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date (1869-05-06) newspaper_issue 


ll edlterfal •—*■*. pev 

I It — lew. M pereMit «wrr rvp» 


iag aad affecting yet earnest manner JV* Wa an indebted lo a fatal wHbeot avti -feo btadssf •svilmnef U . A. ■ . 

ha M hla audience along, directing ***** •* Math Ksotueky ta^palrj aaaai net for tteefidteusehu mi omte mnwlmg rUwMTTTf itllirr Tr— r 

thair atUntma 10 tba groat charter up- fiw the following n m n ta* n *i efesmp that vara etufod with straw and bung _ 

a* which tha para priorities of baaav Ufc aad prwvisienal government i aphtha Md Ip the tadaetiwoa lady. A^^oU7 ^jrr«liT   ^!   ' J 

oleaoa aad aharlty M inscribed, aad la tha Uttar part af tha wUtar, IM4, At kagth, b oww e r , tha Maa atraah bar D. 0. April It, IW ) 

pointing tba wqy to trath, directing while Oaaaral Johnston's anay war ip K  half oat bar haahaad. ’Dandy Jia,' Gator*! Orders, Mo. SI. 
the Odd Fellow lo the attain that link* winter -quarter* at Dalton. Oa., the Km- • aaara-araw, vhkh waa daaa, aad H*’** **b day of May proziao-* 
him to his fellow, aad to Him in whom tuehiaas.that wara.thaa U the floe to. re- thaMrda ware tat aaly aa frightened  «ky aal apart by fee Grand Aray of 
ha a eat believe to be a aaraher af the elected Representative* to tha Coahdar- that they iaae d iUaly qait takiag ap tha **• to commemorate tha glo- 

Order. He depicted In beautiful color* ate Congress at Richmond. Tba Ira oora, bat they nrrightway went aad ltam «ka da of oa r departed oomrmde# — 
the charactarlMiaa of tha Order, the Keataeby brigade (iofootry) waiit the hr ought hark that which they had tabta, w111 •* J Hned thruaghaat the United 

TwntteawaH— Ite m*) 

The lark ebadawa bang dewee craned 
the eld gaay beitdiag. The graaa ea tbw 
lawn waa tangled aad weedy, aad tha 
graveled walke were over g rown with t. 
teri Oaly a aiagU light ehoaa cat aa 
tha Maobaraa af eight It ghated aa 

winged their flight, never la 8utm *■ "+ — « aa baflta the 
hi it, j,!-,,!,,, n ff| aolatnnitiaa of tba oooaatoa, aad aa will 

neb a bideoaa speeteeta. oadylag love of a gtatoAd 

aaw, geatteaMa,’* aaM tha P*°pta hr tha memory of thoae who 
M tbia awld aturr la laaraiiaa died that tha aatioo might live.— 
frfond Wtampei ,»Zriy . Thiala thaaeoond public abaervaaee 
way ‘Dmriy Jim* did aa tha **• ocoarion, which la traatad will 
w la act aaly gaiag la fail aa* reoar yearly while there retnaina a heart 
be date aa aaw hi — i af da- loyal to tha aaaaa la which our coat- 
  Traftfinn.' aa aa al have mlo Ml, aad while tha moving prta  
■ la going ta pay back that dpUof that etrnggle U worth praaar- 
tam already received, aad that, ring. If our organisation had no 
aooM ha nothing more thaa other object, that alone af haopiag 

green tha raat l ag-pldoaa of oar aatton’a 

h iateally, Mr. 1- 

Mr. t , a* ai 

gala. Tha bona 
Tbjrd Diatrim, n 

tag la decay. 1 
aaly a ilagla —re 

let Md M numlar* 

et»u, wha ever w ate ban over aa— or that qairica aa to tba state af heaifc and ex 
ether amblam to which tha children of tended assay other ktadaep toward 
laraal, might look, aad ba bawled. Ia them, u' oaly eaadidatee bead how. 
u_ dignity of manner, la elegance of er | ■ -Oa p bright forenoon ia |aaaary— 
raageaaent ba praanatad tha principles very *priag»kko— e b'agta w« aaaadad 
of the Order, Ha (Utialice, iia acta of og an old fleld that wan hetwem the can 
charily and b an awola a ca, aho wing that laaawaU aad railroad, and nee tba aig 
the Order feom tha cumber of Iva who all lor political « p e ek in g. Sown tht 
orgwaiaed Waabiagton Lodge, No. I. eaaapa wane deserted, and adywacrowd 
Inirdm In the city of Baltimore, oa the Mth waa adjected around the aped af a little 
day of April 1119, baa iaoreaaed - knoll, where a eanall aireta via lab fta 
til It mnabera over two band red aad the apaaketa to occupy . Asatawst tta 
fifty thoueaud membare ta good stand- entire' 'State’* waa there ew aaaaa, anal 
lug in the United tftatea, who have* quad id ale had hie wiahed if eeuatite 
euliated in the great oauae of benrvo cat* before hi*, aad all atlraaaad tta 
lenoe and truth, whoae banner over meeting in turn, 
them le feer.and around wboee alter, of , Film the rotund aad pertlt Dr. Jake 
friend-hip, love and truth, gather the ll#a .poke. He kept pyetafnrwuad tta 
member* of every daaa, profoaaton a,id little circle pith hi* bead* i t hi* punk' 
occupation of enlightened men, front #u  — Ia*. m Tmj gad apeeeh 

the humblest mechanic, laborer or or How the boy* laughed, whuTaaa trail 
tiat to the V ioe Free idem of the U nil&d CUH whittling aad elaitari f down tta 
Stele*, embracing among her member* lrtck  t-Hg, Duetor. | auieing lot 
the able*! minietera and profeaeion.l j( taid thrt h , willing tc 

me. of oor country. In a word the ad. ,. UuW hu hon ,» ^ { , ; L M living, 
dreea w H reptate with alltUtwaacnl b#t th . t ^ eo#w nut 'oomite with . 
culmed io awaken fueling* of gratitude |, jrt ^, g1 i Tf * 

in the member* of the Order, and make Then ^ ^Ulate* r^reeaed tha 
them tael proud of the principle* which oro „ d . w^e'drunaed in breed -cloth end 
they have evpouaed, end or that great hotdiac hnte;^theJ ta ofllcer*’ 

uiiaaion upon which they have entered. w .th ‘wiiber -ar or ban on 

1 cannot | tea* ovei without noting t |( a jr' cutlet*, eider*, eg* a. in plain 
the beau tit u I lonna and I'auca that weie[.^, e Vu h'f bent on go 

to be aee4 ae wo inarched through and ' , na to Conarvaa. ' 
along . ■ J-treete. owe  -ko 1 forge) 

,«n r Ul forma of thuec who ftp y 
alloiitive Ver to the addl -«a of i u 
cadion ; Jhe age! and veueiaUc 
Miller In nil llie elaatioity of ’  
aeemingly, though 86 yearn o 
ami tlie dignified aad graeuful fi i 
that able June! of Kentuckv, 1I( i 
llreck, whoae bead i- whileuu i 
with more than four acute wiutem 
I hia ere aoema aa keen and uax^bi 
ilav* of yore. And that other ag l 
formerly of Mndiaun, kl*j. A. J 

whoae flow of wit reunite yon woi|a and ' die member* u it .aid teoeneil. for 

to hie earlier life, waa there, But ,«rviio* rend.-rrd, out of the gwld which 

nu birth V Lmrrt g. 

Ural yr*. tor r,'ry MnnthlKiMl eMl. 

tlwl hath not lent lb* li* — 
pul dm to ab— ml iwl feu, 

IV (luv, uf tjrninitjr, 

rn'iwiii, me **#»* — — 

IrV HufTiitmik, W. M. 

BTANPftUO a. a. ffiAPTfifi. 

U. SU ium-, ryrrj umul M m Ur nleWt In 
wrh unaili. i* H. V-O--, It. P. 

1.0.0. P. 

jvtareea uaut, a*. ■ 

1 niMi »»t*7 Mblunlby nltbi 


Mrtr urvftr  U«*. If Bo w »**•■** «tl«e, 

In ftit*. i* mi .mil, aihI 
Th/.I * • Ul% lf *9 Al# llfie , ’t|, 

H I ,#•11 ii- ni g |»| —tin!   I hr liotir. 

Liv.iifl mfiktl r.iivitMl, ami hutting  fc»wn 
Kriafii tr «IT pa*.!? glo*M. 
tHa*mr In ' he eoWJIrre a*ih Ihnjr WW, 
Anal fiDirift m pi V iljr 

Tl»r^ Bit* pill# in of rtnoalB hy Amy, 

Anal piiUi « of un by nl .h 
I’nrn tng gnuinn tor noullim n Mlt, 

To iinnor. tmih «inl ilglil. 

The licenae or A retail liquor denier | a compilation will he mmle and pnb 
remain* at twenty-five dollar*, bnt the li^ed, me e national recognition of 
condition ie changed. The tew now sympathy with ibeee memorial obaer- 
deflnee n "retail liquor de^er” to be van cue. 

one who aelia, or otter* for enta, for- II. I. bee bpen determined not to 
eigu or domestic distilled epirite, wince preecribe any form of ceremony for 
or tnalt i.qnora, in lesa quantities than universal obeervanooa, but each poet, 
five gallwi at the ease time. or any number of poets, may arrange 

I he license of the wholesale liquor together such fitting services as cir 
ii uler also remains st one hundred doi- cumstuncea will permit. Department 
Ihrs, but the condition is also changed^ ^commanders will u*e every etTort to 
The "wholesale liquor dealer” ia tie- perfect arrangements for the occasion, 
fined to be one who eelU, ov, offers for, The newspaper press are requested to 
sale, lorurgn or iVMMesMe t—oiteo -pir-i v, th a.o.tar — 

its. wines, or malt liquors in quantities m. DrpVrtment and Post Comman- 
of not less than five gallons at the tame , ders are specially enjoined to preserve 
time end forward to these headquarters e 

The lloeaee Ux of the rectifier is still copy of iho proceedings (ia printed 
two hundred dollars, but under the form so far as possible) which take 
law the "compounder'* of the act of pteoe in earryieg out this order. 

July 20. 1868, is now n " reel i tier, and 

attorneys at Law, 


[T | Bel* prartlrw In ll»s counties of Lincoln, 
| lhi  Is siul OflftBnl. 


attorney At Law 


s mCK~ tV»rl %•* «. (nul  

u(Sed the flrtoi. *’ tafw CM ' ruortliis 
agam«i J ud i e Durneuw |hfybu»ih- Dis- 
trict, wbe a a* a ccodiJsje for re-election. 
Thompson was aa old “wue palter,” 
and wet then n memta-r of the Pro- 
vi,ion»l Council, or r— tar the "Legiels- 
tetnre** of Kentucky, which wa* 
mounted ou wta «U. At that lime there 
ea* aa agly —ary gom^ the round* 
through the ‘'State” to ^ie effect that 

dittrcit. Sat the psttioiiate grief wa* 
eooo tubilaed, and we knew iron tier 
anxious glance -he we* watching for her 
busbood's return. 

What was to he done? 

The residence w# were satisfied bed 
been selected with n view to escape. If 
w* wsiied for bun to ester lb* dwelling 
jt wee almost certain be woeld evade u*. 
If w* sought ie apprehend hint before he 
got thorn, the dense darkness would aid 
hie escape. 

It was et Inst eonslnded for Mr. I. Is 
remain outside white I entered lb* 
building srd awaited his onming . I bavw % 
rarely performed a more unpleasant 
duty. I sould scarcely tell you why ; 
but I dreaded on iotewiow with the lady, 
whoa* devotion end bmatem had won 
my tjmpalby. Bat it wus tarn another 
ia eta aoe ta whieh the foelinge of ear bet- 
ter nature have to yield to l bo impulse* 
of duty. 1 hewn had many ouch ta- 
ns ver on* that grated se harshly no my 
(celiaf*. Beeeh i n g the door. I finally 
obtained adnuttaaoa, and waa, ohowa by 
tko eorvaat to tbo room, from which the 
light shauo out iatotho dorkoes*. 

•May Imqahre the nature of this in- 
trueiou, sir T” Icquirod the lady with a 
grave dignity, and yet -with a e a r roe hi I 
cadence that went te my heart. 

"Madam, my buutaem ‘ta vhh your 

Her foe* b l enche d «I my l tad.end her 
ntteraaee wee trimn l — uhea aha said: 

"He te not hen I'* 

"1 know It, madam, bnt ha will ha 
■own. I cannot axpreee to you how 
dnanta I rogrot the duty lam nailed oa 

IV. As the 39th of May on the Sab- 
instead of bin license being limited to baU)i poett M at iiborty to oboerve 
twenty-five dollar#, it ia increased to ,,; thor lh ^ t ( ] ay or Saturday, the 29th. 
two hundred dollar#. ! By order of' JOHN A. LOGAN, 

Commander- in- Chief. 

in ’ktjuera, whose eolee, including sale* 
of oil other merchandise, shall exceed' 
twenty-fl ve thousand dollars, shall each 1 
pay an additional tax at the rate of one 
dollar for every one hundred dollars 
of salve of liquors in excess of said 
twenty-five thousand dolls a, and on 

nramn of old-uidiwrhi. 

A sootob paper tbes details them : 

When a women begins lo drink her tea 
without angar— that’s a symptom. 

When a women gives s sigh on beer- 
lag of a weeding —that’s a symptom. 

When n woman begins to say that 
she'* refused mnay oa offer— that’* a 

When a woman begin* to soy what a 
dreadful set of ere— ere# men me, and 
that aho wouldn't bo bothered with one 
for all Iho world — that’* a symptom 

Whan a woman begins tn have a little 
dog trotting star her— that’s a 

When a woman begins Vo have a cot 
at her —bow at nwol times, and gives It 
sweetened milk— that’s a symptom. 

When n women begin* to be ashamed 
lo take off her bouoet in a gcntlemaa’s 
company haamma aha’# aa cap on— that's 

Whoa a woman begins to ehango bar 
shoe* every time the eomee tain the 
house after n walk— that’s a symptom. 

Whsa a woman bogies te say that o 
servant lam has on business te hnvn a 
sweetheart— that's a symptom. 

When a woman hegtaa te rah her 
lager* over the eheire and tehta te ho 
if they me dnety— that’* a symptom. 

Own-* — ‘ Oreosiv* Uveas Uouaa." 

.IV) ETA . vroMlX , AT. 

illiM iirmn «« wh w«hu w ■■■ wren (Q |q« UMDIBOlWflflM. f •  fVUUn* 

there woo the dinner ! Of it wbq aholl j had repudiated "Cel. ^ 

I »*y ? The Uhten worn apreat with t ho mottet ea* going harft/ ageiut 
everything that could plooao Up ey«, | Thompson ia the caavas# *o he at 
or tempt the appatRo. AudjRging templed an expionatien. He said that 
from the nutiouo of the bother* 1 j 4 WIW ^ aa ol* hod been tbn “tew,” 
the expression of their eye* nmjrouu-l hut now it wa* reveknd, sad a* for m 
tennucen, and the motion oi their ho waa iodividealiy eoaoeraad, ho in* 
bamla and mouth*, there waaevery- tended, as soon aa *Me. to pay hack the 

thing to delight, and supply lifiir ap- gold whieh ho hid rooaivod, taking __ ^ ^ 

pell to* i and whan they all oat t their Cue fed era to ourroscy in— ad. Then, one bundled and filly* berrel* an 
boarU content, there wu plefiy left, after making m aleburote opoonh upoo nnally, and in addition thereto the to* 
I cannot spook In tonus too Igh of o.her matters, ha istimd. of four dollars per barrel of forty prool 

those whose good Judgment jteuned Immediately a load sail waa made fur ga u oni . 

such an entertainment, or tta. gener. Colooul Phil. Lee, of the Bseond Hegi- — 

one hearts, fair hands, nohl prin- men t, and that geotleman — ppad into Twsetr Acres t Hess— noaea. 

tuples nud the guotlnoM of thop kind tke ring. There we# n merry twinkle ia A correspondent thus writes of tta 
ladies who prepared the good tlrg* tor hia eye. and tha aedience knew that a Cou'ederale burial place at Malvert 
I the comfort and grotifleatio  of the j ^ood joke wo* to follow. . Hill, Viigtnln: 

Watoh Maker, 


utormf. M. nateifm, . 
XTAtVim. Clnefea, Jmls, and 
fr Naatljr pppnlrvd. and ir—fVuln 
It. A An uftrloim of Iwmly 
ro*«a to na tkal Watetos rvaatn-1 
 rui |in |inrly Kates |elt Oar w w   

Odd Folio wo Mtpuipntod la file fcest| d;daU , VM 
and celebration. The day wll ever bo jn th , Mn 
romewbared by ovary Odd N w with fp^Qh. •• 
pride and pleasure. He wtUM k back h,|p telling 
to it as a green spot In hta tejnory— j thtak j, 
without one sigh of re g rnt, orjoken of wbo bM 
dieappointmont. Mol one fling oc- „j n 
curved to mar the oeeaeioa-fH waa lht , BilUl 
enter aad qutet Good feeling eoMnt j t g 
and brotherly kindnoM pru valid, and hoows'far 
•fter witnoMing the performance along ,pp,H adoa 
the etrueto, of n young mau mon the a e |„ r mi 
velt^ede, the visiting bri bers SC- WM not a , 
compauied bv many mambas of tho 
Riobniood Lodge, among Ukm, that lblMl g, , 
ever polite and true Odd Fall*, A. G. ,p ir i- jj, 
Daniel, Jr., p*mo tt thro|g»i Iho |lwfcitKi g 
honulitnl cemetery, In which p buried p rt( « r ,, 0 g. 
the good nud true, btoppi* to ml- | ou#g j og ^ 
mire the aurtilo column* erwat# to the M(0B j„ t | 
memory of tho lovoit and Ml, they WM loi |j og 
entered the earn— bode edieubo their wb ^|| k ,p t 
kind brother*, nod with glad b^rto and gamble hot 
cheerful eountenacoea, turnfd their ..()aa *« 
course homeward bad ia tho I 

AM ODD FRI4.0W. the good 

we re to toko place. Hon. B. W. Turner 
being the otllccr of ivreteouioi, oel ted 
tho Brotherhood to order, and the ex- 
ercise* were opened by prayer, in,a 
very appropriate and solemn raanaer 
by Bro. Adaiaa, of Garrard county, 
after which was music quite becoming 
from tho I toad ; after the sweet music 
had ceased, Brother Turner introduced 
te the order and to the crowd assembled, 
the oratoi of the occasion. Rev. 0- K. 
W . Dobbs, a member of Richmond 
Lodge, and nfter the, address was 
closed, and music, and the benediction, 
the brothers again formed in procea- 
elou, and marched to the Central 
house at which a sumptuous dinner was 
prepared for the guests. 

1 cannot pass unnoticed, the address 
To say that it waa a 

When a woman hegiaa to go te bed I . 7 

wite her stocking* aad fl—el nightcap Kven no 1 spoke, I hi— 4 the step on 
i«-that'*e symptom. m Defoeol msfa iMonthor 

When a noman begio* to put her flag £iady spmog taker fast Cd hi..* 
era before bor mouth whoa talking te •krill uhistfo. The p wrong noise 
aey one, for fear that thay should eve sounded for tale tho sight, fed aould 
•he’s leeiag her tosth-thal’e a eymr »*•»• Men heard a mils away. I knew 

M we* a signal of atann, end wu weent 
. . ... to wars the man olmest whbte my grwp, 

When a woman begin# lo find &■!* 1 dashed owt of tho room, end reached 
w Ah her looking gists, end eejr* it doe# ten lawn just u a shot rung net ou the 
set ebon Iho features right— iket’e a : air. It wu too late. In tha dorkotw. 
skidd tom Mr. I ’a sim wu b«d, and tha man 

"J ’ _ M1 ._ ^ rusped. 1 could hardly fool sorry for 

rlJIi^n ta htrte. J dhoJT | *» for * ‘T' 0 * 

rwoamMiKm m n.r suor .no ei „ WoB1 , n -, 1^ ewsld ant bo altog-tker 

” When a wuman bowias te tolkioe about ' h * 1 - 1 ' l ‘* ,lr *‘ *** hb “ y W “- • ud 

oc0 *'‘ t0 - ■"‘•Hb.he 

te* deen and windews— Ui*t • y p 1 ion come* a tribute to test ale's 

***■ m dovotion. 1, ! « possible they rsecluds 

JM* Do unto oilier wen u they would ' pises of sufeir. "A ui other ti .n*  lbs 
like to do to you, aid they won't have woman'* leadvrovs* must bets white- 
enough money iu two wr«-k* (o haw e washed the trim,, cl the wan sto 
sbht washed viitii 

■fit rtiii«nt of 


of Bro. Dobbs 
good address and well received by tbs 
brothers, convoy* but a vkgusideaof 
Seldom, if ever, ba* the 

Its merit*, 
writer listened to an addreu in which 
wars contained mors truth, ami nobler 
sentiments With on otequeooe of 
words, and deep feeling he delineated 
the truths, and with gram of stylo, sad 
ease ol‘ mauuer lie presented the great 
lirineiple* #f the Order. By hit pleas- 

''Iim! C I Vn i ® 

Nra along 111.  ' hi m ' llv 

w* -pOAsiig toWwW ll * i'ub fi)P X 
«t  .micr. in front of Alexandria, nnd 
dat ing n pause of llie bolt At tbit place. 

rill': lllHl'A It'll 

jirr** of Kentucky to givehioi no- 
other castigation tAirteg lint into 
subjection to Democratic authority. 
Onr party have enough political nine 
to ettrr/ Nr[tftNX shouldering the ne- 

UTa - Th0 A HjU hl e'ggipM w |! »«h« w 
in our opinion, tjia| the people of 
Kentucky want I temoorac v pare and 

•: it 5 .,*.«.. . ..... . i.. 

lift up i.fc' t ) n.niAi'i 
elKTren, out country, mi.1 rini’TC 
  t Mnrv, from a locinl caywlioi 
lioirixlef I Jioia.R tint! ntudd lb 
eruV* fancy n ft n^-wof* vjk mVm 

iruMi* II" 14 

Wl." i*t.:i»-.J.fcU ■« oo JErger O'* 

properly of the people of the United »f oTiii.'W’^p* eompclli d Pi 

Suiet Tim poor mm. t»ho baa hern aenwm pertossTJWific*. and Ic 
^r  4 r t l,li H* * / t|if*»o e*llel heeoino an exile from a homo tthi. li h. 

."homestead law," need rot i xprel any- dearly loved nnd in which ha wsJ AA/y 

llnn|^n^TeflKP^fl W"^TmtelHIW’f^*®*4»^4J00^wBkMA00*bdiltto*h*4kkMl 

iititflirMm: * tblowing Omgitaa.1 paid hraait an rent with almost mor 

1 Id »P al file public properly, hnv* Appro i ^ P* n K'*tora'bo »**.n4g*rtiiSW»blielyiiil. 
' pt ; aAed lhe«r home,; an fi»t ■» time per-i 4 **'* ho*eTrr ihciuy, (hit tli  

'milled them. A g *n   of -r-undreltv .rf hU »«ml indicated u the light 
swindle!* ill tire pant ,i.. i« w; ue t»cM a»1 v ’* , ‘ - 

'during pia vines aessi.ifl*: for iiilf a ^ r- hnrl. I Became Inown n« • poci 
’ di ten yearn back, ha*" HIM th*  IWbMne i ,Bl * i, ‘* t '"J •"*» m  ra thou twenty 
* of the Klimtfll 'hillfs’nt U'nthingtrti. MU 3 ^ f , '' r, *iS° l ’ *** ^rlt.-r pf iMb hfn-l 
purchased up tfirf rotten upeH M eOA'left t ‘haiu. tie We« ibea !,*•,» thin twenty 
! humanity the people havw etor Iberw tol Jf ’ ,r * ,,ld  het Ip' h*J J*l.nt and gf lll(|i 
lake eiro Wf tbidr ' In’ e r f rtti ; am) ilwd*** 1 amlnlio*. II. w.,n amoou thal 
poof min'* Seres, an 1 tie : lw^^p»y*^ , ■l^' ,, * t,^ * •■•'d/clio ui ilia In art* ul Ip- 
hard earning*, lute* bead »pd*n ead Sin )f® ,ln,r J '*'*• *f hi* **rl* pro 

*pfopri»ted.'t3 the' extent ^uttdr*4* n,1w ***  *n«were ! 

1 million* of dtflXto. re-dvp tlh* tum.i' 1 '? I# * r * • n  * “"^'A. Hi* poetry w*- 
'mind U«» ft a Mice. , • ijiuder. ifoaginuiivc, U***llM, afi.! 

Tlie Knft-ti ^Vrtgrerttheii, amt i®**’"’"* *' *"» hAnlit.M tie I AstwH*. 

4 e,inal?y ft.rreu rst'rged AprawtoM* ragtfV 1 Ut ,l **» «* h'kf'tlm 

lot.try mert, enmpei uh^e hmle* *••»»»«♦- 4.®*'' of life • marA. . 

^yoartclf-a/farm .p-.ujkwtid the*, **,*•"  n.imr^pyritihrtJ io ob cmr. / 


• Kt » ar^n. hmk \t  m. 

■rar I. aRMwiaMtaa i*- 

roitkjuff woMtruc 

ioit tir.'ciuallv 


The Clact***u «H* ^eatotkr ^Ui'r"" ! 

The I^rtygfafatiir* ofOW», hu 
wal'aM, Hi* hnthtrrfwd th* *i/y ri 
CiMHnart *o *ttb*eHb* e»ock4o *Ih*i 
• mount ’of flO.OW.OOO, f'owtrd** 
bui)' (log rail' oad*. Th«t "the flrht' 
•IppropriMivq, wilt ho for tfoo btiilfi- 
in«   • ‘ IbroOgli Hie StatO of' '•J'J 

Kooluok/ t*/Ut« Southern State* i« ( mm 
tin. fo rrwBfk fPncluiieu of every , ,  " 
rolloaol MA, Th* trade interval* , 1 1 

of CiocitUMilt  W4lul imperatively '’ rt ^ 
th* hoildtojp of thio rqod and her j 80,11 
hwinoeo «M aonieil man look nnxi • e *^! 1 
otmly farvofd toil* aumploiton. ltt,***f 
robtk *arlH "lir ■% merf ohart lima bo , 
ibfWVfndnei* ttpnn, »»4 no «iooha )( . 
pt'.|R»rftl*fta wHI bo *»b*»itmd mip 1t)| 
tha Crrtmtlea often r*l Kootfiebjntbri (|f r , 
aid th 1U •wflrtrnctimt 

* fihertv. firrttT^*lt i rifly flimr fa*' ( ufoia fa ^rpfnfnl 

^ .Tidal ditfei .ait haitt^f^fdattnalv thcic that ait ollVf^hcw lltiug Wax mtlhdritted 
** 1 hlbd to a lea id "t tMii)tt|"'0| arid l'uuc  | to tnf. rui Rntiihipb tliit. ff he would 

•” Or* ' Ihouigger* are to l * tti* auW auilbri r/ 1 *P°% i'* hi* id*hTt to the Prrerdrnt, 
k Acnni* .'ufawMAt. Uif »t Ifniptfi'iul he *"ul(l (t*'nin*'Atbd. Th!« Randolph 
" * . ■ 1 1 1 2 Alul v*b Jm*w aMydv. i*u*vai laa -dccl niil fo do unt:l the F"» «l.|e*f had 

u» nnd ' 1h * •ab-t r .'lviA i* i*ijr- didyiit ap.»to£i*«-d ft 14 hardly neeev»«ry 

of tin 'praatlam! Hue* or* foot tt»iib‘ , i»4.*d.| ,0 '**,) r -^if‘V " » eame. After 

x rlced beings with a wU*»ai«to p *!#!  ditUir • ^Iwenty-ifn e ycara of ierr'ra fa the 
othoN, ‘‘’■h' t te  « n iffidtfaotlttteg i^bm'VOfitrt nary, AnJf much callant conduct, R*U^ 
ciiltiia Poe*4U*» *!*l tbert fora nt* huv* pply)d..lpli without much pfepertr, and v.tlh 
rsc be- to *fc* U* Umwu i|iAoaotd nUU M  au a p-cVeTiioh. waa itifhcd ntf rift upon 




\V« mayo 
Jet aaAhrcii 6f the l*tn that tlttt** 
nnlvr whoae lunnaganeht 'nml df-i 

rwi|oi» Uie hlifWnJ ftf flic road ah HR 

he placed will bo influenced clone 
jg tbu ppactieol advanfngda of thd 
tlUTcreul/o^tya. Our city and county 
mast neeuafatf tw* 1 their gobgrapfi- 
wal poAitiun be upQU a oi very near 
tbo lie* of iii« prpiKjpy J roft'l,, Th 4 
ebonld briag ua to the ounaidcrutioo 
of loottii* li  bay* llpt ruad built iut- 
i*wli»t*ly tiirougb Uto heart of our 
tfvuiny. h o or* able to oflbr propo- 
•itions which ot wf oouuliao wl uuu 
mil Kentucky ar* not. The font, 
through Lincoln to any of lb* trained 
points in Tennessee in as good os 
any tint can be eefected. Our county 
ie rich, prosperous and out of debt 
Our county oeedi no lioine improve- ; 
menu in the way of tnrftpike roads 
or public buildings worth men- 
tioning. Site is a bln to pay what 
■ho promisee; other counties around 
ua arc much mvyfv.d in debt, and 
tioabie to pay ci/rv Urge sums to- 
wards the tutejfing of the road. 

Boyle coujtiy wliich already cou- ' 
aider* tluf poa l her own, is known to 
haw a /(urge debt upon tier hands 
nnd ctufnot offer the substantial in- 
ducements to the company to truke 1 
hsT Xniiity scut a point upon tlie road 
wAich Linocln county is able to offer. 

JWe are decidedly a lovor of -vnr 
co-inty, and ia larnr of anything 
that wilt advance her Interests and , 
make iicr moro prosperous. Wc| 
think that the Cincinnati road will 
do ao. Let us niako an effort to get 
it. Uit tliose pfour citisens witbspir-i 
it* of county enterprise nnd pride con 
aider the matter. We are wealthy I 
ronoty and ewe nubody a farthing. 

Lot the inducement* which our 
county ia able to oiler bo laid dowp 
for the consideration of those who 
have the matter in hand. Let us 
make an effort to ^et tlie road and U 
necessary let os pay what it is worth 
and what we am ntA». 

BC r The editor of the Courier* ; 

Jouraai ia vary much exercised up- 
oa tWo eald'-'ct oi qe*yu tcatiosony . i 
Whm iata booome o| Jiiw, jt would 
bo hard la teM. liatit i* rvaoouahle 1 
toeot po*b that if i ogto testimony i* 
not atf intend to oor courts hy the next 1 

General Aasembto tho edraioof tlie* j8 htteujptea.' itleaiiwhrif. tr there b« 
Courier- Journal #iM have to grope J,. sii,oi c mnu or wufna'n arh nr^ us that 
hlb way in darkness ail the 'balance | they only ilestrn the suae “free, 
df his daya in profound ignorance o(j the sanjo rules applied to u lutes 

iding ( ami negroba, ail’d'  V v ntSt'de*lic arnal- 
oainaiion df blood, J fhfy art' Vnowingly 
liaitors to society, 8f eourstf, aiultt 
thousand tlmes’'dver f itet* tflari tliof * 
who' practice theiV Ix^Ullinl ^idm" iu 
! their owVi AinltlJUSind tiWc-theh' chit - 
t Jmn ufith licgrooe. • 

But what end tin ao sinful, so impi 
dus and bonstinl, :i4 this attenipied 
anialgninatton'of races ? Our tenson. 
instinct, the daily evidence of^our 
seusc-i, forbid It, ainf tlie crime against 
God and o;if‘ own nature it so utterly 
m^ns^rous) that it b^Cortics fpiposiible. 

fif ej a grant of tm to il.ff’v 'rt .tu.of 

l*» j jiuh’ic l ads. V it*h AWw , t f , !lis irwrtt of 
r*  ' !hc ftiT’^or an I :4"u* S'. tv R i4vr * 1 
icr'in I »«*n ; it-io t' r'Hrw t*. «* A th ini* 
i«- •I'lnn, which ffj' rd lor lifnflaii •!! »n 
I **1*1*11. An AcVto 'as i I'-mt" r t s.ia.1 

■a. i-!v ^i.ahphlf.iAJBt I,  hhi .l*i!.-u*ii 
A f’.'. nriT biitbl ujit'ie '■ -*v  » turn* I hr 
up Mbs -sfp'pl ff i a r"vl bed. i lid t .it it   
;!.t -,»*• r'.ffltd! gl iVaittvS'th" InWrAat  n in. 
ef liomls to h • i«a.i» t by I fie i»unpa*jr, i. 
an the rate ef per inr’« lor itm 

ml who!? I. ngth nf the rvuie. PH-eioni ■  
wn MctnpV.ia and El Pn«e bill, »t»i"od upon 
Ian bv the House (.Amttnittce on i'ublic 
in- Land*, isitrc imiilirm mute li    alilur 
ind'nli. Sip-'* llrar.t look bis si-.t, n,  ie.i 
r** linn tw.niyf' «r ha-p' taml of*U o | 
|ns I). '.Is l ave t- . n eottfoct.d, p.i»l*.-l 
c* s ' itir-'.i-'h lh.- Ilu’i-r. nnd iivo lU Suiiu-. 
ofa'Tti* men rn^.p»d m lies gn na im 
* '* I'omcrny, Tn  ti, K'dhvjg, iVilham- 
d *' Howard, Bvr*.-y, Sis.. ■ «"h iwu.u 
i hi*' thr.-s b,!'s. It la suppos' d thu' 
m- t.-n tu 6 !tv *■ - a ui Uiu I «ii. ii *i I • 

!’.*■ iln-s* trncka o.u Im ubl mifoi , uiwl 
1 c,f go. ou ti.a "steal * 0^1 ew *1 -s* s 

f 'vl" 1 -’ f V ii the iu I 
l, 4 If lli.' pPuplafiK. J ^..i-: 

 .*■» i.t Urt roriap im ill it., . r Jubhc k .v- 
ha*'»aw, iIh* file Ai-jimm v * U » Cn.ioi 
IV. B  Kadrowd cate Imu.IaIx-* l'  i 
iwis in rvtd r+* tfirr*. limt um Uuus. 
DciRc R. K. t i. 4*pf n «*ri«l luin. e 
. of tjT'Ul.OOO fur ti « spur ;r *e ol 

•hlbfng rrcaibo-rh of tVngrr- : m.i |, 
I ^ l, ( t4s furflihr pf.vrsl. that ao*i" of tl.v 
vCi ' nknthwf. wf Vhw’ nLu ln,l ( 

.'Isrg" of lit.' .tiiiSiwn, .n os' tinw fun 1, 
11 ' hid *('il«n « jioriMtiidf ia It wa« i.liT. 

[Arofcd tt.-rt ».r»r OAihl.W K  hi en»li,wa», 
^ prd to in wwhlirawf ('wn-rrra*, aidotli 
' w ' , c0.s'nf tl:w 1 tWkvnWiia**i to * aimiiu jcW. 
^ IL ’ a 1 brihra, l e*b!iki aoraral miliions. ir 

Uiert'-fore, every roan in the Souili, rs 
as well ns the North, must understand 
that restoration of ilie natural, 0"d 
imposed mipreuisey uf tlie white man 
ovw die itugra is essential to social ex- 
irtriiee, and there can be no peace,   t- 
, .k‘r or progivss south of the Potomac 
! tiniil tljat is ibiuc It is strange, won* 
.infill, and, to future generations, in. 
credible, that in all this land there could 
I be one single American man or woman 
! so blind, besotted, bcaslial and utterly 
devilish as to desire amalgmnation with 
| niggers, but Gujiid, degraded and sl.i- 
1 fill us arc these dr xucuted nnd depraved 
i wrotches, tliesc Abe Llucolns, John 
Browns, Sumners, Ac,, there is an- 
I other and still larger class that arc 
: blinder and more besotted still, that is, 

; those who fancy it makes little or no 
ditrerenoe whether niggers arc "slave * 
or "free,” or whether white supremacy 
“agfit was” .fashioned 1 4 the hajul of 
Oorl, and provided for Ay the nwn of 
| l«7i», is recognised by llis generation, 
i or whether the nation sijnll d.jstrov It- 
iself in 9 blind and sinful ^tlort to amah 
ganiato with a lower raoe of luortiils. 
Truo, they are blindly and sinfully ig- 
lOoraut, aud see lit incapable of eVon 
striving to understand it Indeed. 

I grunt numbers faucy that the illicit in- 
tercourse of certain lewd white men in 
other days, with negro women in the 
Soiitii, was amalgamation, though they 
1 ItfiOw fflSVthe hfringrei progsoy.was 
cast out among the negroes, and l/itrt-, 
/vie llivrc could not be an atom of snch 

' i hi. 1“ ft. r^'O^ ••™. hr 

:’pi g (' ,i— i.fn-fR. ,4 'In''*.* )«nifutti. i 
if.* tf. Atl • nt- tn lifripOi Inc i 
Mi: .file ^:[4»at si -.Ip *-|iy» t 
-■ *’.• n . n! " Aft'ivk to 4 n' lid - 1 
tii'" it, sO "fin.*: Y't*'v Mb ni m|.. fu 
da l'  -it . I if t i*e e-i"in aji . w .. r^;mi\. ii 
i , ii r.’iy ln*i Hti'i’^ithw of tllw mli'i ^ 4 , 
mid . (TT«!.-i ■ siflh I* t« MiiA i A 
u ti’.'ii Kpojfti' llf*rtk all rtrtltv t A I' tin ,t 
1 . "*r, - ‘and i: M b-* t.f tlf.aV, 
•t" 1 ft* , .- 1 ■ T'r'iA’VirMtKiff'i.fTVrtl . 1 

, io- f.Vnl *.f W'Ac'fl-4tol htlenf? lfwi' t» 

i*» ■ ' .•;»*: ’ll. I'nlvka-^I '•*Wf»l VlHUi-.'i-l 
.coni' s dyer lift* Anus' H-nu yu* .pie, ii , 
-. ;!! ndt If. • ni'ilntwluv I by tbwtiiA*lii s , 
nun :ir  1 . hibjf tvhArd tire |4,o*l; i.*i ** 
■it r; itn. 1 \ spent, nful tbv imlrv.-sul lui 1 

inpVi",. tliAt u.iod rrfi'ft rtnpltoo* Is tuw , 
prelude of 11 WWiinpnwlfhWl ' 4ltU|i i** 
as certain nV fnti* " 

Wo will pay 3 ogA^s 


DKATIl VK .Wit. J. U. It VltItICK. 

• m 9?ltoln t J hM aid. j (|l a 

Wl bow hnrtl greatly pruned by i*-i 
illl*vnc* nf thiTikath, on \\*t t&ili uhi, 
rut ah UoTioti, 

lui at Tiu: min i: iiuLmt. \ 

(tritni Trcnfc 4tl4i nuh lAlsiinzanhril 
3 - it "HkiSi . .on a. 

ViiWli SiAtlWM id lOAiniaWnMnl, air;. ii| 

1*/+»l(HidOrrtH orw* n but* m m mmm 
rutty. Ife eaw JeVu IcAhrop Abode) 
Ii- flew MinGier So Kuidsmi, 44 aiu ihI 
It.'brvt H Lee, nnd llm liuu. Buiijnul^ 
V.' b'tt'Si, ball IoiiImM pluxog*np!u  1. 
an I tbel nUrlte. Uy ji'in iut. M u- 

who TM'llwi edi 

u.u uflOiigatiwre i n.nuiy tokimma^ ^l lHP "AUrtoa^^s  .|usot 
 r. dbllnU froio it* ngriculturt re, temlt ,^| i bt WM1 , Wl(lli bl.. wa. o««a 
urcet tiiy, in atij for mm year. fc # w.vbs ago. Ii 

hwifma eauai.rdiiyui' grain cr©.* our Iut •• rr.oril 

t * 4 “**‘*   iu "* U l ' W tepd* Afl»-aw4v oj .* Light and mtol* 
it fiopiupL of the South i itjhft* M Ml.l-.IU w,, on, •!*»« |ii, 

j *ad°|Jcudrul  d th#p world * life jl.. 

’jf« N"«»U todtfMN.*4*0A| sill Ik’ * sanrtim* «*d, 

U ' ll0 ‘ t.m' i, l ! U .,ral A,l.,rd i-i 'b 1 gr««tay.. 

i4Hp .U v l:U no- cities eru' U ^ MWd ' liVo^i nn.uie u broloL., 

K W from 1 along «* to, 

lu.Jc wrihiT.' fariovr* from ta«5  *** M t. » *ur up., a Uw Ire* uf io  
Hints sd tn*UCi but ibe country rao-» ^ ^ 

V gro-'U uuds jaipulous a^lMiHO. 1fN H M , kk » M * Kimluekian. II 
mpTiViis. an d H is flic .enutry ttlto on U,e 10th 

Aullt* io- 11— X y. L*v j Jlvok. f iHTj. I I'oruiiiu 1 Aii oi to snail* 
ifow* Co'raivf Ki'rpi llu I'noioiapi. I Ii bn iH*. Ijui hv di 1 l«H tttiioutly 

4b - fttnlttf* If® hud poarr« and 

'A purely, AiWaptraUM ^Mtosa to« flt.od h.m m hwv Lis rai 

ort Ue..m,l great, June 1, fkmuch th. v*cto *4 hi*. Ju.t ...ri Iru.l 

ealui acograd d.fl Clucngo oouuuw| k lo mmn | 

a, "shou.d bu hrfi free te W ourt. ft. LtB»Hb«*4 i« bt* ti*d. ByTi. iiUegriiyj 
I Of too puop v, l al,wiy* Lav* re M ia rUyab.ieno*. Id* liaoiiae*. hi. M |f. 

1 *?' 1“ d , fw .■h-m” olinnes. and ha. fc»rc* *f cb.racter, b. 
w U, SvVlhi. »afd in this r**peci tu „ ^ cwaii iuncii, and .U 

discUed *k ^ M t^t ^ •AkUirattoOi otw*. W.U. iho.e U -f 
icely a Itsdn al ib pitnnpliiliv* *hoy r j wli (, j l 10 y|iil,ably hud liul |l Alllglu. 
s i of ia-aIcc ion m the fr,r»yfir*t^ ¥ «rwa. ira obuoi hit fellow 
ugren. oUmLcaid ha* not alr.*d, wA ,.| 10-r  ^ Uuuutti , UU8l | 

mdad *iA Hie'ffr Tb « ■» B i*oeln DB hi* groraud*. efr*li net piuku' 
ou, fei B.o| , ,Vew ombo.rd (h( - f4m ^ b ^ da#ptD#d wJ 
si4 picks np a,d Uua... into th# liabs,^ ,. lk w4 hw ^ pilL!io „. ' 

iUA.M.r/ 4aas « rkm th* JH ople in , p M1 ,. bllity . M . ^ ^ lU; , wai) 
ii iinun.s'  |yi loc*liiy ( jsill hgve nutb-^ l.aora^m* new JaUss; «,d J,« 
tod* wilk. G,.ut oaks* PAuper. m 

til f Iks* Iitloiii ml Inrifst ft !■ 

Green Hides 

the true facts ol (tie cases pent!: „ 
or to be pendipg in the Kcotncky 
courts. Ba ia reJoioetHAfft '.hu liiue 
has come when he ibid all the bal- , 
unco of maufcfnd cun sli cuss the 
matter ilqHfrcratciv and .lispussion 1 
utvly, anOk-nio to the only rutionui, 
voooluatnfe whicli U, ns be expresses 
it. iu moke negroes competent wit * 
nesses in all «« ** before the Ken- 
tacky court*, bq g au** the intereetal 
of white men flosoand it. Wnare 

I. *i 4 •. 4 t .*4 A M»-f# .•! « 4 x ui iws VI 
ilMflfe Ullri to % I\( *l|tl I 

i‘r »i lw l.i ni. i'h ii; imo in ; mi— ,i I .t, 
■r "l-lili.m M.»i. ||u I,*,. . u 

lili'iMilMi. j|iiS Ki.UA.pir l( TMojf 

bslerin Jicksun mid Rnudulph — trouble 
wlucli *h*dowi'd (he life of the Utt.r 
from curly manhood lo tlie bmib. You 
wiUr'iuvmber dial, a Very few year* 
 ti \ w, a person nxmtd Bougamtni, I 
think, eloped from Yew York with die 
properly sad niece of hi* wife, whom 
|.e jmd then recently ’m*rr|ed ; And thrft 
tlnt for'n^eD wife wis race the wif u of 
CJeu. Eaton, Secretary of W*r to Qen.‘ 
I J iac k sun ; and prior to lhat the wife yof 
one Timbyiiake, who died A nuirt4 in 
in the L'oi'ed Slates Ysvy, ( Ai the 
deadi of Timberlake, llandoMi, who 
waa tliep a lieutenant in' the fi*vv, wa* 

, appoioled to net tempo)' nri'y ■* jiuraer 
ia hi* place, lie found Ills' accounts ip’ 
■ mixed candi ion, mpi\ • deficiency ex- 
isting ugaiiut him. B lbie he had A 
chance yo settle hi* account*. Mr*. T. 
becvHU th* wife of Uen. Eaton. Secre- 
tary of ^Y:ir, who wa* sl*o surety for 
bar husband. It became appstenlly of 
{ jid«r, t to ifodi lhat the deficiency 
ehargod shovld be sliihed to oilier ihonl- 
decs than those Of the dead purser. An 
attempt ws* Wild* to seiry out a sell vine, 
with Raodi|lpli as the victim 

IUudolph asked for a court of in- 
ijuiiy, which, being grauted, he wa* 
cleared of all suspicion by it* repoil. 
But. ncverlLelc**, i'recidvnt Jscktoa 

for example Bocchhr. Greeley, the ( 
iniist earnest in the “cauao Oif fro.' ( 
ohly rtrdli n certain stagi^ 
"hey in«y \  o with, 
to the samy adioo!^ ^ 

1 t i * 1 1 \ l* v/4. lir a ltr*«f tTnui 

long i h U lyapti It. will ttoUifthen In their 
bt« tyiioif jn4 glVe comfort to bis aan«l their chflflrcu f ' . 

*o*l. Uftb** not been i«f4a ,bad a an | a**  cftta togetlier tm Ae tnoat in 
lx stoM last fail, wlgio lia gam *p ( thuutc terra*, but natuto rdcolla at ljut 
the Piosiduotial csslot after t)\u j “u* 1 the most degraded, •pervtrtnl anJ 
OctaKr auctions and Va^afred the “ lterI y unitouraatl whiu mat nmoM 
ffayere ond ecourging* of «r*ry i ^ H°WV f,clluu wil1 ftn * ,| y ki V 
rtebteooe Democrat of Kontuoky to, ni W er . r, ‘ tl,Pr than matc , ‘ i ': wi "‘ :,i ' 

kltokiir. from surrendering ot dfe eb “* 1 What U tr " C ° f ‘ l ** #B(,i 'Jd .a 

. , , . ... ia of course true nf the maai/iiid there 

ralfou and going over and eaying to 

tlit Uadioai party. •* fords be merciful 

ante tn«oeiau*r." 

Ho dooa very well n util bo come* 

hW.irn,!*, :*»• , ,,* 
I « u i-i n-'i -, mi ui u.jii, Ii y 

foie, instead of rotting o|t ibioucji 
the ainalgainatioif of. , blood, a* {Sic 
Spaniard* have done on this t'oiitiuonl, 
we ah.'di eud will* a w-u of face* apd a 
partial oxter io isos* liuu of (Uni mg'ih 
clei.ieiit ■' t  i. 

But why shall this uwfnl/fuluro, tiii* 
Uemooracy in the roo.ytvonm, gl „ :intlc Sim lu#l , icra  

a:,d Indiana elections and now diso- , vlltIlu th| b.jjest and tonJ-ut negro’ 
Hilitie* of negroes are troubling him. C( ,ui 8e it must involve an tapial 
lie is certainly nut iu luvor of car- misery aud horror for  ju;*clvoe, ju- 
rying the war irto Alnca. H e deed iulinilely grcuU-r, k*r wu huic 
think it fgH time for the Dcuiocrat'Ojuoiv to lose aud our Idghcv naturv 

v i*«aiin.i t»r.-4i* 

Ar 1 4 U'it sUt, K \ 

I . 1-dA t'l4 timU‘1 


• ivkMi. it 4 jL^Hilin 
uwJlt**. .-tin Wa loti i. t 

PurlBvi 02ul liiv-i 

cnrrying taith 

ihr'r !u»t encbmpniati 


their honor »iui Ilnur f.euo. The 
Agony ot tho dit.olutinfl of old 
nn’’tfii|Eii'i' u WiK long liar* uuon 
fhV riAru of tfiorfo wtio rfifLrtted it. 
’Twai Vail «* flta orj’liHn* trUft.tnd 

bittor a* tlw widow a grief to ’.boao 
irtM lVu t shol-xj it# «Ungvr# »n #* 
♦oriel ana i(« Tumor*, 1 Tunlb 
ImmI b en »t«l in, 

ImJ boon won for "tie 

epfmrlor of tiieit iniMlsry iwWa**- 
munta. and tho li.atre or t!je fnr, j 
which they had w #i, wn»-t * rfitnc 
from tlio trjuilchet of a ib-t eau  c. 

Oh, 1 iowmt ^Xai*4daeM»W»!M*»IJ 

eOMradea in nrma «*iA compani'-i- 
;n victories and snfT rilled •)■*#•! 
and U avo fl r th*?ir »w*]’iere 

VI/:.!. . I . » I. ... « lo.eti . 


4n«1 chi 

g^^Buaai i o im|«e o' 'U . •*• Vi 

vfiiiWV#''* •* • k» t »rr nuc. Ttii.wii 
|*si. Ml wM4«Maa hnt m* w ill* cudcaror « r tf, 
|itr«,b|f UltU'ly viwiUnf' , loll to permit t )|i* taa 

MpM to Mft. 

” to 

TntililAfv t 1o»iMo  »K- 

Fitlf |4#fttll* ft Oatlftf H til. *1 IVl* !%' ||!K| - 
Kirlf Ke4, *n*l Kmiw L'ljr r»«te fie TuUntn 
| l«nih »,!w; •karMptt*** ) * th* umI* i/fi- 
Mil. A|a|»lf to ‘ V '4 •VftiLI. 

n^0*l i liter* ib’. 



•I .'.ii 

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file *i,/At Is 1 ;A .*r rv« r lvittCtf from tho GREAT ONE DOLLAR SALE 

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nuiut. • On AiiftaMtH. .Sain- s^cumyr ' v '»' • I'd* • !•' tf. t ' \d|| T*IUKt *1 KlfoM tin 

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1' 1 ». JJoC I e N. W Y*4 dv. ’ "it i»‘ ; »t 1 1 * » »• a l ' tiet, ett o o « ,)) Inuu «U tunitfl 

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lit nn im I. Kv. 
lUTiNHlllt:* .11 Vl ilHi 1. 

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|t.. h..l.r Jt P-M.-f * 1  • 

•luring i*««** ••'» • * ■ *' • - ' 

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. .1. full - w- J .* " ' 

’1 |. »«irf Im ike Hitt* critical font*.! 
Bg Ik^v io in l*»i. m IiIhi.I.   i 1 
bltnci ’•» M«iP**lU •ml Uisnil'V'f 

1   on t l*'n|ev rOnm!T»itr- 

kayias' y ti tsr tan tenet* into Mini Im lli. a 
the* noMc»l tilht'c toki* huaiWddf maai* 

varies. ( »rnisii *.'11 n»» voles, uml L 
it lilmoit *.!•• ken up; hut Iteir^a il *" 

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¥a9Rt*it ' a Ira Nrstaf u^areitn^ ilia 4 b ‘V 'ii 4' ‘ * ' H ' '» 

,■ •, „ 11 i-t...ivlflu. Kr . n* ih-- *.-«*-l.iir- nf • .irrhili'k a bMVi-'ii mi.«ki«in limy fill liik 
'ftfjoA jpV |, . l *'*i ♦*! ' "d It" 1 S'dlu-ns. non cpiMv   r pIhc uu 'till lif* 

r Cu». 1 . Dkdni.K/ii** 8 m-.«U , ^,v *k,l 1, .»,!,*• tile 'j**inf.l of lliotmnk 

'.-’fc.. .S»-i-^!».brCa#njp er.V4 11. • ' '' ,V v ‘ 1 *' "»*' ll,! V 

the M.e k :itJ 

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sspm t Nl#»te i*| |t« r|* cti.Mi Ip J 

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kiltie* lib till* 1 O.'ei t»4l l|lArt»*l. Oil 

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Miri uK Tipt. .1# *#• aJ-Pi!- 1 P* ». .u i, k i i ■ t 

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C *k'J •* ..(» M-tssl-.s. Ju - •••«' 

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'• i' ,V.i :y mar*tU?' r 'r*-‘ ' *a '**i *”" 1 -'•-•» hiw-ui-vi'. , -*»»y . 

M-ALf Mi,.Wi 1 ti4.i Ip H*.. /• v l- V-V A^t - 

- v • .. *1.4 li-.-cgir-lie tet**j * ‘*P - **■ ‘ N " v -■ PM L 

i‘ aluwipili 1 A ili..r*.S**-b-r l tcpkii nil pua-.f t** flruWVl 

«••• f ItelTp* yVt'TiMrfpH *4b#i*.„ivikui| •/«*; r-*j- 4 ' ^ IW.V * m 
- ^ Al'-f 4W'.i ♦'* ♦!*».. * ';f "uAik'/SieV ** B'Aii "'L s 

, UI |» • hf  1*1 iTpaiHh*!'' l' - r*»'rtK S* Ue-ln ' *4***ft • • nt - * *"1 IP liPfW , vny Pt- . K 

ver‘inPl| it* 

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I’ll's’b :iaal 

II v nifty ue |*» 

)l. Kurlicftier ip 

Wise, Bud Up 1 

I Ik* Ct^ult •• * M 

•ml i4*4»rs 

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ii hi . r.'kt » • -iMii 

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ll^si* tfWt-   im|i 
51 4y l nth* Tit* prcp/vr n ty y» flW • i»lva 

vni Ini* fr|'ut.ll! di in.lSjftg’itlli'fprn'ttf lit i 4 

iniikt p^fte!.TP*1 of AuitrlcVn •u.l a#) 

turn* Ml I ekOi.ii b« F ,M  V ‘ l vuil M' tete •'« 1 

lutraef pleftaure auU fnyrty *« ih-litft'. Jul .»s 

tciild b# t iUwd M 

JT Hii.mM veu visit Ll'anoii, *'• 
l#ur^ r, *‘ M '*•»*•* '• '•! I bo It. p» b*.t#*l 

i uica (lrnuft .it oi»e 
VcTY a err or q.iite 
it Mi l u isrjf c r lo\ ing 
n. The v  te puilal 

W. til nil ibe tlcl.cM* i.*% of the s*i«ai, ftp Wt l. 
%ft the uto»4* sn • • i i 1 1 it l l licit* *• IloY 

NiWc'-riiii rui.u's v UPiy '•** ' « *• 

hnd j^*nths»'iuftr \'W.» ITiAmV* |,  w 

to^rovnl* for ite»* C'uut I ld*tJi*W»f« Ttee 

till l lit; ft Ift/f l l l|ll aail 

ate4 ' ' t .mir* i» » ver 

Ai'tkO u.*Tri» 

Hj?.sT! Affl CATTLE nWDE# 

* , -i wa wi» TUt# r*%DftwaABB i*nt umi f»rB-- 

// J P i ^ /V 1 k:. i#**i, Sill H- i.Al  t - 
likteiT li fTisr.i' f»i'"\Mt -t .su .uel ID 
r' r ' t " , b4*- . »*y t/.-rpthDiP* 
I \ t H *»»d skimih^ Ihs e'«*Dfti h mil In 
WMfDeb Mints. , 

.D j* ^ tire f -» a l vo sf all 
tlb * * nnlilftit t*. t!ii * m. in', » J LL|0 

u\t::k. *uav.h  roitdih. Js\ 
i'i.-u.u'u ( u:uj:AhM " a 
in: uTi- .r*i*ivrfti* -ni  /’.Paii 


%n w* Km it Ip It — i»ur grv -'id 

^ ^ . _ bftir lie i kilt. I cofhlitM'M, nntl huva* lusn a.» i -r 
'* 1  r • 4 * | ' , Otue. Kbvrtrhftljr i*p tiiv^ «»f il.iut re- 
is he ‘dhiiiinjf in lltal fti.'i.l** ini) f) •St !lib|y *y^ 
Why don’t those, what** 1 h*i/*uiir*i al i a to Iid - 
isb I ill III ..jv Ur \9 v AJrl Bit*l have it  i- NC. 

,\( Min VW call ibe at ten ion of uuf  wv ^ar.t of 
I'uion tniNtwB to the iiibLU #. ft m ask diem to put 
the old ft In,;.'. "A uew lirooiu sv wcj)S llciu, ' 
into practice mid to brush ftbout them an l j»ut 
iinaliera to ri^bt. 

U* Tint ludtDH of the various iliiinVi p are 
tucking •itfthucih*nta for tftt l tt!a fnlkp^ 
kn \9 ■ grand Knit day Hth t D^ Fic*mic. «n 
3*. itirdny of ncal w«Hk* 

llftr is • all a leak* ti " 

btsa.slit) InpiofB, 

Vo Mail u|urii tin* f4 r5W. As for lie 

ria jf,” we know from vChtftasvt, Ami 
• ary krai im iteo aiarktW 

-fr ii 

UkMAlpHUUk I’ll ■«— i UUkO- 
CiminHlS* ut •rri- fc i-in tu kur rf- 
SMPikg Pcbu-d IV «M. kMk .a tbS PN*»'-vlr- 
riba ctulfli ucvutitiiig l»  Jiri-viuu* II|H*  iui- 
m«at aw ihs 4-b lust, b VkuAralsi. w». 
cslUli (a Iks cl*«ir uud Jau- it- Uu^hek ap 
|MiiMk4 B*«r««ary, 

llamuti*. ih* i.iUun-iiig l ull.* tii . UiDB 
Lilte sad Ksl* Miwick, H *ll*' ltu *l. 

Ormlf, J.iinl* Maya and Uatlw I'uiihi nf 
ill* frusPyisriau Cbmcli. Uiuva Asm* 
Uuch*aU*f Sail Jaunt* Mjera anil Uni, A. 0. 

Ksak uf llN Baptial Church, Mias«a Jiaimnia 
11 - rria, kale Vrkjr, Pmmilik Alfual, and Suo 
CbmauU of lha M.lhsdixk Chuirh. 
an# Misaas Mary Witlu-r., Sulim li rum 
and Mwllia Hilt of tlio Clinauan Chun-h 
asm ap|kxnuil a c«unuiU » tu aulu-il csutri 
liatious ailiwr oT iauin-y ui (iruvbbuua for tin' 
l i*nlt. Mia«ra- J Uac iPinn*# tb* U- ill 
i.lial Church, W. H. Ui-M-Ja-ils of lha Pr-ia 
by larbu* Church, Jo* Burlrr of ilia Cliria- 
n an i’hafeh. and ttijah MryonkU iIm Bap 
twl Church acre uppuioU-d a euuuuiUa ui 
aolrc. nu-1 p rue nr* {Wikli for hiddlufr ilia can 
pic uic a • III ftaaiallliu Uiliea of lit* * licl. ' 

r»r ig 'a^fV-- 

; .i ;niH,iier, tin-1 i-urn |*lmitn 

* iJ , : 'v-'4 i *k* U-WU'W-ld'' .tt 

i^iTiidt. r r itfir-rli mv,' ‘ 

’ft. iJcieKRik 

'.J'Hi; KTKtyT, 

H i / - 4  i Vi’V* 

i*niti4l -w nt * wi  . 



i Tim ilitv lour yenra iipa witumubd i 
On* di»Iinii'!nfii’.it of Morgnu* cavalry 
that a rvi d n • iitmoraMv and gAinoU , 

’PWh * NrO#pnr-rrjtert*f.«*n — bf.iTt- 

La; .very body u aoldicra and Irac |  itriota during the | 
im-iubor ihn.iil im* a a haaki^ -*f K“**J tiling* war o! tlio lost Cail*0. SoilHI of OUT 
nu laud P* make fii *'d lath-. " • »"h llir um. i,r.iui- iii mill m i.nnaaml 

!i:X^ tZStfrz .S.IWKTW - - 1 

i ci.v smlOiHin.y happy in lha rujuyumpl uf a ( ganiziUlof). V ivirhy COU.e lidck 

ph iasol pic uk.miun iho graan grata in .hi- tlio ieout 1 # tlinl unlii p| V day to 
up, » viftftU, « h«rn all Miui# m* w«iU #po« l?nr m i nJ  Well are the heart rm 
i. - - m- ilina parting of tliono old , 

A Ooi. l%* v.tMk*r,— The tobveo «°P Hardened and battle -ocarrorl vtlersns ' 

Hillin', .11 a mpstpi«Vtir«rma llial an* i.iri-n d • . • ,1 

.i ,«i. TZT.; k.T. a .r „ remurnbertii ns iv i In lull hearts gnd 

tn Lite iiri o4 ift*;tl balti l.ubrpru« al tun 

*h nmn, tkonunhr, nolAb* * '  r *hT,000, and I t«srttll *V«8 Day *hoolt rtcll nl|l' r 
| hstuli* thia, tlio o«rn«r niiwil mooth aup | iV (he h-ipij afid said farewell, laid 

M’llitUlU m liOM’. ' t iloft* 'i llotO tP Ik -1 

sljv. r Insert ♦‘orlc*. Or one mi Irk.- iiomtiu-. 
oi ji ftlld OIIO lioui L^hmtaiiK • LlM. _ 
for h t'lnb « l 111. ftM FiV# ! • llftr*# 
U»,//«c#AsCr .0 lirx*++"r 

fit Vi t h .J K \ | Bslrtoit »»!#!«• Aif' ‘ vts OrtWH 1 *tt 1 1 It n 
nn  roMiT. ‘ I set Imr (tiridlfta, I jrtlr Wo#*l 
ps. Kiisrfivtxl siiv i-i lattt ti » u-U.iii. .i 
« MNior. je^yiutts \» 14 line itu wtM»i 
fur (wilt* nn.l \ **t*l. l’i t of • Ivory-l.uutlUsl l  n 
1% ii* vts, iv till Blivet -o'.ativl KuiVn HaMtiM.iii.* 
... ,.tlk |*;i i . •oH.lirrfN* lyttHniwI ttfi.l U iimI. 
.41 AnttU ijikmI iM.ap, b*pl ‘Pilots. Ih «U#h or 
/‘•firiltra* him initn»c«e tfftvchn j t»nr, Ficttlo 
IriMUf. Ilniui-iitii'' l * *41-11 l»tv m 1‘ullern. L«i- 
di ' huthLumliU- Mhnwl. I tlin litnie MnrMrlarw 
‘4l. ll. 2 14i.|p   tuiiolj v^ullis. ril\ i't*4'btivd 
Inl . n.k-ket, |Vi t!»sl .m flit. Wll!teia«*fttl.  i»tt- 

-nrr tl linr-'i our rl|s|*tl*i"l». | .a*^ 

f^T.4M 4'*d Iftan 1 fsM V-* ifertluu 'Miftruaulr »hnjN l.Vxtt* nn dich. * 

' / ; P: fa&t UtfAAt/ifi JN I. S.xo: Il '.klt’Vt 

n ' li h«b tin* W*M*i. l/.W ll .|#N S not nn Hi. 

iiPip *, . J # -»r«.--No litui v* yt»t. din iftiaiitHi 'if 

V Yf- Olit Ilf 'I’ m* el!*. VVIfll I i* ftftli.. 4 f;t- 1 

u», .vsfti Ik ill it" om-1 1# t*4 1^1. u«ft 1 Until will! 'iVh.i.kV-.w 

. t!a. Ait*. nl‘'T jS; iltitWiN {ffttliftK t. tk. '*■ 

Will llie Kift  t «ia P» iii/H A v. lor Ut or 

4 1; 'U -Ml “ 'I, Tf your IijidIwiid* ttl 

•"'im-MIiuI Ul*#‘| 1 MW I kidU, v.  will Mlarir. 
gj*.v hi ; imu*i '*•' vr UlLf-''U »t|ilc r * 'lifecl, or 
iflvt*  ftiii tTie jmh|i» .rt tfTi* m iui-Nt  (  tier wlio 
c» ci* Hir \i ", 

Hoop ftkirtft. 


If (9**feriefty 


In all* of gw. 11.. pticli »i(^Kifl, , f’lcrtln 
Ud Laaft|Ltv«r kc M iltlsari I 
•eta at n nfs-cti - U  i-un r^i 
fruta n» laulf it |*«|wr I" » J»*i0r ^j|p\t;h 4 
ia it 1 urn 1 of a«il l We B ^9f » 

.11 ncNft will U* rrodtruU.I #r Zm^^yV « 
i nltreljr pn venu-d 1( given In 
lime, ft cortiitn prrvtulivc • I 
cure fur lli* II..;: ( hulrrft. 

t of Olir P dill'll Ii‘*l 

W«* ^!\ il'* Die 14 
frltyoU lit util s', p* k 

; \cT,o*xr, 

ak Ain : i#miNW)TuiN ^ 

Ml" A- rap., 

a -r Wra*. 

DAVID E. rOUTZ, Propricor, 

likltluo-s, Md 

Fur*k   !»rug,* au D4Rdnk'*|N‘' lhroagl * 
•Ut ll.'* I’ntied ^l*#Us, C‘iUI».lMD)ii HuuU America. 

t*,: r . A,,* - 

*+ *Hl**r» .m A» S 


u , 1 - in, axtmv \ trie .volt   T. ,nia *i 'I* 

nrn ns-;, u r, 1- i.Ki'Y ur ii-.uiiti\u 
i'.ki \ «, ilnidjiii ui: i-iisa 11, a, 

Hi.KA,D.( , -llUl.lkC AT NhailT (.1 
«iT-, , in*-- l'» ' ftat* ll - 1 fa- , - ills 

lull -*r* W -v- * -'ft# !■* ll*a 1-1 li 



.ft* c  1, Is. 


B 1 W ■ ■ • 

k) dVai la.Jm '"Mil 1 

%*# tef jat. 

Vf ‘JL\. X Vu. 

Moiht p«,Sav‘jYourCi 





Th« following extract to frum M Aa 
artfeto la TKt With World, oomtot «■ * 
l«f tto Manta Man kiwi every 2™ 




b lutirM* Ourtf, K— laaMy. 

glfim Itoraili. Tto toil ( fw 
mat mlka, tbe aaltivatioo the hMl 
and tto amp vaty difhfwat. T; 
piaatad lb* flnt two row* from tto 1 
kip or aomll and, and planted ail Mm 
aatoo morning. Tto Wg* and pro 
daaad Mralaod aart, with Irregular 
row*, aMoii aa yo* will ind (torn 
at ttoaodof aara* Tto middle k*t 
aala p r od a aod aata mostly straight 
aad Mr. Tto Upa bought forth 
aobbiaa oalj. Than vaa not a fair 
aaroo tho two rowa of ooto. I have 
raiaad oora, non or Iota, for forty 
yaara, aad bow ala it only about half, 
or, at nook, oolr tvw- thirds of tbo 
kernels oa oaou oar of com, aad 

p m ai«r — a or ia iBitK 

Capital Prise. $ I MAM 

a rvlaM. swvb. MAS 

4 mass, mm! 10,140 

BOO Prtuos, Mtk 100 

toa r r tews, aooh too 

oortiao*. aooa oa 

m/ a no ut nuin nr all 

. nOSITS *0. 

Tbs draw I a* wOI like pins* at MawHtkTVm- 

rk, tn UanvilIrTl^w Ui  Im day of Hep- 
uMWr. w, 

MrenL will furnish pamphlets, ftlvlns  te- 
■Vll'MUH property, ud*H""« th* 
mj)Mp Lrwltlsfun*. AfTNimiKiMi ihkai* 
OH imnaMwiblUty aad IMacrili of m» «   ■ • 
ratotonm, who bn. fbuf, of tor Knterprlar 
■I. roO n nwiI by tho ewUlnUi* cwlitrh will bf 
fensd la I hr pamphlet*,! of the Mlcwlu* gen* 
tl M Srn; Muvernor J. W. Mmnain, Hon. tier- 
rdJevI*, *u«l Thofnao V. MsCiescy, I n lied 
nintteMauaten. Uon. ArehthuM lMsun. Jiwepb 

B » of Monk: I. U Imiiam, 
Inaal anna ; John H, Onrreti, nnu 
mdanua Kjr., Hon. W. r. Horrmi 
i eiicwli mn of Uxb Jadidai Urn 
LA Johnson, Judas of conn cons* 
of Ind.j Him. Wm. H. Wolaer, 
n N. Hopbine, IWIniLM Ns* 
olid tdhel* at Kvsnxvllle, Indians. 


— AND— 


mo a isivif 



so If. UAnford, Bf, 

on horses ntOiM ammaif, 

*WEBft*r,rnLL byil, risTtix.oi n arx. 

RINO Info. S A DHLS *r COLLAR ti A 1.1. ft, 

afoAiftin Jm r», arirpftMft or rnd 

•Tin. HA a* II will wnnl HOLLOW ROHM 
I Uva sai nih |nM asasoea Is fcrtaftss mf 
Mlvlsr* vHhii IM rate* a# ilw I’aMk T aai 

Millinery Goods 

»"ii lAivmsv i v mid 
miMPAMY on ths 1st 
hr Aktolllorof IbrIHditr 
Macs aa tilt 1 1 is laws ufl 

Bfetaf liuunfKa Itim- 

U near panned tor latoroot aad Tftlmj, 

Tlir I'wlttvator sn l k txintry iHUlenw h # I 
i.i in* f f ' .hi dlit.i n to l w. nly largi imafto Mi I 
in i iwli aa a •*!» 1  N unit* r. simI Is 
fltt'lr. into 111 iiMin**, I si! In AmI Kvsai Ml 
TAlttMK.NT of Avtwiilliirr, mockJtalKk 
llorilrultun* m«I |to»nie«ktr ffnnMM, 111 
fdtiif»m anil F*M»|»rM(»re. In rMttiaa jalMl 
own prrsmal laiom. hsvr hw»i Assist *4 

tri Hai IbSi, irwAAMW * 

•dAaafc'anTU (MU sere* elesred and snder 
estOvKaT) hsee been rent -dllm ( 
,IMi?|l rw sen-, money relic, bund* Mr 
llTmiC .l e« dep-fbvlia tn* Ksruien' 
Hnnksl Hen.lerm.ii. Kjr., (Mlged te control of 
mswmiwlmli'nrm sud will ln  smlftlml Iai 111 . we 
dr* wins lx Knrium Haul of be uaplinl prise. 

For restoring Cray Hair It 
ill luturel Vitality and Color. 

A dressing whhd 
JUl »• nl (Hire Rgrcwnlilr 

^^Qo[ Ik mIiIiv. ntnl rllcrlun 

IM pre-eriing lie 

K/TT^^B hnir. t'liitnl or gin 
JM 1 km r ii kwh rntorr. 

hi ill rriijimil 

w./A Ihr qIi-u tin 

* "f f rrsk Hr u Uj y.i.lli 

bin liair is , lii.*ii 
coed, falling hair cheeked, and U.M 
Dess often, though Mot alwayn, rurr. 
by ilt use. Nothing can rcnlnre •!» 
hnir wherO I lie follicles are ilc sinned 
or ibe gla Mils airo| hie l ntnl ilrmied 
lint such ns remain ran lw emeil fin 
uacfnlness by this npplicalioti. Iu*lrn. 
of fouling iho Imir mill a | n*iy mIi 
toeiit. it will keep it dcau nml i igoron. 
Its ocrm.iisnil use will preicnl the 
from innda.’ gray of hilling nil, an. 
consequently prevent hnhlnrsa. Ire- 
from those ileleiermii# rulielnlKVS » liicl 
mnko soiin. prcparnliotis dung, ion* au  
iujiirimis to the Ibir, the Vigor cm 
only bcnclii hat uol harm il. ll wuulo 
merely lor n ' 


nothing else run be found ro desirable 
t'ontaiuiti^; neither oil nor dye, it dm. 
not soil white cambric, and yet last 
king ou the hair, git iug il a rich glossy 
lustre and a grateful perfume. 

Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., 

Practical anu Analytical CttkMim 

PRIOR ai.oo. 

P M ’■•Ih.ut, swl* S(‘t S’ssf^. ■ . 

t. Wilder A IV. Lou.tille WK..|e.MiC A 

vaa lie lag with his " m id weatnr,*’ aa Mr- 
WslW patd it, vhea ba east bis IwesIRsyai 
da Sm window aad bsr daaati. He dslsr- 

1 Mutual IwtlB* Itiounuutoi IXHupoiijr"' mitt to 
lorebtavl in tNe city of ML N.uto, rtHNtly « f hi. 
Uwto, HUOdt of MlMuurt. Tit** imowt uf ou| t 
tol dtorti poM up a ml Ib f tuu.uuf ML 


Lnsns sesa m d hr deed, of treat, 

Mnl Hens of record is, rssl m at s , 
prtneisnly In llwdlfud enunly 
uf Hi. Lsmlsas pe,tclwdnl*aus'd PMM1 * 
Lnssa on pnltetwi In Sows .... l^p.iuu a. 
cash (Ml hand. In hank and nlRm  • tCSSi » 
l Aisii. on p.*rsonsl ssenmy - - • isi.tai VI 
TV ti n . -we. mate bonds, I per sent SM*  

1 Amp, .ii. (Hi mate, dns 1st Jan. IxNR 7R1 ui 

Vtiatnts male bonds Riniw 

UfMcr furniture, I nut aatba, at boms 
(HU rs' sad aarnclta ...... 4,1*1 Ml 

Revenue m*ni|w (Hi h*nd • ... Ml «u 

tb bnd annual, semi-annual, and 
uuarterly premium, due on poll- 
dies in lures and In IrmnaUu lnxu 

SReneles 611,111 71 

Due from saetils and aw find pm 
ml UHl. mi polinea lu hand.ol ag'ls 
nmlinwHirsenl IransnnsspHi • • .MAMM 
Aocrusd Inlsr in t .... ... . i 

*•• a dilsmis*. Bat tkd gallant 
•bH *aa agaai to tbs lancgmy. Hs ta* 
plaiasd la tbs wtdnw that as be si ready had 
■aa with, and is tbs M ana u s ruls aad ptae- 
tlea did am pearail lathis Itote. be weld sat 
vrtb safety marry bar ia Vast Virginia, bat 
Iflbajr *srs far, hr sway from thaw cruel 
laws, hr «way is the fms Vsrthwest, when, 
•aea aad liras aie aa trm as dm air thay I 


t'topltol »t«*ck 

Dtvlilm ta Bnrwltvtnwl .... 
lut. nwai to rvtliitv IummIb and nntoe 
to pnwnt oil per Wbl  olu»* ami 
AtriHlei ttlipaibl • . • • . . . 
Lunart BilraltkAl, not yrt due ami 
uncalUvl M»r ••*••*•• 
Hoaavrvr #or rvluMrancw • • • • 

At* DiT-oma orrik B K Brrrnr. \ 
rrauhrurL My.. Jan. I. im. i 
tijr mtlfN that tlto* ftina»ii || to a true* 
li»»- «*rl|iital tm f||«- tn tltto * ■ ft\ •. 

In vltnmi wheivtif I have harrunlo 

[ art inv liaitol anal bIRinI my offlrlul 
MM U lii« day and y«a * aiH»vt« wrtit. u. 

Audi mr. 

’Tic lore will eweden sagarlem tea 
And nahe eoatsa tocot aad jny agree. 
With the coarse* bearding aad bedding. 

On Ibe otmaglh at hie seal rimoaial pros' 
ier, for eke eared aotbiag for tbs Nummary of 
life, be berrewed Ire bundled duller, of the 
widow, eetmeibly for tbs purpeaeof swieiisg 

;n Ast r ACTi atn ay 

•nts wauled hr all Importanl 

to aaldooi good for t garden or for 
oocb, rrIrbr ia I hot uiouto. But * 
btook toil VROto to bo rich Rad tmb? aw 
doopty rmIIov, bo as to ex halo moist- ^ ft,r 
an, tOM oooling.coi jparativetj. the BOV I 
plaoU oat ot tbo gmod. elan tbeiv 
will ho too Bioob Last at tbo high 
♦ampam w. , j 

Tn Potvbr or W brat.— T to Chi- 
cago Triboao bring a good reason to 
tto Rapport of tto iirgRuont that ths 

Vim to buy a far* ia Hicnigsa, when, hid 
dca firm lbs gass'of ibe bollow-bssrled world, 
they could love and bill aad eoo like any 
uotbor two tough old turtle derm, and drink 
Vboir Ii ger and eat iboir protasis and ebreoa in 
porfuet security. Ho loft her fur a white aai 
ebon Monad to ullAar how ba bad added 
i, r* hundred doNsrs to tbs ana bo bad Wr* 
Tuwsd of bar, aad had paid ebio ihouaaad dol- 
lars bak farm ho had pure booed for fifteen 
kui.dmd dollars, and thsfswao aotbiag for 
 lbam to do uuw bat soli the remaining prop- 
erty and emigrate to iboir sew boas, whore 
be would strut a Hk hi gander aad she aad 
-lbs girls should Iw Miehlgoeie. 

Tbs sugar-coated story of the gay Lsthvrio, 
like Spalding '» Prepared Pills, west right to 
tbo spot. Tbs bail look. Tbs Toutooi e widow 
smote a l«wt smile on him, sold all she bad , 
aad, about a a oath ago, lit out with kin, 
taking all bar family, aad leaving iba lrgili- 
teita Mrs. S. to weep aloas. 

On Iks way ho managwl to obtain a poeav 
•Joa at iho remainder at tbs widow's mousy 
under promissuf bearing her blushing I arm 
to tbo altar (wbaen they should tte that ha* 
Vilh Iboir toagagi they eouldat nalis with 
tfodr teeth) as tagp an they arrived. 

Whoa they goAo tbs aoigkborhasd where 
ba told thorn tbs fans was, they found as 
form, l'boy found that they bad been de- 
ceived. They found that the ones they. had 
foadly hoped to call husband aad papn bad 
gens, skedaddled, lit sal, vamoosed ths 
laaoho, levanted, sat stick, swart -won ted, 
entesWd.sad bad carried all thsir money vilk 
’ turn, teaviag thorn ia a strange land, smoog 
avaage people, without a dollar. 

Tbs parldioaa wretch, an wo have said, 
motet sand hit toogao with hooey only to got 
tfeo widow's funds, and having g* them ia 
ktepoasdswon, did not ho*iUte to tears her 
ahildrsa to get oul at lbs scraps an best they 
could. Oa Pndsy last they wrote to iboir 
frieods hers a history of iboir penniless cun • 
diltea. and hers had funds eusagh seal them 
iniatora, a sadder, poorer bal wo hope a wtesr 


mkc e prime article of spoke* and 
Albt I *rri*N« nod I3uss  Wliiwla. 
Ke I l*t. 


rnn Horau M**ul for lues. 
l illneiton* bw niiii«*i|. IK Mo 


w lil«*li 7 a#hATK »ImiIp pismto cJ 

ir-»r fcki r. 

»fr«1«« nwn tn , !• iii»nir«tol t«f   wrr oil 
•US h PI Ufa m luWlA litostBl nillB. Ihs; « 
BRrmnlrtl I'tirtl) VturUlrff , BBtl ritll will, gf 
Ulnty tm n Ural upon, bbi! bivbbBIbI aJiUmi 
I*. M. Tulin *l. tw» ut. 

leOUBVillr VKoIpr^ MHi 
J. K.Rifhir«l*BB.if'l 

EI«b IWkvt.ii’t Albany, K; 

rvnv ivv thf elfcrU of rerly wrrofu To Mop 
oluntAry Minlnnl « inli«It na. r n rtfalu 

. nory mid ter If ibhIb. To Biop !^iwitoi«*of 

will Kg murk Lugi mlntl ami "uNOancr. To be rurvd p*wn«ii« ntl  
wami win um ubuvi of viil«tt'!p In four iIbj a To b*» trrefnl Rota n- 

h# OOOliOff YMr. floJ il con-l^^'y f«»nmy iltNciiM* of m prlYBlGiHlurv l.jr 
Tl f ^ J Li k. A%MY«'ICAL I EOOMKOMATIOII. Td klMW fUlly «»f 

* artftd# bf Mfwi Off boldei ^s.AhlG. T » Imvr cln ulur*. with ts n»B wmf V» 
rtoMkh U-ik Ia tltoir I f . C. VN illiamg, Bum IM Hl l'uul. 

lifully foiiMsMtiicv lihr eili 

I aad •ummudik* Jrouuiry 


And am now prepared Is dye with . lines. 
riHlsa wualen fto-at. warp*, Siting*, hr , • / 
allsyls* and kiada, I.sdie* drr***a, *hawla, 
iHHinna.eliwh* n.aall*s. and nblww* Gee- 
tl*mrn* elobfng. pest*, easts, veals, bate and 
all olksr good* desired, sad at any eolnr, in 
tkaletesl and most durable stile. 

Haemg long experience is this bnaiesaa, I 
Setter massif that I can giro perfoclsaUafae- 
liun Girt me a sail. 



Ibe maliftnanl lorme uf dlaeeer. will Snd Ro- 
bark'i Miumarh Biller* Invulnslil* ns tonic 
and aflmulnllvc lor reminrlng all the penetra- 
ting cSt-ru which fellow illacant- : ItauppUeelhe 

C xi want ao hmg tell lor s sere sad reliable 
te and appellant. T, M. Talbot, sgeou 

rash that will 
, ro  1 not mb 
di, and make 
for starcbiair 

nouMEHoi.D iHRntn. 

There are so remr lie* an well snd bvunMr 
km.wu ns “Household Ib-mcdlc*” ns Iw. |h - 
hack'* Hluud I'urlBer, KliHnscIi Ritirr* and 
Hh»*l Plltesml m» family *beeld be without 
bciu. P. M. Talbul, ageaL 

Regular Gradaats at Mrdichc, aa di 
piwua at oBts will show, la* been 


longer engaged in lbs uwntaiealil IW- 
isi, besvsf sad priaalt d u resse, bps suy 
 lber physician la Hi. Louis. 

■prretef err Are. Meseei DeAWify ead /iftpe- 
eseyax die re*ult if aelf-aoux* is! youth, 
wgusl firm in mature years, g other 
bums, sod which produce aeawaflbrfol- 
owiagrfecu, as essiaraaf im i ssso*. Atet- 
Aes. dteilify, dtxxiecss. dinars a af ny*f 
»•/«*«« •/ idrsx, rail jbrtodispLssrrstea 
sssnelp s//ratetes, tesss/ mrsmsyesderg- 
isi fa w, sad readsrxay aMrvtepsii*prftpsr, 
irspeimsnenliy cured. 

Or- R'tebirr publishes aMedbal pam- 
Ihletrslstisg to veoaral diaesves an l ths 
li.ssir  us sud varied nonsequeocsi of eslf- 
ibiue, ihs. will be seal to suy sedreas in 
I tsaled eovvlnpe for two sumps. Many 
ihysiaiant ialroduc* patients tolh* due- 
or after lending his medical psoiuhtet.— 
lommxnicstion coufldemsl. A friendly 
nlk will coal you nothing- OSes can- 
mi. y« retired— No RI7 at. Chari*, street. 
R. Louis, Mo. Hour*, p in. 

lit, . ,t _ * 

Of ElprrlvDfv with a mtiBUnlly lnrr« mGlnc Iu  
mm ml f«w Koito'k'a MMllrln«« U «ulftrl«'Ut go- 
knowl« dgonh**iit uf tlmlr Intrlualp itiprll, and 

K * pbg lluiu I he very Amt In runli fur ourliiu 
ili v rBR i G ft*r Which they an* it ruiiini* mlea. 
Mold by ull Druggist b. I*. II. Tfolbui, egenL 

OOMMEKC1EO. Juvai I, 1 p«. 

T»l— between I»ulGy|||e end Hlrhiuom 
X will run gg folluwG: 


I neve lenllsvIHe TAB S I 

Arrive si lelmnHl II. I' s   

Arrive st Inn. III. H tall on I* r • 

Arrive st Htmilord l.M  r a 

Arrive st Lancaster L.n ■* a 

Arrive si Klrbiitnnil l  r   

Arrive at Onb orchard 1* r ■ 

Arrive at ML Vi.rn.Hi LM) r   


Leave ML Versos l*« a a 

leave I rab Orchard a   

lunve Rle limuu d B.SS a ■ 

Leave MiaMH LA' a a 

Arrive nl Inuivllle Hlalioo IM a a 

Arrive at l-chamm te.*! a 1 

Arrive nl Louisville b* * n 

Train* gnlna Norib oonneel* nl 1 -oulavlU. 
with LUU p. n. Hull Bnnl. arriving »l( 1 nclnn*l 
nsal nioriilng lu tllu* to eountHft with imlyu 

French way of serving Of~t by 
plunging iat* B^ Jdron of boiling 
wnter, co Ridar 'Wining one Jos* 
®n, Rod nllowir^a to rnnanin for 
one minor*. T'tonmRiRion coog- 
latRR a th'o lav« ••( tlbomen on ike 
Rorfoon, and tht goitoion *f air is 

Tarbapi no ggg mnb* 

rNw i« so ttuivwiGlIy r  

quirv«l by ev«r ltu ly GG 

G i GllMrUi*. gut g gg ever 
an) before e» um* s-r »l 
ly toluph-l bln Mae, Ml 


(Jr, ('onstlpnthHi of the Hnwcl*. should always 
receive pmiupt stu-nllon, ** It pre-dlapa*e* llic 
•vslem to disease. Tbe llm. lv use of such v»l- 
uable (mlhsrtlc remedy a* Hobark'*KI(**l Pills 
has anv ed m uch xlck new. itlaraa* and dent h , slid 
many persmi* lie-lay, are Imiehled tolhcst* pills 
alone nw their very ex Istenoe,** l lie ccrtinoslc* 
|U our p umem l un wlU s l id r. M. TnlbuLs'gL 

a good pasture, aad if 1 can do bo 1 
givu it some comimny tb*t itia ae* 
quaintad with. Cal, at aaj rate, 1 
pat tbe mare In an adjoining Held , 
then tiiRjr - both foal as thong h thaj 
•sera pot separated, aad do net wear 
off an* flesh by aaxiety and runnin". 
tend I take tbe mare into tto colt 
twice a day for two or three dare, 
and let it sack. After that 1 lat it 
tuck once a day. lor two or three 
days; then I let it suok for every 
other day lor two or three days; and 
it neoaesary to dry np tbe mate, 1 
will perhaps lat it sock onos or twice 
in tbe coarea of the oast weak. Ly 
that coarse tbe colt will get weaned, 
and tto mat* will to diied np. and 
neither of them lose flesh or ue pun* 
iabed, which ia both ia my interest 
and their mutual oomfort. Anoth- 
er cot rsepondeat advisee to take tbe 
c«lts irom the dam, tia ia stable by 
themselves sod g'»e them cow's 
mi'k whxli they swill d ink alter a 
1'ial or two if thev ; et oo water. 
Then give • little out and all tbe 
hay sod greea olorer they will eat. 

nC7*Tbe North Amoncaa Agri- 
culturist s*yo: “To improve thssi/o 
of potatoes, whether planted small 
or large, whole, or even cat polo* 
toes, when tto plant* ore only % few 
inches high, let tto shoots to /re- 
duced by pulling them up s*4 or 
two, eral moat tbiaaofito atroofest. 
The tubers, will, consequently to 
lower and vary much larger, a'*  in 
in eta urs nearly all flt for mifoet *B‘i 

pravuoUd. C 

OCTA boas* kajsr writes: ‘ ‘Hav- 
i Mg some stone js-ti, which lai d bad 
been packed aat'lfoww become aallt 
for me, 1 mad* tlfo perfect' v sweet 

by pack'n^ tbsm di of Iraak esth, 
and letting it igala two or three 
weak*. This las experiment with 

Mb* has bseams at thm hsnrUsas stamp 
no ama ksnws. V* heps hs may bring up in 
Btisghata Y (tang's tteaiwloax, sad tbstvix .a 
utils torn self Ian vivas, sack uf wham will 
daily requir* sh*ni as iseh uf Lis scalp a* s 
RStrsettw ot goad bshavior. 

uln«, w-ia f im Impur 

• rill Gf VHxit't u* uf 

Itohidi M.i'l lUMlmU 

v. • « , 

mvapkia uoiMm 
rt'BirABu of lUajoB- 

,*• ‘rn, 1, b. lilf ini ml 

A Yalsabui Jbwsl. — A yeaag ism. 
ef NswsmUs, wbw had no fortune, re- 
quested • lawyer, a Irised of bia to ree- 
•Amend him to a family where he waa 
o daily vieitor, Ad where there was o 
handsome dsnjh'er, who wos to have a 
large for.une. Ths lawysr said he did 
Mt axMtly kaow, bet be woe Id inquire. 

Tbe M«xt time he mi bis yoeug 
(rieod. be aakei hies if he bad aay 
property at all. 

“No-” (vplied ho. 

••Wall,'' said tbo lawyer, “woetd you 
oulfor aay oos to cut off your ooac. if ha 
would gira you twsoty ihouaaud pounds 
for it ?” 

(What a idea I) 

••‘Tia wall," ropliod Iho lawyer ; "1 
had a reason for asking." 

Tbs salt tia« U sow tbo git l's father, 
to said— 

"1 bars inquired about tho youog 
rna's cireumstanovs' Ho has, iudsed, 
no ready monry. but baa a jowol, for 
which to uiV knowledge, ho has been ot- 
Isi ad a id ' reiused iwvoty thousand 

This induced llte old father to OASoot 
to tit# mn is-s, which aocordioglr took 
plaoa ; though it i* said, that, *a Umi se- 
quel. ha oft* it shook his head vhea ka 
thought uf the j ■»( 

Often arise from mortAii eumllttewor the entire 
system, amt IHJ (idler rvincdles ton Im rnutid 
titan Dr. Rohnrk’a Bl(**i I'urlMtS sad Slud 
Pills. P. M. TulUM, aovnL 

funned l ■■• nt nunfurd 
trd ud ML V.ntun. 

David am 
amuse tbo ohild 

tto story uf D 
iug to that 
so boas tia gl- , 
youag atrip! ij 
tto first tro jf 
that — skip u ; 
to know w hint 



wn rcaiiua rsasna with Am 

Perfect ly free from liwtrilhima or (dher IntiHi- 
rlllc*; sruwtt from AI HTHALI AN and LULU 


-AID WBlumMO— 

A Put up nod securely tied and seals, 
linen batn, and esnl by mall free lu aii piul 

uclllnua. are always relieved 
I'clil It i llii-i l y llte ell, telivu 
limely u*e of ftoIxM'k’l l.loni 
isett lu uoniuncuon will, R.e 
Is, te sure to prodare. P. M 

The Central dispatch (Stanford, Ky.), 1869-05-06

4 pages, edition 01

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 Local Identifier: ced1869050601
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  Published in Stanford, Kentucky by Saufley & Miller
   Lincoln County (The Knobs Arc Region)