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date (1854-03-23) newspaper_issue 

*W*tv**#r xti»e 

-mih-’W hat . t i • I i' ‘ I r ' ftlld !"■  h Vl\(f ol 

Dm r.Miinry wc^l nf tfitsT great ItiSbi f«»|r 

truflic »vhlt i lie Jitrknn** find I, is mull 
wnn ^lu'titiiiglit^r °r* rliiiYof  *• iribc 4  d 
habiting 1 ho North* VYisi tii Terri ;cry 
In ibis eh article r uu* combined njljbfl 
brnvrry and cunning of tha Jn'jinn.togoDi* 
llier whij  bni totnl iliarrg.irtll* 'sflPEi of 
ilenih nmnH'c*u-il by lUtfcpnnliintd. nnd 
n jealousy and r ln,lio*MP*4 nf spirit Ant 
often seen In Hthor.' nl^oin what I friufil 
rnfch ol bis broken Mrnngue*, I learned 
that bo Imrl formed nn insatiable pnssjwi 
for iIih old chief's daughter, a lio wn* 
that night to h i united to tha n.*l lo young 
I seen paǤ over iho^stronin 
ois to 

ned tfivery Thursday Morning 

ilEMiV I 

1' WENCH, 

Chr JJrrsj ib for tfir Ui CC ubioh of HiitutltSir to imompif&h its jHfssioir (t must br fret from .ill Smpstfsm of }3 t tn or |)rrfn ler 

4' i'4 i( .‘1 8 

VOLUME X — \o. 



It' p t id strictly in AfIVANCL 
, If not |»AilI iHadvASCCy • - 
\t tfce end of tile year, - - 




N. B. WALLER, A. M. f Principal. 


Addressed to Miss If**"" G ••••. 
May every flower Indy fair, 

Around iby puihxvuy ope, 

To iluio nmy every page of Lite, 

Bo colour'd bright by Hope; 

Then long bo it my gnmlu bird, 

Long era this chilling Earth. 

To dark suiipioion. sorrow, gloom 
Within i by hurl gives birth— 

Tis vain sweet Lady that I wish 
Unclouded sk et for tlun*; 

Ono who doth order nil nright. 

Hath marked thy Destiny— 

The destiny of ull munkind 
Port Au.ishinu — and port shower, 

I o use them each for good sweet girl 
Muv’ai thou be tlest with power, 
That as a boquci of sn out flowers 
When past tliy be auty— youth, 

Tie re ahull remain n perfume yet 
Of nnocence and Truth. 

For 14 lioai, or less, ona insartion, • • $1 00 

For ssch subsequent insertion, • • • *25 

ET A libsril deduction made in lavur ol 
ye-iflf sdvertisers. 

JJ ■ As SOU it 'CMKNTt or Candidates.— F or r» 

f inals snsoancsinsnt, $1 00 

f inserted till lbs election, . • . • 3 00 
TTCalli tros Candidates, when not ex- 

feeding two square*, SI 00 

tJT (JsifOARV Nonets. exceeding n square 
in length, to be p lid tor ss adv»rii*einenis. 

U^irsoiAf. Nonces in the editorial columns, 
or over marriages and Heaths, double the price 
of regular advertising. 

U* \ll advertise neats from transient par- 
sons or strangers, always to ha paid lor in 

IT r to orivile »e of yearly advertisers is 
Strictly li niteJ to their regular busine**; and 
sit a Ivertiscnenis not within the li nits of their 
•own i n ni li ite business, or all ordered to be 
inserted in a sje.'itl nt inner, must be paid for 

Indian I had 

but it shwrt lima bfliore, and who 
succemJ her agml ftithcr as chiof ol the 

I i riba, 'i’lu 1 Intll-brecd bad oftoii seen the 
beautiful '‘valley flower” — as alia was 
called— and ha i as ofu-n vowed lie Would 
1 1 Kisses s her. Hut bis ofToria, thus far, bad 
I proved fruitlvss, for when, by stealth, bo 
had guined accost to her, and whispered 
I Ills udoration for her in tho softest nc* 
l cents, rh; r pulsed bis base and trough- 
irons words nnd fled from him in disdain. 
All his cunning and stratagem woro of n»» so secure her, his most artfully laid 
plans had been thwarted, nnd bis tasked 
ingenuity bad signully failed of placing 
her in his bunds. 'I bis iiiglu lio hud rci- 
solved to use force before alio should be* 
como the willing possession of anothar, 
from beneath whoso watchful eye noth* 

I ing but i he baud death could rernovo her. 

I lie detuils of his plans 1 could not bear, 

! us bo spoke in an under tone, but soon 1 
saw them stealthily approach tho stream, 
and, crossing ov«r, wflMqnieltly lost to 
sight. 1 was about t*rMb Itrom try eon* 
conlment to return to the tent, nnd with 
my companions como to tho rnscua of 
the fair Maiden, when tho sound of voi- 
* ocs warned me ihoi still some of tha par* 

; ty remained, and that such n step— tiy j, 

1 even the Icon intimation of my presence 
would have been tho signal for one of th* 
savage's nrrows to have sought it hiding* 
plaeo for its puisunytl tip about the region 
I of iny heart. I could not have escaped 
tho flying foot of the Indians, nor eluded 
their swift tomahawks, and yet, Imd I a* 
voidei nil, uTfdr fast-flyfng arrows would 
probably have ranched me, nnd f, would 
| not htiva lived e ther in os«l*t in rescuing 
the maiden or to tell ibis tale. *So l was 
forced to resort to the fertility of my lrr»* 
agination while waiting for the limn to 
odma when I could n :i. I g tz d cngerl v 
fori li In tho direction the Indinus had 
taken, watching the least tiling that a* 
roused my attention, but all was still, and 
there weru no Indications of Uio trugeJy 
soon to be enacted. 

Tltu sun hud sunk far down in ilvo 
west, niui illuminated the hnrU n with 
1 his departing rays, tho pale, new mooq 
I xv us following clotoly hit brilliant path* 
xvay; the scale ly stirring brcc2 • movftf 
' not n tr-nf, tho silent wu'ers gave not 
I forth a ripplingsounrl, bill rnllectiog In 
' solemn stl liners ile* moon's palo rays; ths 
1 hnnli hots I of the wolf upon tho disisnt 
hills, su l tho wildcat's shrill ory wura 
unheard, mid ull things seemed wrapped 
in the siilliH*ss ol death. 1 coutmnpkitod 
tho h  nvens above tun, and beheld 
xvi'h Mimiugitury rupiuro |I a myr^tiUa 
of sinrry con tclbnious spatkliug far 
and n mr, amidst the vast space , of tb^p 
eternal reruns. 1 g.azv 1 upon tba 
ID Op ft, pale nii f xvun, u:ul then tbo^ul 
upon *tlio silent wiiors, an I tiw ifilr* 
rorud In mimic glory, till Images' A 
fright realities on hiuli, and that liltu 
many who boost of their high posit ion oft 
earth, "they would not be Iftrit wefe It 
not fordiolr bright origino's In h«nvan. f ' 

Titus musing, I sought objects to inter* 
cst in*, over winching with an eager eyo 
in the direct ion in winch 1 expected wn 
ixcitii g scafto. «My stiftvipmiuns worn 
too true, lor I had not long rmuniuqd u» 
surpeitHu when 1 distiiieilv licaid a wild 
cry a d horror rise fur oil' in tho disutnce. 

I gutted more earnestly in the direction 
mid row tliy b e-ighs and irunus 
of ibo trees the red flames of the rira 
rising up towards The skies. Tho sounds 
grew louder qnd nearer, and the Indians 
shrill war-whoop rang out clear upon liio 
mill night air- Soon tha obsctiru flutno 
bad grown Into a fierce and lurid lire, uuJ 
1 -ret up nfcot «• ib** im'i I* tikas, wiptJ* 

ki Mprn t'wlit to ttviou It lira atkn* 

1 * .'.'dli «t'*iawit, ij , mil lotifisr wic 

»h^ ni and \h»* sdlllW-A of the idgl't 
• I * o rn i di«t tne to b^Ht' lit* sounds M up* 
pio.K-hlle/ reps l|Utiy||»|f J'hifi^ ll»« C'li^ 
posite hank, um th*? crue king boughs brok^ 
benrttxli ert  h fiotfali. I ntnrt*‘d from 
1 my place of eoncealmeM. bit r» mesii hir- 
ing the luHbms, ! sr aln whtlo 

Private Pocket Companion. 

" fi*» »* a menHrr •/ mrh fvightfu l mien. 1 
"TAat to be haled nerdt but lo ftiriS." I 

nVEXY pAr *n, ynung nod old. marrisd! 
d i sad *ii»ifls, mils nuH temalr, ahoulrt I 

\ FRR8fl *ttpplv of l.nnHixir* eeisbrnisd 
G'irdfin Seed-* just r^ceivod hy 
Fib 16. 1864. T. S HAKKLKY & C0. 

T HE s«nrices of Mr. WalUI Jum been 
periioinriuly ssrumJ. Il«»4  r in0s sw a lit 
him a r«*putain*n ■* mii accompli  ti.*d and me 

••cs'lul in»tructor of youth, srarrnntinir tits br 
liPlili u ao miiuuiion ran surpass tkio in ull 
dial ii neoessary lo preparp young men far 
i.olle/8 most muroiighly or n  lav the foun- 
dation lor a substantial umi wall ordered sju 

Tirnsptr«ttiiitnnfi mantlie— in advance 

Tuiiiun iii'Primary Deparonaiit, HF UO 

* .flulier Itrsncliev 15 00 

Arldi litinnl clnir/es l»»f luei. Ac , I 00 

1’ » mem mm e t * tba Frmcip il ur ihe Tfe«a 
urer ol the College. F. C IMo ALI.^. 
uug 18 IHjU 8t*c. Ex. Com 

■ meiv inn irrntir, Minmn 

lieve n copy of ihi* nue hud truly valuable I 
work, »s Irom ii they m iv leurn ihe pnilttflogt 
»f ilieir coinploim, noil ilia bs»t meiliod cure. 

1 tii« is no humbug, but iv in ie  lity what 
i I professes t-. be, a loll nnd oo npleie treatise 
ni every •••fin ol Private Dttmert, ronirMi-ieri 
by pr-nuivct on* sexual imercourse by m hi- 
d exue ». or b) i ecrei umi soliisrv liu t»i i a ol 
inconsiderate \ until with pre*criptieus fui 
ilieir prevention mid cure in p ni n English 
Ladies should purchsvs this book, sn they 
mm read alul umierMund ll e nninie nnd cuir 
HI ilivenven peculiar to iliein, nnd how to re 
move fieri. »di  i I obsiniciions. Ac. 

A«y per on induving 05 cents w ill receive 
a copy, in lie I Irer, orsif copies lor $1.00 — 
AddrevM, ( | nisi paid.) Dr. 1. Hall, Uox 1364 
l*.t . Cicini.nli, Ohio, 

_ N U. Ui. ii. cn be I'ousutted nt bis  1 
the No. 144 tVidnui street; Cincinnati , 0. #f 
nil diseases tremed in ihis Sork. 

Per. l.iiM Iv 

CEORjETOWN college. 



r is HIS Insiiluiiun sccupies n liiyii rank 

L among Wesiarn Colleges. Its Library, 
Oibinei, Museum, «i“l upparmus aie uiisu. 
passed. In litsrary course is iliesmne us liini 
ol Y »le Collea*. while its suid itifie course 
embraces all ihe besi portions ol Hie eou*M «( 
We-u Point. 

For young men designed for |.rncii**nl bus 
iness litere is a course ol three years in which 
a thorough knowledge is imparled in atari. ul 
tural Chemistry, Phxsiology, yZoology, P acii 
c il Engineering, Principles of Conunerce, and 
Book Kerpmu. In thi* practical feature die 
College is believed to lie unequalled. Its high 
aim is io furnish Amenrnn scholars, nnd A 
mericun business men. The rapidly increas- 
ing number of S’.udeui* in uiitndaiive is prooi 
of its high rank end wJRcieuey . 

'I his »eal ol learning is no mere experiment, 
whose permanence is douhllul, mill whose di 

Panellists, Circulars, Hilts, (lards, Blanks. 


£T CE  JE x  -AZ US 


In the year 1831, while nmic.g ns Sur* 

vuyor in thn new Stato of Iowa, 1 was u 
witness ol ono of ihove real nnd stnriling 
I rug ml irs which so oftun occur along the 
bordi*rs nf civilization in tht Grunt West. 
Wliila serving in tlint rapai’iiv. I bad of- 
ten wiiiiesc il douds of valor nnd doiprr ! 
nt inn. mid n fool linrdv cotirngo which I 
made my blood grow cold — but the inci* • 
dunt to which I jlki In disiduyml, on tho 1 
one hand, such unmidgated vindicative* 
i.t-ss of spirit, togcilu r with tho most 
reckless during, and n total disregard ol I 
death, und on i hn other stirh porn aflac* I 
ti«n ami such delicate refinement lor tho 
then wild wilderness to exhibit that it 
Mend* out In bold relief nbnvo iho mews* 
ory ol tho muny scenes 1 witnessed, and 
ihu trials und huir-oruuthli escapes that 1 

One irghi. after liiivina nonrlv complet- 
ed my OjK’rntiuns in thin part of iho coun- 
try, i.ntl preparatory to tuking my fmni 
louv of h, I walked for ill from tlm tent I’nrilK-r of Oir 


Not^Ji putlcle of Morcnry In It- 

As Musxuv tor r*c rut a la. King's 
Evil. Klisuinati»ui, l)!iMiums Cutanvaus 
EAjp'iuio, Piniplv* nr Patlulcs on ihv Pa it j. 
lilui« ii« , H.*|i». Chiuim- S in* Eyas, /Lug 
Worm nr Tsttar, Scahl I Is ml. Eulnrgriusi.t 
and Pain nt the H.micv nml Jnjntv, Mlublmrn 
Ulcer-, Mtphiliiic Ui*ur4rr«, Ltliiihsgo, Ppl 
li u I Comp, oniu, nnd nil Di-enatvs mining 
Ir-nu mi i jii.liciaua u-e ni MeMiirv, I n 
urncence in Lite, nr In uori'y of Hie Blond . 


p| unit, is therefore of uncsitain value. It i  
in u position to exercise umi maintain a who 1 * 
seme iliicip in# without tha tear nt extingui h 
msnt; nnd in require of its 'ludeftis every 
thing scholarly and manly in their depnrtmSin. 
li h is bonr*ling airan^em*nu adapted to nil 
cln-se- of studsnlM and siijuuiad ns to 
avoid the dangers inseparable Irnui tho prac- 
*'“ ‘“*‘1 young mail into 

Students for the ministry can 

the propiiei'K*. at the p'yent request ol their 
friend-, in nffkr it t • the public, w lucli thev do 
widi the utmn-i cun tide me Hi its viitasa and 
wonderful i-uia'ixo pmp**iies. Tne foil owing 
viartificnies, srleried I mm a large number, me, 
however, sttonger te-t. unity than Hit- uieie 
word of the proprietors; nnd me nil tram gen 
lie men well known in ilieir localities, ond uf 
die highest re peclubilit» , muny ol them now 
residing in die city nf Kicktnond, Virsinia. 

F. BOY DEN. K Q , of|he Ehrchange lintel, 
Richmond known eve rv where, cays lie lm% 
-een the Medicine called Uarter's SrA.m-n 
Mixing administered iu over a hundred case* 
in l eaily all ilia dissrsos lor which il i- re 
coinuiemled, with die u o*t aetnui«hingl\ yood 
irsulu. II* suys it lathe most extraordiuary 
inrdii-ine be h  s ever seen. 

heietiv cortiiy. ihai lui ih r e* xsaie I bad Ague 
-i lid pever nt die most violent description I 
had several Phy*i* i''iir, look large qumui'i** 
• it Qomine, Wereii'i , md l believe nil the 

Preferred in allcnvas; but available country 
prjduoa, clean cotton and linen rngs will be 
.fraalv taken, at the lii/besl m trket prices, in 
exchange for subscription or printing nf any 
kind til such trade is delivered nt the lime ol 
subscribing, or ns soon as the work is sxssat 
od. Feather in, follow sitisa ns, and give us nu 
honest chance to earn vonr dimes. We nre 
*.e determined, ns you will see by the termsoi the 
paper, to work 


X March *8. I9SI. IL R. FRENCH. 


tire ol crowding l$i  ur 

on* building. - - 

hoard for nb ml $40 per College year.—— 
Olliers of known good morel hehitn, for about 
$05 or i#i while ttiu*e who uiuy prefer board- 
ing in private fnmiliR* enn do so nt from ICO 
mlOO. N» student is allowed to board in any 
family but such  •» the Faculty shall wpprnvej 
nnd a strict but kind su|»ervisinii is exerci-ed 
by the faculty over every student where* 
ever lie may board. 

The so'm'.iisfie year is divided into two 
sessions. The “first commences on the third 
Monday in September ; the second, on the first 
Moudnv in February 


Occurs on the lust Thursday in June* Tui- 
tion $20 per sestior . 

The minimi cninlogu* mnv be had bv np- 
plication to ths Fiesident. Ifev. P. It.   amp 
bellL. L. D. S. F CM NO. 

Secr'v of the Board ofTrusiees. 

Sept 16 |85f 89tf. 

W ILL i*e sold at the Cntfri House door. 

in Ge-rretuwu. un the 3d Monday in 
May, IK54, il being County Court day, a uegroj 
man naintd 

t .» w , 

1 1 by order nf the Judge o* 
•*iifl. 8:iid negro will be 
X months, the piirrlnt-er to 
oved see u 1 1 1 v , to have the 
replevin bond, nnd to bt-nr 

fenilu country, finiilly to empty into the 
Missisflppi. Tin* nun was lust  lt*cliniiig 
; in tin; west, Ins bright ruvs tlanrod only 
nt intervals tbrougli ibis denne forest, in* 
icrcepicil by lilt* liuupmg bongos and 
liourx trunks of buguouks ibm purclioncp 
bud stood ibe fo e * blnxls of an buiitlrod 
winu rs. still unecallictj. J'b' 1 pay carol 
of ill** forest birds was dying uwtiy, whiles 
1 1 hoy nought with \ milling xvmg ilieir 
[ flams ol mgliily rest— lllu ill most ccnso 
I less chillier of iliu squirr*-! wnn mill -tha 
| sound of iliu cruckmu bough, us u I II be* 

I nouili ilia hoof of tho flu tiling deer, was 
no longur b nrd, nnd rill nuiiiru si emed 
wrapped in the eilenco of repose. 

UiillHuding my loot stops. 1 bad wnn* 
derod far down along the bunks of tills 
quiet siicuin, and sealed inyself upon n 
broken und decayed stump, nearly entlr* 
cried by the trunk of a ireu on c*iih«r tide. 
My mind was enshrouded in tlint deep 
reverie tvliieh ao ulien ntcidi over us as 
twilight's buimy hour Domes on, and 
might long have leiiiumtfd ho imd not my 
intention been suddenly nrouacd by iliu 
uppronrli of it group ol I udinns along lb* 
bunk of (lie siiertu). Iii*inndy my baud 
Imd grasped my ever iuillilul pistol, when 
suddenly tba IdrerfTost Indian, changing 
Ilia course, entered a thick eluiupol bustl- 
es and soon ometged from iliein, w ulkmg 
upon the trunk ol n in u iliut ha I luilcxi 
across und completely npnnoi'd tint airrmn 
that rolled quietly below The oilier In 

give bur.d with np 
luii c a il rile - 1 ol 
itilere-l from d ns. 

T he s id mnrv h nhoui 6 r cct high : 
w-aigli* nhont 150 Is; Is nboul R va.irp of 
uge; dork copper color; i«»ili su.ucwtanl tie* 
cijcrl, »luw »puksii, umi su^'S he is uluru: 


you SAUK AT Til, 


HUH \oi iei:. 


Clean Linen ft. Gotton Rags, 



A 8 . OFFUTT, Sheri f?. 

March 2. 1854 51 R.n. 







Such a* Condi |int ion, in ward Piles, Fulluavt of 
Blood to tlie If* ni. Aciditv on the Siumucli, 
N'luscn, Henrthurn. Digest for Food, Full- 
ness or Weight in Die Htouineli, $out Erne 
utions. Si uk If. 1* or F luilS'iug ni the I’il ol 
the Stoinuch. fetwiuiming ol the Ilemi. ii u r* 
ried nnd DllTiculi Breathing, Flutieiing ot 
t!i# Heart, Choking or MufTocming Seusu 
lions when in n lying posture, Diume*s ol 
Visi-m, Dots or Webs hftore the sight, F* 
ve r nnd Dull Puin in tho Head. Dsficisucv 
of Pernpirntion, Yellowness ofilieSkin^ 
Eves, Puin in the Side, Buck, Ohe-i, Limb*. 
Slc., Sudden Flushes of fleet Burning in 
the Flash, Constant Imaginings ol evil, and 
Greet Depression of Hpirits. 


f W AVINfi determined to remove elsewhere 
b i we offer «u private s«le, the farm ou 
which w* now reside, containing 

■190 Acrniifflr.1 rale I, ami. 

Iv iug uii the wilier* of NV-lh Elkhorn, in Hcntt 
county, Kn . 3 miles We-1 of ljeur"etnwu 
:md one mile \Ve*t of ih# (teorgclow n nod 
Friiiklort turnpike. K-iid inrm i* in a hivlil 
siute oi cultivmiuii uusi i- well i«|in«iii| witn I 
u-jw mi, ol 100 Acres ol iii-w li'-nip I mid, 
w ell timbered m d w ah an nbuiilncr* nt good 
stm-k y aier, convenient lo #verv pnrtofit. 

TE R.Vfft will he ren«oiinhle, |'er*on« «J**ai r 
ing t » parchnse n fine Inrm, ur« requeued to . 
cuB und ex iii'ioa for theu»nlves, 

Puris Citi. en and Lex. $i iesmnn copy to , 
amount of fivs dollars und clinrga ihi-  iffi e. 

D. J. UFFUTi\ 

Dec I. 185.1 39- if 

lONTINUBi to practice his profssslmt in 
* ull its branches. j u I y I 18 


H AVING onncUdsd to make a permanent 
l icaii m in skis piece, respectfully lan- 
ders his profetsirwnl services to Die cltisens 
of Gaorget-iwn r ■ » Scott county. 

O lice at hit “V-s'i len*a ou Main street;— 
where ha mnv bit hm»d at all hours ol the day 
and night, whe S n«t professionally engaged, 
nov 4. 185? t( ^ _______ 

f «K AVIA,/ 

T MTi l-irgs- residence of the late Col. T. F 
Johnson: 1 the residence and School House 
will be sold together or, the lot to be divided 
to suit a purchaser. 1 will sell it et h great 
bargain and os accommodating lime. 

Also, the large frame school hoase ou my lot 
to be removed during my sbseace. P L 
Miibhelt, Esq-, will give any information io 
the premises and w authorix^d losell. 

Nov 24, 18-53 39 tl. JOHN F W ARREN. 





*„. Fill. BlrePl, Clftcinnnl., Oli.o I _ |w Areh hld ,. ll(hi 

r JULl) respectln |v call pu 1 ' jc nt.eniioii 

... her I .r . Fi, ....".‘.f. Sl.i-k Ul TMr |...*rr n,,r ill. .!«.*» ill-.n... t. 

KLIUlnary and Fancy qoodi, ! 

i- i»tin?nt— I in in :i »i y ea-es ulier ski ln) j*liy .- ici ms 

lit, 8attln, Velvet, and Braid on. 

nets. Bo last}. Ca?», and Fancy I C'... mit.r. ■■.. ...nin . 

ifi»lMmin r a(hKAii3 hfanlll Viilul* P »--*e-*i I'g glOM Vinces t '** r 

^ U ^ 4 ' I lien lion *»♦ ifi*e .»e* ih» Liver nnd h 

. f ltC * an “ ' gl :i iids *xerci»iti0 ihe uio»t  e irching po 

iloredj Slllc and otliar Laces; .« ». .!.• »   ,ud •tr-fiim, .1 i.« .iu..,.. 

••die Worked Oollari. Chemlxetti,, *»••-. »'•* • »••• 1,, ‘ ,u p 

Sleeves, kc , ko . ; Al) AN d ok c(»xvimci i» 

MM I .. W Mill.j.i.«»u.Fy . U.- 

* - w 

ol tu iruif tiedi 1 ssccupi' u lilt)  .*' mi ry 
OroiillU Mis' In. I XV llifil l l II ill! 
■mm inftnibs t ngsgmJ in. 1 I »u tu* i tutu 
onvo only but win gitn-ietl wiili tiiat n*s-   
poet anti Wiilcoina which u sirung« r aver. 1 
iiitM'is ftmui j; (hi* imliuns. 

Hit tiri wss was richly luniaMit'— iiH faro 
covered with muny colored pumie, his 
inoccusius miibi'llisliLiJ with curiously 
wrought b«-ii/li, ami it bugs* puin Imre skin 
himgiiig Iruin liisbiuwriy shoulders, gave 
him uii uir of atqienoriiv -over lue roei. 
As they pnssed singly over lim sir* sis. I 
suw Dun vuch was iii iro Diun oruMiurdy 
uikiululiy drr-M'd, It tlt.-uoii'd soum 
uii aua'i oecurrene. I remained coricaal* 
i d till the Inst imd priss  tl over and enter* 
i d tlm Duck hding'i upon llur iqipos to 
Lank, nnd then Mapping f»-rth. I suw them 
burry mg down by Dm aide ul Dm atri um, 
in lli» dir C'ljoii uf iliu old cbit l'a lodge, , 
w lucli 1 knew to bu lome bull uiilu in* 
low. Tu» y worn somi loat io mg'ii. and i 
while mu«iti0 partly i pun « hni ruuid bu 
their mtowded niiselun. an-i partly up nij 
Iliu bi.'umy of ihe eicm-ry uruund. I wual 
mu r Dili Ly Die »• iAsmI o| iippruneiiing lout- ! 
so pa, eren ung! y l««*oi Uchind me. i hull 
luirdfy sank buck into my hiding p uvt.l 
when thiuugii Du dou iwiugm. i saw op ! 
proaciiing mo a company ol live or *«x 
i puiMiits. J In y come steadily luwurd niu. 
! nil within a low lout where. D im bank run 
! above Du ir heads, entirely cu«»e  tdlng 
I tht iu irom %i w. Mere they hailed, and 
, one of Du ir number begun tu undress the 
1 others m • mUai diulact of Fn.cii, Bug 
lisli and Midiun. I soon surimscd that 

• aid to he lee l*r-t nriit le now usrd lor feed- 1 
in/ nil kind- o! Hti'ck, and -pecu.lly u-efol iur 
.Milk C"W ", pruduuiig fin ahiiadust *up|dy «i 
milk. "I tlie l»** » i q it 1 1 1 . y . II** a « alvo prepar- 
ed t • g'idtt nl kinds uf grain lor h.i r eivlilmrs 
end fU-tuinora  »u the n«»t terms, flour hv 
t he* k.rrrl or o lieiwt-e, .X|» ,| nnd rru»ned 
loud p'ompil)  (e|| ve ted upon npplif: inn, at 
any point in the town   n most rhiMinibb 
term* si n*l w iilmut rxtra charge A elnre ol 
public n it rot' a • i« ie- |M*i*tfu it vjlivited. 
t (.*Il paid lor Wlio-.t. 


J tn 12 1854 44 3 .« 


Hardware Commission Agents, 
•Alt d’HIT Mrrfl, Vrn Vnrk. 

\  «EN I ff f**r inanutarfurors uf and kt*-p 
, coiiel m li u» h" if • slin k •»  Pen. pock 
et umi Tuhlo Cutler). T ali.v II   Ras-rae; E lg* 
ruid Jniltor'e Tout*, stew*. Auvil*, dff.t J. fit 
Riia t Cass's Sti.ii. aod l u  oi ell Ce.cup 

lion.. A 

(lu'i-r. wflu iied (rout tha 
Impoitaii in. 

Jn* 14, iM54,3rn 

c t  of Uicl»*"0od. wwnnilil tee thiee bottle* 
•il (.'fine:’- ttpsniidi Mis u r.DUfdi Rheum, 
W lucli II# hvd iveerlx ‘2L,* )’*•**. and win Ii dl 
the pit) Mci ute o| the ritv v*uld lim cme. Mr. 
Thon | »on i* « well known mer. h .nf |o »he 
i-itv  •( Kiijtrnoi.d, Va , und htv uoro is tno»t 
teiiMran hie. 

WM A MATTHEW!!. «»| Richmond Vo , 
had a seiv.i l. nird olhyphi iv m ihe worst 
|.»rin, b* Certri's Hp ini-h .Mixture Ib-.viv. 
lie i-liecrfiiHv loroMitne tiw it, and cuii.idc r» it 
111 in.aloehle InUinU. 

KICII YKD E'. »f Ri*hm«iad, w*t 

coird ol F- roluln. untJwh .t Pi V M« t .n* c die I 
CO' lir.i Od Con* iin*,.liU", b) t ire# bottle* o| 
carter’* Bpeni-h .V^iiiure, 

EDWARD Dl iU'dN f'r iiuni*vionfr of the 

Revenue, *a* s Ns lias seen the good tQei isol 
Curler*. Spii^D* Mixture in a Miinihar ol 

S . phi I mu mw., an s*v» it is a periect sure 
for that horubia iii*s»u. 

W M (’•- HARWOOD. •( Rirk «o d, Vi 

cured of old poie* aSd Uu*r*. whjch d|* third 
him Irom walklUtf. To-.k a lew Louie* o| 
Carter’s ffpnaivh Mixmrt, swd »m enab.ed to 
wrdk without a crutch, is a short Drue j«rm* 

CRT J. Ct. HA Mil. I 

'_2J \y -’Jfc' LX «*-£» a 

q p p ( C E— Da II i nil ton Streat. oppo 
site the Methodist Church. 

Nov-4 1 8 ;3 if. 

The Gruuiue 

“StlllliOVK Ht'H.XAPS!” 

(Or pure Holland Gia,) 

J UST received bv express, bv 

lie l. 1853 T ff It MvKLRY A ro_ 


HAII lihii.Xirs, 

i ( l *l r;i ini I'rrf (•mi’rv. 

C 'ObMbl IMi   | all tiir py; *lar #sir»rt 
/ol d»^ day, aauielv l', ,tr Ten. brnno 
•jw. He *ot rojH*. Jm key Cud. .NliHeflaura, 
WP*k. Nrw Mown ll*sy, Pulhoiily, H ( ,n « u 

Flowar Aw set Brief, Mwret Paa. ffw cai C|o 
var, fit c . t\«. A l**». bt.aUgnnt pr*-| uiNiton  
for the sknif tha heir, th# L«*d . the bears], 
the teeth ; i l»o f hi* ftavorii g sumrti foi J.| 
lias. Cakaf, Iu , »urli h *l--**oui, celari, smt 
meg-., p« it n, ruse, sanilla, 

IKfg T h BaIKI.LY A Ca. 

IS H  u Ik ’ 1H nek tug lor Would 

L AYTON' S O. f^uid Blacking «iva* i 

fiser po.ish t * •«) • • «•••-, wiihou 

Injury to th* la ither^Bban any B'ack'Og it 
tha worl l It r.t* i i of*ed aolv ones in iwc 
waeks. C'dl and get • buttle at 

MarehiYif T R i M OLE’S 

suit n«iililiiix-l»  Ph lMi-T* 

V ARlOUf .|)U. will • * fun.i-K.4 and ,. -i.», .1 l.p'.e— - 

Tt?V«KLE1 VCw 

• ii iltiu *irr. 

i;.ul)(.tuwa •». b V lie. 
rv.rv wtirf. - 

J.. I*. l«44 4»lj - , 

fb/!*-n.wh*n anotht- r v*tNr npon itm lu*' urg -d in fever J the union of Church ; Frederick Ludwig was severely 
M Win# him. autf . before I reuJiOd Bum. ao tint lit puMlb'y aurvi 

Ml«n III* pm  l, bu IOU t-ll *i:h ■ heavy I Fuiuu p 4iUcv hu, -nalaved lwly;j \V. evumed ihiriy-five Oodla. 
*l" J .mo the aak'i Tim ihltd *u J i»ai erui!»0 8|iaioi di-lugc-tl Fiaix-tf ,n blood, ed in agony on ih* floor occup 
wsa now rapidly puaalnu Klan, wb- n an and liaa boon an agem of psfacWloa I whnla ol ih* cabin 
arr av wmil whizzing pa-ii urn und stuck even in our nun country. \V« give o liai oftlm iiamoa o! 

In a iru» nv. r niv hand. .Mu«l Ainerirnita aubmii lu ilia in wo farart, and whore from, balow: 

Inalnnllv my nnffr pullt-d the trig- duouon of mj dun gurnu* on elamem ofl Huai r#rrl*r,C«o«d-;BanJ. On.a 
nee, and the ■ hrtfp erneK'nf u pistol power !nm tna hundt of ihe aaoma «t ibe *«: c *" B.’d.i, fl-'w-M «, Mot 
|* n K upon the the Indian Up- [ l,tn R ' Jad ’ wh.m all hlawr* prove. .In y | R^f* 0 liilillvV, S“l 

*n 1 from the log and fell, with aahrill ,,,,¥w nuveryet |H *ao?«ed political p..wv r|H; Mfebani Derut. k y, Devi* 
cry ol horror into the tirram. My w hbout  tbu«ing ii. I troldly mow, nenr- Ky j J»*. RuihanorJ, jfyj lose Cutni 

,**,1 Ire-1 done its work M the «a»t | {j ^ ^Pu^l'^lorr ^^^^.r.VF^r^riS 

rcvmh* i my pemrn to the: hall - brood, i ,y. r ‘ , P 1 ' P2 I *»ch«wi Lynch, ohm; Patrick 

Wbi drew forth liio tomahawk and l * 0Ui0 of OocJ.tho Holy Sabbmh is p, tu/ 81 1 nor Vr»eam»r, Italyi An  
was f Jmiit fn kill! ii 111 in** *« in*. Law n “ w d«ferr«tod by low aiorios ll'usira- dor v uMe| Cathsrina Doylo, Piusbur 
WW»UH Uttohnini«itint* f «.ihHov. u Abolitionism nn(J Whisky politic.  i«« J-no P-iv.s, fit. Louis, 

erofbhn maiden sprang out h  h.nil rh ,., c r . 0M , by „ U.bllc, f »-• Th * r , n ' 

inerhTmat "eflhrt tlm ^,‘hZT W °T  T“^ n J hn '" ,hl! 

xnperbuman otlort, the .hMPbrmd, gemlomtin will minglo sufficient con,- Maumoraai J«m«, Allan, do, 
v*rth tna precious burden gained n cienilotiancaa with Ilia icnae ofduiy, to 'blclmira, da; .Ma-garai Allan, doi 

looting upon Ihe log and wan tast explain how ha cornea lo lay down aa a j Colombo., Ohim Mary td n,d«; ! 

e.i oozing, when I rhisdi hny arm to | qunm.lnn from me. ihm which I never I m ahl uT,."' hi'; “'lidaOd 

lire upon him, nnt su^pedting my dft* uiieredi how he can expect any marn , (2d augiuwar), LoaittUla. 

»ign, he ahielded himself lay bringing ! cm,ld l! i ’ , « him credii for ai much honest- 1 | mmo dioi. ly after »lio ezploi 
III* form of th« maiden before him. 7 ■* ,L -al. a her anying ihai I ‘iloclarcd 1 1 , 0 || wav rung, and ihn ateainor 

Scarcely had he dogs thia, however, l S ^ ro1 '«  *’ anii hapubllcan. curnu to her rescue, in niiemptir 

worn the swift and sure tomahawk of  irM * . c , cnt . r j r ^ 10 , e *P ,r,c °* our lnililu ’ aim was considerably injured. T 
the lover buried iuclf in the arm thnf! " ?"*! . * * n l '"VT ur | lcln lri,,n nolia also came ulongside, and 1 
borehla treaaure dividing its tendons ' um * blend m Bi crui 0 j „,w| n g ihe lll lkied vonol to 

- it re"' Sd ^hold and Z 1 ^ ! r'" 0 ' , ^ U "° ” f f 

maiden fell heevil* on the loo Not " government Ilka oura. I altoll e*. , ^ u , ,h* mute and aoeond engin 

HO with the hall’ breed however for ^ C - Renllomnn lo clear up this mlv- no( ,„ of tho cabin passengers but 
i ii * „ hall breed, however, for rcpreacnnulon before |ho can reasonably r llvmt ol Si Louis wlm will c 

Lll,^eM n BX l ,Bei 10 ry*r lo hia orgumenii If ; recover-, lotof hrlck, &c„ wer 

k a- a nn  ^ ^ od.vuncod any that aie rot based ih/ough tho floor of his •latu-rooi 

Mke did . 0 , he grasped With one' upon ihe clause of which I complain. lf| There were iwo familjeo on do 
arm the cat-menta of the maiden and iho ganileinan I* unable to excuse him- 1 wer , n .» r | v all deairoyed. Si 
droggin^her after him muttered: i" lf ■ woul J "‘■KK e »' 'ho propriety of his caiaairoohr 21 have died, and Hit 

1 SS 4 NEW 

irnmaterinl amendments. It was 
made the apecial order for Wednes- 
day, next and wiS probaly be ratifi- 
ed during this week. An ineffectual 
effort will likely be made to incor- 
porate the Conkmro Treaty. 

High worda passed between Re- 
presentatives Messrs, i^oqock and 
Hkclton to-day. The latter, just be 
fore adjournment, objected 

lore adjournment, objected to some 
thing proposed by Mr. Bocock. who, 
immediately on adjournment, step- 
ped up t 0 hjm and shaking hia fist 
under his oo*e, exclaimed, “You are 
a scoundrel, 8ir!-adamned scoundrel; 
new make the most oflt." MrSkel- 
ton replied, “Don’t you ever speak to 
me again." 

Cabinet stands, Marcy, Cushing, 
Davis and Camphe'l; for decisive 
measures against Spain; Gudhrie dt 
AlcLelland doubting. 

Siroulak Shootirq Akkair. — One 
of those occurred last nifht at Free- 
man’s Hall, on the corner ofVine and 
Nercer streets It appears that last 
night a party of persons were assem. 
bled at the ball, and were engaged in 



B EG to inform t|i« citixanr of Georgetown ar.d Scott county ganorally, that thoy ara 

now rccaiving and dponingat thair alora on Main stiaet, (formerly occupied by Jarnea 
F- Beatty) and which they heee rehtted and refurnialied, » large and well selected stock, 
comprising most kinds of Foreign and American 

In part as follows: 

D/)oims, Ticks, Drills, Sheetings anfl Shirtini 
Osnabnrgs, Silks, Berages, Lawns, ) 

Prints, Ginghams. Linens, Diapers, Table cloths, Cambrics, 

Swiss and Jaconet Hnslins, Hosiery, Gloves, 

Ribbons, Bonnets, etc., 

The* will be in daily receipt of freelt additions of newest ond tales t styles of seasonable 
Goods, ail ef which they offer on the most reasonable terms, and will take great pleasure in 
showing to ell who will give them a call. 

March 16,1854 Ml C. L. FREEMAN &iCO. 


I o. me recovery o. me Charles Ahrcnut, said to . compaa- 

are on board ministering Charlo » Froelich, “If* us go into 
* other room and each take hold^bf a 
to tho above eeya ihet 22 ndkercheif, shoot at each Wher 
d 24 of tho wouuded can- w **h a pistol, and see which has the 
most courage, the Prussian or thej^us- 
tgomery wishes to return trian. « 

io ladies ofC.nneltoc for The challenge was accepted — jft a 
ind' kind attention to the sportive manner — and the two payed 
into the next room. I he pistols 
were in this r jom, in a case, the key 

of which always was kept by Ahrendt 

. A moment after, the report a of pis- 
tm't- tol was heard by those in the outer 
18 8 room, and Froelich rejoined them, 
cm " saying— “Ahrendt was afraid;to fire!” 
Tne party then sat down and called 
... . jn „o f 0 ! - " le » expecting that Ahrendt would 
Tho j 0 ' n *h  ! 'n in a moment. Not doing 
of lend *°  *hey went into the room, and 
"found hit lifeless form! 

Froelich says that he (F.) refused 
to firs the pistol until he was assured 
by 4hrendt that it was only charged 
with powder, and could do no harm. 
°f | The pistol in the band of the deceas- 
ed was not discharged, while the un- 
i one ay on a chair where he 
nnuai. — ; ir reruns, oi L.B., eszeu Phe parties have been, it is; 

but did no. obiain leavo to introduce a | “1^™“^":..“'*-. /"“mrl 
reaoluiion directing ihe cominiitee on for- 
eigu relaiions lo inquire into, end report 
eueh action na may be necesaarv slid pro. | ^ foelich gave himself up for an in- j 

per for Congreee to enable the Pretidet,! vestigation, and some ot the menjbers ! 

J .L ... tv— c : - 1 _ J 


FINHE uiidarsignt'1 having buughi out tha 
J. Grocery k Product slurs of M. S. All- 
aaier in Georgetown, would respectfully ill- 
f irm iheir friends and former patrons of the 
House that they are now receiving n| ihe Old 
Stand, corner of Main and Muin-Cross ktreeiv 
a Large and Splendid Stock oi the # 

Very best of Groceries? 

to be found in all the Markets; together with 
a general assortment of# 

all of which they will sell, wholesale »r retail, 
at a very amall advance upon first cost for cash, 
country produce, or upon the usual lime. 
Wishing io do a large produce business, we 
will PAY CASH when goods will not suit, for 
choice unices of country produce. 


GEORGETOWN, March 16, I854 : 

away slaves from their owners in that 
county. Tbero was no pretence of any 
evidence that she had in sny manner in- 
terlerred with any slaves, but it was 
shown that since her residence in that 
county some twenty slave? had escaped 
from her ncighaorhood; also, that 
Messrs. Day and Cram, who stand irdic- 
•d in tha* county for enticing away 
slaves, reside on the same farm with 
Miss Delia, and are her friends and 
associates. Also, that sho had hereto- 
fore been convicted on a charge of aiding 
in the escape of slaves. It was also 
shown te the court by a number ol tho 

mom than life, c.uld only party the ,T" ‘ , T " 

tbrusto of his assail at. ^.Jnnic, 
was but momentary, for he half- oed u , w , wi „ .... tf bl  
breed was «o deeply wounded that bove su.picion, judging Iron 
after one or,two blows lie disappeared |,ia ariiclo. The Ueuilcm 
-beneath the water, and the young cea by Mating he believes ii 
Indian supporting his precious bur- Son of Tomperinco to an 
den, was n trying all his strength till would ask the gentleman 
Assistance eould be rendered. 1 had grounda wna It his duly] 1 
already sprang upon the log, and was * r * himself but a cuinmon 
•bout to leap into the water, when, a lho ,ama . ,h ne feel* n his “i 
ehrl II cry, that Mill tings in my ears , * Blr nn sr| 'cle that wet nos 
rent the night’ air, and casting my 10 htm h , 8 m8 * 1 d «P | y* •»' 
•yos down, I stood horrified to behold 0V8r \ we J a 3o,l ‘ 

the life blodd apirUng from the mouth *" C8 " h V* b y 

of the maiden. The half-breed’. , S k"' 1 d ‘ 

Jtnlfe had d 0y no lu work and suk him Jf ^f eo * , r no “ n 
With lu poaoessor to the bottom. As been moev uffioiou. end pr 
A Stood £4£i ng upon thix strange and . an unwarramubla meddler I 
tragic scene, the young Indian turn | ple’e butine... Tlie eniclc 
•d one glance upon the now lifeless ihs Suns of Oeorg'.iown— u 
farm of the maiden and then folding ed by a .Son of L»xlngi m. 
it tc n still closer embrace, they sank do to auume that J. A R c 
through the water to a long and Inst M| l ■ common man, for I 
repose. In a moment more not a rip- nnc "  '• »ho abaurdi 

pie stras left, but the smooth quiet ,l,ion would prove him to 
■tream rolled on as silent as before, or d«r*o defend the gentlem* 
leaving no trace to tell the sad tale. m ,“ ,t “ , “ ma (» nd 1 l J l»k Ii 
Thua perished the remnant of this nl, J'’ cl ) lh «  '* • gentleman 
once powerful tribe, for the old chief, f h h n “old" 1 n ' 8 " ec, , UBl «' 
wbennearing of the fete of hU 1 m^„ ‘ H .k’* ' 

.UaughUr, returned to hie burning hi. articles through h”.£ 
wigwam, and in the frenzy of grief we .k and feeble-.omo h.« 
oast himself upon the burning ruins at to accuse the learned ( 
and became a part of the unfeeling having more anxiety to ahoi 
conflagration; while the remaining  ia word*, Latin quotations 
warriors either joined another tribe, maxima, than to argue the 
or fadded from bnfere the advance — Some hnvedone the gen  
of civilization By the light ol' the j a,1| c" to accuse him of u,ii 
lorid flames, I wandered bnok to my j £ u “8 a 10 inhibit hit «ch lar 
tent where my companions stood,: ,ct   olur « h lp hia Dias ; 

horrifle at baholding that grsatest of lh * y ,landar ,h * R'’ n ' lam » 
•cenes-a forest on Are ! ,r8 h *,° 

bill providing for the Government 
trading «ith individuals or a company io 
construct a road to the Pacific, from the 
western limits of one of the Atlantic 
States lo the State of California. 
Government to giro twenty inilea 
euch aido o r the road In nlu-rnatn sec- 
tions, and 8800 per milo per annum (or 
convoying the malls. Thn'cnmpany con- 
tracting to placo 82 000.000 in Suite or 

Unco ii Wauled 

. LilS wtt'jitod hr witioh cash 
or goods will bo paid si 



,o regu- , 


_ Jaekernl 

By the Barrel, hall Barrel, iliis Barrel and 
Kit, Nos. 1.2 end 3 instore for *nle at 


March 16 1854-1 -tf. 

, and no 
| evidence existed o! any ill feeling be- 
1 tween them. 

Froelich gave himself up for an in- 

A splei.did Article from 30 to 149 lb, sitae 
■\. rich end line at 


March J6 1854 I -if. 

to it. In de'sull ol g T ug bail a. required 
Mia* W. is now in Ilia Bedford jail. 
• k Madison(Ind.) Courier, March 19. 

Wasiunuton, March IS. 

The Union, this morning, announ- 
ces that a special messenger, with 
instructions to our Minister at Mad- 
rid, will l«ave in the steamer Arctic 
to day: demanding ample and imme- 
diate reparation for the outrage on 
the steamer Black Warrior at Hav- 

New Haven, March 18 . 

A serious riot took place here last 
evening, between a party oftheYBle 
students, in which pistols and bricks 
were used freely. A man named 
Patr ick 0’ Niell was ahot dead and 
another man severely wounded in 


io redrra ihe ounagaa reconuy commit of the Freemen Society proceeded 

with him toward the watch house, 
when be by some means made his 

A coroner's inquest was held on 
the body, and a verdict returned of 
accidental shooting from a pistol in 
the hands ol Charles Froelich. 

('in. Timet. 

A PEW Oar-els, very tiu. just received 
A and on aula at 

March 1 6 1 854 1 - 1 f. 

ted on ihs flag of ilia Uoiled Statea, nnd 
persona and property ol ite citizens by 
the Spanish Government or Ita citizens 
In l uba 

Mr. Breckinridge euggestrd that it 
would bo bettor to await the Preaidant’a 
reply In rtgnrd lo the inquiry made in 
ihia maiter a few days sine*. 

The House then wem into committee 
on the new deficiency bill, and, after ■ 
short debate, adjourned. 

Yesterday** Proceeding*. 

Sknatk — Mr. Everett presented a 
mammoth petition, signed by .\050 
clergymen of M attach ueet in, remonstrat- 
ing against the passage of the Nebraska 

Mr. Dcugla* called for the reading of 
the petition. He said it woe not reaped- 
fui to the Senate, and said he desired to 
say a word. He then in the stro.igett 

V superior anide, hog found, just received 
and oo sais a; 


March 16 |$54 .| if. 

Pine Apple Cheese. 

t FEW boxes ju»t received very fine and 
L rich at 


March, 16 l894-l-tf. 



marine & (Inland 


T HE undersigned, aysnt for thia old Slid 
well established institution, coulinueau; 
issue Policies ol Insurance ngnmsi loot or dnm- 
uge by Fire, also against the hajtirds of Ma- 
rine or Inland transportation, at the current 
rateaof premium charged by other responsible 
companies- All clnims for loss, under Poli- 
cies issued by the undersigned, will be adjust- 
ed promptly, and paid by the General Agent 
at Cincinnati. The losses puid by ibis compa- 
ny in the Western country, during the lest 25 
years, exceed t2, 000, 000. 

P L MITCtyELL. Agent 
For Georgetown and Bcott county. 
Jan. 6, 1861 4t 

Mr. French;- 

but Mr. Boyce objected, and, it requir- 
ed the unanimous content of the Houee, 
tho remonstrance wee not received, and 
waa carrlad from the House by a meaaen- 

Mr. Phlllipa presented a resolution 
from ilia Alabama Legislature in lavor of 
tha repeal or suspension of all duties and 
restrictions on the Importations of rail- 



rity of Mexico. Tho plan by which the 
latter objects ie to be effected, is to sur- 
render to Santa Anna tha British province 
of Honduras, and to extend to Mexico the 
advantages of a joint British and French 
Pr- ectorato. Santa Anna has acted 
undar the advice of hia new allius in 
telling to the United 8tatee at a round 
price, the territory embraced in the Ga, la- 
den Tiealy. and they acquiesce in the 
ncceeaity of parting with Lower Califor- 
nia and ills north-western portion of 
Sonora, for the additional sum of ten 
millions ol dollars, as proposed by tha 
contemplated amendment of Dr. Gwin 
to the treaty. Tha boundaries estab- 
lished on the North by tha treaty, end 

tv has undoubtedly much aggravated 
tha annoyance and injuries which 
our citizens have suffered from the 
Cuban authorities, and Spain does 
not se^ht to appreciate in full her 
respondibility for the conduct of these 


Pedlars aro traversing the northern 
part ot New Brunswick, cays the Boston 
Post, each with a cask of liquor on a sled, 
vending spirits by ibe gallon, bottle or 
glass, not'only fn the public highways 
to chaifce travellers, but penetrating by 
the byg-rqad* into the remote sritle- 1 
mem*, ilievsr before has there been 1 
such general drinking in that part cf the , 
prov i nc e.—» iean. 

T *TOM5*7 

O UT oi ihs Widow Clark’s lot a 


aboet sen ot twslvs ysar« old, a whits star is 
tho lacs, ssry tsnssr looted, heavy mens and 
talo. suffin the sboidor, mud supposed to bo in' 
teal. Said m«/a was taken aa Christines Eve 
•••hi. I "ill pay a reward ot $3 tor ihe returo 
of said u  era if left with John W- We*i. 


Marrl/ie |8 's 4 I 3i 

/GUARANTEE FUND • 1 00,000 
I NSURK8 LIVES u; on the mntunl plan!, st 
k Joint Stock ratet of premium, and it U bn 
lieved offers the moot »i tuple, reasonable,   y/« 
and eyuttublt plan yst devued lor Mutual Lit'# 

Pvmphleu furnished, information given, mR 
applications received hy 

p.l. Mitchell. Atom. L 

W. L SUTTON, Med Etim ' 

coosideicd. And then moved to lay that 
motion on the table. 


VVaihimotom, March 13. 

Ther* WM a powerful influence 
brought to bear upon tha President 
to day, to induce him not to recoin 
mend • suspension of the Neutrality 
Lavra In* relation to Spain. The 
probability, however, is that a mes- 
sage to that effect will be sent to 
Congress Zo-morrow. ' The majority 
of the Capieei ii decidedly for iOibut 
the President fears taking the res- 
ponsibility nnd is leu decided than 
on Saturday. Further dispatches 
relative lo the Black WAriur were 
brought 'lifs afternoon from Hnvnna 
by Mr Dallam 1'hey do not, bow- 

Comuiienioner’e (tale. 

B Y vinos of a dscraa of ihn 8«mu cireuiu 
courta ordor«d at itsprsMMtt March tarsi, 
io a soil, Howard Malcom va Jamst W, Chalk. 
I will anil uu Monday, April I?, on ihn pr«mf 
isos, (it bning county court day.) to ih« uighf 
nst biddar lho Huu»o and lot mtoly occupiwS 
bv said Jamas W. U'hulk, lying on tbs • th 
•ids of Waslitugtoo Strnst. ihs sm« »,u 
Us on a erndit ot nine months, the pufch**rr 
giving bond oocurily to huv* thn lures and tf% 
met ol a Kspisvsu b ind, but not to b«ur iqtor. 
oat until dun. I will divtds tiro L»t it att-M* 
»nry to suit purchnanm. 

BBNe o. FORD. Com'1 
March 18, 1864-1*41- 

P ATENT Msditfiiins, «*i d i tf«ruut V|ul«n 

ronitrur* -’**r •M*- lu' Is * si sl-irUtl.nw 

o! course be immediate! y addressed to 
the oouru bndersiood to ba engaged in 
this combination. They will bo given to 
understand that thia country will t « guv* 
erned hy a firm resolution to maintain 
all bar righia an I to   none of ad* 
vaiitngcs whio^Pruvidcnco has conferred 
for deloiico obu ir inuiront* an i the ox 
ter. stun ofo0$ jJ«.uitui..i. 

oi inn nu«o to collapse, apieatlmg Quick 

tleath and deauuction lore and aft. Near- 

ly all tboae on deck, both More and be- 

hind the boilere, were severely and dan- 
geroualy aaalded. 

The mate, Daniel Afullen, wee atrork 
on the head by a piece of iron and in* 
situtly killed, ibe aeeond engineer 

Main? l aw -In nlroctlM and ||« op- 

O. r correspond* nt. on the Trouper, 
■nee question, appear much more Inter* 
etted In giving each other 'jeaav?’ than in 
elucidating the qtieationa at issue; htneo 
we have concludeJ, na we hove already 
given eeeil gentleman a couple of round* 
eaclt, to postpone the lurtlier disenaaion 
of the aubject ao far aa the llernld it con* 
cerned until nur column* aro loaa cramp* 

.Soeiellea. but elan upon the community 0^’The editor of the Svracuee N. Y.. 
“ l ,r «-   l*«r*»rtot. has ircqeendv ; Republic*,. «b. . though not a "Son of 

Uhowii this lobe ihnfnet wbenael where jTemparaMM," it n strict imiiperaiiee 
.uch have untaHud .«i ol'ihcir man, and well posted ou matters of p,d . 
legitimate sphere ef »cUon. Odium It | lie Imereti, that speak* with reference io engendered in the pubbe mind a- Uheproposed Maine law, now occupying 
gamsi all Secret »ocieiiea, anJ that no- |iha aueniloe of the New York Legist., 
hie objects of general and ditfueive be- ] iurs — 

j neroleoco are frequently checked if not I The Propotrd Maine Law 
utterly defeated for tho time being. j "Tim agitation of the liquor quetiion 
Again, however teceet the proceedings . hat rear ltd lit height. A bill In aecor- 
at any hat ever been ! dance with the victvt and withee of the 
found, in this telegraphic ago, that tome- 1 moti ultra advocate! of the meaturo hit i 
thing would lutk out, touching the to ; boen prepared end will doubllett toon 
called -secret uciion of tho society, ealeu- become a law, — but it will provo liko lha 
lated to provoke bad feelings between j laws in relation to gambling, loiteriea, 
citizens of the tame community; — pro- and a hott ol other oflbncei, a logialative 
scription for opinion and practice in ac- abortion. The frienda 01 tho measure! 
|cret conclave, being met by intuit and have asked too much, and incorporated 
j denunciation in public ataembliea. too many nationt derived from the blue 

For these and other good and aubttan- laws, (all of which have been granted,) 

Uial reasons, we utterly condemn politi- ! to secure forrho measure either general 

cai action by secret societies. Ouropin- respect or popular support should in on- 
ions will not probably, have much weight Ibrcemont be attempted. Ultra religiout 
with fanatic* and euihutitls, but we Hat- church members, philinthropie finance, 
jtor ourself with the belief, that plain, advocates ol abolition and aspiring polili- 
1 common tense men, Sont of Temper- cions, have all combined to •critre its 
j »nee, Odd Fellows or Masons— men "un- 1 adoption and it must pass. But wo deny 
awed by influence and unbought by gain,’' , that,— aside from political considerations 

For the Herald. 

The common p-ople (.c.irH Hint lledtv, 

| mom tn r#* f*» r to ih* f x traordinary mr* of 
iif I Prinkor, E-q., of ih* firm Af D'inkarA 
Morris, Honk 'filer*, Rirlimoml Va„ who wt* 
curad by two bottl** of Cartar's .Spaniah Mia- 
tur*, af»wt three yanrs foflVring Irirfn dtMU*»il 
lifer. Hr*»ey« itnciiN on the bfmwi »* wen 
d.*rf»l, better than- nil the mudiriji* he hud e** * 
inkeri, and cheerful^ recommend* it fn all 

• # *8ua ad»erti«ement. 

March 16. |864'I 4t. 

They heard him ; alt trim lelt theirwitfd; 

Ami he. their need* Mipliad: 

They heard him, and they heanh indeed ^ 
Ti e one who lor them died. 

They heard him, and hit word! ware sweet* 
They cheered the drtwpi.tff heart ; 

| They heard him, sitting at his feet , 

| Nor would they Ironi him part. 

Voii hoard him, Com, when all undone j 
And when you h**rd beliered: 

Ion heard him, and the work was done, 
Thy burdened soul relieved. 

| You heard him, in your low astata, 
fie ,did not thee disown ; 

You heard him— heard the 8ariou*sar, 

In heaven shall bo thy home. 

I heard him, 'twas when I was lost, 
i fall before his throne; 

I heard him say believe and live, 

Obey and be my Hon. 

I heard, and ran In his embrace, 

He took me in his arms; 

I heard him say, onk savko »t onicc 
Di'pelled were all alarm*. 

V'ell hear him, (or has words ora trim, 
lie talks of heaven and love; 

We’ll hear, and to him let us go, 

And dwell with Him above. 


Married bv Rev, Evan Stevanton, on the 
1 6th Inst , Mr. Jamkj McDasivl, In Mi*« 
Sarah A. Proctor, daughter ol John Procter. 

all of Scott Co., Ky. 

Thai*. I'aith aad Energy, 


In this town, on gujiday morning 
t. M. E. Liwoh, wile of John P. M 
She leaves an inlant child, and a 

Lewis Dimer, county, paid to No 26, vol 
10 85 

Jaaaa Sinclair, Si. Ground, paid to No 52, 
vol 10 tl 76 

Charles Levies, town, paid to No 52, vol 
10 l 70 

John W. A cuff, county, paid to No 14, vol 
10 2 50 

W;P Dnvall, town, paid to No 16, 10 2 00 



(^fWe are authorized to announce 1 ' -cualave him by ‘legal suasion, priest* 
that John M. Gunn is a candidate for ly ora ft or sectarian intolerance, and he 
lha office of sheriff at the ensuing elec- J , -eases to bo, what God has designed, n 
ion in August 1854. ; tree agent, endowed with power to work 

^ out either hit own weal or -woe; he be- 

aro au '* ,orized w ® nno,,nco comes a passive tool in tho hands of tho 
bat Thomas K. IIoi-i/.sb is an inhc- . ' , , , 

stNBANT -andidate for the office of ilier- P QW,,r " ,hal b *’ cea » e * ^ hi. own 
I at the ensuing election in August, eonsoienco keeper, is degraded to the 
fjM. sphere of the brutes that perish, and 

Oct. 2 7, I 853*34 Je* banco released from responsibility to that 

Wi aro authorised to announce j Divine injunction, which teaches that 
il. R. French as an wntPEjiDKNT candi j man 'must work out his ovn salvation, 
data for the office of Sheriff of Scott Sllfh lhing , hnvo bocn , nd eV0D now 
county at the ensuing election it» August i . _ . 

nexl 3 * . ® r «» in somo remote portions of th*a 

Oct. 20, 1853 33 te* | "vain and babbling earth;" but such 

(tt-W. are authorized to announce lh n V ’ ,haok God ‘ ca ""°' '«"« ™ a tnialn 
George W. Kitchen an independent a foothold on the free soil, and among the 
candidate for the office of Jailor at the enlightened and liberty loving citizens 
ensuing election August, 1854. of, l h e ,e United Slates; such theories and 

Dec 22 , 1854 42^ auch practices ore utterly at war with a 

KT w « «re authorized to announce fundamental principle of our Govern- 
Wm T V. Brapfor* a candidate for! r , . . 

Sheriff of Scot, county at the en.uing ot religious op.n.on- 

eleciion in August. lhe 8 UBra niy ot life, liberty and the pur- 

Jan. 6, 18&3 43-te* | suit of happiness. Time and experience 

O^-Wa are auihorized to announce ! h ’’' e P^ovod thia; hence the once famous 
John H. Page as a candidate for the of- 4, “* uo Laws * of tho Now England States, 
fice of Jailor at the ensuing election in are "numbered with the things that wero," 
August of 1864. and deemed an "ol flilete idea” by the 

^ an " ^ 1 ‘ ^ gr°at mas* of patriotic and liberal minded 

Q^We are authorized to announce citizens, now found even in tho land 
George Toppass a candidate for the of- 1 wh|ch (hose |nws # br|erbu| 
fice of Jailor of Scott county at the ensu* . , 

1 ng election in August. I " ,T0 ‘ loeal habul “ ,ion and a naine - 

Jan 19 1864-45*io. I We profess to bo a »elf*governed poo- 

(&. We are authorized to announce P ,e - and 10 * 8 re “‘ extent, wa are 
James Yoino a candidate for the office «o; laws, to be permanently effective tn 
of Jailor of Scott county at the ena iing a Republican form of Government, must 
eleciion in AugusL [ be sustained by the general public semi- 

dan * 8, 1854- 6 te | m ent; otherwise, even though not re- 

OSrWe arc authorized to announco | pea i edi , hey remain bu t as dead letters 

Randolph Dixon a candidate for the of- 1 , „ . . , , n 

y r i , ra ntttt, a# i Uo upon the statute book. Past experien- i 

fice of Jailor of Scott county at tho enau- , , , , 

Inn election in August. I ce and dail y ol»ervat.on proves the truth | 

is true, however, 


S TORK at tha aplandid Hu*tn*st M(*u*« 
l-irmarly vecupisd by Mitchell % Nall 
on tha covnar. ,, ,, , 




( P„ Oil r stock is vary large and coin plate, sad 

sting to tho»e fond of mystaiias. On having been bought principally for Cue A an 
y morning near the corner of Third and able* us to sell os low ns any house in the 
ion, two children aged respectively three State. Good* received per express throughout 
and lour month*, werj snatched very the season. We would be iileeaed to show 
lly from the guardianship of a Gerinnu our goods to all persons wishing to buy and 
placed io carriage and hurriedly think we can satisfy them by an examination, 
t ofT. No clue baa since thru been had that this is the house for beautiful goods 
ear whereabouts, and the lady — Mrs. nnd rhenp bargains. Ten per cent off for 
*■ alter — under whose protection they had l Cash. 

iince birth, lias ielt at liberty to give M'ch2l,l854. BKATTY A 8PEAR8. 
facts uonnected with their parentage. | P  8. A beautiful lot ol Carpeting Mailing 
are briefly the following;—^ Three years Ac. jUst received by 

irs.n. wa* called to a retired apartment R. & 8. 

ince N. 8. An extra lot of superim Coffee, Tea, 
was and (*ta. mated Hugar just received by 
was IL Sc 8. 

only March 2.1, 1854 2 if# 

hid by a thick veil, 
present. After a Ion; 

three or four months „ w 

called upon to officiate by the same persons, 
the lady being again closely veiled.-' Who 
these individual* are no ooe knows. Various 
conjectures are afloat with reference to a pri- 
vate murriage, and the necessity of the male 
party keeping it secret, in order to secure a 
patrimony. We cannot vouch for the accura* 
cy of such a story. It is, however, reason- 
able to suppose Ui at it was the father who lied 
the children abducted, since he has been 
coustant in furnishing Mrs. Brieswalter with 
the means requisite for their proper mainten- 
ance.— Courier. 

stitutionnllty and utter inefficiency to 
prevent the evils aimed to bo eradicated 
have already been demonstrated. 

O^rThe N. Y. Herald says that, accor- 
ding to tho last advices from tho republic 
of Sonora, President Walker had des- 
patched his army ngainst the Apache 
Indians, who have murdered and robbed 
the whites with perfect impunity. By 
this movement ho will doubtless enlist 
the sympathies of the majority of th« 
people, who will join his cuuse and assist 
in resisting all attempts of tho mother 
country, Mexico, to regain possession of 
the territory — sho having never been able 
to defend them ngainst tho Indians, or 
provide them with officers disposed to 
administer uflairs for the benefit ol any 
other persons than themselves’ A 
threatened mutiny in the camp of Col. 
Walker was summarily setilud by an 
ordet for the disafiected to withdraw im- 
mediately. Forty-five thereupon left, 


We regret to have to announce to our 
respected readers and i’jo citizens oi 
Scott County generally, that on Monday 
last, County Court day, our independent 
friefld, Thomas K. Holland, together 
with other Democratic candidates, were, 
by the force of party drill, compelled to 
yigld their honorublo aspiration for the 
Storiflulty in favor of Mr. T. M. 
Soruoos, who is now declared to bo lhe 
cwdidnio of the party. Our esteemed, 

r\ him: km ii ip. 

rilliL partoership heretofore eiitlingbe- 
J. tween- G. W. Whitton it. D. L. Hensley 
under the style and title of Whitton Sc Hen 
aley, wns this, day disolvrd by mutual consent ; 
nil tlioae indebted tu the late firm are requested 
to come forward and settle by cash or note, 
as the business of the firm must be tottlld. 

G.W. WillTTON, 


Having bought tho entire interest ofG. W . 
Whitton in the late firm I will continue tho 
business at the old sun I where 1 will be pleas 
at all times to wait 1 upon my old Customers 

(^Wd learn verbally that the judge 
of the Halona ( Ark.) court, before whom 
the persons charged with burning tho 
steamer Marthu Washington wore 
brought on a writ of habeas corpus aaking 
for i heir dischtrge, refused to releaao 
them. — Journal. 

Washington, March 17. 

The House went into committee on 
the deficiency bill. 

In the Senate the private calendar was 
taken up. 

The President lias refused to iranamit 
tho Conklin ratification, because it was 
negotiated without authority. 

Uniform Prices, 

i will be oompellad tn tell ntmuch smaller 
profit than can possibly be afforded where long 
credits are given; under my priaent cash and 
abort credit sytnsm the necessity lor|c:liarging 
large profits does Dot exist, and by selling my 
goods m a very small advance on coat, 1 mean 
to make it the interest of svery Jud^e of goods 
who may favor in* with a call, to pmchase. 


March 23, 1154 |. tic. 

Feb. 2, 1854 47 te. 

(E 7 *We are authorized to announco T. 
M. Scruggs as a dependant cdfididate fo- 
the office of Sheriff at the ensuing elecr 
tion in August. 

Feb. 16, 1854-49 te. 

0^We are adthorized to announce W . 
M. Holding, a candidate for the office of 
Jailor of Scott County, at the ensuing 
election in August. 

Feb. 2 6, 1854 50*82. 

To the voters oi Scott County. 

Fellow Citizens — 1 would respectfully 
nctify you that I am an independent vo- 
ter but a dependant candididnte for your 
•uffrages at the next August election, as 
Assessor for the County. If elected I 
pledge myself to discharge the duties of 
the office with zeul and fidelity, and to 
the beet of my humble abilities. 


March 16, 1854 1-* _ 

We aro authorized to announce B. 
T. Thompson a candidate lor the office of 
Sheriff of Scott county, at tho ensuing 

persevere to the 'bitter end!' Advocates 
as they are of the principles of the New 
Constitution, they are but carrying out 
their principles in so doing, and bidding 
defiance to the dictation of cliques and 
caucuses of hide bound politicians. 

T. M. Scruggs, the nominee, is a very 
clever gentleman, as wo have reason to 
know; but in view of all the facts in tho 
case — the setting aside of certain good 
men.dtc., his parly nomination docs not 
sit very w«U on our partially Democratic 
stomach. This may be, and probably is, 
nono of our ousiness; but a fellow feel- 
ing for our esteemed friend Holland dic- 
tates tho remark. So far as our own as- 
pirations are concerned, wo care noth 
ing for party action; wo ask no fuvors 
from either of the parties, as such; wo 

(^•D. Howard Smith of Scott.— The 
Georgetown Herald does no more than 

J justice to one of the bust men in Ksnluc- 
I ky, in the following language:— Courier. 

HY, (OF IIAILEY & CO. MAftty* 


S B. CUTLE'i A ‘:o, would be pleased to 
• exhibit our stock of the above uam*4 
Goods to such of the citiseas of Georgetown 

Lovisvilli March 21,1864. 

There lies been bat little activity in the 
market to day in any department, and sales 
were limited. The weather is c oudy sod 
more moderate. 

Ragging mid Rope.— We hear of sales nnd 
shipments of about 476 pieee *, and 460 coils in 
lots, at I2| a I2| lor tha former and t»J n 7c 
lor the latter, and a sale of 50 pieces ol bag 
ging at I3a; also a shipment oi 5U0 coils ol 
rope, sold lately, at 7|c delivered at N. Orleans. 

Clever Heed — Fj nner ibis evening, with 
sales in the morning in lots at $5 10 per bushel. 

Flour ami Grniti • The market i* dull lor 
flour at D6 25 a 6 33, in lots, with small sale* 
Irom store* nt $ » 40 a 5 50. W lies' very 
scarce at $1 05 a I 10. Corn 45 a 40- . 
ic Groceries— We hear of sale* of 120 hags Rio 
coffee at ll|c, and light sales at 12c. Hugnr 
firmer with salea of 85 hogshead* its lots ut 
4| a 4|c. 

Hogs — A sale of 850 hogs for packing at 3c 
groan, to be delivered next December, within 
25 miles 9f Louisville. 

Provisions — We quote snles ol 260 barrel' 
messpork at $12, iu addition to |,2o0 barrels, 
sold baturday , also at $12* A sale of 64 tivrees 
No 2 lard at 7|u. 

Freights— ^ The rates are unchanged, end 
freights are tolerably abundant. Pork ha* 
been shipped at the following rate* per bbl; to 
N. Orleans 80c, to Wliee'ing 75c, to Pittsburg 

L iuisvillb CA tlb M a ii kit. March 22 

/Leers— A very moderate supply has been 
on the market, and prices ere higher. Guod 
cal' le have commanded readily 6 1 to Tc. 

Sheep — The market has been but pvorly sup. 
plied and priyes are better. We quote f4 to 

who may visit our city. 

Our stork it incren«ed by the addition ol \ 
our tisu tl MPRINGNTOCK, carefully selee. \ 
led by one of the firm. 

We would say, our de»ign is to keep noth- 
ing but 1 1 * very best of Goode, and tlidse 
that purchase may rely |n getting such. 
Plea** cell at, No 2, Malodeun Buildings, 

M tin Hire#!, opposite the Court House, Lex 
tiigtoii Ky 

8. 8 CUTLER A Co 
March 23, 1854 Utl. 

2d mate and lOrv gr jfti. Tho boat and 
cargo a total loss; she went down in three 
minutes. The officers and crew of the 
Sdltana acted with promptness and great 
kindness. Capt. Robertson and some of 
the officers and passengers remained at 
the wreck to save what they could of the 
id the furniture of the boat. 


\ WELL established Listen Insurance 
Company is d**irous of appointing * tew 
Hgeiits in Kentucky, Tanne*e« and Western 
Virginia, persous who can give satisfactory 
relorenee and iveurily mid will devote some uf 
their tno* to the bustuass, may address the 
undersigned ut Cincinnati, O, staling name 
references, end the Territory they wish tu set 

FRANCIS PRRYR,|Geoersl Agent for 
Penn« euta, Virginia, Kentucky aud Tvuuesee 
ClDefrmati Musk l3tb, 1864. 

The Jack in Kentucky nl Ins agt 1 
either Imfortid or Native. ' 


t 40 on the Hhcll Hoad 

On Monday la.t, aeated behind the 
celebrated trotting hurt*. Pilot Jr., we 
courx d Main Kire.t at a pact that tliri at - 1 
ened the integrity of our bat, apectaclea I 
aud the nether extremity of our Ctev- i 
land Bay, which .tuck out like lha quills 
upon the fretted porcupine, and upon 
which might have reated without danger 
of .pill ing, a • Brandy Sinuah' or any oilier 
refreshing and aaluiury beverage. Jok- 
ing a, de; our friend Bradley liu. got a 
nag which lor atyle, action aud apead, ia 
rarely excelled; and breedera of fina 
stock would do well to non hit advar* 

| tiaeinani in another column, and give him 
an early call. 

the Bourbon bridge have reported it to be 
in imminent dang er ol falli ng. 

03rS. S. Culler St Co., ol Lexington, 
notily our citixens by an advertisement 
in another column, of their splendid 
atock of jewelry watches, dtc , We 
have a alight personal acquaintance with 
lha proprietors of this establishment, amt 
from observation of their atock can as ! 
sure our readers who need anything in 
their line, that they will have no difficu'.| 
ty in supplying their wants on liberal 
terms by a visit to the establishment op 
M easts. Culler St Ce., who with tl, are 
exceedingly clever and accommodating 

|^W  would direct the attention of 
the citizens of Turkey Pool and its vietn. 
ity, to the advertisement of Mr. D. L. 
Hensley, wboae atock of goods is largo 
and well selected; and wboae mode of 
dealing. If we may judge from our own 
experience, is liberal and accommodating. 


\ I r | LL make liis second semoMi at ibv stable 
YV ot VV M RKUMON.on* iuurih uf a mile 
Bast ol Cyniliiaiin, on tho Pari* rund and will 
serve Jennets et $40 for, u Jerk coll, and t 6 
for a Jennet colt— the money to be paid when 
ihecult come*. Any Jennet lltat is uarieJ 
with the aeaeow will be required. Good grata 
pasture furnished Jennet t from a distance 
gratis, and tltvy will be grain led if desired, 
upon ilia ssual term*; but the charge fur the 
grain must ba paid before the Jennet ix taken 

Hamsun will be permitted to serve twenty 
mures at $1 1 to insure a inare iu loal— tha man 
ey iu be paid wltta ilia mere is a*eert«in*d te 
be in tual or parted with. Great eare will be 
taken tu p event aceideuta but no lesponst 
baldly should any happen 

Young Bamaen ia 4 years old on the 28th u| 

' May next •» e dark mous* color, ia 16 handa 
| high, with larger boo*, mure length end weight 
thin any Jack In Kentucky ol hit aye. 
Young Hamaon, wat by Black Hamsun, the 
sue ui more large Jacks in Kentucky of his age 
Young Bonisou, was by a col*, of the imported 
Mammoth Young Dam»on, darr by (*ata|iue. 
imported from Hpuiu, mid i* said to he one of 
the lkue»i Jacks ever imporieu from that conns 
ty. A* will five a Silver Piiche*. worth 
«*0. for lh. Us.i Jjck volt got bv S ml, V„D ,hs 
uiNMnt s.n.oii.iid , Fiuh.r worth ,Ji. for Ilia 
lost deoMI noli III. oolto 1,1 bo .boo a oil lha 
Public Squat-, in t ynthisau, io ibt   U #• 
winter el Hite VV# sliuli sale, t , edited je*. 

! ge.M aware prsniiu u. On. oouea atilt ha 
' sis.n£iu in. "0)nll,i, ns Now..’' HeaeM hM 
ooormura4. -f. 


As thecandiilates for Sheriff have been 
disciplined by party drill, we would res- 
pectlully auggesl to the ‘powers that be.’ 
the policy ami propriety of aubjectipg the 
Democratic canJldalea for Jailor, Sic. to 
the tame wholesome discipline. Thus 
following in the footsteps of their ‘illus- 
trious predecessors' of Fayelte. What 
right have the saucy people to aspire to 
the honorable and lucrutivu post of Jullor, 
Coroner, Assessor, Aro without first nb 
Inning lha permission of their party lead- 

County Nohixitions.— The Whlgaof 
Fayette nomlna‘.ed on Monday the follow- 
ing ticket for the August election: 

dor counts judge. Blihu llngan; sher. 
iff, Derrick Warner; county clerk, Charles 
S. Bodley; circuit clerk, Jamas M. Wood; 
countv attorney, Charles L.Osrr; jailor, 
Beniamin C. Bltacoe; assessor, Thomas 

A ruotrectof 860 fat huga at 83, groia, deliv- 
erad U*Xt Dec*mt «r within 26 milea uf the 
city, was reported  »n 'cheiix* yesterday. 

(JjactMtAil Man-b 21. M 
Flour Udull and wehaarol no salat. Whis 
ky 2l«s Nuihing doing in pruvistuna and th« 
market ia languid. There ia a good demand 
for augnr, 80 hlide changed hand* -it 4Je5c, for 
common and prirra. Hulea ol mulaaiea at 12- 
a23c. Cluver»e*d hat advanced to $6 20u$6 

Taaca Totx Ur at Late. — W» copy 
the following from tha Clavalad 
Herald of the 13th init.; 

On Friday the Cleveland and F.rie 
Railroad Company lent the buffalo 
and State Line Company some cars, 
which, by means of a twitch, were 
run acrois the break at Erin. To-, 
day Mayor King issued his proolatna- 

IT would hardly D" for any one to have the 
temeritv nowadays to queniou the excellence 
ol Dr. H •••fluid'* German Bitters, which are 
prepared by De. CM. facktuu# In ca«es oi 
uyspep*ta, liver eoniplaint and derangement 
ui the digestive organa, their many virtue* 
have lung »ince been made plainly up parent i 
I hey purge from the system the morbid hu 
mure which retard the natural funetinn*. and 
bring paleness to the cheek, and sulferi|,g to 
the brow. They banish those eleg* upon heu 
piotes, and restore ihe yaiem tu high health. 

March 23. 1864-2 ft. 

CTLIVLR DlfBAHg.— CeaTSt'a SrsDiiu 
MiXTcaa. as a remedy lor liver disease, and 
ill# number uf formidable evil* connected with 1 

a dteorgauised state of that organ, is unrivall- 
ed * * 

Hundf.'t • of o.ioActlos, from thahigh.ii' 
soiree., oi Ii-IWM to Ih. tit, ol Hi.h-I 
0,1,4, Vs., Wight bo givte of euros offoctsd | 
k, Csrwv's SpaaitS Misters W, b,va o.ljr j 

tion for tearing up the track across 
.Sassafras .tract, wait of tba depot. 
The mob assembled, and, despite the 

efforts of the sheriff, tore up the track. 
How long will t'nese rail rippare rule 
in the mob city? 

WTha Kentucky L-g,» lours, during 
iu recent ssaaion, passed 1023 sets aud 18 
joint resolutions 

If you wunt new ami fas 

03 - Wo had quitu ft 
Wednesday of la*‘ k 
which we picked up. 

Tins iftpdfeTED H6RS 3 

TAKF, \flllCH. 

( ■'I II nOLl.CNKAMP A Co wo-i  1 r.« 

JT* poriluli jr notily the eitiitm ol George- 
town mid Hi uit Omiiji ihu that hit! sold 
I i«if (JndfiMiMirv Establishment *•» J Krans 
Ar Kmther; and while returning thanks fur tha 
liberal patronage they lime heretofore receiv* 
i*d wood respectfully solicit a contimiince of 
the mine for ill • new- firm; who will rontinua 
■ ha bovine** in all iia brunch#*, ’st ilia old 




Tho Wltor of ih* --Coni'. Ploil." M 
W.-ti'ngior city, so-rmlm* »iltco »rot* 
tko following too* Ihl. ri'inark* In regard 
lo country n«-w»p.p«-r*: % 

W« are • wnre ihnt wo nrn hrinBlng 
down u|Hin iho --C'rttoti Plum” tho mr:,\n 
-»nd |icrhtt|.» tho ime-T. of oiuny ■ dl-/nr- 
find and ' long oamblHhod" city journal, 
when wc any. w# consider tho --eoun- 
uy |iapc»»" l.y far the most tiacful. f'-»r- 
Ion and Inn lllgont portion of the prcaa of 
tha country. Them I* a frealtocaa of 
aiy.c—n yarlmy— a mnkrtona. anil honra- 
ty, bnlilnoaa noil lih-wallty In a country 
paper which you will look form vain Im 


the vary liberal paining# heietolare ax* 
ie in i#d 10 him, would r« pectful|y infurm hia 
friend* and the pub ie in general, that ha has 
ju-u *et eived a iiaodaoii.a assortmani ol Tall 
and winter. 

The 3rd leisloi will coramsnc* on 
Monday, Jan S3 

f ItofllS institution is provided with rnmpe- 
_* tent teacher# in tha several department* 
ol Drtiwing and Painting (oil and water color*) 

Embroidery, Prantb. Vocal music. Piano Ac. 
ns wall aa nil tha usual branches ol n through 
Eng !mk eouroo. Tha number of in.«tn 
haa bran increased by the addition of i 
coinpli-died teacher from the East, whose rer 
vice# have beau secured to cum melee with 
the ees-inn. 

Mm Duvif, who Ins aur ceded so admirably 
in her department. during the past aiSsion, will 
continue to give lessons on die Piano. Mrs 
Hand gives her ptfaeuel attention to tlu 1 combination, 
school. ed with other vegetnbl* 

The large and elegant mansion with exten- j power, 
give end beautiful grounds recently purchased. - u nd scion'ilic manner of *iti 
furnish for the scjtoul one of tha most delight- j its remm liable su 
lot nod lienltby locations in tho stato— provi* depends, 
ded abundantly with tha best of water, nnd re- 
tired Irmfl tha n«i#e ind bustle ol the street, ( 

with ampta* footn for healthy and Invigoralifg result ol three diflereiii 
exereiee, if f the midst of the benutiiul in nn 
autl toe Uvely in niluro • 

ha ill pr-elic d acqu intnrce with the vnri 
ous rno4«» df i'lwtruciion ml. pled by the best 
teachers in the £ at end Wf»l. mu il e suc- 
cess or eighteen elpo'ioirco ns nit rdtica 
tor, the uotiar-i .nad hopes, by ubii * 
lio:i lu the school, to meet tMi e 
wants Ol the community. 

Terms p  r Re»«i»n of Five 
Advance ’ 

Tuition in Primnry Department, 

*• Junior Class, 

Middle “ 

*• Senior •• 

,\fu«lc on Pinno or Guitar 
| Vocal Music, lw classes 
Drawing, Puiiitiug, Latin and 
French, each, 

Boarding, including fuel lights, and 

Washing, 60 Q0 

For further particulars address 

if. K. II A M l . Principal. 

Georgetown, Ky . Jan. 20. 1854 


Dr J Ray, Principal Woodward City High 

Hclmol, Cincinnati. 

II II liirney, Esq, llugliea* City High School, 


Filler D H Burnett, Cincinnati. 

" Jus CliftHeiip " 

** If Franklin, H 

Rev I) Hhepherdson, M 

K dor John dmiili. Georgetown. 

I* I. Mitchell. FJsq. “ 

Elder £ a Hmith, Ag’t Ky Female Orphan 
' He bool, Midwny, K). 

Lot in Andrews, E»q, Ag’t Ohi * Stale Touch- 
•r’* Association, • olumbua Ohio. 

I J an Hfig 1854 46 tf. 

'-JCJ LU YT c£KE iE/L£ *a 

Consisting in part of the following nriicles, 
vi*:— t eahmere*. Mntlm D’Laines. Alpaca, 
.Shawls, Fancy Velvets, C-ikco, Itleeched end 
Brown Cottons, &c. f Ca-timeres, Ca*iiielta. 
Ky -, Junes, fluid Liiieoyt, White, Red and 
Yellow Flannels, 1'abla Liutns, Ac. A large 
asvortineni of 


V A PS, At€, IcL'.t 

In fact a general a«sortment of such goods 
aa are usually kepi su Dry Goods stores, which 
have been selected witli grmt care by T. 
Hughes, Ksq’r g an experienced marc haul, ax* 
presslv luruiis ni irkai, eli of whidf' ha will 
sell m a sni. ill advance on autteha cost lor 
or 1 1 sale and puuiuciuul if# tiers on or 
dinary lime. 

Those wishing tt purelnss are respectfully 
invited to gvia nni -i.iairlv u ill, it his store 
on Mam street, i d -ort ibtvej f U vi#*s. 

MlL l UwN S rtiVV S40M 

Ocf«.!H63 If 

icierg | Louiplmut, Uronrhi(i$, C«n* 

ttuvpiiun, female Corn 
pUtnlt, La$t of Ap - 

petite, Generwi Debility^, 

S this preparation all the restorot ; .ve proper 
I ties ol the r  ol are concentrated in ihsir 
utmost strength and efficacy; (nil while the 
8*r»npat ilia Rout forms on important pail ol its 
it is at the same time, compound. 

_ le remedies of great 
and it is in the peculiar combination 
preparation, that 
:e*tin the cure of disease 
t asts vimuliane«iu lv upon ihe 
tlotuarh, fhe cii tvloUtn r i*it the hoteele; and 
thus three ptoceocs, which ore oidiuaul) the 
t kinds ol medicine .are 
carried on at ihe sitpie time, through the inatru* 
luenintit* ol ihu one remedial agent which gen* 
tly stimuluies w bile It disinter t« and expels 
Ironi the ktomarli und bowels nil that ia inns- 
ting, and at the same time lestotes iheir vigor 
aim tine. Many other preparations imitnie il 
dev.r 1 in hearing the name Safsnpnnlla , and in tlint 
liotial I their reseoiblnnce ends, being oiten piepnred 
troin worthless »nil inert toots, and ol t-ourva 
!otitha — ln possess no healing or curative properties, and 
i psiisn s in making choice o| which they will 
$10 00 nso ►lunild take no other, but tlint one entitled 
12 (Hi to iheir coi tinruce, Irani the long li-t of cuies 
|5 00 | i* has rfL*ctvd on living wiines es, wIiom* tea. 
20 00 | llmoniela and rtsidama hive teen tu blit lied, 
25 (Hi and wlia ura still bearing duily tvaliotony toils 
3 oo [ wo. tit 


Pallet r on, E. Y 2C/A.1851 
Messrs A. B- «^r D. Suntls : Gentlemen.— 
linking witnessed the most beneficial effects 
from ilia use ol your Survnpniiilii, it gives ma 
pleasure to  end you the billowing tinternant 
in regmd io .n  ton. In tho spring of Ib4b lie 
took a tevere cold, nnd alter eight w eelt!  of 
Severe suffering tbs di»an-e teltled in hie left 
leg und b ot, which tnon swelled to the utmost. 
The tw#l ing was lanced by hit Physician, 
nnd discharged most |*otusely ; filler that no 
less than eleven ulcers formed on the log nnd 
foot at   lie time. We bail five dtffeient Pity, 
ticiai s. hut none relieved hint much; und 'ha 
last winter found him *• emaciated nnd low 
tlint lie was unable to leave bi  bed * .ffefing 
the mast excruciating pain Dnri *g this time 
the hone hud become «o much nffecn-d that 
piece niter piece came out, ol v hi  It lie hnj 
now more ihfto twenty 'live preserved in n ho|« 
tie, vary teg front’ one ball t * one and a half 
inches i'u lengllt. Me had ptven up all hopes 
ol his recovery, ^hui at this time we were ills 
lim ed tc ny yobr Hiir .-'pnrilln, and with its 
o-.e b is bealtli nnd appeiile begnn iminedintely 
to improve, und s.r ntpid w as ti e change that 
less than u d« ten bottles effected a perfect 

With gratitude, I remain truly mors, 

We the undersigned .neighbors of Mr. Bullard, 
cliceriullv subscribe to li e above statement. 

II & R. 8. Hayt, A. M Tr owbridge, 
(Jt'» T. Jim, C. Gavtwood. 
Prepared ami sold, wholesale und retail by 
A . U *Y D. SAN D8, Driiggiiis and Chemists, 
IOO Fultnicat. corner of William New York. 
S Id also by Druggists generally throughout the 
United Stiles and Canadas. Price $ I per bot- 
tle; six bottles for $5. For sale by T. 8. 
Barkley & Co Georgetown. 


H AVING dererguued to quit farming, I will 
• ffer nt Privnte Knle, the lurm on w huh 
J reside, containing about 

of fir*i rata land lying lour miles Forth West 
ultfeerget  wn. and about half a mile N. Kavt 
of the turnpike road lending I io m Georgetow n 
lo Humping Ground. Suiil farm is in a verv 
h.gli stale of cultivating mkI aa well timbered 
and w uterrd as ant lann ol its site in the coon* 
ty. It has mi it a very 


first me Parn oid Nii Me*, Coin ( til’#, l**e* 
ho i »e. I» r»t rate iNegr. llou»es, a nits young 
urcliNfd ol select'd licit 

Terms Util be easy- Thna# wishing |’»pur. 
rlia»r suili a lann ai« invited to call and ex* 
antiie it lor Iheinselves Fintr»i 'ii given 
immediate y. GCO. W BLR  II. 

I will nlsu veil on accommodaiing terms, 

IVARl'EI) A NP.GltO G ItL lu IO H 
YKAKH 01,1) 

I ^jlOR ihe pretvit ye ir, Gttu that has baen 
, r..i»ed to House work, M,»;jly o 

T. 8. UAKKLLY A 0». 

lubn(cti,t'l)(«i'i and lea. 

A NUl'tlLR lot of if* t superior Qilii uore 
tauaeco eod imp tried cigars, aGo u lot 
ot Superior Tea just lleceiv id by 

Feb. 2 i H54 4 / . G. O K. TRl.MDLK- 

103 ACHES 

looga to my Brother in ,\|o., ami lie i 
ions to di«|m*e of it. It is nearly all 
laud; possession given immediately. 

il. W I IT 

Islington Observer nnd Paiis CitiSci 
4 time* nnd chuii/e this vflice. 

M» oh 2. 1 1154 61 tl 


rilliE Ladies lo particular and ovdry body 

Jl io general, will please cull euu Lx mis 
me the l.igeuiid select stock oi H.ievi ,*ia«ic 
iitd Mii«ic Instructors lor l ie Piano, Guiur, 
Vi-dio and Accofdoon u »w in store sod lor 
sale very low, any piece "I mu-ii^l may not 

have lurm shed lit o..e diysuo'.ice t»y 

Feb. 0 Ib-jJdU. GEO. E. TKIMHLC 


lAMIH f . TFAT1 Y natrlig associated 
1 / wiih him in bo*ii e«s N«i.l  T et i*. J 
i e e» ti‘bli*hmeot will holes her It tioiictictad 
under  l.e ti le of 

rt the old staid wbeietli) will constnnt'v 
keep on hand a large and snpciior slock 

l ES( Itll'l IOV. 

They would mt»i ie*perilully solicit from the 
lormer triviids • f ibe Home, and tl.e public 
cei trail /. a continuance o| tbe mebv lavors 
bestc-wrd upon tbe **l)ld Firm," Their stock 
-islxrge ’ltd coibplme. embracing evert rt' la 
ot  usually kept t" retail kto e*. nnd will 
be I rum true toimii repleuisbsd by Iresb 
uriivnSs I rum ibe Flust. 

They will »ell tlieir g* nd« as ehn-p ee can b# 
bought ni y w l»e e oo tin* ride ••! Mu.-oo A L) it 
i no’s lir.e . Cull mid •*•# u. . 


Old cuttoineM in or ears are mo.t ••tpetl- 
fulip iht’ied It call end gefle, 0* 1 W|»h IO 
wind up the ’ oid Fifre” imme' i'iiel   • 

A LL tli’ine mdebivd to us will pletse re- 
iiieiiiber that our accounts me all le-tdy 
cs setlle me tit, and hope ill it our .u»iouier» 
will not lorce us to thn very patnlull uecs»sity 
ol duiiuiug mem to tie ill. 

The Celebrated Trolling Mellon, 

PILOT, J UN 1011, 

WILL stand the •n*uiiig ^ea* 

ado at the ai'iIlM nl Jamx  

jVjMfjf Ik 1 ‘ Bkadlcv. 3|ou e* noiili o| 

^ Tl Lexington. * wt r Rnuilerseille 

fine harness sldli’U will stand tbe 
R prs»elil se at the stable* Ol the S"b- 
sc’iber, and will be pe'uiitteii to serve uri'e* 
at the rs’iu- A'i p’ice $5 the se as»»n or AM it* 
iosure a mine i u lou|. 'I lie mtliecrihi-r ha* 
one oi the be*t gr-iums in Keoiucav, who w »!• 
give even attention to m iff* bred tu M*  »eo* 
ger, nnd will u*« gie -t cm* and eauuon in 
p-aveot accidtute; but should any occnt wi|! 
Dot be hold re*pmi»ihle. The if m i Ini*' 
con me need and will «• d the I Ot h ol July. 

I will give a ail ercup worth «IU to the he«i 
Iiorvacvll, and one i equal Value lor the best 
mare colt got bv Messenger. Jr. C«»lta to be 
ohowu at weaning time, or September, l. 


M#«*enger. Jr„ is a deep bav, 0 yean old. 
ItlA li unl' high, o| Hue hoi's length and depth 
ot body, ltd has but lew anpeito s in pojn 
of la and speed ot movemeoi. He was siren 
by DpwnFeg** cpl.-br t^d Miv Messencwr arc 
o n  *f u llniir.ind mine Hi* I| nmI, »,x * tin 
goiug-iiloi g qualities, hi ike him in evert wm 
I a desirable h, enter with t* e F •riuers ill • t w i b 
' to mi*e li rneas ll’irves or nimes lor mule 
1 raising He lus proven hiuiseh to be a sure 
foal getter. 

the PRtNirN jack. 

Ll UkCtiikTiGG 



ind TWENTY DOLL\R8 to insure 

Mason, at— - 

• mare in foal 11 l «e mare p sold or imbed 
oiT before aha il ascertained to be in Iom|, the 
insurance price w ill be reuilred. The sea*ou 
money to lie paid on the let day of July next. 

Good gras* will !»• fu/uivhed mores from a 
4ietn ioe, at 00 cents per week; atso grain led, 
if dettred, at fl .50 per wr tek. / l Bill Ml bo 
Utponoihlojor any outienle rr *» capos* 


PILGT, JR.. is p tears old this coming 
spring; in color, ia a beautiful d  pp!e grev, 
J 5g hands IngiM agtl for style, adtun end vp*»d 
will show lor husaelf. w« all know what 
A# Isas dona, and’ can do again if requirad. 

J. V. rolaHp, 


^ — r v THE ndveni«er wou'd respect* 
f" l,v inlorm' his friends and ihe 
public that be lie* taken the 
shop just below the i hep lormerl v occupied 
by Roland & Cain, where he i* prepared 
to eiecute every kind ol B ackMiiith work, in 
the best style and oil the most accommodating 

In consequence of the rive in* the price of 
iron, coni, w n jes, &.»• the undersigned is com* 
pclled to raise (he pried ofnlioeing to $1 25 all 

Tu fa mu. Ilk 

rTKT E w ill purchase Hemp, Whoa, Rt 
Burley, Outs, Hemp Fired, Bacon, Lu 
c. The highest pmrkci price paid. 
8e.i29,lbo3 BRoWN &. .'AYRES. 


Will stand at die same place and seive a lew 
Jeunetis nt 9t.» die sen son. He is a brown, 
16 hands 1 1 inches IiiJi. of great hone, length 
nnd weight He was get by Reville. and he 
by Wiini- r. Hi* Dam Fioueer III* col s 
took premiums ut belli die Danville and Louis* 
villa lutis lust fall. 

J F. P. 

March «. 1854-52 tf. 



bil joiin nt u. 



THE su'.ivcrner believing, in 
this mono and having no doubt 
hia iriemts nod cwstoinero, do also, bus cons 
eluded that the lime iins arrived when to live 
by pufeumg his business, the standard of 
prices must be r isen m proportion to the in- 
crease on prices of Iron, coal, wage# ol hnnde, 
and nearlv every thing eUe; nnd as t e other 
smiths in Town, and some in the country agree 
to the same tiling, therefore from this date 
horseshoeing will be $1.25, and,prices ofothe- 
work in ptoportion to the advance of Iron df*’- 
and nil wavs as low as can lie a tVn-iei by am 
one else in Tow n, 


By I.X|*rr*N- I'rtiin 1. Sorb! 

A NOTHER lot of those vcy superior 
iiitsses and uiiults bhoulder Braces. 

Dec H T 8 BaKKLLY ACo. 

4 *ut.  -ur forth -tiikwjiu! willing* 

nn# t»» lh# l«pkr tt’a”«l"n and huinlle oil |n. haJr 
silk* to M'luili i»l- r F-lt f ami to affi-r iK-alth atni ba|ipb 
pass tu Lite lofty amt lowly . the »| It no 4 the pour. 

DH* *JO l I N 1H.U/S 


Is Hi# i M - • i. » ..... Host*. i.uJ Um grwatasl 
kl w i l qi wvor oilvrud to *4tll--^u i iiuinitnltv ; to tbe suffer* 
tag ■siULuk, Uw Bueuo- cwu m . --Il* f Is at y our  * iw 
Band. You liar*.- or i.r to thl . uuu.l.*l r»medj. All 
Umos who * 11.1 suffer, uud wilt not *#-•• I*t tha proflWad 
U*lm (toner v« not tli# pit jr • f tb- Ir i^na ii-a. | 

Ikt* woiuP-rful i- JI I' •• lurin ' Uie l rk-f period slnoe 
|t« lulfodu- ll»n. hie ««-ri -I  ■ i| pi     ** t   the heartoof 
tliouaaude. aud uivto lit.- ■ rberni W- man* who h.-r.-to* 
h*r« rw^ardod tt Only .is n painful and le uxi» 

T   tbe winds with all LlntinwiiL rut- ro aliens. I'alo 
KliUr* amt I’nlu K» tr.o t M and let inllll n»   f glad 
L'DmUu* pr *lilni th« an-rlto if thu .-r»‘it "Auu-rkan 
blag of • aiii.“ a | rvi-tratl’-n rwin|« «.d Mileiy r f va^.-U* 
etos aud r - is. | ruiiuosil by AtiK-ri.ns own rkb aod 
kruntmu* a dl. 

Hr woill-i »a't Uu- t»a»i * h« -ir ’ r.lwava mtnpeUfik 
lulgeanf what Haicl ahat U not a '.thud lu ftnill, ni'-d* 

| In# Se de uea n(w I it fi*  r v |-|i| w th« Ktngol l*alw 
a *11)111# tri-’l and If » 'fl f ' tor . ur- rt tin Ir Ini.U'-ucw 
tw Its 1-eh.ilf wa-ouniK-tnl It •gnM*; will and often of IS, 
•nd we that It i* um* 1 l-\ t*n tr a:! Ho I m*l hlaifa. Tho 
l^db a are nl«ra«-e ebnrlta' U an I wb«« tl.av ludu • thelf 
sutfvrin.' fl louda lo u*«i this really xaluaHe um-ll !•••» 
tbwv will lodoliif an a- 1 of Usiuvolenee that they 
wollUprvuJvt Toi» to a powsitul aud truly otsfctoei 
isowdy !»/ ail a*ur. ,4. .» .• *. ...Jm . k .uru% 

Ar., and f rnta. liter ml alt.l -lloita tl i«a sert-ilu #ur% 

C llt-prfj tl har nl.wa and lu--apa -If "f pf Uutaf 
least lojuii  ue «* It to la the ui st itoiLai# oases as 
the weak) st onuatlt.ill uv 

ItUonunlv ua 4«*a t • l !|*v tits aid and WKn-euI 

systaun of pul ll*hl i » to tb# | u’ li theusjiuto of iwltft* 
Sat *a of e ,|| lora |au fni iOtf-t I’' ti l i;iaii. ko». It rw*4a 

but tweuS -t \# ivnulo trv II. .ml Ur. Dull slakes bio 
wall-varuwd frputaltm oi tho Uiujef i’aiu Gutug ail 
and iu«»r * than ho rl iiiu« f ir It. 

toe would a»K have vott the I beumatlam or Ooult 
tboas ;ir« n t |d .uant iximy* . . and w# know t.»*l 

jo u would Uke ta drive Uwut away aa *euu a* pueUbK 

w HULL’S KINO air. 1’AIX* 

Would ina tw cured slw.r*t I, nan- tlitnlv of Bow#| 
Gauipl.itut. Uvsim t- r tunt.o. r I'oiuuld'il (lid-f-* M r* 
bus. t'r.iini* lin'd . tteud A L s .  th or any • *'l. *i aUte 
ST petit, tha rcute-ty l- siotpD .hu cure icrlatS, 


Would you h .vo w*ur Nor » f w  Utn s. Cute. Duma, 
g»ida. Hutsus, or guy otbof w H;Ui* healed. w« repwal 

MAfflCAL nt’\r or CAIN. 

Would you »* mired . f IwuM K#aA HIT Jo|ata. Aoiw 
Ybrw»t. Neural. tx, cor , ... s*at. i.uuiiaoi. IVUuror lunq 
to ofm, *4lt I lieuiu. I’lt-a f ksimn ti si.ta (1wppw4 
•lauds, .utd all oliyar err,**.   iinrr Urv «.r i.unsbtg, wo 
•tysdoluattda^.iu, r -cu i .v .vi UIJ*. J«.hu tiutia 
• W K1K0 01* PAIN." 

Would you ho cured of Kin • • Rv4. Oanwr. Tumcfto 
wupU.uia. ut auv dl .«# . t tue . 11 1 cuuaad by tutpuru 
Mued. tbuii use Ur  oli n Hull* !k»r*.ii  irtlta tnUrnally 
a»4 the hlng of I’aiu e- twru.dit*. mni.i,,. taut U lUwCU 
toTlalu than .» speedy end v.leeiu  1 cur-. 


i'kt .t pal orncs. 

•knu Uuuk* S/s — . Ohs V  a: name Vow. 



Far  %)• by T to. UtitM-i.V 4 Ces. 

I Vt*. 14 IU4 49t». 

solicit eu examination ni our Gooda» bcinj sal 
iefietl that do objoettou can be made to quality 
or price. 

Our hnnse is on ihe corner «•! 8t Clair and 
W upping 8trcvta, near the Strum bout Lauding 

20 blids prime N. U Siigart 
t 'I lercea Hnsngnn Su# irj # 

20 bbls .assorted crushed pulvarixod Sugar ; 
tf b- Xca D R. Loul Sugar | 


IS bbi* Fl lutatinn M-»lu.#e ; 

IS hn|l bh a Plahtwiioi, Mulxasas) 

5 bbls Buj’ir lluiise M’*l ia ait 
S bh 1 * Flanteii-m Syupt 
10 packages G »l- e» 8* rup, 


$0 bnga Prime l i • C  Rre ; 

10 hag* *-0 4 Governinaur' Java CoCtat 
S big» pri ua Much* cfT-o. \ 


k'i b«»Xcs totur Cable*; 

20 b- x- * Ku (timer Mon MCnnitlesi 
IU boxes Adamai tine Lenffle* ; 

S (•' x* s New r.«*niurd 8, arm Caudles; 
to b.'Xw* U )»in b   p, 

JO Loire F'anSv *a p| 


A ronstaat sup»lv m Kio.h Pi«*nle, Qultsi 
V. «i«i, hoda unu b-ignt Crackers. 

slut farm for sale. 


W ISHING to remove to tha state of 
Miasouti, I ofl«r at private sa)e, the 

Farm on which I Dow reside, containing as 

1 00 acre* of flr«t rate Fond, 

It i Kg on the waters of Orv Run, Scott County, 
Kentucky, about l«*ur n i:#* (Vorih «»l G«***rg(*. 
lawn. It. U about one quarter ol a mile e ist of 
i hr Tunpikff lauding lr«nt Gcurg«town to 

Ct'i ingtoo. (arm is in a very fair stale of rtiliiva- 
tioti. w iih n very gotm couiioi table dwelling 
»imI all uecessnry t ut butldir.g*. It has on it, 
(very iidiveiiiei t in the li -uve) one o|‘ the 
twsi spring# tu the »   unryi n has never heeti 
so low nt any tiu.e that T ete line nut been a 
kundntiie «sl runiug water lor moie thun LOO 
brad cl nock 

1 also vroh in sell 1 10 n«*rt*n of good I and, 
lyt g sumo half mil# nonli of, this. This 
truci has "•* intnrt vemeiiis except that itfs 
land is tenily all cleared ami in jultirvatiop 
I will s«H tha two tracts to^cihei or ssparsta 
ly to suit piir. lm^is. 

Farm* w ill be easy t those wishing to pur 
rliuse era invned to cull Slid examine tin 

premitts lor ihem*«iv«x. 

DAVn C\11£*JN 

Feb f, 1854 47- if. 


KKGS PK1MK LARD, for uliich 
will give e liberal price io Ctsli 



To Uinokri-H nnd t'lo-Mcr*. 

I n a v k uu, I :,t w.-iy* ki-rp nn linml u liirj- 

nud geneinl Mrsonmei.t ol finaeieuin 
tuliaccuf diamond brand, cigars, Alc., which 
wi I  ell on accommudaiinu tern % 

M ir. h :t. J E. At I' LEGATE. 

S TIIH ai!v«ui*er would 'expert fully' nff* 
||lv Ills lti#U«ie end the public tlint he 
still cr ies o the U LAI KAMI 1 11 
I t; business in »H it* branches at ihe old 
stand lormetlv occupied bv R- laud A Cain, 
where he it prepared to execute wmk iwr hie 
old and new «-u i«tnrr* in thu beat aty ia o» 
terms in accordance with the recent rai«e in 
price?, determined on by tli** Draft. P articular 
attention paid to ||or»n shoeing and enti«tueiiaa 
w arranted . A shaie ol public putronagsi 
respi-citullv solicited. 

Jen 12. 1864 45*1 V 


BRLP Wbiskv, various ages; 

•3 Old Feat'b Brandy t 
Kim* F’oreign Uruatiies sud Wines, for sale, 
vary low, by J. Fi. AlTLLGAl L. 

March 3 

Addition! Allcr. lion!! 

T iinsc who nr# uw in* Btanrlphinl 4 Bur* 
bti.lgs or II W 8  mdalord are po i'ely 
Veq isste I to selila their notes and nrennute 
rimer with the cash or by note be ore lac first 
•f March 

I expect to lasve nt that time nnd if they 
• r# not sett ltd. t!.*y will be given into the 
bands of on officer lor collodion. 

fvt- UISM«l-if. (iroccrick! 

J ust received n large end well .elected stock 
Ol il HO  I Klf N, LIQLON8, Ac-# 

which I wi'l sell at a very small advance on 
c- et, (or c-uli. nr exchange for llacoii, l.nrd, 
T a! low and other Country Produce. *1 lie | ub- 
lie are requested to call udeiamina my stock 
before pnreliaem^ elsewhere 

March 3, 143. J FJ APPLEGATE. 


T HEunder«igned would re*pectrul|y In. 

term I t* Iriends end the p • bl to I • ot he 
li .* secured the t-gvucy in lliis county for the 

sale of 

Mclnlic Collin*, 

and is now prcpuied io iumi-h tlu-m, of any 
rise, a*, tha shortest notice, lie is «ho prewar, 
rd to lumi»li common oralaffniit enfitna. cover* 
j ed ns may be de*i ad , aud ovary other fl# 

1 aeriptb'B ol aabitiat ware Hi* shop u Oto 
31'tU ClO-s street, just below 31 -in 

On 13, 1863 I ti. 

I Drii**! IIi ii**!! 1*54 

J U8T refciierl a large stock oi Drugs. 
Medicines Paints. Oil# Ac Wan tut* J 
1 reek ond Genuine, to the exaiiinaiiuo n| M e 
iqu-liiy aud priitaof which the anai tton of 
rhyaieiaus mid the Public ganerilL |ir#*. 

  pecttnlh a*dien#d bcio a buying el*ewher«. 

Feb 9 054 47. GLO. E. TRIMBLE 

! i t).- uio*t  ii*lr«'**iiiK   on* h 

S TOrPEl) in tan minutes by Rev*’ *a fs 1«* 
braird Puimoufo Wslart C#H and gat p 
[Box Horn GfcO. C TRIMULE. 

‘ i « b. 9 1*4 48 

O KU. IIS hie piolasrional services to the 
ciuxvustll Ueorgatowu and vicinity. 

Ha iia# removed Ins ofli  e to Main sifret Fe* 
tneau ilia Livery Stable and Georgetown 
I J “tel. with Dr Keel a. where by can le louud 
during the day ; at night ha cau la luuad at 
llir Gn-rien-# il JuiaJ. 

Ju» 26, 1854 

8b ’ FiJfht Un^iicr rooty pr«. 

M f P. D n Vail won d inform his did fiend# 
• and cu*iom#i  that lie It-* j st lined 
wp a KiHsndul 81- y Light at bis  1 - st ud on 
M»tn Biresv, wheio be i* ready m d willing m 
all limes to wail mi tbnse Hihi may favor hint 
with e cull. CinciuaftL Louisviii# or l.exiog. 
ton have m w no sd van leges «»tar Grmgyiu* n 
in the i  -guerre n It e Uemsmlisr autisiaciiuij 
is w irrameJ io gll n i»e*. 

C ill Slid  ea hi# S|CiTlHec*. 

Fab 16. 1864 40'3ut W P. DUVALL I 

.3 i • i lien ivrd I r  m .V. Voi k 

I OOKINU KI.ON PI ATE* «fil-*(nl. 

g low ing .-»fe» Ttotff IK M* f K 12 !K 12 
UK *4, tK 1 7, I2K t‘i 12 1H X to: K 22 I4K44 
I OK .6 UK .8 1 a BAKKLLY a Co. 

Ha 8 

ft* l 1C I 1. I 4ft I OHM 

I /OR uta-iirol par i*o* a# an eh a* Old Cognise 
and ■* pple Ural dt- . Old Jam Mica K -m, 
Old Po't Sl.eity, 4 -de ia , antf Malaga N5 tues 
and Old Whi key. i.ou*tantH on hand ut 
the Dm* Ban# ot GKO* FL TRIMBLE 
Feb. 9 1854 57. 

K-'pe. Wish hoard*, |’i 
. Haskett. Milts, $ah-d, 
lle'ling. 8 lun II. Fl 
-*,N rds i » . | en ijnhi » 
-.Its, (otethel witha l l 

Me DONALD i» our * ! 

,mt for lh# city ol Nrw 

i Mill « i iz  d lo icnti.i t 
uu ill lu ra 

U8T fac’d 40 Ke«m« Super Lngiixh L ’iu, 
(silt Edge and common Durr und v«|! 
ler*. also q large *l.n k of c ntme ei tl and 
sy uu e papai, li volojo** Vistuug un d« 
1 UM. , Waters « (I lor s ue very |. w 

feslndesala or' rat tl at 4he Drug St Book 


■ 0*18448. 

‘ U*“ r re. * I ri "4 •*! «h*- ••• riv-l'ed Work 
eft - I net/ tm huj't e .d mottle" a tfooH 
that eve y |u|pief m me »ai d ought (abate. 
A  so a large stork ol School and MisreHan#. 

ous Hntoks. Blank Bowks A e whirl* sill ha 
sold at smal- profiM at tbe Drug »ad Hnok 

Store «f GEO. E- TRIMBLE 

Feb 04111144 

toe have tu n»»oitmrot ot eer s saperi,, 

llrundteM, to tues, Whisky, Air* Brown m..ui 
4c. wtitiU Uce-is uu cottinttoodaliou ttoui. 

fO“ S II PARVIN ia cur Advrr 
liri-ig Agi nt for the city f ( rinrin- 
nnti. an l is authorized to con'rnct for, 
tdvrrtiir wants *ocordi*s to rale*. 


Georgetown herald, 1854-03-23

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Georgetown, Ky., Kentucky by Wise & French
   Scott County (The Bluegrass Region)