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date (1892-01-08) newspaper_issue llrin^ Vour Job Work 

RUPilRLIPAlU otn. 

The Hartford Republican. 




Wo ant well sujiplied 
with the very best material 
and have in our employ aa 
jpmd workmen an can lie 
found. I’riceareHHonalile. 

State Directory 



Qovomor .*. 

Isiautvnant Jo»#rnur 

8acr*tary ofHtata 

Attorney (ianaral 



RagiMtar of l«and office 

Adjutant lien^ral 

•upt. Public instruction 


Public Printer 

J, Y. Brown 

M.C. Alford 

— flu i d ity 

W. J. Hendrick 

L C Nor men 

Henry llala 

(}. B. Hwirngo 

A. J.  »r« o 

K. I*. Thomson 

A. AiMiona 

K I’olk Jolniarci 

LIFE- ; the young Snake whom* sister had 

been allot with an arrow had become 

tBy Hein- Hum. i a wnr chief, an old Snake was coming 

home one night currying a handle of 
A sudden glimpse of strange thing* wn K |. n e WM very old ami very 
in a strange new world, j „ 

(By Hollo II uni. i 

OrriCUL ORGAN cr THE tarty in the fourth congressional district. 

«e whose sister had SIMPSON’S ROCK. a place of fashionable resort; I 

in a strange new world, 

A little, puny protest ’gainst existence 

good, lint he was tired climbing up 
the mesa with his heavy load. lie 

A lot ol smiles and rocking, and u sat down on a atone and was thinking, 
lot of ncliOH and strife, His heart was very heavy, for the 

Soapsnda hath and catnip tea wnr | IM( | | M . cn going against his peo. 

And that .* life. p!e lhe Hvk , hm , 1)cel) nb , e t „ 

A chasing bees and butterflies through jj,,t WH ter for their land, and the corn 

spring a bright days, t was ready to plant. While • lie sat 

A plucking gold-eyed iluisies in the . . ... ... 

womlland ways. ; tl,erc ,h "' ki "K 11 ’I"” 1 canie »° ,m "' 

A little bread and sugar, n:.d a lit- It was the girl w ho had been shot liy 

COtrlTTT dihectsjit. 

Circuit Court convene* thn 4th Monday in May 
•nd Noftmiwr. 


c:aminanwaalth » Attoraay * Nf, 5 

Cl #r w i llardwii'k 

Comaiaaioiiar J k* Harratt 


J-'U* - Vl“KSI5 


si, .rift'.'".:: «UT.yl.r 

I I* loniaon 

Court ccinvanvi III* l»l Monday in each month. 


Court contvo** tho 3rd Monday in January, 
April, July and «  cloti*r. 

Court of Clalma. 
court hrgint Ilia lat Monday in Octolior and 

Jnatiea't court* bald in March, Juna, H#| tam» ar 
•ad Imrambar, at par data* oppomtatht aatuat. 

{ J W Turtiar, A, 4,4, 4, 

J McKimllay, 4, 3, J, I. 

H W Taylor coimlabla. 

A plucking gold-eyed daisies in the 
woodland ways. 

A little bread ami sugar, u:.d a lit 
tie fuss ami rife, 

Mud pies and broken dolls — 

Ami that is life. 

tie fuss and rife, I the Syka youth iis she sat nt her win- 

Mud pies and broken dolls— | ,|„ w . ’ She told the old mail that to- 

And that is life. morrow the Hyks would plant their 

A little hooks and music, and mi corn, mid all the men in the tribe 

“art or two, j would be ill the fields, for that was 

A sweetheart, and a long dress, and , c  „ lom tlie ^ She told 
some gum to chew, 11 . 

A ring mid a love-letter, “Will you I the old mini to go the wnr chief mid 
lie my wife!” get him to lead the .Snakes against the 

A wedding veil and bridal tour — Syks as soon ns the sun was up. 

Ami that is life. So the old man took up his bundle 

A little home and dishes, and some of wood, and it was not heavy any 


(h W Taylor countable. 

(J K J action, 14, 13,14,14. 

J hirtana, Hi, la, la, U. 

( | (i Nalaon coiiNtabl*. 

i H K Muflttt, J, 1, 1, 1. 

Chamber*. 3, I, 3, 3 

( J W Payu9o#n*taM«i. 

( Pvrry ll»uuctt,7, 3, 7, 7. 

• K T ll*inJ«T, 3, A, i, A. 
il B Taylor coiiMlaltl*. 

i 3 I. Fulkerson, 13. H. H 
  C I. Wooiisartl, II. II* H 
Vi Koac roiBlatd*. 

i w M Autry, II, 10. 9,9, 

H K * •!. lo, 3 , 3 . • 

W P Miller countable. 

some gum to chew, 

A ring mid a love-letter, “Will you 
lie my wife!” 

A wedding veil and bridal tour — 
Atul that is life, 

rooms to sweep, 

more, for lie could licur the cries of 

A lot of tumbled castles, and a lot of , he s  . kl( he | 1B(l Ki |] e( ]. Ag g0 on as 

Home*' joys as Tweet as heaven, some ) the ehief heard thi » he waH ver - ' K lad ’ 
pains keen ns a knife; ; He called all Ins people ‘ogethcr ami 

Then creeping down ‘the shady side’ — ^ they went into the khevas and paint- 
And that is life. i themselves and prepared for but- 

m • j tic. In the nioruing, before the stars 

\ CU RIOUS LKGKlM). i w ‘ ,,,t nut ‘ l,c ,wl l,i# ,,,e " d,,w " to t,ic 

I Hyks town, where the towers stood up 
_ .. . _ .. , in the starlight, Hnd saw all the Syks 

S*vage Retribution of tho In* out w j t j, t | lc j r luedicine men to 

« a m M 

p,llw ('•aria- 

Bb..» loa -J J, juJs--: H ** | 

i, jols'i J W I'.nl.l, 

I. l ».iS»»n.JiiS«.i J». * Uollins, I 


II, JuJg.i W H Tlioinsa, 


|t», trvar -Kirki* IUhI. 

- J f CrotJrr, julg»*; 


•ISiar « ..uni .» OI«rrr«. - J l J* OT ) 

A. ....or - ‘ I .rrnll 

S.k.«i siiMrun.iiM.iii Jo. II ll-.*»r. 

l-.i.D.r   w iu..ii.r 

Savage Retribution of the In- 
dians of Arizona— Feud p i ttn t the corn. No one but the wo- 

of Syks and Snakes. men mid children was left in the vil- 

luge. When they had nil gone the 

Moaning Of “Sllyatky”— Why war chief hounded down into the 

the Old War Chief Spar- 
ed the Women and 
Children of a Hos- 
tile Tribe. 

(t'htcftKo lt#n«l 1.1 

towu with his men aud they drove all 
the women urn) children out, but they 
burned up ull the houses ami they 
tore down the two towers. Then the 
Hyks had no pluve to fight aud they 

3 , asc-- a:;vs wcasKir. 

■ . B. Cliarrh.Naalh. - S«r*i«». llorU snd 
l.arlk Mua.lBj in .ael. laAalli. .salilM.II.-^'h''** 1 .1 

• •'.Icwk Smid.r iiionimg. It.r. K F. 


Baailat CkarrM.— s.rvi '.. ...olid S.lur- 
S«, .n.rslind.j s.lii«ili-*'h » l .v.rjr Sim.l.y 
■.rimtg .1 1 o'rlnrk . ...v. J. s. C.l.m.n, l'»-lcr. 

P. ( I»arrk.- s*r*.i'.« ftr.t .ml foutlh 
SiuJ.v ... .a*h .noMh H.I 1 U 1 I 1 .'hn.1 .t I o dork 
«««r  Sunday inoremg H.r. I.. II. Mt'Is.n.l I'... 

■ . K. ( Bareli, i.oM-s.r*u-.( ...ry sun- 
d.» and uigld. S.M.nlh »eli'« l »l » *■ ■ 
R.o ii«. 1-yl... H..e*r. 

ll,k. Maaiui, (rol.) Sarvi.-M flr-t »ml 
ibod Sunday in.inmg an-l night s*l4»ili*m*h.Kil 

• 1 * n'.-lu. k It... J J .".itnng I 





PULLMAN BUFFET Sleeping Cars, 


n* IO  BOOF.snrl SIEf* OKI.EANT, 
«la Nmiphls. 

The Quick and Desirablo Route 


K.w T«rk Philsctslpfiis Itsltlmors 
Ws.hingtun Norfolk Old Point Comlort 
Ro hm. oid Ituffslo t;i.-vel»nd 
Tolsdo Chfrsfe Indlsnspolii 
CiBy-ilnsti Loui.ville 
■aatarn and NorthMStBrn Polnta 
••d Meatphii Vicktburg liston Hoag. 
M.W Mobile l.ittls Koek Hot 
Mpriagt s*d pdinti In tV**l TsniiM- 
T.xss Arkaussi Misii.sippi 
l.aai.isns and tba Hoatti tad 

Tka lira is thoroughly .quippod and in 
■ rit-.l*M coadition.and providsstn eirst- 
l*at in lima and through cars 
A rsATUBt U the time tnd conT.nienos 
•*enr.d by the Limited Kiprcu Train*. 
Om.Y * kiobt'i bid« between Ixiui.vill. 
•ad Msinphis, and tho beat and quickest 
•srvire between the two oHered. 

Tickets. Tiai.-T*bl»» and sll d.air.d inferin.. 
li.n .wnr.d by applying In W. K. E*IM*J 
Agent at Bearer Dam, or 

WIPmtT.Gii'l fui. Act.ilouiiilli, Rt. 

“Hikyatky’ means “ye'low house.” wert , driven away from tho country. 
Hikyatky was oue of the undent towns There are no mom of them in the 
of the Monjuis’ enemies in the times worhl, and their country and their 
whcO tlic livers were wider and the springs are in the hands of the Hnukes. 
white man had never seen even the When the war chief came to il'e 
tullcst peaks of the mountains. lhe asked him why he hud saved 

young corn people who cause front the j ,| le WO meii mid chil Iren of the Hyk 
east lived there. 1 hey were a very village, and lie told them the spirit of 
warlike people aud u proud race. But |,) 8 H i^t C r whispered to him us he lay 
they were not so old us the Hnakcs, t lior»- in the starlight waiting for the 
who came much earlier, and lived up vnemy to go out to plant that there 
011 the mesa. I lie Hyks aud theHnakes was beside Ik r, though he could not 
quarreled over water, and the young H0C  ,|„. K i r | w |,o had been killed tbe 
slingers of the Hnukes came over from ,j iiy „f ,| IC t . oru His sister 

Wu*pi and tormented the Hyks, for told him she loved the girl, andwant- 
they could throw so true ns fo hit a e( | ), i ,,, t ( , kcc|i alive all women and 
bird in a tree. So the Hyks put up children, and take care of them ill 
two towers in their village, and after the village of the Suake. And after 
that they hud the heat of the fighting that no Snake or Moqui Indian had 
■   long as they remained at home. eV cr killed a woman or n child. 

Blit they were not content with that. m ^ — 

They wanted to destroy the Snakes so | SHILOH'S I’OI’GII and Con- 
thcre would lie pleutv of water. suuiption t'ure is sold by us on a 
Oue day a Hyk prowled about Wal- guarantao. It cures consumption. 

.. ... * c *1 u 1 .1 . Sold by Z. NVavne Griffin & Bro. 

pi, the village of the Snakes up there • 

ou the mesa, and he saw a maiden at . _ 

a window. She was a beautiful girl, 

and the daughter of a chief. Her \ new game called “Editor’s De- 

hrother was the bravest man in the fight,” is played in this wise: Take a 

whoie Moqui tribe, mid wheu he was \ H |,ec*t of ordinary writing paper, fold 

older he would become the principal j carefully and enclose n hank note 

chief, 'lhe Hyk look his bow and ar- , »utficiently large to pay up all arre- 

row, aud when no one whs looking he „g,. s u , )( i .me year in advance. Whut 

leaped upon a rock andahot the maid- adds iinmeusely to the plcusure of the 

eu. His arrow went through her game is to send along the name of a 

neck. Then her brother's heart was new subscriber or two, accompanied 

very heavy. He loved his beautiful by the cash. Keep uu eye ou the 

sister and resolved to avenge her editor, and if a smile udorus his face 

death. But he did not say what he the trick works like a charm. Now 

meaut to do. He waited till the fo the time to play the trick. 

Syka celebiated the com dance and — m m 

he attended it. It was the custom for Croup, Whooping Cough and 

all who took part in the games at this Bronchitis immediately relieqed by 

festival to wear helmets which hid 8hiloh’a Cure. At Z. W. Griffin & 

tbeir face*, that no one might tell who r "' * nl tf ^ tor *- 

they were. The brother was aloue in 
the Hyk towu, but he was not afraid. 
There was no oue in the village who 

A Little Nonsense. 

Wenderby — “Beatrix, why do you 
refuse me when you know a single 


LniiTilli, St. Louii A Tim Riilvtj. 



, 1901. 

No. 61, 

No. 93, 

WFJtT BOCfltt, 



Lv. Louisville 

7:46 a.m. 

9:26 p 


W#«t Point 

.. 1:11 a. in. 

7:20 p 



.. 9:17 a. III. 

3:07 p 



... 0:44 a. III. 

8 17 p 


8tpph«n«| ort 

.. 10:3*1 a. in. 

9:21 p 



10:44 *. III. 

9:40 p 



.. 11:11 a. m. 

10:10 p 



.. ll.36a. m. 

10:;t4 p 


IS: 13 p. in. 

11:11 | . 



1:04 p. ni. 

11.66 p 


Ar. Hstidareen 

.. 1:26 p.m. 

12 20 a. 


No. M, 

No. ¥ 





I.?, llcndarton 

.. 7:16 a.m. 

3: 16| . 


8u dt«Till« 

.. 7:17 a. in. 

s :i7 p. 



.. 1:37 a. in. 

4:36 p. 


IsPaiMport * 

.. imp* a. hi. 

6:06 p. 


• H *ws* v ills..*.. 

.. ffll a. in. 

6:30 p. 



.. 10:01 a. Ill, 

9:67 p 



.. 10 23 a. m. 

9:19 p. 



.. Mgs a, m. 

7:06 p. 



.. 11:20 a. m. 

7:31 p. 


W'**l Fnint 

. 12:06 p. III. 

9:06 p. 


Ar. l^uisville 

.. 1:00 p, in. 

9:06 p. 


could run so fast as he nor any one UlM froin thow iweet ,i p# would in- 
who could throw him down. He won toxleate I110 with delight." Beatrix- 
tbe prise, and then, as that was the .. B( , t . au , c . Geo ,. ge) tili , u ibi. 

way of the Hyks, he selected from tio(| , 0 wu."-Boston P.mL 
•moug the women wntchiug the sports ... ... 

the most beautiful maiden and he A ° J eor * , “ eJ ‘ t ' ,r wl, ° "“““T 
climbed up to where she sat in the covered a pile of human boues in bis 
wall of the tower. He had in his town .its decided that they once he- 

hand the token of h.s victory m the lou K odto ,uen wl, ° had ultum .l ,,ed t0 
games, and this he ottered to her. r ““ ,lew *f a P eM “ t, "“ v.cmity.- 
As she leaned forward to receive it. AtlanU Constitution, 
smiling upon him. aud while all the “My dear, will you please explaiu 
people wondered who her brave lover bow jour new cloak came to bo set 
might lie, he drew his stone knife down among tho hou schold expenses?” 
and killed her. All the Hyks sprang “Why, darling, you are certaiuly not 
up aud cried out when they saw her to deny that it is a mautle pieceT 

full. They were mad, because they Auil you know you told uie to get 
believed this must be a Snake. Theu one - Washington Star, 
they were surprised, for he threw off She has been to school and college, 
the helmet and they saw it was the And acquired stories of knowledge; 

.. .... gi ,i h-d on. «» i*”* 3 -" 

ed. And the maiden he had stabbed j mig | lt be rca |iy jealous, 

was the only sister of the bowman who l)ut her jilted lovers tell us, 

had slain the girl in Walpi. Though she talks in seven languages, 

Tuis. No, M and No. M m»k« connu'limi ti 
Ir.iuf (on (HumUy «e«pl»d) with trains on l-ouln- 
till*, HnrJinilMirt A Wnalarn R. R„ anal and 
»• ! bound. For furthsr information, nddraan 
H. A. W1KKI., Qan. Ps'r Af'i. 

Loulatillt, kT- 


outntln. Book of aa^ 
ttaalanMut PB 



had slain the girl in Walpi. Though she talks in seven languages, 

All tue Hyks darted after him, but * ke can 1 ,e ** l * 10 ln “ 1,e ' 

he climbed swiftly up the wall of tho Deiuorsets Magazine. 

mesa, stopping only to cast stones at . ." ' m . , , , . 

them from his sling till he reached his At 011 **l»™u * meeting held ... 

home. But the Hyks raised an army •“ ' a “ tcrl ; tl,e ' ar, ; ,l,s ^ on 
and began again the war against the told what had been the, i^eeUol heir 
Snakes. The battle raged everyday in early Uto. One of them 

, , , , « , . huil wunted to be I'rcsnleut of the 

and every uight. Not a man from 

•.l . -l u i l Umtcd Htates, auotner to get rich, 

either tribe could go away from home, , , . 

... , . , i . . _ 1 auother to have pleuty of mince pie, 

for his women aud childreu would be r .„ } .. 

, . ... , w another b  be a military dictator like 

killed while lie was gone. Many peo- , J 

i , ... . •• .I.,. Napoleon, rfnotlicr to own a pony, 

pie were killed while tending their 1 , ’ , . , 

. . , , .. ... another to be u preacher, auother u 

gardens or flocks, and tbe corn of the “ . r . . 

" . .. , - , lawyer, another u blacksmith, umJ 

Hyks could not npeu because, the \ ' ' 

a . , , , , ‘ . another a uuval commander. Only 

Snakes would not let them have water .... , , , .. . , 

enough to fill the ditches. I wo speakers hud attaiued 

Alter a great many years, when the object of their early ambition 

A Monument to the Heroism 
of a Great Indian 


Out at Trinidad, Col., just south 
of the town, is a huge tint-topped 
rock on the top of a hill perhaps three 
hundred feet high. It is called Simp- 
si n's Buck, and is one of the histori- 
cal points in the west. Indeed, it is 
a fragment ol history from that time 
when heroic deeds made mtcred by the 
spilling of white man’s hjnod ushered 
in the safe nnd prosperou- eru of white 
man's rule, 

Simpson was a pioneer and came 
to the place long before the name of 
Trinidad was heard. lie was a 
freighter, and finding many uilvun. 
tngen about the spot he prepared a 
home for his family on the hank id' 
the 1'urgatoir river. IIo hud a wife 
unit two boys in bis home at Santa 
Ke; ami no limn ever more lovingly 
prepared n lodge for bis love than 
this rough driver fashioned a dwelling 
in fur-nway Trinidad. He had every- 
thing in reudines* as lie passed through 
to the cast, and meant to bring out 
his wife und childreu ou his next trip 
west. But the Indians bad risen that 
full and swept all the eettleinets down 
tbe river. They found Simpson's 
home just ready for occu|iaiicy, cap- 
tured the men he had employed to 
take care of it, and then laid in wait 
without disturbing a thing till the 
owner should come. 

Simpson had seen signed of their 
ravages, and knew the kuite and 
brand were devastating the country, 
lie circled around his cherished home 
and saw enough to warn him. He 
drove to the foothills, south of the 
river, and began preparations for a 
guarded camp. The Indians did not i 
wait foi barricades, but attacked at ' 
once. The helpers were slaughtered i 
at the first assault, hut Simpson, with , 
oue canteen of water, fought his way 
through the liue of screaming Utes 
and clamered up the hill They fol- 
lowed ns they could, but darkness fa- 
vored him, Mid he gained the hills. 
Next morning early they found him, 
ami he retreated a little further up 
the hill, killing several of his assail- 
auts from s better covef. Ill lhe *f 
ternoon they drove him from that, 
aud he clambered a little higher up. 
Ho the warfare went ou. He had I 
shot so many they would not leave 
him alive, luit they could not cap- 
ture him. The second night Hini|i- 
son rt treated to the very top of the 
hill, rolled a shelter of stoues in u 
spot where he could command the oue ; 
approach, and waited. He had eaten I 
nothing and could hope for no food. ' 
The only chance of deliverance lay in 
the possible coming of soldiers to , 
avenge the massacre of settlers, Ly- i 
iug there in the broiling sun by day 
and tue chilling air by night, the 
grim old man watched sleeplessly, i 
picking ott'his enemies us they crept, 
oue by one up the path. 

Day after day lor a week, without 
other food tliau cactus root, with no i 
wuter tlmn that one canteeu full, he 
stood off his enemies. He never shot 
till a head was iu sight, and he always 
killed. He found it, feeble crawling 
Hbnut bis little fort, on tbe evening of 
the twellh. He killed three Iiuliuns 
ou the thirteenth. In the thick dark- 
ness before the dawn of the fourteenth 
dav he felt rather than saw au Indian 
at the path, and shot without a wav- 
er. He heard the voiceless Ute roll 
dowu the precipiee and pumped in 
another cartridge. 

That wus his lust. They fonnd him 
so at noon, his dead eyes wide open, 
his ritle laying along the rock, his 
pinched, hetoic frame starved for 
food ami famished for water, so thin 
that they spurned it with their feet. 
For fourteen days he had fought 
them, and then he hud died defiant. 

Triuidad people have raised a cross 
to murk his grave aud perpetuute the 
memory of the most hopeless, the 
most surprising fight in all the In- 
dian annals. 

Shiloh’s Vitalizer is what vou need 
for Constipation, Loss of Appetite, 
Dizziness, and all symptoms of Dys- 
pepsia. Price It) and 7n cts. per bot- 
tle at Z. Wayne Griffin & Bro. 

Holy Wells in England. 

[ITihiiiUmn' JoiAirml.j 

There were several holy wells in 
old times in London. One wus Ht. 
Chad's well, near Battlekridge, 
which maintained its reputation in- 
to this century. It wus surrounded 
ifi 1824 by a garden with alleys of 
clipped hedges, on the gates of which 
was a hoard with a notification: I 
‘.‘Health Restored ami Preserved.’ 
There was auother near the church of 
' Hi. Piincras. But the most famous 
was Bride well, which gave its name | 
i to the neighboring hospital and pris- 
on, On the coronatiou cf George i 
IV., Hume tells'iis, so many thousands 
of bottles were filled with the water 
: from it that iuhuhituiits of the par- 
ish could not get their usual supply. 

I The suburbs could also boust of many 
I famous wells. Sadler’s well was more 

it place of fashionable resort; but Kil- 
burn wells aud Htrcathnm well were 
esteemed for tbeir “vertuous water*.” 
like the simple fountains in the Welsh 

Probably there were once orna- 
mental crosses associated with most 
Jioly wells. There is an interesting 
survival of this combination at Ged- 
(lington, where the Eleanor cross 
stands close to a spring, which is in. 
deed at the busc of the steps upon 
which it is placed. The well is cov- 
ered with u stone erection of two 
arches, and a few stone steps descend 
from the level of the road to give ac- 
cess to it. Three statues of the good 
brave queen look down from their 
high place, under their cusped can- 
opies, upon the drawers of water who 
for so many centuries have availed 
themselves of this spring. It is situ- 
ated iu au open space anioug the luel 
low old houses iu the village at a 
short distance from the church. From 
an account preserved of the proceed- 
ings that took place at Dunstable and 
Ht. Alban ou the occasion of the re- 
moval of the dead queen, we may as- 
sume that her remains rested ou] the 
very spot marked by the cross. Says 
the chronicler: “The laxly of the 

queen rested iu the marked place 
until the king’s chancellor and the 
great men then and there present had 
marked a fitting place where they 
might afterward erect at the royal ex- 
pense a cross of wonderful size, our 
prior being then present und spriuk- 
liug holy water.” Iu the case of Ged- 
diugton the existence of the spring 
may have lei) to the spot being mark- 
ed as a fitting place. 

Front the days when Abraham's 
servants digged wells, and Isaac dig- 
ged agaiu the wells of wuter, it is 
clear these who have lived before us 
have set the highest value upon them. 
The numerous spas — or spaws, as 
they were written when Sir Walter 
Hcott wrote “St. Honan's Well” —are 
on a more imposing scale than the 
little wells here mentioned, but scarce- 
ly more appreciated. The wuter cure 
advocuUd iu our own times seems but 
another phase of the same feeling 
that timk William the Conqueror to 
St. Winifred’s well or set Robert of 
Gloucester writing of “welles swete 

and i-ulile ” And though «te look at 
them with new lights, and sauitary 
science bids us analyze water, aud ex- 
amine its surroiiudings with close 
scrutiny and otherwise treat it with 
suspieioti before we accept it unre- 
servedly us fit for consumption, we 
must feel nature has bestowed few 
greuter boons ou mankind than 
springs of pure water, or, to use the 
old term which some of them so 
long enjoyed, our holy wells. 

he so quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. 
We guarantee it. Sold by Z. W. 
Griffin A Bro. 

Opening Letters By Law. 

[N. Y. llerulil.J 

“1 noticed u short time ago,” said a 
Washington. official, “that some ob- 
jection wus made by a Mr. Fell, of the 
San Diiniugo Shore Liue road, to 
the upeuiug of private letters by the 
chief of the secret service bureau. It 
is not generally known that the rules 
of the post office department empower 
inspectors to open suspicious letters at 
discretion. The public appear to be 
very much astonished at this proceed- 
ing mentioned, but I assure you that 
it is carried to a greater extent than 
even those who kuow all about it sup- 
pose. In fact, under the rules of the 
post office department, almost any 
private letter can be openedjnnd read. 
This will surprise some people, I pre- 
sume, but it is nevertheless tiue, aud a 
reference to the private instruction to 
post office inspectors, winch are in 
printed form, will convince any- 
body of it. Whether such secret 
privileges arc ever used illegitimate- 
ly won d he difficult to find out. It 
is a good ileal like arresting u mail on 
suspicion. Asa matter of fact, there- 
fore, you wiil see the United States 
mails are no more sacred thau the 
mails in Russia or any other couutry so 
tar us government espionage is con- 
cerned. ’* 

pepsiu and Liver complaint? Shiloh’s 
Vitalizer is guaranteed to cure you. 
Sold l v Z. Wayne Griffin & Bro. 

Special Announcement. 

We have made arrangements with 
Dr. B. J. Koudall Co., publishers of 
"ATrcutise ou the Horse und his Dis- 
eases,” which will euuhle ull our sub- 
scribers to obtain a copv of that valu- 
able work free by sending their ad- 
dress (enclosing a two cent stump for 
mailing same) to Dr. B. J. Kemlall 
Enoslmrgh Falls, Vt. This book is 
now recognized us standard authority 
upon all diseases of the horse, as its 
phenomenal »alo arrests, over four 
million copies having been sold ill the 
, past ten years, a sale never before 
reached by uny publication in the 
some period of time. We feel con- 
i fideut that our patrons will appreci* 
ate the work, ami he glad to uvail 
1 themselves of this opportunity of ob- 
taining -i valuable hook. 

It is ueccossary that you mention 
this paper in sending for the “1'ieal- 
ise,” This otter will remain open for 
only a short time. 12 12t 

IERHS-IUS ht luu, li iinui. 

NO. 23. 


What the little Darlings Say 
Just Before the Eye- 
lids Droop. 

[OiirAtfo Triltiine.) 

That’s only blood off’u my second 
little toe." 

“And that.” 

“Jus’ where I sluil ott'n the barn.” 
“Aud this?" 


He is four years old. His mother 
was getting him ready for bed. He 
had blue, and black, and brown 
bruises all over him. She bathed 
him ami put on his nightgown. He 
said his prayers. Then he clambered 
into the chair opposite her. The ex- 
pression was ono of angelic pensive 



“Will you give me a pencil and 

“What do you want them for?" 

This was the leading question. He 
evaded it. 

“How.” he asked, “do you spell 

She told him. 

“How do you spell policeman?” 

She told him that, too. 

“How do you spell Ora Green and 
Elihu Green?” 

He was answered 

“(Jan you spell Tommy Benjamin?” 
She could, and did. 

He was silent. He propped ins 
pink chin in his piuk palm and 
thought the matter over. Finally he 
drew along breath and straightened up. 

“I fought if I had a piece of paper 
an’ u pencil and I knowed how to 
spell every word I would write to 
Oniahn for a policeman to come and 
’rest Ora Green, an’ Elihu Green, an’ 
Tommy Benjamin for frowin’ stones 
at me an’ sayin’: 

"Gee whizz! Staggery bat. 

Criss cross^ caraway rat!” 

The patient mother insisted on an 
adjournment. When he was iu bad 
aud his small sister in her cot on the 
other side of the room he said: ; 

"Mamma, are we all madcv'out of 

“Adam was,” she hedged. 

“O,” cried the wee girl excitedly, 
“Jay says Gog made ’ittle dirls out oi 
dirt an’ den he ’pit on them! Did he,” 
iu righteous wrath, “’pit on dent, 

Evidently the latter possible fact 
was more galling than that of con- 
struction from clay. “No one knows 
exactly how God makes unything.” 
“Can he see in here?” qnered Jim 

“If ’twas an irou house, could he?” 

“If ’twns an iron house, wifout any 
windows, could he?” 

“Yes.* Now go to sleep.” 

Piped the little maid: “Does God 
make cows?” 

“Yes. Now hush!” , 

"How does he make eows, mam- 

This the mother was deliberating 
when Jim spoke. 

“Cows!” scornfully. “Cows! God 
don’t make cows. God makes calves, 
and they grow into cows! Don’t they, 

“ Yes. Do shut your eyes, both of 
you, and go to sleep!” 

Fifteen minuiites passed. Surely 
she was safe. Surely she might steal 
down stairs. She rose noiselessly and 
sneaked to the door. 

“Mamma!” murmured a drowsy 


“How-does-he make-the calves?" 

In Mcmonum. 

Died, at the home of her father, T. 
H. Boswell, December 24th, 1891, 
Miss Rachel Boswell, aged about 19 
yeui's. Her remains were interred in 
the old family graveyard. Tho fun- 
eral services were conducted by Rev. 
G. J. Bean. Rachel was loved by 
ull who kuew her. The bereaved 
family have the sympathy of many 
friends aud relatives. 

There is an hour of peaceful rest, 

To mourning wanderers given; 
There is a joy for souls distressed, 

Tis found aloue iu heaven. 

There is a soft aud dowuv bed. 

Far from the shades of evening; 

A couch for weary mortal’s head, 

And find repose in heaven. 

There is u home for weary souls 
By sin and sorrow driven; 

When tossed on life's tempest shoal 
And all is dear— 'tis heaveu. 

There faith lifts op her cheerful eye, 
'1 he heart no longer risen, 

Aud views the tempest passing by, 
And ull serene 'in. heaven. - 

There fragrant flowers immortal bloom 
And joys supremC'are given; 

There rays divine disperse the glooiu 
Appears the dawn of heaven. 

Weep not o’er her for she is jfiyrei 
Has left u world of care; , - 
Hits gone above where all is love, ■) 
Aud the riches of heaveu to share. 

’Tis hard to give her up, the ona so , 
Dearly loved, yet God thought Deft 
To call her away to dwell 
With the aligels above. 

C. M. Cole. 

• 1 : '1 


• , , 1 « '• , , 

$1.25 per year. U* 

m . 

. ... .11 

SECRET., ORDERS. - ,i i ,? 

Sons of Veterans: •• » 

Cioci'o Maxwell Camp, No. D*f«rf mtnt 

Kentucky, inoeisaj, llitrifonl,Ky.,fipci n l.H«tur(l»j 
in t’ltcli month Ml I r. m. -* *•* 

C. M. Babbitt, Ctptoia.- • 

.i v- L. flows, SirgoMt* 

Gh jA.. JR. 

J. Wrmm U oMNf.LL f’dMt, No. 8, l r pftrtm«ni of ' * 
Kentucky, moot* *»v#*ryjhir J HuturUay »t 1 o'oloofc a 
p. m ., in Court • Route, LcitchflHd, K . ’ 

P. 8. Hmpn'mm, Com. 

8. A. MoSiirnr, AflJ. . . . 

I’rkiton M«»mto!« Pomi No. t.Drpn-lmenfof * 
turkv, rneetM every Hntunhtyt befcro thv necooS 
Humluy nt 10 « *t lock a. m. in the court *hot^a« al 
Hartford, l\y. J. C. Chamm-mlht, t i O. * 

J. M. Bishop, Adj. ;i; - „ ,* 


J Ed*win jR©NX7-e -■ 



J. 3. M. WRDPIM. 

Glenn «Sc ■^*7 - ed. 3iiajr. 


(Office, o„r Anderson', Hauiq,) ■ 

Will prni'tk'e Iheir profoMion in sll lhe court, I '* 
Ohio end countiee, ami court of ApMeli.: 
Specml attention (men to oriininal nrnctiee aaS 
collection*, rumj ' 

James -A.. Smith., ' * 

Attorney at Law, : i-Z 

HARTFORD, KY-. ** ' ■ • * 

Will practice hi* profenien in Ohio *n,l»,qnln. . r 
ins counties, anil the court of ^ppe»q. npffiqe .. 
attention siren to collections. 

Office north sals pablic Squsrs. VtTB ' 

* 1 ' ■ - ~ • J 

E. D. OUrFV. B. D. RINGO. 

 3"U. tty- dc 3Rlxiir6; * 

Attorneys at Law. 

Will practice in all court* of Ohio and adioiataf   
rountic*, and in Superior Court and CouidofAa. 
pculM. Collection* Mild all legal huai neat attended 
to. No. 9, over Andernon'e Haulm r, Hart- 

forj, hy. T2 t Iy 

Perry Westerfield 
ATTORNEY AT LAW, *‘ : - «i- 

Si-A-RTTOier), 3ST5T. 
12. H. "Wed.dLlxi*', 

Attorney at Law, , 

(Office III Crowdsr BuiljlingO 
win practice hi* profeaeion in sll Ihs courts of 
Ohio sna * ((joining counties. AH* St(sr  

; Y**k 

Ij. HeaNrrin, 


Hartford, Ky. 

Will practice 111* profoaion in sil ths Courts of 
Ohio nnd Bdjoinlng counties, and in the Court of 
Appeal*. !-|M* ml attention given to collection. 
Office, flretdoor shove the Dank. 40 1, 

A. J. SLATON, M. D., 

Physician & Surgeon., 

Formerly of Millwood, no* located at L*|teh* .. 
field, offer* hie itrofctHional Hervicee to the peeple 
Urayeon nnd adjoining counties, office m’ree- ' • ^ 
dunce, (Itio Dr. Iludcu property.) , t|lj« 

• 33 :. Taylcr  ss Co.. 


Frederica Street ly Oweniboro, k/. 

H. S. "Woodje, a . 



Office in I’ontefflec. 1 • 


CALL ON . . 



For the finest and Most Artistic Work, 
any site or style. Frederiea 8tv, AMimb '•** 
3rd and 4th. 6«*87 «• ‘ 

Di£TO R K&Q0t 


Epileptic Fits, Foiling Sickness, B/sUrv 
ks, St. Titos Doom, NerronuMM, v 
Hypochondria, ■•laachaliai b* . 
ohrity, Sleeplessness, Mb* • 
■laest, Brnla and 8pi- 
aol WeafcBOoa. 

This uedicina has dlrael action npoa 
the nerve centers, allaying all Irrltoljlll* 
ties, and increasing the flow and po*!*r • 
of nerve fluid. It It perfectly haraldM 
and leaves no unpleasanloflodts. '* 

rnrr-^^t uryagg 


Bald by Dru»gt*U n t a 1 par Bs lUs. Mali 
I.rra Htma. 01.1 5. OBatUMSarBO. 

. * . 

OCltiiicd, ’slid *n . 

leaded te (or ut ii*K*TJi/ms «x», oBss ■ 
opposit* til* " » I 'stent timet, and tftu can uk 
ism l**icitts t tv left V(*n? Mum tttnss r stoats 
w Abihsoios '-■nit Moon., i KAWiMu «* 
mot D..I liivciiOnel JAs sOvtss ss ut uulMlj, w.-'T 
sl.tlitv rtes lift Imikc «nd », III*»S AU tJIZOOK 
t AtAXS l-Altcrt* t.1 Ski. UHKU -m; .' :'X 

ril t-iiriimr. ntlvlt^. lerua Slid iststsncss to 
•ctiwl client* In jnill t,«* stale. Cuu ut . I'llr or 

1 I MteMl*««W 

Os, mi :  fultm 1s»«i 'w« sw. D 


Hartford Republican profession lie will not long be a low- ' troduoed into American politics, lias 

* grade teacher. So tlmt to do away been cut ried by Ids short-sighted dia- 

* with third-class certificates wooid not ciple, the H  n. Mr. Crisp, of Ocnr- 

rVBUafW) EVERY FRIDAY MORNING. . . . , .* ' 

injure these, for they would conic up gia. 

1 MR*r* Frsarist*-". »nyway, but it would moat assuredly 

, *, - j. * — - ; oull out a large number  4 very ub- riiE appearance of the 1 resident 

I. I* H \ a \ » an. I’r- nl. 

The RepubMOA* comes to Its many certificate ami ninety per cent, to ae- , ex,ilB oc 

raadara this morning wishing them, ! cure a firat-class. With such a law Secretary 

ova and all, a happy and prosperous as this, rigidly enforced, good teach- q~ () 

year, and bringing an unusual amount ers would no longer be forced into . . ' 

ef dean and iotoresting matter. We humiliating competition in order to r . ... ' 

. . . , . I i • in its politics, 

propose to make such improvements secure a school. , r 

r V. ... ' .. — - Hid is a ten 

as, from time to time, suggest them- i “ ~ . , , 

•elves, and in all things strive to STATE TEACHERS ASSO- •»,«•,* have 
merit the reputation the Republican i CIATION. ^ 11 s ‘ V w 1 

has already gamed, us being one of I ^ I he next meeting of the Kentucky -|» ( , .. 

Mie best aud newsiest county papers ! ^ late Teachers Association will be „r vu..„. v;_.. 

troducod into American politics, has WASHINGTON LETTER. I. P b»» »«i , t’r- «i. 

been cuiried by Ids short-sighted die- irs ia bus imvui cmssmmsdist.i £ 3 , I , -A. , T 1 .bj!5v£El TT 

ciple, the H  n. Mr. Crisp, of Geor- W ahiiinmton, D. C., Jan. 6 92. 0f Condition of the 
gj a# Tlic President's official Now \ ear 

— — — — » reception was one of the most brill- £j23\, r 0r" I_ )Cl ITT1 

Tiik appearance of the President iunt mid largely attended ever held. ■  - n n n ■ ■j- 1*1 ft Ml 1/ 

leaning on the arm of Secretary The new decorated While House ad- III Ml! LI I U A III 1C 

Dlaine, at the Plumb funerel, must ding no Hitle to the brightness which IJ P | II |1 I I U H ll l\ 

have been heart-rending to Democrats pervaded everthing. These receptions . . _ l) 

who have bean claiming that a cool always attract a large crowd, aside ® ^ ^ 

nesa exists between the President and from those who take part in them, for ' t .' m ' 

his Secretary. at no other place can so many celebri- KKStH'Ut'KS. 

_ ties he seen at one time. The iceep- Loans and DUcnunts. . . .817,004.28 

Tiie Owensboro Meutiujer is alto- tiou began at 11 o’cloca, the onrr'ag- Heal 1-state 11,000,00 

gather right, as it usually is, except M go j ng in ttt the Essl ttm j „ut at the Furniture and Fixtures. . 1,500.00 

in its politics, when it says David B. West gates, and passing through u i U,h "n^' "" d . os 800 27 

Hid is a very small potuto, and it lane of closely packed Bpectatoie, ex- | ’ 

might have truthfully added that lie tending nearly a sipiare from each 807,1170.55 

is, also, a very rotten potato. gate. First came Vice President, i LIABILITIES. 

FRIDAY, JANUARY 8, 1882. ,jectionable members of this much ,eanin « ,he Hr,n ,,f Secretary The new decorated Whim House ad- 

i i i ■. -n g- ■. rta esa. | abused hut most noble profession, Blaine, at the 1 lumh tunerel, must ding im little to the brightness which 

HU WITT I KIM : Eighty per cent, should be the av- have been heart-rending to Democrats pervaded everthiug. These receptions 

erage requisite to secure a second-class wl  o have beau claiming that a cool always attract a large crowd, aside 

The UrptTni.tOAJf comes to its many 1 certificate and ninety per cent, to sc- ,,M * e * ,8t * between the President and from those w ho take part in them, for 


Loans mid Discounts. .. ■••‘17, 0(14. 28 

Cash on I limn and in other 

In the State. From a survty ol the held at I iiducah, .lime 28.10, 

* 111 I ..L. • . » • i 

whole field, we can truthfully say 


la, Indeed, very bright and auspicious. 
Never in the history of Republican 

will, no doubt, be the best mill most 

Td.-: appointment of 8. B. Elkins, 
of West Virginia, Seeratary of War, 
may be taken by Democrat*' ns n lat- 
tice that Republicans expect to couut 

gate. First came Vice President, LIABILITIES. 

Morton and the Cahiuet, beaded by Capital Stock Paid 
Sccniturv Blaine; then the Diplomatic Reserve Fund...,. 

Corps, nil of the foreign ministers and •''"I'plus bund 

, , ... .... I Deposit Account . . 

attaches wearing tiie iiudorins id iheir 1 

. 25,80(1,27 

.825,001 1. 00 
. 2,250.00 


W li i k ii in Owensboro, call af the 



Hull's old stand mi Main Street. 

We have the largest STOCK and 
lowest pi ices to he found. Save mon- 
ey hv giving us a trial. Hesp'j; 


‘‘The Furniture Men.” 

largely attended meeting ever held t||e gix elcv!tl)ria , v „ te . tlmt x tete 
by that body. It is one of the most - • , 

powerful agents in the Slate for the 

papers in Ohio county has there been dissemination of knowledge relative 
one «. firmly established and so sure | u  ,he teachers' profession and of 

to the teachers' profession and of by R. II. C.irothers, Louisville, ii 
school work generally. The members one of the very best educational pa 

of continued suoccss as is the Reitb- *ciiooi worx generally, the members one or the very best educational pa 
LtCAX today, and every Republican are t * ,e * ,e#t am * mo8t progressive cd- pers in existence. Every teacher aud 
in the couuty is called upon most uca, °r* in the Stute, and these annual frieud of education shoo d subscribe, 
earnestly to assist in making this the meetings are given to the exchange 

brightest and best paper possible, of ideas and the discussion of plans * Denwierata are quarrelm* 

We propose as for improvement of the teachers, and, over ,he oon.m.ttcc appointments, 

OUR MOTTO in fact, the whole common school sys- al "* * li*‘y will soon he quarrelling 

,• ,| ., |, .... ■ . , uttaehes wearing the umtornis ol their 

ticc that Kepuhlicans expect to count s I 

• i . • i . rank and their breasts covered with silT ;;7|| 

the six elcctorial votes of tlmt .^tate . 

,i i . decorations bestowed upon them by dons II IWusi'- Cashier 

. . -■ i '■ their own or other governments. 1 he Subscribed and sworn to before i 

The f-mriod, edited aud published Supreme Court and other U. H. this danuary 1, I8SI2. 
by R. II. C.irothers, Louisville, is Court Judges came next followed! Shelby Taylor, I  . C. O C 

one of the very best educational pa- by Senators and Representatives in! -*•*-*“; 

pers in existence. Every teacher aud Congress ex-mniisters and ex-mem- j •' ,aa '' |»i»*M*‘Mro m submiit 
frieud of education shoo d subscribe, bers of the Cabinet. Then caiue t|„. i t us onr lust alumni stuteineut to i 
- — brilliantly uniformed officers of the Ar- j P u, | lic - W, ‘ l,l,ve •"* '» 

doll. s’ II IUkxes, ( 'ashier. 
Subscribed im l sworn to before me, 

We take pleasure in submitting 
this our fust annual statement to the 1 
puhlie. We have now as safe a de- j 

brightest and best paper possible, or u ens ami rne discussion ol plans 
We propose as * or • nl | ,rov ehient of the teachers, and, 

OUR MOTTO l ^ ,e whole common school sys- 

To be right and to do right in so far ,enl ; Not 0,,I .V '» '« « '»ea»s of pro- 
as in us lies, and promise to treat all f e8 *' 0, ml advancement, but it utlords 
men fairly, aud to discuss all matters M ra,  ‘ opportunity for siMual improve- 

for improvement of the teachers, and. over ,he c,,mmi 't eo  »PP«i'»tmeiita. 
in fact, the whole common school sys- ,lu ‘ ' wil1 ' M " , " 1,e quarrelling 
tern. Not only is it a means of pro- over the silver and tariff questions, 
fessional advancement, but it affords | Eot the g""d work go on. 

The Democrats ure quarreling mv , Navy and Marine corps, followed ! P^* itor y ,,s “•»' in the State, and so- 

by officials, only a grade or two below 
members of the Cabinet. Next came 

licit the business of firms, corpora- 
tions and individuals. Nfiecial at- 

the grizzled faces of the Associated j ten,io " to cHcclions. Exchange 


conservative raeut **7 bringing one in contaet with 

,,,e Veterans cf the Mexican War, cbise 

Ownesboko iias a ctdore!^ ii rtleress '- v followed by the (! rand Army , 

manurt. The truth must and will be t *' e 1)681 D’l ,e8 men and women 
told, let it hurt whom it will; so that * ro,n ever . v Motion   f the broad Corn- 
evil doers need not be surprised to see naon wealth 

tbeuse ves as others see them. We ^ '* ver y importaut that Ohio 

who will most probably goto the the Republic, the Loyal Login,,, and 
“pen” at an early day. Wonder if ol'le* »»M»itauls Association of the' 
Gov. Brown will pardon h er because District of Columbia. The resi ol the 

of her “youthfulness." ti,ue uutl1 2 " , ?,ouk WM U P b - v 

— — — — — - —mm plain everyday citizens, who wished 

The Hon. Bisiioc W. I'EUitiNahas to extend the courtesies of the day to 

bought ami sold on the principal 
,,l | cities of the United States. 

..,1 John II. Barnes, .Cashier. 

•hall always be ready to recognize cou,lt 7 be well represented at this Tiie Hon. Bisiioi* W, Fekkins has to extend the courtesi 
trua merit wherever found, and shall au ‘l to that end the pro- been appointed to the seat in the our chief Magistrate, 

not hesitate to criticise an erring gro a ** v «. wide-awake teachers of the United States Semite, made vacant Vice President Mo 
tnend nor to eotnnliinent a worthy cou,,t y are called upon most earnestly by the death of Senator Plumb. as he had been receiv 

foe. It .hall be our great pride to to attend that they may assist iu mak- XlIE Ba raev aho^ FThis time de,,t fo . r '" 9 ow " 
th« iug this a most profitable session. Ihe . • receptiou began ut 

COUNTY NEWS n *gligeut, careless and inefficient ■ ee,M l '* « g*ttiug aick of the .(toils wa9 ns near a dupltca 

A.d.u™., » It ™n r l,.pp„.. — “'m - “• a. WkH. Ho«« „ , 

without adding to or taking from it, 
and while we feel that the local news 
should be the great specialty 

teud that they may learn just how far 
they are behind the times, and then 

el that the local news are beh "" 1 lhe " ,nM * ai| dthen Hendehson and Daviess will In spite ot nil stories to the 
the great specialty either go to work and do better or mi ,ke a good Judicial District, and trary Gen. Nelson A. Miles, 
spar as it will be of else give place to some one who will, we will take our chances with aomcot ! a '" 1 he eertaiidy knows, that In 
n this is a At any rate let us have a large dele- - other coumioH, not come to Washington under 

of the county paper as it will be of else give place to some one who will, we will take o 
ths Rkfcbi.ICAN, this is a ^ an 7 rate 118 i |ave a large dele- the other conn 

PRESIDENTIAL YEAR galiou from old Ohio. Who will j 
And we will enrleavof to keep our tbe 7 ,)ei ’ _ * resident 

refers, at all times informed on po- ^unoor seems to be greatlv ex- Circuit Judge! 
httea qaestions, both State and Na- erciiei , orer the faet lhst Mr . W es- „ppointmenfs. 
tloual, not forge ting to lend a hand Crowe  a Third ^ nmn ; 11 

m the fight for Congress in the Fourth regenti 0h i„ county in the present Sfeaekr C 
Dutnet next All for tf we mistake Leglslaturei #U|| fron) „ cent thru „, ton, and Mr. ! 
not the spirit of the Republicans of #t t|) t t|em6jl one wonM con . has been elect, 
the district, the Democracy will not ciud , f the ilwinuatlon were oulv 

President Harbikon has 

Vice President Morton left as soon 
as he had been received by the Piesi- 
dent tor his own icsidcuce, where a 
reception began at 12 o’clock, that 
was as near a duplicate of the one at 
the White House ns the tilcndaiice of 
all the same people could mnke it. 

In spite of all stories to the con- 
trary Gen. Nelson A. Miles, says, 
aud he certainly knows, that lie did 
not corue to Washington under offi- 
cial orders, aud tlmt it was the mar- 
riage of Miss Rachel Sherman, a 

Notiuo of Disolutiou. 

The paitnership hcrtofhre existing 
between (', M. Barnett und E. V. 1 
Milligan under the firm name Barnett i 
& Milligan, publishers of the Hart- I 
ford Rkiti.Mcan, is dissolved, E. V. 
Milligan having sold halt interest in 
said paper to Jo. B. Rogers. 

U. M. Baiinett, 

E. V. Mu an. 

good selections tor United States j cousin of his wife, which brought him 
Circuit Judges, as he has in all of his I and Mrs. Miles here. Some extra 
appointments. enterprising purveyors of sensational 

,, ... ,,, j uews had assigned Gen. Miles In lhe 

SlIL’iVL'U f 'uiull la til uf Was: Lm*. P 


for caUlogMt, 

TEPRY M’F'Q CO.. Nashviu E. Tenn. 

C AS E Bl lR !' 

tr FIBItBf Pi! 0 pci ctof* 

, Having bought tin* l.ivorv Business of E. W. Taylor, I wish to inform tha 
public tlmt I will do a general l.ivorv, Sale and Feed business at the 
old stand, and ulso keep on hand B( (1GIKS, \N AtiONS and 
('AIM'S of the latest and most approved make. Don t 

forget tlmt the Hartford Transfer is still to the front in 
behalf of the drummer nod traveling public. Please 

give me a call— THREE TRIPS DAILY. 
i Horses, buggies and wagons for sale or hire at all times. Spocia 
attention given to all stock entrusted to my care. 

Yours Very Respectfully, 

C. Xj FIELD, Hartford, 3Cy. 

f ■ -L f 

Speaker Crimp is ill at Washing- 
ton, and Mr. Mc.Millin, of Tennessee, 
bus beeu elected Speaker pro teiu. 

the district, the Democracy will not . . , - . . — — 

only not have a, hut will tr(je  , bat the h ineit  har a Hsted yen'- 

have their usually big majority cut jn eIecti Mr . Crowe had Mr. Springer, of ,1m Wav. and 

down to ouly a shadow of its former . ... , , . , . . * , 

3 totelly demolished the great heavy- ' Means Committee, is 

T :..,i I ... 

command of ail army tlmt was being 
made ready to invade Chili. 

Gen. llurace Porter, the popular 
New York orator, who came over to 
attend the wedding ot Mnss Rachel 
Sherman, is one of those who do not 

. wraiiy (leiuoiisneii tne great neavy- j Means Committee, is cramming on | hesitate to speak iu favor ot a foreign 

weight Legislative influence which I the Tariff. Helms made a careful W ur. "He said: I scarcely look for u 

a phcdii the average Representative from Ohio study of the statistical reports made war with Chili, although I think a 

BETTER TEACHLK3 county is wont to carry with him on by the Treasury Department and has little brush with an out si.ler would 

ow t at t e pea era ip contest his biennial salary-drawing tour to found out tlmt the imports of wool he a good thing foi the United States, 

ii scltlfcil, tuc holidays arc ovcr # aud the State C/auital, Vow w® were w lt • 1 i *11 • » n a • • • » . «,si • 

. _ 1 . *’ uc were gu U . M tlm MokmUv Inll insssil havci I’rttrintlsin DPt'nti'PA IIV to 

the Legislature down to not for Mr. Crowe, neither had we. 1)wn larRer hy ., 5 ’ )er J nU tlla|1 in long an , m -euce. 1 rather re- 
work, U» eminently ^ pro,jer to speak uor have we, any sympathy for ! the nine months before the hill «mss- gret that we d: I no' n Iminirter a 
^question, that will bs broughtbe- Third Party movement, „»r A*. Mr. | ^ awI al90 .(iscoverod that thrashing Mi. ” 

fore the prcacnt rcMioo oi the Cvcu Orowe need anv defense at our titinds a , . , . at m  , • 

i a wi Tk .„ „ „„„ y r,,we neea “ n 7 ueieiiscai our nanus, l\.uonc a n wool has, notwithstanding The rob i‘:e nrticles em- 

eral Assembly. There is uo more for he is presumably able to defeud , ,, ... i , . ; , , ■ , 

. _ . .. .. . • a a 1 m z t!io McKinley increase in duty, fall— oraceu in tin.' r«*ci »n'pi f irenty with 

important question that will come up himself. It is but just, however, to’ , ' ; ..... f; rM . Hri, r .. . ltrii 1-h 

» , ; j ,t . J I eu two or three cents a Dound. I his Ltreat liriLnu for 1 1 s •• i*nusii 

for solution, and none ou which the him aud the men who elected him to , ... , . i. ’ .1. . « 1.2^ 



8 /? i'-yjp p] v   S 

lOiE^ j 

Ki apisi (0K CHILLS, MALARIA f, 

' &.i£'.IC10USNESS. N 

f!« 3snt 3sM o nSyiup. A 

1 ( » CS Rf_ , Afo Pay V- 

4 %fSl!W' 1 ww[r//A'Ar-' ^ ,1m* llnjlastolcss Chttt Tonic which has 
III llfl I 111! I . f I | p-ven Such nn.vrrsal s»lisfa  tion, aud 
l»# P8 IVI I V J Mi Mtii.ii urn hear vour rcigbtKiis talking 

l\ ■.Ifll.llilJIlL. 1 V n,H,vt  » Gaovw’a. To get the priginil 

al „i v -rnuine Tastcleis Chill Tor”, ah 
ways ask forOaovH's, nnd don't n '-••• t*t cheap, untried suhatitutrs, dinning tw 
1 e just as good. Grove's Tasteless l hitlToniv liolili fait fi o/s and contains 48 
closes, while many of the new, untried ti. sides* tonic* only hold 4 1 ■ o»s. and 
contains but twenty-four to ttiirtv dos  s. Grove's Tonic is n* large as mv dol- 
lar tonic and i-ctulls f n- Ml coins. M 111111 fccctlirc-'l t y PARIS 
MKDK'IN K COMPANY, 8 t. I.cdiIs, M . - hold by ull Druggist* 

Patriiiiism hpeoie'es ►•iignant hv to 
long an epne 1 oi (  cace. 1 rather re- 
gret tlul we d. I no' n Iminirtcr a 
thrashing to 'til ." 

The rc!i ; .. - o;' i'o  articles eni. 
braced in tne 1 cci'noe. y treaty with 



tf * 

* • • 1. . t 


‘ Z ' » I 

' wss'^F 

f!^as?nt asM°nS/iup. 

^ thn* HiqT utcVsi Chill Tonic which haa 
I j rvf n Mich iinivrrual sstisfa* tion, aud 



■j. . 

•vemge Legialutor is more ut sen, Bllv w | m t ell men Acquainted with the j . 

titan the common school questiou. ( a ' etl  ( tl)ow t0 (*, tn , ei viz . X ha t Mr. I 

And ouo phase which will be purlieu- Crowe is just as able, will wield just j , 

Lrly difficult of a proper disposal, is „ muc h influence and will do the j IBr fr 

the law relating to the qualification of people just as much good aud clfec- ! co " ntr 7' 

teachers. tivc service as the avcruirc Damn- i ‘^ r ’ *' 

hii two or three cents u pound. This V^reat liriluiii for u 
he rays is not what was promise I tiie Indies was made pubm 

articles cm. 
■ treaty with 
British West 
Ibis week and 

farmers. Neither, Mr. Springer 
must admit, is it what lie and the 
other free-traders predicted to the 

it is re„'ar I  d  , it 1 in'll 'led praise and 
wonder. Pcaiwi Oec cu,e ot the ben- 
efits certain I   secure the reform to 
our farmers :i;n. manufacturers. 

r h 8 n Mr. Springer has just found out ""R'lor that England s 

live service as the average Deniu- K have been nersu. dec! to irive 

what the farmers and every Irodv in- I'ave been ;*rsu ided to give us so 
teres.ed in the wool business In all much of the trade that she Ims prac- 

ils branches have known all ti e ""»""I"'li/'"l bir n, v ywr». 

■ , 1 , .11- One ot die Commissi. nicr.-, this 

time and nave been fur months dis— 

..... . . part of the colonies, who negotiated 

engong in all its bearings. AN hat * 

. , the treaty said, England never did 

Mr. ."ipringer does not seem to have J ... . 

, , , , . nnvthiug more iiowiillingly than un- 
learned fro . Ii.s investigations is , " . . . J 

, . . thoriziug the iiegotaii'Ui ot tins trea- 

tbat it is not 1 1 I ,w eouutrv alone . , . . . . 

1 he progress of the age and the erntic Representative fr om this conn- j wbat the farmers and everybody i.i- 

lutercsit of the community, alike, de- ty for the last twenty years. Every- t 1 "* w ‘ ,lJ l business in ull 

maud better teachers, und better |, (H ( y k nowg t h,. ge tilings are true, so *'** ,,r “ nche * l,ave k " own “ ll 

teachers wc must have. The Super- w | )B t’s the use to kick? But we Hnd baVB b ,MM ^ ul ’ dia- 

iDteudent of Public Iustructiou, the should all remember that the great a| l i*s bearings. Wliat 

State board ot Education, the State H in (?) Mr. Crowe committed, and Mr. Springer does not seem to have 
and County Boards uf Examiners aud that which is the throu in the kick- learned fro lbs investigations is 
the Cnuuty Superintendent may and ers’ side, is the fact that he defeated that it is until tins country alone 
cau do much toward raising the grade fairly nmi honorably the Democratic (flat the juice of y.ool bus fallen. It 
of the teachers, but they can not do nominee. Had be himself, however, is because ol the girut full in all 
all. There is the third-class certifi- b een  *» fortunate (?) as to be the other wool-producing countries that 
cate, under which maay incompetent Democratic nominee, and elected, he wool has fallen I eie. and not be- 
pentous work their way into the WO nld he all right. Then he would cause of the effei h here of the 
achoolt and drive out better teachers, | )e  at | Pasti .. ((lir „|,| 0 Represents- McKinley bill. Tim fall in prices 

for a poor teacher, like a poor caipeu- tire," now he is merely “a 1 has varied in the different varieties 

Ur, can work for less money than a aeript;” then he would have been "the of wool, and the farmers on the 
good one, and theie are alwaysTrust- Hon. Wesley Crowe,” now he is siin- whole are very w«-|. satisfied with 
eca who will emp'oy an incompetent p | y “Representative Wesley Crowe;" the way the Mc Kinley bill has ef- 
teacher at thirty dollars per month then he would have boon on “two f au ted that product. 

.1 _ . i. I I • *• ■ 



n9Fa*;s»Jfi ib^. 



$65 O'lR SILVER QUEEN $65 

,3 It poo-.iru tlfot-class Bungy with Sllvor-platod Dn»h Rati. Soat 
Hai' !• . .a, Hub Barn, j, and Shalt Tips, lor above price? 

cate, under which maay incompetent Democratic nominee, and elected, he 

persous work their way into the 
schools and drive out better teachers, 
for a poor teacher, like a poor cai peu- 

would he all right. Then he would 
he, at least, “our able Representa- 
tive," now he is merely “a Hondo. 

Ur, ean work for less money than a aeript;" then he would have been “the of 

good one, and theie are alwaysTrust- 
•ea who will emp'oy an incompetent 

Hon. Aeslev Crowe,” now he is sim- 
ply “Representative Wesley Crowe;" 

Uacher at thirty dollars per month then he would have boon ou “two 
rather than pay a good one fifty dol- very important committees," now lie 
Tars per lam th. We believe the live is only on the “tail of two commit- 
teachers will join us 111 saying: “Away tees." in short, he wasn’t ami lie 
with the third class certificate," It is isn’t. 

ail obstacle iu tho path of a host of fmgmmmmmmgmgim—fmmmmm 

young men and women who would Governor-Senator wants to iii:- 
gladly give their lives aud high tal- PhksidkxT Him. is said to he posing 
entatotbe teachers’ profession were in the attitude of the benevolent to- 
Ihey not confronted by the tact that ward his great enemy, Cleveland, 
after having thoroughly prepared His plan is to accept the Democratic 
themselves for their work thoy may nomination for President, resign his 
be thrust aside because some would- seat as Senator, aud then have Gov- 
be teacher will work for a pittance, ernor Flower to appoint Cleveland to 
and aspires to a place for which he fill out his uuexpired term. A eapi- 
is no more qualified than is a Com- tal ideu, to say the least, but he j 
manehe hi go to Congress And would ouly succeed iu turning him- 1 
there i* no remedy, for here is the self out. of a job aud turning Cleve- 
incompetent teacher, armed with his land in, for Benjamin Harrison will j 
third class certificate and his ugree- succeed himself. 

ment with the District Trustees, and ■ ■ 

the matter is settled. This teacher Democratic Tennessee has sent! 

ty, but it was recognized that the 
American market was absolutely nec- 
essary to the colonies, und that it 
would be closed to them unless satis- 
factory concessions were made. 

Kecratury Elkins took formal charge 
ol the War depariniellt yesterday, 
and his office wus crowded all day 
with friends who culled to tender 
their congratulations. 

The Democratic members of the 
House arc beginning 1 1 realize that 


sii’ii is atti^tioS 

Given to the Traveling 


f.- i:4 


i , 













tt 1 














g ! 











z l 





















If Mr. Springer 'rill continue his they have been indulging in some 
studies he will finu that everthing, wild talk about making wholesale 
except a few articb r of luxury not reductions in the annu al ujipropria- 

Wrlto for our New 80 pane Catalogue of all kinds of Vehicles. 




Ho. I, Solid Tins, strictly Hi. 1 0, Lidiii Catkin T 




■ -K 

• 86-00 

Ho. t, Cushion Tires, 


Ho. 3, Ladiis’ Solid Tires, 

• S6.00 


CuMoii Tires MW, 


manufactured in '.ins country, Ims tious, und they arc already hedging 
fallen in price sim *  the McKinley on that subject. It is an may matter 
bill was | in«i»d- a otl cr fact which for anybody to criticise the total 
contrudicis nil tlm predictions of Mr. « mount appropriated bv the last (.’on- 
Springer si d I, is friends. It is a g retw «'"! to cull it cxtiuvaguncc, hut 
good sig,, tlmt Mr. Springer is lead- U P *'» this time none of them have 
ing upon the Taiiff aud j osting been able to point out one single in- j 

. Also kn*| s ;t firsl- 

gress aud to call it cxtiuvaguncc, but » ■ • 1 

up to this time none uf llicm have d-l*ISS lzl\l I ^ sklKl 

been able to point nut mm single in- Shllllu. wll^l’d* 

Hi. 10, Lidiii Coikloi Tim, 


Ho. 4, Con irtlbli Silid Tires, 


4, C, " Cuklii Tint, 

• 96.00 

No better 
(Machine made at 
^£jl any price. 

himself on facts. It is eisier to stance n which money was uppropri 


free-trade speeches without 

w hare it was i ot ucedcii nr 

atu tying modern facts, but iu order where " ne ' ,,,llar ''l ) l ,ro l ,r ' atMl thr 

t» frame tariff laws in free-trade in- wbich the «“verm..ent will not get 

tercst and f. defend them a super- ««« hundred cents ... value. Ami if 

• , i , , . . . . * . the Democratic House in its anxielv to 

ficial knowledge, at least, of current . 

, . . .... r i -  . make a showing ot ( cnm, uv shall 

facta and conditions is useful, if not . , , , 

dare to attempt to enmpie unv branch 
necessary. . , „ r ; 

__ a m of the Uorerniiieat service by wnli- 

Koaolutions. folding necessary appropriations, 

th. matter is settled. JTbh teacher Democrat.c Tennessee ha. sent ^ „ t 0(ik 0mye ^ |, 8 party will pay dearly for the nig- 

eaters the school-room with but one her two hundred convicts back to i , , we thu of gur.lly jmlicy. The people of this 

well defined idea, and tlmt is tlmt he Coal Creek, where they will take the 1 . P country do not obiect to liberal unoro- 

i .   i l - * ...... , , . , . , , , ,. school, (eel it our duty to give un ‘-ouuirya»iiotoiJjecttoiiueraiu|ipro- 

intends to druw his salary. And the places which two hundred free men . . , J? . Driatious so lomr as tliev know tlmt 

i. «. .k-. :« l -k!.i. e. . l i i expression ot our feelings, therefore pnauons ao long as tney know tout 

MtfllH lil (nut VtlllllfF Illlflfls whlftlk fillilhl in liann lit nrilnr ilk ninlrn .»ik. »a * ” . t ■ • a •  ■ 

intends to druw h'w mdary. And the places which two hundred free men 
result is that young minds which ought to have in order to nmku means 

they are receiving full value lor 

ought to be trained, expanded and for the support of their families. You R T , . f , the money spent. 

Si"*" "'2 X r r‘waru ' " hi ll"'"? 11 "" ^ t '"“ U ?T P ~ f ' LL ~ be a true friend ^cipri^ity treaties with Guatemala 

„ 0W " W “ y labor and an earnest^ ^educabw. and San Salvador have been signed 

by Hecracury Bluiue. 

you run have vour 
Horses Fed. ami 
^i*l Hu* hesl ol* ri^s 
(lav or ni^lil. 

Iseave # your or- 
ders willi 


H. I,. NT K VENN, . . A. H HCDNOX. 

Warranted (r )K | ma ^ ny ne J c a e dttat 

Interchange- Bicycle Catalogue Free. 

$85.00 1 1 $85.00 



S*nd iii (fan in itan pi for nr tw parel!twt-;t-l fnlll.'Jl ilfnt, t.iPri, Imlirrt. t;n-th*(Mtngg| kinJi, *ic. 

J! Bicycle Catalogue Fret. 



Thorough Prarlical Inslruetlon. Oradttslee no* 
Rioted to | «ftitionM. dialogue frre. Write to 



figured, and years afterward these racy hus its 

victim, ot the incompetent man-budd- is the loser. , loath to part with oy oecraeary lllame. 

er are Imikeil upon aa mental and ►. — — —— w £ ' lhatwoare tttl * l) P ar » witn — r 

moral wrecks. There are 898 prisoners in the flim.- 0 ' 1 ‘''at ** will ever remember Public Debate, 

the failure* in the wifrld are caused Frankfurt penitentiary, 357 at Eddy- ‘ , k ! ud , V .' Ce he ... K ' veM 0u ,hu n'ffhU »f th« l r »th «nd Kith 

by false and unnatural training, eith- villc and 24 ou the farms of the j M . | school, and that wa wdl try to follow a t Unuper’s school house, Dis- 

er   n the part of parents or of teach- sees. Total for the State, 1279. A * ,,e nob,e aui [ chrulian example A«| trict No. 2‘ , the following subject 
ere. It it but just, however, to say pretty good showing Hit true, but ' B * t I|J w *| er e ore 1,8 ,n * l,( ou ^ 0 will be di8cu8tied: Ubholvkd, That 

that now and then a teacher with a there are ut least ten thousand more 3, That we, the pupilc, recommend tke ^ ev ** uue necessary to Defray the 
low-grade certificate teaches a good who ought to be with them, and who him as an earnest educator and true Expenses uf the National Govern- 



Public Debate. 

Ou thu nights of the 15th and Kith ; 

low-grade certificate teaches a good who ought to be with them, and who him ns an earnest educator and true 
achool, but this is the exception, not would if they had their dues. friend to the pupils thut may be plno 

the rule. Besides, in these excep- —— ■ ' 0  ^ under his care, 

lional e*-e» it will invariably be found Andrew Jackson would surely; 
that the teacher's knowledge of Imoks turn over iu his grave and kick him- ! 
ts not commensurate with his tact, self, could he now realize the extent j 
and, ala  . that it he rciuuius iu the to which the “spoils system," he iu 

Riiiha Siiiei.iih, 

Evaii Buti.kii, 

Noli a Kino, -Curu. 

Warren Siiieldm, | 
Rohkkt Kino, 

meut should he Raised ouly by a Ull Irij slsSli CO'DIr D 610V uSpOSll 

| wt *k fa* Ua Mi#. 

X. Taylor, 11. C. Crowder; Negative, 

S. L. Stevens, Alfunzo Rogers, J. L. | Mr. Stevens will be glad to have 
Rogers, C. 8. Taylor. U p, in. each all his Ohio county friends atop with 
night. him while in the city. 

\ A Pine Line of 

-■ ifi ESI BREAD, 

Old Frej Stand, corner bilov Deposit Mrs in Caas & Ball;. 

ik. Kub Slfssl QvsnsVnfri. Ksidmdi* * 

Will Serve at all times 

Telephone 208. 


and in any style. 

Cream Mats to Order 

‘No. 121 Main Street- 

' Kentucky 


bk active! 

That’s energy. 


That’s economy. 

Match Energy with Economy, and drive 
the pair to Prosperity. 

By being among the early customers that will surely 
throng our store. You will have your choice 
of some of the finest goods we’ve offered in 
many a day. It will pay ypu to exercise a lit- 
tle energy; we will attend to the economy part 
of i t. 

Remember that cash always illustrates some- 
thing and as we adhere strictly to buying and 
selling for cash, we are able to sell you goods 
on closer margin than out long-timed-credit 
buying competitors. Our prices are the lowest. 
Our goods the very best. We make no Debts, 
therefore lose nothing. We are anxious to ca: 
ter to the wants of those who have resolved to 
buy for cash only; the acquaintance of any oth- 
er we do not seek. From now until closed, out, 
we will give you 

Out Beat Box To* Boot* at I 2 - 00 

it it •' “ to $2.50 

.• •• Oil Grain " 12.50 worth $3.25 

•• Medium Oil Grain and $2.00 

» B**t Bojr* Boot* from $1.00 to $2.00 

•• " Children Coarae Shoe* 50c. to 75c 

• •• L*diea ** “ • 10 ° 

•• Medina) " “ M lf * 

Clip this out. bring it with you, and see if 
we don’t do as we say. Bargains in all Shoes. 


Everybody acknowledges our stock the 
nicest, and our prices the lowest. What 
we have left, go at cost. No house in Ohio 
county will treat you more squarely in 
Clothing of any kind than we. Remember 
we are Headquarters. Thanking you for 
your liberal patronage during the past year 
and soliciting the same this year, we are 


V.V Sc M.V.R.B. 



*. *, Mall uOEipnn Il:l». »■ | 

H. t. LUMW* Ri(.r.i« -!' *"• j 


a*, t, m.ii ..j K«» r..i - , a »• ! 

a*. A. Limn*! Eipr.i. 


« - -r - - - • - ^ 

C. I- Field'* tr*u*f*r lin* i**till 

in th* Uad. 

Orange* and Bauauaa at Weator- 
fldda A Hon'*. 

Our vi*itor* were too nuiueroua to 
mention thia week. 

Quiuine at 4vt an ouuce at Z. 
Wayae Griffin A Bro. 

Bur your grocerie* of all kind 
from G. L. Klein A Co. 

Beat Bleach Cotton at 10 canta, ; 
•old at 8} cent* at Kahn'a. 

Boot*, and Hboe* aold at a bargain 
to clo*e them *ut at Kahu’*. 

Overshot* tor men, ladi** and chil- 
dren of all kind* at Kahn'a. 

Don't forget Caaebier A Burton, 
Hartford’* hustling liverymen. 

i — 

Big bargain* in C'lothiug, Boot*, 
Shoe*, HaU and Cap* at Kabu'a. 

Z. Wayne Griffin leapectfully ao- 
liot the patronage of oountry prac- 

48 children* *uita from the age of 
8 to 13 year* old told at $2.50, now 
at $1 .25 a suit at Kahn'*. 

Still more fine aud fast team* have 
been added to the already, well furuiah- 
ed lUble of, CaeKBUCR A Buhtoh. 

Thoee owing u* will have to *et tie 
by Jan. 15th, 1802, or pay coet. 


An intereating letter from a col- 
ored gentleman of Hartford, waa 
banded in too late tor publication tbi  


JuAt received, a lot of ladies high 
button overahoe*, liae* 2$ to 7. Sold 
at $2; will cloee them out at $1.50 at 

If you wiih a pleaant, quick nde, 
to and from Beaver Dam, remember 
that Caaehiei A Burtou are the men 
to 'go with. 

Mr. -J. 8. Motley and family, 
aaoved to town New Yean day. 
Hartford iealway* glad to weloome 
good oitaena. 

Hat*, juat received, at Kahn’* at 
balf price. I can show you more 
bargain* than all the other houaee in 
the Green river oouatry. 

Hartford ha* the beat barber* in 
thie part of the State. When you 
want a elean (have, or a hair-out, 
give Smith A Cain, a call. 

You ean nave big money by trad- 
ing with Z. Wayue Griffin A Bro. 

A great deal of very iutereating 
matter erowped out thi* week for 
want of apace. 

If you need anythin)' in the livery, 
call on C. L. Field, the beat of rige 
for hire day ornight. 

Long experience in the prescrip- 
tion department of Z. Wayne 
Griffin A Bro. will iniure to their 
oustntnera perfect accuracy. 

Don't fail to give u* a call when 
you coiue to town, for we have the 
very beet of feed. Leave your hor»e 
wito u*. Caaebier A Bcrtoh. 

We are receiving a beautiful line 
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a roll up. See it before you buy. 

Z. WaykeGrutin. 

Overcoat*. The beat ever ibown 
and aold for lea* than they can be 
made to-day to close them out at 
M. M. Kahr'8. 

Our prescription department ia 
kept well supplied with the freaheat 
and beat drugs and chemical*. 

Z. Waykb Griitiw A Bro. 

When in Hartford, go to Kahn'a 
aud look at the largest stock of cloth- 
ing, boot*, *ho*a, hat*, cap* and ever 
•hown in Ohio county and you will 
buy all yqu want. 

Carson A Morton i* headquarter* 
for anything usualy kept in a flr*t. 
clam general and fancy grocery *tore. 
Give them a call and be convinced. 
Freeh Oyator* aerved ia any style at 
all hour*. , 

Colonel and Mrs. John P. Barrett 
will on Friday evening, January 8, 
1802, at 8;80 o'clock entertain the 
surviving member* of the Hartford 
Literary Club of 1875. A pleasant 
time ia anticipated. 

W e are glad to welcome to our 
midst, Mr. W. H. BuYton, of Me- 
Henry, who has bought half interest 
in the livery atobl of Casebier A Son. 
He will robve hit family to Hartford 
between tbit and spring. 

Dr. Turner, of Muhlenberg coun- 
ty, has moved to Cromwell where he 
will follow his profession. He eome* 
highly recommended as a pliysioan, 
having had elaven years suooesaful 
practice. We weloome him aa a cit- 
izen of our saaopty. 

We invite the special attention of the 
baeineee people of Ohio and adjoin- 
ing oounties to the statement of the 
first year's business of the Beaver 
Dem Deposit Bank. Thia institution 
ia now on a permanent business 
footing, nnd no espenae lias been 
•pared in making thia one of the 
safest deposit banks in Western 
Kentuoky. Correepondenoe and 
business solicited. 


Mr Ed. P. Crowe, Eddyville, was 
in town la*t week. 

Mr. Sam Casebier and sister, Mias 
Fannie attended ibe Caaebier-Chap- , 
man wedding. 

Our jovial young townsman, John ( 
Steven* came in the other day aud 
aubsciibed for our paper. 

Wm. Milligan was called hy tele- | 
gram, Sunday afternoon, to the bed- 
side of hi* dying mother near Bock- ' 
port. i 

Prof. J. D. Crowe, Temple, Tex., 
and two little children, Naoma and 1 
Emmett, are visiting his father Chap- ; 
man Crowe, near Bed*. i 

Hubert Crowe left yesterday for 1 
Louisville and Jefiersontown. He will 
return to Hartford Monday where he , 
will make Ida future home. 

If you want credit, pay for what ‘ 
you have already gotten. 

Wehtekpiku) A So.v. 1 

If you need anything in the gener- . 
al or fancy grocery line, call on Car- 
son A Morton and be supplied al 
price* that absolutely defy competi- 
tion. | 

Dickens Reception. I 

The Dickons Hoception at the 
Hartford House last night, was the ] 
grandest aocial amices* of iho season.   
At 0:30 o'clock, the floors were 
opened and the merry makers and ' 
their guests gathered from all parts   
of the city. An elegant supper was I 
served at 10:30, which made one 
feel it lacked no element of com- 1 
pieteness. From this until 12 ' 
o’clock, the pleasure seeking throng 
were gladdened by participating in 
the moat pleasing social chat and 'lie 1 
most enticing games. Toward the 
wee tin*’ hours of the night the 
crowd dismissed, each carrying home 
in Ilia heart tlm thot'glit that the i 
young ladies to whom the even- 
ing's entertainment was due, had ' 
added new luster to their lives and" 
caused us one and all to silent- , 
ly exclaim: God bless the dear, dear, 
girls. , 

Dental Notice. 

It is my good pleasure to announce 
to the public that I have taken rooms 
over the Beaver Dam Bank and now 
iiave the most elegant aud best fur- 
nished dental office in this part of 
the Green River country. First-clas* 1 
work at reasonable prices. In my 1 
office from the 1st to the 15th of each 
month. Sensibly thankful for past | 1 
patronage and respectfully soliciting a 1 
continuance of same, I am | ■ 

Your* truly, 

W. T. McKissky, Dentist, j ' 

Beaver Dam, Ky. 

Dr. J. S. Morton waa elected poor- I 
house physician last Wednesday. 

Road and Bridgo Commit- 1 

The following is the list of Hoad j 
and Bridge Commissioner* elected 
last Wednesday: North Hartford, 

Jamea Sullenger; South Hartford, 

J. P. Hteveus; Hock port, Moses Her- 
rell; Ceutertown, \V. I. Howe; Crom- 
well, J. M. Rogers; Rosine. Sylvester 
White; Sulphur Spring*. A. S. Aull; 
Ellis, Jas. F. Lyons; Fordsville, J. L 
Haider; Bartlett, B. F. Bartlett; 
Buford, W. P. Yaweil. 

The Slok. 

The following are on the tick list: 

Miss Amanda Bennett, J. II. Wil- 
liams, Heber Matthews, J. IV. Ford, 
E. P. Thomas, D. E. Thomas, Mra. j 
Mary Ann Thomas, D. F. Cawthon, | 
J. L. Miller, Clarence Hardwick, 
Mrs. Judge Massie.Mrs. J. 8. Vaught, 
Miss Dora E. Gibson, A. J. Bell, 
Misses Jessie, Dora, Ella Bell, Mrs. 
Bell, Mrs. S. K. Cox, Heury Aull , 
Mrs. Jno. K. Phipps, Carlisle Keu- 
der, Rowan Holbrook, L. P. Loney, 

C. R. Martin, E. D. Guffy, Misa 
Isabelle McHenry, Jno. S. Vaught, 
Marvin and Eldred Pate, J. S. R 
Wedding, Mia* Maude Sanders, Mrs. 
John Westerfield, C. L. Field, J. S. 
Mosley, Mr*. Stewart, Albert Stew- 
art, J. M. Caaebier, W. G. Hard- 
wick, Mrs. Robert Cro we, Mrs. Mar- 
garet Carpenter, Judge A. B. Bain), 
Henry Griffin, W. L. Hawkins, Miss 
Annie Hawkins, A. L. Stevens, 
Hartford. Dr. 11. F, Bean, Rev. II. 

D. Bennett and little son, Robert, 
Sulphur Spriugs. Mr. W. P. Reoder, 
Poiut Pleasant. Abe Kahn, W. 
M. Martin, Mis* Sins Martin, Ney 
Porter, O. W. Taylor, W. E. Tay- 
lor, Mia* Love Oeutry, Cromwell. 


Tho Evansvil e Standard says; “A 
v*rv quiet and pretty wedding oc- 
cured at 7;30 o'clock last evening 
at the roaidenc of MS Wm. Day, hi 
which Mias Alice I)sy and Mr 
Joseph M. Vaught were pronouucd 
husband and wife, in tbs presence 
of • few immediate relatives, ltev. 
Win. Tsrlfer, of tho Kingsley M. E. 
Church offioiat'ng. 

‘'The bride is tl.e eldest daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. Win. Day, and is an 
estimable young lady, possessing all 
the treito that go to make a modern 
wife. She looked especially attrac- 
tive last evening aa aha appeared 
attired in neatly fitting bridal robe, 
i Mr. Vaught, the groom, ia a reai- 
dent of Paradiae, Ky., where lie is 
i regarded as one of the most promi- 
r nent young citizens. He is • young 
i man of exemplary habits, possessing 
i excellent husiueea and aocial qualli- 
i ficatious. 

I “Mr. and Mrs. Vaught, after 
i spending a day or ao with the latter’s 
1 paranta, will leave for Paradise, 
i their future borne." 

Masonic Emtertainment. 

The most enjoyable social gathering 
of tho season, was the oyster supper 
at the Masonic Hall, Beaver Dam, 
Saturday night, Dec. 20tb. At seven 
o'clock the door* of the spacious 
new hall were thrown open and the 
elite of Beaver Dam, Taylor Mine*, 
McHenry and the surrounding coun- 
try came thronging in. After very 
liberally patrongising the tables, 
everybody waa invited up stairs where 
a moat beautiful cake, the product of 
Mr. Theodore Sowdera’ skill was to be 
awarded to the most popular 
young lady. Miss Nora Martin, n 
roost fascinating belle was put forward 
as Beaver Dam’s champion, while 
pretty little Blanche Kelly was named 
as the choice of McHenry. Beaver 
Dam led ofT for a short time, but 
McHenry soon came to the front 
with a strong lead and held it to the 
finish. The cake was presented to 
Miss Kelly by Mr. W. G. Duncan 
in that graceful manner that is so ex- 
clusively his ( wn. It waB a good- 
natured contest in which the seven 
gnllant* from McHenry proved them- 
selves too much for the Benver Dam 

Mrs. McKinney and class then dis 
pensed some appropriate music to the 
delight of all. 

A fine cake was oflered to the one 
who would guess nearest it weight. 
Miss Emma Barnes was the fair and 
lucky guesser. 

The crowd dismissed at eleven 
o’clock after haviug had a night of 
exquisite pleasure. 


Beaver Dam knows how to enter- 

If Charley Tnylor didu’t enjoy it, 
who did? 

Miss Eula Midkift', Lousville, was 
in attendance. 

Dr. B. N. Patterson, McHeury, 
was there in good shape. 

Will Frauklin, Butler county, was 
on hand and had a good time. 

The brotherhood highly appreciate 
the patrooage so liberally bestowed. 

Nobody enjoyed the supper more 
thauJ. P. Miller and Hilas Taylor. 

The United States. 

Mr. 8. R. Dent, who represents the 
United States Life Insurance Compa- 
ny of New York, is in town looking 
after the interests of his firm The 
United States Life ie one of the 
best Companies in the country and is 
doing a big business here. Those 
desiring insurance will do well to in- 
vestigate his propositions before tak- 
ing elsewhere. 


Jan. 5, — Nothing of interest lins hap- 
pened in our iittle town since the 
holidays. Everything moving nice- j 
Iv, with business as biiek as one could ' 

• j 

i expect after (lie holidays. 

Messrs. J. H. Nave A Co’ are re- 
ceiving a large quantity of tobncco, 
which they say is better than tor sev- 
eral years past. 

Quite a number of our people have 
the "Grippe,” hut no cases have prov- 
ed fatal nil to this writing. 

J, D. Williams’ family have been 
very sick with pneumonia aud la 

Mrs. R. J. Daniels lins pneumonia 
but is convalescent at present. She 
was in the Spmig Lick wreck on 
Monday night Dec. 28, and contract- 
ed a severe cold. 

Johnnie Hudson, of the Nashville 
Publishing Co., Nashville, spent n 
few days with his sisters, Mrs. W. F. 
McKinney, and B. F. Gray last week. 

I. P. Barnard wife and daughters, 
Belle and Mamie, accompanied by 
Miss Sue Owsley of Louisville, spent 
last week in town, returning here 

Miss Eulin MidkifT, of Louisville, 
spent the holidays with friends in 
Beaver Darn, of course McHenry was 
well repiesented, several nights by 
one of her gallant boys. 

Buckner Barnard, of Louisville, 
made a business trip to town last 

The new Miilhouse is completed 
and part of the machinery mi the 

The young people Imd h lively so- 
cial dance in town last week, which 
was quite a success. *** 


Jar. 4, 1892— Although Christmas 
has conic and gone, we have no wed- 
dings to report. 

The health of the community is 
very good, except now nnd then la j 
grippe claims a victim, but no serious 
cases. Several cases of typhoid fever, 
but we are glad to note that they are 
now convalescent. 

Christinas with its guyetv and pleas- 
ure lias lulled down, aud farmers are 
beginning active work upon their 
farms. Wheat looks well. 

Prof. J L. Rogers closed one of the 
, best schools nt Oak Grove on the 23d 
of December we ever had taught, 
lie lins won golden opinions 
among both pupils aud patrons of our 
district. I have never heard n fault : 
urged agaiust him. He leaves us with 
J our best wishes for his future success. 

Select is a booming little village, 
situated four miles north-enst of I 
Cromwell on the Leitchfield road. 

The farmers are a very prosperous 
and intelligent clnss of citixens. 

We have one of the best schools in 
i this end of the county under the mau- ! 
ngeuient of Prof. D. L. Barnes. He 
| will soon complete his fourth session 
at this place. Prof. Barnes will have 
| the pleasure of accepting or rejecting 
| the fifth school at the cloee of his 
present term. B. O. J. 

Statement of the Condition 



Our Trade last year was more than 

" .Ml 


t . : 

The “ONE PRICE TO ALL” System has built up for ia a trade , 
we are proud of. 


The directors of the Bank of Hart, 
ford, at their regular meeting held at 
the office of the Bank, December 31, 
declared a dividend of 4 per cent, 
payable on an after January 4th, 

Stockholders will please call at the 
Bank and receive same. 

8. K. Cox. Prea. 

Attention Farmers. 

W. E. McFarland’* Auction House 
ia the place to aell your tobacco. 
Selling at auction is growing more 
popular with farmers every year, 
more especially since the formation 
of the Owensboro Tobacco Associa- 
tion, which furnishes protection to 
both buyer aud seller. Th* law of 
the Association says that if buyer and 
j seller cannot agree as to whether or 
i not the tobacco comes up to sample 
sold by, that a reputable by stander 
shall re-sample and certify to same, 
and both samples shall be laid before 
a reclimation committee, who shall 
settle the matter. This we think is 
perfectly fair to both buyer and sell- 
er and will cause many to sell their 
tobacco at auction that never did be- 
fore. We are prepared to break 
Hhd. tobacco, ana trust farmers at a 
distance will give me a liberal pat- 
rouage, as it ha* long since becu con- 
ceded that the Owensboro market is 
ae good aa any iu the State. Argu- 
ment is unnecessary. Just watch for 
prices weekly iu this paper. 

Resp’y, W E. McFarland, 
Owensboro, Ky. 

3d St. just below court house, 

LAST week's SALE*. 

Prior leaf from $2.90 to $9.00. 

“ lugs “ 82.00 to $0.10. 

Have aold but little Burley from 
83 for leaf aud lugs to $8.20 for leaf 
lugs. ^ 


The followiug happy marriages 
took place during the holidays. 

Cyrus Taylor to Miss Jeffie Cooper. 

Robert Crowe to Mise Genie Klein. 

Alney Tichenor to Miss Jennie 

W. A. Casebier to Miss Ines Chap- 

W. T. Hayward to Miss Madeliue 

To all ot whom we extend congrat- 


New goods, cheap 
goods and Christinas 
goodsand New Year’s 
goods go to * * v * 
Hocker & Tabor, 
Rosine, Ky. 

w. t. mckinney, ' 



W ill be in his office from the first 
to the 15th of each month. Of- 
fice over Baok. All work guaran- 
teed. Prices reasonable. 

At the Close of Business. 
June 30, 1891. 


Loans $58,623.39 

Real estate 3,000.00 

Fafe, furniture, Ac 1,000.00 

Bonds 1,341.67 

Debts in suit 1,032.60 

Cash ou hand A in other 

banks 23,457.51 



Capital stock paid in $30,000.00 

Deposits 54.737.88 

Dividend 1,200.00 

Profit and loss account... 2,098.19 
Due other Banks 419.10 


A dividend of 84.00 per share has 
been declared by the Board of Direc- 
tors, to the stock-holders, payable on 
dcmniid. S. K. Cox, President. 

— . prices 


In Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, the Bazaar always keep* a full & 
stock, at prices that are right. 

’ . . l" A' 

A full stock of Trunks, Valises, Club Sachets and Hand Bag* at " 
very moderate prices, can lie found at the Bazaar. 

Our Dress Goods Trade is simply enormous. Wo aoeount for It hy 


the assortment we carry and the prices at which we sell. 

Ladies wanting easy fitting Corsets, Kid Gloves, Cotton or Woolen 
Underwear, may find just what they want by calling on Sara A Me. 

Persons wanting HONEST, SOLID LEATHER SHOES for La- 
dies. Bovs and Misses, at Honest Prices, esn lie supplied by calling oa 
Sara A Me. 

Among the many winter goods now in demand is our heavy Cotton 

Jeans nt ft yards for 81.00, ou extra heavy “Cast Iron” Jeans at 20e 

* ' #. 

per yard, nnd our Pure Wool Filling Doeskin Jeans at 35e. a yard. All 
bargains. See them. 

Our Millinery Trade during the past year has so far exceeded bur " '' 
expectations that »e teel greatly flattered. We feel sure our patrons ia 
this Department know a Stylish Hat when they see it, and as Sara is ao 
particular about offering nothing but a late shape for. sale, we believe , 
is the cause of our large trade in this line. 

If you need any winter goods, such as 
Yarns, Blankets, Shawls, Cloaks, Jackets 
Flannels, Jeans, Cotton Flannels, soft 
heavy Shoes for women and children, Fine 
Shoes for Ladies and Misses, or anything 
in the Dress Goods or Diess Trimming 
Line, it will pay you to call %t the Bazaar. 
If you can’t come yourself, send your child, as 
it can always buy goods as cheap as you can 
at the ONE PRICE STORE of 

“SARA & ME.” 

P. S. — We want your Feathers. 


... . 4 f ■ • 

From and after this date, we will sell 
our line of heavy Boots at AMAZINGLY 
low prices, so low that it will pay our cus- 
tomers to buy Boots for the bad winter, 

. ti« i . ' * 

which FOSTER says must come.' We 
have 150 PAIRS that must go, are going 
now. Come in. Corn taken] for BOOTS. 
Also a few CLOAKS, especially in chil- , 
drens sizes that are going at SLAUGHTER 
prices. Respectfully, 





^ ’ RISER 




a rah lamp 

: those in- 
 ns (hat 
:o be fin- 
It seems 

i as to 

The only care it requires is 
Tittg and wiping. 

’)irt falls out when the 
'•.imney is taken off, not into 
i pocket as in other central- 
draught lamps. 

Putting in a new wick is a 
very easy matter indeed. 

All this seems strange to 
one who knows how trouble- 
rjtne other good lamps are. 

It is in all the good lamp- 
stores. Send for a primer. 

rt'uawrtfc. Pa. PmiauaoH Brass Ca 

t. jd . 



Horse-shoeing a specialty. A large stock of 
best modern Plows, and all kinds of Farm- 
ing Implements on hand. Call on him* 


Beaver Dam, Ky. 


J. Ji. BENMETT, Proprietor. 

Highest G JULIET price paid for country produce. 
Good Passenger accommodations. — Same old price for 
rich and poor — $1. 00 each way. YmSt patronage solva- 

19tf* b.. 

Buggy Company 

g "I® , 


B*AN KMp® 


■theTERRY M F G. CO.' 

Hartford llcpul Iicun 

FRIDAY, JAMJAllY 8, "iW2." 

The Value of Printer’s Ink. would bcliev 

time* l  .com. 

W III t lid lllCIcloillI wllll IN wise , 

i. . , -mu finds I iii, fit* 

r.ver t'CHsc In |sm‘illsp 

Sonic unknown writer hiinncin ,ir ' 1,1 

I Hilly in iiic Hi ii ruin live u» I'.llow.-: 

... fight 

aud all vnlurgvmtnto, ul»*oluit*ly mnoved hy 


Ointment. £ 

Jrtias the unqualified endorsement of our lead- to 


ll~has the unqualified endorsement of our lead - , 

b ing horsemen and veterinarians. 

Mr. C. K. 1 )i sic ii a k r, Chutiler Mate Hank, 

HlayUfti, Minn., nay a: 

"One bolt^a carol a very had caao cf blood iravln 1 
od a man* for which' I have since Iwen offt-ntl |auu ( 
I would noth* without It If It coat |f .uo a buttle. ” 

H  have hundreds of such testimonial 8. 

Price. 61. AO par bottle. A*K your drtiggiM for It If 
be does not km It.amd ua If 2 \ Mnm|« for trial b u. 
W. n. EDDY A CO., Whitehall, N. Y. 

wiiiv fiii; .i . sm. !»tt 

jll.»l Id III.! tcii I ill i,t. . girl tl.llt 
.lolic  »l Inc good things o,' 1 1 f a . c .no 
to tliu woman Him la/.iiv waits for 
ilium. Shu is* very foil 1 o,' ire-tii'g 
tlmt ol.l I'n'. .c. i motto: ‘.Ail things 

come to him who ktiowcth how to 
wait,” Int she isn’t wis ■ enough to 
understand that the knowing how to 
wait menus tho jroinjc ahead and  1 - 
ing that which she finds to do, for 
each notion drinks you nearer to the 
goa 1 desired. 1 cnntVw* | specially 
dislike the lazy girl. I do; yes. 1 
redly dislike her thoroughly. The 
selfishness has made her iiuintoicsliiig 
slid takes no trouhie to 1,- irn am ting 
unless it lie lion to shirk her dutv: 
aud in life -in social life we have 
a right to deniiin I lit people are of 
interest. The drones are of no use; 
unlike the tpieen liees, they do not 
even superintend the workers, they 
only bother them. There are so 
many tilings that it would lie easy 
for the la/v girl to do. lint she nev 
er does them, mil she mavl.ecer 
tain that the sins of omission will lie 
judged as seterlv in those of com- 
mission, for only (i .d himself knows 
just what is the temptnti ei t.  the 
sinner who lulls I, , the wayside. 

It ill'll -ilt* l.c.s 4. l . ■ . II | *s i . I e iJ.tWI', 

N\ hen me min |. i i'.iwii; 

Wlicn jec form* iip'iii tin. st.ii, 

\\ m e ine spin rows weigh a ton; 

hell the woiuull sis' re is keep, 

\N Hen gold iliillars get loo cheap; 
When lisn forget to swim, 

When hoys ure not called Jim; 

Vv lien girls go hack on gum, 

When the small liny hates to drum; 
When un politician schemes. 

When mince pics make pleasant 

When its fuu to hreuk a tooth. 
When all lawyers tell the truth; 
Wlieu the young people cease towed, 
When the liumun race is dea l; 
Wlieu the drummer has no brass, 
When those tilings come to pass, 
Then perhaps the man that's wise 
Will neglect to advertise, 


r»riAo,Vir.*.|»r« »• 

ItK'hrtnl Monarch, *’rr# 



Owensboro, Ky. 

Ailubury. Ky 
Abbyvlllr, " . 

r Jt Dari* 

Mb, Mnyijir l.unif 
, Or It T l ax. 
, li If Blaukru.hip 
... IS F ll imi tun 

ST I ‘far!. 

/ It liny r * 

IK Smith 

. . . Ili'ii in Ti»*hy. 

$ l» ili*!i"i  

. . . Si/a* L SI 1 1 vii* 
I  ./ I  n uni n 

II l  S-aith- 

, , /• I   Sniiili ii'ur. 
..Un!, nt .! Mil ir 
. . . . If d Srii'ton 

Ufa if)' I him 

lli.j ( Vfty, 

I Harl.Mii . 

( itusyri'V*', * 

I fiiti i tniru ' 
i 'frali'ii, * 

| i'll City 

I I V null'll I , • 

■ J’.II. l.‘ fii/f. 

\ Jhiiiint, 
j Jlnrtr IS .'i til 
Li err mu rr, * 
J .fiti'hliihl , ‘ 
J.iii.biiillf, • 

Scciuitv *cr f-roeeit: 

* (• 

Women are not slow to compre- 
hend. They're quick. They’re alive, 
aud yet it was a man who discovered 
the one remedy for their peculiar ail- 
ments. The limn was Dr. I’ierce. 

Tin* discovery was his “Favorite 
Prescription” — the boon to delicate 
women. Why go round “with one 
foot in tlie’gruve,” suffering in silence 
— misunderstood — when there’s u rem- 
edy at hand that isn't an experiment, 
but which is sold under the guarantee 
that if you nre disappointed in nny 
way in it, you can get your money 
hack by applying to its makers. 

We can hardly imagine u woman's 
imt trying it. Possibly it mav bo 
true of one or two— but we doubt it. 
tVomen ure ripe for it. They must 
have it. Think of a prescription and 
nine out often Hailing for it. Carry 
the news to them! 



i .1/ I V/i'i 'W i i . 

\il Smith 

.A’./ han't m. 
. If .s' 
. F. II llarlian* 
.. F .'I Taylor. 
. . . S d Ihmifl 
, If /’ Jlrmlrr. 
t.,e ■ Maililox 
... .1 F St in i\fy 
li Ii SVfiUiiuj 
. . h.inifnr Anil 

h Ji'lfif 

7 Whiti.iyiiT 
... If A iJ’rf.l 
A hli A nil 

t. A. .V S O N REMO, Cashier 

SUBSCRIBE at once! 

I Mr i If iii : ,. 1 
| Miirijantown 

For lame liac .. si In o 
Shi lull’s Porous Pi'ister. 
cents. Sold by Z. W.   • i 


UMWu voru 

yviuiiM, *• . 
Plra*anl Hiilyr 
Point Pirn ini 
H'irkfHirt . " . 
Roth m *trr, " . 
Jfntiiir. •* . 
Jlohiliil, •• . 
Sflfi't, “ . 
Shrfi'f. “ . 
Summit, “ . . 
Sulphur ,Sj . ■ • 

ro tii s', i i.o 'D, 

Weakens, Malaria, dlsmton and 
a. take 

■ 'WS’I IRON riTl'K H. 

1 It. For , -le'b " all  leal era lr 
• tb geauln" 


oniy persons allowed uow to wear 
them, and this conceski'in is of recent 
date. Ministers, kmbassadorM and 
sovereigns go to tbe audience with one 
hand gloved and carrying in the other 
the glove that is to cover that hand. 
Military men in uniform . may keep 
their gloves on, provided these arti- 
cles nre a part of their regular uni- 

Hats must be left in the hall of the 
“Bussoluuti,” exceptions lieing made 
onlyiu the case of the cardinals, ami 
of the superior military officers whose 
headgear forms part of their iiuifmm. 
It must be added that, according to 
ao amjieut usage, it is forbidden to 
wear spectacles when presenting one’s 
self before the pope. But it it is ab- 
solutely necessary for the visitor to 
wear them, permission lias to lie ask- 
ed of the holy lather, who always 
grants it. 

On being introduced into the pres 
enceofthe pope, the visitor kneels thre j 
times, then kisses the p ipe’s foot, ami 
remains kneeling, uuless the p mtiH' 
invites In .ii to He seated. On retiring 
from the audience, the visitor must 
kneel three times again ami walk to 
tile door without turning his liaek up- 
on the pope. In those audiences no 
special request must bo uddressd to 
the holy pontiff; all the wishes of the 
visitor must be. uonlinod to asking 
blMsings foi himself ami some mem- 
ber* of bis family. It is permited al- 
so to present some articles to be bless- 
ed; but fids is useless, for the pope ou 
entering the reception room gives hi * 
filming to all the persons present, 
and consequiltly to the articles which 
they may have brought with them. 

Mr.KKlM.KSS NIGHT imulo mis 
ersliln by that terrible cough. t*lii 
lob’s Cure is tho remedy for you. 
Fur sale by Wayne Griffin Dm. 

The seat of sick headache is not in 
the bruin. Brgulate the stomach and 
you cure it. Dr. Pierce’s Pellets ure 
the Little Regulators. 

Subscribe for the 
Hartford Kepukli- 


And it will receive 

Catarrh Cured, health and sweet 
breath secured by Shiloh's Catarrh 
Iiemedv. Pries .oil cts. Nasal In- 
jector f r ee at /. W. (iriffin \ Dro. 

yeurnhfir Prruoii* 
AmltlioM t roiiMi .1 with m-rvotisiiTH rnultlns 
frouicAre or ofrrwork will I .' rrlUot'l t.v t.tkinc 
ll roll'll ' m Iran llitteru. uu, U iuo 
tiu* imde murk soil crowd rcllinii* on w merer. 

’37# CASES 

TERRY M'F'O CO.. Nashville, Temn. 

Of General Interest. 

No less than tweiitv-uiue meiuliers 
of the present Congress were born in 

Australia and New Zealand have 
more than 100,000, 000 sheep. 

John Greenleat Whittier is culled 
the John Bright of poetry. lie is 
eighty-four years old , 

■Speaker Crisp is slightly bald- 

Doni Pedro II., ex-1: 

Dr. Fenner's Kidney i.i.d lkiek 
ache Cere is warranted saii- 
faction in every case or money return 
I I’.i.' » il • Ii,' b ii i  • in. I 

i on i»v*o , i:i , *i \ 

We llrnwiiN I r«»n lllticr*. 

I'hTftlciittis r. . omtnt'iM it. 

All «1 il* r- kcop .til- ja t l.*.i lo. Con’ii. 
bu ' trail- tinitk mi i i M- 1 ti 1^onwrnj jh 



For the Family. School, or Professional Library, 


■jni/.Y /:  .Ylni.)l.)U. 


Tr  |»l«'iil I Itl 11% Mini i 

Owensboro. Ky. 

.1.7 Ot'in i'rt n Stijr/i i'mipjiti" 

feudal t ». .*»77y 

n r Ki: Ti»ei»f«»l ItriorJyt'prdk' v 

It I V : I’f t floats ti I L : 

mperor ol 
: Brazil, who died in Parts Decem- 
ber if, was a prominent visitor at the 
i Centennial Kxposiou, 187(i 

A Munehestei', N. II., uoiu iu Is a 
blacksmith.  Slie euu do everything 
but slioe a horse. 

Ill u recent election Mrs. M. Bit- 
| tenheuder received seven tlinusuud 
voles for Supreme Judge of Nebraska. 

Kepresentatives in Congress ciioose 
their seals liy lot. 

In New York City seventy women 
have licciisus for selling beer and 

La grippe, it is said, not only in- 
creases the consumption of quinine 
  and whiskey, but, also, the number 
of suicides and hiild-beads. 

The largest farm ill tin. world for 
the breeding of horses is in Califor- 
nia, and belongs to Senator .Slainh 

King Geoige, of Greece, has the ' 


An appeiil for help has been made 
to the L’usted .States in behalf o  the , 
four hundred thousand sufferers from : 
the Japan earthquake. 

The first colored Catholic priest ev- 
er raised to the priesthood in this 
country was ordained at Baltituote 
the other dny. He is a thirty year 
old quadroon, named Uncles. There 
is only one other colored priest in the 
country. He was ordained nt Borne. 

“Collars and Cliffs’ is the uppetla' 
turn given lo an Knglisii Duke, and 
grands hi of (jueen Victoria. 

“All ri*lit, I)e Snnty," was one of j 
the first sentences ever sent over j 
Fie d's submarine telegraph. 

I ITTI.U it 
K *|MT L 0».I 
. is ! i I 1 . 

i ; at 1 i* i *■*• i 
. Ml lit? ill. !• .1 -i 
• MCI* . Mi. • 

lias been for yeurs Staiidiiril 
Authority in the Government 
Printing O/liee and l'. S. Sn- 
preRii. Court, 

It is liigfily recoininended hy 
.*IH State Siip'ts of Schools anil 
the lenoing t’ollege 1‘reshlents. 

Nearly all 111* BcltlMll Kooks 
imhlislied in this eolliitry are 
based upon Welister. asatfest- 
ed by tbe leading: School Hook 

illlUO ni«. re Words and nearly 
200*1 more Kngra* lugs than 
any other American Dictionary. 


Tito Hew Y;rk World - w.  1 »i  r |» 

tti * •- 1 itui\«T**Hlly com tjpdtol ft’,' If Ft. 

( !# Web«UT i-* Hi* »*•• 

hi. k. '1't i l.ti I in loxicopcrnpl y. 

Tim AthUt aC^PaiKUtiOn Wn r » 

t ... fithorityin* 'iff • •’ 

TLo Tu’.or Ocean .-\v»t u. ur- 

• WAV A 

1 . ' t * 1 1 ' i k * ' i in* s 1 1 . n tlio ptiui'Ini 1 

Tho I.’ •.» Pr Times Dji aaerr.t - 

'a : ,|4 s tmi-iui'i iiUth  nt  I.- ’ 

. jUc CribOMa«| !• 

■i« •’ .. m. *t irWuli-X. t • tiic “»*', ! ’vs ): " * f 
ti..- E» |fll»h UUKIIAK" R. "»'• r It.*’ w t : 

9 * i 1 1 y p.l |) •• I ' pn n i j •! , ' * t (;  • . 

C.&C. MEKR'AM is (. 0 .. l'u) 'rs. »brua»fie: 1. Kiu 

t*4 1 i i f.t.’tliiM tlmt I 
ilu»li*M aNt*»- 

r l iiHicm *.*.. mill' 
Soil. l.iti:ii’iM*«H In 
* ti lln*. Joint 

 it nil with Rt'iiilull '4 
*t 1. ii ii i t I r it ail t*’* 
•••• iiunii' pi It t** all lost s.» 
• rW»- l "it f*r«* vulMubl* 1 . 

’. A.Ollll Im* wort III* I**. f 

it f.*r ^ i* mill •* n tM 
T'i«*v Hi * 1 ■*• 1 »*'»W 
. K. il. S. \\ - I.LS. 

For I»irl 

Contains Our Ilniulrrtl llHl|ri for.iimke 
liiu' rtollelons r«inl» chcniily unit iiun kly 
ut home. This l.ookls (luu u«uy ul Uru* 
uml general stores. 

For Catalogue and Pricos, write the MianuRoturere, v 

Austin^ Tomiinson .& Webster Mf g. Co., 


f *V*).*'f» a ever t« U hi a •.«' t.y J Hn l. 
wi « ,N t ,et \* • rW t. i o. !.*•■! •(. 
i'\ »i'L no. ti, i o «he  • ti.b-h.l'vl v  f an 
.f. J twi'b f «u .| «' h iy K  » t»mu 'ieu. 9 k t« 
'■  J # lo e .te  •’ the *tert. end tnw   eu «e 
bfl .it. It. lh »»» *. all ng' ». | i | ill   f 

|f«| , '.. 1 » • » *MII I inn. m e at I M • I * 

g ah * ui i.o e •|'*r» nii R. »ni. c - 
i! .e v». rV. All Ut • v* «»rrat |«  H • •’) 1 r 
W ev. rv wrkir W " eisrt * •. fnri.i«h i k 
f ryUi'i'H J.Af*ll Y. .* Pt*bL l(A oh.. 

, I'Alill* LTJUL) IBM:. Ad.lre#eet 
V s.t""' a u . ( rwitriAkt, liii* 

Spavin Cure 

Movrrt VidTrt, C»»'.o., Pro lsS-J. 
n. J. RkxhaI.T, to., KtlOelurrih Falk, Vt.: 

•:.t* I i t tn* y* ar Ml I tr« at*'*l witfi Ken. lull * 
*1 iC’ iri* a llourpipaviiii'f m’mmi  i*(.r4 hUnai* 
K dfly ei lurjc* a* n Ih uh oik and ••oiupletcly 
:  if* Jdtn**iu "»4 and r**ni »v t *d tin* tdark'**- 
i. Have iM.r^id ill** hor-..* Y« rjr l ard * ** • 
.*, ho * t*y»*r hae shown uay lamcnc *4 rudthci* 
1 sco nnv ilirr» r»*tio.* In thodU** Of th«* h  rk. 

Your* truly, F. IL CUOLKY. 


w u Um . 

I i y«  i killin' a little cough o n ihi.igehtus 
tiling.' Are you aw ^rc tint it often fastens on the 
lungs ainl f ir l'x|ofli;iruns into ConAumpUoij antf 
ends in Death t Peiiple snlToring from AMllnui, 
HroiicliiUs. Pneumonia ui.d L'onsumption w^ll all 
t' ll you tint • • 

''rtee $1 per bottle, or el Jt bottles for 
. All druygimt* Imre tt or eon y*t it 
• »/»•#. or tt trill be sent to nny ad» 
% un rreelpt of price by the proprie- 

Enosburoh Falls. Vermont 

Can you afford to neglect it? Can you trifle 
with so serious a matter 'l Arc you aware, that 


Adjustable Extension Stand, 

for Coughs. Colds and Consumption is lievnnd question tho greatest of alii 
Modern Itein.slies? It will stop a Cough in one .night. It will cheek a Cold in A 
aday It will preent Croup. roljeveA thma and euro Consumption if tnkenX 
iu time, “ You emi t afford to l.e without it." A S.'» cent Isittle ninviavo yon A 
51 100 iu Drx'tor’s hills— may save your Id ! A-k your druggist for Ft, . r w’r t. A 
to W U. Hookrh A Co., 4# West Broadway N#w York, fur book. # 

■ ■■■■■■■■■■•■■riaaaa an *i a a 3 ■ ■ ■■ ■ ■ .-a i . 

1983. Clllti:, 3211,053. 

Disciiuiils desirable paper, mid sells 
exchange on New York, Louisville, 
Kvniisville and other L'oiiimereitil 

Accounts of individuals and cor- 
porations solicit"’ 

Money loaned on eolhittci'nl and 
personal security. 

Special attention given to collec- 
tions. , 

G. T. McHenry, Cashier. 


English White Slavery. 

[ -l.itiiPM Hunt, UriAl.fl, Ka^lund.] 

A' ill . close of tlio groat American 
civil war, 2o years ago, I was a vol 
unteer lielping among 30, (HU) freed 
slaves, ou tlm Yorktown peninsula, 
in tile slave brooding i*lHto of Vir- 
ginia; and fiom intimate personal 
acquaintance witli largo numbers of people, 1 unhesitatingly ussort 
in v conviction that Kiigland with all 
her boasted freedom and Cliristiaui - 
though more re- 


G ibnllis, Kir. 

id r.HEAp^T pjy)E^ 


ty, Iihs a worse 
fined an I money making system of 
white ^davery, \lmu even negro slav 
orv was and that its results are us 
fatal and dem iruli/.iug. Kverv 
Idnck negro slave was worth from 
4,j0 to A200 to liis owner, and solf- 
i nterost made tlio owner take decent 
cam of such valuable property, just 
us some men iu this euuulry care 
more fur valuable cattle, dogs and 
li irsa , than they d   for their 
flesli and idood. In civilized Kng- 
land'i^lavea have no eommer- 
eiai valii4, ati'l tiie sweating eapi- 
ulist, or tiie grasping middlemm, 
can grind liis v'clims to deit'i, he - 
twoeuAiu* netlinr millstones of free 
eomjietition; drive the n to prosli - 
tution on the streets, or bur- them in 
pauper's graves; and none hut tho 
poor is any lo.or, hucatiso as fust us 
tlio ictitfis fall, there are plenty more 
to fill their places. All this goes on 
under tiie Free -Trade commercial 
dogma, of “buying in tho cheapest 
market,]' and t and , I is— 
soot jjs aio a like guilty of their 
brother's and sister's lilo.xl. 


• ' it o nevrs ortho xvorld 
i j cution ; Itoad- 
.“.i • 1:.. everting and ln- 
.•ji iforykomo; contri- 
; yj l.lvn'.c, Fun", .Art, 
•, Agrlculturo and Com- 



ru for the Ailments of Man 
• : and Beast. 

The Lazy Girl. 

Inn recent issue, tiie Ladies Home 
Joliril tl appeal.: I til * following; 

“Ever since she was born everything 
lias Iiuuii a trouble to I or. She finds 
it easier to he tell minutes late for 
break fust than just oil time; she be- 
lieves that bv leaving her work until 
the last minute she can get it done 
just as well, and site will tell you 
that she hates to do it; that is u fa- 
vorite verb of hers to hate; she 
hates trouble, she hates exerting 
herself, and more that all else site 
hates all tiie r st of tiie world that 
seems to succeed when she doesn't. 
!Slie is too lazy-— if site doesn’t 
have to work to think much, and 
the consequence is sin. gets a stupid 
look in her face, and nobody is par- 
ticularly anxious locullivnle her ac- 
quaintance; sin. is too lazy to keep 
up with tiie great questions of tiie 
dav, and when situ is told of some 
tiling that lias lia]i| ennd she wun- 
dcrsliow that cun lie, t hut she didn’t 
see- it. And she wonders iu uu ag- 
grieved wav, as if her just dues had 
lieeu kept from her. She is too lazy 1 

M fr ***-” — 

r« TUiok MnSe Klnn.l, Allan BUn.l, ..Iran 

0 t*m], Dibit* KLanri. Flowi-r Stand, also l^mp, ls   tui«. 
Parlor, Library, Oftlrt*. Dictionary and Checker stand 
•Jid EamI. Hard w.hhIc rubbM finish, height id iueh*m. 
Height cxh-n.lcrl N» inch* h. IN eight If lb-.; n|*#- .r (..p 
14 s 11 ; uhlpncd K. I». I’llce, $ 5 . KKtXKlC A ru£ 
ftltorc kuu’/ri, M- VI Wu«hiugtua bl , Doetun. Maa*. 

VI ■ AN f pin m ••  errned «' c*. Vt" llneofw r*. 
■ BlBRI I 8 # lu.itiv uu •  o r*l.iy, by «,# 

FI n F w V s V ’ ' * ' I'f fol.l.iii.l in IhHr 

V* e furni.h evert thing 'N e»f«lt» ' No Aik V'.U (BN dcvi'IB 
9 t* II • I «ii your i.H.r t® the Rork I blt.i* an 
entirely in s lend lid bring* •o. »a. Bn Bvery t* « iter, 
b gnim r. ar  earing from $44 to .’40 per week boo tipMaiii#, 
ml »ttor* Bfbr • Utile •Btcrii-M. e Nt# ran fnndali yoa Ibr rm- 
I'bi* mi nl #1111 lr#« U yri'U r llfi# . .Sr »|.«. e * . e i plain her*. Full 
Uui ..ration l l)|.l- || | I’, a I •  AttilAU, MA Mb 

•t" .i pain reliever. ’ ...... 

-■ iitj.-rt 'universal by the Housewife, the 
• vii j 'S tock Raiser, and by everyone 
. ’ pan effective liniment. / : •, . 

'..ication compares w.itli it iii efficacy. 

t’i ’reniecly" has st*ipd the Lest of 

otMinSt et iterations. . ' ,. 

. . ’ • i J? . - ■ . ■ 

it: che st is. c omplete 'withotit bottle Of 

so ].j,M\u;NT. . , 

’- for its usfe almost every day. ‘ 1 
’ is jtnd dealers have it .. . 


thi: i utsr Hvui'ious nr i»t:.vrn 

Tired li'C-lnig, dniriiviidnC'la', 1 pains j 
in various pint's of the body, sinking 
at the pit of the etouVttch, h -s ofnppc* . 
tit**, fcverisliiiCiis, pimples or sorts, are 
all positive evidence of poi-mied blond. 
No TiiHttur how'll liccame poisoitctl it 
iii lint lie purilicd to avoid ilcath. Dr. 
Acker's Knglisii Blood K ixir lius-Mscar 
failed to remove scrofuiutia orkyphifi- 
tie | uisnti Sold .miller positive' guiu- 
a'.tcc liv Z. Wovnc Griffin tV Bru. 

Snmplo Copies arm Promiutn 
List utailod iron to uuy acid less. 
Agents wanted overywhoro. 

IpuiBuille Commercial, 

T.oulBVille 2 Zv ■ 

Pictures In Ctcj Stjie :cc lilt, 

t*aS"0|(l I’ict tires Copied mid Knlargcd 


Studio on Main, between Lew is Hi 
Daviess Streets, 

S7»aO It WFSiJiOJiU, KY 



• fnr*im#«l.#*' I— iM*ra«t* a .( 
N” b», IS? Wi’.a I "B   An»il»,* - , 

nSOt : ’ • * 

J 7 ^ BTIniml ., V- I ■«*)* ilo lb)' work apd lh# 

1 vaLiv 11 h'i#ie, Hhrrsth ymi an* Kvrn hk-' 

/ +  / ^ Pu*jMMr gill'll l. HI' n.»ll» ru'liliir fu ll. #4 lu 
U yfKj VlOa day. AU Bf«J. Weakpwr j 

il tT and  i'«rl * mb * mi Work In afrar*' II imB 1 

y y or all ike iti„c. (tip money far *B«rk« 

^ A. I allure iinRmi* n nit. Mg ih'ii* * 

N|.\N and *» ondBiful. I'arlb ularB fie#. 

Il.lliillc'll.t  M»l' irllulsLMsli.* . 

Standard Investmoit. 

S. S. Brandt',’ it Moutgmnery , M i. , 
writer “I’ltauKi.aend me a bottle of 
(Quinn’s Ointment' I have used it fur 
('apped I lock , WindpuH's and l hor 
uuglipin wtU) great success. VVouhl 
u«t lie without it iu my. Urn.” 




Agents Wanted! 

If 4 v /\ni*ri«ii v- /iik 

Wholesale Jhalers, 


140 Superior St. 

atlcEMTi malarial disorders. 

Sale bt ail DftWGlsrs.- • ~ 


Man t Person* 

| Ire broken dona i anr overvrork or lioufohold 

Draw 11*11 Iron Hlttoi* the nynlciii. uMj (HkokIioii. rcuuivcft ex- 
ceteof bile, n u»l vuran r.iuluti.i. (Jet tbogt’ioiiuu 


Curck IndiKcktiuii, UUioufliicM,  »  ir|*Aia, Mula* 
rl$, NtrvouMieM, uuU  *cncrul lability. Fbyttl- 
cUum rccoiuu)cii l it. All «IcaI' r  m *11 il. iicuuiiiu 
bAklrMc mark ttmlcMMocil red llu. 4 ou wrapper. 

that waul txiUaint 

UK ow N ! li 

tt l( l  


r m ** 




The Hartford republican, 1892-01-08

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Hartford, Kentucky by Barnett & Milligan
   Ohio County (The Western Coal Fields Region)