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date (1910-08-21) topic_Temperance topic_Church_Faith_and_Free_Thought newspaper_issue BLUE GRASS BLADE 

(Copyriflit 1910 by H. 8| HiUa.) 

At BaUvia, i\. V., April 17, liJOU. 
Kev. Algernon S. Crupsey lor 26 
years rector of St. Andrew 's Episco- 
pal church at Korliesti-r. N. V., wus 
tried for hertsy Ihthhsu he (ieiiie.l 
the divinity of Clirisl. Vet, Saint 
AugiMtine, Bishop of Hippo Kegms, 
athtM (ttamona 37. ctwp. 12), that 
"Vttm tb» flnt mruM beliavad Christ 
to be (lod and not man. Others be- 
lieved liini to bo only a man and de- 
iiicMl Ins divmily."" 

The loi-.ii.T llii^  .p""..,i of the 

Manicliees to which belief St. Aiig- 
UBtiue himielf adhered. Coteleriiis 
in anawer to Ignatius' Kpistle to 
the Iranians, assures us that "the 
,l,.(triiie that Christ's body was a 
|, oulv, and that no such per- 
,),Mis Christ ever had any 
foiporeal existence, was held in the 
lime of the Apostles themselves." 

And from the Apostolic age down 
through all the centuries, ha* the 
exisle.ue of Christ as a man been 
denied; not by Miemiea or unbeliev- 
ers, but by the moat learned, the 
must sincere and the moat moral of 
those who profese the Chriatian 
name. In John's EiMStlea (l»t, 4th, 
3ra; also 2nd, lat, 7th) admitted by 
nuujy modern authors to have been 
written many yeara before any ot 
our canonical gom)els. mention is 
mads of persona professing the 
Christian faith, who taught that a 
l„ lief that auch a man aa Chnat ever 
liM d in the fleah, waa no put of that 
fiiilh. , 

Such deiiiers of the humanity or 
Chnsl taiighl that he was only 

!„e!ii cuBiuctc. p«.-»oi.;fii-i: — ' 

aided the whole gospel story as a 
M.hlime allegory. "In this class,— 
III,, very llrsl in point of time and 

ilwivs (irst in number— waa found 

il„. m.i-l iutilligeiit of professing 
(■|„iMi;ui^. In 

iiMiM.riiua .lass was found tliiise who 
denied the divinity of Christ and de- 
clared him only humin.'' (Taylor's 
Syntagma). The Nieene Cowcil (A. 
1). :i-2.- ) joined the two beHefs and 
.rjiv.' to tiie world our modern ortho- 

"luv ereed. 

Ill,, lirsi three New Testament 
l,..oks--Maltluw. Mark and Luke-- 
are called Synoplie (i.*| els, and are 
very much alike. In niany iluipteis 
8 such a close verbal I'gree- 
xts ot Matthew and 
I puea for one and the Mcv. Mosea Hull says (Bibli- 
e',.! Kueyclopedia. page 278): ''There 
, !'. „„h 24 veraea in M«k that can 
„.,. be found in mneh tU 
langmige iu one of thet. other gos- 

''"'lli 'view of this undiaputed fact 
the most eminent eritica of the past 
..enturv have been agreed in the 
' that one of two auppositions 
. viz: Either these three 
.M,siK-l writers copied from each other 
r.r that they each copied from some 
previoualy written narrative. the 
notion of independence, in the co.u- 
liosition of these three gospels, is 
longer tenable. No scholarly 
would admit that these 
i-re copies of each other, 
second supposition must 
• Iv trne. .\iluiittinir this 
w d.. th.' most learned 

there i_ 
ment that the ( 
Mark might 1 

Christ i 

ea.ler will 

Kvangeli . 

...J this previn 

from which 
s drew their 


nent ecclesiastical writ, is will testi- 
fy. It is eoiu-e.led by all modern 
theologians that ihe has.' ..t all out 
information regarding the oiigiii of 
the gospels, is found in the writings 
,.| i ri -in (:ird century), and Kiise- 
l,i„s I'aniphilus (4th century), sui- 
oleii.ented bv wrililigs of the .\l os- 
s and of the Clirislian 
,l„)in these two above 
 ne(i prolilie writers largely 
.,uore. Moreover, it should never be 
forgotten that for 1600 yean no ec- 
.-leaiaalical historian hM |»«tended 
to have anv other information than 
is found in 'the writings of the above 
mentioned anlliors intinilely the 
ablest Christianity has ev, r produced. 
Therefore, without exception, all be- 
gin whM« luartius Imvm off. 

tolic Fathei 

'•WilliiMit Eusebiiis," says the 
earned Tillemoot, ' ■ wr ^hollld scarec 
lave any kiio«j|edge of the history 
 f the firat Mg^ot Christianity, or of 
he aiithora wha^rote in that time. 
Ml of the Orfck authors of the 
onrtli century .cid since have begun 
vhere Kiu^nof ended." 

Our firat witftess shall be Bishop 
Heliio, of Swdis, Lydia, supposed 
.y many to b*. "the angel of the 
liiireli of Sardis,". mentioned in the 
^(xik of Revelation. In his ever 
neinorable letter of apology, deliv- 
■led A. D. 170^«o the Emperor Mar- 
ens AntJininaa^-he says: "For this 
philos r] liy, or. rehgion, which we 
h. truly flourished aforetime 
ng the bifrbaroiis nations; but 

ng bloaaomed again, or been 

transplanted in the leij-n of thy great 
ineestor Augyt&l." And he claims 
ilie KmperoirT patronage, "'on ac- 
■onnt of iU'great aniiquity— as hav- 
ing been ilMprted from country ly- 
ing || eyoiid the limits of the Koman 
Empire in .the reign of Augustus, 
who bad found its importation omin- 
of good fortune t . his govern- 
In 14i A..|)»., Juatin Martyr, in his 
letter of mpmMft addressed to "Em- 
peror AntoMb Pina, moat noble 
Caesar and t^ philosopher," says: 
If thi ll, we hold some of the opin- 
nis ne:ir of iiin to ilie poels and 
philosophers iu greatest rtpute among 
you, why ai* we thus unjust ly hat- 
ed t Whenw^MlAall things were 
made in thia .b|»i^l order by God, 
what do w« iy mm than Flatot 
liv opp .sing 'the wtrsbip of the ..1 men's haiul^ we only con- 
' ' ♦^W"*^'".""' W .''"' declaring 
the Logos I lie lirst tK^otten or Chid, 
we C«y no more than what you say 
of the sons of Jove." Ana ihese 
compariaous are contimied tor sev- 
eral pages, to demonstrate that the 
Christian philosophy, or religion, 
»va» mw ONLY IN NAME, and 
that it was identical with the true 
teachings of the Pagan religion. 

The beginning of the ihud eeut- 
nry introduced Oiigeu (b.'iu 1 
deceaaed -254). the most learned and 
distinguished personage iu the en- 
liie drama of ChrUtian evidence. 
0,i 'en was born and brought up in 
, was educated in the Uni- 

vi'isiiv ot Al.x.wuhia, under the 
11. t^ruclioa ol lln learned and justly 
eelebratid .Vmmonius Sacchus, from 
who«i teachings Origen foinu.lated 
his own views of morals and religion, 
ua set forth in his apology ui uis to Celsus. vi/: ••Christianity 
ud I'agaii.s.n, when rightly u.ider- 
,;,od, dill.-r in no ess, utial points, 
but have a eommoii origin and were 
and the same thing. -N»tl""S 
but the schismatical inekery ot ta^ 
uatical adventurers has mlroaueea 
distinction, where iu reaUty there wa.s 
i.o difference." i , . 

In reply t" ** 
that the Christian religion had lu, 
,.e foundation upon which to b.i^t 
truth than had any -t H'^- ' ''S!'"' 
belli fs. Origen rel.Ues, nol hy -^^^ 
tempting to offer any proot, but by 
saving: "1 ** 
J plainly the «itr«it.«« the eom- 

moil peopi* d° "»P ^ 

(tVe clergy) who are so well ad- 
viM'.l of these things, do teaeh men 
I,, believe without examnuiinni 
,,, ,i,e foundalioii of the faith. 

t)ur next witness is the most im- 
portant, the most positive iu state- 
„,ent that we have yet introduced, 
liid one who, himself, presents un- 
'deniable testimony eoueerning the 
imniiiv as to the origin of our gt's- 
,„.ls It is Kusebius I'amphiUis C'liO- 
Bishop of Caesaiea. and the dislini;uished of all eeelesiasli 
,.„1 historians. Let all the other 
witn^sw'S hide their diminished beds. 
Ill second volume, chapter 17. of Ku- 
sebius' Ecclesiastical Hiitory may be 
found this passage: "The ancient 
Theviineiits were Christians, and 

pels! " In V(d. 'iud, chap. 16.' he 
proves the assertion true by testi 
mony which cannot be invalidated, 
via: By quoting many pages from 
the writings of Philo .Tndaeus. who 
wrote a treatise on the beliefs, habits 
and cartoms of the Tlierapeuts in 
Alexandria. Et-ypt. showing that they 
had sMpid writings called "Gospels 

of th« ipptUns," and • well wUb- 

■hureb orfMlntion. wHh aol- 

nr branch ehnmhni in Rome, 

•lis, rVirinlli, I'hilippi. 

I 1,\ 


This writer also slates (as quoted 
by Kusebius) that th^ also 1 
nsteries monks and nuna^ 
priests and elders, ete. In fact, they 

had nil old and well established 
ehnreli orgnnizal ion in nil ils pleni- 

I'hilo .ludaeus, or "I'hilo the 
•lew." us erery student of history 
knnws. was contemporary with the 
irreal Augustus Caeaar ,the flrst Ro- 
ma n Kmperor. He was about 20 
years of age at the time .lesus (,'hrist 
is rejiiited to have been born. .More- 
over, the immortal Gibbon, in his 
"iJecliiie and Fall of the Roman Em- 
pire," says: "It has been proven 
that Philo 's treatise on the Thera- 
peuts was written during the reign 
of Augustue." And as Um great 
Auguatna deeeaaed A. D. 14  these 
churches to whom St. Paul wrote his 
Kpislles, and this ohl and well-found- 
ed riiiuch of which 
I'hil.. wrote and so minutely de- 
scribed a.s having a University at 
Alexandria, and bishops, priests, 
elders and deacon*, all must have 
b3«n fully established when Chriat 
was not more than ten or twelve 
years of age ul most. And all baa«d 
and founded on the saered writing! 
of tlie Therapeuts. called "The Gos- 
pel of the Egyptians." All this from 
the great Eusebins, based on the 
testimony of Fhilo Judaeus. Higher 
or better nuthority no man ean 
quote. Yet strange a* it aiqr aaem, 
Philo in his traatiae haa never onee 
mentioned the name of Jesoa Christ, 
nor has he intimated that he had ever 
heard of such a man. 

The above statements are all ad' 
mitted by Mosheim (1694-1755). the 
\eiy foremost of modem ecclesiasti- 
cal historians. He says: "The Ther- 
apeulim Church and University of 
■Vlexandria were ffourishing when 
Christ was on earth and long before 
thai, date." 

aaab boak is aa pya w d to bare bet 


A. I 


Isl and and theasalonians 

Ist and 2nd Corinthians. ..56 and I 
Ut and 2|^tfanothy 60 and ( 

Ephertaiiii „   

Philemon ( 

Hebrews . . t 

1st and 2nd Peter ... t 

1st St. John 6 

The Uevelationa 95 or f 

Mark . 

Oalatians . 

Titus . 

liomans - 58 

Collosiians 62 

I'hilippians 62 

St. .lames 62 

St. .lude 04 or 05 

•Jiid and :ird St. .lohn 8!t or 90 

The Acts 63 or 04 

Luke 63 or 64 

From this table of dates, when com- 
pare l with Gibbnii's statement that 
•hil-.'s tieMtis,. u;,, written during 
the lif. 

The eminent English 
Dr. Nathaniel Lardner (1684-1768), 
in his "Credibility of khi 8;^- 
iires, ' ' i|uote» 'largely' from Eusrfnts, 

;ind (■..riinientiiig on same, says: "It 
IS peeiiluir llnu Knselnus. at so early 
a dale, call the Kgyptiaii 'fher- 
apeuts Christians," though they 
taught the same doctrine. 

To show how the modern lesser 
lights of Ihe Christian Church have 
viewed this most important ques- 
li,„i, we snhmil the fcdhiwing: In 
1444 Caxtoii published the hist book 
ever printed in England. In 147-4. in 
a convocation of the clergy, the 
Bisb.p of Ltmdon said: "If we do 
not destroy this dangerous invention, 
it will one day destroy us." Compere 
this with Pope Leo X.'s avowal in 
the College of Cardinals, 1515: "It 
is well known how piotltable this fa- 
hie of Christ has been to us." See 
also the frank statement of Rev. 
\Vm. I'alev, D. Arehdeacm of 

Carlisle, 1782: "We can;iot afford to 
have a conscience in ehurcl) affairs. 
We must support the gospel because 
the gospel supported us." 

Vol. 1, chap. 2. Gibbim's "Decline 
ami Fall of Home." says: ••All re- 
lii;ioiis ill ih.' Roman world were 
believed as equally true by the 
peoide, as equally false by the pbil- 
. s, phers. and as equally uaeful and 
protiiable by the priests and magis- 

llaviui; pr.seiileil abiiiidailt testi- 
nionv to" prove that the original of 
our gospels was "The Gosi el of the 
Egyptians," we must now, in order 
  fully demonstrate the pr• ^ - 
e.xomine critically some of 
saires of our New 'IVstament 
and epistles; as to the time 
^ nil en. to whom addressetl, 
what scripture these passages 
Ecclesiastical writers mostly 
agree that no one leally knows the 
author of any one of our eanonieal 
gi«pel8, nor when they were written. 
Bishop raustus, A. D. 384. says: 
It is an undoubted faet that the 
:ew Testament gospels were not 
.,, by any of the Aix.sll 

k 04 



s thai it r 
- thi 


e he. 

1 fifty , 

while : 


Rev. Moses Hull's Biblical Kncy- 
•lopedia, and Ur. Chad wick's Bible 
of Today, both present arguments 
showing that neither Matthew, 'ilark 
Luke nor John were written prilor to 
,1„. last half of tba and e—tury. 
(See als.. the New Internalioa^ En- 

* However, wishing to be absolutely 
fair in our statements, we waive the 
above arguments, and api end the 
table of dates as eotnpiletl by Dr. 
Niithanii'l Lardner in his famous 
treatise on the Credibility of the 
Scriptures, thus showing from the 
higkMt aefllaaiaatieal authority when 

eanonieal gosinds. 
We quote again from chapter Ki. 
Book II. of Eu»;bius Kcclesiasiieal 
History, concerning the Therapeiu.s 
whose "Oospel of the Egyptians was 
our gospels." Also, observe a few of 
our New Testament pas.«ages as eom- 
parid with the Tlieia| entie doctrine, 
viz: "So at the same iiiiie tliey de- 
clare their renunciation of all their 
property and divest themselves of all 
re««nnaa of their estates. Having laid 
aside all anxieties of life, their prop- 
erty waj  sold and divided among all, 
M  that there was not one among them 
that had want." 

Compare this with Acts 4th, 34th: 
Neither was there any amcni: them 
that laced; for as many as wen- p..s- 
sessors of houses or lands, s.dd t iiem. 
and brought the price of the things 
that were sold, and distribution waa 
was made unto every man aoeording 
to his need." 

Again. Kusebius says: " Aa he (Pni- 
lo) has written in so many words: 
 NaKiT would they eat any thing 
that had blood in it, that Water only 
was their drink.'" See Aeta 15th. 
• yth- "That  -e abstain fBom meats 
and ' from blood and from things 

Fhilo says: "For thia race 
are found in all parts of the 
ikI the best men betake them- 
, eolonus of the Thera- 
I, each of ^vhieh they have sa- 
;..ededilices and nioiuisleries, in which 
the monks perform the mysteries ot 
the BubUme Ufe. For those who pre- 
gide over their scriptures philosophize 
upon them, expounding their literal 
sense by aUegory. Th^y have a so he 
writings of the flrst leaders of their 
sect, and records of the meanings con- 
eved by those allegories." 
Compare this with the universally 
preached gospel as set forth ui (- o 1- 
lossians 1st. 2:id: "The gospel which 
have beard, and which was preach- 
to every creature which is under 
aven. v liereof 1. I'aul. am made a 
nister." (or deacon, the very low- 
I order among Therapeutie olheials) 
•iml with Oalatians 4th, :24ih. ••wlueh 
,l,i„j.^are an allegory." Again, • He 
I Philo) describes the orders ot pret- 
ermeut among tho» who aspire to ec- 
clesiastical minUtrations. The ofllee 
„f deacon, the humblest rank, and the 
supreme authority of the bi^hoi s." 

„„parr tins will. M 'fin...thy ■ d, 
13th: --Kor they thai have u ed the 
„llice of deacon well, .l""''''"'';^' 
themselves a good degree. Als.i i iiii- 
.pians Ist. Ist : "Paul and Timotbe- 
s, the servants of .Tesus Christ, to all 
he saints with the bislioivs and dea- 
,,„,;.•• Als.. Hebrews Ltth, Tth: 
liemeiiiber them that have rule over 
  ,u. who have spoken into you the 
word of Ood." Alsi . IL brews Llth. 
17th: "Obey them that have the rnlo 
over you jnd submit yourselves; lor 
they wateli for your souls, as one that 
must give an account." 

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ll Iiliiwijy^li iMIi TviUvi 

(By Ernest Pack.) 

Whether Jesus Christ of the i-'our 
(Josjjels ever existed is the question 
ive iiropose briclly to examine, and 
.pace being limited we have none to 
.viiste by way of preamble. We Msck 

Ke shall not be considered abrupt 
because we are direct. We even ex- 
{ ect a little credit for our coiisidera- 

Fiist, then, by Jesus Christ of the 
jur Gospels, We mean not some fa- 
ilical man- Christ or crafty iiiipos- 
r who may have claimed for him- 
If divine honors, hut the said-to-be 
imaculatt-ly born ijon of the Virgin 
.Mary, and miracle-working God-man 
Lhis, and no other. It is necessary 
be very particular upon this point, 
• there have been niaiiy .Savimirs, 



all, Christians would have ns believe 
ut their .iesiis only is genuine and 

the others are spurious. Well, in our 
stard-and-eresM days we were wont 
hold the s.ame opinion, and it will 
our duty to u'ive a few reasons why 

We found ( I ) we had b en bam- 
boozled into believing by faith, in- 
tead of by facts. (2) That contem- 
porary history had nothing to say 
 iit this mythical personage. (3) 
■ ( hii-lians had done their best to 
Illy liiK misfortune liy forging 

i!ir-~iii- t.-stiiiiuiiy. i4j That 
Lleiice was forthcoming that any 
such persons as the twelve Apostles 
ever lived. (5) That no trace of our 
four Gospels could be found prior to 
about 150 A. D., and (6) we thought 
that had the miracles ever taken 
place during the active life of Jesua 
t,,l UP 33 A. D.) !lie.\. v.^xtlZ have ix- 
isted ample records of them in the 
hislorieal uei'oiints of that period, 
and we look cl nj^.n this sidenin si- 
lence on the part of every c-mtem- 
porary writer, as conelusive testi- 
mony in confutation of the Christian 

r, tle -te,| al.s,. that one little 
,f ,v:d.Mice traeeahle t.. the 
i,f of the tirst eeiitury wouM 
been of greater value than 
whole granaries of assertions made 
the latter half of the second cen- 
y. Tlun there was presented to 
the faet leeonle.l by Gibbon, that 
K..ine. Christ ianily was rejected 
s an idle and e.\t ra wiirant opin- 
n (if a liberal ediica- 
*taii ling. ■' (Decline 
and Fall. chap, xv.) We observed 
likewise that ••Ixdh j arties" (Chi 
tian anil pagan K "seemed to 
knowledge the truth of those mirat 
which were claimed by their adv 
saries; and while they were c 
tented to ascribing them to the a 
.it" magic anil to the powers of dem- 
ons, they mutually eoncuiTed in 
storing and establishing the reign of 
superstition." (Ibid, chap, xvi.) .\nd 
the same great aeholar sagely n 
marks in a footnote that ,"It is sei 
sly to be lamented that the Christ 
i-"alher-. 1)  aeknou le.lging th 

.11 by . 

to the time that Christ is said to 
have lived, as a study of compara- 
•ive religions amply proven, and re. 
Ii._'i.,n- jHirallels everywhere abound, 
lien-, lor instance, is a list of cru«i« 
fled Saviours who were all good 
enough to die for us beCors Jeaoa 
thought of doing ao: 

Chrishna of India, 1900 B. C. 

Sakia, of Ilinduston, 600 B. C. 

Thainmu/.. of Syria, 1100 B. C. 

Witt.dia the Telingoneae, 522 B.C. 

hio, ot Nepaul, 622 B. C. 

Hesiis, of Great Britain, 834 B. C. 

(^iiexalcote of Mexico, 687 B. C. 

(^iiirinus of Rome, 506 B. C. 

I'r..n:ethen« of Greece, 547 B. C. 

ririlis ,.f Egypt, 1700 B. C. 

India, ot Thibet, 726 B. C. 

Alcestis of Greece, 600 B. C. 

-Vtys, of I'hrygia, 1170 B. C. 

Crite, of Chaldea, 12(10 B. C. 

Bail of Orissa, 7'J.') B. C. 

Mithra of Persia, 600 B. C. 

Salvahna, of Bermuda; Osiris, of 

..apt, Horns of Egypt; Odin of 
Siniiulinavia, Zoroaster of Persia; 
Baal, of Phoenicia; Bali fit Atifiua-; Xamolxis, of Thraee; Zoar of 

e Uoiizes; Adad of Assyria; Deva 
ll ,,f Siam; Alnides, of Thebes; 
iU;„l 111.-  inl..os; lieddin of Ja- 
in; Thnr, ol the (iauls; Cadmus of 
recce; Hil and Feta, of th- Mand.i- 
B»; Gentaut, of Mexieo, etc., etc. 
We should think that after know- 
ing of all these human sacrifioee, 
•hristians will feel more importan: 
han . ver. They may tind the various 
listories   \' these obliging gentle- 
iiiii in a work by one Kersey Graves, 
.'iititled ••Sixteen (jiieili.d Saviors." 
Also they may eon iili •' The llindj 
Pantheon, Mexican Aiituputies," 
Iliggins' " Anacalepsis, and the Pro- 
siress of Religious Ideas," all strong- 
y recjimmended by the elergy. 
" The present following of the prin- 
•ipal among these Saviours ia: For 
■hrislma, 4110.000,01X1 (for Chriat, 
iiMi 1100,0001 : for Mahomet 160,000,r 
Mio; for Confucius 120,000,000; and 
for .Mithra 30,000,000, So that there 
still remains much miasionary work 
to be done. 

History repeats itself especially 
religiiuis history. Take, for example, 
the accounts of Chrishna and Chnat, 
ll furnishes a ■triking' illnatTB- 
It is .said of Chrishna that his 
l.iith was foretold; that he was an 
ariiate irod; that his mother was 
irgiii; ' that he had an adopted 
her who waa a carpenter; that 
r." was rejoicing on earth and in 
IV n .m his birth; that his moth- 
s name was .Maia; that he was 
.,1 oil Dee.; was visiteil by 
,e men and shepherds who were 
led by a star; waa warned by an 
»ngel of danger, that all children were 
ordered to be deetroped in order to 
include him; that his parenta lied to 
Mathnra; that he had a fore-runner; 
lliat be was wise in his childhood; 
as 1..SI and srarehed for by hia par- 
lits; had other brothers retired to 
i.litude; tasted; preached a note- 
wortliv sermon; was entitled Savior 
iiid Re keiner; existed prior to his 
nrih; and on earth and in heaven at 
he same time; was both human and 
livine; worked miracles; read 
hoii'Mits; ejected devils; had apoa- 
les:" re formed the existing religion; 


, tin 

infernal pari of Paganism, destroy 
with their own hands the great id- 
vantage which we might othenvise 
ilerive from the liberal eonotssions 
of ,nir adversaries." (Ibid.). 
Iher, we noted in the pages of this 
noted writer that those among the 
luimans ••who condescended to i 
lion the Clirisiiaiis. consideretl them 
only as ohsiiiiale and perverse 
Ihiisiasts who exacted an implicit 
submission to their mysterious doc- 
trines without being able to {Hroduee 
a single argument that eould engage 
the attention of men of sense and 


nd I 

..Ih.-r^, ami iln y hurst upon us like 
a revelalnm, while the belief of 
youth was shaken mightily, yea,   
to its very foundations — and after 
that .the earthquake' Down fell the 
whole ediflce of our faith, and there 
we stood l H king on with mixed feel- 
ings of annoyance disappointment 
and regret, for we received in oi 
ymitli a very pious training and we 
ill prepared for such disquieting di 
coveries. But the facts were too 
strong, and forced upon us the con- 
clusion that we have been groaaly de- 
ceived. There ean be no doubt that 
all Chriatian tinwhing has been an- 
ticipated by othar maatan kmg prior 

•JiMt B. 

With r 

^ -ed 

inceil riches; was meek; im 
ed and chaste; merciful; asso- 
I with sinners and was rebuked 
i; befriended a widow; met a 
!i at a well; submitted to In- 
aiul injuries; wa.s a philanthro- 

i.iwe.'u tw.. Ih'il'ves; darkness 
vened: he descended to hell; 
■esurrected, and after three days 
Iteople! .\nd all this. 

11 bv 

to propheccy, we have 
„ ,..,uo.u ..■ earth foretold of oth- 
s hesi.h s Chrishna and Christ, an, 
,r rxample, Chang-Ti, Osiris, Cad- 
,us, Ijnirinns, Quexalcole, and Ma- 
L.m'et, and Messianic propheeics are 
..) be found in the •' Vedas," the Chi- 
nese sacred books, and in those of 
Egypt, Greece, Rome, Mexico, Arab- 
ia and Persia. There are atoo many 
other "odious" comparisons. Osiris 
spoken of as having bruised the 
rpent's head after il had bitten his 
,1; Hercules is represented with his 
iicel on a serpent's head, Chrishna is 
pictured and aeulptuied in the same 
and Persia haa the same old 
d. Miraculous conceptions are 
ded of Plato (who was said to 

Mars ;i 

1 Vulci 

f liuddha; of Mahanu 
a; of Yiisuva; ami 

f (^1. 

lally, ot 

Of virgin mothers, we have Yaeo- 
da. the mothtT of Chrishna; Maia, of 
Sakla; Celestiiie of Zulis; Chimaloon 
of (jiiexalcote; Scmele of Bacchus; 
(C  • ■ — " — 


«d tdltvd by 'Jim until hi* dM 
P«bri.arr T. KM 

proved Qfxl the faliilfler. Hte'i" nimiwt vv«rjrtbiiif exrept nliirion. 
Siitanic Mnjosty spoke the truth. TluTe we have been al a aUndttill, 

There nrr other reasons why I' if not 

 i(  not belir 

« tin. ( 

nld 1 

I why 1 

in n ^'0(^, nn fol- ' i 

:rn of i 
1.1 I 

' Milili 


manifest t   his children 

;in the dn.vs of Xoah nn.t all the '■^:«in iInh ilin.-s 

I'tlior notnhlf eharaeters of that M"i.iii-|iiin' nml IhhuiIuIo ()..d. nn.l 
I wonderful hook railed the Holy!''"" '»  I'lc only true faith and 

jitible; but instead, he only keepV *"™*''P to salvation, and 

I himself hidden in mj-stery and!"'"' with them in Mini 

I doesn't even tr ' to keep abreast "P'"ion «rp heatltptw and infidels. 

" * " " Vally ihi' same opiaiona pre- 

He should, at leaat, 

■-'tw ns ^niiH'thing more to read 
il"iit Ininself than old back 

iminhered Bible, which 

often been revised by those most 
interested in the doinfre of God 
and other mysterious hnpponinjrs, 
wliich can in no o(lii f war lie ac- 

diTiaiona of 

ilir wnrld s uiiMi rnligions bodies, 

PK'li  •! II lluT. Dbserv-c how Cath- 

olire and Pratentunts abuse one an- 
other, llie Protestant mvs Catholics 
are idolalors. and acnises that or- 

M ouita: on* month, or lour iaasrtleB 

tl.M: aU montha tS.OO; OM ITMr, UM. 

Quarter column, 1 i BB ir U SS . UMi Oi 
month. t«.00; »ix moa»M, PftMi 01 

has* saM «p Is ai 

bo a* at. U asked for upon renewal in 

oaao 0( dlecontlnuaiiM. 
OiOUU) ANY SUBiiCKIBEK cnance hla 

or bar alllriiM advla* tbia office, Klvin« 

ooth oM and MW ..Mraao^ aa dartred. 
TIU OVFIOB OC RttMnaUoa of tba Blade 

la at las-US Morta Km aa t w i a atraat. 

L*»lnron. Kaataoior. to wkloa all Vtoa- 

thiakan arlU bo gtvaa a baarcr wol- 

THB BIaADK la entered at the Foatofllre 
at LiOSlliSton, Kentucky, aa aecond- 

1 th.' 


I do not believe in a god. i^rst 

because our only authority for 
the existeuce oi a gud is the bible, 
aud thai bible is u myth, a work 
of Hetion, which can be proven by 
.e work itisU. 

If the bible was the inspired 
word of god he would have in- 
spired the author of tlie tirst book 
of (jleuesis with Uif truth about 
the foruiatiuu of tlus world. In- 
stead, he slates thai fe'od made 
this earth and all that is in it, in 
six days and rested on the 
seventli. Geology proves that thia 
Earth was not created in 
days. It took thoasands of years] 
to complete the formation up 
its present conditon, and the pro- 
cess of creation is still going on. 
It will continue to create as long 
as this sphere retains its present 
form and position among the 
planets of the universe. 

Second. An all-wise, all pow- 
erful God, s creator of the uni- 
verse, would have known wheth- 
er or not this Earth had four 
comers. It took 15UU years for 
the people of God's creation 
disoover its true sf^erical shape. 

If the BiUe was the inspired 
word of God, Joshua would have 
commanded the Earth to stand 
still while he completed his 
human .slaughter of men, instead 
of the Sun, as is stated in Joshua, 
10-12, when he said: "Sun, stand 
thon adll upon Gibeon, and thou 
Moon in the Valley of Ajalon. 

This is another proof that no 
god had anything to do with the 
authorslip of that work. 

Third. When (iod made Adam 
jiml Eve and piared thifiu in the 
(iiird.^n of Edi-n, he also placed 
thenan a temptation of evil in the 
form of a fruit tree laden with 
luscious fruit, commanding themi, 
saying: "Thou shalt not eat of 
it." (Genesis 3:17.) Also, that 
"the day thou cnt' st thereof, thou 
Shalt surely  li.- " Tlicn Satan 
appeared on tli.- sctMie mid told 
them that they would not.surely 
die, but "beeome wise aa we are." 
So Ere ate  tf the fruit and gave 
to Adam some of it, whieh 
he also ate. They did not die, 
but tlicir eyes were openod and 
they beeaine wise, just a.s Satan 
bad said they would, which 

(■.'iintcd for l.v the poor, cn- 
f.N'hled t.niin ,.r ihr nrthodox| 
man. Why does God allow his | 
people to suffer death at alHi 
Cotdd he not keep them in perfect i Jj 
health and vigor throughout eter- ' 
nity if he so desired, and had the 
power allotted to him by the dif- 
ferent authors of the Bible? 
When mankind is spoken of as 
being saved, what part of him is 
l eing saved? If he is allowed to 
die first before bein^ saved, his 
entire body is laid to rest under 
aany feet of earth and there 
he is left to decay and return to 
earth itself. What would there 
be left in the course of a few 
thousand years to resurrect? The 
rer is easy: Nothing. How 
foolish it all seems to think of 
man being resurrected at the end 
of the world's existence, which 
has never yet occurred, and as 
far a.s we know, never ^nll. Fiir- 
[iiori . acciinlin'.' ! ' i nr 
scientific astmnomcrs. the Heaven 
of the Bible has so far never been 
located, and if such a place as 
HesTsn did exist somewhere in 
the universe it would be impossi- 
ble for even a soul to penetrate 
endless spaee into other 
worlds ill search of a heavenly 
realm, because of the awful frig- 
idity of our own atmosphere after 
leaving the Earth some five or 
six miles. It would necessarily 
to be a, very warm soul that 
d 1 L- able lii withstand such 
xtrcrnc tfiiipcriiturf, and me- 
ss but few if any will ever be 
abb  to walk the sr„l,],.n streets of 
New .Tcnisalotii. or play on 
harps of polden strings, or sing 
hallelujahs to God on the throne 

everlasting life. 

Carroll, Wyo. 

I he 

nro hiinihiigs, acting wil 
ithority from on High, lil 
inferred on our priesthoo.l 1 
Thrist Himself; and your religion 
I fake." 

We rank outsiders are forced 
idmit that in all this, both sides a 
(Ihering close to the truth. 

This belief in the t 
very reader ..f l,isl..ry must kn,.. 

lisaJ evidMMS af thslr ptsasnt aaist' 



tMt ia tMMls. 

".Seal lie, Waah., Aug. 8. 'I piv- 
ribod larife doses of dancing and 
loses of religion last night 
theory that it would be best 
to start off easily. In time 1 hope to 
qiialize liie two u little more,' 
Kev. ii'rank Herthum, pastor of 
ITnton Chriatisn Ghursh uf l!t- i 
town, Monday. 
The Rev. Herthum was s|.eal 
the four hours of daMciiii; anc 

nd 1 



'II ill the city, Sunday night, 
lea of mixing dancing and re- 
originnted when the women 'a 

(1 the city condueted a eam- 
whieh resulted in the elosingr 
Mmlniul on Sunday m-lils. but 

1 the V 

 rld V 

ry and snfTerinjr. It has enc 
passed man's brain for century after 
ury, making human progress and 
ncement almost impossible, uutii 
within our own 
niipht say we behold 
frradually looseninp i 


lid Jones:— 

Your contention that by pro- 
fessing Christianity, you are playing 
lafe because if there is nothing in 
t. you have nothing to lose; on the 
.ih.'-r lian.l. you say you have cvery- 
hiuL- L-aiu. This statement, in it- 
self, it s«-erns to me borders on skep- 

You are not quite sure, but like 
drowning man, are grasping at a 
straw. The skeptical Mohammedan 
or Buddhist no doubt trka to console 
himself with the aame kind of rea- 
soning. If he is right, he too has 
everything to gain, and in that 
'!yOI' a- well as I, have everything 

But the fact of the whole matte 
is. we are all creatures of sui erst: 
lion, for which we are no more r^ 
sponsible than we are for the shap 
of our bodies or the c(dor of ou 
hair. All our menta', as well as 
physical characteristics, are inheritetl 
fnmi (Pur progenitors. Agc-s and gei 
eratiniis of superstitious aueestoi 
hc-mnin.: at a period of tiin - wli. 
|)riminve man quit walking on all 
fours and bej^un to stand erect, and 
when his intelleotnsi faenltiea had 
developed sufficiently to prompt him 
to look about, and wonder at the 

(Ssriea m.) 

(By Otto Wettstein, S. S.) 

Suppose a CJod, after attending to 
he affairs of animate and inanimate 
•reation on this planet, would Hnd( r- 
ake a voyage on Halky's eori:ei, 
'oi.ring within its mighty orbit at 
he rate of 50 miles per second lor 
seventy-live years, would the natural 
uiivilies and evolutionary processes 
m this world cease or would every- 
him; go on without "Him" just as 


Heath can only l e a calamity if 
l..Ts.,nal life after the death of 'the 
■ possible. 

ibi I 

1 be death, but 

life. Hei 

falsehood to prate 
alisi 's fear of death ! 
If he fears death, be is not a Mater- 
ialist, but a believer in the hideoi 



y happen to him after death. 

Life may portend dangers, calami- 
ies, griet and pain, — Death never! 

Gods, souls and spirits are creatures 
f the imagination. When pat in the 
iiicible of reason for analysis they 

O.mIs and 
lyst erics than 

and m 

Theists say: "You cannot e.\plai 
without a God." You eaniK 
xplain God. Ws at least know m 
ure to be a fact, — you know nolhin 
.f your r.od. 


lain the p ; 
tplain souls 

inp of sou 

explain ^y. 

reality,— you 

• bc-m 

..f things.^ 

and certainly did maintain all lite. 
So tlie sun naturally became the ob- 
ject of his adoration. But presently 
some of his fellows (the predi 

What is the us,.„f 
ianity in the Crucible"? L 
learned men of our rni\ersiii 
"Theism in the Crucible" and 
analysis will "Blast the R. 
A L'cs" and prove that all isligic 
t he crudest prodnet of ignorance and 



Is have NUT done ia ths 
NOT doing now, 

of the preachers and priests of oui far more conclusively that they do 
lime) who no doubt possessed a littia h"* than all the ehildiah and in. 
nini.ig than the rest, and who «pid M-ealled "apirit -•■ " 

ally, "had their eye.s pr^^fs their existence. 

' begi 


Has Beethov- 

"uala. .Mozart 


e.l; then 



Mi.unecd. At the c.inchision . 
minute seruKm all joined 
Lord's Prayer, and the dancing eon- 
tinued again until midnight. 

The age nf tbs Meaaish st death is 
Mid by Irenssns to havs been ftfty; 
and he eoiiiea to thia eoneliisinn fmm 
the remark of the Jews: "Thou art 
not yet flfly years old, and hast ihou 
ai^n Abrabamf" According to 
Luke, he waa thirty-aight; to Mat- 
thew, sevontera; to Dionyaiiis Kiig- 
uus. thirty-three; ths gstMtally re- 
ceived aire, areordiiig to Riisefains, 
thirty-one; to .lerome an. I Sealiger. 


A setaNi WOMB, Bstlvs or tbs 
baas werklBg for s tst 

l eU : 

  I hi 


"CruciHxion" is somewhat uncer 
tain and, and the differonoe betweei 
the iises given by Matthew and Lnki 
ami the slatement of the Jews, ar 
luirilly consistent with either "inspi 
ration" or htstorieal aeenrsey. 


When a 

started out to walk thraaah the Hiriy 
Landa on foot. RMohins Parli he save 

up the Journey and returned home. 

nintie tho trip by rail and boat i 

ourt of \ 
xplod«8 numerous Chrlatlajt myths. 





Men s New Thin Model, 16 Size. 
Waltham: ■Hiverside Maxi- 
ii.s, ' ' '23 jewels, .^jo ; ' " Crescent 
reet,-- 21 jewels. $23; "Kiver- 
sHk-.-- VJ jcwel.s, $-_'I; T. Bart- 
tt, • 17 jewels, $12.00 ; -'625," 
■ .|ew,.ls, .+10: 10 jewels, .$8; 7 

Elgin: 'Nu. loii" or ••I(i2,'" 21 
jewels, qijj; "■ Veritas," 23 jew- 
Is, !i;3Ui li. W. Kaymoud, lii jew- 
els, .+21; ••242,'" 17 jewels, $16; 
.'41," 17 jeweLi, $12; lo jewels, 
i; 7 jewebs, $6; "340" or "339," 
jewels, $10. 
OdSts: All the above in the new 
riiiu .Model Silveriue Screw 
iscs. lu Kay's, Crown or l)eu- 
r tilled gold case, guaranteed 
by the manufacturens for 20 
years, artistic hand chased or 
plain, $3, or hunting case, $5 
3. In 25 year case, $2 more 
than in 20 year case. In cases 
guaranteed for all lime, serew, $(5, 
or hunting, $10 more lliau in 6il- 
erine case. I'rices of solid gold 
uses on application. 
Every watch guaranteed fresh 
iid new from factory (no '"sliop- 
01 pels "), an accurate timckeep- 
r and. if well used, good for 
liy \rai.s or longer. Will be 
cpt ill ..i dcr for one year. I pay 

end for price list of Watches 
ot li^stcd above. Diamonds, 
Jewelry, Kings, Silver and Plated 
Ware, Optical Goods, Ring 
Goage, and my traet. "The Ax 
he Root," FREE. Highest 
c iiaid for old p;old. 
LaOrange, Cook Co., 111. 
110 N. Kensington Ave. 

Some clergymen would perse- 
cute like blazes if they could. 

Kev. K. W. Pattenson, for ii 
stance, 11 Prcsbvtcriaii iiiini.stu 
sa,i l rec-iitly at 'Philadelphia : "If 
1 bad my way 1 would have an 
. xeeiilioiicr called in to deal with 
111! heretics and lilasphemers. 
Muriiiii^' at the Slake would be 
too good for those who revile 
lifrion. "The growth of heresy is 
such that nothinif but such meas- 
iire.s as this cim stop it." Well, 
then, it won't be stopped; for 
Pastor Patteirson will certainly 
not be able to "have his way. " 
So. if he's satiisfiod, we are. 

tnble for a preaent 









leaving lejfin^toir 7:2TA."W. 

brouKht u|) to put everything on tha 
table at once, with the exception poa- 
slbly of the (lesRPrt. and did not Uka 
kindly to I hi- e.nirse system. 

A few (inyH aRo her former mls- 
trcKH met hi r on the Btreet and tn- 
qatred how Khe Uked her new place. 

 ' the dishes to' ttie fewness o 



a wu ImU ia tha CItr oT Roma, 

^eptnm^r «. 1«M. The author 

p It Is an account of travel and 

e. In It rellsloua dotfmaa and talea 
iestly Action are ruthleaaly expoaed 
I the general »tyle la without com- 


The Universe Has No Ood, 

And Man Has No Soul. 

A world-wide movement to 
make tliciii known and perpetuat- 
ed. For particulars .send a self- 
addressed envi'lo| e to the Presi- 
dent of the Chiireb of Humanity. 

W. 11. KKllir Crcat Mend. Kas. 

pitls hc^iiud the clouds, a* well as 
fiod's Right Bower, the Uevil, to- 
gether with the neeesaary adjuncts- 
Heaven and Hell — and impressed 

iilioii our ancestors the ne 



Shakcs|.carc or (o.ctlic Knate'r dra' 
mas, Schiller, Hiyant or Longfellow 
more beautiful poetry, or In({er8 ill 
brilliant post iiiorteni lecture? Have 

.• Itur the priesthood) perpetuat- 
fustered and propagated. It has 
developed into a gigsntie ayatem, 

ith many and various forms of 

IM-rstition ; but signs 




all I 

' ilhistr 

I the 

s aud 

lalenteii men still hve, that they pro- 
jjress intellectually forever; that they 
can and do communicate with their 
siirvivirur friends, and are interested 
in the welfare of humanity in (jeneral. 

: wii. 

people that the world is progressing 'hese jfifted immortals 

Igive US soms luunistakaUs and pnw- 


Chrlsilanliy's Birthplace. 


upon Which !• Founded the Chrittian Religion 


iNoiDiimi or m uvm or §omm or tee iaelt cmziTiAir 

The Anther IMns Mo OlataM to Orlgtaaltty, vntoidiaf eirijr to Hare 
OoB^lsd Asewste Miteiieiits. 


Pri9« 15 C«Btot 

Addrwn AU Orders t 


1947 Bait Bfhty-Sere nth Street, OLBVBUIID, OKO. 

the bosom friend. 

"No,' answered tlie struggling au- 
thor, who has hopes of selling some- 
thing before she dies, 'but I think 
the tale made an Impression on the 

"Oh, how lovely;" cried the bo«om 
friend. "Do teli nie why you think he 
waa tmpresBed." 

A tender smile flitted across the 
face of the encouraged author. "I no- 
ticed that the pages containing the ac- 
count of my hero's death were spotted 
with what looked like teardrops," ahs 


' "Araliella," said the anxious mother, 
"what In the world did you and Mr. 
Derox find to talk about last night? 
It was buzz, buzz, ^he entire eve- 

•Oh. we were talking about trusts 
and combines, mamma," replied Ara- 
bella, merrily, ' but the conversation 
was not at all satlstactory to nie." 

•Why not?" queried the mother. 
"Because," explained .Arabella, "he 
talked about all the coinbines be 
could think of except the miitrlmonlal 

Patient Explanation. 

"SomelhiiiK wrong with my right 
foot," said the man at the hotel 
counter. "Could you direct me to a 
good carpenter?" 

•'Excuse me," said the clerk, with a 
sly glance of amusement at the lady 
bookkeeper, "but of course you mean 
a chiropodist." 

"No. I'm polnK to be pal lent with 

mi t( 

'DM TOO bat a Idas on the sisetloii 
witk that girl you ara sweat onr 
"I bsl ssvural 1 

one on ths—" 
"How did rott ooBis to bst so 


•The one I made the bat with aald 

she didn't believe In putting all her 
eggs lb one basket." 

Not Encouraging. 

Th.' lady tourist ( timidly)— AlS sU 
your passciiKers seasick Alirtat thS 
voyaKc, lapluin? 

The Captain ( tolerantly)— ThSTS STS 

The l.aily (brtKl)lenlng)— Msay ex- 

Made a Difference. 

Little Willie— What Is logic, pa? 

I'a — Logic, my son, Ih your line 
argument in a controversy. 

Little Willie— And what Is soph 

Pa— The other fellow's. 

Valued Resulta. 

Was your garden a success last 

••hi some respects," replied Mr. 
Crosalota. "1 got some of the beat fisb- 
ins worms out of It that I ever aaw." 

DIggs— I see that tha CUssao waat 

to borrow a billion doUsra. 

Wlggs-Say. I'd hate to lend It to 
'em an' then have lo take it oot is 

laundry work! 

An optimist la  me who wsuM rsth- 
sr bsUsvs Uwt svorytUsi Is aU right 


liii-t lliiit can Ih) hIiowii an l dciiion- 
iil rated, you have the bc»t of an ar- 
gnoMiit with Mqr oppooMt, and au 
knoek Um oat in om fonnd if h* iriU 

face it. 

As Fi 'ctliiiil«Ms. we havp Mio facts 

is iiiit onl.v the liiKKi'st t'aku and liiiiu- 
biig ill the wuild, but the greatest 
failnra whan the reaUaation of pram- 
isaa and pndietiona are takien into 


Cliristiaiiily liiis always  ;luinied to 

' ill oUiii-J, and 
(iiiif (lay buing 

jinivu thiK Matcmcnl, I'nr n« eminnnt 
n Chrintinn nn Rov, ChnrloH Kiimell, 
iif Hnxpklyti Tabernm Ic, adinitH there 
lire d Mibli- I he niiiid*- r iif hwathen in 
till' world today Ihnri there wore 100 
years ajfo, and we do not have U  go 
Hill of your own so ciilM Christian 
iitry to find by Kiivrriiment fig- 
ures ihiit Diily a liitl*. (,ver one-third 

and such 

a poor showing ten years ago is what 
ranaad Chriatian iafliMBM to hmn 
in tha eanaua of 1910. That 

Fact has been thrown at them so many 
it cniispd a scio spot, and it 
IS our Clirislimi frifiids much 
ir of il. It ccrtuinly is a fact 
that speaks wry loudly, and facta 
their favor are offenaive tliingi 
to be suppreased, if poolbla. 
Russell, and see what he is compelled 
Hiisscll. and sec what lir is poinpellpl 
, th 

the one and only religion on tms 
earth. Claiming to have ctmie direct 
from Ood, the Creator and Controller 
i){ the I'liiveiw, it declared he could 

iiiid s ) tins boast and predictive af- 
tiniiatioii was iiuido: "At the name 
of Jes IS every knee shall bow, of 
tilings in heave n, and things ou earth, 
and things under the earth; and ev- 
ery tongue shall confess that J(w us 
Christ is Ix)rd, to the glory of (iod 
tli« Father." 

CiiristiaMity has entered the 2()th 
i iMitury of its existence, and by look- 
in- l);i"ckwinil we can sre what it has 
d ine, and by eiiminitins ivsults we 
can see how near this i redielioii is 
to being verified. It has elaimeil 
mueh, promised more, an l accoui- 
plished little. Instead of teitig the 
one and supreme religion after all 
this lapse of time, it is not even first 
in pnint of numbers among other re- 
liKions. for Buddhism exceeds it by 
many millions, and a new religion 
fmuuled hv -Mahomet, the Arabian 
eaiuel driver nearly (iOO years after 
Christiauily started, has 170 inilLon 
devotees, whose kneea refuae to bow 
to the name of Jeaus, and whose 
tongues if they speak his name, utter 
it ill derision and eontompt. 

With all llie exatrsi-'rati 
Christians make legaiding their 
numbers, their hishesl claim leaves 
them numerically less than one-tifth 
of the pt^lation of the earth. If 
this is the best they could do, with 
(Jod's help, in over 1900 yoaip, they 
must if hoiitst and candid, admit that 
Mahomet has revealed greater power 
to do things than Ood and Jesus to- 
gether; fur comparatively he has 
done a great, i work in the 1300 
years just passed llian Jesus the lead- 
er and Savior of all mankind, and 

la not thia fa«t, alone, sufficient 
kftnck all divine claims out of Christ- 
ianity f To a reasonable man it must 
1  , toi where there is nothing to 
sli'iw that an omnipotent God is 
boosting Christianity, there is noth- 
ing to base belief on that he is. If 
that hell- fire and damnation religion 
had gone ahead and converted the 
whole world, as it expected to and 
saiil it should, then it would have 
had a fact that no opponent could 
have failed to be influenced by, and 
everybody bein   Christians, there 
would have been no opponents. This 
is a very plain presentation of the 
ease, and aa Christianity is now dy- 
ing of dsjr rot and ita power ia wan- 
ing avary day that eomea and goaa, 
if it ever had a chance to influence 
the whole world, that time is paat ami 
gone. When this religion attained 
its greatest jMiwer and had the most 
converts, it was using tire and sword, 
foree and violenee to make 

and the moment it eeased t 

meana for that pu^wse, that moment 
it began to wane and weaken, to 
droop and die. 

Cbfiatianity baa never been the 
same force in the world since it 
ceased to bi' a militant jxiwer, and it 
never will be again, tor talk alone is 
not suliicieut to make i eople ac^-ept 
it. When they had to, or go to pris- 
on and have their property confiscat- 
ed, it waa eaay to eatch 'em for 
Christ's sake and the glory of God. 
When the Inquisition was in fi 
and all ita iniphinents of torture w 
being used to make Christians t 
Bible prophecies might be fulfilled, it 
waa a bold man indeed who would re- 
fuse to aeeept thia reli^^on of "love 
and mercy," and that was the time 
when everv one in Cliristian lands 
was a Christian, i.rofe.ssed to be, 
had to inipratc, as did the Moors 
when driven out of Si-ain. 

Toleration was never a f.atur 
Christianity when it had unrest ra 
IMiwer; but with fire and fore 
failed completely to accomplish 
intentions; and I now throw 
fact int.. the faoe of efsfy Christian 
that exists to show that what it fail- 
ed to do in the past it cannot possi- 
blv do in the future. There is im 
more show for converting the world 
to Christ, than there is for sweing all 
men think alike or look alike; and 
the rotten stuff put forth 
will be more and mora rajaetad aa 
tbt worid roUi ofc Fwto Md t|«m 


, bl.n 

■rid. h«\ 




he in respect to foreign missionary 
work, lining all in our [xiwer to make 
known to the heathen the grace of 
(iod, and the (treat K-edeeiner, we 
lire nevertheless compelled to admit 
that tliere is absolutely no hope of 

:in.l every toni;ne to 'confess Christ 
in heal lien g lands, even as we have 

plishiiig such work in civilized 

This is plain talk and right to tbe 

point, and in spite of his religion, is 

I cesMiry Bttribiileit, to exist uncaiiKed 

nd eternal aa a "fint Q Am , " and 
I'lioui aflita awiirttal^if, la turn. 

ipliaa that aaaii "FItal Cause" 

latent, non-produe  
loliite condition of 

That such "First Cause" daring all 
the InflniU ayele of i«sa, p tasi dhig 

»ingle effeet. 

It impliea that after baing eternally 
dead or inactive, and eanae of abao* 
Intely nothing duNog all tba agaa of 
beginningless tima, It did* aoddonly 
and miraenlonaly, so stnpandonaly 
change ita nature aa to areata a uni- 

And lust, though not least, it pre- 
sents to thinking men and women the 
following grotesque proposition: The 
universe exists, consequently a "God" 
or "First Cause" must have pre- 
ceded il. This "First Cause" is eter- 
nal, III vcr was created and never 

n led a "Creator." It, of coarse, ia 

eii rnal, mid as such existed from all 
lime. Six thousand years ago. ac- 
cording to Kible chronology, this 
"First Cause" caused the nniverse, 
X(i other cause or thing existed with 
ir beside il prior to that time. During 
II the aires of heifinningless time, it 
l„l n..t cans a solitary tiling not a 

n.rlil.siin.n n. star, or even a single 

itom. Kteriial darkness reigned su- 
preme, and infinite varum was inon- 
ipolized solely by this "First Cause." 

This is a correct representation of 
hings. existing during the eternity, 
irior to fi.iKMi years ago, when the nni- 

er-e. ;ieeonling tO 


, hnasting 
very day, 
or reflect 

shonlil chew up and digest 
on this true statement by comrade 
Itnssell, of the universal brotherhood 
that Christ wanted to establiah, with 
the .Tew God aa the baaie idea to 
work on. 

caused t 

No. r 

and brelhrf 

, felhn 

mighty little consolation in facts and 
figures for Christianity, for they 
plainly show the doom whieh awaits 
it, whieh in the process of time will 
be just what all religious systems 
experience — death and oblivion. 

It is now dying, as indisputable 
.; videnee shows, but we cannot expect 
a (juick death, for such never comes 
to superstition in any form, but the 
very fact it is in decline and surely 
passing away, is a source of joy and 
gladness to all rational human be- 
in-s. wlio know iU true history and 
what a eurse it baa ever bean to 

To Pastor Charles Russell and 

ence for their mental sutTerings, for 
sympathy is one of my strong char- 
acteristics; but at the same time, I 
am very i^d that ia occurring which 
causes them to weep and waiL 

So "Let her go, Gallagher!" and 
the sooner the better. 

Los Angeles, Calif. 


What Caused It to Cause a Universe 
6.000 Years, and Not 60,000,000 
Tears Agat 

(Otto Wettstein, in Freethinkers' 


There is no ••Kusl Cause." there 
never was a "First (Jause. " Within 
an eternal self-existent universe, evo- 
liiting processes are eternal. 

It never began — it can never end. 
A sin-le partiei? of matter eanm.t be 
i riMted. neither can it be auniliilated. 
Conse.|iiciitly tlie nnueise. being com- 
IHiseil of eternal existing particles, is 
eternal. And each particle represent- 
in energy and force — ^being energy 
and force — has ever been active to 
per|M'tiiate the evolutionary processes 
, r linile tonus, bi ings and bodies; but 
iln ~e. l.v virtue of their own potencies 
being destined to Hnal destruction and 
disinlegrution, tend, in infinite varia- 
tion and transformation, to iR-rpctuate 
the process forever. 

All attempts to solve the riddle of 
cosmic existence by postulating a 
'First Cause," or "God," existing 
prior and exttrior of the universe, 
must and will ever remain efforts of 
childish reasoniin; and a lainentalile 
failure. It explains nothing. It simply 
divests the visible everything of and 
inverts in invisible nothing with pot- 
enciea n power to cause all phenom- 
ena. Rut kftar this canning coup 
.l-eiat. the identieal mysteries which 
liisi prompted sueb a solution still 
si are lis in the faoe, even in augment- 
ed degree. 

A "First Cause." or "Ood," im- 
plies an infinite aonielhiiig— of whieh 
however, we know absolutely nothing 

IH.ssessiiig attributes and powers 
superior to those existing in nature, 
and amply sufficient to cause to spring 
into existence niiraciilously, from pre- 
existing' nothing, an infinite nniverse. 

A •■K 


qualities of self-existence, and all the 



nest ion ansca. 1 
A Cause," after 
clivitv. to create the 

rlriin'ly is a magnifi- 
cent and imposin',' etfeet (if true). 
The Theist's "(iod ' or "First 
Cause," certainly didn't cause it, for 
what these would not do or cause to 
be done during the vaat eterity pre- 
ceding this (imaginary) creation, they 
mid never do. This "First 
Cause" is snppi.s d to i,e omniscient, 
omnipresent, and unchangeable, con- 
sequentiv what this " First Cause" 
•ould not do during O.OO'l,- 
999 ,{)99,99n,99n,90fl- continued ad in 
finitum — years preceding the "begin- 
ning. ' ' it, of course, would never do. 

What, then, caused the universe oi 
caused the "First Cause," or "God' 
to create it, after an eternity of non 
existence t There is no pfTect without 
a cause. But for an eternity all ex- 
isting causes had not prmliiced a uni- 
verse; what in the name of reason 
then. WAS THE CAUSE whieh caus- 
ed the "first Cauae" to create the 
universe when it didt But I need go 
no further— a cause being needed ti 
cause the "First Cause" to cause o 
to precede the "First Cause" of th( 
Theist. If we keep on in our crucial 
test of "First Cauaes," we will, no 
doubt, need anothar "Fbat Cause " 
and another, and another, ad infin- 

TImis we see that all argument 

"God", a"" Creation," or a "Begin- 
ning,", doea not explain, but infinitely 
mystiflea, existing problems and that 
the only rational assumption is 

of all matter, wl 

itself all the iK 



io "Creator," or "First Cause," to 
•reate, or manipulate it. 

Fxisting todav. absolutely proves 
liat in its elementary form it has al- 
.vays existed, and so will always exist. 
I'nrthermore. a.ssumiug harmony and 
uder today, .md evolving worMs- 
suns, systems, trees, flowers and men- 
proves it haa ever evolved such fomi?. 
id that, consequently, there nevei 
as a first world, sun, tree or man 
It all siicli phenomena are but repati- 
.ns of similar pheDomena having 
olved forever. 

Kecuiise it is plain that any partic- 
ular first worid, sun, or system, would 
again imply an eternity of time i re- 
■ding the .formation of such first 
phenomena, but which, if true, would 
ib.solutely have prevented such first 
.vorld, sun or system, at any time. It 
s either eternal standstill or eternal 
let ivity— both eannot be true. 

Which, then. I ask. is the most rea- 
.onal.'e. lliat a "First (\iusc." of 

nothing create an infinite nniverse, or 
that the latter, whieh today axiats in 
Mtm splaader aal f a rU a rt -aa* ml 

-is self-existent and eternal f 

Is it a fact that curates generally 
visit Christian homes when the hus- 
band is at wockt 

rtiality to tba fkir asx, and parr 
 und tba ladisa Uka Uaak ton-aata. 

"Idon t CBP. a rontlnenlal ;,t,o,.t hlH 
Ifeoreal lileaH.- (trow leil ilw Kioi -ry- 
■aa, "as long as ihey don't cnsi me 
"Wd they ever cost you anytlilnn? " 
•1 should say so! The other .lay 
t came in and, raising his riKlit 
mA, struck a dramaUc attitude and 
saM. I love everytbtag that's good 

Ith Ms left hand he helped 

to the eaaaiod oltfon and the 
I 40Bt doubt that 

When He Needed Company. 
"Brother Philander," said the Os- 
me Farmer's village deacon, "our 
minister has worked hard and seems 
discouraged. Isn't there some way 
we can shqw our appreciation of bla 
worth sad eboer him t*" "Wi.ii," rw- 
I might try at- 

Took Pfsaautlena* 
"I want to hire a canoe." 
"Aocuatomed to rowing one, I sup- 
pose T" 

"Never was In one." 
"Can you swlmT" 
"Not a stroke." 

"Well, you pay double and In ad- 
vance. I've been left In the lurch by 
enough suicides." 

A Vivid Portrayal. 

"Why, my dear," expoatulated Mr. 
Ponsonby, "I wasnt drunk laat night 
I waa merely imUMlag a drank man 
to fool you." 

"Well," aniffed Mra. Ponaonby. "all 
I have to say is, if that was an imt 
tattoo yon are wasting your tai. nts 
la the groeery business. Tou'd draw 
1100 a week In vaudeville." 

will you 

Miss Tootsle— Please carve me the 
left square tangent east to 76 segment 
above the loin diagonal to fat paral- 
lel to — Oh. I beg pardon; I learned 
the cuta In cooking school.— Puck. 

"I heard a man worth 11,000.000 
wish be bad smae smaU change." 
"Pshaw ! A man doesn't have t 

worth »1 .000.000 to wish that." 


The Deacon — Parson, I wish you 
could make your sermons a little 

The Preacher (pleased) — Why so? 
The Deacon— Well, it seems like 1 
hardly get to sleep before It's time to 

•How," asked 

young lady 
Iniiratiou at 

ruKRed ,uiii:ii;eiiarl;,ii liav,. yon ir 

healtli so well,'" 

•Hy rigorously Uecliuing to prae 
what my friends have preached," 

Slightly Mixed. 

What was the lesson at school this 
afternoon. Tommy .'" asked the fond 

Had a reading on tbe destruction 
ot Tyre," responded the young. 



Partly to. 

"My good woman, does the sy^ 
of vlauallaatlon seem to take with 
your children at school?" 

"Not all ot 'em, mum. The doctor 
said wtd Mamie and Tommy it 
took flaa, but Billy's ain't took a bit." 

"Tou say be is two-faced?" 

"I say he Is 'too-faced;' hU wUe ha 
him so well trained that be neve 
opens his face except to say 'mo.too 

"What sort of fellow to Lathers' 
"Ha pva the accent on the first syl- 
sMa ot the word 'hotoL'" 

It* style. 
"That singer has u velvet voice " 
*n suppose lhal accounts lor t 
lUo abe gets trom It." 

•fr-itnyii rnmn round- 

t'll Just be bound 
They've com* to t* 

i frown an'l frowiv 
fVini.- I'liid rret. 


Great Ohrlnkaoe. 
Tbe laat year's bsUiins suit will ■! 

And shrink both day and ntsht: 
Until at taut It shrinks so much 

Tba batbav ebrinks from sight 

All the tame. 

"What la the trouble with your hus- 
band of late, Mrs. Oreen?" asked the 
corner grocer. "He acts queerly." 

'In what wayr queried Mra. Green 
In surprise. 

"Why, he came In here the other 
day and naked fOr a pound of 'Roeky- 
feller buttar.' Never heard of sueb a 

Things Will Take a Turn. 
It was the kind of banquet we 

times read about. 

The tables fairly groaned 
their load of good things. 

But tbe hungry guests quickly re- 
lieved them of their burden. 


Then it w 

The LW. 

Lady— I want to put in this adv 

tiseiuent for a cook. It will go 

three lines, won't It? 

Clerk (after countlngi — \o. raada 
We'll have to charge you for f  
lines, but you ran put In four more 
words. If you wish. 

Lady (suddenly 
•Policeman stationed 
ner!"— Tit-Bits. 

Blasted Hopes. 

Mr. Stuhb— Maria, do you remember 
that millinery store that had such a 
great display uf fall hats? Well, 
there haa been a fire down there and 
everything is reduced — 

Mrs. Stubb — Gracious, what a 
chance for bargalna! And everything 
to reduced, John? 

Mr. Stubb — Tea. reduced to aahee. 



Mother." oaarlad the pratty turn 
. "did latbar have hto salary \ 
creaaed whea be marrM your* 

lat «r 

money saved up. didn't -he?" 

Not s dollsr; he spent hto moaay 

as fast as be earned It." 

Did you get along comfortablyf" 
Yes; and we were very happy." 
Weil, motoher, you know dear 

George hasn't been able to sava a 
nt. but—" 

"See here, young lady, if that P0V- 

ty stricken dude daraa show Ua flMa 

around here again Vtt get year 
tber to kick him Into the aMdlo a( 

next week." 

Tricky tamly. 
While paaslng by aa old-taahtoM« 
Inn the tourtots were attraoted by aa 
ancient bagpiper, who waa taadac 
atrocious souada tbrangh aa laatf*  
ment that waa both dilapidated and 

'Creat .lerloho. Sandy!" exclaimed 
one in desperation, "Why don't you 
have yonr bagpipes repaired?" 

And the old man ceased playing and 
looked up In astonishment "Havers, 
mon, ye dlnna understand. If ma bag- 
popies wor in good tune the Inn mon 
winna give ma two shillings to move 

Too Much of a Qood Thing. 

"Our gas meter," said ths alli 
funny man, who was trying to n 
light of his bill for UlumlnaUon, 
minds me of a centipede." 

"What's the answer?" queried 
Innocent bystander. 

"It haa so many unnecessary 
you know." replied the other. 

After being out 13 seconds the 
returned a verdict of "Justlflabto I 
ride" and tba 
discharged fro 


says Halley's c 
earth's atmosphere and wall i 
have any more rala. 

Bjenka— By George! Olva tt 
Item to take home. 

TJarks— lateraatad. efcr 

Bjenke— I should say sot I aa aoli 
to show It to Biy wife every ttiM M 
nags me about savtag up for a rat 


Lovelorn— Oh, MyrtUla. yoa dent 
really and traly aaaaa tbat yovll 
never, never see bm or apeak to m» 

Myftnia-Taa. air. I do. aad whaa 

you call toniorrow evening I'll tell yoa 


•I.lttle Boy Btup." said the modem kM 
"It'e now up to you to show 

Ae If yuii rrally are Little Boy Blua^ 

Another Hero. 

"He's a champion. Is he? He doesn't 
look It. Champion of what?" 

"You don't keep abreast of tbe 
times. He's tbe champion cigarroot 
smoker; lights one with the atump of 
another, rolls them himself aa he pasa 
along, and smokes sixty i ' * ' 
ting any of 'em go out" 

he died of appendi- 

— Oh. it couldnt have been 
ly. tliat was what they oper- 

Tha Oracle Explains. 
Student of I'olltlcs— .\na what be 
reely this here coaliUon they do be 

tar king about? 

Oldest Living Local Authority- 
Well, it'a like thia. Some parties »ay  
tbto. an' aoms says that aa' t'other 
Hut what I saya, there no kaowlna nor 
no tellina, an'— mark 


(e the early bird, i 
e fond parent, "a 

esiKMuied, forcibly. -1 might 

1 lue, lllunk. you ought to be able 
J answer my question with all the 
roni|(ting youre getting back there. 
Blank— Well. professor. there^ 
uch a difference uf opinion aroua4 
ne that— —The Gargoyle. 


political rainbow 

There are va-lous kinds," replied 
Senai i Sorghum, 'although I suspect 
that most of them are more or less In- 
ttueuced by the legend that every 
rainbow has a poi of gold at tbe ead 
of It" 

McCorkle— Is It right to speak a( a 
man as of tbe "mate paraoaafawfr* 
McCrackie— It is U the aahjaot to 





(Continued from page od;.) 

PntaM* «f ibtmlwj 
Akito) BUmhm» of Hui 
of H«iu»; and — Mary of Jaaua, who 

i8 all bchiixl a^aiii. Atigiela, she))- 
li.M-is :iri,l M;ui xisiteil Confucius. 
( 111 i.-Uiiii, ^,lkla, Mitlira, I'.vtbagorn*. 
Zuriiagtcr and Jeaual Agtin, Dec. 
26th ia the birthday flvw for B«c- 

ehua, Adonia, 
Chris (of Chaldea), IDUura, Bakia 

and — the inevitable Jeeus! Of in- 
fanta threatened hy )iostil" rulors we 
have Chriahna, Osiris. Zi.ioa.'^tci . .M- 
cidee, Yu, Rama, India, Uacclius. 
Romulus Salvahana, and our dear 
friend Jeeus! Of those who de- 
scended into hell and w«re resurrect- 
ed after three days may be named 
QoeBateote, Chrialina, Qairiniw, Pro- 
BNtliMM, Oiiria, Atyt, llithn, Chris 
and follow-my-leadr Jcsust We 
trace the Trinity in Brahmanism, Zo- 
niastrianism, and llic religions of j 
C'lialdea, China, Mexico, and Greece. 
And then the ceremony of th« 
ehariat was obanrvad hy 
PmUni, Py th afwr MiM and Oaortiaa, 
who used aa elements bread and wa- 
ter. It was also taught by the Brah- 
niaiis and Mexicans, which unpleas- 
ant little coincidence so greatly an- 
noyed St. Justin that he remarked; 
"And this verj' solemnity an evil 
spirit introduced into the mysteriee 
of Mithra." Such is the Christian 
explanation, but there will be those 
who wiU deolare that all these Uttla 
biry tales have a eommon origin. 
Well might St. Au^istine remark 
that "This in our day i.s the Christ- 
ian rcligioii. not a.s having be 

the Christian iHTjwtrBtod n womo in-' 
famjr than burning Ihcm; IhioIc*. ' 
Tbey attribiilod to l  ir|)bry that I 
which be never did write and then | 
proeeeded to answer "the very weak I 
arguments" which they themseivis 
had iiiventi'd for the purpose »( 
fhowTiiir the reasoning against Chris- 
I iiiily to bo inrignMsant. Tbersfore, 
a^ Taylor lays, "Disy attribotad 
ihni own vile fraah to him. Thus 
ihey forged nil tl" testimony in favor 

evidence against il. And when tliey 
became powerful enough they not 
only burnt the bo«As, but their au- 
thors also. Tbey rsad thsir blessed 

Scriptures by the light of the bon- 

tires they made of their opponenU' 

a close. We have n 
intepeating subject 

, but as re- 
cently having received that name," 
and Eusebius tells us that "Ths re- 
ligion of Jesus Christ ia neither new 
nor strange." 

We respectfully submit that there 
exists not a particle of evidence to 
prove that Jesus Christ of the Four 
Gospels ever lived. The nearest »p- 
preach to anything of the kind is the 
Tacitus passage in which Christ is 
mentioned as ha\iog been put to 
death. But be it known unto you, 
my hrttkrsB, lha oalcbratcd passage 
was wmmt mm mortal man ontU 
the rmosntk Oentnry. The Rev. 
Robert Taylor informs us (Dieges) 
that "the tirst publication of any 
part of the auuals of Tacitus was by 
Johanne de Spire, at Venice, in the 
year 1468— his imprint being mads 
from a single manuscript in his own 
power and possession only, and pur  
porting to have been written in the 
eighth century. Prom this manu- 
script, wliich none but the most 
Warned would know of, none but4iM 
most curious would investigate, and 
none but the most interested would 
transcribe, or would be allowed to 
transcribe, aud that, too, in an age 
and country when and vban to have 
suggested but a doubt against the 
authenticity of any document which 
the authorities had once chosen to 
adopt iiA evidence of Christianity 
would have subjected the conscien- 
tious skeptic to the fagot; from this 
all othar mannssripta and printsd 
•opte vt tka iraffea «f Taaitns are 
derived. Taylor considers this paaa- 
age to be one of the numerous forg- 
ei-ies of which Chribtiuii hands have 
been guilty; fur exauij)le the passage 
in Josephus, where Jesus is referred 
to, admitted on ail hands to be a 
forgery, and which as such has been 
given up by every scholar of note 
the chureh possesses. It was also 
rejected by Ittigus Blondell,. Le 
Clero, Vandale, Bishop Warburton, 
and Tanaquil Faber— libewise the 
great Dr. Lardner. It was first men- 
tioned by Eusebius, who probably 
forged it himself. Gibbon says of it, 
"The pasaaffe ooneeming Jesus 
Christ wUsh waa ivssrtsd into the 
tszt of Joasphns bstwssa ths time of 
Origen and that of Eusebius may 
furnish an example of no vulgar for- 
gery : " And here we may ask, if 
there existed undeniable evidence 
that Christ ever lived, where was the 
used and what was the objeet of such 
fmsoricst It is pmtty elear that 
there was no erildenee, and that the 
Christians thoui^t it about time that 
tbsy manufactured a sample or two. 

Daillc, on the "Use of the Fath- 
ers," remariu: "This opinion has 
always been in the world that to 
settle a certain and assured estima- 
tion upon that which is good and trur 
it is neoeasary to remove out of the 
way whaitover may be an hindranoo 
to it. Msithar ought we to wondw 
that even those of honest, innocent, 
primitive times made use of these 
deceits, seeing for a good end they 
made no scruple to forge whole 
books." (B. 1, c. 3). 

And all the testimony against 
Christianity was destroyed. Por- 
phry wrote no less than thirty vol- 
umes criticising it, and these by 
Christian ordert; were all burnt. 
Conies the (luestion— Why T Why, 
brethren, why? Because these books 
would doubtk-sB have shed too 
strong a light on the subject, and as 
Bishop Burnet (not Burnit) said: 
"Too much ligrht is hurtful to weak 
- " ■ i 80, aol B«t 

k our remarks to 
ot gone into this 
as exhaustively 
we should have liked, and as it 
deserves, but with the end in view of 
cramming as much material as pos- 
into the very limited space at 
... disposal— for verily, brethren, 
printers' bills are a mighty burden, 
and we are not a Rockefeller or a 
Morgan, neither have we that Iwsure 
at our command which is enjoyed by 
the clergy whose occupation employs 
their talents only one day in seven, 
whilst we are compelled to spend the 
other six days uncongenially getting 
our talents together. But if in the 
foregoing pages we have succeeded 
in ex} o8ing to view the fraud and de- 
deceit with which Christian history 
abounds, and in a.«si8ting to dispel 
the noticHi that such a mythical per- 
sonage as the Christ of the Four 
(Sospels ever existed, we shall have 
achieved our object. We have fur- 
nished a magazine of infomation 
upon the subject which no priest or 
parson is ever likely to disclose ( al- 
wavs allowing him to be acquainteil 
with it), for though the clergy talk, 
much of Revelation with a capital 
R, these be the kind of lavalationi 
which th^ Kks not. Bntbim, fare- 



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Witk OUmi Wt Dmt «*•»,— 
And MOl SSM Ws 9mt WA to 

(By Joel M. Beny.) 

There is no danger in knowing too 
mueh truth; tb« danger is in trying 

to believe too much that is not true. 

The great trouble »-ith the pe jple 
for the last iwr. thousand years at 
least, ha-s Ih.I! in trying to make 
themselves hilieve in something, the 
troth of which they do not, or can 
possibly know anything about. 
Consequently they have neglected the 
aims and objeet of this life and made 
it miserable by tiying to liv« two 
lives at onee. They hare mixed np 
loo much Jesus in this life to make 
it worth living. .Jesus tells them that 
just up ahuvc MS is another world, 
where he and  iod reside; that it is 
so much more beautiful than this 

; that the streaU are pavsd with 

gold, aud that aU thajr wiU havs to 
do will be to sing praises to the Lord. 
.Vnd strange to say, some of the 
|H. .pl '. at least .have been wonder- 
fully il, lii,U- i through Ilis teachings. 

It is stated that the Lord will send 
strange delusions upon the people to 
make them believe lies. So we think leaehin. 
he fulfilled his promise faithfully lunatic 
when He sent Jesus here to delude 
and deceive the poo^s. Jesos Him- 
self says He waa sent just on a mis- 
sion of that kind: "Think not that 
I come to send pi ace /n earth." 0. 
no; I came to r^et tlie people to fight- i am 
ing— "I come not to send peace, but jl'l^i 
a sword." The people, however, are cla 
so deluded that they won't boUeveHV' 
Him when He tella them thk. But i I 
when be informs them, if they 
"don't bdieve they will surely be 
damned."' they will swallow that 
down all at one nioiiihfiil. So when 
.lesus l.lls Iheiii all about the life to 
come and the good things that He 
has ill store for them, it sets them 

but the dead know not any- 
But no, they are willing to 
that, for Jeeus tells them 

•y will know ten limes more 
alter they are dead than while 
iliix are living. Just tinge the 
siatemcut up a little with the myste- 
rious, and they will eatch on like 
Iceehes. Bnt give them a plain, 
scientific truth to decide upon, and 
they will pull the wrong string every 

There is a sect in this country 
calling themselves the "Followers of 
Jesus," and wen qnite numerous a 
f«w yaaa ago, but today they don 't 

mueh; they have became 
wondeifnlly discouraged over the 
way Jesus has Heated them, and 
looking out for something 
better; but why they should wish to 
love, follow and worship a man who 
says that He eanme "not to send 
peace, but a sword," we eanoot 
even siinnise; for even in ease Jesus 
had been acting in good faith and 
had been honestly S«lt to seek and 
save the lost, it would not be our 
province to look after and care for 
lliiii; but It wonld !).• His duty to 


So i 

Jesus has never yet turued up or 
shown himself in our case, we nst 
pnrfeetly content that his ser^-ices are 
not needed; but in case they are, He 
must call on us first and give an ac- 
.•uiint of Himself. 

Now as to kimwiiig all alx.iit a fu- 
ture life in advance, we wish to 
say this: For our part, we would a 
thousand to one. rather not know 
than to know. And it would have 
been ten thousand times better for 
the people of this world had they 
never had aueh ailly, idiotie teach- 
ings set before them. 

such foil 


But listen! Jesus asks them on one 
occasion, at least: "Whom do men 
say that I, the Son of Man, amt" 
Did yon ever hear of a more silly or 
more ci.iitradictory iiiiestion a.sked 
than that? The liiith is this: If 
Jesiis was the son of man. us he 
says, then he was not the Son of (Jod 
and knew no mora about another life 
or worid than any otker nan. But 
here is where the trouble comes in. 
It is claimed for Jesus that He comes 
on the stage of action under th*  
guise of a mysterious or miraculous 
birth — something a little different 
from other men. But in turning to 
our books, we find that nothing mys- 
terious or miraeulons ever has or can 
happen under the inviolable laws of 
nature. So we c^.iiclnde that either 
Jesus deludes the |)eople, or else the 
people delude themselves in listen- 
ing to his teecbings. 

Again, the question is asked. "If 
a man die, sbaill be live again f" and 
question ia promptly answered 
tkns. Tbe Uriaf know that they ahaU 


IS l|....ded all till- lime. 
Jesus said: "If 1 be lif'le l up 
from the earth I will draw all men 
unto me." Tes, He will draw them 

by telling them that in case they 
hate their father ami niolh-r. brother 
and sister, wife and ,-lii l.lrei, . and 
alTeclioiis on Him. H- will 
as one .,f Hi  disciples, 
want any di-sr-ijileship with 
any such terms as that, 
is this: Neither Jesiis nor 

living t 

The truth 
any other 
lifted, as 
alive and set do 
would be cheating Nati 
just deserts, and that 
that has never vet Iw 

of this world 
in another: that 
out of her 

cwD iror TO blami. 

(Hy ,loel Heny J 

i'lie above caption is used by the 
I.. A Times, over a speeial dispatch 
dated 8|»ingllaid, Maas., June 3rd, 
which reads as follows: 

"The responsibility for the earth- 
i|iiake diaaster rests largely upon the 

victims themselves and not upon Al 
liiglity  iod. lor whom no apology is 

.SiK-h was the decIa"aliou of the 
Jev. W. M. (.rawfoid in the pulpit 
f Urace Methodist Church tonight, 
tfefei'riug to the devastated earth- 
quake aectiim, K-ev. Mr. Crawford 

risk . 


persist iu building cities uu the slopes 
of volcanoes or in earthquake sec- 
tions, why should they expect the 
I'nator to re-arrange all His laws 

l..r th.u benefit .' If men build 
cities III kiiuwii danger /.ones, ihey 
must be held iesi«.iisible tor ihe re- 
fills of their rashness." 

Now, we wish to luve out say: If 
ministers persut in telling lies about 
their Ood, why should they vkihxI 
(;od to re-arrange Ilis laws and send 
Iheiij to heaven instead of hell / His 


ells hu 

r geti 

iveii. Why should M ill shifting the blame ol 
.•fill di.saster upon the \Kn r, in 
man. when his Bible telU 


• l...r,l 1 

Which do you propose to bi 
if either— tbe Lord or Mr. 
 rdr The Lord says in 

rms that He is the author 

leh work as that; but Mr. 

mi. leeliiifr ,!"-: u little bit asl 
I a (iod thai wonld 1... guilty 

1 rule, are 

low over the 

ever will be done. 

And finally, after the e.xciteiuent 
is all over. Jesus concludes to give' 
them a few parting words, and says: | 
"If anv man hear my words and be- 
lieve not. I judge hini not: for I 
came not to judge the world, but to 
^ave the world." (John 12:17.) Why 
did He not tell them this in the be- 
ginning of His workt It would have 
saved a vast amount of lies being 
fold. He now says that a man can 


o! 1 

' blai 


■ Hill 

. lie 

; let 

1 be- 

I he 

don't believe too iiitjrh Jesus, and his 
chanees for another world, or any 
other place are just as good as if He 
had spent a life-time ainging praises 
to the LMd. 

'Tis strange that whilst Christians 
consider that murderers are not fit to 
live with dwent folk on earth, they 
are quite god enough to mix with the 
«ory saints ia gkiy. 

lose who s illeied as an excuse 
tbe noii-iiiterfereiiee ot I'rovi- 
■ is pure so] hislry. It Frovid- 
canu* t be i 'usled to care for 
his own in this life, what aasnraoee 
have w« that he will provide a hoa  
M-ii of happiness lor his faithful 
ones .in a life to come. 

The lesson this great calamity 
leaches ns is this: There is no such 

Ths body of tbe aged negro, found 
Sunday south of the eity, on Man- 
chester rood, near several chicken 

posed, was tiuiiid by Wni. Schmidt, 
of 210 Mnncbtster road, while hunt- 
Death had evidently been 
caused by shooting, as the body wa.s 
punctured in several places with large 

It is presnmed by tbe eotoBsr that 

he negro was a chicken thief who 

; shot 

-al till 

i by 

who disaiiiHian d several weeUs ago. 

thought that the negro waa shot 
at that time and crawled into tbe 
brush to bide. Porter-Roberts handled 
the b Hly after the refusal of Orr A 
Kdwnrds to take tbe ease at the eor- 
iier's order Tbe decedent wore a 
frock eout. A hymn book and silk 
hat were nearby. — Los Angeles Re- 

Can it be said that the Christ! 
Sky-pilots snd Devil-dodgers now 
vito opposition at the eonelnrion of 
their sermons f 

• BIL 
lal ru 

1 lnr^re'H"fYr'wLr"BIU" 


dust II ihaken 


DRONE" by Jaieph Medlll P»tter.on. 
author o^'^». LITTLC: BROTHER OFTHK 
KICK." lent without •xtr% ehsrsjiwltba 
« monthly trtaljinbyirlptlon to the WMBI. 

U fS PUIL 00. Bnk A. St. LMriib Ma 

^10.00 BOOK for 9L0a 

thai 111 • .\relibishop of Can 
has refused to continue re 
1^5,000 a year for preaehing ' 
be ye poor I" 

'Tis said that the brains of tbe 
average Christian evidsnee man are 
only fit to be boiled down into bill- 
stickers' paste. 

It will be observed that parsons 

niitate Jesus in one respect — he rode 
iHin donkeys and Ihey do the same. 

on the average | 
brought about by 
not by booze t 

aid that Christian 

those in Hsa««a. 

nctlpt of SIM 

BLUE BRASS BUSE, f llilislisrti 


I .Ml-n 

fill Item 

I'rovideiitial (jod sui eriutendiiig the 
pheiiuinena of Nature. 

August 30-31, September 1-2, 

nd I 


the Que 

t Koute, will be s(dd Aug. 
30. .H. .Sept. 1 a;,d 2nd. g MMi return- 
ing until .Septeuiber 3 IDIO. Round 
trip rate from Lexington to Somer- 
set, Kjr., for tUs oiiMioB ia |MI. 

If you want to be of ser- 
vice to the cause you es- 
pouse, and at the same 
time help some of your 
friends, you can have The 
Blade sent to ten of them 
one year for Five Dollars 



(l'u|»yri(bl 1910 by H. H| Hilk ) 

, N. Y., April 

„ a(»p«"   

yfr» nwUtr of 81. Audr: « .« 
i. il .liiireh »t Koch»iil T N 
iiH.l ii»r hen«y btv»' U' 
.In iiiity of riirwt. ^ ' i 

\ .MUX-. |(U lh.|  ol lll| |-' 

It J7. « lm| . 1 

"•'••■I--' ^ 

III iiiMiP. Otli«r» Ix 
uiily ii*iiuui ■lul  1«!- 

. I be opiucn ol tk«' 

It'll bflirf St. Ai|^- 

uiillii,- liuiiwH u.lli. if«l 
III auswrr t « Ijnali 
tlir TrmJlwint. m-.ii.-^ 
,l,.i inii«' ttia'. «'liw»l • 
,M..Mi%i l , and Uu 
. n ... /.otui Chrial 

 i. niod; uol by tnouaro or ui.l» 
It. but bv the Bost ii«rii«i. 

„,.., „,„.•.'. «iul thr I1M.M ni-n 

wriltrii iu»ii    Ny» I" ' ' 

iMir caiKmu-^l r*g'' 
ma4i.' .»r ^nufi* i.i. '— "k' 
M.linn fiulb, «bo tauKlil UiiU 

" Without KuMbiuB," «»)« th* 

iMriK^i Till  m  iit, "wo ahuulit ke«r«' 
liiivf liny kiio* It tlife   r ilii- tiislnry 
ag'* of ( 'Iii'isIiihU 

All f.r lb* (ii»-k 
toiirtb Mntwy n 



l .-i'l n 

Our flrat irilnwi 

Tl..|it... ..r Kaniiii. 


rliilli'li °\ .Slinils, 

luviiiurkbl*' IfiitT 

A.ii). iri . t, 



II lit' j1iMbo|i 

lla. ltll| (M H Hl 

aiHfvl wt the 

' IIKMltltlllMl III thft 
i.ti In hi« over 

til i4i«)im{ . ojt'iiv- 

llif Kinprnir Mar- 
. -ay. tlHH 
rvlifiiMi, wliifib w*" 
toyikai aftii-t'tiini' 

• ut tin- limo JeMun Clirinl 
II liavF bacii bont. Mt r»- 

iiiiiiiortal (iibboD, in hia 
.1 Full .•!' I hi' Konmii Km- 
•|t liuk bePii iinivrs 
IriN^tiHi' nil thr Tliera- 
|M.iil'  wus writ I en iliiniii; the rviKU 
 ( AiiKiiMliiM," And aa tlio git at 
Aii)fimtim tli- 'Otf»«l A. I . 14. thMe 
rliurrli «^l   wluilii St. Paul iPnito hia 
KpiKllrH. and IhiH ulil aiitl well fuuud- 
iiriranizalitm t f wbirli 
I'hil.i Vmy- aiid uu ini:iiili'l.v di- 
iImhIoiu. liaviiiK a l iiivdsiiy at 
' liiftli 

lraii»|.Uii^- l in «l .- r M;Tii of Ihy Ki.-al 

MliTr AiiK'iMtiiK." Aiitl bo I'latiua 

Kini^T.-iv^ |»lr.^.atg', ••^..11 M- 
rii ..t ^l'. (trwM aiiliMiiily «» l'a»- 
l»' . II inipuftMl from fc U!ilry Jy- 
{.. v.,,*?.!**!!!* limiU nf the 
1. i. niirn -f \u«,..tu..., 

. lil: 

■II ol'iilly ••Mlalilidiwl u lit'ii CIii ikI 
» IK 'I mtirc than ton t r twi lv.- 
tri.  if aifo at inuat.oAnd «U baaed 
I foiiiiilotl uu lb* aMr«d writiu«p* 
llip Thor8| oiiiB. railed "Tbe Oo»- 
^-1 „f III.' Ki.'.\|-ti:iii'' " All tlilK rr.Kii 

I 11 "a |».. .Iii» iii SUrlyr. 
"[ «|M Uig)', add r aan ed It. ' 

)ir if -wi iK 

-iililiinr alle«"ry 
,l„ yry Hr»l m |"»»«" 
° ..Iwiixo tliHt in imiiiiIk^ 
,1.. ,,„,.i iiii»lli»ri'iit of 

, ,,,,.1 « Ln - ' 

,i„,.,r...„l . la!, wa. na,ll..«o * 1... 

.,..',,.1 ,1,.. tliunily "f »-|.nrt and d.. 
rlannl him only bWan." (Tayl .r » 
Svolarwal. The Ni««e tooDr.l (V 
I, I'-,, , tho iw.. brhef. aiM 
,1,. n,.Ml.T.  ..rlh«- 

1 % " ° 

..r ih. -II. .1 

liirlUii* I 

.-rnl |«IC«-- i" denitiii"..-,^...-- - 
I hn-liau «iuli»«pby, [f'iP"''' 
wait ideiilical with the true 
r» .it the l'a«a« r«liin«n. 

rinluft'd OriKfii l*""*"" ***■'*• 
.'i^o.i d.i-.4). Ih. m-al la«^1» 

I \l ill I Ik- 

.ii - lltil l  

;;iKn.'.Vii.,..;ii». i«Mf JVH)^ ••■'•I"" 

n. .ml* 24 v.r«« i« »Urk that r»i 
,., bo f,H,nd in -M-h *»"' 
iMirumre m of.tbsaa other  : •- 

« ..(• 111! 


..|itiii»u that ^.-ne -f 
miiat be true, VI/.: Kill. 

i'..liii'.l tr 

iwtad Uml 

|{ree 1 in the 

,. , . H.'li .-..pii^'l I 
, vviiHeii iiarAtive. 


','*i"dence. in lh«j «^"^ 

"^'sl? w'li-.lnrl 
|,„il lluil III'" 
.,t ..ii.'li 

AliMilliyk' II" 


I III.' 

|.i..uHly .•ni.M-.l? Tli.  

Kr.mi K(iyi l. «»  •  • •"'l" 
L.tiili'-iiH fnmi the f!""! 
.,.,.l....,,iJlu-nl wril-m will 
1, ,..,ii -.Mled by all iik'-I'^ 
■ Unit Hie Imi»«' " 
',Mi^..n r.iriirdinir H"' oriirin 

CIrd i 

n.l Km 

« i-«m|.liilua (4tli e.-iiluiy*. hi.|.- 
iiifiited by writin«H iif the A| «m«' 
,. Kalheri and of tb« Chriatian 
,l„ui»U. whom theae two above 

i,li,„i,.d i r..lifln wrilen. lariP'ly 

,,,, Mon...v.'r. ,1 M,\ n.'v, " 

IS l.iniid in the writiiifpi of the 
„„.iilioiied author*— infiiiitel 
iihloti Obriatianity haa 

.1 Inia phihMuphM-," aayn: 
«.' bold aone of ^H* upiii 
..t km to the IwaU and 
III irmUaal r»|wt« aOMiug 
wr thua unjua(\^ bal- 
.. .1.. ^ff, 

.J Uod, 

iKi y 
i^l til.- 



II. 1 ^ait I' 

bniught up 
...led m the L'ni- „ 
nil. uii.ler the 

• „:„,, , ,1,.- i.M.?f::-.i=5ff.rju.tiy 

'.'-l.'braffd Ainmoniu. Sa.'.l.u., fn.m 
leac-him. OriK.^n toriuulal-1 

« Ml f..rlh III bia •\MUi*y 
,plv i.tiVl.u..,vi«. -Cbr-namty ,„ 
\l \'^/u».u wh,n tin|,«"aer- 
,!,..a,^.lI.T 111 no e«'iUial f»mta. 
but have a coiaiD.»» ontfui ' 

al «i'- " 

Mtieal advenlttrw. l»' 
where i{i ' 

■ ala? tli.'i 

, ,iiir. I 

, thoaphanfo of 
..iwii r.-liifi.'*'!!' 

lA truth lliiii 

l oli.fH. tliii:"' "I 
.•iniainif t.. ..IT.'*" 

,|f: "I 

M-eoplainly the ad^ 
I |M .i( t« do re»|» 
(tl... .•l.TifVt wh 
,1 fl|- il,.'- Ilii-'i 


.1 1141 


iT, AVOVBT21.1910. 

cliiir.'li iirifii'iii 

(oriiilh, i'liili2 : i, ai'd in 
I I'H mentioned by St. Paul in 
l iHllea to tbe CboMlua." 
u riler al*o alatea («■ quotml 

' liiim) tlinl they al .i li;iil iiinri 

ill..l .■l.l.Ts. I'lC. Ill I;.,!, 11.'. , 

I olil and well t«labl :.ited 
 ir|[«niaatiou iii all iU fkmi' 

ii aappoMI to hatra baon 

fbil" .Tndarua, 

"Philo tbe 


. Ml t 

I Id. 


M.I .Ifl 

. ul! 

,t j-liil.. ,l.i.lii.'ii  liiKli'^i 
:,.ill...rit  h.i iimi. rjLn 
Mraiitft^^ja^ ""»  ""-"'^ 

I. Ire«ti»«' lUW^iK-ver^e 

ii.- tmnir .if .losu. I'hnxt, 

iiliiiint..! Iliat U? had evi-r 

i.'liQii iiia^i^ 

M, «.'ii.. iilx ari' all ad- 

•.l. -h.iin (1«»»4-17.V.). t!iP 
.1' mudeni oecleaiaitli- 
- HeOkaya: "Tbo Ther 

, ,■.1, and I niventity of 

that .l»i. 

Tli«° t'liiiii. • ! .-tciiautt^li.' 

If. Natluiniol Urdner (l«M-17ti(t) 
I bw • 1 redi bility of .tha Sanpt 
nreir' .|0«»e»i latyi} 

iiin.-iitiiii; on •anie. Nayit : "I 

l .inii..s . . 
1'ollJ^u.iis . 


SI. Jml.- ... 
•2.1.1 ^iid :inl 

The »Ai'ls 

Liika . 

Illlll.. ..1 .h.l.•^. «ll°M'..m 

pared With «Jihl . :."" "I 'I. U'jjiil Hial Irwitiae waa wntien .Iupiiik 
It- lifl of tbe fTfat AutfuMii*. it f.d- 
 *n Mat it muat have h.-.-n wiill. ii |ian Hfty year-* ln t'.r.- iiny of 
If t-aiM^iiwil |!o''|x'l -. 
Wo «|ii'iti' HlfHiii l'r..iii clialiltr l' . 
.,.,k )\ Kin* hiiis Ki-.'l.-Miislit'iil 

li'ilur*.  -..n '-niiiii: tln^ Tiier.ilH-iil » 

I •li.'^iMl ..f 111.- K;;y|.!iHn '»«'  

lit- iftf ;j»-l- ■ ■ Al«.. ..l H"r\.' a IVw ..f 
iir N|a ToalaiiienI |»aaHU|{o» a» .-.mi 
Hr dl.vilh tbe Therapautie doctrine. 
1/ *'K.i at (he aame lime they de- 
lure ftieir renunciation of all tlu'ir 
|.r..|«liy unci .livoM ^einwlve* »\ «M 
,1 ili.-ir entale*. Having; iai.l 
„„.l.- ai.xiiSivK of lifr, Ih'""- 
y wii^  ..l.i and divided amonfc 
thai ill. It- waa not one Aiong them 
that Imi.1 «»nt." , . „^ . 

il.m with AclB 4lh. 34th 

II riit-r 

|«'i, I ot hro.! laim. ' ' ol li.'i't:''o " I lii'  
tauirhi ib« aasM doatrine. » 

i.. ahow W* tlM •odarn le««or 
ImlitH ..f Ibt rhriattan Cbureh havo 
.!.«.. I Mii» m «t important «|uo*- 
11. .11. «.■ inbuilt 111.' foll.iwinij: In 
,|.|i.i|ie l iIm- Hnil btMik 

leyjiritit*"*! 1 

I Kiigland 
 if the 

In el 474. in 
rlerK^i-. tbe 

lire drama of Cbrwliaa rftden*^ Bj^mp „f |„,nd .n aaid. - — 
'Wn wait born ai« brought up in wA deatnJS lhi« danger.iu» invention. 

will ..iff- 

,|ny .l.«»troy uu. " t'oinpan 
|'j,i„. fipt. X.H av..wHl ii 
a ..!' Car.liiiaU, l-')!'"': " ' 
 wn h.iw |ir.iHlalil.- tins fa 

afhiiiiPi OriK.'n loriuuia.o.. „, n.riHl ha^ Im-.i. ... • - 

new* of mtM-ala and religi"". hU. Hie frank i.tat. nieiit . t Ker 
.... ... I... aotiUiiEV 111 h»a «',„, |'al.-y. l . I*- Ar.-hd.-a«.ii ot 

.... Arehd.-a«.|i 

»,.'. ..... We raiinot afford t 

• ...iiHci. nee in toburah affair* 
.....o HU|.iH.rt tba leoapel beeaii« 

:.»l»'^ miinairted iia. o 

1. . liap. 'J.  libb.mV "l .-.-lin. 



thf moat powlive in atata- 

,1 w.- have yi.( intrmlueed. 

„ KiiMjiiu. l'a,n,.hili.H Vim 

HiHh.,p of Caaaaraa, ai  U th« 
.IwiiiiKttirfiad of all aeeleaiaati- 

„i.,na..a. T^t all the other 
,.K liiil.' tlii'ir dimini»htMl ln-'l" 

: , , .'Imptor IT. of K» 

• ,sti.-iil Hi « may 

|hii« im-isat'-i^: "The «nri  nt 
Theraueuts vr.' ("Iinsliaim. and 
their aaenHl writ iiiL'« wi n- """" J-""*^ 
Ii, '2\\i\. chap. Ifi. he 
,1,,. im-.Tlioii true by teati- 
l,„.i, be invalidated, 
i .|ii. linu' many pagea fro» 
liiiirx nf I'hilo .liidaena. who 
trinliHo ..n the belief*, hablta 
,f the TherapeutH 

itelv the ,„„l ciiHt.imx »t i"' i "rr«i"-...- ... 

ablest Obriatianity ha. ever produced. Ale«andria. Ktrypt. showing ^^J^J^ 

Thawfora. wltbont aieaptioo. all be, had Morad writing, ealled ' p«*P»l» 

wbM* l«tm oft. of tlM Kgjrpttaw," «d a wall aatafc- 

aa equally true by I Ik 
e |iially falae by the plnl 

„^ and a« equally uwful uiu 

inifitalil.- hy 111- |»rioMH and ii.aKi  

ll nl^•^. " 

liaMug |.reiieiitetl«abiiiwli Ml I'-'H 
iiMiiiv t.f that the ..n»:iiiiil  •! 
..uri.«| el* Aa "Tbe (».h«|h'I ..f Hi' 
Kgy| «i.n.," «««^ "«•*• ' 
*t.. niore.fuUy demonatrnte the pn.p 
.»fti.iii. examine eritieally aa*"' "I 
,,„, pa«,.H*;.-  of our New T» .lament 
....^i.U 1.11.1 . |M-tl.-^: ait 1.. Ilie tiiiw 
lit 1. 11.° 1" »li"in a«ldre»i»e«l 
wlial H.-n|.liii.- tlK^e pa».sa :.-!  
hVeleniaiilifal writtTM ni.mily 
«rr,«. Iliat no .me really k.i..»K the 
auth..r ..f any .me of our .• 
U. iw.r wlieij th.-y were wtiIIi-m. 
i,..p Faii.a.1!., A. 1). :«w -'.v-- 
, Hii un.l.'iibte.l fsK'l H"" 
T.-«taint.nt (ftwi-i-U «'-i'' 
written by any of the Ai«.sil.' . but 
a I.IIIK while after by *mie .uikii..*a 

'"'Tv"* .MoHt* Huli'x nibll.-al Kn. y 
...lia. ami Dr. Cliadvii.-k V Hibl.' 
r.idav. I»..tli (.nitent arnuiii.til" 
linc'tliHl niither Matthew. »ark 
,. n..r were writtan pri«r to 
last half of tba and aaalMry. 
(S..e all*. I the New IntarnatlonaVEn- 
• vrK.pedia.) u. i » i 

Howevw, wiahing to be aba »lateiy 
fair in our atateroenta, we waive the 
arunment*. and append the 

table .if -lal.- i « "l"l - ' 

Natliaiii.'l l.anln. r ui Lis ♦ u....m. 
ireatine .m Ih.^ Ci.'.libil.iy ..f Hi.' 
Hariptures, thus alLiwing from Hie 
Vi^aU Mekaiaatiaal autbority when 

il (J4)rintbiani...'iti and 57 
Ut ;ii i Jm.I Timothy 56 and 61 

:::::::::::::::::: Si 

lat JLd 2Bd Pat«r . 

Ut 1. Johd 

Tm favelatinn. ... 

M EiMMNTIllli^tliTwilii 
IpMHn Eur liMi 

(Hy I'.-i. k ) 

. 95ar 96 


Whether .l.-.-.ii    Iimm ..i il..- l\,ur 
(}o8))ela ev.T .-.visit',! in Ui.- .|iieiilum 

• h. iiij,' liniitt-tl w.' liavc ii.iiie lu 
' li.\ way of pifuuil.;. . We aeek 
ivt' the readur'ii time and truat 
we aball uut iie eunaidered abnqtt' 
lae w« are diraet. We evan az- 
IKHit a lilll.' .-r.-.lii .-..iiaidera- 

. th.-« 
II each ' 

'For tbia rwa 
n i,.iiiid in all parU of the 

w.rl.l. ami 1 1"" ^^f'^'r^^Z' 

iri'tl tjirtroH and .ii..uaMi n-. m wi'i-'" 
Ihe n,. nk« lH-rr..rin the nivsteuei' oi 
the ...blime Ufe. For pir^ 
itide ..ver their aaripture* pbiI.«ophi«e 
mlinir their hteral 
Th.'V have al*. th. 

. iiM.'i 


.' all.'i: 



ulii-al man ( IniM ..r.ially iinpoa- 
or who may have elaimad for him- 
elf divine bonon, but the Mid-to-be 

iininaculBl« ly b .rn S.iu of the Virgin 

lepuli il^linie and 
1, righi ..f»iia, 8av? 

, Saviours all round 
-,i  .Ui.l iiltliuugh 

ilil lunt- iia believe 



r Imii;,! ill \\ . h.iii !   •:; baiii 
kii into b.-li.-viiin by t'aith, in- 
utead of by iaels. {  ) That eontem- 
|x»rary hiatory had nothing to aay 
ilb. ut this luytiiical jierwmage. (3) 
The ('hrislians had done their best t   
reJ^ify this misfortuin.' by forcing 
niisMini: teaymony. (4) That ii 
ileii.-e was f.irlj,ie.«niiiijr thai an 
1, |i,Ts,.„, .-IS the iwelv.- A|«. ll. 

ln,.l i.-ii That II.. tni.-.- of n, 
,r (i.. l..-I.H .-..111.! be f.iiind prmr I 
about 15« A. U., and (ti) w - lli.iught 

l.-nt-e on the iMUt ..f eveiy mnlem- 
porary writer, aa eoneluaive testi- 
mony in eonfutatioo of tka Chriatian 


W.'^p tl.fl.-.l als.1 

Hi . 

Ililil . 


. thi 

Ih.- first . 

.'. hv til 

iiapare lln^ ""' 
preaeled p.e|»el as s.-t l  iHi 
Usia^ 1-1. ••Tl,.- P-f 

afo h.'ttrd, aii.l wbi. li was . 
,.v.-rv  -r. «liii.- whwli i-s uiuler 
.•M'l.^of I. '*■ "'• ■'' 
.. ,.'r.-- (..r .b'aeoii. ' •'O' 
.,t ..Idor amotiK Tber«,K.utic oiyH ii.M 
.,„a ^lih liahiliaiiii 4th.-J4ih. wl .-^l 
an- an olleg«y." Agaiti. ' H. 
,l'hil») diserilK;. the order. ..t pret 
nn. It a.uoiig thoae who aapire t« ec- 
l ii'siwlual miniHrationa. The oflloe 
..f .l.iroii. Ihe huwhletit rank 
s.ipr.n.e aiilh.»rily of th- hi-h.ip 
l opiMin' this with Nl Ti.u'.Hi.v. ..... 

1 til, , "httr lliev thill Imve »»'•'' 

.„„e. . f .le-ot... well. p";--;'"";^. .'" 

„,..,„*lv.'s a Kood degree.' Aljo Phil- 
i»pi»,H Ut, lal: " Timotbe. 
iia. t/ ."ervanti. of Jeana Chriat. to all 
the '.int- with the b:*h.»|«. i" AN.) H.-bi-ew^ V 
"Hewenibor I hem I hat have i 
von. Vho hi ve sp..k.'n "nl.. 
wortliof «!o l." Al*. ' H'Ore 
17ll, , 'Obey them that nave 
iiv.-r V..U 3Uil »iibniit yoiirsfl 
,1,,.^ ;.it.'h f.ii- y.iur s.iul«. as 


Florence  BilaBger). Ky- trip tieketa via the Queen 
& rvseeiit Ronte. will be aold Sept. 
1. y-jand 3. faed returning ii'itil 
8ept-i4, 1«10. «.iund trip rate 

LnfagiiM M irtuiw. Sy. for 

oeeaiion i. 9I.4I. 

have Ixx-n of greater vain.- than 
whole granaries of aaterti.uia mad. 
iu the latter half of the aet-ond cen 
tiiry. Tin II there waa presented I. 

iiN Ih.' fii.-t r.- '..i-d -.l by liib)i. n. that 

••i.« i,„ I.I!.- i.n.l  ?.viuuai:aiit 

II. 11 ,111.1 iiiideratandiiiK. " llH-elint 
aii.l Kill I, i-hap. XV.) We .ibserveii 
likrwi .' that "b.dh parties" ( "hria- 
tian and paitnii), "seem.-d to ac- 
kii.iwle.ijre til.' truth of thn-'.e niiracl«« 
tthlcli were eluinie.i bv their adver- 


vhile 111", 

tul the 

n l dea. 

st.iriiig aii.i fa'.ablisllin); the reign of 
auperatition.' (Ibid, chap, xvi.) And 
the aame great Mholar aagely re- 
marks in a f.i..tnole that It ia 

i.rislv I., be lani.,il.-il IliHt the I'l 

Many a 

Sundr y in faahionabU 

h..fii nianiifai-tiinMl ..ii 

. the renniiim of a 
sboit Maak "elay." 




with their own hands the 
vantage which we might 
derive from the liberal i 
of our adveraariea." (Riid.). Fur- 
ther, we noted in the pagaa mt tbia 
imtetl writer that thoae anwog tbe 
K.imans -'wl n.Ies.-.-uded to men- 

■ 1%., that (hriat ia .aid, »• 
lived, aa a atudy of eompara- 
ligiiiiis amply provea, tad r*» 

imrall.-ls .-v.-ij w^ere abound. 
,..r instaiK-.-, is a liat of amai-t 

h..'1-hl ..f',' N..; 

. hii-liiia ..f In.ha, IJIH) IV .jf Hinduston, t)(M  B. (J. 
Tliiinimur., of Syii., IIUO B. C. 
Wiit.iba the Telingoueie, 522 B.C. 
la... of Nepaul, 622 B. C. 
llisiis, of Oreat Britain, 834 B. C. 
t^ of Mexi.-o. .587 B. C. 
(^iiiriiiiis .if Home, B. C. • 
Proini-theiis of tireeee, .547 B. C. 
Th'ili- .,f Kitypt. 17tM» B. C. 
Inilra. -if Thib.-t, T-J.'. B. C. 
Ah. -St is ,.f (ii.'o.-e, tiOO B. f. 

..t l'l,rM ia, 1170 B. C. 
( ,n "t I 'iiiil.lea. 1200 B. C. 
Hm.i ..I I'li-sa, 7i-) B. C. 
Miihii. ..1 I'.-niia, 800 B. C. 
Salvahiia. ot Bermuda; Omri., of 

II. ir 

•.if Egypt; Odin of 

'.,.n,iL.t.-r of Pcr«ia; 

... Sium; Ahini.'s, of Thebes; 
Mikado of the Sintooa; Beddin o£ Ja^ 
pan : Tht.r. of tbe Gaula; Cadmoa of 

re.-ee: Hil and Feta, of th-? Mnnda- 

li.'niaut. ..f M-vien, etc.. ete. 
W.?.h....M H-:-.!- I hat :.f.- kmw. 
L',..f''all Ihes'^ hiiiuaii -a.-ritice., 
liriMians will IVel iiii|iortan: 
i.iii t ver. They may find the varioua 
.^ of tbeao obliging gentle- 
„ Ml a work by one Keraey Graven, 
illlll. I • Sixteen Crucified Saviora." 
1... ili.x may consult "The Hind, 

,', ©M.-xican Anti.juitiea," 

ii;uniis' •• Aiiacalepein. and me Pro- O 
,m^s iif RLliKioua Ideaa." all atro«r 
Iv reej.ninien.led by the clergy. 
" The present following of the prin- 
piil iiiii.inu' th.-se Saviimra iaj 

hilsliiKi, 4(M1.IMK),0 HI (f. 

HI iiiio iMiih ; for Muhoniet 150,00»,r 
I,,' t-.!.- (•..iifii.-nis i-_»ii,fMm.lMM ; and 
,11 Illlll 00(1. S.I that Hiert? 

repeats itself esiMK-ially 
f. Take, for « 
E Cbriill^ and Chriat, 

a Hlaf^Bf"" 

f .Ian 

that he hu.l 

a carpenter; 
rajoieing on earth and in 
hia birth; that his moth- 
was Main; that he waa 
),... j-.ih; waa viaited by 
an. I sli.-|'li 'rds who were 
 tar; «as warned by an 
all . hildf. n were 
ill .'i.ler 1.. 
, ,,ai.-Ms tied 1.1 

, li.. .l,-s 

iiK-lii.l.- hini; that In 
Mathnr.i; that h.- ha.l a tore-runner, 
thai he waa wiae in his ohildhood; 
was l.isl and *-arched for by hia par- 
ents; had ..the bn.tbert. retired to 
ilitude; fastetl; pn a-'h'^l a 
i.rthv aermoir. fiiiii.'il Savi-u 

and Keikemer; .m-"-! I"-""' 
birth; and on earth ai.*l in heaven at 
the aame time; waa both human and 
,iivine; worked Buiraelea; wa l 
thtimrhts; ejeeted devila: had apoa- 
ref.iinn'd Ihf existing religion; 
jK.or; wii- •■..nspir.-.l atfainrt; 

inani'ed an.l ehaste; mereiful ; a«o- 
iatetl with sinnera and waa rebuked 
•„r il; befriended a widow; met a 

».inittii at a well; submitted to in- 

.iills and in,i.iri.-s; wa.s a pliila.ithro- 
.,st; ha.l a l:iM M.|.i«r; «as .-ruel- 
1 hi-lw.-i'ii l» ' thii-\i-s; .larkiieaa 
.'■j„,,,,,„..,l; I.' ,!.-«r.-M.W t.. hell; 
,\ r.-Mii I  '.■!. 'il. ■Mi.l after three days 
.' I, hv inanv iHt.i.le! And all thU, 

.-.1 Hi,' 

siibinissioii to Ineir niysleruuis kUh;- 
trinea without being able to produea 
a single argument that eonid engag« 
the alleiitit.ii of men of sense and 

I,. I I 

n.l I 

I iiji., 

. like 



a i-evel.ili..n. whik- the lu'lief 
youth waa shaken mightily, yea, even 
to ita very foundatiooi — and after 
that .the earthquake' Down fell the 
whole edifice of our faith, and theio 
u.. s|,„,.l l.itikintr on with mix.Ml f.'.'I- 
iii|;s  if animyaiu-.' disap|)oin ' Micnl 
ami n-nret, for we reeeivetl in mir 
youth a very pioua training and were 
ill prepared for aaeh diaquietiiig uia- 
rovpriea. But the fatta were too 
Mn iiL'. and forced upm ua tbe eon- 
.•l.iM..n I hat u.' have been groaaly de- 
.-.IV. .1 rii.-n- .-an be'no* doubt fhat 
all Christian teaching haa been an- 
ticipated by other maitan long prior 

, iM-..pli«« cy, we have 
irtb foretold of oth- 


to earth foretold « 
ers be^iJos chrisTina and rhriat, aa, 

f.,r . xai.ipl.-. Chang-Ti, Osiria. Cad- 
iiiii . I^.iiiiiiiis, Qn.-x«l -. te. ai:J Ma- 

I '.-I. an.l .Mi-^sianic pr.iph,'.-i.- ^ un- 

I., h,- f.iund in th.- "\'e.las." the Chi- 
nese aaered books, and in lh.«e of 
Egypt, Gr«*e, Rome, Mexiw). Arab- 
ia and Perala. Ther are atao many 
other" "mlioiis" comparisons. Oairis 
is spok.-n .'f "s liavintr bruised Ihe , 

. ll. i. 

,,1,.^ Is ,,'i,r.- .'nl.-il with his 
s.-i|..-nl 's h.-ail. Chrishiiii is 
nn.i sculptured iu the same 
(1 Tcmia haa the »nie old 
MiracuU.iis eoneepf are 


: of 

SH.-hi.pi.-i«iiuil; of Yii; of ApiKjUiiiius; 
of Buddha; of Mahamaya; of Chriah- 
ni; of Yaanva; and— inddentaUy.-of 

Of vir'.'iii mothers, we have Yaa» 
,1a. till- ni.iiii r nf Chriakna; Maia, of 
Salvia: c.-lesiine of Zulia; CUmiOion 
„f yuexalc.ite; Semala of r 
(CoBtlBttod oi| tawtk paga. 


At ItaUvM, N. \., A| nl 17, 
H^y. A««n«P»««pMy for :» 

\ -ar  netur at Si. Aminw'» Kpiaeo- 
iv l rhnrrU at UoelMater. N. \., mtm 
• ..1 I.. I I .r .»  l»«Hiiiv br ileuisd 
I liriM. Vi*l, Saiut 
\ i. l;i.-.ii.;i  ul lli| tju Utinuii, 

.i.t(» (S.-im. us rbap. 12), that 
■ k'lMft tte lint MM iMliMMl CkriAt 
to In Ood «b4 M( mo. OUmh be- 
iifvptl liiiii to bM only a nun mad d»- 

MP.I III. .llWlUlV 

I ; , . I .^ ..- I  IHIil"!: "I th«l 

U...':,' .. . • 1.. h. t M A.IK- 

I uleli'min 

KjH.ll» I" 

^ — — -J» tl"" "''"* 
.tnrlriin- that ntmla b.«lv w«» » 

, ,t. I, V iiii.l tliMl II" |mr 


, ,., M 111 Ibel 

..I ,1,.. A-..11.-- lh.-iua.-U~." 1 
AimI CwIU Al«-t..lir •(« «*"*" ' 
ilinMiKit all Ua e  iilun «. ba« the 
.Aial-iir* of Ckn.1 a- a man b«ri. 
.l,.„,„l, ,H* by aaeiutr* . r uubiUev 
s UMt by lb* Bosl lowned. lUe 
„ .M Mi.r,re ana th» wmU iwiwl "f 
«bu |i«wft»a «lw Chriatian 
,,4it.r ill John a Vj^Um {11, 
inl. ala« '.iad. 1-1, Tlh) adauttaA by 
nl«ll^ iu. «lorii amb« ni t«i bava bn-n 
» lilt. 11 maM ywmn b»for« wy 
.1, ..imi.ical VMV^ WtM» 
„ „r |M-nH iui p(uf««iac th*- 
. i.ti-uuii fa»h. «b.  Uufbt lb«l • 
iM-lirt lhat »«rh a man a«  "hli* 
,vr«| in th.- H«b. aaa ih. jmrt 

's„ i, ,lrui.-r. .»f tbr humanity of 
. '»ii«b: lb«« h* voly M 

Imv.. »ii  klMwl  l|;v "f lli. hi«fnr\ 
• f Ihr tinrt af«B . f « '.hnHiiaii|l,r -r wl 
Ihr aiitbura who mrvtr in that litnc. 
All i,f Ui« Offk   f tlH 
fiMirlh rvntury and itinrr have b^viiri 
• lirrf Kuabiua c««l«d. " 

Our Ural wilnmia Khali 1m- Ki-wiop 
Mrlilo. of Hanl!!i. I.ydia. »ii| ji«wcd 
by many to It- "tbf aii^fl wf tli   
chiirrh of SanliH," in«»«li«n««l iii lb«« 
|t«M.k of lt«v«!ali. ii. Ill bife 
iu«inoniU« l«tl«r uf afiutucy. «l«liv- 
i n^ A. I). ITO, to tkm ■■piwr Mar- 
cut AiiUiuiiiua. be aojn: "For tbia 
|iliil i» |ihy, or rrlifiuB, which we 
u-n.-h. tMii  douMMd aforatims 
»ii...i ^  ii . liaHwroua iialiwna; but 
liiixiiit: b ..i-MiiiH-O aipiiu, or baoa 
iniiia| liiiilr,i in llir rri|rn of tby irrrat 
anrealur Aufualua." And be rlainin 
ih# Kmperor'i |wlrDiiacv. "on a* 
roiiiit   l ito icrtsaJ aiili(|iiily a» huv 
II. U b -«-ii ini|iiir1i'd friiin ■•oimlrv ly- 
ini; b.'\ H,.l till- liiiiilo xl till' Koman 
Kii.|.u.- II. III.- "I Ao«.i«ta/., 

»|i.  l ii l luiiiul It* ini| ortatioii ounii- 
oiia of cuud furtune Ui bia Ku\«Tn- 

In Ml A. I ., Jiwtia Martyr, i 
Mifr "f ai-U-iO, aaan^w-d to ■ 

■ An 

uul 1 

. .,l iii ' «holr ic '»( rl atury 
I,..,. . .il..w..ry. •• III lh» «■'•«•-— 

, V 1,1-1 111 "I 

^. I,,, I Ml iiiiiiiln r wa* fuuud 
I,,' M,...l 11,1 llifi'l prof»«"nf 
I 111 Ibf Mw.'tul antl 

Mi|-rlniil . I*" 

..,.„.) (ill- .Imiinv ».f I'linst Bn«l Af 
, iv "i..iiii««."' (Taylor* 

The aratoihre*   {tw 
U.,k, Mattli-w. Mark 

,r - mil .1 SMioftir *'"»\' 

.11.1 I 

,i' , ,11. Ii a - I..-.' xrrUil lit:"-'- 
.1.1.1 111- t. v , ..t M..ttli..» an.l 
Mark mi**!* |«*- '"^ '* 

R..V. Mom, 11..11 M. . (I .l.l  
. al Knryeloi»«li«- l«»».'«' ' ' 

.,r,- ....Iv 24 » ... Mark Iba. can 

t..- f.iund in »*»• "•■^ 

..n^M.atf.- in »ue of tbrae other 

Tiew «f tbia unaiaput«l fact 
Hwat eminent pnti--» "I «h» l "»  
..Hrtury have b«-n »i:r.-  
.i...,i..n iliai . I"- "f wi'l"*"'""* 
„,f,i I...... v.. ; Kilher Iheae threo 

...i I, from aaeh othar 

.1 I hilt tln-  ropmi 11 Ii „ 

•If III. II h4.ld aim..- of the o|.in- 
kin tu Ibt. |iueU and 
|.iii|.»..| lirn. in yraoleal rr| ul« aokuug 
..II, why arf '^e thiin unjuall;r bat- 
•If \vli.u »f  .ay all tbiti»r. werf 
,.a.» 111 Ihm b.-autiful or.Wr by li...l, 
a bat ilo we aay ni»r - thuii I'lat.'t 
liy o|i|HMtl.« tbv worxbip -t 'i.r 
worka of MO 'a bauda, at- only o'l' 
M^^Ul^^MMBlisii aiid byd M;liiiiiiK 
tbe tba flrat h^^XSTST ti.Kl. 

«• aay no mtira Ihan wbat  uu Mty 
uf tb. -on* «f io»*" ^ 
,„m,-ru-..i. an MtlMMd lof 
iral |M.|{r«. to deinonatiate that the 
briMmi. l.liil..~.|.liy. ..r r.-lip.-n, 
,aa NKW t»M.» NAMK. .....l 

,1 »».. i.i.-.iti.a: ll.-- 

ot th.- I'UK*" r«-li({l..ii. "'"« 

ur...l.ired OrnwD (born l«ji 
.-a i -»). the moat leam«a and 
tiii»b Hl jwrsuiiaK*- i" '^^ 
drama ..t Chrulia" eMd. nee. 
OiiKvi, aw ai..l hroi.ifbl u|» «'» 
i cvH "If I »■» e«lu "aled m the Lui- 
.r,.iv of Alexandria, under the 
„Mr.i'clion of the learued and jually 
..l.bral.d Amnioniua Sacchua, fr«m 
t.-a.-liiiuft Ori»t.-n formulated 
.,t II... nil" and r. li r to t l»u». vi». 
and ragamaiu, when n 
aloud, differ in no e.- 

but have a common 
mill till- ^anie Ihiii).- 
t|„. .,rlii»iiintiral 


I "f 

II tl..' 

,M» ..f •»"•«•• »"•■■•• i:--!"-- • 

U.nK-r teiiablr. N- -«l'"l»'-l  
l-hriMian w..iild admit that lh.-«e 
jf„.,».l» were fo|i«e» "f 
ti,.,.r,- (l,-^««^-.'i'a auin*"'"'""" 
)m. , i.U irtiP- Admitting tbia 

,,,)„. ,.,,Mv, i II- dolbe ro»*t IM ' 

,„„l ,.,,.i„,i„.l ..f lh« 
ira.lrr will mHurall.V a*): Kmm 
« h. I.e.- .•»"«• tbi» |H^'vi..uHly writtwi 
iiarraliv.. fn.n. whirh the goapel'.lism dri'w their ina|nration 

,,'„l 2 , .•«i.i«l? ThP anKwer 

|„. 1 , KiTM.i. «« lh«' f"lt' 

,,,,,.t:iti from H'"" 

ii.Mil ,««ai writ I" will 
fy. It ia eoiii-.".!.'.! 1»  all """I 
thwIogiaM that til.. .1 "II 

iiiformatioa«' ."'u'l" 

,1 Mfiela. U found in H"' writmir' 

,,t ontfin  3rd eeiilMry). and Knw 
Inns I'amphilua (4 h century V «u|v 
|il.iiii-iite«l by wriliiiir* "f •! •' ^I"'" 
t.ilir Falhem an l "I tli.- flinvia. 
u|   bi(i«l  . wli..iii til,-. 
im'uli..niHl pniliii.' «ni.-i- iiii.'.lv 
.,„ntf. More..v«r. it nboiild n.^vi-r be 
foripitten that for InftO yaaia »  
rieaiaalieal hiatoruui hM pritMiM 
t.. luiv.- any other information than 
IS loiiii.! ill tlip writiiiiri* of nbove 
,,„ „ii,,.„-.l autlK.M ii, 111* 
,.b!.-,l fbiiMiniiily lii » .n . r |.n.du«t« l 
Th«vfor», without aseeptiiin, all b.'- 

I 1 . 



iiuti.'ul a.K' 

* hi.-. 1 

. . .. .. wUrrv III r. ulilv thi 

.lialiiirli""- »"|^" 
no difenrttce." 

In reply t" the ebaiye ol 
that tlie (MinMian reliifu... bi 
•• |,..ii.d»t... ' 

niili I bun li' «  I 


.. Imm* 

1 l.y 

■" tliHt »e wli. 
iif.- til.- 

itavinic : 

plainly tb.- a.lva.nnK. 
n.oi  i-^pl* « " , 
wr (tbe elentyt wh«. are a., wel 
viMHl . f th"^- »»»inK». do tea.b 
t.i b..|i»v.- without examinalioii a« 
to tbe r....i.dation «'f the faith." 

tlnr n.-xl i* thf 
,,..rtai.t. the ».««» P-iliv* in 
,Venl tbat we have yet intr.Ht.ued. 
«i,.l oMe who, himaelf, prwenta un- 
.l,„iable teatimony oonaeniing the 
i„.,„iry a. to tha orifto 

HOi. HisI,..!- "f  'aeH«r.-a. Mul the 

iei or hniMh rt wh w ia Boma, 

KpheaeiiM, Corinlli, Ttiilippi, and in 
II i.Ia.-.-s in -iiti. n..l bv St I'«„l i„ 
••K,..,tl..s ,., ,1,.. , hM,.l,..s •• 
Thm writer iils.. - ( us .)ii„i,n| 
by KiiwbiuaJ that they aUo bad uon- 
aHteriea monka and nuna, biikopa, 
l ri.-iiii and eMm, at«. In ttlay 
old and well eataHabod 
chureh urvanisation m al! iIn | l«ii- 
tilde and powar. 
rWlu Jadacua, ..r • I'liilo tbe 
wr," aa evary atudant of hiatory 
ktuiwa. waa aoBtaapgcMjr «riU tha 
reat Aacuataa Caaaw ^ fnl Ro- 
i.uii r^penir. Ka waa about 20 
. ..rH i.r M)f.- at (he time Jeau* Chrial 
. r.|Mii.-.l I.. Iiave bf«u bom. M..ra- 
i\ r. till' iriiiiM.rlKl (iildiou. in hia 
•| i-cJiiie and K.ill .•! iht- It.'iiiaii Km- 
 ir. ," Maya: "I( hat been proven 
that I'bibi'a treatiae .m the Thera- 
l-'iil, wa« wrilten during tbe reign 
  f AiiKUHt.iii. " And aa the froat 
AiitruHtiis .l - - -aM tl A. D. 14. thaao 
i-hiir.'b s t.. ab.iin N(. Paul wrote bia 
K|.iMl.-h. uii.l this ..Id and well-found- 
iii/alioii of which 
l'fc!l.i «rn!. S.J iiii.iiitely di- 

St. Jude knd .Ir.l St. .I.diii Hiloi 

TlieiA.t-  ;) 

Uk^ 63 or t.4 


Vn4 tbia table ot datM. whtn com 

IMred Vith nihbon'a atatemMl that 

ribtni : 

Alexandria, and biahopa, 

■B Ckriat 

lot more than ten or twelve 

..{ air- at iiw.^l And all bn^e.! 

I- nL-ruiM-ut^ . all.-.i Tb.- tio.^ 
|M-I of the Kiryptiana. " All thia from 

eati« my of Pbilo Jadaooa. Bighar 

ir b .|ter authority no man can 

|ii..|f   i-t "traiiiri- «H It may »eem, 

I' i . 1,1- lr.-.«tlv.- 111). lii'MT i.|li-e 

...r iitt, li.' iiitiinaU.I that be bad aver 
heard of »urb a man. 

Tbe above atateuenta are all ad- 
nutted by Moabeim (1694-1755). the 
ery f.imu.Hkt of nxMleni trrleaiaati- 
eal biatoria;i«. Hi- «» ►.: '•The Ther- 
a| e.itan Cbiirrb aii.l l iiivemity of 
Alexaixlria were Hoiirisbiii|c when 
I'brivt «a»  n earth and long before 
ibal .late." 

I. .■.|;i!;r-. KMirll-.!! e« cl«i«ia«t ie, 

\ l,..,.|l..l llt,M17(W). 

., ...1 ~ ;..i_. rr..m l^.i-nwia. 
...iHin.n-iiV ..1. Han..-. »ay» : •'It 
ia peeuliar that Kuaebiua, at «o early 
date, ahoubl eall the K|r P  «n Tber 
jieiiti. ChriHtiaiia," tb»u|tfa they 
iiiu'lii the iiam«- .b.etnne. 



lewed I bia 

I hiirrh have 
at iiii| or1aiit .iii.-w 
the foil..*.. in In 
1444 Caaton pabliahed tb. iii ,i Iw^.k 
ever printed ia England. In UT4, 11. 
a of tbe .Irr^y. the 
|li»b..|  ..f l^.mlon i«id; •'It « ■  «" 
ii. l di-^lr, y tbi» .Uin:er..u» iii\.-ni M.n. 
II Kill one .lay deMruy im." foiiipan- 
ibiK wilb li«» X ■» avowal m 

(he f.db'Ke "f t'anliiiaU, l-M'': " 1' 
iti «rll known b. » pruHtable tbiK fa- 
ble of Cbriat haa been to ua." S.«- 
al«. the frank atatooMat of K**- 
\Vi... I'al.y, D. l .. Arebdeaaon »f 
l arhale. 17K.'; "We rannot afford to 
have a conaeienee in ehurrli alTai 
We muat auppurt tbe p.s|a-l b.-paiiw 
the a(W)N l awii" rte.l ii* " 

Vol 1. .hai.. J. «ilbl ..n   ••IWlii 
ai,.l Kai: 



. by the 

l elieve.» aa equall: 
ueopla, aa aHiiidly faba by tba pbil- 
..»«kM.. aad aa ooaaUy uaefal and 



to tiM time tb«» Chtirt to Mid to 
Ibava lived, aa a ato^F of aoMpan* 

I live religioua amply provea, and re, 

(litri..!.- iMiralleU everywhere abound. 


IMIi wlhiTMlvi 

(By Emeat I*. 

Wbather Jeana Cfari»t 
Uoapeb ever exiated i, 
wa prupuae bri^ 11} ii. 
apace being litiiit.'.i \.a\ - n..iiu ic 
waate by way ..1 in-.m.!... W - M  'k 
lo aavie tbe reB W» time and ini-*! 
we aball not be oonaidered abi-u| i 
lieeauaa wa ara diraat. Wa eve!, ex 
jMi't a little credit for our vonsi.leiu 

lie Kour 

, b\ . 

..f the 

.rally i 


sell ;llMn.- 1,011. 

iiiiniaciilai-' ly b i 

titty : 

I fnini chapter IR. 

e III.' Tlieia| 
•(;..-, ».| ... il„- t-:..-\|.tii.i.- »a, 

AN„...l.~.r V« ..1 

NIa Teiil anient pas^iii:. ' a, . 

pand] «ilb the Therapeutu- .l.«-lnne. 
via: I'Soat the aame tin,.- tl„-  .1.- 

, renunciation all their 

| r ipei*y and tbemBelvcK ot all 
.-.luee of their eatatea. Having laid 
,,-,.1.- V.l anxietiea of life, their prop- 
eriy aai. aold and .livide.! among all, 
to thi* (hen. aa* not one among them 
lat had want." 

Coiapare (hia with Act* 4(h, 34th: 
Neither waa any am. ng them 
(bat for aa many a« were 

«f boiiKea or lands, sold (hem- 

and brtrnght lb.- |.ru-e ..f the thinir. 
thai r.-r.- -.M. ^."1 .1,-' ril.iil h. i » it- 

hill till' suid-li)-be 
Sun ol tlie V irgin 
ll niiraele-wurkiiig Uod-man 
.1 iiu other. It ia noeeeaary 
. [.arlieular upon tbia point, 
have been many Kavioura, 



• f n«, Sav- 

..I 1 

all, Christiuiii, would hnve iw I 
tin- i4lier  are s|inni.ii  \V.-:i. 

. .lay 

ii.l 1 

l e our  liity t«.  ;ive u IV» n-;..-..,, 
we renounced it. 

We found (1) we hud ben 
b Hi/.|e l into believing h  fuitl, 
Ktead of by fjK-ts. iJi   • 
IMirary hisL.ry had i.'.ilnn^ 1 
about thia mythical i-. ,  .iiiai:. 
The Cbriatiant. bad do: 
rectify thia miafortui 
the miaaing teatioiony 
 -\ i.lenre wan forthooti 





Again I'biU. nays: " V. r thin ra.-e 
f «..„ .1* fonnd in all ,«irt. tin- 
„rl.l. and ih* b.-»t men betake then, 

,.u|, \n .-a.-h ..f «la.-li they ba\e »«- 
n .i .,lili.— a„d .n.n:a.M.n.-», in wliu h 
,1,.. i,.,iik  iH-rf..r,n tl. ;-..yMeri.-,* ..f 
I lie Mbliine life. For th.. .- * ti" l'"'- 
,\er their »crn (ure.- i hii.'ii  |'hi/.e 
them. ex|»iuildlinr their lit' nil 
. bv alU-Kory. They have also the 
,^ of the flrat leadera of their 
,11.1 rveoida of th* mwninga eon- 
,i bv tlioM- allegories. '■ 
„a,.«,v 111- «  'h the univ. really 

a 1st, 

.,s,-l : 


\ZZ beard, an.l whi. h wa« preacli- 
t., everv ereaturo which ia under 
beav.n. ^I'l-rcf 1. I'anI, aai maa* a 

 !Mie..n. the very low- 

• Th. raiM iitie otHriaUl 


.4. Ill I 


proitaWe by tba prieal. aiid magin 

Haviag |irHMIIe l abundant t.-sti 

niuay to piwra thai (he original .1 
..ur goajieU wn* "Tli.- li.««(Md ..f Ih'' 
KiryjHiaiis." w. 1 

,tui,- nil. Jllh. ••wla.-h 

,.n.-pM  •• Apun.--ne 

,l'hll»l d.M-ril..-» the •■r-l'-"' l"^'-' 
erme^t aimmg thoee who aapire (0 ee- 
le»ii«tical roiniatraliona Tn« ofltce 
,f d.4eoii. tbe hiinibleal rank, and the 
.,i,.r,nu' anihoritv ..f Ih.- bi^h..j« " 

.■,,|,l.,(r Ihi- with l-'l 'fiin..thy. M\. 
1 -- I-.. I ll,.-y thai have iiM-d Ih.- !.' *» A. I» . an.l (tii w.  tliou^'ht 
itoi^t kod lb« mirael ^^e ver takea- _ 
place dtirini; (h - activeWe of JcB«i^J 
rtrrn :t S J » l ' l  .  Mtmrr -»s aW We 

iM.d ani|.!.- i...-..i.U of 111,.,,; II, 

Akeslis ■ l «Jrt^-e, 'io^i H r. 
Atvs, of I'hrygia, 1170 B. C. 
Crite, of Chaldea, 1200 & C. 
Haii of Oriaaa, 725 B. C. 
Mithra of Peraie, «00 B. C. 
Kalvabna. of Bermada; Oaiirto, of 

tlitypt. Hofrn of Egypi; tktta af 

Seandinavia, Zoroaater of Persia; 

B«hI. ot Hi..enieia-. Bali ^.f Afgban- 
t Thru.-e; Z.«r of 
tbe lt.j. A.l.-..i of .Vssyria; Ueva 
Tat of Siam; Alai.lea, of Thebea; 
Mikado of tbe Bintooa; Beddin of Ja- 
pan: Tbor, of tbe Oanla , Cadmua of 
re.-ee; Hii aud Feta, of Ih j M-indJI- 

i;.-ntaiit. of Mexico, etc., etc. 
w .. -i,.,nM think that after knjw- 
1; ..1 ill tliesie hiiiiian sat-riflces, 
hristiaiis will feel m.ire ini|»ortani 
than ever. Tbeybmay lind the various 
hiatoriea of tbcae obliging gentle- 
R work by one Keraey Oravea, 
I •• Sixteen Crucified Saviora." 
i.  iniiy eonsiilt "The Hind, 
,,„. M.-xiean Anti.juitiea," 
lliir'-'ins' •- Aiuioale|i«is, and the Pro- 
^r^m^ of R-.-ligioua ldea«i," all atroag- 
iininiended by the clergy, 
present following of the prin- 
(•i|.iil aiimiig these Saviour* ia: For 
iMKliiia, 4 tO,000,000 (for Cbrial, 
(MMMiii.iHX)) ; for Mahomet 
1,11. for CmfuciuB 120,OOOJOOO; and 
,1 Miihra .Vt.000,000. 80 that tbaia 
-nil remains much miaaionary work 
be done. 

,17 lapeata itself eapeeully 
■ • Take, for eaample, 
■ ■ - - Mid Christ, 

...1 . 

ill. | iirl lit every .viiiteiii- 

V titer, an conclusive testi- 
'..iifiitati.m of the Cbitotun 

liiTil half i.f tbi' first 

V.)U| 1 

.'I irrealor vi 
r half of the s 

• Ih.- 

. |Nl! Ha«.'e« 


..f all . 


„ ,H. « bid.- 

. all lh  
v.iiume, citapter 17. of Eu-" K.eele«iastieal lOatory muf W 
,1 tbi« |m.«aa(re "Tbe ancient 

Til. r. 


. the 


.•ha|. lli. he 

n,onv which eai t ^ invalidated. 

vir:" Bv quoting many i»age» rn.m 
(be writinir. of Philo .Iiidaeiis. who 
• • '■ .fs. bnhit » 

Ali-\ai..lri:'. I . M'I- -h"«'i'i-' 'hat thi-y 
had aaerad writingw calle.1 "(l.wiiela 

t our New TVatameiit 
K.W1H-1S an.l e|.i»tlea; M to tha time 
when written, to wl 
and to what s«-n| tnre 
refer. K -. l.--ni ii''"! writer* moatly 

aicre.- thai n.' •-allv kn.iwa the 

i\ ..III' ..1 eanonieal 
when tluy were written. 
" Biah..p Faustus, A. D. »ays: 
"It in an undoubted fart lhat the 
N. » Testament g.«|.el» were not 
w nlleii b  any of the A|« !.-.. but 
11 l.mi: wliil.' afl.-r b\ ,"ni.- i,iik,,..wn 

' Kev. Moaea HullV Kn.y 
elopedia, aad iHr. ObadwiekV Hibb- 
of TVlday, both pnasnt arnnmenta 
Hh..wiiig that neither Matthew. Hark 
I „k.- iH.r .lobn were written priar to 
|,l„. i;„i h.iif of the aad eeatoiry- 
jiSi-.- aU. Ih.- New IntemationaV-En- 
.. .-l..|N.dia.1 

H iwe\er, wilihink' 

fair in our statenient-.. v 
alxive rtrgnnienlH, an.l ny 
table ..r dal."* a. 



^l.letfr.-.' - Also I'hil- 
i,.,.i»,s l*t. 1st: "I'anI »"•! 
iia, iJ nervanta of ■li"*"" t'hnst. ! • all 
,he -iint- with the b«ho|* and dea- 
c.nii." Also Hebrews 13tb. 7th: 
'•Heaei.iber (hem that have rule over 
von. Kl'" • »v' MO'k*-" ."j" 
wonHd «i...l." AU.. H.h -.-" ;'- 
17thj*M»bey them that lia^-' H" 
over V..11 ?nd submit y. ni-  1^'   - ! 
Ihey walch for your awils. as that 

(I'.iiitiiiiied Sest Week-^ 


nonnoo (Brianger). Ky. 

R,«ml trip tfakato via the Queen 
ft r^aeent Roate. will be sold Sept. 
1, r and 3. good returning un(il 
Re|)( 4. UntV B- iiiid Iriv rate from 
Uiisgtoa to Brtaagar. Ky.. for this 
..eea/lon ia $1.40. 


I, ,11 dm 


,,,..„„.. .„, , ,-.l,b,lll  ..f the 

Iseripturea. thus sh.iwiiig the 
llMdiMt aaatoabatiMl MilhMitj vhM 


a baart-foaehing aermon 

hed on in fashionable 

hiM. hai h«N'., manufactured on 

, tbe reniuina of a I 

•••tojr." uranario ..f H-s.-M-rtions made 
s-ond cen- 
tiirv. Thill there wai  presented to 
Ui. the fact re«-.irdetl by (iiblx.ii. lhat 
in Rome, (Christianity was r. 
"aa an idle and extravagant 
inn by every man of a liberal 
ti. n and understanding." (l ecline 
Mini Fall, chap, xv.) We observed 
likewise that "both parties" (Chris- 
tian and pagan), "seemed to ae- 
knowledgb the truth of thoae miraeles 
which were claiaied by their sdver- 
•arie«: and while they were con- t.. ilM-iib:iisr th.Mli t.. Ih.- arts 

Ih.y 11,111 ually r!.n.-„rr,-.l in re- 
storing and establisliiii); the reign of 
superstition." (Ibid, chap, xvi.) And 
the aame great scholar sagely re^ 
mark« in a footm.te that ."'It i« «ei 
iii'isly 1.1 b.' Iiiiiieiite.i that the fhrisi 
uin halhers, by iu-kn..w l.-.l j-iii-_'- 111 

iiif.riiul part ..f I'luranisin, ,|e-tn. 
with their own hands the j,'i.-at ml 
vantage wliieli we iiiiiclit otlierwijj 
derive from tbe liberal eonc !U ioti 
(Dlid.). Kur 

mm of thia 

 ng tbe 

-.1 tl.r 

I the 



I win. i-.xuit.'.l an iin| 
siibiiiissioM to their mysteri.nis 
(rinea wi(bout  eing aUa to produee 
a single argument that eonld engage 
llie altenlu.ii ..f men of sense 

ind 1 

lis like 

a revelati..!,. while the beli.-f 
yiuiih waa shaken mightily, yt 
(o its very foundations — and after 
(ha( ,the earthquake- Down fell tlie eillRee of . ur faith, ami (here 
\M- st.« .l l.Mikim; .m -.vith mixed (Wl- 
iiijrs .if amu.yaiiee dis(ip|H inlineiit 

iv-.-ret. f..i 

.Ml i 

yniilli a MTV pi ■•.i!  training sinl ' 
ill pi i-p'ii .-d for such disquiet in); 
coven. -s Hill the facts w.-re 
sti.iiii:. and forced upon us tin- 
i liision lhat we have been p. s^ly 
eeiv.-d. There can be no donhl 
all Chriatian teaching has been 
ttoipatod by other naaten long prior 

' all 1 

( hiislina ..t I, I. ha, lilH) H. C. 
Siikia, of Hmdustoii, btK  H. (.'. 
Thanimux, of .Syria, 1100 B. C. 
\ the Telingoneee, 522 B.C. 
la.., ot .Vefmul, 822 B. C. 
II  .n^. ..f  ireat Britaia, 834 B. C. 
(^ii.'xalc.t. ..1 Meiieo, 9K K C 
(^uuiniis ..t Home, 506 B. a 

| „.„:..  of Oreece. 547 B. C. 

rir,!.- ..t K^^vpt. 17IM) B. C. 


i B C. 

Aid of Cbriahoa thati 
biitb was f..retold; that he waa an 
incarnate god; that his mother waa 
a viigin; that he hud an adopted 
I »-ar| eiiter; that 
there was lejoieinK . n earth and in 
heavtn on bia birth: lhat hi» moth- 
er's name was Maia; that be was 
01, III'.-, J.'.th: was viaited bf 
„„■,, iiii.l .sli -|.h.rus who were 
le.l by a star: wa.s warned by an 
angel of danger, thai all ehildren were 
ordered to be destr. i ed in order to 
include him; that his parents fled to 
M.-itbiira; that he had a fore-runner; 
that he waa wiae in his childhood; 
.Hi and aearehed f or by Us paf^ 
bad other brothers retired to 
solitude; fatrted; preached a note- 
worthy aermon; was entitled Savior 
and Ked^emer; existed prior lo hia 
birth: snd on earth and in beavea at 
same time; waa both hnmaa aad 
diniie; worked miraelea; BMd 
th,.Hirhts: ejected devils; had apoa- 
nied I hi- existing religion; 
W IS rnnspin-.l atrai'iat ; 
ri. h.-s: wa.s .lu-ek ; un- 
married and chaate; merciful; aaao- 
iatetl with ainnan and waa iikakait 
for it; befriended a wido*» M* • 
«..n.a« at s well; submitted to in- 
-nils .111.1 ininrii-s; was a jJiilaiithro- 

ii,.,l li,.|w..i ii Iw.i Tliii \.-s: ilaikneas 
sii|H-iv.ii.-.l; he .l.-M-.-iid.Hl lo hell; 
wius resurrected, and after three daya 
• e«ii by many |)e iple! .\nd all thia, 
\  m li. C ! 

W ith regard (o pr..pb«M«y, we have 
(he cming ( » earth foretold of oth- 
ers beaiae* rhrisYina and Christ, aa, 
f..r example, Chang-Ti, Oairia, Cad- 
iniis, (jiiirinuK, (juexalcote, and Ma- 
homet, an.l Mt^ssianie prophecies are 
lo be found in the "Vedaa," (be Chi- 
nese sacred books, and in thaaa of 
Egypt, OrasM, Rome, Maneo, Aiab- 
ia and Persia. There an atoa wumj 
other "odious" coni|tariaona. Oairia 
is sfMikeii . f as having bniised the 
serjH-nf's hi-;ul aftr, ll had bitten Ins 
h." I; Hen-iil.-s is r.'pr.*4.-iiled with his 
heel oil a aerjH-nl's bead, Chrishiia is 
pictured and sculptured in the same 
way. and Persia haa the aane old 
leg. nd. Miraeulons eoaeeptions are 
re.-or.l«-.l ..f Plato .(who waa said to 
Im. n s..n of Apollo) ; of Zoroaater; of 
Mars an.l Vulcan; of Quexaleoto; of 
Su.'hi.|uei pial: of Yn ; of Appotonias; 
..{ Huddlia ; of Mahama va ; of Cheiah- 
na ; of Ysauvs ; and- ineideotally,' of 

Of \\r'/ii\ mothers, we have Yaa»- 






' Hill 


lit li'ilKt, 

ta read ' 
1.1 l.M.'k ' 

wi  have b««ii al a atalilktill, 
actniilly rt'trt gr« }iii|;, frt.a an- 
siiii-worsliip tit the 

in iVdIy 

(J.mI th.' lalsiii.r. Ilis'in -il 
.Ma,jf8ty 8iM)k»' ilie tnith.| I'li. i» 
Tli.-rt' Hic otiuT reasons wliy Ilifimi 
.1   11.  i helievf ia h jroii. hs fol-' ••'"•m 
I'ws. If th 'n  was a su.'h ' 

lis tlit^ one s|) i1m u i,f ill til 
Im  .•ouM ali.l w..ul.l luali.' 
manifest to his childrfu 
ill thr days of Noali and 
.iilu-r iiotalilf cliarm-tiTs 
«,.n.l..pful l.ook called th. 
I , t)ii1 instead, lie oi.l 
iiiiiih' If hiddt'H in nixsti 
i\ ' -II 't even try to ki'i'p 
et' the liiiM's, lie should, i 
L'lv lis somi'thiiiij luop'' 
it himself than n 

iiU Mhered Bihle, vvliieh !;us so/-';'' ' Hi.rlH.s 

oft. 11 bet-n revised by those most!"'""* ''"■"lestunt* 
iiitei  tited in the doing* of Qod I'roiiptaiit my» C«twUe» 

and other mytterioiui happening!, 

■ no other way be ae-^™"""" 

' ' I- "■• ;i'l know tb4|the 

. ii iiis ..i ,\,.| \ form of i^WiMii 
-hi|' rliiiiii liiat theirs is thinly 
'II I'm-.' aiul boiisflde lloi ami 

llii'iiN l^ llie only tniH fait' iiml 
shi|  which leadM to suhnlior. hp. I 

all who differ with ihem v iIi m 
lion are heatheciH at .1 mtiil N 
ra.'lically the ganif .i|iini..ii 

. .1 for bv 


Tth.MloX ' 


, • v.' 



iv» t.. Ih. 


IM-IM Uorth UomMoo* StrMt. 
Laslactoo, Kuituokjp. 

P. a ta »M. 

at aJlt ""' 

• ^^"^^UVjuid he not ke«p them ?d perfect, "I"" 
' health and Tigor throashont eter- ' " 

«r maU, mu sll yv. Im m 

ruin sulMcriptlona, puatpaid 11 »0 , 

iiity if he w) desired, and had the I" 

!i -«» 1 ^ • ■ ' i» T» ' ^^ e rank 

. liiiK*3Hth 
ly am horny from ..n Hiuh. like 
oiilVrretl on our pri««tbo^ by 
Himself; and your reli|A is 


l ne Inch, wnsle column, 1 lii»«rtion 
10 cents, one month, »r Icur ln«»rUoiJ, 
11.00; akx mcmtha »6.Ul , one ^»r. t» V  

QiMurtMT eoliunn. 1 Inwrtlon. t .0«: oi • 
■Math, I4.M; aU months. 12* on* 

raar. IM.s*. 

tun ealUBi. «aol« oolumii, or lartar 
i:n«S ap- 

u.e d; 

f.ivMi aiit.hoi-.s ,,t- tlie Hibb'T 
VVIi. ii iiiaiikiiKi IS spoken of^ as 
liein^.' savcl. what pari of him isl 
! einK saved? If he is allow«d to 
lie first before bein? wved, his 
. ntire bodv is laid to rest under 
many feet^of r^„rth and then- 
l,e is left to deeav .'I'ld n-turn to' 
rarth its 'lf. Whiil would there 
lie left in the eourw of a few) 
thousand years t" r^-ium-et • The 
answer ia e*sy: Nothing " How 
foolish it all se^nw to ttbink of 
ram l"'iiikf e.'surreeted at the end 
,,f th.' \^ rl.r-i .'Xi^teiic.'. xvliK'h 

has lirv"'- y.t iirr.'.l. an.i .i« 

far xs w. know, never will. Kur-' 
th' Tii,  r.-. .i.'.'onlini.'- to our must 
s.'i. nt;li. ustr"n. [ners. the Heaven 
c!' Ill'- Hible has so far never been 
lM, ;it. (i. aii.l if such a plaee as 

iiitaiders ar- 
limit ihHt ill nil thm. I . 
ilh.-rinir clow t.i thr It i 
Thi.^ Ix-lii'f in the Mi|., 

.i-i^iil man's brain for .•enlury 
  ntiiry, ^king hnmaa pm^«- 

Heal evidence uf tbtsir preaent exist- 
enoe f 

• • • • • 

A liberal prohiMtkoist u as in- 
possible as a geoarous miser. 


MizM Sunday Oaidac Mid Prtael- 

lag ia NMttls. . 

• b.•^ 

olT .' 

mIv. llf . 

• I ll.'l 

.[.Kiii/.- li,.- IH.. u hll!f ii:..u.' 
Hi \. H unk lU'i tliiini, p;i«tor ol I lie 
I iiioii (.'hrixtian I'liurtsh uf Uevrve- 
luvn, Monday. 
The RcT. Uartham was spaalring 

of the four hours of danriiitr sad 15 



L- "I'll.!' l.s. .Tlld tluTi' is !h 

' p' ssibility uf human nt l 
Miiiii ever shakes off th.- 
- ilH-rstition entirely.^ 

I, H.  ;i«»!U ■ 

^■evBy, liid, 

MU8IN08 Mo 3 

a^mu  jKTauBaoftii 

la ai IZi-IUl North 
L*im«ion. Kentucky, to wWoH all Kre* 
I arm ba a»v«n a haarty «•! 

JiULK^a UUUHJtoJ. Boa »9. iMU a 



ml 11.' iin|«.«8i- 
lilf lor ev. u n *iiil to pt'ii.'irate 
the endless space uito other' 
worlds in seareh of a heavenly 
realm, be -au8e   f the awful frijr- 
idity of t)nr own atmosphere aft«r 
leavintr the Earth some live or 
six mile,s. It would necessarily 
tiave to be a v. ry wamP soul that 
would 1h' able t.  witli.Nt.ind sueh 
an extrein.' ti'Mip. ratur.', and iiie- 
thinks but f- w if any will ever » e 
able to walk the ^Ideu streets of 
the New .l^ftisalen^ « play on 
harps of ifolden fkrtaMRL or idBg 
hallelujahs to Glod on the thme 
of eyeriaitoig Ufo. 

. MBS. C. B. HAYBN, 
Oamll, Wyo, 

botause our only autiioni-y lor 
the •ziateaca of a gb i ^ bible, 
and that bible ia a myth, a work 
oi (ietion, which «jan be proven by 
..e work itaelf. 

If the bible waa th.^ inspired 
irord of god htj would have lu- 
apindi the author of the Ursl book 
of Qeneaia with the truth about 
the formation of thia world. In- 
atead, he stales that god made 
this earth and all that is in it, in 
nx days and'.l on the] 
aeveuth. UoloKy pruvcs that this 
Earth was not created iu six 
dajv. It took thuuaaada of ycarsj 
to aon^eie the formatim up to! , 
ita present conditon, and the pro- 
oem of .T.'Hliou is still going onJ , 
It will .■..ntiini.' l.  ereate as long.,|\,^ 
as tins sphclf .ftains lis i-reaent 
form and position amouK 
planets of the universe. 

Second. An aU-wiae, aU j 
erful Qod, a creator of the tini- 
e verse," would have known wheth- 
er ^r not this Kartli had f'or 
corners. It took year.s for 

the people of God's creation to 
discover ita trot apharioal ihapa. 

If the Bible was tha iiur'" 
word of Qod, Joshoa worHd have 
eoniinanded the F-uirth to stand |„. 
still wliil.' h.' eoniplel".! liis 


Friend Jonea:— 

••«• Your«'nti.m that by pro- 
fes^inn (■hn liiuiit.v.8,V".i are playing 
safi; iHraiisi' It lli.-r.- is n.ithinic in 
it, you hav^nothing to hiae; on the 
other band, you say you have ever - 
thing to gain. This sUtcment, hi it- 
g«lf, it aeemii to me border* on (kep 

"T."' an- ii.'t -imi.. .i,.-. h .t M " 
a di-ownini: nun., aiv ..-l a.j^., „l' ..t ■' 
straw. The skeplieai .M..hiiiiinie.hii; 
..r Huddhist no .l.mbt tri4s to conaolf 
liimaelf with the same kind uf roa- 
jsoning. If he is right, he too has 
every t hi 

(I'.y Otto \Vell-t..iii, S S I 

;iip|i. Ni  a (j,„|, nfi-r ati Iin i. 

ahaii-s of animate .iihI .n.ihii ;ii. 
luioii on this plaiu'l. w«iiKI iiii iiT 
I' a voyajre on lliilli .n '  .-o , .'1 
nnir withii itx iniKlit.N orhil a 
the rate tu '.it itiile* jx-r m'coikI tn 
^ '\ .'iity-Hve years, would the iial ira 
I. I \ities and evolutiunsry pruct^n 
on thin world cease or w.aild ev rv 
thing ifu on witlionl "Hun" jiiK ai 
wellt ' 

Death eau only be a lalanuiy r 
personal life after the death of ih' 
individual were possible, but then i 
would not be death, but life, ilei . , 

what f.iilv an.) I"als.'h.i...l t.. |aut 


of I 



  i, have 

thst oise 

til. ta.t ..t the whole matter 
ai. all  T.-at'ires ..f gapersti- 
..r whi.h we are no more re- 
)!e than we are for the »hBi e 
• bodi.8 or the c.lor of our 
All ouf mental, a* well ai  
si cliaracteriaticB, are iah«-nte»i 
 iir pviinenilors. .^ire*. ami tren- 


lillliiaii  lailj.'li 
of the Sun. as is state 
1(1-12. when he said: 
thou still upon (iil e  
Moon in the VhIIpv 
This is another pn 
god had anylhint' f" 
aiitli.Tshp of that W' 
Third When r,.„\ 
„.l pla.'-.l 

in .loshua, 
.Sun, atand 
, and thou 
of Ajalon. 
f that no 
.1 with the 

cole .Adam 

priminM- mail .| iit walking 

fours and hepiin to staad erect, and 

when his intellectual faculties had 

developed sufflciently to prompt him 

look ubtint, and wontk-r at the 

V an. I wlier.'I'ore of ihin^rs, 

II lii l. h.' h.-K;iii I" i-.-aliz-.e that 


certainly did maintain all hfe. 
Ho the tun naturaUy became the ob- 
ject of bis sdoratioD. But preseotly 

of his fellows (the predecassor* 

alH.Ml Ih, \l..l. ri;.,i«l .,1 .1. .Hlh 

If h.- .l...lh. h.- i  i,..| u .Mat.., 
iaiist, bat a belie\er in tli.'  ii 
nitrhtniare that something terrih' 
may happen to him after death. 

Theials say: '^You esnnot ex^-lim 
nature without a OoA" You cai 
explain Ood, We at least know » 
tur« t/  be a fset,— vnn know nollniii 
of voiir CinH. 

Spirilisls say -V ann-r e. 

plailPth.- J..y.'l, .■:»J fur;.'ti,.,i  ..t !i.:ii 

expla*ii souls or spirits. ^Ve knot 
man to be a reality, ymi know ti.'th 
irig of Roiils or spirits Pnle-iJ y.)i 

lexph.;-.' y.'ur .'xplanati.'ti ". il i- ii 


What is the us.- of putting "rims! 
ianity in the Cnicihle"t Uf lie 
learned men of our Universifi * I' li 
"Theism in the CmeiMiS" and ti nal 
snslysb will «Blsst the RitV . f 
Ages" ai^d prove that all religioi|B are 
the emdnt prodaet of ignorani^ snd 
superstition. ' 

Whal ^piMl  li;ivr Mi|- il'.iM- i', 

I ir  aiiilaii.i imk, ili.- laii;.*! dancing 
pavilion 111 I llf «il\, Sunday ni.fht. 
The .tlea ol' lai.Miig .laiiein^ and re- 
ligioa nriginsted when the women's 
clubs of the eily eondnetea a ( 
paign which n Miilte l in the closing 
.if l«r.'.-.mhii.,l on Si. ;:.!:'.■ nit-hts, but 
I'i- ,.-,.,„.ne.i. TIk 


Men's New Thin Model, 16 Size 
Waltham; l.'n.isile .\laM 

mil-., " J.t jewels, ^ Ij , ' H resceiil 

 tr. . l, Jl jewels. $23; " lUver 
i.h lit jewels. |21; "R T Bart- 
' ■'. 17 jewels,  l!J.i)0; "&2i ," 

1 . ■ .fUi. 15 jewels, 7 

El^u. .No loti or "It^J, " III 
.,' ..ii», .fsi.i, '"\erittts," jew- 
. !s *:ju, li. W. li*jii*,iid, r.» jew 
-U. Wl, 'J-12,'" 17 jewels, ♦l^. 


The sge of the Mesaiah at death is ' 
ssid by Ireaseaa to have hmm flfty ; I 
and he ooms to, this aonelusioB from a colored »orosa, native tt the 
the remark of the Jews: "Thou art ' •«««U . bad been worklaa fbr a lat 
not yet flfty years ..l.l. and hast family ol moderate meaMJI 

seen Abrsbamf" \. r.lm,: t.. "•••■ed ii im Hp 

Luke, he wss tliirty-.-.,'hi . t.. .Mat- . wealthy rai5ly \Jlio 

thew, seventeen; t.. IHoiivmus Kxig , „ . isnelSase oa Rtielld 

uiis, thirty-three; the generslly re i kelcMs snd bava f ~ 
eeived age, aeoording to Faisebius,  B ooursea every Blgfil 
thii-ly-oiK-: to Jerome an.l Scaliger. j was comjiBiiy. 

' Thl» rolorwl 

s 1^ diMer 
BigSIKluat as II 


lit her 


' to put every thing oa the 
ce. wllb (be exeeptloa pes 
deaaert. anil did not IsIm 

■ I and. and tliu tlifferenee b«MM.-.'i 
' auM'  given by Matthew and l.nk 
il the stateinent of the Jews, ai. 
hardly couaistent with either "iiiapi 
in" or bisloriral acciirBcy. 

Is aa «sst nissMiw Ms M am** 

us the jewMT aad rMsmad kamm lu   
msde the tr » fey rail and hmt nhnui I 
  rears bai*M his d«iih Thie i..H.k 

la raperlally eiiltable for a i r ernl 
Cloth Bound. SM PagM. Poataald |i M 
A4.1rraa orders to 

wptedr aakad 
■trusgllnr au- 

f why rou think he 

' je 

ehs, *(,, 

.;ii» ■ 

Is. *ui, 

C.»S«.s: .Ml llie above m the new 
riiiu MXMlel Siiv-jnuo 8erew 
Cases, in Fajr's, Cruwn or L eu- 
uer tilled .gold eaae, guaranteed 
the maaafaetureai for 2u 

or hunting eaaa, ID 
In 25 year eaae, $2 more 
than iu 'M year eaae. Iu cases 

[uarautetd for ail time, acrew, $», 
T hunting, |iO more than iu Sil- 

eriue^ea*te. Prieee of solid gold 

lUies Ol, appliestiou. 

Kv. iy wuteli yiuir.iiile. .1 Ir. sli 
lul iie« lael.,r  no .sle.p 
. . pels I, an ueeuralc liiiiekeep- 
r and, if well used, good for 
iity y. ars or longer. Will be 
ortler fi»r one year. I pay 


f..r price list of \V,,, 

LaOrange, Oook Co., 111. 
110 N. Kensington Ave. 

.• ..iii.- .■|, r;;_Mii.-!i would perae- 
' iii.' Ilk.' I'l.i/.s if they could, 
li.-v If W Patterson, for in- 

.  IVeslivterian tuiniater, 

s;,. I n . . iitjy at l'hiladtlphia: "If 
1 ha.l iiiv^wav I would have an 
'A.t'iili'.M. r . a'll.'.l ill t.. .l.-al with 
;,ll h"r.-ti.', „i..| i.|;.Npli.'i„.-i- 
UiiriniH.' at. Ih.' slak.' \\"iil.l h.' 
'.(.» goixi for Uios«' wli.i r. vile re- 
ligion. "The growth of her«*y is 
sneh that nothing but such meaa- 
iirex as this can stop it," Well, 
th.ii, it won't I..' st'.pp.d; for 







liiUlirimH 7:25il. 

Ilrrausr." t-xplalned AraltrlU. 
t Hiked aitoui all tbe coisbine^ 
• lid iklak of etypt tbe BMtrtOMM 

' '(. said tke maa at Ike bote! 

inter "ToMlu ran dlreet aw la a 
good carpeaterl" 

-Biceae me." said tbs elsrk. wtth a 
aly glaaee at amassmsat al the ladr 

Ko. I'm golaa to bs patleal with 
rou, young maa. aad tail jroa I waat a 
My rlsbl l« Is a 

'Did you bM a kiss os the sisettea 
I wtib thst girl yo« sre sweat ear * 

i -i bM ■•varai blaaai yas M the 

govarnor, one on tbe ewagrsasmaa. 


DISCOVERIES J^)":. com. to bet BO 

The Universe Has No God. The one I msde the bet wltb said 

And Man Haa No Soul. . ab^ didn i believe m patting all har 

eggs la oae haakoC" 

\ world-wide movement to 
niak.' tln iii known and perpeliiat- 1 The 
'■■'. I' 'I- I' irth iilars send a self- aae eai ««lte 

n.i 1 

• .Mil 

,{ the 

n.l pr: 

i th.-i 



; 17 

"the day tli..ii 

Shalt surely di. " 'rh- ii Sntan 

appeared on tie se.':ie a-i.l told 

them that they would not, surely 
die, but "become wise aa we are." 
So Eve ate of the fruit and jrave 
to Adam some of it, wliieh 
he also ate. They did not .li. . i" 
but their eyes were opened ;ii  1 
they became wdae, juat aa Sa; in - 
bad said they would, which ji'« 'p 

Ill-ill in tlie ,,ii llr ii.ii'i .haiii-i'." he^'ail to get 
ilso |)laee(i ,l,u^., . Mi.'l . i i .il.-.l an invisible god or 
.n-il in MiP ..,„N ihe (•, at, well aa 

iiden with'do.l'.s Idtfhi Hower, the Devil, to- 
iling tliein,j:;.iiuT «nli the necessary adjuncts — 
not .'lit of H.nv.n iMi.l Hell— and impressed 
.\Uii. that|iip.iii ..ill .•n.i-i'si.irs the neeciisity of 
. re.'f. thou h. iiJL' si,h . i to ami w.irshippiiig 
I 111- ,ii.». .1, ..:,.| iinkiUiwahlc (Nid or 
(i'l.K. 111!- h.ii.f has l)e«'ii prolit- 
iihiy (f..r 111. ppiosthood) perpetuat  
ed, fostered and piwpagated. It has 
developed into a gigaatit 
with msiiy and \arions forms 

far more conclusively that th.y .lo 
nut exist, than sll tbe childish aa.l in- 
sipid so-ealled "spirit pli "i4.iseiia" 
ppives their existeoee. Has H(+ili..v- 
en given ua a grander sonata, M.i;'.,M-t 
0 more sublime symphony, Warie r a 
new opera, l4S«l anoiiier rliap».i.lie. 
Shakespeare or (toethe gnatar dru 
mas. Schiller, Bryant or I/.tigf. llov 
more beautiful poetry, or Ing(';Mii|| 
a brilliiiiil post mortem lectur  f Have 
wi- reeene.l a solitary heie rlt. |»ra.'ti- 
eal ai.l .ir new invention fr*i tlio 
;:reat .h'lwl T If not, why ii. i f S|.iril- 
isls claim that all these illuHtri.iilis ami 
talented men still live, that th«r pro- 
gress iaf&ileetuaily forever; that they 
can ;;nd do eommnnieate with ilieir 
' irviviii-.' frii' nml are inter. «i...l 

I tbe world is progressing 


.^.' if 1 . \ -I «. ,r. ■ I V\ II K I i,i. It. ii'l. Kas 

Christlaniiy's Birihpiaceo 


Upon Which If Fooadtd th« ChcMm lUUfionj 


nronmrtt or m unt or toMi or rmm iailt onnriAir 

The Anther Makes Mo Gtate to Oiiginamy. p s^tai l a g eaiy to Have 

t.! hrr bathlns euli Mteh 4ay. 

Net CnceursfllNf. 

111.' lady toiirlsi (timidly)— Are ail 
iiiir {.amo-ngera seaalck durtag ths 

I I. . ai.tiiin ! tuleranUy)— Thare are 

I h.' I....l  .l.rlsbiening)— Maar sa- 

■.•I.M.ihB, .i.|.l;,ln:' 
■j'h.- iii|itiilii .iiirnliiK away) — laln't 

l.lltle Willie ,Mi(| wbat I 


Ps— Tbe other felkiw'a. 

ask, do not these gifted iiiuiioitals 
give OS some uamiatakabJe and prae- i 


Prlc« 15 C«atst 

Orders to- 


Ill some respects." replied Mr. 
Crosslots. "i got some of tbe beat flsh- 
lag wonas out of it that 1 ever saw." 

to betrow s Mtllon dollaia. 
Wlggs— Say. I'd hste to lead It to 
aa' thea have to take It out lo 



(Ky ('lianaini; Sever«tiur.) 

NulliiiiK ({r»a(i'i- lonf iii cur 

ryi;iK  iiiivictiiiii t« riiliciiml iiiirul-. 
than t'arlH iinil ll^'UlM, tor llidir uiv 
tliiiigM thut tkmiujiKtraUi trullu  una 
defy rafuUUuB. Wbwi jrou b«y« a 
fMt tlnU MB h« ibown aad dunun- 
iitriit«d, jrou bav* Ih* brat of an ar- 
Srumwil wi h any u| piiti *nl, and oaii 
knork him   iit in oiiu r iiin l if bo will 
fa -e it. 

\ i KriM-tliinkvrH, ueliuvt* ilio facta 
' mill (liriir.M III *lii » lliu.1 riiriitiiamiy 
i!, iiil   iil\ llii^ 'mi,-);!'*! I'ukf and hiiui- 
bii r '■!' I'""  •■'.•'!!. bill llu- ({n at««f 
lailuri' wln'ii iIh- rfali/atiof. itf pnmi- 
iMw atxl pniiictiiMm ar   twiu-ii iiiln 

Cln-iatiainly baa alwaya claiiiinl lu 
In- * .liMiialy irmpin-l •..Iiin,,ii. with 

n ilfiKl ,'. iiiiiNi\ ..I »..ii  ' .lit  Ix iiiK 

^ ftSrSTTStaUv *d Controltor 
of tb« TniTmp, it «i«rlan«l he fuuUI 

ntiii wiiiilil iiiniiri' HiiiMi a rumSiti.m, 

ol Je* u ev«Tj kiK'v itliull b  w, nt 
Ihinfa in beavi ii, und IbingB mi iMrlM. 
■ad tkit^ uiidi r the earth i mi l i   
pry l iiigu« aball euaiem that Jmuh 
('hri»l » Idtrd, to tk» (lory of Owl 
iIh- Kathci." 

t briHtittiiity hw Mi lw * 9b» aotk 

I'l iitiiry   ! ila ciialmM, and by look- 
iiiK b«. kwiird wf ran itw what il luu. 

iloiu-, unit h\ fouiiMitiii); i-.Mili- »' 
mil s,, tsrar thw |»ro«liri hiii 

I.. Imim; (irilUxl. It biu^ rlainiMt 

(luM' ilii, -.lairiiMiil, liir an uiiiinent 
a Ctu-iatian a« K«v. ('harliw HuaMll, 
of Brauktyn Tabernacle, admiU th«re 
■ru donkto Uw numhnr of baathac in 
Hk' world tcxlay than there wer« 100 
ynirx ujfu, and we do not have to gii 
■Mil iif your own s., i-iillf l t'hriHtian 
.■..iinlry In tlnil li  i i iuhbiiI iijf- 
nri'H thut only a littU- v\nr oiiu-tbird 
of uur peuple are profeaaml ( brist- 
iaiM and ebureh member*; and Rueh 
a i-KMir abowiiig ten yearn a^o ia what 
■■auaad Cbriatian inllui-iice to have 
niHiea in tbe Mnaiix I'.tlO That 
faet baa baan throw n m ihem h j many 

liltiea it caimeil a -• -|  il, uiui it 

irnlafh our CiuohM,, rn.n.lH .n,wh 

to ll.'lll II II .•.•,l.,ll,l  1. fiU'i 

III hi' HiipiirfHwd, II (►.-■-iMi- 

KiiHMi'll, and nee wliut Ik l^ nj|ii|N-llfl 
lo H lniit, thouirfa why hi- Huiil it wIumi 
I III |Mi|iry of Ohriatiaim i» to blow 
hard and claim everythiiiK, in nut 



|,:i i :.l iii'li- liiKtead of bang tha 
..u. uiid Kiijiii-iiir rcltipon aftrr alJ 
iliiK la| -»' III uni)', it la not even Hrat 
III |H iiit i.t nii.iiher» amoiiK iitb« r i^- 
l,fi,..ii». I..r n.i.i ihmui i'\i-« da it by 
ntaiiy nall:«iui, and a n*im rpiiiinon 
(ouDd«a by llahoaMt, tb« Arabian 
«amal dnvar nMrly OOO y«va aft' r 
Chriati«aiiy aUrted, ba* 170 nnilion 
d«Tot«n, wkoaa knw* rttvm i.  !»■■» 

t9 tW .IMaM of JmiW, KBd wlioM 

' iaag«w 4( llMy apNtk bia'aame, ..tuT 
it hi dwiaioB •untotopl. 
Wttb ail tb« i»ainc«T»Uoii» thai 
• maka reKardiiii; 'lii-ir 

their liiKlii-l rla n, • . ■ - 
Iheni niin.t'nrally » — ■ i 

■  t Ih. |a | lllHtl Mi .1 

lhl•^ it tl.- ImM |Ii.  IV' 

li.Kl's lii-l|i, li; ..vei l:"«   r«i-. liirv 
muat if bomM mi eutOla, Mtaii lb«t 

work, doing aJI iu out |wwar to make 
liiiuwn to th« haathan tbc (race of 

and the flreat It^-fWiner, we 

■T h.Mrli..l.-f h r..ii,|».||i,| i„ iidniil 

ami cvrry loniciit- to rnnfetw (^hriat 

ia baatbaa ImmIs, avaa m wa 

hifg ago fivaa bope of aacom- 
l li«hing anrb work in eiriKaed 

lAM OP HiaH lOBALt. 

"Sb^iyou don't cara to en    
that fannc poat witb bia eti 
idea^ iBtemgatad tba elgar 

I Jo, r ,., 

tlH»/. Ut^l 

1 rm'l.l 


u Miri-uk it lion 

r.-linioM, ui 

• nd .an.lor iHit to b.- fiiiinil 
en in a t'hriatian prearher. 

Th" MfilKMiiHiH, who km-p tHiantiiiK 
.f hiiililMiir 

.111; - 


'.luhliHli. wilh 


thr I 

iiii ii and bretbrrn. fellow 
Haint^and aiancra, than 
, hit la anawdation in facta and 

f..r ntrialianilr, for tb^y 

to do Ihinga than (}od aad Jaaua to- 
gatbar. l«»r comparatively be baa 
dune a tfreairr work in tba I'iOU 
yean jiiat pa«Md than Jeaua tbe \mA- 
er and Savior nt ail mankin.l, and 


I' n..t thii faet, altina, auflii-M i.i 
kii. i k all diMne elaima out of » hnM 
imiii v f 1o a reaMjnable man U muai 
b . for whire tbore 15 DOtbing to 
i.h-iw that an omnipotent tiod i« 
hooi tii i; i'liii-.tiMii iy, there ia notb- 

t,, Imx. ! .' i.'t ..11 tliai he ia. If 

,1,;, , , 1 t,,. ,1 .I..M,a...,n reUfion 

hu.i ■ .in.l .-. in.Ttod tbe 

• bole worlil, lit It expected to and 
aaid It abould, tban it would have 
bad a faet tbat no oppooaat .on I.I 
WTe failed U  be iufliwnaed by, an.l 
.•v.T\l odv iMiiikT Chriatiana. there 
h.r..' I» 'h • .. ..| puiM nta. Tbia 
i« » \ 'r  p. am pi i-Hontatiou of tbe 
raw, and a« t hrwtianily ii now dy- 
ing  if dry rot and ita tn.wer la wan- 
ing every duv tbat niHiiea and if  e». 
if it ovw u J * ehnnee t« inttuer-f" 
tbe •hnW world, tliat time ik paat and 
g« na. Wbefi tbia religion attainad 
ita graaieat power and had tbe moat 
rt.nvertn. il waa iiaing Are and (word, 
forrr aiid viok'iire l   make roiiv. rla; 
ami thr moment il rcawMl to iia*- mirli 
nieaim lorjhnt piir|i..M-, that momeiil 

.lri...p and die. 

li. When they had 1... or K" I" 
on and haw tbeir property coiiHitrai- 
ad, it waa eaay to eateh 'em f..^ 
fhrialV aake and the glory of (!o'l 

Wl.rn 111.' liiijiiiHilioM wan in forrr 

Hiblr pro^l.'.':.* mi«l l I'r f.iltill.-.l. it 

wai a bold man indeed who would r»- 
foaa to aaaap* tbia rBlipo" "f "'u^* 
and merry." and fhnt wok lh - lime 
when I'M'!-' 

iikI weak«-n. 

Clirislian laiidK 

ha.l t 

.,f Spa 

when diivrn 

Toleration wn.« nl'vi-r n ) ntiir.' . r 
(liriatianity whrn it ha.l uiirrKlraiiii d 
power; but with rtn- ai..l f..r«' it 
failad eompletaiy tn acoompliab its 
intwitiona; and I now throw this 
faat into tbe face of *very Cbriatian 
that exiata lo Rbnw that what it fail- 
ed to do in the jiaat it cannot poani 
biy ut the future. There ia n- 
nioio rh».w for converting the worM 
to Christ, Ihiin there ia for aoi-inj.' all 
men think alike or look alike r bii.1 
tbe n»tten atuff put forth i« hia naino 
will ba moca and mora rajaeted aa 
tba ««rU roll* «iL Paataandfifnm 

i  -rii'iM- - .lealli and  .blivii n. 
Il iR n.iw dying, ai 
ileiire ahow«, but wa eannot 
(iiiek, death, for aaab aavar 
tf  niiperatilion in aapr 

JEKX, ?*S^ 
paaitinK away 

irla.liiex. Ill all ralional human be  

. wh.. kll. 

•utal MilT.Tiinpi, f.i 

am very clad that i« urnim 

.So "I^et her go. Oallaglier!" 
the aoonar tba better^ 
Ixia Aagelaa, CaUf. 


to create k, after an,atemity of non- 
exialrncet There ia no effaet without 
raiMf Kilt for an eternity all ex- 

itinir rAiiHi-H hajl not produced a nni- 
emr. whjt ill the name nf reaw.ii- 
i.'ii. WAS TIIK CAI SK wliirli ••Hu*- 
,1 III.. "[••irHt C,,,,^.." 1.. n.-al.. tl,.« 

.,ivi-.-M' Hh.'Tl It .ll.if Hill I ll.T.l If.' 

II further H rauHe Ih'Itic nt e«|p l to 
iiii«e the " Kirnl Taune" '■ or 
1 i»rivrdr the " F'irat ("aiiae" of the 
TheiM. If we keep on in our enirial 
teat of "Pirat Cauaaa." we will, n 
doubt, need aaothar "Firat Cahh. 
«|and another, and anotber. ad intin 

riin  HI' HI')- that all anniment 

What Oaoaad It lo Cause a Umvrrae 
6 000 Yaara, and Not  ^0,000.000 


(dtl.i Writatein, in Freethinkera' 

er wan a •'Kimt l aiiHr." NVilliii^ 
eternal IWf-exialeiil universe, i vo- 
luting jimeeaaea are eternal 

It never begjn it can m v. r end 

A ^iiitflr parlirle of matter CHiiiii.t b« 
,1.^1.'. I. iK'iili.'r laii It l»' anniliilated 
I oiiM-.iu. ullx ill.' iiiiiv.r!.e. bi'iiiu lo';. 
) i«imI ot eti riial miMiiiir i»artir!ea, m 
eternal. And each |iartirlr lepreaeut- 
n energy "and forre- batag aaargy 
IBd fa r ca baa ever been activu m 
H r|H liiale Ibe evolutionary pnHseaee* 
.1' Unite forma, beinga and bodiea; but 
lii'«e. by virtue of their own potenciea 
I. iiig deatined to flnal deatruetion and 
limiiiivrHtioM. tend, in iiiflnile Viiria- 
lon ami liansfomiatMiii, lo |M.r|»-t 
hi' proi'i' » forever. 

All attempt* to aolve the riddle of 
■imniie exiatenee by poatulaiiu^r a 
'Firat Caiiaa," or "Qod," .'xmlinK 
irior and exterior of the nmvi TM' 
niiKl and will ever r.'nuiin i'IT..rl-   f 
'liil.liKh mii...niiii: 111,. I a li.i.i.'iitalil.' 
ailunv It .'M'l"'"- ""'hMiu' It Mi,ipl\ 
livesth ihc vmible evei-yt hi iii: "I an.l 
iiviMti* "in iiiUBible iiothinit vmIIi i ..| 

•lui. Hut vl'ter tbia ounniim mup 
r.tai, the identical nyateriea which 
i,vi i.ionipled aueh a eolation atUt 
Mai.' 1^ ill the faop, avad in anffmaiit- 

.',1 ili'K'i-ee. 

A "Firat Catiae." or "Ood, un- 
pliea an infinite aomething— of wbieh 

how. ver. we know abaolulely nothing 

•I'w.iiiiX iilliihiiles and p. wera 

,,il„.i,,,i- ;,, ilp.M' .'xisliiiu' ill nature. 
.,,,.1 „„i|il\ -uiliri.'iil lo rails.' Ill sprintr 

f self-cxistener. and all the 

.'I.Tiiully intuHive, lati'iit, iiou pr."!r. - 
live dead — an abaolute eonditioii ut 
iie(;utiun. or nothing. 

That Hucb " Firat t'aiise" during; ul! 
ihi' liidnile ryi'Ii   f mi-s, preii'.l'wi^' 
-iieli " beKiiitiiiiir." 'ii.l I 'll |.ii..lii.'.- a 
-iiiffle effeot. 

It iinpliea that after beint; ^t i iiiill  
'Il I.I or inactive, and eauae of abw.- 
i ii. ly nothing during all tbe age» . !' 
l  iriiiiiiiigleMi time, it did. auddi nly 
an.l iiiiraculoualy, bo atupaniloiixl  
rliaiiKr its nature m to create a uni 

A'ld laal, though not leant, il pi. 
KeiitH to thinking men and women ili.' 
following i;rot «i|ue propoaitiun: 'Hm 
•inivenie exiata. eonaequeotly a " I lud " 
or •Kimi ^'•'•ael^ aaat have pre- 
rodrd it. Thia "Hrat Cauaa" U eUr- 
nal. Ill ver wa* rreoled and never 
needed a "Creator." It, of couritp, •** 
eternal, and aa aueh exiated from ali 
lime. Hix tbouaand yeara ago. a.- 

...r.liiijr to Hible rhroP'iloKV. Iliii 

Nil ..ll;i i luiiHe or Ihiiiir exipiieil uiili 

111! the iMf.'t of hitnii'".';{l.'*- Iiir 
■ilil not raiiHi' a Holilary lliiiiK ii 
World, mm, uiooii. star,  ;r even a biiik^' 
Mtoiii Kternal darkiieae r.)i|rnt«l 
preiiir, mill inflnilr varum wan i 
.,i»,|i/e,| soli'ly bv llim ''FirHl Can 

"Wd lli.'v 

"I Khoul.l aa tbejr don't coat me 


Mal4, ■! 1..V.. ..v. -Inl K ' 
Thi-rwltli tilB l.fl liaiid h.' Ii.'l|..d' 

60 cent nliiiondH I don't duiilit that 
he lUieH thlnga that are good, but ir he'a going to make tbia a 

Hupply itaMon." 

Aai m aat ritm m 
Aa evenrtttag 

■o Mred and wd 
Aaa itek aa« Bor% 

We all have tejra 

And trumble, too. 




tliiiiK'i*. exiating during the 
pnor to flgOOO yeara ago, when the 
vrrae, a eaerding to tbe Cbriatian 
ihohvy "bacanl" 

Km now the queaiion ariaea. what 
cauied the "Firat Cauae," after 
.1. I inly of iMin-aetivity. to create the 
iiiiiM-inef Here r. rtainly in a n agnifl- 
ri'il and )ii'[ oiiinif effeft (if true). 
The Th.'iHiV '-(loil" or "Firat 
Caiiw." rerlfiii'ly ili.ln f raiiae it, for 
what tbeae woiil.l rml .1.. ..r rauw lo 
be done durinv iIh' eimly (ire- 
'ceding tbia (imaginary i . real ...n. they 
of oounte, wtMild never do. Thia " F'irat 
Caime" ia aiippaai.d to ha omniaeient 
oiiinipreaeiit, and unehangeable. eon- 
tieipiently what thia " Firwt Caiiae'' 

oiiM I 

I'Olll.l d.. .Iiiri.ii 

mt»J »ft4H«»,»!i i. 
Hiiitum- -yeani 
ningi" it, of 

the "lM  nn 
iiiid Dewdo. 

.d". a "Creatiiin," or a "Begin 
ning, ' doea not explain, but inHnitely 
iy«iti(iea, exiatang problema and tbat 
lie i-nly rational aaaunwtion ia the 

lenial pxiatence of all matter, wbieh. 
..ssi ssine within ilaelf nit tbc necea- 
ir\ attnbutiii of iielf-pxiatetice and 
•If f.irmati'iii (not rrealionK need* 

lohitely Jir.ive. 
f..rm 11 ha.- al 

ii\« .'MkI, .1. Mil. I will nlwaVH exii*l. 
iirlli.''. a.-siimiiii; liariiioiiy an.l 
'.ler lo.liy. u-id evolving 
iiiK. ayalema, treea, flowara and men. 
riivei it haa ever evolved anefa fnnns, 
ul that, ronaequently, there never 
a-- .1 flrit world, aun, tree or man; 
II all .iiu li i.lii'iiiimena are but repeti- 
siinilar phenomena having 

v.ilve.l for 
lar flrit w. rl.l. miii 

' pi. 

I thai t 

roll Id 

, linif. It 
. It her eternal atandatill j r atema! 
iMiy— both cannot be true. 

\\ hirh. then, I aak, ie the inoat rea- 
lali'.', llial a " Kiral Cause," of 
n il «,' kn..vv alls.. 111!. Iv liiiijr. 
, I'M.M un.'aus.'.l. aii.l tlieii from 
iiolhiiig ere«te aft iiillnite universe, or 
tbat the hUter, wbieh today exiHts in 
' Mif gfMart.aBd real 

-ia aalf-^riatant and eternal f 

Ta it a faat that curates trenerally 
itiit CbriMian bonaa when tbe biia- 
aml ia at Woritt 

.' elergy are no'Ariona for tbair 
alitv to tba fail an, and purr 
around tba ladiaa like blaak toa-aata. 


"Motber." queried tbe pretty daagfe- 
ter. dtd fatber haTe bla aalaiT 

created when he married youT' 
' .N'fi. rt.'ar," annwered tlie mother. 

■ H'lw I! ,,h «aH h.' Kftilngr' 

■ H .t I SI. |,, 11.. tia.l a lot a( 


-y happy " 
know dear 

See bore, young lady. If tbat pow- 
erty-ktricken dude darea ihow bla taae 
around here a«aia 111 gat yoar la- 
ther to kick bim Into tbe aMMIa af 

next week." 

Tricky Sandy. 
U'MI.. pHHSMiK |jy an oldiashloMd 
iin th.' ti.urlitg were attracted by aa 
iiK'i.'nt hHKpiper, wbo waa toaMag 

la both 

•ho, Sandy!" exrlalmed 
^itlon "Why tlon't you 

iiiiin '•••aKPrt playlnic and 
aHt.inliihment. "Havers, 

. If n 

"Why, my dear." fxp.m 
Ponwinby I 

llatlna a drunk 

"'Alell." HtillTed .Mil,'iby, ill 
I have to May is, If ttiat wajt an 
tatldn you are wBHllnK your talenta 
In 'fre grocery buslneHH. You'd draw 
lioa a week In vaudeville." 


X%9 Ho.,. -Wbat piece will you 
bare. Ml*. Toomli 

Mlaa TcKiiRii' ~y 
lef^aquare lanxent .'ant to 76 segment 
atMjfe the loin diagonal to (at paral- 
lel'io Oh. I beg pardon: I learned 
iheruiH In rooking acbooL — Puck. 

i r*9, inaaaa. 

• -T beard a aua waitb tl.000.000 
wl* ba bad auM aMll^nge." 
fMaw! A maa doaaa't bave t 

w ftb 11,000.000 to wish that " 


The Deacon— Parson, I wish you 
oo4d make your sermons a Utile 

•Sie Preacber (pleaaed)— Why so? 

rhe Daaoon— Well. It aeama like I 
bailljr get to alaap bafttra H'a time to 
get up. 

It Wasn't Keal. 

How Ha Did It. 

'How.' aitked the young lady as 
shi l.iokt'cl with adniiratlun at the 
ru«ged .i.iiwiK. iiiirlaii. "have you man- 
a««d I" Hv.' S.I loiiK and preaerve your 

lly rlxoriiusly derlining lo prari 
wtat m;. friends bave preached ' 
candidly, replied. 

•lightly Mixed. 

What was the lenson at schiHii ihls 
.ifrrnoon. Tommy''" asked the fond 

itad a reading on the destru. tlnn 
of Trre," reapoaded tbe younK^t. i 
Tt'm! Automobile accident, i sup 

|Kie?" a 

'My good woman, doea tbe aystem 
of vtauallaatlon aeem to take with 
year chlMrea at »cbooir' 

'Not all 9t 'am. muai. The doctor 
Hsid wld Maaala and Tommy it baa 

:k fine, but Billy'a ain't took a Ut" 


I he la two-faced T" 

■ is ton faced ;• hln wife ban 

A Queer Sert. 
'What aort of (ellow la Lathers*" 
IHa puta tba aceaat oa tbe flrst i-yi 
iMa vt tbe word •hotaL'" 

^That alager baa a velvet voice ' 


Algy— The boauty of tbia play. Per- 
cy, la- 

fercy— Oh, that aeeoud one (rou, 
end there, I'll bet 

Great thrinkage. 

The last year's balhlne suit will shrink. 

And shrink both day and niaht; 
Until al laat It ahrinka ao much 

Tbe bather ahilafca tioa algbt. 

baM af lato, Mm Oraaar aakad tbe 
ooraer grooar. Urn aeto gueerly." 

'In wbat way?" quarlod Mr«. Oreen 
In aurprlaa. 

"Why, be came In here the other 
day and naked for a ponad of 'Rocky- 
toller butter.' NaTar beard at aacb a 

"Ob. tbat'a aU rigbt Jaha aaaldn't 

Ubmm read abaat 

Tbe ublaa fairly groaaed aade 
their load of good tbiaga. 

But tba bnagrj guaata autakir* r« 

ihiiiK.' yoi 

put In four more 

Aurds, U you wish. 
Lady (suddenly 
PolKeman stationed 
ler!"— Tit HUa. 

Too Much of a Good Thing. 

"Our Kii.-i i.T," said the alleged 

funny in:i!i was trying make 

light of his t.ill for Illumination, "ro- 
ralnds me of a cetitiiiede ' 

"What's th.. anHwer^' .juerlrd the 
lanocert bystander. 

"It haa BO many unneri-imary fe«t, 
you know," repll-.-i the otntr 

After being out 13 seconds tbe Jury 
reiurned a verdict uf "Justifiable homi- 
ride' and the Innorent bysUnder waa 
dlscbarged from custody. 

The Spendthrift 

TJarks— See 
says Halley's conitt may charge 
.■arth» and we'll i 

HJ. nkis My deorxe' Olve me 
Item to take bom« 

Tlarka— Intereated. ebT 

Bjenka-I aknaM aay 
to show It to aiy wlto 
nags BM about aaTtag 

mpJm a ntag V 

I^vakm— Ob. MyrtUla. yoa daat 
really aad traly aMaa tbat yawn 
never, aaear aee me er ape ak ta M 

Myrtllla-Taa. air. I da, aM wkm 

yon «" . — . _ 


■laated Hopea. 

Mr. Stuhh— Maria, do you rememb  
that millinery store that had surh a i 
I display of fall tial.s' Well, j 

rythinn is reilucd | 
Irs Stuhb - 'irarlouH. what a 
chance for hargaiiiH! And everyihUiK 
U reduce.l .lolin- 

Mr Stuhl. Y.'H, reduc'il to anhos 


Another Hero. 

"He's a champion, la he? He doegn't 
)i)k It Champion of what?" 

Y.Mi don't keep oljreaat of the 
t hamplon cigarroot 

. IlKhti 

«lth t] 

Bleeker— 1 bear ha died of appendl- 

Bnxter— Ob, It coalda't bave baan 
that; why, that waa wbat they oper- 
ated on him iv.r. 

Tbafa U. 

The Oracle Explains. 

■lit of Polities — .An.l » 

■to telllns, an' — mark my words! 
bala't far wroag.— Puek. 

He Ilk.' the early bird, my eon." ad- 

•h.. f .n ! par.-nt, "and you will 

) ilato youngster 
sin ess for me," he 

!xlns Case, 
er raliinx ou blank 
iliij to rerlt.-i— Seems 
I u ought to be able 
iUHstlon with all the 
 ' K. ning back there, 
profesaor. thera'a 
of oplnloa azonad 
—The Gargoyle. 


chnKer-' " 

'H'here are va-lous kloda," 
S.'iial I Sornhuiii, ■although 1 
that most of them are more or laaa 

iluemed by 

■a In Ik 

r baa a pat 9t gM at tba aM 

Qantla PersujialaN. 

McCorkle— la It rtgbt to i| 

man as of the "n 

MrCrarkle— It la U tba aabjaat la 

.Mr  orkle— What haa tbat to do 

with It? 

McCrackle— Why, It ba la MRlad 
kla wife perauadaa blm. 



(C NiUuuu^ from pitgv one.) 


of Hmui; and — Mary of Jaaua, who 

aKo bi'hiii.l Aii|fel», •h««| - 

lin.l.s M.ui'iiis 

iIk' ( liiixtiaii iierpvtriitt'il r. worse iu- 

famy tbM bluniiaf tktm book*. 
They atiribvt«d to PMpkiy thM 

whirh Im nevitr did writ* and then 

priHri'iliMl lo "ill,- \pr.v wt ak 

HrKiiiii. nls ■■ winch tln'V I 

'111.. I 


iliowriiK the roHMuuiiiK ai{uii|4( ChnH . 
tiauily to ba iuaiifnifieanl.'THorvforr, 
aa Taylor Mjra, '"Htey Mtribut«d 

.■. tU ia the birthday givet 

I fur Uac 

(of Cbaldea), Mithrn, SakU j ',' 

I mils Ihrt'ttteiifd by hostiU- ruler* we 
iKivf fbru'hna, /A-roaater, Al- 
. . I.-S. Vii, Kuiixt, liiJra, bMohua. 
lu.iiiiiliis SalNuliiinii, and our dMur 
triMiil .liT-Mr.' ot Umm who d»- 
MviidvU iiit4. Iii-ii iiikI w«r» raMUTMt- 
mI after thnf* tiayii may ho aaned 
QtMulesU, Ubriahiia, Quirinua, rro- 
nMth««i, (Mria, Aty«, Milhra, C'hri.i^ 
and follow-my-leadr ^ J«iim! We 
tract' tlu  Trinity in Hrulimunisni, Zo 

I- airainat i 
|K wt«rfiil 
Kirnt lh«* iMokH, hut tlifir 
lli..i- i Tliry riMui tlieir bliwii i 

Sfri|iliii»'« by tb« light of tbe b. ii- | 
tirM tlit-y made of their oppuiteuts ' j 

Hut w« mual draw our remarka to| 
a clow W» have nut Koiir itil» IhiH | 

aa murli mali-rial uj- jh.?. j 
I. tb« v«ry Usiitad apaw ikt\ 

rhal.l.M. China, Mexi.-... aJi.M ir.«.v.. 
And then the oerraiooy of ih - K i 
ehcriat waa obwnrad by tha Eaacnm, 
P«nUiM, PythagorMuia aad OnosOcH. 
who tia«d aa elrmmts bread htu^ wa 
tcr. It wan al»o tmi^littbv th.- Itrali 

ti..ywl St. J.iMin lhal lie rcmark^-d "''"'^ ''["'"""'o'V .,• 

spirit iatiWaad into the my.t*ri«. 'Y**^'"* 

1909— 1909 

iHHe drtss NMe mum VMe 

Contalninf^ Fifty-two Copies of The Blade and all handaomely 

^ bound in Blue Buckram with gold letters. 

$3.00 Reduced from last year's price $3.00 

• . 8iibNffib« NOW Mi4 get your SMM Ml th* ttfl tiM. 

of Mitkrm." Btieh ia th« Chriatian 
expUMtiM, but tb«rr will b» tboM. 
wbo wiU dcalara that all th«M) UitI* 
ttiry tale^ have a rommon oriiciii. 
Well'iffle-ht St A-!i."mtirie remark 
llml ■•Tins IP :r   ,\ is 'ii.- r|i, ,,l 

c«utiy hauuK reot-ived that ii.i 
and Euaebiua ttU» n* thai " I'll, 
liiioa of J«mw Ckriat te Milh^ 

nor etratJif*." 

W   rw|H ririillv  iil niit that t li 

VM.W tbo fraud and da- 

,(^„t wiih which ChnKtian hiatory 
aboiindo. an.l ^in a-o-ininiK to .liai el 
thf notion Idnl •iich n myllnriil i»T 
Konaf^ aa the Chiist ..f tlx- K..iir 
(;.,.,„.|. i-viT Hjiatnl. *»• ahall havr 
I ,, ,,..f*..ur objwjt. Wa have fur- 
,1 a iiiaKastiv of information 
p. III.' siihjrrt which nr. prieat  .r 
. . , ^- . w r lik.'ly t.. -Iiwli 


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I Dm. 91. ItOt 

«lir  but the ilaatl know 1 
tbiiig. Hut nu, lhay an. w 

Im-Iicvc that, for Jnwm tri 

r him 

.mI "^Hl .l.s ( I , «, ,,(■ t|„. Four 
(i w|n'l» ever The ueareot ap- 

pruaak U anything of tha kind ia tba 
Taeitus paaMiga in wbiok Cbnat ia 

mentionetl aa having bean yiul to 
deuth Hut be it known unto you, 

my brethri'M, the ctlabratad paiuct 
was nerer leen by mortai Ban asttt 
tbe Fifteenth Centtirjr. Ihe K«v. 
Kobrrt Taylor wfortua (lhc|f«) 
that "tbe ttnt publicaliAu of any 
part of the annala of Tacit ua waa by 
.lohani.e d 
year 1 ItiH 

MiiKle —Himri^ it bit vwn 
•ioB oaly, and par- 

|K rini^- to iiH e been written in tbe 

.•i^:litli reiitury. Krom thia maou- 

k-arueti would know of, none but lbe|iheiii . 
■MM a«iioM woald invaatigau, and 1 nil h 
MM bat tba WMt ioteraitad would not. 
tniMBribe, or woald be allowed to I Con 
tranaeribt, and that, lo... in an a fi« mm 

•Oggi'oteil Lilt a doiibl ii^'aiiisl lh«|liv.' 


„ , . i.,r tli..iiitli 111" cl'-no ••J'' 
i,,iHt. ..I Uevelati..!! with a capital 
|{. th.iM  bo the kind of mtbUiuaa 
which Ihey like not. 
well. , 



WM OIkM W* DMt Smv.— 
Auk MU Smm W Wkk U 

■lalrl^eul up a btti* with llir 

ritiua, and tbajr will aauh on 

tnrtb to dMidc 
tbey will pull Ihr wnrnx alnut; e\ 

"^ere ia a in tin- • .■.-.n 

rallinK theniarlven Ihe "Ki llow. is 
Jmua," and were quite numcrou 
few yean a(u, but lotlay tli .. .i' 
aiiiiiuiil l.( n.!ich, they have Imv. 
woiiili rfiilly .li».-'piira»fisl "^m 

i l« 

(By Joel M. 1 
Tbacw ia bo dnfvr i 

tratb; lb* daiwer ii la ttjrin« 1 sa   il 

to beliwe to/tfneh th* It not ttwe. | P«»"' 


»lth the |* ' ' 


of which th».  il« not. -r «•»" 
jMnuobly know anythlll^' iilfi iil 
i!i«lticntly*tl.ey have r,c|fle. |e.l ih.' 

ting in good faith 1 
•ii.atljr Mat to aoak 1 

1.1 '•h.i 

,if this life and 11 

inticily of any duciuiieni which 
tba aythoritiaa bad once ehuaen to 
adapt ■■ svidMMa of Chriatianity 
would have au^jaatad tba aonaeiaa- 

tiiMia skeptic to tbo fagot; from thia 
all other maniueripta and printad 
ci )iieH of tbe worka of Taeitua are 

Jerivci! Taylor cruadpra thia paaa- 

o in Joaepnui, wheK- Jeaua la referrtd 
to, admittad on aU'^anda to be a 
foigu7, aad whiab aa aiMb hM bwo 

Ifivtw up by every a«holar of note 
the cliiirrh |»imsi*acii. It waa a!?   
i.-|.-,i..l by llii fii« Ml..ii.iell. 1^- 
I 1.1.., \an.lal.-, Hisli.ip Warbiirl-.n, 
and Tanaquil Fabor lake wine the 
^rcat Ur. Lardnar. It waa ttrat man* 
tioned by EuaeUM, wbo probftbly 
fiirKed it hintaelf. Gibbon aaya of it, 

) "The |MUii^l   ertilli),' .l.-»il.« 

OriK'eii and that of Kiis.bniH may 
furnibb an example of no vulgar for- 
gery:" And hero we may aak, if 
there existed undeniable avidence 
that t'hriat ever live l, win re wu» the 
iiwd aii.l what waa tb« obj.*-! of wicli 
forKcriear It i» pnlly clear that 
there waa no evKlciice, anil that tlie 
CbriKtiBiii* thoiiKht it about time that 
they uianufarliircl B Hiinipl.' or two. 

Daille, on the "I se of th. Fatli 
era," ramarka: "This opinion haa 
alwaya baan in tbo world that to 
lettla a certain and a«Hiired falima- 
tion u|K»n that which is ;;..o(l and true 

■ mizad op 
(,■ to make 
i tlietii that I 

.li^ui. Iiaa never yet tiirii.-i up 01 
ahtfwn hiniaalf iu our eaao- we n«i 
pcrfaetly eontaat that kia am ice* ar. 

neetled; but in c 
call on iiK hn-l n 
I of HiniM-lt 


It worth liviiiu .lei 
jiiat up above us m a 11.   her v 
whore he and U.hI r.«de. lhal 

HO much niore b."« than . . „ 

one- that the atreeta are |«vod with »»y thia: !•»» our part. 
Koia. and that all they will have to|lbouM«d to on., rather -"•« 
' will Im. I.. Mil* prai».-« U, Ihe «l «n to k.K.w. Awl it woul.l hlj-e 

„ f I )),. ' Im.1'11 ten thoiiaand tinitw beitar a r 

.... w..n.l.j-- 'h.. ,-..,.l. or ihi. wo.ld had tl^ 
.,ich lli« i..«.lui.^- '■'■" ■ ■ ""l.v. idiotic task. 

(My .liiel M. Ilerry I 

lie above caption ta uaed by I be 
A. Timea, over a apeeiaJ diapateb 

latod H|i(ii«Seld, Maw., June Jrd, 

whic:. r^ada aa foUowi: 

"The iiiiiniihililj for the earth 
•ake diaaater raais largi|y upon the 
. linia Ihenuwlveo and n ^ u)m.i: AI- 

• .1.-. 


I I aw ford Ml the piilpit 
liraae Mathodwt Cbiireh louiKht. 
larri^i I* tb*  MfMf lad earth- 

lak-  «-cli..n, H#v. MrtVawfoid 

M.I I 


. ih.-y 

The body of the «K»'d iMvro. lound 

Miiday wifiii '-ny on .Man 

beater r.iad, near »ekei al . in. k' n 
ranrlieM, waa buried unidenliHeil after 
I invMligattou. 

The body, wbieb waa badljr daeoni 

Nie.|. was fiMiiid by Wm. RrhmidI, 

ureal 111 M'veral plar 

II la 

the urfiv 

I \l». 

I a chicken thief who 

everal I mien by rt» iil- 

I. ,li«a|i|H.Hn.l s.MTai v....l s atf.' 
IH lli 'ii,:lil thai 111.- iie({r.. » a« hIioI 
thai tune and crawled int«» the 
briiah to hide. I'orler Hohwrta handled 
the iNKly after thi' rcfuaal of «»rr A 
K.dwanU lo lak* the eaae at the cor- 
oner 'k order The deeadant w«ra • 
iniek coat. A hymn book and ailk 
hat were nearby.— Uua Angalae Re- 

Can it be aaid tbal Iba Chrialiai 
Kky-pilota and Hii il J Bdpw aaw 0 
viip oppiMiiioa at th* w t l iltii 

their aermonat 


o( Liberal 

mnailr modarn 

problaa ol the Woman lu Builiiet*. 


A moDlhly p.rloillcal. 11 dMli with 
ORttilMH. thaorliin i f Mai-r'B««. of Kthtcs. 
of Kelltflon. o( Brotbvrhood, of tba belief In 
lniin. riailty. It traal* i.roadtjr of love, ol 
Human In.ilnct* and Idiwli. It takei — 
tr.e wlioi* Wh.*lotUf*,tr«MlBaaileab eeM 
f. •tjr.-.arlrar, plaluaadtptoF war UMtha 




.'monihiTiii •iib»cVlptto"n to theVSSif 

or Lira. Aadre** 

IjrS PU& CO. DMk A.8t Uai^ Mas 


, we wuih lo hrfvv our aay : 
fr% pirmiat in telling Ilea a 


. hei 

why idi..uhl lltev ex| erl 

nd s.'ii.l 
 .|l f 111* 

I 111. 

It il* Mat.-.! that the l.ord will awi.l | nur- - 

' II..-III 

etrmngv deliiwona upon the people to 
make them believe lie«. 80 we think 
he fnlfllWo hi« promiiw faithfully 
wlii'ii III- wit .I -sii« here to delude 
.l.s-.iv.utii. i.«-oi,l.- .leeiii Him- 

. 11.- 

n Sif ll:*^ kind 
oma to eecd |« a. e /. 
; I eame to wi 'h- p - 

Tliink I 

t lhal 

worry i 
teaehiiitrs 1 
lunatic as  

all til 
I bo llfte.1 lip 

from the earth I will draw all njon 
.into nie." Vea. He will draw tbin 

by lellinc ihcMi that in eaae ll|fy 

hat.- Ih.-ir falli.T an. I ni  llii-r. bn-H.-r 


;,.! . 

.s on llini. il- «iii 
. then, aa on.- of Ilis disci,**, 
ilont' want^any diaeipleahip w|th 

..III of I 


"I r «ie nart ,»-a.r. but ti 

„,! " The {« o,,le. iio-.vever. are e 
, „|„1 that th.y won't b-i,'«ve p 
wli.n He tells tliein thia. HiJ'.]'' 

he info.Mis them, if ihey! Iruth ia thia: Neither Jeaua 
't believe 1I.. V will Lurelv be ' ""v Ctlier livinif man ever ha# Wen 
,|,;,t ,lift. l. as h,' says, out ..f thia w-tld 
nlive aii.l s.-l (..wii in annlher; llal 
would be cheatiiiK Nature out of *lier 
jiiat deaerta, and tha'i ia aomHilni. 
that baa nevar yet been done, ^»\ 
ever will be done. ^ ■ 

damned," Ijicy 
ill at 


primitiv* tiatM siada ua* of thaa* 
d*e«ito, •**!)« for a good and they 

made no acniple U) torg* wh ile 

b.,oks." (H. I, c. :t). 

And all tlip ti-«tiiiiorv au'iimsl 

phry wrot4- 110 Ips.s ihiin thirty vol 
lu&ea eriticiaiuif il. un.i t'l'-c hy 
ChriatiM ordora were n burnt. 
Conea the question - Why . Why, 
brethren. whyT HernuHo llies« b.M.kf 
would df.iibtl».sfl hav   shed tiH  
str.iii(f a lit{hl on the Hub.)e -t. an.l aa 
Huhop Burnet (not Burnit) aaid: 
"Too much light ia htnrtful to waak 
ey**." 80, w, BidMi*, ao, wi But 

(ell* than all about tbe life to 
and tha laod tbing* tba^ U* 
liaa in |tor* far than, it sata tbem 

Hut listen! .leeiis aska them .m one 
orrasioii. at leiiat : "Whom do ni.-n 
M,y ll.Hl I. the .'^■.n  •( .M»ti. am'" 
Did you ever hear of a more ailly or 
mora oontradietory qu*ati m aaked 
thaa that! Th* truth ia thia: If 
.TeeuH waa Ihe « in of man, aa h* 
•^aVH. then hi- was iii»t th« Son of   od 

ki.. ^^ 11 "li""* another life 

I ih.ii, .iii  otlior man. Hut 
when- Ihi- trouble oimea in. 
It ia claimed for .leaua that He w.mea 
on tbe atage uf action under the 
irniae of a niystwoua or miraculoua 
birth Boinetliinir a little different 
III. But in lurninit to 
(Inil that nothinc nivs 

all . 

lally, afti-t 

till- • 

lllble tell. lull, lli.ii 1.0 liai . v.r 
lo heaven. Why should .Mr ('ra« 
rurd p*raiBt m ablfllUK Ibr blame • 
the iwfttl dtaaaler upon the |iuor. 11 
noeent man, when hi* HibU- lei 
liim in pUo. ianiriiaL'.- -Sliall th. I 

Which tio y..ii projsis.- lo 
if Mthor-tha Urd or Mr 
fordf The Uord aaya 1 
l.rtiiH (hat He la Ihe aiilli.. 

, ,rl, «o,i ,„ ll..,l. 1..,- M, 

thai th- Arrh(Mah.ij» of 1 am. 
haa ivfuaed lo eimtinue r.-i-i 
it.}jlMIO a year for praaebiiw "I 

be ye poor!" 


Til aaid that tb* braina of the 
Hviraire Chriatiaa •ridanea aaa ar« 

i.nly III to be boiled down into bill- 
it ieken' pait*. 

Il will be nbaervtd that |ianHiii 
imitalc .leauK in one re«.|ieel he roih 
|siu donkeys and Ihey  1 i Ihe sam.' 

Is II Inie that tin- rich r .1 bl.-.n 
11 till' averaire parwm °a luise 1 
routrhl about by indi|ri-«tlioii 
,i| by,l» Ni3 ef 

It IS siimctimea aaid that Chriatian BLUE GRASS BUBE, Flllllillifin, 

.arsons prefer nwnaiona on aartb tol MH iMkglHh It. 

h'-r in Heavvn. e . I 

r till- 

.lahlr lav 

irllldi' tin. 

' liii 

|M opl  

lelihi.-s Ihr ,H-op|.-. or .■!' 
delude themaelvex in 
hii teaehinga. 
Acain, the queation ia aske.l. 
a man dia, ahall h* Uva again f" and 

■If II 

I hea 

.rils a 

aaved I 

lieve not, I jinlKe hint :« f  r T 
came not to judife Ihe world, hu' lo 
aave the world." (John 12:47.) ^Vby 
He not tell them thia in the be- 
ginninir of Mis *vorkT II would hkr* 
..r liea bdng 

balievi- llin, or ii..t. hr ,^ not t-iiiL' 
to jiulu'i- *iiin. bill •'■■i^i' I'lni Till I IS 

iiitj a*i be 
I, andpia 

iti.-s for another world, or  nt 

ler | lai-i  :ire ju*t B* good aa it tTi 

I H|tent a life-tim* ainging iinisn 
the Lord. 


'Tin itrangii that whtlat t'hrialihna 
naider that nnrderere are not f| »o 
Uvc with dceent fo!k on earth, they 

tha quaation ia ptomptly aaawared are qnit* god *Koagh lo mil witi. jib* 
thM. Tka Utrinf kMw tkat tkqr ikidi fory mIbU ia floty. 

r 111.- II ni.TlereiKv of I'rovi- 

nr.. ;' ^j.,ii. sophistry. If I'rovid- 
1,. i-aniiot 1;-- tnisl«l to car* for 
~ ..wn 111 I Ills III'.-, what SMiirance 
IM wr that III- will viih- a hiMi- 
II of happini-sM for hia i'; ithfiil 
u-s in a life lo riHiie. 
Tbe leaaon tbi* great cal.inniy 
learhea ua ia thia: Tb*r* ia n , u. li 
Ihinit n« an Almi|;hly and All-ni. 1. 1 



pheii^niena of Nature, 


Aii|{URt ;tO 3l. September 1 


Koiind trip liekels via the (juoin 
ft CrcHcent Koute, will b* aold Aug. 
:m. M, Kept. 1 and 2nd. good reinrn 
ing until Keptember 3 1910. Bound 
trip rate from Laiingtoii to Bomr- 
ttt, Kjr.. for thia oaoMloB it |MI. 

If you want to be of ser- 
vice to the cause you es- 
pouse, and at the same 
time help some of your 
friends, you can have The 
Blade sent tb ten of them 
one year for Five Dollars 

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