rail ad. plawlag .hauld ha^'a la 
tha maw ar ainama m mm m 
tha ftrmar era. U ranis rM. tha Mr 
Uar th. hat tor. Thl. ahMld ha IH- 
l.wad by a.Mfal Mlltraltoa Mill tha 
ItMid f r a a a a . ap. Ti# aaM .prtag 
plawlag ah. aid b. darn aa mm aa 
a.11 MBdtttoa. parmlt aad b. Mi 
tlnitod at lntorraU mt Uar *Mk Mill 
tha Irat mt J«1 y. 

■atw«M th. plawlag il Migk Ml- 


Special Attention Given Every Customer. " 
We ire localed in the Arcade Building, which we hate 

Purchased, and a look will convince you we have the finest and most 
up-to-date line or Uroceries ever seen In this city. 

When in town giv^^as^^calLar 

y ir ^rv ’ I need. 


Fads for Weak Women .  all tha .ickM.. o( w.Maa i. da. to aoiao daraagawiaat or dit  
mum of th. orgaaa di.ti.atly (amiaiaa. Saah .i.kaaa. aaa ba awrad— i. cared 
efery day bp 

Dr, Pierce’s Favorite Prescription 

It Mtmkem Weak Women Strong, 

Slek Women Well. 

It aat. diraatlyaa th. argas. .frat.d .ad i. at th. mm. tin. . g.a.r.1 rwtor.- 
tip. taai. far th. whol. .y.t.M, It .urn (.mil. MMpl.iat right ia th. prir.op 

it h.M., It M.kM uaaar.mry ih. di.agreMhl. ku.atio.iag, anaMiMtioa. aad 
I.m1 trMtaaaat ta aaitarMlIy iaai.tad upaa by do. tor., aad ao abharrMt to 
«p.ry Modaat nau. mm 

Wo .hall aat partiaalariaa hara a. to tha ayaiptaM. af 
tktM paMliar mtmmummm iaaidMt ta wawaa, bat thaa# 
waatMg W1 iaihrMatiM a. ta lhair ayaptoM. aad umR 

bnm af pMitira aara ara raiarr.d ta tha raapla’t Caa- 
mm Imm hladiMl Ad»— 1M6 pa|M, aawly r.ritad . 

and top-ia-dala Iditipa. .aat frn aa rMaipt of 21 oaa- WWfl, 

Mat tlmapa M aaPar ml of a.iliag aa ty; ar, ta .loth la/ *^^50,. a. V. Piaraa, Milo, N. Y. ■ 


y C*U*ttkbur^ : Kentucky 

whc- r- » » *• n r ' ^ Notions 

Hwt»S I* s ' Tj-'l Wi t® fkk, 

. I 

Praised by Press and Pulpit 

•praying to Kill WHd Nnhri 

■ UgnllMU by th. Wl.M.Mh MgMd 

; aiMt atatton for Mroral /mm ■» 
porlMMto with tha 1 pm amlphnU Mia- 
mi raaalto war. taaarad In tha aradl 
catlM of wild aa.tord and U th. par 

1 Til. trM aalphnto aoluttoa U pa 
parad b/ nUklhg ltd panada mt gut 
tatafl trM Mlphnto with I* gallM. it 
wator Md rilrriag thaaawghly T%|. 
Mtattoa I. »a«ri#at to Itm« aaa a«r. 
of land InfoHad with wtld MaMard 
A .pactally adaptad apraywr I. imm 

A Canada thlrtl., to. n.riMtv Si Z 

to. root from which It .prohtto. ^7li^ ^torato *Zm 

Man cm. It raproduoM ltoolf by M.M riftoM to •• mm. m. h. apMpwd 
of mmt and by imui of th. root- dally aad a kwh .pw M mMm ad tha 
Qtonkf It la tha roototock. which mIoUm win kill all a t tha wlM aaa 
glT. tha plant Hr noilou. charactar, tard If appllad at tha right Ubm Th. 
n. th.r Bu.t b« klll.d to oradleato It .pray la moH Hbactlr. If a p pi tod what 
and thyo poaMi. a graat dMl of Tl- th. yonagar plant, ara la th. Md 
tollty. At Mch Joint n.w root. ar. and th« old.r plants In th. third toaf 
thrown out and at many of thorn n.w Wait or r-nmitMnn. •'ould b. faror 
•tom. .tart. In thl. way tha graM able, at ra wa.t oT thr wlatioa 
■prMd. rapidly and a pine# of tbo making It Inrlf^-tlrr 

Na Plana ban awar Wan mara anthaaiaitlaaliy ariaraad. 
Tha ArtMla Cana, tha Eaay. Raapanalwa Aatlaa, futi ak.wa 
all thadaa* awaat, rlahTaaa, ci/tlntiffarfkmir and lia  


:ad ®l|e Itifniug Jost riViiSi T 

!HM Editiaa Kututky C«»«raart Will Atlas I 
to til who tukoorlbo for Six Month! or a Yotr » I 

WA f HVniE» 


Mr*. H.l to M. atahw, »♦» ara.d Am, A.r.rm, III., toy.: ‘I ca.t k.d w.rd. I. th. 
lollik uagug. to uprm ay .ppral.U.a t. ... f.r ka.l.g add ataick . bwalfal la. 

• tr.atot, l natty tlllfe It I. th. .Ml bM.tif.l MH 1 *.«r MW, ... th. 1* alaptp 

• rod. I (hall (a gtad to glto y« aay tMtlM.ilal, »• I thl.h tk. l-wtot •bold MM. bha 

In. Cm. Da.blM.y, Cllag^ Salnbirf, Ilt» toy.: " !■ 
Ih. Itoabard la oar C.lltf. work at Carp*., ..d It la . plaaan t. raaaaatod It. M 
la a baa.tllal laatraaaat with a dtop, awaat, rl.k (•»•." g , 

J. W. P.rrlaaca, Bdltor Mclkalr.y Coaly ladaptodwt, l.laar. To.., toy.: M Tba tatora. 
tout ILoab.rd Ploa) f II. a*r aaat *»(.lo tipKtatlno. it I. .at oily . r.ra ktoatr to 
It. oatward Walah, bat Ibatoaa la rood, fall, rich od  WMt. Toar Ira hu praro to ba 
proapt aad rellabla ia It. dtollag a with aa." 

J. Kratot Poaoa, Pdltar Pro., P»tW.r.b.r», P»„ ny.: "t aut mt that , th. LMjMrd 
Mat aa laabto.tlfall.rir.atot, aad acradlt la a.uadard dra. Crratk.a aaitalM." 

1. g. Inn POar.1 Chartor Co., Woblaftoa, D. C., ay«: «W» tow rtolUa 
attar acarafal aad ooapr.kto.lya trial of tb« Lombard by m.ay aolc.l .rtl.t. .1 Woblaa- 
to., that it .toad, aacoad to aaaa, rw.rdlto. af prlca ar a.ka. Brary aa. who ho triad tU. 
I.riraatoat l.aatkaalutlc la tta pr.Ta." 

Tfeaaa ara aamalM af handrad. af anthu„l«»tl« lottora ta .very mall. 

W Tta UM Katanakf lg-lf Ta IMa^Pall and ( 

Kngtowad wpaMaUy tar Tha Braaiag VM at . aat 

PHatod t. aalar. aa ktoiy aap papa. U aMlntoa an m 
The Chari .lam ta worth B « 

Tha PariratM • I all tha BtotwMy •owaraaa, torn. U than \ ptatara af IM htod ia tatotoca 

Thaw ara aiaa ahar aaa. af frtot nlataag thaa a a 
•M1M tha rkJUpaiaaa, Hawaii, Parta him, aad tha (aaaaa toa 
af to World. 

Tha Atlaa towaa a* 0 r»ltt#( tU.Ua WkdM, tha A Mar. af 

i  tod taMMlMaMry MBtoMMy. rirtag PtMdito l il Vtoc. 
ltd rapalatito. U.d. Oaaataa. Chiaf JtoM cto . tpaakaa a 
UrMalor*. Jadkial aad hallraad CaaoMafkaan' M da t ri ri a. 
aara tic awl laywbltaaa Mate Caaual Caaall- _ai 
ttto aad Btolt gaaaalwa Caaaiitoa. haaatarial | 
Uwtrlcta. Coaatlaa af B tot toky. whaa aada and I 


The Lexington Herald has an- 
nounced it’s usual January Bar- 
gain offer of $5.00 per year, if 
paid in advance on or before 
January 1st 1911, or who will 
pay all arrears to that date at 
the regular rate of 60c. per 
month. Mail subscriptions to 
Laxington, : Ky. 

Intending purchasers of Pianos 
jat.d Organa would save money by 
1 on. £ . - rmg our holi- 

d... oa..o, a., i ne Baldwin Co. ia 
t, .tig a 4 ioil uiuitument* in the 
I*, ui  as ami terms. . Call 
on or wrue rue for any desired 
1 information, and oblige, - x • 
J. T Gbvedon, 

Gen, Agt. i'or The Baldwin. 


hot Buy • Plana Until Yau Have InvcstlutaJ the La wMri. 

W« send th. Lombard Plano to any iWliabla a*rty on 10 dara’ frM trlaU 
It may b« paid f*r by taay monthly or quarterly pay manta. Cr.dit will ba 
giy.n to suit any bonaat ouatom.r, A discount aflow.d for all cash. 


MIIVIMmiM, i ialmiOm. ill. 

furthnr Informatiar 
*• fat ana 


£-\m % 

«)pr. PATtRf 

Soma aw -»M fat th# h#rf 

Licking Valley courier., 1911-01-26

6 pages, edition 01

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