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which, UBfnrtimaaeJj, phy^icubAii xhm with nMrcurr f*i 
ni€ iJTcUieythic dMtmcuon of the Minenrt eoiwwui  

ufifl. arlkM*^ All *Ka ^ A ■ 

lA^ ■•i ‘ioOer 

amiiy up| 

A* MkllAWi- 

Al*«U »« tJir 

ly %!»•»»««■*• •"AL**7*..L 

ib*ir •••**»■ ■ 

knr *a«d '" 

Gordon, Matthews & Co 

let Chrai«, C 
Maker*,  'ooi 

tor Kneaa . bau.i »i«n 

i*r Paper and Composition, eonnUntlr 
the h«i,t MsorUnear of all the ar^eisi i' 
West, and only ask dealer* to eAl aad 

•b and Wafon GearUif . VTillow tor Ba«ket 
*1*’ Pweei, CoopA Kiritu. Al*o, afent 
_Mfeman’* Bza:i Wrapping Paper. Koof 
- , , -— "7 unhand. I have 

meiir of all theartiele* above naaied in the 

. — - vet my priee*, as 

aell lower than any other honae in the 

eief' Under the lr: t Einpur. Wltk auieeii Pvrtraiu of 
•toBeauiiej, Wits, ana leruine*. My “Dick 'Unto " 
(riank n. Goodtieb ) 'I'be illuairattoae, sixteen in num- 
ber. are each colored by hand, and are frum ungmal por- 
uaiU ill Uie gallerice of Liixomhourg and Vcrkaiilea, 
llr^a ^narto. rarkey aautue. 
foraaleby ^tde*l e. HASANIiOU. 


qaeaoe. Y uar iama w   
aot add to your celebni 
tow-ereatares. I deeire 

Am hto hteada 


S ex BAKKCLfl Priaeera Bav Owtera. la the itoeU, as 
rich ua aabaMime attd an dciacaae in lav.Ar aa any 
r yater« ever oat. PrMh Teniaon aud Oroaae fe -ia the 

o* b .^ OM : ry in Pocks. 
Miy fa*e* worth bs«mw 

la Store and toraale by 






I Mammoth Fornltnre, 


«be*^"‘ ' *^0. T« FOURTH STREET, 

l‘to^iaKi5&.V!.i ta-r leee. On* -d’liare, I West M«e, b«(we«« Halit and RlarkcC, 


Walker’s Exchange. 

at WE are dally in reeeipt of ^ 

the deiieaeiea ef the seaaon. 

■ Such a* Uuaila, Creas*, Ven- BadCjlAiliw 

jhaMHMhL *un, Blue VVing' and NeallHMSBBl 
Da^rn-, e-c., «.r., which Will be served in our Mestaiiraiit 
or in Piiveie Ke ms er Ncud to Yainiliee at ehoit aoiice. 
We have a No. t Cook. 


~W^W Y A T T." 

eix monUis, rene* uneert'uare* ^tw elve 

enew able twiee a Uditinnal 


JOH* airrs j. araaa» 

JOHir KllTB * CO.. 


»«i4e oace a ,I^u*ie».eu »«*alhs, renewa- am. aale and retail, as aw as they caa be bought for in 


A. Weisenberger, 


yiv,,ii,eaena All advatieemenU j » 

Tr^'^lhe' , ** ^ 

•nip laWc aneti I.,OUiayil*k.K. HT. 

Lilwral dreeeeinl w3Teomi4ne/^- I CTBAM Bagine# and nnree Power, ttewmrndnle, Men 

The privilefv oT ye^T “i^'**** wm sage MtulSrs, Meai Cutlers, Lad, Uda. Book. L.ih- 

■Aiv to then regular basiaea.^^ Mwa. Obttunnee | agraM Preeies, Class Moulds, Turuing Latha, and all 

aarrisge* and Denths are — w I kind# of Screws: Pulleys aud ehattuig; Beer Pumps and 

in% iMition* a a dvettieeaew^^^^^^, Kawe„: Water hump*. 

' _fcy-At l kinds of repai rinrdene. Jan*odiy_ 

miscel laneous L. LEVENSON & BRO. 

^ — T^-i — 7 \~ n A odIGHAN wholesale AhD RETAIL 


^ iLj:e 3 roix.£txxts 

' JOP A.JpjBpE.^ 

attorniy^a^J^^^ ky. ^ ^ I Oente’ FuriiiBhing Goods, 

aariLL pmeUe. L** ' BOTh^AIklP C1.0XHIBI®, 

W fraSua ,he eeltoeuen «f . gHIRTS. DRAWERS, COLLARS, HANDKF’S, 

Marti* MaBile,.BdHe.rlts, IINfDERTAKER, 

large asaertmeni always on hand, at whoiie A (lateof the firm of J, V. W. Smith a Uo.I 

IretaJl.aawa they caa be bought for in IT_ _ NKKDUAM’S Marble Works. 

*‘***^ # ’’OVE and Spiced Yiyster*, Sairnoh Vnd .Mackerel, in Sonth-west COr. of JfSftrsoD and Seventh Strfetf, 

. « v/cau*ai fnulOJ AN ItKUcW IN  8. ’ 


*• •• wXOwXX W wX 1C V* f r ft QUATter CMikd Hsurv Auiion KfriiiIt: , . - ■ — 


“^OHNU: BAllEliON. 

attorn *T AT LAW, 

"^'jOEN A. MONEOE. | 

awiliv a oockssllm at law 

f» nA.W WFOBT. KT. | 

XariUL praeilee L*%.’V,J'\VdTr •tbe?St*‘« ’ 

W rtnnlUiB ‘ iheenilecunnnf ^ 

••id in ►■'“‘I^Awtaenypartoftlieai-u. i 

la»a» tot m»« „ oo«iMrua:caUun wiU baa 1^ . 


A ( quarter casks Henry Button Brandy: 

6 dn do Bduiond Julian do; 

t do do Victor Bchulu do; 

And othar favoeite brands, just reeuivad per V. K. Bte. 
vciMon. A. ZANUNE.TiAh elresi, 

_»oiS second door below Main. 


bbls Bourbon Whisky, one year old; 

IM do Pine Apple do; 

, lu (hi old bourbon Whisky, very fliiet 

In etorcaod tor sale by A. ZANUNB, 

Pirth sttouL. hhlow Maht. 


10 hbls New Kugland Ram; 

' 1 pipe Old Jam.Niee do; 

X do MeiiitudGisi; 

I eocaaea Brand)'; 

40 bankttlii AuiMclte Cordial: 

10 do Cliampagiie, 

10,000 Cigare; 

too Demijetias, aMorted tiaao; 

^sUtre ao 1 fur sale by (noiS) A. ZANONB 

Vl/tarenow porpured lof'irmsu I'aniiliaeTlWMa, a n 
vv Hotcli!, Wltk — 

Spiced B Hi RoMdet 
bugar- on .'#4 Boot ’I'nngiiootl 

fi ngar-cll.»d Dry Beet; 
anur, Ai ., kc.; 

At low raien and at aliort nooee. 

No. tdd MaractsireK, between ITiIrd agu Foultd. 

_ ocie JIVO, K OCNKKI, k CO. 

\ I.MonOS— 
aX ao bhe twin Bolu Bb«ll; 

6 do bbelled; 'in store and for *«le by 


Ms wiU. a* Commi«ei»^t ^ or 

o4^rn a «*f Sra.T-m.-i-b*’ ■»  « 

Ba-a - 0 PP«wU .he Ma-jk^ 
PlakkBin. Nov. l ». !» * • “ 




rvimaiKU all the metUeei vireee* •« Boanota, Yw. 

sirf ;r "k: st:-;- « 

aekt. -I 
ay.prioe oM dollar pa *««*•• 


a- datable togre^u. ^ 

n— — ui»4 timmem af oi€ tv 

BABB. Added to which aie the eoeskbaJ 

Lea and Barite wevw hrfot. beed at ko^ 

It tieeF immcdately toitie LaM*. •*' •* 

il^iirTpav. Ottoaese. , and w to be the m.w 
iL^elwn owe torCon-mpoo. ovar km wa a diw 

any other onuniry. 

•9-Price OM dollar por oua* boSHe. 


dke aSANO Mkaer am tn«*e pams,n 

.nev »ev come. It wa# the moA saeeomfcJ rnmed 




£aU 1 , HtTTXK, AC., 

S^l.ibxntl ea#b mvenees made ua e* arigumonu tu 
L ourMonee. or tottuunge k ttordon.^ltimore. _____ 

- Wilson & Bro., 

U « r 

toi' («u*r»^N »rb M fi(FW« ft' WAson,) 

F O R W A R D I N G 


Commission Merchants, 

^ CSMtilNN ATI, (». 

^ i '-^GASf^arTs’lF^ii. 

« Eastern Transportation ^ 

» ^ XiTiivsiat. 

X^RANDAisL, 2 


ilOLL.:^U*. T0l,Ai;C'0. 

W B are nun- reoeivuig the foUowiU* «ueica'Bra 
of Toliacoo, wuicti we offer low to Uie iradei 
hxua Faai. «ke Brand. lxt  kega; 

t^pn M du ISO buzea: 

t  ade k Bro. do 10 di^ 

Ltanu k. Bro. do 17 doi 

B. K. iMiurr do Id do, 

C. G. Holland de 7o det 

J. D, Turuur^'do 6i).,t'o. 

V^lOUe* filLANDB tlF-VlBOI N I a" ToR ACC te.; ‘ 
Wiuhingioo .11 oauniL-iit Brand, 4d hoxcai 
Manly do Jf do; 

iBauk Hawk .do M do; 

Pioneer do ia do 

Sonihtni B«he do 7S do; 

2^a Tailor do do; 

naikedait do SO dtn 

Hall , au SO do, 

Vinuiatnory do ‘.ij do; 

Lalvui Honey D*w do 20 do; 

.Vojiey a aa to ifr, 

one*’ Hose Bud do 30 tio; 

Uallie do IS dot 

Jack Belie do W do; 

Uouey Moon, vary line, do 10 butt#. 


A ll orders prmbptly attended to botii day or night, at 
all hours. 

1 am alBo,aole Agent for the FATBNT AIKTIUMT 
I'ERR.A cYirrA COFFINB. They are perfectly -i*r 
T'lghl. and are acknowledge bv all who liato .een uie.. 
to he mr luperior lu Metalicor Weodaa OfSns, and are 
of all Miao* and of thn Aneat polish. 

Ail oruets prouictly Hied by 

W. WYATT, Bomb- west oor. of 
— S dtf Jefferson and Beventh street*. 



|0FFD«ii« i.«zingt«B anA t'kaaaa»rt. 
KallroaA Depot, 


OOBiiecldd trUh Ihii Hoom are Urge and eomtaodidi 

Also, Htok*, Baggie* aad Horse* t# Mr#, 
feb7 dly. 


ILtsAlNeTON, K¥.,l 

I B always opon to the wandering, we.'iiy iraveiar.— 
U»w, Ub   jW 

Walker’s Exchange. 

BOWLING ALLLEVS are remo-U^-jy 
n vi:d, and are under Uie supennten- . 
df ncf of a carful and attentive aa- jerNM^a 
aistant. Will be td*.a.»d to see v ii 
room JOHN CARVa .V kOO 





The attention ofineninant* vivitingthkef y la invibad 
1® aniui {M;etiMt of our eiuuiMve and elagant a#«onmeni 
Which i* noterrp.iM.ed ni !*•« West. Call and examin*. 
ael  dkw jj RriTB k OO., hlamm. 


W' ■   'W on* of lb* moat deoka- 

■ w • ■'• ■ ral and Diamend Jewelry j 

OU jri • ^XAflUA# { 



Private Medical Treatise, 

I ON miK 

Phyalolofloal View of Mgrriap* 


M. B. LA CROIX, M. D., ALB:VNT, N. » 

J60 Ahgea and 18D fine Plain and Colored Lithogia. out 

ftT-PaiCF ONLT » ClL'«tS..«R 
(iC^Sciit trueoi poetHgr to ail parta of tha »t-u» — 

^ - v . **• * LACRI IX’S FUYBIO. 

/ A LOUiCAL VIEW OF MAHmiags! — 


w pi oua. - 

j R OTj^S. ETC. 

' ST~ M UflOUS HOT Eli 

J rx  3l3j.OA0;o ^ 

i o**#, SAdl nftdk* Rtt to aaBT# 

#w. u« hmmm, cWm* 

-WkOi.f Tt  •HopoTdtr n t .raM.c»r ^fll 

i to.,?.,,, 1, .ne X. Kic!i:.iae, 

r ?f®“***; ***■ Hum the caio m a fint ehm* r 

I rJ'I • ^ »® ftoliaj* por-liiy ahotweinw.s,aa3irwel? 

: T**ve**ataf otath.h*t*rt'rthe*W!^"h# BrNirr^ 

i l^tee are h2 un per day. aod in Uie — p- pmoorwno lo* 

JiCAL VIEW OF MAltB?AOe’i' f «» « ■« » wmBa. , «. 

A new and revised editioa of tSC v— . .' ^t**,^**L’**^ Stomn «n amvWg . wiU be i ii •**•* Ik 
rndiso pi-.t-*., Fritto m ee»u a RK! I .Tec of rkarne. ' 

A pupmar aad ''^ompreheoatve tmauU i - iSf-r *i 'f "" “f ‘*»l- rg»i«lhut. i#mChtok«o, 

ou the dunes and eaeunltiee of waalea^ ' ?.?****®k *® ***• C the Wm te m •'Oautry, aad Sk* 
kMrrted hie— Itappraad/ruuialaiJiaara* I f?,! P**®*-.***®^**^* three oumJrra au«»m The 

lafertlie eke.-t6^ nbvhm ami re any fimi etna. hew.   

« debtity ua eatwi. k„4 | 1?,^, !' or Mewrork. T.tohouae ,# bow aad 




Coral and CameoSj 



K EKP conitantiy 00 handa large stock ot LONDON 
rruon* vuiungthecuy re sulicUwl to call and exam- 
NtyiW-» AnH prH* A. W o«iio w 

John Kitte & C^. 

WE have on hand about worth of tioM 
FTSjai’d tolver Wairhre, oi ftn« axdwediuiu quality. 
Hmdathe priueipel pan ol which are made to oiu order 
at ihe Inwe-t cash prirf#, and will be sold aa luw 4# ilMiy 
P*B be bought East or any wh*rc el#e. Bayern WiU hud 
It to their advantage to give n« a call. 

, JOHN KITT8 k IX»„ 

_  UX woy Htxit. b*t. Founb an d Firth. 




Jewelry, CiOcks and Fancy GoOds. 


(South Sid«, Mcond door hbova Third strMt.) 

I kkve removed my store from Thud 
above iocatioa. where I uiveud 
lo Keep a lull asnoriuieut of Kokl 
Bilver Watches of the beet Auier- 

£ movai-nervou. deblny ua ea^M.^ 
aad «a*ciual. that taiiure m luipo-wihik— 
nilaetor daily nianag«in'ai— an *n*ay - n 
Bparmaforrhoca, wuh practuml  ibR«,*aTiun* on aaar*, 
aad more eucceeeful imxle oi Ueaiment— pr'rear 
biata on the evU reentbi trom om m r wal practice. b  wkM 
la added * iaiiuefit:ines on all the di#t-aee . of 'imnaiM-- 
rrom InAiicy in nid age— each cnee graphieiiily illnawwed 
1 by i-eauiuul plai*#. It point* o« he rewedie# tor tho*« 

' ■*irinflicted'nai.Hen«* and •heapfomtek hope* m anIHvn,. 
nately prevalent in the young. It a, a truUmcl advimir n 

I W#m af tha e«nw« of 

! nom^rrn kmi .^onL-rm Ix^ia^ *** -»»• 

Tniety ag«nu - wr.T- at im# 

mnn fcis.4fc n* eoava, miretaari 
aadUnmbMiagelUi-dfruir. !i.Hi,.-.r,eV¥bi»^. 

, A. J. nl.Vk. Pwepnawr. 

, w,B. iFNKB ' 

Lg|£^rfme B.naa Huav^Y. cui . mrm »« 

nately pn^alent in the young. At le a iruOmtl advW^ rv tTviTtC ^ 

vft Hh m 
hU 1 hL. 

aioairr aspowo, pbopsjitoe. 

i, ■ w nnicu wwt.ij na m e* umig I# — IlUr* |o 

Price ascenu fi'C cep.e* ibrgl.mei;*# ires 
r postage to any part eg the United State*, by addrtwin# 
f. KA^ROU, (pool paid4 AlbaDy. New YWk.eJJhif 

^B.-T^'ow prefer may eo* mH Dr. LA UIOI t ''P*** » dmII^iL a 

QPOManTorto#4iswwiiBpo«wbdCbluibo4toir#au,ff^ * 

ei^raooaily or by iMl. Hu oie4uiniioftm ciir« ta ^ fta«to#iiy to«t m *^2 

vftort e^e of SIX day*, and oomplvtety and lately Xnowa it. t?, 

•'* »hieh copaivTanS , *F rvitaod th.i*. aJjiSSii!, 

rahed' batnag *u long been thought aa aviidua*. to the i "•***» »eci.u.«. Un'* all who mar fT" 

_OAikaf iheRaddUg Hokeo. 

»M itXK V V iTT aTm\ , 

“I »Too id bht kkl Td •* 

_ Ur. L A CROIX’S aaedkine* are free ffom ail mlnert I — ?HnrNO. 


Miauieskoretody. aadiiuiaiponnat Kaiw ‘uiUediftU . \*** •b^^lh'-d, l.e.^,.of ..a., kewtrareetk 

ne^-sa/y Aedirikc* sent many prniofthl"i*m.*« I ftCi; Htei. 

i*^i;lif****"' *’ paoav l aad  :ar*Ai!ly t^rZl i F**oi»e gm.mrmty, and irstriu JijT 

from all obaervatiok. ' .-^eng eie arnvmg or derx-^ie' at mTponKu 

ti.Uce reiouved from No. fr; Beavar su, to 31 .Maiif^ ' ^ 

Lane, neirUrfmdway.Alhoay.N Y. Woiv the acur.mxaokauon .; t *■ 

, , ^ ■ -■ ' ®!S'^‘*^®^»'»™«we.bed3mgrrnd,'iadkkd tho mi.u 

Hcbltll Rud IdOD&r LITB to All. f feenr ^"ior'*feemi.^^i^ up with arUctes exprcaJ!^ msk* 


4wltig.ed, l.»mwke|kOtf * 

*• Pl^Jre mTI? 

^MMtacing to the pumic gmimrmty, and eanecialiv m 
» J^engeie arnvmg or de^x-iie' at ’TTiPwifekd 
‘hie ho(ii.e m now c •• iimmhad ad 

lor tAc b£iad’eKblMAdkmrwnm ' ^ W# 

Health and Long Life to All 

i .Jonee* Third brand. 17 boxaa* 
BHkaLogaa do k) do; 

9icia« 5 amt bi*. do 7o do; 

R.J.Lawuoa oo to du,. 

^hn'kaaith do lu de, 

B. Preston du M do; 

Mauler do doil 

icau, Fiifiis, .'tvies make, 

Jewelry of all the Ute*t«tyle,, tor both sdntletueu and 
Isdies, I ouuy Ooo H; .Music Boxes, 'tiaeieut eiaos; — 
Opera Glasses; Spectacle*, and C.ocka ot all demirituoa*. 

I Hhall devote my pei^onal attention to the repairing of 
»  atciies. A cooUnuance of the fonBer contidenc* and 
pauoaage tireepeeuRlly eolieited. 

jyiftdly J. J. HfKSCHBirHL. 

MiCtiOT & BKO'fUEli 

»'«(Hl i Willow Were, , wat3f;«: *c., 

Mauler do i» do;| 

^lin Brown, No. t, do 30 do; 

Walton k Wuiis, iweot, do 10 dn; 

W ater* k. Perry, No. I, du 11 do; 

Coley No. i. do |  do; 

rlogun g Dobbin, Hotijyr Dsw, dr  12 do’ 

_ SO,.K, VVICRH k. CO., 

S®*** 611 Mam Htrret. 

The Luxury of the Season. 

T ^UR BtoM euMrbly IMuytraied B oak ever Broenrod ii 
Ametlca-’rUK OOL'KT OP N APOLKON: .w. 8« 


X I ANUKAUTURER of Ohio Zine Washboards, under 
LYA tirm namsot 6. Waters k Co. 

Mannfaci'ire ol Oak Plow tJandles, aad Oak Work 
asOolman k Co. 

Ma'-ulaeturcrof Wood und Willow Ware of every de- 
sertion, Cordage, Hruahee, Bmonie, kc., ke. 

Wholesale de-aler in Cotton, Mauilla, and Hemp Bope, 
Pwines lor Broome. Beinee.and Wrapping. Flek Ljnea, 
Martia dpun Yarn, Litton and Hemp 
steam Packing. ' 

Alto, Buckate, Tube, Meamrea, Well Ruekete, Hamee, 


ITIC CMOLBRA, and waakmer known »ora«ni 

k whs* NOkd la lim*. lAt JohkaeoB e Pakiters’ Okpot.) 

A .aTIC CMOLBRA, and waa km er known to ra« to 

Mfiag whs* itokd to km*. 
g|^.Ffioe M kokti p*r bo sk*; to kaute large Whke*. 


A**rwm#m* tor FEVER AND A«K E akd *M dm*km s 
ilS^Jjr.tortod — kfLtow-pr e vktto g Bditou. 
Ew*«n, Eemitsekt Fever, D»mb Ague, kk. 
f^Frlee o*e dollar per boa. 

The above valaabie preparatmM are eoU •» Mrug^ 
aad MaiiiliikW m cvwy tewa aad vkleg* * to« Caked 
B aa m e 

PtMkipm o«oea-niki EreM, Lem-wine, EPo m»R cot. 

Nashua amt Aan k weals . New Verk. 

Nil dlamwgm 

Kentucky School of Medicine, 


rgvm seventh sneeton of the Eenttm T Echoel Megi- 

1 euic, will coaameaee ouiho firet lloaKy la Movm 

kMiDft 'akd eonunu* four uionUie. The mehmiiiary 
SiS^WdlTemmenre the i-t ®f I*', 
gbtukfh tha ktooU, wuh tociares (Wy ^ *51! {Of 

SeOkUege. aW twice a week at the neepHal, by Prot 

Jtoiii Bardin. pkCULTY. 

B. W. Dudley, Emeswus I'rofeaeor of Anatomy and R«r. 
*TIewoIlyii Fowen, M. D.. ffbeietrioo and di*ea*e* ot 
D., Chemimrr 



Edgar needham’s 

sm^11?“»ci«n I _!£!!__ JVIARHIjE WOK1C8. 

TKIPl* & CKAGG. 459 Jefferson Street, 

'TSlorS’Muiw “ ® “™'® "™‘- 

A. N D “ZJ i/M viYiMrTS VIVA jurra  » 

No. 55 Tiiird Street, 

up* dly LOUISVILLE. KY. 

NRUKk. Nfibb G 

afEuigery. „ ... .. ano wywee to sen luem m ike mamuaeiiirfm priee*. 

NXM^kalUM. D., M*i«"» Medic* aad Thepcu- Meeir* iMeinway k Rons bsv* uket ibe firet Pri'ini 
mm' nms for their instntments in all the ezliibirtona in wliidi 

JitoaS. Reman. M. D..A»*«omto they have plaeed them, and are acknvwledgijiy all iu.lgM 

David Cummik*. M. D. .femoiiatnitor who have seen them, to he the beat Piano Forte Manu- 

fee* R«r the entire cotirto aaeouat to dW*. Main^ laoturcd in the United Htaie*. 
ul25n toJIo KW "«*e only, $6. Iha-oung Mkel p. p^rLDa. 

bift. UrbftubHiNi Main pt.« oppoatic tW* Mbtik Kv. 

* «M biTinwifiM •ity,«Mobuimr oft kcmnl- — . . Ir™ .,!.- 

1^ ^ mMiVi w at to^Jftnftor ^ top OoU«ct,Mii the btHito* CJCARF CRAVATfl— i^uick 7^#« mnd LoopK oi t»v«ry 
ISt#MK^o?«f#«nMi4Klfthttr««U. ^ color, toape, and biyUn tor low at. 

•Ml •onw « wiwu • laVMb* M ABIIIbf Ml# A IF M A V d Mi I w i. I a 


4tl. .Wkiket; vtreot.' 4*1. 

ICH Dress and Hack Bunnetiq 
Col ’d and whit* Strew flouniA.,evs^ variMg; 
Ronnet. Op andTrunming Kibbona; 

32 pserec blaek Engli.h 

*4 doaen eolred and bla» Peaihers;’ 

to do jauyl'reefz andTrimiuing Cnalieo: 

00 do Honnet Rnsbeet 

3f Which w* oCer wholesale *r rntall a tiew pn''c*.‘ 
o dhu JO HN H C ANNON. 

A. SMckedantz's 

(over 8. Kinggold's Book Store.) 

B OOKREKPINO by Double Kntry, Couuniweiitl Oalcn* 
ieSf vns. an d Penmanslup taugliu audl dly 


Pieinway k Acim, htval^^^WMI 

fr ^ I |lubiNiiie.l the Agsary tor the? Y # f II 
B.\lr ol tliovu sunerb insirumeiiU in tae 8o*illiakd West, 
and ekall hereaner have a full supply ei my wa'cmems; 
aad am prMarad to sell them at the m*iiulaoiiir''rs prices. 

Meeir* Steinway k Bods bnv* taker the first Pnuni- 
nms for thsir instntmants in all the ezIiilaSons in whidi 
they have placed them, and are acknowledge by all iuilgas 
who have seen them, to he the beat Piano Forte Maiiu- 
laoturcd in the United Rtaie*. 

^ D. P. PAULDS. 

6k» Mala el.. oppoette Uv Ha.ik o'" K v 

Htareenraernf Walmit and Front stre 
tlous^ ^ Walnut stouM; Factory *7 V 
eianatf. Ohio. 

Paper Ware 
^ar* street, Cin- 


noix d3iaw4w 

aandSkwaowtoctlBi ivn aa m me 


Musical Mercliandisei 

.T«.109* FwurUx Ntreet, lowmisTllle, WLy. 

[YCARTIN’B CUITAKB— Just rorcived ffOBi tha Maim- 
irg facturers, an assertruent of thaae unrivalled Uuitare. 
For sale by TRIPP k U RAUC. 

jruiiNi m , A M 13 k: K bon'« 

No. 8 C Third Stmet, 

F '' Dealer m Fancy Umcerles. 

an 10 

P ICMI'EpO^vurs, &pers, HI a^batry Cordial, ^liiT, 
Ruui, uln, and Old Bourbon at 
.j»«0 . A NUERv .-3N»H . 

R oyal OMna,B*ngal, and Wordtmer Maucesat 

r. VKieita o. raiata 

E. Y^EISER & CO.. 


Watchc»,*fewely and 
Silver- Ware, 


(u*i i:a mathuial uoTaL.) 

loOVlNVlXGK. KT.s 



ufCraen aad Fifth atraete. «»P«. »»d styiai tor sa'a low at. 

•net aomw OI wrueu «i* » J.VmN HAR^, noto A. I). MAKdFlEhll. 

^■TGREAT REDUCTION IN PRlCES.-«*r | Til© PoaXl BeStRUIRlltf ' 

Corner Feiirki and Oraea suaets. vEX t.^ek 

OHRISTMASl ^ ^ 3«m « Mi^! g ;ga i gi 3^sai 

AMU ^ Co^ipMf navt) uuHnimou^lj pa*sed a 

- — r wi_wi_ mm.j~M ■ u 1 - “ ^«oiouiendiiig lo tli© «lockliol4«ri A|‘ «iuil road avub- 

HEW YE AE 8 PBE 8 ENT 8 Oysters J 

ws ^ a»_w ■! Hous.aeopy nf Wliieit Willhelumishedtoihestoekhold- 

AT MIE91 up an eUifant Rastaarant days, on apphcatlon by letter or tu person 

** — F*"*!*®'*" '^'U’he sui-uiiedat shortaotice wiili *•4,"'^*'^ ®*®f '* the Depot, in Lorn* ville. 

•* ■ R 94S fi »»■« daily inrecipt . hereby upUhed Ihalthere will be 

m 14 Ii It IF Mr I'll ^MR of Shell ureters. Dear. Grou*«. OiiaiU h . i# ® called meeeung nn THUKdDAY , the 23d Jaiiu 

*21; rote on inid propoeikon— voting to 

*® ‘‘wIm’ l!" '••• *'“* toooatinue from day today 
(irneeesaarr) Ull the vote ie taken. 

Walker’s Restaurant 

C ONTINUE* lo be supplied with all the delicacie* 
of the aeaaou Hpi«arei ar* invited to call on 

Fine Diniier& Supper 

:b: o X 7 J 5 I £] 


»Ohio & Mississippi Railroad, 


D. Ce MINIGK, Fropiertor. 

'ItRArNi? I'rtM Uuieinaati to LouvislH*. aud from Lou 
A lavlUe to Cluciiinati, slop .it OsgooJ to minulee, 
ample time for passeiigsrs to get a fine dinner 
aad warm supper, which u always risaJy fwr them. On 
arrival ol trains at tliis ataiion t.'av*i, Ts can rest assuied of 
getting as good a dinner or supper as they eaa wish.— 
Charges mouarMe. 

Trains for Louisville arrive for dinner at 10 o’clock a. 
l(,.and from Louisville to supper at 6:17 p. m. ^ d***tt1^ 


(In Jacob’s Builduig,) 

JTvBLG leave to call public attention ro tKeur annvaOed 
fy^! soriiiieatot Waiche* and Jewelry, jiwt reomved 
■RHand ei en*d, lUiect Irom Geneva, wner* the whiWe 
*ti^k was selecwd ky one of th« firm. 

Find Regulators for hotels, banking hoiMet, or any other 
umces, at moderate price*. 

Watch Glasees.Mntenals and Tools fior Watchmaket, 
atNew Yoto Frices. 

Watches directly imported trnn our ow* manutootory 
in Gunev^ wholesale and retail at New York prices. 

Waten Cleaning and Repairing doiiawith tteaiueaa and 

The latest stylta and patterns of Jewelry, kc., reeniv. 
ed every week. 

We invite the laiHaa to ealland eaaimnelbrthemselve*. 
Ne trouble to show foods. All our goods warra**ed or 
no tal e. nto 

Jewelry at W hoIes^T 


(over the store of Mentgoniery k Ck.) 

Lonifiville, Ky. 

  HAVE Just received one oftbeilaen slack* of Watch 
ee, JewcDy, Watchmakers’ Materials. Notinas, kc. 
ever opened la this eity, whieh I Invite eouutry aud ciu 
mmchaiiM to eiainin* betove Mvebasing olesurbere. My 
old Dined# and customers will find as large stack of goad* 
aa usual, at toirprtoea. A call is respvcttolly solicited. 

t r i — 7 A Urn BiooU, *kil if Uikugmd m 

J ■- X pare.ihewtM ieor#anizati'’ a 
\ mu*i ukceeearily bw^gofwk*. 
rr — , ■ , ■ ' '“I a I , ^gfjard/ and lomUniul. lienee . 

la the preparation and com 
unatinn of the ingredient# of his tamoos Acamiiuaviaii 
Remediee, Or. Ri^aek’s great object wae te produce a 
medicine which rhould diNnfeci th« Mood in oil case*. 
He snceead*)!. and tn* consequence is. that the eperauou 
of his Bcandinavtan Blood Purifier and Blood PiUk, upon 
4lmo*t every spaciee of like tnat of water apon 
'.ha devouring (eeaiant. literally ej.ungai*aing toe 

Persons sidrerinf frr m dshdity feoin elwidhood, nad »*w 

VtVflW inAim«W iltfA t fka#e*. km tk#*ms# *ar#^r^A.rl ist k fW. to .* .-v- 

mg Lire to All. to2»7ei .Vr s; •»ptr^y 

i M me at. Chartos i*. :a mo4 »^ a tha 

DL EodAUX’d dC^N- L*^vIU*r*waJj* 


At i*#t a* grand ufeectof h yjh e \\ , :)oiiUi, :k s houa* 

■mdieaj sciewee le a.ioinci:; . tore aoreTswrmne^S^iTf.*’!^!'*';’ *“ ^ tr**oU/ aer«t* 
Dr. fioleca’eSti^admkvina i Denali . 

Remediee a«rnally permru, eatabt^ment "* tooyr.#»r ot * it 

what tkkke a iid# a«ve prom maaae ■'tiare uf ^bU« , 

IBOd, hut B#v«r *i#0.i,plul»- I vv;:,l *® ■+—'rv# t. The houe* 

-d. They purge frem toa aad mrn 

Mood Vie currupt pamcl-m it «tJjTL ‘ V * ’■" — e«f houJT.— 

Which eraate and lead ci*. I i.* aa* a« 

ease. ‘The baei* «• ad urn j w77 i? ‘£2/^'’' “^•^‘JWtiheiii. 
solid portiOB# 'if the body is I fmm'hi# *® '-*• wevehM pabM* , 

Urn Wood. ami if Uikiflwdm 1 LoumvJt.. j* *a 

f?f^’ •'-ft -**' *• w^'.ag^mar s'? tha 

j Fi^^. fhe phuokM* of me ju: .,* * r eJ^Sy i-Ht-- 

i -£ 2 i r,w?,ie2aJ!* 

I a ■ * f w ■ J - ^ ^ 


»/iaeg •( napEet «*ca .Yfidarwa atraetd. 


itc jsr, rat 

vigor intosed intoineai by these wo.Mcnul hfe-iefifthen* Poaco.Acc B 
ingresiorativee. They cool the heat of fevf r, *re*t* ap- rLSL.r.;..!?,'’ 

pamc, randar digestif  u perfect, rcfuiate lb* bowels, p'o ^it# a liberal *b»r!r2r m?^ ’^J**;' * The pfdBr’e»or set 
mete sleep. mvi or-..te tii« leuroductiva organs la hotti arqaairmd with ihi*w*LVj!!/ 

.vexe*. control alf dteoHer of the liver, cure wges. both*. ‘'»F tor  a 

rumor* aad all skin diaeases, audby impartihg to the vital “mlto .an meet !/•#«* Wwu a» .a sfvery p«nM  

tlaid newelemenUof he.-tUh, U-wallr otaxe htoapiea.- This«pacious M a icrwi».n .k. 
nr*, instead Ol the wean'Ouie profcanon which itmiiV Euuw 

always he to the mv.l.d. Them .emedtes ar* eomposal t^ Wmd W ' 

solely of dw^ish herlis, ol rare medicinal v nore. hover comsi^*" u .J'! 
before introdueod In the practice nr pha.TBacy. tilimm T ’ 

1 ct the higheM;Me la the dweoverw’s native Pas^*« rs^ ^,?Zl7 ?.r 

land.aad m etb*- paru of Europe, have cerutied te me m««^ -’•id** - 

value of the tu Itclnes, and in» y have net er yet been *J- tt.qrto 

UMnistcra # itbout being loUowad with markod •naceim. rYr v ▼ v 'k-rr* e wmv 

It w iiMpea to cnamerue in an ottvcftiaemat a leuUi Ll I I i I iV I ^ 

of the mi plaiiiU for which they are iaraihbla;vBtB«ent Pllllll i |!\ 

I that tb#mino (flsn.'il^rol iny 'jryan aaliNi iiUTii ^ Li 

i ymaiioriBhtiaa,f  f|whi«htA 7ar«aota^apf«4fi«R 1i*«9r«i LlCfttfT 1ft TMRKTm M 

theswpler**^* that lh«y act dire, lly upon 11*0 efomeel tiiA«4DGH to hKft t 
I which rca*w,le«d aad vusmw all orgaue, vim the veauu. * BkO., i 

blood. vvooo* aiyOi*hiou#«*at4;i‘.i#2.*j 

Make suie af the gcnaine arlielcshy purchasing imly a. *T Phaeo'-dor* lo asd feom tho 
r^iwpactaMe de^s and regulv aganta.or af luiKAlK iLP Board per day fl M. 

lums^. No. 2 Bast Fourth street. lAaeinnau, where he nvirn ur*n«T -w* . 

sSsL~’2 i“*trS:.u',“ir’'*“" THE NATiO.NA 

toti. hnlldlagbi cDiir iT MW m# i^T? 

msay apc  

Uikw aewsai style*. 

H AUii-Tus. CMUu. .November ' , Tb  sniraaae l» the Hatal 

. iU *A*a— Dear Sir: I have read la the aawepapera I he paaroneae of the pub 
r Bpeouata or enre* affaeiad by yaar d*andinav:eu P»*par**wtlot»» u  mentlT 
sdiev, but eoastder my owe ease at hfaet .m lateraab- selidu 

ind marvalons as anv of them. Bo far AS miB : 

f ,'T^**^o»ou* 2L -Cl enufews thtny reeias mar* duathe 

lUe Girmd House ol Phil .„e»c e 1 ww- thau du3S 

ae coe^ofliru r^ MS-.y U -mi^ 

Omw* ee# and porters 1 Ways to 

5.ggaj, to 4,.; ufsTtr 

U .ATto, *. r,\R M l^prietar. 


XlUffX NTMir.KT, KAXTfvf ?■£. 

oLj^Oiaiuouseaat Ail pots, aad doa'elo aoa 
•y jpeae'-dor* lo asd feom tho 9ot*l. 
arp Board pur day #1 3d. *m*mdtf 


1 UAT3.H at the eoraur of Fourth aad rgma 4Mam. m 
^ how opee tor ch* aac nma, jdaltou ofm* pebfle^^^a 

bnlVNagbi cniiretT aaw, had m* furuf^ir*. Baddm ? ka I 
ofj^ aewsai style*. * 

Th-euurtaaemthe Hatal to oa Fourth iW* n.*-e77- •» 
i he p ar ronug a ef the pubiiu la stotonvd aa^ 1 Q.jL«'-iy 

— j.uTbl\'^ 

Jewelry & Fancy Goods, 
J. R. EiiiTEKLE, 


HAVING taken this well known *ma. h- 
Ink msnt.i hope to merit Uie Mtrouage of its loruKy 
friends ami cuslotuers.  :y assoitmeat for Jew- i 
■■uBelry, Walciies: Feacy and Toilet Articlss, has ■ 
b«eu wi-U srieetad, and made of tL* beet matenai*. 

I have also on h.ind tbalargee' ai.J best selectioa of fta- 
vacu.Lubin’s Uolugua, as well ua Hair Brusliss, 
t'-omh*. kc. 

Watch making aad Knpsiruif ia all lu branches attanfe 
ed tu | «rsou .l!y Ly myseii. 

j a  2 dtf J. R. EdTBHLE. 

;A\^niiam’s intl’ilyspeptic Eiliir 

1 i1, with the uioBOsI reuUdence. olferiMl to the Medical 
Facalty and the pnbP'-. fortim cure of Dysuepeiaor 

I eaUed opus you at iho umaa''* of a dear frwnd on 7^; uornMT of 
21st Of March last, I had been   years a suEerar frM 
Catarrh. The imtatloe of inu her^e and meuihiuae oi ■ 

the head wan ne intsasa that sum* uma* it eimoat drave 'IyHE subearth, 
meeroxy. 1 could not nieep. aad was nsTer free from oh 1 aad toe 
pi*an-nt*unsv.i in*. At vannastiaies five iHE' rant physi- aeeign'aodateli.. 
euns had ntlHiiiwd me. Each one tr*Ai*dm«inhis«wn g'.e Meal. TTu , 
way. but non* of them did me anv 1^;.^;. 1 ucsb-urad ot to* eastaeaei* mi 
*v«t nvfdn-j a.viih— w.-B day; and fine* f called ei your hiatstF*. 
sunsuimr.oirruums bad very httlehapv ufo o»t; By mu v^ng iMeai. 
Advice I entered imatodiately upen a  -oorse «f your ai*'' * '3 t . 't » 

diaavt.n Blood Punfler and Blood iMi. t am one- Zit ~ 
ngefi by the cheer'al. bogctol wny  a winch you s;- i 
ae l ( resolvad strickly to loliow you* •'.ivcuohs. '* . ' 
than awaehalltbownrsttymytomsormy comb.u' .1 ■ . ^ 

fan to taka a auldar rarm, aad so eoa'iaaed to impro.* • ^ .NJL 

'.'om week to wiMk, iiatll at the no4 of three m.mtna mr 

head was aatirelyrelieved, aad every trace of Itie UMar i- 
nad toft me. BtiU. however, I coatieacd to take the rwu 
ediee for nearly su weeks I.iayer, because 1 tou.-,d ih^y -r y ^ 


were building ap aiy stren^ and tort'tying mv aoa*tii» 
Uoa. BIZ months have p*s*«id nineo tho ear* was flaisk- 
ad, aadl havehaduusigoof aralapea. lahouldbe^ed 
to see this letter, ot tlia subsianee of it, in pniit fiir die 
gaidana* of others. 


rviftM ft C|wc fourth strM. 

- - - » 

■ . 'w»-.4g.... a* u 

_ _ JLr _• 





lEW YEAE 8 PBE 8 ENT 8 1 Oysters.! 

A. mm k CO.’S 

M With the miemliou of rloamg outfUgJV 


WARj^ke., wc shall ollhr great haigaiastuntn January 

Pam»' Oluna Dinnar, Toa. Breakfast and Toflel Ware, 
^toj* white, gilt, aad daeoratad, of our owa imporu- 

Typw! •^0^0*. Card Baskets. UoMes. Toy Bets. 

Fhefcaoi’eacha# Cologv**. Holy-Waiers. FuB aad | 
Jewal Boxes. Watch Csmw, kca 
Whit* IrodHltonc and aomuma Eanhea-Wara in groat 
variacr aad of acw ^les. of out fell uapfinatiuii, eaeli 
as Dtaaer, Toe , and •Taitot »c«a. k*.; 

But Bohemtaa, IMgien. end Amenrea Olasa. vim Uham- 
BBgaea, Wiaea, Madcna Gobteu, Buwto, delta. Prceerve 
Diehas, Bogars. k*. 

Aton.a acw aad beaaUYal style of Tahto Oadcir, toMb 
Baeieorraad auiawoa, Ailver-flated Cattora. UoMeu, 
Ba^ou. Fora*. Tea aadl ahte Spoons. fioup irndwa, k*. 
Fornaa is w»nt af ih* ahowe odw^'and baeattfal 

af good* wUI piea ee pv* a* aa aarly oall, ae wear* de- 
asatoad to giv* laam bergeina. 

A. JAOBR k OO , 

Noe. lit and iti Fourth at. Moua.n Hsdl, 
mM hetweeu kaaraetand JelRrnoa 


•BCBIVBB THfiS fifiXF IIt£K 4fi.Bfi 

A NOTHBR splendid a#»orun at of baauntnl Good#, 
oMsm wnieb wdl be lonod — 

"'SAT ctllx. ear’s 

Bap Aaea inos; 

Patmaa dcaHe; 

Bwhyr Chattelalnaac 
Di deerfe, 

f tuoM plaid riiaaele-, 

Swiks Trimmliiga. 
Oaiiibrit dd; 
dwi#n .Muelia; 
Organdie do, 
Bmbroid erad Sklrto, 
ki .,ke. 

The an«atioa of pUetar# and other# i* partienlarly di 
•aaetad to aormaek of D imeetM aud Plaaiatto* Gtiode 
whiak has haaa eetocted expressly for thl* market wuh 
apcataare.aad will be found e implct* la ever/ depart 
tooi. loom MARK k DoWmi. i7; Hau) *i 

V/ fic Cab* dizca; 

3i,Mt Bagalte Cigaiu; 

PD hoxaa Kzqutoh.oft • 

Id Fno«tp*e; m store ead fur sale by 


GLOf’kS!— Just ruceivaa wnii* uau feaeg 
fix Kid Clovee, ud Biace; 

Whit*. Blues, aad Fancy Bilk Gtovea, all eiaeu; 

Bid Naad with Hila Cnamots and Lamb dkiai 
Back do 4* da do dot 

Bupa ptau. ovary aiae and «uailtf; 

Ulaa and Ga *ua*r«, lined and male vartoey; 
_ Back. Btd aad Cloth Gauatlcte . lined aad ^ai 
r*r aaamtom. (Mar aad Scu Baal f 

Par Saamtom. (Mar aad Sea Baal Imed Glovee. «f al 
dto mi fBu* at iBoto] MANPrilLD. 










Earle’s Gallery, 

Mo. 312 Cheanut Straot. 


Meal* ^rved at fol hour* and femilic* cupn'i*,, witn 
prcpereddinhe* or Game and Oyeiem al low phTcT^ 

»T*'7 day from lo o’cloektu 12 o’clock A. M. 
gi!**dieM _RELLKR k fiBRR 



Shelby Street Mills, 



K«ep on hBnd Bnd f, r Sale, 

Superior Flour, Com Meal, Bran, 

BhoitB, Bye, Ac. 

deit dly 

Marble Rfomments and Toinb»Stooc8. 

A etock for sale tow at 

fk aatidfimwew NEEDHAM’B Marble Wotke. 

A 5 # A fJ n U 17 LoDtokii “Go^VoT ’,UJ kiJdei’ 

* XiAJjiUMJBip «hc«ungt end cihirtings, 


Foreign and Oomegtic 




l#*«l*toille, ikT. 


CommissloD Merebast 


Provisions and Produce. 

Oa«p— Mkin Straat, bat. First ud Second, 

iMtolaTllle, By.; 

_aai4d r 


(IM D. S. lUU Agent) S1T,!%’X£S.tiS!’ 



Oo\xrLt**y I»roca.\xoo « 

Wines, liquors* &o., &c. ' 



B|^ ahara of pabH. pore,, mapamfohp .Mtoifod SuBB-A foWWSS_^i 

LOOK OVEr Y'ODR ' ’ ** “- 5^ 

^ Xq, Z  XI. O B 






ED’W. D. HOHRA, Prceidcnl. 


■A *i"7 Shell Oynere, direat from the 

2^^'-*,0«e*n, by Amerteab Gzpreea, javt rocewvd 
^ro#fo) ^OHN OARiEIN k t^. 

S. ». Mark y. Uowne 

Fancy and Staple Dry Ctoods.^ 

O^^Goods 1* now very eompletelin every 

Black and ceicrad 8Uk# Dree* Boo.U; 

Fniitod Woolen do; 

^ein ann plaid Merino* and De Lairea: 

«®ak* and Cloaking Matenai; 
kml^idene*. Lace*, aad thlrlnr*. All 
Hosiery and Glove*; ■»wj» 

Mmektic Good# of all kiodei’ 

{'•’’•’I'nn and cthirtmgs, 

. „ ^ Luton* and Fruit t’luth*. 

All for sale at the lowest ptiev*. ^I'T-nn 
, MARK k DOWNB. t7i Main et. 


Dress TrimiuiDfrsi 

l'receivf.*jr^l\*iY H.** ?’‘^a**'«d on haitii. and i* regowily 
tote* Dre*. Tnniiamg*' efiii | 

Gimpe and Kriage Tnmmiijg.i i 

Jf®*!* and Mane Antique; 

Foimy do, alletylu* 

Emlirmderc.d Silk aud Wor#i*d«- 
Ceavaaa andEailirii.ri#r^MT^..„ 

rrinmw Mtuenato, 1 also attand to Coui 

U..J r.«k a if-. ssri.v; 3 'su 

r. A. RuHL, IM FourBi *L, R desired, baths vcai 

— — - - — '•**'■ ’•■rxart HeTl. vi 1 further take thi*( ~I~~ mercul Night Bthool 

W XODteOOO DOFBWB, dkO. Nauoual Houl, to ein 

** a, ■oaaafeotartng Tobacco Screw# aad Prassea quiriug a thorough I 
M Lard, Ttmb -r, and Mdl iforow*, SI of whi ^ keapu*. Oommereiai 
^■ve prepnred to fariiirt at *h*rt notice, and on raa- flCi^h* b**l of reft 

Tlie;Western Country 


Ah Idowasiiauy House 

Frofessing to hcII at Cost or otherwise, 


At 499 Main St., 




10^, 11-4, and i*.« fi*4 Dlanketi; 
lo-t, 11-4, IX 4. and 13 4 Fuie Bej Blanketai 
S-4. and 11-4 At-foinboat do d*k 
Fm* Crib Blanivet* 

Wbi«k we ore #eihng at New York Brice#. 

HlTE k B.VAlgL, 

del4 4P9 Mam etrCM. 

Square Your Account 


I T Imiog ciiatomary with merehant* and Htorakneper* to halaiice their aecnunt book* at the end of 
each year, I would offer luy service* for examing, baton- 
emg, and w’iiiug up Books, to *uch hoiiias a* may find 
It 10 their advartage to have such done promptly and 

1 also attand to Counting, Single rnt^ eat# into Doable 
entry eete, heading Ledgers, to keeping books fi r each 
firms aa nave no regular boukeoper, makuig engagenientt 
R desired, baths year. 

1 ftmher take this oeeasiun in reoonuBonding my Coui- 
mereud Night Bthoot, situated on Fourth sttect, oppoelte 
National Hotel, to such young men a# are desirous ol ac- 
quiring a thorough knowledge of Double Entry Book- 

liidmasuoii, nud sl| niee.*#*# f mg from tt, tbcli a# 
Knnsea. IUa tY''hc. 

V Dtoibevr " ' . 

1‘- r::ity • «. .- ma. 

• ;-»ir i Ol uie 

Flutuiuiice, with fre*iuc.ut belching af Wind, 
Vitiated taete, 

Cunsupauna aud iineaeineM of tlie bow*’*, 

Riiiou* Vomiting, 

Buruiiig seiuiation at tha pit af the atainaub. 

Liver Cum plaint, 

Oppreesion after eating, “ 

Piipitaiion of the Heart, 

Pain Ol the pit of the etumacb, or toward# the right 


SalluM iicsenf complexion, ' ■■B 

Depr  ssion of epiiit#, aad irritability of tempov, ac. 

If a case of dyepeptia should beiieflected, intistauriou* 
effect* may i-nsare. lor it Iny* the toirndatfoa for, i# the 
incipient cause uf, ;uut very frequently tenmnato* in can- 
ennipiion. I would impress up.on ttiemiiid that to trill* 
witn ibi# dUe****. may be to .port aruli that reason which 
constitutes m lU super eminent among aiiinal being*, nr 
to eiuhipar exiateiine by adding a eonsaouaDcs* ot lolly 
to the penalty of pain. 

Tiiis medicine i* prepared entirely from vegeubl* *uh 
Mtancca; me moat delicate stomach can Iwar it couv«ni- 
ently, and it i# given with pt;rfect safety, tu minute dose* 
to Uin most teiid*r iniamo, it* prop*ni«* being of a 
streiigtnening and invignr.tung nature, it l* n«aUy put 
up inbultle*, witu ample dlraction* toruso. 

Thef'illowiiig testimonial# from tome welt known and 
rerpectable ciuxen* of Philadelphia, are fhlly eurrohara- 
uve of the tried efficacy of the .Anti-Dyapepue Elixir. 


1 IB* .weoicai rw nuiew* bm rvian i/wpoi, iso. e apm roattb Straoi. I 

Dysuepaiaor fl^Ragiiaad ♦ Pauea, eofe ageata lor XoaunBo, E**. { * /^uTTvsTr^vo 

,.ocir*# tHHdfcwiy 1 MAGNIFICE^T 


^35 3„ “TJS I 

eitv. Da. Hau. coatiiium . 
K^\ * to V coasaltrd day and i 

to be* coasalted day and i 
aighi by the a/ihrted, m 
every nwm of Private Di#- 
faxee*. Hyathoaro'ignpre- 
paration, aad aJ.  aa aad a*, 
tenaiv* piacuea in ihie and ‘ 
other large citMu, Dr. H. le 
a lablad to care •ocuer, #nd 
I .U less expenses lti#a any 
other person m th# L lutod 


W' a foi* day npea tb* eampaig* oy a #.ptav qacaoal. 

YY pd ID ausvy, vari.fy uf . y; », eiiaai f r,u*t sa- 
Bo e. ifisgnTficcstcba M. end oi.iqu* MrAsgof say of 

our contvaipi ’arias la the tovA toau. 


We liavtaioaed Wiliiain’s Ann Dyspeptic Elixir wt b 
the most perfect satisfaction and success, take great plea- 
turein recumoiendinvit toal'pers'mssafferliig wuh Dys- 
pepsia, as we are fully conv.nced of it# most enffnaDls 
qualiiiesiii restoring the digestive powers, removing all 

notice, and on raa- 


Iron A*umps. 

always oa band Iron Force 
and Lm Pamps of the most appeoved kinds, both 
orsMterat ajidwclB of aay debth.*We wvmit ear 
amps to parfom well, and will retuad tli* meat^if thsw 
il to giv* *au*ra«tfoa. —«sr u may 


■ougn aaowiedge or Double Entry Book 
nereial Calealation* and Paninananip. 

.of referencesgiven if reuujred. 

Praatieai Bookkeepor k Atcountant, 
at E. k 8. Liberman’*. No. 438 Main at. 

•SSv“sttS"..'K .Great Attraction! 

Suffi-ILTii’C Fall , JUillinary. 

 ux k BifowDitig. nr. OM1Z1.F. 

4S7 South side of Markatfit., bt. Fourth and Fifth. 

Ikx. , .s- 

R, I may E last r*ceiv*d a fin* fre*h auppiy of FaU aad 

Mkh.# " Wintar Millinery Good*. Cpaatsling of fine BON 

hi. rmn«., NETS. KIBBUNB, and every diseripuoa of FRENCH 

•?L j****, *!?*t ^ aU’f- FLA.MERSond rIcH FEATHERS; also. RICH HAIR 

para and imocsuie*#, aad imputing a liaaltiiy ton* to the 

John R. PaNaosa, No. 34 SoaUi Wharv*. 

C’A.raa VV. Moaiu#, Tocuny. 

7 'hobas Alubone, Preaident Bank of Pentuylvaoia. 

AbncrEliies, M arket street, beiow Sixth. 

Edwabo Dcnb, Saperuitendent of Marcbanta’ Ex- 
changa. Pbd. 

This list of name* could be extended ta aimoet any 
length, but the foiag®utg i# dcomea sufficiem. 

Testimony of Mr. Micbsel Dunn, Superintendent of 
the PhiladmpliiaExcbaitge, corroborative of the efficacy 
v f Wtllirtiii’s Aiiti-Uyspeptic Elixir. 

Doctor Jamgs WllUam#: —For several roars post, I have 
been ttable to attack# of Dyeperaia; out Mver nave I been 
more distressingly atllicteif with its symptous, than wuh- 
lu til* lost lew woeka. IndigesUoa. aervou* irhtabdity, 
despondency, a sense of weigiu in the stomach, aad se- 
vere pains in the toft sffie. renoering iu«, for the tune be- 
ing, truly wretched. Fortunately, ( was recommended 
by a frfeiid to try your Elixir. | md sa, and in less then 
two weeks, indigestion ceased: pain uid nerroue depree- 
nIub lelt me, and appetite, wkh mental and bodily health, 

1 were fully restored. To me the cure seemed almost mi 
raculous, and my object m wnung re you le— a hop* that 
other persons sutfsnng the muenc* of Dyspepsu wdl 
avail UtenuMlve* of your efficieat remedy, 

1 am, dear nr, yours truly, 


Agent* fi r Louisville, Ky., 


Jell dly 4*3 Markm *«r** . 


(Fifth *t., bet. Main and Market.) 

CHA8 . C, RUBfFEK k W.M. MYER8. Prnprtotars. 

W E the ■uhscribersvthankftil fbr the m*ay svfdsnt 
mark* of tivor, heretofore Mown as by the eiii- 

R 8iate*. Ha eballangra the 

\ whole world u qpF ot the 

^ fotlawmg Dtoeaaes: Bypfrk. 

es.ttoa«tob«a Urethral tfre* 
fr ebarge#,Gl*t.Suic'iare,l!icn. 

tal Woaknees, proifuoed by an rarty habii^y.^.linpe. 
teney, Leacbt w i ra .Periodic al Afiiecuoaaof Feiaalk Rneu- 
matisai. Diseases of the Back and Lows. luUamalhioa af 
the Bladder and Kidney*. Hydeocefe.iiieefs of svery de 
scrip ton sad Skin fancasc#, etc.; also (^mgti*. Uoids j 
Hronahiti*. I'/OnMiaipiion, Du pap#i«, Dysentery. Ltv«i i 
Conipinint,Pile#, kc. 

Dr. Ball’* grant ezpevieaca m wealing Ifr* above Oia | 
eases aboald racoBiend turn laail. 

Acu* amA F«v«r 

Sooaer and cheaper than by any other peiMw ra the 

All toOSTS addreaaed Dr. HaN, Bax l3H.C’racuuam 
Ohio, pro.-uptiy attead to. 

dt^Mediffioe* sent to aay address. 

.YKedieml Garde* 

Or. Ball’s grM’ work tieotioe on Private l i#^ar- • 
for sale at hu otfic *. Pne« 29 eenta. k*n: u  #oy ad- 


Freitch Pcrladicai Drags. 
dTbe only certai] and safe remody for Sapprasaiona. u 
reguJaiUMi. ke. i h**e Drop* are, mvariably. certain to 
rrguhtt* the f*ma.e •ystam and eaa be taksa wnnoat 
hazard They ore knowa by thousands of r'emal«#ia 
ibi* country w ba the only preparanou ever diseovercd 
that has provtid iavananly certain ra all tato*. Ladiae 
, ra acartala coadition •buuld aot cease the** droop#.— 

Price 83. 

Ulfice No. FT Bast Tntrd street. aaS diy 

Shelbj iitreet niik 


A RE BOW reeeiving the first acw Wheat by the L. k 
i\. F. Railroad, and wUI be ready to supply their MsHde 
and eustomer* with new Flour, on Baturday nexu and we 
shah endeavor to seep eoiMtaiiDz -n baud, F'lear Meal. 

Sbipstnff. Shorts; Brmnand Rya Flour. 

OC^Ai^y atue oulls, aa Mialhy soeet, 
#o(B aud Craea . 

N. B. The highest cash pne* 

•etwvea Jefier- 

d fisr vgcai. Rye aad 

Cera. deeiz-ll | 

Walker’s Kxchaogel 



IChaste'and EieRant 





katraf** ftibM*. waaB andUige hoaad Is suuaM vef 

V.-I; Flexible and #11 *ly!e* of beautiful loiidmg Pr e a#* 
Reofc*. aad Hymn Booh# of all u«aoaMBau"M, m 
-uuH* beauutui aa.i *le«*al sty.’w of radin/v a* the 
Bibf.’*. .tlliunie’T. h- l.'i**. rt ^’‘.••ovem tna.i-Ma 
or aat;«ue veiv i. ri*x;»e r#i'WMaLri#.  vuiri wiiMsaiid 
cufiKetf.  u.Toh;e f r wcddiag oau 'Riaid wnh pearl 
aad pseeiou# stoac*. 

.\moHg«t our leading boaks w* woald mcahaa— 

Tb# * oart of Ntpolcoa, the fo-in ••f YVasainatoa, 

I Lama's Woiaa.N P. Wnh*’ worn*. F' et*,^ria- 

wohi's Fuel# of .Amaneo. Loogfeilow'* Pivin-^ and s 

•hoaenod aad an# o*h rs, iwa aamas . a* la meua-’o; on- 
ly to be soon to b# apreeiaicd. 



BOOK sold; 


Gold & Silver Watches, 

i €k)ld Chftiiia* Gold Locketi* 

I Gold BiDgt, Fini) Pencilt,! 

I cftro.g cft90. 

[ ru BE PREAs^lRW immediately TU 

' Purchasers. 

\ Tb#*e uwpor^sd toda«a*M,ai# mo .dfHied loiuar* a 
apUaal#. U U .h« Ltoieo heb-m*. a# tot/e wTfltwso 
o*sT UAt Aaara c* A OAJSA nr cu.^itc« Tn ti gnn bma* 

-----iz'ssiWLa “r;“.5S:: 

d^fitANBERRIBB— A frill rapalpoti ban! and for sate by th* *xpr*** parpora ol r^uoiag my Iwe stoek, and 1 
^ fio* A. FUNDA, to Fourth St. ^ espacixlly hiYit* the aurauoa . of the l^ie* lo call and 

- - — — ....— __ exoaune aiy stock, and low pn**s, b^orc toDhrag etoa- 

XI. OB SI a 


Fsll tnl Winter Underwear, 

ill Ifi, OOTMT of Bhia Mid Third itnotB 

*** fA.D MANBFIXl.k. 

. w. dr#BioB7 xs;; 


Newlv NkCuralised 

‘^BeV™a 5 e.*“ 

I AMU BBEI TW* I'RAM Oc^Aad eugaaov 

1 s-LSwir r.ffT 5 SK 

AB H -BOAR U8— 300 doaea just r*ueiv*d aud lur sal* 
fiMlTH, GUTHEIE k UP. esn’ n *t. 

W RITE BBANii Jaat r«aaived, 3u boahel* new wbiM 
Bean* ra *lai a aad for eale by 
^ AME. FON DA, taroimfaat.^ 



et X* X* X Ct S ' 43 

nORESWREt ROf . of OtERU ERd SiREk Rifl. li 
•Idfoe LO01EV1U.E. EY. waw, p, 

examine aiy stock, and low pnsss, bwore tookrag etoa- 
wfasr*. M KB. N.   KRF . 

y burgee br o;^,.,_ 

Valuable Tannery 


aa.rK wi«h to **•! om largi; ud eonvcaiwt TagcrT. 
VV artangod on the most apptwsd modma ptaa. arrtb 
afood*nE»«*i Pl«iY ««»nt water, a two shm 

dweBioE. oiu hotwes, kc. ' 

Thi*Sit*Wi»'h*e''*'^a‘!“«^ "Of Trviae. Bstill ee,, 
cm the Eeatmiky nver. An aaipto ni»ly hark atoi 
uiesooaU aastly piKar*d u th* vferaitr. Also wo 
cmd of bark in th* ahed. would also soil ibeotoek 
of bides, Uathw. ka- « • 

Fott *rm*er ga y uT ormat i o n apply to the oabowfoara 

,iE«i»Sh'tTTiT£x“* "r.SF ' 

acM of LoaisnEe.bef loavavaryrespMtfally toannoaiice 
th., ihev bav* Aaisned, moved into, ud 00*8*4, one 
hf the fiMht and wom ma«niEeeat FIRST ULAstS 
RESTAURANTS, to be found latho Unioa; sitoataduu 
Fliffi street, between Main aad Markot, *aat side, wiMta 
•ro to bo_fouiifi 

GAMi^oT^rf dfocnpffrm; 

wjBCftrF sriiK'’,..,.,. 

In fert*vsry*hiiig mih  oofiag and dtrakuig line; w.ib 
which they would b   happy to supply their auotcruus 
cdstaanofo. Towk un*xeSpUmraM#. 

 k -We hove on hand aa extra quality of Ihe fioea 
LAGER BCER to be had in Ihe oifif, to wliieb we frmte 

*Sd«‘dBm . REFFER » RYERB, Ptrogrimof*. 
i . . Rfi UFret^ 

I ioS5 BoCia. 

I ^■4^'’**** Fien ieti oa metodias, Ha* 

MU Whit*’* h e r aaa d er* Soag Book, illaswatodi 
•M WhiTa’s newDhi i WioH "oag Bodkio; 
fiM Whfia * OM dltMaied Xel«idgi« Eaag EooM 
300 0hn*ty k Wood# now Song D ek, Raatrased. 
ro* saie oMhofHhliafiorstoWMf whetoaalo pnooe wMb- 
oat additiue ftw freight at 


W h tilr"’* yg^Tithtr iir~ *‘rrf— . 

4 Main afireek 

' ^ VAC*rDDT. 

1T7B hhva ra t ehfod ti e hfeamr of tfm ahema MfMir, 

49 hRMC'dimi A aiaai 
W 00 Carpet Ubaim 

Frairi^ fee Fwb Oaeksu rathe Lafoea; Sark wb*u L fUe# oji.r ff*nd*.n.-n' a. *' m .'ted m- 

rjDo) the Keystoira State; ret Turkeys, Bw« Graoa Boag :«oh * o»d ChlUaa aaoh day ef mai* Ail g T, ,*»#!!. 

OLD BOOkBOJVui 4 O’bar sutMtuitiMl* tiroai OM piaxuaMr at tli« am Mr 


ja.**- — “ fjiJ'atvVA Vtt.f' ra-SAIX. DAT A.SD STtllNd..^ 

^ *"*• L. HAGAN k eXX 


kooc u   hB Cuuit FUeo. 
d*37 dlw 

B RUOtl 
180 d( 

'Y’lHYfifc hBVihg ServBM*. woawa or asoa, to hire cen Tire 'Works! Firo Works! 

I find gwxlhome* and fair hire for them. EpOhflHMBi I , .... 

lheofBe«*f th* uadarwgaod, Rk W I^Vwt. aixi I TBE saUeitWHrwiv-ng.firnia 

’ . — - » 1 J i*Urataii#fiEl*ie#,B Mg* Bad gonarai AraortoBaaS 

JAR .M.TTDINM. ; ’  lire Work*, which ha warraais aul giv# eaiMhcabi' 


lao doaea Erama 
« da WwpB* 






40R JaSfiNBO BlEWfi*. UL SUtk sai SEVEBiS. 

100 fiBZea I «ui,*9 E«hAeik 

gm^i » *» dot! 

R*  fo 4 ito oa« 

I* do 8 do do* 



lu«08e_VnaiiEl**v oraerthd siaee; 

myi7y ^ 

U'ALFKo**, Rdk %8rih*. LanWh Wuot, EhahM CM 
El maraBkdEeiraaOfoaahioAZraefi fodi. let sale 


i rtwJy forhaagg 

»A8 rash fodi. ic* sal* 
^SE F4^ ** 

* V hiMNAMou. 

feerteavr Trmmrot, ka.. 

^ ?«■» * t’hudse..B»wva^ -|-^— 



S'SKWkl^jEs.psi^sTP,:. : ; ^ • 

"SSF**”"* “* SMiuieh. ' 

titlE rami ’gBi em w ed lOBaiai 

H a V rN» biN^ im Um MKMteMiiniv of Pi«m p. .rw 

tkfl iMtaoyean, lh«l .uatidrot that, trnai •*!« •« tim-ni 
ajr . My Pianos are nannihctnTsrf (ynm thr I'sat ina^rwliT w 
tnsm vaual i« STSry r«ap««t U» any inatruaMou muiMTaaMr^ i 
HoUoc by «a»«ri *naed wuri^'n. Daaittri. ackooU. tMiaar*^. 
J. F. JA('lfB«. N, 0 r at ItM W arcItowM of A. u .MOkiii 
tmrrhaovfsaaa always ao« an aaoorinient aa4 eowpa/a ihsm i 
iiiyttkliwiy ’ 

inUHAMlMiKAKA SSED-SuO bvskeU, crop of ]«M 
P (to arrtTc) (br sale by 


J? lliltd W-, bet. M ala and tna Kiv«r. 

''BANRBUKiEfl— IJ bblaiB store and for sale by 

-/ IAIM ■ fa Ua a W 1 lal   u * 

coal IrtdB, prirate eaterirriw will puafa it ©a, 
until it opens up to tb« oonmierc* of Louisville 
the produeU of a vast portion of tlie State, hero- 

ant state of navigation, no large transactions for 
export have taken place, and a material fhUing 

North, South, Eaat, and West. 

laM asMuckian” Cook dtuvs. (Uires Massont). Tnsse 
Stov sw bitss great wsigTit of ■smi, tegUy ftsisked and 
sknUHt m srp «r.mss. rbsy eombine ail uw nMdsfn 
••lW»c«i«-»u ttiM pnstical t'kssrissee ba* irTsInaad 
vvs w'lii.d invite iiciu*-rs to call sndSkkAine tss Ssm^ 

*•- «aa a. 

pauuitage wan k bas ik.;s m  knidij bssto 
ws trust, by street l•l•lt piucant attsuUaa tn 
susnre a l••allalla•es SI II.  \nd Uta uaalu 
■rastnred work shail bs. as berstofors ega: 

lacd VI ass the uauisuf Uis brni aad r|. ss ic 
nersblp. TtiOSIAn I 

tbs coaart 

HA VI tea inersosed our fasIHhas. wc are 
now suabled to tars nut rtoni U‘s Mtweivs 
Pianos per weak. fVs would isspsctAilly la 
rbotssale kad rstail parsbassra that wa bone 

•d spader wmI » ll•cb snoka, aw M awa, kn 
tnek bora and « feat sirwbs: loasa of lbs w 
hoilara, aaa ikolereasi UMkWtni- nt Wtdara. 

» the Senate 
Mat In fbat 
r of the “Bn- 

eecond ybar. He says. "I retard «ij nabecri. 
beee, eic, not es a ^blfe, bnt a priva te tenHljr of 


JOMH u. tt'U^Nia a 

jomi O.litMLE. BWI'O*® 

reeult ad their Inveetigetioiis to the General 
Council nt thn narttift date. 

W e are perfkctly eatished that the people of 
i (hie dig intend tp open up the mines of our own 
State daring the prenent year. The heavy tax 

r Rsws aid La cal Ueiih* I 

.The alarm of fire yesterday was iUee. 
"Four Texes editors are among thereemits 


they are now paying for Tod. and the nntold 1 eslisted for Walker recently. 

By the revissd etStutes of Kedthcky any 
wonuu having a child between the age of six 
and eighteen years, may vote for School^ tiustee. 
This right was exercised a year ego by eeveral 
widows in the northern part of the State. Ken- 
tucky is the only State in which women are al- 

3EX3COBlXa»T 3n. . 



'IMlK undarain^ be^ Agents lbs the sale of ilM above UUa, kfs kow pfrikrkew aabitea -g— yita ikd 

1 . order* for lit Lkbttoauugkkd lleriiiBg OBs. piaakee 

:::;.:::::::JANUARY Jt^l8S7 j b. teen every where j ^ ^e nndenrtand thnt Prefweor Dana lec lowed the right of sulTnige. 

_ . . ^ I •moBcW the poofw rlMMa of tiw commuoit; . ,, .*-* ■ 


west cknisr Savawti and Mate a i raaw.l.oaiwlBa 

». r,-...™. -Th. ku«, f«,m wisuof- ^ 'Tl! torodlo. •oiall .udieDW ol Hoiul Boll lut 

Ab ExFioABAnoii.— lue w aau u« . improeeed them with the import- . . * 

ton which were published in this paper last week ^ ^ convinced them of the , * ‘ ^iii a 

are the individual opinions and ImpreMions of j ne(»ssity for it. They have fully made O* The weather continued quite cold during "PP**” Po^ ol the cUy, about one year eince, 

.. -a IS J I -f _ ... ... . - . . I 1 II _L. 

A BUST ov VAROEnkH MoKBU. — UuT readers 
well remember the killing of a Oermnn, in the 

the writer, and would never have appeared in ' minds to this, and it only remains to 1 the day yesterday. Laet night it was doudy, 

any other form than that of a letter or eommnni- where the beet article of coal may be with appearances of more enow, 

cation. We teel very sure that the Democracy ; ^ j thg nearest, most practicable, and least — rrv . . 

of Kentucky entertain very diflerent feelings. e^“vr ronte leading to it. The ’re«,l«tio.   ' 

The pm^ nrdlmet Sutee Rights gentlemen who j In ,te Oitj 0...«l 'confer, uron «» '“ «  “* 

habinaaSe about W aehington may not eonsider i nnd the Presdente of the two Boards the ‘ 

JesM D. Bright John Widell, and Howell Cobb j p^^rer and the means to acccraplish these ends- Basis 0 ie»oaed.— I t will be seen from our 
as trustworthy, but ws are very much mistaken I g,, ** the Board of Alderman act upon it, ulegraphio dispatches that several Illinois banks 

if the Democratic masnes'are not imprsssed with j ^ doubt, Uw engineer will be appoint- overboard. 

very di fi erent opinioM abont tboM distinguished I ^ work will be commenced at once 

gtatwasen. The senior editor would have made j In earnest. .^•T'The Missouri Honse of Representatives 

this explanation at the time the letters were pnb- | . passed a resolution on the lath inst., by a vot, 

lighed the paeeeges l ethrred to been observed i Goal ron Ix oiSTiLLn.— As a matter of very ©f T 6 to 44, to adjourn the Legislature from 
^ I general interect just at this time, we publish the Jefferson City to St. Louis. 

36 Hours from New York. 


over the Fcnnuylvaniti Central anH Maltiiuore and ( Miio 
O' Ths weather continued quite cold during «i um ««.t, muoui oue year since, luiirowi.farmMg u« doaUtem ruuuuai «u u»r.. 

e day yesterday Laet night it was doudr * young man named Vardeman Morris, who bee from the immcnae difflcuiue* aad tniiiouv delays rr 

Ith immediately fled' He has bIdm einded the vigi- « » pan*** over 

[th appearances of more snow. .• »ht« tn cofwrquew-e » f the rigor of winter is Ui.-e 

— lance of the police. But a few weeks since Otficer laiitudea. 

tTTbe merry jingle of the sleigh bell was Raj , lieing In Quincy, Illinois, upon other busi- Tk* eigwience of tho«e merchaiu* kf LomvTiiie wiio 
ard upon our streeU untU a late liour last ©ees. met Morns, and. having procured a requi- *"''*®'‘”^‘»«''»'“e““ favegoo(i.outbyth« N,mh«r« 
eht. * .u r T- n . , route la*t Whiter is eokcliuive Ok the aubjecl. 



A ^r% AJ I ATTrm» A mo M^m y 


eition from the Governor of thig State, arrested 

lUie last wuiter is eokrlUMve ok the skbjecl. 

This IS the only Company runaing out of l.ouwville 

Basis OvinnoAUD —It will U aeen from ©ur officer and prisoner arrived Friday ^’”"f^‘^"'*;"“**‘^*‘**‘®'’*‘' *‘»H»riford,NewHaveii, 

Okku UVSBSOAUD.— It win PS seen rrom our * ^ ' I Philadelphia, Baltimore. Washinetnn Mn,.«ife b.-k 

telegraphic dispatches that several Illinois banks 


5o. 445, Cor. Main and Fifth «ts., 

LouisTills, Ky. • 

bed the paeeegee i dhrred to been observed Goal rot I/OOistills— A s a matter of very ©f to 44, to adjourn t 
, general interest juet at this time, we publish the Jefferson City to St. Louis. 

■ proceedings of the City Conndl on Thursday 

T«i Nsw Oovnauunrr abo m DnoosATic night, bearing upon ths proposed branch road Flocb.— U nder favorabl 

^•i^The Missouri Honse of Representatives — * n • . -.u 

.. . f , Jack Sheppard was not well received, notwith- 

paseed a resolution on the IJth met., by a vote _ w » j . j * u 

T • . , i. ^ standing Mrs. Bernard played the part as she 
of T6to 44, to adjourn the Legislature from 

THXA«u.-The Theater was not well attended Tw^^g 0 ^; 
last night, owing to bad weather. The play of by u«, we are eaaUetl to iraiiMri mU baunru eatmoted 
Jack Sheppard was not well received, notwith- erfiiditiotu nuanur tKan anw tUker Com 

standing Mrs. Bernard played the part as she ^ew Vmk $3 so pertoo iba; or if m.y 

does all other, excellent well. To-morrow night ®tiier Etprea* Com pauy will curry for Iom we win m.ikr 

Philadelphia, Baitiranre. Waahingtnn, Norlolk, Rich I * wtaa*VAXAW| 

a»eir l.teree» to eaHand enmike «y 

mm sAwim 

Mr. A. D. Bradley — the ueoule’s favorite — will I '^"■*^“*» ** f than their iowe»t qaoiaunn 

— ^ 77 ~, i, . . . , , . _ „ .. and gimranir* MM lime. 

Flocb. — U nder favorable advices from New tii*« » benefit. The first play is Dombey A Son, 

and ruaranfet belter lime. 

TUi* ia the only Kxpresa Company ranuiuf over lae 

Pa«-T -We are Mvi the Pennsylvanian, friends to the Kentucky coal fields. We believe this ac- York, the prices have advanced, but the suspen- taken from Dickens’ celebrated novel of that LoeJ*viiiennd Frankfort, 

i the President’ e»;ct. We are friends Iff the tio. meets the vieus of nim-tentbs of our citi- »ion of navigation prevenU all speculation, and name, in which Mr. Bradley wiU reprment Capt. 

DsMocratk party— that party which has steadily sens. The report is ctear nod full. I*'?® “ot have been effected. ?„**! .*“ ^ follotred by a dance by Miss R. *„ue. 

anstained the Federal Union — which embraces Mr. Monsarrat, from a special committee, pre- ' 7 , TT^*?** I T . , Waldegrave. The performance will conclude 

Mntiment. Mid advocates prindplM which lie at rented t^foUowin, report wUh the accompany- m.^L betwren Sbe^y aTcam'^pb^l^^^^^ rp^ar‘^‘T?w’!’“^^^^ e 

OenfniJ OmneU  if tht city of Lauin-ilU: Those who have not eeen this great bur- b d'®n«poiu .nd 

wwe iudidous policT of fairoere in the adminis- The committee appointed to report upon the ^ ^ ^ *** “ *•*!“« should not faU to attend, for tbig may be L«ingu n...„ , A. M. 

^ I-. “ *•* practicable route by which a branch from despaired of. their last cuportuni tv Mr Bradley is a worthy m an .. o andiSP. .w. 

tration of justice and Uberality between manand Louj^e and Nashville railroad wUl connect ill „ : . ^ ^ ‘'*' 

man. the dty of Louisville with a permanent supply Two or three fellows who were driving ® tieman and an excellent actor, and we hope 0(?-i'wfnrUierinforBiauon, apply to 

Democracy ia thU oonntry is not a man— it is of coal and iron, after a careful investigation up Jefferson street last night at a tremendous ‘“7!^'' occasion, receive an endorsement W Main nt *’bil‘ Th  . 

. nnwTr whi.* hk. cJnotrmotoA a govern- inquiry, rek leave te report: ,hdr .teigb com- remember. Z 




Coach and Saddlery, Hardware and Leather 

the organ of great prindplee, the advocates of a 
wise jndidons policy, of fairoere ia the adminis- 
tration of justice and liberality between manand 

To the Otneral Oottncil qf the city of Louin iUt: 
The committee appointed to report upon the 
most practicable route by which a branch from 
the Louisville and Nashville railroad will connect 
the dty of Louisville with a permanent supply 

naiuegravc. TDe performance will conclude " Ptep»r«l to give our usual rttepeu-h m all l»u*i 
with Po-Ca-IIon-Tas, in which Mr. Bradley will "*■" 

appear as “Pow-Ka-Tan,” one of his greatest Cineiknau *”*^ 1 ^”.*...**^* 

parts. Those who have not seen this great bur- Indianapolis and WVst at « a. M 

vmbb sr-ifein Bfet..i-y ** . rtkll I J 

BckUng. Baddlc Bag aad U'ollkr I.« alkar. ^ Mieie I eamsti Bog Md OMf 

Also, erholeaale kiaeutecUirer ot daddlea. ItarMe. .... 

Kelting. Fire Eoglnc and HtekaiboatH. M .wkiraBi -dara MS’JS*!^ ** f * * h»d Leamet^ 

as ekk Ite huugkt In the Easteni aiuae. " "•reodenaJng mmI at ke low anoas 

a great power which ha. congtnmted a gover^ 7S-Misste- 

■ent and maintaioe it. 'We epeak often of the ^ppj according to the approximate 

Federal Constitatioa, and treat it as a spedes of I boundaries laid down by D. D. Owen in his 
diepenretion without human origin. It ia no Oerfogical Survey of JiLcatticky, may be given 

^ I ma fV^llr^wm* Kreermntrtre ^re fKa f klki*^ ae«*^a*. ^A «Wa 

*”^^*^*!*?k*** ***r« M U .J ^®''® about a rod, their sleigh com- 

That the great middle coal-field of the Miaaia- . ’ , ..... 

■ippi valley, according to the approximate luf nn*ipe -t«d!y In coataot with a load of wood. 

g uaeipecieaiy in witn a^oaa oi wood. Rimoval.- W e invite the public atteution to 

Momt.— T here U very little change in the removal of Mr. G. F. Jackson from Fifth 

' as follows.' Beginning on the Ohio river at the Money market to notice. The demand continues ^ Mamet, between Sixth and Seventh 

such thing; it is an exprereion of De y. Tradewater, between the counties of quite active, with a continuation of the difficul- where be offers extra inducements to 

I. -.leo.., r«rp«:L‘r7J“ 

is the A mencan govvnmeDt— the ongmal estate, ^ counties of Muhlen- IxCHAnoi.— Demand active at onr laet quota- solicit an immense amount of purchareers in the 

and iaduding all its current inddeats. It em- burg, Todd, Login, and Batier, crossing Muddy tions, and out-door rates have advanced to fc piano trade. He has rented two large and spa- 
ploys men to speak its voice, to enforce its will, cretA at i^te fork; thenre through the southern selling on the East. For Southern a continued cious stores in Deppia’s Block where he intends 
te execute iu judgmentt. It elected James J-" activity is prevailing for sight funds, and large not to be eicellsd in producing work that can- 

Boebanan to be President; but in doing so. it Green rivers; thsnce easterly along the di- ■*1®8 have been raaile at Jalc prem. not fail to give the best of satisfaction. Mr. 

ties arising from the want of an outlet for onr 
products. No change in uncurrent funds. 

It is the fruit of its seed planted ia a oongeoial Union and Crittenden, the line ot coal follows 
anil and gathered amidet the highefo evidences of the course of this sUeam to its sources in the 
its value and ite practical ases. Democracy then nsrthern part of Christian county; thence easterly 
, ... . .u. 1 by the headwaters of Pond liver, and aearlv 

is the A mencan govarnment-tbe ongiaal estate, ^ 

is the A merican govarnment-tbe original eatate, ^ counties of Muhlen- Ixchahob.— D emand active at onr laet quola- 

and iaduding all its current inddeats. It en»- burg, Todd, Login, and Batier, crossing Muddy tions, and out-door rates have advanced to fc 
ploys men to speak its voice, to enforce its will, creek at its fork; thence through the southern selling on the East. For Southern a continued 
U It .1^ J. 0 -. i.p«, for .ight fund., and 

Buchanan to be President; but in doing so. it »nd Green rivers; thsnce easterly along the di- ■*1®8 have been raaile at Jalc prem. 

mad* him a representative of all the states, and between these rivers, through Barren and — » — 

1 mpered upon him, as such, the highest responsi- Edmandson comities, to the mouth of Nolia CT A revolting case of practical amalgamation 
bilitiei. It created nothing in the sfoction; it creak, thence northward to the month of Dismal occurred at the police court yesterday. A poor, 

oBir itroTid  d for ibeknforceinect of rnlrealreadv 'benoe in a northwesterly course south of abandoned woman had been living with an an- 

OBly provided for the enlorceineei 01 nuesaireaay Grayson Springs, near the sources of CUy Uck .... .u- 1 . 1 . j * eiu- • fru„- 

inexistencs. It is evident, then, that Mr. Bach- and Caoey creeks toward the fulls of Bough thick-lipped bob of Ethiopia. They 

aiian has been placed in the Preaidential chair, a**; tbence northerly, by the Mureoc of Pan- ^’ere both sent to the workhouse. 

not with any purpose of endewmg him with wy BrSimridgi  »untieefto th 7 Oteo^ rfrer^t .^The alarm ef fire at about twelve o’clock 
original functions, nor with a view of enlarging i,heereat south bend. YVitbin this boundArT Fridav niaht nroceeded from the lumber vard 

cmi; thence in a northwesterly course south of abandoned woman had been living with an an- 
Grayson Springs, near the sources of Clar Lick . l., .v u « j # m.i.- • few 

and Caoey cr^ks toward the fulls of thick-lipped son of Ethiopia. They 

■ .k .lit.. . U.«.aU .-fe-fe* 4l..k 

aiian has been placed in the Presidential chair, creek; t^nce northerly, by the Mureos of Pan- both tent to the workhouse. ficient to secure the custom he so richly dese 

not with any purpose of endowing him with mj Breckiarid^ countiee)^^ the^ Ohlo^rtver^t .5^The alarm ef fire at abont twelve o’clock He also has a few little new inventions con 
original functions, nor with a view of enlarging ihe great south bend. Within this boundurv is Friday night, proceeded from the lumber yard with bis work whick are displayed wij 
or limiting the sphere of executive action; bat comprised the coanties ofUnion, Hopkins, Ohio, of John Lintnsr, corner of Main and Hancock q®“if® biste, and cannot fail to be admired. 

w.ih the sole puriKwe of effecting ia the adatin- . Hancock ^ ^ f ^tT “^T 

istrution of Uie Uaion the ends of the Democre- together with portions of Ei.ictu»i» er Uwitid Statis Siwatoiis is 

 rv,:. I. rwn/w.. Ch™^“  Grayson, and Breckin- ■“red, was destroyed. — Faction has about plaved out its hai 

cy This U even techaically so, for the Dem ^ The above may be considered the middle Indiana, in reference to the’ election of U 

Juckson manufacturee his own work, and per- 
sons who are in want of anything in his line 
will do well to call and examine bis extensive 
assortment before purchasing. 

We are positive a cidl at his room, will be suf- 

iiiuiiiiiapuiis ana at   A. M I 

Franklurtand Lcziiiftoo...-. 7 A. .M. I 

and tS P. M. I 

New Alltany and Saleui Koail at 1 p.M. I 

OCT-FurrarUieriaroraiiiUon, avpir to 

B. A. JONS:b, Af«Dt. 

i* l 6 dliu i* 6^^ Mnin nt., bet. Pccund npd Third. 

8 . Z. MARTIN....;... ;....„..:..7.G.“r. PENTON 

3MC^iyt±TLcfcI*€»'n.tO't:x, ■ 

(Buccc^aora 10 ) 

ROBINSON, MARTIN A CO., 9 tJ Fourth .St. 

H AVR in n complete n!«ortnient of— 

Liipcni, Bombnziii*..., ami Chsiliea: 

Black 'I aiiie.e Cloibfe and l.uMrM: 

Do Batin Faced M*rieo«*: 

Su^r Black Rept Bilka; 

Do do Mouniins Bilka; 

Do do Lyoiia VelT«i; ' 

Do do German do; 

Black and colored (Moakinr CIoUk: 
MnpertiiialilyCanu.ii Khuineli; 

Bahardvat*, Blinker, ami oaxony Flannels; 

Blue, (iranfe, and Hcarlet d,|. 

8 hirting« and PhretiiifK. a compute ’stock; 

IriRti Linens, of alt inakp.N ftnd 
Heavy plaid sotutne, lor asrvaiiui wear; 

I’laiu Lin«eys ami Fulled CloUia; 

4 4 lupor Be* Tifkints. 


White and colored RoopH.irapruved; 

Colored uullted Bl^irts; 

Whits, Black, and colorsd Motoens. 


Our stock of Cloaks and Talmas will be rlosed out at 

Hides asid Leather, in reufli, boefht Sb 4 note. 
OC^ Baddlerj Waj’ch ouse, 4SS Mate s4n:at. 

cm piAWOS! m 


X?* - sF -A-C~i? T r  ^  ~uTVT 
Practica Piano Forte .^kei.’ 



‘The alarm ef fire at abont twelve o’clock 

A part only of the lumber, which is in^ 

ficient to secure the custom he so richly deserves. iX^iJo^th^ s'ame u^iSL’ *‘’**’‘*^"* “““X 

He also has a few little new inventions connect- jaw Fourtjtji^^t' Var?e^a„^^'t^^,^^;„ 

ed with his work whick are displayed wijh ex. " - 


F’lr&xxGlx &,xx i CSrGrxxn^n 



. ""®"* r«ipee4fully «eU •!*« aMeatiHU •! mur IVmhhIs. emA ut.^ .- T * 

aiid well assorted -lock of Fan G «n 1*. ^vlnf coustauUy a^rTIT »erehaeis, m aerluss 

•i^r such mdueemenlH to burst- IS •4* ^SIu, by^t’wLi ^ -J' mmim ei!l wl^ 

teowM with grwiiPteMurs. C«muc auTrtzamme as StoW pmtou.2: VJT 

will he r'larrunts 

•ost ot toe toMKie. 

aeuoe htekre parenmi 


LadiM’ tine black Kid Hlippers; 

This is even trehaically so; for the Democ- 

racy have triumphe4, and their triumph is the coal-field of Kentucky. Mr. Owen has, however, ^^The l)oard of directors of the Southwest- Slates Senators. On TaMd^tbetw^^ m 

triumph of the C-onstitatk n itrelf. It is their exprrered opimon that large deposiis of coal ern]Agricaltural Association met yesterday morn- of the Legislature met in joint session, agreeably I 
voice that baa prevailed- their opinions, their distance than that jng ^^d elected Wm. D. Gallagher recording to the constitution, for the purpose of canvassing ’ 

... . . .V. ■ w aet forth in his rei»ort. The line of lha Louis- .. ^ Tn n- v. the votes for Governor and Sute officers This 

policy, their pnnapies, their men, have been en- grille and Nashville Railroad, so far as It comes corresponding secretery, and Collis Ormsby presiding officer declared th! 7 

doraed. And, be it reaeemliered, it is their policy, within the reach of this coal-field, may be said treasurer. joint coavention adjournecl antil the 3d of Feb- I 

principleii and men, alone, that can secure eqaal- fo Ireve Elixabethtown in Hardin county, wUenre ■ — • ••• — rnary, at two o’clock P. M. At that session • 

ity tolbeStetea, jastics to the individmtis and residences of Mrs. Morgan and United Sutre Senators will undoubtedly be elect- 

n-«n. w. inf-r iL.t Mr Mrs. Voilre,et Fredericksburg, near New Albany, ®d. The Democrats have a large majority oa 7 

progreeito the Nauon. Hence we infer that Mr. Warrea. The distance from Elizabethtown to j u c rn, i s.u , joint ballot. • j / ^ 

Burhenan is strictly the repreeenUlive of ibe Bowling-Greea is 71 miles. Within this d is- xx**^*  The State Journal at Indianapolis waxes very 

great Deroocracy of the Union, and that fidelity • *'r«»cb from the Ixiuisville and Nash- “®*'’ furoXore. The fire originated from a wroth at the turn affairs have uken, and inti- - 

to his trust can onlv be maintained by giving "^^^rrailro^ will ««h the main coal-field at a stove-pipe. mates an intention of contesting the election of C 

te nis iru« can oniy oe nmiatainra oy gi ing n,„imum distance of thirty miles and a miai. — Senators If they are chosen at the adjourned sea- ^ 

due weight to the opiaiune of bie party, and the muoi ot eeven and one-half milee, varying ac- Three boye, John Estes, William and Ed. sion. No use, Mr, Journal, the proceedings are I 

Ei, 1 CTI 01 I of UWITXD StATM SlIfATOM IB Ibdi- Do flue do and te 

ARA. — Faction has about played out its hand in received and tor sale by 

Indiana, in reference to the’ election of United - 

Slates Senators. On Tuesday the two branches 

awn' nne oinea aid nlippera; 

Ho fine white do do; 

Do fine do Batin do; 

Do fine black Velm do; -- 

Do fine do and teoiize Toilet Blippers; 

aetforth inhisreitort. The lineof ih. Louia- r, nr. the votes for Goveraor and SUte offic^re This »‘’nr low tor c 

®»* ville and Nashville Ritilroad, so far as It comeo ““d corresponding secretery, and Collis Ormsby being done, the presiding officer dSIred th! in 

icy, within the reach of teis coal-field, may be said treasurer. joint coavention adjournecl until the 3d of Feb- L LadX’ Uiiek toiJi 

ial» JONK 8 A 8 NY UF.R 

t BOOTS AND 8IIOKS-.t ..mhI a*„„Ii;»7or 
Man’a, Boys’, Yoiilha’.audUhildren’- Boot* ami 
Sboas.f oaraeand fine, on band, iw wbich w« in- 
vite Ilia attenuen of the puMic, and which we 
very low tor caata. 

i«t * .tONEM a. aWDKK. 


Company’s Office, 

.•S45 nrAIN MTK«BT, I.Of'IWWH.J.e. 

to leave Elixabathtown in Hardin county, whence 
it sweeps round Jn a southeasterly curve from 

• r* '’J X — lUC V A I If V ^ * H PV I Kn nri/Y 1 *W 

joint coavention adjournecl antil the 3d of Feb- L Ladiea’ Uiiek eoled MooKreo and Kid he«lyd Boo.- 

■ — rnary, at two o’clock P. M. At that session , . ‘hm do do do do do d«; ’ 

Ftaa.— The residences of Mrs. Morgan and United Sutes Senators will undoubtedly be elect- 

▲ CAfoD. 

aato l\tX Beiiw 

river, eomitry, end .^v ** 

I Loui.vWe, I raaeeetOilh --^-niivSiIir! * 

, K. toe aew Sib  f Umg ^ ^ 

, K. toe aaw Sra ifLoax a fU*,, 
Reepveeiii’ty Ae., ke.. 

jaaitary tH, Vt 


.■U—e fBeawe 



various Steles and sections of the Republic. In cording to the windings of the main road and 

oth« -ord., “ e~“.   » "U 5 ' Titoli ’-*“ 8 .^ 'i"- 

representeiive. That coMtiteency has conveyed ^ 

a ahovel. The case was made out, and t 

ne individual rights to the Premdant elect, bat which a branch road may be extended from the were sent to the workhouse for the winter. \ 
has imposed upon bin duties and obligations. main stem to the coa,l field, at a cost not to ex- — 0 - 0 - 

— - — —«-•»» Senators if they are chosen at the adjourned sea- — ; “ ■ • . 

^ 1 ^ Three boys, John Estes, William and Ed. sion. No use, Mr, Journal, the proceedings are KVorHki«*by "’bite Wheat Flour.iu stor* and 

Henlhorn and Louis Beech, were before the police fh® Black Republicans in Indiana will i*i** P' BGNDCRANT k co. 

be selected from ‘ The case was made out, and they ^ oiiCKWHitAT fl«.|ir-,oo ban ta. 

rtdAarfAsf iTfora in 4km w/awWiAiiom fnw 4k*a vSnftt* Fftmi nAf.T IdAKV AMf\ 'Tus Pr atmo Qrv..... L# Ia tU Te ADU Tof MU^ by 

has imposed upon him duties and obligations. main stem to tba coal field, at a cost not to ex- 

Ko error in this country is more fatal in its ™**' for the road, la complete 

■ . . . • • . ij f J .V order the UansportaUeu of coal and iron Th* 

inioenoe, than that which would confound the r©xd from Uu is ville to Nashville will il 

AI^The sun is ninety-five millions of miles 
from the earth, and the nearest stars sixty mtl- 

rigbt of CoDstituskcy with the dignity of the all p 
Exefeutive. They are separate estates, and the bran' 
duties of each are distinct. The Presidential 


office is one of great respectability, and undeoi- {^^ns 
ably and properly one of great power. We an viUe. 

Feom Salt Lakb akd ths Plains — S crriaiNS 
or THi Mormon Trahis.— T he Indepindence(Mo.) 
Dispatch, of the 8 tb InsL, says a part of the Sait 
Lake mail arrived at that place oa the last of De- 
cember, having left the mail at Blue, one hun- 

B iiukwhkat FLOI'R-ioo b»r« tae Panaiylvani* 
i* vtore *D«1 for aaie by ^ 

.jAlS J. U. BO N DURANT fc CO. 

3 r o'w r*±r*ixx. ' 

"fi *',b*'**X «ouniy, and D. F. 
MA a(«Y, of lijiT4s AmociiitFii 

all probability reach the point from which tba miles-light from the latter is ten years dred aid sixty miles out, where tbeiules of tbi T*lw V;tod“-. 1211 ^ 11.1,ur.rv of 

branch will leave the Stem before the branch road reaching ns. What a chance for a magnetic contractor were attached for debt. Tbacondue- MORRIB THOMAS fo CO 

can te Mmpleted; so that, u soon as the work tel^ph line! Who will make the wire?  “ consequence of this, was unable to bring With prompt aitmtioii to tteir hn .J' « . 

on the branch road can be done, coal can te “ore than the way mail. ‘ an.T 

transferred over the entire line of road to Louis- t7*A Miss “Steed," a lady of brief stature, The winter on the plains is reported as unusn- ‘rtde t^roeraiiy. 


more than the way mail. * I »br public p«uo*«*'v. ’fkirMj low. _ ; 

The winter on the plains is reported as unusn- ‘ Bie trade j^eoemiiy. * I .... tofu.*KuUut aud \\ 

ally severe— th^snow averaging two or threa feet M'maxuy ** ***’ 

in depth. 

nrk fthAnt ITArt ITAA^Fnfogr wam ;«« m Z. a riva. gv;^ lo 

Cost of coal brought over this branch and main 
road will not axceed 12 ^ cents pur bushels, sold 

'|V|1K ADAM8 RXPKEB8 CONFANV be* pi mlo W NkS aiaa i 

a tk« pubitetkatOB aad attar MoaiUy, into uiiH., lb ^ * w. 

will d«^ y b -V «•« ' ■R' . Fnanti Strv*f, mito? I 

Two Expresses Daily, | dealers on 

TO FRANKFORT AND LExrNGTo^ *f ewelry Ike 

BT 8 A. g F,fa. TIKAl.tin. ; /JY HAVE *oir a im 

Dr^Mercnandt-*, Parkoffer, Wnney, and valuable*, or I Walckaa, Jawetry, an 

aiarded in abane ot Special M« 4ensr.r-. I tbr moat raaeav !■ 

Ot^*, Bill* or Aecountu eolle«lod. ' ailicln* -nimlMa Aw iMSmay, *i 

u^Urdar- proBf Uy anaadud to, | Tbtor pneirv are aatowia ao 

mntvrtainkt p 8. A. J ONgW AseaL eq^«|.-r o.'ynod- aaa be fam 


Clorwerwf Ballltxnwsilbaxersfa. I LouiSYilie SR 

T. T*'LI. PaarmtaToa. 

W UEIKBriui he fiHind alall timaaollkiad-ofliBe Wme-. 

Liquoni, aad t'ltara: and the wvary travater- can 

iiia^ thvniaelvra at iMiuia, witoS'^xt bad*. Liu table ut l^YlSiAihaSa 

alwaya rnppiied with to* boat iha aiartat aiforii*. aVTX I 1\.\ FA I F- 

H* boaaa by keapiuf a ynad iMiua* u  mctit a ahar* of . , „ . . ... 

the public pauoaare. fharaaj tow. T. TULL. i k^ a^aftar Wednawlay, tk 


F. Veiuer A 

Fnurlti Streat. Mitor toa Nakawal Macal  *— 

) DSiLEB iO»I.V IVriNS ' 

Jewelry A U atches. 

I HAVE bow a taaiafUl dwptay of DMaa*4a 

I S-^VVaichaa.JcwetrT. and kavaMaa --"mi Ami 
I tbe mnat p* * ' ‘~i ~ to r lu iltaa ■ a M- 

' aiiicina -QitalMa Aw rtokNay, birtkiiay, aad aritoii ■rnaT^ 

I Their pnoaa are uatowia aad a* raaaoaabi* aa S* iM* 
eq^c|.-r Of ynod- aaa he tentwhad tor aiaawhar* 

Tlaur meeiaare w-traalad af aMrtea p«mr aad toa 
J te- r wa f nma-nip. ^ISdlg 

I LouiSYilie Nash^Me 

! feoemlly. 

MORUiri THOMA 8 . 
D. F. MAXrY. 

» ooc O. , 1 -— transtefred over the entire Une of road to Louis- CTA Miss “Steed,” a lady of brief stature. The winter on the plains is reported as unusn- 

^y and properly on. of great power. Weare ^ ^ having lately married a man by the name of *^®raging two or t^^ 

far less apt to question a ChiM^ Magistrate than of «»al brought over this branch and main im™.— »» -o - » o in depth. 

an inferior represMtetire; b«t the structure, as «•“»• P-r i»u«tels, sold ^ ^ ^ “ acqiiamtence. Brow n a pwty of South Carolinian^ who had gone 

^ ^ • 1 C J ** retell in the aty, and can te afforded at a ratnarked that it was an exemplification of the up abont Fort Kearnev, were in a state of ureat 

well us tite teudwey of w system, jusWy and less rate lu quantities, such as are required old proverb-*' A short hors.’ is soon rumW." were more or less 

demand the enforcement of the obligaUon of by our manufaclurers, and if the connwlion al- Sad war is Brown bitten. One bad lost both feet, which bad, I AS well as to tender to them my hesi wishes \nr their imm* 

laded to can te completed by the ensuing winter * in consequence of freezing, been amputated It '*'“*■ liaisdsj JACOB 

N„ Mr. I. ... of ,bo old-, obi-. ^o^' “i2 LoltSu X-™ '» «» .’o“ Uo £‘r 'r^dZo-. 

and mofo thoroughly Democratic statesman to the contingencies and high pricre caused by of articto on th. impersonality of th© The Indians u^n the entire route manifested 

who has been promoted to the Presidency. Th* th. ice Md wnd ban of tb. Ohio river. The pres.: ‘-Even the inaividualUy of Mr. Grreley no hortila disposition, and the mail party mad. 

Vatrr Wrs«u. 
Loaiaville, ky. 

Now Mr. Buchanan is on. Of tteoldmLablmt ^pi^V^llal and Moomr.-The Newark Mercury says, in the 

and moot thoroughly Democratic statesman to the contingencies and high prices cau^ by of articto on th. impersonality of th© 

who has been promoted to the Presidency. Th* th* ice and sand ban of tb. Ohio river. The press: ‘-Even the inaividualUy of Mr. Greeley 

p-.f .hid. h-, fe, to, h-b-nto«,h.of i».he ,pl..dldto«.». ,ufe 

jeon, Upi him in i^h stations of frwi, in tte «ppi Vall.y, and M th. aem. time secure to us ®“ ‘*** «opies this, with some They arrived at Fort Kearney on the illh of 


(Lav* Buh or ths koaisviLLB Horsb.t 

nixtta ntra.s Wtwnnm Mmlm A .'•etarweM 

I.onuVIU.B. KF., 

H A8 befeD l*a* Ml by tba aubscrlbcr aad Um ani^tuac 
ibdwiiufb rapaint. ami l «a* Maahad with all the c ia 

B»»aBraM(b, toaaaa ap lk« l.atauMa 
Reiaruna, lau v« N w(ob at I;4S F. w7, 
vIBc at I f-S a’e l a*. F. tS. 

p-nana hrraioii 

l*(«TannaaM. to 


omaaintneJaactifeaof tkaLak- 
9 lk« T.atau^ Branak la IgaMn, 
.a at l:4S F. amataf .TX- 


Lsgislalure, in the Cabinet, and the Diplomatic th. tre^e of an important section of country other matter, and says: “There is no doubt December. While delaying on account of a storm 
•ervioe, and which has just called him to tte abounding in iron, building stone, forests of that this is subs tentially true.” Kearney, a man in the employ of Mr. Djrer, 

Pretodan. V ia with kirn tk* eoioa of the nation *od rich in th. growth of agriculture; the Sutler, was driven before the storm, whUe 

,, .f *• ibis branch road is finished te the Grocbbixs. —As might te expected in the pres- ROing from the store to bis quarters, and doubt- 

CURTAIAS, FLOOR CJL CLOTHS, RHGS, j‘.S: ‘^j'iThTw ramey W.TitIm Hmmsie-rftuew., TM.k  

AXD MATS, ~ ^.fe_ T- ■»•••• A wrw*«.em«D •takSmmry, 

« to.- .. Copartnership. i S'‘^di*;iIlL£•'"“••*^'*'‘h.elttee..o#LdUM•vttl.. 

MM M Mn? Ob/ ^ 111 U. 1 1 a I HATB thiaSay w-«r *iatrd witk in Nib Ctuthine ly fiuad **vab4i-kaM-ui. ua Jaffbrao* .w,!7*h .7i** 

_ J T" ^ doo w_- a. . • •"J Kurnbihinf bu*m^ Mi. A. VV. BO.\TB. 'ITto I Fanrik aa. Fifth. Ua plailsaa bia tolth to ba'avMto^ 

December. While delaying on account of a storm Main Strret, bumima* of th# flrai wlU b*  roaduna. la tk* tniare uii any an. all arOar* sivan Uua, aa. will m*n ntaa M^rurfc 

at Kearney, a man in the employ of Mr. Dyer M B»HKOTFUl,L Y call thn nttmtio* oribalr euitom- “** !?r  »*•« rhw ate. at Ua*«a 

tbaSafW WHadrta.n Jk- ...vJl -.iT,’ JA vra an. Uie public geneiall, to tliair laft* aad u* J““*i — * teato i a baa. |a„iSJ O. NBVIN. 

vue ouuer, was artv.n Deiore the storm, while naualiy wvil a»*orud atock ofaiMidii. cmbrncin.- . .. ... -7“.;; — ^ 

going from the Store to his quarters, and doubt- buper Kicii Royal VaiyeiUdupau; DlSSOlutlOR 01 UODATtnershlD. .ukcab-camk 

less perished, as he has not been seen since. S a;;n.* rrUE Pannar^to !i-etotore.L.n«b..-o.nih..ub- I 

S.lraaie Biusvcli do Carncta: A Kilb*!*, anderUiv firmorKubiaaoa, Marua.a Co., I iNdicieni la va.-b naa in aiaat ■.., ’-^7- vj* 

Ka ilMWoufb rapaint. and ban* Mipahad with all the roe J ™ t a f 

.J. P. M**«U 4 LL veniaiiccM of a iwvt cluaa hoi«L tti# rooaia baiuc tniwr I SCHLPTOR A I'lfTTUK 1U ki i wtwnw /- * 
aiidairy,nia»eitaino*cde*irableh.maafof tamUieV Jay, I KINDS OF 

and tranitoal boanlara. MARBLM 

 TBS,KVOS, r.«yrw.«i. r,,^ 

The incoaini 

less perished, as he has not been eeen since. 

Quite a number in and around the post have 
been injured by the extreme cold of the season. 
Accompanied by Lieut. Kelton, Q. M., and Dr. 

, . , ’ tofore shut eut from her uade. Tte completion *** w*® oi u observable. Tte Accompanied by Lieut. Kelton, Q. M., and Dr. 

but the nation e. It le not to be his govemuMot «f « branch road, such as yonr committee eug- demand has been chiefly from jobbers in order of Fort Laramie, the mail party left Kear- 

but lb* government of the Stetce and the peo- K«»te! will cause onr city to' grow in wealth and to replenish their stocks. reached here without mndvinterruption 

pie. What is required, then, is that all sections Pop«totion, from the feet that she has local ad- , on last Monday. On their way in, near Bean riv- 

,, , vantages of a great manufacturing emporium ti«- m- v:n:* v j .• a er, they met the third hand cart train of Jlormons 

of tte C^n shall te heard in tte fornatioa of and oaly needs a cuostant and certain supply of ^‘/***™ ^*“  l®riined the ap- going west. This was one of Brigham Young’s 

tte PreKidaot's cabinet. coal and iron to insure the iriuiaph of this pointment of English Minister to this country, favorite methods of travel, and the sncceesful 

Nor ought it to te forgotten that tte Demo- industry. W* shall then keep among The salary was raised to £fi,000 to induce him to of the first and second train induced tba 

cratic party, upon tte details of minor qnettions, ‘“'““J® •?“ “ow yearlv drawn take it, but his brother, Lord Clarendon advised ®‘^**®“* of Salt 1 ake City to hold a public meet- 

do not .holla — k ,i;-: .1 ‘”?mourciiJ*e^aod{)aidtothe 8 tateof Penn- ing, passing rewlutiona expressive of their 

i-rosipy a eon « cuper* rapvatry C'lirpato; 
itruilCB k Sons do do . 0 ; 

S.lraaie Biiis««ls do Carpeia; 

BriinseU stol Tapealry Stair do: n lois aay uuauiTca ay luuiuai cunsoai. i aa n-aa or , par aag. aam par toa* paat pai., at Si to. ' 

With Eafflisli and .Viiieriaaa 3ply Carpal*; as7 of tk* party aan be uaed in (attlwutant of lAo bipti | H. B. How Altai toxtk -m-t 

'iStpvstry Ingraui Corpata; naa*. A. M. KOtflBBn.V, jaiodlk.l Y— 

Bxtra beaxT * piy do; S. * MARTIN, |\7i.Ki riT=“r iT*f i .o 

Finr and Vl.»fiuoi 8 ply do; Louisville, Da*. Mat. ISM. «. R. PB.MTo.V. , I I A.VJ/J . 

Double Cham Union ib. do; ' " “i** D** ’'fP‘';.Wk'*»r. 

Stiipie do do do do; lY BraMy; 

6 1. 1 4. and 4 - 4 , plain ami isnli Vaaeuaa Uarpeta. OopartnUfehlp. w taalaad R*aito 

FLOOR OIT nriTnu ^ILAB K. MARTI?»l, k GSO. K. FBNTOU. kaaa . t__. 

r lAlOK OIL LLOTH.q. O tliia day toraad a p*rtn«#htp, a*, will ewnUau* ik- f jj.* A. ZANONK, 

«, II, 18 and *4 faol WHle, from the beat kaaiUh and aad ratail pry GowN bu*iaa#- Ik* fioi ^ tlai*. 

Amariaaa maiiuratUrrr*. »"Sllsh and ji.AKTlB k PkkTON, to r*urtk *t. |-UrrT«».y -» T«aa***.a »m4 VNh aL. fel'_i 

BLANKETS. Loui.ville, January 1, 18S7. l^toewre. 

in A II A 4 M_A .to I IA 4 **^ Kk/x- | M FAtinAf f^ORI UlA FAIaD Df7 1% MAUI 

’kiitofoltl’ I. ciljr, uf isOUiAWill#, I mAfcc wjr Aek*owUMijr#in#f4t»t© : ffc iM ^ ^ 

8 * *Hi»*kt.^ "W l^iily u,,-; mj, friend* for the Ubarai patninaf *, an. wuiiTl tak* tbi* ^ ’•w 

;„\®**^"*^iY** **‘*I'„ U'lality; opportunity of ekaerftally raeowmandiuff tii tbani. an. BAOIlfeB FOV 5 BBT* 

tlMi bB*ia*a* aoiaaiaBny in seaarto aiy •uceaaaor*, I , 1 ^— - .wj.-- . _ 

liMrs. Marua k Pantoti, wbon I aw aertaia wrilaiarit i * * * • w uruau. a. nwran vumi«« 

ikaireonfidea**. .8. M. KOBIVW !«. WAl^ZiACB, LITBOOW A OD 

Ill_. iW#. *1- lAIfo. lAl slim -- _ w^#*g 

I HAYB this day w-so*iated with bi* ib Nib Ctuthine : |T **tab4i-bae-ui. ua Jaffhraoa swmi h-iw-ZL 

and Purnkibinf busin*M Mr. A. W. BO.hTH. 'iOw I Faurik aa. Fifth. He rfntiv* kw toltkto ka'arntoMto 
businnaa of th* flrai will b*  enaduela. ia th* taiare uii any an. all anlar* ■iraii boa, sa. will raarutaa w- 

dar the nanie and style of J. L. DRPFBN k i O. m staad a aowparianw with anr dawa rbi* s d« nt — 

Ja. dtf J. L. DK FPKW. k Uuw w’, Ua*; | aoisj 0?%BVl?r. 

DisNolutiom of CopArtnershlp. , *»^^«ak-ca 5 ik 

* ^ I n .4 - K iwr sal*, Jireet frnai i*o|. Iferetm. to Ganrai— ■ 

fFUB Partn«rship h*retoftire*xi*itnsb*tw «anth*siik- I  'hnie* N h m' Chiuaiw .-iaear caaa Ssad^Mi uam haM 
1 scrtb«r«, under lb* firm of Kubiaaon, Mania,* Co., I saiBvieni la ra.-k naa to plaai aae-balf’aato. PmaTi 
IS ibi* day JUsoLved by luulual eunsent. Tke naaa of , par bag. Sam par tow paat paid, at at to * 

aay of |ke party aan ba usad ia (atlleinant of iak basi 
naaa. A. M. KOtflffan.T, 

W. Z. MARTIN,, Da*. Slat, IsM. 

«. R. PB.MTu.V. 

1 . L 1- V«I. ■■■J, Miu IWIU Ml lonOTmTe Ol Penn- l- . « . . ... . ‘“ 8  onoaioii icauiuuwua eapreaBira ©I loeir 

ono wholly agree, but such ilisegreemaate sylTanin, for tbes* elemeDta ©( praeperity. We ^ ^® ^“®- Lord Elgin will probably get thanks Ac., to the Governor. In the reply he 
are far more theoretical than practical — farmore^ shall atoo draw to our midst capnal, energy, and appointment. stated that it was not Brigham Y'oung’s measure 

indeed, pereonal than political. And yet we «kill from other dtiee of tte West. Ourdtitens 
coDoedethat even dogmatisms aad vagarise, per- rich and poor, would then te placed beyond 

- -fe.— or anggestion, but that of the spirit of the Ixird, 

Three drunken ruUiane who were swing- ■° 1 that when he undertook the work, nothing 

•»nel prtjudiree, pecuKaritiee, and antipathies u »lo«MC Market street yestei day tverung. stag- 

-to ij ^ .. v7 . 7 . « 1 1 of winter and the heat of summer and a i j u i. , a The fourth and filth trains were met at tba 

■bouid te rvapsctad. It •• imposMble, indeed, our city wonld soon take rank amoag thegrit f three crossings of Sweet Water, in a very difl'er- 

«kto« to . .to - I .* toto __ -t • ^.2^ Mkt ^ I llAWn mF^#! ntmliA totoWVtototolwa inni^m^A TK f to JJto? /• tol 


10-4, II 4,13-4 and 14 4 HBPer Whitaey au. Maakaaaw 
Blaaketa, exprassly (n fkuiily u«i ; 

8 4Bleatoboat Bias kcis, various giialitv- 
10 4 ito do do do. 


Baun Da I.aine smi Daniask Curuin Materials' 
Laaeand Muslia Cortaioa; * 

Cornier! Baads. Loop*. Tassels, kc., kc. 

■houid te rrepacted. It ie impossible, ikdeed, our city wonld soon take rank amoag'"Thegr3 ***^ **““*‘ ***** three crouaings of Sweet Water, in a very difler- ^iiidi 7 m bliTou^^ 

that a {tor (y can te maintained exoapt on this citiee o? tte West. Th* permaneut prosperitv of *^®^“ * 1 ®*^ injnred. We scarcely ent condition from those in advance. They were oiUas. Give us a call. y of tb* Bastera 

itouie. Thui it ie in social life, in the relatione of the mechauiral, manufaciuring, and other inter- what punishment shonld be lui icted upon ^•'‘7 badly clothed, and in consequence of the j,is ^ n^rlel^itank**? ?**"' **il 

boBinees— everywhere. Bubjecte are not alwaya “t*^*^*'ty dq^^ in a great measure upon such men. if indeed they deserve to te called b®r***^*P®i of the™ were dying: in one ’ b v ti r ■iRWari* ^**'*^' ' 

■ „ . , .. , ‘fa connection with the coal and iron fidds of our su*h camp they buned fitleen in one day. The mode . ■■» c. SiBBfclie. 

viewed from the »aiae elevation, any more than State. It behooves us, therefore, to unite onr _ of burial, since they cannot dig the frozen •'t^**t-*t; sale DF,_,„‘^i\,,^,bkautiful county 

•bjeefa. •n«TD« in thii important enterprise. v_ n _ * *** ’ I , _ . ground, is to lay the bodies in heaps, and pile Kiaht mil*. oo« tk- „it- -r i \ - 

There is alee a view of thU question wbich Tour committee, therefore, recommend that a 0“*’’ Man.— B aya rd Taylor over them willows and heaps of stones. Cover- e.ouihe BarUstewa 

look* to Mr 11 -to 1 «*“**.’“* t»* *PP0 nted hr- the General ““ ^‘ted Hnmboldt, and aa he Irfl hfo honse he nor Brigham Young, learning something of I auvi*®* to the hi jb*stl,idrt*roo 

l^s toMr Buchanrnaiiersouaiy. Ifo ha. bren Council to surrey diffeiy.t routes' between the P«a®d Prince YpeaUntil So he sve in a letter their condition, dispatched some men and pro- 

elevated to the Presidency, aad much le due to ^tnte recommend*^, and report to the General to the New York Tribune and also informs us tbeir relief; but these were met by the N";, ‘.')-e -rt*...!. rich maer. lot 

bit itkdiTiduiU futBT. Id MiMliDC d OftbiML for CoHncil d 1 dd cdHy dftj tbi ruutc bv wbich d tEa* u • xa * « « mail pDrty rsturDiDs to tbo city bDvinflf t^rthAFA, itc., ih Acr^A wtu.r^ cfo^ ^ UuisvVaTdSaslTviTte^^^^^ that Humboldt m mirry Fremont was not elected been torned back by th. violenrelf the storSJ ^ 

. . , , , ^ road would reach the coal and iron fields herein of the United State*, and Be yard Tay- they encountered. What the poor creatures will .i/l, ■J" acre lot of ricii la*., *u cieaiaj, * b**u- 

tte w ishre of the great Democracy, it is due to demgnated at the least cost, regarding at7he I®* Vice Premdent, we suppoee.  io. *r what wUl become of them, it U hard to “ m".?;‘e‘y;.'*;;*c1r':uuv M .oil .ii cleared oaj 

himself and to die efficiency of the public eer- SMa® uto the most advantageons route; that rnm* faJL re* !rhw ih* pionyk; uii* is a fieantirur sue forar^iY 

vice, that bis ImsKdiato counsellors should te » map of the country over 'k^Mrs. Kirkland says a guest at( Mt. Ver- Tn* n n t a B*a"d-townTiirnVker‘ ***" 

named with distinct reference to tte oniaions non, who elept in a chamber next to that of G. r*o taea wDi io  int-JLi-u I? in* 


tolow Mto*. 

riHcaeo, III., Dae. S^IM. jal diva 


-to iu I HAVBoabajtoTENGOUUNsoewSlitos 

a f Tf’j P y l Plasms, for saJ ; very low. 

•♦•TI' U. P. /AIJLpS.taM Mamsi.. 

S* Oppoaito Ike Bawk of KsaWseky' 


looks to Mr. Buchanan {lersonally. lie has bees 
elevated to the Presidency, and much is due to 
bie individual tame. In seiectiag a Cabinet, for 
ikfitanoe, while it is clearly bis duty to regard 
the w ishes of the great Democracy, it is due to 

^ERV ANTS- Women,  Tea, and Bay-— To flilaaii**. 

** JON. M. TYDING’i*. Otfica W. Fifth si.. 

Jati (U _ haiwsaa Marks4 aaj Jellwsoo. 

DtaoiMtion of Copartnership. 

8t. Loots, Dae. 3S, HUS, 

riiHK Copnrtasrskip siistuif balwsau Tons. U. NuM* 

HOlT..  1?. W ARE M ANi/fAL^VeRsV 
No &3t , Nmrtkwut earner Maim and fimrd ftriAi, 

I ^ ealbite Ike atiaauoa af Sealara la aar Itw* ki ikla 
■ mali*l. we wiwIS suu tkatSunaf ika ksisiv tooaTka 
our altaation has b*sa eir*sl* l tw aevttoe a* a tar as 

Buitoh-r tot to-w tom.. - .-a a_._ — -- 

our auaauon has bsaa Siraatati tw aefttoe a* a tei 
aumber al aew  ilov« s aaS Unws FaHaraa, wkiek. ato 
•• ''VVST **o«li, fivaa a* nac nl tk* ■•■at i 

•• •’Wi' atrsau* lary* *to«k. siw* *• one nl tlfa ■•■at sw 
leasiv* aaU iflv  is im-«| sworbuaau lu ika Wsstara ■■ 
sac Aimins the numher. wa wiwkl ttoi-. m .. 

been turned back by the violence of the stornM UniheT »"•* » m 

they encountered . What the poor crektures will •?* L* * ***'® '**‘ “«*• ‘'wd, all clearaj, a beau- 

do .t -hot Will b« 0 to. 0 f Utoto. it U hord u. 

tell. veAiiyftH’ lb* plongW; this is a beantiful site foraresi- 

- — — - - . *** ^ ’**“ .'nree lols aaraed above front on the 

I Barns, ^tables, On-hara. kc.. IH arr*s aiulat Eie Aria aad siyk: of Tbo ua. U. NoM* k Co., la 
hiyti btale ut cultivaliuii, and 13 acres in Ibis day dissolved, 'i It* uajsrsifaed will e*uu*«« the 

We can yrniM^ljr me.i 4 ., 

Tkasihnil lov tk* 

Bard-town Turnpike. 

wnd |»4irpes es of tte President himself. TYithin 
tte s*ope ol this exception, it must, however, be 
kdmitted, that • Cuhinet can te sslscted from all 
tte great sections of the country sgreeing in ssn- 
tiNMTit, wnd yet jm e ssssing largely the confidence 
ot every shads of Ilemocratic opinion. Such a 
result can only te effected by consulting the 

l-rpMe.orik.Fr«dtotluii.,lf. Wilkin i-p«rt be toooi.puii a bj ?h, bi, dw h,  io Wubmgloii .nd bU wife, beard lb. l.Uer cu- w. Uk. from tb.t to feahion, tb. N.w »o. V o‘'i“‘rl‘j!iS;^l!.V;rVr!-.5? 

mope Ol this exception, it must, however, be •btain as to the quality and quantity and cost of ^Is him very soundly. The hero and patriot .. ^ Vlrt;diSt'^^tr!SLon‘^li4*Zi^lt iiUki. « 

THO MAS H. NOBIiR, . _ _ M'ai.Lal'e, ^iTjiAow kuo. 


^ PRlllH'CR, No. II Market su**l. batwasu Mata aS r*-HB andarwiaaad has tLM dar as**. iatad wtih .. 
Com»cr*ial su-.*ta 1 I fh- ‘if?* _?!* * *■ 

LIBKItAL CASfi ADV.ANCEd stad* 0 . cMHnaiaBl ' Mr. »• I vT,i^ttaad"rmi 
O' awry d^iplioa ofprodnM aad MarcLauIito*, * , WooLfurk: aad w# will *o*n ate 

hands, and for sals la Ikts asarkat. , k-Ssra i4t*ra «tu Seaoitd st. bet -*- -^^72.^??*-**?? ** 

Partiewlar auantioa pate 10 th* Mk*« at or lMts. aad* sida, L»uwviII^kV J^Vn 

orwardincol Bdercbandisc. CoaalswBMBta soliaUad. . Jaiaary 1 , lir?' ^jaldlw * 

said coal where the branch road shall terminate. 
All of which is respectfullv submitt^. 



Committee Common Council. 

Ru(Aati} hy the General Council, That the 

.N^It 7 ®" wish to see one of ths most beau- 
tifnl pictures ever made, step in at Hegan k Es 

did not utter a word till she had don e, when be hnn^n * fitehion^abl* «jjs* 33 acre L fn Qiiu**s above, 19 aerrv clear or^ard 

• J 1 . . ’ costume — the hoop — the fashion is said to te of ‘he balance m nmlwr. The whole of me above nawed ap*4U 

laid, Now, good sleep to you, my dear. Spwish origin. In 1639 an edict was proclaim- &mtofT«lllT«^^^^^ I'lllulJ?,; 

ed in Madrid, which condemned a woman who {*« sold, m»re lore tbo.* wUiimy to^rcha^ea^e Gar^ 

. possessed one of the proscribed garments to nav Uonniry iL-at sh mid attend mu R 

;fi..oM0,00«m.rr^(..mtol colbj „l*iJ “ 

the consideration of the pecticoat. The edict •Ti"*’- •"’""'•‘om and kitcheu Furniture ke.’ Ma^ 

O' avery desariptina of prndne* aad aiercLau 
bands, and for sala in ikts asarkst. 

hbmoval. boot & woolfoik 

K ahn k tVOLF-Ootbiaf Manufaclurer*- bar* ra- ' ^ VFVFAiAT VASAf 

moved to the comer of Puih and Main su !*ta.opvo- , COMMISSION FoRWSttDIMO A PDitrirru 

di* Northern Bank irf Keatucky. jasdrw - ri nn SKLnmu, * PKUUltK 

^ MSVH.TU ./y i«e cjcneroi i/ouncu, ioil We iDi COnsiaerailOD or tne pecticoat. The edict an^kurneu Furniture ke. Ma*. F.XTRA Fl\F. TEA!' 

memters of Abe party in rU sections of the coon- Mayor and the Preeidents of both Boards of the I®*** P“tel Photo{traph from was strictly executed. A jonrnal of the time he“J?in*anSy 0 ^“*.** Or*«n aad BUek Te* era 

try, lor although, to some extent, disagreeing General Council be empowered to engage a C7m- t^*® gftH®Fy of Webster A Brother. These pic- tells ns that two confiscated iovmuree wen ex- ffi^’*’*‘**'**~*fa* ‘hird cash. *n l on* a* i two year* 
: a-A r„ P®fant engineering party, at a cost not exceed- tures are deservedly popular at the present time, ®® ‘be balcony of the prison, much to ths Iti. ‘dS,i"“" 

npoo poiuta, regarded for the moeient as nnim- 

petent engmeenng party, at a cost not exoeed- 
in,{ one thousand dellan, for the purpose of se- 

and to the Webeters belong the cred It of intro- ®^ the population. But feminine in- 
ducing them to the Louisville people. Nothing I"rog^rttiktlij^*fn tUd- 

can exoell them in trathfulness, tone or finish. rid between tte women and ths police, who en- 

Wa Ar. —a k fo the list of weak men miettifn 

. We 4o net, however, brought to the s«fooe hr the “BepiWica. move- — - 

e of the oouBcil. That naent." We Butt vount her, indqed, as having 'Ki^ M. Lamertinc hM fSht a eirci ilar to each 

bu^aae. of coal within ^ the mmj thonsand iaheenbem to bii month- 

■ilM mf at — h- ^in- Mil to tb# cieDDtD cf tlit Unitod StDtcibv th* . . ^ ^ « %. 

too— “KepubUcanmoveiBent." We must dw wre? work, tte Cours Familier ds Lite ratore, esk- 

dariss of tte Southern Kentucky coal field. Qush its all right, then. 

Tte imp re e si on eeems to have been made npoa — "T~ — - 

tte minds of sonm of our citueas «*»** ths oooa- Niw Unitbo Srara 8 uat  

eU will send a delegation or eommittee of gen- DettwiI Free Prem, in 

ttemen to make an exploration and efoetioa of Ctendler to tte Unite 

tion of the eoal field aad to repert upon tte ^ socoeed General Cass, says: 
quality of tte oeal aad tte ezaedfoaev of lavraL «fataken; aad we have 

i., tototo i.ik«„,. *?n? k.^ 

so anderstaad tte eeti ea of tte ooumU. That nmat." WcBnsteount her, iadp 
ttere is a very great abundaaea of coal withia "dded the weah mt laan to tte list 
tea, tweaty ar thirty mike ef the Nrefivilfo *?,,®** tienate cf thr Cnitec 

can be delivered in th le markat tte year ronad the wtatimet nua that ever took i 
by tte ooDetmetfon of the peopeml breach at ^7 aag Smta. This is b  
abont one-fifth what we are mw PRfiag, is 
oqually ckar. 

Tte rmofotioBS ofiered by Mr. MeMattsH. f^asoBM Asnaav— Ou Maa Kw 
aad adopted hy tte eoHmsoa coaaetl, ptovidm ^ 

that lha Mavor askH iw PaaaSH— aad oas e’efosk a-diffieulty ocsnm 

“•* Muyor aad the PimidMii ef hMh ropelitaa Rsetasra^ betweea C 

Baardsehall he empowered w safage a eempe- PpweU, aad Mr. G. W. Reddick, a 
•sat emg w mrimy yrnfij, at a oaot aat to eaeaed m Ss lili sl i ms Hl , which aesalfod ii 
uaetfaaaoaad doUan. fortteparpemofoeoariag ^ the former twtkmy at tte We 
a sanito ^ “fa ▼nrioas rontas to the eoal aad 
ImnfioassfKmitaoky, whoaietorepsMAs **2*. 

amsB m ifqmicuRin«u lu sccHffe ui« aei«!rr«(t pATfiieuU 

portaat, it is nwerthelre, believed that ttere is a coring . .nreeyof-tbereriowrou''^  v eoemr. oeiong the cred it of i.txo- ' 

ptevaUing judgment ready to overlook all existr *nd iron regions of Kentueky, and report the '***““« “®“ ^ *^® Louisville people. Nothing » strug|^e took place In the streeta of Mad- Gold Medal Piano 

iag difierautas, and ready also to unite in sup- ‘J®*'" in^wtigaUoni to tte General can excell them in truthfulnem, tone Or finish. rid between tte women and th* {wlice, who en- m.anufactured by steinway * sons 

^t of an admiMStration singly of pro- motion, said report was received, and th* I® the Police Court yesterday morning, blood was ^hA°ln'^*the^efenre°5°ths**J^ **• »®»® Asem iTsonttiwct, 539 Main ttreet. 

^ngtheconmoamteresfaof the Unio^ and restjotion was ^optad by ths foUowing vote: fear Irishmen alleged that a few n Ights since, 1660 that ths ambitious JUST rrertvwi from the mmufa.»u,y . 

of doing justice to every member Vif tte Demo- Y eee— President Monsarrat, and Messrs, y,-- aaooinn*n*!n.r * — u bulgiag of ths skirts disappeaied undtr tte ifT’Wr'*'.'’’"'"* Jraiiy etekmuM 

cretie party. ^rd, CesweU, Qilliss, Ksndall, Monroe, Ray, Ato T hid ^ flrit price void nied^? at the*t’ry*ui 'KlM^'^^VilTmican 

- tbt t Sargent, Sisson, Newman, VaughAn, Weaver, ‘"*7 were assailed by Wm. Arthur, 'ivho besides theatres and ths journals. toiutat* Fair.) New York, ia ism ami i»M,anii^ai*o*uhe 

W There seems to be soms misapprehension “J i knocking ons of them down, fired a pistol. No- The wag^h editor ^ the Albany Atlas and ,^"mtaceri plJKXi. raM 

a , . - . _ ppirnsnsi Mays— Shaaks 1. bodv was sevenlv damaced. and Arthur toIub. Argus has discovered that the hooped petticoat. Aiauae tbejudfi-- ware tbe first luusieoi uTmt 

in regard to the action of the Common ConneU ^ * a * was the precureer of the balloon “aV om of M«iH 

o. Th.™d.7 .ickt. to.ckiu tk. propo-d Oo^.-Th. ».w lock 0«ri«ajfe- feejj ,tf U« p« , ,,, l„„V *on .n P.,i“ h. 4^“™ 

read to aonta „d «.4 dW- W ^Is coaservatism, and his indepon- surety. ^ and festered at the waist, she accidentally plas- fr^ the maouraciun-r*- priciV ** * “'«« 

reaa w some {anat embraced withm the boua- denes." _ .. «d » P®‘ of burning charcoal beneath, and in a ‘ •«rerb%.inun*at shuuM call and 

Guess its aU right, then. ^ Oollodietypes are the gem of all tha dif- few minutes was surprised to tee it ^im in the ’ wareroo.,.. hemre P ‘{f »•«=**» 

I'-'tTRA FlXF. TEAr4_A ekoiVe artter* uf II KKfdll % 

ta Orasn aad Slack Te* erastaaOr on haaj aad ftir MWMi^ M M- m i w ■ 

toteifc**ja 7 ^^ ^^foar^sVra^L Second St between Main and Market, w«et tide, 

/vuraM UlIBKAB-Ntw Vink ka.1 bhiefrass ...TVir. . 

K--' Dairr Ubesa* in stora aad far ira* ar AND .'.FAGa rTT-IS bataa j«s« **- 

j*7 A. F.INDA.M Farathac. I’X erivad diract ftrai G**.» aad ^ tala *v 

Y ^EAMT CARRS— 4Jao. C. Farris' calsUrstad Vaaa* 
Cakas for braad. biaanit aad baakwhvat cakes, fur 
sale wkulaaal* mad ratsil by 
ia7 AMS . roll DA. « ~ aarta *4. 

iva crivan airavt rvuai Uaa « aad lUr sale Oy 

A.ZA.NONS. FMh sweat, 

Jaio billow 

U fa ItoT Ol L. - a: bashtts la *Narts aad fiau, vary *a 
yarior ftw table aae. 

_»'• A. XANONR. Fdto str*a4. 

D ried APPUBS and PRACHEB-A sUbm aruela , 

Bsw lined AppLaa aad Faaabas in ator* aad far sale f *1. . 

■ " k M,..,. . — .1. .. ^ ' Vi caars ml Jaiisa Cmrrl. 

A. rOND 1.  U Prartii st. 

J^yland Initout*. Saluniu"*, m cim*^ put up and fur sal* by 

R OASTKD AND GROUND enpPER-A prua* aiU   *» do Haat* 1 

ria of roasted aud grauud CnffN«, warrkatad para, I la ator* aad lor sal* by 

99 caars ML JuiM* Clarri, la **afta; 
k- feo da rta ia ptasa^ 

90 do Haat* Saatasna IT as*, la dearth 

l^t aiakrrs in New York, Kostoii, Philailelptua, and Bat 
Umqre. Ainuag tba judce- wsre tba first musical taTeni 
12, Mesars. Gott-cbalk, Al is «n. 
Wollenliaupt. and aUiers, who declare them to iw ibe br-f 
squm Fiano-Fortes ever made in thi- country. 

1 hese maininient* I fully wairani to stand hi any cli 
male. They can be bad of me, with ur wiihont iron 
frame, at the manulncturer’s pricer. 

Perains wishiuf a superb instnunent sbouU call and 
see those at my warerouiiit befhre purctia-iiia d-ewbare. 

, _ I . F- I^AUgDM, 

k fe S» Mam at., opposite the Bank of Ky. 

/irSwMmdbntiil n«ab«4 Dsam.. s.. 

A. PlIMIA, 91 Paaribst. 

OUSM its rU right, then. ^ v^uo-k-vyia. gaui w au low Oll- 

a. a. — ferent styles *nd names fires to pi-ttures, If we 

Ths Nsw Unitid Htatbs Suator from Michi- might judge by the number of them in tte bands 
•k*.— ^Tte DsttwiI Free Press, in noticing the ®f toe public. They are made by •sur popular 
election of Ctendler to tte United Btatas Sen- neighbor and artist, Theodore Harr! i. Mis rooms 
ato, to socosed Gensral Cass, says: are 44T Main street, between Foarth. and Fifth. 

We were mistaken; aad we have to oonnt Mich Remember tte. w sM tfor wtea yon v ant a good 

ferent styles and names girea to pi'ttnres, if we air, and gently sail off as if it aspired to uses of 

might j«dge by the number of them in tte bands some seraph abore. One of the brothers Mont- 
of toe public. They are made by .sur popular apprentice boy, was a witneu of 

the phanomenen, and from it conceived the idea HOTICB. 

of a balloos, which was at first filled with beat- Ow**- 

,j-i_ii ’ u uw»k * ••rsurHed,und*Mti« style #1 Colter a Duncan, ts this 

®® day diHsolved by mutual consent. (Mr. INuier coatuiuina 

The comment of tte Albany editor is eoual to ‘i** ‘"••'"'“■.j party b** the right of u«ins the 

iiaiu III J Fu w name of the nrui III iMjuidaUoH. M. UiTTKR 

Dtf story. Who will dsny [hs sftyi in an elo- ikomaviiiGi Jan. ittii, ifljT. J. il.urNrAi^. 

quant ontbreakj to theee swelling skirts their j»‘« '** 


• uny oi-B«uvea ny mutual consent. (Mr. tamii 

The comment of tte Albany editor is eoual to ‘i** ‘"••'"'“■.j party h** the right   

iiaiu —III J Fu w name of the nrui III iMjuidaUou. M. t 

his story. Who will deny [he says in an elo- Lonisviii«,Jan. i9tli, 18137 . j. il. 

R AIBlNS- , 

aub bote* M. K.; 

300 do l.*y«ri tnaore an i 'or sals by | 

J*7 _ _ FONDA » MORR IN. 1 ,L- 

I BMUNS'- ' " 

1.4 38 boiss .Malafa; I 

100 Draws Fit*; 

M sasksGsnaaa Ptamb*i ia stars aad for sals by 

ta7 Fl.MHA fc mWUM._ i 

l&i*- 0’«bw:K oii.tor 


Fift h » U»sl.b qtow MTHniia j 

PtaTEKN, CtaAtitJ it Cfo.* 

_ jaw a . »A.NOWR ,FNWi s4ra*4. 

M UAt.'AT MriNB~3g sa*ss very •np*rier Nwaala by 
_ . _ A* XaNONR. 

wWiWT*** *»dPra*li ftrandyr • 

f?*" JJ«‘*J A. ZANONfi. 

^ARBINRS -a aases tr^ ftnyiiaea far sale by 

^ ^A.Vi.NH, Fifth stirat, 

ney tob sarass at Mmm. 


finunMers, aae ftiden, ta. siaraaad fW salabv 
» * re * *• fa iTC rfftL.nTTMai iifc^ “ 

Elgkt 8teaa EmJmm for 8afo, 

AT L' -riMVILUfi KT.. 

( 'HRAC |krv**li iacla***aitb*eoac*rB. SnaM a*w 
"" ?■•*—* racwad-baaJt tk* •aMS**S*h*«tiwo *ad 



L.nNiavilie« my* 

ft»r tb* fatnrito b* able lo suppir th* mur 
ear Mi*l rn*s**t*. _ 

Fneefs AseaaT— Ou Maji K 
Wo BBP ftn.— Oft Batoffiny night 

B. B. MARK — G. r. DOWNS 


Ufi4te** ftir tk* present ud approachuif seaaoaa 

K mwo — Aaorna 
t Mtwera Oemtve 

fBends. 1 am aware that henevoleikce towards 
myself had more to feu with ynnr subscribing 
than aay literary enrioaity had. I ant* not bu- 

TA/Kkn** hi' dMi present ud approachuif seaaoaa ‘re ui»»"- 

vV In^ and 9Wp*r(or stoek «if Domestic and Btapi* ^ '*“4 w •n4«' contraciw 

Dry Goods. Uonsisiiii* in parf of r*spmisiWe perues. Fhe work 1 * bemf vi|o«ron*ly pro 

8 4. id-V. Mid 19-4 0*tloa ud Linen Bbeetian: ■T?wd wiOi • Mrye far**. 

r I ililB Comiuiay hav* donatrd to ikcm by ih« Mete ef 
X Texas, 1 « seuons or I0 40 acre* of ckoii-e land, for 
every mil* of road huiN through tk* 8lal*; n disiuee of 

The fradiag of th* entire road is under contract lo 

rar Mi*lrn*B*Bt*. I . ^ G. MIU*  .N, Mai**»i**L 

A* regard!* th* merits of rar ^*mm ws wihiIJ rsspact JaSdlsskwe b«it. fttaveatk aad Twellfc. 

rally r*T*r to Ik* fbci, for Ih* last five years ws aara * ^ 

•■enran res aienssv kwsa** wbe* *la**d 1 * *o«p*. , DBA Nl~rw-«m japs Fas- NuUi* stare a*dfcssm* k* 

uiMu wak iksPranirai Piaaos *f hem Turk sad S*stoa. I * __ Wre:fa, W n Kftfimt. 

(»F*isfc«*»**dr«aa W*fMo«*****ra«rof Mawaad j *w%  * ^008**-^ 

a. no I * 

8 4, i(i-d, Ud 19-4 Oatlrni ud Linen Bbeatiae*; 
PiUuw Cottnus and Lineji* *if *11 widths. 

TaM* DamaiUis, Napkins, ud TawsBings- 

Th* iron is already provided Ikr a portlsnof the roa«l 


tie Uooipuy ar* asseeaed but fir* 

r asu immsiuis, naysina, anu i.wn.inn. _ .1 vL r— •» -... 

Togkilher with a splsudid stock *f lung oloth*. ud Nsw — TT *•“* fa™ kow b«iiig due the r 

ork Mills’ l^oUOhs; also, a large stack of i*laBtatioii ^ installments; falling 

• of a^Fmisfc«a»»adP«aa WarMo*m**ara*rof Mmaaad i ~ 


™ Excelsior FlourmgMlIs! zi t It 

I ■Igfatta nt., tent. Jfaarknt nm« tomim, ' ud for aai* by 

A*® mW 

fo-dAfficttltj oot«n%d at tbfe Mat- ' rathar prou4l af it, for I u«o 4 h 9 wh*cU w« would b« pi«afeud to eauibt to our cu»- I 

invant *--- rw—. wrM,. I IIU. — AL I te . lOmCTS. __ .. . I — .11 .. .fe. 

■■ « ropniitaft ResUsrn^ betwM Ghpt. Willing liite ««r4W nffiretfon tetter than | k ry. If a 

■gs n istopa- Mr. G. W. R eddick, ft bnr*tespsr to wish to ffonsks sonae nssfol nssistonsn in my | aDIEB* 

umtm o’ dock Ofa flmUy erefahtg. and th^ P«» snbecnption for :iW6, I ven- gS 

tteeonl^ ^btiy reinnfi tofi ef l i i issi r I fepi l i i tore in psnon to ask yon nsw firnnkly to con- 

torsEssfite Ittetofa. 1 tiinnitfer IfifiT. fo» 

MARK fc DOWNS, 471 .VfainM. 

doubi* Kid Oauarai 

Do I.aatmg keeled dv; 

Do double soled li*sling Gaiter*; 

Do ftn* whit* Kid ilo; 

Do do do itanii do; 

aat reoelred aad f*r sale by 

jam iuliafi II ftsirDM. 

Biocbholders hav* aa egaal i*t*r«ai bi ib* lauds,** 
well aa the road. 

Persons wiakmf to s«*we stock kavs aa opptirtunity 
at the above liatlU, for * short time only, ra application 
to W. fc H. SI/KkUAKDT, 

JalOdlNi AseuL* torih* C'lrapnny. 

wksai PlMsaatan oair* wbi:* wk**t FaaMlyTlanr 
by k*s*AqrWbt 

fc. ftOmiA,* Poanb «. 

fc. ASar*«ti 


ba. lloBACK’g ScA oi Aru.v RaMBDiH. — Tn 
dirgelfeig th* attaation cf our reader* to Dr. Ho 
back'* adyarti»niaot, we have no baiitation in 
•ajiag that all he elaimi fbr hi* medioina* i* cod- 
finnad bj aertKeate* fhnn all part* of the west 
Tha laa|roa|ta of Uiaae oertificata* i* *o aarnest 
and grateful , and the care* refer to sueb a rarie- 

•Tte office the JeflerioniRfie 


Bailroad Oompan/ baa been removed to No. 5 S2, 
Main' atrcet, between Seoand and Third, imnif  
diatelj opposite the old stand. jl6dtf 


Hivtt unchanged, eadiar atiid with appear- 
Mcarfa tbaw 9mom to ibe depth of two or 
thraa inchea Hell last nicbt. « 

- CiwrTWwm, Jan. It, M. 

Sirer nnchanged 

:k:J1NTART 18, 1887 



Weathe^ cloudy and cold 

Fha fhiAia — Paraona troubled with rongh- 
umut the skin aaa tad notiiiBg aaverror to the 
j^^naadiae and Olyoerlne Oream, owe *5 a' pre- 
eiBliia, the other a* a rare. They are for sale 
at f oarth stceet. opposite th* Kational Hotel. 

I ty of disease*, that it would be folly to qaaetion 
{ the reilorstire properties of the prsparation*. 

It ai’pear* that while botaainog amon^ his 
nativs mountains, in Switden, during a vwt to , 
that country some year* ago, he collected a large J eirpw, Ambrotype*, fcc 
niantity of rare medicinal herbs, unknown in * 
ttiie country, and by oombinina tbe liquid* and 
solid axtractc of those {lossessing powerful detail 
gent properties, he succeeded in producing"^ ' 
celetarated Wood Parifier and Blood Pills, wh 
are said to exercise a more l enefioial effect ui 
the fluids nf the humaB body diau any oti 
curataree in nxistenoa. ~ ' 

' • Nsw Tosk, J»b. it. 

The steamship City of Washington, of th* 
Philadelphia Line, has hem sigaaled below. Her 
dates are to Dec. 31 . 

The following dispatch of new* by the City of 
Washington has beenrectived from Sandy Book 
The Bteamer Arabia, from New York, arrired 
at Liverpool on the soorning of tbe 28th. 

'!^e city of Cantos was bombarded on tbs 20th 
of October by the English fleet under Admiral 

IT The greatest praservativa of beauty known 
tamsderw tolnca, «s PlwftfWr Wood’s Hair Re- 
•tOBBtivu aad Cooaaetic. Among the moet im- 
psrknt features of female beuutr. h u InTuriaet 
bead of hair and a fln* oooiplexioii, both of 
wUsh should be gtuwded at a sacred treasure, 
fcr si^ may belset hy negfect, or p«*erved by 
ths use td the above named artels; delay is 

ill To be had of the *g«tt at 74 

Fovtti str eet. , 

^W'On the score of economy Dr. rrban’s In*- 
brlafe s Hope at f I 60 a package U much cheaper j 
Ihsa whisky at 50 cent* a gallon; for he who 
driuks a gallon of whisky always wants more, 
whils be who use* a package of the Hope wanto 
i]«|M aor whisky again. Sent by mail for 
§1 »ci. Raymond k Pattaa are tbe agent* So. . 
1A Fourth itiefet. \ 

'ould j 

riortuc* injnbfr 

Seymour. ” ” 

A great advance bad taken place in tbe Eng- 
lish markeU in the price of teas. 

^r wheat holders demand an advance. Flour 
quiet and steady. Provisions unchanged Con- 
sols for account 84 1-8. Qnototions of bread- 
stuffs are as follqfws; White wheat 9s 3dal0s, red 
wheat 8s 6da9s 2d; western canal flour 32sa33s, 
Baltimore and Philadelphia flour 32s 6da23* 6d ' 
Ohio flour 35sa36*; yellow and mixed com 35s 
6d, white com 35*a38*. 

Swiss affairs were unchanged, though there 
are rumors of a peaceful negotiation. A new 
minister to the United States has been appointed, 
but his name is not yetdiscioaed. 

Livm‘o d, Dee. 30.— On Saturday there was no 
market. Ibe sales of cotton on Nmnday and 
Tuesday were 30,000 bales, including 11,080 for 
speculation and export. Fair and middling 

iWCeUIW' I » 

B.A H_t^ 

Alter teSMB Um i. 



.Hliff. J. A. BEATTIE renpactfuIK Infbmia the pub- 
be, and Mipecialljr tbe Ladtoe, that aba ha* Joat raceivad 
and is now openia* bar Fall Slock af 


Coapnahis a (WH aad atefaat aaaortmaat of (..adiea* 
l)nMM hau. Bonnet*, Kibbuas, Ftowara, IVreatha Baad 
Preteae. Cape. Tefla, Mltte, HandkcrohieSi, Caliaiv 
tniemiirnea, aad SI««rrM. Mnnninie Mtla ia MacA and 
white; Prcaa ’I'naininr* in every variety, together with 
mo«t articie* appertaiua* U  the trade. 

Tbiaeutira atoek ma aelecteil in paraon, ie of tbe baat 
French manufacture, and Sir iMiaiKy of fabrie aad etegaace 
of atyte M mK Kurpaaaed by any Mock ia tliia Hue is the 
whole aountry. 

An rxaiHiiiaanu ia roapaelfWtiy auUelled 
Drei.a Mala aiada to order, and all order* pmaipdy and 
(hithfiiny AUed. 

•all MRB. J. A. BRATTIE. 

Robuck’s theory is, 
that all diseasss origmate in tbe blood, and it 
wonld seem that tbe rapid recovery of his 
paRents, under a course of these diaiafectants, 
affords strong presunmtive evidence that his 
pathology is oarrsot. Cer^n it is that the cele- 
brity of nis raedidnes inoMMes daily, and that 
ne lUs anthentie proots of their sucoess in his 
possessions. Sss AdverfisemeDt. , 

Dr. S. A. Weaver nas vuraed his attention 
or years to eaMi diseupe* as Oanksr, Brysi{)elas, 

Rdffular Paeftet 


CMacerinc at Chirluaaa wUh Barfy Katera 


_ jbIP^ '•'he new aad ■plcMiid irwa 

.. tu n i t ~T^ sg.-'vn!t;rAT'j'*'.': a*aSc 

BMaJi ml€8 plMitaufMi at 73c.— No inuisaciiona reported; market dud at 
I former guotatioiM and very bmi. 

Fmoa— Fricew ha-e advanced, with sale, of lOO bhia at 
B 78@M; held at 9 «0^ Ts in ■taippin* loU. 

WH*AT-Uncbanged at 1 lo«i » for red and white. 

"’■KAV— III good demand, with market bare of raw, 
which we euoie at ttdhssc. 

*h**Tie«r— ^Sale 1* balev CanniHtnn at 9} c. 

k *wisTlii« TrniMicom vfmrknt. 

BareagAT, Jan. It. 

Bales at wareboueea of 1 hhd new ffoMed at 7 IB, and 1, 
each at * to, 1 76 , lo oo, lo 75, is 75. 

Manu&cturi d Tolmccu-Bmall ralea of Tirgmia do at 

— J*'- 

Mr*. UagOM 

■Mit* Emily W a ldegiav* 

HuauBO|||^ mmer^^ Si;pKI(lod.ri hi HudNUt.iaao- 
of Uie above Sumiaer- will leave a. ahwvo Pady, 
at II O’clock .A. .H. 

For Itmght or paaongc appiy 10 

, . a. J. Kb'UO,Asmit. 

^'***“’* LJh* ^han BoiufW wt 

Myuherr lloif......,^.... 

iC^MIBS OOU.% •MAMr.iho 
Acrrem. la engagad. aod wik ag] 

Tt.rr cHOiOB .wao Ljno vrnan noot root m 
rhinl ^^t _ 

regular united 8TATIW mail IInC 
8'mr fh«w tfrleatAs. 

[Fr Mu Cano.J 

^paa hnow^ atoamer* ofthm lino wUl loawe 1; 

J , IhUana aa fotJowac '' 

— pravioue » u,c 

^ lim,. 

, SoTotuls, nnd we are happy to leam that his pa- 
tient reeeurobes have resulted in great benufits to 
those aflHcted with such diseases. The Canker 
snd Salt Rbenm Symp, vrith the Crete, will be 
found the most certain and speedy cure ever offer- 
ed In this oonntry. The reputauon his medicine 
has aeqnired, tbe certainty of ours whenever it 
is used, indooes os to urge upon all the nei«»ity 
of playing parkionlar attention to this subject 
These nsMiutiiee are sold by Stewart, Miller A 
Oo., Louisviilm Kr ; Hoover, Riley A Ruddle, 
New iklbany, la.. J. N. Harris A Oa, donnuati 
Ohio - febA dawlj 


* p» soBo Ptmuoo. 

mother should have a box In tb 
house handy in case of accidents to^e children. 

Rsadlmg*s Rmaalm smlre. 

It is a Boston recnedy of thirty years’ stand- 
ing, and IS reconuueoded by physicians. It is a 
sure and spaedy cure fbr Bams, Piles, Boils, 1 
Corns, Felons, Chilblains, andOldiSoree of every 
kind; fbr Fever Bores, Uloen, Uch, Scald Head, 
Nettle Raah, Bunions, Sore Nipples, (rerommend- 
WhitiowB, Sties, raters, Flea 

speculation and export. Fair and middling 
qualities have unproved l-4d and lower grades 
l-8d. Th* quotation* are— Middling Orleans 
8 5-8; middling Mobiles and Uplands 7 l-2d. 
Tbe markets closed firm. 

There has been a collision at Canton owing 
to the seisure of twelve British seamen on board 
of a vessel. The British consul interfered, but 
was icsulted and threatened with violence, and, 
while remonstrating with the Chinee* Governor 
Gwieral, was treated with contempt. The mat- 

''P.winre of iSaae a ma wdl rwtab Cam. 

O. .t A 

WMeelimgrwmM 8 rtt*bm7w. 

« - «IT^ ^ Pamen*«r*«ainer PQ.kO a 

^afingmQ^Marr*im maatar, will |«av« in ukut, 

Tty.-,.. r« owning •fMvagauea. 

Jm*? **** ^■a/ to caesivc fricgtot 

.OCI 'liK raEATRE! 

Fabct an  

respactfhriy 1 — 
pecisfliv lo o«r stock of black and fancy 

MTV, embrolderie* and lace good*. A lar^ 
stock of embroidered orapeerobe* for evaning, plaid 
caehmetus. delaine*, merinos, velvet and cloth 
sfaemls, plain and striped valencies, 
offering vary low. We have a 
ballardvale and shaker 
Uble damask, napkins, towels, 
bleadied sheeting, b’teached cottons, 
best bmod, which we are offering sa low as they 
cma be found m this or any offier Weetern 
«rkel. O- B- TABB, 

;Comer Fourth and Market streets. 


If you want a fine likeneas of yourertf 
go to Housel A Oo. s National Picture Gallery, 
*8 Fourth street, between Market and Jefferson, 
maur TolboPs vuristv store, and gat oue of thoae j 
AaaatMal glass pietures, which for t«eaaty and 
AdoMtv of fcaturea, expriwiion and drapery, fiir 1 


Apothecary, inAMOiic oM (Memla asd eamomera tha 
be *1(11 ke«p( hia ws(l-kiMVWB Drag Eiore *t the old tvwis. 
en Slarkat nr««t beiwocn Tenth and Bleveatb, asd iia* 
eonamatly on hand a fall aupyty of pure and feeab Urase 
aad Medioteea. ^ 

FUyaiciana and Ikmiliua Btay be aiiaurcd Of getcbi* thUP 
preacnptiuua and Kuntly tnedtoluca put up with tbe uUuoa* 
care aad of geaoine mateaMa. 

ALii. Paima, Oils, Window Glaiw, VaruUbus, 6w , kg 
be quantity. lUbS 

^*U i r L iif BE.\ EFIT, 

THim Ezckllont Piocka. 


for Whew ilayamA Plktekmnr* 

tl T^ m .I!?* ®2« P«»^«nsw ateamar fRAHri 
gJgSrumE, Marratla nnaater. wUI laava a*- 
05 UA« wpp it in f ofii5vmtiAa 

' ko«iiaowrsB4/toreeMvefrigl.l, 

c, BASHAiW. 

k'mr New Orlemas. 

fFrom Cairo.) 

- ..air* a. 

The Great Drama from Dkken’s .Novel of 
^MB elegant Cw dy of BAMBoOZLi.VO. ml tbo 

,1. A“It|S*ISVa"‘/“' “ .y 

-te' tO'a tas?*. jy;?- •- 

a^Ker parttcuUr* iee b.1- ’oToirUy. '•**^”* 

wk5T5 ffeiiu 1 m M«arM« 


which w# are 
large stock of aelsh, 
flanndl, litMD 
Irish linen, 

blucka are a little higher— Chicago and Kock ivlaiid — ; 
Luniherland ISA; llUnuu iVnUal l^W; Uouda *7.'*: Mich- 
igau Louthern 9i U; New York Central 85 i-j; Bcacng m 
i autuii — ; Va ; Galena an-l Chicago iixz 
micluraa Cvutral »5, Ck.velai.a ai.d Toledo 76 1 - 4 ; Clave 
land and I’liu— , Krie 62 :.. r, . • «,al Co 10S;i'ierliB* ex- 
cliange dn!l. • 

-N rfiaaa, Jan. 16 , P. J|. 

_ ofco'io. at Sc decliae— tala* 

•I . — 1 '— -   9,000 baJee. Retieipta 

• vt i. . w Ofl.iana 407,000 balae; 

' ■ 4.itn I e( ta^i imiaa. Bugar ia duil.— 

„;**•!! 4ull. k«i wiirat fi wiiiie * 1 * 0 . Cora dull at 
78«s^. f)aM 8oe. tVwirrn mep*a pork *». L'utTea 
Ht«a )y at lo^lOSc— aalraot the wevkloMW bags; receipts 
|**t week 11,000 bales; 8to ‘k at New Orleans MSuO bags, 
Frfirtu of (.'ouua to Livvrp  oi *t* t*. Exchange on 
London IN— oil Naw York 1 per eeat diacaunt. 

CmcinNsTi, Jan. 17. P. M. 

Hour market without essential ah anga— receidu imlit. 
nut exceedui 0100 Idils during iba laat *4 hours, but one 
aule lieard of, vw: 190 bbla at $6 40. Whisky markat con- 
tolas too bids at 31 b, and 190 from wagons 
atnHc. Pruirisions— after our report yesterday the par 
liaulan of aonie heavy traasactinas were maite public, 
^^Py**'*** 1.800 bbis mess pork at *17 5t; 430 do aatra at 
•1” J’i*o bbla tbin mvaa at *17 *c; mots do at S1776, ilo,ooo 
lbs bulk tildes at 8 l-3c; It.uoo pitrees, and So.ouo lbs shoul- 
‘**•'*•17 1-40. To-day luess ptwk *18, and bulk meat a 


310*ART halt 

led by , , 

j Bites, ' »der Stings, Frosen Liiut 8, Suit Rheum, 

I Senrv) ^ Sore and Oiw'ked Lips, Sore Nose, W arts 
I and Fmb Wounds, it is a most valuable remedy 
I and cure, which can be testified to by tiieuaands 
I who have usad it^n the dty of Boeton and vtdni- 
; ty for the last thirty year*. In no instance will 
I this Salrs do any injury, or int^riers with a 
I physiivpn's presuriptiun. It is made from tbe 
^ purest materials, from a recipe brought from 
i Kussia^-af artidM growing in thatcounuiy — and 
i the proprietors have letters frvMu all  laasea, dergy- 
i men, pfiystdans, sea oaptains, nurses, uid others 
, who have nsed it thora^v^ and reconunimd it 
to othsn. Redding’s Kusaa S^veis pat in large 
tin boxes, stamped 00 the cover with a picture ot 
a horse and a disabled soldier, which picture is 
alsueagravrt on tbe wr^^ior. 

Price, 25 oenu a Lex . 

REDDING A 00., Proiuieu..:.. 
R.A. Robinson A Go., Bed, Taioott A Oo. , 
Louisvillu, Suibam A Devol, New Albany. 
sai 2 deedAwfg 

^kfe„Be it reuieuibered that tbe Paiu Kilitf is i 
not only a liniment, but used impmally with 
great sucoasis, tm the fuUowiug etter wil j 


SHn.KYvua.E, Tuna., Oct. 15, 1858. 
Jfe«sr«. Perry Davis ^ Sen.’ 

Sirs:— Gratitude to you and duty to suffering j 
humanity, require that I should make known the j 
.great bemfit 1 Lave derited from Ihu use of your 
truly vsluabla Vegetable Pair Killer; and if, by j 
seeing this, any sufferer .will lie induced, as I 
was, to give It a trial and beolc«d, I sball be i 
oompensated a tbimsaud fold. 

In June 1855, after a protracted illness of sev- 
eral months, I was more severely attacked with 
drowsiness, •.Ttlgo, when attempting to walk, 
dimneM of sight, and loss of appetite, accompa- 
nied by fever, difficulty of breathirg. Ac. My 
physician pronounced my case pneumonia bor- 
dering on the first itage of consumption; and af- 
ter exhansting his skill, declared positively that 
I bad the consumption, that he could do nothiug 
for me, and that I must die. Hou'ever, he ad- 
vised me to use • • * • the 

best thing I oould do, which I did, with ne ef- 
fect. I then made use of four bottles of • 

• • • * • which proved inefli 


Hv this time, my symptoms were, pain in tbe 
beau, morning, evening, and during the 'night, ' 
darting pains throngh the chest, burning in the 
palm the hands, quick pulse, night sweats 
difflcnltv of breathing, Ac , when fortunately J 
got bold of the Pcoput’s PAMF«,rr, in which I 
saw the cases of Messrs. Blina, Cone and others, 
which induced me to try Perry Davis’s Vegeta- 
ble Pain Killer, and strarge as it may appear, 1 
derived more benefit from the use of one 25 cent 
bottle than I had done from all other medidnee. 

1 have used four bottles of the Pain Killer, and 
am hearty and enjoy better health than I have 
heretofore done for a number of years. 

1 remain yours, 

oustaVus a. CKLOY. 

J. N. HARRIS A 00., No. 7. College bunding 
Walnut street, Cincincati, Ohao, agents fbr the 
Southern and Western States, and sold by Drug- 
gists everywhere. 

Also General Agents for the saleof “Dn. Wnv- 
vn’i Cajkbb Ajru Salt Rheum Sybur aed Ce- ; 

EATH.” i 

Also agent for Dr. B. 0. Richardson’s Cun- 
trated Ctierry Wine Bitters. 

Sold by J. R. Wilder A Bro., WLboo, Ftarbird 
A Smith, J. S. Morris A Son, R. A Robinson A 
Go., Druggists at Louisville Ky., Scribner A De- 
vol!, New Albany, Ind., Geo. W. Borlon, Lex- 
ington, Ky., J. M. Mills, Frankfurt, Ky., ^bert 
Browning, Indianapolis, Ind , Woohey A Saw- 
yer. Kvansville Ind. ma!7-dawly. 

GviiwlMie slmM Fopnistr rwattlT modi* 
a I ■ e a t 


Oembs, Bnukes, S n^, Perfumery, Ehavtn 
Creams, Pomeuiss, Ilair Oils aid Dyes, 
and Varietu Goods. 


BAZIN’S (RooneU’s) “ « 

HARRIStiN’S “ •« 


Or. o*gwod*n ■ndist CMdlacTM-ae, 


I This invaluable medicine, was preptred from 
j an extensive peaedea of several years ,n a billi 
’ oosolimate, and ia never known to fail tf curing 
1 Fever and Auge, or any of tire diseaKs ati^e 

G. HABH Atl. Aavac] 

H« keeps alwa/x on kaad th« b**t qvainr Pittabuinti 
and ToMshiifhnnr Goal, warranted to tm what U 1 * rMwe- 

He aiwi knepe Uh hew PtUiitKirsh Nut Coel. dsneRred 
to anr part of Uia i^ty ftw- aeiita par bteSiid, uaed bp aoma 
of Uia lint laiiiiiMw. None bounr for Maam. 


Ta^tiawMiy Of «t. Edward H. Kowi^p, of uTelirai''^ 
Kowlep, Aabbnruar E Oo., 14 North Wbarrea, la proof 
of the l•dicaep of WrUtUBia’a Aati-Mpupepne Elixir: 


VU. Jxjta» Wii.MxMa— Dear Sir I take plenaiirr in ra 
r.on*irr.aiiif rourAiiU-Myiiprptic t.liir. for theoiireof 
KiMrtflW Oi....... ..j 

PlYTaHL EtiiMiato GAN.NSf 

I'be boat qaalnp alwap* on I14 
ordaoed, uH Skek cSoe. on WaU 



TUESDAY, Jan. M, 1857 

I#. TUEOMPMEi;:* siOClKTY will a ve a Grand 
rancart la Moaxar M 4 Li. on TL EdU.A V . Jana 
||Karp mil, Miuatad nr one of lb* be«i AntoMur* of 
^rtlic eitp. I beir t.baraa ha« *r«u trained witb 

rooie of !*• b«w — ud 

lart, VIendelaobB, ZoUarr, Abt, Ji«., wiU bo panorm- 


Bpriatf of lbS7. 

Three Days from New York. 

rax xaova aua* thb 

Only Ooixix^Ciny 

asiaia# am two 




pi^pnnnos nnv other Kind os ptciurea. 

Arnper} prodtsnss n more pieneing effect on either 
dhUdreu or adults. DuU we-ubw is preferable 
*• bright, exeiyit for small dii.ilren. Children 
CM be tnkmi without fail, in from two to eight 

Friees fr om tl,8C to »15,00. 

Hmt Albawt t SALaa Raiuu'ai — Dib»ct to 
5r* Ltwie ajid Obicaoo. — T his rr ad is the epoed 
fcwt ronts to Oliioago and the Northwest. Pafo 
•anger* leave the def4)t at New Albany at 12 M. 
aad arrive at Chicago at 7 o’clock the following 
moming. This train tounticU *t Terre Haute 
vith the 9t. Louis and Cairo trains and with eif 
Che trains leaving Chicago in every direction. 
The read 1*=* capital condition and r-wntly a 
nunher of splendid prsaen/kT cars have been pat 
on it. An omnibus will cal! in any part of ibis 
city for passenger* and deliver them at tbe depo 
in New Albany free of cha.-ge. This road is one 
4 if the beet in the oouetry aud its managemeot 
flonM be o* better. It is tbe cheapest and mast 
«Kpe4jlUue roete fbr Chicago, 8t. Louis and 
£niro. It mskns Sixect connection with all roads 
isi for all poickt. East West, and South. 

For tickets or infbnnation apply at the ofioe, 
Msaa street opposHe the Galt Hotiw, tf. 

^^We can now nil all orders for 
S. C. Dry Beef, 

8. 0. Hams, 

8. C. Shoulders, * 

Olear Sides, 


Beef Tongues, 

Pigs Feet, (soused) in kepsand barrels. 

Hog TongtMS, smoked and in salt, 

Venison Bams, 

No. 4«6 Market street, north side, between 
Third and Fourti. 

#ec6 dif JNO. F. GUBKEL 00; 


At., mr tb* «oa«uueuuu lU taa emi-aiK iuMpuai in 1 ear in it 
U’ ba wwrteii 41 Giu.'iia. 1 i 1 hi';ui. ac«*f ruiuc u  it _' p 
*nJ xpecincacrHu piapiirail at : i|Nirua*au aant pro- 
lu • « wtliai tor tba wImA* buiMii.a . r ^apcrala fot 
uSKtaut kin/ta »jf worx; :.iil« at pareaU aauat at *«*rr -m~ 
acaompanp aacb MJ. wiui iba aiwMir.i «ach .jt 
Wura. aiMl lb* total aa« nint caiiv-U iii, iba 4 *a*/uu«al 
'jip lb* nfht to or aecapt tb* aropaaalx ' arabv 
laviiaiL or ac 7 parte biaiaoi, waan itaMiiw.ia iriarMU 
u mu tn.tad ftat w fcu«ura» . 1 . ui« er, .rtoirai tuMi 
■arvas tba n*bt to cxcluar tba bHls ai amj enou  m L ar- 
toa« wbu literal* juatcaum; 10 batiave ui* uol iaubiLuy 
pcrfoiu lU« cuBirxcu.oi wluca tbar h*v- xticiavU'; ’o ( b. 
I.uii by iaai. H:Uoii; ami ail bids when Ui. ra -mil tm aar- 
I ea m uuarrat wuo i(o aot ju«* m tb* b« la, aaa aU 

Ubun uivnausauoa, ait: balow a tair pna* air tba 

biiia wiU uui ba raociT'xt :a prona, »*.i •■uatrart will 
ba awarded to a btfidar unJ«at» dvtaUa *ra Ainiiabae ibo aa 
l-artiucM of ibe pru;e» of u»* diaar-i!! kiwi* or woik and 
uiait .' ala. waicb tb Ul ua aubiuci lu Ute ievi. 40 U of ,ba de 
partineiii. BO Ui 4 l ii may aaop; ibr »u..f -.ra p.ui  m um 
M d, M UMiiBtereat 04 Umi tuuatl Acau   may rei^ia. 

VUHity pal c*ut »1' 111 * auuiMiit of wora mi .imI* 
rialK iMMavcraii. acaordui* lu v-viiifact pf'C-* **id aoiouiit 
•e ae jacertaiaoS by ibit . aumate 01 ' aiia«eui -! th* i 3 « 
8 snuiei.i appiauirit furUmi ] ur|K'.— , i*,,, be paiu iioaa 
uiuu i-i UHte « ... k pi .are-*es, htu len pefeemt. la- 

t.niird iiiibltrii- comp.eiiunol .he '-•'M’ia 4 taaiuar«.. ;.uui«;e 
ul tbe aura. Xc.. i.j ib-; .larnt xlfn - lu. *,,a t e luiicUaS 
lu Ibe rveiii .. non niiitilinent ul e»airaci. 

(.•luir-K-ta will Be awaided .-jiy ..rth-irr loulU' -a aaiA 
Utecltaiiira. aad Ui« U 4 .ciu.cht Ui«rio(, excupi oy ^i.aa. »t 
ot uia 9eci..taiy ut IM 1 rcaaury, will De a lor.eiua* lit Uaa 

r4i,:u piopoMl uiiiM b« 4i;cpiiipani.t.l by a w/itteu auar 
Botee. .igneu u  iwo re*pii:.4i!iie p.-r*oaa. ..'artiaeil lo a* 
,0 .y Ute Lruiled »te; -4 t ju..xa.jr a:tura«y of ibe 

aiu inlbeanaa .H **,.* . lor L.   «ii. it.- wora, ar 

.ul :i piopuUiouace aiuuUbl. II M r a.iy part, ’Jui'. iii : b«a.ter 
wiU. wheu r« 4 Uirr.t,il hir p . p«.a.  .j acu-^u-d. rater lato 
1 CuiiUitel 4110 i:oiMi, w.ut praper aoo 'uneiaulaecaiitiea, 
tur .p. l «i.tiilul p.trluiaiaiii-a. . 

FAnu of bond aud aarubcate 'w^iiLruU «t ill b* :amtabe 4 
uu^piicatiuii lu tb* aai arUa«i.i. 

rfaaa, apmtificaticMia, ait , wvrimtir Srawiiia. wu* ba 
r- any alter uiirty daya. wbea tt.#y fen ba um os aaiifiea- 
uua la ina de artinoul. 

.Xu H.. wilt If Ui w i e a ras aaiew U /aby caamltia ni aif 
U. datiMia e-UA /Aa re{mrtamms nf tew 

1 Ua pff*p.jaaJ 4 B.aal aa aewt lo tiiia n paiiaieai. aii 
uoaaaeii to Ibe Saarelary at ibe 1 laaae.y.  ud p.miuf ati- 
dotaee "FropoMiia jvr lAe treban. JHoruM ifoaviiM. ’ %i.S 
wiS be apanad at lu   .eluck, A M.,ts Jta i..*! Ay naaiad 
iuiiweirms litaaauia. J.AMEa iai.Til.ciE, 

i'leveland, Cffiuabu, ai 4 ClBcinaati 


Ar* enabled to iranaact «1 buainoaa aatreatad to tuatn di a 
Jiore ExpetUtione .vinnasr 
CoDlracia made *4 

fLodvAoed. I*jc*loofe» 

Upou applieauou to 
FRAJTK TaTOa, Agnot. 

ja* dT ntia 

U A I blHfl — A a^ti 
AK. eaiTaO; aiao, Oui 


Coc;l» Coal! 

THE itn4eaefiic*d keep eoristaaiiy oa haBd t e bftt 
vuaiiiy of VtUMmrf b L'oai ai Ute luwaiit price. 

(Jflkc ai tbe lower qg* (foal dcaJen, Wauir Mtem. b« 
tareca TbinI aad Fourth. 

iaafoJly BOWriER A FULT8. 


I .Nuwktepaa a»yiicy (.« tbe aale  .f Fitahurah Ctal 
M refborn in Waaiof aj|ood aitiola. will do wall to apply 
St the atore, coraet of FlGli aad Grew rtraew. ' 

H.-iHEK. AetaiL 


3M box*. Krieiii Soap; 

ISO do ritlni  m; 

79 do Guaiaii dot 

79 do fanev bar Soap; iii aiore a on nw.eil« by 
. .NOCE, 0(L 

IM.’rKH'rfEAT— 600 bags ftrxh buekw'iieat Ilieiri 
XV raired ana for lale bv Pm 


.x«u lUraale by 

Pfopobfalb It ferectiiig me tAa».wia«. 

Ixouse, fee,, nt UahiKkue, Twwm. 

Taa*aoBT llxpaaTuaBT. 

W jki.inetoB, Ifocauiber 17^ l.-UO. 

F HOFO-SAL.** will be rreived at tn a dcp. i Lwont aatiJ 
Ibe 17th itif of February, A. L . I^W, at » o’cuick, .A. 
-M.. tor Ul* am atrti«Uoa 3f the Loat.'iii-lioiua. p wt nitice, 
aiid eaitil lOwai, a'llkOriaed to he erected at lrelMi iae, 
Iowa, aecordin* to tl:   plan- and fpamAcatioite prepared 
at Ihia departmeni; .-.iid propiMaia to h* eitber lor ihe 

NOCk. vriCKg k C«. 

4ih of March. No nanae ia given, but the Ob- 
lerver saya, that when known it will be well re- 
ceived on both aides of tb* Atlantic. 

There are, rumor* Jn France of another loan. 

Eighteen Hundred Swiss residents have demand- 
piissporte home. Several French ships of war 
are fitting out for China. 


Washinotoii, Jan. 17. 

Senate not in session to-day. 

Houss.— A bill was introduced granting 
lands to New Mexico, Kansas and Missouri for 
railroad purposes. 

Ou motiou of Mr. Greenwood, a resolution 
was adopted calling on the President for a com- 
plete list of per.^ons charged with the diabnrse- 
raent of ,he public mpney who have failed for 
more than twelve months to settle their accounts 
und the reasons for sech neglect. 

Ninety-three against 81 tabled the Senate bill 
allowing fishing bounties to six vessels which 
f:ul*d to complete their voyages. 

The House was brought to ‘ ' 

li.MONS — 10 luixei I, 
I by fdeTSl 

'UUion*  i*t riMwircd and lor «afo 
A. B tuiR. 

I V t laviu- purobaaera and oihera to call and 

V V our lar*|. atorkurFrrffli UroaarieH, 
wlilcb wr. dre aeiluis at very l.wr pnea:*. 

. S. HTJf.Gr 


now oil band, 

. -Ufi/RIB fcco., 

fof M»in *♦., h«t. neeond aa.l Thud. 


16 l-4fa*fcH Burgundy Port; 

10 1 4 Port Juice; 

0i b-txer (doxen each) Port JiUeei 
in stor* aad for «aj« by 

wo JK. vvioKa fc cn 

DMAN'DIR^ — VVanaaU'ii pur^— 

E S i4 uaakaLa Kochella 

W. E. MILTON, . 



IPS invnru* tir  AC/ 

llieranf, wbea II d-atu^ tue mteraai oftb* (Jolted oiatoa 
miuires it; tba dbpartmeut alau rvaarTa* ib* ngni tu «x 
chide the bid* of any per.a.a or peraaiw who tlwre m ju»t 
cauae tn believe will out laithfnlly parfbna tbe eunuact, 
or which ibey have atteaiptail ta»Maia by indirvetion. 
and all bid* wban there aiuUt n - partiea la iatercat who d . 
Hot jiNO in tbe bida, and all bul* mat, upon inveausation. 
are below a fair pne* for the work. 

Bid* will am ife raceivad la gruea, and ao eon tract wiU 
be awarded to a bidder anlaee liataile are taraiidiad tbe 
departmantof tba p'ice* of tbe different k:a«l* of work and 
material*, wbieh ebalt be *ul*«et tatb* revwiim oi tbe 
departiBCHt. ao that it nay adoat tbe whole or a port ui 
tlie bid. na the iBtcr*«t« uf the I'liitad Hlaia* may reanue. 

k * If uaekaLa Koclteile Bready; 
4 H do VicturSilix do; 

3 X do Edmond Jaulin da: 

I * Unart'r '"'Jt* Heaty Smon Bri 
la nor* and fur by 
. „ A. ZANONF 

*i%ntid iiii 

Jfdtn Street, bet. First and Second, 

{kiH)rdert promptly Ailed, aud cuaaisiinieiite loliciied. 
jal6 dlyia 

tlie bid. aa the iutcraAt* uf the Uiiitad Hiaia* may rw 

Ninety per rent, of tlie aamunt of work done a.iw _ 
tenaladauvered.accurdinf toeoutractprice, (aaid .iiauunt 
h  be aacertained by tba aetimate ol an afeut ot taa da- 
partinent appointed for that purpoaa.) will ba paid Iroai 
tima to ume, a* tbe work prograaaea; and ten per veal ra 
uiinad nattl the eoatpletiou ut tbe contract aad acceptance 
ot tba work, grc., by tbe afeut afereaaid, aad ba lurfouad 
la tba evoat of non lUAiliaent ol contract. 

Contract* will be awarded oaiy tu master hnildara and 
macliamca, aud tbe asaigament thereof, except by eua- 
saat of Ilia deerstar; oi the Tenaxury, w:ll be a forraftare 
ofthe *a«n. 

Each priipocaJ must baeccnoipnnted by a wntten *nar 
antee, siSDcd by two responsible person*. (eertiSed lu be 
to by the United States district Judse or attorney of tbe 
B'ud distrtci,) in tbe suiu of *6,bOj fur taa whole work, nr 
of a pruportlouate amuuat, if for a- v part, that tbe bidder 
will, when reiiinrnd. if bis ^opoeal he aecep^. aniar la- 
to a contract and bund, wi in proper and siimajant seciin- 
ues, for ita faithful performance. 

Fora of huud and ccniAcate required will be Airnisfied 
on appbeanoo lu the department. 

Plans, spepiAcationa, and working drnwtnss will be 
ready after tnmy day*, when ittcy can b* had on nppbcw- 
tion to the department. 

No kU mU M con*id«r*I unlsM it /hits aemptiei Im ell 
its details seitk Uu rmeilrmenU of this advertMawieiO. 

1'b* proposals must be se at tu uii* dep.irtaeht, aditrnoa- 
ed to tb* sncraiary nl the Treasnry. and plainly •ndaraad 
“Froposaia /or Use D uSoim a Ckutom-iouj*,’' and wUI bu 
opeaed at 10 o’clock, A. .n., of the last day named for re- 
ceivihf the sams. J A.WEd G(J riiu.1 K. 

a*ia4diawim Berretary iff ibe rrna-ury. 

Propwnain f«r forcciiag tfew Cavlwm- 
fewabcy fee., at Ai 4 lnaa» klllaat*. 

Tnaxstnx DnrAnrmiar, 

Wdsbingt'.ia, livacmbcr 17, laa*. 

r RtfPUB.ALA wiU b* r--csi*ed at ibta 4*parta«ni nn- 
fil lha iMh day of Frbiitary A. U. laT. at a u’eluca. 
a. a., lor ten eonatrnciMHi et ten ■•wtrm bauj, poax 
ofec*. Bad conn rnam mMhunnaau tu b* erected at oa- 
•aa, illiBui* Bccu-diiig lu tea pUne aui spavibaau.Hui 
prepared at this departMtenr; anid propueate in ba citear 
N rin* w hubs build. u«, or saparate .ar different kind* of 
w.wk; bdUo: pnrew* ausiia every cae* acaumnnuy each 
bid. with the antenni nf eacb kiau 0 ; woih, andibe ,utal 
aiuonac earned oui, tee daparunenl rnteiviug ui* itebl 10 
rrjact a* accept tee piup.wn 4 hereby in*M« any pan* 
Uiareif, wii.-n it d**iiia tea laia.ejt uf :Jm LnUad dtnta 
requires It; tea a*pmuM«ai aiao raeeive* lb* ngh it. 4 « 
clu.1* taa Bids nf any parwNtaf persons wno tecr* is jas 
ranee u  beliave wiu nut tminfuuy pwhirviihaeaair aaL.- 
ur which tu«yhav*au*iiipt..-J tu obtain by indirwi 
and ail but* wbcnuiera shall ne parties in laiarwT who ou 

noiMluin  s bids, and all Mas that, upon .avn-iigaa a 

ar* naiuw a l ur priealvr tea wars. 

ttiOs w.i. nut be roee.sst in fro**, and no •aMracts w li 
beawsrdad tu a Mddar luitess details ar* luruiabed tbs 
daparnuenl af tbe once* *1 tee diff«r*i 1 bind* uf work 
and Btetenals.wnicb abail b* sulqact lu tea leviaioB *1 
th* daporUMiii. *u test It aiay auupt tee whole or a par 
CM ilM Md, as tee latareMa of Ute IJ uttad niawn way rn- 

Nuielv per cent, of the laionitl af weik done and Ma- 
teria!.-' dabVHted, wear din* i i vunua. 1 pnen, vsaidam - aa 
' to !-e aseertaiHvu by tbe sstimaia 01 an a*.-nt ut tee de 
r 4 ‘in -’it appointed (or teat purpose wui bn pk.d trnai 
iidie lo liBie 4 s tee work prug leanea, and len per cent, ro 
tamed iMilil te* » inpleuun of teo aualract aad acuopt 
a-  -a   trk *e» by ten agonl amraanid, and bn 
If . . t  r nun luhiimoni of eoauacL 

■ iirs-ts wi*. anted only MmaeMs- bail dor* aad 

'» •nneatteofeol.axcopibyeni.saal 

sTranaaiy. wUi bn a forte itnrn of 


I '«?•;, .I. ..-' on accoiapnn te d by a wntten gnnr- 

I - -*n*a by »wu r-spimaiMe parsnn*. cernend to bn 

„ . I tee t-mtae a,.v*s disirirl ya.!fs or aiternay u. tea 
awd distnct. i'H tba atUB *4 •.•s.v.o p.f Uie wtMi* work, ar 
f of a prone.'unnai* aaMM.ti, ff for any part. Umi -.he biddea 
I will, wuea reqii.r*d. if ate propuoal ba .mrapicd. enter 
into a cuntratl ano bond, witu proper and sudwent seruri 
tios, Idr us foubful perfitrvtenae. 

Poraa of nnad aad uerc.ban u rcqu'iod wib be iii.-.u-*-' -d 
on appticwtioii to tbo dapnituteni. 

I'1*H*. spee.lWntJOiir , 4Dd Woraiof drawings, will bo 
rnady atier tbiiiy d:iys. wate .u«  lan be uaa un appii- 
eatiua to tec depanreal. 

ho m anfl 6r r swstd a rad mwesi 16 /eflp 

*00 boXM No. L ip store and for sale by 
i FtiNliA a MURRIR. 


I 6 i* pipes Sweet Malaga Wine ; 

' ' bi M old Bourbon Whisky ; 
casks Brandy ; in store and for s.*ile by 


*0 casks 8. C. Soda; la store aud fur sale by 
EONDA ^ MOTt kis. 


Jfwelry, Watches^ and Faiey Goods 


f 1 IGAHS— 40.000 Cigars received this day and lor sate 

Old ffod joong are now indieerimliiAtelv 
s»F"g Prof. Wood'* Heir Regtorntive; rome a* « 
eoametic or benutiftcr of tlftcoeaplexioe, some to 
prevent the hair felling, some ns * mere dreeeing 
for the hair, and other* to make it grow and to 
change gray hair to it* original color; and there 
is no donbt of it* answering all tbe purpoeM for 
which it was designed by its illustrious invent- 
or Raymond A Patten are the agent*. 

The House was brought to an abrupt adjoint- 
menl by the audden illne** of Mr. Giddings. 

WxsHigoTOff, Jan. 17. 

Mr. Kingman and Pike, correapondenta of the 
preee, xnd Mr. Chase of New York, ex-membera 
of Congress, were to-day examined by the Cor- 
ruption Investigation Committee. 

Mr. Giddin^, while earnestly discuasing a 
private bill, in the House, this afteniooD, was 
seen to put his hand to his bead and fall into his 
seat, being seized with appoplexy of the heart. 

EG LARD— A auperiur kit uf ke* lard in store anil 
for sale by 0*161 W. E. MILT* iN. 

INEilAR— 10 bb!s pure Uigar Vinegar fiw sale bj 

laid for 

HEAT WANTED— The liighwt cssb 
Whtat by [JateJ W B. 


X tlie big hut cash price will bn paki by 

jal9 • W.E. MILTON. 


CONTAINS three elegant Rnnewood Marble 
hmmmfSa Tup Tslilu, equal to any in tee United Slates, 
H- wilir balls, cuss, maces, kc., to match, uuder 
the maiiaaeuient of a polite and attentive su- 

Gi^.Vmateui *s custom solicited by 

jal* JOH N tTARVB lN V CO ., Third st. 

Flair as tbk Noea o* a FACt.— Webgtor’a 
GaUery is resorted to for pictores on aoconnt of 
tbe superiority of their work, and the beautiful 
variety of onaes, frames, lookeln, medaliona, 
hroaebes. charaa, Ac., auitahle for glass pictures, 
just the kind for holiday presents. 

I^'REBU COVE OYSTERS — *00 doacn Cove Ovattrt in 
l  1 sail *-a onus, of tee bast brands, Jnstrncelvad and 
far sal* hy 

dais A. BOKJB, lu Tbivd m. 




Noa. 36 and 87 Third Street, 
LOUlaVltiLE, KY., 

I Barley, M»lt, Hons nil 

Identent*’' ”wh(Tl"r Agrlcnliurff ini- 

i^ITd ft « t vmeat, ami Plaster. Or- 

ilrrs hllsd for Groceries ami Pruvimuns, on small Caiu  

vancea"niade Sulieiiad, and Liberal Ad- 



” so bags Pepper; 

10 do Spica; 

I eases Clove 
1 do Nntnirf^ 
n hbis JamiiMi Gtnfsci 
*0J Mats Clauamuiq Ir .tste end for aeieby 
J*7 rONOa N MOffRIff. 

Labws Gift KALB.~Ovvr ten tbonsand person* ' 
have nsed Porter's Oriental Liniment during the 
prMeat winter for th* cure of froat bite*. No 
naedy ia tbe world ever gave so genernl aatis- 
faction. In no instance has failed to effect a 
cure, when used according to directions. It ia 
•old at th* low price of twenty-five cents per 
bottie, and any parrhaser that gets a bottle at 
the priadpal depot in this city, reoeivee a free 
gift worth from ted cents to fifty dollars; and in 
addition to tbe above gifts tbe {lerson that bnys 
th* largest number of botUee at retml each day 
will raotive five dollar* in gold coin. The per- 
goa that baya the second largest number will re- 
oetve a pair of gold ear rings. The third largest 
nnmbar will receive a book worth $1 50. 

Remember tbe plaoe, 96 third street, near tbe 
PostoCoe. janl4dlf 

8. ■/.. MARTIN G. R. PENTO.N 

iHarlin A Pentonq 

(Rucceasors to) 

ROBINSON, MARTIN A CO , No. 9« Foarth St., 
A UK daily replcnishin* ilici;  tock of staple guuds. 

Btnlcy, Juhuson A Co., 
wall & Bro., J.ouinvillc; Ii. 
Kc«n« a Co., Frankfort; f1 

Ruffner, Male A Co., Corn 
Rickets, Pres. J. fc I. R. u 
I C, Wiw^, Kloreure, Ala. 

, . a a-siteswii, SI. wvinsu, rior^uee, A a.l 

Johuapos. ^rtley & Lull*. Rt. Lauis. Pop# Ellisoii i 
 ■«•, New (Meiuii.; Allen Vina, f.'hk-aan; A. E. Ellv L»- 
layette. Ind.; A. B. Ftiitun & firo.. Cinciiinati; W^a’tt a 
Wilson. PniiiburfhiL. j^Whltej New York. Ja7 

ho Hd mfl 6r comstdorod mm ' tm tt JoXhs ssMaha* mall do 
details with ths reetmsmmdt 0 / thu odes, tisememt. 

Th* praposals iuum b* aent lo ihta desartMaat, ad- 
dreasanto tee ^acrriniy af me Treawary, and piaiaiy 
aadursnd "rrt:i suls for the tiais»a Oistum homse,” and 
will be opaned at 10 a^ekwa a. m., of ih* teat day naMcn 
lor rnnsiving ihn asuau. 



^UNNV RAGd— 40 balu ia store and far sale by 


P*fiTr'^?by~*^^*’*'‘**‘*'^‘‘'^“ reetivedand 


S^for^l*”y *“* *'’'** Dluegr**# 8 *mI, erop of  66, 


V.' nousstxee and pnttariia for salt hr 



• • JB7 J .d Sh;rtiags; 

Rhirtinsa. and 1,.. .. Liaena; 
lU 4. II Land 13 4 Linen .Sheetings. 

A foil supply will be I'uuml at the very lowest cash 

Also a large and superior stock of every grade and de- 
scription, nr while and colored flannels. 

Cloaks and Winter dress goods arc still being offered at 
prices regardless of cost, to close them out. as we make 
It a point to curry no taucy goods over ffom one season 
to aiiollier. Pure* asei s m.iy ‘i'pEN'f «* n!' 

Fourth et., bet. Market and Jefferson. 

&veral oflice-8 are paeaengers on the Texas. 
Some say that W alker is a gone case; others are 
hopeful, and report that Spencer was In the pay 
of Vanderbilt, and the British aesisted him with 
|[un-boat8. 300 men, under Lockridge, at Punta 
Arenas, attempted to retake the boats lying 
there, but the British Commander gave notice 
that he would uot allow it. 

CntcAGO, Jan. 17. 

Several of tbe eity banks yesterday threw out 
the notes of the following banks; People’s Bank, 
Uarmi; Rushtille Bank; Prairie SUte Bank; 
Bank of Washington; Stock Security Bank, 
Danville — all Illinois. The latter partially ge- 
curod by California bond*. The others are own- 
ed by the Gramercy Bank, Lafiiyette, Indiana. 
ToUl circnlatiun ;p825,000. Securitie* $900,000, 
cousisting of MUsonri, Virginia, Loni^iaua, Cal- 
ifornia, and Tcaaeasee stocks. 

The Kansas Free State Legislature adjourned 
to the i:;ecoad Tuesday iu June. 

Washihgtwi, Jan. 17. 

W. F. M. Arney has arrived with a petition 
nnmerously Yigo^ Dy citizens of Kansas, with- 
ont regard to party, asking Congress for a dona- 
tion of lands, similar to thorn granted to tbe 
Westers States, for the establisbaieiit of univer- 
sities and seminaries of learning ia that Terri- 

The President has approved the bill amending 
the act for the promotion of the efficiency of tbe 


WASffiK&TOir, Jan. 17. 

At the dosing session of the Agricaltural So- 
ciety yesterday, a propoeition was adopted urg- 
ing upon Oongreas tbe endowment of an indus- 
trial ttuiversity iu each State aud l^ritory by 
grant of land, valued at not leas than $.500,000. 
A committee, consisting of Messrs. Corcoran, 
Cnstis, Calvert, Frenefa, and Brown, was appoint- 
ed to fffrther this object. 

Wasbirotom, Jan. 17, 10 P. M. 

Mr. Giddings was removed from tbe Capitol to 
Ids lodgings this evening. The prospects of kis 
recovery are improving. The precent attack is 
imicb more severe than a former similgr one. 

WAsaiffeTon, Jan. 17. 

Th* Preeident’s first pnblio recaption of tbe 
season took place last evening. It was largely 
and fashionably attended. Among the moat 

Dn. Bnu.'e Oponoii or HosmrKR's Biirm. — 
9i Mn«*nLo. 111., April 14, 1856. — Some months 
mnoa, while recovering fW m an aUadt of Remit- 
teBt Fever, I was requested to try Hosttetter’s 
Bitters, aa an artiefe peculiarly suited to tbe con- 
dition of eonvalesoeats from fever. It is bat 
ainople jnstioe to say that it restored tbe powers 
of my digestive organs, and at the same time 
kapt ray bowels gently open. I have no hesitan- 
ey in eaylag, that, hitherto, in astng it in my 
proetice, it baa, in every caee wffere I have or- 
dered it. acted like a charm. In thus speaking 
freely 01 it, I far from puff a patent medicine, an 
nrlieto it ao means claims to be. 


Sold by dreggists and dealers generally. ja8 


I N BAC(X)8— SCO Ixaas varunta branda Yiisima.Min- 
•MUih. and RentnckrTabacao In ator* and (hr*nl* br 
,;«M NOCK. lAcEff a CU. 

iricui at 
. CO. 

FtffS— 6ct  drtuna Deah Fi**, naw crop, ja*« 



BliaalKihtowH, Ky. JA8 C. MULHOLLAND. 


No. 337, South side, Main St., bet. Seventh and 

1 'flE iliiilarfignait have this il.iy fliniied a Copartear. 

•hipundortha iityla above, in tbe Wliolaiiale UnKery 
Md Lome: lyrlou bu'inosa and dvaler* inFureian and 
Domestic W iU9B,acd Liquum. 



, ^ ^ -IA*. C. MULUOLLANB. 

Lnub-yllle , K r.jaw ■ 81b.  67. ja8uim 


Ty|»e aad Slereolype Fonndry, 

No. 168 Vine nCreett between Fonrtb Fifth. 


VIANUFACTUf EB8 and d*a»eri » Wawx. Book, aad 
ivl Job 1 pe, PriiHiak Fra#***. Cmses, Oalli**, fc#.. 
Ink and Fnnt;n* Malanaia of every de«. fiptipir, Stetw 
tvpinsur all kind*; BiM ha, MB«c,Pajin4 M *ul*ui« l^*n- 
Uon Job*. Wood Ha*in*»S*’ r*«ttn 

I.Mtar variou* 

[ QAVE removed my *u»ek of Wat*h**, Jewnlry, ke.. 

to No 436 Maia vweet, over the iiore of .Monitoinery 
k Co., wbarn I wiU, aa uaual, keep k larfa stuck nf 
Watuhea, Jewelry md Faa** fcoef*. 

In Paddodt’s Book of Plates and Hlns- 
trateff Goantmfeit Detector for 1858, be says: 
“Hostelter’s Bitter* are really what their name 
Implies, a tonic and gentle etimulant, cafoulatcd 
to act npaa the systeai as a medicine, and not 

B. a. MAHTUI *. p„roif 

Martin & Penton, 

(NiiccMiore to) 

ROBINSON, MARTLN A CO., 86 Fourth St., 
|N makinfUieirflrstaiiaonnceniriittothe pnbliowoald 
• Uke till# opportunity of ar-knowledirin* ih«r Ind^t 
ednes* t* thwr liieiuia lor tec bbcral pa'ronae- extended 
to tbein ilnnnr tee tune that Uiey were doia* bm,inrt*. 
under tee utle of “Kobinaon, Martin k Uo.,” and al»o 
of Uiein that DQlhing shall be lelt uiidon* to merit 

a cuntinaniie* of their fevur. 

A wuasD. 

Our atock U Mill complete in all tee Ntaple and Dooim 

*5*1.1“ • *5'"’ 4*ya, our usual axaoninant 
uf other snods will b« r«ady. 
jal martin k FENTON, w Fourffi st. 

Nortksaet comer WiisJtmyUm and Floyd Streets, 

vfailB uuderxiffned ar* now inakin* Si*au Enxin** end 
t Mill .Maehinea ffotn a»w nattarn* tut up in in': umtl 
uvAeta and approved vtyte. uao. lunaceo.  ard, unb«r, 
aad uuti sernw*. Imn R«1oi*, racciafand Li.Cud Funtp* 
of varioua •u«n end awn*. «asi Ifen Screw Pip** in Bi 
RteJlach** iffbnteiuT, ffovk*! mad F:*.tv* Fipe fioni x 
iu«bea to tS iarke* in teameivr; RAi'roadCar A nr*i* md 
Axle* and other Railroad Oaeuaf*. They ar* 41- o oote 
mauuf«ctm*r« of Roy* and FMaen's patent Rub M*r 
uein* Mkchui* for wsyon sodciirnaa* aiab*i*’a«*. wbicU 
has Mun pronoiin«*d by cotap«i*at juds** :o bu one 01 
th* gruateat labor-vaviaa BMirhiar* uv*r mvenied. Or- 
de.* imai a dwteaca. with aatfl .f..rtery t*feruBv *.04 csuii 
nau'taneea will racuiva fvooiM auaauoa. 
i«14 •Aa:ti(Rt'k k iINmVUE.N. 

an is too often the oaae, a mere invention under 
which to indulge in tippling. We wonld not 
veatnre to make  h'is stateeBent, did w* not feel 
■are that it would be corroborated by the wil- 
hag tostimoBy of thouscods all over tb* United 
ffilatda, and especially throagbont tbe weetern 
ofed anathern paru, where certain disorders pre- 
vail, whidi ^oire* just eoeb a prescription. 
We ar* amcied by a gentleman of large experi- 
•ooe, who is a “traveled man,’’ a^ whose 
jndgmaat aad iaqiartiality may be relied upon, 
titat “■•stettor's Bitters’’ are a sore thin g on 
Fhver aad Agae, that scoarge of onr newly set- 
«M ragioaa, which indeed has withia tb* past 
year prevailed to an alarming extent in eections 
genenUy exempt. Tbeee Bitters are sold by 
all drogjisti. 

s. sTmiVAU 


Watches, Jewelry, 

Materials, and Notions 

The audertifned hsvuirjuit received avory larf«ato«k o 

WatchM, Jewelry, Clocka, aaff Watch 

D lREfT Doin th* aianufbctori**, woald ialurin my 
CUbtomvr* and the puhlie at I»r6* tbiU i »ff«r Ik* 
a^eaieat icdnceuient n dealer* in tee ahor* laeauuasd 
kiticlM. All I wi»h i» to fiv* a « a call and axami.i* my 
good* and price* before purch«*ing 

Up atairx at Gowdy. Terry ts *te N Store. 

Mam bcL Fmh aa-l Sixth «te. 

LOUISVILLE. DacBMBia Ad.  v 6' 

Jiit BsceiTv 4 Cruffii Ear«| «; 

IS y*aiV crop ud ail hapumul M^iDItlAt. IIBRBtfl 
.AffiHrtlft tera-lc' wiitiaehoiu* aoa. rixauat «f 
, which ws offer a  Dcuumu at EarUN^N priaas. .Ml 
««i Preparauaef ua h^d ot m*4« in order. 

w.srRi.vecR k »to. 
Apuvhauaria. aad Latxcura, 
Market mrua*. baa Third vad rmoffl. 

1 'HB Corortn«r«hip heretofore axiatiny b«tweea the 

'• » ■ Miller k Tabb. Uu 
n.i'rolvrd by niutal eooMnt. “"u, u»* 

.rTo o ^“.**5*** bhtvhfler be coBtihued by e. B. 

ri»*e hi btuineaa, corn*r ot Fourth 
aad Market rtreeta. jwo a MII i bb ^ 

January 1,18*7 ttEti. A T A BB**’ 

8 8 o-ooca.®; 

B. P. MARK U. y, uOWNS 

•“Serior atoek ol Fanev and 
jPtepI* Dry (J«,ia* for the teaaOM. To which we 
would respeetfouy call tha atuntioa of all who are m 
MARK k iNJlVNa. 

ae l3 

  |{ANffffR— tobhiu flau Rwuei Oranga JuM raaelv 
and for **lc by A. BORIB.m Third st. 

Christmas Toys. 


r U uadorsisued (U. BRID •■• ) at prrauat aedfer 
aiaay y*kr* pa*t proprietor of T*ddN Tuhaoda 
Warehooa*. will rainov*. oa the Ut of Jan wwy. MSV, to 
tee capaamoa buiidins kanwn a* tb* Ptuauti TaUac*., 
War*lt*ei*. *orn*r or ffikhth and Mam atraai* i •, pru»- 
«at oc*api»d by J*»iah B. vara**'. I hnv* tak*a taw 
c*p*rtaar*hip Mr. CH.Aff. U. H ARPRB for tha aarpaon 
uf •oatiaains tu* Tt BACC*  hami n aaa* b.-raw K n. 

Wa aoikut aneaiffnaMBMirom fiaaors and Bhippara et 
tbe Waan reJSttew who why task tit* m*rk«. aad an- 
pealally (V«m tb* formar patron* of H. Riiagu.. 

•etat aunetioa wUI ba givaa ta tales et all Tahaeea 


fewDitaattmaLadtasaad Oorvanpaedau** w Baineai 

kVxana. Loeterifte, Ky. 



W ILL rve hw aadivwed attuauoa w all eimms aatnfo 
V V ^ k.m la ute -'•luimu of fhinima 7 nia. - uiff- 
wuU, Buphiiia.aj (i Todd, ky., aad M*Mpnw«ry c ounty, 

3*for u  Rue. H. J, B u wa . ffraa: k Fhaipa. Uoptouw 
foil*; J. U. Rohle. RnfoMaa k Mm.. **d W D. R*ml 
AUo'r at Law, Loa;r*iB* . dx*k Vaaae l ta lx “‘-ra Phil. 
^fop ix; Lan;l«a. Z aB*^k (V., cnaWnatt; M t*r« 
TaaauAa.NswtWIaaaa. _ _ _ rwntdka 

Helftkcll & H 


VVrorLD Btaat raupaaifalteta fo rm feei r c a a We ri and 

FffMI* aehaar ih ar W-day opens hi* aeperb stock of rbijfo- 
1 BMS Toys Bir children. He ha* alM on hand a ffac 
aonanaMatof Fir* Mlark*. Pamot* who harr thme ar- 
tmlm •» pracara are ruepactfally aivitod w kxA at my 

ahaafc Balbw aardhaatef abiahi.ii . 

0 sm A. BORIB. Thwdet- 


vVff have ramovad onr PINIBHINO aad 

rotipi ANO W’AffB-ROOMS to tba corn*r Main 
* • 'and Biitb *traaf*, Eaynnld’a a«w block, 
■atrtui** kn Mate aua«t, also an Mixte, ia r*er or 

Facfery awaar rf . 

YARNS, ka. 
I76lmr* Oatton Van 

' ,•« Mayavillc factwy; 

Ili do Larpatt'baln, do do; 

*31 do (Maud Albs aach) Cotton Twiaac 

NOCK, m cKB k U( 

MeFadden & Sheckier, 

,(H )0 NEW BLACik 81 L^ 

Is day reefoved by fetpra w W r ayw Black Sj^ha. 
r»Bi f nffiinf t ▼•ri f r* of Mio oo«i iMBOffi, 

n n ivifc i n m uUg Bio. 7| Uoiifigi buUdiaL 
ffalnatsteaet, dnoinnati, Ohio, agents for.tfe 
SontiMrn and Western States, aad sold by 
gists r«n whsre. 

Also OdBSsal Agrota lor ths safe of  'Db. Wbv 

200 iKr*®w"„rfortifo .Y^***"** **'«»■- o-oo- 

1,^ KRLl«K S, Thirdat., 

J** M»in •tifi the rjvar. 

fW MST •»»«.) 

Ij^KmaalriiisetfMtifeeell Uw aMentioa *f oar MeaSi 
VV and fee paMW ta ow ou»ck at dotha, '•■ihaiirn' 

^l^fSwff and doahia aad Wippla skate m aU 

n^^lfo'pr.^B^^Vd':::.. im toto4...d.(«s.te 

Lestra, ail wultha. . 

•0 piausa Bla«lt Oraa da BkMaa. ainaiff which ara aaoM 


. dteh 4I1W loff Fawtk SI., hati ffiarfcataad Jaflteton. 

WILL ceanaea to raaaiva aad saU « TUdd** Wwa- 
haaaa untff i« JMaary, ispi M wh^«h Oma nap Ta- 
tee oa band mil be raraovad, W ^  i*ha« •« **# t« 
aart), wh«ra I aa e ik^ aHar ha SteS with sueh af 
Jedi WarahteWh haetoaa may he eocaaaary W all 

oM nkn* a, suofeaff. 


^ 1*0 hb* n. 

('rasa Sufar, 
Powa d«i 

do l .£ Fa 
00 ClaJriwh 





Mercantile College 


A-TY dL lao ZS'U.XXIlID'U.S! I 

OWtN6 to a d«ranf«ment of mr | 
pernmar; uffairt, cauaad ■•ickceai 
and loot ahs4‘nee trom buiiatiHi*, it ! 
I’cctwe ncceuary for m« to adopt 
« nia loeaM u raua a hbi of mou«r bjr a specified lini«!. 
VVilli this view 1 liave deuriuiiiej to oflcr my (ix da to 
eusiOMaers at C081', wliiaii ia far beioar ike rafular price, 
aad 1 will cuMlume to make aalm at that radaatMin lor a 
few days only. 

1 hare availed inyselfof the best uiarkeu m Europe 
aad Uiiaonuuuy In the purchase of my stork of WATOli 
EH, JBWbf.RV; ke., and cnnseeuenil* havebuufiit the 
beat foods at the lowest priees. and will sell them corres- 
Bomuiifflr low. My repuiauoii ia this sommunitT lor a 


T Tbe most popular Weekly la Ajoeriee, which haa 
immediately upon ue uaue, spniag into au 


Tbia raptd aneeess is iinprecedentml in the History ot 
Juuntalisiu, aad caa oulr be accouuied for by the tact 

1856. •‘•oday. Mai U. 

Ntrthmat 0$rme «f ikxtk mi WmUiWl Sudt 



riau Bonlv acboni where a practical kanwledae of Book 
1 kectane can be ohained— the UKtructara bamc prac* 
■eel acouuntauu. ^ ^ . . 

Persous desiruiu of bacominf thnroufh and accomplish 
ed AcroaMauu will had It freatty to tbetr adrantrfc to 
rall/ui the BiuiersifMed. befcre enfafttif eteewliere, as he 
pnrPMftMl tu JejuouMnt*’ taItTs tLit hw 





that the Propriotora have employed, without raffard to 
aapaase, the 


'Ibe Nation is ihconty paper which coutains the Witty, 
tlumours and Side-Hpiiiunr Bketehes of that “Couiical 
Ueuias,” aad Unrivmled llamoriat, Knifht Russ Ocb- 
side IM. D. Uf which series, uu« sketch ahum ia worth | 
the whole years subscripitun. 

_The_Nalios is edited by S. M. BIGELOW, and Mrs. 
B. U. B. N. SOUTH WORTH, who is wall know as one ■ 
I af the most popular wntes in America. 

In additMMi to the above we have enfafad aa Uoiilnbu- I 
tora: UUra Moreton, Alice Cary, Mr., A. F. Law, Mrs. i 
B. P. Rllet Park Uefijaaiin, Henry W. Merbert. W. W. 
losdick, U. A. Pays, Ben, Caasedy, W. r. Brannan: aiiid 
numerous othara. 


Wa parocalarly cinmaeud oar ahest. Their depart 
meal will be edited with the utiuast aare and ao expense 
or labor spared to render the colaiuM devoted to their 
aapeaial boneOl, unustudly Brilliant. Aitracove, liistruo- 
tive and ( imauental. 


WUI eeotAin Fract^aal lioff^stiouN an^ Africuituml 
iMUy conUitMU.*U aiHt from aourcaB lha mmt 

aiN«a ajMl coauuniaa miurmauun wliirti will prove to 
toe eopme of a »iufl« yearaof altuott iucnUcuiahle 


p. Bmm, 

ionf term for lair dealiiif and feneraf Miiegrity, 1 trii! t, 
will avert any saapioiou as to niy motives in thus aAe = uf 
my goods at euai. 

J. J. HiRBt nBUUL. 

deal dtf He Main St., one d.-ar shove 'lliird. 


Mr. Wastell, 



_ BR 1TAL.S and BABBS ibe ColaaM. TRDSSBSL 


# rKOMHarMajesty’s’l'heater, l.ondnn, 

and uiiuiy yean Teacher at Wilits’s, re-^AJ^K 
spcvlfully inforuiac he citisena of LoiUs-^Vap^ 
Title that bis Academy mopcii furtha tea- CPa 
son at Odd Felluwa’ Hall, Jetfiferson street, for the luuun 
ol the above elegant and polite acconipltshuieato. 
a aooaa roa tsition.M 

Jnvende Clase— Friday, from 4 to a p. M., and Satarday 
from » t. M. to 1 p. ■. SMrss DutuamU, ffotu S to 4 p. a 
GeaUemeii’s Class — Monday and Thursday eveaiags, 
from 8 to 10. Private leasoui at any boar of the day. 

Bctioola and families attended any diatanca within 
wenty iniles of LoaisviUe. 

flQh-For terms, M ply to Mr. WABTE1.L, oa Tbirtl 
i uaet. next door to rresbytarian (fhurch. uel dinsOuis 

. - — FBrkhmeota for 

Conucta, (rotbic Oraamenta, ChiniMjtoM Flow- 
er Poll, Vases, Ac., aaKirtment to b* seaa at th« 


Plain and OrnameDtal Plagtgran. 

AH orden for Plagterlng or Stooco fcr talHlor 
daeoratioa promptlj’ attooded to. 

- ^bi^Plagter Paria for aala at tb« lowdil 

priea. Mil dtf 

A BKKIES or l,e«^ti;kks I 

Uatoptoeor great uuponaaoe la a commercial tpnui  ri 
slaw, dalivetM by Hon. Kellamy Btnrer, S D. Maii.stiald, 
IHu., Kev. Homnel W. Fndwv.aiul other eniinaat l.actur- 
Mi and Basiness aien— these lectunv bamg a 
Not latrodhccd la any of the other 

NMsrMhstaBding the fivai expetma anaadaiit upoa ae 
canag toe serrieos of able lecturers and asaistanu, the 

WM resMia m beretatore, na: 

Fora ftill aourae of tastractians ia Doable Entry BuOk- 
koaptuf, Writtng, Commercial Uniculahaiia. Lectures. 
»ui $M 00 

“ ■ ■ ■ .HO 

Msauon they raspeaiively demand, each being espe' lal- ; 
ly and aaranilly preiutred to meet the varied tasts. of the ! 
s^eral classes or itt readers. Among ibrsa we mentiim 
OrtgiaMl Stornand Po4nu. Eidorud Rambimt*. SkeUk \ 
. Aews, (FotAingfow Gossip. Asw Fo^ 

MmTmf Laid, Ae Lcdttt fmu t'c§hion$. Praetieal 

^npfs /or Os Household and T^Ut, ‘*7ha I 
- __ One’s” Department. Geau /rows 

.ww. iVsseand Poetry, Rtaaer’i U-dde. flSs- 
terieal Sketehee, Traneiatione rc. 

The Nauen is isaued ia Uiiarto Form (eight pages.) and 
eaab aumbar will aoiitain at least two UnginaJ Eagrav- 
ings, thu* tnmishing our kubsoribera at iho aad of the 
7*«r with a volume eontaining il* lar alza. beautifully 
prustad pages ot Unsurpassed NA ilaues, itketches, 
Ac.. Pigeiliar with over loo original Ulnstra'ioas. 

T“* •* B** hiUowiQg rsiuaskably low 

subncription and clubhuig tnnas: Invaruibiy m sdrnnan. 

CopiHp^.,........ ....... g] 00 per annum 

Lorimtr IhtUegood, Eati., a ynunf aentlwuaa who 
whisbed to see tile and saw it nccordingTy— by Frank E. 
Bmedlay, Ksci,; author of Lewis Aruiidal, Frank Fau- 

*illafdal«n riepbam— a story of tbc Mcoltish Aafbrma- 
tioit-^y Mrs. Olipliant, author of Zaidae, eta. 

Saratoga— A story of I7i7. 

Dred— A tale ot' the gieat Dismal Swamp— by tlaniat 
Beeehur Stane; aiitliorof Uncle Tom’s Cabin. 

Tlia Ocean — by P. H. Gosse; author of an introduction 
ol Zoology, the Canadian Naturalist, ale., with fifty-two. 

Uraan Peas Piakad from the Patch of tnriaibla Green, 
sq., illstraied by John MaBanan 
la ttnaa and for sale by C. HAGAN It CO., . 

no* 607 Mliu rttlili 

Hark k Dowis, 


RsUbUshed in 1856. 


(OTpaMte VFalker'a City Bicbhhfe.) 

N'. HTxa-ttlxi.* a-0TXl a. 

5rTw.“.^drS‘’tS!U»d W 

!j^Jhi!5^*al?dIsuiSa I s ^ 

C how to pki ap the rodm^r f^er Mnic^ ad- 

f rttiM(owly) per moath. 


Christmas and Holiday 


MlCHuf^ BRO.’S, 

M any of oar firrt ctaaens hare often exmwraad a de- 
sire that an eating sdloor sitoald rsublDhs^ m Lots- 
isnlln, m »€ espcMllyfor tupconrenienca •» lames ami 
ihair attendaTita. The subacriSor has mada aniplc nrru- 
gaiueiUs to suputy this want, audtha Indieaof i.o«isrille 
will hereafter Fi»d at his salono, loi Jvllersoii 
twees Fifth aiwi Sixth, Oysters, and all the^iih 

rtaatialn »»*! delicaoiaa of the market, whivh will bo 
served np in the vary best sryir. 

flr^Balotiopca froaa to A. M„ nil It P. M. 
al^My Bakery tad aonfectionnry wU be kept sappheg 
wib Ihs fi eslioat aad beat art Kdss . w 

•oiadU THO.MAB htO.AN 

Bridal Vsila and Boarfse 
Emnrnidarina aad Lnea OooBa. a gram r^^ma 
Bilk Mohan aad Dress Bilka af atmsi kmmSSm 
Moanung Maasl.a da Lain 

lamaMllwtha, rttyhaa, 

Tabfa Damasks, B«Maadlaaa. 

Marinos. I.nswnn. 

loWkllu:g«, hnaki mfca.A 

diteetings of all w iMis and yrtacm 

Iriah Linens af Msehard s oa's bm mnhro. 

***^* • bandsogis asaurtmant afCIU. 
T AL VaB. points. dMAn^A. aad SoARfU 
thsr stock has aavar ba«n bemv a thia saMM 

yam. tiar nniform aystai at Adam ' » wt 

solKriaM goonalee to aJI that they will gm good 
aa low as the sama ainsa of Goods ena bo ao£^ 
oaemlooonly MARK It fuTWA 

A Card 

ritHE uaderalgnod' haring told out bis stoakJofBoots 
1 and Shoes to Messrs. Jones A Snyder, would ratuni 
bis sincere thanks to hiadnands and tba public generally, 
for the very ganarous patronage basluwsd upon him, ami 
would recommend his auceessora as being worthy oftheir 
eontidsnee. They have on hand on« of tiie baat aaiacted 
stocks of Boots and Shoes to be found in any store in the 
VVeatarn country. Selected with ears as to qnality and 
fit. 1'hay have also in the hands of maniifactiircn some 
of tbc beat .Mans’, Boys’, and Youths’ Bouts and Shoes 
ever brought to this city. All of which they wiB be in 
daily reeipt of. U. T. RANDALL. 


Bavisg parchased of Mr. D. T. Kandall his cnMre stoak 
of BiKits and dhoaa, wa would soliet a share of that bm- 
ronags so liberally bestowed upoa oar pred u eaaaor. ..^Oui 
stoak cousist in n^t of— m 

Mens’ C.ilL Kip, and lliick Boots; 

Do do do do do Brogaim; 

Bgyi’ do do do do Boots; 

Do do do do do Bruganaf 

Youtlii’do do do do Boots; 

Du do do do do Brogans. 

Togelhar with a large a sortment of Ladies’, Miaees’ 
and Childraas’ Bhous. All of whick will be aol d h w fo 
cash by JONBG fc HNYUt^. 

“■ Shoe Hhire, 

Market street. 

iruiB aiv onniill i 

**”*'*1. cp^ose ia addition to the sahscriptioH I 
pn^  6 aenm for each subscriber, ae wa are compelled I 
to r^y the United Sutos posuiga. 

coniaing money ^ould be ragisiared, and 
directed plaiuly, and tliey udll come at our risk, other- 1 

HiCftlxx Stroot- 


W B have Joat roccivad by our own direct imporMtions 
fHhn Paris and Geneva, one of the richest and mos 
splendid stocks of DIAMOND and ENAMELED 
LAUTB’ WATl'HEB, with Chains of same style; 18 Kt. 
(Tea a'vcatand fhb Chains, new styles. 

Diamond Braaat-Pins and Ear-Rings; 

Coral 4ki do dm 

PamiiBfs da do da. 

Titeaa goods are all af aor own selections and iniparta- 
tJoua direct, and Just the article* for rich prasenu tor the 
■oltdaya. We also have large itisH'iptiuBs ot fins Geats' 
and Ladiea’ Diamond Breast-Pms and Rings; ingrtiier. 
with the finest stock of rich and rare Jewelry and Watches 
to be Idnnd Cast or Weak which we invite our old friends 
and enaloaiera to call and axamine. 'i'hankfnl fbr past 
Hvors, we haps to mem a aontmuanaa ot tne same. 
Wa want iinaderaiAod that we sail oar goods at ftur 
prices. MICHOT h liKO.. Mam at. 

near Foarth, under the Kadoual Hotel. 
daU AU Loatsrille. Ky. 

m., (^all llir Lastem rities. Also, iK-troit. riaCleve- 
|ud,Bpringueld; Wiluiiiigtun. Circleville, Lancasterand 
Zaneerilla, t.'hillicothe and Athens. Tliis train stops ba- 
leen Cincinnati and Columbus at Loveland, Morrow, 
Xeiiia, and London imly. 

d^UND TRAIN.— Jlcreland, Pittsburgh and Whrel- 
'•d Lxpresi Mml, leaves Cincinnati at 10 o’clock, a. ■§., 
via Cleycland, PiUeburgb, and VVbecling, for ahtha Euh 
tarn cities. 1 hii train stops at all points between Clncia- 
nati and Columbus. 

THIKI) TRAIN.— Accunmiudation, leaves Ciacinnau 
bt •-* “ Clock, a. m., for Bpringfield, Wilmington, cir- 
rleyUle and Lancaster, Chillicotlir., and Hillsborough — 
This train stops at all points betweaii Uiucinnati and 

VoURTH TRAIN.— L'levi'lantl and Pittsbttrgh Night 
Express, leaves Cincinnati at s o'clock p. m.. via Cleve- 
land and Pitssburgii, for all the Eabtern ciues. I'his 
tram stops at ail points between Ciucinnati and Coluiii 

One Daln on Sunday at I'AO o'aioak p. m., Rw Colum 
Inis. • 

Trains rnn by Columbus time— 7 minutes faster than 

Fare ah law aa by aay otitar Boat#* 

THKOUAH tickbtb 

And all bifhrmation can be obtained at the new olietM, No 
S Kurnet House, second door west of Vina strset; Na. 177 
front idRce. Gibaoii House Building, and old odiac, south- 
iMM oornar Bmadway and Front lOraat, GPPOBITE the 
Noose, or at the Eastorn (Little Miami) Depot, 
Kiui Front stresL 

  iffiaa hours from 4 1 Sa. m. until Slip. m.‘- 

I*. W. tlTR^DER, Geuarid Agent. 


('alls for pasaengars at ail the principal Hoialaforaaehand 
every tram. By loaviiig direetions at either of the abovu 
ogieM, wRl ealllor paaseiigera in allpaitsoi tbc city with- 
utitfail. H.B.KUGGLEB, 

mr*i dif i'onductor. 

YVhat is Thisf j 

Nothing Strange But True! | 

•'i** responsibly for ^eut. ’ ' 

aiSI’,, will be sent free to PosUnaners, 

Agcnti. and ail who wish to get up a cliib;-to a!l others, 
on receipt of lour ceau m stapms. The szpense of rug 
isteriug u ouly 6 aautS. Addiesa * 

Union Bakery. 



^ .W Dock St. Philadalpnia, t’a. 

''Amang the hundreds of complimentary notices, we 1 
nave received fruiu newspapers m every sacuun ol the ' 
iLe following extract iiom: 

• Nation appears in clear large type on snow white 

S aper, and IB iMUiy adorned with lllusuations.”— N. Y. : 

literary world.’’ i 

Philadelphia Daily News. { 

one of tbe best weaklisa now pablisbe.i, and we I 
"OUce of the rending 

Ptthltc ”— Harrisburg. Fa. Haiald. 

“ I he talent and energy of Uia proprietors, us origrnsl 
and intereeung contenu, and tne beamy uf tha typagra- 
•*cure lor It a general mrculsUon.” 
-W'Uwtttafiurg, 1 a. Innependent Fress. 
i Asa literary and I'aiuily journal, we have no besiia- 
^11 in I rouoimcing it tbe best anioiig our exchaiigcs.— 
”vt ‘.t** Ladies to procure it Without delay.” 

— Fulton Pa. Republican. 

“We dislike puffing eity anianaUon», but ui this case 
w# are bound fogiva way to merit. Unlika many city co- 

tht NktiOU U COBipujNtd of mnmm.l 

and useful luauer, and is noi Ailed up with an overdoee 
or airospa wieboyworttar ntnif from tbe bend* of erack 
braced auib0ffs.'’- ftrie City UiMpeteb. 

“It has the most beautiiul sitf raveu head we ever raw, 
and Its coiitauu ar^ deeply eairnain^f, truly «1elicious 
and scui-aheorbiaf.”— \\ iilianifburf, Ta, GaseCtt. 

*• rbero IS ro« a i5rjuiitsuch e paper, and it has secured 
two as true beaus andnearts to control us eoluiuns as the 
lit*'rmr  and sosial world holds. *’~W1IUhorf»urli, Pa* Am 

G reat war the fall of 

pet an 111 r is tba rtsa of WbaaOey s tWMPOLND 
BYRUrrwhieh all will say •**•’ *^' 

•t IS tha irreaieal YagetnMe pieparatKm S’* 
the eare of Chills aad Ferar. or Ague and Fever. I mt^ 
reapeefUdy requ'e’ drmggiaw and mareh anM ganerall) » 
LSZTio maV^ few hottlaa. I will tUlow good 

prehL and wa^t h to curw. wiikaxI FT 

•^rw, Mir Proprmmr, J. 

Smitb, Githrle, &€«. 



No. m Mam 14.. hm. Baaiad aw4 T»i 
LOt isiriLi^, iA\ 


«nt of EaraM Cigars, di 

iM»d braudaofUliaw’iM . 
e«pr« «f „„ A. PA 



SOO T^»ACgO-o. cMpa- 


400 SSrtJirFco. 

.^OO BURBON-Fram | u. a ... . ~ 


— fsrrg. KTMmia . ... 


bahtizl ullhan, 



Um ronoThd from tbe oor. of Fint k Uhrket to 

(Plutntriif oAoupitd bjf Mottoell 4' Cbmo.) 

§100,000 Worth of Drv Hoeils 

i RAOtOOO XlfartU at Carphthl 


I Durkee, Heath k Co’^. 





En o«ie. reno«s i«sIlu**' ■' 
.ms^ br koCK. mCKBAQO. 

XatlM’R Artie ® *PlOT«tlODR. 

I of Rir Jeha rranMm. m the vgars 186* M. “T 

hiMukaiii Kans. M D..U. I*muf a Paraonal hm 

•ompriM inw every artiele in w*»p»iy 

u large as inai M any two h  aaea in ms «nj, end luliy 
a* large as aay ro Now Vurk, ah at wn»«.4i we are nuar 
offering at belter batga'us ibaii eon be bad at any iknisk 
aitrerauuig tp sail at cost. 

Dtess Coixts of every **eariptl  ai 
Bliawls andCwiass in all *yf'**i 

l.acra, Kmbfoidanes, Hsniftwhieffi; .... , 

Skirta, and Lireaa and Cluwk rniiunino of all kinds 
Linen end Coitnn Uomesuar in abuiiiMnea; 

(ilutbs and Cassimers in er  , p vanetpt 
Lmdiae' ami i*eaG* Undeaweas; 
ttnro* and Homery; . . . _ . « . .. 

Carpets of ail kinds, from tha beat EngUau ▼airal 
down to a UottuB Chma , 

gup Matts. Coraieaa, Cunmn fla nhm •* 

of II hath fr CO., 

dafidEw urt Fourth *t.. bet. Marhea and Jalfoimm. 

ChrliSh Tlaupt 

'■^ni auanUuB of the aitlaenaof Lualarilla and rieini- 
1 or, M rospeetfully uiriisd to ih« laig« n*d magaiScant 
asso'cmant uf Fire Works for ths harhinbar afectiun, 
ksf aousiandy «a hsad by ths subsanher, aonsisuim in 
pet. w dsy guckats, plaia sad oelorad first Romaa (Wn- 
d^. Rangel Ligiil; Flawarpetm Sarpenu; Pui Wheel.^ 

A. HORIR, OoatacmiiHU. Fraiterer, Re., 
oam Na. ioTtiifd atraai.abora Me n 

B UCKWHEA'TFLIHTR -- .'oiiauntijr oa hh^a i^y 
•apply of Patsat Hailed B lakwhM Flour; nloo, n No. 
1 nrtiele o* wai*a wbaat Float, by the seek or bM. s' *^ 
noil siFn p.taiis asir«swi,|^ 


S RBBPBi^TFULLY offers hissefVlsas 
lu bis friends and tlie citicans of Louis 
villa ganerally. in Cupping. Leeching, 
BlaedMif and 4‘outh Drawliig. .Market 
below Sixth. BorUi side. 

i. B.— Just raeairad owe tbousand lieeb and the be* 
[d ot tiwrrodish nwd Portwgesish Leoche* t 


I 00 E^'^P**** WAfrjr BOARDR-i, 

1 yyy for s ale ay S.MITM. O tffWltfi 

Wlotgr Airajagem«nt for 1856 aod 1857. 

3 Daily Patemgert Trcnn* — Surulaye &cepted. 

O N and after Wadaesday, Noramber 19, I86d, Trams 
wdl ran as follows: 

Pint Traits— Leaves LoulsviUe M7 o’clock a. at. .stop- 
ping at all regolar ftauoas. aad amvss at Laxmgtoo at 
l:6oa. Bi.iCOBaactiDg at Kmiaeaae wiih sugrs I'oi .sew- 
aasUei Franklbrt with stages lor Lawreneaburg, Matvisa. 
Uardinsvilla, ^ianvilla, and Versaillee; at Pxyae’s with 
Btagas fur Ueorgetuwa and at Lexington with Uwviagton 
ana Lazington Railroad; Ibr Pans, Falmouth, Covington, 
and Maysvilie, and with sugee for v\ inehaeter. Mount 
Bierling, Owingsville, Richmond, Irwin, NienolasvilJa, 
Dauvtll.., Lancsstar,  ;ni» Urebard, Stanford, l.,oiidoa, 
Harbonravnie, and ail Mints auuth. Ratarniag Ihii traia 
leavM Lexington U*;*( o’elock, p. n.. ttoppiiig at allre- 
gniar slatious, dad arrives at Louisville at 7Ap a'aloak, 
p. m.; sonnacliBg by stages at Payne’s for Georgetown, 
aad at Kminence tor Neweastle *nd Rhalbyvillu. 

Aeeond TVoin— Leaves LoaMville at *:lo o’clock, p. m., 
stoppitigat Hobh’sand Bmiib's station*. Lagrange, and 
all stauuna east of Lagraiigeand arrives at Lexington at 
7:16 n'oloak p. m.; soniiacting at Kminenae by .-tagu for 
Shelbyvdle and Newraaile. Rrturiiieg, ibis traia leaves 
Lexington at 7 o’clock a. m.. stuppiugst ailstauon.* i art 
of l.Bgranee and at Smith's and Hoob’s statHms only, 
wait of Lagraaga, arriTiaa at l.ouitvUlt at lIAi) o’clock 
a. m., in alosK aenneetion by Jett'ersoiiville and New Al 
bany and dalem Kailroads, wiiti Inttasnapolia, Terre 
Hattie, Vinaannas, Evan*ville, (Chicago, St. Louia, Jaffer 
sou City, Raoauk. harliagton. Rock ls.aud, Gaieaa, Du- 
bootte, and all tbe principal towas Weat ana soath. 

rWd TVaiw, (.ficcoiamodatloui- Laarea Lottisvllla at 
S.SOo’cloak p. m., stopping at all stat:r na. and ariivinf 
at Lagrange at 6:60 o’aioak p.tti. Ketnrninc, luavea La- 
grange at 7:90 o’clock p. m .stopping al airslatiaas, and 
arrives at Louisville atS:aooV elCB a. ni. 

Freight trams leave Louisville and Lexiugtoa every 
day, SaiidayH axeepied 

rare is about 4 cents per mile, and a diacoum of uaarly 
*9 Mr cant is bllowed for tickets. 

For any foither inlonaaiioa, plaase tall at 'bo Depot, 
aornaroi Jetfersoa and Brooa streets, Loai*ville. 


HOI 6 Supt- Ltm. A Freak. A Lex. A frank. A R. 
d 10LDBN SYRUP— A folf supply. Si. Louw *44 or. 
An Synrp, in store and foveale bf 
d« A. FONDA. » Pflutsbn. 

200 £?*.“UtKRTS 



Charles Urban, 

»j dncaii Roeksm, assarted smat. colored and 
wbiM firs, 

IK d'lsstt Rom nCohdlaa, 

A Ao Beumd l.iglitat 
100 do Pin Tvliael. 

m do Tnaoglea, k*.; 

aaore and tar al by ^nXJ A. BORi R. 


\»AXCR6K« AlYlt jRsWEEdiX. 

FINB Gold aad AUvar Watehas, Guard and 
^ Vast Cbaiiu, Bats of Coral, Comao, Paintiafs and 

vaai tyiiaius, nets ui i/uiai.i/uaieu, rainuaga ana 
alfoiJKt'laia Jewelry, Bracelets. Puis, Riags. dJaave and 
Bo.*om Buttons, •uverand Plated Ware. 

Just received and for tale low by J. R. KBTERLB. TH 
s4iS4 s 7 Faurth sc. , bat. M tin and Market sts. 


manlfacti'rrr or 


Iw do Port i^ II 
4 4** Madeira 
* do Hbcriy 
la saara ood tor »aJa by 


Fall Milliner} a 

90 Fourth st, bet Mtlu & Market 

Al. ^ 

SUITABLE for the aeacon are ihviUmI to axam. 
me our rtouk Of Watches, Jewelry, Silver Ware, 
Plated Hoods. Re. .winch will be found upoa ax- 
! aminaliou to be one of the larseet. ricbast. and 

C. L'aaxn, tisq ; Dear Bir-Wa taka plemsura in rx 
pfe.' siiig our auUia »at.-fHctloii in the atllity of your 
Sataniader Sata*. of wbiah wa had two la us» al oar 
Liqaor and RecUlving aaiabnshiuaii . ^ RyearnrHe 
strecL at tha late ••ver#'eoad'igrati''“L frurvoanded by 

tlie mo.trorabusUhlr- niaMrial, aad remaimag 6 f a- arly 
two days in the ruius, otu •‘irpnse wtsbaynivl 
deaenpnon la fiiMiiiif . altar epsmng said Safos every 
ihlag in food order. In tandsmif to )ea our riaae.a 
giauiieanoB. wa ue act hesiiaie to receaamand your 
Safas to those m wsat of *nch aa srtial^as we ke«w 
from axpanenca that they truly aiu what (nay rapressot 
•o be, “ttre proof.” 

w. » . 0. 

Cinetunati, Oat., lasa. 

I would eall the attsnlion of my friend* and thepiiWtc 
in ganeral to the above letter, banded |o me b» Meesr^ 
W.,K. RCo., sateaaiva tauunr niershnats. It i*iaall 
known by tbe Cincinnati pnniic that several ef mv Balbe, 
of different siaea, i ave at a d, of iata, evaiy *avMe te*i*. 
Among oihats, I wouid ratrr lo the (lie at Mr. HcoviU t«, 
druigist; that of .M«‘asr*. Davie A *’o., iron meraaauu 
and founders; that of Mr. Bhillifo, srmp and eandia lac- 
tur; that af Messrs. Gircaud h harran. Iiqaor awd wine 
merchants. The Raies all came out virturious, although 
surrounded by tbe moat com bu stable uiatrnaf. 

Hivmt aequirrd all thaiaie laiprovrmeiits. I dare *ay 
that my am'es are inferior to aoiie made this ante the 
uiouauins. A* to the oa«erapp«naiea. 1 combute neat- 
•ess With durability. .Tbauktnl for pn»i lavovs. a eon 
unaat-'on of pairouaga i* kindly soboited. 

ausidly C. URBAN. 

500,000 COriFf$ 

Already issui d of 

mmMm— minautvu lo DO one oi lue laraesc, ru'uosi, ana 

moat select assortmeDt of artieica in our liua to be foand 
in this city. CaU and sati-fy yoiirsalvas about Btyles, 
Quality, he. JUMin KlTm h CU, 

dcX3 .Main street, batwean Fourth and Finii. 



be Inwiid the bandaomaei assarmsmil ol 
V V uiMMls IB tbc tk Dst. wlitab axa be sold ow ne rawsona 
Met. rms as any other bott*a M kSf city. All who really 
wMh a bsnae.Mwe article la tha way of Bonaau, Head 
IHiwe* Fiuw ers. Ml aoBS. ha., would do wall be giving 
her • aaU,as we arc •rara they aou'i' ha suited without 
raufl aUawhere Al ardars will himi w oh prompt al- 
aaatiOK o«i8 

Tho Blids of Marrihgu— Ibe way to the Alter — 
Matrimony Made Kaay — or, bow 
to Win a Lover. 

O NE voluuta of 160 pages, Slino. I’rire ft. Prinied on 
the Riieat paper, and illustrated in the first etyle ol 


It toarbes bow to make ladies or gentleman wm the de- 
viiwd affections of as many of the oppoaitr s«-s as Uicir 
haarii may desire. And the plan is ao simple, yet so cap 
tiraUBg, Uiat all may be niamed, irresp^tive of ag«, 
appoaranee. or position; and it can be arrangad with aiicli 
•ase and delicacy that detection is impossitde. 

It teaebas how to make love. 

It tHsahes svery aye to form a beautr of its owa. 

It teaebae you the kind of wife to arieet to render home 


mva* advice to the lover vrho has iieen ones truly as 
captod. and w raJactad altar wards through ilia niUTtbrener 
of (Insnds. 

it gives a ramady fur unraquitted lovs. 

I t gives you mstruettons for beaufffying the parson, 
low to ramovs tan and frecklss. 

A Lecture on Love, or a Priraia Advice lo .Married La- 
dlls' and Gentieman. 

Bills of any Bank in the United Btaies or Canadas ra 

Ail that It naeeasary for you to do is to write a latter in 
as few words as poasihlaMnclosiM ONE HOLLER, and 
write the name with tha Post olnec, Couaty and State, 
and diraat to 

FRUFRBROR RUNDOUT, Piibliaher and Anibor, 

•No. 84.46th St., New Volk f'lty. 
0(^1 JXJD Ages IS wantsd. Ruben De Win, wholesale 
Ageuu. No. If*. Nassau street. New York. dllltm 

Furniture! Furniture! 


fp boxaa St. Jabau Oaram 

»  fo ZchvNIe in; 
fo do Aaut Saatevnai 
Praueh Brawdyt 


ha. Jm ssora aad fov mla k 



ei'HIP detioni IS undar thaaarsaf Mr. A. Slanghtar. Ht 
I has rwaanll) ubta'iwd me aanri t ea of eevaral amiaenl 
Taae^rs, aad promises that this Behuol shail net be ex- 
celled by an; hefo. d m the SHy, The aourae af inairue 
noi wv  be as Inhotra 

Mwsirei. ms Piano, per quartsr. Slit Modern langua 
gM sa Praaeh sag german, aad the vsriaas branches ol 
an IbBgiwh edecatioN, taolixdiag Ma t hema u s s aad Bosk 

HpociaJ anaatioa will ba paid la Drawmg aad Pa am -o 

ship, b)  ' MaMANUh. Mr. McM.woae uf the most 
•Mitad kaaahars ot Penmanship in the West, 11a hai 
taught IB mo«i of Ui« High Beboms mid aad iJolleea* m 
tba Waal, has baaa laaatiing w Lftniavllle Fn tar 

Bpaeiat aueahon will be paid ta Drawiag and Paamaa - 
chip, Iqr C. MCMANliis. Ifer MOM. is wa o( the mosi 


N«* 8 1 Fiftfo Ntre«C* between .flAlBand 



I KUr oouslantiy oa band and make to order, every da- 
ecriptioo and variety of Cabinet Purninira, Office and 
Counting House Desks and Chairs. Alsu, ipaide to order, 
every style Of Chairs. Bofhs, Tables. BurphOa. Bedataada, 
aad avary oibar anisia lathe Furniture Una. apt diy 

W. Springer & Brother, 

Sa(%666ors to H. Preidsler, Market St., betweea 
Third and Fourth. 

W E have Just received by direct importation from one 
of tlie vary beat bouses in Europe, a largewssortmeni 
ef Fresh Drugs and Chemicals, to which we call tbe par- 
ticular attantion ot Physicians in tha city and country, aa 
well a Ihe pulihe in general. 

The list of Drugs comprises a full asaortmant of all the 
rare Kauts, Herbs. Essential Oils, etc., used in this (.'oun- 
try and Burupe. Also, alot offresh prspared Narotic and 
outer extracts. 

Among tlie Cbemicalx ate 

too US. Saiitniilne, Aneonitine, 

too os. Taitumc, k Auiygdaliua, 
too oz. Quinine, Asparngliia, 

60U os, Chlmodina, Bodium, , 

Bruccina, Potassium, 

Atropine, Nickel, 

Narcotme, Cadmium, 

Emetine, with a great variety of otbura. 

For Daguerreotypes, SX oz Gann. Bruna. Muiiate.of 
Sold ChryiHal; Nitrate uf Hilver. A hirge assortment 
of Preneh Charmine; and Trieste VenullTlon; for tala, 
wholesale and retail. I'ebd illv 



Watches and Jewelry 


Jewelry A Watcheh 






XKMClfo OASBMt «•* 
fowrnor *f fflftli mmA NImIm Streets, 
At Utah tag, LoawanUial It Co. ‘a Btoae, ap aiavs, 
aa7Jly LOUI8VIM.R. KT^ , 







Aad all pvta of the BasL 

By RallroaA Hasaeayer Traina ib 
Vlxarye of our owm Syociai 

09-Tranaport Money, Packagak, ValaaMsa and Mer 
allandtse of ail kinds, at re laced raiaa. 


I»17diui Idp »■ A. JONBB. AgaaL 

^I'HR I'lupnotor would eaeura the public no Qaimna. o 
R :iny Minoral aubsunve. so injurioua to the sysMin 
and invariably affording but tempurary relief, eiiian its 
Mmpasiuon; thai it w rsssntially vrgetalMe in Ka Hnturs, 
may b«  given ta pcisaas of every aga wi‘d witaerarx. and 
wlian aJauBistcred acoordlng io d.raaxiuiu, never fails to 
sffrat a attnaia aura, aud eoinpletaly praveuia rawni ol 
Ihedlssaar. t’rmegl Rl botlia. 

Agent for tbe Waat THOM AB \ HTTRLBY. 

aaisdlfrwsni Bniggiet. LoiuevRa, Ky. 

John A. Dickinson, 


V- raei/ioni.- of 'Ae ifrtt 

em ef buih iho Bnver aou Dip4umh foe how 

***•  «• Maciamea’ Fmr^ 
ifris mmhod of laforasiag t h Ar frrawpaood the auH 
oMy that Umt aaubnna to m«iufoMuiVn.Vw 
and far sais wholaaals sad reiail. a larau aod wot 
Man.-kocnna Jewelry wfavi^ 
them satu (pins, bracalsta, and am nam ^whhlt 

iewty ia vented Ptns for PhnreraHhia Iihiams 

fimeoete, Kinga, Rm nnga. Pina, Cbma^ R«k 
O oid aad Mi vio Watehas. af the meat anar ^m 
^^aks. (Md Pans, Panay Gouda, RpustaaCa.^ 

Srhon., CadmKl 

(duacaasuf to II. W. Walton,) 


R*Oi;i»Y'IL.L.K* KY., 







Bedding, Wmdow Sliades 

cA90.p cAYO.9 

For StOABhoAts, Hoteby PriVAte Dwel- 
IfDfS, 6tc., Ac. 


  in hand, or made to order, for sale or Idro. 

. _ ... . . . . . seal# 

I . naa day last wnak,will please aeaapt our 

ssknowledgemenu for liis kiii«l eoniidcrarion in leaving 
UsUtfba (Tne assoriu!*nt u  show our aiisb'mtirs. We 
auuUi not Dinka Una pehlie aaihiiinct.-atenl waiv wa not 
luprehansive that wa would have no oppminaity m 
it privately; aa wc have waitud aavarml dnya andhe*^ 
x K vailed m to Bifoim ns in his suca«ss oidfofoMjagof 
■hem. We really hope he wfi; pay u. zaothcr vlah, os we 
Xave a fine aaaorlnieat   m hand yet, and u Ukas so inneh 
our ume to show 'bam. that it iniHrlbrvs with aur 
nciiira maknif. Punnag be uw  forget ouraddrveswe 

mve It in iulL for tua future rviforttaea. _ 

give It m lum iDi vvEBsTEK A BUfiTHER. 

PholograpiH'rf, dpharaolvyen. **•. 
dsi4 Gallery— i48 Mzm M.. LoaisTille. Ky. 




House Famishing Goods 


Of the moel modern improvgaMot. 

Rm^h iBVtu thvspeeiai atuouoa of Biaauibont owmmo 
▼ v and liuuscknepara to our iniinenev aluch of Uia 
•nova good*, wiuch wa koep aot atauily la eupply. the 
sifest aaiuHtnieiit and m'Mt extannivs variel, of any 
aouse uut ttf New Y wk, and pladge uuraalvas m nail any- 
thing in nar Mi^kaoperaam. lea* ibnn any olhnr house 
'• this any 


BngUah Velvetj I'anuBuy and Bruaea l a. ot nil grad^v- 
Hupur l-aty, uf Haotmi and Bnglisb; t ply’a. nil gnallOaa; 
C   ion (rbaiu aad H -mp ('nrpeting, vari- aheap. 


Luca Cuftfoifo- '*' uualiuaa, 

Aattn, Wiirswid, and Cuutm Oamaaha: 

•a X ai jobbers pnaae IB NcwVork.J 


'  large aaeorment of evora variety of ffnme goods pa 


E xpress trains leave New Albaay daily (Sua 
days excepted,) ati*.60, r. m. running direcilv through 

to Chmago. with but one change ot can. mak] 
coDuectiun with trains tor Rock Island, Galana, 

At Gteencastla.Bonnsctinf withtraias forTerre ifante, 
Vinvmaea. Cairo, St Louu, and Jeffarson City. '' 
Tha New Albany and Salem kailruad connacu at Mich- 
igan City with Michigan Central Road for Detroit, Buf 
felo, Albany, New York and Boston. 

Parc to all the above points Ins, than by any other route. 
Passangera and Baggage delivured to Depot rnaa or 


Y'icfceta for sale at tbe General Ticket uthce, on Main 
street, uppuaiia the Galt Houxa. 

N. BnvKns, Ganeral Tie kat Agent. da3S 




IdOuisTille, Ky 

a. M. LEWUZil 

LOi\G LEnOi^T 


' fx ■P'r-^ UyvMrs, IB ainaa boitlua; 

16 dn Plrkad do da dm 
B*l rrs««vad and fm sale by 

-wrar - frfr KIA.60Thfrda4. 

TiieTInest Brandy! 

pi^e PlP^nftha purwaad Rnaat PriMb Bram 

F URMBR proprietor of the above establixhmani, has 
dis|^ednt ena-lialt interest then in loMr. THOS. 
P. EVANH. late of the “Coinmeraial Honee.” and the 
buaiiiess will hereafter be eondneud under tha firm name 
of Lupe It Kvana. 

The House has bean tkoroughly ariangad and lurniehad 
as a fine Hotel, and will be so eonductad; no pains or ex 
panae shall be spared to make it among the very first 
liousoa of tbe kind in tbe Western country. 

The W Hies, Liquors, Ales, he., are of the most supa 
rinr quality, and none other will be kept. 

Our Billiard soums are fnniiahed with alagaat marble 
bed tables, and will be under eliarge of Mr. Graige Win 
dars, who has already and dcsarvedly earaad the grentest 
popularity as a polite, alavar and acoommodating gantla - 


Wa wonld also beg leave to state that 'rbos. P. Evans, 
lata sole agent in LnuuvHle for Rhodes A Verner’a, and 
A. Wood’s Piusburgfa Ala, has likewise had aasoeialed 
with him in that agsney, Mr. James Lupe, aud onr in- 
areased facilidea for itormfe will rnabla ua to keep con- 
stantly on hand a full supply of the bast brands of Pius 
burgh Ala. Our Cellars under the “ITiysial Palace” 
have been so arrangad and furniahsd as to enable us to 
bottle the best Pittsburgh Ale,, Porter, Brown Rtout, he. 
Families, Hotels, ha. will be supplied on reasonabie 

Rev-Reo. Beckett’s 

Steamboat and Railroad Agents — Forwarding 
and Commiasioa Merchants, 

NoTtl«Wail strews « 'and 'vts. .Hain 
atieat; between Second and XUirdt 

AOMlSTlllOs KY* 

N B. W ■ axe auUioriaed by tha Jeffsr on villa RailTO,- d 
* Company to make eoatracia and give ihreurt Ra- 
reipu lor iraght over thau Riad to alt pa int v- noxth. 
Bast, and West. 

{SP All Basiness enuoatsd la us will meet with pioiupt 
BitaoDoa. Ja7 

0^ All work warranted as rapr aaania d. 

Christmas & New Years 


iffbided by laxgafrahoefo, Tba inter ^,- o ' 

Biainiamad on tha principle of dels i _ Walker s KzahaagnTTltea em 

onti and our long arparivaim assure# I — — - ■ — 

la, aleorly andarstood aod fxitbOilly | jt" • JCU w* T - T - 9 CU 

all me tads of g ioa order aad ehvew DDamomw 

Ulachoui dunes. -a B&MWMST AND LAO MM B 


SUth 9tr«gt, bntwean lUn Eiagg. 

r AM pvaparvd » ftimMh RmfenaMon aad 

dcliv^ ID all parts of the wy, a maA »uteto~of 
or^i tha mma up m bhis and half bbla, rangy lUa 

TlwatfiH 'o my oU MaMta aiR omommmo for teat 
fovora, I hope by strict atfanrioB In baatoasaian 
apnfei.ixs^ of iW puimnagw 




Ui grant vaMaig, at ths Musia Btora of 


GO No. 67 Tnird ttrret. 

C ad by oursrlves, aad sold ■ par 

I era ID Una city. r_ 


•r ah k^mda. AH kinds ot Dry Goods sept aoBatanUr on 
hand at the ioweat ansh pneea, and at aws prisr owin. 

I)i 'RKRR. HJIATH h CXj.. 
|vl6d 107 Fourth Si . bM. Market and Jeflaraou. 


AfluBBRd. L'ing h Lsiuont are authrUad to make aon- 
ivl tracls and give through raaaipw for freighu over the 
JoflarsoavUla kaUxoad to all points-- North, hast, aitdj 
Waat. rja7] A . ». CROTRERS. nap't. 

The first term eommamae# witii Sepvambvrand olgec# 
with January, and the seaond term aciiimmoea with Feb- 
ruary and alosaa with Jane . 

’“CTow ».C««TT. 
wa6dlmhwtf Ft, .Malthawn. J.cRbrw'a Kv. 



Iiwliajioplii, lAfATCtte, Cbicagp, Detroit, OaleDfi, 
Rock iBlAnd, Burlin^on, Cincinaati, Clcve- 
Ifind, EueSalo, New York, Boston, Pittsburgh, 
Baltimore, Waabia^n, Pkiladalphia, Tarre 
Haute, Vinoannes, Branaville, Cairo, Spring- 
field, St. Louia, Ac. 

'RtHE JaffsisoBViila Railroad is laid with heavy Trail 
A and wall ballasted, and is well stocked with suparinr 
Locomotives and Cars, and bas t very facility tor making 
qaick uma and surs connacbous. It is tbe shortest route 
by 88 miles between Louisville and Chicago, and is tbe 
only Railroad rontefrom Loaisrille to Rt. Louis, aud from 
Lo'usvillcte the East. 

Twa Trams daily (nundays wzeapted) to IndiaaapoUa. 
One do do do do Cmcmuati. 

On aad after January 1st, the Uaina will laave as 
fofiows; „ 

FIRR r TRAIM.-Indianapolia Ezpraaa leavaa Jeffer- 
sonville at a:ia,a. m.,aiidarnves at Indutiiapolia at ll;8o. a. 
■..making a direcucmnwuon wiUi Uie Lalayeua audlndi- 
an spoil* E^iad ftir Laffiyette, Chicago, Deuuit, he.: with 
tbe Tarre Mania and Kmhmond Railroad (l r Terra Haute 
fit. Louif, ke.; wtUi tba Indianapalia and Belletbntaine 
and ths I ad lana Central Railroads Tor Wheeling, Pittatiurv 
Balumore, Washington, PhUadaiphin Ulevelnnd, BuRUo’ 

New York. Boston, he. 

BEC( »ND TRAIN.— CinmnnaU Express wilt leave Jef- 
annnvUle athooa. m.and arrive at Cineinunti at t:Sop. 


New Albany & SalemB.R 


^ILR Baavar. Kid Bock and (-amaMrt Gki 
and plaia. Maok. Fnr snT7oth Ganatfoie, 
__  nt f»i aaia at (ot OI M ANri 


All C*oiie Vet 

I foat mifill aiiso la raflvraaea m our ravwnt toss ol 
Rilka by robbery, “that wa bnve au dilks left,” wa ulu 
pleasraa la sayiag to our ansb'oiers and tha t  iding so ■ 
nuinity fauerslly, that wa *«ll bav» tha llBavl oyaratjneu 
•f fo^y Rilks Olid alagaat Flannel Robe* to be found la 
the ally, as wall aa qui*aa hne nl Hhiak Milks, which w« 
wl'I aoatinne to safi at our usually low prtaaa, and soU 
mang the aarly oalla of all. 

la a faw days wa will have eur aioeh fiilly raplaaialMid 
wffo 6wry grade of Ma  k and aoM aidarad frilka. whaa 
oar friends WUI hud it to ibair advauiag- to anil on nau 
We ars now cffari ag to tha paMie tba largaot and bast a. 
laatad stock of Dry Geode and ( arr^ra aver brought l. 
this eur, and what to still battar i'.( ihosa wiabing any 
thing fo our Una. wa ara saihsg tkai.. inaak ahaspar thaa 
any of oar oompaaiors. ffofi and saa. 


dalldhw tor Fuiwab **■. bat. Msrkai and Jaffbasuri 


O N ead aftar January isL 1M7, a (hat fratfhi tram wll 
cumoianoa runaiag batwaaa New Albaay aad Ufi- 
caso-tima It hours. 

Freight receipted thiougb la Chiaafn, Detroit, fca 
fayatie, and all way stations FROM lOUIRVILLE- 
This ia tha only reals that fraigkt van go throagb wHi 
out rashipmeat. Katas as tow as by aay oilier roate- 
Fraifbt taken from shippers doors without axiraahirga 
by Isaving ordars at ibe office. 

O^Fof rates aad all particulaxa apply to 

jaX dly 17 Third St., bat. Main and Rivir. _ 

Will. HI. Walker 


I WB baa* ramsvad aur fflNIRMlNG and 

[piano \V ARK Rinim* in tba auvnovaf Mat i 
Bad duth streets. Rsynold’s saw Mnck. 

'saee sa Main stxaat, also om axxiR, m rear #f 

Mj aoraar af Peux' 

WILL ran a lina of Omnibuaaa, in 
c mi»«f tion with tha Iiouiaville aad 
Na-bviiia ixaurusd, to any ptut of the eriy. No ticeets 
meut oa Tur. rias. 

H^Tuts itns It aheaper than any ocher. 

Ul^f are lur pass -iigar  aad Ixunk— llftaan aanfo. Pas- 
sengers wuhuui bagfUR* ~tau eenu. 

oifo* at Owea's Hotel. an 10 dtf 



Dr. A. J. Vandenlice, 

B ORoMd! B'idOMdl^est received 6o duaen 
Roeoms; pcr*out wbe want a neat and alag a at 
Ghtn Besom nan fiad them at 
_nua MANSriEI 

B ldI'K#«lAi"FMK,R^ifty"(ineas extra 1 
whoai Flour; also, Jl sacks oatra Fanitt Fh 
•re aud for sale , J 

J R BOW readyfer intpection ta the trade. In r^ard to 
qiisjiuty- we aevor had as large ao assortment, and as 
to quality, oar Goods aevor were made up as wall nor as 
penocL aor as tasty as is oar present stoak. 

We have always ainisd at |MrfectioB, aa for as aOdina- 
Ue, in tha production of oar Ytock frnm Season to Baa- 
son— wiUi this purpose in new wa have eoasidarsd aeHli- 
arto trouble, nor axpenie.aiid wa have now the sadnfoa- 
tion y  asaura our customers that tbe 


win again baar ths palm over all its eompatiton as aver 
haroiofore. fiat wa look forward to tnis rasnlt mnra son 
fidantly than avsr— the lalriasie value of our stoak iaavaa 
not tha shadow of a doubt on our luiiid. 

Uur pricaa ara aa low, aad our terms as aouvenicat as 
any Eastern House san offer them. Wa shall be g)a4 at 
au timea to show oor stocks to marahaala, and would 
advise them to tzamine our stoak bafora buying alna- 

Recent extensive iinproveuisafo in nur aetabliahment 
will coaajdafkMy focuuata of IR^s to 

kwrora. LlCBTBN7L(J%wil(T^ 

Nonh-wvstaoa. Prtlh aii.l Main al. 


.A FiwexiRMer iar Twomti nimn Yrmrs Fast.) 

A NYOt .hL'gd to his frianda and the pnaHc font hn 
contioacs to drvotn hm ttmn to fo# ewrwig ef foa (hl- 
fowtng diiaaaai. via: Coughn, CotAe, a**k—, pw 
Ornpay. Dyspenma. Livar(  mptnuit,FUam/manla, Cent. 
Rheumatism, ('rTO/hIa, lYhita Fwalhag. Nhrvbns ARhn 
Ifons, Fevav and Ague. Bfotous (.'onagtMMBk fra. 

Dv. Vandcrsiire bns me* with grant nirxea b* fon 
paculmr mode of treatment nf dfoeason. where othag 
very eminent physM-iaas hove IhRed w yvednee a anro— 
To aomi his aunfisana s In hia aavn sfoR and focntow I 
Will ondertske ths ears at all aatianm withoei shame, 
axcapting .ha eovt of foe mafoe f na, sagniting nn fon nniS 
altar foe sasturaneii of foetr henifo. 

Disease* of a paeiumr a hsra eler he gnarantafoi W m- 
movt rndieafly fo a fow dnym. wahonl aKnatva aa dab*- 
tonons aaeoieine. la w m iama to nR, go mnttov how 
•evora or long standian the ataonna. aa alTactanl sura, oa 
ha requires no pnv Females snffanngwifo urragfomt- 
ries. amronmam, dahfoty. foa . anm ho pormnnontlff 
rrliavod hy Dr V. 


t ' K A iN K L 1 JN I 

Type and Stereotype foundry,’ 


IVJOTICE ia hatehy given to the aitisaas that tbi Lou 
iv lavilla and .Frmnltfiirt.aiid Lsxingliiu aud FrWkflm 
Railroad Campanies hart near l/co rutdsof THjI-'O, 
which Uiay Will deliver at their Depot in Lou is Ilia for 
$3 ao per cord, that befog tba coat aad aairiagdfothe 
coniyamas. Paraoss tasitous of parcbaautg fill get 
ftitber iafoimatlon by eailing at tha Depot, eauerof 
andTrook sttsafo. , 

rpgg aiMndoB of formtOB otA atbart la aalW fo ou 

mihdi rirtfo* 

ClN*lfo!frATl» O. 


M ANUFAOTURERg and daaiara ■ New 

Job Type, PnntiBf Pramw*. 

Ink and Prtnfiiif Mahirtala of aver 
npiagMf aU kfodst fomka. Masta.J 
lonJuM. Wood foggravinga. foe. 

Latter vailou* My to. 

jR OlXkOVdSfol . 

I IAVC ramovad my *toak af Watebaa. JexfofoWr •»' 
to Ne 4M Maui rnaat.nvar Ike siora of Mantgomery 
R On., where ( usonl. kao* a foiga alnok of 
Wabahaa.Jahralry and Fanergtob^ ^ 


M. O. ttORTOK..... H. B. CLIFFORD 




No. 17 Third gfreat, bnt. Main and tbe River 

R*OrigYll..L.R, KV. 

QW-Prodnaa, Marahandtsa, foa., sold on aonwgnmontat 
thrhigb— markai priaoa. and proa »i reinra made. 

nrfXll orders to make purehaaas filled at lowest mwkai 
m^^^ «k»i.dir 

gaog, and 

— lUaa. Ae~. 

das'-npO'iB; ! iarae 
tear Uedlalne Divea 

Iraud and Pafoarn 

Indiana CanUal Railroads for the Kaat. *** 

Time from Lm»i*villa via Jalforaonvilic Raiiioad to— 
lumanapniis, 4 1-1 bourn; 

Ciucinnali.a l-ata'uira: 

Lafoyctta, 7 hours; 

Tar a Haute: 8 hours; 

Gbieago, 16 bears; 

Inint Louis, 17 hours; 

Oterdand, 14 hours; 

BuiUoitl 1-a hours; 

Raw York.N 1-4 Imuia: 

Boatoi , 4b 1-1 hours; 

Pittsburgh. 161-1 hours: 

P^ iddpliia. M t-4 houna 
WhmliBf , 16 i 1 hoars; 

B^mwe, 82 hours; 

Washington, St i-i hours 

BaggORo chocked through from Joffinraoiiviito ta India 
napoll* and Clnclonati. 

FRglOMTg.-Byareceniarraayemaat with the M fo 
L. R.V Co , tbe J^erwnvific ^pary now iqn thVfr 
own Loaom»vea^Cara,and CJondnotars through to Indi- 

aaapoli*. ovetthe M. fo L N..R. from Ldinburg, which 
nrmuly fociliutoa the tranworution of fseigbis. 

Tha atuntion or marahanta shipping freighu Norths 
East m foiled to the roou, and tha advutiwai it og^* 
^tlSaugh Uckato and tfl foform.i^ »n rwJfo 

8. glUKLMUMfoWr ef Tfonapoitugin. ' ^ 

Ghristmaa Toys. 

Fnll ami Wiut«rt 

X800 X807 1 1 

M * BNTLEMBN of tost# who aro yarwaalnr aain tfoo 
Iff otyles of foatr Conu, Pantaloons, and vams. wdl find 
ths moot narefrilly aatociad '■reahorrho” assi um aaai 
adaPMd fo ths soaaoe Ta he fauad la thm aira al 

TMOI. M . ol I XWE - Harahaat faltm , 

r ia 67a Ham auaot, Lafoovfoa. Ay 

g.-jMi raonrvnd diroet ftom W'oodmfo of Far 

T Uo suboorlbar to-day opens hi* snporb stock of Chriot- 
mna'l'oys Ibr children. He bos also on band a fine 
uaaortmenl of Fira Works. Parsnm who have theoa ar- 
Mataa to praaara ara raepaeuully invited to look at my 
akock baftii'a parataasfaig afaewhere. 
daat A. BORiR,Na. lOThMsL 


To the Afflicted. 

Dr. M. L. Lewis' 

HeInkeU A Wells. 


"• (GrgUgfTR YHff ffi^r JjPtTgK) 
rOLLDmont reapaaifltllv lafonn mpanaaaoMM 


Watchesq Jewelry, 

Materials, and Notians 

The undaralgnad havtngjoat reaotvad avary Isrgoaaaah o- 

Witchif, Jrwelry, Clooks, ilha Witota 


rhlRgCT ftnai tho ntanufoatu n aa, would tolorm my 
Iff anatomars aad tha pabfia at largo that I aJUr tha 
greatest Indaeamsnt iff leatora m the nhova meatioaad 
articlas. Ail I wish is to give me a sail and examine my 

foods and pnoaa onfora purahnamg 


Hope ll'oiindry 

fficFadden & Sheckier,! 

main arTRSlT, bet. thirteenth |AND 


fo/RANUFACrDAY of Varaadaha, Iron Frofoa. gateo* 
Doom and Window UnUaa, Hands, Trum^, 
Ontumos. nnd aUnUtnr dnocripdon of Architaatuni Work 
or gafidinga. Aiao.k variety of FaRntna far Iron Eali- 
ng, Rmaknw. foe. Iron Oo^acting r^e irom 1 M aa 
nahMladfomotor. AU ardlto prompUy ntteadod to.— 

a*. Jss arssd: gci.V”“'' *’*• 

mot mala at., bat- Thinnamh and Fonnaanth 

O FFICE la on Jeffersun street, (opposite tin Bast end 

of the r—t™: — - 

and Floy straeta, Louli 
Where ba ia now pr« 
line of Dia profaaaion. 
lo the aara of the IbllO' 
various ft»»«5_'l'.vtteL 

uSI5clEfoh Ic ^nd A ecu 
Rsm. Also, will preset 

anilad on. 

Haring bean In tha pr 
ha foala ha oam I 

data dam' 

m on jcnarsun mreei, v ’P|umiie us dbsi rira 

Frankibrt Kailrond DepotJ batwna Rroofc 


id to attend to all dlls^ ia tba 
particular atisntfn te given 
[ihseases: Mcroftit in all ils 

I all erapikina al the skin; 

ia. Chronic Bowl Compiainu. Femal( Di*easea; 


(WB8T 81 DH.) 
LOUiaVUiltB, KT. 

W H aMatraapaattnUy aoR tea attanfoan of onr frianda 
and the pubnf to oui stoak of Cloths, U aaa i ma rfo * 
and Yaaonga, wfelah we will msks loordor at short aoticn 
liMon tha moat ranaonanie torum. 

^tou naa eall wembar No. to Foarth atresL 



Daily Louisville times, 1857-01-18

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Louisville, Ky., Kentucky by [O'Hara, Stapp & Pickett]
   Jefferson County (The Bluegrass Region)