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Tk0 Mest, Most Fopulu. Most WMy Circulated }tM Qi,cM Ptp$r m ih» K^iMtf m^mjamB." H"CVx^   "^f^^ . ^^^Q^C^JT 


J»rc a^jihoriztd t ". announce J. 
B4RLAN TRiMBLi: a candidate for 

A««««i,«»rn- u . Wot. B. Oakley has a so» that has ojedic«l ttUntioo an } iMUBinwierina of 

wiUof the Denormt 

Attgu«it prinwni- 

tic voten at the The first t«o litU :s 9 ajch; the third and 
fourtii In ca. i. uid the flftlsi 18, maUng 
We are agtboriaed to ABWWMe O B graod total of 68. 

M A Gsadidaie I'or State Senator subject county, subject to Ite Dwbo- "*a   out i»f fix tind many wore disap- 

^^*^At9l7 ^ ^ P«»«' Tatic piiiOM-y . cmic primary, August 4. pointed in not getting their grinding. 

^ i . ^ : but the mSl will be in shape by next 

grind day. 

piirts.king of th« "JnodJes" Prompt 
f piiis. a* fotl .vrs: antidutM preveotcJ«Hr ll«lhtM i. 

Irvine White, «g« "l»,t member of the 
First Kentucky rMrii«|«i, accidentally 
shot himself while on gilaird duty at the 

We Aff AUth' r.zcd to MMMMa Dr 

i. D. WHIl l^.\KKri at Knmii «DMit7' 

^atmndid.iic r.r State ScMtor in tl4  
™ty-^«Jth I), r Mibject to the 
Democratic pr«n.ar_  j^ust i, 1«|7. 


We •rewuttri»ri»cd ? • n 'nei. G. C. 
TAULttBCaa a c^ikI 

We srv ant! (inz ■ ! tn .•n:ii(.;inf. W . M. Kiijah btckhart, on the 4th had 

BYHI a  a can iiU;ite for Coii «tabie, i» reunion of his .-hildren at the fiMnily 

Preeii.ct No. 2 ai»d aobieet to the aeiioa r   i icne«- at this place. There weit; 

of tlu- DcnK^rratie |jr{inar ' August 4. nineteen rhildrezi and 

. pre«pnt. Tncle I^jah hnd h'ls uife hnd 

Wolfe County's Bnms. , Notict to 

The following are the uamet of During this week «e sent oat 

the iiieij dravD for Wolfe cooutj's oev aopply of ataiiouery to oar 

qaota of Uncle Ssm^Mw Bmiioosl !eom^OD4eote ' arbieh no doa^t 

araij. From this list of JSOwill'y^o hare received and of which 

Kentuciiy Wa«oa voiiB at I^oiavilie a^locted i 5 men who will go in yoB will makv good oae. Onr abip 

and died tm aa iipw t% ubie at a ho»» | tf^iniPI Hatlleebnrg, Miae^'eorpt of eofreepoiidente are the 

pit l. this fall for winter traiiiinjj. Morp envy of all cotintry papers: in 

  . P. Fancber, of * .ugu«ui, had fltei likely they will go to France fact. The Herald is the oolj pap« r 

teeth pulled liif ot! er day and their { O^^^ •pnoff or raoillier iboiild tkwiHl tiNT C OB I ltfy titwi mtAm a ip^ 

bleeding at first c^td 10 alana. It' war continue to that time. At an iality of correspond- nc*. It is the 

became an had he ^Id^ot see, and the QDkuowu time m the near future aiofi of The Herald to give more 
Bur ' 



J- M. r • -   I tiutn 

\Vho i -ar shining bright. 
Searrb but his record mat 
The beauty of ita 'ifbt. 
For twenty years he knew no 
WiU know none to the end. 

Waawfeatteriaed to 

, Weare aV.h«ri7*d to ai;: H. v. up„„,hem 

J. P. 'JAMES XICKELI. as a ... f^.r ^^^^^^ |KopU' 

llOft&lB» tf C«oey, Morgan ooanty, as ' A.-«^-fo.r Wc lfr ('..vnay suhj Tt to \\» 

a caaaMaia for Eei r » aaa uti ve of the rf,. _ . .i „ 
9Sj» Ufiabti^ Dfatriet. aaNert to ihe ' ^i^ ^ou r^ at the Ropubhutu Pri- 

Duwuiiatic priBMry, Aogsat 4, 1917. m&ry, August 4, 1917 

Wc are autllOn^(^j \r  announee LI - "^^—s — 

RepiT»cntati'\f i.-i ti  - ■ 1 -.-.•in. 
dintriet t^ubjert to ri- 1 ' ■ , ■ p i 
auiry August 4, 1917. 

doctor worke,! o^Ur smae tUp« bnfeie j tbaw m^n will be eallml before inawa of perMna than of Ibiugi. Bis baaue, bean tbcae gokka 

uraod children !" "^'u * «t 'PP* »- ' the countv board cotisisting of T. It is a persona! paper. Itianoial 1 am Dmnmtv'mtdtmAr 

hpd a genen' k)vei ;,yf T.-'W.-r. \s  fi,„, ^-^^ sberiff. aod Dr. G- M. GaDtaa, fforjn«aaaablw|MAplatoa«pp)y allibe 

, wi^ them all Ute peace and comfort in Karnitr- .r, (lt (.! \ ihi t ih«»!r ^-^^ ^ "t Campton. Those news of the day. It 18 a local 

their old days ihai p|t ^ bentowod | ^ ,,0^^ 
8 thiqr are both good, duria* I pf^gf^ 

' The . 

limin Letcher coai^, was recenUy 1 8° before . The people living at placea at 

County Judge 

We are attlbortsed to anaottore G. T. 
CENTER as a candidate for County 
Jvdgesubjcct totbeadioa of the Dcm- 
•etat prianary August 4, IS17. 

We ace a«thofia«i in aanowaea 8i|iiire 
JOHN D. ROSE as a waididBf fer 

Coonty Judge, subject to the 
yriaanry August 4, 1917. 


A. F. Chapman was bitten on the 
hand by a hirge copperhea'l sriake a few 
evenines sUwf while getting f ur:) fro-n 
h!8 er'b, and the wound caused much 
pain, but he ia bow l ctter. 

Joshua Robbins, al}out 7^ \ uf 
In aiul Around Hazel Green wa* dmi^'he l in Big ( aney. a trihti- 

tary of \^uii ks iivJ. or» June 27. As no 

3aM» to, .^hare of the j ^ oxeropted will have ; paper and iutcnda to giTe the oewa 

No prfeettljMia^lnMrlMtr.T^^ ibeir .gt oaada fat -eaeoap-^of Basel Green and pointa lapre- 

p^mtoffice at ^p, a new minirg ^'"^' '^^ correppoi^denia. 

robbed of some cash all a quaatHy of ^« ^« nptioQ board. The oonoty I which wo Imto eorhwpoBdeDlaf Rone better 

Where pure ambiiiooa rise. 
He seeks the Caoatjjr AMavMT'* plMa. 

And eoosee wftb •»  
With all the knowledge gf 
Stamped firmly oa the I 
He'lfdo hie duty, it ia la turn 
A scientiie aiaa. 



Thirty-One Years Ago 


Government i fficer^s captured ten gal- 
lons of moonshine wliiskr being cjirried 
in a wagon throaxb I'ouiid Gap. Foar 
arrests were also mmif* 

Mr«. Ambrose ftre»e, whose home 

board has to do only with DhvsiL-al sh'^nld ard do one their corres- 
examiuation and nothing to do pondenta a debt of gratitade 

Tbey alao owo The Herald a debt 
of gratitude Through The Her- 
ald tbeae piacea are advertiaed i 

one him at the time oi the accident , I w«« near Owingsvill«*,^ s«&red internal 
he is supported to hare Ixen w.idfng the. biiaries from which jl^died a few boum 

Jvl^l4a&tfSl, 1886 

fatter when th« horse he was driving be- 
came frightened aud'bdeked oflT a bridge. 

D. G. Edwards, oiuH rreently a resi 

County Attorney 

Mrs, Joba Ward , of the Cox mill neigl 
borhood, sent a sperbneo of oats 
ofice the sUtka of wfaieh wiU avei^ 
over six feet in Imgth. 

-n Center, living on Laurel, in 

We are autbori/ed to uumiunre. W. li 
DCFF, of Campton, at' a candidat*- for 

Couaty A««waey of WoHt Covaty. sub- charged it. killing his infant child 
jeel la the Dea so ua tic p ii ns ary August 

creek just below his bonte. where he 
ususily cro^^. On the evenhig he 

drowned the stream was exeoedingly ; S^he was 60 years old. 
high and no | erjton -vouM h.ave been 
safi  in • ro.- it.':. Ih- w.-is foutui at the 

nuMith of the criH-W bv a .iniuU Ik»v while , . . , . , 
tothy^ Andenwn 'ixnelv f"**"**""^ -l.^lrnyin^ device which h. 

and PhaUp GabU.rd. who were passing'. •"bmilt^d to the ^' .rernmont ar.d for 
In a very few minutes the banks w^rt ordered to furni«l. 

er. wded with frieiids. He w.ns with.Mit •'"'"'^^^''^tpb- p!an .and drawings. 

Kdgar Fowler, a |/f( B)inent Carlisle 

st ill for an l buMuess m«n, 

^ itb exaaiptioor. 

! Heory Banka, 
; C L May, 
. Arrhur Ja^aoa, 

E P Whismsn, 

.1 P Childer^. 
Rollie .^alley, 
Curtis Hour, 
Henry Lejcg, 
JsBMs Booth, 
John .lHCi bs, 
•I Hellsmy, 
H K FerKU«OD, 
W 1. Banks, 


Weareavthoriaed to aanovDce J. M. 
TBVm ae a eaiMlidole for County At- 
torney of WoMc C »un•^ - V • • the 
Democratic Primary, Au- .-t i. i 'lT 

We are autbetiaed to aaaoaiice X. 

JOUKBON ar a   aiidi'l-te for Coufity 
Attorney subject t4) the artii n of tiie 
Uennocnttic iMimary August 4, 1917. 

, r«'h«tives in this county. CororiCK Ciret ii Kdifar Fowler a binminont r rli«l* ^''■•"» 

eal. da s.oall wound on the top of ; fcHM, »he„ , hor^ h • was driving while 

half in*out riding became f.^^h'ened and ran 
away overturning the baggy. 

nut   uttinE .3ff tne httle Im:^'* a.- . .. i j^^es Riley, a petrous Oldham 

wounding his own little brother whn 
wa.s mirsinc the chil I. Tlu- ball entend 

the head about an inch and 
. length, which the jury pronouut: ;d to be 

the rhil.i . loft Mdc and i«,^ out the ! tbecaweof his death; but whether in- 
utting the little l cy'* flieted by human hands or not could not 

tell. K-T.a.« without j  tnt - \vh  ii found cou"*! fsrrner, died re|gntly at the age 
and had float " l ;ibout two auies. years. He wsva native of New 

I-izi. l'..rk.-. 
J^tewart t'ox, 
G L. Madden, 
Awkie Wadkios, 
J B Whismaa, 
Citrsie King, 
Sam Whismati, 

L C.Taulhee, 

KT Linden, 
Joe Reynolds, 
Nelsoa Wadkiiia, 
H CCumba, 

IJen Patrick, 
Kelly NicLell, 
John Janietioo, 
Kara Tolsnn, 
Norton Trfpletl. 
J P* Tester. 
G L .Vickeli, 
Jithn Tenter, 
J P Frater, 
HM Hunt, 
Stanley Ranks, 
Gls Csrson, 
  »eor :(  ''neiuer, 
5» A l-.u v. 

Go seateh it through and ttweaga. 
And YOU will find he slanda today 

Before the \ oter' view. 
As on«  whoe«e jutlgtvent ia so aoaaa, 

Thi y'rt not afraid to tlVt, 
This sterling man of aebla worth, 

and plaoHi -oo tfca vap. Wber^rer ! 

The Herald goog ynnr locality is ' There   r . n^- writing a eohima Wl 
advertised. Thn Herald travels i (X this nuin's merits today, 
fartbar and wid#r than a^at pec U T^'^ kaowa ih iii awa j f yeaia, 

jp'e imagine. It costs niot.ey to 

' Tbis asao af i 

la stTaitlhat in the mee. 
With one accord let's put him in 
The CbvntT Attorney ■  plHce. 

— L'.xcuiaaia^ 

FanBtn, Att«ntioiL 

Be PrugiaaMTa! Ktaightaii tha 

Hud Baker and Rutherford Armstrong l""'^ ""^ ''''' •'^^o^l' .ff and brought t,. Flovd Burnett, 

Coimtr Clerk 

fuigcr i.. !g;iip in hi* flothinc 

At tite (juarterly conft rTnot* i)f thr M. 
E. church S »tith n-soliitions of thank- 

were pa.s..c^ to J. (Jreen . of Mt. , had#httfc .Jpii'thi^jri^ Kentucky when ^ chiki. having no rec- 

St. rhnK. for a donation of am^uinificeut Baker knocked the claret from Arm- bis famHy|ln tbeeaat. He 

conuimnion « mce. composed of MX lat.onrs nooeand Arn stom c .ent Baker . *"'»'^«* » T chi^lieo, a soa and a 
piece., two heavy goblets, two ptatcs. i ft^, ^.j^, „ ^^.tch winder. 

F i. intcrfejed aiid ^topped other : l aHi»g an eln^l^m one o|^|,t ^ 

__ »• i 1. 1- Ntff, 

one pit. :si)f1 oi;e l iver. 
Aui.t K:t! ti r WiJijou of thi 

o.uiiJy, , ciauw 

last week niae 

_ _ - ^i^lf^ wi^^iwi^B T^ i t ii h' w iw4" 

TUTT as a candidate for County Court back across a mountain to vi.«it . .nu mas Canard ( laughter of Wc H^s- «crekilh .I 

Oefk. aabject to Qie wdl of U« desno- ^ WBaon, of Breathitt. \ncf).» b n' 

K A Hurst, 
Max Staoiper, 
f.F Wbiaman, 

John RHtlNs, 

M  •iBpe!iH T. 

-Vii eaj-t  

S P Profitt, 
\V K KiissHl, 
hnr! ^ buyer wan in Flem- \\' j I'^gnoy w 

cratae voters at the Avg. prnarr. While rttiting clover i t f.. i l on hi- .i ACKSOX. • ing^borg rec-oily and b..uat«t " — *y' f ^, d OimTa. 

Wcaieauthoriaed to anooance VAN »'»*;Jj_bianc.i farn. last wt. k. lion. D. M;. I oil i* ... commcncwi makiiigbrick head from Albert UajJand iwelve fm^j Wiley B.tea. 
B. ELKlNSasa candidate for County ! ^^"""y k.He l .«even large c  pp  rhcad la t Wcdm«day with which to butU the , Hord Armatrungal ftio le $145. Tbev ' rohn Mullins, 
Conn derk subject to the action of the ^ few days previous Cluui^y Jackson Acacb it, y. will he ut-ed for cavah^ puipo*fs. ' Robert StamiKT 

IVmoe^ticprimaryprimaayAugu.*,;^^;'^!;^^^^^ SALVEU.VILLE. Raym^.d .i^benalY^ W snd I^- e While, ' 

4th. while the famflvweif at cbu ch. a ^ • *'"'"y B ^» "•jur'd by an eagte #ar Rryan, Obi.., Brew r, 

little d.iughter of Z:. eh Haoey kilh .1 a recenlly. feSeheBaler «as  « his way to Howard Kimr, 

Siieriff copperhead in the ^ittiig nx m of the I'l.ix ir^ 'niiin;: :tti,i T p the people ii 

sfcftio;) and i.~-l.kcl\ i  \i oduce aom 


We are authorised to announee SHI- 

IX  8WAN(;(t as a  :,n'li biU- f(.r 

of Wolic County subject to the tbi-s office a twig «me f 
rioMry, Aagaat 4. Iti7 
Wd are natboriaed to announce M 

riiarlcy Sample l; t wef-k hr. re. f I'. 

t in u' 1. whi( h 

work, near 8ix Comi^. The big bird Willie!*mith, 
was f erclied oa a- feB  e. When Kit hani f J ihh-, 
.^y :!fir it ' ~ "ite, the t agle flew di^fetlly at him, los W U Sj ei.cer. 

ing no time at opening hMtlie. To ward ' Harlan Itiise, 
^'E\VS OF THE WEEK «»wk he tbnw op bla^rm and J J Campbell, 

I the bird's tolwia sai k deep into lilis wrist.   Fhtyd Brewer, 

Grasping it by the ftoi he threw the RRMay, 

contaic«« i twe:ity .si-vimi   i:iin;f; .ippli 

and Jim Hiown cut a I riib alxtut twenty — — — 

in let ^th from a Siln-rian crab tre   be- GLEANED FROM OUR EXCHANGES , . , , ., 

CAMPBPLLasa candidate for «5hcriff jo^i^g y„. Lou Dny wWch cootain- AND OTHER SOURCES. ; ♦'-sle to the ground and kilUd it wiib a 

' edforty-oneapplfa. if'"'- It '»»^«"»"^ f«t and four 

j laches from tip to tip, 

I The posfiffice at Dayaboro ia tbi.^ David Holliday, s prominent Clark 

of Wolfe coonty, puhjcc: to Danoemtie 
f, Angnat 4,JQ17. 

Dock Holloa, 
C P IVucs, 
L A Il^^ed, 
l - J Wallers, 
J H Outer, 
J A dooee, 
MortiHi Tolaon, 
1 .other Pr .(lit, 
ffHivin Moore, 
.lohn Oditt, 
Keme ^^lampec, 
.'amcA Swope, 
M Xickell, 
Melva £lam, 
3 It Campbell, 
Wbl Kltb^, 
John Chitders, 
I) I ■ ( 'o'.lir .M, 
W J Heltoi., Ibm Bash, 
Miermaa *j|  enc  r , 
H » mitb. 
Arlie Rail, 
Thraxher i*hull, 
HitrlMn K« binsiin, 
t^iff'rd Elkias, 
TLewK ' 
l.eebtirn Pr.nier, 
C« lunibus Speaoer, Arthur .Mrlutush, 
R Pv t'ul insworth, 

«et type and advertisH tbeee riiflTer- 
mt localitiea, and how naany pao  

pie appreciafw th*' «»f7ort» of ocr- 
f^elvea and cor correap  iidei)ta? 
Tbaj am willing to take what wp 
have to gTvp, but when it comes to 
helping oa out in any way bow , 
many of the people whom we hayf j PaVlic! 

idv^Ttia^ d »ill jfive u* an »-veii | Since the iaauj^nration f»f the 
show when it cornea to job work?|"G iod Roada" aBOTani«tiii iu Ken- 
Hugh V c^backelM j They are willing tn have aa print tacky and tha aoMtrMlioa of mm» 
a:i obituary for them fvir tiothing, ny n ilea of the beat roada foand 
but when it cornea to job work in America, Ihia atata baa b ea n 
tfaay will send it to aiH ther State qoita a haaac for towitte, eoaainc 
or another cr iitity and to a paper frorr. almost every atate in the 
that never mentions either ibeoi anion, and aioca many of omi far- 
or their town It not good mere have failed to raaagniaa aadl 
buainea* far people who benefit by gra«p the benntita derivad throaxh 
the publication of The Herald to the medium of pnblieity— in plao- 
act in such a way aa to hamper ing th« ir nanaee on gate* and en- 
lh*i Ihiitiitbat IS dfii'g them much trances to their farnaa— ;l am calU 
g »od. Kvery place that la xepre- u.g upon thd iaod-ownafa it; ever/, 
sented by corre»p  ndenta ahonid conn'v of tbia eoaiKPe a'MffHI ia 
in justicH do all they csn fi r the please have a board or figa ptiut* 
paper thst d ^ ea ft»r ihem. It it ad, giving tha oaHM of tha ovnar 
 »at 'ight. We are not I w fg ipg, of each farm, alao tha name of 
bat we like a fair da«|, 8o we the f *rm, if aame t aare each, aa4 
wvnld kindly aek th ) panpla who P' et in a eonapicaoaa place, o» 
we serve to give na a sqnars deal, the ^tie or poet at the entraoca 
If rou hav » priiiti..g t   \ft done to th*; farm. Tbia will reqnira 
send it to the pap^r that p/inta bat hrtle effort and ezpenoa apusi 
yoor n'ewa. Oar pnaae nre gaar ' the part of each land-o wj ia r and 

mated. Mat S. Cohen, 

CouiiniiiSioner of .\gricaltare. 

We are authorised to announce W. 
DUNN, aa a candidate for Jailer 
WaMa Oonn^. aab|eet to the DcMeratic 
pihaiiy August 4. 1917. 

We are authorised to aanouace J. 
BAELAII BREWER, of Valeria, as a 
aMdUatcfor Jailer of .Woife Cbunty. 
s«b|ect to tbc action  »f the Democratic 
primary Angaot 4. iai7 

We are antboriaed to aaaouBcc D. B. 
GKMTBa as a CBiKMdat» for Jailer sub- 
jeetta the action of the Deamcrsiie pri- 
Bsary Ai«aat 4, 1917. 

Weataaathoriaed toaaaanaee X. B. 
COVBS aa a camttdate for JaBcr subject 
to the a ct ion of the Democratic primary 
4. 1917. 

. eoonty has been re-eetatiliahed and 8. C. county fsraser, M years of sge, commit 
; Alexander appointed poetnmster. led suici ie rrcrntly by d*u«ning ia a 

Patrick Andrew*. » farmer of Nichola* 
county, has juAt received news that hi . 

.•n. S Tit us 

pond. For several dsv« hi. actio, « i„. Andrews, aged twenty 

MMh^.medn h t niind was aff cl.d. I''"'' J*" ' 

• British float in France. Mr. Ai.d.ew^ 

. . ; .^r.K'-?l i PrieeviPe, In Hart «,,i,t^d ^ith the iJanadi.n tnn.p, in 

, our thanks, and remember that the u»teh county, aecidenlally shot himself thru Fr ance 1 hi, is the fi.*t .N icholas countv 

the hand r cently. Four fingers had t.. boy to his iife in the present war." 

I e a.i.j.iilaled and some of the f^:.h fr..Mi 

a basket of J. liri. u^ 
w«»ek, for wl.ii :i 

string of our done is always open to her 

and ladif ^ like her who may be laden 
with precious  :iff? for the editor. 

1) .M Day, 
.\ R Vancleve, 
T G Allen, 
Hen Otiter, 
Luther Tjtulbee, 
N L Hattoo, 
Albert Hattoa, 
(; E Lacv, 
; Valvin Williams, 
Roy () Kash. 

the back uf hi* hand had t i be cut away 

Mrs. Fred Day of tlus idace wiH please 
accept our thanks for a bucket of very 
fine ctieunibers sent us I-st week, and 
her  ittle daughter. Minnie, a child fair 
to hxik uiM n for the greatot vem tabic 
curi.»-ity \.t t r' us;hl in. It coi,s! tr-(i 
of s»-veu cucumbers on tm ' stem, three 
of tlwB grown together. 

tt H Hollon, 
i  W Lundrniii, 
TF Kaah, 
J T McQuinn, 
Walter Holioo, 
F ij^h Fl^-tcht-r. 
W -N Tv ler, 
11 'J Lhcv, 
J kl Waiters, 
Edgar Moore, 

E B Little, 
Kelly Pe iee. 
F M MutUna, 
r Taylor. 

anteed to be as!** ng any the ttt'tiefits derived throogb soch 
one's pricea, quality considered. aimpln and ioezpaoaiva atelboda 

Ottrnorraapoodanttara r»qaaat- of publieily aao not be 
ed to make their letters as short 
aa possible to contain the real 
uewa of their loealltiea Do not 
try to write a long letter just to 
fill np apace. Space ia valuable, 
in faet, that ia onr atock iu trade, 
careful to givethf r^^al mhw-i of 

Wanet anUwrtaed to «i 
HAUBYaa a 

WaVaaeanty.Ntbject to tbe Deasocratir 
ptiiaary, Aagust 4th. 

Waaia antbariaed to aaaaunce the 
aame ef TBOMAS CAMPBELL as a 
naaHitali far lha eOeeof Jaikr f f Wi lfe 
aaa aty , aafaiart to the action of the 
primary, August 4, 1917. 

Duvid Mors*- of this ,1 ic, l iM week ) t„ Frai.c-e to pay off American sol- 

caught a beautiful .strini: of h.^h, includ- jj^^s j^. s;.id u. be tbe cau«e 
ing a thirteen inch tMSs, vend smaller 
sowaee W. G. jonta. some nice redeyes, chuba and sun : t'k«rle» R H*nnon, of Marion count j, 
for Jafler of pereh. He is the bow fisheiman of these ' rwnlly sold to J. 8. Hardin, of Koox- 

Amsleur ganleoers |n Indiana *bo .facksnn liank*, 
went into fK)tato growii j; w,;h hmv Zade White 
A l5aiontbaold child ol Clarence amuui-t of .ou rage in the spring arr J G Rose, | 
V''ooJard.|of Hart cuniy, stepped inUi j wonder inj: why nothin- has come of U A Tobaa 
a U'd of hot a«hea and had both feet se- ! Uwir tflorU.. It is true many plants i 

verelT burned before he .as rescue-!. I ^^re badly d.maged by lice, but ibegar- j T grture at Lee CitV 

F..r the ti:-t toDf it, iwrtity 1 V. viiir- deners c;*nnot nndemjtnd whv hardly' U C dl \^ny, 

ban silver bfen on ihe upward it^ndeiicy, ""^ fx tatocan l e found when thegrouad ' Lee City, Ky , July lb. 

it now being quoted at 80 14 cents per sp^dtd up. Or- gard* nor who hoped Kd^tor Haael Graan Herald : 
ounce. Prefiaratioos toshi|i large qnan- gf^"  things dug up half bis garden and 

fouod otdy four inaaHiiaa, Mid those 
f^msll ones, sll on one healthy looking 
plant. His crop was eateu up by the 

' Wolfe vs. Lee. 

To the V'otera of W olfe Cuonly : 
O^tloaMtt — 1 haaa d-cidad to 

wjfhilraw from the race f »r Coon- 
your IiKjality tapecially in regard ly .\tiorney of Wolfe county for 
to birtba. deaths, wedding»v par r ^»»ou that it looka like Wnlfn 
tiea. aalee. trantf rsof reaUstst-. 'i havi.ig a race with L«e c »uftty 
oil wella, leaainga, and good per- " county aboold forotah 


We feal a deep senae cf grat - 

lude to nur faitbfnl ci-rrcspood- 
• nts, and no doubt there a'e mai y 
people aoattered sll over the I'ni- 
t»»d &tales wh » each w» ek read 'h** 
happeuihga around their old homes 
with maeh nlea^ore. So try to 

72 ?»3o; priMtners and missing, .M»l,l*6*^: 
wounded, ^.S^fi^^i; a toUl of 4,523.33?. Q^^i,. 

We aia anthariaad to amino nee E. F 
WBIMAIlaaaaBiMato for Aaamr 
■abjert to Mse Dcaaomtic prinmry Aag- 
aat 1917. 

We are — tbofiafd to aamoance E. J. 

parts Tn a re nt fishir g ( ..ntest with viHe. T. nn., a two-year-old Angus bull 

Dr. Ka-h Mi i J.din .Nickell he Ix-at the f 'r The animal weighed l,8«   

tv'ii f ti t'-., iind is now claiinillg thf pound-, .nnd i» c.ti.^ilerc.l an esceplton- 

cbampionship. ally tine !*j eciiufn i f tlio An^u.« hrt-ed 

CAMPTOX Mrs j?ue L. M,t1ord,o! .May.-.\ iile, has 

G. 1 . (ieuter and G. W. l)rak - ;ii rt ?'- nued her hu»baiid, \v. .1. McfTord, for The aayal and colonial CBSualtlga aie nut 
ed a man by the name of Jones, who fills • divorce. t*be states that be has giyen included, 
tlic dcsoiptkm of one Ed Jooea. charged j her only 60 cents a jear si nee li«89. 

with'having committed murder in Salem. H. W. Wbaiey of Cedsf Creek, Bob 

la. The boys think they ha\-c tbe right idimic of typhoid fever at Con- ertson county, has a WMe that is piob- 

iman. 'the manler was eAmmitted in , Le»w county, has called physi- ably the M ^t in t!ie state. Ii wan 

|]8M. ; atana rn»m Maysyille to .tssist in dltend- printed in the year 1100 and i* leather 

I - ing the patients. 

  S. T. Hnrat. ooe of the ablest young, 

; hWf ia af this place, whih' att. ii.iing ' The finding of a -tranee boy about 
tbe Peoiocratic eonvt tition struck four years of age in A(!:itn^ county, t».. 

iMiaa I^ona BelleCartat^thaae.!"*!*^^® 5"'"'' '^^^'^^ '^'"'^ 
a»mpliahaddaaghtarof Dr.Frmiik i»«* K»^ ^"^"^'y 
Gartar of Weat Mbany, waa hare " P^^^- Wa will do 

today and gavea lectora tolling at * P ^^'"'"^ 

The totals of casnslUe. as given out how to dry and uve frait and veg- "^'cl' " ^^'^^f . '° /""^ 

in the (^rman official list since Ihe war ? aUbles with R« little coat aa possi- ^ •»»! kindly re- 

began are aa follows: Killetl and died ble. She orjjanized a drying club. aa and we will eend aaas». 

of wound*, LCW.W^ died of Hickness, 

^ We want it th"r  u£»b!y und»»r. 

a Coaiitf Attonwf fof Wolfa tha 

ij»-xf fotir rears. 

I a lah to thank the voters for 
their effort! IB mf bahalf io far, 
I lid 8t toMo fotare iiin«» ihovld 
the p»*« ploaah it, 1 aaa icady !• 
s^Tve tbem iu thaeaparity aa thair 
Couiify .\ttorney   r otherwise. 
With kindest regarde, 

l^'obom A Ilea, 

while here with Mra. Wm. Moot' 
sonaery. Pr* aident ; Mrs. Cbarlea 

ghT, V/ce President, and M/b 

How to Address 

V ^^^^^^ Am aitil^Sa -11 

The Post .'i -e dMparlmenl has 
iaane I instruct iuna ^ to tbe ad- 
dr«-eeing letters tn soldiera in 
Ih** • \pe litiooarw forces in Franc , 
The p stag* io tn bo tbe aaoal do- 
 n*-stie rata of 2 eai4a an «mm**. 

rt shoaid ha ad dr nsai d 

pranaiy, Aug; 4. 1917 

W»- are authorized to announee JEFF 

ftto -d that The Heruid«»d tbe 

r»- r» %1'u I o » »u Fourth of Julv celebralioii and 

Dr. C. C. \\ heeler, Secretary, We * " *^ . . . . t»i. i . 

• I • J u at* rt A FIm RaisiiiK and they were lK lb ibn let 

ail enjoyed having Miaa Carter ^ " . ^ ,_ . 

with us. and feel that it baa been * 'occeaa. . . ^ ,u , 

a great benefit to us learning the * «^ '^^^ » '^'"^'"^ '"^^ ^'"^•^ 
new process of drying frait and 
hound. The o'.i-iime kind of type i.-* vegetabl. s. Miss Carter will de- 
used, the "a having the appearance of moustrste iu six connties—Mor- ^^"^ . ..... u tk. ....i.. j..i^.a. 

tK.-.tter*.f." tgan, Wolfe, Menifee. and bat am y dotn, tn b.lp asrhe tha aasdar attawpt ta dasii MtS 

i^kx.™_n«, itafcnaaeae? UW •«"•■■•• " 

leeato ii tM vrit. IW 

^ • ibat tha 

There is nothing like dimply wjib the name of Ihpanl- 

a to dier, 

YoQ hava it here cod, aa a uu^l sup^-rscnp'ioti, 
and it \» the duly of every one in "America Expeditionary Force*.** 

to help supp«irt tt. Usflw M ciTOMMiaacei I d 

CREECH aa a candidate^for AssesHor,^ ^^jj j^5...j jjjjj, ^^^jjjj^^ acr.-s!. the river from V.ijsville, has f»et Walter Nugent recently so h 11 1. ^) wal-|Jobiiaon. — Cor. , 

aubject to the aeti« of the IMnocrilic^^^j., ^ Judicial afloat all kiodM of rumor*. ?V me say nut trees on his place near Columbus,' I " 

dialrict. Be baa not been heard of since, perbsps be was a kidnapped child and i lad , to Bos« Bros , owners of a sawmill wr (Dr. Steve Swango, of \aleria. office d 

was dropped by the kidnapers. The j looted ia that city, fsf $«,000. Bidder., WANTED was eeen in towtj tbia week qaietly lett«ra ar» 

boy was found in the wetds on a farm | were there Imm l^oisville, Chicago, Ii . , We have now opened onr pool- motring abont. Faaling aoxioaa 

cryinj: aid wa«     hysterical ibat be dianapol la aad other dtiea. honae aft Helechawa for the about the doctor wo inqnired of Xenia 

"l.«t {\» in!" cried the paragraphs entire summer aiid fall 

I was iiifi^irmed bv John Wireman a 
BRFWLK.c»f W4a.a.s a candidate f .r fc» .bvs pgo that he saw a g-ntleman 
AsfcH-ssor of Wo' e County. :sub|^ to the f^om Urtnon run pure siiv. r .-tit  .f a 
Democratic primary Aug. 4. ^ This gentleman ie a regular clmn- 

We are autlywiaed to announce D. B. ist and says he has found silver ore since 
(Doefc) HOLIjON a . and d^.tf f. r be has Iwea prospecting in this county, 
sid i6ct to tlte action of the but uot in sufficient qiuantities to work, 
primary Augart 4, IWT. j WEST LIBERTY. 


Weare antboriaed to annoimee* Mc. Married, on Sund.iy. July l 9,'at2the dinner in honoi of ".\uot'' Jane Walker, j living and" — 
TYRA aeacaadidato for Aaseaanr sub- Christian Church. Capt. T. J. Henry and at Nicholasviile, neventeen persons were *'0n your way! '^|iaaean he no joke 
joct to tbe P a m ect atsc priamry Aoguft Mr . K: tc CockreU, Rev. J. M, Downing ^uddt:ily taken withcramivs and symp- about that. It's a ^»e and SQ oot- 
1,1917. offiuating. ' u rns of ptomaine poiaouiog aooo alter 'ng^ Beo0!" 

cojld not frive hi.- name or tell anything 

^rL^^'fiTJ^^ "^Vu*"*! ij •*^"*!! knockiPj^^ at the gagsmith'sdoor. and will buy vour eggs ano spring had entered Ibe political arena, 

fet ) rags 8 1 d sl I kinds of jaoh at high- over tha phone that t»»e only arena pleaae send me Tbe Herald for 6 

At a surprise gsibering f.r a birthday i "We are jokes ahoal the high cost of j - - - ..^ _ , ^ 

O.. July 23, 1917. 

seasons some of hU iutimata friendaif ho Jaosaa L Uolion, Uax-1 Graan. Kv. 

Eneloaed yva will htid aMcwiey 


•at D^arket price. 


(adv) Helechawa, Ky. 

iQe^H, gei^ri^, Mgr, 

that ha knew of tbe doctor a :Ur- months, or earh tia»e aa it paya 

ing was a matnsanial one and for. (Ttve my regards to alJ. 

that in tbia race ha waf noaiog Thank you. Bert Nickell, 

good and Strong, i^titer 9t. X^u^O, 


rpxri? XT A rrT7T /"'X X?T?'W XTTr'X  AT Tl the king of boodlera who support ing for lUitiois to vj8;t hei •i»ter 

Published eFerv Thursday at Hasel Green, Kentucky. 

t. Iffti Art af Mm* t, l«lt. 

i iuch men as he that has plunged 
' Keotacky foar million doUsn ia 
debt, leaviog the bard«n of hia 
l**pst«Mafls ftUsd" pane on yon 

^Ti. J. B. Clark spent from 
^haraday ontil Satordsf with he^ 
brother aud sister at MWiba. 

RnaaeilXykinB spent Batudsj 


and yoor aona. Liaten, my friends, night wilh Joe Crein 

Notice of Sale. 


Fred Adams, Gunrdian, Ac, Plaintiffit, 


Mtrtlk Adams, Ac , Defendants. 


a Tmt. Alwift !■ AifiMt. 


if the pfeeent Adminutretion is ; 
' ' — j for le I as gratefal for it andj 
^^^^^5! baTe uo apologies to make. I have 
not aacriticed one principle I ad- 
▼ocata or aorrendered a sutgle 
plauk ip Biy platioraa ia etder to 
aecarc any man^s vote or politfeal 

Brown Eyes. 

BY VIUTl Eof Ju.Jpinent and Or- 
der of oalo of the Wulfe L'irruit (.••iirt, 
renderril .-it it.- May I'.HT. term, in the 
above  t \ r;i. e, i wiil Mil 

■OnAT, AQtUST 1. Itt7. 

Sti|t Mh 


4 1 ^.^A^» m.i(^ mnA MttXm. it being the wgular term of the WoUe!^^ 
Alexaoder, wife and l»ttle^.^„^»^j^^|^^^^^^ houraofoaej^ 

iitford, of Petrolia, Ills., land four o'doek p. bl. at the front door 
*^ mnmmtA m ««— j of tue couTtbooae ill the town of Caxop- i 
Snday to Speoa a lawiton. Wotfe county, Kentucky, sell nt'g^ 


JULY 26, 1917 

to Frankfort, or to write me at ei- 
ther place, and make their wauts 
known. I want them to eatabliah 
themaelTet aa my board of advit- 
ore — for tc them first, last and 

The Men We are Going to 

Vote For August 4th. 

The time is close at hand wher. we are to choose men 
to handle our county finances and manage the government 
of our affairs generally. 

In MHmnatuig these men we, as men who are voting 
with an aim, will vote for the man ilMit is gsing to stand 
loij^ material road improvement. 

Did you know, idr. Voter, that this is the opportune 
time to elect men and staad beliind men tliat will stand for 
roads ragpudlsas of what oomes up. Now is the time for 
this county to vote honds for builcUng roads. We can give 
you some good reasons, namely : 

First — Our county is being sought from every state in 
the aaion by mea WITH MOHKT— men that want to de- 
wavdop this eoantry for oU and gaa. These men are rich ^^'''^^^ "^'^^ ^^^^ 
and want to spend their money in a way that will niake '^^^ ^« ^^^'^^^y' 
them more comfortable and afford them most pleasure. For 
instanee: If an ''oil man^ comes to Campton or Helechawa 
and wants to go to the Lacy ereek oil field, the first thing 
he wants to know is whether or not he can go in an auto- 

mobile, and if there is one to be had he is going to ride over the time will I devote my time 
there in it if it costs him $5.00, while he could have hired a aud my efforts. There will be uo 
horse for f LOO. Bat, you say, how does thb help as bttild repreaentativei of the Haley-Cox 
romb? It is this way : That fsllow owns these oil wells machioe, or any other maohine, 

a ii l V. ants t(» be here close. If he can get over the roads behind closed doors to throttle pri ^ 
then he own.•^ lii:* auto, stays here in the county, pays the|° o aay vote "yea" or vote 
county so much for a license to run his auto, pavs taxes to! ®' appoint tbii or that, 

ooanty on thing itself, and becomes a Uxpaye^ generdly iy^**'"*;^^^ ^ /"f "'^^ 
here in the county. As it is he invests just as little money 
here as he imsibFy can to operate his business here and 
spends his time and money in Winchester or Lexington 
where they have good roads. 

Another reason why we should, vote road bonda now: 
M^on^y is the cheapest now this country liasi ever known it 
and for that reason we can put our U. nds on the market at 
the lowest possible interest rate. 

Have you ever noticed what a man does when gets a 
few thousand dollars ahead? The next thing you hoar of 
that follow he is leaving the mountains with his family to a 
place where he pays a road tax and has good roads. It is 
the ease inranabiy. 

Geatlomen, we appeal to yon as a eitiaea, as a man who 
wants to live and enjoy life to the utmost, one who expects 
and IS willing to Jo the most pos.-^ible good for lii.« county, 
to vote for the men who will stind for the roads above ev- 

support, aud God helping me I weeke ir^th homefclks. public outcry to the highest and ht*t 

^ - 1 ,• bidder, for c^ish in hand, the following 

ahall not. I am under no oDiiga- g Alexander aud wife spent lease, which is in words and figures as 
Imnm to Um Governor of this state ! Snuda* wiili D B Mmw wife and f'^H^*^'- 

warn w w ouuQ^.wim U. o. mmjj WM» mm , Agreement and lease made and entered 

or anvoite else, and if elected I family. into this the dav of 

u II ' ♦ 1917: Witneaeeth. that Myrtle Adame, 

shall carry out my every promise , j g Q^^jfi^jd c^me in last we^k Hoyt .\dani.« and LiUuin A 

to yoa or die in the attempt. I from ITnlrnmo Ind to attend ^ H'^'rton. Master Commil 

propose to fight the liquor traflic fn^n work. ationof $ d»dy and truly paid. 

I the r«?ceipt of which i.« he-eby acknuwl- 
A party was given at the home edged, tlo hereby gmnt. denii.«»e and let 

and help drive it from Kentucky, 

the faet that 1 surted my ngnijnigjjj^ "There was a large crowd j land; also the said tract of huMi for the ^ 

against it three years ago, when : of boys and girls, and eyery onejP;;^^^^ and''° Sin»"^!^SS^ I . . ; 

for aeven weeks I was in the field . enjoyed (jbe gatnes, string mnsie j oil and gas for Uie term of.^ years : ^B^iil44^iii4^i4M4i4i444i4^ 

Job Printing 

can ooly be done aatiafacterily ^ 

By Experts. 

We have them in our employ and turn out the 
work promptly in first class style at 
reasonable prices. 

Give Us a Trial Order. 

The Head Green Herald, 

HaMl Green, Ky. 

■utksit an iwaein the guberna* | when th| jonng folke were ready with the right t   use uii. ga.s and wat^r^ 

- ^ ' _„ therefrom; and all right.s and privileges ' 

tonal campaign of the State to noaie. neeewary or convenient for aueh opera- 1 

Where were my opponent, at that Charley Fallen. Myrtle Fallen , ii^'^^^i^lJipJ;', 7^^^^ 

time? Did yon aee them in their and Selden Collineworth went to plamd or erecfed in or upon s:nd kmdl 

..ddie. fightux liqaot? I c.Duot I Koko«M»a.. 8.nd.,. ' sJ^Jtr:;;^ ,o"i!J";lwr»'',^'ll''^^^^^ 

b, boaght, for mj mm Uj Mi.«. Cor. .nd .lo.i. Ro«, of i^'^Lt'-Tl^^u'ii' nvri/S ,t\^„Mv';5 
above the price of gold. I cannot j Leiie, spent Saturday night with Wolfe and state of Kentucky, and t oun 
be inflasooed except by the eom-| Alvia ^dfield and family. The 
mon people for whom I am mak  girls were accompanied by tbmr 
ing thia fight, aud when I am ^ nephew (^das Nickell. 
elected I want the farmers, the 
coal minsra, the lambermen and 


ded aa follows 

On the North by the bnds of Alex 
nuah and Crit Childera; 
On the East hy the lands of Eliaabeth 


There will be church at this ^ On the South hy the lands of the Well. 

place SstSfday and Banday. On the West by the lands of naaford 

White and others. 

Mrs. \V. C. S'.r ud and sister. This agreement or lea.~e is made upon 
Ri...^!.^ ii_„ k:-i.i» the following terms to-wit: 

Blr.nche May. w«re highly enter-, igt-Todluver to the credit of the 

tained at the home ef Miaeee Cora | first parties, their heir^ or assigns, their 
and Im«..R finn#l«w proportionate part free of co«t in pipe 

and Jo«ir Rose Sunday. ^^^^^^^ p^^y may connm 

^ Bo-peep. its wells the equal one-eighth of all  nl 

pro luc-e.l and saved from the leased 

2nd — To piiy to the first parties their 
proportionate part of $100 each year in 



Democratic Primary, August 4, 191 7* 

If noniinatiMl an«l fltM-tcd I j»r »n)i«;o yoii a faithful and 
honest administration of laws. 1 prollli^e you an eeonomical 
administration of the wunty govemnier.t. and to eolket no 
Candii^tee are plenttfnl iu this ^^^^^^^^^^^ ^idie'SL'SSe'^'SSi more taxe« than is neceaaary to meet the espenaea of a husi- 

ness administration. 1 pfomise to -ivo strict attention to 


J. B. and E. J. ucNabb sold to 
Frank Clark 75 aheep for a good 

used off the premi. «e3. 

they know it, hence their bitter, 
persecQtiog opposition to me. 

6 O.Taslbee. 

The party of the second part agree* to I 
rf)mpletea well upon the preiniK-.s with- 
in iniiiiths fr iin the cttiiti-niati'Ti 

of this lease, ( it herw i.-ie tli is lea.^e become? 
null and void. If hist well is iiun-pro- 

N,.T-,, » o i o ' due live, second parties will pay at the' 

•rR \\ ills Ppent Saturday rateofi., 

aud buoday with Rece Stamper, tional three month from the time atx ve 

nuaatioaed aalil a aseood well is com- 
mss Lnma McNabb left for Illi* pletod. The abo^ rentals riiall be paid 
, . • I to the guardian of the first partv at the 

nis Monday to Tint relativea. . | IWdl Cwaty Bank, at St;int..n. Ken- 

tucky. and it !« agreeil th;it tlj   coinple 
tion of .1 priKlnciiig well, or :i ^leond 

tht^ repairinpr and keepinir up of our rountv roa-V* ^^itllnnt to be shown to any one section of the couiity. I 
pledge you that in the discharge of the duty of County J mlgc 
in'advanee for each addi- 1 X will do e«inal justice t -  the poor and rich alike without 
fear or fiivor. Respectfully, JHO. D. ROSB. 


J, C. Liudou of Campton spent 
a day or two thie week on his 
farm at this place. 

W. B. Carrol!, (^f Middletown. 

8. E. McGuire sold a nice bunch 

of sheep to m C. Toliver Friday, well, shaii he inH ..jx-nttc iu» a full liqui 
\ ' dation ' r "-nx li- 'iihI-t this provisin;] 

Charlky Jennings of Jackson is during tiu ;. (n;.uuii: ..f tiie term of thL« 

Ttsitingif thto TtelBttir. | ^KVty of the secord part shall have 

.» . \- I I J -t A the rigilt to use oil. ira.* and water pro- 

hoy Mc.Nabb and Wlfo spent f»;ud land for operating thereon 

v3atttrdai aith their parents, O. except water from wells of the fii^t 
W. ncNibb aud wife. 



U4 - 



party. When retjuired by first p^r'  
; second party shall bury all pipe luu-^ 

Ml 4^11^ ..^^.n^ f««v ihelow pk w' depth. Second party shall 

. J. ^liey retnmed from Jack- 1 h^ve the right at aU times to lemove all 
ast ire«k with hia e^o, Chee- j machinery and fixtures placed upda said 
Ohio, is visiting his father, John ter, mnoh improved. ^°r^;.v;"'K ^ 

Carroll and other relativee. . , , , ^, ^ , ... And it is further pti' that .•second | fff 

I LtheLand Tearl Clark, Llllie , artv sludl have the ri;:tn nyx-n the ixiy- TTT 
School oponpd at Rose Chapel 1 Ru8|^ll Lykins andJoeCrain nient of f i.oo to tiu p;»rti.   .f the fii t 

Monday, July 10th. with a good .ttend.dt^harch at Laur.l Sunday. T'^hif^S fi^ "^ii.tV.«?Ster 

T» II f which alJ iTavrn?n»s and liabilities to ac- 

Mre.  *4U Hollon cf your town erue by virttie of its terras shall ceast 
is visiting the old home place this and determine. .Ml agreement.^ bet wet n 
Mrs.JelTM. Rose a:.d s u, .1 .e ^eek. ^ I the parties hereto «hall extend and ap- 

Thai ia the Yaloe you get for overy 


J. S. Arnett is the 

To the Voters of Mor- jltrength to dc it. It Is because 

gan and Wolfe Counties : eelfiah, corrupt politiciana of 

thia district realiie the faet that 
I am able to expoee their rotten- 

ness, and that I will do it if elect- 

Aa ii haa come to that point in 
mf moe for Bepreeeotative wlwre 
WKf opponents and their friMtde 

are resorting to every known po- 
litical trick to deceive you and poi- 
•on ywnr mkmim agii— t me, I take 

««d, that they are so unfair, so uu* 

manly and crooked in thatt d» 

signs, as to start snch lies as thi% 

.„f..*.. „ - circulation against mp. 

nity of reiutiiiR eoaie " 

•f tke faleehooda which they have The friends of another one of my 
alariad, aaking yoo to read what I 

Cecil, visited W. B. Ely and fam- 
ilyiit West Liberty last week. Her 
daughter, Kola Mae, who had been 
visiting at that place for some 
time, retorned home with them. 

Willie Bash and wife of Middle- 
town, Ohm, are here on a Visit to 
her parents, John McIotcMdi and 
wife. ' 

Mrs. Amsnda Benka and daugh- 
ter of Lacranco, Tiid . are visiting 
Mrs. Martha Noble this week. 

ply to their heirs, exerutofs, adaaiiuatm- 

torii and a^.-^igns. 

( ii\ en under in y li.iii' i :i- \l ' 
roiasioner of the Wulfe Circuit loun 
the ath day ef J« y» 

Master Commissioaer W. C. C. 

I L. A. li^kinS and wife and Mrs 
Luellen rrater attended charoh 
j on Johusen Sunday. 

I Steve ISwango and wife were 
^n^sts of Porter Clark and wife 


Sammie Hurst is very sick at 
this writiai, Mort. 

Here's Tw Chance to Help. •"^ f«i"«t^ -« p"^"* 

9 Ainu vAMMw %^f M« |r. j„oven, to his executor!., CurtM  ) 

Washington, inly 25. — Maga- 
zines and newspapers, bearing 

Notice to Creditors. 

iMva to aay and then paee it oo to 

your neighbors. 

Twice in the good county of 
W^lfM aad otMM in Moiigan they 

Mias Ida Banks spent Tburaday one-cent stamps, hereafter may be 
oppooente have been telling that ! ''•tb her eoii«i:i, Mrs. Jamee Car- i posted, aawrapped and unad- 
iu one of mv.peecheaatWestLib- •o"- dressed by i ereon6 other than pul . 

erty I made the statement that "a Bruce Watson of Red river was/'"^^'"' '^^''-^^'^ forwarded by 
farmer was not fit, or d;d «ot I on the creek Saturday and Sunday _ to ^American 

kLow enovgli to be a member of 

All per  on8 having cUim-n against the 
er«tate of Jo. -epb V. Kose, decMsed, late 
of Hazel (ireen,Woife county. Kentucky. 

K M»e, 

Lexington. Ky., or l or!«ey t . lioj^e, Ha- 
7.el   reen Hank, Un/c\  treeii, Ky., on 
nr l»efore the first «i«y of Sepiemher, 
i',M7 Any person indebted to raid e^i- 
tait- is fen»ectfally rtqassted SoeaMaad 


i. pxinptiM, Kj. 
Hazel Greea, Kv. 
Exeeulon of the Estate of Joseph P. 







You si on l at tliis .-t- re. Our goixls arc honestly 
lumirlit and hoiiostly ^oKl. n«» ainl»i!i ■ 

to "iret l it h «|uick.'* Just a reai^onable j rvnt sul- 
is1ie i us. 













ISose, deceased. 

soldiers and sailors in Europp. 

Charley Bd Lindon came oyer j,, anii| uuciug Tuesday plans 

unday to his faiher s farm for gathefOg reading matter con- " I 
tered it broadcast that I had quit j**""**'®*! «f friends, heard took a load of corn to Campton yeying ho^.p news and fiction to JJ ITtTIXdSON 

the boys abroad, Postmaster-Gen- kfI'UF-KNTIX; 
eral Barlefiou suggested that mag* 

azines print the following in the IVjuKftfl OlOCCiy 



have sUrtnd the rumor aud scat- l^^gislature." Two or three 


my Bpeeehee, and two or three Monday 

the raeeu Thia rumor waa at ao- 

lalslj Hsfii— isd B«d«astbeoff- bnndfwd of you know that this 
sprinR of desperate, malicious '^^ot is a deliberate lie. I have 
hearts, who, with defeat ataring . *'**y* ^^^^ the farmers up as be- 



Most all the farmere are bar- ! 
eesting tbeir oats tbis-week. 

upper right-hand corner of their 

and . Supply Cunpany, 

them in iWfaee, w tbeiT deeper- line tke Teiy baekbooe of i — " "•►w^. jfront cove^: 

atiou are ready and willing to re- country, and there are ferment Several from Ihip place attended , "Notice to the Keader- 

eort to any method however low who are qualified and in every way church at Laurel Sunday. ^ you have finished readiti,j 

and debased, to rob me ot votes, competent to fi4i the governor s Ljnie Lvkina. I^mm^ wXabh ^'f^ * ' Coon^'J *»*^'^*»*°^ 





One of my pppsaiuts, I am reli- 

ably infc nned, has been telling the 
laboring men aronud Caonel City 
I bad made the remark that 

Lykina, Loma McNabb ^^j, ,^^5^.^^ ^^^^ same to 

^ , .„ . , , _ ""^ A*** any poeUlamploye and it will be 

ed I will be elected by farmpr'e fnt» rtained at th^^ h nf r«arl 

chair of tbis stale. If I 

^rving orders for bim. 

» I placed in jiae handa of our aol-j ^ ^^^^ ^^ ^ 

▼otes. and when elected I propose and Ethel Clark Saturday after 
to pat a lot of blood-soeking pol- noon. 
"I was not depending on overall »ti«ana, who live from the honest i Mallie McNabb spent Snndoy 

men for my voliea." That, my toil of the laboring class, out of afternocn with her conein, Loma 'ri d under parcel post classifica- 
friends ia a deliberate lie of the , aQ I 8 ve the farmers aud McNdbb. i tiuu at one cent each, regardless 

Cflst water, sod the death-song of j fMBili«a a ehancs. I Pearl Clark hss a very ' black i**^ weigbt.r A concentration sU 

dii^rs and sailors at the front. No of the country than all other diseases 

put toK'-tlier. and for years it wam sup- 
wrappiug— no address. posed to l e incurable. Doctors prescribed 

rn. ... •11 local remedies, and by constantly faUtnir 

The pahlicatione will be car- 

to cure with local treatment, pronounced 
it Uicurable. Catarrh is a local disease. 
Crvatlr Icihicaeed by constitutional con- 
ditions and therefore requires eonstltu- 
tionai treatment. Halt's Catarrh lledi- 
cint!. manufactured by F. J. Chen«y A 

.... . , . . 1 Co.. Toledo, Ohio, is a constitutional 

a dying two-by-four politician ■ Another rumor being cirenlatsd ey " and swollen face and gore designated in each remedy, is taken lateraaur 

»# , . 1 «.—»«-p«« 7 f « ^^^..^i rtf tkA r^m^A^ ^* Blood on the Mucous Surfaces 

If it were not for the laboring peo- IS, that I have sold onl to the arm this week caused from (jpttlng ' ^^"^ Slsembiiug 01 me reaa the System, one Hundred Dollars re- 
pie of thia diatrict, who haye been present administration aud to the | ^ buggy tjunday _ ^"^ matter, 
depsd, swindled and told by ssa. liqnor intsnsls. That ramot, my l*'*^*'*** 

Nora Wilip ap^nt Saturday night 
with Mrs. Mary Stamper, 

Those entertained at the h 

HflZBl Ereea HeroM 


ekine politics until they are al- friend— that black-hearted lie— 
hopelessly boned iu the cees-^onginated iu West Liberty and 

liqnor intsiwals. a it«» mnrac* my 1 — ' WANTED 

We bav^iiow opened our poul 
trv honse^t Helechawa for the , 

.o„K.»o»Wi. Ui,»oe I r^onjc, « b. «.M of Nor. «d 8.n,,C.ut«'ll.-iliJ'jy.r.^'ri^t ^^^^ 
the laboring mens tanddate— I , y • cattU tr yot.r Lops. He 19 aftAriioon were Pearl and Ethel rsjjs and all kinds of jank at high- 
ar* the laboiiug nj.'ina itHud— m m^u who ha» made what he Clark, LilLe and Russell Lykiti.s •-st market prices 

ward is offered for any case that Hall's 
Catarrh Medicine fails to cure. Send for 

circulars and testimonials. 

F. J. CHENEY A CO . TsMto^ OMo. 

Sold by DrugrlBts. 75c. 

Hail'a Family Ptlla for constipation. 

and ril aland by bim as lorjc ^jhae got in poUtice, and wbo 
God gives ass «ittd and pbjsioalj stands o«( today prs^ijMQ(fy 

Joe Crain nnd.a nr. Blanksnehip 
LonNkiieNtbb Isft Monday morn 

J j HaiNH!  H T  OHEY, 

'|(adv)  - Helechawa, Ky. 

Geo. H. Heiiirinhi Mgr. 


Eyes tested. GlaSsra'Fittxt. 
Waleh laspMtor L. 4k H. E. R. 
Spedal aMaaiisw la awU akkta. 


Subscribe ( » The Herakl and keep poSed. 


Wfti^ GOUIIY mHIS I^'JW Kwh h TunUoff faw 



j A cartons freik was discoTered i Mrs* A. J. Bianke^hip 
i last week by one of Ellt* Johntoa's j PsSSes Away. 

'fftmilr. Oue of tbeir heDs flB^d* • I After »d illc»« of tereral 
Ur, Mi«»Gr«e« Ro»^, «t Le» City. close to Joh 12 Pieratt'e fence. mQQthp. and after htring been 
8to-- Kmmh . #1 * - ' ^'^^^ confioed to her Imd f * «boit fire 

H-.D.W/C.a... .,e,«i^,„a.e.,frl liu^^^^ e« fo.nd lT-:.eek., Hf. Cllie Bl^ke^b 

Hob. Flofd AmM, ^iiofc^ cb«^:|^ ji^^ on the gronod. Oce c i the j ^jf^ A. J. Blankeufhip, 

' I children brought tbii egg to the ^ 1,9, ^rual reward at y o'aloek 

A Mr WiUtMBa, of ladiamp. ] hooae. wrapped it ap tod it Tharaday nifht, iu fall tri. 
oli», le here to waA oo ih« new hatcht-d out a well dev- loped chick yniph of a chriitiai* fiilh. 
dormitory. with f .»or lega. Who cpu l^at it? iJeforc her marriHB? ahe waa 

Miaa Caliie WaUace,  bagbter of 
William and Martha W alitor, both 
deceMwd, aod wm i» lier 42ud 
8he waa m*rriii April 2, 
4d9i, to Audy J. BUiakeDahi 


 .\Miff«au lat Maaday ia Febru*rv 
ia Slay. a«d lal Mwday io 

Horn. V, D. Kme. Ju ige. 
Hon. T. C. HoUoB, CVrk. 
Him, O. C. AU«-n. Couatr Atloniej. 
Hoa. A. T. Cor.b).  i.fn';;. 
Hod. Tartar Sli xt.. 

Hoa.lsiaaa R-  k AM«r ».r. 
Me*. G. W. ^*!!fy, .l;j,.».r. 
I. E. J. Crf^ ' ,1 - V . % ,,( 

■ V UT 

JuMM Bffowtt made a flyiug trip t'uele Sam ia at prfe«ut prepar- 
to yseiaoo T«ead«y» retaruing ; i(V * oollvetiott of bia late p etna 



Tlie nicest courtesy yo« raaifcow 
joor gocato U u  havv tbeir vikita 
mrati a ul ia thaaa fmffm. Hie 
*iemA eawrteay yoa cab abow your 
f rieadi it to let theai learn of jour 
▼»i iu tbr. u;;h ihrtie pmgn irben 
ever you go »way. Aad «e will 
coaaider it a eoortaay whaaever 
fou give  ,!, .,f Lio.J. 

4uiA law * 


t of 

Dau David»oii, CU6 cf the lead- 
lug farmera of Graaay, wsaio towu 

to be pobliabed book form 
Wberaver The Hera'd h&a gone;^**'' 

biatwfaee Webeen read and ap- ^ ^""^ - • -«.eo.ii,p. 

preciated. Iu the contenta will be ^^Jl^^C- 

! ai ber death. To thm mion were 

Robert Cecil aod wife of Be 

many that baa never appeared io , o - 

k.bel, print before. The price of th^l ham ^rmi chi\6r^^^ 
Ohio, are here on a Tiett tu hi. book will be within the reach « fall '^©w Prwent at UI«*WWo 
brolhtr. C W C\-il ' ^^'^'^ "•"^ 


M«lvio Romaa ia reported very 
ill thia week. 

Mra. Otuk Oakley it my aiek thia | 
week. i 

M , , , i -vxx^.. m*,» oi &»..u«i, print before. The price of 

B. D. Roae. Jadga. 
T. a Holloa, rierk. 

Ooavooea M 1M Monday w Mwtk. ^" "iL^'^'ilL'j Archi- Juhiis .u placed a t-l Ida Neff, Miaa GlanB, l«j,e, i dell Day arrived here last wef^k to 

€biweiJ?*iu*T^ii»T"iir*March. )a( Pieratt aud dauxh- phone iu ihe home of W. S. Tuit jo|,n A., Wallace, TnMiao and 'pend a month with Mra. J. W. 

Tbeadaj ia i4iDe. 1m T«ea4«y in 'sep- ter. of Murphy fork, were m towu  t Campton last week and nowjoJi^Q. Beaides ber h M*aod aud xotley and f neoda. 
TjI^ffi^JJtf**^- elMppii^ WedueMiav. Silaa can t-11 hi« frienda from hia   children ahe ia aarriv d by fonr 

rbavanef Ut T««i.d«v in Awil ar.d r i »i. t~ own roof tree that he wanta to tie (jgtera and one bror. r. namely : 

^T.«t.y .u Ocu*er. f ^eben. Allen, a huatJiug youug de.k of WoJfe county for the next i^fra. T. M. Lee, a tr ,4 aiaUr Mr. 

I lawyer of Campton, waa here laat^(^^ - ' 

MAfi:sTaATr^ CDcara. 

Vlmt.Dfrtrica. R. A Oaaw. IM P*ig.t„day on b^ainewi 

4ay ia each amith 

liiai.«et, J. IL Braofca. Paarth ! 
Fkida? ia each DKmilu 
I ialrjc«. VV. X. Al 
tSaianiay eni h ni'mUi. 
Fourth I)iJ»tri« ( . « ; \V 
Fiflb iiwtrict. 

Hlath Dinuict. A. E. HaitM. 
jferesib I i«uiet. H. S. Ka^. 
dghth Diatrfct, R. U. T*iiit««. 
fiatwrday is «mA aMmth. 
roues ooraTii. 
H. ReyaoMa, Judc*". lat 


Oteaa— R.P. iiSvanfo. Jodfe. 4tb 

A C I'lt^-iatt, Mra Mcllia CwodiflT, , . ' ' ^ ' ' ' ' 

Mr., uxzio Byrd a*i John M . ^^j^*'^ ""^ ^^^^'^ . Haigis Commercial Bank & Trust 

Wallace of Montgome^conuiy. i ^ • C^ru^and fajaily warathaj ^ T,V , ] I v 
» . . •.. . I Ao . iKoeata of DmuU Hall a^ wiib Jai-k o! . kv. 
Burial will take ptaASatarday,'* * naii wi»{ 

MifaBealah Mcdare and Wen-' 

Mtaa Eatelle Catmn and Mra 

Willi.- Catron w*^re tho gurata of 
Mrs. Beve Speiice trunday. 

4Ll QmIl 

We pty 4 per ceit iiterest on time depedli. 

Miss Sa'iie Sample, of Lacy 
fiaeoad j creek, ia vigitiug her aiater, Jfra. 
;S. H. Kaab, luat week. 


! Oliver I*ratt is very i!! at his 
, temporary reeideuce at th*i Swaugo 
ecittage od the campaa 


The Hazel Green Cemetery Aa- 
aociatton will meet with Mre. E. 
M. Raaaell on Friday, Angoat 3. 

it being the regular time for th- 

motithly Hieetinflt. Every member 

is rupt-stt^d t" be present. 

July 28. at th« family |raveyanl f®"***J^' 
OQ the farm of T. M. Lee on: P«*^ry Stamper ia very ill with 
: Graaay. Faoeral will be preached "toauMb tiMible. { 
jaud aervicea conducted by Reva. Holly Nickell aud family were 


m, b CM»MIJCV. 

Joel HaveLB of Mize,who haa G M. Center aud C. T. Waitera, the dinner gaeaU of Mra. Leooaid 
F. i^Umper, of near Caoip- been for the iaat five or aix yeare , of which oommauioit '||fa. Man-iifnrpby Saoday. 

laat Sat* '^f Kelly Nickelrs farm, bought ' kenship waa a couaiBtent m«?mber. 

rec ^ntlv from Curt Ros^i 8om  In the death of Mrs. Biaukeu- 
iand for #050. Joel will move 1 ship tii4 oommanity aaataina -a 
ehortly to his new place diatinct leas, her children n fond 

the effi- mother, aud her huabaud 
' wife. 

ton. waa in these parts 
urday riaitiug relatives. 

J. T. Hauka, a huatling dram- 
mer of Campton. paaaed thru town 
iSaoday for part; onkuown. 

Mra. Ed Day la reported danger* | 

onaly ill. 

a good 

.f Roland Xickell of 
18 viaiting bia aunt. 

Oet. 31. f9f9. 



Ke IT 




l «ii,r 

a. v. 

p. m'. 


7 40 

1 30 


r« , 

1 42 

Hatjjj ......... ......... 

*m 1 

I iO 

Caaty .~. ... 

» 1: 

2 M 

Caaoe! Oily_. . 

»» 2-.' 1 

S 13 


a 42 i 

2 31 



i 37 


f 16 

% 01 


a tf i 


S So 

John T. Crain, ooe of Maytown*a 

foremost citizAtis aud bueiaaaa 

men, was in town Wednesday. 

.•?ila8 Tuit, candidate for County 
Clerk, waa la town Saturday and 
Sunday minfling with frienda. 

R. J. McLin left the firat of the 


Miaa Catheryn Cecil, 
cient clerk at Cf'ci! A- Son, ia play- 
ing th»- r. !'• c.f housekeeper for 
her brother, F. F. Cecil, in the One of the many grewiag evila Cbarleaton viattora Saturday afi%r 
abaeoce'of hia wif**, who ia in a of thia conutry today the city noon. 

I mail order atore. In our town 

A Growing £7il. 

The son 

Mra. Leooard Marphy. 

J. M. Murphy and family 

Louiaviile boapital 

H. E.'and R. P. Swangogave the ''^^ere we have the bait of stores, 
Kaah&Swango telephone line . the moat honorable me^anU, and 
Ceueral at-aightening from Haier »» 0f« K« ^« • 

Green to Mavtown last week, and afford ateapeclable 

week 00 a boaineat miaaiou to now it is in aplendid ahape for tall , ^'^'^ busiueaa pu. thoaa- 

Wiochetter aud poaaibly Lexing 

and Ulster service. 



Se, ;i 

P. M. 


Bill Childer^. Maytcwi 
waa here laat Saturday and t( ok 
the '-kiddiea'* of the town an autc 


a K J 

WdJi«r t 


Caaarl City 



Li«ain^ Ki%er... 


Mc ia«..' 11 3» 



U 7H 

11 10 « 1 

12 15 

13 32 
12 30 
It fiO 

I Old Uacle Milt Chair haa been 
jveryaick, hat ia improying now. 
j Dr. Kaah ia the attending phj- 

e u 

7 12 

r 20 

7 iO 

R' bert J hi.8 ai. who hae been 
at Irvine for sumo time, came op 
Saturday and apent Sunday with 

auda of dollars are an«aally tent 

j ■ to the mail order hoaaea of our 

Veroon Phillipa of Mixe, young- great cities. Farmera txpect our 
was eat.^n of P. M. Phillips, ia raiaing! merchanta to pay thejb a fancy 
ginaeng ou a apotof laud near the price for butter, eggs poultry, 
reaiience of hia father. We did for their pumpkina. p^tatoea, to- 
not learn what druggiit woald get I onatoea, beana and apples, and 
the produ'-t. th^ n they take the m 'oey received 

from our Uome mercb 
it to the mail order h 
city. There ia neith 
or h )nor i!i such a mi 
lug lusinesa Yen' 
down in your hat th 
the mail order houae 

Th'« ir.'i; y »'r- !;d? f^-f .Mr . Nan- 
nie M. Kttsii wii! be gri»-v-d ti 
\ learo that her ooudttiou at St. Jo- { 
9eph*s Hospital la no bett -r and 
that her death is matter of oul} a 
few days. 

Mra. laaae Adama ia ob tha aiek { 


An elaborate af!air we6 given at 
the home of U. R. McLare Friday 
evening, when Iha enCerUriMd J60 
of his frienda with a lawn fete. 
The eveuiug was charmingly 
paaaed in aoeial converaation aod 
Victrr la music. Refreshments of 
ice cream and cake were aerved. 
All were load in their praise of 
the eriioyalile event, and pro- 
Qonu:eMr. McLuro a moat excel- 
l^t hoat. • Kautocky Qirl. 










and aend 
in the 
^c^'uoaiy J 
ner of do- j U»el Green a Mack' 

J. M Teater. of Stillwater, can- 
Ijdidatefor Cocnty Attorney, waa 

tin Haael Green Wedneeday greet- 
j iog hia aaany frienda. 

Owen Lawaon, of Maytown, is ! Our citisena who pat 

running the hlacksniith sh'-p be- should be compell'jd Hi ship their 
luoKing to Judge G. W. Wheeler, butter au«l eggs to th^. There 
and thia week came iu aud had 1 ia not a buainoaa mac ^ oar town 


Between J. B. Elkiur* home and 

write it I containing a number of chicka 
as a role *"d money orders but no money, 
a awindle. Finder will pletaae return to thn 
them ""*l"''^' ?"«d and receives rfward 

of 1600, 

James I Hollou, 

CipiUl A Sirplns, $300,000. \ 

j Deposits Orer Half a HillioD. 


Vi^^ r.,j,f  (f Jackson; W. J. 
Sunday of Oklahoma, and Silas 
Tutt of Campton, were receut via- 
itora at th«  Cecil hotel. 






AB W* ^ G«aiM«ae4 

Little Geneva Kaah, of Land- 
aaw, waa a pbaaant viaitor this 
week at the home of her grai:dma, 
Mra. E. C Kaah of thia place. 

.\. B. K ii^h aud wife and (  . N. 
Kaao and wife pacged through our 
city on Saturday for Lee Citv to 
viait their aiater, Mrp. Lee Rose. 

Mort Comba and Howard Stam- 

pf-r »if Campton, and Gr»f ii I.acy 

"f .Morgan county, comp .B.d an 

ant   pnriy that waa heie laat Sat* 

urdav. . . n t. v e 

Lige Biaiikeuahip, a former 

,Miae Daiay -McLin, the attract- refid»-nt of thia place, but now rf 

While OB hia ^arn with the 

Thp Herall sent to his family at ^ who will not dnplicatetheir prices mail from Index on Tuesday, Wil- 

for the aame quality of goods, and lie Roaa, the carrier, came vr ry 
ha who toroa down his home mer- nearly being drovoad. A heavy 
chants to patronize these fakirs rain had caused the ford ( f Grassy 
is far from being a loyal, patrict- near the home of L. C. Caakey to 
ic and good eitis*D. ^ become very much swollen. When 

What's the Use? ^Miter^n th^ f, rd thp w »ter wa* 

It is of little aae for the local formidable, but while croaaiug the 
editor to waste hia lungs and stream a heavy! gash of watfr 
rail. ppiuein tjying to bocm came d jwn upon him and the 
a town when thecititeos all stat d ^^rw and bujgy in which ho was 
ar. nud with their haiida in tbeir riding. The force 'of the water 
pockets and iudiflavaBtly wait for upturned the buggy and om- 

Bomelhing to torn ep. If the cap- pletely iuuudated the whole out- 

A. H. end Claude Stamper, of italists or basinesa ai»n do not put St. He happened to catch a root 
Campton, aold thie week to Janl^'s their shoulders to the wheel and * nearby treje and sav^^d biin- 
Drake, (f the same plnce, their do a little boosting it is Ubelese for self out. The mule which be waa 
l»ropArtyon Plom mer street ; price the editor to trv and boom things, driving was wijlh aoase difficalty 


The RadclifiTe Bjoat»-r Club haa 
Hixel Gr««n billed thia week with 

poster? I"i r thr- CI.autatujTifi which 
will be he'd at West Liberty on 
August 10, 11. 12 and 13. 

Dumg a etorm Tuesday even- 
ing lightiiing ^trnrk a tank hnu«^ 
nu Hiram's BrniiCh and burned 
the h« ufce and three o e hundred 
barrel tanks of oil. 


Make up your mind to ftLVe One 
Dollars. Start a bank account and perscwers. 
You :an do it as easily as others luiTe. You 
must start before you can finish. 

Kazel Oreeu, Kentucky. 

E. F. CECIL, FresidenL R. A. KASH, Vte« fM. 

DORSi;! C. ROS£, Cashier. 


ive daaght€r of R. J. McLiu and 

w.f-, if'ft .Monday mornii g fur a 
vt^it to Winchester friecda aud 
other poiijtti. ' i 

The many frM-nd* f t M ^- Faley 
Long «i!i tjv glad to kiK)W that the ^ 


You to ge*. oor Free CatR- of 
Fruit aud Shade Tree*, Orap*- 
Vioea, Shmba. Boa 1, Rhubarb, 
Aapara^a. Stfmwberna*. fiarf Po- "P^l'^i io Harel Green this 
^^^^^ * week for a few days' vifcit to icla- 

lives and fri-^iu s. 

Bfwytttat far Orchard, LawB 4 Oardea. 

MO ACCNTSs Ml*' Nt liie Eraiis, who has been 

with relativ.'sat Honaker, Va.,for 
the past vt^ar, returued to Haz^i 
^ Graen laat Satanlay mach to th  

M i'*.dl»'t(»wn, Ohio, ia here tlii« 
wee' : on a viait to relativea and 

He can write articies till he g^ta cut loose from the buggy aud got 
baldheaded, but if the citizena Ou the upxt day the buggy 

tfiemselvea do uot tike .bold and foond. Iod«seil aome disUnce 

push, the town will forever stick down the cr»ek, and the mail 

iuthe mud. Of what aae is it for ponoh waa found about two aud a 

the local paper to suggest improve- half aiilaa dawa tha atteaoa. j 

men ta and new enterprises if the 
sngCHstions are nevst'|Mted upon? 
One man cannot booiKalown. It 

To theLfl^es. 

Mrs. F. N. pay announces to 
the ladies of Haxel Green aud soi- 
rounding country that she is now 

closing out her «»i rMig and early 
summer line of hats aud milliuery 
Emm^tt Swimme, of near Lex- it, there are aiwaya a lot of cranky ^ooda at the lowest poaaible pri^ 

ingtnp. \ut born and reared ii^ kickors ready to j amp on top of ^^^^ ^^^^^^ f.,^ ^ j^^ge and va- 
this county, is st Campton this the load, 
week viaiting relativea. I knocks. 

Wra. Hur», of Mu'phy fjrk, 
(•eight two line mare mules here * 
Wedneaday. one from Jack ,Peck concer^actions of 

and the other from Bill Clark. • 

ders a town and at to MfcfiU to carry 

JOHN \\ . DEAN, 
General Contractor and Builder 


I have been in the Constructing Business .fog, 
yeiirs and am prepared and knew hmr to do ymnr 
and cement work properly. I make a ^edalty of mem ' 
I cflOMBt walks, and if yon r.eed wofk of that kind write 
to me. Will furnish bond that my work will bo 
tory ind according to contract. 

-~ delight of relativea and friends. 

T.uth^-r Pi'-ratt.  if Ez^'l, can ii 
iale fur Il« presenti tive from the, for 

Bob Brfoks, '.andidate for Mag- 
Hazel Green Has a 'Fliwer.V ittrate, and Clarence Trimb e, 

Unity of action is what ,ied ,tock of late summer aud fall 


I wit! pay liu! -rU!i' l- r oriy U mIcL or 
CiiH^ wbiah I eaa jb^ p«4 ia good raa- 
aiag Older. 


eonntiea of \V'olf«» and 
I waa Ni town W^due«day and took 
dinner at th«» Hazel Green Hotel. 

The public t  cor 
a» i «ee a»e whf - 
Of clock repair 

iJM J i w . i . h 



At BTdiffa. JACUaa. IT. 

•Mra Furreat Cecil, who left here 
a wetjk ago for Norton lufirmary 
at Louisville to bp treated f  r 
atomacb trouble, ia reported to le 
doing very nicely at the present 

Hazel Green is more like New candidate for Constable, gave us 

York this wepk than it hns been gome valaable aid press day, and 
some time. 0:i Wednesdav if they are aa good at political 
Morgan, * W. J. Hollon and A. C. Pi«ratt ^ork aa they are at iaming the 
jjurchas'd a new Ftrd machine 'glory wheel," they tare maat be 
and will in the near future run a classed cracker-jacks, 
regular automobi-e line between 
Haz^rl Gre-'ii a-:d Flelechawa. They 
are prej/aring to repair the road iu 
9ucfa a way aa to make thepasaage 
of automobiles to the station pos- 
sible If they will fix the road 

Mra. L. F. Joihm, Mm. 8. K 
Comba aud Mrs. IL L. £1^ all 
of Beattyville, and T. R Jacks'*o 
aod wife are registered at Swaugo 

Springs Hotel, and are rusticating 
on the b ;aliug waters of Swaugo 


The MoniLtaiu Oil Company 
brought in a welloo ihe Claytoo 
Center farm this week which 
turned out to be a dty hole. 






for Oil 








Main Offices: PITTSBURGH 





M.KVKU Maxagku 

.Sam Kash, wifu and daugbt' r?, bo that p«' ]»le can 
who have l.-een on u viait to Mrs. fron Hazel Grren easily a great 
Kath*a brother. Steveo Q. Sample^ many people would come beie 
ind wife, at Edna, Texas, f r s( tne that otherwise would seek sorrit^ 

George Steele and Andy Clonse, [• prepared to do aay kind 01 work in hik 

ery rea^ouabie 
reco for April, 

TOTBbar, wUJ 

riaT Haai 

...d ran their m.cb D« n^lMlyjof Cpton. iu the woployof th. I'^VJ^.'^rA^riT. 

gpt to and Cumberland Pipe Line Co., were ; A^i[^i»t^aad_Ho*«Bbar, with iMatt^aamrs 

in t'^wu Thur'^day. 

BaTBS.^^ |»er day. SiM'cial Ciuh mu-* 
••41 for three dl•T^ - n CuBinirr- 
ct»l vi l*-!' Hii 1 • • ir^awlicit*^. 
KaKalai b iarder« atx iii.u..  i AlM. Table 
haia tht aiarkvi aftafda. Cloua, cuiufort- 

Lieut Arch Cope, of Jackaoc, is 
here this week trvii^; to get re-' 
time paat, returned home Monday other good place more "cceasihle, . ^^.^j^^ Uocle Sam*iarmy. 
aafely aud all in high spirita Tbey ^L-t the good work go on. The; ■f' ' 

apeak iu glomng terms of th«' mnrt «iit luiftiies we Lave in the ^ An B. 
western c uutry, aud all rtport a country the - 

Elkms, eaodidat'  for 

■ most enjoyable time. 

I good roada. 

sooner we wiii have County Clerk, waa io towu 
j week Biof ling with 




Let The Herald Do Your 


V^^wa fS^^gg j First Claaa Work. Reaaonable Pricea. 



L i 

hr - 



Parm«n an very busy Ukiog 
can of o«te ht thu Motion. 

School began here lut Monday 
with Granville Rose teacher. 

FntDcit Fallen of Daytboro is 
▼iaiting hmt brotb«r, R. A. Kaab, 

for a few dayp. and will gath dr 
•ome blacki errje8 while there. 


Hn, i aara Linkoua ii very sick 
•t ihm writing. 

Jaib«e Ingrain and wifa vare 

goeste   f Oweu LawsonMid family 
SuDday afternoon. 

Henry Rosp, of West Lil»erty, 
eandkala for eomty mitonmj, waa 

in OUT village last week. 

which waa than % pari of M^rgMi. ! fallov, Wko hat fbmn tuftifced io 

They spent aome few years of their transfernoK the bMinest meo to 
married life in that place, alter the oil fieids, aoltl hit hoiaea and 
which they aamd to Montgooiery ! ovtflt to tlw tmiom^ of $SBO. 
county and Jived there a number ; Q^^y ^ JtaMt Lacy. 

of years. They alao lived in Hani- Camptoo, were in town Satur- 
faa eovDlj foraooa tiinaaiid later ^yi,,^., attraction, boys? 
moved to Maytovn and lived here 



R.»J» FvaD«. for the pest sereral yeers 
r. n^iiJer'-ii tb« clian{4oa keeterof tbii 
{ foraMBs thai ji« hi bo longer t   

hscooaMkiad m sack, amd that bekas 
ia iaatfat the fMkavae 

IkeMMt ffsMs la tMsHae at 

ritttcd thcM 4aachber, lira. li. li. 6una- 

Mar J Wyjitt. who for several 

ftar.waa.op^'nntet.dentof tbe cookiDf ^^^^ ^jtjj mother, 

departaieDt of the ( ombs Hotel uader • -T . r^-.t. 
^ ^ a u- Mra. Francia Gibba. 

aitoBied thai 

tof tkalaU&&Co«ba. 
I I 


Mrs. John Anderaon and little 
Ida Gibba spent Saturday lugbt i d»oghter, Opal, of E«ei, ware Tia- 
with B«Mia GibU. | iting reUtiTes at thia place last 

I week 

Rox*»y Gibbg and wife c pent j 

lira. Nancy J. I*uao of yoor 
town ia vititiof her danghtar, Mrs. 

dai BMKaiai^ 

Dale Weodaoa aad^SalM Taadaave, 

who have been with G. W. 8alli)rfera 
few day*, ta«a boad UoBday aad ate 

Wa wtth her aiMsr, Mfa. A. a OHver. | ^ 

wkab vary law with aioaiach trouble, i The selecata aarviee, ttha the 


graod jury.aeeas to have hit ia Ugh 
place!  here. We learn that amooK the 
lucky numbers are Rush Erans, Amst 
ant Cashier of the Fanaer'a aad Trad- 
an* Baafc; JaM fl pape , ^pntaf the 
Maaataia Ontral B. E., aad Aady 

have wires, but no children. 

The iafaat child «f Aady CInaae and 
wifediad aa the 15ch faMt aad v» kur 
led in ihe Evaaa graveyard. 

Bev. J. T. Oaeae aad MaByhava 
aaavad lata Ika Warn wilhUacle Fhy 

e u Shull, he heiag left alooe by the 
«le«ib of Urn wife a few weeks aco, and 
who was Mr. Goods' BM ther. Mr. frhull 
ii peat 86 ymn of agei aad thia f aaily 

Maynard l^ovelace. of Stillwater, sad 
Bolin^, of Campton, were quietly 
Saturday night at 7 o'clock at 
el Mr. aad Mrs. O. B. Staas- 
par, Sav. L. T. AlHaaa tyiag the auptial 
kaat. Tbej left immediately in G. W 
Omter's aaioniobile fcr the home of the 
geaoM's pareats, George Lovelace and 
at MMwatcr. The hride is a 
•aff BTf. laMat afaaar tawa. 

MisB Creasy Allea, after spending two 
with her paiaaU at Lee City, re 
lay la the hoaae of her 

Wether, G. C. Allea, whmaha haa been j MaWU- Bun ham is sufferinp v. ry 

aUyiag for the past three aaoetka daring ; JJ^^^ch from h«\ ing her tt-eth Uken out 
Mrv Allen, 

Hixie Gibbi ia bnUdiog a honae 
for John Sebattiau at Dayaboro. 

R. A. Kaah u aiill in very bad 

Faru Fallon waa visiting Bonute 
Gibba Iteiai^y night. 

Jim GibI « V. i t Lacy crMf-kj 
Sunday. There must be some- 
thing doing. 

A«ooff the Saoday viaitors of 

Hixie Gihhg and wife were his 

to tbe pomp I Vmci» Gibbs ; Far- 

•Utfoe'lbr tbe Oaeibertaad Pipe Line !"«» ^^'^I iames.Lacy 

Co. All these gentlemen are awnicd, and wife: Rai)8:m Gibbs; Jabile 

C. A. 

Sasple, tad fMiilj thia 


On aeeoant of tjbe death of Mia. Isa- 
bdte Nkfcell we liited to get oat ear 

letter lapt week. 

Thomas Taull ee of this place made a 
buaiaaas tr^ to flaamitna Fildey. 

O. n. Linkoufi of Stillwater cnlled on 
J. W. Burcham Thursday night. 

Tbe little ehOd of Bod OaaapbeB end 

^•ife is not expected to live. 

Bonaie, the Utile daughter of Soott 
llkkall aad wBe, ia very side 

Fallen, wife at^d baby. 


Walter Moore and wife viaited 
the latter 's parenfs, Hasard Down- 
ing and wife, at Wellington Sat- 
urday and Sunday. 

Mrs. Abner Moore, who has been 
viaittDg her daughter, Mrs, Jamet 
Wilacp, at Mi. Sterling, the paat 

week^'iias rt Uirued home. 

H,^ NelT, Mrs. Voluey Henry 
and t^ children, and Mias Loma 
MoNal'b left Monday for Ctiarles* 
ton III., where they will viait rela- 
tive* and friends for aboat two 

until old afle wcaid not permit 
them to keep hoaae any longer 

Since then they have been BtayinK 
with some of th jir children. They 
are the paiaoto of aevan ehiMren, 

five of whom are living. They 

Ruby Gertrude, the 17-MOiiths. 
:d daughter of Charlie Raah sod 
wife, died Friday night, ila daath 
being eaosed by mea al ea snitUng 
on ltd lungs some mouths ago. It 
waa laid to laat in the Bosh grave- 

have 32 grandchildren, 45 great- 1 y*'^' 
grandohildiaa and one gfaot-great- i Mra. 6. 0. Adaaaa ealkd to 

grandchild. They have been mar- the bedside of her motlMT, vho is 
ricd 7S yeara and have been blea*- sufTeriDg from aathma. 
ed with good health tbe gasater j^^s. Cordilla Vanderpool aud 
portion of their lives. They are danghtafa, Mrs. Theresa Xd- 
closely related to the Hursts, Taui- ^^^a and M s. Bonnie Ferrell, will 
bees and Kaahea, all promioeot j^^^ ^j,^ ^j,, f^. Lex- 

families of Wolfe county. They |,||| tj^j. 

will make their futora home with 
their daughter, Lila, at this place. I 
May they live to enjoy many more 
daya together, and may theiz last 
daya be their happiest. 



fature home. 

Bro. Ira Walls haa been here 
since laat Friday and delivered an- 
other good a a ii ae a . 

Col T. C Johnson, of Lee coun- 
ty, aud sun, C. X., of Campton, 
were in towa M«Mkday exteadiog 

Ber y picking^ia UiaatjIaaMorg ! friendly haadatefcas. 

the ladies here. 

Mrs. A. J. Legg is 
list at thia vritiag. 


on the sick 

tbe absence of Mr*. Allen, wbo is at 
AahvUle, N. C, for her health. 

Mrs. a B. Allea, of Bartlias, is visit- 
lag her pareiits. Jadgs gad Msa BlIK 
Baaa, this week. 

B. B. Gregory, wife aad hhby, of Ba- 
aaaBa,ai« here visiting Mra, Qssgsry's 
Mlhsr. Eliaabeih Chapel. 

Fr ak Hlfvsadsr aad JIaa Siaith, of 
Besrpea, viatsd BlawMtClsx Soadsy. 

Misi Oalla Tatt. who is taaehiag school 
at Wnhant, apsat Saturday a- d Saada j 
with her aisiar, Mia. J. H. tStaasper. 

Willie BUaapsr passed thioogh Iowa 
FrUaf with a alee baaea of cattle for 

the Wiwche»t«r m: rk« t. 

L 0L Miller aad W. H. Oliver laat 
wash w «a s — t hi thehi|ls IryhigtahBy 
shaep. Tliey asos 
log a war tiwe prias. 

The drill is atill goiag oo the t^Uoipeff 
wall Ne. 1. The leoae owoet*, aa we an- 
laforased, say they are foiog oa down 

ootil they find oil, (.liina or the otber 
aaoatry that is supposed to be beneath 
asaod w p a trd to be s rery hot one. 
The* are now 'fD feet in tbe uil saod. 

Syhia Spencer spent Sunday with 

Maude and Laura Testvr. 

Bev. J. W. Burchana preached at thc 
Fmak Johaaon adiool hoose Sunday. 
Be rsparta a gsod a wa ti a g aad a laigc 

Ca^ t . B. boiith haa bad lade aiiaed 
with goad lack. He rrarwtly laaaod hia 
fana aear towa receiving a bonus of 
9S,0aa, which we are irlad to report. Rut 
we are sorry to re}x rt iiirk 
Dariag the hail aad wind storm bis von 
:ar m aciaswaa Uowa 
Ilis hail hsat the atalka lato 
the earth. * He alao had in a large acre 
a;:e of almost ready to hsrvest 

which waa alsb ruined. Hia Icaa waa 

W. 8. ShacheBord, the madtiae nan, 
de live re d a ioe marhine to Tboasas 
Ttedbce. We think Mra. Taufcee was 

well pleased 

L. £. Smith and wife made a business 
trip to Lee City Sotwdoy. 

Mrsi ATiZt liiu' Ely witji a pleasant call- 
er on Mrs. Moliic Burcham Sunday. 

•Moltte Mae, the Utile daughter of Tom 
Taulbee and wife, ia very sirk at thi  

iames Burcham made a business trip 
j|g b^adby pay- JbO Stillwatc-r one  iay last wt^ek 

geott Nickeii wiki at Lee City one da,\ 
last week having aoair deatal work dono 

RfK  iTii Lindoii railed on Vifgtnia and 
Cappie $mith one night last week. 

Mabel E|y apeat part of last week 
with her gimadmother, Mrs. Angehne 

Henry Bradley and wife called on 
Soott NiekeU and wife une aight hu t 

C Oosasy, of .\vant.   k!abomM, 
and two sooa ot B. T. t^isney of tbe 
aaase place, are here viaitiog their fa- 
ther and g r a a d fa t her icspeetivalj. C. 

Banis Araett ssoved Taesday to bis 
prapcffty paichassd froasO. C. AUea. 
Mr. Alira wffl aMve to Wiache ater this 
waofe, where be has for sooM Uasc coa- 
docted an oil brokerage office. 

Mrs. A. C. Olirer. who for two years 
lutfi hren s Mid* r rwith b'e, 
•od for tbe pssl six ivt-ek  hat bt-eo coo- 
iacd to her bed, left Monday afteraooo 
for a Lsaiagtoa Haspital for tteataent. 
BBS wm umnmUi hy hsr sister, Mia. 

MiM Mfaiais Miller, of Laodaaw, 
with Mra J. C. Liadoa. 

    ,i anil A a Kiy of this place d«»- 
 d \Vrdru;«tiay for Middletowo, Ohio: 
where thwy will work. They were ac- 
ooaipaaied to Los City hy their saother, 
who, we kaow, wfll be very leaely. as 
they were the only tw o \^o\ t with her. 

Died, July 15. Mr.v l^abelle .N'ickcll 
after aa BIneas of seven we^ks. She wa? 
•4 years aad three days oU at her death, 
the mother of eleveo children, of whom 

eight are living. Six were present at 
her d*^th. Mrs. Niekell was s tnicchris- 
liau wuMiari. Sh»' nia»le her home with 
her son, 6cott NickeU. and was there at 
the tiaae of hrr death, there was a va- 
cant seat in heaven the Savior called our 
dear mother to fiU. Her work on earth 
iSmone. ber dear body must he still, her 
spirit lia.  gone to heaven above its va- 
cant pla' c thcic to fill. There i- ' •   
h'»p«« wo  till h* l-i dear, we'll niet t o ii 
mo h r in heaven abovs where partiD^ 
we will never fear. 


Murphy Fork 

Fsr a tiaw here the hoak of the auto- 

a)o 4le wmt' a upial for all tbe rami'y Xjd 
ran to the door to watrh ib^ b' Tselers 
wagoB |«as, bat they are now pu; sec- 
ead aaaa attractioti siaoe Heary Profitt, 
ef r i id i tt BMa.'a alof*, htasgkt to Sows 
a htaad new Bed ladiaa asolorcyde. 
Ha aas hsat Ihsm st speed or saythia^ 

Caaipton Graded Hiph School o{.ene.i 
Moaday with a large enroUment with, Clarke 

Baford Murphy aud family spent 
Satafday night and Sanday vlth 
Henry If arphy of Es^. 

Hubert Haleey made a Inisinesc 
trip to Stillwater Friday aud re- 
tUMd Satwiday. 

John Roaa and Harry Mar^y 

spent Satardsy night with Bee 
Rose, and they all took dinner 
with Hany Murphy Svoday. All 
a jolly 



Candidate for the Democratic Nominatioa for 


9i8t legislative District. 

1 am II native SvHi uf Morgan County, wa.-? ttUuattftl in Morgan and W't»Uo 
ami am a lawvcr l y |»r(»fc.^. iun. Being one of the iiiniintain ]H'ople. I sliall tiglit 
1 T tfieir iiitere t?^, the prot.-ction of tlieir rights, ami to give them a voiee in the 
aflairs of oiir Statu. 1 am against gralt ami eorru|it jKilitics, ami for abolishing 
boards and bcmnissions creaiet^o give jnba to political pet». I am unquali- 
fiedly for State-Wide Prdbil^tioii and shall llglit witk all my 

Stren^Ul to secure it. l c^estly solicit jour sapport. 

PRIMARY ELebriONe AUG. 4th, 1917. 

Misses Ger trade OMftald. and 
Hattia Saliay .wera tfca p h a u nt 
gneat of Wiaaia Calroa Sataiday 
nichiand Saoday. 

M'Slamrs Brnce McClore and 
Bud Niokell ara visiting their 
niaoa, Mrs. Lissia 8«ang% vho 
his b'jen ill for some time, aud we 
sre gisd to haar that she is slowly 
rv gsiuiug bar haalth. 

M.G. Cottle, wife and children 
were the gaests of Mrs. 8. U. usy 
fsmily SaodsT- 

Wash Chiidara and wifa, who -have 
been viaitiug their daaghtar, Mrs. 
I.^ McGaira in Kansaa, passed 
thrn bare ona day laat waak for 
Ithair dai«hlar% hom» at May- 

There ia a protracted meeting 
i^oing on at thia ^laoe now. Bro. 

Yocum ia preaching f'»r ua. We 
ire haviug good sermons aud large 

Ileiiry Davia caaM hoase Bauday 

aftenioouto attend the meeting. 

Joe Staaapac aud klita Laha 
Richie waia in car aeefion of the 
j ooanUy bafgy cidiDg Sunday af 
tern'Min. Thay aeamed to l*« en- 
(l) ymi'g iiTe to the faUaat ealsnt. 

There will ha a spelling match 

(ij at Butta* acbool-huuse Tuesday 
betwei'tt Long Branch aud that 
ashool. The rearard to tha heat 
spellnr will Im* a acholarahip to 
Ihtt Freucuburg kcbuol this next 
tirm. Everybody invited toaoasa. 

Several froas Maylown are at* 

t'^oding the n;f'Htnig at this placo 
Come all joa cau aud »tay aa iong 
aa yna ean after yoa gat hcra. 

Diwey Little atiendeil »«.h  ol at 
Trimble Rend Suuday sfttruoon. 

School is progressing nicely at 
Long Braneb, with Doyla McClnre 



The Hckald has naade arraece- 
iBcata wiih aiaaj pahKslMsa of ^iaily 
aed weekly papcra wh sa sh i it caa of- 
fer to ha n ed t aa dsaiistili daily ami 
w«ekiy paper. iwasaasct ^ ' r 

HatALn at a essiddert:'^ ^..nx 
over tbe price if ordered siafiy. Gu 
oTe? the felMwiag hat aad pick oat 
tb. than aaita rear 

Haze] r r ^n H  ral(I... ? 
Thrice-a-Wceh ii. Y. U i ) 

Total Yalaa. ^- 

Oar hiastayaa . — l.a& 

Wt aav. yiMi 96. 

1 £ 

Has»l Gn^ Htrinld. »1  m) 

Ciaciewati Weekly F-e«| . -rr . 7-  
FsMpleV H'tiD^ Joomai  aB«)'ly .. jiV 
Tmwm A Fimk). -»ewi -nM»*lvy... M 
TodavaMagnhM (with 1 May 
Maeiee patiem) 

Tetal Vaiae..... — .^^LS^ 

Our Price le yM.. i «• 

We y*m $1 69 

Hasel Grrea ffetaM MtM 

The ErewMg Part (daiiv). t.«9 

HoBMAFan. J» 

Ihlal Yidaa.. 

Oar Priea ts yaa. 


« i75 

We Mv« voa 79e 
With this order the K t i e i n Pbai 
will leive you free, delivery charfw 
prrpaiti, 6 hardv arer MoMkiag mm. 
and 12 grafted apple treaa. Tha reasa 
are I rvd -DtmXby PSiaias, I % MP 
rvlaad, I white ManMa OWM^l 
Criafi«nn Queen, I Saahacst t JmI- 
mncr. Tbe ai»t le tieea ssa § Dati- 
eioaa, 3 Jonathan, s dtyaMa Wlae- 
i«HiaadS Wcal%liy. 

Hatfl Gfcen Herald ^i.M 

Oiocinnati Pi»l (Haily) — Saa 

Fafwi A Fifvvd* (twica-a-aa1h| M 

Today* (aMMlliiv i~ .....u" Jia 

WoauMt'a WwM (aaentbly) .» 

Pane f^gineMii^ (■owthiy)... 

T«»I.«I Vniue 4»  

  Mr Price to yoo... ............ *.f»5 

Wr Ba«. yea tSJh 

llvzei Crrea Herald.. #1.69 

Loubrillc HenJd (dailTX h •!•  

Totel Yalaai 

Oar mriea la yaa.... 

We aeaa yM • 


Haaal Oieew Herald... 

Lmaievill. Tiaaca (drily   — 


.... *ea 

T-.i»l VaJu'' JtL99 

l Of Price lu yutt — .... 5.aa 

Wa MT« yoa ft .6a 

Hax-H;rwn Herald t 

l4rxiBgiou l.eader ( laily A t^.B ' 

ToUil Vafo* 

Our Prketa V 


We MTe vr.u f I  «a 

Haaal Uf««ii Uera! * $1    » 

liOaiegtMi l.—drrfwhht atBa») -^f 

Tntiil Valne 
Oar Piice to 


We aave ytm Sua 


* e 


« e 








t aa instraotar. 


The tww aeat sha»e  iiMa li« The 
KeieM and Lfmkt mm far one year. 
F«ir Mx M«Mha iaat a.w half priea 

H»x»l (iieen MeffsM.....«.«^ 9b 

I^aiiiCttMi H( rs!.i ( i«ily) 54S  

T«*«al V»; 1- 

Oar Firice to yoa.. ~ 

^t'e save yea SOe 


Jhr »U v.* uiina Me iMit avaHaH. 
i(» ihi»e «Im» H*. wilhi. a radlui 
roTfird l-y rtgalar earner*. 


■iiEL USB, umcn. 

Dm Mi. 

Farmera ar»  yet very baay fi^hf^ 

lug weeds in this s*H:ti'^n. 

Auut Naucy Croft, we are giad 
t ) aay, ia ecnvalaaaiag fraas a Tsty 
severe attack of paawaioaia. 

Mra. Ciaade Stacy returned 
home Saturday last frum a visit 
to her Mothar, Mra. BielMrd WaUa 
*i in Moutgosaerr oovnty. 

Untie M^^r^dith Mann ii visiting 
dsoghters, Mrs. Charles Arnatt aad 
M rs. 1 . B. Mo iafl a id , aft Wail Iiib  
eriy thia waak. 

Arlla Mann sud wife wereplaaa- 
aoi gaeata of Herasaa Fialda and 

Quite a number of oil men sre 

1 nw m OaUy Haok Uw 
Oesse la 

Leave Hsart 
.\rrire at Hekchawaat MO a. m. 
I eavr helcchawaai l2-(a» m. 
.Xrrive at Uaael Oreea »l -. '») p. m. 

Any nne wi^khiof W» be take. t*  aav 
place af ter i rriT«l at lUsH Gfftaa caa 
•ecure my serTtcvs. 

raacs aaAsosAauc 



== . proapeetiug thra beta. They say 
Sraratt Ledford, who ia in thai indieatiooa bida fair to hsfpn 

W. Hf. Cbilders, actompanied by 
ibis little daughter, Kathleen, and s ^rvic« of I'ricle Sam, vialtad rala  | drilling at ooea. 

Miss Ruth Wilis, motored to Jef- tires here thi* week 


IW. C. W. Wright a* rriocipa;; Prof. 
Fspe^ letera»ediate Departatent, and 
MteChrisdaa Gibaoo, PriMry Depart- 
sseaL A aaaaher of the patnw were 
prraeet. aad all a eeaae d ietrreated aad 
well p  »)i"e'i with the corp* of leacbeni 
Prof. Wright and GibKw have 

taaght hsis aad gava ptiit a t satiafac- 

Murphy Bold to 
a nice bnncb of 

sheep ; 

priea privala. 
Jaasaa Hart ona day last waak 

Oa aext ^Suaday. tbe r.'ih. Kev. L. T 
AlliaBa will p«each at Bearpen «chooi- 
heaae and thces will he a haaket diaecr, 
er diim e f oa th. pooad, ia ihe way we 
were learned to uiv tbeeapSSSBco. Any 
way, a will be » ioe plasa isr the buo 
fif caaMslaleffa. 

Qrir.  Maad «iiicarBa«iGsia«. k 

got Hadty kickf d by a horaa^ bat 

ie improviug fine. 

Arlos Barker and Wm. Williams 
dent out the other day a turtle 
hunting and caaght tan, aod they 
asy it waa not a good day for tar- 


Mrs. R llin Carpenter of Logan, 
Noah Chapman aud Sterling Weat Virginia, ia viaitiag relative* 
Boah, two of -Torrent's eharaing here, 
gents, left Saturday to join Uncle 

Daata bagaa hia aahoal 
with »Hslaa ann^lasant. 

Meadaoiaa Jamea and Farter 

llvcr 'b xiy soenip t i enjoy the 

Blackberry oicking scenis to be the fersouv^e Monday whora the 
order of tbe day in thcae puta. ^yonngHtdies will viait their graud- 

M« Na,.v 1 ..t.^ Gracei'^lb.r,!? A Childers, andfamily ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^ ^ ^ 

Kaah Thur^mav a,. , i way n ght. for an ludctiutte time and "b'^* g.„., forces, bidding paranU and , ^* 

Ckadidates seem to be joy rtdiiM; tbesc there will attend the Mootgoasery f ^^^^^ good-bye. ' 
days, all exp^^ting to i o oI    !«- ]. fair 

Dr. Marion Center wns railed to sec AftM.n eiirht-months* visit to ' Z~Z ~. ,. , , 

Mr.. Roy Kash a«ain Friday. He .c- th. 1 l^h^fMra L C, Mcv,U»ra I ^^■"'^ 

p. rta her eaae improving. ^i^u v.' T \v ChUders ' '^'^ 

ot Naodasba, Kuii., J u . ^.^nuners , , 

aa Uncle Misses PesrI and Lsnra Ledford, 
have again Torrent's most charming claughter 

liTath ^^'-o^ • horseback ride to the . Sunday next for an extended visit 
Ben Helton„uiy., eat Sunday QwhieTo theii "advanced age it i, Aahlay oilllald SaUrday and ». « to Winahaataf aad lit. Sta^^ff. Hehon and wife, i^^^^^^^ wmarkable how welll! Port a niaa tiase. 
Miirphy and wifeapenti Murphy, of near Ezd. called on j they cwi get about, Aunt Jul in Miss Myrtle and Malr.Ty Sp*»n 

ot i iaodasba, Kuii., j 
Clan«ee Ha»«cv was tlie plcaaant gneat ^-i ^^^^^ t,,owu 
.'f Mrs. \ .-Kiriia .Murphy and faa»ay Sat- . » i i.- K 

The yoon? f  lk8 will have a hox 
supper St Whites Branch schooi- 
hoaaa Saiardi^ slgbt Bast. 

Mra. davalaiid 



He rjin compound ^oui prrscnp- 
tkms accurately and anaataftes^yand 
r  t':rii r   \. u by Dr\» oaaiL 

U ^ecdefdnifierdrMaji^* 
-u ^ite ua. We Will Infraftrr 

vtMir wAPta proMpSty and as 
ah p pi 


Ajm BOX cjkXDiaa. 

\Vi- will ippr'poiat'Vir tre ya le. 




will leave 



Saturday uight and Sunday with 
JokB Tfalarasaa. Coirte y. 


wa fs^ 19 thsM 

his Deal iLiri near Valeria S 

Liazic Mitri) 


Thiai* t" anT  ue wi .t inx tu bar* 
and also attend tka Moat f sisr y i«wieg dM« i'a th« a«'»i •«« mnadM. 

f„,_ Yoa ■ h n a id coai| lv wiifc tbi* lAr to 

all v*««r ahee wwian aicriy f. r n«on' h i 

ing Ot yaara «f ag* ami I nclH car apeni biioday nigbt with their , Waka up. corraapoodants, we ,^ p-M i« adwa^cr Thb ia ;o 
Waah vii, Thev made thi* entire ^mt, Mrs. Daniel Booth, aad ra  j lore to iMiar freflB ait Billy. able bm to de p^d work fur yua. [X.a'i 
a pleasant 1 Irij. t , ami from Kanaas by tba«-|, ^,uA a ntoa time. i : , . _ . , . . . . HatMae^ paaa yaa. )«ar ^ iu 

Lanaas oy "••■•h ported a nice ti 

RwestcrfCra^ Kiuh but uriiHy afternoon. i sal ve#. iffbey wera bora and laaiaoj , , J » ^ . . ^ 

BioelUhhoa. ioQ ^Utaior. iu W«lif 980117.1 Iraliad ArnaM, ao aUHtfowdlwaat hatalhawiapladiM kMaflst 

A let of ''gay fatfki^ wha iy Ugh hsa» ; m   


Tow will bp rh» . i w «b ih. 

The Hazel Green herald, 1917-07-26

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Hazel Green, Kentucky by Spencer Cooper
   Wolfe County (The Western Mountain Coal Fields Region)