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date (1868-12-05) newspaper_issue WAMIlVCiTOX. 

The President's Forihcom- 
^ ing Message 

iTii Ri:(e««i: D4Tio\s. 

■■dlmsiiM ai tbf TrraMi'.« Itf- 
parlaeai Svfr ftiaka 


Its Probal)l« Policy in R«?ard to th ? | x,' 

ri IE LOL 1 8Vi liLE C OUllJ EK-.rOURNAL. 

voi.rMi: xwviii. 

t’u C o»l vcar rndhi^ Juno JIO, H70, to I .? 

tl.o^-h Uic War IK-parliucu!, in 
tho event of an ludiati »"ar, will ejll for aover .1 
•dditional niillioo*. Ttie ro; ' rt shova tb t 
h« tw««-n NiiTomtHT I't. la !7, and N'lverntx-r 

LOriSMLLE, SA rru DAY. DIA'EMHHU r , IS( s. 


I iorooilins  of the Naliniinl Itoard of 
'I rado— I bird l ar. 

Clxcis  vTl. I eo. 4 -The Pn si.Jciit oall.-d 

to Uio rtiuotioo 111 iax:;li  D. luo iniomi on 
l^ tul:U. doM for U' *t VI ar i- oatimilod at 
oi.o lii;r.drrd and f rly milli'ci, orton million 
1  -t Ui-n lai-l voar. 

Tbo rix on of the Secretary print»-d . t 
Ux I'flirt l onnevt d »itl. t'le di-,«rl n'-nt, the 
reiKirt -'f f'le Seen-ljirv of Uie Trea-urv ;tf the 
Tieai*nr\ ofli*" , a:i'! tb' rt'maiiider at the (* n - 

Alabama Claims 

TSi: lATi: iM»l4\ ^ 

.A General Indian War Ap- 


topartaai f haairo ia ikc Traasaiih- 
hiea ef .Mails. 

omniinl jaintine ot1;e . "niose Immediit -Iv 
intrr? -♦-■■1, ahor tli'' olo^ if the in  ejsticntiOTi, 
i ai«- Fatiatii'd no portloor of the Proaidont'* 

I iiioeMiro and tin roj..»rf of the Si-crvt'irj of th'- 
I Tlxa^urJ Lave boon .nrrcptitiour'.v olitainei 
froui the Trcaatiry fniDtine offl e. 
j par OP TBF AP.KT. 

The actu;il It- forth- ariiy. -- ri-- 

|Hi. nirnti-. in laK. vear for « ijr:it \eir-, tram 
1 1 si'll III 1N68. lioth inrlueive, wjte ao,.14l,( Jd, 

; (4m. The UrE 4  t amotint wa* in IW.T, uami-ly, 
I tl.O: l,(»iO.OOO In 1H6S they Wi re H 33,000. Ml). 

Was*i oTi », Dee. 4.— The reedpta 
rui-tomi- ii.r the week endir.g Sov 30, »i-r - 
I s:;;6.t)n. 


I ' It b- ataled on what ia eoa.«id rod relUbl - 
; autiiority that the Preaident thbi afternoon nr- 

Walker. were admitted into full niemliership. 

The PrC'iib-nt add m .nod tlic Kourd. Hi" 
--.vbi a eood dial ef moat import'int bu»iiicss 
yet rcniain.-d to be considered, and he trusted 
ill I member uoiild talk of distiersion so lonca.- 
llicre were any inatten remauiiue uudcciilud. i 
and that tho-i' »bn felt eiimi e3ed to Icavi | 
shi u'd tiiake an etiort to sta . showing im ' 
ba-te to I \ade their ro-iion.ibilities, uliereby 
their deliberation- would have line aei-fb! - 
. with tin te oplo. I 

Hi till n seL'irc-ti d that cverv L'entleMun 
whei riiniii;. iii-le.d of aayiniT Mr Pre.iileuI, 
s I uid aniiuuiiee hi? I'nniiaiiic a. id place oi 
re^id. nee dt-Linctly; al-o, as to the v.i-t im 
' | onuiu-e of the iiKition lir 'Udlil up vosterd i\ 

1 In 111 the Board of Trade of s»t. I.  'ji- aiiii 
utber mailers. He in-ki-d the e me-.irreiiee of 
the Bo.ird in bi.s fiinnrr siutip'-tioii. Tlii.- » i- 
I that eaeh niembiT of lint Board shonlil liiv.- 
Iirioritv of i-iKseeh, and tln-n lie would call on ^ 
the indi' idnal memlii'ra of ea h d -leijdliim m : 
al|iiiabetical order, so that each d -b-,;a)ii ii 
should liavr an opjsirtiiiiiiy of sjiuakius 
whereby they could arrive at iiic views of m -r- 
ehr.iits troro all )iarts ol the c lUiitry. His ob- 
I jiet was to prcsene regularity.’ If no ob- 

diTi'd bond-s to the amoant of $3.WMil tii be jectioo was raised, he would act accordintfly 
delivered to the I'nkin Pacific Kailroad. on all tin- weighty matt'-rs tlial bad been pre 

parcNT EX-rwuED. jared for their consideration. If, after the roll 

The Pat. nt Offlee to-dav eitcnded f.w aoTei, »as c^cd, Uj; rf were any other m(tiulH-ra wh.i 
ye«F lhe.«tent of Cyrus’ Wheeler for gr ,lu 

grass Imn esters. .j «jhairmaD of the Committee on .Cdmis 

ri'BUC PEUT SIATEMENT hjoiis then presented a rejxjrt on the claim ol 

Tbi publie di-bt statement will not he ready tin P.oanI of Trade of Norfolk, Va., for ad 
for imblication aniD some time next wev-k. niission. It was an old and important body 
The ouptiindint: eirenlatioa of legcl teuders and clearly LotiUed to admiseion, but their ere 

rtlle Oowrier.JnurBal.] 


WaanaoTOii. D. C., fiee. 4. — Judge FaUrr- 
iuB had aa lalaiwiew with the President this 
■omhig prior to tiie Cabinet ■eelias which 
war of a satMa-tory ahaasetar. The pre-anre 
of bwafaeas os the Presideai, ireliiding his 
iweparatiow «f a aiiisiagr. pst I n dia him from 
*frivtag eowsMeradoa to proofs of alien'd 
frnnds by ndteiai. in eonnertioo with whisky 
  l' rations. Mr. .t ibii.aiti, howi-. ; i. t..'d F-;l- 
M,-m lie would take tb- paper, net: w 

ami dis;«ae of the i. F::iii r' ine\i»r. .se- 
*tiic o]iii...w Uiift the C-. idi ieo is s . .i-ar that 
Um; -di, 'kii.- wJi bi .gnuBiiuiously dhieu Irom 
: fCei . 

pwr-turrst 's MT«s vi.i.. 

The Preaideiii in hi. foribcotuinc mcaMge. 
It is uudcrato-id, will discus, at hogtb  'ie 
Psilrosi! and their great infl-uesici on 

tk.-t ywosisTity aii ) |Co!rr,as of our iNjtp: . 
He ^vers mia; ho ra1 lanressi'  C. riilroa’.., 
fmder proper c;:- sat;p.., r -tricTiioi . 

recciT .iiiei • i._- oJi.-r«. i, is ss'.s aid 

I . 1-1.011. i'.-. ri. . : I i.ttj 1, ,-i, 

e-tnu of ti.a eentra: .■! O. esi. r:;  :;a..Uir ;.h 
the fsouUiwert to »omi. pVmt on tin- P.- . le 

rev w. IT (OWW1SSIOM3L 

'’I'srr srr rcssom. f c .-u.t.ii;; l*aa; Pr--'.- 
egsin send It. V . umi of .U  va il i 
Cumujir. -. of Ij f c li ve ;v.. . ..:;i 

was called, there were any otlicr members who 
« ished to reply, they niiirbt be able to speak. 
Ctncurred In. 

T be Chairman of the Committee on .Cilmis 

Purtlaiid to Cincinnati and other cities for 1 1 ■ I 
aid tliey liad scut to Portland after her senouv [ 
loss liy tire. 

Siulh Carolina, the home of a M-unor anJ a 
liutledge. Uioponded to by Mr. McCobt'k, 
of Cbarleston, w lio i onelnded wlt'.i Uie sen' - 
iiisiii, ■■.Cerieultiire, eonimeree, and mwlianic 
arts, lliev add wealth and |irosiK-rily to any 

\/r. Clias. Farrington, of Biehmond, Va., 
replied in :ui eliHpiont sjK-eeli hoping that now 
:is ihe w r Was ended the two s -rtion- of th ‘ 
eomitry would live in hariiiony and unity. 

At the euiielu.ion the liund played "'The 
lluimie Blue Flac.” followed liy •'Yankee 
|l....dle’' amid exeat applause, and liiii'iied 
V itii -'Star Spiiiirled Banner." 

The wliole audiem-e rm-e t i tlieir feet imd 
e\i n'— ed the most unhonuded ■ .itliii-hisiii. 


Vigiiiiieiils ill Ihe Davis Trial 
sage ol the hiikliix itill in Via. 

KkhnuMi, Ileeemiier 4. — In the I'nit.'il 
M.iti s t'ireuit C ourt to day, the Clihf .lustic • 
I'lesidiiig, on inritiou to quash the proceeding 
ug-ain-t .lill Davis. B. H. Dana, fur tie- Go\- 
cn incut, U|H-n  d this morning. He pro -ce l"d 
to sho-w tliB fourteenth ami-ndmeni, 
ed in l-ur of the (unl'limeiit li.y defend 
ant was not a ia-ral s'alute, hut merely a 
eliangc in the (lOliUeal syst -in U) secure tr.-.s - 
wurthincss in otHce, aii’d preserve purc'y the 
aiiinmistratloii of the Uuvcrniueiit. 

It was a measure of precaiitiim to se -ure 
Uie country against lilling ofliccs with p Ts ina 
who once tilled them and broke flielr ivatbs. 
If it had lieen intended to intUet punishmeiit 
it would have been almost folly, seeing that 
while it was viewed, as the counsel viewed it. 
to lighten piini'hiueut, the leaders, who held 
ojhce and broke oaths. It would leave peo- 

siuLS then presented a report on the claim of ojhce and broke oaths, it would leave peo- 
tln p.ouril of Trade of Norfolk, Va., for ad \ ph who never held office eii osed to the p :n 
niission. It was an old and iinpoiiant b- dy, j ai lies of death and impiisouiin-nt as dcuoune- 

Mr. Gladstone ^ciepts the Apiwint- 
ment of Prime Minister. 


Captain General of Porto Rico 


Elements of Disintegration at 



London, Dec. 4. — Mr. Gladstone, a. aa au- 
dience with the Queen yesh-rday, fomally ac- 
cepted the apiKiintmciil’as Prime Minhtur. A 
large gathering of Liberalisis was held at Sir. 
Gladstone’s residence last evening. 

Tlic Times thinks Lord Bomilly will b» 

r . .. y MeTo;:  eh and ’ i- di. art iii -r i 

... higbly nnlignai't vni« morning over the . 
dlsooverv of a theft of ] oi-tloc- of bis rv.  -rt. f 
and a small part of t'ui rresiuem V measag- W | 
“‘14 U- have been stoh a friin the priutl ig : 
uibce of the Trao-un lie oflers a reward for i 
tfae deteetkM of the tbi-f. | 

SNuW. I 

A bucw stona h raging just now 

Kasicw vTioN or raa enousb HiNisTaT. I 

* The rc-ignatian of Disraeli and the British ' 
tt «ii4ry is regarded in diplmBaUr circlea b -rc 
as oauaing a pustpouciBeat of the Alabama 
eiaims b'.i.iiiea« fov some time to come. It is 
believed that the fall of Distaeii and btanley 

* relieves Bevardy Jobaaon trotn a very cubar- | 
ra-efng posiUoa, aad that he wip claim that 
raeceaa bad aaarty crowned LU effiiitB when 
unlortnaateiy a ebaege in Ihe Br'.Usb miahUy 
III 1 lanid As to the course the new BridA 
aduinisiraUon will pvirwiie, thoae who an 

w« :iv alutcd with tht views of the Liljcnl 
w w oe n are of the opinkm that they wiU not 
coacede -"tfi teems as the peopi' roasonaMy 
expect. As •„ Bright's |iO«itioa. Un-re 
is quite a enrions dooumest 
fnm him in Un Ui-: -oiaaM of diplomatie eor- 
res|«ndicnee, in bich he says to Charles 
Fnuicit Adams Uiat ! c wooM mviT support 
the dfBMiiA o: the C'niu d ShiAcs Gov.-mment 
iu regard to a r«;i.ogiil‘i,!-jn of tlie bellL:i-rciicy 
of the bovrthem States. On the other!. -jid, 

* lioweTer. s prominent American sUt -smaii, 
who has bad freqneat intercuunu- with him 
aad bis Badii-ai friends, affirms that of Ut - he 
has ebaaged his position 'm regard to that qn-v- 

nir (.aTE DtDiaa riogr. 

The Indian Burean have not as yet r ccivei] 
any db-iwU-hae from the pdaina, giviag the par 
tienian of the laU snoecssful ngfat of Geo. 
Cdstar with th  Iinliiin.s. It Is 'ulllnned that 
the fight occ u tre d upon the rcscrvatums that 
the gov i-mmeat bad set aside for the Indians, 
and tTiat Un tribe deatroyed have not commit 
ted aty depreviatioiis. If this pron-s tme, it 
IS r . s«ri that it will sorely briaic on a generwi 
IndiMi war. F urtker ii'teBieea' e is wsit-d for 
l y the ottciah with no Uul - d- gree of anxi -ty. 

Tax MIX. 

f Mr. h-hewck. Chairman of the Wayrs and 
Menus Committee, has been occupied most of 
tiw lime atnee his return in considering the 
numeroa- snggeatioas in regard to the various 
of the tax bill, wbi'-h are yet to be 
oti. He think- tbe unfinished portioii 
of bis lax bill demands, and will receive, 
prompt action of Conercss. He expects it 
will be th  first leruUr order of buainees in 
noqtunctioo, pcsbaps. with the bill for funding 
the pnUic debC 

I is oearlv f3o6.(X)(j,uUU uad v f fracUuanl anr- 
nmey, ȣt, k)U OM. j 

|sx  arTvav n^HoniCLD ‘ 

is expected to retimi to Washington to-vu- r- 
row fttan bM visit to Fort Delaware. 


I ^oma bead- of de|iarUnents and chiefs of 
' liureau have reeeiv.-d printed copies of il elr 
n-js rir in nil cut— they will endetivor to 
Iin-v- 111 I'ubLculion in advance of ti-cir pre- 

.1:' i.Ci'C n - M ■ I'l r iift’K ircss 
•' ' i;i .. -I ii: t" n 1 'ir-d to 

; .; c i.' •)' V H! oil- rv ’ i‘ii--i;;i-. 

Aimi;. ;' •■; i'- :r . .h |iri-i' I :ir Ibo-c 

I if .II- - : ,iir 1 f the N'aiv. ricerc'vn of 

r. « 'iMiii-sl' I'l-r "t ill-' ."I 'll itivenuc. 

C Hi In i.i r of t'-r.i ... .. Tr-.i-urcr'-. a :d 
lb . i : I Ilf I'uc Treasury. 


suflrate in Teniirssev— t ictr* of Ihe 
lm;is!nturr nnd Ihe People— f olonel 
V. it hers" tlnrderer Killed — The 
Scntjfi iii lesuianre wwindler* I'oi- 
I. it |i;;ir It. nds — .irtiilroad .Vlnller*. 

|i  ;ai ■' •• l.-i.i-.   .nirlcr J.inmul.] 

-i.’ itjr D'-c m' cr t — .4 r'-ol-jtion 
I • I ‘ ; in lb ^^.■natc t'l-day. hut not acted 

. , . t:i ■ uiriiig ;t to he th- - lise of the !' .ri-i- 

I icr. tuet no lion shonld be taken in ex- 
'.f.. ill g ti.i. -uflrag. until Consre-s s'ui.ll liivc 
' ' V '‘c- ■I'l'';'' •■ i 'll: li’ :.ii lu il ain-inJ 

: ■ *. 1 ' i I. I li;lU i. wiil pri.lia'yiy l»--. 

1 • oi.-'-iiiT. -V'l. r i;y of ini i:i in 

'. 1 I - HI. tbi i,' e ti-'.i of iaijiartial suf 

C . . It ': ■; y 1 ‘. .r, the ai niajoriiy 

I I! «X-i'--i! IviJiUi liou ■; 1. ■ M uini 

li.c. c-a'-c'y iic’ r.' 'ng it- iut- 'dig. ui a-:d 
V I It!:, all. r. f. '.or   f ih- niea- nrc. un . pc: 
hgj s oil lie gT. jtid of iK liry . n l nccc--'.t  

; luaii li'iu ori^.ii.l l-clicf iu it- jusUc- and 
I 1 rciirjcty. 1 nlly i»-  -' _uii'iug U. fact tUal m - 
' gio si:!'rage is rsuldishcd in Teuuc. -o - and 
i not likely to he distnibed liy the log'ic of com 
I ii-.g itfLcy liail any mcasUiC X- one of rc- 
' Lcf whe'i Iccik- to their own political frec- 

dvntiala were not under seaL Ua; therefore 
pit^oscd tliat the dcicfatcs should be admit- 
ted to ttie floor, with the privilege of sneaking, 

liiit nut vetiug. 

Mr. N. «o, of Boston, object'd. lie wi-hed 
to keep to the strlet letter of th-ir con.stitu- 

til 'll. 

.Mr. Brandt eoui{4aimdof Mr. XaZ'-o’s ex 
tn me teelinhality. 

'1 l.i nil liou W! s jnil ami carried. 

Tbe C aiiman ol tlic ( oininiltce on .\diiii‘- | 
'• Ii : ;a ) '■ i : 1 t!n' cl.ii.u- f i’.' adtai; i in 

' ■ol:. li ■ 'll . 1 ili-b'Ls.l.'i-. who wi-r ad 

1 . . iii t ■ t !!ooi- pi-niiitli-d to -;  ':ik lint not 

to V. -.. 

Tin •‘■•'.rente from C.nincil Blutl-. Mr. Jotin 
-• V V.. - .i.-'i'.eil ir.idir ll.»- s.iuic eveeji- 

Itie t air " Boortl of Tia le were .nlniii;. :1 by 
‘—laves to 0 i.ay- into memlier.-liiii, although 
1 1 : del. gales li.;d yet presented Uicui-elves. 

i i e ai'plieattou of tlic Moliile Board of Trade 
w;is also )ir seuted. eommuuii-.i'iun lieiii : by 
tee!grai li. 

Ml. liu ■ ken. of X. w York, ohjeeti- 1. \\'.- 

• ■ d:iitii.g i ito an utii i -u-lilu’,!':.!.!!'i-. 

. .. .. 1.0 • .i i 'U. e whether liii- a.iiili.-aiiou 
■ i;.i a -tcainlMvat ...~ iiis-.iran- ’ .'.ini 
jiai I . V •■ 1 .) iioihiiiL' t   d I with any indivi I- 
: •! li ti ii s-s I u w th general comnii-r. • . tVe 
t.iiv ing. uirid tori xclusively .-om.uer. ial I'iii- ■ 

'I i'. M •Ml. Boon’ of Trade vva- ii 'l adniiu d. 

M 1 a ton, Ilf Milw .v.kee, was e\. i.-id 

' ■ . in . •■. nd'.-iii'i-. 

T I ■: '. I i of Ainr-ri.' n shipn'ng i iti - -;p 
' ' ar." e a r. 's..rii" ''.',.; 

.: ; :. I .iii'g 1 . - 1.1 the Ni ':V 'i -.‘rl IV " in.'c ' 
J a'. io 1 1 1 • t tli.n .till, ri' in -hipy;-.;: ' 

. . . .. -tor .ito 't- fonii-7 p.i'itiou •’• the i 

;.■:■ . ol' tbe l.l■:•■ll. lro;n K' it «i j 

: and from ihi w.oit of pro- j 

I'd ia the Coiistilutiou before the adoption of H*® nines lUliiKS liora ttomllly will h.* 
the amendment. It was an expression only of Clianeellor of tlie F.xchequcr and Sir KiXindcll 
pnbUc will as to the titncs.v of persons who Palmer Master of the Rolls. 

li.c. C'Ul'C.y lie r.e ng it- lut- Il.g. m a-:d V,'. H n k ii, cf New Yoi!,, w,.m.-d . lery 
V!:, ate .r.f.' .f ih. oiea- ore, un . •■ pe;' 1 ’ I.vl. . a;. . e'. . rv oi.e m lU. t nited Si ale-, 

hai.ou lue gr. midof ncce-'.tv ‘ ‘ v;’’'' -'-(‘t .\mvricau sUiim u , lou^ir eou- 

y , , , . '1 va -I prouuei- of niir soil, laed'-eline 

luaii tom orig.ii.I Iwlicf in it- jusUc. and | („ our li.niiage has teen uIkjuI one ami a li.iif 
t n^gjety. Fully i»- i' _uii'iug U. faet that in - iniliioii- of t-.n-. The prui.o-ition i- that we 
gio siulrage is rsul-lished iu Teuuc. -e - and I J-v -Bc v« d to buy vcs-el.- wh.-reier they i-aii 
. , 1 M I hiaiiud at the cheapest rat-. ..ud rail them 

not lik'-ly to be distnibed l.y the logic of e im under ih.- .Vmerican flag. 

ii-.g •- wMs fhev liail anv mcasu. a x- one of re- i This was the only cu.umodily on which th n 
l.efwLc’i look- to their own political free- I )«.i s omii'- proliiniljou. \\V t-ouid buy anv ar 

^ ttcU* an 4«ucre, aitd luipiirt it, a uJty, 

d -*n. to It nu*  “Jifcly ao«n tlui T»;u | ^ ^bl|  iiora vVe ca iic livk* 

I  4Giiirr«*-,slGiiMl Jiiii ndiist^jiav ■ whal Ent'Ui.d uiid Frincc ha- doiir, liut wo iMetrict Judyc (I’liderNVv o 1) i.puorvlng U. 

• auopAon of TOugre sloual aim ndmeah- , vaUnvui d.ilyon all Theicfi-n- this divi-i.m of th • c.mrt i» ceriilied 

me to in.;-artial snnrage. = shijis lioughl and sailed by Anierii an to tl.i- Biii riUiie Court. 

; e--ei 1 x rel--ls t'S a lbs- eanic-tly desire t'lc ! elaimin. frci- trail 

early adop-,ioD of congrc-sioual aui. ndiueats ; ‘*° *^*!“,* P-t"tlai.d i 
. , , . , J ! *1® w ilhng to [.ay 

:• okmc to in.j.artial snnratre. = foreign shi|is iiou 

While a few of tliC more boni t and intelU- | sailors. 

gent of T. nncsscc Radicals ar. in favor of the | •'^I’p'3. win. 

» . •. 1 J • J ,1 . 1 be printed, aud lui 

same measun-, the fact can I lie denied that I 

iiiarly the whole herd of office-holders, offiee- I Tlie C.'mmittec 

We -holilil be allmvi I to 

public will as to the fitncs.v of persons who 
etntwgi-d iu lebeUion after break'm-a tlicir oath 
io hold offiee again. It was not intend' d as 
;;n act of uinn’i-.sty, nor was tln-n- a singl.- 
word ulUrvd in Congress, that fnimsd it, nor 
X.-rtlicni Legislatme-, that a.iopted it, to 
w i-rrant sucii eon-lrueti.iii. 

It wa- intended as a t-st liy which some men 
m.iy lie rea. hid and gnarde’.l a-g.iiii-t wiio 
ptovrii unfaithful to their I'lciUres t-i the Gov 
en:i:.e:-t. Il ei-iiM in t h- pl.-adi-d in of 
e- tivie'i .n for tri-.ison, seeing it appli-.-l to 
1' •■sc ol ly who hud. af - r I i!\i.ig the o ilh of | 

I tlie- . eiii-: ged in iiisurr-i-li-Mi iinil n-liellioti | 
ami ini' vying ;-.iin-t tin- -nt. 

(i; tills ll’.i- d'-feiiiiaiit slanil- charge.!. It 
would be -irangi if .\Ir. D.ivi- eonid, a- In- 
ii.’-giil niider this ple-i, com • to t!ie bar and, 
ai kiiowl.-dging lie wa- guiily of ir i-on. iK iiy 
Ills Ik 'iliiy to be pniii-ln-u bcan-.-of tln-four- 
tenilh am’enilment. 

Vj. O'b onor followi' l Mr. Dana. 

(I'Goiiimr sliowed from the very nature of ' 
tl.i gri:.t civil war. tlial It vvu- imiiossi'ilc to j 
f..!iow ilnpliy trials for treason cindiietud with 
till- i.iirii ■ - required l.y llie law Ho'* nllerly , 
r. pnguaiit to th.- world of Immanity is it that, 
mil r 111 ii;g recognized dnriug the wai as in all 
r. -p. . Is a- eqn d iind hoti'irabl.- men, th" 

1 !:di : . of I'le Cimi|u.-ri'il f'lree should lie 
. ir. !n il . m and hnvg as traitors. 

He iiiaii.l.'.tied that th.' Governmctit and ' 
) ' .'I le liud I ■..V.- - ii'teml i! to.l. this, uiidit Wiv- | 
I- rUii- r. a on that th fonrlet iitii ani- nilui -nt | 

I ..'i 1 .11 ;'(1- r -1. It •’ s a   on-t t '.ttl euil ! 
' - . V i-imi ami • ■ •".it- d it-.-'f, aiul t!jii-.-w n.  : 
'. Oilier i' "IT, !:■ w - -ll'-.iii-g til - p 'lii'h i 
i ; II . i.t. H'- a-ui- l t",e Ci'tir! to ..i'.vi' till- 1111 - i 
r i i 1 1 1 li t'l tl e feiil . i:',h am.'ii'l.iient i'ut; I 
t I- .\ui. r'.c: Il pi o|.i'- in . n il li il :i!io.iM li.- .r 

.1 iieeH't 111 .- -gi. i.t .iinl liLii'.-li'-enl i:i -r -y in ! 
tl,. 1 o.i-lrui'liO'i v.l'ii li they liad pul it . mu it i 
Wiiieli len.’s toailvaiicc iv’.al^ail goo:l in-jn : 
vr ■ !’"l'ievir- in. ' ■ 

IT.'.v r-al .-■..ilru.i- slt.iuld l-e ae ..oinpauicd | 
il ill band w itli the iiuiver-al a n le-ty of | 
M'Pl.or id i lM ie. -, ari-ing out of unfortunate | 
( on.iovi-r-y. in wliii il nniv.-r-al siillrag.- may ; 
I.'- t i’liave h.iU its origin and e-tahli-h- ' 

II I lit. i 

Ti e I I urt ad'iOnrued until to-m.. now. j 

■Vlti r tl.e adj-mnnueiil of t!ie United tslates 
Circuit Court to-niglit tlie eiuiii-el vv.’re re 
Ci 11. d, vviien Chi. f Juslie,- Chase aun.inu -cd 
li at Uie court vvns divid il; li ■ ;l'ha-«t b?ing 
i;. favor of quiishiug tin- itulietmeul, an l the 
liistriet tludec • I'liderw. o i) oiioosimr it. 


F'isk the Speealatorin W all btrecl. 

The Uarlfuord Times says: 

“James Fisk, Sr., of Battlefior.i, Vermont, the 
fatlicr of the notorious Wall stn-et S|H-enlator 
In Ene stiK-ks, isiii a lunatie asylum, and it is 
piedieted tliat liis son, the tiuauclal genius of 
Willi street, will some lime or other bring up 
in a similar pluee. He and his father begun 
bfe as aeoui'le of Yankee dry goods peddler.s, 
driving their teams from town to town. Finally 
.voting Fisk got into Ihe dry g.Mids store of 
Jordan, Marsh A Co., in Bo.-'inn, from whieli 
he went, with a fortune of is'd K),IK)0. to Wall 
street, as u slock speeul.itor, getting 
of the F.rie railroad as a lever to wotk wit i. 
lie would issue great quantities of new stuck 
for speculation, and make gr. at ‘comers,’ l.y 
this means, and by liM-kiiig up l urrency. H.- 
lias won a fortune of millToiis for hliu-eif, and 
mined tlie marki-t value of tlie mad. He 
Is iibuut forty years old and immensely 

1 he Springfield RepiiMiean give- a biogra 
pliy of I i-k, from wldeh we exiraet; 

“Mr. Kick left the Boston firm with a ?30l,- 
(KO fortune, and entered ujioa cotton and 
other spec ulatiuns in the South and in New 
York. Losing and winning, two or more years 
drifted away, when we tiiul him in Ihe lH-“iu- 
niiig of the career now enlminating. With 
other Bo-toniuns, John S. Eldri-dge, Josiah 
Bardwcll and General Wliitin y among others, 
he surprised New York, on a tine laoriiiuguf 
PtiT, by capturing the Erie railroad. Two ob- 
jCi ls were In view, a grand stock spceulation, 
and a loan of its credit to the Hartford and Erie 
railroad. In which Eldredge and other Boston- 
ians were greatly interested. These aecom 
plisbed, after the Uight with Vanderbilt, most 
of the Boston party went out, though Eldredge 
ia supposed to have liad larg - interests with 
Fisk io Ilia n'cent ojK-ratloiis. Bnt Fi-k re- 
mained, and, witli Mr. Dn-w, the old Erie 
manager, has been making a series of grand 
‘comets’ in Eric stock anil in the m.vney mar- 
ket during the season. Their auxlacioas 


verted— liy causes iuto which it is not my pr - 
vinee to enter — Into a -traggle of opi'Kiilmg 
raei‘s. Tlie great majority of the colored 
population ranged Ihi iusulves on one -ide; 
til- majority of Ihe white population range 1 

If andizement, aimin ' to do the most udensive 
u. Dg in the most otlensive way, and aee:uiug 
to ursiie c illisiou and bloodsbiffi as u.a-essary 
p lUtical eapilaL 


to ufMie c  UUiou And tdoodabed an D*^*e4'«ary The Radical Party ia ^oaraiaa* 
His Account of Hih Stewardship la p  Ulical capiuL [From ih** Claclnnat! En'imrer,4th.l 

Loui!«iaiia  sestivehts of the cmzKxak That place wUic'i b most consecrAteU Aod 

On aasuming commund Ilf tbis department It U but juEt to b«v that tbe invat b-nlv of dinir to aflection oor R ulieal fri'-nJs, U 
I had to eiUiiUDter ditnenities of noorllnirv the i e ip!f of Nt w OrleaU't are Uw abiain^ im h but du»*l Aiidwh**#. Fort Lathyette U do 

fharactiT. Tbe (EciteineDt of a Presidenti tl and cmlrelr friendlTto the G m^mment of t!ic baetile h ie ceased to 

( Uction, at all iinu^ treaty waa supjilemetip* I Tnited 8Utei». Certainly there are excentioos’ , /*'***^” R will 

iu L iuibiana by other disturbing; elements of the evidence of it U   4 rittcn io blood. But the henafter be only known in tbe bk»U»n of Ui« 

a lo *ul imitter. From u stnunfle of op|HHin^ Mendlv feeling of the i c«»ple «;eneraily toward ^ the imM de.'^tructivi' of all eK- 

partieri the eaiupaufn bud Iweu virtually con thf (imemment bas Wn evinced m minv * J»«‘»h^camM)l coosum*- those reeoUerth na. 
verted— by causes iuto which it is not mV pr - wavs; in none mon* marked than in the re'*i ect ^ tomb of American Utiert^. it rear- 

viiire to enter— Into a MniiTirle i»f opiMHln;^ shown to the military on all ocu-ion. OR^r- VP*® ruu*' the 

ract^s. The jrreal roujorltv of the coloreu of the army ^nembv, and mv sUtl espAelullv, I 

population ranged Iheiusulves on one -ide; always found tlieir iinifonu ainpU- 

th. nmjonty of Ihe white population rangi 1 either violence or the sli-riiU-t di-r •- i I" «.-‘® "Ithii Me aiig. of lU 

It is but just to sav that tbe great UhIt of 
the leople of X. w Orleans are law abiding 
and entirely friendly to the G m-mment of t!ie 
I’nited States. Certainly there are exceptions; 
the cTidence of it is written in blood. But the on the other side. whites speet, anl » simpl.- o .mest fr nn them wa- 
und blacks hud organized into secret political suffieii-r.t to d|sp.-r-e large an l cxcit'-d eruwda 

elntw, Bi-mi-mililary in their i haraeter. having i f people The D inocralii clubs of the city, 

the ordinary iiiillturyofflc. r- to each CiimiMtiy. niimbi ring, it is said, ovor Hi, (HIO voter., a id 

ihe colureil I'lubs habitually drilled; th" includii g many of the mostw.irthrcitlzea- 

w liite cIuIk did not, bei-ause with th? mu,nrily and tin- largest projvertv-holders, ’ foriuollv 

ol th* in di'ill was unneees-ary. A po'iee im- tii.dered to me their services in aid of the 

l.r.'glio 111 the City cl New ()r|.?ans, ot ■■ m ».i inil'.larv to j.reserve tiie peace of the elltr 

IM ipUxIug and i .vcitiug elu.-^aeter, an i th ■ That oiler was respectfully de. Uned. 

. uvwsioiK and blacks had organized into secret political 
V liild!\n^ IM eliitw, Bi mi-iiiililary in their i-haraeter, having 

Mif  r Mi.i ' .V «V'i ordinary military offlci r- to each comiMtiv. 

tet vlhie ‘‘abitually drilled;' th • 

years old and immuisi .y  ,i ih. m drill was unnei-es-aiy. A po'iee ini- 
I u . , l.r.'glio in the eitv ol New Drl.rans, ot ■■ ni i-l 

1 il^l'ieh wrexlru-p |MipU\Iug and i. veiling elu.-^aeter, anl th- 

n" r « rieeipt ol iiior. or less dislori. d reiiorts .f 
the Riston firm with a ?J0)’- di.-tuibunces in various occtloiis of tlie Slat.-, 
added udditiuual cuiuplieation.'. to the silui- 

is in the South and m Ne-.v 

id winning, two or nioreyei^ With all those diffii-ullies tocont-iid .i-giin-. 
on we find him in he Ih-“iu- , a «uu exU-n.l d re-poii- 

ver now enjmitiating. With sil.ilitics, and amiciTwith very sleiul -r jhjwc.-. 

-•‘Wii'b Civil government having been r.-slored in the 
Herat Wliitii.-y aiiioiig others stale, tlie authority of tlie mi.i'.ary wa- 
‘ .('I* ** **'‘® “f neci-ssarily limited. ’ The fo.-ce st mv c mi- 

g the Erie railrimd. Two ob- uiaiid, moreover, was exeeeiliiiglv small. 
V’ a grand stiKik spceulation, j j|,g rec. ipt of reinforcements from Gen. 

j***i'’*^ Hartford and Erie GUU-m, the entire number of troops at my 

i EIdrcdi;o and other Bii^lnn- Uispo. al in aud around the city of New Ori«'aud 

wai* only ftnir hundred ami rslxty-three men. 


i® Gives them .Some .\dvire. and 
Speaks his Piece Nobly. 

[From the Sew York Trihune. 1st.) 

Horace Greeley delivered last evening t!ie 

I was tbe tomb of American Ulierty. it rear- 
ed it- ghK-my pih- up n ih.- rums of the 
; hatoias corpus, th.- trial by jury, ami up -n ev ery 
other light which is guar inf. ■■ J a fre .inj 
i ideiK-ndi nt )s-o;.lc. Wlthi-i t’.e aiig! -. of iU 
i fortilicatii ns there were i .mfini-ii, '-v th- 
, hands of arbHrirv a-iil des|’s.ti. at 
' power, hundreds t.f men. arre-ied 

without warrant, impri-oTve.! wiibont 

color or shallow of law, discltorg- d, aa they 
had lieen arreslr I. without any trial, i r even 
I the knowl. dg. of wb-- were Ui--ir ace.*- -rs. 

I fullering from a protracted and terrible iin- 
' |.ri.s..iiiiieut, l.roken in h.-alth and wound - 1 in 
I spirit, these deeply injured vK-liui- of Io  1 
I lurtisaii hate aud a usurping .vere 
' it last turned out np.Hi that sik i^tv against 
j wh sse laws thiy bad ■ uiumitt--d n-i otf -n-Ki. 
j We well renieinber thoae terrible day- wb--ii 
i Dot ..lie of the two milii'iDs of Dentucrat.e 
; voters in the -o l all. J l.ivol 3tat-s had any 
I suaruntee, fr m on ■ d,.y to another, that he 
I would not be seized, and. wltli-mt judge -.r 
I juiy, ki'lnap{s'd fruin h'u h-.nie. and mveyed 

Alter the receipt of the reinforcemenhs frinn much easier for him to have brought a written 
.Mississippi, I liad but five hundred and fifty ' address on some lit.-rarv -uhject tl»n to -peak 
men avttil;LMe for service iu the city. I bad ' extemporanooiHiv. but on that oc h«* 

Httki av# « * a I jury, kiduttpif d frum home, and mveyod 

Abvitpiniitn f*hifp#vh j to ih'* frownir.jf Nt^tile which  ;uard ‘ I tin** of 

^r uid r the '»*® ®ntrane~ to New York hanair. The link- 

.mi’eh than that Of dealU itself 

not even Uien a sufficient force h  patrol the 
city,aiid leave a rcspcetahle reserve behind. The 
records of the department wiil show bow 

Would devote tiie lionr to a praetieal talk 
about the condition I .f thi colon d p- .iple in 
tbLs coimtrr. It liad pleased God to mak.- 

urgently and repeatedly I telegraphed for mm of dittm-nt rums and of diflerent tolur.s, 
ket during the season. 't heir aiulacioas i j^nnite’ instruetlons on the recurrence of and he bad no doubt but that it was a beneii [ r."''" 

schemes ami oputatioiis have haeii at Hie hot- I fresh eui cgcuey, aisl my own official acU cent arraugemsivt ou the purl of Divine Provl- I .b. uld have bceu dcatruv.-d by .- 

loin of *nost of th* Wall slr.'ct iti-turb.inces for *.jn |,rme bow eiirnestlv I strove to maiatain deuce. Many of Uie colored jieople aee:u-til act that would have attracted the att'.'nUoo nf 

We are sorry that fire has been {lennitted to 
obliterate this -...reut historical landmark. It 
either ought to hav-- stood for a-res as the 
inemorhil of the seeiirsi-d apirit ami vengi-ful 
hate wt.leh the Riidicals in their ilava of jiow-r 
roanlA-slcil towards th.-ir opponent, be p.dnt- 
log to which the miMt dkitaiit piMterity mighk 

BiR nonrirr y coi.iier 
will he .Yttomey General in Mr. Glad 

h.i- Ik- 11 ii.-kf il to join tlie ii. w mini-try. 

\l. lUriilN .' IMHTI-iVNS D!si-k-:«c|i. 
l.OMKi.s’. D -L — Th ■ Mo'iit nr gives an 
111 count of t!ic uUeinptc I d'-in-in-lr.ition a‘ 

Mont niet.-ry. o;t th • iiimlversarv m' 

Bandin’s death, i-onlirmin-g t'le re;s r!s ‘ tc. 
e-'lve.l fniin I'ari.s. Tin- .Mnnil.'ur says t'.at 
H..- ero.vds were disjiei-s'.- 1 liy tin- p-dii -, 
who found it necessarv to inik- nnlv a few 

* VI-T VIN liKNEIl.VL OK n ilTO lUCO. 

.M'PKiii, Dee. I. — G.-n. Lavvn-na Fanzey 
Soi l Ill's nei i-pted t!i" iii'p.ii-it-ii?:'! is Ciptaiii 
Genen l of I’orto Kteo, on conditi ni l!iat r.-- 
inforeemi uts of regular trooiis Iw sent to tli;it 

I *I*T.VIN GENEItU, Dfl.'-K 
will ;iil [i r Huvuiia on Ihe I.'itliin-l. 


Tlie .T|K)rt. w iiich wa*. long, was ord-red to 
be {.riuted, aud luad.- the special order for to- 

The Committee on Telegraph rip irtej the 

seekers, and the trilie of adventurers who I foil. wduL: 

 is.a.r.a a., o. lot wi iia'. I Tlist t hc N s 1 1  iial Bourd of Tt-idc 

Hi- ii.:i:i. 1 ..tied thi't l.i ‘ lioverninciit and | T'TIT’ MTr'CI'T' 

|. ..|li- liud lev.- ii'Iemld to.l.. this, uii.litw:v- | xrxx. WX.OX 

I. r till- r. a on that th f.inrlet util iini"iiil:ii -Ml | - — 

I ..-i I .11 ;'(I. : 1. It V :s a   on-t t ill .-ml \ TciiMU'riit •. Itiidgc at Oiri: hii Svv-p* 

. vi-i.n. :ir,.i .■ -'.it.d it-.-'f, iiul t!*. -.- who : Yvviiv- Yellow .Smoke.   hiel of Ihe 

.: i.idcr i' "cr I: vv - -ll '.i.i-a tii • p -iii-li i GmaHi’. Indian . .'1 . red at f nii  

i ! II ' t.l. H'- a-i.i- 1 t",e Ci-nr! Ill 'a'lVc till- i- 111 - i lilp.ltiwii. 

1 ^ ii its lit', tie f.iil ii:',h am.-ii'l.iicnt I ( rt. vi.o. I'.c. I.- .\ -p e'.il fr nn diiahi 

I I- .\n.i r.c: Il I'l o|i  in I n-i.  l il idnniM li.-.r . -iin-n.iec- I'lat ;i I iry raili-.i-l 

! ; .1 ineH't tin- -ai - at .nid'-enl in -r -y in ! ... in : 111 .- .\'i-sonri river .it th  t pl ic", vvhieli 

II, . ( o.i-lrui'liO': V.!. il h they liad pm it . mu it i u - only linl.-lie.l d iy Iief.vr - ye-t-.-rdny. vv.i 

::ii'l Wiiieli Icn.’s tnuilvaiicc iv’.al^ail goo:l in-?n : .-vvept away liy II- aliiig ie.- y. -t.-rliy cyciihi.-. 
ar ■ t.-1'ievi.r- in. ' ■ Four liuiiiln d load 'd frei-.--lit ear- hail l) ' ii :ir- 

IT.'.v r-al .-■..ilru.e sh.iuld l-e ai' .-oinpaiiicJ | ried over tin- hiidge liefore it.- d' -tnii li in. 
d ill hand witli tin- iiuivcr-al h ii le-ty of ( Ihis is the s.-i .inil ti'm|siraiy bridge that lie 
M'Pl.i.r id i lM ii'. -, ari-ing out of unfortunate | lieeti di-stri-yed in likr ni..nner. The r.illr- ;ul 
( on.iovi-r-v. in vvlii. b nniv- r-al siillrag.' may i a-ilhorilies vvill at one.- reliulM the lirl.lge, 
I.'- t i’liaw- had its origin and e-tjl)li-h- ' vvhkh is gi-'-atly needed for tin; S) ccdy tnin- 
i: . tit. i iiii-sion of fn ight from the Chiea-go and North- 

Ti e I I urt ad'.onrueJ until to-m.. now. j vvesteni railroad to the Union Pacific road. 

■Vlti r tl.e iidjoiinnueiil of tiie United tslates .\ sjiei hil disjut. h iroin Dniil.ip, lowra, situ- 
Uircuil Court to-niglit tlie eiuiii-el vv.’re re a'.i d i.ii Ihe Chieago and .NoriUw e-tern Uj.i- 

Ci 11. d, when Chi. f Juslie,- Chase uun.inu -cd road, ;iys on tlic morning of Xov. inher 37. 
li at Uie eo'arl was divid il; li - ;l'ha-«t being V. Ili.vv f- moke, chief of the Omaliu Imllan-, 
i . favor of (luiishiug tin- iiidietmeul, an l the vi-iti-d Hint ) laee. D iriiig tlie eveniig h.- 
I'islriet JuiU'C .I'liderw. o 1) opposing il. v : .- diuaged with li.piiir tiy a jiart^- of roughs 
Theicfon- this divi-ioii of th - c.mrt Is certified wiih th - inti iition of rob dug him. Daring 
to tl.e Biij rimie Court, H.i- niglii of the qiium-1 and during the Sgnt, 

1 he Ctiief Justice leaves for Washington to- YHIovv Smoke was struck on Hie h.'ad liy one 

n oripw moniing. of tin- )i.irty, sinushing hD skull in. Hdsu -- 

Xi.w ORI.EVNS, IV-c. 4. — The ininiic'.ion l■( t■drd in getting to wlien- Hiere are soreral 
F-ued on application of the Metro|)olit vn P.s limidred Indians eiie;imi ed, four miles east of 
1 . 1 - Boiitd, thr. .ugh their Pr.-sident, l.iciit. t. wn. He evpire.l on Wcdne-d iy moraiug. 
Gfiv. Duim. restraining .Mayor Conway and N. tiling was done in th.- matt.’r until l ist 

thrive and grow tat ou the strength of Uicir 
lovcity. are dead-set against univei !i! suilroge. 

I rec  min. Tid Hie adoption by th.- General Gov- 
’ citimenl of measures to ebeapeu and extend 

Mr. M. vers, of St. I^uis, thought it desira- j rlioie act inicon-lltutional. 

ai.dwillksve u. .thing undone tomak' wiiite , teU-grajiUie communii-ation hetwc. n tin- dilier- 
di-lrai.chiscment |er..clual, Thi i- al-mt cut isiii- ol the country l.y making il a part of 

* ; lb* hVfiU'lU. 

Hu way the matter stands in Tenn.-ssee at ij,p rt solution was jiostpoiii'd to come up 
pr.-sv nt. 1 fter tlie rbip| iiig quisliou. 

At H-grri- stati.m on the Ss-hvi!lc .V D f-atar Mr. Myers, of St. LouU, thought it desira- 
r . . ■ , hie that Congre-- .'■hould hv lagal cuactiiieut 

r.Ki.rtgiu to-di.y. a mao named Cliaudlei was r ■ tore the euneiicy of th- ’u.ilion to a specie 
tU 4 diad by J. MeGibhon. Isyian.-e the de- - a i.- and rediK-m uii] :iid and dejini-iau-d 
  . a I d hud seduce t Mi-Gibliop's sister. j pr- n i ea of the Govcniineiil ) y re.- amiug -ik;- 

A II i- it Las iust reached town that D  xv, [ e i j mcnf at the Xatioiial Tr -a-ury a i-:ir!y 
« , nrcoi'i- ei...i 'iwl Lilieit t-.J W'.-I.,'-: ' pr. ctU-uhle. He mad. som.- remark'- ..n 
vu.OMMnty sh. t-ud kUlcd (..A Wnhe-  , a„tace - yvhieh woiiM n -n't from-n.h 

i.iar GaSla'.in, wa' hi::;- elf killi-d to-day. j .. u;-,i 

B. riy, and two or three others, who wore , The   hair stated that the be- 1 w.ivlohear 
t e prime nKiv. rain tli. Southern In.-nrauee o^^^^ 

In Kc, Lave left (or purU uukuown, ha\ in|; I i’ 4 l•r(i^. 

.•TlfiU-d their boiuU. Bviry’i) irial aas l » ' A dcL'i^tc from Albuny ^Utl *d that lii' del- 
f tiij*   rt VonAar * i v.uv lu fuTorof jmviiieiiL 

. , ' ^ g. . n . 1 Mr. L iU( v. of iialtiiuorc, i»I1 ro'J r’-olnlbm- 

A^ far call tv* l^^rned Oo\. B'''*vii!oir | p , , i, I'l** of a 

aiil n.*jii»e to turn ovlt the NorlhacBlcni j ;um forbidalu;. the aole of auv i;uld in tbe 
Railr.«d to tbe sl.xkholdera. althougli re I lui'id Mates Tr.-asiirv for l.--ga5 tender notes 
I J . a- I - . _ i...i»„ M I or other currenev, and requiring t ie Secrelarv 

quired to do 60 by a resoluUon of the L gtsla- , Tr-a-nry to dispose of Hie surplira coin 

tun-. In can- it is turned over a movement is i y .j. .'x • er cent. -goM-int- re l l.i ariiig b-iais of 
onfi-ot to Immedialclv ci mi lete the Hunting- | the UniU-d Sub - t-i t':c big lest hidd r, aud 
ton branch, s.. as to m far as po-sible take t'lC =. J;’’,,'', s,, pi.reha cd to be immediately . au- 
N'tw Orleans trade from the Louisv ille ik M'.'ji j Mr. L. also oflert-d a i-rc-amble a-ad r-solu- 
1 Lis road. 1 tb n that— 

t hief of Police Diamond, ap|iuiiited by Hie 
.Mayor, from iiilerfi-riiig In unr manner witli 
tin-’ iKiIiec allaira of Ihis city, came t. -fore 
Judge Leamonl, of the Fifth Distrirl Court 
lo-da.v. On a rule h*keu to dissolv.- thes-- in- 
slrueiioiis, thi- court ordered tlie injiinetions 
to Ik- disiui-sed with judgment- in favor of Hie 
-.lefciidants. Judge L.’s opinion declares the 

i.itht. w In II several of the party wen- arreiled. 
i l;i- chief was always not. -u for heiiig friendly 
and -trietiv lioiioratile. His Imnd cotnprise- 
siime lifteeii hundred warrior-, who, aoeonling 
to reports, are gulhering in f.i.-t, and are great 
ly i xelli-d. They liurieil him vc-terdav. 

live un the -eoreliiug -and.- of .\f.-ie i. II Iv- 
lieved that if tin- while men in .Xra.-ri.'i 
were plantc-l m .\frici. tln-y w.mi'J i:i 
Hii.e 1.. .'. i.:e lilack, ..r at least very .lark -kin- 
md. hut it -vu.ald take tiiii for iiit ii-- 
vv.rktd slowiy. .\U n "ii tiring i.i l.itit ; 
when' iiatiir.' placed thein were well in -.1 
tl.. -talieu G.'il hud Us- 1 .11 .1 Hie-n. li ■ hnl 
ui ver kniiwii i.r an iii.-tai:ce vvh.. re the hlaek- 
li.d voluntarily emigrated 1, except 

I he was not in favor of i .donizin-g -. hem -s t.. 
I get |s.'oplc to leiive a . .nntry agai.i-t their 
w ill, nnil In- irulnofiith in any law lint th ■ 

I perfect law ol litiei-fy. i .tiqilans -. ; He had 

Hi nt would Is'i ouie the i.omi- oi lliose blacks 
liv ng in tbe I nited St iles. H • jU) quirted no 
sy-te'ni. tut left all iin-n to i  -■- mil act f ir 

iniirayear. the I'Ul lic peace, whilst preserving, as became I to fee-1 that it would have been b-.-tter ha-l 

‘-Urc-w and Fi-k hiive now quarr led; the m, officer of the United Stales army, the | Hu y l.cen created while Thus wa.s a wrong 

young worlding has le.imi d all the tricks of .tr'ctcst iiniuirtlality and freedom from {loati- i view, for the bhiek was a troph il bein'g, 

till- old Metliodist, and luveuled some new ^^1 -p,, have aet-d as a parti-uii »m ' and the Whiteman would be ill ailan'i-d to 

ones, and no long, r need- either hi.- counsel or ..iiiier -iib- would have sinqililied mv position i live on the -eoreliiug -and- of .\friei. II - Iv- 

h's credit. The pr’mei)nl means for Ihcir iiniiii-nselv ; lint to wuleti and eimt’iol a- far [ lit ved that if Hu- while men in -Xra.-ri.'i 

sjM i ulatioiis have l.cen Hie h-sii.' of new .-toe’.; jo--il ’c both sides, and to pre-.-rve t!-.e ; were plantc-l m .Yfricu tln-y w.mi'J in 

of Hie Erie r.. Broad, and lorttlng up i-urreiiey: ..ul.l’;. p. ,-*■ •, wUliont Inllueiieiiig i-i any way | Hii.e b- .-. i.:e lilaek, --r at least very .lark -kin- 

F.nplt-li capiUlists have been in leiigni- vvil-i p ,y t],p . Jc. vv.!.- ,i la-k of lu I lud. hut il -vumld take tiiii for iiit ii-' 

til. ni in one or ti.'tli of these p; .V irmine.-s; '..'.id ipile dill;euHy aud danger. , w-rktd slowiy. .\U n "ii Firing in l.itit ; 

twice, Ihri e, half a dozen liiiies, -^.-rliaii.-, they ^ . when' iiatiir-- iiluced them were well in -d 

have Hins conlrolled and -wept the iiriikel, i ,i * . i 11" -talieu G'-d hud u--i .ii J Hie-n. H- hnl g all vvl.o wen- Ik  1J enough or wea!. il.i js.liee no tiie.l th - most .u.ig -r- u. ver known of an iii.-tai:ce wlu. re the black- 

enon-gli to .taiul in their and putting f.ib- oi s fealnre lii Hie i-onditiori of atlairs m Ne.v volniitaril*.' emigrated uorliiw.irl. except 

nlons profits into llii-ir own pockets. But Drltan-. ,\ii ;iet of th-- l.i-gislat.ire rec-ntly niu n Huy Wi ree-e.ipiiig from IvonJige. Still. 
Fisk l;a- i.ropably d'-straiyed the er.-dit of th - p. --ed tran-lernfil the control of the ihiliec ' jj,. je-js not in favor of i .lionizing -. hem -s t.. 

r.nlroud, v.'hiJe piling u)i a forttitn- for linn U. force • f the city from t.n- .vlayor and t or)Kira- . „,,j lo^optc to leave u . .nntrv agai.i-t their 

TheiimUii.llcationo(it8 6to-khasbc.-n; Mon, in vvho-e hands it h.i.l hitiierlo U-eii nndli - tndnofihh in anv law Init th- 

from tI Jrlv millions of iiomlinil capital a year v. -ted, into ‘.he hand- of a -Me'tr.qK)liUn | j,, ; Appia,’;.* .. i He had 

ago, it lias now been raised to sixty or seventy Pelice Board, e-omiio-e-d of six mcm ier-— , no dcubt but in t n years there would be 

inillii.ns: and vvhiit th.-re i.- t-  sl.o'.v for th - tin "i* wliitc and three e.iioreJ the Li|'ntenant ; f^ner lila.-ks in Canada thin n.ivv. H-- Im*- 

diM'.cem e, b.-yoinl some vvorthh-ss securi'ics (inreriu-r . f Ihe M.-e pri--i.ling. lliis boar.l "Jeved Hiut Ihe s.-utlur.i p rti..:i- ...f t’-i.* eonti- 
of Hie Hartford ami Erie roui, and .i niillio-.i aj-ioi-.le.! a polii e '..iccof 31-t nogr.ies ana | n,-nt would Is'ei.uie the nonii- i*i lliose blaeks 

or two of T'- al i'st' :s now iiiino'slb c to say. l-D whileinen, to take charge of the City oi i i)\ -ng in the United St.iles. H‘- .niq'iirted no 

The i- -IK s of new sliurcs seem- to h.ive bcoti X w Grleai s. The eoniiuunily at large re_ ' ,,v-teni. tut left ail rin-n to i 'in.l act fir 

vvanli.n, and with no j-nriiosi-, in great part, in-* d to recogr.izc o" nplioM the authority of I j'.,, e,, kither-oever ticy w.iulJ. 

but to gamble bi Wall street with. Noth-n-g* ' a holy thus eor.-tltule 1. Ihi* fact taken by_ I.YpplaUse . Hi did rol doubt b.ii that in .nv 
so anilaeions, iiotliing more gigantic in till- way ' it elf, i ntt riim int-  any qaerti ui ol u| tl.e ncu ■ - would g.i to .Yfriei.butli-v.a- 

i.f r. il svv inillin-g 11 I- ev er I.e n perp -Iril .1 bi 1 n.iH'.e ir jii- ilic-.iUon, .aul wit bout rtuire j to for in/ niigr.i. ■ i on anv ou»-. 

this eo'.iiitiv; ar. l y.titmiybo that Mr. Fi-!t than r-fi rring to Hie ge-ie rally inf.- ior m.i- | i -,,,. Hrae ..nid cm-.- w .eiMl... r ....n-.-- ,.f 

a:'.il his g.—o -lales have d  .ie no'hiii'g that Hu.) ! t. rial, l oth whit'.- iiul b..u k, (uit.i - nn , .yirii a „ .mbi I.e -lev l.q : 1 !.  '. .■■ i il./ig' .i.'.- 

ei'iu.ot legally .it-lily, at le .'il in Hu- .Ve \ I ,i.-k .. - 'il y-e .-e; from wh'.rii the in . .-r in/g-t-v uf A.'il. . : .v.; " "c.:-. 1! ' 

I onrt .'V ivd of vv lil.-li ll.ev -.-i:;.* w tuilly io • -e . !■' n 1 h . fact :.!■ ■ ••■ r.-iieu . d th" M tr.* p... , . ^ Hia i b.’ d. v ;.f - i ii: ■ 

own. Ft-h' • I.;: lataiii .ire’, li I :.  !■ ■ un • J j ■ 'u ■" 1 1" •■ a- .-r,:: •/ il ;-i. . - hy v t„ mind, a.:;, .li i b i , , 

ihr !t‘g'.il "ui ' . 11 '-'? of l.l.tli D-vi'l I):idl*e 1- -..ud.ii nl hie 1 p  )’-. ,y a, ii. r.-y . ,,,, -g.. , ,, - 

Hel.l i.iul ( li.’.rli - (I'Con.ii, uml no -^ b itii , o. Ih-. vmr-: ela-s. in the city. A-. 11* • . ..vti,,e ! w .ul! 1 a -' v 

.InJu- Ban;. r.l .if II- It", 'II 1 -II. Ue B.i: 'il ■■ ,l.te - 1 ; i l cvri-m-e of ul-orb r. Hie m • nb -- , d li:d t ai- 

p.r.l ol ii:c United riL.itc- v-'-ert, b.iek :ip .in.l ; of th. pi..;e.-, un-ii)j)sn eil ii- they w.-re by . ’.!i.n.? *!utv, -rv w..-.d.l hav. 

iu Ip oil i.i- po-eceiUn.-. p bile -i-ntiment. -l uii’ic-b il, luu'iy . f them . ;,iu,ij,i,,.,i loiug ag. . .Mnclib ul b en ae- 

*0!r. I"‘rii marricl a liiiiiUoine Spriii-gliuld tliio.-.i .g .11 their inifonn- as t!i y ran. . mi i'.shed. Had he he u a.-k J hi-v  -e.;- 

gbl, .V:i.-s l.iu v 11. Moore, tw -Ivi- T «i'i. .-n A iiu-.l patrols of eilizciis thin t.iok up .n o when h- tli...:g'..l -Liverv vv ndd l .- a'Ml- 

V iirs ago, ami ha- a line r.-idi-ni- ■ In Frankli'i tl.* i i: c-lvi-s the gnarli i"-hiii of tic pniili . i-Ju-d. he w..u'd pluced the d iv of deliv 

■'ip.-are. Bo-t'.ii. Bnt he al-oowns hoiise-anil p-;-*-. adding another element of danger ti , i-jnce imiel* far'lur t ban GoJ hid, and he 
;i Iheater iu N'evv York, and deals will* life tiii.-e already exi.-Ung. .Vt anoili -r lime thi- ■ w, a eertuiu Garrl-on would ■ ibni ■ lue 

cvi ryw here ou u magiiilieeiit seal'? What will qui.-Uoii might have been left to settl.- It-elf, ■ same thing. Hud the foi-ees i*t w..rk .'g.iin-t 

C"in.' of him and his 0)». Tali nis remains to be imt in tlie pr.-senee of threatened dist-.irb-anc.-- slavery iK-en conservative, il would have out- 
seen. The Erie railroad eomplicat’am mn-t ..n all hands, wlu-n the Gov. nior .if tlioSt it- [ u, il,, picscnt ag.-. it died ol the luees- 

ai'pitn iitiv h.-ve an eat ly issue. As an iii-trn- liad suit, ndered the safe-keeping of the city to ^ -ant eliiirts it made to strengthen itself, 

mi nt of travel and cnimien i-, it can not for- iiie, and when positive direetlons had b.?en i ■n,..ugh reformers would Bhowlli. ywo.ildai- 

I'v or reniiiin th'- football oi gamblers, the prey lr:insuiilt.'d lo ipo through Ibr War D.'irirl- j wavs hcM their groniul.iiuoiu- ever knew a niaa 

of speenhilor-. The value of it- -ha-Jes is prob- ir.ent to fireseiy ® the peuec at all h.tzards, ! j ciifn-neliised to be diseulranchised -egaiii 

aolv gone; bnt its rail.-, eertaiuly il- be.l, -honld liave lallen sliort of uiy duty li *.l 1 nules- he coiimiitted crime. Mr. Gr-eley -ai.l 

imtVl lie of value and of tis-e. Us negket-'d fi take prompt and iieeisive arti'm ; the lime was fa.-t ain.roachiiig when th.- la* 

lu ro i f tiie hour stands it* a iK-cariou.s )  »si- in the nv.illcr. As liefore stated, I hod no', 

lion; ill- lias great ca|)aeity, now great wealth, tumps enougli to police the eitv, even had 1 

eiituiiilv gr. at notoriety; all tiu-se he can make deemed it einisislent witbmy u.atiesas milit r ■ 

iiio-t ureliil to liimself aiid lo hi- eountrv: il is commander to undertake Hie char'gc. I rs*- 

u pit v till V -hould be wasted iu dcriruelion, sorted to iiu asurcs of compromise an.l "  n 

alike’ ol character and of value-, when the eillaiion, n  the bc-t and wisest mod- of 

c oaiui v needs tbcin all ami will reward the-n Hie objects I had in view, 

all so ’ gen. rously in m -asures of now that tkohble ended. 

ii At niy iu-taiiee, the Board of .Metropolit n* 

Puliee apiiiniit' d General Jum.s B. dt -ed iim 

THf AND THE “OUTS.” Chief of I’olicc, aud brought the infin tie? of 

■er ha-l Uk- world. There would have been a great 
wrong moral |.-ss..n ronveyed if some time in tbe fu- 
*win-g, tore an Administration in the United Stales, 
u-'i'd lo iuibueci with a teve of liberty and haired oi 
“ tvrvDiiy, had orvlen d that this baled busule 

ra.-ri.'i I -liould Ik- h m down, am! not on-- stone of the 
liJ in I structure appriqiriuted t.. -ueh Uis*- 
a 'H:n- ' iisi - -hoiiM be iK-rmitted to -land. ui I t'l. r 
li lt 11 -' upon Hu- -)sit eis et ;i gri'i-l ■■  lni;.ii ..f li’  -rty. 
tit.;!.'- . ulih ;m appropriate inserii''.i- ;i -titiii: ilr- 
i 'll I p ,.-,.- - for the l.niiiUng "f th -liaft win. i: 
i' l*“l ‘ till le uareil its held to H|. -kies, 
black- ! We 1 xpeet lo seethe R idleal p.ipers ntti-.- 
except i )( ud I: mentations oT -r th ili-struetioii ot this 

wlu n Huy w. ree-e..piiig froinlvoiiiiige. Siill. i f. rtifi. ation. It wa- th- -e ie of their great 

e-t victories. It wa- there that they banish- li 
all their fomiidible opi« uenl-. It was the 
hell n|s.D eartii which tliey i reated for Ihoue 
who bad the ellroutcr. to diff-r with t'lem in 

no dcubt but in t n years there would be | opin’on. It B a bastion of theirtvramiv which 
fewer lilai ks in Canada thin n-iw. H- Ive- | lias fallen, ai d -aekeluHi -ipo i ’ th ,i 
ieved lliul Ihe S'-utliir.i JK rtion- of t'-u- eoTiti- ! . -I'.v h, .ii.-Hi- i-h.-- a'livh 

i;.i m.- 1 'lves 
ol the iicg . 

aiiU g.i w hl'hcr-cK.-ver tie V w.iulJ. 
Hi did i.ol doubt Hiat in .nv 
S Would g.i to Afriei. out li • v.a- 


ArreM of Theatricals — Outracc ia Al- 

-la—i*: li.'i r.ich't. ta Cuarisr-Jauriul.: 
PllT.-bi EC, Pa., D'-eeui'.cr 4. — Yesterdiy 
Mr F im Eerins, of New Y'ork, rausod the 
anvst of Kati- Fisher, the actress, and John C 
Xaglr, her manager, now ninmng tbe Old 
Tl.eator hepe. They were arrested ou t'ae 
cLaige of otitaiiiing m.vnoy under false pre 
teiMs. As Mrs. Fisher had liorrowed the 
money in New York th.- case wa- dismissed. 
Nagle wss held in $3(X) baU. 

A lliUe jnri uamed Mary Ann Daley, who 
had been traveling with Kate Fi-her, was ah-o 
arrested, Mra. B 'viDe having an order to re- 

hle that Congri-- .'■honld by I-.igal cuactiiieut ! 
r - tore the euneiicy of th- ’u.ilion to a specie : 
' a-is and redeem uii] :iid and dejiix-eiau-d 
pr. II i es of the (Joveniineiil ) y re.- umiu-g -]«- 
C l ] ?; men! at the Xati.nial Tr.-a-nry a i-:ir!y 
a- pnetU-ahle. He mad. som.- rcinark-' i 
t-.i- ai'autace- "hieh wonl'l n -n!t from -lu h i 
ei ii:? . 

The   hair stated that the bc-t vvav lo hear j all on the sU'.jee'. 'ea- to liave d -legate- . 
s|Kiik In aljiliab' lical ord- r of their sev. -nil 
I'l wrds. I 

A del.'gatc from Albany slat -d that hi- del- | 
i egal'.c.n v.ere in favorof spo ie jmymenL 

.Mr. l.ouiy. of Baltimore, oil reJ r -olntion- 
! 1 . 1 . 11 men Ui.g lo C.-ugre— Hu- jia— ag.- of a 
I law lurhidalug the doIc of any gold in Ihe 
luitid Mates Tr.-a-nrv for h-gai lender notes 
or other currency, and requiring Hie Secretary | 
- of tlic Tr»-a-nry to dispose of the surplus coin 

I f .r -'X j er cent. -goM-int.-re I bearing b.iais of 
the United SUiH - t-i t':C liig u st bidd r, aud | 
= a’l I- -iid- s,, pi.rt,b3 cd to be immediately . au- 
eeh .1. 

Mr. L. also ofiert-d a i-rcamble a-ad nsolu- 
H. II that— 

tVlierrcs there tiss b -eii raoent’y a great 
pr s-;,re in the moiu v market. eau: d lurlly 
. V : atnr. l and ).artly by artificial nu :n-, 
wkich li.i- h '.J the cll.jal of d.-raiigiiig hu-i- 
iii.-s and depreciating the value of the pro- 
dii.-l-of tnc land; and whereas tbe lianking 
basis of tlic ronntrv- l eing 1 gal t "ndcr notes, 
wLi' h canuot bo incraased, while th.- variou- 
b n.qs and sicuriUes thrown -aii the market 
a c ii.cre.ising rapidly; tin relor.-, 

that this’ b.'..ird recomin-n 1 Coii- 
en --topasS a law re.iniring the 8'.-cret:iry of 
the Truotun- to bny s*x ji-T i gold iu- 
tcicst bearing bonds of Uic United Stat-s. at 
tlu- f.'llowii'g rates: In the year l* ilil hnn- 

dr -d and t.-u at hundred t«r; in the year iKhl, 
at hundred twelve for bun In-d par; in the 
veer ls71 at a hundred and fourteen fir hmi- 
dred jiur; in Hie year at a hundred aud 

sixteen for a hundred jvar, and all bond- so 
j'Urclias d lo be canc-lIed. 

I ili.|l orT, of the Baltimore Com Exchati^, 
declined to give hi- views at i.rescut, Mr. 

store her to h«T mother Th.- i-ase has cxnscd i;,,pe-, of Boston, gave a verv eomprehcnslv 

Tl.e races at tlic M. tairie were again jiost j 
I oin d to day on aee-iunt of the heavine-s of ' 

MuBinr. I), e. 4. — Ti.e donkey lioiK-rof the 
-'.cam. r Doiratiee explod d tlil.i inorniiiL' vvhUc ! 
Ting ,:t Hu- whaif. 'Ihe I nil -.l Stales In.-pec- : 

H. I' T !' te-'litig the lioilers at Hie H:nc. Two i 

p. l: "CS were killed i .:tri''lif, and scv.ral . 
1; n-.ed. oiici'f whom lias -inee di.-d ttev.-rol j 
wliiH? l er-oiis were injured. ! .u, X. C., Dec. 4 — The Lower Hou-e ; 
ti.-duy engaged on the n-sulution- for iiive-ll- j 
galii ir Hie charge of l.rilH-ry. The Senate 
n uliitions were linallv adojiied l y u sniuli I 
ina'orllv. The invc.stigaiiuu vvill'niw pro- ' 
■ scd. There was nnieh o]ilsJsiti..n to the fs 
..lutious, Grav.- dL-clo.-ure» ar- exjiecled. 

B  .111 lions'- - adopted resolutions fora reees- 
fiom Dee. ‘31 to Jan. 4. 

T.V1.I.AII.V-SI-.E, Dee. 4. —Tlie Sapr.-me Court 
to day dieided that th - pctiti-in of Lieutenant 

I . ovcinor (-ilea-on t.i remove the suit to the 
United ritutes Court under tlie l ivil rights bill 
did not allege any fact wliieh brought the 
e -e within 111 .- act’ referred to; that l.ieuten- 
aiit Gov ernor  iIe.ison had every ri-ght extend- j 
ed to him, and lead, in lii- court, a full and 
fair l.earing. and hU e inpl'iiiit, if he had any, 
could only be ba- d upon an a.-suin.-d di-ere- 
tion V sted iu them 1-y an crroii.sms cjii.'lru( - 
ti..n of the civil rights l-ill lo revise the decis- 
ions of the court F. sjoiideiit (Jleason. uii'.ii 
Ihe a;iiiouueein'-nt of th - opinion left the 
Court loom, and id- counsel a'land.itied tlie 
ca-e, A jndgiiieiit of ouster is ixti.'eted. 
X. :;i month the mq. a: Utueiil will 
again l c l.rought u)-. 

Mont(-omekt, Dec. 4.— The Senate to-day- 
passed a bill making lli ■ wearing of disguises 

d masks l.y any nnmlier of m -it a crime, 
punl-liulde by line and impris mment. 

A l.ill was introduced and leferred t.i open 
jnd'gmenls of tliis ril-ile, vvlierc tbe cause of 
uerion exi.-ted jiiior to the the -g-alh of -May, 

'I'Le House vva- engaged on Ihe revenue 

Th.' Legi-luture has refused to adjuuru on 
Uie Pith of I).- . ember. 


I is-atisrii -tion 44 ith lli*  .4|iiiia-g ‘nieiit 
ol the .Missouri i’arilie itailroail — 
1*1 izp I'ighI oil the Tapis. 

alike' ol i haraeter and of value', when the 
loanifv i-.eeils them all and will r.-ward then 
all so ’ gen. roin-ly in m -osures of 

ti -II.” 


\ Itailieal Reeoiiiioissaiice in I'rout ol 
the IJemoeratif Lines. 

[From the New York Sun, 3d.l 
‘Uiongli the Rci-iihlicans obtained in Hie 
rccint contest nearly three-fonrtlis of the 
I'lv-ideulial electors, Hn- Dem.icrats an- in a 
iniiiorilv of only alvont •370,0011 in a popular 
vote of O.Oiai.iaas, i.  ■.. only four and a half ei-nt. Tbis statement exhibits in a -Irik- 

bis name and iKi-ition to tbe aid of the civil 
authorities in ).r.serviiig the peace. Tliis I 
-lep alone, in my jiulgmeiit, tended more t.  j 
settle matters than any one t'llug done ; and I ' 
think it only an act of jii-tice liere to thank i 
General St.-eviinan— a» the Metr-vpolitaii Polie.- ! 
Ihiard liave iheni-elves done by formal p-solu- j 
tiuii— for the manly azd eitleicnt m-aniier in | 
whiih he u-sn-.ued and': ag -d tl. • duties I 
of that office up to th" end of tue tr  abl-?s I 
The Mayor and UorjHipation of the city, de- 

1 o|.po-i‘d to for in/ nilgr...b' i oi. any on.-. . 

I li..' lime •■ .. nid e.iiir- Vv iei !!... r- .. .in ?’ .-f j 
i .Ylrilu V,.l:lbi I.e .ievel.q : 1 ‘..  int. hig'-.i.'? j 
:ind il. i-.irt'v of A.’... : : " "e . 1! ' i 

li.-' tiiMl ;h.’ d. y ;.f . i m ? ii:- : 

: !-.i'-g lo '.'I M;d, n.: i. .til .1 i . , . 

:li. on ihe :b'; - .v - f ■ n ' I 

■ ■•vtn y '.hire vv .iill 1 a -' v ■ 

;liy (".I'lz.d :;Ty li:d t ;n- ! 

I til ni:;. ’ iloi"? it- dutv, rv ve..-.;;,! hav. j 

I f.eeu :ib. ii-lied lon-g ago. Mnclihul !’ ...i ;ie- j 
: Ill) i'.-hed. Had he bg u a.-k J tii'v  e.;'- 

_o whin I.. tlio. g'.il -Livery vv .nid lu- a' .1- i 
: i-Tied, he w..u!d placed the d iv .if deliv i 
I ranee imieli fiir'her od than GoJ h id, and lie | 
w.s certain Garrl-on vv..n;d li t-. ■ .l-ni tbe 
. same thing. Had the forees at w..rk 
.slavery la-eii eoii-enative, il would have out- 
1 liv .d ilie pie-ent ag.-. it died of the iuees- 
I saiit eliiirts it made lo slreiigHien Itse'f. 

I 'Ih'iugh reformera w.nild show ih. y wo.iid al- 
ways hel.l their groniid.iio one i ver knew a nian 
om’-e tiifp.-nehisid to be dt'cnlranrhiscd .gain 
unless he coiimdtted crime. Mr, Gr -eley sai.l 
Ihe lime was ta-t appr.:aching wheu th - la* 
Would ku'.w no (U-tluetiuii of l olor or race. 
The trrowii gdeiimi.d of virtue and intelligence 
W.I- manhuotl. He urged the blue’xs to l ulti- 
vile tl.o-e ■nullities leading to s  If d.-penJ. nee 
and manliness. [.\]plansc.j Nothing was so 
iilightirg to a jk-T-oh a» wailing for others to d" 
his win-k. Half of the world 't.Kvd anxiously 
exjK-ctii'g the other half to a-si.-t them. Tie 
tnitb tliat men need d to le ini was of Ihe 
111 gl t that slumbered in tbemscives. The 
speaker Iiad no ohiectious to 
one’s t:.king th.- hum’jlest p. -ition; 
ou th.- conlrarv, he urged the blacks M im 


J.loqueut riibiitP lo the 'i4 , 
the Notilh. 

! .M tl. r . Vi 

I ol ■ 1; ; ', 

I i: g.i ha- t . 
j i ...,.S fr. ln 111 
- !,'. eUirr- H.e I 
I pliii : ua- tl; 

.‘^T. Lons. D.e. 4.— were intro- I ii-g light the ii.i|K)rl;mt f.iet that th.- disparity •chiring the .Melropohun 1 oUci. a -l nn.-ousii- 
ilneel in Hi- to duv -eiting f.irlli between the tvvoi«.rli.- i- fa. le-s than, w.mld, lu-istel upni tU.-irngjt H  x.*;' ‘“i* till- eilv uii.l eonnty of An L.mi- c. b .. :iii..t.. bidicted l.y the .mmti. r of • l-ct-  r ' * ■• ' h-v f - 1--0 ) olieemeil. T.iey i--):n- 

..W.I ; .-S!,., 1 J|).| sioeU ill t'l.- Mis-.vnri I'.n im- . or- .-ho-' ii by eaeb. mi- iom d Mr. ri.omas Adam-, a former oe. u 

I'.allr.ia.l, ii| - n whi. li In: - been paid anninilly I De-pile tl’n-ir overthrow lu the late e im- i ant of Hie olHce, mid. r th-- may .ralty .il .Mr. 

for s. veiiteeii year- a suniaggr.'gatiiig ^i'l.Oisi, I j i.igii, the D.-inoi-a. v renmiii a v cry p.iw.-rful Monri*-. lo the post of ehi-f of p .lice. Ii 

for wliU'h no lUvidfiul" i*r other rt*tiini’' hiivo No or«i niz;itiou iu our 4'as fuillu’riuiu«»uuci'‘i tlDt the MetropolUulu 

I I, reeeived; that it is cnrreiitlv r.-imrted toiv’ has pa-scd through -ueh s. vere trials Foliee lo be foreildv ejected fr.»m the 

tliat tlie ollieers and dir. et. r- of’ th • r  a i ami been eompelled to bear such odious Inir- otliic l.y the up|Hiiulecs of the Mayor. I im- 

liuvr i.roUled tiy fur.ii-hing sup'.li"- t-  tbe ^ d.-i.s a- lias the D -mo'-ratie ) arty during the m. iiiuU ly sent word lo .May..r C'.mway, by mv 

couiiuinv, aud fanned oat the eoiitraet- to [a-t f.mite. ii years. Owing lo the imperb ms ai*l.- de *ami'. Major Bus-el, that I should luld 

tlii-inselv. s and to ..tliers at -ucli terms as de- di. talioii of it- Acmtheni Ie..der.s, it wa- fore -d inm n-.-lM.i;sible for any t-iiiiult that might 

prividthe road proper of il- profits; that the tolak- the side on the -nli.ieetof the re-n!t from hi- action, an, I a.IvUing him to 

inam.gera of sai.l have squandered r.')K-al of the Missouri eonipr.milsi-, us w.-ll as eoiii ni in re iue-tiiig Gen. r..l Sieedium to a t 

the coinininy's in .iiej in endeavoring to in upon the irritating issues that aro-c out of that a- ehie. of |H lii e niitil after the eieeliou, and 
nenceUi. l. gl-latniv ol tliis Stale to do as I fatal mea-ure. lo ord. r the i huf ai d l.y him l.i ‘mke 

lev n qui-st; ul-o, .--taMi-hed rat.-- ..f freight ' Tin- arrogance of the slaveli-ililiiig oligirctiy. no step mitll fnrlh'‘r in-’rnet.- 1. Hi- h.i i vr at 

11 tlie niail wiiieli dL-eriiiiinate,l gr.-atly ' which drov.- the i«*ity t.i as-mne th- uiipopn- ..i:ec acced' d to ii:y wi-hes. 1 then advi-ed 

rain-t Hu- int.-rest of St. Louis, and providing : I‘ f - ('® "f these quesli.jii-, ultimately i.luiiged l» th )artles t.» test the legality ..f the .Melio 

t.etweeii the two jiarli. - i- fa. le-s than, w.iuld 
..Til lot.. bidie.ite.I l.y the .iiimt..-r of • l-ct- 
or- .-ho-' n by eaeb. 

De-pile th.-ir overthrow in the late  • im- 
pT.igii, tin- Di-n.(K"'a. y reimiiii a very p.iw.-rful 
]sntv. No organization i’u our his- 
toiv’ has pa— ed through -ueh s. vere trial- 
aml been eompelK-d to bear such odious Imr- 
d.'i.s a- lias the 1) -mo'-ratie ) arty during the 
la-t f.mitei II years. Owing lo the 
ilietalion of it- Scmtheni le..der.s, it wa- fore -d 
tolak- the wn.ii’g side on the -nbjeetof the 

inaiiagera of sai.l have s.|uan.lercd | r.'iK-al of the Missouri eonipr.mils.-, as w. II ;*s 
the coiiqniny's 111 iiiey in ciuluavuring to in I upon the i-siies that aro-c out of that 
tiuence Un- l. gl-latniv ol this Stale to do as I fatal mea-ure. 

tlii-y n qni-st; ul-o, --taMi-hed rat.-- ..f freight 
■ It. the road whieli dL-eriminate,l gr.-atly 
again-t Hu- iiit- rest of St. Louis, and prov iding 
for th-' election of a -peeiul coimnitiee of five 
to iiivestigalc the matter and other subjecL- t . tbe iiiauagcuient of the road. 

,\l-o reiiuc-ling th. County Court to join 
the city in the inv . -ligation, ami ure if 
is.-sibl’. u meeting of tin- stockh. lder.s of the 
ro: .1 for an of its all'.iirs. 

A match was ma.le to-day between Win. M 
Pavl-, who was w hij.jR-d by Mike MeCoolc 
two years ago. near tbis .-Uy, aud Tom .Mien, 

Tin- arrogance of the slaveloldiiig oligirchy. 
whieli drov.- the i«*ity t.i as-mne th- uiqiop'n- 
hir -ide of these question-, ultimately plunged 

hir -uie of these question-, ultimately plunged o.lli )arues l.  test llie legality ..f the .Mel.o 
Ihe South into the r hellion. The allluity of poUtan 1‘oiiee bill pe..c?ahly i:i the law coiir:-, 
the Xorthen. wing of the liaity, previous to and writs of injumti.m anil  /.i-/ ir,(rr.n*'« have 

the war, with that |K rtiun of the South vvliioh 
sub.-equently struggled llir..ugli f..ur t i rible 
y.'Uis to de-iroy the Union, uud th" midi-guis- 
’•d synqiatliy vvTth Ihe Insurgents exhibit d by 
many eou’-ii’u-uous Northern Democrats’iigiiont the contest, kept the party in an 
ambiguous attitud.- duiiiig the who!.- perio i; 
while the cordial eo- 0 ) erati..n it has since ex- 

of cjevtland. for .^l.lioo a ' sld.-. .Yrticles of I t. uiicd to nearly every ellort of th.- l.ite rebeis 

agn ement vver.- signed to day nml Ilf llr-t iu t" retuni to the I uion without the 

suilliiient ..f ?-:W(l pill up ill the hand- ..f Jack of even the milde-t i.euaities for the great 

Loonev. The light is to t-ak- ))lac ■ the I3lh ®‘uu® bf the rebellion, hx-, in Hie estimation 

of Jamiurv tH-lweeu forty and sixty mil-s of ‘  ® Republicans and their allies, placed Hie SL Louis entire j arly very nearly In the position ik cu- 

siiite iH-en taken out in pur-uance of thi- ad- 
vice. 1 ul-o invited Hie editor- of the l..e:ii 
new -p;q . rs. without di-tiiicti.m of party, lo 
meet ii at my private r. -i.leiu e and diseiiss 
the -ante inalter, which tiny .iiJ. \','e ia:k?.l 
the subjec t over iu a fri-n’dlv manner, an l I 
lieileve all lell with the Inti iition of oun-eling 
the peimle to await the uetioii of H ceourt-. 

i prove . very oi.iKjrtuuily lo letter their i mji- [ 
I tioi , but what they did -houl.l I  ■ done with * 
I tiie mtentlon of d( iiig sometlilug better the | 
1 next d.iy. There wen- 1,000 young ui- n in i 
I Niw Y'o’rk who might have le;irn.-.l a goo.I | 
I trade. [Aiq.lunse. I’ He advised l )KX r . 

I eircuni-tam is t'l wear jsmr cloth. -, if nec--- 
-ary, to euulile Hum to svve money to lay out 
for liii.d. It was onlv by self denial that |K or 
people . oiUil tu’zc aiivout .- and  gel ahe id. 
11; .1 a H oii-and of th colored you .g men of 
New York I e. n ...;uis t iit tiiei-...ii.i i, they 
coiiid I.ave rt. p'ped in ami tille.I Hie pia??- of 
tbe rtrik' IS ihe )x.-t -e.*-on. Orhad 
they nut t.e.-n able to have pr a-iired w.irk. 
they would in all probability ha. ? been taught 
hovv to work for themselves, or one anoth.-r, 
vv bleb wa- better still. Capacity alway- com when Ihe law- Were not iu luc way. 

V\ 1.0 had ary fear hut what Ro'.- ."t 
could -t er li .ship :ifter lie too’a the -t am. r 
I’luiiter out oi Uharlesloii hitbor- I'he 
-pceker luip.d to -ee the d.iy when th.- col- 
ored J eo;.Ie wonl.l ruciq.v land and work it 
them.-cives. The great drawlm.-k to the 
Aoiith* nt black.- was they did nut own th-- iau.t 
they tiiUd. Thu-e . la-i ■ who own the Un.l 
, of i country are the -npernra "f I hove wlm 'io 
m t. [S«-n-atloii. I Ti.e tim.- f. r the black- to 
sretlandis now, while it is c-U.ap; by 
ttiis Huy will g-nulually rise t-  liic .-q-ulUy 
'Conimerelall;. ?iK-.iki!..g) of ian-io viiers. In 
I Aou'.h (. g! ; iit-.a gos d laud 'u  for .sale at ?'. in 
acre; 1-ul th.- men wh . oug'.t t   own it ;.re n .t 
I re .ily to buy. Gerrit bmt'hou.e sal.i Hnt f 
' tile plot le i f Virginia would -top d.-i-ikin-g 
' liquor they mlgl.t I ;s;lv own ene-halt of tbe 
I ; and till- -j eak- r hud no dou I tliat it 

t . H.e li;. phr •• ./;i.l :!*e . .ipty in 

plin/u"- tl; V 'll V. ill lul vi'.m. vVU-l 

v.'U h'!-.e d - 1 1 in h- ; .-I i -nili. lent gu iraa- 
te» of yuurl.. *..' .n ;..'i 'V-.’ lu tile f*a‘. ir.'. 
Y'.'/h -ve n.oie t;..::: rival! _.l, .voa ‘-av. ex.- ll*-d 
the Women of S.iM- .nd v'.-rou.i and lue 
l.e ..-iw ii.aI:o-:- au i niai.lens •• !io h. IpcJ l-i 
ilefeud ihe h- U ■ ity a J.-m-alem against the 
h 'gion- of 4 • -isi-iau. You will also do your 
di ty ill t;.' u-..-, (lar'A or bright, that are t.» 
e"U!". will leach Ihos.- who love your 
liilelUy 'o principle aiiiij all temptations to 
prefer honor t» prospirity, inJ th - iLin^rous 
truth to the -ui'e aud ) .-oilt.ble foise’ao .J; v. in- 
stancy and c-nirage, and the luaulv n-id h- p«- 
fill eudncatiee that beliu A irgin. You are the 
compien Ts vihu lake oil meu eaptive, and 
whose -ilken f tb rs. -trong.T than tempered 
stecL wc ate ghi.l and ptunU t.  wear. Into 
oiir -otil-s your eyes -. .-lu llk,- -tars, ami we 
Niw down and W'.rshlp, and In love find n -w 
■trenglh to under: ike gn at eut.'rprlses or -n- 
dure great calamities. O' flowers br-.U'ght t» 
us by the at gel- from the Garden of p-aradise, 
you bloom her.- to bless, to encourage an.l t   
console. 4Ve are all your willing -lave*. Age miixeeptlon from tliat .servlc.?; for. in 
the -ad ami -oTn-r -aiitnuin of oitr 'lays, w - at'ill 
cuvet the lov ing -mile and loving l..- k that 
can be ours no more. The s.,iM-r aatumu Of 
or.r di-ysl For, th- bright and gl-.i an 
tic'; ath us • f the fulnre, tlie dre i:o- that nr.k • 
;.outh'.- h-.jq.iue--; Ur las ;h ■ m.‘;aorie- of Hie 
’past, ..f joy- an.l -.rro v- in' -nni.igl .I, ■•{ 

hopes g.'.d Tovi--, ii-ad Pitt, r d'i-appoint:u.-uts 
smi (ri;;J lo ; -f Hi- lay- -bat ar no mo. ". 
Our C.. n;trv, o ir ’v.i .1" ir S a .‘ill . ;■! 

that you lov? n w ’i p, •- ;.i ■- • .n -:ot'h- 

, Jrl.’ol a ^ia. , hri lit d .wn i:. 1 u m.-.".dag 
full ..t 1 i..ii;i'. . III..! ir! -.i' 1 i:.i'  • d .yfalt 
of gie. t’l, eiul t.'iror. •:• t ?r. ( that 
darkue-s the fsi. t .jf our lie,..! look -a'lly, anl 
pil'i'. gly. I'll I'.vir.glv - 1,011 n-. Tii / ‘tave 
not died in vain. The Yanit they di • 1 for -hail 
yet reap tbe fruit of the _p-al -ai-ri:ic -. Our 
eom.try, ai-.-, ha. it- h. -pe-, that are n t J-'In- 
•iv e I'l ’r tb? fi I li e. T.« it, the s..h.?r a it irri'i 
(lavs liav not com — n-.r even tli.»--- of life's 
uiimiiT. Fm iH tiie r--y .lay- of -prinr !i .ve 
11 ..I ) t’. d.'I - .'.gh tl.e ' pl .r.ted’-v 

ai g'-;s bl... IU -.11 maiiv ./riv 

The New UaplaiB-Gowprnl oi ( abii. 

li. iieral Dnlee, the new C’aptiin-Gen. ral ..f 
Cl.' a, is nearly -ixty y, araof age. lie has 
held vaiioK- ini's.rHiut po-iti  ns (hiring hi- 
i ar er, in nil . f wht. h it l- s :i I that he ili-,.lay- 
. d a 'ililie- of a high order. H.- a.fmi.iistra- 
II of aiUira in the Hand ..fUiihawhil-- 
Caiitiin Geiieral W..S -ati-tietory in the imda 
to Ihe gov eiumciit, and not lew- -nti-far 

Pe-raiche* were reewired from PtmlwirK 
VfsWefMay tasHiietlBif Uw. real •eat, ihwUaa4 
iiouiherB porta.  o lay up hare !• watt few maw 
wai -T. Foot *w»4few of mow nm lha trw n M aM 
heavy ralM w-rw rwponag at Pii i ahuiq yourdai 
saK .« wi tiMsnpitt that there win hp aiaala watar 
OB the Mb ha the coal flewa M paaa dowB. 

The Miuiiie rewived liXi pluwAoallO 
"•as of mfew-PllBDPOaa tielght realerday aad haa a 
fair show for frplgbl lo-day. 

ThP D. M. Srchlpr m tandtuff Thmwd y 
Blghi sliiM-fc ta* wharfhoat aad loiw at saveral 
-tatibttary fPiideTr, ami la loaklng aaocher at- 
t- Dipt to bnxt stmek oae of the Graad Lake'a 
'arxps. kneekine a holp hi M. -Wie left Ibr Vadl- 
-oa with a light trip. _ 

The lUffiert 4loort-. lor XashviUe. had a 
bis irfp. She addad -ora u aa at DkwwUaamtat 
fteluhl here. 

.V negro deck hanil oe the .4linnie wmi 
kiH . k- dor. ri uard y -pkIjiv :^a fhl.lnu iteiTleh. 

'.. I -wiB ashore oalajured. The drrrii k stnirfe 
Mu. oa the heaiL 

Quite a ihie Ol eniigraktiun to Tennaaop 

S...S e-i .n. The uaiH-n '•'voie, for Sashrll).-, had 
"fir pas-PiMeis. all MaJaraais W that slatp. with 

'lie r p)liu.lp-. 

In 1 ur adyerlistng . i.Iuinns this mo. . ig 
vr:|l t»- feMiB'l aa laiporini ooilre u. ahlppsr-.flB 

'1 l,er ' is a 1 * 1 ' another bridge he- 
.|;g nwili a.-iow  ih - Mb-skkdvpl rtr-r, at Haant- 
' M-u. Mgtu--“U Uill'-s :s-luw galary. III., la 
■ I I n . Ton •  :')i the P'tp r«iin*T Railroad, ma- 
aiBK west iiTwai Napl--s, tie- roail i ed few which la 
.11 r a-3' ■ iKHn- "ir- - baadred owa wtu voao- 
ikpa.  : .a* .og I ho iroa-s ihia w--“k. .-.urreyt harw 
aiy. a-.; ; ■ • a lua-io -»l rai'k boitaaa feMiad umtar 
the iKsl of Ih.' sira-aa at ao irreal depth, aad iha 
:tv.r iK-ii.ii |. li- nairuw at the palBI solepspd. R 
Is -b   igh' 'tif the mat win aetrxeped half of the 
.up »: V'.-a'-v. Telearaais 

;s \-.i . :i l: . Is L Ulv -r faibag. wuh *.w *— w 
.m hv. psih sii.ei's. 

FalD Iv'l aiuot. vveaiher BOW sloodr aad soM. 

.••ifiv.-d- Ta.i-man, frottir-i'.rw. 

yfivii-ni.s, lie.', t. Wsathsr sloudy aad --ooi. 

;;,v  r rising slowly. While rtrer la thlflaw, 
* Il .1 IS feet w Xngu-ta. Th* ATX i iwa . la ,'aUlag, 
vv '.ih « f - I to LttllP Rork. 

.trrl»»-d Vt- 1 '.ls'Hy. frooi s». Loats; Aiwea. 
froiB I'alro. 

Is pan- d   asella. for New ewh-aas; Arooay, 
f. r IraaaTille. 

I'xIRo. IIP.-. Pasae.1— TTroop, ET*ao*in* 

r kei. *r. a.; V.rwiaa. Kvaaoriiie u  iteaphio. 

r. u.; listlBBa. Ne'e iwe-aasto LoMiWrlllr, W r. 
K ' vtarM.' • li . s - UoulA Vo ttomphla. U P. *•: 
n-.iuro. Siempals IO EiaaarUle, » a. a.; E ia p i w . 
su LomW m  iduaoarfl. . A. Ladp Ui#. -'fewuw- 
I tewaato •(. lowta.* s. W., lYMat^aTM. I-sam W  
! (laelBiMti. a A. w.; Gilt, St. Loui- w New iwleoao. 

L\an«v|l]^ 4 r. m.; jImu J. uiy*. 

to ('lAv iBMClw 7 P. J4. RifOr iUttOAOrP. 

W. atber ^ ?oody. 

T)m? ( iiu-ini jiij  ?a*/elfeufT»*H4 T»fciT'N*iyFr 

l.;c  Boor*! TndPa Xm lM«a 

• • •x-ri h r** two iUt* . ooC 

• 1 *’i«- »u •**■  i* la rlTM* mtn ara amclT totor* 

I 'is !. 1 Ap(.»4ai 1 . U Fr*40eatar 

hf r- !• d '.jie# I Fnf doafio« 

%i n r; a {•* IW fli ar®t fbr a Oo®' rseamoa 
* ''• ' 1 -he h .otBtmt Vfi r * iAr VkIj v*« *o rnttem- 

•iV' that tAe odrrcould d : N* acwpM for vaat of 

'ihr ktr \rkanaaa rtrar Fat 

u a' cirfiWiB^ aNm; J cAaa iM a aaof Aar 

UATHO Wf rr mr .%rkaeaaik nr**r. whtir «Ae did hava 
Uii-ehorrr 14i k oa fur WenpiMr aad aurrmc ttBt« 
Ths la piH.r raeouratfcizhrai !or aa ArXaoaaa 
r v«’r AacXi*t UjMfruBk A« r^ 

(.•e«»rvr Vjndrr'/rfiit't. K-^^. forserly a popalvr ea»  
'ij;cif»r 'in tAr Liitlr Miami r^Tli^ad. aad Mr. 
N^Ofilaartl. |iurcAaaA-«i u»-‘ t- m Jim At-d-m a 

Till-  «. I.ouis Deinorral of Thumhiy 

*^‘-ira!u^r* Aar# aona fr* -m Pitta Aarji aad ’'i. L* dla •• 
N. led ioi»M r nrrrt-adr. 

ir rt wrrr «• il «uit‘d fur it. ban «Aa aaderait?r«' ^ 
r.t v. ; ir.rp ralf I tbria Necattar Ihrjr aad IDC 

• r- r*. (| -tiH •i-Arr-r. md f* th- - *a-Tm 

, r 1 1 i : 4 t* . »J r m r.» ifw in *.h • N^w Or* 

: - • • - .V !. ,• -f Nk-a '». »*•»• -* kTkri 's-r a»** 

■w Ih- - . *4 .. r. f » ' »r- ‘ ATt» fr-lWfewa, 

. , ,t - ; . . k ' n H-l* rp.’ J-i't ? d  T 

. , • ' . .- •• • -V- r-» -4a. A M.Haru 

- .1 . . .s«-i r * r f -iiu* 

' * 4ii 1, -t L ilx Wa 

, U ;* -•-«■ if»r it4f lArir alU»* 

. T' »•* t ' ’v. liilrw t  r‘*or&Ai» 
... , • -I.r -’i-P' ^ rvizcr.* wAi  

s--r .i .ui%- rri 'f'll Ka*l rtrer r *an»ry. 

,1 ij- . ;• a*-t ^vl iha) tu b • f e*?d 

' • • • T • r* ‘*f V.** Tnerr'ihiil* ‘atTfiaa 

. S' li.', U4t4.'. The- Wik, ' A, van V. i.k'OiAhy, 

4 • ’.t-rirht fii'i.-Krd r.^er flex't taking ‘'•'r 

im-r day a *’kil W»ad. irkeladintf 

t hi fits -i.f • r Fire Fty tell Davenp  ri  a nna tap al 

1 . :■ - on f* r -Mkaib '*} •' k* a bnat aad 

J. T-m fit ^«at Dj'-rt (i'lrln* tAapaid frw m 
ftn44 . of): ‘  Uud maua-d eatirtrly Hj Aaacara. slba 
iw T nr L*s • '.ilr-aU-vArr. aad Aaa* abta a o c imi 

i» - !. t'.i i.- tv r ffur •ri.rn. N wj-U’fi re*ouj actd 

ni- Tir tzii- '•A*' rt la I- nirtA. Aeam IS 

• ri. The f i»»d» r "f The Ftre Ply te Xortoo. p4* 
It t Jaio* w I Iniati. • utfAi-rr i'Aarl«*a BetK'A. Tbaaa 
lArrr. With » i.aa-ol-all-work, Tbomaa Vort^trafr 

titatr Aar "flleera, paaariMC«n aad ''irv. Tbe Ckp  

- ala c f lAr 4 tr« Hy la a ;irofeado ukl Awnamaa. aad 
rafla a amn?e k;ml Uia. taaummar Aa.(oaa t-  (Aa 
. r North. «h-rr 1 # klite pair aad abtpa tt la Bfirttea 
a r» York, with whom Aa Aaa f oatracta lo fvolito 
thr *aiD€. a lairr app *achaa Aa acmiAward. 

aad poraaca Ate •4orap*Oi a ia the wlklaof Arkaaaao 
aad Misaoari. HiiA :h.a mile •:eamar Ae tMrn*i 
oa^teatiaa  Ar «CT»ama aad bayoaa af tbaaa 

^iMiea la Aonaii  f amo. , _ 

l.’lrrrarartr htaijuuary. To C ai*o -fabt aad a half 
:eti water, to K-uk )W aud la tter nunote all tb * waorr 
waatrd. Wra'Aar aad ba«»miad cooler. 

t*  N-w  »rteaaa ;taehaii]Ct‘d-belaiNla tevor if 

• hipprra. with at u fiyo c ioof aa early adwaace. .'ihArb 

aird k w, with a*»e 1 *jM toa« IWIitAt. aad tbe Liala 
4.)n. wliA d-partfi (i r N-w orlaaaa. Tbe 

N  rtArra Urn* wharf A«a h-ea isiw-d away to .Utoa 

’ u. h- »Qo(b« r v%ldt.M t «  . wiat’*r‘fi arar aaproaeb. 

I an r w-SoATi* -«ni- in ir ^m !hv mraoari. waoeteerr. 
ib« Ifi-i of tba w aeon. IbiCi d-*-Une to r^taro. TAap 

• ,!f| all t risdurt* ai.i tie hs JC^lh»*T -onl t -irryoa 

lurw.TtT. (hr Mhwolirl .w^riid ooi iar abord '41. 
. • « Mte»Mai|fpi i- r»9u.f below l ar« iporu 

stiMl .allkOtC ib«)V-. 

The St LouL- Di-i»aU*h ol* Wedats-Uy 

t. * -:saii.Ni at wta:*#!!* ** 4if tA  upper portlua of 
I- -; ••• T 4-®v»v»a. ouow ^ arrirate 

- 1 Vaai. arafefiwi law  f *ar rhor? w«r- 6 
.J is«. in- ii .ui- af larrrr i 'Wnaar tfia.i laMy«*r. 
L ‘ Tar^r i-Ttoage Aa- lav'r'W-w-.d. fbe AMi boat 
« h I. r-il : * - fi. ir-vn h-l .w t**w 

• ~al'»r« av. .\®st • VA. i h-* Wee* :• t!ikJ» At . X he* iib-‘r .^43.iaa« 

. t..r .4 rcpn rai ^.ai^ u ; Jiy Ib . - r «Jftte 

; t,.w. I. rkintc r rr- Th- at of 

Il h In ifi jbo'i* m »alAa 

. t a.h :i - »• 'wrn .*iw* * A-'nIo i,;er thaa 
( M j.t ul«*»rtl. T'i.s hif •••♦‘4 a Very 
^ r-r riTrr b» 

The rit Lonis Titnew of Thitrs liy sayw: 

1 h. lai.lion mad* la Iwhatf ..f - aplaiu -e .im*«. lo 
. ...ii nu Ikr -al. -vf the At- amer i.rrxl l.-*p-aMic fur 
*.(.(.• hwhIU il Ihe .-'srshar. ..Ak*, tl.l .1 roiae afi 
 .-t.;isr n Ina befl.n- .la'xr fp-ai, w.e«a- 
pe.-'c-.. l:.r co.i'l :■• hear aryu ; ..*1 Ih. 
4vrgi.i 'Se « 4rteT-.-nnr.1. — r-ral de-- siijons w-r- 
r.aifr to h* pr.M.Btr.1. -u iwiiig Ike aaot-v r of pap- 
s' : s pr -r:.t at tha .-ale. The ia"t Uu*i the Noai l.y 
atfh.ll Ike ror|s r.le limit- ..f * %voa«W: -1 t I'le Dioe 
rg sale. It h. a varr .Ig .ill. aai fari that ao i-roparty 
. 1 . , rr. at- *AO rapl *iv m a .ira.jil.oai. aiv-l after haa- 
,rg ‘ ren run Ibr aa hit.- T... - ■ an'.eegs*l-‘dwtla  

f.uuiai t . fiper i rM.'-f iiaeuia. 
i;. .lals last ihe \ilaal.e aa.1 Mia-tsaip-ai - eamehip 

* i-niaiy e-M »i pahllr an.-ti-n. ii the Wrr.--i»a*a* 

* velaux-e. a :«s of vcsm-I- al a l-rrihfe ■Irpr.-.-'laiioa. 


r. u. 1- -- 

th- '•-.Uie .\-.l 

lory 10 the Uiibui'S. Ueli is a g.Kxl deil Of 

.gU?.M kilJM 
■SI :■* NoU.l r WM 

■rlraie -ole hv ike co-iipaBy aipt-aaa, -bo a lag 

Brawl" WUluma, ol Ongon, wiU inUxxtace 
a bUI tMk amfiau for kRlwidlring a jailr.w'l 
irom Humboifit Ctty.oii the Une of the Unkili 
Eacifii RaUmad. to PorUond. Oreroo. Thia 
enteryiriac vrtll famiah conveafeot com 
muDieotiuh over oar farUiertt-t ouUy 
ii^ fstatoa, aad oarc the prcecnt tr .nb'.c-oiue 
meeat of rmehiag there. 

The ageuta aad felcude of tb Uni iaPacirc 
Railroad arr maaterio^ here in force cloae on 
tfae bech of the rep«irt at the Govenuneit 
I. naimiaalnnrn which wa.- not tavoroble to tfae 
— uii af eieeiA of tfae road a.- it- officers antici- 
pated. There h ol-o a rtroag force to oppooe 
tbe Unioa Pacific a^i.b- -ant faiUicr from 
New Tortt to repreeeat tfae iutereoU of those 
who bold tfa. farat mortgage boud- of tbe rood. 
oo4 wtaooe intereat it ia to have toe rood boilt i 
ia a aa| er1or and darable style. 

Tfae latter will aifc the propriety of witli- I 
ra-JOiny • oertolB pardon of aubsidy to the 
raad BBtU It h decided that Uie company Lave 
fulfiUad their coobaet to build and .-quip a 
£ivt-eia« road. An InvestighUou of tlic af- 
itlktr. cj tfae Unioa Paein- Rood will be m-ired 

Moax •cizraxp 

bm been reoiaved ben: t'oat 
■gent O'Toole,  mc at tfae Cammi-d-ni.-n of 
factuok. who made a Urge aeizure of ailk 
gooffi. hi York laot weak, on ife'ednemiay  xq - 
tared aaotfaer lot of smuggled g K ib- in tfae 
- , 1 -. cHy. valwed at giO.OflO, and yesterday he 
•naed good- valued at fiSO.OOO, wUicIi had 
been kmaggted in free of duty. 

nwer AKD poancm aE*. 

Tbe C'-mmfesioner of Cuktoow n-j. rts that 
thr mooev received from fiiies and forfeitnrea 
rkOTA June, IB67, exceed* h»lf a m'.Ji-iM d-ii- 

coc-iderable excitement. A faeariug a ill be 
bad U  morrow rooming 

Jiime- Kumbic, a yoang uarriod man rcsid- 
itur in Alieglicny, yeab-rd-ay violated tbe per 
SOD of a little orphan girl, named Jane Si 
vene, aged twelve years. Tbe f. mily were all 
absent at tbe time. She received very severe 
i ijur e-. 


Tl.e Newspaper C ontempl t'aso — IloSie. 
uiiaus Ahead. 

■ .. Ii: .nni"- la..' Coun r-Joiinial.l 

lN:)lAJi/ Dee 4. — The courl room Was 
en.WJicd lill- momiii-g t" - •■ th  dl-;K -lii‘ju 
uadc of ibe oont. mpt . . gaii.-l tbe edilora 
of the Joumal and freiitin.-l. Hun. Samuel £. 
P ikin-. Uu- tuiin m-. J-aditc, Major Gordon, 
and Uoii. J»t e)4i E. McDonald ap)«ared as 
Cviiu-el. After the opening of the court Hon. 
Jobu Hanuk, connsel f- r the kcenscd, r«s -, af 
ter cousuUaUoo with the Judge, and in a 
giandiloqaei.t -iK?eeh, in wbiidi lie flaunted de- 
fvnci' in the fac'- of the public. In withdr. a 
Ujc apiplioatioo, and Uiereapon Hie Judge re- 
si iurted tbe order. In terms re-fl'-etiiig u{k*d the as bn-y-bodic6 who liod no roni .-ras 
ofil.. ',: own U» attend I'l. His Honor siiapjKKl 
1 i- j.idleial lingers in the fa e of the |(ublic 
prcM-, bul lb  f;«?t i- n.-vertbcleM- that t-.e 
'Glut b;i- teen badly def.-ated in tb. luait- i. 


»etlon for l.ibel-The Uric I.itigu 
lioB l.arkia's Murderers .Admilled 
fo liaii— .4 Ktartliag Kepoii to l*e 
.Made by Ihef ongressioual Kctreaeli. 
ment f ommiltee—Coal Matisties. 

New Yoke, Ib-c. 4.— It i- rtau-d Ibai Fi-k 
i- a'-out to sue lb. j-a]KN . that publi-hed 
... rbled of hi- Frie Railroad n.K-lnr- trip for damag.-s. and bi- c»UD-el, it is r-? 

ex|Ns-iti m of hi- views wbieli were- favorable 
to the p-sumption of specie payment. H - of- | 
leicd a n-soiution that it was tlie duty of the ■ 
Govemm.-nt to make jirovi-ion for thr gradual j 
withdrawal I f tl.e legal tender notes nut arl.i- I 
tra i yl.utto allow exchange for bonds bear- | 
nn; Inl. rest. i 

Mr. Noy — made a fiw n-inarks. HclM lieved j 
On .1 fi cul.'e- in the way of the re-sunqition I 
of -p.   ii I ; yin. nt more imaginary Oiaii leal. ; 
. I.e G..V . ;i.ment could do it In six months by 
•Jk- u'Jiq.fion of vigoron- in -asures. He sub- 
n it.'d a resoluUon to tbi*. efiect. 

Mr. Kai.d..',ph, of Chie.ig.., said he was op- 
IKued to ai y imai-ure- lhat would make 
c u-ses of n.iiuoy. la-gal-tcndetB -.loald o- 
- .-I. er 1 ossitil- ’ls; rui-. d lo gold value. He 
o::  r  d a resolution to Ihi- efl. et th it the true 
• ol'.ey of the fi.iveriim- nt in atU-iuptiiig l.  re- 
-i.i.:.' -Is eil- layiii.-nt is to strii tly iin’re to 
iji.tioi at lilt iriiiy, and thi- eamiot be dom- by 
eru-rlaiiiin/ -ung- .-ti'.'j- looking t" i-artial rc- 
pudiati. u. 

Mr. Tcrp'ni, - f Chi.agv.. foll.iw.-d with lii- 
v;ew . 

Mr. Mann, of Chicago, took Uie floor and 
said tbe tiist that -hould be dou.- was Io 
I relre-u. h tbe expenses of tbe gov .-rumeiit, and 

I u; tbe 11 . xt p’.aee to r.-ducc the rale of intere-l 
on Ibe debt. 1 he great bo ly of 111.- d.-i.l be-ara 
-X lercent. u ore than any / .v.-minciit ou 
. iurlb s coii.|H lied to i*y. lie Uiougbt H.e 
_ov. mment ii- t morally 'bound to pay Itie 
Iku d- Hi gold unl.-sB it Im- to tin ir iiitere-t 
H-- w:u- in fav  r of a new lu.iii at a lower rat.-, 
or jay them iu fh* »aroe currency that the 
Iiecj i. iiei.lligcd to receive for d. lit-. 

Mr, How. ufitred remark- to the same effix t. 
F. Davi-, of Cinclniuili. agreed lu th.- 
I main with tbe SH Loui-, only 
I .;itii r'.i.g as to tbe m. a.-nr '. Tiie Gov.-rniii’ iil 
-liould do as busines- finii-; if they ea-.'t i-jv 
^ tin- d  tiG at on. e, get an cxlen-iou of the 
j liine, and go to work h'leb .iidin* our rc- 
-oi rce-. 44 e have rc-.iurci- Il .von.! m.-asur.‘, 

' aid two or three years -i.e.-v— lui er.q -, 
gri.wUi and pro-j erily in th' S.mtb would 
il. ip u- out of oiir pn--ent ditli' alties. 

Xlr. Mcfiraw, of D.-', th .ii/Iit it wa- 
I n..t e- ja i.iei t to it'.. mi t s;.icic p-ayment 
! ui Hi v id rufficieiit ha- -d in the 
I T • a-ury to |Niy all indel.t ? a' i' m-.tiir.--. 
Mr. Kevii ..d-, of Louisv ille -aid: 4V. ■ have. 


lii-Hiy .Know storm— f7al ‘ on Ihe Lakes 
— shipwrerk* .Aiitieiiiated. 

( iiiCAGO. December 4.— A liv ely snow storm 
aeconq;nui.'d by a furious gale of wind, eoni- 
meneed at an early hour tbi- morning and 
eontiuned during Hie day. U|) to this liour 
from -ix to eight iuebes of suow lias fallen, 
but owing to Its heavy, wet character it has 
drifted veiv little although the wind is very 
Strom:. Mreet ears have sn'[K-iid.-d .qn-ra- 
tious, t nt th'- trains on the varnius roa is cen- 
tering at this city, as far a- h.-ard from, liave 
s. lien d I.ttlc or no intemq.tion. The trains 
w iii leave tliis rity tliU evening on time. 

Tl.e gale on the lake has lien fuiious and it 
is feared lliat several i)ro|Kllers aud oilier vi-s- 
se1“ known to i»e out may have -uflered, a- 
-oiiie dll.' l.ere- this momiiig have not arrived, 
latrgc quantities of Imiiiver upp-earedaboutHie 
Ijreok water in front of Mieiilgaii avenue this 
nionilug, indicating tliat some vessel loa.led 
wlHi lumber must liave been wn-eked or her 
d.-ck loud swept oti. 

■Tbe Hiz'h scliiM*! building at Fo;i du Lac, 
\\ is., was Immed last cveuiiia, suii)K sed to be 
tl.e work of un incendiary. 


Gov. Meforiiiiek'M .Annual .Message— 
.Mining Slutislirs. 

San Kkancim o. Dee. 4.— Gov. .MeU'innick 
d. livered Ills ni'-ssagc to tlie ?\iizjua 
lAgibhitnn- at Tuscan, Noveiiib.-r Id. He says 
tl;.- jopiiliition of the Tcrrib.iy Incri-ased the 
l ast year and Uie tuxalile [.r.iperty is one-third 
gn-ul’er tlian in lNi7. Xi  gn-af prigie-s can 
! ■ made so long a- the Apa. he r.iid- .-ciitiiiue. 
He eoiii|:Iim.'iits th. regular iroeiis for Hie 
l.ravery of their acts. 

Ifis I atr Itepnrt upon Afliiirs in Krii- 
liiekv nml Tciiii'.-s'«»c. 

(From Ihe Selma Tlm.-s, 1st.) 

Only a Southern liora man, who fought the 
p; ojili- of the Soutii against his own convic- 
tions of doty, and feel- that all true men of 
both sections execrate Ui- crime, could have 
w ritU-n tl.e rejKirt of atliiira in Hu- military De- 
p irtmenl of the Cumberland recently trans- 
mitted to tbe Secretary of War by Maj. Gen. 
George H. Thomas. 

In that n jiort Qen. Tlioma.s appears to have 
gathered every story of ‘Tehel’' violcuce aud 
erm.e, invented by |tarti-uns for politic il pur- 
ls ses during the late canvass, against the ]m:o- 
ple of Kintucky and Teimessi-c. and S'.'nt 
H ein into tlic world with his oilleial indors.-- 
m nt after Hie oeea-iou that ealle I them into 
existf^- had )»i=.-cd, and when the only ob- 
■« et tiB.' aeeouip'.i-h. d L- to lihiekeu ibe c'.iar- 
• eliri.f a whole [icople and arou.-e a^Tmst 
them the vengeance of mankind. 

V. e do not iir-aHe here that General Thomas, 
.. \ iiginiiin, vva.- wrong, and the i).-o))le of tin* 
  I'.tb ritJit, tlie one hi ligliting lor the Union, 
tl.e i.tlu r in ligliting for tlieir Mate-, in tiie 
l.'le war, b. eau,-e it i- unnecessary in d.'aliiig 
with tl.i- rep.irt. Wc onlv a-sscri tliat Uu- re- 
jH.rl, so iiiulieious, so vindictive, so unjiLst, so, and all the-e s.) uniu-cessarily, 
could not have been written by (ien. Thomu- 
if lie did nut feel tliat bis i-unduct lu taking up 
arms against his own SH.te wa- a crime, and 
if III- couse ieiiee di. l u t *- oroaeh liim tliere- 
-O®- fVI 

in one jdae.-, I len. Thou.- refers to an ex- 
Confederute who liud made an assunlt (with 
his list) ujion a -‘Union man,” for which he 
vv a- arrest, d by the military authoriti.'s on a 
eliarge of ‘‘violating his parole,” and liis 
trial l-y a militurv eommi-su.n oi-dor.-.i, Tlie 
matter was taken before tb.- ;\ltorncv General 
of tl.e United States, who could not see a vi- 
olation of ] arulc In the sinqile breach of the 
(cacc, and in-trueted Uie Dejiartinent 
mand.-r to tiini the ease over to th*- civil aii- 
thoritii -. Gen. Thomas eom) Iied, hut his re- 
lorl -hows liow rcluet;mlly he gave up th-? 
opporluiiily to wre..k ids hate up-.ii a e )u 
quered and -nbiiiiswive ex-eiicmy. 

Every oiitr. g - in T.-micssce or Kentu Vy is 

to retuni to the Union witliuut the imix ?iti.iu ing a moderate view of lUcqncslionart rvv.inl 
of even the mildc-t I.euaities for li.c great And this vva- Uie end of the publii lrou'i!-?s. 
Clime of the rebellion, lix-, in tlie cstim-ation the rioT excitement 

of the Republicans and tlieir allies, placed the ,. . ., . , . 

entire isirly very nearly In tlie position oeeu- Coincm. iit with the poll. e hnhro-gUo there 

l ii d l.y the SoutUcni Duiiocracy during the * ere olh. r causes of pnl.lic mie-a-m.-.s. Fr .in 
la-t ten years. **'® I'ti'-li of St. Bernard reports of a highly 

Nevertheless, in sj.iie of thes.' a-iverse cir- infiauiini.tory u.iture- w-.-re received. .4 white 

cum-tuiiccs, and of the dead weight they ear- Democratic eiul. iu that iHirish ha.l kill.|d a 

ried in the revoliilioiiary i of thc'ir can- negro, -.ome eitizeu- had shot a Mctro; oUtan 

didatc for 4’ice-Pre-ident, Uie D.-iuocraev ex- polieeinaii. The negro. - a.-S 'mbleJ at night, 

lilbitcd unexpected strengtli in the late 'con- bunied the house of a leading vvhite Uenio- 
Icst, ami now stand u)M)n the edge of the ®.™I’ V** with it, drov .- his vv ife and 

battlefield iu powerful numbers, and under a ®bi-dren into tlie woods, severely beat 

remarkable state of diseipliue. ““ sbtt r. and broke the leg of one of ins cbil- 

Ibis defiant attitude of tb. defeated De 'Ihesewere the faeU. Public rumor 

moeraev will not be without iG legitimate them even worse. ITie exeiteinent in 

cttcct liiiou the victorious Republicans. They ^*“7 ®tij' "'eut " i mcrvusiug from day to day, 
see tbeir old foe standing ready to take ad- fli'^Hy developtd into hostile eollislons, 

vantage of all mistakes into which the in- lollowed by acG of repre-al aud reiallution, 
coming administration and Congress inav be against black, black against white, 

led. They know that their first etfort’ will ^ ^®, "f violence were generally cm 

Ih? turned toward winning to their sUiudurd mitted by -mall parties, whom Inc police alone 
as inuiiy States as jKKvsible next fall, while ought to have been siillicleul to delect aud ar- 
ll.elr most desperate exertions will thereafter *'* almo-l every  .'ase thi-iiiL-chicf wa.s 

.\t any rate, this was done, the paiK?rs all t.ik- Iv' ''!! ' l.mlt "l the poor 

ing a moderate view of Ihcqucslion;ift rvv.inl !' ®“v-elv(-s. No 'aimly Ahoowii five a. r?- of 

And this vva- U..- end of the publii Irou'il-'s land i;i-.'d ever siK-nd an iiile hour. Mr. 

Gnelev wi-lud lhat he could lu-pire Hie 

THE RioT EXCITEMENT. blacks G til North and tknitu with as great a 

C'oincid.'iit with the ))oll. e hnhro-gUo llierc pi.-si. n for land as the Angb. :?axuu race 

were olti. r causes of public ime-Osin.-.s. Fr .in has. II. wmited a place where- no in..n could 

Hie i.arisli of St. Bernard rep.irts of a highly eoinc ai.d tell him to “move . n.” Tiie uew 

iiifiaumii.tory uature w.-re received. .4 white id.a of the age, that • ..i-ics in b. lieij. th ■ jvoor 

Democratic eiub iu that ) arish ha-l kill.-d a aid hclple—, is ro-c) eratiou, and by taking 

uegni. Some eitizeu- had shot a Mctro;*oUtan advai.tuge of that idea the we-ak be- 

polieeinaii. The mgro. - a.-s. mbleJ at night, c. me strong. Mr. Gn-eley alluded 

burned the bou.-e of a leading white Ueino- to the uiaiinerln which a eo-o,-.erative -tore 

erat, and his body with it, drov.' bis wife and was siieee- fully esGblislicd and conducted in 

littli- children iuto the woods, severely beat i Rochdale, in England. He -aid that the col- 

bl- put forth to secure a majority in the 
Honse of RepresenGtives in the clcetlons of 
IS'.O, liulb parties well knowing that iio Ad- 
ministration has ever been able to bear up 
against a loss of tbe jvopulur branch of C.*n- 
gre-8 during its term, and that such lo-s has 
always been followed for tbe last thirty yeirs, 
will, one doubtful exception, by tbe overthrow 
of the i arty in tl.e next Pre-identlal canva-s. 

1 he-e coiisid.-ralioiis will liiijK-l the Kepul* 
’.lean- to walk with the greatest ciren inspec- 
tion during ihc next two years, while the 
DeiiiiMTacy will, on the other hand, watch 
th- ir sleps with the utmo-l vigila-ie?. 

i I, in this new era of our national history, 
l.oth jiarties would join in the jiatriotle w ork 
of recon-lructing a shattered Lnioii and dif- 

doiu- aud the guilty juirties had dispersed be 

fore inforuiatiou could reach these iK-ail- I Co-oiHralive Laad As.-o i:ition, and aft r 



Duriiie till- lieat of the exeitem.ut, ab .iit 
till- ‘37lh of (letoG-r, tiovenior Wuriiiotb, 
G.-neral A. L. I,ee, ami my-elf were -p/aklug 
of the pr.ibabilitv of C'llti-ioii- at the polls on 
the .'id of N'ov. niber. rii. ir o|.inion, in which 
1 eoneurr d. wnstlml if tlie exeilciaeiit e.m- 
tinm tl iqv to tin' dav of . le.-lion tb.-re w.nild 
be lier. e lighting at the polls, ami a g.-iienl 
row all over the city. It win. remarked by 
both tl.ese gl iitl.-inan lhat the better conr-e 
would be to udv i-.‘ the colored people not to 
vot,-. Thi- wa- done, and hence the small 
Ri'I.ubliiim vote ca-t in HiL- city, and in many 

Poverty is • Iten Hi. fault ;.l thepo.vr I dst* ruin at.ou and f ■ hen aro i--- 1, and he 
•s. Ni. family vhoowu five a, r?- of tb.refore just the man tov^appl- wit-j any 
d ever siK-nd an idle hour. Mr. '-.fl-eulties Iha' mav aris,- vshieh w..n!d d - 
ibttt could iu^pirc l!ic prum» t juU duri:*iTC -uaion. Iv U* 

th North and Svoulu with as great a beved lhat his appolnlm.-nt has G-ni iniffie 
for fend as the Anglo siaxou race with iwr.. or more ob;e. t- m vu-w. Fir I his 

wmited a place where no in..n could ! ®Dro« al lopularit;. , lib r I pn-vcild -s. -m.l 

[tell him to "move ..n.” The uew -late-manlike view- ajould eiubie him to al- 

cage, that • .i-ies in t  liei). th ■ )K*or biy atd rrmov? all aggrax iting c.uscs of jfas- 

less, is co-oT eratiou. and l.y Uking e.jiteut, and thereby piil oil the evil Jay, 

L‘ of that idea the w’e-ak be- wtuch ev. ry one e- L- commg s.muu r . 

^tron•' Mr Gri-cley alluded when liio Uuitid will dcclan* itiKlf free 

mnerTn which a eo-o.-erative -tore fnd tak.- into its own hands its destiny. If, 

  rully esGblislicd and conducted in however, hi- . on* I lalory ad tn ms .ration 

. in England. He -aid that the col- ^h'-uW '»'! rmooffi our temiKJiyy dillleul 
ored people of tills city should for.u as-.K-ia- li®?. and the p.ople, beriming tired.  f the 

tious on tliut prin.'i’ple, and Iknmmdi' imle- boii*ls tln-y wear, shi.ulJ attempt to gam tu -Ir 

pendent of the white-, .T of .'Xtortiouers while lud.'pendrace, the General s soldierly qnali- 
orhlaek. Bv i.ursning this course, they will tu-s are then relied np.n by the Goveniin. nt 

grow into -elf-p-spect, and after a time find to sup).re-s every attempt at msiirr.etioo, .md 

that those who once insulted andabu-e-.l th. iu h tp the snug little island flmly tiedt.* the 

will then how to them on the -treet. |,4p- mother country. In order that he m*T carry 

l luu.-e.J Th. land question w a- agaui br.mgut '”*1 *^® latter p«rt ..f the programme tn i-aae 
U[ , and viiwed fr. m a c—Oicrative -HiuJ- neces.-itv require-, a Jivuiioii^ five th.m-aiid 
point. Mr. Greel. y -aid that a f. w ve .rs ago i"®" **,® ‘»"‘ ® '®"‘ 9* “ 

a unmiK.r of mechuuii - of New Y.irk city, '** '**“ alreu*ly re-pev ‘oible for.-e of soldi, rs 

none if Ihciii worth more than sijdt), for*u d’a '■J™’ th- l-toii.i. A -mall -q.iaJron of roea- 

live As^oxiation, a..J aft r "‘H also be sent out to watch the 

s. . 0 . 0 .. nt Ih.-e I.. It... . ..ui-c of eveiils il. iig the -Girc. 

fusing pcac- through all iU iM.rU. rs, and I m the juirishes of the State. Ii can hardlv li 

would then bury the deed past and move for- 
ward to dUcliaruo tlie dullc- of the Uvin;^ fu- 
ture, the of ihc people would l are bul 

little for the nu iie of Uie polillcul orirani/.a- 
tioii that h:i|4)en l«t hold the oitice^ and 

wield the p owers oi tiie GoV'-rmueut . 


neee-sary me to more than remark that 
Ihi- wa- a mutter ov. r which I could exerei-e 
no |M.-sihle eontr..!. The lea.h-rs of the Re- 
I nl.lieaii [.arty having advised the negrue- to 
stiiv away from thi- poll?, thev -t.iyej a va.. 
it V.US neither in iiiy place n..r in my power to 

ra sing a c.-rt.iin amount they wi-nt to the 
place now know u as Mt 4'triioii. and tuurht 
land. Tbi- they bad -iir/eyed aud laid .. it 
into -nn.ll plots, 'll*, re-ult was it -.kiii 
dutil'Kd *11 value. Lots w.-re -oil, ami 
eni nnh vva- realized lo giv.- each man a small 
hi me.-te.'d a-ide from what was dis- 
I o ed cf. li.- uihi-. il the col. .red people 
t.) c. -t.i er.itc .'lid buy a township or 
less. sell, ting land thatis..i.tof the market, 
aud then to I.I lug it iuto uiark.-t by puiliii.g 
peoj le upon it. Mr, Gm lev -i ..k.- of Viiie- 
laml. aud ii:gi tl lliose vr ho could lo go down 
tfiire aid g. t -ome of the i.leas prevalent 
there, even if thty d;d not wisii t.  buy. I'he 
(aet liiat no Ihiu .r- of anyk'uid are soM iu 
lhat jilace i- a great thiu-g, and thus tog. tlier 
vvilh tlie intellig. iiee ami of the (.e:.- 
ple n:ak  s it a place worth stiidving. rUe 
siM-aker called 1 at i i'ii."’ ’ 
pi rtniiee . I ai ii. iiltur.-. II.- s lid Hut hither- 
to the lilaeks have liM.k.-il iiiM.ii it a- drinlge- 
rv, because thev had kn..‘AD it only a- slaves. 

niver News. 


iKor itartl.'n!.in 

( lt.  txmatl  iKN. LYTtF. . 

LIM’1I1!.»I! rMifcU M Vlk..' 

LKOSoKA No. i . 

K- in; kv i:iviT .l oVK no. 1 

H. MU r*. '! ..T\K.\- ON 

KiTBr.-K.VTK K« BIN.M»N . 

W • .t** l.'Uur .. 

\rk »:lTrr MINN IK 

\4%fe 4 rlrBii». .. Nli Iv LoNt f W j'uK 1 H. 

,\RR1\ VL. fi- l rrrmterr I. 

Vi.l 1 'cn. aai’i: H.-'.' 

li. M M....IV. ( Inciu. an. Vliaal .. V lai uioaii 

limit iq  tlie colon *! voter- wli*. purposely re- thin?- have i li’anged ii..w and tlie’ H u 

Adilitional force i- iw ilcd, e-ic-chilly of I: id upuu tl..- -'reliel-.'’ If •‘rebels” were the 
oo)s- familiar with tbe country. Favors a— uiluiits, or omld be put iu tbe |M)sUioj of 

lutbem i’a* ilie R.-ilnsid a- a means of sub- u-suihints l.v Uie mis-t skillful maiiipulution of 


Gcii. E. jArdine, Edward Buxton, Bad Mi. 
Gondnow, formerly keep*® lb.- House 
of RepresenUUves. are candidates lor that 
|4aec. vice Upplncott. reeigiied. 

ca.vv4» or mau. rovte-. 

UpoB reoacnaaeadiitioB of special ag -nt 
McCarty, tfae Postmeater General fo-day or- 
dered that tfae mail oa tfae Crab Orebard line 
etioold be extended tc Mt. t'emon, Laurd 
eoBBty. also that tfae Boatbem and Western 
■•Qa lo Biefamond and Tkdnity shall be sup- 
ptied direct from Louisville, over tfae nUrood 
fnen LoBisrUIr to Bicfamond. Tfae above 
cfaanp’s an to be directed bv Mr. McCarty on 
faic retnni to Kortaeky. 

* onto s(TVBvis ):isH[r. 

Tfae CoBanie-iODer made no noiuinatioo to- 
day for Biipen iaor of tfa'? Sozlfaero liietrict at trip (or damag'-s. and ui- coun-el, it is re 
l-.ned. in-- aireadv pro' ;.jN-d .m a’.l/'-hm :it 
I —sA M- vqrain t out journal. 

’ , , TTic Erie nutUT befor- Ju-Jg.- Bntbcrland 

1*.- Mouse , j„ ,Vav allow- d t'l stand over, Jn ige ( ar 
■ lor tfaat i do-a not La. iiqt yet decide 1 the cas-? b(rf.jre 
I liim. 'n*e suit on wliicb Judge Barnard to 
, dav issued an iujun-Uon agoiin-t tfae New 4'ork 
teutral raiiriad clurg. - tfa - company wiU* an 
vial Bg -nt j overissue of stoii U* the ainuniit of iW.4‘ l.- 
fo-dav or- i -Hn, of wfaie: e3o. 71b were issued on tbe sur- 
_. _j' ij i render ol cmvcrtible bunds aud tfae Ualauc. 

viV U ’ '• tv 1 ^ ’11“' Wi, km.l.urg and Cabbi mines pav w. 

. ’ '±’ t S.s^-ie ’ Tb. Kenluckv Mining Conqamv has de ;i-..r.‘. 

I, KV. rd .«a*-lot.s susis-uded s Ku-fe p..  dividend of tblrtv dollar- a share for Nove 
iiciit w lU. a fo-r eap.ta   ir ..latmi. of w 

al. we muiiie rpi-ei'- mTiiient’J our cir • • ..i „„ , *.. .. 

troois- familiar will* tbe country, iavors 
Miutbcm I’a* ilie R.'ilr.sid a- a means of suh- 
iugalii g liosiib- li'dian- and o]K-iiing the 
e. imlry. T. rritorial debt f 3il, )U0 iu curreuey, 
wliicb will la: reduced onc-tUirJ before the 
 1..-|. of Hie yiiir. 

Tin- \Vi  kciibiirg and Cabbi mims pay well. 
Til.' Kentucky Mining CoriqKuiy lias de*;iar.‘da 

incut w ill, a fcr capita c ir •;' n of h- it-jw 
cal. we r-sume spi-ei'- jKjyiiient wheu our cir 
culatirin is f30 p.-r head: \Vc live mucli moiv 

ex|ci*alvely than f umeriy, ainl eaii earry a 
greater amount of curreuly, bul it i- pr.-}K s 
t. n-ii- to -lip;- so lhat wv can rc-i me at any 
fixed day In toe future. \V.- can't exp'irt 
b -avily, because our m .rhets are Hie hi-ghc-l 
iu tfae’world. Ar long a- this i-thee ;-e we 
esiu't rsume. 4Ve mu-t o:v:s-nd l.-s- or sill 
more. He Ivlieved il to be no violation of 

1 S. 111 V tiave levii-d an a-s.--im-ut . 
a -hnic. delinquent January .')!u. 


Gcii. (Diinl and his Vdniircrs. 

Boston, I), e. 4. — Gen. Grant vi-it.-.l l. iwell 
lo-diiy, i.rrivii g tin re in e.iiiqiauy with tin- 
V: and Coiimiilte.- of City (iovemmeut. 

i II luc sinqne oreaea ot luc fri- oner Tak. it from the .lail un.l 
id m-trueted Un? Department Hung— Summary 4cii-gcatire I poii a 

0 tuni the ease over to the civil aii- ‘ T 

Gelt. Thomas complied, hut hi- re- * , 

■vvs how rcluetaiilly he nave up th-? [From the Na-hvllle I ulon. 4lh.] 

lily lo wreak his hate up..ii a e.m- Wl.ile Brownlow's mditia were statiein-d in 
ml -iibiiiiaive cx-encmy. Franklin i oiiuty in i'v( 7, a young mau by the 

oiitr. gi- in Ti-micssce or Kentu Vy i? lamic of Brown was seiz.-d by tliciii ami -iiui- 

1 tl..' -•reliel-.'’ If -‘rebcLs” were the luarily shot to death, w ilbout eburge ami with- 
», ori .mld be put iu tbe isisUio-j of out cause. Due of Hie parties engaged iu that 

a-saihints l.v Uie iiHh-t skillful manipulation of M.sjily crime vvas a notoriou-ly bb K  l-tliir.-ly 
fuel-, tbeir ..ll'en-c is pul down as eh. mii’ ler by Hu- name of Raleigh or R. ilia Dot- 
voked. If the ‘‘rebels'' w ere sd clearly the son. H - i- repr. -ented lo be a eriiaiual of the 

a.  d that no torturing of testim.iuy .-uuld de.iK--t dje. lie b charged with having com- 

make the fact up] sjar otherwise, then they had mitud no U.-s than livecold biooJe.l iimrder.- — 
goaded tlu ir assailants into violence, and t»   iu Fiankliii county, two iu ,'-hclby, and 

wen- as much to blame as if they had tln iu-  'U.' u| oii a woman in Keiitm ky. For one or 

*elves violated the law. ’ both of those ii. Franklin he had been arrested 

?4ml to on through Ihe wl.ole of the n-iwrt. and coniim .l in the jailut \\ inchester for some 

In ISWi-'li, it will tw? remcmlier. tl that Ala- time pa-t. Night li.-fore la.-l a party iu dis- 

1; mu was in Gen. Thoiiia-' .l. partment, ami gui-e went 1.. Hi.- jail and took the prisoner 

the -ame -pirit Unit uetuate- Idiii now u.-ta- out, eoaveyed him to the yar.l of the court- 
ated liim then. \Ve ii. ed onlv to refer t . Hie hou-e, and hung !.im. 1 In v uttaehed a 

fuel that, by general onier, be closed i»laear.l lo ins l.aek, with Hie following m- 

Uiiintiib every Epi-.'. .pal eluireb i.i llii- Slate -eiiplion 

b. -i an-.- tiie Bi-lmp of th.- Di. e.-sc w ould ii't! 

  h;iig- ta - pravr- of the e'.iirc'h t-  aeeord ‘m.ii 

w.lhhi- wi-h.s. ■ .‘‘v imt 

T hen liis halr.-d .if the pcoiil - i f Hie South vvnn.i.'i 
exeeede.l that of any other olliecr of tlie army  i ra. iil 
— was iiiuiistroiis, mm.itural, appeoseles? — uni li.illa Ii 

made bv one I-ii*.i N. Jenks, wh.. saya tfae 
am- luut of capiul aa pre-rribe J in tfae cansoU- 
uati- 1 Bgreeiiieut was F'A;,0-ej.,tiOO, 

Tfae coui]uny i- r-straiued from |uyin? any 

implaiat is . public tuitfa to jsiy oil the li.iiid- iu ieiral ; p^i-jy vi-iled Hu- iiierr'.ma.-, 

m*.n y. | 

Mr. Brann.n H.oughl r.-uiiq.lion iw*— ible . 
witfaiii twov *-az-. Ill- pi .u wa.s moM- ecoii- 
omicul Hian tbe . iis-ndiH r.- by the  iov. ru- j 

Tbe pri-swici* Campbell. B-nygan and 
Hvnea, arr-Mcd  m the ebaige of i-ontpii. ily 
m Uic lairkiu tom';, id.', wer - tbia afternoon 
kon.iU* d to bail by J udge Sutfa.-rland. 

Tlie Cougrewskifiai sub-cnminUle.'  « whi-. 
key frauds are stilt sit ting with closed doors, and 

div ideuds njs.i. at -ok in excess of Uie faitur | monk Tfae exjHMiH-s could I-.- re-Jac -d at 
sum. or peru.iltiiig auv votes to Iw? coal at least a liumlnd millions, whieli could be ap 
t e aud la»l el'-ctl'iiis. ^ | pUed tu the retiieiueut of Hie legal I' liders. 

It-u.' national tiank notes f- r tfae legal temlei* 

^.Akio. Screvary McCuUock U credited witfa | j, J,. ex|w- -t to present a startling report 
aariiv that ariiaterer uam  i- scat it sfaali bv . during tbe uarlv {-art of tfae si-ssioa, wuicli 
coufinned i " *** Id**-**®® • ratiical clarge in tfae internal 


Of tfae large uiuubcr of beuafiors and R . 
res* utalivea arrived, but few. co*upar_‘.iv -ly. 
fc.-., ftoui tfae West. 

I during tbe uarlv {-art of tfae si-ssioa, wuiefa 
j w HI induce a raciicai clarge in tfae internal 
I re v . i.ue lows. 

Tiie sliii«uent of eoal by the Delavarr and 
‘ Hnd.-on Clinal U.-mjaiiy. from K.iud'iut to this 
I ntv. this season, aggregate l,(ijn.O   . tons, an 
imicasc of over dnu UU UJBS over U~t y.jar. It 
I is said Um- rise in coal has netted tfae dealers 

I r- tired, and requir.- Hit ba-.ks to keep siwcie 
iu re s-a ve equal lo Uie !■ gal tend, r reserve, 
lie dili  red witfa the rvsoliition wliieh n-cog-- 
; iiizca the ditlcrencc betw.-eu gold and cumney 
1 out I acts. 

I T Le ebair read a eomiuuiiication from H.m. 

  bus. F 44 ilsla. fa. Major of Cineiimati, lu 
' viting the titeiiiis-r- to an eutertaiiiiiieiit to fa'* 

' e .veil this evei.iilg l.v tbe authorities of tb*' 

; city, wLich wa- unanimou-Ij aen ; t. d. 

-i ('ial siqifw-r to th*- N.'lion’.! Hoard of by the eitv ot Cim iunati al I'ik. ’r t»iw-ra 

(Tb ^ Awsoctated Prnoi.l 
l' 4  rthfaaiia*; Kcpatrl of the secretary   
al the Trea.-rtirr— P rU*® Debt stiito. . 
bk-bI— R. parts. j 

TREasriT ReroKT I 

New Tobe. Dot. A— A special saT= "ge dec ' 
t  un opposes a forced rneuiupti.i i of ap -gic i 
Mrairais. Up to Decomber Ifli. 
at'T-tO DOtea Mve bean fand- l iato an p -r 
cent. 6-90 boififa. Of this ant'iimt then- faav ? 
iweti tma&ed at tfae flret s «1m $3R5,SSS,7dJ 
cMwtad aerie* C33a.l«MW: third sactea »I»7,- 
K|fi.4ao. This teavu oatsuadiag of this etars 
of s vurittee hot 6^90,160. 

The SacreUry oMtmttn the expeafiitarea tOf 

f3,f4»i,niXi more H an tfaev would have cicarej. 

Nl w 4' ORE. Dc  . 4. — A heavy anoir-at  r.a 
r. uDu nced al«at eleven o’ciork to-iii/ht. 
W eetfaer reporb- reeeived froui vwiou- parts 
of the country report enow or sleet falling to- 
uigi.t io FbiUoel{Jihu Baitimote, VYasfaingtou, 
Fortre*# Mtainc. Butti*lo, PlUsliurg, Cbica?o 
*.ud Cfaeveune; rain al Lichmoud and Ciuj-i'o- 
t.ali, and indications of a storm at O. wegn, 
Boston. Alfaaiiv, and dt. John’s, N. B. 44'imi 
northeast at an poiota. 

AifiAVT, Dec. A — Jadge Hogebixwn charged 
Uie jarj lit tfae cate of Geueral Cole lor the 
B.Eider of L. H. Hiac- ck, this mor .itiitr o,.. 
cn| jing two boniv. Tbe juy has fates out 
for one hour. No verelfaJ yet 

a. over u~l y.*r. It j,,„ .|,„»c- l anotlier.-'gfal to tfaat il pr--. 
oeUod tfae dealers , ^ ,»i, ucsdav. Four Unic- w.-re si.n-ad 

would have cleared. , halL aud wet.- loadud with all the 

btf'ffiW ffinAK-fit sr:n . ^ v fi . t. a ..A a I. .. ^as.. w. .•« vt’tll 

Mil uiKlMi*ce *'l IL i cet liiitive wiiiCi. ^MNiU- 

waitci- ill attenduiiei' wcr. also aUcijlive and . |*r„s‘’loss 

at |.e it. uuuber. The l.-.ll was rU^t’Ktt in tie Home, of New York, II .me ,f 

will, ev.rgreii.s -.p'tthe shn ld.- .. .a. h State. ; n„v,.n, I uderw rit. rs’, -Etna. Tl* ■ Mer 
Mavo- 44 . -I . .l,rcs d*^' i 'a,.,;,. Lib^rj an.l Rbev 4 Co.. Intter.,, wcr- 

■” ' 'ii', ;lrS.L mav her''^ ' 1 4  - Ole hull’s -on-in law. Mr. H.?man, one 

• ’ ..".^^j Jre ^1;qu^to\. r’iwo-pl:rity 1 ol the lir-t tewvere lu N-irway.coinmilt.asni- 

: ,i.t\ 1 . ■ “ri iw- cquaiio u j i ^ tide rec* ntly. He was mam.d lo l.ucv, Uie 
' J ■ of the Coramcrchl voungest daegtib-r of tt’.e Bull, on Hie 1-ath of 

i P trri■■ca^.'‘•^^e O?d^l^^r^^^^^^^ , ’ ’At-gn-t h Wity w-o.v sup;w«cJ t. be the 

J. L; Un wti, uf I’ortland, gave t .e tfa uk* of ^   ause ot tbe act. 

ui.d the e .n-et mill.-.. It wa- a bo'.i.lay, 
. itv M-li.wjl- wer. di-iii'l- . d, aud tbe mill- -us 
[a-i ded work 

Many -tore- ami resideiiei- were prof.i-.-lv 
d.-conit.d, and the -treet- w.-re lim-d with 
tli.iusaiid- of i-coi.b-, wh 1 biudlv elieere.i tl*.- 
di-tingui.-br*l vi-ilor as b. jw--ed abuig Tbe 
in-peeli -n of tl e mills oeeupb-d tw.i hours, 
when licneral Grant took the ti-aii. Boston. 

A (./lliilioii wa- |Kirtak(ii of in one of the . ar.s 
on the tiip. Un arrival l.-re. lie visit. -.1 
M'viral hstlier war. In; : t-s, ami tliei* drove 
lo tl.e l.ulil, vvli.-n ill- ga-.i jp.i!.:; • n-e. ption 
ill III" . . niii.: In Hi. aft' rm'.in In- w a- the 

?u. -t ol 44'.  -ray to diim/i. Th. ti ;.. ,al v.iU 
1.. i’ • .'.J. 1 1 '.-- lo II ono'. . I 


i.'rstiuetiie i'ire lit L.-hii uwoith. 

l.i:*vtNWOKTll, Dee. I — Tl.e ry -• 
of B. S. Kiehaid.-, No. IKl D. la-were ,-tr.•^l, ;.:id 
the lun.itnre store-   f Al.eim-tJiy Bro- , ai- 
ioiniiig. wen- bunitd la-t night Uiehar.i-’ 
jos- wa- f*' ,t)iit); insured for iei.iks). .4lw-r- 
m-Uiv Bnn- ’ loss i- about fii'*.’*'*'. in-un-d l..r 

Suit apiwars y. t; aud w.- submit that it can b-’ 
i-doiiiiteii lor .nly on Hie liypotbc-i- w ■ h.ive 

VV 111 sia-vi r -In-.M. th man's bloo 1, by man -hall 
hi- 1..-1.-.1. vv In II '.- Inve n-i l:;w In tin- lainl, 
tb"U -hall ve lalo he hi ' iut » ir ..w n h m. s. 

.‘Iv. !. iti.i;-. 


M ni.-ul*.ii.- that e-.-ap.. ha- b.-‘n-.» lon-g. 

Holla Iiol.-oii. . hirg'‘-l with llv.- mur n-r.-. 

The party left the vi. tim -wiingiiig in the 
air. uml tb. citizens of the town wer.- horritie.l 
ot till- siglit ye-terday iii.iniing. A coroner's 
".rv was siiinnn.m-.l. -ami tln ir v. -.Ui t was to 
tl. ‘ l it. i t ;liat the Ilian was hanged liy persons 

;•* Till- liealth of G.-n. Rawlings, chief of in ili-fiu;.se an.l m kii-jvvn. • , . 

-HfTt,.i,en. Grant, i ven- precarious. . "vn- nuabl. to ..bUm parti, ular .ieUiK 

■' * but eiiougli ts slated d. Im. the eharaeler ol 

r t-t" Ko-siilh ami li'.s sous are at Turin .-tir- 
rmg up rt voluti.inury broth. 

I::' Father Ryan are.-i ted Hi" B'-lnipric of 
Io.:Iulo on till r. ceip: ..i a I’apil luill. 

.Ml'iila, (.e.iigia, has tin- same altitu.le 
Lix'kout M uint;-iii. 

but enougli is slated to d. tin. the eharaeler ol 
tl.e Iraiisaetioii. and to -how that a murJ.-rer 
hu- gone lo 111 - final aci-ount. 

Dhiiiou iii:*i l*  thins. 

T Uin. imv.iti Emuiin-r of i !"i -ly.-: 
‘•lull..' aiituiiiii of lsK 7 Hu- edit ir of Hi • ' : i 

III- rriiil r.'. I. d the   -li.i.i- ..f 'b ' ; : • i ■ 
a-s ;- eaiiili.lute for (' iiign--- i'. i!i.- -i • ; 

l i' The lovcisof I ' il iiin-i. i i *’."■*? l),-l:i, t of Ihiiiiiilon e u ily. ii ■ ' 

ai. J. p'.,rii „ Ui,. .., H i.f., .' veitTy l..)lh of 111- personal am! pi 

Ih ‘ini's L'-t . . ., hi- ;■ f." ■' 

w. • per.' Ill,, d gt bl- fiiii.-rai. 

ling - nic !:a-. d'.-. ,,r' d a;-. -Uiy-i- anJ 
* ar* i.iiij. di, 

t-fii-nlHf-h n-ei-nt'v v'T"*.- to lli® 
ton .lames de lb, Ills, ilil.l a- 
ea. h ol II.J lii-l perl'.ir.iiai.e?- I think of yo''| 
.'OU, iu turn, have j lli-l is rformaiie. — don t 
b reel Off. 111. a. h.' ■ The sinn- .lay B irou d.- 
K.-th-ehild sent hhii tw.i dozen bottle- G‘ 
Cnateau Ijililu- clar 1. A .-  iii -wh-at -iiu'J^ 
7,0 told un Moiis. .lules Juiiin. I’riuec u® 
Mi U'-mioh, Wlien I’riiiic Miiii-ler of .4u-tria. 
bi'',’® fo him a.-kiiig f ir hi- autograph. 

' reiithim IhL- no'..-; “At sight plf*’'- 
‘  iid the u'ldersi ;ni d fifty!es of Jojan- 
i ®sberg wine. Jul-s Jauiii.” 

iiiialifiealli-ii-. il.- i roiiiHiiii-e.I Hi.-m p-?;-fe..-l. 
Inal Hie tli trii-t ‘In- e*.ii.»r ol t'n- t...'*i'e 
vv: - Un- Ilian be.-! I.tte.i for Hie p.u -.-iiilii- 

"i- fti-eii iiiont'i-' tiiin- b -Mice p i"- • i. Tin- 
edi;  • of tbe ( ' i- ii-.w biu rlv o[: 
I.I Hie editor of tlictiaz-.-tte H.- c!i i-g - 
il 111 *it|. . rim.-- un.l im-iner- wnieh • x- 
i-led It the verv iii-lant U? prop . e l him for 
t'l If’ es-, amlwli'.eli mn-t bave b.-. ii kuo*.i 

10 lihi .'t tbiit vei v p. riod. \4'!i:!t a -p'-eln le 
is hc c pte-eiif "dl The U .miner, ii l re. oiii- 

11 ending a man it km w to he unwortiij, and 
UiC Giz- til- aeceptin-g a nomination fr .m the 
li-n.d- of l!io-e who it wa- roiiliden! were tlu- 
decciviiig of belief ami rega; d! 

“This I- the piclure of ea.-ii other wlii:-h U 
drewa by our cou1emiK ra:i -s ” 

niaiucd in th.-lr hoii-es, ami dr .g them to the 
jkjI!s. Nor is it ueec— ary for me to -av that 1 
iiail no -hare in proilueitig Hn- publie excite- 
nielli v.'.iieli iiidin cd the R.-iiublieaii l.-aders to 
udvi-i- the m-gro. s ni't to vote. The di.-turbe.l 
e  iiditioii of tin- publie immi w .i- brought 
al'out l.y no action of mine. My duty w.i- 
-iiiiply to aid in elieekiiig uml suppressing 
viol, lie.- to the full extent of the limited 
ti e '.Its at iiiv eoiiimand, and to prevent Hu- 
pulilie peace being br iki-n. This I Jid. 1 
even made a personal re«iuest to soni.- of the 
clubs, whOM- names ha I lieen pubik-ly ;i,s- 
-oeiated with act- of viol.-nee, that they -li. mill 
ai.l in |ir.'S. rviiig, instead of assisting in vio- 
lating the peace of tiie city; and ou one (x:- 
ca-i..ii I visit- d a elnli called tlie “Imioceiit.-,” 
at the requc-l of their pie-ident aud vice 
pre-ideiit. ami adilre-sed them to ti.i- erteet, 
aft.r whieli no"l iu Hut sce- 
tioii of the eilv. 

.4 day or two after the coiisult.iti.m with 
(iovenii.r 44'arm.ith and General, at whieli 
those -teiitleiii. n expressed their iiit -ui’ou of 
advising the negroes not to vot.-, the pulilie 
exeil. nient eoi-led .1. wn, the city iH-e ime eom- 
p:ir. t'v. ly q-.ii. I, the D.-inoi-raHc eliib- pb-dgeJ 
riieiii-. lv.- to iii.l ill -eciiriing I   eve.y r -'is- 

t. -red t. r the ri-ght to ea-l hi- \  te, ;i;’i i th -n 

1 bail no fi ar that any man w.mld be iiiole-t -d 
in voting ou tbe day of el. elion. 

titNElt.VJ. VPI'ltOV VL-. ..11 the ex. it. iiient ! ..ii-ultel freelv 
ai.i! e..ii- taiitly with the autliori.i-.--, •'til.' .uni 

u. uiiie'iul, and had then, ami have -1.11. th -ir 
fnlle-l approval of III. uel'.oli. I al-o C .’i- 
-lilted lilt, n with B’eve! Hrig-dier (i ;ier.i! 
Half h, i'iiief of tin- Kreed'in-n s Bureau of this 

uml desire ta expr. -s my thank' for 
iniiiiv vuluulile singge-lion- received from lii:u 
wlien 111 ., t lie.-i!i-(l. Tlii.ngii Hie uf.- keeping 
ol M Ver;.l pari-li. ' iu Ihe ."state lia.l ln-eu de- 
livei. J ovi r to the iiiilifairv. I still f-'lt it iiiy 
dill V lo endeavor to net in ami through the 
I'lol.r i.uthoritii a, vvlieiever il could be 
• ' in-. 1 fiirtlier ; i~. d w illi tin- Dem-K-rati. 

- il.t- ■ n i i roniii.. til e.lir. n- of all .'li;nl.-- "f 
. I .l i. n, *i.i. e eii ..ndev-r. oi.e - e.ii li *1'- 
j ■ tl".' H...t 111. p.-.ii e shoiilii be p.-e-erv . J. 
l.o.i,..'i \v ..riiiolli, with oiber le.i ling 1 '- 
I'l'bl.ei.n- ot Ibe r t.ile, iiiaile eariie»t ellort- to'- p'lblie oixler .tiin'iig Ibi- m.-mla'r- i.f 
He 1. ptib i 11 J. irly \  iili wliom 1 eim-uUe-l 
V . I.U.. .;,! u l.-e, of the 

  linn 1 of till- Mat"; v irioU' m.-inla-rs of Hie 
M'tf : . lit. II B. ur.i of i’oiiee. G.- .•■ ‘.il -4i.■Mii■ 
b n, i..., ir,il Sv plier, .‘s. iiutor Kellogs-g, and 
t-'iual, iie-iiiiv I nil. . I Mate- .'tar hal. 

V M'l.lf lLN M.VRTTIt MON.'FR. 

The ii'.lceultv Wii- not with sueli geiitU-ra.-n 

a t- .. e Hut' tbe uld they gav.- was gn-illy 
*o-.:.l-nn '.J l.y Hie Imli-er.-et and uuwarr.iiit 
able I". i.r-e pursued !')■ olhei ami unworthy 
iiiei'ibi ra of the RepuMi -an part.'', who, earing 
little fur the Gover.. ment uf the Uiiiled Slat*-- 

1 bneg- have eluingeu now ana lue tone n- vn-.-rua. t l-.r. u .n. oei.«r«I Bu. It * la- no* :. 

e. iii.. when liiimti iKil. ire is to I ike the plu-e |i \i '■ e- t.-r. *  • i-..'. v - \ - New iH-t-ra-. 

of lle-h and bb . '!, ami m.ik" agricultiir.- tiie V.t iI: . -ler. U jJi r-.m. Ifi.i.i .Mo- r--. No-a.iii. 

w; y lea.Ung to li..i pi ;. - ui.d imU-;h-mleme. 

Ti.-tlav a gir! of lu can e-.i a- nni.-Ii hav ■- 4 ItttXTw 14 HOnT. 

men f  nnerlv could mi l d.i the w ork far Iq. g Perttan.l. .1 Im cut « a- 

ii'd e. -i. r ’ l.c* lairs. cit  wliifi. Mary H".i-*ei . .-It. w.i .rf. 

'sr 11 • . o • u 1 . 1 . . I Tciiinis.. eitv wharf. PBlesiine. Furilaiiu. 

Mr. (ireel.y eiosed l.y '..ymg that he looked \V",m . n x. t.'t e '.-p —t ~ illi.-.. n -rt. 

f. I the dav wh' ii tbe lal.orer Vfill b.-eouie os n„ » Lonaw- rth.l‘urtL.a.1. ximi ie. . itv » i. irf. 

ii.tiiiigenl’ a- H.e 1 rote— i.iual mill. They u. eil _ 

Lav.- no fear on this point, hovv.-ver, if „,yi,;r u-l! .me iiu li at this p-.' .. 

tin y i.   not al!..w i. mq.tioii t  la.o- t.u i, f,a-t rl v . n lin lns water In 

pl.:ee.f v ir.uc. lor Um v irtue lead- to ml. .It- Ove I.S-I .' v.'i IneV - iv it • In ‘h. 

ginee ai.d pi' . rite. .-but.- Bii.l -four f.s-l • leven in«-bes on the re -ys 

la-t ev. lime. It w di :..iil tl.-s-s '»■ rl'ing ig li-i n- 

Uav. H--UVV rains ,ir • reporfasl at Fii;-..urg, ant 
VUri «rnTT emnnu'’ b Lib n*e mav l.e Ram .. inmen.s-.j 

SCDTT'SluUunOi fi lllgg Li-r. 1 : ur-: 1 . ...giiT- at .1 . n .ii —i uad 

l.,te ve-ter.'ay aftenna.ig wlv-u I." w.-alber 

..... .1 a. . a- ■' I a . oni' 'I I'ol.l. Wlltl a l.rOSPvs I . liusitl sS 

Debut ol the GieHt \clre»'iH n,e .an. line w..-v  rv ..nil, *?w lug i i sg ea 
.4exv York. ne B-nre to ihe in* iemeiit weitb.r. 

IFnmjlhe N. Y. H«*ral.l. All. Tlie Teta.setm i- ?!ie ri-g'.-’u:' *'or 

No one who witnessed Ihe ilebtit of 'Ir-. I’ .1 .4 r. M. ' -sIav rroin the ix.rl .aa l 

-veoU 5-iddons on the dramatic :tig.' at the wharf. . ■ , , 

New 4 ork Theat.ron Monday nighl can .1. .y The -vvift ami elegant ‘'reight ,i:i.l pa- 
lo her the po— c--iou of the biglu-.t ehara.-’er . n-.'.-i “ r. M. k'vr:h. ofihe l.ontsvllle 

Lit talent r. q.ilred .or the profe — ion hivli -he and N'-w » i b-nn- l^i. ket Li^. w i.i fe-aye ihe I’urt- 

has eho-eti, or ratitei. we might sav h.- j-"' 

ai-c-epted .*- Bit iuheillanc*. Ih pri-li.t *f ■ ....... .i g.-otieniBn. h:i- .--.nimati.i. 

gr.-at luiiiie e .iiiiot alwavs i arry its ow.ier i. i •„ „ e.. -• .. 

irimi.i hmiHv lo -m.e--, an.l e ia.-e'.ally iil :.a TI i-K-.i l.oi'in-«m. fo. G”-’- 

ii'Mlig. i.t *’oi..ii.U!.itv lik. ,.iir-, an.l with an Id have 11 e . in whart .' . P. M. ow-iav. 
ai:dieiice si;eh a- w .’leoii.e.l Mr-. Jm?o’. 1 :yid Tl.* Mibli.e, lor .Vr’.i'U.s - riv. r, 
doll- 8- iiiHSilinJ. The:, iiui-l L-e -o;u"llii.ig .tr:'..! troiu t .u. tui;..i! v ' it a;eid halt 
111 . r. than a tiiini.- m.l ail aiicc-try, t.i -nt. . an.i ! . .1 .vr  ii lav. 

liidtiiough th. y :ir.- with ail that is grmUaid Tl.e mqi-.ilar at  1 t. linbie -'e.tnn r I'.-ti*- 
glori. u- in dian.atie art. t   -ali.-fy a truly . rit- j,, , j|5(.,fu ik.- .shiiltz. w di b a..- th.- .-Itv wharf 

teal muiii-iu .'. The gei.iu- 'if the a. tre-.s m i-t ,.i i’, v. :.i-.Ikv, for Memi.h.s anil 

-u.-lain the r put .tioii which a.lhi r.-- to the w :.ii, r'v r. vl. 't  • w  l-*i..... u in r. . -r 

ai’.lieeclei I- of her familv or her suecess .iinsl . It" . go. s ,n ihi ;i;. - lu, down  oi.r ftv.ght. 

l...i.n.e dotiblPal. M.s. Seotl-Mdd..ies has ,'or 11. 

e-t:d'li-h. d her ir.d.-ia-mien.-e iu Ihi- r. spv t i Ii.- I'.-ve No. -3, Sam. m-i'ter 

lo the I'Mei.t tliat -he e-l-iMi-b.-d by her ; n.t  ;• o. W .- .Is. e • rk, will le.iv.- the iitjwaar; 

i.ative talent a elaiiii to a high is.-itioii aiiioug it * r. n- u-siav for a. .iiiiek.v rl». r. 

Ihc r  I n -eiitatiTr- of dr.imutic art. Some .f 'p e S«’ilie W .- Idni’i’.' to cvnit- over t’;*e 

Hie er.ti*-- have enil.-i von-d, iu a i*mqir.»mi..irig j f^iis Tin r-«taT ev.-iiinv tii.l .ir».pia..i taoek to Porl- 
fariii' It, to di l. riiw de fioiu h.-r gi-u.-ral -xe -1 i-n.l »inl trai stem .1 h»-r trelgh* to ihe I’luk V ar- 
leiiee I’V ullu-ioi.s to lier;nirativo h!e :m.l • , ui - up .Test.-roa.i w libout .li'II.- iltv . The 

i.nioiaii. e of --l. '/e bu-ine-s, ’ fa r “aiiia- ‘ 'aib . Ire ithi h.-r fr-fehl lhn ugh the .-anal. 

tTuPli.p' iu .eitaiu ,s.-s ami j 

:...t w.Hi .1 r e..irka;le ...e'l.l l..-v give ,. • . ..... .i -r- 

ei r. for fr ■-lim—, -v--i'l.. t: tale .t, u I I be icj run- to the -h.htt ot the Teuntreox- 

. . lu ■ t 1 v- 'Ceidi "Il o' ilie . b iru i-i, a:i ex- ' r  • ml- - **.. r. time than ww-a'Ilisi - -I. In 

-1 III. lie b-e.- -C ' • . 1 .i.eii' • "I W tilt h Will I. f i h. r . 

; v'ir *-s . I i  IT et.’-'mi.t .11 t •■ olb-'r .. . .U ' "Te ’..r .-B.iuphis mill Tuesday n. xi. 

ti, - , 1 .1 r .  d iti K-.iutv ef iH-r oii a i i g; . • Tiie Kiiiimi No d. tor New t ►rlt-ns, went 
ol eliouvv’ii. lieoiiihl.i. lo lii ike th.- e--.- 1. .- ...n over Ih.- fall- dnwiug all the 

.. .r. II..W .h.iir.l tb— . *o ' w ater In 'he i-huie. 

JfinS- SC0TT-S!0D0N3. 

ifebut ol ill*-  ;u‘Ht Liigli--li VcIre-siH 
.Nt-xv York. 

IFnm* th.' N. Y. H -raI.I. idl. 

No one who witnessed Ihe ilebut of 'Ir-. 
Scott 5-iddons oil the dramatic :tig.' at tbe 
New 4 ork Theat.ron Monday nigUl can .1. .y 
to ill r the po— cs-iou of tlic biglu-.d ehara.-’er 
ol talent r. q.iired .or the profe-ioii -■ faith -be 
has eho-eii, or ralliei, we might sav h.- 
ai-eepted a- ail iiihetilaiice. 'ih - pri'-lige  ( ;' 
gnat luiiiie e .iiiiot always tarry its ow.ier ' 
iriuii.phaiilly to -:;eee--, ai;.l e | e ..illy i.i au 
ii't. Hig. i.t i o:..n. unity lik. .ur-, aiul with an 
:ii;dieiiee si;e!i a- w eieoii.e.l Mr-, Scott Si.l- 
dolls a- itiHSilinJ. Theii iiui-l L-e -o;u-llii ig 
111 . r. tliaii a uiini-- an.l a.i ancestry, t,l -iit. 
liidtiiough th. y are with ail Unit is grind :i.d 
glori. u- in dian.atie art. t   -ali.-fy a truly . rit- 
Teal auiiii-m-e. The gei.iu- of the ai tre-.s ui i-t 
-u.-lain the r put iti.m which ailln re- to the 
ai-.liei-tiei I- of lier family or her suecess ,unsl 
i.iii.n.e M.s. Seott-sidd.m.s l-.a- 
i-t:d'li-h. d her ir.deia-ndeni-e iu Ihi- r.-sp,.. ! 

10 the I'Mei.t tliat -he e-fiMi-b.-d by her 
native talent a elaiiii to a high i-.-itioii among 
Ihc r. I n -eiitatiTr- of dr.iiiiutic art. Some .f 
the er.tii -have end. iv..ivJ, iu a eouqir.mii. i.ig j 
fa-iii. II, to del. riiwile f.oiu h.-r gi-u.-ral -xe -1 

' lenee I’V ullu-ioi.s to lier e..m; arative 
ignoian.-e of ■•-l."/e Im-ine-s, ’ ler “am.i- 
I tTut-li.p ' iu ..'itaiu i« - and (Kiints. . 

' :...t w.Hi .1 r. lu.irkaMe ...e 'l.l 11. -v ..II give 
■; el -r.-itit fi r fre-bne--, -y-'-i-i'.-r - tale it. a [ 
..eiiei.t'* . v''pli 'll o! ilie . h '.ru i-i, a:i ex- 
.lui-i.. iv ino.liil lie i V..;. - a ■muiy, b-e--.y ' 

' . li-ar: *•*.- ' I il t I’ et,’ an.l  11 t •■ ol!;-r .pi .1'. ' 
ti, . , I .1 r . lli it. i-v-.iut.-' ef iK-r oii a 1 i g; . • 

1 ol . eliou whi. it eoiiihln. lo in ike th.- e --.- 1 
of :i p if. et aetr. -s. M -w ..h.iir.l, th-., to ' 
lavil ; tllie -mail ai'p r i.i ed e!-f -r wh'cii 1 
ini? I'. lieiieC on the l .ge i- a iiiTreed i 
uloi e re*poi sible, fii ve. VT of t’-.'- I" 
gmitis of a woman who-- advrii* - 

11 nst 1 e h lied as a M.-s ing in ‘ i • 

llie li. I i.yil-K i' lfitimale dr-ni. li,. • i \- 
tii-cnis) ''*! light of Shaken . '..nd 

, lb* eonetniction upon the . oi -nl. ,-ei. 

I ratioi al pivccs, without pu.p-.- . n.- r '. 

I luiint, wtiieh now nsiirpthe place ot H. • ■ 

T:.«T» t’fi * te-RYy •’T»T '*f om Ifi 

Die lte»oi l}c riU€. Aod tbe ttecirt ja lo •& -i 

Icr vitb (TteU sAl«rv^ 

Ti e siiine (.nper of tbe same tiste« 

Tbe fortowtne report hM m\&t to ir 

ru  n Sfisbe M. A. hr\fiuo. f r 

ibe remoirffil   'f nver 'jbetnu’tlOiiffi. 

Hob. Jamefi Mayor oC '*1. 1, Nteii, 

Ho3k bablb warm ialereet wMrb y *m tev i 

tf fcca p« J. »b 4 tbe rArteM mf fr t wkteb tbe 

ntr. oBiter yoor Mtnur.tetratio’i. hafi j|lvea lo I-m* 
taoTttiiunf f«»r tbe Inproe^aMBt ot tbe W^iem rterta. 

baec Wea tbe gnot barrtrr* lo tb« jrrala ot tbe Niirtfr 
« efit tt-diaa it* way lo oar utt/ r ate tbe rfliriiwt 
Miierfiateo - t MaJ- r GeaeraJ Wlteoa. tbe rhmamm m 
helair eat tbroairb ibe tetirr and acate fi jeQ *JI«e to 
teaSb. an f-M t wUfa aad aiforfltaf a  ^1^^ 
of wMtrr at ill eonelrm- 1 *^ arowad tbe forjaet. 

TU BKWoTaA or rma aoca laLasb ■air—   
a I. icb baa aorb aa otoCrwrU— la aaetgattaa to 

\(!%ra paktwMB wLoeb maay flat ileaaaafa bave ^ia— 
e r  rkv'd aad damaded. hae Neaa ordered, aad prt rt  
ax a Made Ibr oae whteb wfll aot obtomet or laiiaate 
tl «' (*« Bmerre ot ibr rtr ff. 

With recard to tbe chaanel abora tbo rutda wWete 
!• .a tbr rfiarve ot MbJ ir Goaeral A. K Warroa. 
prc.nna'W’iaa bar* bora sado ta rotoiyro tbo Nan aaj 
«: aita. and we are happy to report prribei wirrtat. Ef 
i.LUwettC tbr** long arrmpea,^ itoacrat Warroa ba« 
r unle i oa that orctlaa orer row toot of water a; 

• • wh reerberwYir apt More tbaa twrai; tocbwfi 

• r iwofcet world bo OTallabte. 

■BLOW rma B-ipi»a. 

C'^LJ-M. Maeombba* hr* «^t tbr «crapora nto *109 
^ :tb ^r* at fidTfintarf V few layiai|Olbodratoxb*rt  
i; iCt waa — (te la whKb tbe bar aboT-g Uwavaerwi 
Stan «riD  tber wir !« tbr rbaaitel - te e p - ard two 
fret :a « ar boor asd a half. Tbo aoaiia wbteb ba— 
tiealt 'Qc-b deatraitioB to aox l arlae im paatyearow 
bave alou roAeiTid atU-Bilou. aidb/ ibe a»e ot tba 
three doahte ^nll finale N.*ata,dartn 4 tSo mo— «  r aear  
It : a o ibowtoa d of tbeto baoo been rotooved from tlw 
« banLri brtwi t a thta patot aad M wpbte, and to tbe 
Mmoi li. 

AT TU MOTTMOF m WY««raavyi , 

4S.A I*ar oa fa. - - — at fiblp 

; rfiiTro cnfmtg tb*- ifoer. oitber to x'arry bearo 
thr pr«wi«co M tbo raltey or to roaaey bap  raio tbe 
' fi Iry c i;rA. ^ Viaji oeerrooae. M-tny alaaa bare 
1 4 «*!  •’•uaxotod aad brooubt toto aor M.r tar r eMoral 
of lbs* barrter to PiTurr .batbr re l m tor n aoar aavw 
! oea •'orrs'^fol, oniil at a 04 01 of rrr |M.m, aaier 
tbr (toarral Me.Ylltetor. a f— bte —t 

.. r-a  ttr«iwr-^« at wa* ®'-'D*cmk t*'d. woH'b ’laa b  *0 

■oaiT aacTBBte raoM cosanao. 

w*-rfc» hA. V 

fX is BOW la • **'■ 
k-.a : a ths c 
js?ivi ;be pr- 

■ atfrrfi« P»r tboor par^Mwa, 

U.»afi It^tetO 

•e Mon-fi* yt tee- rs^Qtatiwea. 
r Ibe vv • ’uTY^ra a  


K Thr* ffi T** riTr noUt'e that oa ib* totb 
.  «. 1 Ngt tivM r. A n. 1'^. a warrant to baab- 
(Ui t* Y ‘ isOfi -war*l *K.*in«t (be ewiBit of W B. WV 
N.\\i. 1 li«'4« *nic Or - a. IBs' coaniJf f*f Wfin— 

f'T K-’iaI 4'VT.wh * hai* id^a b||e 1 » Naafc- 
riii, • II hifi ttren p that pay ia  a» ot any 

*♦ ’ i- fiK«l ‘o-liTrO : » y pro.*, r'y 'n-l 4r«^TY4 I-"* «aee 

• rapt, (o him. ”r aal tbe tr* t«fer ot 

.. Y p^ prr.T hv btm are torV, ! ira 'j law. tnat a 
■ t-s ; ti'w ol (hr  *r- \v-rfa h' tu« a*itiha«*]^ip(. to prowa 
1 U r 'U 1 anxl uhAHwe to*  M mo €0 . 1 hia 

• -’, wUlbr b«l.I at a c- drt oC '4«nkr istry . t   ha 
!*o|tK’B at Bt;wUi a G.-rra. Ky.. before Warner raler- 

■ K- .-'irs*r ri (K .’tl* Uv 'if Ihrcombor lb*, at 
Is % \ Mkia*'VF.TUK iw r ^4 Mfimbal 

N IITIf K iniarl iatr!rt('oartortberTut''d’’'tai«a 
- .it* i»r !v’'mni*by In iia.nbmp«''T la 
w M.\Li»Sk. FoUlbia tor Qn^ Ito 
. 1 --.;- nu-d iH’. ciahqr. By -mlrr of i^aort. tae 

, 1 - u*r« of ^ ■ w. MatfeMie. a hanbrapi. arr arrrbp 
• wt.! * ! to ippear bribrr ar. al rny oAee, la B w  

I r.’  .r»rn. Kt.. .-»n Lbe 34 toy »f rtocembrr I'M. 
Il .. . h.. \ fa. w.. M  ebow r tofi*- If aay they baer. 
fak ’ t tr ufi* ikii: *t aforreaiil fibonM ih i be dlarharrwd 
frzm hM drl»t-. W^KNYUI SI* RWi «»D. Re.fMtrr. 
fe. L. lii a»s teiwra. Sy. 4i -Yaf 

\ 4FTH Fa. lb tbe Dtemet C ourt Of too ratb^ 
tor (be P(eirirt  f K«at icbr-- In haahrapt» 
... il. ihemattrr .f RL V  HVuaKH. Patb 

tiC'ii tor lioal dta barae ited De* 1. I'M. By oT'Iw of 
1 i:ri. the ere :i«(*r« 01 BlarktoorrHntew. a haabntet. 
n hrrr'vi noUQeC lo appear nctore tar. at ay *toeoM 
‘ 49' G^rea. Bt.. .*a tbe tM day uf uecoabor. 
'••js. .1 n .'’•'iorb A. « . to toow ceoee. if any ibof 
tfa w^v bankrapt *Pfare-fii4fi6 4nld aoc **o iia- 
®y. 1 hfe 1 ‘M-\ W ARNKK r^UlRWOoD. 
I.ri. -i^T. b. 1.. bihxa. sAtoMBoo. teowUbtf %teera.Kj 

s I 'u.tlrrfiJwaM b*-?eb» (trsa aoflo-* oi 

blv ai i4 i!‘Ut : t .fi 'f JOHN H B.V^U:L.bT, 

. f Kh h 4 r vr •4 I'l.* . .»a -f S.'lfion -faf 

K«*Y.tnrky. witbia iMifd dietrtel. wba ha* beoa a4  
i a nai kn*vtaOpon bte own ^tUloa, by tbr t to 
ir^kl tL UrtofrtMd Lfiinct. STEPHKS %. JONR'I, 

.\r» ttbtr. tU^ai 

The r.nnnsi  0 t(»r New OrU-'ns, \ I». Tto aadrrfaUtnrd hvrrby ftoto aotteo of 

. ■. "r m z ?;me •“ i 

water mint I nuie. Kemuefej, withJmjiB..t d*»crtr*. *feBh.B**eB ».qu.1grd 

■| he ti.wlHiat.s Sam Drown. Vrrovv, B.1.1/. • bankrwiii Bpoa hre 

t s vvt.s«„^:,„a ttalt.e .mv -.-) from '« ■‘TTi-hen rf 

ililst.i. 't. r.tay w lt!i tows ol .»al. 

Ua'pt. Kstes, .■!' tlie ste-i'iier ILir- 

I ng. * as uevottBilug v.-stenfaijr for ooi— fourth In- 

-tikUB tor Ih* Dtawiet ot &« t M-Xv— I b WBik- 
n[try. Ib the awllrr f R. W. TT* R raottoa 

ten St In the sli \ii k Lungwoilh. Th ■ price , (uF t-.uldfeK-l»rac 9fed Sunrolwitt. MM. hr owferoi 
Kske.l WB- Afis'XO. The trod? was pr.vbwbly  -oa- ' luun. tlic cicditon of R. ^ Tuk. b D«akrBp4, 
s*.D ifiJlsd U-i nlghi. Th»- Lougwurih isovrned -re : rr*i y US'*..* d 'c r»r *»for wm al ww  -Wr« 

I and l. ss for the jk rmaaeiit levoustrucIhMi of mcliil iq ou the lamrus of so in.aiiy of onr tu^ ■ 
I the SU*tc, rotigUt only their own personal a^- | leis. 

pn -Cl*: (OBUuanJer, twtU qo lo WMhln,ftoa M sc- - obu 


LMWILU:. KITI t»lT, MX. i. 

Ot ■ TEKHH. 

Tb» Cor*m-JoCBX4L fc  •»B«4 to 
ben «l Hkf foUMrin^ ntc: 


A Vart  Ntw^Mprr. 

OmeT *r . W2» 

IBi Booibii — — - • SO 

Thrr* BMaib* • S 

OE** ■o a th . - - . 1 S5 

To rNT oataorvUMTi. par woek.   eeau. poyahl - 
U  am«r. To M««» Atrmu, Ihrw ceau per 


A Ijmrgr Fartv-eohimn yrwKpaiier. 

Thto editioe k eatirelv x-poialr aad dbtinot 
froM tbe r^ter editioe. It i* moiled to oab- 
aeribcn at IS per j-aar, and delirered to aab- 
acribm la the city at IS SO a year, payable at 
the oAee. or at ( eente per week, payable to 
(be eanieT. 

THE »BKhl.t rtHVIER-jm RttL. 

A Larff fbrtiMeiama jrrMWpo|*-r. 

fh^le ropT, one yaar I; J? 

Wa«lr eof ». «l* Boathe • t S 

n*» M cptoa. one year. eoeh^. . I « 
*hn ■ «wew«» eopte*. one war. each . 1 O' 
veniy eop« « ano oeer. one year, each.— I E» 
Aa ostia copy ia allowed to the elab ageot 
•r eoery dah o( tea at $1 16 each, and an 
Rdltlonal cstia ropy for ereiy additional ten 
Rbirm— and aa estea ropy is allowed for 
aary olab of twenty at tl Sd each, and an 
extra ropy for every additional 
lowWy aabaeribem 

ahoapi te be wadr to ade aw fe. 

Him-j may be aoat in paetoAr  ordet* or 
teafte. and when these cannot be proenred by 
■ail at oar rtak— in th« latter iaataare the 
Boaty te be laclaacd in pteaeore of the Poat- 
^Mter, arboae certifleate wtU be repaired la 
eaae of Ra laaa. 

dhaohaett aapt ei aeal fratw on appKe^foa. 

Last Monday, Mr I M Tilir-dl 
slabbed l»|re In the leB ch' h. and fl. time. In 
tee bark, br arcbev Dode-m 'colort d». The aiTtir 
b.ppene .1 on the farm of Mr. ?. R. kllirell. neir 
Ml. Pb-asani. la Maury colintT, Tenn. The n -rro 
eivaped laUDedlalely after he dlJ the deed, and It 
l« thoosht that he k aoa to I'oluubla. or 
NaahvlUe. * _ 

Hi 'I .nalton of the lli^rarli .Miaiotri. 

I hr roaigaalion   l llir Di.raeli ministn 
pLiCee Lnglaudin about Ihr same ivj*iti„n iii 
w'.irb tlir clrction ot S^iiiour would have 
|.l '.'y d the I'nilrd Sl_. ’^«y u»truclion 
iu Ihie countiy, and the ln.-.o nuirch in 

A cotton gin was art on fire WeJa -e-Jv | lUal, are eiiniUr inslitutioiia. Shall they 
rnrhu beyond Pulaaki, Tenn.. on the Sa.'ivllle i out of exislrnre ia the iaaue which 


w(T ‘ buiaed. The bouse Is a comi’iete wrr 'ii i Lilierala, who come in bj the reaignation 
The iir»p -rty belon*»-d to a man named Bro»n_ | Disraeli, are couiiuitUvl, aa Mr Hev-,p;. 

peirator of the deed waa. aition; for the Irish Church ia only an ec- 

noi quite suit nil his rollrngnea. Th(“y, or 
  nieol them, were frightened and shocked, 
and rallied round the altar and the throne, 
ami sw ore that they would never giro up a 
single sixpence the lri.-h Church'ssed. 
K!a' ly eontia lictiiig the w h« le tenor of Lord 
S -inley’s speech, Mr. Disraeli then coiimiit- 
le 1 the imiiUlry loa dei iaion that, at all haz- 
ards, the Church should goon as it Ls. 
In the lace o! such ludicrous vacillation, of 

lT^Pcrkln.s Went i Oo.'a CallfornU Wines and 
Ciai e Bmndlea recelKsI the first iiremlum at th» 
I'-v.s Mlnni s. ia Stale F»lr. Sold by Wilson, Pemr 
a I'n., R. A. Robinson A Co., and TbomiMon A Co. 

;* 'i:o see the life sire i orlratt.s, photographs 
I • rci lain pli'tiires, Ac., such us are only mails at 
J.  ■. Elroii’a tiollerT, Nc. 13B Main strei t. Card 
pi. OIOS only f2 tier dozen. Ilaby pictures br 
ees'irlrliT. Look for J. C. Klroil. del itP 

-uch liarefacctl alfenipts to cab'h men of tor the v«*ry best of weather snips now manufac- 
the most opposite view s, and of such piti- ii'ied in thiseountry, and the only durable kind 


honSTILLX, XOT. *. IS*. 

' ofmArried AT* in-rUog oMhe Bo«rd of riMl«rwrtter« held 

gir m lor Aci'd »nd old men, who, from tlic fol- * \ this da j , the foUo wtac waa adopted* 

'7*,ELVreai». before pmcina iMumyn udar^ll^ rei,nes(ed to make llwir raporu to the comnanlei 
oyawra* ia ilM wUI b”rn™*MtWM m^im* wlthtatwenty-foar 

KrilnO.” “‘iii'iit eTtJ "eirU ‘P® ProrertT "• he Insured foes on the yeasel. sad. 

Sirtaree by 1'^!*"* .lij ..nTimne on rjrelnf « Icrther. that a h m a shipmenl I, not report* 1 wtitlo 
K, address- to • P'- enr-w^^ that perVsl. ana any lui* or dama(.- tt er-ta beromea 

f^ita Aadesa Ur. t A. bTLART * to., kuiwn before the same la reported: the tnaurance wUl 

__ l*« lbwlT not be considered binding. . »e insurance wm 

, ,,, lll.kV PKESENT.-Ladlmandftentl.-. - - -- H. McDOXALD. Se-y._ 

nteVVonnd. »«» Woolen Wanafiicturors. 



...a-vrlAE Yonnsmenwhohiyetnjnred 

/ by certain eecrrt hablte which unlll 

* rlea*''™- n'' thedntle* of married 

them let "Ti.tSnJid mud old men, who. from the fob 

or ofl fean^si. f« l a deWllty in 

lie* of ” before pUclng theuiselyn under the 


I’oit'rKit, aV' C'O., 



p,wP n. MS™ 

lark -t In the world; and h.-U-vtnr It cm b- 

..s-in. tty. LOOK lor j. v. »,iro.i. uc, PKESENT.-LadIm and aeatl.-. 

Wi aiufr STRII-i, WrATHKh STRIPS. 1 SO. BSCDt men. jounf , ‘bottl^'of 

r ihc very best of weather snips now manufac- htft y u.lKU'slI.ll E FiiK IHE H t IK at once. Re»d 

ted In this coiintrT. and the only durable kind Li.J.Mlirr’" 't're"'*'‘c "“•“r ilulr- Free to all. 

rorntahlnx to the anoye 
continue tbi* syatem of 

Rntbcr a I»ad state of alfairs exists iu r|esia.stiral Fre«tlmen's Bureau, a inagazUie 

certain portloo.sol Baldwin county. AU.. In refer- ' |,pnki n-down elergvmen aod comiut 

ence u  the laatltuUon of marriage. Quite a num- f ; 

her hare been spUcod br a Justice of the p.-ace. , |Mirtsilei« and tiirpet-lKlggera, supportctl In 

w ho II turns was never quallBed, and heoo- the 
maniagea are null and void. A bona Ode Justice 
baa lieen procured and the work of reoin*truc- 
ikiB Is protrressliig. To the credli of the Baldw ln- 
Iteg Iw It said not a nun availed himself of the 

loip-hole of estape made by the law. 

Frank P Law ler, a lad of sixteen, acci- 

oentally -hot aad hilled hlm.self at Columbu* 
M'wstsslppl. Ia.«l Saturday. He had Just loaded 
his guD, iireparntcrT to putting H away, and 
stood leintng OB ll. with the muszle near his 
D's-k. A* be raised oo«- foot by an Involuntary 
morton. the hanim  r In some way caught In hi* 
pants iDd dlwhanred the tmrrel— the whole load 
of shot entertnc the ne.-k near the Jew, going out 
at the top or his bead, aod passing up Into the 
o iling of the room. 

Benjamin Henry, a mere lad of twelve 
or thirteen taan. the only ramalning male relic 

Irrlaiid by English jtowrr and folly. But 
Itetbro it can Itc swept away there are 
many consilient lions, legal and prudential, 
to lie looked to, that bind the hands of Mr 
(Badstfine and bia adherenUi. and will 
seriously embarrass the organization and 
action of any new cabinet may lie 
, named. In any event trouble lies beforv 
the GtvTemmenf. The wrong of ages is 
! coming home at last, ami it is by no means 
} certain that, in di‘s| oiling the Irish of their 
1 rights of proj eny and religion, the English 
I were not towing the a edsot their own 
I desOiiction, just a.s the fieople of the North, 
I in denying freedom to the South, are lay- 

able efforu; to make friends w ilh each parly ' 7^,:: i-s-r.::.. 

by turns, in the hojic that it might prove uf your ruums and halls culd, souw, ralu atwl dusi 

to be tilt* mammon of uiirightcousnes.s *cd actually .-ave oter hfty imt cent, bicl. 

u *• J 11 la avf your orders soou with \V. WYATT, 

they w ere in search ol, and would xo. im Malu st . between Fifth and sixth. 

It'll lend them in Iheir ueetl, no\ 2 sdlu 

Low waa it ItOssible that the min- Hard WimmI Lumber Yard. 

i-tiy could eomraantl the rcsitect t»f their Northeast comer Brook and Main sireet.s, just 

rcemies or iheir adherents!* «“*' Ltm'*';}!'®* 1' 

of hurt! wood, limiinTatnl tJmb«»ron hunri. In* 

* o, Mr. lii.'*ra(*l! and his colk*:igiibs yellow i»lne, n uph aii'I plainMl Into floorliw; 
t^oundercNl on, and, deti'UU^ tiiup ajul n;^iu ^lllu^rU 1 ^ an*i uthK, pln»* au«l poplar: eviTj kluJ | 
ill I ^ . w « I .1 *«nw-inlll timber, from onr thive mllla. I 

1 oninr iiair.^ rrvt to »ll. 

a. I tt thPuruK«iorr*. or «4*at by msil free 

Id um*, w hich I oiler to ihe public cb»*ap at whole- ^ read bf every pervon. It teache* 

itt.|c and retail. Th^^ae mrliw cfk*ctuaUy k»* ‘P out tivmieanrf my 

of your rooms and halbi cold, snow, rain ami dun h*lr Irriunon or damlr^ff from iiJw 

and actually .-ave o\er fifty |ht cent, of fuel. tbr balr be autiful to the Ulea* prtlod of Ufr. 

Ia ave your ortlerssoou with W. WYATT. *■ v 

NO. I!K Main st . between Fifth and Sixth. nl»dtod6* l.U3l r„«l„i.x.. y. 

iiu'.Zsdlu   tlXJI'lf.XI. I.OVEt 


I a for Men. OD tbe error*. ahajM** and 

Norfhean comer Brot k and Main strcet.s which dc«r«*y the manly powers and create 

at ove iietv  «ult House, Louisville, Kv. All kinds to marrUKc. with i»ure means of rel.x-f. 

of hard w ood. ItinilH-r and Umber on hand, In.-lud- la b*l^r of Addre^ 

lt»r yellow- pine, n uph and plamMl Into iloorliw; 

of ble dead parmis and the Uff of tire brothers . -.a *  • , r ai • . 

raneto ay^tand lentble death on Friday ! '“Kl^he foundations for their ow n eusliiTr- 

ragieUi a vYolcai ana lenine ueaio on rriuay 
morning of laar week, at bt* hane near Aah 
creek. Ml!«. It aeeiiia that be waa bunUng. or had 
been: and had occaafoo to tre oE hta gun. The 
cap on ih«‘ uibe snapped aad be looked Ini   the 
Buzxle. AS he did to Che powder lgnlt st. the 
whole rbaige enlered bis head, and made s rear- 
mi aad gaping wouad la the top of bis bnla. He 
Uved ttU the next day, dying la extreme agony. 


Owensboro is paving her street. 

The oil wel)  in Barren county are flow- 

tBf kOMdPOMiti*. 

The new Odd Fellows' Hall at Ml Ster- 
na Is aearly tint s b ed 

Than- nre nixteeii iiims in HimdiTsoa 
ewgnged in builng tobacco. 

Tlie mule trade of Henry county is iu a 
•onruhlag caadtuoa. 

Clariisk' is improving, and its population 

Is lapSdly iBcraadag. 

Danville is mak'ing airangcmrate for 
parklag btr own port. 

James A. Tbonaas is erecting an exten- 
sive tshareo tectary la BarUord. 

Hon. That. C. McCrcery MX Owensboro 
on Monday for Wateili^iao. 

Dr R. P. McMonry, of Elizabethtown, 
ealehnlad his tta wedding a lew days ago. 

A gang of counurfeiters have been 
shoving (he iiqiieer" In Uardtn county. 

OwentEKMO bns placed a R2.000 clock in 
me rap 111 of me cosut ho aw of that etty. 

Jas. W. Taylor, cliarged with killing J 
C. Fulkerson. bear W'L.:r's Mills. Uardla county, 
has been aci4 -L 

R L. Irvin, of Boyk* county, a few days 

ago. SOM o morough-hivd Berkshire lioar te Flu. 
Mallard. «f XcImb couniy. lor $Mu. 

An Irishman was killed near Sharpslrarg 
a tew days ago ay a cart uj s . uln*- aad Ihlling 

A drove of lour hundred furkeys, ra 
route lor fTaciBaalL pasaed through Carllsit*. 
Mcholas eouaty. the other day. 

James M'rriey, a plasterer, fH1 from the 
acaSoM ■ me CYirtsUaa cMuirh In Cynchlana. iaai 
week.tnd broke bis arm 

Mr. AJf. fiasenm. of Bath county, bos a 
raw which, a tew day* ago. gave Mrth to four 
calves, mrse of which are stUI llrlng. 

In Ktchalas oountx* on the IMh ofXovem- 
vchet. Mr. Wa. Cray, aged ti vean. was atanTod 
ta Mra. Martha Bopktn*. aged iO yean, hhe has 
alnr ehildfen. dve of whoB are married. 

Moodhy night last, at Carrolltan, Ey., 
a aum anuMd W'lUiaas auxick another man over 
me head vrim a sktg oar with such taroc that he 
killed hlw T‘— UetahUy. 

Cynthiana is infoated by immense num- 
heti of rat*, sad a ratlOcatlon ■eeting Is to be 
beM tMs ■oath aad oa a given dale every house 
lameiorral* 10 he honed vrHh polaoa. 

The "blind home*' titat ervated sorb a 
asasattoa ■ the aaddle rings at the ItanrUle talr. 
Iasi kU. the property of Mr. Joel Fesler. of 
Moetgf 1 ry. ha» bera porrhased by Mossta 
D ona a Buford, of I anraaler. for $1 JW. 

A gay youth in Henderson waa married 
loan indMni lassie Ian week at short notice. 
The girl had ** M so d not aleeiy but too wt-u." a 
M g brother behind e ptatol was the cause of tb- 
yetiag gcal's l u dd ea IncUnaUon toward ■au-i- 

A man was seen walking in the streets 
of BcadrtMa the uiher day with bit wife on oie 
ana. a baby aa the other, a baakol and enue i . 
hir hand, a Mgar M hi* Bouth. aad two hopeful 
hem hoiylag •• M hi* coat tan. 

Near the residence of Mr Cbas. P Ed- 
■anite. ■ me Reeeh Grove Betghiiarhood. Batren 
rasmty. aa anasuallr large red fox ba*  frequently 
been s*«a aad chaaed. The fox Is ex'raordlnarl- 
ly swift, ft Is curtouf ly marked, havlnc a white 
star ■ Be (orehsad and ahoui tour laehM of the 
cad of IB mil M snow white. 

Governor Wells, of Virginia, ha.* par- tion to the possibilitii-a incident to the 
doaed Wb. ArmiBuad. of PortsBouUt. connoted j facts on which interest usually rests itself 

\ Even U.e tenor ofEoglishpoliU« has bt^n 
Bra. It appeared by the swora leaUntooy of I a matter of indifference, the reason being 
one of the luron that alter the inrv had been not Hiat Uie issues set before the lieople of Eng- 
' tu-ndnvs they stood eight tor uncoodltlonal ac- . . . . , 

qnluaL two for coavlctioa. aad two fora oompro- - land have be«*n local and not general. This 

Hitherto the iviurt.* of Euroiioan ulTiirs. 
except in lime of war, has not excited a 
great deal of interest in this countiy. The 
(teople have been for the most part igno- 
rant of the facts and cut of! from all rela- 
tion to the possibilities incident to the 
facts on which interest usually rests itself 
I Even the tenor of English politics has been 
I a matter of indifference, the reason being 
that Uie issues set before tbe| eoplr ofEng- 

iii I’ariiaiiicnt. tliay a|i|H*aled to the coun- 
liy. where they were lieaten still worst*, 
pt:tl al last they have rt-8igni*il, and weshall 
hate Glatl.stonc and the LitH-rals iu oflice 
and Disraeli and the Tories in opixtsition, 
which, in slomiy limes, is a Itefler position, 
free from responsibilities anti rid of cinlwr- 
rc.-snienl. Thus ends the first lesson of 
the clisf*8lal)li bmcnt ol the Irish Church, 
llenccforwanl the struggle will lie more in- 
ti resting, tor we may now bt*gin to look for 

1 he New York Sun, whoac editor, Mr, 
Dana, is an intimate friend of Mr. Stanton 
says that Mr. S.’s ill health will forbid his 
aceeptance of the f ecretaryship of W ar, if 
it be tendenil to him. Personally we wish 
Mr. Stanton gootl health, but his ill health 
may be the good health of the country^ 
Aa Secretary under Lincoln and .Johnson 


Itt'pnbliraH Soldifrx* .tssorialioiii 

All Uli- soldiers resilient In the Fifth Cou 

£‘“p.n« to® '!x!rfiEi?\tieii':‘^i..‘‘''- 

oK ilf odfw '-123 llri)»d»»j*.'N. Y. 



L for V*'t'i‘K lien, on the error-, ehojn-*. and 
ritw-nM-* vlilelt destroy the manly powers and errate 
Ipil^* to iiiarrlaite with unre meamt of rel..-f. 
Sfnl In eealed lettee Hi*' of I'harife. Addre-u 

ititWAKU ASbOtl.ATlON, Box F, rUUdL-lpUla, Fa. 

Thiiiy Vfars* Cxprrifnrr in ihe 
Trralnirnt of ( hronir and 
Sfxual INsrascs. 

» F1ITS101.(H»IC.VL view OF MARRIAGE. -The 
e\ cli^bpcft pver pabllibeH— contiinlon oPtrlT 

lonal IH-uiif of KenturkT, who *»w *^"5*^*5, 

to lH‘(*ouie of !h»* U'*publl**an Sol- 

AmsocUHod, can either call at mj rooff^  
om»tN No. 14 renter trtroet, LoulsTlIle, Ken- tbjMr» 

tucky, or by h'tier Hurh UeMlre, »nd al the 

Mime tlni** r *T*on their late t-ompany. r»vlni**nU 
ttDd mnk, and also ibelr preijent rej«ld»*nee. 

J. H. WARD, rrDcy 

derSdIf rhalrman FlRb DWrtrt rommltlee. Lane. 

Kustoni* of tbf' baman orK»Di* Ui a lUte of health aod 
(liaeaa**. with a tremtheoD early errora. lu deplorable 

Carolina Hice. 

.7 TlF.Rf KS Carollua ilcr recelyedon vonaiffomsot 
* r and for aale by j 


d‘i d3 n Fuarth *t. | 

Refined Sugars. | 

1 4 14 1 BBLS LoTerin|i*» cni hpd «asmr. 
i UU ifo - - powdered •* 

be “ *• frauulaUd •* 

Just received and for tale by 

NKWe^MB, Bl'( HANAN A 4 0.. 
ds dS M Fourth at. 

I New Crop New Orleans Sug^ar and 
I niolasses. 

1 new cr»»p New Orleana auirar; 

I f  U bblH •* - ‘ m.da^; 

In atore aod arrlv n r an 1 for «ale at redneei pric aby 

(C (iS t Fourth ai. 

Xgnbricatin^ Oil. 

1  I’RE. and of » Rraviiy. conat uilly on hand. For 
niacblncry of fteaniera. raUroad*. fonndiiea. etf*.. 

Bro* Jh. S. Buckocr. D. R. Yoean A ro.„‘^pratt A Co.. »l N«al A C-^ 1^- A *'y., Ta^y. w^at A 

4 he»lfey,T. A K. Kelvin A CaAa. W. H. dtokaa ACo., Harvey A K*Ub, MarreiL i^tl.-aaaa A Co., Jaba F. 

MortonACOvvaDd oibera. _ _ ..... _..w .ki. ,em*BwmB4m..iYmt .giKm** 

ponteiupUUi^ marriase who entertain doobta of their 
trbyxlcal ronditloo. hent free of pOfiCaire to any ad* 
dreaa 00 receipt ofSIreoU. Id atampH or noatai cor* 


A new and beautiful aaaonment of sUpper- 
I atterna, for braiding and embrolderr, at 

MRS. A. rinUtrs.^iamplniT D»‘pot, 

115 Jefferson street, n«?ar Fourth. 

drraa 00 receipt ofsceou. Id •tampn or poataf cor* 
reocy, by addreaeinif Or. L.\ CKOIX, No. 31 Malden 
Lane. Albanv. N .T. The aathor mvy be ron^ottpd 
upon any of the diaeaaea opoo which BIb hook treats, 
either peraonally or by mall, and medlcioea aeot to 
auy part of the world. mrl dAw 


NKW and renewed jcunnlea; 


Hals, 4 aps and Furs. ^e.mfujt 

Ltullt-s KDfl KcDlIoiuen will lomiuU their own fj,, 
luterf*t end examine our «o -k befbn* piirehfctlng vinwoith, of 
uoiSJlm .Vi Market St., bel. Sc-onU A rhlr l. seldmnle* 

Mules Wanted. 

S E.XLFll proroval* will be rerelved at Ihl* ofllc* no- 
III Uo'clork M. of THUKSItAY. the Wih liul.,ror 
ibe d  llreiy to the Depot Qnerirrnie'trr at Fort Let- 

r%o     i iiif'M 

Bl*e. Ihev flnatly agried to draw luCz by plsc- 
Ira b.lhK* Id a bat and drawing iherefroB. Tb* 
bat wo* sbaken, the ballot* were drawn, and 
v-ven of ibeB •Irawlng the word “guilty.” a ver- 
dlrt wa* * -rordlngIy rendered. Governor Well* 
decided that, under the cirrtiin*f*nco*, the prl*- 
 mer csnmw be said to have bad a trial by Jurv. 

The Deiaoeratir Pres*. 

Und have been locxl tud not general. This exhibited much energ - in some dircc- 
is verv much altered now. The events of l uu». J'Ut tvxs "on the whole a tyrannical 

losaiim oa warkei «i., o«. ae.xmu a . o.. ... 

■■ ■■■ ■ — I than tfo (16) yenraof airr. atrooe. atom, compact, well 

r*r*H;irh»»st nrlcc Dald for bon Ls gold, silver I dercl ped animala. In full hciitb. and free fr^m any 
* * - c t»ak*ru.'iitt tk*«; ! blfufuH cr defct t which will unlit tiieui foracT-re 

id UDcuir»'Ul uiouey, alS.UUllB miLDp, w«*rk. None meat )»c liwthan 14 banda hl^*b. ani at 

the U.«t two or three year* have had more and Itad officer. He was. with the excei - 
or lea# direct concern for large segments of ^ Halleck, tlie most odious officer in 

the American population: and it is fair to Government, and perhaps even more 

and UDcuir»'Ui uiouey, at 8. UUTH^'UILD’S, 
KicbatitcPiind Broker ORlcf, 
jySS dtf T4 Main, between Se«'ODd and Third. 

Lota for Hale. 

Wehar»*a few more only to hiMI, on rhe^tnut, 
MumMsod and MiLTizIne, Im*Iw«h»u TweuTy-av»«*oud 

rran'.^'beBidto;.;r^:^^^^ tsum. that the Headers of the CorntEH- 

Joi'KNAL, who hare watched the progress 
The Deiaoeratir Pres*. of conflict over the Irish Church, 

XX'e observe that some of the Democratic 'cell informed as to the liearings 

rewsi«|icrs. which have not yet recovered 
trooi the repulse of the 3d ultimo, are still 
indulging in idle vagaries about the Xew 
York Convention, and worse, in idler spec- 

ot the case, and by no means carel(*s8 at to 
its transitions and | eculiar 

Tlie resignation of Mr. Disraeli Is cer- 
tainly sudden and unex|iectcd, tho'jgli we 

ulattons as to the “ifs" of S«*ymour's elec- doubt il it be not a wise move on bis part. 

tion. This is sheer nonsense. It matters 
little what the Fourtb-of-July Convention 
did or failed to do; and it matters less what 
or what not we might have achieved by 
the suoeess of Ihe Democratic ticket. “It 
might have been” is veiy good for women 

Hi  original elevation to the premiership 
gave rise to a deal of homily, and it 
is just as easy at th- present time to 
construct a panegyric as to coni(H)se a phil- 
ipic on his career, and it is not ncccssarj- 
fur us to relaibie into a de-pairing rynicism. 

and loiets, but not at all practicable for I and to di*ny that jiolitical virtue and vice 

l«rty organizations; and we pro| oM.*, in 
treating of the Democratic party, to deal 
V. ith its future and not with it- past 
Of course, in saying thus m'teh by w ly 
of discountenai;cing fooli-h criminations 

have any siilrt.intial e\ist«*nce, if we con- 
'.ess that there is much truth und as much 
falsehood btidi in tlic eulogies and the in- 
vective* to which he li;t- lK*en subjectt*d. X« 
doubt tlien* is something engaging, it not 

odious than Halleck. The iHliousness of an*l ^ w**“'y-tl "’J **’'’*'^* 

. — k'l" uif 

those two officers wa.*- otten urgi*tl uiwn Mr. 

. f. . ,, , CirMiilllttt«l urreiK-y 

I.mcoln by his friends, and lie never lailetl 

to recognize it ; but that funcliouary, ami- )v22dtr Main, beiwt 
able in some things and l(*rribly otherwise For Cou^hS 

in others, lacked the mural or twlitical or , 

, . , ,, , ' tt-f Dr. Grave* cough can 

physical courage, or all these sorts ol i*our- noilUiL 

agt*8, lo do what h * knew 4iould l e done. Modcx I uaned on r 

Gen. Grant, when, by an appointment Ladles an.l pcntlom. n « 

fiom President Johnson, he took Mr. Stin- for a ftnv days or ww*k- ■ 

,i.c in ,i,nw., n,.,,n„„u«, “js.sss-rvi:;' 

reeded at once to correct the gro.-tsest a.* -.-.urity. Bti-iucss it 
abuses and malpractice* of his predee *ssor fMciory. by c. llagun, Ai 

, . ...... text diKtr to .Moniz i Co. s livery slalile. 

His friends claimed that in hve or six ,,.i 3 dtf 

w«*t*ks he cut down the expenditures more 

than a uiillion ol dollars. If this Ls tnie. MARI 

.. , , . ,, .... -.ANDKORn-llOWK-O 

as UlUirestlonably it |s, would not the in- ln«t.. at Ihr resilience ol 

coming lh*e«idcnt stultily hiii.self, and Mi'.'i,' vact VL"n’.’.«V’'dau! 
hims«*ll scandalouslv unirut lo the conn- V' 

IrOBt ooevtbtrHot the nutnWr mu«t br ootleoi^thoo 
14M kando high, and rll njnrt be wrll brokro to bar* 


IKlm ry nf the luulta wUl be rrqaired a« follow*: 
(»nrvflfth of the number on or before the iMh inni., 
tbref-fifrltit on or hefort* the tM, and the whole number 
on or before the *J6tli inetant . 

fi'opoaala will be rocelTed for any portion of the 
LLu.Mr required or the whole. 
l;y authority of the t^art/rma'itorOi’Oeral. 

BENJ. C. CAm . Bvt, Brlr. Oen. U. S. 
del (16 AcUaa ClilM 4J larterai laier. 


1 i U 4J 4 NEW and rea 
1 « n rl P 7.(M) burlap*; 

r )• Brnncb roada. for ^kl«Ulern orden. Thta hay 

ran be eoi piled at marh leaa coat than from rity. Ap  
plT to SMITH, STl KOF.4IN A l5o., 

^ dlf 3 4 Fourth at. 

To Packers of Orease, 

F 'OR 8.A1.K~A lot of empty Bairela, •oitable for 
pavkliitf KreaAe, at low pric**#. 

Painted Buckets, Tubs, fiic. 
r i k roZ paloted bncketa, aaaorted colon. 
•)* UsOdos •• half - *• - 

ICO do* “ quar. •••••• 

13 do* •• toy *4 a* ka 

daz ** ttt' f. No*. Isf, A t, aaaottedeol •; 

as do* kek-ler*. ajusorted itaew; 

75 neate  {4*a) painted tuba, a.'MJorted colon; 



3Vo. S'T’S 

Xoi-th t*ide Muin, lx.*t. Seventh anti Kiixhth str*., 

XjOXTIS'\7'XXft31«£], !K.Y. 

r are aaw raraivlDX aaM will kea* raaaiaatlT aa kaad a larqa saaaly al \EYk OB 
LE.YN- HKi.YK .kSD YIOL.Y*.!*K**. wbieh wa aBar law la lha iraBa. 

oCl dZm 

ftatlaoBCanli will ka Baartaft BtklacalaBa 

attket*Ba » H»»*ate»*»ef B oaa k 


.\ l-oaa^iad MacDia. Maa a ft. coraa* MaB ao4 

TeaU Oreett. 

I  ktsi L VY . DI K M 

n Altarway* ja Lew. !«a. T C vakFlac*.  - aww..^ 

| Kft« KIXBIDaiB, P B . 

1 *   wwaT wemi .art 

} i| LL. O. T. 4fc fP,. 

* aad Male steiea, •« E Martel •*. «• 



I oftlea No. M • oart iLra, Loaiavllla. ft j. Bk dM 


choMo ood Aonu**4 Wuruhoo**!' W^Molo ^ 

L'PYY YBD- I.EO. T.-Yltor^o Jjrtl J; 

Ti I M.'l Bawberoar A tNooB Mack. LooiavftB, fty 

BOtk«1JB _ 

I'DMI  D** J Y M Kw T.. r ut dw at fto- *» |.Gaa y 
r. -treat . -oalt .Jila. *•- 1 . M sap M.  » 

/ 'BIFFITH. aiXL'K * CO. Waoli a al* 

( I Yew mJi t oni. M-frsa.^. V-* MW, Maia *L ^ 

H OP Y PP. V Y l~ Dealer la t ial k ar aa. f B4- 
- -ria .UI* Market, ka*. FMtt aaM 

Sixtk •&**«*. 

H .kBL YM * NKY» M YN. AWarneya_at l*» 
Jetferaoa m Awo duara «***( Willard Hoaol. j 

|AMF.'« * CO. TH«te«., t / aree w a ra la FaMai*^ 

.1 j/tit. .k I o... 'll 'Ger-ia Mti*b*ra_,ado*k*»CaaL 

I .Mre, s« sEith •*., kvC Markr* tmd Je Mwiaa. 

K INN YN. YYILLIYM. BaaaBetarw «( *aa 
akolcMle sad r-tsU dral-r la I wbrallaa, Fwa- 
»li *a M slklaa Caar*. Xa. I Ai TWO* wraaL »aB 

1 Ol I-VILI.E M YI.T mn •‘B. AYa^ttBte- 
1- a..ka«. Main aad rlvar. sTktJI a iU ftK*l. l*vaw*a 


1- LEWIS DlEa L. aropriatar.  a. -Aft » iwa m. 

I AXftOk¥lP -Sfc*aHr*aWor^. »73»ad »»» 

1 - Mud Mreal. aona Mia, ke*. Toelfta A rtiirteeatk. 

I ITHIiOYT J,  *. *rO- -ftortawoM earaaa *« 

/ Main aad TkM MreeW. waaaBi'taren *( aloaaft 
( a«iB^ TIa, c Of pe r . aad j a n a kaa Wpta. 

I PMli * na*. MaawBe rarer* of lialtaB aai 
. s^teaaaTck;i *. IF I aad I7M ft. Marker M. 

s. :si. u*A.invE:ii cv Co 

4hCCCEA80i:B TO BLAKEMORK. PAraKER A COra  - . .. 

\fOKT4»^ JOH 

_ ^ • .a»l wllerw. HCMiowri 


^ MpeuibOl PBiSU 

Commission Merchants, 

1^1 l»«'Jii-l ^ 41., 

 1*  4t. 

IX^MiHlIttail 'urreiiryriTlti'iD**!! at ll.« vuliic al *» acu^ luivI W mrwraMUMfr. 

s. U4)TH('HILI ''4, Proposals. | 

jyiSdtf Main, bei\v«‘*»n S *ronil and 1 bird. Aci’o Am t QrABTawiASTin** 4)rrin, A..^ j ‘^4t 

■ - - - w N APBTILLB. 1 t-NK.* Bee. I, 1»B. \ 1 

For Foushs and Folds. IILOFOSALs lodapllrat* W.n be rerelv.*d*t tbir ] 

I   tree null I‘J M. iiB THI RSD.AY. December 10. 
ii-t' I r.  ftravei * fN U)fh candr. It U a euro cun*. i*f6. for furninhlnK 
tn.‘i.itr lO.'OO bn»b I'linmlnoni i'oal; ! *% «• 

llStonffbeledhav; |0 

Modc\ Loaned on C'ollatrral tMTurlfy. ?bciu 4 lc*rii*to^T»f tl r* beet quility. The coal to 

LadlCHDUd pcntlomen wlHhIntf to borrow money b«s *n 1nroi» tollable f  r *raif», and bid* for Mine 
for a f.*v days or w«*k- will roasttlt tlulr o» a *l‘b“-‘' d.'bve‘rV‘« bl' SidV (.Tr bUbS ' 

lub-n sl bv railing at till- olllrr. Sincka, l on ls, ;«ihi!*y of Jam*, b-te. at •iirhllmi/ and In •orb q-j*n- 
),-« rlry, sllver« are. «r any other valttables lukon ‘moUbW for'ulj ‘ — 

a.-t -et'iirlly. Bii-luess t.iir, e |iillable and -Mitls- quantiiln- drilvi n-.l in the month. i rnTidedrDDil/ are | 8 

farlorr. br C. llagun, Ab'I, No. 114 Third alreei, on bend, end If not then a* •oon thereafter a« fund* 

. 1 /-.,*- »b«ll beree. Ive-i. . . . I . N • 

Brooms! Brooms! 

1 *r i 4 IK)Z hn^m*« raiiOD* idylre; 

« )w 1 *5 do* beartb broom*, varlou* fftyle^. 

.*4dozwi«D *• *• ** 

Ju t received and for sale by 


J14144 pot NDS frt'fh Sage tihU yc»r*« cr »p) for 
oiaUWU ealeby K. A. UOBIN'«4)\ A 4 0.. 

’ fSl M*ln*trect. 


3 UASK^4^^ad^.li. very beet quality .for sale by 


CTream Tartar an l Soda. 

*  CASKS Creum Tartar, perfectly p ire: 

Am 100 c*»k« BIcaib Sod*i,irenaiDe Kuyltah. f^raaleby 
del dlJAwl IL A. IiOBIN?^ON A Ut . 

Saving ISoney is Making fSoncy. 

N ’OW that the 4 hristma* boUdayn are approaching, 
every one dnunMia of i uri’ua- In;{ pre^ov* for 

tliuu s uullioii ol il4»llars. If this is tnio. IHARRIBD. 

1 1 *D • «i a *1 • ^ANDFORD- HOWK— On the ev.ioln;r of the 3d 

as Un ir4*sllonablV it |S, wijuld niit the in- Ini*t . at the re*H«lcDee o| t e l.rbu v l ie 

• N .J , I lU v. (f A. 4 Fnvr kRD II. * *AXi v^nr . Ken., and 

conunp I*re«id 4 'nt stultify hui. N(*lt, and mj.,i Valt k. Hour, dautruter of John ii. a .Wv*. 

him«*H m*ly unirut lo the conn- „.e mh'r. 

Irv. l)v niakiiie Stanton hn Secret arv of F.-.»tso*rl-.rk r. w. * 11111 - r- -tiieun-  .r iii(. .ri-ie*. 

■ I Iiiier, -i. I . H I Ml. t.i til- It, .V. '-N/ir. 

n bend, and If not then ** aoon tn-reaner eeiuno* 1 ^-ovv tliet the ( btistiiiaa holiday* *re appruechlnir, 
'*11 beree* lye'i. __ v .w . ... I .* every one dinmiii* of pori-u»*tna pre*ent* for 

Bblder- w. 11 etati lb*- pnre* for delivery, both al the . friend-and kinsfolk, or rood* for them* lve^ w-mld 
■rra*ki *iiilels wliere wllbln the cl’y limit*, -ep*. no well lo call al the *tor- of.lOllS BAKICtIW. dec’J. 
lie cortreet- may b.- m*d- with the lowe-tbldderon | of Seventh and XUrk-t street*, where -very 

iibertlrle , I verlety of Dry Good* of the be-t quality are lobe 

tty erder ol Bvt. Ma|. Gen. Tho*. swoi-l-. I fou„a. .X* the b«»ine**of thi* ho-*e ha* t »be *et I -d 

f- ' ‘-EGMOitA. , br the ftret of January. Ihl* aiore offer* Inducement* 

dc5 *U bvt I apt. and .\. .X. Q. .M. | j gqp..,jpf to any bouse of the kind at pre-ent In tie 

city. n.-*»dl# 

and indoUnl rcjiiuings, we do nut wi.-h to almost noble, in lh  cimtcmiilalion of a 

b - understood a* leaving out of the ac- 
count iLoee l*v-goDe Icscon* which aJver- 

stroiig plclieian iutcllect and will 

stcadiW forecasting a distant and 

rity rather more than pros|)erity tckches to ; difficult end. conquering social diffi- 
the wisr-af. The kind of apeculatioo we culUes, and living down iliaqualificft- 

\Var,cv( ii though Ihe latter -Iiould have the 
trill lo tecei l the oflice, nuil the iiHiu'.site 
sinouut of health to undertake its duties!' 
Tli(*n* was never a laore thorough and sig- 
nal coudeinnatinn iirnnouncefl against any 
head of a ileparlment Ihxn that which 

re;er to is dangerous only when it is resort- 
ed lo by secfind-rate writers and thinkers; 
 nr il is not to be denied that it has its kt- 

Uons of birth, fortune and race, gathering though not in 

a/w-w. atw-natb teon. i.MoGiiuG.... f.ib.w. " "t^* l f«n"'*n«*d agdinst Stantou- 

secret strength ftt m humiliating failure, 
and, by a dexterous combination of supple- 

ttactions, and. to a certain extent, its value, neas and audacity, molding like p*aste a 
to tlie moat practical and philosophic. It ia . fierce hereditary ari.-tocracy into the pa»- 
always at least odd and indefinite. If a give instruments of p  rsonal ambition, 
thing had happened whicb didn’t But Mr. Disraeli did not play his part well 
happen, w bat would have happened after he got liefore the footlights and w as 
afterwards To be sure no one can say c a ]Kwition to “niu or lose it all.” When 
positively, and theretore no one should hi first came into power he and his cabi 
waste much time in inquiring. net were in a position of great ad- 

The New York Convention might in- vantage* as regards Ireland, and 
deed have nominaU*d a difierent ticket and more es}M*cially as regards the Irish 
won. just as the Chicago Convention might Church. It is true that hints had been 
have rejected Grant and lost. The acci- j throzm out that a move was to be made to 
dent in either case iirobiWy turned the • do something, or propose something, affect- 
scale But in great assemblies of men or ' ing the Irish Cliurch, and I-ord Hu.*«ell had 
newspajierg it is unwise to rt*open such written^ pamphlet stating that not an hour 
qocstiong. They are delusive and they are was to be lost. But lhe.-e apjK*als, few and 

for too often the sp(*culative slight as they were, fell quite dead on t'ae 

XVould it not then he the hight, and dcpth  Gf’- *- H* 
and length, and breadth, and thickness of 
tiislioiusty and absurdity on the part of arc re-i *ci 
Giant to make Stanton hi- Seeretarv of l.xwkf 

- Mr*. Mln  r 

Vi'ary tbe:'dln*i 

We t onfess that we liave no gre»i eonfl- adams- 
 :ence that Stanton won’t start up into *ud- 
cen health, and tliat Grant won’t appoint T-writinb 
him his Secretary of War. Thera is a 
| - werful Radical pressure in that diiee. 

I'on, and verj- possibly or proltably every- “ 
Iliing may be made to yield to it The ,   
Kaditals lack confidence in Grant and want 
Stanton in the cabinet to watch him. a i ii *. f 

Thay are afraid that Grant Ls honest, but 

they know very well that Stanton ia not. 

T hey want Uie certain dishonesty to con- 
trol the apprehendetl honesty. 

vir..b-nxT. Borr- lu ':i-* * Tomli.v, .illnf J* k- I 
i*on. *M‘Dn. ' 


  1 t Al l. 4 *» ITUl.iv im»riUnkr. I. llo*« ! 

• t  vh* ;rt f- V'-r, Mi: ' ir a*r”'t !• ymr . lUorlitr • »i 
tv*}'loril Mc4 nil. 

Thr funeral M^rvlcea will l»c lu ld H'- Uv. *i 11 m.. »f , 
the Umlly rc'Mvm e. No. 1-: KaM 4'he-tnut. Afo r 
which, the remalbs will be taken to 4 lt:n, 

fur iDteriseot. 

I!AMl*TON-r eceniher 4, li4A-. at 4 o’.-lock a.*., 
tvR« . Hajiptok, of l  phuld fevi-r. lo his 76tli year. 

To Centractors, TT LT 1~Z 

^FAl Kl» ri;(*ros.\L*; win hercceircd hrtheur- | Ailvcrtwnff on Street Car^ 

dirnlKned. at ih'  »mce t»f Bra i-’.mw. V»/de*. A : '\IF.R(UANTS and olhep* defflroua of DdviTtlnlnc 
4 0.. At. ll:rr!», nulll ih* ,*Vhd:iv oi IVcctiiber* f .r I either InHde or ‘ ul-:de -'f i!k Fourth and K ut 

Ihe xorlo'r* W4 IK'S Riid iiiLUrU*« r-q’il-el In tli- p.- •• and  4 ci*i Walnut •treet tarn can av’ertaln lh *TRRWR 
|i “4 d addiUoiiti lo thx* l.oai'^viUc 4 ItyMarlne II I'p:* : and xaknks  -f sauxe at the oUc* of the 4;entral Pi»- 
t  L . * . I ffcnkrer Railroad, on Fourth, liCar -Mala. 

I'lriftftnd *r rlfratlor- un* now r. ailjr an J :nay be n ac6 4.'. I*. K. R. CO. 

ffri-c  •! th*‘ ( Qi( e of the ahove 'iaiiied Areliit.‘*(*ts. — — 

in’iK*f;l» will lie «*|*‘ned and r*»: ort* 1 to the flrd WTAl-MatzAtt 

ui.Miln*..illt( 4icii(.ral4dincilln.l.iti iary.lM». Tli- 1 WOW Crop WOlassOS, 

I -i.i ( It r* ej X w til I 'L'l * !•: -if '*'T* ov rel .'t A..j ur j "'i a BBl.S prime New tirkaoa jont received by ralK 
all pTx'poi*»ln. I H ll-I-ll* 'I OMl*l*K!j I , Mayor. ! t * roitu and tor aa c by 

w xf-WV'.t* 1 ^ n.0clf Mt 4 RE. BREMAKER A CO. 

SirUT allfni.on paiil !• ertrj branch of oar ba'lifxs, aad fTfry ffforl 
madrlomak' nulck and salNfactory sales. dSai 

J-.O. Y-A.TESS, HaOAXisVlll© 

rotloii Factors ^ Coiiimissioii llcrchaiils, 

No. lir  Main betweou Tliii-tl and Fourth. 

XaOX7XS'V7'XXaXa£3, K.Y. 

dt 1 eodlf 

Sf)t M 


OI' xturGrTTreuLY. 

OflLCC— Mci’ohant:s’ Hank Huildiiiur, Main .-*1., 

for mlrrmcnt. Notice. 

iiAMi;rov-rj*.™^ uz-t.«s d.t.sio* e^^4vKK*”m'm k. r., . 

tvRi . llAJiPTuK.of i pholdft ir. In hb .«th year. t AhZLLtonx uoca*. H rmtirr Viw istt, i 

Fnueral will take place from st.JobuV Kpl^opal November 10. 

C’bi rch at 3 o'clock to-day. The irleoda of the family ^F.Al.FI) propoaaB for the cradaatlOD and maaonry 
iBariftB/t trY Bttrmi • Ol a i»art aiid perliap* all the work on thU road ly* 

are recpactlully InvUcd to Dltcnd, Ikctween the month of BU Sandy rlv r and the 

I AWKFNCF-At the rcaldence of her damrhtor. tr« oth of Scary crv ik. Wrat VlrKlnla. will be received 
Mn Min. rv* Fidl. r. In l. *b*noa. Ky.. on ih - nUht of »« «l -* offler until 6 p. *. D. rjmbi r ». I**;-, 

the -d ln«1 .Mr*. M *»T L*w»*.vr«, *g- d M yr«r*. • Tl* H-rtlon* to be let *nd the profll,-* and e«tlmat«d 
' qaaiiiUett w ill be ready for Im^cctlun on the l^tdiy 

APAM8— December I. \t R»*I.RV Adamr. of iHccinber. lH»X.The work t* for tJie moat part b 'avy. 

I I* funeral will 'ake plaee lo-morrow. »t ! i r. n. opfoed *t m»ny p..lnt*. and He* In* country 

» .a.^* al»' indlnf lu i-uppllea. and la very acco»alhle. 

fioin hla l•*•lderfe. ..o. 004 Orayton atreet, near Farther Intormailon aa to th  -amount to be 1 twill 
Twertletb * (Ivku before the day of lettln';. 


I. o o r. 

ofCter* Rnd tr^'inhera of the ’ ower Fnd 
lo?*re('u. i  sir. reoncffied lo meei at 
the r hall T4 *DAV at 1 oVloek P. w.. to 
atte id the funeral of 1*. O. Wesley 
Adatra. By ord* r of 

dl S P. FOULK, X* ii. 

X. O. o. F. 

^ offeera and member* of the Mtinnt 

and philosophic is ahandone-1 for personal 
rriminatiOD and rrrrimiiiation The rea 
question is. what are we going to do now* 
What is the prospect* These are Uie real 
top ica set liclon- us for our ins] ecUon, and 

ear of the public. It seemed preposterous 
Uiat the Iri; li('hurch,of all things.should not 

It peems tiiiit Gt*n. Sheridan has got 
verv considerahle number of Indian 

onlybeinadeiliequeslionof theday.but be v   men and children a* prisoners. What 
Utkea up a- a iKirly queslion, and 1 m* iu:tdc ' lo Ik- done with lliem‘f .Vre they to l»e 

the ground of a hot party debate. Men of 1 ■ pi as prifoners, or to be let loose to 

they ought to obseun* all ot!:  r quesUons all classes. and all kinds of jxilitical views siurve in the wilderncasl’ Our Indian wars 

that do not commend them.selves to us on wen* opposed to this. It wa- almost uni- 

aeoount of gome peculiar moral valu '. 

We do not take a cheericM view i-ith -r 

versally regarded as a thing that would not 
and -l.ould not b *. In the first place, the 

of the present or the future, allM*it, we very position of the ministiy so *iued to 
n-cogaifte and freely admit the errors we , pre.-ludc it .Vs such a question a* the dis- 

have made, the difficulties that sarrouud 
ua. and the long trial of party strength and 
ftaUeiK* that lies liefore as. “In lsT2,” 
sayn the New York World, and it s{M*ak« 

W alker and Marsball, late member* of our own mind vt ith lorce and ct^ncy, 
tte* 4(t Koafturty.c.ft. A., porrtaaed me Po;b- u£„ we do not wish to el xff a Dem 

ftaaier fttenutrr. Hamaoa cxMuuy. for the SUB or „ .. ^ ^ . 

giaiB. Taady w^rlemrorm tke BlU olte. for  XTaUc President and aee him thwarted 

establishment of the Iri-h Church 
could never have been so much as 
debated in tin- Cabinet of Ixird D.*rby, 
it seemeil that mere ordinarx* courtesy and 
genero-ity mast preclude tlie opposition 
trom suddenly raL-ing a  {ucsUon that 

fSpft'l Mr. Jo b pa Marua the land for per 
Btv- liiillfti* I 111 oora broosbt tl* per acre ta 

TW following anhacriptione have bee i 
BoS. fnr laapraalaa me navIcailoD of me Een- 
(4May rlvar IwiBlDe. ftl'VJiau: Garrard. EMItMu: 
« -rr»T. rtftjMO; Bar $Sn.uao; uaresley. ft2&.«UU; 
Fayette loaadt t toaali. tShgW. Madlanti, Wood- 
ford. Fraakim. ahd Clark have outiocrlliedaom- 

Mr John Morris, living in the “Hillsboro 
Btek korhaod.” ■eu? eouaty, raloud oa Uree 
aera* of toad thirty bairei* of earn, olaeteeo 
waana trad* of ptnatklna, forty baohela of Irtoli 
Fk Bt G w . alt h teea iBB e haareet potatoea. b e a td e/ 
aupplytac hi* teBlIy with Irtob aad sweet pou - 
tea* froB the ooBe crouad durlaft the seaaoo. aad 
la oddlilMi oa iBBrai quMflty of lieaat. 

A Ecfttucky ochoolmaeter fell in lore 
wim oa* of hh pupllt. By, the DaaviUe Adro- 
oate. aad Ba fT Y ed her. aKhourh tee wraaaly 
thineea. Af he aaod to oeoM her like the child 
tee waa. tee weal baoa te her Bother aad be 
fuateed od etaewhere. After awhile aarii was 
latorBedaftheather’adeam.ahdeach prooeed- 
«d te carry aralB. The plii'a oeoaad ehetoe very 
Uadly dBd la a pear or aa. a* did the ochool- 
■OBora. vrhee he Bani*d a mad tiBe oaly to 
bedtruroed. About two weeks ma Bate 
■ar nu d eoaple Bet by chaaoe. jolaed tbelr for- 
tn a io asala. aad a* the irtrl baa orrtTed al yean 
«r dB raxa on, they eapect lo be boppy. 

“In 1872 we do not wish to ebxff a Dem- j trom suddenly raL-ing a tjuesUon tha' 
ocratic President and aee him thwarted j would, ih«*y knew, lake the new govim 
and impotent. We must gain the control of j ment by surprise, and must In* regarded a 

nre conducted in a most miserable manner. 
Atd yet it might be quite difficult to say 
Low they could, as matters stand, lie con- 
(ii'etcd in a less miserable manner. Why 
XT ill not our government lake an in-struc- 
tlve les-on fmm Canada!- 

C’l^rv' itiomjs. 

f-^FI-h Hi-nry will set a One Itini-b at Isq 

o'i'loi k. 

W. feutt G!ore has re *»*lvc l Mis* M. F.. 

xvould, th«*x’ knew, lake the new govim- LnuMou’s la-i novel. The white Phintom. ITli'e. 
, ■ . , , 1 t’*' • Ntv. good* received dally for the holld ly*. 

Congreas, or our victoiy will bring no 
tejlid advantage- But Cungrc" b so con- 
stituted that its political complexion can- 

not be suddenly  'hanfi*d. the long terms of | Lament to do in its last st*8sion, 
the Senators being the chief obstacle. This and Englishmen of iiicMlpration wished 
is the reason why a great worit lies before i aliove all things to have time to 
the Damocratic party previous to tlie op'*n- j le*m and think aliout Ireland, and to 
ing of the next Presidential campaign. Wc : come to a lN?tt *r opinion on the many in- 

tiie Damocratic party previous to tlie op'*n- | leam and think about Ireland, and to 
ing of the next Presidential campaign. Wc : come to a lN?tt *r opinion on the many in- 
have gert to recov tr tiie e-ontrol oi the State I Irieate Irish  |ue*tions thnn they had had 
L^islaturcs, br whom the Senators are ' time to form. If the ministry had bit 
elected, aud by w hom the Statca will be re- j stated frankly that this was the position 
distrie ted lor the choice of Congres-smen which thev exx’upie*d, and to which they 

elected, aud by whom the Statca will here- stated irankiy luai tins was the pooition 

distrie ted lor the choice of Congres-smen which thev exx’upie*d, and to which they 

after the* census of 1870. The Democralk* adhered, they a clear and easy course 

tiartv cannot afford to r»*st on its oars for a lN*fore them; and any attempt to seek, in 

a mere weaivon of offense u.-KiI against Mr. , * *“”1.'* - v , 

' " . I u-rxl/sly Is ronliallT Inriicd to partake of the 

Disra *li. to elo him himi at any pnee- , :,|.fafhlun.d Fl.-h niov.der at Marble Hullto- 

Thcre was plenty of work for Par- n .;,t. Dillj k*i;I- iscr'efrook^ 

Lament to do in its last se* 8 sion, j That elegaot aod desirable dweiiinq jint 

and Englishmen of iiicMlpration wished ioc,|-li n-d i,y Mr. John a. Dickinson, situated on 
alNive* all things to have time to » *- ett-t of Thlixl «reet, between 
, , ... . ... , * 01 . York, will be sold at auction IhL* day, al 3 

liArn sDd thiuk flliout Irclftnd, sud to o'clock, iiyMoirl 4 8 outb 4 rick& Co. 

come to a lN?tt *r opinion on the many in- „^e collection of sei.*ei.7 iheo-ogiexi 

Iricate Irish question.* thnn they had had ard cla-sS-al Looks win le sold by Mr. r. c. 

time to form. If the minisirv had bit s ncer this mirnlna at his auilon rooms, si lu 

^ oVlo -k. by eauli-irae, to » hloh spe  l*l allenllon Is 

-toted frankly that this was the position it Isa pan of the Ui-rary of an eminent 

which thev occupied, and to which they miuisier. 

adhered, they had a clear and easy course Thskat AriEcnoxs *»i  iitiAitsEXE.*.*.— All 
lN*forc them; and any attempt to seek in su0,-rlGS from irritation of the throat and hoarse- 
,h. iri.h ch.Ki,..'.«hjmofp.m ,.r- 

tore and a sjurce ot jiarty triumph would Brouehlsl Troehes." The demul rent ineredlents 

T4 -1) \ Y »t I o'clockp. M.. to Mlfend thr 

fcDerRl of P. G. W. aIf y Artam*. By order of 

( . A HROWV.r. P. 

Wm White. Brribc.  D _ ! 

All Republicans and Union JVten | 

4 RT «*i ectftillT reminded of thr roepllnijT4M).\V 
/\ ivuturday). ut ’Irtlo’cloek p m.. In I.t* « oautyCourt | 
r-M m. to •rrannr U r martl.iC a or ««rai»rr. dl 

ZiOuisville, Harrcxlsbar^, and Virginia I 

'^riin CommtwIoDrm mod ffabrcrlbeni lo the Htoek of 
1 the *bovr*u4me I road will mrrt atthrt'onnty 
Coort room In thr city of Loul*vllIr on WKDNK- 
DAV. De *en;ber 28. 1'fiH f ir the parpore of orKAnl*- 
i! if the CouipRuy. A full Atteadftnce 1* de»ired. j 

g7'^tll arrIptloD boolc* are now open at thr b*nk- 
tni.  1011*4 of Jno. Snndt 4 4‘o.. the Bf'iir l of Trede 
l:4*oPui. th^ coantlrs**room of Itom. Barkhouwe A Co., 
•ud the otficr of Joufv W. b. liokr. 


W. B. HOKK. 

(11 dtd Ezecutlve 4'oinmltter. 


'‘I'lIK fTfru^Dr annuRl lui etlnir of thr Jefferson Coun  

I ty ^poltl^' Club will l e b« 11 at th(*lr 41 itvrooom 
ftt^^al-r^'• r.x hRng- , on .‘.rr DAY. lire. 5. at* 
o’clock P. M.. for the elertl *n of ofllc**r» for thr enru* 
i.'i y«ar. All rnembt rs are requ -ricd lo alteud. 

Bv (M\ler of the Club. (14 .It* 


Proposals for Coal. 

S F.M.KD proporalr will l-e rt*coived at thtw o fl ’e 
ut (11 Iv' O’clock M. SATI ICDAY. Dec. 5. 1-W. for 

II M June K.1N.P. 

1 hr coal to be brut PlttwborK coal, to br drilv ‘red 
fri ra I ime to tlinr ar re lUlred, and at B'jch pla.*e in or 
R  ar (hr c t  of Jeff^ntoovl le an the otfleer In chance 
ll a  oiref I. 

I r  I will be Indopitcatr, with a copy of thl* 
UtoViil.*^t ‘lit nt attached to each, and arc •m.iAniv.vl hy 

cient iKiud will be given for the lalthfUl pertormaace 
of thr Fame. 

LMd*  will hemdf^rrrd, **Propoaali for Coa)*** hfl* 
(irerrt d to the tmderiiljfned. 

By order of the Quarti-rm.i9t' r General. 

II t . U.VN-')M. 

Hvt. Lt. Col. aod ti- M., 1*. b. A., D pot M. 
nt Si d6 

New Crop Su^ar. 

I I k 1111 D" prime New 4»rlca‘i*Jii ' received by raiF 
1*1 road and for aale by 

n^JIdll MOOPaE* BRKMakKKU ± CO. 

Szcelsior Rooting Paint. 

tfaeycrn ute. We warrant It to last aalua,;a'' aav 
roof palnilng.and loweriB price. We aUopatoooll 
I aint and eempo^iUDD ro^'flug very low. 

Ordert left at tfO Jefferaoo atroet. 

Copper Whiiiky. 

•*^n4 I Copper Whlaky, from dve to tea yean 

old. IB rtore tod for Mir be 

E. UCSTAKI). No. 7 1 Main utreet, 
rohS dtf Bel. Second and Third. 

l istillers and Ua 8« Oau^ers. 

in tl.e Weft. All eork warrauted. 


nc*5 dim* 56H Jefferaon ftreet. LouDvIlle. Ky. 


Xa ovaite-MFlllo, 

.T ! \WI:FN  F -^MITFI. Prr*W.ut. J. H I.INnEN'BFnOFB. Vi— Plr«-t l«at. 

L. T. lUl »TU4, swKlarj. S. T. WlL--o.\. 0-a.-ral .\«eat. 


.1 I.Awra - B Sa:™. J. H. MsDasaaBoa. w. r. H-.;* itew. ft. -'•it*. Gao. u Hi- ,v raa 

vv. i. Hite. tiao. w. Moaait. Jan* H- ..ild*b, Taoa. L. Bxmmkt. iiao. w. X. aT"s. 

Aggregate Risks Accepted - -- -- -- -- -- -- $3.917.:I30 00 

Accumulated Assets - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- S '47.AiS 11 

Eurplus over all X*iabilities — —— — — — — — — — — — S160.047 Of 

'I'll Is a*'nii.aay la ao» oa. of lh * portnaaent la*tltnii. a* of Ih • rotmtry. I; . . a: iial *b 4 .Kca-aalauoaaar 
I Invr.trd la UrM-rlaM Kratnrky Miarliln. for th - teaefflof IIUML l\T .i:K Ts. is/tcad of baioa *aat 
read lo build up rival Inicrral* la otbrr stole*. 

;ir X • Krairirl laa* a« Ir. i: e«ld. mrr ar Tvavrl la “aatarva   latp». 

I* I allrlra No B r*rlrilabl  . aad.Kalra as aiv a . aay xaBad I aiapaDy. al.sod'B 


Cotton and Tobacco Factors ! 

-1 1 lil'OJIil Ktl’d'f'la  T ' YV 'V'oi'la.«r al *d T«acr* made, »ad rcoslanmcBU ri-*ptc«ul y aoUiittd. acT dtl 



.\»N. .19 aid 11 Foui'ib  4rrfl. LeHi Yi|]r, 

GENT f  r the well-known I \ I. COAL OIL. 4 oitfeitfi 


_ rul« of ProdBce Rnd  laB«lRciare«l art: 

aWr.d Orderi* {or the parchane oif PlRBiaiiwn '•Mppllew ?•' pelted. V 

^loiaiir reocipu xiT *n npoo property »t*red with me. npoo which CR«h Rdvnneew can be oommcvL 
.\dvanrrfe mmae on CoDMtfnnicnD* to ray fiiendr In New OrlewoR ind New York. de  1  Um 

E. W. & L. P. KENNEDY. 

mu IICTii IHD COilHISSIU (milllli. 

57 Main street, between Second and Third. 

f Bidlwlm 

I_xC^OI3LH-A. me* cfc rtO-A.OH, 

Wholesale Grocers, Commission Merchants, 


li iiLiry Proiliiff. ProiiYionv Irnunt. Drain audSfWfrPipt. aod Crmral 4rrrhiaJi«*. 
No. 320 Main St., bet. Eighth and Ninth. 

( (iiii-igfuiiieuti*. LOUISVIULE, KY. 

r. LIU KH.VUT. ao( dim J. J. gOAt H. 


^"-^TTOIiT  Sc .A-ie/BEOTTST, 

bi:\i:iML (0MMISS10\ ^lEIUIIWTS* 


Hay, Orain, rioar. Whisky, and Coontry Vrodace generally. 

Rclig’-ons NoMce# 

8t. Raul's Chnrch. 

' NE of the nerieu of oc*R“l «qr 1 raeeliu;;^ lu behalf 

c*n n.nreh Mikteioiiarv boch-iy, end the Vv.inffrllcRl .dviriiwed 
KducRtlOD B CUty will be held in. 'it. P«u!’f Cuureh on latioiiM D.r 

M’AY. IXrC. (•. Rt ll A. M. Rid 3RDd7i*.x. Th‘S . public ** b* 
1 *. X. •»*tv:c»-A will l»e for Ihv .n r hfcUo -l!i. Th- • ^ 

i; lit rRl n.e* tlnjr will b • held Rl 7 r.x., when RdvlreMc* ■  aMP1II 




Cure* (WXt'KK, 

( urea SC!«*Kt L^. 

(’ure* (T EOl*S AEFECTIOXS. 

And all Ihe Inipiiritiea of the IJIood, 

AND raa sovKsaioN aavEDT roa 



'ihite if the orij^tiiul  pring Wdter from Vermont 
which liR# wrorKht »o many wonderfiil rurea. and t» 
adv( rtl»«d only to dlt*tlnirn’»h it from the many Imb 

tatiohM tl.Rt are now atl.mipt* d to be ualmed npon the 
pnblk’ R« bi iritf i qual to the lirtuea or the Mi«-«isiQOl. 


The Bute I'niveroity of North Carolina 

M k date  te.0M 

St. Clair, Hawkin* county, Tenn., in ta 
have a taanaoKtii rtiriauua day. 

Jack Cos. an old negro, died near Bai- 
fftenre raw Civ, afed 110 yeai . 

Severs] large salt furnacee are insoccesa- 

ful unrraiYna B Ilaaoo oouatj. w».  virrmta. 
SeUKief aMBWu — b— . g — . — .Ij. IrlileO 

TboBB ndte B Uted a a. TeuB »ari , on Hooday 


The Catbolk* (ffinrch of St. Mary’a, at 
KaMte. «a* 4adtoated laal Buoday by BUhop 

Ibe first Teniaon of tbe aeaeoe waa re- 
edved la Knoivtu.;, Toan.. Toesday. and retailed 

Bite ftcrFdoBd. 

A gray fin attacked SberilT Knight, of 
Wltooa aaaaty. Teas., to aa yard last ve«k. and 
Ml hM lar oeverely 

PilkDorF. a negro barber of Colambia, 
Ttea_ *rar badly atobbed la (hat niy laal Mon- 
day night, at a aag ro hall. 

A (te-t.nj. aaw-ffiill k being built on tbe 
Oeaialfee river, Ga- te ret oat to * Oar tlaber  ia 
tbe teoka of that oteeaB. 

WiUia, a negro soldier, who murdered 
Andethao ftelby to Rairifth. K. C- laal wtnler. « a* 
lo have hera hung to that efty yreterday. 

Tke Rilore of tbe Central Coal and 
■all OoBgany, at Wool OoluBbla. Weal Vlrgloli. 
haa teraaaalarg. BUBher of prnofM oat of eB- 
r»0FBte t - 

At Decolor. AialMuna. Chailea .Anderaon, 
Bhlle MtoxleaMd. otahbed I**aae M' ihnoe in ih' 
left hraaoG laeieOng a wound whldi w ill proba- 
My grave tetol. 

Kiaatwfi tbouaand five hundred and 
tweaty hole* of conoo were rec *lve l ai Ma-oo. 
Go- dorlDg tbe Buoto of KoveBtiei IMn. agalu-k 
K.W hMa* (ar tkot Boatk B»i year. 

On Friday of last week at Ful.-iskI, Ten- 
BBooee. a party of olxly or arveaty oiea uatfc a 
Baa aatead Barn**, a ootortoo* murderer and 
ftonetetoC, trom tOe Jail and buag taha. 

George Towery uhot and killed Julio 
Ceorge. aear FayettevlUe, Tenn- a day ur two 
MO. Bcrely becaaoe the Bordared Ban beat tbe 
BB i derafa dog with a teaee-rall. 

Tbe German emigrante reported aa bav- 
IM omvMl at xbaneauoL E. C— recently uo tbelr 
•ray te tbe Wear. Tbey*expieB a wiuingae:.- to 
reteaia la Baatb Oaroliaa.p tovhlod aulubh; terBs 
are uftvrrd thrB. 

In Cohimbup. Ga., a few days ago, an 
•U negro, wbo hod been ooavtnud of keeplag a 
arlaaiM boaoe. begged tbe Jodge to order blB 
giv.a tbftfty-albr l aa tiei * la n«a of tbe Obe sbI 
^lirmni iBpoted. 

A liuie negro boy a-aa oaoven *d int   
Mart oMftte by a ooiua gin at E.*wlwgn. S. C.. a 
tew nap* ago. Be laadveneoUv appraorted too 
near Ibe Baeblae. war draorn la. and wbeo br 
eaaw ooi Ua Batbiv wouldsT bavr aaowa biB. 

Tbe aiahwin* Legtetolure, on Saturday, 
paoerd a Mil rrpeaUar tbose oaellaB.'- of tbe code 
wbleb (orMd aa inirnnaiTlage betweeo white* 
aad aegfoea. (tarpet-bar Yagtalatorv eoa now 
graurj tbelr baaftenag* after tbe daiby Baldeaa 
wttboat tbe tear oT tbr peaMectlory te Bar tbelr 
rte aiotre. 

{larty cannot afford to r»*st on ite oan* for a Ix’tote them; and any attempt to «eek, m 

aingk* day. If we are to reap in barved JL** Ifteh t'hurcli, a subject of party war- 
we must plow in recd-time. Thk ia o*ar • sjurce ot j arty triumph would 

rxal work. and. ar tlie World observer, tbe Lave lieen aet down as in the last degret* 

Kndicais theniselvcA promise to help us mean and faction*. 

along during the coming serriou of Con- Unfoitimately, the ministry abandoned 
prera. We quote again from the A^twid; this- position, and. by a series of blunder*, 

Tbe RepobBcans wiu probably paiwablllr - tollies, and vacillation* rarelv paralleled 
r.iKUng oaturallaatlOD to tbe Federa' •■ouru, aod 

propo-4- an aaieDilment to Ibe ron-'liiitloD for in poli.ual bistory, nut only plaeeil tbem- 
tranafermig the rugulailou of tbe »uflrage te the ,,,lrrv of their oniwinent* 

Federal GovenuB. ni. Nolliln# could ue more op- •  Ives at llic mercy oi miir opponenis, 

lonuDc for tbe DeBorratic |«rt)' (ban the piy- entirelv altered the opinion of tbe in hi* vineyard, .Sew Jer»*v. rhvslelsn.* say It I* 

lu ntalloD of ao Important an ls*ue cluee upon Ihr 

heel* of tbe Presidential elMtlon. ll will agttde cotintrv with regard to il,e Irish t Iiurcu. 

the whole ooimtry; II la an Issue on w bich th»*re . ‘ .... - 

will beno abade of diflen-ure In the Democratic Ireviously, It was a *ubj *ct on which 
ranks; and. beat ol all. It Is an issue which U Cer- ^verv LilH*ral fell tlmt. if ( alle i on t) 
t»lb to bring u» bouts of recruits. .XII that i or- - ... ... 

(Ion of our naturalized citizens who have a -ted moke up bis Diind. he cotila not hesitate to 
wllb Ibe Re|.ulill «n party on other que IOD*. _ -.I, elianirc hut on which i.uMt 

will uatie Wllb Ihe Deal « ra.-y on tnis, 1 w u h lor aom* tuangi, out on w uii ii lu  st 

at tbe blow Is aimed at the rlqhts of ^len had onlv a vague. iiidet*isive, and 
ntlaen* of fon*ign Mrth. A '-oa*lderihl“ ' • • t-i • • . . 

allay pulmonary Irrltoilon: and, after public 7i„p ly-thri reailoa." 

RponkiDir or (ilninngv (vheo the throDt u wearied ijcor* o(k‘d ri 2H; lecture Rt 8 o’clock, 
und weskeoed by too muck ezerclke, tUeIr usi* h —— 

will iflve renewed dtrenicth to the vocal orsans. " ~ RIVZRZSIVRS 

oiRff be expected from Hiihop I'tttumlnK^ Rnd RCverRl 
oiirar »t e»kt rR. All pe:*on» Interefilc I in the proao- 
tion of EvRnifeliCRl truth Rre luvll^d to Rtteuo. 


ft y A C H K 1 8 T I A S ISRAELITE 
\V iibln Ibe I.adles' Parlor. MasonlcTeraplr 
KotrRQCc on •lcfft’i oD Rtreet. 

/ kN irNI AY AF1F.KN()4)N. «tU Decoraber. \9f». 
\ r The 4^0MD. the WoMX. tbe Mam of God; Rn exp f  
* tloo of tbe Bible from lienifRk lo KcvclRliou:*. sc»- 

Kpeer** Pori Wine. 

Tbe Port BOW cultivated in thU roun* 

trjr for a wine unexcelled by any utber* In Uh mel* 
low JuMueRw. rlcbnen^ of flavor, and brllltancy of 
color. The imp** bus u*en brought lo * p»»rfe«*- 
tlon never nttalned In Portuirnl, by Mr. A. Sjiecr, 

oU.em. CRD be bttd eratto by caUIom Rt «»r addrt^injr r 
note to sPUING . 

dSdSin No. Bbordwat, New Yore. 

I.aitirs'and ( hildi rnS Zephyr 
iiueds new Myle. made lo order al 
the Fall  ( it) iioop  kir( I'artory. 
Ao.((6 . Iarkel Mreel. between Second 
aud Third. nov?4 deodtJanI 

aiifl tley will continue it under the firm of Ml'lUft 
Wc lire RiK'ntf* for the followlnff reRponelMe, well- 

1 l^c. by mutURl   oiteeat, Mr. F. O. Ueut.'r I 

n ilrli ;r frem tbe firm. The buit.ntwi will be nmtln- 
ue«l b\ Hicii ± LtndjM'y. whi* Rre Rlone RuthorUed to 
ciu« c UD tbe buoineRM of the iRte firm. 

* F. O. REriER. 


did. HENRY D. FIT4 H. j 

XaOiii&Tille Chancery Oourt. 

WR»b. spradling’A Ex’r. fllL. i 

n». sNo. aAB3. 

WRSb.fc^p Rdllag’t Hetr«,*c.,dfls..) 

'I'lilS rauce WRMretcmd to tbe QDderaiMived. Cmu- 
I m;''^toD€r of raid Court* to RdTercue Rnd Uk ' 
proof o( Ihe debtfl RuRinFt the eelRte of »Rid WriD. 
SprudiiCK. cleeeRfeed, Rnd r^ rt tbe itme. 

Ibercfore tbe creditor* of fiRtd WR«b. Sprodlinq. de- 
CfRR* are hrrehy notified to prodoce tbeir * Itimu 
rxeibet tbe e»ute of Mid decedent before me. prop* 
erly prov-. n. on cr before tbr Skh day of December 
cex». THO. I*. t'MITH. Coiu’r. 

November J8. 1H3(. did® 


Jo*. XV. Ctmphfll and M. E.Csmplian. kh wite-Pe- 
tlllon,cx parte, ia Eqoity. 

*ro all whom It may concern Jo*. W. Caraphctl and 
I bis wife. M. E. I'amtbell. have nlcd the r Joint n -. 
tlilun In the Chancery Court of Todd c only. Ky.. tor 
the purpose of otdnlolOK a Jndament of sal-1 Court, dl- 
ri ciinz the said M. E. Campbell to trade aad transact 
ha.-iacs« a* a fentme sole, convey her prop.-rty, and 
make a will dlat-oslng of Iho same. „ 

Xfcv.a. iga . now di e* 


Ome* or raa cisciaKATi r. 8. M .ul Leva Co..   
Locisvilu. Kv.., Ite. ( 

/ kN and after December I the evening line of ateani- 
( s   rs for ( iiirinnati will leave Ihe wharf-host, fool 

of Third street, at » o’clock. 

n34dlm FKASK CARTER, Snp’t. 

M 4»I MT W. .I.-MaaaBcwireT*agl *aB*Baaa. 

-Uery . Sc.. JegStora a*..Uialarte*. Ky . 

M OKT41M JtYHb P. A 4 ft.-Pm t i W te s i». Bp^ 
-ellera. ■watlowrio, ftooa sag -Ite FtBaotu. IM 
Wc«* MaBatrcek 

CYtKwrStefttt J. g (».-■«■■. ftgw B 
^ steaaiaowt Putoter. ^ B4 ascaad ft, tea* *Mo- 
Oet. M*ra*»*Dg .teft-rsos. 

ll'OUO. J.C.. XI aautecturer aad doalar B Beale 
YY ry. Gtovea. Tana, aad radarwear. Ma. td*« 
Waal Bark*t_*s., bai.Jtilto ^ -**. 1 * 

Vftl Xi*4 JOHM P.-sawMIUaad LaatoB Ta^ 
1 a 'i*T all t.w -rtplinna c, Jramlaa aad RaildBa ftrmltea.teaa*i oapaj 



.A.ttovrxG'y At XteA'oo' 

Ifi# WcRi Jqffrrxox RCr««t. 

•FSidir LOri!4TTLlaC,KT 

D E NT fST" Rt 

i i*. .1. -V.  I«* ’Lfe:LL.V Di, 


No. Itrj 'xRCoad *«» not. .MRrket Rod Jeffit—, 
LOri-VTLL*. KT, 

Wftft **: fr«t lo RdmxuMer. la . 

A ^ ^-*7 AT^ie^ jt 

. • lida frr f^* •*’^*vtrReRt u R 

'rv"i..*ir~ ' :i -fA' Rervlceo 

I   'V 1 .'^"r I i 

H. WILSON. ••ARt -Ml it mb fit.. 
bet.GreeB aaA WrIdui. No. I.Y7 
HOW kR£ iht «oy ikol bo Roo - lo* v-^ 

price* to tbe RKoBRt ebaryed brlore Ibo w. let rA 
oprrwtXMR. cMier fiorRiORl or MeebROtcRL M3 4»M 

J. H. BUDFO^'i 


4rflbr«M ^rooi. b*  
Wceo Fir»* mod :MeoM, LoR^otbe, 

. Tr^HaHkKy. TerCb morrM •• Mom P«Mfl 
* ' r« tb extTRd'ted wttbooc mm 

bytboRR' T NitroxR OxidrGRff. No tfooblR to  bi»w 

■portG)«s.A RflbtM 


BBraara* Aad ■aaatartatsr a( Pege-toB Tea, 

'*'* 17* FIFTU trr-~.t. hoaOrea 

-^^Wc9BB*od walaai, weal site . Loaiovllle kg 
. , ; :   ■  W Tfvtk axlracMd alBoul pata hy tea 
" N’lteoaa Oxide Gaa. all M 



  ■ I lltA'i*-*.   ifaktA* 

l a\RTir r- iidiTi:; o  n|d ?oofi«lt ■*»»*‘r»R R 

1 V .-'vt.:- ‘ly " 'z. r ' 

R&-T=xfir«R, af tRr; brifi’iulbl pi *40, - 1 -.-' 

: .^ieu   lr ^  RBd p R4R JUmI Utemel ’d 

!*r«UA, rainarACtarext by 

. 1 . ftd. Li'riicjow c'o. 


I’-.- r..-.. ,.Icte. of all *Ucs.raagBg  *■ 

» 1 to PI 1. 

t juaeledGrat-s. co-npl - . • . *1 1 lo 53ft 

Vxalea. c.-maiate, aiih Gras... matoa.;. tesaiarad 
ash paaa,. Dual -raO to 373. 

Gas for Country Houses 

riKLIC \ U PKIYire iVsTmTl»A5, 


:beral .Advance* made on ConslynBenta. 

\\ E have hough! the stock of grocerlea and lex.^ 
YY the house romicrty owned and occupied hy F. 
stinc, deceased. No. .'JH East Jcgcraon atrret, between 


will rcmRiD in tbe booRo with UR. _ 


In cooAcqucscr of the Rbove RirRnjrenirnt we pro- 
txoiM- to rent the bouiH* occupied ^ ut.on MArket street. 
Ni*. .10. b«t«ern Second end Tnirti. .\l*o offer for 
sale the fixtures lo »Rid bumae. One of the firm will re- 
niRlDRtlhe Merkct street fitore uutiltbe booM*t«r*at- 

no:!0dlf Ri 

Notice of Copartnership. 

CHARTREUSE ELIXIR, I Qtjs0|-yer and Reporter, 

Or alosiiit’s Sreret? foi. dedi% i-om. 

coiintrv with regard to ll,e Irish Chiircu «*r  ner»o lmp«n«l Fort for invalid*, and lu 

. - . slimmer It Is moiv airiwahh- and refiesblng than 

Prexiousljr, it vras a *ubji*ct on which i-iai -t. Clergymen u*e It for its pnrlly as a com- 

ex'erx" LiiH-rai felt tlml. if calle*! on 1  munlon wine, whHc th - moat rmshlonable ftimlllcs 

make up his mind, lie could not hesitate to 
» iab lor aome change, but on xvhich most 

l«n of tboor- h'-pubtl’-ans who. In late 
elevniotir. have xutod agalDH ne-gro auSrage in 
Iheir own I'tat.'X. w ill also he persuaded te act 
with ua oo this quratlun, II we do not Doedlcaaly 
abort tbelr piejudtce* In other reaped*. In a 
change of pujxy relatlona It u lb.* drat «tep that 
it^x; riL‘i *^' shall to* funimatelnhavinganla- 

.. Re- 

publtcanr. l-elore (.rant a InaiteoralTou. . 
vumb. r of those w bo voted for him. 

1 h  he are reaiainaitle pnilulrililtes, and 
they ape ungible olijccts of sjieculatinn 
Wr can afford to di8|ieiiae w ith conjectures 
alKftjt the past for eiirti wholesome antici- 
(lations of the future. Our faith in the 
unity aud |Hirf otie ol tlie Demorratic |mrty 
is UDshaki-n. Our ronfidt-nre in the man- 
liood of the DcDKicnitic masiies is as slrotig • 
as « ver it w as. We do not idiiid our eves ^ 

VI rr ilonnant opinion. The ministry ter- 
minated this state of tilings, and lorced, not 
only the Lila ral parly, imt Uie country at 
laigc. to look on the Irish listaliiisljiaent 
s« an institution xt lnch L  utterly unjiistifia- 
i/ll . and .1 Li, h cannot and xh:i11 not last. 

Having perjietrated this original blunder. 
Mr. Di raeii followi-d it up, as most of our 
n aders xx Lo hax*e folloxved the events o; 
ihe le.'t seven or eiglit months remeiiilx-r, 
XX ilh Uie nien*st school-i oy lolly and twad- 
dle. First, lie wride liis eeh brated “uo 
IM-piry'’ letter to Lord Dartmouth, aud 
irh-d to appeal to tlie l*rot *stoiit fanaticLsni 
of KiigLiiid and the selfishness and tiniid- 

to its shortcomings, and shall nol | j, y ot tlie Knglisli clergy. Dill Lis letti r 

u| oo the rrediiLty of our readers hy pur- i p. p ,„(orly dead. Then* was no out 

suing a hair-bra :m*d, bigoted aud usi l.sis , ‘ j.rote,tant fanaticism: for, 

lit:e of partisan di r  ;if*-, but by kivpiiig \ eithoiicb there aie pUiily of I'rot- 

ste:.dilv to a line of landor and initli, eon- | , ,g,.,ati,-s, the ' wa- tak.-ii 

f.dcnt that we are riglit, und tin- 
wrong, ami that time will vindicate this, 
we expect to hold tbe | arty lojeUior 
w herever our influence goes, and to moke 
converts when-ver we ar- read. To Is* 
heeded a pres* must lie just, aud then* an- 
limes Ix-fore ua w lieu obsolete idi*as uiusl 
be almndoiiid. and foolish th *ories eai l 
aside. The future of tlie Democratic party 
n-st.s witii tlie Ih-mocra tic pres.- Then* is 
no other organizi-d DenHw-ratic t«ttle-linis, 
ai.d xte are perfectly sincere when wc 
ray that we art* not unuiiiidful of 
the great rwponsihility the position 
imp*li(«. Me shall strive to fill it 
‘ acw-ptobly to the Democratic |icople 
, wbo look to us liir counsel and iufonna- 
, tion. But we shall not forgeL and they 
must not forget, the duty we owe to the 

b’.irst III rrotevtant fanaticism: for, 

siilioiich there aie plenty of I'rot- 
(si,int faftatii-s, the h art xxa- tak'-ii 
out ol them by the -dent and unwelcome 
  '.nvietiiin that tlie Irish Chun b is an in- 
siiiution which is alien to the w hole eoursi* 
ot modern thought, and wliieh it is ineon- 
sisic nt with ui *dem view- of justice to 
•lelend. The elergy xvould nol re-pond. 
Tl ere xt:is iilisoliitely no attempt made hy 
the Krglisli cleigy lo save the Irish 
( hureh; or. if any attempts were made, 
they were no few. so insignifieant, 
ard .-o extieuiely obscure Unit .t 
II inistry could gain no support from tliem 
xihativer. .\civ»nliftgly the  «overnnc*nt 
iriid to draw back They would not iro in 
lor the rroteutani fnuatical line, for the iii- 
teirols of pure religion, nud Ihe hulxx'ark- 
of civil aud n ligioua liU-rty, but tbr tbe 
ex|K*diency of delay. Lord Stanley w .is 
pitched on a- just the man to do the busi- 

ilrlali It as a dinner wlae.— [N. Y". Tribune. 

S me of our drugglsl* ket*p ll. 

Fi.lisoxiL.-XV. H. Miles, Ihe nopular pbolo- 
tTai h, r al 7S Main air*s*t, near Thlnl, presents 
i-veiyone reitioff one dozen eani photograph* 
n It b an elenanl i-botogrupn album. tIU January 


V- ii.tT ivriinis Have Dom: Vor Mat Do. -O ne 
gi iiileman sav.- my doctors’ bill for live y-urs av- 
ei»j;ed one hundred and flfly dollars i**r year. 
Thus* tears affo I procured one of Dr. Humph- 
reys’ i *se* of ilomiepaible Spieifles, and since 
;t „l tune my dot-tors' i.tll- have av  raged nfteen 
I'ollsrs p.-r year, end we have enjoyisl almosi un- 
IM  irapn-d health. Prlie #ld. s-ui by exprios 
nil nseipi of the prlee. .Xddre-g. Humphreys’ 
^ ,-M lOe Heiuit pathle Me ll-'loe Co., 5(t! Broadway, 
New York. 

Holi-iiwav’s Fills- S tomach romi-laiDts. Not 
: s*|Uare Ineh of the iMMly ran be In p«-rfet*t le-altb 
If the stoiiiaeh Is dlst-used. The Orst twinge In 

hnl r-glon indb-aies a ni-eessity for an alleratlve 
ii;* I'icli;--, at.d of all alteratives Holloway’s I*Ilhi 
l:a\-- iK-en provetl hy the exjierlenee ef half a 
I niury lo Is- the hi'-t. Take rare of dlg-*stlon. 
lor i.|ion dlL'es’lou ilep  nds every vital funetlnn. 
'1 1 ne 'bt- stomnrh anil k(S‘p the liowels fit*e v. lih 
i;-|s unrivalled Inv leoi-am.aiM-rlent and eorrixilve 
a. id all w 111 Im- well, sold by all druirgtsLs. 


\ I rirod in \rr J U tlif* ^RmRritRn'H 
'I ll** oulv i**al ruiv for (ltR*-ajte*R arbilDff from 1 *• 
(iljvcrcilou. only D-n pills to (-crfri a cur**. Puie- 
Iv  • {r**ubl(‘. ('un.'i* In from two to four days, 
ll.u^ tttoliilOR (*M o. uirD HUd iroubic. M:ile pii«-k' 
; ,(•  $2. Sent b  Uliill. 


-♦•J Ki Mark.-t Rlnvt. 

I M* URikrr'H Tonic lliiter* for riillU. 

I w WnlUrr'te Tonic nUlrrH for rhill*. 

I «*c Walker'* T«»nir iliticr.« f«»r I'hilU. 

\azsu*etli Aesideiiiy. 

fl'HE Mother Sapertor hen leave to remind the 
I pRtrofw and trlcntb^ of tnla Arademv that pupil* 

are not perraUted to leave the inttItaUon at rhnat* 
mar. Mrdv yearfi* experience of tbe di8RdvtotR(cH 
refiuUlne from U-rvIde Rchool mt Uilf p nod CRa»ed 
tbe ettRolUiODicnt of r ml**, which, it to hoped, will bv 

 ccxrinr Inte 
A iln Dlir 
t'oiL merer 

A«m c*ir 

Krpablic liifi 

•• .ViA.OOU 

•• .'ilOaODO 

. ('o.a   hicavoa An 

RIpiertRted bv parent* rdiI truurdUnfi. and that Uiey 
will. aRberetororc, cumiily inth thl* reque»l-thei4i*. 
ter*, in cRrr)'inK out thi* mcRRure. having in view | 
th« heRltn and improvement of the children an- i 
dir their charge. I)ec5,6.47— Decl’.I,lS,All ' 

Butter and Oyster Depot. 

Christmas Whisky 

'1 HF. nndrr^i|Mied has on bund and for Rale a Urxr 
I Mork ofcxitR *u|»«rior uid Uunrhon and port* 
coitpcr-difitilled Wlitokir. old Peach and Apple nrao- 

OrriCE— 1 Main, between Third and Fourth. 

:\ns.Iix III«‘   ‘oll«*«*t iims 

J.X-. (l.OGDF.S.Prisl. 

UIAS. T wim;, ( ashler. 

X»iaOri-.23')S BafVUK:. 
  AMIY II.LI-:, TK.\- ., 

\\* H.L attend promplljr to Ni-hvllV and «»th*’r 
Sy Soutlieru coik’» tlo:uY. with imiu4!clix*e r.'t.iriK at 


co|tp«’r-dii tilled Wlitoky. old Peach and Apple nran 
ol (he flutRt quality and flavor. Theae liquoia arc 
all that 1 ret’omii. end them, and rannol be excelled 


Wm. P. Mellen, Tnwtt e. and the I'nited State* and 
other*. RRalnfit the New Orlean* aud Ohio KaUroad 
Company ahd other*. 

I I AMNG been appointed by Ihe Hon. Bland liaP 
il lard. Judjre of (he Cnited Sut ‘R Uudrict Court 
lor the DMrtct of Kentncky* a special commi!«*ion -r 
i;i the above Rtyled case, to audit and make oat a fall 
and con plele report to eaid Court of all bon U aod 
coQpOLa yet unpaid, * by th** flr»t moruad'** 
aud alteO all bond* and coup n« due and unpaid. Rv:- 
enred l^y the second mortirajre of the said “Sew Or- 

I leans and 4)bio lUilroad 4 ompuny,’*aadto wbomdiie, | 

and tl.e names of the boldx-rH uieraof, respectively; 

Notice is berk by iilven to all bomlhuldera, a* afor^ 
tuiid. to come forward aad pr  4rnt and file with m\ 
as hRid ct mmlHituner. at my utflee. in tbe city of Pa  
dut ah. and stale of Kentucky, all bond-*. Delnifthe 
first and Mcond mortcaMe of w»id “Nt w Orleans a id 
iM.ic I:all^*ad 4 ompany,” and coupons tb reio bt^ 
lonhlnK and unpaid, on or belor ‘ the second Mon-.lay 
lu March, W.H. JONfc.-*, 

nous dX Special Commtoaiooer. 


'f'lIE copartnership beietoftreextotinE between oi* 

I io t('s iiatne of  iaso'i A Smith, duinx business 
ccal dc’4iers at 1*45 Thtr 1 sUdet. betweo i .leder- 
Kon and Green, city of LoutsvilK^ls tbU day dtosolved 
' y DiDtual coOteent. B. B. Maf^ou to alone authurU - i 
to collcrt the acci 'UOts of the firm, and to settle up It* 
aff.-drs. AU thizse indebte 1 ar * requeste i to   all and 
wvltlc. H its MA^OS. 


The bn«-ine«» will lo future be conducted by B. B. 
VartiD. ocStUf I 

And THE Cukes Will be Per-M.^-vent 


By pmfftils. which are prescribed by the first pbj-ieian’X 
in the city. For sale by 

^ n.  ;• (;k.iv, 

n29^dcodlin Corner Third and Green '*lreet». 


I ooe Of the BHssi drairable aoTSsnaixe mediMRs 
Ibleoiral Kentarky. 


O. W. KANlK, editor. 

B) H ih: !*i A K I \Ci. i 

MRS. E. J. BREWSTER ‘ T hin row, 

ryaaiaad Mepumhiw. IM 

n-queteted (o call and examine our stock an l prtcx-^. 
ahu'h cannot fail to pirnse. All orders promptly at- 
tended to. aod aatiHfActloosnarantecd. 

I.a 1*A!^"TI.V i ftV cx .. 

( ioak«. lares, ribbons, aad towers; also, uimralafRoi - the .MeironotlucOaai ompaay of New Tort City, i^^ 
t VI IS variety and descripcioa. , ^ruoml iw for H«htii^prita4e hnua r i. poblte nndprb 

I’rtsatwaDd cloaks ru aad ba«ed. with sultabla * v^tr ibac'tuttoML towns. Htla*. etc 
ir.n minas fUrmsbed*  w the most rtmsouabln terma, - tw sbsaints mfotv aad cfeai ttomomw ad PM^ 
: t •bort noCtce. | _^i.. oeer all otWr kla^ ot tlqni la aa lanfar a 

Hooma oa Fi^rth street, at Mia. 4. A. BeatUa’* old I .7^!^^Vl5^ao^ao o»^bo will tav-&aM lb# l a l fiw fi 
* 1 ^. 1# I ' aiUliL mi- a ■iTtnl 1 

: t •hort n*»tice. 

Hooma oa Fourth street, at Mtn. J. \. BeatUa’* old 
aait.No. 1BI 

i e3r.dtf MRS. F. J. BRFW^mTCR 


p«nio« * of all good government, wltioh is I nevs. No one could accuM- liim of being a 
I eBce, and tbe end of all {loIiUcal writing, ! I'ndestai.t faiialic. Ik* wa- in-ligat  il to 
xrhicli iagood govcnmienL If wc believed niakc an amendment and a ^|K l•ch, ;iud he 
that rcconi tniction was right in itoclf and j made LoiL; and verv* curiou- |)n *.l'.K’!i m» 
c-ould ll* made to work siicceteifullv, wc ' Ibiy were. He l.aiighed at Iii-h bisiio;..- 
woukl turn Kadical to-morrow, and trust Lax ing stats in I'arliiinicnt; lie sbileii lli* i 
Ihe issue to the event, risking the di-iileas- ! not one ediu alcd man in a hundred thuiiglit 

ure of IIm- ^•r(’*enl for the xindk-aliun of tlie I tlie Iiisli C. * rt h could la-t as it xcu, and 

tuture It is Itecauiie we art- convinced that 
cvm itwie on which the Kc-fMildicaii parfr 
rests ita itretenskms is an error, and a fatxl 
cnor too, that we advoewte the measures 
MTbraced by the Democratic platfomi ol 
principfos. In a word, we belit ve w l.»i x» c 
say, are raiirely uuM-lfish aud imlep -ndent 
in saying it, aud have faith is its ultiinate 
tin mph 

Calisava Hark. 

not iro m I, I,, , 1 ,^, jj, Ki-akp * (* ,__ proprli-iurs 

itr the in- or ilo- Flatitstluu liittors, an* tli - Urgi-st luiiort- 
tiulxx'ark- t -Hsava Dark In thi.s i-uanirr, au-l thxl. 

V* nil tb'* ' Xiviilloii of an -K'l a.-'loual sak. all tbsy 
. I')r lilt* iiiiftort L- US'*! Ill (bo ' (iiiiisMin'Ilmf of Hi'-ir rsle- 

lllcV Ijral'-'l Flan'allon Ililt'-rs to wUl. h tbsy un- 
Ihe busi- iloul)i'sllj »r'*lU'l' l-l-l for tbelr wonilvrfal b.-aftb- 

, . n-storlng ftri-is*rtli s. A- a toiili- an I appetlZ'-r 

being u jp. not suriiass«*(l. uu'l w- '-b-Tfully ree ui- 

igat' d lo ui'*nd Ibeiu. All nrst-  la.-« (Irugirtsts keepth-tn 

ll. ;iud he ^’' * ’IHco-mwl 

e.l’.lcti )U 8 Ma'-* oi.tA XVathi. 8up*rlorlolhelK*stlinp)ri- 

1 liisliO'..-   ‘l Gi rji-u folopn'*. and s i|-l -at half 0 prl.v. 

tlleii lift KI TH'KY imt. t Yl*, X\D FIR ,M \M . 
1 thought jYriitHY YXIIOLL 1 .VLK .XYU „K. 

w:u, and f.v J. KikjFKR. 21? M irket street, between 

mei-e re- s:xlh »nd sevenlb, an-l 122 Mjrke*., bclwe-:; 

, ... Uoyd an'l Freslon. 

he 1 ru»h -j.^, ,.heai»*st and Itnest stO" k of bs'ji, e-Aps, *q.| 

1 Ik* suHl- fur yoO'ls In tbe niy. All furs bought at my 
Tt*e with bona- are vvarranle.1, an-l savsj during tbe sittn- 
’ BUT ulihout fliarge. We give pani uiar attsa- 

tt- 1 * 0111 - t|,,n lo allerlnii an-l el-aning furs und hxw. Ca.Ii 

to Itring raid for all kin-ls of ski ns. o -tildtf 




No. l;liRuovcr Bulliilajc*:, Hinovcr square, 

*t »tl4wiy NEW VOUK- 

! i\isu r.uip 

For .Vrw and Srcend-liand House- 
hold Fiirniturr. Vddrrss Drawer 
IKl, FostoOicr. 

• !.« '' dim 


Nr* I to JrtlrrMOD teirrrt* bclncrn 1 ‘uxirtb 
and Eifih* 

^I’HE fR'fi*. and bt iit-appolDted I'i om* in the city. 
1 nl'.'dfiiu 

• n arwiTT. ii. r. m'im wbu.. 

C. H. HEWITT dk CO , 

Geoeial Coinmim IHercliaits! 

E-'r (be pan-liRfee »n«! ffUv ol 

lirain, FUr. llaf*!!. Ilullfr, I’oUIiK's .\ppK 

ItUIl II I IM IT, Ar . 

.^o. HaiiiSl., I' 0 iii villr. ky. 


1 I KFE!.EN4 K- - ,1..!. ; ? 
1% Hn. c.irp-ti-u: I . V 
d 1 o. 

Hti viiiiitiili. 

WILL purrhsAr rlc». ft-uib-. * on r  mmi-d  n 
yy lorpurUe* in Loui'ViU.-. and fii’ll v\t ritrTu pri - 
du« e on coiiitlKDnieut. I**lrona»r*! of Ljn;?vUlc laer- 
tliRn(»teo|ici(e l. .. , ,, ,, .. , 

Kcfcr to MrJ. .M.I Wick-*. Pr -tit. M.*C. It. K ;  ol. 
Kani Tate. PrcRt. M. 4 . K. K.; W.4\ Builcr. Efitj.. Rul 
U. 4 . VcRlman. Ftsq.. .N;»*vhv;ll^. T' Ud. . w ** 

NoTK.— lUcccun bt* -hipr*e«l now on ihr’»ajh hiiiti 
frum  '«\RiinRh to L“OtoviIl • it i.'j c-ral’* per K^lh*. 
fiolO diNHitf 

I'lioicr (ft’i*4M*eries* 

/ 'AN had *1 tl"- low- i-i prlcM. ppbie «i- 
V trntlon given, anil zood-s dellvt-rv'l FIlKn, at the 

IOKNKR “KYKNrll A XI \ U K ET “Ts.. 

Al«  sgenlfor llulh’. e.lehrstrd Ilsltlnion- oyst.-r-, 

receiv' d djlly by vxpr -~. 

nol5 dcodlf **’ *\-lENTON ^ 



Tenth street, bclwf n Mdin ami lt;v-r 
L O r I ^ V I L L K . K V . 
iKsTAnLiMHxn L8SS.] 

Iloilf rs. Slram Kiisiiirs. DiMillrry and 

J. P. ifOGERS Sc CO., 

:n.|i«)rlrrs A .Manufactarers* tsrfjitv. 



MM |7 xVIKK»:, K V. 

Particuier attention wlven to the purchate and 
-.iV of Kentot ky whtokieR* in bond or free. 

1 C'.il ueodSm 


1 riaiMr.   nu  


I’KIME IIOl^. ''ACi HliOMFTEKS.fir. 
Alway* on hand and for »aie at the Kenlncky .MrI: 
lluuee. Market Mrecl, bctoficcn "ixlh Rn«l seventh. 


nol3 deodlnifi w1 Loawvine, Ky 

of New uricRUfi. ofLoutoviUe. Ky. oi N.OrlcRn-*^ 


SfflliiEstErn Airicnltnral Ws, 

,\US. 312 lo:r:i (*REE\ NT.. 

— Foi; — 

Portable Citcular Saw Mills, 


1 *oi'( 11 l»l«s 4.'« ttoi* 

X.ath SSachinea, Shingle Machines, 
MtruYv Cuttori*. 

Com Shellers, Circular Saws. fitc. 

1 tKK N A & CO., 

."uy cewor* to Mnank t'o.) ' Atfideodlnifi wfOw*4 

S O i TH II *i; .«i; TE «.  ’ 

Fiirniiure Manufacturing Csnip'y, 

.\os, na \ HH fiknt st.b 

llfTWEEN MAIN AM) MAItKEf  Tl:t£T^. 


\ LW.\Ti4on hand RRd made to order, all kuidu of 
tuirlor. kU4-h« n. Rud '-tiher turuiture. ordet’v f... 
any Kind of furulture exerutt d Rl the ■ horl*-«( 
arid tbe Utweet market prica. 

The Rtii ntion u( dvRivra In furniture ta re^pc *t- 
BviIt R4 U( ited. ocl di’o 

\«. West Main. 

m r with 'tD.eca iiv d’tll.«rftC/«pu%i to en*R x’ ID R 

General I*rodu.’- hu«!neee -rt f’etve ucd fill .ird**p  
fr  m (he M ntb « r North . Nona hot a No. l huNiaoB- 
ttiuii nt*«d apply, and '««*U-rei‘otQmende l at A 



M*rk - 1 at , nortli •■‘Ixlb »“d -iev- jio. 

Lilt l-'Y ILI.K. K V. 

A* «»Mjrf men! ot aoo'l . -eo*4-iwn* i 
Flan** fur sale dr rent v-ry t-'O*-**- W 111 - 
■ ■•^J » *■ reM. and k-l Itic rent jf o«w piano* *p- : 
J J W J - ply to the -.nri-aAre. ^^ *•♦ j 


.F/.f.Vf T.ff’TOif 17 

N O. 17'ZPOl'KTH^TRKFT. opfMMlVereutA-^RlMa   
kei.LouMvUla.Ky. Pena r»pwi*u^l fo.' . E'*a 
Prke L»t^al free. .WrrM K.4' HILL* 4   . i 


Tali and Winter MilUnery and Fancy | 

4 L.kKQK and demlrable •toKk of ttoe UteU aad | 
-.1 meet fafihioijRhtc «t)1e». I 

31. *f . OMl Ot*lfift ! 

.‘UcceMor to Mr«. M. J. Rryanti, .Nyl 1   i*arr A 
M« lH W‘- H'k ltk rk  Fourth  treel. opptailte L”OMTl!!-* 
Theater. Maiinato f*»r lURhafaki urine bonnete lui 
Uat» fold at kjucat CRfth prk •-#. w 7 uiu 

f*iAxxoBi A-xftct OxTSAzaiaa. 

I -lu. -Hog *nd sa oar wbo will lav- . ttguB m f UjB 
I w'U k*-il*te a BOBani P. ordar ii* teturdlaiaiaBa* 
I itn. shrlr eonntry Oooir*oe puattoov I" 

!e.tiiauote OBdw ilwar n.»a*a»ise*i. For fOft 
“• !-ii (Ml •» .nd BurtK'uUra reUUhx lo tbto fi***^' -V 
»jineky Pneumatic Om C ^mpuay. Nav J## 

MTiia •creel. LoutovUla. Ky. 

Lji ftQ (T.dcureof Mm rettuUMiy aad URudia««ffttoa 
aeutle^e** rorrpx etof uud maaRY:?u« thia e* *uiRaffn 
». v. ,M  SvMVT. Pr*^»acul Btouh af ua^ 

ireky « Tii.xm  * - dv-nt (h%nh t^Le'uiavilla: ■. Ik 
NvwcvCB. Ptr-i*e«-D» ktaunrial t »i 50 C» 

t 1 - naxtsoirr. Pr.-rn|f*nt rifaeeial Ttaak; 
J.kics»ffaiMKFoB».Pesra{ j« e t •*■■■', iit.i NaciouRi B«uk; 
' L L. WtXBUX. PrewMeui r-^-.   HaeV: S. B. HlhK. 

' 4 . fthier Northaru Buak;RUd koz ‘ r h ua a a n^ ru aT 
ikaM*. and maaufhctvrralu LftNUMVaile. aft Am 



I wett-Oaown Duster soft Xjua ntertu B r ot 

I BOl’V *f.VO l*Of Tlf.¥» 
C "lotliiiiST* 

I 1 1 A* e-iabbuOaff M XiO. 1 IB XLXftftCT *TB£KV. 
11 hat. Third and EourtR. ahera 

I Clothing for Boys&Youths 

^4l Other plRuoa. aod S. D. * 
H. W  mlth*Rori;inRs at low prk'-’fe for 
J t y0 I t’o). or ta monlhly Ina’aiAeuto. MtUtc 
mod muRit al xtKKto wbulevRie or retalL 

*m AX^ct I aadfieefor 

(TF.INW W - ' HICKftUINU’s.  i Y 1 I bAb 
 LKU. Rhd Other piRooa. aod S. D. * I ■ “Bix • 

WiLL Be ^»U  K\lLL IVKLY ThiRkRRaav 
leituie luthtoeity. ami aitauUou to r r af letfoMy tm 
* 1 . . du- M? fitock. arfoch for eheRpuaiMi. 

rtoft’unea. Ruu k.   • ility c.iDUa t haeosfiafied wfta ba 
Ra y Other maoumetarar m any Wafitorm cm. Jt h K 
and «ee for 9our»* Ive*. oefodfoh 

and *ee lor your** Ive*. ocfo dfoh 

1 !»•■*. 


C'oiiiniiMMiou  l**i*«*liHBtaa, 
forarr Ylater aod loB r s f St-.., Til o da, Sk 


“tli« tly ('BtebblUaltii-^n Will be d«me*. 
nlfidlm .IVME;*T EUMl Nlr.. 

1 PHELPS, MECnUOCH&Cl., ' j.w.seatonTco.;' 

yiill Tlafhfnrry.M.’ilpr-M heels, ic. . PrOVisjOIl. I APOTHECARIES, 

^d'-'siia«eowa • ( or. Fourth A . Jefferson Sls„ 

lt\\KI\   IHM'SK jCJciici*al Commission I -iKk-'o Lon-vn.LK,KY 

3viEn.cmc.A.rxrTS, T=9 Tt; tvt ^7* -XT. 

Lon-^Vn.LF, KY. 

-kl't.’,' Wcacern 
• t Vr Th»D 1 « 

li'lT tic mUJU 

he ntluiiUHl (he nolUm that nuT mej’e re- and aa-i i— aurke*., beiwt**:; 

• a . , K*oyd had I’n^ion. 

dUilributhm of the luntH o! the Ii lhU xhr 4 heai»* *tt hud flnezt f*to* k of Uxu. cain. an-i 

('liurrb vt ithiii r- •■.wi pah* eouM Ih* sutU* fur yooilH in tbe nty. All furs bought xt mi 

fieftt. He did not miK-b di-agrt*«* with •'T 

" Bi'-r ulibout fliarg'*. "v Five pani uiir attea- 

x-r. Gladstonr** rewtlutiuii.- a- t*om- n.-n lo altenn" an-l ■■l-amag furs sad bxw. Cu-iii 

jir-i tiiat it wa.s tlic wnmg time to Itring raid for all kin-ls of »kli^ o-tildtf 

till ill Us ward, aliilc lie reserved the right fiv If you s iot te borrow, oa  *olUt.-riI, 

ol si'ixn-iirialiug Ibein for the u-ie of the , e" •* „ , . s^teirnr.qn.!,*s, 

® I Kalnstn* b t've.-n | »n t Tiurt. 

CotifFi k ative party. This, hoivevcr, di-i ).“2 dii 

! PEllitE [Dt a a CKat PitriSsB! 


/ m.I.I cTIoSt* n*‘'-l-* oa Vl.-k.'.ur» and vll tbe 
I t rim-ipal iDun** lu M.t-toi?’pj»i. prompt rcTuit- 

tar.rc toi :dl odlfi tionte. nt curn at ral.-B of evchaurfe 
1 ^ tertnn*!*- V4'*“«r^s town* -An. Milt.m in Jt (*o s\' 

YiikiCM ii.t* n ** Li.uiBVma 

w are di'lcnntned t.» rioa ^ou* out entire -tick 
witli.n da) i l.uia (lito dato. wc udwTOur ' 
l:.r..e etCK k Of 

Zi.cop Skirts, Corsets, Tr.mming* 


At Half Their Original Cost ! ^“«n^ ^ 

. Bsver fttito. No. 1 1 eou n ei'At j ff- utri* • Hw 

( U.l sod *«*-iiT yo*ir b.rg.tu, yj-jr own ff”",-v,„un* :d .I*ck,.n Offleo Uo ir. f-.Vm . 
i;:v-f. Morr *:.d (iTtcrB f'T'.lc **YX*Vm n.i-.i 

i.lvdtf A.WOOL.SLF. & tu.,*.hH.»e-»- 0'L.d oUji 

I l*Z Gravieralrcct, nf.w oIuLka-N'*. 

d! «i3ni 


1*3 » tb- bii;l"'*t matket priff for 

I.'iiles. t'hol. Feathers Fur*. Sir.. 

-At Xo *.| rii;b b.*l. M irlimt snd Mu*. 

x.otnsvxx.j:jLi, kv. 

nU'tdU _ 

FiCjal Havana Lollery ef (aha. 

( ondurted by the Spanish Oovcrnnieut. 

NilN'.mi iu Gold Drawn tvfry 17 Dart. 

1  K1ZK8 CRtehcil and iorormalfoo furntohed. Tho 
M’*btrt rat»e I aid f**r d. 'iHlo jn* an 1 all kind* ol 
• M Mil tetlver; »L«o lot all  F*»»fn»menl*l’«* 

laant. , T A YU)K fi 4'0.. Hankers. 

ir4t!r4Klly tfi WaUM., New Vjf% 

E3 IVJ O iV Ha. 

II. Ihknaaa k ( O', \l boles ;)e Uqior tie tiers. 


On Sixer, telweea Mraret aaJ fabeft. 


4* I Mt'l*. ( ir« uiar aud Gi 

• k 1 QiVdiftu lumber 
k w’* of Pop4»r. 4'm ri v. W 
r*rfcr  onitiarc. 

Fed ^laife.PVkrto. I.ffbltti 
tt r*. IVuch Pa« k«. l’,r‘*i»*D 
Wr hpv»* uvr«t OM-Jtbii** 

.i«rc«l PibC, Poplar •« i * 
1 anuiRY'tur *ra Ot' a: 
.(.uMftndMa Ir Lura 

X to '*ntD^| ft. . ■ 

*ir (’••nndw. (ianut’» 
I a. l*o\ 

•*' TIM 

I FP.nAll.WAY TIK^ ana «Yn.lNvtJ ‘t’w. for wnict 
• efiA-lN'il crJr.a 

dtf WC4»D‘* FF.RGi.SON * CO 

M l "M M Guoi '' • ( cv ry i”‘mMiou* aad »U oi 
Ihc Uicac ... *'.v. at low urK by 


t '-i: •Ut TS Maiu«tivct. 

.f^§:n  H.i.YT T.ULOR, 


pk IWFkS M.UN ANfrM.kKKF.T. toiMtruerlwh^ 
I ) a wa’w -upplj o4 1 all tud H iu4rr Gooda aoJfiodil 


MunaftKCareTsal sad Dealer. ■ 

c ivr'ro ' i i'C'iia 

Vb«I all kiail** ot C'otloa Caava^* 

1 t !• l-Ta lut h wl«lr. 

Frit nir frwck. CarCoTertna. Pajrttnc Baven« frua'k, 
'•all Twtof'* fir . S«am4«a•Ba9^ **Mou4uoa'* .kB4*’Oa  
tario.** Aacdt'RU aud KufilMi Buhtiaa, 


t X Bunazaaorv. J. -meBB TvBaaa, 

Ibffx uoux PoLUxura, H. U P*«LBBaTa s4p^!aL 

I ?•♦«  ~ 


t oittiiliKMi**,! X«‘i*«shititts*. 

5a. Ii BKIIH.L Sr., 5LYI tURfi. 

'I' H.AMILTUN, Toird". O. (late wi’JV H. S. Wut- 
I . brVter * ( O.J la o«r .Vee*  la Ike craniry irtb 
ufary to Tidedo. uOo wiU maO* sdsaav * ar.pje 
nr ■roa' lo a*. pi r paret-ulan * 1 l-»*i oka al 
Toledo. H. D. WALBKImiE a COl octU JOB 

. Y atienilon. wbb proBpt Btau sad -riait Baa* 
prorrvd*. Liberal sdTsac rBe a i * mad* oa -dup*n**ra 
s- e, !.| viteattaaaiTra te purchase* or property t* 
h* r** 'i't Oeru ot d Jpp i td ite«ak»r*. *a tetteBcMey 

“'*bfv 5 ‘'H.\VllT« X. bMt *rv*a yeatu * 1 B ft ft 
Wilbrldara  'o..  will tie* perteual *t««aUoaB*  
b(j*ine'a lutru tcd to ihw firm. ^ 

We rHirr to-N Yrthp^n Natlouhl Bauk. To4«^ 
F.4Z k for tfo- pl ot .a, Toledo. H. fr Walhr M Ch*. 

‘  «w T(Wk Wfifortdge. Watkina 4 Co.*Chtcuao. 

rrtli :aa ^ 

Ik EllSklOV 


Druggists & Apothecaries. 

■aveteBBveJ feTkrir^ew -   ■- « 

I  «.91 larkrIStmt.Wt.Thifi tiiiFtarth. 

1 1 ' HSRft thoy win be (lad (o *** sUlOelr aid Ov rate 
YY aod cu a   o B«i»** w«a *« Baal o«woB»a VOAf 
t-WB huil IB( Ociw m«ca laner aad aa r« co-aiaadk 
ou Ihaa lOa ooe lOey Iheiatety orraated. lOey *•« 
preyarrd to OU ordrr* Oir ouaatev phystetoto ^ 
oth*-, al tb* lOorte*! nolto* aad ■* low«»t marM 

’‘rfriRriT NKYT TO TBI8 riTT.-Wa ■» note 
r. *Bi.!aciartna aU tke ralebratod ftwapean Bia^ 
waKv*. arvorSua to ike laoww aad aecr--!M Ite- aad W.-chlerS aaolysrs, lDela.tla« lbs Kjm'.mb 
P yrutool. BBtor Water. Sartealtol. UtbB, V..^ 
srkaer.l-artebad. sra. Tteby trtb Utkte. TVe* •" 

water*. aevordlEa to ibe lu ato o * uaa aocr--MBi vs» and W.-chlerS aaolysrs, lDela.tla« lbs Kjm'.mb 
P yrutool. BBtor Water. Sartealtol. UtbiB V..^ 
s?Haer.rarlabad.»PBTteto^ Utkte. 
nfferwd ai whotowfo a^ rvfih ll. o**^**_ 

^O. TMlKKlfokX*:^ aOXto.1 

II. a'liimfiM-vx Jt cJOs, 

Wkoteaate tte al* * ula aod i B psBwu ad 



•la. M  alB 'Hum, M. xum bJ mi TMH. 
sojidim uMrtsyiUK.ftT 


W 4KT*®-B»» •»«« r»*n' 

rap.rlMrr I4f«an lBOMir4mi wvr). U M- 
MxprmrtMv or bMI ';i o vM  m MUUi.b.4 prkr- 
*• k Mr tioTif morr waft IkM hr n» 4o. Bnt of 

'MtaiiBi H gtam m *• oWraotor aa4 •smoKt. a 4- 
te«v . N . D. l^Mrtar- Jowaal oUtt. 

46 41 

\\' A ri •— ■BU’. *c -e«MMlow (or • 4r* 
*1 (o«4. clMla, I txx'k-krrp T. i baker* Iranra- 
♦rritelt— — l4Wk» l «ilf— dreUMb.ia— 1, 

* a. aa4 ( 4r1vm: aloe aaal xl Vlara haada. raa- 
km. rb o aao ia. Ac. BeUabi- help aumltad fr«a at 
STl Off y»IPI oTBFNT AaEXCr, eotaar 
raattk aa* JrAbtaoe larir**. 41* 

U ”A*T«»-r«T»iri4ic orpnanMinarrMBad'' 
•riar aa (all pa w a ar M aa oM aaubllrbrd oScr 
t*ar aw l aaiaa (rm ATJWiaiACaraar XatlaTbr- 
■ari raaaaaaplaaa. Tmna imAp kaoan oa*applt a- 

Sya ApnjT lo MnXKK A 00„ AEVTCriT H M 

’’ ' T a pmoe arho baa had arraral rea?a’ axper.- 

T arar tpAi i aal rraariaan alll hr ictriai. A4- 
ym C,raarof Joha W amn Mala airrrt, bawra 

— »a1b aad K lak lA 4t4;« 

W AA'TW-sITI ATinv— Mr a r xtw ladr. a. 
' ’ k' rtraai.. la ar arar Linai-atUa. la papll. aadw 
« yam ofaar Baatr. Fraaeb aad (hr KoalM. 
j pa rhaa taajbi. Mra. i W. HCN~ »T tra. 

W AA'TW-sITI Annv— Mr a r xtw ladf. a. 
' ’ k' rtraai.. B ar arar Linai-rtUa. la papll. aadir 
« yam ofak. BaBr. Fraaeb aad (hr Korlkl. 
j pa rhaa bI^i. Ad4r.aa Mra. i W. HCN~ »T tra. 
K  AUbLrTTARTKRorRpr kir ART RoBIX'iaiK 

w A^rrn - t AM WOMEX - rva r iBt«'.a( 
idanraawa. oar oka n taarro B laoia aad taa- 
mXdartr., aad oar that aad-ratiadi Iriamnta 
flood rprnBaitiiditlBB ta aa trrA. AAdrrat P. f. 
^o aanb. poiBBer Aaldi 

\\ AKTM-A kTFAM FVGIVF-Mm h« arailT 
'' ara n laehea B dtaaMOrr aad M lack «mkr. 
doabir-Aaoo boMita. Bor 4! laebra. M t» ti i-oi 
►w Aiply lo PATTFU.'^X A BIGQr. y 4* 


f ;XI« PAI,t.- IS ArBF.r OF LASn-Tarlrr 
LauiarUi., abual oar mile (tool 
?*■ * 4^1 tampikr aao two aad a half mill 
M ikiAtloa, oe ttie IdOuL'nilr Md 

lUUroAd. aU M4«r 90 mere* uder 

t « ItiTMioo; n Acr» orchid »ow 

^ ATiAf; vu.mrd or 1.M mix Tfo«« cool 

N“»t€T. #ood w1|tkK»rboo4; ekarra *A. ichoK * *., 
rofivetMt. D-r Acr«. ewtb. For f«rtber 

pft(ti(ttUr« te^vtreorBCNJ.RASKIX.At G«tO»oei aj«taiS' 

F or f^AIbR-sSKLBV FAIUI-I over At prlTAt(« 
•-au- \hr lATiD o( (lArk ThmapAtkA, dM-eA^i-d. CCA* 
UiAlNftlUMTm -MllAI^-d BUk* CAM oT hll 'lb) • 

ANd vMiic oar A»d a aSAfter mil • oC tlif' Lottm* 
▼i Ixxttictoo. AAd i'tno 'iBAU K. K.. b«^ RAirdAd 
ButtOtt. ABd OB tlx pik^ leAdLiaC CitND BAiriAd to tk * 
Lot liv:Up Bttd FrBDA-fon pikr. The Rrm • tit • iT od 
a(At ’ of cBUiTAtioB, ABd bb4 t food fence «. Oo R l« 
A |r«»od tno-Aforr trAOx dwerinc of Id rooBU. All 
fX-ri^BAfT 0«tf -bBldtCtr*- ADd plen^ Of IXTl^AlllB^; 
WAder, Alao b ordmrd of 19 tre«o of ckolce 

ftmt — rdforc R ca btRooI* cocrmlrBl ABd«ociH  

6 ood— WBklnc Iff oBF Bf tlx Btoot deaiTBble fkrnx In 
i('Ooniii . For fartk»e pBitlrnUr* Hnolrr on tb** 
p^etnAflr^ or of bx. Bt n«*B*itrrTdlf . PFRRY THOMP* 
h *N. I’lAi cBtor of ClATk TaompAOBa drccBoed. 

F   »K F»AlkC-FAlUf-Tke heat fkm la Heoir 
cBBntT. In iifkt if Re« oBtlr ftke eoantr (XAt ) 
B td Geo.V. Kirt)) hmltiili MiIRaj^ Aod pr«a. Bevy 
hoM'd FvBiBlr   •Aoola. bo cot d «cboo!a Bt Arty to tV 
roBirtry. It Ir “tke of tlx two R. K.*«. 

lynttoTlIW BBd Ixxtofft^ ab4 LobBtIIW* ab4 Ob '1b- 
BOtl. OB B tATTlLpIke rOBMxUBir Ux two roBdi IwJl 

•ell 9d MB. or S40 B **eBi«OA porelinef oiljrfat el^- 
FeBrlatr. BBler. a^ lmpi^reii»eot»fOoi. If^odlnf b 
bBfB. With mpBcf^ fur 19 moloA witt ih -tr fu'id wa- 
ter loiddr of ft  *0B^1d'*rA i4r portloa of ttx fhrni in 
gTBB of M VI I Al yOBm* VtAtuUnf To VAV Bl-we !• 
oermed m e i oBd. bo bo one wouJ hoy without tot* 
iBf R. BBd to Bor It Iv 4to Bor oBe who WB3t- A torm) 
to iHii tt. Alto R hrA4 Of wrll^rok  
RinW. I reorv old. ABd hrAd of ratUr. ooe Aod two 
r«BtvBM. Attph ioui.o.c.castli:mav 
U r. Ay. oSldSAWAwtf 

lif yi^-And m Acrw of IrOBd h-»n»r ft^tn ^ 
war ^ aUtv htotioo.OB thr I.. A F. K. R.. Aod Us tnilea 
fhoBt Lotiwrinr. on thr BAlUrfkTllx pike Intprorr- 




 ia aad r*.-rapd-bnad llaaarhald Farai- 
larr.a larkr lot »l Nr» ( arprta. Kpdaiaad  
 lattrr.M-a.M ardrahea.Waaha«aada.BtMik 

2,^kWpa barraa.. Rxiraaian 
Tahic-X   aak aad aihrr .-larra. a Fat at 
liriail ^hor. Uoanria. Natiaaix A  .. 



i.»i isuLLFu siTiBun. in:r. s. '«s. 

KY?hira Board o( Tradp-O.n us. 

Tahirs rank aad aihrr ..|JVrl^*a Tat at ’*'®" upon Cash Sales. 

l;r...l ^h«rr *• •• The XaU-i,.l B„ard of T„,ic, now in «e^- 

rrXsATVWiAV MORNING,' uerroihrr $. at i« Cincinnati, i* blocking out work suffi 

I s sr aaetioB-rutani, oa Fifth Mree:, rcicot to keep its luernb'Ti at work for a 

l^to«5AEvTr ^Htpu YMElfT' A oK- 

CT . oataar Foanh aad JrAeraan w rr ici. to kM • koo4 
ktrl at aara. Ah n t pen a hl- rmble rinr aae waasa 
ar. .a irlaid ta eaA aaiahtalaMtaa i laa M tar atraarar. 

**^- r r lain. MILLKK A tx . BoUdo 

T  ^ a parwrn Mir naapacrat. Baal at ratrr 
aanaa ciria. A4it.M B.. ear. ^Maxwell A Ca., 

Hate aBiakt, hacwaia Taaith aad PKIh. toath ilAr 

al': d« 

•1* AKTB»— LIP' ROTRA— I aaia parchaaartfar 
ST a la«r a»oaat iTUae aatra an rUjr propertr. 
K. D. F«in^ n. al Fatal. Akoak I U Foartb farm. 
Baaabrrkcr A BloaahMack. aell dtf 


\1' A STBS- Ai.KRTW-Far 

cd ^ war, ha aaana. characlrr. eeaAact aad raaaMa. 
haHoa. Altxa a darM.Mti p b t a . Ito raadr aalr. eoa- 
Idard wMb aa larraaaad twaxadialnn. BaWr It thr haai 
»■ htmpMaa haok root pubUmd Oar akeat la 
Kaatat. Fx..TaanWi W a a hacrlhrt s to tarar da.rx: ear 
lo MobOr. Ala- rapoftr U aahr. tt p U oa t la (vodapa; 
aor la Bortua, Maar . iwnem Ml raharrlbm la fnar 
depa. ear k SaMphli. Taaa- raporTa HI aataaerlhar. 
la par dan. Krai for eirrelaia aad tar oar ma   
aad a (U1 daarrlMlaa at thr work. Addrait KA- 
TiORM FTBLIsBINfl CO.,Claetnaatl,0. 

Art AKAal 

W ARTED -AGERTii-A few rx p arttared Caa- 
TS ras-.i.vTb'iiraaor .6a - it. for po.salar Caaipaaiat 
raa kad aii -pl o t ^iit at aa. 1 M. ap ataii* aa Maia. 
arar coaarr afroatt b atrrrs all dtf 

Xl'ARTFn AGEN1V -Tl» Dr Sote MataaJ LKf 
TT lua. t a.  »a itm a aii darai rn t ta arrrral dtraa- 

V A RlGils. N.. 4M »rau arr a kood doeblr inaAm rtyir Frmmr Cottar, 
aad Third. Loaianllr, - raTaa roomr »ad kitchen. k»od donhir eotta«e w 

dt dM arrTantr.rxerUrat bam aad eamaerkoora aod other 

— ■ ■ . ant-bandincr Tbr pUec k taMARr oroaarnirl. 

ont-baHdiiikr Tbr plaec k tartARr proatarnirl. ' 
aad aboaal la fralt of aU kiad adapted to thin cU- ® 

Mata. Land k Boatlr la tram, tnth » ten* wood* 
pai^nra. It k a llaa Moek at ft-.m (arm. am brace. we 
aereral lae bulldinc Mlaa.coaaat Jeat to narerdalllat 
aprlokr of wa'ar. and hl«h roRInk (tro-inC f 

  hanar In niy b aatnaa Ind-jcnt mr to oSertly mboaa rold 

r roprrtV at a barrnln. Tanm will be made a*.T. koo h 

or furaer InformaUoe aapl. to me on tbr pwoays. r*®* 

or la Mcbhs. Huerk A kaothwlck. Loalrrillc. kr. d4 
WM liOsEb. Pawa t Taller. Er. »P» tea4if — 

r A Urp. (onre-.. rT brlck^adln.!. aalUblr for ex ' 
IrantrrBaiiBfnriiirtMpnfpnerr. adrantac^ualy a^l • • 

anted at Vonker»,NT-eatheNrppcrhanrlTer.nrar 't* 

li.jaaMa c wiU. ihr Badeen. and ten CMrroIrnt for 
ett^plrp rlth*T by water er mil. Also, tbr moat ap- / |\ 

ptvaad aiarkliiraT for auaiActarliik plap tobsr -o s fvi 

a ker e d for ask*, oa trrtna (hat will proa, a krrxt la- br4a‘  

di raatrai to aa  .Okak'd wt abogt to cokOk. In tlut Mr li 

boateea-.Xkt aaan harlakbaea bat liulr asrd and la raloa 

coiapirtr «ir ler. rutth^ Information, apply to Tbrr 

  H.LlLlkVTHAI. «l Waahlnktoj atrert. New of th  

Tork. aoll salt oua g 

a  rr JrCrrMjB we wiUrell aa aborr' ’ . . ... . at 

Irimaratk tuelTcmoiltll. lo tlic first pUep 

““ - HaYK sa McNETT, Amtlooeerr. vice bill, now before Coiictc.-s, 

BT WHARTON S( CO. kction. This wa- resolved up 

ABcUocfiouni*. 91 Fourth Street, befwcTaMAinuil ard Ui(l on the Ulilr. A rluiu^o 
F|A|i|ti woi2\iiii ; At 6_ m owkinif nationjl tiunk *‘Uitf 

J I««etlxr Wiiii • rhoire lot romuiBoded. Ke uinpt|.»ii of Am 

siirri«-4BiiTrl.AJ^»;ii*“';,yJ.^"'^y^^^^ comes in for X share of the d.-l 

a.s^o-; .bo a ar, '^fH^-crmaji^-.p,^ A.r,R,„er„ pD P"-ltion to restore the fuite, 

— ~ to the octAn from which it w as d 

WOORB. rebellion is refern-d to a lar-r 

KraJitr-alr-TT rriixtctrtng U al^o undcrgobt 

FarnliBr^ of BlIklBd*- *' 

I ^•■.5 MBrrB»WBr€*.4;lBiB.%*Hrr lltfiftlOll. A prolMj-Uloli, rc 

sarimralwtas.^ sh«-^.sm *..^^ U,at the Inited SUUa Gov 

s;ATt PDAT MOUMSG. Drr. s al o-clock. "*® telegripbin-' by ail tbc 
‘ « . ’ sikI liiiilil all other.! necoi-ary, ili 

S. T. SfOOItF- AbcGobw. . . . . : 

: ness may be done as It l» d- nc 

WHAXrET St OO. aichical go- ernineute of Europe 

Aertioo KooBk WB Ma^rt^rcrt. between Third sod ferred to a b] eulal coiuiiiittcc ol 

* *■.“£”**1.”’ •“ f.reea Itepi !sris,Oili.d doubt very much if Congress will 

nlla”'tlA?-A hBlm'^r/aB*i*'2f 'hr Ba"^ *''’■4^ presented ufier it llAS beet 

TU?™V. month ibxn the .National Hoard . 

•••■t,ha. rvrr brra oil its bands after a two cl 

2i.. ” '■ '•*' “■•■Lri at .kariiaa la this 

• '• • Then- tn-, however, some quest 

( MORNING. Dec. s. H*'. vt Id t rf.jrc it wbiih wv res-arii a. 

' oar ancuonrooim.wr will «-ll thr. b..T.- Tc^am as 

at ko^«. Thr 1.1 - win cuinoiracr « lib Ihc iln - prolier si'herc ol di-H-USSiou 
(c^.andaooommonk.sMrwIllbrMld . . ur»cou 

wr iBTltr thr erprrUI ntirniioa oTUdlrs to thiv Aulong them wc not - imrlicular 
-air a»wc hawr per pared a room tor thr ule of fl nr , . 

ko^ ap Maim, aad all ol our doe mri.itar - will hr •"? upon cash .ales of produce 
rold la that rcKim. r.rtlea wkhina to buy thr flae luti.iiis uisiii whi.-li r.ol.ui a-.* 

koodewlltpotbedrulird. mrthry wlllhrsoldalthr. “1*““ Wliun mtlOU war 

co^Dcrnwnioi mcMlr ollercd by tbc Cbicigo B.mrd o( 

df b. P, WHALEY A CO., Ancttlooerrf. , . . , 

ap|ioa.-Td in our yesterday s i 

®. 8TBNCER. rlicitoU eonsiderable discu.s.ion, 

' ?.'aVl*.'"t'r;?krGirIt;*'?‘rr-Vh.^i'd^ “•»" »■ «= consid. nible 

liah Bank. Al-(Tloif 15*'® ^be remarks of the 

t |N SATfRDAY MORNING. Dre. J, at MoVloek, ffported in the Cincinnati Garett 
^ "will he told. At •actlou'roums. So. 101 Mmln vtrcct. umfl.m-av kv.r nun.. « 

bKw'txn TblM ABd Fuurtb Mre 'ta. a lar^'' aad Tal'ia* Mr. Hoflmany Of PUllaitolphiHy wi 
Me libnuy. CBivrolly arlertt*d. rmltrartiiH rare aod Ibt* of lb«f rt^Mdutlouti ou a  

Taloahlc (ooki not ottrn fooad In cMri^ llbraiitw. tx lDK of loml lDU*r**tit, abd, a?« ail« 

Tbc'Mk Will br ImprraUre. and (b« apet'lBi Biteotloo tu bt* arte«l itpuo bv tbW Board. A 

«»nd» d w.yk.U callrd to ih -m oul. Th, iii -r.-h.fii. of iti!- I 

Hu in. alll biivli I f.-ar that lUev cjl’J'i- b ' '•irH -' * 
ot-t to pra.-nco. 

C Ifce n-solutlons weic llicu ailopicd. 

We also notice that .6.0. Braniii’i, s 

dell gate from this city, ba.- brought before 
the National Board of Tr.idc the subject of re- 
paiiiiig the levee, of the .\rkausas and Missi-- 
ri] pi rivi rs. If the National Board of Trade 
coi.Giics its actiou to prop -r subj'--.-ti it may be i 
the mrsiis ultimately of ai-complishinf tnui-h 
K w d, but it will be wisdom to lUsc-rimiiiate 
clorcly, and not to expend its strength and 
limited time on questions which indirectly af- 

twelvemouth. In the first plac-p the eiril ser- • ’ “ 

vice bill, now be fore Con-rc-s H lugged in i' 'l‘'‘ectly af- 

foraction. This wa- resold Vn. cS^ieJ the busir.e-s of Us meniM-rs, and which it 

and laid on the table. A eUangc in the time  *"'■»» is’ss ibly control. 

for making national bank -Utemeuts U re- 

commanded. Kcsumptloiiof djH-oie payment- FCRT LAFAYETTE BURNED, 

comes in for a share of the deliberation. A |.nrlir..l«rs ol ihc liroul Fire iR -\eM 
proposition to restore the fuUed SUtes flag York Harbor, 

to the ocewn from which it was driven by the ,ha yew Tort Ib-rald. l.-v. 3.1.) 

l ri«airt”Hn-r™is'Tl-o**i'inVr^?*' eomiiiittec. Ycsleiday witnessed a cunflajgration of a 
i n at rl g is undergoing an mves- most unusual and disustrous etiarac ter, lu- 

tigation. A pro|K»siiiuii, reeomiueniUng volviiig no less an event than the destnictUm 

tliat the I'niteJ StaU-s Goverumeut do "f » I’nitial Rlate.s fort iust witliiu Ihc entrance 

all the telegriphin-- by all tbc present line. ‘mr habor the fortilicnilion In .lueslion be- 

I I -1A sii vAiss.-. ....a..- . X- . other Ihaii the oelehniteil and re- 

and build all other. neci.s.-ary, iliat th* busi- nowiied Foil l.afayette, around which cluster 

ness may be done as It l» d- ne by the moii- so many im-idents of historic note, pregnant 

aichical go- ernmeuts of Europe, has been rc- nicmi.ri.-s of the numerous disloyal 

, 1 _ 1-1 .» . If men of 1 romiiieuee of our nation who wr,-e 

fcm-.l toasi^elal committee of se-cii. W- o„,,,ir...i' „iihin Us strong w.ills during toe 

doubt very much if Congress will have mom- lat mla-llion. 

Work presented uficr it lixs beeu in session a tub okkhn or tiu; fiiie. 

month than the National U-iard of Trade baa Tli.- eonllagration found ori-ain in tin- folio r- 

.... if- ......a- .f. .» . ,1.—. ing maunt-r: It apiu-ars that about t-n mi i 

oil lb. hands after a two diys sitting. „ tea bef., re 1 o' clo4 yesterday afternoon, fire 

Then* nr-, howerrr, some questions broaghl wan di'rovcrcd from ' the of a» oU and 

t ef'jro it wliKb wo re^jrJ as within itj umi'i d * Itimmy on the land side of Ui ;fort, 

pm.iH-r sphere ol dis -uasioa and a tion. "'*'•7 ‘he laborers of the engineer’s 

* ‘ tu . B clc[aiiimenl, named .losejih Minew, coxlrary 

Among them we not - particularly that bur to Hie ord- r of his siiiwrior, lighted a fire 
ing up.ui cash sales of produce. The reao- bf-neath a shed covering the casemate cai thit 

luUous uiam which actiou was taken were »lde for the purp ose of warming hla dinner. 

.IX ^.,-.4,,. X k «s a . The tirf had cam cd coutiidrnible headway Ih*- 

ollerod by the CUici:40 Btmrd of Trade, and ; fore it wa^ discovered. 

apf)0ii.xd in our jcbtcrday'a Id^uc. Tbev i The carpentcfv hare been en^ged at work 
Hlcitcd coDbidcrable dwciLvilon, and, aa the ‘‘n n buUding ihe roof (whhh wiw broken down 
...maasw. j- tA 111*4 durl!»g the war) for aeveral months past, and 

matter is one of consid.-mble inU-rcst, we was a great quantity of timberl such as 

give lielow the remarks of the delegstes as abingles and iuists. In the place, to which the 

reported in the Cincinnati Gazette of the 4th: hre spread with uiiwonb-d rapidity, owing 

_ inainlv to thi- fact that the chimney in which 

Mr. Hoflmam of PbllinlelphlH. was oppo«-l to til.- fire was lighted was foul, and ihe Ixtlcr, 
tbf- |iasaagf-ur Ibe resoluilous uu a- .-ounl of Ibelr ad of cxrrvimf- off Hie l(amc and sainke 

being of local Intem-at, and. as such, nut pi oner V‘ ,V" name ana sxioke, 

tu bt- arte.1 upon liv this Bour- 1 . AnuHn-r reaaon eoinmnnicnted witli the^woodwork, whitJi lat- 

w as that 11 would be utb-rly tm|Mi*sllile u i-arrr l'*r was dry aa tinder. The wind was high at 

Hi -m oul. 7b - m -n-hanta of the Eaat would be the time and swept through tbc embraturcs 


\ .Shocking C oDlrcfcmps in Ili.b 
-\ I iiic Lady llelect. l m « f""” 
-Mic is Arrested and (’oinmil* R"}- 
^ ride-sad History of the Hcce ise 1 . 

IFrctn the New York Uerxld.31.) 

Mrs. Mary .A. Gatewomi. a Southern la ly, 
I f miritt. d suleiae ycslerd iy niorfiing a ^• - 
44 South Washington 8 «iuare, wlille uiin^r 
ai rest for larceny. , 

lives and Mrs. Eaton, of No. 3t Uleevker 
aired, ne ihcac : 

t ome days a^o Mrs. Barney Mllliams c tiled 




T- o... I Dr. G.W. Lancaster 

Tonic Bitters STOP, FRIEND,;i' J-i.; 2 ^?^S 2 =' 2 s 

feet the bii.-ir.e-s of Us raciiil«-rs, and which It Eaton’s luillinery estaliiishmcut, at 

cannot iHis-IbWcontm.I. thc'atiove nnmber, with a cMk 

wished trimmed. She al-io left hTd vards f 

_ valuable guiiuire lace to be jiut on. (m .vion- 

cnoT lAratirTTr oiiDiicn f.itui k 1 iKin-r m 

FCRT LAFAYETTE BURNED. day week Mr*^. Mary A. (latcwiT^y 

{iciitb Wasbinifton iiquare, vlsib d Mrs*, ration 6 

I’artiriilarH ol the (Brrat Fire im .New t^tablUiineut on ibe pretext of haviuij a dn'to 
York llurbiir. made. Mi . Eaton left ber alone ib a bed- 

IKruni the New yurt Ib-ral.t. I.,v. 3fl.) ^nd' im '"retltnf .Mm.' (la^ ‘ 

Ycsleiday witnessed a conllajp-atiun of a woial to   k her dei»rture. Several days utter 
most unu-^iial and disustrims cTiarac ter. lu- Hn. laj.^ wdt. mif-.-cd, and su-piclon fell miun 
volving no less an event than the destmetUm jy,.,. Gatewood. A youna laJ.v •“ 'j'''*- 

of a riiitial Slate.-- ffirt just witliiu the entrance , ton’s enipluv wasye-tardaysenl toMr-. 
of onr hsbor, the furtilication in question be- Giitewooii’s rcsfdenec. No. 44 south vlashitig- 

iug iifine other than the  -elelirated and re- I ton fquam-, sml under the pretext of wishing 
iiow'iied Foil 1-alayette, uroiiml which cluster to pureliasc lace obtained an iiiterview. .Mrs. 
so many im-ideiils’ of liisbirif- note, pregnant (iaiewimd ollere.l to sell thc laee which slie 
wUli the niemuries of the iiumi-rous disloyal I txhitdtfd for five dollars. Not having ttie 
men of j romiiieuee of our nation who wr,e | m„„nni nith her she relumed to Mrs. Eaton, 
eot,llr.-.l wiihiii its strong walls during tne i rlitaiiied the money aiid again called up  n 
lat rvliellioii. yjv- Gatewood, who' declined b) sell it, as 

TUB OKiiiiN or tiu; fiiie. iitiiii body mvidiiig in the bouse wished to pur- 

Tlie f onllagration found ori-.;in in til'- folio r- i base it. She -tali-d, however, that she hal 
ing niauncr; It appears that atniut t-n mi i , at l.i r I'h-.oc what sh-- would sell. MlssGartfen- 
ulea bt-fore 1 o'clock yesterday aftemoou, fire i ter, the einplojc of Mrs. Eaton, then inf- irinea 
was di-eovered from' the -id. of an old and I ber that -he wished to purchase the lace tor a 
miU'i d ( himiit-y on Ihe land side of Ui-: fort, lady at the t*l. Jiili.-u irob-l, and maae an ap- 
wlieri- om- of the laborers of the engineer’s |s intmcnt to meet her at that hotel at t* yw- 
depaiiment, named .losejih Minew, coalrary leniay moniiiig, when the lace would proba- 
to Hie ord.-r of his siqierior, lighted a fire biy la- i-urcba-ed. 

Ix-m-atb a shed covering tbr raaemate on th it In the meantime Mr. Eaton had ri’iiorlcd 
side for the purpose of wanning liia dinner. tl.c ease to the feiilral Oflice. and deteeliv. 3 * 
The fire l.ud gaiu ed cuusidcruble beadwny Ih“- Mooney and 6 aughan vver - detailed to ^teb 
fore it was discoT ered. at the hetel for the susi - -ted thief. They 


it n 1 /oUion. iistewo^, who' dfcliiiecl to if. ^ 

TUB OKiiilN or TUB FIIIE. iniui bodv nviiliiig in the bouse wished to pur- 

Tlie I onllagration found ori-.;in in til- folio V-   base it. She -taled, however, that she hal 
g manner; It appears that about t-n mi i , at l.  r I' what sh- would sell. MlssGartien- 
lea before 1 o'clock yesterday aftemoou, fire i ter, the einplojc of Mrs. Eaton, then informea 
as di-eovered from' the .id. of an old and I ber that -he wished to purchase the lace tor a 
iiU'i d I himiic-y on Ihe land side of Ui-: fort, lady at the S*l. Jiili.-u llolel, and maae an ap- 
liere om- of the laborers of the engineer’s |s intmcnt to meet her at that hotel at t* yes- 
-patiment, named .losejih Minew, coalrary lerday moniiiig, when the lace would proba- 
llie ord-r of his siqierior, lighted a fire biy la- i-urcba-ed. 

n.-ath a shed covering the raaemate on th it In the meantime Mr. Eaton li-jdri’iiorlcd 
Je for the purpose of wanning liia dinner. tl.c ease to the feiilral Oflice. and deteeliv.* 
:ic tiif iiad f^aiu cd cout*idrniblc bcadwav Ih** Mot»ncy and \ aughan w(*r** detailed^ to watch 
re it was discoT ered. at the hetel for the susp- -ted thief. They 

The carpenters have been engaged at work w ere at the hotel with Miss Carpenter at the 
in rebuilding the roof (whh-h wms' broken down hour named, but Mrs. Catewood failed to ap- 
during tbr war) for several months pwl, and p.'sr. 

th.-re was a great quantity of timber, such as The detectives and Mrs. Eaton then pro- 
abiiigles and iuists, in the place, to which the ceeded to her naidenve in Masbingtoii square, 
lire spread with uiiwonb-a rapidity, ow ing arrested her and requested her to accompany 

Dyspepsia, ('•stiTfifs.s ladisrslUB, 
  bills and Ffrfr,Typb«id Fever, 
Bilious Fever, Torpid Liver, 
.Vnralffia, Sirk and \er- 
voHs Headarhes, and 
Siailar Diseaxs. 

For 'oM«tnptkm, CRroolcCoactia. Cfttairti. Broa- 
rhHla, Bod DA-bllitj from Bay l lMBde. It t« b vBfr, 
NKTveBbfr BBd rcIlBhle took. Ib all Kidney bivI BlBd® 
dvr troabks It will be fonad b«aeflclal. 

My iBmou* BltterB, coaft-wxd 
la Bll the eoantry biw the btot; 

They hBve oo rival frr or oeBr. 

In bU oar BpaclooB bemlspherv. 
l*m Bare therv foituiuUe cooeoctAX 
HBB9Bved more live* than Bhy doctor; 

So keep thi-m, frieoda, a prLx^ depoait, 
Tof«tBCdataU times la yoorcloBe^l. 

VoLUTCTABT Evipurt BB to thcir m«*rit, tftor two 
yean* trlul, frwiu well known UdlcB and f«'atli®mea. 
selected oot of awLy rtcelved: 

Fron Mra, Vtillrr i^iwwAirt. 

Vk iHaraw. Miss.. March ij. IMB. 

I EAa Sia— I hBTeoBcd your Toole Bitter* frr tlx 
DBBt two yr Bia. BOd have been much beaeiiued there* 
by. I eoafldenrly rerooimt-nd tb«m t   pervoaa softer- 
lHE fr'.W) DiNpeirfila aod Ocoeral UrbiUiy. 

Very truly your*. 


Froto J. F. VoKe E»a. 

mainly t 4 » the fact that the chimney in which 
th«* wa^ lighted was foul, and Ihe latter, 


INOK s AI.E-RFsn rSCT:-A TervAealni'Ae and 
■ w«^U l.s.'Bie'd reBMlceH'r. wilL aU tk«- rvH df*rw Im- 
t* O'- l'roA4w.AT. Pn '• A .*rvl ir 

orpx ...A* 4 ppl; u» Pf'\K'M N. MFi»l I^ 4 

1 Afr Malwacrert 

LFF^l* 2dd Market atreei. m door below Klwtk. 

^ Mt^dlf 

r i If •^AI.E-srT»»Lr  MPLEf* AND H* RSE»i 
'If ti m ' ^tral Faa«w*fW-v Railroad CJo., rm ux nir* 
ore* wf El . rt-r-vockaod ^ alawt aod York and Fourth 
aircwc* star ot bmIob from t • H haBMIu/ti 
w arrawtod aowod. aad 4 yea» old la toe sf najt CKV 
TkAl. F. R. R CX). oft dim 

P frK pAL.F-^'AW.MILL^— F arue* introdias t« 
r m;* h.«i- eaw-MlUa. ^MB«te MiIl•. aad  HhAW My 

— WG 4R House. ALLXANPKIt A hACOK . oil 

LNiK ^Al.iC-SAW MILL— e*r«k« iut«o4inx to 
r |.nrc(..uai’ bbw millo will tod It to to:drioi wwu to 
ewB B’ tkr aortoeaai rovwar of Brook and Mala sts. 



t^LCT^A wkito aad liver colored arttor Oral rakir Third ^trrri Keaidoo*^ 

A alut car year old. Bad oa a laaChcr collar with a** ai'i'TIox I 

two iron riacaattarbed. A I b f ral reward for her re* xur 

torn t   Col. GEO. HAKCOCK. comer Secoad aod THE PR .MI E'*. 

Broadway. 45 df ^:ATrRDAT. Der. S. IBB. at 8 o'rl.xk r. ■ . that | 

— ^ eleirant acd modern-holk brick dwelliaaiuiu A* 

I 41PT SLrT— A Mack aad taa terrlrrBlwt. Ao* plrird l y John A. Dlrkloaoa. K*q*. Bitnatrd od the 
. *mer» to tW nanx **Lady.*' Weight abowt * Iba. met Mdt* of Third «*tr.xt. botwixa Broadway aad 
II»d oa a Germaa Fllvrr collar and IrM'k Th*' finder Yf-rk. Lot 4AxfiO0 to a fiPfiit al1 *y. Ilonx ootaltw 
mil Ixrcwaided by IcaVAsia her at B'ALEER‘'*‘ FX* hall, parlor, reccpUin-r-KXn.dlnlatf-room.kltchen.aad 
CHANGE. d8d1 iitorc*ro«an. 4 larirr rhamber*. batb-room, aood attfr; 

-- Wbt -r a:.d liirou ;b(m'; marbi ' aoJ Iron tnauU'la. 

I Of^T— HAN'DRERC fllEF^Aa rvtra fiar lad/** roctal root. all hnilt in the miat aubBtantlAl man* ' 
4   ai dkrrchicf. trimmed with pure lace. Th - fioder m r aod modem style— room haD Momely pa® i 
Will afdtoe tlx c« aer vrn woch b% laariM It at the pered. ^alep romMofY. Terms at time aod place. 
o9rr«rM »KkD'. bOl TMWirk k CO., Nv Sd J  - MOKRI'^, 8Ul THWirK A CO., 

(ciwoo Btrwft . tleldl dS Aartlone**n». 



KuAjNIitwi.o, Uw w.»ip«t rou4. u uorrH P'nv ... ....... 

wnh wfcftr le«». AWh«-rxtrrw.r 1irmh»puMr..rh£- 1ST Malnstrert, bet. Fourth und Plftb 

deliTerv ts I). kFLLAR, No. lASTblrd Wioet.but. 

Oraraar^Wa^e, dI-_ ^ Q Q Q Q Q 

STi: V. Si p’wT'i*'.M « ««Tn «f 

I'rnsrli I'onplaiu. Ferpi^u Llass- 
M are. I'inp   hiua. Buhcaiian M arc. 
FOR SAL E—Horses A IVl ulos lirocxr and lava (•»o4v Parian 

eb.A lap'.— M^LK^— 9 head ol rood two roar Maritir. and FanryLondsi^f’ur rally 

1 ( d n ubw; ala-i.larze work malea. ^ aax In Iota ..r At'r’Ttnv 

•c *nu. trODixn ruA-w&oa, Oldhuim coaa;y, Kv. ai ai ii . 

RicHAijiwATf.Ru ^ „ d.f^ I'D KM BER 7, ,\T 10 0'( 1.0( K. 

pwaiwwa a^ a a a '^I'IIISE t;oo U are capecially adaptod for holiday 

rLiDLtC.a« bridiil preet'DU aod aeclul and ornaui *Qial 

rtfU lor all occastooe. Ladle* ei-perially invited, oa 
t-'err arrBrr'ment will he made for inelr comf-*rt. 
Public Rale* be.;!!’,* »t Ifio’cl ck oo .MOND.tV. f ec.  . 

w m-waa-Tt .van xx x .• ,, uw * 4 w 111 U foi .t* nm^d momli.r Bod Bft emooD (10110* 

I tN TUI r.'PA , I eccaiU'rl®. on th- lUwttk lobt tail t aitccd. 

' f rreiLiMA. to tbe hlrhcx t»14der. the fitrm of .loon MITCHELL CLKMFVTS A TO 

B.Okatt. lowr wulea aortbeax Ol ^brlbyrdb . K.f.. oa 45 ditf Aactioaeera 

tbr Mwltxm' aad Oaaol tloatmmptk*. Ucoauin* . 

Fai  acre* of So. I land Has rood iniprovemealB. aud , PCARClABy 1lffCT8T8TfV ft# T*RV _ 

► in.uo -d rt.1. olclUvutlo, The farm t- eoueep- A-AiAKMOW, 1HA.DDAB fl( FStA- 

tu m- urte.1 upon tiv thw Bour-1. AnuHier n-uuon 
wus ihst li would be um-rly tm| nsslble toi-urry 
(b -m oul. 7bi- m -n-buDU of tbe Euut would be 
very ulud tr (b -j i-ould make Ibeir sulea for eusb 
ondrllv -ry. But the gentlemen from the West 
iiiiisf rt-member tbut w hen Kuslern mer-hunts 
s -ll upon err-illi II la more lor tbr udvantxge of 
Uie Wesit-rn nieu-buuu Iban If tbej udopied tbe 
all letljr  -asb system. We, us s-llers. areulwuys 

f ;naruntev-rs, and we n--ver eftarge an extra price 
or ibe Kiiuranly. If tbe resoIiiHons w»re to be 

tliem to the Central Office. She consented tu 
go ami | re|mrcd herself. At Uie moment of 
 tarting she re |uestcd permisuiun to enter an 
adjoining afortmeut and was allowed to do so. 

inoment uft -r a gurgUng sound and groans 
wire beard. The deU-i-tives forced open tlie 

Femab-a, owing to the peenHar and tmpvrtaat 
relxtlons which they ■astala, thrlr pecallar 

and over tbc ramparts, funning the flame in a door and found Mrs. Gatewood in a dying i orKunliatlon. and the olHce* thav perform 

most hoistcrou.s maimet, and warning the condition. She had secreted a razor about , / e ■ 

friubleucd little garrison to seek safely in ber pt-rsoii, and on entering the place had cut ' *t* ’“blect to many solfcrlDa*. Freedom from the. e 

flihUt. her throat. The woman was rein ived to her .-onlrlbnte In no small degree to their happlnew and 

friuhleucd little garrison to seek safely in 

.Iiirtiee C. W. t’hnreh, who is proprietor of 
the hotel just outside of the wall of Fort 
Hamilton, and with whose office is a tele-graph 

^ATrrSDAT. I ee. s. IWA. at S o'rl.vrk p. ■ . that pa«e-d thi-y would be otiaolete, because no bouse | wire, immediatelv sent a dispatch to (ieneral 
el^nt jad modernihidb brt_ekdweIllBaJ_ai t -o.Ti- ] would mt- s an opporluully of making a ml-* oo - N. wton in New' York, Chief Engineer of tke 


wTRAVFD OR piTOI.rx -POKV -From Mr 
KudiVlarm.oa Ux Wc*fport road, a bottcI pm* 
BTHh wkne IcR*. A IftHTBl rvw8pd win be paM fop hb 
(tolivcr? t* I . kELLAR. No. 122 Third rraet.bat. 
Grwcw arid B atoct. dl* 

^Tl? % V ffl— FOG^— 5 f ftn.- hOB*. * aM Bf tbc 
^ *B* a . Ux tWi-f* -B •(.• I BBl ha p xid* illc rc ad. 

rCR SALE*'Horses & Mules 


Public Bale. 

vN TUrr.'I’Ai . l eriiuU-r 10. w - will e. 11. 

would mt-si an opporluully of making a ml-* oo   
rn dll w hen It could ubtiiln a price In a dull mar- I 
kel w bleb II could not ulb'-rwia - obtalo. 

Mr. I rak-'. of .vilnu--so:a, said tb - I'baaibei 
w bleb be lepreseub-d felt a deep lab-rc«i. ||k , 
lived In a Stale which h i-l a Urg ■ cip-iri Ira I- lu 
praln. 7Ti‘-y would probably export this year 
over ten million bushels of wheat. That wheat. 
ulHmalely, finds lts.-If lu the liaslern market. 

It Is tbe custom fur i-ommls.-lun bouses Id many 
(Oistt-ni elites to sell no min for  -asb. but pi-aetl- 
cally upon ten or fifteen divs’ cre-llt, which. In ! 

ber pt-rsoii, and on entering the place had cat 
her throat. The woman was rein  ved to her 
apartment aud died a few miuutga after ten 
o clock. 

Tills lady has bad a »ad history. She is a na- 
tive of SL Louis Slid related to s- m.- of the 
moat res)K-ctahlc families iii that city a-:d New 

harbor fortification , infunniiig him of the Urieans. A few years ago her hiishaiid died. 

di- aster, and requesting tint a light draught 
tug lie sent dow n to the hiiniiiig fort to get a 
stream u I on It. The General sent word to 
Gencial Voges, who Is iu eomniaiid of the 

leavirg her and a son in indigent olrennnLi'i- 
ces. tviuee then she has h "-ii in constaut re- 

wrlfare, for none caa be happy who arc 111. Not only 
•o, but no one of these varloas female complalnta can 
Iona be -uffered to ran on without Involrlng thr aeo- 
eial heallh oflhe Individual, and ere Ion* produeiog 
permanrut sk-kurM and premature deeUue. Nor is it 


feet lo Fever and Chills, and at your auaweatloii 
1 used year Tonic BlUent freely before my chill day. 

Frwoi .Mrs. .4. M. MreArr. 

A-n^xra. Ux.. January, IMS. 
W.n. WALKCa ESQ.: 

I KxBSiB-| hereby eertlty that I hare used Walk- 
er's Tonic Hluera. and aa a tonic they ran not be .ur- 
pasa«-d. I recoaimrnd luy soul hern irlend. to ree 
Ihem; they will inviaorat- and aivanew llfe 
Rcapecifuly, Ae„ 

MRS. .6 . VI. MEEKER. 
Locistilxs, March M, l-ds. 


I XAX SiB— We have uaed yow Tonic Bitters with 
area* aatistaeuon. and can roi-ommend them for their 
art-al ni«(llrliuil qualities, aod also aa an aareeahle 

( art-al ni«tnrtiuii qualities, ana aiat 
I b, vt-raae a..d jupertor 
I e . e bambrrlln, E. L. 

ception of remittances from a we ilthv aunt in ' |.b-a.anl to eunanlt a physh-lon for tbe rcUef of these 
New Orleans and a nephew- in i'arii. JJinc-e ..hou. deiiea.r .w«oio~ .„a .a 

v*nici, mak ^ Ike MVstcra «*dtLsliraer furnisli tke i ilh hot-, reqiiostod. I ufurtunalelv, how- 
hBF*l* or capital fit tra«lo for lU • inva  1 ‘atfaL' In evt-r, UiC tujj irrounded when ncjnni; the fort, 
the Ea»i. Tlify may pra nicallv rurrv oo a ami wa.-*. Ihercture. unahh- to remler the de- 

the Ea»i. T!if*y may pra nicany rarrr oo a and wa-% Ihercture. unahh- to remler the de- 

**'2*f?^ bundr^n of thouaauthi of dollar-'* witkoui | ^ired a!*si'tim4‘C. This was about thr *e o'clock 

•lationat Fort Hamilton, to cause wet said ^ th** lo«8 of ber child ^he lui beeu a victhn of 
to he placed over and aipiinst the doo'® ' klcptonianiii, and waa oocc arrested fur ( cUy 

of the lowdcr mauazine in Fort Lafayett.*, ' theft, bnt as her bi?*t4 ry aud luinfortouc w«*re 

and aho uiN]»aU'h(’d » tuj^boat and Btciiii pump, j known at police bemiquiirt'*!*:* nhe h;i4 never 

w iih hoj*e, a^ re*|ncstod. l ufurtunalelv, how- , been prosccutetl. A year ago i he was for a 

evt-r, UiC tug irrounded when ncjrini; the furt, 8h*n-t ] eriod in the Pliiludelpliialn^ane .V, 

■ dohar of raoltul. • 

Ml. Bilgkam, of Milwaukee, felt that the West i 
bjd a lara ‘ !Dter *8t In tkla qu«*atlou. Tb** l fra 
that in the Kuat they rouM sell fur  *a8h aa w«dl an 
Id tbc M I at. kco ibf*y bare mure money ebao we 
have. niG *ltuply to him ildl ulou.«. lu Milwaii- 
th«*y rutd for CBHh. aod hU expt‘i1enro vvai   
that tke man who t*Ufpped to him, and look tke i 
market prlee oo tke day It cum * lu, mu le more I 
^J(•ue^ (bMii ke  tM lit Muy oih'-r time. Sanetlinei t 
k*‘ lu* ‘, Lut k’ would galo as ofkv.®u k - ' 

u« u!»l j 

tb ‘ exami'h*. 1 IxdU've rh;?a»fo iH th * suf *. - liy 

in tbe uftiTouuu. lu the uicantimc the po- 

hut recovered and ha?* bince re^iib d in thi?* city. 
Lcttei  are on file at the Central Oilice from 
hi r fiioitdb detailing her unfortunate mania 

l!ce boat, under ouimiHtid of Captain fur a] prpriatiiig other persons' 

varioD* delirate affection*, and only upon tke moat 
orirrat neettoltj will a true woman *o far •acrlflcc bv.T 
arcAie«t charm as to do thi'*. Tbe tex wlU then tbaak 
ns lor aUclnfc In their handii simple speclflca which 
will be f'laml eiflraclooii to relieving aod curioa al- 
most every one of tboa ‘ tronblcaome conipUint* pe* 
culiarto tbe aex. 

Vene P. .Vnn*ironjf. 
Miller Stewart, 
jame* Kenoef^* 
wm. Gay, 

Philip Speed, 

K. I.. Post. 

K. II. ( rnmp. 

Geo. D.^ 

£. L. Huffman. 

A. J. Mitchell, 
C.J. Walton, 

J. B. Walker, 

J. M. I^ocnoa 
C. X- Warren, 
Th« mB* ^teele. 

O. A. Jrtkoajn, 
labam Ueoderraoa. 

Hart, (same down the hay aid got u r  uucetin'4 the police utheial* to look after her 
tin* alreum on the fire, whi* h waa TaUiging with wcHare. She b rt*prcseutcd to have been a 
un at futj within, lapping uji the yellow plus wciraii of littc personal up{HMr.m*‘C and soiu 

Ilooiifig and the oakwork of the structure with literary tuh-iit. H«*r ag»* wa.'* about forty 
u rupMity truly appa'ling, in \iew of the fact yean*. 

that wituin the {K wd*T m igazinc were 8t* red * Mrs Eaton knew noUdmr of the noniau’s 
:'-5,(NKI p-*pmls, or scventeen-aiid a-half toiiD of history. «nd U ovtr**'»iiic l.y sorrow at ihc 

uuniMiwdcr. There were «torod within the 
lort I0‘*,0.0 fc “t of n»‘W lum^MT, wdiich wa-i t » 

to do bu»tucs 4 In this country, simply for tb»* r*‘j- be urcd in Uic improvemeuts conteinpUtcvl 

“(.n that they hold on to ilielr proiierij until Ikey 
i;* t ibctr muD y. They staricJ rtffht, un*i It has 
t*ecii cn*y to l»o *m In t:iat way. If we '“ouM only 
ciiucaie the pie to tbc older Mutes, where to** 
haldt" of buslne;»i bare Le* *u oonfirm-Mt to this 
^ ay of doinff busfne s. It wuulil be praeileil, an t 
n^juir- n- 1 ore : on* y I   I'o th“ tiU-sfaess. But I 

ro'ult of her cflort-'* to n*co\er h**r propi-rty. 

Coroner Fl^nin was notiilvd "f Ui*- ocenr- 
leiu’C at an early hour during the afternoon. 

the work, while dir*-etly against tbe outer »i.d he will Indd an iii«)ue t over the rt'uui’is  »f 

d*K)rof the lu.'gdzioe wen* piled Ini tmndles 
of ^h^gie^• — a rather severe test f »r the U.« * 
proof tiuallUCB of that aparlinenl. About tm\r 
o'clo k General Newton, i’oloncl Vingbu;*, 
and Lieutenant Miller, of tbe Engineer/ I v - 

aui ft arfui that wi'caunoi do It, Au*l that tke r**M -   |urtniciit. arrived on the seeiic of the eoutl 

^ latcodiBs t« Id m aHO’ d Dtau- ot CBltiratloB. Ttx r^rm i'*0B?ep- 
BBd  Hkcr M*® tsbir •'! diT.»ioo. aod 9c Bcrc* will tx»  H*« paralf'ly. 
cbR bc toe K. Abo»daooeortim!xroBeB *btrB’n; b yoooir orchard 
|a«t ab *ve t;x of nv tr(*rD   n toe impr- Tcd irBct 
lALOK. Oil s ato wm coHum-aci' | rompGv at 1« o'clock a. n. 

wkew term* « be otBde k»owB. 

m ntcodinx to oTv » 

ch:-«rlMfres  to  AMl LL HAN .\. 

t aad Mala M. . AmIb"-.. 

larare- xadMC- II. k. DalLCT. ABrtlaae.'r. det 

air BON. 

7 xlaablr I Biniprevrd  laiB.sti-pe( Fraprrtr 

the uiifortuiiuti- vvoiimii to-d-.iv. I r. Knox 
made tl.i- nei-1-s.ary pr. [■ar.itiiMi* and u i-o-t 
inortuii (-xaiiiiiiation. 'The razor was f-niiid 
Ivnig on tlir Moor mid the ’.I:--ath so llriiily 
i-!('iiilied in lu-r loiT liaiid it vva-. with 

dithi-ulty n-ir.ovod. 

I vN MONP.VY, Dec.7.Bt .''.^o'clock. oDthe DTcmlaea. I ’if,. ‘ i .....i 

' r TcxiUaella very dwfrable lot. soiiai, on t'j.- | re.-ponalble, and any man ran go to st. Louia and 

fr A. B. LAtruKN -K. lAA J«rrtwe atemi. 
fie tar red Fopnfi and Ftflk. pcrlh aide. I hayr tor 
®asle .flMt- far eaak.and aaltar. vaeaat low i.i all 
psrp at Lostre-m. gmt PretUpil . also aoaaea and lau 
(a gone IncattoBa 

AMo Mraa la tfie Mloartan Fiataa- Kaatirky, In- 
disr.a Mlaaoan. OfiSo. Teaaaaaae, Ml aslaa i pis. aad 
7 *xb.. 

1 tkveaoaar ncaliafile prueerty la Nra- Alfiaov and 
J «.r«»v*H .lua-aod a Sa. I Urera rtand la tfij 
. torn ar ('fiaHMSowB. lad- aad aov d  ino a c od 
• tranc Tfifi- laadr^ rhaace f ic a par . wtowmau 
to atari h. tfie fi a T al tiaala w -.aad wdi lx- .-Ad low. 
A. (fiartamvB la (fit eaafity-.aat af ’J^rk ennre. 
lodU-.A. Ihia I* a deafi-ahtr piBoa. W. H. LX#- 
l»;Sv E. M» JeAeftoa atiaet. fie* dtf 

I.M11I R'lSWIlRT -TfiepnpertT kaowaaa 

r fi Her'rr.:- a-cry, aiiusted F-irtlaad aveafie. 
aa(fia-a Aae firrsary aru;. fiU tfir appararaaeM 
pdedr. and eac fir laad'.ofie of lha ^ laearl^ 
ViUs-. n. t- - ciry of Loalavllte. TU. plac.- ha. , 
. : at on I'ortlaad avenar asl ran-naek t- a- 

aUo, ^ a auo *. .alafia ft- rattes fie Portlaad arena 
aWalao taro gao* dvelllBa h  aaca. vlth tee boaac. 
ataMcaudotaareoat-fioBa.. Tfieasloofit- dotax r-oad 
Had aad aa. p-fa-ra takiocffie plaivcaa halM a - a 
cood trad, a itr. T'ortlazid aad Ifi. rlir. Vepropar 
(a ael) all fiarer ii. half nar r tfi afid keir.. v xzao.. 
fioiaw Ar. SO say awr s-fie fiiay waat to —vmzc la 
rfir Ire t ry fiaalaeai. Taa. » a ran- disacr for aa In- 
▼. -taB'-at. For paraleulafa Icaalra •) W H. LAW. 

llKN  I.. 1 M JederaM a-rr 

tcaalra •) a n. la.v. 
fid. I- oBrtb sad F.r fi 

r Yina aad fie -aad street-. Na. 17. H  a. - eoa- 
ua rv.oam. kJt^re. «-:-dar, rfisorm. avan; ,rti 
nay aad fioaa r . L-a MrnSfeit to a larrc all-jr. 
s~- ■ • — - — —- ... ois a arere.a Ap,-ffyt- A. 

mvl. 4LT 

LMIN ..AI.E-FTOTK -ST.iarofTavl'MXvTIeTBrn- 
r i.ijr. Moek. For patJ -.arr lu-ialrr of W. H. 
LAWitKNrTL Na. ISfl J a--raox atreet. fi-ta--'n 
F-arU. aad Flftli ty»- *«f 

R M r.AI.E-OLD TVrr.-We hare a 
r. p.-i-e.dAMXa.orol Ty|« walrliHicatteo. 
tloaaf y -iiaaifiy rkand Mar-Ou.. aia u dir - 1 -1. A;mly 

fix » i-e froad fiy Ml aari rtee- to aUer; hsaw, aoB- 
t alai t raa ai a fi ll Sfia i L. stifile. t»d caatera aa-1 aa. 
ai: inr. -Wi. lheliee.r;hi.. It ? irc« a-! »'a^ 

viaaa. For a a t tl ealara appiT to * H LAWKINvE, 
(Ml Jefrrtcj Strait. fiat, tokri- aad Fifth. 


F ’OR RE?^T-A COTTAGC-Ob Tblrt*««tbBtfvl, 
«MW MBfRrt. JLmM 9 toe o9ce oC toe C 

pBarofer RBUVBy comp * ay • 

ffes REWT-FRI K COTTAGK-A deelrtofr 

f *9E ItEWT-FRI I 
l n« A cot'^c eoBt 
Itotocto •to*«rw b 99, 

]^blic Ealff of the SlKarkct^fftreet . 

SimUootof A.F. rurl. bBDkrmpc, I wJl offer bC 
poWlc BBle. Bt Um* Coon lloiMia door, fo L at*- 
nifte. KTre brtwcwB toe booTB o( 11 a. h. aad IS ■.  Ub- 
BxdtBl^ Bflrr Ibe cbBOCcry •Blcr .o.i MONDAY. 
IWevmber It. 19*. tor property know* b* tbe ^Mirkei 
•irtve Milb.” »NBBtod OB tor oortb Bide of MtrkeC 
Bfrret. Ixcweoo Floyd end Brook «4rcoi*. LooUrille, 
Lvre a«Bihered EF BBdRR Tbe lot M 9x^1# feet to 
Bffi »Uey. Tbeht:lldlaBt*9byl9frct.l8( xie* blob. 
Witt. ctilBT beo«wCk Bod cov e red with m^tBtlr rool. 
Tbr wBtl*. wblrb are nf brick, ere of *a wnaBnal Ihi 'k 
ore* Bbd Btrenctb. Tbe ea^D* \* Is-iBcb cytlader aad 
BDdAftKK »iroke. Tbe boil 'ra. 8 la aember.arrfiL 
iMb ^RH-uv BBd fl i-f toBA. Bad, Bltb toe e^oe, 
Brr»nd«*rB toed oeUldetbc vi»1d bniidimi;. ^'re 
are ibree 'tDoeaSd iDcbe* in diameter and 
iBcbe*. Tbr cBPBcity of tkv* Bull b  90 bairrl* fl  ur 
B d IJ9 huBbeU meal p; r day; nr 800 barr -U family 
Ci'OT.^barreifi rye fi **jr end IJOO butoelDmcal pv*r 
Cay Tbe BkBcbInrry b In Rood ranntne order. 

Tenw-— ^ (’••b. balBRce fuSeiiUBl pay meat* at C. IS 
bi 4 U Biocith*; aecurity required oa d -iref pay- 
weoi* and UcB retaloed. 

ha«e parMvo aod afaaolute. Dower lotereec to be r.'® 
bBBed to ibe purrba*er. aad b* to bavr- tbe riebi to 
MM tbr pBTHi’ BU B|tplle4 to tbe CXtUdffBlBbBieOt Of 
BLy Lear iBBt Buiy beoo tbr prnperiT, 

' lifKPHt N E.JONfX 

BOtt dU AMiRBOr iM' A. F. Claric. 

aiarbhftl'B EftJe. 

D i JoBce f 

BR*lni4 • la CbBDcery.Xo.9jl9. 

X H Atb«'t*.) 

I tYvlrtBTOf a decree of tbe L« BiDril1e Cbaorcry ' 
I io«n. rendered ia the above tbe uaMlv*r-   

B.ia’idc4. or ooe ef B». wills oa 

MONDAY. DEf .;.lS9. 

aboet toebOBT of lloVlock. A. Msaaetl at public bbc- 
ttoo. to toe bipfieet bidder, al tbe toart-boBae dox. 
la toe cRy «4 Lor.i«rille. OB a eradlt of A t. aad 11 
moBttx, the foUowiidP deecelbed pn»pert) . or so maefa 
tbereuf 8 m- a«ay be aec w»ary to «aibfS toe decree bere 

It.. VIS: 

1 bi lot aDd improvcBieBG op toe nortb aide of Port* 
ImiU avcDiM’, betwe«'D I'm *090 aad slsteosto atret-. 
bav1ia«: a iroat toereoa of 9 feet by a depUi o. 19teet 

to BL allry. 

Tbe porebaver win be reqaired to slve bo&d with 
approved ixewritv. beartay latere«t from date «uii1l 
■ •dd. BBd B bea’«Ul be reialtied a« adlaUdCAl 
taaTili, F.c. WKI.MAN. 

MartoBl Loaiavtlle C baocery Comn. 


d: d« C. B. hHKPHERIL_f^2__ 

KmnhArs 8ale. 

WasUaroa Ei’ra. i uia«„e„, No. n.- 

Alfred Motby afid wife. ) **' 

I Yvirtoe of a decree of the Lootarinc Cbancery 
» Cooit. readefed ta tbc abt-ve caaoe. tbe uader* 
b-'Brda or oae of aa, will. 

OX MONDAY. DEX. t. Ifito. 
atoot toe boar of 11 o'clock, a. B., tell at pabiie aac* 
UoB, to toe hicb^t bidder, at tbe coort-buixe door, 
to toe city ofLoBirvUlc. oa a credM of 4 moato*. tbe 

T.crtb ^fde of Male eirc«-t. Ixtwecn Vtiael.xoth aod 
IwealWUt. Tr-rme at -^aI-*. 

PKAIh^tX, MFaDDt.« * FEROri^ X. 

n d . dtd AacUoDeer*. 

& SXcX4^2TT. 

A laBrar^orb of f«rc»o«*rieaBQd l iAtBm« 

Droc'k •tieet*. we will aclI a iat^e aa*ortmeot of new i 

S octrle*. ouBDlrtlnf In | art of fioe roffi’t*, 8iGe*r, mo* I 
fm**. a larye lot of cove orater*. rplce*. • andle*. 
Idle eking, ooe pair of Falrhinks* acMM. couot *ra. j 


44 ^HATFS ft McNETT. Aoctlone er*. 


ValBoblc MalB««irrrt Property 


/ iN SATURDAY. Dec. U. 109. atSo'clock p. m..ob 
" r the pr* ml*ea. Mala street, betaeen Ninth and 
Irotb etrecu. vitl be told, at pabUt- *al(‘, a bii'xiao® 
tiaMmUt tbire-fetory brick f ti*re aod dwrlHn|r*koO'e 
in L'ood r  pafr 

'ierno laadi- known at tlx *ale. 

IV. X. UKUWN, Keal Ea^au* Asent. 

77 sixth St. 

J. L. BLOWN, Aactiooerr. d5d*j* 

rXarsharff Bale. 

Jane* Rarriton / 

a;.'alaf4 In tliaocery. No. S^jae^. 

*reaa lljiUiUoci. ' 

I . Y virtoe of a decree of the Loiii*vine rixncery 
   oert. readcred ia tbe above catuf. tbe uodet® 
•beDd-d. or • ne of a*, will, 

(»N MONDAYS DIX. T. l» i. • 

aboet tbeboar of U oVl ^?k. a. b.. m-U at pablic aa*'® 
tioii. lu the t.tihi-et bidder, at the coorMioti^e door, in 

FHagmirtoly madeou a. . ount If • party In Hip | „,cnl slmut the magazim-. Ihe iv)li.-2 'boat, 
• I untry ^hatl la: n.- l to him Hliliout an . , ,i,» mlairion in -..nne wav or 

evira clisnr.-. If the penHcmau In the rju.-i!ry . M  . c-JU-hl Uie lontaglon in  oine way  jr 

dena not make this aiTJUiieiD-ut U la hla o-vn otUi r froni this fear of t‘xpioaio.i, and was a-j 

f^iili. 7 he only prietl.-a! wav - 1! to ship to I v i-cd fn-ni sliore to leave the vicinity of thj 

nnhoUM-tbai will not guarantee tbelr sales fu.- ; ill-fati-d Furt Lafayi-tte. tslie therouiioii steam - 

luu anil a hulf per cent., wtibout any extra 
liiarge. [ApMaiiae.) 

Sir. Muiin, of t’hk-ago, vva, pleased with th-- 
irmarksor the in-ntleuian frain 
r:iitw- IL--V are jusl and true. I tn-lleve, h-- saM, 
that all are want Is a ron ,*rt of aedun oa ibis 
v.oaMire. Go liark to tbe lime when our banks, 
piedli-ated upon Stale l-onds, failed, and nln- or 
leu inUllons of ctp-ulailou was siruek oat of exis- 
tent,-. W bat did the West do? Ihey said : “We 
«tllb:ive Ibe gold for our nroduet-," and Ih*- 
l:oia  -ame. All the prlvalt bank.-. oppoa-J It, y--t 
lh(- 1 eople, over Ihe banks, carrlvM that proposl- 
H  n. We of Ihe Wesl rannol alvvavs l"ll who are 

;:;:"nM-Knr^ i counterfeiters caught. 

thoipgh the latter were hoi ele.-i, inJ-.-cJ. flia j 

... _ , Gem-rat I  ft aliout half | a-t :-ix o’elv),-k, h ; [ M holevale Discovery ol Hies, .Matcriiil 

aeurl by wbleh a eomulsslon meo-hant Is not ra- I lieiiig then of the opinion tliat th?re vva, ii-i and Spurious .tictni. 

s'lonslble, but the praett'-al effect Is that th-y are , h«!x- of saving tiie work and an cxiai-ion [Kru.i the New lirlean-v Cn-senl l.,i ] 

'" T. IZ' "Thi o It mi-t for a long lime lu-t It  v J h.;-:, cv i- 

u:rea*iT ‘m.’ rw^oJ .o u. to any observant pcilon in the eity that 

otu’v r Iron, this feur of^xpiosioiL and was^uJ ^ :rnt.-rfeit'T.h ker‘ o“r Uv:-‘"r’at 

vi-cdfrcD. shore to leave the vicinity of th.- • i, . v^-ee f . ih ^ ^L.Vr.iieVm 

ill-fat. d Fort Lafayette. She tlierouiion steim * i,i i, ^ ! 

cd away and le_ft t?.r fort lo__ the mcrey of th I " "'I In' amte ion o^anv m nfrlv 

Wauab b Tobic RrrrsBA *r« koowa to tbe Ftoul* 
ty.and arc aoc a rATB5T mcdicioc. and are lodoracd 
by cmioeal i*by»iclao«, MioGter*. aod other*. 

IV. II. Vi ALkEK, Sole PropriFlur, | 

IaOtii.~ivillc‘, Ivy. 



.\rv -tafturpa*aeU ior maWi;itf all kiad* of 
« :i  KTAIla \M  FlaAVOKlM. l KIN7v*'. 

W. H. WALKER & CO., 

ftolesale Wine and Lianor Dealers. 

Nd. -J-7 vialB.irrrl. l.oaUvIllr. Hr. 

I (F~ For sale by all dealeraareryarbare. aptsdly 

Ih i flame.-, which defied all efi .rts to upprcsi 
jta bs- ' *!••'" The residents in the vlelnlty, on th 
h-- saldi I hlulls and surrounding eonnlry, li.-came tCiT. 
oa this i I'ly alarnu'd at the imminent peril in whic'- 
banka, i tiny would lie placed .should Hi..- tire r lae'u I i 
mo- or III: g-.izine, and left th.-ir lioine-: in hutidrel- 
’/ I I any in the ufteniooii, making th -ir vv.iy i . 

nd the H.e'city for shelter, 

iroposl- was p:irtieular1y striking and fearfully exeit- 
'^ti^tlr! “‘b fismc.s shot ui»ward, tell:etl,ig 

ropertv i heaulifully upon the burroucdliu waters an I 
; la hi's against Hie tall, gnu:it chimneys and the whiti 
i-t lhai, • Uagstufi wliieh st. o,l detianUy erect amid, a - 
with 11. it Bciincd from the shor.-, a i in-ur nouiit-a'jl.- 
1- when ' l,ank of lire and smoke. Many of the mire 
Had no courageous of the oflicers at ached to th.- 
l*”lt°is ' P' t-t, attiohg whom were -M.jor M lynodi-.-r, 
ake" hH **•'* command of F  rt, and 

laveash i I.ieuU mint Barbor, ero--c.l fr.-q lenllv over to 
uu glv.- Hie dianned ;tniclure aud examined the pro 
■ gross of the lire within, nqiortlng its held 

b.- will sell II ehet-rfully for Ij p-r rent, a- when ' I, ank of fire and smoke. Many of the mire 

h- s.-Hs II on eie.lli at iH-r ei-til. Wi- Dad no courageous of the oflicers at ached to th.- 

olftiully In i bli-ago. where we hav-e 1^ i ,niong whom were -M.jor M lynodi-.-r, 

jmiVf“elS?for ^ hH »ho Uas c.diimand of F .rt Hamlit.m, and 

sn-augemenis to pay ea.-U, aii.l he will pav rash i I.ieutmanl Barbor, ero-'C.l fr.-q lenllv over to 
lust aseas.v, and a 11111'- r than if you glv.' tlie dianned .-truclure and examined the pro 
him Dh's-n days. ■ gross of the fire within, nqiortlng its held 

Mr. I'oru-r, of L "ulsvllle, approved the propo- ,^ay uikiii their return to anxious groups wli i 
fii'.-n. the arguui.-uis iii«in Ibe qiie-dion. as ap- ; weVcgatlnred lua f-.-arful -tate, in manyiii- 
rhed to grain, will apply wlHi as mu -h loree lo , of PToeeLaiiev noon Hie shore V 

Ihe qreal slapl s oflhe Foulb. If a racreh;iui siuncis, 01 eil^lAUcy uiain snore. .\ 
niBki s a sblpm. nt of  -ottoii to the city of New eight about sixteen or eighteen shells expl ide l 

York, his prop.:! ly Is sold by the eomml-aloa mer- iu rapid sueciu.sioii, adding to the alarm and 

rhani, and Is not dellvi n-1 for ten days. Ifther. ^ giving rise to fre«h f.-ar as to the e'lan. .-s of 
L-auy SH-. lal dc.-llne lajlw-i—n Ihe time of sal - , an explosion. Th.-se missiles were sutise- 

lluanima Trunk, and also the said Si: fact front on the 
ran side cf Bn.ik suret. cxienllnz ba -k S' . f.-et 
Dv-rlh of and adlolaing the first abov.- de-cribt-d 

bands of tbe pun-haaer, tbe sel|.:r explosion were entirelv alUved, and Justica 
getilug no Unefit whatever from anyadvau.-e Church, Mr. Beirv and th’e f.-weonrageou- 
...IH ti... tsi.. ... residinu in the immediate viciuilv of Fori 
■•mon sV“mM'?i‘be hamb-sl ia thi H-imBton. vvho so valiantly s^d tUeT ^ 

reward f.-r the detection of any om ka iwiiigiy ! 
l aasiii'g llicse coins in the lara i- evide-ace of j 
tlie extent to vvliirh the evil has grown. When, 
tlii-ri-fi-r.', on Tue-iiay U-t iuform.tlon was ! 
given at tbe sup  rinte’ndent of p.'lie -’s oflleo , 
i-f the wl-.ereahouH .fe-;rt:iin ific ire . o.' 
H.tni' pe.r'ous coins, ( a; I Clin e.t o le - de- 
liiih d , oftie.-r Walsli, j young but .t'fi- 
(-‘.ei-.t rm! shit-wd olficer, lo Inve.:.^!. • th : 
niulter aud if ncc'-e-Jry nnpr.-li -;i 1 th i of- 

.\ci-onliiigly, having, d:irin.g the l-il -rven'ini 
rs-rl( d, made' elo-ic otirervati .ns at the ) -'int 
indicated l.y the iufomiaut, ah- ml sC.’cn 
o’clock on Sunday moniiiig. Special Wilii, 
t.econi|Kiiticd by sp -ci J oflie.-rs t'a;i dig - an 1 
Houlihan and by Hie siipi-ri-itcndeiil, ip- 
IMOdi lied a f-ult stand in the Trein Market, 
kept by Antoni., firegoni and hH w'.f.-, sending 
one of their number In advance t-  purehose 
liult. Willie he was doing so offie.-r Walsii 
i tciiped lip and. proiluciiig a seun-h warrant, 
infonneU Gregora that he h id come lo *e-arcli 
l.-U estuliM.-liuicii*.. The a-to:iUh.-d fruiterer 
tuulil only object iu words, lu hU money 
drawer were found three dollar.a a'l-l a hilf i.i 
counterfeit live cent lo-lces, and in a separate 
c-i ui)Kirtinent tiftmu cc-nU- hi good oiie-i. 

Meanwhile, Grcaora's wife had started iff t.)- 
ward their house. No. li’Sl RoliorLson street, ili- 
n etlv opiHisile. 1 he officer olsie-rv-ing this move 
ejK-clal Canonge was dispatebed iu th.- same 
dire, lion, and saw- licr outer her ho isc, t-aks 
out from a trunk a liosket evidently filled with 
somethiug licavy and couccol it quickly under 
llif b -d. 1 his iiasket was afterwards found t'J 

| aad a Uea vrlll be re: 

vrlll be re:ai:ir:a  a-1 nt:  aal sccori- 
F. f. WELMAN. 

Marshal Loatsvllls t'haneery roarl. 

I.. 1*. WKTHr.llBY, 
t B.SHKPrfFKIi. 


coltt-n deal* ri, th" l.iiver w as entllled to tea days 
fur r -e-elvtng It, but, if ne received It to-day, tap I 
ronslpnor expcaisl his   h.-ek tivraomw. Up   
said IIP spoke of eottr-e of the export ira le only. . 
for the other trades it was a malipr of liarqslii 

during the hours of immiueut {leril, hruatheil 

InBjic-etor Folk, Capt.ttii Brown and Ser- 
geants McKcIlar and Wdliams. of the Fortv- 

larshal's Bale. 

Ms '.bias Mb hela' heirs. . 

MaUdaa Mlebel*' fieira. 

said lie spoke of eoiir«e of the export iraleonly. geants McKcllar and vVdliams, of the Forty- 
tor Hi.- other trades It was a ^a.-r of bsritalii eij.LUi prt ciuct. and Sergeant Miller, of the 
~ Fortv-tllird pre-elnct, wllh a squad of twenty 
A ”degm? from I’LItlmore: whose name th i ^lruln.eii were on the groun.l trom a-i 

la Chancery. Xo.ttjfid. 

ri-porter did cot cateb, sold that eorn consign -d 
to Ba'Hmore wa« boM for cash, aad If th" 

carly hour in Hie morning, amt were most etli- 
cien't in pr-serving order. Rumor had it early 

renrat. payafid e ai r w mi y. *|ip«y a® ». t 

*• Mata areart. _ at Oroaber. IHM. and la aold'aubleei (o U»» ienna aad ; 

rofc KHVT-DFSIKABLK sTORK-H^ sK -77i- Waahlngl ,a iVprrelUa.- la 

r Preheat ^Tfie parchaaer wlUfie req aired U) dire 1^4, wHb 

*^w\ - p approred acewrtt, fieanag laHwret from dale bduI 

E?t u cmoiiL ® iiId,aodalieawlllberelaliieda»addltl jDalaecBri- 

V. aPi'dt* F.C. WELMAN. 

i rl-D o f PO N bfi tKfl Mfim mra fii. del d’C MaraLal LomsTiHe i-fiancary Court. 


i;«K MitfiT-Horw««— I finrt.kmotMaaadeet- C. B. SHEPHERII. 

r lar wo.dladSta(*»Fnfi-lfi«w w^m d*:.a- Depot I a. 

d raoaa.M Hoot, afi ruth ax., Marfilc Hall 

1 fiil«die ott ^.draaiafid kHrfi e (i .ofiMa«t  w i 

aide Bear Brook at. Kftrshftl a Bftle. 

I kmrk. * ma m a, larpr tod. afiM fif Elgfiteentli oa » oala. 

*Tfin ydwa dB^._U ri aam. ac earn aide Math, fia- f^ttweerr. Xo. tW. 

a^fixe^ai^. 1 mHaa odt. codfitrv IJY afirto. of a deerac of tfie LoaisTille Chaareey 
seat iaflni Dali ~MI«air^rT-rrr- Pari tv— r i~‘ 1   Co art, repderod ta ms above caaat, tb: cud.-r- 

N  vrliDco rottd#. ^Mf*Dd. ov one vka will. 

^^y la Join WIL80K. Odtec 1]D Jegsraofi OX MOX'DAT. DFX. 7. MW. 

at- Bear Fafiidk. U d ' afioal the hoar of U o'cluck a. H.. sell fit pobllc aac- 

— ' , uo a. lo tbr hlfdiaM bidder, al tbe CoarWiouae door, 

■'dill MSKT THi; IFTKR PTORIEk of the laraa m the city 7 LoalavUe. aa a cradtt of t maBths: 

M luar aaacT ba.Idiaaa X'aa. di and dl Foartb adrect. g IraaefioM aliaat -d oe aa alley rnaBlnp (T .m Kiai 
fi a t araefi Mam aad Me rtrer. eOBfiertrd by iWrrlor airral caMward lo tbe City HuspiUl. froauair oa imid 

1 fitledi aottarr.drafi 
adde fiMT Brook at. 

I kriHu X mat in , la 
Br ad d a - wy 
I hrveft dvadUac . U 
iwrr a Walaat aad Ort 

. afiM af Elghtrentli oa 
an earn aidr SIzth. fie- 

■o. tar aalc ar asefifiimr. 1 mBaa oat. oaaatry 
--rprlBr Dalr .*mtaaMbrtwerr Barimowa afi ' 

I  Coart. rt-ndrred lo tbr abore cause, tbe uodor 
algard, or one of as. will. 

abnnt the boorof 11 o'clock a. a., aell at pn* Hc aa-- 
tloa. to Uie uljfiiest b.ddrr. attbe I'oari.bouee door, 
in tbr city af LonlsTiUe. oa a credit ol d. li and 

rtnalTgoe thr wes- aidr of ( layatren aboat tweaty 
feet north of Marshall str.-et. aod rxtradiux north, 
wards along (7av sireet feet' t'arnce waatsrardly 
parallel with Marshall idrcrt dO feet, taeoce aoaita- 
arsrdiT parallel with Clay street «• fert.'heaec east- 
wardlymieptlo ibe bogiofilog. logeUisr with all lbs 
appanenacres therelo. 

ibr |«r  liaaer will be re-jnlrrd to give b-iad with 
rr-provred srcarltv. Iiearlne laiereat from dst- oalil 
oald. aud a Ibto will be r. uiard aa addlilonsl -acmity. 


Matabal LonlsTlUr (Tunrerr Court. 



Karshal's Bale. 

signor waiu.d It sohl on eredll. hp had bellpr I in the night that ihe soldiers of Fort IlanilU.m 
give sui'h ord. rs. A sale there mean.s ca-b eoiiti ninlutcd making a raid upon tbe resid'?uee 

etn ^ *.***' ofSs.rgcunt Groves, who was ordnance ser- 

tbe Board should i:ive expressions to tie opini ju » i- t n...,.  i,n 

that all produris should b-* sold exclusively for p’ant of Fort I^aytUc, and resided near the 

former fort. If such was ri-ally the intcntiuii 
Mr. Buzby, of Phllad.-'phla, said that he knew of “the hovs,” it was hapi lly frustrated 

ei.iitaiii seveiitv-tliree d-dlur- and thirty-five , , „ ... .. . . v ^ s.,. 

cents ill counterfeits. Thereuiam Ur.-gori and ' Thua. with the body hag clothed, and the 

hi" wife vv(*n* both Directed. mind unduly excited by pleAsore. pervcrtlo^ in mi x 

TS'S““,“'a SKSd issMJ's - 

another J.lace where it was said still f.irthcr r. -l. tbe workofdi-atractloa la half accomplWied. 
and more imnj.rtunt discoveries might be fonaequeace ofthi. npon her ayatem 

liluili'a Ihe oflicers forthwith went iii the dl- , .r k- / 

rcctloii i.aiiifda their destination bi*lnj the orDocc8*»ry efforti* required by the dehcate votary 
house of Mary S alcour, near the coucr of lontAiuher *4ta»tlon in *€0001 *i • Utcr d*/, ibu* 

i*i*Ur and St. Claude streets. Knockton: at thi.* | 

d*M;ribcy wrre uuahle to obtain ad:uU*i n. , *KMnivitinK toe evil. Whra one excitement is or r 
'I herouiibii Special \N al»h quietly rnl-'rod the acothcrlnproftpcctlvekeepsthemiDdmorbldlysen- 
tUlt v way and lookiui' iu discovcre l tbe 

i ceuivant, Mur - Valeour, tu;,^L*d in the very ;  dtivc to ImpreiriOD. whUc the nowcoa-.l*nt re-trAiw 

IIuDdrede enffer 00 in slleoce. and hoadred* cf ether* 
apply TsiBly to drusffMts and doctor*, who either 
u;ert‘ly lADUlixe them with tbe b  pe of m care, or 
apply rvtuedie* which iu»ke them worse. I would not 
wUb to Msert anythinic that would do UdoAlce to the 
silUctod, but I sm obllK*»d to uy that altbouKh it msy 
1.C produced from escctfsive osbAu*tioa of the power* 
of life, by Uhorlotu employment, unwholesome sir 
sod food, profuse metutmaiioo, tbe use oT tes sod 
c  ffti‘,sn l frequent ebUdbirth, it b far ofteaercsosed 
' r direct Irritation, applied to tbe mucous meuibrsne 
O. the TAKlDS lUcU. 

When revlewmtf the esu^e* of abeH * dist «*4*iD9Com 
plaint*, it is mo*t painful to coDt*.-mpldit * (he oiU n-J- 
*uj( ( vUm coniK qoeDt upon them. It i* but simple Ju* 
tice t  the subiei-t to euumerate s few of tbe many 
cdditloost isu'es which so Isrucly effect tbe life, 
heuUb, sod hspplne#* of woman to sll clssse* of soei* 
etr. snd which, eooso’inently, sff.rt more or less di- 
rt i Uy tbe welfare of tbe entire homsii Csmily. Tbe 
msnis thst exUu for precocious educstlon sod msr- 
riafft*. csoses tbe yesr* UlU nature dc#lgn’'d fur cor- 
port si development to be wssted snd pem rted io the 
re: trsints of dri’*e, the esriy conflnenieot of school 
snd eiipecUlly In tbe nnhesltby excitement of the 
bsU-room. Thus, witb tbc- bo*Iy bslf clotbe(L and the 
mind unduly excited by plessnre. perverting in mi l- 
Qiltbt rt-vel tbe huor* deelirned by nstore for sleep sod 
r* d(. the work of dcstrnction is i slf sccompibbed. 

In consetiuence of this esriy strsln upon ber system 
ornccesesry effort is required by the deheste votary 
lori'taUuhersttostionio school st s IsCcr dsy, ibu* 
SKkrevstiOK the evil. When one excitement is or r 
scothcr lo prospective keep# the mind morbidly sea- 

that all produris should b-* »old t*xclusiTt.*ly for 

Mr. Buzby, of PbtIa l**'pLla, ssM that be knew 
from bis own exp**r1**nce, sod h *knt*wth*t the 
treoUruien around him who bad been rniruffed In 
the rf iumbisloD bu*ln *S'« would bear him out In 
the a**e*‘rtloD, that In (he aceommodutloit* (bey 
tfi(»rd(*d to Weidem mi*D they were conttnuaUy 
oul of pocket, of vivhicb (hey never suy aoyibing. 
UuMtually v:e carry (nou.-aod.-s of liurrels of (lour 
aud other commodities on W*-etera account. If 
the luniket fails, and we, with drafts matured, 
which we sre boumi to pay, venture upon tbst de* 

throuffb the ^ormi^ble uppcarauce of the Me- 
tn |KdiUiUs. 


wliicL w'us constructed diirinif the war of ISl'J, 
waD  irii!innlly known as Fort Dbtmond, beiu*.; 
of triuLipilur* f*UTU and wa« built of br*»wa 
stoue ami frcc-slone trimimn:;s. It wa-i dc- 
cidedlv old-fi'shioncd and u*« a in**ans of m )d- 

oct 01 makinc the spurious* coin, by pouring 
the debUMd metul iu a molten state into dies 
i r mold:*, iimeucuiou^lv mode out of a sub* 
stauee eloeely re^enddinj paraffiuc, two 
Mocks *'f which tit cIodcIv together to form 
the die. Onthc InuiT-ide of these are neat 
iinproslous of the coin, and into the cavity 
formed by the two, the metal l*» poured through 
u hUJall oianing from tlie outride. Tbe wo- 
man, when di covered, attempted to destroy 

^ of fssbionable dress, sbtulutely forbidding tbe exer® 
' else Indispensable to tbe sttsiomeut snd retention of 
I organic besltb snd strength; the exposure to nigh 
‘ ulr; tbe sudden change of temparsture; tbe complete 
I proetrstloD produced by excessive dsnclug* must, of 
I neccusity, produce their legitimate effect. At Ust so 
I early msrrisire caps tbe climax of misery, snd tbe u n 

( IlDliiC market and sell fur cosh, w'bb*h tb *y ln  I cm dcfcu?c was eiiupiy uscle  

slst on rei-elving. wbst do we then htnir'/ That we 
have slaughtered the property uf the West. Are 
they W'lUlDff that, by wav of brlugluff al»oui these 
raeb sales, we shall, una*T all circumstances, go 
u|ion the maiket and sell for what it will br^ng? 
1 have all roy life had the fi»r* ngesi desire to do 
liusinees in that manner, but 1 have never l*een 
uMe to do It. 

Mr. Kacelolph, of Chlgwgo, was surpiised that 

luuce it woj- dc6u;natod as a companv po-it, 
Uiough If it were ever pUc..*d on a war footioif 
it would require fdur hundred men to garrison 
it. The walls are about t^ven feet m thick- 
ness and tbc whole was surrounded by a stout 

the luqiaa, but the olUcpquicklv onteredand i ,„„nnate one, hitherto ao utterly r.-Kardlraa of the 
urn-Rliiig her, hcarcliid Hi.- i.remHe-i. Tlicv ’ 

found about thirty dollara iu nickt-Ls, uiiietoen I plalo dictate, and remonatraaeee of her delicate a i 

mold:., and about five Luudreil laiunds of the 
metal used, all of ivbich were taKen along with 
the i-rBi ner a» evidenee. 

Y’ebU'i-«^j moniiiig the accii ed were brou-ght 
iKrfore Recorder Goatiucl, who transferred th - 

ofMiaga. •HUl^fitrO. aao aaltatile (sc a Lgfit nfifia- ali- v M fee* afid rvoalag hack eamc width awth M 
MIBm, hfiiiBeaa Aloe far refit, ia tbe asare locali- morr cm- fiwa. with ih iioprareairoU therroa. 

tr. Owee finr oflkfia afid atoracr-ro-ai! (■* a Tar narcafiaer wUl be re,alred to gtra boat with 

MMltoUMfifirreM. dffitr at  o. lo HA. PL- aaprorad aerartt} . bwrla* later rat f'ow d it ■ aniti 

mBV-%,. dl df red. and a Uea will hr retaiard aa addlUanal aarar- 

— ke F. C. WELM.AN. 

— — re— — — Marafial LofilarUIr I’haacary Coart. 


d*dl C.B.^HI;PHE!LJ, j *"*’“• 

ittuM la Chancerj, No. ltdw. i Mr. Kaii.loli.b, of (Tilgngo, waa surprlaed that 

H.H.Timbrrlake' I aov ohF'rfloo should be made to the pau-iagt- of 

I»T Ttrtac of a decrer of the LouDrille i haneery the r«“*«lull'in». He bad understood fr-.m eentle- 
1 1 Coon, rendered la the abore caoae, tbe unjer. i mrei doing buslnees, e-p.-rtalljr In the produce 
algnrd, or ooe of oa, will, on tjiat ihey woiiM he v erj glad lo a.lopl the 

MONDAY, DEC. 7. IMS. I axsieiii. I UI they .•wM Hiai one man ID a city couM 

alemi Um- boar of n o'clock A. ■.. a -II at Pablic ABC- I n'ol do It. It uar true, aa hod been sai l, that 

minor callhre. two Urn ren. At the office of the latter our reporte 

iM'tte. A few new Fuirota bud been recently 

ren. At the office of the latter our reporter 
was shown samples of the dies ami coins eap- 

' any obF-rfloD Bhould be made to the passage of mounted on the west side. The guns the dl« amt coins i am 

Loal.\iIlr ( haneery the resoluli-ins. He had understood fnm eentle- irenenllv tweiitv-ei Hit nounLi-s lured. Tlic coin, whcu fresh from the mold, 

re cause, tbe unjrr. i men doing business, e-p.-mlly In the produce has a rough and easUv detectable appearauce; 

tear, that Ihey woiiM he very glad lo a.lopl the I'’-. . ’ .wP"".- ulT'u.*. hut othei? were shown which had berarubhc.i 

W store hoaar.Bfi B t oifit h aowol, ofic door tram 
Malm. BTBfi all ■oi rra taprovearau. Aire, re M 
■•or of rew fiBlldl:.«. two Ian:" oMcca aolUMc fre 
arefifi ardBrtot. wWl fir Ma refi eery dfirea. Anoly 
to JOKES. TAPP d OO. *«1 

P acofiiiM. rotfisr of Mata aad Fifth at r aati. now 
Becfifilad h, « iHSfi. Deter d Ofi. as a dragslerr. wdl 

ldrahdl*s Bale. 

, , , I , _ _ _ 1 .Y Tlrtfie of an eeeeBtloe la-nsd from the ofllcs of 

firtarnMOTIfir W af Jaanan Brxt TKb hofire 1   tbrOerk of tbc LaatsTtll- Chaacery Coart. In Ibe 

MCfinire.M(fina..1firre '*'***l^ **4 ******’*' *”^ ahorecfiBBC, the aodresOcaed. or o« ol oa, will 

avwMfibstreei Sara wh tl iia l . fiaataaa ** hrea oy MONDAY, DEC. 7. US-.. 

t.oo. lo the btglieat bidder, al the Coort-hauac aoorja 
tbc city of Lomarine. (or cash: 

Lola X and S In block t. In riiub -rlske'a pi it . b.-gli- 
miig fr- feet oorth of Breckinridg.- aucet. on thr ear- 
aidr if Uanrock stiei t. la Loafsrlllc. ravoinz north 
9i  fret, aod ol ibal width at right anxlca raatwardly 
i:« Irrt to a U-foot sll.-y. 


Marshal LonGvUl" I'aanrwy Coriiri. 
L. P. WEniKltBV. . I,.-,, 
  ad’. C. P. SHEPHEKD. i 

Karshal’s Bale. 

CLarIf . MiUrr, Ex'r, i. ^ ™ 

( Lorlre ViiUer, Heirs. dr.,! 

In Chancery, So. tt.isi. 

oafi-collnr. arHb a weflJUrfiM baacaanit. and tn 
■tartar fikiore Tfie baafilag Is aoeanMr lo rec* 

door In (read m Mrta atnat fifid fit tfir rear on Ftftx 

•trret Cu I Hilly bt eofiwr»e«_lfilo dre. weU 
l^ti ii am am. ar oaefi af the drat dam. bagtaalag 
^Sftr hWfiMfit aad laelfidtaf; tfie dm aad aecoBd 
■onaa. mar fir matt tar ta Mdaf ti fi dum besiuen. In 
nr rrer.fifiFtft; tmm.maaaafOrw d Hro.  hoi«^ 

a ncMfiw. wlU eficlnr. dc This la tfi. latest and 
iSSIatm irelreLfiartdre lu exredftoBa war^ 
lag. It mrwt tfie Idfiar afarrernl u«a la and 
■ ktllrf^- whole fioaar ia breied fiy tbe wtau 
ttttlrMtbt hoOrr tf aotaooa rret rd t» U aaaads it 
ISBiv oorwaar t" coowrt Ulntooflicrw A|.^y efithr 
to^.THOW.E W7I.:d)K. Mr P..,.-r.wrhfi 
alHroaUnue IB tfir Drag fiBrt ai at . wUl or^^- 
at rit i Baa r . tafa ta 

f irea »a T-DWELL;S®-A tors.firi'*' dwwu , 

I.* . ^ large m. gooB rtaMo. «flre. gu and 
sreor. Ko. Bid • firataat street, firt war J Kta^aM 
KiSl Aggtf u. MUUMHKAD d CW.. Ko. Ud Fo^ 
aa r rs i — **“ 

F 'AM KEST -OK A LONG LEdSE-Tfi' aarred 
and tha^ doors abore uy a t a rr . ofi Foartfi rtr.-at i 
«oou fii^ aewtrol Ifirgr rooau. .al - fi bU for a .y light 
hattaam aod dwelllag at llu aannr tf ue. a. welt tt tor 
offieas.aawlag uaciune aata l .ilaliu -ala. or aBylhi.^ 
amt. Aaaij in K MCHOLAs. HE Foartb atrret ^ 
MalaSaMfi rkrt. 

r Urge aa., wW:-»rratigc4 holldiag. mow accaptod ^ 
re tfir * o c mima Joravoi. olBre. oa Greea atrvat. fie- 
larnrr Th r l and Foartb. will be for real darlac tfie 
lauei rertof D t cr re ber. oraaaooaaatii.- new fiaUl- 
Ire on Jr-de.-soa eirer*. la'endad for oar as", a r -aly 
ur Ol'. unaaey. ParUsaInta Bay fie bad b. a-.ply^ 
at tfie ofeec. aorta dt f 

hoaoes an tfir ao raer af EtereaUi tat Mala aU- 
arfifch aU fir ready for occapaaey fiy tfie Isi af Ira- 
erreheraaxt. If aapDcatfoa M aude tooa. tre laU- 
raar fif the fiaUdings eaa fir dalabrd to aoK ife'. parttar 
w oaay wirl t recapy thoai. Apply to KAHN A 
WOLF, Sc tnm Mata streM. twtveaa here otfi aad 
F.lg fitfiatra aaa. a -id dtf 

r Jam tiau|ilr1in a tfirar alo re fioaar oa Jrdorrja 
olrrei. between Find aad Brcaad. eaoufnlng a fia id- 
tatat More raaai. with imdenee oaar aaiae aaalag 
Mlargrroaau. Enteaaeeto riaHaaretroa tfie street, 
aad rti r.uUhed la baadaoac style. Any ore dartrtag 
oaty Us. slot* can mat rooaa abore far oil -ea. la- 
aSr of F B. fBIALLflCOqa. al Gatbr1« • CssK. 
iUle ouwot. betweea First and fireond. UeM dtf. 

l^M MEKT-ftobf; BorsE— k,. •• suta 
r atrw-t, retwrac Mala aad Mark st. Inquire uf 
rmSli- Kd   AMPBKLL. So. g| Waal Mai .str;^ 
repfirtte I aalaflllr Hotel odd dtf 

rWIM MMKT-HOrFE-Tfir dwsttire P«rl of thr 

r hiowr Wbi.:a. I aoctuiy oe loari.’. stran. hrtweaa 
Mala aad Marhat Ap^toK.SiraoLAK.irE F-iu^ 
■uat*. oeTdtf 

P  « MM*T-«TORr.»lort.r.— The Urre rtore- 
(irva- V-. 1 1 Mara iur« Fuat mat 


,,«A II niKtf— hrrml front roores. fanitshrd or 
I »,.sAarnlafiod. wdb good board, can b- had a: So 

dll II ii ll i r a P of forernd a.^ Wq lngt streets 

A few day bfifirdria can atso he accoremodaied. 
dee d( 

aboot tfi« hoar of 11 o'clock. A. a. .aell at tbe court MOXDAl 

h.uac.;oor.latbe llTofL rti»Tmc.aluurtl n.lothc the hour ol 11 o’  

~ foS.51 Ud“h 

1 tr pttirfcto'V Win W re jmir-d to irtv Iwad. wicli 
jn aocrelty. beuemg l..^ from^d^le ua.U ct^Ac. M'ljS^^dcc^Sed 

I   Court, rendered In Ihr shore esur--. the nnder- 
slgncd, or one of oa. will, on 

MONDAY, DEC. 7. 18«, 

tboQI the hour ol 11 o’clock a. a- sell at pablic aoc- 
tl. a. in ilic filgbrai Ud ler. at the Coart-h .u*e door, 
tn tbr city of LounvlUr, on a credit of X uioutba: 
Tb  b..nrebold and kitchen rurnJtur.- b.’lonzlng to 

stsiriii. I UI tiiev .«al.l ihai one man In a city couM 'idt to the Inited States, it received 
n'ol do It. It u os true, as had been suM, that its i.rerent title in honor of that distinguished 
tlir-re tvasa very hirge dci-umulation of pro.'iertT soldier and patriot. Its dimen-ion-i wer- tvro 
w hich ptireliasers must i-arry; hut inis was no hiiudred ft-et across the center, with a punidt 
niori- irm- ol la-su-rn i-tilrs laan of w estern. But „„„„ . nimru-r of an nere The lurw.h-r 

w e know this thing can be done. Iz-i tha rule U.- w hich wm s^uufod iu the «"i of 

undi-rutood l'i he cash. If a good man wants magazine, which was siioaua m lue ar. .i oi 

cri oil aii.l ’t'.i choose to give It lo him, charge 1^*® fort, was homb-proof aud coustrueted with 

b.m for It. two diKirs, both of which were heavy oak 

.Mr. Huzzar.l, of Buffalo, saw no obj .u.-tion to the wi#l, lined on the ouL-iide with copper, there 
I aasaue of tbc tesoluUous. It is absolutely ue. es- being a rpacc of six feet between the outsi le 
-:.ry that we appr^eh a .-u"h system »- nrarlr ss u,nei doois. The walls of the m.igazine 

nTrlv'i:-al ".M‘'u! approached It aud ^.id about seveS feet 

Mr.’ Jenkins, of Wilmington, Del„ -aH It thick, (fix months ago it w:is garrisoned by a 
I sremed lo him that thi- wa« a b-i;.llei w hl.-h only comp;iny of the First rnlled states artillery 
I i-overed Ibe comslgnors of produre in Ihe We-il or regiment, but sim-e the with-lrawal of that 
1 Southwest and the cummlsslon mer.-bants who compunv ha- bean garri.--on.'d from Fort Ham- 
I ^Id It al the seaboaril. Exwp: re far as Ibis re- ilton by a sergeant’s guard of six men, who 

tbelr peeullar nerroua ayatem, composed ol what la 
rolled the tiasar, which ia lo commou with (he female 
breast and Upa,eTlJeDtly under the conlral uf meutx 
rmotlooa and saaoclatloDS al ao early period of life; 
aud, aa we aball sobeequently see, these emotions 
wbrnexceasiTc, lcad.long before pubrrty, to hablti 

, . . .. . ... ilton hv a sergeant s guard of six men, who 

^ *“FC t’een n-Tn-vcHl each dav from that post 

f« r  *a o ttD*i navlD}; no olVilu. It jkH-nj»*a to tiim tv ti . si,* .. i.,t # 

that this couveutloD, as a body, should have (“Ft;® ’’fjnhi’tin;. of 

i. rv with It. three eum|«iili-8 of the Fir-t artillery, num- 

Ur. Kirkland, of Baltimore- All the | ro luc's of tiers about two hundred uien, aud U under 
tbe .-oil are sold tn Diltlmore for i-asb. and ihh. Commaudliig Major Mavnudier. 

|K-rul 'ious custom of clalmlug that ca-h means Among tlie di-stiiigiiisbed prisoner- liicar- 
len or Uft.s-n days, n.*(er did pre.all In our elty. eemi.-fl w-itliin its walls durine- ll.e war wer.- 
Ido nol imdeistund that this system Intends to ‘ 

Jl d .m’e „f the leaded he a'.tlek LouDviIl.- .-haocTr Court. 




7 be purchaser will be required to give tsiud with 
•l.pruved braricut lotvrtMSt froa dAto (lalal 

ti^ds Fs U. ^ IvLMAN, 

MsitoAl Louii viU8 ('hAOC-rr Comrt, 
L.K WKTHKKIlYafiwnu 


1 Ilf Late Ilrad Chief of the C’hevenne-. 
IFrum tbe Si. Louis tlepubltran, 3d.j 
Black Kettle, liead chief of the Ch yenn - 
nation, reported killed by Gen. Cuslar’s 
('cmmund, w as a man of more than ordinary 
iiatiiral ability, and has bold a disUnguisbed 
i-osiliuu for" years among the tritics of the 
West. lie was more noted as a leader iu coun- 

Ihe f'.rce at Fort llaiuilton, consisting of i oil Ibdti as a warrior, and many years ago re 

three eum|«iiii-8 of Ihe First artillery, num- 
tiers shout two hundred uien, uud U under 
Commaudliig Major Mayuudier. 

.Among tlie distiiigiiisbed prisoner- liicar- 
eeruti d within its waUs during tlie war were 

Karsbal'd Bale. 

Item irg d Speed , 
a^i M 

U.A.bftUb. ' 

Ip Cfisacery.Ko.ZlJN 

Marshal's Bale. 

W Lllamueldmartirrl ~ 

a|iaiu  tloChaacery, No. 71J4S. 

I     ontt. reiolerrd In tbe uIhiv. cuaoc. th-.- uuder- 
aigucd. or ere of re. will, on 


Abofit tfie hour of 11 o'clock a. u- aell at public auc- 
tion, tetb. hlgbnq b^deer atibreourtqjoui. door.ln 
Uirci;i of LooisTilIc, oas cn-dlt ol X audsmoatba. 

Mgred.or oe. of us. wUL 

about the hour ofll o’clock a. ■ , x-U at public auc- 
tion to the highest bidder, at the i-oari-boas - door, lu 
the cBv of IsiulavUle. on a credit of 4 month-, the 

• r.-dll. I suppose It to mean Ihst where It Is ex- 
prv'saed “eold for cash," It means .-ash on dellve- 

But ibL- was not Ibe gr.-atest evil. He made a 
eoualgiimeui to an lAslern merehanl. who sold 
a part of the .-onalgnmenl for i-oab nod port upon 
Hie usual Dlieen days' f re lll. Tb - eousigni-e 
rharged him J per rent, for guaranteeing tbe 
Oft.-t-D daya credit, and took the guaranty money 
out of bis  -ash aaler. The party to whom be sold 

el sen ice and one uf the leaders iu the attack 
and eaplure of Hie cutter Harriet Ltuc, oil 
Galveston, in liitti. 

Wm. 1). Archer, another notorious r -liel. 

i-eiVi-d Ihe designation uf Hi.- “Orator  if the 
I’hiius.'' Ills age must have bt'cii about tlfly- 
six, lie was the sou of ''lligh Ulack Wolf.” 
ami forty-three years ago, at the treaty with 
the latter, on the Little .Mi-souri, Gen. 
Harney was iiresented with the boy Bloi-k 
Kettle, and adopted him os bLs son. -At the 
couiieil last year at Medicine Lodge creek, the 
cin-nnistaiicc was not forgotten by either the 
General or the Cheyenne chief, aiid a strong 

And rbeck that Di-stressios 

rere - _ — . _ ■ pertouceofMufiy yn 

Hacking Coiish 

Cy gwsraauw ikre there 



- tre Mood. aypMMu ^M a 1 1 re w wpMiiaa. fiw. m too- 

s-ir Ibe tiree of ordlarey tavu fs re. AMa, woore 

with perfretaficeare an trofihleaartMBg More afiw m 

ciccMMlfioldor yuufifi. _ ^ 

Dr. 1. hre madv oMre praetteo bM apeelal fi u* y torn 
tbe peat twofitp 7cara.haa had aaotBeipenofiefilfi lare 
■‘ap. cialiji'' tbea aar otfierpkyMcteula Vmer1r*.ad 

Baaearefi fipwofid al tofi Mfifioofid caaafi Ib UfitreBli 

. rere, fie- spofidHy cfifod, ratmt 

OfttM’ M*4iCftl lh p«BMi7 ! 

F 'oK tfie triBIreet ofapoclfil ud rofid d o fitt al Ha- 
rttra. taa kla nrearefiplBd Bfiecere iB ifie trodd- 
BBfilof thiB aparlallv Dr H. RUdKKG.tRTB.'f. ihfi 
cBOBltlfig pfiyiMfifi. i'loalT comoBfifidB iba eofiddafiOT 
! aflha -dflctod. A grudualo of ofiB of tfia bret ■add- 
CBI aehoota In tfia wnrtd. wftb a large aad vartfid eu- 
’ perioace of Msay years, both la loapOfil •■ *  ■■• 
prartMO, gtvififi ofir wfidr thfie bikI MtafiUaa le ifiiB 
•pociaitj. ofir rapfifatlfifi Mrefidsofii tfia s n a l fi aad 
. Wret. fior iB4  'rt Bfiif fit aoi -salybyrte pnea fiaa hf 
tbc luost raalfitrt prarctiofisra, M -Vrw a d -oidrlBfit 
gwsraaaao that tfiore ple r aafi tha ya Wre uadar ore 
rharre wUl fioa ha f fiaa rd apfin. Uyos ora dlaaaasd 
Uboring under aay afFetlofi of Ibe gealt  -irlaarjr re- 
gare. or oudfirioc oay of tha -afire qfi afi c ca af youififol 
ludlsriTtloa. let BO fuMo -lell.-fc'y prevent y- -.r ireae- 
dtols appMcotfoa to thu oM Bo i oil l afi e d dlif maoiT. 
Dfi outlay, hot "aU at oaea and ka restored ifi 
riealihuoil iaaie.y. Ore i re a ri re. IfiBy daltfiafitkifi aH 
the .Itseaare .g th.- sexual sy-o-re. with full sj laplaoi 
I loio, and gtrlwe nor aredfi af ir re ia i e B t . teat to aotf 
i addrere aa reeetpl of ihroe-ccat ttootp. f ofiofill** 
. lioo free a^ raoMrathrt. 

Otaraeea Fecallar to Ferealea. Rartaq aa 
expertaare at mtaf yaors la tfia trea-aoaol o4 tfisoa 
III nn r wa he ve adopted a reoJa - f treatreeal that 
alBioM aoilr-ly dlfllrr. frooi lorrere 'l ■oa re . Oar 
ireafeut ia sirepl a yet aMcocioaa. ra^riag^ Ire- 
patred (fiaetioM lo heMthy actfoB with hut Uuto ra- 
, lired to diet or dallv datfaa. Wa fise aa iiarWUl or 
drIolarioM drugo wholavar. Tfie moot -.bMaare ud 
loartcraie rrere are IfivHed lo cML fill .afiedre 
, aary urgh-al arerratiaao pcrlarreoaL aM 
- all careaaaBM-atiaM •aeredly raaBdaaldJ 
I t.tllcc. .No. Hirnur-l *4.. aeu Mi.-k- ".so M-rtago t ttaa 
I patieata do net iaaa4 aarfi aifear. Littl -e hoare fttore 
' t s. u. tot p. a.. saBdBy*.Sa. a M I P a. rOrtM 
el adlatarea cu ...aaalt fir laail AUdnre Op. M. 

Sr. rsex. ad Bt. Xeaass. 

I d peiwiaaiiBtly la na iad M Ifila elrt aad eu fia aare 
•sHad Ifir all IfiraM of chpoalc Ji l as e a. DMeaaaa 
of tfiehaartjaa^lfirust.  ra a p li l al ta fire aa d «s r rea n   , 
Mck sredaefia. ftr. AMa. ifiaias i lMa. o-roffifitaaM 
catari h, la all Ifieir dug*a: goiter or tltfrk arefe eufva 
la a lew weMs. without tfia are af lodtao. Dr. ^afe 
eaiOB all Aware af It tpi pMa, sttoadad wMh welabt, 
blostiaa sad aafi. la tu t i e— rfi Paka Ifi tU 
tboaldar, cola fraf, duxtaeoa, coattva bowel* aad yai- 
W.w spotted --W fhdPds71a.wttboal tU -laonf pbyalc re 
iredMiM that redo re -fie siiea«ih •f lU ey w are IW. 
Prek hire traata all forms of IV a l i tiaaasra w«h pre- 

**rKrea5r%a««ubla Coou fotfoa ftu omta 
hours ftere • a. a i# 11 a a., ud I P. a- ** ICP- aare 
dayaaxcaprea. oMea IWJ Mrehct Mraat. uortd^ 

WILD CHERRY. Home for the Invalid 


i n. u-FST .Twr, 

U *tTB • view to toe aoev ■■todfffieiry cr w9MMi «d 
dltoMrSa toSfBttotoftii • Bos* 9e Uw l«f»e 
l)d. to Fvwto Vtole J. o« tJto rottto o  to# Ld*«9v#«w 
t'larfviean and Frsakfbrt Railrvtod. *lxtw9 Mto 
from Loviavilto. tormar ptore of reaid#— Oto  
e#ae* requirtoft c#r# aad »itoatloa, wt9 toffUM tr #1 
■trai and all ta# coafon# of a iMto#. fo#d : af»9ft. 

' dr.. wUl to r#r#iv#d. Leltar* addr ;iiii*a to Dft- J7t. 
HF.LM.**Vlaoa#** (to# ptoc# . FVw#e Tall#7 . Kf^ vffi 
recrivr a pr iMpt #a*w#r. o#l 19 

r 1 ulr^~ds. 

Jsifefsonvilie, M^ison, and Indi- 
anapolis Railroad. 


SafrM. SHrfNi, an* Most R. 7  )iil and 
(rrtain ( nrr for 

(OllillS, (OIDS, l.\a (.lIBiS 


umm cmiYTii;, 

A-ii Int'allibloCure 


Evrr Offf rr* for .Saif l* Ihf Pubiir. 

Iba Only AH Hail Xouta ta tMa BaU. 
North aad Want. 

I ntles plem Uurt la odrura of tfiore fiFM a 

I n'tcii m«tL .Kowwt a » »»« . 

Tt; ii * leavr* aad arrlvf Mtlir Jrffirftoavflto l ef 9 
• iiBU-lj oppo»lle LoctovUIr   a* fallow*: 
»vr.%ar. bsmvs. 

Ktf e.a.. dtktlv rxr't tot icLj r m.. ** * 

aiday sod irto *. %*Uv •« Hor   ##f 

Ut .*«Marattv •tr»toW*#vrfl#4*ffi V h.. MdtotoA* 
*imj ftt I.-9 p. a. tor sit. Lo«to Md n«r to ## tl . 

Bag elwrkrd ttoovffff to all frtuetpmi p#HMk 

Kl-tfaat tlr^Ltinjr '%f om XSp. m. tm9. to 

( (j:ra«o WnQorT   RANGE. 

V or ro#dfa*rd itoo### ttroe-t aff l e a aad oa#ae9«#a 
f*r »mail hllto a#d raU ai a ffto t. oa r— r 9 

Thiril aod Ma&u Btrert*, Lodk-vlllr. 

HoR\* T ^OTT. 
Gearrai ^oyiltoi aiiat 
G«'ivval Ticket 

* ff« n*«’aviii‘ . ... JmO. 1. ' l?4 




-hfr- -v SI^BI 

O N and after NOV . sih, hW. trMu wlB rwa aa 

Leave Laatavate Oft* t. a. did a. a. 

MmM anil Naaralda. 

1 HIS medMnc rntrr* tbr clrriilAttoD. romiof la 
coDlaci alth Ihr acid* or pobaODB In btjib di*ra#*M^ 
(orn • a cooibinution with racb. aod U rllminalr'l 
from tbe blood ibroa^b the bowel*, bldocj*. aod «Iuu. 

As a Hlooii Piiritier 

IT Ill.S ,\0 Eqi IL! 


lortaoate oor, utberto »o atteiiy rt'garojr** or ine [ goowsto tbr phytlrlaa. rrmoviair In every ia«taa*^ 
plaia dictate# and remooBtrancea of hrr delicate Bi \ tbo#r two tormldable dlaeaaca. ana alao ibo#e to## (a® 
^ , i tolerable dltoa*r* reaaUian from conatipattoo ol tbe 

tore, becomea an unwilling iulfiect at medical treul- I boweU. IrrtguUrltlre of tbe action oflhe kidneys ul 

Torot. Tbl# I# bat a trutbffil pictare of tbe experlcoce . ibln. reBtorlsg to prrfrct toaUb Uir thre# ffirat 

' emcoetorlea of the hamao i y#trm. Be ooi dwrowr® 

Ol tboutoodi of our yonog womeo. t #R«d becaiwe otb«‘r r^nardl*** have tolled to rurr you. 

Lour before tbe ability to exerciae ito fuoctloa* of Both «ezea. of all a»r*, who have token tbto mrdiclae, 

' are ready to certify to U* elBcacy la the dlaeaae* ro 
tbe KenepoUve or»ana. they reqafre ao e.locaiton of ^ proprietor baa been indneed to loeato 

In tbeeity of Louiavilla.aDd manBt'actnre thia madi® 
' cine, at the Inatanca of persona who have tried bl* 
' mnrdy and were cored after tbe beat pbraietona (a 
' theeonntry had faded to relieve tbem. 1 will girt 
I yon the name* ao 1 resldeneea of some of them. The 
I medicine ran be obtained from tbe anderaUovfl* on 
Jrfler*fl#B Mrrri, over tbe #9* ^ al l.awyer* 
Haird dk Prlrca one door below ibe Jmil, 
l.onUvflle, Ky- Order* will receive prompt at- 

And should voa bffve a ^uiferin^ 

with any of the above dl^ea.'^cs. or with 

PnrnmoBia *r U iiirr Frvrr, Plfari" 
sy, «r aiy ( •■ceivablF I'Bra 
•f PnlDMBary IHxFasF, 


This Tinlj Great aii foalerfil 

Leavv LontavOto %9 a. m. *9 pi ■. 

Arrive al Naabnlla . v9 p. w. %9 a. to 

AfTtre ai H* nibotdt U»9 a. to IfrU a. to 

Amv# al Miaiab a Jc9 a. to 8»9 p. to 

Arrive a4 New Ortaana 3Mff a. to Lft p to 

Arrive al MobOr IMff a. to 

Tratna leave SMbrJIe tor   batlanoocn and AUaoin 
ai asis a. to and «e9 p. to. aad far Decaav and Hwa9- 
vtUe al 8:9 P. to 

^leeplna 4 ar*» an4:9p. to trato.rwAa9cUwo«i9 

to   . U'lmhuklt aad Nrw Ovieaaa witbooa 

rbaime. P a BBr n ger*owtoOfBte#tra9ftom Lk» mn i9a 
ubt pi.'if c«r at * ling Green, rmaninc tnron^ 
to ytempnla, 

K nosville 9r«»eb train i##vwa Looiavtlla aa Mff 
a. u. for Ler. anon. l aavlUe andOaO Orebard. ftraad 
bead aod ?dvar ( rr«k. •#B»r  tiog Sy *109 9 i9 
Important potnla in souuaaatara Keniueky. 

9«rd»town train lenvo* LoniavUle u 8d9 p to 

Tbe Bai^lown train eoaneeia al !8amaa4a* '*«o9nft 
with aiacaa for Fnirtfeld MootRffeld and rbi|il9 

TbaltMp. to train Ibr NaBbviU# aad toampldirwfta 

All oibar tvaina ran daUy eacwpi '^•ndnv. 

Lci'isville, ClRCinnati & lexinrtoi 

RWTS. ■ wre:i 1 

i \N \%ND ATfLK Nov.^. imtrn9 wid ras nn 
" “ follow*; 

Lanve L nlavlllt nt f a. to. 8s9 P. Bu nnd 9 4A 
p. H. 

Amvnni8;9a. w.. tXdff a. aad 7p to 
Tb#aandbairai:« eoone«'t at rbn*tin»’i bnr ff 9r 
»be97«lUa Y ar« ibronnb 9 9. 
arfdif **AMUNL UIIA. 




\V II I T K it 1: A D! 

which aap tbe very Ufe of their victim* ere natore ba* tcntlon. and ibe meddCine forwarded by ezpreaa. wl:b 

,, ... full directions un each botile. 

9clf-completed tbelr development. 

For Female Weakneaa and Debility, White* or Lea® 

corrtKra. too Profhre Mem«rn.Hon. Exharetloa. too 

either taken the nidllclne or wltnewed lu effecU: 

Lons Continued Ferl- .da. for Prolxpaux and Bearing , ,v-n. -ir,- . o 

THOS. N.LIND-K7, Lawyer. Frinkfoet. 

Down, or Prolapaui Uteri, wc offer the moat pcrtect OEO.W.rR.VDIMU K. Lawyer, Frankfort, 
jpeclflc known: llELMBuLU'S COMPOUND EX- J.\.ME-i II. O.VRK.UID. Stale Treaaurer. Fruuktort 

DAVID MEI!IWETHER.HoteFkcepet. Frankfort. 

TRACT OF BUI HU. DlrecUona for uoo. diet, and vviotiN ALLEY Jlerekan. Frankfort 

wlio di-guised as a wumuii cutired a boat's I rri(.iid.-lii|  was renewed, sud a recipro -al pre- 
crew asburc oil Uic Florida t-uust and drew | ^entatiun uf presents touk place. Black Ket- 

them into u fire tbat cost tUe lives of several 
L'uiun Boldierv. 

.John Edwards, captain of a guerrilla Imnd, 

He seemed tu be in caniest in liis desire for 
peace, and ap|.eared anxious tu bring into the 
council the treacherous "dog soldiers," whose 

tbe pro|H-rty and hlim-.-lf both failed, amt 1 have aud lu this cupaclty carried the rebel mails iu tomahawks were reeking with the hluud of 

tfiv I. jlowtng d.-wrlb^d proto-rty. or c. much th"rvol I f Bowing dre. ribrd property, or ao much thereat at 
01 Bwy bc Dvrereary u- oatid’y the decree hereli. via | may he necearery to retisfy the deem hwin. v^ a 

s uae, of la ' d m Jeff. -oon c re-ity, Ky- and boaud- 
•d re r- Dow*' Ueglnnlug at a Mfik - or atoue In tiie 
I'De.s ( nrueliBa liuke'. land wb--rv hit land join* 
Vi* Jew..* and Jacob Ilaoaible; tber-e oluaz Ball 
1-r,. of Job.* and H-ske K 4sw deg. E 4 4-14 pole* to a 
white oak.c'-rner In tn. Itue of M oodr sal Hoke: 
tb.-t ce .. -Bib 7E d.g. F 1- 7 VU pole, to B fsllea h -och 
t.Tit, Un. of George P -tu sad Hoke. Uieuc; W l* t j 
B* tmi. lorel.iP-tu’ line s U dre.._K 
Bake .|ntetd"d* oDeMorireloth. ll ..- igaoid Poih- 
auo Hok.-: Ifivnoe s- 15 dea. 1. 1* poire to a etfiit*. e -r- 
ner to lio*«tle and ll.-C* thenc- N ISw drr. w IS8 
^enhw^ld Hoorn h|.-'. Ine lo th- bvrtanfnr. 

^*^5 re t# b# m adc aubir^t to a note fo #1.49. 
a'vre I* B A wllh toC. r.d W. B. Hoke. da od 
tint li. Ifirf.dn- iwojear- nftrr dnte nnd benrlng 1:. 
4/ -red# fWmi d#u- on If paid- 

* ii,* iwrehre-w will re reqBirwdloglvr bond, (rith 
*. orr-Jvd a.-rur;'y. bonrinc Interaat (r.ini dnt - n . il 
oa*" and B Urn will be r- tolned re nddltl ouol oe -urltjr 
pa.c,nnuBueo r. C. WK.LMAN. 

Marmna; Lofil.vlU" i;hanccrT Coa"l. 

ii* i.Brehre--r will he r-qwirwd lo givr 
*. orr-Jvd a.-rur;'y. bonrinc Inteiwil (r.iii 
laid JJd B Urt will be r. iined Bt nddW . 

certain lot ot ground In t’je city ot LoultvlUc, begin- 
iJng nt B point on the toath wde of UrayMn ttr -et. 
1S4 fe*« entt of Montg-.m rv tir-ol, or Twentl.-lh 
i^tr ct. tbcoc# #aat aitn aald auntb iim* of Grayaoo 
Mtwt 9 f *rt, aod fTG*o4ltui bark aunlbwaMiy a? 
rU.'MnoirW and parallel tinea a d(*inocc of 187 feet, 
•i.d Udiof pmrt u( tome ^nnd cOTey d to pl#iDllff ny 
VI UUnnj ncoU. 

1 be purrliMer Witt be required to rfve iKjod. with 
ai'proTfal M'«-nrUv. brartnir iotereid from data antll 
pkln, nnd a Uen w£U be rvumed aa addltiuonl •ecorl* 

. 1* . 4 . WKLilAN, 

Mnrahal Lool-TlUe t^bancery ronrt. 

r. B. ^UKi*UKRD. 

de-d# I epott4^a. 

SSarhhal'a Bale. 

Id ( bnncerv. No. 

C. B.SHKPHB a . 


JnifC Harden i 

ugmitA* f 

Hnbbaro U Hayden.' 

I    '.  «rt. rendered lo the nbove cnaf«, tbc under® 
^ned, or one of n*, will. 

OK MONDAY. DEC. 7. 189. 

•boot tbebonr Of 11 oVIuck A. M. aell at nnblic a«e® 

f re re ^ ^ ii«.o. to Ibe burb«Nt bidder, at the co«ri®bou*e dour, dve yrara we bnu* U*«D approxlnwUn^ 10 IbH 

X latf.TIlrzfi U-ttei»yst.-m. rapid tninsB -tloumbusln.-*i. 

Wfiolvule .fid iCrt.lll5v.lerl. i 

* A KT . i_ tbeore eaoewBTdly With Water atiwrt 19 eet; tb-nc« « b4»#4' lo give m*dU, he did ao al bla own rMX. 

ITCSt Pitlnbur^ tmd lOU^hlO^b^nV aoitLwnrdly parallel witit Clay atreet SSfert aod 4 Hr. llaZAnl olBulBiIo li boa bet^u anld (bat the 
r» -n r „icbea,andweatmafllrlorUy alrertl« feel. Oorlli- Ol )eet of these MmiIuUouh la fi»r lh«* purpOH* of 

re— 'W yr |r Said om half Qukli»K» a unlfonulty of pilcea; that rfvdU 4?lvei 

, Li. re ^^uired^'jp.rbon' I 

e* ^ »|5B rovfd M*«’nnty, beaiioir lniere»t from dal,* na'll , Md'^lklIob  go to the \V6:*i aud ni»*r«*banl^ th»re 

— pBidAod a lien willbe i^uuoed afiaddiUunal a icuiiiy. | ntore beniuae of thuHi' fr'tliltHie quotutlou.'*. i 

^ fi ft- iiWlTK arnMnerT aniMi ffit lowMt market fAwca 8.1- W^*LMAN. \ uo|*e the rvsoluiloDa will preV'uU* 

(   p i Mr.Wanardof M.Loulw HkW.tha* whnl be un^- 

Pr»K 9aiu9or dotiL bide Market. oe*r TnirdM J -' \ der«ood the tuerrbanla w uQt**d wah nut to * t^ atraei. nt J. F. iT»»mU:’a ice de .■ x re# '■ * *^' ‘ ^*^**^ i t!...i’.reA etarffed for Un- piianintT. iiMtber did tbev dedri* 

#^« ’ ^ ^.-^Iron^U.Ul , after ih. pru| eny leave# 

rtvrr. lout U PnnUHMi»«4  TWnr^hal*# 9#l#» . tbelr bamG. Kbould li*ll u|k»ii them. 

re u ra | Mr. UonaW Of Louisvlllc vild h'- w OS cugaced In 

LODISVHalaE, KY., r tlSXum dr j 


ww  .^^wrere.*reB .iuiMd.or one of b». wlU. on 1 one they enii not sell fur cm-b. 

never ret realized a dollar from IL If we b iopt 
this evsiem, they will nnd rommls-ion men who 
will make .ales (or ciLSb. Ills a great and c cry- 
ing and almost a national evil it present, and my 
ixmsHtuency demand that the reiunu ukeplui-e. 
Mr. sunord, of SL Louis, would be very glad If 
we could be al le nil over this couulry to sell our 
products for cash. I m -aii, he said, gel tbe cosh 
when iheproperiv Isdeiivercd, Uhtrago hass*-t ao 

Mr. Bruneb, of Rl  lim-md, Virginia, -aid If he 
muld be saUsne l that pm-ileal guod wo ild r -sult 
from Ibe poaouge of these n-silutlons be uuuld 
muBt beartUy veu- for tbem. But be thought U 
was Important fur Ibem, thus starting uut on a 
ireacherou* sea. not well assured tbat they bud a 
strong, staueh ship, lo avoid the lireaKers, and 
not attempt that wbleh was lmi orelble. He tjuk 
It that every consignment tbat start-'d fr-'m the 
Wng was generally followed by a draft Ih it pretty 
nearly or quite lovered II, ami tbut tbat draft bad 
to be paid wbeiber that pruduee was sold or re- 
malni d In tbe warcbouM- of tbe consignee. 

Mr. Muun said that what tae W'rit want-- 1 was 
untlormliy of prli-e In the F.asi for the products of 
the null, l ash sales would Insure more uniformity 
In the pilce than credit sales. 

Mr. Horton, of Milwaukee, wild that this quei- 
tion wosoue of shortening cr'-llfs. For tw -uiy- 
Ore yean we hale been approxlmalinj to Ibis 
bettei system, rapid tntnsaetlou lu buslD'-os. 

Mr. pf-W'-r, of Baltimore, sa:d that In his cuy 
the ruatum was to SI-11 for cosh. If theeousiguee 
■ husi' to give cre'tlt, he did so at his own risk. 

Mr. lUtzord of Bullklo ll bas been saM that the 
ol')e.-t of these r  m'IiiiIous Is fur lb*- purpo-w of 

dangeruus localities. 

Alfred Brownell, a pereun of some lm[x)r- 

many imiut eut whites. He admitted tiiat he 
b:id HU control over his yuuug men, who went 

timi-e, who luid been sclcch-d by tl-e rebel »i-c- uu tbe wur-path iii uppusitioii to bis advice 

n-lary of the Tre:ieury to proceed to New York and wishes, and lo this cause Is doubtless ow- 

aiid purchase materials fur the luouey-priut- ing the massacres uu Hie S.iline uud Solomon 
ing de| He arrived safely, uiadi- i x rivers that have led to the seven- piiuishiiient 

tensive purchases and was near his place of 
dcstinutiun on his n-tuni when captuc-d. 

Ex C’ongn-ssmau Wall, of New Jer-ey, was 
also an iumate of the furt 

At the request of Ja-tlce Church, Chief En- 

ing the massacres uu Hie S.iline aud Solomon 
rivers that have led to the seven- puuishiiieiit 
by the militan- uf the Cln-yeuues iu which the 
i iiicf lost his life. 

■At the battle of Sandy Cn-ck, Xovemher ill, 
IsGl, Black Kettle, w liu was iu command of 

Heinibold’s Extract Buchu 

At the request of Ja-tlce Church, Chief En- tbc Indian camp, w os lired ui ou bv tlie -ol- 
gim-cr Cunningham, of the Western District dim while hulding Hie .Vmericau and a white 

Eire Ueparlment, dL-iialohed a steam tire en- 
gine to Fort Hituilton at 10 o'clock lost night, 
in order to be on hand to render such a-i-L-l- 
ance as might bccouie nci-c-sary lu the event 

dieis while huluing Hie .Vmericau and a white 
in bis bands. He w as suppose ! to be 
killed, but was not. Cbiviii-gtou lelegraphcl 
to (ieiicral- Curtis that Black Kettle with 
White Antelojio and Little Kobe were among 

aiK-e as might become nci-c-sary lu the event \\ bite Antelojio snd Little Kobe were among 

of an cxiiloaion oceurring and' setting fire lo the killciL Bl;u-k Kettle had, pretiously lo 

any of the -urrounding houses. Th-- outer the i^iid Creek iiuk-sacre, accompanied .Major 

door of Ihe powder chamber wa- huracd, and Wyukoop to Denver, havln ; voluntarily given 

It wa- indeed most providential that Ihe great liimself uje .\u extract from his spO'-eh to 

cause of dread was averted Had these fear- (iovernor Evans aflords a favorable specimen 

liecii realized Hic loss uf life would no doubt of bis oratory. He said : 

have liccn frightful, while the dcstnn tion of I followe-l M:iJor Wynkoop to Fort I.yon. and 
i-roiM-rtv would have l)cen commeii-.irateK- Mayor Wviikiaip i.ropo-»-s that we com-'li) .-«• - you. 

IXu 'it U imp.«.ihle to form an cwtinnite of ;.VnXro7'£^^:,\\^?,ru!r.bro li'll 

llif lot*:?. wc H2tk (m (hu( in* may htiV'- p^'iirt* wKh (he wtii( s. 

STILL I ATEK We want 40 hoM  ou by Ihc hAinl. You arc our ' 

. ,, , aa 1/o.a... bK bc H w. ' h# *c hno t HIV c 1 11 Off t h routf ft D clou'l ; 

A diafatoh dulod 12 midiilifut, D*oeiicd iroiii nn. h:i** been tlurkenc*! «*v**r ^lu^*ethcwar 
Kt»rt *** ?»«• Thes*' braven who kr- with mo arc ail 

f ivclle t-tillbuniuiff wllli great vldfiico. v Lltnif tu do what l sjiy. Wc wunt to lake 

ttUliiS'^ home lo our iHH»p|o, that they mi? 

in pcui*e. I want vou to trivc all thei-} chief:* of 

the ,-oldient here tu iimbTsiund thru we arc for 
0 I L E d | *'U(*e, and that w c have mad * p**a4V, th it we m.iv 

— u« t Ik* m Htuken bv them for cn"ni!»*a. I huve not 

A Vdvi'io viwFrinitf'u of Tfoolv Loi* ” mme here w Uh a little wolf bark, bui have coino 

A NcL.l Npccimeu Oi » W- mu-t live n -arth- 

I r.ioqut I ( • Luffalour siarve. When we cum-- her" w-.- eanj . 

I Kiom the Chl'-igo l’u*l. 3-1.] fu-'-; amt when I go home an l tell niv peupu- ihai 

I...I «» ll,.- Sint -s that vo cd hv their ob'c- I h»v- t;iken loiir haii'l anil Ihe hin Gof all ih - 

laK-kat th. .■'IM siuai vox^^^ rhl. fs h.-ie m Ih-uv, r. th'-v will f-.-l .veil. *ii ! * . 

I Ion. visUrday, for Siymour. N. w lorK. ' | . rtlil'.i. ni im . -.f Im.'i -m- i '.i 

I lioinc cf Gould, of I i-kc, the M-ite lUro i,h i-.a.;;,, T^m-r wc nav.- .-..i. ! ira'i., v;-'i ■ - 

aWeoC ru\ atreet. and® V**e4*ooth of Water atreet; Ibe ruatum waa to #»*ll for rai*h. If the couidpuee i*,zr .* *ii fl-itcfl T* mldniifht r *Ci*ivcd from 

tbcoreeaMwmrdlj with Water aii^ 19 eet; tb-ac« « hiNS* lo give rredti, he did ao at bia own rl.-*k. A diai»aUh dJltd 1- mianU^Ul, n*cu u 

•Ol tLwardly parallel witli Clay atreet ss feet aod 4 Hr. llazArd of iiuflblo ft ba? been said that tbe Fort 1lHiuilt »n, stutea tliat tiie lin lu * on IsM 

iDcbea, aad weatwBfllr to rUy atreet 19 fret.oorlfc- • Object of theae MMdutluU:* l8 ft»r the purpOH* of f.,tfi.tte rtiin uniUlff iUl great Vbdciico. 

haldone-half ouklne a ualfonulty uf price#; that civdll fflvei ^ 

I to property, and 

»i»»rov»KitK*«’aniy. beaiioir 1niere»t from dal,* aadi , Mooiatlobi* go to the \Ve!*i amt m»*r«*banlj* th»re d l i t I 

ITie parrbWfH r wilt ur requirad lu rive bond, with 
»|5f rovfKlMK’anty. beaiioir 1niere»t from dal,* aadl 
paid AUl a lira will be rruuDed aa addiUuoal a icui Hr. 
r.i . WJ-XMAN. 

Harvbal LooiavlU - Uliaarcrr Court. 

l.B. ^Ul'J'UKKD. 

d«-' di l ep*tue«. 

I XSar^'bal*8 Bale. 

iTOiKt fo?fclfiU*a5 «rrti«^ grtOtmrt. '*1 

n afiafi d , areort . , 


a*EE Dkdefilrprd.itto#* masqta^-iarara.reape e tf tt Uy 
1 ariMMikn to tbe n«hUr that ikt\ have oow In oper- 
aUbaTWO l-dJtGF;i AtTOlilE^tss maoa 
(aeiurrol all kind, ..I RmiIfo. UraniMB’, Grre. 

f.rrt-fi fifid piffii". 

Irerefifi. Jfiro. 

»Sk- krei, oa haoa a Urge atork of W iodaw  *laaB. 
•fid • Cgfiegfil AoBfirtrecfif fif  ;|juHWBre. 


factnks mi. cut 4 rcmui m. 

WffftiWfft T» Clith Md, bfC HffU 4 Hftitvffl 

•oU dSk*- ld9riHYILLBfi KV. 

w. n. nx i 

•Lraipet ■ Id UhaDcerr, No. 8i;8V4. 

A ■ i UivtilAif^Latn . A e*.   

1 »Y Virtue of a decree of tbe l»aiaville Chtacery 
  Cowrl. rt*pdered In tbe above cauae . the under- 
a4cP(d. or one ot v, wlU. oo 

MONDAY, UIX . 7, 1*9, 

I about lUe hAur n  ll o'clock a, m., nell at ptibUr ^8**^ 

I tiuci. lu ihe hikhext bidder, at tlie Cuort-hooBe -if or, 
lo iLc ti'j ol Luttieviiie. oA a credit oi € aud u 

I p**y more berauae of Octltlous «iuot*illott.'*. 1 
\ uo|*e the rosolmioDa will prevail. 

: Hr. Hanard of M. LuuIa said, tha* whnl Ue un- 

I deraiood the mendianta anted wae nut to be 
; ctarffcd for the puaraniT. iiMthcr did they dedri* 
' (bat the r***i«onelbl.Uy, after the pru| criy leave# 

. tbelr hamie, should ^11 u|k»ii them. 

I Mr. Uonald of Louisville said he was ens'aff^^d id 
: a ('ranch of business the i(»b;icco imdi* jaiouiii- 
; Inff tofrom five tuelRhi mlUiuas ol duUara .'**anJ; 
kud be rold fur cash . U wa  idle toleUtia tint 

one they run not aell fur ra^li. 

A AetJe Spocinieu of TrooJy Isoil ” 

I Kiom the rhb'^iqo Ibwt, 3-1.} 

IZK.U at th.- .'^laf S that vo.cJ, liy th.-ir oi.'c- 
ton. usUrtlav, for Seymour! .N.-w iork, the 

I. oini- cf Gould, of l i-kc, the .Sfite lUr.) igh 
wii.cli Hu- Er e railroad runs, voted for  . * 

II. . ur. K. i;luckv, -w;-.:,gcr!ng. w iiisky-drliik 
ill- cut throat K.-ntucky, voted for beyinour 

, . , ! I*o«W of I raoe shall i,e a power In Ihe land, sn.i iai.d, “My Mary laud, 'iu.i.g'.i, iu my opiiii.ii, tlieaUr. iui-;lii be 

i 'k»lrc th:,t we - hall P-*-ss l.i-uisi-jna, tlie State tot . q.-.g place- of iiislniclive reeiraliou, I think it 

ivm Wa'.rut aid ’ *i**,i’e ' ntirely mopcrallve. voted for Seymour. The u.. re wi:c and riglit not to uUeud Ui.- lut-id of 

|.^-Iu answer to a letter th'- .'r--ta 
TV of the Suudi.y l..agu -, .Mr J. h:i Stuirt 
Mi!l write-; "I liu\ - r.'|.eat,-dlv -;ti.l at p ib.i.’ 
intlii'g.- "f Hie t ' ,i| V. e Imiii-'.er that 
I -ill iild vole for the opoiiiiig ..f piie --. -.f ;u- 
stiurtive n-i rentioii, liT t. l.i f e |ire--nt stvt • 
of the puhlic uiiud, not of l!i.';iters; al 
'hoi.g',:. iu my opiiii.iii, theaUr. lui-fhi be 

sml lOds Twelfth itTTBl. brtweeo Wa'.rut aid 
Mod son Mrcrta rontalnlog a frix.l of « fort SH 
li-rl-e. and rxtciuUn; (hr ooac rl nii Its fas(. osid 
ki owa OD (bs map of Pore aod 1 .|..d* .ddluoo (o 
(Lr cHy of l-ofil-viils by Ka N'i.,hs, S. 

Tb* porrtiasar wIB be (cqulr. a lo givr h»nd wKh 
apsrored ooeBritT. bearina li-iereot liu.a ha.- u -Jl 
aaId.aadaUcaaiUfieretalfiei .addiiiunalso. :Ur. 

V‘. C WLl H '.N 

Marahal LofiMsiUs Cfiofi..,. j i-.wrt. 

K P. sntTHFRRY, ( „ 

dl . * {wpuuBi. 

oefloBof rash saU-s depemlB very ma  u uk--u mont.'-.s. , .. Grint, t.37 Sirs t.rint will not rece've preset 

o» you ronsirue ih-- v or.l “’’ J? but look at the States thM ro • jewelry aud silk dn.s.- es from memb-irs of 

o to ihi- root of ih. laMt. r. au.l tsacn ‘ke '•Jf er ti,em. They are lue uomo 

hat ^ aa, d  es m l mean ihir..';. *}‘r of vii lue, liiUUigcnce, and cmlizaUoa 

be tpini eff Ihc* ic.'^olutionx kod sbsisl vuie for 

rorriur.. (oo Profooe .Vlennraatlon, Eahaastloa, loo K'MUt.Mn. who have 

rilher (aksn (b- medicine or wltnewed lu sffecU: 

Long Contlnned Perl- .da. for PToUpsns and Bearing ~ , ,v-n. -o.- . o 

THOS. N.LIND-K7, Lawyer. Frankfort. 

Down, or Prolapaui Uteri, ws offer the moat pcrtect OEO.W.rR.VDIMU K. Lawyer, Frankfort, 
jpcclflc known: llELMBuLU'S COMPOUND EX- JA-VIE- II. O.VRK.VUD. Stale Treaaurer. Frankfort 

DAVID MEI!IWETHEB.Hot*Pkt-eper. Fraakfort. 
TRACT OF BUI HU. DlrecUona for ooe. diet, and xelsoN ALLEY. Merckanl, Frankfort. 
odTlce accompany. R.U. sTEELF., Farmer. 

Cant. S.AM'L STEKLE, Sapt. Ky. River, Fraakfort. 
Female, in every period of Ufe. IFom Infancytoea „ „ boLLING. Firvi Uerk Court of Appeal., 
treme old airc, will find it a remedy to aid nature la Frankfort. 
thedl^hargeoflUfanctlons. Strength M the glory 3jt.mHreo7ory. K*;.' 

of manhood and womanbuod. IIELMBOLD'S EX- JOHN S. UA^GIii.late Repreaeotatlve. Jackaon, 

TKALT BUCHUUmorc atrengthenlog than any of SAM” Mate Amlttor, Ky. 

tbe preparatlooB of bark or Iroa. luflaltelj aafer. aod L. M. COX. lat** rt« :nia^Dar« . 

RU'HAKD SHARP, Clerk In Re«u (er*a Utbra, 
morepleorent. Frankfort. 

» M. .\LLKN.Uay county. Ky. 

C. WYNN. B.-.n. v;!'.... o»-ley "-ounty. Ky. 

K. F. HAKUL-. BeatiyvUl . Ky. 

JACOB HOWERTON. IR'leHtetper. Pr.wt -r. Ky. 
t U.VKLF:- FRU N1 . F .cu roum  . Ky. 

T. J.OOKlHiN. RleUmou.l, Ky. 

JOII.N B. FR.VM IS. Ilolel-keeper. RK-hmonJ. K  
AblJAH GILBERT. Door keeper Senate, Ky. 

II. F. w AIT.'. Fayelle .-uaiity. Ky. 

L. Tobin. Merchant, Fr»nltf. rt, Ky 

,,, , I ' R.B. JILSON. M rchanl. Frankf  rt, Ky. 

helmbold s Extract Buchu tkfassr.^^’rs.*" 

JES^K HoWl IMi. Laurel county. Ky. 

J. lloVKiifr. Mvmbk-r Coa^tltutluaal Couveo*. i; 
Rowan comitT. Ky. 

J.W.TATK.Uttf ,*H*rretBry .»f suf**. Fr^nkrort. 
t;RANT URKKNK. late Mate A :diu»r. 

J. B. WILDER & OO., 

I dOni»*vill**« Kv.» 

Are oor lii-ncirel Aw at*, to whom HI orderi aboald 
t e addreeaed. 

Having received the indorveraent otthemod pro ml- notidAwlm TUOS. -T. FllAAlER ft lo. 

nent pby*lclana in the rniud State#, Ib now offeredto ^ ~ ~ 

alCtcted humanity aa a certain care for the fdlowln,* ' re\- 

dlaca.*ea and aymptoma. from whstever rau-*-a orlgl- C'OR. Si:\ K-’fTII At li IRKKT- 

natlng: General Deblltly, M. ut.l and Phy.lcal De- I DOLLARS PER DAY. 

nresoion, ImhecUlty, Determination ul Blood to tbe , 


Head, Confused I lea*. IIy»teria, General IrrltaMUiy . p,.,j Pruprlelori. 

ReaileosneM and -leepl.'-enew at Night, Absence of j _ ■« A k.1 1 1 T t O V I 

Museular Effleiency, Loe. of App. lit •. Uyapepda | | |^yP|[\ ](! ANUF AL TUK 1 ! 

Eiuaelation, Low Spirits, Dlsorganiz.itton or Par- j II tl i IE 

alvaisof the Organs of Generat.-m. Palpltat.oa ol I j.rh— - 

the Heart, and, In fart, all the cuncomitaiit. i ealraroum No. M t north aule West otreei. betweea 

, , , . I Main and Vlarket. 

Ufa N.'rv..ns and I)elMlilale.lstate oflhe syeu-m. . are reaperlfully li.vlle.1 to eaB and el 

Tt.itf.urt the aennlne.cuttbhiotit. A- kforHtLu- | 1 * amine my we.lM-leeleU atock uf Trmnk». \aliaea, 

fte..o, »*»y own uiannliirtare. 

»oLl *a. Take no other, ttoblby drujjre'bx^ and lUal* * 

i'fnctnrtr liitbe I* uBi or and pun lu'*efa wU! do 

rr*fT rrwh.Te. I wrli locall upon me 

' j'nicB- f,i 9 p«*f bottle, or F(X for ■D. .le. {a,** 1 sl^.i •.•*!    n hand about Cft dox.ul borw col* 

I I Un* vbui 1 will -'.Lpuy*« vjf At tow rat##. 

! liven d to any ad'lraaa. ! i-* dc.'ilft w -Jw 

lie wa'riin'Mvmutoma In all '^ocimunlcatlunB. \ M-. « » -rew 

ii.^notBjmpiomBui O.^ .ThomArt. W . H. Meriwether Pack Thoma* 

" T- 0. W. THOMAS & CO., 

Dnt" an I Chemical Ware!....,. -. 

,7» • Br. a.iw.y. N w vo i. | Packcrs, Ham Curer*. 

■MINE AKKGF.MJfo* aukodonenplu.l .1 !’»• » ifoloil a*h:   *01111Mi KFsl«U 

eturraved wrapper, with far almUe of my Ch *mical | 31 I’rellC'l X .tVTN 

V  aretuoae, and Bljnied No. 46 West Main Street. 

U. T. Ui;i,MBOI.I». iotfissilk-, Kf. 

apli tlawWed*sal*weowly nclt date 

M E H  I O I IST £3 

ASD r- i: o.\L Y 



Linseed, Castor, and Cotton 
Seed Oils. 

OrncE ASD Factort. Cor: brCaw am 
Second Streets, St. Louis. 


\Vil *fiOiifi Peter X C’to, 

LOI IwVILl.K. Kk. 

rirdor. lilL lubx, ktiK. ia 4 Crw CM 

S ^ S! 

* aveiL made odwnilhrwi Uf tr by oar pa #t 

I . i 

- /   ^ 

Wild Cherry, 

• :ape. aw fiood oe iK* swat. The B| 

J %( KF.T r-l»Hiii ’s Paieai ,\K .-oafiM w -re- 
, . u*.i. We gaorofitee (h.i ifiory will eat B per reare 
more thfin coamun oxi., with teea labor «• tea 


k-'W* ■ 



17«i .Irfirnfiwn ^1., bri. Pr«**fil«u X J#rkew«. 
ralrsroum No. HI north aide it eat aireet, b#fiV«#n 
Main aad Market. 

n K.VLKIW are reapertfuliy in* ItCf! to rail and ex- ‘ 
amioemy we.lBrleeted stock uf Trunk#, \ alAaea. • 
fte..n, my own nianutartore. | 

1 am drtrrmineki lo h*11 ib cheap aa aay I 

t*fRCtnr«r liitbe Fb#i or Wtrti. and pun lu'*efa wU! do i 
wt-U lo call opoo me before *1 1 Li t ! 

liT 1 ab.i 'tav«* un hand about L'ft dox.ul horw cot : 
Isro vbui 1 will -'.-puy*« vjf s( tow rat##. ■ 


O. ^ . Tl'.omAB. M . H. Meriwether- Pack Tboma* | 

0. W. THOMAS &C0., . 

Fork Packers, Ham Curers, j 

1 * 1 * 0 viiwloii | 


No. 46 West Main Street, j 

) otiisaillr, Ky. j 

 ee-' -.-reiri-ilar aad ,ric*e Ifi Ll FPI'II eTT a 
illKKM ».• I- Plii.fifira. Ffi,. Sals Manoreo- 


F»r  »If bT all Ihr««h*lN ai4 Dr alrr . 

-Oi "T-.-r- f u Brady ft Dartftj 

I GmalCmiiisiiiillirckaiti, 

ft.SD DKALKRft tX 

EattiBK. R#K» Ties rr#rfca#to 

; *. •-. aS-d*., 

i :(«,shofitfi!fiteMfii«St-ftrt.Tfitedafid FOfiftfi 

I LOVXB’rXXaXoB, wv. 

j relfid» 

tfcBtif t-jlournal. 

LwiwiL Lf. Iter t '*u - 

Arrival aai Brpartarr af Traia . 

■•akvlllr Kmllr— B. 

AiTtm. Depart. 
Tiaafe mt M«aap»il» Ma« l»r.B. Mla.B. 

Kii*nUr aaa MrapPlp Eipra*. uW*. M. tai p. ■. 

Oa  orraara liapraw Idap ■. 7;tta. ■ 

B ai^l a wr. A rrn a rn a rtt a SJia. ■ (:ap. ■. 

I^eactataa uB Fraalt*^ KBlIraatl. 

AfTiTr Depart. 

iMd^rtoa llMa.a. Mia m i 

JMr.B. * I 

Jr a tiaaaTtrie Kaiirsad. 

Arrlae. Depart . 

aMa.B..4allT. ‘ Mia. B^4afl  et- Saa4Y 

Ml a. B.. aaiti’ eWtSaa. . I: Ip.  . 4alA 
kllP. B.. « - » | B .dallr'X Sarar- ; 

IMa. B. * *■ Moa.| 4aT aa  Baa4av i 

Oa MBBitlay a crala leavee at 1dm p. a., aad oa Mn- 
4ar at •MP.B..fDr M. Loalp aaB ClBrlaaatl. 


leTciarr To*\i4ahi. 

A k'miir «1U be dell vert'd «i tbr Hall of tbe 
I lll\er^ftT (bl« evenine. ttvaamentiiw At o*(*loek. 


I,ani»t ill*' BBil il«‘r   oiinprliona with 
In JinnH. 

(I-'roBi the Or cne County iln.'.) D*n o rai.J 
1 h*' rirp  tors of t^*' 'Mt''h oi, niooitiflrlii, :mil 

I»l.l OK Ctrl HT OK \PI*K\I P 

S«., s, Geoutpr;^..* .be MamBtotb Cava, j 

hr Dee and ladle: and K' Dlk-m -ii ai» ,.„Bu.n ob»eci of Ibe ni.t-tln* w«a i« pme.tibr 
reppeetftilljr Invited. ■ , runinintlon of the rotiii^nv. n hirh w.s. done tiv 

IMort.-.! .M.resely lor the LouL-vlIle C..urter- ^ ;'f;. ^„nds of orrositlon were not m.a 

Journal, hr n«. triiDt had 

Lreeliue b) a Chriatlaa lararlitr. 

Tb«Te trill ben leeture to-tnorroa' afternoon. In 
ibe ladles' | arlur of Maaonte Temple, bv a Cbiis- 
tian Isrardlte. bub eei ‘Tne tYeatlon." Ihatrs 
a 111 la* open at half pa-*t S o'eka'I. and the lee. 

I lute will   ommenee at S. 

aiii'i-iluit. puituani to the sutute ot ludlaiia 
punier l.y-Ii*'''*' •"** fleetinir some Kidliionai 
oil s-t^. _ 

The oflieers of lb-- eompan.v as now ‘‘onstltute.l 
:'iv as followa. h»-wli: I'retddent, John Jun--s' 
M«e ITi rldent. Dr. J. V. I’onlev; Treasurer. Wm! 
M:.sod: sei retary. J. R. Isenhuwer. The uiiranl- 
- Ion of the isnnpanv i»-itir now eomplete, noth- 
inu' remain' now to be done hm to push the enter- 
prise forward. We umlersland that it la tli.' pur- 

Joiimal, hr 

AIK PNtV at I AW, KltASKKOltl. Kv. 

I'RA'aiORT, Dee. ItllsT J, I“d'‘ 
I'Al sKS PM II(l.r . 

5 iraptlon of ape 1 pa; menu, were prtpos '.l at 
the la.'t -esalon, hut failed, either for the want of 
t me or the ilHpo'ltlon to perf* et ihen. In the 
lnt  rim. th*-se measun-a. in all their lienrl i«s, 
bake 1 e«D dlaeuaaed aiuoae ibe p -up;e, auil the 
euuDtry la as well prepar id as It ever i-an be for a 
delltllte an l sett|e l polleT. For Ibis the eanllal 

quote German No. 1 at «n ^ wra la-ea. and at t “ J, 

&  n«ln at « to T*r, and "JJU*Vn7T*:i^ 

L aclixMjdbitfbAr; prtoe 

1 . r.ori mil b*H*n uln*A‘ly nn r *n li* iia,. I a the tani imvills   oriUKR-iorRiiALa p* mu i .a*-, v..- o. .u «u *m*ir i*wi m?s 

ilmtbAflD ^ binkrupt ^ Fi:ii ay Dec. 4, 1HH8. ♦ h;*ve 4 een U1 :k*um«hi aiuoue i^nipte* 4U 1 the 

^^^ATtheffToundfinf oproirition Wore not niM iiTi * taoutty market coDtiDueo to IJinnilZ inlT ^ 

ll.uerjbe^ukn'Pt, strInBiutlj close. So fur we are and ibe labor of the cdiinlry are waUmii. an,l 

nriion rll inai It " hla sup- not aware ttaal letrltlraate bu I esa en- uuilltl shall be seeure.1 there can be neither 

iJlndUs losuw. i»'“ “‘* "“re thatt'liifn.Vn^ I  'l•lnion that a pood deal more No. I pai»-r Is I 

.VilAr-We quote German No. 1 at »V b  *r. 
No. 3 at S to »He, rosin at Wb to IHf, and 
palm at U  8c. 

fvrA RCH- The market u steady and prices ran re 
from 6'» to 7Kc for choice hran ls. 

STK.AW— We qnoce at til on wharf, and tD.' 
per ton Rum store. 

If 'tuns dole* In them, owwffo be wet w atb'r. 
ncTtaa— Itnw at mrnmt. 

her I srii.\R-We hare noehanBO to note in prlees. »wk . arm m i-aa. Lar 

the I W e quote N. t). siiMralinil.s »e for falrtosirletly q r.nw at It 3Mt *; •*• den»nd aM'si iba 

an ' prime; hard staMard at MS tolTKc; Demarai* jww -w 

eoiiadence. slahllltT nor permaneni'T, anil all the I We quote N. O.siipr at inil.s »e for fair to sirlctly 
biislnf's Interests of the nation must rest on an j prime; hard standard at Ms to17t c; Demarara 
unstable foUDiialtuu. Wltbasurplus of m »i of • D"i.i lt « to l.'i,'i,e; PortoK.eo, vorlou.s({r ule'.fni n 
the treat suples of the country, the export trade   b: to It 'se; Cului, various mdes, from UH to 

•^rvrwnn- wB*lnr the roTBiEB-JornKAi In 
•MMMBd. Ky. or oa the Ubt of the rnllroad. 
enn he asVfilM By seadlnf their orders to E. A. 
Tale. CeBernl Kewa A«eoU LookrUle and N'ash- 
nUr iBlIroad. The pnpei wUi In: foraleh.;d oi 
•1 » per moBih. 


Gold in N ew York 1S5 1-3 I 

teoor fell fat WMhiii^tati yeitcrdny. i 
‘Hm AaMfimn Expras Comphny h«ye 
reipoBf e their trsaaTer hooks. 

WoBieni UmoD Telc^pb Companj 
have MciarM a dIvMaad of   per eoBt. 

At tkr GoremiMiit aale of irold in 
Mew Tort yoMcrdoy, IS S-MO war the Irare. 

TV K. Y. Times whra  people aimm-st 

IBinUM MBBr: IB allnced B r arly-dtoeorered cold 
heldo S DoehoBi eoB B ty ta that aiaie. 

TV proceedings of tV KhtionnI Bonn! 

«r TlBAr, S ioMob IB riBciBaBU. arepuMlabol 
S the tolOKrapble tnlnawii. 

TV weekly eiBteniento of tV Bonk of 
PrnBfi- ahows that hBlMon ta the malt has ta- 
cranood SSMUOtraao. 

Aboot twenty Henhlon hud thirty meat 
henof the Bouar had anired la Wauhlnctsm up 

The PreMdfWt ba» wriUrn only about 
two.(hlfdr or hi* meoaare. bOBw- of the ri-port* 
of head* of deponmeni' ar* alae iintlntrhed. 

Tv machine boose of iht W.-steni 
Marrtand RjfllrMd csioipaay at t'nioii 
Md.. was tntmeii Thiirsdat nurht. Alt of tb’ f.s. 
aad toeoBHHive. e n '.;  sl. LuSr PI", .f. 

Two einploj-e» of rJpeenwayV br  w er , 
to *"tBcuu... N. 1 .. aamed Ed . card llsneo-i an ! 
Diml. 0 -laot, were suBoeol' d by ttw oa Tiiurw- 

Gov. Fenton, of New York, lias eoni- 
BtMid the neoteBor of dssath iBipuse 1 oa Catha* 
rtae AchDooB la BuBalo (or the murder of Bndpet 
McDermott to laaprtooBnicst fur Itle. 

Geneml Grant went to Ixrwell.  lass., 
yoatrrday mormiBB. The ttenemr* courace caa 
BO loBps.r be qaeotHiDed now that he ba» l•.■.rde 1 
the Beast la hlo den. 

B I  Boyrart. a jwiymiteterV clerk in flic 
Brouklya aory raid. h»' absiwiel .! with tw’,q  ' 
tho u mto Oo:iaiv rovtnun mt fiiais. Uc had iosi 
the money ta pamUtoc. 

A bog killed ni Ferguton's pork lioasc, 
m iBdlOBopoUs. Testerday, vcl'sb' dHcbtbLin- 
sItlsi aad t«B puunds. irrarw, and wim bun ‘n-d 
and fuBT ponc'U. nc' . 

The Bopion Journal ibiuk' that *h 
tpeak cmh ip of the n- xt Hume n! Ri pr 9cn; ..‘I - 
.hOBld be SB Cartem man. Its prlncltal r.-a-ua 
M Ibr Weet got abuts  "■ -rythinc else. 

It is htau d that Presiflenj Julius-in n- 

IBmd to give adraace copitw of tai'Tn*‘s'air t" ih, 
pc*aw. b«( wli; amoic w that cor! ehall Is- is- 
owed from ih- latswBai K -vcaae uOior at noon of 

the day of deilror.v, 

A fire in Clyde, Wayne county. \. Y., 
yo ter d ar mornlar destroyed propi-ny lu the 
ratee o( kSjQUti. larludlar a haMware s oreanu 
no r oral rescaniBBir and small storoa. In* 
aaraacc gUANb. 

I niird esaicwCmirf at   '•  Ib.;Iihi . prise forward. We utRlerslaDd that It Is til.' pur- 

Jude*' Ballaol and other ottl -ers of the Feileral mi-e of the *q mi»any to s« lle|i donations alouif lb** 
cuun will leave the c.y,c-m.drow for Covlnir 

UM. Tbry #{o ib#*rR to bold Um* mffuUr l *vf’«*m- of ('iHonmBttteH iind con^^'raiinu'i ttiimf^lUtcIv on 
-d^loo of th*‘ rDlt»*d CourT, whif'b be- ] th*- |*r4.»po»»*d roR !, und nia(**rlallf aflts're.t ii\ 

pTiOh on n 'kt Hod'Iat. ■ fOO#ini«*tu»D. 

! s\f uodcrNtantl tha* tbc l/outsvllle aiifi N*a»b- 

TIm' F fnM Biemmy i'mnr. • lUllrottf] rfimpanv uv uDAlou^ to oxtK*nd 

Theraseofth. mulatto w.qn:,n.Kil/jil»-ib John- , '*'!’• '•» *'" b quit.- 

son. charred with th.. »  n. ^ 

tf aucaaiBS— Sa«ar dull and se lower; v*l* ^l* 
nt fur rrtmo to rhoire New (Wl -aiio and lAollr 

for mreUm. t'olfee at tiM®r . 

I nvusn— Uo*sl demami at 1« c*"'' 
i;..iD-re. hueln*. . 

y ». o\ - f»ul1 at V, dlsoDont bnytne sod Be 'Ua. 
to tisr tclllor. 

»T. LfH IS t^vKIET. 

•.T. Locia, Jtecemtwr t- r B. 

10!;.\  0- Noihlnx 

t rCTT«..v— "nallt.'lre mMdliBC *1 =!•''• 

■ llyue Nothlajc Colne. 

son, charred witb lieinr the w ife ofiwuhu 
Isuid*. was veslcistay molinmst In th- r ■! 
  -tun until Monday. This |s the np i enl»r  
blpamv case that ever Went to tbs' du kcis of 
Kentucky cnnrt. 

*'“*■ companv tn the I ulMmir uf Ibis new road 
* ‘IV Tile cttl'-s ot New Albany and l.oni'vlllv also ar- 

or-'l ' d«s-plv InbTesied In th" consirmqlon of Ibis road 

of a : It would tqH-n up to ibem an Immeu.-" tl"Id of 
traile anil give to them the iHqieflt of our mlner- 
The city of T- ire Haute heinp the t TmluU' 

Menlina a Ualrh. 

'•-r and Jnwnna B"ll. a neirru man amt 
er ‘ vi-sterdiv Is-foie ihe t1iy t'sv.n. 

I iin h. AC., V'. Wilier, Ac., Marlon; aitlnned. 

1 nion lii-iirsii' e   omiKiuy kS. tkruam, JeOemiin; 
HI. med. 

Daniel vs. Mi-lb urv. Dhio; alllrm".|. 

.Mi ki ii/le and wife vs. Mrattoii, ,Vr., Loul-vllle 
  l ams r.k : ii'vcrsisl. 

.!"flrrsonkllle ltallniu l i omp.iny vs. Wliib'. 
IXiUlsvIllet hams-rv; altlrnnsl. 

W bile ks. .Mi.n hi iiil, Ac., Koulsvllb' i iiancery; 

lenersonvllle Railroad Companv vs. Morelie:.d, 

1.; lsexikect*sl Itiar 'In- will en.synr- , la iil'kllb- 1 liam- r.k; revi- 

av’e II* I'oustnictlun b\ liberal donations. Cuu- 
-.I.Tlur ih ' couniry throuk'b whb-h the roa.l is 
!■' |iass amt Ih*' Inr* ri*s's lo Is- Mibserv*sl Its  siu- 

charr*sl w itb siealiiiE a wat' b worth Pl    fro.n I sir n il* n may be diTi;  *d a Bxeil fait. 

Adam House durmc th*' nr*' whb'h d*'stroyisl a j | |  tbe * usl mi. w ben s|s-aklm;of any n*'W rall- 
p tnion of a l•ulI*ttnl.■ o«s'upl*s1 by ih'' eom- ' ruud prujeci, to *'nUnre u|Hkn the uilU"ra1 w* .dili. 
plalnani a short Ilm" SIR'" . In d'-faiill of a Ntiid *'t, ■., *( m*- country tbroiiirb whb'h Ih*- ro.i.l is t*. 
of pa*«' they were sent to Jail to await the a.q ion paw. but those a. qualme.1 with fir '. ue, ( lay, ami 
of the grand Jury. ^ y laorounib'S Ind^ will not I'banr*' us with maklup 

The f awkicted. 'laicmt'nia at landom wb*'D wc ass*'ri ibil nos*" - 

Duilng the term of the iTrmlt Court, which i *° Indiana pos.s*'s*,.s cr-ai.T local in lu*'''- 
rtosea to-dny, eleven prlsooers have bw-n con ln'cstm* ni of *'aplial In a railroa*! 

victed, ten for grand lais'eny and one for murder. ' * ban the one whb'h would be trav"rs*sl by the 
tkix of iht m SD black and Bve white. Tbev will  *licheU. BloomOeld, and T* riv llaut ' road. In 
be seni.'ip'ed by Judge BnKv this morning, ten 'ifeene and CUy conmles th*-D' are Inexhaustible 
lo mBtnemenl In the penltentlarv and one (John ''*** ■ “P''fIor *jualltv, immi'US'' *pun- 

Coolev. the murd.'rer of George Polk i. to death *hlpp*'d annually from the latter 

by ha'niiiDg. county to IndlanapoHa. In (.r*s*ne I'ouniy 

r Iron or^ Id ahun^lNno*. imavitaI y«*tr* 

flriTtiAkl I nTritt] A funxAce wan Id »u«'c«*AAful operation a mile 

A To. \^. ( rm» mien. .!• lT' rN »n: r*r ' 1 

, rsKHi I njr I ore but A  uiAi 

v\ hole fHian*. But 
I d. Ids owing at 

n i-arimrs' K:ink K«-iini -kyy Mj.U’ ‘ i.nyp* ur c^mall 

liii. reNi within the m *aninir of the hAnkniot aVi i im ^ n»i -i* 

ltemoneylnke8te.lhyih.;bankrnpt In build- among the l.uslu.'ss prol.abll- 

I'lg the foi'f cottage houses on his wifi-’a unit 

n list nndpubli'dlj be r*'garde*t ns a gift by him to Th* shipping I.l'-f of the 2.1. tef rrlng to Noiv 
his w ife. J****ffflndnlent ,*” *'*’* '*'*^’’ York mom lary uniilrs, says: 

ftom'.bd,t !7r B-rloiis   m!aii4s^meSlI* g “e’to^ in 

wnea smalliH*rtlnnofhls,q,ute. leaving an a?n "J ‘'*;L ''tfh,"''' D 

a *1. ftiiMimii to TKIT all hH tb biN aii.i   hm III fTolii the WeNt i»rt tlT evi*nlv balune mI by 

Li - h gift W notVraudulem, although lt'u^n Vhu 'he .Iralii in Ihe Somlj. Gobi li'.is rule.l .'.Hup.ira- 

S-s.e *v y mne of a slalnt’e, void to all L Ms - f"- "' '1- 

exlsMiig at the lime of the making of the gm ' "V?' 

Ik hi'ther the gin In this I'os*- was made in tiet.v ***'^' '““® ''“P‘ 

iH'r. Is'ki. or In the spring of imn, the lianknim -Money Is fairly ai-tlve at tl p r ci-nt among ont- 
owvd at the tlm - some debis, though. If the gift "'"e b udi rs amt 7 |s-r i-ent at, and th*-re are 

kva' ma le in'Mobk'r, DW. the debts tb'-n eylst- ! Preseiii few Inilli'atlons that point to a strtn- 

of sugar, coCTi'e an*l molasses. In rcganl to the . 
New York market we 1-Jke the follow lag from the 
Ib-mlil of the 3(1; ! 

CoryKiL.— The demaml for Rio, both In cargiics | 

an^T,Li^r-f”t:;Lv^iic/ riir-'i.v'r'i'.irri! 

(mrn iitL-nn'i im. ^ all  -alls maile ui*on th*'m bv consumers. Im- 

Ih*^ dra'liMc. Ihe siuih * I'aM b is^ule.r • hup ra’^ ' poru rs a-k former Ugoivs. I.iit with a .lull m iikei 
''”h' h'‘'^ 1 1 iHup.ira , a,n,,le siia-k. ther*- Is naliirillv a want of ton*-. 

p’e amoiiul lo t ay an nis d*.bis ami liabilities, the .iralii iii ih*' soi.ih TAi.i i.-.s r .le.i e.!ii.r  r» porters a-k former Ugoivs. I.iit with a dull m iikei 

L* h cin b* not frauaulent, although It U in this Ilvelv -I ■mly'"ai!d Lh. . li Luili fA^e sM?*! '=* natiirilly a want of ton*-. 

Sisie, by virtue of a siBint**, void as n coVs of iVon lUrougU fpe .hli*- Java Is almost entir-ly neele*-ie*l. yv**sl Imlla 

exls'liig nt the lime of the making of the gift m  uis oi m non, is * ash r. gnnb-sare J.ibhina out slow ly, without mu.-li 

Ik h.'ther Ihe gin In this i-as*' was made in tiet.v The sun of the same dale says; strength to orices. 

is-r, Is'ki, or In the spring of Imn, the banknim -Money Is fairly m-tlve at tl p r ci-nt among out- stock pmkmhfr 1, ls«s. 

ow* d at the tlm - st.nie debis, though. If the gift "'"e b ud. rs amt 7 |s-r i-ent at, ami t.h*-re are ,,a^ lj.i,s«H si. laonlng'i. bags. « ' 

kva- ma«le ln(Mob**r, isdil. the debts tb-n eylst- ! Present few In.ll.'atlons that point to a strtn- jaka, bags ’ l.lChi c* .Hia llb-a, hags MTk 

Ing I ore bill a small proporilon to the value of his ! •"'hP' **'"^''ig the next sixty or ninety days. To Java, mms’ td.KI" Manila, bags .. 4.sti: 

w hole *-stati*. But wbelh* r the amount of the moke Ihe pork i'n p will not requlr*- more than,muis, a.r.«i .M.-xIi-an, bags , . l,:il.’ 

il. bls owing at llo' lime of the gin was "** •” P'Khl millions, as the baudllog extends Ci'vloii ba *s s,.'sw Curai-os, bags . . 3il 

Do D X ll» 

Do I c, 14X-3I1, b'gt 1X0" •'iitll 

T A I I.'ilY - Dealers are pwylag lo lo t"S'’ for p,ViIm 
tnllow amt a lo IN- for grease. lofani 

V IN r.G AB-We quote: Win*- vinegar »1 4 UO; apple ' 

kinecTir, $1" iD; un*l .-bier, f-i OU; Inferior quail- -s, 
lb '. K'l I* '■ 7 to per bid. p*,? 

FLoCB-^rBchange*!; sonerkBe «cl*l si Mis4.exlra 
IS .AiaN'a.doabW rxtrs (7 *.: ji, treble extra to tbory 

^lsi - Wbesl - ill grad' a below rholra are tower; 

onui ' b' -triftly arfik*- ull «* l-1 ai |l aiol IT'S eboira 
loliiBcy «Mi' e.l *■ torn heavy sad 'Ir'emlat al 4Bto 
*»' I lets Inactive bat aarhaiW'-d a4 SI stir. Harley 

I at it K*e22i for eboire an. 

K unwAshcl bnt 

lit 4-» to 50 i*iT tub AANhtM. lAvr- oo -iKiUMerA. New«A|IEr-r iri-d ItonwH'is 

WHISKY \\V niHit#* FAW NCAHV At  o |l, Ux I iVunnTF At I4r f* r cboIcA -irAm «ad kAtile ren* 
n.4|«l. nn l AI tl lA to I au. W  s il**?!  Ufrr#l. 

o bblsWoo.lcock Bourbon at $l s'taxpabl, L;** “Dj^Sd drSfpml^ 

ano lobbl' new copper on private term'. CaTTUt— l»*ml to chuira wrarra aaelln demaad at 

J**hii.s* n ks. l-arimrs' Bank Kinne-ky, ‘ or small, lu pruporibm “to th' 1 over qiille a p 'rtu*l, and a (-omparatlvely small .Maiaca'ibo ’hags 1:1.322 tngoslara, ..ags 

g* m*'r ;o| lnlon luiHlini-d ami |~'tltbin reli '.ir- estate of the glvi-r, the gift, amnuui will do the work of mlllluns. Th**rew lll iaiguavnt,’i*ags, 4,:e0 Savaulllu, bags 

inguki-rnibsl. jj,e staled, was, under the statute of this prol.ably l e but little dt-maml to move grain, as j;unalea. tag I,:ri ! Bombay, bag*. 

Ned, of color, vs. Ub'k.'tts, ,ye.. cbrls:lau: nilP ' Mate, void as to existing d-bts. tVlii'ihi-r such a Inlard navigation will shortly •«' elos -il, ant the Mo* hi lab-s : «) I 

against app*'llaiil’s aiiomi'.V' to show i-aus** why e||i, not fraudulent hut void asio existing *l**b’s South have recelveit n.'sily sulhi-lent to m**el ' 

apiH'Sl •hall not he dlsmls'*'*!. | umli rlh*' slatiiie of Kentucky, would pass to aii **’*■*'' D‘n"'remt-nts. Traile of all klmls Is 

Bat* s vs. Force, Owen: rule agaln-t late Cb-rk .j—igncc In banknipli’T, Is an lnl**resitn*' *iu**s- stagnant, and Ihe past proves that, when business 

of Owen Clreiilt Court lo shokv eams' why he i ij.nuand assuming that It would pas.s, bijkv th*- i '* **"‘'* Money tends to dokv to the nnanclal 

'I'oubI n*it lie r* *|iilr*'*l to *l*'llv*-r  -opv of re*-or*l ^ ssstgiiee should administer the proi-e.-ds, wheihi-r 'enters to seek employment. Tran-actlons In 

pass, but those a.qualme.1 with Gr-.-ue.   lay. ami against app.iiaiiis aiiom.y- to snow .-aus*' wny ,.ih. not fraudulent but voi.i as to existing itebLs. "arc received n.'Sily sum.-lent to m**el w»i. ht . 's w .axw nreoav 

\lvO(V uMb-s.lnd*..iswibr,; VI . apts-al •hall not he I umbrih* slatiiie of Kentucky, would pass to an n-qnlrcm.-nts.Tra.le of all klmls Is w riout a to. s UARKkT rkport. 

Uoroumi  ,iDaM«iUDot(iiNnr u witbuuklui. Uat*b vn. ow«‘d: rule uirRin-t lai** ri-rk -jwaiik/acMMD bankrtipi 7i In an lnu*r« :4ttn** • ^i*KDant, and ihe past prov«i that, wb«*n bu-tlnwH Uio Janurh, Not. i, l*»*d.N. 

-tat«*iD4‘Dt« At lADOom wh**n we a 4«art rh«t uoA  ' . id ow»-u riri-nlt rourt to nhow 4 *ail*«* why h»* i iinu;and A Hiimlnj; lhai It woiiM pum, how th«' i ** money i«mb to flow to the RnauctAl Sub s forVolt-Hi stAi«i.H, b' lwtM-n Nteam- bAjfs. 

ikm lo lodlADA po '*»*-*s4*N iTT'Mt'T 1 o(*nI 'PouH n*»t Ik* r» ijuiriNi to (P iivcr «*opv of re *or*l should adm1nl ter lb * proi't^-ds, wbHhtT U) eeek employment. Tran'karMoDN In *ts 40,'RW 

mentN for the inve!nm*‘n! of «’apiiAl tn a railroait to app»‘nam niurnabU*  in th»* tenth day of n»*xt | for the N uelt of all the enMiioro of the bAnk- Hioekfe are on a tfreatly iV4luc *d basK pricea are Shipm* ntN to l ulted ^t:llt'A, sum»* time.... 4;VW0 

Hogs and PorL Parking. 

I The hoff mnrkt*! t'oniiDueA iMrtUe, buoyania and O' *' 
^ r)nn. The receipt** reportfil to-ilay amount lo 
' head ami Aak*A of :£,0 0 hi*Ad re|»urte l aa fol- 
I low's; 570 h**Ad ai $7 *C» lo N uo ffros.-*; 7iB h^ad at ffy 
#7 .jtl to  i wi gross; ««t h*-»d at #7 .to, obi conlra*q; 

22u head at (7 75 gross. 

The weather lontay was rainy bni sum.-teatly • 

*^|•lCXlrTs-F^oll^. :.JM hwrreto; *vheaa. ls,Bi  kwUk 
nws bedi; o«.. lliaa bush; twrtoy. bub: 
ry '■, Md hn-h : bogs, s-ta bead. 


NEW TOBX. Itoce«ber 4— R. w. 




Dealers in Grain, Grain Saclis. Ha|. 
and other Products, 

Sacks tWfBbhrd for Grain e* na4«Bnd. 
*' l M(4lbn 



’’I’HF: Fair for «t. TtwrckWM Or, knar wIB nmm 
I w»rtc Tetoptaon W.dn r a ta y-v s a toB , Itoe 

LonisTille Opera Hovm. 


w;ATrRDAT EVENING. Due. V MnnartP Graad 
N Opm. the MAblt FLCTI^ la w Mck Maria Fra* 
»rlel. Clara Lane Xrlaler. Frana Rlmwer. J-waak 
Wetnlwh. Hctartra SiHarcke. ^obaa VrmaMI, 
Wai. Bark. Be., wiU apptw. 

X^MAaday. tvM appaaraaer  H tbc talaand ya^g 
actrea, Misa KMj»A M.kDPEILN 

\vki?^ic;kk iialu 

Vfynon-^ i em*d wirndy  h» 1 '•lo-'d q*iW *Ad *r %rr^ 
I to Alui; Bt.CM bAir« At u%r lor mlidluitf 9p- 

FTLoc»-Rrr«lp«A. bblA; TOMrM lom a^ mad 

A AbAdAftniH r K»P *OW ^*^ *• •* 

*l8*'4»ilof MiprrflAA ^lAtK Aod W *»*trrA; |fl 7  for for fTTAOd UrtTHty uid ooe for mord^. • I^ah the one wbleh mould be tr.iv»*rH**il by the , j ewU vs*. NaII ♦•! 

Six of Um'D art- blACh and flTewhlt«*. They wUJ Mitchell, BlooioO**ld, and 1 *tiv llaut" road. In ' u'Bauuou. lo,, i 

br Mfm'ed bv Judee Brurv thh* moruln». i**n and CUy oountleN ihon- aiv inoxhau'^riblo oer ; iH tlib'UN for 

to coB«neBtent ln the penlieBtlarv and one tJohn '- 1' •'»*  • "“P- rt"'' ■luallty. Imm.-m*. .|.un- ,.J, “'1’.^“!'?“^^^ 

roBley. the murdt-per of George Polk i. to death tl'D* being shlpp*-*! annually from the latter | Hiim'phr*-v. v* 

by hanging. county to IndlanapoHa. In i.ns-ne .-ouniy ; bii* km-r. 

. . - IroB ore exist* In great abiin 1*ms-. s.-v*-ral y.wrs ,or, Christian; ixm 

flrmarliatl Inarntti ago a fUniaee was In su.xvaaful operation s mile 

A n*-rro woBtan known as “Aunt Katie Carr” from Bloomfield, and w a* dtwontmued for the * 

dbd Id ihl. city last Tuswday at tbc extraordinary sole and only rea-on that the stoppag*- of the | *V\nipaHiU*-r.' 

age or one hundred and *‘tEbt rears, she is said I Wabash and Erie canal left them without means i roniran in K 

to have been bora her*' In I7« . w hen L*oulsy1lle of transportation, the n*wr*-st point to a railroad I illrgal Wrder, ! 

was mtlc more than a •‘bowling wHderneas." the I i*elng thin j miles, wbli-b w as too far lo trans|*on l!au A Kb-ke f 

I upl, or only of the i-r*'dlU)rs existing at ih - .late 
of Ihe gift, yvoubl be a still mop- dlfn.-ult quesllun. 

low. r, and less capitsi Is rcqulr*sl to i-arry them. I Sto*-k at itate. 
The general *-ire*-t will be to advam-e Gov*-rnm**nt I I‘rlee 

(I'Bsuuou. Ae„ vs. .Milb-r, Ac., leoil'vllle 4'hun- ■ | um at some lo-s to know ellbiir the as- s«q'urltle8. The amount constantly going off the Exchange 

*'eiw: lietiib'us for r.-h.-arlng overriib-.l. slgnt-e of the bankrupt .-an reiliic*' to po.sse.sbm 

Inlon Nali^al ILiuk vs. Marr s a.iniinisiralor, ] or In -anv manner suhje*-t Ihe monev which the 
XV I. . 1 bankrupt Investisl In Improvements on his wlf.'-s 

Hiiropnr y 'N- Humphrey**, Wocxlford; i or how the value of the ImprovementA ao 

Bui-kmTs ituArdUn, VN. R**rryiuAD A AdmiDlE*trA- made, with the mearLs of the bankrupt, «.*au b** 
tor, t hrlstUn; «-ontl uued um u m*xt t* rm. | u ade AVNllAlde lo blA ertnlKon*. And I think It 

ff Bv».i 'Tasiaws^ I si . E, -s plain. If U «‘iu’d not W ao Nuh}eeu*d or mad'* 

M  Hion and Totereo Ntpreialatlonii in €#en. h. i n^yHaide. there was no ( omvAlment In law, even 
%. rminon liFpArtmeiii -Th«* Properly tt( thoiurh the hanknipt Intenilonall.T omttt4‘d to 
ri\iupAiliU«T» Noi Knetule« I ro|H*rty , mi'iitlou the faet In hlA seheduh* or othorwlA**. 

Atrtet Is reduelDE the Atork, ami th«* heavy ad« 
\»ne** of 4 p^r o*nt. Iaai January, may i*oin#* ihb 
y**ara‘ an ♦'orlter p**rlo*l, lu i* ms»**iueiu*‘iOf the 

Sali-A forl olt'Hi staiki.H, m iwei-n Ateam- I cool for operatlona, ami all uf th«“ pa*-klng eaub- I «thrf«tr» Wcna«^« runt \ 

•Ts 40,'RW l|whm*'UtA were At worh. • *oo4ltorli4 l«’** wheat '•-tra; M TWAfbrroaacF i 

Shipm* ntA to l ulled ^t;llt*A, same time.... iiVWO *» . -» _ , aood Obk * for eafrm '*t. totila; Silbr ' 

Sto. k at ,tate t. .,'M" ‘""'‘•y ‘J"- demand was reporte.1 ,« Hi., cb-dnE «r». California flow dali; 

l rir»* diVk) fair and pricea Arm at $7 37M toTSOifroAt. Be- m t»rk» at ta tsm-J a via ib« HiirniMhiiKtx | 

llxi'haDk'e li'td 4 ripiN 5,UU) beml. At ntloago the ret*elplA are iw- via the UchmaN. I,ye floar am. Di bbb ai |i 

SruARS.— Thern 1 a noihUuc new In the market porte*! 19,7 ‘.n», ami pii**en #7 H5todU0 for extra "Vop^wv^l-OuIai aiid vuboat eikaac • 

fur niw*i. The few par«*elA landlmr are H*dlliig at h**avy, and $7 to 7 75 for good to choli'e. Wvi st— Q uiet; i*mal) «alca of We«(**rA at |i M ^ 


SriiABS.— There Is not blog new In lha market i'orte*l I9,7‘.«i, an*l pr1*-es $7 sffloil UO for extra 

for raw**. The few par*-els lan-llng are s*'lllag at heavy, and $7 35 to 7 75 for good to chobw. 

y.-ar a' an .•arller perto*!, lu i-ons*^uene*; of the im-gnlar Hgures, but very few lots go from store, .jhp following Is the exhibit of the extent of the (««• 

surplus of money. The »3ii.i «M)ud of stamp-J ,nd buy.-re In all eawc. require .-onslder .ble . ?. .L ..L «•" 

thret- tier rents. In iis : by the banks, lias greatly coaxlng’^to tmlure them to liaa*lle the mo lerate packing bu-lness up to dale. 0,,,, 

added to the relief of the market, tn l .-ome at a amounts reporte.1 from day to .lay. Sere -al re- ^ i ^ “''J 

tim*' u h*'D such relb-f was sorely neoile.l. The oner- have run very low on their supplies, an*l s.— = o ^ J' J 

l urreai y balan 'C'l at the Treasury w-||l have some hop's are ente lalne*l that they may be In- “Y s' i 5. "? Indl 

4'onlraci In Kcm-uc Prop-nv Held bv an 
illrgal Wrder, Not kgaliul Piibllr Pullck. 

huBtlBff-frround ot the red maD. under the do- . the product by wagon. The agents of eastern 

BtlBioB of the GeorxeS' Most of ber protonge 1 
\ Hie WB* spent la aad near the city. About twen- 
I ly-flve yean am she became bltnd and remained 
stghUeo* up to b.-r death. H*q- mind was very 
I active ahd her memory perf**c;|y cl.-ar to the last 
BtoBieBi. she had l*eea tbc alare of the late Mrs. 
t'arr. who lived on Sev.-nth suvet, between Wal- 

capttallsU have ln-pe 'ted these work., as well as 
the quality of the Iron ore, at different tlmev'slnc.- 
ibelr dls.-ontlnuaBo**, and have been deterr*'*! 
from taking hold of them only on aecuiint of th*- 
lai-k of iransporiattoo. Anutbi-r and no mean 
.-nniddeniilon P Ibe While rlvi-r bottoms, whieb 
.-qiial In |iiodu qlvenes« and almo-t In 

.1. T. Bovle. A*'. 1 

From th*' LoiiPvlIle Chan'iery 

lui-mluu the fact In Ills schedub- or otherwise. 

'I hi n* can In law be no i-on.-ealment except In 
ii'sp ct loarsets, or i'ff*.vis, liable to the bankrupt's 

I  1o not mean to decbti- that the uion.-y of the 
Iwiikrupt, or ihi- vain*' of It, Investe*! In Improvt- 

lieen sufflel* ntly recup-ratcl br the rc-ent an t d,,ce 1 to operat* shortly, but they wl 1 not. It Is 
pi-ndlng sales of goM. au*l It will not pntbahly ,h, ught, take more than enough to k*!ep ma- 

lic n*s-(-ssary lo coulliiue such sal- s thin ebln.-rv In motion. Importers are n it pr*-s.lng 

the prew-m wp-k. lu view of these rea.soos goods, and ie*uw- to name any mpor ant ixtn.'es- 
It Is not unrea-'cnalile to *-.xpe*-t ea-y money for a slons, l ut the quotation.- as a matter of co.irse are 

I do not mean to dccldi- th" mon*-y of the I sHH nominal. 

Iwiikrupt. or Ih.- vain*- of It, Investe, 1 In Improve- dlst-usslon of various plans for the r *sump 

m* tits on his w IP’s latiil. ranti.M by -iome proee*8 | Hoi of ap-'l*- i*a m*'iiu Is still going forward In k kki. 
l!* subj*'*'te*l for Hie u*n*'flt of his cr-illtors. all , r th" leading |iap-is of the .-ountry, but i*I!rn.' ittoo. hitd* 

In Atigiisl, 1W4, John Boyle i-onlni.'l-il w ith 
Hail A Rteke. w h.-n-by tli-y, owning toliai-eo in 
:I;*I part of k.-ntiK'ky w**st of th*- Tennessee 

l!* subj*'*'te*l for Hie ls*n*'flt of his cr-illtors. all ,»r th" leading |*ap-is 

Hill Ihe l.-arne*! i-oiiusel of lh*  opmi-ltig ere*m- ..p-dui promln.-iuv* 1- glyei 
*i-ha *- not Migu.-sted anypr eess by wbli-h II y-,.,, Voikpre-s 
; * n P- done; md. If Ih-y have not ai d ciiinoL, shii.aine i i-t ..r ih„ ' 

I .'iigp.'.'t how It may tie ri-achc-l, surely tne bank- i ne • nq lunL i.i t or in . 

. , - sHll nominal. 

rloiis plans for the r *sump DEt-ESBKR I lSti!t 

. is still going forward In ^ L*- *’ T'.... 

Ip'ts of the .-ountry, hut pllrn.' Ith-o.'hhib*!!.'!! i.'Te’l llri?H.*h.(p..... 

given lo Hie su-ijeet by tbe KDgll-b UUnds. hb-U t.ils i bin., bag. 

• SI. I n tx, hhds 271 .Man ia, bag* .. 

.. New orlAADAv hbdf* 167 

out And  *b**Ntuut. At tb*‘ tlB«* of h»*r ilnwnAe I 4 xleiit Ib** tUtle Miami liotiomA In Ohio. 
^h»• w«5 with b«T «iAULjzht«‘r, on Mvai-am str»*i*t, itnmenN** quADtitlcA of com ah? r4lA*‘d lier»* 

'Ihe shipiilnu' I.Ht ih»» 3i| says; 

nv« r. nlthln tlie mllttAry «'ummMn ) of oan^mil ' ruh?'n bo'll*' noM"urue«V * h-aillnp rtnanfier-* nntl th«* pr»*s** of ih»* I Total bhdA 

rrlnevof I*H(liu*ab fame, airret*Uiu*UvMe equHliv I u r Ik Itir lirnonint. ivumry art* ajfalii Hultoilnit ibf *|Uo*.t!on of a r.*- MoLAAvrj*.-Kor*»lirn mob 

uilh lb yl»* 'o  inm-h of .-abl ioba«vo an h»‘ Ahoul*l : p ihmt Ih* fliat iip*»n tho snithorllT of the ••a-**' of Mimpibm ofNiHH l** jiaymriiw, huiib,* raumpib ity ' nialna verv «lij|l, the  mly *•; 

iriiOi luin«*,wbo ha*l attu«btHlaul im- Ki*ciin vn. .\lhev, H 11. .Mnuro#* lo whi**!i ‘'iiAe ofih***»rles put foiib are .Hlk'DuUy iltverse, an 1. In for iHillln;/ or to lircak up fo 

1 4 undt'u It by u mlluary oiip-r. .\n'l In Oeiob*»r. j t!i«* «-oia*t **alb-*i th** uttciitbm of roitnA**!  iur1n*7 n.o»»i liiNtuiiFt*A, rrudo un l linprartb-abie. on»* very unrettaiii. thoiiph tbe 

1**  4. Niuith*T rontniFt wuA ma«b* wiur*by th**y i m ,• aryiinieni. tbr « otta;;«-bnus(*B eret*U**l with tb«.* i’lu.v- aiUo»-ai»* iiu liuoi* 'Hate return lotb-*Hp •!« uilvantiure tliuii h**reiofor»*. 

;i= i4*«Mi i i piin’hutu' \vith tn* Ir   \\ n 4*ttplfal eotrori • motu'v of ilit- L-Niiknijit on bH laii**, in iv in la**!?*' hut ihey an* in ! by aii4jtb*-r eloAA wh*» ^^itbafuir jobbluif ileruami 

M.ii ti'bae* o. uniU-r a p'*rinl| h*‘M by .bdiu H')y|o, vrn,,- wav b« BUbJeei**t! bv hiN aNai^fuei* bir'lbe  toutly mnlntnfn that a »rr*-at iln mcial cr.ish pUe?» ur* erowilln*.; orb‘**A *k 

;n4|\N.rejo4i!ylil.-i'«|ualIy lMtxve4*n .lobu and .1. j ,*n. tit of liH  T*‘»r:*, If’li Bb uM turn out ihat be Min? to follow.  boiUI the forelmr plan 

* • on*l tii« Ti i‘l\e^. t|i4* rmuj* v na-* soapplliil hv !b**hu^*aiul In f'lthor t ** put lo a pra**l|eal It In ri-allv HAtonlAiiliitf • 

lb* tobm*-o n^i tkm**il III the fr-t e »nirar: was ninial*»r *on.-*iru**tlve frau»l of hlA tT'dltor**,  »r inu« b urjiu-nent b broinrhi to me Mipport 4 r 4 uba clayed, iihdA 

from iiiUUar ' r*'*ir1**non«» tbroujaM the 4  4 n without hiuIi fraiul. be varbuisihtHirb Av and b**w ^t^an*•re^y m n who «’ubu Mu.MOvado, rhd-* . 

exertU nn of John Ibivle and ^lilpie*!! to \eA York Ibii I aui uoi eniin»lv Aiitls’b**! w Ith tbe Huthor* Uav«* tbe n puiMilou of buliit; s*ound on all nutterA P*»rU  Klnb hbdA 

Toul bhdii 

MoLAAAKA.-Koreiirn mola-AeAOf aH kln'H re- 
nialnA very thill, the only «‘uT beinir for Ainail lot** 

U'tw*** i; Mn'h :n” T^mth. ^ ev« ry \eiir. tbe pnHlu«'"rN b  fore***! to fe“*i U 

“ 1 to lit'C!*. b'l tb»- NtAte of !b«* inark^lj* be what It = 

.1 v:-v. lo haul H lo Ih- :..l ••^.1 by wair-u. I*.«lm- I a I. 
. . ' ' • '“n.n ?jf ir j liH ir.;p jsi.^li.illtv. Th* erv ina n** ' *  |t v of this I • 

.ri i Kvi.r  - a amiin::. l.v* r% *144 th* 4 ar* i . , ,1 . ••,.11 . . i « ....•11 1 i. 

..... , ..... . . , I ' ■ •'** * ■ rullioa*!, wiiii'h \4ouii| devi'lop a , . 

one .0 ih.-t:.sil. nLL.LL a.L'cv.^ I  • ' 

- -   't cr. tiirre.iv hr ,(icl. iBtc th -rqivi-o.Hic unes are now Ijlng dormant. .4 direct counec- ,..v 

ug m.-r-v St thc^a^of Ju.^ Cnitg V.-s- •"'J'""* ""“'-1 'x- i 

irhVdr:"^,;^’r"-th"T^"‘^"f - : 

i vtT. \ '?* I the claims nf Iht* one -hoiihlr.-,"lve the i V’, 

2 h l iS'T h^v o" I tbecaMiallsts and hu.-lne- men of 1 ot 

sharing, she was -uff-ring fkom a fiigh'fully ■ I |p, 

'-«mdl-«-h.i^l fi^^ ttourt.lncom^^ | , f„r,vurd v lih the ge.I its Im mrt .nre dre 
■ h h -he «»* m. ,,dih.,i- I 

I ^ tlemeu who hate Ucn .-hosen It- olll.vrs L- an I 

I The I liy f - urt liop^.iN'd • ll^t fine. In default i f , p ^ H 

V L.-'h -ii* " takc*D to tbr WorkhoUAK. 


A! » gr ic-ral m-.-iing ot th-' tar;- u-   ir-I - j I 

Ih. F. I ISE Itrouicrh. «!. h* I at 7 r:. l --’ .i— ;u- I I. i 

i.ij Hall Is.: .'-..nlng, for the |uipo- ■ of bean .. inr i-i-iix. i 

'•1« n- Irom ih.- •l.-l-'cat.-- t.. tta rh:'. . IVd.. .Ti a; 1 1-. .i ; Iw.. - dn-w- « .'- ...1 h . i;-.-- i 
  - Lgr,— . a tert r.;U aud --a'l-r : - . • ' i - -TiUi!- . - r lie-  t nine hat Iiil i-i'I Mi:].- I- .Ic 

:ea"l. cuitq: . .ki" lue :j ■ o of a;.; .i;:.’ ,-i- riGia. Hug a f:.- MoRal li- im.i;. i,-.-, am! I'rl- I 

'*' j.f*- la; en ;.u ; Ih r t ... *x*-il*xl ia-: night. au ! I-!*- ■ si.eli a 

i; - 1- 1 -1. !it  aiu.H.iii . r r e n -n J.;.;..' . ' : on IT- h- ni tha: all oi Ih.- tolarl-ofih-- 

:■! .1 a: He- . 1 1;- lielon i.f ' e- ri-p a -.i!.. : ■ ' i. imomIc lu-h.-d lu th.- iipera lloii-- t . stt- n-l : 

I i-i*. list W1-- ..p.'Be.| and , i-ral liiiu  r.- 1 do ! ir- H;- ngular w - kly lu-peetlon of l.-ault s.i-l /..u - 

Mil*, tibed for the A I'll* ;n;u»ou« V - of ■' l.l. h Filday prepap s for Ih" t.ilHifiil; an-t I rt- , 

than*- Ha- n nd.-r.Nl i,. th- l.-l -.-a:.-- f  r th a' h- . ' '1 hu-.p-a*. n lo  x iigratulale li-.-lf upon hiiviug 
r,'l».rt piveeuted. wb -n. on mo'i -a ih-- m ■ • Inr :;.usii p-d su( h an array of lovi-lln.-ss as tens th-re | 

f dp.urn.-l to mre; on Tiie-dat . 1 1 ni.n: tii. l.'» h towlin.-s.-, oeteti-lhly, Fl.ituw's charming IllH.- 
IicN-mheT. at 7 o'i'lock. : ‘ 1-.'™. •‘Mrwdeila." hut. In p^ullty, I*, s-e and h-- 

sf-eu. Th-- tsAux and Ik-IU-s, pat--rfamillA- 
**cr"«wal. I ..u,i the old l.u.-k-, -par.-d a f,-w luoments now 


: ? 



Total ... 




W. Jxnts * 1 0 





Fre,!. I."lb 

1 «(I 


U. W. Thomas k fo. 


Uwsley * fo 





Hamilton Bros. 





T. J. MnrMn • i*fi. 


1.Y II 

Imo'-ao. Flo) 1 A t'o 





ilucbt.‘rt« UuQmau ftCOe. 

. Iliu 


l.Y II 


K till'd to Iks-. 4, !H«7 


1 1 uiided It h.v u military onii-r. And In u.-toh»r, 
IS. I. ai.othi-r contra. I was ma.l.- tvli. r -hf ih-y 
;o ii-'.t to piip-lius.' tvHh thilrottn ,-apllal eoitoii 
;,t..l u-l-a.No. un.l.-nt i"*rinll h.-M l.y J.diii li-ivle, 
: nil tt* tl- 10 lilt Id -  N|ually iH-ttv.-.-ii John nn.l .1. 
r. Ui-ta-anil tin tu-i-lte-. 

7b* ttd-a.-.-o ni.-fiHon.-d In th** fr-t ei.ntrae: was 
!, !(-a-id from iiiHllary r — crti'lloii- ihroiig.i th.- 
i-.\i-rth ns of John H-.t le and -lilp|e-it to N.-tt York 
:.nil  olil loMiotw.'ll A Co. for J-.1G7 41. 

To fiiinil the s '  un.l ct i.iraei Han A I’l.-ke latr- 
lotti ,1 of Shoiw'c'II A Co. AP..IM", and J.T.Bnyle and Indorsed the draft- tor that sum. 
Lull A Hli-ke ii|ipll. .1 $ILI4 I of Plothe piip-ha-a- 
ot eoltt-n anil lol-a.-t-o, an.l   'UVepe-1 »pi.i«*( to 
ip.-lr own us«-. shotw.-ll a Co.reallx.-d ih.-ir (Itt.- 

of Hieorles put foith are .-lonally .llverse, an I, In for l» Hliig or to hp-ak up fur retailing, tm I values 
most liislaiiet-s, i-ru.le un-1 linpr.ieth-ahli*. ttn*- verv uneeflalii. though the seller has no cr-a‘;-r 

(-la.-.- adtoi ale an Hum. dlatc return lo th- sp - le u.lvantage lliaii h,T.-iofop-. New lirle in- m - -H 

la-ls. I'lil they are ml hy aiiolb.r i-lass tvho ntthafair Jobbing il.-man.l, hut sup- 

HmiS .-.xi) Pai Ki.N.. EtsKwiiKRiu-The In.llan- 
uiHills S. Dtln.-I of to-day says: 

The market to-.tay has no f-stiires.llff.-r;ng In 

J it ..3 for No 1 do, tl Kfosl Ms for amber suu. ff! tor 

, amber Mlcblgan. MM for whits 4 Bye itoM 

! ! and heavy; «les IJoabosb alii JI*MWwrtcr«. Bwr- | 

J ley dall aad Ssavy. Bsriey malt Iqato,. ,KseM^ ; 
rorn. M.IMbash; markel IWvori hayerv: •*!»» MJM 

bwah at *1 IlMl 13 lor uneMBad and ft 14ml 17 tor 1 

*0.11x1 mixed Weaiers. Rsc-lpU osu. l lAiPt b; . 

**' krt mor* active sad le bettor, tol-sMMM bi*» at i*H 
•TSc for WMiti'TW. ^ ^ I 

UBorKAlBA-Kk-A qalet«l%«M\c fort'VO lAD. CAf* ( 
;«ki flr** !• inUAlr requlc; AokrA iJWbAA Ktooa privAtr , 
YM» t  miA, Sof»r quiet; NAlrA hh'lA At { 

til m qu»rl;«-AlM m bhls New f rle«aA A 7r 

‘•ilk lloTA-QuIet; Mm **r for \*««-AA. I 

pATCoiArji— '*urA*ly ml lie for i r-id- AAu -U.'t' for 
rrAnrd bunilrd. 

LmSAAD OlXs- tinlAt »t ‘UtaWr. 1 

17 ICETEXTIJIB- At lfc**»*SC a 

ProTisiOTts p« rk Jm Fiml fo-AVy; mW 719 kht* U 
Bii 'Mm'JH for At w m««; ^ sJ r*r oM do: %n IDa 

an- • ^ f ^ ^ n»em: }k^ fur 

i FiM* r ciiy meto#. Htf«f ryAcnv*, *«Ate» I,- 

1 bbU At |rd M for n«*wp|.«iA mraa, for 

r In I now cxtrA mr-#. ri*‘rx'e h,*«t doll At $Tl M tor . 



Tkh EfriiMCt Drcfakfr k 

•*iibject, - 

, the lea., from ves.erd».y, except in so far ifo the iThe'K 

‘“C I Ptelpts are iN.ncern.Nt, they beln-g verv lanr-.   n; mrau heavy and quiet; -alre c-i pka« mile for 

I 7 h*- murk.-l I- arm. an*l both huy.-p. ant •-ll--rs ,-,ein.l n sail rasIV- for !uu-..s. Muldlea Mea ly amt 

up- -I ill lontendlng far their re-pt-ctiv.- ral-s quiet; •xle-Habe\r«Comberlindr»«lo*-TlV" allts- 
I, ills I the fornii r for low i-r, th- latt  r for high. r. Fp m &• b"xe- ahort r h and 4'omnerUml . at f w Fphrnsry 

’ I "a I I'l ill I'l'F "At loni* with t h** v u rluiito tKii'ki*!^ vr»* f*'Ol 1 And ‘JHA oox*’* ••liort r*A*in A«id * A' it Ar lADd A *t for 

I *' •v''"" Aw .lkf.n %rv AtUAntllk*. LArd nnn wliD A fmlr dKm4n*i: 

rtoutly mnintaifn Ihui a »rrat cr.ish 
ii(uUl bp Mjn? to billow, .-hu iUl Ih** fon im: tiian 
I*' piiUoM pj-a**t|f*Al t4*M. UU ri Allv HrttonlsUUur 

pile?* ar* rrowilln*.: urb **?* »‘owu. 

. h'TiK'k PkCtyH^R I, 

1 -^c And J Wl^X4'«**bort rte*inA;i«1« a uAr lAOde.t fur 

Ibii I Aiii u*»i * niin»lv iKitls’b**! with the Kuthor- j r* puiMilou of bulut; soun.l on all nutt»T:4 " . *** 

ll4 4if Ku  ttH mfiiiiiKt .^ihi*y, an*l ih-- siiI»?h**hi •m \ jM-iialnliiir to ev**r)- luy bU'!m-sA uflatr* dlir* r Fnjru h Ulau'l . 
,11-. s or F ll.-rts. UTl—n. 12 H. M.iiipu-, !m. an.l I u| on thl- absorbing qtie-tton. . 

RuMn-on vs. Hiinmiin un.l Wlf.-, 15 It. .Monro-. -Ni, w iililti a f-tv il ays Hire.- or four of Ih.- h-t-llng Total hli-1-. . 

eil- utlv shHk.-lf Hii-v I'o nul ov.-inile II. I -hall, uu iuIhts of Cou-u-s- have gli*u an e.xpres-lon N.-w tirli-iius, iiuis 

hi.v . ti r. not di-ilili- th: i| iimll It shall h - 
pri-p. rlv pn si'iil.Nl In ;- s'lli In tthl.-h th.- l oliag'' 
- hoi,-, s -.ball 1 m- sought to he sill, J.-.-I.-.1. 

It Is to L. hop.-d that till- .-nlerprlM.' will lie | [ Ji'-m the ixmon an.l lu-a.-'O pun hus-sl, i-x.-i-pt I iiii-tui n. say only It I- so d.iiil.trul tvheth- 

I usb.d forward V lih the zeal its lmi ort.iniN- di*- i ' "I' C; \\!?.*'i“ J.' hou-i-s.-jii I..- --.ib.le-'t.Nl by th- u-.-Ign---, 

ii-an.'s and the wi-l'-kuotvn .-hapo-ter of ihe ecu ' -h bn l-oth- hating liaa. f-TP .I his Ini- r--. • to ihui Hu- .iu,--lloii of lav lutoltv-l Is so iili-.- au.l 

I. . in. s. alia ID. wii -known • nano ter oi lUe gen- j. 7 . poyle, Ih- luH.-r nrougiitthl- suit lo p-'-iver dqi , -till that Hie naiikrii-t I- not to Im- i-oiivn-i.-d 

tiemeu who hate U-cn .-hoeen Its oftlrers L  an iiu-haltof the i pn-*nn|s of the two lrau.s.i Huns of l■(•lll 1 ultioul np-.ulh.'- single groiinil that he 

. rt.- -I that It will Iqj. [ : 11*1 Ih- $3.77- imt*1 shotv.ell A Co. t lullti-d to -*tat- 111 Ills sehi-dul.*- tint Hi- housi-s 

of iq-lnhm ns to Ihe pio|H-r e-nirs - to Ih- pur-.iied, TbeP- Isa fair demand In this mark'-i, an-1 s  

Ldil ■ onUdi III that the niiiuber of hogs sla-ight-r- 1 In iVire •»r'LlL‘Em^%l^^ 

1,711 i this rlty this s*-ason will eiputl. If not ex.*"e-l lu Ri-tite ' sBo ^ tterecs stosm SMtor tvbrn- 

' nnmt- r, the killing of two ye.n-s ago, whi! - ib- air. stm-w. 

;LIs‘) ivnlr.lnimls will iin.loiihte llv be gre-.t -r. Ta- hr-riKB-tpiP t aad -toady at S-.lie for Ohio, tnd 
i-.VI I hogs now iH-Irg kllle*t will -how a inat--ri il In- gv . 'o.- i. r slate. 

so 1 ep a-st- In the yield of lar 1. Fh-P- hav.- air :ely V V.i*;.!!!!', ... i.n ...1 .. .^ 

I, ic KuuN. thB, ppesiiicnj joitui-..nn. j :;;:r ^ uUtd o! 

B*dtog1veadv.Brecopire ^hl-Tn.N--g I .II^ r.-,«.rt preseuied. « b-n. on moll iV- m • lug 
«"• "«"tc, -*«" *•*; f , to mre: on Tiic-lat 1 tci-v ti,. i;, h 

r Dmy of Odilvdiy* i 

A fipp in Clvdc, WaxTic oountr. Y., .. , •*er«,«ai. 

mcfxtav morau;r demravod prop, -tiv the 1 “"'’s* T“ 

tesaftajOUblacludlng* haPlwuc .orcan-i i ^ O'*" 

*«rml rcMBiutf* and aamll styrm. In- ! ^*7, 72 7 ? 

fvaop f i] «■. I  ^»***1 Hon. Ixeo. M. Adrsim*. 4. Procior knoit, 

^ ,r ml. w- AOdJ.   -o;U Uy. All of wbom brnre imnhM 
Tim cm dbiuidi coDreiitMii of tbf At*w | thnuivb tbto c.iy. 

a ■ TLp I I ;ii.f« Il4»r »:av*- 'uM'.iu' iif f'*r .1. T. ibivb* 

I* r .^V774. 

i JUhi Tb;tr Um* J iui;.ui  i)T tva^ rliriit. AUh«u*u;i 

nmUtoCmL.TdO. 1 aj i- Ii4;:y Im.** nUi.!*:*IUu **J wuh th** 

1 Mib* • i» 4 Iti tb* laf*‘ *MI .v.;r» v»*t rmr b»»!n/ 

*• I V Jill uity ui’t «'f lio.'ti:':* , !‘Ti*v (• tub! n )t 

Tiif [ )• ■ * t'l'-l-J'-ri *! or j i•i4II:l!ly tr**a'*‘ l la !h'it war a-* 

i ri T.i-. M ulw.iV'v dr*wp« .i h . ;!•.*• i * i » !i*  • . Jti.t i upi • ^ 

, ' 'Tiiii!'.« • r lU*- * V nine !la^ liiL i*iM *lo A^'.* ^ t 

riiiiurt.UL' A aii.i:. l4^^ ;ui(! frl- i i.. | tbe-i ..   ‘no: *Iu 

.1 *Xi*ii4*;l li'M It ioN.: nUjhI. oti l l-i»* j*ui l» u i u  ;; !■•» tin. !»•» **f io-r 

!.; t on |r-  h« ni that mil oi ih** vourl i * inb ;-!i jn im. JIm* Fi i*t. :   oii »lui: i'lo. a* I 

' It iMor r/r ru-^h***i u* th*- oporm Mou - t-i utt- U'l ' in v ;ir art In p* »'•*•, a!v .* ?* ]»i •b'*?t* «l j 

nvulAT W4-4 kly lUBperllon *»f lH*aulv b*»i • af aln*'! th«* Nulbina! *iO. "rnM‘*nl . 

• i w L-.i.4..m . wv. s».^ 4 4.1 »..•! iiw .» »lt.*n'l p* 'n^ -quent 1 V affit I u ' t all lis fuiPilou- I 

1 4.1* b 4il*lay prppart rt f*jr ibp f.tlf.iful, :sn*i 1 rl- i hi*, t iMi and luniian*. It forMiln Um* i ik!*ur *»f 
:iv bti?*.n*AiH n to 4'omrrAtuIau* itH*lf upon liuvintr j ri\at»* pnn i-rty, **\4*n f«»r iw •. witUout Um* i 

tUifl« r«*d sui h an Array of lov*‘ltn**i»# Art wiu» ih**re «vii* i‘s ion'*»-ht *»r Jn *l •••►uiiieiMatlon. u»*n. ! 

i=wlio*i*-*^, Orttpiirtiblv. Fbitow 'rt charuilnjr Hub* ITln**, as rurman-lpr of ihe «ll. :iir!, h:i'l do law- j 

l‘* rm, • irAdellAs**but, In n*nUir, to rt*^* ami ! *• ib»AmhoHt  lo iu)|»oh.- u tax ou th«* toba*-*''* of , 

La. *i K { !l.., Is. ; V • J ’ . w .4 Ueanrt Uantji, or to lay an -mbarico on U uaill 

♦•eu. Ih* bt'AUZ and lK*Ile*i. pat Tf.4mtl1a.*  u   jmnrd t*onirlbui!on rtUoubl U* paid. , 

a«l tut- ubl biM'k*^, ^pan**i a b»w momeiitrt now Ills 4*r«l**r f*»r that pur|K).*;** wn* llb*iral -ind vobb 
ud then from tbe UlKjriou.* duiies of Ic.uklui; to ;.nd to r* rt4*U4* that i ropi*rty bv m«u*al iiM*aiirt, 

»»e who WAS i»r«‘SPUt, mnd what bp, she or It. hatl  t-ul*l ik»e l ** wroiiufu* or haniihil. Nor *'an Iht* I 

s*»e who WAS pr«‘seut, mml wbrni bp, she or It, ha*l 
ou. Bii*1 lu notlPiuK tb«* little pr  ff*r -D**4.*rt wbb-b 
u.w ay  crop out Frldav. 

While the vouries of the world mod th»* flp'*b. 

• inltti‘*1 to Mtat" In lltrt M‘h***lub*. Ui It Up* h*MH**?  

III ',u**ston Wf'r bull* wholly firiu pirt with his 
II * n**y. He tiiMV well Im* «‘X« ust*(| If n-dUoT th • 
Ipuid**! rt uu-f! iu»r Um- e*iurt **:m now pultlvly 
s.iy tbat th*‘ biiuki iibt h-isativ In said 

h* li.-t   w hit h **aii bp  .111 1 * r \klii- h *• mid b- 

thr b t »*f «- Tl'*' a'! iptjf. 

It I- tlo'M f'M -• fiib-r'il that th" dl elnrj** b* 
*41: ; 

 .t viri. *. \v:Tr.-on piiti wm. m:x wiTt*th** at- 

• .1 !'. \ • '•! y*-r«'H.  oi’' A, To. 

i*. .A. I?;.. th* • 'Ulus I uf \\i 

..1 h’ up!. 

i • ut fiiJ fora ’M:d!- . !r»n In bankrii d'*^ U'-r -ua 

' ' • iiUii lid J.y til. :...:4.\Vtin; I'-’j 

I., liiiti 1 u. ;r «M Puluski i‘o’iz:t5: 

I»i:iti I), Vrtl»*-kl tountv. 

.1 .' l.uiiy*!' II. P'llMski *’ouMtv. 

I lljib *ir -r^ry, Knox *ouatv. 

; ; 4 k'»‘ tiOiHi'iu Kiaix *-»4»nTy. 

T. tdiiTtir'! (“o inty. 

LUI l**V ttn-: 4TT5 4 01 ill. 

Hc.^. K..**. CDxUi, pk)- tD!.N4a jrimr. 

FniiuY, i. 

r.M/.«h*-ih .lohnson. iduamv; pontinu** I. 

rn * Lrt'uuo imti 11 wumu :ur  m in naiMtor**:ii‘-r- • p rfc. 
i 1 1.'* • 1*1.*! ruin thp «b‘b!ur * *a U * w ;tild In no •   i«*ur * • ! I-   

'•\* ni. howi Vi r, ,11 :iii inm-u^** *)f ibopiir- ' .. 

r* !M*y, I II! ui.iild labor t*» ..tvp it a IdtrlM-r vaPi**. Hdn mu-** .. 
V*» ;i' 4 • iiip i-li Udrt ht* \\o:;b1bii.* lh*ui!  ‘•oar- u.tB"*.. 

iu!i! ' d u-s '■» 1 1*  .-n» ny :»*• ;:n. .! ,l n .,f a \ p, f V*'* 

Uo* Tr UBUi:.. o'* 11 If II ft t. n • V   1.- !*  .• i* • v.* ! t r '• 

a i»ill*'Ll 4*f the 'li'loinsiu UvnIL | *i s liiii 

lb’ I.. iu«' ; rtii. 

* y.f i.M * til* ' Ih#* p*.^f'i 'o I »»   I : -iu-t' I » iuu 

•M ^ th" III. -fell'. bi-U'L 'Ml* i*;i'i l'*L *‘‘b ' *'■ * • 
In Um- nu!  'h‘.-N m»:** aluudy t.u. . Th** 1 Is ‘ 1 ui-i ptu. i 
!l;*- IMilP iio! v**t  lue. U I.- nOL «niU** fair t,. 4 - i 

■ » tj'.iMir f4*r a covermuL-nl to b t \i  U‘*t»- that \  a*-- 

iliip full In \a!uo Im Umv irs not - not Uup. ' — - n 
1 1;« *.nl;. p\* u p thu i-.mld b" m ..| • u i.r-"ifnf In- i», nV'fki- \ n 
al '..ity tl' ; ay ih" not** that H past 'lut , uud th** Uena ke*u » 
n:ii n or the linmidiial in thl«j iMMUon must 1 lUl.r * d i** 
siiiip’v u**k an *-\!«*nston— ihui Is, it uiust irlve for Meiu»»* iifc* 
Um* n**tp anuaib du** another mue, to fall liiie at   U‘i*r Pef.o. 
a fuuin tlmp. If U *loes not do this It r.*pndlat»‘rt 

to !L«* ♦•xtt  ! ti«*Fn*" Ihui the note tUlbTs lu vmlu** 
fruin th»* cthfT.’* in udtlitl« n to th**'!* um-asuT'*^ 
for In* reartirijf Uip valup of th** puin r, h * wouM 
14* liilre the imtlonM bunk.s to ket*p thpsi* n*v*rvi*s 

piibllr J oil* y. We *wnnol SAT thtti the roa»ld*»ra- orderly: is**)  *arh. 

Vary  lliU*r and Maruu Duuuu, diiiuk and *Us- si erulttUous of Wi*U !»iie**[. 

tbe sinlfvrt of John llovle wa*  exorbl- 

Jmey flute Wodud’a tiaffrAr^ AAorwlmtloD WA^ 
Mi 1 TUKiADd OD Thursday. Mrs. htoDes R n. 
iinlprTTi Mtowd. Mr. BlacfcwelK Mr. aad Mr^. 
Aadrew iarkaoa Davta. and other leater Ufbu 
iooh aa aectve pan ta the prooeoilnirs. 

Uae of the BiOrtt Intprcrttiiur of tbe many oeem- ■ 'fllnpanu Iot.d ttinir the otb* rs, tbe opera ws.'* 
idoasof tbe kind at ibis nuuTylap seasoo of tbe ■   rc(!n*^s:x 4 ; moet deUirbtfuUy. Hlmm**r fralu«*d 
year waa tbe uuIod of Mirte Mary i:. Huwe. the me- 1 Uun-ls by tbe nip ‘rb mAaner In w blob be 

the pctsips and vinltlert, k**., w**rt* afolduuu-ly | tint, 'ibe ]iArtb*** ku**w i*e«t tb** valu* of bU 
If lln(T anu lor.D ttiDir the otb« rrt, tbe opera wv.** 1 '**'A^’** .» w. . * . - .w .* 1 

. rogn sslng most delightfully. Hlmmer galu.-d |  T"’ 'i'' 


camplWbod .taiigtiiiT of our wetl-knowD ettixen. 

i.-ll.e iN.-l(-l.r*ied “HiTnn lo ihi' virgin" In ih. I 

TLc n'Oritillgmcn of Koebester, X. Y., (one which happy event was iv lel raUNl at Mr. 

John H. Howe, Esq., and Mr. E.lwar.1 Bnire Hand- I 1-s' ail, lo say uolhlng of his delicious singing; Opini. n  d Judge Uallaril Impitr'ani and In- 

h*M a latg" Btocttng Thunday sight to pro* -« I e s re 
the roairact system of Inbor Id the p-mal I ceremony 
MsOUiUona or the titade. The Mayor prostd.-d IMoctpal 
OMd aevcrsl ffcnUeaMm B ddraa iio d the meeUng . gifted 

Tbt-Kew York Herald a*)-, it was oflcr.-il 
the repor t of aevetary Me*' Htoch and the far.h M. CipLI- 
eoalng Prasldest's meosage lor a eonsM-raitun nii,. . ,,, |. 
recently, bat derllaed belag Uto receiver of sioleo op Fure-t 
ffooda. U IBM roar boasted -eot -rp.-ts-!,'- ll.-mphiri 

TV* TbeBtre Comiqne, No. 514 Broad- j at the bon 
way, *i. V- Bras daauged by nr- .vesL-rdsi , “ ^ertn. 
■nrniBt tu thr amnani of $15.ndff. It was 0-- J- - ''re'nreu   
pled By yrhlte d Spencer. Geo. Sharpe, a ffre- 
man. was badly tajared. In. uraii.N- slighL ^'F , 

„ — ; ..... through 11 

On Thuraday Henry iNcUsilier. an cni- 
ploee at Bu'baixl's packing hous* . In Chl'-agn 
Ml min a Inrgr vat. ffll-d w ith botUng lard. H - 
wa* iBMrdiatrly drodged oat by has feilow work- Our of ? 
men and taken to Mr home. hiH died 1 b a f-w soBie 
boars alter. \ tsta of   

Tlie Sew York Tribane says the pec.iw- ; 5-oman. o 
mendBOoB by the Eteelorwi Oollege ot Tennessee ' ckamltuit: 
Ot Bon. Uorane Mayaord a* a It nxinber oT ! ■'ocuint-d 
Groni't CBldne* was uBwtar and Indecoroo!,. ' ■‘-k'y k.-n 
arbat woald tbe TrlboBe have raid had they re- i *'*' niade 
CTimm.-Bdod BtowbIowF iv-eelyed ' 

(rrow iD^ I 

Two hundred barrels of the whiskv re- ooe the oi 

How e-s D-sldenee on Thursday evening last. Tb*- 
reremony was p -rfoniied l.y Rev. G. A.  'has -. 

I f olha-r inotectiuj' tn the ffrsl au.l second arts, 
il .s aellng, loo, was so admirable, so llnlsbed, 
I* St It a.l.kNl still gn-sler eOe q to bis rendertng 

moctpal of the Female High Kebu-. I, under wbOBi of tbe muslr. Tleca-tuf “iMradella-' was on 

the gifted bil-Je graduat-d with tbe v- ry highest 

Tbemartlugeof captain Harvey Malhes. of th- 
M-Dipbl- Ai::laDi'be, but formerlyoftb.-Louts- 
Tlll,'   Id RIER, to M‘S" .Mildred . iK Uswood Cash. 
oC Fore-t HIIL Tenn.-ssei-, Is announe.-d In tb*- 

ii.e r bole good, the acting and singing of tbelwo 

Icri-.ling 4 'sm- Oppoaiiiuii tu 'tlM-liargc, 

In the matter j 

of Id Biiukrtiptcv. 

W. « ya't. t 

7h.' cn^ltois, Morton, Galt A Co., bankers, op- 

's ns l*elng partH-ulaiiv .-ffe.llve. To-night ■ losed the tsinkrupl s dls.-hurg.- on tb**se two 

VoiH-rfs ci-l.-brat.-d “.Magic Flut.-" will be gtren 
u r lb*' first time this s«-asoo. and -hould atirail a 
I rt. aii.II, nre. even II It Is not Frl.lay night. T.i- 
uui at two o-rli.'ck r. tl. then- will b*- a grand 

M.qnpbis pt'pers. The nuptials wer*- c.-H-l, rated u.aHb. e, w ten “Martha" will be glv. n. 

al the home of the bride's fattier, B-n Ca-'h. 

on Wedn.-sdav, tbe 3*1 Inst, W.- unit-- with our J.e:H killings. 

breihreL o' Ih,- ■ olU in ih. Bluff C.ivln ,-oi:g:-alu- Thl* Inlmllalde bumurtst an.l , x. 
lBiiugc»|d. Maih.s au-J lu wUnltig T-.r him an I ■ 1' v.-r author will leeiiire lo-nIgIH at ' 

bis (air l-rlde ilie most uuallore.1 haiiplu*--- i!:.II, hefon- the Y. M.C. .4. II.- has eh- 

threugh Uf. . 'il.Jert of “Milk." and will make th- 


Our of Nature's k ery Rare Ph« noracua. 

some.u ys agowewer.- pr--s..nt.-d with thre-- 
tsta of . ora. grow n upon tbe lanu of Mr. A. 
Moman. of ibl- county, l pon .-lose an.l r.-ifoni id 
i-xamlbaC.LD of one of ibe ears we fouo-1 That H 
.-octalned tn-nij-one rows uf gralD and about 
s.xty k.-rrels to the row. This sUHero'-nt, w hk-b 
w-(- made tn these i-olumns al Ihe time, has b-en 
received w Hb grvqvt lDcr.NluUty among our ■ oiu- 
grow lug friends, une of them came into the of- 
ttoe the other day aud. tn a goo.l-aature.1 flurry. 

oimUy selxed at tbe I n dton a p o'.i- and Clactunatt ' demanded a look at the odd -rowed ear, protest- 


Thl* inlmllaMe bumurtst un.l ex-.N-,liugIy 
- il v.-r author will leeture lo-niglil at tVi-Islg.-r 
linll, hefon- the Y. M. C. .4. He has chos n the 
iilijert of “Milk." and will make th- liiilterof 
■ .1)1 ni.-and skim all the cream .iff of the tup of ; 
l.e laeti-al. H- Is an hoae.-i U-.qar--r, uud won'i 
ui.rblsmtlk. Ill- milk ivlll Im- as fre-b lu- his 
• I ni  r . nd as uourishliiE iviiiial to the soul. Du i 
' i.ur Bllllugs aud jour iW.iigs ut the sum.- lime. 

III. i 

lot i.-TiLLi ortPA iiorsE— m.BM or m.-s iniiA : 

UatltlEKN. I 

The LeauHful and talented young aetr.--s Miss 
!minu Ma.I.Ieni wl’l make her llrsi apiieaninr.- 
Im ti n- a Louisville aiidteure on .M  n lay night. , 
1  e pp-ces -eleided for the oecaslon an- well  -*1- 
-ilatixlto exhibit the ver-allllfy of ulent with 
I. Iiieb Ibis (-banning Is i-riNlHiNt by the i 
pU'ss of Ntv York. Boston, cbl.-ago, St. Louts and 

-.roumls. vix: 

First, That he coneiwlcl an Interest of (:3,UFI 
-which they allec- be had lu a lot of laiul and 
tour collages thereon) w ith the liit -nt tu defraud 
his crt-dlcors. 

SiNond. That he ivllfully sivon- fa!-.elv In th*- 
: Itldavlts aiiDi-xi-d to his pellHon and sehi-dules, 
lu wllmlly anil Intemlonally omItHug from ih.- 

1\m. Hunt, liniukeniias-; t:|. 

( has. l.luss, Sarah IViiIlaee, and Nellie lluldeu, 
disoiderly eondiiei; #7 i-aeh. 

Palilek Green nu-l chas. Murray, suspected fel- 
ons; (ll-elturgl-.l. 

Asiou I'agi . i-olored. Ned Brown, colored, alias 
Morton, disorderly oondu.-l; discharged. 

Craig Mllehell, i-olured, stealing Idil from C. L. 
Forsyth; iviulimieil until Natiirday. 

  i-o. lialer and Joaiinu Bell, coIonNl. stealing a 
ivu:eh fii m .4dum House; held tn t5-x . 

JF;FI ER.n 4)\ 4 IIU'I IT i'Ol HT. 

iiox. n. w. BRi'cr, jcnGE. 

The court met on yeslcnlay at the usual hour. 

No cases were lrte.1. 

.-'cnator Morion's views apon the subject hive 
In ' n very fully given In these columu-s aiul w.- 
s.-.' by M letter of H e lloosler Senator, piibll-h. -I 
In the Ni-iv York tvorl.4, that he do -s not Inter.d 
to Introilure a bill eml-odylng hIs re,;i:npHun 


Snator Bout well and other repn-ontallve men. 
says the List- 

Are In favor of letting the rurreney alone, on Ihe 
assuniptlou that, bv the op.-niHon of purely natu- 
ral caum-s, t xteudtng over a series of years, tt 

— Reef 

t*i p;;i ke I n."-s Tit-I''. . a.. 1 1 
Rena ke*l 1 1 1 -ar-* lU-- - s 3 (i 

Rsitrs (I .-'1 

lietos.- ii,'--» 1,'. ' 

otlier Ref as" lU 

iq-lnu- mess (U'») 'w 

CoiU'.trj- me-sC-bl" I-- 

1 itlnspei ti-d r'-.i -a 

Cnlll5{.eet.d (tl •  -J.eU 

Total tai'i: 

l.xiHirt ft-om t*t to auth N ,i 

Beef .test 

i:, "i (bbl*) 

P. It 

laiia (too lb) 

;,-.e r-'ie-p.s iind I'H rtl rinr-. u-- vg.- the 
ollo.ilng a.-* iM-li.g as ii-a-’li-'loas as 

n M l ing Ull- 1 ui ■ : . thaaiUM 

5 1 gr,j'.- i rl- e (S, .'o, i -pott.- 1 ;;  ,e. 

A - I ; -NO h TS ■ .1 1. h'. r i n ■ I ■ Ihi- 1 ity 
■- S ; -r-iay. 'I'l.*- ; h--hs i.-r rdav m'-niiii - --■ n-jin- 
■ I 3,;ia. ho-.— . .Tie - ra-ije fv .,n d to li - 
."It, , [ prill 'll I ill! I .le;'rra!, ' ih. 

.\!.-ul 7.'*o l.'i'-' hail- -11 -il iiigiti-r -I Ihl- 
1 ios -Min. I'rl- . s I'll - It i-h-iiig" sill'— our I i.Nt 
i’ .;. - S11- , v1.-.: 5 I'l ■ f .r a-i ;- lu th - .- ui.itry -md 

ic (k- i!-l|vi-r. -l al Ih" .ar I-. [i',-:nelnes 

1 U'l (I-iwai Ri-gl-li-r, 2s Ih. 
rA: ' ih.-hoaer-p -s m.'Vln'a. .V.-i ilfty --ar loads 
'-•’is hale alteg'li oe- n .shlpp-sl. and till Ih. y euiiie. 
11.71 Mi.-h a- lie hale notle.-il eom-i fully up th - av r- 
lli'.ii I ;t( of other yeurs In weight, ive liiiua, an.l are 

I Well tutted.— lI.llM-rty (In.l.) Hi-ral-l. 

53.0M Dre:s '.l hogs are coming Into m irk.-t a little 
is«7. Hire fti. Ir, but hardly as fast a-s .-.iitld b • .1— 

('..DM , sT d, though large numbers are b.-lhg fat; -n- d 

1 T 111 this vicinity. .4 much better qualHy of m a’ 

A 4 T. At i;|-ffC. 

riCTiSA— «4 u |4 t Aod tterndj At S^«fte for Oklo, tiwl 
ift' . 4)r- I* r Male. 

« H1.K-A 1* inu At Uo* lAr. 

4 KAiisiiTifc— To Liv.n»ool Are *lnn aa«I lover: to- 
g.'ArUiK LIA. p*-r tAll, uf COTA Al jVgd. 


1 V aM Arm for low «rTk*A. with a BKvforAte 
extHjrt -t .dh*'Dii‘ irtde deiiur.*!. ABddiil] Aodhesev 
f r modi* T An«1 iro Kl 

IsAjijx— U beAt tiutel aa4 rrfj slrm for Aikrm^-*' 
dull And h  ivj l* r winter. Uye? dm! ai |l ntK.i *| f..r 
Wr*t«rn. OAiA Anu. with A A**od Ar^ecalaitve deokAiMl 
Al 7.^S ' M- ait rn.   .*rii dall .4t *1 1^1 t4 ^ In 
Ature Aud fl li( t Altu-U for mixed w .-Arero. 

PnnTifo|4tHA- l*ork nomtn.vlly 'tiFafo 73 forn» 'i»* 
h "-f M 4. . e add Anti. « nt *TieAt« « )▼. wDl) i la * »• 
erAi4- iK-titui.'i. IU4*«*a Anil, ^11*1 « im*- 1 lo'ioiry. Lar 
I fi. .at !«','• r 'h t for awr  *pIlU*t* BlfAlU 

J . . -Me «ly :nd • 

h V.-.-. : ;i. i ■ li ., luT iir.r .. 

M. .. ;:o* li. AND UONr.V M VKK/ I 
New Toss. T i*.'. m^'er i r %. 

M n*'*’ r4ptt*r. Ai!i4 iior^ A'**it I i ii«i; t.NerAax** 
IF", tl. --1 ;»tt*l l« «** K N- .kt :ti*^rf r at *, 

I , .a* 'v'iihAtt:. - rxu* * f pe.- 

ingtiiill iodweikii ^ for prits ■ I'Aok*. 

* I. h.Ui. . r ti. r Ais*. 

*• !. Anurr but q*^!eta And**r tfc * AdXAu -f la the r.if. 

u. ‘ fonnU by me fiAnk oi KakIhh*!. llOMoet.«i 
btsT^nredlo US   And   l il U.» , * 

 uVI r» Aburwr VAaUj hr «*iii.*v-  d IU»*  u thni 

iNf nr« -ent fc‘rle-4 m (ii.vernui- -.4, asvItm ufculd will »e 
(he I of in * present jemr. 

Th** *burt latere* t ap;.eA5»to tUTe bex*n co? -rf*d to 
.V roa-Ulermbk* rxicni. 

Goi.erumentA a rtumte flrm«-r. Tbe trAmnetki-v were 
4^nly mcdcAAl Hol-J« r* at-* H -a*nni .u to d:»eoant 

T) u fe» the AtseewdefAcoDieeodiDx IreDMeMe he 4»- 
livcrrA Wfore the LoemTiMa Town^ liee'Ai tarUtte 
Aiwi eiAiloe thin Araene. Henry V^ent, Ihe ^reat 
Krcli-h Oreior. wlU le*'tare ThnrAiAr. JAAenry M, 
I-AjA-vobit ri: -John^AAlex; hlA «k»rfo«e ttto. teerfo 
If «n, AAd Arttoee;'' aJao FrMe  . JAMAry S, IrtiM- eufo 
jrrf; ^KmillAh orMDIeA A^ wenkAeAAiA.'^ The 

mAiAlAA kilATcA lA be AMPWACed. 

Tl  keie to tb« rem*iam« teetei«w lA. forlodiMiv 
eeiTed «ewiA: ele«le l eho« Jieeefo. robe had « H. 
W. LyonA. '^QMriDtv'aaeAi. *t roeem of ihe ‘imnel 
Alton. CeetrAi .M. rfc t hullDlnji; of Wv. Kendrlefca 
TMtd. between end Harfcet itfu ev, of   . F. 

FArti« A mnder   be Lo«hrviae Hotel, adD U tDe dnee. 
To   iWAirnr* el I o'clock. dl dl 

i:iNil4iiKK HALL! 

rO'mvKLT "lA NIGH fa oNtr. 

ronimfnriD*: Monihv Evfnia 

II L ( K 31 H Fa U 7 . 

UKI’NION f27l 

\e«l Fmrr«%e!1 Tenr ef ifie 33 *rldtofMMd 


•! '-r;(.r, « 

«;LLi \M. 


fcDW \fU . 


• tbr HauIoa Uojr«'. 

jr LiK.X. 


t HA.fcCOia. 

A*r» rmt xw 

Transatlantic Combinatian. 

' • w BAkinrtbrtr rArewellTowrof tbernltedi^ieME. 
In nddlti"A to the AttnctfoA* prv'rtenied by tbe Hfcfc- 
I tbej bATi* aJpo Abder eA^ACtfoebt tbA fodaV" 

Ire EnropcAA orlebrtt*^'' 

I’aily I’fvirw of ihf TIarkfi. 

5ITI.KS— Arc In fair d* miiml and st(Nidy, and 
prl, (.' targe from i-l for Inferior to ♦*! p,‘r bbl for 
eliol.-e i|Hami"s; medium #4 .'stah |ier bbl. 
hlTIF.R-Dhlo builer Is linn and In ftUr de- 

li HI be marketed this y, *r than fo.-s -veral yeurs tbr adi aace us irmsl l - for.- th.- pa- ment of tbc J*n»- 

pa-t, as (be feeders Intend holding for a higher »VF la'rr-.t. The ani.mat .u t-.-d. • r,aalf.rihr 
prl- e. anil w III f.-ed lute. This will prboabiT Ifs-p •'jlT" » *,Vm^LTf?on. tZ.’.LVr'L^ " 
the season back innate In the winter. iW ieral "'torr a demand from ta - inirrior. 

*-r r loads of Uve hogs were sblpp.-! Fuisl yester- 
day, of mor^ than onllnary good qualllv. and 
- iieh U the ciiw ol chose land'.-d ut the st-y k y-uDls 
, f late.- lijulney diid.i  , uu , 3-th. 

Coupoas of ^t 

will gradi ully approach the true standard so •*' KvdpW 

ut atly that a irausitlou to -p,;H'le pivments will qi'o'e Ohio ami Mlehl- 

lie easy. Or, In other wor ts, wait till the etm- "*** butter at .T8al2e. ' ountry bulte^ssteady. 

mene of the country shall grow up to the present 
loli-in.' of eum-ney, wb--u It w ill h.- worth par In 
gold. There are others, and p.-rhaps the more 

an-l dealers are buvlng on arilval at 25aSI.'. ae- to quality.' New York butter Is Arm al 
. (« Cc. 

l.oliiNVilIf l,r.if Toharro .Markrt. 

1 lie tiiarlut pre-ent -d no new features lo-.'ay 
The (-ff- rings amounted to M  hh-l.s, with th.-re- 
I -el ton of Lids on I htds. Tue we-ulher Is now 
taioia'-le for getl'ng tobaer i ready for market 

A large numiM-r of cn-ses were iNtntlnued to the numerous class, w ho lii-lsi uiHin llxiugan early 1 RAGGING .4ND Uol’E SaK-s to-day of I'W a d Ikclors are exptN-tlng large rec Ipts of n"w 

iieui lerni. In tbt*s(- eases ball was tlxtal where 
the parties were In Jail. Capiases were ordered 
against those parlies that have not vet been ap- 

dale tor resumption, aud ivho urge that It cm be 
done ivllh eiiHre safely. We believe tbatthepN - 
[ile ( aiiiestly desire a return to normal principle. 

I le es 3-lb lugging on prliate l.-rins. We 
( U le Ky. 2-lb l.agglng al l!'i,a3rie. and 
I -.-II- bagging at 14ul.5e. F"ux bugging at 31a32 ', 

nOy. BI.AND HALI..4RD. JCDGR. It..- • h-- at, j.r(.aehing session of Cong 

M. I. P.lg'- y against s’eginlMvit ‘-Nevne." The to a return to Ihe siaii-lar-l of values. 

-( hedules'of lil.s , .st;.tc the above ni--uHuued lu- • 7 he prisoners eonvletod at the pres.-ut term 

I, rret. ivlll In- seiiit-n.'iNl t("MlaT. 

Ibe following is sul stantlallv th" ,-iTtl--nre In — 

ibi-eas.-: IM’IFID bT \Tl-  f'OI RTw. 

I n the 3d of (K-tola-r. Isiki, the bankrui-t gave ' 

M- wife lour botes of fl.liui.'ai'h, which h" had ' „„„ nlAvnnwiien JCT.C. 

i...-lv,-dlnpail laivi.a-ut forhis und.-rlakliig .-s- ' hau.akd. jcdge. 

.:ii ll.-hti, ut on Ih" eoruer of ' 'V. ii!h an 1 J.'fl -r- i M. . I. P.lg'- y against s'eainlMvit “Nevl'le." The 

,11 sir.,-:-. He h'urt s. H 1i i. I.. D. I‘ -arson. ex:i:nl:.i Hon or the ii Itness'-s In this eas-- was 

(1 not- S were dll" res|H'iqii,'lv in one. two, " nilnu- d r-'av. Tlieriiriherheariiigurin,- 

■ 1-1 ee. 1 nil four ye-jr-. In -lanuory follu-.vliig h - ' i..-*- was Indeffnltely |N,..iiKin.Nt. 

T i'k l ark tiioof Hii .q. i.otie, iiuil gave Iheiu lo i 

t.teigi- W. Morris as collaTerul S".iirlty forth- i a -a - - 

I a:an e piir.lius.-, (hen oiling by thl* hanknipt to i R J 1 * .!• 1 I, Is 

Motr's. 7b" wife (if the banknipt owns a lot of ' 

; toiintl   f lirj r N'i, Ih" legal tile of whi.-b j ..— -is,. „,a - .,,4,. 

has lain held by her trustee for alwul eleven * -trip In use Is sold by 

icrs. nil this ground she cun-UnI four eotlage I Yit, It A Llnds.-y, 75 Fourth strep'. Torrej’.- 

Ill Unsure al tbe earliest pruelli-able moment; but I UM-onitiig lo braml. Machine roiic at SaDe. 
e-aiapiil Bppr, -elation 01 th" eiirreney Iniolv.--, lt4TTING-We have no el ange to n.. " 

iift,"mTt "m,\it'w'mi\'**lI*nh?nt*’'^l*’' T,' I here hi a fair (leiuand uml stocks are um- 
h. . n,,..7 Pue..unt..r I ,q.. We quote Canuelton at fftl to 3U-; .Mavs- 

^ ? (V.V.Lr ‘'! c t® -Muysi-ll.e .No. 1 

i4i* ^iiui liji* rt*'l iDiii Has l « t*u u^valL4.*Ill**l on I , t tsi 'kip" Vf  *• wp nt ***i ii'i *^i' 

sul i.i-Uive may expeel (mm- ,1. -Unite aeiloii (lur- . Ib ’ " "e quote at _ to 

iM’ Iht- niii)r*»a *Uin»; M-srt!*»n of CiMiirr *si luokinjf i * ./..wtt • t. vt ^t't  -m. 

x;i:nl:.! lion or ih** wltnpss"?* (ti Ihi**  *a!».* wan 
• nilmi* il y****’! r»*aT. furiht*r h**AriUK * f iii»* 
iii«i«*flniu*ly iM». i]K»n«**f. 


i«A.s l»«tn bt'ltl by bt*r trurtte f for al uut (*levt*D 1 ^M*ath*r -flip In use Is .-ol*! by 

\. :rs. nil lUI.' crotiiHt sh** (*n*4*ti**l four caiiAtf** ' * UiuI.m-v, 75 Fourib Torr** *.' 

houe* rt. It lion's uoi (il'*ilU'*tly app(*ar whether - p;il* nt hA.** b«***ii us;**! hen* for four or five v» ars. 

4.1 Aj- Impr- Hs«*U with thr Ih-ip f that wr ar** 
lii.p'*i »■* pii4 i  bt'imr for**4‘ 1 1*»" ir I r “'iimptltin 
of pi4 uii*iii by nutural Th" m**r- ] 

4 iJiiiUt* lu»**s Art* with u lert.-4 por (•••uta r«* i 

ol proiii tliaii foiiaeiiy, Ih* ‘uusu then* is a surplus 
*f uDil a rtiirplus of pr« hi *!rt vm ban 1, autl I 

^all ?imu^t l e (‘f1e*'ie*l. for It l9 hiiinan n itur** to I 
leall/e ii|'4»n in»*n*han*ilKr miher than rarry lAr;?'- 
sit* krt of rlther p**rl hAM«* * r stADitAni  *ommo4llw 
IP'S. Tbe dt^*-Un«* must extend, aqiI In its wak** 
must follow all arcb k-rt of cunsiiuipiloa, and wb *a 

they wen- I tilll In the full of iNki or In the spring ; and Is the oiilv kind that has -I, o I the t—t for I 1! '’rrl“irnlV, 

( f 1 m» 7. The other iwo notes sh** used In the .k.  i .a. » .1 i. 1 n .1 * j 11' • * 8ff*' *(  than It will lo-day, labor will reap 

(onMineiiOu 4 f tue.-e rotUf;**]}. It doe.s not an- feneth of lime. It N realty the only durable a u t  r i *war*l at ev**n a lower mte of waf*e,. 

Depot Id ClDfiDDAti Imta been rel A AA H t, ad4 aU 
pfthif ex«ocrAic t, tke error, vhick wda a rtlirht 
DWukArtoc beeD oeoDAloaed by fauliy c*ocid« 

Inr empbAitrAllr that lutur** bA«i n'*rer aIIow»*«i o'^***"  *lties wh**rr  he has re vQtly Ap}e*Ari* 1 
belxlfloielhUiOatflAUke^l. W** r..irr,.rts.ri r-v. sbould the ffoiliHon.'. ADd cx«»iln 7 eUtlC'* of l»H 

ccedit fT^y that tbe .-*lQ..*u)Ar com had l e*'n t'pirite l eltlea wberv Wise  a d*-ni hxrt bi*vD to remarka- 

; way. so that our Urmer friend was d.-nb-d on-u- 
Kmp Rbber, the BCtraM, .nd John C. 1= r ^ of of , ur aJIegMlon. But. is- thein^.n .- 

_ D'-ver *0 unpreced.-nted. We com.-ud that ih-ear 
^ I toHMKem.v-om r.*sand no more. How It may 
*c.ounD-df.wwe haven't Ibe dlmm-st Me*. 

« Itb BMoey onder false pretense-; hot . 

a* tte Boney was obialned In New York. Ihe rase 
wa* ffirailaaeil. 

A pb wm ffT tnin ran into the freight 

bly sucres.ful have luld anyihlug approximating 
the truth, our public may ei|a-ct an unusaally 
( rt at treat in Miss Ma-M-m's eng-.igcment next 
a "k. 

The “I’et of C;.- 1’e'tlro.its" and “Katy o’Sheal" 
: .' H:.' pl.-ees s. I. c'inI for the op"Ulng pet f'lrm- 

It is, though, thit this .-a* Is similar to I' ‘ I'**'''''* s. i. c.,n. for the op-ning peir 

not Just 114 e one of which we b*-ard some years h c , and w-, irt-st will secure a crowded h »u- 
I go. An old darkey and hi- tuast.-r got Into a — - — 

eiimrov.-rsy alamt th.- un.-x--"pitoiial rule of 

iralD Tbunday night on the Cleveland and Toledo . •“inf" 'n tbte matter, w l"n the mu-t.-r. ( -(nlldeat 
ndlnnd. ot Townraod alatl c n killing Baruey I ihat hls theory w-as Immutable, told the slave that 

Muon, hood hraalftwian. and a nosaenger. nam- 
BBin-TW heveni persoo* were lojared. The 
eaaar of (he aeeMent was a misplaced switch. 

A oomniitu* of Udie* from Kew York 
callsd apon the Coveraor of PeMnrrlvaBU al 
Mamshiirg ysmsrday to urge him lo porJoa Hes- 
ter raaghoB. They wo, courteously received, 
hot were mtora w d that any further agluuao of 
the snl -c4, wooU he aselem. as Ihe Goveraor's 
nedoa had hecn 4e(ermlned apoa. 

A bchTy now otorm commenced in St. 
Louli Thataday avenlag aad contlnaad until nln - 
o'c och ymtoidny mnralag. Fram aU to eight 
Inch a of now fall. The gtorm extended 
wool lo Kaaoas. where hom two u  aii Inches of 
now fell ol dnreat potnia. At P(. Joreph, No- 
ne ourm Wl. very heavy, mor.- now hiUl.c than 
far many yean before. 

Yellow Smoke, Chief of tbe Omaha In- 
diana. wras m u rdered by a party of roughs lo the 
toWB orDonlap. os the Chicago and Northwer* 
ora i Bl lr sa il . oa Thursday laai. The cbler was wl- 
ways holed lor lelog fnendlj and stdeUy hounr- 
oLli, Ohd M ts feared hM waBiou muider will ex- 
Oipetate hi* tribe and that e-rlous troubl.- will 
he the letoilt. 

be should bar* bts freedom as a reward for pro- 
du( tng ao earof eorawitb UDev.-n rows, lathe hap- 
py anilctpaiton of hi* Itbeny tbe negro foigoi his 
- rui'le* and re-nri,,! to a stnilag.-m that proved 


Tbr .lluNt IFirrc-t Ruutr to the Sea- 

The Knoxvllb- Bran- h of Ih" Loiilsvlll *- 1 Nssh- 

P' ur at hat eitN't tliii.' the nol.-swere *u u.-e*t. 
111.' estate of Ihe bankrupt lu tR-tob.-r. IWFi. 
aiiouni..l to e3t,.s l, over and above all hLs 
...Ms, whi.'h ut Ihat H:iie amounted lu Hhoiit 
' 3. tii" r i3..'iUi. The buiikru|.t was pos;ie.NSel of 
t e aliov*. .stilt.' for -lx or eight months after th? 
d le o' tbe gift to hi- wife. 

lu July, 1-07. the Imnkriipt, tvb   was then In 
'•;  n pnis. s.-nt hIs wife by express f l.iidt. of this 
: l;- pi Id for taxes and fiiiuilv exis-ns-s. It 
.!  cs not appear wh; t l..'.-ameof the Imlan.-.-. The 
  c;in-el tor the .-iiNlItors conlenileil Ihut th.- bauk- 
luitvas Invi 'i.d with an Inl.-n-st uf $:i,iuil In 
Ms v. Iii-'s pri;|N-rty; ihsi he fulled lo mention It, 
3L.I that hocoui-.-uled Ihe saute. 

In order lo fully un-lerstaiid the polnls In Ihe 
. 3se It will Im- ne. e.-sur.v to Sint.- thui by a statut*- “all com . fance.-, gift-. Ac., imid.- 
UI out valuuble eonsid.-raiton are void as lo ei- 
IsHug IhiMilHes." And iind.-r this statute It bus 
cn held Hist II makes no .Ilirer'-Gce how mu.-h 
the asM ts of the grunior nuiv be In exe.-ss of his 

Thl- counsel for Ihe bankrupt eoniendi-d that 

(in.l (luveniiiient i-!in llu-n safely eoutra.-t, for the 
wai.t of money w HI not be «o grtwl among eoiu- 
llvsK-r I.iii;rli. m. I. Isl .-l-i— II will nut require s   Urge a 

4 -i.I.-r.d.l ov-t. r liiiirliw in l-e s.-rv...1 ui it,.- cap l-H t err y on irs.le. ."p- . illation r in atone 

, . 7 oiJIn . . - . , J l-revdil H,ieeou.llHoiiof uffdrs, an I these natii- 

' "MU 11 ( bat!, ber, on Fifth sIkn-i, iN-tw.-en Jeffi-i - j.„j euuses in Hi,- 1 nd v. Ill I sir- .tiger than 

-cn aii.l Green, nt nine o'clw-k lo-nl-rht. John Hie |h w. rlul Inr. r*-sts whl.-h ar.- sirlvlii-r to pi-i- 

tlile tl.-sue ut Jn to HI--: .Muysrlbe .N.i. I 

U 3bto3Ur; No. 3 butting we .luole ut 25 to 37.- 
Mr Ib. 

l.l'CKWIlFA r FI.OI R The mark-t M -. n- 
I ham-i'il Inn. rv r*--p.'* "- IV.- quote l*.-n;i" Iv oil i 
in: nufartiire nt U to ti'jc In sii- ks un.l *'  ro*Ii 
I er bbl. \V.- quote half bbls ut #5 .'si t-i k*. (S). 

I F ANS-- ill eelpis are IRiera! an.l prl. .■• stt a-ly 
ul f.7 to is 35 on arrival, aud ;5 50 to *.) 75 |Mrr 
I u-li from store. 

I'.F.I'SIVAX- Dialers are paying fromSitoSs-! oli-e lots. 

Ll'.'iOM 1 t HN-rnce  are ffrm an.l reecipts ar • 
le.i ’.V tbe den.iiuil. We quote at fl'l) to #15 1 
I" r K-n for goo t to prime. Inferior Is held at 
1, Ul f.-ti to tnti per Ion. 

   7 Ton Y'AUNA— Prices are Arm. We quote 

M;;n. ard at In to 21e for No. SOU, 17 to I'."- for 
■No. C* I', an.l 15 to 17c for No. 7i«l. 

di p -at an - -arlv .lay. 4Y*- continue lo .piols: 
Shipping. Moava A Owen 

I atting l.-af. 

I.ins fliOHltW tsaasllM 

I V 1, (.1 II (Ak. ij «o IJ o*an *1 

(til'll. I I'st i‘a. tviw i«i»-t.M 

t.. . .1 !■ iif. . li n r id .Nioi.qoi 

; : 1C 1, Bi t; Ui.i i 'd -1 ttj 'J, 00 

( h. Ii'i i .f IS 00.17 -0 .« I-* .1" i« 

-lanf ", turh'g lest. blBck w .a. p. rs. 
** It: icht w r r-. 

*• fancy : r:.-hl wraep. r-. . 

i following is the Dill r.inge nt bl.D to-.liv: 

': !..'..'s :! f i.'i # 15 7's 1 at ?ll.5",5 at «!! lo who,'ha-:.:gr.a’ll/el.*.-cil:rc,:l;ig-.lieirtr"rt*.alh- 

S j;,;.'. 3 SI #11 to ■•11 2 , 7 III ♦ton, *to ;5. .1 it ''7h;'i„:wi;j mi w"r-- fw. -losing vn -.,-lcra; i’lm'isr- 

-s*.: Ill to #h !0, 5 a: #- lo #s ' si, d al #7 lo #7 ’* ', 5 jl Isa*: Rye S',; t .ntoB.*o,(Ng"v; W.-U*an4F*rr- *Rx-! !.l,3al#l 3.' to SI tfl. and 2 at #.'7 30 lo s'"‘fmt“ --afi7rx*'tw*'sr 

do -.IID X 

do •• lid 111 

larkfl. 1UX41U5. 

tie boAfii dalL 

ir»*rt Uhi AJ Mfcvonn. 

•|th thl* r»*- !*ld Tepnawef • 

PIS.P nskw I 

tt»*r trt DOW Si^Tih raroUrM A* ' 

for market New VlrctalAi* 37 -#3* 

ptrt of D"w bAT« declii cd *(«« Itlx tbroo^lioai lb« Jxy 

(.iirtia*. A»^ « fceBXjr A-'d AArtv'Cl- iL 

i|i4u««. 3'orkiviiir l«Mthe «»'ai fpxtnrA; th«* exrlv 

DOw«*nr' . t-'it - aI WL're At frutn volcii tkey f 11 fo 

mtintf L»af. .3t th# cluAA iUt*re VA« AU Ueaxace if an 

IrtfoMllOO ordt r I'T Jodtfe Bar ard. reqolrliu{ tba dirArt- r?» u 
ij Oi ri •) libow rauA* A Dj iht’T •bouM aot be rr-U'x.a*. ifro*n 
!''Ak*n^ A «f'M k dlTliietMl. whi'-h bi un'ler tc o«i (•  be 
•OfttfUdi I om» r-i-lAtel b.T Ibe l ir 4 tor*. 3:; -dort vAAnuite 
.'1 fo ".j  00 lo cbf ' k Ibr ii« rlln- by ad otter 1 p. rceni . f  r tbe 
X) "fe- -1! uO J ur.v.l* 4 of 4’ iilii ^ iu rtnv part of lttr  tb.OOOtharr'A m 
li 00 it O) ' !l f  r g (Uy* . 1b rurte w a*4(!' : I and uai so 

'i* !')  ' ' '*rf 1. rh* Ts* WAA a«  * -Aii*lence oa ; e -(rret in .b* 

3J Qu **d Ou n rt that ibe ulrL*« tor:» a .11 tJivi'!r t: ..- 'MrpluAA! tbe 

, 4 e©' ir L. n»e**th ;r. la livd !• i-  - 4.el tiie laiaui t! -a 

il.|4 to-flir; I p ' rared by partfc* Int* r-r*A* r.i* .*, 

tbe World apoa Ibe 

Wbo will perfona bfo bloo4"CblUlfoi leap ot * 
3.00 foot tlxiro*nb.lct*Dbfirv 
Toraiac a tomeftauD la bla te«»e»daaa ftml 

Aev"irpanT a« tbe to 

3Cr.J.fc3IK;« BLofcWPHIN, 
huraiw'* sr^Aieat Hari»iV 

The '*«'('• ■piA h«'d * omedtoaa# acKt y.^eaMil; 

Mr, fcfoFMEU W. « 

( vaeeriai ;«u and Hnib 
3|r«*r«. LT %NI aad BK EU|i'T« 
O ro t eeqiia* A. itoea 

AaaieAKm-DovfiiulreBefo; Aar ared aama Beta 
extra; at) naira WetA. 

Tbr lUnk»a ttrfcet after for tbt tala of tirapad 
•ealrtioat D P Fankto* vaoir toore. 7ft Mala el. 

famitka, '^atardaj aftemooa. Dor. ti. 

t. F. KBXDAU.. 

ill TuTbFr4 A BafoDCAi Mana# 



4)« 3rKafwaa f&Ter. 

JOHN ?  D«»TLbs Maesar. 
lii . jT.* aa a b ov * oa Tata Daio 
rt ii a., froia eltr wbdrl 
Hi -r ri .3LH * LSYL .WrafoL 

.•hanl^ I nlf tt Kxprrv. — . (^nlckrilrcr, * 

; 3*anpo-a ;lo pr*-lrrre'l. .'tt-, j Pa'-: c* 

» /iU:*; , "i;rt .. l afou TctojCrapb J7'^ TIk. 

iv.." Man: ^'1 ar. I Kne. jg New I'orfc •'•'iurnl. 
1 *i • f-‘7: . ri'.:7 . -.T  1*  j*r -ferT'-d, 77’^s. - Mau- 

T.V4K'.‘S: K»* i Ui.a, Tv-m* Hantr. 

M- Kader Jk  *»a, of NfW York, In tli^lr ^lr- - .- '’anpo-a Jopr.-irrn 
.-ularofthe ™ iT^i 

KkMi't aY- 33*lth a llffbt rtrij- k .40'! p*»4»r •! .*-r - i *i t-;: . r.' .:7 . -.T  1*  ».r 

tu ut* uu4l tbe iiull i* n** *»f aijib- nmr- i.V4i:'.»s: K»*i uua, .. _ . 

k  !-. DO Uriri* I u lii. r.jUHi U» rxjHM' ; atlll *• * 

ilir rtalrrt an*l n -qiles f*»r No\4*uiH r ciim-* up to 

3.'s .) hi .Ls. 7 h state of affair- In Spala ereatiNl a l-Vnirsi'' I'l d .« vM  ' MlThigiin ^ 
l04h 1 *J**iran l for low trra4| foniiUrdur, for   tniiraji uw. 1 ! 0 : V r»*ou-rf. ■ 

\TMoh atom 9U» hh l^ \v»*r** taken ar 7*‘ t'‘S^; for is*'- ; • (Vk Irtk^rid l*--\ : 

F -r Cairo. aad Wtuic fDe i r. 

nLMi‘» T . ^^4 Ul'LTl. dAftoar. 

^ffxramra^ Will aa AbOTO OA Tbl* Ol 

oM/o^ooo^Xhr Xla, as 3 p «. 
mtmrnS^ MoN ir .vLW ft LX3'T. V4««a 

fur Nrw Otiexiio. 

rWFfI:F .''.3KKOLL. WaaAer. 

tfm ^ WUI teaxe a# abuo^ -jm TAto Dap, 
an, al 5 p. a. 

tofoEfoMMHta 3lf»NT( D LCTl. y 

- N In lanf" rtupi'lv iv»» 4iU4 ip pitirthunr M irsu llK*'* an*l the coarti of Afnca, l-V) hh«l« al l:f do 'referred. 

p.T loa.1 ol 35 Lu-'h’., and lie bv Ihe barge Itlc. for Knglan.l. 3no Li.-lory .lrt -.l ai lUk " 

ta* , ; . celt Isksed II to- ■ X.'r:hw.-»i"rn. M’, .-N.-1, 

do : referred. -7', --s --r. J s--ph pi -ferr.-d, 

It'.irlo'glon lUl 1 ty'illry, - ;(, * 'Lni'-'t-, 
( ' neif.eall and Indlanapc-'D. — ; . -,lea.;i and xlt..a. 

Kelly. the . Xl,rt uml "Ourteou.s Uo-t,wlII beth"ie 
to wall on all who may come. 

; M. -srs. MU. hi-II. rtomi-nts ,4 Cn. nilv.-rtls- 
a great sale of vhlua, glassware, Ilob"mlun wan*, 
and fan.-y giKwIs, to eoinini-nee on Momlay morn- 

IN-tiialelhe existing il.'prei-latlon of th- eurr m-y. 
It: t to I a t II r. siiinptlon. It 1- ess -ntlal that t'on- 
grei* shall w Ili um delay a.Iupt s ime nn-ibod fur 
iiiipruvihv the ere.llt of the tiot -rmui-nl. The 
. xiru lia/aril.s of l.iisiiu ss, un-ier our pr.-s -nt . iir- 
n ni-y sy.-t. iii, ur.- dlseoura-gln-r l-  the ira llug 
i-las-- s, ami there 1- ;i gr-nvlng f.-i-llnr In fa-.  rof 

ing next. These risgiiineent good- are now open .som*- p- rslsu-iit i-ffort to plats- the tluam es of Ih. 

for ItisM ''"oil, and the lad!-- ar.- espe.-lally In- 
vited to call aud examine them to-day -an-l helore 

the sale. 

fn(errstii-g to All who !lii\ llieir Dread. 

.•oiiiiirv niM'ii 11 to'.m I l.a-Ls. 

Fj-sieni , XI h tiige I.s still cfferiug In ex.----s of 
tiled, o and, and I iiliiig rates are V, ,11s. buying 
all, I selling at |Nir. The New- York gold market 
V. a.s him and su-a-lr to-day. ,4t 1 1 A. q.lh - mar 

Ifeelhat most. If not all of oiir tiadesm.-D, are k, l oM'EmI ut RkYS , aud al 4 R. M. the eloslng 

giving IWO of what Is umially sold for , time ,,uo;-Hou was Rkt',. aud M. asr.s. .Morton, tiali 

loaves for Oft, rn rents. I'p  D Imiiilry how that a'O., Uiuk, r-. No. I.'si .Main street.  iiiute as fol- 

in N- don,-. I Ilnd Ihut John A. Duke, th" uerate.1 lows: 

read baker. Is giving Ihe dealers sevenl q-n Biiyinr. Selling. 

rge loaves for one dollar, which he rlaliiu Is lo ^tolo 1:H , 155 , 

irr.-spond vvlib Ihe derltne In flour, thereby af- ''li?!" t'aj** 

irillng a fair profit to tbe dealer. Would advl.-e- ait.,.s‘'and hair dVme-V.V '.V. 121 

1 ._ousum. rs to buy the M-sl an-l cheap.-st The New Yoik market frr Uovernmeut ImmL- 
deJdi opened tlnn to-day with gold loans at 4 per cent. 
Heal Estate Transfers "'‘‘f'lug exchange at 10»v, lo 110. The '33Ju 

-I t. . s-i, ... I- r » — a dlsi«teh reporte.1 prli-es fully miliitalued with an 

7he following real estate transfers were made • ' , 

-4 4 .44 ,, 4 luitM advance on sev.-rul deserlpltons. 

al once and forever availing. Taking an embryo vHle Railroad has Is-eu e4 mplet4-d to Mt. Vernon 'h.- bai.krupt had uo Inier.-st whatever In his can N-don*-, I tlml Ihut John A. Duke, th*- uerate.1 
earof 4-orn. be d.-xt.-rou. Iy removed one of the the .-ouutv scat uf Roekeastle In this state an.l is ''v'fe's I'toj^rty for Ihtss- rt-asi.iis: . {.read Imki-r. Is giving the dealers sevenl.q-n 

ear of  -nrn. be d.-xt.-rously removed one of the 
row* ol tendi-r grain and r.-pUcMl the husk, so a* 
to .Hineeol bis boenr-porus oi-erallon. Wb*-n Ibe 
Mjcn matured be was d.-llgtusl to find that the 
ear bad Oiled out beauilfuU.v, leaving no trs.-e 
whatever of tbe tarapeiing piXM-ess. Brimming 
over aTth JOT be exhibited tbe odd ear to his mas- 
ter, « bo, altbough very much shocAcd. and no; 

the county scat uf Rockcastle In this state, an.t Is 
being graded ten mile* beyond that point to Rock- 
eastlr rlvt r. Theme to Haxel Patch In Laurel 
.'(.UDtT, Is not undei eontract, and Is eompara- 
Hv.-ly light work. From Hazel Patch toward 
London, tbe county seat of Laurel, six miles have 
iM-cn under eontract and the great.-r ponton, say 
flve-slxths of tbe dlstome. fa already graded. But 

making a fiain ol allow aoee fur pos-it.le cbMit- work has been Moppe.1 on this ponton of the road 
Inc, acknowledged tbe rorn, and sent bis .-unning by order ot tbe Dlreetors. There seems lo be an 
slave away lo rtjolee In bis well-«ar-o.-d freedom, itqpretodon upon the minds of the eUlzens of 
Loulavtlle Ibsi when this road ts completed lo 


A .XonrF-drnsrpr Robbed al .Hide 
dnr by Three Boy*. 

Our city le Infested by a great numiter of ros- 
I ally uretiln*, and their ihl.-ving operail ms lur- 
tak. of the undlaeoverable deit.-nty rommon 
among the maiuresi sharper-. The most adr.ili 

fbekcastl" nver— about two miles beyond Round- ■ made where love and natural affection Is tbe eon- 
stone — that It has reached the c-oal and lumber : sld"mtlon IW B Mon.514, 1 Met. 551); and that hav- 
regloh of the mountath* tn southeam-ra Ken- 
turky. But such ran hardly be said to be the cos.- 

asbotbroal and iurn'ier will lie found th"reln He'funber argued that If the*.- positions an I 
limit, d quantities and of Irf.-rlor quality. Neither v lew s of law w ere not oorreet, the bankmot, who 

. ' torge loaves for one dollar, Which he el.ltas Ls to 

LLs wlfi- was eoiieluslv.-, a.s to Wvatt, that he ha I - ' orn-spond with Ihe decline In flour, thereby af- 
1:0 tunh.-r Inler.q-i, as he had eouveyed 11 to his fording a fair prollt to tbe dealer. Would advl.-e- 
v,l;.'. Whether the erclltois bar.'. Is another ! all eousumers to buy the Mut an-l rheap*-st 
..Ui-stton. Second B.-.-ause a biisbaudi-aiinot en- biead deTilil 

  umber the separate estate ol bis wife. It having , 

I een d.N-lded In the e*.-.e of Fetter vs. WlbRin, 13 i .. . , 

B. .Monroe, that a husband .-annot i-vcn create a ' Ileal Ksiste Transfers, 

meebunlr's lien on his wife’s property. Third-- The following real estate transfers were made 
That the gin w as not. even iin.ler the statute of I .liirltig the week ending Is-e 4 isus- 
hentiieky, vonstrueilvely fraudulent or void, as I s,rali It. Burch to Lucy J. McColInra, IBM hv 
there Is a difference helw.-en gifts under su.-h , -jau fret. Mr.iadway, helwecu Thlrt -enth 

(Ir* umrttAD**e% made to rttratur^'n and to thou** aod Fuuiteentb ktrecti. 00 

made when* love and natural afTection la the (*ou- Jno- Hoiu-well to A.  w«*#t»«»r. by no 
sld-ratlon IP B Mon. 514, 1 Met. 5,51); and that hav- ["tl- sou"*.*. *! corner of Grayson and 
Inir no Iniereet In his wifo’rt prot ertv. It was Im- I t ii hv HM fm;.;' 

IMisslble for b)m lo to iceal lliat w hl.-h he dbl not •''i^;iXs"reVt, )«ti?e^ SndThraL 

h'Ve. nut 8J00 W 

He further anni*M that If thes** positloort an 1 k. w. i!cnpioK  r toi hA«. K  tclium.ios by .ioo 

- ‘ feel. Oak Rln-i-t.., .1,500 04 

Wm. Frllliigsdorl to Thos. Bell. SO hy 150 feet. 

will be found of the ImsI quality and In uullml(e.t 
quRDtIly until Ibe elcvsitd plateau upon which 

Is a I u-lni.-ss man, r  u'd not have know 

advance on sev.-rul deserlpltons. 

7'he following exhibit shews the eondlHon of 
the New York market at 33*) P. M. for the past 
thiee days: 

Wed. Thurs. Frl. Adv. Dee. 
-Si s of l-Ml .. U4‘. 115 115 

of tbeli tn.iwa gkms look p o-e vest -rdav at Ihe l''« ''on Is situated shall hav. be-n r a. be l. 
Itook-store of John P. Monon A to., on Main. Is-- '*'***''*’ *'*' ‘'"'"nlnou* and . annel 

n 1 ounh and Fifth sueeij.. About 2 o’, kv-k ‘‘'•n"*'’kv rlv.-r. PH- h pin", 

ihrre- tmv*. rarber gcni«"llv rlad. the old.wt »..t *•»' «rtous klmls of oak, |«plar and h -mlo.-k. 

Itr- rnutt — itook-store of John P. Monon A to-, on Main, Im-- 

' »*«ol CMirtfc Aiid Fifth About S o'«-k ‘k 

Lettert* fVotn Pori ma PriDce omfirm tbe **ota. rArbcr ^nt#**iiy rUd, ih# old(«t not 

OGCure ot on Amerleaa scBoaoer by ralaave and »'*d*po T''**’' of »lfe. em. red tbe store, and 

Ike eonMacot OB aftke cargo. DOC wttbstaml log th" ***** of th*qn a-ked for a otory-lavok. I be 

proiest of the Araencan ''okoul. An Ci^Ilith veo- *'tork Invited hint to another j«n of the bouse 

ool aras also aetxed. and Che Brtttali okd French *** okamtU" the books, l.-svlng th*- oiuer two lads 

UncBlc* hod r«e these lo pratect fOrelcn Inter- "tsndlng at tbe counter. Al the oppon une mo- 
ral. If the nigser Holnare get* into a row with m. nt they sluqted around to the m.mey-drawer, 

ragtag i Ohd Araerlna both, br will prohablv come •** • ** * Own b-fL and emptied II ol 

oat at the IMUr endmr Ibe born *** eontents. about one hundred dollars. Tb" 

ppeconcerted signal was iben given, tb*- “dcoy" 
Oral. Rgynolds in hi* prpon savs Texas youngsuT rejoined bis .-onf.-derau.*. an-i tbe 

le In alraoM as nniettM a otau- a* during tbe three Ml tbe store very un.-eiviuoniously. n.r 

arar. Mr ravs (be murdeea ot oraro es ore so bavqng otMosloo to took Into the drawer for s-v- 
freqiMra a* *b«o«4** iitti* acannoa. He think- "rat miu,itr«, to, esoaccs wa. not dls- 
grat a srUl be requtiwd to aecure tranquility, and ' . ..vered i,t tbe clerk soon enough 
apooks or the need of troop* ta almost rvery | to ov.-.psul th- mil. Imps. Tlie fo- 
ooUMty. Ooh il be tbai General Revnolds does . Il*" hare a verv accurate d — ripHon of ih.-m. 
not know that Che etocuoo Is overt or Is he dub- h..w.-v. r, and ib.-lr •apToii l- only a -.iiesHou of 
InpBp ‘'onuafra” lor Ihe hextoheF iioi. . 

t * — ■ .. , ,, J ... THF paary ix hm-k. 

' In Detroit. )hM bandav mghl, a woman tt. n wio. found out u w«, ma t 

•as oboerred trylhg lo toxv open a oamll box In know a al the police oOee. i  -tei-ure rspu-r Ttl- 
ftoht of tbc cnibour Orphan Asylum. She was ler wa* put osi tbc alert fur the scamp*, and at Bf- 

Orai. Reynold* in hi* rrpor* m.yf Texa* 
I* In almoM as anamM a otote asdurlagthe 
war. Mr ravs (he murder, ot aagro es are so 
freqiieatar *o *a«u* little mtu^nnrn. He tblnk- 
goon artll be requtnsd to aecure tranquility, and 
apoaks of the need ot troop* ta almoM every 
oonaty. Oob it be that General Rernolds does 
not know that Che etocuoo Is overt or Is be dub- 
Inp Bp ‘'onuagra" lor the hextoneF 

^ In Detroit. )om bandny night, a woman 
•as gbaerred trylhg lo toTve open a oamll box In 
ftoht of tbc entboUc Orphon Asylum. She was 
hBOOMcd by a | nHwan. to wboa *e soofeosed 
mat H war b«r Ihteattori to taare In tbe box a 
imall babe wbicb *e m trader ber shawl. Tb* 
box was labellod “XirphaD Box." and was placed 
the** tar (be rarepuoa oT cnninbutMo* of mtioey. 
Tbe poor woosoii tbongbt It war a reet-ptocle for 
gsomdUng*. fhesmied that she wa* utterly de— 
lllnli . aad that ber U"t borne wa* In Norwalk. 
Baroa aranty, Ohio. Korae raoney wa* given ber. 
and. w m pIBg bKaeiiy, she folded ber babe lu her 
ram* aad lett the scene. 


et|tuil to any In the Mute, both  -oiI aud lumber 
being In.-ibai'stlble In quantity. Now, wh.-u tlu- 
rood I* Bnlshtst to Roekeaslle rtver, th.-re will 
only reiialn ulout elev.-n miles tu be graded 
to rea.-b this Cue coo! aud lumber. But tbe work 
as l.sfuD- Mated, on this portion of tbe road, has 
G en entirely susp 'Uded, for some r.-asoD un- 
known to the writer. Aside from tb*- foregoing, 
and of vastly more Importance to Louisville, Is 
tbe faei that there remains only almut sixty 
mil' s ..rihls road to lM  ilulsbed to make a non- 
d.s'Hou with Knoxville. Tenn.. and consequently 
with all of the lines of railroad liradlng 
to the Southern and AHantlc suu-s 
and V lib Haiii|-ion Road-, wbleb I- 
l.y l*r th'- le st, mod eap-jeums, and -ilest |x ri In 
Ihe t'n1te.t states. This route has also the a.l- 
vaniag*- of shortening Uu- dlstan'-e from Louis- 
ville 10 Norfolk by al out iMii mil an-l can b- 
 - impleted, tt put under ,-oniract at one.-, by the 
spring or summer of ls7:i, iM-tug at least two 
vests sooner than any other route now In eon- 
u-nipla1tou ran be llnlsbe.!. Now, why do n* t 

livT the law he %vas veMetl with AD In- I r.n.Xu''” 6 

ter* j*l In hlrt wife’rt property; that ' jot  s^ailth tu MarKArPt j. Saoer, is Wi2 icet, 

whether h" bud an UMereAt or nut, waa an tb- • r^priDir etmt. 

-iri.H* und rei-oudlte qui^rttiuu uf law, which the Joa. i-mith to MUliapt Glbhona. IH !^12 fevt, 

|.' uWrupi dM*not know and could noi lM»cxn*"!- v j 

i d to know; that. If It rtbouM be derided thut G. M. FraihiT lo Henry Kropp, D) Acrea, Jef- ^ 

It **^*' 1!' V'\ juS"K?iMt"7o*H^ " 

Idrt del of Ai4M 1^ I»*eAUAi* h** did uoi kuoiA h" hu I Vine at reet, between Cbty aod sheUiv 1 

It, by reo ou of hb ii^uoruDiV uf the law; and ihar I \. s. Hughert to Jo#*. Short, by JOO fei t. 

:i ir.'Te ond-stOD to m 'nt1on an lQt"rertt U no: (*ray aireet. between f*re»ton and Jack* 

made a sood lirouud of oppiMdtion by th** ltank  aor. 3 

lupt Aii.and Ihut rtuch an omirttdoD Irt no ronifxl* Faui lion Popi* Jou. hycra. Ac., l#)* acrea, 
m« lit; that a nmcealtDi-ut mu.-*! be willful, 1nt*.'D- t,... iI:, i*.ie.; * 

tlunal and deUl eraP*, an.l Ihut II wiw Irralloual county Ky ^ ^ •rrts.vJeiiir" ^ 

lo**ay that a man ooni*"Al**d that whirh he neither u. nump to t. SVuUenacW'aVg'cr.'w 
ba i Di r knew he had. feet Market atreit, tjctwi-eQ 1 webtietb aud 

TlH* eourt ha  Lad the carte UD b*r advbement . Twiuty-fliKi i 

for about tbrte weekrt. I-. N. Miller to bt o. h'larher, 3t acrea. 16 pl«. 

, cl;?.  l"l.ver.Ml Ihe fol- g« to * 

lowultt jjjj (eet.l heKtuut»tr(*et between Thirtoentu 

oriMON. and Fourteenth 1 

i.nw 00 -a rt of !'* ! 

SJOOM }!|J^ 

tiJOO OS '* n.-vv 1--G5 

“ “ isn 

 , .. 

*J« 00 HMtis 

lit:’, in7’, tw 

nil', llo*. iio , 

lliiS 1U»M ll')S 

Ill's llus 1 H)S' 

U 6'4 1U5*, t lifts 

Messrs. Mort.-n, Galt 4 Co. quote as foltoivs; 


F'lve-lwentles ISSI 114 115 

Five-twenHes Ii«3 IIOS Ills IMIH ItWS HffS 

Fivc-Lwenil.'S Imio 1:)7 lus 

F'tvc-tvvenHes (IIHVVI l-tsi likt-. Hi)', 

F'lvi--tvv"Utl.s istr; 1IS.I -, 11 1*. 

Flvi-tvvcntles ISO-s Uf; Hits 

Icn-forlles 1U4S 1"5 

' t'li-ii l*a,-lflc H. R. 1st inori. bonds lil3S 

1 ullN MEAL- Is qpK-l at ,5 t-j sd-’ for bolt,- i, lionie in.!'- took lh - biii'au.-.-. atol lh*T-- s. 

- " c- b.- a Ik.'IU r f--' Iiug umotik oiii- niaii'ifai -iir 

( IIEF.MF’. Price* arc v. ry flrni. aud th.- .iemund ' iiit. r-. whollnd ,i  si i able siippll.-.s rith.-r ! 

Is -I a-onalilv active. VVe .iiiot.- pnin.- .lualllies a- th - ni-v.- .-rup will not Ive av-allablc t 
i. ioiv at i-’ all'',.-; Reserve 17\7( '-'HH wH lu'" next siimnu-r. Prl.— s h.i 

1. ' . , ; Fngl'sb dairy is to Bv: pln.--apple uu-i varl.-l mu. h; h«*Mer- uo nol --V]"-- 1 ao a- 

nuin - g at 34 to35,-. lloHund #lBperd. z. Lut a..- .1. ti-rmtue.l to sH- k i-- pr.-; -:i: 

. ........ ... . . . ... IV I 4- (unol ;; l.t niuelia'-niit Ib'- ne 

( ANDI.F.s-Th" market H .iiilet iin.l 'piotaMy as rts-t Ipts k. tir are no c;R. rlon l-i forma 

um liiimud. VVe iu..t-- star . -and l.-s, full weight. , ,,,ni. u; from the w st It is r. ik.i ;. sl ot 

:.l •33.i33Se; 15-oz at Isali*-; 12-oz at IhSal.Se. . 4, liallty. though verv I.-afv 
la.luw caudles 14 b* 15c, Il44s i;..s to 1st iKs- -uib-r, ls.17 New 1 

  .VltPFrr CHAIN— We quote al 15 to 30c for .-.LSi l.h-'s; V rgRila, HUrid; R:tlHmi4re. 
while, aud .5.J to .Vh for cotori-d. VV. -t. '„; *1 N.-w tirl-aus, S4-pl. I. 15.H ., 

( AN Dl.E WICK— W.,- quote th-.- mari. R steal'- l4.ei-th. r. ll'.’.43u hh-ls. It -eelpis to 1st Deeem r, 
at l5lol7e. l-Mi'-New nrltau-s, 2,01*4 hh-ls; Virginia. -.."U; 

' OF F FE- The re Is a mo«l--i:4te Jobbing .li-man I. ' ’"J'*,?; 

un.l I rl. i-s are st4 We iiiii)l"i-i)minoiitnslrl4-tlv 1 ■ I"' n.lM r 1, , to-,einer, o»,,s2 nn.i . 

.-holee al 111 to 25V.-.; Lagu:4VI:i 35M to 27e; Java . IHiMIsric roH.v, 1 4. TRaDE ..r llix XX v Y4 irk I.x- 
50 U 1 5S4-; Singapore 55 to X*-; and ImllaltouJava I .-l-n 1U..N vv aXF.llol sr l.x x ivxxDvR. 

at 51) to 51e. [ \ a. and 

( HANllEHRIFhs-Are hel-1 at #2Uto $i.’p"rbbl 1 Ky. N. C. Ohio. M'l. 

tor euUlvai.-d, an.l #12 to #*" for ivlM. I  to-k. Nov. 1. 

DUIF D FHl IT-R.-e-elpts Und ready sale at , I" . 15 US 7-2 11) W 

iliiotationy. 3Ve quote Applen, on arrival, b» ftU'd rtlui . 4s0 14i .. M 

tJouit**4C to 7H^'* » N*ordlntf toqUAlItv. P'*AiMiert -r . i i- 11^ T Tl 

ttre » t4‘ady at 8 to for qiiarterrt, 11 to L2t* for , V ' * *5 

hulro. and Id to iJic for peeled. Indlvi-ied rtlu«e.. l,*l h so Ji 

“““ ** ''' r**-"'- ’’ I-*’-' ^«* «" ^ 

, *4 4. . Br.Mvklvn Inspection -St4jrk Nov. 1, 

1 L.AX si.l.U-B:i.v.-rs arc payln-r #2 per bu for isiis ' . . . 1..7 1 

I-rline. Kteelved sin. e.. 112 

FEATHERS- Tb" market Is dull at O-itoBSe. 

F I RS- Dealers report fair r.H-elpts for the i.^*****'i *'in 

s-.;.soii. and t-rlces art- iini-hang -d. We i|UOte D 'llv.-r".l sin.-e . . .11 

i-iime racoon skgw 5u to 40e: mink . .. _ 

#2 lo #2 51): oiKjssum 5e; grav fox 3ii Mock In Ihe Br^klva InspeetK'n Ware- 

lo py-; wllil eat 30 to I'l.': oiler #5 to $5; beaver #1 house. f»*s-. ]. l-sg*, 

t..#2; miu krul l.  '0 20e; deer, per lb, 25 to 3Uc; . ... 

.she.-p, wtMjl Oh, 55 - lo #1; Inferlur skins tn pro- Total stock, I ee. I. 

portion, Tol:il .sto. k, D*-.-. I. l-si,, bhds 

Fl.ttr It - H'e have no change lo note In prices, si'.vx's" ti' 1 i.v -.-» ir.vok o* the roar o 
Tht-r.- Is a ftilr local Ueu and. an.l we m le sal..s to- yoke i.x xovembix. 

. aj of !Ki bills various grades within range of our Havana. Cul a. 

quotations. We quote due at #5 00 to #5 M, super- -lock on han.l Nov. 1. l-sls, 

hue nt #5 SO to #0'25; extra at #050to #7; extra I-hI,s .. .. 7„'10 .... 

fumtly at #7 25 to S; No. 1 at #x .50 to #0 25; fancy neeelvi.l siu e. . . 0.724 5L7 

at »u .50 to #10 75. Rye dour at #7 75 lo #s 00. 

lOe. tor Englaml. 2Wi fa.-tory .lrl -.l at lUh it irlo aion *o l O'iner. - : i, ■ .l.m*"t-. 

1.' ’• e; for .sj^ln. IP' low lo m.--tlu.n leif au.l liJ-’i''*;*’!;.*'"* *“d'»“»P"'K — .   Oca^i aa.l 

H’. bmls for Ihe Snith of Eur .|-ea' Ito. The „ = . .5 ’ j*,; _ _ 

home In.l.- took th.- lMi:au -.-. ami ih-r- se -ma to ** ' “'* Yr as.iry g.,^1 , 

b.- a 1K.-IU r f'-. lii.g umoiik out- niaiiufaeiir-rsan.l ; oIuBr., sr^M-G 

I Hit. r-. whollnd li. sliable suppll.-.s rith.-r I 

a- th - nev.' ' Top will nut be av-allable to them I II!( .vtio M.VRKET. 

Mini w.-ll Into next siimnii-r. Prl.— s h.ivc not i airveo. Der.-niber »-s. a. 

varl.“I mill h: h.-Mers do not t an a-lvan -.-. Fir nixi;*— F.;«!rni ,-'.-.d -I"ui*t.d M pjr kayi^z 
but a."  l. ti-rmti.e.l to sH- k I-. pr.-;-:i: riillDg and l-toj r lu. HiUing. Wl 4- (unot al.t niueba'-niit lb'- new erop, au4t u..- liaaved; a.ks -pre 4 .xir** 

us rts-i IP's K  tir arenoc;R. rion i-itorma . orreel , v-*.u i. 

Tifnli ii" ffi vm lh*» \i'.gT lt’wr.iMit'(*(l •» rtf Hit T*to( l» BAlX  \ D* fr(A 4 tlT ,Xo. , ^^dvan# ...» . |v’ ; w^^ * 

^ ?iil i **^*“'^* • Ni .lat Nm. ! .I fl l3.cfoanitAtrT •• 

«juallt , IhiiUtth v( rv !' .(ft at ?1 1 ?S:*aIm* No- ** «tnr# *l AAAeat Illi ,. « . r-i 

ibi-*!!.'*- lo irti iKi *uitj**r, l'«t7 New   rI"Aas -vutt, v, ih «• .fMNi.i tr 7:r aa«i No. -•« t .-' 
TiXZ* V rjtnla, PUrJri; tfciittmoiv, N.l-4^; ‘l**; uev 3:^r: No. i. kllo^tr.ed, -UiD^tAc; rr*is^*t .xi 

U.-f. At Ni*w orl-aurt, S»*nt. I. l:k« *, .'tf ’•4c . -I-.K** ifN *. l th *.*.t *r»*o in :3r. r» r.- 

loLrih' r, U-*.4:S»hh.l4. H i t Ipwto l^t Deoeiu r, V* ‘ ^ **.‘*"*i^^.*.' * 

N»‘vr iirU uiia:. tLiilU hhiKr 3*lrirtnla. •..iNh •?.. ‘• ‘V *• ^‘^* *■•.* fo *^ '***'*• ^^'^ 

sio-k. Not. t 

Ky. N.f. 





15 :»e 7s2 



I sf'2 

Il* ffiuti Sim . . 

4(U 141 



. I.K’si’* U£  



1 . -’15 

iH'Uvi'ietl rtlme. 

. 1,7 IH 


Slink Dee. 1, l-«'s«.14,IIIt spi f, 

Breoklvn Inspeetlon -Stock Nov. 1, 


Uit*(}lvfd rtln*#. 


4..7 1 



Barley qt.PC Yn ; Aoa#U)r'l; No. i 0|ten#d ai 
Air(^rlD . bi t v w.«r" the (-1 «*■ wi^kcue*! jod dv" 
cUiiVd lo #156; Tn • * 'ti -G-Mat ♦! 

HiGRUiNtA— Fa icr. ' ak-»At!^i '91 V- 
pRoTi.Mort?- la C( ud demaO't and flnn«*r, vl!h 
rtakrof l,:4AbM’« irnTM pork \t fci) 3Drt’.S. erll«rr-«* 
lion, for Janaary Frbrnary ard -Marrh deUrery. 
Laid 'Trtidy a( ll'rtllSi* Ur.-oa fcam« Abort nb 
m’ildl' » t3e boved: tfrewD 4h« olden Ac. 

H 'GA-'l rrAA -d hPa*' Bore acuve. with aaW • 4 t ft( 79 
Jrt Jrt. 

rATTLA^Deef cattli* Lb ItRbt Mipply and BomiRAily 


I icttirTA— Fiw Ul# paM 31 fcoorA— 9,9j» hhi* floar-. 
4 A ;!3bu»h «be*«(: A* (•n. !'a»h com; '.rt..qtbB h oat». 
• ’ M bt-»h ryc; 3*tit b«Ah barlevi MAV- 
 HTmKSiTA-10.folbMrt fli.ur. 3^ !».- wteat, 
hna com 4.S4 boa OAtA,Si,;v.fc baa r A, 4,11^ b«« oar- 
l-y.ajVi brad bon*. 


NBwOn*AARrtv DeceniTwr 4- P r. 

hou-". IbH-. I, 1 n»*, hhilrt u.7«j^ 

TotJl rttcrt k, lb*c. I, !**(», bhilrt lOai 

Total .rttoi k, Ih* 4 . I, lNi7, bhilrt :M.(Vi6 

rtl'.i.Mrtll Ti U.\i'«'0 tttAIifc ()  THE PORT OP NKW 
YOkK l.t NOVPRD4.R. 

Havada. CuI a« Yata. 

•'toi'k on huDi! Nov. 1, Isis, 

(iUAlN-Th" irruln market irt o.xhlbutnjr vi*rv 
MttI" vitality aiul priivti rule alKiut th# rtauie a^ 

fruiii rttoiv, anil 

IsOCALSTOr KU A*N-n BiiNOrt.— With tbe eXCOpliim v' 

- u , a 1 # _ a- sk. * , . i N* " (NvruSiK.* Dor burth, on arrival, and 5!) u  flih* 

of a tuir ilt'tiiund for Narthvllli* atork auil rtoiue friiin rttor**; obi com i6 lo TU*, on arrival, Hh"Uel 

i.iDO 00 I rtafort at thi*re hurt been little trau-plrlntr In 

Thlrt i*a»e U now h**Ard on spe *iaca!lanrt of Jane Urmlutt to John Biahotf.iRv^ by na foci, 
rgurn(UrtrfinfMKlttnntrtthe))»nkritnt'ri(liiu h;trffH  h^^tllnt itretl lielWL*^ tlevrnth and 

te«ft BduuUK Aftef ibn-# oViock he had ib«*Ri In ^ • ,, * i. ^ 

t..m. Theyw. r" fonnd on tward the malllxial '!"• 'O’ers of Louisville lns|-t upon Ihe eomple- 

AURTlea. readv to s-art for th.-li h"u.l.,iian. rs In 'J?" ' ^   .'"’y:. '''"y. “* *"■ 

Am 014 Lgt4r Run Orrr an4 I'atall)' 
Injarx-^ by   iMrret Car. 

A gtottraalag asirldeot oemirred yew-t lay 
marring abora dgM o'etork, al Uh- jud.-Ii'mi of 
Bora Walnut and obelby iurv.-u. Aa oM Udy, 
■it Ellen Hanlon, between sixty and sev.-nty 
year* of age. on ber way borne from morning ser- 
vtor M W. John's eburdt, stoned to crow 
gralnni rareei by tbe west crooslbg, when, ra stie 
rraebeg (be raUdie ot tbe atm* and was about , 
raraplog o***’ raUtnad traelt. tbe car goDig I 
wool came along. Tbe gnver tbouteff to her, but 
Ibe alvrnTPT of the oM lady belag ouraeo-d 
ObMber way. *be neither *aw tbe swiftly ap- 
groaeblng aai aor board ihe volee of warniDg, 
and In an tostont sbe was knocked down, one 
irbeel bf Ibe brary veblele passing over ber, 
rnwhlng ber left Ira below the kne.- In a most 
ohaeklng manner, and InglcUnp an injury which 
will doubtleas prove foul. In a few momenG 
help ram*, ahd the unforuraate woman was lifted 
aad hrane mio klmler-s oiarr. oa the ooner, to 
wMeb plaee medleal aM was pronipily summoiaed. 
The rraoh I UmO bled profto-ely, aad a* late a* S 
o'eloek In (he afteniuon we mn a pool of blood In 
(he road abere the aerMoat bapp-ned, thou,rb 
rata bad been fUUng durlop tb.- day. 

Tbe oecuirenet dP"W a crowd of p-wple, who. 
a* onuaJ IB oaeb caw*, besieged tbe Mare, and li 
was found necrakory to etoa* and ioi-k tb.- do- r.- ' 
la ornler to k  ep theta Lack, a.* sooa as th 
nec rar ary medKal ctienaun cuald iw * 1101 . 1 -!. ' 
Ibe nDfortt.nplc. woman was . ..rb-i i« tlie h- u — 
oTberaoD. Jrary Ha; L«. on Shelby obv— ;, b-- 1 
tw.-ee Walnut and Manholl. I 

It wa* tfconrH veTteotay afternoon tbal sht- 
ra nl d I o our- Ive t olre bour*. bbonld sbe r -- 
eover ftoni 'be effecls of the Injury, amputi'l  ■ 1 
of the am no t e d Uml- artll he aeeitraary. 8br was I 
Mo low y  S-. rday lo brar Ibat opernttoa. 

The afhlr created macb exelb-menl and la'tlg- | Ibe aelkb'wrhond. an" rhnngh It was ' 
e’rarly obowa Cbot tbe driver bad orled out lo 
varaibepoaraaraaa.rae peoale coold see no 
sAciMrlai bb aegleet losiap the car Ibtlrae. I 

Atn.-nca. resdv to s'srt tor tb.-l: h.-a.l.|:ian.-rs In 
tiDctbiiail. Mr. Ttll.-r c;.i...d ui*»u ofll-. r- ii'i on- 
D"1I. Tn.i- . *n.i B*.-he. anc they *.*jn lindcl th.- 
trio al in- poli.e .-fli..-. H'-r"- Hu-y w.r- put 
ihnwigb a csrap|.-t.- seam, wbl. h r.-ault.-d It: 
lb. IrdbqsolTlag tb- sum of #112 5.5. Flftr-av.- 
.lollors of th.. iiionev wss loiind tP-d up tn ih. iin 
II.. uHooal.le pa -1 of .in.' voung Bum's shir:, and 
nitj-Ove dollars lu an-dh. r's shiri-sleeve, tb.- 
small l«Uui.-e be|^ todg-sl |n a (m- k--l 
of Ibe thlid party! Tb.-y g»v.- th.-lr tume* 
as Joe L.vtl.-. Thomas Kelion ami Daol.-I leims. 
i.Totiglng In riminniU, bnt mor.- r.s-"Oily li»m 
Evansville. Dorris I* tbe rhojitbal .-oll-d f.q th.- 
storybook at Morton A Co.'s, and the other Iw.- 
ai sirwl.-d the nion. V from ibe drawer. Th -y :,r.- 
a Biooi d.-c ii.-nii.- s q. On th.-lr |»-rs..ns w .-i. 

#I.,»i.i ii t . a-s -t lu btilMlng this r»a1, an-l 
havi- faM #15.'.u 0 towar.l 1:. rh--y should hy all 
lu.-aushav. this .-onn-s-tiou al the .-.rll.-st ]k s- 
n ■ ill. ui. 


.Vn f !«i .xu|: -r*litiou SiLculitily Veri- 

7 il. ';i rs'lHou that et-naln days of the w.-.-k 
  or.- than olhirs ar.- full of or 111 for imr- 
.1 ,.;ar isit. iis. Is os old as the old bills, and 
ih.'Ugh lu IMS ailvan.-ed day we look hxi-k at It ss 
I* i. nglug '.. the times of ourgnm-lauis and gieat 

i-roi,mls ofopiMclilon to Ibe hRnkrupt's dlM-harge. | V*' ir 1 i*i»'een i:.ievrntn smi 

Two jifound- of opportltlou are rtiMHiOeii. , jobVl! iirtrtz lo a‘ Coouef M 

Hrrtt. ThAt the lunkrupt, knowln? blrt Inforertt ! ^ uJr.d Atieet 

t.*ihi* fxu nt of it3, NiiMn a lot an i four (*oiuiir(* ^ Kisht#(*Dtb 

I.ou*"*s  imrtl( iilurlv dcrtfrlbed), dhl  ‘on ‘eai hlrt o. M. ITathrr to W. L. J*r»thcr. lOfc Acres In 

afire-aUi Inter* rtt with lufout to defrau*! hlrt Jcfl(r»o5. county. Kj... 

r*ri*«tltorrt I JAcob ttegRUi* to Juhn Hart flOby 3^0 b-et. 

Seeo-.d; That Ihe hinkrtipi has wEiriilly sworn | '■['.“rerv.^eeJIid Ywenly-llr-t and 

fs Iv lu his aftiiiavli ann.-xcl to hi' p-Htlon and . i-,.,*' i-ftisp r t.. 'c! F; ' a-lS liy 175 
seliH'ules, In Ihtil he has vvlllnilly ami Imeullou- i. ei. Laurd •(reel bt-lwi-en I’r.stou aud 

i-lly oiiiitte-l from the -rtoxlule of bis estate an ' Jaeks.ui . 

tut. -I. -St of #5.(i0o In an.l to four .-oitjg.. houses i Re,-*on Ormshy to G. H. Diiker.JSH hy 173 
,-re.t. don a lot of land (partleularlv d.-s -r1lH‘.l) ^13 feet. Market street tietwre-n Fourth and 

vv hereof the legal title n as h.-Id for his wife, 4e. - w* ft ’ii«’,’nt'o 'Frank 
1 hr proof F-howrt that the I'unkrupt, In the r I .ii trerron street l etw. eu   enter and ^Ixth.. 
i'f 1H4), or in the KprliiK of aHow^hI hU wife I i hjt». ( onner to T. Proctor, 13 Acre» 3 roodn, 

lii f xi i nd the pn eeeil*i of two noieo; belinijflng to ! in J» flerson county, Kv 

t.iiu, 4 !u*h amoiintlnv to uiui iM*rhaprtotb"r ' !*• F- Kwine to I'eicr ITeb-ter. ;tt by W feet, 

of hi** uii'iiey. utnountlu*: tc a few hundred did- Prccdcu ttrvet north of YVBj*hI*»Kton 

ar-. Ill i n*i-timr four wnutfe hourtt*rton i lot nf ; ... .vm-i.iraspisa.. % i.i.iisvMt~.* i 

i ’Mi*, the li jru! title of which waa In \Vra. 1 Ml. Y\ a»ililnRioii \ iiittUAied. 

I I A!/ell for h«*r tirti*. The t.anknipt file I hN [To the Kdiior of the f ouner-Journal 

I irk U..1 H'tItloD on the » th of I-Vbrujrv, IrtiS, I’lease, Mi. E*Jil«r, pro*lalin to the woi 

9']iB00 depurtmeut of bu ln**^ 

(iall A Co. i{UOte: 


1,*00 00 \aticral hank, flrrtt 

NatiODiil bank, accoud 

a nara AA Natii»nal bank. Ph»ut-.-r * 

4,0U0 00 Natioi.:il bank, city 

Park of Kentucky 

1 raAA AA lUl.kt-fl*4*UleTllU* 

l,i00 00 Nirrehama* bank 

■» -OO 00 '.:«n‘a-' relal hank 

.,-oM w Nt.rihvrn h«nlr 

 ’UU*-UH* bauk 

1 'JIB IX re. pic’s l ank 

4-jOO Ot M, , i;„nle-’ henk 

au.l lit ear, aad ."0 to ».5e from store, I.OUlSiillf 4 OliOII !il3rk#t. 

sa.-ks Ineludtsl Rye #1 3ii to 1 55 from A.lvle-s t»-4lay from N.-v,- York aitJ Uv.-rpoo' 
More an.l #1 2I) lo 1 25 on arrival. B:,rlev «,.r"roi .-al.-ul-jte.l to elv.- vltalltr to the market 

#1 75 to 1 1« for Nos. 1 an.l 2 sortni'. Mall Ls »l.-a iv "'te not eat. uiatct '« vivi viialliv to tne market 

at #2 lu 10 2 25 for spring, #3 75 tor fall. I'onodj h- re, and the views of t-uv-ra and *ell.-rs were 

r-V! fm. Market street l»etwefi« Fuurlh and 

Fir.h tt.loo uo 

\V. s. Wilbon to Frank Henry, foJi by lOi feet, 

.li tferron street t etw. eu   enter and ^Ixth., lt.399 aO 
( hua. ( unner to T. Proctor, 13 acres 3 roijdrt, 

In Ji flerson county. Kv 103 00 

Ml. U artliloRluii \iiidicAled. 

[To the Kdltor of the rouncr-Jouraal.) 
liease. Mi . E*Jll«r, pn * lalin to the world lha* 

WkivU-m KinuDclal rorporat 

Full# t liy Tobarco bauK 

Mb# •olcbank fnew) 

Maronlc bunk (old) 

rvrurllv bauk 

Loutsville Inrt, ('o. bank.,,. 

Wi*t;i«*rn Inrt. Co. bank 

Ceriuun In*, t o. bank 

ttas to, fttock 

1., rt*  . P. K., (preferred; 

1.. A K. K. T:.. (coiuinon) 

.cf -JCS 


iri (.m 

HI (tf *o 

Ul wifi 

lU wlli 

103 wtoi 

im tdfri 

;ioratioQ bank dCV'. • 

malt, 50, aud $1 7o fur rye mail. 

(ilNMA'fi — ITIccrt ar** quiet, anil 74*' lo 75»* 
lire the rultni; tlgur-rt. 

a: uii. Th** II A. M. LiveriKWl dhpati'b r.*?ort4^I 
rtHU'rt of 4 •■‘tton fi'f the Wi*' k wen* S!V,0tS» bale^ 
rtal**H for »*xi ort 2^UU) hah-*, sab-rt to rtpeculalort 

« H7 

101 telfti 

rtO (« Bi 

m (#101 

10.» ( 110 V. ... - — rev-.v *.* 

im igvsa |17 to noil, with rtalew ofl7.Malertuu wharf- 

l*iO I (*al at 7'» to 17 fur Kootl to t hob***. 

£!» IH'MlNV-Issteadyat#573to#il.5()p..-rbl.l. 

^ IRl'N t’GTTON-TIES- Transactions are of llmll- 

!.!!!! lu.porfatiie. Wi* quoteai 7** Injobbing fots, 

-cu-j»fra 1P» ’N AND ^TF.F.L— lYli'tH an* Steady an*I *iuor- 

r?2u i-*'*.' uui’hautfed. W»* quul**; 

! •'^. f. bar Iron. . 4 Knir. OArtl *»te**l 

wTV 1 r. c. bur IruD.. 5 Am.i-ist sttvl pt u:» 

l'* ' HtdlSK SIIUFJ^- Pr5i***M arc st *A4ly. W.* q;ote 

* 1 I’.unlfu’e at #7 lo to ^7 .VI per k**ir. 

i.#rtO MAM’FAITUUKD TtiMAtVO-Piiei's Are un- 

^ t4 4i»‘s ehuMf**ii. Me quol*- Vfrvlnla braniirt ar »i" .*t4il m. 

2 K* Mucky atd Mir'-Hourl brauds ut 40 to 70i*. 

NAll.?— We quofo PNl li»- kotf lots at #475. 

;.*S Jijbber * sales ranpe fn m ^ lai to 1^5 lu. 

I? ' UlaASSESAND SlUl'I*S— The market H Meadv 

pin -iris a fair )oUdu r liuileauil stoekrt an* ampb*. 

,”!9 « d W We qtiow New iiileane DiulASii *  ul flh to 7.V. 

'A m% 7 Molar'S rtlruprt at to (Hr; rtutfar di» al «5 to 

W '**'^ Hoc, rtiiL'ar drip', fl to#l lo, in bbls, and |1 |.i 

; to ^ fo suiull pa* ka:»*s. 

(it NNV B.UffJi- Ar* steady with nK b»rate rti4)ckrt 1 !,t4.b 1 alert; ih»* **l04*k H J6H,U10 bales; stock of 
ul -T?V«* 111 bab*** an«I iic rertewe«l. .\uuil  an 44,1100 baU •. 

(iltAIN BAtiif— Th** muik*-t Irt quiet an l steudv. The 5 p. M. Liver,**' *l dispatch reporte*! Ihe rol- 
Tt !• yiuito Penn MP'-*, if-biiwti. ut 4i lo SOc; ..'j-burth tun market ido^ori .ill anil orle»^ t**ndlnff down- 

ui CO to oH«% anil .wwusn ut i%i to iKV . waid. .sal#:* of P», wO b*»l"rt uplaa N afl-nt at 

ini»F.S— Rec**i| H are an»l flDil rcuily sale to It -‘jil, uplan«lrt on the !*p4 i ll-jiJ, Ur!"un'4 on 

at qiudattoii.'i. We quote irreen .'•alteil al Mi*; dry rhespotU gil. 

Bultcil, ise; ilry flint, ati*. 

*** TiortA. H-rtAS bale*: eoai t«!ite* 1.113 balen: ftPwfc oo 

hand. IDLOBbrtlRHk. Market rt(:ff#r oortair Um day. fc«t 

rare- r'4 #i d nueh.iDS- d; mMillinc mIca; 

.... u.7«j^ reie ttwtixUv Ai'Abalr*; export# VM bAle«;iAleAfor 

the »eek !9, ft. 

W ?!«i Gaoi xsiBA-'-Avar (hUt sikI drwc m foft ; eomMon 

•w’iVM ‘ and prue U ; elaiiAe*i .Mola t eert la fiiir 

'icinand sod lo^er; eommon 13c. prime MiRrtAi ; choice 

om or jsKw 

 LorR^FLrm.»QperflDr foTS. .XX A7 9J97.XXX •; 3A 

r. k W. ! 

LUt A« lATA. CcaIR— (' em— ^upplv Ihrht. with a Rood demaad. 

arid }'rl«'« « bitihcr. at'4)K'ri-.e Ojt  Urm ei Cse. . 

• *.• Haax^1*aII ard tower at fcl tS.^1 Ji. 

T43 I ^ Ih-ll and lower At 

I rB*»Tiai"jia- Mersv • «.rfc la foir demAnd al rtdl 73  * 

*ui « rix-u -• P»ai 4»o duU; ••leMdd'T'* Uc; rlcAf rib n U ** 

',T2 gsji ' el4*;»r Hjili - t-fl vC. Lard didi; llerceiAr; ke« Ih . 

l.lfcje j Wai«T-l ftchamfed, 

icrrAA lo fair demaad At 14* ' lis^fop Rfoa 

.‘k) 1, *:4 ' 

. I 7 l XA'HVn LF. M VKKKT. 

I SAaRViLLB. I #c«mVr •— r. w. 

Cotton -Mirket quiet; low lufdilUo**, il  i-. fo»-4 

rk#t. I 

tJ Uv- rpoo- PHILIDFLi-HIA M.kRKET. 

_ .-i.a» PBil*AOtl.PWiA, fvci-mher f— r s. 

0 (he market UBAnr- Wheat *#11(1 -lowly; r**d #l «• *!• amber fc* 
rtetforrt were tSteii is. w.tit#  :f ittNi M. Kve 4i#eUiiL*d to |i jj. 
teb fo*- ort4^l mMnalU^pl.. 4.:dfell..w|l ». Rew r 

.aft.vwv** t ttata "tea»*.v Atfc fSh for W^eat.-rru ^ 

bale^ PmrROLsrR— t; 9ial#w 4.DW hbla emde ta hfilkat 
' rtpecupjtorrt 16r; »alew OM )*nla rettaed ar.9ieJfc-, '. 

!s*vi- .kt/ks.k skf PRovKioat-l’nef anrfeil. 

iert. MOtKoi WMijFikt '•eih afowly at fl (S«l OCs. 

rte*l the rot- BALTIMORK MARKK T. 

iriiDff (irtwn- Oax.ttri ar. December 4 - p. h. 

lUlDff UOWQ rtXorw- i 

ifl'nt At wtiral doll; prime ai»d rbr le«* red fj 

, on ! -'•• prime new white fcV.*- tc. thtu Arm i 

U vu I live don at fistwt 4S. I 

PeoviMo!«a- - V#^ pork dull at fDra»3S.3A. 

Brc ^lar Packet. 1 


koc Kvamvtile. Padwrth. KMapait, 
wraAToacmmble. aad Floeeace oa 
MfofoddlimiM ^y. ibe ld*fc. at \ r. r. 
M K*H Hr.AD * CO*, \ feafoh 

For Owceaboro. tvanevflle. aad Brndenop 

ON MOLLt aoFT. Mael*r, 

1^'Ul Iravv" aa a bewe od Thie 
..wAibe '•«?.. *1 S r. R. 

wflfeA M4 mh:he.vd ft ro., Ye—fo. 

YdAW^ \rkaaaaa Faek#t !.;b#. 

TBO-* U. .\LLFN .FKI K H.VKD. Mb«t#r. 

I I ^ For MciKDblrt aad VrfceeaM rtver. 

* .ArW. ...Adfreei. ow Tus l ay. tbe Mb, at 4 r. ■* 

m K)RHF.ap 4 1 1  .. .\ftebfo* 

For C  jrb, M#n;pi:;rt. ARd Whiir River. 
Tr.McR'*T. M UI'LrZ. Maoear. 

^IP Irarw aa above ew *^A f d Ay , 
Sib. al ^ p R.. IPniw etiy whoiC 
^nftftRniaM.VNN W FftlCWHiTR, A peDS. 

Fk*r EeikCport aad FV rvwee. 

KATF. ROB1Nm»N Y-.Y MXMtFt Mttmar, 

wm IcAVe aa above om 'mcafdoy 

• *  ^g-* » the Mb. at IP. *. 

MONTI .YLM ft Ul « 4, ftftR 

toowvllle Aod Mew Orteeoa Fee Pert Co. 

rCDIANA R. S. NR.YL. Mwfter. 

For 1 Mempbta. aad New oe  

•^« MbraraMeAae 9m Tbimtay, ibe BU laeU ai 

UMUUfoftm S p. B. 

B. c. Levi, f'x AftX t. T. *Uftffteeft, e«ft*la 

^«T •••. •• Above 4jft -lecardifta 

tbe 3U. al S p. s.. peeit^ely 
JA?i. w ruR im ft CO *. A ppifoL 

Lcr tvOle Abd New OrleMA Facket C«k 
NIC K LONGWoirrs Jk. (X ROSd. Mmfor 
■r For i muo. Memtftta, and New de- 

leboa Oft rteiRrdey, (be Mb IML, art % 

B. C. LevL Crett. F*t A *t. E.T **t ar fceoft. ^RftN. 

Refnler Mempble ar 4 White Rtver ledreeDdHl 

DRH arc .. iOON D. RLUOTT, MMler. 
jT Lobvee MempiMe ev er y MoMift el 

• AwNiL . —   ' e’clocfc p. a. 

bov4 We«LTb Abd Frt tX A^eat. % foRrUai. 

KeRftlar IkeRtftrhy ftivrr Fpeftri, 
DONE Nft. *1. 

«.YM. ^ANDER'i. MMler «#EO. M. WOUDft,ClMR. 

WUI Uwev for Fraakforl rvery 

* A. Wr tb rttiay Al 3 eVbK'k p. a. far 

■ w ■ II I Woodford* OreRwD. aad ^dhbkefe* Fap 

r  cY#rv --unrday al J oVloekP. «. ForfongbAer 
p v-*-pe apply a : jArdor»e 

nt JA.* . W foK-ER ft COra Aftebfo. 

TftnaftMCft azMi Cmnbftrluel Bimbt 


h 'i  n the fowenc throuxbraiee for tbe above i 'tv i efo 
I all OB M*wsra. JocLr- ft*##. .Yll coetrecte for 
fr#Uhu mod# by them wUlhe • arrted oat. abd r *ofti 
(leUvertd accorOinR to ori|rttial bin ( lArtjDe 

ruWi^R, LKF ft roi. 

eettdtf TriAifor Adebta. Fedec-i b, Ky* 

\4nm%* \rko River !'• .RriI Lifop, 

JOHN l». totes, Sa^*t. 

Leavea Me mphi s oft Moadbye as 
..rafoThendAy*. E^For throat bUfo at 
X9 Flee BloE. Ltnlenmcb» Oee^ 

The *P. M. New Yolk ilirtpali'h m*ort*M| ih«* ool- scarce; eiv*r ddee ibouaders i4c. fcau..* Lfo 
ton market quiet auti weak, tmilnury 21M to ‘ tt 

: ntl, tn LKs fti'h**i!uli s, diM h  crt UcMb Hmoumluj;   tboM* thlctlns, plim*i**rln f t illalns -ye.s, tboBe 
o I ivi * Il ninl f in,i« o. aiivl aHM*trt of Ititle luMnlvht niiirauder*-, W4*rc not cuuu'ht in Mi. 

cr no value. Tl e h .t krupi «1M d »i, lu bis sohed- \va. hln*rloii, neither do they live within ilverall**^ 

( Ijfl ff*r tH'iiiUT 7^4 -TVS 

t Ityf.-r iM'ho«»l purpoM*^ Tii'4 

t it; f"i .Tf'ffi rsoTivilli* ra.lroart 7s wTV 

( 11} for l.oul.Tllh* aud NajilivV i:. .'.r.iM-sos 

( it} Pjr L'MiiKVilU* and .Na^hT’!.* U. U. iL. K.'.T^.S ' *9 
( iiy I* r wlnrf I'.ini SI ».r.s:! 

fifiJiH »•Ard^,  U s- ^nd vailourt otb«?t ••ti»iHii4»"#i of 1 - r« ndam*, w»* do t*o w ith a kind uf levt-nnci* for fr.u*M*rt inPDtioo«*d. 

loUil «.*'|4nivUy. It ! " f* l that tb«‘y are 

the eelf-um* imr^ice by w l»om eo nuny of our i-li 
Ir* ij" liju# tp*#n of lat* . Mr. Tllfor aad 

III# otb« rofTcMrs d*eo ne tL * ttiankrt of uiir whid** 

  ijD i: unity fur havii^r rt*-t*ur**i1 thOM* in 'urttnous 
lorui Ao example -bould aud doabU*- ^ w ill 
b»- c.ed*- of them. 


4grac4 Igftrrr'Df amd Obtaiuine .Moopf 

1 Ddrr ral d* l*rt*tPUNp« . 

wUuh w»* «*An scarcely act'Outit, and tn sptu* of 
w liui common-rtvD p tmys, we te^Ueve Just a Jlttlc 
In the oM ktreodfl we us**d to U*4cn to so lomr ujro. 
riktay has tu s-n hand *H down to us ms an uiilu* ky 
day, and cm*  *u tvbicb no Important work should 

u . dl i-U»"i' hrtl iir*rtU If he baa any. In rtal'l ; ifth* p me pT»H-lAlm to th*» world In tom s ( iiy i* r winrf 

i-ottABc l oi'rt»*rt: nor tikl h«- In any mann'-r dl-*- ' t f thunder that Mt. tVa**hlut.don Is not th-* rt"Ui of - 

i lo- the until hlrt exuminatlon. which took ‘ ulletll. V\v have as rt»s|H*cial»le c tizenrt llvlnif j jj  

ih*-‘i"th ofApill, Isds. It ilOi*rt not Mp- j ht re ui* can I*** foun*l In any city, fowa or vM *f • \vanVi. rklfo.nd ‘ ‘ 

li-Arfrom the |•a| er8 liPfore m*». at whorte m- In Amerku. Ml. Warthln,rtc»u has a bad name   aualtMmd iiwii#)' . 

-tan  •• th*' i-xatiilnutloH look place; hut, s*) for as ut rcHnl, but let any one parts ilinunrh her ikt b-rs   utjal h. nd ia#c4 nd i-eucf 

till- ] u|*i t.  frhi w , this examlnutlon iruve the flrst who Ih suflerlim for the ni* *es.*»arv co uforts of ( 4it»| foma ^thlrfl ni#ue) 

informailou to tbi* opposiutr creditors of the sup- ; life, with oi»i*n hearts an*l ouiHtn'ii h tl hands — 

[K HsI inter#-st of the bankrupt In the •'oiUgc , thev ri*^Mjiiil to th»* call. Klutucki  tau* &!Sd 

fr.iwrt nientloD *d. 1 Th»- inaraiuUnc band, which Is now In ctirtio4|y, r, “tr;d Va«4i^nrtT 

iheL'kth -ti-Kon of the bankrupt act iiDiH*ifiert ! " re not ivuntiqwnc***! bv *b»* Mt. H^snlutfio^  'I(ir**u**’ l*u^^.1•IlJr4•r rsUwuvlKon 

iheL’kth -ti-Kon of the bankrupt act spindfles 
:*il hi* troundrt of opi o-*ltioD to a bankrupt dU- 
i hi rjr»*. Ami*n*/ oih* r thiD'Trt it IrtlherelnpMvl- 
ib ii that (]n*  lrtcburir*-^hall l e irrunt***! • • • 
Ifth** bankrupt • • • . 

o/*d ajy part of his esute or eft.qds.*’ 

Rnint dls- I I oas; they ha«l no iitM* for them. In no s.iape, 
^n nr, v*. ".rm, nor fashion wliat.-v r. (mr '■«.'=*• '. •' 

I ,) r;'V', I Dtv" grow n to b.- a lltHe ris-ki"-*-., lint lh.-  

has ron- F«  "i ""''r '■«“ to"-!- 

Ih- .■omm. n.wl. and, whether or no It b.- a day of t--n„ “ ri '• imi I re s..mothlng'wl/lV,a), Di- 
uti , or Whether l»e«-AUrte It comt^sso oe-artoth** f  t»necanno» Ih* ^.iM to c« iir#*al prop- 

clore of the wtw*k,cprtAln it is that few |HH»pfo tr»* ♦ unb rt^ he not only koows th;it he i wns it, 
i ver rto rath mto fo-cin an , irreat cntcrnrls*. uiih- •'nbrt^healMiimentlorjAllr. not lna*lvert**ntlv, 

in the lll.lHwiitii/ GM/io. tic.t . . » -ri ( n*i»Ci airt Ihe sunie Hum Ids us.-l;riief or cn**!!- 

ni a M par-b-s a niurs-iay r  r . Thi* failure of a h nkrup , tUoimh wliltul- 

todi- loiH* In hlrt achi'dule all hts pp)p«*riy. N 

Me nearn A rtiory y«*rtti*r4laTrttrauFe y ACf-ijrdlQir uot ba th** bankrup* a-'t nia'ie a HiH'iiui* {rr*HJa l 

their nemhbor’ii iKH-kt*i-book-; neUh* r do tl)e  
i^riao *aCf their u»-Ufht*or*rt h'*tr-i durlu-T th** quiet 
hi :m* Ol night, lu ord**r to start u porkhous • in 

* t»ur*^Ift' here iirtually buy lh**lr own whisky, 
arm u :»Bt tbelr ow n st*-w » an*i. If ih**y (ret drimk, 
what Is It to you, and voii, aiel you, or uii.vbo*l  

  Ui74‘u- l*u^F•l•llK4.r rnUw:ivl oiii| M **»'d 

( Uv Fan v'hKiT rniU ar hoba U) (.415 

J-n* nv4)i.viU • raUfiaif boud (. Id'. 9R ruiil 

U« r-"H;vilb railroad i'«ind meu » piY'S'^ 

l.'Miirtvillr and Frankl*»rt U. K. h.imi if. nixiu.'v: va*' 

I iMifftYl b- and Nashville It, I:, bond  M. S.», V9 i-lOO 
■ e aud NiUvliTlllfi:, IMm.iiiI .?,,K.I hi9l FK 
boiiihVllje and NafhTllb* it. K. r onrt * h).W i 33 
*‘*‘Lv-‘‘*'v *V ILbi-ndiciin^Ted iiiortiii IW 
1 ity for KhzabeUitowu ft Paducah Uatlroad M 

1 h** folIowiniT are till* clo^tnif ,|nnta(lons of the 

. . . 

. , . . -.‘S 

t"* iH*V 

....77 (./7-S 

‘Jl '|C, Y'Oisl to re*^'ic, luwr mbbUlnR lu ' 

mlilill!n*j iip!an«!s*M t«) M**c, irooil mM- , 
dUnir'A’v to 4«*. Mobil** :i4 -« ( * 'J&*. ttrfoans "Si 
lit 25’qe. 

At (be leRular aui'tioc sale ro-ilay ti bales .vere tr. 
i'fleTi*il,unt! all the bbls rej"‘ l'*il. Private sile of 
.‘lO bub*a low mbi Um/ report’ li at Jl -« *. 

liftui^viile Live Mock  larke!. 

Bid kBii.N rtnK'lx T.VBD ll. r. TlS*tM.VN 

Lun.sviLLk* I)e«*. 4. I 
( .YTTtr ^upply of cattle iliiPUir the week pr 

bailnen fair an*! the •lem tiid Ifoiii. TbeD* AT# rl 

about forty bead left over tm.soM. S-ile- ramfe 


[by lUeAtlaaUc i ablc.i 

Lortmir, D!*#gm*wr (— p. ■. 
  ooaotrt for mo* #T and for acr * u'. v».- 
rwet tir» li .. hAiiwaya quiet; Erie 
trm V %, 

FiuvfcrotT. December 4 p a. 
FiTc-fWi :*lb ♦  %. 

IMfMlR |w 

Ffluc' Iht- Rftcor-ia of tb# MerebAats* LxebaaM *. 

BT RIVER— Dec ‘mber I. 

( rsCINN ATI— FerGeA. Bnell po, .Yiams Ka- 
 rLM* CO' llH do ludar. L ft N K U -lA oales h.»r. ti F 
.Urk-fodo dOxiico McCwnw*a 
HfcM»Clx.*N— p.r Momlojl 'Hap— tl bbla Aftlt. H 

orlSA fttf N«l fo F-wetft atiWBC 


Ul.lrt RBM.VBLR 


I FAMB tsw. m id i.nq m. alA ar4 

^aam^^raoHrag ^vt* »(---rooM ooftariev. UfoR by 

ftB»BD«DWfo ra.lroBa,.^ 

I A. H. Owe of tbe OMtfuUli-rat '^en.nera 

' «;CN. L^TLK rtAM. BUoDkETH. Maai^ 

InEN. BI ELI C. D.kVlD. Maaier. 

laadtnR At aB HMirmiiUAif pAtifo, 
kTENlNG LlNl AT t p. m. Owe  4 tbo new Md 
•pteRdid trtfthie ilTfceft pel are waamefi 

tMEKH % D. WHITTEN, Mmiee 

I MTEf)  *T%TEM . R. WADE, Moilei, 

at fri*ai 5 to .Y\'* ft r tbe b**«l,3\t«» 4*t * for fUlr 1 Oeat — j t x-  rm!.#, Tboa .Ynil raon ft eo— 3 fchda t *^AC 

iandtmje ORly at MadlAOR. 

^'TK.iii Ub#« auUuuR vwre cotinectlAftrt at Cmctfo 
&AU WlU aU Ibe fArly moraiAg iraua lor tbe EaMerw 


IF'CAatera pateemiirTe M tbie rewfee hove •• 

cLam# from CuKl&nftU to New York, niiladrlffclb. Baltimore. 

( K ’*L-»n 'Air deioinnii, with rtales ofiM) tons 
b AT, |l«roaHil r»ton  ••‘ht rts at We iuote 

at plow topl7 5i» piFton b r bran, tolcifmr 

the Week an«t packers bav* bimqbt all tbe h as 
fa t iLs th**y arrivisi, ami this eveninti ther** are not 

SulliTaA ft cu— 5 ^ab K sL#etia||. H N wcMBo ft co 
i'lNt INN.YTf- P.-r ,V*D*Ti *a .23 hxa  Ar**fc. Hfcroit 

m »r»* OiHii ihlriv h*‘M*l In th * pen.s b*ft over un* ft t old#w#y-;MbbfooH. M ft H sikuMoo— sjy k?a-  
soM, .'stb s r*tli-.'e At fPum7'»losc for well fAUK*d na.b, Mk'Ti*. Hrfmmk r ft co -U eoUs rope, ORa-» 


SjT ItoketA foea^ aad *WRRAge ebeebedoft bearw 

• (• Atters for aU petat- Lost. 

*iTAU the ahoT# Neeta leave frem tbe rniii|af*i 

heavy hok* , and ' 

«*»ortrt,|L:»toF:.t»b r shlpstuff. and iKki u  #.'n for '**'‘'^* 

mlddlln»m. Kceil in*-ii! t  rtte;idy, writb aab-s of :JU ih** supply ha« l*een verr Ifohi durlm? 

lull' at ?1 bS to #1 lu per luMhrt. ips"! 'heep an- In uir demvn 1 at 

for orHIuary au-l fair -ca-sonbl- wh.aky. K v‘ha.*4 co Tibi* .ova, J I'-x- 
•-i(, L-'Vti'gg eo— t'Jbhl- htghwi.,**, EracUm 4.1 g ra 
H.* C..-C II..4.4 -5 !o. J M Dari** O co 

UNIONS- I’rn-o* ha\i- a.ltanrcl u  #1 »: per b'al 

allh fhrer oia.flni" «up"i tltloa  uf g"., I and f"r w IHiboliling hi* dl- harg'-. It Is nol th'-r"tor' 

Mrhola* Maher, charged with otealfng thirtv. I ''Vtl day*. It was of a wi-H-Lnowu efttz n of 
stx dollars tn money from Tim rrawly. above lx,iilsv1Ile. and th" roln"l4i"n4-"s that tollowi-d 

W4-(iX4 1 -tree, on Ji-ff'-roon, wo* arraigned le-fiore  -a4-h oih"r in quick su--' , onion during th" last 

leiir to me (hat should a lianliriii t Inime flitelv 

‘I They do not 4|,-al with su.-h cattl,* as as gf\4-u hy th" ft-. M. leleuraius: 
i;niml4-v's iHHi'l. ll.-ni'-inlH-r, they w re not ^ Y.r.-ntial ., . 1  riif,- 

(ai-tiiied in Mt. Wa.shIngtoD. a-lh" papT slat'- l. j-n,. 

• l(*‘H4llriLK UK ; .lev 

'rini liul st.H-ksiif th.- \.-v. York Sloe's Exi hange, i .yjj 'arrlVal aud #5 from store. 

lajiilsMIle and the e4.i1.-11 « . 4- ° J   u the eleeilon of hi* as-lgn -e 'l|s -I i*»- f.i him all 

--h til Vm . a “ *^ ‘**^^ properly own-d hv him at Ihe 

Juetless fY. metit and MaUa4*li v.ttterdM} morn- 
ing. He nor onr-s'.ed hy eonalahle RuHege on 
Wedneeday. When that offl'-er weni after Maher 

iwuiiiouthsof hU life are »eU wonhy of narra- 

Ihe property own.d hy him at the 

I me of the Bllng hi* petition aii'l ' 

hniinpHy ih'llver to Hie as-lgn's* all tli" pn peity 
l "l«tiglng to hliii. he eoiihl lie rerus"l his ills- ' 
eharge— If 00 o'her g:onnil of up|H sitlon Wfr- 
siH eli*4-d than that he hml eonreal-'l his e-taie 

r '-•-‘-•'••il "hau 'h.t h.*: 3 eSlteV:V|.^ his e"'are 

he found hUn ID l ed drunk, with a huteher-kuife S' p" mier !m-t. .Irew large uumheni of vl-ltor- or effects, even although ll should appear that 

of HTDienM- *lxe lying lireld* him. ThG weapon f om vartouc p4.'rtlone of th" Slate, gulte a num- he had willfully onilil.'il to ills4'Io-a- su'h pnqM-rty 

wa- Orel pul out of ihe way. and then, after quite u-r eame from Shell: yvllle, and amoiig the*" was *" •’•'***’''”'"'e'innex4sl to hts|H'tlit»n. Th'- po— 

a tuesie, Ihe D4-rce and drunken Maher was token Ml-e Hphella Je-i-ee, an im.jDiPllshi'd voung "'hlv might loi reganli-d in law as a in,''l,t-,te 1 

incustody. HGwIfo.whomhehadJustheaton of ^ee. " p 1 h d young Ugy 

luoM cruelly, was piueuaie on the Root, unahle *m 77i«r oag, the IiRh of S(,q.-mh -r. ah.- met 'hn h. re siigt.-sted, aii'lll I- no!  lee|l.-l. Bui 

to help heraelf. The cooe wra (h-ferred uuUI V a' the talr Mr. B. K. Allan, sun und partner of "’•"■'her the siM*-in,-atlon lie th»l the huniiriipi 

o ekHk Ull* morning. Mr. W. K. Allan, of IhU city. Yery mu"h siruok ha* ctoW-d hl*rell.-^s or that he ha- tvl Itolly 

* r'*" r r,“ i!*** .!.|nal1v ?!:,uVmlTh-^^ 'iw'i'ld 

n.crly owned and iuAiM4ri*il a it*rwj4 focton In fioiu iUaI  Uy loven*, and on Thurwdxv, October howniu ti luunilonalto a -Ifo- 
ib.rt city, » Art predated before tbc sftOic iurttlccA :Mb tqey wen* um tried a( tht re-ideboe of Mr  *’**ve. 

4-u a chorr- of hating ohulned, aoder Ulse pre- AUan's fiither. The wi-ddtng was a brilliant one 1" 'he ,-ase 1* ex'-'-e4llngly limit.: I. 

|4«M«, ol-out *tk hundred dollarv lo monev from tixona of friends congratulate.! tk* k-.,, . ».4.' H  saiisl.-l- entirely of the stalenieiiis m i-l'- hy Hm 

n.4-rly owned and moiuig.-d a itorsol factors In 

f om varkiur porHona of th" .stale. Uulte a num- he had willfully oniliti-d to illsi-Io-q- su-'h pnqM-rty 
UTeame from Sbelhyvllle, and among the*" was blsseheilnleannexisl to hts|«-tlH»n. Th'-po— 

Mt - liohella Je-*e,. an ■■ 4 .n.t,ll 4. a- . SlhlV might la; reganll-d ill law aS a ini''l,t-,te 1 

tol .uae! .""iDipllsh'-d young Udy ,..„«-al£. nt. Hu ugh not an a.-tiial .-'.n--- aim if. 

It G nut m-4'ees .rv however, tu ih-cM ■ ttieqii -s- 
ou zriurM/dg, tbe IiRh of St-tdi-mher, ahi- m,-t iloi, h. re siiggested, aii'l it I- no!  h-i-l'li'-l. IPil 

al the fair Mr. B. K. .Allan, sun und partner iif "’hi ther Ihe siM*-in,-atlon lie th»l Ihe luiniir'ipi 

Mr W K Allan ofllihieii* ..... s . . ha* r i»'rr il/d his i-lli-"ls or that he ha- tvi Itolly 

a i,'. ..a.r.Th., ^ lerymu' hstru' k .wo,,, falsely In h)s afllday It annexe.1 i., htslii- 

i ib.a city, wo* preainied before the rame Juatleea 3)qh iqey were uuiiried al the re-ldeuoe of Mr ""rge. 

I 4 -u a chorr- of hating ohulned, aoder blse pre- AUan's ftither. The w.-dding was a bril.lint one The i-y Idem-" In the .-ase 1* ex'-'-e4llngly limit.: I. 

i t.-aseo, olKNit Ktk hundred dollarv lo monev from tixopa of friends congraluialed the haa,.* nair' •' •''i''"*---'' entirely of the stalenienis m oh- by Hi,i 

iraird lara June, ran.-*- which time Morchuid has ly, and all was Joy oiul g-ayety. Uo Thtiradau d'-|Hal'loB. I think, discloses niilUlng material. 

I l-een vegetoUng Somewhere ,lse. uo bis retuni Not i-ml-er Siilh, exactly four week* from the wed ' anil thai of IVarson only dlwloses that he gav- 

I totbediy y.-sietday,be was orrraied oo a hall dine night, the bnd -gToom breathed hia Ua 'he I ankrupl, oulhe 3d or:id of'K-tolier, IHd'i.four 

I arm a» (he inaugalloo « f * genOeman who hod the verv hou*.- that harl tungwiUi ikew^o.,,^ not. sof JI.iMleaeh. |,e.v:ihle In oue.two, toree and 
1 neutaae wh, -h ••* vi, .s c . “ We weddlhs h-ur yeutv from date; that he paid one uf the 

I P**° * " '^"^h h . r. Wtl- feMIliUtes, and the fair bride wa-, c widow. m-lre to George W. Morns; that Me-airs H,-nnlug 

' I raraon praeure 1 hla arrmlgnraMl upon the Irol Cenamly a more lemarkable chain of coincl- * t pe, d and A. D. Hunt hoM two of the nol-«. 
nraat.oned ohuse. U- mui oo irled a; lu o'cluck denee* could occur In bnt few Uf,qim.-jL ...i aii and that one note Is In suit. Whi'n th" two not -t 

Wli Bonung. It ti probable Wot other aerloiu - ■"' ^ all ....a.., a .,„.a..t „nd * n Hunt 

choivra will be prefeired agaloil him. 

llaiTlaxe Lic -naes. 

The tol!o»IIig are th.- marriage Ihrens -s Issue-I 
l.y the ' h-rk of the Jefferson I’oan'.) l'- urt tor 
III,- week ending Dec. 4. 1-diS; 

Idwapl I’aHe.l to Bihlg ' H' rty. 

John ITiI-lngi-r to Mary h4- -Hitg. 

W m. Kiihrmanu to Marv W era • 
silh- II. I-arker to ' . Albs- 1 tiler. 

\Vd, S. Garrett lo Julia T. Tonipk.ns. 
joiin K. la-ahy to Br'-lg -t G»nty. 

,s. M. Wing to Elizabeth .M- Knight. 

\i in.  ■. Thorp lo Mary L. '’olllu.s. 

( has. seh'itl lo ixiherlne Ih-rg. 

Wni. W. h,-'-n to Ll/.zii- H'-aveu. 

H- m v Gi-ini-rf to Mary K -ru. 

Wl -i, V B. King to Laura M'-ng. 

I . B- -uudfoid to Wary K. H-twe. 

Y.r.-nlial., 1  . t'hl.-. and It I ...PIS'. 

.hUS .N. W. t 1.111 -Cl 

;; pr,-r'-ir.-.l . .s7’, 

Mh-h. souHii-rii... , sat, n. \v.,vn... Ills 
tin. and I'UI-.,. , St;-. West, l u. ’i'l-l ... 57S 

i I’guruci.vL. 

I he tvi-atliiT to-4iuy ua- uniat, iraiile tor luisl- 
-*. aud the e- iii-ral iiiarkels wi-re .it.ii i-i.- 

Idl-s- We quote linseed oil al Its.- to |l. i -,f.) v , ' hi a'I 

I. #1 31 to #1 U5: pore #1 pi. I-.,, I ;t;. lo ;j-^. 

Ni-alstoot #1 A) to #1 - • huoih aiiug pi i,, I 

PICKlE-d- We quote Kf. Vln,..,,r I'aiiiMny’s ' iwov „ 
t-ninds In bbla at #!»« half bbl- «t jy. IV.Jenkln 

PEA.M'TS- '■''"''h;' »*'e fair, and -ales are re- Klidav. Is 

lon,*i at from S 10 ftiy hot 

IHTI.ITUE- The market Is .-t- .idvan l Hrm -r. -s'rrel hot 

Sales ilurliig ihe w,, k' fa 
.511 Ili ad: sb'-,-p, 150 head. 

Iloi'to anil Hole .Market. 

D.--S; and the e n-ral markets were dull. The ,v! . !,ot,- « #2 per h"l 'oos-; ami to.iu (" S'.'j 
volume ut trade Is light, and ih. re «u,- uoihlng Si' per 1 hi 'n shipping ord- r«lrlng in husin. »s iln h- .|.■mau.llug sp -'-lal pHOV ISIUSB-The protWon market Is tlrni and 
notice 0 , ,-umm ut. In regard tobu.-l- h,;i.h .► are o.-i'd.g an adtan- e of s,-. w” Cre 

Dally repon ofauetlon and private sab-* bv B 
W . Jenkins A fo.. corner 1 ifth and -q s:i -lo. 
Friday. D,*-. 4. Isds ; 

Bi»y hoi-- #1 l 5. hav ma--- Ss| .M, hjy ho: .■ y-.V 
sorrel lior-e #114, sorrel hor.--- #115. 

1 hor-e #114, sorrel h'-r.-- #115 
il.kltlvl.l- MX 4 a, .1.1. 

tig- Captain ,»ohn Wilson, who reicucl - U 
i. -tG^us floui the burniiij; IJnliah »h:p C- c 
i aught ol! Bo.ston, in O, t"her. IStiO. Ins ju* 
r.   nt   d a inogiiillc'-nt ip'IJ chronometer a i 
chain (rom the Brilish governiuenl, a he 'dti'i 

Uiree trsiLsplrcd within a apaie of only two 


Iin- 2 Wl mm;i 

Aiv $2 to 2 86. 

bt*. fi*iT-Wrt quote tH»lo river An«l KAnA.rhn 

wi'.*k ami rinhI "iheei) an; In 6iir d«*mvQ'i at UY1L4D AI  . 

-I'v 4‘,4* f« r htMVT t'!koU*e rthipFlmr, Anti Dano#; the i4 boorv •*AkUnft rood. Dor 4. 

^ a^ ' h'*r‘?» 'luiT. 1 «' ri»viLi a, i iscixx.iTi i: r (.cxciantx f?. ■!.- 

Nilt‘rttturiiur Ihe W4tk (aiilt*, l 4 h-al; h •HrAr^h*^ ar-»T rv-» do .1.., H*u*r»«, HaFa*:: ft 

cjU lu iHi; rthi't'p, IjO hcuii. co— Icar ho,^. Ilau.!!t  a ft Bro— i ifo do. Jirvi^ft 

rt — 2 Aiid# ti*rAcvk'. FAriacrt’ «4r«taoartr— ; tfo do. 

, IkKtiA WAT#. o««#-Mlhbto tkhx^fcv, J Moofc ft i\ Nb— 

lloTHF anil Mul«  VlMrlk-ht T:*#Kvri.*. rtb! Mb p#t er. Du^al ft e*t— 1 fcn-1 

• lor-to anu Mule Mark t. i vc... Ninth S| Whan-So u-I do^o, Laal-vUIc *ha - 

l Hily rt'p^irt of unction and prlVAt#  *a1*‘h hy R. 4 pv» biftKlCUfX, T«m!« 1 ft Kit Ii iriWa 

.* ^i' '‘^**’^**'’ I *u all " lA, L« cisTiixi. ard NArtWiLLS Railroad— 

rlday, Imm*. 4, I'tsiM: i cat^ ho»!t. (»tr*»ty ft c*» lido do. Ddacaa. n -yd ft 

fLiy A14.V bay ma' *‘ .%►, hav hort- f n*, r** ** -to. drover«--IM bA*;rt ^#. \ cmr tor® MaL 

•rrvl liotM* #114, M»rr»’l h«T^* #ll"  ' *** * -l * at tAnl»j*k. CaTiAhA.'^ ft 'H»n— « rmr* 

■ ijon.o   n* ft 4 • — J fcli to (ohRi'co. to tver ft 

■^.k It K l.'l ^ IS Y I Ikk I I. M. Y I* 1 * s' •.* !.! b Xubu tro. '•ptAti ft ro— 74hAjr« r »n», Bll .n  

jxi.i 1.1 • ik«ai.4an..Yi I. ft DriA* ACtt vbdb •kio..; OohAtf^.f hAjrt ir erul. 

Ml -MPHls MMtKET I p.i folfoto . L J.#. pL-lo fcfc«to TorD -u ft l ift 

^ •« w . IVm A - l ' st * li 3; U— 3 hAsrf r~44. i Mto hi La. 1 do 

  (kf^nxM I.,- I .. '?****”*N 4 ro mVr L- ’.v. -k.tu*. i i« Atht r*. I d # Or frail, t bxv #c ',l do 

■*inilrea!-'V w a * r, i"s“i‘ '“‘{i : ’ '-f.r. glo*"""-- D .v; t» * c«-« haz* ^rath. 

if' V-i?'- it'a.'i '•"’•f ;' '7lf" i:g. Ido Hsx:', li. Otot-b-t -k.U* -o- 

t^.ei i.'iVln « "s’™ 'i ' '•'“'‘'■“■’’'i!'.. I i ; bag- 'ined fralt.tdoll.u ,fd. 4 -la f-aiti-rs. Mir- 
f .IVJl,*' 'rn -a " 'i rcli* w,u.r-ia baits rugs. 7 Oul* kplra 1 hbl ub- w, 

-o ' '"'b-i'-. I ■ .1 fni.I. I .to te»tb«-., J W.-ll.r— Ti iiag* « -f,.. 

Liter * M I'sP s lir-f'tas-ora. saliivaa b e •—It  x». 

V *1 M,..a I .... .. i--'^-.' .'ru" ;'a’l'*M.alc*la4bLeTi-i:rarlto- 

.\ii. ", d^uuirra ofire? ’V ’“ "»k»drfrH«. 'jbW mol**— .tbigs 

• Ik-l' ''il.' loTiT -‘.dea* -Id f'"" * 44t.i..-l" Win, J f fiy-or I Sal, eotl  n t bij. 

dk 1, ,1 . n»4l' -1 . 'lear -Id.. . rag*, t uu beaao, I do gin cag t bx eggs. I do biti'r. 

klNClNS-XTl M.xkkkt. ' 'du nar-. -mila. .X b ,-a 

. _ . - f- ll» leaib.r, Ilvan * c --U '-. Idle' to- .e--i. T*. 

Ftawi. sre.dv f-miii w “ “‘“•'rr l-e. , c: an * c- -- liab-, ..utluo, K W * L P Kca'r ty -5 

$4 • d- frii t. ^ do rY!T7. V h m  rkn 1 h«ir i il|rt« i Li 

l.gM.v— w a. ato««a4ly at k) 7s for No t wini -r. I’-ara   -a,t i-rs, ikhatrs c -it-.a lh4'..4Z IdiwouLt'er v 

*1 , . ^ io Cfonai.i at oiy, it,, " ! at* t hrarwv-b»l- e U .n. J.. '-a facD b '» 

''•‘■r.r -‘'••dy: rale, onilnsaiti M »7aKa e»iu», '1 bog, dr fruit. McNsil iRngbi * 

- ' r'h"bretl,badtanand»aAia-'Mtorfan "aandei,— ira\ialrer"| r- :r fcni; HiTw* 

,, 4 ,i--N Dull but prura ore uo. ba igcst; 04.1 lUag h, 17*1 boa Wos-L J M Hmviea s ba,, b oo*. M ! 

,ea\etx  Sf^l and rtir*'!:'* '¥   • hat prlciw are h ■jS'*ha 

Ui.t.aBv unchaai^ ^ca » J^oa. tsra. «•, « .io cliealnnU, I bi n4 tJ. 17 blut, ragxr. J 

W'll-XT Adv -ij^d toft. ree. .-n-i l  krz- M.llLln.- ft* bol.-s c-Rton B H Ka* a I 


MxeeHis ttecemSer t — . x 
I but ilriti, u tuiiad. 4.*.,: Y 2J**; 

k .(X .rtw l.l K.alra, U ^1 

LatJ IVa* 

I k .pt. JORV T. ^RfRlkRT. J. M. 4, McCx RKLS. 

Lam oF Mfuipfcirt, Tvra. t f Lv A M ivlil rt , Ry. 


fourth Mlrret. east side, near .Vnxa. 


'■'HP ani4«r «U aa d . kavlna pnirhaard tbe larnMa*^ 
' I and tea*, , f Ihw pap44lar hiMoL laiorra WunM 
fTtonib aad Iba paMJe deaeroby that Ihey are pre- 
pared to eslertoia gueeU la the beet aiaaaee, aad wiM 
-4pore no peine lo peovtde Ibe tbe eoraforteble accora 
wodotP-u "fallto'Oe who ran* patroalaa thera. Cape 
Shirin win tray *f. clot xtteaiton to tot b- uae aad to 
hl te,aad Mr. Mceorkla will bd la lha ii ra n . 

aoedbwtf J. M. d. ttcCOKELX 

■oatbwrn JoorBbl ot ■an*. 

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Louisville courier-journal (Louisville, Ky. : Daily), 1868-12-05

4 pages, edition 01

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 Local Identifier: cjd1868120501
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  Published in Louisville, Ky., Kentucky by [Louisville Courier-Journal Print. Co.]
   Jefferson County (The Bluegrass Region)