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date (1861-02-01) newspaper_issue 



In Politics, Devoted to “ The I nloii, 


Enforcement of tlte Eaw.s.' 



ETORS anil of the Editor, to furnish all 
classes of people in the Town and Country with 
tin eicetlcnt paper. It will contain a large 
amount of Literary Matter, Tales, and choice 
ielections from the best writers. 

In short “THE NATIONAL INION" shall 
be a most excellent Kaiiiily Newspaper. It 
Will be an excellent medium tor 


Buch as our men can not hnd else 

Where. , , - 

We have already accureil a large number of 
lubicribers, and the number is steadily in- 

TERM.S, S2 00 per annum in advance. 





THE i\.iTlfl\.lL IXlOX 

IS Tin: 




Horse Aiul .lack BUIS Struck. 



Professional Cards, Stoek Bills, 


Blanks for Clerks, Sheriffs &c 

1 aiiythiiig that can he done with Type. 

•dr ALL our Material iseiitlrely new. “SSa 
JACKSON A IIANLV, Proprietors. 


MKTiiontsT, (•iivncii Sotixii Ser- 
vices regularly on 2d and dth Smulays. Rev. 
L. («. Hicks, Pastor. 

('itiiisTi.tN riii nrii. — Services on Sd Saturday 
and Sunday in each mouth. Elder A. O'isKs 
Pastor; and on 4t\i Sunday, I'.lder J. 

PuKsavTKRiAX rm-acii.— Services on 1st and 
3d Sunday. Rev. .1 . M. Scott, Pastor. 

ll.tmsT riiCHcn. — Services on tlie till Sat- 
urday ami Sunday in each mouth. Rev. .V. D. 

Rash, Pastor. _ 


C 1L.VRK DIVISION Sous of Temperance. 

/ No. 27, meets every Tiimlaii vinhl, ^ . : m 
At their Hall over tlie Store Room of J.:^ 
iTiUiams & Sons. 

L. G. IlirKS, W. P. 

W. H.Rouinsov, R. S. mar 2.1-1. 

I. O. O. F. 

H IGKMAM LODGI-; No. 72. I. O. O. F., 
meets every 

acir new Hall, on 

W. W. .lUSTlCF,, N. O. 

J. W. riiAnixH'K, S. marclt 2. -l. 

J I oicYAl.lbTRECT’ORY. 

nitOUIT COURT.— First Monday i"  '»y 
„d November; Chancery and Criminal ferm, 
hird Monday in .Inly. W f . GminLoK. Judge; 

W S. D iwxKT,Commonwealilis Attoiny , A. . 

Clerk- J. 'V. Craddock and D. T. 
vncknrr.’DcpuHcs. A. N. Bcs.i, Sheri If; O. P. 
Avails, Titos. Gaines and H. " • Kohlhass, IH pn- 
.irs. Theodore Kohll.ass, James Hatiagaii, J. 
W. Craddock, Examiner. 

COUNTY COURT. — Fonrtli Monday in each 
nonth.' A. L. H '.a', van. I’ces. Judge; 
.ou.iss. Clerk; Will. H. " a'»  '*■ 

rack.s,m Depnlics. Chas. S. 

Mtorncy. W. li. Kidd, Assessor, L. B. t linkcn- 

)eard. Coroner. 

quarterly COUUT.-Tncday after sec- 
ind Monday in January, April. 

•ober. A. U llton.vun, Presiding Ju.lge, »iu.. 
3. Wins, Clctk. 

or the trial of civil c-inscs. first Saturday in 
.•ach month. J. 

JUSTICES' C'OU RTS.— First O/'/rirf.— F bax- 
;is Au.ES— On the 2d Momlay in March, June, 
Saptember and December. . c , 

James Elkix— O n Friday before the .Id Sal- 

inlay in f»aul months. 

ThoK. .T. Uuffhes, Constahlc. 

.Wild /JistrirL- .Vcinu.ES EciivxK— On Fri- 
lay liefore 2d Saturday in said iiioiilhs. 

Jas. H. Boone— O n the 1st Tnc.sday in said 

W. H. BcMl, Consliihlc. 

Third Disiricl. — .VBciiiBM.n Tanxer — O n the 
1st Saltiidiiy in said months. 

JoHX P. Kixo — On the Wednesday after the 
3d Monday in said iiioiiihs. 

Francis M. Gordon, Constahle. 

Eoiirlh /tistriW— Josiil-A B. Thomas— O n Ttie.s- 
day after the 3d Monday in Said iiionlhs. 

Ki . T. Tavi.ob — O n the Thursday after (he 
2'1 Monday in said months. 

Henry Emerson, Constable. 

Ei/lh Diflrin. — Dci l.K.y S. C.vsT — On the 4lh 
Saturday in said months. 

.V. J. Tribbi.e- O n the Friday before the 4th 
Saturday in said m.rnihs. 

Eli. Blakemore, Consi.ahle. 

Siilh Dittrirt. — E. T. WoonwABn — On the 3d I 
Momlay in said months. 

Nathan McDoxnald — O n Tuesday before the 
4th Monday in said months. 

John W. Hart, Constable 




H'.lf. D. DRCCE, Pro/J r. 

AV1N « hecomcsole Proprietor of the above 
house, I woiiUl say to all of ii.«ohl friends 
cuMumiers that I would he jdcased for them 
ontiniie the patronage heretofore c.xleiided 
e house, aiul would he glad tohave as many 
ones as may see proper to extend to me 
r patronage. I have a large and couirao- 


will take care of all liorses that may be 
listed with me, in ihe very beat manner, 
am constantly running wagons between 
place and Boonsboro’, and will furnish coal 
wood to all who may *lesirc it at the LOW- 
MARKET PKU’E. I will also take con- 
in for hauling either by the day or job. 


1C8 VI\K \ ISktwekn 4th \ 

n. ALLISON. Siip’l. Ciiulnnatl.O. 

iM News, Book and Job Type, Printing 
Presses, Cases, Galleys, &c. Inks ami Print- 
ing Material of every description. Stereotyp- 
Ingof allkinds; Books, Music, Patent Medicine 
Directions, Job.s, Woml Cuts, &c., &c. Brand 
and Paiicrn Lclters of various styles. 
J^’“Elccli'Olypiiig in all its baranclies. 

Cieo. AV'eTxster, 


Ortr Taliu/tno, Moore 4' Co.’j Store. 

W OULD inform Hie cifuens of Clark and 
the adjoiningcouniics that lie has opened 
a shop, and is now ])reparcd to do all kinds of 
Tailoring on the shortesl notice, and in llic 


Allgarnicnts made and cut by him arc warranl- 
give entire satisfaction. 


froftssinnal Carbs. 



l\. willpracticeinalltheCoiirts of Kentucky, 
and attend promptly to collections and all pro- 
fessional business entrusted to his care. Otiicc 
on Main Street. 

CiiAS. S. Jo.skpii T. Tft-KER. 





WILL practice in Clark and adjoining counties 
the Court of AppiiJils and Federal Court 
Prompt attention given to collection^ ami al I 
business entrusted to them. One or both mem | 
hers of this firm can always be foun«l at tliei i 
office during business hours. Office at Ilauson' I 
old 8tan l. april 0-tf. I 

% Select ,§toriJ. 


A. L. llAGGAlgB , 

attend at Ihe County Court Clerk's officr. 
in Winchester, on every Tuesday and Friday, 
for the purpose of making .Vdiiiiiiislratoys' Ex- 
ecniors and Guardians' seillemeiils, and for 
the transaction of any other business proper to 
be tran.sactetl out of the regular term of Court. 
June 2‘J- 



T) ESPECTFULLY tender their professional 
t v services, in the practice of medicine ami 
surgery, to the citizens of the town and couii- 


'.narch Itl-l. 


WILL. It. Wl.XX. 


Affoniefis and Counsellors at Law 

A X D 

General C^ollectors, 


WILL attend promptly to all business en 
trustetl to them in Clark and the adjoining 
counties. They oiler their services especially 
to .Vdininistralors, Executors and Guardians, 
and to Ihe public as Collectors. 
Office over Col. Smith's. novSO. 



O F F 1 C E : 

 Vitli llii.xioii &, Uowiiey. 


^DrTvf. W. JUSTICE, 


OFFICE — Two doors bedow the 
House/’ adjoining Dr. Mills' Office. 
March Ifith, li: fi0-l-ly. 


DK. M. W. AIjL AN 

T enders to the public his services in the 
practice of Medicine, and Surgery. Of- 
fice at the Drug Store of J. J. Eubank, 
march lG-1. 

Dr. C. V. lUJTLDK, 

rilENDERS his professional services to the 
1 people in the vicinity of Boonsboroiigh. 

’Tis the dark December weather 

Winds are wailing through the sky! 
If you listen you will hear them 
Sighing wild and sighing high, 

Now they toss the willow branches 
Leaning o'er the window bars, 

Then their moan goes softer, fainter 
Up among the silent stais. 

Tis the dark December weather, 

All the summer trees are hare: 

Sec! the latest loaves arc falling 
Torn and ghostly tliroiigli Ihe air. 
You may search the forest over. 

You may trace the brooklet's flow, 
Notan asters eye will open, 

Not a golden rod will glow, 

Tisthcdai’k December weather, 

Cold the ti lc creeps down the bayj 
Sea-gulls, in their snowy circles. 
Beating up the windy way; 

Sailing, sailing, from the Northland, 
Bringing winter on their wings, 
They will linger, flashing seaward, 
Till the lime the robin sings. 

‘Tis the dark December weather, 

Wind and wood and wave aresa l; 
Tis the dark December woathci’, 

Yet our hearts arc blithe and glad, 
And within them it is summer, 

Hipest Summer evermore, 

For Goil s sw'ectesi angels hover, 
lUdiant-eyed about the door. 

Love, as tender, as the moonlight, 
Hope, as rosy as the dawn, — 

Tlicre can come to those no winter 
Whom such glory shineih on! 

0, the dark December weather 
May o'ershadow sea and shore, 

In our hcai'ts the blcs.^iecl angels 
Make it summer evermore? 

WORDS OF  tief:r. 

From Chambers' Journal. 


aii.l Formosa for nearly a month, the ton gates, which t.ok place at sunset. I .seen at Canton— wooden and wiiidowleVs 
[iidia Company's packet, Malwra- [ We gave three cheers that astonished J —but very full of the Chinamen, stand 
rom Cautoii to Madras, hailed us ' the boat-town wlien the captain told us I ing thick and close round a railed spaci 

'When we lived at Greenwich, long aj», 
the scene of my greatest e-.rthly delight 
was tlie park, and iny chosen society the 
superannuated seamen who strolled down 
there from Greenwich Hospital. IJctler 
company tlian sonic of them might have 
been found for a boy of thirteen, but in Jhe'l/icksh/esh' somchnw h/ca days the sea tilled my imagination. 

Readers, 1 am a rexpeetable dr.iper in 
the Rlackfria'rs Hoad, and the eros.--iiigof 

and licr captain eaiiie on 
long story of something 
that had happened between the tea-nier- 

oue morn tig , 
lioard with a 

all that in a speech from the f|uarter- in the middle, lighted by great torches, 
deck. The boatswain's mate said if we with a trap door in it, by which all the 
had been in a ChrLstian country, it should wonders came up. I can’t say what the 

part that made most impression on us, | rades got places quite near the 
was what the captain said in his wind up, j There was a man with a tame lion 

. , . , , the Ghinamen ca'‘'e by scores aliout ns, I 

tSt. George s U.annel, in which I "as | 

terribly sick, has been the utmost limit „ yi„,tcr Harry, it would take 

ol my voyages; but the interest now -tv- a „n„igl,t to tell yon what 
en to water-twist and last-colois, t»cii ■ 

hung about double reel'ed topsails, land 

on tlic* lee bow. and a straiig crail hcai'i^- ,n.aln-%ck was never clear of a row w bile 

down. Great store vys therelore set by , that Made lasted; but nobody dealt or 

the old manners, who would talk than 

tell stories, (^ueer tales some ol tlicm .-^panker.^- 

Dick bought cverytliing while he had 
a fraction — Nankeen pantaloons, crape 
craviGs, tobacco-stoppers of sandal wood. 

! that he hoped we would justify the con 
! fidence our officers pl.accd in us, by a pru- 
j dent and orderly conduct, as became 
Rritish seamen. 

^ “The captain was not entirely mista- 
I ken in tliat hope. AVe took a general 
i resolution to belmvc well ; even Dick 
looked settled ; and for some time, the 
I parties came and went without disturb- 
I ance, strict to orders, and punctual to 
time. AVe saw the Gompany’s factory, 
and the governor s palace — at least the 
outsides of them — the narrow streets. 



chaiits anil the mandarins. It wasn’t   be printed in the newspapers; but the - play was about, thou"h I and my com- 

mneh of a matter either. The Ghinamen iLfit m-wlo mnut imnrossinM r,., ..o j ..i 

wauled more iiuckshesh than the mer- 
chants were willing to give; but onr cap- 
tain thouglit the siglit of an English 
schooner-ill the river might help to set- 
tle things; so the helm was put about, 
and the RattlcsMikc steered fyr Canton. 

.After we dropped anchor in the river, 

me satis- 
factory. The tea-liiorchants and the 
iimiidarins grew good friends again ; and 

111 iiiigiii, I.U ivii yuu niiai iugnes | ouisiues Ol inem — inc narrow streets, 
rcre — how they cheated us in silks i the queer houses, and ((uccrer shops oi' 
tiaceq. in pigs and in tea. The | Canton. Tlie Ghinamen stared at ns. 

and called us ‘FaiKjui the children fled 
before, and the dogs barkel after us 

other with two serpents twined about 
his arms; and last of all, the glory of 
the house, a great dragon, which the 
Chinamen said could talk all the tongues 
in the world, and had been brouglit from 
Pekin. Itearae np like a huge croco- 
dile. only covered with a hairy skin. It 
had a long tail, with a pair of fiery eyes 
. that seemed far sunk in its head, and' a 
month with gr -at tusks in it. There was 
a hoy on its back, and the pcrUrniance 

consisted in 

a very ga u 
on his hci 

wasn't to be spilled. The dragon went 
round twice, and the cup kept steady, to 
the Ghlnsmen's 

I IIS uaeK. ano tne pcrt'^rmance 
1 in'liis riding round the stage in 
udyW'-ess.with a large China cup 
ead,tfull of tea, of w-hieh a grain 


Rosi jence wiili James IJ*le 
June 2'2-y 

Robert IVIoore, 

O FFERS Ids services to the cili'.cns of Clark 
anil adjoining counlies, as I 

Portrait and Animal Painter. 

Persons wishing anytiiing done in his line 
will enquire al the National Union Ofl 
apr. 20. 


© , 4 . ifi r ^ » 

S HOP under Hie National Union Office, is 
prejiared to pi-oinptlj- execute all kinds 
of work in his line of business, on the shortes' 
notice. marchl6-lt. 

.1 .i .41 K S W. H i: K It Y , 



MIIOP adjoining J. T. It'cbh s Blacksniilh's 
OShop. H'inche.stei-. Ky. 

.-\pril 0, 'OO-o-ly. 

C. T.~WORIiBY. ' 


O FFERS his services to the public in that 
capacity. He will attend to sales on the 
street, in Winthester every County Uourt Day; 
and all other Public Sales where his services 
are required. Address C. T. W()KLE\, 
mar20-ly Lexington, Ky. 


Ijook up,  th tear-dimmed eye, 

Look up, and weep uomore; 

Ever yon sun-lit sky 

Bcndeth this glad earth o'er. 
Though storm-clouds intervene, 

And shadows darkly fall, 

Beyond still sliines serene 
The light that shines for all. 

Smite, sorrow-breathing lip, 

Smile off the frown of (.'are; 

Come, sad one, forth, and sip 
Heaven's joy-inspiring air — 

Sweet as the breath of love. 

It floats o’er hill and plain, 

Come, let its sweetness prove 
A balm to soothe thy pain. 

Hope, oh repining heart, 

Hope on through good and ill — 
Nature acts wel\)U»r pari 

And  iheers hefr children still; 

Her sacred, starry lore. 

Writ in yon page above, 

Reveals an endless store 
Of goodness ond of love. 

The frailest plant of earth 
Is nursed by sun and shower; 

The man of lowliest birth 

Claims still a princely dower — 

E*r him the star-beams shine; 

liiin the sweet dews fall — 

Then, mourner, why repine, 

Since heaven is kind to all ? 


had to tell, and few were slow tocomiiia* 
nicate; but the most .satisl'aetoiy ac- ' 
(|uaintanec I found among them was 
Tom ^’atterson. Tom said he was the 
last man that ever lost an arm by Bona- ‘ 
parte. How he came to the e.xaet ktiowl- 
of his own distinction in that respect, 1 
never discovered, but his right arm had 
been carried off by a cannon-ball, in ac- i 
tion with a French vessel, almost at the 
^ close of what is to be li ped we shall 
! long continue to call the ‘-last war. ’ i 
It is my belief that Tom had come 
from Scotland in his day. lii.s education 
was certainly better than that of the ' 
forctop men in general : he could read | 
and write well; there were even traces of 
the Jj.atin grammar about him; and at 
times Tom let out recollections of an old, which stood somewhere on the 
Firth of Clyde, and a wild, graceless lad, 
who ran away to sea. That part of the 
past was reserved for his memory's jiri- 
1 vafe domain. I cannot tell what ruins 
I might be in it. Tom sjioke little on the 
i snliject, and was never e.xjdieit; hut if he 
had been a wild, graceless lad, there wa.s 
a good work ilone by Time, the changer; 
for when I knew him he was a grave qui- 
et man. religions withal, after a discreet, 
sober fashion, and more thoughtful and 
intelligent than the m.ijority of Green- 
wich pensioners. AA'hether Tom patron- 

besides two fans, a scarlet shawl, and a 
set of small cliina, for a sweetheart at 

I bulwark when spanker came to me, and 
Depford; of course, the Chiiiaincn i-hcat- | said, ‘Tom, cm you lend me a few cash ’/' 
ed I’.im in every bargain, and the rows | “The Chinamen hadn’t left me much, 
between them were terrible. J ick came | but 1 knew Dick was going with ns, and 
across the discipline two or three times | might want a trifle; so, having some in 
in consequence; and officers and men : my pocket (.Master Marry, it was the only 
were glad when his money was done. By : loan ever I regretted), 1 gave him the 
and by, we all began 
-.nadc onr captain liifso 

- great delight; but, by 

but our honor being concerned, not to | way of gaining more applause, the boy- 
speak of going on shore, we took no no- - began to strike it with a Iiamboo to has- 
. I ten the motion. At the first blow, the 

“A party te which I belonged were - creature stopjied, and to my amazement, 
getting the boat ready one day, and I , began in a smothered, siiutiiing voice, to 
was brushinfc my best Jacket over the | swear hard in good English. The bov 

to wonder what 
long in the river. 
Some said, i was to get a lot jf uncom- 
mon grand crapes for his lady — a tine 
woman I'm told she was, living at AA'ool- 
wieh ; some, that he was only on the look- 
out for shawls and tea-pots; and some 
that the cards and dice were plenty at 
the Con pany's factory. Thccnptaiii and 
most of our officers went there every day. 
Fine rooms they had, lined with china 


struck it again, and it tried to throw 
liim. Me kept his seat wonderfully ; hut 
the dragon kicked and piniiued. flinging 
its feet about, and trying to turn over. 
Strange paddles the feet were, covered 
with, the same hairy skin to to the toes; 
... , hut somehow it had got split on one of 

lialf, and wc started. 4 he day was spent. | them, and 'as the torch light fell on it a 
as usual, strolling through the town, and | a;reat thumb marked with a double x in 

and looking glasses 

being called Fanquis. AA'e bought water- 
melons and some arrack — not luneh, for 
all hands were sober. The time of re- 
turn was drawing near, when we got into 
a new street, and saw a great wooden - 
house without windows, with a Cliinaman 
at the door beating a little drum. As. 
we came nearer, Dick knew him to be his 
old aequaintanec. Loo Chin, ‘AVhat sort 
have irot /' said 

1 can tell yim. But J of a pidgeon is this you 
restricted to the boat- j he, running up to him 

: we seamen were 
town, having a general order not to go 
on shore, on account of the Chinese laws 
against foreigners. Tjiere were forty 
thousand junks anchored in tlie river, 
long lines, with streets of water hciv.-cen, 
through which the shijis of all nations 
I came and went. In these boats, all niaii- 
I tier of trade and shop-keeping was car- 
ried on, and people had lived and died 

bine below tlie thumb nail. The next 
moment its rider had got tlio dragon haul- 
ed near enough the trap door, and with 
some help from below, he rode it down. 
I didn't stay five .seconds after in tlic 
house. My comrades langlicd at niy 
story;but t flew to the ship, craved to 
see the cajitain, and told him all about it. 
The proud, cold man hade me go to my 
duty, and he would inquire into flic mat- 
ter. Next morning, an officer did tro on 
shore, but tlic Chinese governor said it 

(pidgeon is the 

' Chinaman's word for business). 

I ^ ‘“Calling people .to the play,’ said Loo i was all a mistake, am/se/t a 
_ j imperial tea to the raptain. 

“‘Isthisyourhi-othor'-splayhouscthcn?’ " ‘ ' ' 

t cried Dick. 

ized me or I him. is still an open (|ucs- . j i;non- not how many generations 

tion. Half at least of my pocket-monoy 
(and that fund was not larire) went in 
good-will offerings of tobacco and pipes 
for his behoof and benefit ; and he talked 
with me about ships and sea-adventures 
under the park s old chestnut-trees, on 
summer evenings. Noble trees are ihqy, 
those said chestnuts, with the circular 
benches round their roots on which so 
many have rested. 'J’hcre is one, in par- 
ticular, said to have been planted by 
Henry A'lL, soon after Bosworth Field j 
had made him King 
! to n.^t yot Boiiiot 

However, there was nothing to be seen 
but eternal flocks of ducks, willi dirty 
men and boys among them. think, 
Ms ster Harry, what a dull s])ot it must 
be where a woman's face is never visih.e, 
though I'm sure I heard some of tliem 
icolding inside! That's everywhere, you 
gee ; hut it was our belief, that the boat- 
people were neither so smart at their 
work, nor so clever in cheating, ns the 
men vvho came down from Canton. 

Thev told us such fine tliinirs about 


to tcff J'l’om 1’ 
this  dc the stars 

but the bench below overlooking the j Among the Ciinion-iuen there 

broad walk and the busy river, was the j u^Hed Loo Chin, who dealt in 

evening resort of my sailor friend. On   goi-t}i of things, from pigs to porce- 
that seat Tom appeared to me prolouml- J^in; doing a l.ttle private trade in ar- 
ly edifying, as he dcscrihcd tlic bombard- „|,,j opjuni, also. There was not a 

mentof Copenhagen, i!rcw a parallel be- | langu.ige heard in the p..rt of Canton, 
tween Nelson and Colhngwood (by the j^op Chin could not speak — Eii'Mish, 
way, the latter was his eraek-mau), or as ■ Kruich. Dutch, and rortugnesc. besides 
he explained how Ac-rc wa^ defended; yjalay and Tartar tongues. He boasted 
but none of his historical essays ever [,jg onelo was a gate-kce[icr to the 




Over J. J. Eiibank's Drug Store, [ 

ES T E n, K 1’., j 

T ')EGS to return thanks to his friends and j 
) customers, in Clark and adjoining conn 
ies, for their past favors, ond hopes that, hy j 
nreinitting attention to business, and having ! 

The Latest Styles of Fashion 

He may furnish f^entlcmcn with garments, un- 
exceptionable either in style or workmanship, 
thereby meriting a continuance of their patron- 
age. mar9H-2-l7. 

JAS. E. ilJi-IliVAlA, 




Under Odd Fellows’ Hall, with G. Ro- , 
senherger. j 

H aving ha l considerable experience in re- 
pairing Watches, Clocks and Jewelry gen- | 
erally, I feel confident of giving entire satis- 
faction to all who may trust we with their work. , 
nov. 2-tf. 

When the SulUtn Shah-Znman 
dote to the city Dyahan, 

Even before he gets so far 
As the place where the clustered palm-trees are, 
.\t the last of thclhirly iialace-galcs. 

The Pet of the Harem, Rose-ix-Bloom, 

Orders a feast in his private room: 

Ices ond sherbets, sugared dates, 

Syrian apples, Otlimanee quinces, 

Limes, and citrons, and apricots, 

.4nd wines are known to Eastern princes f 
And Nubian slaves w ith smoking pots 
Of spiced meats and costliest fisb, 

And all that the daintiest palate coubi wish, 
Pass in and out of the golden doors I 
And scattered over the jeweled Hoovs 
■\re anemoiie.s, inyrilcs and violets, 

,\nd a musical fountain throws its jets 
Of an hundred colors into Ihe air! 

The dusk Sultana loosens her hair, 

.4nd stains with the heniiH-plutit Ihe lip.s 
Of her pearly nails, ond moisleus her lips 
With cai-iiiine waters. 

Waving her hainl, 

The diincing-girls of Snmarcand 
Float in like mists from Fairy-land ! 

And then to the low, volnptuoiis swoons 
Of music rise and fall the moons 
Of their full brown liosoins! Orient blood 
linns in Ibeir veins, flaiiic.s in llJctr eyes : 

.\nd lliere, in Ibis Easlcrn Panidise, 

Filled with the fumes of sandal- wood, 

And Kliotcn innsk, and aloes ami inyrrii, 

•Sits Rosc-in-BIooin on a silk divan. 

Sipping llie wines of Alspnhan; 

-\nd lier .Yrab lover sits with lier! 

T haft when the Sultan Shah Zaman 
Gore to the city Ispahan t 

Now, when 1 see an extra light 
Flaming, flickering on the night 
From my neighbor's window opposite, 

1 know as well as 1 know- to pray, 

I know as well as a tongue can say, 

T hat the innocent Sultan Shah Zaman 
Hat gone to the city Ispahan ! 

I rather think my neighbor's wife 
Is leading tliis Orient .sort of life! 

I governor, and his brotlier tiu.- lir.-t player 
; iti the province; but I don't think a 
, greater knave than himself (-ante down 
1 the river. Loo Cliin was small, squat, 
! and dirty, lie had a pair of n.rrrow-. slit- 
like eyes, w liosc very light was cutining; 

' a pigtail tliat nearly touched the ground; 
and the blackest teeth I ever saw. That 
('hinaman had got Dick's last e.';sh ; but 
' he didn't know it; and it was laughable 
i to see him offering onr mcssniatc w iiat- 
ever nobody else would buy, at a price 
; considerably raised for bis special bene- 
fit. Many a furious squabble they had; 

; but J oo Chin always came off sti’e. for 
j when f’alsehooi^s failed him. he fell to 


K eep constantly on band a largo and w-cll . 
selected stock 



Stoves, flrates, 


And all kinds of 


Wc are prepared to do all kinds of 

Metal Roofing and Guttering. 

All work done by us will bo warranled to give 
entire satisfaction, and on the most favorable 

We will also run our Wool Carding Macliines 
during the Summer. marilO-ly 




From (hr DubUn Vniversity Magazine. 


A maid reclined beside a slreain 
At fall of summer day. 

And, half awake and half a-dream, 

She watched the ripples piny. 

She marked the waters fall and heave, 
The deepening shadows throng, 

And heard, as darkened down the eve, 
That river’s babbling song. 

And t'lUS it sung, with tinkling tongue, 
That rippling, shadowy river — 
“Youth’s day will fadeaway 
Forever an«l foreverr 

Tlie twilight past, the moon at last 
Rose broadly o'er the r.iglit, 

Each ripple gleams beneath her beams 
As wrought in silver bright. 

The heaving waters glide along, 

But, mingling with their voice, 

The nightingale now ponrs his song, 
And makes the shades rejoice. 

And thus he sung with tuneful tongue, 
Tliat bird beside the river — 

“When youth is gone true love shines on 
For ever and for ever,” 

made such an impression on niy mind .as 
a stor3‘ he told me once, w-hile wc sat to- 
"ether in an .April sun.set. It was the 
Easter holiday, and Easter hadn't t-oine 
early that year. The chestnut trees were 
in full blossom and the park in full frrecn. 

Half London had come out, as usual, 
to trample it do'vn; but the crowd was 
growing thin fertile sun was setting, and 
Via sat on our accustomed scat, watching 
• / its diminution, v ben the great attraction 
I o/ the day passed by. This was a Chi- 
I nese — whether real or fictitious I know 
I not; but he sold papcr-lantci ns, wore a 
{ loose cotton gown, a pair of fianncl shoes. 

I and an enormous pig-tail. I was admi- 

; ring that weapon of warfare, and Join, fl;ittorv ; and, rough as Dick was, that 
I with the pipe between his teeth, watching smoothed him down. He praised his 
I him with an indefinite look ol suspicion, ; Ppauty and tiis riches and his generosity, 
I till he was fairlj’ out of sight, when the ,q|,^-avs ri.siii'j higher in the strain the 
I old man turned to me and said, in his ,,„nre' he intended to, till Dick half- 
own sedate fashion, ‘ JIaster Ilarry, 1 ! pdjpved him, but nevertheless rc.served 
I don t. like them there (. hiiiainen. for his own entertainment the fact that 

j “W hj’, loin.' said I, having by this , |,jg Jono, and none of onr 

; time picked up his prejudices. “.Vrc (.re,,, wonld spoil sjiort hj- mentioning it 
they as had as the French.' ,,, the Chinaman. Boo Choo was liy far 

‘ They’re worse, Master llairv, bv sev- the grandest describor of Canton and its 
' oral chalks,’’ saiil Tom. “No 'Clir'istian "oiidcrs. He told ns of a great 
can ever he up to them. They re as dce|i J'Oinl -«-ilh a tame dolphin in it ; ol a tem- 
, as the South Sea, and I II tell von what pie to tlieir god of the wind, where holy 
  made me think so. When I served on hogs, with golden collars rnnnd tlieir 
board the in 1809 , onr ship necks, were kept; and above all, jf his 

was ordered to the China Sea, where the brothers plat house. 

pirates had grown brisk from the sccirci- “I had always remarked that Dick had 
ty of cruisers. Our captain was a jewel a singular turn for play-going. There 
-for conduct and consideration, though wasn’t a single house of the kind in all 
: maybe too young for such a command! | England in whose galleries he liad not 
Mo.stofour officers had seen sorty'o!? J ; and the estahlishmont of Loo 
tlicre wasn't ,i lubber in the cr -w: nor a -jCliin s hrother ajipeared to take his 
tronblesonie one on board tint Di  Jr , nfiijd's-cye completelj- 
’ Spanker. We gave him that surname 
unanimously — for Dick had none of liis 
own th:it ever I knew — -w hen he threw a 
soincrsanlt in the tigging off I’onnosa. j 
Where he was born appeared to be a jinz- 
zlc to himself. Sometimes he said lie 
was Yorkshire, and someiiinos a Cornish 
man ; but one thing was plain to every- 
body — Dick was no beauty. Low-set, ; 
strong, and square of build, be had. a I 
dark complexion, very red hair, and a | 
nose broken out of all shape by some 
blow or accident; bat the nio.-^t remarka- 
ble particular about bim was an cnor- 
niou.s right thniiib. it was positivelj’ 
half the breadth of an ordinary hand; 
and just below the nail w is a double x ui | 
deep blue. Dick said he put on that 
mark among the .South -sea w halers, with 
whom such things are in fashion. A 
wild life it niusG^ among far seas and | 
savage isles ; bu?I'icx had spent years in 
it, and quite became his schooling. He , 
swore bard, and drank harder wlicn he ‘ 
got it; would have ventured on anything, 
with either tongue or hands; anil was 
never known to keep out of a scrape or 
quarrel when he could get into one. 

“1 can't say that any of us liked Di.-k, 
for he liad a raw nature — maybe Ihcrc 
was a crack somewhere in his brain ; hut 
wc would have missed him as the odd man 
of the ship. With some sorts of cap- 
tains, Dick would have had hard times ; 
as it was, his grog was stopped now and 
then ; but things went quietly on in our 
ship. The voyage out was prosperous. 

We never lost a man or saw an enemy. 

The jMalays, too, had got w ind of our 
coming, and got well out of sight. Fail 
where wc would, there was not a prow to 
be seen ; but after beating about Fokien 

“‘Be certain it is,” said the Cliinaman. 
“‘Messmttes, we ll all go in and see 
the play. When docs it begin?” 

“‘I don’t know, and there’s too many 
of yon,’ said Loo Chin; and he fell to his 
drum fVister than ever. 

“‘Come along, Dick,’ said I, not liking 
the fellow’s look, ‘it's time we were home- 
, ward bound.’ 

I “Dick did come ; and we had got on a 
I few steps, when, glancing back, I saw 
1 Loo Chin making sigms to him. Just 
• then, there came a great sound of gongs 
and bagpipes, which they say, is the 
height of Chinese music, and down the 
street ran a crowd, making all sorts of 
noise for joy, because they were taking 
' liomo a bride sbubAtp in a covered chair 
like u great' hoy,' painted Iduc. We 
ranged ourselves along the wall, to icttbem 
pass quietly, and the capers they cut took 
iny attention completely; but wiieii all 
was over, and we marched to the river, 
Dick Fpankcr was nowhere to be seen. 
IVe could not go to the ship without him. 
and a terrible search we had for the 
street. By the time it was found, the 
]ilayhouse was as full as it could hold, 
with hands of men at the door — who drew 
knives and clubs, and roared at us as we 
tried to get in — but Loo Chin was not 
among them. If onr cutlasses liad not 
I been left in the Rnttlesnakc, I’m not 
sure the captain's orders to keep peace at 
all hazards would have been obeyed; but 
unarmed as wc were, there was no chance. 
'J’hc crowd was thickening about us every 
minute ; the bars with which they close 
the streets were getting ready ; we called 
on Dick with all ,the strength of our 
voices, but got no answer; and as the 
gates would be shut in another minnte, 
we had a strong run for it to our boat. 

present of 

, . \\ c sailed 

, for Acapulco three days after. The hands 
' on hoard .sometimes made jokes to them- 
selves about the grog being too strong for 
me at ^lunilla; but, blaster H.arrj-, J'll 
never believe that that swearing dragon 
was not 1113' lost messsmate! ’ 

Peace Like a River. 

“Away among the Alleghanies, there 
is a .spring so small that a single ox in a 
sumnii|£ da3' could drain it dr3‘. It steals 
its uniyDfiusive way among the hills, till 
it spreads out in the beautiful Ohio, — 
Thenceit stretches away a thonsn ltd miles, 
leaving on its banks cities, villages and 
cultivated farms, and bearing on its bo- 
som more than a half a thousand steam- 
boats.” This I have culled soinewhore ; 
I know not where, nor when. Vet -vith 
the bubbling fountain in 1113- eye. and 
roniing w»t»rfal 4 in my car. 1 say, Be»u 
tiful reprcsent.'itiiiii of a Cliristian's peace 
I’caceas ariverl " Like a river in tlic com- 
mencement, f ritffiling from some tissiiro in 
the heirt, singing its own song as it drop- 
ped from loaf to leaf, from ledge to ledge 
— now gathering itself np in a little 
pool, saying to its joyous waters, “here 
we rest,” anon rushing on again to fulfiil 
its purpose, and gain its parent sea. 

Like a river in its, ever widen- 
j ing and deepening from the “ankles'’ to 
the “knee.s," from the knees to the “loins,” 
from the loins to “waters " to swim in, a 
river that “cannot be passed over,” re- 
ceiving new tributaries on the right and 
left, sweeping away as it rolls on its 
healthful stream, the dead and dying re- 
mains of past affections, and .ornier lnst.«. 
and hearing on its bosom a thousand new- 
ly launched hopes. 

Like a river in its influence — hol3', 
healthy, generating, eansinga wide ex- 
panse of “living green ’ to spread out on 
either side, mi.kingeven the desert of the 

Of course, the captain was told the mo- j soul “■’cjoicc and blossom as the rose. 

inent wc got on board. He sent the first- ' ' ' 

lieutenant np in the cutter by day-break 
to make a report to the governor. That 
great Chinaman promised that Dick would 
be inquired for throughout the privince ; 
but the end of all was, that nothing of 
our messmate was seen or heard of after. 

Captain Paget inquired, threatened, 
and demanded leave to search tlie play- 
house; but the parly he sent fqr the pur- 
pose — I was one of them — were taken to 
the street; shewn the spot where the 
liouse had stood ; told us that the players j 
had taken it with them on their journey 
to the northern provinces, which they | 
made once a year, all theatres in China I 
being moveable, and also no stranger I 
would be admitted to a Chinese playhouse. 

Loo Chin’s whereabouts nobody knew;i 
and the captain at length concluded that j 
Dick had gone with him to see some har- 

Like a river in its change .- when the 
warm sun of righteousness pours its efful- 
gent rays on the heart that has experi- 
enced the rigors of a spiritual winter, 
and melts the cold snows and breaks the 
ice-bound streara.s ; or when the showers 
of grace fall on the heart's hill-top, then 
a blessed fullness pervaded all its course, 
many a “crevasse ’ through which it 
ponrs its sanctifying stream. 

Like a river in its termination — roll- 
ing into, and mingling with the shorcltss, 
blos.scd sea of jierfect jieaco, where un- 
dulating waves nevrr roll in strife or 
break in death. Long ere the great sea 
is reached, the river of peace meets the 
great “trial wave,” as it rolls itself in- 
land. as if to hasten the hour of union, 
and give the redeemed soul a blessed sense, 
a foretaste of eternal felicity and fntitrc 
joy. ‘-There the glorious land will he 

Slowly .Mght UolU Away. 

These words fell iqion onr ears from 
tile lips of a poorsuffeier in lonelv hours 
of midnight. They are still fie h in 
onr iiieinOry. W’e reeolleel, as we 
tcncu to his slnirf hi fcatliings, and saw 
him writhing under the iingni.-li of dis-, how our inind ran nut upnii the 
wnrlJ and visitc-l the lonely cahins and 
hare cells of the siek and dying. W'o 
thought how niany voiecs in the loneli- 
ness of that himr weie cxchiiniing with 
sorrowful hearts, ••How slow the niglit 
rolls away!” Yes, with inteiisi! anxiety 
they watched the w indow if possible to 
catch the first streakings of nioriiimg, 
light. One who has watched tiy the bed- 
side of suffering huiininity ilirniit'li the 
long still iii^lit, when the great lieart of 
the world is hushed to repose, and ths 
solitude of nalnre. can tell the soirniii 
import of tlie words uttered by this 
afflicted being, ns he grajipled with llte 
strong nriii of disease, and cnfleavored to 
ward off the keen «liatlA. TI19 mother 
who watches with slccplos.s 03 e over the 
couch of her dying infant child, ex- 
claims in si'rriiw, -'liow slow the night 
rolls away. 'J'lie slorm-tosse l mariner 
who is nCaring the port of his native' 
home, and aireai.'y iC iniag nation hc.irs 
the voices of the loved ones lisping hi? 
naino, exelainis. -How slow the night 
rolls away!” The traveler who has for 
many u long and tedious day ureeJ on 
his steps towards home, as he lies down 
to rest a few days' journey from his lit- 
tle cottage, in the solitude of niidniglG, 
and thinking of his de ir wilb, and prat- 
tling children, exclaims, - Hove slow the 
night rolls away! " 'The Christian w ho 
has baffled with the storm of this life 
many a long year, until his locks have 
become while in his niastei’s service, in 
looking out upon the future of hajipi- 
ness tliat awaits him. and who desires to 
depart in peace to dwell with his tlod, 
exclaims with enllinsiasm, ‘ llovv slow 
the night rolls away !” 

The Prer Mioh.'; 

There Was frost on our door-stop the 
otlicr morning, and the snow was resting 
on the hills that were jrsf hliishing in 
the early light, 'i’hc tirst snow I how 
cheerless it looked as the earth lav, pi'e 
and silent, in the gray dawning, and the 
stars, that through the long night had 
kept their weary vigils, were closing their 
drowsy eyes to sleep. With the ]irovo'- 
bial “freedom of the press ’ wc help/'t? 
our.self to a few sticks from our iicigii- 
bor's wood-pile, and linilding tlicni iiitn 
a cheerfnll blaze on onr hearth, sat till 
the .sun mounted over tlic hill tops, to.-rst- 
ing oni^slippcrs and gazing t rough the 
window at the dissolving rime. 

'J'he tirst snow! — There may he a mi'’f ' 
veil of years drawn down over Iho past 
since it fell our linman hearts; yet who 
is there hat can recall a tinic when the 
warm blood grew chill witli the shadow 
of a first great sorrow — win n llcalh 
calle 1 to the loved and lost, or early" 
friends were false ; when was tirsi 
met by- deceit, and Inilh with hollow- 
falsehood; when our hopes w ere fi nil less, 
our anihition lint an idle dream, and in 
hitterncss of spirit we were taught the 
real lessons of life. Silently each year, 
and deeper have ihov fallen; and slowly 
the heart grciws colJ, and its tiro is ex- 
tinguished, as e:icli succeeding year leaves 
its impress of care, of trials and vain re-' 
grots, till the winter of age congeals its 
synifathies and affections, and it is laid 
quietly at rest. — Yie/ni Union. 

Like Know Ilrops. 

A falling siWiw-ttake is perfect purity j 
it whoHy imffincubite.-;t cotnes from tli j 
region of all-pervading purity. ’The con- 
stilncnt of this entire speck of wliitc is 
pure water, pure water -When it floats 
from the clond. pure water w lien it meets 
the rc.solvent inttncriec of earth and sun; 
its nature is iiicomiptible ; if it falls on 
stain or rnbhisli, the clirystal glitter of 
its heart sinks undinied or glistens as it 
rides along the stream. This is the corny 
ing ami going of infant sjiirit; tliooirh 
wrapped in the earthly eirc iiiistanees of 
physical organization, it is a snow flake 
descending, a drop of pure water flowing 
unstained into the channel of redeemed 
souls. Infant spirit is innoeenoe, inno- 
cence is the ad ■rnnicnt of Heaven, the 
essence of religion, the doctrine ol sal- 
vation . — Siirrn Citinn. 

gain or other, got into a quarrel and met ' *• plRfC of broad rivers and 

i'onl play. Gradually we all became of | wherein shall go no galley, with 

that opinion ; but no one cared to go on I gallant ships jiass 

you think one could get inside?’’ 
tl^Tnqnired one day, when the Chinaman 
had been doing to sell him a ycl- 
luVLsilk jacket full of holes, and dc.scrib- 
ed the hhic jiaint and gilding wliich dec- 
orated the said establishment. 

“ ‘Most sure,' said J-00 Chin, looking 
doubly cnniiing. 

••‘AVould oiieget safe hack. 1 mean?' 
said Dick. 

“‘With no doubt,” said the Chinaman, 
bolting down thesliip’s side into his own 
tr.ading junk, on the bniwark.s of which 
be balanced liiinself for a minute, made a 
queer motion with his yellow hands, as 
if to tie np something in a bniulle. gave 
a s.iort wicked laugh, and dived below 
among his goods. I meant to keep a 
.watch on Loo Chin after that; lint wheth- 
cMt was Ills ill-sneccss with the yellow 
jacket, or the coming of an Anicricai) 
shijC that kept him front \\xaeRiitll siiiike, 
we. saw no niorc of the Chinannn. How- 
ever, all hands were river-sick liv this 

shore again ; and as the time of the Rot- 
thsniikr's cruiscsUortly expired, wc sailed 
home to Chatham. There it was found 
out that the ship wanted sundry repairs; 
her hands were accordingly drafted off 
to different vessels, and I with some score 
of comrades, scut on board the Thun- 

There is no use in going over all that 
happened there ; but the service wasn't 
so easy a-s it had been in the Rattlesnake 
— we had lighting in the Mediterranean, 
fever at Fernando I’o, and a storm in ttie 
Western Pacific, tliat made us-glad to 
run into Manilla. The Spanish governor , 
there held fast by King I-’erdinaiid ; and i 
as English armies were doing some tight 
work for him in Spain, ^lanilla was a 
friendly port for an English vessel. I 
remember it was three years since we 
sailed from Canton, actions fevers, atid 
dralLs hadn't left one of the Rattle- 
snake's men on hoard the Thunderer hut 
myself. 'The new mcssinafcs were not 
quite np to tlie old; and though our cap- 
tain was a good oflicer, he had a spice of 
pride in him that taught the whole ship 

lime, and a public meeting w;-..s Injd ,011 thqir distance. There were no meetings 

the foreca.stle, to petition Captain Pagot 
for leave to go on shore. 'Wio boat- 
swain’s m-ite, who had been tho son of "a 
_gclioolmastcr. and once saw bis I’attier 
sign a iictition to i’ariiament agaiiict the 
liearth-drow up our raeniorial in ilic same 
form wbich he said was the tiling fur- 
thest off mutiny. n lid commenced. -.Alay 
it please Hono:-able Cabin. ' Ca]*!aln Pa- 
get, tavorah!3’ considered otir jictition, ns 
he did nil the complaints of men: but to 
keep the Ciiinanicn’s niind.s at rc-t, wc 
were allowed to go only in'o par- 
ties of a dozen .--irong, every ni .a Jaking 
his turn, w ith strict orders not to lose 
sight of each o’.hcr, and to ratiii-i) to the 
ship nn hour licforc the shutting of Can- 

n the forecastle, no petitioning of his 
Honorable Cabin, I can tell yon ; but go- 
ing on shore was no trouble at Manilla. 

“It is a dirty town, and tlie worst part 
of it is the Chinese quarter. I had 
strolled in there one evening with 
tliree comrades, quiet smoking fellows, 
w ho knew tho place, and would have mo 
to see a Chinese play. 1 thought of tlie 
old story at Canton, but they said it was 
uncommon curious, and Chinamen abroad 
ha\e no such hatred to strangers as at 
home. The playhouse stood in nn uii 

through. ’ — Christian Ernnqelisl. 

» I 

Tirliie in Man. | 

We ove to believe there is more moral J 
goodness than depravity in human nature. ' 
M hen we see one tear of pity drop from | 
the eye, it gives us more pleasure than 1 
would the finding of a diamond. There 
is goodness — real and unselfish — in tlie 
heart, and wc have often seen it manifest 
itself, to the making of a scene of sorrow 
the vestibule of Heaven. F’or him who 
is always picking out flaws in his neigh- 
bor's character, we have no sympathy. — 
He reminds us of those birds which re- 
sort to dead and decayed limbs of trees 
to feast on worms. In the character of 
most men we shall find more good than 
evil, more kindne.s.s than hatred — and 
why should we seek (0 ])ick out the flaws, 
and pass over the sterling traits of char- 
acter? I\ e hold this to be true doctrine; 
to portray real goodness and hold it uj) 
to the gaze and admiration of all, while 
wc suffer the evil to remain in tlic .-ffiade j 
and die. If every picture of liuman na- 1 
turc were 01113' P'tfo t'Rd ho.mtiful, wc I 
are inclined to boliovo that we should have ' 
Ihotisands of such oharaeters living and 
loving around us. | 


Against slander there is no defence. 
Hell cannot boast so foul a .‘r end, nor 
man deplore so toul a foe. It siab.s with 
a word, with a nod. with a shru!.', w ith a 

look, with a 



l estilcticc darkness, spreading contagion 
far and wide, which the most weary tr.av- j 
oler cannot avoiil. It is the beart-scareh- ; 
ing dagger of the assa.ssin. It is the poi- 

paved street, narrow and very dark, with j ’*OR‘''Uirrow whose wound is ini urable. , 
old Spanish, which the Chinese ' as the sting ol flic most 

bad got hold of and -ot np their shops 'j^fdly .asp murder is its employment, 
and trades in. it war. like the one I had I innocence its prey, and ruin its sport. 


Happy season ! No clouds overshadow 
the youthful brow ; the child glances not 
at to-morrow; in the present is the em- 
lindinicnt of all its aspirations and hopes. 
.\s the lice gathers honey from c’ ery 
opening flower, so the little ehihl gatlicrs 
pleasure from every jiassing event. The 
trials in after years seem as nothing in 
comparison with their own petty annoy- 
ances and grievances, wliich for a while 
throw a gloom over their little sports un- 
til dispelled by the sunsliine of an cxjio- 
rienced guide. Cliildren, like flowers, 
thrive and flourish in a genial atmosphere: 
As the lieavy gale will crnsli the tiny 
blossom, so will harsh words compel the 
sensitive nature to slirink within itself, 
tints destroying the fresh oulhnrsts of 
childish enthnsiasni; for' it is I'roin tlie 
pure nrig nalily of tho expression of u 
child that we olitnin the inner workings 
of the youthful mind, which is easily' 
nioulded for good or evil, aecording to' 
the infltienees by which it i“ surrounded. 

Ah, little ones, seek not enjoy nieiit 
alone, hnt mingle ••iri.aloni icith mirth.” 

Mahv. — W’ tio docs love the pluitt, yet 
hcautil'ul name of Mary ? Tl is front the 
Hebrew, and moans a ‘'tear droji.'' What 
sweet and joyoiw hours of other days - 
w hat pleasing association-i the very iiame 
calls npin every heart? Who knows ill 
of 3 lary ? Who that does not love tin; 
name, and lias not had every ligament of 
his heart moved to me.ody at its men- 
tion? If there ho anything gentle, val- 
ued, and won aniy, what .Mary po.-sc.-^scs 
it not ? 

M nniaii. 

lie cannot be an unliappy man «bo 
has llie love of woman to .•iccompany bint 
in every department of life. Tlic world 
may look dark and cheerless without — • 
enemies gather in his p.ath — hut when 
he returns to the fire-iido, and feels Ihe 
tender love of woman, be forgets tii.s 
cares and irotthlcs, and is comparatively^ 
.a hiijipy man. 

It will afford sweeter happiness in 
the hour of (l('.•lt!l to have wiped one tear 
from the cheek of sorrow, th.iil to' have 
rulcd^an cui]iirc. 

fieiX, Anihition often plays tlic wrest-. 
Icr s trick of raising a man up nic ely to 
throw him down. 

Brti.’.Vl-.en doing what is right, llie 
1;o-irt is easy and tiecnn'i^s belter every 
Jay, but when practising 'b'leit, the 
mind lalmrs and every d.iv gets worse. 

TliO (baraclor th:l needs i.nw to 
mend it is h rdly worth tin tfonbic of 

J-C" A lady sonictimes gets as n- 'li 
intoxicated :.-t lu-r glas.s ns s toper do. at 

Choose a w ile as you wo’ji'l a 
knife — fry her temper. 


feBLKinn by 



l.iibe’B .01 IMglit. 

AVheii wr rcectveO the iui'orTnation tint 
our rei'rtsriit.-itivo, lion. L. T. Nloore, 
■ li;ul voteJ nuaintit the rc.-5oiatiou of Air. 

Adrain, cn lors-inj: t!ic prudent and pa- 
! trlotic conr.-io of -Maj. Anderson, there 
1 was some little diss.ntisfaction "among his 

«Be. .W. J ACW803S. Editor. 

The I’resident Message. j Important from Washington. 

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I'residiut — L'lrz Anil rs"r  as a Medi 
aim- — The I’ldirj/oJ' lla Incoming Ad- 
m i n U/rntion — 1 losctl He! icj fur K a n - 

s'ls — Perstiutil l/ijnridly hrtween Von- 
gressmr a li list and iJuun. 

AVasiiinotok, Jan. 21. 
K.x-l’rcsident Tyler had a long, satis- 

ing is the President s Message, in ful!, 
as transmitted to Congress to day: 

"To the Smatc and [lonsi ij^ lirp’-ctrnta- 
tics of tli ( nited Stiitrs: 

I deem it my duty to subtrilt to Con- j 
' gross a stirios id' resolution.s adopted hy | 



Triday, : : : : February 1, 1861. , 

1 constituonta hero, for we all endorse ,Maj. . lOih ^ ^ 

j Anderson here with a hearty good will; ; j,,,;} . having in view the |ieaecful settle- | fat lory and friendly interview with the 
I hut the following explan.ition made in ment of the e.\!.sting iine-lions w hieh now " • ■ - «... 

the House of llciircsentativcs on the Idth threaten the I iiion. fhej w ere 

The Uctolution at the South. ®iaJrdhe IbUowing was sungat Mi. olive, on 1 

Important from Charhston — »S'«r/-t-nder the 4ih day of January, the day of Fasting, j . 
of thr U. S. Arsinal at Augusta — The Humiliiuion and Prayer; 

•Slooji-of.tcar, llrooh/gn. Again sent To day we ve to worship God, 

I.UliJ JliilicrliscnuntSi 


IlfliJ 3tbbertisinunts. 

Honth with Sealed Ordirs — Jlilitarg 
Movements in Mississijgii. 

Cii.uu.ESTON, Jan. 24. j 
The Legislature ha.s appropriated 840,- 
OUO for earrying on the postal arrange- 
ment if the Federal Government secedes 

President to day. The hitter exjiressed Low the present system, 
tlcliv- I his heliof that there will he no collision I 'Lieutenant xMead has returned from 
t nhi . ..c .1, I .. I nh,'.. ..II ered to me on Thursday, the 2lth inst.. j hetween the I'edorjl and Ftatc lorecs H' ‘'’“"*Lr. 

' .1 *' ' J ‘ ^ J O. ; by h^x-president Tyler, who has Iclt his : Jm-juj. the remainder of his Adminis- | extended to the 

rpf.i rorriont in tliG ■ und tli'it.lic?iioiiIdcGrt )iDl^’ lu u Icc i ^ Cutiiwhin Indiuns 

i-EiisoN.u. r.xpr.AirATtos. 

I dignified .and honored retirement in the 
hope that he may render service to his 
Nlr.MnouE,ol Kentucky. Mr. Speak- ; country in this hour of peril. J hese 
cr, 1 desire to ask a favor of this House, j rcsoltilion.s, it will he perceived, extend 1 Tyler will j robahly remain here 

which I have not heretofore asked, and ] .an invitation to all sinh States, w' ether ^ tj]] |),o 4th of I’ehi'uary to meet the 


Oar Hope*. 

We have sH along indulged the hope 

That our'difficaltieB would he settled in a ^ ^ ^ 

«»pner fair and honorable to all sections ; 1 trust I may never regard it as i slavelioldiiig or non-slaveliolding, as are | Commissioners 

of this great Nation. N\'e still believed | f„r me to ask again. It is, sir. willing to unite with A irginia in an car- i Virginia. 

fh th -re was a patriotic feeling in the | the privilege of making a short pcrmnal nest elfort to adjust the present nnhapi y j i.^rz Andcr.son. brother to Major An 

^ . . ..lA ansepcd in nm- explanation. : eontrover.-sics, in the spirit in whiidi the | (lyrgon. will le:ive to-morrow for his home, 

treat masses that wouia sueeeeu 

of Foutli 

every effort to prevent it and preserve f • ''ol'na have hcen accepted hy the Gov- 

•Jefi. llavis is in town. ^ 

from Stale.s other than 

' and ii.ilriolic act of Major .tiub’rson iu willi- 
itrawibg from Fori .Moultrie to Fort Suinler. 
and of llie determination of the President to 
nmiiilaiii that feariess oflirer in his prosrnl po- 
sition; and that we will support the I rrsdleiit 
in all const ituiioiial measures to enforce th:; 
laws and iircserve the I'nion." 

When that rcsolntiun wa.s [..produced 

nld vole 

atrainst a resolution of that character. — 
\Vc proposed to divide it, that we might 
endorse -Major .Nnder.son, and vote against 
the residue; which was refused. 1 rc- 

F‘"" - o the pol I .Nootijeetioli was inaue. Constitution was originally formed, and | (’i„yi,;,mii. His efforts, both in Wash- 

Uiug itself felt, notwithstamimg vne j-oi- | . Moouk, of Kentucky. On tlie Ttli consisletitly with it:  |»ritu iplos so as to I ington and Charleston, were instrumental 

iHeians were trying to stifle the voiec o . of the present month. Mr. Adrain, aflorvl the people of the slaveholding ; in produ.'lng the letter understanding 

iTiose devoted to the I'nion and the Con- (,f'\,'cw .Jersey, iiitrodiieed a icsolution States adeiiuato guarantees for thesecuri- 
nJ therefore eqtial rights to , in the following words: ty of their rights, to ajqioint Cpnimis- 

ntilutiou,a was I That wc fully approve of the bold j sinners to meet on t he 4lh da v of I'cbni- 

.11 sections of the country, tnat wa.s , , ^ ^ 

..-vming up from all parts of the Ln- 
ion. True, that at times everything 
swmed dark, indeed, and what we hoped 
and why wc hoped, we hardly knew— un- 
iBss that it was that ‘ms long as there 
was life there was hope,” but now the 
ulouds begin to break, and the sun to 
come to cheer. The Northern people 
»re pouring into Congress petition after 
petition, praying their Kepresentat.ves 

When that ro.^olntiun w;is I..^rodi 
I thought it unealleil fur aiidvjmee 
rv; hut 1 hesitated before f (^mld 

fo adopt the CTifendeu resolutions or j however, in my mind, giving 

.oiuethiug similar. This is having a j i, all the consideration that I could in 

:ood’cflhot, and will not fail to produce | brief period ailowed lu lvscen the in- 
»ood, for the voiec of the people is 

ary next, in the City of Washington, 
similar commissioners appointed by A iv- 
giiii.i, to consider, and if [iractieahle, agree 
upon some suilahle adjustment. 

I oonfess 1 hail tlii.s movctncot on the 
part of A' irginia w iih great satisfaction. 
I'roiii the past history of this ancient and | 
r nowned t'ommonwealth, w.r have the: 
fullest assurance that win. t she has un- 
dertaken she will aceomplish. if it can be 
done hv able, eniighlenod and jicrscvcr 
ing etlerts. It is higldy gratifying to 
know that other jniti iotie ■‘States have ap- 
pointed and :irc appointing Commission- 
ers to meet ihosc of A'iiginia in coniicil. 
When asscinhied, they will constitute a 
bod\ in an eminent tlegrec entitled to tlie 
eoniidenec of the conntiy. T he General 
.\sseinhlv of A irginia has also lesolvc l 

AiiifSTA, .Jan. 24. \ 

Governor Brown, at the head of seven j 
hundred .State troops, this morning, de- 
manded the surrender of the I’liited 
States -Arsenal. His demand was com- l 
plied with, the troops in charge saluting j 
the United States Hag before hauling it 
down. The C nited Stales troops are to 
be sent to New A'ork. 

Norfoi.k, Jan. 25. 

The sloop-of-war Brooklyn, sailed | 
South yesterday with sealed orders. She 
took two companies of soldiers from 
Fort Moiir.jc. 

St. Loitls, .Jail, 25. j 
special dispatch fo the Ivcpuhlicaii i 

hetween .AJajor .Anderson and the South 
Carolina authorities. 

-A largo nnniber of leading Bcpuhli- 
cans. from various parts of the country, 
have been here for several days. 

There is a great deal of consultation 
among the friends of the incoming -Ad- 
mini.stration, tlic results of which may 
soon be dcvelujicd. 

The Scn:itc. in Executive sc.ssion, eou- j - g,. . . . . , 

Cnnccla iinniL'cr of comparatively unim- i Trom Jackson, Mississippi, dated tlie ; 
portant nominations, thus (.|,.ariiig I’l;^- ^'^'‘'*^''*‘0" elected seven dele- 

calendar. -Among the conSrnialions vv.ii 
fhat of Captain lllui k, of New .Jersey, 

And with Him intercede, 

TliiU vve vviio live on iVeedoiu's sod, 

-May ever he agreed. 

Our fathci-B fought and bled and died. 
For tills our Iiappy land ; 

O, may we e'er bo satisfied. 

And firm united slaml. 

Our Constitution wc'llilcfend. 

And pray for vvliolesoino laws; 

On Tiicc alone we will depeii*!, 

(lood Lord maintain our 

To Thee wc plead lliy sovereign power — 
Make knotvn thy miglitv’ arm. 

In this our much disiressed hour, 

-And shield us from all harm. 


The hearts of Kings and ruling men, 
Giio.1 1/ird are in thy liaml; 

■May party strife no more be seen, 

Iu this our happy land. 

May we in fellowship agree, 

■Ami swell the anthem high, 

And sing of our sweet liberty 
Till vve are called to die. 

And when that last sa l moment come, 
Then take us up above. 

To sing in freedom's happy home, 

-And bathe in Jesus I/ive. 


Sixty-Ninth ITear. 


Weekly Gazette! EXTERMINATORS!! 

j ForlBGl. I 

T in: great Presidential battle having closed Ut/v„ i r Jc u n r, t 

with the triumph of the Uepublicans in the ; llljttlllule ltC H€(lies K) 

election of Lincoln and Hamlin, a new era will 
I soon he inaugurated in the jiolicy of our gov- 
! erniucut, and its energies be wielded, within 
I the revognized limits of the Constitution, in 
favor of Freedom, and not of Slavery. 

I Tlie signs of tlie times, therefore, indicate a 
i year of slariling changes and great cvent.s, and 
I he who would keep puce witli the spirit and 
! intelligence of the age, must rkad. An enter- 
I prising newsi aper is un ejiitomc of this living 
I world, and brings it, with all its ever varying 
1 phases, before the mind's eye of the poor man ' 
in his cottage ns well as the rich man in his   
palace. It is the elicnpesi article of necessity I 


Kvery form and species of 


These preparations (unlike all others), are 

‘•Tree from Poisons. 

“Not dangerous to the Iiiiman family.’’ 
‘‘llais come out of their holes to die.’’ 

and the oilter SliCa-s that hi;ve sceeilod 
or shall set ciie, v. ith ' iiislnvetious to res- 
pc'-t'uUv rei|uest ihe Presiileiit of the 
1. ant! lilt; aiilhorilies of-ttt h Stale- 
tn agree lo al-stain. peli'liiig the proceed- 
: iiigs eoiitt-mphited hy the t.etitui of this 
General A'.seiiildy. from any ami all aetH 
indie ition' it | Sniithern States as of that magnitude i oa'i.iiltiled t-a prodiiic a eollisioti of iiri.vs 

trodiietion of the re.solntion and the time 
when vve were called to vote upon it. 1 

— ightier than an army with hatincis. j (],at while 1 eoiiKl fully and 

Becenlly Boston, that hole of -Abo- ii.Jorso the action of .Major .An- . Kx-'l’re.-idciit .f.difi I'yler is licrchy 

1 • -fs and the homo of AA’cndell derson, an act jusli ied hy tlie laws of ,,|,j,u|„tet|. by the concurrent vote oi'eatli 
itionis , - to Conoress self-defeiii-e, if not by tlic onlcr.s ol the hraueli ol'thc t iencral .Assein ily , a Coni- 

Khtllips a Ue-mn . ! AVar Hepartment-that vv hi.-h Intd passed mij-siniicv to llic iVcsitleot ol tlu^ I nited 

prayinp for nn adjustment o le 1. 1 I ;njd which wc 1‘ullv and cou]]deteIy uu- State;*, and dvidj^c .Jno. liobinson i? 

•iilties, havini; upwards of fourteen thou- ■ — x f-ould n(it vote 10 endorse lu icbv :i| poinlcd. by a likc\ote, a I’om- 

9»od sigd^tuies. "wrapped up in the ^.^ery act that the Picsidont in the ITitnrc missioiror to tlie State of aS uth (’aroliua. 

A merican floK. The Hon. Edward Ev- . might regard as his constitulionai duty, 

.. -• ; h,.,l /•■ii.diilale for the ' in enrryitig out the l.iws ami prcscvving 

Vice Vresideney, was chairman ),jg acts. AVhilc. sir. I am for 

tb.nt bore this ‘‘mci*sen"er of die Knion. and while in «ayinp: lliat I be- 
I Blue ’ The telegrajih tell us t at it . Jievc that 1 represent the entiiiient ol 

,»,» received amid the wildest enthusiasm. | KeiiUii ky, I looked upon the action of 

All of this ba;* a good   » | rc*[iiired us at Ica^t to pau e and 

shaWs that the hearts of tM people are ; ere vve po''' 

and that if we will hut use Jhat ^ ^ „,jj jilungc it into a 

patience and forhcaranec that becomes a ' . ^ 

wi-e peorde with svuh a stake ty conteiul : nee ii ‘ vviir. 

^‘*P * . . , he.sitatc before sayin.g that we would in- 
fer »s the I nion of the . tales. . | . of ,i„, 

J H 1 the happiness of thirty millions ”Li',|iied States for the j. of cn- 

prople, all may yet he well, hut if wc I'nrelng the laws and earrying mil tlie eahuhilcJ to prodiier a eollisitm of arms 

mirselves and let passion rule us prineiplcsof the Constitution. , hetween this and iiny other Govt rnmonf. 

forget ourscives ana i ^ Speaker, ; h would, ihcref.MC. Ic a usurpation for 

who can lorcsoe tie cep ' *' I ^y],0 believe in tlie right of a. ''late lose- | the Exei-utive to atlemjit to restrain their 

follow? For who is so hliml as *'1 1 regard that a.s hainis. by an agreement in reg.inl to 

for »n instant think this great govern- , t)n, ilmt ever received the I m., tiers over which he no loii.stitu- 

dissolvc without i eoniitonanee and iiidor.seineiit of a ppliti- tional control. If he were thus to :u-t, 

to he- ' '’ ''1 p-M'ly- I approve of the re.sol ulion | tliey might |.ass laws whioh he should he 

upon that subject, passed hy t.ic l.cgis- ' bound to ohuy, thotigli in conflict with 

v\Mi -li his agreement, ruder the existing oir- ' 

as Quarterma.-ter of the Marine Corps. 

Mr. Kellogg, of Illinois, returned 
from Ijpringiield to-day, and the fact 
tliat he oxprcs.scil the oi inion tlnit the 
BurderStatcCommitlee Kesolutions eoiiic 
nearer any other plan to what the 
public exigencies ronuirc is doenio-1 sig- 
iiilii-ant, in connection with his recent 
visit to the President elect. 

Mr. (';.sc, of Imliaiia. will report a 
bill a]iiir(ii riating 8(il).0il(l for the relief 
of the sullcrers in Kansas. 

Th aiidens Hyatt has proceeded tl itlier 
with a view of exerting his influence in 

gaVsj lo a Southern Confederation, to 
nieet at Montgomery, -Alahama; and also 
p^c.0^ an ordinance to raise eight regi- 
ments of troojis. Jefferson Davis was 
elected Major-flencral. 

So when ihnt ihiy shall hnslen on, 
Our spirits all set free, 

May millions yet although unborn. 
Sing American Liberty. 

nr luxury that the ingenuity of man has yet 
devised, and he who ignores it buries his no- 
blest capacities, and is practically dead to the 
intercsl.s and coneerns of his race, outside of 
the narrow sjibere in which lie moves. 

Siicli an one we sliall continue to strive to 
make the G.VZKTTK, and to render it, for the 

c.iming year, worthy of still more general fa- 1(1 vna. nn.i 

vor. The prcs,“iire of that class of political vtttablishedinN. Aork City, 

matter spocially appertaining to the Campaign j i’seJ Uy — the city Post Office 
being now over, we shall he able to give a iiinch I , 

larger qnontity of literary and miscellaneous ' J "cf the City Prisons and Ulation Houses 

rending, for the benefit of those who feel com- ' /• j. . 

paratively little concern in politics. AVe be- I ‘'"‘““.V A'Lv Steamers, Ships, &c. 

stow great pains upon Ine making up of the i, . . 

' .*...' .. K I. ‘l‘c City Hospitals, Alms-Houses, *c. 

N. E. 

genera! eonflngration and a genera! intcr- 
i thought that vve shmilil 

hetwt't:! the Matts :i!id tJ.c Gov erumcn: 
of the I iiit.'il Sti.les. 

I lovvevi-r strong may 1-e the t’csiiu to 
enter into sm-h an agreemeiit. I nm eon- 
vinecd lhal I do not po -^c-s the [lOvver, 
tind Coi’gies.-, alone, under ihc war mak- 
ing power, can rxer-n.’-ie the discrolion id 
agreeing to abstain from any and all acts 

wBQt Can go to rum 
fcIoodfh«d? Does history lead us 

liBTB th.t a peaooablB separ.ation can take , ^ j;,.,;; 

{d»ee? No. Dissolve the 1 nion, and , i-pjrislature was then the wise t of 
what will you dih.solve it iu? In the ! mcky's statesmen, and which is 
mingled tears and hlood of a once united, j low 
1i»ppy and prosperous jieoplc. God j 
spare us the horro'ra of acivilwar. A\ e 
have hope that the Commissionera t   
wise? at AS'ashington on the -1th of I'ch- 
fUary, in pnrauance to a resolution ol 

llAUHisiu Rti, Pa., Jan. 28. 

-A hill has been introduced into the 
Senate authorizing suits ag.siiist cities 

and counties to recover from individual ameiideil for the prevention ol kid- 
reseuers. Individuals will he punishable „appi„jr_ a,,,) so as to provide for the 
by a line of 81,  100 or solitiry confine- Qijualization of commissioners' fees, 
mont for three years; also for authoriz- , Third— That the Constitution he .so 

isg the Governor to apjioint five Com- ; amended as to prohibit any interference 
missiiiiiers to AN ashington lot the -1th ol with shivery in any of the States where 
I’ehruary. , jf now exists. 

The Select Committee to-night agreed ' Fourth — That Congre.;-; shall not 

fo report Ihe above to-morrow. ^ abolish slavery in the Southern dock- 

!n tltc House the appointment ol Com- yard.s. arsenals, ite. mir in the District of 
missioiiers was discu.-sed. ami iiiaoe the ('olumhia. without the consent of Mary- 

special order for to-morrow. 

probably I'ass. 

Biciimom), a a.. Jan 

the Senatorial e'.c tion.* The jiriin iiial 
candiilates are Mcs.srs. -Arny, Pomeroy 
anil Graliaui. 

Air. Pus! h: .s. through a frieml, sent u 
noli: It) .Mr. Dunii, owing to what was 
saiil in ihe;r collofjtiy in the House to- 

NN A.-iiiiNi.TOX. Jan. 2.). | Ileccnt procce.liugs at Fort Alonroc 

The matter hctwccii KcprcscuLitives j i,ave nnii/ntercd the public feeling. 

Rust a iil Dumi is in the hands of thcir i 'j’j,0 following was atl-.pted at a large 
fricinls. It is imt cxxot-lcd that any ' meeting last night : 

hostile meeting will ;;rovv cut of it. | “NVhkrka.v The Legislature has for- 
Alr. Colfax's amendment to the Post- | mally declared that any act of coercion 
ofiii e Hill for daily oveil.nid mail, ] ro- i ajralnst a S uthern State will he reganlcil 
posed that it shall start from the western i ai t of war, and resisted with all 

frontier i.f Mi.-s-mri accessible by rail- j i„ our power, i -i i i ,i , ,i c.i , r 

roa-1 from the East, and go through to "Jlesohed. That the attention of the “"J xonth of that line 

IMacerville. instca.l of from St. Loui-s to ' Legislature be hereby called to the fact ' ( o'lgress nor the territorial legis- 

Siiii rraneis.-o. JvCttcrs and new spaj.ers I of an overt act of coercion now actually |atu 'C shall hcrealtor pass any htw' a lol- 
to go in twoiily ami magazines ••md doc I Pcing perpetrated at Forlici s Alonroc. j or or in any m.anncr 

umenls in thirty-live days; l.ut may i ‘ / ^ interlcring with African slavery; and that 

! GazottP, and believe vve ciiii safely say that in 

' variety, fi-eslmess and interest, it will not suffer i Vredby — tIicCitv HotsU  v..i«, ■ ic. v . i .. 

; by comparison with any Eastern paper, while i Hotels. Astor, ‘ht Nicholas, 4 o 

j an iiuportaut a«lvaiitugc in point of time, by ^ — the Hoarding Ilousei*, &c. &c. 

its Cfirliep arrival, ia gaiiad lo ^Vcatcru Bid - i u 
1 scribera. Onr rrioiing and Mailing are also ^ niore t!ian 50,000 Private Families, 

i now done with such dispatch as to enable us to ' 

BordVrStilte f ompromisc, i ® ‘••“Leedilion in the mail by L_  o'clock ; 

ihe lollowing is toe l 0rucr i-tate and subscribers will llms invariably recoiva «•/,,// /a- ; rx. , w. 

Compromise: ■ ‘I'c- ' T  ! « mails thereafter, 'fhe exti-a 

-I-,. . ,w J. B ^ amount of rcatling matter which tlie Gazette , R. COSTAR . — All Ihe summer t 

T irst nCCOinnicnain^ the repeal 01 furnishes its readers, in conseqiienceof its large * *nubled wiih Roaches and Mice. I 

all personal liberty bills. , size, should not be overlooked by iliose who actually ashiimed of the Iioukc, for the 

Second — That the fugitive slave law want the news of the ilay eomptrif^ and not in j were everywhere. I purchased a box 

‘ a partial and imperfect shape, i yj **** Exterminator and tried it, and in ono 

! a Hoach or Mouse in the 

i Single eopy, one! y^r 00 ; »' 

Two to Five copies, . - . . . 1 bO cnch , h/OC .S/-.JiA£/’E/ls — troubled with vermin. 

Five to Ten copies. ----- 1 2.5 “ I •'   longer, if they use “('o*tzr's'' 

I Tin to Twenty copies, i without any i Fxtemiinnlors. Me have nse l it to our satis- 

er.tracopy. I 1 00 “ | 1*“* ‘f .“ l ox cost $5, we would have 

I Twenty copies and upwards, (and 

It Will land ami the consent of the 
of the District, nor w ithout coiiipensa- 

20. I fit"'- 

Fflli — Congress shall not inter- 
fere with the iuter-State slave tr.ule. 

Sixth — That there sh:ill he ;i perpetu- 
al jiiohihition of the African s!:ivc 

'Seventh — the line of Jf) deg, ill) 
min. shall he run throughout all the cx- 
i.-ting territory of the United States; that 
in all north of that line slavery shall be 

it. Wc hml tried poi,son.s, but they sflected 
one to getter np of Oliib.) - - 1 00 “ “mhing; bin (’nslai-s ai-licle knocks the breath 

Ami an additional extra copy foreuery addi- Hals. .Mice and lletl-Bugs, quicker than 

tional 20 20 subscribers. ; ‘"'m w rite it. It is jn great demand all 

No extra copy for for less 20 sub- '*‘® co'mlry . — Medina (  )) tlazellf. 

getter up of each Club of 70 subseri- e.rammMly 
bers or, note, a copy of the H.ULY wtllhe sent, would pay\or toits „f “ht.f Hat and insect 

/ At STIN, Texas. Jan. 

The Legislature met anil the Goverii- 

vvhen any territory containing asufiicient 
poituhition for one memher of Congress. 

serve it; am! the right of s ce-sion, .asset led hy 
;lic ordinnnre, is not only nniintliorizcd hy ,i.e 
t’onstjiulion, hut is repugnant to its l.aier 


. . 11 - .1 . ♦.« ,r. • 1  lo wot la-Iieve thiit anv A tato has a 

AHTgtn.a, calling upon the . tales T" ^ ,„,t;t,„in„.nl right 'to scl^t*:- but all 

cuiiist ui' t s, my present actual iiovvcr 
as Ibl- ^ roBlincd w ilhiii very narnivr limits. It 
is my dtitv at all tiuic.s to dc;'cml ami 
*‘-a. Thai the people of the Lnited States have protect the public projicrtv wtiiiii the 
a deep intciest in the pcrpelnil;. and integrity | .acfcdiug Ft;itos. so i'ar as may be practi- 
' rnioii, and an midot b:e.I righi to pri- cablo. an.l i specially to employ the coli- 

bc sent by llie coiitni-tor, by slcimcr, 

at his own expon.- e. He showed in his ■ . . , . , 

remarks I hat it w onld ill volvc on! v 820i),-”j Of Alessagc wtis read. It Itivors the in any area ol sixty tho.t.sand square 
UHO expense per annuTii over tlic prc.scnl calling tit a Convention. Both Ho’ee  tuiles,^ shall apply for adniissioii ns a 
svetem, hciii”- the tlaily plan liave repcaleil the Kansas resolutions. Ktate, it shall be admitted with or without 
ever yet proposed. Tiic amen imeut i.-; | passed in 1858. The House passed the shivery, as its constitution may dete:w 
still nciiding ill tlic House. | Seti;;fe hill, directing the State Comp 

ii* instoad of the exlrs Wctkli 's. 

A Mitious 10 Clubs can be made, at all limcs 
, di r.iig llie year, m jiroportional rates, the lime 
or expire Avitli the ('!iih. 

All p:ipei   belon;:iiig to a club luuFt go to 
one Copies ordereil lo be seat tootlicr 

OJVuM"* become --Hbjcvi to single Mil scrip(ioii or 
i t'lub rates, nccoriling to tin* number, hiuI wifli- 
oui reference to ilndr Imving accompanied a 
i Club at another Office. 

Subscrij'tions, iu a!! cases^paynble in advance, 
and no paper coniinm-tl after tiie e.x] iiuiion of 
the time paitl fo.'. 

Wo sliall be happy, si any lime to send ns 
many specimen copii s as nm\ be desired, upon 
a]-i i*iMiion. 

The pane will he sent to Hergympn st $1 
j .\ll letter: containing rcmiffniiccs, if regis- 
tcrcil, will he a? our risk. preferred, 

when convenienilv obtainable. Addrc«»», 
febl. Ct.vnx.SAxr, 0. 

Killer. — Lunca^tcr ( JlnaUl. 

//AA /f } ll. COST.iU . — Your Extermina- 
tor IS reoeivcil, used, nnd pronounced a decided 
SUCC 0 S.S. Wc used a l.ox of it, and Ihe way the 
I«.its^ .and Mice around our premises “raised 
Ned that night was a cuutinn to sleepers.— 
SincAMhen not a Hat or .Mouse has been heard 

in k.tchen or cellar.— .lAfy/vyor (/okwj) 7Vm«. 

/ //.! VE EkEX .^A’AA/AV;— Your Kt- 
lenmnaior for the last year, and have found 
It a A»/rr .xW every time. 1 have not known ic 
to tail ill a single instaiiec. 

(iKo. Koss, Hniggist, ('ardingtor,   . 

HA ARh SELTTy, (S — Your preparations 
rapidly. Wherever they have been used, lUls, 
Mice. Hoaehes. ami vermin disappear imniedi- 
Ei KMt & Stoi FrKR. hniggiats, 

New Widstor, M 1. 

J e- , 

The House Military rommittce Iwivc | truUcr proceed to Washin^^tou and 
prepared a bi!! U)r tlic Leneflt of the sol ; recover $1S4,*HI0 due the State. A re.^- 


I of Ihi' 

slitutiomil moaii  to protcft the j itipt-rly 
of the I iii'eil Elites, nnil topie erve tl;c 
public {leace at ihi*. the .^at of tlie i’Cti- ; 
e-rtl ( iovcriinieiit.   

. , p u .iKtii- -yj ..... u.. If the scccJiiig {■tati al“'aiti R'^m 

point ( onunissioDcrs to tuee cr om must recognize tlie right of revolution — : nny .iml all act.-. i .iLulai -4 to pi oJuie a rct eivcil new 

wisbioners, ami try and agree upon some j ^ijo ,o p|,o arhin-.-i- coili:'iou ofai n’s, then tlie tlaiiger .-o ■ signs on the ( 

plan of ailjustuient, may result iu iiiuth j meiif nf ihe sword opjiressioii ujioii one . mm It to be ‘’epieeatt  1 will no long'-r nhit-h taused him much luixiely 

Frota the present indications : 'blc. ami imicpcndcnec anti freedom up- exist. I 'I 'onee. ami not aggression, ha.- ] .Judge Robinson who dispatched to 

- .1 -.1 ..1 i._ 1 .1 1.. _ .1 .1... Vdiuinistratioii I the Fnuthorn .'•'tates, liy A’iiginia. to iii- 

1 t'fi' j dneo tliem to keep the peace, telegraphs 
the history of this enter into mi sin h t itgagcment as that ifiat if the Rrooklyii is destined to Pen- 

misaioiiers up iii the part of Kentucky. ^ country when we should resort to_tneiiiis proj.i.-scJ, 1 etudi illy loiiimcml it to saeohi his mi.ssioii will prove a failuve. 

ronsist of the following gentlemen: — 'so dreadful, so full of disaster and catis- Congross witli mueh eoiilidciite that it | \ dispatt It lo b'enators Uriftemlen and 

.lames Guthrie 
B. Clay, Chari 
0: Butler, and Chas 

tako it upou the whole, is a good sclee- j wo should first endeavor, at least, to ob- | of the t'lcneral .Assembly of A’iiginia. 

tlivis of Fort 8uii.tcr. It appropriates j olution was unanimously piasseil dcclar- 
itv for loss su..tained 1 ingjtbat tlic Federal Uoveniment lias nol 

power to coerce a sovereign State afterl evening pas.sed resolutions iii.structiiig 

81.150 to iiidemiiity for loss su..tained 
in precipitate y leaving Fort Aloultrie. 

From Now York. 

A ’ew York, Jan. 29. 
The Tamniaiiy Hall Convention last 

1 pronotltieing her scpanition. Thc_Leg- 
^ ■■'aiurQ^avprs immediate sccesoioii liy^ 

iton, Jan. : 

WashHigto.ti  »’nrs. ^/..^amTi^of three to ^hc. 

j NV.\si2i.MirtiN, Jaii.T^ qq,e ' AVv.stifsi;- 

; wart rife hi t ! to-day I’li/i! tlOi). .‘^eSt'* VvS:*  ; , -«io . - i ,.  .“oi ■■ mv- 

intclligem-c iclafive to Ue- ! flicf hicago aml .Iilwaukie Hoard of , ,j.o.,oli.s have seats accotdcl them, the 
’aiiittti hv scfc, . ion invaders ' ' rade \isitcd the resident. -Ir. Sew.aid   q'„mmany delegates withdraw and take 
I ■ ■ , I anil ottiiTS tii-il.iv lilt! 1 resitleiit saiii. . ■ .. 

their delegates to the .'“tato Convention 
to demand their unqualified red) iiition 
as thi represenl'atives oT the regular or- 
ganization of the City Peuioeraey ; and 
that if any other delegates from the me 

... i I on tlie other, whenever oppression he- been the polit v ol' the Atliuinisl 

there w.l. be a repress u a ion I eonics intolerable. 1 do not believe tint from ti e l.i giiiniiig, but w hil.-t 

most of the hordtir States. Ihc A ohi [ jjjj.,o,.y of this enter into mi suih titgagcment ai 

p-iii the part of Kentucky. , couiitrv when we should resort to tneiiiis proj.i.scJ, 1 etudi illy loiiimcml 

he following gentlemen: — ■ so dreadful, so full of disaster and catis- ' Congress witli mueh I'oiilidciite I 

rie Joshua F. Bell, James | fophe: but I do believe that it is net ' will u.eet their ap;rol,ation to nostaiii Powell says the Legislature of Kentucky thcfc n" 

l! K W’inll'iTn I’eii AVni i right, at thc prc.scnt time, to send rein- from [ assiiig any law ealculaled to ]'io- , has aj. pointed J. F. Bell, J. B. Clay, -Air. [ 

_ ‘ 1 ' , i foreements to thc forts ill South C;iroliua i duce i eoliision of arms, j.cmliiig the Guthrie,^ Ex-Govermirs Alorehead and ; ' ® '' 

nJ Chas. S. AloreheaJ; this, j o^ the other southern States, luit that , proceedings eontt injihitcl l y thc action AVicklift'e, Coiniiiissioners to proceed to ^ ‘.’y **’ 

AVhile we nii'dit fear one or two | tain hy compromise what, in the end. ^ I am one of tho.'c who will never ties 


of them, we 
work together for thc good of the conn 

believe that the whole will 1 "''T we will he under 

necessity ot taking by torce. 

thc pair td' thc Rciiahlic. I yet t-hei-ish the 
belief lhat the Ameiican ) eoplo will jier- 

I shoultl not. Air. Speaker, have con- petuale the 1. nion of the St:il -s tut terms 


the result 

men do not give up all liopc, do not be | Loin v.arious parts of my district, I liavc 
diHcotiraged, tlie I nion ehnnipions arc 
working faithfully. Our secession friends, 

(than'tGod they are few about here.' 

»«Y that they havo lost all hope, they 
a e Jiseoursgod. AVe have but to s:iy 
that if they give up this soon they are 
but poor soldiers in the cause of Union 
and freemen. 


AVashington on thc 4ih of Fchruary. 

Thc Graml Jury has made three pre- 
.seiitim nls of ex-iScere.ary Floyd; First, 
for malidministralion iu office; second, 
'or complicity in the ahstra'ction of bonds; 

and otiiers to-day. The Pre.siilciit said, 
in thc interview, "if Air. Lincoln shall 
enjoy his accession to power as mni-h 
as I shall my retireinciit, he will 
be a happy man." 

Air. Seward said : “Heretofore the cry 
‘Save the Union' has been raised wlien 
there was nn danger. I tell you, my 
s, thc i|Ucstioii of slavery will not 
thc account. AN'e are 
then save all the rest 

! worth saving. ' 

Mr. BeyiiolJs, of New A'ork, from thc 
UoinmiUcc on the President's Alessagc, 

Anxiously do wc look forwar l to I jj to he my iluty to have made just ami hoiiufahle for all sections of thc | anj third, lor coiifpiracy :i 

suit of this Convention— Union ! this explanation had it not been that, country. (iovcrnm.cnt. ll is cxptu-tei: 

Tnr. IxENTCrKT'RF.. — Tlii.s 
body ^ss done very little of importance 
TOt, save appointing Commissioners to 
Bttor.d the A'irginia Convention to he 
held at AN'ashington, on'the 4th proximo. 
It is now certain that thc Union men 
hive a majority in the Assembly, and wc 
will have no convention to takejus out of 
the Unio''. Besolution after resolution 

! priii'-ipl 

I Nearly twii-lhirds of the itcniB liavc 
! already been examined carefully. No ' 
; ohange of dntic.s on iron are intendeil, , 
ihougli soiiH' sclieJules may be ordered, ; 
lo -imidify the opcriitioiis of tlie law. 

the ! 

Harriet Lane, is iu AA’ashington. 

From tliarleston. 

Charleston, Jan. 28. — The Legisla- 
ture to day unanimously resolved that, 
will. e acknowledging tlie courtesy of thc 
A'irginia Legislature in sending a Coni- 

Dear Sir: Tho news of the resBlu- 
tions of Mr. Kn ing. and its passage, is 
received here with the deepest regret. — 
, , . . , . , , . , ‘ “ cannot hut think the object of the 

has been introauccd into the Legislature Vcio Yorh resolutions is misunderstood 

expro.'sing all manner of opinions upon 
“Federal Rclatior.s. " AVe have not thc 
space to publish all of them, nor wouhl 
we consitler it imjiortant if wc had the 
space. To publish all of them we wotilJ 
have to have a paper as large as tho “side 
of a house." OF John Bei.i,. — J ohn Bel! 
has 1 atclymade a speech in thc Capitol 
at Tennessee. Thc Nashville Patriol 


■ Ills sjiccch W.IS one of the most clo- 
tiiient ami powerful of his life. It was 
chsraeterizcd by the loftiest patriotism, 
and made a deep and lasting impression 
■ pnn his hearers. Mr. Bell still has 
hopes of the Rcpublio. He does notb'e- 
lieve that the lime has yet come for tl‘c 
deatruotion of the Union. He doe.s not 
believe that the tree of our liberties, 
planted in the dark days of the Revo’u 
tion. and watered by some of tlie best 
blood of our country, is yet to fall before 
thc ax wb.ich is uplifted for its destruc- 

I’FMTKX'nART Ftatistics. — There 
arc at present .ild persons eonfined in 
the Frank I'oit Penitentiary, of whom 22 
are negroes. Tlie crimes for w hich the.'c 
were eonimitted a"'' as folhiws ; Miirdar, 
7 : manslaughter. JG ; graml larceny. 119: mail rohhing, 9; in-, 1 ; jiassing counferfcll iminey, 2G ; 
attempt to kill, 4; enticing slaves, !» : 
linrglnry,2ii : arson, I!: shooting,2: coun 
terfeiting, J; forgery, G ; sodeiiiy, 8; false 
Jirctciisc-s 2 ; perjury, 5: cutting, 4; ah 
fiuotion, 2 ; attempt at rape. 1: attempt 
at poison, 1. There are eighty-seven 
convicts whose term will expire (luring 
the presentyear; six having been releas- 
ed tin Mrtnday last. 

against tlic 
cxpiuteil that the 

I tniH that tho mediation of A irginia imUcimcnls will be ready for tlic action 
received letters from some of thc mo-t may he thc di stinc l means under the ofthejury to-moriow. 
re.ipeet; ble of my constituents, saying providence ofGtxl, of aceouiplisliing tlii.s ’ Tflc 8cnatc's 8j)ccial Committee on tho 
that my vote against the resolution of ! inestimaldc henefit. Glorious as are thc Tarifi' Bill w ill iej ort AN’ednesilav. I 

Air- Adrain was condeniiicd, from thc | memor'es of her jiast i ehieveniont, liotli | The .NIorrill Bill, after, a close* investi- 

faetthat they did not understand thc ! in relation lo her own fame ami the wel- | .^it'on, is pronounced to be excellent in 

motives which prompted me to vote i faro of the whole euuiitity. this would j prim iido and general arrangcfiicnt. 

against it. I said upon that occasion: | .surpass them ail. 

•'ll tills rcsoliiliiin were confincti to Ma'or | (Signed) J.AAIE.‘' BUCH ANAN. 

An.!c:soi. I sliotiltl votcforii with great plea- I AVarhin.'l un City. January 28. ISGl. 

'*nrc; mil I cannot vote for Ine residue of tlinf ^ 

rt-^ulution. Hence, I vote ‘no.”’ ‘ ^ i • • 

1 thank the House for its courtesy. . _ mfcling of the citiz uis of 

— • ' I Clark County, at thc Court House in 

The liwing Kesolutions. i NA'inclicsIer. .I.^miry 2“'th, ISGl, Jmlge 

A friend has kindly furnished us lhe,j„,„og G. called to tlie 
following interesting private letter, from 1 

a distinguished source, with thc privtleoc ' .I -n . n • V- i ,i ' g 1 "'T' Gov. I'itkcns, while tlic former was at 

of presentin.^ it to ou readers- ^ '‘T ^ • . .1 ? : AVa hington, ’was considered in Exccu- 

1 rcscntin t to our rcadcis^ of the meeting was to ratify the res- , mend that the aw go into operation on apnearsthat tl.cultima- 

• Bt i tAi.o. Jan 23, IStil. i ohition.s of thc Louisville Convention. '! « Lno April, and proposed modific^- ; of Carolina was, tho surren- 

hchl .January Sth and 9lh. | V*!" j ‘f wJte ‘ousii.g s\., cm ou le , 8umtcraiul the withdrawal of 

[AVepuldishcJ the LonLvillc resolu- ' AH ,’h^d«!ies are lo he paid within!'’'"’ .‘'‘".'V"' ^''7''"''; 

.. , , . , .. Ll - . , - . 1 M ■ proMi- cd t.) p.iy (or the forts, and that 

tionssomctimes.nee, and do not deem It. thirty .lays alter he.., g entered. Alor ,;Urence to the wisl cs of 

ne rssary to n.i.uhiish them now.— E d.] . cham isc lor rcshipmcnt can be stomi .mx ^ tjoiitlicrn Congressmen, withheld 
James M. Ogtlcn. Asa C. Barrow, ami ' estimated ' its bi o,;,;,,,, 

E. T. Tiivlor, w i 10 a[i| ointc 1 .1 commitlce ! "! 1'’““”*^° ^ roxenne o •. .i .   . , I’ickt ns now tells llavne to make 

' with average imports. 1 lie bill now ‘ 

l-.fforts have been minle to red ice im; ; . . i i- i • ■ „ 

, ) 1 . -.1 .' missioner. decline liaving any intercourse 

ilutv 111 iiig-min and steel, but without; , i- . i;. , 

• I . on the sub ect uro]iusca, regartiing the 

snciess. — NNco cnsareto pay 1- cents /• “^i i • ^ii. 

,, . . J . * •, separation iisCmil ami irrevocable. 

; chair, and AN’ill. H. NVinn appointed Fee- | {jj'ip ihr'Tate mi'^7aw ^ ^ corrcspomlence of Mr. Hayne ami 

'1 he Chairmiin explained theob- I material. 'ihc ct:mmillcc will recoin 

J. De I’eyster Ogden was appointed 
chairman, and a large number of pj-omi- 
ment citizens were named as secretaries. 
A long preaiuble and resolutions was 
re 1(1 by Air. Appleton Oaksmith, giving 
a comprehensive survey'of the past ami 
present o nditinii ol' tlie country, and 
„ , com Imling hv thc recommendation of 

will to-morrow rejmrt a bill ol not only ; ,^0 Crittondei. Con.prombe .as heing. in 
giving thc Executive the power, but ma- i the opinion of the people of this city, 
king it mandatory upon him, to call out sctllomcnt ..f our 

thc volunteer militia for the purpose ot | 

tics. Jaiiic.s T. lir.idy, 

suppressing insurrections, Ac. , j.  ,, i,„roduted. and made an 

Owing to the urgent remonstrance of : thin support of the Union. 

Secretary Di.x, the Marine llo.spital affair , 

at New Orleans has been , and others. 

arrangctl. ' A resolution was adopted to aiqioint three 

(apt. baucc, of the revenue cutter Commissioners to this city to visit thc 

Uonventions of the fcccding States, and 
confer with thc delegates in regard to a 
j settlement of the sece.ssion question, and 
I the Uhairman appointed as such (,’ommis- 
sioners, James T. Brady, (.'ornclius K. 
Garrison, an I Appleton Oaksmith. 

Tho Commissioners are fo proceed up- 
on their mission immediately, and to rc- 
[lort the resultof their labors at the ear- 
liest practicable moment. 

7’o Dettroy — Hats, Hnnriirs, 4c. 

To Drrtrny — Mice, Moles, .Ac. 

To Destroy — IIcil-Hngs, 

To Destroy— yXeiWis, Fleas, Ants, &c. 

To Destroy — Mosquitoes, 

To Destroy — Insects on riants ami Fowls, 

To Dr.stroy -Insects on Animals, &c. Jtc. 

To Jlcsirmi— Kverv formAiml sjiecies of Vermin 

V ■ 

. , Xet/ro Iloiisc.o, Jlani, Sfahka. dc., 

no part lu thc inoceedings. ■ i    • -i) i, 

*V lar^’^e mcetiii" of thc cit'zciis of Xcw Apple and 1 oacli Orchanl. It is well , ^ oFfar s Iixtt. lioacli. t^'c. I'uxtcrniinxtor, 

last evening, lo express the scntiiiieiit of sol,t puUicly on ihe pieiiiis.-s, al 12 o'clock, 
the people of this city the national cri- Oii llic I'r.lUdaj oS ’l bi’iiar.y, IMU ' 

If not sold then will I,-' rental. Torino Avill lie [ 
on a crt'tlit, and made k nowii on tlic tla}' of «ulo. 1 
Any person Avishin;' to see the pl ace l t*foro ' 
tho day of salt* me ii.Aited to call on mein 
V. inclicster, and I will yhow it to tln-m. ' 

Hi:.\J. miNEH. . ! 
jan. 11-tds. I 

"Lox. Ol,-‘. v\ lUp. copy till day of sale, 
and ch'irge this rtihee. 


I HAVi: for stile a TRACT OK LAND con- 
taining about 

112 A. C J\ K S I 

It lies on tlie M’inchoster anti Hooiu-shorotigh 
Turnpike, just 4 miles from Wincljv.stcr, .1 mile 
from Tates mill, and ’  niih-s from llooues- 
' l -.-o:i;rh, at ihchindiugon the ritm ky Kiver. 
hi.' apart of the tract of I.and owned by Xa- 
iV'iiitl Hagland, l^r., tiocenscii. Tlicro is on 
1 ;V place a 

; Comfortable Dwelling House ! 

For n Inrge family; 

Chrerlug IntlicHtions. 

AA’e have liecn permitted to see thc fol- 
lowing letter, addressed to a member of 
the present General ^Assembly: 

AIAYOR'8 office, ) 
City OF Cinci.nnati, Jan.27, Gl. ) 
Alli. : Idear Sir: — I, as well as 

AN'e hive no intention to coerce or in- 
vade any State, and least of all. gallant. 

glorious old Kentucky, a .State, we not to tlrafl r'csolution^Vor tlds meeting, when 
■inly love, but revere as the home .and committee the following 

tomb ot our lieltivcd Hknrv Clav.^ AN c ^ resolutions- 

have always regarded Kentucky as true i That, the Union men of Clark 

ant loyal to the nion, tuM we do so still ,,c,,„|y endorse and approve of the .e.s- we al feel that tf Kentucky wilL adopted in thc Co, ivcnth-ns held 
on y stand by tbe I nion, and by us, all i^oub-villc en the 8lh and ‘it’., of Jan- 
ir ill tie sate, i he resuluttons iiml action u iry j 

of our Legislature look only to the pres , //rsolnd. That as we arc best a-lvise 1 ' '“‘c Treasury 

el-nn on" I t 7 1   '“nsl itutional Of Ictral an- , . 

ernmen,. not to ..ostility to .any State or | fporitv, vcsfo.l in thc l.fris’ahtre of Ken- ‘ 

rnstitutions of any State. AVe ' „.,ky; p„, „.o ,,„,posc tif calling a Con- 

vention to alter the relation of Kcntuekv 

average imports. 'I'he hill now- 
conlain.s a loan for s'21 .OOO.DOD. w hit-li is 
intend-' ll to cover oulaiantliiig Treasury 
notes. ' 

'I'liiswili be increased to $25,000,000, | 

L’e (lie nortliera people generally, look upon 
; your gallant and patriotic State with 
I much intorcst and aii.xiety. 1 siiicerely 
J inaiiil tortile torts, repudiating trust that in niaintaininc: and demanding 
’ ! tTie Frt siiicnt's po.Mtions that he I, a- not ■ constitutional rightl-, it will lie done 

the I'nion, and that she cannot he 

in Air. Dix': 

to the 

stand hy .Mnj. Anderson and Orittenden 
and Holt, and we have no doubt vou do 
the same. I can not express to you how 
the gallant conduct of that brave Ken- 
tucky officer clectrifietl us. AN'e also 
view with deep coiiBcrn. the planting of 
hostile cannon on the iMississippi, in 
which your State is so deeply interested. 
NN'c do nol care who is against thc Union 

if only A  1 (D(,-/.-u will stand by it, as she c ■ i i . .i 

I...U ...... « e Ll T.. fimTucial emharra -smeuls of thrteountrv, 

lias ever done in time.s of troub e. If i i i .• .i • . . n 

your .^tate will stand firm, the people of "l*' l--opnct.v at al event.s 

the North will do right.'-- A  ,i /. 7 'oi 7 “U’ 

Commoniriallh. ’ I'l-opnatin-^ larg.c sums ot money lor 

I raising and arming military troops in 
... - . ; Kentucky. 

,. ’range. , destruetnc , Ordered that llic;e iivotoetliiics he pub 

hre occun-ed at La Grange, on thc Lou- , Uic Nationai. UmoL Lexin':- 

isville and ^ranklortLallroad.atancar!y : to,, ()|„erver and Ueporler. LmiisviHe 
hour on Fatui-day. zA whole block, con- . i ... 
taining five buildings, including IIo") 
wood's saddlery establishment. .Alahiin's 

to the I nited States, wc llierofore a c 
nlt-jrly opposed t.i the eaUing of such i 
Convent ic'ii, and tleclarc fhat if such a ^ 

Convention shon',1 he ealleil, aiiv action 
thus taken, alti r'ng thc relation hip of I . , , 

Kentucky to the I nile I ,‘^tates. (ut’'ht to ! has been thc policy of the gov- 

bc rcg.irtied as rcvoliitionarv and void. I Iron, the beginning., d. That consi.iering thc great ' recommends 

Ifow give them up, hut mttst leave 
o Cougrcss. I’ickens further tell* 
i IDS will 00 .ncrcascu to tgo.miD.uoo , „ ,o,,onalile time for an 

lu order to provide lor ohjeeU of spccia ; j,. 

le-u:slaUon ami Mher items me uded , Sumpter he laker. 

statement of tho c“'  | The Legislature endorses thc action, 

ter Ihc euricnt fiscal j„o t, rrcMou. I'rivi.le 

■FLnvoy from 8outh Carolina to A irginia, 
was sent toRichmoii'l to 'lay. 

Chari. E. sroN, .Ian. 29. — Thc steamer 
Columbia got off' thc bar and came up to 
tlic city this morning. Her freight will 
he taken out and she will reload again at 
the wharf. 

The vessel is .slraiiie l somewhat, hut 
the 'lamage is slight. 

li's-zagc. sent to Con- 
gres.s to-day, ennniiend.s the peace reso- 
lutions of ihe N'irginia Legislature, and 
hails the proiio^il ion w iili grateful satis- 
faction. As to agreeing lo abstain from 
any and all a'-ts oiilcahiled to ].rriJuce .a 
collisi'.in. ho sav.s he has: not faiwor ior 
such an agreement. Defence, not ag- 

Journal. Frankfort ('ommonwi'allh, Alt. 
Kterling AVliig. 

JAAl ES li.G. BUSH. C h'n. 
AA’lI.I.. H. AVi.'N, Sm-targ. 

dwclliug. and a drug store, iu which the 
.-A'lain's Express office was kept. Fortu- 
nately the postofficc had been removed 
across tl-.e street a few days before, else it Jam 25. — .A fire at Alenoiiiiic. AVi.-.. on 

Fire at.Menomnr. AVis. — Cl, 

lit fif/n. 

been destroyed witli the other build- 
ings. The amount of thc loss, which is 
hc.ivy, i.s not known. 


I K ANs. Tuesday, .lanuary 29. — The Con- 

Alonday niglit, dcslitiyctl the house of 
ANTn. Cosligali. Dost master of that viL 
lage, and lour of his ehihircn, agnil from 
four to ten years, perishc'l in the flames. 

8ffi,AVI.en doing wliat is right, thc 

iition met ami went into secret session , heart is. ca'y and I'cciimes hotter every 
ill the question of thc navigation of the i day, but M-l.i'ii jirceli.-ing tlcecil. the 
Alissii -ippi. I mind labors and every d-ay gets wursc. 

to afistain 

from pa.-siiig any law, the cnrorccinciit of 
I whi'-h is calculated to j i-ovokc I ostili- 
tie--i He trusts lhat the mediation of 
N'irginia niav he the moans, under Prov- 
. idonco, e!' ai-coni]i!ishing tlic emhs of 
■ I'cacc. He tl'ifs not yet dcsj air of the 
] U'-’i'uhlio. 

i 'I'he difficulty hetween Rust and Dunn 
has lifcn h ino aMy aiijustcd. 

!, It is now- certain that private letters 
rhave hcon received -frotn , Lincoln urging 
! hi.s friends lo com-iliatiiin and tocompro- 
'nii.'C, ami it i.s slated tliat lie indicates 
tlic Boriler Stale resolutions as a reason- 
i able basis i f a I justnicnt. — Assurances a e 
given that this information is reliahic. 

I Soon after thc electoral vote shall be 
' eountoJ in the iirescncc of, on 
the second NN cdnc.stlay of February, he 
w ill aci|uaint the juihlic wilti his views 
on llie pcmling crisis. He heretofore 
has not lelt. it propi'v in advance of offi- 
j cial inlormalion of the declaration of In's 
jjleclion for him to take a prominent part 
ill ihe direction of political all'alrs. 

induced to take any action wlialevcr lh:it 
favors a dissolution. Kentucky occupies 
an iiiqiortant position in adjusting thc 
difficulties that exist. Her groat staics- 
meu luring alw.ays taken c-onscrv:itivc 
grounds, indticcs tho North lo have con- 
lidenec in her, and I am sure the people 
are all right, and only require more time 
to have an hoiiorahle arrangcnieiit miulc. 

Vour.i truly, R. AI. BISHOP. 

Rloloiis I’rocootllngs in lioston. 

Boston, J'riday, Jan. 25. 

-After thc Tremont Temple was closed 
by the Alayor lust nigdit, five thousand 

The Concord (N. 11.) Statesman, tho | f t »-";ed in the vicinity, a majori- 

^ ■ I ty ot them bolicviiig it a ruse ot thc 

leading Republican jiaptr of lhat Ktato 

AN c are for any compromise that 
would, in the judgment of the'^'ost tlis- 
cruct leading men in the RcpuL.ioan par- 
ty, ho proper for it to siinclion, in this 
thiy of peril and alarm. The nation 
should he ujiou an uuolisiructed course 
tnwurd the fulfillnicnt of llio henificenl 

Triistee.s to get rid of thc mob. 

Thc crowd broke up into parties, after 
Waiting for two hours, and gradually dis- 
persed. zAhout two humlretl piroceedcd 
to AN’endell Pliillips' residence on Es.sox- 
strcct, and threatened to clean him out. 
The police prevented any attack and made 
several arrest.s. 

Uostar's" Red- Bug Exlcruiknator. 
Costar s " Electric Powder for Insects,  ic 

In 25. .')0ro)»/S].n0 Dores. fiottlesand Flasks 
^-A.OO and'^a.msiirr/or Ptanlalious 
Skijis, lleial.’j Hotels. 4's. 


Fold Keeryirherr — t'v 
.Nil 11 ' Driiyyisfs in large cities, 

•'ll lielail Dniyyisfs—i;rneers—, ileire keei’crs, 
Xo.. in all roaiitry Villngc.s ninl Towns. 

NVliolesalc Agents in N’ew A’ork Cilr. 
Pliiefielin lirotliers 4 IV. B. A. Fahnestock, 
Hull 4 t o.. It. 4 I). , amLs 4 To., Wheeler 
4 Hail, llegaman \ Co., Hall, Hiiekcl 
4 Co., Thoinc.s 4 Fuller. I’. I). Orvis, 
renfol'l, I’nrkcr4 .Mower, Dinllej 4 
Flaliord,, Hisley 4 Kilclieii, 

Hush, Gale 4 Holiinson. M. 

W’:'.r»l, Close 4 Co., MeKi.s.*.-on 
4 Hohliins, II. S. Barnes & 

Co.. F. C. H ells 4 Co., 

Lazclle. .Marsh 4 Co., 

Hall, Dixon 4 Co., 

Tripp 4 (V, Oon- 

rail Fox. and 

Vi’e are now offering onr 

23ntirs JStock of Goods 

-VT COST FOR cash: 

Consi-siingof a large 


-Nniong which will lie fonii'I a superior lot of 

1^’ i J 1 o O V o r c  j : I t s , 

ttl.SIMLSS C'0.4T,'«. 

 1^ FilOCK COATS, 

f.t.VTS .I.Vti t'F.STS, 

A large slock of fine Black, Blue and Brown 

F I I C’ TzOTl 1 W 


/ ’ . I r /; /? ov e rco a t/xgs, 

I'jtnry Cavslniorrs, Tor l*ant. t, | 

Of the very best French styles. largestock of 


f'or Vests; 


riiiladolplii:!, Pa. 

i.M. DyoU & ,S ns. It. A. Fnlmestook & Coe, 
Koberr Shocmakcr ^ (’o., Freucli, Kich- 
ards & ('o., and othcrji. 

Poston, Mass. 

Coo. C. Goofhvin S: Co., M. S. Burr A Co., 
M eckes it Potter, John Wilson, Jr. 

St. I.oui.«, Mo. 

II. Plasklcy, C. Plow & Co., nnd others, 
rinctiinnti, O. 

John D. Park, J'uire, h^kstcin Co., and others 

IzouisTillc, Ky 
Kjiymond i: Tyler, and others. 

And all the Principal Pities nnd Towns in tho 




.\iid many other styles of Goods. 

assortment of 

A general 


pm-po.scs intended it hv Providence; I population lice.imc greatly 

ind he K the best patriot and friend of 7 ot the threat.^ 

his race who does Ihc most to rescue her '  ‘L «  nob would visit their hou-es, hut 

jj I tlierc wis no such demonstration. 

1 It is said that Mayor NN’ightman was 
informed that an organized attack, hv a 

from a calamit}’ that may be nearer 

any of us apprehend. 

Eei i:al al Ifarrodshiirg.—\ revival of strong force, would have been made on 

religion which has been progressing 
for about two weeks in the Alelhodist 
Church at Harrotlsbuig, closed on .'’^umiay 
night last. I'uring thc meeting about 
ciglily (lersons professed conversion, and 
upward.s of seventy connecled themselves 
with thc Church. Rev. Air. Gould, the 
pastor Rev. J. G. Rruec. Rev. E. AI 

thc Temple from tlic outside, liad the 
Convention reassemble 1 in tlie evening, 
and he therefore closed the hall, and 
decided that it should not be reopened 

zA Urge crowd were gathcrcl about the 
building during the forenoon; and the 
police were required to keep the street 


.\n of which wo Avill soil as above .specified. 

.\11 Avl:o AViint pood Goml.-* pive us a call, nnd , 
wc Avill pive them barpsiins for cash. I 


Colo, and other ministers were in attend- open for vehicles. The riotous dciiion- 
aocc, ' stration is, however, at an end. 

H'c ai-c siill agents for the 



Wliicli is Ihe best Miicliiiic in use, and the price j 
having boon minced 2.) per cent makes it the | 
clicnpest machine now offered for sale in this , 
oiiiitrv. Uall HU'l examine before yon buy. i 



' And by Pnippisfs. Grocers and Rc(ailer.s gen- 
erally, in City and Couuiry. 

jCJ^f^Country Dealers can order as abore. 

Or atldrcss orders direct — [or if Prices. Teim«, 
Ac. is desired send forCircnlna to Denloi*?] 


pRixfiPU. Depot — K o. r 12 
•ite thc Viirti’HTVii 

o.ndway — [  


H 00 

I Shall We IMseuntiuue? | 

j A few more numbers will complete tlic i 

' first volume of the Uniun, aiul we have I 


, t   lui ' been sonouslv coutcmrilatin" a uiscon- 

IVr ar.myo. in aUVauec, C- on , . i c 

Afior .si.v nionihs, - ."o uaiiec, and will, unless we can greatly in- | 

crease our subscription list for the next 
j volume. NVo h;ivca‘:rcat many subscri- . 
i hers, hut not enough to jiay for so large 
' a paper, and rather than dimiuish its ' 

' size wc would rather diseontinuc. For I 


! the last ye: r wc have worked hard and ; 

; made no money, and this thing of work- 
? l, Kis' .n() 'in.W I there is no fun in it. Wei 

.Vficr tlio expiration of the year, 
gSf-^n.v one .^cn.lin;' ns ten sulis.'i itis 
5'JO on, w ill reoelvo a oojiy one y«ni ;/roM 

Ten 1in'  nr | 

htf muke' 

ft StiHitri-. I 

K.VTF.S OF .li)VKKTI.SI\(i. 

^ 7 M , ►- W * 1 

^ ^ ‘ ? ? 

1 Sijiiftrp, 

2 S»numw. 

3 Si|UArc^, 
} (A^lmnn, 
^ Cnliunn, 
1 r.iliimn. 

1 Ml o.-,o :?.oii n.Oo '! I'.on 
L'/i-'ii S.7V -l - '1 7 ,on'r.’.iH»| ItiUto I have the element in our eounty to sup-, 
•' T.ool H.-'in is.on io.tvi; ' .j p'„iy„ — then will the iic  - i 

fi.ooiLi.nol I .'i.on 4.-..00 ... • 

r, no •»oiv ';nno:',.‘.no "otKi! sn.nn l pic dmt.^ J,et every Unton man in the 

Se^Notiecsof Kolictinus nn.l l•nt.lic• yi.ct- ; county su], port his county ,,aper, it be- 
iuits, .Marriages amt Heaths, puhlislieA tree. j jng only two dollars a year, which indi- 
Ohitttary Notices, cxcecitinir^ ton Itties in v|jQ,]!y Jg „o(l,i[,pr AVc will place suh- 

Icngh, will he elian.te.l half the price of .Arlvei^ 
tisciiietits— the money to aecompiuty the inamt- 
sevipt ixvinivncY. 

Special Notices in ctlitorial colnain. 'Jn cents 
per line. 

.Vnnouncetnents of Can'lIAnies, for Town 
Officers, Si; ('otinly Officers. SS; tf'Hc and 
llistfici Officers, S-'i. 

.\ iveriiscr.uMits which arc not inavkcd with 
he nmiilKT of insertions that nmy hcdcsirwl. 
will lie insevtc'l till forlnd. tlt.i itnd chaigcd ac- 

Vca-ly advertisers will have the privilege of 
changiiiT their .adveriisentonts (ptnrtarly, with- 
out extra charge. 

.Idveriisetociiis of ycnvlv ndvertisers outside 
of thcir'fcgUi .r luisiu, will he clo-rj- d extra. ■ 
Advertiscmimt- of a'pei sonn] ciirincter j 
chargsal deuliie. 

5 fejy*./o   H'ot/. o/id Triiii'lfiit Aiiofrtif ' I ( ASH ! j 

M l N (’ II KST i; n , KY. 

Friday, : : : : February 1, 1861. 

■ V. 't. I’citN"! ]. is our o'pl.oliie l agi It' to 

ioiieit .suhscript tons atid, s it. .,cx- 
.ugtou. All’.' c.'.'.'racts iii.’dc hy l.iiu i.ill be 
^."topUg'l willi. 


\\ ohave ./'i kimis ol’ otfi' ers hlanks 

for s. do at this .-oicc. 

scription iist.s at our principal business I 
houses and await the result. 1 

The Methoimst. — O ne of the most 
valuable of our exchanges is the A'cw 
Vork Weekly Methodist, a ptiper devo- 
ted to religious, literary ami general in- 
telligence, jiublislied in .Now Vork oity. 
It is alarge, eight |i igo ■■heef. oont.ainHig 
rare literary eoiitribniions. both original 
and sclectod — correspondence from all ^ 
parts of the religious worbl, a general 
suinim ry of the news of the week, and ■ 
other items tending to m.iko it a must 
ex.-clloiit family newspaper. While oath- | 
olic in its views upon all sulsjoe’s. it i, . 
as ils name inJiiaile.--. the organ of the. 

iiiviteil to ojieu ucconnts at EiTtiis 
illti’O SrOP.K. I.ejmgfoti, Ay. 

riiysiciiiii.sof ihcsuiTomidlng towns 
and country may c.uilideutly ixiy on 
llic juirily of Medicines IVom this 
house, and a will convince them 
that they can do no better in price. 

t'autions accuracy in componndiug, 
and constaiil earefnlncss in pnichas- 
iiig, conp’cd n ith the sic.idy aim to 
give every body a fair trade and entire 
.sntisl.ietion. will be our leading clVorts. 

.Vlirntion is just now invited to a 
full supply of laindictii's new crop of 
tlariten Seeds and I'lowcr Seeds, and 
Tiik Nkw (.'o.vl tliL L.vmp CniH.xrv, 

I'it.l.NK FITITI, 

Retail and iVJiolesale. Higgins’ Illock, 
t'oruer Court House .'■i|'iarc, 

febl. Eexingtoii; Ky. 

iTI ,'fi 

{'iNn.xNATl. .Ian. ilO. IStil. 

Fl.lM Iv. .V dull market to-dry. and 
the transactions small. Fuperfine may 
be i|Uotcd at ?-k 1 00. and extra at 

~1 1M)(. ,j (10. Tbc sales arc unimpor- 

NVIII.SKV. The demand was better 
t.' d.iv. w ith sales of 400 brls at 1 1(1 
l.'i - flu- 1, r;:tc for the wagon. 

i’lK i ’/ 1 It  N.S. ?dos.s Fork was hehl 
with (irmncs.s to-d iv. and first class 


1-et every family, anil csj.c.’Ially , 

Tnir i'll Mioi ; I V 
dav. Messrs. Mo'i-' 
up" over l.'i' d .-.’.c 
itST' The 1 batik- o 

last. County 
r A l bird Iter ■ 
of oy-’ers. 
thi.s oflii e are due 


totlmHoii. i,. NV. I’o’.Tcll. anil \V 

Andersen. fi r]iinincrmm favor.s. 

ex-( lovernor 

conservative Alcthodists of the .\ortlicrn ' city braiids i onid not l.o hou-ght below 

' s '7 (Ml. SJ7 o.', Wiis paid for MO lirls. 

.. . .itnrdav evening. Bac m dull and the 

every .dcllmdist iamtly .siit. .■rii.c !-ir it. , ... ,, , 

s ilciii.ind iimiii d; sale- oi .shonlucrs at i jc. 

Terms S2 per year. .Vddress Umniiei . ^ 

i i K‘ H ' Kli ll'i.S. No change in the 
market; sales of 100 bags eoflce tit 
IM.-c: 20 hhds. -^ugar at iiaciT}. aitd -10 
hrls. imda ■ es at Mile. 

i.H/. .\saleol Ifi hrls linseed at ri7c. 
NVIIFAT. The m irket is steady and 
the 'h'v.innd, fair ai 01 0"i for jirime red, 
aitd ' 1 ' !.• (,, 1 1:' for prime white: .sales 
of '.-1' Ua-licl.s I boicc roil at at -’ I 12; 
mit) d i prime wbiti* ;0 b'l Id; MOO do 
nilxv.l red ;iml white ai dl 14; MOO do 
whi'o ai ?1 12; l.lMiO do ] rime white at 

el 1.'. delivercii. 

(OFN. The market eontimms dull, witlioiit eiiangc in prices. NVe  |note 
old at 10(t  Cb-in bulk, ;;nd M0(. MMc for 

Uaiig.- puhli.-licr, .No. 7. llcekm.iti slrcti. 

Xe.v' A'ork. 

Kmoke’: vm KKit NI.\i. \Z!.'i,. — AVe 

havereeeived the Fid.riiaiy number of 
ihi.i excellent ni::g;i/tiiie. I'lo’i r (io 
new mjli.igemcnt tliia vcli-ran of tlm 

Court j m-.intblics s rcg.iinltr 

1 ' 


tii;c vigor and I'rc.sliiic- 
tor.s rank among the mo I j o iteir and 
agiveah’e writers ol’ onr coimn v. fhi- 
piesrut number couTtiins coninh'itious : 
I’rom liichard 1). Kimball, F. ilaih;, AI- , 
drich. Hi.h-.ird (Iraiit Wliiie. Fit/. James i 

Moore, will idciise accept our thanks for a 
hound vo'uiii.' ef the Congrc.s.sional 
(ibdie. tiiid nuiiierom other Livors. 

AVe call tbc altciition ol the 
'friistees to a verv bad iiiu I hole in tlie 
otreot opi'osite the 1 arnirs 'lelil and 
our oiliee. If ihey d»in 1 f.x it wc will 

^ * 


.New F.wE'i EXT. — T' lic'e i- now be 
ing laidt sn I'ront of the (.’onrt House. 
:i syiVndi 1 new p..vement. Tliii cx.imple 

I'idl'jwC'l by olhe 
b;tVU some ve.'V poor pr:\ c.llellTr . 

C ’l Ilf i\),i r.r 1  \ V. — Mo; d-ir 
was ('oiintv C''.' ,day. A’ e do iio 
inemlicr oi' ’ever .seeing a 'luller one. 

or we 

, , , ,, , , I new. the outside rati .s at the lower dc- 

aSSr Hpbert F. UctMicr. ex-(.overnor | ()’j ,-ie„. Miss ^ . dgw ick, Muss 1 res-olt . 

of Kentucky, dmd i:i I- ra n b fort , on ; Henry Sti.-ddard. and John T. | depot at lOc. 

Thui.sJay iji, ht last, aCcr a protracted | j,-ving .and others. Kis a very iigrooa- ‘ O.'i'l’.''. There w;is a vOml demand to- ' ' i hie number. Terms, .«M per annum, in ! 'If.V- t"’e of 1.2H0 bush 

Pi 3 _ Onr lleprcsentative, Hon. L. T. advance. 

To anv person who sluill send ns the 
name ol’ one new subscriber and SM, or 
the names of two new siib'-ril.ers, and 
  7). we will forw .ird tlio A c Fo; .4- II c /r- 
(y /fiA. jn ii ! ,il. or AA ic Vnr/c 

.[’ii'ftiltiii Ul. (ree lor onejCiir. 

fo any person who shall send us tb" 
names of Iwo lu-v subs -rib:-!s and -?■% 

or the names of four new subscribeis . . ... ,, 

, , ,.'ot prime A\ estern Ucsi rve. and Sye 

and S12, wo will ]iresent a copy ot . 

the -Now Fi-itopial KJition of AVebstcr i 
Fnabridged Oiefioiiary, the price of 
which at the bookstorivs is ef .bO. Ad- 
dles- J. 11. H I Ij.AlOji F. 

■No. 5, 'I’eekma.i .’•eiv Vork. 

H.vkI’Ek's .'Lui.vZi.NE. — The Febru.a- 

I'n-TTofanv it,-- riptinu o; iinpoA-taucv t 
was .s-iid. I'-'oiivo Cattle Were oli'ered, but j 
if sold at !i 

ry nni.iberof 
OD our table. 

li.-irpor s .'ijgaignc is up- 


This i- the be-' i’lustruted 
lO yroiitl. and is so ,wc!l 
known to our readers, ihal it m . 's i... 
commendations from us. I'he eoiitenls 
(if the present iiumhcr will eonijuire fa 
T HE P.EVlb'.v, • 1 111 ■ ;s l!ie n.-uii ' of a | vorablv with its juedecc.ssors. The o] en- 
oew p .per to be )-u uisbe 1 in place, | jn;- papi-r i,- the third of asor’c ’ - i’ illus- 
by Mcs.-; . K. A'l . ( lavio i an-1 I. A. | trated des -riptions of the \\ ti-lioe iiold 

( b'-v went •- 



Taylor. The first number will bo issued | Higgins, by J. Boss Brownn. full of in- 
iii the second week in l-.'bnr.ry. Hi j dieii wo have the eiincliniiiig pa- 

jioliti-.-s tbc It -i'll' W'll be 1 ■' -.nil rjitie. i pp,. ,,(• .g;ie cntiiled ‘ To Bed 

Bg‘3., Jerry. :i negro m. ii in the dm j and Bevoinl. ’ also illustr iled; and a 

lilovmcnt of Ales-rs. Bnu e, U-r'ou vV , ly entertaining an 1 instructive article, re 
('o.. fell from the s  iflolding on the new | pletc with illustrative plan 

stahlc in emirs ■ of evecto,;!. a distaiic-e i oy[f,rn .about f^jdder -. ' Tlie 

I in bulk at MJ. 
i I’fK. 'Ill,' market is dull and un 
: i-h i.igcJ. AVo (|iiote prime at ()2g( Me; 
- sale of 2HH Iiiisli. at line. 

I !i.AKl/KA’. The demand for prime fall 
I coiilinnes good at 75c; the lower grades 
are iluil: s| ring i; selling at M)(e .s53. for 
fair to prime. 

I UHsiKSIl. The demand is good and 
; the nuirket firm at Fic for selei-ted lots 


Knglish Ibiiry: sales .5') boxes AVestern 
Ue-erveat IHe. and MOil do iinglish Hair_\ 
at 1 i c. 

I’l TTI-iri. The s'lipi Jy Is better anil 
pri - -S lower. A’v'e ijimte L’entralOhio ar 
12(-. and AA'estern lleserve at 15e; sales 
of 2-' paek.-iLe- AA'estern lb-serve at 15c. 

Fi IT.ATO 'l i.e market ir stomlv 
and the demand fiir ^1 MU(i./ 140 per brl. 
I’ll, j-rinie Xeshai-'e-k-. 


•lANL \!:V. I'-'M. 



F"F ilu' .ii' ii! l'*‘I '‘•‘U f'lrrn ;i full, ru- 

j nn-1 inrorc^fii 

I ’. it-i ( 'ii ••itjvicl*’ of ( 'll r 



j .\1.\IN .STREET. 


I Gh'/.'A T UKhn.'noS IX prices 

I N oi'ilor 10 roiluee onr ljir_o . 'ock ol 

liow f, li.ui 1. w  Will li ill iioAv until t)u* 
j Ills.: «i;iv Ilf .JniiUiiry. istll, olVur lor cjujIi or to 
1 » voiu|U, tiiiio ilciiloi’!?  mr euiiri* block 

At Greatly Reduced Prices ! 

ConsUtiiij^ In pnn of llic followinj; Ai licks; 


FAX(’V AX!) 



( f '*:ijj»»rior qiiuJity; 

I'hiin, Hop in»l Mcr'inoos: Vl:;in niul ^ 

I’riiili .1 an'l lJr* ca'li‘ l*opliiis; 

M:i;'»?iif:i rioths; Nap«»iio»;s. L-ivtiiiib, 
Jlroffi.l**, t'oriK’d iVi ^iaiis. Mnlmir j 

Mi.x.t'iro'*, (.'ol'Ui-p.'i, ami a va- I 

rioiv of ttiln'1 1 ibivelling ' 

(mio'Ih: U«*»al».i- 
iines. Alp.aM-as 

J/ipin'*. j 

ami *i-4 Ulack 
l*Flaim-s; I’i-ims; 

HU'ach *«l ami I'rown 
('olloiix; ( Niialoirps, Miu-n » 

ami  'o:ioit 1*1 and 12-4 Slie^'tiiijrs j 

lri?*)i kiiHMi, ftiMe'ns. Napkins, i 

Tow elinps, Mars.ullcs yniils. Beal Binnkets, ! 

Nt'ifro amlTiMvellimr Blankets; Tickings 
Apron t'hci ks Flaiiiuds, a largo stork of 
(’»mnf rv ami Factory .iam*saml !an' oys, 

Kci'u ys. lloso ami Half IBiso f«ir 

sorvanis; Wlvct ami (’lotli ! 

(’loak**; a largo sfock of 

I/nlios ami Mi scs ; 

Siiawls, Nubias, 


JacksOM. \c.; 

t'.Hofi): !«, .•v’.;;rt»«. v\r. 

'flmmpx'm’ - c*.‘lobrato t 
Hoop Skirls. tVoni to; Aloxand ;4 nnd Iltjo.i'". 

K'd tllovos; Silk, Cloth. Kid ami t'l.uli 
fi.iifnilcis; lIosi«*ry in ;rrrat \.i:i:*!v; «»iir 



d Vollartb S : is. F 
broidorio. \c.; 

CAT^lTOTaA J I A^rs, 

nilTIlilKS, 8t!i:iSO\.S. 

And a groat vari--ly of TrliniinTi’.-'^, In the 
(lonrlomoii s l.ino. wo r-m rare in- 

dm*‘»!:icnts in the v ay of 

lU’llAO Ol'Ol-iTLS, 

Of overy r ‘;i»r and ’luality; r. lino ft.‘ ' ortim*ni of 


UMnns' ni'.A ej’ r.i.v.y/.i/ 

Silk, Plush and V elvet Vestings 

A fiiK* n.sMoriiiK'iii of 

ISeady.dSctflo ^ ’iloikiisg’ 

Winclicstcr aiiJ S-uti .s raicnt .''l.'tdiiU-i- 




wool, I, MX. 



Haialkorcliie.'’s, Scarfs, Tm-s. flrnt’s niov(?s. 
fi-ciiii -III eciilt III SiispemK-rs. Ho-ic:v. 

(’ai-|el ftag.s, fiiilii-pllas, yiiceiisn-are, Hia- - 
vi-vr- . 1 !io C'-R-lii-aici Sa is.-: ii.i7iu'. wuiT:iii!*  l 

Imi l (11-110 1 11". Ijiili.-s an I .Mis-;:i-s Sli- • Ill 
liesMiiake. Every In-Iv is in-, iie.i in .-uH ;.u l 
i-x.riiiiiie eiir ;.s wc .-n-c il.-it-r'n’ ;.-l ii. 

-'.'11. if bill pri.-. - ami di-ii-al*le Is v.ill in- 

ibn-i' von to L.iy. (IR A .Vf .-s RL’.sil. 

,\..v Hi 

Jlliscrilancoiis gliilJtrtisfnunts. 



I ^loflhs, 

50,000 Copies already Sold. 

.1 "A' e r y b o 1 1 y ’ .s I iwy or 


CO/'\S£LLOR IX ursixxss, 

I Ii V r K A \ K r K o s B V , 


I It 'Alls i’uu How to draw up FartnerKhip Tu- 
I pors and gives goiioial foriiu* for 

Agrociuentbof all kinds. Bills of 

^*Ho, IrOases and IVtiiions. i I | AVlh i ho pk-.-Hin o kf .itik*,i T t in:/ to :! • 

It 7 WfV 1 ou How tit draw up bonds ami Mort- ! I i. friends uiul the pulilii it**iv i:illv tltNi tl. 

gago.H, AlUduvils. Fowors of At- havo onlurgod (heir tliof ts F'‘:ah|iNMm»ni ^ 
toi nry, N'otos and Bills of li\- nioro than donblo i:.^ fonucr hi/.*, (o ; uah;« u 

Cjrorrrifs, At, 




K O ET /r-e ^ 

Business Capacity Increased. 
A\ cil istor Sj C I : n‘» 1 1 1  'J'. 

-1/ l/tc C'lK  i  I Ojtj tntlf tin t\ultiiintt /ifiit 

r | AVK I hr pk-.-Huro hT ,iti: 

I. friends uiul the pithlir m 

lllisrfllaufoiis AbDirtistnunls. 




Cliuilg.*. Kcrriblb aud K dc4S0S. j to conduct inir ix.j 1.11\ itiOious u 
f( Alii The for the i.’oll(*ci ioii of the ontirr s:iti t';u t!. ii - I 
; l»k*l)ts. with tllcFttUuU'S of Liini- ‘ 

Ifli^Ail; - ]i 

Having erected a 

‘iiiasb^ a -jDMSiiifli/s 





I I toiilil s.ay to the 

Citizc’iiis of C lark 

^ ^ 

Ami adjoining   uiuiiios.^thnt I keep constantly 

^ .^jn^iTiiid the most 

.iA APlblOVbT) 

tatioii: and nmeunt and kind of 
' pr«)| erty K\cni|it from Kxociition 

: in r^ riy »Sialo. 

. ll A lls )*"M How to make lui As.sessnion* prop- 
! orly, withfdriiis for I’omposition 

I witli ( 'll ditors. ami the lusolveiit 

l,a\vs of Kvory State. 

' I( TrlU You The legal relations existing br- 
j tween Hiiarrlian and Ward. Mas- 

! tor and Apprentice, and Lainl- 

lord am) Irnaiit. 

1 ll TflU You What conslinites Lihol and Sluii- 
I tier, ami the ImiW as to .Nlarriage 

Dower, the Wife s Bight in l*rop- 
I Divorce and Alimony. 

' ft Tt:lU \ ou The Law for Meclianie'** Lions in 
I every State, and the Nnluralizn- 

tion Laws of this country, ami 
how to comply with the sntiie. 

! It Alls J'wM The Law conrerniiig Ik'iisioiis and 
! how to obtain one. and the Fre- 

Kmption Laws to Fiiblio launls. 

: It Alls You The Imiw for 1‘aiem*. with imxle nt 
! procedniTin obtaining one, with 

• Iiiterfereiircs. Asrlgnnieiits and 

; T.ihlc of Fees. 

• If AVs You Ilow to make your AVHl. and how 

M- CUH 'l:.« 

We have jusi inipoFtrd a large h!' 

ik of 

FKlliSlI CaUK’IliiiFS 

Of every douriplion. mhIi n*; 


SHK 'l :s. .. 

J/AK ]■: l-'lsll tX: -M A('ivi;iJi;i, 

TiigPtlicr with :i cii,.;co I,i: i,; 


A lid till kinds of 


M hicli wc otter lo om- olM fi-iucl, mi.l m-vy ,,i  
llicnio.«I icasonaMc icitii.-. 

Oiii- fatiliiic, i.,r rhu ‘r:ni.:u-ti'-*i -if a lai-gi 
luisiiicis ill the (in-, ..,, line are iiii‘ erp . , 7. 
Iiy any olhei- lii.ime in ilie i-i"in;'-. ai.-l ir'ini no- 
long experience in ilie iroie lai -n'l. 
as peHcci "i.-ir'sfin-i-on u. nor ,.-n. 

other CHlahlisliment in (I-.- w.-v 

I’ureha.sers willph-ii.-e esaaiM i Moel, . 

I prices belore making iln-ir an ang. r.n-ii' . i . 




1 ) 


( A)OI H! 

Wi:i;.'’li:R X C.IRHNER. 


I- very coniple'e, em'iraeuig ail llie newe.-u Ue- ■ vjtvt i I ) I / t / t I I i 

signs in Frenel. Work ami Vellaee S ;,s. 1 ’,.:.- C AIlRI AGKb, lU U(l ILS, ! 


' dicial Fotvers  (f boththeUeiieral 

and Stale Hovernnienis. 
ll TtlU You Howto Keep out of Imiw. by show- 
ing how to «Io your hiistness le- 
gally, thtis saving a vast amount 
of property, and vexatious liti- 
gation, hy its timely ctfn*titlatioii. 
Single copies will be sent by mail, postage 
— % 1 ■ 1 I 1* * ' to every Farmer, every Mechanic, cverv 

Oi my own laauufaeliire. I will wnrranl ; Man of llnsiness, sii.I every hoilx in every Siiit^. 

! on receipt of.?l.(.Ht, or in law style of binding at 

m .Mluiinisier on an E-iate. wi.h I r"'"'- " ' TAUAFERHO, MOORE & CO.} 

tlie law and tlie requirements j 
thereof in every State. 

It Alls You Thenleaning of l.;iw Terms in gen-   
eral use, am( ex]dain8 to you the 1 
Legislative. Lxeciilive. ami Jti- ' 


SxTLi^ex^ioi:* j 

To any Eastern made work, ami wliich I rvill j 



.\s can be purchaseil Iicrc orc’sewliei-, 

r_- I!;- 

oT H or HI iVet. in 1 was 
Ills h-.'-iil sii-ik.iiL r 
yrouiid. II !' rtmrtverv i 

xihk'Vtii*' \\*ii;ch 

V. i. 

(d* the Times, 

t“. It willcon- 

t.iii' .vi.y w-rk. a "■ db-.Alcc.' d nnd carefully 
tLx sl«d r.diticjil .*’scell;?ny, xvhlch will eom- 
p. ..4*‘ I'rttc'ecdMigs in r'm*.^r '; v. dis"t:v .it ns of 
livrr j*'lo:kl lu* .. uin*-.. Lm ii\\ p-dillu tl bq e H.*he», 

I iiciioP'Tif th'» S'.H -it . ir crriioijs, important 
j pi-oci-c'r.ii},s "of ■ pdate )-• ;^*^l |lnres, evenf.s in 
; lit. Sv'i’eling S'ak'. •* - ' • ’^;*ineiit.  of ojun- 
onlitlcd * Hioii 1 South, graph.- -k '^'/'hes of public 

; UK*H, 1* * ve .leni.- of the l^eshVui v’oet, forma- 
i*ina?irn_2 t .u .. * .lew fahinei. t.'jrtehy ftom |a}[;cians 

•rv b;;,’. vhurtX artU-lcs arc • ."ttiut Barbara;” "Ba'tlo amlH,- p. .ph-. The whole .-'^Jagn onmple.e 
,1 ‘ M n ^  A' hH subs Ot the great con * ivers-.* now 

'iUiii_3 "U tlie . Cossip;’’ “Till! .‘-^k.itcr," --('"usiii -'! au i . „,,i„ „„|. lu..,,,;,:;,-; 

TOl-y .b ubtl’ul. x-icc; ' ■•-V MimI Fui’i urate .M.ili;" - TIi.’ ! 'Uc 'Ve.-klv Cornmercial is a .striellri’mle- 



T'le lOilo vinv. Wii; 
ui U -Bai-ik Ii II, in ls'57 

U'.C iitvuh.s \.ClO su-'pcl'lliua 
H12.T*. cfiulJ wiJi JU"l]il';ct_V 

ii'c;c pay- ' 
le v.Tittcii ' 
upcui ^omc of tlu; iiu'ucy wc '-cross j 
yow ,a d.ivs ; 

--Tlioii art‘‘at h:-.’l Ihe ph,:- of c.'.-h. 

Til" spli-i; I.!’ a :ip. r.. o ill.i;-, 

Tliy )iap';r ia'ii ic is hul ii-ash, 

.’•.h-1 all thy pro::-.;-- an^ loii i-.i-." 

We vYoulil ‘-.111 the attention of 
ojr roaJjr.s !o the aJvertiscmetit ofBcnj. | 
Turner — hiiiJ fir stile ou the 15lh inst. 
Thi.s is one of the he^t pieces of lanJ in ^ 
th-;couiitv — situ. ltd imiimlit.tcly upion 

written ^ Uauiitel ;inJ the II iuii;.c-," by Mir K. 
most of I ilulwcr J/Vltuu ; ' ; nti-o :pci-t iuu." by 

l(•:-l:ryc Ariiolil; three chapters ol’ 
Thacker ly 's new novel, ' The .Vclvciiiure.s 
i’hil:;- ; ' --The Hueli.^t. ' by ."-’ir M. 

I Biilwcr I.ytton; ‘'F-irlrait o:’ a llusiiaii 
I (icntleman togeth(-r with the usual 
Nlonthly ilecorJ, Millloi's K.:.-y Ch.tir, 

1 MJitor’s Drawer. I'vc. Terms •'^M ] cr 
Ilium in ailvain-e. Hakpeu .k 
Biui i Franklin F.jUare. X'cw V i: k. , 

jum-iial. ))le U'ei| lo no ]iariy or ijo 
..i.-iii, hut iieui'al in nothin^'. In ihe-tii-s- - 


.».i!l. 2.1. 

rinu' au'l ‘ VenU’ul times in which wo live, it is 
:i r'" a ever imiioi-iaiit ihrl all persons who 
}i-i'I ai ill, sli"-ih! avail Ilieia a-lvcs of Hie best 
iiii'l 111 1-1 reliahle soin-,-!‘“ ol’ information. 

T!.e l ythu- VV.'ckly rommerciul. a.s a nie liiim 
of l)m'c N’i-i..s. m.-.4f up from tlie tiill col- 
n-iiiis of a live nev.-ay.ap(-:-, it will eniit.ain also, 
f' oai -.i.'i-!; l l 1' ei-k, :ill important Eoreion 
N -1'.;. arcoii'iis -e’ Ecn'peiin eveiiis. opinions 
of Ell 'isU ami Cciiliin-; JuiirmilF "ii .Ann r- 
I i: - n .\if.iii-s, ami. ia, a faitliful eiirrent 
iHisioiyof Hie w irhl. Ill u-Klilioii lo it- News 
I .ALil'eis, ii will cuiiiaiii an imoieu.-e variety ol 
valnal-le ninl ent'" i -.--(’iiis reailino of a miscel- 
h..n O'-: ch -r.o-ter, a ianl.-il to make il a -a.ost 
inie.-estio ; ami fa--orile J’:(mlly .(oprnat. Ils 
8i ’-.'Ct‘on. ami eilitorials will iiflltor 

-I *. 

M A n 51 1 K n : 

On WodiH’j-xl.iy. the 0^'!i uk., 1 \ 
Band, at. ii|^ . ■idor.F':* ol tl:o Lri*l • 

Bcv. .1. 

‘ fadiMr, 

, , • . 1 *  I «uit. d I.) tlic I;i8 0 nnd waiii« * tively. of 

1 1 ( \ en.i  r tl U K H h.i .ipUbMiU* J Ii v, e: d^ .p,, ;li • F -".' .• rflc ricrg_ iirin, the 

uhtHOU, Augu tii  Uhm; ' n-d rfo M v-Iuht. i;.,- pmiiic'uii. the 

a iiGod pikib !i i-( gjuj o* llic i (ir- i 'j' (ioldborou',:li. tluo. \W t.'ri licid jihI ■ ^ciio!. r, nnd the Vouiliful Ik- dtr. AU 

cUiird.s upon It iii tluj cjinitv. I’crsoiis Dixon Kotuan, till I Uiun im n. rum w li hod. In o udi ni'i;;h''r td tin* ]F.p T. : -imr- 
, ... /» • • r , I iimi: !'• •’ b. lust* urt. t*r •uioiiaiu tlieui. 

dointfg to purchaM‘ n small iihic-c, should : n'l^'^iouers to meet the lomiuHAioners oi i;,u.r.i;-v \t-.\,= ;uid Mi-celluny 

luH lail lo cxtiiiiiiic Ihisonc. i *'* Wa ‘hHigtOn on tlm .jth of imh, ;„o. !,.-e!liseaee, ' fjmrt and inlcivpting 

^ _ i ebruary. j S wi • . Fi ' ‘ Ud SI *Aches.and (io^.-Ip. Agri- 

« .NurHl It’u'K Aiid Inidini.iti'^n, rimice Poetiy, 
r. '.-dti:;: •••■  Le'»u ] of the Kn'i'hioiis, 

F H'jy*/***/ . '.i d ^!-)nc:.;iy N;‘Vr. (‘lop lulel- 
11 :i • ••. V. i*ekiy Buview Markets, «!xe. 

rik p * xi of Iho FiuuAmati WcTlv Coin- 
U' =.dal i- u;d;. i': :. ij '!.Kvn \ VriAii, to * iiljscii- 
b • ft‘m i,» : ;j4 F,i  liyhcr  ilii c a. A' .an 

xd iftl Luli i ■ H. IS' ;o pi-.'Furv - -d-a, 5-ihvrs. 

UV will SFJi.l f Ji,' t- ,f ihill’t.*, tO 

any pc: ion remitting tlm .same, xvidi a list of the p.ipfrwill he malkd .**i-paruloly 
m\'iich " lip; : F. e*r. AddH'SM: 

M. D. FOTTKB ro., 

Fsio’h rim’iunati Ihilhir WoekD (‘oiniucrciiiL 
Corner Itli and II. \ g Cinciiimiti, O. 

imt JOURNAL FOR 1861. 

Ncif Series X;« Ftaliires— Xew Tjpe. 

miUKi.s ANii n ii.u.s, EiiiTons. 

V NEW series of this widely cieeiihilci fam- 
i.v new II- 

Jioniliiv hist. ;■ lioi'.-e attached 
to a p.iint\v:-pon, ifM^ frfvhf in front o^-f' 

Dr. Fha.-'ft -; Mri’t; ifiire, and ran down the 

street, and precipitated (he hor-e wa^on, ' ii/ui-v Ci-o.xf i;, IM.|.. Ri;. V. . i\ 
pitXit and niyii intp a revolution over the . ^ "-A 
stone wall ’lApp'osite the c.irrintic reposi- 
tory of C. NI. Tayl ll’. 'riie wall is sonic • 
six or eight, feet high. l-'ortuiKitcly no- 
thin-a wa.- . i rlon.s’y injurej. 

A '’L.aXti - Mom hi.v. — T he Fehruary 
'imnilrer of this clos'iint. pcr;odi"al has 
cor.)-' to'lnnd. The le-rular contributors 

VOTT, all of • mut \ , 

F.arewcll *Nutic.' friviid of my unurited dnvs 
hid y  u Ji long hut happy ?',r ‘W‘ ll. K« r tunny 
yenr-' wc have trod the ilioruy | Jill.s . f lifu un- 
blessed hv tbc smile?* of tlic' iusi host gift -—for 
m.any yo.irs we Imvc Bought ps*ace aiu- comfort 
and conteuimcnl in a life of Hiuglc hic-* 'li- 
nes**, only to find that we h.a-l mu'l.* .i mi-uF-J'lo 
mistake. And when I siw pure being 
Ic'iuing upon ygiT '’in. pl‘ I^diig etcnml cou* 
(; tiiia .irju iliO t/rijibtabt i »uncy througli all the L-iui.s tl::-.t uiv M*t to 

•tarsi.) the ptlaxy of American litcra- come .lorn like sp-.-in? Howers ui-nn lif.- s p.ih- 
turc, and the present number is equal to!lod to eonf 

any of Its’ prcdece.s^ors in its literary 
mcril. it ('outaim; eontrilmtiiins from 
the pen ol 17 irriet Nlartlneau, XHss 
Fro.scott^ K. F. Whipple. J. Ji. Whittier. 



jFS. 33 

I am a l.' o prepared todoall kinds of Bepuiring t 
un the 

Shortest Notice, 

.\ml ill ilie BEST M.WN'ER, n.s I feel confident 


I will 

Guarantee all Repairing 

To givi satisfaction. 

f- A d woiiM oari’estly solicit an oxamina- 
:;*.n o! *.v i^irk be*  rc purchasing eN?wlicrc. 

.St -J-’. 

$104)0 a ypar can lie made by eiilcrprisinfr 

mehevi'i vwiicrf. in selling Hio above work, as 

I onr imlnccmeiils to all such .are very lihcrnl. 

I Eor sinele copies of the Rook, or for terms to 

I aaehlf, with other information, apply lo orad- 

.Ircss .JOHN E. IMfri'ER. Publishei-. 

I No. 417 tlaiisom .Sired, I'hlhidclphia, I’n. 

j jnly 27-f.m. 

, IJ'iirtf Ki cryhody tt'aiils. 

, d^lici h^tirnil v 1 )uctor: 

i Ojfituiuitiff SifPplr RnnrR- e;, A:sU// Oltamrd for 
the Cure oj in oil Form.’, Inf 

I’KOFKSSOR II f:\ltv S. TA VI.MK , M. I). 

j il TdU You How to attend upon the sick. :ind 
how to cook for them: howto pre- 
pare Diink.s INmltices. tXc.. and 
Jiow to guard against Infection 
from CouUgioiiK IdMeuscs. 

It TdU You Of llic various diseases of Ohil- 
 lrcn, and gives the liCsi and sim- 
jdest mode of treatment during 
Teething, rtuivulsious. Vac?tnfi- 
tion, Whooping-cough, Measles, 

It AlU You The symptoms of Oroup, Cholera 
Infantum, Colic, Diarhira. Worms 
•Sc.Hled Head, Uiiigworni. Fhick- 
en-pox, &c., and gives you the 
best remedies lor their cure. 

It Tells You The «y mpiom.s of Fever ami Ague. 

ami Bilious, Yellow, Typhus. 
Scarlet ami other Fevers, ami 
gives you ami simplest 
i cmedios for their cure. 

It TdU You The sympiuuis of infiuenza. Con- 
sumption. Dyspepsia. Asthma, 
Drop-sy, tiout. Ulieuuiatism. Lum- 
hag *. Krysipelas, &c., and gives 
you the hist remedies for their 
k A lire. J 

^T!ie svmp'-oiu Clw JernlMorims. ^ 


WouM iiHorni the citizens of Winclicstcr and 
/ A'lark couiiiy, tiuu Hk- 
^have opciiei 1 HU Oy.s tor. Fisii 
am! fj nir il Enfiojt, 
umler thcirtrrf fM’ry »-p|i;'si;e ihcNalioiial Ilonsc, 
Ihc n uin ha.-s heoii li..nds* nicly fifiod up with 
an eye to neat*u .s mo] cmnloi’t. 'n.c. -.ull he ' 

llavejii**t received and opened in their 



A very large ninl tiesiialA** Idl 'T 

T T 



able to fni-iiish cn(.|.imei's MHi 0\, i..|'siii H.i- 
can and half .-an, fi-c.-h l:ikc Ki.-h. ami all kiml^ 
of (iaiuc, imine.|iatcly allci- Hie nriival of Hn 
Paris siapc, ..n-rv cvcnii.^, Uniing llic .-c:.-.-n. 
on reasonable lerms. 


sept. 21-y. 

Ftunaiy Gro /ery. 

A .V n - 

Forwarding and Commission 
H O Ll S E . 

S LUI HJ. .1. (’03? RS. 

hi.'H old -lait-l. on .Main «fer"r; j r efi’ei'- 
ng bargains fnrany aniele in liie Hrdcer'i 


lino as 


His stock is full ami coinplcf". and s;.,-!.. as to 
tpialiiy, as to s^il the taste nl' the nicest and 
most ]iai'iiculai'. 


?LViH & 

Ip B I 

I'.o A" 

''piIE N.\T!ON.\E IJilON Ori’H'E bcir? 
1 supplied with an .. legant omtit of 



Of the mobt uttractive styles, Lw.ih 

Plain and Fancy, 

Suitable lor 

' cmi'i r.iie*. 

( iiCl^.S. ,*vC., 

Ami having rcconlly piirch; si-.l one of 

Ltavycr's CtUhtnliil 


I’\pv' s.]y for 

JOP. 1"K1 XT’I NC;, 

Wo are pre{'nre l to  U  every descripi i«-n oi 
work in that line, either in 


Ami in the \ . ry 


He siiU keeps a 
stuck of 


Which i? olTerod 
to iKT.«oii^ (u siring 
articles in iha; lino, 
on »ncli leinis -is to 
insnie hargnlns. 

Having ample' room, he i.- ]»f. pare«l to aiTem* 
I'l-ompily to ilie FuKVt ABDIND AND l.’nM 
MIS.'''DL\ business, nml : \ie 

Ucited. SAMniL.). ('(/MBS. 

WineliOBtcr. March 2^^. l *!iO-ly. 

iirTcaicuA p’T X liF.i'sj:, 

..i- III. ri-asilUi-iiu.-. - \ 

i. .lialipna'i.t (_ 1 1 h i .-simtl-pox^ Gr FI d -O 
Ityscutery, ( Tamp, Ttiscnses o/y 
the Bla*ldcr. Kidneys and Liver, ! 
nml^ Hie best renicJics for their 

^a:v sthfpt. 

7\' IN (Tin:. S i' F, F. . 



Kich 'OUfl Ky. 

CHA.t (’AKR^L!. PoMKROV, Aht 

G. clay smith & CO., 

raorPE'Eons am  .mam j vrn nvw.s of 


' riKE ANLi VVA’MM; I'liOOI-'. 


(.4’vty who are in 
: ;blo than the or- 

.:vl'.^ of 


.WIN- • «'u; ••hes in this (hty, 

l'(*r tl.' inauMlactiirc ot this vali..ihle ma- 
teri;!', ain! ifs mu‘ee*s umUr thesc- 

VFP ;-! • •  1 Hi. *\T ami (.'■  LD. we feel w,ar- 

rauie-1 In Article to all classes of 

Bun ie;'') ami om ir.-t ol p: 

'.virli .»r : " ih'ihiHg •*- i.O 
v o' **— 

, U. i"' I .’h X Pti. iia\ e .l Ncovcrc‘1 r.nd are 
Tii?inu:' in nmieolL,,. will, ih- ir od  

I'F.'iiod Ih -  tt - I'A'V F-VINT, invaluable lo 

r. i iBH.s. an ' .lUes v ito are desirous of ^ 

pufij't ■ nl ‘iiig Jie ...m, Wood, and ; 
BHi k \vnk. al^t. fh*"!! |jr”ml- . This Fain'. , 

; is I • lijii now ii; u • 'l*.] led lo all J . 

: piti'i" J A Ii ■' ■ fieej.jr; Mack, \ 

' giyj' 'F ;' ‘ s!j. d, .M'Pluct tv ylmigwr it isap- j 
vdif'l. D is fu« if I'-i lUs,’ iVi s and Yard.-; I 
!l h.   L’s''4£a^;l i**r -*. ivnIc F'ii?«ing, r.oKng ; 

lo sMieh   ♦' nil classes • 


It Alls You The^yinptonsof TMcurisy. Mump'* 
Neuralgia, Apoplexy, Paralysis. 
? the various Diseusesof the Throat 

'Jec’th, Kar. ami Kye. and the 
^ best remedies for their cure. 
ft AlU }'’u The symptoms of Kpllepsy, Jaun- 
dice. Piles, Rupture, Disease of 
the Heart, Heiuonhage, Vcnercial 
Disease’^, and IIy lrophoMa, and 
give** Tuehest remedies for their 

It TdU J’»u riie best an l^simplest treatment 
f*T Wounds, Broken Bones »n*l 
Di.sloiMitions, Spiains, Isockjaw. 
Fever 5?ores, White Swellings. 
Clceis, Whit low .-J. Boils, .Srurvy. 
Burns and Scrofula. 

It Tells I'ou Of the various diseases peculiar 
lo Women, nnd gives the hesl 
and siinpl“st remedies for their 
cure, together with many valua- 
Me hint** for tlie preservation ot 
tlie health. 

The work is writion in plain language, free 
from mo'lical tenns. so as to he easily under- 
Ktooil. while its simple recipes may st»on save 
you nru y times the C(»st of the l ook. It is 
printed in a clear and upon type; is illustrated 
with appropriate engraving**, ajul vNiUhofor- 
waidnl to V"ur address, neatly bound and post- 
age paid, on receipt of ;pl.0D. 

! JiilOOO SI con be made by enterpri- 

sing men every where, in selling the above work 
ns our inducements to nil such arc very lihcrul. 

For 8inglQ,ci pics of the Book, or for terms lo 
a*-ents, V. iih other information, applvtoorad- 
iivv s JOHN K. pdTTKB, Publisher, 

No. f»17 Faiisoiu Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

'July l2T-hin. 

' ‘v, i 

( on.sisling in part of the following artich*?” 

Superior Plain Black Silks,' 

I'l'JL'Kr.i) }L coiAmi.r. silks,- 

ilLUALS. , 






Printed .fieriHoes, 




D( )M K.'^TICS,' 

V.’Ilifl-; AND 




blA K AND 
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Our Stock i.j yery complete, and weaiedo-^ 
’ T‘ ' ' »i -s K : * " H A 7 low us any other house here 
w or neighboring toivns. 
i P. S. A first-rate TWO-HOnPK WAf’rON for 
‘ wa o T.. M Si r.O. 

:i!l L- i* 

IS n I ^£rcnt 

"O'-'. C! 
OF. A ll 

meiott.-x |'ii..i..^ 

James Rus’scdl Lowell, i\iui Akers, 

that TOO l.-'il 

chosen ihc better prrt, an*l that Lie u..w ha- 
iCsswet'test promir'..^ foi- ^oi^. Tlieroan jMsirls 
and g*iM winning n )W a.nid tlie llovrers tliai 
fringe liOve s pathway. an*l stars xdeamiTif like 
great chamlcliers in the firm imrnt of Uv'po. — 
and Tlierc arc harp^ tinkling now wIhtsc mclu«ly is 

-Oliver llohues. This w.agazino 

is puMLJicd hy Titk.yob .l I’illds, at 
the pricb'ol‘'??l!]jer anr.'.fm, 

Tiik M aoa7,ivk.-T1io read- 

er Vi’ill fi'ld ill our auVi.;.-L!Ming eoliumis, 
a pro.^pcctus of the Kelectic Magazine 
for 18(11, to Wiiioh wo invito hi" ptirticu- 
lar attention. The hXdectic i^ the very 
host inagnzino in this eonntrv, iU con- 
tents being tlihdly ci.nijjoscd of selec- 
tion? from the ablest jieriodioals oftireat 
Rritain, and nia«le witli di^^•rll»iinati^g 

swocter than the sound of cveuin-j: bolls, .iiid 
joy.s falUug like u shower of amethysts uj»on 
the heai’ls that hut yesfcnlay were W (.* 1. Life 
now lia.s become beautiful; nn*l the s ml soui.s 
upward from tlu^usi, like a dove loosed -roii’. 
its cage. There is mvlod}' in every breeze, nml 
joy in e^'ery heart: yea. there arc uugtls in 
every path, wiili crowning? for those ivlmsj 

(per w;i?^ eoinmcncrd on the Jith 
(hyof Jiuuary — printetl on tine pajioi* ami new 
t; pe. Witli the J.inuary number willhegin the 
puhliv'-itiou of a •series of l^.iutitul original 
\vi :k,- of I' M a’ul fiTiori. wiiiicu cxpre.«s1v 
u F the lioai ' .)o\*rnal, by the b  s*l authors ot 
A'mrri. i. rhefir«^i of these is from the facile 
p«;n of a w»*ll-kno5Vii iiii'l highly gift**.! amhoi' 
tuid is i! p'Ai'  rf illy r rd'- ii, slirtUny. irystk'rious. 
ni, ' d ifdy I ' !t:iy 0 / rourtshpou l inor- 

ri.fl life. Tliisch inning •'lUuy will h ‘ succeeded 
by others of a siauhir d- scription, .several of 
which are alrcai’y in prep iiaiion. All the. 

!'• iiier poc‘di:ir feature'^ of the jmper, uliieli 1 "J ♦")(.)( ) 
' on it n worM-wiile reputation, will be 




iJliJ. HEADS. 

RANK   Jilv. KS, 

IMiOCUAMMES, \c.. Ac.. 

a/* •nmp'rsla.i 

Wc dniro ! 

ini I'UiV 

' dk'rigecom- 
1 u*** Hie '*u- 


• .1 ‘* vrill he } 
M »:.g iheir ad- | 
il. Price, ; 

Mii'I il'on ro4)fs , 
iFpci itor. Sliiu- : 
^ r an 1 tWather • 

Also ev; rv varic' 


As om* .Machine Job Pr« prlii;.'- 3viih grea( 
rapidity, making imj'ie'sifui.'' ..1 tJie rate of 

— how our hearts followed lier a.s she leaned 


ouilliiiu I, while the several lu 3V ones will :i*M | onlev^ for Job Work 3vill ho ailend ' I Is# 
imini'.e v.iriciy to its alrciuh* divcr.sified iiages. 1 ^ ’***d dispatch. ^ 1 ; om a 

Amen;' them area numhernf fix 4h, spiev. aimis- j distiftiee vespectiiilly solictit d. 

1 iiu. 4w'.g Tl ll rketcliC', which snnick and reli h | 

■ ' ■ ""lEMlIKEKESSlS. 

»!i r. V.wnKMu Ran, ,lr.. .at the- la«e 


d ,• i to A. 
per giP ' ;’- ’ ■ ’dngle. l: 

it St. in 1 • w'-A. ..: • *‘*10'' • '-ful 
■rh' B hi nir 1 *.n^i IRF. V 
Proof tn* h ■ -•‘t-- _ 
orP .bT'i-.. ■: , 

(le.Mirc 1 in e * li 

We fuiiii' Aiug at Hi - M 
p.-.- — jHi • .u th(* t'i:; , m I: 
nnirel !-  |m’ h on, 

. !mn: ’ - ■ I ' - • n. 

•-4- V. ; i.TC • I ami iia:j;-j • 

I''-'’ . ' ’ . 

F f • ; • iM r '*ir» • ! ion. c:; i. ?* 

cith r 4 \ the naiTH-1 p'lr'i 4. 

( i.A ‘ OilJ - t *F 5 |'’i’ I 

• ‘id F Ia* emi» A,.- «m. roviuj'^n. 

Keulurky P'-n.' ll BaiD’o.a'l Le-It'f Dnv 

X. B. For Cou. IV Pity, in.*l Prate IPgiits in 

!.ern Sta- t.hlrc.v-. 

t \ . P UtKULI. P IMLBOV. 

j'lr.A 2. I"trton. K V. 


K LKP eonslri'illy .ju h.aa'l. a Lar”'j u.d \, 

-elected **ioj k of bii] criur 


Purclinscd in the Kast( rn nn-N'ilu - ‘ h--. wi 

they pledge thc,iu»o*.vcs to i.h r  ay tin* 

can be purchaacl ia an - ^ \ .. ;‘-.unirv 
Mercliunta are rc.spcc*fulE ^ ‘^*1 hi c.ill a? 

examine our alock Itel'orc jKirch:»^ir ": at Lui.'- 
ville, Piucinmar, .._^k(m, aa o • ii ^ 'pilK undi : v-gucl . hcg« leave to inform his. 

^ ni!ni(*»'oir-VM ai xuers and the public gencr-. 

OA^n? Turn T^h! L’Vnp-^Tnp j .illv that lu Ins ia*uu».vftil to the large and com- 

Ullvlj Ijnljivl 1 nlj ll'Af £li'iL)jj ^1" '* r-mi. ifSl^r the Odd Fellows 

%Vd ] 
;,v ; ilcj V 


ii«ms '-t*' ** r-om. iiTW^r 
i 11 ilh t' ncc.ipled by Mr 

J W . llaiuing, 

Of a trip lo said citiis. b\ .-cUirig i eiu Grucc- ;;nd ;i^ livhas juai votUMicil iVuin the Last, liojs 
rias iMclM-ap as tlu*;. can hrpmc:. - .d At vHi.CJ lo'ofiVrto' 

of ilie above niurkel*'. Tin; f,:'P 
Chester an l Plark county me rcs}'j 
tC'I 10 exuiuine our stock of 

.\nil oicrylliiiig iliiii is l.oj.i iti ..i.r lino. 
Eiucli ‘ H E H Hi ’i;.\ i:: r-i 

public ti e largest and 
I s i- M. n stock of go«Kls euer iirimricd 10' 
iuvi- j W iuobesi eonipvislug 

Ready 3 2ade Clolliing 



M .1 rrj/ES AX/I .//n\ EU! ]', 


AY. I’L 1  r:n 11, 1 11 ct   L . Y 


$ilo io Ntr*. 

T runs wiiln ut thcai«l ( f .a Ij.'mi;!. 

• with 

:’il 01'' 

backward. lt.,-SFW.s fiaintwi* m Sue 

rewinding, ami .s ‘ws nil kin Is ••f ; vi -s. w h *:!i 
er coat sc or fiju*. D I low iiij ricc. and lucre- 
** ® within the reach ol evrry l*g(ly, F- r fur 
iW* infornmtiou apply lo W. F. l^ulc, v. d i- 
our agen] fi»r (dark -nmiy, ntid v.^ ’AiVc p!-* - 
ure ia exhibiting them. TIoh . .:i. j 
e» decided udviniagos over a-.v u hei* i.i tie 
market. Every machine w 1 t 'W cd. 

iilKin -N MAlPUy, 

General A‘.r?it . 

a?ig. 10- No. 1 1 M.iln Stret-T. I^xiu^ton. IC \ 

; \m] rruu-y oilier aT th-h^s to » nunici oiis to par- 
' iiculi ri/c; and all of which will be sold at ths 

■ ■' ■■I 'ft I r*' ‘  ! 

r I I.:  1   . iuii tn 

' rc4p*»-**"i to call am.l bn.k thiongh my sl» ck, as 
; 1 le- l u -a;i ill. t I CBU please them both in 

;m: k!v .t , : p ^ 

W'r w»il 7--ki‘ pl^ri-uvc in showing 3'on OUT* 
w lioilier \ io\ purehnse or not   • 

 i. j;U.''KNBEK(il';il.'.. Pnmuy Phtlhing Flore. 

I tjth-i- t»dd Fc'1(.3\s' Hall. 

oci 26* 

\\ im lu ster, Ky. 

I86O.J Fresh Arrival! 



JOHN 5V, LAI '.Hi. IN 


retn-m d fi*om New \ u k :i,il IdiU. d* Ipiu-p-^ 
whev** I’C hUM he*-u h'-Y*. Ih.- r-ish v.'.f; :ni!- 
clo in h *» iim'.iu 


riTMF obb'*-*l ami hi-sl e‘*tahli.''hinent in ^T1n- 
I ,»f; -.1. V i- m»w i1tM*d up nml prepa;*e l ic 
•»ell Phtf ll**; P t sinieio. V(?*P»ngs. and nil or- 
(IcFb of Gentlciiion s Kuniishing (loo ls of i)»« 

; late ! p’.l?:.ins an l "lyles, upon liucrul icrnis. 

I Uork done by us shall !,c wan-nntt*!! ,*o exctA* 
I in fini'di. Pm p« : i h u ns merchants ninf 
j tradesmen «}isH Lc to disp» pso justice witho"^ 
I the Pi'di'opt slouh'W ol hiiuihiig. Our besl ef- 
I fert.N !i;c now bcin;.: ma le 10 present you a 
i  Uick of Siipi'uo.* - uch as will induce 
V. A-ill ?ijid o\-uti:tie fhr yourselves. Me 
wi;! ^.d :**«.] \v!» Flint oursales as we represent, 

.ll Ull- 4tEi - . fffilS. 

uioi'i'li 4r. A. F. BOM BKN. .\gent. 

f4iiver i’oiii WanledI 


I fbsiiloiinlVU* a^sortnieu! ^ ^ ‘SI r   . hills 

i BOOTS, SilOi'A ;li\l) BiT^. 

All or lev.- !url oofing ' r*^ ELP constantly on hand a large nnd well j 
A/i m- .1. our ; |\ seioctou aiovki 




ration are | 

V address 

ink Lick 
. ■; posite 

Stores^  Arafes^ 


And nil kinds of 

sYf ri’MS, 

No. 21 Ffth hi.. Jlrrkrt Spaeo.) 

t tVv i..A iT«, 0»EJ0. 

A I!E paying Hif )’o!loTi'iiig rules of I’reinii::-. 
XV for 


KNUESQfi'S SHOES ;;«D OOjlS, | i ..i.t Ho 

all til'* latest Parisiiiu Mvlt-s. 
lias tlio finest Hioek of 



Ml V - 

ht n 

o.:n, iniliSii HARDWARE,?#' 

*"*•' ™-WSRE, I., , 

' Europe and .Vnierica, all M’ which lufintei.d' I* | FouH.'.V' ‘TK an d«)liars (generally), 
sell ut the i 'hwmnii Pr. vi.s 

! rnec'S. for C'n*.D. | 

HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS. \ ' h.,.i .usitini, 

hearts are wed 

.■\nd that sweet wiK* of yours, j-ure ns a oc the wit, hmnor. raeiiiesil, hrilliaucv, ami 
zephyrs hymn — nuc wIk-sc laugh wa*» ti:e spaPHe of the times. A» lioretnfori*. no labor ' iJUlT 

g„Hl, "of siimmor rills laUerin?inat.:.wcrof rose-: .'j;" l-e spar,-. 1 lo rmiin.oin , hi- high 

renmation of the Home Journnl. which IS every- j I I '* *' 
il»rond. ackiiQwledcrotl in ■ ^ ^ 

where, both at homo al»ro;id, acknowledged to i 

renipcrniiee Hall, ami get a BcjiKtifinl 

upon your arm. a llower plucked from b?r sunny be* tlu mojtt refir.ed abd elegant repertory of PHOTOGRAPH WELANEOTYPE Al'D AM-RGTYPE 
home, 11 goTM-l stolen from mrcusury ofloTC, I Ihc »rts on Ihi-isicli; of the sun, ; As low ss‘20 rents. Drenst pin m-1 point I.ih-r 

taste and Jtld-nieilt. 1 lie publislier, it , Pcneeforlh lo udon. nn.l benutily jonr life, an.l cheap, -st i.i.nily newspnper : j;, These lo-n pri.-es MI ho 

will be SCCl'l. ofi-ers unusual illducem'ciltH muku yonr cip of happim full to overllowing. ' ’".iVs' wiii'hc pi-fnlej limn oTdckll Ihos" "crow,r'* Tfew^ Wrati'.ses "fo •'I'e--' 

IVtmt fei'vent wishes for your future Imp-pin,— -: «-..o m i.orrtn ..-1,1 . ,i.a . . . i p . . . 

to new subs.ribcr.s, an-l lo jiersons who 



timii city prices. Instruction given in Ih' 
alKivcnrt. ,l'c.l4 

-iJiinpton. tlie F'lrtriiit of Everett, and , . , ‘ 

^ ^ ' hajiptucs.s, .and may the beauty, the tciiilei-ucss. seve 

) I avior ikitpritv in-.^s, are iti,aluable, ,iuj joy uml hope of that wcih'.ip^ feust so iui- -2ii; 

.1 we doubt not lu.iuy who reail the pr. -s itself upon your h ichclo 

prospectus will go t,j vfOt'h to get tbem. imrel us logo and do likewise. 


will ,'Ot sub.soribera and forward tbclr J’cu out from the p ttcrnal r-.-.f, ndown   '.'f the volume will he able to do so hy forward- 

" i-i .;e„ O lif,-'sv:Hlev, aud even tohhe verge hi-vond. , ing their suh.ser.ptmns wuhout tlela^^^ , 

' -o Jjilc Ol . . , , ' n . Ikrsis. — I- or one copy. ^-J; for three copies, $.  

Again 1 scn.l after you my prayers for r,.ui- __or „„e copy f,ii- lhre,i years, $.-i; for a cliih of i 

seven copies, ?l(i; for a club of fifteen copies, ! 'J' () j{ \ p] V A Tj V Y 

the joy and hope of that wi-d-'.;^ «o im- aii-lut that rate f-jv a larger club — alway.s | ^ , we doubt not tii.tiiy who reail the pr.-s itself upon yourlnchclor friends as ,o  n olvancc. ,i vn n-ir t re I 00\ INGTO.'s, KV„ | 

flFncn— (iorncr of Scott and Thinl; enirsneo - 

names with tbc money 


the I 



Bditorr and Proprietors. 107 Fulton St., N. Y. I on Third. 

i idl7. 

Wc .are preparesl to .lo alt kinds of i 'I'e DmisviH-. ' ’n-cOv ali an-: I..-sinci,.rf 

1 f-k « t r-* • pnCD«. He mvit08 a c.ill Iv? n Ins !ni inD ii?:o 

Metal Roofing and Guttering. I ihepuMic gcuendiy. j. w. i.AiiiuMN 

All werk d‘)ne by US will be warranted i? give ; _ 

entire satisfaction, and on the most I’avomhle i j. 


We will m run onr Wool Carding Machines 










^’irnie of n 'IciXTc i*t' the t'^ irlf rircuD 

during the /.imincr. mar‘4iMy 

Master Commissioner’s Notice. 

I V virtue of a decree of the (Mark t'ircuil 
y t^ourl in the ('hancery suit depending in 


1 ) TiMirt 111 tlie t ill ••er\ #uii dc] '*?;ding in 
sai«l t’onrt bet'vec!i .'’'iriuol Bnidii... •* \dm'r 
ami lii.'^ heir:^ and erebrot I will ;ir« » ’ at my 
office in WinchcsM'i*. e\**ry dav ; SuuiIm s s 
ccpled) until llic N' day 4»f A] ri!. 1 ■l.i4 ri!.  

piirjKYse of receiving p.-. -f (»f  *Ljm. : :ig‘Mr • 
llic estate of Fanmel Bradley, 4i ccain 1. Per- 
sons having claims Against sal'l csiate arc ?c- 
qiieste*! to jnc'^cnt them piompriy, 'lh*.-c 
failing lo make the nec’^^ try p i ’ v.ill be 
haired. A. ll. IirrKNPIl. 

dec72m Ma-^Jer ( Vi'nmi'" A*ucr. 

said r *urf. bet Ween James \V. Parrish, Tnisiee. 

! v.s. r. II. P.irrish. .k-’ . I will attend nt iny office 
in Winchc'-ter, every day t?*un'lay’» excepted'* 
until the 1 st ds.y of .\)uii. l*mi. for the pur- 
pose of receiving pi’uol  ’f clainii against 
topher II. Pa**risli. Persons having claims 
against .‘'^aid H. Parrish are rei'picrted to 
. present them promptly. Timse failing to make 
the necessar;. proof w ill he Inu red. 1 IIU U J. if JL 1 " AiTil 

, A H m't'K'KIl. J PL-HI.Is-m-'li \T 

ilcci 2 m .'Lister ( oinmissioner. 

; {'YNTHIVM. IIIKKISIO (01*, TV. bV., 

^ A- fc. | j r,\.s a l-.Vye nrcuhni-in in  ;u- ... .Ht h cs. 

J I r purtien’ t 4 f Iveutiu-ky*. Pi-.-' Jiaving 

Lands, Stock rV r.'nv,h 7 iic else i- «ell or rf ut, per iu"U,h 
EXECL’TKP AT TltfS OFFi,.'E. . will ,lo well to ad-.erlisc it in thc.Vt'.vs. I Shivl.- 

iii^h t^'t .i-:,-' 

.\H oih:-r .*-'i'.\ r of utioerlain value w» huy 
liy the one.' at per troy ounce. Th« 

h; 'lust  ■: -k p-.icc will l-c paid for 

Old S'iiverware and 

.',t.::i'. pnit 

Vihiis r.nk d- Culijoniia Gold. 

st-iall nfhai . i- oil Ihc iHiOve rales when 
iitli 1---1 ill lai'c-- hi: . 

f V "hi- 1- -I. I i-nt in S ) nnd f 10 lots fur 
Pi,-:,-. .'-:i 'll 


,’iM IN.\’.\TI. (). 

M'.i uill p.'«'* in Kcnim ky notes ot goW. 
at * per |.rf!niiMn for the («old. 

»nn»‘ I-:-v. 


t F Ff'iinp livscniPTiO. 

THE FB KM IF 31 BF 1, L . 

I.V 1!II-: 1 I ki: OF AL'DBIE, 

WILL h-‘ p^rioiitoti In s-ervo a limiii*d numher 
of " . at il:«* fai ni of Thos. ^'nnnlOter, in 
Clark County. ;'iik*» h»*in Pine f4r*3ve, nt^l2 
to iiY'iK a chII. f'rw^ will 76* 

W M. K. DF.vrA.t. 




Matrimony is the door from savage to 
aivil life. It is the main prop to the 
sipport of a nation's greatness. It is 
the alouibic in which our coarser natures 
arc replaced by the refining elements of 
affection. Nature, rctelation, and ex 
perienco, all combine to prove its heaven- 
ly origin, and that — whatever cynics 
may aver to the contrary — “matches are 
made in heaven." Mind you, gentle 
reader, we do not mean those mnteket of 
*hich the Ivcifer is so appropriate an 
emblem • We refer to those of true 
Uva; and it is only by the refining infln- 
ca.«« of love that humanity may be made 
susceptible of appreciating the possibili- 
ty of an intellectual and moral sentiment 
■ ing thehisrhest biosing that' (lo l of- 

being ^ , 

fers to mankind. AVe believe love^to be 
an important element of human nature, 
which only re iuires separating '.from the 
dross of coarse desires to render this 
life a heaven of happiness. “Y'es," 
snceringlygreptics ; the cynic, “if twerc 
not for the extravagance which F.vsHlos 
engenders, then mankind would not, of 
needs, be absorbed by the corroding ob- 
ject of gain, and matrimony would soon 
become the rnlo, instead of tbe c.xecp 
lion, in large cities.” But this is beg- 
ging tbe  |UCstion, for decency and ordet 
arc Heaven's first laws, and wliat is much- 
wbused faihion but the means of preserv- 
ing decency, order, and harmony? With- 
out faihion, to what wretched level 
would not the want of improvement in 
manufactures soon thrust commerce.^ It 
it wore not for y’nsAi’cH, all institutions, 
sacred and civil — which arc, after all, 
founded on labor —would soon retrograde 
into tlieoriginal chaotic element ot bar- 
barism. Fashion both stimulates en 

terprise and inspires man with tbe wish 

to labor, while it encourages him to no- 
ble deeds of daring. But there arc limits 
within which fashion would fain restrain 
man for his good — and these are, ^ihc 
social amenties ot life and the cnltiia- 
• lion of the affections. Fashion is no 

person's master or mistress, but merely 

the visible form with which order and 
harmony robe themselves. It is, there- 
fore, vain Slid idle for people to charge 
fashion with the encouragement of ex- 
penses so heavy as to prevent marriages 
*r ill any way prejudice the claims ot 
matrimony. No; the reason is iound in 
a far different and less respectable cause 

namely, in the mania for rii-h matches. 

, disposition, attaininenta — all are 
•acrificed for this god of equal marriages 
olassically termed “the spoons." In 
France this si’iie qua uon is known by the 
name of dot— a free translation of Uie 
J.atin dot — meaning the marriage portion 
wecording to the Roman law. 'This is 
‘•the head and front of the offending 
against matrimony now, as it has always 
hean; and we very much question whether 
our laws in reference to marriage contri- 
bute as greatly to the general purity and 
good of society as did those of ancient 

There is also another grave cause to 
th« prevention of matrimony in great 
•ommcrcial cities, and that lies in the 
apparent want of confidence between 
married couples, especially of the cora- 
mereial class, but, happily, it does not 
extend to the artistical, professional, and 
aieshanioal branches of married society: 

■»« mean the total ignorance by the wife 
of her husband's means, monetary condi- 
Aton, or eomincrcial position. From the 
reesen that the wife has not been cdiioa 
tad to k^w anything of book-keeping or 
eoaneri^, the hnsband‘'thinks it useless 
to waste, Hiuie in communicating to tho 
partner oflihis bosom the true state hl'liiil **'.^ '*‘ on elblj 
eondition."' Young ladies should bo edvi^othe \|i 
nested to a tborougli knowledge of 
hook -keeping, particularly those who in- 
tuud marrying merchants. But not on- 
ly are they ignorant of the science of 
book-keeping, but it is found that too 
manv are incompetent to keep the ae- 
•ountofa family’s expenses. The wid- 
ow of the late John t’. Spencer is an 
honorable exception to this state ofnien- 
tal oblivioasness, for she not only kept 
her liusbaiiil’s books and hived their rc- 
annreas, but her husband found her his 
best counsel for helping him to invest 
his gains prof tibly; and there is no doubt 
of his having accumulated double the 
amount, Py tlic advice of his wife, that 
he would have done without it, or had 
she been wanting in the science of book- 

Ladies of this city are frequently 
complained of for extravagance, even by 
•writers of their own sex; but bow can 
they know of what constitutes extrava- 
gance, except by the inference drawn 
fVom their surroundings? Having re- 
aided ©very year of their married life in 
i ffo her) new neighborhood, she this 
year finds her.sclfin the heart of the most 
distinguished neighborhood in tlio city, 
where all is dress and gaycty — where balls, 
soirees, concerts, and a ho.\ at tlic opera 
are the unexceptionable nwde. Fhall she 
how be blamed for wishing to live in 
harmony with her new neighbors, by 
following their refined tastes, especially 
as she knows no valid reason why she 
should not lead the touf S?hc knows that 
her husband is handsomer, and can dance 
better, than their gouty neighbor, the 
Hon. Buby Rustum; and she knows that 
it is only necessary to give the order to 
Mr. Brown, to get up a party which shall 
make many of their weak nerves vibrate, 
and she resolves to do it. Now, who 
will say, under the cireumstanccs, that 
she is extravagant? Nay, who will not 
eompliment her for the energetic deter- 
mination to uphold the dignity of the 
fhmily? She maintains the honorable 
idea of letting tho Splashesand Splevins’s 
know that the Splivers are not only 
around, but settled in their midst! 

Mr. Splivers retires from Wall-street 
to di^e up town with his family at six, 
aucTmis mind is too full of business to 
givelatlantion to more of the details of 
his designs than to learn the pro- 
bable cost, and to ask whether he 

ean stand tlic expensive shock; but he 
never asks advice of his wife — first, for 
want of time; and, secondly, because he 
vaiuly supposes that he could not make 
bimeclf understood. Now, we again ask, 
is this poor lady of total ignorance as to 
their financial eeiiditiou, and wanting the 
aonfidenee and affection which are due 
from a husband to his wife, at fault for 
thus carrying out the highest sr-liemes 
which her innoecnce suggests? 

We say. and say it boldly — or, to use 
♦he words ot that great philsopher. Jack 
Bnnsby, “we don't care who knows it” — 
that the ladies of our cities are much 
■wronged and abused by attributing to 
them the sin of extravagance. Ttistrue 
that facts, apparently of extravagance, 
would lead the casual ob.server to snp- 
TMise some Imlies of our city too fond of 
Iniiiry; Imt if their husbands are sueeess- 
ftil in trade, what better method can the 
family adopt to realize its iuiproved con- 
dition, than to invest part of the gains in 
»n equipage which shall benefit equally 
ths farmer and the artisan. 

Id addition to the desire forrich mateh- 
•8, and the uiiiihilosojihical style of living 
in this city, there has another evil maxim 
gone forth, that “man has no business to 
marry till he can support a wife.” This 
cry would have some meaning, if a wife 
wfire n horse or a dog, and not an an- j 

swer to a huiuuiqneed, and an essential to 
success in life. 

The world forgets that mao is not an 
automaton, hut a being tearfully and 
wonderfully framed. No machine, but a 
lyre responsive to the breath of every 
passion; now fevered with pleasure; now 
toiling for gold; anon seeking to build up 
a lofty fame; and that tho more eager, and 
passionate, and daring ho is — the more 
eagle is his eye, and the loftier his aim — 
the more he needs woman, the comforter 
and the help-meet, by his side. Our 
fathers did not ignore this, and they 
sueebejed. Because the wife preserved 
them from tho temptations of life, be- 
cause she, with her words and looks of 
love, assisted them to bear the burden# 
and fight tho battles of life; because she 
stood by her husband s|side as his liclp- 
racet, bone of his bone, flesh of his flesh 
— soothing each sorrow, aiding each up- 
waril aim — it was thus they became great; 
and it is because wc do not thus, we pale 
before them. It is not good for man to 
be alone. .'Ian has tried to disobey the 
divine law, and lived alone; and what has 
been the result? Even when tried by men 
of superior sanctit)', as in the case of the 
Romishclmrch, has the worlil gained in 
happiness or morality? I trow not. 
Take the limited experience of our own 
age, and fallicrs and mothers know, to 
their hitter, I am right. The man- 
hood, brave and gcucrous much of it 
wrecked in • urgrc-tl cities, will bear me 
out. But m.'itrim«‘iiy is more than this. 

In spite of the hard matter of-fuct, seep 
tical and, therefore, sensual character o( 
the passing day. will it not be confessed 
that the union of man and woman as hu.s- 
band and wife, is the greatest earthly 
need and is fol'owcd by the greale t 
earthly good; Unhappy marriages there 
may bo; imprudent ones there may l.e: | 
but such are not the rule; and 1 know I 
not why the legislature should not give j 
easier relicl'in sneh cases. •■Nature nev 
er did betiay the soul that loved her;' 
and nature tells men and women to marry. 
Just as the young man is entering upon 
life — just as he conies to independence 
and man's estate — just as the crisi.s of 
his being is losolvcil. and it is to ho seen i 
whether he decide with the good, and i 
the great, and the true, or whether he ■ 
sink anil lie lost forever — iiiatri.iioin : 
g've.s him ballast and a right impiil.-e . 
VV'ar with nature, and she takes a .sure j 
revenge. Tell a young man not to have j 
an attacliniciit that is virtuous, and he | 
will have one that is vicious. Virtuous 
love — the honest love of a man for the 
woman he is about to marry — gives him 
an anchor for his heart, something |iurc i 
and beautiful for which to labor and live 
And the woman, what a purple light it 
sheds upon her path: it makes life for 
her no day-dream, no idle hour, no] nin- 
ted shadow, no passing show; but snnic- 
thing real,, worthy of her heart 
and head. 

But most of u.s arc cowards, and dare 
not think so; wc lack grace ; we are of 
little faith ; our inward eye is dim and 
ilark. The niodern young lady must 
marry in style ; the mod' rn young gen- 
tleman marries a fortune. But in the 
meanwhile the girl grows into an old 
maid, and the yonlli takes eliaiiibers — 
ogles at nursery-ni.xi'ls, and becomes a 
man about town — a man whom it it dan- 
gerous to ask into your house, for his 
business is intrigue. 'J'lie world might 
have had a happy couple; instead, it gets 
a woman fretful, nervous, fanciful, a 
plague to all around her. Ho becomes 
a sceptic in all virtue; a corrupter of tl • 
youth of both sexes a curse in wliatever 
domestio circle he ponotrate.s. Even 
worse _maV r«jjult. , She may he deceived 
and die otii broken Heart. Ik* may ruslt 
from 0110 101% Ao another^ ifs^icime only 
ious and depraved ; bring 
 N?]frrce .in'll sotrow on liimsoli^iiid all 
around; and sink into an early grave. 
Oui^'reat cities show what becomes of 
men and wjumcn who do not marry. 
Worldly fathers and mothers advise nr t 
to marry t#l they can affonl to support a 
wife, and the boys wjckerlly expend dou- 
ble the ainonnl in IrW- company. Hence 
it is, all wise men (l^to Franklinj advo- 
cate early marriages ; and all onr great 
mc^ with*rarc exceptioiAv ha' e been 
nier^ ho jiiurried young. AA'onl.-worlli 
had onl y one hundred pounds a year when | 
he first married. Lord Eldon was so 
poor that he hal to go to Ulare-markef, 
Jiondon. to buy sprats for supjier. Cole- 
ridge and Southey we can't find had ! 
any income at all when they got j 
married. We question at any time wlietli- | 
er Luther lia-l more than liftv pounds a | 
year. We blast hiimnnity in its verv j 
dawn. Fathers, you say you teach yocr \ 
sori.s prudence — you do nothing of the ; 
kind; your and clever son is j 
already ruined fur life. You will find 
him at the faro-lable and i'lee-love cir- 
cles. Your wretched worldly wisdom | 
taught him to avoid the snare of marry- | 
ing young, and soon — if he is not in- 
volved in embarrassments which will last 
him a life — he is a hlazr. fellow — heart- 
less,, w ithout a single generous sen- 
timent or manly aim : he has — 

“So (to'l, HO lieaven, in the w orM! ' 

grn (i^oobs. 

Is AlUJ E 1 M POirr AT io\ " 

O F 

Spring and Summer 

Gr O O 30 Si - 


A TO pr^prtrctl to meet the WMils of the citfiens 
of Clark and adjoining conntie hy pre- 
senting to them one of the 





Cai'iJets, Boots, 

K.Tcr ini|iijrto I to llie liousc: ami we iciiUei- our 
lU'isl cordial tli.inks to oiir buying and paytii 
I'riends, and wc hope to offer them 


To continue their patronage. It will he our 
aim to keep up willi the spirit of ihis progress- 
ive age, anil prove to the citizens of Clark that 
they can buy fiooda and Groceries in ilieir own 
County iieut, at the House of 


aG Chntp, Minua fhr Cnrrhige, 

at any other Town in Kentiieky. Wc are 
Uelenitinod, if in uur jMjwer, to liold 

The Legitimate Trade of Clark, 

.\ml give no one tiic excuse for Inlying 


Away IVuiu homo, 

liecaittic tlie;i arc Cheaper!" 


ptbiciuts, itf. 

Mniltoflbs, tic. 




Will coa-iist of every variety usuall}’ kept in 
Eiiihracing t!ic latest styles of 

Rich kSii lloSies! 

I’.i.vrK .\.NH F.\N(V 


\m\m\i (iiiE.wfiLMis, 

© m A ^ I E sf ^ 

K31 imOIDKKlES, 


.\n'l to the Genllcnien we can offer the most 
That ever graceil their wardrobe. 

o ^ rL nrrr s , 

ifools and Shoes. 


iQL IT J? JD .4. jtf. J 

Of the latest and baudsomcsl styles, 

DYE STEEFS. d-c.. dr., dr., 

(’au be found in the general stwk. In addi- 
tion to this 


We will bo iu constant receipt, 

From the Eastern Cities, 

Of niaiiy of the 

P^o'VTVT" Stylos! 

Tli:ii wiir^ic Coming, out from time to time 

ill soM t^e usual 

time to uiiuuKtaViibly goAsl customers, or 


IMoaso gIvA* UN a call nml examine our (ioofls 
and rriccs. and we think yon will be jdca.^efj. 
npWl-ly ll.WildNti \ KAlUUt’K. 

I jcirge I iii])ortatiou 


Fall and Wiater 





wM. irruitBLEFirLi*. jons  «TCuBLEriei4  i 

Having assindatcd themselves together, umlcr | 
the name and hrni vV' 


WOUbl) announce to the ciliieim of WinchcH- | 
ter and vicinity that tlieyure keejunga stock of ’ 






For Medical Purposes, Only. 


:o n. XJ S H E! s , 


I.INSKFI) till,, ^ 










Those wishing any articles in our line will t 
please give us a call. ' 



Winchester, Ky., April Id-ly. 





Barn#, BraUra, C'atii and Hwellin*,, Colic, 
IlinrrhrR and UlicunintlMin, llcadacha, 
Taoihache. Karachc. l»T«p»l*«ln. Weak 
lircaal, Mver Complaiot, llrneral ! •- 
bililx. Keep and .\«ur. CaakeT or 
Sore .llaulb, Pairid Sore Throat, 

Weak K,e«, Spine and Kld- 
BCT Diaeaae, Old Soraa, 

C'outflia nod Cold,. 

klassiu. A. L. Scov^i. A Co., 

Gctili .: — Your favor of 
the I It iust., making inqui- 
ries in regard to sales of 
Dr. Baxeb’s r*ix PabaCra, 
and aatisfaelion it has given 
purchasers, is received. 
Would say iu regard to 
sales, that we have received 
from yon since 1857, 4804 
Dozens of the Panacea. 

g'.r- V/e know of no 
MEDICINE that is appli- 
cable to so MANY DIS- 
EASES that has GIVEN as 

We have sold it, subject to the warrantee, 
and parties who have use,! it, will have it, 
and will not be without it in their families. 

No. 121 Lake St., Chicago, Ii.l., Oct. 8, 1858. 

A 3 ^ J cui‘]:s LT^ ]S T. 


I860. Rail-Road. 1860. 

: Ballasted icith Broken Hock, and Free/rom L ust 

Iklflspnpcrs anb ycriobitals. 


(Sf.NU.tVS KxCEtTEll.; 


i: 31 P O lill  1! 

Main Street, Opposite tlietourt House, 



Tampico, Darke Co., 0., yov, 13, 1857. 
Mksbrs. a. L. ScoviLL A, Co., 

GenU.:—\ am induced by a sense of justice 
to elate to you that 1 had a case in my family 
of extreme sickness. Mtf wife was severely at^ 
tacked with Biuovs Colic. We had the atter^- 
anee of a good physician^ hit could get no relief. 
We administcrctl Da. Bakrr’s P.VIN I’ANA- 
CEA, and it profluecd the dc.sired effect. Since 
that we have had ©cca-sion louse it for Pain 
in iht breast, and for Fever and Ague, and it 
always cured, I consider it one of the best 
medicines. WILLIAM WILLIS. 


Carthaof.. Hamilton Co., 0., Xov. 25, 1853. 
Dr. 0. R. Bakkr, 

Much EMcemed Friend ; — I have had a 
severe attack of I iarrh‘-‘a,aUembM| with severe 
griping pains, and was r«*duccd vary low. I 
tried many dilfert'ut medicines, but all to no 
purpose, until I got a bottle of your Pain 
Panacea, and coiumcneeil its use. The first 
dose put a quietus on the grij*ing pains, and 
I had not used tw'o Iwcniy-live cent bottles 
before I was entirely cured. I also recom- 
mended it to a frieml. wlio was nttacke l with 
cramp colie, and sulfering with exoruciating 
pains, and three dosci enlirclv cured him. 

\S, 1). IIAKKY. 



iN anil after Weilnesilny, April •25lli, 18(i0, 
anil until fnriher notice, trains will run 
113 follows: 

Leaves Lexington at   -00 -A. M. 

Arrives at t’ovington at 10.35 “ “ 

I’assengers by this Train, going West, can 
lake the l'i.4.) r. m. liulianapolis & Cincinnati, 
ami -'iilO p.   1 . Cincinnali, Hamilton & Dayton 
llailrimits, for 

St. Louis, Chicago, 

liulianapolis, Terre Haute, 

Lafayette, Burlington, 

Iowa Cily, Galena, 

Itoek Islami, Si. .losepli, 

I .\ihI all Cities and Towns West and North- cst 


Lewes Lk-xinotox at - - L-'iO I’. M 

.\rrive.s \T CovixiiTOS at - - 4..')S “ “ 

Passengers by this Train, going East, can 
take the 11.00 p. .m. Little .Miami Express Train, 

I via. Cleveland, Pittsburg and Wheeling, (o 
New York, Philadelphia, Boston. 

Baltimore, Washington City, Cleveland, 

Dunkirk. Buffalo, .Albany, 

Niagara Kails, Columbus, Crestline, 

Harrisburg. Kichniond, Va., Zanesville. 

Passengers by this Train, going West, make 
: close connection at Cincinnati, with the Ohio 
and Mississiiipi Itailroad. o.-S.i r. M. Express 
Train, for St. Louis and other Western Cities. 
arriving at St. Louis the next morning, making but 
oneehunge of cars. Passengers can scenre seats 
. at Cincinnati, all the wag through, against such 
passengers as may get in on the way. Also, a 
comfortable night's rest in one of 
Now iu use on this Road. By this route they 
avoid the long Omnibus Rules by other routes, 
and also the danger of missing connection with 
the Ohio and Missi.ssippi Road, and having to 
lie over on the way. 

Passengers for Cairo, Memphis and New 
Orleans, will find this the most certain and relibte 

Baggage checked through from laixing- 
ton to St. Ixinis. Fare as low as by any other 


E.AST, WEST or SOI III. and all information, 
apply at the Kentucky Central Ticket Office, on 
Main street, between Mill st. and Cheapside, 
laixinglon, and at the Ticket Office of the Com- 
pany at Paris. 

Omnibusses will call for Passengers. 

C. A. M ITIIKKS. Siip't. 

WM. PCRNELL, Ticket .Agent, Lexington, Ky] 


Now III Us Sixteenth Year, 


rilHE DKMOCllAT has supported the party 
A and its principles when organs now ol 
louil professions were warHng against both 
Tub Democrat publishes the same political 
doctrines it has advocated since its first issue 
It is the organ of no man, but when the nomi- 
nation is nimle at Charleston, it will he found 
under the old banner, regardless of the inter 
csis of men. 

The W KKKLY Democr.\t is much the largest 
paper in Kentucky devoted to the interests oi 
the Dcimwralic party. Its News, IsOcaX and 
General, its Miscellaneous Department, it Ag- 
ricultural and Commercial News, arc full and 

— Club 

For the largest list sent us by March 1, IbtiC 
for tlic 2d largest, $2' ; for the 3d largest 
$20; for the 4th largest, $17 50; for the Sth 
largest, $15; for tlic Otlilargest, $12 50; foi 
the 7lh largest. $10; for tlie 8lh largest, $7 50; 
for the 0th largest, $5; for the lOlh largest 
$3, Au extra copy of the Weekly gratis tf 
eacu person sending a club of 10 or more. 


Weekly Democrat, 1 copy, 1 year $2 OC 

0 copies, 10 OC 

10 copies, 15 0*' 

20 copies, 24 

Country Daily Democrat, by mail, 5 OC 

Dollar Weelly Democrat, 1 year, 

50 copies, each, 

No paper sent unless the money is paid ir 
advance, and discontinued when tl*® litre i* 

Specimen copies scut when desired. 
Hcinittanccs by mail a‘ ct’’ Ssk. Address 
IIAIINLV, llUOHF-8 & CO., I’ublisbcrs. 

I/ uisvillc. Ky. 


Dr. C. CHASE i 

'OULD respectfully cull the attention of; 
the public to bis new and^ 




 \ till 

l.D r«'snecffiil!y ojiil tho attouiioii of 
lie cilixens of Winchester siiid Clark 
county, to his NLW AND I,\KCiK slock of 
Fancy and Domestic 


T3i*N" Cf 00(1;- 


Just imported from the Kasterii t’itics, 
cimseel and «eloeted with taste and care, by 
Lewis II vmi’Ton, whose reputation a'* a merchant 
is well known to the citizens of ('lark eounfv. 

The attention of flie Lidies is cs]»ecinlly call- 
ed to his store, as he pledges liimself to show as 

m\ H!l CilKlP (iOOilSI 

ilio inarkpl .iffoiils. 
pari of 

The stock consists in 

Blscuiiraging ( hildliood. 

It i.s somewhere relaleil tiial a poor ; 
soldier, having had his skull fractured, j 
was told by the doctor tliat iiis hr.vins l 
were visible. “Do write to failior, ' he j 
replied, “and tell him of it, for he always | 
said I had no brains.” llo-v many fa- ' 
thers and niothers tell their cliil'lren such, , 
and how often does such a remark con- 
tribute not a little to prevent any devel- | 
opment of the brain! A grown itp [icr- j 
son tells a child he is brainle.”s or foolisli, | 
or that lie is deficient in some mental or 
moral faculty, and nine cases out of ten 
the statement is believed, or if not fully 

ay be par- 
usito repress 

the confidence aiui energies of that child. 

Let any person look back to chililhood’s 
days, and he can doubtless rceall maiiv 
words and expressions wliieh exerted such 
a discouraging or encouraging influence 
over him as to tell upon his whole future ‘ 
course of life. We knew an aiubitious j 
boy, who, at the age of ten years, had be- [ 
come so depressed witli fault finding and | 
reproof, not duly mingled with ciiooiir- ' 
aging words, tliat at an early age he long- | 
ed for death to take him out of the world, | 
in which he conceived he liad no abili- | 'XTVItLi'tO 
ities to rise. But while all thus aiinear- i ’ 

vtiv 19 uviiocu, ui II 

believed, the thought limit ma; 
tially so, acts li^ ah l^euTtusitt 


French and English Morinos, 

F.\ A'f T.f ri.A ixdi:l.\ ixks, 

Foplins, Deb’ages, 

And a large .‘Jlook of 0  hm1s .suitable f^r 

Travel ansr I ref^ses, 

.K choice selection of 


liloaehcd and Hrown Cutton.s 
Osnal)urg.s and Slicoting.s, 

Lin.seys; also, 


ed so dark around him, and he liad so 
often been told of his faults and deficien- 
cies that he seemed to himself the dull- 
est and worst of boys — and while none 
of his good qualities or capabilities liad 
been mentioned, and he believed lie had 
none, a single word of praise and appre- 
ciation, carelessly dropped in liis hearing, 
changed his whole course of thouglit.— 
We have often heard liim say tliat “lliat 
word saved him.” The moment he 
thought he could do well, he resolved 
that he would — and he has done well. — 
Parents, these are iniportunt considcr"- 
tions. Sometimes encourage your chil- 
dren without an if. J)o not always tell 
them they eau be good or can do well f 
Ihey will do thus or so well, and liiat 
there is nothing to hinder them. — xiniT- 
inm Agriculturist. 

Tarltoiis, Swisisc.'i, Jacunotts ami 
Catiiliric-.s, Bi-sliop ami A’ictoria 
liawiiR, XaiiDsoiik.^i, ami Bril- 
liaiitinc.-s, Iri.sli Linoii.s, 
Liiicn ami Unimi l);mi- 
a^k Diajiers, Table •• 
Li noil!:'. Xapkiii.s, 
and Ho'ipskirt.'^, 



30 3Ft XT  3- 




iOlLUAl) VtoMl 


For Med ijeal Purposes, 

Turs.sEs, ■ .7 










FAT: MEDICINES, allkinds-, 








msTM s lamjiis' 









A large and carefully selected stock of 

pKATTSViLi.E, Viiiton Co., 0., Aug. 5, 1854. 
Dr. 0. U. li.ikKK, 

Pear Sir : — I have Ibis dav sold the last 
1 should have wrillon to you »ot ncr, but not 
cxpcciing to s»4I llie g*K d *upi)ly I had on 
li.Tiid. Jniriug ihv last week, m wev«r, my 
snie.t have l•^(Ml four limes as large as aii^ 
week since I Imvc had your invaluable medi- 
cine, ami the demand is still increasing. I 
have never sobl a nu'dirine that sustained so 
high a reputation. The Lung Fever, Cholera 
Morbus, ('boleni Infantum, Biliout Colic, 
I'minp f'olic, autl Flux, have been Tory prev- 
alent in ibis vieiniiy the ])a»t beasou, and 
the Pain Puuaeon has not failed to cure in 
every iik^tiince where it has been tried, so far 
as T have beard. Please send me a large 
8Uj jdy as s«'*on as posaible. 

Verv respectfullv, vonra, 





III l.«ive Stock. 


New and DlrocC Route to Eastern Cities! 


Messrs. A. L. Scovii.l A Co. — Gents. .-—Mr. 
Eii.-'lm Bradley, of Baih Go., Ky., had on hit 
hand a very h\d, which he thought 
iNri’R.\BLR. having Ih-cii there for years, lie 
aLo had on his ehoek U.i.e, what he supposed 
to bo a fWNi'LK, and could obtain no relief 
unul iio ,^^«1 1 K. B.vktk's pAix Pakacea, 
whiclj. cfni:n hi«i of  lmt disense, and ak»o the 
swcllatg ou^hN iiand. This medicine is 
ibought 1*0 rdutdi  »l thnl f.ykuy pauii.x in our 
ncighlx»i bo4*d, i  countuHtly on ha^d. In 
faet. it i» the vo'dicin* it is 

riromin^ tided for, liiut vV* cun get, 

Wyomi.n’o, October 2jili, 1858. 


Dr. Baker’s Pain Panacea Valuable 
for Horses as it is for Man. 

Mr.-i.sR.s. L. SCOVII.L k Co. — Gents ..- — 
Poring tho last winter, most all the horses in 
our vieiniiy w *re aulijeel lo 8cr,ATriiES. Hav- 
ing had on hnml only two or three dozen 
hollies of Dr. Baker's i’oiii rnnneeo, in a few 
diiys I sold the entire lot, and could have sold 
iiiueh more, if I had had them, lo my neigh- 
bors for that | ur| o-e. Ix so cask has it 
FA ii.F.D TO ri KF. it Is also iiulis|ten.ahle in 
our iieighhorluKid as a family meeliciiie, for 
the various diseases lor which it is recom- 
mended ; and I will say that I have sold it 


.M. H.IGEN. 

IlAOF.s.sviu.r., Bracken Co., Ky.,Oct. 21, 1858. 
For sale hv the Proprietors, 


Xo. 12 Vest Kiglilh Street, Cincinnati 

For sale hy 

CiiARLFa Ch.vse. M. D., IVincliesIcr. 
WiLKixsox & Klim, Kiddville. 
Clark & Fra-, Schollsville. 


Trains leave Cincinnali, Hamilton and Daylon 
R. R. Depot, foot 5lh st., and run through to 
Without change of cars, (if desired.) 

This line offers unequalled facilities for trans- 
porting stock, via. 

j To Eastern niiirkets. By Ihis route drovers 
have the advantage of lake from Sandusky, or 
ALL R.VIL, via. 

Dayton & Delaware to the East 

Petis, wflh ample accouimotlaiioii, arc pre- 
' pared, and feed can be had at rensgnable lates 
' Drovers ^nve the privilege of slopping with 
■ slock as long as desired, without extra charge, 

I Rates by this line as low as by any other, and 
shippers may rely upon every care and atten 
lion lo their stock, and to those in charge. — 
Merchants and shippers entrusting the trans; 
porlation of freight to this line can rely on its 
; speedy transit, and on as favorable terms as by 
any other route. Bl®°'.'|ark goods via. Clcve 
land, Dayton, and Ciiici'linali Railroad, care 
Reynolds & Son, Covingtofi, Ky. For throngh 
, contracts ami fni ther infufnialion apply to 

Lex. pike, near Kv. C. C.'U. Tl. Depot, Cov. Ky 
J. B. WHITE. Gen. Agt., Bnffiaor^^- '» • 

Inrol'poraled 1WI9. t liarter Per- 




A N D 


WHITE AND i;vj:i) U' \D 
SNOW FRENCH ZINC, gioiiml in U^ 
.And many other articles too nunierotis to men- 
tion; all of which will be sold on the^ost rea- 
sonable terms. 

I*hysirian.s M*re.srriplions' rare- 
fully f’omponntictt find all Or- 
dcrs\€'crrrrtly .liisirn-ed. 

March Itith, IHOO-l-lv. 



For Gio I'upt* of all I’rlvalP I) 

Containing TJIIBTV fine Plates and Engravings 
of the Anati/my and Physiology of the Sa-eral 
Organs, in a state of IPatth and Disease. 
free of f*ostagelo all parts of the Vnioii 
treat ing Syphilis, Gonorrhea 
.Strictures, Gleet, Sexual De- 
bility, Impotency, Female 
Diseases, and all affections 
of the reproductive system 
of both sexes, the infirmities 
of youth ami maturity aris- 
ing from the secret follies of 
both sexes, with n full treat- 

I T has paid over THIItTEKN MILLION DOI^ 
LARS to relieve tbe unfortunate, of which 
I about Two Hundred and Thirty Thonsaml hav 
I recently been paid in Kentucky; challenging^ 
I an instance in which it has failed to meet a loss 
promptly. ' ^ 

A. r. W.VRD is the se^v^Xgenl for ibis place, 
and the SWGc .Vgent at large’ and will, with 
' pleasure, issue policies upon tlic most favorable 
terms; spending several days each nioiitb in 

The more I become ao(|UHiiiled with this noble 
' institution, and its manner of paying its lo.sses 
the more 1 am assiireiljv ou will get your money 
when a loss occurs. 

A. C. AVAUD, Slate Agent, 
mar30-tf AVinchcsicr, Ky 

L U .^1 It E n 



Irvliie, ISjy. 


1861. 1861. 


Irving’s Life of Washington 



/'f KO. P. PUTNA.M, Esq., the Publisher of 
\~X Irving’s Life of AA'nsliiiigtun, in five large 
vols., the price of which is from $7 to $H0 per 
set, according to the binding, bus prepared a 
new and beautiful edition of thisgreat National 
AVork, in One Fplcndid Volume of 821 pages, 
in double columns, in clear and readable type, 
with a full Appendix and copious Index, su- 
perbly illustrated with Twenty rich and costly 
Engravings on Steel. 

The AVork is CNAiMumiEn and complete as in 
the edition of five volumes. 

1. AVe offer this splendid book as a Prkmivm, 
as follows: 

2. AVe will give one copy of this valuable 
edition of AVasbiiiglon Irving's most impor- 
tant work, to any person, or any three pcr.sons 
who will .separately or unitedly send us the 
names of three New Subscribers to the Eclectic 
with the pay, in advuuco for oneycar — $5 each. 

3. This is a rare chance and an easy motlc 
of obtaining one of the most valuable histories 
in our language. 

4. Any minister or person can thus obtain a 
rich accession to liisown private library. 

6. Aliy three persons, in every village in the 
land, can thus enjoy the instructions of ihwc 
great book of American History, by uniting to 
obtain the work, and sharing in its owueislii|i 

0. ronipetcnt testimony of high literary iiii- 
thority has pronounced Irving's Life of Wash 
ingtoii a leading work of the age in (he de 
partmont of history. 

7. AVe have made the necessary arrange- 
ments with tlie jmblisher for a supply of thi 
work fur premiums. 

3. The work will be promptly sent by ex- 
press, prepaid, lo all convenient distances. In 
other cases, the work will be deposited in the 
principal cities South and AVest, with an order 
for its delivery. 

0. Intelligent men in every rominuniiy will 
be glad to have this work witliin reach of their 
sons and (laughters. 

10. The attention of Postmasters is especially 
invited, and their cooperation solicited. 

11. The offer, and the easy manner of ol - 
taining the work in connection with the ICc 
lectic, is unsurpassed. The works are both 

1*. S. A $00 set of this work was sent to the 
room of the Prince of AVales  ?/ Boston. 


1. A new and surpassingly beautiful and 
accurate p(*rtrnit of the Uou. Epwzua Everktt. 
^iigravM hy .lolm Sartain, is just published 
It i.s exactly tw’enly times larger than il\c full 
length portrait of Mr. Everett, published iu 
the Eclectic. It is the largest and the finest 
half-length portrait ever engraved iuthiscoun- 
try. Price $2. .Mr. Everett and his family 
pronounce it the best. 

2. AVe will send, postage paid, n copy of this 
very beautiful portrait to each new subscriber 
to tbe Eclectic who pays $5 in advance. 


AA e renew the offer of a choice of these par- 
lor engravings — the Return from Market and 
Filial Afieetion — which already embellish so 
many parlors in all part.** of the laud, .V copy 
of either, postage paid, will be sent to each new 
sub.scrihcr to the Eclectic, who pays oue year 
in advance. 

4. If wide-spread ooinincndations of the Ec- 
lectic, by the Press, in all parts of the land, that 
it is tlie beet Magnsino piibli.slied and the most 
richly einbelli.^hed, then mtw is the time to sub- 
scribe, and obtain both the work and a valuable 
premium besides. 

Iwo splomlid liistoric jdates will embellish 
tbe January number, 18(il. 


The Ktdcctic is issued on tbe first of every 
month. Each number contains 1 I J large oc- 
tavo pages, on fine paper, neatly siilebetl in 
green covers, with one or more beautiful Steel 
Portraits by Sartain. Tbe twelve uuinbers 
comprise three volumes, of tiOO pages eacli, with 
titles, indexes, nml embelHshnienls. Price, 
Hve Dollars. Tlic postage is only three cents 
a number, ] repaid at the office of delivery. — 
Tbe Jamiar 3 ' number for 50 cents; au}* other for 
42 cents — sent in postape-stamps. 


No. 5 Beckman Ftreet, N. A'. 

iiAiiPER’s we^:kly. 



Five ('knts a Nlmuer; $2 60 A Year. 

The First Number of the Fourth Volume •! 
Harper' s appeared on the 4ih January* 

iHtiO. IjfiBl year over 4,600,000 Numbers of 
Jlafpers Weekly were sold, nearly half of which 
have been bound for reference. In conimeuciug 
the new volume, the proprietors dc8lre to state 
that it lias been their aim to render Jlatyer s 
Weekly^ in the first place, and before an^’ thing 
eUe, a first‘class newspaper— A pictorial history 
of current events, equal to the daily prc8s ip 
fullness of description, and superior tb the daily 
press as combining illustrations with text.-- 
How fur the}' have attained their aim, Hie three 
vuliimes now published will show. l*lic IlUis 
trations iu tlie Third Volume will bear evidence 
to the fidelity with which every important 
event of the past year has been related and il 
histrated in the pages of Uarpet's Weekly,-^ 
They would refer especially, in this connection 
to The Italian AVar, the Gi-eat Eastern Steamship 
the Harper’s Ferry Outbreak, the Utah Expedt 
tion, the Paraguay Expedition, Chinn, etc., etc 
The value of the paper can l e best realiztNl by 
supposing that it did not exist, and by trying 
to conceive bow little people would renllj' know 
of passing events if they Lad to rely on wriltetf 
descriptions alone. In this respect, the arrange* 
niciits for the coming year are more complet(9 
than the}' have been heretofore. Jlarjitrs Week 
ly has regular artist correspondents hi almost 
ever}' quarter of the globe, and coiumand.s the 
pencil of the fii*st artists at home. It will more- 
over, in order to present its readers with acom- 
plete illustrated history of our age. continue to 
transfer lo its pages the best and most general- 
ly interesting pictures from foreign illustrated 
journals, lii a wor»l, the subscrilicrs to 7/ tr- 
pers Weekly may rely on finding in its pages 
an accurate, well- lrawn, well-engraved, and 
welUprintetl picture of every memorable event 
which occurs, and a portrait of ever}- man who 
attracts the general ationliou of the people of 
(his country. 

Uarpirs Weekly will continue, ns heretofore, 
to publish the best tales that are w rilten by na- 
tive and foreign nuthorH. It has al.eml}' pub- 
lished A Tale of Two Cdics, by Charles Dickens 
(wdth original illustrations drawn for Harper's 
Meekhfy) X\huticill he do with HI by Sir E. Lyt- 
lon Bulwer; T’Ac Jlrr/rf &rr^/, b}' Wilkie Collins; 
Lois the Witch, by Mrs. Gaskell; *4 Good Fight, 
by Charles Headc; and Trumps, bj* Geo. AA il- 
linm Curtis. It is now publishing The Woman 
in hite, b}' AVilkie Collins, and The Xew l'ar(~ 
ner in Clingkam .J* Co., Bankers^ by Fitzhugh 
Ludlow, Ks(j., both of which nac illustrated by 
John Mcljcnnn, Es((. On, or before the conclu- 
sion of these talcs, otliers of etpial merit will 
be commenced, it being tbe intention of the 
publishers to secure every work of undoubiecl 
excellence that is writlen here or abroad. It 
is hardly necessnr}' to add, that the foreign 
serials which apj ear in Harpers Weekly 
purchased from tluir authors by the proprieton 
of Harper's Weekly, who, in many inshuices 
give for a mere lijiht ofpriorii}- what amouutr 
to a handsome copyright to the author. 

In addition to serials, each number of 7/ar- 
j er s Weekly will contain a short complete tale 
by a native or foreign author. In respect lo 
these tales, as with the serials, the publishers 
will publish the best that the}- cun obtain, with- 
out regarding their origin. 

The other depaviments of Harper's Weekly 
will continue to receive careful attention at the 
hands of the publishers. 

$l OO 
2 OD 
4 IK) 
9 OO 

20 m 

^40 00 


Oue Copy for Twenty AVeeks 
One Copy for One Year 
One (’op\* for Two A'ears 
Five Copies for One Year 
Twelve Copies for One Year 
Twenty-five Copies for One Year 
An Extra topy will be allowed far every Club of 
Twelve or Twenty-five Sulhscrilnrt. 

Harper s Magazine and Harper's W'eekly, lo- 
getker, one year, $4 (K). 

Tirmsfor Adt ertising. — Fifty Cuts a Line. 

A Liberal Discount will be made lo thosa 
wishing to .-Advertise for three Months or more. 

Franklin S^puire. New York. 


- to the people of AA'inchester and Clark Co, 
j of trentmeni, the onl}* rational and succes.sful i that they are prepare«l at their Mill, to fill ov- 
modc of cure, ns shown by the report of cases I dors for all kimls of lumber. The best inch 

j NK$S, its deplorable consequences upon the 
mind and boily, {minting out the author s plan 


tienied. .V truthful adviser to Ihcmarried, and 
those contem{dntiiig marriage, who entertain 
doiibt.s of their physical condition. Sent to 
nnv 0 (ldre.«s in a sealed wra| per on the recci{ t 

Those who have contraefed a certain bmthe- 
sonic disease, and csj cci:iny A’OUNG .MEN who 
have injured themselves by certain secret hal - 

niid } Lumber a $1 25 per 1(H  feet, and to 
dress all kiiid.s of fiooring, &c., at $3 per 100 
feet. They will deliver the lumber at any 
time at any one of the lAandings on Kentucky 
River. AA'e arc { reparcd to furnish Lumber of 
all kind.s upon as nocommodatingand cheap 
terms as any Mill in Kentucky. Some oue of 
the firm will attend AA'inchester on every Court 



riMlE Publishers of The Atlantic Monthly 
1 have plen.^^ure in aiinouncing that the new 
volume, to commence with the number for Jan- 
uary, 18(J1, will contain features of remarkable 
interest and attractiveness. .Aiiiong these, may 
be named, A NEW NOVEI., bv .Mrs. Harriet 
Beecher $lowe, Author of “UncicTom’sCabiii,’’ 
and “TheMinister’.sA\'ooing.’' ANEAVNOVEL 
by Charles Headc, .\ulhor of ‘d'brislie John- 
Hlone.” “Peg AVofiington,’’ etc. NEAV STORIES, 
by Miss Harriet Prescott, Author of “The Am- 
ber Gotls," and “Sir Rohan's Ghost. ” A NEAV 
ROMANCE, by the Anilior of “Charles Au- 
chcsler, ’ and ••Coiinlorparts.” Also, t'ontribu- 
tions ill Proseand Poetry, by Henry AV. lAUig-   
fellow. Natimniel JIawihoriie, Oliver Wendell 
Ijojmcs, James Russell Lowell, Ralph AVnMo j 
Einersoii, Jolin G. AVhitiicr, Buyiird Taylor, I 
Wwin G. AVhijipIe, Henry Gile.'*, Richard B. ' 
Kiinball, George S. Hillard, Rose Terry, Rev. 
Dr. Bellows, Mrs, Fanny Kemble, Charles K. ^ 
Norton, AA inthroji Sargent. T. AV. Ifigginson, J. j 
T. Trowbridge, and other disiiiiguisheil writers, j 

F U K i\ I T t U E 

J 'I'KOWItllllXiil:! would infuiTQ Hio 

ilSi as well as MIDDLK AGLD and OLD MKN j day, and will ttike pleasttre iu receving orilers 

trouldwl witli dtdiility and loss of | ower, before 1 for anything in tlicir line. 

'j J applying to any one for treatment slionid first i March 10 18tiO. BOT-J'S. BLKVIN S& CO. 

ead Ihis hook. 

L.\TOR, a safe anil certain remedy for Ohstrnc- 
tions, lrregiilarUic.s, &c.,and is the only reliable 
••preventive of pregnancy, " warranted not to 
injure tbe licaltli. UAUtlON! It should not 
be used during pregnancy, ns Misr.vRRi.,oE 
would be the result, though always Imrndcss. 
I’rice SI per hox, and may l c sent by mail. 

Tlic antlior may be consulted, either person- 
ally or hy letter, on all the diseases of which 
. , , . i’lliis work treats, and meiliciiies sent to nil parts wisliing to piirchsse, lo call and exifflline of t|ic enuntry wiili^.niipleic instructions for 
his slock, at the old ••('lark,"* oiT 3Iain ; .,elf-trealmcnl,seonr.%-. 


citizens of Clark 
and adjoining conn- 
ties, that he keeps ■ 
roiistaiitly on hand a ^ ' ~ 

large nml well as- 
sorted supply of Fur- j 
nitnre, Cliaira and, which lie 
will sell at moderate 
prices. He invites 



1 H.VYE on hand a 
largo qnantitv 


It is vniii to hope to please till 
alike. Let a mail start w ith his Face in 
what direction he will, he must necessa- 
rily turn his hack upon half tbe world. 


TH. Ol X* CX XfTtj- 3T O , j 

Gueensware and Glassware, , 

.■\tid a GENEB.Mj Y.VBIETV of (loods such as , 
rare ii.snally kept iii Dry (}nods Ilonse,*. rail 
anti i xnniinc bcfo’.e pui*haslng elsewhere. j 

r«f» 14- 

street, where he is now located. Hekoeiiaeoii- 
slantly on liami an assorted supply of 

-Pe ri'fl-Colla ItitrUil 

.\nd will nllcnil Funerals with liis Hearte, 
» licticver dcsln d. 

Wim-itereq. March 2:1, 18(iO-if. 

Blfistillery for Kent. 

~oni danger or curiosity. 

wliieli I will sell cheap 

Secrcry inviolable. ' ' [ for ciisli. I have just 

OFFICE — .314 Fifth street, between Market | received a new stock of Irtiliier, French and 
and .Icfforson, west side, where the Consulting I’hibidclphia Calf and KipSkiiis, and I am now 
Surgeon may always be found. ; prepareil to make to orderas cheap and ns neat 

OFFICE IlOl’K,-; — From S .x. «. to 9 i . ji. — • ©s any in I'jwn. 

/ \TIIEB business engagements requiring tny 
I " / acenfion, so ns to make it impossible for 
: me to give my personal ntleiilion ,„y Idstit. 
lory. Situated on lajwer Howard's Creek, (.'1. rk 
eonniy, Ky. I bare determined to rent it till 
for one tir two year.s. Tlic Distillery is not 
more Ilian a half mile distant frtm two gooil 
mills. 1 can turn out. wi'li e^.se, three barrels 
of vhisky (icr day. For particelnrs epq.drj 
of me at inv residence, ,at tie Dsli'lerj. 7J 
miles from Wineliesicr, on the road from Vi'iu 
clyster to Combs Ferry. 

W . Oct. .8, ITITT,. T. 

Snmiays, !• lo 11 .\. .M. 

A'Idress all cornmnnieaiions to 


nor 2-y lamisville. Kv. 

I Shop two iloors 
; Store. 

b»low Clinkinbenrd's 
march llbl. 


UnfailDag Dye. 

I H.VA E but rectnily acqii*r«»{l a linowbtilgc 
cf the m uiui’acturc of this raluable H-iir 
Dye, but feel encouraged to :*.«k of the public 
a liberal patronage, from the fact of Imving 
1 colored the hair of some ladies of this place 
! to whom 1 believe Iliave given perfect saiisfac- 
. tioa. It not only nuikes grey bair as black as 
you may desire it, bat renders it extremely soTt 
‘ and glossy. It can be bought of Messrs. Par- 
; risk ic Bush, Grocers, who arc sole agents, or of 
I m vself at my residence on AVater Street. 

*- W. X E. Sf. roT.'sr. 



Corner Main and Fourth f^treets, 


a ig. 3- 




Tlircc Dollars ]icr .Iniuim, or Twenty-five 
Cents a Nniiiber. Upon the receipt of the ' 
subscription price, the pi blishers will mail the i 
work lo any part of the United Stales, prepaid i 
Subscriptions may begin with either the first, | 
or any siihscqiient number. The poslageof the 
.lllniitic is Thirty-six Cents a year, if prepaid. 

SSiCThc pages of the Atlantic are stereo- 
typed, and hack numbers can he supplied. 

Cn'BDtXQ Arr.inoemexts. — Subscribers to j 
pay their postage. Two copies for Five Dollars; 

!• ive Copies for Ten Dollars; Eleven Copies for ! 
Iwenly Dollars. Booksellers and Newsmen | 
will obtain tlie terms by the hiiudred, etc., upon 
application to the Bnblislicrs, , 

13-5 Washington Street, Boston. ! 




*1 Bancvolent Institution, estiihlished by special En- ' 
dowment, for the Rt Vnf of die Eiiek and Dis- 
tressed, afflicted with Viruhut and Epidemic Dis- 
ease*,^ ajul especially fur the Cure itj /•’ ses of 
the Sf-xual Organ*. 

\ \ ^'^BK’AL ADA'IC'E given gratis, by the 
If I Acting Surgeon, to all who apply by let- 
ter, with a description of their couditiun, (age, 
occTipaiion, habiiii of life, &c.,) and in cases of 
extreme poverty. Medicines furnished free of 
cha rg*'. 

A.VLUAIU.E RERORTS on SpermatniThoea, 
aad Ollier Diseases of tlie Sexual Organs, and 
on the NKAV REMEDIES euiployotl iu the Dis- 
pensary, sent to the alHicI'*.! in sealed letter 
envelope.^. fiTc of (diarge. Two or three Stamps 
for {Kistage will be acceptab •*. 

Address, Dr. J. SKILLTN HOUGHTON, Act- 
ing Surgeon, Howard Associ'; .ion, No. 2 South 
Nintli Street. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Bv onler of the Directors. 




Greae letdtti-etntitfs to Std/ncFiFFT 

Premiums and Reductions. 

L. Sl'OTT & CO., New York, continue to publish 
the following leading British I’criodicals, vis: 


THE LOND(4N QU.-VllTEIlLy {Conservative). 






rpilE prespiitcrilical slaleof European affairs 
1 will render these publications niiusnally 
interesting din ing the fortlicomiiigyear. They 
will opcupy a midille ground between the liaati- 
ly written news-items, crude specnlniions, .and 
Hying rumors of the daily JonrimI, and the 
ponderous Tonic of the future hislnriaii. written 
after the living interest nml excitement of the 
great )io1iiical events of the liinc shall have 
passed away. Il is lo I’eriialienls that 
reiulers must look for the only really intelligible 
nml reliable history of rnrienl events, ami as 
snob, in adiliiion to their well-ostablislied lite- 
rary, scienlifie, and llieologieal character, we 
urge llieiii upon the coiisidcratiou of the reading 

The recoipl of icUance Slicet.s from 
the British publishers gives additional value lo 
these Hepriiils, iiiasmneli as they can new be 
placed in the hninls of siihscribers about as 
soon as the uriainni editions. 

TIvR.Tl.S. (llegnlar Prices.) 

Per aim. 

For any one of the four Beviews, $3 OO 

Foranylwoof the four Reviews, 5(0 

F’or any three of the four Reviews, 7 (X) 

For all four of the Reviews, 8 lO 

For Blackwood's Msgazine, 8 00 

For Blackwoo l and one Review, 6 lO 

For Blackwood and two Reviews, 7 00 

For Blackwood and tiiree Reviews, 0 00 

For Blackwood and the four Reviews, 10 00 
.Money current in the .State where issued will 
j be received at par. 


I The Pn.sT.tfiEloany part of the United Stain 
I will he bill T^vcnty-roiir C'entH a year 
I for “Blackwood, " and but Foill't ‘t‘n ccntn 
j a year for each of the Reviews, 
j At the above prices the Periodicals will he 
' fiiriiislied for IHikl. And ns a 

’ Premium to New Subscribers, 

the Nos. of the same Periodicals for 1858 will 
j be fui^ished complete, rntthout additional ehnrge. 
Unlike the more epliemeral Magazines of the 
day, these Peri(HlicaIs lose little hy age. Hence 
a lull year of the Nos. (with no omissions) for 
18-58. may he regarded nearly as valuable as 
for I8ii0. 

Sniiscrihers wisliing also the Nos. for m-W, 
1857, ami 1K58, will be supplied at the follow-* 

pUndid oners for IS.'ie, .-JT, *9*. 

OO Together. 

For Blackwood's .Magazine, the five years, $8 OO 
For any one Review. “ “ 7 OO 

For any Iwo Reviews, “ 1800 

For Blackwood and one Review “ “ 1;100 

For Blackwood and two Reviews, “ 17 00 

Forihrec Reviews, “ " 17#0 

For Blackwood and three Reviews, “ *21 00 

For the four Reviews, “ “ 20 00 

For Blnckwootl and the four Reviews, “ 26 00 

N. B. — The price in Great Britain of tha fiv* 
Periutlicals altove n.amed is $31 per annum. 

Now is the time to Subscribe!! 

BtayUeiniltnni e.s mnsf, in all cases, l e ma4a 
direel to the J-tddi..hers, for at these prices no 
commission can lie nlloweil lo agents. 

Address, LEONARD .SCOTT It CO., 

No. 54 Gold-strcoc, New Tork- 

apr 13. 

.1. J. AlOllUY. 


Tin, Zinc, Sheet-Iron ware 

A.\0 OKtLEH I\ 


H aying commenced the above bf 

siness. I lake this mctl.o.1 of calling yotm 
aliention to my Stock, which I warrant io gie 

EZRA D. ILEAirnOILU PeciiJcr^. 
OEO. F.klRC^irLlf, S.erctary. 

.U-L JOB WORK promptlv nended t . 
done ia the best style, and as LOW AS TE 
LOH EST. Call and^examiuc niy Stock before 
: purchasing elsewhere. 

I I caa always be found at my slaml, ready 
yw;jil on customers. 

tdryry Xcrim . 4 re 6 

National union (Winchester, Ky.), 1861-02-01

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Winchester, Ky., Kentucky by Geo. M. Jackson & Will. T. Hanly
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