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date (1860-08-22) newspaper_issue 

VOLUil K TI. 'WnOLU NO. Gi. 



i). ^ibocatc; 



p I ’.opr:ssTON',\ r . c.\ ui )s. 

TKItns OF SUIIsrniFTlON : 


‘■Vt!,L BE MAILKII TO M/ li.C II I B t BS .VT THE rOt- 
l.mvrs'o KATKS : 

0 le ropy, one year if paid in adrnnce, 00 

One ropy, one year, after nil ninnlks, $2 oU 

One ropy, one year, at end of Ihr year, 43 Oil 

:nt o T I c 111 . 


nlTTO I*. IT Z/.f II’, 

W II.I. practiro in this Court. Ohio, aaii V'iri;inia. 

Ol*lco on I'rnnt street, nnxi door to William 
Campbell, Esq. [00-tf] SINGLEfOV Sl’RIC.G. 

Kiiuts of .Vilrei'tiMiis. 

Ono square, ol ten lines or less, for 

One wool! 

Two weeks j ;f. 

Ono month ' 

two mouths 0 

Throe months 

Six months 

Twelvo m-nths I",',"" " ‘ . 

Each ajailiiinal square (less than hall a column, and 
publishoJ for a shorter time than 3 months) charg- 
ed in the same proportion. 

One Cnlnmn ono‘month $20 00 ' T)R.\CTICE8 .. 

Throe months ,1n ,m ^ up and Bawr 

Six months '.Jp O'' 

Twelvt! -j " 





W IT.L practicp in Hovtl and adjoining counties in 
K'*ntuckv ami th*» bordorins counties in Ohio 
and Virginia. Special attention paid to the collection 
of claims. 

R K FK R KN'C ks. — ' lion. C. Hayden. Editor Western 
Faa w MonthI V , Clevelanil, Ohio ; Hon. L. NV An- 
dri-ws. ri.»inin{»sburj». Kv: Alonzo Cushing’, GnIUpo* 
lis, Ohio; Andrew Park, Ks-^., Charleston, Va; f*t\arles 
Moure, Point IMeas.t lit \^i. » 





The Great Remedies now in Use! 

C -tURE mere sutleringhninanity.a nd in a shortor 

,1 timo than all "''"‘t hLT"’,'!?,'’,'';,. , 

  UOO!vi;’S l.I.l.t, 1 KIC. OIL. 

The cures performed by it are so wonjeifnl and 
instant-ineous, so satislact .ry and mitigating ol 
ill. as to call upon public liinclioiiaries, and those 
havirg charge of public 

® Sit K A.Yi) St n i-niM., 

to look well into the well att.isind iii •rits, the simple 
elHcacv of this Electric Oil. Us ellects are so as- 
t^^shmg as to res, Ml, hi those miiaculotis cures in 
sneient fillies, spoken of in the Scriptures, as per- 

I xen ;d by annoiou-'x 


Attorney and Counsellor at Law, 

(^r:t).''Oi . Carter  'ounl , Uv* 

in the Co III tn ol Caru r, Boyd, Or'^pn- 
iip Miul laavvrenc^ rountii»8, KfiitucUy. [-Ib-l v 
ppcial an I prompt n'tfntion givx*i; to collnctinn** 

■\.\ri:, Gcm.^’ 7 L 

t — A 

National Song. 



Hear the Tenncsi?4*an Boll! 

The “iiation’d” Bell ! 

I’lie jieoplo— all ! the people know 
lu intonations wdi ! 

Vos, its notes, so full and clear, 
Have ivached the “nation's car!" 
Then let it ring I 
Let it swing ! 

With a hearty ' clii:g-ga-Un^,'* 

Ali'J with glee! 

0 ! to every L'ltiou 
'Tis a wvlconie, glad pa^an I 
Thivugiiout this glorious land 
Ol Uic iree ! 

Then strike this "Moyal Bell,” 

Till all “pal riot Inisiuns" swell ! 
Let it tell ! tell I tell ! 

Its “U nion’* iliyines ! 

Let it ring ! ring ! ring ! 

Willi a inciry ' cling-ya ling !** 
And till* jH.*ople they icili liiUn 
To its chimes. 

CI)L.S. 1 

). Slibflfiitc. 

JAlffTs J. miller, editor. 

and in ordering CNases fiYaa liis Court transferi'cd to 
Boyd, has given the Supplemental Act the appro- 1 

Boyd County— Its Organization. 

We can certainly refer to om* course in n*gard to 
the division of the county, as well as the proceed- 
ings wliich have been hadin regard lo tlie organi- 
zation of the county of Boyd, ns proof thatweliave 
taken no p;’.it in the sectional strife which it has | 
excited, as to the division of Greenup or the 

location county seat. We regarded the ] eo 

;’le as beihg •ntirdy com])eteiit to arrange uiattcrs ' 
suit theiusclv .«i. ] 

The iN^cint vote given by the ] eople of Boyd inj 
I regard to the tax imposed on Boyd by the Suj^ple- 
j nicntal A( , rs it i.s known, has induced us to ex- ■ ^^xtem 
j amine niore fully the history of the Legislative pro- } p^^sed 

county Treasury about half as much ns the debt 
I we incur under the Supplemental Act. What an 
hation of his opmion as a constitutional act. We, advantage is this ! By reference to the aeU of th** 
also, refer to the lawyers who are engaged in the | late Leeislature it will be seen that the acU creat- 
casos transferred ; they made no objection. Had j ing McL^^nn. Wd»ster, and Wolf countit’s, denies 
they doubted the constilutiouality of the Supple- ; to them the present years tax arising from tithes, 
nientayAct, they would never have coni*eiitod to i it being colUcted and p.aid over to lhe'-cou»iiies 
the traiibLr of their cases to a county, wheiv they Lfroni which they were taken as if no act creaCi.’^ 
had no constitutional authority to hold .a Ciicuit ' the new counties had Uken effect. Nor is tliis all^ 
Court. Among these lawyers were many distin- , tlie ] ortions of Carter and Lawrence whicli ai-e now 
guished members of the bar. As we b arn, no f» r ' a part of Boyd county, are under no moral obiiga 
n a^ ' 

AaRxCT^r.TU RAI ^. 

Dy among Farmers. 

It D 0 . iii ioriMiH fuel that, in.ligi jtim r.revBib 
more exlemiivtly among th« fannimr .,o.,..Lt.v~ - f 

tlie est thi»n a»n’»n ; 


ion of 
WI 13 ' is 

this ? They e.- 1 -uinly take M,y re.-isomahL amSunt 
Ilf e.x rcise. anil that loo m J,a rq.c-a ,iii-. and in the 
broad saiiliMht. i h^ir hmmHsare well veiuilatcJ, 
and bv their nolal-d situatiim fr.;; iVu;,, the 
^unh^althy inllu .*nces of a pi?nt np effy. 

We Ihiiik if our fannei-s will paii .! for a moment 
inu look tills ninlier grav^lj* ' 

me many 

, r* b 

'tl.w . 

! Vclrt.' I' 3tnd Boyd. 

'•’srix oi jrwrpn''(*, .TobnKon 
Special actention given to the 

coll'»clionol cl«in;s. 

The f.ict that I am rlork of the Superior and Coun. 
tv (Courts of bawrence county, and also ina.'»ler com- 
mis.siotier, doex not prevent me from aitendin;,: to all 
business before the Quatteily Court of that countv, 
nor before all the couits in tho other coutiries in 
which I practice. [45 !y 


th'* people bear 
;; nion  0 ch'ar. 

. , r 

llicy swell I 

«kJ id. I “Union (  * 11 ” 




4 I t o r II V y nt L n w, 

Ashland^ K v- 

ill practice in the counties of Boyd. Greenup, 
Carlor, Lawrence, and Lewis, an l also in the 
Pourt of Appeals and Federal Courts at Frankfort, 



Alto r El  • V a 4 L a w 

r.-i TLi-: rr'-i n unn. ky. 

no. 4 1 

with oil . 


■^■^T^ILL practice in the comt'. of Boyd. Greenup. 


These' * 

S ^ 


From tir 

Ar#?;r fear ! 

Tliey will livurkcn to its penU — 
They will buckle on their shields — 
Tlicy will Tuiiiipu in tho battle— 
M hieh is near ! 

Aye ! let it strike ! sti ike ! strike ! 
For its “Union lone" we like ! 
iVal it lomler! with a will ! 

Strike it liiirdor ! harder still I 
And wiili glee ! 

For the hiirder yon van st.'ike it, 
The hit/vr wo slmll like it! 

Then iiLUUAii for the Blll 
O f Tonnuss.-,. • 

j eee.ling, 
f h\* which 
I izc l 

.1 us thoaeof tlio p *opleof the county j trj 

w h*ce, they will 

*as li.adc hut by one, which ohjoction tions to pay any portion of onr debt to Gro n u , not [tf utoM. maiadie**! fimoirg th wollmr 

1 Oth#revidencesti*ongercoulii : having derived any ndvnnU^r^s therc.Toi*; they } 1 Llienonstant n^eof salt meat, particularly salt 

p »rk. jt is well known thar th! 

iistitutif-nahty of the act. however, have interpi-st d no objecUon in being ns- , 
  5 t, The legal t.ahnt in the sessed fortheirpart. This, to the extent vr hich iheiy ^ 
ng whom wore D.ivid Morri 
rews. Tlios. P. Porter, F. F. 
ec|uaHv eminent. A majority 
»n, and the minority whoop 

in and eo operated in all busj 
acting under their oaths, Iho 

- . - . , . . * abominable 

s Lv d in Its own filtliy grease, consti- 
T c 111 ' S'Uif  ’f life in nearly every farniljouse 

rHiev^s us uf so iimch.aiid lessens, oi courj-j. .„ ifce Mi-sissi,,|.i vail.y. Hom and 'hominv are 

the amount we would have had to pay had we i - housuliuM goJ.s. and. according to tlie Hocisicr’s 
mained in Greenup or were we logo back. -*^*-'* ^ exi'i^nee. 

So tliat in every aspect of the case we should [ 

j cH’sC, be 
Mion 13 iKtc^ 
^ as the 
I county JUA 

onn*y has lioen created and crgaii- | could have « Ad no doubt, of the constitutional pow' 
ut dic-inting to U"’ Cpiirt orlh^* poo j or of the L to do bu* iiiess. or ihoy woul 

L tv t... . !l thcatlenlir. ^f W th ! have n-t : • l r^ny a » w,dl ;i5 cj, 

yoir*' l!- 

.\.II K.T. 

as w ■- 'JO, tTT'* ^ X 

;r\'on i*.«- t of the jieople as well ' ‘ 
b}' whk'h pormahenev^ of our 
he ficcured and the advantages claimed 
by its friends «■ cun*«l to its citizens. 

M'c do not for a moment undertake to instruct 
the Court; lliO}- have no douht full}’ investigated 

m i.'S'**’ -i,..! : l^aj ] 

ki .th thl^ counf-r^Mut rfilv 


ir, and nodoubtl 

liigl.i ,»t h'gal autttiorifies in tlw Stale, fije 
tion of the const itinrt^onal power of the Logisl( 
ture, after the ext^ nsiotT^ the usual time, does 
effect alone the act creating Boyd. The most im- 


the suhjeet, and the I'clerc-ncc of the tax clause to ‘ l^rtant Laws of the session were passed after the 
tlie people was to omibh* tlie Hon. Judge to ascor- I *'^th of Felinmry, viz: A hill appropriating $-19, 
tain the 8  *ntimont of tho |ieopler AVe, however. ' for repairing the State Peiiitentiaiy ; th 

take the lib'.Tty of reciting, as we understand it, j Apportionment Bill; the general Appropriatkil 
a Ikistory of all the jn'oceedings, »otIi legl.'ihitive, ' Ihll ; a bill for theexpenses of the Legisl.atun*, (to] 

luewf c“jTk . Thefaitliinl Wenernhouse- 
, , 1 4 **^ *‘‘'* ''^ *1- np Vetroiig «ud good.’- m« miiur noon 

congratulate ours- Ives on the favorable terms and *id night. Rcioler. Just think of it the vilest of 
conditions on which we have obtained a county. washed into the 6tonn *h three times a 

and cheerfullv comply with all the requirements ol' f '.i“ nar-Nirie |ioi‘; pn I 

the act. and that at once. There should be no se.: Tv '' ® ^’''member that 

f-t.ii:) , in ^ii:'« li i; n.uU* r ofj'!* 

•*f*. V,’(* h v: a t,ridd in *L ^ ever 

bcliev. iij.- I ‘ J. , , 

jsober ihuught will, convince lh' se wlio voten 
I against tho tav that they did wi-Ai'i-, and wo ui; 
believe, from what wc cun learn, that if tlie vote 
were* taken over there would be a very different r 
: «lL 

The duty of tlie county of Boyd, we think, it) 

^pluin. If the Court of Claims provides for the ! 

».»tn it-i 

UH*'id catinig. 

■ ...... ■ i,,-;'. ,-,,,.l j. ,1 „ 

h^iuy.M li^altiiy liii'-.lum. If we iind n-ixxnrds 
I :ii-,Mi bwa.'.nw oiir f.~.d .. . ] Jeeke 

" ■' ■ '-«■   . •• 

^ A-.-4t, u.ii i;. ,  /nftcti 

ow:i, wcrkfUvl ‘hai Sitlu it 

^ - -iuns of d-.-riibiv an.: du. ii-.'in the 

af^* fff ncid?ty. ht adache. sense d.‘ Wvjglit over 
e \vlj"le man, irritable teinpLT. des;x)n»iency . etc. 
Onr tarn). ?rs svlJotn »j ond more Uinn ten or tif- 
teen minutes at a meal, ami then g«j iiuinediately 
hn the field and engage in the most lahorioiis work. 

one hour 6 h iuld be spent after eacli meal 
la repose of Itolli b nlv and inin i. 

it »uspoinl 8 tlic question until tlie next of| t^e sUmei, to collect to iVselii so til I’l'ica^^^ 
Claims, and in the meantime, if doubt exislsias to } ’ 7  anu;\- of bh*fid. out of wliicli to elaborate the 
tlie constiUitionnlit 3 - of the act, we obtain TT.-T 



Carter and Lawrence countie.s. 
I tenlion given to t!ic collection of claims 



rnr.”  S(n'** f’ •' 


•■nr... I )l I  1'!' ■“ 

t ure-i I' r “I’ 


I- Ut e.s Su :  '«l 1 1 **4tl. 


Cll-.' . I•■l■ ..1' II" 


V tl I'HS lit 'I i **' 'O. 


CUV I *• r 


. uv.*’* GIi.M'^ 


. uv*- B'li- 


CUl‘ 1'8 S.'aIiL. 


i ur -N Pil'**. 


SmI II • Son.., 


lun-. C .lUr . 1 -'. 


i*ur.».'i Scv.ilehi'S. 

»11 Flesli Wmiiiiiiu.ij CuMiieoiis Lmiitioin in 
ins 1 or bea t. 

r thieo will cure the worx- 

llaiij, ,lr li»3 110 siiiiennr loi Cha|ipiil 
r*-.i':. Ior‘*i'1ui 3. .N'othiiiq 13 belt.-r 
X. .,,.'.3* It WJ. ho eqii"' fi.r 'le'ter 

II, ,. J „n 1 "i'. It '"•'•'•i- eel- / \ 1- l-.U.x 

Ti y : II ; pre 

IVoiiipl at 


i a. .M. TIIOMIS, 

Atioriiey A ^'oiin^eSlor •‘itBjaw 

1 flHrii'bur^. bf'wih ciumty, Ky. 

P R.\rTICKi^ in thu courts of b *wis and a !joininj; 

counties, and in CouiT o.C.'sppr-aU. Particular «t- 
t'»ntion vU-».n to coliectiuh of .-laims. ‘23- 1 v- 


and tlms*‘had by the |K?ople, osp'cially, that th* bj f'*rn^^h CiMinty Judges with public Imoki^ ®P*‘**®i* the Court of Appeals, or the Legi. lature 

people may read for tlK inselvos, believing, that if tin act to r  gnlate the time of lidding tlie Circuit^'^^y P®®® which will relieve the whole 

tliey full\* understood it, they would have done Cunrts of the various Districts in the State ; th- 

otherwise than imlieated at the late election. i common school law ; an act for ivgnlattng pay for acceptance of the proyiaions of the Supyle- 

At tlic last se.ssiun of tlie Gcreral Assembly of 1 Grand and Pt-uit Jun»rs ; an act to increase tax for j  neiitnl Act i^olves no rc.sponsibilitv* but the pay- 
Kviitucky a bill was p.assed estnbli.shing thccoiinty i public schools ; an act concerning free iu*groe 5 ; an '   f th** first S'dof), and it secures and makes 

, of Boy*l out of pai-ts of tlie etunlies of Greenup, ' ^^t establishing AVfbster and AVolf counties, which ! pi^rmanent tlic couiitv of Boyd fur all time to come, 
■oting ami 'I’hos J lla^alip S -civ-taiv****'* Lawrence, which was apju'oved on the ( have gone into operation ; the MiHtia Law ; also | 1 hen is it not I he safest cours-: at once to accept and 

'i'he chairman stated Uie oljvct of thclnecting in iClIi of Fi-hruary . IcGO, and was to lake effect on ! in relation to the Mayfield branoh of the . for payment, leaving all questions 

1 .. I 1 .. . . . I ,x - ' of constitutionality to higher tribunals. 

Oi’YA.viKari;, Va., Aug. 15 
Kmtor S.^ndy Valli.v Advo* \tk : 

At a largi* and omhusiastic iijc *ting of the citi- 
zens of (riiyanJolte, Galu-ll Co., Va., hcM at the 
'fown Hall, on Monday, evening the 13lh inst., for 
* j the purpose of lorming a Bell ami Kwrett Clul), 
1 S. M. Unssell, Esq., was app nnte.l chainiinn of the 

a spirited a Itlivs* lycummomling the format ion of a , the 1st ot May following. No qiiesUon is made ns ' Bank of Ashland, and various others. If the Sup- 
IJill an.) Evmtl clnb in eaeU M.aMiahi-ial district j t,,j, plemcntal-Bill to the act!,inj Boyd Com. 

in llie Cunnty, nn»i that saiu clUbs should ci»rre - - ► - . 



Two ( 
p »d 

LipH. Ol'  n 
tur Hui fis'or S- .»'• 
Kin 'tvoi n:^*u 1 Jl 
' - hm. ;a 

.\dsms' otfice. 

\V. cnilGL.ANI), 

A 4 4 o i* II  ‘ V a 4 ffj a 


\\TlLl 4 piicticii in ilu* Couit%ol Giv'-nup. 

' V vV. C. Ii'cliMid wid coiUiiMM* -to pvTcTIce 
! Uo in the adjoining counties ot Luwronce, C»itei 
Yiid Le.wi.s. Jiul romi uf .X ppcals. I G - 1 y. 

El). F. DUL1N\ ^ 

Attorney at A a yv , 

Gi'et*niip hiii:;* iiv. 

ITT I M, attend pi omptli to .i 
\ \ of his proft'ssion. - r  ust 

"\v. 0 . i! ..rrploX" 

• pond w iUi each other, and also with tin* Oentral 
Columiltce of the Slate, ami use nil lawful im*nns 
I lo I lomoto the election of Beil and Eveivlt in No- 

' vvinber m xt. i  • i- . • • • i , , , 

I On nii.liii.n, E. A. Siuitli. .Too. N.-ssmilli nn.I 1). I "" ‘'*'.1''®’''“" grounds tbiit 

D. Smith, wer«.* np[Kiintcd a coniniittec dratt and j '^bs not pas.-^ed by a G  nstitiitiunal L''gi^l^lture. 

By the pn'visions of tlii-i net die county of Boyd 

'”'f; . ,, , . ,, , jisamiexed lo the 1 1 lli Judicial Di.-;trict, and li.xes 

DumiL' the absence of the committei*, 1). 1). llol- ■ ^ i,- ^i /n- • ^ . t , 

.l. rl.y. Ks.i., was|.,i„lly culled Ibr, and in ,v»i.mibC '""® I'-e Cirourt Court. It a’s.. rc- 

to tliecall, ^Ir. Hol'U rl»v pn-s-'iited his vi*'ws of d"”' ’3 that the oounlv of Boyrl -hall at each Court 
tlie secliomilism of the KepuUieaii party, ami the ^ of Claims fur suifl county, annually levy the sum 

1 by their liu:idre l andJTOT 

he had but n 4 . 1 
collecti* l 


A4ioruc'y ^ iAOBun.-c'ISoral Law 

Ma\ sv ille^ {% V* 

I 'jU.UrTICLS in the conrlu of M.ison, Lewi   anp 
Gm-nup cOtiiitie-  ml ?i -o in C'ointol Appealg.^oy ' import, resolutions for the consideration of itie meet- 

li. J. AkCOM.XS. 

A i t o V n V y a t L a \r , 

 .r|.|.|iii p-btii t:. K I . 

T)U.\('TirK8 in Gii‘i‘iuip, l.awuiicc, f.cwis ami 
1 CaiM.i- counties. Ollicc in liont roo.Ti ol Judge 

; Tli« s.xiue L. yi-lntiiie pa.csid wli.nt is called n ! D" is unconsli..itiim«l, all the acts above referred 
I Supidcmeiitiil .\et tetlicactesti'disliingthecounlj- j Le null niul yi.M. 

I of Boyd, wliieh wns a]. proved i'cbruarv 25, Itbil. 

Violent cxeixiee cnlU the blood to 
other paru of the body, and thus robs the stomach. 

Applon for Feeding. 

Forc.ntth , sweet apples are found to he an ex- 
cellent siihstitiitc for roots— promoting both growth 
iin ! health. For swine, nothing equals nii apple 
pie, eitlier for relish, or for fittenlng power. The 
j pig is not very ilainty about his pie, liowever. If 
I you Iii. ivly Cook the appl.-s.und stirin a little bran, 
^ he w.Mi’t refuse the dish ; siil.ditutc shorts, oreorn- 
I nnl coh !.i.-al, ,.r ground oats, or buckwheat, and 
j it \tiH ^nit liis pul.itu, and pilcun the fat amazing- 
 '• Aii.l, tor fiiitsliing up a piece of iKti-k, an np 


I kins 

ly. _ . . 

pie pu IdiiH^. tliiekeiicd With g«iod corn-ineal, is as 
far alK-a-I of har-i corn Ji 3 Ih-.* cum is of raw puiiip- 

addressed tli.. : ''‘'V’' f"''*'' """.'••."'it'' «PI' 1 '? 8 's ."weetor, and quite 
eiuzen, of Mnysville. Although wc do no, agiv,: ' ^hJ^: "uonlUr;;!;;:;;^ 
with 5Ir. Jlust jwlitlcall}’ on all pt'ints, and ]*or- apph s for fee*lin 

 »uld il be profilalile U  raise sweet 
to cattle urswine?" AltogetU- 

Iwo wings of 1 he Deinocrn *v as n*p:*e.5'-!ilcd 
platforms. Of tlie KeimMican party he 1 

i;. 4 l X _ — 1 r . 1 • 1 . • • . ■ 


1 to 

. ill ' 

doUars, which shall 

iittb* to s i}*, knoiviri 2 ! I'ns h-. sni.l't tiuit M.e citizens P«‘'' tl.eAirt«t.|p Cuuiil) Cohrl.f+ 

Ol C.aliel Ct 1 11 y, we e o wdl v rse I in tlie fmliticnl levy bj- ilm Bu^nI County Court, shall con- 

workings, uiins, an 1 .obp-efs^ofXTat pariv. to re- tinue until tlu-re is paid !»v the county of Boy.l a 
Lqili^aav cmiuifenl from him on that sulv e;; tiu.t t'o what II.; d.'bt of tlie 

Mild Jiartyis nMi-i ly opposed t.. tin- iiiatituiiuim of^ *  • n ' oi un 

1 lie South . is stjlfici *nt ground for anv IT nion **' Greenup was .'it the last Court of Claims, 

ing man. South of 51asoii and Dixon's lirn*. to u4^P( 1)^ proportion that Boyd conniy is to shall 

ilivir iiit.'ivst and eiidi-utors to .lefeat their eamli bear the same relation to tho debt that the mimher 

■late fi r the rivsuleiiev, Abe Liiieoiii oi Illiii.iie. . , ,, 

ilr Uobh rliy then made some remarks in r, g.-.r I | ‘f , '’P^emip and ineln.led in 

Imsiness in tho line 1 '* 'Le Dmigla.s wing of the U.imocracv as.-nierlaiii- . 11"}'"* Lvors to the remaining iiuniher of titlu s in 
usteil lo'his care. lu ! views rather suhver.ive of the rigli s of the tlie eouniy of Crocimp in the year IMIJ— IVum'aW 

I ^'iidi. ami showed emielusivelv, that,  d the plat tl,r act creating the eounty of Hand nluill he rout Lgal obligations, but oiir County stands, and 

I furiiis ol till- two D« nioeralic i»arties, the Brcckin- / ,? ’ i nil ,»o i i i ■ r 

.\44oriaov ACoi.llM-IIOS'at I.JMV ri.lge iHaiform, to the South, was umiuestiomiMy H'e county of Ihyd accepts the proeisions „/l a»t» '‘re h gal and ... force 

* l'at!oH-l ui u, Ky. llie mo?-t prehTuMe. 'I'lio Cominittcv- on Kesoln- this Supplnnrntal Act. 

s his piofe  i» serv.cus I® the public, j ti'Uis b* ing iN*ady to |■epol•l, the speak . t concluded . By ivf. ivnce U» tlie 2d voluineof • \ i • »« 

tic«.' in die O-uii.s ut Ko»‘'J, Greenup, j his n inarKS, ami tw«^ his seat, iiniid tl^mendous ' * 

Hon. H. M. Rust. 

Tliis gentlk'man.on the 2d inst., 

T he extension of a L *gislatur? I t’ a majorily is 

not without a pr.-oodent, ns we understand itoc-, - . ■ . , - - - • — 

eurix*.] un b‘r the administrations of Gov. Mor^diead ' his present relations to the extreme ; marki-t much 

and Cov. |•ow.■ll. Noque-dimi was raised, and none Southern paiiy, whose leaders we are compelle 1 b. 
can doubt the eminent legal ability of these ge„. ' " ''L Jisunion sentiments, yet his fir.nness 

tiemen. I'lieri f,.- r il. . ' nnoes.and vLalleiige our admiratron. Our 

■" a c. ■■ ■, • ■ \, r ' ,, qjiciiceB, '''8*' Personal reg.ird also is such for Mr. Rust 

the jieo- ■ affords us the highest gratification to learn 

d r e ) ost- I IiPTYiThUy growing in favor with his braach 

'd tlie)i party, as well as in public estim.ation as an 

orator and man of talent.s. M e extract fiMni a cor- 

n:oix- tlian they cost to feed the htmians on l' True 
It Uike.;^ tuno lo start an orchard and bring it iirfo 
bill then ihe outlay .is small, and tho 


trt^nihJ may I e i rofitnblr u.scd forothercrops while 
ilie trues are growing.  Vhen once in bearing con- 
wiiat othereivp w ill pny a« wHi as apples ? 
bur awinc, tin-y may liC iq.ide to savehulf the corn 
ustMi 111 faltering pork. For cattle tliey are worlh 
nearly or quite as much ns roots. Plant out tho 
anple frees ; they must prove profiublc.— C?e«rxce 
t armer. 

'h.i, 1 

C lil t to accept at U.e act, leaving , '■®si' 0 "Jvnl «f the Louisville Courier a notice of his 

stnul ujtj 

tile question, should ever one arise us to its const! 
tutionality, to the highest tribunal, that ilecision. 
lot it l e what it may. Then itcoiild in no wise ef 
feet us. If decided cOn.stitutioiial we would have 
to paj’ over $251) lo Greenup which we regard un- 
der any circumstances W’c ai’C legally nn«l morally 
i ouiid to do. if uoteoiistitutional we are reL-ased 

speed I : 

The meeting was a'l|ourne l from Col. Slack’s 
oods, to the city of Mn 3 'sville, where the speak- 
fiigwas resumed at niglit by Hon. IL nry M. Kii-.t. 
‘t Greenup county. Deinocraiic Elector for the 
inth Congressional District. His speech wusone 
Iniongst the most powerful, logical, ami convinc- 
ing efforts we cv *rhnd ihegCKxl fortuneof listening 

Colic ill Horses* 

^ ciiiTosmjndent of the Farmeds Advocate, (R. 
^ IMnl|is.Jr ) gives tlio following recipe for colic 
in horses : “I knew a Iiorse taken witlicoLc while 
on a tread -wlu»el to a carding machine, so that the 
owiKT thought he could not lire. He got,lhreo 
veterimuT surgeons, and they did what tli .y could, 
and nil decid**d lln* hoisc must die. The man’s 

 • t limO, , , , 

IT» * "lo' 

 o iu v.*rv p 
in C4S    O. Ih.i 
wh.iii all  *lh-*r^r»*in, 
ii woiici-.*r:ul i l it^   

' Y T'' 

■•'••li ylrt Kr.’ " 'p 
.i!iti««. it fja-p 

I'.'Oiff An may lake it 1 prpaspl aUention 

i'il’-*d. without the |. 

- ’ 'H» 

ivs'ji relmi 

jn;AU* ui'l ewruuntlnn paw, 

• Ur.- F:i tel V i.‘ llt'dfO 1 V 

;t . M, y sit '.1 f p^ 'tS as \val«*r for 

th I m d 'liuat# 
into iti st im irli. r- „ 

znoil Jdicat * »■ . n pl.» POT Y ui «Nf vv'i»' »auf tnuojance 

C'ROOKi; S NKA Iril fail 
, fio»' • 


111 i'psj',.r- 


r.-iultini'tii*. ‘ ’ . 

CUV -s -I ‘ IV t^e. 



cui'C'* Ipf’-’PiMlfrl i- ni • 

CROOKE’S NKA eh fail 

rtiVY   * 

CROOKk'S nevEr/aiu 

, Cniiv ^ 



cm*'* -i I *■ I V . 


cnie-. Si; ,jl -aHich**. 

Tures .11 jch,-. .ii l._iM.ui! in sWvt.w nme th.n any 
thin . els« liiitfpSii th-iAljl.;.-!. MiMioa. 

It cur ia tho r.intha 'h ^ on^^nuU- ; Upache iii_ 
two miniltos; .10 ■ 1 livi- .-p,ur.ilRic 

4 iii't^jn inimn •. .V dpic ta^ pi nuvard.y 

cures iho Colic, Sicii ll*?-i«Ufltl ^etC ,,‘in ♦ very short 

^' xiie fri;htful%ilcerait:‘: r^t%UX with 

surprising rapidity to th** inilnenciT.ol » 


While all aches and pains 

^vjies^ Pr r;,apt 


o ; 'lil in%r»» ‘ ^ J * 

L U'Slor at Law 

»'g. Biy., 

\ y^^!. contm ue lo r *ciii « in t hi- Circuit Court « 

V ? ml l)i *r.tucky, 4Til I nttontCpromptly to  11; 
4)uGneSs Out inny he ii*!niste l to Iuf carv: special | 
ilbr* given to coll *etions. 

 " 11 i?* to thAoffico of Pn»siding Judge 

’the County  ’ourt * in ' ‘ 

•Court, does not interfere w illlhis practice in thej 
Cf^cuit '■'ouits. no 1-Iy 

I (Staniniitj eilitfo'T 

ih*' iransccndniil inh-r-st 
plv-i'Jentiul vb-etioii. 

- . 3 ■ . ' *2 . 


TI ; _ 

’ nnamna .* 

• WiiKi:,^. — In vie-i. 

lnvolv«'d in the nppri 

gro\v“'ii;i uu* of thv* cuiitiiiUMi agitation ol l!i**sln- 
uerv  |Ut-sii.ji,, un*l«r 8iui£-i.._iivf Uenmerntic ad-J 
minisiruii -;i3. an*I which hw' ivsulted in the final] 
disr.-^olution W’tli*- demo-, ratie | nrtv. and the organ 
frien the ranks uf the onC' 
and in view  pf tli 
fact that the iijee.’s'* (pf dih- r of th^ op|K)sing se 
^ ./- ir "! tional incii' iis of ihHIatc Xalional Democracy would’ 

^ •• i) \\iiI)k'ON, I be Irauulit witii danger, to the pvae’, happliie.-;r; 

‘ A B cAL'WIB Bov a t Law i '‘"‘i ealely^of the UepuMie, .'iiooml only in deiiivv 

j' iC ks-: \ C' EBG q KV. j to the diingei io tlie eounlry which would follow 

k l^Vl^ jivoinpl ait^tivii tA all l)-.»siiip s entriiH ed the eli'ctiun of llit-Mv publican eamliila:*-, 
p\ TAo hl« rai --; esp(^»Uy to tho collet lion of laitns. Thtrejort Uc 4 .ihcd. '1 hat is tlieiluty t»f patriotic 

He prartires in aildi^pu fh-'tli*' courts )t Greenup Union Igxin*/ men llii*ougln*ul the country, r*-- 

ro nn*ies. ^ * v* [ ^rdlc^ of I'uHy U**s ami as.'-ociarions, and in deli 

J'F sS S ti -C O U* I' I tlieself aHvumied *iietalion of former lead  rs, 

*'. # H . t ami parll.^an journuU to manifest t heir ilevofion to 
A liOi* a I flja W nine and inl-'O-sts of all. and admiiiist  r a tr-” 

inco ol i'n»sifling Judge . , ...a.v , 

Judge ol tho QujitcrlN ‘^J^Gon ol opj-osinu- loico Innn I 
with his practice in the i NiilMiial demoeraey. 

•  *= 

r ■ - ' — 

lU.V ft sJmB he . 

••^5 a different time Is 
L to the pro\Ui(in of t.*., ..c.. v.. - 
it di*I not Utkp; effect until the of 
.'lay, I Mi I. No lime was fix ‘d by (he Legulature 
when the '‘’upplemenUl Ao! .dionU take effect. 

■ consei|Uemly, in two months from the 25(,h of Feb 
ruary, it had its foivc, and on tho 2(jth of 
April foiiow ing it was a law. The qm-sti*)ii is, 

Independent of; 
con-ideraiioiis, the prosperity of the County 
'Is that the qiiosliun Ik? settle*!. The sooner 
pn nn-1 sectional feeling ei^.a^cs, tho »oop 

! uT'CO'u.l. 

t (hose ha sfy»auggcs‘don8 inayT) 0 , we 

Ivni with no view lo intTfeii! with tlie] ro ' avcnnliiig to lie I'urma of tliat iiistriliuOil. loci Ilia 

rogativ - of the Court or (he will „f the ,.eo,.Ie. Imt i  -f  Hmri J.-ri.ig unti l, I 

t I V „ . .. . * . . I iffcnts proposed theix'lo, I he doctrine ol Sguafter 

ineivly fo call their attcirtion lo tin' mfitler, ami ask »S'orrm'yr//y. In* sni l. wonbl V-.a*! to the sain€^ ix- 
their s»*rtrnis consi*b*ration to the consequences ; bt-causeihe Hlaek JG-pnblicans coubi a s e'ff- - 

which may en.-u*j unless there be prompt and im- ! Gudlv aceuHtp].;,h their objeet ot ineveiitiiig any 
mediate action. 

ft", r.irsiiing a line of argument enti.viy ditiereiit | wife, who l-licved ami iMT.ctiee.l hygifne from the 
from tli,..c who had preceded him. and to some e.x - 1 time the horse was inlien, tried to persuade her 
lit diireiviit fismi any thing we ever hoard before, husband to use a wet haiidag-, bat he insisted it 
.,e walk.d into the Republiean camp, exposed to; wmild do no good. AO-r all had given up Uiat 
ublic view the ulUmate object ami de*i«n of lliai th.- l»nr!«.- coi:l,I n,. lou^- Jive, by h* r cutf^atfes 
arty— ^ieh v .i:- a total J. wtrueU.m insti- doebir saying it eunl.l do no gou l or hurt Iio 

utiun  pt •biverv ;hr« »tri«»m thv* O-afeJeraev. bv took a^jhicl: l .;d-comfuiiec bouuJ it 

found in [po.s.'cssion of\\ (’ni-viitn. liojlin - ‘'Ji 

* v frc 4 ' States. noc *Ksarv to miable ll -i, 

cp.nmd tbe 

ur- It' '*nn fifr* . n immite^ fr^fifthcirmo^ 
h'.- eommcm*cd the watering |» 1  k :(*63 the lun'SO.Ar^ 
up and  -adi.g, t   ti.. .givat surprijcof the liurs^ 
ihicLo.’, who knew Ik* coubl not live. 9'hc horse 
 lnl gfxj*! service aticrwards. This recipe I gaf  3 yeats ag p. and it wa  #**.pioJ into most— us 
1 Wii3 told by an eilitor—  !»f Hi*- agricultural, and 
man\ other papers^of the Unite.l S:ates. Many 


county, in Hm c • 


‘ ,   t ni *n p'-uin u, 

1 )U.\C*r(CKS ill all tliociouu^ 
. •oinin^romuie^ in K  uttic.v^ 
.4pp6als. i’aya 
c U inis. 

a 4 Law 


f Gn*ennp a nd ad- 
in K' A*. 80 , in court ol i 

“ecial ktteniion to coMociion of i 

3. tv. 

j mure Stiit. s froni cw into the Uni.m, by | have trie.1 and V'ot'ed il. Try it, brother farmei'. 

! Sovereignly pr. v«i| as tli-y eonid by Cangreseionnl , v, rm.x tx rnr P. vltuv Hoc«L-.-I,7^din.- your 
egis at.oi. to piMhib.t the .,.. ruduet,o„ of slaves , i„.t number. 1 noticed a piece about hen-lieo” 'and 
t Bv refjeiii- to the result of (he vuU' at the re- "'C I iiiwd |»tal s, il that thinking iJiul 1 euiild giie a little information ' 

, . . I ®"““1-* 6ettl-*d policy of ih*.* Gov- : r...rHi- i fn Ilu. .r »1 

cent election 111 oitrcoiiiily it will be fmiiid that ! orninent. In either event, it would produce a d_U "'Hiat.on ol these 

ihcro is a majority of 3-13 against making the levy solution of th** Union. Or, if it *U«l not. * * - 

the subject alone in an ecuMomi«^al point 

act . t'!-' '■)« iFslruetion of that spieies ^ i.i„ji„g bv good trestmentThcycan 

i. I of laUir thi-oiigliout tlie Union would bo terrible !„• mn,li  tu inv I ; i 

civ:ilingp.iyd eounty. It is conceded that there and  b* 3 olatinLMn the c.xtreme to tlie workimr . . . i 

was uot tho original and Suj plcim*niul bill ilic law Vote on the Tax in the .Supplemental Bill 
on the Ki uf May, provid*-*! th*-y he oonsli- 

, tutionai' Admit uttliir. point, for the sake of argn- 
i ment, tl5: constitutionality of b ith ori«;innl and 
■ Supplemental nets ; they were both in force on the 
I 1st of May. On tlie 1st Satinday in May. in ac- 

I eordance with tlio law, the citizens within the ' I^".vd county. It is conceded that there ' and  b*3olating in the c.xtrenie to tlie working |Kq 

bonn li pn scribed by tho net erentin'o: Boy*! couiit 3 *, j r*'* I**g;tl.furee in this vote because there is no law | ulation every vvlnuv, fnnn tUe cotion planlati»ms t" 

* ; Ik’M an election for tlie officers of tlie county as ! antliorizing it. It is regarded only us an unolHeial t hikes, as it would t* iid lo increase the price of 
'■ ‘ cotton. r:c‘*, aiul sugar (tliese rn’ccssary urticles 


Last fall, hav- 

Ho pay fh^ .$259 per annum to Greenup eounty, 
] provi'l-’fi ^br in the Supplemoiital Act to the 

vermin. I take the liberty to reply _ 
vi**w imr irfTved a sln-rt distance froin'the oitr. and tak- 
vi-'w, ,„g,| ,a„ev to hens. I purchns * l two liciis ami a 


ing rebuk" At poU^ di-sunionism and .vvetion- ; "" ‘‘"^cers or uie county as | 

niisni, by rHllyin-r W the sAipport of Bell and Kv dm-ctHlly the act, wlm have been only elected his honor, Judge Russ, tliat lie might 

er.-lt, g.-atl -men of umim sHoned patnotism. of e.x | nnd*enf;?red on the  luties of tliidr office. Wc re- I Ihe result a.s a test ot public sentiment, and thus j t-very family) over four fMd, whilst labor in t 
alted public airi private \ irlues, and liic c-nlight ‘ apcctfully submit w In-lhcr the election of officers I I'Mieve him, in some iiKiisuro, of the responsibility j States above tlie cotton region w oub.l lx* iner* a** 

be iiia-le to pay, 1 have since increased i 
(iiirtv- Ila ving a barrel t»f lime which 1 liad no l« r, I ihouglil it might boa good idea to sprinkle 
a little on the ffiM.rof my coop to make it white 

I . I - 1 4 • . *1 1 'I ' • * s* » ■ «»»d chan. ! ut I have siiiee found that it not ouly 

i l'"'’ -f .ones Umt ,.m-,,n,.v, but ollu-ts. It ;n.rifies the at 


4 4 o 

c I'B.i: r 

ILL aitcml to 
Com III 

1 n 

J. D. A)N KS, 

I-  2 V V n I 


Cfiun ics: and m 
ateutLoa^.voii to t'aa cnll  ^')U o( cl.viuis. 3.1y 


f. a ir 


prom'’"! n^H I business in tin* 
, Carter and Ln wionce 
rl of appoads l’iirlli«'nar 



n 4 I. a w , 

VATl.hyrTtiBViUi. KY. - 
UACTr(,'E$ in^^Crfiiii-.   t lluyd, Uioumip, C.r- 
tor .mj l.awr *T^ ^iiiuteg; and Court of Apf cals 
drffW altontiui civen to the ;oHec- 

V..-1 lepre^.-ura! iv4'S of t!ie only ivmaining party ; , , . . 

I which can jneily lay claim t*  Nat'umality. ! ^ *C organization of tlie county weiv not an ao- 

‘ Jli’solr.fil, Tlml for the suce.ess of the Gonslitu j coptaiiee of tin- law' in rcganl to lh\yd countv, it 
! Ill Uiiiim lifki'l wu utmuM. individual. I,«i„g nit in furcp at (hat timo, and whether the 
, and aituciated etfurli, and to timt end — - i. . - , t -i ,• 

! Ke,nolv d. Thufwv huvby urgamz.i unrselve.s 1... 1 f" ' ' n'l" tumt. b, the^e ,.n, are nut 
- to an a^sueialiou to lie culled the Giiyaiidotle Bell j LiRy eomiuitU" 1 to all the ]*rovisions of the Suji- 
uiid I'Neivtt Chib, rile iitiie. rs of raid elnb to | ideineiitaT ns well ns original acts in ivferenee to 

in deeidinji -SO irnjKirtunt a question. IVhat intlu- 

bnt a trillo over what il now is. 11 c took 



' ; Iiiosphere, keetis ihe coop white and clean, iindla.-t, 
' ' hut not least, I tliiiik 1 euii sale 

A 4 '4 

iTl!* n c V 


D U 

- I yii'ticuUr tnd pro" 
itii III J i^ubsido by j tion of rlaitrr^. r. 

II. Ti. iiusi', *' . 

rHLi'.\iu:n nv ■ A 4 4 o y ij e .V SI 4 5. a w , 

 • . (I it O (.X IC T; ; , i «;ieei#lii Kl»mg, Jiy. 

St. ThiiJ Stiifet, Loitisv;lfe;*lCy. j 'yVT'lLTi prai^o-e iii In • (.monies hi Greenup, Cor- 
Ani Fohl bv ill iLialiirs in aii^v ine. » t r, lipi^I^bawrenc^aiid Lew is. and al -i th. 

wholesslu l)ru si,i, in'l,u|ii.sviiIF, K^-. Sonnii.list- j Couit of Appeals, Ke.Wal Coiuls at Fi.,i.:.iorl 
luttiijiirg, Kv-. bv KIv i Co. VV ! ^ ^ ' )’• 

^ At \ c rv V I P : L. T. . Mount. G.W.GAi-xtn. 


€i r e e il If l  ^ ,®"j1 Attorneys ani C^i^sellbrs at Law 

irs the iirst^il^ay ,n I.^tiwr7Vj-"r» ''“V, K v., , 

a’li. tf. M. 

i consj^lof Pn-sM.* iit. Y'icji Pre.^-ident and Secretary, 
j livHol r.rd , That 1 lic incinlier.s pb dge llo-ir Zealous 

i cu uperatiufi. igi UiCxUiUd ineeting.s of Uic Club, fcv- 
! eiy Jf*-r lay cv^^itig, and at .‘^ubli other times ns may 
Ih- de* nied advisaTde, noil publicly ordered by the 
: Ppi’sidont. 

! Hrsnlrfd. That tli*' Secix-tary is hereby autlior- 
! izrd h* neeivo egUtributione. fi  m members an«l 
i fri *n‘]s of file patriotic cause in which we are en-, 
I gaged, and if *1 t*» '«pen a (H*r:e*pon»)rnc‘.‘ 

I w ilh the i hdirui;.’! oi Hu t.’oi:«tiluliomff Union t'om 
I luitlee Klfrlnnoild, fm* the procurement of suilu 
I ble I'apers, rlueuinvdits, Kc, lo be used in the cam, 

I l‘^‘‘'i’»- 

j iinolrcd] 'Uiat .S. JI. Rrissell be appointed Pr* ; 

1 idem ; S. Vice PiN-ijideiit ; aii'i TliyS. * 

the creation of B(»yd countv, whetluT th*-v lx* nc- 
ccpt.sMi- or otherwise. If not satisfied with H»e 
provisions of the Supplemental Act, we think we 
slionM failed to organized tlie new county. 

^ At the first election tlicre -wasa firll vote of the 
rcouniy, tints n*eognizing the existence of a county 
aiyl nl.--ua tlt-^irc lo accept all Hie piMvisions creat- 
ihgit. 7*);c officers oh cted wCre all qualine*! and 
j enteiv'l on their dufivs. Tlie Stat«*, from Hu s ■ 
facts, h. V- .''nrnishcil tii ' officers of th** county wIH» 
a full anfTc'unplHe set o^ocf»r l Inxiks. an*l also 

i Deinoei;.ilii* platform nn*l tihowcl that (Ik* d*'cirine. 

ence Hu recent vole iniiy have on the Court wc are coiit,uine l in it w as Ilu* only constitutional doctrine ' bens in ivgani to lice or 
unable to say, nor Tlo we desiiv in any w ise to in- ! wliich recognize*! the Eqiulily of the States and 
tni ie our^o-lvip** on 'Jie Court. Our object is to | equal rights of tin* citizens of all the States in ; 

ut roeo 
- Hian 

Ay say that it keeps 
ll»e poultry Ik»iisc li^v^fiimi all vermin, for since I 
have used it, I have not had any Lix)uble wilU my 
otiier Vermin. In flying 
fn m the roosts or nests it g*'U iii amongst tlmip 
is toi »"• miizi-ns Ol an me otates i,i : tVath.i-s, whieh keeps them" healtl.y and in Rood 

11 4i .M .• 4*si 1 «• T  1 . .1 a- .. the common domain, lie hud the immense ci-ow. ; ° 

call the nmiifun ol (be people of Boyd to tbe eliect ^ n,,. l,, . | 

of their roccm vote on the Tux question (as it is ulmo#t hrcaHiK-s^ silence fur ovr an hour. Allnc-i a..:. • ,i n . /-* *m 

called) imivide.l it was of legal force. AVe cannot | knowlc^iged the force onusargumentand the power ^ tlie f-dlowItig'^W-cipIv H^^sny^ As 

believe tlu r ’ is a voter who seriously reflected on j genius. ^ | the w arm weather is with us, w'c begin U) tliink of 

the Coi.«’‘qu*'nccs of his vote against tlie tux, if if i ** | ix-tn-bUing drinks. 1 h-ive u famed ix-cij e which I 

,ctre of iejnl force. Tbii S«ppl..m..,.tal Act sava I Br.LL an.. Evou.^t PxPsas tx G,Nm,x.x.m.-Two| |t,vc. lU drink but far betu-r 

new' pa[»er.s have been started in Cincinnati, the ; yon *lu not have to 

' n:.w 1 ? t  i t .t /-*• • .• n { drink f"r v*iur nionev’.s worlli. 'I he effervescence 

C, Ev.-nms Post an.I tbe Ctneinnnt. Con ■ 1 

of tbks aid,- Now wbat is tbe principal provisio'n ’ l"n.ter a pernmnent entab- , two n Is of wbite sn«ar, tbejui-eof half n lent- 

r^ i. t • in I n'*hni*nl , and the latter a cainpaign paper. Botli ' on. ami Ihr* ■* pints *»f w.-uer. B*»il together five 
of this net? It is tlmtthe Court of Claims shall an- , , „ , ,, i.iiniU/v^ V'h .n n.-irl v ..r l 1 .. i i e 

, r A.To 1*1 I 11 V 1 ' IL !l and Kverett an*1 tlm Lnion county VM nmnrl\ tyj, u...| ttic whites of 

nunlly I'-vv the. sum of $2ou, which sIiuU be e*)l- i , i thix-'c eggs well b.*u:--n, w iHi lialf a chd of flour* 

1 . i ’i • 1 * *1 ri 1 ^“'' tickets. Me exLeml to them our best' ^i.n - - . « 

1‘ CLe.l and paid to the (»lvenup C 0111113 * Gourt , ! an.» ,.n Ann 

which h-yv bv the Bov»l G*mit\' Court, shall eon- 

“t!ie act creating the count y of Ikyd shall Ik* v 
unless tic* eounty of Boyd accepts the provisiens 


KKTS in (Jrecmipsbi’.r 
y month. 

J. Davihsom 
45 - 1 yj 


B. GU.B 
11 IlAYf 
J I . WI.N 

yt'ERsTj. \V._ 

I 'nR.VrriGE ii'i^a 

.J^ Boyd, Groncup, 1^ 
iM^^cky, aiul Wayny 
iiaii»in the Coavt of 

Administratrix Ifatice! 


• pP£ 2 ftnsind *btui^^Mik 

Isaac If. 

ilnysIip,.S(*crc'arv of thi.^ Association. 

Uesiilref/, Tliul tlie pr«)eeuding8 of this meeting 
be sciii to tlH* iiiehmom] Vfhig, Saiuh' ynl)cy Au- 
vecute, and the Kun; 4 wha R-qnibUcun fo^* publica 
M' l.*a\vrence. Farter. Lion. 

K1 •'id. Bath and Movg 11 in   On im lion, D. D. noldtib 3 *. Br.,M’Ri. Abdcswortli 
»i:d Cabell in Vir^'inis , . ami II. Kvrr- 1 ». wen- n*)puiu!ed ft Coimui tWre (*» 
if Kentucky. M-tl i draft a Iwi au-1 dy L*?^ fur 

P. -CAlfV N. . ;,n.^t,ofU.r-. 

* tk 4. 4» II *|^i£v ii J G »• a 4 Ia n ■ 

‘ Ir. 

library worth not less- tlian .$709^ 'Mio County ! tinue until tluTC is pai*! 63 * the countv* of Boyd a. 
Court has aceeptod a Jot ns a donation on which j sum equal in pr»*portion to what the d*:bt of the 1 
the public buildiugsmvjo be erected, valued nt$2,- | county* of Greenup was at the last Court of Claims, | 
fluff, ar.d apj  ^te l Odni'i i si* n'M’s to receive l*i*ls ! itc.. ! 

5Ve exLeml to them our 
wibitcs with Uie hope that their efforts may liecnii-. 
n**ntly succos.sfiil for tlic cause of the Union and 
the Constitution. 

ami hull un oun.-e of 0 r*'*-neeof winter-green. lk*t- 
lle, and ku:p it in a cold place. 'J’ake two tahle- 
spoon.«^fuUof lids svrup for a tumbhr of water, 
anti adi,l i*ne quartci' of a t**ftspoonful of soda. 

the go; ern 
fefa aju] 

. Land Mk.vsi iu. — -K vciy far.ner sliMil'l have a 

A Curious People. j g*H d me.a^un’. u liglir, »tiiT |N.k*. sixiemi and a half 

, . -/el- . . • South ol Kaffa and Su a there is a ver 3 * feet long, for meai^nring lan*l. 1»3’ a lUllo prac^ce 

(or biiibliiig the sam*'. TIk i* s of Grcyqup, j Now will ! *■ the effect of a ivjvctlon by th&; tjnhrv and humid counuy with many baniboi' I ho can learn to step u rod in live steps, wliicl) will 
- 1 .  *J tp take Cog- I Coujt of this provision? C**rtainlv that the nctcix*- ’ w’oo'ls inhabit***! bv tlm race culle*l Dokus. wlioor*- j an.-'wer v--py well for or.rin.'irv ihr.n work. As^r- 
m tnk.'n offl aCn-.' BovI e'omtv sball Iw Are tb   p.-opb  I Lik'K- Loys of t.-n yen.-i oM ; tbat is, ruily i l.iin tlie iinmlKT of r„is in wijtli nn.J lenotii .ft' , 

, . .1 ’ font 1 . .t bit-'b. Ibcvbaic a ilark. oliv.- color. R, iot v ’U .i. oi 

., 011 too I* May , .i. _ i»* lbM rcnlt. Au.l sbottU tho (.-onrt br , oinpHi'^i^nna Uvv in a Oon.plv**,!^' ,a- ,^i.^.,. «^,i ' „1. 

•i -■■Sjic.ib jAv fr;- - ■■ -y. iy-'- Jt/J'''’'* v* ‘ ‘ 

• f tu-Li't* ■ ^,.,V dr’ .-.rail ti.o onin.-rs of tr. v noiy o,ryo.-uail(\s t .i | ' (“-jnjts..rn. ton'. 

. * 1 . • • -n- like of « ^‘^Trr b -lnb- ealle*!  * 

V in ifioiiient'; if V* r- '.eued:;« - -' : n. 

Lawrence, and Carter, hav.- 

• - y 

nizngHhiir.X'r tj^o.-^poiiww** v 
to form B- 

A^, has i'‘.’irnft-»w-d txr 

1-1 mn*H]*ls’ on-' 
\ and 

(•'"J alKWt Ib'i, 

or*l Circuit Courr 

o-\.«*s which w**re p*?n*ling in hi-tl^’eur'* ’ repraUi' 

' whom 
. .\i* t\* they 


into tlie 
II. L 

. ftioi \ tni l.ftv « 

^ r**r 11 ial. The hohiing of the Boyd CircuiP Com t ■, any *lesijvs any* such stab? of things? - 

is no when* ]*rovided f.jr but in the SuppKnncptal V. car^'^aH^fied tlu-re is not.Mul we c*7ncUide that the 
Act. Fn*m this statement of flirts ifwill lie^^en i vote 

^nd wo 
^iHi all it 
Fl progress Ol 
fands  »f the 
HU bull) 

lb uts.J^^Kors 
tcachni^ incy 
: feet. Hi 1^ vours] 
d on Hi ‘ licncli 
knaster monosyl 

there a vi’t'^-r'in the enmity, wlio, un«li. prav- — not in an tr*ct posture, but ix-v*r?ed, _ . ^ ^ 

,? ■ the'head on the gr-.mi.l un*l the bet siJiq«'i-;e*l iq*- j Mriro.v as .\n Auth u. ok Fo u- —The 
e J •'■Ifht against a *jve or st» nw. Jii nrav '-r the)- eny, ( Agriculturist say^. ‘*Wi- m*Mn t.i rep -at a thivrt^n.l 

vohj|Jvas€.T»t without due consideration if theconse- ! , ^ ‘ V^dn'no* hir'V inll I ***“'"’ ‘ ^ sonieeff ct 

that the question is fine of serions moment U. tw ar qnences n bicb .aigbt ensue Are tbe )Mtople jr, pare 1 . ciot'bins, for we live ' on s. rp? ntC ants, and | jljicy riiHon'eT.' u" ImlfX cost of 

I a coimTy, and lo many individuallv, of sucli infi- to vote tlie county of Bc 3 *d go back to Hieurigi- 'mice. Thou hast made us ; wh 3 * dost tiioii pt-rmit i tlie same quantity of p**rk ; tliat it is infinitely 
i nitc importance that nota shade of dojibt shouM | nal eounff^s fii'm w’hich it wai taken, and thus pi*c- uiiiler f*-ot? The D- kos |niw j h,..Htliier foo-1,  *S])*cinllv in Hi** summer season, 

, ,, , , •• e no chief, no laws, no weapons ; tlun* do not him! * ' •* . . . • 

.cut to the wmrl.i the humiliating i u..ti* n of iv- . ^ fiVe s d-lvon fruits kkUs, 

fu-iing a eOunty which tiiej have struggled so hard j jniee, serpents, ants, hum*y ami tlie like, elimbin^ 
to obtain, ami witich we hive boasted will be of i the tr»*cs ami gathering the fruits like moiik'-ys ; 

those Ijoth sexes go completely naked. They have 

be |H*rnntled to remain as to our acceptance of the 
Suppleincutal Act. 

If rejt-cted, we have a territoiy in onr State with- 
I out dul 3 ’ consiituled officf^rs, except those wlio ar.- 
I elcctc'l b 3 ‘  nir towns in Ihrir corporate capacity ; 

such infinite advantage and convenience to 
I living wdtiiin its lioundaries, beeanse we are 

1 ^ ’ 

and imjxirtance. and no pnndsion ma*le for hold- 
ing Circuit Court, no Grand Juryan lno means 
fi r supt'cessing and pnnisliing crime since May 
last, and the whole pr(*cecding of our courts, and 
nil nets of its nflicers since that, a faixie. If it 
is hereafter decided by tJ»e highest tribunal in the 
Suite as unconstitutional, then, wc are relea.'«e*i fc- 
; gaily fi*om the payment of tlie tax of $250 ; Imt if 
well your part — ' our county i*emains, tlie Legislature can then adopt 

y w hat is instrue- i guch other provisions as will supply anv defiticn- 
otudy semnee i 

of the world. w« mav* need in the full organization of our 

m. Become ns J Courts,  fcc. In the meantime all will goon and 
occupation 3 'ou ■ have full force and effect. In any aspect there can 

Lke The ^UdT^for ^ disadvtntnge in a full and immediate ix-cog 

until our fiortion of a debt which we justly owe*! 
wlien in Oreonup count}*, and which we would 
linve had to pay if wc had remained in Grcvunp 

j thick, protru. ling lips, flat noses, an*l small ey*'s ; 
; Hie hair is n.»t woollv. and is wmi b}* the women 
over the shmild*.Ms. Tlie nails on llic hamls and 
foot are allowed to grow like th*.’ talons of vulture?, 

and are used in digging for ants and in tearing t** 
pieces the serpents winch the}* devour raw, for 
they are unacquainted with fire. The spin'iof tin- 

count}*, and which we must pay if we go bnck'M snake is the  iiily ornament worn around the luck, 
C**itainly we think not. We cannot hut acknowl- but tliey pierce the ears with a sharp i ointeu piece 
edge we owe Greenup our propodion of the origi- ^ have no 

nal county debt, and we should at once | f^^gulur marriages, tlie intercourse of Hjc sexes' 

our willingness to pay it. ! hading to no settle*! home, each in perfect in*J* - 

Our share of tbe debt is. we believe, estimated pcmlence coinp wliither faiic^- !• ads. The mother 

u,,« : r;r.- 

Jhe i*rovisions of the hill compel us only to pay it ’ penU; ami a^ s* on as the child can h^lp iU**lf, the 
in installments of $250 per annum, anrf this icRA- luotlier lets it depart whither it pleases. It can 

oui irt/crcs/, giving us some 12 or 15 years to pav it be docidcil whether these D*»kos are t!ie p g^ 
X- • Til t vk 41 ,. imes who, according to Hei*odotus. wei’p discovered 

p.Kc U.e ...o.c . 0 . I*"' ^-otl'ing could have fteen more liberal than „ear a gr  at river in the vicinity of Ccntr.d Africa 

'with its teachings, "'t'O" of tbe legality and force of the Supplemental | these terms. Greenup was unwilling to part with by two youths dispaicbed l y fiteareb, Kiiip; of the 

llom and (irospcrily ' Act. In eveiy proceeding so far, where it has been | us, but in consenting she certainly evinced no desire Oasis ot Ammon. — Krapf’a J’ravels in Africa. 

f As you grow ill stat | necessary for parties to act, the constitulionalitv of ; to oppress the new county. This is not all; we by I . ; . " * ; ’ , 

rln "acavft™,''irfirm^ i Ly high authority. We | the act receive the amount due from tho titfies for : BVck'*i rT.l"e h "belrl’nVwn^ ha"s”K.7u 

[ve u  be usvf'ul, and we • lo the action of the Gircuit Judge of ; the present year, amounting to notices thaa$J, 6 I'‘. ! Tsep^diated yy a majority of tl)irty thousand. Eis 

. Greenup County, who is the ezpoutider of the Thus it will be c^n that we lavs left in the ' own State is the first to repudiate him; 

and Hi -Sf wiiu o.*ii it luicu.nt inoie muscular, and 
can do moiv w«ii-k, wiHi givntcr cast- lo ihcLuselves, 
tliuii lh*»'i-.* wli*, eat fat pork. W i know nothing 
more delicious than .«moko l mutton bams, of the 
Southdown breed of nlK*cp.’* 

M’ortu Knowing — 1 ransplanting Tauns — If the 
ctirnmis^ioncr of the Central Fark would give strict 
onier.-* to mark tb** north side of .frees with red 
ehftlk before Tliey ar»; taken up, and when set^ut 
to liave the tree put in thr go»nml it? iK*rtb 6 i*Ip to 
ihti iiortii in it« untural pusitioii, a lnrgv.r 'I'l'opor- 
lion would Jive. Ignoring this law ot nature, is 
the cans*.* of .so many iraii-q'l.mtoJ tn.'vs dvin]g. If 
Hie north sid*? i* exposed to tli^ tomb, tlu* h'-afc of 
the sun is too giiTat rot tliat si lv of the tree to bear, 
and therefore it npaiiil decays. 

Blacksmith's kor PKacu i luus.— Al»out 

two years i-g.i 1 h« arda m*ig!)hor say tha\ he had 
found a grf'ftt benefit in usiiitr the scale fn»« Iffack- 's anvils mtniiii uis (icaeh tr.cs ] had s v- 
cr.-il that had been It.adly ir.jmrdby worms, aivuii'I 
wliich I I'lAC'.'d ihe seal*-. Since that Uric I liave 
not l e*'n hI ]c to find a worm, and the t-r^s hvavcrc- 
covi;r*i*l their given healthy appearance.— C. H. 
CllL’t.V. * ^ 

Iron* a Gcrb for C.uii, 
papi'rs sta’.e tliat iimr!:ed 
monia in Fra:;cu w*.ve co 
day: wi:.i .r 

Uiot — 1 -Hie fvireign 
rd case of the plwuropneu^ 

comrdei'-!}* c*-rcd yoar 



Investment in Coal Iiands. 

The invested in the cusl lands of Penn 

sjivania i« «» d 1° bn nearly $^24, 000, 000. The 
cnnsl# and slaek water contained a-ithin the An- 

Ashland Items. 

Coal On. M'obks. — Messrs. Thomas and James 
Greer, of Covington, Kenlncky, having become the 
purchasers of the Kentucky Coal Oil Manufactory, 


tbrarite coal trade measures 815 miles in length . are now making preparations, by the addition of 
a»d cost $40,000,000. We call attention to this [new and improved machinery, for the extensive 
statement in order that we may form some idea of; manufacture of Cannel Coal Oil of the most supe- 
j the immense revenue which the raining of coal rior quality. Thescgentlemenhavealsoalargees- 
, must produce on such an immense investment to tahlisliment for the manufacture of Crude Oil on 

Natioual Union Presldantlai Ticket, 




■I make it profitable 
(inslly invested in 

What are the 321 millions orig 
lands then unimproved to the 

the Kanawha, the products of which will Iw ship- 
ped to Ashland to be refined. From the business 

I value of the same lends now ? It is a remarkable | qualifications, energy and capital of the Messrs. 
1 fact that the more fully coal lands are developed | Greer, we may be assured that this establishment 




Electoral Ticket, 


triLLlA.V !l WADSWORTH, of Maaoii. 

E. L. Vanwinkle, of Wuyne. 

1$t. — E. P BAtaova, 
Sn l — L. L Laavill, 
Srd — W m. SAursox, 
4/h — W. A. Hosxi.'S, 
6 /A —Phil. Lae, 


(i/A. — W. M. FplkkesoI 
7/A, — W. C. Bullock, I 
8 /A. — .Toiin M. HablaiI 
9/A. — Joiix B. HustosJ 
10/A— W. S. Ravkin.s. I 


“ The Union, the 

Constitution, ' 
Enforcement of the Laws. 

suid the; 


Tiicfttiont intcnd*'d for insertion in this papor, aid 
letters connected with the business of the ofti^ 

must be addressed U) the “Sandy ValUv Advocat 

^ Judge Simpson. 

It is feigned regret that we announce^ 

disapiH ■ in the estimati we formed of i 
citizens of^hia AppoHute District. We 
doubted that, from their intelligence, and as 
thought, their just appreciation of the high, 
pified and ri'sponsiblfl position of the Jodiciar 
they could be induced by party considerations 

and worked the Dtore valuable they become. Our 
limits will not p«'rmit us to go into a history of 
the coal trade of Pennaylvania. It shows a greater 
appreciation in land than that produced by any 
other mineral, and also the fact that there has been 
no better investment. The largest fortunes made 
in the city of Philadelphia and throughout Penn 
sylraniahave been by invcslments in coal lands. 

We introduce this subject in order that we may ' 

will now be so conducted as to secure a large and 
praHtable business. 

The Darlinton Coal Oil Works are also in suc- 
cessful operation, producing an Oil of very supe- 
rior quality, and, as we hope, making the invest- 
ment a pn iilAble one tO|the enterprising proprietor. 

Ashland Hotil.— This extensive establishment 
has recently been leased by A. J. Bell, Esq., who 
has refitted and furnished it. It cannot now fail to 

convey some idea of the immense intrinsic value : secure to its patrons every comfort. The building 
of the coal field in the volley of the Big Sandy.— I very large, built expressly for, and odmirabiy 
It bears favorable comparison with any coal field j adapted to, the purjwses of a Hotel. 1 present 
in the Union in quantity as well as quality, and ^ host and his lady, as we are inforri^ 
only needs to a very limited extent the means by j qualified to manage it, and w^ 
which it can be developed and transported to mar- ' accommodate the public wiP 
ket. The great advantages whieh nature has con- 1 couragement which U»ey mel 
ferred on our coal field invests it witli inducemenu | Lkxinoton and Bio Sandy ^ 

to capitalists which no other iwsscsses, the chief *■*** Conimissid -- j- 

of which is the short distance it lies from the Ohio i Court, took place at   

river, and the comparativel}* small expense a*^®**^' inst. Hugh Means ^***1 ^ 
which constant Jiavigation by Locks and Damsl^®n* »®^ ^®**^***^» 

Spirit of the Campaign. 

Bell and EvtaEir Mef.tino at Xf.w Orleans. 
— Xew Orleans. August ‘i.— A meeting of the 
friends of Bell and Evei'ett was held here last even 
ing. and was largely attended. Twelve 8 fH*eches 
w'ere dclivei'ed, and much enthusiasm manifested. 

Bell and Evfrftt in MissiHsim — At a meeting 
of the \ntionn1 Union Executive Committee, held 
the l 8 Ui insl., in Jackson. Miss., a series of in*so- 
lutions w'ore adopted declaring a strong faith intlie 
ability to carry that State for Bell atd Everett, 
and ivcoinmending the formation of clubs in every 
County, and the careful circulation of cainj»aign 

las and Johnson regularly nominated, and denounc- 
ing the Administration. 

Charlottesville, Va., August 17 — P. M. 


Attorney at Law 

tireeiiiiiiNbiirg, Ky. 

A resolution w’As offered in the Convention tliis| \^71LL»ttend proropUvto »I 1 business in the line 
afU'rmxin, to instruct the Electors that, if necessa-   Y of hU prol*^ 8 sion, cntrusled to his care. 16 
ry to prevent a Republican triumph, they cast the „ ~ 

vote of the State for eitlier of the otlier candidates. ' iMntlPP tn I iPTI I VD A VG 
A resolution was adopUHi reaffirming the Charles- tU 1 11 tl cii/ LUX b« 

ton Platform, except as regards Cuba and the F*a- 1 )ROPOSaLS will be receiv’d! ar tho store of John 
cjfic Railroad. ! 1 D- Mims in Calielt/ibui'g, Boyd Co.. Ky.. fo»- 

Senator Hunter the Convention to- nigh t i *^”i*hii*g building maierala »nd completing a Court 
and Senator Mason tomorrow. t county in U tieti.burg. according to 

Charlottesville, August 17 

At a meeting of the friends of Bell and Everett 
i ndopi 

Rtiolofd, That as the Republican party is mak 
ing a direct war. Uf»on the most vital h iter » sts of 
the South; and as the Democratic fTffftyhas, hy 
its division at this critical | cnod, all chance 
of successfully opf osing Kepuhlicanistn', it Ivehooves 
us. as friends of the Union, to rally to the 6 np|H»rt 
of the only national and constitutional pa^ty now 
in the field. 

Resolved, That we therefore pledge our part y cor 
dial and unwavering support to those well tried 
conservative statesmen, Bell and Everett, and will 
use every honorahle means to secure theirelection, 
l dieving that therein lies the only hope for the 
rescue of our country from tlie j»erils that now sur- i 
round her. 

An Anti 

' to-day. The report • 

one of tliree plans whicti will be shown to any puMon 
desiring to contract by Mr. Mi ns. The Kpecitication» 
Doiiglns spirit is deei.ledly inanif.-sted I “f «■ * P'*”* “■  •l«« be »e.;n ,t the 

lie report of llie Committed on Reeolu- , P 

in Tippah county. Miasiesippi, the following rcao- tions «a« ^ad and nnaniinoualy adopted. [ j„ „.ch p.rt. as p^ron's^nl^rd to Tomr^ci f« 

lotions were adopted : J h - first declares in favor of the slavery scelion p,.rson. who ni.y wi«h to put in .r« re- 

of the National I latforni; the second provides for quested to do so on or before the Ssiuid.v previous 
the organization of a central execulive committee,; to the 4ih Monday in AngiMt. as the undersigned are 
of a central ticket, the fourth calls for a county or- ! required to report to the Boyd County Cnm t on the 
gani/.ation. the fifth requests Messrs. Wise, Hunter, last named day 
Mason and Smith to canvass the State i ■ 

1 he Convention repudiates the Pacific Railroad, 
illouglihy Newlin made a viident disunion 
spoi’cli. whicli was iveeivod with much applause 
Mr. Smith, from the Confvivnco, r\»porte' 
o’clock, that no arrangement had lieen made at 
Staunton; but that the Douglas Convention had 
ap)H inted a ConnnitUte of five to correspond with 
the Committee of this Conventiou. 

, ^ The proposition ol each individua. 
shall not be sticrject to ihe inspection of any one nn- 
til reported to the Court. PinposaU will also be r»*- 
ccivedat the tamo place for building a Jail for said 
county according to plan which ma y bo seen at the 
‘ J D. MIMS 

U pinw9C. ■ , 

i Btfour 

July 98 18G0-B9 4t ] D K WKI 8 , 


M ti t e r ti a t i o it a I Hotel 

Col. A. P. Hall of Benton is in town. 

can be made through the Big Sandy river to th« 
Ohio, thus bringing it 350 miles nearer market] 
than the coal fields of Pittslvurg, with more con- 
stant and safer Navigation in Uih Ohio. These arc^ 
facts to which.we havs freque;ij^' adverted anj_ 
which ara H^-V^owledged ^ 

The dcvelv made ^^^veral large roininj 

,r' companies on Our riverhavMully tested not oiil; 

Uhe quantity but the quality, proving conclusively! 
. I by comparison with the best coal brought to tin 
ities of Cincinnati and Louisville, that for manui 

[The purchase includes Uie road, ita pn 



, 000 . 



favorable repnirts from that Dvmocratie 8trongh*^1 
He refH rtt» that a portion of the Democrats in IfO 
county will vole for Bell and Ever»‘lt, ns they 
disgusted with iheirown candidat**s. The Cub ^ 
is in fine health and spirits.— Carre/ Patriot, Tenn 
A Bell and Everett Sentinel on the North 
Eastern Boundrv.— Mr. D. N. Clark, a patriotic 
Union man of Eastport. Maine, has raised a Bell 

Stavnton, Va., August 17. 
The Convention has transacted but little business 
He brings! to day, beyond ap| ointingaConference Committee, 

i'hicli is confi'rring with regnnl to thecinnpi^uni^e; 
lit it is the general impression that, there is not 
he slighU'st ciinnce of a reconcilliation. The 
Jouglas Convention will probably frame a clear 
uglas ticket to-night. 

Stau.nton, Va., August 18. 
/I ate last night the Douglas Electoral ticket was 
adopted, AS follows : Geo. Blow, H. S. Hopkins, J. 

and Everett flag on a staff seventy feet high, situ 1 B. Stoo *all, Jas. Garland. Benj. Randolpli. G. ’ll 

_._1 .1 A. .. TT.«^ 4 ..J 1 ^ « n v... .. ... ww ’ ’ 

land francliise. A\ e learn from lourcea | aled on the nionteastero jHiint of land in tlieUnited j Cox, J. B. EUwortli, C. H. Rowe, O. W. Brent, 

tliat tlie road was bought for a company in Ken- Slates. Tlio flag is iiisuribed wiil^®e names of ; Robinson. J, .4.. Leggett. G. P. Hodge, 0. 4 V. 

fitiential and 
a meet- 

fcWacturi ng as well as domestic purposes it is eq 
discard from their service one of the best, wisest jin quality to any. Oiip hills contain, as a geneFl 
and most competent men who has ewr sat on the | thing, from 5 to 7 strata varying from 3 to 7 f.'ci 
highest legal tribunal of their St-ate. one who Jas oons#qhently we have a greater quantity than ii 
for years served tham with a faithfulness and coal field of Pittsburg. We need only the im- 

ity which challenges the bitterest ] artisan to offur provenientof tho river to which we have referred 

even oneobjection to tlie inanuer in which he has 
discharged his duties. We have been mistaken in 
our estimate. Iiowevcr, of the wisdom and discre- 
tion of the people of this Ap| ellaU* District. The 
returns show that a majority are willing to sacrifice 
the purest and most able man l ecausc of a differ 
ence of political sentiment, and from this f»»rth to 
drag even the pure ermine of justice in the dirt 
«nd mire of parly politics. 

We do not wish to s| eak of Judge Simpsons 
competitor as we do not know him personally. 
Tais much, however, we learn from public sent 
Bwnt, that in qualifications in any respect, there is 
no comparison, and that in the defeat of Judge 
Simpson the Stale has suffered a great puMie loss, 
one which will be severely felt not only by the as- 
sociate Judges on the bench of tlie Court of Appeals, 
but by every citizen having business in that high 
tribunal, as well ns the whole bar of the State. 

We think it due to Judge Simpson to state that 
he peremptorily refused to become a candidate of a 
party or to accept the nomination of any j»olilical 
eonvention, regarding the dignity of the high po- 
eitiou he has filled so long with credit to himself 
and his State, as too exalted to be brought in con- 
tact with party. He consented to serve if the peo- 
ple should desire it, and only ns a candidate inde- 
pendent of party was he presented, leaving thecan 
vass in the hands of tlie friends of an independent 
and pure Judiciar}', taking no part himself.— 
He remained at home willing to abide the result 
lot it be what it might. Is there a man in the 
District who most not, on solier reflection, approve 
of his course and condemn tliat of his opponent, 
Mr. Pofer«, who was not only the candidate of a 
political party, (the Democracy) but stumped the 
District, urging the peo| lo to regard hit claims on 

lit parly could Iwve inducc  1 any irtin to hav-' 
given him the preference ov»t Judg-; Simpson. 

Our regrets are not so rruch for Judge Simpson 
personally, although his private worth and eminent 
abilities entitle him to the place in the gift 
of the j eople of Kentucky, they are more because 
the pc(tpTe of this District have consented to the 
establishment of a principle dangerous in its ten- 
dency, and if carried out, snbscrsive of the rights 
of the people. What will be the condition of af- 
fairs, should we]have a partisan Judiciary, who can 
measure the influence which party may exercise 
over it, when j)Ower is conferred alone from party 
eonsideration. Should there not be one branch of 
our Governincut to wdiich w’e can appeal, assured, 
that there, at least, the bitter prejudices of party 
cannot eflect our rights ? 

We feel that we may congratulate Jtrdge Simp- 
son even in his defeat. Uo has the consciousness 
while in office of having discharged faithfully his 
d-uty, and during the past canvass his course has 
met the cordial approval, aotonly of his conscience 
but of the purest and best men of his district. In 
fetiring from the bench he carries with him the 
gratitude, admiration and affection of the best and 
ablest men in the First Appillate District, those 
who greatly prefer his defeat and the deprivation 
of his services, than that he should have loaned his 
iufluence to the cstablishmentuf a principle, which 
would degrade the Judiciary to the level of the 
lowest political office. What man, who has a just 
appreciation of the dignified and responsible |K si 
tion of a seat on the highest legal tribunal of our 
State, would not now prefer the positi'Ui of Judge 
Simpson with the principles which governed him, 
to the man who hy party uomiuation and party ap 
pliances defeated him ? 

to enable us to compete with Pennsylvania or an 
other coal field, not at a cost of 40 or 50 millioj 
but it can le effected by the expenditure of a ft 
hundred thousand dollars, a sum, when compand 
w’ith the advance which w’ould at once lake place 

ucky, among w’hom are man 
ealthy gentlemen. The |nire 

g after th^ sale ted 19*^ 

- with the Lovt 0 vilIe and .nrdJlu 

'^'V^oi^i^liiftrterms they w«’^d complete the 
■ad tiv^fft. Sterling. We beli^W, from the sale, 
nd tlie deep interest in th i^ 6 mpletion of tlie road 
by the present owners* lh tt a great portion will 
soon be finished, and the entire route at do distant 
day. We also understand that there is a desire to 
extend that portion which runs out from Ashland 
immediately, so as to reach the large coal and iron 
interests in that vicinity. Our county, as w’cll as 
11 North Eastern Kentucky, are deeply interested 
n the completion of this road. There is no im- 
provement which will develope a richer portion 
of Kentucky or tend more to advance our lands, 
and we trust we can tiow with confidence look, at 

an early day, to tlie enjoyment of the benefits 
in our lanjg, wouM be a, nothing. Wo do' not | '""’Pletion ^lUoufer. 
speak extravagantly. What are the prices of coal i ^ 

13 • T, 1 -Of a-aa 4 /maaa’ Democratic Convention, 

lands now in Pennsylvania ? from $o00 to $1000 

per aero. iramon.* ..rice i. obtained bocauso , The Douglas Democracy met in Convention, at 

of the value of the coal and the faeilitie, of trail- - '‘T delegate.. 

.[Kirting it to market. We a.k uhy .ueh re.ult., L'g'*'.v .even countie, wei-e repre.ente,’. From the 

... r -4 I I 3-4 _ .1 A Louisville Democrat we learn it was one of the 

with infiniteK* less expenditure, may not be secured 

to our gntat valley. It i. then, not ‘ that Convention, ever ...embled in Kctilucky. 

Sieving, a. we do. that wc haveoneof theriche.t [ endorsing Doiigla, and 

coal field, in the Union, and one which, if fully 
develo| od, would make our valley the richest | or- 
tioQ of Kentucky, that we should devote so much 

space to the ndvmjacy of a plan by which our 
mineral resources can be developed and transported 
to markeL It is most surprising to us tbat our 
people should need one word more to induce them 
to appreciate the sources of weaMi by which they 
are surrounded, and determine, at any sacrifice, to 
have the facilities by which they can be conveyed 
to market. 

The advantages which we need arc now within 
our reach, if we do what we can to assist ^e 
Navigation Compan}'. Do our j art, and we wjl 
have ournver improved by Locks and Dam^ 
will have constant Navigation — a large amount%» f 
capital and enterprise introduced— our minerals 
veloped — an avenue to market aflopded — a reven 
of millions per annum—  lemand for our lands ci 
ated — and at prices as high as those of any oti, 
coal fielld. We are not to wait for others to oo 
in an l do this work which is to confer on us S’ 
great benefits. We must *ot ourselves, do   
part, accept the piop»* al of the Navigation Cd 
lany. which Uextrcaielv liberal, and jvroveto **   

rv# we appY«^iat4‘ tAeu ffb4.4Mi.4j 4.^3 


Gallant Boyd and the Union. 

We take the liberty of publishing the following i 

and the distinctive principles of this 
Itranch of D**mocrac 3 \ Hon. J. C. Mason, of Balh. 
and the Hon. Arch. Dixon, of Henderson, were ap- 
pointed Electors fi»r the State at large. 


1 — L. S. Trimble, of McCrnkeii. 

2 — E. D. Walker, of Ohio. 

3— John A. Finn, of Simpson. 

F. W4*ue,^_Q££5aL 

5 — E. A. Graves, of Marion^ ~ 

6— 7 heopliilus Garrard, of Clay. 

7— Marion C. Taylor, of Shelby. 

8 — John Jackson, of Fayette. 

3— alter Chiles, of Montgomery*. 

10 — G. Clay Smith, of Kenton 

A large ntinil er of AssisUint Electors were nom- 
inated in each District. D. K. Weis, Esq., of Ash- 
land, is the Assistant Elector for this |x rtion of the 
9th District. A ! etter appointment in the party 
could not have l cen made, as we know no one who 
will discharge his duties with more zeal and abil- 
ity. Great enthusiasm and spirit prevailed with 
a determination to make no terms witli the Breck- 
inridge wing. 

Oil _ 

J hose spriiigt.'Tiit* uaiij mow a* tentiow 

in the valley of Sandy., We learn iyt»inir me gen- 
tlemen who have been u| on Taint crock, in John 
son county, for the pup| ose of making an invest- 

“Helvand Everett. 




arge niimi*cr*vi men who ha| 
noting with Kvpublioans, repudiate 
and will vote for au4 iVorreefer 

Times. ^ 

Another Accrsaiox in Alabama.— The Messen- 
ger, ]iublislied St Livingston, Ala , has hoisted th 
Constitutional Union flag, and entered thccampaig 
with energy nni zeal. 

PoLiTrcAi. Mofementsin North Carolina.— Hon 
Hunry W. Millfr, n  m»*cralic Elector for the M'ake 
District in Norlli Carolina, has declined and wil 
support Bvll and Everett. North CanJina is giod 
fop the Union sandidates by a handeoine majt*rity. fyn • 

The Hon, Oorge E. Badger deliveied a sf eech 
recently at Rairigh, io which he declared himself 
fur Boll and E*crcit. 

The Goldsl cro’ Independent has laid aside its; 
neutrality an«l come out for Ih'll and Everett. So 
also, the Scotlasd Neck (Ilaliflix) News. 

Kf-ntickt. — Eon. John. J. Crittenden made a 
glorious rallying s) ccch at ShrlhyTille, Ky., lately. 
Messrs. Mallory. Bullock and Whitenkersf oke du- 
ring the day. Tie enthusiasm aroused was of the 
most cheering cljamcter. 

The billowing t'xtract from a letter of J. F. Bab- 
!»it, A Douglas desiocrnt, ap| ear 8 in the Cincinnati 
Evening Times (lnde|»enilent :) 

“I think Kentucky will go for Bell and Everett 
I will sell $5,0(K worth of n*al estate for$l if 
Breckinridge carries Kentucky, or $10,000 if he 
don't. If anylKxiy wants to back Breckinridge's 
chances A»r Kentiiekv, he can get any amount here, 
fnun $100 to $10(MH 0.” 

The I^ouisville Journal remarks that Ib*ll and 
Everett have an important advantagi' in bc*ing the 
second choice of a.! the other parties. This is true 
as iTgards the frieitisof Douglas and Lincoln ; and 
ihoiigh the friemlsof Breckinridge seoivtly prefer 
Lincoln and Hamlin to the Uniun candidates they 
dare not avow il ; but would go for Bell and Ever 
ett as second choice. 

Good News fR^m Ki:NTrcKT. — Bloomfield, Ky , 

July, 25, i860. — The j*ooplc of tiiis State are fully 
aroused to the givat importance of securing the 
cKction of Bell and Everett.. 7'hc disunion faction 
of the Dcniocralic pnrfv are now greatly alarmed . 
for it looks at ] resctit as if Douglas would b^||^ 
Breckinridge even in hU own Stale ; and no 41R 
dutibta but Bell will carry this StaU by a large 
majority— at least 20, fMK). The Douglas and Breck 
inndge men are pitied against each otJier in earn 
est. 'Flie}* have deadly hativds towards each oth 
er. Each side say they would vote for Ihdl before 
they would fur each other's candi«lates. The in 
dicutions are at present that Bell will carry the en- 
tire South, w'itfi tlie exception of tlic ll.e-oaling 
State of Simtli Carolina. 

If the North would do half as well ik the Soutli 
for B‘*ll, he woolO ^1 4 q u J by the by an 

fllLRAi^irn. — Tlie Mompliis Ap| 

ggett, it. 

[Hopkins, 0. T. Stuart ana W. O. Brown, 
j CllARI.OTTt:avlLLE, U.v., August 18. 

In the Breet^/ i*'lge an.] Liiirt-w.’ 

‘b .* mollifying the 
Senator Hunter 

Irom our 

ilierto bw-n , yesterday, a resolution was ado[ 
Lincoln . t«KH r4«es) I i.-*  and ap| i*in'iti 

) Run 


W A I\ T E D . 

V SITU.tTIO.'^ by a young m»n at clerk. Hat 
had ^•‘vmal year.s experience boih as saleaman 
and Book Keeper. Will go to any part of the couatry. 
A line addrca«ed to J. J. Miller, Editor Sandy Yalloy 
Advocate, will receive prompt attention. 

August 15, IHGU. 

.m.\(;aha rAi.LJs 

'■pHlS fine Molel is now ready to receive the travel- 1 purchaserK 
I ing public. In addition to the imurovenier.tii ' nii.riii r. 

mg public. In addition to the improvenier.tii 
made last year Gas haa been introduced in every 
room. Hot and Cold Baths. A splundid Saloon has 
been built in which Philan's very beat tables are 
being placed and arrangementa made for Ladies End 
of tho vxercine and pleasure of Billiards to enjoy 
ih nnselve*, which with the high ceilinga oI thehoiise. 
porlert ventilation and beautiinl grounds makes 
houseeverv wav desirable and attractive. 6U 


P ortsmouth & Parkersburg Packet 

NTE l.TIER .^EEllO^E. 

CAPT. J, S. IIURD. S. P. SliMl’SO.V. Clkkk. 

W ILL leave PortHmouth for Farker.-i- 
burg every Monday and Friday at 
12 o’clock. M., pasKing Big Sandy at 6 
in. Hciurnitig lea\ ea Parkcivbtirg every Sunday and 
Thursday at 9 o’clock. A. M.. passing Big Sandy at 
!!F.M. Connect at PortAmoMth w: ith Ro»tona for 
Cincinnati and at Parkersburg with Wheeling packet*. 
Freight and passengers taken through to Pittsburg 
and Cincinnati. J. N. LODWICK & SON. 

Agents. Portsmouth. 

... :isroTioDL 

\ 1.1. por.oni^re lier-by wirni-d Irom piirchiiing 4 
1 V Bill of Exchan-o for #330 00. dited LouiaTille, 
Ky. April 7tli, 18/iO driarn by Davi,. Waller, 
Kvana S; Co.. upon Henry Bradley, of Gatlettabiirf;', 
Ky.. Ibe same beinq pa yable aix month, from date to 
Iheorderof lire drawers , at the Bank of Aahland, 
Ashland, Ky.. Said Bill of Kxctiange having been 
paid all fulurue transfers will be st Ihe peril 01 th* 
pnrrhisers. WILSON & KIRKPATRICK, 

GO 3i] General Collecting Agents and Attorneys. 

Baltimore Advertifsernents. 

18 3 0 , 


, N » 11 \ouTU iio\vaim)stui;i;t, 

thix! Two doors Northof the Howard Jlouse. Bnttimers 
I Ij- 'I'llE undersigned, having msde laiae idditiona to 
X theirstock, are prepared to fuinith House Keep. 

era, Country .Morchanta and others, with such ar- 
tides as they wsnt, on the very best teims Rriisb. 

I M M E N SE S b C C E S S ! 

‘•e Crvsm Fivezeis. Rel 

4*d patronagp th« 

ami Mason, vx-OtH’orn  r Wisti, and Messrs. Smith 1 ***** inlroduclion oi 

and Uussoll as olvetors. , . . , NEW SYSTEM. 

A re.dntion wits niso njopted inslriidinpr the | ,hey en.bled tn otL.r such inducement, a, cannot 
electomls if Bivckinritigv cannot !k» elcct«*d to vote equaled bv any Gilt Bonk Concern in the world, 
as a unit SO as to f)i*event the election of Mr. Lin I'VI'HYIiODV UKUrrHS 

I sending to Henry E. Hoy! 5t C*. for books, from tlm 
jlacl that til who send to them are sure of being 
The following is the advertisement for Salt . foirly dealt with, 
iiver which appe-ared in yesterday’s PVnnkfort' The Now Method nf Diatributing Gifts SEOTRF.S 
'om moil wealth, on a whole side of the paper. We 1 TO TH F. PU RCH A. ER superior advantages. Jt f . 
compress its t}*jK; but cannot compress its spirit of io/act, the ordy straigkt-foiwai d and impartial Sys- 
' tern inexistenre- 


No matter whether yon visit the store of Henry E 
Hoyt L Co. in person, or send your order from a dis- 
tance, you will receive tho sanie attention and the 

SAJn: niA.M i: 
for tlio vahuble ariicles. 

XT Remember t hi - wh*n ordering Books _C  
Special attention ia called to p^gca 4 and 5 of 11. E 
Hoyt & Co’s New caislogito, in which it 

will be seen that they otter better indiicemeuts and 
the largest per centage to persons who will 

Pt'isotis out of employm«^nt v\ ho are desirous of 

n ENKYE. HOYT4t CO,, Propneloraof iheGreat j tors, upright ami chest — the most approved kinda* 
Souiboio p^tablishinent. No 41 Bal- jCoolers, in Wood or Metal. 7in and Wire 

limor«» Street, B-^timoiH', Maryla^, wpiild «a v to Sstofc A »*hur*« ^yl^ihcr moat sprroved Fruit and 

' ■-% . • pjT.' - -   ■ ■ - bJf.  7 -s ; ■ 

.^•t urcorwemien/e of the Unequal- Block Tin. HMlttmia and V\% 

it |»« len hesfoned upon them since »»-- - • 

‘ heir 



For Salt River. 






r  T s XT I o :nt 

3'hi Ware, 
ated Ws*e. 

Jaf an- 
Alba Is 

le Hrene J 

Block Tin. Iwitonia and 
Fo/ksand SpoouH. Urns. Coltow OjiU *1 # , iv.i. 

!v’'Xi hShns, Knives and* 

Waifle Ironi. Sauce Pana, Scales and Weishta CoHp. 
Mills. 'l'«hle Csstei-s, Old Dominion Cnllee Pols 
Miovelsnd I^ong,. N„rK« Lamps. Toilet Seis. Koot 
Cleaners, Wire Dish Csvers 
I Able Mats, logelhei « uh a isrii tv of snirle. ns..’ 
tut and necessary to lioiMe-Ueepers'. Rohr t Dsvi,' 
Patent Excelsior Wishing Machines. We invite 
merchants and others visiting our city Io an exsinins. 
lion of onr stock. JBO A .MILLS A CO. 




W lif  lo«,  h» l)e»)i ra in 



•No. 3»« ILilliiiiore M., liiiltimuie. ’ 

O I'll exleiisivo stock enables US to oiler great in- 
dncemenls to the Kentucky trade and we invite 

their Hpocial att«-ntioii. 

■ J. WKHi)k;iiAUui{, o. r . COOK, e 

11. J. w Ei;ui-:r,.-\uGH 

[50. 1 y 

/ a. RAMSAY. 
& ^0. 

(huccenaors lo W eidehaugh. Smith Ic Co.N--^ 

Importers, and !)*-» h ra i'' 

37" ft no y 

C3- o o ci 

Henrv K. Hoyt « Co dblribute a be'tor class of 
Gilts, all of which are 

A\D V Alel'AIM.K. 

No worthless Gifts ate presented lo purchtaers. 
See pages ( , / and 8 in regular catalogue. 

Henry E. Ho t & Co. alloi% purcha «ers to select 
from a large and magniliceiil a(oi.k of Books, among 
which may be found 

Captaia- - - -JcHN C. BRECKINRIDGE. .h.;y;nrdTng*L*;,"' 'c.Ve?niiy .elected 

His sold St the regularadverli»ed prices. 

Mate JOSEPH M LANE Books of Fact. 

I Bo.»kk of Fiction. 

.. .CLINTON Mi CLAriTV,; ntu oTAtiTe'in" nt. 

.Kl UNFI. 'N RODFRT «. 1 HORD ' Books for Ike Old Folks. 

Di»?tiON.\RV Forrfstlii. of tliej Books for ths Young Folks. 

Maysviiie Express. Rooks for noy.**. Books aoout Sailois. 

PILOTS — WM. L. VANCV, of tlie Soutlierk ^ Books for Girls. Bookasbout Soljieis. 

Cunfederaev.   Bo  ka for leovers. Booka abmil Indiaun. 

HLNHY A. WISE, of Gizzard Foot, i fl“^*** Jiook»i about M uuieri. 

ENGINEERS— UrniAii MAnorrix. . Books lor Wives. Books about Heroea. 

eng.giiig iiisii honorable and I rolitable business will , TT.,:._„ c,, j rr • 6S , 

piMso Hosiery, Gloves and 'rriramings generally 

ni'IAK THIS «  ;ti I3il . halUmort St., Corner «/ Slmrij. UaUimore 

•• .... 50-ly. 

Will atari on her first trip to the head -waters of 
S-nlt River fn in the Clerk of the Court of Api'eals 
Office, in Frankfort, on Si'ptcmlier the 12th, 18G'J 
This vessel is pewter bottomed, aud well secim*d 
by “BOLTS ’’ 



J. K. R . CM A Bl 

extract from a private letter from a friend in ihel "’®"‘ p'* S| rings, that the efforts of 

Religious Soi vices. 

The Rev. Mr. Tompkins, Rector of the 2d Epis 

Hinkley and Gillfillen havelieen successful, having 
struck a vein of Oil at the distance of 130 feet. — 
Geo. R. Dixon d: Co., anotlier firm, came to a good 
rein at the distAnce of 100 feet. This adds in- 
creased value to the resources of the Sandy valley. 
It also makes more evident the importance of the 
proposed improvement of the Bie S.nndy river. — 
Willi the improvement of our river by X»cks and 
Diiins, capital and enterprise would S4 on fill our 
valley, our resources would be developed and it 
w ould be tlie richest portion of Kentucky. 

Editorial Change, 

Thomas M. Green, formerly editor of (he Frank- 
fort Commonw*ealth, has purchased the Maysville 
F.agle, and in connexion with Wm. K. Tremble, 
Esq., will conduct the editorial department. 

The liigh reputation of Mr. Green for talent, lit- 
erary taste, as w dl as a thorough acquaintance with 
the ixilitics of our country, will incix?ase the influ 
enco of this venerable and popular JJurnal. We 
welcome Mr. Green into the 9th Congressional Dis- 
rict, feeling assur ‘d that his efforts in connexion 
of ’76, would ever entertain the idea of a sundei ing| with our friend Tremble will accomplish much for 
of the Union of onp glorious States, and trailing 4i,« 4 j • 4i 

theflagof lheUnion*^in themud.dirtand filth oft^'** ^*:**^ °^ thelnion party, during the present 
nullification and Disunion. Kentuckians may dif- j ^^^ipaign. 

for as to the |x)Iicy of the nation, but never as to • ■ • ■ 

its unity — never w ill our Stale agree to a sej*nrn-i Communicated, 

lion ana dismemU-mvnlofiMir bloAxe.! Conl'e.Ie^^ Mb. Editor : A fvw daysoifo I vi.itedonr nm-gh. 
.ley. Tho luck of .John C. BrookinridRO ooul.l' boring town. A.lilnml, niid Iwka ride tlirotielitlie 
ncyer sustain him when hi* princi|  v, load U. a f„i, pounds. I was aware of the natural tx auty of 
rapid disruption of the Lnion. By his course ho ; ti,e put had not the least idea of the e’r. nt 

IS now prostrated, and I pre.iiiiic. forever— althoiigli , improvenunts made witliin the lust month or two 
tliefnvoriWof fortune he has permitted his iiiihal-. whnt was lieaulifiil hy nature has, with industry 

blue grass portion of our State. From it will be 
seen that the efforts of gallant little Boyd are ap- 
pn^ciated by the friends of the Union io other { or 
tions of the State, and also that the same motives 
which governed us pervaded the State in the recent 
election, a devotion to the Union and a determina- 
tion to sacrifice party and all other consideratioos 
for its perpetuity: 

Mount Sterling, Kt., -\ug. 11, 1860. 

Mt Dear Sir : Hurra fop Boyd county! again I 
say, hurra for Boyd county ! ! ! 335 mq;ori/y. God 
bless Boyd and hvr people. I know they love the 
Union and will never bow to Northern fanaticism 
nor lo Southern. Yance}*, Bi*eckinridge. Fire-eating 
Disunionists. Lincoln and Breckinridge, section- 
alisls and 1 oih tending to the same result. No 
wonder the Black Republicans in Ohio and other 
free States, issuvd oniers for all of their followers 
in Kentucky to vote for the Southern sectional fac- 
tion. Extremes meet and they both agrve in seeking 
a dismemberment of our b)ood bought, glorious 
Union. It was mad fur any sane man to have im- 
agined for a moment, that our people, the glorious, 
patriotic sons of the hardy pion«*er8 of the dark 
and bloody ground, who so gallantly, in the war 
of 1812, cimilaUvl tlieir anecsturs of tlie revolution 

lowed amhiiion to lend him so near to the 
t bis country 
Well, let him 

, . ... doom ofj^n^^ ta*le, Ijofn made one of the handsomest fair 

a traitor to his country Uiat his •.•■.unlrymen will i„ K.ntiicky. The track is aliout thnx- 

harilly ever parJoii him AVdl, let him go dow n f„unhs of a mile in lAiisth, and wide enon«li for 

, - ,.4. 4 4 I to Silence and solilnde— hi* country, after he shall , cnrriiicros Al»reA«t An.nM «i/!4 ii lir ino^ 

eopal Church, of P^rtemoirth, cnmtneneod a *»cries | «ut the  *ffiees bo whieh he has ht»on .4 i ®i i 4 * ' ^ k. i 1 s ^ing smooth 

1 * riave servui out ine  »nKes lo wnirn i»e nns rM»en is so nearly level as ti» offvr no impediment tolhe 

of rchgiouB services m mir town, on Fnday even- elected, will let him, in relircnicnl and scclu.sion, a| ced of h(»rses. There will l»e stalls prepared to 

ing Inst, which was continuedon Satnrdaycvcning! rill his death, the doom which he designed hurscs in over night, and wator in nlmn- 

The Sneranirot of Ihei ^ '"f 1 ?''«H dance the last of which is oftou difftoult to get 

“ ! fnll—his doom he richly deserves and such a doom at fairs. * ® 

J awaits his partisans. j Insiilc the track is a large area and covered with 

^ most Ikenutiful shade trees in w hieh tho Floral 

Kentnekv Agricultural JTa^ri. i H-.liia »K i nr ar.^-ud. \\  considci a 

and during the Sabbath. 

Lord’s Supper was adininisb*red on Salibath mom 
mg. Mr. Tompkin.s visited our tA'^^n ni the solici i 
a fow persons «riio wcrt Ef 'scopsft^^ ' 
-tiivd rown-ci i -** 
so.^b wrtt 1^' 1 br*^^h of^Uit Pfot**stant chnit’b. 
ho*.g their mm.ilff would l c found sufficient ♦or 
the organization of a Farish. A meeting of tLe 
members of the church andUiose who feft an in- 
terest in the cstablishmcnl of /me in fhis place, xvas 
held on Monday last, which resulted in an organi- 
rjition with the appointment of all the v.arions of- 
ficers. The Parish is lo be called Si. John’s 
Parish, and is to include this place and Ashland. 

The services were attended hy the members of 
all denominations. The crowded chureli, the 
nolemnity nnd respect manifested by all, evinced a 
spirit of cliarity whieh is truly clirislian. The 
great fundamental principles of true religion ar.- 
the same in all evangelical deiiuiiiiiiations. M'e 
xnay honestly differ ns to fonn* nnd eeremonies. 
These mo mwetersof taste and should he no cause 
fbr jealousy or contention among elirrstians. All 
should regard themselves allies in the great work 
of the world's roformalion and consequently can 
oonsistcntly unite io this great work. 

The Rev. Mr. Tompkins, both in his social inter- 
oours« as well as in the discharge of his ministerial 
duties, has left the most pleasing impressions ju 
our community. May he have the satisfaction of 
knowing, in day* to come, that his labors here have 
been blest, nnd that they have proven as seed sown 
on good ground. 

XLtCTiON's — Nearly nil the counties of the Ap 
pellal* Distriot have been heard from. From the 
returns Judge Peters will receive a majority of from 
700 to BOO. 

The majority of Gen. Xaislie Combs, may be put 
doim at aboot 1/6,000. 

1/*XS e*A^i ... 7 ‘ ■ .' ■ .nfneAW-oh 

Tuesday, the 15ih inst. That of Clarke County is 
held this week, the following kre only partof those 
to be held in the State, take place during the fall. 


NORTH-EASTER N. . Ashland Sept. IB— 3 

Ky. Ag it Mech. Ass..Ta.'xington. . . .Sept. 11 — 4 

Boiirlion county Paris Sopt. 4 — 4 

Cliristinn county Hopkinsville. .Oct. 10—4 

Central Kentucky ... .Pnnvilic Sept. 4 — i 

Daviess county Owensboro. .. Oct. 9 — 4 

Harrison county Cynthiana. . . .Sept. IB — 1 

Madison county Richmond. . . ..Aug. 14 — 4 

North Kentucky Florence Aug. 11 — f 

Owen county. ...... . New LilK.rty.Oct. 2—5 

Slate Society Bowlinggreen.Sep. 18 — 5 

Salvisa Stock Mi-rccr Co. . . .Oct. .3 — 4 

Shelby county Shelby ville. . . Aiig. 28—4 

South-western Ijouisvillc. . , .Sept. 25—5 

We hope the citizens of Boyd nn.l siirrotinding 
counties, will note s|Kcinlly that only a few weeks 
will inleryenc before our Fair nt Ashland will be 
held. We cannot expect, ns this is our first exhi- 
bition, to compete successfully with those which 
have Iwen longer established, but we should feel 
a pride in doing all in our power to make the ex 
hibitioD one which will do credit to our iiiouninin 
region. ATI things must have a beginning. Let 
each farmer have sometlring to contribute, although 
It may not have been brought to that perfection 
which he desires. By the comparison with that 
which his neighbor presents, a spirit of improve-, 
ment will thus be created, nnd at each succiKiling 
Fair onr exhibitions will impiFove. until we may 
challenge coiniKtitios from any portion of ihe Slate. 

I'he preparation of the Fair Grounds at A«hlnniT, 
and the spirit and lils-rality of .■X.zricullural -SiKie- 
ty, inert! ibe highest  o nine' d •.lion, and shimbi 
soeuix' for it the inteiost and support of every citi 
zen in this, Greenup, Lawreiice aud Carter counties, 
and wc hope it will. 

rvM*U »l.    «* con 
s^tion of Kentucky nnn if 

contains ihc fuUowintt : 

liirLET, MiifS. Juljyb. 1861)^ 
Below T send you the n»snU of tlu* iWtc taken ; 
Hambleton’s l eat in this county (Tippah.) F ] 
the Inst few \*ears it has voted DvDiocratic. 

Bell. 60 

Dmijflas, 47 

Bryckiiiridge, 15 

The Defeat or the Breckinridge Disr.viONisTj 
IN. Alabama AT THE Late Election. — On the fi 
Monday of Aui'iist an election was held in man 
if not nil. the counties of Alahama for county offi 
cers. In Ihe present excite*! condition of the fH»p 
ulnr inin*l on |»oUtical lopics^ihcy wore of course 
warmly cont«'slcd. an*l afF*»rd nn indication of how 
the State will vote in NoreniUT. The .Mi'nlgomery 
(Ala.) Confederation, of the 9th inst., says : 

"In this Cotigr-ssionnl District, as far as heard 
from, the Sece*l»T8 are utterly routed in even* toiinty. 
except Autauga, where there was no te4. 'Lhey 
were ! cnt one hundred ami twenty in this (Mont- 
Uomerv) county; one hundred and twenty five in 
.Macon; one hilndrci in Chambers; and fifty or 
sixty in Russell. Was there ever such an ihglori- 
ous and rediciilous l)*'gining f* r a party thatchiim 
,e l nearly all thr votes in Alabama; and mind 3'ou, 
here in tins district was ami is their sirongliold’ — 
La *1 the Douglas men herald it that here, in tlie 
ci»adel of their 8ti\mgih. they ran not carry a sinyle 
county in this Congressional District ! Poor fellows!” 
It is now' reduce*! almost to a certainty that flic 
only Slate in tlie L^iion that will chooss Breckin- 
ri«!irc electors will l e the old disunion Stale of 
South Caix^lina. She would Imi carried apainst 
him if the people could vote, hut in thatstroni'hoM 
of the Bkdlers the people arc not allowed to A'ote 
for Pn-si.lentor for State officers. The I^^islalure 
takes that business off tlieir hands !—Ginciiinati 
Enquirer. A 

Bell Avn Everett Movements — A meeting » f 
vounj^ men. fnvfii'nlde lo the election of Bell aiul 
'Everett, is to l e held on M*mJay eveiiin;;. for il 
pur|K se of creating n live nnd |*ermanent oi-jjan 
zation to do the ncliv ^ work of the cainpalijn - ■ 
From whnt we ran b-arn, the organization will 1 
of a novel character, an«l will be apt "To create 
stir during the enmpah^n. 

On Tm's.lav next, the Bell and Everett men * 
tlie Twelfth War-l will cr«'ct n beautiful libertl- 
|*ole  »n Central avenue, iH-tweeti Bank and Dayton | 
Af»4^r the pole is ericle*l, in tlio OA’cning, thci-e will 
In- speaking. All the Bell and Everett Clubs of 
tJ»e city have been invited to participa U ^—Ciactn- 
nali Times. . 



BAR KEEPERS— A. G. Talb*.tt. 

Overton P Hogan. 

CABIN BOY — Gnat G aither. Jr. 

BOOT BL.VCK — Jam^s Gordon IU, .nett. 
SURGEON— Or. Vallandinoham 


CHAM^oKs maids— j \)phLr.r. 

FllfKMlSK— ^ 

I ■«' NrnTfkc, 






F. L. McCiiF-aNKY. 

DECK H.\NDS — Ky. Bn*ckinri«lgc Denu’cracv. 
This craft will make her first trip ns al ove, and 
hersecon*! on the first Tiicsdiiy in N*iveml *T next 
For passage appl^* to Tim. Craven.** or Geouue B. 
Hodge, (Xneml 1 icket Agents. Col. Jas U. Gar 
HARD also an Agent for the General Agents. 

For further iutormatiim apply on Inwinl or to Jas. 
B. Beck. Wm E Simms, II. C. Burxett, and oUicr 
Yanceyile orator* in Kcnlncky. 

All nl*oard I Cast of tliat head line. Haul in 
that plnnk. Give liera turnon Ihe larboard wlieel. 
“O. fare you well, evorylimly.” Boo-hoo-u-o o. 
“We are off for Salt liiver.” B*h  hoo o o o o. 

Ilooktf foi ilu/ibanJ^. Book* about P. liiota. 

Banka for Farmers. 

Booka for Mt-chanica. 

Book- for MtMch*nt-, 

Books for Khyaiciana. 

Bonks foi I^wycta. 

Books tor Statesmen. 

Ilonka of Humor. 
Rixika Pm?ti y. 
Hooka of 'I’ravel. 
Booka of Hriiorv. 




U*hol**4 »lo Dealers in 


Ao. Belt, more St . bet Uanoter and Oharlct 

H VI/rniiiKI;. 

\\ L,peci.lly invii«ilu.|t.dool Kprtiickv lo vx- 

» * «ii.lim our exlcnsivR • ocL. foilii.g conlidvnt wo oiler Kiicli iiiduccuicnn i  w ill in.ko il Ihoir in- 
Irie.tlobuy. 60 I y 


UA LTI.UOUI , .lil) 

^ plMS 6iie housp h», bu..n rut,.d up in a vp 
1 ing ii.aunvl and i, i:. f„;| liJe „| rpt.iat,„„, 
lidiet ap.itmi-iila panic, ilarlv agioo.blc. 
houaca aiidei Ibv ppi -niial aupi'i \ iaiuii nf 

ItOIiKi: r B. COI.KM \.N & SO.V, 
Laloorihv A.tol llouac ai.d M, irnlol. 

OF... W. MOWAHl), ZOHN |I C 0 Lk| 

•• «. a; cr 'KK.,iK. hkvuv V. .ciicr.aiAxK. 


Importura and 

liolfsnle DfiiliTh in Foreign «ml D/niiestic 


ry plea^- 



Hulwt'r’i* Nov**ls. 

IHcken*’ Nov*d.'«. 

VVaveily Nova 

\rfL«r**i Popular Tales. 
! J. T. Ls urea’s RevohTrW'ii i v t-toi ie»r 

Cecil B Kaitl«*  iM4t t* rcblinf; Biographies 
! tV. Gilmore lli«t ViraI R  rnMuc(iou^ 

B* v*id Taylor'J Travels an*i .VJ^^nturea 

^ i Ho oka fcit Jiiusrai. 

lwsi»Uu)Kt u Irv 


Mark rf and 69 Street, h 

IX LEt  constantly o!» b i»d a (till a »o» line 

; IV Goiyjs 

Bv/t mo 
m *.f l i 
of lillk 



Old Age —Beautiful is ll e old age of the right- 
eous, beautiful as the slow, «liXK ping. niell*»w ar.- 
tunin of A rich, glorious summer, in th** old man, 
nature has fulfiHe*! her work ; she 1oa«U him with 
t!ie fruits of a well si ent lif**. and 8urroun*led by 
his well trained, olx'dieiit ehiblren, and Ids chil- 
dren’s children, she rocks him awAy softly to the 
grave, to which he is followed by blessings. 

The Union la*lies of the inleriorof Kentucky are 
having Bell and EvereU printed on their bonnet 


WMoi  *-ai r tt 'Ai.)-H IK 

/Ml the writings Ilf everv alaiulai’il aiillior in evurv | -L.V -ft. J ^3 

Jeparlment of liieralurojn ev4’ry klylo ol bindfog. HatS, CapS, -BoiinetS aud 
atihe pnblikher’t lowobt^icrs. j h rontlt., PortMnouth. 

It V(TU N«-e a hook \ on m lit, piihli«heu. no matter 
.eliere or by w hoin . -**nd to Henry F.. Moyt & Co., 41 ' 

Baltimore a^ti’p»*t, IGllimtse, M a ryU nd, and by re- 
turn mail you will receive it ami a 
ii.%!\n!«o:Ti i: r 

By sending vour uideia to Henry E. Ho)t S: Co. 
you never loose— 

VOt* AB-W.%VM 43AI T. 

Comply with pag-'N 4 aad 5 Of tnoi. i'ata1ot;tio and, 
perfect satisfaction if giisranteed. So (here is not aj 
poaaibilitv for any p rraon to lose b\ patronizire lbe| ^ ^ “ 

Grest Southern | . V H * S V MB O O Ij . 

GIFT BOOK STORE. rU HE suhsriiber a^raduate of collep** proiorra to 

.} 1 ( pen a arhoul in the Academy in t; atleitsburg 
on the Ut.Mon*hlv in Softembi-r re-xt. The comi»o 



AV’INO now in yfoie an ininionse stork of Sra- 
aonshle Spline aod Siimtnei Goods. I would in. 
vUe th** atlenttou i-f iaer/4ianls lo the  ame. Paitiet 
who iiiak** Oieir main purlha^es Fast, will find it 
conrenu-nt to replenish as they may need, at abort 
not ICO. 

Orders fill“d lo bc  l advantage, and   

Leiiiia aa if the purchaaei were pieaenl. 


Portsmouth, O.,  fa v '9. 18B0.13.| v. 


- a f'l 

chance their fH-oducl^Md stock will^‘'V?*«re fn^ 
vornbly with those portion oL 

Certainly great cre*lit is due to the cill^* 
land for tliis handsome improvement. 

Not the least attractive object in the place 

is tlie Mammoth H *tel which is in«ler tlie Q^oprie- 
torshipof John Bidl, Esq , just the rigiit luah tTi 
have charge of that elegant buihling. From our 
own knowledge wc san say that he kseps a first 
class hotel— in the true sense of the phrase. — 
hether or not he is in any wise connected with 
John Bell of Tennessee we are nnnbU to sav ; D ’r 
are we informed that he is "sound on the goose.” 
but we are sure of one thing, that contrary to the 
{lopulur sayiipi^ he can keep a hotel. Alva. 

Constitutional Union State Convention in Indi- 
ana. —3’he In*linnnpo)is Sentim*! of Thurs*lay c *n- 
tains the proceedingsof the BELLand Everett Stale 
Ciinveiition held in that city on the day* previous. It 
says : 

“The State Convention of the Union Partt. — 
The State Convention of the friends of Bell and 
Everett assembled at the Metropolitan Hnll in this 
city yesterday. There were several hundred dele- 
gates present, representing every Congressional dis- 
trict in this State. The delegates were a fine-look- 
ing l ody of men, and dnring the proceedings of 
the Convention mnnifosteil much earnestness and 
enthusiasm for the cause in which they w'cre en- 
gaged. A full electoral ticket was nominated, and 
the resolutions and address to the people of the 
State manifest a determination to make a gallant 
fight for their Presidential nominees." 

PrvNjiYi.VANiA Coming.— -T he following new Boll 
and I’.voiTft journals are aliout to l e issue*! ; 

Constitution. I,anca8tcr. Pa. The Union Bell, 
Newvillo, Cumlieriau*! Co., Pa. « Blair County 
.Vnff’riean, Altoona. Pa, • Tyrone Star, 7'yi‘ouc 
City, Pa. Montgomery Presse, (German) Norris- 
town. Pa. And 
known. Thoae marked ' 

pai*or at Rending, name not | Mr. Dtuiglas to visit Virginia; 
ked • Rre alr*-adyMsaucd. affirming the Fnltimore platfo 

Virginia Democratic Copve 
^Th# » Lkfiiy** 

« M Btate 1 .invent: wJT o.. *yT'* r 
Pr^ekinri lge wing nt 1^'hnrhit^viUe. -it'd th«* iMoug 
la^t Staunton. We*^ have received no .tvV details 
of tike pn*ceedings. We annex some dispatches 
ye have taken from tho Cincinnati Times. From 
riiffioations , thet^ is no probability of an union of 
Hie Democracy of the Old Dominion. 

Ch.^rlottsville, Va., Atrgnst 17. 

A dispatch to the Herald «nv8 nothingof import 
ance was done yesterday in tlie Br*'oki«ri«lg' Con- ! 
vention, save the a*loptfon of a nis udulion, off* re*l 
by Hon. William C. Smith, appointing a Committee 
to conimunicat.e with Ihe Stannlon 
the subject of a compriunise, an 
for such compromise, ahoubl that 
a willingness to enter into negotiations 
puriwse. A Staunton dispamli says the Doutf^ 
Convention will not offer any compromise, but will 
take into considerathm any that are ma*le fro' 
CharlotUvillc. Fusion is imjxjssible, except 
their terms. 

A s|»ecial dispatch to the Alexandria Gazette, 
Staunton, says at the afternoon session, sever; 
pro)H sitions for a compromise were made, but we 
overwhelmingly njecled. 

I’he Covention has adjourned till to-day 

Duncan McRae, of S. C., s{K)ke to a large crowd 
last night. 

Richmond^ August 17. 

A telegraphic dispatch to the Whig says that 
when Uie messago from Cnarlottsvllle was received 
at Staunton forn Committee of Conference, a feel 
ing prevailed that the Breckinri*lge men should 
come to tht'm if they w ishe*l to settle differences, 

A disp.'itcli to the I'nquiiNT says that such a 
pix*p(*sition will not be entci*tainoJ by the Bi\*ckin- 
riilge men. 

Staunton, Va., August 17. 
The Convention has adopted a d nolution inviting 
: nlio ft resolution rc- 
^’Ifttform declaring Doug 

Two Bad Cases of Scrofula Cured. 

New York, Jiin« 10, 1859. 

My daughter, two and a lialf yoars old. sufl»»red. 
sinco her biith. fiem MCiofula, boils, oppreA^ion of 
(he stomach, and loa-i of appetite. I ha vo been using 
ervt*/an Syrup In her case and I am happy to say 
she i ( I’Hstoid to health. 

Till* fcsmo wjs wit»i mv vou»t»est boy, Rudolph, 
eight mouth* oU. Ho sutT^vod Ivom scrofula: his* 

ears were '«or«. and he had on d.llorent parts of hi  . «v ii t 'r Xllf 
body. «cabs of a diUg«rou* character. I used (he | * 

IVriki I, Syrup t«o week, .ndmr profy boy i. Gold " • iDk!, « o.lh 
piTfectly well ; hi.4 ears are sound, and hi* entire 
body is iree from acahs, etc. 

K WIKCZORK. D. D-, 59 West 4lst St. 

The writer of the above ia an inl^ligent German 
clergyman, and is highly esioemed by hia people 

“Peruvian Syrup is a Solution of Protoxide 
Iron, a new discovery in «nedic»n». and atrikes 
n»ot of diaeafie bv-Toducing /ieo/f5.V the sou 

It is a capital wav m g* t a good Book aud actually 
make mon**y by tho operation. 

H E Hovi it Ci , ha v« distributed Gold and ^ilvei 
Watchea. lx)ckel»,*cha in*. ^iU*er Pjat***l VVaie, Sevv- 
iug Machiniis, Crape Sliawlx. I.a^e collars. Silk Drea- 
aoa.Muaical Iiialrumi nU. Engravings, &c., &c., to 
the amount of 


since theircomnioiicomeBt in 1864. 

.Nearly 8ft«0,000 

worth of ptoperlv g Henry K. Hoyl St 

Co. during tho laat \car. 

lVtl\T VOI' HlXriVK 
from Henry E Hoyl k Co,, Baltimo.iv, Md- 

Firs/ — Every purchaser feceiv *#a valuable Book 
worth the money inveafod. 

Srr^d^AW ptirchaaera— whether at the Store 
themselves or ordering from a dtttancc— rereivc wi h 
each Book a Gift \ arying in va ItTe from Fi ktv cent a 
TO OvK lluviiRKn DoLi.An*. icithout rztio ehaige 
Third — TheGifis inatl rasen accompany the Hui*Ua. 
F*)ui7^--.\ written ceitiilcate tecoHipanies every 
Order, by which those md»*ring or ^nbscribu'g to the 
1 Agents may learn lh«* r**«ult |h«'lr inv**.atinenla and 
I receive their Books and Prizes without the slightest 
j difficulty. 


- c-M'i VII*; I lie iimzM. I I’M H , i,M   ai* lu q ua i ii 

charactoiv & C.. ivill be during in y abx 

tween iWa fuJlhe 1*1 ojSepUujibei*. lj'('‘4 
ref»*r lo Mr. .bwve \V»dlm?n. For the intoir 


: ofFT« Foaisi 
1 1t tel $'.'o to 
\S atches worth to $'?5. 

Ladi**a, (}eiit|h.and MisK0*f»» ld chains, 
Worth fit! •*25. 

of all vitality Wrte hum*n nn^anUm. For aale by 
all Druggista.’’ Agent*. it Q a (lettaburg. 

Gold i^Klteta worth from $2 50 to$^ 
Gold Bracelela, ^ Lava Set, 

' Gold Thimbles, f * (‘ameo Seta, 

de of Watch Keys an! HAoVa,. ^ Seta, 

at thej Simla and lerve r 4 tons, Jet Seta, 
ource I Pena and Pencils,   

Gents' Pins, 

LadieafFi*-'-^*P* Sh*Avla. 

‘ ' U’^.sk. . 

Coral SatH, 
Miniature Setl. 

/ Worthj^vom ??5jot»0. R L Ai^ W O K S T E D 

Ladifts Rich L*j-^ colUra, SleC\*e^aud cajfc, ^ li.*. cent* ami 41 

of inatimHon will be thorough inclmitng all iho 
high»T hrafiches^T Knglihh as well «.* claa-ic. 

'Perm*', pavanlo one half middle acaaion and re* 
maiiuler at the close: 

For the pfima ry branches of Fnclif h for term 

of five months $5 oO 

Fiiat preparati9n lor five moniha jn 00 

A* adfiTiiCVourse “ •• J6 (HI 

I„atiit and Gre*4  extra 7 00 

An additional ton of 60*'ents per each scholar for 
incidenta 1 ex pcDsft ^ 

Keh*rcn*? * the most sati ractoi v as to qualifications, 

* ' ‘ *ce nee be- 


those at a distance ] will state tliat boarding can 1 • 

obtained in private *^'l' *ll*^^ mad* 

erale prices. [finti] ^ W, H, I’YE. 


7 J- dt 7 6 

"WT'ejs’t lEPourtli S't., 

A A* maw olfering (heir .splendid slock of 

SlhM^l VAi J) II ESS (iOODS! 

. AFAfoall y I educed prices. 

B .V#{ E O i’'. D R E S S (} O 0 D S ! 

A *' 12. 20.2.1 AM  37{ *'i:\TS. 


AT W *li. Si-, ill). fl2. »I4 .AMI *U . 


A l' iiu, J/3 AM) $3«. 

Elo^it Gr.'niulinc Dress Goods! ■ 

Uy ib*.rxtx*.,t SI , ti.* ♦* 23 AVurlhftI M*.n4$2, 

^ barege GOODS 

V lt»i. v* 3— tull v/T-A-tv. 








6l .»y 

V I c 

Capt A. W. 

X Victor NoJ 
at Cincinnati, f 
will ply regulal 
ping at interms" 


and leave 
POMEROY evervl 
FRIDAY at 7 oJ 
Shippers and pas| 
commodations and aJ 
Special attention 
the line, ao th'it retij 




C'orner of .Tlnrkct (**i*f 'roni ' 

1 u v 'i Y 

M A Y b \M L L K . K tv 

a ^HIS esUblishment. so long sncc, ^ 

to the travelioKConitminily. **.’ing”p,7,ed “oto 
the heads of the eubacribers, they |,a metl^d 

of making it known to the P«l»l»c»en«raliy. Th» 
advantages of lliis House as a 


Various. -Dailv Stages leave the do (o« I . , - . . 

in the interior: the Steamboat L ndinJ“mmediat"lv .? ..’i 

adjoining and theprincipsl Business i^^pj 
city are situated close at hand. All  1 accnniinoda 
tioiis of the house are of a superior s,.jcter. and 
every elfort of the proprietors being di^j^j 
comfort and pleasure of their guests, th. |gg| 

'nay favor 


BJent of their ability to please all who, 
them with their paironag'*. 


Sa-tf] JNO. N. GAI.LKHKR, 

13 L U il & K A H N , 

Wholesale and Retail 

C 1 o t h i Cl ^ 

Corner of 2d ami Market Sts. Mavsvile, K 
1 ) CSPFaCTKULLY inform their friendji ai, 

JLV public genera Ity that they ha ve recently gjp 

a very heavy and deRirabloirnporlation ofseasott^Ie 

goods for Oiyntlemen's wear they haveon hani^he and complete* assortment of 
Ueiitly . lade Clothina: for Kali & Winlrr 
Now in the market— and leel confident that they 
prepared to give their customers a better bar^i^ 
than can he obuinej In this city It is iinnecessa . 
to p.inicnlari'/e our stock, but we will jjay, that it 
new. fAshioiuble and well selected, and will be sol 

at prices iinennaMed ! - . - r. . 

Our stock of.Shirts. Drawers, Handkerchiefs Gloves ‘*‘**‘^«»*‘* ^rom beds that gu.ago 203 bii hel. I 5 ad- 
Suspenders. Hals and Caps. Trunks, &c., is very f.ili^' * 'hr heap. We cheerl.illy recommend it •" 
attractive and cheap. We invite special attention to 
our stock. 

iI:^Wo have in our employ an excolent CUTTER, 
and are at all times prepared to make Clothing m 
the be^tstyle. Big Sandy trade solicited. 13-tf 



^PHE undei-signed, patentee of this valuable im- 
L pvovemrnt in the manufacture of Iron, respect- 
fully informs the public that ho has made arrange- 
inentsto furnish to Furnaces and others, the Patent 
Ore Roaster. It has been in successful operation at 
Kacooon. .Steam, and Butralo Furnaces in Greenup 
The great advantai,#^ which this im  


^ to 13 per cent in coal, but a great improvement 
Ihe quility of the Iron, as well as the work of the 
Fnrnice. I subjoin the following certiiicates from 
Furnaces above named. 

Kentucky Steam Furkace, June 14. 1860. 

This is to certify that we have been using on a new 
hearth for about 2U Jays, A. C. Van Dyke's Patent 
Ore Hester, and have been using very seldom over 
seven loads (200 bushels) coal, and have been making 
regularly from 10 to 1* tons of better Iron than we 
have ever made heretofore. I am w*eil .satisfied 
that it has improved the quality ef our Iron and 
think it an excellent filling pio:ess and a saving in 
charcoal. Respectfully, J. S. JONES, 

for Wurts, Spalding & Co. 

I certiry that we have used Van Dyke’s Patent 
Ore Heater and lind it to be a great. saving of luel.— 
From the same ore we forinorlv used 22 bushels ot 
coal to the chaig * and carried about 750 lbs of ore.— 
Since wo have put up the Heater we have carried 
as much as lOfiO lbs un 18 bushel or that is what we 
have estimated it at. In putting up the Ore Heater 
we had to cliange our coal wagon so as to take oH 
one bushel of coal. For 1st 30 da vs blowing time we 
used 175 G 7 biish«»ls per ton. including heating up 
Furnace, getting up st'^am 3 limes, fi ve barrels; and 




Boot ttntl Shoe IWirehoHne 


•505 marketSl • North side, above 5th str^eG 

IV c w E i r 111 • 



A BERGEM.VN reipecttuUy announces to his for- 
• tner/rionds and cu: toineis, that he has formed a 
pAi'tnjrship with G Landgrsf. aj^4 will atili crtniinue 
buHinnss at the Old 8tand of .\tp*i*s & B' op. 

posiite Farmers Dankul Kn.iaeky , SecondMrect. 
Maysvi^. Ky . ^ 

Clolli-s, Urt.s.simeres. Vestiug «ibd tic nts’ Kiir- 
nishlng; Goods, 

Which will bo sold tor Cash Cheaper than any 
other place in (he City, and upon such tormsas cannot 
fail to please. 

VVo are prepared to M.ike Up, on a short notice, 
the neatest %nd most Fanhionablo stylesof Clothing. — 
Give us a call before purchasing elsewhere. 13‘tl. 





11 AM [[.TO 




l*ni’c OIU EIdui’Iioii Wliisky, 

TXTlNES.all kind-i Koroign and f)ome;^tic Eiquurs 
VV Prompt atlention G»v«*n to Forwarding and Com- 
mis.sion Business, Corner of Sutton & Second Streets, 
Maysville. Kv. [I3 t/'. 

Tl^II \l Al'lXESri n~i ottLes.‘" 

I A Baskets chainpaigne. “ileidseicK &■ co;” 
i Lf lU B ixes Sparkling calawba; 

great saving of fuel and al-o think it l« a great ini- 
rovement in the regular working ot the Fuinare, 
Accoo.v Furnace, B.\nn, McGIlEW &, CO. 
Greenup CO., Ky. Wm. 11. McGrew , Manager, S^c. 
have made arrangements with Clarke, Ricker & 
0*., of Ironlon, to manufacture any number that 
bo ordered. For further pavticiilari or infor- 
niaton address, A. C. V.\N DYKE, 

63(f Buffalo Furnace, Oreenupco., Ky. 

Plula  lelp]iia dve i ^tLsement^ . 

C M BOMF'»-i!-KR. 

Tsnpa»"t*'»’ and Wliol*- •• i '**tertn 

AV A T t II E !», J E iVEI.K V , 


.5fatrrial.«, Cilassi's, Fancy Good*!, &c., 

43-1 v) iV« 33! Mxrhct St . beln^B \th. PhitaiJe'.phia 

11. Guiteiman. Win. Y. Agard. 1. Woll. 

.A G /\ [[[) «k CO.. 

Wholosalo Dealers in 

H«vts, 37'xxi-s, 

Straw Good'-, IJt M net'-, \ rf iliclal KIower^ A.c 
43-6mJ No. 335 ytxrket .v/. Philadct ph*a 

Still « iio; 

claret. “St J-ilien;’’ 
Sparuliug Hock; 

Old Bolt; 

Old Pmu Brandy: 


25 do 
10 do 

ID do _ ^ 

Together with all other kiudxof Wines, Old Bourbon 
Whisky of all ag'H from ! to 7 year.^ ol. ; pure 
ilies and Gin, and other Liquors, on hand and for sale 
by , H \MlLTON GRAY. 

M • ysvill,/, Ky , Juno 1 . 1860-51 -il. 

a‘ AA Kegi Nails, ‘ Wheeling brands;” 

^'J\) IGU Bags prime Kio c «llee; 

60 Half chotiti Fresh Teas; 

4 ) Butt! che\viiig rob.tcco, “assortet.brands,’, 
and a go.- d stock of Gioceri*‘S geu.*ially, on hand, and 
good bargains ofl'i-red by II.AMILTON GU.VY. 

May ville, K V-. June 1 , IS6U .51 II 

Il:ii*divar(‘ ;md flroii ! 

r- MAY.-iVlI.I.E. WY. Cl 

p ^ T MI'ORTEH.S and Wholewaledealersineverv 
rjlj ('• •weriplionof Foreign and Domestic H.arJ-.^ 
war ■# Cutlery , Guns and Sad«1l *ry, t’arpentev’s. Coop- 
er’* and Bl ick*innn’s Tools, Iron, Plow Wing-i, Steel 
and Nails, Springs. Axle* &c. 

Through our correspon in the E»st au*l Europe 
wo ar.* and will conlmuo to bo in cons'anl receipt of 
goods from the mauvj'urtu riband fii'.t Aanr/tt ol 


Publishers, Stationers, 



Dealers m liiigli- h, Kiciicli x American 
Slalionerv, Wintlow, Wi ilii.g, 

(•rttcr anti Wriippiii? Papers, Ciillery, A:c. 
.Manufacturers of .Masonic & Odd Fellows' R  gaUa, 
430 dI:iiK**t Street tintl 42  llerchtiiit Street* 

these countries. 
r »ap -ctlull V a-ik 
A & A. 

Oiir !*lock is now very full and we 
romthe TAKDi-i an  »\amination of it. 
23 & 22 Market -r., Feh. 17, i860. 13-tf. 


110 13 CRT [ ’. AH.vIU, 

t fi»ORrf;u or 

S9 Vi f r h es  lr €i old ,Je icelri/ 

sKC*.Mi aiAYSVii.i.K, kt 

\V A T C II .M A K J-: ll K S D JEWELER, 
• Lli Kind* •»!' a« t Time* PiKes carefully 
Rtpairwi an^teaiiRili warranted. Bei- *rh* want 

'■ ■■ J *• 

aol tboy will »a:ne bexst. Give 

me a call. tf R F. ADA IR 

OI,l   VIMMtY. 



Brandies, ii'ines, Wjiquors, 

L80, Foreign Fruits, (.igars, and Oy l..*rs Sar- 
line.*. Nuts, Preserve*, and Fancy Groceries Gen- 
erally. No . t6, Mnk et St. Mavsville , Ky. 




AND C A D Y . 


Blarana A' Bfomestic Vicars, 

T 0 B .A C C 0 . S N U K F . c . 

\V hole'^ale atul Ketail, 


•SE.ITW.X, .^a.VJU’E ,V €«., 

SuUou Street, a leu' dixirs above Lee liou. c, 

n \ V E recently made la rg« addition* to their stock 
ot Drugs, .Modi' ine*, Paints, Oils, Class, &c., and 
are prepared lo supply Diuggi.-»ts, M.*rehants, Phys- 
ic i*n;» and others, upon teiTiis ttiat cannot fa il to please 
HigheMt market prices given tor Ginseng, Bees- 
wax. Mustard and FUx Se.-d, Fealliers and R»gs. 13s 



LEWIS lado.\h;s & CO. 

i\o. 80*.i Cho.stuait .SI., Pliila. 


\Vould most respectiully ask the attontionof citizens 
and strangers to their large, cheap, and W’ell selected 
• ‘ork of 

Hold and Silver ii*atches, 



Gold HnnGng Lever watches, full jeweled, 18 

carat |4Q 00 

Gold Lover watcheu, opr*n face, full jeweled, 

18 carat case, 30 00 

Gold Lopine watches, open face, full jeweled, 

18 carat rase, 22 00 

Silver Lever watches, Hunting case, full jew- 
eled. 18 00 

“'ilver Lever watches, open face, full jeweled, 14 00 

St(v«»r Lepine watches. Hunting case, 14 00 

Silver Lepine watches, open face, 9 OU 

Gold gtuid chain.*, 12 OtI 

Gold Ve^tand Fob chains Kt tHt 

Gold Pen Holder with Pen and Pencil, 4 00 

Gold Bencils, 1 50 

Gold Pens with silver Holders, I Olt 

■Silver Table .spoons, per set, 14 00 

Silvm- Tea spoons, 6 00 

Gold 3 tK) 

With a largo assortment of silver. T.*blo and Tea 
Forks and,-poons ; l)ps«ert, Mustard, and salt spoons; 
Pita. cake, a nd Ic ■» cream Knives ; sugar spoons ; Pre- 
serve spoons; Pickle Knives and Forks, &c. 

jftrAlso. constantly on hand a magnilicetit assort- 
meiu o( JeweVrv. constating in part of Braceht'!. 
Krea-tpin*. l-'.ar Kings. Finger Rings and Miniature 
cases; Gold cruases. Children's Armlets, and t-verv 
Jthin; Kthe.fjMv/-'.- Ku# ^ t.i„*t - » V- 

■prored ~ P 

Gold ami^ityefr ThimhVsr U’ .Iding Rings at aM 
orietts. Ltdi *t^lntfilaino.s.^V 'M w-t«rh Key* ao/» 
seal* ; ^lud* an^steove Btittoh* ; Opera glasses, &.c. 

A I ways on ha ml, a spflendid assorm-'nl of Di* mond 
lewelry. .Also, Diamonils mounted in the most beau- 
ti»ul manner, equal to any work in the United Sutos. 
at moderate prices. 

Silver Plated Tea sets silver Plated Knives and 
Ol ks— boa util 11 1 goods, and look equal to real silver. 

descriptions ot Hair Je^'elry. such as 
Breastpins. Ear Rings, Bracelet*, chains, charms, 
&c., made to order in the mo t beautiful style. Old 
watches and Jewelry taken in exchange. 

Weean send by mail, with p- rfect safety, watch- 
es or Jewelry to any part of the Uniteil States. All 
order* must be accompanied with the cash. No good* 
sent unless the money is Prst received. Call or ad- 

58 6m. 80J Che*tnut st., Philadelphia. 

W A E B 


Late of Murphy, Tieriiaii & Co, and X* G. 
Murphydi; Hro. Pittsburg* l*a* 



Whol-esale Dealers and Jobbers in 

]  K Y GOO 1  .S 

425 Market and 414 Commerce 2 its. 

M. Bet. 4ih & 5th North side. 

0. H. WILSON, f 



I T will afford N. G. Murphy great pleasure to re- 
new, in the city of Brotherly Love, hisacquain- 
tance with his old Eastern Kcntuckv friends, and he 
will make it theirintevesUo buy a bill of him. 37 -9l 


E. E. W.VKKEA Jt €0., 

3MC c- n u f ct o t \x X* © r s 



For the Mountain Trade, 

No. CIO .Uuiii St., opposite Louisville Hotel, 



New York or Pliiladelphia prices duplicsted- 
ders promptly and carelully filled. [2|. 


(Successor lo Hnopes Jk Davis) 
Maniifartiirer and Wholesale Deal-r in 

Hats, Caps A' Straw Hoods, 

rVo . 17 .Ylarliet 

C. llallowell. [5S ly] PJlIL.iOELl’UIA. 



Grocers and Commission Merchants, 

Dealer.* in 

Indijjo, Madder, Tea««, Wiiipy, THqnoris, JLf. 

No. 514. old number IHO, Ms rket alroel, * 
43- 1 y PHI LA DKL PHI A 


llai’tl Times no .Tloi'c.” 

V NY Lady or Gentleman in the United States, pos- 
sessing from 43 to $7, can enter into an easy aad 
respectable business by which from In $10 per 
dr y can be rea liznd. For particulars address, with 
stamp, W. a. ACTON & CO., No. 37 (old 41) North 
Sixth Street, Philadelphia [58-6m. 

Geo. P. Ru*.soB. Wm. Schott. E. K. Denniston 


‘ lmpo  !e» s nf 

D r 11 (( M/' &  ' Il p 111 i c a 1 s , 

41U Market aiid 4t35 Mu'' Mlreeta, 

43- 6m PJI I J, A Di: L IMI 

Jno H Shortri'lge. C. W- Shortridge. Jas.S Young. 


Importer* and Wholesale Dealers in 


Mtnufaclurer and VV'hole.aln Dealnrin 

Hat*, Cap*, &: Straw Good*, 

4 19 .Uuiu tsl. 'A Uiiur:* tibnve Louisville liutej. 

i^l-ly ] ^L'lSVlL LL, K V. 

W M . K E N dITi C K , 

Dealer in 



Masonic Jewels and Ke^'alia, 

No 71 ?d St. Bet A^a in 6b Market , 3d house from Market 
eastside, Louisvill. Ky. Watches & Jewelry repair- 
ed. Silver- VVare made to order. [38 ly 


No. 429 Market street, 
and Nos, 4 IB and 4 16 Merchant st* PhiPa 
N. B. — A full stock con.staiitly on liand selected ex 
pres*Iy with a view to the interests of cash and 
prompt short credit dealers. [43 ly 

Benjamin V. Marsh, Henrv Henderson, 

Lewis W. Hayward, Richard Wood, 

Edward Y • Town*i*nd, Alfred H. Foster. 


(Successors to Wood, Bapon & Co.) 
Importers and tVhol«* ale Dealer* in 


So.  liirk,.i Sirept, 



FltO.,1 TO K 

Quaker City Publishing House ! 


Conducting the Gilt Book Business ! 

llUOliS .ViVM )* S IT 

1 .\ .M now receiving direct trom 

m y stock for Fa 1 1 Trad' . and am ( na bled lo off *r an 
a.ssorlm'jnt of School and .Mf*cellaneou.* Books, L ^T* 
ter. Cap and Note l*a|)ttr«3. Ilnvnlopes. Hlaiik 
Htfou*, MeiiiorHiutiini ftimks. Staple Ac i-'ancy 
•Slationcrv, Sec* Equal in quality and variety, to 
any in the West. To punctual time or cash buyers. 

i^G  od.H at as low pric.*« a.* they can obtain ii, 
CincTTiuati. (13-tf.] G W. Rl. AT I’ER M \ N. 

Maysville Cotton Mills. 

M ANUF.AC rURLi both Pound and dozen Yarns, 
also Carpel Chain. Twine, Candlewick. Baling 
and Collnn Cord»g'?, from i to 1 inchRope; wo work 
best material; all our goods Avartanted of very be*t 
quality, %'nd will .sell aslow aa they «an be had at 
Cincinnati or eUewhi're, for good* of eqiia) ^qnlity o' 
ours. J.ANUAUY& U'OOO, Prnpriefo**,, 

13- 1 y. John D. Mnns, Agent, Callettsburg. Ky. 

Everybody to Use 

K S E N \V E IN’S 

■lo.vEKi.iTai’ and Wood Naptha 

(ho ha 'tern cilie*. 



Or;0. A. HUMSEY. 

JAMES M . R U M S E Y , 

Wholesale Dealer in 

I^'oTcign i Domestic Dry Goods, 


(t loves and Notions, 
Second .St., near .Xiirkel l*ert!.mauii,,^M,io. 

K IL\TT f it Y T'I^\TK IL 

'j'lIE Proprietor and Inventor of this truly valuable 
I remedy, ru.spectfiilly calls the atlentiim of the 
Public lo its wontioilul curative properties. The 
'-^aluof il steadily inci'easett. and every trial gains 
tor it new rriend*. The univers.*il testimony is that 
il i* the Best of all K-me-ijes for Disease* of the 
1 hi'oat a nd Chest. All that is asked is a lair trial, 
being convinced that on examination it will be found 
the bo^l article in 

I'lie Proprietor confidently p’tces it before the 
Public, re I \ ing on iu meriJs to win I heir confidence. 
.\sthtiia. Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Bleeding ot the 
Lungs. Cou ;hs and Golds, Catarrh, Whooping Cough, 
[hfficully in Breathing, Croup, Palpitation ol the 
^'s»rt. Pain in the Chest or Side, are all xpoodily 
cured. This article i.a prompt in its action and picas- 
ant to the taste. But a small dose is required, and 
may be given to the most tender inlant with perfect 
tafoty. * 

Be careful to ask for E.senwcin’s Tar and Wood 
Naptha Pectoral, and uko no other. Price Fifty 
cents per Bottle. ^ 

llarruburg, Feb.* 10, 1800. J 
Dr^^. EaKKwttiK : 

.V A frequently trsed your “Tarand 

V\ood Naptha Pectoral,”! tod freeio^av I know of 
no remedy that can bear comparts 
overv iustaoce. * *“ ' 

100,000 Catalogues, 

Superior iiitliMeiuenis lo the l*ubi ic ! 
I'OK t»«0. 

it'-T’ A new and sur»» plan lor obtaining Gold and 
Silver Watches. and other valuable Prizes. Full par- 
ticulars giv'Piiin Catalogues, which will be sent free 
to all U| on application. 

Valuable Gifts, woith from 50 cents to ^100. guar- 
anteed to each purchaser. $10't,000 in Gilts have 
been di.*trihuted to my patrons within the past six 
months — iJ150, DUO to be distributed during the next 
six months. 

The inducement* off(‘red Agents are more liberal 
4han those of any other Iioiihh iu the business. 

Having baim in the Publishing and Bookselling 
business for the laal eight y -ars, mv exporieure 
enables me to conduct the Gift Enterprise with the 
greatest saiisfactum lo a   1. 
lO* Agents wau'ed in every Town and county. 

For full particulars addro''* 

Quaker CUy Publishing House, 
43-1 y] 33 South Third St., Philadelphia. Pa. 


M, nilfartncer* an«l Jobber* of 

03L.O'a?nii arc3-, 

4 -4 .M *rk»*t M  ichaut htrofU, 
43-q } 

HE\Vy»nd .^..jfiiHte line of machine m*4«* 
ky v..^« I Ml  iie nest manuractiired 

J. C UAii*B KK LI N . TllOM A S J. TAPP 


Importers and Wholesale Dealers in 

n*lBBn\iKE, ei TEEBY 


.\o. 4.34 .Uuiii st.. Itviweeii I'llth uiiU Sixth. 
45- 1 y) . LOUI^YILLK^KY 
J. Geo. Dodee, Geo C. .4lb ii»h. jis. E. il»7dv 
J. G. DODGE & CO. 

Dealers in 

H Til) PI P::! 

M \ N U i* aC 1 GitKltS of Dodge'. Keniucky block 
Bell, «olo agent, lor J. Loiiia & Bro ’a Oil Stpne 
A „iks ; Kor.ylh & Co 'a Scale VVorUa ; and for tlie 
Quarry ol the unrivalled Ijke Ilnron GrinJatone — 
oUl ,3lain atreet, between Third and Fourth, Lnuia. 
ville, Ky. 411.1 y. 


DAVJS, waller, EVANS & CY).. 


S T L. H 1  K Y C; O O r.^: 

^ Mhiu ^^^ouisiville« Kve 

Y\/L T.«8C ti to call lh#;aUunUun of n*^%*hiirRir 
» * througliOiit (he 8late to o\ir large aiid*^ geu^ral 
stock ol -Staple and Fancy Dry Gooda, wliich we offer 
to punctual and responsible dealers atav ^o^e prirea 
asthny can be sold in any marketEAST or W'est. — 
Our facilities are equal to tbo*e ot any other Jobbing 
establishment and oui city aflord.* unusual facilities 
in every department of trade. Terms libera 1. We 
inviteyour atleniiun to our ma rkoi. 

d.avis, waller, evans & co. 

WRIGHT & ketgiium7 

Wholesale Deateis in 

French, German. Kiisitsh tk American 

Eanctf and Parietn Hoods, 

HOoll'itY. gloves, Cli.AV.A To, SHIItlS, ic. 

\ M ERICA N, S wBs and Engliab watches, Jewelry, 
Bt^lh Thomas’ Clock.*, ot every style, by the case 
441 Sonthside of Main st * 
rille. Ky. 

JOHN D ' U R S O , 

Manulaclurer of 

c p) Y . 

WhoioHale Dealer in 


O YSTERS. Sardines, Wines, Cordials, Syrups. To- 
bacco, Fire Works. Codfectioss, Fruits. Nuts. 
Pretiei'ves. Pickels, Sauces, .MaccaroDi, VermicoUi. 
&C..&C. Importer of Havana Cigars, No 881 Main 
st., bet 6th and 7th, one door bo low Louisville Ho- 
tel, Louisville, Ky 38 ly. 

LOW & W’ilfT.YEY, 

IMC zt Ii VI. f za. o t XII- e I- js 



Main St., bet. 5th and 6th 
XjiOXTisythliILie;, isl y. 

C t ALL the special attention of the trade ol the vat- 
/ ley of Sandy and of N. E. Kentucky to their ex- 
tensive, stock of Boots' and ^ho('8. They keep a large 
stock of such as are desirable for the Furnace trade. 
Our term* will bo liberal and prices as low as in any 
city. WeaHkacill from purchasers. 64-ly 

BOOK and st at tone ay TRADE. 

Piickey, Mallory & Co. 

p ubeishejrs, 

Wholesale ISooksellers* 


Uiothcis and U. Appleton A Co.,  ph- York 

•73 SToxii-tli &.xx SL la 33ol5Lei* 

(rike 8 Opera Huuse BuildUiL'^,) 

. oiasroxTSTig-^rri, 

\\l OULD invite •ttention to their uuequ.lled .lock ol L»w , Meuic.,, .\li..cellaueou, and School BoOka and 

*T Staiione“" ' ' ‘ 

articles usual. 

Siaiinnery. comprUinc all the standard Publication, of En^li.h and .Ainuii. an PuUi.hcra, and’all the 
ilytoBudina Siationeia .lock, .inong which may bo louud ll.. follmv inc ; Blank fiookt. Mem- 
orandum Books, Giaviea of all aizes, Blauk Notes «ud Grail., Wi ii in j P, pn , ,,| 


\Phot e s at e B r u g g i s t , 

Nu. 434 .Main Street, between i'li'tli and 
Sixth Streets, Louisville* Ky. 

I H.KVKalwayson hand a large and well assorted 
stock o! Drugs, Patent Medicines, Oils, Paints. 
DyeStulfj. Perl'umevy, Tobacco, Segars. Ac., which 
I ollVrto ,-iajnpt dealers on six months credit as low 
as tlK v ksn be purchased in Cincinnati orelsewhere. 
I guaranteg my goods to be of first quality. 

All kindiTofcotintry produce received in exchange 
for goods or debts due at the highest market price 

u ^ X- i.i w te- j * vaiifety.cau, Letter. 

Bath, commercial and Billet Note, t lat cap, Deiiiy and Medium. Piavitig cauls. Viiling caidl. Printing 
cards of all vai -ties, Envelopes of every gi-de and patieiu, S^alu*, square and e al Fiames, by the case or 
dozen. Bonnet Boards. V\ rapping and Manilla Papors, Tisane and Lloulng Papers ; Inks. LutUr’s, Arnold s 
and others, .Mucilage, and a complete variety ot Staple and K*ncy bUliouei) geueially. 

Lawyers. Piiysicians, Teacher.*. BookselJeis, DiUggi«.(s^ CouLiry M*-ic)hiiiis and others trinting abvtbina 
in_^r line, will find the best assoi tiuenl st our store that can be louud in West, a ftd s t the lowest p'ncM? 

J^Mail orders ti led on as favorable t »nn i *.i .( preid-U m per,au. Send for ca taloeties lor full descriptions. 

DCr Orders handed to auy of (ho regular packet* will receive prompt attention, and be roturoed bv the 
same conveyance. RIGKEV, MaLLORV It CO., 

Jobbers of Law, Medical, and School Books and Stationery^ Oincinnatl, Ohio* 

J A :M E S LOW & CO., 

Importels and Jobbers of 

IS G o o n , 


OC^Brown Sheetings and American Prints for ca.h 
niy. 38 ly 




iV A R I : . C U T L E R y , it C 


and Maiif streets, Louisville, 
rters Direct aVd Dealer* in 

B**MJ£E, CETlje. 

ai*y-Cib«ina. Anvils. VI cmb. tMec. 

JT TooH, and overy variety of Goods embraced ina 
large and fiilkstock in our line of bu.sinoss. We so- 
licit the custom of all reliable and prompt dealers, 
and will sell at lowest possible ptice. 

Feb.27, G0381v. A. B 8KMPLE fit SONS. 

W I Ii L. I A .11 XV I L . !  « .Y .TI CORE W , 

Importer* of Watches, 


a n u f it c t ti r € r s a n tl B e ti I e r s in J e w e I r y • 

\ N elegant stock of Diantond, Pearl. Coral. Camee and other Jeweh v a 1 wa v t on ha nj, a U o 8ilvei VS «ie 
n of the hevl quality and styles. All of which will be sold st ver\ Vw pices. Watches and Jewelry 
carefully repaired. 1 especially invite the citizens and trade of Kentucky and Viigioia visiting Cincinnati 
to exam me m y stock. I keep the best goods, and wil I wai rant every n rlicio as repronented, lean appeal 

to ray many customeis in these States, as well as elsewhere, forthe truth of this assertion. Fail not to 
call and see before you purchase. 49-ly. 




Importers ol' Fine P*;rt'umcry, Connietics, 

Soaps, Hair, A* Tooth Brushes, Fancy A' Toilet HoodSf 

A ll selected with groat care trom the Best Maiiufucturers iu the world. Dealers in all Qenuino Popu- 
lar Family Medicines. Articles purchased ire ni us wairanted in all cases ~ 

Sparkling, and Pure Soda Water, dra 
turc, Ag^ .Tts tor Dljlia Lic k Water, Congress Wa 

purchased ire ni us wairanted in all cases as represented. Cold, 
n from Glass;^^'ounlains with choice 8yiups of our own Manufue- 
teif '»d Bedtord Water. 

oiTxr o 



J. M. Robinson. 0- T. Sulfield. B. F. Kaisnor. 


Wholesale Dealers In 

Silks aV Fancy Bry Hoods 

38 Iv] 44G .Main st., Loui.wiile, Ky. 

3d door West of 6th, Louis- 
38- 1 y 




Tl e e 11 

Ll Ki- t; IX TV a E © 
 Hnss, and 4riiin«a, Cutlery* 
No 534 Main St. IxOuiNvillc, Jiy. 

TT7E have alwa vs on hand the largest a.ssortment 
M of wares suited to the wants of the country 
merchant kept in the West. An experience of over 
thirty years in the businessgives us many advanta 
ges in the selection of suitable goods. We have now 
in store, 

300 crates of Queensware. 

460 Boxes or Glass. 


Which ire all new shapes and good styles. W'e 
can off. r lhi*m as low as Cincinnati or St. l*ouis hous- 
es, and can offer many indiicemonts to customers. 
(Country merchants are re*pectfu lv requested io call 
Slid aee our stock. CASSEDAY S: HOPKI.NS, 
2l-6m.] 634 Ma in Street. 

\ ." 

the cmmtrV^also at all s**ason* of the war a lioavy 
stock and Mill variety of common to medium goods. 

Wholesale Hardware IIoiisc- 



ImportorKand Derlers in Foreign and Domestic 

Blarcl'n nr ‘, Cutlery, CJiia* Ac. 

No. I I Norlli Fouilh  1., FailnJelpliia. 

R F.SPKCTFl’LLY invites tlie attention of mer- 
chants to their large and woll selected stock. 

43 6in. 




yj No. 32fi st., Philadelphia . 


George ScluffV»r. George H. Roberts. 


Importf»r* and Jobbers of 

IETcD53lex*y, OIo'yt-os, 
SiiiiiW Wares  'omb''* Hiii’sties^ Lookiii;r 
Gla»jsesy iiermun A: I'reiich Fancy  «ood^« 
43-1 y] 429 Market St , Phdadrlph ia . 




D . 0 ’ H A R E ’ S 



No. 427 Main Siroet. Louisville, Ky, 

M .XNUFAC'I'URFR and Wholu'-ale and Retail 
Dealer in all kinds of Trunks, Valises, carpel 
Bags. Ladies’ Trunks, Bonnet Boxes, Tacking Trunks. 
&c. &c. My present Slock i* very entensive. com 
prising every variety of article maiuifaclured in my 
line, all ol the best materials, and in point of ele 
gance. durability and thorough workmanship, equal 
to any manufactured in the United States. 

Coiistai il V on hand a lino assortment of GentlM- 
1 sole-leather Trunks, with improved steel 
'm-Hons desirous of ibe 

p^V'^hashiud u 

i.'np.»rcenl lower than those of any olhei 
ncity. Country .Merchants will bear in 
ast mentioned item. 

men’s so 

hpiiso in 
mind the 

*aluable Tavern Property 

F O K S Y L i: . 

r OFFER for sale that valuable Tavern Property 
in Catlettsburg. now occupied by myself situated 
Oil the corner ol I. oui6a and Franklin streets, aboul 
the cenier of (he town and directly opposite the lot 
on which (he Court House and public buildings a 
to be erected. 

The lots rn which the House stands are 150 feet 
front running back 100 feet to an alley. The hou 
is 90 by 28 feet with w ing containing 18 rooms, a din 
ing room 40 by 14 feel with airy chambers and in ill 
other respects well and conveniently constructed for 
a Tavern House, there is a large stable and other 
necessary out buildings, with garden in tvhkh there 
is 'ruit &c. 

In view of the erection of the Court House o[ po 
site to it, this mav be regarded as the most desirable 
property *or * Public House in the town, and will be 
offered st «riv»te sale until the first of October. The 
tei m* will be easy. For further particulars addres 
or inquire persona lly of the subscriber on the prom 
ises. [59lf] R. M. WEDDINGTON 

I. 0. O. F. 

C' x(le(t*l)iir^ r/odg-c, 

M EETS at the Ma.sonic Hall, in (/'atleMsbiirg, ^y^ry 
Thursday evening. R. OHMSTEAD, N. G. 

juHN Klaudkr. Sec. 



•Vo. 77, Sons of Temperance 


A pKETS in their 11.11, every Salurciav evening, 
.U 7o’clock. A. C. I1.41LEY, W. P. 

I). A. Mims. R. S. 


Cincin nati .A d vertisement s. 

■Wheeler and Wilson’s 

All Work Wairanted. 


Tie f \yjis ! TR l\X'RS ! ! 

At the National Triiok Lm poritiiiiy 
Nor(h-Ea*t cor. of Main and4;h sis, Louisville, Ky- 
'j’lJE Undersigned, Manufactnrerof, and Wholesale 
1 poalciin Trunks, Carpet-Bags, BonnetBoxes and 
J'aliHe*, begs leave to call the attention of country 
nfierchants and others to an ir.spection of his large and 
desirable atock of the above mentioned articles, 
whichcannot bo surpassed for boautv. durability and 
cheapness by any other house in ihe United States. 

It^Large stock constantly on hand. 


B. P. William*. Samuel Williams. 




Nu. I** South Ftiinfh streut, 




W hole*ale fiJrocers, 

Forwarding and Commission Merchants, 

No* 40iiMuiii St.. oppoKitc Louisville Hotel 

S OLE Agents for Lippeucott & Barr's celebrated 

i-prorf safes. 





Importers of 


No.aoNOK’i'n roUKTir s ruLiiT, 


\T’’’E respectfully ask the trade trom North Eastern 
Kentucky and Western V irginU to exam ine our 
stock beloi\e buying, as they will always find it com- 
pleinandat lowest prices. 60-ly 


J. O. JACK, U. W. JACK, 

Late Fielder & Jack New Orleans. 


Successors to Fielder & Jack, 

XX’ Il o I e * u I c IiJ r o c c r s , 

1)KOVISION and Orninission Merchants, alsodeal- 
1. ers in Pork. B.icon and Lard. Country Produce 
taken in exch»ng   for groceries. No 618 North side 
Main, bet 3d and 4lh streets, Louisville, Ky. [381y 

Maxwell & 

Booksellers and Stationers, 


38y] 461 Main st. Near Filth, Louisville, Ky. 


S E Iff .X*« .11,1 V Ml T.X 

Fl'incipal Office No 77 West 4th street, 

PlK’p’k Opera ito(i*e, riiiciiiiiHti, Ohio, 
\ \7 E offer lo the public the Wheeler & Wilson Sew 
T 1 ing Machine, with important improvements, and 
to meet (he demand for a good, low-priced V'amily 
Machine, have introduced a now style, working upon 
the same principle, and making the same stitch, though 
not so highly fini*hpd, at 

Kifty lire l ollnr«. 

The elogancp. speed, noiselessnoss and simplicity 
of the Machine, the beauty and strength 6f stitch, be 
ing alike on both sides, impossible to ravel, and leav 
ing no chain or ridge on the under side the economy 
of (bread, and adaptability to the thickest or thinnosl 
ia*^ric8 hasrf nJered this the mo.*t succes*ful and 
popular Family Sewing Machine now made. 

At our various offices we sellat New York prices 
and give instructions free of charge, to enable pnr 
chasers to sew ordinary seams, hem, fell, quilt, g»th 
er, bind and luck, all on tlie same ma^^ino, and war 
rant it for three years. 

JCrSend orcall for a circular conraining full par 
(iculars, prices, to.*timoniala, etc, 

58-ly. WM. SUMNER & CO 

IX. E3 3VE O XT" ^ Xj 


Importers and VVholeaale Dealers in 

C h i n a A' Queen s w a r e, 

Nos.23aiul25 ''onlh Komih street. 

Between Market and Chestnut streets. Philadelphia. 
riTTsnino agency. 

{^Glass open or by the package at manufacturors 
prees. 43-Cm 

f .ouisvillo AdvertisQm^ts. 


rAn.«i  ~ 


(Successor to E.& W. 11. Stokes.) 

Importer and Dealer in 

Co.'icliJL Saddlory IB.ardxrnrc. 

Old Esinblished S.iiiilleiy Warehouse, 

No. 435 Main St., bot 6th andfith. Louisville, Ky. 

.Merchants and Manufacturets would find it to 
their intorcat to examine my atock before making 
their purchases and orders from a distance will be at- 
tended to as il made in person. 38-6m) 


L O O K I Y CJ €J K A ,S .S E S , 

/ 't ILT Famex, Gilt and Bra»| Cornices, French and 
VjTAinerican Window GU'S. K 
tograph stock, .4 
and Enaliah Enofc 
.\il ajI’^atecx^pR 
■uU.y i*".lt9rfti*p e I 
' States that th4y 

fd 1844. 


K ■) 

FStraw and 
fills. Rtil- 
nlers, chain 
^ generally.-- 
5tc . Horse 
flowing Ma- 



sent by 

fa M. Carter 



Iv; Chemicnls, 

Ind Glassware, 
lory, Acc. 
y'e. Ky 
fTcal Work*. 

.Ymbrotype and Pho- 
f*ts Mat« ri«i*, French. American 
apl ii^*d0il Paintings, lie. - 
Theaut^rrihor* w a*»ld reapert 
itizons of iP^ntticky and adjacent 
, are now in receipt of the largest, 
ino*C varied, and complete assortment of Spring 
Goods ever imported by any one house In the W»-st 
In Wall Paper alone, they are prepared to exhibit a 
stock of tvventy five ih tisandvorth Strangers visit 
ing lyOtiisviUe are invited to their establishment, and 
having a fine Pictiiro Gallery attached replete with 
rlioice Oil Faintiogti they will find it a pleasant place 
of resort. UEGA N & F-SCOTT. 

38-ly 475 Main st., Louisville, Ky 



N. W\ Corner Fourth nnd Wuliiut*Sts 


n ave elegantly fitted up their new establiHlimen 
and are amply prepared to fill the orders i 
their many old patrons and as many new ones i 
every article of a gentleman's wardrobe. 

Their supply of Spring and Summer Styles is com- 
plete and choice. 6G-lf 



Whole.snle Dealers in 

Staple ani Fancy Dry Goods 

No. 440 Noi^h tide Main street, betw.on Fifth snd 
Sixth, Louisville, Ky. 38. ly-] 





Copper t Tin  t Sheet Iron Manufactory, 

3Syl And Dealer* in 

Tin-Plate. Copper. PI Ork- Tin. Z'nr. Ff^tre,&c. 
Tinners* Tools nnd lYlncbines, 

West side 6th st., one door below Main, Louisville, 

J. T- McCombs. A. T. Howden. R. A . McCombs 




Nos. 27 & 29* Ciir. Smitlifield JkSec. Sts. 

A lso, iron, Nails, Glass. Cotton Yarns, and Pitts- 
burg Manufactures generally. *J7 ly. 




Importer* and Wholesale Dealers in 

Drugs, Chemicals, Dye Stud* 

Pamis, OilSf Window Class, Glass Ware, To- 
bacco, 8nuff, Cigars, &c. 

38-ly] 429 Main Street, Li^iivUle, Ky 





Cin.-ii-diariF!. Etc. 


I M'HE ; have n coHr-9 of pTiblication 

X work by irtie lion R. II. Stanton, of Maysville, 
Kentucky .deigned lo be a complete practical guide 
for olficrrs^ iho State of Kentucky, to-wii f JuaticGs 
of the Peare,"‘,Sherirt's. Con*ublcs, Coroners, Execu 
lova, AdminisuUtora, Guardians, Assessors, Proces 
sinners, etc 

The work will not only contain a lucid and clear 
statement of the laws regulating the duties of each 
officer, but full instruction* as to the manner of pro- 
ceeding, and ail necessary pra tical fornia. It w'ill 
be complete and comprehensive upon all the duties 
of the otficers above-named, and will be found highly 
useful not only to them but to the l^gal profession, 
and ail oth^ra having business with such olficers. 

The work willcontain aboutfiOU page*, printed on 
fine paper, with clear type, and superior law binding. 



A pproved and and adopted by the Oeneral AsSem 
bly, 1851 and 1852, and in lore© from July 1 . 1852. 
with all the amendments subsequently enacted, and 
notes of the decisions of the Court of Appeals ol 
Kentucky. By Hon. Richard II. Stanton VVith Sup- 
plement, embracing (he Acts of a general nature, 
passed by the Legislature of 1859 CO. Two Volumes* 
royal 8vo. Price $10.90. Made authority in all 
courts in Kentucky, bv .4et of General .\ssembly. 


Law Publishers, Booksellers, .•stationers & Importers, 
38 ly j No 53 West Fourth stroot. Cincinnati. O. 


TV'liolesale (3f rocers 


Commission 9llerehanfs^ 

No 25 31aii» Street. 

Next door to JIailisoii House, C incinnati, O. 
Orders from the trade respectfully solicited. 47-ly 


TmoorCer'i and VVhoie*aIn D 'aleis ia 
1 40y] No \)3 Pearls t. bet Vine & Face sts, Ciociacati' 

2 4 P E A R I. 8 T R E E T. 


ME RCH.^N rS and MILLINERS vi-itinsj Cii.cinnaii will find our selections belter and 
prices lower than they can be had in this market. 


[iio38 ly. 

S. HOL.VjES tir SON, I C. U. WxTvrks. Kben Dodd 

Manufacturers ana Importers of | CH.'\.S. H. WATERS & CO. 

J* a P € r 11 a n g i n g S , Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in 

No 65 West 4th st, Cincinnati, adjoinintPiiio's Opoia i ~\\T' „ „ ~\TT" 

House. ‘ ^ Ny,..Q.Pue 11 W ax*e. 

Special attention p* id to orders. 4t^-lyl ■ ^OltpAGK, Wuluw Wara Brooms Bnuauea, 

_ Twinos, Copper Ware, Zinc , Washboards, Meat- 


Palm Leaf and Straw Goods 

ures. Seivea, .Matche«,&c., &c., Nos. 4 *MainSt. and 
3 Public La nding. Cincinnati Ohio. 


! Wholesale DeaWrs in 


I No. 89 Pearl Street. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Merchants will find a Urge stock of choice, fresh] C ^ T*T F T* 

Dods, of the npwest atvlo*^: inH prices low. V_y — j .1, k_7 JL 

Goods, of the npwest atvlo*^: and price 


44-tf 144 .Main Street* 


T. J. Williams. James Ford. 


Wholo«aU Dealer* in 


I Buifaio Robes. Straw Goods. Children's Fancy 
40y] Hats. Gaps, &c.. 123 Main at, Cincinnati. 



Tea and Tobacco XX’ai*clioii*c, 


38y] No 27 Pearl streat. Oincinnati, Ohio. 

[Volume I, Number 8, One Year ] 

J. Wilder. L. D. Robinson, W. K. Bellows, 


Manufactaier« and Dealers in ^ 

OLg-riciiitiiral linplcincui^ 


a R-4lN,Grass. Field &■ Garden seeds, Fruit and 
Ornamental Trees, &c. Threshers. Wheat Fans. 
Corn Sholleri, Straw C^utLers. Plows, Harrows. Rakes 
Sic. VVarehouse, 239 Walnut $t., bet. 6th & 6th Sts.. 
Cincinnati, Ohio. Consignments solicited of all kinds 
of Grain. Grass and Field Seeds. 

VV I LLI.\MS. M. D.. North West corner of 4th 
Jl J* and Race streets. Cincinnati, O., devotes his 
exclusive attention to the medical and surgical 
treatment of diseases of the Eye and Ear. Office 
houi'b from 10 to 12.\. .M . and 5 lo 6 P, M. 

Artificial eves inieited. 12-tf. 

B A L PiroT' M c G R a"C K E N"; 

Fashionable Shirt Manufacturer, 

V NUdealer in Vine Linens and Gents’ Furnish- 
ing Goods, No 19 West 4ih street, Opposite 
steeple with Qol i Hand, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

ItCr Shirts made lo order by measurement and war* 
ranted to fit. 12-ly. 

0£0. r. DAVrS. a. jubson oavxs . 



XX’bolcsnlc l*rovi*oii I caler» 

A nd curerof Extra Fa mi ly Hants. With an expe* 
rience of Twenty-one year* in theProvisiontradoi 
m this city, and with ainplefacilities foi curing and 
smoking meat, we are prerated to furnish all articles in 
the trade atloweut current rates lor a fine quality. 14y^ 

(Calvin Babbitt. John Good. Edmund R Ciardodr* 


Wholesale Grocers, ^ Liguor Dealers 


No*. IS JL l!  Ciiblic l.uiiiltii^ iiPiii' Sycamore 
I4 ly] Slrecl, Cinciiiiiiiti, Ohio. 


Drashcars. J. H. Laws. C. A. M’Laughlin. 

G. brashears & CO.. 

.Muctioneers and t'ommis.sion 

Nos. 57 and 59, Mam 8t bet. Pearl & Columbia Sts., 
Cincinnati, Ohio. 

K eep constantly on hand. Boots and Shoes, Gro- 
ceries. and otner Merchandise. Have regular 
Hales every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday in 
[?ach week. 

Make liberal cash advanceson all consignments, 
lor public or private sale. 


(Successor to 8. V. Hill & Son,) 

Importer ami Wholesale (•eulcr in 

Tobacco a II (I C i ^ a r * , 

No. 5 Main at,one doorabove Front. Cincinnati. 

AM receiving at all limes direct from the manu- 
facturers in Richmond and Danville, Va., large 
locks of all grade*, styles and varieties of Tobaccos. 
Also, keep constantly on hand an extensiveassortment 
of cigars of all kitid.^ and varietu^s. Also, Pipe.*, 
Snuff. Smoking Tobacco, together withe vet y thing per 
taining to the Tobacco trade. I respectfully invite 
the atUnlion'of the trade of Catlett*burg, BigSandv ; 
and vicinity, feeling satisfied that 1 can suit and ' 
please them both as regards quality and price. All i 
my goods wairanted to give satUraclion 



Importers and Wholesale Dealers in 

D I* II , T a i 11 t H , O i I  « , 

) V'E Stuffs. GU-ss and Glassware, Family and 
Patent Medicines, Medical VVines and Brandies, 
Groc »rie8, Spices and Notions, Tobacco and Cigars. 
Noith West Corner Alain and V'ront Streets, Cincin- 
nati, Ohio. 

J . S I M P K I N S 0 N & 


BuotH, Slioi-s, Hals Ac Leather 

iVo. 81, PJorth iVc'i cor. Muin and Pearl sfj » 

B eg leave to present to purchaser* visiting Clo- 
ciunati a few fact* worthy of notice. The senior 
partner who purchase* for the house has been in the 
shoe business for more than Twenty consecutive 
years, and being a practical shoe inanufartiirfer give* 
them advantages superior to, and possessed by few, 
if any other houses inlhe West. 

Thoirstock is large and complete, comprising a 
great variety of Men’s Boys' Youth’s, and  ;hildren‘i 
Boots and Brogans, Women’s Misses’ and Children’* 
Shoes of all de.^^irable stylos, in great variety, also a 
great variety of city made anj custom work, together 
with an assortment of Men's snd Boys' latest styles 
, Hals and Caps in great variety. 

I Merchants visitingCincinnati are respectfully snd 
.especially solicited to call and examine their stock 
[previous to makingtheir purchase.*, as they are de- 
termined to present to dealer* advantageous terms, 
and satisfactory prices. J. SIMPKINSON & CO., 

N W. corner Main and Pearl, 
^^incinnati. Sept. 12,1859. 14-ly- 



alley flaskets 


WOOD tk Will 0 w ware 

14y] S:ilosrooms |9 .Main .Si, Ciiiciiiiiali. 



Bonnets, Ribbons, Artificial Flowers, 

MHUUlDERl V^S Silks, Millinery. White Good* 
.J and Trtmmioga, 56 Poarl street Between Wal- 
nut and Vinn, Cincinnati. O.iio, To whnch we invite 
ihfl'Tia-eof Sandy Valley, Particular Attention 
apid to Orders. Il-ly. 



A.R.Clak, 1 r P.M.CAnn, | 
Formerly of Ironton,   ^ Formerly of A.hliiid, 

Lawrenco Co. O. ) ( Crooniip Co. Ky. 


Wholesale dealers in 

Cii*ocericH and Pi’oviMion$i, 

V ND Commission Merchant*, for the sale of all 
kind* of Country Produce, including Ginseng, 
eathers. Rags, Tar, Cooperage, Wheat, Oat*, Corn, 
,1acon, Lard* Beet-wax. Tallow. Honey, &c.» &.»**. 
29 irlnctotlall, OTTlo'. 



Importer* of. and d«*alers in 

ClotliH, Cassiliiercs, X'estinss, 

A nd other goods adapted to the Clothiers trad«^ 
with Ready .Made Clothing, of every grade, of 
their own manufacture. No 75 8. E. corner of Pearl 
Vine sts., Gincii. nati, Ohio. 

li.E N a H A 


Cabinet Furniture, Chairs and 


No. 2G Sycamore St.. I et. Front A: See*, 
 *I.NC1N.\.1TI, OHIO. 
RESPECTFULLY solicits trade Sandy V^alley. 

]) U H M K & CO., 

Maniifarturi rs. WholosGe and Rolatl Dealers in 


J EWELRY, Silver Ware. Silver Plated Good.*, 
SpecUe len. &C-. &c. A largo stock of Jobbing 
materials and Tools always on hand Watebea. ra* 
w-«t-^rirTTTr TCA Vial Mveet*, 

. Cincinnati, O. Th«  above i* the largest and best 
’ in the West and solleheap for can*' 14-ly. 

B. Moores. James C. Moores 


Saddle, llariicsH, Triinli and 

Collar Manufacturers, 

No. 89 Main St., hot. P«arl and Third, Cincinnati, O. 


Importers of ! 

n^atc he s A* J e w e l r y , ! 

North West corner of .Main & P^^arl, Gincinnaii O. I 

ormerly of No 19 Main st, Madison House building | 

D ealers in watches and Jewelry would do well 
to examine their stock before purchasing as 
they keep constantly on hand a lai^e stock A the 
bove g«ods including clocks, silver ware, watch! 
Masses, watch Tools and watch msierials st prices; 
that cannot fail to suit. Watches repsirod by tl e be**t | 
of work men on short notice. j 

John Swasoy. Allen Collier. 

■ ’ake Hubb#*!!. Joseph T. Swasey. 


Wholnsale Dealers in 

Groceries, Liquors & Foreign FRl ITS, 

Nos. 23, 25 and 27 Sycamore st. between b r- ut 
40-’y] snd Colombia. Cincinnati. O. 


JR E O Y L . 

T h Ej finn ol & Co. have opened 

out in llieir New Iron From Store, 
Soulll-ea.^t corner Vine and 4ili Siieois, with 
ilie lijrirpM am! most splendid stock of 
I Goods for Men’s Wear over displayed in iho 

The slock of Piece Goods lo make to 
Measnro is large .md varieil. We have a 
New Corps ol Cutters from Pliiladolpbia 
who profess lo understand the an of culling 
slyli.-li garmr-nu to order. For past favors 
»e return many iliBiiks, and Impe to merit 
future pain nage. The finest ready m.ade 
work always on hand ami i qual to any cus- 
tom woik. 'J'riily, SPR.-\GUE & CO. 

Cincinnati. Sept., ’859- 14 Iv. 

JO fl N~lD. PARK,; ^ 

W holesale a nd Retail Dealt-r in 

Family Medicines 

D RUGGt.^TS’ Aiticle*. C-atawba Wines. Imper- 
tor of Fsney Good*, Camba, Brushes, Purses, 
Hoi le- Mono* Sac-*, Perfumerv; Soaps, Drci'sing 
Ca^e*, Work Box»*s noHk . Fan*-, (^rdCa es, Garters, 
Hair Pin*. Ci^ar (‘ases, Meerschetm Pi; ef snd Smok- 
ers. Podket Cutlery. Coral, Amber ard Fancy Bfad*, 
Han ‘-Mirrors, aod Variety Good*. John D. Park. 
14-ly N. E. cor. Foiirih and Walnut *(* 

Al rjie C'^hm . 




David Mack 


wfi«i.,:sAi,K DKAi.rna ih 
F O n K 1 G N .1 -N D AMERICAN 

" Broadway 


CI.N’CINNATI.OIIIO. i r» n f NT CA- H « 

HIS popular Hotel ii sitiiited on corner Bvm drvay I -L CT X A ^ V_A v 7 ay jv? , 

and 2.1 RU.convenionl to the Steamboat I-ai dmp. • t Gf.M-.R .\I. assorlmont of TalJors Tvinimiega 

.tall the Railroad Depots! Also near all fins neaa 1 J \ and GantT t orm-nin- Good-, ^o. SO Pearl rt . 
Houses, Banka, and place, of Amuaement. Broa 'aai or.? .loer Ue,i of Vine. Cincinnati, Ohio. Are now 
for early Trains at five o’clpek. Oiaaibu, lor ^11 1 ri . ejmiR ihoir fall stock, and invite the slteiUot of 
Traini leaving the ci-v. y S- ody aedadJoSaiig co,.a'.ry. 




— — gTm~Tr iTi at 


iJt. Djuitfl School Go;no*iaaionei' loi* iloy» 
count ^ . 

L, J. Hampton, Aaa BoUovr and M. T. Bolt appoiutcc: 
’Proc ?'jf1otHfi*« ot Unds in Hoyd «;o«nty. 

Tha presiding Ju.lj'e and a m»jority of tho Ju?‘tice  
of said cotrt li- il is ordered th»’ 

Lois Xo 1, 2, 3, 4. y. K», n ^nd 12 lying oa l*unoL 
»tr ?ot; Fiaa',{Uii »n I L »uisa ^trn^*t» iu Sq«»-ra No 
in th'pUu of th • t ‘'vn of C ill •ttsh.irg, be, i»t  l I'.f 
aame tipreby s'dtV'lRd  rs a iHt'UhIn lot of f;i'0'- a. 
upon whieh to eroct th ! n''c^*';s ry j» i lie building 
of Ihia county. 

Ordered, t'lat T^-'vi J. H uiipton. BrvMi Fssuln m 
Mahlon LnvriA bo. aa I t'l  v -tv* liUfby ap.' iT't'-l 
Com inb»siaib*r.' t.) di* i tl a a lif « ol • p 1 « n s a 1 m i c »• ►'Sli- 
mitesof cost fo'.' th   public l*ail lin.  ami ta-iitn v**- 
port to this coiii't at ii  Xov- ni lor enuaty i-'urt o 

Ordered l'j«t th' o omi/ Qj.nt*r!y aal c;»- tn 
courts of this c '-.i v b • h ‘M .«v 111 .* t«- •. m e h 'u  *?  •! 
Ban . Diirk a j.i r i oo Lv *. y ■»? jblc, « .'d n ' ■» to be* 
as aclerk%otn •a-iiiithj pubic biiljiags of Jiir 
county c:  a b*« n. ^ci.-d 

It ii Qi'd.'rod !•’ liM’ic-* of ' |\»n(  * in llov«' 

county shiU h *M n •• v.m ;'f.i tlv» (»’a1 o* cl\-il raiM.-s 
in h is Oistti.'t in !:s nn.v bv h'w loi 

holding the Jn r*.j t a ad ih -l ;.«* IujI j »); « 
on the I'oHovviti ; j • « ii •»i I :iu»nih. and roniina 
his conrl fi'-m ‘h i ► .! * y ua il h** di-p.^ ol * i*i 
H^iriPss r *tur»«»*d *  him for 'i in 1 ri«; ; 

Harare Heaters, 

Agent, UrojuUvai, *Ncu i'oik, 


A*\l  MVSiC IIOO]i$, 

T-si.-^,.JDe.'ilei iu Fumos, 

1‘^ii } r^:t rt lbdeons, Alexandre Orga as ,H* 
i V y j dOigan Accordooas, Martin'su ^ J 

colebratt'd and other Guitars, Violins, Violiacelos 
\ccoibeons. Flutiaas, Flutes, Fifes. ClaiionoU, Tri- 
. agios, Timing Forks, Pipes, and llammois. Violin 
do.vs, beat Italba Strings, U ass lasUuaients, for 
latuN. PiAno y'toois and covers, and all kinds of Mu* 

.ical Instremonta. 

Sl»r*rt .llu ic. from all the publishers in theU. S ; 

J..'rtim’s, Hunt in's and Modern School, i»nd all kinds ' .^cngnis by llu^mutn can visit U.\!ii more, Philad«*Iphia 

»'■ l.i.,truction books for the above inslraments; j Xew Vorit and. Boston, at the costof a ticket lo Boston 

'll arch .Music Books ; Music eleganti y Round ; Mn.sic alone by other liiie.s. Thiough Tickets to the lu stern 
.'ajMT.and all kinds of Music Merchandise , at /Ac * ciiics ca n Uc purcliased via Wa.vhinglon City at an 

•o'.rr.yf price . i additional chat gi  of ^2. Time as ijuicU and Faro as 

\r\v l*iano'‘. at 175.200, 225, 250, and up to 800 

s r K 1     ; A K H A X ( ; I .-^1 1 : x r— i huo 

EyUlijJtore r.i: ! 

IS. ai n .Ulvii HI l&oult;. 

^I^ERMINATb^b at Vv ashi.igton and Baltimore on 
A the Fast, and Wheeling, Bv.*nwoodand Parkersburg 
on the W(»$t. at which places it unites withHailrosds, 
btoaipcrs. &c., tor and trom sllpoints in the 

VVe.'-t, South west and Xorth\ve?*f. 
TwoTraiiia leave Wheeling daily at 3;3U p. M., 
and 9.50 r. m. One train leaves Parkersburg daily 
at 3:40 . UiroctcounectionK are made by thesetrains 
For all Hie Fasieru t itics« 

This is the only route to Washington City. Pas* 

ojtr.ivNUP (x . coLTjn's. 

] i-onton Advei tis^emeiits^. 

|!o\v as by any (dher route. t»Li:rpiKo cak at- 

' TACIIKD TO Al.i, XI OH 1' THAI VS. Id.juire fOI* (ickris 

I via tlie Baltiinoie & Ohio Railroad, at any of the 
* principal Railroad OlHccs in the Wc. t. J. 11. Suli.i* 
VAX. Gen oral Western Agent, Cincinnati, Ohio. W. 
? .MtTir. Masln’cf 'rranspmtation. L. M. Colk, 
■ • 29-ly. 

C^iMlriel. X'o 1 . 

G^pvgftT' Bur^•^v -k int M HiJa V. 

Martin K'*ys**r - 'Pn ' lir.Nt Mondiy. j 

K  i -« 1 1- i o . . I 

James Prichard • v\ ‘-itnu-J i y alt.- liho first M  nd.i v | 
Bryan Fannin — Fri L v *li**i» t':i ‘ lir-il .Mond.i y. j 
f ] -«l riel, -Xo. Ifi. 

Asa R jllow — ;on 1 \lon-.L\. 

Mihlon — Tiie.^dav aifor t’' » second M n la v I 

l i «lrict. T o. i. 

V\'m. W.ivJ — W'.*.h» *-day aftei ‘i» ‘ -ioc-’n*! Mm lay.J 
Johu .Miller— T inv- !i V aft »r til • second Momliv ' " 

I loHar ; second hand Pianos from 25 upto IGO dollar: 
j N'ew MiJudeons, 4’), 60, 75, 100, and up to 2U0 dollars; 

' •''cond hand Meloiloons from 30 to SO dollars ; Alexan- 
Iro Organs, with live slops. Ibtt dollars; nine stops, 
i lV  a^id V’.!5 dollars; thirti'on stops. 250, 2j5and3O0 
lullavs; IPtvcn stops, 320 and 375 dollars. A liberal Gmi 'ia I Ticket Ag**nt, lUltiinniv, Md. 
liscounl t(f CliM’gvinen, Ghuvehes. Sabbath Schools. 

Sf.uiiiarios :«nd i’cai hi vs. The Trade Mipplied at the 
:tual iiade discounts. 

I'estiiiiotiiaU of t!»e Horace VVnteis Pianos 
and .Ueludeuti'*’. 

•‘The Piano came to ha id, and in first rate order. — 

It is a beautil’.J instillment and no mistake.”— L kk & j Jj K  i’ C M A P .M A N, 


Join. Uy;vut. ol (  C'V ^mk,«hn had j Ayhol.s.!.- and K. lail ad of 

•)neol the Horace V\atci%Puno8. wiiusas loHows: ■cTTT.'.t t-i* • i • t t 

•'A triond of mine wishes me to purchase a piano W J11L6 irlllC X ajUIUDCX' 

•or her. She likes the one you sold me in December, eifhoi Dms'^od or Pongli ,^Uo, 

IS56. .My piano is becoming popular in this place, 13QO.KS J -Jl Xi )S A X I ) S \SI I 
iiul I t'.iink 1 can introduce one or two moie; they will ^ wlii. h wilt be soldat loweai^ prices.* 

more popnlai than any other make.” ^ ^ ^ Orders tilled with promptness and sent bv return 

! Poi‘t.«iiKji itli Advei'tif=ements. 


Wehave twoof Waters' Pianos in inourSemi* 
nary, due of whi.h ha ^ been severely tested for three 

boat. OllicconGth Stioet near the Court House. 

Porlsiuouth, April 24. l8G0-45*tr. 

Tl.o., nuh^l, "--Vnir. V a!"r 't'.'j aocoi.J M,.nda v. 1   7” "if "" «/   ■' 

n. A. Poi"«— riiil M'.nlav. ' liability. — U oo . & Gii Kooii y, Mmiiil Call oil 1 II . ] 

.\o. O. - II. W'ati RS. Dear Mr; Having of 

RichirdScou— W-‘di» *s luV ati.M- the third MonJ.nv * vo^r Pianofortes for two years past. I have found it ! 

C, J.lian.pton--Tl,,l,-,d.y aft., tl:otl.,rJ Mona. , ..a., ooa... .a 

lA ’■ ’7 J- T •‘n,,a.,aarOy.d,iv..d I -lobligcd/ -f.M.SO- 

1.011 s. Id ceiilyml 1.1 M- s.,,o. -r,.„a lor a 1, ^ f,„. ymi r I il.oral diacno.i II d.-;.ll I can for Tfcfi 

[■ Voiir I’i.ino pleases us well. It is the best one in . I oit.niotilli, Ohio. 

-T„os.. A. Latham r.,,nphrllton, Ga.; \\ ^O'ave now on h.nd . Ia,;;e assortment of 

chtlAP fol; ca;si i : 


our county.' 

r U K S E L L N I) GORDO *N , 

a\.M  bK.\l.l r.S I.N 


I canTor it e: i t ,t 

a. \W.;V*. ^Vx\D .‘SILVER FL.A ! ^ 

Coininoiiw cnlth of Koninrkv 

\ T a County (ouri held tui* Gieonup County, at 

theCeurt Hou-'e in the town of GrOi nupbburgi a- ..TTo.i • .. ,• .. •. ,. 

on the Gth day ol Juno, 1869, Present Hon. J, i /^-ILLS (heir attention to his stock ol Drugs 

Adams, Piealdiug Judge. Jl is oideicd that laadj j , ‘®"‘*^‘*^** ^ 7*"*”"’** 

Ju.iiceot the P.ace in Greenup County *hall hold „ , » complete assoitment. and ol the 

JOiS. i*. &H.AVV, 

tl 'holesatcA' Ilrtail Ht'tsgg 

To hib Kc iiliu ky Iriends giee.ting: 


of wtiich he 

couit. (lor theliial of cival causes) in hU df'trictin 
the months now Gxed by' law, for holding Uie justices 
court; and that ho hold (hn same on the (oHowing 
days in said months and continue his court Iroin day 
today until ho disposes of all thebUbinc^s returned 
before him, viz: 

I)i«tviirt No. 1. 

.John E. Wixy.— M edne ‘Uy after first Moinlay'. 

J . B. PuriiUi F.-TrXhursda y after first Monda y. 

irt No. 2. 

Oa:oRGK VV. M’Lavk. — F rida y slier fust Monda y* 
JoiiX Baory. — S itturilay alt  r the fir.fl Monday. 

Distrii’l a\o. 3. — » 

Jb he Aj.exandkk. -becoiid Monday. 

S- Smith. — T uesday after the second Monday. 

No. I. 

Ai.kxius Rifu. — WednesdaN aMerthe second M- nday. 
CiiAs. pKAitCK. — Thur.sday alter the second Monday. 
District N'4 . 

J vrv. Kkatox, — F iiday alter the second Monday. 
Jacor WiLRis. — S.i»urda\ aftei the secoud Monday'. 
l)istri ’t .No. «. 

— 'Inird Monday. 

— Tuendav alter third Monday'. 
District No. 7. 

.Tamks Rouse. — W uilnesda v alter the third Monday. 
II- A. PoAoi-:. — 'Phutsday alter ih * tliird .Mond.iy. 

It is further ordsied this oivt-r blali no take 
cllecl until alter the f«rst Monday in .lulv next. 

A Copy Attest;— WlLU.V.Nf COhU'.M, CrerK 
July 2, 1859 3. tf. GKKrxrp Cou.m y Coui’.t. 

Okejcnui* Coumy.Ky. 

TheOroenup County Cn urt Is holden in Green nps- 
burg on the first onday in every month a nd contin- 
ues (rom day to d.iy, if necesbary. J. G. AoAais, 
u3i)) Wm. ConuM, CVctA*. Vrc.sidmgJti-igc- 

Giu:r:xrp Quautkrj.y Court. 
Tl'.e Greenup Quarteilv Couit roinmences en 
the Fourth Monday.s in Aft/rrA, Jane. Seplcr.ihcr 
and December, and contir.nob at eartuefr . un«i( the 
iisiig' of the Court is dispo-s'-dnf. Jda.M 

ei up Co. (nf-O. 

Oest quality ; and assuios those w iio may xeei  med- 
icines, thi.! their prescriptions bhail be carefully com- 
pounded of the purest medicines. Afllu* old stand 
ol Moxley &■ Barbel above the Kail Koad, 2d street 
lronlon,0, 4U-if 

l^'iutfatv Hapcrl 

100 bolts glaziMl Green. 
lOt ilo FiRHich do 
lUO yds. H  llai.d do 

Together with a la r»e stork of Figured Blinds. ai 
J. Davidson’s Book Moie, h.mton. 40 t 

f^aliap’s Hotel. 

'^I’lIIS well-know n Hotel bta ndson the bank of the 
X river, near the btea mboat landing, on Main street, 
in Louiba, and lus passed into the hands of Geo. W. 
Gallup, who has fitted it up in superior style for the 
accommodation of travelers. Every tiling will be 
done to make liis guests comfortable. He hopes for' 
a liberal share ot public patronage, 

42-lf* GLO. W. GALLUP. 

LJ'IK irOTTRli'. 

1 rout iiy. 

 M r s. A. M. J U K K M A IS. Propiieires.?, 

ST.%4^ r: on-'icrc 

I ^''OR Paris, I.exiugton; Fb'iniug’^burg. Sharpsburg, 
.Mt Sterling ; (»«*rmantow n ; Alt. Carmel ; Poplar 

II. a\i;\\ M.iN 

Manulacturf-rs cf 

W a ^ o la M a II  i S® 1 o « s ! 


V RE now CKti n-:i vely eng .gnj in the Mamifacture 
of Wagons, Plows. \VIm*o 1 barrows. Cart.s and all 
the various Agricultural irnploinmits.w ilh the 
IHack^niitli Itu'-iiirvs 

in all it- bran, ln-h, and aio piepan d to ff! I orders 
inmi the BicJ^.'iidN Fanners, and all othev-a.s cheap a-s 
they can be g 'tt uiauy wuero. tlieyask their friends on 
Sandy to send them their orders. nl3-l v 

subscribers re^pi^ctfull y imdnn Iho public that 
L they have opr»nprla large slock of 

...» Is in lh‘' 

homo in this place fuiiTi »rly occupied bv Dr. II imp- 
ton, consisting of Drv G J *.l •-. Gro 'orl *s. Il'rJ.vatv. 
(Jueonswar*, Ro^t.s, S u)»s. ll.i’'*, t'lothin^. & * .ire . 
ii  f*®t everythin.' I* » found in * fir-r M ^ su i o 
Gar HtO!A wis r.‘‘*ii‘Iv pw ‘)u%Mlin tn»cityo! 
Pluladelohia, un l-»r the trMit t.4 vo-.t b’.e . ivi ;i*nitin 
CCS Mid f.'cl asm ol w' rsn « 'V*v .h greit iudn - 
rvents can b«» found ii t'-.-s c*v;».i'rv. AM w o' 
wish to purclu^a aiv invit toc»U. Couefry pro. 
diico of ev**rv des'rlptbii tike.a in cv fo» 

goOiks nn 1 high?:H prices given. 

n50-ly n 0 O'MGVt? ^ rn 

Wo ar«' very much oblig(*d to you fo» having .ent 
such a finein.Ntrunient for S250, and wc sliail tal  

QueenaWjre and Glass, embracing the latest 
and most elegant sty les. and of u 'surpassed quality, 
ft'golher with allgiades of mediunt and commim 

pains to recommend it.” — B uaxk, 11 eld & Co. , BuP- .... . c t' \ /ri i 

n m .V t ware. Wehav *a large as^ •^‘ment of Coal Oil and 

‘•Thci'lor'Ace W.tors'PUno.ire known a s ,mo..g V'"! ’- * H kimh of Lain,, 

- . - . . ® riimnungs. \\ e unite attention to our slock, and 

O \l M S r K A \) A- 0 o 

(Su''i e''S )rs Vt S- t rilr-v.) 

w if om;s a t.k i  V A t.! 

ttroccriei, 8®r? i!ijri', &c.. 

Ol.i stan.l of R )ss 'Mlrov. 

rponi StiTHt. Cji*.H'U*'b:t r:: Kv. 


^Vh!l^ evpi yhoily Wiini. 

TH F. S\3^Wf£jV 

• yr Ai V I ' 

ffPOr TiiU ; 

the very best. Wo are enabled to speak of these 
stvuinents w it)i confidence, from persona! Irnowlcdge 
of their excellent tono and durable quality.” — W. 
Y. Knva^cli't. 

••Weeanspeak oftho meritsofthc Horace Waters’ 
Pianos. iro:u personal knowlotl'e, as being of the 
very' best quality.” — Christian IntelUgenrer. 

“ pile lloraco Waters’Pi.ano arebuiU of the be^t 
t.»d most thoroughly seasoned material. We hat% 
no doubt that buy err. can do as w ‘ll p(‘rl.a ps bettor. 
:il this than at any other house i n the Union.”— -Ad- 
vocatvand Jonrual. 

•‘ Water-.*!’ ia nos and Melodeons challenge compar- 
ison with the finest made any whore int he country.’' 
Homo Journal. 

•’Horace Waters’Piano-Fortes'areof full, rich. & 

■ L» v-‘n t(/no . and po werf'til .” — A'. V. Mn.sira / Rr uiVto. 

’ “Ourfriends willfind at Mr. Waters’ store the 
• very best asAortmont of Music and Pianos to be 
|ff)iMid in tho Uuitec^Sfta loband we urge our southern 
^ 1 western friend* to give him a call whenever 

rliov 'O to N«w -Yor’rf^ — thuihfjm*' Magazine. 

; n .iutuoord^H nin khoaowav, nkh 

I VOUli. 

21,1859. ll-lv- 

i TilK Sibbain-Scliooi IL-11. --Seventy Thousand is-, 
**'i»*J in -.even months. The unpreci*Jf*ntcd 5a le of ll»is ' 

SIM PLE HEM EDI iv*'. L VS LY VKD.FOR | has induced me publisher to add 39 new 

THE CURE OF DISJi^ASJ' L*. ALf/ FORMS, j Tunes and Hymns to its present size, withoi 

ill wan ant satisfaction to « 1 1 wt'O lavor us with 
a call. In vegoul to pi iccb, we will just say that we 
will not bo undeiMfld. *• ‘CU-46-ly 

.P. W . B IJ S K I Ii K , 

\VhoU-saI«» Dealer in 

 ,;ko .i;b5Ii:s sc b»e80I i c i:. 

laucke) c* iilock. J'l out St., l*oi iMiiouih, O. 


HALF chests Imperi. l Tea: 

do Young liy&on 'Tea 

20 do Bluck do 

30 do Gunpowder tlo 

75 Caddy Boxes assorted do 



BUTTS Sutlierlin's Star. 

!0 •* James' pounds. 

5t  “ Fhirence Hugheij’ Long lO.i. 

75 Caddy boxes prime Chicken. 

20 Butts I'loia 'Tcmi'l'*; 

25 Kegs Gedge 5: Bro.’s Six Tw ist : 

20 (ir. S. B Willliuna’ Fine (,'ul chewing. 

GO Bbls. c^ueen City Cut and Dry ; 

40 Ilf. bhls. do do 





AFrench Work — bv, Michelet. 

Grace Truman ; 

- Or Lore and Prinriiile- bv Mrs. bailie U. Ford. 

Theodosia ; 

The of Faith. 

At J. DavjilbOi/n Jlo"k Sioro. 

E®aj t-i* ! 

yy in (low Sli ut (•'•..Fii I'liiiii 1*11 .N e w Stj 1 (*•* 

3-ly.) .\t J. Da\‘i j'-on’?' Book Store. 

7 fieiblcik, 

I.) ANOING in price Irom One Dollar up to Fifteen, 
i V. Call and SCO th'^m at J. Davidson’^ Boo'u Store. 3y 


nj inic^aal J. DaridvrmX 


t)r,. Y5 ^mpton. 



Plains and Owingsvillc. 



BiCKis iTOuaii;, 

J-'r4tvf Sf I »•  /, ^ 


!?• ^10NTGuAii:.itV A.; SON. Pi uni'ietors. 

B I B X V. r II o r K , 

  invimiati, Oliio. 

I ' HIS well know n Houm? siluatcU in the mfdsl ol the 
lll‘avie^t bu^ines!» luin.'*es o* the cilv and in close 
;i»o\iniity to the IbHi Olfice, Custom House, United 
^tatrii l uurt, Opera House, ^c., Itaspab-’o-d into the 

hands of Johimon. SaiideisS: Co., undei a long lease, o'l'riVu t it t cj 

who a re d'' voting their ] ersona 1 attention to every de-^'*^' -H AAii 1 U A & x XL l. o x* U Jv 
iiiniMit. Tlie (.iiblic m,y bo a-.uiod every il.iiig will FEMALE IVEAKNESSES 

be done lor their coniioit. 14-1 y. 



The Best 
The BEST^ri'ET'c, 
7 'ue BE»y^*rHrTic, 
The Bw R'iiiETic, 
7’iie p/ DimiTir, 
7’„E pT DllIlITIC, 
j-he'ESI Dihiltic, 


The Best Dilketic', 
7’ue Bi-st Diluktic,- 
The Best DanETio^ 
7 ’he Best DiEiiLTir, 
7 ’iie Bist Diuhetic, 
7'he Best Djeretic, 
The Best Dieuetic, 

di{/ampton's pills for gravel, 





i: \ R It il O 1 s t, 

Third Su ett. .Near Main, uincinnali. Ohio 


.lA.Ull.S UAl.SffN. 

A T 1 it A A l  


 'b b(*'l qi 
ett.H, of AU iizes 

S ^MFPPARDb b(*'l quality, ai 
and Hy ‘ ^ 



Gieenup^buig. G 

GnvrKri* ('n (\ •in-, iSoD. 

,Ti)h’f,  S«aton u the StojV 

a m 4 |» V the Ube nt V Coin bo ilv the ac-[ 7 

count- ol Kxecut«,rs. Adminis traiora an,! tJuavdims fSa ! Ka«« I 

foriheGiecniipromiM f eint Am-si. J r "Ams. , . i,v „f rags 

n301 Pres, Mgr for  !^'pr,m,,ty. \\ ,,,,vhich school bonk: will hegu.i-n, at. ® 

OFrl’.FNUn^ ( ’O.  ' Fj'’ICi:HS.I 19., f. 

JOHN H .yl).\.M ,l'resKliiigJii(igf loi GreemipCoim- 1 ii onion, uiiio 

tvCourt. I G. NEWBKRCLH, 

A loUliei* A .tlt’rt’hacit TaiBor, 

( llnifPii filnck. I i oMton, Ohio. 

K FKI’S constantivon h.ind aivl makes to older 
every variety of men’s wear, w ith a generalas- 
aorfme »t uf q^'nilemen’a furnishing goodN whi 'h wil* be 

GF.OnOK F. ROK, County Attorney. 

W H.Taf M CORFM. Cb-rk of the Count v Court. 

ALKXANDKH S.Mini. Depniv Clerk, ’ 

GFORGi: W. n.UMMXTON, Sheiill 

S. H. W(M.(M)TT. Surveyor and Processioner. 

JOHXBKnX.'=i. \.s*fissor. - 

-IKRF.MI A n DA Y([)SOX,SchQ )1 Co*n misslmer. 

S. H. WOl.COTT, Commissioner abuve Lit 
tl-' Sandv 

JE8SK ALUXANDl'R, do. do. below do. lo. 

sold low. 

He invit-2s tlie Big S. njy and 


JOIINO. ADAMS, Judgeof the Greenup Quaiterly 
f'oin t. 


I i‘*tiirt Orticcis. 

Hon.F. C. Pin TKR. Ju-lge. 

Hon. 1?. M. S'r.VNTOX.Commonwealth’aAtlornoy. 
WIT.UAM fiORUM. Clerk. 

ALFaXAXDKRSMl HI, epufv Clerk. 





Wholesale and II -tail d»*.\ler in 

^rSiOoi A II i.  ('cIEaEti’«c]:« Raoksi 

O rA'riONKUY, Wall Pap.n’ and Musical Instni- 
k 7 mcMit.H. Serond Sr'»‘*t, ironlon, Ohio. 3 

i DR. J. p. M orris. 

^Vholp^ale and Retail 

C Bi o III I s ( an d 1^ r 

IroiitiiM, Oilio. 

K FF.PS con«tantl V  .n lunda large stock of Drugs, 
Al •Jicinvs, Clinmifals. Oil ., Pain'-i, l)*.-p StnH''S. 
iwith ev.Tv olh'*!- arlici-* {r*ur. ; in fii t claso l i ug 
) Slum, which will hu sol 1 low asth“v can he bought 
anvwhvre II - esperiallyasks the att' ntion of Mor- 
chants and I’hyslcian-s, as he wairant-s all artich*' 
fno 8. 1-v 

il O T E u , 

Cor. of Maitland 4lh Ftroets, Louisville, 

^I''H1  Hotel situated in tile centre ol iheKi^inesa 
J pail ol the cit«? convoiii.* nt to the Raiho/d, Tele- 
graph ami Lxpif' i-s, (he Ba nk, Boat ^Jlfico and 
ida -rOsuJ and within ot" the 

pri.'lCV’! Thq pnipiielora have 

jiiqt icluiiiL l*oU r»*o a atylo equal tt-'any House in ' * MPI’OX’^ PH T ^ FOR 

r+T-f»»tm4rr.andtO' hu t o rnuinni iy . tonU-biUll 

pfiauiis I isiting the t Ily lor bu.iim*s»or pT»*asuru it of- | 

'’er.s evei N inducejnent for paiionage. Teiina $1,50 
per da y. CS-I y. 








PltOFF-iSOH m:\KY s 
It Tells Vo 

r vYt.or: .13 d 

It Tells Von 

It Tells Y» ti 

It Tells You 

It Tell.s You 

ft Tells Yo:i 

11 w to altff.d upon the '•i and 
lio’.v to co'ik for rh'- .1 ; ho r lo pro- 
paru Drinka, PoultiofS. A , aji«l 
b*w t  gu«rd ayiin-it infection 
from con’igi.uM D -n * •   •'-l 
O f the vari  n i dii »a ca t»f .-hildr 
aoilgiv.'s flic c«*?*t “ind snnplns 
1110 li of tr • itin i»nt during T»*'^th- 
ing, convnl-.Ion?, Vacchution. 
Wliooping-cong’i, M'a.ale.s, 

’r i'» J*ympt)fni of criup, cholera 
I if.uUnm, coll- Ditrrlv.-i. Wormi 
Scallo I iLj.i 1, Uin^wor-tn.f’hickoti- 
pox, &c.. and givf's you the best 
r !m.*dia» (or their mr ». 

T'le symeloms of Fov »r and Ague, 
an! BiUo'.i'. Y'*’K)’V, 'rv;-!iiM, 
Scirl"** tnd itluM* F- v -r.-i.and ^ives 
von th? bestand si;jipU*s( remedies 
fji* thr-ii  *ur.». 

Tie .sy-m»tofn  oflnV.i nza, con- 
* im.ition, Dviieep.sia, A’Uhmi. 

- Drq:*y, Goat. Ivo-.i liam . Lmn. 

out extra 

lurg.* ux''opt on ilie cheap edition. 

0 Uiiful Tnneii and Hymns added may bn found. ”1 
Miglil to Love ni y Mother,” “Oh. I'll he a good Child. 

!iid«»ed I will.” and “ i- trr and 1.” The:,e and eight i 

• I’.Iieis from the original Bell were sung a( the .-\nni- ( 
v'lTsary of the New- York city aunday srliool society [ 
of the M. E. church .at the Acad‘*my of Music, with I 

• mat applause. The Bell contains nearly 20o Tunes | 
and Hymns, and is one of the best collections ever* 

l’ricel2c; $ 10 pel 100 ; post.ige,2r . Bound. i 
2dc ; $I5 per IU3. Elegantly bound, embs?sedgilt, 2oc; | 
jJO per lOO; postage, 4c each. | 

The Bull is also published in small numbers cnliimd J 
\ nniver^ary and Sunday-s  hool Music Books. Nos. I, 

2,3 and 4, isi order to accommodate the miilion ; price _ 
3 ’ and 4c each, or $2 and$3 p^T lOO. postage Ic each, j 
.More than 300,000 ef ti.c above books have been sold | ^ 
the pa»it eighteen months, and the demand is rapidly 

incveising. { 

HORACE W.VTER:?, Agent, Publisher, I 

ll-lv. No. 333 Broadway, New-A’ork • 

. , tjUXDHlES. 

Among the manv i 

lav b.i found. -‘I rr, BOXES P. m So,p. 

I O 4i( “ “ No I Soap. 

60 German do. 

40 “ Fancy do.^ 

BO “ and half boxes Stai Candles. 

100 boxes Tallow Candles; 

75 keg-i Bi-Carbonate of Soda ; 

ICO do/.en assoitt'd Bv imis; 

70 bales No 1 and 2 Balling: 

SOU reams a&.soiled Wrapping-Paper; 

5U boxes Starch; 

75 boxes assoitid Candy; 

60 bags “ Shot. 

75 bales Bar Lead. A.W BUSKIRK. 


BBLS. No. I Mackerel; 

30 hf bbls. 

40 bbla. No. 2 Mackerel ; 

25 hf bbls. 

25 bbls. No 3 Mackerel ; 

26 Kits No. I Large Mackerel ; 

25 ’• *• 2 do. 

2 drums Cobti h. AAV. PUSKIRK. 

PIANOS, Melodeons and Organs.— The Horace j 
Waters L’iaiios and Melodeons, tor depth, puritv of; 

. **me and durabilitv, are unsurpassed. Prices rea.sona- ' 

bio. So'iuJ-hand Pianos and Melodeons from 26 to. HA MS ^ 

biso. you l G::;;:Ve EO^Ku^l.,Su.;aTC.aLdC.^»j,W^ 

tun br»-:t reiH-di-'s i jr ihidr .-'u *. ! as among the very best.'*— Evangelist. “Weeanspeak ' v V " “ 

T': ‘ syni; :* -in ■/ of uhrdora M h-Iimh, 1 of th dr 'ncrAs fro::: personal knowle Ige” Christian N .* 1 LS. 

M ilign.i3it oli,»ler.i .^;ii illpHX. D ys- 1 Inhjl Ii ’oncer. “Waters’s Pianos and Melodeons chal- 


til.) belt ri-med:G8 for »hi*ir mro, 
ft Tells Y o;i Til • .symptom- of Pl-mrisy, Mumps, 
Nniralgia, .tpoplnxy. Paralysis, 
I'lO VJii.iU.-b Di.i'.ayos ol ti* • 
Till•o.^t. T s’th. Kirand Eye, and 
til'} b*»'t rom:»dles Cor ti'jir cure. 

Il Tells A'o'J T.i } syinplo-ns of, Jaun- 
db;H,Piies,Ruptur .•,D‘.s-3 s o! I'l ' 
H ‘ur:, U '.n.-j.-rlia 'o, V.Mi Di-i- 
c a :ij 11 / .Iroph ibu , and go es 
t‘ii b.js: roiiKvIi-s for I’ujir «*ure. 

It Tells A'oil Tin bast and simpl tre.itm.-'Mt for 
VV ovnids, Bro'von Hl Dislnc.'i- 

It*). IS, Sprains. * w, ’.V* i: lo v;  

F.*ver Sor.)s. Boil-*, B.u iu, Ulcers. 
\Y oti S.V'.dli.igs, S-’urvy, a ul 

It Tells You Ol th'* various -Usi'i SOS of ’.Vomen, 
of chiM-biith. and of M -'i-tnu* 
tinn: Whit ’s. ID rr *jiiiush, . x--.. • 

au4 gives th-} h -ji and 
rem -diH-i ioi- (ij dr cure. 

Tin work is written in plain Do'utg', free fiom 
me.Uca I t'M’ui i, so a'» to ho e .fil y u » I w-*to.) I 
Its siinph* re.Mp-‘s uisv save v-u rn^nv li-n.*s t 
coit of On b 10 {. (t is print. *'l in’ a cl.*ar and ..pen 
tvpe ; il ill'i -trit *d w;lli ippropri Uu en^ra % ii»:*s. and 
will brt fwrward.'J t   vo’ir 

ciamp, Di«*asi.i of the | liugecompaiison with the finest made anywhere in the 
Kidi'ysan l l.iver. and [ .’ouiilry — Homo Journal 

KF.GS assorted NaiU. 

CM v. 

N 1-: W MUSIC. 

A' a r a h .i a tt r Fee. 


VERY beautiful ihuving easy melody, willi ar- 
co!iipaniments,can besuiig by cbildren as well as 
adults, ned will soon become ono of the most popular 
songs of the day. 8entim'’iils of words excellent.- 
Price 25 cents mailpd free. Just pnhlished by Horack 
\Ya ( ;ths, Agent. 333. Broadvva V, N. A*. 

I'ew and Popular ’l^ocal Music. 

piu} Ang».*L loM me So,” “Grave 


Kt LIV l.l  i»vr S. B. J-.inpiie 
Y New Orleans 
300 Bblspiirne Molasses. 
lUI) half Bbls. do 


UJiecl liom 


Fxtra Family Flour. 

I YKCF.IVKD per Rail Road 
Y/ 50 Bbls F\tra White Wheat Flour. 

Portsmouth. March 16. ‘60. 


R. B1.LL. W II. WARE. 


Wholesale Maiinlacturers aud Dealers in 

postage pt i J, on receipt of ’ll 03. 
e i(in.O \ V ll' \ !•? c'l '’Smi.l'by.'nti'r- 
0 • V X i i V i V pri-«ir*;r t»very- 

whore, in ^e^i^lg tii’* ahovo work, i.  «iur inJiiconiLMit' 
ill .siuh M'O V u’v lib -n I. 

Forsio'’.* r pi f.'' ili'i nr f.r t -r ms t-j 

agents, wit'i ■••'t. I inform -ti  ■ . ^n-tly tn or a lir.-  

JO. IV i:. !• ) r 

N » i  ; 7 S i nsorn str -.»t. li D. 1.6 o Ida . !’a 

“Kind Word, 

of Rosabel. ”“VViMs of tho Wo^t,*’ “Give me back my ISOOTSJ'ilSWES 

Mountain Home,” “Thoughts ol God,” “I m with the ^ Heather jiiid l’iiidiiig . 

still,’ “W a ke, La dy, W ake.’ “1 m leaving tli**p in For- Xo. 3 F.ii Buildings, l'*ronl St , I’ortmoutli, O. 
row, Annie,” “Ever of riiee,” and “Old Nassau,’ ■ | ) i-xL :y CO., keep con-tantl v on liaml a general as- 

;.nd sung the Students of Piincelon college. ITaco i j-) . he above named aiticles at WIIOLK- 

•25 cent.-* each. ihAl.K ONLY, lo which they invite tfie attention ol 

New and Popular Instruniontal, the trade. They maiiufactnix* goo.Js of the best quali- 

*‘Pal.jC(* Garil.-n I’oika ignette, ’ •‘Lmpiro or ly. »nd ha vc made to tlieir ow'ii order by the best ma n- 
tnplcM I R ifk’s Qiudj ill 'S.”a new dance, price 40 cents each. i,'|aetuver s East, and will at all times duplicat bills 
■ ’Piccooh.mliii Polkad’ Swinging Schott isch,’’ “ rhos; ij,e bei»tJobbing Houses of hiastern Cities, with the 
) B’'k ‘r Scholti- h,” all with \ ignoltvs; ” 1‘ ew ILbci man , and F.xc liangy They are also 

wlul.' Quadi-ilh.s.” 35 cents each; “CrinoHno Waltz^,’ "Dan- Jam.ntu ['dv Wheeler tit Wiisun'.s Sewing Machine*.—- 

villo Ma /.oiirka ‘•.\rahiin \\ ar erv March, ^ ’I'hv best and most reliable Machines in use, aud 

ing Polka,” ••V’t*ry La t \ .ir-»nvianne, ’ ^old a t the (at lory prices, and \Va nanted. [nlSlf 

B«iika ,” and “Alin ira Polka Maxurka,” price 23 cents 

oss.nvatly bonn land loach. U tv. NEW AUCIVAL- MODE COMING! 

schcdnhj of prices and imonia Is wliich will satisfy 
anv one. r-'l ? n I e\a mine thenv. fneHlf 

What lO'. '.'ryhad y \V':nit«. 




HV l it \ ■y ii ( !! 

OK T H K !■ HI I. A D ■ I' H I .V U A K 

It tells Y .u iL w to draw i;,. P.rtii ;r.'bi,  
an \ gives g''iu'ral f u*m-t i.»r 
m'Diti of .'ll kills,, Bills of 
f,ei^f»s ar.! P 'tJtlons 

■d' a'l 1 M.nt 
of Vt 

1  ERSON8 wishing to purchase Pianos. Melodeons. MtS. Fltzpatrick and MlS. B I 0 “W Tl . 
or .Mu-'ir, c:»n no’.v order thvonch the editor ot the . RK. ju -t receiving a splemlid stock ol Now (ioods, 
.\dvocatc»,” as ho is agent for Mr. \V a tei«, a iid has ! ;\ PNnlor cing Straw (»oods, Ribbons. B.-*nnets. Flow- 
ers, a ml all the very la test  1 \ lea o( Milliiu i y : a Iso 
Dress-making done on the shoiti*st iioHce, and the 
mo‘‘t sati-sraclory terms. Give us a call. 

Court slieot. East side, first door from 
the corner of 1‘ront. 

ALL C IL K A P Jd O Jl C A S Jl . 

nl3 Iv. Mrs. H. BROWN- 


  K.Xl I -MK KKLiV I.IXK. 

‘Ciucinnati & Big; San cl •y Packet. 


i W V HONSIlKLI,.,l/ivro-. .Marsh Gi.ark, Clerk. 

^ 1^11 IS (d«*ga nt ;-.te liner leaves Calletl.s- ► 

n» * burg, nmnrdi of Big Sanely rivei\eviMyJ^wt25 

Monday ami Thnradav morning- On her 
return leaves Ciiirinniti everv rue»uay and Friday 


evenln •^ at 5 P. M.. taking passengers and freight at 
• all int‘'r!iiodi.»te points. 'I'he accommodations and 

It tslls You 

i - 

It tells You 

It tells You 

Ji tells You 

It tolls You 

It tells You 

U 0 O Iv S AND S T A T I O N K U '4 . 



A N J) 

Blniili Alooli llnitiilarliircr. 

, . , No. 4. Buckeye Block, Front St. I'mtsmouth, O. 

\;/r»»e. j capacity n| this Splendid steamer are un«-urpassed on ' irj¥ band a complete assortment of Miscella- 

1 ^Ale* f (he We.stcin w »ters. Rates of freight and pa'-sage^ as _L noons, La w. Medical. Cominon (School and Clas- 
[ low a.-* arty other boat. 33-;f sical Books. Also, a lirgee .stuck of Cop, !.*’lti‘r and 

No e Paper, Enveh*pe.-i, j;teel Pent, It.k'*, Memoian- 
dums, Tiino Books, &c , Wall Papers, Cm tains, Bor- 
IMIi; Olno No 3. t»ft. ^ i 'iJ '’‘‘'g Slates by the Cane o. 

1 IUy_... le.v,., Mi.u.tta eveiy ’'"fanicol'a,' attention given lo tho m. nufartnre of 

t(. o -lock.A. M.^ jia^^ I, r County ollicc, LoJk-v,. &c. 

P 1 O N K i; K LINK. 

$$9iio :\(). ii, nnd Ohio .'\o. 

iit'w bteamv‘ 1 ” Ohio No 3, Uapt. flrrr 

• 'i‘e 

It tells You How t'l tin w 113 B 

g^go , A-fi Grit-, 1*0 V "-; 
torney, N  t an l Bt:!-* 

C'Ding*. R -ipf- • n -• . »| 

Too fiT ’.vs fur t!i a i  l I.m-' Imii .a 5' i ) -Lr . . 

wl'.ii l-i-* . t4!ut.-- iti , • 

* a n 1 - ,,.3 ^ 

I’W (ram E\ -Gution in o\ o- ? 

Sta lc‘. 

Il ).v to in.iko an'.V^sigmn j);Oj;«r- 
ly. \N ilh forms fur C*'upu; t: *u 
with civJit.r-', an I to* I i-.. 
l.avvi of 4.*\' . rv S' *t**. 

It tells You liO log il rt'hitinn   e - i h’( i.i; '■  »t v • -u 

Gu irdian .tiii W.»rJ. .M*,t*r an: 

A iprenticf, anJ (^m poid an ' 

. iC'hoiff €oal fi.nmiH S-'or 

W .iat cno'^titutoiL.helanl patK-or.! , u K F K for sale, that d.-,i,ahle travt ol Land. 
* ’*!u Vi''f ♦‘‘n- i I oii'vhii h I rebido, on B:g Bandy ITv-it, known as 

Dowor, tho \\ tie ' u\ [ r 'pur- ^ (be Eall.'i of Tn.u. an l oonl.iiningOno Thousand Acres, 
t -', Div'or'*e ard Uimduy. ^ . lying “n both iiilex  vf tlieriver. There .lie 15 Oarres 
it* hi -.vs tor M -.-h loic * (J-*ns in , « vi! and in a lii.e ,i,\to of cu! ti vation, whlrh for 

c."»r ’ Mate, a i! the Nat-iri i/j . fMrmingi .^nnc*l be excelled in tho Sandy Valley. 

tiou Laws of t.ns cou iir,', an i p'.i. i niprovenionts uro two largo Frame " 
lio V to comply wiili th * s uu ; -K-arlv new, Store llouso, Barn, and all 
Tn*Liw conLorn'ii’' PonG'tn. an-: j „,,t builJin.;*'. 

ho'v It) oliCtin o io, and t in Prv . 'puere i’l im tract on the river which: present s 
L nutDHi Lx .Vt. 'o Pijblit; I. m is. ;;reater indue -i'lnents lor mining coal. Tlmre isa rein 
Tn-a L\ .V tor i’al‘*t.t.s. wi’ b tn .» Jo of -,f upwards of lour fuel of nio -t Euperioi'coa 1, a 1 read v 
pr’»L*’-dnrn in obtaining oik-, with j .ipvn. and ready for operation also, on (h« tract U 
Int'*r; *r«mr *s, Assign. is. *nt-  and I cmnnel coal, with Hoveral other bituminous veins, 
'I iblo cd h.*es. I and these being belowthe Falls, with more than a 

It tells You "* ' W.ll, and h-%w »o | ml • river front pr-'sent s« giv^ai advantagoi 

.\ll tlio r*-w and stAodaid 

loa^ons in s*ver\ 

"iliett'^bni’g evi'i’V f'l iday at -1 iT'clof/tf, e. ^ | br»n«’h of Liferijtui e u-..L»\ r.; a s ^ .tul.i - 

The sloimerOhio jNo‘i. Capl. Suvro, leave-. Mari- ! vL'S » »g ?»cy 5eii.^pf 

.tt.eveiv I’^dda V- to 0‘clokA.M.: passing Catletts- Ptmiisheis prices, 
ion cevorvSatmdavrt 4 o’clock V. M. Up~Loave« Booksrd lers^ ( eunti   Dealei- ^ch^S^. Acadyniie  
'^o. inoa'i'evevyMomhvatSfi’cloc k. P. .M .pa.vMng P'ivate Librauos supplied on Ino^t liberal 

Catlett burg every Tuesday at () o’clock, P. M. p.*r- _ . .j... . ! 13-tf. 

sovs coming out of Big Sandy River on tlio pacl:ct.s j 
w’ill c-Diinec l with the-..* fur* s'voamfr.s. IG-lf. ; 


lion ses 

. w'lth I'l 

Thrt water power is tho bo*t on Sandy liiver and 

E . II . CL A R K , 

Front ftt..?}et. Mo rkrt avd Court '^td , L^orttmoufh. 0 . 

D E.VI.KU in Watches, (’locks. Jewelry and SilveR 
Ware, invitgs attention to his stock, having on 
liandandfbr sale constantly such an assoitniei.t a*- 
cannot fa H to please. 

Watches, Clocks and Jewelry repaired at shortest 
notice. He solicits the trade especially of tlieboidei 
counties of Eastern Kenluckv and U»g ^andy Vallt-y. 

' 33-1 y 

WhoIe*‘ale and Retail Fuiiviture Ho'.ics, 

.r. u. N I CK i: I. Ls. 

F ri5 A I T I IC 11 I AFTOICV, 

Corner Market and Thi d Sfieeft, Poifcmouth. O 

T A M now manufa ctuiiiig a nd ha vo a I w a y on hand a 
full stock of I*arlor, ]]oiis(*hold A: Oflice 
I'll I'll itu re, such as plain and fa nc v Bedsteads, Bu- 
reaus. Sofas. Ciiairs. Stands, Hook-Cases . Desks. Ta- 
bles, &c., drc. M.X'rTRESSES of all kinds, Safes 

.0 investmpnt would pay b.-llor than (Imervclion of “h".."”'''. '‘"I''’ " .. 

a mill at this place. It i, also aepod point for a' " i“ (liobt's iiiitl 1‘iaiio Stools. I’ath.vt Mk- 
atore. Altog.lber, this tract of land may be ; T-'i-'C,»oniAL Casks & t'ASk-KTa.ofall sl/.es. styles 

.\ i nini-al'r o.i an K-t 
1 1 -V ml th’» r-'q.iire-o -m.-, t.iure 
in (-very Siait*. 

5t tells You rii.^n-ai.ii.j ..f l.iwlmmsi, ,,Aner- - cous.u- . , . , . . , • .. j i.' 

alu.-, rail lo on t . L v 'd the most desirable inthe V'. Iley of Sanev — “'»l Underlakim; promptly lo. 

1, -..isl.liv.. Ex.cutive and Ju ii Th-. price, and termswiil be moderate, (pan taken' Everything in the 1- urnllure line generally needed 
cial 1-OW..V...1 b.lli ihj General : in goods if desired ) Verroiis desiring further infei- *' "'■'» '« "5C, will hefoiindalmyeslabllshinent.- 
aiid Si It   G ivrn nents. j in itinnwill appiv tn .lames J. Miller. Catleltshiirg 

• cvpontof La w, by .diowmg I Kv.. or to tho subscribor whose post 0 II 1 C 3 is “Falls 
I   do yoni b.iiln »jii loa.allv. of Tug.” Wayne county, Va. 

no 1 Ttf 

It tolls You 

llo.V tl 
ll'^ Jt I 

• in».5i icg.-illy, 
th n .  x (It a V I -st il mou n t ot pr lo- 
oilv. un i vux;i'i.iui iili^xlUm* by 
liN ti r.'dy consn^'ati'in. 

Single copies win be R'*nt by tn ill. postas-' pai l, 
to Every Fann'M-. Kvow 5fi‘« !i ni ', Kv *ry .Man of 
Busine^H, and Evt*cvB |y in K,.m’v on re- 

ceipt of $( 6-1 »*■ in »•» V '( vl‘* of bln li-ig i if 

S 1 0f)0 . .V Y K V R r„*f 

ovorywnsre, in s.-lliog t!'.® above w.'fk, as oiiv in- 
ducements to ail iu -tl are very 

For single copie. of the l!ook. or for terms to 
agent, ’'v'th other intorin 11 ion. appiv lnorad t,. 3 ^, 

JOHN r. p  i r ;;t. T-nbii«h(M-, - ' 

' .el Cm; Ns. eiT Sinsom atreol, piliiad Iphia Pa 

J.\ME  vnUTIMM. 

B R K . ~ 


Hrif fmooelH, hirorrrirs, A'r. 

'ity l'’^•oal C'n t Ity. 


Fnrnaremeii and country Merchants vvili be supplied 
on fair terni: . e.^ppcia H v 


5:^ Pig-Iron, Lumber, &e., taken at market prices, 
for all articles in in V line. nl3-lv. 

Dr. J. M. ^irACKi.RVORr). f Av‘r.. R. Sriiv 


Successsors to Shackleford kt Crichton. 

W II o I  - s a I  - E  r II ;; ;; i K 1 *!  

AND apothecaries. 

The propriotor.s und ninnufaofui’cv«of IlOS- 
TLU.S CUM with perfect ctJ.lKence to 

jihys^ician.' nml citi/iTiS goiicruiiy u‘ iho I.Tiitcd 
Eiaicfj. lu'cnuso llie nnicle has nKaim**! a repu- 
l.Tiion hcreiotf'i'c ji. A f « w fiicts upon 
(I(i- J'uint will speak it:fve j-owvrlully liiaii 
Y(il'.i?ucs of 1; irc a*-, c-rii, jj (.y M tr.oning j uR'ery. 
1‘he no.-uiiip:ion of l!«.. icnor’s* Siumadi l»it- 
((•rs for iKo hi'-t anioiu.icil to over a half- 
million bottles, airl from its manifest sfeady 
iijciea*' in lime® joist, it is cviilei.t that during 
the coming year ilie consumjitioii will i -acli 
near one iniilion bonle.- . This iininvn.'-o aim unt 
could never Jiavo I'ccn foM ln;i for liic rare 
medicinal j i .jicrtiv'j contained in the j»rcp(i ‘a- 
tion, and the sanction of ilie niost j .oinini-nt 
j’hysici ins in thoio seriitnis of (lie country 
whore the nrlicK* is best known, wljo not only 
recbmmeml the BiHci.s to their j*aii nt.s, but 
me ready at all tinio l'  e teslimon'al- to its 
efficacy in’-vs of ‘l'*nia',hic derai^cincnls 
and lltedisca^'' r-JtiDing (iierrfiom. 

.•! ar\ j)-ij-ulai it 

. ..f lUc Biitai':’^ Lv, 
csiiinatioii of an invr’inUc imdivine. 
dt '•lined to be as enduring as lime ii. 

Ilustelter’s Stomach Jliitcrs Inive j. roved 
a Giulsend to regions wlierc T ver and ague 
ami various other biUous ocmplaint.H liavc 
coujiled their victims by hundreds. To he 
able to .‘•(ate confidently that the “Initers” 
arc a certain cure for the Dy.'^ju p.sia ami like 
diseases, is lo the projirietor.s a s mrce of mi- 
alloyed pleasure. It icniove.s all morhid matter^ 
from (lie stomich, jnnifics tlie blood, nml 
impart .  renewed vitality in tlie nervous system, 
giving it that (one and energy indi.-j en'uble 
for tlio restoration of hcallli. It opcrnies njion 
ihcKMinach. liver, and other digestive organs, 
mildA* liut jmwcHully, and soon re.stnrrs (licm 
ton condition cs.«eniial lo tl:e lie:tliJiy uiselnngc 
of (lie functi'-ns of nature. 

Jdderly j'Crsoiis mar use ihc Bitters daily an 
per directions on tlic Imirle, and they will find 
in it nsiiimilaiit ]‘cculiar!y adapted to comfovt 
declining years, as it is pleasant to the j'alale, 
invigorating to the bowels, cseellcnt as a ionic, 
ami rejuvenaiing generally. IVe liave tlie evi- 
dence of tlionsauds of aged men and women 
who )mvo exj'ericnccd the benefit of using lids 
j»reparatiiui while fcuir.*ring from sloma**h de- 
rangements and general del ility : acting under 
(he advice of pliy ieiaiis, they Imvc aband-au’d 
all deleterious drugs and fairly u-toAl the 
merits of this nriirlc. A lew words lo tlie 
gentler sox. There arc certain j'oriods when 
tlieir cares are so hnra.'^-ing tliat many of them 
sink untler tl;e trial, 'flic relation of niuiber 
and chiM is so absorbingly tender, that tho 
mother, c.specially if ilie he youiig, is apt 
forget her own lienlth in her extreme niixiety 
for her infant. Should the period of maternity 
arrive during (lie summer season, the wear of 
body and mind is {jeticrally* 1. Hero, 
then, is a ncco.s^ily f«-*r a ,'-:iiniulam to reenpe- 
ralc the energies of the sysleni. and enable the 
moHier to bear up under her cxhimsiing trials 
and rcspoiisibilides. Nur.-ing lU'Khers gene- 
rally prefer till* Biii»rr'  to all other imig«»r.a- 
tors that receive the imlnv^emeuf of jdiysi- 
eiaiis, it i.s agreeable lo the ta ti* as 
well ns certain to give a periuuncnt increase 
of bodi’y strength. 

All poisons, to whom we have pavtieii- 
larly referred above, lo wit: siin'erers from 
fever and ague, canned by malaria, dianha-a, 
dysentery, indigestion, h-'-  *f npjieliic, and 
all diseases or devangement:- of tlie stoinavJ^ 
sup .rannualed inyaUUs, pci t!,s of ’•'dontaiy. 
o, n*‘d .... ^iU^oii’-u' 

their u»vn jdiyiie d weifarq^^^ ‘ - *• 

tctlerks Celehrat'^ ^ti'innclTBi 
KTlnN. — IVe caution ti.., * 
using any of the many imifalivi 
feits, hut ask fur IIosti.tti u'- 
Sto.m.acii Bitti'.ks. nml sec t-hat 
the words “ Dr. J. lIo-tctter‘s Stomach Idi'lers*’ 
blown on llie s.dc of the bottle, and staL’j-e l 
on the metallic cap covering the coik, and 
observe that our autograph signature is ui the 

- Prepared and sold by ITOSTETTEE & 
SMITH, Pittsburgh, l^a., and sold by all 
druggist.s, grocers, and Qea.ers generally 
throughout the United Stales, South Ame- 
rica, and Germany. 

ET.Y & CO , C»tlf*u biirg, Ky.; 

JOH N O N (JR R18. Ceredo. \\ a vne co , Va 
JOHN .M. RICE Mud UriJg.* ; 

M’. a. .MILLER & CO , and J. A. OOX, Cab 
C. II . Va.; 

MtC \ LLI:5TFR 5c W!IEF.LER,Huruc»n Bridge, Va 
C M. I'KRIAT Butfalo. V.» 

EH A n P 1' A B9 O I' S E , 

4'.vtm:ti‘.sici it ;, kv. 

stibscrihei has Ilur lo infoi.rilds 

1 numerous triciids and the pub lie g-'nera It v, that 
this idd cstablislied l.ouai* has recently umlorgonc a 
thorougl) i’(‘paii, ami is now in comloiiable order for 
the reception oltravclois. Every thing will bo done 
• o inako his guests comfortable- Attached to the 
Hotel is a Livery Stable. Iioin whicli (he public can 
be* Mipplied on tlio shortest notice with saicHoraes, 
Carriage'-! and Buggies, and caretui diiucrs. 

He hopes his etforts to accomrnodaiu lie public 
will socuro lor him a share of the [uiblio patK.nagu. 
nol-ly) O. W MARTIN 

W i'ffii Bi :T3 A \ Bl O B‘ « K . 

i'l Oilt i'nc Ky. " 

Opposite W'hmJ Ui'ut- 

' I'^IIlS e.sUbli.ilt:iiont has undei gono ihroughrcpair.o 
X and is now in complete ordiT tor the recej'lion 
of Ira veler.i. 'The. jiroprictui s promiac louse their 
iiest endeavors to make theli patrons coinrorlablu 
i'heie is Ht ached to the Hotel a,\vhi«'h issiip- 
i'lied with choicest Liwiois and Wines, Cigars, &.c. 
■\Do. a Livery SRaMe. tWi ‘ve Cai t iagei*. nuggi *8, and 
IIorsA'.s can be had at «nv lime. 'Tliey h* pt» luia full 
-hare of the generoiispatronage ot ihepublir. 

nol-1y] JOHN WILSON. 

DiKKicvLTy OF RrsrmATioN/ 

DU. HAMPTON’S PILLS FOR Nioiii Sweats,- 










Ttii-i c«-l-tfmf ‘-l 1ia5 nn (•xt'‘ri«U^ *alo In th© 

 V*- 1 li.-in.' r thftroKgli'Iy uduptuU to 

l!)owiint.iof tii« lu'oplf. ^ 

T±liU • 



.\ N K FA Cl (JR K ILS ol a supei ii,i- 41 ti( fa  »(' I 'in*   Hli . HAM 1 1 ON S PI LLS, 

nMv'T:,r“: I coxtaix xeither balsam oh mercury 

.•ountry.conNlstiog of the following kimhin pail, vi/: BUT AUK PUKKLY VEGETABLE 

Ibilling Mill Brick all bhaueb ai.d '-t\ leij. 

r.’upalo '■ mnace " “ *• bi/'-s. IN THEIU COMPOSmON 

R'a-tt •* •* Inwalls, Bosh and Hearths made 


T  nnr{v,il.-.l in its "'.4 tT!— . ffmrg 

diM'Ml'ility, itiiil - J oj-Mty lii.oin^od llrH €\ *u u cbiid 
can uiidcislaml its u.-w. 


Ih »in«nrpv»sed in quick atnl ll»'-rontrh baking, and 
Irj.- /IK. It:! t-e..|i«tiMy in fn«-i \mI1 souo r«'iMy 
tti- piinrt* i-’-r, ;uel It^ fxi’f*ll«*nt brojliiig arrange, 
uu-iiti without smoko, ia a comlort Ih cveij family. 


la inaiie very lianvy, of t *-.t Kentucky Iron, and snj  *- 
rier ill cveiy way to Noritiern siov*-.-. It i« aoM nt 
rf.t'«*n;i!*l • pri''--. tie? biiyi-r not being tuxvd wilb 
enorrn''U3 fifight fn»;n iho*Nortbcin citifS, 


Ih tho re«nlt of a long exp«*rtcnoo wiil» (be wanta of 
S-Mtthrni nmi  4 nmnufautured exclusively by 

the aolo propi'iet'iis and j-aif-itf*'*-**. 

a. \y. as.ii.r. At Co., 

At Itioir Stove Works,   ‘••vington, Ky. 
OtHceund Wari.dMiu-.o, 3:J and 21 Binlu i»t,, Cincin- 
oati, und tor m\c by 

WIT.’il.AN UliOTlIKRS. C.MleUsb.iri;, Ky. [40 Iv 

(0 lioti' 

si ovE, FIN, .v siii:i:r ikg.s \va ju: 

AT a, uri Ta c   ii iv * 

 '«’i’4* lo, Vii.« and I'n I l ‘l iMbii rj;, SCy. 

f’l"'!!!:* und«*rsigned would inO't respO'-’ljully in'brm 
1 the pnbl ic that th *y aretnlly prepaiifd lofurnislt 
any article in their line on a.-,-n vurable term- as anv 
eAt-ibii^hmeid in thu Kaslern or Wentern cities. 

Particular attention paid to -obbing of . 1 II kinds. 
We ha ve always on luinl the latest a nd ^ * r 1 pattern- 
o* Fruit Ca (is ; a I ao of Cou I m n l \Voi cl C'ooK i n u 
Stove". ABo. I*arlor, Hall, and Olliuo Slaves, 
Grates, Fronts and Hollow-ware, cl.-.. 4*lc. 

nol-ly] M’lTM \NJH?qTHFB8. 

anl Commission Ilerchant, 

I‘F'M/t,Y in!ornj-5 llj»* public llu't be lia 

lo suit any Furnace. 

•Salt KuriM CO and Brick- 

 (i*amboal Furnace 'files every si/e. 
leal Oil “ *• and Ujtuil Bed Tiles. 

'»as “ “ •* •* 

Reif-rt protectors. 

: ‘oolcing - tove and r.inge Tiles. 

Orate 'I’ile.s and Backa to suit size of Grate. 

Olay PuinpH for welU and ci-iteins. 

(’lav Di-.Tining 'filr-, all si^?s, fur wc-t lands. 

Ground I'iie Brick cement. 

Gioun J Fire cla v alwa j s on h.'ind. 

H (*v ing procured an experienced hand for each 
■lep.*r(ini'n*. of wrrk Irom tlip K .Tvt.vve are prepared 
to fill  .id*'i.' promptly rnd of a Miperior qii.ilitv, 
much iM'tter than wa - i.vcr bad ii. lbi.  n gien. 01 can 
- e manuUctiired by any i-ftabii^l ni'-ud in this conn- 

— Mnr-.* . k. Robiusoo, I,ouiNville. 

j » . :r -: vr r-^ 

l.ji , ’ 

y.. r STtJJ.L .M;in-.g *r, 
A^fifand V* ^nfi.frc anc! Kirr- 
.\.!il.-ui'L Bov.) 1 - 0 .. K Mai- -h QH, IHlifl -G Iv. 


Milh Hit I’uoiirT I.\ Action'. 






MALE OR ri'iJlAl.E. 

AIALE nil EE.MAJ.j;, 

CIlK AI-i-l.-ST! It I-:-, I'M 


' a VS fov Tuition in Single and Double Kntrv Book- 
.V(*eping, Writing, CotMinercial .\r:t!unetic and Luc- 

•U i’- • . 

HuarvI 8 wovUs ?i20, StiUitmrrv 7, Tuition 
3* , n;ti re ev pi'Uscs (52. 

Uiual time from 6 lo 10 w(‘ekx. Kvery Student, 
tpon graduating, is guaranteed crmpeti-nt to manage 
II'* book.^ of any busineb!*, and qua ilied to earn z sal- 
ir V of from 

8-5()0 to S10O0. 

Students enter at any lime — No vacalion--Ke\iew 
It pleasure. 

First Premiums for Be^t Bu^lnes.s Wii’ing fov 1^.59. 
received at iTltsburg, PtiilaJeljd ia and (Jhio State 
Fairs. .Mso, atthe principal L'airsol the Union fur 
the past four y t-ara. 

j)tlr MinisteVb’ Sons received at half price. 

F'*r Circulars, .specimens and F.inbi'llished View 
 f t ie college, iiicK'^''* live letter slanp-. tt» 

15] K. W- JKNKINS, Pittubnrg. Pa . 





(‘t.iiiitv.  V«?st(*rii Virginin 
^ l''H K subscriber oilers for sale, in lots to huil pui 
i chasers , at | t ic«’s» ranging 

I'roiii S2.0O lo t^-S.OO prr aero. 

Iii‘- Lands, in Wa \ m* and Cabell counties. Va ..are 
situated principally upon the waters of llm'rwelve 
l^ole and Big Sandy Rivers, and fininlhree to twenty j 
miles bark from i!\e new cit v of Ceredo. j 

The t it les to sa id land are indisputable. The soil ia j 
rich a nd productive , and abounds in 1 ron, Coal , and 
Timber. SAM’I« SaNDKRS. [no2 

n . M . C 11 I L I) .s . I 

Forwardin?^ and Commission Merchant, 

M litirf ICoat. tf'atfettnbui*;;, K  iiiiiC'Ky. | 

( *^1 I Vh.S prompt attoulion lu tho recepiKHi **e- j 

X shipmt*n{ o{ all consignments loJ»is cave. 1-ly.i 

Ask Foil Dn. II.vmi'ton’s I’li.i.s 
Ask Foil Dii. IIamito.n’.s ITi.i.s 













:! die ngMin.‘‘f ! 
.' ' (.'oumer- ' 
1 'rt rr.i! \Tr.i  
neh hoMic hns ' 

v - 

I I'l B».it at 

S u-rwA 

. pf.ii'i' , 
ill V Iviud I 


G3. CBNU. 





This prppavition is proscnlo^ to tlie Public with 
t-rne ntmoTt confidcnc in it, cHivsey »nd lus been 
: the result of m»ny years ot study, observation and 




ak ISf-tiiH WrotH‘1’ 

lo-.vO'-t prices, and invltos persons who wish to huy Window Glass, Patent Medicines, Perfumery. Fmcy 
W'-IL JAMES FR.\2!ER. [Articles, fee. ,41) order, promptlv answered, Wei 

Louisa. Ky., Mby 1, 

isoiicit a share of ibetradeof (ho Sandy Valley 13-ly 

ANi) I) a: A I KH i.v 

IIARD\V,\I!E.CU I'l.KUV. G .A.«SWAI.K, &c. 
CHiyaiulotlc .Sit., a Di.-iiv heton- Jliiilu'i*. 

«;i V VM O r i'l-:.4 A. fll-lv 
.1 1 1 Ii illtlN of Con 11 1 r, l*i uilii, c lnl.eil ill cx- 
fov 4 c«MiH. 


Aud  'oiiiiiii:4s gon 

Steamboat  geul and Wharf B".-*! I’vopvietor, 

Pa rk I* T'-lm iff, V i 'Z i u ia. 

H K F f: R r o 
C. BROOKS. F»q. Kx-President 
B. &0. R. R. Co. 

Col. B F. KKLLKV. Freight Ag’L 
B. \\ . f Otaf.Y. L'»q. Mayor of 

R. SMn H, Ctuhier N. \V. Bank. 

Hon. F.Ll TH AYKtt, M. 

Cel. JOHN DILS, [‘^l-ly.] 

tern iH 
h A e j 
Our in ;^ 
in the shl 


of booka 


Patent L 
Ladies’ L'^' 
Dt-tach'*d j 

T,epine ^ 

(Inld L'. 
Lacies' a| 
all pal 

Gold W 

A great'’ 
a t Can ’ 
tina . &c ^ 
Gold Rrtcq 
The List 
TlaUiircre, Md.|atandard worl 
Piiila .‘elphia., interesting to \\ 
Covington, K V. ( « cat'^logue.  1 
Baltimore, Md.. Apply to 
Parkersburg. Va. i 
AVorre'ter, Afa-s. 

Piketon, Ivy. C. W. UlurI 



The Sandy Valley advocate, 1860-08-22

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Catlettsburg, Ky., Kentucky by J.J. Miller
   Boyd County (The Western Coal Fields Region)