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date (1881-08-19) newspaper_issue 	 Look Out for Our Exposition Numlifir,  ajk$*pt. 2, 1881 A..J&, Mr-, Geo. |{. Latimr, * f fs*hanoti, i* vi-itlng li*r brother, Ifnn. K. J. Polk. Charlie Llnmy. of Kmihrinv, wa* vi-iting Id* moth.r'* family la-t week. Mr-* ,1 mm. T. McGrath.  f I   m vlll whk t lie guest of Mr*. K P. McGrath Im-i w *ek. Will Grider mid hi* handsome of Frankfort, are viwiting relative* in tin* count v. ( 'undidrtte* for Sheriff utnl .Tailor an* springing up all over tin* county. Flec- tion in Augii*t, 1882 Mi-- LHIa Van iratlel'f win Im- been -pending -event I week* with relative- in Laneu-ter, h* returned home. *v. ,1. C. Gilliam ami Mi  It* II- Ugly Duck of Perry ville, were in the burg la-t Wednesday. Jno. G. Pulliam, of Stanford, the  correspondent of the Mereer FnterprUe wa* v|-ltlng the  I ant week. An Interesting Tv m pent nee Conven- tion was held at 1 1 ii^li Bridge la-t Thursday and Friday. Hon. K. J. Polk, of (Ida place, wav in attendance. Dr. J. H. Join*- and wife, of Law- reiicehurg, are vi-iting the family of Mack Cecil, in the county. The ! tor made u* a plea-ant call on Friday. Hohherle* are Lemming di-trefrequent in tin* burg. Several house* have been burglarized in tin* hint week or two. A load of hnek-hot in u good remedy. Mr*. J. M. Wright Ini- pureha*ed the old Morgan property on Chile- Street, paying for -ante #1,800 ca*h. She will at one* improve and occupy it a* a residence. Rov. V. A. Harriaott, D. D., of Knoxville, Temnee, formerly pa-tor of the Southern Preshyteriuii Clnireh, i* spending a few week- with Id- moth- er, 'Mr-. A. J. Mitchell. IleVr. Jno. C. Young, of Danville, was greeted with a full lioii-e at the M. F. Church, South, ou la-t Sunday eveiil hr. Mr. Young i- a rcii end favorite lien* and always draw- crowded house*. The South Di-til t Association of I oiled Haptist- will convene on Tm**- day, the2dd in-t., at the Hapti-t church. A large uttendanee is exacted, and ample II I ingtOM lit  made for tli. ii entertainment. Mr. C. G. Drown, an old and highly re-peeted citizen, mar Pleasant Hill, died on la-t Thur-da v ufter a long and painful Illness. 1 1 i- remains were inter:. I at I n* family burying ground on Friday afternoon. The Fourth Quarterly Meeting Servi- ngs for the present Conference year will l*e held at the M. K. Clnireh, South, on next Saturday and Sunday. Rev. V. F. Noland, of Nicholas viile, will offi- ciate as P. F. pro tern. Ovie Smedley, the accomplished and popular principal of Overton Insti- tute, left last Friday for New York citv an I Wu-hhigtoii, D. t to perfect herself in art, fur winch -lie has lately develop- ed an uuu-uul and very high order talent. The drouth hasal-ait ruined the corn I crop. In many places in t hi- coun- ty there will not he corn enough made to hread the people. Rut -till thoii-auds of hu.-hel- of corn are daily turned into the distilleries, resulting in. empty corn ; cribs, hut full distilleries. The State Meeting of the Christian Church will hold it- annual scwith the Church at this place, begin- ning next Tuesday. Several hundred delegate- are expected to ie in attend- ance. The 'I. mg- reputation for time hospitality will he fully sustained. We are glad to learn from Rev. W. P. Harvey that he has reconsidered hi- intention to remove to Georgetown, and will remain in our midst, lie ha* purcha-ed a residence on Cave Run Street of Dr. A. Jones, and Is now engaged in making large and Imnd-ouie Improvements on same with the view , of occupying it permanently. A couple of Revenue officers on la-t Thursday interviewed our worthy drug- gists in regard to noun* technicalities of tfic Revenue Law, re-ulting in a fine of from (00 to  77 being entered aguiu-t each one of them. In justice to our druggists it is no more than right to state lhat they were ignorant of the technicalities, consequently they think that the fine should not lie enforced. Rev. (.'has. J. Cldsolm made a very narrow c-eape on last Thursduy even- ing widle driving a young horse. The horse was frightened hy a dog running out ami harking, und begun at once to kick mid run. kicking tin* lines out of s hands and hardy mi ing him. Fortunately Mr. C. -avid himself hy Jumping fioin the huggy. The huggy ami harness were totally wrecked, the horse escaped seriou- injury. Ha  . Sept. 2,1881 Mas. (In anvii.i.k Ci:rii. has returned from Atlantic City. Miss Fanmk Henry, of Carlisle, I* the guest of Miss Kate Tunis. Hon. ({out. III. AIN, our distinguished Senator elect from this district was in air oili.*e lust Monday. Ray Wharton has accept ml a posi- tion it  traveler for the clothing firm of Jacob Frenkel, Cincinnati. 11T POTT K II V i Chinn and 

The Danville tribune: 1881-08-19

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