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VOLUJfttt 5. 


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nv last a 

(..ilconda. Dec. M4, 1S54. 
Editor Cyi thiana A'cicr : 

St i: — Tli«* other morning uliile sniijrly cn- 
sconced between the blanket*, with my tenses 
steeped in dreamy forgeifuliiesf . I arsjj suddenly 
• wakened by a gentle pull at my nose, MMMaV 
pamad the word* — 

• \lv dear, the sun is certainly an h  ur high ; 
hadn't you pet up!' 

1 opened first one eye? and then llo» otlo-r, 
yawned, turned slightly over and thrrw mv «rm? 
around my wife— for I am a married man. sir— 
and. kissing the nectar from her rosy lips, said. 

• No.' 

• But you must,' said she. ' breakfast is nearly 
ready, and there is not a teaspoonful of sugar in 
the house.' 

• Hum.' said I. • what do I care for that ! I can 
drink milk.' 

• But I can t.' replied she, • I must have coffee, 
and sugar in it, of course.' 

' Pshaw ! tliat'e nothing ; you can do wiil.jut 
it for once ; besides, I doubt very much whether 
any store is yet open.' 

• Mr. Rich, you know, opens hie store quite 

4 Mr. Rich ; fiddlesticks ! he's aleep. and' — 
" And here, sir. I again closed my visuul organs, 
and was about to become mice more wrapped in 
Elysium, when my wife— restless little creature 
that she is— gave my shoulder an energetic 
•ha' e. and, in a sharper lone of voice than elie is 
wont to use, demanded — 

• Do you refuse to go F 

•Certainly,' replied I : * it is really out of the 
question — it is, indeed, a matter too trivial to' — 

4 Say not another word,' saiJ she. rising up in 
bed. ' 1 can go myself.' 

• Hold, my de* r !' exclaimed I, ' I will go this 

And thereupon I leaned out hastily, dressed 
myself, n-id sallied forth The air was keen nnd 
piercing, and I hut toned mv paletot close up 
the ch»n and ti — n»  ! al  : g aaajf the frosty pave- 
ment, with a«j i:rir and li-avv step. Just as I «af 
turning a well known corn- r. I ohs.-rved an "Id 
man rifiy-five or .-ucty of age. dressed in 
a suit of hlai-k. with a Malm roiufort twisted 
around his n^ck cros-iuj the street. When 
about half way across the street he soddenU 
stepped, ami. fixing his ey  aj upon a small st' ii - 
immediately before him. said — 

• That I It — lint's nV great secret of h-.pp . 
»•*«*• thf v« n al !•'• t wh eh is at 'tlli. time kick 
tng up such aa iiitoW*raM - tii»ro*r a'l over tie 
w r.d— and Id I h ive found it i.« r#- m the stress] 

Having sa d winch, a* Stsaacahd] down, as* Baa. 
upthn stone BB» depos.ted K e ret'-illv in h :• ve.-i 
r»nck»»!. N.»; i littk a st on j  bff i at the s-nff'.lanr. 
of the.r.r.-trn-rin •••. I Map real up and anal - 

•S r. permit ne toenlieil (fwsa von an exp. i 
nation of tii-. ta m»'. in x mo able aa ytu r f s  ■ 
uerfd w,h Mie BnaaH which MBJ iav 
just ii! i -ed in i uir [nrrfcai P 

• Sir," repio d tiM ••'.'! fan, kaaaall, Mti d 
and fixing upon me ;i pair of oblong eyes, the ex 
pre-MO'ih of whom were indescribably keen aw 
penetrating. • I perceive uael raau like all atbei 
persons w Iiinp ;•. ft i r- • i to t  c " 1 
la:. on of weai;h. are tabxrtMf under n Baaaaal 
halluciuntion. not more remarkable f »r .ts sevei- 
lty than for the very extraordinary but peculiar 
cause of its origin.' 

' Indeed.' replied [, 'you speak in parables * 

• Ju*l at 1 expected.' said he, as if soliii quising 
to himself, 4 so long as the mind of man is 
wrapped in a perpetual mantle of obscurity, just 
so long will he be incapable of beholding things 
in their only true and legitimate light. Dissipate 
the fog of ignorance — remove tins oncien*. cob- 
veil of mystery, and he will perceive the 

rays of truth streaming di-ectly upon 
his hitherto darkened path. Not at all,' con- 
tinued he. iooking up aud speaking in a louder 
tone,' 4 as i shall now proceed to convince you. 
Did you observe what I picked up V 
4 It was a small stone. I believe.* 
4 Indeed it woe not,' said he, drawing the iden- 
tical stone from his pocket, and presenting it to 
me ; 1 there, examine it yourself.' 

Taking if in my hand. I turned it over several 
times, and endeavored to discover some peculi- 
aritrin its composition that would afford a suffi- 
cient reason 'or not calling it a stone, but fail- 
ing fo perceive any, I returned it to him, saying 
4 1 confess, sir, that I am wholly aaaMfj to per- 
ceive any quality about it that wo.ild warrant me 
in changing my opinion. ' 

• Very true.' repl*r*d he, 4 you solemnly believe 
it is a atone. Your belief, under the circnm- 
•atAiices m perkctlv i.-tlural, sustained, as it is, 
by Uie principle of reasoning adopted bv man- 
kind: Wut 1 tell you. a greater menus leteaei — a 
more positive absurdity could not well' 

4 Pooh '. ' said I, • vim are crazy. If not I 
atone pray wUat m itV 

Casting a hurried giauce around, as r |jsj -•  • 
whether any kocy wanueax. he ben' forward ami 
whispered — 


4 Inde^.' sa.d L * a»" *y what procese of pre 
eminent log.c 4- j/o« ;.n.p.*«e M in ike that flkfll 

• B» the ^mpiest io the world, sir Will yo.i 
p'ease to arcempauy ib-' to mv ro un?' 

Mv first iks ;.u Ise  * as to decline, but. ",oi r- - 
fl«m^g a «e«oient J resolved to go. for. as y.o. 
sre doobileg. BSMSIP, sir. ui»" rurios:ly was. by 
t'us time highly exci'ed. although I regnrdeii 
th • uueouth as nothing mere than a 
«k)»nr.ght tsal or mmim „ So I ItfLtj 

• Will, pleasure. Bir; iom(   Jne w , y v 

Prur. . d.i.g to a tr no.e-tM.-ise unm -d-itel, 
aer ^ tbe slrfct. «e entered a d.rty lo .k r. 
roon . eoMlsimi g . i e lid, a table, two rh . 
and a fire pia  e. in were burn rig h.' *i . 
m ms at what hal «p;.aren« r -mc* Keen » «a|. 
ele J . !.«-ked  he «1,»-.r istsadsi. gkl ntd 
ge:dlcmr.n hung the Ley ojs n a na I over tie 

iiiantle-picce, and llsasj brought his foot smartly 
down upon the hearth stone, which sprung up 
like the lid of a watch, aud disclosed a flight of 
steps leading down to a small cavity, walled up 
with brick and affording scarcely space enough 
to tidniit t*o persons stunding u| right. U|sin 
reaching the bottom, I began wondering what 
w u'.d follovv nexi, wlieu I suddenly became 
aware that the floor or bottom of the cell in 
which we were standing, was sinking, and let- as down into n deep round hole In the earth. 
1 was about to express my astonishment at this, 
when my eccentric conductor tapped tr.e on the 
shoulder and remarked — 
4 Raiher queer, isn't it 1 . 

4 Decidedly so,' replied [, * I am at a loss to" — 
But the sentence was cut short by the appear- 
ance of a light beneath us. nnd looking down 1 
discovered that we **ere standing upon the top of 
a huge piston, which wa6 gradunlly descending 
with us into a large and brilliantly lighed room 
When it had reached a level with the floor, it 
sto;,  pj, and t io old gentleman, stepping off, mo- 
tioned me to a chair, say i tag — 

4 Pray be seated, and listen while I explain to 
you the mystery connected with the stone which 
you saw me pick up in the street But,' con- 
tinued he. drawing a chair towards me, 4 before 
we proceed any further it will be ncceessry for 
you to solemnly promise, n; on your won! and 
honor as a man. that you will never inform any 
person of your visit to this place, nor reveal (o 
any living mortal the secret which I am now, 
about to confide to your keeping. Will you do 
this 1 ' 

I deliberated a few minutes aud teplied — 
4 I will.' 

4 It is well for you that you have done so, re- 
sumed he, seating himself in the chair ; 4 for if 
von had not you would never have been suffered 
to depart from this place alive. And now to 
commence — 

4 Tips small stone has Seen used by tne as a 
n enn* to induce you to accompany me to thi« 
idace. Mv object is to make to you certain d - 
'clo-urr s. profiting hv wh eh you may h reafier, 
if you are so dispi^ed. become ns rich r, ml pow - 
erful as you may dcire. This room in winch w- 
are now sitting — the lo-ality. nay even rsisttftsje* 
of which is not suspected by i ny n GolfitMi- 

d» — is the counting room of tiie sja n a i 
ami eonim-rleit iiig e-tnuitsiiment in 
th.- adwaW •A-'rid. It was aataMwhej its 18 — 
since « tin-h time it nas been* ly ealesaliaifl 
itself ami h- .;u ring ni'-mJ'ers. until it tmv al 
fords MRpI ysjaal I* over R|),ttlKl p *raona, ami 
■aawsaaw nea • ly 'i Mf jflMII at^wHem. ■ lari,e p r 
t.en of saawsa nr- restate table and ii.llinin 
c.fz.-isot the Dfjitxi giaiea* This '\.'A not a. - 
ear uot.ib r -I i.. \ i u when I ufH VOtl ibal its 

i.sms»r" i.v niul web such e«ii i aiia a a    a a  ■■■ 

• i r itk*4ed si. II. an i 'ts apeaal inns cm lu.-n d u l 
- • i,i figb eii di-rr ui.u'.i ngsagaeitf imi pro 
f 'i .d re-v iba' iletectioo is tetMsllf isapOMM- 
t.i,.. T n iMs fM 'o elo iriy u.rlorst nid this. I 
wili give \ mi n brief outline of the mnnner m 
we ch lie- bus., « s i  prosi-ri.'ed. 

In the ft st !, I may mention tbnt I nm the 
sj i ; y pers -n in town sa I be orgaiii/.a- 
t 1 01. I have r.-* tied, ns you are iaaffcteM owa^e 
in the house slHBfsj fisf ihe I -*l ten or twelve 
y ars. ilunng .vhidi tisjsjg I ac"wl in the t»" 
■ ci'y of messenger, or euteisW seetiiiel. .My 
duties are to procure supplies for those below : 
ass, st them in entering nnd leaving the premi- 
ses, to keep possession of the house above, and 
to porlorm various ntlier similar services unne- 
cessary to be mentioned. That red door winch 
yon 6ee yonder, opens to u long passage leading 
to a large room in which from twenty to thirty 
persons arc constantly engai ed in the designing, 
engraving, filling out nnd inspecting of cotinter- 
fi .t bank note s , a  well as in the manufacturing 
of counterfeit gold and silver coins. Not one of 
these persons are known in town ; indeed, they 
are never 6cnt here except when apparently 
stopping a fe » days at a hotel, which but rnrcly 
occurs, as they generally contrive to reach town 
after dark, and are not. therefore, compelled to 
loiter lound through the day, watchn." for an 
opportunity to enter my house. In this wav. 
seven or eight hundred persons have managed to 
visit the establishment during the last year with- 
out haing observed by the citizens of Gulcondu 
Von remarked yesterday in Brown's drug store 
that yi u could not imagine how my small family 
consumed such a ierge quantity of provisions 
You n  w know the reuson. But let us hasten. 
Up lo 1841, we had been eminently sncci-ssl'u 1 
in our business, yet we were not sale from de- 
tection and exposure. All experience had taugb 
in the downright fol ly mid madness c.i utiering 
hastily gotten up counterfeits. Even tbe be i 
imitations we bad gotteu op were easilv d-tected 
by competent judg.-.-; and hence arose the ,,e- 
ce sity of carrying the art to a higher degree o 
pertariMSS than it had ever before au.inx d |'« 
accomplish litis. \\f proci p-d. in 18 — . s« vera 
notes oi d.fferent deuotni uat mns wsj Ihe Slat- 

Bunk « f . and placed them in tbe hands 

fivi of eur most skilful engraver*, with instrm- 
torn* tor nr. fully, critically, and nnnuie!\ stud* 
ih".r every feati r-and appearance w th uiiwei 
r ed application for on** year. At the end of 
t ;ai lnne, « acli eng aver proceed.'d to work a'e 
■SjSSJ prodie -d to nn.t .i o i .f th^ genuine n-drs 
Tiiese nltli.mgh far better than BwH 
as are bl def cted by expern'nced jndg. 
j were, nevertheless. earHsjlty cmpared lie 
jgeuuiim notes, tne 4lffaaM d.ff.Tence not.-ii 
ami then thrown aside, mmh directions t„ hav 
ne* ones engraved. Alter r  peat ngih:s .-xoe. 
•nenl mne times we snc. e- ded. in 18 — . in M 

lie Hi a scr es of eon iit**r lei Is IN i: d li. d de 
I 'Hi I rB\ ilt d dtti tt i m ; fir. with a v ci\ , 
t- ' ^bly sal thei- feature*, w, j alesjelf at 
. •• . out a few i, tes as aaon ns the la tea ,vm 

• i i -ti -d. placed an almesl imperceptible ma i 
..o-i ea, i ■, %mi ihen, bar lag nnx-'d them With 

several new genu. ne n »tcs, delivered the wh ne 

to a committee oi five — each of whom wus ■ 
good judge of money, and hod never before seen 
the imitations — with directions io separate the 
spurious from the gcn-iine. After eta wty and 
dill'gemly examining them for three days, ihey 
reported I Hat the only difference which .hey had 
discerned between the notes, consisted ill a small 
speck or dot. on the tree represented in the vig- 
nette as being cut down, on live of the notes, but 
that whether those ivhich had that mark  m them 
were the spurious or the genuine, they were 
wholly unable to determine. Of course, the mark 
referred to was the private one which we bad 
placed on the spurious notes. But this was not 
the only proof we had of their being exact copies 
of the genuine. Wc soon discovered, to our 
inexpressible surprise und delight, that the two 
issues were so precisely alike, that it was abso- 
lutely impossible for even our engravers, nens- 
men, sr any other persons in our estab'ishm»n: 
to detect the slightest difference between them. 
Weil, sir, having achieved this great tnum i i . 

skill, we were not slow, as you may read.. -, in av.ukng ourselves of the ndvantagi s it 
affo deil li*. We immediately commenced i send- 
ing our issues into the world. We despatched 
agents, loaded down withihein, to every nook and 
corner of the country, instructed to turn them 
into gold or good paper as soon as possible. In 
one month we accumulated over jJ879,0(K), and in 
the Inst six months we have cleared over ."jil^.- 
000.090, besides making for every person in onr 
employ nn independent fortune. We now keep 
our presses running day and night striking off our 
issues, and seventeen pensn.en constantly en- 
gaged in filling them out, whilst our agents are 
travelling through the (J. S. in every direction, 
dealing in stocks, renl estate, steamboats, horses, 
cattle, hogs, and, in fact every thing that wil 
enable them to transfoim the spurious notes into 
gold. And BOW, sir.' condoned the old gentle, 
mm. me familiarly on the ktie-', * tot 
PSfjassja unnecessary to he mentioned, we desire 
to have nn agent or member of oar fraternity in 
ioleo.idj. and having inferred from certain lit 
»lfl flan acts 1 operations which you hive p»rtia *oa  
'••Idor ftg the Beatteaa a* three yeara, tint •/•mi 
c .u'd . •ii'iiti oasiy paras,! v »,ir imbiii*o to ex- 
Un»i ui ohjecta of (greater ieaao tin :e. are ive 
conciixlc.i ; i offer the site atUiaj a you." 

4 S r.' sumI [, emleavortog t o reeoveer fff i n th 

•uraeiat* and s ll'iwishsariit with arhih h.cs aerra- 
tioai ai.d smhb'n prepaasitiia had oeorarhelroed 
ne, • v oir opin.ori of my character is evidently 

•» ised on f iise ptrettaeea. I am wholly a aeon 

cm- of hat fog perform d any SOl th t wiuili: 
nduee you t" make such i proposition — aad ! an 

eertaia — 

What.' e.\i !a tued he, rieiaf atid taking lb' 
•toeaf fraat hm ti cket. • d   \, ;u neaa |e say .ha 
vou r«'fuse to bee. .me ■ me-u ... r of our org in /.  

■....I r 

4 I do ?' 

■Take thai then ' said he, hurling a", mv hea,; 

(he atoaae, which Struck me pith such tremen- 
dous tore us the lereheae\ that I opened n»j 

eyes to i ne. r widest extent and discover, d 

my wit" stensIiRf seetsle the bed arith the brooni- 
.-in k p used a'oove my head. 

' The deuce!' said I, 4 tt's all n dr?am.' 

4 No it is not,' repi.ed slur, again thwacking 
mv head with the broomstick, 4 the scrvfini 
brought the sugar an hour ago, and here I have 
been waiting and waiting' 

And the truth is, sir. I had been sound asleep, 
and it was all n dream — madam's Saeeetioa to th r 
contra y, notwitlistnnditig. 

Yours dectilfdly."" John Jl.nkins. 
A lou^li Vara. 

There a place in Maine so rocky 
that when the down-easter i» plant corn 
they look for crevice?! in the rocks, and 
shoot the "jrnins in with a musket; fhev 
can't raise ducks there, no how. for the 
stones are so thick the ducks can t 
their bills between them to pick up the 
grass-hoppers, and the only way the 
t«heep can yet at the sprigs of grass, is by 
grinding their noses on a grindstone. 

But that aint a circumstance to a lo- 
cality on the Eastern Shore ; there land 
is so poor, that it takes two kildears to 
say " ktldear," and on a clear day you 
can see the grass hoppers climb upon a 
inullen stalk and look with t» a s in their 
eyes over a (ifty acre field; hihI the hum 
ble bees have to go down on their ksMMM 
!•  get at the fjrass ; all the inu-quitoe  
die of starvation, and the tuikey buz- 
zards had to emigrate. 

But there is a county in Virginia, 
that can beat that. There the laud is so 
sterile that when th - wind is at the north 
west they have to tie tin i • children U  
l\« ep them lioin being blown away; theie 
it MUM six frogs to see a man, atul when 
tfce dogs bark they have to lean against 
fence,; the horses atv so tlmi that it 
lakes twelve of them to make a shadow. 
WUsj when tliey kill a deef fliey have l«. 
ioIiI kissj np to kiioek hi.u down. 

J'oor iinlucements are ce.taily hel d 
 »ut to e ingiaiits to the above localities 
But, ne knew a toad that ha 1 fattened 
•• on the vapors of a dungeon," in th- 
county in Virginia referred to, which Bf it 
unable to croak on tin 4 second, and d« 
mi.-ed on the third day afrr Us arrival in 
n«' of the pine lull counties of Nortl 

The Last V ankke St  rv — A lad 
liassinj; tlirouuh \ew Hampshire, oh 
etverl the following ii'.fic 44 on a board 
Hor«es taken into grass Long tail 
hree -hillings and sixpence, short tail 
vo ektitliuira.' 1 VUf lily a«=ke I thi 
vner of the I in I t! i" -a- m for tbe rjil 
ri u •»• of pj || ■ .t is vere I. • V 

. n i a n the I »:ig tails can b. U " 
a*r«) the Hies , but the abort tails are s   
lajroaetjited b) them that they can hard! , 
eat at all. 4 ' 

May.-ville A\n Lexington RaIUbOAB 
The Receiver, Ebeu Milton, Esq., ap- 
peitated by an orJer oi the Fayette Cir- 
Chcuit Court, to take charge of the 
effects of the Maysville and Lexing- 
ton railroad company, proceeded to 
the execution of his trust on Monday 
last, and on Tuesday (yesterday) that 
portion of the road lying between this 
city and Paris was leased by him to the 


X. o. 

o. r 

II\ieiClS4   l.OIM.t - S B . T.j. ■••••« 

••'..uieeta at its Halt. Miller's tomtr. Is the 
ihinl st.-ry — ssjtnMMMM FWU 'it , every Satur- 
day iriglitut fit o'cl ic'rf. Traasteet an ii:vlteJ 
.oatten.l. Uy order of the l.. ilge. I. T. .MARTIN. 
Jan 1 -atV Itf Ke...r I c Bajl retary. 

L' fONOK, NO.ea, aMflU ev -rv rRIIMTcvra 
p/i-innion nnA I n ' ♦ II l li !. i n t '.e O 1 vi K ■ 1 1 o w Halt. corBSV •! Mitnnin! 

Uovingten and Lexington railroad coin- J Pifcj attests, OvaUisaa. Ta« aociAi. dkgrrk 

oanv The extent tt' the lea«e i« pit»ht ,rI " , ' t, on Monday evrnine. Traaslaiit msasWrs ars is 
paaajr. ibjsj Biisai ai tin lease is Bigot j V net t*attnai _k. H. roKKKsn w c. T. 

months— the sum »oiii,$1356 per month; j 

S,M'- W|W||M| W R. 

jureiii rtT 

the first five months' rentto be expended | ttarrikos pkmalr bkjbisa i:v._Mr«. l. a One* 
in putting the road in perfect running: \: * v 1 • , 
order, it is the intention of the Coving- 1 

• ■ , INTKNOINO ta-reajfier In aW««4« aay»«t isruaKVaaii i 

ton company to widen theguage at once 1 i«m««si« iota* sracUcaoi stvdicias lm* r,- i 
so as to correspond with their guage and j ^JtSo"' 9crv,Le * ' " wHo "^* T ^ Vodd 
enable them to run through from Cov- 
ington to this city, without break. The 
contract was closed yesterday. 

[Lexington Observer. 

F. SJ};' i 

;. r. . woofcWAJti 



in ns, vj - 


. JLS. 


•H»ali».on St.. icartue l td »oj 

•i **** 

MAM r 

;r. .' oi, i .f a m 

Xj^ A gentleman who recently met a 
boy on horseback, cryiting with cold, 
said to the lad, " Why don't you get 
down and lead your horse awhile; that s 
the way to get warm." 

" Itis a b-borroweddiorse." replied the 
lad "and I'll r-ride it if I freeze." 

A Kicii l,ctlcr. 

XI   KW J. -i 

iler. Harsesav saal 
Carpet-bis M .nuf . ti re. 'V,,r. .tnre . tr»\  t-r 
ca«n Shop in ihe io-.v. r aval mf Sain afrawt. aw«l -i aa la 
the fMllattSMJ f'.rmrrt'. «, HnplcJ j Tat- 1 TtIts'1 t» 
» gror.r r  -« J oi taWastfl 

T T. All*! l.\, .V .. aasj Ke:aii kalsi m or...r- 

■*« rtM, Cajaa»sr**aMr«. Nut*, i-ro., Hariirair Palats 
OiU.aul«tnfT . fsjofsaia Caa , 9am * Oanaia. I aaass 
Girainl..'e , f*ate-.: Mi-Jiciu-a Ac, \ . rimt :...i BeStl 
•if th^ Vaij^y i'ou'c. « ,«'.'•■. 

KO -sL I HOUStt, ( ly «.i« U | ie.| bf Mr*, rath' 
rl.ip V.irl,,) bv LaajM f i. line; » r, 

enat o' th»- «'. U't U,.u-e 

Main - tre.-t, lojilh 
}M. I. 

I 1 *.W«H8rBa r«at«arajasai »•.! OssassJaiaaB M,r- 
W* tMat, auU alsslsi in Or Keiim, HirJw*fe, Que n»- 
vTaie. Gla-o» Mscsasjiss' Tm *. s ove.  Caaniaaw, 
...i.l To. ware, H oU. i.e.. Mats. Uti l aps, (.nr.* tn-l P|„. 
I ^ BelaJ ,iiiU Si vcr STalhhss, •* ! notion* &c. mam at. 

\? * BTBI.KTH, l.ivery ami SalaSUh'a. in . in at.e t. 

L • next atom la Tunny A KaaasthN BaMlsn Si.oj 
w'..-re ca.i bf i .uni ttlJiag rutrasa, aj| Am iligin . new 
• U4 le-ani H.rn -,«. Alio, Hoi.ea Ukcn to bte.k to the 
Sald!e ..r Hari.eaa. j,„. |, 

\\T kl M. MU.l  K. i o.i,t r aaral Cailactar.— 

*f Oflkce neatly  .| p nails Mw Court H«.u e. jan 1. 

I P. MII.I.EK. Copper, Tm. and  «taee; li. n W r  - mm 
• iitartur-i. i 4 if«a ei in M^aaa, HaUaw-waaa. faasjaa 

C a re er sa Mats) seal Was-— a. Jar. I. 

The Troy Daily Times S ays that a ^S^^u^r^Vff^^ 
elenrvrnaa of that city married a roaBg H^'Safil!? y ' t! hM * Utar  - llw *  s pi* • aa 
duple one evening last week. After the 
ceremony had been performed one of the 
groomsmen slyly handed the reverend 
yeatleiMM the following note, contain- 
ing a ten dollar bill, as his -'tee" for ty- 
ing the knot : 

" .Mv ran dcar sir — You did me up 
hrewn last evening, and 1 thank you for 
the very agrei able manner in which you 
performed the service of ei'her render 
IHg me one of the hap, i»-st or o ie of the 
no t miserable and unfurtunate of br- 
ings. 1 sincerely trust and be Here the 
I ifter will be the case. My wife, that \  

M's. , is a tee duly gr itefbl for yout 

ioetrbiitentaKty in making her what she 
•■as so long d ea ired to be— a wife ; but 
 he don t care a lip srbetber she's !ia t  ; y 
o n »t- she s got a mm now, and that i^ 

• lhr a-e accept the enclosed SlO ball 
riie ti^btneea of the money market p:v 

it- a heavier remittance. I will, h »w- 
erer, enter into an ftrraw sre me nt with 
vuiiT m\ rfile and myself intend to see 
arhal emm be done in the way of as i-t 

nt«»ng l»arnu-n"s baby  h ip n. xt atjnv 
ne,. If we j;et a prize, we'll divide the 
i . .uits aritb you, 

Yours, matrimonially, ."' 

Lovk am» Law — A young lawyer, who 
had paid his court to a JTOfMg lady with- 
out much advancing his suit, ftccnaed her 
one day of being insensible of*' tbe pow- 
er ol love." 

M It does not foilow," she archly r  
plied, that I am so because 1 am not to 
bewon by 4 the power of attorney.'" 

A Aice Crow. 

A somewhat fond and jealous wife, 
whose suspicions of necadilloes had been 
cavalierly met by her husband stopping 
her mouth with the saying, ' 0, that i  
a nice crow for you to pick," came at 
last to her dying bed, round which stood 
her mourning spouse and fine yotitig 
family. Hearing a heavy sigh, she thus 
addressed the former : 

"My dearest, I cannot depart 
in peace without confiding to yuu tbe 
secret of an inconstancy — the only one 
of which I was ever guilty towards you 
— but — but it shocks me to confess that 
one of these dear children is not yours. i' 

" Heavens!" exclaimed the maddened 
husband, " which of them is it that does 
not call me fatber?" 

•* That," replied the fainting wife, ral 
lying her last breath for the effort, ' that 
is a nice crow for you to pick!'' 

rtWASK IKKi AN o. Gj. aiitilh.ilealrr la PialoK (.una, 
S7 M la St reet, i  nti,i .hi. Ky. j?n 5. 

•IVl.iAMS A. CI K.M.N. AttOVSey al l..w, 
s. .ay, wlli practlcs la the circuit court of Han im... 
csaaajty, la ca an aactlaai srtta Was. Harahall. Ksii.. if .iu- 
211MU. Ky.. w li o ariH tsvreaiUf rasalerly *tteuu the nar- 

r son   ,.u;tv. Odi e la tn«- Oajsjai bSSaa jui 1. 
' i K TO v aa KV.-.. hi li. 


Caipat Bsg Maw af ac ter sw. 
"ay a — lasita, mt tsis aaataal stv;.- and ass 
J .'i-woi i, an i rasaurtsji attaaaV I u • km 
sa inaT t., n xt j,(..i to the Uaary ,si,».ie. 


nent at- 

SS, sht ;i 

Jaa i. 

1 I OOKB v CUaOS, Healer^ 
; I Go nl«. (in i^rie«. II mlw ira, Cuff 

in staple ;,n i raesj Brj 
. . naseasarare, 

'nut* and RkoS*. Hats .,nd C»;.-5. Ke.i Sy i e Clwiailic. 
*eaeel ••oo»s. sta-Joiury, Ac , N :;;;icu ; - r ". .- 


aad eike at*. 

Rata, pat, I 
1 mil lilt Mi 1 

t I!. AT 
. V . i  i , ii 

a si • 

in I. 



i : ; *» can i aw t ewi ran ■ r. 
Six atawa sjlsjee y,.urt'i. ajsa t\t Pi »:- :Jirt, 

rarHOLXSALa HATraasa v„*a 4# 
 ^ acA atfva*, bevaraaa Ka e a-. ; K m — P,:a   raaasai 

11 -'I M,i , . tt. ¥ ; t.,r tJJ 

aoaaatt howe. 

JA.MEt SP *. 


Groceries, Wines, Liquor-, I . 

No. 0 Madison-st.. ops MadiaH k .*« 

ALWAYS i,^ HAM'-FS* fnmh, Pe c 
Ap. l- Bi injiea. Old r orr, Mj.catai.i 1 V, 

Old Bourdon Whiai 

n - »».■ 

aj i SJ -» 
»-H". a 

I. J. W0RKLM, 
Wanaai aaai n nam siatvann 

«faV ttl .Mam St.. eatt nae. door below cat, 

  ;YjSM E L T A'.:  T-.fST C«*. 1J.M, 



c. eTmeyee, 

D i: a L i: R i jv pi.) a os, 

Music and Mu3icai Instruments, 

Corner .Tlaiu tiuu Hainan a eaaai ia, 


r ' * i RASCE— Tiia lion Baaaaiaai NkllMarr] -»:-e- ?»a- 
L^j atte tua i-h«iiU Uoiel. eiatios Tatau  a*i "w»m ral 
" ■■■ ; - a. p7. 49-aoi 


rr.A!.-.;R-! in 


4th nnd 5tli doors HfTest oi B-oad.vay, 

tlNCI.^Ti' A'i'l, OHIO. 

TRKT aol'clt a call !i r.i u \. r. e.- aR,' -ac a.hl-a 
s-. e.a 'y li :^ 

J^r riucV U of * »u • i or 

WnA InMi al No. 60 Fcurt*«»t., 

i'ni; iATi, nmaax 

D. A. v?SUAX 

I ,4 * SaK, Uaaier la Dry-G ilea. Hard- 1 TTAS mew ika lantaawtad 

• y . arara as4 Cottary, a Aieat Madiciaca. Cottoa Vara*, j t"L .' s 

V ■ .III st 

i 9 mi Laaaeao k'kiTm.Tn""^ ,., SJaTsjid 

I. K.ncy I ry «..i .is, Broaa iaa Qacan 4 * 0 » 
Bao4a, ataaaa, . ,i ill oatarr g*m a aaataJly X*tct ia a re'aii 
house, taaiof tne c ,uit house. ,na:n a:. ' Jml 

v'   Mt'Kl. K. HA * 8, Coach , La: 

_ 1 Pi^ e,  , u;h aids, .• 'n,.ve Crais at. Carjagloat.B.y. 
Caiilaaaa, kansM aad .Spring \'«a;;soii, coaataatty oa 

»• - .- « f Hal • t 
K_*ei,V ...r- 
nasal 1 1 • »,i • i a - ,v 

«■ ■ -tment p' 

- i  ;.\ c m 1 1, 

fe C".*». ."••» cn ; Bsc a A 
aaat Pia Fo.ta 
ly. Atao. M»iaa«a Co.'a 
as, very ai..iis. me 


/Hf.VltLhS C -IXINS, *«:; He:. it Drotrist, 

Ra 3*, PabU j b^adiaf, comer nf Frmt an' •-• 
iif.rc "i-. Claclaaatl, O. Phyaiciaaa aad ccu.r.ry Ve;- 
cfaaata aeyst i sal ouliiierat una. m-iran. 

J" t». PATCH. Paalar !• Blaflt aad F. u  ' rv tioids 
' • acott-at^ Spynalf aa  e:iJ of Lowei iaarket. Cov- 
ington Ky. miir gj 

I OHX .VACKOT. Wa»laaats aad Katai] Dnlaeta Dry 
'  io «is. Gr.iceriea an.' Proilaca. laxli taa Pika anil 
a se a e ifc street Market Kpars. near Kail Koad Baatot fov 
iaftoa Ky. aiar:3 

eaUeaad R'tail n».»if ia i" tat. 
Cijara, ToS c u aaad s. \Iu- 
! lac k ira, .vc ., corner ..; .' I • i k ei 
iTiagtaas, Ky. JaaalaaiT~ Sai 


A -. t.AIHD 'A i .• 

p-, - i*il aad tfaai'stti 
sic«! laa lumeun. Ki-i.ii 
Sp c,; ,i nil Sco -; -'r-.-r (' 



RI'BL'.K. V ith.i 
hiana. Ky. 

aala M il l i ae r , wssd ad »:reet 
j.a I 

AM, Mauul ictuie.r aud l)e,i .r in H. :., aad 
ol every Stjts »ud quality, i'. rtfi:.8»s a II 
kiudrf al Peltries, ndpiya the ui,ue»i mirket pr.r, •.— 
W eat si,!e south end oi .Main st. Jaa 1 

ry{. \ j m 

VJ Braaadaaal . 
p i arte: aad «i t 



X7° A Mfine inareHanl nnee left a mm 
p^-'tr'd as ist.atit in lii.n cellar, und said 
to blip, " Now. lfst yon -hntil | drink th»- 
trine wlnl* 4 1 am away. I will cnalk yorji 
mouth so tliat I may know it." He Iben 
robbed! bia nail aaroaa th** t?i in'  lip  
and pretended to leave tba n.ark osTehatk 

n tbe 0B. The man drank of the win.- 
tad to b»  even aritb hi- naaator,«i 
ins month, an I thus discovered blmaell' 

A  m • rl Kny. 

"Well aoaar, wrbaan piga am tboaa?^ 

Old sow'.-., 'sii ." 

' sow is it?" 

41 Our ol I man's, sir." 

" Well. then, who your old man? ' 

M ll you'll mind the pi-^s, I'll run borne 
ind ask the old woman." 

4 - Newer mind, sonny, I want a reman 
  »y : what can you do?" 

" Oh ! I can do m »re than considera 
»le. 1 milk the j^ecse. ride th- tarke\- 
i water, hamstring the fraea bupnern, 
U'ht tires for llies to court by. cut the 
i i'tons off dad's coat when ba*a at pen) 
rs. keep« tally t'«»r dad and mam ay ben 
hey scold at a mark — old wmiiai) is al 
imya ahead?" 

•• Got any brothers?" 
• Lots ol 'em— all named Bill, tnrcep 
[}■» )-- bia nain-'sSam; my nam-'s Lar 
V, but t iey call me Lazy Laurence fbi 

••Well, you're most too smart for me ' 
' Travel on, old stick in-the-mud, I 
ebna't hire you for a boss to-day" 

REAi K. in parsaaaietlf locate 
astern '-ia , in t!-i n ,l an suae li 
au l wi I • roinpt'r aad toittiTJily 't'emi l«aU hit 
tHt%-* rasa ttit t i aiia r ~rs. A li ero ah^raof UmmMI 
aatr.«a*M ia re-p^tti.iily soliciteil. Office at Jeaaaa Kaa 
m's  tore, aifcara a« aaaj ai all Oaaaa aa Sj i I. an  ■„ 
sroa aaaaa»all| absent. jalyS7ad3-aai* 

« B.HKETT O wis 

laTILL [ir^ctice Law ragalaf ly in he Harrtaor. ( o'irt«. 
»1 Office in the i ooin r,n meriy occupieil t   therounr. 
t'ouit. in the i on it fe use Vai '. Bia Clark, Taaaa, J Ba- 
i.iott. in y he fo'.in l in las offke at any tlaaa hy uereoi -. 
wo»iiins to m ike bu  nes-  eagaaaasjate. 
rvaeataaa. May je. na. 



nTeatt-rn How ,  »|»2»oaite (alliunne Rf. 
M.a«t.nt^ WiSlTl ,  ia*iafactar«r «.rd l»e-.:er la 
I Mo u th u  ■. I.  iii  -. Braar-Maasa, M ni'e«, Pur.u- 
.i Siaaw, aa a au Ba** aar Ma aaa tlasa, Baaataa I . » ■ ,n 
e 7 en Isasarca. At. ., Ac. 

lanlaaa ii-.m « 1 1 pans • i the Stat-- ?r mntiv ttta ded to, 


■ o r k dVJBdl tl y :: v / ; CO te n. 

laasfaB -6m 

TO a*«9Nlllt SS llVU. 


MAVK est -bti-bci ■ eaSBM IL AGKXCV aad ! Ti !.• 
I.IG- ME 0KKI1 K. f aaviMSaata, Ky.- Thev 
viii oev ,te - arttaalar a tt-, t on to ibe pa ream an.l *«' € 
' Ke-.l K-tite « rm', Vi imp' oveU I a aar.r! City Lota 
l^araaaa mhm feaaa LaadB aar aala, asa laaliad ta c*M ape 
r filter .1 .n -crii-t on oi U« asaas, tr.e o char; a. ,r nt 
sta. i»ee ia. M«tta«ssa aad Uoatraat* a rrectlj aaacatad 
' i ait tini". The  wiilaiao comluct ike aaahl haaiaeai 
• lute iig »«C'- Oflhca, aadaaMSSaear ia aceoaiiawdatr 
lit* das a'a s « of all, ami give satisfaction M the M Waata" 
nd ••W n;e l" uejiai Isaaat al if- 

juneJ9nrtS OaSMS l».'ven k iSd ^1 llaaa-Mtai * 


if 1 * «« 

. I llll-.lls. 

Klf'II h,« j-i»t rrtnrrrl f New V 
laj se aad aadeVlid atocfe i • t»«»n •,«■♦«., 

t lowera,, t ill broialrrlON , A C «X 

i vaici ihe woulil inT'ie p-.'tir ular »ttenli' n. Her 

MAMTIL LA h i: PA R r.M L.\T 

% a'«o Tery ennip ete, aad n! lli» latt*'. ISalgaa I» 'ie- 
visUisa   inciaaatl will f.n t t   tasM li | .c^li oi 

vl »mS. KITH, hefor* aaaklar Oail ftarina aalavtlen ■ 

BO. i04 Finn sTRBaT, Ea . Bits aad Hiun 
inar:niiSG C1XCISM HI. i HIO. 


I THE «uharriher« wi:' f.rni-h in orrter BTIt.DlSG 
STOSBS.of all k adn.«i MAHBUt TOMB ST05fe  
,.f material and workraa: sht| I at . - ■rpaaas* \ 

the Weatern c.un'r  . and aa ^hr p..a-u. i«*,peM  'u 
sh ipison O at a a s aai of Ninth aad Mi i«,.n ft lOVING 
I'OS. KY.. wi'ere they aUt ^e f at all .ime« read) 
to attend promptly ta all ..rde a si r. .• tntnutsd t, 
Oieir saea. 



■yTriLL v.v :.t M .nd3d! 

  \ ..• t-ry ... .. 4 a. Veal t\ a e. 

Oct itm 

Buy Your medicines and Dn.^a 

OF AN BXeaRUUCBQ .'NO :'."Af Ttr aL I 'i. -T. 

and i K - no ravai mm v.-i?... bi x. 

P|AV:i» a. OIVk.Vs has a--- -r d the a -wc- . 
Un. \. ?*»  a Itl* »t«: , aaa af hs-t i . 
ia Kaatkcky, arhuaa eatf Haaaan i aa da, or aa 
sastasaa. ju . a . a 


WFF. C. 

J. \- N )D9 


\o. nr, nnin m 1.01 

\\ • HOIdhBi LI r Rrtaii LfeM 
 » BtaeC*Sl la taa   ;• and coai 
count'y wi'l rtctivc ,.'r, ,;t:n 
Moii. w •. Acn t. Oct. I 

sam »a:r^v:aai»v«-m^tta sea .-is 


MfOarrana of fink watckkb, go; i  ai»i 

VB1 W.|Rfci I II ii J A Li .v ... 
ANI» FANt V coou 

Washington House! 

Main St. Covir.jton Kr..'t ha Vaa -s Fairy,   p^..« M -r- »te,-n aasj 
Ctaciunati. Ch.j' V. c r la T»vroi.»i;e |rt3V  
foten. r, BI L BU OE .v Bla*lM - 

doc.Tth -j. U Fr..p«-.e 



Cor. yin«i;**»ia aiial TMadl *»•«-. » ovi»zt*»aa 

nVSiaasS Mae sad tba traaatt :i  H « « 
iJ pleaknc'. »i .e ha«aa lafsl •.,  «•. B «4 

Stabiaa aad * 

a. p. ju naan. r.rrr »ter. 

I. B»!tiY. Aasi-t taaBaifj y 


t I iCf ^ ' c 
. 1 1 aaa) I Iraa. Japa 
Backet* .» c . Ac. v. .-  
haat aide, t'.ro- - el « i I , 

• c\ msi t aMBj v. 
sk'iwt; naraa, .ca CIh sra, 

I'ipr, AC. * atrny, .r i;- B . 

inc. sad all klada a» J.b^ir. . aawtl at. •. u'et it a. 

is -a Or.'e-a *r ,ii -a • c - • i. ,-y , r oth»r- i--. 

pr aaptiy sttaadad t". 

 -ll Coppfr. Br&a«. ar. | tw.-r a ea ir ric- pa rr 

w, te. }u»-*iarc- » 

ia,. T a. C e aajaf 

I:--.* \". *:r , % 
Bi ll st. a». 

sta. r- - air 


u BO I r- • ' - ' • A r ■ a i\ 

Baaajata nnd ?«*. :. - . y i.e. ds ana (ra. 
re i »«a. 

C.JJ". *Vfl(i.*r : « nrd 0 .xl\ $'.r*t' . Oaai tgHn 
pB F* OTiiv aal ; re..-~. : . g, 

IV ia- »• h.i i ia ' M) la* « 

: IKCV i »»l s {.i.iaj s, 
at) h ». • f)  i nibt'-s Icrtes K ■ - r; . . - r - , 
SBhta Paaasea, ( w a-.*.  \c I'aa- r.. , ta**ala a».. s hirt' 
ir.f » F:»ane!». Baaksa ria. . ,^ • . 

 ti»o. a eecer.t aaaata*Sa *ai al nBOOBlB 1 Mad r»- 
etaau. al!a  arhkh will taa sold at tLc loo * • ra,|aj 

ete*. j., rra^tt, 


Blf n are ctsalrajaa sd c   rs Mi aB ej 

al l iupeii. nil r .i i.«, bj« t-'c »* ■ 
f. nods. I ■ i.j. h •■ IK I tai as e. sj i ha 

Goo-la are *• nreiyi:» w ii. »-yie aUbaalar haat p or. 
aiaa  fa»l .pn, f. fm- ■• - ia war: ■ f i ..p-- {Jg. 
no* in n.i«a this or5»"r •• 'ty --.tba Gaaata aaa ta »« 
nU i.o hinii e ; ai   . s ... i ^V G ' 1 r' ,a 
^e,'. « sated, em r«ci . 

StajJe and 1 'u ry Drj Ccuh. 

 f alt ie-c. if.-. ... i«. 

Th* pn'-Hc are ieap»^t   I . Pe!a taa ra ' *jt ! 
ne on." a'ort anfl ptico.j. • •- - atr «»•! » % ; 
,nd t.^wnr M. ,aet *,mt« ■ 

' * in-*; 

• •r.l 


For tii • Cftk'u as •• 
Mr M;«k: \ : la Iks ■•: I 

Si 1st I   •   PII1 : •. . 1 i 

4 Taa Temp t i i • • Coan I i i i " 
an arti  \e, n to from , . 

fricud of Trai] • ;■•«• •  ni 

tim«», is Brrtain ty •' I I • I • : •• 
cause tin injury. I root ;  I lie • I 

i\\c of October it »vaa lea » I tl»  
.Vi  n ls nf Te ;»   • bo • • \* 1 J ni 
convf.iii'wi. in theeily oi i .: . . II  , « ;. 
the ISth nf 5 »• ** attar, for Uie p«r| - nl 
lakfog into con " i ; *' ; " '* • 

an I Lu i! '« I v. . o..r. Tw ; iMic merl- 
ins* wen lull i . Cynthiaa i, m srhicl 
rssttlati »• * - • pas*. • I i" •• :•.••  
jag • .  .!• v' i jvew ion tad bji 
lioinM ■ •• M ' ' s (in the ►of wb;e!i 1 
BSC rt*s M Ml • .'»..'. 
t.-ni tin' saxa •. Tin |»ro 
twi iMifE* were puoli.-uro 

Hii:t Ne\v«t. I 

tfeara in wypwrfttow I o lb« R iti • 

rain'i  a?f* '. iii foi • 1:, ■ C 
and made iv :nin :.; afu r- 

\var ls». v. a*. W ti.y opini  b, • ; •• |»  
time lor tl:« ' .Vi*u;!s"' of ; i •  • i ■; .-• Jo 
tli-icu— the •;»• »p i itj*' of 01 ikin : :t; .n.- 
nntions. Toe **ewmi t n trill, of ooaree,'.i nSo.t; it vSa i i ; mv CSV tl i il :V 
most harm. 

We h:ne imaamtM L 0»a g •*•• »«• 
tlx nt \ that mh t m ti» coqMPtttee of fifty   
who vera imo ' I 1« d  a*t let tUe » r i- 
iri'-tv oi n • n . itia 'ciadM ita* a il f • 
deliberation, there were many Nritfl : 
jfraal uvii ftOKMIf '. a - !:t '•Ta f: i tlda 
Ol' tke. «•;».: «•   | i • !•»;;• rMh P tvlai OJ - 
posed '!:•• |t( BttttOM of Can i..":.ta  m- 

tireJx V i i j i ur inf i Bant meanl thai 
th«  - •• i i * a::d t: to ! men* 1 irere 

at proliibiiioii, al our next Aug i lee- 
t\f u. I •'• e :♦• .|.d i;r.l if; ! Land • ■• 
qLi« 'ii»-:ir- thai .. . • .. f  re tfa   ■ I 
i «-it.-» a. iin hjIm i oi I'.u' cam BUI B, »Q ^ I 
u\ a a large m' r*ty eppo- 
srd to MO ttiu: ' tlieiu : I: .i : di : u »1 

mi to noiuiti * injj i nt in ly . I ti i - 1 i lal 
«i.v mof\ itroagl)   pp toad : • n a n t 
tin^ ia.'.i. di tU ly, • al) a .... 
few inuaths. uaiii lite i \'.,f.- p 
made tn ir i.  :i. iu ili  »u*. 

fail ■ to ie.-.\ a the mad. 1 would Lk  
publte to know thai the lault d(»e« 
t M*at Wtlfa Oie. When I deserve ceo* ] 

:::e l wiii fobtnil to it ebeerfolty. but 
sol a : . ■ ; at.-' dear: The iray it §tand« 
a - .-, it ail falU upoa ray bead. In tbe 
i  sl hortibejf of your paper 1 read a let - 
t«'.' from Mr. .\]a leira, ploariag hid skiits 
ci ail blaiae. 1 do hoi cb irgc .\ir. M;i- 

d i a with any Degleet J hut he knows 
thai be had a " s'lh-iitute'' on the niara- 
; the fitluri of the mail i have 
Lm . a Boil a_;t itl four osoatba, and doriag 
i.'.ue bave eq leavorod to dMcharge foithftltfy and to the best of my 
IjUi tbio ah.:.i:es. Ati.i 1 am natirfied i'aat 
orery postmaster, or iadividnal on the 
id, lb it koo m lae.wouhl teetify t!  Lhe 
JTou nill please publish thin 

. a . BU 1 let ihu fault rest wh.-:v it 

k lon^s. Very respeetfaUy, 

Liswa P. MoaracifB, 

' . . : . t ittm M B r.n;i ; h 

Phe Chri tin Advocate and Jouraa 
i tbe rctunid for the pa^t 3 ear 

froui lhe several Methodist Episcopal 
Annual Confi reneej ia the I.*. S.. which 
( chtbif i!a  fbUoirtng totals : 

Number of members G?U,3S'2, and pro- 
. loon 104,070 — befog na increase al 
'.'.:) nt meurbera during the year. 'I'he 

: 'aerol traveling preachers in the sev- 
esal po a ler en cos is;^, of which -1,814 
are   Sectire, lhe remainder being super- 
anunted or supermini Mary. There were 
•i'2 deaths among the traveling preacberM 
during tbe year. Tije number of local 
preacher* reported is The total 

amount  d missionary roatributiona re- 
ported (Vom lhe coofi renoes is $%29fl49. 
Tbe largest amount is from the Ualti- 
nsore eoolerence, which raised 129,234. 
The German missions of the church are 
also pr  iperous and report 13 1 ir* mem- 
ber*, which is an increase of 1HGS during 
the past yeas. The contributions of the 
Germans for religious purposes, also 

. a handsome increase. 

. an a 

x bad 

mace lodepeudenl nomiuat!ou. r . 
nsmos bad tanght the (Wen is 1 :' 
nnjunlbai nothing was lo berxpee 
t mm t a m -• bI tbe 1 » parties, la faror 
of Fsmmeranoe, an I that it ami nm 
Perth m bile to n ail on Um us. 

1 never beard i»ut K onc f ' metals r of the 
Convention s ■. ibt I more was to be ex- 
pected f:om one paily i!;.:a from lhe 
 »!!:( r. 1! sa.i be has been rlc ■ I on 
into ' c« : tain members," Ibt tne purposi 
i i preatiag ...» slat .a in lii • : tn{M huc* 
aaa&s- Yin no nil 1 iono 1 li ; tal a 
inajoritv of the memb r- iv not ; I 

vent:. ». 1 e t mc:u wilhug to comiti) lavar 
of bath partii *, by selecting a Whig sod 

Democrat U | iati , . If tbej 

had s« lecti ' . . .• you . '■ al . bave 

r-aid they were cw ig the tvhig party , 
i.r, bad thei 1 fallen   .. I • .. 

ami ■ ue . i\ air y, in ou: tiads, de- 
Irmiinod to d  .?. ! ► with our enemies. 
Hut the 1 . ... by aeh ingU mper* 
aace men, irr» - : " cti ire of p: , ha* pin* 
ced her aorninea 1 on n platl •. -u that no 
such charges can never sbnke. 

1 am anign rant f tbe Know X : .■ 
hsgsasyon p to b*; but if they 
dm not, in alma be Northern States, 
nt ihe bite ; led una, Bnite with the tot 1- 
j.M.iutr mrn, i v at acJuMwiedge mvseif 
a natural kaow BOthi  j. li ace of their 
prim ipal objects is (;:• I have heard) to 
puidy the battot-box, t'o-y enntMl do it 
better than bj uniting with the friends of 
teinp  mn m 

In esmehaci an, yon say ; M Until there 
ii* s Ktrnng probability that a majority ol 
the peoj Is 1 4 K.enl . kj are ia favor oi' 

temj»ei an BC . iws, wn thi:i!v l!i ;t j)arlv 
(/Ught n /t 1   mak  a iiiiuatialjs." ]|« ;  

ibe em mas are pot In Mash, from bar- 
bsg aaajoe t '• to thi ::i more thnn they 
have evar asked for A pea ty mont not 
noaaaau " candidates ui^il it bna ■ 
major;';.! What would become of lhe 
nsmvmrntte party if it di i not mai..- aom* 
in n t io ns withnnt there wa* a "strong 

iTfh'ibildv" of I here li-in r *i iri'iioritv t t 

denaocrnts In K  atucky. Bui the ;.ii ■ U 
ho rsnmnlons thai farther commeat i  
BBMsers Mmry. 

In bbj humble epiaioo, ■ m rity ol 
the pnople of Kentucky ahl in lavorol 
prohibition. |'«d 'deal ilemagoguefl are 
afraid lor the ejU4 tit a to come before tb 
people, and th -y cry out : Don't disturb 
our u political eajutiibriumr' I think il 

w.ii :. • : • CO;l:p!( ;  -i ihro \ .1 h_. ia •. 

August, as to astonish those oppoi : d to 
Jiec. tn, 1 "»1. " Panaiarni 1. 

Cov. Lax. II. li., I. It 
Bn. Cwmtass Naam: 

Sir — 1 s. »- by a late another of your 
paper, a call on the mail agents to be 
mine careful to i  a re the Cj ntninnn mnil 
when tiny pass mrongh; .-tating thai 
thev hnd railed to do »   an  m»«: BccasioB 
— a few days pn \ iau.- to the notice ipo- 
la n af above. \ow. it is well Unowa t 1 
mvseif, an d other* oa t'ne r ^ad. mat i 

The HfsrM i » :tou:ui. 

M 1 rem mber weU,* 1 said Tom, • that 
ctrcum taoce — my nndc, when 1 came 
a school, asked me, among many 

.. r question -, if the earth was round. 

• Yi s. sir."" 1 replied, the earth is 
rouad, and, like a ball, seams twinging 
in lhe air."' 

•■ i don'l believe it.** said he, u Scrip- 
U rdnnl tay to ; Scrtpter tells about tie- 
mar winds from the (bur oa ra er s of tbe 
tb, aud that's proof enough that the 
ro Id four .- p: ire. And the sun doth 
m an I tis«'. or our eyes lie. \ow I be- 
lieve laat the tun sets la a hole on the 
other si le: an 1 that the sky is solid and 
round, and the world is four tuuare and 
iat-footed. n 

M What supports the earthT 1 1 inqui- 

• 'Pillars,' 1 sai l my ancle, triumphantly 
■• An ! what do t!ie pillars rest anon," 

mid 1. 

-•I've always beam 'cm say."' replied 
my uncle, 11 thnt B little 1-arnin* is a dan- 
gerou* thing. Go and aak vour aunt 

•• now, Bode,*' said I, u hang a big 
impkia t«l the ci iltng and daub it over 
with m ilasses, and amen v.- u sec the 
lies gather around it, imagine it it the 
world, and the flies its inhabitants." 

That's the way it works, is h? We'd. 
Tom, is it b f.ict that the Chinese walk 
with their feet fern eat our'n, and their 

' •' Yes; »*r  

• And i ; il a fad mat the devil* j lire- 

Br'orks are right under the earth?" 
u Yes. sir.*' 

" Well, 1 wonder ifthe d .1 Chinese 

ain't bothered a goad th ai with the 



not on tae car«« ih a 

ure o' 

evening   . tin 
man mat 1 
pot tO I 

' ir BtM Del 

ruing this fail- 
ben 1 passed down the 
1 i te d-;y . ihe roung 
the nail »r  m tbe de 
. . a ked me tb i cause 
g a mail in t ie war e 
i knew n 'Man x about 
wis i 

nTssamexox. Dec. 30. 

Sen at.! — Xot iii session. 

Hot si: — The Speaker iaid before th»- 
Einaaa tevernl executive comrnuuica- 
ions: one enclosing a plan for the or- 
ganization of the District of Columbia 
manna Asyluav 

Mr. Washburn, of hfaine, asked leave 
to oiler a resolution that the Secretary of 
the Navy, if in bis judgment it is not in- 
consistent with the naval service, to pro- 
l le a  hip to convey the works of indus- 
try and art from this country to th*' exhi- 
bition at Paris next year. 

Ur. Hamilton objected. 

Mr. Palkner reported a bill extending 
the provision ol the act af August, 1848, 
to the widow* of officers aud others dy- 
ing in the military service of the United 
States. I' was referred to the Committee 
  I the Whole on the state of the Union. 

Mr. Phi Ips introduced a resolution, 
a hich was adopted, instructing the Com- 
mittee on th-- Postoffice to inquire into 
:' e exp  dieney of establishing an ex- 

eas line between St. Louis and San 
Prancisco, for Ihe transmission of letters 
and the tocreaseof pootnge. 

Mr. Lane, of Oregott, introduced a bill 
establishiag an addttiouaJ Land Office, 
iu that Territory. 

At this stage It was {band a quorum 
was not present, and the House adjourn- 
ed until Tuesday. 

•a \.i ri B*WS« 

The Acapulco correspondent of the 

Panama Herald, in a letter dated Aca- 
pulco, I )« c. 8, says : 

Since 1 wrote you last things have as- 
Fumed a warlike aspect. The govern- 
aeal troops bave advanced oa Pro video - 
Alvuren's Hacienda and headipiar 
ters — be having previously reduced the 
i-snie toashns, and taken to his strong- 
holds in lhe im aotatns. They numhei 
.'.; 'JJ men, atal are advancing 011 this 

Is « We may, tberoforo, expect tin- 
lull to open in a few days, as Krovrden- 
k ia is on a lifty miles from here. Another 
tvtsioa ol tlie government troops, nuni- 
i: ring 1000, are advancing by the raasl 
ad. T :c Alvarez force iu this place 
esent numbers 1500, and are daily 

increasing. Tie y are well nrflaed and 
strongly forti6ed with an artillery batte- 
ry, plac  d on the summit of a command- 
ing mountain, which is .also covered by 
the guns of the castle. The forces of the 
Liberal parly in all in tbe State, amounts 
to ah at 5000 men, and both partie s, 
this tane. appear determined upon a de- 
cisive battle. 

The latest news we. have from the city 
of Mexico is. that Santa Anna is about 
calling Gen. La Vega (he who was cap- 
tured by Col. May at Pal a Aito.) to the 
Presidency, pro te.n.. as also s am" chan- 
ges bring made in the cabinet. Santa 
Anna is making preparations to go to 
Jala pa. 

The U. S. steam frigate Susquehanna 
arrived  m the s:h instant; tn coal and 
watt r. Hot commander, ('apt. P. Bu- 
chanan, officers and crew, are all well, 
aud bound home attar a four year-' 

The steamer Golden Age, which ar- 
rived on the 0th instant, brought Col. lg- 
nacio Comonfbft, the hero of the lleva- 
lution of the South — he who, with aOO 
men last April, resisted the Santa Anna 
force of 5,000 men in front of t tie eastle 
He brings a large supply of ammuni- 
tions of war .and money, which has bad 
a tendency to run the revolutionary stock 
up to par. 

Tiic Kmrmpmnm liar i'iiuc. 

The London correspondent oi the Near 

York Times [supposed to be Kossuth,] 
has the following interesting paragraphs 
in his last letter : 

London, Dee 8, 1854. 
Bttglnnd is on the point of concluding 
a dishonorable peace, or of divesting the 
war of even that particle of seeming 
liberalism with which it has been invest- 
ed until now. There are strong reasons 
for believing that the new year will open 
upon a new Congress in Vienna. All 
signs point in that direction, and one of 
these signs, and not me least though the ! 
last, is the resolution of .Mr. Gadstone not 
to a-k for a loan. There is money enough 
in the treasury to conclude a "little war.' 
although there is none to pro tecum a 


[iiv r i: it jg u it a :• 11 ] 

. Tilt- Ftt ua'r Alliiitic. sdiicd arrivril nt New 
York   n lbs tveaiBg °' SOlfa 1 Itiino, bn.uglil 
six days liter news firosi Europe in rffMrfto th* 
wa' m di'" Ku»t. &.C 
The Entrhsli ParlitmSiH !ia:l coBv Sa sd . A sill 

w is rssd IMS SBSSMtj ttSM l«  enlist n lt r«-. «r .1 Is- 

fj.iaa aitii t'l poiul tiie mliiia t;i gsritsons taroAd. 

Advice* Sfb:»st' to the 4th tilt. Ow- 
ing in tin* heavy aims. irBieh eootinued tn lull 
withnot inieriaittino. Bnthiag esoU l"* qsps. 
Tat trsashss «»t tin' tUist wnsrt lull tf water, 
uiul tbs road- iowa***b|e. 
Osisr tras at Varna, flisbsrkiag sisste 
Ths Spseeb of 1 bs Qucsn of Euglsnd, oat 

Mtf mbllBg of I'lirlianifiit, vvns wlmih rnnicil 

with l!ie trsr tatjects»with the exception of oiiH 
psrsgrsoh, is whislisht ssys sin? ins tonsludsd 
a treat] with the United Slates, hv which sub 
jects of lo;i^ dlfticulty sad procrsetsd sieesasion 
litvfl beet adjusted. Siio apeak* of the army it 
ihr Crimea with sSStitSttos and prslitSSS, ami 
protect lhe t»  s pcr etioa of the Prsosh, Sbsssys 
she baa coitchided ■ treaty with Austria She 
cells tat instant reinforceoienia i.»r the army iu 
tho Lniuca. 

The ftseigs legios is t   be contpseed ufSwk 
aad tSsi mitt 

(Sen. f^ itSB Bsc lies had arrived in lhe Crime a 
It take eooMBsad of  »cn. DssasBSorg*a divisi.-n 
rtie Danish Ministry had been reconstructed. 
Private rettSTS any t he ratification of the trea'jr 
wiih Austria was fTsbtBgad at Vienna on the 
1 4th ult., and it is stated that ifthe negotiations 
now pending da not produce peace, Austria will 
cslfcaut sixteen rncn in eacii thousand, which will 
bring over one million riieri into the field, and 
which will be done as early as possible. 

The Lexl of the Russian note which Prince 
Grortsobekoir addreatsd to Count Pas) at Vienna, 
on the 28th November, reads as follows: "The 
Seiiasegrt it authorized to declare to A. M. Buol 
that his Majesiy the Emperor accepts the four 
propositions of tl e cabinet of Vienna, to eerve as 
a basis for the negotiations of peace." 

EXrmmtB to LrsSKI*. -« Arrangements have 
been mitde by ihe Colonization Siciety to send the 
brig Gsa. i'lerce from Savamiah on t lie 80th ul- 
timo. About one hundred were to embark, 
m islly from Georgia and Tennessee. 

0^7" A candidate for county clerk in Texas of- 
fered to register BatmtgSS for nothing. His op- 
ponent, undismayed, promised to do the same 
and throw in n CTsdle. His npt— tBI rejoincdj 
I tad promised a baby-jumper. 

II.  i. FJKKEJ.'S Alt till A •"• 

nc ara t.. aoaeeaa Um 

j! \i: f, IN sllniuli.O! 

  iu effci dug mi. 1. • 
aei mm 1 i' Lnae, *Smi 
1.1:01-. haa fit a4 

111 w- 

U2t. O;^ 

to lupir 

grand one to a glorious and profitable Cftf" The inrshln pmrmrtj in ft so OtltSBt has 

issue. This now treaty is nothing, sir, 
but a eonspiracy of allied and alarmed 
diplomacy 10 make peace at any price. 

Tbe immediate result, the first fruit of 
this fresh move of diplomacy, is to be 
this : hostilities trill be suffered to slack, 
and to eras;- gradually on both sides, un- 
iil they may be, suspended quite. Wiu- 
t. t will be a reason, at all events a pre- 
text, to excuse inactivity, talking all the 
while the jargon of n?nr Once hostili- 
ties suspended, and perhaps an armistice 
concluded, negotiations will be driven to 
such a promising point of mutual recon- 
ciliation that, though the ultimate agree- 
ment should not actually be reached, it 
will be deemed impolitic "One s ff in 
lace of such goad understanding, a cam- 
paign fraught with such terrible eventu- 
alities, and made to spoil the whole web 
of peaceful dispositions. 

How to got out of the Crimea and back 
to the abodes of diplomacy, that sits 
shivering with terror though revived to 
unnatural vitality by the season of colds 

in the Isle ol Serpents? This will be the 
great problem to be solved, as a second 
step, iu order that military ardor, disoou 
tent and impatience — all the ingredients, 
in a word, that have forced out the "coup 
de main*" — ought not frustrate the work 
of statesmen. 

jiK-t boss assessed al afi0^U4,4UU which ia an 
increase of £74)08*489 over last year. 

fjr^/- The C hs t th t r t ba rg (Pa.) Transcript, a 
Whig taper, hoists lhe BtStt tf Lien. Houston 
f r Presi4cr.t. 


The public arc respect fully informed that 
specimens of IBS splendid Engravings issued by 
the American Artists' Union are now on view 
at the "News oltice." 

An early application is necessary to secure 
the be.-: jmprnttinat One dollar iimisssu t 

splendid engrsving worth two, delivered at ths 
time of purchase, together with a ticket en- 
titling lbs purchaser to a share iu the gifts to be 
distributed in January, v»lue one hundred and 
SAjP ihsotSBd dollars. For further particulars 
see advertisement. 

Agents, by applying promptly, can secure 
permanent adv intsaes. 

II w . il 

lag, t a r 1 1 
i»i ueivlutM 

S.31.-.I -.11 . 

etilit phi 

PC nm ly » vei iatruSucad lo is* i"" 1 ; 1 1 1 
It MiimiUio u.i- »irt"iU'ii , » , « Um ra a iat ac Uu 
4-natiI. s Kkttn JO' tlir w ofl !itM  —It peaatr.1 
beaea,   .Ming strengtu *m4  «t»»i*j taita 
powiurlkill) ..uoiiyii" «ad t»i»rfi  ki:»r» imoui 
aeoauslasa Sa»tsbtfully plaaaias •-aaaUoe il 
(Y'nli h iii'. ov.i*.; tu tta itewrhable aatici 
t'ti ii * u Mrifiri an 1 aratraiixsa Oial \  Ueaa 
mvc itriHcli i ulio.ti rvutlcra mW ultefwoa »or« 
cu t t » beai] 11 tiierrr.).-e is pecata rt y *i' • 
»i'ct'i  niif. riii* Lis»at«at fi»m o» f i »' - *a 
■treaektei kai fuailtie* i'ss h 'fn lasa I i" ^ » apo  iii fai 
Paialy.i. ur F la.. Wbl'.c .-wtltn^s ami di ea»e4j i.ia, 

• n l 111 tact nil c riij.!ain!*i?JYo vm: Inn mo^. nlai sjtt^ni. 
li li a « taStS ci'tt of ii lioun-ai i»m of i«Cn'j   i U Irtj 
 e.irs ataaaia;, ai:d *ff«-ct vn» (.1 lfc« |»a« wk*rai» UM 
•nitre ■siael cabuta araa  e craak»t *ns Siatoitt) . 11 at 

tlie 1'Bliunt toul.l uot ». a.-. ... s • - i d w 1 :■  u: ..'..I. 1. 

I 'i'i  rl. Numerous c i es or Isy have be n cured when 
tbe titth bail wubcrrd leaving iioib ui bai li e Sued ahJfl 
ami bone, aat tta Umaa tutniiy witboat a-a r teeiing.— 
rur Ohittrm aa4 Ccti a  il »• M kaa Onia   valaa. luh- 
bed and tathad aear thetbroat i-.i ci H n|i|Sjtin tf 
if eaiaeahaat ¥ aevaffttia bo ita    r lelia ifca i e »s n 
in ajtoaitaaaias ' ou^ump: Ma, SaUmi aad Cats*. 1 
ic.iis vv iQuda .-peed: I\ — m\ lcur*Scaldbt d, Jt»aj .« 1 
'Planters «nd tanear* wiUSad a iwtM 

line tona appuad lo llo;^-i and Catlla i»r Sptaiaa, 

li. lilst-H, 1, me e*». Stifl Juluta. HVNMI. .' .. SLoahttr, 

Wo..»».:i». Bar**, Spltat, t aafaa ur Call, Ilaj'd aad BjhM* 

• nil. - Ilj. Ii.ltr. 

Th^ paMtc ate caeUeeeS agaia I ■natae* our.ieifeit, 

«rhichba« t iteiy !« 1 • tapeataa a call. B . H. f ax- 

raU'aAl Mm I. minimi, the m-sL taasan ' af ail Um 
coUii'i't leits, because bis having the MUM t lelUakaaf 
wi!l huy it In fuh 1 ai;h, wIUmmiI Um ko«a StS ihel a 
coudte ie 1 Htiata, aad ibay will parhapa  u diacavai 
ihali •irti vaaa tha ntuuuus aiirtan ha* roagtitli 
■- v i 1 tffacta 

ThesaaiM irUata is aMaaSkcMaad only b  A. O. Kai 
re!, *.'.e laSN tot ami piui 1 iutur. .mil wiMtiaaala drasgwt 
N.i. I? main St. I'ooria. illiiu l!». to »vli. in aUaaaHiaa- 
tit t • f" » Asici.cies niu.-t ha adSrcaaaS. iii tvia yuu sei 

II with the inner* H. O. helnre Paneli's Ibus — H. O. l ar 
rell'a— and his s»ii.nat!ire on the wrapper, ami a 1 BtkSSS 
are count- rfeits Bolt ! y 1 . A GIVKNS. Cyuthiaiia, 

aiidiiy MtaVaitj taaSMVisaa i-geiits ibraaigbaail rue BaoaS 

SI ales. 

8^7-Piiic 2S and cents an 1 1 1 rcr ball te. 

Ssaata WaaMd iu every law*, trillagc and Xamltt ia 
tlie IfaiMd States, in winch one is not •treat J establish- 
at. Addreva H. ti. Karrcll as al.ove. ucco.iipauied with 
goad rafaraacaa as to character, lesponsibitity. &c. 

uov. 10— iw 




* i«'rt:iiu sale, alt* teal, Sad prompt remedy fur all 
x*. Iimw«i caaiaiataila, siu'n 1 Samaaar! omplaiat, 1H- 
arrftara. DyaaaMry, Bloadj Kiux. Cholera Mavbaa, and 
Asiatic Caohrra la tt* Brat aaiajaa. IMa lafatUbla aaada- 
ctaa is purely aegataMa aad 'ree irom nt; baattas ai p »i 
soiious aaaataacaa vkataeet. it's aroadcrhal in itsei- 

lects. yet h.uini. ss as water BS ti e Btaet SettcaM Jicrsou. 
This BMtfCiaa baa baea tn aaa fui | nu uhei of years, and 
baa repaataSI| cawed the worst al Hie ai ..-.e . taaa la ;   lew 
aalaataa, atMr »n bUkm naaaSiaa b«S balled; aad pt y a i - 

t iaas have pioinninced it one ol Hie a*uet VjL.alile leme- 
.lies known. It posit ively cures tlic Worst ol dise Mae tat 
which it la lacaaaaaVasSad in a shoit time, or the money 

Whoiesala a;eiits ;.,r the L'uiteii Ktatea, Papal So. 
Sixth atteet, between .Main anil Walnat, t'liicidnati.oriio 

tn whom all Baden auaai be addtaaaad. 

Also by Um fotloartui Agcata: 0. wooi l.Tr'K. ( n. 
thu.oa: J. A. K I U In PA I KICK, do.: JKSSK HAS BET, 
Bioadarell; 15. T. BOS AKLL, Leaaharg; BBOWB S 
BKOTMEK8, Kaddlaa Mills: ft. H. 1 UKBSX, Claysville; 
(.1.1 w It. I. S BLACK BUSK, Kiel toad; \V w. COS- 
WAYS I'D., IHlWreher*; B. AtLISOH.JackaoavlUa; I). 
OAiaa , Caairaaiha: i, i! t J. M vi^o.n. rerata 
Ketraat: ! B. T. BBS! LY, Mt. Otivat. 

saariEtatM r 

iltf *&& 

1 1 aai bj (ii 1 to all 1 1 » - , t - | u  c-f 

I 1 ah .v stttfcV. **.-). d uo .. , 1 . ,. jea s 

bail. tiaa. that tb«M ». as*a»aMa.baa  
» - ' Mil .!wr of 

■*•■ ' ■ • ■ ■ ui .aid ta  

r ) tu bava ( •«..: the j a , , •ttecaod 

I taar* . -o j. itl he  tohu ..f aaid 

I  llB*r*4«M .•'."•„ '■ »«•.. Iirmwill 

1 • U oa Jaaa-a C I • ■ , ... «flU« • an ihe*. 

■ • ■"■■•■ •■ ■ • - joke 

j I..- . - d »• .i- ;.  :•.•».., roiararj .... Uv* aaSaa* 

I - ' "» '• 1 .tea. i..r ; »-. . .- »...! itieoa 

I ii • a4 to the vet* aia fae,eaaa d te aaah. a   . ■%, fm 

1 -• - Ml I . tl e»: It) s tM »« • . .• 

' f 

ata« Mata JOkKPI KHAMiBAK, ASaa't. 


FertJaa » •   »  

M9, tlao 

Opened a New Hotel in 

BaeaatBl of Slon. fajanS 1'. Tton lit ad. 

With doep ragrot tra announce the 
death of our dittinguisbed IVIIon -ciii- 
/. 'ti Hon. James T. Morrihead. This 
event, which occurred at a late hour on 
the night of the 28th ultimo, resulted 
from a painful aad Hreariag disease 
which baffled the boat medical skill. 

Gov. Morehead has filled the highest 

offices in the $tate of Kentucky. As Go 
remof of the Commonwealth, and as 
Senator in Congress, he was noted for 
his high ability, his enlarged views, his 
strict integrity, and his earnest devotion 
to the best interests of the State aud .Na- 
tion. Kentucky — rich in the memory of 
departed statesmen and heroes — has pro- 
duced no purer patriot than James T. 
Morehead. The entire country may well 
mourn for the loss of sac h a man. But 
here in Kentucky, where Gov. Morehead 
was known and honored, not only for his 
public services, but as a prolound jurist, 
an exemplary citizen, a devoted friend, 
remarkable for his social virtues and his 
charming conversational powers, the an- 
nouncement of his death will be recieved 
with pn- found sorrow. [Co*/. Jour. 



ar, a tamous preacher 

who Hourished in Xewburyport, a long 
time ago, had the following request sent 
to him t » be read in his pulpit — 

'• Z tchariah Plumber and wife desire 
tn return thanks for being blessed with 
the natural const  quenses of matrimony ." 

XT"* 3 " There appears to be a great 
gathering'* about these premises,"' said 

B pretty damsel, as she put on her new 


•• Yes," quietly added her cou.-in, "and 
a great ' bustle,' too." 


hSOOBB & CUSOB (lale Moore & Ouddard) have re- 
.»! mov. •! to tlie store formerly occupied by T. M. Kize. 
Curaef of Main and I'ike streets, where they sha.ll tie 
h |i; \ to aaa aU UMir old caatoatera aaitatl otiiers wlio 
e»%i favo tiicm arttb a call. aaatSSaSI 


pott sale at 

tnui'sn nun's// 



Marks McCabe, 

1 AVISO pare baaed th" 
Poiiicroy. is pieparei 

ilJ ii 
line, at cli 

?pareii to Ti 
d* ol tl 
■ per n-tes, r 

ock of »:ats o! K. E 
h th« pu d C aa well 
e 11 1 . wi h ar: j,- |rs i 11 
ttia.i • ver oh - ed be- 

fore. At the old stand, on Main -tr-et, wheie the ai n 
ol the UIG 11 AT bangt, ia tbe place to be) yOBl Mats. 

nor? ly 


)KHSi N- 111 u am fKeitl a for the p^ip .se ..f ireaerv- 

tad stewing fruit u llfied tie aseaaairi keitle 
. s: the thing, at MAKI.N'8. 
ju!; 27iM3 

A s a atrai ih^ T 1 1 • taeef October la«. on tha 1*m ra af 
Bala U. Sanaford Uetai :i 1 I m.les toast tfCta- 
ip aa 0 Um road free* Itaejtea to Pan*, i»a« Bad Co« 
with eoaaa v.hit a y e i a alees *•«■'. bach with » tone baa, 

. bout 15 (reara aid; uppraisied ;.i he wml'i S'JO. by .laines 

Praaier .Mid Jim. \\ . Patlea, this rSad KoaeaaSar, itSS. 
Boa 93. -It JSo. xaTIt*, J. P. 


r pHK aadertdsjeod baa iaal recei -e.i aad lifaea I a larga 
' : mi areU aaaoclad atock al PaeMoa I la Kaad 1 mad* 
. lotbine, toaatbei with a torn stock ui t'lntbs, t°aa*i 
meica, VeatTnga, bttrta, «'i.!ins. l»iaw?is, t'rarata. 
-i.'C/s. Ueakry and Gloves, ceaaprialaf everything in 
ibe 1 nt '.. man's taratahiag Ilea, all al athleh baa aaaa se 
by Mr. T.J traaiar.a pwaaUcal Taimr.ftraaa taa 
beat beuate in the aaatera Market, aad which win he 
 old pcinii,a;ly cheap lor cash, or to men known te be 

1 uactaaL 

nV aederaifaad would pa: titularly call the atteulion 

oi the aabUc to his slock ol 

  loins, Caaalaiara and rssttaagsa 

Wl 1 1 !i are af a Maaeriee claeaef gaada, aaai wilt he made 

ay 4a tin' latest and mo,', fashionable at; les under th* 
•-up 1 nitetidpiice of Mr. J. T. Frazier, one of tha 'heat 
practice! catier* ia Kaetacka, They win he niadeii|iiu 
a laUafectory aaiBMar from ten to twenty per ceui chaa- 
par Bkaa any tailor iu the city. 

Ichaiu-e nothing lor showiiu goods; ao please call and 
c .vanillic lor your aa 11 i ati?!ac tiou. 

aTM.fl ehTTY. 
Main St. Lexinitoa. 

Lev iii»ton , nov. 18, '."»«. 

Just Becel v «•«! :« t 

a tera H All, 


A Large and well selected stock of 

CHI* A, 






lion  • PajralaMloaj  .ooda. Mep in at 
( binu 15, til una aa « 

Corner of foulli ami Scott St., Covington, Ky. 
Bar. ed '54tf 

Drug Store For Sale! 

'plIK subscriber, lataadlag to leare CoaiiiKtou, offers 
I lor sale his Dru'.- Store situated on the c rnerofScolt 
tt roeru atreete. 1 heie is a caraftlly selected stock af 
1 1 -. M.diiiiic. 1 hemic. il  ami Toilet Articles, Ac, 
ail 1 he Stand is one of the beat in the cily. 

The eutire stock aud futuies will he sold verv low for 
Cash. • b.MOKV t . KVAND. 

oa 19 ft-i.3 


Through to CINCINNATI In one DAY! 


M A VK Stan ni A Vlliaiillf 
to inn regularly between Car- 
liala and Cystklaaa M way of Mil 
ler P buip, Ku ldle  Mills, and Pori-Kt, 

Batreat. leaass 


Weflaeeday and Prid 
clock lx-.avei 


K»'r\ Meatday, Wedaeaday and Friday morninga, at 
half psal aevrn o'clock. l*avea 

Beery Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday at haifp'tt 
etoTaaA.M. the petreaes* of ibe Punii laraapacitai. 
l  solicited. 

Office at Vain*y Ilouaa, t'ynthiana; n \ al Carter It. use, 
Carltate. JOHN H 1 s. ACO 

Boa Dtb 

FAItn toil SALE. 

I. Iter far eala m  Faun, t'oetaialng IS ^rrra. alteatad 
th.eeq i rlera of a uaita aaat of addvilla la Martlaea 
oaat} hi., :to \srsof It areclearea ami irmnmier !• 

wo d lead. It has upon tl a onvorlaMe log aerrhing, a 
SI ; hie . Cora tins S c, and two urrei failing »p' 1 nga — 
rbe aoil I • Of good quality, and in giiad nrd r I". • ?aa 
aioa will he given on the tral ol Mar. h 1 ex . Porlernia 
nd karlter aertiealera affly to mr on tb prmiGes. 
Oct. lilt li. :tt w ILL 1 A I OS!«. 


aaj t&e Mag- 

: e li^ppy 

aax 11 ai« « u iri«-r ia. aad »a m»».j aaw naeeae) win 
*•» '•»•' '.v. ' ..i i ik a* aibu bevw boa and hie 

- .. • •(: e •'..-.! e , • ■ ,;. •» it UH . 

a !■■•■ ■;• ' he 11 ty a» e a 

. • - ; 1. ••■11 It .■ a ;o»d ilouae 
■ ■■ ■'■. ■ t k.-pt in 1 aaasbaSLtS 

- a aaca caU. H. V. h.. 1 l^ToN. 

• ••• 1 -. taaal ar, MSai aagaMali 


|  I wa'. ' BBSBT BXUB t at 

j L'l «Tn4S 


tkmm tm curr ier 

sua uaatju in 
WW ) I :s,   ML. c sl ; I . K AT H LK, 

Main six 

K'BBPI cat 
. bis own nuke. A Is •— Philadelphia Kid, Morocco^ 
I. iiiiu., BiMdiuy, and aU klada of Fancy Leather, Imaer- 
ter af "•toe line,, a. Baat » c:.h. Galloon, Kibboue, aad 
all klada of Triaaailaga, with 1 general asi 
tindiega, dic^ all of which aa will sei'. Wh 
I'etai!, low 1, th. Miieartlcleacau he b.jagbt 
iu CiaciaaaU. 
Oct. lS-Nena publish to amt ..f SI 50— ch Cor. Job. 

n iMtiTaaa, h\ „ 

side, bet w aai : :h and sixth. 
11 h t\ reneral aajajaajtSMBt af 


rt^UOSB kaeiac 1 lalau arati at the estate e ' e ;«te V 

Also Ciirri:i ;c" sstJ BUMgB. Rubes, Fool MuftV, 
Fur Ols s s t ; lit'nllii i n rt'^ervt rs: Fur Cans, Felt 
BnssOta" Misses' Flits; F-ir TliSMUBgs; Silk 
IMnsli Caps, RiStSg Hata: Sc't L'tissiuiere Hats, 
of all styles ami qaalttiss. 

Dodd & Co 


144 Btai!tBTeKT«ael«ee tonrto, 


g^HsNStl antl other aTBolttslB bllycr^ are 
invited t.  Isak tlirmio;li our stock. 


i»s «i-.!.y vi.tii: r \ itt.v. 
I'ok tin- cur.- al Dyarepata, s«ri fa*a, all Pa aaa la ■■ 1 
" alt skiu libaeaaea, ud^i Intpariiiea el tbe sieei — 

II ispirpn'cM by oae of Um Faculty morel, of Indt so- 
ous Giants, the aanaa ot m ic . ac umpaaj cn-h i,..i la 
tkareby ezoaaratl g it froaa tt ctarg ef beiagaaaatr'aa. 

'Ilea attgkl v'-iuiu a-i , a pn •» ei iul 'I' |c, in 1 tbe I Ml 
Alter, tivc rver iiio«u the fir-i boltli irHaa arodM in_ 
"oadartul rraaHa aa la the of aegru ^iiini .\ i  

Siuinioi », of l.i.uiavi: . K  . wh.. waa elierei ef Ii . 

III s iu one week;  • ill the ca e a 11. W eat ol BU a 

bet hi own. By . arb 1 wa  car d of in pu nt 1 asaMsga a 1 
• nd lie-in . .1 t.a^-e oi tiie Laaga t) Um u-e • 1 1  al) •■•ui t .t 
Ilea of Uydrofiper it m piaacrl 1 1 bi phjaici aa. aa 
will he fen by Ma Ml iwlag, Bow prat ticui, ph] atah ua 
of tlie re- ular PacaB| ■' — 

IMrea Sia Baalagtwi m-iroes 1 fiiicie 1 arithSeaadt ^. 
and' oi your UydruDipor, eJtd troaa 1 ■ 

t l aSJhcta pr .duccd so lar, I fe« l coBfideat ef aStsiBrg a 

acrfact cere If Ma reaeeej laaanUstaad. • a a a 

1 -hull w .ut a bow supply, ha iug tieaily MM cul wh t 
you aeSt nie: and I helii-ve, without OBM cxcc.'li n. il h;s 

gieoa geae ral •auSfteiioe. res will plaaaa ferwaird Ita 

half barrel as aooa as convenient. 

taapecUaily »ours. 1). B,   o.\, M P. 

Uardstovvn, Ky., May P. ISM. 

liio sesiKu, BraaaaaiWga ro., Ky. 

Dr. (icoghe^nn — Dear Sir — Some two yrais since, I had 
under my caie a yaaaag tod] of some !4 or 1 i years of age, 
w ho had baas the subject ol scroluia for six or seven 
years, * • • she rommei. ced improving with 
the use of the Hydropipcr, and couiinueJ to iaageovat un- 

ui the gtaad s araUiag subsided. auJ aesn s  ■paeaa »t dis- 
ease disippeaied, and she is now iu UM enjovmeul of 
excellent health. Youis, W. W. BOA HP, M 1  
Qwaaaaa a*. Ky., March -jo, MM. 
Pear Doctor — In several cases in this couiiuuiiiu . ika 
Hydropipcr haa relieved Dyspepsia Iu short, I a aia 1 1 del 

B a ealeahls p r aa a r aU ea . ■ have been aalag it Myaalf. 

and Miak il bciu tila my seneial healtb. 

Kesptctlulty.your Iriend. 

For all I-'kmai.e BMBaan it has no EucaL. 
For sale by 

RAVMO.M) & PATTOB, 74 Fourth st . Louisville. 

General Agents 
GIVFXS' BBUG STOh'h. Cyntluaua, 
dec?.' BMOV1 & WALKKK Taris 


IMroKIKII and iiunufacturer of Dress Trimmings 
t ri ag aa Gtaaae, Braids, bhattoaa, &c. Mttltery Ooada 

Odd Fellow and Masois, Trl mini 11 ga, Baphyi Wor-ted 

Canvas, etc Prhagoe. Card aad faaaels, BathMaa, Maai a 
t'urtain, .-nd Coach nianulactuied to order 

' Manufacturer's depot for the Western Stale* of 
Beisel'* celebiated Loudou Bxhihitlua Frtie Medal 

' ' No. 61 West Fourth, be'.. Walnut aud Vine, 

nov:!0n'.i-ly Cincinnati, O. 

|U i pei Iv authenticate I t» uie. tbose inilehud to it 

requested to pay aaa. T11L E»TATB MUST BK si El 
TLKD. J. s. BOYD, 

aii321nl7 Adm'r of M U Tl.rockmortoa, dee'd. 


\WK!.I -i .ch ii) r» and fur sal: at great f 

reduced prices. 

agetSaSJ j o. L. 

' pHB riscel IJoots af the Sea*„u for sale cheap 
I at the Great Bailread Plathlag taaaaef 1 ye. 

tin. ui... C-nac one, come a.l, aud get bargains of 
SaaiSS-dU BBWfJorr. 


aa holcsnle gt a jga ajgjl a^ 

Aad Beatoria Paints. Oil -, Varmahea. Dya Stuth, M 
Articles, 'eic; Weat- 
ein Agcac] tor Aier'a Cham Pacta- 

a k. to 

rUU aaj 


rif ei 

I u de af Herri 
..nd Medicines, c 
every arti.le apfartafatag : 
la perttcalar altaaUoo i 
n rk an 1 1 a ea 1 laa i iaa M 

1 -.. 1 lecieeeTi. Oaie. 
sues to aaU the attention ef tbe 
; ■ 

unty tc his 

»te asaoiiniaat ef 
* use. 
to the aelectioa ef 
ant and oth- 

ers can always dt|.e..d ..; bavins t: ^;r oidera 

■Hfe arocieeol a strictly priata ajaattty 

G. W. M D0NN0I.D, 

araaiaaaia »no avranee»asa ta 

1 lJU KS -., 1 \tV k r l l ln:s ***** 

-colt atuet. west s'de, between Kourth aad P»fth atr 

*~ - On haml a line assortment o r GOLD 
PABCT A .'. I'll 'l.hs, an re. - m able rms. 
P B'atchcs carriully lepairej and 

warraatad lor one year, 
may 9 .Vt :f 


63 Pearl-st.. bet. Walnut & Vine. 



I HlMHA no Ml II I S, 1 Kal 

1 1 a e. w 1 • m a iir •• .•- !.! 1 in - nt ol ni y own maua- 
iud i i'. of l.i .!ie-.', M s-c-' Cl.i die.i's Shoea. 
atekiag a aeri Sealrahl aaaortaaaat, which I artfl 
.4 U at tow i ricaa r ahort aotaa. Coaal .1 laaeekar 
ad ej mi ne stock. acpeSaSt 

PLA3TAT103 Ualaaaaayla hairala and half barrela, far 

$150 BaaWAHD 

; a- county of 

^ -:. aegru man n. m 

k. BOSH. 


u not uaii 


They aaUcB a share of the public patronage. 
.Nov. 2, '51 2— m 




1IIK aaSateifM 4 has tahea ibis llniise t. r a term ef 
five years and has made repairs and iiuprovemeut a 
thnt will 1 on luce to the comfort ol ita p. trona Tta 
1 .line of this House Is i ot all that has been changed, i 1 
pioof of wnich 1 reeaecOeiUy ask of the traveling p ib ie 
one trial. A.N SON H. VAKNEY. Proprietor. 

3^7»Gt O0 Sl'A BLING attached to the House. a4«» 


V ree waatUM best aed cheapeat ai icie Double and 
Single Ketiued Loel aa 1 c'ruahed Sugar, a laa t'iaiilied 
ud Kcfiucd do..eall on I'ECKo. FKAZEK 



plIEIntea importations \ eiing llvaon af eveiy jr&da 
I Imperials, Gu.povr.iera. Coloaaa, aioaaheaaa, » ■ ■ h 
goes, .Ningyongs, Ptiwclioiirs, tne choices aaneiies. Rn- 
gllah Bnahfael IVas, Osange Pacos. Peco Flowara, Che- 
late* A-., the largeat stock and most extensive assort 
mem erei brought to Cincinnati, at 

Hr numi'v WtneleeetlC and Hetail 
'I'cia \\ ari-lioiiH' . 

Cor 7th & Walnut. 
Country men hanta would do well to call aaSMS buy- 
HIS elsewhere, il thev want good tha at * he lores' caab 
prices. [nov 9th , S4 l OHO. H. BBOUSOB. 

A. & O. G. POTTS, 

AVIioIonjiIp I»riig{fC«.ia, 

XD reaters i paints. Oils, Turpentine, Window 
la s»nd Pu ty. Pure 1 iquors tor medical use — 
Also, all pn; u ar pn.pii. to:y and ratenl gtaSieoaae. 

Nos. if aa '- H mam st., east aide be! 5 all . blh, lie 
i tueatl, O Ortlera aolicitad aad satis"', ction guaranteed, 
nov ilh V 4 

IS7HBBB«t aay wi e, Harriet Whiiaoa. haa lart nay 
\  bed and b .ard. I hereby lorawarn all parseaa net 

to coutra. t debta witb her un mf acceaat, 

nov» 3t* GAKKKTT J. WH1TSON. 

: AN. A \'i 

it Fay. r. ua Me MM 
1 d \  UKLU , 1 


men ev^l/and small whaahara, sloops a tilth- . ia a 

aad aaey ayedtoa hoy, eard tea raghai a down 
a d ii raaerd 

I wUI ;ive the iiove rew ... r hataa out of the Ste a. 

ai'.'i tokea to aaj caeaiy beaderaae] aw UM Otto Meaa, «r 

BjM 'I tohea la any alt 1 count v in the Slate, and del iva r- 
to me or secured tu jail so 1 can cat him. 
laeetSaM MPS. B. B COUUaAB. 

1 - BABBBLS CtovarM d Bat receiving, for sale lew 
la) by PKi k dt FKAZKK. 

\\ slliam lA e X Co,, 

t 1 lli illliali , O. 
UlCY.GOOO.a KIK rajUl 1 U \% IN I LK. 

^ \ • K raa pa ct Salty aoBcil attention to our very h rgr aa- 
»V aortMeal eg ■eaaaaahai geoda in elegant tasteml 
Styles of l.i has Dress Good«.— embroideries. Lacee. 
Snawls. Cloaks and Mantles We believe we are prepar 
od to please t he f u. v . II who wish to purchase 

..Mules ni Ihto diaClipCitoa. la the plainer and substau - 
tial fabrics wanted by ever} j ei-on. we arc prepared te 
'uini k aoi ds ol the best 111 nutactoia of tbe verioao 
graSaa al quality. We bestow 111u.l1 care in the pur- 
cl rse of our goods, both with relei euce to beauty afatyle 
ai..'. pei laettoa oi 1 ahaaa. 

Our pi u es will be found aa low as any house in tba 
\\e t aad wj an- gMMai at the present time many hieda 
ni eeeda at much baaiat pi ices than al any foimer period. 
I hose who purchase frein u», can selen hum a larger va- 
lid) 1 haa cm b» taasd aleewharei and win not be urged 
to take what does not please the. 11. Goods will prove aa 
re c a — a e ded or ihey may be it-turned. In our cliek 
and Shawl depaiimrnt we olTer a vory large variety of 
C loaks and M.i of ou, own iiiaiiufacture. ee well aa 
Imported garments and ethers selected from tba beat ea- 
lal Itoi aaMtta in .New Tech t\e exhibit hose of our owe 
manufacture with confidence thai in be uty  .f atyle, and 
peatrcUoa ef workmanship they not excelled. 

Goods irom auction telaa Ml ]MVi York, We avail our 
selves ol every advantage uresented al these sales for 
cheap parehaeaa aed ca-i offer as niaav -bar^ioa"aeaay 
ether Haaaa. w\i. LEI 4 co. 

74 West Fourth St , Cincinnati, O. 
Oct. 19. u3tl 

Situation %% anteS. 

T3V a Teacher, of nevei al ye^rs experience Good raf 
I) erences given on application, al John B Graalta'B 

Store, nsar the P.O. uov.9lh:U 

is .von OPEM 


Min i \ i» tin nt 11 MXBtKMXa, 

CO I WO rOJf, KJ'. 

\"Oi are invited to call and examine act 
larae an 1 well selected stock or Chira. G aaa and 
Hueensware. 1 aaaiiUag ta pait of.Wbtie lrt n. stone. Din- 
ner, Tea. ' nd Toilet Saw, all of the new (at atylee aad 
sapariar Goodel Preach, Cahaa. Tea and Dinner aaa, af 
Pleha, -, S dd IS uat, and Fancy fatterua. in full aete 
or separate pieces! Flower Vases Oir atock of Flower 
Vases is 1 irg. and complete; bavin, so large a atock, we 
feel confident of suittns all tastea. Britanla Ware, etc.— 
Bauaata lea IN to, taajai Caaam. aed » oflee-Pota. suvar- 
Plated F.rks.  tio..n», and Knivea. Knives and 
Forks. Waiters, Solar haaayO, Gnandides. Hall Lamps. 
4c Japauurd V\aie, 4c. W atcr Coolers, Foot Baths. 
Slop Jais and Water CeM. M ao wua Toilet Seta, or 
-.-i.aiate pieces, with a large sto^k of different Houae Fur- 
niabine Goods UM-bing-Glaaaaa 4c, all id which wa are 
dete mined tJ sell at Vhld LOW PBhCJa*. Alee, a 
oi ,'• ' e s .n k o; Boatoa aad Pittsbur, Glas. Ware. 




KBBFt '.n head a general snpp.'y . l tbe heat Family 
Brocerlae, to e toaaid ia this mirket. which be w.U 
sell low fur cash. 

\!1 attictoa s. Id b\ him are warranted U ^-ejuat aa rap- 
1 'eeeted, , r the monc refunded. 

trdera  r«»ui the country win receive prompt altelies. 
1 o»e at I Bd g vt ns a cell: 
t'em. b.ah irom couuiry aad luwn, 
Foi y u Hauka are br«ahf»g— *«•! Fan all ia ta 
I heir n..iea lor Grucerie* down, 
nov. ML 

&»uir» ^ai^:«iuu'illa. 

oz. b  

api I 'I .» 

^ DOZ. Bulla Saraapa: ilia ou band, and fo^r sale. 

9mm a^asai&aa igwi 


**l mlWB my liaiid lu alt til   HMt) 

* : r allar. t rrctlouiS koil. 
I Buy iu  a.i  , ..u,i bend ii.y Luce 

A l»llf, i. ... , , .,,,! • 



Kr.r.r it I: ?. i »  u f. mi. mm, i!tat tin- l'c.-i 
«'•? to pr l-i.-r in bttisnoFs is to I p uifltirtrinus, 
pasasienny ami punctual, and in piow-". ion i | 
food |tw r:i,.uir|| u» ai:vcr':se in gMBS unLlv 
rjrcu'.nied journal. 

Krr.p it SUSS rr;..i:r Tin: PSAPfX, t!;tit (to 
' ▼nilaaiin wM-kly N« v    to* ■ Larf«  -i mil at ion. I and thus, if our correspondent* wish, tl»«*v 

which m:ik  m it just tli«» jrtWW to iidvrrt is*' in. 

We- form it vcrv prob Me that there 
will be live candidates in the geld lor 
Governor — the representatives of that 
many parties — to wit : Democrat, Whig, 
Know-.Xothinj;, Temperance, and Aboii 
tion, and, if such proves to l    the case, 
a minoiity of the voters of th ' State will, 
in all probability, elect, and we may wit- 
ni ss the singular anomaly of a Governor 
pleded in Kentucky contrary to the 
views of ihree-fourtb* of its citizens; 

{£rS. H. PAEVTM is our A.iv«rt;.-;i.jr afeni 
for the t-ny of" '"ciciiiiiati. n:: l M nithomeei ta 
contract for advertisements nrrordino; to rates 

'i'o All   or r«s|»oi: t!  n t s. 

It :« . St les  1   ant one lu send CDiniiiuiiicatii.its :■• 
Ths e'vulhiana IMR," without Ins m Iter line MSM. Il 
our liw to puldish M • : 1 v       a i production without 
(Mwiav the name   t the tine who claims to !•* its author 
••r taw. in MM leaped. : like unto tlmse at '.he Meeds am! 
4i- IVniii i 

I lie Tmi|ieruii( i'  oiuinui ions. 

In our paper of last week, we pub- 
lished a communication from our corres- 
pondent " Senex," in regard to the nom- 
inations recently made by the Temper- 
ance party in Kentncky, for the office of 
Governor and Lieut. -Governor, and in 
which we are somewhat taken to task for 
the opposition which we have seen fit to 
manifest to such a course on the. part of 
the friends of temperance. In another 
column of our paper of to-day. will be 
found a communication from another cor- 
respondent, who signs himself M Prohibi- 
tion,' 1 in which our humble self comes in 
for a still further share of castigation for 
the few words we have permitted our- 
selves to utter, through the columns of 
our paper, in relation to the aforesaid 
nominations. We have, however, not 
yet been able to discover any thing in 
the suggestions which have been made, 
either by •Senex" or 'Prohibition/* 
that is at all calculated to produce a 
change in our opinions, and we must 
therefore still contend that our view of 
the matter is right, and that it was a 
most impolitic move on the part of the 
friends of temperance, to attempt the 
formation of a political organization, 
basrd upon that  piestion alone, and 
nominate candidates t ir othce as an in- 
dependent party ; and we do not think 
that, in gi\iug utterance to such an opin- 
ion, we show ourself any the less a friend 
to the temperance cause, nor are such 
suggestions at all calculated to injure its 
ultimate !»u -eess as a moral question : 
Because, in what we !i;tve said on the 
♦subject, we have never written a single 
word that could to distorted into a mean- 
ing el" opposition to the principle : but^ 
on the contrary, we have always !i "ii 
one of its most earnest advocates. It is, 
however, the plan which has been adopt- 
ed for MltytOg MM aVnd establishing that 
prineijde that we o|i|i  -". and in PEprCQS) 
in*; snch opposition, ire have done n.. 
more than ha- been don- RVeej lay BUM 
the nominal, "ii* mwm m i ie. by men .vho 
stand prominent in ; i noting its suc- 
cess, but who think, with us. that it was 
folly to attempt to advance that success 
by nominating a candidate foi Gov- 

can have an opportunity to see a prac- 
tical demonstration of the disturbance 
of the political equilibrium of which we 
spoke, and which, to them, has hereto- 
fore seemed s » strange and incompie 

Our correspondents certainly do not 
wish for such a state of affairs, and hope 
that their candidate may slip into the of- 
fice of Governor by a minority vote ; for, 
if such should turn out to be the case, it 
would be no evidence of a wish, on the 
part of the people lor a prohibitory law, 
and we apprehend that the friends of 
tempernnce, if they succeed, wish to do 
so by a clear majority of all who take 
the trouble to cast their vote, and not, 
by any strategem, or rupture of the ex- 
isting parties, get into ollice by the voices 
of a minority , with the certainty of being 
ousted from power the moment that the 
political equilibrium ia restored. 

Bat " Prohibition'' thinks that it is ex- 
ceedingly strange that our name should 
be placed on the list of delegates to the 
Convention, and that we should then dare 
to oppose, as an Editor, the doings of 
that Convention. Now, if our friend 
condemns our course in that particular, 
we think he will find but few who vvil) 
agree with him : for it is a well known 
fact that very many of the delegates ap 
pointed to attend laid Convention, open- 
ly expressed their opposition to the pro- 
priety of nominations, both before and 
after their appointment, and were not 
■elected with a view to their opinions on 
that subject, and were left to act a~ to 
them seemed best on the assembling of 
the Convention. Such w as the case with 
ouisell. and we deemed it proper and 
right to withhold our objections from the 
columns of our paper, until we could 
have the benefit of all that might be de- 
veloped on the subject, and thai we 
might first feel that our position was 
riuht, after hearing the other side. We 
did await and have nuw had the benefit 
of the li^ht which has been brought to 
bear oa the subject l \ the Resembled 

nrisdom of the State, and we t'eei that we 

are justified now in making manifest our 

opinions on the plan adopted, and, until 

bouviaeed to the contrary, will continue 
to entertain and express the same. 

 ' iiiiu all 

We learn frota ■ 
the sains oa Fifti 
week, amounted 
eighty -three head 

IClll.lCOtO SJOiK. 

The prices of these stocks are steadi- 
ly declining. They have felt more se- 
verely the touch of the present pressure 
than any other kind of property. Yet 
we would counsel our friends who are 
the owners of Railroad Stock, against 
despondency. If the road be located on 
a good route, and is actually demanded 
and justified by the business wants of 
the country, it will ultimately pay. All 
the railroad experience of this and other 

countries leads us to this conclusion. 

England, a few years ago, overdid the 
business of railroad building, j met as this 
country has done ; and a general pres- 
sure in the money market and collapse 
of railroad stocks and enterprises result- 
ed. And yet, there, notwithstanding all 
the errors and extravagances of railroad 
projectors, the railroad system, as a 
whole, has worked well ; and railroad 
investments, on an average, have turned 
out to be better than any others of sim- 
ilar extent. It was ascertained by a 
committee of the British House of Com- 
mons, appointed to investigate the sub- 
ject, several years since, that the railroad 
capital of Great Britain, yielded an av- 
erage dividend of five per cent, per an- 
num — two per cent, more than the ordi- 
nary rate of interest in the country — 
and the sains committee stated in their 
report, that the average cost of the Brit- 
ish railways was two hundred thousand 
dollars per mile. 

Past experience in railroad stocks, in 
this country, is equally encouraging. — 
Those of really important and necessary 
roads, have paid and are still paying 
well. But it takes time for the business 
of the best railroad to become establish 
ed, so as to make it profitable : and the 
stocks of the most successful roads in 
the country, those which have risen far 
.above par, have been, in the commence- 
ment, depreciated far below it, and the 
holders of them have been enriched by 
their rise. The. owners of stock in good 
railroads, such as the. Covington and 
Lexington, should, therefore, unless driv- 
en by necessity to sell, hold on to it, and 
wait with patience and faith lor the rise 
in its value, which is certain to come. 

\\ e have no doubt that there are rail- 
roads in the country, constructed on 
routes where they were not called for or 
justified by the bnaiaei of the country, 
a Inch may never pay ; but really valua- 
ble roads ought not to be confounded 
with iiiese. We may rest assured that 

the Rothcbilds and other capitalists of 
Europe would not have invested over 
four hundred millions of dollars in Amer- 
ican railroads, unless their European ex 
patience of such investments had taught 
iiiem the absolute oertaintj of ultimata 


tmwmm .'isarkci 

Cincinnati paper thai j 
i st ., during the past 
to one hundred and 

of work horses, at 

prices ranging from §75 to $00 per 
head. The lowest price paid was Si f»0 
and the highest $itt. No arrivals du- 
We think that with equal propriety the I th* week. There are a number of 

advocates of any other question which 
they might deem important to the wel- 
fare of the people of the State, may 
form themselves into an independent 
party, and attempt, by making nomina- 
tions for Governor, to establish their pe- 
culiar principle. If such a course was 
to be (ollov ed by the friends of the many 
political and moral questions of impor- 
tance that are every day arising, our 
country would, in a short time, be filled 
up with a thousand parties, each striving 
to carry some question that they deemed 
of vital importance, regardless of the 
absolute necessities of the country. 

We would ask the question of any of 
the friends of temperance, if they do Ml 
believe that the vice of gambling is al- 
most as wide-spread and devastating in 
its influence as that of intemperance, 
and do they not see the same necessity 
tor its suppression, and have not the beat 
and wisest men in our land, for long 

Southern and Western buyers in mar- 
ket, who awaiting the arrival ot fresh 
country horsea, and an opportunity to 
ship South. As the river is rising, an 
improvement is looked for next week. — 
Nothing doing in fancy stock. The sales 
made during the week are for home use. 

Grain continues at high figurs. Oats 
are worth 40 a 45; Corn GO a 05c per 
bushel, and Hay from $15 to $18 per 

XT 3 We hope our friend Williams of 
the Winchester Chronicle, will prepare 
to squat, as it is our intention to open a 
broad side on him in our next issue. The 
fellow, is certainly more presumptious, 
than the frog, who tried to emulate the 
bull. Beware of the fate of the forme r. 

Kintickv Cattle in Boston.— Our 
Bourbon friends have been furnishing 
the solid men of Boston with Christmas 
meats. Nine of the largest and most 
it the subject of their spe- j perfectly formed cattle evr r seen "down 
cial attention, in attempting to devise { east," were taken to Boston, by Mr. B. 

some plan to put it down, and who have 
labored with the same earnestness that 
haa characterized the friends of temper- 
ance ; and yet who would ever dream ot 
the formation of an independent party, 
based upon the fingle Isolated question 
as to the propriety of making more strin 
gent laws regarding gambling, although 
a question of almost equally momen- 
tous importance. 

Many of our citizens are opposed to 
the system of capital puuishment, and 
we have no doubt that quite a respecta- 
ble portion of the voters of Kentucky 
heartily wish for the abolishment of that 
plan for the punishment of criminals ; 
yet all will agree that it would be a most 
fait a /noun idea for the opponents of cap- 

I , ufUsfeojtfH to form themselves into 
an independent parti, b a sed upon tlia' 
i- i.'ie | qne.-tion. and nominate a candi 

date for Governor, the only test of .viio-e 
qualifications would be his opinion on 
ti'it question. 

F. Hibh r. of Bourbon county, and sold 
for tam thousand and six hundred dol- 


Salt at Boston. — A Boston paper 
states that the importation of salt into 
that city has been so large, for the last 
.six months, that is now dilHcult to find 
; storage lor it, and the salt dealers con 
template applying to the city authorities 
j for permission to stack a few cargoes on 
the common. 

OCr'The aiassacbusetts Bank. Boston, 
was chartered 1784 — seventy yean ago 
— and it is the oldest bank in the State 
of aiassacbusetts, and with one excep- 
tion the oldeat in the United States — the 
Bank of North America, in Philadel- 
phia, being the only one chartered at an 
earlier date. 

t'liuiiKC of Fashion. 

A Society has been recently formed in 
New York city, numbering already sixty 
of the most fashionable ladies of that 
city, the members of which are pledged 
to wear none but articles of American 
manufacture. To introduce the reform, 
they held a grand soiree, at which every 
lady was arrayed in calico, or H mous- 
seline de laine," of American manufac- 
ture. The object of the movement is to 
put a check upon excessive importation, 
which is the cause of the present hard 
time s. The ladies have used a large 
share of the imported gneids — twenty 
millions of dollars worth of sliks alone, 
having been imparted within the past 
year. The fair and patriotic dames of 
New York, the commercial metropolis of 
the Union, who, heretofore, have set the 
example and led the fashion in the ex- 
travagant use of foreign finery, have de- 
termined to relieve the country of its em- 
barrassments, arising from this semrce, 
by a return to the home spun fashiem 
which their fair ancestors were wont to 
wear. This is an ••xcellent movement, 
just suited to the present crisis — the very 
best panacea for hard times. 

We do not doubt that the sensible ami 
patriotic ladies of the West will follow 
their Eastern sisters in their grand Amer- 
ican reform ; and that the tasteful calico, 
and the various woolen fabrics produced 
by American looms, will be substituted 
by them for the costly silks of France. 

We cannot sufficiently commend the 
good sense and admirable discretion of 
American ladies, in starting this revolu- 
tion of fashion, just at this time. It will 
arrest, at once, the Hood of European 
extravagance which has been llowing in 
upon us, and bring back American se - 
oiety to the primitive simplicity of former 
times. It will be worth me re to the 
country than all the schemes of protec- 
tionists or free-traders, and all the laws 
that Congress could pass for the relief of 
the- country. We hope that the Ameri- 
can female league will be establisheal in 
every city, town,. end village in the Un- 
ion; anil that its influence may spread, 
until the triumphs of calico, and Ameii 
can industry and economy, shall become 
universal and ceunplete. 

SJhreeJ Nuleof Slave*. 

On last Monday twenty slaves, belong- 
ing to the estate of John Lai!, deceased, 
were sold at public auction, in our town, 
by Mr. John A Ke ller, auctioneer. They 
brought unusually high prices. One man 
sold for tl&M : another, for sll?5 ; and 
another for g 1070, The purchasers, gen- 
erally, bought tor their envn use, there 
being a good demand for laborers, at this 
tune, throughout tiie country. The crowtl 
at the sale was about as large as the 
usual assemblage on County Court days. 

U. l.Tl.VlliR. W. B. mi, II J K- V (MM 

rviieut. rBBIICa * VV \ a MR, hiMrtw 
i ms Whi.its.ii •«•» .» hi Ibim Iiwi    l Mmik. 

Grot*. AUm I h-.K hftmb, Glove*. M owi y. 

and eveiy ,. i-.e. ,u nf Trim nln .1 •ml Kniy l»iy 

boon*. 10. nil JtftiaMMl ) « rtturctt*. Cla inu.o 
leb :-;«-;» 


PAlit of Siinr«, iu tuc r,..i.l afOMMl my it si Jen- e. 

I' pon prov:r.,- iropuly MS pa.) ,aj 'or th s aS»flt— 
nieiii, tkey w.ll M tandcJ »VM 10 'Ii hwiit. 

jm a isu^it w. chvicnvuna 


Kentucky's Pride!' 

AT PI !!».!  SAI.fc. 

The uiiders ^uKil will offer lor Sale, 
to tl.e high 111 M*iMr,ta the town*. I 
CyaihlaMjM ue l-.'tn Say uf Sabra*. 
ry, (fieiii^' County Court ii- .) li e n 1)e 
Juck, "Kimi ia, * I'kiiji:," lit 'or i»ei*i a in \Ur  \ f\t\£. 
1 Will nell him private;) if iu i ffcr be M e th«t will 
suit my views. k. V DILLS 

J«n 4. Mttv-t 1 


SStMMNI »o Itusst tt jfc NSaSatfatSBSa. 

ClUM M Mum ,»d Mill mwv. UUMiM, Kv. 

UKSI'Ll TFOLLY s ilicit asharaol Ufri public p* rouatje 
so liberally ex leu dad to tli-ir pu-ilt. e»»oi «, . u .t „ ,,,aj 
ca 1: t tie attention ,.i mi imm aTMIIalt Mjlfclanj la UmSI 

China, Glass. Qucenswarc, &c, 

Most of VaVl U entirely new und well MiHrtail. We 
arc uow receiving, SirMllj limu the best Manuuetrrie* 
of KNOLAN a and F. ANCK, a 'aijcfa-s ittanMl •  ararae 
• uhed to the w ants of I m alai HaacaaaTia, »a«1 t . 
whien w- wouM call r heir sjimij, enlii.a. 

All oideiis laiti.fui:; exciuttd at ilis »b  rte«it notite, 

ami aauafacttaa oartaMsaVi Call tmi are t.'fo-e Mtcha- 
sing est where. |i. ■„'. BJaSsatTf St . O. 

Lexington, f.y., Jan. 4, l^." i.-|w 


'['UK I'lrm i f I'a. k A: SSMM, is t'u. day dissolved k] 

S aaiMl caaaaat. 

AM persons owin.; the Ufa i'.i will pbJMl ta". at the 
old stand, and pa} up, as the parue.i are in Mad of BM 
ney, audi re also IUNM la el .»f tMkMiaMi at Ifel 

traa mmm aa ea a iaie . tatMr yaurtj u MtaartMi io 

aetile the I'n ni l usiness. JOHN W. PKl K. 

J in Is', 1S55. J. A. FK UUtB 

.v. I — The MS a r aifMS win cobUbm taa aaaiaiaaa at 

the Old Stand, as u ual. JOll.V W. fl-.CK. 

jau 4-14 3 v 

u w . ii ai at 

  . l - LEWIS. 

NiUM ia 

DC^The Duchess of Sutherland, of the 
btowe furore, has lost a son in the Cri- 
mea. He met with an accidental wound 
which was followed by a fever, of which 
he died on ship-board. 

DCf A young man by the name of 
John Wilson, insulted a Airs. Prilv, who 
resides in Georgetown, Ind., on Tuesday 
oight. The woman became furious, and 
ifj her passion dealt John a blow upon 
the head with a balchot, that will, it is 
fe&rrd . or vr i'a'.al 

lli  Le-gi.-l.ilUi e (t| JSoUllJ Call I 

na ha *ttt scrtt  J I urn ; 1 $300,00 
to the building of the Charleston and Sa 
vannah Railroad. 

nCr*The Pulaaki Me)numentat Savan- 
nah, was completed Frielay, Dec. 3. It 
is sixty feet high, of the finest Italian 
marble', and is sptiUen of as a beautiful 
specimen of art. 

f rom t ort I cavcinvorlh, 

A letter from a gentleman at Fort 
Leaven worth, says the Hartford Times, 
states that on the 8th of April, the com- 
mand of Lt. Col. Cook overtook and 
surprised a large camp of Apaches, then 
at war with the whites, near the north- 
eastern point of the San Juan Mountain. 
The Indians took flight, leaving a part of 
their materials and some horses near the' 
camp. Among the. things found by the- 
U- S. troeips was a Sharp's breach load- 
ing riile. The barrel had been detachetl 
from the stticU, and hedes tlrilled in the 
side-. In this way it huel been transformed 
into a flute: and it actually emitte-d a 
somewhat musical seiuud. A short time 
previous to the surprise of this camp, 
some of the U- S. soldiers were drawn 
into an ambush, and in the affray one of 
the Indians got hold of one of Sharp's 
rifles, but as it opened at both ends, the. 
did not know how to use it in warfare-, 
and attempted to make a flute of it. 


dy. — A Philadelphia paper says: 

"A painful accident occurred on Fri 
day on ike- Noriistown llailreiad, at the 
Kails station. Isabella, eldest daughter 
of the late Richard Penn Smith, on at 
lenptiits; to jump out of thecals before 
lliev stopped, slipped and fell. Both 
r lower limbs were thrown under the 
ars to save herself fr-nn ihe* wheels 
ut had oal) lime to withdraw one leg 
'he wheels passed over the other jus! 
•eiow the knee, crushing it so that there 
vas ne  possibility of saving it. The 
iimb has been amputated." 

Wiilrl our Slaves go to. — Since the 
0th of May last, 482 fugitive slaves have 
passed over to Canada, at Detroit. 

O^r-During: the past twelve weeks the wharf- 
age receipts at Cincinnati summed up SVJr^'J. 

■ \ it ■ l u i : 

On the XJlst Dereinuer, by llieKcv. FIcnry Bell. 
Wm. Pkkblk, of Pendleton county, to MiaS AIak- 
th a G. Low, ol Bracken SSStStj. 

On the STtll Doe., bf las same, Twos. Ke.vrnes 
to Mbss B&IZi Jams Fookes, all of Harrison 

On the 4th nit by David Snodgrass, Esej., nt 
Ins office in Cvntlnann, Mr. .Mason D. Ellis, to 
Miss Kitty Ann tjlnin, all of thistounty. 

On the tilst of December, by the Rev. J. K. 
Barbce, Mr. Jno. P. McCracken, to Miss Eliza- 
beth Wright, both of Pendleton co. 

By the same on the 21th of December, Mr. Ga- 
briel C. Minor, of Baone co., lo Miss Ann E. Ca- 
son, of Harrison co 

By the same, on the M instant, Mr. George Uf, 
McNcaae, of Colemaiu.ille, to Miss Mary A. 
Million, of Harrison county. 

On N instant, by Rev. tarter Puge. Mr. Geo. 
Reehnon to Mrs. Ruth T. Magee, of Cyntliiana. 

On the SM instant, by the Rev. Samuel Rogers. 
Mr. Robert Innes to Miss Snllie E-.valt, both of 

The relaxing heats of .summer leave belnnel 
them a long train of evils. The S|SSt HMVSSOSl 
ol tlier*e are geaersJ Uehilily. and its sure alten 
eiant, klWMaS of spirits. For these we ran re 
coinmeud a speedy mid unfailing cure' in tin- 
shape of ifoofland's DerOMS Bitters, preparn! 
by Dr. C. M. Jackson. Philadelphia. It is, in 
our npiiuoS, a SaOatictOS, f«iii geoiens — alooe — 
unapproai liabh'. It SSOMal to reach Hie fountain 
head of the difficulty in the digestive atfMrSS- 
tion and , litis w releive the ■serstMNM SOS laW 
blood of the ttuieonea morbi, or the cause of 
'ii-ease. Its tSMC properties give vigor to the 
meiiibt anes of the  tom:ieh, and promote I he M  
crelion ot the gastr'.e jiuer, which dtSSslsSf 
i lie fooel. while its cordial, MJothinjT. and altera- 
tive influence  mi ans g e x r al regularity and 
atrenftll to the setifHl oi ihe vecreuve organs, 
and *eeins lo tofti.'y the constitution. Such is 
our own experience of Us elfects, and SJ« be- 
lieve it ia confirmed by the evidence of all who 
have tried it, or hid an opportunity of sriUaSSav 
ing its operation. F«r sale by Dr. Jfeea» ti, V20 
Arch at. nlO'Jw 

'J^7"0ld Sokes. Uli kks. anel all eattptlOM Sod 
d. seises ar.sing fr.nn an impure or depraver, 
-tato of the Mass). See Ihe extraordinary cui** 
•f Mr. Wm. G. Harvvood, a loghly rsapsctsblf 
trittSttQ nf Richmond. Va., by farter's Spanisii 
\lixtnrt-. tie h id ulcerfaud sores of the worst 
leSCriptioo, aiul fiuallv sol so huel he was unable 
o walk, except »in crotcliea. A few bottles of 
'arter's SpauisU Mixture, the great hleiod pun- 
tier, cured him. as it has urej hundreds of oth- 
ers SOD haveautfered with rheumatism, bad cf- 
lecta of mercury, and paii.s and ulcers of the 
iiones and joints. elec'JS 
* 4 *Soe i.dvertis-ment. 

UoM X Silver WutcSies, 

Diamonds, Jewelry, & Silver-ware. 


'pUK auli»crib, r« would Mil tta attention of nor. naiera 
J. WistiiiM uoods iu in ir line, t . UaUrMIMW stink at 

ranaca a. rsaa*s m ik iicn, 

Wairaieetl pcrfrct Tun- Ki ciiei !*, rata S I 1 0 lo $ I-'.' . Jo- 
ftfll Joiinmi.n'  Wiiuins, LaajM. OBtatlVaS anJ Putent 
Levers Irom $:'5 n SljO M t. Tmi it 1 Wa' t l»c*. S, icn 
■till lio ii I'ochti Timi' Kaaaara, aai la $ .Ml 

Ind'* ol Watclia.*, 4 i nl- s jewelled. Irom f;M M |S& — 
Fine Haa ing Silver U .tthe*. ii S^j lo S"^ * , ''»«- 
Silver U t-c e4 Waiclie*. .1. w . i .•} . L»iHeV Gold 

ata, Lai Kn gi. PUm araca tta 
fc r Stags, tio.u 

U 44 LaClMtt, I, t and 3 GLs», 

** Guani e aaiaa, 
e aataUtM Cbaiaa, 
V   -t i u 1 1 us. 

'• Pm t'liams, 
I 7 ! lie Gold Wedding L'lnga, 
oold Guard Key , 

•• Fuh -i a la. 

" Ti Uiihu », 

" l'euclls, 

'• I'un ami l*i licit , 

IHaaaeatl lOsaa, 
Gi.'.d CroMaa, 

•• Finger Kinjs with stunea, 

'• s n eve liolt ms, 

" Studs (»int,le;, 

'• .spettacla*. 
Silver S f a uM i ; cr ^et. 
Gold Amulets, per aato, 
Haiti Gold Kings, 
Go!d Stai r Pins, 

I'aris. Ky., Jan 4, lf55 -U-tf 

$'.' HO t.) 

« -.o mi 

•J 1*1 

n no 

I 10 •• 

20 CO 

111 1.0 •• 

:o on 

j:» iiu " 

40 o   

io oei 

30 0u 

li (Kl • 

3n . o 

3 at 

:io em 

1 I'll " 

3 IKI 

'.' 00 

10 00 

M Mt " 

5 00 

a m " 

10 00 

» 341 •' 

5 00 

s no " 

30 U« 

23 oei " 

130 00 

1 73 " 

3 00 

1 30 •• 

in oo 

2 00 " 

4 00 

•»0 " 

•J li. 1 

1 oo •• 

10 0 l 

ei co '• 

.10 00 

2 30 • 

3 9M 

50 ■ 

0 00 

2 00 " 

5 00 


, -- '' «• «.i: ci ' aias in t vutblaaSi 

Hafiiauu i".. keu . ■ k,,u.i itir xJth ol  ej ;eii»ter, 
MM. a i . Nu «lt! l«- ll«r*4 . . . .i aa i* a aUa« 

berrj iuir. ahuut 13 l.^i. s aiaS.aar.ra Saa. t uita aaJ 
walks well. U »so ut i   r r . , „i-i ... ... . ........ f .  rnea 

aiaiMlf well.  • ataar at4rka -1 *aa* i»' rtaiVw ra- 
MttestaO. laS «iaaatta«aji ^i«r.: oi aaM t u r^« unit ia 
taaaii il » i^., v .i rcw.idad i»j J. S K. ILtKttla*. 
Iaaa.aai ISM 


Um OwS day ..f MMM| mtx: 
Oat M»U aa uaoaad to i'ji... 

Uir h tea, .t*. - | 

A rt-«. a l 1. ..».«!. - .1. 

UM I a« |m».»i r*iu e 
atwMM af im tala lltui, B.i *x. at i e . t ua t t km 
de.o ii. lak, i« i onr ii  i l u f ;,i- a -in a aaa 

 • nitty iu linei: o«e tiirl h ard tn ; rrnaa.Miitg 

OAral in tw   tMiav. I lie ..n . im |a  giaa . . , • n ,;t 
apaawMd i luutr. ia : . t..c km .. . r r«. : r ir ; . 
Ha$ SajsadS^aas u» Imm • dav i antai ay* »aaraij m 

I ep.y ci.t ..i Hi.- MfafcMJ n.   .ry 

i»ec 2iv ; 31 - Id JJtJtlU KOHKaiwOa. CMS. 

\Ul aa , 
Kuii.iu K. 


. ' I • S I » 

I Ueta i. 

.t (.. m:  

l et. SI -t 

-.1 M 

lavtag claiaM a t a t ai at Hie eata*a at 
!•'..  it. .'ei r. «d a a SaiMj niKilieJ U» 
atayai   M'kM i KafrS aa th» 
fmdga ■•: ika BaailMa Uawatj e, 
■  Imm . Ml aar s*tii-mrii» , aad 

••• ' : ' • t.««t d ay wilt 

IU\ IU x«'..ii.i:.i..s, iv j. ii. c. C. 


.V.. IM WtM Sia 

nftVe m\ I 


iv ( \ jr.:v,\ ht; t . 

l MMlai 
i aparaii 
i m im laai 
araati • ■ la 

n to- 
s it is 

' i Jtare  mtt 

-i /. CiTMSStl. Ok 

in- NaMOBaMai at Ka mmmI ata 
. in I'pu'iMo i 'i.r sop* 
AitiS«4sl i *''p* i t i.e 'I  .t f liaatiatr* 
aa l ' ' aapa aa m sir u aoaii ba 
laciaM la a 1 WaVi ui»v favor tt 

r r 


MrM| i 
i-ilae -.-.x 

I * • I • 


r.h. anS 
ir. mad 

l lie nil iscnueia wou d tall t 
'ssenli . I pomt- pert ami. ik In a 
| and nilUI'.liies* nf nppe.iai 

«l ihe aasMriaia, asaajlask t«i a 
a raalaanaa | r mMhiI «ppei 
] t . ' .silt nit : in .i! ..• i 
in » ■ \ ii.^ t l:ry a,e ex. ee iad b  

I F.LTH, uis^itetl Ir na mi' t 
gaaaa. rail aa i "ail iiaata im 
Uoa. \ii .., araltasM in Bc-avl i 
la«arasajli hmm. Teriais- 
■ :. MMtai ' if t e wura .mil Uti 
Uat MaM aMMaMMf aS the \\ 

(vol i nataj Sj3 mm Twmm 
Silv r I'l Me. $i j ei lnotli. The a»o 
rasta dc nut pi ivo *tti-f»_tury. 

tfea tai'asmaiiaaa ol kMaa liv 
wi.utd -t.te lhat mi taiaitsaa ar» 
aaaha m the Sm*S style, a full aatl 
24ti  r bosira.aad aasStpaSassh pi 

l-;eutiou aavd he apprehemletl. 

W. e |M M A!t.l r 

j. g e \ aawus.i 

US West l.l.Mh at, l etwten OMta Ktaa C.nciaali 

Um Mat, 1034 iy 

y ar« 



TV,   » ajd 1 ll»* 

e. wa 
thai we caa 
Kl H i* r. urn 
taa. M Uaat a» 


t'loiliitig; itt 4 m iiiiiati I'ricea. 

\ LI. who aie in the MM) mf MtMMtag ClaSMM lu 
Jr\. CtaclMati, hy caltliaj at KawlMaTl GlMbiM Store, 
M in -i in st.. will Sad that Claihla^ Mai M Sad as cheap 

im s^aa no mi 1 asm «*.^ 

LJHtB CataiataMa aad N:w Y. ai» ; re*ei.ts — As ; Ue tiaaa 
BMM s ta ll arbM IMai who laadM tid ;^rLr..aiu ,  u. u.d 
"*"•' **"r i T a a l s nl Ms . ay»wi*hu .-an a tt M t ko to oar 
args uiisipcrior i».orliiieut of Piano Pas tea. Melotl*- 
■mm, G altars aad other viusical McitaaaSiM. Wuh«ut 

' Sclt tl BM value ui our 11 uruiiuntt. whick 

will IU la us 1.1 ; ill 2n or thi p v tent, we will nuarantee 
l • ^e'l Ml i:g the present month :il 10 per tt ot less SSSS 
Maaafac urer- pr te, far tash Every instrument shall 
ae bagMraatae t perfect or in sale. When il is takaa 
it is t.heu mto tonsi.:erati on thai t ur Plain * are Iroaa 
tn e teLh.atetl l ictoriet of l l.ickern.g, \\ Mdj w »r I dk 
llrown. Hiown.V Alleu. T. Gilbert * Co.. (Wlta .V. liaa 
a ttathuient; and H. VAorcrster ; Melodeons Ir un tieo. A. 
Prone rtt e'u., Guitirs f-nm M iriiu. Win IU.I a sua, 
nt Unik purchasers ititl tiud it to thiii ml vantage la a*  

tad Ma laa lia i Mla ot *ut h wen aaaaia and geuaiallf 

ath now I edged saperiaiitt and .-see; enca. 

t'OLBt K.N rt. FIELD, 
tin;.. tr.V. tatltl. st, near Viu*. 

I'ec. 2 .si, lc-54. 

DM. i 


i» \ 

A   I , 


I t-llt 


i v-m 

a ^.i 

•r a 


 »1,;» I. j)i»l Mi rrt inr » r  ct-l , *turf ileclaroS. 

(3IKCB ihe re.loiBliini ol j-cate in Ku- j^^j-\£^^ 
O roaw.tM aadarfi'.iit'd i  a n . r ^Jr^S3ks 
to pract-.ce his jseacaabla profaniau aaaoai tu • cttiseng 
•ii Cyatataaa— Watch aad Utocs .Makrr. Jawotlat, Aa. 
Tbrtue having fine pitie-keapers. ilthcr Wattheaor Clot ha, 
to repair, will find it to their advantace to cive mm a 
call, feeling confident that those lit tall M him i ata 
•Jill camlMM In lav r BM with Iheir patroi ag*.  o 
eredi' la any cas-. Um c. sh is MMCtad in every la- 
st • nee baton the srorh is la Ma imm ti.c ihap. 

He will be iMad in IM house a«e npird by S. J. aa Mddki o»ioj«, «a ."Kan. strsat. xttm daara 
BatbW tue Varnry HuUic 

t.ovj ly D. TO ISO. 


LJ AVI.NG aytamioad la cbaoajt my place uf realMaaa 

IJ. I oifer |.»i sale ih- Hlock ol Gooda now In tfaa p"B 
asvstoa r-r beaara Wither a A Co. ufih.s plica tM 

Stock waav mm m Sim gooda opa which c-tsii custiat 

he raaltaad as can he (nun ' in any Luua* data] the sain* 
• m nut of husiness. Ihe aales at the I MM BBiaaatad 
ia round BOBsOSia tai the jraot ending Jans.: v |«t. last, 

la tv aa aiy om thousand iloilara, aad tor laa teat sis 

MMlaa this year, they tnily equal those at Um COBTM 
MBi d tag Uaa* at laat year, oi ihia tvpoaly oao iboMM* 
dollars, forty six haadai d ilnllars ware f. r casta, and lb* 
rasaainder charged to tl.e very 'oeal class or custom ia 
Um CooatT. Oa IM Si at JaaMiy Boat, wbaa pooaooaiaa 

elh with ai 

l« M fait aad aaaa aad aetataa the 
poarttoM Tor the SIHag at T.eth.) Ke 
iu the fest manner — and as I am |Sfai 
will wilh pleasuie MsOMMM ai mi\ t   
w r.hout extra aSMO* • lo aai aaj I ' 
week ui two and loiig-i ,'iovid.i:^ I ,»' piiionai" Ac, 
 vc, Ac. tke.; hut I sty lint 1 . ni, "..led 
\l ...i.ii la) Md Hat MulO, whrre I 

will he p saoad to 
y Ml vices- 
Urt. 81s . ISM. 

xt doot lo Met ihe a II it M. re. wBeto 1 
to i revive i.iy fnei. aai I B pOBaia WM  
i— any hour, -de; u. BsaSS. 9 ' 

.1 CAMMtX 

IYJuT hems piepared in cat! oarassaaii] apoa bbJ irienta 
i.f tills place, l have t ikM ':.n meiho 1 o: auuouac. 
tug BBf bSmm among you. uolb. as a citsaoa and a prat- 
lloi.ei o! 


Will he giaM, ■ 
Tlmusand dotta 

uur 'muse is of upwa 
trade is ot a aafaaM 
hut little etertiuii goal 
taia it ail. .Mu Bfsttaai 
to quit my pfaaaal In 

BpeciSc tan he had 
dec.Tth. MSI 41 

.hall aotaMMd iu atuuuui 

s "f twenty years slMdlag, lis 
i harm isi , and it w:!l reti.uiie 

ha i 'ii at m  aMMSMrtu ra- 
i o a a idarasioaa cvald inUte m* 
l-. 1 1 \sd.u i rasaaiaa 1 iu n * 
ai i.i^ astraaaa lajhwj la Mil 

IhOI j' 1! SUlta, I Will t*.l Si ia 

I bargaiaa. taSaraaatiM aaai a 
Itag m tM Mdatraiaraad. 

J. b. WI1IUKS. 



I Have three vacant I.. US in Wa] 'a aMitiM in CM 
thiat.ft. aaattiag taa Rail Ko ad groaada Which 
1 will ne 1 t heap if immediate applied mi b-inai* to m*. 
.!ee.T-:it JSO.  . KIsi.hT. 

Take Notice! 

THAI in pursuance to s lafgMaBt 
of the Harrison e'ircuit Crurl at lis ttr .   

Wov a a aSe t T*na aat, ra t he ta " 
liesna tV l urry pla ntiffs. agalaal i.eo. 
K. t . Tudd, and olh- rs SalMdaata. on a patitiM IU Kqu - 
ti. Th uttdersitined wttl BOOl t il at the t'nitrl House 
d.inr in the town nf e'yuthiaiia, aa Satunlstr the 13* h il.iy 
i i Janu.iry, MSa, ta aaH ai I'u site Auction to ma aigaMI 
BtshSaTMl aeieiin of :•, 6, and 9 m-.tiihs lb- IL. ise and 
'on now octupietl hy Gt-oi e IJ. C. Todd, siiuitfd i. 

I'yiitMaaa m tM waal »td a nf .\ ata Mire-, aa aorth 
aid* al Saauad cross Mrert. aad after laaSalaoftaa 
■• •use and hit. laoy aril) pric ed at tna sal 4 daratUBg 
Imu-f of MB. a I'. l, to soli i t I ublie Ancunn, to 

aigs wal htsVaat aa IM a aaaa crodi a, t he M*assMt a*s  

perty. htius- holil en. I kiaattM Ki'i nilUie. Ac. n.uin «l in 
IM SMS Ol I rust Gei I e". I', ta s tad "eaha A 
e'urr., taa vai itms artic es t m ie..H.u* to Miaitaa. 

fan) asers will be rag, at rod lo tu.iiie the i iv.tes 
with app uv-d Seeunly MVtaa UaB 'oree a ml elfrtt ol 
S sal o at W Httntls. UTi 1VS M-SI1A.I 

Mc.SsM,tSMtd. J.C. efKKV » 

I have □ CMMBtlMl aSSM, i ext dool to the Sews OftVa, 
nlier.- I will he prepared tu insert Artificial Teelh in iho 
latest and best styles, either atmospherically or other- 

\\ i 

! am prep»red to fill teeth for their better preservstioa 

..•.mi with Gold lotto, CryataUar t;. id. Evens' tiilinga. 
SnaUia, ii Blapataaa. Piatma. Silver or staaiet foila; 
Gutta Percha or aStes aaaaaata, ;with wbuh. ^un m 
la a sa M * aasgsraiiM*; to gaapaaa isotfe fjr piu^gm^. l 

on   ns- cm alive, at. t destructive prep. r.n  n«. 

i Mm a much less MtaM and a mme sciemiAc 
at rasa rwiag dacayad tMaaVthM teiteoMsayta, will 
the aacsssiii ... pateaaSag me pMtoal w ub uosiooagaassj 
i Ida hMillag opetstions ) 

In 1. 1. !. .i.\ uid eveiy ope.atiM l»ert».iiinc tu tii**.eeth. 
I am luliy prep.ned lo pcil-Miu this 1 i an a. ) OB St If , attar 
apsTacttMol i lurt-eu year*. Sty atay siiH da p o o d agBM 
mm MMotagtoadadta ata. Ke:eic.n-t« .o the pria- 
cipil Ph ssciaoa al t^yalaiaaa. C W. hv»Ns, 

da« Tth. ISM Pon'.al v -ut5e..n. 

To The Public. 

H. sgt jrj 1 Ta 

» ^—WL ^ ta 

*Si 1 I 1 aJ 

laa aaaaaaMtariaf "i svsry tatos boo ally kepi to a aaaV 
tilery es'.hlishmenl. and would i • ; • tail] aoitcit tM 
palraaaga ot the n'.d i i.-i.'iuei-i t.r l..e shop *n . would 
Bay I o those wishing anything ia at] line to jiv* ana a 
call rtelore puieliaaiii- elaewhere. as i will aeil aa a  fair 
terms .«•! -i\'-a  ■ wi » .. t is- a-. . ■ •  . ;. i.ii'i 'n the 

city- As to my QoaHStBltoM aa • saaa W Baa, a  at "mrnu 
•tity i in judge, as I toaiBMd my IraSg »ad worked sooto 
four ye«is with Mr. J. II. PerWms. m tSia pi er. I h*vo 
BtM the ex. last SO liatM to aaaa*)** la e the celabra'.ou 


Patei te.i :  I. I. Mai ,1... k. w hit i. t.:t« proved ta 1 • IfeO 
aaatovai sdJoaad \m tM paaMto. I ex. aaive agency for 
the State BOMg veal*.l iu ue, I am pfepa r od to a* i Kighto 
anil •-• rurtiish Satld *-. in MS goal . r, ta ihe Ira te or 
re-a It-rs. aMaMaS isltSa opialBB ot M..J. a. Pot atoa. 
as given la Mr. .Ma; aSafe ! 

e . ■.; *,■ x. t»-c. ts. isaa 

I h.'T' :-ee'i l.X'i . s;c,eai. t rn agM ia 

the asvddltag Boat bom, aad fsei u irec;l! conn lent that 
MaTilock'a Potool  pini2 Bodslto is aha boot ttai *■ at lha 

hit. i i mi .jrcci i . iii- paatav j. a. raitaiaa 

]fT The p-.blie o i i ..ieaBe ri-.« i a a Cal . as 1 aai do- 

toaatiail toatia •- a  gMd aaagaiB, 

M a. . ■• i.rKCT. 



t'l'E e'op.ntnership heretn'ore agiotiag BsSatoaa the 
1 uiulersiiiurd ha vu been Jisot ved by Bta B*l consent. 
The aagotojOai avlil heruallei- he tontti ueo as i ' 
Kos-r. wil t wi 1 settle ul l hns II- V o- t^t ;.at• fit 
Oddvt! e. Ky ti. . -_tf I I 

Having aol.l 

Slat   . i woi.. 
it  m a ca l haaj 
en  d w 1 1 a. i. 

or e into, aatl 

.'. :i pafOOM iud*M» 

t asraasraxaa, Oaat nei is, i n 
a sVCssaatj ayj ai ti e *tr, r a of HaS- 

lMHIO..d Ml "ii Ct! M OSS ata to tiVO 
mSo I he • i ftlTuMh IBWBB gjUS »a 
• •r pr.cts .- « .ii) arinp .a . usiugtoa 
i. • W ILL-*. 
It. B*iU« vi i pleas* tall ard 

MUlaapM* • a. pna-i-tia. J H. WILLS. 

IT"?* Cyotaii iSrsn atiti Mfy tao oMi a o«4 aaa  as 
is r ata . . * ■ \ • ttoa. ••  -it m 

iujb a i 

« Nu- aa 

M ( • L H \   , 

P R. Twi n'y laxa'aod 3 f toa d  in Pr  wiii r e 

1 1 low t"M «»h. spoke- a Sail gtat giaaya aa aaadr. 
will aaU gaa S aj taa ■ r acat ■ Leaner t«*i t'osti ihaa aaj 

n .i MlBhliahaMal in the count, . All kill ii- ol pMdacl 
k -ii in • %t h.-i n :e a: L'aah pi id s. 

\ Ukato, aartrMo 
n t  m sets t.r ago, 
rant, in I to dl 


aog'O bt.y . Ton, it-ui 
who ari'l au-w -i foi 
e a Kt.ktrr). Enquire 

B nise se - 
IM .\tiv, 

NTtiVK POM saia:: 

\ NV person | ad IH»X * t: . BM 

A Sad one lav spt-lylag at too "aaa ig e  I a,**— waict 

t .1 hi- ha t! c heop. 

John Besore, 

riMiiiif;i«-;tirrr of Visit! lex. mid 

Lim* -{ »n ' street. 
fikst toon whom r**i 1 1 aaaa ^r aant sr 
 -t'Pi».iK ■ninaau avrsv. 

a.'-s iir-tnst. ra » . 

liov . CM Ir A- 

i 3- i-'t.A k. I«aw OM Watosw.— sy at 
t . i. it, tg. it. aad ttt* h *..-t.. i 

Tii 8k ,3aS *x  1 . -i vo ata. : -isis. stoilog att 

ra't i«. 

| .5 walMtVMtdiag. IsLi ' r. :eoro p'ar*. 
Om Mtoota sdB* , ** 
All weli -eason* '. Kor aa * ty 

i:yotMsaa.a*l 3U^Sm M*X*T »**   So*, j 

ciu'uiv atsraok 

MMoM KM SI t«rs . No. !••»• !»»» MS. 1 «M. i MSI ill • 

I H • at f ir a M a I k e y VosMM um i w MM ISM 
I i i i ii r n — It y and i.i.l  .ti i w i.t ■ ii i- ii Mf VMS' 
ear. gad a BSMat hoOOO B*l S Ml ior Mi«n.e«- th* ' oyi- 

1 Ig m lata*. Caaaa in sviiiu 

uti wiihnul 

\ppl, Ih : 

well. Ji.UKS KI.MilKOIGH 

dec. 14th, 31.' 

mt In r. Ntiiiine. .njnii.d nii.ier I 
Mint isigne I o e in lo west ot Brrad 


J E have an extra article o G ilden sj . up and •--!* 
House Mola.srs saia aery '"w. 

PRfK .*i FXtrF.V?. 

;  •. .ii.i ti e ' lie - nnti'Wfi' sou tii-* pkB'ia 
\ ?..!■' •:. t • I'.-y will sell cvr., vai'«ly of Ates 
tici .Meish a iise ih » :ate to Jaimst » 1st. i» J». *a 
aVoHlj ie-t OOd i.itcs. Vi a ir... a:l to sopp j iminmIM 

w  h useful, aaa BgOOBa* mw ^tr^aat mis. 

• in aaaortM nt cooaisl ..  Haallrl. Hatrio Jk COJOsj 
• :i u .V BgaS/taM* - Bsat (.rorifr ISs) W*a obj« 
i  .«iar Pi bo PoiU l a  A  *rdB»BB*s MatodMaaaB, 
Viailnt* e,.iti»rs, V-..(-fs h New. K'i — \ - *' 

■ ii-, Btoslc atooM, Mr. I u».if axtl vanetioo of 
xlMical Merchaa ImmbcI ii i»immI* hsv« n»o*r be- 
ror* Mm oSort 4 laa Slaa.i ai i. . c ia th* Waog, « 

IM .-. S 1.1 |. 



t  s; • • 

N at- 

fjl B J 

j*^ uo . B te thecitik* I B 
aadas ih -t bat Ike Ml p  se   f gall i* «lli 
•.■•art" tur aug -o t 'Uc nMU|,  aiwu   »•«* ef « i. 
aiding *vr. law It iu become p. »sees. i . ! a .. 

Br tlie » »r»f \ a t , I. ..l i • 

Rtal base MMBhwti in " W v t 

tar tkrir Fng ~~ v t — ir-' than n . m. y . \ ■ ■ . ; 
to a lar/e ■aaaber ef ma* ami oOeia, mi b«j ii . 
oa; c. su: raaea ...» f I i wikB fall 
til':' I lbeir tuil* vli,£B. Kkci . 


ta«J.OOO GIFTS af itic»t* * • |a f , 

air** - f— *-' - "~ K« gratia*-, I n f ■  ( 

MitMIUl O' it «l Kli;l»MII II ll ) W I I i- 

aiaoe tic - st wrnxh .-u: !.«•-■ tun t« one . : i.e. « » . •. . 
t ayaiedist aura. 

For Di* r Bto .':•«•». a highly finished '.eravn . heat 
•flatly PAIM fcu ii. * II- an. F. VhUIH I .  K : I *. wlM 
baeeui.or r* vr l*oi t.uV a tlb oi* • I .1 I.. j.avi ft 
Mtoarittaaita ata C*M K..u 

A Mffvltne Cata, . l-celhT with 
«»ne ol Ihe ttirr-.n^b. i,n c eeu at :ii-.fii e oi Li* 

'T: ggBB Dollar s-nt. an Bi rat i • ' Btertb 

that aam. and a lift T . k l. Wil! lis;-. teal* «..} B» (or- 
al ida.'. 


Ihe Cx  "n:!«* e V'.n-nes ih- M'.t'M M hta Gteat 
Ballona! PaasarteBhBBg will be materially ajMati i k] lag 
eacrgy aa i entei , is* .f intelligent and peis* r« i.n- w i '. -. 
kite i raDi ve.i to tr  at w th su, c aa .be mo*: I . ■ i i isae. 

Any person within* to be*, me m Awi t. by BCB .m; 
eiyest pat !,; tl. wil: raced ne h- reium nail, a ilea hollai 
e uge-.viag a "Oil. Ti Cfcet, M ■ F* u,.n.U , ;i C. :.• lajaaj , i. 
ell otbei n* cee««r  mT rw«tion 

Oa ihe *-  iuj :  i' »i   t ibe sale, the Cifta wiB a) 

Bagdad a 'hi bands of a I gsaaaattea al the J', haw i 
t a Uialrihoted, due i.olice ol »b.tU |.l 0* gieaa | 
eel Lie Uu.lei, Sutea au.J the I auudaa. 


MW Hir-n bunt, of Was! luflon ft Its) 

l» » - 4. '.ay. 
) « •• • V.e-a'er. 
la* " Caih'iBu. 




V MsMiry, pi.. It UiiuiMi , «. ,1 

1* a B E K i: i  u c B 1' . 

I i'Ii tii: -ati o •'iiil.T'etvhi-i , 

lo a Itininra 

\ la i'ni 

•• lo N'.v V'lf 
in r\;t bjr* 
•' I* Pitt bat-f 
I H i i B 

A' »5 o\!**W A. M . t 

P. M. 

r n.a Ci liiiu ti Pfcl b :i«. 

! » Pwitadelpfe 
In •. 1 1 na i 

r j'ti . 

v i i i art 


.Si: i 

. . ! 4 I (I 
. . 16 IHI 

\V li o 1 c s i I t* Exi'liishclt , 

IjtxingUmi iky. 

.r. \V & J. C. COCHRAN 



. .5 HO 

eviicttfuily inform 
via., sad will iui 
ju. a lai . e lot of 

lie trade ts I Uafif an I mi 
tiuue to racaivt Uariuc tlx 

Uocl a. a , sm4 5 . •*: i k 

1'aase.i!;. r  v ■ 

I. t ie affaiaii Ka*l 
AiaWCa*. arri\«' «t r 
•i!; "*t *om;' BtaM 
• ud Batli oaoce, ... 
««« mimi ft ilin 

f ii f. I ' r  ; :' 
HtajaJ H lattwaw, s 
us tnial i - •"■ m i '. 
1 cbtl i r fblla rl 

A. ftf. 
!i?\e ."tl 


.11 li' ur 

» i 

UshiaiaM r.vp.i.88, 

; » at r.restlll e mm 
!. P. M.. aaat r...l.e 

i Willi ti i in to P-.j.a 
tii a a» Pii.U ici|'his aHU 

New Y 

SflU A 
i ir i ni i 

id lialtii 

rii^rv ttv 



d K .11 li 

it IcTSfl 


rme?*.: i ti ■• at rati 
a.i. t- Ni is V..i a. 



e'.et»ct i»tl Paiatiega, in apleudid fill j . M 
fianiea. aiae It. eac*. | " - 

tlegaat OH f HBiaaftP, BSft ft. CaVCaV. ftC- 
Siael | ia la Kuprav ing*. brilliantly .nlM 

kaail tut. • i f. ,.n. -a jum la e». ft n 

i afta aat a t asl aiata Ku.i inm . 

In oil. of toe W aauiUKloii Monument, »« 

aaftba 4. 

*j:,a*Ki au-ei |. a-e Ku(i««iaas ft .m H-o I Kereal 
piatta. a  w Mi i» -a *-io.i at, and awaai I | 
taa A nuts' U..i .o. af las war* at \„.t.  . 

f^orxi hi «. St* 01 M -ach 

1 Irst ■ laaa, iu 31 *l at . N . V. i' t». ... 

m btiiiriin*- lota In ll« aad MHM StB. N. Y   ily. 
eace ^jsliM !'.. deep at i(hhj. 

loft Vi,.a Kite*, contamiuj e«..u io.imhi ^ : 
lb   »ult ur^a of New ran Cats, aaM . »a 
aa.ualii ( a BMapaftftteaaC view 0 ( Uie iiuda  u 
Kisei a:..' L..*.. ...I  • jnd. i i .**. 

«a a-tritc i ah, a i uteres 

aeca ity.ct |;jti«.in 

f in.!' Q 

l« .« Oil 






io foo 



P. w 


: l* : 

I If K K I : 

;dil[.'.i i with I .•'  
New J -i-e\ Kai n 
Pastcageta by i » 
Mi . mi Rsilroael. ■ 
. '..i Phil idslpbi 
sdeiptiis ivith risit 
1 . e UtUs Mia an) 

Aad f r all iateiaaatfoa. rlei** 
e.| Grnfial KalUnaad Ofti e. ii 
taikaiag' aaath ssal corner oi H- 
.-• • •• paaffts 1 1 e Haaacai I 
htall has! Isaalafr, or at tbe t 
poi. fc-iai Pasaft atr a s t. 

d (iracr.a Agent. 

M iZ'l.i: t I  FANCY 

{) R Y G O 0 D S . 

B Bshtfrosa Meaofacturars aud Agents b* ti e patk-ipe 
J taprtatly i» r 

hTbich aasaa srtll ha Jah h aft ftataa trada at arica* us low 

as siimUi ' (ioods »re sold U ( st ol He Mountains. We 

will i e pleased la ahoa oui stack to ail asrsaas artahlaft 
US ha*', aad tftlak we can satisfy Jlieia thai frei Ills a mi 
acpeasss *un ue saved by bay las ^uods ii. Lsxiactoa. 

J ftV. * J c.c. 
X. B. Al!kiiu!« afCaeatry Pasda C S taken in exchan.e 
toi Oaarls 

atarftftarSI J. aT, a-, j. c. C. . foi 

III' 111 1.1 
..ll. ll 1. 1 
iii* I. hi- 

| ^BIBG is n 

..a. I iv 



I Hotel. 

•st  ra (l.iit'e Xiaiai] 


WtUcshl far as a aaora la am part ol '.be city, by irav- 
ii^ diiacilaas at tii? aha a e ssaaaai saajtataaal caraaraf 
• wi » it: ti Fioiit, directly   u ;i e liver • ?iik. 
jai !3iHi J. H. ROWhXL Caadactar. 

ilioinl sapply of DRUGS. 
| IU , liKISHKS. V.IK 
rtc, e'c. K-'icctcl ir i rr- 
Sal I i cspecllnlly invite th 

i ify \; '.« lii.nis, Palaftsts 
m ■ s aer slty to call sad ex 

lias H ew lieri'. 
every one who assy think 
turn aa to the q allty an. 

to wary pseaaleat ih't aa 
■ ii « of Basurii biai 
Is at iiny rat - nr:ir the ' in 

ii ri pri.t- dly   onti a 1 i. :  d 
o pur. ha e ot thoaa Inaj 

in repaid •   tbe Baal Ksta'e. ¥ V;i,a. aaat  v 
Co., Baal Batat • Broker. N»w V'.r.. Paiar a , taaat paid, 

n e..*i..srj. lo t.a addieaaed 
J. W. HoI.BKt'OKK. -ec'ty i 5 Braadwav. 
B3rTu« kafni in toe nftaaaaaa sss aasj   

.'••'• aa 

N. \ . 





ftfaVftfftJPACTtTBwO BV 



Principal Wai ehow" . MOt ifW-.-'n.'. ('in i 
$ide, l*ondi n. England. American E»t J li»k- 
fnentt. Hi A«-i-ttrert and MR .Yaxtuii ftn et . 
York. I' S. 

HTHR H 4r maeen is a vaiua' le !i«rov •• foi Bf It I 
I Ins (ha f et trom dan.p BI at .d. ad i.   ■ ■ •. ■ p . 

ajaastassaa an asaai I aa* daaraaas aitb lactsna 
whatever. 1 be r**aaMaaa ft* ha Use nm ai * . . 
arsxa saa'da taa aaat ar shaa. Its aatdlialcd charactai hi 
a pwarriiul sasl o e o .1 seaae 

For Gentieine,, ti arill a* faaal sftTtaaal ••. ■ i 
baa B ay , fta sjr«ar aa tha caftalaat ar rai a l ss t ar  ithei 
foot *«u not h» come wet if the H  dro«iia;eu i~ ins4lfe«l 
IsMtsrs m-y wear the ii;iite«t soled boats or sa  ata 
■lost ine'emtut areflher, with laiaaafttf : ahile Caa 
adaaptioa.aa picvalent amoas 'be rasnag of aar caaatry;, 
aaaf ha sftwaftaft by taaar aaasaral aaaa i . i ay (atirat) 
aaasraade 0 ».-r aa th * I atftaj • iu«- taa aaM ;■• si r- 

■pire ma seiy unheaitny manner; an I. h  ~ la, art I 4 
d Bferon« srear to jK-defctnauR in ic y sresi liki n. . 
1 1. oerx. While the ,a ;er CaBBS I * kaM I I aapast 
■ »■ m y laipe, ike H  drouiatrea, I*ia2 a rncia thia a! 
cob i reptrod,jBacattarly p «ceJ nividc, d »«s aai jn r i se 
•be aiie of ti « boot, oi raune '.b? f »ot to i- — 

h  ChUdreti they are exi leiarli sa t a a bft c, aa Ibey ,-:-\ ra- 
gaje ii. BaTarrasr atth MMaaarl and health) effects Taa'r 
•sp^u-e laaa i-li?bi as «;i sr.  rce i.e. .i ss cat aa; he aide, 
haaaa aaVa aatiaiitas tasas a ill t uJ uo- i yaarij ».tv- 
hnia n.uch diminisbad Ihassav, 

A  tba Byd aasaas Mil ri'tr.' knaaTB i'i silt 

iatucreasiu: to an ilaanai imr dfthftc rxtrat. I .i lyaal 
ia ixmd .ii. afaachiafar. BlrsaiagaiSBi, i, 
laaaW, DaaUa, P* i*. Aatarary Matabar^aad i ll i 
aales i cat bed |,*J '.iJti ptirs af Cork siokta, rhia yaar tac 
auai'*r will fsi aaraaat that. 

Ask the Pa o.   : i.- ; aaiataa af their valae as 
BBBtetisa ' r CvBih*, C«|aa. BroachiMs, Aethn 
OBaajaspti aa . 

Mes"« Site per \'-\t, ?."  c nt«. 

Rasas' Bats, do hftsMa ■ 

bats' * Mia«Ea' err. a 

BOT1CB — Froaa the K t i: Prices ara saakc a **■ 
era. aliowaiiee tor Jobbers cud Whahsastcra, so ll 
-atore kef p. tt mai make a fine piofit on lbeir sale, 
taay a«a an srtscla ihat aaay he kei.t ia say a ata, i 
aay aAaas af aaada. Rar tanaa, spall 


stasiafti-* u-?lo M Aaa atreat. 5csi v 


BOBJTeSFf %%»» M.\t i«»itfi 

  /./;/ /;/../. YJ) TO BUFFALO. 

Sixty Miles Less Lake Travel 

via an i y Mail a M ft ia r IBa aifts9s st-iiti 


VI \ 

(ini-iiiiiati. Columbus. ( huland, and 

BuU'alo S.caiiibuai Unv. 


Strainer f».sCK T f 1 1 Y, W. T. P^ase CsftaV- 
aaaadar. lea»ts i ieaeU ad you Wad^assdU y-. and 

jfT'Sieamer llaeea af the Weat, P. II. McaVaaa laaa- 
saaadar, leavaa rasasliad atasalaya, TburxU) s. ai d act- 
M lata 

laroaahta RaahJa ts yj l ours, without laadfay raa- 
sac iai at Raaalasrita ti.e fttaraiaa 1 1 ^ in   far ra 
Kiiu. .New Yoik, Baataa, Maairasf, and asl points to 

tn» eauieni - lat ■« 

Taa asaiaasars af thsa Baa aaasaaaaaaaa than a pussin'.; 
Mftat '. ksta- aailt, aad war as , by taa Bear York aad Brh , 
New York and i satral. Chtselaad, Cwtanbas aadCiac a- 
n t'. ar.d I. Mile Miami K'ailroads. witn n r i ;•„! ;i 

to ►trencth. ay si. aarfsalfcM ^ctasaaiBdaiiaas naa 
aiayaift e   ccaf annas, laaa h» laasaat. 1 aa siaeea kaM 
rresceat ra "a tk aaacaarasof srhat asl l. taste, ai aaa r, 
Brill ar anattsli in laia  i .  tt asslsasedj t :eaiu^.' t Aica- 

nst Ufttti I ianii \* the K.aatrrn [ksaOl st CiaciaasU. 
Pa*!..nt; rs ahoaid h arm aaiad thai tail is tha   nlv Uaafri • 

K3rMesi  aad R ue-isann eie laahyfiftl ia ttcaats by 
lake ata asara af lass r. ate. 

V ill. 

Praa Csadaasti la Batata k ( I 

ti N. rat*, (B B trnmB-Cc lo,' 11 .'« 
" •• to B. V.. \ia Kradaaa ritas st'r* I" •"  • 
la B s .11 if 10 

I Xi I KsioX I H KETB. 

Prom Ch a cl aa kt i la Ni..eai* Palls as I sack is*.' s* 

" " to llufiaio and he k M M 

OK. ftft PHtvAP    NV UTHBat BOftTTK. 
Partata irh llci   t«. sad al iat  raaaikva. pfei as saaly ;.• 

maoltcat iiii«:ii d i; ilra llice, in lairaa pat aw. tune- 

atari baildag, auath*ia t corueraf Bari far n sad V ■ •  \ 
stre-ta. due it) aaai »itd the Sp uci Moaae, B»lir .1 
li |a I. Van i a 4 ' i laa Paastra (l4ttla Ml- 

sai i \ \ road hVpat, fea»t Pwm t MtaeC 

— , w m H. n.i MUNr. Bapl 

P. w. Mnaom, 1i  ! »•• sad C b b » raj \%  m. 
I he Otaufbaa talwa ari 'I cs I far pa*a*B(et s in air pan 
eftkaci' lasrla : siasc i \ - »\ laa sk««aa afBta. aa lit 
est c rarrai Braadway imi Pi nt s , tt , directly on 

Sir Astley Cooper Bait. M. D., 

■ras salaam ■aaacaa rasa 1 1 laaeas. aai Lars * \ »: j ai m, 
i aaai I to i BB woai n ik 

iinal Pwffaatsaaifl vi i 'ouMiw; y\h m . 


//y? failing Cure for Va T munai // J)i,- 

\\ i i iioi r in i 

a» cs 

Oft I 11 1 I I VI 


rpo »! person - ai all a~ea aad OBMditiaaa. as a certa n 
JL anc a sai. aha I d a a ala M those faarffttl dlssaars. era- 
sampti n. hr aar hi I si A«tr.pi.. . loughs, i al la. aad ..tirr 
afhictiona of :be i.unrs, which srisc f,om Tie erpos d 
•u r ttf ftaa tbest, Btuardtag ftc f«sbion m..- ti •.   • ..:n. 
sbaaMBa af - ctiasaa. 

•• Ihe Proie.tor 1 is simply s rh mitalls prepired f r. 
Mtayd wi ll ana fnd pstdaft, whi h t , rt  t, .. I  , -,iii laa 
aeck, covers me tbest in M  *c ees Is a ■ i aar, i l. 
oa*e worn, n become* a neceeeity an I a caaaj i • 

• Tae PioLSctor." ailh-.ucb hut rrc nrly i..troduceJ i. to 
Aasencs. is niaktui; rapiJ»a thcuffi the 1'i.i ed 
ktatas.tke Canadas. South ftaaarisa aad tbe a e *t UMft 
it h s lor a lOB: time been a t.pie arucia in KneUnd . i.d 
on ifcr continent of hurop*-. wiaie ti t ta eiun u in Bt i j 
countriss to tns Baattkaa of an aituie o • reus 

To demonstrate tbeae fai t« inijuiie of tin ItaghMl I af 
dam ;n ?  ur vicinuy of ins knowle.iee of lb'  ien -6 ial 
sSstu of sre»rtng tbe P.ote*i..r, w.ib at lacaBXBi la 
d...t» |..| of any aaad fne cat af weaiuig these i r.: 
c laa is s mere tnr'e.aud one will Us', .ome year*. Be 
oae who salo-s  he beaitb of in mar if or ass hassll sill 

hs sritto t tnen, Tne H spit^ia in * try ara ot 

aloae recooi oendini; inem. hat rapidly i- tiodui i-i; lb aa. 
Hartuart, B adl y At Co.. of l.oadon. ai d MaacBe* ft, i, wi re rtftaally latraatal artth the marulac tire 
ol tse Pi .tei ore. By l e ..uienied l»i . Co«.|*i . ^nd aa» 
uuu-tn niaauficture Baaaaaitaj to a a aaiakaal lust ac- 
tioes. and mere me Ba^saaaaaM tii ee wh . w.tli » ear 
• Tae Pr.itect.ors." t-i sac to n*ir beinj aaia ta a 

KememKr a.- ia a staple aj ate le. and no P. ten: B -ci 

Gssrs* stss 

Uaoisa' - i . 

r ii a. it 

Him OL'KI. BKA1» 

■aa u facto. y. 44 Mar a at aftra v t, :imcbe t. 

i b ' 


.. ftl SOeath. 

.. i ha • **b. 

Bf «v CO , 

»» Ann-st snd Hal B aasaa -t . N m V..rk. V. 
ITT* Prim ipal VV.i, house. 102 Wool Ml BB t .l haaaa 

H B dl ''a. are e-t. blli i- f IVpotf f .r the sale o" 
ir-ia no." in li a as ■■• kaaasat . Pi.yau.i.s 

fauna lirusf'-'.a. I hMh aaa 1) y G-.o u Men I .. 

t rs aad Mil nen. *n»o. i.e. t aasaa's Pari ian i ig   o- 
kaspei ' sic Masa lad w tb th • a ■ lesale a. 4 • at si I 1. 
tn»«t'on of t..eai.and I., wb on in si I berai tern:- sal 
i tt r f r heir -o trprst. an « taaad I .p, itu ily 
aaaaat la tkaaa far Bafts Bad aeoffttaM. bacasaa im t« in', 
apply to MABOO0KT, B : » II fc. I at CO. 

aep31n4l-3.n-ftl« 3* bt., New Park, 0. -. 

I ^(l , K ' ~ ~" 1 r «- vru '   Beairaad.ia sime ai d f n 
X 0\J sale low f  r cash oi *ouuti  t to ^*e. 
ju.iri»i,» Pt' K  v P.tAZEK. 

RE '»! OVA I r 

a.* OOKK. Ai I I'MIS fiate Moors fc ir..: »  -. 
J»l mix 

hsve i. 

as'-d to ihe store formerly occupied by T. M. ktre. 
corner «T Main and Ptke streeis. whrie tlr\ s. all hi 
to see all tbeir old custoniars an t al. Bthata ai 
fas .r l hem will, a call. maiSi i .1 


pOR sale st 

t I 



Marks McCabe, 

' A VI NG parch aar d the entire stocl nf Hat* o' K. K 
"■omeroy t« prepare. I to furnish :h' 1 c  * «   
aa tae old fr fi,d« af th' eslabMa'iateut. wi h srlicles i 
Me lias. si chraper ralii, f .r   aan. tha- i ver afta i d be 

aa  tbe si i 
aatar "»•» 
ao*t ly 


•a the   
Ms liaa 

fata. At the old s'snrt. on Main -trret. whe- 
al Ike BIG HAT hsoga, i. tbe place lo iu, ; 

f |g .v'i! 

NIHll s. u iBOOW/CLASff. - 
son in the enste- ll   il ies. w^ w 
attaati n of Pbysii lan*. Coa 
ami dc-ilei* in ilia sbosa Btticii 
siaiaa our aiock baf oe Barchai 
We plrdpe ourselves to five 
proper lo deal with us satasfaf 
price of the nrii. B 

'I tie iai p ra asi oa heretofore a 
Beatackiaa aHMria at or MB 
Httie i 'n\ could parehase Goai 
cinnatl, h s af lite h-* 
l.y pcr-on» who ihllBfl I pi .i ar 

wiihin lhair aara baraara. This is not Iha aaat aa!y 
our I ranch of hu aim *-. hut c i ery ot • er men ban t, w h it 
ever his hsaaawaa atay br, baa louud it nccessnrv to iu- 
cresae his stack, ta saaasy the flraaBBds MTb aarcbssa 
in the same markets as our Bl ifjhhata, and on the same 
term*; our expenses and Bar laxea aie by far hMt than 
tbeiia; why ia it, then. tiia» we MBsMt compete with 
them? I he only conclusive answer is. that we pal and 
wil l.! All we ask is s f. ir trial. 

BTP Orders from the cOBBUy, will he ilrrays attended 
to fort hwith, a. i i ahiyaad as per directtoa. 

JO* Prescript ioas camfally coatpoaadad wiih neat- 

nes«, accuracy and iiispalth, as hei etof. re. 

li /!»,- Kl !f it MILLKB. 
Whole-ale and Ketail rrnsgists, cor. .Sixili »ad htaaV 
iaon Streets. Covinc'on. Kj . jul',0iio;0 

\t i i.i.i \ aj is. i;v vm», 
.bt BBO avav aa-; as. ^ ma ate «* 

t • \ ; ; on. I l . . 

Wonl I respectfully n tui n hi  I n. i 
citisai.a ol Cyathiaaa su i las -uno , 
tie li'cial pati .ii:.*;e the\ have bsetOWed on him 
for. , and Baiiciiia s raaiiBBaaca of ika sains. aad 
ii. em that he coBtiaaea ta Bell ..-lis chesuer Ika a 
of tae aaiue s;ualiiy caa br boa&kt elsssrkere — the 

tabltehtiiea sofCiat ti aot exceptid. 

There are a ttieut BaBat) iu tii. to .i.tiy who k 
watches, ami aie si a I 8S ta km.w win in ••• -t- d 

... raasired, because there are aagaeui a* te h ee si 
I* s ns ih't i r ■le'-s la be ■ icl makers. To 

ajroaltl bbj . LhaJ ■ thi agh ba h • - bee I laaa af Kentucky 

rar see ral years, he learned! hia u .,« ia oae of las isree^i 
Btaaali ctiatiet la Kaglud, win. b tisss mm a decided ae  

vanla:'. 0VB1 Inovt of . is. In the) list 

Mataveyatic rcmatlia and Jaajaxafta aa bam 

and made to outer, U pi on .s *Vt.. at I'iucinnati 
i ices — oi which yea arill take due notice aud gas 

  l ist Ivrs a . tot illli 'lv. 
h^Bcatl, h. tween Paartft ami Fifth, three doois 
briow the Postoftli e. 

N'.B.-liis Silver Spoons are wajianled to be as 
pure ..s the coin, and as cheap as the cheapest. 
Covington. June (-.' - .J. 37 

lx k \ 9 |i«v*toi.a Eiy.a 

Wkoittmlt tV.on/ K v 'v Casatasisaeeii Jsfr rf aWaftt, 

MAVK a larsr aad ■ Bgaat s'ock of Sratartee, ta which 
they would call the especial StteataOli "f l ouulry 

Bsaleis. w  yl s d g a oaraelsaa le tell us ,„w as any house 

in the Western CBBBtry. 

X B. Allkiads ef caaatry produce ta:,en in e.xchan.e 
f .1 Groceries al L ..^b pntes. 
M rSftaSS w. tV B. 

V a u i a ' ' ' • ' 
f ^ r 



t: e 1 1 * •' • I aiiii. 

HO\1 BLL, Coadai tar. 

"Opposition i the Lift* of Tradi •." 

Curl 8l Anderson 

r T AVKpui chased with great care bb assuruue:!t of the 
I I Bfc T ami CHBAPKST stack of Urj f.ooits, 
consisting of 


ffotnufs. Hats. Caps, Boots, Shoes, 


As this is our advent in the Mercantile BBBtaaag, MB 
wilt be happy to receive siith encoui airemen i . by way af 
patioi.nze. a* a liberal public may bestow, and BBBa BtU 
fiends wi.l noi luipet liui this 19 tbe place |B **gel the'i 
money back." aaaj7a3H 

JOHN L E II "ii M ' 

m mm sxksm 

/^Cf* AND 


BP, sidn Bsatdilassst, h*-t. :,tu agasl fjtaa st%.. 

WRDIHSG, «»; P "»ili ii. Pound, Fruit, and rC 
ftaas-ga Cekea; II s|aa  af Jelii. s. O^ 
IBgas. ir Hoar. I reaee, arc , always on band 
Al-o. dealer ia Freeh and B.dced t»v* 
Ksrdiaae. Iak*ter ', Crehe, : ud«ii kinds af 
aaa lad PraHa, P r a sersaa. aVc. 

i WcaVlli j I'artiai aad PnaJftaai faraiahi 



f iM V a wcriii its. 


No. G3 Walnut st. Cmc'mnnti Ohio. 
Snulli siilt- Lower Mnrkot ppneo Cuvinfrion. Ky. 

QIHtCIAL attention paid to forwarding ol Dry-Goods, 
O gre M an I lo the purchase aad sale oi produce general- 
ly. We respectfully solicit the patronage of our friends 
and the public. From aar long exn.rience in business, 
and our imme liate connection with ihe f*atiB|laB B 
bexiagtea Railroad, we feei confident af giving Btt'sfsc- 

'PpA 11 goods consigned to our care to Cincinraii or 
Ceviagtaa will be re shipped from tbe various Kailroad 
aaaaafta, fHeaaibetl Landing. &c. without ti e expense ol 
Sioi age .except in cases of cun-i gency. 

u || 


P.CFKiu v KB. 

I S. Provrn A: t o.. Phil delphia: 
Co., Pbiladt-lphia; Atstaod m   
w, !.3iuei .V t o.. Bear Yoik I'itv 
o. New \orl City; E. tt. Beak, 
loans 4m Deter Ely Mygat .Jr. L. Hsflo- 
'o.. Philadelphia; 

llurihut. Swit- 
N'ew York City 
. Tracy. Irwin A: 


Co , Be). Lmihert  V Co., ail of New York ( tty: Daaet, 
KogeiseV Co.. ikSTBl, Ker;ler tV t'o„ Ba'timoie. Md. 
Beanady, CaiMs dk Co., Piit hergh, Pa.; K. Craagte A: 
Co.. Whe ling. Va.; Keys. Malthy i Co.. K. Bachaaaa, 
stain. Bakar SB Ca , Jones A- IIm.. Springer  v Wbitemsn. 
Beaea eY Prseier, ati of Ciaciaaati, Ohio; J. B Better, 
Esq.. Wat, K. Higftaa, .\ Cu., LaxiagiOa, Ky ; Hun. Gar- 
ret iiaets, Ahrahaat Ba e a ra «h Boaa, Paris. Kv. Jaha Har- 
man l ; r :zicr, Caleb Wi lion. Baa., Cyatkiaaa, Ky. 
Oct. p.i 3 |y. 

Davids m's ^risg Style of Hats. 

I HAVK ready my PBriag Style ol HATft for ls.-,4. \u- \ 
I tratelul to lue public lor p ast favors, ami weald Bellcil 
sa I d ere s B a ai ib«.se favaraby ftaariag a Hal which, for 
BBetaasa af awtaaettoa and brilliancy af ftaieh, ia Baft ex- 
tailed. I invite especial attention iu my §4 .ud .•."» Silk 
flats. I have, as usual. B haasy Stack af stilt Cassimeie. 
cassineMe, and Wool llat«. far Men and liots: alao, 
lulteii Hat, wiih various oilier m 9 styles -wi ll ■ lull as- 
sortment ol Caps sad Ckitdreas 1 list's of all colors aad 
patterns: .. Bead - oc I Bi ('luloeii-s. all of which Will be 
milil ilii'iip fir toh. All I isk is eacoorageaoeal Iroea 
the residents of Keatacky. aad there ayiii e no seceasHy 
for Croaaiag the live, for ;«i!y thin, in my B sines*. 

J. I»\\ ISOX, 
SfaBsafl i Mlactoa, Ky. 

i. * - 1 * i 

i on si-oit 
n rVBa'g 


f a HEW VOKIt in f Honrs, 
«« .i(   let ;;i 1-2 Haare, 
i'i ll ti  « iaa | j i- i imuis. 
iH  KiUk in IB rts 4Bra« 
  I lift I »'•.!: .ii  ._  Honrs. 
I hi only r u e aatharliad tare, t at paaveitgcre \ia Leki 
si.oie But. load ta laaa kirk, Jilaa fark, aad Bo«toa t-- 
B'.'iT«lo. ftlhaay. New V .rk. and Bust, a: la Rafeio. bi- 
■ .tr* K.;15«. New \ o.k, Boetoa, Mo tic i. b'sraUi 

/-^irlARi PB P i:irO T "'N' w,,iiid rrs|»ectfii lyroite' • nwa 
Kj to the cf i "-ii- o' Harrftsoa aad BarreetMti g cnBatiei 

that ha is a Mil ' Wi: li T and Bayah '# i ' pi.ltin- I p I 
chiaery aa tha iaaa  taBeoeeil atae of the day Rav'a 
• ad t fni i ■ fin i seal 1 rxperience in tb a b - -ire- «. be flat- 
t' r- bim-rf lb at In- can do w.o k i |iii' taaay %, i'l hYrlyl 
in :1ns Slat*' I I Oat! Bi i» Ha B St ran IB I u Wol' to • | 
hMW andl. or t o io-t i- a«kr.l '«ir «*-r»ices. 

 r. Brow n reaidea in I extegtaa. audi yere BB cbb hset 
ef hid aheraaistite by aayftriag leiad^a uV« ' . 

^^   baaa heea i efteslntrd *« ith P P. Rtwwa aesera 
r**aie,aad fcaaw kiw u •* t leadta tBsblcead ■ won   


j.inee astf A. J. MOIfl.V 


i I C fit; i N G 2a A 


Ti.'ACT of ftM ACKXtl, on i.icl iiit 
riser. skoal iayu wiseaf.oui Keataav am ■ 
a, akMf aaa-ha t mi •' i v ■ ... . ^ . ' s \ 
in ilar-Mill. There are a boat to 

ll. \M!h 


fteraa fir 

Two Good Cabins. Tobacco Barn, 

aud other iatproveaaettis. 1 he be la ace   i tie Laud ii 


Puicl ise i.i Ucttcta ui le*. !.e t'e 1 1 ..'um.iiis, aaai 
•igred P. aT. Mm,-.. 

Paaaenarn y :bi« rcate kwcaLfaef at riaciwaeti aad 
liaa tbe host day in N w V- ri.. 

ItiBhB l»\il.Y TKaIN.n— NKW A BftTft NG v. KN'T. 

PIIWT TB \IN — Kiilroad Ugbftaiag fxii'SS. rt 6 
n'clnc k A. M .. ui» ' iair .'ire. t and *■ . , u*i ve • atli ac! cm • 
B eet te a te Crcstiiae, PfKakatg, Ph ladettaaie, bi d Baltl 
BSBt  ; Cleaeieael, l»un ir. . New- Y-.i k, and B latoe ; Bul- 
la! » '^anv. New York. Boston. arc 

aT, D. cv   ;.   : I ESTING, 
No. 3S Fiith-stird, ( iiuiniiati, Ol.i. , 

FASHION .ilii,i: 

Boot and Shoe anufacturers. 

gto- , Ky.. w  ul ' i * 
i that I'uMiaaaawc M 

IB IB I lo- 

ll' hi 

A. bj 

IW i 

iaa at dev laa 

iv I Ifa Bl 

s'e mi rs 


the raagmli- 

uP 1 UK WBer C pt. Mc Bride 

i n..- 1 ' r N i i 11V Caal. Haaaa. 

Taraajfb ir' ■ Clevi b ad t*i BaaTala. win out laadiag, ia 
in hears; aad Beshiaa certele roaacf lea with ths aaara. 
iac Iraiaa froaa daBata ta New Y-rk: ir-»i B .ftal.. us Ni- falta. XeW PtWk. Bust..!;, At., from Lewi-ton to 
MwaUeaUftaebac, Ac. latstrala alaaatabai raaaecttoB 
at CreslUae to 1'itisl.ure kt Cleeeiaad with K-iln 
Baahlrk, Bafala. Xew York. Boatea. Kiaaara PaU 
I HIKO I BAIB— Kailroad Kvening Pxpies«. at I a 
P. M . m.ik leg direct ami exi Ii tivc leiiiaad em u 

I rei 

w P( 



.abuig:  t   Teveland 10 Penkii 
it Buffalo lo Nia ar.i Falii*, . 

.ad to 

s, dr. 
. N* ■ 
Ibam . 

rt IKSiTNi; A i'KO . late . f 1 
I »l«iilulU in mm U t at 

thai t bey i »»c a 4a all shad Lbi m 



ai d kaaarhkg the wants t.f llir tiatle in that Sl-te, b;.vr 

taken yir.scaUl psias la araaaee -uch w..ik ,« s- ui . 

a-e I hey ha*W on hand iol Qi nllemcn'i near, a largt 

ksaoi in leaf of 

HOOTS. Ii.ll  ». All f its. M. 

ibe"* G .iters are the easieat and ue.'. rst ikheea waea. 

Ladieacaa be farai had with erar] descri tion -.i the 
■aaai i. khioaai le siioe,, ml ai CtfJtAPatB BATKS 
than l hey * u l -r had e sew here. 

All hinds of Chili raa 'a Bfcar reatf saiiy aa hau.i. 

We lavHa a;i our ol I tricn aaai BaaiBckiaas gaa a ra l- 
ly, *i give us a ilia!, as  vc flatter Bursal tea ibat we baa 
please them. Orders promptly attended lo. sepUiaO 

* PtiBT tii; 

\ . aien 
. I wil 
:n. k-ti 


IOHN B. PA vn k. j r. 

" ! S \ \\ X !'«».  Mil. I 

For Sale. 

\H sb d«re I 
I p-.p n tii 


1 he only 
The ma :. 
BBti :o Cle 
heavy T ilea, 
lilr l.iriLE 

are the kl 

Uiut, h 

.nd Bu 

in l levtL.i.d 
r • u aj fraes I'dnela- 
are laid waii 


Be mre and procure ye.urtickiia via Columbus. 
Bbbsbbs caa led hraaa t taciaaati ta Oaaklrfc aaeT Baf- 

. .-ebrckrd .-t Buffalo to New Yoik 
raa Baaed  -f tkie loute aud Lake Shore Riilrotl at 
(' seetaad aaa •(,-• aam" 

And for ail laferwJB tft aa, rfcaaae apply at the old esta 1 - 
Itsbed General Kailroad Office,  n ll e large yellow thrce- 
*;  r  baildiag, aaath as sl cor aa i bi hVaawwa* and Front 
strei ts. • liectly Bay site t e spr n . er llou c, Bailr .ad Ho 
'ei. an.i Mm boat laadiay;; er at the FJaatem (Li. tie .Mi- 
ami; 11 pot, haSl I'rniit slltct 

W. R. I I KM F.N r, Sup't. 
P. W. Strausf, Ticktt and Gencial Agent. 

■ i I call 'or parsei gera in any f 
lag directions at the ebove ode 
Bros. i way and Front, dnectly on i (v.-r  t 
iulylSnll J. II. HOWKl 


It *.f tha city. by leu 
. south-ea t comer 


\ CUOU K lot af White Silk Bonnets, made to ordei 
• » Ahsa e larec earasiy afBtiaar Gimp, and Lace Bo 

nets, teceived and toi Sale at 
»piCn27 MOORK A- (TwlX's 

TEW exOBE NKW stock and KN" 
LA KG BU PACII.rTIKB — Af No "3,^ 
W asl Fourth street. We take this   ppoi-^*Y i Tl~«f*r! 
iBatty of iaftsnalag aar frienda in the coaa-B I s* ./ .i 
Iry.fthkl. hBVMMJj removed from t ur   Id stand on Vain 
street, our atock of Piano Partes, Melode-ons. Music auJ 
an. I Mi.sical I •! -t i umciit s. SI i , i. s Ac. winch has fee ii 
cteally enlarged, will be f mil I at Ba. 7J, West Paartft 
sneet, neir Vine, in kaBith 4m Nixon's buildlii'.'. Ve are 

now lataortiag Accordeoae, Plaftat*, faaiter*. Violin ami 
Guitai Karlaga, directly iraet F. ir.n .-. aud can, ihorefbir. 
s-ll at fiom 10 to 20 per cent le-;* than iliose who pur- 
cbaae ia New Park Our stock oi sheet Music i  t ■ 
la r g est ta the Wast, aaa ton we iaeita the atfentioa el 
• » aler- . ayacially. We l.ave it reived ovei one ihOilBSBrl 
saw pire- s during the past week, and shall bereallerre 
cei*e ail new issues w.-ckly. 

PtaiBS Ball wh -n you visit the rity. I*. will give u- 
ple .sure lo shoar you one of the best arranged Music 
Stores in tne tout. tiy. COI BlfRN .v P1ELD, 

oct°6 Clnciaaati Music store. 

ft f Si - .'i nave -iW.d iii. all Ihe coi v-niei 
il M| wii I i oi. i: I will ei.ber K 
•i -ve lo tsoaae wen liai • ,-r dial r icl wbei. • 1 e lean em ■ 
a ill agree la ■ elite' with r  ay bi s vera 1 th -. 8bm Kj a, 
,. r sawsd on Ike aheiB«er aa d lo me. aa i silua aw i 
«t at a talr artce aa assay at ri lecese raa fteliear will 
nay • wu be. Baa. Ol I will s. :i . a bccobi bbqi aim. ;euns 
iii tl skft laaabey ta f ayawal. My miii . .re an nc ihi 
sat ia the caaatry. Oaaaaa wiMca r. 1 1   ihoaeaa i •ftrei 
inch board aeer] wee it wi I a hi pr raaa ng— *v.t  
tixlur. for twu larg lUfraiBJ ivt tWo talk saws, * . 1 1 
Bill, Ac.. read!] R»i aea— »  hag si»  eveey d y in . pt- 
rei iaa i a tiaaba Lick, tare Btilas N B.ol Bayd* ua Be • 
.■ad. Any ne ivisinug in parches* trill • 1 1 Whilsi i 
. I have t ml*, an i win ess I a u oi i ii _ af Bla* hi. ei y 
Aa iatelligaai Paraiai liv ag n • p yl •» ie ion s y« be 
Frt aft sa rryraded 8b IbF'H bsOi tkaa one duilst ia cut 
fug and bajtaiag aj  a y p.r tret", hasty aeh'hhathum 
i.. which iftaie i« much y u yier, r.'re*i  » »»w asiU i« 
l ike uft Hie tin. her. prettai s I" tlt 'Lii ihr land wbiil. 
ia iia tiatf a rad state ks aow aapraaaictiea. kai whee yal 
IB cultivatt ii will rem lor two tlo.lais par acre IB pio 
uce » ci of • very year. 

Piopo, lis fur delivery of, k*gt aatdreeee I to aaa at tins 
p acr. Beet paid will ha et leaded ta. Rio ftl. JAN-VAMY 

fry l u t -u*i i u | io reaaaad x\ . st. I will   gcaeage desii a 
bie tawa yroyerty tar llisaaari La ad, or sell ea irbera I 

terms a s:oi-e loom, well f Call I toi basiai t. sad »e*t r..l 

dwelUage easl vacaat'iote ia tie ataai irritable pm m o'. 

Crathiaae. Peb ie. '."»i nvotr 

ll OUSE A aN D 



1 1 »s ii s. «• ami 

A ana. on back street, belonging to the 
heirs of G W. Wall, dee'd.. and lately- 
occupied by Will. il. ( oinploii. is flow 
1 ' ■'. Iol sal". For terms. iiKjuir*' «.f 

.decsiiiu-;: SAM'L P. JANUARY, 


rr.HOSEin want of SK NK WARE * an be furnished 
J. at I. T. MARTIN'o 




HAVi* Just ieceive.1. aud are u w eaaaftag. Bl the 
stare ra sa s , aa Mam st.eet. t i»it«- oa 
nssoitmrnt .; \\" Irhsk, lewi liy.nnii Faney 
 rt i ics. a- d would ronlially nivi e lbeir 
I St BBS I . iistomeis.andthe uhicgenera ly, 
ociveihem a call B. ati- ntion ta aaai. 
nea-, we i, t . .... r t ag 1 1* mlroiiage 
ami. he haidiae aat graal iaawceaiealB «ar caah aad la 
u.ictual cuatom rs. tocmp e aaccraef^il wf'h aar- 
r e aadlB g titirs. if yae ai bhi. to aree*wi urctir ns rraar 
I laete oiber BaasKefta. with a view oi bayiag go. 
baaa, m he leaov ai u aay in band, we will s. ii as . w 
s tb'- lane aitic  a can be i arc] ». • B , ywbeie 
la h fo-ii ir ru*-.'iu r« of the h -u e. w.o leer 
I B| lag Kcaaaa ea l-j .. aatka tin • .ea w 11 hay tha' ia Lfcia 
i-icuir . ws he«e ceaag'd 'P*r'tn irf da Ag haihiin t 
le esoa as Uase ii beiatr satt i fisroor pal ..n« We will 
• nlu.u' tbe manula lure of siiv i w r ml J* we ry 
Ti . u'.i o-t an niiou will ilea 'e paid ia 'h r aelriag 
aetaeaa. m th tur assia anre ef s • d m ictical er ok 
..en, we will c  acBeat ta uifi tl, 0 . ur e. e, e m .. 
n lata -tsp ct to *te M er. \ *-i 


TB see want tbe beet aud tbeapet anicle lii.utde and 
1 Sine , . . . tar.^lso C 

• cL' ' MA ' K h *'*P , c«''Siaiitly aa h n I all kftgeg o 
IfvKS PATENT BURIMIAsEs. wkftl I wil I at 
■ rr ia puce to ol a W B B de a colin c.Vrr •! wi'h ■ 
■ -oi ma* |a  f  i«, h Ha will a so mn iek i Ikerl'eMae' 
vissera with 'he .hove aitirle at retail, at asm II at vane. 

o r ;'J' '""r.* " e h -f band aa a,a. r' 
! In', ' .??"*', M «"' p »«-« »n*l o'hrr Fu.nituie, wbic 
ne wj | BBti low fo   ash or COOal y pio ISM r 

* '•"•'lis a hears., aad wi I at end n'riclly to an. 
alls a« h' ton..- »««'  -- hie billly 
Kile Rooms ontsocorn'r of .la-.n an l  econd aneeta 
CyntbiBBa. July Stub. 1834. J Hiatall 

I K you Want an extra aitic\ ol N. O. Sugar, ami at a 
1 low figure call on PKCK  v PBABKB. 


ANTLKL Kilk a u -l Fncges. 

II COlOre. for salr m 


F ; I  1 1 ARRIVAL 

«a  ■i-' 


Cyntbiana and Harrison Coaaty Cloth- 
ing store. Main st , • Maaaite the Court 
House, l yniliiaiid, Kj , has just leceived, 
ami saw ayeaiwe, k fall aad complete as 
sortateat ef I' ft I . i . A Ml Nil it 
RE ftft ¥-»A»E CI BTHINa aad 
Gentlemen's appaiel g. nerally, consisting 

in part * f Fire Drcs Frork, Sack, ami Box Coals. Doe 
Bkta. Cagaftyaera. ami i loth Pants, and Vesta ef all d« 
soriptions: ."sh'its. Collars, aim Bosoms of even kin.!. 
i aay s a ns Giaeere. Creesta, lies, af all aaa lilies; Boot* 

and shoi s. Hals and I apa. all kiln s' ol Bofk* CrOtbiag 

liavcing TiunkB, ( si pet s * Vaiices. Daabreilaa. 
which w ill he sold a* cheap as Ihey can be baasJ t nan 
. ny iu the West. Alt'. Negro clothing ol eveiy kT*e  
an i  les* tiption. 

Grateful lot past favors, the undersigned solicit* i cn- 
tuiuanceoi public patrouage; and woild i specliul y asi. 
ins and the public .* neiall , to give him a call, l-r 
fine purcliasin e Isc- B here, i s be feels confident ibat be 
can supply a 1 il.eir wants iu bis line iu the ir aatiri sati* 

Remember the plate. Main st., opposite n.e Couil Raw I 
on* dooi Berth ol t lie West 11. use. 
«pri:iU'-H A. Ni- WHUFF. 


 i.  1. VII Ki:Sa3\ . 

No. 76 Wot fwwHk rt mtaMMP Vine. 

(BMITU di NIX N' BH« HUH. I* B6 ) 

CftMeCftPJN A l l, IM.II , 
Dri'SH Triiiiiiiings, KyMMjaa, bbMIinmL ' iuiIm nip 
Taeawle, T hfB BJ t . Taiaeg, Jilmd Triaaani i 
Tuil* rr.' Triiiimii p  s il F.iin-v (i n el- 
Aifonl Cur Ai ii rli i no S, Ik  V. Tlirrml, 
Npedl»  Maiiiif u tiiriiirr Rftfcg, 
W'TkI.-i) ii nd Cnil'iiiK. 
I.EVKN v ars rgaarKae in h- T mm ng h « 
e al.le« tb- P " i e o t • p»-e. i br* eust . « g sad 
v r aty ot iio . '* »► the c.mat tatty   baug.u i as i , . 
I man I. A larg'- tfttt* k *  Ik Fii g. a 8 hrl- a .• K t 
ion* kept ■ onst ati   u hau m nn e to aicer a s' o 
•oii.e. Fiin e« »re hea . irr ami etie. than tho-e esaa  
K» a* cheap. P. r-oi a us-ng St wini I achi. es wi 
ni it to th i a esi*t-*Xf to pro lire Silk ami liir 
ii  !e ndspo lod exprr-B * 'BT the Blkchi e. A St.n. i, . 
bee i taken iii Sm if. a* N'xon'a i*w Bui ding, aa Ike al • 
.' the Cuter Hall, wfh a view t ac owatadaft' s' i i 
sio. k an I base ihe same well arr-nged i e lealg i . ni 
aat l etan pieas- s I w to . all. or av.i him v oh ag o 
serai's* SU ' * " U bF ra * i,, f°'^P^t ipplicatien. 



P It A 0 T KAI. TV \ T V II - .'I AKLIl, 

ANT) ni'.AI.KR IN 

Fine Watches, Jewelry, Clocks, &c. 

' ri*'l , i| | ositc Hie-   on it •house- , 


HAS jual retcivtd direct iiom the Kj 
beautiiui aesattawaft  it ttlCH JEW- 
CY GOOUri, dec., of thi latest *nd Bteel 
feehtaaahle etyiea,*B erhich he iaeitei the 
alt- ntion of the puunc, as eveiy article 
will be offered on the m  st leason Lie' 
laraas, Hissttcu of Watches Is tinsu passed in quality, 
ami i ia experieme in this deeasrtaBe BI ol his business BB 
ables him le offer those iu purs it of lime-keeper* a lelia- 
ide aiti' !c. Faying pa'ticuiar attention to 


and pei loi ruing himself all w rk int usied to his .a e. 
whi.hbe warrants f  r twelve meutlis. Jewelty Mend 

iiiL-, ami Bagraaiag at leaded to 
asayllaBI R. BBOWEOLO. 

Baltim .i:k. Mnrrh 22. IflM. 
We take ploamire insayiiijr lint Mr. Km. win. 
Bi:ow\o|.|) lias di.iio Wmrh work fog B*« wivtlMi 

Hrtira gatiafaetioit, nml haviatg done nins.1 ditficuli 
jobs. We  -oit«ii|or him :i jynnil wurkunn. 

CAN Fltl.D. BBOTH«8 i CO. 


rHK pa it 
by Btataa com 

Irhted lo the ti 

ud W 

lofo.e BCietiaS between X. D. 
• OIiF:.\ ii . Is this ,i y v ,.„ 

All th se i.n w ng theaaac ves iu 
aie earaaatli i aasausft i*  call ea*l eat - 

Pi btuaiy 1st. I8.if. 


Ti a aa de rate and heea this lay (Pe*h*g si i M '.en-.n-. 

miu . B-aarlai i ship am. wi.i c in ii r the kaeieees at h  

BitftaaMM, uinier lac style of MtM EB  v i'INO.V. i h. 

pmi aege e I Hie latefts u I the ya  lit genera Iv i« ., 

*p. ti I.i Ily s di. te . A large a a k of O . "ds us ,al v kep 
iu . ur line, aiuay - on hand. N. It viooi.K. 

fed «m»o : Bi i\ t'l'SON. 

Wat, a *so- 

nftrVtsafi just 
a co. i pit- e 

Oi ill. 'is lit Dry I.,  m|s. I. i ,tt i- r . *' s aBM 

■ onntry P* ratal we* , 

Corner "f.M.idmiiii m*d P he SI* . CWweadaa, h , 

reciived. .'ireci from thefasiein . ities 
aga* ttaseat »i Bay Goo. s saitead to ih 
seasons ' ud the mar o* which will ba sold »» aaa aJaM; 
w pro e». 

•Te keep aaagtagrl y on hsad a gaaaral *uip'y 
rot cries 

JfcJ-C,*ii, ai the hiel.c-st paid I   Rye. " he t i 
I in r e nun' i y p uc* 

I*. S. Tin a b . ribi r i quests Hlth «e ill lei t. .. in I.i. 
u ividually, to in ik. imuwoiaie sit 1 mei t. 

M M. 'V AS.iN 

:eh9nio S4 ly 


o il r. i m 

*t» ii i 

p ' 

i d • Ibilc ..«s, nm -m ot Gen * 
ich we invite .hi atteattoaef ail 
.tiinwitlito.uith .se We b. iieve th..: w. aaa m- ke it 
.he inicrest of those who want good Goods ta call snd 
'.at MARTIN'S 


\ \ f B aie now rectiviug ala.g.i biotk ef » • , le (■ ■ i 
i» ceriaa thaa we bare eeer htf e ga isayorted late . 
paarkei, aed yarckaaa.1 exclusive v for saak. therek) ee 
kbUag us lo s* || ih. in al Ihe low*-** po-su te li^^iea, wftVgd 
we .'ir deienalaed to do. 
Uar atack caaeieie, in part, of *ti.*uy yguag sad) fail 
N". O. Bager, 

stoahfta. ead sing 1 ..' ij. ft aed Laei Misar. 
Clarified, i ia bed, ia-i Powdarad " 
Primes. H. ai.d P.antalit.u .M 

Bsti aan la i o eei syiup, 
Kstra ant* Id G. P Te . 
Sfn am. Stt.tii.e Co dies, 
fedttra Va „n i Mo. Tobocco, 
N ilha, Aavsaetesi sue , 

W w I, lass " 

Whit* Let a*, Oil an ' Putty. 
Bade. s'aiera. us, rider, ead Peieled Backets, iMbe.Eaal 
are, aa*i Charaa, Waaa haarda. ftVaae ware 1'esstaafl t'el 

ton Varus. Coif i. BrTtt Bg. '*BB-*lt TTrT L Wrapping Pa| er, 
ladftga, Madder, Copperas, Alum, s, |eaa, Ac . all ot w bid 
we will o l wholesale oi retail, eheapoi Iftaig tl ey cau 
be purchase'! ai . uy aiwilir BnlabliihaitBl ia Iowa iim 
■muls aieof the best quality, an I we nvne gataaaB ts 
rail and examine ou. stock, lat We are c . undent wo tan both in p. ice ami the aitic e. 

Caaatry Prwaaee, sutb as Baeoe, Ler«J,TeMaw, Pleat 

Meal, cvc. takeu ia exenauge I.n Grei Bl iea. 



I -YMPKI -ia. Jbbi d ca, I broaii .,- Serenas PaftsiBty  
LJ I4edaee oi the ki.waya, „ u d all lHseaees arising 
koBB a dieartlered Lisei or stesaech:  uth as i onsuna 
iiuu; iawatd plate: wtil ases of bia e teifcehsad.Aciaity 

"I tbe Mom i J.i' Nausea: BsBrfthaiB; iaitguel i-jf ftMBt; 

PeMe ess al aeaghft ag tae ■eaeaaakj i*as,r ei«s*Uaa»] s-as ' 
iaa at fliititii*.- et tha ait ai hht fl . -win.iu:u( t ; 

ike Head; li ■ .* sad dtBkalt kreathiag; flutteraag b. 
tha Neait; fhok iBacataf aeaaailaas ia a 

lyiag ,.. sin.e, iiimu.  * .-I \ laiua; Bate or vim i ef.,ie tk« 
ai hi. Pk aa t aad daiiawaa ta ike Head; | -tenant j ai per 
BMiafttoa; Telia wacse af Has sk.i: -..i e;es; p. am i P « 
side, tack, i Best. .hi. ba, Ac: Sud teu fiusi.«s «f haal: 
Bum ng in the firs'. » . us'„iii iiuagiaings ol evil; aad 
,icai aaaeeaaiaaal spirits. 



l'ltl.P ftUKO lift 




IJftug aaa. just receieed, ami f\j 

I . ' I I ON VAKN.s.— 






PJB gate rihara are raaalBg Ow 
afbeeaee te aad ftaea Ciaciaaetl 
to the fepot ol the Coelag tag ft I eg 
miTton K'ailr. ad, st. ppi uu at the yeia 
i' ipal heftele, «u : coageyiag passengers to Cosit.giot, ... 
time for th ■ i. gulai ti..ii.s. Oaaihaasag Wall always be 
at the Dep .: on the al t i val ot the ens. to convey gtagQll 
gersluanv part of Cov ingtoi or Cfkciaaai I. 
fteeJftalS-tl CLATTOB * GRANT. 

J. H. !;l BROW'S.] ;.\ KIMBAl L. 


PATENT l L. LVI . iriOuV 

co.k:\ iriiidLa 

rtftJIU Mi!! is i square frame ma le of w.. d. or cast iron, 
A in the fo.m ol a busk, with hridj.e-iree . spindle. Bal- 
ance, line, driver, ami in.' sere w. an,, .rii 
the same principle as a large gull, iHgariag only in the 
reeaef stone; this being of -real wti^lii. kaahagg it to 
guild, near the ceuler.a larger quantity of giaiu. with 
les* power, than any other mill now in use. i his mill is 
portable, aad may ne attache a* la eteeaa, water, h'.ise, or 

hand power. 

Also, ail  izes of French BftnTf Mill Stones, manufac- 
tured on the same principle. 

Jos. H. Kisrows, of Ciacieaati, hi the Inventor, for 
W hiaft he obtained Letteis PsftBBl iu IS|-. . For all iu- 
ftla g gggga t g Ihe purchaser will te held icspon^ible for ihe 
right "f asJag. 

i'iiase mills ilo not require a tnilwrii ht to set them op: 
and all tha*. is BBBI1IBBII to put th' m in eyeiattea i'. to 
kttaeft a hand to the pi; 1 ly on the spindle, with a ilium 
aagftc fealty tu run the24 inch mill g in re volutions 
yer g a l aa t B, att ach ed la gla. ateai. gg wslei power. By 
the eteady spalicatiea af lara-aorse yaww the agill will 
■jrii"! six to eight l-usheis per h.oni of good meal: and will 
grig i wheat ag well as corn. The :tn lech mill, if put to 
its tuliest spe* d. Will grind fiom I i to ftg hushe s per hour. 

I'm sr mills are W arranto. 1 in be, iu eveiy icipect, as 
i "i oi.iiiiei ''ed. 

Bator lo Tims. Piilerson. Esq., ef Highland county. O.; 

ji sse Beet. a! CHaftaa eaaaty, To.; C. B. BaadRaury, Esq., 
of Ciucii uati. and a BBBghai ef alhata 

Place y ti i mil a Baal 1°. feel from the Di ivins Pullr. kg 
a 'eve-l |o«;;i..n bu kg the belt af laalbai si* to aftgfci 
int lies w .dr. the stone gin reeaiatiaae ig ■ Balaate. 

with the see. K*-e laa a e g h aad ataw of the eyia sl l e well 

oiled. PlaaB tb- s !ar uu the back of ihe i miner stone, the 
same way as the   rose in the driven that ia the way 
ll i i ;ii  uiauae : te run. 

We a s.. maaefactare steam i;*.iier Paglaig afafl fh  
bi riptioas. lor Oriel ami saw MiU. Perth uiar att* eitaa 
aald tab w MiM Bugggga. We i ve ftteeaa Eagiaea ud 
doilert " i io : ami be ategreea, as that we can 

'li! a, i or ef ' B s ..ot notice t a  \ Mine 

di ... .■ iodT« It. Ill «:ssoftfts.v.  •«.. 

AhWiscaaatsatly oa head aT. h^EWAKTS Ne»t  ha 
pi iee.i I'i in aa i'nkt'raeker. kaawaby the aeata af the 
"OHIO AMI KKNTU' KY HIOCB A.iL;.-." wo -b will 
bi ea k ml gi in*l h om l.» t   no 1 Bsbeie yrg hour. 

in igftaBI 

t ia. m cV TOR K ( o s i o he. 

« o ft' :   s r o\, k v . 

IT7!lg. HAU.) Cigar aad Taos can He,' r. k. 

»» iai . K cm . MaiH-ou ml Flf.nstie.t-. 

legya can et s ai y * n head a large stock *t Foe._n aad 

liea n ati' ' igar*. 
TiMftAi co id rariow* bteadbt; Viig. j. g. aa  . Ban 
ud ri . a: W ne r mi rh- w n and Baaal. lae: liaaffa ul 
li kin ' i j. irCaeag PoetaaaaBi e, K * i g'f tkie. vc 

v c • ii. s.-.-ii kaaaftag i ■ astai ir*, .... ft i-.i aeery atftii a 

*o!d ia . Tabecce ead t'i.. r »imr I h , e. 'y aftrte 
eatiese e baaleoes. fte assrit the yakiaaaas al ihapg 

B a aar aweireaasataaceB will ea Btteasyl ha bsbAb t  
• in ■ ff . pun an-, aaa i l*aaaag etaraa taay rtadt'igai 
.i i gear* -si ed oi lal • u has any anh le thag Ihe aaaas h 
i. in ■ I'y wugihs a*a Ihe eaaltty af ee] »i i i ie ■ arey 
i n'» *l apr il. ™i 

] M0.^Y C. EVANS, 

wit**: es-.i t* AXfi BBTAKi BBALBB in 

n i* ue; s. ai e !  1 1: i N i:s. 

No. IftMJ ftrt li Si , FhilMdelpliiu. 

Tl.rir power over the ai ,.,ve diseases is not excel * : . c 
• quaiiCil. by any BtBal jn « p .r .tion in iha i'nite*: Stales 
ta the b| rag a'. lest iu many cases alter skillful physicians 

h al aUW 

Ti»se Bittera sr* worthy the attention • f invalids. — 
Paaaaaatag neat viriues in the roctiftcBtlQg of diseases "f 
Ik Liver and lesser glands, ev-i cisiu^ tbe most searcb- 

kaj aeagsva ia waafta*eeaaad aaaaMkaga aj tue ngesuvs 
,i . iaa, Ihey ate. witaal, sate, cn-.m and Bftaggaat, 
II W. Chaaey. dilleishare. Ky . tHt I«. |Hj- . said.- 

"Meeiaaaaee yoar Ibaaara saaae time, i hod u kaa Bftaea 
lactioe ia esarj iaBaaaaa laal aaa aBagg aadwr aty aw 


Belseadi Id war.N. Saivisa. Kv.. Tawi yd BBa. eajt 
••We rejoice to inform you that tbis justly crlebiaUd med 
iciae kse rally rn'Mil 'v ' 'he exalted reputation which 
haehaca given it. and. ha viug tested iis virtues, we ua 
lies '.i'ii,^l\ sav i; eminently deseives it." 
I. I .v J. f/. Beny. Unioutown. Ky., July tt, 1832. 
s .i.l: - W e have he -id of many cures performed by the use 
of Ur. Ho, .11. mil's German Bitters, ami heucve u lo boa 
tales b4B medicine." 

J.Grant. Irvine, K  ., June 2G. '32. said. "Ws hsve 
succeeded in intro'lucmg y.or Hoofland Bitters; physi 
rns and others purchase them by the half detsea aad 

Dt. P. F.tio & Bro, Knoxvi'.le. Tenn., April », 1831, 
sii.l: "Y. -jr But. rs are now sellintr very fast, and svsry 
person shat has used it. so far as we have beee sble ie 

. has been benefitted.'' 

These Bitters aie untikclv l BBBUBIB. they invigorsts 
and «trengiheu the system, never prostrate it, and caa SB 
BBad tag infants as well as adults. 

For saie ky respectable dealers everywhere. 

Sold by CA. WEBSTER. Cyuthiaiia.NKWTOS HUME. 
Coteraansville. G. S. BOS WOL P. Lessburgh. K. M. 
WHI f KI1K \1 . Clayaville, and I y Druggists and dealere 
in Medicines every where. feh9nl9-iy. 

Sand's N;u s:ip;u illa. 

n; I lie- Hlootl, anil far t la e 

Rheumatism. Slabbers Ulcers. Dyapee- 
B, Pgeat S, res. Krysiprlas, Pimples, 
ial iNaeeece, Cutaneous Eruptions, 
iplainl. Bronchitis, Consumption, 
Complaints, Loss of Appetils, 
.General Debility. Ac. 
1 N this pirparatiou all the restorative properties of tha 
I iw re eaacenti ated in their utmost strength and ef 
icacy ; but while Saraapn illa Knot forms an important 
art of its combination, it is, at the same time, eumpoun- 
ed with other vegetable remedies of great power, snd it 
sin the peculiar combination and scientific manner of 
ts.p, eparatior. that its remarkable success intbecuie ef 
laeeag depends. It acts simultaneously upon the slom- 
ch. the circulation and tbe bowels . and thus three pro- 
esses, which ate ordinal ily the result ot three different 
in .la of medicine, are carried ou at the same time, thro' 
l.e u.stiumentality of this one remedial agent which 
-••tiy stimulates while it risiulects and expats from tba 
lomach snd bowels all that is irritating, and. at tbe same 
IB e. restores their vim and tone. Many other prepara- 
ioiis imitate it in baariag the name ol  arsapanlla. and 
u th..l n.eir resemblance ends, being often prepared irom 
vorlbless and iurit roots, an :. ol tuur-e. possess ao heal- 
ne or cur t,ve properties, an i j.atn ut9 in making choice 
•f BThlchlhay will use kftaskM ftaaka aa other, but that one 
will led to f.eir caagafteaca, imm tiae kaag list • • cures it 
s e", c eil ou living w itness's, whose testimonials and 
-n. .- na\e been pu li-bed. and who are Si 

I'or Purify 

l ure of Scrofula 
sia. Salt- Kheu 
Bil-s, Mecu 
liver Coi 


A»To^latHI5G CCBE. 

i'j. i ; R.nH, X. Y . .bin 1831 
Messrs. A. B. .V (T Sands: li nl emeu - Having w iiaess- 

ed the most heuefi ial eff  tts irom ihe use nl your Sarsa- gives ii, e pleasure to semi \ou the following 
siatemem in re.-ar-l !.i aa] BOB. In tftespria^ol gftftl ne 

I Bask I seveiecoM. -ml alter eight 

iaa; theaV ea»r settie-i la his ir:t iri 
-W'la-i la laa ataaaet. The aseeM 
pi y»iciaa. aad .us. bailed most p 
tea laaa I even ulcers loin. en on I 
We i. id ftes .nfferent Bhyaftriaaa, 
oui. hi Bad tbe i .s: wiu'ri ftege   
law that ha was Banket ta toaeg had 
xtr Ungyal . Barkag thfts ti aa e I 
Baah BBgcted hat yftra aiiei piece 
n .s now moie than twenty live pi 
v in- fa ■ o. e bait to one and a t 
A e n.i.I | BOB up a I h pes of h.s is 
we w e wen ladacad la lay m.j.  . 
s. bis healih .nd appetne o gai. i 
.. .1 so . a j.i • w as ; i. .e iha l 
it s ellei lr.1 a peile. t BBgg 

w i n uatitaaa. I ret 

;eks of severe suffer - 
■ n.i fool, which soon 
; was .anted ky hi* 
 u«e!  : after that no 
leg and toot at ones. 
: none teiieve^ hlao 
ni BB emaciated and 
ig the most 
t-ecome aw 


tnau a 

We. tl 

.-s . at:,. 

.r BftB 

«ntune. I remai Italy t. uib. 

U \f I is BALLARD, 
raig rii . neigaoors el hit. Ballard, cheer- 
al elects al in* ahwee stai. meat 
t K. ■ tlafl, a. M. Tron budge. 

I Ibaaa, C. Eastwood 

sal- 1 , wholes-lie a .1 r*Uil. by A !i & D. 
*■ s aad i hagaseta. lag i- g H aa *t. cor uer oi 
S*k|*i by . luiv.n:-- gt iierally hrougl.. ut 
s and i ag ■'■ I PklftO ftl pgg doIIib; -ix 
h »r s !e iu Cynf.iau . by 

C. A. W KB.S1BB. 

I ). (-St ii ij v and FtrfumttrHS, 

■ft. ftft . l orn • s«-oii agftel I «u n i , ( ( a ^ . 

COBs : M Lft 
D aea. Ma iii . ee. 
Pgj .•••m* ry. F .n. 
Evans' i. ii I us'i 
i.v ns' Kalbaii* a 

aaad - fail si a i gi 
ye Muffs, f re ach, BaaBah ani Amen 
• li- les, can i heflgicale, 

e, Lleseed aad i. mp oil-;. 

Pa i ni - dry audgreand taoil 
akarte' Hafcr Weeaet ggf ar, Bffg g*w «.*«•*. Patty a 
Praach and Aaaarieaa Bag Braaaaa. 

Uratrele, BBgeleal laatragBBatt, 

Hair I'ye*. Soaps, Spices .,| rv.-r» kiad, BaWaT, 

Hair. To th ,v Hat Urgshgt. Firs . Garden Seeds. .V*. 
55-Pn scrij'ttons accurately conipoumled. . \1 
The siihscrr er gives his eerataaal atteatkHi te the ale- 
tails of the business, aad using great cere In I he at b ■ iaa, 
confidently assures the public ihnl he wil' k *•■ p none but 
i he best a'ticK-e. * r*iersiespecttul:v solicited aed prompt 
ly fille.:. gkafafll K B B N   r. BTASfl 

FBfl su Tl AlKi glaSi. A WHITE MSI1. la 
half hbl«, for sale low by 
jnlySiiJ*M THOf*. P. CARTER. 

HE A SO \ E I) Li T t! BERa 

1 jpl.-,r. Walnut. Ash Oak, Beach, Ac 

V ide, I." I*, 'i U. Il.dt2i.-ch. 
Ga e Stuff. 
Slat* gad Pic'-'ets. 

A larg Stock ou hand at my Mills on Snake Li' k; sold 
as cheap as at other mills for cash, or approved pape r , 
Cera, fPhaeft, Rye. agftkata. tar whack the kujheal piices 
will be paid at (be mill-*— all that is nffeied of good Bound 
quality w ill be taken. 

Orate rt lor l.umner inu-t be le. f t a* Henry 1'nx's Sure, or 
adilKssed to mc at Cynthiau ., where I will he every 
second moii'lay in each mon'b Peisous indebted 'co 
Idagkh I bought of either ol mv Agents, are he-rrhy m titied 
th .l eveiy account is due cm the first ol every Ju'y and 
January, ami naynnut s exneci'd in every instance. 

letaBdjag te move to Missouri, I would s- 11 these Milla, 
'he heat portable Mil BftB the Counti y. on »t couiuiodatin. 
temis and would be leady to give possession by the time 
a purchaser can put up a «hed, tun ace. Arc . ready to re- 
ceive lae g k i t ag Mifs la oaaratlaa every day, and 
•heir work can he seen iluee n Kaal of Boyd's Depot, 
ou Cag and Lex Rati Buad. 


A FEW mn e of those liine WILLOW WAGONS1 ft— 
call and get one at 
ialjtraaT " M ', KTIN'S. 


Fetl. e Stuff. 
S.i we I I aths 

Pure Old French Brandy. 

[Have a lew more dos. eit. ol the OLD FIN KT C \s 
TILLI )N i OGBAC, which is so h ghf ITtfwi gj | 
y I'bjsiciaus as a r. in many wriBBi ca es . 
"I"' PS. 1 lies. p. CAI.T* R. 

jehfeoe h. 


JMIK suhfi',,iberha* -oi band a Luge ai d we'lass it* 
1 stock of I- ni. y an I Staple I'RV OOOftas, caaaiptaiaia 
'ni si every ante usually i cpt in a rateal -i ie. i  
ahick fca laeisee the aaaeaii aafaiaBi mn . *,d  b yak 
ie a diecooat of i n yei tent, win Ih- made m m ih- 

owest mal set |ii ic s w. eir he c .sli is pail in bur:. 
aMMfgaB JNo. ft, M.tubh 

Covington, Ky, 

* ne. |k FR ai »i e A: en kr the cm I Oaajftgg 
1 1 t. n. an ' 'te c nlrv aroea . f r ihe e I 

Fisk's Pat. lit Mttalic Burial toft, 


The Great Purifier of the Blcod! 

AO I ft F . UT t Baaa 
la leaekklggg Lan»r v lor 

aaatbaaa. HBottaafta Cetew 
Pi a' lib a i n . ht I ac , K B'   

Miaawaraa, or Teller, n* 

. I 'il l I I 1 Ift IT. 

- S Baft a. King's Beat, K' SU 
bobs hreygiBBs, Pimp. • a o 
les. Bolls, t I nine t iehyas. 
alj Mead, kalaaajtaasaal and 

.'am ol tao Baaaa aad Jelals stuhroni liicar*. .sypn 
Hi lic l i-.oi.lrr*. Lumhage..  ; inal Coai| laints. ai.u all 
i'i.ttse* arising from an injm;i*n.Bs u»« of Mtrcur;; 
Impiudrin e in Li e. or impurity ol tbe Bl .cd 

rhteeal Mad ftt tag . whatfti gaa araaaag celebrated 
io; the a am her ol txtraardiaary cur*-.* efecied thioagb its 

Igaw | bga haataced the proprietors, at the urgea- reqaest 
• dtiieir frien ls. to offer it lo the public, which tbey do 
with the utmost tonti lrnce in i'» vlnurs aud wonderful 
curative propeities The lol owtng certificate*. *elected 
Horn a larse number, are, however, sttoncer tealimoay 

hao IbaasBSfl wmilul tbe proprietors, and are all from 
gentlemen well known iu tb-ir localitiea. add of tba 
highest reapectability. many of them now residing in tba 
ci'y of Richmond. Virg uia. 

P. BO\ DKN, Ksq , ol the Kxcbange Hotel Richmond, 
known everywhere, saya be k. s seen tbe Medicine c ailed 
rarler's.^panish Mivture adm...istered in over a bi ndred 
. asea. ill nearly all tbe diseases for which it 

i.i.i ciuie I bj I Bf, 


inn. i i, OLi 
 f * uue 


ftn Inn is ft» mnl .•ml i loili.coieri'd   ofli 

.- her. t. fore 
N if All "r.'eis will re* e v  p  -mp a-tr, t on 
nfli c BB Low i M iket Space, adjoining Mr. 1 Kir*!' 


T. BBEOatoaka pa • - en r- 1 assortment of H..u-eh,. 
io i ami ruiulture, which will bee* Id laiw f i cash, 
may I 1 -.' 


i.i. i . .S' la a Umztl M'm Itotimtln E pI, 
. "I.I. h. ju imem.i a _ 

' la I r i •• 1 1 a s •! '" 

uiei'i e 

IFftVI Lit. ftft 1 T ' 1II , f Lliflt v . 

k d all . h r J i XC ." A It r * Be iBlogij othe r.. * 
I ue   :,, ib i be Kent r i u I . i' 'ing-. r a 
if m Ihe . ir i o P.I h Heel, wb ' . b w I ..ta 

. .n i r ad, 1 1 r p r Watch s, I w I , .Vc , ape n 
no t* t ii tic* -nd up i. 'se mo i ne ai ivraM A Lu 
of public patronage u, espectfully sajtcited. 

ii ended, with the most aatoui*hingly good results. Hs 
says it ia tbe iu. at sxtraor Hi ary medicine bs has ever 

AGUE AND PBTEB — GREAT t U K -I hereby cerilly 
that for three .ears I had Ague and Fever of tha most eft. 
Bleat aVta criyll a a . I had several Pbysiciana. took large 
quantities nl (dm nine, Mrrcuiy, aud I believe all tbe Toa 
us advertised, nut all witt oal any pexmaueat relief. A 
last I tried Carter's Spanish Mixture, two hollies of 
which eff-ctuMly *urtd uie, ai.d I am happy to sat 1 base 
bad ueilbei Chills or Fevers since. 1 consider It the beat 
Tome iu the world. s.ud tiae only medaciae that ever 
reacheu my case. JOHX LOXGDKX. 

«i«v«i* Beat, near Richmond. Va. 

C. tt. LUCK, rati . now ta tbe city of Richmond, and 
'or many years in the Host office, has such confidence ia 
ih- kstewsaklag efficacy, oi CarteVa Baaalah Mixture tstt 
he h .s bought upward* of 30 ho lies, which be has givei. 
away lo the afflicts :. Mr. LucX says bb has aster known 
it to fail wnc u lakeu according to directions. 

DR. MIBGB.B practicing Physician, and formerly of 
the ( i'y Hotel, kg ihe cit. of Richmond, says he baa wit 
ue «. d. ill a uuiuber ol insta.iees, tne effects of Carter*! 
spanisb Mixture, which were moat truly «urpri* kg Ho 
says ia a c»se- * f Ccnsuuplsnu, .!* psndent ou the Liver, 
ihe eooUffecl* were w.udenui indeed. 

SAMUEL M. DRINKKK. ol th- firm of Pnnker » Mot- 
i s. Ki*Lmoud. was cured of Liver l ouipiaiul. ol 0 years 
-l i ndiug, by the use of two Dottles of Carter's Spanish Mix 

GKKAT CURE OP SC KOFITI.A. — 1 he Ed tore of the 
Kithmund Repabllcan had a servant employed in their 
arcai i om *iuea gi eteleal  *r«rcl?. vombiBeu with 
-ti.eLuiaiivm,  a hir.h can ich Itaaatod him haaa work. — 
T  » bniil a of Crier a spanisk Mixture made a perfect 
care el bias, and the Itahhwe, in a agaatg uoiiee, bbj they 
-  i  t if 11) lagaa mend it to all who aie afflicttd with 
bi y alaaaaaa el o- o « od. ' 

 T IA ft HOT HEB CUBE "P sckoFUI.A — I had a 
v ly valui' lc bey « ured of Scroll. 1, b  I ohi'i ■»,.., 
:i\' l co  aider il *. tiuly valuable nie..ic ii JAS 

. TsViaOst. I aad axial ou the K. P. aft P. R. ti Co . 

i m n i, Va 

SALT K' EU d OF 2ii YE » Rs -TA.XHi.XG i I'KKD 
r, on.v IHOftiaVM IB WBBjti gin II.Cti:y*.f Ricb- 

iaed waa cated i y thaa beetles aat' «uer« -p«n »n .wii 
Ba Bf kai ■ hi urn wi... h he had ararly Su tears, aad 

• In u all ibe ru sic a •* »i tbe ti y cagft u.*t cure. ar. 

BSSBa) -"U la a •« 1 1 . now i. u.enh' i.i in ike *il) of Bggg - 
iou . V ■ . and kfts care ta •■■• rena . . kab e 
-. M. i. M ilhfc'ss. of icr BM.nd. Va Sad a servant 
r-.i oi ky phi 1 1* la the woi-i f raa  y fail •'» 
xture. Hasaysiir . beer ull. 

ile s it as ii.*a.uarle medicine 

K II HA n |i a. Wt.»|  •■ K c n. B*' was cu e*l nl Si ra f- 

a aud wnal PatJBBll ga callis. ...afi-nieu * 
ihre*- bvt' r- * |V ilW8*h  p  hg fixture 

Miv*I* IB .l*»s. • omnia, an o the ieev-nue a.ys 
h*» »--ra Ih good . ffeel* .If it I » spai i-k M x ere *a 
ua • r o  -. pDl.i It case*, and says It 1* a ptricct sure 

• I. al li.or.Sl* iha* a.e 

• .1. ii H ,K AO in. or Ic'-.u  ad. Va . cored ol old 

■ lesand U'cer*. n I icn . isat 1 u a iaa ir* ru r Blftlaa. 

■ -*»k a ir w osilies "l i aiter'r t | . Bg jiag v„i»,, e  uU w ,, 

s lu nalk a i '.out a tiu'ch, ie a short lima p-n..a- 

eaili cuied. 

I...CI.. I ■ epnte. at *d *AAkD ClOSKft CO.. Not 3 
aagea i aaa, m w ft' ik. 

Bw«BkftT ' MBk Ba Mftft MjeMaPa, Hcaeond. fta, 
ad lor sal* by a . *. Wrb'li.H, i\.t laaej 'K». 
v HU tin, f. I. n.TiHe u f. Hu tkgVa •** 

I • ; ai d H l IU( ist* ami Dri 1 Ifl iu ded Ci as Bl t] 

ears m. ie :«3 

Call ••» Baatataa 
,ed. it. aud eon 

U and St ti* ucy 

FULL supply received, and f t sale, -t 

M AG KE"?, 


, lEK-iaN in want ' K*itl- s f'»r tbe purp se ol pr. aerv- 
l- ing and slewing iruit willtad lbs enipi ni ksttls MAHTIXfi. 

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