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	 Look Out for Our Exposition Numlifir,  ajk$*pt. 2, 1881 A..J&, Mr-, Geo. |{. Latimr, * f fs*hanoti, i* vi-itlng li*r brother, Ifnn. K. J. Polk. Charlie Llnmy. of Kmihrinv, wa* vi-iting Id* moth.r'* family la-t week. Mr-* ,1 mm. T. McGrath.  f I   m vlll whk t lie guest of Mr*. K P. McGrath Im-i w *ek. Will Grider mid hi* handsome of Frankfort, are viwiting relative* in tin* count v. ( 'undidrtte* for Sheriff utnl .Tailor an* springing up all over tin* county. Flec- tion in Augii*t, 1882 Mi-- LHIa Van iratlel'f win Im- been -pending -event I week* with relative- in Laneu-ter, h* returned home. *v. ,1. C. Gilliam ami Mi  It* II- Ugly Duck of Perry ville, were in the burg la-t Wednesday. Jno. G. Pulliam, of Stanford, the  correspondent of the Mereer FnterprUe wa* v|-ltlng the  I ant week. An Interesting Tv m pent nee Conven- tion was held at 1 1 ii^li Bridge la-t Thursday and Friday. Hon. K. J. Polk, of (Ida place, wav in attendance. Dr. J. H. Join*- and wife, of Law- reiicehurg, are vi-iting the family of Mack Cecil, in the county. The ! tor made u* a plea-ant call on Friday. Hohherle* are Lemming di-trefrequent in tin* burg. Several house* have been burglarized in tin* hint week or two. A load of hnek-hot in u good remedy. Mr*. J. M. Wright Ini- pureha*ed the old Morgan property on Chile- Street, paying for -ante #1,800 ca*h. She will at one* improve and occupy it a* a residence. Rov. V. A. Harriaott, D. D., of Knoxville, Temnee, formerly pa-tor of the Southern Preshyteriuii Clnireh, i* spending a few week- with Id- moth- er, 'Mr-. A. J. Mitchell. IleVr. Jno. C. Young, of Danville, was greeted with a full lioii-e at the M. F. Church, South, ou la-t Sunday eveiil hr. Mr. Young i- a rcii end favorite lien* and always draw- crowded house*. The South Di-til t Association of I oiled Haptist- will convene on Tm**- day, the2dd in-t., at the Hapti-t church. A large uttendanee is exacted, and ample II I ingtOM lit  made for tli. ii entertainment. Mr. C. G. Drown, an old and highly re-peeted citizen, mar Pleasant Hill, died on la-t Thur-da v ufter a long and painful Illness. 1 1 i- remains were inter:. I at I n* family burying ground on Friday afternoon. The Fourth Quarterly Meeting Servi- ngs for the present Conference year will l*e held at the M. K. Clnireh, South, on next Saturday and Sunday. Rev. V. F. Noland, of Nicholas viile, will offi- ciate as P. F. pro tern. Ovie Smedley, the accomplished and popular principal of Overton Insti- tute, left last Friday for New York citv an I Wu-hhigtoii, D. t to perfect herself in art, fur winch -lie has lately develop- ed an uuu-uul and very high order talent. The drouth hasal-ait ruined the corn I crop. In many places in t hi- coun- ty there will not he corn enough made to hread the people. Rut -till thoii-auds of hu.-hel- of corn are daily turned into the distilleries, resulting in. empty corn ; cribs, hut full distilleries. The State Meeting of the Christian Church will hold it- annual scwith the Church at this place, begin- ning next Tuesday. Several hundred delegate- are expected to ie in attend- ance. The 'I. mg- reputation for time hospitality will he fully sustained. We are glad to learn from Rev. W. P. Harvey that he has reconsidered hi- intention to remove to Georgetown, and will remain in our midst, lie ha* purcha-ed a residence on Cave Run Street of Dr. A. Jones, and Is now engaged in making large and Imnd-ouie Improvements on same with the view , of occupying it permanently. A couple of Revenue officers on la-t Thursday interviewed our worthy drug- gists in regard to noun* technicalities of tfic Revenue Law, re-ulting in a fine of from (00 to  77 being entered aguiu-t each one of them. In justice to our druggists it is no more than right to state lhat they were ignorant of the technicalities, consequently they think that the fine should not lie enforced. Rev. (.'has. J. Cldsolm made a very narrow c-eape on last Thursduy even- ing widle driving a young horse. The horse was frightened hy a dog running out ami harking, und begun at once to kick mid run. kicking tin* lines out of s hands and hardy mi ing him. Fortunately Mr. C. -avid himself hy Jumping fioin the huggy. The huggy ami harness were totally wrecked, the horse escaped seriou- injury. Ha  . Sept. 2,1881 Mas. (In anvii.i.k Ci:rii. has returned from Atlantic City. Miss Fanmk Henry, of Carlisle, I* the guest of Miss Kate Tunis. Hon. ({out. III. AIN, our distinguished Senator elect from this district was in air oili.*e lust Monday. Ray Wharton has accept ml a posi- tion it  traveler for the clothing firm of Jacob Frenkel, Cincinnati. 11T POTT K II V i Chinn and (ln ** ) K.HCltri.T/l A co., 7'J West Fourth Ml reel, II. POI NSFOIU)  ( 0. lit H  Km a STATION KM V. npimmle The llluhe-l Steeple, Cincinnati, O. merican Waltham Watches. hiHt-pn(test Tlmei.-. Solitl uoltl. *j:. silver. *1 . AMKItICAN JKWKMIYCO.,  Arciute. Ot It old friends, Cupt, Win. Raine-, and Cipt. W. W. Rupeley, of tld- county, made u- a cull on Monday. HT Mantel*. IVrfwtlmi .Orates, lira j*mI- A Tile Work. W L. |* K I NS A Cl . !*l aid mi Klin Ht. rt Paper Hangings, Th.- m, -i  ;iiptn  u I i Mil iIi-Ibiih In Aitl-lle I i| F, ANDRESS 4 COS . 1  v  l.-t AHTLKTTS ( 'uiiinii'niii! A I'i liialielal Cttllegc It. M. HAltTLKTr, Pre- No. 1*1 Walnut Si. Cincinnati, o. Brief Sketches ol tile Medical Allen limits. ' I si 7 , and graduated at the Cnlver-ity | of Pennsylvania in is; in. In 18*10 In i was appointed in the army, and served in the Florida- Indian troubles under (Jcuerul Harney. During the Mexican w ar lie was chief medical officer of the cavalry brigade, and was iu uluio-t J every action a and TaylorI lines. He Was one of the first medical officers oidensl East from Oregon in ; lMtll, at the outbreak of the war, when ' lie was placed on special duty us a--is I taut in the Surgeon General's office. J  On the organ Ixatiuii of grudes of niedi 1 eai in-pur lion, lie wits promoted to 'Lieutenant Colonel, and *utiscqiiontl  1 to Meilical Inspector General, With tie rank of Colonel. Soon afterward he catne acting Surgeon General, and in 1H04 was appointed Surgeon Oeneral with the rank of Brigadier Oeuerul, which position he -till holds. l-*rt P.eylairn was horn in J Hep the  r ISG, and came *u the United States wlu*n quite young. In I HoG lie graduated at the Philadelphia 1 Mecieul College, and practiced his pro- fession in that city until iNtiil, when lie entered the Iliio i Army us a medical officer of volunteers, having the same year settled in Washington, where h-lill resides. Iu |h, 7 lie mi appointed to the regular army, and has since be- come a member of the American Medi- cal Association, and Vice President of the Washington Medical Society. He was Surgeon -in -chief of tin* FrBureau, w as LiTofe or of Surgery and Dean of the Facultyof Howard Univer- sity; und in 1 S7, ww appointeil pro- fessor of surgery und dean of the faculty | of the medical hi'Iuni! of Cleorgetown I College, District of Columbia. He is , also a distinguished writer on medical subjects. Dr. Frank Hastings Hamilton, wa- I Uirn in Vermont, in and grad- uated at the University of Penn-ylvauia iu I In l soil, after having prac- l tlced In Auburn, N. Y., he removed to New York City, where he speedily oh - 1 tallied a large patronage. During tin 1 war he was a Medical Inspector in the ^ army, ami has gained the repututiou ot Is'iug one of the first surgeons in this country. He is the author of several standard works |s*rtaiiiiiig to his pro- ,  ion, and the Inventor of a number of J delicate und complex instruments, now | regarded as indispensable III the prac- tice of surgery. Dr. D. Hays Agnew, was horn in PciiiiHylvania in I sis, and was educated at Jefferson College and the University of Pennsylvania. He early became) distinguished as a surgeon, und a gen- eral practitioner in medicine. For many ycatu he held the profinsorahip of Mirgt ry in several institutions of note, und is celebrated for Ills skillful, j rapid and successful operation-. His reputation as an author, iu the depart- ment of anatomy and surgery, is wide- 1 spread u Iso.- Cincinnati Commercial. Mil. John H. (Jii.hkrt, of Lexing- ton, Passenger Agent f theO. A M. Railway, paid our office a pleasant visit Inst Saturday. Ml*. Jno. M Lin my, of the West Fnd, called to see u-   'unity I 'ourt Day, an old acquaintance whom we had net seen before for over thirty-five years. Mkm. RoHKKT IUmki., Mr*. Frank ileher, Mr. R. S. Salter and MiPlieuia Salter t age on the ex- cursion train lhat left Lexington la*t Tuesday lor Niagara Fall*. LANK ROOKS, Paper.Knvelope stationery, V. II. * A ItFF.NTKIt A v I -HI Wal mu St.,   'liiet I IMPORTER AND MANUFACTURER. An. I7S I lent III, Sir,; I, CINCINNATI, OHIO. (MIKSKI.I.KIIN. Stationer-, Prin- her- A HI rut el-. It' HI UT rl.A ItK F. A No. im W.-t Fourth -t. HAS. S. COW IF, F-hionnl)l  S)T A- SHOF M  K KR, |K | Vine hi..  Ineinnatl. O. VViildifs, Biniiiomls, (Solid Silver and Plated Ware, PENS AND PENCILS OPERA CLASSES, Lockets, Rinas, Studs, Chaim, KNIVKN, KOIIKN, NI'OONN. Spectacles to Suit nil Sights. WHOLES A 1.E AM) HKTAH.. No, IfS ffVef 4th Street, CINCINNATI, OHIO. Mam k n ri Con ! ion kh. it Vino Street,  inclliaatf. loth i x; cor Men and Boy JA Mhs Wll.liK, .lit., A At Retnll. Fourth ami  In streets. h; A ics (importers and Manufacturers . JOS. It. rFF.lil.F.s1'lke'N 0 |H*ra*H /-I0M MISSION M EltC HANTS, A Wj 1 1 1 . 1 . - 1 .. -i . r*Al T 1 160 BHu L. I ii Vim* Hi.,   'iiuaiinutl, marria 6 e^ M Aitui fi yesterday, Thursday morn- ing at tl A. M., In the parlor of the Clemen* House, by Filler Hu in I Ayre*, Mr. W. II. Ferrell to Mine Tcre-u Sandifer of the Wc*f Knd. Atlendunts : Mr. Ferrell, brother of fhe groom, and Miss Hniidif. r, -isfer of the bride. (Jell. Nathan Woodcock, Col. W. LuKin Thouia*, Dr. Waller Niehol-, (Jemral P. Mailt-, Alderman D. S. Hinmaii and Clerk R. H. Niehol- were pre-ent a* witnes*e to flu* eereinony. A IiiiihI- Moiuer and happier ouuple never tied the nuptial knot. May fairest fortune -peed their way; Their lives la* Joyous, long and gay. I! irk Pits. Cakes & Sweet Biscuits. 1 IIOLMFsjc t O., Sucvf.N-or- to Snider .V Holme-. 131 -lA'l W. I-'nuitHt.t'liicInnati.O. ' |s : ,V 1-., Main Slrwt, Single lint- of i 'list. Price-. RHiS, Pi : If FI  1 MS, AC. K It N ST M'lhFFKT, At Retail. N. NS'. Cor. Fourth A Walnut. KV (iOOIIS, NOTIONS, ( SltlPI.KY, A CO., At Wholesale. Knee anil Pearl Si ret*!-. ( ( )rder  hv Kxpn -u ). VM. It. TKAMHAlj;, pi'i ami ii7 Walnut Street, lashlonablp Hills anti Cups, \. MARTIN, No. 4J .itll SI , cor. Wal mil. Sprlnx Htylw* Ju*l reeelveil. I.alU-' Fur*. KhujUIa TemAar .hurl*, U. A. C kapt*T Jewett , Mi*h r Mnttm JeweU, U, Sly leu am! Prlcm Roman Gold Neck Chains and Bracelats. A Ml'KCI A I.TV. No. 178 tt'e*t 4th Street, CINCINNATI, OHIO. DEATHS. IKK, Fish A, Oysters. Fniil- V Vrm falile-. II V, i -on , Ilnu r. K HI I II . oininlion Merchant l*tHOCKKIKS ( to ( oil-Uhier * ).  . ii. PFEBLF^* Opera-House. OH X II. liOUA KT, IIKSIUNKR AM* KNORAVKK. Cor. Fourth A Klin. Cluciuimtl. T. WAKHKN k ( 0. Fan. Git* a FRIKS, CIGARS A TOR A* I A tiM We*t S#h*ou* 1 St.. Clnelnuntl, \. (iOSl.lMi, Miiiniiiietuivrof Hfrlrtl // f'l rut i lnsn t'n rrhiffm, Sixth and Syeainorw Si-., Cincinnati, O. A OATH. Moss. Iitfturt-i hooltli. iM'i-iMTiiy and long llto. AM KTIIYST, PrevenU violent imimmIoiih. ItliOODHTONK, * oiirngc, wImIoiii and tlruim wi in uffeetlon  lilt Y sol, ITK, Free- iron i evil pi - non- Mini -Mdnirta of mlmt , DIAMOND. lsniohM Inii'H- nee, faiili, vlrglulty. I MFItAKD. Iiihud-i true love, dl .. over- (kin friend*. (JARNKT, Con-lHtenojr and fidelity in Hharpi'iiM th-i*M ami fni'tli of tlt |HMiM**aor, and deiiot- I 101 - 3 . I*KA HI,. [ etioUA purity, gl ve- elia r ne to phy-loal and iim*u ( id Might. Corre uovii- ni-uUiiitf front ml-taken friaml* hip; dlwanver- noiHOli. HAFPMIltR.  from eiicliuld liieut. D*ioU*l rSARDONYX, IiiNureneonJuKNl fJI  Ity. FUleJIty and friend -tup: in event- had dream* TPB 4 U 0 IHK, In-lire- prrity Iu lovA C IIOK'K. STUCK OK Til SHK PliMlOUM STUM I g kou halic. KKI*'S SHIItTS.  ii'iitliim n'~ Fuml-hlng Gi*-l*. GlBKItT illtos., is* W. 4th Street. RY .V CO.   in* Fixture* AND LAMP 4 4  SUM. i'C Main A No. * F. 4th   IncInnuO lull I Fi, Mamirueturiu^ *L w*l Fourth street, Clnelnuutl, O. Of It thunk* ure due Dr. R. N. Dunlap for a copy of the Third Annual Rof the Htate Hoard of Health for the year lMd. From the Hoyle County re- port we take the following statistics for the year ending Juu. 10th, 1HS0: lk*alln4 from Anaemia, 1; Cholera Infantum, ; ( 'oii*uiiiptioii, 7; ('ystitis, 1; Diphtheria, J; Kuteritis, 1; Kpilejaty, 1; Fever, remittent, J; Fever, typhoid, 1; (Jaatritis, 1; Heart Disease, 2; Inani- tion, 2; Nephritis, 1; Old Age, 2; Per- itonitis, 2; Pertussis,!; Pneumonia, 8; Tahes Mcsent erica, 1; Unknown, 7; Total, 45. Births: Males, hi; Females, 82; Still Horn, 1; Total, 124. The iU*i ort contains valuable pa|*ers o:i Yellow Fever, Epidemic and Conta- gious Di-eases, Color Hlindue*M iu Rail- road Employes, Public Heulth, and other iutereeting topic*, as well as the ..l . - * . i official heallbslatisticsfromtbediiler- *M|***t and t**t. Kxrl-allTar ItoolW lu Anu rlca. Liberty bt. t luciuuati. ' eul counties of the Htrte. Amciiitrct. Johnson'- ItiilhllnK, Cor.Mh A Walnut nu. Cincinnati, O. luduNtrlal K  po*it ion. rEHWAUK iV .Iewelr ut KINSEY'S, Jeweler. H. W. Cor. 6th A W ulimt Slroft*. ITKVKNN* Bookstore, d'j 4th St.,  tucluuall. O. lii* Ki K.-k and Ixiw Pnom. Call or write for Ifctok- and Siallonery. M( lllll. AS. EuroiHan i lu Cur. 4th  ltac** st* Clncinn II, O. K. N. ROTH. Proprietor. TI.N0 ' ('BINT, Whole*.!.. Dealer III l.umbrr, Lall* Jt .Shinj/hn, &4 West Third St., Clurlunatl, U. The repairs on the building of (well Female College are alxut com- pleted. The close of thia week will find everything iu readiue*s for use. The attention of parents with small ehlldreu la called to the primary work of this College. A thoroughly experi- enced teacher in thia department will have charge of it. They should con- sider the value of a good fouudiktlou. JEWELER, No. 119 Wool 4th Streot, CINCINNATI. OHIO UNSWERVING LOYALTY-UNDOUBTED CURRENCY UNSHACKI 1 D SOVEREIGNTY. VOL. 3. DANVILLE, KENTUCKY, FRIDAY MORNING, AUGUST lb. 1881. m(C THE DANVILLE TRIBUNE DANVILLE TRIBUNE CKDAR RUN. ZIMMERMAN & MURPHY PUBMSHKH8. Many of our cttlxen*  attending * Central Kentucky Camp Meeting thin week. Mr. Jame* U  t tom, of Boy I*, I* vlnlt - Ing frlewli* In Mercer, and  took In  High Bridge, regarded ll a* h wonder- ftil structure. The Republican* In this vicinity are glad to hear of tin* victory of Col. Robert Main over A. R.   Ink. the Democratic nominee for the Slate Semite. Moved in time. A Win li**ontill* nelgldiorhood, mo v il to Fayette County ; a few day* after lie moved, the house he left wn* unroofed am' DR. A. L. MONROE, Homoeopathic Physician,  m M Kill Km. HEADQUARTERS amuel A* Ollrh.r II. Preparatory Department Oh o&MississippiR'v. FRESH GROCERIES ~nSolid Truth! A.'kii.iwl.-il^.'.l by nil t lion. CENTRE COLLEGE, DANVILLE, KY. E. 23. LINITEY-S. _ _ -- Is tine Shortest! A COMI'LK IT, HTOt'K OF STAPLE f *R ItaiMee from linrlnMitll ioftt, I. AM) FANCY That the Olio & Mississippi Ry V A N D A L I A  mill |||* G| K IT Wkmt. THE BEST LINE  hktwkkx 7j?/ otlierwlee injured hy a storm. r^bX^ESPoMNGE. I i r,l !' h '., T  | M ppffnnnce of com crop* in thl* locality. TIIK Nh  fill, |MM| . minim, ky. | appear a Far mem are a little liMiip| ointed in the It iM not UM gOOElder C. W. Jatuex preache* at the ChriatlAii Church to-night, and to-mor- row Illy Id Rev. HcthIh, a Soul Hlee|ier, in to hold forth at the game place. A. It. Clarke and Park defeated candidate*, met t connoted each other with shake of the hand. Tlmmue, day and i hearty Mr. Tlinman In a tnetnlter of the fnatl- tute, doing khnI work In tliat Inatltu- t Ion, lull Miippretwod  Mr. H|Hwith Rome effort. when attempting to Addrc** (lie ( 'hair. FDI'CATIONAI The Ninth Annual Meeting of the Teacher* Inntiiute, of t'aney County, wan held iii Lib *rty, Keutueky, tginning Aug. M, IKK]. The Inntiiute wan organized at I o'clock l. M., with tin* following ofllcern and teacher*: Ji. F. Bra n mo hi, Hcliool Comminnloner, l*renlde:it ; Col. Milan A damn, Vice- President ; It. T. Raiken, Secretary ; Robert Karlen, A**i*tanl Secretary ; Geo A. Yale*. Conductor: S M. Wil- liama, C. V. Jainen, Min* Belle Bautin, Coni miller* on Program; and forty- eight teacher*. A large number of vi*itor* were pren- ent. Prof. G. A. Yaten introduced tiie exerel-cn by an add rent in wlileli he dinciHMcd the  Educational Problem,  and the Proper Method of Conducting IimtitutcM.  How to Teach Primary Beading  wan ably presented hy Prof. C. V. Jainen, who advocated the  Word Method  Thin brought out an iihle discussion of iiietliodM, in which Prof. Geo. A. Yaten Hipporied Prof. Jainen, and It. W. Hatter, Mian Belle Baniin, Col. Si Ian Ada inn and W. II. JIainmond opposed the latter, present- lug anol her method of peculiar novelty, hut Niip|H rting it with marked ability. Prof. Huth*r and Minn Belle Bantin alno presented methods com hilling tin* let- ter, phonic and word methods, In the order an named. A motion wan then made and carried to enroll all visitors who desired a* honorary iiiemln-m. Tiie Committee on Program pre- sented a report for tiie second day, em- bracing neveral lll|M rtant issiien ill till* school work, and a day of excellent work in anticipated. Tiie Institute t lien adjourned till 9 o'clock a. m , Tuesday, S PROCEEDINGS. The Institute wan eulled to order hy Prof. Geo. A. Yaten, Conductor. Pray- er was offered hy Prof. V. P. Thomas ; (lie choir sang several sacred songs. Prof. II. W. Hatter was appointed Institute Critic. The first question presented, viz:  How l/nig Should Children In* Confined to the School- rooni Without Itece**, whs ahly dis- cussed hy W. P. Thomas, C. W. James, J. A. Hammond, Mrs. Jaaper, S. M. Williams, Miss Julia A. Marcum, Silas Wesley, W. II. Micliuiii, Geo. A. Yates and A. B. Williams. The next cxer- eise was a ('lass Drill, Illustrating Meth- ods of Teaching Grammar, presented hy Prof. C. W. James, and further dis- cussed hy W. H. Miciitun, H. W. Hat yield of wheat exported. J. T. Brown, near Burgin, owns n cow and a calf. The cow lias never given any milk, and no aptiearance tiiat she ever will, and manifests no afreet ion for her calf which is three weeks old, and fed hy hand. Our ls*st citizens learn with much regret the defeat of the Constitutional Convention. Certainly the candidates for the various State offices did not do their duty in presenting this iin|*ort- ant matter to the voters of the State. Our citizens, without distinction to party, arc very glad to learn that the recovery of the President h almost a certainty, and hone that he will soon Is- aide to resume the active administra- tion of t bo ( eminent. W. P. C. N WILL i PEN HKI*T. wiitie ihe  m Hints of I list met ton lps|mtIhII.v wlspled to prepare young men for the Frcnlumiii Cln*s, It Is Intend'd, til the sime time, to furnish it .lherl Kugll*li dura- ] lion to liny who nmy   test re It. It.v smuiftrineiit h It It the  'ollcge authorities I hnve assumed ih  out In nmiiMaement of this school, iind therefore on my ow n l*Jinlf*olicIt n 1 1 hern I patronage. Tuition fornessioii of live months is: Classical Depart meld f20  /* KiirIIsIi Department 18 6  Primary |te|sirt meut 15 UM Sons of Ministers received it* one-half tiie foregoing rules. Payment In ailvntice required In nil esses. I- or further nnrtleulers npplv to J.s. II. W ALTON, PrlnripHl. I GROCERIES, Hal lit Ohio & Mississippi B j CINCINNATI, ST. LOUIS  I AND THE- AND EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE LINE OF  Only Line! Kiinnlnu Its entire trains fro*i ( Im-iniintl h ! Louis, Without ( liimiie of Pus^fiiKers 01 Its UK** He. GREAT WEST. family provisions, M. tie Ohio & Mississippi RKEIT CONSTANTLY ON HAND. CANDIES, FINE FRUITS, CANNED GOODS, Is the Only LinHy which all classes of I'lisseiiners nrs curried oil nil 1 ruins from   inetnnall to Ml. I.oiiIm, Wltlioul 1 Iihiiro of ( nrs. That the Ohio & Mississippi RWe guarantee advantages and com forts superior to those of any rival line. THIS LINK HAH POHITIVBLY No Midnight Changes llptwern ill nml St. Lnuls mid  beyond Ht. Dud., and prui tlcally NO CHANGE OF CARS iillK^i Mt,rmonism Unveiled! i li 1 1  *. Aveuulii|  Atigel l*i 1* I Imre! Priests, Pittrlnreli lll ! A lit licit! IMciidow .Miiasiic 11*1 ti iiu Worst A toner* ami Smuts shown account of the Mountii n i*! The most thrilling 1 lltliry- P hoKI SKI.V I LLl'S- AND ALSO A FINE ASSORTMENT Is the Only Line! Running ; Hally NollU Trains, Two trains [ on Sunday; rinelnnatl to St. Ixaiis. 1.0X1 rimitiK, MINN. Editor h Danviltr IViltunc: Since I find your excellent wiper Is a weekly visitor to tills place, I wish to write a letter now and then for its col- umns. The town of I*ong Prairie is (lie County S -at of I'odd County, Mild is situated on Long Prairie at its aoutli end. I'lte prairie readies to tiie Mis- sissippi River on tiie north or north- east, about 40 miles distant. Tills is a beautiful village of about 2 0 Inhabit ants, and was begun to Is* built u!12 years ago. Tills is one of the most beautiful, rich and healthy States of tiie Union. All kinds of grain do well here. Wheal this year is estitna ed to yield 20 bushels per acre; oats, rye and barley, each 40 bushels, Irish pota- toes, loO to 200 bushels, |liidian corn, o0 bushels. The variety of wheat gener- ally raised here is  Scotch Fife,  a Spring grain. There i* a Catholic church here and a Bap' is*, church, Isitli Hue buildings. A Li t ierai church is built and will soon is* completed. Of religious denominations lepreseuted in Nils sist loti we have: Methodist, Congrcgatioiudisl, f Lutheran, Baptist, Reformers, Unlvcrsalist, Seventh I)a  Auventist and Mormon, also some iiilldels, worst  f all, except tiie Mor- mons. I will give some iniorinatioi, oi the lay of the land here, soil, timla*r, water, etc. RKPUIIUCAN. TK ATM* Agents Wnnted. For   Irculurs mill Mpeclal Terms, address MOFFAT IMTII.IMIIM. 10.. 42-1 tn 2lo ami 212 Pine at., mi. Igiuls, Mn QUEKNSWARE, GLASSWARE, FINE LAMlTliat the Olio & Mississippi RMissouri, Kansas, Texas, Nebraska, Arkansas and Iowa Points, As our trains run lulu the EMINENCE COLLEGE, KY., For Males and Females. Till* |Mi|nilnr ln*tltution will open lf*2'*th session on the tlrsl Monday In Kept* nii*er. Ilea it 1 1 hi I grounds, excel lent ais-omm slaUons, a full faculty of exp*'. Ienes| leiudwm, ii *u|*e- rhn Musle liepartment, si *1  otiinii t  lal HcIumiI are H**ne of the advantage* It idler*. Send f  r nit. i login to W. H. OlLTIfKIl, Kuilnencs, Ky.  Only Line ! Running Day Coach ks on all trains With- out Change from cincliimdl to mi. L  n I * an BNDLE8B VARIETY OF EQUIPMENT UNEQUALLED! Valurr Sire] ting Cord I lining Cant Re I'd ring Parlor (' hair Cars J Elegant Day Coachr* ! FAN J Y A. it P C QUALITY AND PRICE TO DEFY COMPETITION. 42- 1 m Remember the Place:E B LINNEY. North Side of Main Street, Bain ill* , K  . Georgetown College, mute, LOOK HERE! All trains of thr Ohio * Mississippi Hnll- way run Into the I nlon Ibepot, Hi. Louis, where direct connection Is made with all Lines for diri, Arkansas, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. UNION DEPOT, NT. LOUIS, From which all trains depart. 0I R KIJI IP.MKMS are FIRST C LASS. Trains leave Plum Mireel De|w t, Cincin- nati, at * n. in. and 7 p. in.. IIAII.Y. The Plum Ht reef Depot I* much nearer the Mteaml*oat Landing than any other de|mt. The Plum Hired Deisd Is much in-ater the IN |s ts of the Kentucky rntral mid Littiei Miami Railways Ilian any other Western  PASSENGERS ^ Hvl   IM   mr IONOITO W V, 14 Y  mi i indniintl Southern It. It Fifty Third Aunimi Hesslon open* Kept. A, lsH|. i 'nurse of study complete.  Kx|s i hm*-*| J rofi-ssor*. No eflort Isspaitsl to ailvance stu- dents In MKSTAI. Thaimno and to d* velop their Ui.m.hai. rt i.TUMK and Tim k Man- Location healthful and iN'iiiillful. iH'iises low for advantages offered. For cata- logue or particulars, address, 12- 1 in It. M. DUDLEY, D.D., Pre dddit Kentucky Csnlral Raiload. REMEMBER 1 llJJlTimtliJUlI 1 1 , hImivc Slates a Terrlto Shortest, Best, and Quickest Ronte VASSAR COLLEGE, rorauKKKFttiK, jv. Fob Til K LIHKMAL K.llft'ATlON OK WoMKN. Fxauilliatlolis lor entrance, Sept. nth. t'ata- login-M sent on application to t2-2ui W. L. DEAN, Registrar. CINCINNATI, EASTERN, WESTERN, NORTHERN CITIES. ^Particular Information in regard to Routes, Rates, Time, tc., Via the O. I can la* had on applh-atlon personally, or lletter to Agents of the CtiiellillUtl South- ern. and L. A N. A (h Sn Railways, or to any of the undersIgiUHl. ( . W. Uauik, Agent, ltil Walnut st., Clucln- nail, Ohio. (iKo. II. ALSOP, Passenger Agent, Ilarrods- hurg, Kentucky. j CINCINNATI OFFICES Hil Walnut Street, (jruml lintel, mid Oepot, fool of Mill Street. EDGAR INSTITUTE. For tie- Danville Trthune. Fhli Culture In Kentucky. The Keutueky legislature | uhs  I and approved an net, Mareli 20, l.'tTO, for the pro|M galioti and protection of fiHai tlsiies in I lie waters of Keutueky, and an appropriation of $.1,000 was made l y tin* Legislature for ll*li culture ut tiie time tiie law was enacted, since tliat time an additional appropriation lias been mude. It is true tliat the appropriations me small, comparatively speaking, will tiie work and expense tliat would ne- eessarily arise in nioeking a water urea ho large, hut if Kentucky and Dix Rivers In h s| eeitiien of tiie prrogre*s of tiie C 'oin m ission* rs, tiie enterprise In rtuinly a inagnifleent failure.In the Suhtirhsof Paris, Ky. II. II. BABBKI.L, A. M., Frlut lpal. A thoriiugh prepiiiiillou for college, ora thor- ough l-'.iigl l*li ii ml Sclent Iflc ( i airse . mhmcliig Survey In.-, Drawing, Ac., Fn u h and   tennu. N iimlter of tswinler* llmli.-d to fifteen, stu- dents always under th^eyeof ||p  l,*i Im-Jpal. TURIN, NWO PER ANNUM. Next Session la-glns Sepn-mla-r 12, DWl.'Kn: Rev. Stuart Rohlnsm, I). D., Col. It. II. ^ ouiig. Rev. John W. Pratt, D. ! ., Ijoulsvllle, Kj : lle W. F. V. Bartlett, D. DRev. Louis I/O* is, Presld lit of Kentucky I.' til- versltv, l/exlugtoii, Ky.; Rev. W. K. ltogg*. D. D., Atlanta, tin. iMm HEADQUARTERS ' Groceries and Provisions, PLAUT & PHILLIPS, IIATKS ALWAYS LOWEST. TIMB-TAHLR IS EPPSCT StTMDAY, NOV. 21, IEWU. j C. S. CONE, Jr., W. W. PEABODY, Gsn'l Pas. Agent. Uenl Superintendent. CINCINNATI. I .SO p. m.  7 p.m. , 3 p. in. I/oave Richmond n.'to a. m. mid Leave Danville ft.40 a. m. and I. Leave Iaixlngtoii 72K a.m., 1.15 f and 4.35 n. m. Leave Pari* H. 2 M a. in., 2.02 p in., 8.40 p. m. and 5.25 p. m. laiuve Cynthlaiia M.55 a. m., 2.30 p. in., 4.00 p. *r, \ . K.   ' UU,, ^ I *C ^* M. Williams, I H||lH || j rv deptNiited in Dix River and i Martin, \ . I . riioinas, A. B. || .-inging Fork proiMilily would have WilliuniM and Mr*. Jasper. The third 1 82 Walnut St., Cincinnati, O. IMPORTERS AND J0UBKU3 exercise,  How to I each R'V^jjRK* built over t te mill-daniH and the done some good if tl*li-ways hud was presented by Prof. A. B. WillianiH, mid furtiier discussed by J. A. Ham- mond, after which Prof. Geo. A. Yates gave a humorous reading,  A Visit to Niagara Falls,  hy Mark Twain. The s report was then heard, and several others ottered criticisms on the proceedings. AFTERNOON SKHlIOK.  The Best Evidences of u Successful Teacher  was discussed by Prof. W. 1). Wall, W. II. Miclium and H. W. Hat- cleared of the fall traps. The fail tru|' will dephte ii stream of fish in less lime than any contrivance tliat we know anything about; they capture I all going down, and prevent any from ; going up stream. It seems to is* n   Ntsiplc anti Fancy (internes. { We also solicit consignment* of all Kinds of (country Produ e. and guuranty top of the I Mnrket Price. Try us. July 16, 8m* Leave Falmouth 10 a. ni., and 3.10 p. ut. Arrive Cincinnati 11.45 a. m., 5.80 p. in., and 8.15 p. in. Arrive Maysvllle 8.15 p. in. Leave Cincinnati 7.15 a. in., 2 p. m., and 12 nig' it. Leave Falmouth 8.15a. in., 3.40 p. in., and l. 57 a. III. lamve Cynthlana 10.07 a. m.. 4.5ft p. in., and 3.20 a. m. Leave Purls 10.46 a. in. 5.35 p. in., aim 4.06 Leave Maysvllle 5.3ft a. m Arrive la*xlngton 11.45 u. ni., 6.25 p. in., 5 a. m. , ami D .20 a. iii. Arrive Rlclinioud 6 p. in., 11 a. m., and 6 Arrive Danville 8.55 p. ni., h..v p. ni., 1.08 p. in., and Los p. in. Freight train* leave Lexington 5.20 a. m. Tuesdays, Thursday* ane Saturday*, coiinect- Ing at Parla. arrl% ing at Mayn Ills 0.10 F.legant Parlor Chair Car leave* Lexington 8 p. iii. for Cincinnati Fkkk. I ho train only make* 2 stops, tlm* avoiding tedious stopping Incident to othei lines. A magnificent Reeltning Chair Car leaves Clm-lnuatl at 12 o'clock at night, o|h*ii for pas- senger* at nine p.m. Chairs are made Into a comfortable couch where you coin real undis- turbed until 7 a. m.. thus avoiding hotel bill. Send lor iiiup uiul time folder. Kvery family should have one. J AMKH C. F.RNST, Ueii'l Pass. A Ticket Agent. Cm as. II. Haslktt, (Jen. Trav. Pass. Agent, Covington, Ky. Milo and Marietta A CinclnnatT R. II*., have No Oimiiliu* Transfei at t inelnnatl. as their train* run into the Plum Street Depot. No other line can. r doe* oiler fill*  id t iiiiliige. The lllir lour nntl Ynntlnlla la the 44NI.Y Wesferii l ine having a transfer *tatioii for the H -eoiuiiKMlatlon of pusNcnger* eomlng bf the I inelnnatl (Southern Rallwaj . Lowest Bates on Tickets of all classes. 150 Pounds of Btiggnge Carried Free. Special Bates for Emigrants. TIPI/CTO by , *'l M bus  ii hi* procured at I IUIVC I u all Cfaipon Offices ol connecting lines; at the Company'* Office*. N. W. Cor, Fourth ami Vine Streets, Grand Hotel, und Plum Street De|Mit, Cincinnati, O. For map*, time-table*, land circulars, amt reliable Information relative to any |*olnt In the 44 real W c*l. rates, routes, Ac., call on or H an  of the I'ollowing-naimd author- ixc l Agents: JAS.s. HtFF Ky. Pass'r Agt., Lexington, Ky. c. H.HK II.LMAN, River Agent, Cincinnati, O. J. It. PR ATII KR, Traveling Pass'r Agent. GKO. A. KNI4UHT, N. N. I*ass*r Agent. N. W. Cor. (tli aim Vine Sts.  .... .. (In West. I ' nlon Tel. Hulld.) I ulnulnnaU y, IHMI. Condensed Throncli Time TaWe TAKE THE  li II 1 1 Cincinnati Southern R'y On ail-1 Alter June 10, IHNl, TratiH will linn as Follows: | Diet. | TRAINS SOUTH, from I 'y | Mall I I Cin ! Kxpres | Accom | Kxpr'H. ( Ineinnatl (1) .... Crittenden Wllllamstown. Hiullevllle Georgetown l/ 4 -xlngton( 2 ] .... Nicholasvllle ... High Hrldge(3). Hamslsli'g Jun 4 DAN VII I i Junction Clty[5] StimerNet - Point liurnslde Tatevtlle I i i cell W  mmI Pine Knot Chit wood.. Sedge moor Glen Mary Rnckwnml(Hup) Spring Clt  .I2HU .1 H .Hiam I 4 Oopm 17 1 II 20Hin 4 60 pm 26 ti .'{.'mm | 5 lOpm Sam ft Jtipm 54 10 'Wain 0 IMpm 07 ill O-wiim 6 46plil  1 1 1 32am | 7 15pm | to in 11 57am | 7 1-ipinjlU HI 12 iHpm I M OMpm ' 1 8 27 pin s I Jptn H .Vipm general pinion, tliat ff*ii in tin* montiis of Mareli and April ascend tiie streams in time of liigii tide, which opinion is erroneous. No scale-tisli will run up stream in a high tide, when tiie water is muddy, hut when tiie water gets a ter. Pruf. (ieo. A. Yale, aave ii HylTu- lillle eleiir, ami yel, they will run , lllu-intiliiK hi- view of What f'mi. ii|itreain in *-arohef .pawninaareuml, Htitute. u Hueotwaiiil Teaelier. 1ref. H. 1111,1 1 tliat  of tiie water the lull V. Hatter *ave au lntereatiii* ileinoii- trap lireveuU them from gohia up Miraiimi of the Kule for (uiie llool. | alream. Ir.wihK I lie rule from a lorinula ami Home oeraou planted wveral Iiumlre.1 lllu.truliiiK il by no example. Tiie I thousand -mail fry ill Keutueky ltiver, contents of tile oiiery Isix wwc tlieu I Rear High Bridge. 1 liey were very considered, which elicited considerable  mull und very lielpless wlien in the interest. Hie ( rities reisirt was next wnler, consequently the little channel jjvanu r  cat (which is very numerous) destroyed   . i tlieiu in a very few hours. Perhaps | I tiie tiuestion  may lie asked, what' mIiouIiI have lieen nolle with tiie -Inal I j fry ? We would have suggested tliat 1 | a pool in a small tributary so arranged tliat fresh water would have (lowed in constantly, and tiie small fry ft*d until 1 I they were two or two and a half inches UNIVERSITY of CINCINNATI.' counei InJ* to * diplosift. Vouilemlo llrpurtinnit,  iU  Aft different eouree* lead- In* 10 de*ree. and a Nona al Gbirass leadma to adiploan Hi Kohl or liKalos with Art Intiruetion leatflnf to uradua CONDENSED TIME. Dayton . ChuttMiH'ogalH). 3'iptii 12 fiiipni 3 1 4p:n 4 li'pm 4 35pm . 5 2 spiu ft 32pm! 7 21 pm I 6 2'moii 7 55pm 7 5litm H 31pm li luitm t ispm II llan lu oupiii 1 12 2 npm 12 16 am 1 05iiui l| II U III II IUII) DAYTON RAILROAD llayton, I'liiua, Hlilnpy Lima. To- lutlo, l tl roft, Toronto, Montreal, Niagara Falls, linflalo, New Vorkj Koston, ami all poluts in tiie North and EastJ TAKE THE AIR LINE ROUTE 6 Oft 1 tioa and a diploma. Asteosoiiical oaaaav a mar, all the mean* aad applianae* leadiu* to adepree. Aeadrmie rear la all de J -A | arttnenta begin. Sept. W.1'81. Nun-rvaldeut atsdenta 1 obtain b  ar l '*1 rcaaonable (erma. For oatalogua addreea TIIOM S  Ida Kit*. Kroi-r, 4 lnrln**ll. Olilo MT. AUBURN INSTITUTE 't^LOUISVILLE & NASHVILLE RAILROAD LINE, | DIP. I traimsmokth. from Day I Chit I KxprKxpr's. Chiraffo. Milwaukee, St. Paul, Rock iNlaml, lliirlliitfloii, Omalia, Denver, Sail FraurlNeo, and all points in the West and Northwest. Palace Sleeping Cars on Night Trains. Tli Popular Route for Indianap- olis, St. Louis, Kansas ( it.v, and all points in Missouri Ransas.Texus Nebras- ka and Colorado. Cth Se#ai u noi.enaSept.ti. H THANK MILLIIK, l*r*.. JAN. 9, IHMI. S. MO-S SMITH. A. Me 1'nx.. CiucuiitaU. 0. Kx. Sunday. 1 spring   RlH'kWM .... I 15 p 111 Glen Mai 1IIR I.ARGK BRICK IIOUHK ADJOIN- A Ing the new College Campit*, formerly upled by Gen. Fry. presented and tiie Institute adjourned. Tiie Institute was largely attended by both teacher* and visitors and a great intercut was manifested in the proceed- ing*. Ail tiie teacher* of tile county except four were lu attendance and took active pail in tiie work. S l'ltut KKDIMiS. It contains 7 room*, res or ground, h pond, ti. W. WELSH, MLv Danville Junction... Ar Kit -lintoml Ar IngMtoti Lv Dunvillc Junction Ar l^.ulsvllle Ar Nashville Ar Memphis Ar Montgomery Ar New Orleans Chuttanoogn[6| ring city.  I Glen Mary 4 65 p nt ] s,  lg p in 1 1 'hit wood 1 50 p m pine Knot .. 6 20 p in I Green wtssl 8 30 u m I Tatevtlle 4 lap in Point Burnside! Pullman Palace Cars to .... . _ ,1701 0 1 1 p m Somerset 1 177 1 Junct'n Cltv|5). 1217; DANVILLk .221 Hamslsli'g Jn.4 22  .10 12 a 111 TO FARMERS and THRESHERMEN. If yon want to buy Thrtthtn,  Ctorer Ukll.rt, /'uw#r. or  l'./l. l I ..III ..r I'l.mhl, np Tr.i . M EM P H IS . LITTLE It OCK, MONTOOMER T, MOBILE and XE H ORLEANS y.Hgtms (wittier Ioriabla orTrar- lion, to UM for tlm ailing, sawing Emigrants, Take Notice J or for general purpom-O. buy tlm  ^ tfwkii This Route Is over High RrldgcJ.. I Nicholas vllle..., Lexington 2 Georgetown Mudicvllle Willlain*town Crittenden Cincinnati 1 5 I 'Mtin 6 3 Mini 7 oOitinl 7 ft6ain| 0 ihini 0 3Hitm 10 21am 10 .tOitm 11 17nm 11 3O11111 12 o:pm 12 24pm I 2 2opin 5 2* pm 6 lupin 2351 2 32 p 214 2 51 pm I '256 1 8 21pm 1 288 3 47pm I 2*1 1 4 I I pn 1 1 300 1 1 38 1 3h  5 16pm j 318 5 32pm I Free Iteelliiini; t'liair Cara to Nt. Gluts. 1 Hlittn 1 55a in 5 .loam 5 5 lam 6 OOaiii Jliant I 4 05am For Tickctsand Information apnly at the CtiinpunyM offlcea: 115 VINK STREET (Burnet House), Cincinnati,  ; ami tin- principal Coupon Ticket Offices throughout tnc country. Bkikn, Trag Pass. Agt, l Stkvknson, Geii7 osiim 8 U5n III . 8 ftOatii 9 I *itm . tir Maps, Bailroati Time-tables, I^and Circulars, Lami-exploring Tickets. I si West Bute* tin Household Good* anu Stock and reliable information relative To The WEST 3351 6 20i)in 1 10 25nlul 7 (Ml 1 CALL ON OR ADDRESS Tiie Institute was o|H*ned hy player long, and then pul in the river anti Hinging. On motion of S. M. Wil- It is true, tliat the propagation of ffsh Bams a Committee on Resolutions was in Central Kentucky has almost been a appointed. The Chairman appointed 8. failure, hut we will not attach any M. Williams, W. 1*. Thomas and Mr*. 1 blame to the Commissioners, for it Anna Young. The find subject in reg- certainly would require much work and ular order waa Arithmetic. Cube Bool trouble to accomplish their mission was ahly demonstrated by Prof. Ham- j and their time und labor h* a free off er- mond. Prof. Hopkins, Cyrus Wesley iug It is a hard matter to find a and H. W. Hatter also offered valuable j preacher that will do lunch preaching lessons and suggestions 011  How to I for the good of souls  without a Teach Arithmetic.  Geography, and salary. Who then can Maine the Com- How to Teacli It,  was presented by 111 issioners for doing so little ? Prof. W. B. Keppert by a method tliat   The propagation of ffsli in Kentucky greatly ediffed tiie teachers. Prof. C. j is a very important matter, und it is 200 Miles Shortest to Texas, time much quicker, ami accommodations better than any otlier route. It is alM  the Quickest, Cheapest and llest W. James and Geo. A. Yates uImo pre- strange tiiat the State legislature takes Lxwih Glkn N.Treas. 11 lartiug indruc- 1 so little interest in the enterprise. ,   BBiAlBAItK A 01 seuted luethtals of imparting tiou lu Geography.  A Syno|tsiM of a s Work in the School Boom  was discussed by several teachers, Prof, lloskius being tiie leader. erprise. OLD FISHERMAN. AFTERNOON SESSION.  Should Algebra he Taught lu the Public Schools?  was discussed hy A. li. Williams, J. A. Hammond. Geo. A. Yates, W. B. Keppert, aud others, all taking the affirmative.  School Prizes  wus considered a lid decided to be vicious aud tcudlug to Immoral practice. Prof. Goo. A. Yates read with great force of expremlou  The School Masters Visi- tors,  by Will Ckrltou. After the con- sideration of the contents of tiie query box and the Critics report, the Institute adjourned until 9 . M. to-morrow. Cured of Dr I uk iug. A young friend of mine was cured Chidmiuti, l*ort*nioiitli, llitf San- dy and Pomeroy Packet tWu Steamers. JOHN KYLK, Prraldsnt.  ARMY E.GKKKNK.HeC. OHIO K.H.rA( Kimi HsMlIafflas A All Railroad Laadlass. Every tlay at 4 r. u. I BOSTON A Isaac Bryson, Master KI.KKTWOOD CamiIikli., Miwter oiurru) and All H.j Ijiudluipi. route to .11 (mini* In  HI. KANSAS, ILLINOIS, INDIANA, NKUUASKA, A li KANSAS, anil COLORADO. Only one ohangs to Chicago, St. Louis, and West, Where Dine i* not given trains do not stop. 1  Mcul Hint tons. (1) Connects with all railroads centering *  ('Incinmiti, for tiie North, F.ast.ami West. '2) Connecta with L. t. and K.C. roads. (3) Kciitie-ky River Bridge. (4) Connects with H. W. R. R. for Harrodsliurg. (ft) ConutM-ts with L. A'i.s, R. R, (6) Connect* with all dlverg- John T. Quinn, r a lll k line* for all |M iuts lu the South, Houtheast III II A, and Houthwest. General Western Emigration Agent, 11B Vine Street, (Burnet House), CINCINNATI, O. Night F.x |*n* runs dally; other trains dally All Information Furnished Free! (cent Sunday* HA M L. Wt KJDW A RD. E. P. W 1IJ40N , Hutterinlendent, (ten. Pass. Agt. R1AU CAMPBELL, Genl Nor. Agent. To Laud-Buyers A For information about Rates and Tickets to all point*, and Emigrant Rates to Florida, Ar- 1 kantas, Texas. Kansas, Ac., address C. 1*. ATMORE. UBO. I). Bati khtow, ' Gen Pass A Tick Agt, Agt Dauvllle, Ky, Louisville, Ky. Over I^uid-Grant Hoads.  Furffaffre TH **i, aud will completely ciiaogeYhe hltssl lu U 10 entire yatein in three ntonlha. AnriH'r*on who will (axe i pill each niglit from 1 to itueela a Y ounu'ivcs hy making money |w hen a golden ciiance offer, es, tlicreby always keculug poverty hom your. uoor. Dcycmyo *  r koldikrs, . I klsOlUleO Vidus*, fath.r*. luutb.ra may lie reu re*l to sound health. If such a tiling beyMXMible.^ .ijvnt li^mall Jor Sjetter atamp*. _ by ma . JOHNSON * CO., Boston, Mass., formerly Hnnyors Me. A6ENT8 1 llaa Mac Uli tudluffa. w atamp*. of au fu liable thirst for liquor, which I  -5 1 TKLEGKAPH. .Tuy, 6 p-m had so prostrated hlui that he woa uu- . 1Wk - vvv , *ar_^r^ a - able to do auy busiuess. He was eutire- ^ POM At ed y, Sat y , 6 p.m. ly cured by the use of Hop Bitters. It Portsmouth, All Hail aud Way Landings allayed all that burning thirst; took BONANZA, Tuy, Thu'd'v, Sat. 1-tn miiiur .ml .U-Mily m.n for more tb.u WILD\ OOP, Mom! jr, \ itl d } .ml twoye.ra, .ml bu no ddre to return )tohSeuu*; I know of . number of oth- F rel*p shelved .1 idl houre ou era that Cave been cured of driukiiif by  Warf-bo.t, foot of ltn*dw..-  From . lewllug K. K. Official, W. P. Wai.kkk, Jk., Agent Chicago, III.. m, wn., ngcui, l u*.. M. Uotxow.Y, Hup liildren. Th  u.an4. yfor fttiftr.loc ry or ru| tur,e *nu- r a.) INm.hv TI.m-.s 4. of | vari. i.. r  and , Idler. l lM UEAsEa.d HUIM I /PATENTS procur'd fur h. ldirn I 1 alt d u.rrauU ymr.ini, |||| aud told. Soldier* your riahu at oar*. K. ids r,  and P*Baand H unt) law. blanka and iuatructican mf*r lo thvUMada of Pitiivirn and Utirntr A (dr* a. N.w. Fltiaarald ACp.lriTUT Ail'y*. lnnaloa la.. W a*i7iu|i. ABENJ8. WANTED w invent*-, i Will kail a pair of HEBE, and TOE Maasilolo, la  -- fill aiao knit a great variety of fan. r- Workfor wklch there i.aiwavj a ready market. S. n I Thuaa who always take ad- vantage of the gtNsl chances fur making money that arc offend, generally MOOOM wealthy, while tlnsae who do not Improve  I,, ii  1 1 . . i . . Mm. .in iii iH 
ty. We want many men, women, boys aud girls to work for us rlaht lu their own local lie*. The husl- n ess will nay more than ten times ordluary wages. We furnish au exiwuslve outfit xud lor dr co) ,,J u-rm. u,o   r w .,ubl ) ! . . t *.. O WubJa.o,a M h -i Uu. Mr., Stop My Wife! Surveying! wage*. We furnish au expensive   all that you need, free. No oue who eugagea j falls to make money very rapidly. You can I devote your whole time to the work, or only J your spare moments. Full Information and all that is needed sent free. Addreea BUuaoii A Co., Portland. Maine. Hhe la going right straight to Hockney's, where she will And all kinde of goods In nls | Hue, eo cheap, that she will spend all her uou- ( ey, and bring home oue of Earl y Break- H aving jitht pi rchamed a new and superior Hurveyor'a Compass, I am urepured to do surveying with accuracy and dispatch. A. B. NELSON. . eow 41. A Washer woman Can find the Beet and Cheapest Tubs, Wash- boards. Buckets, Trays, Rolling Pins, Cburno, Brooms, Hi(T*r, Clothes Lines, and Hmootn- jui Irons at J.M. HACKNEY l A MCCO! l ll) UTERAll RET0L('TI05 i b Iff period ** tlmn t*n months rrwl to the mil, nnd In os** payment ' .1 as. 11 . *mitil The flint literary revolution floin*l*ti i the publication of at wdard Imok* In , every department of I t t tare ut from one-third to on* .cntli of their former The second literary revolution eon- ; Fat* In i -till further very gresl rodut- tlon (conditional 1 even from the rtion price**, while, t the twine time, . the average quality of the bonks will ; continue to be materially improved. Ilow Can These Things Be? To attempt h n lni|Mi lity could of course return only in h falluie. and it would U* useless, ill our own interest, or in that of the many thousand custo- mer* who have allow n us such earnest favor, alid have given us elicit great patronage, to announceor promise what could not he performed. We have dealt frankly with  wren- tom* r* in giv- ing facts concerning costs and profits in the past, and we do it now, hy giving faets and hgures illustrating how we can afford to still further reduce prices. Facfs and Figures. Please note, at the start, our apology for not having done heretofore what we now pro|M*e to do, and consider We published our tir-t (took only so long ago as January, 1879. Previous to that time we Were entirely without experience in Look ; utilishlug. \ hat | knowledge we had of the business was gained in newspaper publishing, and in bookselling.  We were also at that time almost entirely without capital, and until so late as February, I**l, we tailored tin- i tier the dillU'Ulty of lieiug without capi- tal even approximately adequate for the magnitude of the enterprise we were undertaking.  Our entire scheme was in opposi- tion to ull previou- methods of publish- ing and book-selling. And from the beginning to the present, we have had thecomhined hitter opposition of almost the entire book-publishing and book- ( selling classes ot tin* United States. 4th Starting thus, with a niinimum 1 of knowledge, and less capital, and | with such immense oppisUiou, we j thought it best, in the interest of both ' the reading public and ourselves, that ( we undertake too little, rather (ban too much; partial sueceas would be better j than total Atllnri,  In spite of our want of resourees and of experience, and ill spite of oppo- sition, and with the necessity of organ- izing ami training our new force*, and necessarily trying many experiments, all of which no coll id expect would be uniformity successful, we have from January 1. 18811, to June 80, 1881. man- ufactured and sold nearly 2 900,uoo vol- umes of standard book*, for which we have received the considerable sum ot 1709,521 .32.  In a circular Issued in January of the present year we make the follow- ing statement: The public have so long been taught to believe books to be expulsive luxuries and low prices Jiu- possihle, that incredulity Inis from tiie first been the greatest olistaele to the progress of the Literary Revolution. It was easier to mukc good books cheap than it was to make |H ople believe il could be done. We could readily have made prices even lower than they have been, tmt for the terrible tax we have been compelled to pay to this incred- We liuve during this period, from January 1, 1880, to June 30, 18*1, paid for advertising, the large sum of $140,- 878.03. Tills immense item necessarily lias to come out of the profit* u't Utah on the Look* *0 tit.  Although our scheme originally emltodicd tiie principle of selling direct- ly to tiie consumer, and doing away with the exorbitant cost of middlemen, we have not undertaken to put aside the book-seller and the book-ugcut alto- gether, beeauac  large portloo of the book-buyers of tin* country have got into tiie habit of looking to them for their supplies, and if we wi re to supply the wunts of such customers at all, we were compelled to do it through these ordinary channels. Rut we have en- deavored to induce or compel these middlemen to work, us we have l*een doing, on a more reasonably small |s*r- cent age of profit (tiie immensely in- creased sales at the reduced prices, even witii tiie smaller commissions, really give tiie book-seller a larger net profit than lie formerly bad). Accordingly, we have during tills period, from Jan- ury 1, 1*80, to June 30, 1**1, allowed to tie hook-selb-rs and book-agents com- missions averaging about 25 per cent of our total receipts. In other words, in addition to tbs $700,521.82 wa ha va re- ceived from tiie public for our books, tiie public lias also puid to the middle- men tiie large sum of $177,380.33 simply for handling these lx ok*, making tiie total cost of tiie books to tiie consumer $888,901.65.  From these statements you can 1 readily see that if From tiie total amount which tiie public lias paid for our books. . . $886,801.65 We deduct tiie amount we have paid for ad- vertising these book*.$140,87*.93 And tiie amount paid to middlemen for handling the books.. 177,3*0.33 We have a total deduction of 318,269 20 And a remainder of $568,642.89 Thus it is evident that if tiie public iiad bought these books directly from it*, tiie unnecessary expenses of advertis- ing, and of paying middlemen for handling them, being avoided, flu* books would have cost them only $568,642.89, being ulmoat 30 iter oeut less than the $386,991.65 which they have paid for them, and our net pro- ceeds would have been none tiie less. A Better lilustratiou. Tiie above figures show clearly tiie possibility of a great reduction from our prices us heretofore given without di- minishing our net income, hut they do not necessarily show that it is possible for us to manufacture and sell ls oks at lieh low pure* without /' .-* to MS. Awe have never made pretense of pul - lishiug books from charitable or phil- anthropic motives, and do not wish our friends to think we are doing business at a loss, we will give a conclusive and interesting illustration of how we can afford theae low prices. Library of Universal knowledge. After a labor of nearly two years by an able corps of American editors and writers, for whose services we have paid nearly $39,090, we have within the | made electrolytic plates for t lie Library is not made promptly when hi* name is , , (As ,. of 1'niversnl Knowledge st a further again reached and lie is notified, he cost of nearly $30,060, making a total will then forfeit his privilege of pur- V investment on this work of n I mut $60,- chasing at less than our hill li*t prices, U 000. This hlsir all Isdtig done and paid and no ordet w ill thereafter be accepted for, the 15 large octavo volumes, inak- from him under any similar special ing tin* largest Cyelopivdla ever pub- offer which we mav in the future make li-lied in till* country, can Is* mamifae- oil other of our publications, unhss (lie PRnnnr tured at a cost |* For | n|icr. . . . For printing. For binding. . m , A. .... iinnwu, iw 1 turing resources t These electrotype plates which we u* fr months t have manufactured will readily print utmost l190,009 copies, sod then by slight re- pairing will print from 50,090 to 100, ono same is accompanied hy payment. About Bur Other I'lilillcation*. As tiie present stock of our miscella- neous publications is now comparative- ly limited, and as our entire manufac- turing resources will in all proliahility Is* for months to come taxed to tiie utmost hy t I k* manufacture of the JAS. H. SMITH & CO., t Formerly of Smith A Hryan.) PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Soi.iriT t'ossioNMKNT* or brary of Iuivcrsal Knowledge alone, 1 cannot undertake to make an offer additional copies, bill to make our esti- M imilar to the above upon tiie Issiks mate absolutely sale we w ill assume covered by our miscellaneous list, except 1 that it will Is* necessary ti^manufucture t the extent of our stia-k on hand, a new set of electrotype plates aft* r Until our supply is exhausted we will 00, INKI copies have heed printed. accept in romiertlan with an order for we must add to the iilsive cost of tiie the ( jclrtpadls, under the above offer. iiianufactuie of one set of tin* Issiks order** for Hiiy f our ini**ccllHiu*ous ($5.96), an additional $1 as tiie nropor- tss k* at the same rate of discount (oiie- t innate cost of the plates for each set ol tliirdi from our list prices, hut in all 15 volumes. A further item must also (uses we shall require t lint orders for over ex|*enses of office, miscellaneous book* under lh*se terms ping, etc , which exp*- shall Is* accompanied by t I k* cash, as lie add* *! to cover ex|eii*cs of nttice, miscellaneous book* under lh*se terms handling, shipping, etc., which exp* - slutll Is* a* *oiupaniel hy the cash, as Hence leads us to estimate Inflow 50 these Iwsik* can Is* delivered at once, 1 cents ja r set, but as we must do at and cash order* will certainly soon ex- least a *af* business we will add, in- ha Ust our supply. -lead, for tills Item another $1, making 1 Any remittance received for mlscel- the total * ms| of manufacture and hand- laiieou* Isa k*, llu* supply of widen may ling the 1 5 oetlt vo volumes * f*the Li lira- have by that time Is* 11 exhausted, will ry of Universal Knowledge $7.96. either is* return*  1 promptly, Thus you see t lint if we sell a copy ot amount will In* applied town id the pay- 1 this great FmyclopivdlH even at tin- ment for the Library of Universal net price of $10, we still have a net pro- Knowledge a* may be directed, fit of over $2. As we have already sold I . . about 15,000 sets in advance  *f eoinple- * crj Imporlanf. thin, we think it very safe to e-timnte [ I11 connection with the special term* | and we have hear* I of neither friend given above, please note particularly nor enemy who makes an estimate the following |*lower) that We shall sell, as fast a* we | 1st  We look lo you direct for your can manufacture them, at least 100,090 order, and we also ask you to a i*t in sets, ami allowing   ti r figures ahov* *pr**a*ling the knowledge **f the exist- glven to Is* correct, we have the com- I ence, cl#. Meter, and l*w prices* of our fortalile sum of $200,0110 to eover C*n- publications. The larger our sales, and tlngeneies, and dividends to our stock- the more promptly they art* made, the holders. more rapidly can we go f rwar l maim- ' As some of our friends may question fneturing other tqiiully good book* at whether our estimates above given arc e*|ually low prices. We will gladl  perfectly safe, and as we have heard ol furnish you any reasonalile quantity of some instant** w here the accuracy ol ! catalogues and circular* for distribution, figures previously given by us lias been j 2d The terms herewith given are disputed hy our enemies, we w ill say limited strictly to orders which shall Is* that the cost of tiie paper is put at * received hy tlx 011 or ladore September 1, cents |w*r pound, the cost of press work 1**1. Orders icccivt- || aft* r that date at $1.20 per thousaud Impressions, and 01 ust ) oeltively come under *ur usual the cost f hindiug ut 16J cents per list prices or terms t*i chilis, which lut- volutne. I b*r are limited to 19 |s-r cent, or, at tiie | .... 'utmost, 15 is*r cent discount from our The Practical Point* I list prices. We now come to the practical point j 3*1 We are well aware of tiie fact in which i/ow are interested Iimw //   o that very many IsMik laiyers have not may gel the Issiks you want at the at a moment's command ev* n $19 lowest possible Cost. 1 which they **1111 invest, however great It is evident that it can only Is* done ] the Inducement*. Thi* offer gives you by pour doing away, *0 far a* you an I the privilege of making payment when concerned. w ith our immense expendi- j it unit * your connni/ncr , ut any time ture fur advertising, and with the com- iiefore January 1, 18*2. missions which we or you ar*^ compelled 4thLibrary of Universal to pay the middlemen, if you buy Knowleilge wa* completed **n July 15, through tiie middlemen. 1**1, ami we are now delivering the Another extremely im|s rtant point same in tiie various styles of binding in enabling us to afford flic lowest | *- advertised. It is a verbatim reprint, in si hie price is that we receive tptirk re- type, of the lust .1880) Ignition edition turns for the investments we have  f Cliaulsrs Kneyelonaalin, wit Ii *-o- made. pioos addiUoiM about 15.000 topics) by You readily see that we have in- American editors, tiie whole coin bin*** l veste*l nlsait $60,900, cash, before we ate under one alphabetical arrangement, able to offhr voll a rom/itr ft act f the with su**li illustrations as are uecesaary Library of Universal Knowledge at any ' to elu**i*laie t Ik* t* xt. It gives an pile**. We must sell a great many amount of matter alsmt 19 |s*r **thousand sets before we can even gel ' more than Appleton's l *y *lopieback the money which we have Invest- ; (price, in cloth, $*0.00), and 2ed, to say notiilng of the reward which ; more tlmn Johnsons Cyclupiedia (pri**we niimt liave, in some measure, for our $51.09, hi cloth . For tin* general read- r and the capital of the stockholders **r it Is undoubtedly tiie ls*st Kneyelo- involved. pie lia ever puhiislie*l, whatever tlu* A large portion of tiie public stiU price. Specimen pages will Is* sent persist in getting their supplies of issiks free ii|xm application. AMKKK'AN through the middlemen (who must be 1 |t  Mm KXCII ANUK, 764 Rriuulway, r their services) instead of from 1 New York. John It. Ai ik.v, Manager,' us direct; and as a large expeiuliture ^ - for advertising will also coutinue to be Se***unl Advent necessary, in fludiug out new custom- ers, we must continue to hold to our Tills valuable work by Rev. Prof. J. Foreign and Domestic Fruits of every description, Pried Fruit*, Rutter,* Poultry, (fame, Huron, Lurd, Prathers, W*mi|, llid* *, Fur*, Skins, Pota- i*H*s, Sorghum, ( *ln-* ng. ami otlier Rts, day, (train of ull kiiuis, and  tli*T Pnslnee that shl p | sts may de- sire to have sold ill tills market. I IRKRAL AI)VAN( F.S MAPF ON (T)NHIONM FNTH. Shippers ilia; ri'lj' ii|miii m-ch Iiu; PROW IT HKTTKN'M. IO Kroiit. St-, CINCINNATI, OHIO. Ihdl Trlcplioiio Con mat Ion. RKF KUKNt Jii* Taylor A Hoiih, Ratikei'*, N**w|srt, Ky. Ham'l Shaw, Wh*l***ul** (trocer*. | ( 'in* innati, O. Parker, Wi*. 1 A Co., No. II PuMle Isiiuling, ( ineinnati, O. 8ept 3-ly. W. H. BRYAN & WINANS, (MuccmMim toHmlih A liryna ami II. h. Wlnsns A *'o.,| GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, FOR THE 8ALE OF PRODUCE and FRUITS. SOLICIT CONSIGNMENTS OF Kgg*. Poultry. Cum.', Rutter, Diii 'l Fruit*. KenUicr*, W il. R' lin., Kurn, ilidcF. T11 1 low, (tritin. Tim Ritrk, mul till otlier Prinliiee, Alsu, Pntotmn, Apple , mul nil Fruit . REFERENCES: t Nntliimil Hunk. Newport, K.v.; J. T.ylur A Soli , Hunker , New| irt, Ky., A. J. DavHwin, Prestonliiirn, Ky.; I'lxley, Initriiin, Illinois Itieliiumti Merelnint  hi tieiierul. 20 West Front St.. - - CINCINNATI. O. CHRISTCHURCH SEMINARY. DANVILLE I Rev. Tims. A. TUIIwll. I. I*., Hector. A I InhipHiiu him! tiny srlKstl mimk bs*llr*  nii l _ _ mvr * . 1 1 1 - S' iiinlsr  if |ltnnlfi  1 1 1 1 1 1 1  I . S| s'inl 111 *| I'ltlp mm |||  ^ v ut it'ii I Ion v 1 '  1 1 to lli * ciiltlvnttoii sriitt fill RFBW ww irl mul Hegiint inmiio'iM. Kail *'omst'. I, mi- , Kimgi's. MiinIp. Dinwiiiu, I'nlnl lint, Klnoutbii. *m*lt limriMiKiil.v tmiulit. Next ti-rm Ih-k'ii- * 1 Kept. 12, INS 1 . Kor t'lirulnrs, Hiinly to I ^ MIMM IIKI.KN L. loTlKN, Uri ncl |*nl, Is'Xingtoii, Ky. JkL JoanCA r.srr.rn, i*ri**.t. w. 11 . matnra, Trees. I.. N. krai, aee'y. LOUISVILLE HOTEL M, KEAN HOTEL C0Louisville, Kentucky. PHIL. JUDGE, Manager. Honnl penley. Mpectal rstesliy tlio wwk or nionih. Tlir ownership of Hi In tnnst centrsllv Hotel I itt v I ii|C Intel.* iiiiaseil Into the nmntX o ff till** Company, the Hotel tins h'en tlioroiiulkly reiiovste*!, amt presents now nil Ilia deslrsble h'titnres f 11 rtrsl elmi Ionise,  ft. i Inn  upertor iiecunutinilatlon* to tiie inivelliiH publie at rules retlnee.1 to salt Hie times. t.3AULT TXe fVMnaMl of the *a*h   C..ri of tbs Largest LI. 10 of Flour Mill U 3 2 w- g? ? Iif?! ro= C 11 1 r 1 H *  $ CALDWELL FEMALE COLLEGE, UAXribLK. K 1'. Will tipi'ii Tnestlny. Heptenitier *1 Full eorps I of lllstrilelors. I'lensmit iireolii liiotliit lolls |or 11 liiiilletl niiiiilier of tMisnlers. For eireulsr or further iiiloriinition esll on or stld r*'*s IIF.V. JOHN MONTHOMKKY. I', | College, Danville, Ky. Practical Music Books. MIICIP I Only I'riietleal Musln Primer IflUOlU Hlmple, Kx plsiialory, Com- MADE EASY IS M     ; I tir Itegln iters on 1*1- | C|DCT OH UHIIDC  aim or imkhii. Fnrli ilnOI /UnUUno lesson eonipleta ami lid || 1 1 0 IO 1 InlerestliiK. Ill RIUulU I Voiiuk leat'liers will tor advertising win also coutinue t*  oe s*****unl tilvent necessary, in lludiug out new custom- ers, we must continue to hold to our I This valuable work by Rev. Prof. J. present retail prices, In order that we (*. Randolph, i* now on sale at our may he aide to pay the*** enormous ex- office. Price, 25 cents. *s for advertising and for coni mis to middlemen. I tut bread*** we are thu rouipelli'd to tax book-buyers gfiierally with these HQ| heavy **X|m*iim**, there i* no occasion  -y-v* a Tt TtT f lf t 1 1 11 rvB why we shoujd continue this heavy tax | HI1H ijillXiitbi 1 upon f/ott individual! u if you chouse t* . %1 I unit* with u. In nvuldlng It. I (A . Brtofc.) jj Our Pr*p**IU** tu. IIOPH , ,  uANUKAKr. 1 We therefore make you tills proposi- ihmii i.ion, L tion: if you will send your order for AxilTIII |. r rBT * M . i, r .. M*ir*i.QrAU. I tin* Library of Universal Kuowle*ige tim  am. uiu(either for yourself or for any number r I' 1 1 K V  *('!  !f friends and acquaintances), so that . illti # , , we shall net in the same on or before j nW T' h' '       ' '  *T*.' t.- ir '** I tiie first day of B*pteinher, 1*81, we will accept such order at a dincount of o in-thini from our piddi*lml tint prict m, {plOOO 114 COLD, milking net prices to you as follows  will l*- pe-i f   r n iitrr win hoImno^I In Ip, * r foi mi* ti. I.. - i   c r injurious Nl l.ilmtry of l ulversal knowledge* i A*k yrmr lrusr*r * f * *r ll*r* IIUI*rs sn.l try Fortiie 15 vole., iu elatli, net $19 09 , * fur    * ThW** uwIn half Russia, aprlnkbai adw 18.88 m. III half Russia, gill top 15.99 Urunk*s#,tu.'  t oi.i  . . ioImaco si*4 M In full library sheep, marbled bJ vdges 16.66 | A M ... .^ Orders sent to us under this offer w ill Is* accepted and tilled hy us under the following terms and conditions , ' STATE COLLEGE OF KY.   Ne do not in this case, us Im* .. ,, #1 . , . * , Oiteiix sect. II. lss|. Full coiirKo .f liiMlrnc- coin mon ly been our custom, require h.'.,. .m.i. i. i uity .r nrt* , pn.b-M.iu in Uiul reuiittunees shall ue *oiiipany tiie Agrit ulniml sn i M**4*hmii -Mi, Hcit-ntlfi) . rim*- orders. Payments may Is.* made ut ^ n ,   1 1 la- tii i:y cuKii AH ni*ra* Nof I III- si om aril, llt.wrl*. |I| mm|, J.ivrr. K 1.1 iky . itt.'l I i in it r* Orirnii*. Nrr- YnlllUDW. M.'t'l'ti reiiwle CoiitpUlala. SIOOO IN COLO. Will 1* paM fr a hm Uh*t will not rum ..7^ In Ip. or (or uti* tli l it/ ti hurt ur it. fotiiiil in tli. in. A*k yr.ur dru*.'k.''*l f * r  llllter** in l  for*    i  Till**' nwoilat r. I KlM. rolt * IIKII.AB. I | Tile K-otlon *f ISSI-S2 will open on Ul*FlltsT MoNliAY IN MKPTKMHMt. Tie Tullion la tfl.'iu yesr, I nl I iik iiUiigeiii fee of *   The Mtlis of Mllllslers of I lie * Jo-pel   f all  l*moinlnnlloUM, mill yminu men of 1 tin - tn-il llienns IuIiiiIIUmI free. |{ M. in- -. 111 . 1 . Iletl with iieecMsnry fiiriilliire, In the * 'ol lege Home, free of churae for rent, will Is* furnlshetl to worthy Iippllem.l*. Ull* lltnlle.l cxleiil. I or furlhei j mlleulMrtiii|.ply Ut ITV. I.I.. I).. Pr*-hlenl, Or l(KV. J. b. M  K I . I V lee Pres*. FOR SALE OR LEASE! rpHK l,'iH|rslgn * l will either s* ll or lease  Ms coal Imm on Hie Knoxville lixlenslon of the Lottlsvllle Hinl Nashville KallrNi l, In j I .mil el eHinl  Ky. Muhl Imm IsuImhiI five i'h , miles from l.lvmgsloii Hlsllon, ami has two ' veins or strain , of an exeelleni  |imllly, of Itllumllioiis cos I, one 2*1 a ml  lie ot her f* inches in i Ktl* k ness 1 1 i- peenllai I   leh In oai I , is easily Igniteil, horns well, leavlnu hnl Utile 1 ash, ami is free from slate, sulphur, ami all ex- traneous mutter. For furlhei pint  ulars. eall upon oi loMres*. J. M. I F A I II, uiaybi-.'tin Hssel Pateh, l*urei t'o., Ky. NASBY IN EUROPE. I HAVKON HAND A WKLL-HF. I eele* I stock of Moilllllieiits, of tiie lutesl and most Iwatitihii designs. Orders re* oeivsd for SONDMENTS, GRAVESTONES, Ac., and all work will Is* done at Lowest Living Ratos! Orders executed on short noth*# ami Halisfaetion gunranteed. Call and sec mu n ) pics and leuru prices Iiefore nur* . eliasing elsewhere. Works on Mnin street, opiamlte Central llotuu*. l lapimer. lesson Complete nml IU UII0IP interesting. Ill PflUOlO You n a n-aeliers will 11ml II ol aieiti vnlim, 7fi cents hy mall. NFW HHNtiH. My   I . I ll tx m mI 'm Home, I'errhiic, 40o . a- lit Love Me, l.lril sting, W. W. (Ill- | Christ. li'ig | M v Little Treasure, sour  *1 chorus, Fr. ia* moot, V Keveilesofa ('ll argil Itolle, liiilimrous, F. Thouins, Jhc I How Much .lo* the Itahy NYcIrIi, Will H. IIii m, X    Lllili (UI Log i 'shin hy tie Hlrcniu, Itiiil-  cllftc, 4T*i ' Listen lo l he ohl I Iniri li Hell. Fairfield, tfs  :: Geo. D. Newhsll, & CO., Liberal illseoiu.l , u, Cincinnati,* 0. Battlo Crock, Blichlgon, man uvac rumens or tiik utti.t uxkuisi THRESHERS, Traction ond Plain Englnos and Horse- Powors. Musi UuaplrU. Tkrtwlo r k'm tmrj | KitnlillllwG ImIS.W.-M. iiuuMAPumaL or l  I hriMfl uarnmUy yUm  . utlon, i-t   An rb   lAf f Ii 'hli*/' If r Willi tttffK' f VS.p r;H n l .livuna d of  oilier uadu-rs. i O'. I Id bursa On .. II y. f  * *osi |Mi f   Mxiintsil llorjs'.INiweiw. . V. V.. A T'STATE COLLEGE OF KY. 'pt. II issi. Full course of I nsi rue- orders. Payments muy lie made ut any time that may suit the convenience steal, Normal Melcatl ami ( 'oiuiuercliil la- partnieiils. New i olleg*' and Imrmltorv hulld- Inirs will lie reaily for oeeupanny duni.g the of tiie pureliaser, OII or Iiefore the de- ^iitumu. Tuition, l MMlrleulallon. C.; I'll- livery of the to him, a...lut r,.r,, r.-...,, ... r,.r ........ , . ... ...  I ii formal Ion apply lo .1 r im. r W . li. K ink fad, later tiian Januarv 1, 18*_. * hairman Lx ( ommlitee, or to Jam. k. Pai-  But in making deliveries of the maso*. ph. I ., Prwhleut, ls*xlngion. Issiks we sliall give prece*nee to July^-'-m ortk re v blob are w i ompanlad by n - i.. full wjn.n.1, obippinK WASHINGTON and !lr.t Hum. fur which |*ymnl I. Hr.. WflWIlWIW     r i'*- 1 |vw *- , . ... LEE UNIVERSITY.  After tilling all order  which have been fully paid fur ut time of hit'll. U. W . ( . LKK, IM'Chltl.'llt, older, we shall iu shipping give pre* Thorough tuHtruotlou In lA*ngiiNires, Litera- eedeoce to orders which are accom-  and Helene**; and In the P.of.ssional ... _ . .r. ... Hctroolsof Law ami Fnalncerlnif. llcmtliful punied by a payment of 19 |s r ieut or m u. valley of Virginia. Kxp* ns*- more on account of said order, tiie for nine months n**sf not exe**lttA. **-**iou balance Jbe.. to he paid ou or before ' May lllli Mr. I IC. bs kf (Kwv. 1- trel* urn V. Naai.i ., will sail for Kaiofa*, for (tie piiriaa.*' of conti ihiiiing a series of Lcltcr* h# the Thi.uhi KlaIir. Tliewe Is'tters will t**iver a |m ii mJ of six liioiitlis, ComiiiciiciiiK Julie Ist. i They will la* written In Mr. Nashy's pecu- liar vein, uml will lie as lively as he cun mukc Toledo Weekly Blade Is the LAKUKKT Polltloal ami Family paper In the Ultlled Ktales, ami In addition to tills feature, wmlalns a doseu olheis, know n Uand approval h  a miJor|l  of the families iu , ever}' Mtnle ami Territory. THU MS : For Three Months, jsst paid,  50 cts. I For Six Months, * $1.00 Masai. IN |NM1-Ihs2. The Aca*lemlc, Biblical, and I , , . .... .Oil Id l.I.JIt.,' It IS, delivery of the hooks. Laalngton, Vg,  Thereafter alrl|.menta will b* - r.!r Vanderbilt university, given to tlmae who*, orders are lirst Na-I. t ill.', Tt'llll. received by ua, payment of ooura* b*ii K re.|Uired on or hefure delivery of the I ! 1' , ^ * I The Academic, Biblical, and law la-part* gotsis. - no uU o|-*u MeptcmU*r Ut. The Medical, IN-u-  We sllgll not consider orders lit | M ,| I'liarmact-ulhwl la-partmcnts o| mpttiiird hy any remittance tut (k-toherUt. The rhalrw of Uie t'i len ity arc  ih.. in kirtir it if 6Hsl by forty Professors and Inrtrwctore. *lx lundtny upon tne inrson ui. aiug u, u u dttilrtjr*lvoauditoiMUleulcUd from any cause he is unable to lake the i^i year. For the Annual Hkointkm, Ad- books, or shall not then desire to do so; (ires LL'.tiAHLAKD, thamellor. hut in case ) ayment is not made . .  . .. . promptly when such person is notified iiknj. TIBbs a sox suod rwj u  rooetvs that hi* books are ready for delivery, J3 tkslr cu.u, aa*I ean give s peerless wl Lni f v Cuif hlaiLsiitiiinonour JlF- ? r L. t .   i A It LA S D, C haucal lor. ENJ. TIBBS A SON eland rea ly to racclv# their custoatsre, ami can give a peerlcas MASBY PORTRAIT FREE Kerry Miharrtlier b* the III. a hr., during the [ puhllculion of Mr. I^M-k*f Kuropean l^ltcm, oretth*! three or lx montlm, will receive 'ice of cltarge a splendid Fori ralt of Mr. Locke, In else and lylc similar to the one of Pr*deni ' mi n.' Id which W Issued Inst summer i This portrait In the picture More- would sell It will not U j.trt u| i. il,. imoket at mII, and can only be lisl by sutsM*rlbers to the Those desiring these letters complete and the portrait, will do well lo send their orders . eatly. We shall print sn extra edition, to tie aide l4i send back numbers, but the will don hi less be exhausted iu a mouth, Myour orders Immediately. X^wisirs  j/hs of (he 111 . A 1 K mailed to a ny iwldreas upon application. Mend your subscription at once. Address The Royal St. John, IIhs high arm. self wot 1 1 n k needle, no Imlos to threiwllu inactlilie or shuille Itons forward or i.m'kwuid wlHioiit rhmiirlug direction ol j rk. In addition to the alsive 1 have the 1 Genuine Stewart, Whito DOMESTIC, AND NEW HOME machines, which arc first -class. i MiM'hlne N#wdl , oil uml ntOic hinenla for all stamlsrd mar hliics. KnWAMli Kl.AIO. | Cutting Boxes ii*i) Icoif   Xl'.iiabsl UoMrimn. 7.600,000 he. aLnsirLteaw constantly on tian-f, Ir-a which Is hullt tiio lie i   wod- won of our ntuchiuury. TRACTION ENOINESf r  .f  lu unit xftrh-t *F mg#/ sou*. H, IO, 13 llursc Power. | . Farmers mid Thrcshcrmca Irndted UJ |l, . -m ml. r thU MMf'A/..* iTio hliig Mshiie ry. Uuuulars m- t f n*  Addn ss NICHOLS, SHEPARD A CO. Buttls Creek, Mlohlgarw Out ft l sent fr**- to Hhmm* wish to mi- siitfr In the most pleasant uml pu fliu- l.i i '   wa win I would call the attention of all toraos III want of go*al   'uttlng Boxes lo try mine. The I attention of livery men and mule feeders Is 1 ri'*.|.e -i fill ly called to lids Box. Yon can cut any kind of feed, green corn, sugsr-cauc, mil- , let, oats or rva. Tliese taixes will he sent to si.) r. -|M.i.-ii.J* part) on Inal, pro Ided they puy expenses troth ways. When ordering from a distance, wml your orders through some hardware dealer. Invented ami maim fee tijr II. K. K./HUJ , I mu. ill., Ky. TAKE WARNING! furnish you everything. 910 a day and upwards l easily made w ithout staying away from home over night. No risk what- ever. Mai y new workers wauled at once. Many are making fortunes at the haslmLadles make as much as men, and young tar,  and girls make arc.. t pay. Nu one whole will I tig to work lulls lo make umre money every day thsn can la made In a we* k at any ordinary employment. Those who engage ut ones will 6 ml a short road to for- tune. Addle** 11. llallcll A Co., Portland, if. Will flret hHWit hi. ^Uou D oir I delivery list, his nsius being trail*- M reeu, UU sutr*. ML A IIK U0. 9 Toledo, 0. M*I BOUPIIIYE llnbtl d la Ut i Jad.) i. Tss y* dj MW cured. Wnte.isl- ugcsM. b . k.B.M. quiuey. Nidi. i nnt Tvmimnui nnillll ,H I ^uupiineHsbn I I U 1 1 1 U h. IU n. axis) . Tu yesr.e.-  - lllf 'Mil HI tSked| IUM cured. Write .b...M*gs*. yuiney. Mich. J WILL PROMOrUTK ALL iusing or selling the Kle vator art up Pump Boy le aud Mereareooittles.asl have bought i THI8 PAPER PV^siia 1 umuSihiv.wi. of ii..... Use. J. M. M ACKNLY. | -hmiIfovU iihu t* u-sdu for n 1% NKW lOlk. r ILLE TRIBI k 1 A! ! JOHN W. ZIMMERMAN, ) P ... r , bAVID A MURPHY, { Edl,or FRIDAY, AtUlNT 111, 18M. Tiik next legislature will meet on the 28th of November. Tiik Apache* have mn^acrcil an entire village in New Mexico. Richmond, Ky., ha* voted local op- tion for two year* by a majority of 96. The Hopkinsville Kepuhliean has  -d into the hands of a corjioration. Rrporth say flint all the crops, ex- cept hemp, have fallen short this year. The promise of gt**l crops in Rus- sia this season is more flattering than it has been for years. Tiie sale of postage stamps at the Cineignati post-office for July, 1881, i amounted to $44,588,811. This State once had a surplus in its treasury. It is now running in debt at the rate of half a million a year. The International Exhibition of Electricity at Paris was officially open- ed on the 10th by President Orevy. The Courier-Journal, in an able edi- torial on apers and Crime,* has promised to elevate its moral char- The Pope contemplates removing to the English isle of Malta. There has lieen some talk of his coming to the United States. They are talking of eliminating the sentimental novels of the Mrs. South- worth? Holmes and  Ouida stripe from the Chicago Public Library. It is n singular fact that not a sin- gle person has called on Guiteati at the jail with a friendly purpose. Such a destitution of friends or sympathisers is unprecedented. Four years ago there was but one Republican Senator iu Kentucky. This year we have nine. There is no mistake about it, Republicanism is growing in this State as surely as fig- ures wonMr. Neuron, one of the oldest mem. hers of the English press, has just died in London. He was connected with the Times nearly fifty years, and wrote the account of the (Queens coronation for that paper. The first official act of the President since the shooting, was jicrformcd on the 10th, and consisted in signing his name to a document which concerned the extradition of a criminal, wanted by the Canadian authorities. has redeemed herself, and semis at last a Republican Repre- sentative to the Legislature. Philip Gernert, of the Second District, is the man who has broken the ice of that once solid Democratic delegation. In order to accustom the German soldiers to the atmosphere of the bat- j tie field, clouds of smoke from burning grass or furze are raised between the targets and the marksmen at musketry practice. It is protmhly a good idea. Black nr rn is getting it right and left from his Democratic friends for keeping as many of his official appoint- meats as possible in his family. Donblame the old fellow ; this is the last chance he will ever have to dispense public positions. Many bunks are refusing to take, | except at a discount, all coin that has holes puuched in it, or is otherwise de- faced. Auy person may refuse to take defaced coin on the ground that its value is not what it was when coined and stamped by the Uovernmeut. The findings of the receut court- martial in the case of Whitaker are uu- favorable to the cadet. He is fouud guilty of committing the alleged out- rages on himself, aud sentenced to dis- missal from tke service. This is prob- ably a final disposition of the matter. The morbid mind of the Louisville ! Democrat has vented itself in n deli- cious little article on the Degradation of the Republican Party. The argu- ment and treatment is truly stunning. After enumerating all the crimes in I the category of |slitieal vice, ami lay- i mg them, of course, upon the shoulders of the Republican party, the writer grows eloquent in contemplating the wholesale ha via* he has made, and, to wards the last, works himself up to the i sublimities of a stump orator: Turn the eyes of ilhfMisslonate Invi ligation when* you will amt you Itehold | I lie ItcpulilieM it party degraded to tin- ms**s! use*. Its sulervlem-y to special elaNaea, Its !ld for tile support of the lowest elements in society, are as ' marked as its profligacy In Hie expen- j dltiirn of money t corrupt the voters in the last Presidential election.| The next |inrngraph starts off: There is, of course, but one cure for i this deplorable demoralization in the| i lie Republican party,  viz: the Re - 1 publican party, it goes on to say, must ; Ik* relieved of its authority, and the I reins of government placed in the 1 | hands of the immaculate Democracy.! j All very natural. Still a few instances | of the wise statesmanship of the Democratic parly, contrasted with the imliecility and corruption of the Republicans, would have brought up the rear of the article well, and might |Nissiblv have added to its force. Un- fortunately, fact* are ignored. Per- 1 Imps the Democrat thought it sii| er-i fi (ions to consume* its valuable space with such insignificant details iu writ- ing for Kentuckian*, who have all their lives enjoyed the blessings of Demo- cratic rule, and have the facts here in their very midst. Ik-fore Democrats blow so long and loud alsmt Republi- can corruption, it would Ikj well for them to look around their own fold, and find what pledge of better they can offer. There is no good in crying change for the sake of a change. A man would Is- a fisd to east himself into the sea only liecause bis ship is not so sound as might lie. Ami we hardly think this Nation can ever Im* so stupid ns to* throw itself into the bands of the Democratic party without more substantial evidence of tbe^sdit- icnl capacity of that party ami the in- capacity of the Republican party than it has as yet seen. America and England were never on L-tter term* than at present. Ameri- cans still feel somewhat of a filial affec- tion for the mother country, while Englishmen arc at length o| eniug their eye* to the importance of their trans- atlantic cousins. Many things of late hnve served to strengthen the bond of sympathy, particularly the attempted assassination of our President. Every scrap of American news is sought with avidity by the English public, though a few years since America was seldom mentioned even by the largest London dailies. Now all British paper* of any pretension have their regulur corres- |s indents in this country, and receive a daily budget of American news. American ideas aud innovation* are gaining rapid headway across the wa- ter, aud threaten to supplant many of the time-honored institutions of the old country. From August 1st to the 6th there were twelve murders, or attempts at murder, committed on Kentucky soil an average of two |Mr day. We have scarcely ever of late picked up a Kentucky pa|H-r without seeing the record of some new crime, in which the pistol or the bowie knife plays a prominent part. As the Covington Commonwealth remarks, the situa- tion demands plain talk,  and if the jieoplc would cheek this Hood of crime, they must first extirpate the sickly sentimentalism w hich licenses it.  According to the report of the Controller of the Currency, there has ' been an immense iucreaae iu the vol- i lime of business done by the National j Ranks since the last report iu Novem , her, 1880. On the last day of June the loans aud discount* of the liauks 1 amounted to $1,140,750,108, w hile iu the report of October 1, 1880, thi- ! item was $1,041,000,000, an iucreasc of $00,750,198. Statistical aud Immigration  has been organized at Mays- j villa for the purpose of encouraging the establishment of manufactories in ! and about the city of Maysville, and building up the wealth of the whole ! community by iuvitiug the iiuniigra- I tiou of manufacturers, mechanic*, aud 1 farmers to this city aud vicinity.  CINCINNATI, Auk. 18, 18:86 p. m. 7b thr IhmriHr Tnhuttr : Wk cling bravely to the belief (tint our heroic President will recover. David a. Murphy. Cincinnati, Aug. 18, p. m. 7b the Jhim if/r Jrihurtf: All reports sgree that the President h mending slowly; Pulse 104, Tempera- ture and It# spiral ion normal. Dr. Agnew assured Mrs. (birth 1*1 at mam LEXINGTON. Corn Is now- selling for $3 per Imrrel. Captain D. A. Aiken has returned from a visit in New York. Miss Lilia Cunningham, #*f Ht . Ixaiis, is visiting at Rev. J. C. Freh man's. The Camp Meeting at Junction City was largely attended hy Lexington Ians. The pulpit of the Broadway Christian | Church w jis fi II#-. I last Sunday ly Elder Baltic, of Nova Scotia. Tile price of wheat has advMOccd to A DERANGEMENT OF THE LIVER THE CACHE OK DIHKAHE IN THE Stomach, Kidneys & Nervous System. that sin* need have no special uiieasi- fLJIO, with a great many fai iners hold new. Davii. A. Mi Ill'll y. f,,r *  ,m hi * ,,er lIII K PRENIIIKMT. The President is better, much ls-t- ter, and the Nation breathes freely j once mom. The stomachic debility, j which set in last Sunday and rendered I he pulpit of the Hroudway Christian I Relow* will Ik* found a brief Summary of a Lecture uiion the Liver V . ,i Tv v T 1 S,    l,,y   y Kl,l   r  1. liv, r.-.l licfon* tlio K. li . ti.-   f M.-lii-inr l.v ( attic, of  ova Scotia. Tile price of wheat ha* advanced to Dr. ALLEN HAYDOCK tl..*W, w ltii a great many fanners hold- , ., Th * l /. ,vpr *   known n the grent binmbmnter ud bin*lp*rl/kr of the rireu- inir for a still hiirlier nr I#** ,   ,,on h  * and -is.ngy structure, dt plays a most Important part in tin- animat ing ror a sun nignt r | . economy, ns n-irnnta assimilation  nil nutrition. Food token tn the month nml art. ... , ,, . the illicestlye organa of the stomach Is con vcrtisl into Olaeo-e nml Peptone, Nml In thee fnnupi I rof. \ . It.   lit I#-- is -pending tin- enter* the Portal vein. Here, hy the  tlon of tin liver, these *nltanee* are converted Into a ...... .......... ty Hlimme - returned last Friday, having once more. 'Flic stomachic debility,  delightful vacation. which set in last Sunday and rendered , R ,,y * J- J- Btilloek, Chaplain of the . . I'. S. Senate, preached for t lie congre- ssihle for the President to re- gation f the S.-eond Presbyterian | eeive nourishment in the ordinary 1 manner, has been renietlietl, ami the Church last Sunday morning. A party of ladies ami gentlemen, mostly from the Pisgtdi heights. rhood, attending physicians are now confident vMted Mammoth Cave. The trip / though a short one was a most delight- t lint the patient will recover. During ; ful one. the forty-nine hours iu w hich the Pres- Mr. Frank Henry has left the toll-   MIC I.' A..IKII... ..III. . .'IWHIIIK ident could retain no food on account | turn nlke. The vneaucy has (en tilled ,  , ,, , -  , ... I,v Ml- ICmiltf Tr vi i... ........ reitwl on. I liHV.- .I i noIkI mniiy years of my 111*-, as miiny of von now heron- me know, to of nausea and severe vomiting, he was I ^ lor Who once tiefor* mni|. ii.iIIiik  IMI Ilia! will art rnidil.v mat systemntl.-i.flv mh HIIIou* Remedy. I do not filled the place for a liumlH-r of years. Iielleve tn great iitinciitlve*. snd therefore Iiave made  PHI, on.- of whirl, is H n active sn t The Liver hns long hero known n* the Brent Monrt- maker nml hinml pwrljlrr of the rireti- Istlon. From It* *lse nnd -ihiib  -tructurr. It plays n nnst Importwot part in the animal ecf.riomy, a** i.Kstmllntlon and nutrition. K *od taken In the mouth nml net-.i on hv e-tlvr orKnns of the stomneh I* conveth- dur.^e nml P  ptorir, nikI In there form* enters the Portal vein. Here, hy tin- net ion of the liver, these snletnnee* are converted lotos month of August with Ids' mother, at d snitar and psaa otit of the liver ly a In rve vela, .-.died the Hepatic vein, Into the I.IH old In own Bcnernl elrenlntlon Toe new now forme. I nerve* two purposes, via.: the maiuten- itis out uoillt III    llllamstow n. m nee of hent In the lnsi nml iio*ttlnv In the cell jrrowth of tlia system. r. M nreh l*oii *n s, The eompimltlon of hlle nml Its secretion l very complex. It !I rof. Joliti A. Myers, who lias hecn constantly Itelng seented hy the liver, nnd, Incrcnslng suddenly he Tore eiiiln*. urndmilly dp- t raveling iu Weal Virginia during the ,,rp   M  ' ,s . * hp  ppetlte is satisfied and feedii.B ce..*rs.- Now. if (he most important s-, limner returned last l i hh.v l.svl..,, orirnn of the ssly Iht-.i.n-h h.rptd. or the pas*Hue of Idle Interfered with. rmaclHtton .imtdls- re. iirneti last i rniav ns.i. ... eaae ensue, f note eight marked pecnllarltles that now .H-etir, which we all know of: 1. The patient complains of a feeling of weight ami fullness of the epigas- trium. 1 2. Distention of the stomach nnd howels hy w*ind. 8. Heart -burn. 4. A feeling of weariness amt pains in tiie limits and great sleepiness after ' . A bad taste in the mouth, especially in the morning, nml fur ml tongue. 6. Constipation, with occasional attacks of diarrho-a. 7. Headache ill front of the head. 8. Depression of spirits nnd great melancholy, with lassitude and a disposi- tion to leave everything for to-morrow. All of th- shove* symptoms go to show fnnrtlonnl dcno i:emeot of the liver; nod now comes the Brent loi|Mirtnnee of any error innde ns to the eoodltloo of the put lent. He should loioie.llstely provide liloi-cli with  l.lver M innilnnf. the oiosl common form of which gate on the Lexington ami Versailles I*  l-lll. bully experience show* Unit this, when the pill Is compounded proi erly I* tiie turn pike. The Vaeaiiey lias U-en tilled r,, {'db*t ooMleof Inciting nnd promoting the net Ion ,,f the liver, mnl can he hIiiiohI nlwiiy* sustained by enciiiata. Gastric dis- 1 .. . , , , thorough dose, i have miie .1 it rof. J. M. B. Birdwhistell passed If A VDnrii^ NTUW T TVFD 1 TTT turbances are exceedingly dangerous . through Lexington last Saturday and l//v lx O A 1 j it mjm  Lit L ILL, . . tl . , , .. , , ... , dmpuwl in to see us. He is now Assjs- I i 1,1 the I resident s feeble condition, ami j taut Principal of Klliot Institute. DR HAYDOCK  y n ' ' h he j  ft '*Til y w. JKrJLSr KTEJW* LIVER tt t -T . i must have yielded to the inevitable. I W** wish you success,  I (Mugnr Coated.) No more trouble is apprehended from Elder Cowden, of the Main Street i Due Pill is a Dose. One Pill is a Dose. One Pill is a Dose. I . . * .  . | . . (.'hristiati Church, assisted ly Elder These pill* nrc an absolute car* for all billon* nod malarial nflWtlonn. Tber grapple with , flit- wound, wllieh IS doing relliarka-Mark Ctillis, iiave ls-en holding a pro- dlscascst It* fountain head, and root it out of the pAth-nt'* system At once. They tort lfv the  tra.-trd im-tinir at Ciiion (liiirr-h f.r [ dls. .* In all forms of Midden atUieksnml epidemics, and enahh all to brave the lllv Well. ! i . . ^ 1 V-'I ' . . F n.lssmatlc danger of swamp* and forests. One vial of DR. HAYIhK'K'S NEW LIVE It * tiie lust two week*. 1 he ( hurch has PI LI^H relieve* the entire system of puln* nnd ache*, enlivens the spirit* and semis new been much Ik- m-tltted and received bloo  * Democratic paper* are engaged in H4 * v  r t | l addition*. BounQlIlg Through the VcillS. la lahoritiLr their imrtv Im-chusc of tin- A isditlnn to tl.. k'l.ninelf Hand for this Inestimable medicine st once, nnd take no other. im lauoi mg tntir miy istaiiM or im A |h mioii to the Kentucky Lctitral  and delay arc nothing hut another fbrm of suicide when you have a remedy at late Rcimhliciin victories nml in at- Rdoroad, iisklhg that (apt. Frank hand to cure slckm-ss Instantly. * mu i  puoii( uu   h torn s, ami in ni ri .i lu t..hd In l.i. ..Id i.l..,.. Take Disease In time . oi l you will be saved munv .lavs of iimIcs* mi*..rv 1 1 AY DOCKS NEW LIVER PILL. DR HAYDOCKNEW LIVER PILL, (8ugar Coated.)   One Pill in a I)ns  One Pill i* a Diw. One Pill i a Dose. These pills nrc an absolute cure for all billon* nnd malarial affhctlona. They grapple wlllt dlM-ascat ItsfMiintalii head, nml root It out of the patients system at once. Tluv tort lfv u. IhmI i h,  III it 1 1 ti.riUH  if mi.l.n.i. i.lln.'k. .....I ... .I.D. .....i i.t .. .. . ...   tempting i  Matlaek he rein-duted in his old place smooth over the disagree- was circulated here last week, receiv- able fact* hv pleading upathv  as if * ,, 8 over 2,tH)u names in L-xington, and ctrue'g rain* and esse,, , . 1   1 * . , all aigned It cheerfully, for ( apt. Mat- K the apathy of a party were not the be- | a ,-k had long lieen on the road, and All O inniiiL' of itn dimilutinn. Before the h tlielr m*t popular Comlueior. U .. ... ..... . Petitions have la-eii received from The People Know llicm! oh! mail die* he grows indifferent. A ,, , illtH a || H | ong t lu- road. Take l lHeM*e In time ami you will l c naved many days of useless misery. Dr. HAYDOCKS NEW LIVER PILLS Arc the true grain* and essence of health, and the greatest Messing that Science has given to the world. 8 All Over this Vast Country party totters whenever its niemliers The drought is tM-coming fearfulcease to uphold it. Party apathy is a The farmers report that there has not dangerous malady, a certain symptom sufh ring among the * . ; 1 stock for years. .Moat of tile cisterns The People U*e Them! The People Praise Thera} What hundreds of Li tter* say from patient* all over the habitable globe: - r. Ilsydock. vour new Liver Pill lias rid me of all biliousness. No more nox lou* does for me of five or ten pill* at one tlnn*. one of your pill* cured me 1 banks. Ioe*or. My headnebe lias left me. Mend me another vial to keep in the house  I* slock lor ven rs Mont of llm cisterns 1 bank*. l**-nr. My m-adacbc lias ten me. Mend me unotlu-r vial to keep in t lie bouse of a worn-out constitution. We do not j Mini Wells* ami* a great many streams n ^ro?!!ra !f thf SXhK?. tr  M bl,l  f your New Uver P,,,M rt,,u 1 hav denv that there i* anatliv in the Deni- 1 have gone dry, making it necessary in : our .i.K-tm* treated me for (Timnln (oust l pat Ion, as they called it, and at la*t said I was ln- I  1 . * i i,|u v to u-.ti.r f,, mib.M curable. Your New Liver Pill* cured me. ocratic rank*. It Would Ik* strange ( Tiie grass is all burnt, the leaves of the Vour Phi am* nmrvrti5!: V  ,Wk   N  W Llv c Pll,  * '* me * ***** were it otherwise A lmrtv with such 1 eon* all curled, and everything shows 1 *r. fi ayihsik ha* cim*t my hea lache that wa* chronic. * J the effi*ct of the heat. Although 1 Igye half of one of your pUl* to my balm ftr Cholera Morbu*. The dear young thing got a record as the Democracy ot this Mate i r M rI11 .. ..., M well in a day. . lariin rs as a ^ mss aie g lit raii (  uest no- My natis-au of a morning 1* now cured, and no more lu-iwlai-bc*. should not Ik- surprised if it* *upier* grow lukewarm. The subject of water-works in Lex- Tliere were only four Republican* in iHgt** no ' v  agitating the minds of tin* last Senate. These four go out of al1 * .[ he came before the city  Mate farmers as a class are generally dcserih- My nan -' *101 of a morning 1* now cured, and no more headache*. iup|M rt- *d as gnimlilers, we think they may 1 Your vial of Dr. Haydock'iKew Liver Pill* cuied me of terrible neuralgia and pains In now justly crumble. two vl.b; I .,l r p.K.r family. mi t l t , r Heml me five vial* of your New Liver Pill* by return mail. llie subject of water-works in Lex- Doctor, my biliousness aud headache are all gone. ic:ut* in ibKb'M is now agitating the minds of 1 o out of The subject CAIlie lieforc tiie city Korall l lso*s**of the Kidney*, Retention of Trine, Dr. Hay dock* New Liver IM 1 I* arc a ns tl vc council at its last meeting ami a com- perfect cure. One Pill will *ail*fy the most skeptical. . niittco was aoooiotcd to dud the nroh- Fi-Jiiale Dlseas,-*, Nervous Trust rat ion, Weakness. General LMasItude, Want of Appetite *ee how * 7 J V 1 -  . ..... I . V . I 'l Hick Headuehe. Dr. liny, locks New Liver Tills will be found an Effectual Remedy. ieir loss able Ctist. there is no doilht but what They are universal III tlu-^r i-ttcctM, and a cur*- can almost always le gimranted.  Lexington is greatly in need of water- FWII VI VI POYTA li TUTYTV Plflc * works. The suffi-ring caused from tin- 11 ' J W I ^ I ILLS. v lack of water in tiie last few weeks One PHI In R Dost*. rnction. clearly shows this. Of course the move- + The nient meets with opposition, but we P^iOlflt,y  Fi V Ilt, 8 . , think those favoring it are in the ma- Foh Hale by Ali. J rchihtb. Every Pill I* Sugar Touted. If your druggist does not keep murky jority this time. We say by all means them, we wtll mall them free to any addreaa on receipt of 26 cents. Five vial* for *1.00. lti plica- have water-works. I BUY AT ONCE! DO not DELAY! re nine, The new well of Mr. W. H. Harrison HAYDOCK & CO., imltinlv finished, the tank will lie completed Street, New  ^ork. office in the next election, hut as five vt.uneil at its lust meeting and a com- won't go into four, we don't see how l, *IBee was appointe.l to find the proh- the Democracy can make up their loss able cost. There ia no doubt t.ut what until after the next two elections.  Lexington i* greatly m need of water- Frankfort Yeoman. works I he suffering caused from the , . .. . . . , , lack water in tle last few weeks Is that division or *tlb( attraction . clearly shows this. Of course tiie move- If either, the sum wont work. The ment meets witli opposition, hut we ,, ... . , 1 t Link tliose favoring it are in tlu* ma- Repuhlican nritlimetic in Kentucky j or ity this time. We say by all means , teaches only a l litioii and inultipliea- have water-work*, tion. Thus: Five and four are nine, The new well of Mr. W. H. Harrison and the next election will multiply finished, the tank will be completed | .. . , . , ... . * in a few days, tuCn lie will have a, this sum hy two, which will mukc 18. 1 8 m ii ? Thf. measures advin-ated hy the l'rohihititmists remind us of those old laws of the middle ages that prescribed the style of dress, the kind of 5**1, Ac., for the several classes of eitizeus. We agree with a writer in the Burlington Hawkeye, that dietetics are no proper subject of legislation in a free country. Tiie Irish Land Bill now (grading in Parliament, proposes to appropriate about $880,000 | er annum, for three years, to aid emigrants to leave the country. This is prolmhly the first in- stance in history of any government paying the expenses of its citizens leav- ing its territory. The splinters extracted from the Presidents side have mysteriously dis- ap pen red, and the most minute inves- tigation has fuiled to reveal their wherc- alktuts. 1 1 was iuteuded to place them iu the medical museum. Cincinnati, August^tHli. A special dispatch say* fifteen Regulators rode into Urayson, Ky., last Saturday, ami | attempted to assume control. The Marshal raised a posse, killed three of the Regulators and captured four. Lexington. Ky., Aug. 16Uk. A fire to-day destroyed property to the amount of $150,000. It originated iu Al. Wen- s stable, fronting the post-office, on Short Street. The cause Is not known. Tiie post-office was endanger- ed, and at one time given up a* lost. Tiie Fire Department aud eitizeus worked nobly, and before dark the fire was under ooutrol. The lowest esti- mated loas is $120,000. -- - -- Tke Wheat Show. Bi kkat of Agriculture, Ac.,  Frankfort, Aug. 16, 1881. j Eilitur Yoeman: The annual wheat show of this de- partment will come otf at luy office at 12 M. Thursday, August 26th, by which time all sample* should U- in. C. K. Bowman, r of Ag. j sufficient supply of water for sprinkling lbs Hfssto qqh h National Live-Stock Journal. The Journal for August is filled with 1 i its usual assortment of matter especially 1 interesting to those who are engaged in stock raising in any of its branches:  The Treasury Cattle Commission,Parturition of Domesticated Animals,The Great Stallion Race at Chicago,The Thoroughbred Class at the Fairs,  Death of Bonesetter,The Stallion at the Clone of the Season,Tiie Im- portation and Breeding of Draft-horses,   The Stallion Bare at Rochester, Saddle Horst's and Saddle Gaits,    Care of the Foal,New Regulations concerning Importation of Cattle,Guernsey Cows,Best Weight of I Steers for tiie British Market,   Jersey Ueeords ami their Value,  The Polled Angus Controversy,  The Law affec- ting Sales of Cattle,The Polled Cat- tle of Scotland,Keep up the Flow of Midsummer Dairy Market,Morning and Evening Milk,Traveling Dairy School,  Effect of Age on (Quality of Milk,  Winter Pas- ture for Sheep,  The TCI nd of Wool to Shearing Ijamhn,Experi- ments in Sheep Feeding for Mutton, Fat or Ix-an Hogs, which are best?Feeding Green Corn to Swine,number of valuuble and interesting ar- ticles on Horse, Cattle, Dairy, Sheep, i ami Swine matters will be found iu this 1 issue. Published by the Stock Journal I Co., Chicago, 111*., at $2.15 per annum, j Send 21) cents for specimen copy. KxiMMdtlon Advertising. Extract from an essay recently read r before the Commercial Club, hy a prominent Cincinnati merchant. After giving his view* upon the value ersistent judicious uewpa| er udver - 1 Using, lie said : Continuing the record of my own experience, I may say that, in my esti- mation, no small amount of my modest business success is due likewise to tile Cincinnati Kx|M*ition8. Cincinnati, | you will rememlier, is the mother of Expeditions iu America. Other large cities of the United States have imitated our example aud given Exposition* iu oue *ha| e or another from time to time, hut all have been, at best, merely I faint copies of the splendid origiual. These draw vialtora by the hundred thousand every year. Naturally, the f merchants aud manufacturers who L make the most attractive displays, will x iiave their names spread far aud wide, | wbeu these visitors recite the wonders ; they have seen. So 1 s| eak what I cer- ! . tainly know, wheu 1 say that oue of | I tiie best possible ways to advertise, is to make haudsoiue display* iu our auuual Expositions.  FURNITURE. Our STOCK is FULL ami COMPLETE in erery Depart inont. MILWARD If you are in want of In their line. Upholstering and Mattress Work a Specialty. Parlor Furniture made to order Iu all kinds of coverings, and In the latest styles. They also keep tiie Emerson Piano for Rent or Sale. This Is the best niedluin-prleed Piano in this or any other market. MILWARD & CO., No. 10 West Main Street, Lexington, Ky. MrFuruiturc delivered in Furniture Car If desired. -%* MACflU DEATH TO PAIN WILL POSITIVELY CURB Cholera, Cholera Morbus, DyJ seutery. Flux, Dlarrhu-a, Cramp Colic, etc., etc. ^ HMammtudnl .ml uwtl by Fhy.lcl.111 at  Ifyouw. afflicted with any arlm. nr buy a bottle nml Iw convinced of the true mer- it* of the medicine. Price, 26 twuu a bottle. For Hale by all druggist*. i. H. QlIN, Sole Proprietor, No. 3 W. it., UiuUTiilt Kr. August linn%ille Court. Dull and dry, with cattle and entne* sheep on tin* market, ('attic 2} to ft  ***t**. 14x scrub -lu-cp were mill it $1.55 per head. Hold HlMMit 10 In-ad home* and mtlle* at fair price*. In llwi the trade in home* and niulew to-day whs more active than any other other clse of wtock. T. D. English. A (lAJrn of awkward thieve* have been abroad In tht* community lately, engaging in nightly depredation* of a petty character, sufficient to alarm householder*, though i*ut little remu- nerative to the thief. One of them'**t *ueee*Hful of their attempt* wa* made at the residents* of Mr. O. B. Higgins, early on the mornlnjc f Wednewlay, 10th. The burglar or burglar* secured a tine gold watch belonging to Mr. Rhodes, the overseer, and highly val- ued hy that gentleman as an heirloom, together wit li a small ummirit of money and a silver watch, the property of Mr. Orr. A* *oon a* the burglary was dis- covered Mr. Rhodes offered a reward of WO for the apprehension of the thief, and also Issued a printed description of the watch to all polnta where he thought the thief might in* found. On Friday afternoon lie received a telegram from Cincinnati, stating that a negro, having ill Ids po n s cus ion a watch answering to the description of the circular, had attempted to sell it for a trifle on the wharf, and laid liecn taken in custody. Early Hat unlay morning Mr. Clark Tucker, accompanied hy our jailor, Mr. Hliumate, went over to Cincinnati, ideiititled the wafcli, ami returned with the thief (lie same day. The primmer gave Id* name u* Henry Thomas, alia* Walker Wade, and stated that Id* occu- pation wa* gambling. On Monday an examining trial wa* held, in which the INDUSTRIAL Parties from the Country or iM'luhlHirlmr Counties In ordnr- lui; itihhIs will please lie rnreftil in description uf trends wanted. HA XX A: K INNA I HI). |0HN W. ZIMMERMAN, ) )AVID A, MURPHY, ) Editors, OPENS. SEPT 77CLOSES, OCT 8Ladies Ml sacs, mid (liildmiline Shoes of every tleaerlptlnn. The Sotrd Train Kohber* Tile putilislier* of  Border Outlaw**ert that their history of the Younger Brothers and Frank and Jesse James, ptil*li*hed *ix month* ago, ha* already reached the enormous sale of more than 00,000 copies. Since the late robls-ry and double murder lit \ iustoii, Mo., they have issued a new edition, contain- ing a full history of that outrage, with illustrations, wit oh bring- the events in the lives of these airy gentlemen of the highway down to the present moment. For lively reading we presume till* bonk can hardly Is- surpassed. Persona desiring agencies will find advertisement elm- where. Lexington has subscribed toward* water-work*. Last Monday was an unusually dull County Court Day. No business worth mentioning was transacted. A PARTY of fifteen, consisting of young ladies and gentlemen from Alum Hprings, were handsomely entertained hy the Clemens House at dinner last Wednesday. CITY ITEMS. Omk Hkumkikld lots headquarter^ at .1. W. Fh-eee* lor Farmers Favorite Wheat Drill. Sliirls! Shirts! Shirts! At IIAXN & KINNAIRDLccab H. Corn, of Kings Mountain, nil employee on the Hmithcrn Railroad, had his right hand badly crushed last Monday while coupling freight curs near the depot. A liberal reward will U- paid for the r clurn of a pocket l*ook containing near $.10, either hist or stolen. No questions a-ked. Iinpiire at Col. Tho*. liarta-e's. I.atest and Prettiest Styles of Ladies' hid Button Bouts, nt IIAXN & K INNA I HDTiik congregation of the M. K. Church, South, will worship next Sun- day morning and evening with the Christian Church. Hev. W. F. Taylor will occupy the pulpit. Landrcth'H Hummer Turnip Heed at Curry A Hon J. W. Fi.kkck lias just received a large lot of the liest brand- of cigars, which arc unequaled. There are forty-five boarder* at the College Home at present. The Home is n most delightful resort for those who really seek quiet ami ease during their Hummer vacation. THE FIRST SEMI-ANNUAL LOUISVILLE FAIR OPENS TUESDAY, SEPT. 27, Indiana House O. lITVAy, x r:r'- Cabbage plants, 25 cents per 100. Celery   40 At tlie Deaf and Dumb Institution. Keduetion on large orders. Tiik Public Heliool in District No. 21 (Danville), Boyle County, Ky., will begin on the 1st Monday iu September, witli Mr. Kola-rt Irwin as Prim-ipal, assisted hy Mrs. Lucy M. Welsh ami MU* Nannie Hcruglium. for the purpose of getting a drink While there, a man came out from the shadow of the house and started towards them. They Isith screamed, one run- ning to the house, the other standing her ground, afraid to move. At the llrst alarm Mr. Bright grasped Ids gun, ran to tlie door, and seeing the man advance towards him with Id* hand on Ids pocket as if for tlie pur| oHc of draw- ing u pistol, levelled the gun and tired. Tlie man turned and ran. Mr. Bright cam* to town an l surrendered himself to an officer who immediately hud a * jury impanelled to Investi- gate the ease. It was found that tin- negro after being -hot hud run about fifty yards and then fallen dead, tlie disci large from tlie gun |m*siug through the heart. In id* pocket wa* discover- ed a pistol. The negro* name was Reuben (Blakemore?) from Tennessee. He had worked alsmt sixteen days for Mr. McCarty a few weeks ago, and then asked for Ids wage* and lelt, noth- ing more being *cen or heard of Idm un- til die fatal night. He wa* aaid to have been of a reserved, sullen character, having little to say or do witli anyone. The jury returned the following verdict : We, tlie jury empanelled to ascertain the cause of the dentil of iteuiien , do find that deceased came to hi* death at tlie hand* of Joint Bright, under cir- cumstance* that exonerate said Bright from all blame. A. Qlogowkr, Ham. F. Maguire, K. K. Mknhk k, Tim Murphy, C. M. Brown, CH AH. B. RoGKKH. Alt.: A. Ani'Iikhoii, Acting Coroner. Danville, Ky., Aug. 14, 1H81. At tlie examining trial on Monday Mr. Bright was released, tlie evidence, In the opinion of tlie court, )*rfectly justifying tlie deed. Thome sending orders foronedozeii or more copies of Second Advent,Prof. Randolph, get them tot 20c. each. , The 10th Annual Exhibition of tlie Colored Fair Association of Boyle County commence* on next Tuesday, l28d, and continue* four day*. Compe- tition open to all. $700 to $800 are of- 44, Jin Pentium*. The directors will BJffre no efforts to make the Fair a Btaess iu every respect. Closes Saturday, October 1, 1881 Fifth St., bet. Itaco & Elm, Location Central, IJcgant itooiim, Tabic Well Supplied, Soda, Silurian, and Blue Waters at J. A. Curry A Son's. The Most Attractive Programme Ever Offered to the Public. Ok the last day of the Madison County Fair, premiums were taken hy the iWil Bros., of Hoyle, on mare, four yearfc and over; gelding, four year* and ovef| rnckaway mare, and sweepstake m&re* of any ugc. Rue and RuhscI, of Boyle, were awarded the premium on double team. Cincinnati, Ohio Bear it iu mind, that tlie best place to g*t a No. I pair of Boot* or Himes is nl W. Mullens, on Third Street. He will give you u good tit. Rockford Watches are the best, and found only a! BIjiK, V The LouUville Fair Auociation will hold in flrit nmni-nnnua) Fair from fisp- tsmber 27 to October 1, both day* inoludod. Tho flr*t Fair will l-i confined to an exhibition of Hones and Cattle, for the accommodation of whh-h aovon litindred tall* will 1st prepared. The manager* have effected arrangement* wliirii will make tlii* tlie great Stuck Fair of the world. No entraneo fee will 1st charged for ex- hibition of *tK-k, and only flvo per cent, will l barged for entrio* in tho *|MM d ring*. Very low rate* for stock and pa*M4 ngen liavu been agreed on with all rail- road* having lino* to Louisville. Tho beautiful ground* of tho Association are acnnsaihlo by railroad and *troot can and well-made road* for carriage*. The accommodation* for tho comfortable sealing of viitor* and for tlioir rofreNlunent will im ample. Betting, pool lolling, and gambling of ovory description will Im prohibited, and no sale or uo of intoxicat- ing liquors will Is- permitted on tlie ground*. Catalogue* will l*e reedy for distribution by August 20, and may be bad on application to the Secretary. The Christian Worker. R. B. NEAL, Editor, UK0KUKT0WN, KY. A UNIQUE fusli ion plate ill Marksfront window, representing the mem- bers of tlie Cuhlnet at a morning recep- tion, each dressed according to the latest Fall styles, is attracting consid- erable attention. Tlie portraits are ex- cellent, and the general ettect good, though Garfield look* sadly out of place in full dress costume just now. Heconh Advent, by Prof. J. C. Randolph, is on sale at till* office. Price, 25 cents. Lap Robes, Horse Blankets, Ac., every variety and style, at Court* A Terms, in advance, 25 cents |**r year. A live iiionUy, wlib * circulation of live tjnrwmt It* win la to k* good and do good orrKH KXTKAoKItCtAKYl From now till January Ihm-J.TH K W iltK I K will Im- --ni for invent-. Live agent- Witnlwl. Mi-nU for -pc* linen-. TO AIIVRKTIHRK*: nur drculitlion In twetily-nltoe HtMti- hikI Dominion **i  anarlii prrw ntn * i *i i-Imn ini  lln in for lelverti-lug. MnMcitml Kla-li  ikIsrrjwtivi. Addre . the Editor, Georgetown, K  . Mrs. Grigsby, at her lieautiful dence,  Warwick, near tills city, in- tends to   peii a Helect Family Hchool, under accompliohed foreign tencliers, for the lieneilt of her own younger daughters and a few others who may apply. French, German, English, Mu- Llc, in 'fact all branches of a thorough female education will l e taught, and the French will he Uie spoken language. Heroes of the Plains. WANT KB J. W. Bi KL. The New, Acthenth mid Tiikii.i iko I ll-lory of tin* Lives mid Wonderful Advi-n tin*- of America- itri-at Outlaw-, The Youmrcr Hrotheni, Frank ami Jen-e James, And tbi-lr ImuhI- of hlgbwa  tni-ti.down to tin Is tlie charming title of it new linnk ju*t published hvthe Hist irleal Publish- ing Co., of Ht. Louis, Mo. Il embrace* the live* and adventures of Wild liill, Buffalo, Bill, Kit Carson, Cant. Payne, ('apt. Jack, Texas Jack, California Joe, and other celebrated Indian lighters, scouts, hunters, and guides, and is doubtless a Issik well worth having. There are not many people in this great land of our* who do not feel an interest in tlie romantic deeds of tlie gallant plainsmen. See advertisement else- J. M. WRIGHT, Secretary, KENTUCKY MILITARY INSTITUTE KY., Ml* mill* It- m Prankfort, Im- III* most  lull Mini aid* i oi u-u  Kn*nlly , and exn*n-*- | -MM'lilli V.-l.l I M-W 1 1 1 - Mipl illl. I- or Mlnloau*-, t OI.. M. I AI.I.I.A, toopcrliilciHlcnl. A IKI 110*11 OH I HI- OI II 1 u II M II i III 1*1 1 , * 1 ** W II I ure-4-iit inonient. Mur* limn *i illu-tratluna, lull* I'oiirmf- of Hi* |*rin*l|Mii *liarar*t*ra, In- *ludliiK I rmik .lains, n*v*r lu-fon* ihiIi- IImIunI. and Fifth. ('Ul.nHhh Pt.ATKM Ilit*rvli*w- and l*tt*r* from I'ol* Youmo-i Mi.irtllnu I *v*ImIIoiih. All alunit tli* lllaKina, tlie ISIark Oalli, lb* H#s-i*l I'hv*, and lnindr*dn of other wonderful tlil*u-. Most *x*ltlng iMs.k *v*r imldlslHil. at Full his- torv of Hi* hit* rohiH-ry and dmil.l* murder at Wlimton, Mo., with lllu-trulloiiH. *op|*H -old In -lx months. Nothin* Ilk* II! lu-ai- *v*rythln*! |rl**, tl A0. Aic*iit'- n vii i n* outfit, *  *4-nt-. Wilt* I nt ii -IIiiI*Iy for lull iNiith-ulur- to IIImToR- |i AL IM IlI.lHlf INU CO., mrj N. It I. Ml., Hr t is. Mo. Au*iX-St f Messrs. J. M. Earnest and D. R. Cochrelian, of Texas, Iiave, on tliefarm of Maj. Hhelby, on tiie Hustonvllle turnpike, about forty tine Brood Mares, in the liest order and all of good stock, which tiiey are desirous of selling at very fair figures. Those who may de- sire such stock can apply to Mr. Wake- field, at liis stable, or to either of th e above mentioned geutleiuen, at Mr. s farm. At the approaching session of tlie Kentucky Annual Conference of the M. E. Church, South, to he held ill tills city, our citixeus will lie called upon to entertain alsiut 2on member* hik! dele- gates. This is easily done, and more if necessary. All denominations will unite iu a matter of this kind; and as we uever suffer our reputation for open- handed hospitality to he called in question, we hope our good people will relieve the committee on entertainment of all unnecessary care hy rei orting how many delegates eaeli family will receive. Ix*t this lie done immediately. We are certain that tlie latehstring will lie out at every disr, hut the committee will feel better satisfied if families will voluntarily rejsirt how many can is* eared for iu their rea| eetive homes. The following compose tlie committee: Mrs. J. W. Proctor, Mrs. Reuben Geu- try, Miss Anna Fields, Mrs. Geo. R. Brown, Mrs. James Chrlstuan, J. W. Fleece, Ben. J. Durham, A. W. East- laud aud H. G. Handifer. HEROES OF THE PLAINS, II) J. W. Bl'KIX. Agent- fur the V4V/L rvAMfHI Or, LIMIT on UMVVl J III It. It Ml till IG. In till- life, HiMiiiiiIi lb* Ut.rk * *11*1, Mini in tin* Ilf* t-tnriiul, - m-*Ii In III* -*-l limuglil- hi lending  i li I *  nmol g wlioii an- ltl-n**|- M|in|ia*iii , Kn-it'r, Warn-n, llur-i. uint I  . J**-* * 1   k . Il* **r. Tal- inog**, Dr. furrto*, in. Mnr*h, Dr Mh n-b. la. i ri-hy, Dr.   I'rriitl***. I**iHinul*y, Wlilltl*r, l^*nal*Unw. nnd otlTli* nl l**-l- * i  , , * i  D-'iUli. lininnrtiillly, M 111*11111111. Mint * ***n*l A*lv*ni. tli* lt*r***tlim. Ju'lgiiMlif, tin* 1'iinl-liin* nl * f tin* Wl*-k* i, ami tli** lt*wsr*l at lb* l(lglil**Mi-. A rleli i*i-t await- tb* r*u*l**i *II (itiitJi n- tin L n*n'l*--t IlH'ii-bt- t f tin* worl*r- gr*Nl*-t mii t li* a on -ul^****i of tb* ino-t |irof**un*l lni*i*-l t# t-very *n*. Not gb-miy, tint brllllMiit. Tber* I- not m *lull igi* In tin- ipNik. It I- iib-olii**lx aitboutn ri  nl. Ever) l--ly will r* u*l II. H*iii-il Taaeti- *r-, Hlu l.   i.iiHit Mi ll mihI I.i*II**. ih'Iiiik - Mgi'iitu Im tbi- tn-.k in* m.tklnu ov* i -DM) a montb. H. II* fi-t On* uv* lit -olil 71 flr-t ItMluy*, Nii*iib*r t*. In - *ln -. anrtb*r II In on* *fay. ain*tb* r 1  .mil  #1* - Ui liul v Mbl w In lu buna. H*4* r* t*rnl4iry quirk. A l4i Hii.'iit- want**! l**-! II* lu-trul**l l(*lwlWiaiii*iit,an l lortb* i KmimIIv In Mi  *v*r -**  ms*uU. Hi,* ml lor A full stock of Trunks aud Valises at Courts A Pickles'. Tiik Kentucky Centml Railroad Company lias lodged in the Madison Couuty Clerks office a mortgage on their road for $fl,00,000, money iior- rowed, as tiie mortgage recites, for tlie payment of five thousand shares of preferred stock,  and for other lawful J. HACKNEY lias rt*niov' l from Third Ntrret to hi- now, larm* slorrroooi oil Main Street, next door to Samuel X Warren, where lie will lie triad to aee his old friends and eus- tomers, and as many new ones us will eall. Ills sloek of Stoves, Tinware and House FiirnisliliiK Hoods wlk lie found law and eoni|ilete, and as rlieup as cun lie found anywhere In Central ken* Ami oib*r l Indian Klghb-ra, Hoout-. Iluiil*i-, u nd Oul*l*-. A 1-Mik *f 'I it it ll.* AliVlMI MEMOS TIIE 1*1. A IS-. Klulll* Witli ! milHii-! Hraml llnllalo IlnnU! |M-*|M-mUA*lv*utur*-! Narrow Knil*rfu| -Ikm.Iihu  ml Itlilliig! Wlbl IJf tb* t Si WuMt luu llln-trallona! IS Kull-Paga   olon-l I'IhI*-! Tb* gi-Minla'I l--k Im Ag*nt* svsr ubll*li**l. I'o-uively outaslla *v*ry tiling *|-*. .'ll- lingo*, prl*-*, f-'  ). Ag*ntpL-t* outllt. * **nt-. Outfit attdoipy lor W  * a* Writ- nl fin** for Mg*n*y,'r t*rniaan l II-  - 1 mt* *1 *lr*ubir*, to HIHTOliK'AL PI II- l.inll I NO   ., M N. ttb HI., HI. Uiula, Mo. KENTUCKY COLLEGE FOR YOUNG LADIES, PEWEE VALLEY, KENTUCKY, E L Engine No. 20, attached to the 5 JLlock A. M. north-bound freight, Anped the track near tiie depot last Bguday and ran alsiut a quarter of a Bile on the ties before it could lie stop- i. The accident was due to the akiug of one of the driving wheels, e locomotive itself was considerably tattered up, hut uoueof the freight cars were injured. The morning passenger tiu which pauses at 5.40 was detaiued the accident until after 1 oclock p. m. Tbl* pr-i aratlon I* purtljr v*gf-t*M- an 1 froi all il*-li*rtou* or (l-na*roua -u) wlaii(-*a, aitd It la atiaoiut*ly rwrtaln to bring all kn.*1 of woruia at lb# buman aywu-m ll la aol i aua*-iiiig lo tl.w moat toma* h . ai rbll4lr**i will laka It aa r*a*lliy a* Ibay will mo laaaaa, wblr h -lif-ild r* -oiiim*-ii'l It to -vary booa*k Far*-i.U  I'l'ly It with a-My. an*l -*-rkln.g *y.-w lu^tpy -*a an*1 .' aa aidrlta will iiii -oo  louwly ae**-*- tb*- gral i '* I*- of II*- Hill* oi**a It la ill*- uii/y I IN kUtrr that la ol**ani t*  l-h- Cut unin ou 4-r vial*, and aold by daaiara at Iwaatjr gva caula Try a Iwtilla. Manufa*-tiir*4l by f. f SSE4 f'O. Ofltrr atmlM I..MMWII#, My Fur Sale Iu Han till**, Ky , hy Baltimokk, Ml)., July 12th. A. m., at 4:2h, Master Friable Hayes Mettee, eon of Mr. t'hae. H. ami Mm. Cattle K. Mettee, arrived in tble mun- Jane spber.*, and immediately an- nounced bis arrival by cheering lustily for the Democratic nominee for Mayor of Ibis city. GEO. CRIST & CO., LUMBER DEALERS, WILL 1'1KN ITU NEXT HBHMION. SJCP- / / MUKU 7, ISM. Paramla wiabing to avlid lli*lr ili4iigbt**m tf* an InatttuUoii om-rlng tb* l***l iwl van Utg. slid at im-leratoraUw.aliould anuly for a  nlaiogu* to Kkv. KHAmTUU HoWIeEY. Pw aldiU^ Auguat 12 , 1 *! 41 FlfU Valley, Ky. FOr llllv * IMM- i.llll'l. 1.1** lll*M. I'* Oil's. ' * alad oi Prirtni'Mn* I * i f . I HimI Drills**Kkmkiit fall- Ut 1 -ur** Praparwl toy J. P M II- r, M D..WI*. Ai*b Htr*rt. pill la , I'm. N*gt-iiiilu* wltbfMtt blaalgnatur*. s*ud 8 ir cir- cular. All *lruggtala *r gclicritl Hloi* bav* It or will act ll 8*r you. II. H*d*l Iu Dnuvlll* toy Jaa.A.Cu rry A Huu- DruggUt. 52 to (it Freeman Street, Oinoi2xna.ti. Ohio. r^A'CT FOR AN !Nr.lNL EITHfR L OfJo MAHt' ^irpouT hi . i ivifJG   -v A PRQppSlTlON L .  from -^ 3* A A Remarkable Revnlntion. FIRE! FIRE!! T KEEP STILL! Tin* success of the Literary Revolu- tion in producing a Cyclopcedia, the largest ever published in thin country, in large ty|K*, well printed and Ism ml, at the nominal ooet of $15, seemed to the majority f lsiok-huyers eo remark- ahle that the second Literary Revolu- tion, which reduces the cost of this most excellent work to $10, stmF al- most incredible* The facts of the case arc, however, made so evident and so reasonable that there can lie no ques- tioning them. We have in this office some of the volumes which demonstrate their superior character in every way, and the facts and figures which are published in detail in an article else- where in this paper, under the title of A second Literary Revolution,** show- very clearly, though very surprisingly, how it is |M Asihlc to make such an ex- tremely valuable and costly Cyclope- dia accessible to the masses at such trifling cost. To remove any possible incredulity which might exist in the minds of some that this is only a plausible scheme for getting a large amount of money in small sums from a great many individ- als, in return for books which might never Ik* delivered, the publishers do not require any payment whatever in advance. You may, if you please, simply send your order by postal card, and make no payment except upon the delivery of the goods themselves, and after you have examined them and found them satisfactory. Orders should lie aent to the publishers at once, in order to secure the sjiecial terms given during the month of August. I0HN W. ZIMMERMAN Editors. AVID A. MURPHY, Main Street, Opp. Clemen* House, V WE Now ON IIANIi THE LAKUKST I it ml Ihsm FMecled H|trk   rUoo in iliHr pints- found in Centml Kentucky, The fk eotiNlniit of Stoves, Iron Mantles, rates, Pumps, Bird Cag- i, Tinware of all kinds, lothes Wringers, Water ooler, FathTvte, Wiie Good, &c., &c. For Governor, Chari. eh Foster, of Seneca. For Lieutenant Governor, ItKE* G. Richard*, of Jefferson. For Judge of the Hiipremo   'ourt, Nicholas Isino worth, of llainilton. For Attorney General, George k. Nash, of Fniiiklin. For Treasurer of State, JoHKI'll Turney, of Cuyahoga. For MoiiiIht Board Public Works George Pale, of Suiniult. svlng recently gone into business, oar k In Entirely New and of the h*t pat- teriiN, iNtn't forget. ^y riie afstve are fully warranted. We will pay thk M extra charges and semi any of the ubove  B M any place in the United States  on receipt of price. Lan?e Size Anielhjaf, Cnmoo or Moss A irate Ring Rolled Plate to tit any llm-ir, SI. (Rent to any address by mull on receipt of price.) claims to Ik* a Stalwart of the Stalwarts, and J. Wilkes Booth Bourbon of the Bourbons.Cooking Stores, i Rest Stoves in tlie Market. trouble to show GI . s IIINMAN a m. We have received from I)r. Jno. J, Speed, Secretary, Louisville, the Third Annual Report of the State Board of Health of Kentucky. Write for my prices before buying anything in the Jew L elry line elsewhere. A If theres a change for the better in the Danville Tribune for the next few weeks, its all owing to the new editor. The old ones are off. Hon. A. H. Clark is a very clever gen- tleman, but he Is Just now greatly troll ti- led with BImIu's victory.  Danville Tribune. Our Hon. A. 11. Clark requests iih to say to Bro. Zimmerman, that all men named A. II. Clark are not only clever men but llonttrahlc as wellHopkinsville Republican. Shoot annex  and will Bro. Clark Ik* in (ineinuati Aug. 22d? Barntim will lie there, and we perhaps. We have received from the author the Hong and Chorus, Sweet Olla  words by J. M. Loath and mu- sic by Leon Levoy. Published by H. L. Benham A' Co., Cincinnati, O. r. J. B. MARCHISI, UTICA, N. Y., Discoverer of DR. MARCHISI' 8 TERINE CATHOLICON OSITIVE CURE FOR FEMALE COMPLAIUTS. his Remedy will net in b .rraony with the Fc- le system at all times, and al imme li. n tneabdomiuid and uterine muscles, and re- re them to a healthy and strung condition.  r. M uchUi's Ut i rineCathoikon will our* fall- of the womb, l^Mioorrhfpa, Chnmie Inflam- tion and Ulcwraiion of the womb, Incidental raorrhagw or Flooding, Painful. Bup prasss d l Irregular Menstruation, Kidney C'ompluint, I is ssiteeially adapted to the Change of Life, id for pamphlet free. All letter* of inquiry ly answered. Addn-ss as shove. OR MALE 11 V A 1.1* DHI'GOIMTS. rice ft 1.50 per bottle. He sure and ask for s UturintfCutbolioeu. Take no other. Will Kentucky, like a rows tail, al- ways Ik* behind? Hopkinsville South Kentuckian ( Deni.) Always, Bro. Meaeham, until she changes her politics. Kx-Sknatou Bruce, Register of the Treasury, probably one of the la*st jnisted men on the subject, believes that with a fair count Mississippi will have a Republican majority this Fall. There will Ik* nine Republicans in the next Kentucky Henate. Four years ago there was lut one. Will this Increase Ik* allowed to go on ? Bowling Green Gazette ( Dam.) It will. Give us a bard one. Frankfort was without rain for 40 days and 40 nights all on account of the wickedness of the Yeoman and the pardoning of criminals by Governor Bluckburn. Its awfully t K  utter too. Wiiii.k the whole Nation is indig- nant at the enormity of Guiteaucrime, and inclined to regard no pun- ishment t K) severe for such a monster, we are apt to blind our minds to jus- tice in the case. Complaints have goue up from some quarters that Gui- teati is denied privileges due him as a citizen of the United States, and that he is more rigorously treated than the laws or precedent warrant. We know uot whether these reports lie true or false, but if they are true, the proceed- ings deserve the highest censure, though it requires an etfort to give it. Our luws may Ik* faulty, hut it is our duty to uphold them, ami see that no man, however heinous his crime, is de- prived of their protection. Incendiaries burned the coal -road trestle across Htate Creek in Menifee County, on the night of August 3d. The trestle lias been replaced. Yeh, sir, we say extradite llurtinan, the Russian Nihilist, and wed expe- dite the extradite and give him Nihil fits. An extra dight from Russia is no better than a common American We notice a paragraph in some of the papers entitled, Blaine on Beck.If that is alliteration only, its ull right, ll bet a fopence Blaine had bet- ( ter not get on Beck in Kentucky, or any other man. nts, Awnings, Grain & Flour Bags, Campaign Flags, &c, ill tor Price List ami Catalogue. W00LF0LK & CO., No 3MI Fourth Htreet, lUISVILLE, KENTUCKY. H. -Htate where you huw this adverthte- The new comet now pluinly seen near the star Aurigal is distant from the earth 97,000,000 miles. Its tail is over 3,000,000 miles in length. It now remains above the horizon all night in the northeast. CENTRAL HOTEL DANVILLE, KENTUCKY. Proprietor for Rheumatism, Gout AND NEURALGIA. Orville Grant left a widow and three children  oue daughter and two sons. His widow is a niece of the well kuown Hon. Bainuel Medairy, who was Governor of Kansas during the trying times of thut Territory. W. K. Cardwell has discovered an epsotn salt, carbonic acid well, with iron and white sulphur in solution, near llarrodsburg. This House has been Remodeled, and is now us well Adapted to the wai of the Public as any House in Central Kentucky. hi* tv not a 'moahrum,  but h preparation i|m iiiiI mI by hu experienced Phyalciau, h ii view to the cun of the above com* lut*. To any who are suffering, we ofTfei * remedy hm a iuru cure, ami can Turn ImIi the ut reliable testimony from person* who  uiied It and bssn relieved Price, Mnvnt* tad tie. Further Informal Ion given try the e Proprietor, Hr. T. T. Hit A WORD Att- Gov. Leslie has been appointed Cir- cuit Judge to till the vacancy made by the resignation of Judge lA*wis who was elected Appellate Judge at the re- cent election. Heptember 8-ljr TlIK Covington Commonwealth thinks we are always claiming every thing and getting nothing. LetWe claimed the election of Bluin in the 18th and Bennett in the 29th Sen- atorial Districts  our home section and it is generally thought we got livery ani  hale htablk. JOHN STODGH1LL, The furiners of Bourbou are said to be in a worse condition than they have been for years. Many of tbem report that they will raise senreely a bushel of corn to the acre. Cattle ure suffering badly for want of pasture. (Successor to KARHNEH A LEWIS,) s comet, which makes its visit to us once in three and a quarter years, is now dimly seen about 2 a.m., iu the constellation Aries, not far from the Pleiades. It reaches its perihelion Nov. 15th, when it will be distaul from the tun about 33,000,000 miles. Its distance from the earth now is about 156,000,000 miles. Adjutant General Nuekols has again gone to Carter County aud will, it is said, recommend the use of the Htate militia in arresting aul bringing to Justice those Regulators who refused to accept Governor Blaekburus geuen us offer of a pardon if they would lay down their arms. Outflt furnished free, with Alii in- structions for conducting the iuomI profit Mbit* liuHlneMN that anyone ran A dispatch from Nicbolasviile says: James H. Arnold aud wife arrived in this place last week. As soon as it was found out a suit was tiled by the child- ren of R. E. LiUle by their next friend, BetUe Little, for $50,000 damages against said Arnold, who, aa the peti- tion reads, maliciously with tire-arms shot and killed Robert E. Little,  their fkther. At the present writing Arnold has not been found, and the Sheriff has been unable to serve the process. UNION COLLEGE, Barbourville, Ky. Carroll l.'uuuty (cud* L. K. Bandar*, Republican, to til* Ia-glaluture by * large minority. Danville Tribune. Mr. Builder, will uo doubt be obliged to you for your pmpoaed adoption, but IF you kuew him you would *et lilm down a* one of the old b* Bourbou.. Try again lor Republican gain., but teer clear of Carroll by all mean*.Frankfort Yeoman. We will endeavor io to do, the Lord being our helper. ed or ecen. Moet durable and only Pump (It Kcc|m tlie water pure aud freeb, aud free fro * I put uptu give perfect eatieiketiun, and will * ,1 la nut aatiatled. Call at my ahop aud aee the. J. M. HACKNEY, Third Street, Danville, _Kj Rkv. Db. HAYS, / CHARLEH CECIL, ( J. 8. VANWINKLE, J. 8. ENGLEMAN. I J. D. CARPENTER] A Vigorous. Wide-Awake, Modern Insti tution, for the Thorough Edu- P. GENTRY, J. K. HI. M HALL, W. PROCTOR. P. A. MARKS, II. G. 8ANDIFEK, It. GENTRY, JAY BRISCOE, W. L MOORE, K V. ROWLAND, J. R. MARKS, KXT I.EUIM.ATI KE. 1 Senators holding over are marked ' with an . Republicans are Italicised. Greenbackem marked U i, and hide- 0 |**ndeiit* marked   ftKXATOHH. w 1st d strlet Henry ( icorgs.* 2*1 district G W Hooves. id district .1 II Wllkinxm.* 4t Ii district A H Willingham. 1 1 5th district ( 'mniwi II Adair. ' fiili district . f '/iff on F 7th district .1 A .Monday. Ht Ii district /hi rill /'on/. ^ * t 1 1 district Geo T Edwards. 1 loth district Lafayotlo Green. I*,  1 Ith dist rid II H Hklle*,* 1 _tli district . W t 'arjs-nter. 1 it Ii district r F Wo It on. 1 lili district c M 1 farwiKKl. 15th district .11)1 ogle. ^ POli district ....... Janies (iarnett. ! 1 1 7l It di*i rid IP V Sntvifrr.* Idli district Fo/if rf ll/nin. 1 r  X imii district Ixhom .Smith, 9 it ith district lst district Hen S Hohhlns. ^ d district S M Davis.* 23d district Att iia t Jltli district T F 1 la 1 In in. th district FaI Hih 2*Hh dist rid A H Clarke,* 1 27th district Ii A Hpurr. 2Hth district Hndney Haggard. 0'li district John Fn mutt. iOtli district Tims J Megibbeti. 1 ;Ust district IIC Bruce. 32d district ;k{i| district Alex F. Aihnne. 9 Mtli district WO.Mnw* _ 5tli district C N Lewi-. Jr  Pit 1 1 district S II Kmlurbk.* S :i7tli district H ( ( Hays.* L 38th district J T (hitliright.* KKI'RRSBNTATI VEH. i M II Hlmrer. B Ii W Stone. Anderson Tima 11 Hanks. I!a Hard Jos Edringloii. W L Porter. Until and Bo wan . . SCIWom. 'IJas H Walton. N B'Uirbnii Ciiarles Offhtl. tr Boyd A Lawrence. Jake Hire. It..yle Paul J Donegliy. liraftken TJ Duncan. fl Breckinridge Green W Heard. !J Hill lilt and Spencer J L lu*e. llutler A F.dinonsoii F F.  sj hfl man.   nldwcll .1 H Is*ech. Calloway BC Key* (G.) ( 'ampU II Geo ETrucsdellund ( 'arroil Mam Shaw, L J Handers. Carter and Elliot . .   i W Herron 1 1 ml.) ( iisey and Bussell . Win Johnson. Christian Jamet Itreuthitt, T U Sluurt. ('lay, Owsley and Jackson ... . .1 It Clark. Crittenden and Liv illgstoll J R Clarke (G.) Cumberland A Clin )V d/otl/rfy Jfuntcr, h ( Ico V Triplett and E Daviess KstiP and Lee Jas II Hudy. IN Cardwell, Fayette J S Phelps and .. Fleming J II Mulligan.  . W J Hendrick. 4 Floyd aud Johnson Thus Y Fit/.patrick. Franklin Ira Julian. m Gallatin j w Lilly. . a . Hi n F Hu rif/o. Garrard H N Elliston. in ( i raves TJ Kliuiire. fj Grayson . A It Ryern, an Green A Taylor... . IP Gorin. Greenup II K V uruock. Hancock . W W Taber. J C Poateu. I Harlan, Perry and 1)1 H C Kvernole. Harrison  AJ 1 Scale. . Ill limit.  Henderson . E (' C raig. .. John I) Carroll. Hickman A Fulton J H Luteu. Hopkins Jefferson liicbard Key (G.) .David Meriwether. Jessamine Juh M Mattinyh/. y. ./    Richard s, Max 1 ' Knox A Whitley. Iferbst (hid.) uud i K J Green. .John Smith. .11 11 Smith. Lain el A Hock out Eilivartl Darker. I A* win F M Hull. Lincoln W O Hansford. | 4t H U Howling. Nt' Louisville1st district John T Milhurn. 2d district Hd tip Ucriurt , Jr. Ed F Madden. 3d district  district U A June*. , 5th district Jos H Head. j m 0th district K D Allmitt. i 7 1 1 1 district W L Jackson, Jr. Hii/in Robert*. II J 1* Thompson. Madison Marshall A Lyon. W (J Hollaml. 1 Mason J I) Kelioe. f 1 ! McCracken Thus H Corbett. vl Mrljcun J W Llgbttool (G.) A W Moreman. J R Duucuu. _ Montgomery, Men fee N olfe and wit H T Derlckson. 1 p*Morgan, Magottlu A  , Brcuthilt H M Pieratt. ha Muhlenberg Lewi* Join*. i**'! W N Beck bum. 1 Nicholas A Hubert Duncan Hanling. ./ F, Riyyi rutaff. I Metcalfe A Monroe *sse S Williams. j Oldham A Trimble 1* R Tuylor. erry. ^ IVlldleloii J I  Simon. Pike, Murtin and % i Letcher Pulaski I. n hu b r. 3 ; W U Owens. h Harrison Hailey. Simitsou J S Lane. M Crittenden Hceves. 1 Triug R A Burilett. ig W F Berry. ( 1 Mi I'.lroy and 09 Washington Jno Massey ? | ^ . V C Trent. QJ 1 Wayne Webster David Rankin. gl Price. K 1 Woodford Swift Durueul. .in  S3   - * ; t THE DANVILLE TRIBUNE Oov. Footer l receiving h great ma- ny letter* commending hi* proportion to have a day of thanksgiving on ac- count of the recovery of the President. In one of these letters he lias received the following HYMN OF THANKMUITIXti For the Recovery of the President. BY J. WILLIAM POPE. Oft/ Hundred.To Thee, great God, supreme on highAI*o supreme in every sphereIn our distress t Tliee we cry, Relieving Thou wilt deign to hear. (Organ InterludeThat Thou didst hear us, we helleve, And turned calamity away; O, wilt Tiiou now our thanks receive On this our Nations festal day ! (Organ InterludeHall Columbia ). As Judas' act was Christian*' KSo let th vile assassini Unite our Countrys golden chain, A .Whose links were scattered o(Organ Interlude  Columbia the (Jem,  Ac.) For all tile past our thunks we give, And for the future we would prayTo rule us let James Garfield live; Direct him, Lord, in Thine own way. (Then let the people  lagAnd the Star Spangled Banner, O long may it wave er tlie land of the free and the home of the brave! YOU KNOW YOU BO, When *0100 ones step cotnes up the walk, Your cheeka takes on a rosier hue; And though no other hears his knock, You hear It well you know you do! Ami though It nmy be very wrong, a Is quite Ignored by you; You sing for him your sweetest song, You cunning thing you know you do! And when he talks of other girls, Of hateful Kate, ami Jennie, too, You fling at him your auburn curls, You Jealous thing you know you do! He blushes deep and looks afraid, To be thus left alone with you, But your eyes tell there neer was maid, But could ho wooed you know you do! You peep at some one 'neath your curls, I' Mil with love you burn him through, And make him liatu all other girlsIn love for you you know you do! And when his arm steals round your olialr, You give a smothered scream or two, As if you didn't want It thereBut O, you do  you know you do! You let him kiss your blushing cheeks, Homehow your lips meet his Ups too; You tempt him, silly thing, to speak, You wicked flirt you know you do! And when ho timidly doth press His wish to make a wife of you, With happy heart you answer^ You darling girl you know you do! CREEllS. Believe as I believe no more, no less; That I am right; and no one else, confess; Feel as 1 feel, think only as 1 think; at what 1 eat, ami drink hut what I drink; IJm. k as I look, do always as 1 do, ijud thou, and only then, Ill fellowship with M 1 am right, and always right, I know, cause my own convictions tell me so; f ml to be right is simply this to be' Entirely ami In all respects like me; To deviate a hairs breadth, or begin To question or to doubt or hesitate is slu. 1 reverence the lllble If it he Translated first and then explained to me; Bychurchly laws ami customs 1 abide, If they with my opinion coincide; All creeds ami doctrines 1 concede divine, Excepting those, of course, which disagree with Let sink the drowning If he will uot swim Upon the plunk that I throw out to him; Let starve the hungry If he will not cat My kiud and quantity of bread and meat; Let freeze the uaked if he will not be Clolhod iu sueh garments as are made for me. Twcro belter that the sick should die than live, l'n Ice* they take the m dicine 1 give; 'Twere better sinners perish than refuse To be conformed to my peculiar view s; 'Twere butter that the world stand still than In any other way than that which I approve. IF SHE COULD ONLY COOK. From the Chicago Inter Ocean. You have not clmngeil my Geraldine ! Your voice is just as sweet and low, You are as fairy like in mien, As four and twenty months ago. Since H vmeii tied the fatal knot, ve basked within your glanceYour beauty has uot dimmed a jot, You realize a poets dream. A poet Crave* for boundless love, And beauty of the first degree; I'd do with less than that, my dove m much more moderate tliau he. The gleam from dark fringed eyelids The witchery of tone and look, I would forego to some extent, My Geraldine if you could cook ! BEFORE AND AFTER. BKFOttK MARRIAGE. With wondrous care, Hbe seeks the mirror, And haugs her hair. AFTKH MARRIAGE. With angry glare, Hhe grasps her slipper, And bangs her heir. The Big Bandy Railroad is being pushed forward with great energy. An early opeuiug of the road is existed. At a picnic near Moore field, Nicholas County, on Tuesday, 2d, a fight oc- curred in which five negroes were MTATK NOTES. Lexington consumes 10,000 kegs of I  eer annually. Tlie Spanish ( lovernment lias ordered 12,500 hog-heads of Kentucky and Vir- ginia tolweeo. Paducah talk* of introdueing tlie Brush electric light system to llltimi- ! mite the streets. I In Jessamine County, on election day, two negroes assaulted and killed i Horace Bowman, colored. j Sufficient funds have lieen secured for tlie neeessarv repairs and Improve- I inents on the college at Princeton, Ky. I Tlie entire Kentucky Central Road  relaid with the beat steel rails. Work is progressing at tlie rate of a mile per day. FleiiiingsbmV ha* levied a tax of 25 eta. on $lno for the purpose of erect- ing a public school building to cost : #2,500 or #t,ooo. There Is talk of a general strike among tlie mechanics of Mayaville and tlie surrounding section. The brick- workers continue their strike. Gov. Blackburn lias offered a reward j of #350 for tlie arrest of George Alsop, who killed Constable Harrison of Jef- ferson County a few days since. Lexington, Aug. 8.clock tills morning the training stable at the race course occupied by Mr. James Murphy was discovered to lie on tire. Murphy had sixteen horses in training for tlie I Fall meeting, and suceeded in getting all of them out of the stable with the exception of two, which were burned to Shelby City, Aug 6. John Haney, from Kowletts Station, a brakeman on tlie L. and N. Railroad, while endea- voring to couple some curs at Junction City to-day, was knocked down, one of the car wheels passing over Ids leg, but, strange to say, without breaking tlie bone, though tlie flesh was terribly bruised and lacerated. The Louisville Weekly Commer- Tlie Louisville Commercial, with daily and weekly editions, for yean* recognized as a leading paper of the South and West, was established ill I MM) by a number of Kentuckians for the purpose* of disseminating those princi- ples of individual lilierty, civil equality, public honesty, and devotion to nation- al constitution on which they believed the welfare of the whole country to de- pend, and which they felt that it was especially ini|M rtant that the people of Kentucky and tlie Southern Sluter should cordially accept and act upon Tlie paper lias steadfastly advocated utid defended those principles during its whole career, and still devotes itself to their niainteiiHce. It is a special friend to tlie development and prosjieri- ty of the South on that foundation of justice to all, which is tlie only sure basis of |ermatieiit tranquility and healthful progress. Tlie Weekly Commercial, is a large, thirty-six column paper, viving every week one or more completed stories, selections of the highest literary eharac- t r and of the most general interest, full and accurate market reports, a com- plete resume of the latest news and well-written editorials on current topics. It is well-known as one of tlie brightest and most valuable family papers in tills country, and from its full Kentucky news is specially interesting to Ken- tuekiuiis having their homes in oilier States. W We have a clubbing arrangement with the paper in which tills adver- tisement appears by which subscript's can get two papers for little more tliun tlie price of one. Huliseription terms (postage free) are; For Daily, #10 per annum ; witli Sun- day edition, #12 per annum. Weekly, with premium, #1 50. Weekly, without premium, #1 25. Specimen copies sent on application. LiPral commissions to agents, and s|H*cial rates for clubs. Money sent at our risk must be sent by registered letter, post-office order or express pre- paid. Address. CINCINNATI, OHIO. i This Iompnny have Just finished complete hop* with every facility oi tlie Mei proveil ttmclilacry, ami are prepared to man- ufacture STANDARD TRADE VEHICLES. Much mn Karin Wagon*, Spring Wagon*. I'lutform Wagon*, l.tnllon Spring Wagon*, Karmor*' Two-Sra(i*l Carriage*, Stainlanl Trade if aggie*. K.legant Brewster Buggy, Kir., Kir. Send for IWign, and I * r i   ROBINSON WAGON CO.,  IM INN.Vn, OHIO. WHEAT & DURFF, WHOLESALE G iiocKitn Cii!ii mission Elmirs. 0 I H FOR Frankfort Cotton Mills, XTo. SCI. 2 o.Laa. C*.. LOUISVILLE, KEXT1UKY. nVMNK** C.4Hn A. i 1 1 Mi.i'ii* w. wh *ii, r O.W.Wblah, Jr., J II. Knui.kmaw, t'i*h. A*l*lnnl V*4i, CAPITAL, *100,000. Farmers aiioual Hank. DANVILLE, KY. Collect Inna promptly mad* at lowest rntea, ami remitted y of (-nllei-tlnn. Accounts of llanksaml I ndl l Inals solicited R EMOY A I A OKI) .1*. NEWI.1X, IDentist, * removed to front room, over J Welsh. Wiseman A Co.s *tore. A. L. MONROE, HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN,! Bainille. Kentucky. BARGAINS SECOND-HAND PIANOS! MPKi T  1 . ATTENTION IAII* TO Til! treatment of t lirnnle I Mae use* nnd lbiM a n*j Women and  hlldren. 1 1 filer hours,  to lit ! A. M. Mild J to t | M. ottli-e Over Adams | 1 .x pi  * *, Mont It Hide Main Street. Mch 1 1 f f 1 7 Octave Decker Bros., Square, $300 1 *7 1 O rinoLn. Dm* ** 09R GEO. B. LETCHER, Attorney at Law, I SKHULASVIU.E, KY. A. A S HKKKi.N . WM. HKHMtOS ANDKRHON A H F.ltN DON, Attorneys At Law LASVASTKR, KY. WI I.L prnetlee in the court* of Gar rard and adjoining counties, and in tlie Court of Appeal*, i'rouipt attention given to eollefftions. K EEPtUNsTANTLY ON HAND A FELL | line of t'ofleeo, Hognr*. Myrupa, MoIiumm-h. Spleen, Teas, (Igura, T  lutceto, t 'ordawe. Wood- Miware, I'owder, Mln T, CaniiMd Gmm|h, Nalls, | and all other article* usually sold by whole sale grocer*. Cnwclscl at-.cntlsn pa. id. to srlers, l   mall or ex press; also to the sale of country produce such as feaflt r*, gln*eiiol, fur** In their MeiiMnni.etc. rodtn e urne list scut to niercliaiils when re- liiestcd. The Krnnkrort t niton*, for wlileh we are agents, are considered the *! In tin aiarkel and wherever Introduced they Inrgcl) take the plan* of all other hramls. July .Hi I v Wm. IIkown. . ii. Lrmi* t Decker Bros., J. & C. Fischer, Square, 11 Upright, Billings & Co., Walnut, 11 J. P. Hale & Co., Valley Gem, Square, Hazelton Bros., Chickering BROWN & LETCHER, attorneys, at law, I 7 Octave Peters, Cragg & Co., Sqr. HOLAMVILLE, KY. Practice III all the Htate and Federal Courts HO. f . MK.I. I JAN. T. W N. KMUIt OKl'KU. THE DANVILLE TRIBUNE AND LOUIMVILLK WEEKLY COURIER-JOURNAL Une year for Two paper* for llille more than the price of one. Mend us Mii. and receive your home paper with tlu  Courier- Journal, tlie best, ImIkIi test and ablest Family Weekly III the country. BELL & WILSON, Attorneys at Law, HARR0D3BURG, KY. Will practice III pari ii-r*hlp In the courts of Mercer, Hoyle, Washington, ami Anderson; lso III the I Oiirt of Apjteals. Collections made In any pari of the ( nlon. tine of u* w III Is* a I liaiivllle and latWri-nct-hurg each | County Court. N. It. -To my fonner iMd roils I recommend Mr, Wilson a* l hnimglily qualified In ever) res|N el. | Ull MS I AM L. DEANE, 515 Kt* vent 1 1 Htreet, N. W., Washington, 3D. C., Attends to nil bust nest, before C.H. Patent Of- fice. Also practice* III the Court* and la-fore the In-part incuts. For nine year* Was Princi- pal Examiner In Patent Office. W. W. Cleary. J.K. Hamilton. Waller Cleary. Agent* can make more money selling our new Telephone* Ilian In an. other btisliK-K* Send - I for sample pair and wire to put up and exhibit. sniif,.clion guarani e* or money refunded. Large profits. Add U. s. TKIKIHONK CO., 12.1 h. ci . a iik kt., (ii ifAoo III. L Cleary, iiamilloii k Cleary, THE EBRITTS Attorneys at Law,  I | Boom.MdTaylorBlc ck,JUdalSlloottHk, Coving-ton, Ky WASHINGTON, l . C. Army and Navy Headqnarters. F iiir Iron Fire Fscupcs. Terms #1, #3, and $2 50 |*r Day. MarblNtf get the best. ( uiiiiiicrcial 1uMMiliur Company, iville. K 103 Went Green Street Lolusville. Ky. Wmttora E migrants. Anpreei iliug tlie neoassitv of afforii- ing 1 mter fucitities to tlie emigrant, and especially those who are contemplating n visit to Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Texas, or any point in Great West, tin* Blue Grass Route, Kentucky Central Railroad, has appointed Mr. C. A. Haalett as Hpenial Agent to visit and correspond w itli parties who are i desirous of emigrating, furnishing them witli information regarding tlie boil, | Climate, ami Homestead Laws; also securing for them rates on tickets and I household goods, enabling them to | make tiie trip by the cheapest, beet and j f/uickeet route. As Mr Haslett lias 1 spent a great portion of his time in tlie | Western States, any information re- 1 oelved from him will lie perfectly relia - 1 bit*, protecting the public against being mislead ami swindled by self-stvled Emigrant Agents. We would advise all who anticipate going West, North, or Ka*t to call upon, or address, C. A. Haslett, General Emigrant Agent, (tf) Covington, Ky. Wicked for Clergjnien. ublinhml by Q AC. MERRIAM. Kpriniffteld, M mm If you Intciul Kim* day to get WEBSTER'S UNABRIDGED,  DO IT NOW.THE NEW EDITION Contains over 118,000 Words, 1928 Pages, 3000 EngraTiaga, Four Pages Colored Plates, 4600  KW W0UDS and Meanings, Biographical Dictionarj of over 9700 Names. BEST FOR FAMILIES. O rsat amount f Information lu lit* Ap-^f p4-ndix and Table.. E v-ry oopy I. a vaot atorohouM of uaa- VM fill knowledge. JEf T ie very hoot aid to help a family to bo- f|| BEST IN ENGRAVINGS. *  mo.1 Is-autiful aud completo Eng- m liah Pu-tionary.  ^  3000 Engraving*, nearly throe NTW tun*-* a* many aa any other PleVry. E very w-honl and family ahould havu II VI for coUMtant reference. JQg BEST FOR SCHOOLS. L DICIIONMir Ini JO 911)0 Names of noted person*. gj We'li word In Supplement has U-en ae VV Xi lech*! and defined with great care. jfg S LFFI-KMKNT. conUma over 4600 fi New Worda and Meaning*. O T . pxeturrs of ships on | a|(e 1039 , ahowfVq the meaulug of HO words. g A Also Webster'! National Pictorial Dictionary. * 1040 Paget Octavo. S00 Engravings. Will prnetlee In Kenton, rmupiM-il, Hurii*  n and iVlldletoii CoUlitle*, four! of A| |m-iiIh  nib-d state* I'ourt*. rwrlleuiai nlten- 1 1    n given to the Collection   f Itnllrond, County anil Muiilelpal Bond*. Note*, Ac- eoilll'N, tie. P. O. BoxSU.1 April ly MARK WAKEFIELD, Lively & Sale Stable, Between Central llou*e and Gllrhera Hotel, South Side Main Street, DANVILLE, KENTUCKY. Hor**-*iV Vchlrh-H Kept for II ire. cU 1 Attention to Coiniuerelal Travelera. *'  (hxNl 1 H of Mulea always ou baud I and for aule. JAM KH IIIIHB. T. W. OOMB GORE HOUSE, CORESBURC, KY. At CroMMlitg of Knoxville Branch and C. H. Heilroeda. GORE BROS., Proprietors. All pa*M-nifer train* on the IxhiIrvIIIh and NaNhvUle llaoroi*il atop here for dinner. JNO. BRUCE, BLACKSMITH. IN BBEWEH.N STABLE, Fourth M., It  t. Mulu and Italuut, DANVILLE, KY All kinds of BIwekNintthlUK and lt|NUrlug done pniinplv. neatly, and cheaply. Any of these Pianos will be put in Good Order* carefully boxed and delivered at the Railroad here, on receipt order with cash. Special Arranpents Can be Made Where Time is Desired. Full I iiformat in Sent on Anplinition. Wo nl*o offer nomc ninall f-K  Ootave Second-Hand Pianos Very Low. 1 Joseph Potter 6 Octave, at - 1 Numus & Fischer 6 Octave, at - 40 1 Grovesteen 6' Octave, at 1 Gale & Co., 6!  Octave, at - - -75 Taken in Exchange for Now Onos any time heroafter. D. H. BALDWIN & CO., 15S West Fourth Street, CiiiciniitiLi, Oliio. Rev. , Wauhingtoil, D. C., write,: I (relieve It to be all wrou* ami eveu wlcketl fur clergymen or other public uien to be lt*l Into giving tentimoniul, to quuek doctor, or vile  culled medicine,, but when u reully merltori- ou, article made of valuable rem- lie, known to all, tliat all pbdelclauu uiw and iruat In dally, w, abould freely commend It. I therefore cheerfully and heartily com meud Hop Bitter, for the good they have doue me anil my friend,, firmly believing they have no euual (or family uae. I will uot he with- out them.  New York Baptiet Weekly. BRACKEN ACADEMY. Better known a* Augusta College, AUGUSTA, KY. A SCHOOL FOB BOTH HEX a. D. STEVENSON, 0. 0., -  PrnIM. THE SESSIONS.  Me bool Ywar In dlvblwd luUi twoMMlon* of Twenty wwln  rtrwt Mewtlon for tharhool ywwr I0R1-RJ will te-glu Hepteuibar 5, HNtl, nnd wud January 2b, **i. hn anoond awwlon will bvgin on Monday, January ZB, l ml. For more apdMdflc Inforina- tlou. laUdir* oau Uj addrtMMxi to lha Presi- J.R. NICHOL8. THIKD HTREKT, Danvilla, Kentucky K EFFH oonatenUy ou hand all tha dlfbr- ut atvlaaof Metallic Burial Cuskeis, Wooden Coffins 1 ha vo out of Uta FINEST HEARSES In kou tacky, and am prepared to attend to L'qJefthlciiitf DttjiiiieAA n all ttevarloaabranchca.lnthcbaetetTleand on abort notion. Ertoaa aa low aa tha low eel. Bormuitirm{Nhraiiidifliqiirt4 D. H. BALDWIN & CO., Wholesale and Retail Dealers. Steinway & Sons, Decker Brothers, Haines Bros., Fischer, Vose, Morris Valley Gem and other Pianos, 158 West Fourth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. 80 Fourth St., Louisville, 64 A 06 N. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis. DESlGNEi RMIYtels ^Grates RANKIN5 PATENT MAKES THE BEET. HOTTEST AND CliANEST .OPEN rr ra 17 c. st-rank in * co r I [ JV 182 PEAHL ST NEAP PtUM c tt AN UQfy W.5-ST. c iNcmr$ V.i'k   4^1 LEW BOMAN'S Restaurant, 21 West Fourth Street. CINCINNATI, - - OHIO. LANE & 5QBLEY CO WM. AUTENRIETH, Manufacturer of TRLSSKS, CRUTCHES, 1 Hqunr*.. 2 Hqiien**  column i oluiiin I column Wholesale I icaler* In PLABaTAKOM .YIACioft^RY, . STATIONARY AND PORTABLE STEALI ENGINES, r  iw id Mill., Shafting IIhihith, Pulley*.  t . nnr iiui-v.i i v Mill well in -md i* nlljf adnph-d lo flu* WttnU ut l unnT* i.ii'l i . for limnlni, Hawing, drill- n: ml la-l-r) ii*-. Soa III SUUTW L ' NE A. BOD EY CO., f I Water Streets. Ci einneti OSie *|wclnl Attention tllven and Llla-ral Cash Advance* Made on   on*lgnm  nlK. W. Cor. Main A Front Ht*., Cincinnati, O. ( LI B KflOT SHORN, Spinal Apnamtiin, Supporter* of all Kind* rtiik Kinetic Kto king*, Knee-Caps, Anklet*, Butteries, and Speaking Trumpet*, No. 7 1 Wed Sixth St. bet Walnut & Vine CINCINNATI, O. Special Attention given to fitting Trowse* and Apparatus for Deforiultle*. On First 1'itfP, Double Ititfr*. Local notice i ccuis per line each Inwr- f ton . Huelnce* notice*, CHy Item-. I A cent* par line for tint, and 10 cent- |xrr line for each additional Insertion. All cut* mttt la* on metal Imdle*. no* more than 13 plea em* In width for single eolnmn. No extra e.h krge for double column advert lee. We reserve the rigid to reject any or nil ad mentathnt do not suit ua. Foitktii and Walnut Sts.,  CINCINNA1 JWTIio I.iirKi--t and Moat Centrally Wnte-l Hotel in Clm-lnnatl. CZXTCZ2T2TATZ STONE WORKS ISAAC tiRAYKSON, Proprietor. Steam Mill, . d l 38 Hannibal St. CINCINNATI, OHIO. NIIIKTS MADE TO ORDER LEADING BUSINESS HOUSES GF CINCINNATI. WIMAimilLDSMMI Publisher* ,,f CHROMOS, Manufacturers of PICTURE FRAMES, BURNET HOUSE, Ihilil Inlict* of SAWED and DRESSED FREE STONE Fur ItulltlliiK Purpose*, constantly on hand oi furnished at mIioiI notice, rprlow UM Low oa the luiweMt.^* Chicago Stone Work*, Cologne St., -r CHICAGO, IX*I* Send for t'lrcular containing Prhs- List, For- uiiiIh for Self Measurement, and t ula allowing sty|  a of Tin largest Centrally (floated Hotel In CINCINNATI an OTS.SHOES j ($1 FIFTH STREET a J. W, DUNKLEE & AMOS BARNES, (Of the Hotel Hru:i mirk, B6etan%) T, W. ZIMMERMAN. Proprietors. lH*aler* In (Tirnmos, Plrturi* Mowldhiirs, BriK-kt-ts. Fra ill ex of all kinds. Bend f* r Illu^t mtl ('ntnlotnio. lilt IV. iiU St. CIXCINNANI, 0. WM. SKINNER & CO., Meroan tilPRINTERS, STATIONERS Blank Book Manufacturera, No. 47 Main Street, Cor. Second. CINCINNATI, O. March 2-*  till Jan. 1, 1882. GEO. D. WINCHELL, J. G. MURDOCK & CO JAPANNED. STAMPED AND PLAIN TIN GOODS, 196 W. Fifth Ht., CINCINNATI, O. COLTER * CO., 241), 251, 253 Main St., ( Corner of Sixth,) Cincinnati, O. JOBBING GROCERS I. & E. GREENWALD, Fonnders, Machinists & Millwrights Uw Fixture) and 4 ll undellera, Wholesale and retail lo lent In PLUMBERS AND GAS FITTIN6 SUPPLIES. No. I*  Walnut Htreel, CINCINNATI. Bookstore Steam Cnglncs, Holler*. Htc.imhoat and Sheet Iron Work, Flour Mill Machinery and Mill Fui Dishing of all kind*. No. B4M K. I*earl Ht., CINCINNATI, O. Wrought Iron Steam Pipe and Flltlnga. WIioIomiiIc Dealers In Manufnetnrera of J.  1. Murdock Patent Hy- drant. Agcuta for Clark A llro'* ( fluxed Stone ware Pipe for conducting water, Sewerage, .trc. The largest and only first-olnsH *roeery holme in Cit LA It Attkntion to ftirnlHliIng family Hii|ii lieH to iNirtlei Wk Invitf. Yoi it Tkadk, and oiler you at IoWohI plete assortment of groceries, inelndiiiK Flour, Sugar, Tobacco, Fish, Cigars, Syrup, Hams, Co Canned Fruit, Carpet W Staple Drugs, Rope ai Nails, Dye Stuffs, 1 Soda, Wind) Send on your orders hy mail. We have letter* from 1 oiu | Is, and expressed UieniwtlvcM well nattflfted. Je 17 dm In ordering, pleoHu mention till* paper J. II. Vornliolx. 30 West Fourth Street. Hook*, Maffa/.lne*. Stationery, Card*, Jilank Hook*, Pocket-Book*, Pock- et-knives, Album*, Inkstand*, Envelopes, Maps, (Hoi***, Paper and other maU*- rial for Lan lsou| eH, Flower* Ae. Stock Well Noleetwl, and Prices ONE PRICE STORE. Vornliolz & (loodniaii MERCHANT TAILORS, and Denrlem In READY MADE CLOTHING, 112 W. Fifth HI. Bet. Vine A gace, ClM INN ATI, O, Whnleaal, Ill-lull n ud |ll*|HDRUGGIST Keesh in'* Cod Iilver Oil, Pure, Fre*h, and Odorless. K- vali m's Hitter Wine of Iron, an eleKiint Louie. Head. I'l ir ' its for Fon iirn and Amer- iCiill M  Ileal Mineral \ iter*. Agent lor IVdlie-d t Water of Wau- kesha, Wise atisin, tiie great remedy for Kidney diseases. Order* li.v in iil will receive pmiiipl attention visit or wi lu* to t*eo. E. Steven*, Cincinnati, Oliio. N. 11. -If ynn-Wiidl irbwnfc fora child or an thing fora prc*ent to either old or young, we can suit you. Ladle* will find a full as-ortment nAjv H RELIABLE DR KHH P.TTK# Catalogue* given uwuy,orM nt bv mail Tree charge. Hopt. 1(M  JOSEPH FOSTER & SON, Marble and Free Stone Works, THE CINCINNATI JEWELER A. C. MAIIONE, Wood Turner Stair Balusters, Newel Posts & Jobbing, LARD TANK MAKERS Pork Houim* Work A Hpccinlty, Hecond hand Holler* In. light and *old. Order* from the Country for New Work and Repairing receive* Immediate Attention.  1 Third Street, bet. Butler and Kggle*ton Avenue. Entrance from SOT Kaat 3d St. Ofllec 210 F.ast Pearl Ht. . , CINCINN ATI, O. Window ShadeW, And Dealer* In * . Hollands, Shade Fixtures, Tassels, F1HNGK8, Aro., No. 67 Went Fourth Ht., CINCINNATI, O, Factory, 222 and 221 Pearl Street. H. H. HRENEMAK, 1Of Every Deseriptloa. 35 Canal Street, between Main and Walnut, CincimiHt i t Ohio. of Marble Mantel*. JAMES XX. BARE, (RuoMKMor to II. Barr, A Co.) Wliob-sub- anil ltctall Dealer in Wholesale and Retail Doaler 1*1 to 1*1^1 K,T(  K.  Dualcr Inlllocks & Sawed Free-Stone Yard, Steam Mill, and Office, 493 U.4S Wc*t Front Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. r-po*t OIMch II. J. 11. MOORE A CO. IN DIAMONDS 540 West Sixth Street, CINCINNATI, Dealer* In- tiranch Office ami  ar. Co t. A all and Curneal Street*, Ll'ULoW, Ky. Aug. 27-ly COLD AND SILVER Brushes & Painters' Materials, Piute, Hammered, French and American WINDOW GLASS, No*. 370 A .172 Central Avenue, Opponlte W eat  epL 17-ly CINCINNATI, OHIO. E^gli 6alvanizcd Iron Comics Works. K*TA MtjIHII Rl  DIM. HIDDEN & LOUNSBERY, DKALKIt* IN Upliolstcry Materials, Tile, Slate, anil Tin Hoofers, Mamilm -turer * of ichiterloriil liihaaizud If  Wuls and Skylights. No. 141 Wwt Third Street, CINCINNATI, OHIO. A Choice Stock of J. M. IIAW1.K5 . j SS J J. K. IIAWLKY Stationery, AUmm, & News Depot, AND MANI'rAOTUKKIt* O V STEEL SPRINGS AND MOSS, And HpeclalltiM In Carriage Trimmings. OH null 100 Main St., CINCINNATI, 0. BALDWIN BARR, 150 Fifth St. bet. Race and Elm, and 272 bet Cen- tral Avenue  k Plum. CINCINNATI, A li*tiera and Mnnufacturer* of Pliotogrupli Albums ete. No. Bit Vine street, it s t Jan I *2. CINCINNATI, O. OPERA GLASSES, SPECTACLES, GOLD AND SIIVER HEAD CANES 5 J1 Wt-Kt Fifth Ntm-t, cusrcusnsTATi, o All order* In the Jobbing Lino will recelv- r  mpt atumtlon. SuceeiMor* to Puckover. Moore A Co. Muuuractun-rti or the JOUK JOHNMTO*. J. J. MYERS, Wholesale Dealer tu Italian &'Amer:ciii Marbles, STEAM MILL & OFFICE At 661 Wwt ritlh HUwl, CINCINNATI, OHIO. J. A J. M. JOHNSTON, All Goods ordered by Mail or Otherwise, are Guaranteed as to Price and Quality. And Dealer* I u Stoves A House Furnishing Goods, No*. I Ml, 183 4 186 W. Fifth Mt.. Cor. Kim. CINCINNATI, OHIO. Send for llhiKtruted Fall Catalogue. This Ann will have a flue display of their 159 Freeman Street Flooring Mill A Box Factory 21V 4 231 W. MSI. CINCINNATI. tMhll -bed 1884. manufacturer* at tin- Kxpovitiou Moitgu Hawed to order. Turned Monument* euuMluutly uu hand for the trade only. -tural Iron Works. J. P. WALTON & CO J.L.FRISB1E, Hot Water HeatimL Tuou. Qilvim. C. K. UiCammom. CINCINNATI, Amr. 27-jv Store Front*, Column*. Llutel*, Hill*, Joist*, Auchors, Kail lugs. Stall*, Boll*, Tree Boxes, Halcou le*,Uratliig*,( 'rest i uju, lKKir*. Shutter*, Hedsleails, and all klndaoflrou Work used In til* Coustructiuu of Hulldfug*. 4 Wtat Sixth Street, Near Cln. Ham. 4 Dayton K. R. Depot. CINCJNNA TI, - - OHIO. J. tf. W ALTON. Aug. f7-ly FOUNDRY,  llrwf, ('(HfiSNsd, ALLISON 4 SMITH DWELLINGS, SCH00U, ABB, , COLLEGES. No. 16 Public Uiudi CISOnHA* V / 	

The Danville tribune: 1881-08-19

8 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Danville, Kentucky by [s.n.]
   Boyle County (The Bluegrass Region)