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date (1916-12-29) newspaper_issue i 

^ «f terete 




Members of Third Infantry 
Believe One Mexican 
Was Killed 



Quarrel Cause of Double 
Tragedy at Dawson 
Christmas Day 


EiPaso, Tex., D ;o. 45.— It tn 
reported at the oimp of th i Third 
Kentucky Infantry to day that 
at lent oue of the Mexican snip- 
•n who fired on Tint Bat'tMon 
W the Third Kentucky Infantry 
wai killed when the machine 
fan belonging to the battalion 
was lied to root the snipers, who 
vera firing at the American 
army otmp near the cement plant 
on the American ride of the ft o 
drande. The tnipenflred twen- 
ty or more time* into the camp 
of the American soldiers. 

Ifsj. B. H Denhardt, com 
unending the First Battalion of 
the Third Kentucky Infantry at 
the cenwnt plant, aaid 'he snip- 
ing started from the vicinity of. 
a little adobe noose. There were 
aboot ten snipers near this honae, 
M j Denhardt said. Abont as 
many more opened fi i e 'from a 
point above the house on the side 
of the mon ni. n 'i 

"This sniping »»  returned by 
oor outprst'." M j. Dnhardt 
said. "Our men were forced to 
abando'i a (i si iinwtrrnch which 
had been built prev^oudy near 
the river to proiect our ontpoits 
ThesnipniK cnuined nutil tin' 
machine gnn wax brought int  
action, and abou' 100 phots fired 
Then the firing slipped, audi 
am sure we tot pome of the men 
who were doiii* the flnog unless 
they fl d before the maolnue gnu 
opened op Aft«r bain* driven 
from the first Ims trench our 
men sought h -Iter in an adobe 
hoof* and continued firing it the 
snipers until the machine nun 
scattered them." M j. Denhardt 


Mrs. Carrie Arnold n 

Mrs. Starr D»vis is gradually 
growing worse. 

Mrs. Jno. If. Viotory has taken 
a change for the worse and is in 
a critical enuditiea. 

Dr. 0. B Jehuien, who has 
been eonlned »a his roots for 
several weeks by illneit. is able 
te be cot aesie. 

Olaod Oldhaaa h«i 
trout his Waits. 

John Mtleeev, father ef Jst 
at loeey, is ■ ill. 

J. F. BiY/lder is sheet the 

Joha ••■■ers is greatly i«a- 
proved, hot hi is net able te re- 
state mis we k. 

Jack •tokss, wke hts beta 
undergoing treatment at the 
Medisoavlllt hespit 1, has re- 
turned home aad is almost re- 
covered from his illnee*. 

Mrs. Kate is unt ae well. 

Diwson Springs, Kv., Dec. Za. 
Walter Lintiip 18, son of Sherreu 
Ltntrip, was shot and k lied by 
Leslie Bennett, 18, son of Dinnis 
Bennett, this afternoon. Bennett 
then committed soieide. The 
only witness to the doable trag- 
edy was a young brother of Les- 
lie Bennett, who was too far away 
when his brother that Ltntrip, 
to ascertain what led to the kill- 
inn. The principals had 'been 
boon companions and schoolmates 
for several year*. It is believed 
they had been drink ng, at a part 
I? tilled bottle of whiskey was 
found near the scene, 

Ltntrip tnd Bennett, tccomra 
nled by the latter's brother, Were 
ont hunting. According to the 
latter he was some distance » ray 
hen b* beard his brother anil 
1. 1 ii t rip quarreling. He was too 
far off to hear what they were 
qnarreltng about, and was horri- 
fied a moment later to see bit 
brother levellT. 22^ -caliber target 
il • at Ltnirip' and fire. tTue 
b diet entered the for 'head jii«! 
■ver the right eye, peuturueajL 
the brum. 

Before young Bennett c  ul i 
reiieh.h s bro'her's side, th I 1 1\ ' t e f 
stepped up to the side of his vie 
tiro, puk'd up the later's ?hnt- 
gon, aud | laciug the mi.//. • in 
m.-i OiO.utl), pressed the trigger 
with the toe of bis shoe, blowin* 
i ff his he ad. 


Will Have Ki* Party 

The" following invitations have 
betn received by a number of our 
people: "Please dress as -kiddies' and 
come to our party at mamma's 
house Monday evening from 8 to ll, 
Jan. 1, 1917. Bring your baby 
pictures. Lizzie and Walter Mc- 

Church Social 
A pleasant social event was fulled 
off at the Christian church last 
night. A musical program: was ren- 
dered after which an old fashioned 
spelling match was participated in. 
F. B. Arnold and Mrs. W. R. 
Coyle chose their spellers and after a 
long hard fought battle of words 
Mrs. Coyle's side won. RefrtSw- 
ments were served consisting of cof- 
fee, pie sandwiches and cake. The 
badement was well filled and every 
body hid t jolly good time. 


Charity Workers Distributed 
Gifts to Poor of Ear'ing- 
ton Saturday 



Schedule Calls for Only Two 
Stops Between Evans* 
ville and Nashville 


Miss Mona Fault, of St. Oharle- 
tnd Thomas N. 8i-k, of Detroit, 
Mich., were united in matrimony 
Wednesday in Madisouville, Rev 
Steley pattor of the Baptist 
church officiating. Miss Faull is 
the e'dest daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs W. J. Fault and it one of the 
most deservedly popular young 
ladlee of that town. Mr Bisk is 
a eon of Jim 8. 8itk, of St. Charles 
tod hat a eplendid position in 
Detroit. The young couple spent 
the holidays with the bride's oar- 
ente and will leave in a few days 
for tkeir future home in Detroit. 
The best wishes of their many 
friends follow them. 


Mr la it oh ftreetj aud Mitt Final 
McAfee, of this oily, went to 
•athrie Saturday aud were ettt- 
ried at th t pltoe. Miss McAfee 
is the daughter of Mr John Mc- 
Afee of this eitv, aud has a num- 
ber of friends here. Mr, (J.mi. 
»i an employe of the LAB end 
is s sober industrious vooeg sa»n- 
Tht Bee. in con junction with 
their i fier friends, wishrs them 
a long happy aad prosperous fife. 

Sr. tad Mrs. Haana Entertain 

Mr. and Mrs. M Hanna enter- 
tained a few of their friends at a hoi 
iday party on Wednesday- evening 
the guests all -pronouncing it a very 
happy occasion. 

Mrs. Wra. West Entertains B. D. X. 

. . , plnb 
I he members; of the B. ,1). E., 
Quto were entertained last bight at 
the residence of Mrs William West 
in addition to the regular members 
Rev. and Mrs. W. A. Grant were 
gueMs. Alter participation in a num- 
ber of games interspersed with de- 
lightful falfc a delicious, three course 
luncheon was served by tfte hoste5S. 
It h unnecisflrry to say that every 
one present had a delightlul time. 

r „ 

Mssdtmes long and Browning En- 

Mesdames H. L. Browning and 
John L. Long were the hosts at a 
most delightful sewing party given at 
the home of their mother on Wed. 
nesday afternoon to compliment 
Miss Minnie Bourland and Mrs, W. 
S. McGary. Besides the needle 
work other diversions were a Guess 
Who contest, a Sewing contest an 1 a 
few select musical numbers by Mes- 
dames Rash and McGary. 

At 4 o' c'ock a most tempting and 
elaborate luncheon was served to the 
following guests: Misses Bourland 
and Mothershead and Mesdomes J. 
R. and Frank D. Rash, Coyle, 
McGary, Long, Browning, 8isk 
Arnold, Umpstead and Mothershead. 


R«v. W.F. Cask-men, partor of 
the M. B. Church, South, wilt 
organise a Bigle claea the first 
Sunday te January. The cits* 
will meet every Sunday after- 
noon at the M. B . Church, StMtn, 
snd Rev. Gathman will *a»k* 
•tr lag efforts to hsva one hun- 
dred members in this elan 
whioh he will Iwaoh, 


Mis* Earn N c»»oli and Mr Fltyd 
Ling, both ef this eity, were 
married tt th* M sthoditt psnea- 
age Xmts night by R ■» Oata- 
man, pastor of the M. B. Church 
eliuih. Mm N rhiiln it a charm- 
ing young lady aud is well and 
favorably knevo iu this eity, she 
is the daughter of Mr. ard Mrs. 
Lee Niokuli. Mr. Long is a son 
of Mr and Mrs Bestead Ling aad 
ie a deserving youu« usee. The 
•»e joins their sssey friends iu 
ishfef theta a  e»g asri lappf 


We will offer for 
the next 30 days the 
Daily Louisville Her- 
ald and the Semi- 
Weekly Bee, both foi 
one year for $3.00. 
Now is the time to 
subscribe. Address 
all orders to 



The Board of Supervisors, com- 
piled of O. P. Goad, Eruest Nek- 
ton, Jodge J. W. Wilson, B D 
Turley, R. S. Austin, J D Mell- 
ows aud T. C. () Bryau will meet 
in MadisonviHe Monday. 

In Eirlington Christmas wai 
observed on a broader sole thit 
vear than in past yetrs. Through 
the efforts of chtrity workert 
Christmas j .y wet t into home* 
of the city'a poor in greater 
abundance than before. 

Ohrittmat ehetr wae taken in- 
to homes of the needy Saturday 
afternoon when a committee, 
composed of men and women, 
representing the various churche- 
of the city, distributed food 
clothing, coal and toys. 

Local merchants, individual 
Snndav schooli and members 
tbe E k i residing -here conlr I 
uted So the fond- which m»de i 
possible to supply^ wants- oj 
Thn«e '-"n need. | - , irM  l ( 

The Ave 8unday reboots of th'- 
city ob^Tved Christmas with ap- 
propriate ■ x • urines. 

Pro! ahly the best exercises'of 
Ibe V iiHtido.perirjd hi 1 1 -a ' 

'h M E. «burch Monday night. 
The p oiram consisted of osrnls', 
«onc», d t'onuct, recitations ami 

A Christmas tree and n special- 
ly nrrunged pro/ram were the 
fe. tures of the rxercUes at th»- 
G nernl Biptist church Sitnr- 

lf#J Dlltht. f 

The Christihn, M. E Cu'ch, 
South, and Missionary Baptist 
Sunday schools held exercises 
Sunday morning. Interesting 
p o rame were rendered. 

Family Christmas trees were 
''n evidence in many homes. 

In police circles the day passed 


First Dose of Pape's Cold 
Compound Relieves All 
Grippe Misery 

Don't stay stuffed upt 
Quit blowing anufflugl A 
dose of "Papes Cold Compound' 1 
| taken everp two hoarc until three 
dotes are taken will end grippe 
misery and breft» Bfl ? severe 
cold either in the head, uliest, 
body or limbs. 

It promptly opens clogged-up 
nostrils and air passagei ; steps 
nssty dischtrge or note runeing 
relieves tick headache, dollnest 
feverisnuees, tore ^hrot^, tneet 
iog, soreneet end stiffness- 

'Pipes Cold Compound" it the 
qn-ckeat, turett relief known aud 
c nts only 25 cents at drug store*. 
It acts without tssisttnoe, ttbtet 
nice, tnl eauses ne inoenven 
terse, Don't accept a sodttf 

V .rim ,im and Guthrie will be 
the orly stttions between Evans- 
ville and Nashville- that hjos. 98 
tnd 90, the Dixie Limited, will 
stop, according to the schedule 
for the new train, which will 
make its initial trip Jan. 8. 

The schedule for tbe train has 
not been arranged, but it it un- 
derstood that No. 98, northbound, 
will arrive here after No. 99 and 
No. 99, southbound, just ahead 
of No. 93. 
This will be tbe handsomest 
rain operated on the Hender 
on division and it will have tbe 
fastest schedule. During Jan 
'iary and Februtry touritts go 
ora the North to Florida to 
•ape the ice, snow and low 
■nperatures tnd this train is to 
ne-plaeed hi -operation to handle 
this tn ffl \ • «-"»-  ••- 


Miss OI«ra Nvwhold, of He. la. 
Hd4 Mr. Joseph Averitt, of Ooi'- 
towo, were united in marriage at 
the M. B. Qkuroh, South, parson- 
age Seeder etternoop. t'heyare 
popular yoaug p«eple aud have a 


The Johu B. Atkimon M*mor- 
I it 8ui ool, whic'i it closed for the 
holidtyt, »ill return* Tuesday. 

Work Obligatory. 
No man has a rl c M te b - Ml*. If he 
etn ft work la ue. Seen n kt bt 
rt.h at » 'roeana. -Selected. 


700 Newspapers 
Die i a 


• form, m 



On.and aft  Jtc. 1, 1917. 
will, of uecessity, raise my price 
for linrscshoein/. 

I am forced to do this from 
the fa t shoes hnve recently ad- 
vanced about 50 percent, for 
calk 60 perc-Mit nud for nails 40 
percent and living expenses 
from 50 to 10O percent so that it 
is uo longer possible to work at 
the old prices established forty 
years ago. I use 'he beat material 
possible to buy. Sum as Juinetta 
steilsboes. Oapewi ll.u»il», which 
is the highest priced nuil made 
and- 1 positively rfuariiutee every 
job turned out at my shop and 
will endeavor to give every pa- 
tron valu&tujpivrd arVati .imes. 
This 1 have done f: rVthe past 
fifteen years and will\o cor- 

I with to thank my customers 
for a'l past favors and earnestly 
so'icit their future patronage. 

Ernest Newton, 
Burlington, Ky. 

Seven hundred 
the United States 
llio last i ionth,» jwing to e. 
high priol of prin« paper. ~ 
Paper mannfactures admit * - 
prices they sre charging will 
25 percent of the publiottion 
the oountry out of butinesa fc 
the next twelve month*. 

These tre two big features I 
the pretent situation in whf 
the reading public— and d 
means tbe general public— Is '\ 
aly interested, 

Education, hat long- been t . 
eidered a publio neceetity, I 
newipapere and periodicals - 
regarded tt such a prime noo - ' 
ity to the people of the On - 
States that the Government 
made a rats) of 1 cent a pe 
for deli verv through the ma ' 

Despite this provision ma 
the Government that rei 
may be supplied with newsp ' 
and periodicals, thousands 
publications, big arid litthV 
now threatened with 
ruin because of inability 
the price which the psipor Je? 
fasturers demand. Ay 

Miny publishers are 
in^ 200 per cent more-_ 
paper than they did 
Those who uho lar:^ ubbubj I 
of print paper and L f 
tract are payine ne.irfy I 
cent more. S me of the* W 
papera have been un&blt 
supplies at aov price, f 

Nearly all papers that hi 
reduced their ■ v. - in the U 
mouths bave increased thei^ 
scription rates. 

Many big city dailies, w 
pend chiefly upon adverti r 
enu?, are faoing ruin I. 
advertising forces them ' 
ue to use large supplies 



Judge C. C. Cowell, elected 
citv judge at the November elect- 
ion to ft I the unexpired term of 
John Canti«r, who it residing in, hsa reeei-ed hie com- 
miseion and titer, the oath of 
offlee. He wae formerly «ity 
judge fur years and made out of 
the beat officials tbe city ever 
ha-t. _______ 


El Piso, Dsc. 28.— A lively 
fosilade broke out shortly after 
midnight to the west of the city 
where the Kentucky outposts are 
til utted. 

R*sids nla in the neighborhood 
wore awakened by the Sriog tnd 
henrd bullets tingtnic overhetd. 

The E-.r 1 ".' Company U 
at it limed in this Ictittity. 


Instant Relief! 
Torture, Pain an  
Right Out With 
Jacobs Oil"; 

Conquers.pain — never] 

Rob Rgothinir, penetrtj 
Jacobs Oil" right on the 
pain, aud ont semet the 
gia misery. 

Here's a joyful   xti 
Try itl Get a small tru 
from your druggitt ; pour 
tie in your htn I and rob it 
iy on the tore, aching nerv* 
before you retliae it— in 
moment-all pain aad neu 
disappear. It's almost sat 
but tbe joy it, thtt the 
dottn't come back. N 
nerves are soothed and 
tion it relieved and yotj. 
gia is overcome. 

Stop It'su 
neuralgia aud pain of 
either iu the face or 
or any part of the I 
s antly banished. 
Oil" ii perfectly hj 
dueju't bum or discol 
la use fur half a retif 

O ie day we are told that dress 
es will be three inodee shoiter 
n it teuton, sal the n»xt we 
hear they a-ejto be ankle length 
Oh this exasperating uncertain- 

D iog H yourself has oue di* 
ttinrt adveutage. Il prevents 
th* uncertainty of specula tea* 
asj wh*»t esbktesaat f»ll«w m&^rtswJveettor, 

M r . Wilson wants tbe Uoite4 
States to assume control of wire- 
lets telegraphy. Better than 
that, we'd like to see the Old 
Boy control tbe price of eats. 

Uoiverttl mi itary eerviee it 
limply universal defense of the 
nuivtrstl home. And why, pray 
should the tow bo eapawttjd to do 
Saw perk udSke Btaay. auvveyf 


WANTED— Infor. 
the location el a btl 
bluish white clay o 
depth to use in the a 
of bnck. Aey owe 
Itsat ul seas of ruia 

... . . 




4, a. mwoiti 
tieoeuia Idlf 01 »«B WHIM 

Ktntach Press Association 
«m District Publishtrs Loogwt 

Advertising Rate* 

Dliplay Advertuemente, 

alnirle IM !« «6e per inel 
t.ocala and lneise Paifr-e. 

Reader. «o par Una 

Reeolotlona and Garde of 

Thenke be per Una 

Obituary Poetry So per line 

811nh» reclnotlone on tlrn« 
o.,,tr»ot ulap'ay advortlee- 
inaiita. Alan locale Ibat mn 
several monthe without change 

Entered at the Barlli.icton 
Poat Offloe aa Seoond Ulaee 

Mtiskti ia tkt Heart of tkt Wtst Komtmck, Cool FkU 
Me.Ua* 47 

Friioy, Dectmbti 29, 191* 

Branti aaadti ga* I* naed b r th * "pan- 
prannta lining In the cork-oak re- 
gion!   f that country, the ga* being ob- 
tkalncd from cork refuae. Aa deacrlbed 
*B)7 ooa authority, Uie proceaa connlata 
Is airing aereral large teakettlea with 
m the wante bark, and placing each In 
m torn over the fire during the evening. 
E burnrng the rolatlle gaa aa It eacape* 
from the aponta. The carbon I «ed real- 
due forme the fine black-brown pig- 
ment known to commerce aa "Spanlah- 



Sy o 

Kegleeted Colda Grow Wane 

A ooogh abat reeks and Irritates 
the tbrot.i may lead to a lerlooa 
•hronto oongh. If neglected. 1 he 
healing pine batiams in Dr. Bell'a 
Ptua Tar Honey— Nature •• own 
remedy— will soothe and reliere the 
irrltatlou. breathing will be easier, 
anal the antleepio propertlea will 
kill the germ whlfh retarded beal- 
ng. Hare it hatf ly for eroap, aore 
breat and chronlo bronoblal anVct- 
ooa. Oat a bottle today. Pleasant 
  take. At all Drngglate, 26c. 

Tbe government u talking of 
roeeeuting the print paper trait, 
■^kinf," we MM. 

he Dittnct of Oolamdie 
.dry won't tbtre be an aw 
Iramble to get home again I 

. Cured In 6 to 14 Days. 
\ T t wUl tefaad money U MM 

t'a all book up and make 
"some towu" b fo o another 
iatma3 cornea ambling along. 
, we don't mean, only the oth 
fellow, Wo mean you, indi- 
Juilly, and all of the reBt of 
e individuals individually ard 
whole buucli of you c llect- 

  ll yon tuck? 



0 ynf ii a temper teller. Tbe more 

.w .Je worie il llctaei. Do.o'i Oint- 
for pliea, e;«eiua— «ny "kin IicLidj. joo 
•if, etorM. 

preaeut day inetho I il to 
ice with oue l.ani : ud 
with t)ie other. 

. \ wishing you i. ii ubund- 
prosperity i^urin? the 
"ifisar. N • v let us i a % e a 

oan's Liniment Eases Pain 

L-uiuitiit is flnt thought 

.here fur hi 
ie that are co 
, ehilJren. 
an i bo line. 

 » - 

nape, rum so. and . 
oAtnatUy twpou. 
It atiiokly i ene- 
vriHi 'iit rubbing, 
I I  *r nud more i If atiee than] 
' I ' p. uteM or otutuibiitH. K »1M 
H ' ittlo aaiiee, neur»l«ia pain anil 
*\ ^rlpoy «'iriio«8s iiit.-r ooldrt, 
|ji,a -Lliitin-iit irlvtn prompt re- ! 
pw a fi a b nila lian ly for hrulee*. 
M »lr.-. eprntoK mi l all exteruai 
■U. K  t the thoueaiide whiwe work 
la them outdoor*, tho pame an I 
tea following exyoeure are re- 
■ b#4 by Sluati'e Limmuiit. At all 
Wt^glate, 'ion. 

Ut VVhsaib. d, Wyo.ninir. Sam 
del, or- i d l y drink, uttacked 
U .iron with a pock tkuife 
jatting him. There had 
Atrouble between the 
& \del had uo remem- 
-» rout r wheu he 
« ,e y. We wonder if the 
/tea Treasury received 
t V» postage at mg aa 
*Ma»«litsng in tha- job. 

for 1917 . 

a Happy New Year 
\opoo that it w* ill not bo 
1 to oue. 

e that this world 
ellowa bnt there 
in one is forced to 
it ii a whale of a 

High ebalre of many aorta were pro- 
Tided for the yovngeet children In colo- 
nial days. One each waa hroaglit to 
America In 1078 by Blcbard Mather. 
It wan mheequently need by Bamocl, 
Increaee, Ootton and the rest of the 
family. This chair la now a show 
piece at the American Antiquarian so- 
ciety's rooms at Worcester, 
New York Telegram. 

A Texas Wonder 

The Tazaa Wonder cures kidney 
and bladder troubles, nlsscires grar- 
el. eurea diabetes, weak and lame 
baokr-, rheumatism and all Irregu- 
larities of bladder tronblea, remor- 
mg gravel, the kidneys and bladder 
in both man and women. Regulates 
Madder tronblea In children. If not 
•old by your druggists will be lent 
ty mall on receipt of tl.00. One 
• mall bottle la two months treat- 
ment and aaldom falls to perfeet a 
•-ore. Bend for testimonials from 
Kentucky and other States, Dr. F. 
W. Hall. MM Olive St., Bt. Lronie, 
yo Bold by all drngglsts. 

The operation of sawing dlamonda, 

nlthongh It would seem to be simple. In- 
volves a great deal of technical knowl- 
edge ami Is renlly n trade secret that 

la carefully guarded to such an e«- 
tent thnt It Is followed as n sepnrate 
trade, end some of the targe estahllsn- 
rKnt* thnt conduct nil of the other 
operations do not nttempt to saw their 
HOUM, bw! RiT.rt them out to simps that 
nmke a spcclnlty of this branch of 

A rouwhold remerlr In America for ij f —IS 
m. Theme.' Eclectic Oil. for cute, ipielre 
baine, iceldt, bruieee. 15c ami 50c Al all  tru« 

There's a 

but nn rxense ttoj OM utWajra aerva M 
a renson. — John March. 

Good For Conatipation 

Uhambarlaiu'a Table's are ezcel- 
lenl lor constipation. They are 
pleaeant to take and mild and gai - 
tla in tffeet. Obtainable every where. 

Removing Warts. 

Take a potato, scrape It and make 
a poultice; tie It nn tbe wart at bed- 
time. Do tbla twice a week fcr three 
or four weeks and the wart, It Is 
will disappear and leave no ecar. 


Mad* Well By Delicious Vlnol 

Bellrfon tains, Ohio.— "My blood was 
vary poor — I waa in a weak, nervous, 
run down condition. I tried different 
Itaaillil without benefit aad one day 

Sr druggist told me about TlaoL I 
ed It aad it built me Bp in every way 
—blood, straaurth aad nervea, aad I tell 
my friends it Is Us beet medicUM oat 
earth."— Mrs. Eabl B bus sow. 
VlBol-sharpeaa tha appetite, aids 
earicaws tke blood and la 


Bt. Bernnrd Mining Co., Ineorpo 
rated, Drug Department, Barlingtou 


Many Earllh|«on Penple 

Know (he Im 

Ths kidneys filler the blood. 
They work night and dav. 
Well kidneys remove Impurities 
W»ak kidueys allow Impurities 10 

ma lil ply, 
Nn kidney III should he naglreted. 
There la possible it r v ■ r In delay 
If t  u havo backache or urinary 


If ynu are nervous, diiiy or worn 


Begin treating yonr kidneys at 

ones ; 

t'se • proven kidney remedy. 

.Nona at dutsed like Doan'a Kiel 
nay Pills. 

Recommended bv thnosands. 

Proved by Esrlington testimony. 

Mrs. Pearl Walton. Karllngton. 
■ays: "I suffered from wsak kid- 
neys, but at first I didn't pay muoh 
attantlnn to the trouble. Wheu I 
found that the kidney accretions 
were unnatural. I knew thai some 
thing must done. My rest was broken 
at night and In the uiorulng I was 
tired and wornoot. Another of the 
family -had rccteved great bemtJt 
from Doan's Kidney Pllli, so I began 
taking thsm. They snred ma and 
my kidneys have been In good con- 
dition Unas." 

Prlee Kn. at all dealera. Don't 
simply ask for a kidney remedy— get 
toau'v Kldncv Pills— the same that 
onred Mra Walton Foster- Mllburu 
Co., Props,, Buffalo. N. Y. 

■ervena Woman 

Whan tna ncrvonsncea la caused 
by constipation, aa Is often the case, 
von will get qalek relief by taking 
Chamberlain's Tablsts. These tab 
leta else Improve the ' 
rateable everywhere. 

Here Is a Good Place to Step Vor Little Money 

Louisville Hotel Louisville, Ky. 

MAIN ST . BETWEEN 6th 7th 


AMERICAN PLAN (With Meali) ' 

Room, without Bath bat with Hot and Cold Rnnning Water 

7j Roomi tingle, $100 per day; a people, la 00 each 

50 Hooma tingle, a. 50 per day; a peop'e, 1.15 each 

$0 Front Rooms . . . .single, 3.00 per day; 1 people, a. 50 each 
Hoemi with Private Bath 

jo Rooma eingle, $3.00 per day; a people, la. 75 each 

$0 Rooma aingle, 3.50 per day; a people, 3.00 each 

EUROPEAN PLAN (Without M..I.) 

Rooma without Bath bnt with Het and Cold Rnnning Water 

75 Rooma tingle, $1.00 per day; 1 people, $0 75 each 

50 Rooma tingle, 1.25 per day; a people, 1.00 each 

50 Front Rooms tingle, 1.50 per day; a people 1.15 each 

Rooms with Private Bath 

So Rooma tingle, $1.50 per day; a people, St. »$ each 

50 Rooms tingle, a.oo per day; a people, 1.50 each 

  Iht Old Inn Louiaville, Ky. 

Cor. 6th and Main Sts., European Plan Only 
Roam fltfceit lilt. (1.00 III 11; RllBl Hit httlrl lltk, {I. SO III It 

The Louisville Hotel and the Old Iaa are located in the 
wholesale district and only a three-brocks* walk to tha retail 
district and theatres. 


Again for $1— WKile They Last 

This Guaranteed iMusiiinum Cooker 

* 1 

The cost of Aluminum has doubled since we ordered these lifetime 
Cookers. At present prices, this offer v.'oulc! be impossible. So, in all 
probability, after our supply is exhausted, it cannct be made again. 

Next week the grocery of this city will once more feature this 
Quaker Cooker offer. And for the last time, we believe. 

We have supplied Cookers now to over 1,000,000 homes. We have 
supplied these guaranteed Aluminum Cookers for $1 to Quaker 
users. But this or'fer ends with our present supply, alid probably for- 
ever. Unless Aluminum drops 50 per cent, we cannot again otfer a 
Cooker like this for $1. - 

' But next week only we make 'lie offer below. You can get this 
Cooker for $1 , by buying two of our cereals which should be cooked in it. 

This offer is made to induce Jictter cooking. To bring you Quaker 
Oats and Pettijohn's cooked in perfect form, with the f'iavoi k  vt m- 
tact. Our reward will come in your doubled delight in these foods. 

We ask the trademarks just to show that you use our cereals. \ fnless 
you have the right flakes, right cooking docs not help much. But, if 
you use Quaker Oats and Pettijohn's, this cooker, is yours for $1. This 
is for one week only. Get the packages from any grocer named below. 

One Week Only- Your Last Chance 

|*X . f\C£ A 1~ Tl^Joa Send us two trademarks cut from packages of Quaker Oats an Lone trademark cut 
UUT \JtXCT 1$ 1 niSe from a package of Pettijohn's — the picture of the Quaker on th  *ront of the Quaker 
Oats package and the picture of the Bear on the front of the Pettijohn's package— or, if you prefer,"you may send ut 
five trademarks from Quaker Oats alone Send us $1 with these trademarks and we will mail the cooker by parcel post. 
Trademarks must be mailed next week. This offer \pplies in this vicinity only. Address 

The Quaker OaU Company, 1708 Railway Exchange, Chicago 


Quaker Oats 

The Extra-Delicious Vim -Food 

flaked from Queen Oats Only 

All the world over Quaker Oats holds first place among oat fooda. Oat 
lovers of a hundred nations aend to us to get it. A billion dishes are 
consumed each year. Nowhere in the world do connoisseurs find any o&t 
food to compare with it. 

The reaaori is this: Quaker Oata is made from queen grains only— just 
the big, plump, luscious oata. «u puny starved grains are included. A 
f tha choicest oats yielda only ten pounds of Quaker. 
The raault ia a flavor which has won the wor'd— a flavor which ia match- 
lass. Yet theee large and luacioua flakes coit you no extra price. 

Nature atores ia oata a wealth of vitality which everybody needa. We 
want you to know this faaciaating vim-food, made as we make it and 
aooked in our way. 


Rolled Wheat with 25% Bran Flakes 
A Modern Bran Dainty 

Every doctor advises bran, aa essential to right living. It ia Nature's 
laxative. Everybody every day should eat it. It means belter health, better 
apirita, sunnier daya. Without it, our diet of fine food forces folka to drugs. 

Pettijohn's ia made to meet doctors' requirements. The bras is hidden 
in flavory flakes of wheat. The food ia a morning dainty which everybody 
likea. Yet it contains 25 per cent tender bran. 

The bran is in flake form, which makes it doubly efficient. Ground braa 
will not do. 

Try Pettijohn's one week. Note its delightful effects, 
you go back to a branleas diet . 

Then try Pettijohn'a Flour. It ia 75 per cent fine patent 1 
25 per cent bran flakes. Use il like Graham flour in any recipe. 

These Grocers WUl Feature the Cooker Offer .Next Week 

If you DON'T know 
the High Art Store-anil 
the things it stands for-- 
Resolve to find out, d«r- 
ing 1917. 


Evmvillt, Ind. 


Newt of the Town 

'flood Morning! Hat* 

' fMH, wf Indianapolis, 
 • boll days (mm with nil mother. 
George Ca'.eaeis, who if attend - 
g school at Mot re Dam* Uniuer- 
I/, tu hotae tor the holidays. 
Mr. an J Mr.. Howard Draper of 
*riDoetoa, spent the holiday! with 

Rev. aod Mr*. W. A. Or&ot Au*J 
little eon of Clay, Kv, visited friends 
here ihl  weak. * ' 
Mlseee OotinU aa 1 Catherine P n- 
Wlck, whi  nave »»«n visiting rela- 
tive! anil friends In Evansvllle sev- 
aral days, hare rami rued home. 

Gilbert I.  a* and wife, of Evaos- 
w! II**, are In tne oily. 

Mis* Etnel (Jr.* . »f M tdison vlllr , 
Wats the H Ueet of Mr. aud Mr* For- 
rest Omv. i several days thle week. 
. Mr and Mrs J»e Urovri, of Herrlu 
till., are visititiM their too Forrest, 
aud family of U.l« any. 
f The Ci, * N. - oai« impeclloii oar 

• II here lt.iii.-oi in.' tlx- rallroa! ecalee. 
Mree Opal Mnun artw^Jane Aihbv, 

of Madienufllii', are visiting rela- 
tive* In the city for a few darya 

Robert I) -mote, of Terre Haute, 
wae In ill- oitv Monday. 

Mr vid Mr  I. II. Todd were lo 
MadtsOuvllU Xaias day. 
'The M'eien H irk holders, of Cf  '- 
ton, **w iati ■« ! i inula Ii r« thi* week. 

Fdilii* O iltl i. "I Cincinnati, le 
bar* akglilnu hi* umihur. 

Mr*. N-ll I'niifon, u/ f£».»ii!Vllle, 
was here \ n ib via.uuir frtnndi.. 
4*|(laa Luey F*wu»*tt leaves today 
for Ldikl. villa |. ley tu vislr, Mra 
tred Hill y. 

Mr and .Hi, ii. ii Heiunttol Madl- 
•OD* Ilia vmti'j it i n I* Ii- t« Mull day. 

Mm* Saaan Marie aue Uarab 
Cm icli IK- u arc vl.uiiiv in Louisville 
G»o, Hobiatou, Hum. i Clark aod 
gKtil Harane were io Madlaanviile 
ggouday nlghf. 
Mill Haul rawcets, Mabel Brown 

• uk aud Beth K imp were lu Madl- 
^ aouvllle Muuday ui^tic to aaa "tarn-" 

Harold oluhaui aud Mill Laura 
W Parker were lu;Neit mvllle Saturday 
I afteeuoor. 

[ Mike O'BrUn of II n utingti n . ia 

! viiU im hi* parents lu tbli oily, 
I • JO ail I Nano , relurswd to Hoe/ell. 
k WednaaJa . 

P* Owajn bitaver. or Na.i.viii- , la 
f . trlllUug bU larenti ibis week. 

Mle* Lou lee 1',-y l.hi, of Evansvllia 
Is visiting Juer aua', Mri auuuia Vjs 
Bueu of tbli ally, jam 

Joe Herb, of Iudlanapolu, ia here 
visiting hla ivaudmotber, Mn Tboe. 

•r. and Mn. Lather FralU, of 
rTovldeaor. epent Saturday night 
aabSaoday. be oily with rela- 

El mat Vloaoo, of Orai am. Ky 
spent Kms* la th 


J. RtPerryman. of Sacramento, la 
lb* elty. tbli 

Mr. -and Mra. Charlie Breweter 
aad owildrao. of St. Louie, are tint 
lug retatitee in tba olty. 

Colby Brown, J- -.pent Saturday 
tat raawideuoe, with bti iliter, Mra. 
Lather Krali*. 


X ch rild be "r.ippid In the 
" ™*ud". for If allowed lo run 
unchecked, serious results 
may follow. Numeroui 
caaes of consumption, pneu- 
monia, and other lata! di»- 
eaies, can be traced luck to 
acold. At the hrsl sign of a 
totd, protect yoursel! by 
thoroughly cleansing your 
ayclera with a lew doses of 




the oM relLjMe. vegetable 
iivrr pcv..i'.r. 

Mr. Chas. A. Ragland, o- 
Uadiioa Heights. Va., rays: 
"I hive btcn iisipff Thcd- 
lord'i Bl2ck-l)r«u| hl ior 
stomach tioublcs. inJyss- 
hon and u !ds. and find it to 
be the v*ry best medicine I 
ever us. J It makes an old 
man tecJ like a young one." 
Insist ca Thedlord'i. the 
Mulac. t-67 

Onl. W. A . Toornbi ma *» a bail- 
«••■ trip to Victoria Thnradat . 

Mr. and Mr*. Henry Ttyrnm and 
Ohlldreo, af CarbondaM. were In th* 

cay Monday wialllnsr her parent!, 
Mr, and Mn. W. A. Tonmbi. 

Mri Chai. Doyle, who had the 
mli'ortnue to fall down Ihe bark 
etepe with a tmc'tat of aihee Thuri- 
day, . *  I came near break- 
ing her arm. Is aualn able lo be nut. 

Mn Frankie Doyle, of thte uiiv, 

who hae 'beent i : rnlatlree In 

Madteouvllle for, leveral dayi. nas 
renamed home. 

Mr and Mri M. M. Qlltnore aod 
ami, Matthew, of thlt elty, aire vlsit- 
Lie; friends In Daweon thla week. 

Ed IJohueon and John H. Etrl, 
oohsral, 4ara found r»llty of a 
breach of the peaee charge In oity 
Doart Wednaiday nurht. The flnet. 
oesti aod a window they broke dnr- 
ior their iiurn - coat Ihe nexroee 
*}10 aaoh. 

Malcolm JStokai wma In Mallson- 
vllie Monday m 
' Mm Nell Robloeaeva very charm- 
ing young lady of St. Cbarlei wai 
here Saturday. 

Sam. Tom and Buck Naive, of 
West Va. are vi/Klnir their mother. 

Will Fault, ef ft. Charles, was In 
tha any Saturday. 

Erneet Boyd, of EajanivllU, edit- 
ed frlendi bare tast tfeek. 

Heory Lawee*; owtary, W. Va. is 
▼lilting relatlvaa in tba city. 

The memberi of the M. E. church 
presents* tawer pa* tor, Rev. J- L. 
Barton, with a watob 
chain and ouarm aa a Cbrutmaa 


Of Th+ Proposed 


John Saanmeri la vliiltng (alav 
IfMls Netso. 

Mr. aod Mri. L D. HaS. of Hap- 
kluevllla, eialred Mr. and Mra. Bay 
Herb M aada y . 

Mr. aad Mra. Geo. M. Armitronn 
aod aolleMaa aod Harold B. Toombe. 
who have beta spending the holi- 
day! w**h Mr. aod Mra. W. A. 
Toomba, will return to tbeir boosei 
lu Jankloa.eKy., tbli afternoon. 

lAev. J. L, Burton will preach at 
la M. E. oburcJk Sunday morulag 
ad uigbt at the usual houri. 
Ailbut BoblLsun, Wallaoe Bowlaa 
(las Brady, Luyd OrllBu aad 
•Beoky" H« .null were la Madlauo- 
fsllle Sunday. 

Kin Emma Wyatl aod Willi. 
Btt.ley were In MadUouvilU L Tuie- 

Frank Duonlng, was lo Madlsun- 
vil|r, Monday. 

Basil Nanee, of Howell, tpent tba 
ba'.idayt lu tba olty with bii uoitiar 

Liiwiou Miles. fnras«r|v first Ilea 
tenant of C... t», but reaiiiOHd. bas 
returued home. 

Colby Brown, who sustained a 
wrokeu hip by flying steel at tha air 
•oniDressor, and Is a patient at the 
St. Bernard hospital, is dmeg ai 
w eel as eqneol - d. 

Jotin Armstrong, of Bvaasviila, 
vlaltad relatives here this week. 

Marry B. Wither*, of Haiard, Kg 
Ii in tba «itv ipandlug tba holidays 
with Ma temil". 

M ■ . and Mri. E, E. Witberapoou 
and iou Eagana, of Irvine, K.'\,ere 
visiting relatives in the elty. 

Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Clint Mor- 
ris, on Sunday night, a Una girl. 
Mother and child are doing nicely 
Andy Maloney. of Hi Paao, Tax., 
is vliltlog relatlvaa In tba eity. 

Haory O. Jonaa, who fall and iu- 
Jared his right shoulder, will prob- 
ably be able so resume b la; work in 
a fiw dan. 

Mlii.i Madelloa and HeUo Poor, 
of Medteonvllle, spent Xtuas lu tha 
city wiih frutads. 

Mlka Halley. who bad a limb an- 
Mtatad sometime ago want lo Uiii - 
iinsvilleThundar »0 oudergj f U r. 
tber iraaimeut. 


Time of departure of trains pass 
ing through Earnngton. 

BffecMve Sunday. Dec. 10, 1816. 


Mo M a. in. 

No. VS... ..11.18 a. m, 

N ■. H 8.16 p. m. 

No. Irl I : p. m. 

No. 44 7.(1 a. m. 

No. i d. arrive 7 86 a. m. 

No. mi 11.60 a. ui, 

Ms., 1 18 1.48 p. m. 

No. 110 4.89 p. tn. 

No. pa f,.4i p. m. 

No. 63 4.87 a. m . 

Si. . 9i . 8 JC a. m 

So. :.!. .. I.X6 p. ui. 

No. W 11.1? p. m. 

No. 108 6 51 a. m. 

No. 107 } IS.27 p. m. 

No. UNI 8.»t p. m. 

Be, M, 18:27 p. tn. 

N -. 81 7 47 a. tn. 

No. 104. IWTsmd 107naily ex - 
Owpt Hi.udny. 

S '.~ lUQ Sunday only, * 

!. C. R. R. TIME CARD. 

Time of departure of Illinois Ceii. 
tral »r%tna from NortoVTllle. Kv. 
Effective Sunday, IF. h. 80. 1816. 
Moavi'H aooNu. 

No. 108 1.16 p. m. 

No 104 8.86 a. in. 

No. 188. local paaa.etl.6J a m. 
No, 188. local 6.16 p. m. 
aoerru bouma. 

No. 101 S.OH p.m. 

No. 108 i*0a. m. 

No. 181. local pass. 18.66 p.m. 
No. 1M Innal naea 6Ji6 a. m- 


Trains from and to Headereou. 


No. 146, Louisville Limited 
..... Stldi.lD. 

No. 148, Lo-'svi.le Bipress 
7 KM a.m. 

No. 144, Louisville Fast Mail 
8:68 p. ui. 

No. 148, Oweosboro Accom- 
modation !»:86a. w. 

No. 160, Olovarport Aooom- 
modatlou 6:86a.m. 

waax sound 

No. 166, Louleville Limited 

• •eea»oa««**eee* ee 1 .48 4%. IB. 

No. 141, Louisville Fast Mall 
18:68 p. tn. 

Ho. 148. Louisville Expreaa 

No. 147, Olovarport Aeoom- 

« **•«•» »: »*. ■• 

No. 148, Oweusboro Aeeom- 

^•"« n 6;16p.m. 

S. M. Wostscm, 9. p. a 
L W. Buupaa. J. A, 


Th^ new law In tn con- 
formity Willi thi Amend- 
w»nt to Secllim 171 of the 
Conmltntlon auihu.-'..:.,. 1.m Oeneral As* 
aemlily lo— 

Clssrlfy property for tsiatlon. 
ri» thi rtti of tiiitlon en each cists. 
Diilgniti which cliiiii ihali Bi iub- 
J«t te local tanitlen. 

•Hrminiitt The Brtr In* pro»ld»i for 
atati Tin a permanent Rials T»s 
CimmlMlen. Commliilon to carry Into 
afreet thi pnrvtslam and 
escrclii iupervlilon over the enttji avia- 
tion of 8u:« 7«xallon. To diroti Ita in- 
Uri Uni lo Ihi aueetlon and aaaume lha 
autlea of thi varloui Boards and Commlr. 
•I m. in. w having authority to ameaa an* 
tax proparty for Btata purpoaee at frank- 

Rati of The new law flxss Ihe rate 
Taxation, of taxation on all taiabli 
property fur Rtate purpoiei at 
forty ceeta »n each |tM of »a. raxed value. 
Inalead of flfly-6vi Cinta, as at preaent. 
ea alf claaaes of property excepting de- 
aoalta In bank, which are H  bi taxed al 
ten cants on each fioo for 'h. purpoae 
of tncouraslha thrtft and savlnsi and thi 
drcuulHon of. money new eens-"»aretl t i- 
cnuae of aaeeaejve taxation.   la other 
rsipecta tlTlflOa for Bute purpo.e. will 
bi Obiolutely uniform on all claxeea of 
property, whether owned by the resident* 
of towni ei thi country. 

Tbi avpertlenmeni for each 
• ■ -T r«BXlni «n- 

dlstuibed, and the Uener.l 
Gxpeaaa Fund, thi Brhonl 
Fund, the Oraklag Fvsa. Ike kfentacky 
nnlTirxlty aad Read Tax will tba 
earn, exact »ro portion ol tbi retisaaia aa 

Nisi Catite. Baal oetato w!B T*s e»ai 
aa at pnoant aaat i*eorf.'ns 
to Ita eMail;/ ia tbi reualry aa tcwas 
aad rltlea for Stale pareoaii at tha «al- 
fersa fony-caat rata, and fev i cs jatj r. 
law. ar taaiag aletrtcta at the total rxlex 
axed by tbi laeal aalkarttlas. The value 
ef real eata'- i.fmit ea tie l eea tt en aad 
earraaaelao ta»| u n a n ate aad 
aataralry eaatrlbali toward, the 
aaaee ef eweh I mpum xiata. 

•'•rtjtj rtslt P#rV4Jwa*Jao pPwyJptbw^y fd| ateTajTT*dV*- 

Prapertv. gateg hxt* *•■•) aag each 

etaae win I 
whither ewaad by the 
•r tha rouatrv •»* the 
N h) taxed. 

jlsaey aad BSeaaw la haag, ae t • a. 

accauata aag aha res 
Is ferelgw eoi-aora- 
thaa tw*aty-g*ra per 
tent, at their taxabla property SB Ban 
tucky will. taxag far Btata purpeeee 
only, at thi aalfirrB forty-ciat rate la 
Bau af all otkar taxation, ffaaeai of atock 
fa Kentucky corpet a tlone aad foreign cor- 
poral I. a. bevlmr en a. . thaw twinty-flvo 
per Ciat. of their taxabli pr*ipecty ir 
Xintucky ar- ixenrpt from taxation, ai 
tba tax ex are paid by the corporation.. 
Machlciary. fearrn iBipIeinente and jiex- 
chlnery. the machinery of 
manufactnrtns eatabrlahminli. Including 
raw malarial and product In count nf 
munufnciurr. will be taxed for fltata pur- 
pnnei only at thi uniform rate of fuitv 
centa In lieu of an other taxation. 
Mfrrtgagii. Mortgeierea win be taxed for 
Btata purpose, only at the 
uniform rate of forty cents, and If for a 
period exceeding* three yeara. a resittrii- 
tlnn fee of twenty-flva centi on each ti i 
will be riiquIrM -n onler to secure rev- 
eiin. frnni f . ■ i • i IT I " Money lender, on lunr- 
tlme tonnx. aa thla Ii thi only Kentucky 
tax they woukl have to pay. 
Banki and Hunk* and treat eom- 
Truit Com- panics will he aubject to the 
panles. .ami taxation aa at preaent. 

bat (he Hints tax will he 
only forty cent, tnatexd of flfly-flve. •• 
at preaent. nnd the aarennment will h» 
made by the permanent Tax Commlaalnn 
tnatexd of the Slate Board of valuation. 
Bank, have heretofore been axneeeed on 
a different baala of valuation from other 
pmp- rty, and It la _e't propoaed to -it 
turn this airangement 
Bank Bank depnaltx are placed In 

Deposits- a «^*?*'.rale class and depoeltors 
will bi taxed at the rate of 
ten rinla en each Stan on money on da- 
p*iilt Seplemlier*!, which tar. may. how- 
ever, be paid by ihe banki for their de- 
poeltora or by Ihe depuallora thenixelvtg 
and thla nominal tax la calctilni^d lo 
tnrxreiy Incpeaxe the deposlia tn hunka. aa 
nmiiev not ao ilnn.-.Ued wla he .iibjecl lo 
the Mlate tax rate of forcy centa. 

v- Wssted Inetruetlon. 

One day Morion enme home from 
Mehnol much dlnC-orrragt-d. It seem a 
Ihe tcnchiT hml been explaining the 
illfTerence betwooii pints nnd quarts, 
Imt he failed to understand It. To 
mnke it ptnln hie mother ttboeved hlw 
Ihe netnnl milk hotlles of the two rlxeg, 
when ho Impntlently declnrcd : "There 
Is no use bothering about this nny 
more. I era not going to be n milk- 

Drives Out Malaria, Builds Op System 

The Old mandard general atreastbening toale, 
C.P.OVK-B TAMTKI.KSS chill TONIC, drive, ont 
M.larla.enrtcheatbe blood, and lrtiltdanpthe .jra- 
tera. a troe took. Rot adult, and chlMreu. 90c. 



the young widow had r 
I nnlv had y»-ttk. trot, nU 
never be young ngnln." **Q 
she rejoined. M Natorg 
mokes mlsrakea, but she never 
It with the aruae tnateriaL" 

U»-Fsi , * aWd. ffreeBee Uxsttve I Llrw TSstt 
Dest txt ikwOBW DIMark «M a«isisSBV 

la addition to other properties, Ui Pes 

in acceplobrg form, as 
atrmulettngl^xattveandTonfc. 1 « Foxr 
aets eflcctWly and does not gripe not 

nn l rcetoi 

h. At the same time, it • 
the liver ends 

rntotrs the heslthy funclin 


Experience I 
Convuiced Me' 
of its Value 

"One of our 
men demonstrated 
value of the Lotrg I 
tance Telephone to us. 
He was at Huortsrlk. 
Ala.» and upon hist 
responsibiiiry put 
Long Distance calls for fifteen merchants withm 
radius of several hundred miles. 

*ln less than one hour he had sold 2100 I 
of flour at a total coat to m »f leas than six 

rSince then we have applied the Long 
Bell Telephone to every feature of our busi 
most profitable results. The service is fine* 
» rc«j-x reasonable and there is more 
in owe Long Distanca Telephone talk than m 
m dosen letters**. 




Bailro.idi and 
Public ServlcS 
Corpora thins. 

la and pohnV 
irporatlona wIV 
eg try the rer: 

Rat tana 
service . 

V* BSneai 

mnii'-nt ' 
and the taxee an Ihi v 
property the" imy own . 
n, f'ii mdlvMuaSg — forty 
purpo.e, on prop^rtv ta*. 
pneex »mlv uno ,'it:h loc 
V-. il nuthorlHea Ax on i 
lo anme. -The value of friincVilaia will 
alao he .i-i by the Btate Tax t^ommli* 
•I. in and the new law* ilUpenBea wllh gill 
«lhet BtRte Taxlne **t3nr.1. .i M M jiinr 
pilvllegiiag miliar eioajiBiliiloni as Frank 

•Sexxhansa. htirchawta will bi -tame,! on 
their real eatale and taoflhle 
awraonatty ea heretofore, but st thi towsr 
(State tax eat*, of lorty centa and inch 
local rate, aa enay be waed by ihi local 
auttvterlllea Mote, aopuenta and caex* tn 
hand wltt ha taxed lor Hlale 
only at the uniform fnr*v. -ent rate In 
deu of other taxes and Oena depowxe 
at lea rente ea eaten tlvO 

htaaufacx**awre SSanufact- 

saSMaetid u ihi 

in. ni .   Btata taaea only «n thelf 
Chlnrry and raw mat -rial aod product 
In tear Si of enanufeeti 
caah In hand and o*h«e intangible 
alt, at ihe rate U fotty centa. aad ban* at tea cent, on each tl*M Then 
real .etati will be iuhjart la Btata aad 
local i..... ai al praaiiM. 

turn*". Farmera will he .uDoctad te 
thi preaent taxalloa on theli 
land and Impraveanenla. hat I he tax nsti 
for Stats purpaaei win be fatty coat, 
fnatead^of gfly.flve Agiieutlaral laaple 
snanta sVg awfci a err will be lasad fot 
fplali purpoae. enly al Ihe uetforaa forty 
eeal rale. Crepe grewa wllkla the yaat 
are eiimpl from all laxatlea. Bsuah da 
aoalla will ha taaad st lea csels aa Ik. 
hundred delaxra, aad late las aeny h. 
■aid by bank. Cask aa heed. Betas aad 
acreanta. taxabla heads aad stocks WIS 
be taaed far Btati purpaeee oaly at tk  
* nlform ferty-iiat rati. 


rate will 

U.ieleck wlB ha taxed as 
it ». bui the Btata las 
fatty I Bailed ef Illy I,. 

atetxeibelg iffeeta. hailed 
tag plcteras. aa a a lea l I antra 
FureHuca. a..aii and  swaWy. will h. 

taxed as al praoaal. kul Ik. 
sHala ass tat. will ha «•»», fjehsM .1 
arty-gve eeaie. sad thera win ha sk. 
Brasaei aaeaapllaa of MM fir 


By the club arrangement with the Evansville Cour- 
ier we can send you the first daily news- 
paper in this section 


ior i year by mail for ihe p. ice of the Courier aloaas 

Courier (Daily) I year $4-00 (*i a 0 
Bee (Semi. Weekly) I year $1.00 1 M " uw 

Send or bring the club price to this office and re- 
ceive both papers one year by mail 

'  Your favorite daily and home 
tewn paper for the one price 

Thir will be a year of sensational news — everyone 
t thould have a daily paper 

If the great Sunday Ccurieralso is desired add $2 00 
to the club price 


==3 And Our' Paper— i%JLI One Year •""== 

eras, -ar brinks fom % 

This cdftr to epea to old aad new aabaodwrs. If vow are ahWy a sadk 
ssrtbes te sap of thaae s sapa s l a at . yoor •ohao iptloa erUl be evtesxled awe waaw 
{boss data of esjarwdoa. 

eopy of Today't^ecl say ir^^U^TJ^^in^^Tj^Z Oi^rTj'^daWw 

VfaAasiaa, fcivlxA taass the eiae ead xMaxaer o/ tbajil n I tbey wiU sassfc 

hs pwa tree of ebaraa, 

/ Wevar before baa aay aaavapapvx baaa alii as aeTee ssti, of •aeMa^fg- 
/dntractrr a. title pstss. V. «. pruaJ of this otftg aad •« wdjg. aasX 

$1 .25 Saiid Your Order Befori Too ForplM   

llwSi^^ |Skxl)Scril c For TKe Bee ( 

*^J»^^^ ,, , orf 1 torruucir women 

BawvonnHho- Wl» AM TtBEO OUT. OTMITOOT, 



' *' 
A r 
•  iro° 

if rite 




OO*. ' 
• Ut 





y MM4M. *•** 
M ao laborer In Mm 

ATtir UHVlni 

naooi ajWilKma'vr to 
•4M, Wdno", i-rat, h« wax urtciO^tB 
roar- of ard K at whom rt« you want 
.•Swr "Hub whofe rtnt. boaa?" 
"*To  **r*n of acrr—eot whom do y .# 
want rmtrSed T* "Why, hot*, . voo J*B* 
notify tno dip, fo' an 1rr*l tend If 
oW'» any arrldrnt, I want apt oat 
of dore." — KnKlnperln*. and Omt met- 



iavilK Ky.-"When nH 
of a woman'* mod- 

t Danger Signal 

If the lira hnil ahotfld otrW would 
ynu run and .t-ip it n. * r''i , . h i ■ 
to put   at the fir. ? I, nfinuli the 
vauix way with a eOBWh. A e  o«h 
in a iianger alirnal a* utaoh v* a Hi* 
•all. Y'"n - 1 1 m'i| an tn  ro *rv n  
vnnpri*ea it Titan to hti-fi aMo'Vnli 
whfii it I* mitring. I u ft i cii 
tha dUaele that omi.i— thJ; ay 
in if. Thtioan nearly elwava h*A(ui* 
of lakla/ Chamberlain'* Couich 
Kemedy. Many have uaad it with 
- #*-» eun.t benitcial n-anlt*. l  la 
t wai-wiallv   la»l U for the peralet- 
eoi enrnirb that a* irfto n folluwa a 
.»» I sold or an attaek ol the grip. 
Mra. Tboniaa H.eohlnu;, Andrawi. 
lad, wrltea: "Dorieir tha winter 
my hoibamd oakea eold aaellv and 
•nonifha and noutrha OhaHtiarlaln'a 
•Oaagh Remedy la tOe beat medlclo* 
for breaking ap thaae attack • and 
yon eaount (ret nun to take any 
other." Obtainable everywhere. 

Hne 1 anw Di 
Pirrrv'a Knvorilo 
Prner.Hption advrr- 
tianrl. I waa nnr- 
1 voua, tired out, and 
ml aa if 1 
Mi- lo meet 
k. After 1 
a«intt Hie 
riptioB' I 
K fi. t and 

by Hnderlea. Bomt aad Ua- 
tar. Unfar baa aneooeded In removing 

both kidney* from a bullring and Im- 
mediately «ut .tltuHnit the kldneyi nf 

a fox terrier. Tha new kidney* took 

up Ihclr fnnotlon promptly and the dog 
*pem«Ml to mifff* little from the .Iwgk. 
In Ilorllu n dlaenxed kidney waa re- 
mo; cd from n young w»miin end the 
kldnry of nn anthropoid ape auli 
atllulrd attrrrsafnlly. 



I r r 

Stop 7 but Cough 

Ur. llerro'* 
a, true fririid t 
i ,u ai nn. 
are pot prrfufi 
neax'iv ln , IaA 
eottdiiion. best 
diprnasi.m aui 
hide and exluiu 

of t hi* retnr-ly r i ■ I 
I hnvo ucvk be*n 
I lo rrroinmcnH 
nthfTi eiuiil i'1y 


A datll and pimply akia la dae U  a 
alaulah bowel ra tvaawnl. Corraet 
tMa noodlUon and aiaar vnor eom- 

5»e«lon wrth Dr. Ktrir'a Saw r.ite 
III*. Thleniild l.a«tlve taken at 
Oadtima will aaaareyon a full, free. 
MB  B riplug moTentani lo ihamorr- 
knit. Drive cat the dajll. Ilalleaa 
feeiiaa rafnlttnii from overloaded 
Inteevina. aod aloeirtah liver. U ■- » 
botil* today. At all tVocejrete. »e. 

in Peculiar Maaner. 

To eoffi-r a broken' le« by belntf bat 
on the bead waa the ajiarer cxpt-rlajic* 
of tae Syrarua* man who got Into oao 
aany toe other day. 
i of the raee not being 
by the faet Urat Uh l f woo 

IVvrii tin 

,if trial 

l..-ir fiincliotu. For 
ml tliuhea, aatorrhal 
rn (■cnantion, mental 
fttintina; hpi lh. laeai- 
aiid rxliiiuatinn yiimin nhmild never 
fail to take thia tried and true woman'* 

r of prla about to enter womanhood, 
Wolll'*fl alwut to linximc mother* and foe 

alwav* be on hand. 

It a a temperance remedy that to tm- 
trarted from roota with pure (rtyivrino 
an pubuahed oo 

A hat'k'nK e.nnrli Wi 

i'(.!» the 

#Rolo pya/otiif draina vi 

ur energv 

and gat* w,.r»e if nea'lt 

ale 1 j Jottr 

thtoat t» raw, vour ehe*r 

;ch * and 

FOB reel lOfo nil nri r. K 

||ev« -hat 

e..ld n' ri te with I)'. K 

ui ('* New 

|)ic, ,,v. ry The aoojiiou 


and thn anilaertifl ami 

1 lattvo 

qiialittr* kill the y  rui* 

and brook 

up y  II r Ml'.'. Don't lei a 

onld llnjt- 

ar. fiat Dr. Kltiir'a New 


wrap| eT 

Any p 

dealer oao anpply it fat 
either' Hq.ud or tablet form. Tae one* 
to modrat, the rndorativ* beneita truly 
remarkable Write Dr. Pierce, UraUda* 
Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y., for free 1 
'a ' 


Cleopatra, It aitma, waa kaaatety 
eaongh to atop ■ dock, had there been 
dock* lo her tn t ereoMm day*, aud • 
featioc of idoeeo come* over oa a* 

we reflect that Antony mined a rreat 
for nothing— Milwaukee Jowr- 


Qrave Danger, Indeed. 

A Jndre wa* qurwllnnlr.*; an Iriah- 
mnn. • lie cnutln yea hy iho throat 
and choked you, did be?" a«ked the 
JuiIko. "lie did. yer womlilp," aald 
Pat. "He aqneezed me tbroat till I 
thought he would be making elder of 
me Adam'* apple, aural" 

•klo Qreftlng Net Now. 
The tranaptantaUoa of trite of afeta 
to cover Injured parte wee practiced 
by the Hindoo ogee ago. It waa re- 
in comparatively recent 
ao proved a greet bleaalng 
It la now held that the 
traoatdeuted akin doee not actually 
take root, bot la need by the body aa 
• boaU for growing It* own new akin. 

Mia* f,iolle Oarrett oame home to 

apend the holiday*. 
Mia. M. J. MeOerley la .pending 

the holiday* other home In R II 


M-lea R. O. Quthrle haa gone lo 
hrr liemo in Owen.bnro for the ho'- 

Prof. Boil a nd family aptut Ma 
holidav* lu Tenni-aadn. 
Ml»* I'MillneOarrelt U In Chlengo. 

M:»»Hm I W.iiinllin Uopklna- 
VI lie. 

Mi***a I, nolle (»\rreu and Nova 
Wardcre ware in Madla»nvi||e M  n 
day night attaiidliiK the nioviaa. 

Hoory II«jdin. of Join. Mown I* 
vUltlng Mr, auu Mr*. Mun Hardin. 

Mr*, (intrude Porter irrved din. 
ner for Mine Joalo Pritohett, ^o  
elle Uorrett oud Dr. O. A. Oftwiob 
on Uhrlatmaa day. 

Milt Willie Martin, of Indianop- 
ollo. la vl.UIng Mr* Beaale Ijughe.. 

The carnival nt the rink la quite • 


Tako Orovo'e 
The Old Standard Orovc'a Taitetcaa 
eh ill Tonic tit erpmtlT vahiabli aa o 
Ccaorai Tonic becauac it contnina the 1 
vrvllk nowu ton ic proper t ice tA QV I N I N B 
and IKLUV. Jt acUon the irfver, Drive* 
not Malaria, Bnricbe. the Blood and I 
BoTid* an the Whole bratem 50 cenu. 

How'. Thi.T 
We nff.r One Hundred Dollar* 
Reword for any roae of Uoiorrli that 
oannot be cured bv Hall'e Catarrh 


Ilttl'i C»i«nh Cur. ku a«*a ut« by aeOMrb 
•ulcrrraloi ikop*M 4kliiytv« yeaia »■ » k«. 
bacom. kro'vi, M lb. KM reh«Me lMnmtj tor 
C'attk. M*ll'iCjiwib£a^a kii ihto die blood . : 
•a lb. Mucoui •urfaex .ipal' .* lha folio" | 
ff om lha lllosJ aud ha .lm  Ik. ettl pet 
■ km.. 

Anaraonbxol baa llall a Caiarrk Car* ' r 
• thoit lloie jam KM •• • a mat Mr| ro*»rr l la 

liaar eaaaad M«lat. MaHkataag Mfa cai.trh 
C».  • oaer  nd *at nd ol caiai b. Sand lor 
o.i i.ioiii* «. fre*, 

P | CMKKEY a CO . Tolado, O. 

Con*;h Mediolne for Children 

Mr.. Hugh Ch k. Sootievllle. N. 
T., *ay»: 'Abunt five year* ago 
when w* were living In Oarbo't, N. 
Y.. I dootnrrd two of my ohlldren 
► off -ring from oolite with Chamber- 
lakWa O. ogh Remedy and foond it 
Juelma repteaented in every way. It 
promptly cheeked their e  aghli'g 
and eured the r rolda qolekerthon 
anyitilng I ever uaed." Ohtaloable 

Dally Thought. 
To maintain a conilh-t with oneeelf 
I* the Imrdeat of all wnm; to overc u.0 
om r-ff la tbe nobleet of nil ilctorie" - 

Mr*. Mamie Morrlaon. of Indlan- 
opolia. la here vlaitlng bar father. 
Mr. rteorga Miller. 

Mr*. Kino Oladlah-Hall of Fil- 
bert, W. Va. la in tbe oily with bor 

A n err, bar of people were eodly 
dleappolnted Honday evening, toome 
rnmur* ar* embarraaalng; olbera 
dlagoetlng, oven ihongh the pari... 
ooneerned may uoncaal their die 
guat. Merer Judge o pereon'a faei- 
Inga by fie ■mile en hie face. May 
we reeolve to atiek mora eloaely to 
Iho Golden Bole, not for tbe New 
Year, bnt today. 

— — — — ^ 

Ooaa'l Awaiara ar. racoraoiandid by ra.ny 
ark. aa? UMy .yar t. ..atly, wltkeal frlpla* aiM 
arlikooi bad after ilitu. •)  ai .11 drv| naraa 


fba Outokej mat De» Not ^ fleet Ha) Hom 

B-. an.i- at Ha tnnlc .ad laaaiirr tBm. LU* 
T! VK UaOKO or I H1N n U b  liar lha n ord I nary 
Dii{nior and dr« sot c.nar nrrao. nraa aor 
iM.iaa io baad Pcairmbar lha lull uama too 
..... lea Ik* airnal rr* at K W r.KiiVM *V 

Ra Omherland. Md.— "Por a long 
time I auff.-ed from a nervoua break- 
down. I ii rn ..I not eat or aleep aod waa 
ao weak I could hardly *alk. My hua- 
l and heard alarut Vlnol and got BM to 
try it. Now ( ha\ • a good appi tlt*. 
alwp Mtundly and era well aod atrong. 
Kvery nervona, weak, •.• in down woman 
.hould try Vinol."— Mra D. W. Kn.ii. 

Wo guarantee Vinnl to create a 
Imaltliv appitite, aid dlgeation and 
build nn wvak, mn-down women, deli- 
cate children ac? fe»ble old people. 

8t. Bernard Minlrg Co . Incorpo- 
rated, Drug Department, KeriniKtnn 







Daily ty Mail 





During January 


February Only 

Special Rate Period I .m.t.d to Tke.e Two Moathe 

Splendid Cottkination at a Li&le 
Orer 1-2 tKc Reg ular Price 

Subscription orders at this rate, will be accepted 
only when tent through regnlar Courier-Jqurna, agent 
in this diitrlct 

CHAS. COWELL, Earllngton, Ky. 


COURIER-JOURNAL f CO., Loui.vlllc. K y . 


Evar.sville's Big, Busy Trading Center 




nyentory Sale! 

We have ever held stirts Tuesday morning at 8 o'clock The MOST RADICAL REDUCTIONS in the Entire History 

ot Our Business 

*v - 

Two 4ai/s from tomorrow wv ake our annual inventory and we expect to close up the biggest year's businast in ready to wear garments we have ever known hy 
making the moat radicii price red'tctt n in the history of our business. The garments offered have behind them oar reputation for stylish, high grade garments at Drices 
that are usually leas by one third than you have to pay in strictly ready to wear stores. With these added price reductions the savings you will make will be unprecedented. 

Suits, Coats. Skirts, Waists, Dresses, Raincoats, Kimonos, in One Big Slaughter 


Our live of Coat Suits of broadcloth, serges, gabardirjrs. whipcords, and novelty mixtures are styles that will appeal to aayhady. The colors and assortments are still 
very good. At these very low prioe redQcr'ioas not a single persoa can afford to be without a Coat Suit. 

•45 o»^SwITS 

Coats worth up to 
$15 oo tar Is so 

One groap ml fjiejl.e' 
Olotb Uireie. riota end (oarlen lliei euld 
Of  o SI6.M. Km tblo 
eels at 

$40.0. SHITS 

$35 ot  SUITS 

$30.00 SUITS 

$a 7 -3» SUITS 

$25.00 SUITS 

Haa. 50 SUITS 

35.00 295° 22 50 20- 00 18 00 15 00 
Radical Reductions on All of Our Ladies' Coats 

$15 00 Coajs, now 
for $o 48 

») La 1la»' Ooau la I 
odIovo Hi d faner ■ ■ - 
turee. In oue lot f»r a 
repid ulearaiioe. Were 
op to $16. Now ot 

Coats worm up to 
$16. jo for $6 98 

A lot ef Larteoe' Uoat* 
In plain and fMor 
elothe, ttanv eitld It. ..a 
IIS US M $l«.f* . Por 
till* Die- aale they (o ai 

if 5 so Plush Ooats, 

$•4 $• 
A beat W Ladlaa' r.a.h 
Ceala. lined throoch.-et 
oad natrla tar trlataied. 
a)»ld up 10 m.Ot. For 
thi* (ale 

$26.50 Plush Coats, 
fa 1 00 

Baal Ploeh, leoae 
with full flare aad wua 
nutria bead trlanaHn(. 
Ib i'iI* bift *al* tbar will 


$3* — Plush 9oats, 

Ther are Meal riaeh. 
with rail flare aad Beit 
• Beet, ana with a Ir.e 

lur trimming. DariBg 
tai. talo only 




♦35 00 Phish Ooats, 

•alt'a Plaah Oeata, with 
leeaa or Bolt effect and 
wltb a fall fftre for 
irln.oa.lBK. Nnw boIbk 
at the prlaa of 

$18.50 SUITS 


$45.00 1'lush Coats* 

Rait'* Biqalroette Pick 
Willi a large eooe eollar, 
band trlniiMlug' 
Will go 


on the ablrt. 
at thla eaia at 

14.9s 21 00 25-o° 30 00 37-so 



f a. 50 36 inch Stripeii Tatletas 
duced to, 1 CA 

I -DU 

Si 00 36 inch I'luwered Silk Pop- 
laced to, 6dC 



Knit Shawls 

14 OFF 



The Biggest Reductions Ever Made SILKS 

We hava made special price concessions for ten days only to reduce the stock 


FOWLER, DICK & WALKER ' -v a J' ? 


No need to tell you that we have the hi- get-t, best and most it-liable Si k stock in town 
before inrentory. Briefly told here the reductions: 

• 1 $0 40 inch Satin Stripe M;ir- 
quisette reduced to, . ej AQ 

yard , 1.0*7 yard a 

li.oo j6 iuch L'ompadour TarTetas 91.75 40-iBch Flower»d ChiffoB re- 

rrdund to, *] Qft ducrd to, 1 1 Q 

yard I .09 yard 1.19 

*i 35 quality 36 in. all silk Satin. 

1 00 

fi.oo Fancy ami plain 9iltrs, 
pieces, radnced to, f"rt_ 


Velvets, Plushes 

fo 50 44-iseh Black 9ilk Velvet 

reduced to, 

$5.oo 36-inch 
reduced to, 

Black Silk 

ns 1. 

■ i 

1-4 OFF 


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