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date (1868-09-10) newspaper_issue Jl         K                    E t                       S           nlwln        D vorlfD   i      TUFtE     i         lir         flJl     IMECHANIC ARTS  EDUCATION     V     t           2Liin7V3xm4           i m           TERMS     3 00 PER AXMM        Aericultur   is  Im  Miost Healthful  most Useful  and most Xolile Employnieiif of Man     WasiAxgtox       SIXRLE XO  TEX   EXTS     VOLUME 2      LEXINGTON  KY   THURSDAY  SEPTEMBER 10  1868      NUMBER 17     A LECTURE   Ox SOMK Tories IX AGUICl LTOltAI  CHK M    ISTRV  DKI IVEItKD BKKOKE THE KaYK TTK   COeXTY KARMEKs  club  AUG     CS    BY  ROBERT PETER   1  I    PROF  CIIE M    JCC   Ac   KEXTUCKY UXIVERSITY    Gentlemen   yiany j ear s ago I added  liy I  piircliase  an adjoining lot to iny town i  garden  it had  been unfeiieed for many    years  and a eoininon road passed diagon     ally across it  on which nothing could    grow to exhaust the soil  which  moreover     w as somewhat manured by the droppings  of the horses which constantly pas  ed over  it  But on spading it up  the soil where    the road ran  presented tlie light colored    appearance of sub soil  and instead of pro  i  ducing a luxuriant growtli  proved to be j  less fertile than the neighboring portions    on each side wliich had been annuaily    covered with Yveeds  and it required some  years of cultivation to bring it into a very  productive condition  Something neces   sary to active vegetable growth had been  removed from it  or some injury had been  done to the soil  by the lon  exposure to  the atmospheric agencies  whilst it was in  the bare condition of the hard heateii  road    This experience corresponds rvith tlie  results of an experiment mentioned by tlie  celebr ated Saxon Agricultiir al Cliemist   Stockhardt  in his Cliemical Feld Lectures    Bohn s edition  page 310   as performed by  lUock   who took a piece of manured land   worked it tlioroughly for 2 vears  Yvithout  sowing it or allowing anything to grow  on it  and found it to become as mucli ex   hausted as some similar land on wliich  three crops had been raised in the same  time  Tlie heat of the sun and the mois   ture of rains and de  vs favored the oxida   tion  or decay  of the humus or vegetable  mo  dd of the soil  the nitration ot the wa     T ti    lieavy rail     li iJ cairied oft  dis    solved nutritive matters  which were  ioubtless appropriate   by the weeds or  other vegetable growing on the adjoining  ground  and thus the soil had been impov   erished   lust as Stockhardt also reports   as the experience ol some of the forresters  ol Europe   that hare and unshaded spots   in the midst of the forests  continually get  poorer and poorer    During the chemii al examination of the    soils of Kentucky  in the unlinishcd Geo     logical Survey oV tlie State t I was struck j  with a somewhat similar demonstration    which frequently appeared on comparing    the chemical composition of the soil of  long cultivated fields with similar soil  in I  a virgin state  taken from close adjoining     Generally the old cultivated soil had lost I  more of its elements of fertility than could i  be accounted for in the probable crojis  raised on it  For illustration of this  let    us take the example of the examination of  some soils from XIason county  sent by    Gol  L   f  Br adtord   re  orted in Vol  A  of   Kentucky Geological Reports  pages SI     and following  I   One sample is from a tield said to have 1  been exhausted by successive crops of to   bacco  the number of these crops was not    stated   the other is a virgin soil from the  same farm  I   The chemical analyses showed that  in i  the exhausted soil  all the essential fertil     If  ing ingredients were greatly more re     diici d in ipiantity than could be accounted    for in any probable time of cultivation  i   Let IK  for the comparison  take the sin     gle ingredient I otash  This  in tiie virgin  soil  was found in the large proportion of  per cent   more than three  fourths of  one iier cent   but in the old soil it only  amounted to O  i i  i per cent   a little more  than one fourth of one percent         alculating the total weight of the soil  on an  acre ol land  to the depth of one foot   at 3O0O IXK  lbs  three millions of pounds    the potash on the acre would amount to  21 7 10 lbs  in the virgin soil  and only 17   j    i  iO lbs in the soil of the old held  the dif  1  ference being as much as  J 7 i    pounds of   potash to tiie acre  Now  a tobacco eropof  1000 pounds to the acre  I ven when we add    one third more for the stalks       would    take from the soil only 00 73 pounds of    potash  or a little less than 70 lbs  and it i  would have taken nearly 70 such I rops of  tobacco to remove this amount of this sub   siance from the soil   whilst  very proba   bly  not half that number of crops had    been taken from it      If we were to compare the relative pro     portions of the carbonate of lime and    phosphoric acid  in the two soils  we should  Jindthis difterence to be still greater   it  would have required 270 years of annual  tobacco cropping to account for the defi   ciency li f t ie first named substance in the  exhausted soil   and more than 300 crops of  tobacco could have been supplied by the  missing phosphoric aciil  It is a law in  vegetable growth that all the elements  which enter into the composition of plants  are equally essential  and lienee  the defi   cieuey of any one   as jiotash   would ren   der a soil sterile  even although all the  other elements were present in great  abundance  We take therefore the exam   ple of the one Yvhich is the most quickly  exhausted by the tobacco crop  the potash   and limit the productiveness of the soil by  the supply of this alone    This is only one of numerous examples   in these com parative analyses of our soils   and from other sources  going to show that     in  hoed crops    or whencY cr the soil is  kejit bare of vegetation  whilst it is fully  exposed to the atmospheric  agencies  to  the action of the heat of the sun  the oxy   gen ol the air  and the water of dews rains   itc    it will be exliausted of its fertility   independent of tlie action of crops grow   ing ujion it    M e naturally ask  wliat is the reason of  this   Stockhardt s ays it isowing to evap   oration from the soil hj  the action of the  sun  and the cfl ects of heat  air  moisture    tc  in causing the oxidation  or decay  of  the vegetable mould  or humus    There can be no doubt that these causes  have much influence in this way  but there  is also to he considered another laiiise   viz  the solvent action of the atmospheric  water  containing carbonic acid  which   aided by the humus itself  takes up much  fertilizing matter from the bare soil and     sown to tlie acre  we had ordered one and  a half  but tlie foremen  refused to liave it  sown and slipped in the i antity mentioned  The wheat was of tlie l a mas vart     These cxperimeiTW are useful  as con   veying information that will be v aluablii  in  Hiding the intelligent farmer  who is   willing to yield his prejudices and avail  himself of the practical knowledge taught  hy these results  If he could direct the  sowing of all the wheat of this county he  would put it in not over one inch deep     Then  if the groum s level  the seed avill  be sown of uniforjn depth  Even if it  should gome up well at 4 inches dejith  it  would make but little progress until crown  roots were formed  and two or three weeks  would be requireil to aceomplish this   w hile wlieat put in at a depth of one inch   lying in a po  ition to be reached directlj       iety which   does not tiller as much as some of the taller  kinds  the yield was 18 bushels to the acre   of very suix rior grain  entirely free from  rust    M hile uiHin the subject of turninif in  clover for wheat  we sliall gtl e some in   stances of what occurred near us  M  will  call the piece just mentioned  field Xo  1    A neiglibor adjoining broke up as fine a  piece of clover as could well be found   we  will call this field Xo  2   even liefore clo   vering  the soil was in good condition  be   j           j    sides a very tall growth of weeds had at all times  by heat and moisture  would at   sprung up in the clover  all was harrowed once commence to grow rapidlj   and ma    down and well turned under  the grain ture two weeks in advance of the otlier     sowed  and then harrowed and rolled     it may be asserted as an invariable rule   Two bushels of w heat to the acre was init that  seed plantcil too deep will not gernii   conveys It  by diflusion  to the neighbor  i in broad cast  it came up well and very nate  lie will sow all the wheat he can  ing ground  to supply the weeds or other tliick   all w ho  saw this piece ol wheat iiossibly put in  in the month of Septem    vcgetablcs which maj  he growing there  prophesied a splendid crop from it  it looked her  but none in October  From the 1st to   t Let us hope that our enlightened iwo         before it was the 20th of the latter month  he would put   e will not much longer aTlow the re  I   e ady to cut  when the rust seemed to come in rve  and would not tliink of sowing    Uxin it suddenly  it was badly lodged  and harliV luK r than the 1st of October    w ith dilliculty cut  and yielded only about There ai e several varieties of whe at that  12 bushels to the acre  can be recommended   the Yellow Lamas   _X ow why this dilVercnce between field is one  from its history and comparing it  X o  1 and Xo  2  it tvas simply this  the  with tlie Georgia Amber  he is convinced  latter piece was sown too late for tlie kind they are the same  it is  however  a dis   of wheat used  Kentucky Yvhite  as it is      now termed in the markets  was the kind  science of the civilized world  and vet so    i j it was not put in till near the mid   forced it to stop for want of the necessary I f of October  we regret not having the  appropriation of funds long before coin        th  Me shall now give one   pletion  and without sutlicicnt means even instance  field Xo  3  tlie fine crop of   to piililish some of the very valuahle maps   t    ned under  some six wee i   and illustrations which hail Iwen prepared previou s to sowing the grain  vvhlcli w as  by actual survey and measurement  with tloii  vvith a drill   one and a fourth bush   great I  abor  and at a considerable expense  sown atiout the lOte of   which iwere ncces sarv to the elucidation i September with Kcntiu      utewheat  Il    looked splendid frotti y  as s yw   J       T   pie will not much longer  pro ach to rest uiKin our State  that she  commenced this very useful and necessary  survev   carried it to a certain extent which  greatly enhahees the value of her lands in  many  localitie s  developed an immense  amount of mineral wealth  greatly aided  the luiblic imiirovement of the State  and  added many facts to the treasury of     tinct variety from the Alabama to which  it iicars  soiiie rcsemhlance  The Georgia  Amber stood the winter as well as the  Xlet hesney   all these are desirable vari   etie s     Ino   M  X aiimeterKsqr  gave some inter   e sting facts in regard to his crop of   spring  barley  in February last on ground which  had    ll hemp the previous year  and  the fall  he soweil two busheh     moment only there was a confu scd mur   muring of eager voices  and then a silence  fell on the crowd  broken only hv long  dr awn  sighs of delight and exclamatiotis  of jdeasure as the luscious meat of the  melons disappearetl down expectant  throats  Tlie contest was animated  but  brief  for water melon is   miglity fillin     and soon every one was satisfied  and the  erst while neat ollice ot our urbane  Secre   tary  was dripping  and covered with rinds  and seeds  it was decided that a small  melon iiresented by  Mr  C assel  the Xlissis   sippi Citron  _ was the best  and the Ken   tucky Ice Rind  also XI r    s  was next   Xlr  Robt  Austen had two monster      weighing respectively 40 and 30 pounds   and Xrr Casselone called  Foley s Hybrid     weighing 4    Ihs  As lietween tiie big  melons no choice was expressed    The same subject before the Club was  continued until   next Saturday  and then  an adjournment was ordered    CATTLE PLAGUE    The following riinely proclam ation has  justlieen issued by the Governor and we  call the esiiecial attention of our readers  to it   as it may save us from the infection     CO M MONWEAI TH OK KENTUCKY  t  Exec uTi v e 1 ieua rt m ext S   OMicial infurniation has reached me tliat  an alarming disease  analagous to  am  in   itli   among     i 1     of tl       barley   the ground was   j    _tLit b   K_ i a4l I      prin      J  vere necessary      t of the luiblished volumes of _           _      ions   which are in daily  lait er Tid    t  yiehletl 2li biii   r   ir mure to tie   ne  Oweo i mver at ihe saine time  The  ofiniurv or loss     J      acre of very superior grain  indeed it was barley did well until tin  drought cut it    i            1 considered the onlv iierfeet i rop of white siiort  haiM lcd it in good   style  and from     The analyses show that there i  n uch raised in the countv  so entirely the 2   acre   potash yet remainmgjn the  so called ex    free iVoin rust   lii this piece   hausted soil  VIZ   D 9  U lbs  to the acre jii  one fpot depth  but this may not be in     the 2   acres he got  iSU bushels  which he  ohl for 81 122  an average of  843 ir c per     such an available condition as to yield the  rajiid supply demanded by the rank grow   ing tobacco plant  although it might have  been quite sullicient for a grain crop  or to  nourish clover     Tube uoiuinuefl     FAILURE AND SUCCESS IN WHEAT CULTURE      rom rust i                            p    every requirement ncces sary for success acre  or   1 C  i per hush  There were  Ml bush  was complied with  it was an extra crop els of seed  intended for 40 Ticre s  but by a    lor the season  though sown with M liite  wheat  There would have  liecn less risk  in an earlier maturing variety    he same  person is now iireparing his clover ground  as last year  and will still  sow the  same  kind of wheat  having more faith in the   char acter and preparation of the  soil  and  early sowing than in the kind of grain   sown   M    Mercer oouiity    Editor Eurmers  Home Journal     _   The summer of 180 5 was a very wet one   almost constant rains till Seiiteihber  after  that time the autumn was quite dry  It  was not till about the  20th of August that  we concluded to have a clover lay turiietl  under as a preparation for a jiart of the _  wheat crop to be sown  Our foreman re    Xi r  E  Oldham from the I omniittee to  using a two horse plow in the fall   sowed  moiistrated most earnestly against such a  tcst Collins  I low Attachment  made a one bushel iier acre in  March  and it was  measure    who ever heard   said he   of tak  I verbal report to the cllect that he was not thick enough on the ground  The grain  ing sucli ground for wlieat  save it for the   very well pleased with it after a short trial     as as large as most tall wheat this season   corn     indeed he almost  lositively refused   in his opinion there was a greater tendency and from this one tri  il thinks it  a profita      FARMERS  CLUB    Lexington  Ky     sept  ith   The Ciub met at the usual hour  Dr  R    1  Spurr  President pro tern in the chair      mistake it was put on only  2C a res  The  barle   was  of course  too thick to do as  well as it would otherwise have done  He  is convinced the yield would have been  larger  but for this fact  and being struck   a portion ol it  by hail  He thinks it a  crop farmers can   ow with advantage  as it  is re ady to be threshed before any other  crop except fall barley  then it is cut in  tim e for clover to make a fine growth   besides posse ssiii  other advantages    Mr  Sami  Headley    some s  ring wheat  gotten out hy his son in law m ade excel   lent Hour  it aver aged about 14 bushels  jicr acre  but little pains were taken in  iiutting it in  He  sowed and harrowed it     to do my bidding  it was so dilTerent from  his notions of farming  but my orders  were imperative  and were carried out  in every minute  Tiie tall crop  of  clover was harrowed down  and then  turned nicely and deeply under  in about  three weeks the grain was sown and har   rowed in twice  came up well  and looked  remarkablj  tine for about three week     to choke with the attachment than witli  ble crop  He always uses a two horse  out it  and in this oiiinion  Xfr   liio  M ebb  ploiy in luittiiig in his fall wheat  and sue      who had also tried it  agreed  Xlr  O  sta   ted that he was now using on his farm  a  simple contrivance of his own invention   which answered the desired purpose much  better than the Patent Attaehment    1    X anmeter Esq  suggested that Xlr   O  should bring the attacliment he was      eeds niueli better in putting in than by  any other mode  The  Sjiring whe at w a s  rusted a little  he plows shallow   he tried  a harrow once  hut m ade a failure  and h ad  seareelv a bushel on ten or twelve acres   for it all froze out    Xlr  Hoiightou said that he alwavssiic      during this time the weather had become using to the Club for the inspection of the ceeded better with Yvheat  sown in shallow   very dry  all the wheat looked injured by i member s  and on motion the committee n   i    i    it more  or less  but none seemed to siilTcr j w as continued  to make further trial of the  like the clover piece  this soon presented I atent   tt aclime nt    such a strange apiiearance  that we con  The suhject for the regular discussion    eluded to examine it closely   on so doing   M hat small grain  if any  is it to the in   found about half of it actually dead  roots terest of our jieoplo to  sow   Dr Spurr  as well  as tops  we could discover no cause arising  said  It was evident there was      whatever for this  what remained alive   looked 5  Ct low and feeble for a long time  In tlie spring the field looked tolerably  well  it made about half as much as that  sown after the cutting of the corn olT the     throughout the Statc on the part of a great  iiiaiij  farmer s  an indisposition to grow  wheat  on account of repeated failures  I le      ows  as more grain rolleil into the lurrows    Xlr  Bryan  said tliat to raise wheat suc   cessfully  it must be  sowed on good ground   The frequent alternations of corn and  wheat for years  exhausted the land  In  proof of this position  he gave an instance  where he h ad sown wheat on a piece of  ground which had been  the pi ev ions  sea  i  son  in vegetables  but beforixthat li ad not  been cuitivated for y ars  and the result     himself  was not ready yet to abandon the verified his conclusions     crop  He was much impressed with the     ground  Although mucli di sappointed wc truth of a remark recently made hy Xlr     did not loose faith in turning under clover  for wheat  we knew something had been  omitted that should have heen done in the  proper preparation of the ground  M e  thought over the matter time and again   during the winter  and at length cried   Eureka  and resolved to repeat the experi   ment in another way the following season      Starks  a few weeks ago  that  the last fall  being unusually dry  the wheat m ade but  comparatively little progress in the fall   and consequently the crop this se a son was  less than it would have otherwise been     He thought he would make about 13 bush   els of XLcl  liesncy  and 12 bushels of Ala   bama iier acre this season  it made hut     The failure of the wheat from the first was   little growth in the fail  the grain was  in consequenee of the very weak growth of  good with little difl erenee in the vield    clover not being turned under earlier  Tlie He will  sow one bushel and a iie ck per  ground should have been rolled with a aciv and sow early this fall  if  sown late   heavy roller  as soon a  broken up  so as to in October  more seed must lie put on the  have retained moisture enough to have acre  to have the ground fully occupied    caused a rapid decomposition of the green   He had commenced his preparations for  crop  hat a tine seed bed of delicate mold  i sowing wheat this fall  hy breaking up  niigli have been ready Ui contribute to   and harrowing Some oat  stubble several  the g  owth of the young plants as soon as   weeks ago  and on XIonday week  after the  rooted  the fall being dry and the soil so   second plowing be woulil  sow the  seed   light  no rich mold was formed  conse    harrowing it in  so as to remove the ridges  quently when the young roots of the   and make the ground level  He is con   plants struck down and found no food for i vinced that one bushel and a peck of seed  their growth  they more or less perished  i per acre is amply suftieient  and will    The following autumn of 1866  another tlierefore  sow that  much and no more   piece of clover was turned under some six j measuring it exactly  It Yvill be remem   weeks previous to sowing  the roller w as i Ix red  that  some time ago  the I resident  applied as soon as the ground was broken   of tlie Gliib  Gol  Haden  reported the result  up  the grain avas  sown about the 20th of   of exiierimeiiLs he had made bv putting  September  harrowed and rolled again  so   whe at in at difl erent deptlis  and  it was as   as to make the seeil bed linn enough  It   certained that of the seed put in 5 inches  came up finely and looked better than any deep  none come up  of that 4 inches  about  crop that could be seen any where near one half  ol that 3 inches one fourth or  till it was cut  June the 20th following     one fifth failed to come up  but of that at  One and one fourth bushels of grain were 1 inches   all came well      Xlr  Oldham thought th at  as farmers  dillered so widely in regard to eertain im   portant questions  it would he productive    of henelit to all  if each would set oil  a  piece of ground and cultivate it in the  various modes  advocated  sowing selected  varieties of the best  seed wheat   ind care   fully oh serve the progress and results  M e  would thus  next season  have iiresented to  us a eollection of results  embodj iiig the    experience of difl erent jiersons  which  would he practical and more valuable than    any theorizing  Thus the value of the    difl erent modes of cultivation  the various  varieties of wheat  anC the difl erent  soils  would be tested practieallv  He lioped  that e ach nicuiber of the     uh at any rate   ill the interest of agriculture aud to bene   fit his fellow laborers in the great cause   would  act uixm this suggestion and thus  make a valuable contribution to tlie gen   eral fund of knowledge on this imiiortant  subject  The sacrifice required ivas in   significant compared with the advantages   to be derived    As there were a iiunilier of huge water   melons sent ill by members on Xlr  Gassel s  challenge last week  the Club again went  into committee of the whole  to taste and  decide on the qualities of tlie tempting  melons  Then  in an instant  this botly of  leading farmers  hut a moment before or i  derly  collected and peaceful  seemed trans   formed into armed warriors  Hands were  thrust into jwekets and innumerable knife  blades gleamed brightly in the air  for a     many of its s  iiiiitonis  identical wit   Rinderpest   is now pr failing aniot  the c attle of Illinois  Oliip  and iierhaps  other States  Th  dh         i   ipjxi sed to  have been introdiic  t into fhese States by  the importation of avlij t  re known as  T  VS t  attle  It i strongly conu gious in  L toji   raiiiid  in its pii o   defiaut  tal  u           alinbst invariable in death  Any impoH a    tion of c attle from the adjacent States into  this     oinmonwealth  for sale  jiastiirage   exchange  or otherwise  during the preva   lence of this contagious and dangerous  disease  would entail upon the peoifie of  this Gominonwealtli incalculable injury  and danger  I therefore feel impelli d to  use every exertion to iirevent so great a  miscliief    Xow  therefore  1  John M   Stevenson   Governor aforesaid  in pursuance of the  authority vested in me by law  do hereby  forbid the iiniiortation of cattle into th is  State  lor the next sixty days  from any  State or locality where such disea se is jire    valent  and earnestly invoke all the civil  officers of this   oiiinionwealth  add the  other good people tliereof  to  see tluft this  injiinetion is resi ected and obeyed    In testimony whereof  1 have hereunto  my hand  and caused to he artixed  the seal of tiie Commonwealth    L  S  Done at Feankfort  this  2d day of  September  1868  and in the 77th  year of the Commonwealth     lOHX M    SI EVEX SOX    By the Governor    Same  B  Ciiurciiii l   Sec y of  State    By M   T  S v  ii Ei s   Vssistant See y    SEED CORN    Xow is the time to select seed corn for  next year  Every farmer should go through  his field and gather tlie largest and earliest  ears  just as the outsi lo husks have turned  partly white  The husks  except two or  three for tying  should bo taken oft  and  the cars tied in pairs or traced in strings  and hung up to dry in the shade    A stout Yvire stretched in the garret of  the house or other loft  is one of the best  things to hang seed corn on  as it can be  easily arranged so as to keei  otl  mice and  rats    Xumeroiis exiieriments prove that seed  corn g athered as above directed will ger   min ate quicker than that  selected at the  time of harvesting  and the crops will  mature earlier  8onie of the imiiroved va   rieties of corn have been  obtained by   adopting this method of  selecting seed for  several years in succession    A corresixuideiit of the Country Gcnllc   inan gives an instance of a field which was  thickly covered with thistle s  which  after  being left to themselves for a few years   during which they made a remarkably  growth  suddenly died out  theie licing a  lie avy growth in 186 5  and but very few in     Tlic  agricultural editor of the Ohio Far   mer  says he has alw ays foiuid hay cut just  as the stalks are fully develoiied  and the  seed formed   the Hest  experience having  shown it to be more acceptable to cattle  and horses than that cut earlier      The Farmer s Union says that  lotatoes  all over the State of Minne sota  are mak   ing the second growth  and considers this  better than not to grow at all           0 c t ic u 1 1 u r  1       THINNING OUT CURRANT BUSHES    Xow is the time  immediately after the  fruit is gatliered  to prune currant bushes   tVe know that it lis mone commonly  lone  in tl e early spring  hut not because it is  the best time  except that it is more con   venient  Hut it does not ahvays answer  to attssnd to such uiattejs wlion it is found  to lie the most convenient  some regard  must he paid to the appropriateness of  time if you expect the Imst results to fol   low    If baslies are sullicictitly matured and  cultivated in the spring and iminod in  mid summer  a great diilereiuie will he  seen in the crop of fruit the next season   Another Ixaietit to be tlerived from sum   mer pruning is the destroying of many  insects that infest tlus bushes  Hum all  unnecessiuy limbs cut away  and yon de   stro   maiiv insects attached to them    WisettHKiti Ahriasr    HORTlCULTURAi ITEMS    There is an abundance of wild fruit in   Minnesota this year  the jilum trees are  loaded  Strawberries were very abujidant   so were cherries  Cranberries promise  well  crabs are plenty   uid raspberries and  blaekbciTies are abuiidaut    Insects are soaietimcs very injurious to  llowers  The striped bugs feed on the Cal   liopsis and Cierman   ster  Caterpillars  prey on the Cbry santbeinnni   Morning   llor3   etc  These pests  should be hunted  lip and destro ved     Isparagus beds should l e kept IVee from  weeds  and the surface of the soil made  mellow aronnd the plants with the hoe   In seasons of protracted dronglit  copious  waterings slioiild lie given  especiall v to  plants wliich have iM en recenth  set out    Crass sods should be collected and made  into a pile for rotting  They will not be  thoroughly decompo sed in  less tlian Mvo  j ears  Tbej  slionhT be jilaced in a com   jiact Iieap  the grass sides down  and turned  whenever tliegra ss iK ginstogrow through  the surface    M lieii tlic gronud becomes thoroughly  wetted hi  rain after a long drouglit  weeds  grow rapitll V aiul will damage vegetables  and tlpwers very much if tlicj  are uot  onadicaterl  Tliey ma   be cut down with  the lioe wliile small  or pulled tiv liand  when tbej  are large    Lawns  grass plats and borders should  be kept neatlj  trimmed  Grass springs  np rapidlj  alter rain and requires constant  trimming  I  lower licds in grass plats or  lawns should liave tlie edges cut witli a  spada to prevent the grass or clover from  spreading over them    Uhnbarb requires a deeply tilled and  vcr v rich  soil to allbrd a siipplj  of nutri   inent sutiicient to enable it to produoe the  immense crop of large succulent leaves  wbicli are removed from it in the  season   Tlie leaves slioiild not be taken off in   Vn iist or September  and a good top   dreeing of manure slionld be giv ek likf ore   Vinter    1       REMEOY TOR TENDER MOUTH IN HORSES    it is always a desirable point gained to  muleivtand the true cause of any effect   wound  disea se or com plaint  Some horses           aim      cows HOLDING UP MILIC      lavs     Flint  in his work on dairy farming   to induce a cow to give down her milk     frcel v  give her at milking time a mess of   will aAxvaj s be exceedingly tender in the cut feed or roots  and Mr   lolinson saj s     moutli  wliile otliers arc sometimes almost  unnia ageai lc  Tbejeorrnding of tlie iron  linidle bit in tlie mouth of a thin skinned  liigh striing animal  will sometimes pho   diice cajiker in the sides of tlie mmith jn t  as meebanios often get sore moutlis by  liolding cut nails in their lips wtiile at  work  Sometimes tlio lieadstall is buckled  np so sliort tliat tlie iron bit is drawn np  witli much force against tlie sides of tlie  mouth  If the skin be tender  the animal  will be liable to have a  sore mouth   and _  the wociiid will be so very tender tliat i         cows can be cured if they will driuk sour  milk   Vfterdrinking  and as soon as they  begin to lick the pail  tliey will give down  freel v  lie has tried it with oows that  would give aljont two thirds the proper  qiiantit3   retaining tbeotlicr portion  Tlien  lie givis tliem the milk to drink  and waits  until tlie   begin to lick tlie pail  when lie  has no trouble iu obtaining tlie remainder   iie has tried meal  salt and various things   but found notiling to produce such an ef   fect as sour milk     Ve cannot but believe from our own     Public and Private Sales    COMMISSIONER S SALE   OF   Large and Valuable   P iiie lieal TEstate   In Lexington and Fayette County      AM      PERSONAL PROPERTY   c      Public and Private Sales      scarcely Uie pressure of tlie weight of tlie   experience with cows  tliat _ both these  reins can be endured  Siotnetimes the  clieek reiit is drawn upnnmereifully tight    All such things cause sore mouth    Tlie most satisfactor3  remedy for a   ore  mouth is apreceufice   if tlie head stall is  too short  lengthen it  so that the bit may  ride lower down towartl tlie lips  It the  sore is  iroduceil b3  drawing up tlie cheek  rein too tightl3   give it greater length  If     gentlemen are in fault as to the theory of  messing wlifle milking  Maii3  cows that  are in the habit of receiving messes will  bold nj  their milk wlieii it is not furnisbetl    few years ago wliile traveling in Illinois  we vis ited tlie milking yard of a gentle   man wlio Imd reccntl3  moved into that  State and Started a dairy  and from not  more tliaii one Iialf of the twent3  live cows     V s Commissioner of the Fayette Circuit Court   appointed uniler a Judgment entered in the  action therein  temling  of  Joseph Bondurunt s  Kx r    against Kliziihelh Bondurant   c   at the   Vugiist term  Ufls  I will expose to sale  at nuldic  auction  to the highest bidder  in the city of I e x   ington  on     Tm sday  the     tlie nature of the iron is siicli that the rust could lie get a full mess at a milking  The  from the hit  lolsons tin  tender mouth  leti 0 vs had bwu picked up one in_a pl ace      the hit be covered with a piece of linn  leatlier  sewed on with  the seam on the  lower side cf the hit  so that the smooth  leather may come in contact witJi the  moutli  l et a Iicav3  piece ot calfskin he  employ ed to cover the hit r itlier than thin  Saiipy leather  I f the iron about tlie mouth  be galvanized thormigldy  that will pre   vent all corrosion of the iron and conse   quent injury to the nioulli  Hiit  after all  the coating is worn off  let the hit lie cov   ereil with sliver plate  whicli will cost only  a few dimes  A silver wash will be ot lit    itasily  tie value  lint a silver plated hit will last  many  vear s  and will afford iti rfectsecnrity  against sore moutli wlien the eanse has  been attributed to tlie rust of tlie iron   Sonietimes the hit is a  twisted hit   with  sharp edges  which tieing drawn liarslily  against the mouth  will riMiiovc the skin      A   V  Tiiiii i      tlie most of them pnrcliascd from Hoosiers   who kept but one or two  and practiced  messing wliile milking  Hy no means  save giving eacli cow lier wonted mess   could milk bt obtained  and for tliis rea   son after a feJy weeks trial lie gave np tlie  business and sold liis cows  So far as onr  own ex  crience of about twenty  years  got s  we have met witli like results      iiere a single cow is kept  messing at  milking may be got along with without  much troiiblc  as snlticieni feed for one is  obtained  hut in a large dairy we      22 1 of September    the following     Beginning at 10 o clock  A  M    highly valuable    HOUSES AND LOTS    In city    1st  The liousr  t  J oi on MuU erry street in  said city  known as the Bljicksiullh house ami lot  purchased of K  K Hunt  Kx r of Warfield    2d  The Jfouge Ji Lot on  Iull erry street  for   merly owned by John ft  Ki  Cr and wife  just  above the dail    tiiU The llottnr Jk Lot on the corner of Barr and  Mulljerry streets  formerly owned by W  II  New   berry    These arc dcsiruidc for bu  iiie  s   ur  o es  The  sales of each puivel will take  il u e on the prein   Les  Ami on    Veiliiesday  September the 2 W    Beginning at 10 o clo  k  A  M   I will  as such  Commissioner  sell that valuable and highly im   proved property in the easteni vicinity ot said  city  on the J  exington and Winchester turnpike         should seriously question the jn opriety of coniam ng iW  siicli ail arrangement  Onr mode wa   al     waj s to mess or give grain alter milking     keeping it out of siglit until after the milk       as obtained  and it by any excitement   qj  ni vt ratc Land  the lato residence of ioseph  they iield it U   the feed was VCtainetl as a I Bondurant  and formerly owned bv Dr  Frazer   punishment tor Uie act   This is one of the most desirable suburban resL     lienees in tlie stale of Kentucky      t the same time amt place  I will also sell to  the higliest biihler  as Kxecutorofsaiil Bondurant      Lavkhixo Giiapks    It is gpiierallv be   lieved ih at viifes raised by layer  are not  so good a s those raised from single e3 es or  even from cuttings  After iiianv years  oh servation  we liave entirely failed to  diseover anv differenee  and we do not  hesitate to advise siieli of onr readers as  have a few vines that they wish to multi   ply  to inerea se their stock hy lliis mode of  propagation  The work should he done   soon  it old w ooil I l laid down  hut  if the  new wood Is to he used tlie work of laver   ing should not he performed until the  new  wood has hardened somewhat  A grokt  many things  are very successfully and  very inolitahly raised by layering   Jnier   icun  htuniul of Horticulture      HOW I RAISE MY FALL PIGS      hen the  ligs are two weeks old  I put  the  sows and jiigs in the pen or yard with  the fattening liog s  allowing them  of  course  to liave all the swill ami corn tlie3   can eat  Ordinarily  however  I boil pota   toes and pnmpkin s  with a liberal season   ing of meal  fortlie lirst two or three weeks  ot feeding  wliieh is better for the sows  tliaii corn  In the meantime liavc aliole  in the pen large enough for the juveniles  to go through  and there provide a side  dish for them of sweet milk  with a little  meal or sliorts added to It  In case you do  not liave milk enough lor the sows and  pigs lioth  give to the latter hy all means    i rcvioiis to the  setting in of the cool  weather  they should have access  both old  and 3 oiiug  to a gra ss plat  hut after liogs  get llesliy and arc full fed  tliey will eat  hut little gra ss    By  the way  it is surprising how small j  a grass plat will sufliceTor swine   fcn I  i  ne W t ii fert Viprnr trnSTa   c lt fcr    two  when it has onee heeoine fiilly en   rielu d by leading on it  The writer has  kept six and seven full sized hogs on a  lilot of a ti ille over an eighth of an acre   and for tlie most part the feed lias been  good    ir      I Htec  111 t  iKiitni Heiit    BLEEDING FROM THE NOSE      All animal can he very  easily taught to  understand your wishe s  and h y adoptiiiL  I  a regular system of management they will    fall in with the arrangement and be as  prompt in the fnllillment of their part as  the superior party    The question has been considerably dis   cussed whether animals reason from cause  to effect  but be that as it may  tliey liave  instinct enongli to realize that certain  tilings follow the performance of other s   as  for instance  they will come to tlie yard  promptly at a certain hour each day when  tliey are accustomed to receive a mess  and  iliis  same instinct or exercise of reason  will cause them to understand tliat tlie  moss caunot he obtained until they liave  yielded to the milker    The great advantage of messing after  milking is tliis  if circumstances are such  that tlie feed cannot he given on certain  occasions  no tronble arises from it  wliile  oil the other hand there will very likely be  a scanty yiclil of milk    Ohio Farmer    NeR MAKING      C L e rr y   w o o cl  FOIT S LIE      IS lino tract ol laml lying in the blue gra AS  X region of Mercer county  contains about   TUO JIVSDltED ACllKS    sixty acres in blue grass wood land  the growth  uiKAU is white walnut  and cherry in abundance   al so hackberry  honc   locust and a li  and origi   iiallv some burr oak  Eightv acres of the land is  in clover  the rest in corn   herc i  u   HAMISOMi  XE    OTTAGE    with five well finished rooms and portico  The  farm lies imincAliutely ui ou the pike now being  made from Danville to Shukertown  two ami a  halt miles irom the latter   Iacc  aud live miles  ejist of HaiTiMlsburg  The Cc ntral Kentucky R   U   when finished  will run witMu u short dis   tance of it    Any one wishing No  1 land  will  lo well toex   ainine this before purc hasing cLewhere  For fur   ther particulars enquire of  or addre   Mrs T  I   McCANN or  A  S  MCCANN    nl6 eowtf near IlarroAUburg  Ky    eXs T L K T OJT     Pl Bl lC SALE      I  ii t3   mil   y  coarse food cooked np  o  as to make it jialatahle should he avoided    The yield or qualitv  of butter vannot he  good on such fooil  though the dair3  itself  he eomlueted in the vei 3  best manner   and  besides all this unsound  nnwliole   some food has a deleterious effect on the  health of the cows  whicli thwii dair3 men  feci to their cost    Impurity in feeding either in summer or  winter is niiqnestionahly the can se of tlie I i ari   sc  great complaints we receive from time to  time of the length of time it takes to churn   and the difficulty experienced in gatlierin     o Oi op    Of Hitiii   onHiHtiny of Corn in   ftati   ffftif  tfir   House and Kitchen Furniture   Farming Utensils and Stock    Such as   HOKSKS  COWS AXI  IIOOS    AB the per ona  properly aforo aid is of gixxl  nuaityand condition  And on the  ame day  on  tne premises  I wil   such   ommissioner  se   in  like manner  a valuaWe tr ict of  und of   1 4   Vci er     Op K kite the  a t named Frazer p ace  and coming  to the Winche ter pike beyonAi the lir  t to   gate  from the said city  piircha o l ofK  Wivriiold s Kxc   A ulor  thickly timljered aud wc l set In gruNS  and  under gc oil lence  a   1 wi   aZ  O  iu  tich Commissioner An      f   Friday the 2   lh day of September      1 will on the 6tli  lay uf 0  tober next  oiler  at piildic sale my place  CastU ton  5 a miles  fix m L  xingt  ii  on the Newtown turnpike  cun   si oting of the Mansion HoiiMk and impt ovcments    iritli fiboiit  ii rvs     of Land aUachetl    The House  LrouiiiU and ImpriWAonent   are of  the most extensive und elatHiratc character  gar   den  yard and oix hards filled with tlm choicC  t  fruit  together with a fine graper   of foreign  vines    The house is fitte l up with every elegance and  convenience  cisterns  fum  ices   r   and with  every possible out building in thorough repair    The farm buildings arc large and substantial   barn   stock sheds  mill  mule and cow stables  and  one of the finest stables for horses In the county   The land is of the finest quality  more than one   h   lf iK ing woodland and blue grass lots  with  alHuitOfi acres new hemp laml    The place is too well known to need  letaile l tlo   scription  The land lies in a square  and is capa   ble of being dlvblcd into tAvo places  the sniuUer  of 125 acres without iniproA oments    At the same time I will sell to the higliest bid   der all iiiy stock of     Beginning at 12 o clock  sel  in  ike manner  on  the preniLes  that we   known ainl va ual  e tract  of  iiml in Fayette county  known as the Gen    lames Dml ey farm  containing al AMit   FIVK Ul X 1  ItEJ  A ni s     SittiatCAl live mi es from Lexington  on the Win   chester and Lexington turnpikt  road  adjoining  the  amis of Mr  T  1   Dml ey and Co   W  U  E li     Tlii  is l e ievcii to be the best farm for agrieii tura   ill Fayette I ounty and is in a high state     Horses  Mules  attle    Thorouirhbretl Cows himI Slipofi   Besides the CROP    Lorn  i ats  Ilag  lleni k   1       J     ohine Hf Farming Fteustlsn IVagons   dr    Terms made known on day of sale    It  HUiGINS    v2nl Md     Sale    B KFOKK the court house tloor in Danville  on  the mill of October next  at 2 o clock  wc will     the hiittor  in some cases of its not coming HiinI cn h in Iniinl    ml the i v Mue  I at all  ami the paleness of its color  If_at      C liKKiiiK s    In a recent paper read  h3    1      Hopper  ii  successful fruitgrower   tiefore the Illinois llortienltnral  Soi iety   he gave lii s experience   as follows  of the    ilorellos and Kentish        This famiLv of clierrk s are all lianl3  in i  treiMind  iud  Thc3  are all quite tart  yet  for Cooking and eaiming  tiie3  are ver3   good  if not tlie I e t elieriics we have  The  Black   lorello is the eommon eheriA  of  the country  The red Kentisii differs from  tlie black only in color  yet it sells in the  market ihikIi higher  hecause persons Inyv  hy  sight  and not from a knowledge of  qtialit3     STiiAJMiiaiUiK        V correspondent of tlie  American  lonrnal of llorticnltm i   speaks  thus of the qualities  of two varitTIcs of tlie  newer strawberries     Durand s Seedling   Handsome and pro   ductive  herrie s largo  hut entirely too    sour ami Havorless  To my taste  hard I v  equal to  Vilson in qualit3     Higley s Ever hearing  Hardy and ap   jjarenth  a true ever lmartng sort  of the     Vlpiiie class  Fruit sniail  hcrrie s long   and slender  deep  Iiand some red   tint   oor   sour  and insipid in Havor         Ve have suon Iatel3  in onr e xehanges  inquiries from dilhu ent pe rsons  as to the  causo of tlieir Iiorses bleeding at the nose   and the most I fVeetiial remedj  lor it  A  corrcs  oiidenl of the  Vestern Uiiral  who  has a valnahle liorse aeenstoined to bleed  in this way  as mueli as three or four times  per da v  writes to that papt  r for advice   and rceeived the followinganswer     Ijie lileeding trom the nose prohalily p  instead of weak vomeii  indeiriT     1    plethoric eoudition ofihe   I    n         Kiven or  the Frazer phue an l tl e        of improvement   The lit e l   a   the rea  Astute is perfect am  im     encumbere l    Terms   A    ai l rea citaie  wi   l c so ilforone   blue on creilitsof  la menu  to bear   CciitlOll IS i ui l to their ItMHiinjfj tilUt they I l ml  for the ileterrol payments to the umler     get nothing hut wiiac is sound and good    that they get pure water  that the dair   is  kejit thoroughly sweet and clean   that the  air is imre  witli no foul  sewers or dung      signeil I outiiiis lutier  with guml sceiirity   Said  Iton N to liave the IVirre of jmigmeiit       lento  lie I eserve l on each  ejiarale tract for its mqiatd  price    Po se Sion of the city property will be given of     arisF s Irom the   I horse  as from your aeeouiil tlie horse is   not weakened hv it    hen liemorrliagc    proeC4 ds Irom i e lungs it is always a  svmptoni  hut in many     heaps near it   and that strong men are nut o  d     t i i  October  amt of none of   t                U  I    PofSCSSiOH       F     ind that no  stoppage is allowed in the op   eration even for a minute till the butter is  come  tliore will he almost a certaint3  that  theeliurning will not exceed hall an hour      nie avid blown u   the nose with a quili  a good way to arrest the hemorrhage    Ci iiK Kill Ho   Ciipi KiiA     Vs thousands  of hogs are annually  destroyed hy the rav   ages of Cholera  we publish from the Stock   lournal  a roeeiiit  simple  clieai   and  live  to wit   on the appearance of the  case feed your liogs on corn boiled   nntil   soft  with Green Fine tops  with a small  addition of spirits tui iK Utine  altlioiigli  the latter is nut at all essential  This is a  sure and a sudden cheek to tlie cholera      expose to sab    WO ACFFS OF LAND    known as u part of the  Jampbell fann  lyiug two  miles east of Danville  Buyers wishing u goml  l lace  with moilerute improvcMuonts  well fquceAl   I well limbered  ami plenty of good stock water   I will do well to call and examine for themsclvo  or  make inqiirics of 31r   los  MeJames  There will  l e fifty acres in small grain and the balance in  grass  Fo sscssion given  January Ist lNiO  Temis  liberal  ami made known on day of sale   15td   un Ad  S    B  G  aSLALGHTEU    FOR SALE    A Splendid Blue Grass Farm    O ITUATKD in  lessamine county  miles north  io west of NicholasviBe  and about 11 miles from  l  e ington  and midway lx twcen the DaMvillc aud  Hurrodsbtirg turnpikes  containing   From 240 to AOtt Arren   of first rate land  in a good state of rnltivatiou   anti the Ijest dwelling in the county  with all the  necessary out bniltlings  Also a  young orchard   bearing choice fruit It is finely wateretl  having  several never failing springs  It is in a fineucigh   Jiorhood  and the best wheat growing laml in Ken   tucky  Any one desiring such a place uuuM tlo  well to give us a call on tne premi oe     v2ii 3 2m Mrs  OTIIO ROBAUD   SON      kinds of roots that imjiart no unpleasant  taste  and fresh  luscious meal he given  it  must he a dirty  lazy  or foolish woman  that can make inferior butter       Jtlier jioiiits to be attended to are  regu   larity as to tlie time of milking  if the     ilcros of   w HHl aml within two months or  css fi om thetlay  of sale  Pt  ses ion of the Gen  Dud eyfarm wi     Ix ivenon the Lt tlay of next Mai ch    Tlio persona  properly wi   l e so d on a credit of  j ix months for a   sums of  20 and over  uuder   that  cash in hand  Notes with surety  executed   TX A rTitTTnmTi a m ATiifi ri a x ti   to the umlerMgned as Executor  negntiaWc aud ADMINISTRATOR S SALE    payable at the banking house ol  1  M  llocker     Co   in Lexington  wi  be i equired        Due attention and u   necessary iiiforuiation wi    be giveiuby the uirder ignt l    EDWARD BUNDLUANT    t ommissioner  A   Lexington  Ky   n lfi vd      O N Tuesday  tlie 22nd of September  we will sell  at Sjn iiig Hill  the resitlenes  of the late Col    Vm  F  Hart  tuo niile  from V  rsuillcs  on the    Frankfurt tuni  ike  all the     A new grape jiest has apji  an d in soutli   ern Illinois   lissouri  and jiortion   own State   in the form of the larva  of a  large brown beetle  As iU worL is not  generally noticed until tliedani Tgc is done      CfiiK toil Cnoiiic IX Hobsks    T ake one  ounce aleoliol  one  one do  laudanum   mi  in one quart water  Dreiicli  If not well  in fort3  minutes rejieat dose  If obstinate  ease make strong tobacco tea   4 Ih  of  tobacco in one quart of water  and inject  of our i with syringe  This receipt lias iH en sold  forSIHMi      elfec    pi oper time he passed  the cow getsuneas3   edis  and feverish  to tlie injury of the quality  of the milk  The same per soii should  milk the same cow  changing the milker  frets the animal  ami she gives lier milk  reliietantl3   If the pasturi  is near the  cowhouse tlie cows should lie qiiietl3  and  gentl3  driven to it  hut no  verdriving   triking with sticks  or worrving witli     do siiliihiiric ctiicr     I oiild la  allowed   and if the house is  ix all ti getlier  Fiit     Droncli If imt wrdi  ic iield   iii l the lUilK caiTicu hoiue    Irish     Fanners  Uazetir      MILKING COWS IN GOOD FLESH      it is a dangerous visitor     V Mr   Jaque s  of Florida  is turning li  attention to the cultivation and improv  ment of the rarieties of tlie jiersimmon      I       in a private n stc of recent date from   Ir    I  U  Fage  riennett  J aynga 1  o   lie re   prevent   uiai KS      1 remember in one of our chats 3 oii ex   pressed some doubts as to breeding cows     It is said tlie best  sti awhcri 3  plants  come from tlie tliird and fourth sets of  I uuners  and that the Ilrst and second sets  should he cut ofl   The fools are not all  dead yet    tow have a c on staut anti abundant sup   pl   of small fruits  All might liave wlio  cultivate land      To 1 HKVK vr I ntkiifkkixc    T o  interfering in a lior se wlio is tiirneil out in  the front feet  the shoe sliould he applied to       tit elosel3  on tlie inside  and the nails ap  keeping so fat as they often are on grass  I plied aronnd the toe and to the outside  1 ulone  Knowing it to he a fact  1 said so  I In some instances a small jiiece of leatlier I mid could to da3  show 3 ou two cows  placed lielwixt tlie sole and the slioe  and  Sliortliorns   one nearly dry and fair beef   allowed to project outwards  lias a vei 3    Ljie otlier four montlis aftercalving  giving  good effect in preventing interfering      I oss OK Max k  axii T vii     T he follow   ing is vci 3  useful wliere there is  a fall   ing out of the liair of tlie mane and tail   viz      i3 ceriiie  two oz   sulpliur one oz   acetate of le ad  two draclim s  water eight  oinices  To he well mixed  and applied by    means of 11 sjionge      Seeds of flowers  fast as thc3  ripen      sliould be collected as      Hard wood aslies rubbed in dry on tlie    hacks of slieoj  or cattle is an exterminator         1 of lice and vermin  Mix the same with   Texas will make an almost nnprecedenk    oats or feed ami it is an excellent remedy     edly large corn crop       Or worms in colts or horses      diiriiig this time and to day over 20 quarts  milk  aiid  i  on gra ss oiil3    wintered on  hay without groin until Fehriiary  tlien  I shorts  I1U3  and straw   V poor milker  ought to do better  for my two cows can  show blitter  for qualit3  and color  against  a  ler sey  However  Sliortliorns   enerall3   do not make as yellow butter  For one of  mine  10 years old  J have l een ofl ereil S200  for a City milker  hy a gentleman wlio  wished a nice cow to look at and to Jill a  pail  He saw her milketl    Hood feeding and kind treatment  will  render cows prorttahle      PUBLIC SALE   OF   VALUABLE HORSE STOCK    MULE   OLTS  SI LKV Jt HAUXESS    Will iMi    oUl without retiorve     hi Stttnrdan  HHli of  Se ptomber   Gominonrinif at 10 o clock  on   hoapsbk   I cxinij   ton  Ky     Kif lit  iOO l Youiij   Work 3iiir         Excellent bre   lcrs  belicveU to Ik  with foal bv  niy  Jack  anU their eight mule colts  very goo      ONE NO  1 SADDLE 3IAUE    One very fine buggy inai e  four years oM  by  on   sternation   5 Minerior 2 year ohl fillies  well broke  to single ami Uoiiblc h arnc s  one a Mainbrino   one by the knight of St   ieorge  one by the Law   less horse  aim two hy Jo h Bell   two Imy Mam   briiio horse colts  same age  well broke   an old  th  ruughbred briKHl marc  stinteil to Edwin For   rest   Jr   and her two colts by saiiic horse  very  fine  Also Edwin Forest   Jr   years old drive s  well  is a fine mover  aud one of the l cst breeders  in the State  He und his colts will show fur them   selves  u H n day of sale  also  a new light track  sulky  and fine  4 t of new harness    Teniis  JJO flays note  well secured  nogotiuhle   ami payable in either of the l cxington banks    D  G    IIRISTIAN   1 1111   t   Kinn  Auctioneer  I0t l     FEKSOXALTY  ST0  K    HOF   kC    Including alxmt 150 head of   attic  of various  ages  50 head of horses  thoroughliretl  farm and  trotting slock  together with the Agricultural  Implements   c   l elonging to the estate  also  alHuit 150 head of Hogs  of various ages    Tenns made known on davof sale    II AUt GIBSON     J  WARREN GRIGSBV   v2nlfi td  Adm r        Shelby County Land for Sale      i    At RES    well watered  near the crossing of the     one thinl in timber  all      in grass   tic   kiiis   and Sinipsonvillc roads  It is situated in a gOfxl  iieighlKirhood where the laud adjoining is held at  trom  3   to  50  Being neither a fanner nor a  resident of Shelby county  1 will sell at      x i   Vere      Fayette County Farm  FOIL 8AUTG    r      relieve mvself of nmiece sarv care  I will  1 sell my    CLIFF BRCCK  FARM    on the Frankfort railroad  near Lexington  Also  mv city   on long credits  for two thirds of the price   v2n  U f GEO Rt i E Rt   B ERTSt i N       and extend the terms of payment to a number of  vears  If ilesired bv the purchaser  Address  Rev   JAMES P  McMILLAX    Burksville  Ky      SHELBY FARM   FOi  SAI K    J offer for sale mv fann of 1 i l acre    Iviug thre  miles southof Itagda l  on the Bagdad pike and  Frankfort dirt road   thirty acres  timbered well  and set in blue grass  the balance in cultivation   well improved  with all the   y eeeHnarg Oat bntldi ngs      blacksmith shop on the place  und a go Hl site for  a physician or merchant  Evervlhing ingoodre   pair Forlurther particular sand terms apply to  me on the premises  or address me at Bagdad  Kv    HKNUV  JAMISON    iil2 2m   Fayette Farm for Rent      rplIK IIOWAUI  CilSOVE FAKM  near Ixiwe s  X station  on the Kcntuvkv t entral Kailroail  eontainin   eloTcn hiimlrrU acres  which can lie   liviilcq into several tvact     15 JOHN B  PAY SE   Jr        CrOTJI  3iT Xj       bc   amtlt   i irdc      BETTER THAN GOLD    n  n  i   somnl pli ilo iopy biMUtifuIly ex   pressej  ami if we carried the truth   tlius  spoken into our daily lives  wo would be  iKittci  and happier    tViau X  ld i  ihe  wo t rojKise   Of the sons of toil when tluMi  labors close    jU tterthun gold it the poor man s sleep    And the balm that di ops on hi   lumbers deep   llrings  leejiy ilraiight  to the downy bed   NVhere luxury pillows hi  U4 bing head    Ilis  imple ojdate latKH deem   A  liort  r r  ad to the land  of  Iream     Ih ttur than gold is a thinking mind      That in the realm of bo  k  ean llnd    V tr  a nre surpa   ing Aii tralian ore      nd live with the great and g K l of yore    The sage s Ion  ami the ikk I s lay      The gho jes   f empire passed away    The woi Ul s groat dnuna will thus unfold  c And V 4   bl a pfoa4nre lK  tterthan gold    f       Jletter than gold i  a peaeeful home    Where till tin  liresides oltaritio  eome     t he shrine of lov   the heaven of life      Hallowed by mother or sistoror wife    However humble the home may be    Or tried w ith som w by heaven s decree    The blessings that never wore Imiigitt   r  old    Viul center there  are belter than goM    MABEL S MISTAKE      IlY A MV li VNIlOI ru    c   Wfir s Aunt Thyrzii  iiml lu r  cou siii lieor o  wanted lier to stayatlioine  and I  a inillliicr  but Mrs  ILosslyn  from  the city  bavins froiie into rajitnres over a   sketcii of Mabei s  waiiteiriier to go to  Xevv York and be an artist  and Maiiei de   termiiieii to go    In vain were Aunt Tiiyrza  s reinou   straiiccs and George s earnest reasoning    Mabel s wilful and self reli ant nature as   serted itself against everytliing  Ite an  artist slie leoiibt  and Aunt Tliyrza tlnally  gave np tlie point   witli no very good  graee     I et lier have Iier own way  tieorge   a  tliankle s s nngratefnl girj  wlio is willing  to give np tlie friends w Iio liave reared licr  the nionient a simpering city lady comes  iilong witli a few smootli words of llattcry    Don t Siiy aiiotlicr word  tieorge      Vnd  tcorge did not  say anotlier word    Mabel was determined   and tieorge felt  sore and hurt tliat slie could be  so willing  to leave tlienl  Well  let her irol   Mrs  ItoiSslyii was delighted   she knew  that  Mabel would take the world of art by   s torin  Of course  she would introduce  her to the lirst artists in the city  Mabel  should be  bronght out  in society at lier  own Thursday evening rccepUons   all   according to lier entlnisiastic representa   tions  would be plain sailing   and Mabel  Weir wondered tiiat she liad so long been  contented to remain in obscurity  witli lier  ligiit liidden under a bnslicl     So slie packed her trunk  and came to tlie  great city  engaging  throiigli a married   schoolmate  one forlorn littHc room  In a  third rate lioarding lionse  because it was  clicap  and Alaliel knew tliat slie must  study economy      iid now commenced the lir st chapter  of lier Artist 1  ife     Yes  slie lias some talent   said Signor  VineiiHUielli  curiously eyeing  Mabel s  sinijile array of canvas   She docs ligufes  very tolerably  and  with a year or two of  liarvi study may he able to produce some   tliiiig worth framing  Of conr se she only  paints to amuse lier self f      Slie wished to make a nrofo ssion of it    said  Mr s  Itosslyn  rather lilankly  witlioiit  venturing to meet Mabel s eye     A profession   Oh  ah  indeed    and Sig   nor Vineinopclli took sniitl  velieniently    Oiir young friend will liave to polish up a  great deal   Mrs  ll sslyii  a great deal  in   deed   lint diligent study will sometimes  accomjilish wonders   and if Miss AVeir  chooses to put herself under my cliarge   why tliere is room for anotlier ea sel in my  studio   Aly terms are ten dollars per les   son       Ten dollars per lesson    Mabel s heart   sank to think how soon lier poor hnudren  dollars would melt into nothing at that  rate  But she dared not utter the feeble  remonstrance tliat rose to her lip s  so vol   ubly was  Mrs  lio sslyn accepting the dis   tinguislied macstro A oll er for lier     I will take half a dozen lessoiift  she  tlioiiglit   and perliaps tlien I sliall be a ble  to sell a picture     Tlie davs pa ssed on  Mabel s half dozen  lessons ilrew to a close  and at last she  innstered up courage to ask Signor Vicin   opelli if he thought she could ever become  a famous artiste  Tlie signor took snuff   eritieally      My dear young friend  you paint toler   ably well  so  so  Blit as for an artist   frankly  no  There is no originality  no  breadth of talent  You might paint verj   uice little pictures to liaiig round yonr  boudoir   to give to yOnr friends  bi to  make reputation  or realize a forWne   lioncstly   Miss Maliel  I think not       So Mabel paid her sixty dollars into he  maestro s liaiids  packed np lier color box  and palette  and crept dispiritedly  liome   wondering how slie slionld manage to pay  lier board bill and the washerwoman      Mrs  Uo sslyii was her first thought  in  tlie lioiir of distress  She had made mitch  of Mallei at tier Thursday evening recep   tion   Mr  Gnv liad condescended to flirt  langiiidlv witii her  and the fashionable  lady had callcd her  her sweet little pro   tege      Slie will surelv lieip me   tlionglit  Mallei    Mrs  Kossivn  by great  ood luck  liap   Iiened to he atliome  and Mabel Weir was  sliowii into tlie drawing room  wliere tlie  purple  satin curtains  fringed and tasselcd  with gold  sliiit out tlie afternoon light   and statues and picture frames glimmered  faintlv tbrongli the aftilieial dusk     Dear me  Miss Weir  is it yon   and at   so inconvenient an hour  just wlicn my  liair dresser oomes       Mrs  Kosslyn had entered all in a rustle   witti stiffsilks and llnttering tulle stream   ers  a diamond aigrette at her breast  and  sparkling all over wilti bracelets  rings  and chains     Yes  Mrs  llossly n   Mabel made answer   rather Timidlv   I called to see it you  would use yonr iiitlnence to  to help me     dispose of that lirtle painting you wese  kind enough to admire  up in tlie  country   If you would allow me to hang it in ymir  parlor  until  until some one miglit fancy  it      Oil  dear me   it s quite out of tlie hbc s   tion    ejacnlati d Mrs  Itosslyn  witli a toss  of tlie tulle streamers   I can t turn pic   ture dealer  Iteirlly  Miss Weir  you are  expecting too mneli of me  I ve done  my  best to introduce yon  and give eclat ti   j onr debut  but  really  yon have  in ved  sneli a  a failnre  if 1 maj  call it so      Mabel rose quietly     I beg yonr pardon   Mrs  Itosslyvk 1 will  intrude noon yon no more  I liave been  utterly mistaken in my estimation of yon  from llie very beginniirg  Good aflerno on     And onr licroiiie walked out of the house   with a digiiilied step that was piteously  tielietl by tlie tninnltnons throhhings of  lier heart  and tlie hliiidi gnisli of indignant  tears to her eyes      lie went straiglit to a jewelry store   wliero she parted withilier gold chain  a  locket Unit liad liclil her inotlier s hair  and  an unpretending little lirooeli  set with  two or three garnet s  for about    tliird of  tlicir real value     1 can at least pay my board bill   said  Mabel to lier self   and tlien     She liad not tlie liearC to think  or plan  fnither ahead  poor wearied  distracted  little Mabel  but walkinl silently lioino   wnrd  liolding tiglit the pnr se wiiich con   tained hcrliumble ail    Tlie landlady  a lin xom  motherly  sort of  person  received AlaheTs money witli very  evident  surprise and satisfaction  She liad  hegnn to doubt tlic probability of getting  lier i ay from tlie pale  harrassed  lovely  girl  whose clotlies were growing  o shabby  day liy day     Thank yon  Mi ss Weir  Yes  I ll write  out a receipt directly  Oil  1 forgot to tell  yon  there s a young gentleman waiting  in the parlor to see yon       V j onng gentleman to see me   and  Mabel went into the parlor  completely at  a loss to imagine whom it could po ssihly  be      Mabel       Cousin tieorge  can it be you     Slie sobbed almost hysterically  as he  folded her hands in liis strong clasp  All    this was better  truer tlian Mr  Guy llo ss   lyn    Tlie reason of Ids uncxiieeted visit was   soon explained  Aunt Tliyrza had slipped  down stairs and sprained her ankle  Slie  was sick and lonely  and wanted to  see  Mabel     I snppo se j on are a great artist now    said George Weir  apolo  eticall     lint we  thought that yon wouldn t iniiid coming  for a little wlii le  just to please motlier and    and me    Mabel burst into tears again     Oil  George  1 am so miserable   I liave  been sndi a fool I     And  with mncli faltering  and many iii   tcrrnption s   Maliel told tlie sad storj  of  tlie liiiglit tliat bad fallen upon lier artistic  prosjieets     I will go liome witli yon  and be a mil   liner  George   she said  mecKly   Aunt  Tliyrza wa  right  I was not horn to  aeliieve fanlc as an artist     miili r  eh   said George  donlit   fnlly   Doi i t j on think jon had better  marry me  Maliyl  and become a farmer s  wife        Ob       Oil  Mabel  I think it would be bj  far  tlie most sensible plan  Yon know 1 love  yon   yon know I d try my liest to make  yon a good  honest linsbaml  Come  Mabel   say yes        V faint smile diiiqilcd tlie ebrners of  Mabel s month     I took my own waj  tlie last time we  discii ssed my future   ieorge  now I ll take  yours  But wliat will Aunt Thyrza say       She will lie delighted  Mabel   it is Tli  dayling wish of her own lieart    So Mabel Weir lefo beliind lier all the  fooli sli aspiration s  the imiiossible liopes of  her girlliood  and heenme tlie dearlj  loved  wife of George  Iicr cousin  And  Signor  Vnibinoiielli and Mrs  llosslyn laded into  things of the fevered  restless jiast  and   Maliyl was very  very liapjiy      MEN OF GENIUS    Tosso s conversation wasneltlier gaj  nor  brilliant  Dante was iieitlicr taeitiirn or  satirical  Butler was ncitlier sullen or  lilting Gray seldom talked or smiled     Hogiirtli and Swill were ab sent minded in  companj   Milton was very iimsociable  and irritable  wlien pressed into conversa   tion  Kirwun  lliongh copious and elo   quent til public addresses  w as meagre and  dull in colloquial discourses  Virgil was  heavy in conversation  l a Fontaine ap   peared lieavy  coarse stupid  he could not  speak and de scrihe wliat he had just  seen    Imt tlien he was tlie model of jioctrj     Chaucer s silence was more agreeable than  his conversation  Dryden s conversation  was slow anil dull  Ids linmor saturnine  and reserved  Cornelius in  conversation  was so insipid tliat he never failed in  wearying  he did not even siniak correctly  that language of which he was such a mas   ter  Ben  lohnson used to sit silent in  rompatiy ami suck his wine  Southey was  stiff  sedate  and wrap  cd nii in asceticism    Addison  ya s good company with his inti   mate friends  hut in mixed company he  prc ser d his dignity bj  a stiff and re   servedWlencc  Fox in cbnvcr sation iiever  Ilagged  Jiis animation and vivacitv were  incxlianstible  Dr  Bentley was  loqua   cious  as was al so Grotins  Goldsinitli   wrote like an angel and talked like poor  roll    Burke was entertaining  entlinsi   astic  and interesting in conversation    Curran was a convivial deitj   J eigh Hunt  was a jileasant stream in convcr sation     Carlyle doubts  objects  constnntlj  dcninrs      THE ANATOMY OF THE HUMAN FRAME    SHALL WE MEET AGAIN  A BEAUTIFUL EXTRACT    The following waif  afloat  on the  sc fvof  reading   we clip fn m an exchange   Ve    w it s     It niiglit well he a matter of surprise  tliat we should know so little c f the me    chantsm ol the human frame  Cnriouslyddo not know itTi patersity  but it contains  wrought and faidiioned is the  hou se wej sonie wliolesome tmths   heaiitifnlly set  live in   and ill Jlie minute anu ewefnl ex  fortli     aniinatioii of it  luloration for tint Tlivfne    Alen seldom tliink ol   the great evi  vt of  heart and liarii wliii li have planned its UIcntli until the  ladow falls across their  my steries slionJil lill tlie heart wiHi glad   own i uth  hiding fbnfvee fram their bvos  and grateful sarprise and joy     i tlie ti aecs of tlie  loved owes who se living   The earefiil investigations of aimtoinist s I smiles were the snniight of their c xi eiicc   disclose some eiirion s facts  which nniy be   I eatli is the   re sit asitagonist of life  and  of interest to tlie reader       tlie cold tlionght of the tomb is theskele    1 II the Iiniaan skeleton   about tlio time ti ii  at all feaSt s  We Uo nof wai t logo  of maturity   are 1      bones  thrdligli the dark valley  altliongli its ptft    Tl e miisctes are about   ilMl in number   sage rtiay le a d  to Piiradisc  anil with  The length of the alimer tary CTinal is j Charles kamli  we do not want to lit  down  ihont  i 2 leet  in the muddy grave  even witii kings and   The iimotinf of blood in an adult averages princes for oiir bed fellows       0 ponnd    or full one lilllt of llie entire Bait the flat ot  nature is inexorable    weight    Tliere  i  no appeal of relief from til   great   Tlie heart is six inches in lebgtliL  ukI j law wliicli dooms ns to dust   Vu fllimish  four inclies in diameter  and bents 70 times i and wp fade as tlie leaves of tlie forest  aiid  per minute  4  Jtm times i er lipiir  KHV   the  lower that blooms and wittiers in a    er day   Ki 772 0 M  times pev yc ir  2   if     j day has not iw frailer hold upon  life than  IIO in tliree score and ten   iU   each heat tliA miglitie st jnon areli tliat ever shook  and a Iialf ounces of blood ire thrown tlie earth witli Ids footsteps Generations  out of it  17    per mifiiite   tVl iionnds per of men apjiear ar d vanish as tlie gras  aild  lioiir  7  1 tons per day    Ul the hlinid in the conntlo ss nniltitiulc that throngs tliQ   tlie holly passes tliroiigli the lioart ili tliree I world to day  will to morj ow disapjieiy as  minutes    the fool tens on tlie shore    The lungs will contain atioiit out gallO    In the beautiful drama of Ion  the in   of air  We breathe on an average l aiOper  stinct  f immortalitv  so eloqncntlv uttered   hour  inhale  i K  gallons id  airAir 24 4iK    by the death devoted Greek  finis a deep  alloiis per day  j resiKinse in ovary thoughtful  soul  When   The aggregate surface of the air cells ol   about to yield his young existence as a  tlie lungs exceeds  JO OOO sqmij  inches  an sacrifice to fate  ITpi l eioved    iemantlie    area viy y nearly equal to Jte ilpoi  of a asks if tlrey sliJill not meet again  to wliiclr   oom twelve feet  square    J         lie ririiHes     I have askeil tlmt dre adfnl   The average weiglit of tlw briiin of  an  qnes tion of tUc hills tliat look eternal   f  adult male is three iKiunds artfl eight   the clear  streams that flow forever   of the  oniice s  of a female two nouSids and fotir   stftrs among wlio se lields of aziiri  mv raised  ounces  The nerves are all connected with spirit hath  walked in glory    ill      bilbcen s  cpartinent      were      it Oirectly  orby tliespinal marro N   The c ilumb  But  Viile I Uiy living      nerve s  together witli tiieir brandies and  minute ramifications  jirobably exceed 10     KXI OOO in numlier      Tlie skin is composed of threi layer    and  varies from one foiirth to oiu  eigfith of an  inch in thicknc ss  Its average area in an  lulult is estiiiiateil to be iOOO square indies   The atmospiievie pressure bgi ig  about     face    fed that there is  soimitliing iii tlie  love that mantles tlu oiigh its beauty that  cannot wholly j orlsh  We  shall meet  again  riemantlie     GOD      CHARLIE ON THE BRIDGE     Xow    said    hiirles Viper s nnother to  him as lie went out of tlie door to  go to   sdiool   jlon t yon liarbor that thief to dav   reiiiember      Xo  mothei   1 will not   answered    harlie ddibcrately and emiihatically    Mliat  a boy of Charlie l i ier s age to  liarbor a tliifl   One would think tliat lie  could have nothing to do witli tliieves    Ye   one would siqiposc s x  and yet tliere  was one tliief  o sly that lie used to insin   uate binlsdf into  y liarlie s good graves   ami Cliarlie used to go with bini   and al   tliough iic well knew that it grieved his  niotlier  ami ccrtainlj  liiiit Ids character   yet  it was  some time before ho Iiad firm   ness enough to talve a niunlv stand against  him     Vs he    i lie s ofi  to sdiool  ills mother  bivls liim  lirjitmniii r       On lie gpes until he gets aliini st over tin   bridge  when lie stopsai minnie to watch  tlie little fi Hies darting about in tlie water  below    He almost wislied lie were h fish  that he  liitd no grammar to learn or copy to wwite   he was sure lislies must be verj  liaiqiy   witli nothing to do tlie livelong day lint  play in the water  Cliarlie we ll knety tl at  Tie had not a in onient to spare on tlie bridge   be knew that precLselv live ininntc s after  nine tlie master fastened the door for pray   Vrs  and no tardy boy could get in   lie knew  it was too bad to lose a whoh  iialf day  s  school   Vnl lot ttH tliat lie kept stopjiing  and delaj ing  In fact Ids old companion  the thief  was hv liis  side  readj  to steal  his precious moments  so the boy kept   sfo                    J lnck that heantififljllower   fourteen iiounds to the siinarty nch  a per  I long time  Jhs ome eor  son of medium size is siibjectetl to a pre s  the e xpre ssion of  i     opping  tldnkiug about the fi sli es sjuid  saying   Oh  it is not plea sant to he coopevl  np in that old  school room   until all at  I once  that mothers vYord   Bemember     rii sheil into his mind  It seemed as if she  spoke again in his e r    He started iqi from Ins longing attitude   I threw back his arms  is much lis to sav   Hands oft    Mr  Thief   and     sure of 40 000 pounds  Kadi  square  of skin contain s 3 500 sweating tube  lierspiratoiy pores  eacli of winch may   likened to a little drain tile one JpurtTi of  from tlie flowers to tlie trees  Tlie roniuled  an indi long  making an aggfeg ttelengtli in apTe  tlie graQefnl elm  the stmiglit i p   of the entire surface of tlie body of  JOklfti   lar  tlic bending willow  every tree is the  feet  or a tile ditch for draining the  bovly i tUonght of some mind  I ass iVoiii trees to  alniast forty miles long   mountains  How mighty these realizcvl   Here  then  are some of tlie wonders lie  I thoughts   I ook  at the sea  What an nn   loniring to the lionsc we inlialiit      Know Thyself   is an injunerion Imt     poorly oheyeil  A more iH rfect knowledge tin  Stars  ThoiiglH s line the firmament    a more thoroii rh  study of tlie hnuian How great  how wi se   how lovdv  how  frame  might at least lead to a better care   iiotent  how mcomprdiensible tlie spirit  and training and prolongation of life     wlio se tl oiights arc tlins put forth   The  Surely  l  e are fearfulhj iiwl i  omlci fidh  heav pi s  lrt lare the glory oC  ioU  and tlie  made      firmament showeth Ids  handiwork  and       i night unto niglit showetli knowledge     DWNING A HOME       Tle  te is no spfeedi nor language where   their _voiee_ is not IiCard    He that built   Henry AVard Beedier recently said if he   ii tliiiqrs i  f4od  AA c walk upon and in  was a I ope   no a King   he thouglit lie 1    midst of His realized tlionglits  How  should make a lietter King thanh Vope            l iiy    el lovingly toward Him slionld  no young man slioiild he a joijp iicyiiiaii i   witlioiit having a piece of hiiid V Theie is     look at it a  that it is  a beaiitifnl thonght of       hscioiis that if is I    1    i          ei       d took to his     heels in the direction of the seh ool room      incli   sEkiie mind   Chis is the magic key tliat   If      Hearrivevl  es  or wilj unlock the ivtison of all nature    All i  a    I J     I     Vi  ay he the  flowers are thoughts realizcvl  l as          rth of from the flowers to tlmtrec   The rounded      I   leirlc s Umkiiig as glad as     he eoitld he   good  I have made my vis   eape this time  1 liave  Good bye  Air   Thief  yon and I liave  I liope  done having  dealings together     tTiariie was as gooil as his word   instead        l M   I  1    notliing tliat anelior  a nv jji p gro iiel    A young  man tliat lias got   plat in tlic  city  oral  acre in tlic country  witli a good  advi ser on it  gives a mortgage to the State  that he will be tlirilly  honest  sober and  industrious  Such a man the devil  soon  abandons  AVhorc you have a whole eom   mnnit v of lahorers  society begins to ap   proaeli tlic ideal of Amcncan industr v   He liked Vhihnlclphia better tlian X ew  A ork  or any otlier city in the country   not hccaiise itliasclcanerstreetsor broader  i hrims  but liecause tliere was a larger per  centage of the lioiises owneil  hj  tlie  lieoplc who occiipj  tliom tlian in any other  eit   in tlie world  That is the true idea of  American industry  It must also be vir   tuous  and must lie deepl v rooted in pros   perity in tlic lionseliold    INFLUENCE    Some persons falls discouraged on tlie  liigliwav oflife because they cannot be this  or tliat eminent person  Xo person who  ever lias or ever w ill live  is witlioiit inlln   enee  AVhy not make the most of that   Since yon cannot grasp tliat  wliicli you  wisli  whj  let what you have slip tliroiigli  yonr fingers  X o person in tlic world is  exactly like you  You liave  yonr own  faults   blit you have also yoiir own exel   lencies individual to yourself  I et them  be seen  Because yon are not a poet   should von not tic a good merchant   Be      liarlies tunc on l  tliief   say   alaiulsv     lb  ofsugar  from wliicli I have extrai ted  1 II   of sand  If the rascal w4io cheated  me  will send to my address  7 Ib  of sugar   tlie Scriptural iiTc asiire of restitution   I  wil be  satisfied  If not I will expose liim   The next day nine 7 11   packages of sugar  wore left at the advertiser s lioii se  there  being nine grocers in tlie vilhige  and cacli  jsiippo sing himself to Imvo lieen deteelOMl    AVork  without useful aimorend  is not    occupation nor employment  AVIien the  trcad inill was introdn eed as a model of  punishment  the wretched prisoners felt  tliemselvcs more degraded l y  Iloing  notliing   as tlicy called it  tliali by their  I crimes   How many ladies in fa shi onablc  llife are doomed fvir years to feel   tlie Int   teriiess of  doing nothing I  Avjiat wonder  j if they are nervous  irritable and di seased      I  seful work  or satisfactory employment    I is a s essential to th  health of the ritind as  I that of tlic body      presence of tliis tliief   hi iend  London      Trv it       iildren         A HINT TO TOUCHY PEOPLE     1 learned a  good lesson when J was a  little girl   say s a lady   One frosty morn   ing 1 was looking out of tlic window into  my father s farm yard  wliere ostood many  cow s  oxen and horsc s  waiting to drink   The cattle all stood verj  silent and meek   till one of tlie cows in attempting to turn  round  happened to hit her neiglilior   whereupon tlie neighbor kicked and liit  anotlier  In live minutes tlic j Iiole herd  were kicking each otlier with great fury   My motliCr laughed and said      See what comes of kicking wlifn yon  are hit        I list so  J have seen ond cross word set  a wliole familj  bj  the ears on a frosty  morning  Afterward  if my brotlier or  myself were a little irritable  slic would  say      Take care my children   remember how  the fight in the farm yard began  Xever  return a kick for a hit  and yon will save  vour self a gvxid deal of trouble          How foifiiiqite I am in meeting a   rain     beau  in this  torm   ssid a young lady  wlio was caiiglir in a  liower llie other   daj   to her lieaii of proiniM   u lio liajipened     to conic along with an umbrella    Audi   cause yon cannot go to collegv   should j on   gnlhinll y    am a  miieli rejoiced j   therefore forsiveiirtlie alpliabet  Becau se ij    j Kev  l y wland Hill once visited a iioor   yon cannot build a jjahiee  slionld j on not     man of weak intellect  and on conversing   rejoice in yonr own biimble roof  and that       THREE STEPS TO HEAVEN      beouiise it is your own  AVili not tlie sun  also sliine into vour w indows  if von do     Asthoxo miv vi      Astronomers tell us  that the moon is drawing gradually neijrer     not obstinately jiersist in shutting it out  to the eijrlli  by about an incli every year   Ifj oudo not have a wliolc hot hoiise full i Tliej  have also discovered tliat tlic day is  of  fiowers  may you not nave one sweet j about one linndrcdth of a second longer  rose  I than it was 2 00 1 years ago  From tills         tliere is no immediate danger of being   Hkucs ok thk i   sT    In an oak stump nioon strnck   not far from Kichmond  Ky   a lilack eboin     casket  badly decayed  was recentlv foiiinl  I           whieU had evidenily been deposited there    140  fiends of your creditors it you   b   Daniel Boone liiiiiself  In the I ox      My ski k     A young man  very jioor  having no money  to put on the plate at a  missionary meeting  wrote iu a slip of  nailer   myself   and dropped that in  How inanji among our many readers will  say to the  I ord   I will give   inyself  to  the missionary cause    May this not he  yonr duty  i oine  think of it  pray over  it   leans gave himself for yon    To l c happy  tlie passions iinist he  checrIAil and gay  not gloomy and melan   choly    A  propensity to hope and joy i s  real riches   one to fear and sorrow  ival  poverty    riiilosopliers themselves  like the stoic  gentlemen of Marmontel  alter praising  simplicity of living  often sink to sleep on  heavy suppers and beds of down      Make friends of   can  blit never make a creditor of j our  w ere twcnty tliiee Knglisli coins of the 1 Jl           another excuse   denomination of haif grown s  a plain   o   J    f teeable   round silver medal  marked       B   and  eight old Spani sh doubloons  of the date of wlieiuweV  1772  There were several articles of cut  j  lerv  among them a silver liandled Spanish  stifictto  with  Boone  carved on it in I A tender hearted railway engineer says    awkward characters  and a Clip and saucer   he never runs over a man when he can   made of delf  beautifully figured  A cn  help It  tieeause it musses up the track so   rionsly wronglit wooden   iioon w a   sadlj    Viiy is tlie profession of a dentist a most  eaten by worms  I here w ere several giin  i  oui iiou s one  Because the more be  fiints and some small parcels  the eontents   the faster he gets on    01 which had entirely decaj ed       mA  A  Am     Said an old toper to his comrade the   WHAT JESUS DID EDR ME  other day    If one swallow makes a snm      1     mer  what a tropical region your stomach   AVe nniv learn a profitable les son from   must be  old fellow    the poi r liidian Tiilliis     who  when asked wh it the I oid had done temper    lor him  gathered  some dry leaves into a          circle  and  placing a worm in the center  AVhy is an egg like a colt      set them on fire  As the flames drew  i not tit to use till it is broken    S llsum lm h  im   U  o Xand i   AA aste nothing  neither money  time nor  talent      AA ell  IHchard  do yon love the l ord  Jesus Christ       To be sure I do   don t you       Heaven is  a longjway off  said the min   ister   and the journey is ditflcult       Do yon tliink so  I tliink heaven i    very near      Alost people think it a very dilticnit  matter to get to heaven      I think heaven is very near   said Ificli   ai d again    and the way  to it i  very sliort   there are only three steps        Mr  Hill replied    Only tlirce steiis    Kichard repeated   Ye s   only tlirec  An author has an ca sy time in the world    steps     lie gets out of money  all he has    And pray   said the pastor   w liat do   lerile for more    yon consider those three step s to be       Tliose three steps  arc out of self  iiiito  C lirist  lido glory      Exoiu  ri KOH Both   A little sparrow   lighted upon a trough where a liorse was  taking his feeel   Horsie    said the little  sjiarrow timidly   let me pick a little  onlj   a grain or tw o  and yon will still have a  enough      Help yourself    said the horse to tlie  sparrow    help yourself  there s enough  for both you and me     And so they ate together  and neither  the one nor the other suffered from hun   ger  and when the warm sunshine came   and swarms of ffies began buzzing around   the sparrow killed them by linudreds  and  so the horse was well paid       Because it is     jilaced it safely on a rock  looking up and  said   This is wfiat Jesns did for me    O  for like simplicity and faith  tliA we may  feel that  if saved  it must be by no works  of onr own  but by the Omnipotent hand   which  alone can  rescue us from the ever   lasting flames and jilace us safely on the  rock   hrUt Jesns        itesolve to perform what you ought   perform what you resolve    Better to be upright with poverty  than  wicked with plentj      Prosperity is no just scale  adversity is  the only balaneu to weigh friends    X o man can avoid his own companj   so  he had best make it as good as possible    Always tell the truth  you  will UmI it  easier than lying       iivkr  ui  uSV LKuroLK               Herealter   pr   provdrli calleil tlic thief of rime  kept at a  distance  and at la t cca Sil to trouble liim  altogetlior    Xow  do our j oung readers know wliat  a bad thing tins procrastination is  Pro   crastination i s the spirit of delaying   of  being hehind liand in onr niidertaking    and engagements and duties  It is aptly    called a thief  for it robs ns of onr be st I  treasure   tiiae    Did you notice liow it was trying to steal  f liarlic s tjpie on the bridge   Avoid this  off   whenever he tempts             von     in vonr duties  and do reso      ATMiit arK ei t  Ta  MT  T irvlilagP n KVliig   TiriTh HB  i l mif tly whatwer yon havo  bought a loaf of sugar whii li had been I to do  or as the Bible expres ses it   AA iiat   adnltenited w itli sand  inserted in llie local I  soever yon do  do it lieartilv  as to tlic  pajier tlie following advertisement    1 l ord   Such  i course will ccrtainlj  rid  X otice   I bonglit of a grocer in tills village von of tlie tronhlesoine anih il  ingerou       c        HOIMIE     r AKM KKS    IlOMV  JOUKNAL     JASIIOS     M 11 1  i ic  Krtitor iiml riopriator        lA  iii  ti ii  Ky      Sept  10      TtTiiis of     Wl     One M iiaiv one in iinilf n   K ii h  ul  r jm nt in ert Icm   Ten lines orU  or it  niUivaiiMii     jieu i r thi    i  e t   H  ron titnle a    luav    speVial iMMitraei   wifi he maile for  nlvci ti c   nients contimiin  lon  r th in three month      Xo a lvert j   inont for le   thatt  J    Ivlilorial nolieos  2    i ent  per line  Sflcfliil mo   ifc  eCMls per line       y         Ltni rsf  a rriil itiini of mi   i fijU r  ill the If  esf or Southl      V  li  Tim iii iti   KK i  our  V i iit in the  uity of   oui  virk    iii l ivill rci ciw aih er   tisiaiK nts     nb  riiiitioiir I irc   for I jirmL rj   lloum louriuil   IiL  can In  foninl at Xutional  Hotel       ACADEMY Of MUSIC      BOURBON FAIR    An iiiinicnsc eroivil  day after day  a l c   wildcrinp  array of lovely women  attended  by noble looking  gallant men   F loral Hall  a bower of brilliant attractino    nn  nr   passed exbibition  in tbe arena   majjnili   cent    leek   Iiroad baeked cattle    bierb  mettled  tboron  Iibred bor  ie s with all the  innumerable article    tind aniuial s iHiially  shown on   iieli o cea ions   these were the  irre  lstible induee ient    that  last  week   as they have for years  moved Uionsands  of our peop ic from this and adjoibin    eonntk s  to nnike their annual vi it to tlio   liopnlar try  tine  plaee on tin   ronnd s of  the Honrbdn Association  to minjrle with  friends  reialions and acunaintanecs  and  enjoy   tralefnl the wHiile lor such a   riv   ile ee  till  open handed hospitality ot lUe  IJonrhons   tVbat more can we say than is  writtcit aliove F Have we not epitomized  the history of the fair just endeil  aitd in  1  deed of all previous exhiliitions there   Hike the lij ht at Jllenheim  this la st fair    was  a  lorion s victory     nd old Ifonrbon    proudly   sn stained its in e eminence in the   deiiartments in which it elaim  to lie un      ipproachaI le  lint not content with their   previous triumphs  in the way of cattle     they succeeded  thi s year in excellinjr all I  i previous exhibition s  and presenting what     Sineiillic trans forniation of the interior  of Odd Fellows Hall in this cil V into a  handsome anil spacious theatre with all   was cheerfully conceded by all competent  modern acees sorics and the desirable add i  I jiufjr es  the most maonlticent display in  tions of roomy parquette  dress circle and   ti j  jim   ever wltncs scd in Kentucky    allery  it has been more ai propriately j xhe dillercnt rings of horse   were received  styled the  Veademy of  Music  I eisons on their entry in the arcn i with applause      who have not visited it since the alterations  have been completed  can have no concep   tion of the vast improvement that h as been  elfeetcd  The interior has been_cntirely  c hanged and rc arranged  the paiilting   fresco work and gilding have beenexocuted  w ith unsurpassed skill and admirable taste   lirodueing a most pleasing impression  upon all who enter  the stage has been re   modelled and now  spectacular iiieccs and  all other representations requiring unusual  bi eanth and depth of stage can be ell ec   t vely brought out  It is throughout  an  elcguuit  spacious and well arranged thea   tre  and thceutej prisiug manager s   Me ssrs   I ollard A Co   to whose perseverance the  great   improvement is due  certainly dc      jervc  a suiqiort from our people commen   surate w ith the etforts they are making to   alford them ideasaut  I clined and instruc   tive entertainment  It will be opened on  the  ilst of this month  with a talented    onipany compri sing a numtrer ol the best  and most pu iular actors  male and female  in the I niou  with S  1   Hutlield at tiicir  head   Vfterwards   Vue of the most cele   brated  stars   in the country w ill lie  en   gaged from lime to time  as theji van lie  secured  jf   We reter our renders to tins Vl    iiK nc in anothcrjcolnmn  and can a  Siirc  them that every representation   ill be  strictly connilie l with      Siioirr lloitxs    We have received the  anunareatalogue issued by  Mr  M m  War   licld of this county  the well known suc     essful breeder  I ersons who desire to  purchase tsliort H rns of the ficst strain     aiul earcfnlly bred  should procure this cat   alogue  Ilcrkshire hogs are also tired on  the farm  and Mr  W s  rciuitatiou is a suf   licient guarantee that all   inimals pur   cha sed from him will be everything reinc   sented      and they deserved it  for Iheii  splendid i  appearance  tine style and action  and    symhietrical proportions   Ksiiecially were    the harness Horses  admired  for a Ken  1  tuckian s lii st and dearest   hoiie  and his  greatest iiride i s to  hold the rilibons  over  a fast llyer of his ow n  that   an trot low   down in the ligiires      lJut the place where the brightest and    rarest attractions were gatheved w as Floral  Hall  to w hich the Directory  with great I   I     liberality and greater w i   doin  admitted  all articles without etitraiice fee  Here art  sent its choicest works and science its val  1  liable contributions  gardens and green     houses were desiKiiled of their ricliest and 1  loveliest llowers  and delicate hands  w ith  cunning skill and exquisite taste  deftly    w ove logetUer the varied hues of the fra  i  grant blo    io 111   s  to adorn this  Tiower for   beauty s presence  The fairest daughters   of the lioiirbou nation assembled here  ti  constellation of loveliness more radiant  than any tliat ever shone in the heaven of  Mahomet  or imparted their radiant charms    to courtley circles to listen to w hispered    w ords of love beneath tlie rose     From  treasures of art and iierfumed Mower    the    eye glanced to the more prosaic  but not 1  Css useful pnidiTets of the ilatTy  loom and I  sew ing machine   whicli w ere collected in  great numbers   the iiti   chi i duhe w ere    hajipily blended in Floral Hall  and proved    that the ladies of our Statet w Idle ciilti  I  yating their  efthetie taste    arc Hot at alt  delicient in that hiseful know ledge that  linds a proper application in a father or    htisbaiid s home  We have visitedyi great  many Halls o   this kind  but w e mii t con   fess tliat the Jlourbon Society succeeded in  rendering their s more attractive than any  we have ever befol e seen  We are glad to  make this acknow ledgment  for we hoi e  next season that other a s soi iations will  make tin  halls on thair ground   jii t as  iiiieresting      Ha t yean we gave an aecoiiiit of the     Flow  maiiufariurei s  farmets  aq    ill  others iutmested In iMows  will be pleased  to  pain that  Mr  Hardin will be at this   origin ofthisoldandVermancntlyestab    la e during the foftheoniing fair  We are i li hed Society  and its history up to that  not advised whether he will have his plow s j time  here or hot  but parlies wishing fuVther     W v need say iiothinjt moFe now  than     information  will sec his ailvcrtiscnient and I  can see him in person if they desire to do     o  This oiiporlunity should not biy icr   milted to pass unimproved      that  the ollicers of the Association are  I among the best citizens of that county    I leading farmers and stock rai ef   liien of  line business capacit v  and ack now ledgod  I integrity  w ho have been indefatigalile in  i advancing the interest  of the Society  and  Nkw l  i  M   It will be   Cell by reference   to their energy in a great measure  is its  to their advertisemeiit in our iii per to day I great siM ee S to be attributed  We need  that Messrs  Snyder and Hicks  lave j scarcely mention now w hat w c forgot to  bought out  Ir  I urnell and will continue   say belore  that the attendance each day  the business at the old stand  M e know    was very large  and that the lu ovialiial  them both and can commend them to the I hospitality of the people there w is never  public iftclejier  upright  energetic young xnore lavislily displayed   men    CoT roN   The Montgomery Advertiser  says  that the new crop is coming in rapidly   tlie most ot it looking bright and good  conditioned  and selling as tollows  lull  middlings    Te  low middlings tl  i  ic  The   same jiaper   ays planters  iiotw ithstanding  unfavorable prospects for a tiill i op  arc  w illing to sell at ruling prices  and it ad   vises them to sell as long as they can real   ize    Oe  at w hich jirice  the v can jiay ex   penses  It is noticed that nio t of the sup   plies received thus far arc entirely envel   oped w ith bagging  and   all planter  arc  urged to adopt the plan    Tiik Toii vfi o t uoi     The Faducah  Herald learns from persons who have re   cently traveled extensively through lowcr  Kentucky  that the tobacco crop this sea   son  w ill probablv l e as large again as it  was last year    Our thanks are due to Hon  M   A  Dud   ley  for a cojiy of the   J ceond Annual l e   nort of the I ouisville  Cincinnati and f ex   ington Hailroads   This is a valiiable  document and exhibits in a clear and sat   isfactory manner  the management and     Dki  ki kki     M e arc reluctantly coni   pclleil to lay over an interesting article on   Siiring liiiiley    and several on   M heat    ultiire   on aceount of the crowded con   dition of our columns  We w ill endeavor  to liud room for them as soon as possible       WoxiiKKKl i  l    VKxriox    A metbiHl lias  been patented liy wbich eottoii  Max and all  vegetable fibre can be dasily and willi but  little cost  coiivertotl into a fabric resem   bling horn and ivory  It is admirably  ada ited to the manufacture of combs  biit   toiis  iiicture cases Acm   A W UK     U an early hour  one morn   ing last week  a colored infant was found  on tin  steps of our County  Tudge s olliee   As soon as the toiindling was discovered    liidge Craves gave directions for having  it projicrly taken care of    Dkx i istuv    M e take pleasure in direct   ing attention to the card ot Drs  F loore A  Kelly which appears in our paper  are known as     They   skilful dentists and honora      ble gentlemen  and dcscrtc liberal p ition      f ti ii important ro id      age      FARMERS  CLUB STOCK SALE    Ft w ill be remeniliercd that   soirte time  back  the Farmers  Cliili of this t oiinty de   termined to institute  yearly   ale    to Fie  eonducted under its supervision  at w hich  farijicrs and all other  having slock to  di  pose of  would luive an oiiportimity of  olVering tiu ir surplus animal  with the  prospect of receiving jirices more nearly  corresponding to their value than they  w ould sell lor on County court day  w hen   as a rule  otily common or inferior horses   cattle Ok    are otfereil  As will he  seen   by referente to another   oliimii  the lirstof  tlie sc sale    i   announced  by the Commit   tee entrii  ed w ith the direelioii  to como   olV oii the l iUi of next mouth  Wc cari    eslly hope that the stock owfiei  and  farmers generally  of tiii  ami adjoining  countie  will extend to thi  commciidable  enterprise all the eiicoiirageuR iil required  to eii Ure ir i entire siieec    a ijd the eon   ynuanee ot the sale     The matter is in yie hands of  ome of  tlie tirst genUemeii of our county  men  known lor their social wortii  Iiusiness ca   pacity and sterling integrity and their    oiinection w ith it  is an ample guarantee  that everytliing w ill be fairly and sati     factorily eondiictcd  If stock is freely lyi   tered  purcha  ci s fiom home and abroad  will bo lirc sent  ii great number    and  owners of valuiUje animal  w ill have the  assurance Hril   S   ire  iative judge  w ill be  Iher  to bid for tbi ir  loek and give its  value  Here i  the  qqHu tiinity so long  desired  and w g reiieat the lio ie that stock  owners in tlii   and other eoiinties w ill  make thtir eiitrie  a   soon as jK   ible     This may  and  we hope will  prove to be  pie inception of a great and important en   terprise  by which  strangers will be yearly  attracted from abroad  and a sure  reliable  and  i emuneraiii e market atl ord for all  w ho have stoelwtrio valuable to be risked  till  sale on County court day  The small  fee required for registering  will be used  in defraying imavoidatde expenses  Thi     no one w ill object to  as tlie advantage  to  In  derived will more than comiicnsate  those e ntering stock  I et our jieople re   Mect on the importance of this enterprise  and lend their iiitlueiice to prosecute it to  siicee  S    THE TA TE FAIR    M e learn that Houisville is crow ded w ith  visitors from all parts of this and otlier  State    attracted thither by the State Fair   which commenced on Tiic sday last  and  will eoiitinue during  the w eek  Thus far   the exhibition has been unusiially inter   esting  thus conlirining our prediction of a  few weeks agi    The choicestanimal  from  the most celc  g  d iierds of cattle iii Ken    ftickyl Indian lW tDhio are tlien   and tlie  premium horse  of ditlerent county lairs   w ill be pre scnt to compete for State honors   The exhibition of maehineix of all kinds   we conlidenlly expect  will surpass any  similar display ever held in this State   The large establishments in Houisville       iiicinnati  and in more distant States  will  be w ell represeiitcd  and all w ho lake an  interest in thi  imi ortant branch of me   chaiiical skill ami industry   should by all  means go to the fair  M e have not lieen  able  up to the time ol going to iires   to  receive a detaiied report  and cannot there  fore  S H  ak parlieiiiarly of tin  display  The exhibithm will conclude on Saturday  w ith a   1   u i M I ror i x  i m i xr   wiiieli i  looked forward to w ith eager an  ticipalions  by hundreds of gallant young  gentlemen  who hoi    by  w itchiug horse   manship   and ekillfiil handling of lances   to w in the first prize  and the more to be  desired honor of erowning the   pieeii of  Hove and lleauty   This will be a bril   liant entertaiiiinent  and we expect the  largest attendance of the week there to  witness it   All necessary arrangements  have been made to render the occasion in   teresting  and a number of young men  from our State  and probably Tenne ssee  and Indiana  w ill enter thciirena a s con   testants  Three prices w ill be nw ardeil    first   7 T  second   s  iO  and third  JiAI  and in  addition  the suecessfiil Knight will be  furnished w ith a Moral wreath  and invested  witli the proud privilege of erowning the     Jiieen of Hove and lleauty   M e advise  all who can possilily spare a day  to go  down in the morning train from here  and    w itness the entertainjnent     ii Kxn u K F kmai k   oM Kiii      There is  I not in the I lilon an institution more  deservedly popular w ith parents  guardi   ans and the Iriends of education generally  than that atrove named  It is delightfully  situated in a lu althy region  and enjoys   all tiie advantages that could be desired in  this respect  and the sy  teni of teaching  and discipline enforced  is adniirabiy  adapted to secure the mental  moral anil   ihysical advancement of tlie pupils  S e  adverti semenf          In Florida the late rains have hastened  the ijcvelopmcnt of the cater  illar  and the  destruction of the cotton Crop  it is now  conceded  w Ui be r  fpid and certain  Some  isolated farm   will probably e  cai e in the  whole or pait  but it is believed the crop  will be about one half or less of w hat it  was l  st vear      An Kx i KKcni  tiNo OorxTY    M e were  rather surprised to learn recently  that the  people of llrcckinridge county  have two   thoroughly organized  iiro i erons  Agri   cultural A ssociation s  in active  qieration   one at llardinsbiirg  the otiicr at flover   port  and that each one will hold a fair this   season  This fact speaks well for the en   ergy and imblic spirit of the  leople of this  county  and places them far  ahead of all  others in this state  in the   ossession of  tho se desirable qualities  The arrange   ments for the fairs  are very comprehen   sive  and designed to secure the comfort of  ill who may attend  and the premium list  is very libural and attractive to exhibitor    Hut even this i  not all  for a regular sea   son of racing w ill   oon lie held over the  excellent race course  these thorough going   jicople have made around the amphitheatre   aud grounds at llardinsburg  This is not  designed as a trial to  mere scrubs ami  quarter hor  es  but a regular race mccliiig   at which some ol the best hor  es and lead      STATE NEWS    The Iliekman  Ky   Courier says    M e  learn that in some parts of this county tlie  late corn is being consider ilil v damaged  by gras  hopper   The older corn is not  damaged by them  and fortunately  tlie  crop of this county is in thi  luatured coti   ditioii  They exist in such immense sw arms  as to entirely strip large Held  of eccry   blade in somt  places       Three thousand foiir  hundred and  ten l  barrels ol whisky have been sold i i Hour    non and Harri  on e ountle  during the hist  week  at price  from  kic to  N 2 per galkin    iilijecl to tax      The Howling l rccn  Ky   Deiuocnit  of  the 4th  saj thaton M edtiesday niglit of  this w eek the w oolen mills  ind factorv at  South Fnioii  w ere destroi ed by tire  Tho   los  i  variously e iimaled anti i  veij   heavy  Xo iii iirance     Major H      Fhomas has been aiipoTnted   Master Commi ssioner of Favette countv   ing turfmen ih the state will be present   Ky   vice S  S    Joodloe  resigned  and the  M  here is there another county in Xen    appoiiiluicnt is an excellent one       tiickv that has shown  is nianv evidences of u           t H I   stated that in the neighborhood of  liberalitv and luililic spirit a  Hreekin       jlicnton  Ky   whole laimlies are down   1 with typhoid fever    The fair commence  at Fadiicah  Ky   on  tlie   2d of September      ridge  M e would like to become better   aeiiuainted with  such a iieoiMe  and if some  friend there will send ns catalogues of the  fair   and give u  more information in re   gard to what we have spoken of  we will  take it as a favor      GENERAL NEWS    The tirst liale of new cotton was received  ill Xashvilic on the 4th    U  S  Commissioner Hollins   Internal  Heveniie  was arrested a few days ago   for couiiilicity in whisky frauds    I anlhers have apjieared near Corydon   Missouri    Out of 1  H 0 head of cattle examined at  Chicago last week  7 only were diseased    Tlie Chinese embassy will sail for Fliimiie  on the util      The tobactS  crop of low er Kentucky will  double that of hist year    Corn and tobacco in M cslcrn Kentucky  have been greatly benelitted by late fain     Col      D  Hriicc has inirchascd from Fi     J  H   Vdam   of Scott County  the fast  young stallion  Titan  by Abdallah  out of  a Meinbrino Chief mare  for the suifi  if   Sli 700  He was trained by  Major Charles  Huford  is three years old  and has trotted  a mile in  i 40    liiK M HisKY M   1  ki  t    liiiring the jiast  week there has been unusual uniniation in  the whisky market  and  some hea  v trans   actions  Messrs  Howen A M vatt   of this  county  sold to  H S  Cleauay  A Co   Cin   cinnati  750 barrels  at liigh ligiires  C  S      The Hartford Hive Stock Insurance com  1 Hivnt A Sons have piirchasCHl  Ml liarrels of   lain liave made an assignment    hayc  sold   The cattle dise i  e has entirely disap      peared from HiilValo    The sugar crop of Hoiiisiana will amount  to over lO IKHJ hogsliead s this year    It is now com i ded that there will be no  September   c    ion of CongTcs      iovernor Steven son was inaugurated  with appropriate ceremonies on Tiic sday  last  at Frankfort    Over a seventh part o I the State of  Mis   sissi ipi is advertiseil for sah  under exe   cution      F raiik  iiiccii  the stakeholder   as de   clared the  Met oole and t obiirn iipatch a  draw      It i  reported that rich gdlTl dig  fcrttave  been discovered in Clerinont county  Ohio   and much excitement iirevails in the vieiii   ity    Adviaes from Sangamon county  and  other localitie 4 in Southern IHinois  say  that  the cattle disease is still iirevailing  there    Hon Tho   11  Si yniour  one of the lead   ing men of the country iiitclleetually and  politically  died at his residence in llait   fqrd  Connecticut on the Md instant    Several traiiisoii theSaiFa F ee route w ore  attai ked and e ipturcd l y 1 luliaii  one day  la  t week        100 barrels of their eopiier to a Hoston  tirni  also 40 barrels to a party in Hexine   ton  Jtiickner A Co   w  ii  k   lirokers of  this city  have sold to Hinde A Drake  of  Xew   ork  g 00 tiarrel    Me   r   H  A Co    have also sold 20 barrel  for  1 oodford    l      s  V   biy at    1 2  I   i  Hemington  soul to iVck iJc N anliook   of I vn    tliiana   A  bbls  ot wliiskv  nuide by Hobt   Dedman  Midway  Kv   at  SI per gallon    l obt  Dedman Isold  0  0 liarrels of his  whisky to jiarties in Xew Y ork and F ex   ingtoii  at 110 cents  per gallon cash    The  sale of the iiersonal propertv of  David Hamilton s estate  took place  near   Millersbiirg  on last Thursday week  the  20th inst  Stock generally brought fair  prices  mule colts at  S70 jier head  corn  in the liehl at   111 to   S20   er acre    l       ler l  C iti ren    S vi i  or Titorwxd    roe K    Mr        V  Ogden  of this county   sold to  Mr  Stan   sifer  of Hoone  two suckling colts by Cas   sius M     lay   1 r   at  S 100 each    A mostrefre shiiig rain visited our countv  on Friday last  It was greatly needed  anil  will jirove of groat benetit to the growing  corn c oii       iris CUixeii    Coiiious showers of rain fallen recently  ha e imparted new life to  ill vegetation   The corn in this county is looking well   and our farmer  aiitlciiiate a heavy yield   f lirlixli  Mcrcmij      Special Notices        oi i i N   l A i i  x r Fi ow   t u ii mk vi      I pwards of seventy ehildren togcthc  l  I bis simple contrivance is lieyond doubt      with a dozen or more adiilts wei e pofroned  in Hoston a lew days ago  by eating castor  beans for  wa nuts  it is thought half of  them will die    I lie boll woiiii i  eomniiltiiig sei roiis  depredations in the cotton Melds of Xorth   erii  llis i ssippi    The new rice eroii i  being harvested in  Ceorgia and promises well      since the importation of Texas cattle  been proliibited    The cotton eroii of Texas  will amount  to 175  KX  bales  the largest crop for years    The sweet iKitato crop in the South will  be a very large one    It has been discovered that cattle have  been  smuggled into Xew York City  by  way of M eehawken  without being in   spected      one of the greatest heliis that the aedive  genius of inventors has given to farmer     In iilowin   in clover  weeds  corn stalks or  stubble of any kind  tbc vegetable matter   instead of clogging and retarding the pro   gress of the jilow   is juit in the bottom of  the furrow  w here it must siieedily decay  and impart its fertilizing jiroiierties to the  soil  M e saw one of them attached to a  plow  and worked during the reoent trial  of reaiier  and mowers  at Ashland  and  were Jiighly pleased with the elfecliial     1   II       imanner in which it removed stalk and stiib    1 he cattle di sea sc has abated in Illinois were also a number of our bc t   farmers w ho witnessed the test   Its num   erous valu able merits mav be enumerated  as follows    1st  It entirely iirevents the plow clog   ging  and covers every vestige of stubble   weeds  corn stalks  cotton stalk   Ac   how    ever large or dense    2nd  Strange as it may appear  it obvi   ates the necessity of cutting  raking   iiid  Imrning of the stalks  weeds  Ac   before   plowing  gathering and placing them be   neath the surface witlMmch perfection as  to avol tlie great ineonveniettfe experi   enced from scattering sulks    The refreshment stands on thcOhidF pte 3d   til vegetable matter which grows on   Fair  Iroiinds  at Toledo  have beeu let  Fhe ground is placed so deeji    ia   i   i     i ri i   sa tMi birrqw  a   to be beyond the reach of   L v eli stand  bioilght   3 2 A          o   l nltivator      The twenty sev  I artie s are in the F t  Hoiiis market buy   ing choice wheat and holding it for future  advance  They have the impression that  only a small portion of the new crop in  the M e  t is of superior ipiality        4th  It is simple  light and durable  w ith   oiit any machinery to get out of order      Vny   tie can use it  and it can be attached  to any iMow without cx  cn e    5th  It is Ciieap   made so by the patentee   who has lieen a practical  farmer all hi   life    so that every farmer may have one   Twenty live persons  nearly e  iially di jtheretiy enriching his land instead of im   vided as to sex  started for Kansas last P veri hing it by destroying nature   res    week from X cwark  X   1  It is iiitcnded   n                 bth  I here are no weeds or stalk    or any   to torm a settlement in the   icinity ol other debri   left on the surface  or along      liinction City  where land will be taken  under the Homestead act      the laps of the furrows  to disturli or clog  your ilrills in putting in small grain        7th  This machine is warranted to do all   At the Fashion f ourse  Hong Island  tliat is claimed for it  if proi erlv used on a  tiatnrday  a trot came oil between the   good jMow      brow n inare JIary Sayrc stheehesniit geld   ing Charley  tlie gray gelding Prescott  and tlie brown stallion Xaugatangh  The  latter   old highest in the jiools  and eaine  out last  being distanced in tlic third heat   The race was won liy the mare  her best  mile lieing in 2  51         Price   4 Utl  comiilete for use  When or   dering  specify w hether j oii want it for a  left or right hand plow  Stephen t ollins   Patentee  Phillip  A Flriist  Sole Manii   faetiirers  Covington  Kentucky  All ord   ers must be addressed to Phillips A Krnst   Covington  Ky    DkHoxo a Hrotiiki   Agents  Hexington   Kentiickv                     Nev  Advertisements      ACADEMY OF MUSIC     Off If Frffoirs  Huff     POLLARD   CO   Lwe    aiKi Managers     i ka i  oi i  ma 4  AH aiT    nI Tiw II iiI  wliirli lins Iioin  pleii   I  ImIIv ivtiltol   it  i   exjKMwr uf over  will Ih  opciiotl nil iho niijht of   SiKin KMHKI   21st    with a Tluatriral    mip my  Ju t   or   iiuy i  l in Xrw York  l y    11 K  S  15    t FI IFJ IK    V n  lia  for inanv vi  u   romu rli  l   willi llieatriral matleiN  ami iln roii  lily im   tliT tamU tlie Im im      A NEW DROP CURTAIN   Will form an altrartivc Uature  Tlu     irlie tia    will In   omjMwr l of Uio ln st imisioal takait   that van In   litaimal      I unnu tlu  sea ioiia siu ce sion of Stars will    ai  K ar  I    1 irkots     t ct     la   erve i seats T   et       Sif  Scats ran be s  eureU i y application at i  the  I ox Ortiiv  or hy aj  lressin r tlie Managers   ihrougli the otlice  previous to the  Jlst  I   sept i   2 w j   PUBLIC SALE    Will Ik    oM to the lii  liost LiiMcr on   77  itrsfOi ff  Si pttmhi t   t i ih   ISiiS    at the re iiletu e oi   lohii U  Otl nit  I our miles  m r hea t of Shelhyvine  Kv   on the Mulherry  ami i oii olHtion pik   the followin   property     SKVKN HI AI  0 F flOItSKS    t4 ht ftt  of Mulen  among thorn 5 hoa l of work  miilo         hfutti of I uUff  MMne Xo  1 milch cow   1  One Yoke of Oren    Tivrntif fiee          reatlv for fee lin v    7 iro  Jark  nnil one  fvnn  t   aere  of corn in the tiehl  all the farming  1    W iniplemeiU    hon chohl aiul kitchen furni   ture  one new piano  ami soino tine new furniture  four iKunls  MuliH rrv Turnpike fompany  eighteen  shares St M kin MuIlHTry Turnpike   oinpany   ir   shares in the Mnll erry a ml   on solution Turnpike  t   nnpany  4 ue share in the Shelby A  A  1  Asso   eiulion   At the  ame time we will sell the farm  on which said Otlult resi ies  containing about      M  Aoros of No  1 l aud    with gfKMl imiirovements   aml in a tine state of  cuUivation  The farm is siicceptihle of divi ion   two hundred acre     f improved will he s dd sep   ratcly  Plenty of timl er on ouch tract  and a  young orchanl of 100 fruit trees on the improved  tract   I ci ins made known on  lav   f sale    A   V  OFFI TT    SAM L  IIANNA     s ignees   f  1  It  oflntt   lien  K  Hailey  Aiicli mccr  l7  it Shelhv Sen           lU I  ll EIIS    OIL CLOTHS      nv till i  Till niim Tillin       PPBLIC SALE   Ol    77 0 no f a     n nico   iii rm  i v i  siiiiiLE    Ml LES    ATTi E  ilOCS  A o    I     NEW HAT STORE      o  r        Hiiin si  LH  MIH   15io i hva v    fjFxrya ro   i  i  ti ck y    Hats  Caps  Tmnks  Valises    N  alkimr C m  s  iVc   Ac          l ing j       uen k   t     AT rilK     EMPORIUM     liOU Vrivvs   Fa y     Desirous of iloing as large a lnisim   s as  jH ssil le  1 am projKtretl to orter iinjmrallelleil  iiuluc eiiient s to   ersoiis wanting giHxls In my  line  I hiiy from lirst hamls for cash  that   with my long experience in the tnule  enables  me to sell at lower pricc s than c m Ih  had  elsewhere    I will pay any one s expenses to Xinv York  or    ineiiiiiati win  i a i huv go Kls in mv line  at lower prices than I will  sell for    Xotwithstamling the rweiit advance in  price s of   ar  eting  1 can sell at lower rates  than in the Spring  1 have just returned fniin  Xew York willi a large snppiv of  romls for  Kail Trade          1        AND SKK TIIK     GREAT REDUCTION      FIRST ANNUAL   Stools     I nder the dirci     tion of the     hViriiiei s  Cliil     V LL who dc irc to ili9 posc of their stock at this  sale   are earnestly miiiested to call  Just as  s H n a  practicable  and make their entries at the  Farmers  Home  lournal oillce  where the book    ai t  now open  and all information can be pro   cured  The sale will take place on the   Ifitli Of  f rfobei   HOS    Kvery elTbrl will he made to render this  ab  en   tirely satiifactory  ami a  it w ill he an l  cellellt  oppoVtuntty for di  M  ing of  tock  it is hoped  that all w hocaii will coiitrihiite to make the lirst  sale a success  and em urc ihcir contiminncc    Kntries can he made up to the JM of i ictoher  and  a small fee will he retpiire   from each per on  jn t   urticient to pav the neces arv e  i ense     ISA Vr    VANMKTKH     VM  wai fikli      lOHN i  VII KY    w  i   i ay    nlTM roimniUe     11 jiart nf   Inb              IVireit      i  ng  J ap  I nis scls     7  i  n iliieed to      oO     Three Ply  g    i         7       I All wcMil  two ply  1  Ml     7     Extra two jdy  1      1 IH    Hnis sels  one yard wide  ol  cents  the  same   goods that elsewhere are extensively adver   tised and 8  old at SI OO per yaril  kX K eial  attention of iho se that are in want of a good  and cheap   arj ot  is called to the se  mkkIs    I lirkish Twill  Koval Damask Venetian        inet iing very liandsorm  for Kails  iTid  St iir       WM rrr sKLi      I KVI T  KODKS     PURNELL   ROUES     Succcs or  to I L Frary   Booksellers  Stationers   ANI    n r     i s    Nt   fit l Miiiii St     U  WKforsale  whole alc  ii d retail  a large   varied ami well sclectcl  tock of   SHiimi    leilieal and  Misndlaneoiis   Kooks     l8  a large a    rlmen  of Inks   stationery   Knv l    es  Hlnnk   o  ks  Paper l  ug   of all     l cs   Wrapping l aper  ami all article  apper   taining to their line ol busim     Also print upon  iho shortest ami in the best style  Wedding   and Visiting   ards  Hill Heads  llund Hills  Jtv   The public ami trade gcnerallv are Invited to ex   amine onr stock of goods  and we Icol coiilldent  that we can give entire satl faction toall who fa   vtir us with a call  Kspecial inducements extend   ed to whole ale huyor   teacher   and the clergy   nlT lm    opt 0 lm   FOK S Vl K      1 0 FFKU for Sale privately the farm tijH    w hich  I re side  four mile  from the city  near the  l  ichmond turnpike  containing   One lliimlrcd ami Twenty five Acren   of goml land  in gooil condition  mo tly in gra ss   w ilh corafortahlc improvements  plenty of water   wo hI ami  tom   vming or  hard and Muall frnit s   17  lm W  HALHKV S MITIl      l tMMi  IT Tin    IMMENSE REDUCTION    IN Till   ri i  Ks oi    WALL PA ELKS    Xpriitf  tt  A jV x  IW tin  Priri    Kiiil     iiilil Doiilil     Iniunil  S 2 Alt  le r l   I 7 o             JOII      Jlu fs      Cnjts    I l lhl   I  uti        at niy   g KMl   ha  c all l een     If llff in     llllCS       nanu   pl  u     These     i ur  li iM  l jv i      from the maunf t  t    sell them    A  5S     i am b tennined to     O   W    they imh be l  n9bt ibr au  w here in the uc r     My  t  ck embraec      Tui      WILL  e l to the highest bidder  at my  farm  on tlic Vtw ailles  inl   lifion  rurn   pike  four miles from   er saillcs  on   TlmsxEa i   OpJoUpp niIi  ls  S      number of Trotting anrl Sad lh  Kor es  f ainl   oils  by tbc celebrated Stallions Ab ial   I lab  Meinbrino  Iron i ike  Mendirinella    Xorinan  Star Denmark  Pil    Wagner  and    riaueii s and t iU of Pilot and H  sion marGs   among wliieb are the following    I  Pilot Mare  lw uglil CK  A  Alexander   trots in tliree ininntos    Membrino Horse  six veal s oM  fiine  sacldle and harne ss Ikum   trots a mile easy in  three minutes      b  ielding  live years old  by AlKlallab   dam a Bertrand and I n7 y ard mare  speedy   very styli jh and large  and a go Kl roekaway  horse    4  Kay Eilly  three years oM  l y  VlMlallah   dam   v Pilot    5    iray Kilh   three years old  dam Sally  I WimkI s  li fast pacer  trots well  is large and   hniulsome        Filly  by  rhmeus  dam Frisk  a pacing  mare  this tilly trot s well also    7  Filly  two years ohl  by Xorman  dam  by Pilot   trots splendidly    S  Kay   olt  by   lark   Jiief  dam a thor     ough hrtHl mare  1   Jb Filly  by Memhriiiello  dam a Pilot j  mare    10  Sucking  oit  dam by Pib t  g ind dam I  by A ermont  large and hand soiiu       II  Klaek  felding  live years old  by Iron  Duke  dam a WJiip mare    Also a imiiiher  not mentioned alH ve  tif  trotting   satldle  aiul thorough bred mare s   liorse     and  x lts  all broken to harne s s     ilso  Fil l v IIpsi I 4 r   Two yeaisold  jiart of  YllIeh are broken to  work  and all fat and  ady for market    one ilm  young bull    uMUt u k   two uork hoi c      Also   some work and broeal Mares  in foal 1        spring wag  n  one cart ami haincs   plows   to a S 00 1 Jack   AO or 00 hca i of stock I lofts  I   ready lor feetiing  three yoke of    xeli   sev    Al o bou choM ami kiu lo M turmlnu   rnmmg     KNITTING MACHINE    Till  l riil     or  Knitting  Conipiiny   J N oircriii    their machine  l4i tlic imhlic  fel l  conlhlcnt of their snpcriorit  over   uv other  invention of the kiml kii  wn  i nc greatadvan   tage which the Hri lgcp  rt Knitting  Maclync ha   overany other i   that It i  opcratci    AVfTH A TI I AI L      in Ho   amc manner a  a  ew ing macliine  and  w nil t sc  anie ca     leaving Hu  ham   of Hk  oper   ator lr  o to attend the knitting  It w ill reel ajnl     ool the yarn w hile knitting  if de ire l  thus no  lo st in preparing Ihc inaU iial  It will  knit a Hat w eb from one fourth   f an inch to IT  inchc  wide  with a selvedge edgi   It w ill knit a  stiK king in alK ut the   amc I ime nsiially occupied  by a j ei  on w inding a  kein of yarn b  band  A   U  king knit by till  inmdiine i  narroweil iftcr  the   iaiiie Hilc  i  that used l y our gi aiulmol her    and the toe 1    ht ed ill tlic   ame way  Hi  the  onl  machine that can knit a   locking a  c mi   plete as by hand  from top to toe  inclinling   A iMiiM i   T   withont taking Hie  tocking fnun the macliiiu    ami will knit an  form   i    or  hane rcniircd   Al t  W rapper   Drawer   and till article  knit  by nunliiner    It will knit wooUil and cottmi    ani  line or   oar e  Ipuae hr niachinu pnn  w ith   out anyexception  aUo  wor ti iI    fa1l kind  f ilk  ami linen thread  Any knot or imperft ction  in  Hie yarn can hekiiifin w ithout lircuking tin     ncetlles  leaving the same on the w rong  ideof  the faliric  If a  titch should hv accident   rcare   le  nessof the oiKTuti  itickcd up  in tm  sai  k         le  ness of tlie    rator be dr  ppcil  it i    a ilN   lii kcd up  ill tnr same manner a  done whXh  Hitting by hand  and it i  imj o siliU  to tell     lone whXn     nli  lm      TI T ST VI KS       in every di purtmeiit  And   J M I      n  l  A T 1     N S      t ciul reference to    K K  stkphi n   i     AI Y     will Ih  frc  uenf  and with  the latc t la liuin        PUBLIC SALE      ill o Tcr  m the prem   mile from i exington      n A  INti sold my lann  I w  iscs  w hich i  about t nc i  on the Nichola villc pike    n   lVc iiH  tl iy  Sc itcnil   r  JJil  1    S    the follow ing jiropi rtv     12 Fine Milch Cows  8  Calve          I N K   iilen li l  e  i f U i      roke  Ilf Oxen  m v    cral fat   nws  eix lleifci s  simu  su  eri  i  j       Mild  Cows  with ralvcs  I   TKUMS    All sums of sjil anil miilcr        Cash  over that anioimt  a i rcdlt to lirst of i j    Jamiarv  will he ffivcii  the  iim tiaser I  cxeeuiiiij  his note willi o  n l sccnrily  jiava   lilo at tlie Commercial Hank  Vcrsailic s  No I   stiH k rcmovcil till terms of sale arc com  licil I  with  J lKN  AV  WIU IAMS      Vcrsailic s  Ky    PHIL    KIDD   Viicthmccr  sep    til     P I     A N O    I Parlor Fimiittirc      Kriiss  N jiiitl Ingrain   nrpets  ncHrli iich      Ihc hilc t and ino  t  oiu  JltMiic   omibrt    imt all other nccc             sXYHKH  lirtiH HICKS   X  I   F  It eV 1 I I     K S   iSmressors to Win  Purnell    DKAI KltS IN   A        j all recently bought  and i f  lashionabb  stele     l o    I   ookingStove  Hefrigcr itoi     xiiy article  in a kitchen     Penn  All sum   d  tpciity dollar  ami under   I ca h   over that amount  m gotinlilc iiotr  witliap     piDved endor cr  pav  ihlc on 1st of Jaiinary next     w here it wa  mnit cd  For eja ticily  diirahility  and  inoolhne     f fabric  it is larsiipcrior to liamT  knitting  aiidiht  wt rking of the inaehine i  so   implo that it can be used with perfect ca e by a  cbild of tw elve year   It will i ompare favoraidy  with the best sewing machine for sViiiplicity  du   rability  and style of liiii h  which cannot lie said  of any other knitting inachim     Kach machine ha  the following a ipnrteuanccs    Onesp K l and reel stand  two spool   one reel  one   potder  one set of weights  one oil can  one screw   Iriver  one ln ok  one pair plycr      All the almve appurtenances furni hed w ith the  machine complete  FOK TUF LOW FltlCK  OI   S4K 00  w hich gives the mlvantageofoiVer   iug the lowest price machi lie a  well a  llu  he  t  in the market    The Hridge K rt Knitting   ompam  Indd the ex   elusive riglii to mannfactuiv and sell this greatest  invention of the age  Kvery machine is te ted  thoroughly  ami iu  pected by a practical machin   i t and knitter before it is permitted to leavVtlu   factory  For further particular  addre    HKYNOUkS jic POia KU   l  d  Ve t Filth street  t inciiinati  O   nit   White Chester Blackberry    O F a beautiful  creamy white eolor  fruits in  l Uister   in manner of grow th  piite distinct  from all others  and far suj crior to any white  blai klmrry heretofore intnNliiccd  Why arenot  more raspberric   rown at the south    license  Hiey generally shod their leaves dtiring mnineik  We now have two varieties priM f against the slim   mer   heat   they arc  PU  and t LAUK  We   al  o have a new kind  the UILKY S KAUIJt  HASPHKIM Y  whicli has proved of tine tlavor  and the earliest raspberry know n  Al  o ti stock  of that siipiirh new graiK   the Mt  Lebanon  These  arc oiir novcltic  for this season  These and  W ilson A K illatiny Hi u kiH rries are specialties  withii  We have i siicd a ilttle lK ok of  good  sized pages  describing the diilercnl varieties  and  especially the pi o H i  mode of cultivation  It is  ciitiHcd  Manual   f Hraj e and   small Fruit Ciil   inrc  We charge nothing for tl ongh it is cus   tomary w ith those who send for it to send 10 cent   aml stamp to pay ivturn   o tago  We have for  sale  trawlH rrie    andoUicr U iry plaiit   Ad   dre     I  H  FOSTKU  KirUwoiMl P  O     nl      amdeii   oiintv  New der cv        in hank      II      1  V P orpM       irnd     U I   i     II II                   i   l aiK i  I ollars  X     aiul I IUt   ar v l aiM rs  C itjar   V T    bai i O  Sii lio oi liiMiki     ami   I   Also  sole Agents in Centr il Kentucky lor    the I Miio Hrnsh nml VVire Work Maimfaetorv  i  MAIN ST   NEARLY OPPOSITE PHfflNIX HOTEL      l 4 xiiii l  a  lii iiOicky  i    ei t  i ti        1  It  l  t  M lil       s  I   KKl I I V      Floore   Kelley    B         1  I     LIGHT   r     DRAFT PLOW         H I   Plow run  oijc I m  I tU loj hl i  or will do  tmv f4ttn th moi    v illjihc    i o drai l   can be u od w  i  i c an  i Hicr im oing pb w ra i   i   niorcoa il  handled i nd i Vfry f irim r will iixc  u      It     Simple  i   I I t aelical      1    0     Singh      Kx   Satin  ilonhh  linish  4 i    I ine           oinmon  Satin  I I    The stock on hainl i  very largi   Hooms prepared on short notice      w      M OTHS                  icfluced price      T   t      L  TH   At   cc    i r KoN     o      4 i  i   i  i  i     K T   l  I 1T  OF   I i   v_  V  v  V   jsHlNCiLKS  at reduced   prii c    T  I   U XOX A    o    4 i  i     1 V  V    at rcilncod pri  o     HYDK U LK  t K  MKNT   prii c    T  1   U  ON  N    D  s      WHITK  T 4     l K      K 1 n  FlHi  KHH K  Fli i  I  i f Paris  la al  t iUii  Harley      I I     F  at reduciHl  i rxoN at      delivered in any  nlTtf sep 0 tf         artcity  T          ity papers copy     AY  PL  TKU  llav and Oat    T r 0  CO      4 sl I KNDlD and imwcrfnH nbinct Organ for   i  sale  Applvln     W    HoxTU    lT lt l e ington  K       WANTED      Extra heavy Sheetis   k 2  Heavy   Extra lueilhini       ino l    lollis    Common        reduced to S      H     2  HI     o u        lOl    I 7           ki J    2   1    I 2  i      t k       75                Hl      7   l LD annoimot  to the eilizens of Lex   ington ami vicinity that they have open   ed  in olliee on Main  street  hetween Mill and  Kn  ulw iv  and nearly A   n si e Odd I ellows  I lall  where they will he pli ased to see all  their old friends  md the pidilie generally   Friees reduced to   uit the times  sep   Im     HOLLINGSWORTH   CO  S   HFS IXKSy COJsFl aTEsi      i oe vTrn at   I la  iiigt iii       ington  I oitisvilh   and New   p  rl   Ky   Cinchniati  O   I n liaiiapt l H  Ind       l  ll KsK follegcs arc as thorough a  any in the   1 world  and arc the mo  extensively patronized      in titutions of the kind in Hie west        One thousand stmlents from them have   i OhtniiK il l oml Hiisiness Sitiiatimis    during the past four year   None but the lK st iii    Iriiclor  arc   mplo cd  Addre s ilollingswA rth    A  Co   at cithorcitv named  for circulars  IT Tl   1   _ _     I   aaIIMKHS who wiinttobt  ri  h  hotihl save  every iienny they can  Knough cnnl esavo l  ill om  year to bii  a cow  by making ymiriovn  soap  It will only cost two     iits a pound  and is  very ca y made  I sc HKo  F  y X x l    V  I  White IbK k Pota h  Full direction  w itheverv  can  Olliee  1 1   ami Pis   edar  licet  New York    Pre s your  torckcoper to get it for yon      I lardin   i laui    Pion   f    il i  i i n   iml  clf    lilting  any Imy or la 1  c oi ii r iiicin who can  drive  It i    o   inM b  t      D f D  t  uii that it ran  he madi  for b   and  old lor tn iM an  other   1 i  ing   r I omhined Plo    in     i l niicil   rate     I want a partner  1io n i        me in      mannlac    turc  1 will ill    liti i t  i      iij i apital    ami on   half net    o t    11  cl  ri d f   or   grant li  cn cto manufae   o aH     I will   trade for good piop  r     1      Piow   c   n be  oen   and tc ted at anv tine    o         U M I  II ADDIN     P o     li  t K     bb  t     UrrKKV E     S S TIIOMTSON CO     DKM KUs ANI  MAXIFAC TIHKlrs  IK   Doors  ISlimls   Snsli Aloiililiii s   Oriirlii ls  iiiKl all Sorts of   DRESSED LI MBEK    K invite  pcidtil attention to onr Large  lock  of KF A 1  I  M    l  F A  OltK  which we can   ell at I im iunati  prii cs  with the addilionof  freight  We liavc i i icc li is w hich we  w ill scml  on application    s n I   a         s      haved Po dar J hMiglcs    Sawed        awcd I ine  Kxtrtciit    Ve beg Icav e to call attention to onr  uperior     ill  hingles  Hu  be l  we think    ver brrmght to  Hii  market     Jfooriiii  iiiiit fl riitfu r lion rili iii     K la gc  tock of Pirn  ami Poplar F   oring of all     kiml     Pine and Poj Iar Weather Hoarding  dix   cd  and iindrc iiigl  at   S TIIOMP SOX   u s        r L  y vf  li miuch    K hftvc on haml  ami will he rm civing a large  y   lock of  foist  Scantling  Ac   of all lengths   Walnut and f  ak Lnnibcr  Will sell l  w  a  can  be pim ba cd oNcw here    S  S  Tll MP o   CO      vliirih  hin   EXECUTOR S SALE      WANTED      WINDOW     or Heifer I alf       ihucss  with pedigree   AN DKUsnN  riiicinnati  i       Of every Style ami    olor  from SI   lO jtor i  pair  Cloth Shaiie s upward      LACK CURTAIN S   At very low prieen   also Cornices  Hands   Hing sf Mats  Mattino s of all kinds   S c       SEED WHEAT      AV     have   varictic     in stoia  and for s ab  the follow ing    of winter w heat for  ced       1 will sell lutidicly  to the highc t biildcr  tni   Tliiir s la v   Sri t    4 th  IMiS    at the rc i lemcof Win  H  Pettit   lecM  on the  Mcholu  u ille turndikc  three miles fiom Hexing   ton  all the     jCrop    Farming Implements      Cl mill Thrill      of the said dcccasctl  to wit      W     R K 1 1 O R S     S      I have al o I e  civi d a n iiinbcr of tbc a mu c I  rain  Drill   which have m  c p a  in Hic couniry lor   owing   train oi  ail kind   inclmiinu hemp and  cM ry variety of gia    ccd  K irmcr  will be  greatly lH neiltt  d bv calling ami   x  iiniiiing them  Wcfoia  pni chashig cl pvvln      1      No  Pi W   v2nU lm      t Main  lv      I  i II MOHK    I  I i xiiigion  Ky     MAm STREET    Ihc t ourl ll uisc    i F xiN f fTr Tsr  icx       Nrw York Wliit      Caiiiulii Whit      TT iiiH s st o Whit      Um k Islaiiil Hoil     Vinhi r    Pure I l   litt raiiiaii   V  Ilo v T aiiias  Also  Purr VVliitr Km   aiul  Call Harlry     V M r K  I K   It u   nir  lm     T     I mw thousanil liiishcl  of tHISH l OTATOE   A wantrdl v WOOl FuI K A C K Uli    nn lm  si ll IJ lm     W  LOWRY      septG     pHK   OKXTKK CIKCFF V K    after  ix  months  trial  is pronounced the most wonder     fully  pilek methml ever diseovered to make any    untrained horse or colt trtu faster without the ii e  of a track  One hoy made on two common  c  lts    l  JU0 on another  Price l   V hlre s  tieo    1 A Atkins  No  5 I ey St   N  V      I P  S   We recomineml every farmers  immedi   I ate attention to this circular   1   V  Forman      Troy MilN  Iowa  o      Hrazee  Kgrcinont  Mass    j Charles Palmer  Hillsdale  X  Y   Iohii tiilder   sleeve  Austerlitz  N  Y   Hussel Tremuin  Post   master  Hreen Kiver  X  Y   and a humlred others      NEW MARBLE WORKS        yY  vi   z  S      JASPER   DOZIER        K are prepared ti  fiinil h all kind  of Marble    T Work    icli a    VIomiiiK iits  Toiiihs  iii l T uhh ls    At less prices than uiich work can be pureha scd  for elsewheiv   We inannlaetnre all our work and  warrant it  solid  a s we do m t  lcal iu importcil  hollow work    Call and learn our price  ln foiv engaging  oiir  work eUewhere    Corner of Tdmestone and Harr streets  al ove  He  ird s Stable  Lexington   v     v JnPi tf       10 I AT   AT I LE  AM   50 YEAKUMiS   70     r  s of c  xtra Corn in Pirhl   llrnip ill Stiirk s  Hiiy  Oat     Xc      Tenikeinade known on davofsale    iale at ID  o clock  A  M    N  P  HKRU   Fxeeiitor      apt  P  l   Kidp  Auctioneer   iilUtd     HARDWARE    Cutlery  Bar Iron  Tin Ware     Stov 2   hrati s iiml Hollow IViin     AI I  KIM  s OK   Jlnililiiiff Mnterinl  Cnrpi  lifers    Tools   i nns  1 istofs   fy    n AVINii made favorable  arrangements widh  the inaniifuctiirers  which enaldes me to sell  on Imller lenn  than ever before  Call and ex   amine mv stock  as it i    largo and well assoiteil     PI I       VllUS tf     THOS  HliADI LV   No  5    Main street  Lexington  Ky     V iJENTS W  A 1 ED  for the new  American  Horse  nd Cattle Doctor    by the cele   brated Veterinary Surgeon and Author  Dr  Geo   11  Dadd  formerly of Kentucky   uow of Balti   more  Mel  Iti s the only w ork whi i treats of the  prevailing epidemi c among cattle  and is neces   sary to every owner of stock  For territorj  apply  to   K  W   MIKOLT    CO   Publisher     ir  2t Cincinnati  Ohio      i3 o3is d E jott r  kt a t       domestic Kconomti      Drug Stores      Cloth   ovkhs kok  Milk Pa ns  A laily j NEW DliUGr STORE    correspoiulent of tlie    cstcl n Itural  wlio j  iias been tVcqiieiitly troiibloil with llics and  otIijuT insects lalliiif  into liCT uiilk  lias as   ccTtaiiiod that cloth covers  wliich can be  easily maae  will ellectually protect the   contents of the pans  She says     Take a iiieee of cotton cloth   new or old   and out it enon  di larger than the milk pan  put in a hem   this can be ascertained     OPPOSITK Tin  POST OPl ICJ     l eje i t  f ton   Ken tiiehi        AV i       I     to   by layin r the jian on the cloth  top of pan  downward  run a coni in the hem and tt t   draw it up a little  then it is ready for use  xUl e UlTlffS   After imttinothe cover on the pah  ti htmi       the cord  and lie in one knot  when this  is done nothinjf can get intoyour milL   You will also lind these covers very  conveniei t to cover other things  If you  wish to set anything away  you need not  look a long time for a towel to put over  the disli  ju st use one of your milk covers    They are always ready  Of course they  must bo washed often    1 lind tnese covers very benelicial when  a person burns coal  as  no coal dust can  get through them  besides they help to  keep the milk troni freezing in cold weather       K IIAVK JI  ST UfKNKP A FKE SIl  stwk     Paints  Oils    Varnishes      Ami cverythin r pcrtiiininpr  House      t   a lirjt rlas    l iu      E aiicv  Vr t icier      CLKAXiMiTiui K    In removing the Stom   ach  be careful to keeji tiie outside clean  i  Shake the contents well out through a    small hole  and 2 iut in a quantity of un   slaeked lime about the size of a co lfee cui   with about two gallons of water  Phace    I it in a tub of water  and agitato fifteen or  5 K twenty minutes  or until the lime is well    slaked   V  slight scraping will tlien re   the inside skin  The slaking lime    iir Cs out all odor  and makes the tripe nice  and SOI   After cutting up and washing  wcn it l   ready for boiling  and may then  be pickled In vinegar  or kept in salt water   Uo be ckanged and to be cooked like i   sonse  or broilen like steak  buttered and  ticppered   or be llippcd in butter and   fried    C oK v  Mical Itf sK    Viiion  many    delicacies in the form ol bread  wliid2l ren     derthe enjoyment of breakfast so accCpj     able  we know of none more deserving of    notice than the one prepared according to    the foirowing reeeipe Take six cupfuls I   I     Wu have a complete  a  orlmpiit ol Toilet artielp   eon l tiy   jif     Combs    Priislu s    I erl iiinery    Soaps    ALe  Ac      P H A ir  I  V C Y     Special attc iition paiit to Die preparation of   Physician s Prescriptions    by cxperieneetl Pl4arinaeeutist   at all hours of  the  lav and night   SKII I MAX  V CA SXON    vlnOa tf     I   T     J   It   MOltTOX       of coEK meal  four of tloiir  two of molasses I _          and  nc tca siwiUia Ol saleratus   mix the   UrUfffflStS aUQ hOOkSellerS  wv VjC tOfjotlicr  juul knead it into doii  li       Educational    Bourbon Female Institute    rA 11 JS  K KXT UCK 1     Will  Aylette Kiieknrr   Bro  Prinriiials      pHK next session of the llourbon Institute    1 will  x g in on the first Monday in October an l 1  continue lor a period of ei  t months  or thirty   two weeks  without intcrmi  ion  except one  week at Christmas    Alter careful consideration  we have deemed it  advisable to shorten our session  as above  We  rc spoctfully a sk from our patron  and ITiend s a    retul consideration of the follftwinjr reasons  have intliicnced us in making this change       hue there may possibly lie some  Iisa lvantage   attending it  the considerations in its favor more  than counlcrhalancu them    It is our desire to conduet our school in the most  systematic manner  to give it the reputation of  an institution where young buUes may be taken  through a cour e of the most rigid and thoi oiigh  mental discipline  aii l where nothing less than  the entire energy and capacity of the pujul shall  1 e bixuight into play  lly limiting our session to  eight months  we cau with determination  iiisi  t  upon the closest  continued application  upon ex   clusive attenthm to school duties  and upon the   MO ST IMCUFKCT OKOKH   and regularity i ossiole to he  attainctl  We cun  do thi  with the nsMirance of success  and  we be   lieve  without detriment to the health of the pupil   With less tax itfion the physical strength of teach   er and pupil  we can accomplish the same end   with less lime  we cau inspire double the amount  of energy and application  and in all re pects es   tablish a iuoi e succo  sful and more useful school    The necessity for i hysical culture  recreation   ind rest to ytmng persoiu  is frequently overlook   ed in the great aii xiely to push them hurriedly  thixmgh their studies   There can lie no rjuestioh  but that cightmonths  continued application and  confinement to the  chool rooni during the year is  quite as much as any ordinurv constitution can  bear up under  and that  by a judicious course of  training  a greater atlvance may l e made in the  acquisition of knowledge and in  mental discipline  in that time than is UMially done in nine or tch  months  Iloth iniiul ami body are better prcpave l  for study in cold than in wann weather  IJy com   mencing our session on the  lr t of October  and  closing the flvstof  lime  wc avoid the dry  hot  weatherof dune   Inly  August and Scpleinher   thus giving those four tiioiith   ai a time for re t  and recuperation  With the increa ed energy  which we feel confident we can iiopire in pupiT  and in teacher  we do not hesitate tiMilUrm that  we can accompliiKh more in eight months than in  nine or ten  and with less injury to the health of  the pupil  Many of our most promiuent educators  arc adopting the same views  ami wc venture to  jiredict that  in a few years  all first  clas s schfmls  will fix the limit of their sessions at eight months    llv reference to our charges  ami a comparison    with former charges  it will l e seen that the price  of lN ard and tuition has been reduced in a greater  ratio than ha s the session      har5r  s  per Sossion ofEiirlit Months    noanl  inehidiiig fuel and lights  flfiO U   Tuition in Kreshinan   Sophomore  Junior or     vuen make two cakes  bake them as you  would iKine  lor tlireo quartcrs of an hour   and you will have one ofthC most ftrateful   icscriptions of bread that ever   raced tlic  Uble  Have used it for flftcen years   Killixo Flie s     Vlthou  h iiite in tlie sea   son  wc   ive the followinj  as the plan of  an Illinois eorrcsiiondcnt of the Itural  wlio  says his wife keci s tlicir house entirely  clear of the annoyin   buzzers by   rac   tisiu   it    Take one ejr    one tea sp ionful of mo   lasses  one lar  e tea siioonful ol  rround  black pepiier  beat up to  etlicr in a iilate   and set where dies ean jret at it  You will    be surprised to see bow it will make them  lizzie out    Always use j ood sweet butter  drippiu      or lard  for pie or puddiiii   crust  tiome    jiersoiis entertain the mistaken notion   that butter which eannot be catou on  bread will do verv well for paste  on the    contrarv  the bakin   or boilin   of rancid  fat inere ases the bad llavor  It isaftood  jilan to wash the butter in clean sprin    water before usin   it   lake two or three  holes with a fork in the cover of your pies   that the steam may escape      Tomato Kki ciuji     O ne peek ol toma  I  toes  one great siioffiiful of cloves  allspice  j  cinnamon and nutmeg each  hall a large   spoonful of black jieiqier  ball a teaspoon     fill of eayenne  and a iiint and alialfol   vinegar  Stew tlie tomatoes and strain  them  and then add the spice and vinegar   This will make three bottles      liKi  Buns    iaclier up the corners of   the sheets alter they have all gathered i  around von  shake them down into the  middle and put a iiieee of ice among them  I  ITirectly you will see them standing on  their longest legs thrashing themselves to 1  keep warm  If it is a late hour of the    night you may lav down and sleeji quietly I  the rest of the night  as it will be several i  hours before they will be ready lor an     other onslaught        Benzine  it is well known  will destroy    parasitic and other noxious insects  hut is    apt to irritate the skin  By making an    emulsion of 10 jiarts heiizine  5 of soap and   S T of water  a solution will be obtained   not injurious to the animal  but which by  a few applications will destroy effectually  ring worm  mange  tetter and other affec   tions    Boilkd Chickf xs   Clean nicely   cover  them with cold water  set them over a  slow lire  and skim well  Boil very tender  and if you wish broth  put a little rice in  the water  half an hour before you take  them from the tire    Cleani voTix wakk     V oids should nev     r be employed to clean tin ware  because  they attack the metal and remove it from  the iron of which it forms a thin coat  Kub  the articles first with rotten stone and  sweet oil  then finish with whitening and  a piece of soft leather  Aothing else will  give so good a jiolish    I iGs Kekt   Boil four pigs  feet until  the bones dro   out  Draw out the long  iKines and place them in a dish to cool   Split each foot  take the liquor in whicli it  is boiled  add the juice of a lemon andsome  salt  and turn over the feet  They may be  dipped ill batter and fried in salt jiork    I lCKLkxc  Coitx   Green corn may be  kept the year round  by pickling it with  the  husk on  in brine strong enough to  jireserve cucuniliers  care being taken to  cover it with brine    Substitute fob Cream in Coffee   Beat  the white of an egg to  a froth   put to it a  sm all lump of butter  and turn the coffee  to it gradiiallv so that it may not curdle   It is difficult to distinguish the taste from  fresh cream    The quality of pie crust depends much  on the baking  If the oven be too hot  the  jmste  Iiesides being burned  will fall  if  too slack  it will be soddened  and conse   quently heavy    VVatek Gruf s    Mix a large siKionfiil  of oat meal by degrees into a pint of water    and when smooth boil it      NO   Mi MAIN STKKET      l K KI SOTOX  K KNTL UK Y      I NVITE THE ATTENTION OK i ll V sU I AX s   Farmer   amt Dealer  in Metlirhie   iRMjk    I liints   te   to tlicir c talili liiiienl    FOK I  I K i  DKUOS    MedifiiiCN  ClieiiiifiilN mid Fresh Books   the lowe t cash price  will l c charged      Educational      I lire White Deail    I iii seeil Oil    Tiii   eiitiiie    Window Olass  Fiitt v   v     Fiirnisheil at very small i kofits kok cash by  D  T   V   1  I   MoItTOX    l iAINinoN  Kv     vlnl o     miscellaneous      NEW YORK COLLEGE   OK   VETERINARY SURGEONS    C JfA It T EH E 1   Ifio 7     No   05 Lexington  Avenue   FOUIITII  SESSION  IStiS  and ISCD      FACULTY OF THK   OLLEGE     J  Buateed   M  D   V  S President ami I l of   Kmcritiis of lli toloK      A   LiHiitard  M  D  V  S   Vrof    omparativc  Anatoinv and Operative Surgery    D  Mufton  M  O   Prof  Phy  iiology    A  Larife  M  D  M  U C  V  S  I    Prof  Theory  and practice of MtHllciie of the hor e and other  domestic aiiimnU    Fanouil 1   Weluf e  M  I    Pn f  Surgical Pa   thology   Samuel It  F re v  Prof  I hemUtry  Mjitena  Mcdica and Therapeutic      Alex   y   Stein  M       Prof    omparativc Ills    tologv    Jainei     KoberUoii  M  D  V  JS   Demons tra   tor of Anatomy    The regular course of lectures will commence in  Octol cr  and continue until the latter part ol  February  ISflh  Private lectures are delivered  every daV  and illustrateil by actual eases ol dis   ease as tficy occur in the hospital or at the ehinics    Dissections for the study of   omparative Anat   omy Will commence early in November  and con   tinue during the whole se sion  For   avtleiilai b  apply b  A  LlAl TAUI   M  1   V  JS   v2n 4 tnvl Uegistrar      A NEW ESTABLISHMENT   FASHIONABLE DRESS   ANP   Cloak Making    Miss     Johiies A  Mrs  F     Sheiiiiard    H ave taken the eommixtious rooms on Market  street  oppo  itc the Northern Itank  and next  Iloor to Mrs  Ketchnm      here they are now pre   pared to carry on   Fashionable Dress Making    in all iU branches  They have secured the ser   vices ol several assi  tants of acknowledged taste  and long ejsperience  and as they will be in con   stant receipt of   Till   LATK ST STY LES    thev feel entirely confl lent of their ability to  plea e those who mav entrust their orders to them   Slachine embroidery and tucking ilone to order   v2nl2tf   DltTsNED AK EK    Office  Main street  in Milward s N ew Building    L f    ISO TO s  KKsrrcKr    vtojj  r      Senior Class   40 00   Tuition ill Preparatory   lai   JW 00   Tuition in Mii hic  including in  tnimcnt r ii 00   Tuition iiiLatin IJO 00   Tuition in French   00 00   Tuition in Painting 40 UU     iiition ill Drawing 00   One half the charges for lioard and tuition le    iiired in advance  the balance at the expiration   f four months  Interest will be cliargeil on all  lU connts not paicl in acconlance with the  e rc   iniivments  No deduction made for absence ex    ept at our own  liscretion  in protracted sickness   Kach boarder i  expe  te l bi provide herself with  dk t articles  and to have each article of clothing  i tjnclly markeil    Washing done at actual co st  n1j 3m   THE SAYKI     kVmale Tiisstitiite    LEXlNfiTON  KY    BO VllD  iFriiUSTEE  i      M   r   lohii son    I  W  Seott    Itcv  R   i  Rrank   llen ty Dell     I  W  Cochran    lames  1  Miller    1  R  Rowman      D  A  Sayre   diairniaii   K  1   Sayre  seeretary    t  R  Ki_ii k    ad    Menrv Y ouiican    W   V  Dmlley    Rev   1  D  Mathews  I   1    Kev  W  Pratt      Hoii   ieo  UoberNuii  Rishop II  II  Kavanaugh    S  AVILLIAMS  A M Prilu iDiil    Miss CAKOLINK NKVII 1 K  PriiK ipal   st   Miss FROKKNCK IlINKS    Miss NANNIK IIINKS    Miss K  ADf Of K  Assistants    Competent Teachers are also Kgaged for  the Kxtra Rrniiches    The first session of the next Acatlemical year  will commence on   Momtii    Sejtteiiiher Tfli  ISOS    the second session will commence February 1st   and close the second week in June  The   course of study embraces all the branches of ed  j  ucation Usually taught ih the best female seinin     aries    j    XTMIAIS   KT Session of live Months      Roard  tuition  fuel  lights  etc  150 00   Washing  per dozen 40    Tuition  Primary Department 20 UU 1   Tuition  roll iate Department JW 00 I   Kxtra charges  Music  with use of instrument 00   Drawing 20  M    Painting in Oil 25 00   Moilern Lungiuigos  caeh     20 00   Latin   10  H    These eliarges to be paid strictl  ii advahee  No  deduction will l c made for absence except in  ca ses of iirotracted illness  and no pupil will be  admitted for less than one session  except by  special contract    The J  ayre Institute  for liealthfiilncss and beau   ty of its location  and the c mipleteness of its  adaptatatioii to school jmrpoSes  will compare fa   vorably with the best literary institutions of the  country  The groumls  five acres in extent  are  retired  elevated  well shaded  and highly im   proved  The buildings are spacious  costly  and  admirably arranged for convenience and comfort   The sleeping rooms are neatly furnished and have  each a dressing room attached    The iKianlers  aot over twenty five in number    will Ik  treatevl in all respects  as members   f the  family of the Principal  Kach pupil will furnish  hcrown towels  na ikin s and ninWella    Further information in rcganl to the school may  be obtained from the Principal  or IVom any mem   ber of the Roanlof Trustees   vSnll     GEN  KIRBY  SMITH S   MILITARY ACADEMY    AT   j YEMCIVSTLE  Henr v   ouiity  Kontiicky    I On  SepU inher I5th  1S6S  Kirl y Smith  with a  corps o  assistants  whose qualifications are of the  highest order  will oiwii  at Newcastle  Kontucky a   I A Military Academy for Boys    I Xewca tlp is locatpil in the healthy  hlue giass  legion ot Henry emintv  equi ilWant  4 miles  n  m  the Louisville  Fraiikluit  V l e xington ami the  I J  oms villc A   inciiniatl Railroads  connected wiili    each by a goo l Me Vdainiscd   ike  and about two  boui s travel  by rail  fnmi Louisville    I The Academy buildings  owned by liimself  arc    of m lerii con trnclion  admirably  adapteil for  school   iir H  sos  and situated on the  siihurhs of the  I town  The standard of education will aim at     THOROI iaiXESS IN EVEBY BIUXCB   1 to ho iletermined bv impartial ami searehing ex  aiiiinations  The diseiptinc will l c strictly inili  j tary  requiring punctualitv ami promptness in the  I perlormance of every duty  The domestic depart     ment will be eomlucted with care and liberality   t so as to secure the lieulth  comfort and contentment    ot the scholars    The scholastic session is divided into two terms  ol twenty weeks each  the first comim iicing on   September loth  The charge   for cver  thing  ex   cepting uniform  books  and medical attembuice   will lie three hundred ami sevenlv tlve dollars in  I   S  currency  for the entire session of forty  weeks  payable in two equal instalments  iuie a t  the beginmngofeaeh term of tne session  No de   duction fnim these charges will be made for ah   sence iliiriiig the term  except in protracted sick   ness or honorable discharge  and even then a tui   tion fee of  50 i er current term will be reijuired    rniform furnished on the most reasonable  terms  liooks and stationcrv at lAuiisville prices   As the number of pupils is limiteil  those wishing  to secure idaces in the Jnstilutiou should apply  at once  In thus makinghis permanent resideue e  in Kentucky  and devoting himself to the educa   tion of iu youth  the Principal hopes to have the  co operation ol his fi emls in thin commonwealth  ror further infoniiation  address    K  KIRRV SMITH   Newcastle  Henry Countv  Ky   ijS Students will leave the cars at ihninencc   oiiiho lAUiisville At Frankfort Itailmad  whence  omnibuses will convey them to Newea tle    K  K  S    nll v2 lm    EMINENCE COLLEGE   KOK   MALES ANy FEMALES         nE twelfth se  ioii of F miiienec   ollege will  A euiiinunwe on   Mi iicl iy  Sejilenilier 7lli  SIJS    iiml elosc on the 10th of  1 one  IttiO    Thi  Iii titutioii i  iluiiteiloii the Loiii ville ami  iH  vingtoii ItailroaU   V mile  Irom Fraiikfoi t anil  40 iniles from lz ui villo  one half mile from the  Emmeuee Ihqiot  immediiiteir on Ihe turnnike  Inailing to shelhyville    T I   1   M s     For  e  i miiffwenty week   cxeln ive of Inn k    Alc   as lolh ws    Roardiug  with xva liing  lights and fuel    UX  00  liiitlon in the I ollege Department  r  00   Tuition in the Preparatory Department   20 00   Tuition in the l rimarv Department is oo   t  ontiiigent fee g yo   Music on IMauo or MeiiKleoii  withiiHcof   instrument           a  00   Music on  kiitar ami   iolin  Jlo 00   Kreneh  and  iennan  each   o oo   Painting in Oil 25 00   i aiiitiiig  Italian  tirei laii and  orieiitai       lo po   Drawing  y   Lmbronlery  all kimU   ip  K    Pupils who board from Momlav until Fri   day  pill be I harged 1   One hall of the exi onses of the scholastic vear  must be pairl invariably in advance  at the be gin   ning ol each tenii  Pupils admitted at any time    No ileductimi for absence or williilrawaL cxeeiil  in ca ses of protracted illness    To secure prompt attendance at theoiieMing of  thesclMKil  all pupils that enter during the first  month Avill be charged fi om the beginning of the  session    RiMiks  Stationcrv ami sheet Miimc will l e fur   nished at I ouisville retail prices    For catalogues containing the  Vddre s on the  Co educalioii of the S  es  or further information   addles     v  s  t iI rNKR    v2iil0tt Kmitienre  K v    KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY    LE VINGTON  KY     pIlK sessionsof the various Colleges will begin  A hereafter on the   S    oim  Mondiiy in Soptoinber    instead of the first of October    A full and enirient corps of instructors will Ik   engaged in all the departments  An uceomplishcil  and experienced ollicer  a graduate     OF WFST POINT    has liccmletailed by the Prcsiilent of the Pnited  States to the school of Military Tactics in the  Agricultural and  Mechanical College    A thorough and ellieiont organization of the  Academy lui s been eflccled  and a most comi etent  Principal secured    For lull particulars address   1  R  ROWM W  Regent  Lexington  Kv   nU tf     Schools at Walnut Hill    XEAll LEXINOTON IKY    T propose to open two separate and distinct  i  schools at Walnut Hill  on the 15th of Septem   ber  IMW  one for boys and voting men  in which  thev may be prepared for college  and another for  girfs  I expect to be aide l by a gentleman of su    I ieriorqnaliflcations in the former  and by a yoting  ady of fine scholurshsp and high character in the  latto r    The schools will be conducted in buiblingsfifty  or sixty yards apart  and under my OAvn imme li   nte supervision  For circulars luldrcss   RKV  K  FORMAN  Walnut Hill   nl5 Near Lc xiiigton  Ky      SELECT HIGH SCHOOL    Pai is  Kentucky    T il K semi uunual session will begin on Monday    ScptemlK r 1st  and close on the last Friday of   lanunrv  All the branches ai C taught wliich  arc onlinarily embraced in the collegiate course    The mimlK r of pupils will be limited to twenty   None need apply for admission but such boys as  will Study liiligently and deport tlieni   aelvea Gentlemen  While no sectarian priu   ciples will be imparted  it shall be the constiint  endeavor of the iVincipal to cultivate the   MOKAh AND KKLIGIOUS   character of all entrusted to his varo  Pupils  charged from the time of admission until the close  of the session  and no ilediictioii inuilc for absence  or withdrawal    Terms   100 per school year  or  50 per session   lieginning and closing as altove  For further in   formation apply to Rev  T  J  TODD    nl4 fiw Principal      SELECT MALE SCHOOL      R S  HJTrHC Ot K will reopen his select school    on Slonday  the 14th of J pteinlicr    The course of studv embraces all the branches  of a thorough Kiiglisb eilucution  as well as   l aUu  and Mathoiiiatios    S  ei ial attention will be paid to fitting young  men tor college  A liuiitod nuinbor will only l e  taken    Applicalum can lie made to the Principal thro   the jiost oftice  or at his residence corner ot  Market  and Mechanic  streets    14 6t   T   ANTKD by a lady com K tent to teach th  TT F nglish branches  a situation as teacher of a  country school or a nssist ant in a female academy   Reference   given  address    Box tV5  Lexington  Ky      Kentucky Military Institute     Six Miles South of Frankfort     Col  R  T  P  ALLEN  Supt     Assisted by an able FACULTY    rpH K  ikl Academical year of this Institute will  Jl begin on Monday  J ptember 71h  IStW    TFRMS  Three hiindretl and fifty dollars   350   per Academical vearof forty week s    Forspecial inronnation  address  ol  R T  P   zMlen  Superintendent  Farindale  Franklin county  Kentucky  v2nfi 3m     Christ Church Seminary    V Roartling ami Day School for young ladie  Lexington  Ky   Kev   Sllaa Totten  1   D   L  L  J    Rector  Thorough inf truction given  in all the branches of a complete educMion  in   cluiliiig ancient and modern Lungiiages l rawing   Painting  Music   c  The vear is divide into two  terms of twenty weeks eac h  The Christmas term  lieginsonthe secontl Wednesday in J  tember   the Faster term on the first Monday in Febrnarv  For further Information  apply fora eircnlai  vlu7 3m     Educational    Woodford Female College    I EH SA IL L ES  K I      institution I eing now placeil in a con      dition givingentire assurance of a pernmnent  school will be openeil for the receptitin oflsjarding  and day pupils on Monday  August  31  IfHt     Teiaufei  For Sossimi of Twenty AVoeks   Boarding  with washing  light  and fuel  100 On  iuition 111 College Department  25 00   I iiition ill Inteniu iliate Department 2o  K    Uiitioii in Ibimary Department 14 00   t ontingent Fee   1 5o   Diano  Yvith use of instrument      OO  p eneh and  iennan  each 20 OO   lU 00   Diawing j    K    Latin ami Greek  free  f c xtru eharge  imurding frcun Moiiiiay until Fiiday 4 0 i   h xnenses w ill be eonsideretl due iu advance    1 upiN entering at any time within   iie month  fnmi liegiimiiig of se sion will Ik  charged full  tuition  Deductions made onlv for protracted ilU  m ss  iho boarding department will fie under the  superintendence of  ludge R       iraves and ladt   No e xertion will bespared to make the pupils coin       jdjdde  facility fin  progre  i  in   The I rincipal  ht iutf a Tvorhvr hif  has hut one object  ami that is to lUvest hiuiself of  those selfish ami bigoted considerations which aix   the great curse to the cause of clucatifm  and  should find no lodgement only in the mind the  intolerant Roman Catholic  ami devote his euergie   to the intellectual development of our youth  Re   lieving that the times demamt only that educatiim  which is inactical and useful  the object shall be  not to fit young lailies for parlor ornaments  Init for  uscliilness  aml happines s in the home eirclo    Kspocial attention will be paid to the Primarv De   paHment  ind thosu  desiring the privilege   grad   uating will certainly be exjiectecl  so far as possi   ble  to avail them elves of the elementarv train   ing of the institution       F  S  RKPPKRT  A  M   Pgnciiyai    v2nl3       St  Mathews Institute      KOK     Ladietri     EA H L O VIS VI LE E  A I        Kt  Itev  Geo  I   4 uinmliiH  D D  Visitor   Kev  Carter Rage  A  M   I rincipal and Pro   prietor    Itev Geo M  Kverhart  A  M   Lecturer  Natural  Science    T lll S Institution is now thoroughly re organizevl  ami prepared for the reception  of pupDs  A  full corps of teaehei 2  i  employed for the din erea t  departments  The numlK  r o f pupils limited to  twenty five    Fall  term o K n  on the first Monday in Septeiu   I or  For further particulars ap dv to    Rev    AKtKR RAGK     St  Mathew   P  o  Ky      Glendale Female College    Eil Iucn Alilus North of Ciiiciiiiiati    next term will commence on Tuesday   A Sept l 5tli  umlertlic same general siiprr   int  ndence for the last twelve a ears  with beauti   Inl surroundings  a reniavkabl y health v and m    ecs  iblo hH utioii  thorough culture in both solid   iml ornamental braiwhcs  and increa sing patron   age ami usefulness  Persons interested are re   spectfully referred to its numerous patrons anti  srlmlar  scattered through Kentucky  ami all the  Norlhwosiern J  tate   Jscholar s reeeivetl at aiiv  periotl of the year  ami chargetl from tlale of en   trance  For catalogues ami other infomiutiou a l   dres    Rev  L  1   POTTKR  l re iilenl    Glemlale  Ohio         Kentucky Institution    For Hio Etliication of tin  Bpaf nnil Danib   HAXVILLE  KY    I iHKne xt   es ion of this in  titulion will com   mence Octolier 1st  The institution is  q en to  all the deaf ami dumb mutes in the J  tate  between  the ages of ten and thirtv rears  The sooner thev  ai c brought after Ion the better  In ea es of in   digency  clothing will be furnished If necessarv   but in general parents are rc  uired to furnish  clothing  Applicants for admis sion must be of  soiiml mi ml  of giKHl character  iii ooil health  yml  free fnim any contagious di  ease  For further in      f  rniatioii addre    nl3 n     Danville      inal      Ky      BOURBON FEMALE INSTITUTE     p A iais   liOUKnOX COUNTY  KKNTUCKY        pHE next  p  ion or BourlK n Femnle In titnte  A will o  en on Monday  October  Vtli  It    fi  For further InlorinHtion  n l lre     W M AYI KTTE BUUKNKU A BltO    jan lvln31 ly Principal       Warrendale Female School    GEORGKTOYVN  KY    rpHF fourth annual session of this institution   X will liegin the first Monday of September  18ik   ami close the first Thursday of  Tune  1660    For further information  aildress the Principal   MISS RELLK FITZPATRIC K    nol4 lm      MRS  PINCKARD S   oardincrAc Bay Sobool for Yonns Ladies    W ILL re open Monday  September 7th  1866     T  For terms  Ac   apply to the Principal  corner   Short and I ppper streets  Lexington  Kv   nil       SCHOOL BOOKS   AND   WHOLESALE and RETAIL    AT   NEALE A MILLIGAN S    Xo       East Main Street Ia xin rton  Ky    Evergreens at Half Price    AV   v   a ly ni ide arrangement  lor one         Villlon Prrrgrrrn Plantn  of all  i2e   Irxmi Uinehesto 10 lect  and of all varietie  de   sii ed  also 1 S0U 0I 0 Ameriean Larch and Sugar  Maple  which wc desire to distribute amuna  fanners      At Le ss than Oiie balf tbe Price   charged by nur erymen  2 30 per thonsun l  The  roots will be puddled and packed in moss br care   ful hands so they will not be in ured   The o  plant  will compare in lieautj and hardihood with  tho clrom any nur ery  Write for catalogue and  prwe h t sYKEI  ft UKEE VWOOI     10 3 Room 5  134 Kandolph St  Uhieago  111      IsAW CARD   B  C  trOODLOE   Late Jud e       H   S resumed the practice of law  and will dil   igently attend to ease  entrusted to him in  me tedoraltourts  Court of  Vppeals and Circuit  Courts of tbe  th Judicial Distfict  Vu     r         Stock For Sale      FOR HALF    I have   No  1 two year oUl cattle lor sale  at my  farm  14 miles from Lexingtou  and 4 miles  from Winchester  on the I  xington and Winches   erpike  THOS  C  VAN IETEH  15 lm   I AM imEEJDIXG    V Nl  shall have at all times for  ule  rt RK   buki  shokt hoknei  cattlk    Of vervsniKjnor quality  W lt  Ol N t AN     2 nolily Towanda  III      COTS h OLD SHEET    ij oit SALK  A few pure   otswohl Bucks ami  T Kwes  at my4 ann in Shelby county  Ky   on the  Louisville and Frankfort raUi oa i  near Km   inencc  TllO  G  DUNLAP    rinlOtf     HEED    C   Choice shout horns  of the most vaUmble   j strains of blood  for sale  Also a number of  tine BERKSHIRE BIGS     atalogues furnishe  ui on application  1   McMILLIAN    v2n9 tim Xenia  Ohio      souTHDon y sheet    4 few South lown Sheep  at from  15 to  40   a   boxed and delivered on the cars  either grey  or black faced   Address  L  K  BROWN   v9n0 Eminence  Ky      CHESIFR WHITE FIGS    J UST received and for sale  a few pure breed   White   liester Bigs  from   20 to  25 apiece   boxetl and deliveretl on the cars  Address   r2n  BROWN   TUTT Erainencc  Ky      FOli SALE    V superior pure bre l two year old Aldcrny bull   and live good two and three year old Dur   ham heiters  at my farm  live miles we t of Lex   ngton  L J  VANMETER  viuUf     FOE SALE    Short Horn Cattle  Jacks   Jennies      t my Farm  2 miles from Faris  on Fonl s Mill  lloait  I lourlion county  Ky        novl4vln27tf  JAMKS II A LI      FO SALE    i FKW rUUK   OTSWOLD KAilS  AT JIY   janu in shelliy countv  Kenliieky  on Louis   ville ami Frankfort ami Lexington Uuilroa l  near  Eminence        vlnl  ltamif3 tf  is  T  DI ANE         Oif SALE      E NtiLISH   hesterllogs aiiJAlilernvcattlc    The Jlogs took the premium at the State lair  of 18 I  The Alderney Cattle arc pure Incod  and     ail colors   Address  novIvlii2titf     pure 1    A G  HEUIt    1st  Mathews 1          Jefferson county  Ky      T     FOR SALE    lIUROUGlinUI  Cattle  Hogs  ishccn   Ac  I  X liavc constantly on haml and lor sale  Hnrham  anil Alilcrny Cattle  Herkshirc Hogs  and t ots   wold tsheei  Pure blood and at reasonable prices   vlnlStf GEO   M  KEHFOlU   Pans  Ky    FOR SALE    risHOIlOLGHllUEI  Horses  Short horned Cat   X tic  Southdown iind UoGwold sheep   it ood   burn Farm  Spring Station  M VS V Vi  k   vl iildf l A  I  ALE  Ai  c it      FOR SALE    OHOUT HOHNEI  Cattle  South lown ami Cots   O wold Sheep  at my farm near Lexington  Ky    v LXr               WM  WAUFIELI       FOR SALE        OHORT HOK NKH t attle  tblswobl Sheep and  O lierkshirc Hogs  at my farm  near Houston  Station  Kentucky Central    ili oad   vlnl 3  tf I   G  IlEDl ORO      Miscellaneous      HUSKY SCHAEKKKB     E    Late with S  Edcnheim    NEW l EUSIC TORE   SCHAEFFER   JOHNS         0   7 rpitPi  strepf  Norton s RIock      DK  I F R    IS     Pianos  Sheet Music    I AND   ALusic Books     MUSICAL IXSTRU MEN TS  of all Kinds    Violin ami Guitar Strings  of the best quality   received monthly fi om the importers  oval ami  Sipuire Frames  all sizes  Traveling  5  ork and  Key Baskets    4 1 iaiitis Tiinotl anti K  imiro l    Onlors hy mail promptly illled    V2n9 6nr          Flooring    Planing Mill  MILLS  L0UGHEAD  CO       70 k 372  Wosi Third strop     CINCINNATI  OHIO    Bortrthle BuUdliigM  Door  ShkIi and Shutter  Maiiufaetur  r     and BUILDINti M VTEIUALS IN GENERAL    Mso    ontraclors and BuiMers  vlnl5  2m      NAPOLEON III    T HF highest llavored  mo t piodnetivc  ami best  Mraw en v for  Vmateiir eiilture  Blunts by  iimil  iM sUge paid l er dnzcMi  aeml for tleserip   tive cireiilur  with list of all the new and valuable  strawlKTries and other small fruits and general  ratalogue of mirserv stoek    EDWARD  1   EVANS A Co   Nurserymen and   rtechmen  York  Bonn    noll vil hn      SEED WHEAT        K have in store  and ofler for sale the follow   f  ing varictie  of seed N heatr Me jhe iiey   Bndcu  LamuP  Mediteraian  Kentucky White   Hill  Michigan White Ac j AUo a  llI erior quality  of fall barlcv foi  seed    Ht TUIlSON  Mo  HESNEY             L tf Lexington  Ky    Pickett Tobacco Warehouse    OPRATT   CO   PROPRIETORS    COK XEB KlUHTU AND MAIS STBEKT    LOUISVILLE  KI       spkatt  1   NO  P  GKAY  L   HAS    ISKinOKS  t   V  O  WHITTINOHAM  j     I v n tf      FOR SALE    A o  f     state and County Fairs      i WARREN COUNTY  j   T he second annual exhibition of the W arren  County Agricultural and Mechanical Associ   i alion will be held near Bowling Green  commeuc   I iiig on I   1 Tuesday  September   Util  1S68   and continuing four days  The nremiums offered  1 arc liberal and comprehensive  The amphitheater I    is one of the largest in theState  For catalogues   j apply to the Secretaryvat Bowling Green  A cor  j  dial welcome extendi to all    1 BLEASANT  L INiTTER  President    Wm  Cook  J ecretary  t l     I HAKKEN COUNTY      jrpHK eleventh annual Fair of the South Ken  j    X tucky Fair Grouiul Association w ill be held on    their grounds  near Glasgow  commencing on   Tuesday  Oetobev 0th  1808    and continuing lOur days  The grounds have    been enlargetl and imi rove l  anti every accom   t modation afforded tho e who may attend  The  I iiremiums this year are llfty per cent  larger than   any heretofore given bv the Association  For  I e  talogueofprenniims aildress the Secretarv    ZION K  HUGGINS  President   W L  l ORTtR  5 ccretary  td     CAUKOUL COUNTY    ri  HE secoml annual exhibition of the Carroll    X County AgricuUurul and Mechanical Associ   I ation will be held near Can ollton  Ky   on     TueNday  September  29th  1K6S    and continue live days  Premiums liberal  Cat   alogues ready for delivery  and sent post pabl to  all interested  Every arrangement has been made  to secure comfort to visitors  and to make the ex   hibition interesting  A premium of  500 Is oflered  I for the l cst trotting horse  marc or gelding  By  order of   T  W  BATES  President    L  U  Hakeir  Secretarv  nl2td     Henderson County    The Hcmlereon Fair will be held at Henderson    Tuesday  October b tli    and continue five days  The Premium list is  large and lil eral amounting to  12000  embracing  Agricultural and Mechanical line arts  Domestic    Manufactories and every description of stock    I Ihi s bids fair to bo the most intoivsting fair ever  held on the grounds    1  fOHX FUNK  President    Hrnkv Lyse  Secretary        OWEN   OUNTYk   irpiiK Owen County Union Agricultural and  j J Mechanical A v MHiintion will hold their seventh  I annual xhibition on their Fair gi oumls near New  Lilierty  Ky   c  niiiicncing on   j Tuesday  ih tobee Ofh  ISOS   ami continue four days  Catalogues of premiums  have l een prepuriNi ami cun I chad by application  to the Secretary  at New Liberty  Premiums lib   1 eral and general  Every arrangement has been  made to make the Fair one of the niost interesting  4 ever held by the Asj ociation      M  J  WILLI AM S President       1  P  Orr   Jr   Secretary  td   i   SIM T soy CO uxT r      T he lii  t annual exhibition of the Simpson Co   Agricultural and Mechanical Association will   Icumnicnccon their fair grounds  one mile north    of Franklin  Ky      OX TUESDAY  SEPTEMBER 15  IHHS    And cotinue live days  Breinium list will be  ready by the first  lay of August  and can be had  upon  application to the  Secretary    W C  MONTAGUE  President   I   A Caldwkll  Secretary   v2nn lni      SCOTT COUNTY    T   HE Scott   ountv Agricultural Mid Mechanical  Association wifi hold its annual exhibition    near Georgetown  commencing on     Tnesdity  Septembev ir fU  IStiS    and continue three days  The premium list is  liberal  comprehensive    ami can be obtained by  applying to the Secretary    J  S  SINl LAIR  President   II  S  Parks  Secretary  td     J S  WOOLFOLK  H G  CKAIO    WOOLFOUK A  CKAIG      I General Commission Merchants    LEXINGTON  KENTUCKY    DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF   I Gvaht  Trovisions and Troduve      cpHKY are prepared to buy  store  or ship  all    A kindsofCirain and Produce  on the most lavor   I able terms  Tl clr location being on the Lexington  and Txmisville Railroad  it gives them unsurpassed  I facilities for handling tiraiu  and their Warehouse  1 i eing fire pi oof  the risk of lire is small  They  1 have an open   olicy of insurance on their building   ami can have anv thing stored with them covered  I by insurance on  the most favorable term        Seed M hoat Depiutmonf    Ill this department we now have some 15 to 20  variet ie    among them the celebrate l Trove Wheal   wnd all Uie bc t home varieties  We have also the  best  White Rve Seed    armers who have Grain to dispose of are  equested to givens a call  at ourollicc on W e st  Main Street   vlnlO tf     Bl CK RKEFE  C  K  CANNON  S  W  WILLIAMS      REESE  CANNON   CO       GKNERAL   INSURANCE AGENTS    N  ONE but Jlrst i lass In urancc    ompanies  represented    j Life  Fire hiiil Iiiland Iiisurauee   i effected on mo t fworable tenns  Ksiiccially fav     orable InMirance afforded to EAIIM Property      ive ns a call itefore applying el sewhcre  Office  the  herifl  s Office  Lexington  Ky    I atv2ii8  iiu   I Patent Excelsior Churn    Tin  RKST i  KR usi i      I   I   jNE great  advantage in this Churn  is that it   tyorhs the butter c lit irel if free from  j the biitteriuilh    WJicrevei  they have l ecn introiluce l  Uiey have  I given entire satisfuction  An examination ot    the principle on which they  arc constructed  will  1 convince auy one of their vast superiority    1 They areof different sizes  and mailc of the best  materia   For sale by J  L  GILMORE    I  v2 n4tf  Main Street    Tlip Bnu 11 Maiiufarturiug   oiiiiiaiiy s  Ni W CLOTH I L  TK   FOR THK   H HEELEJi a tf ILSOy   SEWING MACIIINi     M aking the W heeler   WiUou stitch  alike on  both sides of the fabric  The Grover   Ba   ker stitch  using the thread directly from two  spools without rewindiug in the bobbin  and  tne three thread ornamental stitch  by which the  most exquisite embroidery is fabricated  Patented   manufactured and sold by the Bruen Manufactur   ing Company  511 Broadway  N  Y  Price   10 00   Agents wanted  v2nl2 2m     Lexington Advertisements      AT   Emporium Carpet Hall    LEXINGTON  KY       PRICES REDUCED      D uring the next six weeks I will offer great  bargains to   CASH CUSTOIMEHS  IN   C VRPETIXGS    IV 4LL PAPEKS    WINDOW SHADES    LAUE A  D   DAXASK CURTALXS    OIL CLOTHS   e    1 am iu Dce l of money  and iu order to raise it   will sell goods at   LOWER PRICES     than can l c piirchas e l elsewhere  I have this day  receiveil a largo supply of   INGHAIN CARPETINGS    C  4ll ami examine the stoek      v2n  l      0 Trouble to  Sliotr Hoods    W M  i owuv      SIRRING     AND   Stiimner Clolliiu i     VERY CHEAP md FINE      rpHE undersigned has just received Irom New  X York  a hand some stock of   Spring and Summer Clothing     IA i  EURXlSHiya GOODS   For   Geiits  Y oiitli  s ami Cliihlreii    All of which were bought for cssh which en   ablc i him to sell them   Vory XjO w    To l e convinced of the truth of this statement you  have but to cal  and look through his extensive  stock  JOHN H  WERTS    v2 n2tf Main St   opposite Court House    i IT wT Tattekson     II aiiufartarer aud Iiiiiiortor   OF FURNITURE    j Lexiiiffton  Ky      1 WELSHES TO INFORM HIS FRIENDS AND  1 T  the public that he has on hantl   A LARGE STOCK OF FI HMTI RE      I The most of which is of his own manufacture  which he will sell on as reasonable terms as any  house in the city    COFFIXbOFALL DESIGNS      WITH A SPLENDID     NEW HEARSE    The I incst in the City    Those of my friends w ho wish to patronize m  in that line  will be waited on  in a satisfactory  manner  and at reasonable pricc    Mr  John U   Lackens will attend to all calls in my absence    His residence is on Up  er Street  in the rear of  the Episcopal C hurch      vlnoSOtf      DISSOLUTION    partnership existing under the firm of  X Procter A  Hoeker  is this day dissolved by mu   tual consent  J  NV  Procter retiring    J  W  PRO  TOR    J  M  HOCKEU   Lexington  Ky   Feb  2ti  18C8      Having entered into a partnership under the  firm name of   J  M  HOOKER   CO     We will continue the banking business at the  place occupied by Proctor 2fc Hoeker   comer of  Upper ami    hort streets    and will settle the busi   ness of the late firm  J  M  HOI KER    J  S  WOOLFOLK    H  ti     R UG    Lexington  Ky   Feb  2 i  180t   vln41 tj City paperfeopy      i TOBACCO  CIGARS    SIST U  F IB      I   OF THE I   j VERY REST OVALITY    I To he liaJ at the Drug an l Hook Store of  1       I v 2 n 7 D  T   k   1   15   MOKTOS    A GREAT LUXURY      rw  iiERE is no greater luxury than a line cigar   L Thoscdesiring such will fiiul a larger variety  I and at lower prices than ever offered in thiP mar   I ket  The following are some of the brands     I l fo  Jttack Crookf El Htiltana  La Eevfee     tioHfO  ir  Operaf Queen of the Jale    I La fiingular  Jm Eoaalia  Jtoquett  El  Eatacio  Indian Brigade  Stubenrille    Delong   brother  cheapside      Sewing Machines    The Last Grand Triumph      GROVER   BAKER S      Camps otV tlip HKiHEST PHI E      Six 151iie Kil bons at tho Soooml  l  oui siaiia Fair      B  t Sewing  Machine for General Work   DIPLOMA    2  Bcfct Specimen of Plnin Needle Work by  Machine  Si L V ER M EDA I     3  Best Siieciiiieii Ornamental Work hy Ma   chine   SILVER MEDAL    4  Best Infant s Dress Worked bv Machine    5  licst I  Adv sSkirt Worked by Machine    0  Best Embroidery on t ealhe r Machine    For the ihret  last it nu eivcil the highest prizes    Ejctract frora Sfeciol lieport of Committee  Oil Seiriiuj Machines     Bcf4t Sewing MHeliliie for Oenernl Work    Premium awarded this Machine  entry No  1    Grover H Baker s  for strength of Machine  firm   ness and variety of work  sewing light and heavy   f l ooiU without change of tension  and for ailapta   lility for all fabrics  from the lightest muslin to  the heaviest and coarsest cloths    s  N  MOODY  rhalrman    J  A  Turnell      E  Cate  Jos  A  Shakespeare   Ivcon Gudehnux  Committee    U  N  MURPHY  Agent    Main street  Bradley s Block  Lexington  Ky   Yllll1 tf     OFFICIAL NOTICE       Important Announcement    WasiiIsotov  May  Uh  1S6S   This Department has received a Gold Medal   awarded to your firm  on    ewingaml Button llole   Machines  at the Paris Universal ExiMisition  1801    W  il  SEWAUI   Secretary of  State   The mere fact of Wheeler A  Wil soh receiving  the only  iold Medal  overH2 competitors fi om  every partof the worhl  must convince every rea   sonable mind that is beyond doubt the   Hckl Famil v Sewing  Machine in the World    Our office   for   entral Kentucky  has boon re   moveil from Higgin   Blo  k to No  PMVest Main  street  next to McMichaels  dry good s store    V3n5 WM  SI MNER CO      Miscellaneous        Weddings and Parties        HENRY WOLF    CONFECTIONER        0   T    No   1  MAIN STREET    L e X i 11 t 0 11   K y      C    0      0         holesale anj Retail Dealer and Man         ulaeturer yr     0    z    Plain and Froiicli C onfco          0        tionoiic s      a         a    0    Also  a Restaurant lor Ladles and    3      Gentlemen  in M hicli Avill lie runiished    CO    1    at all times B E CREAM  Fruits  and all other luxuries in season         IIEXilY WOLF     1      vlnJS tf        1     COLD PENS  PENCILS   And the lx s    Note  Letter and Cap Papers    Envellopes  Ink    Itlank Kooks    School   Miscellaneous Books      To I c had at the Book and Drug  Store of   D  T  A J  B  MORTON    V2n1       Mantles  Mantles   Mantles      rpHE largest assortment of Plain and Marble   i  ized Slate and Iron Mantles aud GratCi iuthc  West  Call and see them      BUIDGEFORD A CO   Sixth street  between Main and River   vln46 6m Ixiuisvillc Ky     Copper Stills  Copper Stills    V LL sizes on haml ami made toorder  together  with di tilting work of all deseri diens    BimXJEFORI    CO       Sixth street  between Main and River   vln4fi 6m lA uisville  Ky      Plows  Plows   Plows      H amilton steel Plow  call and sec it  can T  l e surpassed in any kind of soil  Also  Col   lins  Attiicnmeni for plows  at No  J2 West Main  Street  I exington Ky    v2nI5 2t J  L  GILMORE        bc  oultrn     DOMINIQUE FOWLS    The merits of this breed reeorameiul  them to ijerson s residing in the eoiintry as  well worthy of promotion in the poultry  yard  Whether a   makers of eggs  or of  meat  as sitters  or as nursers  they arc  valuable  TVe seldom see had fowls of this  variety  and take them in all  the writer  does not liesit ate in pronouncing thorn one  of the best and most prolitable  being liardy  good layers of more than medium sized  eggs  steady sitters  careful nurses  and  wliat is very imj ortant  llie cliicks are  liardy  featlicr early  aud are easy to rear    There is a vast tliflercnce iu fowls  as is  know hy every one who lias paid any at   tention to the subject  wiiilc some are  liardy aud prolitable  otliers are weakly  and scarcely pay tlieir way under the best  management possible  Tlie Dominiques  alVord excellent quality of eggs  and tlcsli  of a juicy  liigh llavored character   in tlie  latter quality not inferior to an V     Tins well known and mucli neglected  common fowl is supposed to be an old and  distinct variety  thougli usually looked  upon as a mere farm yard fowl  tliat is tlie  accidental result ot promiscuous croisingi  but there arc several forms  th j b  lTii Tara   fowls  so called  that arq seen jo be repea   tetl generation after generation  tlie coun   terparts of which are met wi  scattere li  hero and there all over the conntry   TJie  Dominiques are distiiiguislied by theitJ  markings and their color  wliieli is gener   ally considered an indication of liardiliood  and fecundity  Hy some they arc c alled    Hawk colored fowls   from their strong  resemblance in color to the birds of that  name  In England they are usually called      uckoo fowls   from  the fancied resem   blance of their plumage to the feathers of  the Cuckoo s breast    The prev ailing and tine eoTor oi the  Domfnique lowl is a lightish gronr d  bar   red crosswise  and  softly sha  ied   itli a  dark slatoy blue  The comb of thc C fo vls  varies  some being single  while others  ar    double  most  however  are single  Feet  and legs light llesli color and yellow  bill  the same as that of ihe legs     iHienonn  Stork Journnl             Wk find the following in the  Agricul   tur ll 1st    Kaxof  fou E 0 W 1  S   Most dwellers in  towns fail to give their hens room enougli   A Hock of it dozcii onglit to have a li ilf  acre  and half of this in grass  in order to  gain the best results in hrcediiig  Tliey  will lay some for a time  in eonfiiiemenr   but tliey will inevitably run down  Hreed   ers for sale  especially   should be conscien   tious in giving their fowls plenty of range   Tlie roosts should lie well ventilated  and  kept scrupulously clean    Dukkdixo FRO M Yorxti Eowi s   Tlie  Hock will run down in size and vigor  if  tills is followed habltii  Uly  I lillefc lay  more eggs than old hens  lint they  fb no t  lay so large ones  or make so good moth s   The cock should he two or more years old   and the hens at least two years old  for  breeding  A rooster from another fiock  should he introdiieed every otlier j ear    pbi i ruY ox A Lauok  Scai k   Wc have  read some vcrj  interesting romances uihiu  this subject  hut have  nev er seen a e aswof  success  IVc do know of failures  Jlccause  a farmer with ample room can keep rtvent 3    liens  and raise two hundred cliickens  it  does not follow that he can keep two  liundred hens and raise two tliousand  cliickens on the same ground  or on ten  times tlie space  The figures misle ad san   guine people  and mant learn  atgreal cx   pensc for tuition  that a few hens pay  and  manj  do not      Tuainixg Tlkkevs   The ttachmentof  these birds to tliqir  oosting  i laccs is not  quite   o strong  as that of hens  hut tncy  have very strong memories of tlieir feed   ing places  One of the best roosts thcj   can have is a large pole  raised ten or  twelve feet from the ground on crotched  sticks  If the j ouiig fiock is trained to  roo st on tills  as soon as they are large  enough to leave tlie motlier s wings  tliey  will seek it of tlieir own accord  Tlie v   should be regnlarh  sought at night  anil  fed  and driven to one roost    Staxdaur Wkioht ok Poultry   We  are not aware that any society  which  ollci s preminms for poultrj   has adopted  any standard of weight for prize fowls     This is esiieciall   desir ahle  in the birds  tliat are raised for tlieir ilesli  We notice  in a recent show in England a pair of tur   keys tliat wciglied 50 lbs   a pair of white  geese 54 a lbs  Wliite Aylesbury ducks  ISj lbs  itoiicn We like the sug    gestion  and commend it to tlie notice of  all the  Agricultural Societies  IJirds that  do not come up to some adopted standard  should not have iiremiums    Cure for Gaues in Chickens   Ciirpeii   tine and goose oil  mixed  rubbed on the  wings and breast of the hen just before tliy  chickens go to roost  is good lor the gaijcs      Guinea Fowls  PijoErr    These fowls   when a number of hens are together  it is  said will all lav their eggs iu one place till  the instinct o f  setting begins to operate   when c icli will make a nest  or sometimes  two will club together in laying and set   ting  When the chicks come out tjiey  must have a free riin as coiifiiiemcnt is  fatal to the brood  The Guinea is a prolific  layer  but her noise sometimes is ratlicr  annoying      Food for Young Turkeys    There is no  better food for tiirkej s than Indian meal  moistened witli milk  a liberal suiqily  of  clabbering milk  occasioiiall   a little boiled  rice  and crumbs of hre ad soaked in milk   Wet  cool weather is very hard upon young  turkeys  which are naturally delicate  and  tlie utmost care should he taken to keep  them Iiou sed and as drj  as possible    Give  them Ashes    Wiiere fowls are  confined in considerable numbers to a re   stricted enclosure they should have a good  supply of wood ashes to wallow in  Ic  will pay to fill a large box with ashes and  place it under shelter where the fowls can  use it at pleasure  It is a pleasure to them  as is manifest by the e ageriiess with whicli  they avail themselves of this means of  purification         vJOTJK D  IL       Desirable Farm for Sale         I oFFKIi lor   alc nrivat  ly tlic lurm upon nint h  I rc i U   lom  mile  iVom the fiiy of   aj l rarm i   oue halt inik  ri   m the Manwl imri      tm npiko  an l ailjoininir tlu  farin   of iomi  luyaii    1  i  Headley  Maiioi  ilowniiJi  and or ior   and  eonl  tin    1 7 Q   and   nm  pole    it i   nio  tly in  ifra     is well  fenec l and llnely watered  with plenty t f iinilK r  anil llre AMMid  There n a  riinn in   water tliron rli  the 1  iitire favmdnrin   the drouth of la  t season    J here i  upon the plaee a line yoiiiuj orchard  with  a fair supply ot  small fruits  I he hoii  o i   of  hrick  is comparatively new  jrimd and   nlwian   tial  containing clzhf rooms  with kitchen and   tore iiMiin attached   the ont honses are j oo   ainl   iinicitMit  The nei rliborhi od i  intelligent and  relliied  with cliurches  mills and  ch H U eonten   ient  Taken altojrether there i   not a morede  ir   jiblo farm of the same size in the state    If the farm is luit sold hy llii  lUlli of Novemher   it w ill on that dav he sohf rthe hij hest bidder  with Hie stock  t i op and T mninjr Flen ils    Po   e   ion to   nit the purchaser  l avnient   liasv  d   1  11 A i KN    nl Vtf   PUBLIC SALE   OF   VALUABLE HORSE STOCK    MI LK   OLTS  SI LKY A H VKXESS    Will be sold w ithout reserve    0   Satiiffltijf  null of  ScpU nihfr     ommeneinje at 10 o clock  on t heapside   lon  Ky     Ki lit  ioo l Youiik  W ork 3Iar  s    Exeellont bi ceiler   believed to he with foal hv  my duck  and their eijjht mnle colls  very gooil   ON K N     1 SA1 ULK MAKK    One    ternution   and   one by the kiiicht of St  ticory e  one by the Law  less lior e  and two by dosh Bell  two hay Mam   lirino horse colts  saine UKt   well broke  an old  thmoUKbbreil IhymkI iiiare  stinted to Edwin For   i est  dr   and her two eolts hy same horse  very  lino  Also Edwin Fbre l  dr    8 vears old drive   well  is a line mover  and one of the best bre eders  in yie  Stale  He and his colts w ill show for them      elves  nporf day of sale  also  a new light track  sidky  and line set of new liarness    Terms   i l days note  well secured  negotiable   undpavabie in either of the Le xington Imnk      D   i    IIIUSTIAN      l nih      K hP  Anetioncer  Itltd     I L AAV ui  c irs      KI KBBATEI     ROSTAD YLTS    l ocomnicmle l by   THK BKST PHYSICIANS   AM  THK   l KAIU  i MEX AXI  XEMSl ACEKS   tlirou liont the coiiiitiy      THE KEST IS THE CHEAi KST      very line bujrKV inai e  four yeitrs old  by Con    lutiun   5 sunei ior 2 yeiir obl llllies  well biyke  to  ingle and double barne     one a Mamlu ino      Kea   the l  ollowiiig fr  iii        BRICK POMEROY S  Paper    The liiiCrosse l   iiioerat  May 121 li  ls  S      KOS A 1   A 1  LS        We never eoniinend a thing to the piihlic until  we know ju  t w hat it is  and that is why  having  the greatest eontldenee in the preparation  weeun  ejn ueslly recommend to asuflering pnhiic  Dr   Lawrence s cunn oundo  ti act of Uosudalis      it is nni lvalleil as a IiIimmI jiuriller  and is a  certain cure f  r scrofula in all its various forms   chronic  rbeinnatlsm  sore eyes  eruntjims of the  skin  and all diseases of the bhaid  liver  kidneys  and hhidder    fier eradicating every species of  hiiinor and bad taint it restores the system to a    healthv and vig W  ns conditinn  and never jn o   dnees the slightest injnr  in any shu ie      I nlikc patent iiuuck medicines  the Ros adtilis  is not emnpounde l of unknown ingredients  hnt  the li st of articles from which it is compounded is  pnhiished  nd wraped alnnit each hottlc  and  wherever tt has lieen inlnMliiccfl the  Medical F w   nltv have most highly recommended it      Dr  Law renoe lias  thousands of the best kindof      testimonials fiinn sufferers wlu  havebeen relieved I    through tlie inoilinm of Itosadalis  As soon a  it  became a little known  it was extensively useil   ami the manufacturers found it necessary to re   move to Ualtiinore  in order to be able tosupply  the demand     The Uosudalis is everything that is claimed for  it  which is evidenecil hy its rapid sale  ami tlie  gWMl reputation it has already  ibtained  Dr   1     1  I awrence t o   sole proprietors and inannfue   tnrers  Ualtimore  Md       XHM Klt SCHOLL   LIGHTNING RODlj   HAi Ls pati nt    H  W  DESHLER   CO  I   Suh  I rojiriftiirs for Hu  Stiites o  j  Keiitiwlti   Ti ii iiessi e   li frfffi vf s   IjOuisitinii  Mi i  iissijijii  Ti xiisaiid  Alithiniui    OIIie   k  Js West  IclIVr   0 u St  I oiii villn Ky  TKSTIAIONIALS    HaI T S PaTKX I    OlTKlt Si KOLI  I KiUT   xixr  ltoi     The attention of the pnblie is  called to llic following lioine testinionials  as to tlie superiority of Hall s I atentCoV   por Sgroll I iKlit iing  tod  wliicli is Inlly  described in an advertisement in anotlier  coliiinn    Lkxixgtox  Kv    Inly ISth  IStiS   ileasrs  Di shler it Co         Gexts    O n rellectiiiK upon tlie peon     liarities of Hall s Patent l iwhtniiig Itod  i  1 am convinced it is the best I have seen iii    use  and for the following reasons     It is made of eopiier  which is tlie best   ronilitrior of electricity of all the metals  except silver   Vceording to the celebrated  French E lcctrician  Ilecqnerel  copper and  iron in rods or wires of tin  same size   conduct in tlie proportions of 100 for the  former and a little less than 10 for the lat   ter  so tliat till  condnciiiig iKiwer of tlie  copiicr is more tlian six times greater tlian  tliatofthe iron  The Englisli E lectrieian  Sami  Harris  found copper to conduct  electricity live times greater and better  tlian iron   and more I cccnt observations  make tlie rate to be as 100 for tlie cornier  is lo i i for the iron  All philosophers  agree tliat the copper is a mueh more rapid  conduetor than iron  in about tlie propor   tion above s ated  Copper is tlierefore  greatly preferable for the liglitninir rod  the oltice of which is to oia n the easiest   and  piiekest pa sway for tlie eleetrieity  between the atniospli erc  and tlie condiict   ing surface of the eartli  This metal is  preforalile to iron also  liecanse it does not  rust as rapidly as iron does  and tlie mode  adopted liy yon of attaehing tlie copper  rod to tin  h liililing with zinc strips  will  elfectiially prevent tin   liglit oxidation   whieli tlie eopiier might undergo  if not  thus protected  Tlie zinc and copper tlius  attached  form a galvanic pair  of whicli tlie  copiier rod is tlie negative clement  it is  thus not only preserved  from oxidation   but tlie negative oonditioii of the iioint  may aid its action on tlie positive electric   ity of tlie atniospliere  The practical ob   jection to tlie eo i  er rod has lieeii tlie higli   price of tlie metal  but this objection is  obviated liy you  by making the eopiK r  into the form  of a tube  Since it has been  fully demonstrated that it is only tlie sur   face of tlie eoiiductor whicli acts  and yon  luive given to your rods a surface large  enongli lor the protection of any hnilding   and larger than is generally given to liglit   iiing rods  You have thus solved tlie  problem of combining the greatest ecoii   omj  witli tlie liigliest degree of ethciency      eerlaiuhj prefer your rod to any that I have  hitherto examined    Yours  i c     Robert Rktfr    I rof  t liemistry and Rliysics  in Ken   tucky I nivcrsity    Ma i  I iKsm i i  If von slioiild prefer to  adil that I liaveordereil a roil  to be erected  b 3   yon  lo niy lioii e in tliis county  you  may so state in a brief note to my cer   tilieate  The lioiise i  of two stories  tlie  lower story about twelve feet  tlie upper  story about ten feet  I slionld need two  point   Ae  Respectfully    Roi   eht 1 eter   I KXixoTiix  Kv    Inly 2    1S  8    R  M  Kei i v  licarSir   Having   carefully read l r  Peter s   ommendation  of Hall s Patent Uglitniiig Rod  and liv   ing myself examined its construction  and  liad tli e views of t e inventor explained to  I liave no hesitation in endorsing all     ESTAliJ IslIKr  IS 15            The Buckeye Cider Mill    w E arc now oflering on r largo  Iwk of     Farmers  Attention    BUY YOUR MACHINERY    AM  RM LILUrNTS DIKKCT   I KUM THi    YLaimrac t   AM   AVK Tin    Coiiniii sioii uliirii In  laid lo all Doalf rs      incuts at the     manufaolurers for ra h  Onr gofaU arc   from the best mamifactorioti  ainl evcr  thing war   rantciL Son l for  ic criptivc almanac amt cat   alogue      SOKGHL M 31 ILLS      aiH  pivparvU to fimii  h any of the follow   1 ing name l arlirlc   at  boii notice   er  low  for ca h      wfuat Mfttlft tt Sunju I ftm   Uill s  Hori onlal  ami vertical  for  teain ov h  r   e power   Srantlin M J atcnt Svu mlfftM Sov jo L co iOfrr oi    Impror   t Sttff ir   i ortf hl   nutl Statio i4irff IJtitfiurit ami   itoilrru    Itnpvovrtl   irritlar Satr MHIh   nick H palrat Salnm rifv t M atri  Wherln   i iiler Millit  Strain i attnr f  4 ora S if ttnrM   Shaj timjt iiaiiffi rn  I allntfs a ml  inarhtif   h rnn s patrut Vl Imat i  an amt iirain St mra   ior    Dexter Cider Mills   28 00        GKO  W  GIST  KD  KNOBLK ALKX  II   ADAMS   GIST  KNOBLE   CO        holo alo an l Uetail  lcaloV   in   Iron  Steel  Cutlery  Crates   Mantles  Castings   c     Xo  West Miiiii Street  Ijexingtoii  Ky    n A   INti opcnt il a m w  4oio  wc arc now pre   pared to   SUPPLY CUSTOMERS   with the hot finality of goodh    T Tin  LOWKST IMCICKS      inr slock i      Victor Cane  Mills  Xo  0     Xo  I       Xo           Xo                  0 00  s l 00  100  Ml I   140 00  7  i  M        Large  New well Assorted    and purchasers would do well to call and price  onr gooiD before buying elsewhere  Special in    lucemcnlsto   Wholesale Dealers      Secliler A Porter s  aiie  Mills  Xo  1   I          Xo  iio  Ml          Xo  I i  i 00         Xo  4  140 oo    COOK S sue  Alt KVAHOHATOK   Iron Pan on Koeker   Xo  70 0         Xo   L m   Ml       Xo  4  0     Ml   CojiperPan on Rockers Xo  i 120  Ml      Xo      140 00          Xo  4  10 1  M    Cl OKU XII LLS    Btiokeye Iiii irove I  Sen  ij 4    OO      lun  2o OO   Eureka  large  m    Hutchinson s Family  2    OO   Crape Press  l  i OO     Sole maiuifaetnrei  of the eclebrated   SKELETON GRATE BARS      This Is the U t bar in use  will not warp or  twist   saves fuel   saves time in getting np steam   and is more dunihle  Hive it atrial  and you will  nevcrn se any other  Seml for descriptive eat   aloguc and jiriee list    1 EAHS  N  AIKEN A  t A     Variety Foundry  Agrlcnltnral and Machine  Work i  Main st   between l 2th nndl lth   V 2ii4 4in Louisville  Ky      IS xx nld r i e s    Har and Xail Iron    Hound and Hoop Iron    Steel  Assorted Xails    Assorted Horse Shoe Xails   Assorted Horse and   Mule Shoes    Sereivs A  Hinges    Carpenter and Hlacksiiiitli s Tools    Table and Pocket Cutlery    Crates and  Mantles    Shovels  Spades  lairks   HoIIom Ware  Axes   Cradles  Hakes   and Sf jthes     iooclis  IX E lee Cream Freezers  the  best in Hie iiiiirket atiiiannfiicturei  s price    v2n4 tl l     In addition to the uipnc wc keep   Cutting IJo ves  Coni Sliellers    IMows  of all kinds  Harvow    rhmn  Ac    JTI KLV WI AKD A   O     Louisville  Kv    v2nl0  2m     Crr I YYL1  1    jS7     E O S A 1   A I   I S     0I    old w hole ale by all the principal w h  lc   sabTnb uggi ts ill nil the large cit le  of tlie riille l  States and lli itish America  and  retail hy drug   gists everywhere   Ml letters of iminiry  Ac    inompllv ituswered  Addres     Dr   1   1  LAWKENCE     ole propriebo s and manufacturers     214 Ualtiniore sir  ct  Daltimore  Md   Western De M t   2 10 Vine stre  l    incinnali  diio   v2nl2     dOlJX T  MIU EIL   Wholesale and Retail     JJALI   MOOKE A MILLEK     Matnt ncturern of    A j  1   i    iM t u r a I I iii p I o ni cuts    WKarc working over hands tlaily   in manutactnring Funning fniplements  Machines   Ac   and our facilities ai c siicii that wec m and do  M U our  mMlnetioiisc4c    cr than any other c tah   lishnient in tlie rnite  l states  among which wil  be found     Kentucky Harvester s t omhined Ueaper anp  Mower    Kcntiickv l5ro id Gauge Keaper  only cuts seven  feet     Kentucky f lipner Mower only     Two and Four Horse L  ver Powers     Two ami Four Hoi sc Threshers  Wronghl Ji on  Cylinders     Onc Horse Chain or Kail way Pow  i       hie and Two Horse Thresher for Kallwaj  IY w   ers    Circular  aw Mills   24 inch  for Sawing Cord  W ootl     Cast end 8U e  t  oxvs    f su K rior quality     Shovel Plows and Cultivators     Corn ShcUci  i  for Hand and Power  assorted   Uevolving Hoisc Hay Uakcs  assorted    Stewart s IVrfeci   ott  n  M iiiters    Railroad i arts  iron     les    Hiiggy  Ciirriagc  iiinl Wiitoii Wheels    Jtafpfff amt l jrjir  f tt itoitii M  aiatortrd    I jg jy  send for List of Ib iccs or call in person    I Ollice and Wholesale Samph  Kooms  No  179  Main      street  I p stair    bet  5lh and lilli streets    I LOl ISVILLK  KV    V 2 iiUf     Oi  er   V4Eill      Kiuiuce and pressc   the grimiing rollc   gr ics without cra  king the seeds  Price      itdry  Hy  uljnsting one of  rollers it can he rnailo to grind     Jftuibrdi     llE M Kl  l N   c  Cailery  Iron  Steel  f ini v   ih uies  A e    Vv      n  WlNti recently made large U ldit ions to his  stock  i s now prepared lo snnply liis custo   mers  and the imblic generally  with thcbe t qual   ity of goods  at nrices to suit the times  Ho w ill  offer special inducements to   CASH BUYERS        Bf Dealers andolbers  buying lor cash  and in   juantilies offrom  100to  T 00  at a single  mr   chase  will be furnished at Cincinnati pneq   froignt iuldcd     iivahiin a call  at his m  v store  next door to  his old stand  Main  between Jliinidway mid Mill  st reels      S U N 1 111 KS     KrtjM Assorted  oits     70 Kfffs  tssortid Horst  oad Jdalt  Shoes  tiOftKtit jioamlv of Jiti r J i oif a ad Sft tl   t atlertj of ntt Kinds   l ocks  Miagts amt Screirt   ituns and J istots  Ajres  Shorits    Spades  Mantles  Orates  de      In store ami for sale low  foreash  by   JOHN T  MI M  Eli   feb 27 l tf4      CHOICE SEED WHEAT      K offer choiec Pemia grown i ee l the most  f valuable  Ked and White wheats  also o   the best recently imported varieties  Dc icripU  e  priced circular mailed to applicants    EDWARD    EVANS A Co   Nursennaii an   Seedmen   ork Penn   nollri 8m      W     tliiit Dr  Peti r says of it    H  l   vin r it h i  the iiifli its claimeil for  it  I iiiii moved l y feelings of liiiimiiiity to  urge its imivei al  i lo itiuii   is tlie best  huiii  iii  seeiirity  ig iiiist lasmilties from  liglitiiiiig  it  is l ertainly tlie best lightning  roil I li ive ever examineil    Rfspeetfiilly Yours    Roiiert  Jr siiam    Fresiilent   ollege of Arts  Kentucky I lii   versiry    MR D svil  IIKKWSTKU  I Ilf liis ln t Kii  li h  iu  I ylwve   lit ri i ri  ent    llie Lhiim  ioii ti ter  thority  suV     The oidy icrm  U  on which we can     H d W me Mill  It irrind   the aj ple into  olt  mo4 t thi    releiiile  s tmemy  iv a humble admission   U  its  mpreme  irresistibfe nowi r  and a resolu   tion to give it the fullest ami freest passport  We  mu t sujiply It  in fact  w ith a railway of metal   the only opecies of road id an which i  can travel  with suitable   pee l   I In  crunmon practice  if  nsingcyliiulrical r   U of inm affoitls a very iiupcr   hrl security  In   eenring bnildings  one or more  capacious channels of coinluetion  honld be ap   plied systoinatically along the walls  These main  chanmd s shouM con i  t of   tout cop wr tubing    Tlu s   may Im  curried dow n either within or w ith   out the building  When tubing is employed the  joints must l e well secured  These lines of eon   duct ion shoiiM Ixi ecnretl iminediatfdy against the  bniMing    and not lie placeil at a distance finjin it  nor pa   through rings of g   Y   or other insnlator      The object in applying metals alongthe walls isto  complete the cxnidm ting power of a general mass  up to the point reiiuiren for a full transmission of  a sho  k ot lightning w ithout intevmediale e  pl          ion  and  tlu refon   thoArlo   r the con lu  loij i      applied to the w all  the   ettor  The notion of    ki e     f lieiiiijiioti    JhitrhisoiCs Friinilif  Mill   You tiff  liitirirri     S V       Sugar     Cane     Mills      Xo   MI   Xo  1   Xo  2           v   vliv vnx  irvvivi  A liv vz    XO  5    ping the elei tricii  disuharge out of tlie bnil l  v     ing by insulating the eomUu tor fi om its walls  i      evidentlv futile  ami   an only arise fnim  i false  view  ol the  uutnrt  of the ch   trical discharge   which is  ietenniiKMl to the earth in the path of  least resistance  which the conductor it elf sup   plies   Ve 4 unnot  therefore  imagine that tin   electrical agency will leave a good  capacious   on   dnetor imnie Uutely in its line of action  an l in  w Inch the resistance is a minimtint  to move 4n a  hu l coinincting circuit  out of that line  in which  the resistance a niaarimwn  Hnt if w e were to  admit that an effect were jiossible  it is not to be  snp M si d th it a  mall mass of bad conducting  matter  such  is a ring of ghiss  could arrest such  a terrible agency in its onward course  An agenev  which ran shiver immense o ik trees  split solnl  rock  asunder  and break doYvn half a mile thick  o  air  would M Hi e ely be arrested by an insignifi   cant piece ol  glass       clouedia B ritanic a  VIII  Edition  page 009  w   CHALLKXLli     Five year  ago the proprietors offered a challenge  of one thousand dollars  which has lM en repeated   ly piiblisbe l ill the   hirago Tribune  u d other  leading papers   that no Lightning Ucxl conbl lie  producccl combining so many excellencies a  the    opper Scroll  Proprietors of other i o ls are re   spectfully informed that said challenge is still  standing  anil the money ready to lie deiKisiieil as  soon as they are rea h to take their rmis Leforc any  competent committee of scientlllc  men  and have  their merits te ted w ith tho e of the  C hallenge    Rod      B  HUNT  K  M  KKLLY    HUNT A  KlU LY  A f  Mts     P1oiif   r    Roller      iiirtu    i      1  It U I  K N   S     Italian Marble Works    COKSKR OK   t ppt r and Secfmd Stmets    l i   INGTON  KKNTl C KY      riantles  Flonuments    sT tTr iitY  r iitj i rs  r   s   v   And every description of Marble M ork a  LOWER I RirES than si ch work has ever  l een sold for in this market  Glec5n    i If     for the 7th and 8th Uongres iionan istricts  T   Harkins  Traveling Agent  R  H  Rohbin   a   traveling Agent    Specimens may lie   ieen at the hanlware stow of  John T  Miller  tW West Main St   Lexington  Ky   Reliable agents wanted in every counts     V2nlltf     Goodrich s Evaporator    t  rpct Iona    Id iiicli Hi l    8 Iiicli depii  rl o   10   0 S  10   The tioddrich Kvap  r tt  r Ifti  uqmd cnpacitj  to  other Eva  oiator   which co  t two or three times  U   nim h  The quality of syrup made on the   fi ooDiiirif E J A r oi  i roii   ha  no sij  erior  We are the  oly manufac tur  rs      GRAIN DRILLS    W  tf  N Tuman s patent Drill is the l est now in  Use  Wc are sole agents in Kentucky    Our a  ortment of   r 4 liMlXG IMPLEMENTS   is large  embracing all of the mostappix ved kinds      HEWITT   lARDY A Co     v2nn  2m Ix uisvillc  Ky      PIANOS   PIANOS         M V I             vited to call and examine three of tneinost  j iicrfect ami complete       X nvr o IS    ever bi oiight to this city  They have just arrived  from the celebrate l manufactory of Kraiishaar A  Co   who have lately inti oduced into all tlieir  Pianos the most perfiVt   Patent Afrrafl i   Vrraiig   iii  iit   w hich imi ix vemeiit I endera the treblca  K wer   ul as the nass  and as clear and  listinct as a bell   There is al  o uniformity in the whole tone  and an  easiness and an elegance of touch not equalled by  any Piano made  The numerous sales made by me  lately is positive proof that the Piano is every   thing it is represented to be        F  BROWER    Sole Agent for the above  Piano for Ceutral Ken   tucky  vln45 ly      JILWAKD A to     Having wmoveil into Ihcir uew and  warerooms  Ao      JfoDi  Sf  cef  have now   in store the most complete asxirtment of   F U R N 1 T U R E   Kver brought to this city  Kvery viiritly of   PAULOn    ISEI  IiOOM    inXISG JtOOM    If ALE  Lilt It ARY      VM     OFFICE FURNITURE    In Rosewood  W alnut  Mahogany  Oak  Maple   Cherry  Ac   is to be fonml in their Warevooifas  Also  Spring  Hair  Shuck  and Comi osition   Mattrasses  Spring Bottoms     Tt     tr    Vr       gf  l iices moderate  Examine their stock be   fore making your pnreha o       UNDERTAKING   In all it  branche   i romptly attended to      MILWARD A CO      vliri i tf     Hutchison  McChesney   Co    Wholesale and Retail   Gr X  O O O        tiril Jleiilers in all Iriiuls of   L I     U    R S    LUX 1 N  T 0 N  K UNTUl K V            Ekcepa large and well as  oi ted  tovk   se     4 lected from Munnfactnrei s and Importers   w hich enable s u   wc think  lo do as well with  our w hole  ilc cn tomers a   they can in any of  the   rtIVEK CITIES    W cal o have a large stock of tlie mo t  npei ior   FA QUO Its  UTNES     c    Pure Copper Whisky  from one to sixteen years  old      To the Fannei s   Wc Would say  that we deal eNtensively not only  in Gram  bnt in every kind oft onntry Produce   paying the highest price  We also keep the be f  nrands of Flour for  ale   vln4 Uf     Attention Farmei s    W c will give 30 to 40 pounds of No  1 Flour for each  bushel of Wheat delivered at our mill  the quality  of w hcat regulating the amount given    Eighty pounds of Meal given in exchange for  one hundred pounds of   bm    BELL  J0I N   0NA CO    v2d 2     m B SOIL ri OWS     I 1 T received anothar  npply oi   UAltltETT    CiUTTMAN S   Celebrated Double Sub soil   PLOWS  Wc WiirraiiL them to be sii    jierior to any other plow of similar character ever  offereil to the iniblic  Also  a general assortment  of  iarrett A I ottman s IMows  known as the    KOVEK     All these Plows arc warranted to give entii e  satisfaction  Farmers are invited to call au l ex   amine them    DkLONG a BRO    Corner Short A chcapshle  I  exington  K    nov 21vln28tf       J  13  TIAjVPP    WHOLESALE AND KETAII        DEALER IX     Cigars  Tobacco  Pipes   Snuff    Ej clnsive Tobareo House    Devoting our whole time and capital to our  business  we can offer better inducements than  most dealers    AT THE OLD STAND    CORNER OF MAIN AND MULBERRY 8TKEETB   Opposite the Phaniigt Hotel      v2n2 3m     LEXINGTON  KY       

Farmers' home journal: 1868-09-10

8 pages, edition 01

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