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date (1855-05-11) newspaper_issue LLETIN 


Ofll'E OF THE I, O U I ? V 1 1. 1, K JOCRNA 

Errry mftrr.ijo* attvo urlork, rxrej.t on S'indays. 

Per w»ek   - lOeents 

Per nunc, payable quarterly $."   x 

■mil su'njcribtrs. ; -r annum, in advance _ 4 tw 

» \d' C"-'- nenta inserted in the E\ ening Bulletin upon tht 


\;. ; -t -n-M  transferable 

onl at harf-vriee. 


jf • m .»«•• rf :» ••ftn »r   * »»r : r •' ■ : k *r».*, -in- 
1 ItW^M/Mr. .$a 4H 

And each additi. !.al e .|.y... 75 cent*. 

^-A.ivertia m»at» i uierled in tlie Weekly Bulletin uponthe 
njuil terms. 

MhAdvartiie . transferred from the LouitviU* Weekly 

J 3\i -. at • •- r:ee. 

is already long enough, and we shall defer till 
to morrow what we have to say further. We 
address ourselves not to the captious, not to 
cavillers, not to men who seek to turn every- 
thing to party account and who would rather the 
controversies between the North and the South 
should be inflamed than adjusted, but to those 
who in their hearts desire a restoration of the 
peace of the country and would gladly make 

•v |r rl*iraaf# sacrifice 

uf mi 

FRIDAY, MAY 11, 1855. 


(jy One oi the most important matters of pres- 
I ent disagreement between the Southern people 
I and a large portion of those in the ^k'orth is 
■ unquestionably the fugitive slave law. We think 
A there is no good reason why there cannot be an 
K amicable adjustment of this. The object which 
H the law is n/.ei.ded to accomplish, the actual 
restoration of actual slaves escaping into non- 
I^»Jt »levebolding States, is one which those States 
ha\e do right to oppose orresi-t. If the people 
h   ' of the free Stutes say that our slaves, escaping 
| to their soil, shall not be returned to us, they set 
the constitution and our rights under it at open 
defiance, and it is not worth while to reason 
with them or even to expostulate with them or 
attempt to comprom se with them. But, if our 
Northern brethren are willing that there should 
be provisions for the effectual restoration of real 
fugitives from slavery, and, if their whole ob- 
jection to the present fugitive slave law. as some 
of them allege, is, that it is unconstitutional in 
some of its features, that it is unnecessarily 
harsh, and that it puts in peril the liberty of 
freemen, and if they merely desire to change 
the law without impairing its bgitimate effec- 
tiveness, we do not believe there can be any in- 
superable obstacle to a fair and right adjust- 

We ki.u». Out iomo honest and enlightened 
patriots of the South think that the law might 
in .-ome things very properly have been made 
less offensive to the public sentiment of the 
North than it is. Two or three months after 
the close of the Congressional session during 
which this and the rest of the com- 
promise measures were adopted, we had 
, a long conversation upon the subject with 

Mr. Clay, on his return from Cuba, at the 
house of his relative Mr. Thomas Smith in this 
city. Upon that occasion Mr. Clay expressed 
much concern at the discontent of the North 
or. accrunt of the fugitive slave law and re- 
** marked, that, if he could have remained at 
Washington and acted upon the committee by 
which the bill was reported to the Senate, he 
could, he f dily believed, have caused it to be re- 
ported anti passed in a form far less offensive 
to the North and perhaps entirely satisfactory 
to both North and South, but that, after his de- 
parture for Boston on account of ill-health, an 
influential member of the committee, who was 
opposed to the whole system of compromise 
measures, proposed and carried provisions ap- 
parently designed to make it obnoxious. We 
asked Mr. ' Clay what he himself would hav e 
proposed if he had staid and acted on the com- 
mittee. He replied, that he would have pro- 
posed a provision that a person claimed as a 
fugitive slave should, on being remanded to the 
place whence he escaped, have a jury-trial 
there to test his right to freedom if he desired 
it. We suggested that the fugitive could have 
I this under the law as it passed. Yes, said Mr. 
Clay, but the people of the North suppose, and 
it is to a great extent true, that a negro, claimed 
and held as a slave, does not, as a general rule, 
understand his legal rights; that, either by his 
own ignorance or by his master's authority or 
management, he is prevented from taking 
* the necessary steps for obtaining legal re- 
 M dress; or that he is hurried off and sold 
it. some remote part of the country where 
proof of his right to freedom is out of the ques- 
tion; and I would have proposed that prov ision 
should be made in the law for the slave's being 
taken back to the very neighborhood whence he 
should be alleged to hav e escaped, and for ascer- 
taining whether he actually claimed a right to 
freedom, and, if he did claim it, for having the 
question of his right brought immediately before 
a jury of the vicinage without any actke agency 
of his own. And the old patriot added that 
many of the people of the North understood, 
and the rest could easily be made to understand, 
that the rights of a colored person would be in 
no danger from such a jury, there being nothing 
in the human shape that the people of the South 
more abhor than a kidnapper or a man who 
claims a free person as his slave. 

We could certainly wish that the present fu- 
gitive slave law, though no doubt fat from per- 
fect, might, for the sake of peace, be it alone, 
but we repeat, that, if the true men, the genu- 
ine patriots of the non-slaveholding States, en- 
tertain a sincere and honest conviction that the 
raw in some of its features is either unconstitu- 
tional or harsh and perilous to the freedom of 
free citizens or to the rights and the sovereignty 
of the free States, and if they desire to procure, 
in a proper spirit, modifications not at all incon- 
sistent with the prompt and effective accom- 
. plishment of the rights guaranteed to the South 
by the Constitution, we have little doubt that an 
'km amicable adjustment might be made, and that 
MP the Northern and Southern members of the great 
American party might, through their delegates, 
agree upon the terms. 

We had intended to speak, to-day, of 

be pleased t» hear f iom others upon the subject. ' 

(^"The following is a gush from such a 
fountain of poetry as dwells in the depths of 
but few human spirits: 

[Fur the Louiiville Bulletin. J 
Br bAH Gkauame. ' 
I know a dream, that is not quite all dream, 
Which jet fall sadly lies 
On my enchanted eyes. 
And trail* a sorrow o^er the day supreme. 

1 know a rich domain, on fertile ground. 
Begirt with granite lulls: 
And reined with fl •jhing rilli, 

Where high the laurel-forests wave around. 

There tnnny wilds unnumlxred blooms infold, 

With red .len. e of balm; 

And groves of Syrian jalm 
In rank luxuriance fleck the dreamy wold. 

Among the hills there yawns a wird seats. 

With i. : i alauting over, 

And knitted hemlock cover 
To mortal line and plummet measureless. 

Red poppies flaunt in that unholy place, 
And sunless «hadowa lie, 

heirs are born to one unhappy race. 

a dome that rests on pillars tall, 
With roof of gorgeous arch, 
As blue as hearen in March: 
With fretted gold and arabesque o er all. 

glancing chambers mildly trickles day. 
On pictures old and grand— 
The noblest in the land, 
imagery, that lines the way. 

A banquet stands untasted on the board. 
As guests were there to he— 
In lordly revelry— 

By human hand the wine haa not been poured. 

Dv human hand the c an- not fed— 
The censers nil of gold. 
And car»ed in antique mould, 
, like a violet bed. 

There have been t. roups in that ancestral palace, 
That live to-day in rhyme; 
But empty now. sublime, 

Thoae halls of silent song descend on Alice. 

Beware! a doom o'erhangs the arching grand, 
That nameless here must be; 
Alas, for one like thee 
: there without a warning hand. 

My lips arc sealed, as once iu Palestine 

Adrcaiful was set, 

By Him of Olivet, 
Who brAe the death where Jairus" child had been. 

Like thee, the olden throngs were fair and gay: 

But only one was true; 

How madly I may roe 
She lies beneath the sodden earth to-day. 

The deathly damp among her crow ning hair, 

Ti:e n:£ht upon eyes— 

Her soul in Paradise: 
The genUest «oul that ever sli ded there. 

City Council. — The board of aldermen 
last night transacted no business. Communica- 
tions were received from Mr. Speed and Mr. 
Barbee. Mr. Speed, who holds the office of 
Mayor now, sent in his former message, and Mr. 
Barbee, in his communication, stated that he 
should take immediate steps to regain posses- 
sion of the office to which he was elected, by 
application to the Court of Appeals for a su- 
persedeas until the question can be finally settled 
by that tribunal. 

In the board of councihnen a variety of busi- 
ness was transacted. An ordinance was passed 
to endorse the bonds of the Fort Wayne rail- 
road to the f l'owing amounts and under the 
following •• ons: As soon as the road is 
ready to recei the iron between Jeffersonville 
and Charlestown, the city to endorse her bonds 
for $100,000; between Charlestown and Lexing- 
ton, the city to endorse her bonds to the amount 
of $124,000; from Lexingto to Paris, $100,000; 
and from Paris to the Ohio and Mississippi rail- 
road, $88,000; provided that the road shall not 
cost more than $12,500 per mile, and that 
the bonds shall not be appropriated to any other 
purpose than the purchase of railroad iron. 

Communications from Messrs. Barbee and 
Speed of a similar character as those to the board 
of aldermen were received. The decision of 
Judge Bullock was read and ordered to be 
spread upon the proceedings. 

The salary ordinance from the Board of Al- 
dermen was amended as follows: Auditor from 
$121)0 to $1100, assessor from $1200 to $1500, 
engineer from $1200 to $1400, physicians of the 
Eastern and Western district from $400 to $500 
each, alms house keeper from $600 to $500, 
clerks of the council from $800 to $700 each, 
and watchmen from $1 50 to $2. The ordi- 
nance passed — 12 to 3. 

Various accounts were allowed. 

An ordinance to tax hucksters $100 annually 
was passed. 

Mr. Pennebaker, from the revision committee, 
reported against an ordinance introduced by 
Dr. Raphael permitting tavern-keepers, apothe- 
caries, livery stable keepers, confectionaries, 
bakers, restaurants, and barbershops to keep 
open on Sunday. The report was not concurred 
in, and the ordinance was referred to a select 
committee consisting of Dr. Raphael and Messrs. 
Dirxlap and Beatty. 

Th*. council meets on Thursday evening next. 

Another Quick Trip.— The A. L. Shotwell 
arrived last night, making the trip f rom New 
to VJjis port in 5 days 3 hours and 38 


-the quickest time made this season. 

We have received by her New Orleans papers 
to last Saturday evening and a copy of her mem- 
orandum, which gives the particulars of the 

Consumption of Iron at Sebastopol.— If 

the Russian war shall have the effect to dimin 
ish the manufacture of railway iron in England, 
it seems likely to create a demand for iron in 
the shape of cannon balls and shells, quite equal 
to, if not exceeding, the diminution in the 
amount required for railroads. By the last 
steamer's news we learn that the allies have five 
hundred guns playing on Sebastopol, firing one 
hundred ai,.2 twi-.-ry .o ;,:.i.i t.Aly. Vc •». 

. .-!,./ ': !!s wei^h 

one ton. At every round fired, there will be 
of course ten tons and each day twelve hundred 

tons weight of cannon-balls and shells tt»T0w€; 
into Sebastopol. The bombardment at the latest 
dates had lasted twelve days, and of courill 

there- had been thrown into the town, in that 
time, fourteen thousand four hundred tout of 
iron. It is probable that the Russians may 
have hurled back at th* allies nearly the same 
weight of metal, and it is safe to compute the 
total consumption of iron in the seige of Sebas 
topol for these twelve days at twenty-five thou- 
sand tons. This iron, thus thrown away and 
wasted in war in '.he brief period of twelve 
days, would furnish the metal required to con- 
struct about 2,-2i)0 miles of railroad. 

How convenient the editor of the Journal finds 
it to make assertions. "Why is a," says •fce, 
"that you never said a solitary word against** 
doings in Kansas?" The readers of the DenSsV 
crat know how much truth there is in the im- 
plied assertion of the Journal. — Democrat. 

We certainly find it easy to make assertions 
and not difficult to maintain the truth of those 
we do make. If the '-implied assertion of the 
Journal" that the editor of the Democrat had 
not said a word against the doings in Kansas 
was an error, let him show the fact by citation 
of date and paragraph. We are open to con- 

Counterfeiters Arrested. — The Cincin- 
nati police, on Wednesday, arrested a man named 
Geo. H. Cady on the steamer Bostona, and on 
searching his stateroom and person found $5,- 
535, in "fives" and "tens" on the Farmers Bank 
of Charleston, Va. The police proceeded to a 
house of questionable character, kept by a Mrs. 
Williams, where they found a man named Ar- 
nold. On searching the premises, they discover- 
ed about $20,000 of tha same description of 
money; mostly in sheets. Mrs. Williams and 
Arnold were taken into custody. 

Shipments of Pittsburg Coal.— We learn 
from Mr. Watson that the boats lad en with 
Pittsburg coal which have passed through the 
canal this season number 90, or 45 pair. They 
averaged 26,000 bushels to the pair, which 
makes the total quantity shipped 1,170,000. bush- 
els. The boats were destined for New Orleans, 
Natchez, Vicksburg, Memphis, St. Louis, and 
other towns. 

The well- " .Washington corres- 

pondent of the f3a ;r Sun gives in the fol- 
lowing letter a new view u f the purpose of Gov. 
Reeder's visit to Washington. If this view is 
correct, the Governor is a firmer a ml more ftar- 
le-s public functionary thaa either his enemies 
or his friends have believed him t o be: 

It has been generally. biU^erianeorxs, under- 
let ot Gov. KeeUer's visit lo thi» otv, at tne 
present time, is to lay Oeiore tne Executive Gov- 
ernment some questions in relation to his official 
conduct. This is far from being the fact. It is 
not necessary for him to make any appeal to the 
•Federal Government, either for a decision upon 
legal questions or for protection. 

He has acted in conformity with the laws, and 
Bit fully carried out the principles of the Ne- 
braska bill, sa far as his action was concerned-. 
He left no undecided questions, and it is for the 
disaffected, not for him, to make an appeal to 
the President from his decision of acts. "Ebe 
fact is that the President has takm no cogni- 
zance of any question on the subject of Guv . 
Reeder's administration, and has not been called 
upon to do so. 

No question whatever ia regard to this matter 
has been referred to the law officer of the gov- 
ernment, though Gov. Reeder suggested to those 
who objected to some of bis decisions, as to the 
legality of the election returns, that they eoukl 
have the question referred to the U. £ . Attorney 

tlov. Reeder is heee to receive instructions 
and money for carrying into effect several libe- 
ral acts of the late Congress for military po^t 
road- and other improvements in the territory. 
When be returns he mill take with him hi  fam- 
ily, which I mention as a proof that he has no 
doubt of his ability to maintain his authority 
and preserve law and order in the territory, not- 
withstanding the threats of some of his oppo- 
nents, on the Missouri border, to eject him by 

The new election which Gov. Reeder has or- 
dered on the 22d will not probably be attend • d 
with any disturbances or irregularities. The 
Missiurians have no motive to interfere in that 
election, because they have already secured a 
majority in the Legislature, independently of 
the vacancies to be filled at the coming elec- 

Great Falling off in our Shipments of 
Breadstuffs to Europe — Hunt's Commer- 
cial Chronicle and Review giress the following 
comparison at the amounts of breadstuffs ex- 

V 141 ,714 

Pour on, we can endure. — Southern Dtm. 

We suspeefcthat *his re what the editor of th' 
Southern Democrat is in the habit of saying 
when the bar-keeper is pouring out liquor for 


J^"The editor of the Democrat occasionally 
undertakes to tell what the Journal will say. 
We think he had better learn to state correctly 
what it has said before venturing upon specula- 
tions as to what it will say hereafter. 


We have received from Sinithland a new 
paper called the Smithland Weekly Courier. 
It is edited by Ransom Bennett, Esq. It is well 
edited and very handsomely printed. 

[^"The Charleston News says that we 
should "fight the devil with fire." Certainly 
not. It would be wiser to fight him with some- 
thing he is less used to. 

editor of the Southern Democrat 
wants to know what makes us so smart. If we 
are smart it must be for the same reason that he 
is stupid — can't help it. 

(^"The river, last evening, had fallen about 
7 inches, leaving 6 feet 8 inches water in the 
canal and about 5 feet in the pass on the falls. 
Weather pleasant. 

The R. J. Ward. — This great steamer reach- 
ed Portland at 15 minutes after 10 o'clock last 
night, making the trip from New Orleans to this 
port in 5 days 4 hours and 45 minutes^ She was 
crowded with passengers, and has- proved bv 
this run that her speed corresponds with all her 
other good qualities. We thank Messrs. Wool- 
folk and Gray, her attentive clerks, for New 
Orleans papers of last Saturday evening and a 
copy of her memorandum. 

The following statement was furnished by the 
officers of the Ward: 

1 he Ward left New Orleans with no prepa- 
ration whatever for a run with any boat, having 
been advertised for that day and hour some time 
in advanee, and paying no attention to the de- 

f arture of any boat, and she is now advertised 
or the balance of the season and will leave as 
advertised, and, although her officers desire it 
to be understood by all parties that they do not 
wish the Ward to "be considered a racing boat, 
yet they shall not be deterred at any time from 
showing that, in addition to the comforts which 
she lays claim to, she has speed equal to any 
boat on the river. 

Movement against Archbishop Hughes. 
In the New York Board of Supervisors, on 
Monday, Alderman Briggs offered the follow- 
ing preamble and resolution, which were refer- 
red to the committee on annual taxes: 

Whereas, The property of John Hughes, 
amounting to several millions of dollars, will 
avert to his legitimate issue when he dies: there- 

Resolved, That all the property of John 
Hughes which will avert to his legitimate heirs 
when he hies, be and is hereby, taxed, like the 
y of Wm. B. Astor, or that of any other 
Viiual of the city. 

ported from New York to f, 
January 1st and April 14th 

Wheat flour, barrels 
Rye flour, *' 
Cornmeal, " ' 
Wheat, bushels-- • 

Oats, H .... 
Corn, '• ..... 

•• 4U,568 
• • 4,605 

- 304,062 

- 5,753 

Know-Nothings.— The Nashville Whig, of 

Wednesday, says: 

The rumor was pretty current yesterday that 
there was a State convention of this Impalpable 
party in town, ami tnut they had unanimously 
nominated Col. Gentry as their candidate for 
Governor. That liie city has been lull of 
strangers daring the week is certain. 

[For the Louisville Bullet iu. ) 

Rev. D. P. Henderson, of Mo., is still iu our 
city and is continuing his interesting meeting in 
the Christian Chapel, corner of Walnut and 
Fourth streets. The audiences are large and 
attentive. Many are being converted to the 
Christian religion under his labors. He is a 
very argumentative and popular pulpit orator. 
He speaks with great ease, fluency, and effect. 
It is very evident that he has studied logic with 
much care. He repudiates the modern notion 
of rev ivalism, and urges on his audience calm- 
ness, composure of mind, and a firm determina- 
tion to sacrifice everything for the truth of the 
Christian religion. The very best aud most in- 
telligent of our citizens flock to hear him. He 
is now delivering a course of lectures on "The 
True Church of Christ." This evening he will 
deliver his 4th lecture on the "Family JSame and 
Creed" of the Church of Christ. We under- 
stand that he will remain in the city until next 

Rev. Mr. H. belongs to the corps editorial, 
and is publishing a monthly periodical called 
'The Christian Evangelist," v/hfyjf is printed 
at his office in Fort Wayne, Ind-fwid is issued 
simultaneously at that place and Desoto and 
Canton, Mo. He is also the founder of Christ- 
ian University in Lewis county, Mo., which is 
destined to be one of the most splendid edifices 
in the valley of the Mississippi. We understand 
that Mr. H. has procured $110,000 for this in- 
stitute and that he is still making efforts for 
$100,000 more. Success, therefore, to such 
praiseworthy efforts, and success to this able 
and philanthropic Divine. • 

Hotel Prices and Profits. — It has been 
officially announced by some of our leading 
hotels, that, on and after the 1st of M. y, the 
charge for board would be $3 per day. The 
Astor, St. Nicholas, and 2vew York have raised 
their prices on account, we believe, of the 
high price of beef, pork, and potatoes. The 
Metropolitan Hotel continues the old charge of 
$2 50 per day, and it is the intention of the 
proprietors to make no change, under any cir- 
cumstances short of famine. With flour at $12 
per barrel, potatoes at $1 50 per bushel, and 
other articles in proportion, It does not pay 
very well at $2 5li per day, but the proprietors 
of the Metropolitan believe that for tne year 
through the old prices will be sufficiently remu- 
nerative, and they also believe that hotels should 
take their chances with other kinds of business, 
good seasons with the bad. Uniformity 
prices is an important matter with the traveling 
public, and the Metropolitan will adhere fo the 
old rate'tnrough summer and winter. 

. N. ¥. 

- . 

on Monday evening i 
'" ii. y. 

jyrht secret i 
with the Aiu4#, is , a id to- be found in a tnreai- 
ening dispatch, from the Czar. It is that the 
in .merit Austria sbfcli irrevocably ally herself to 
the Wr-t. or b namit an oyefcsJBct of 
.-.!* • ..-ml a', 

.it.- head ot tbe sVandiartoi mo f euiti.r. dt.d change , 
his title of Emperor of all theKussians into that 
of Emperor of all the iklavenians. 

£5f?"The New York pafersbf Tuesday notice 
the arrival of 5,230 immigraa  at that port dur- 
-v-.v. They clme in fifteen vesteK 
from Liverpool. Havre, Lo;, (on, Bremen, Ham- 
bur.., pud Rotterdam. 

jJ^TThe Union says that the plates for the 90- 
acie, 12i)-acre, and 160-acre wwranrs will be 
ready for issuance by the. l*t prox. 

Castle Garden, New Yprlr, is hereafter 
to be used for a landing plaeVfor immigrants. 

The Uuited States vs. T. BmUr Ar.- and fss* 
of his Surebitt ** -rV«u  York. — The Government 
has directed WwffU suit to be commenced in 
NewYoik ^.iJqJi/r Butler King, late collector 

of the customs at I .-  »"..; . to a 

baiance oi ubuut 440,000 claii...xi Ly t 
counting officers of the Treasury to be 
the United States from Mr. ~ 

77i« Fruit Crop.— Robert 
informs us that there was no 
night, and that peaches, apples, pea 
not been materially injured. It UB 
from a close examination, that about one 1 
of the grape buds were destroyed, 
may be a sufficient amount of latent I 
will put out to make up for this 
Altogether the prospect yesterday for a full 
crop of all kinds of fruit was favorable, not- 
withstanding the severity of the weatht: t 
H.,nday night and ye terday. ^ M^^/^M 

Fly if.. the . W W#.^-f4 Carrter Ve^idttJ^BJ 
George*.*.!* n'dirta* «,vth : th«? dy has attacked 

tin ^h«at*dfid*i»ffi^ng9na , HaVo'd*wah it. He 
also been in Crawford county, ajrd.sayi'lh » 
-.tin- js.tJje*c4se theri!; JW«; Jjaye Heard of the 
d'r-in^v vthei'place.jarnl, thefts ravage* 

may betohfii'ea to a narrow disbict. 

  % JV#%rvl» an« Lelgcr. 

Al D.I«rVttTtAj; *KY THfc ASIA. 

Great Britain. — I nParliarnent, much energet- 
ic questioning of the Ministers had taken place '  
on various subjects respecting the war, the 
scope of all the questions being to hasten mat. 
ters. Sir George Grey stated that authority 
was given to the Governors of the American 
Piovinces te enlist men for the regular army, 
not for the foreign legion, inasmuch as all the 
colonists were British subjects. 

The Roebuck Committee continued. T1m£ 
Duke of Newcastle had been examined, and hisj .  
evidence tended to exculpate himself. 

Notices are given of a motion for a decimi 
coinage, and to invite a congress, to establish S 
uniform decimal throughout the world. 

Some notice has been excited by the 
T .iat an American squailionis torn a 

war between the United States and Spain wou 
much complicate present European politics. 

France. — It is still repoited, but consider 
doubtful, that Napoleon will command the J 
lied armies. It has been officially annovnc 
that his departure for the Crimea is post poo 
for a short time. 

The late Minister Ducos was buried at 
expense of the State. 

General Fora is Commandant of Organ, AK ? 

The clipper ship Great Republic has been 

charactered by the French Government for the 
conveyance of troop3. 

Belgium. — The new Minister hasdKclartjB^H 
intention to adhere to the principles of 

Marshal Santa Cruz, the hi ..has 
taken leave of the King. 

Spain. — Some advantages are granted td for- 
eign import trade, and consular forma • sim-^ • 


Italy. — The Sardinian Ministry has resigne !. 
The cause for doing so was not known. Gen. 
Durando had been appointed to form a r« 


A difficulty has arisen wtween Sardinia and 


The Neapolitan Consulate af Genoa is wkh- 


The English ship Crceeus, from Genoa for the 
Crimea, with Sardinian troops on board, was   

burned. No lives were lost. 

Prussia and Justria. — Berlin correspondence 
says it hardly admits of doubt that an approxi- 
mation has recently takrn place between the 
Austrian and Prussian courts, which bodes no 
good to the Western Powers. Baron Hess, with 
a whole staff, would go to Galifta May 2d 
probably only to review the army. He ' 
ported to have stated that the Austrian 
under no circumstances, could be ready to 
the field before August 

tndut and China. — The overland mail has 
been telegraphed. Shanghai dates of March 9; 
Bombay, April 3. Persia openly avows herad- 
hesiou to Russia. 

Trade in India dull, and money scarce. 

The Chinese insurgents have evacuated Shang- 
hai. -• ^ 

A Russian frigate, has been lost near Japan. 

The Living Age was wrecked on the Prahas. 

The ratification of the American treaty with 
Japan was coucluded at Simoda, Feb. 21. 


The Legislature of this Sta 
die this morning. 

The House passed unanimously a resolution 
thanking Gov. Reeder, of Kansas, for his faith- 
ful adherence to the old land-marks of republi- 
can liberty in defending the purity of the bal- 
lot-boxes against lawless mobs of Missoui tans 
and bidding him a hearty welcome home to his 
family and his friends. 

Prior to the adjournment of the Senate, 
Speaker Heister resigned his seat, and on the 
ninth ballot, to fill the vacancy, Wm. Pratt was 
elected, the contest terminating by Pratt voting 

Boston, May 8. 
The stetmer Victoria, connected with the N. 
York and Newfoundland Telegraph Company, 
put into this port this morning, in distress, with 
some derangement of her machinery. 

She was on her way 
Johns, N. F-, with opei 
plete the telegraph line 
it is expected will be 
lines at Cape Breton ( 
cable across the Gulf 
in July 

Mobile, May 7. 

Hitchcack, K. N . . is probably elected Judge, 
beating the Democratic candidate. 

ew York to St. 

province, wtuch, 

the Nova Scotia 

a i 

St. Lav 


On r hursday afternoon at the eoautrj his father, 
on the Preston street plank -road, after a linjeriu i Haass of 
nearly two reaxa, Mr. SfoA* H. 11 f.nki, former partner in 
the trm of S. U Henry 4 Co., afed St veaic ana t m nth*. 





J^Some of ear carriers are sick and their 
substitutes are not thoroughly acquainted with 
-the routes. If any of our subscribers fail to 
r to receive their papers, they will please notify 
us of it. 

Stephen H. Branch— Outside Secretary of 
the Police Investigating Committee of the Board 
of Aldermen, City of New York. — The city of 
New York is blessed at this time with an alder- 
man named Briggs who is worth his weight in 
gold to those who can make anything by laugh 
Ing. As chairman of a comn to inquire 
into the nativity of the members of the 
police corps of the city of New York, he has 
flayed antics for some time that were decidedly 
frich. We hope that he is related to the Briggs 
♦who has been immortalised in Punch, by the 
 burin of Leach. He should have some consan- 
guinity with that hero. 

Alderman Briggs has just made a new de- 
monstration of his talents which is worth repub- 
lishing in this region. The alderman enters 
into such minute particulars of the history of 
his chum, Stephen H. Branch, as to show that 
Prescott and Bancroft may as well look to their 
laurels. The history of the said S. H. Branch 
is of some interest to some people in Louisville, 
and we give him the benefit of a republication 
of Alderman Briggs's report to the board of 
New York aldermen, made on Monday last. 
The alderman broke loose in the following 

Report of the Special Police Committee Respect- 
ing the Salary, $c, of Stephen H. Branch, as 
Outside Secretary. 

Alderman Hendrick recently offered the fol- 
lowing resolution, which was adopted: 

"Resolved, That the chairman of the special 
committee employed in investgating matters 
connected with the police department be, and 
he is hereby directed te report to this board by 
what authority he has employed an outside se- 
cretary, what compensation is to be allowed to 
Stephen H. Branch, Esq., the historian and trav- 
eler, for his services, aud who is to pay the 

In response to the above, the, special police 
committee will observe that in consequence of 
the recent labothJus duties .of ihe cje/ks of the 
common councii^hey det#rmihe,d.tG f mjilo'jL ari 
outside secretafyaw* ene.vvSb wasjr^iry.^. J 
to meet the. extraordinary emergencies wiH! 
which theyro'upd iUeiii8elyes;surrwBdeik 
casting th iii^e^oyeVthls Ci'gftty cityj with* Jts 
six hundred thou'saud souls', they w«* soloftii- 
nate as to obtain,* wit]* Jus, mqs,t obstinate re- 
luctance, the valuaBlejfcrJtpeii jo^ilpafriotic 
American gentlemai, mci^thW etJlinanlyT dis- 
tinguished as a phreuo-mnemotechmc, anft as a 
fireman, scholar, statesman, and jurist, aud as a 
mirthful traveler in perilous lands. That he is 
a native of Providence, R. 1., a State that reared 
tile ''Rhode Island Line," a band of courageous 

Jstriols, on whom Washington relied in the 
arkest hour of the revolution — a State that es- 
tablished the first cotton factory on this conti- 
nent, and gave birth to Green and Perry, those 
illustrious soldiers on land and sea. 
' With such a pedigree, and with such intelli- 
gence and experience as he possesses, the com- 
mittee lost no time in earnestly requesting him 
to become their outside secretary. On request- 
ing Mr. Branch's bill for his patriotic, protract- 
irdnon«. and faithful services. *b»y voe* 
amazed to learn that he magnanimously besought 
the committee to give to Alderman Herrick, the 
Inover of the resolution, whatever they consid- 
ered a fair equivalent for his services, as a slight 
testimonial of regard for that gentleman's unde- 
viating fidelity to the municipal treasury, and to 
the tax-payers of the city and county of New 
York, since be has been alderman of the nine- 
teenth ward. 

Respectfully submitted by 


Chairman 0 f the Special Police Investigating Committee. 

Alderman Briggs is either not fully posted up 
on the history of his hero, or he suppresses val- 
uable truths respecting his career. This huge, 
black-whiskered S. H. Branch came out Wes' 
once for a career, and diddled a number of the 
fcitlxens of Louisville each out of five dollars, 
ale signed a pledge to Professor Gouraud, in 
Mmiuon with hosts of others, setting forth that 
he would not attempt to toucli the Professors 
eTyiftem of phreno-mr.emotechny, which he was 
about to learn, without a certificate from that 
gen&einH.n that he was able to teach the science. 
But ■efore the course of lectures was comple- 
t|fVk New York, Branch came out here and 
undertook to teach what he did not know him- 
self. \ number of persons paid him in ad- 
vance Ar his instruction, but, when the news of 
bis attempts reached the city of New York, the 
press of ^hat city unanimously denounced him 
as a scoundrel. The Courier and Enquirer and 
the Tribune were especially severe upon him. 
The Hon. B F. Butler, a member of Gouraud's 
class, reached here one Sunday morning, about 
the time that the New York papers came out 
with these denunciations, and Branch made an 
effort to get that gentleman to hide the stain 
jipoii his character, but Mr. Butler treated him 
unmitigated contempt. Branch assured 
ras going to make a temporary 
to inflict public chastisement 
upon Col. Wfrfcjknd the editor of the Tribune, 
and he would theWet urn and fulfil the engage- 
ment which he had mad^with his class, and for 
which they had paid ht$V But the said Ste- 
phen H. Branch has never tea bis face in 
Louisville since his flight, and -ieSsfts fortunate 
for him that he did not, for his plmifWed and 
humbugged class had made up their rhinde to 
give bun a coat of tar aud feathers immediately 
upon his return to Louisville. 

Such is Alderman Briggs's hero. We should 
scarcely have supposed that he would risk him- 
self befogs New York public after the wett- 
founded derivations of the N«w York press, 
denunciations »%frhich he quietly submitted at 
that time, and whicVstiil bear upon him heavily 
enough to exclude him from the society of all 
decent and honorable menV^How his cheeks 
must have burned when Alderman Briggs called 
him a phreno-mnemotechnistr 

823r"An Irishman named John McCart'hV 
killed at a German drinking saloon, at Chiei 
on Tuesday, by its proprietor, Charles Adler- 

(£3^- The St Louis Intelligencer, the St. Lou- 
is Democrat, the Boonville Observer, the Han- 
nibal Messenger, the Glasgow Times, the Ful- 
ton Telegraph, and other respectable papers of 
Missouri are exceedingly severe upon the late 
Parkville mob and upon the violent proceed- 
ings that have since taken place in and near that 
place and the threats of still further and great- 
er outrages. We copy the following from the 
St. Louis Intelligencer of . ^t Tuesday: 

The light that is breaking upon the Western 
horizon looks very much like the lurid flame of 
civil war. It is a solemn crisis that now im- 
pends over the country. We know that agents 
are out, from western Missouri, striving to ex- 
cite the people of the rest of the State to join 
them in the violent proceedings they have al- 
ready started in Platte county. 

If they succeed, Missouri will soon be in a 
flame. It will spread to the South, and the 
Union itself will perish like a burnt scroll! 

It is a time for every patriot to be cool and 
firm. Our country must not perish thus. Our 
homes, property, wives, and children must not 
be given up to civil war, to mob law sod anar- 
chy, to serve the purpose of a few desperate 
politicians. But there is great cause of alarm, 
and we warn our friends throughout the State 
that a volcano will speedily burst under their 
feet, and destroy the State and the Union, un- 
less the) have virtue, prudence, and courage 
enough to resist approaches that will be made 
to them. 

We are glad to see that the occasion is calling 
forth men suitable to meet the crisis. The 
Hannibal Messenger leads off in an article, 
which we give below. It is worthy of Mis- 
souri. Let its spirit be adopted; and peace, 
law. and the Union may yet prevail. The pr ss 
of the State, that wields a wide and wholesome 
influence, should encourage the support of 
"LAW AND ORDER," and strengthen the 
hearts of those citizens who do not think that 
the time has yet come for Missouri to plunge 
into civil war and destroy the American Union, 
on account of the Territory of Kansas, and the 
recent broils there. 

The same paper- of the following day con- 
tains some strong and just reflections upon the 
consequences which the citizens of Western 
Missouri must inevitably bring upon themselves 
by the course of lawlessness and ruffianism they 
are pursuing. We copy a few brief para- 

Who will go willingly to settle down in a 
community where the arm of law is pals.ed, and 
the right to be heard on trial, the right to defend 
against grave accusations, and the right to ap- 
peal against unjust judgments, is silenced in the 
loud fury of a mob, thirstinsfor blood and life? 
Who would willingly remain in a community, in 
which a secret, inquisitorial organization exists, 
which hears charges against men in secret con- 
clave at night,decrees the hanging of the men and 
the destruction of their property, and actually 
details and commissions agents to go and execute 
the decrees of the Inquisition, and pledges life 
and money to stand by those agents and save 
them from all harm resulting from the execution 
of the bloody decrees? Are the people of 
Western Missouri ready to meet the conse- 
quences to themselves, to their own peace and 
security of life and property, and to their own 
temporal prosperity, by plunging into a state 
of anarchy like tbis? 

It is easy enough to raise a storm of human 
passion, but who can ride and rule it, when its 
fury is at its height? 

We are well aware that it is useless to talk to 
men, when they are highly excited, about the 
pecuniary loss they must sustain by their vio- 
lence. I'hey declare that it is principle, not 
3?« y feat guttles their aeti ns. This :s arcB 
enough, when there is principle enough involved 
and danger enough imminent, to threaten the 
loss of liberty and estate. But such a crisis is 
not at hand in Missouri — and still the people of 
the Platte country are destroying themselves. 
Why, even slaveholders would not willingly 
emigrate into a country and settle down and 
buy property, where the laws are set aside, and 
men are mobbed, driven away, and hung with- 
out trial by law and appeal to juries. 

If the people of Weston, Missouri, do not, of 
their own accord, proclaim peace and law in 
their midst — if they permit violence aud disre- 
gard of the regular forms of law and trial by 
jury to prevail, as they have lately done, they 
will ruin all Western Missouri for twenty years 
to come. 

No peaceably disposed person will go there to 
live. Lands will depreciate in value. Remov- 
als from the country will be frequent, and no 
incomers to take their places. Farms will be 
se n everywhere for sale, and no buyers want- 
ing them. The commerce and business of the 
whole State will suffer a serious and rapid de- 

Indiana University. — We have received in 
pamphlet form the addresses of Governor 
Wright and the Rev. W. M. Daily, D. D., de- 
livered at the installation of the last named gen- 
tleman as president of the Indiana University 
August 2, 1854. These orations are productions 
of marked ability and eloquence, highly credi- 
table to the gentlemen by whom they were de- 
livered. That of Gov. Wright contains some 
reflections and advice that it will be well for the 
faculties in the colleges and universities of the 
various States of tbis Union to consider and 
adopt. Of this character is the following sen- 
tence, which will serve as a specimen: 

The systems of political economy taught in our 
colleges do not, it seems to me, sir, attach suf- 
ficient importance to the interests, rights, and 
duties of e:ir State governments. A wise ad- 
ministration of the affairs of the State 
governments will impart wisdom and strength 
to the national councils; and that is a 
wise p&licy which in all ordinary cases 
throws the several States of the Union upon 
then own resources, and confines the 
action of the General Government to the 
•sereise^f those powers clearly granted to it by 
th».Censt&alion. The desire to foster strong 
attachments* to ^ur State interests, and to fix in 
the minds of students a true appreciation of our 
Staterigbta, should never be permitted to de- 
generate into a feeling of prejudice against any 
other portion of the Union. The instructors of 
the VTVita\jf the present day should labor to es- 
tabnsh "f e\ue;s of friendship, harmouy, and 
peace amon^Le citizens of our widely extend- 
ed republic* I ^he richest promise is to the 
pesee-makerj arM^his promise extends not only 
to individuals, bu\jo communities, States, and 


Agricultural DivHon or The Pa 
fics — Cutting* of the ZyUe Current*.-*-' 
have been Introduced frota France the cuttings 
of the Zante currant — a vaneSg of small grape — 
which have been distributed uuhe Middle and 
Western States. This variety orNfruit, so weH 
known as entering into the eomposiUon of some 
parts of domestic eojoksry, should 
M add t«r the .numerous varieties 
which have been introduced 
last Tew years late ow country. 

Bbeckinridge Cannel Coal.— We copy the 
following from the New Orleans Crescent of 
the 4th inst. When the writer says that one 
barrel of the Breckinridge coal will last as long 
as two barrels of the Pittsburg, he does not 
I mean that this will be the result if equal quan- 
tities in bulk or weight of the two kinds of coal 
are kept in the grate. But a small quantity of 
the Breckinridge coal makes as much flame and 
heat as three or four times the same quantity of 
Pittsburg, and thus a barrel of the former article 
will last much longer than a barrel of the latter: 

Breckinridge Cannel Coal. — We received a 
visit some days since from Mr. John J. Ange- 
vene, agent of the Breckinridge Cannel Coal 
Company, who favored us with a specimen of 
the article he has to dispose of. This coal has 
been spoken of very highly by those who have 
tried it la Kentucky, aud has been pronounced 
by competent judges unquestionably the test in 
the country. In the first instance it burns well 
and clearly, giving a strong, brilliant heat, with 
but a small residuum of ashes. One barrel of 
it will last as long as two of the Pittsburg coal, 
and burn with the damper down, while the 
Pittsburg needs to have it up. The flame is like 
that of a candle, clear, bright, and steady. It 
burns to clear white ashes and leaves no clinkers 
on the grate bars. It is infinitely cheaper and 
more valu* ble for families, and for steam engines 
having boilers with large flues, than any other 
quality that can be found. 

We speak advisedly with regard to this mat- 
ter, and, after giving it a fair trial, pronounce it 
the best and cheapest coal we have ever used. 
We look upon its general introduction here as a 
matter of great importance, feeling satisfied that 
when a fair trial is made it will in every instance 
give satisfaction. 

Courtship and Marriage in France. — 
A forthcoming work on "The Ins and Outs of 
Paris, or Paris by Day and Nigh'," by the Baror- 
ess de Marguerrittes, has the following about 
courtship and marriage in France. It is full of 
novelty for this latitude, and will be read with 
interest. We quote from the advanced sheets of 
this new and interesting book, which have been 
politely furnished us by the publisher, Wm. 
White Smith, li#5 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. 

This is the way they court in France: — One la- 
dy says to another: 

"My daughter is eighteen. She has so much." 
( Every girl has a dowry if it be but five hundred 
francs. ) You see so many young men — cannot 
you think of one to suit her." 

Of course the lady can, for men are as eager, in 
France, to marry, as the girls are to get hus- 
bands. It is an increase of fortune, and a patent 
of respectability, in all stations, in all professions. 
The young man is spoken to, and of course the 
young lady named to him. A party is given, and 
they meet. Or sometimes the girl is taken to 
the Opera, and the lover examines her through 
his glass. If satisfied with the survey, he is al- 
lowed to pay a visit. Then the girl, supposed to 
be in entire ignorance up to this point, is asked 
how she would like so-and-so for a husband. 

Now, it is but just to say, that/if the girl does 
not approve, the negotiation goes no further. 
But as she has never spoken to this suitor, and 
knows she will not speak to any future suitor, if 
the man is tolerably good-looking, and the tail- 
or has done his duty, why she — being assured by 
her parents that the money is all right — gener- 
ally says, "yes." Then the mamma of the bride- 
groom comes one evening when the hou-e has 
been set in order and every one dressed in his 
best. And after the first salutation she rises, and 
in a solemn voice asks the hand of Mademoiselle 

Estelle ,for Mons. Achille . Then the 

mamma on the opposite side of the house accepts 
the offer; Mademoiselle Estelle weeps, and 
throws herself into her future mamma's arms, 
whilst the son-in-law embracps the mother of his 
intended. The papas shake hands; the betrothed 
lovers,relea ed from the maternal arms, mutually 
bow to each other — and the servants bring in tea. 
Then the lawyers set to work to draw up the con- 
tract; the mamma orders new dresses, etc., for 
her daughter, and puts new caps and dresses on 
herself. The bridegroom comes every evening 
with a grand bouquet, which he offers to Made- 
moiselle — flirts an hour or two with the mother 
— bows to the daughter — and goes off. The 
bride elect has only to embroider quietly by her 
mother's side, to smile, to blush, and simper. 
Then the negotiating lady comes in grand state, 
preceded by an enormous trunk. 5lamma and 
the bride receive her — never, of course, heed- 
ing the trunk. Then the lady makes a speech, 
opens the ti unk, and presents the bride with the 
corbeille — namely, the wedding dress, veil, and 
wreath; two or three cashmere shawls; ditto vel- 
vet dresse ; a set of furs; a se' of lace fl Junces; 
a set of diamonds; a watch, a fan, a prayer book, 
and a purse of gold. These come from the 
b:ideg'Oom. In return, the lady gets a b'acelet 
from the bride, with many thanks for the pres- 
ents and the husband. The mother scolds the 
intended for the recktess magnificence displayed 
when he comes at night. The bride says, "ah, 
monsieur!" blushes and throws herself into 
her mother's arms. Then the mamma gives 
her present to the intended — six cambric 
shirts, and six white cravats, the whole trimmed 
with Valenciennes, chosen with an eye to the fu- 
ture pocket handkerchiefs of the bride; fe r, after 
the wedding day, what man will be bedecked 
with lace? At last comes the signing of the con- 
tract. The bride takes one step into the world — 
she receives her visitors, and speaks, nay conver- 
se, with all except the intended — that would be 
improper. She gives tokens of affection to her 
unmarried relations bought from the purse in the 
corbeilU. The wonders of this corbeille are dis- 
played in one room, while the trousseau of the 
bride, given by the mother, is exhibited in anoth- 
er. Embroidery, linen, cambric, laces, etc., are 
here lavished on the personal under-clot 1 ing of 
the bride, made up in dozens and dozens of each 
article — with piles and piles of table-cloths, 
sheets, towels, etc. — all marked with embroider- 
ed marks, and tied with pink and blue ribbons. 
Then comes 'he civil ceremony; and two days 
after, the last scene of all; at which we have "as- 
sisted," in the church of St. Sulpice [the reli- 
gious ceremony.] 

This is the way they manage marriages in 
France. Love is out of the question. But ic 
comes after in more cases than it lasts in other 
countries, where it is supposed to come before. 
There is great liberty after marriage on both 
sides, but a strict observance of outward forms. 
Wom-n are devoted mothers; and if they do not 
always esteem the man, ihey invariab.y respect 
the husband. The family tie is stronger in 
France than any where else. If in France 
there are few model marriages, where happiness 
and love are ever blooming, there are certainly 
much fewer really unhappy ones. 

Grapes for Consumption.— Ths use of grapes 
as an article of food is much recommended 1n 
cases of consumption. They contain a large 
quantity of grape sugar, the kind which most 
nearly resembles milk sugar in its character and 
composition, which also is very useful for con- 
sumptives, it having a great attraction for oxy- 
en, and herefore readily affording materials 
r respiration 


IaSe.fiswsBsvaureh. on" Thursday, the 10th inst , by the 
Rev. Hoary Ul B-aisun, Mr.  j. C. Gkastt, ef Mississippi, te 

lOUVIA StfXf^M BLA50HARD, of thil eity. 

Pensions and Bounty Land. 

fl'HE undersigned will prepare cl ima for Bounty Land or 
JL Pensions under any of the mots of Congress. He will also 
bay and sell Land Warrants. ISHAH HENDERSON. 
Louisville Journal Office May 8, 1855— jtbtfst 


A NY one * ithir g to buy a German Printing Office, laclo- 
J\. ding tyj e enough for a daily payer, also a Job Office and 
all necessary fixtures, can he supplied upon application at 
this office. " Ti e material* have been used but little. -ad are 
in excellent condition. It will be sold at a fair price either 
for cash or upon credit, with good security 
LouisTille Journal Office, May A— difcbli* 

For Rent, 


side of Wnlnut 

r west of Third street. Inquire of 
ibijtf T.P.JACOB. 

.:"\m quarter  ears on a two story Dwelling- House, owaed 
■ hy Mrs. J. P. Hull, situated oa south ( 

and one door west of Third street. Inquire of 


30 bbls extra Missouri family Flour; 
100 bbls extra Indiana do do; 

AO Mil I n- 
In store aud SM sale by 

( urn r Fifth and Market sts. 

FRESH GOODS— doien Mea's and Boys' Cavslier, 
Shangiiie, Wide-^wake, Kncw-Ntthiag, and Sas-Hieht 
styles of Hats, which we are selling at Tery low price*, 

Straw Goods per Express. 

RECEIVED this morning Ht  doien Men's and Beys' Leg- 
horn Hats, which we will sell at a small adrance for cash. 


45 S Mains 

Fresh Arrival — Heavy Plated Silver Cas- 

JUST recei»ed this d.iy, j«r Adams k Co.'s Express, aa in- 
voice of rich aud be;iutifol Castors, together with hand- 
Kome patteras of Fruit Baskvts. We have made such arran^e- 
ra«U with the manufacturers as to enable us to offer great 
bargains in the ab-.Te articles. Call and examine foryoar- 
selves. HOOJS LI CKETT, No. +61 Market street. 

m9j*b between Third aad Fourth, near Fourth, north tide. 

ARBER-OUS!— The closing of barber-shops on Sunday has 
1 caused many to perform the operation of shaving at home. 
Those who are unproyided with the necessary articles to ren- 
der the ta^k easy and the l^bor light may find the best of Ka- 
sors, Strap*. ISrushes, Soaps, and .shaTing Creams at the "Va- 

m9i*h MT'.T FR a GOUT TV pSF "ir»h»f. 

DREsMNG-CA.sES— A Tery ueat assortment of tin, rose- 
wood, and mahog:tnr Dressing-Cases at 
,m9iab MILLER * GOLLIVS. PSFonrthst. 


R ALLES— Always on 
our own manufacture. 


Willow Cradlts.of 
MILLER * GOULD. 98Fourthst. 

COMBSI COMBS! ( 'OMBS!— The public (the ladies especial- 
ly) wiU bear in mind that onr stock of Combs comprises 
every kind and quality now in use, consisting in part of— 
Superior Shell. Buffalo, and Rubber Tuck Combs. 
Shell, Ivory, Buffalo, Parisian, and Rubber Dr«ssingOmbs; 
Rubber Puff, Neck, and Long do; 
Shell Side and Shell and Ivory Fine do; 
Poeket Combs, sc.; at MILLER k GOULD'S, 

m9Jtb 98 Fourth s4. , between Market and Jeffersoa. 

m9 jib 87 Third St., between Market aad Jefferson. 

GELATINE— Boxes refin-d sparkling Geletine, a superior 
article for jellie?, for sale by 
mSjtb R. S. RINGGOLD. 

/ lOOPER'S ISINGLASS, for jellies, for sale by 


\J m8j*b 

O dietetic articles for invalids, far sale by 
B 8j*b R S. RINGGOLD. 

GINGER, ALLSPICE, PEPPER, tc. for sale hy 


gOVl.E S HYPERION-Anexcellent article for the growth 

aad beauty of the hair, for sale by 



QHLORIDE OF LI ME- A good article for destroyUgdele- 

_ terious effluvia, for salt by 

R. S. BIWOGOl ■•. 


Rich Fancy aud Staple Dry .Goods 

Imported to this market expressly for the retail trade by 


"IITE call the particular attention of strangers visiting our 
TV city, and also our own citizens, to the large and com- 
plete assortment of goods aow in store, embracing all varie- 
ties in Ladies' Dress Goods — 

Rich Grenadine Robes; 

Rich Muslin do; 

Rich Berage do; 

Rich Organdie d ; 

Bla. k and colored silk Robes, ke. 


of Madan 

From the celebrated manufactory of 
Cambric Embroidered Skirts; 
Muslin do do; 

Do do Collars: 

Do do 
Do do Sleeves, 

Rich Collarettes, Honiton. ke. 

Real Gimpurt- and Brussels Laee; 
Rich Silk Mantles, new style; 
Rich Moir Antique, du do; 
Rich Silk Laoe inserted, new style; 
Rich Silk embroidered, do do. 

New style steel handles, in all 
plain black. 


Thread and Silk Hosiery, la French and English, for sum- 
mer wear. 

With a variety of all ot er dsscriptioms of goods usually 
found in a regular retail Dry Goods house. 

We warrant our g-'Ods to be "f rna vert best rasBics- 
Should they prove otherwise, the purchaser has the liberty to 
return them. All of which we offer at the lowest prices, and 
at on x price OM.T. BENT * DUVALL. 

m7j&b 537 Mainst. , opposite Bankof Kentucky. 

Tciat de Venice do; 
do do; 

moir antique and 


Latest Arrival of Spring and Summer 

MILLER k TABB, corner Fourth and Market streets, this 
m rning received by express a handsome assortment of 
the following goods: 

Embroidered Silk, Moir Antique, Gimpure Lace, and Chan- 
tilla Lace Mantillas: Barege and Organdy Muslin Robes; Or- 
gandy Muslins and Jaconets Parasols, new style: Mack Net 
Hits, Lisle Thread Hose: Ladies' an I Children's whit* CotMa 
Hose; Lnceand Embroidered Collars; Lac* Cjllarcttes and 
Sleeves; Embroidered Basques; Lace Capes. 

Alto, a few patterns hands' me new style Spring and Sum- 
mer Silks at frsm 60 cents to $1 50 per yard. 

We are receiving almost daily goods'' f the latest style and 
designs, from the largest importing houses in New York, and 
we feel satisfied in saying to persons, especially the ladiet, 
that it will be to their interest to examine our stoek of Dress 
Goods before making their purchases elsewhere. 

m7 bAj Corner Fourth and Market sts. 

gether with a general assortment f line English and 
French Letter Paper, to all of which we invite the attention 
of persons in want of a real good article at the lowest rates. 

tile Writing Fluid. Arnold s Chemical Writing Fluid, 
How's superior jet black Ink, Gundry's Commercial Writing 
Fluid, Davids k Black's Steel Pen Ink, Harrison's Colum- 
bian Carmine Ink, and David's Brilliant Carmine Ink. A 
large stock of the above Inks constantly on haadand will be 
sold at the lowest, either at wholesale or retail, at 521 

m7/*b e ' WEBB, GILL, k LEVERING. 

BOOK-RINDING— Particular atteatlon given to the re- 
binding of old books, magaxines, music books, te . by 
m7j*b W&BB. GILL, k LEVER! /O. 

/ 1 1! EC K BOOKS on all the Banks in the city, Bills of Ex- 
V.,' change, Drafts, and Promissory Note Books of all do 
scriptions constantly on hand or will be made to any particu- 
lar order at 521 Main stzaai by 
m7j*b WEBB, GILL, k LEVERING. 521 Main St. 

Attention, Business Men of Louisville! 


Third afreet. 

ON MONDAY, Mar 7, wo shall commence serving our regu- 
lar DINNERS every day from 12 Xo 4 o'olook, as we did 
last seasoa. 

Yon come in, refer to the Bill of Fare, order your Dinner, 
and in five minutes it is served up, causing you only a few 
minutes' detention from 1 iisiness 

m5 j*b WALKER a COMMEF VORD. Proprietors. 

Beautiful Toilet Ware at Hooe & Luck- 

E have Just received aad are aow opening an invoice of 
very han Isome plain white Toilet Ware, consisting of 
long and short sets. We invite tne attention of those in want 

W 1 

of a good and desirable article. We believe these patteras 
cannot fail to give satisfaction. Call and examine tor yow 
self . HOOE k LUCKETT 

No. 461 Market st., between Third and Fourth, near Fourth. 
m5 Jab 

The Knickerbocker for May 

HAS been received and is for sale wholesale and retail by 
the agent M V,uisville. F. A. CRUMP, 

m r i j* b 84 Fourth St., 4 doors from Market. 

S BUSINESS HATS— We have a large stoek of Businr** 
and Travel in; Hats cf every color and style and at v  r   
low prices. _ 

S~\ SHELL OYSTERS— Oui supply 
Kva I SxJ u-rs atil1 continaes, and are as f 
^Wxlalr have had this season, suoh as Shrei 

^SlWr Bays. Prince's, all eomint'Cirectby thi 
Amerieau Express Company— now openiog at-'Ur Restaurant. 


pply of SMll Oys- 
as flne*s aay we 
ihrew»« urys,York 



Lick water just received direct from the springs 
this morning. For sale by the barrel at $4 or re- 

%8Sfi k'coVsIRRFORD^s! Vhird it. 


Corner of Tenth and Green streets. 

still maaufact . ring one of the beat ar- a 

»s of iiuiek Yoaet made in this market, and f-*-T 
enabled to sapply those who wish toatJlAl A 
t wholesale at very l"w prices. Thisar-Wd&W 
. _ warranted inferior to none in use, being 
made from the best articles with the gr atefjkssan. aad will 
be delivered to customers regularly and alwaw~^ 

I have also a large and general supply of geaflMSkdieinei, 
Drags, Perfumeries, Flavoring Extracts. *,-. 
apr 26 jltKim G. W. ASDER* 



At F.vai t. * 

' Warehouse 


street between ' 
respectfully call the attention of our friends aad paW 
W roas and the public generally to the fact that we have 
removed to the Paper Warehoase of Evarts k Morton, where 
we shall be happy to wait upon all those requiring work ia 
our line. We are not in any way interested in too sales of 
Paper, but, 1 aving had unusual experience ia tSe manufac- 
ture, sale, and hangingof Wall Paper, our best judgment will 
be riven to those oar friends who may eonswft as ia Ma- 
ring th?ir selections, regardless of nil interests hut th.,seof 
oar matrons. 

Our prices for work are materially rcdueed,and made to 
nil th e fimr*. ■ MmfcjH 

Just received at A. Taeger 8c Co.'s 

A very kasstsweas. aad 
and Gilded Toilet Ware 


a  Decorate 
e at New York pricei 
Nos. 119 aad 121 Fourthst., Moaart Hall. 

For i 

Beautiful China, Dining, and T 

We are now opening our spring si 
" ina. consisting in part as follows: 


•f Fancy 


^^^F Richlv Decorated and Gilded Dining ! 
efE3£ *J new styles of Te i Sata, It. 77, and! 
25 dozen beau if il Motto CoHeee; 
3 10 p iir Flower Vases, ke. 
For sale at great bargains, to close our fancy sSaeh da- or 
rw goods fr. m France and 
Nos. 119 and 121 Fourth St.. M af§Tt Hall. 


month fir a largest rival of new goaSa trot 

New Arrival of Pearl White 

wajT) tOpkgsto arrive this week from 
AJ^y the verv bestqualitv, and r on«istin: 
Tea. and 

^ m Butters, Tureens, Pitchers, Bowls, U 
Ac. For sale at wholesale prices by 


a26b Xns. HO aad 121 Fourth St., 

Pittsbnrg and Cannel Co. 

rpH E best quality always on hand, for the . .  
A dered, at their office, on Wail street, west i 
Pittsburg aad Cannel Joal at the same price. Mi 
s.K dis3c u27 V.« Sf.II.LS2i V. • MaC E A E L 

Insurance Oilici , 

No. 471 South side M. a str 
front room, up stairs, ia 
over Markfc Dowi 

n F-urtAand rif-.h, 
°f huildwg, 


J\. lowing Companies, the undersigned is prepared to fur- 
nish every information in regard to I.trr l.tscRanrc and 
tlie conditions of membership, and also to issue Policies 
on Stores. Dwelling*, aad Factories, and oa Stocks or 
• i mips and other Me«- hanpi se ia store or in course of 1 

por'.ation by Steamboat, Flatboat, Railroad, or Sea- Vessel. 

4tsT Risks on STEAanoaTS aad their 



Capital, paid up and secured-... $1.9^.680 00 
Sur P ,us 126.955 43 

Total Asset* 2.114.635 43 

Reserved Fund, as collateral se- 
curity ,deposited at Louisville • • 10,000 00 

A.M.CLARK. President. J.G. BOWES. Vies President. 
EDWARD G. O'BRIEN, Secretary. 


I.MCOKPOR lTF.n PI |« 3a . 
G. P. RIDOCT, Governor. | T.W. B1RCHALL, Man'g Diree. 


of niimn 

Authorized Capital $300,000 00 

Paid in 100,000 00 

Surplus 21,000 00 


Wm. F. Johnston, Rody Patterson, J sjast Painter. 
A. A. Carrier, W. McCliatoek, James S. N sale y. 

Kennedy T. Friend. W. S. Haven. D. E. Park, 

I.GnerSpronl, Wade Ham; ton. D.M.Long, 

A. J. Joaee, George R. White, H. R. Cogrshall. 


Hon. Wy . F.John«ton. Pres. I Ronr Pattlb   s . V. Pres. 
A. A. Caejubk, Secretary. | S. S. Carrier, Ass't Sec y. 


orrirs, trikitt r ;. i ....... UIbroadwat. 

Net Cash Fund 1st Feb'y, 1855, $2,850,077 56. 

F. R. WINSTON, President. I I. ABBATT fWeetarv. 
CUAS.GILL, Actuary. | HEN KY H. HYDE, Gen.Agt. 

4bsT~ asssffs are dirijtd among the policy-holder*, and 
ran be applied lo the annual reduction «/ the prctniumu or they 
can be compounded aud addett to the sum insured. 

The patronage of the public is respectfully solid ted. 


.Kej-Otnce in Hogan k Dnlaney's buildings, on Msin street, 
between Fourth and Fifth streets, Louisville. Ky. 

New Books ! New Books ! at Ringgold's, 

06 Fourth street, near Main. 

N"ATI'RF. aad Human Nature, by Sam Slick, author of Sam 
Slick the Clock- Maker. Wise Saws, Old Judge, Ac. Pa- 
per, M rents: cloth, 73 cents. 

The O'Doher y Papers, by the late Wm. Magia, LL. D., 
annotated by Dr. Shelton.Maekenile, editor of tskeil's Sketches 
of the Irish Bar. Noctes Ambrosianse, ete. 3 vole. $2. 

The Englishwoman in Russia; Impressions of the Russians 
at Home, ov a Lady 10 years resident In that country. UIcs- 
t rated. $1 26. 

The Illustrated Manners Book, a Manual of Good Behavior 
and Polite Accomplishments. $1. 

The Maroon, a Legend of the Carribees, and other Tales, by 
W. GilmoreSims. %l. 

Ellea Norbury, by Fmers?a Bennett. Paper, 50 cants; 
muslin, $1. 

Poisoas ia our Food, a Gnide to Health, by a Physioian. 24 

J tut rseeived and for sale by 

satjAb S. RINGGOLD, 66 Fourth St.. n -ar Main. 

New Books — And yet they come! 

THE Englishwoman in Russia: Impressi ns of the Society 
and Manuers ef the Roas.ans at Home; by a Lady ten 
years resident in that country. 

Ellen Norbnrv, or the Adventures of an Orphan, by Emer- 
son Bennett. Paper, 5U cents: el 'th. SI. 

The O Doherty Papers, by the late Wm. Magia, LL. D., an- 
notated by Dr. Shell.. n Mackensie. editor of Shiel's Sketches 
of the Irish Bar, the Noctes Ambrosianat, etc. 2 vols. Price 

Kate Aylcsford, a Story of the Refugees, by Charles J. Pe- 
terson. Price $1 25. 
Leslie's Gasette of Fashions for May. 
Together with all the lata works of the day. 
Can be had of F. A. CRCMP. 

mtjEb M Fourthst., 4 doors from Market. 

H. Ferguson &, Son. 

Flour, corner Fifth and Market streets. 
N.B. All Floar solddslivsred free of draya^e aad guarantied 
to salt. mdjSb 

FLOUR— 500 bbls sup-, rune Floar an store aad for sale by 

Fresh Arrival— Iron- Stone China. 

Jast received, per steamboat David White, 28 
crates Iron-Stoae China. Ths*" good, are a direct 
importation from the Staffordshire pottery, Englaad. 
aad are of the best and most improved styles. We 
ve a very ~ irrplete stoek of almost everything l 
k iit ia this line, and Bre prepared  a sell as cheap as m 
mi hou=e in the oitv. All we ask is a call . 


m3 No. 461 Markets^-, between Third I 

Fashions for May. 

d.a, and New Fork Fashioaa received aad for sale by the 

* ft m3 t b4i A. HAGAN A BRO., No. 98 Thirdst. 

Magazines for May at Ringgold's. 

LKSLlEToMOtteof Paris, Loadoa, and New York Faab- 

Harpe-v Putnam. 
Godev Graham. 
1 esl*'» New York Journal. 
Dickens's Household Words. 

Mc^wood for April. S.RINGGOLD, 
jylj * b 66 Foarth st reet . near Maia. 

Paria and London Fashions for May. 

RE A r» V this day , that oracle of the Boa-Ton. FRANK LES- 
all the latest Fashions, new styles   ' Spring Mantillas, Head 
Dresses, Trimmin?*. Pattern for s Camisole, 

Embroideries, Caps, Coll ars. Slippers. Chemisettes. Tidy Pat- 
and othsr Patteras for the Lady of Fashioa. Price XS cents. 
By mail, f i ee of postage oa receipt of pries. 
Just received and for sale by 

ml bAJ 3. RINGGOLD. 66 Foarth st. 

WHEW! HOW DU3TY! Very true, aad these superior 
Feather- Dusters may still be obtained at 
ml jtb M 1 LLER A GOULD'S. 

COUNTRY MERCHANTS will Sad It greatly to their 





[E (a:\iiM;   a n i-hi: ia * 

Hviozart Ila 1 1 , 

ON FRIDAY, MAY 11, 1855. 




to Sets of Instrumental Performers ! 


[\ro of the best European Comedians in the 



:udergiast, tlie iavorite Tenor! 
Nothing old, but everything new! 

'♦afFor particulars, tee description sheet nad small bills cf 

M* "si. 

4Sr-.vjmi3.ion 50eent3. ChiUren and servants 25 cents. 
*#-  t »:s can b« secured at the Hnlldariu;- the day without 

4fc»r-I' rs open at 7 o'clock. Concert to commence at8 
•'clock. iu3jAbtf 

F. K. WOOL), 



  552 Main street, between Second and Third, 

"oofectionary and Ice- 1 ream Saloon, 

Betwrrn Flrat ai d grrond ■trrrle. 

pared for the i«ason to supply any demands in his 
~ Jli. His lce-Cr=am Sa- 

D attend to the 
L ( H is Cream 

apr21 djftbftwi 

Jcc/ lcc. r Jre/ 

INNER, GOSNELL. iCII. are now prepared to furnish 
he finest of ICE to families, boarding-houses, hotels, cof- and steamboats at the shortest notice and on the 
reasonable terms. Their office is on Third street, be- 
n Main and Water, next door to Crawford ft Hurry's 

'. Eli Vantickle, having taken the place of Mr. Elias 
ner in the aid firm of skinner, Gosnell, ft Co., will give 
ittention to the business. GEO. SKINNER, 





Cod Lilver Oil, 


Wf .tt film of Rnshton. ( lark, ft Co. being dissolved by 
~^ : death ov W. !-. Kr iiro:.' (the or.:. Kx-iitiL evei 
ua with ^he trmi, 1 11 L I R GE.N L 1 Mi COD LI VEK 
ill in future be prepared by HEGEMAN, CLARK, 
, surviving partners and Sole successors. It was Mu 
who went m Newfoundland to s*-perintend its manu- 
e, and he is the only ". . „• •- who ever went from th» 
I. s f r that purpose, and as he will continue his supervision 
R that branch of oor business, wa will w arrant our on. mi 
lad BUWUSSX. As success in its use depends upon its puritv, 
(•particular t**e  thit the signa'rreof HEGEMAN, ("LAKE. 
|ft CO.. or RCSHTO.N, CLARK, ft CO., is over the cork of eacl: 
attic H andreds of persons who had been using the Oil of 
er maker* without success have been restored to health bj 
Pcrb Oil of Ouk Misri actcke. He particular in or- 
"staring u  specify Hccemax. Ct_iu*, t Co., as it was Mr. 
dark and net Rustiton who has superintended its manufac- 
ture: '.fid since Mr. Rusbton? death there has been a Rush- 
tonf Oil introduced which is not in sny way connected with 
Kashun, Clark, ft Co., the only representatives of that fine 

Sold by Wilder A Brother, Wilson, Starbird, ft Smith, Lin 
deaherger ft Co., R. A. Robinson A Co., J. s. Morris & Son, J 
X. Montgomery ACo., Hell, Talbot, A Co., Sotclifle a. Hughci 

^E. TEELE & CO. 
Oi'-Jk Whitened Halls colored, and 


•"Orders thankfully received snd promptly attended to. 

rms m derate. J.O. 164 FOURTH STREET, 

• " betweeu lire.-n and Walnut. 

Or eat Bargains ! 



Has on hand a large and handsome assort- 
uentof BOOTS and SHOES, which he will 
■ell very low for cash. 

_» Being a practical Boot and Shoe Maker, 

and .'.uring his work manufactured under his own superinten- 
dence, cn answer for its durability and superior style of 

ng the public for r.ast favors, hesolieits their further 
patronage, and nothing on his part will be wanting for their 
are and comfort 

He begs to apprise, in particular, those ladies and gentle- 
sen w ho consider a well-fitting Boot or Gaiter an indispensa- 
1* article to the tout em-mMe of all within the circle of the 
son swmaV that 425 Market street is the only place in Louis- 
ille where they can depend upon being suited. 
4^» J.-ntlemen's Bo .is or the best quality. Eastern Work 
u.t reduced prices. 

•JbT-K. member th* number-425-aouth side Market, be- 
tween fourth and Fifth streets. .ill jAb 




fTU K BS the liberty of off ring his services to the citisens and 
A strangers in coring all diseases by Homo- p.ithic remedies, 
ni.l i- J by moeh effort and experience to afford relief in the 
tosi deep -rate oases. 
Dr. L. also gives attention to all diseases of the Eye. He 

has had many years' experience in treatment of ocular dis- 


 6sJ*For further information, call at my office above-men- 
tioned^ feb 26 |*b6m 

-CO A g. ! €OAI, ! (Oil. ! 

"11 r E !?f^fcUed up a yard and office on the corner of Wash- 
v v inVCSIand Preston streets for the accommodation of the 
people ap «sVn, where th-y will find Major Jack Downing. 

always ready and ohlir 

aeall, and Mr. W. W. Howard at the office, on Market street 

i^cenUle«^« th 

ttend to those who will give 
t the office, on Market s 
p to attend to those who will 

between Sixth and Seventh. 

Suitcoal, thfsame^ia'd'nsed it 

the bushel than other Coal, and is 

p on hand good Pittsburg 

 th*rCoal, and is equally as 





Having returned to Louisville and purchased the 
■ tore formerly occupied by G. R. Miller, I will give my 
personal and undivided attention to the Drue and Pre- 
jtiea business ia all its branches. Physicians may 
nd oa having their presenptioas   cm pounded wit 

accuracy, neatness, and dispatch at all hours, as 1 will give 
i my particular attention. Family Medicines of the best 
ality will be pat up in the most careful and e 

I will alao keep on hand an el'gant and well-selected stock 
•t Perfumery, Scape, T* th, Nail, and Hair Brushes, Drcss- 
inr Ccmbs, and other Faacy Goods, whieb will be sold at fair 

1 give aw a call and I 
y bestow** Havii 
I b .pe to Merit, by 

pr ' 

I hope that ail my old friends will 
the patronage formerly so liberally 
years' experience in th • easiness. I hop 
attention, a aharo of the public patronage 


■lUbtj Druggist and Apothecary, 87 third st 

Having ten 


FOMEROY AND PITTSBURG COAL kept constantly *t 
liani, which I will a«li at lowest cash prices Offices 

'or. T.'.ira street, wes' sidv. between Market and J efferson, and 
I Preston " 

_ areet, . 
'rultnn. between Floyd and 



For Sale 

& BEAUTIFUL LOT ia the Methodist or Eastern Buryiai 
ft. Ground. For terms, inquire at this - 
alS bAJtf 

30 Pianos for Rent. 

I have ia my care 30 aew Pianos, which I 
will rent or sell very low fer cash, at my old 
r lorns, No. 107 K Fourth street, up stairs 
ui2*«bAjtf N. C. — 

I»atest Arrival of Spring and 


II I. ERE TABB, comer Market and Fourth I 

Mac received by express, a handsome lot of— 
*~ tique aad embroiderod Silk Mantillas, 
' Cnaatilla Lao* 

iy Masiic and Barege 
ro which they invite the attention of the ladies 

•ml Jit 

Corner Fourth and Market sts. 

'UPERFINE FLOUB-aOObbls saperfl 

ne Flour in store aad 
Fifth and Market sts. 

Magazines for May. 

HA RPER'S.Graham's. Godey's. and Putnam's Magazines for 
May, received and for sale by F. A. CRUMP, 

ml j-fch 81 Fourth street, near Market. 


THE O'Doherty Paiiers. by the late Wm. Mszinn, L. L. D., 
annotated by Dr. Shelt.u Maokeniie. 2 Vols. Price $2. 
Howa/d Grey, a story for Boys, by a young lady of Phila- 

Rob't Graham, a sequel to Linda, by Caroline Lee Hentz 
Pajier 30 cents, cloth 7£  cents. 

Adelaide Waldgmve, or the Trials of a G ivcrness, by J. F 
Smith, author of Fred. Vernon, etc. Price 50 eta. 

Mary Middleton.or the History of a Fortune, by G. W. M 
Reynolds. Paper. Price .VJ cts. 
The Country Neighborhood, by Miss E. A. Dupuy. 

Also, a newsuppl v uf Nellv Bra* ken. 

" a. Life c* Seward. Visits to 
■ml jAbl 

tc. K. 


Harper for May. 

Innn COPIES received and for sale by 

 ul jftb No. Third street. 

» WOOL HATS— We are selling Wool naUatamuch 
loss pri-.ethHB they have heretofore been 'old. 


tnljft'.  M4iu at 

Parasols and Muslins. 

\jlLLF.R A TABU, corner Fourth aud Market streets, re- 
.11 ceived by express, thismuruing, a large and elegant as- 
sortment of Paranoia of the latest styles, also a beautiful as- 

ml jftb 

. Jaconet Muslins. 

Corner Fourth and Market sts. 

To Travelers. 

E wonld inform those preparing to travel that we have on 
hand a fine assortment of articles indispensable to their 
comfort, among which may be found- 
Wilton and Brussels" Carpel-Bags; 
Water-proof Traveling-Bags; 
Velvet satchels, steel boviid; 
Traveling-Cases, furnished; 
Dressing-Cases, rosewood and tin; 
Luueh Baskets; *V4MaM Baskets; 
Cap do. Famuv do; 
Brushes of every size and style; 
Combs in great variety: 
With au excellent assortment of Toilet articles. Perfumery, 
Powders, Puffs, Pomade*. Preservatives, and Preparations. 
Tojfc found at the Varieties. MILLER ft GOULD, 
j«b »8 Fourth street. 


MM bbls extra Indiana Hour: 
50 bbls do St. Louis do; for sale by 
■ 1 jftb H. FFRl.U?ON ft SON . 

1 BAFOWL Bivl --HK.-.— A lot ol 
. Brushes this day received by 
ml jAb 

these beautiful 1'1 - 

» FRESH GOODS— We have in store a fine and select 
soock of Hats, Cat s, and Straw Goods, which can be Sold 
at very low prie s for cash or ta prompt men on short timn. 

^Jl^,^ fo.kt. Spoons, Pitchers, CasUrs, Cops, Gob- 
"'V^i l ets   Spoon Vases, tc. all warranteu good as 
^7 J** old coin; Plated Wattcrs.Cattors, Fruit Bat- 
*T kets. Forks, Spoons, ftc. 

4a-S:lver Ware made to order. 
*»-fild Silver and Gold taker, at 

I at highest prices. 
KENDRK K, 71 Third st. 


WM. KENDRICK, Tl Third street. 

I have now a large stock of Gold and SilverWatchcs 

on hand, of most approved styles and makers, many 
' to special order. 1 

(i  3 of which are made and cased 

cu^lish and Swiss ChrOLometers: 
Magee eases, to change to different styles; 
U Watches with locket in back for miniature: 
Do to wind and set without ose of key; 
Ladies' Watches, a fine variety enameled and other"; 
Silver Hnr'ing and open face, heavy cafe; 
And a variety of others. Also, a variety'of — 
Fob, Vest, Guard, and ( hatelain Chains; 
Seals. Keys, and Charms. 
Special attention .ivcn to Watch rep:iirinr. 
aprSOdjfthftwj WM. KENDRICK 


Harper for May. 

ARPER'S MAGAZINE FOR MA V has come to hand and 
r sale wholesale and retail by F. A. CRUMP, 

fcb No. X4 Fourth St., near Market. 

NEW JEWELRY— I am receiving nearly 
ivery week, direct from tht manufactures, 
the latest styles of Jewelry. I have now on hand, bv rec nt 
arrivals, in part — Diamond, Mosaic, Cameo, Euameled, Gold 
Fruit, fce., in sets or Pius: Ear-Kings or Bracelets, sepa 
rate; Gold and Silver Pens and Pencils, and, in a word, a geu- 
oral ass rtment of Jewelry— all warranted as represented by 
apr30djtbfcwj WM. KEN DKI CK. 71 Third St. 

Godey's Lady's Book for May, 

JpLM.L of the latest Fashions and interesting reading mat- 
Bachelors' attentions are particularly invited tothis number. 
They should notfail lo read what Miss Bremer says about mar- 
ried men. 

Reader, are you a bachelor? If you are. remember marriage 
is the mother of the world, and preserves kingdoms aid fills 
cities and churches. Celibacy, like the fly in the heart of an 
apple, dwells in perpetual sweetness, but sits alone, and is con- 
fined, aud at last dies in singleness; but marriage, like tho 
useful bee. build* a house and c:\th-rs sweetness from every 
Mower. Come with me, saw "bachelor readers, "I have 
made up my mind to 6tart." If you would be useful, hap- 
py, prosperous, and honored, journey toward the land 
ol wedlock, and when circumstances are favorable, take some 
partner by the hand, enter its precincts, and with an abiding 
confidence and pure desire, 'settle down" in the midst of its 
sprini'ina delight- ' 

ate jftb 

: to enjoy the sweets and nurse the 
No. 99 Third street. 

Godey for May. 

GODEY'S Lady's Book for May received and for sale by 
■jgj** 84 Fourth St., near Market. 

Book by Mrs. 

ROBERT GRAHAM, a Novel, byCaroline Lee Hentz. Price 
50 cents. For sale by 

F. A. HRUMP, 84 Fourth st 

a2S jftb 

700 Shell Oysters, exceedingly 


,.'."0 s:.r w-sburys, the best Oys- 
ter extant. 

We are just in receipt of these Oysters this morning by ex- 
They are the finest Shell Oysters we have had this sea- 

SOU. a J - jftb 


C fnl article of the above goods, made very light, expressly 
for summer. 

a2S bftj 


PLAMEKs- HATS-We have manufactured a lightand 
elegant Hat expressly for planters and those exp  sed to 
*2S 455 Main st. 

I* HATS AND CAPS of etery qualit} 
*nu style, suitable to the season, can b« 
_gr  had of POLL ARD, PRATHER, ft 

•?v" ITH ' 455 Mai " 8treet . •* prices lower 
than at any other house. a2S jftb 

and Caps, new styles and very cheap. 


■g * k 4.'.5 Stat* «t. 

PANAMA AND LEGHORN HATS— A fine article on hand 
expressly for our retail trade, at lew t rices. 

First of the Season— Green Peas. 

GREEN PEAS, the hrstof the season, just received this 
morning and ready to be served up in the best style atour 

a2Sjftb WALKER ft COMMERFORD. Third st. 

Dum Vi vimus Vi vamus . 


OUR Restaurant is now fully supplied with all the rich and 
rare condiments of the season, such as Spring Chicken*, 
Frogs' Legs, Lamb Fries, Salmon, Bass, Sweet Breads, Tender 
Loin, Beef Steak, Shell Oysters, Snipe, Squats, Green Peas, 
Lettuce, Asparagus, Potatoes, Ac. 
a28jfcb WALKER ft COMMERFORD, Proprietor*. 

kj ready for our sales to-day our elegant summer style of 
white Beaver and Otter Hats, which are unsurpassed for 
beauty and fine material. 

aZSjftb 455 Mains' 

Butler's New Common School Speaker 

• »i |1 H E Common School Speaker is designed for voung 
A speakers. Accordingly, the pieces are generally short 

and composed of short sentences." 
The above excellent book_ for j« 

eeived by 
apr 26dftwjftb 

book for juveniles has just been re- 

621 Main St. 

May Fashions. 

/GODEY'S LADY'S BOOK for May, full of the latest fash 
IT tons and interesting reading matter. Bachelors' atten- 
tion it particularly invited to this number. They should not 
fail to read what Miss Bremer says about married men. 

A. HAGAN ft BRO., 119 Thirdst., 
a26jftb\ Agents for Louisville. 



84 Fourth street, near Market. 

ATE AYLESFttRD, a Story cf the Refugees, by Charles 
. J. Peterson. Price tl 25. 
The Initials, a Stot*- of Modern Life. Price $1 25. 
The Life of Sam Ueuton (the only authentic memoir of 
him ever publisned). Price $1 25.' 

The Teacher's Last Le*«oa, a Memoir of Martha Whiting, 
by Catharine N. Badger. Price $1. 
Ingenue, or the First Days of Blood, by Alexander Duma*. 

D VUits 'to European Celebritl,., by William B. Spragn*, 

Toe Physical Geography of th* Sea, by M. F. Maury LL. 
D. Price $125. *' 

The Literary Life and Correspondence of the Countess of 
Blessington, by R. R. Madden, M.R.J. A. tvoia. Price $2. 

Received and forsale by 

a25 jftb r. A. CRUMP, No. 84 Fourth St., near Market. 


• The Mayoralty. — Mr. Barbee gave the re- 
quired bond to-day, and the clerk thereupon is- 
sued a supersedas until the question of the may- 
oralty can be finally settled by the Appellate 
Court. Mr. B. is now the mayor. 

AST The Empire passed Vicksburg on Wed- 
nesday evening with 350 tons of freight and a 
fair trip of passengers. She is expected to ar- 
rive on Monday morning. 

Accident on the Jeffersonville Rail- 
road. — The engine attached to the freight train 
from Indianapolis burst its boiler y*sterday 
evening, about 0 o'clock, seventeen miles out 
from Jeffersonville, instantly killing the engi- 
neer, Griffith Harris, and the fireman; and also 
severely injuring Mr. David Lewis, owner of a 
steam saw-mill at Jonesville. The engine is a 
perfect wreck, the boiler being blown two hun- 
rlred yards from the track, and the fragments 
scattered over the adjacent woods. The body 
of the engineer was blown one hundred and 
fifty yards from the engine. 

(j^"A German theatrical performance takes 
place to night at the Histrionic Hall for the 
benefit of two of the leading actresses. After 
the performance a ball will take place. The 
admission is only 25 cents. 

(g?"The steamer Altoona has been sold at St. 
Louis for $11,000 cash to Capt. Bryant and 
others for the Illinois river trade. 

Dr. Raphael's Lecture. — The fifth and last 
lecture by Dr. Raphael will be delivered this 
evening. "The Human Skeleton as evincing 
Design" is the subject, and a more beautiful 
could not be selected. 

An Interesting Occasion and Correi 
The Grand Master of the Grand Lodge (Mason- 
ic) of the District of Columbia, Dr. Charles S. 
Frailey, has recently received a letter from 
the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge in 
Pai is, asking that a delegate be appointed on 
the part of the District Grand Lod^e to attend 
a congress of the Masons of the Wor d to as- 
semble in Paris on the 1st proximo, to take into 
consideration the condition of Masonry over the 
G!obe, and to adopt for the benefit of taf order 
whatever may be appropriate and lawful. The 
Grand Lodge of this District rinds itself unable 
at so short notice to send over a suitable repre- 
sentative, but has directed the Grand Master to 
send to the Grand Master n Paris a commission 
in blank to be accorded to some worthy Ameri- 
can Mason, who may be attending the World's 
exhibition in Paris, to act on the occasion ex- 
plained above, as the representative of the Ma- 
sons of this District. — Washington Slur. 

Steam Engine Without a Boiler. — A friend has 
exhibited to us the plan and drawings of an en- 
gine of this kind, of which a successfully work- 
ing model has been built and is owned by Wm. 
O Brien, Esq., who is staying for a day or two 
at the Weddell House. We are informed that 
the model works exceedingly well and that Mr. 
O'Brien is desirous to connect himself with 
some party so that a full and fair trial shall be 
given to so novel and interesting, and, it may 
turn out, important invention. We have seen a 
notice of it by a leading Philadelphia paper, 
where the model has been exhibited, and deem 
the matter of sufficient interest to our intelligent 
citizens at least to invite a call upon Mr. O'Bri- 
en and listen to his views and representations. 

Cleveland Herald. 

Royal Velvet, Brussels, and Brussels 
Tapestry Carpets, 

Main Street, Opposite Bunk of Kentucky. 

WE .ire in receipt, by express and otherwise, of a large and 
splendid stock of the latest importations of — 
Rich Royal Velvets, splendid designs; 
Rich six-frame Medallion Brusse's, new designs; 
Rich English and American Brussels Tapestry; 
Imperial, Extra, and Superfine English and American 
2 and 3 ply Carpetings: 
Together with a great variety of superb Mosaic, Patent Turk- 
ish, Chenille, and Tufted Rugs; also, the different kinds of 
Parlor, Hall, and Porch Mats. 

The above goods are entirely new, of the best materials, du- 
rable colors, and at prices the same as in any of the Eastern 
markets. The special attention of our friends aud strangers 
who may be visiting the city with a view of purchasing any *f 
these goods is particularly" called to ou examination of our 
6tock before deciding to purchase elsewhere. 

Damask, I.ace, and Muslin Curtain Draperies; French Wor 
sted aud Cotton (various colors) and Cashmere Table and 

Pi an -  Covers, ftc*. 
Have just received, by express aud other late arrivals, every 
description of the above goods, of the latest and nv st beautiful 
designs, to which vour attention is invited. 

BENT ft DUVALL, House Furnishing Warehouse, 
m2« No. 537 Main street, opposite B'k of K y 

Jameg I. Lemon, 


535 Main street, opposite the Bank of Kentucky, 


sO Fine Gold and Silver Watches, various prices; 
/B*V Gold Guard, Fob, and Vest Chains; 
(tpt M Chaterlaines, Charms, Seals, and Keys: 
4*flttjȣMo!iaic, Cameo, Pearl, and plain Gold Ladies' Pins; 
Mosaic, Cameo, and other n w style Ear-Rings, 
Diamond Rings and Pins; 
Mourning Jewelry for Miniatures and Hair; 
Bracelets, Lockets, and Jet and Hair Jewelry; 
Gold Spectacles, Thimbles, and Pencils; 
Silver Spoons, Cups, Goblets, Ac; 
Plated Ware of all kinds very cheap: 
Card Cases. Port-Monaies. and Pocket Cutlery; 
I am receiving new styles of Jewelry every few days.which 
make my stock very complete. I will be pleased to show 
goods to tho»e who will favor m* with a call. 
m2+jftb JAS. I. LEMON. 


■ and Caps should call on POLLARD, PRATHER, 

■ SMITH, No. 455 M tin street, and purchase a snpn 
"•of their beautiful spring style Dress Hat, 

manufacturer m24jt 

Musical Goods at Wholesale. 

City and country merchants will find in 
our stock every variety of Musical Goods, of 
our own importation, at lowest New York 
fries, viz: Be»t English, French, and Italian 
Violin Strings. French and German Violins 
at all prices. Guitars, Accordions. Flutes, Banies, Tambo- 
rines. Brass Instruments, Instruction Books. Bows, Bridges, 
Screws, ftc. 
Our stock of Sheet Music i* now complete. 
m22jftb WEBB, PETERS, ft CO., 109 Fourth st. 

Country Merchants 

Will please n tice that I have just received an ex- 
ten.iT- assortment of Gold Watches at the follow- 
ng low rates: 

"Pen taced detached Lever-, 1? carets fin-*, full jeweled, $22; 
Hunting do d", Is do do, do do, $35 

These Watohes will all run, and are the best article for th* 
price that can be made. JOHN KITTS, 

m22jftb Main St., between Fourth and Fifth. 

New Books! New Books! 

Ancient and Modern Times, containing Sketches of their 
Lives. Specimens of their Eloquence, and an Estimate of their 
Genius, by David A. Harsh. Price $? 25. 

with a preface, notes, and appendix, by Harriet W. Warner. 
Price $2 50. 

M ARAN DA ELLIOT, or the Voice of the Spirit, byS. H. M. 
Price $1 . 

NORTH AND SOUTH, by the author of "Marv Barton,' 
"The Moorland Cottage," ' Cranford," tc. Price 38 cts. 
Received this morning by Express and forsale by 
m21 ifcb F. A. CRUMP, 84 Fourtbst.. near Market. 

for sale by 

m21 jftb T. A. CRUMP, 84 Fomrthit.. near 


May 11. M. 

There arc 6 feet water in the channel and at a stand. The 
weather is clear and pleasant. 

Cihcixxati, May II, M. 
The river is falling slowly. The weather it clear and pleas- 

Flour is firm at $9 BR, Whisky has declined to 33fc. Pro- 
visions are steady. Sales of bacon sides at 8 packed. No 
change in groceries. 

New Yor.a, May 11, M. 

Cottonisfirm. Flour has declined 12Hc: 200 bbls sold-gof d 
Ohio $10 .Wn $10 75; Southern is heavy at $10 87@S$U 37. 
Wheat is unchanged. Cnru is a trifle higher; 35,000 bushels 
sold— Western mixed SI 17. Pork has advanced 6e; sales of 
2,1100 bbls. Beef is firm. Lard is drooping, with sales of 1000 
bbls. Ohio whisky is firmer, with sales at 39c. 

Stocks are steady. Money is abundant. Erie 4S*; Cleve- 
land and Toledo 7:»; Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati lot; 
Virginia t; sy7.'.: Mi«s.,uri fi s?2. 

New Orleans, May 5, 

,;,»■,„. —Transactions for the week 31.5:i0 hales. 

The receipts ar this port since 1st September are 1,083,207 
bales, against 1,223. i 21 bales to same date last year; and the 
decrease in the receipts at all ti e p  rts, up to the attest] dates as 
compared with last year, is 207,779 hales. 

JVrir Vrl-miM f -/i, „ t ,,**i,nilatiiig to th'tt of Lircr- 
po.J.— l/,w middling SH®9, middling »Jt®9«4; good mid- 
dling IOH(g(IUM. 

f bt t Mts — 8al*f during the early part of the week of 1.000 
hhds., ainc-j which the business bat been on a less liberal 
scale, the • tit. re transactions of the past three davt not exceed- 
ing 250 hhds., which makes a total tor theweek'of 1,250. We 
have no change to notice in prices. There is but litUe compe- 
tition among buyers-, and factors continue to offer their stocks 
at previous rates, but without showing any dispo uion to 
stimulate the demand bv relaxing their pretensions. The 
week's sales include 127 hhdt. admitted and refused averag- 
ing Seantt round; SO old crop Clarksville said to beatVHc 
round; 3 at 9 cents and 1 at 9«; 47 at8),c; 4S3 ou private terms; 
125. a low running let, at — ; 13 at9H; 10 at 7; 100 items at 
M cents: 15 scraps at frMIJMf,; 3» at 7«: 43 at 7 IS lo; u at 
7H i 35 at and 5 at B| .. at * u . l ai .- 1, ; and 2 at 7M; 9 hhdt. 
ata« and 7* at7V 3atS and ii at7j*- We repeat our pre- 
viousiiuotationt at follows: 

Lugs-Factory $ ft 6 (4 6 , 


Leaf— Inferior to Common. ... 



Chuce Selections 

Stock ia wureh .use and on shipboard 10.060 Uhd; 
Hanging and Bale Ruj-e.—We have still bat little activity 
to notice m the market lor these articles, hut prices appear tn 
l-e weil sustained a: I :..r for Kentucky uud 
7( *7M and He lb f or lope, one lot of 200 naif coils v Lou- 
1 *1 — Manufacturing Co ) iringing the outaide rate, equal to 
cash. Holders of India bagging are generally lirm. and we 
e a sale of 200 bale* at 12»4c %» yard eath for an extra 

at the 


Baskett the most complete ia the city, 1 


heavy lot 

Otnttkf Bug*.— There is scarcely anv . 
but the principal holders still ask lu vc 

Cojee.— Prices having again yielded slightly, buyer* have 
been induced to come forward with considerable tctrit and 
have taken, during tht last three days, about 5,500 bags Rio 
(which would make a total for the week of 9, M), ehieilv at 
9Sfel^^c for good quality, though prime parcels are ttill held 
at loci* lb. and could toarculy be purchased fur less. One i-.irge . f 3. S3ii sacks having arrived, the sum of the di- 
rect import - ; I st September to date is now 367,!'50 b .gs 
againat 212,113 to same date last year. The ttock remaining 
in first and second haud-i is about 27,000 bags against 52,000 at 
the corresponding period last season. 

Bag. — Prices have advanced, one flatboat load of Wettern 
having been i-old at (M, aud holders asking s.oV S2S per tou 
for smaller lots. 

Jtstttf/ Market.— We are again without any material change 
to notice in the character of the money market. There is a 
pretty fair supply ef prime patieroff. ring, which is taken quite 
freely at 10 per cent, per annum. Second classic also quote 
ai before, 12(cul5 per cent, per annum. 

Jbnkango. — Txatt Draft* on the North are as '.ast noticed. 
A 1 discountable names are rather scarce, but the general ran 
oi signatures are very plenty. Sight funds ave In gcoj request. 
The banks ask ficent. premium, but out-of-doors th* 

rates are S@H ** cent, premium. We quote sterling 9S( *10 
aud WW ff cent, premium for good to A 1 names. Francs 5 
I'-\©-  1M « V dollar. New York and Button sixty- days tight 
*4(allX and IH |4 cent, discount. Sight h(a)H f* cent, pre- 

freight*. — Two American Fhips for Liverp .r-1 at fc'd and two 
laid on for Havre at J c for cotton. A ship for ports in Spain, 
With tobacco, at $7 f hogihead. A ship for Bremen, with cot- 
ton at He and tobaec • at 25s $ hogshead. 


Mat H. 


Telegraph. No. 3, Roitert, Cincinnati. 
Advance, Smith, Pittsburg. 
K-VBtene State, Pittsburg. 
U. 8. Mail, Heslep, St. Louis. 
Charleston, Dean, Cincinnati. 
Rainbow, Holcroft, Henderson. 


Telegraph No. 3, Rogers. 
Advance, Smith. M. Louit 
Keystone State. St. Louis. 
U S. Mail, Haslep, Pittsburg. 
Charleston. Dean, Memphis. 
Rainbow, Holcroft. Henderson. 
Southerner, Catterlin, St. Louis. 


Per Telegraph No. 3 from Cincinnati: 72 theett iron, Bast ft 
Volti; 30 pet do. Shreve, Anderson, ft Thomas: 6 bbls whisky, 
TerHolth; 30 do do, Lane ft Hartley: S Ixl Is paper. J Cromev: 135 
reels yarn. 5 bales twine, 2S bags chain; 50 ds brooms, K illick 
106 bales hay. McOuiston ft Co; r!6 do do, 45 sks feed. Have* ft 
Sou; 72 sks corn, R Buckner; 153 do do, Jones ft Semple; It t  
bratx, McAUer; 2 hhds tobacco, Pickett; tdrs, various con- 
sign — 



WE are in receipt this mornina, direct from the importer!, 
of a luperior lot of choice French Gooda, expressly fur 
ladies' wear, to which we invite their especial attention. No 
elass of goods of this character wherein are combined so mnch 
beauty and eleganee have ever found their way into '.his mar- 
ket before. 

Composed of the best order of Fabrics in all their variety, 
as well as the finely finished and durable. 

Have just been received and now opened for our Spring 
tales. Our pi ike- are uniform and very low. 

m2 jftb 537 Main it., opposite Bank of Kentucky. 

New Books. 

tiTOLFERT ROOST and a collection of other Papera, by 
VV Washington Irving. 

The Sont of tho Siret, a Hittory of the Rise, Progrett, and 
Destiny of the American Party, by au American. 

Israel Potter, his Fifty Years of Exile, by Herman Mel 
ville, author of Typee, ftc. 100 copies just received. 

Forsale by A. HAG AM ft BRO., 

m21jfcb 9fl Third St.. near the Post-office. 

Very Handsome English Cutlery. 

We have just received, by express, an in- 
voice of very rich English Cutlery, ivorv 
handled, consisting of Dining and Dessert 
Knivet, together with Carvers aad Forks to 
match, to which wo call the attention of 
those who want an excellent article of Cutlery. 

We have also reeeiv-sd very beautifnl patterns of White 
Metal Candlesticks (plated) and a tnpplv of Silver-Plated 
Snuffers. HOOE ft LUCKETT, 

No. 161 Market tt., batween Third and Fourth, 
m20.iftb near Fourth, south side. 

rRAEL PO.'TER— nit Fifty Years of Exile— by Hermann 
Melville. Price 75c. 

Stanhope Burleigh, or the Jesuits in our Unmet, a norel bv 
Helen Due. Price $1. 

AYillion and other tales, by the author of Olive, the Head 
of the Family, Agatha's Husband, ftc. Price 50c. 

Received by express, and for sale by F. A. CRUMP, 

m20j&b 84 Fourth street, near Market. 

HughesA Breckinridge's Oral Discussion 

mHE ORAL DISCUSSION, between the Most Rev. Arch 
X bishop Hughes and the Rev. John Breckinridge, D. D. on 
the question "Is the Roman Catholic Religion, in any or in 
all It* Principles or Doctrines, opposed to Civil or Religir.u* 
Libertyf" and of the question "Is the Preebyterian Religion 
in any or in all ita Principles or Doctrines, opposed to C'vii 
or Religious Liberty?" 

The subscribers take pleasure in announcing to the public 
that a new edition of this book is now in course of publica- 
tion, and will be ready in May next. 

The frequent calls which we have bad for thit work (which 
has been out of print for several yean) have induced nt to make 
such arrangements with the owner of the copyright at, will 
enable us to furnish it to the trade and others at very reasona- 
ble rates 

This will be a very useful book for polltirinns, as it discus- 
ses in a masterly manner all the points of the Catholic doc- 
trine and discipline, which are just now creating to much ex- 

The work will be printed on fine paper, and boand in neat 
binding, and sold at the moderate price of $1 50. 
Orders respectfully solicited. 

mar20dftwj*b N o. 521 Ma: n st. 

A Book for Every True American. 

STANHOPE BURLEIGH, or the Jesuits in ear Horn**, by 
C. Edwards Lester. ' 
"This land of truth, light, and liberty shall suffer uader 
the blighting curse of demagogue*. Jesuititm, and foreign in- 
fluence no longer." 
Received by express, and for sale wholesale or re  
mi  jftb F. A. CRUMP. 84 Fourth 

50 bblt extra Illino't Family Flour- 
50 bblt do Missouri do so ' 
160 bblt do Indiana dc do- 
lOfbbl* do itinerant do dc; 

H. FERGUSON ft so* 


r " r "«"' Fifth and MarketV-t. 

(IVSKifJ&BT* ■■■■ ■■■ Soap. , very -j." 
^K8? ta ,or l^ndry purposes, just recei ved and for sal* t.» , 
*" 1 * t  ' H. FERGUSON * SON. ' 


Second Arrival of Barege, 
Organdy Muslin r 

\f~ILLER A TABB received by Ami 

ml? jftb 

Corner Market i 

•t, t* 

Paris Mantilla, Vf 

corner «! ^ " 
at) easy] 

mo*t c*mpl*tc ia the 

Go g\6 

lie* ia 


mm1^^S2mm\ w Wi ^ ! i' ng u tb -e number of Piaaet t* 

£— -Kaiiflal °f ,olu " "u' »ucticn sale on the 9tb day of 

[7 II ■ If FI - ajr ' f nd ihfT ^y commission!, we ttiU 
J II ■ If |f offer t'-.e remainder of our Eastern stock o 5 
Pianoa »t price! lest than the original wholesale factory *e*t. 
Every instrument warranted. Persons desi rout of purcha- 
sing are invited to examine thit ttock, at we are conTincetl 

,f Veft^" k ' T °" b * C f , P° lla » i, r »«1  «vwi M aflordadtl 
of getting cheap instruments. 'I be Pianos ar* from the i 

InT? r £f c , on ,;V R w aTen " d J ' * J - r - *•» K 

and L. C- ibert, Ohickering ft Son*, and Brown ft Allen, B 
t0D '. WEBB. PETERS, ft CO., 

g J* b . 109 Fourth i 

j^lU EIVEDand fori 

«3 jftb 

. 2ker for April 

l wholesale er retail by the agent, 
So. 84 Four-.'-. st.. near Mirkel. 

WILLOW V* ARE — We arexreoelv in* . oustantly from our 
manufacturers the best quality of Willow War*, contitt- 
ing of Hampers, Cradles, Children's Chairt, High Chairs 
I ahs and Carriages, covered Baskets, Traveling, Clxhef, aai- 
Market Baskets, fte. 
a'.' i.tb wt, . . — --- 

MILLER ft GOULD. 9  Fourth It. 

aortment of the above articles it complete, and country 
merchant* will do well t-  give nt I call. Ladies can rarely 
fail to be pleated with the great variety of beautiful style, 
that c- mpnte our Itook. ■ 
^l** MILLER ft COULD. 9* Fourth •*. 

Toilet Sets, (,. 
of the newettttylra. 

.,. hi 6 / * arket B - b ' tween Third iu * :h - S-SEk 

T— Jutt received 2 doiea plain and fancy fine, 
s. green, buff, wlat :, and landse :: erni.all 

stylet HOOF. A LU. K eTT. 


r ■Port-Monaie5.CaH-Ca*e». Poeket-Bookt- 
£ rit 1 i u S- De " k ^ T " T ^ B «- c *"««. Work-Cai,*; 
Vt erk-Boxei, Cigar-Cases, Flatkt: 
Wilton Carpet Bags: Water-proof do; 
Tablet!. Purse*. Toilet Mirrors; 
Opera Glasses. Poeket Companion*, Emery; 
Pen-Kaivet. Scissor*. Sewing Birds. Tape; 
Pomades. Colognes. Powder*, Tooth Paste; 
Toilet Soapt, Slaving Creams: 

Hair, Tooth, Nail, Sharing, Clothes', and Hat U-utht* 
Cmmb. D-i»ting. Httrth. FIv.Flnrt. iod Fe.'herdo; 
Djeseing, Fine, Twist, Puff, Sid*, and Pocket Comb*; 
Work, Card, Traveling. Flower, and Fancy BaskeU- 
Hampen, Clothes' and Market itjVili * c : a t 
»- 2 i* h MILLER ft GOULD'S, f" 



A1"L reipeetfuliy announce to all thoie who have not yet 
TT been able to procure a copy of this valuable work that 
the MOWn «t  ti«. v is now ready, and that all ordert will bo 
promptly attended to. 

Prices— Cloth binding.$225; library stvle. $2 50 
morocco, gilt edges. *3 K " 

Potta/e to any part of the U. 40 c« n t*. 

apr 2d*wbAJ 

: m cation 


Harper for April. 

HARPERS' MAGAZINE for April came to hjnd thit _ 
mg. and the trad* supplied by F. A. RUMP, 

"31 jAb -n f ourtbst.. ms Market. 

Putnam, Graham, and Godey for ApriL 

| Q() COPlESjust received and for sale by the 

m31 hi! 

99 Thirdst., near P .tt-offie*. 

New Books! New Books at Ringgold'*. 

|P«ACTICA1 Landscape Gardening. By G. M. Kern. Pries, 

„ L i. f '\? f . w,n Ps Seward, with tketches from kH works. By 
G. E. I.uaer. PrlawSL 

Corsica, Picturesque. Historical, and SocUI, wilt an early 
Jketchof the Life of .Napoleon. By t. Joy Morrit. Frit. 

Eiiglith, Ptstand Present. By R. C. French. 75c 
Miranda Elliott, or Voice of '.the Spiri". B. B. 9. B, 0L 
Godey for April. 
Putnam for April. 
Graham for April. 
Ballon for April. 
Leslie's N. Y. Journal. 
Received and for tale by 


?. BTJn ; d. 
66 Fotrth street, neur Main. 


""" morning and the trade supplied by 

■Jatai S4 Fcurtn •*.. ne»r Market. 

Musical Merchandise at Wholesale. 

Country dealer* are respectfully requested to call 
and examine my large ttock of Violins, Accord: one 
Strings, Banjos, Tamborinei. Flutes, aud Brail In- 
strument*, all of my own importation, which I will 
aeli to the trade as low a* can be I 

53!) Main St., opposite Rank 


lank of Kentucky. 

New Catholic 

E have just received by express, direct 1 
ert, the following new work*: 
"Fabiola, or the Church of th* Cateeombt, " by 
VYiteuian. This it a most txcellent w  . 1;. 

"Questions of the Soul." by J. T. Hecker. • us of the Re- 
demtorist Father*, whom many will no doubt reeoUMt aa 
one of the indefatigable priest* of th* Miseioo herein the, 
fa I of 1863. 

"The Christian Virtues, and th* Meat-s gag obtaining 
them," containing th-; practice of the Io»e c.f oar Lord Jesus 
Christ, Treatise en Prayer aa the great means of Salvation 
Directions for acquiring the Christian Virtues, Life for a 
Christian, ftc: by St. Liguori. 

"The Immaculate Con.eptisn of the Mott Blessed Virgin 
Mary, Mother of God," ad jgn.a of the C.nholic Church, by J 
D. Brvint, M. D , author of Pauline Seward. 

"Lif*of St. Rote, of Lima;" edited by tat Rev. § W.Ta- 
ber, D. D. 

"Life "f B. F. Peter Claver," of the Society of Jetu*; 
abridied from the Live* of the Sainttund Servants of God, by 
th* Fath rt of the Oratory . 

"Chateau Lescu.-e.or the Last Marquis, " a st^rv t f En tan v 
and the Vendee. 

mar2Sd*wj*b No A21 Main tt. 

l  ly Scripture, b j ■ k . '.esW. 

Church Books at Ringgold's. 

ROUGHT G*ld; an Exposition of several (llbces: adapted 
for various occasions of Public \V i- ' rwith 
the Epistles and Gospels for each B« I al Eeclesiatti- 
cal year; compiled from the Worki of the He*. John Bcyt, D. 
D., Dean of Canterbury, with an anal. til of Lhe Ttaunia. by 
the Rev. Kensey Jno. Stewart. A. M. $2 M. 

Mcssias and Anti-Messias. a Pror'- tical Lxpisitiou, to 
which are added two H. mil es ol the body f I .r st. by C. 
hsaraaata Black 75 cents. 

The Life and Epittlelof St. P»ol, by Kev W . J . C tj I bear* 
and J.S. Ilowson. 2v .U. $6. 

Inspiration and Cinon of U  ly 
worth, D. D. $1 60. 

Prayeri, adapted to various oeea»ioniof p..h'; W, r«h-p, by 
Alexander V. GrUwold. D. V., Biaho; of he Eastern Dioeete. 
75 cents. 

Family and Pr: vat* Prayers. by a Layman. 4' -cnt«. 
Blunt'i Sermou* and Discourses on tho Art.c 1 1 . 7-  cent*. 
Rlunt's History of St. Paul aad St. Peter. 
Blunt'* Abraham and Elis'ia. 75 cents. 
The Churchman's Manual, by Rev. Benj. Dorr.D. D. Cloth 
gilt. $1. 

The Horea Sacra. Prayers, and Meditations t r private 
use. by Rev. Jno. Chandler, M. A. Gilt. 6' cents. 

Devout Churohman'aCompnaioa, by Rev.W. H . tiieiihimci 
Unitarian Viewt, by Rev.'H. M. Deuiron. M centt 
Full Proof of the Ministry, by Rev. Jno. N.Norion. 75 

Also, a fullassor.uient ,f Bibles. l'rr ( : - . 
Devotion, fte. 

Received and for sale by* S. R'.'lUUOLD. 

m27bAj «6 Fourth trtet.aear Main. 

fully invite the aUentica -f la.'let to our Urga 



1LLER A TABB. corner of Fourth and Market street* 
have now in store a large stock of Spring aad Summer 
Cods, selected from th* largest importing houtasinNew York, 
which we arc prepared to offer af 
than any other -egu" 
would respectfully I 
ttock of — 

Fancy Drets Goodt; 
Fancy Silks. Blaew I 
Tissue and Organdy 1 
Figured Jaeonett; 

Do and striped Organdy MuMint: 
Printed and Plain Challeys; 
Barege de Lai net; 

Small figured de Lai ne* far childrea: 

Children'! Robe*; 

Printed Linen* for children; 


French Chinti; 

Parasols. Fans. 

• A large and splendid assortment of— 
Laces aad Embroideries; 
CollarAteiand SI*.*** 
Embroidered and Lac* Basqu- ■•• 
Kmkroidertd and Lac* Coilart; ' 
Hoaiton, Va' wk njta i , a»d Malwsc Uatar 
Meurning Collarette* and Sleeve* (new - 
51 ourniogt Jilaraat 12!»ct«; i^ \7t 

Irish Linen and Linen Tub}* Damasks- 
Napkins; atMkabaek: 
Toweit; patent Dusters (aaw). 

rointof style aad eleguce can't be *urp**»*tl lty^n!i %JZ 
ern house. Mil i en i J «.j  n 

miSjftb Cora»»»fi 

"■«* ***. 

Godey for April 

CA ME t^ hand this a*ralcg aad is for sat* who'esale or ■ 
•i"*? t. A. CRUMP, 

• No 84 Fourth  -t.. .ear Mark*!. 


New Bocks! New Books! at Ringgold's 

( \BATORS AND STATESMEN, contain^ Sketch,. *f tii 
I / Lives and Sp.eim.ns *t tkWTttoqueac* of the matt im£ 

THE TEUTH AN D LIFE. Sf Sermon., by the Rt. ReV c" 

pa? JO e*-at* D ^ " °' JUf ? B *?''« P*- 

JfiRAEL POT+-R, bis W tj|»ar»ef EUle, by Harm a & 

w f aTif i tauKa/i 

Bo- ton. May 19. 
A Canton dispatch, dated March 14, received 
via London, and telegraphed from Trieste, says 
that there is no change in the markets. No teas 
for the United States. 

Freights £5 5s to England and $1S to the 
United States. \ 

I.n dependence, Mo., May 9. 
Letters from Leavenworth announce the ar- 
rival of the Salt Lake mail. 

The Sioux Indians had driven off the mules 
from the mail station m Devil's Gate, also all 
of the animals belonging to the traders. The 
. people at Sweet Water had quitted the settle- 
ment for safety. All was xquier this side of 
Leavenworth, but the Indian* were making 
threats against the mail party. ' Fifteen persons 
arrived. They traveled only at night, and were 
not molested. 

The April and May outward mails were fal- 
len in with in good condition. 

Providence, May 10. 
The K.iow-Nothings have elected their candi- 
date for mayor by 21 majority, all sevea) of the 
aldermen, ar:d IB out of 28 councilmen. i 

Syracuse, May 10. 
The Know-Nothing State Convention is stili 

in session here. 

Boston, May 10. 

A m^ssase was received in the House this 
inoimng from Gov. Gardner respectfully d - 
clining to remove Judge Loring. The message 
is rather iensrthy. The House refused to refer 
the message to the committee of federal rela- 
tions, and it was laid on the table and 5,000 
copies ordered to be printed. 

The Senate to-day passed to the third reading 
Uie liberty bill, which nullifies the fu- 
gitive slave law. 

The Governor's decision appears to give satis- 
faction in Boston, will probably act against 
the future political propects of Gov. G. in the 
State at large. 

The Kinney Expedition steamer is advertised 
to sail on the lv»rh. 

St. Louis, May 10. 

The cholera continues its ravages among the 
emigrants on the Upper Mississippi. The boats 
are generally crowded beyond their capacity. 
An uuusua! fatality attends the disease. 

Baltimore, Ma 10. 

The second public session of the Catholic 
provincial session was held this morning. There 
was an immense attendance. A sermon was 
preached by Dr. McCaffrey on the prelates who 
Lad died since the last council. 

Philadei thia, May 10. 
Capt. Ingraham, with the sloop-of-war St. 
Louis, has arrived here. A public dinner has 
been tendered him for his gallant conduct in the 
Koszta affair. 

Louisville, May 11. 
Market a liMHJ more active. Small ssles cf floor at $9 
$10. A sal-, of 300 bushels corn to a deulcrat 82(a 4c, 7t* bush- 
«ls shelled a*.  hc'M)c from store, 1 ton crushed corn and oats at 
£36 ft ton, 100 bushels meal to a dealer at 86c, 350 bushel? oats 
from store at 65c, and 200 bales hay frm the levee at $20(a, ;._ l 

* ton. 

Sales ff 16 tags inf. rinr e ffoe at ldKc, 9" bags at 11c, and 
small tales t-j the country at lli.&UJ.c. Sales 55 hhds sugar 
at5X jO)6j,c, 60 hhds at6J»c. and 14 hhds at 6 « c. Sales of SO 

• •Is and hf bbls molasses at 32 gi3'l and 35c. Sales 2U tcs riee 
st rM^TK*. and some in bbls at 8c. 

In provisions, sales tt 95 bbls new mess pork at $Io, 15 bbls 
runup at $1') 50. 75 tcs and bbls prime lard ut tHftttJM 3,'«"0 
yellow-washed canvassed hsms :it i»\e. 1,100 sugar-cured hams 
at 1054c, pkgs extra, 1- casks bacon hams at a :iad 9uc for plain 
and cai. vas.-ed, pkgs extra, •Ju.bOVlbs bacon shoulders, clear sides 
and canvassed hams at 7*. t»H. and »»» g;l0c, pk.-s extra, and 
50.000 il bacon from wagons at 6J», 8. a, and 85»c for shoulders, 
ribbed sides, clear sides, and hams, and a law choice shoulders 
and hams at 7 and »c. 

Sales of b  hhds lltlill | at $5 6o, 21 at $C 10@$6 45, 23 at 
i , 55#$6 K, - at fr7.#»7 35, 7 at $7 50© *7 95, and 8 at 
$S(gt6 6  . 

.Saks of 75 its Virginia manufactured tibacco at 33©35c, . F x) 
bis Kentucky n.anJta -lured for Kalamazoo at 21c, and 130 bxs 
Kentucky and Missouri manufactured at 18© 30c. An order 
for a supply of HI bxs Kentucky monthly for the fiTe succeed- 
ing months II :n market. 

Sales 44 bbls raw whisky at 35 ,e rectified 4 , 24 bbls 
Bourbon a: 75c@$l 50. 

Sumlrir*. — A sale 30 tons No. 1 Brownsport iron at $30, and a 
few tont Belmtntnt $33, mi boxes chic.-e at Mq I0,4e, 75 kegs 
uails to the trade at $3 50 for 10'd and sales to the country r.t 
§M 75©i$4 IMMi u mes:ic brandy at i'XfyliOc, 4Hlbushcls Irish 
potatoes to a dealer at $1 an! TO bushtls from store at $1 25© 
*1 50. 3,5   t i bar lead at 7fe7Hc, 2 i*  bag. shut at $1 Ujflbag, 
2o bales sheetings at  %c. 100 bbls cement at $Z. 25bxjM.R. 
r-uius at $3, and 50 head heavy hogs at 5c. 

Cincihkati, May 10, P. M. 
i.blla.u has advanced t  ! )»; other articles of provisions 
tre firm, but unchanged. l'1'.ur is firm at 50, « l.isky is 
I all at .44 - iinall tales of fresh butter at 30, sales of Canada 
..etatoetat $1 ML Sugar is firm. 200 hhds sold at 5H@6«, is v-iet a*. 34c; sales of 100 bushel, hemp seed at 83. 

Nftw Yona, May 10, p. M. 
Cotton i.-s advanced Jt , with sales of 4,000 bales; New Or- 
leans miauling to)*, upland, middling, 10; fl. u r has further 
advanced 12), , sales of 3.500 Ml*, good Ohio at $10 50©$I0 SI, 
I u hern has aiso advance Hff, sales 1.000 bbls st $10 S7( nll 
37: wheat if t.-raer; sales of Southern red at $2 62. Corn is a 
trifle higher; sales of 56,000 bushels mixed at 116c, and some 
lots defcverabli in Suly at 100. Pork is a trifle higher. Sales 
of 2,750 bbls old mess at $16 62©$16 6H. Beef and lard are 
t'r.n. Bacon 9c. Ohio whisky 38. Groceries are rrm. Lin- 
■lll I Mil git Lard oil SO. Stacks are firmer. Money is 
steady. M j., Ce 92. Erie 49, Reading 80*. 

New Youk, May 8. 

A. Capit a is abundant and in the absence  ■( a spirit of specn- 
«-,andwith a general indispueiUon t engage :u new ■ / t-i- 
urgemy In trie demand, aud rates  -S iu- U li 
: in favor 

f the borro-ver. 

State i r Government stocks . 
ether good securities—..—.-.. 
6e( j9udays 


..„. 5© 5v 
....J \(ty 6 
.....5 v© 0 

First C. a 
Xamcs last 

fate £ii exchange close- for* to 
buefaucv,and purcha*ersscem le ' 
without 'some concession in ra 
East India, and othe;- far off ei 
the European trade the amount . _, 
than last vear. We (uote. Bills n 
good bills'' ffenng toward «h« alose at Hi,. 

The statement of the City banks, of their average condition 
for the w tndui^ Mav 5th. shows an incraese of $5851172 in 
loans and discounts, $42,262 in sp'.cie, $176,624 in circulation, 
and $t^9$4,21S in deposits. This is far more favorable than ex- 
pensed, ai4 shows that besides the gold from California, and 
; i» Sub-TreSBBTT. there i» a steady cum-* 
inland towns. Formerly, when 
ensmge fr a the south, 
we haue sent the gold to 

The larr paymenU of the 1st and 4th inst. have added t*. the 
at total of deposits, while the actual amount has also 

_ a 
. 1Q&1Z 

ow's fteamitr 
d to take large amount 
large remittances for 
nearly over, and for 
ed is, of course, far less 
'ii 109H©ll«)ie, with 

gold from the 
e receiving ranch ex- 

gouth, we sent the gold down to pay for H; v. oi 
told to Europe, Southern exchange being stare* 
aU of the 1st and 4th inst. have added tp tb 

New and Iuteresting Books. 

THE Life of Willliani H. Seward, with Selections from his 
Works, cyGeer S eE.Bak*r.Prica$l 
EngUah Past and Presant, by Richard ChencTix French. 

' brands BlioU, or the Voice of the Spirit $1 . 

Jnodsro Aglutors, or Pen PortraiU of Living American Re- 
formers, by David W. Bartlett. $1 $5. 

Iras, a Xaieof Uw Alamo. 75eents. 

Fiftj Years in Exile, by Melville. 75 cents. 

ThaVorksof the Late Edgar Allen Poe, with a Memoir by 
Bntta W. Griswold, and Not iocs of his Life and Genius. In 

J S[niron's°History of the United States from the Discovery 
of the American Continent to the present time. In 8 vols. 

*Be 7 ceived and for sale by F. A. CRUMP, 

JjjJa 84 Fourth St.. between Main and Market. 

Knickerbocker for April 

RECEIVED and for sale bv 
^4jib A. HAG AN k BRO., 99 Third st. 

Blackwood for March. 

Magaiine for Marsh received 
* BRO.. 99 Third st. 

*!■■■■ I II. May 10, P. M. 

The river is falling slowly. 

Pittsburg, May 10, P. M. 
The river is at a stsnd, with 6 feet 2 inches *vater in the 

channel. The weather is clear and pleasant. 

Unnoram'vm.— Crystal Palace left St. Louis at half past 
6 o'clock, May 8. In port for the Ohio River, Emma Dean, 
Mattie YVajnc, M ■ n. nL-ahela. statesman, 1 . S. Pridgle, Paul 
Jones, Tiber, Arctic, and J. C. Fremout. Met Caledonia and 
Thos. S» anu at Carrol's Island. Passed Atlantic at Harlan's 
landing. Met Magnolia at Salt Point. Grand Turk at St. 
Mary's landing. Mayflower at Sheffield, Northener at Cape 
Uirardeau. Passed Uncle Sam at Chain. Met Herman in 
Deg-tooth Bend . (ju'.enof the West at Goose Island, Queen 
City at Cairo. Aleonia at lSi^rade, Highflyer and Prairie City 
at Big Hurricane, J. E W - druff at Treadwater, John M. 
Stockwell atCaseyville, Louisville at MiUford's, Empire at 
Mount Vernon, loth, Niagara a 3 mile island. Passed Pro- 
cress & met Davenport nud Fashion at Yellow Bank Island. 
Met Fannv Bullitt at ('annelton. 

Mrmoramlum.— Steamer David White left New Orleans on 
Friday, 4th May. at 6s o'clock, P. M. Di*charg. d 150 tons 
freight at Memphis. Hi *mni, Padneah, Case-yville, Dniaak- 
towu Mt. Vernon. Evan.-ville, aud Newburg. aud brought 150 
tens to Louisville. 

Memorandum — Steamer A. L. Shotwell left New Orleans 
on May 5 at 6 o'clock 7 minutes P. M. Met Empress on the 
Coast. 6th, met Belle Sheridan at Fort Adams and Antelope 
at Natehex Island. 7th. Met Eelij se at Island 68. 8th, Alviu 
Adams at Flour Island, loth, Niagara atNewburg and Fanny 
Bullitt at Lewisport. Discharged sundry lots of way freight 
at point- on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. Arrived 10th 
inst., at 15 minutes to 10 o'clock V. M. Brought Louisville and 
St. I \. : - mails. 

M'uttira-.uhitn. — Steamer R. J . Ward left New Orleans Satur- 
urday evening May 5th, at 5'.: o'clock' P. M. Met Empress 
first night cut at Claib.urue s Island. 6th, landed at Eayou 
Vara and Van Winkle's landing for families, met Antelope he- 
low Natchez Island; landed at Natchci and Rodney for pas- 

Arriv.d at Vicksbuig at 12 o'clock P. M., coaled there 35 
minutes, landed in Tompkins's bend for passenger, laml.-d at 
Greenville. 8th— Landed at Oldtown landing for passengers, 
arrived at Memphis at 2 o'clock P. M. ath— Coaled at Hickman 
and Ca-ro. loth - Landed at Henderson, e .aled at Hav.sville, 
and urrived at Lonisvileeat 10 o'clock and 15 minutes P. M.— 
5 days. 1 hours, and 15 minu;es out 


Mat 10. 

Jacob s trader, Suuinious, Cincinnati. 
Belle yuiglcy, CJiuo. t amnion. 
Southerner, t'attavliu, St. I juis. 
Glendale, Ford, Cincinnati. 
Cumberland Valley, Ferrell, Cincinnati. 
David White. New Orleans. 
... L. shotwoll. Elliot. New Orleans 
K. J. Ward. Milh-r, New Orleans. 
CrysUl Palace. Kouut^., St. Louis. 
Switzerland, New Orle;.us. 


JacobStrader, Summons. ( ineinnati. 
Belle Quiglev.Cliue. Carrolltan. 
Glendale, Ford. New Orleans. 
Tishomingo, Memphis. 
Baltimore, List. St. Louis. 
Cumberland Valley, Ferrell. St. Vuis. 
Ben Franklin, Dollis, New O. bans. 


F -r Sovtherner from 
Co; 1 bx, Lewis t Will 
Mcllvnin k Son. 

12 bales he* 
ing machine 

Munn; 6 do do, 

Per Jac di Strader from Cincinnati: 51 r bdU paper l)u- 
pont: 14 bales hags, T Y Brent; 12 ke K i lead, Liiiderberier A 
t o; 1511 pes iron, Sr.reve, Anderson. A Thomas; lu bbls hsh. F. 
P King; 60 ke?s w lead. 20 U.xes drugs, R A Rdblnson; 200 dz 
brooms, 3 pg 1 -. Allen A Co: 30 bxs candles, Nock, Wieks, k. Co- 
37 buls pap r, Duffisld; 5 hhds t .bacco, Todd's; lo Wis paper, J 
i romey; 141 bales hay, McQuiston k t o; 2U do do, Hays I Son; 
sdrs, order. 

Per Belle Quigley from C arrollton: 25 bbl  whisky, J W 
Jones; 42 do do, Jones k Hoot; 156 bales hay, McQuiston k Co 
17 hhds tobacco, Pickert;5 do do, Todd's; 32 h ogs, 2 bbls whis- 
ky. 2 do meal, SUOO shingles, sdrs, order. 

Per D ivid White faom New Orlers: 29 hiida sugat, Ruehauan 
* o; 62 do do, New comb A Bro; 110 do do. E Bustard; 2 bbls 
molasses, 1 b. x Woks, Webb, P, 4; Co: 62 bxs turpentine, 60 do 
rosin, Wilson, S, k S; 69 kgs soda, 1 bbl do. Wilder *.Co; 25bgs 
seed, liyram P ECo; 15 bxs oranges, 16 do lemons, Medanich 
ft Co; 90 dry hides. New Albany. 

Per Crystal Palace from St Louis; 25 kgs shot, A Rawson; 1 
bx, C Basbam; 10 bbls flour, J Raine. 


Mav in.— Per Louisville and Frankfort Railroad: 30 res bag 
C Gallagher; 6 bals maste, Dujont; 3 do warps. White k Pi lot 
hemp and t w, C W Dnhfj HO bags wheat, R Hopkins; 15 do 
oau. M Steele; 5 dry hides, 1 box bacon, F Stone: 2 sks wool, E 
P King; 10.i pgs mas, ow ners. 

Spring and Surnmer Fancy Dress Goods. 

MILLER A TABB, corner Fourth and Market streets, 
would respectfully Invite ths attention of ladies to their 
large stock of Fancy Dross Goods, embracing the latest styles 
and best fabrics: 

Fancy Chene. Striped, and Plaid Silks; 

Black, Plain, and Plaid Moire Antique, all colors; 

Organdy, Muslin, and Tissue Robes; 

Barege do; 

Misses' do; 

Plain and Printed Cliallies; 

Plain and Byadair Tissues, new; 

Embroideries: Widows' Delaines; 

Collars and Sieeves; Collarettes and Sleeves: 

Maltese, Plait, and Honiton Lace Sets; 

Jac *net Sets: Collarettes; Basques; 

Lace Veils: Mourning Seta: 

Hemstitched Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs; 

Embroidered do do; 

Block Work do do; 

Edgings; Inserting*; Ac.; 

Mourning Goods, a large and splendid assortment; 
Mantillas, lace and silk, embracing all the latest and mos 

desirable styles; 

W" f i safe in saying that it will be to the interest of all 
persons in search of the latest spring styles aud of cheap and 
desirable go. d.- to ft ive us a call and examine our stock before 
making their purchases. MILLER k TABB, 

a9 J*b Corner Fourth and Market streets. 

eling Hat for sale at very reduced prices by 
a7j*b POLLARD. PRAT-hrr, t SMITH. 

are those manufactured by 

n7.ifcb 455 Main st. 

full supply of our elegant spring style of Dress Hats su- 
perior t° any in the city. 

\. eity to purchase goods should call ou 
Main street, as they have the best and 

_ cheapest stock of Hats, Caps, and Straw 

Goons in tue euy ereleewheie. a7 jtb 

have on hand a large and select stock of Boys' and Chil- 
dren's Hats and Caps, all qualities and prices. 

have a large and fresh stock of the above goods. Mer- 
chants would do well to call and examine our prices, as we 
are determined to sell. 

^ b^ the author of -Morning and 

New and Valuable Books. 

LIFE and Writings of St. Paul, by Conybere k Hewison. In 
2 Vol. 8 vo. $& 
Footsteps of St. 
Nuht Watches." 
Jay's Morning and Evening Exercises, in 4 vols., large type. 
Truth and Life, by Bishop Mcllvain, $2. 
Travels in Europe and the East, by Rev. S. J. Prime. 
The Hiding Place, by Rev. Jno. McFarlane, LL.D. $1. 
The Night Lamp, by Rev. Jno. McFarlane, LL. D. $1. 
The Minister's Family, by W. M. Hetheriugton, LL. D. 75c. 
The Mind of Jesus, by the author of "Footsteps of St Paul." 
Fashion and Famine, by Ann S. Stephens. 
Tempest and Sunshine. 

Bancroft's History of the United States. 6 vols, 
(•latitude, an Exposition of the 103d Psalm. 
Kristy's Manual of Sacred History. $1 25. 
Sermons for the People, by Rav. T. H. Stockton $1. 
Just received and for sale by A DAVIDSON, 

afijab Third street, near Market. 


Leslie s Fashions for April. 


bv F. A. CRUMP, 

tj 84 Fourth St., near Market. 

Frank Leslie's Ladies' Gazette of Paris, 

h London, and New York Fashions 
S published on the 1st day of every month — price 25 cents, 
«r$3 per annum— containing all the latest styles of Caps, 
Bonnets, Head Dresses, Hair Dressing Trimmings, Cloaks, 
Kidlag Habits, Baby's Robes, Promenade Dresses. Carriage 
Dresses, Evening Dresses, Mourning Dresses, Misses' Costume, 
B.ys Cvtume, Furs, beautiful Patterns for Needle Work, 
Crochet, nc., all splendidly illustrated by nearly 100" engra- 
vings and \ beautiful colored plate; also a "full slse paper pat- 
tern for a CWak or other garment in each number. 

Theliterarjdepartmentof this work is under the superin- 
tendence of Era, Ann S.Stevens, the author of "Fashion and 

A new piece of fcjusic appears in each part, also articles on 
Chess, Wax ModellW and many other interesting subjects. 
April number just lyceived and tor sale by 

S. R1NG06LD, Special Agent for Publisher, 
a4Jfcb  . 66 Fourth st.. near Main. 

Landscape Gardening 

to the improvement of Rural Residences, giving the Gen- 
eral Principles of the Art^ with fall directions for pi . 

W. A. 

P, 81 Fourth it. 

New Books! New Books! at Ringgold's! 

THE Castle-Builders. By the author of Heart s-Ease, Heir 
of Rrdcliffe, Scenes and Characters, etc., etc. 
Ton Slave of the Lamp, a posthumous novel. By Wm. 
North, author of Anticoningshy, etc. 

Westward Ho! The Voyages and Adventures of Sir Aymat 
Leigh, Knight of Burrough, in the county of Doon, in the 
reign of her most irlorious Majesty, Oueen Elisabeth. By 
Charles Kingsley $1 25. 

Elliott's Fruit Book, or American Fruit-Grower't Cuide In 
Orchard and Garden. By F. R. Elliott. $1 25. 
A Boy's Adventures in Australia. By Wm. Howitt. 75c. 
Harper's Story Books for December,' January, February, 
March, and April. 25c apiece 
Just revived and for sale by S. RINGGOLD. 

a!6 jfcb 66 Fourth street, near Main. 

W H F 


Flour, corner Fifth and Market streets. a!4 jtb 

OUPERFINE FLOUR- lo0 bbls superfine Flour jusl 
O ceiv ;d and for sale by 


EXTRA ST. LOUIS FLOUR— M bbls bei i St. Louis Family 
Flour in st*re and for sale by 
a!4 ifth w H. FERGUSON ft SON. 


KN'iW-NOTHlNGS-We have for sale every variety 

ad style of Know Nothing Hats uui l.aisat reduced 

EXTRA FAMILY FLOUR— 150 bbls extra Indiana Mills 
Fam'ly Flour for sale by 
a2.i j*b H. FERGUSON ft SON 

EXTRA ST. LOUIS FLOUR — 75 bbls choice extra St. Louis 
Family Flour for sale by 


New Book. 

HE Castle Builders, by the author of • Heirts' Ea«e." The 
Heir of Rcdrliffe." fto. D. Appleton ft Co. New York. 
A simple hut beautiful storv, told in a simple and beautiful 
manner. The author studiously avoids all forced aud unnatu- 
ral incidents, and the equally fashionable aflectati' n of ex- 
travagant language. It is destined to great popularity among 
all classes of readers, for its sketches of life seem to us at once 
lively, spirited, pathetic, as well asgrareful and vivid. All 
w ho read it will Worni interested in its fascinating pajes, 
and close 1 it with the impression that it is a good book, and de- 
serving of universal popularity. 
For sale by F. A. CRUMP, 

a-'l jftb 84 Fourth St.. near Market. 

aU bftj 


and Straw Goods of the latest stv le and at the lowest pri- 
ces should give us a call, as they can'make money by so doing. 
We have the goous, and Inteud to sell them to good men lower 
than they cm buy them elsewhere. a 
» U jftb 455 Main st. 


XTRA FAMILY FLOUK— 10U bbls extra White Wheat 
Family Flour in store and for sale ny 
all jftb 11. FERGUSON ft SON 

L have a MCfti and fresh stock of the above goods, which we 
are selling at aboutone-half the price of former goods. 


We are receiv 
stock of tine Cut 1 
gest importing 1 

ving aad now opening an additional 
' Bohemian Glass, | ureiiased of the lar- 
louses in New York, consisting as f ol- 

irht flute Table Tumblers; 
Plain Flint do do; 
8-flute French do do; 
Alabaster frosted Colognes; 
Crysopas Ice Glass Caroli and Tumbler; 
Rich Cr stal Cut Bowls: 

Rich De. anters, consisting of from 2 to 4 pieces; 

Fluted a d gilt Spoon-Holders. 

Wines, Ciiampaftues, and Cobk-ts in jrsat varietv. 

461 Market St., between Third and Fourth, near Fourth. 

Latest Arrival of Fancy Silks. 

MILLER ft TABB, corner ef Fourth and Market streets, 
this nv. ruing received by express a larse lot of spring 
and summer Silks, desirable for making plain or Hounied 
dres.-es, which we will offer at from 65 cents to $1 per yard— 
the cheapest and best lot of Silks at the prices received in the 
market this season. 

Also, a splendid assortment of spring aad summer Mantil- 
las. MILLER ft TABB. 
alSj vb Corner Market and Fourth its. 


«Mf) We are now receiving a Very rieh stock of China 
f'jr spring and summer trade, consisting in part as 
Vtaw * follows: 

^ m White and gold-band Dining Ware; 

Do do do Tea Sets, very rieh patterns; 
New and elegant decorated Tea Seta, consisting of from 44 to 
82 pieces; 

Very handsome Mottoed Coflees, suitable for presents; 
Do do decorated Colognes; 
Do do do Punch Bowls; 

Do do do Vases: 

Fancy Mugs, all sixes; China Napkin Rings; 
Gold-band and decorated Spittoons; 

Do do do Tcte-a-Tete Sets; 
Do do do Tey Tea Sets: 
Very rich gold and decorated Chamber Sets complete; 
And a variety ti articles too numerous to mention. We so- 

licit those in want of any of the above articles t* call andt 
amine our stock. We are determined to sell bargains. 


101 Marketst., betweenThird and Fourth.i 

■ Fourth. 

More New Books. 

WESTWARD HO, the Voyages and Adventures of Sir 
Amyas Leigh, Knight, of Burrough, in the county of Dev- 
on, in the reign of Her Most Glorious Majesty, Queen Elisa- 
beth, rendered into modern English by Charles Kingsley; price 
$1 25. 

The History of the Hen Fever, a humorous record, by Geo. 
P. Burnham: price $1 25. 

The Slave of the Lamp, a posthumous novel, by Wm. North 
price SI- 

Modem Agitators, or Pen Portraits of Living American Re- 
formers, by David W. Bartlett; price $1 25. 

Full Proof of the Ministry, a sequel to The Boy who was 
Trained up to be a Clergyman, by John N. Norton, A.M., 
Rector of Ascension Church, Frankfort. Kv.; price 75c. 

English. Past and Present, by Richard Chenevix Trench, B 
D ; prion 75c. 

The l.ife-f Wm. H. Seward, withselections from his works, 
by Geo. E. Baker, price SI . 

Reo Ivei bj express, and for sale by F. A. CRUMP, 
a!2 jftb ~ l Fourth street, near Market. 

POTOMAC SHAD We are this morning 

n receipt of another supply of genuine Poto- 
mac Shad. To be served in Restaurant or sold out of H 
house to families. 

a!2 jftb 

20 bbls magnificent Keunett Ale: 
10 bbls XX Stock Summer Ale, very fine; 

Just received this and ou draught at 


st and 

»y be 

PURE CRAB CIDER-25 bbls pure Crab Cider 
just received and for sale by the barrel, gallon, or 
n draught at 


Carpetings! Carpetings! new and beauti- 
ful designs, latest imports for spring. 

BENT ft DU VALL are now opening for their spring sales 
received by express and otherwise, one of the large ' 
most com; last gtoeks of tnis important article they ha 
brought t is market. Amon K the choicest of tnese 
found the* uuiue 
Saxony Velvet, Kiddeminster, and Wilton Carpets: 
Real six-cord Brussels aud Patent Brussels Tapestry: 
Real English Printed and American goods in every variety; 
American, English, Scotch, and German Ingrains, In de- 
signs entirely new and of the finest order of material, com- 
| rising 1-aUaU, 2-plies, Union, plaids, ftc; 
Together with every variety of Hall and Stair Carpets. 
Of English and American manufacture, and of superior aud 
well-seasoned bodies. These Cloths are in widths of  . '■. ti. 
12, 18. and 21 feet, and perfectly free from a cheap and brittle 
composition. We cut them in any shape for room or hall 
without loid to the purchaser, and put down fret of charge. 

In rich Satin Brocatelles, Damasks, Worsted and French De 
Laincs, colored Chintz, Window Shades. 4c. 

The above goods we offer at the very lowest prices. Yeur 
attention is partiaularly invited to their examination. 

all jftb 537 Main st., opposite Rank of Kentucky. 

Superb Mantles 

for Spring and Summer 
in store and for sale by 

Main street, opposite Bauk of Kentucky. 
TTTE would call the special attention of citizens and stran- 
TT gers visiting our city to our Urge and superb stock of 
Silk and Lace Mantles, many of wbieh are direct importa- 
tions from Paris, which we »fier at the lowest prices 
all jftb BENT ft DUVALL. 537 Main st. 

rpABLE MATS of Willow, ManiUa, Sea Grass, Straw, and 
1 Oil-Cloth at 
alOjtb MILLER ft GOULD'S, 98Fourthst. 

New aDd Beautiful Music. 

lurwi uiicirl Jo" 1 reoeived, together with all the most popu- 
™i*.™iiM !ar and standard Music of the day. and for sale 
JHapSSaat wholesale er retail, by D. P. FAULDS, 530 
Maiu street — 

'The Orphan." a beautiful song, in French and 
by M. D. La Pereire. 

"How Sweet are the Roses" (beautiful vignette). 
"I've waited for the Spring-time." 
"Aillie Bell" (very popular). 
"O! whisper what thoufselest" (very popular). 
"The Pet of the Cradle" (beauiiful vignetts). 
"Shells of Ocean" (J.W.Cherry). 
"The Lily of the Vale." by Madam 
"Suffer Little Children to come unto me. 
"The Child's Faith in God, or the Poor Widow." 
"What is Home without a Mother " 
"1 am never alone,"— soug— by the Continental Vocalists. 
'Few Days"— Schottish. 

" "—walta . 

-waits— Schubert. 

" Sebas to pol Quickstep. 
Piano-Fortes and Musical Merchandise of every description 
at wholesale or retail as low as sold elsewhere. 
Second-hand Pianos for sale. alo jftb 

inger Bird"-walti-8chubert. 
i of May"-waltz-S 
'Italiana Polka "-Walls 

riABS AND CARRIAGES— Just rcoeeved a lot of Cabs and 
U Carriages of the most approved make at 
alOjfcb MILLER ft GOULD'S. 98 Fourth st. 

^JARKET BASKETS — Covered and open Baskets just re- 

ceived at 

MILLER ft GOULD'S, 98 Fourth st. 

WORK-CASES-A fine lot of these favorite articles for la 
dies' use just received at 
alOjftb MILLER ft GOULD'S 93Fourthst. 


OMBS! COMBS! COMBS! of every kind st 
alO iftb MILLER ft GOULD'S. 98 Fourth st. 

CLOTHES' HAMPERS — A fine lot ju»t received from our 
factor,, the best in the Western country— 

Market, Traveling, and Clothes' 
Children's Chairs; High C airs: 
Cradles; Satchels; School Baskets; 
Children's Cabs and Carriages. 
Our Willow — 
all others. 

' F«Tbe*auty, du'ranUit}" and ehaapnesV n U 


MILLER ft GOULD. 98 Fourth st. 

W E o! 

Water Coolers. 

have just received several new and beautiful patterns 
of Water Coolers with and without Filters. They art 
" with great care and have all of the improve- 
ments recently malt In that useful article. Call and see 
them. HOOE ft LUCKETT, 

No. 461 Market ft., south side, between Third and Fourth. 

New Books and Fresh Supplies are re 
ceived daily by A. Hagau & Bro. 

* LONE, by Marian Harland. 

• V. The Rag-Baj, a Collection of Ephemera, by N. 

The Slave of the Lamp, by W. North. 
The Life and Baawtlll of Ki»nv Fern. 

Ida Jfa/j a Moi » of Tninga ld-ul an. P Maibte, bv Ji. i._ . 

The News-Boy. 
Humanity in theCity. 
1'wenty Years in the Phillipine 
Wolfert Uoost. by Irving. 
Ruih Hill, by Fanny Fern. 
Dick Wilson, the Rumseller's Victim . 
O Halloran a«d his Man, by Maxwell. 
Pounds, Shillings, and Penee, by Lover. 
Tern Cosbie aud his Fritnds, by Lover. 
Haudy Andy, bv Lover. 

The above bocks", together with all the late select literature 
of the day, are for sale at 
a21jcb A. H AGAN ft BRO.'S. 99 Third st 


VfUST At H ES. and HAIR colored iu a very superior maanel 
Ut and at low prices by H. M. WEBER. 

d-Nbdm* North side Marketst., a few doorsaboveSer ,o4. 




Mt bbls extra St. Louis Family Flour: 
do do Indiana Mills do do; 

200 _ 

150 do superfine do 
In store and for sale by 

Corner Fifth tnd Market sts. 

Books! New Books! at 

Vr P. WILLIS'S LAST. The Rag-Rag. a collection 
XI . Ephemera. By N. P rker Willis. $125. 

Mrs. Mawa. The Mayflower and Miscellaneous Writings 
UyMrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe. author of Uncle Tom's Cab 
in, Sunny Memoriesof Foreign Lauds, etc., etc. $1 25. 
Julia Kavanagh. By Julia Kavanagh. author 
t Daisy Burns, Mado.iue, Nathalie, Women of Chiiitianitv 
etc., etc. SI. 

By ilu author of Hearts-Ease. Heir of Redely Ee Scones 
and Characters, etc .— The Cnsile Builders. 75 MM*. 

Charles Kingsley. Westward Ho; the Voja^es aud J 
turesof Sir A\ mas Leigh, Kuight of Burrough. in the 
of Devon, iu the reign of her Most Glorious Majestv, 
Elizabeth: rendered into modern English. By Charles Kings- 
ley. authorof Hypathia, Alton Lceke, ftc , fto. $1 25. 

Justreceivedaiidforsale by S. RINGGOLD, 

a20Jftb 6S Fourth street, near Ma, n. 

ftj menu on hand and for sale low by 
apr'.ddftwftb FLETCHER « BEN 


AdVeli- ^'-'\ t 
county fe  21 

own Jkidk 

kings- Malhema 


and Parlor 



Purchasers are invited to call and 
tnv large stock of thi above in 
which I am now offering very Ion . 


Peters. C 


ragg, ft Co. 



factories of 
Gale a Co., and 

Nunns \ CI 
others, just re^o. ,ou. 

Cnrbart ft Ncedham's celebrated Meloieon-, at prices from 
*45 to $200. * 
Second-hand Pianos for sale or rent. 

Importer of Musical Go. d; aud Publisher of Music 
i20 dftw • 539 Main street. 

Fresh Arrival — House Furnishing Goods 
at Hooe * Luckett's. 

MO Wcard now receiving our sja-ing suppl. 

Hou-e Furnishing Good.', i lie.e go. d^ were a*. ^ 
IV lected from the largest houses in New Vork, and MfM 
^™ purchased upon the very best terms, which will 
enable us to sell bargains, consisting in part as follow  — Block 
Tin Sauce pans. Egg Boilers, Brittauia S Wm Ladles, t offee 
Uius l ,siuallanJ;a. S u / , vith and w.tliout a.ler*. u.oe^ iiu 
Oval Coffee Pots, do. Tea Pots, Britannia Tea SeU, do. Mugs, 
all sixes, Liquor Mixers, Britannia i itchers, Whisks, assorted] 
Grass Table Mats, do. Shaker, Austin's patent Iee-Creasa 
Freezers, patentLiuen Polishers, patent Graters, CocoaDipiiers 
Lemon s.jueeters, plated Nutcrackers. Egg Whips. Lamp 
Chimney Brushes. Cake Pans, Jelly Moulds, t'hthes Sprink- 
lers, planished Saucepans, patent metal do., Liquid Oka 


HOOE ft LUCKETT, 461 Market street, 
between Third and Fourth, near Fourth. 

Poems by a Louisville Author. 

IX EMS, Humorous and Serious, bv A. F ilki rsoii, Jr. We 
take pleasure in offering to the lovers of p. try the above 
neat little volume of poems. It is hands.. m ato bound in paiar 
and sold for 25 cents. Call and get a copy, read it, and judge 
for yourself of the si.perior genius of onryoun?, handsome and 
talented poet of Louisville. For sale bj 
alSjftb A. HAGAN ft BRO.. 9J Third St. 

F. A. Crump's Book List. 

THE Mayflower and Miscellaneous Writin-s, by Harriet 
Beecher Stowe. Price $1 25 
The Rag Bag, a Collection of Ephemerv , by N. P Willis 
Price $1 25. 

Grace Lee, by Julia Kavar.agh, author of Darsy Burn' 
Ma-elene, Nathalie, Women »f Christianity, etc. Price $1 

Tne Summer Land, a Sou the. a Stoiy, by u Child of the Sun. 
Price 75 cents. 

The Castle Builders, by the authorof the Heir of Redcliffe. 
Price 7o cents. 

Westward Ho, the Voyages and Adventures of Sir Amyas 
Leigh, Knight, by Charles iSingsloy. Price $125. J 

These, together with all the late works of the day , may be 
had of F. A. CRUMP, 

njj jftb S4 Fourth street, near Market 


HAVE just received another invoice of New Books and 
fresh supplies and New Editions cf Books hetetofor. 

The Life of St. Frances of Rome, by Lady Ceorgiana 
Fullertou; of Blessed Lucy of Narni;of Dom nicaof l'ari- 
diso: of Anne De Montmorency: with an introductory essay 
on the Miraculous Life of tbe'Saints, by J. M. Capes, Esq. 

Fabiola. or the Church of the Catacombs, by Cardinal Wise- 
mau. This is a most excellent work. 

The Christian Virtues, and the Means for Obtaining th*m. 
containing the practice of the love of our Lord Jesus Chrtait 
Treatise on Praveras the great m. ans . f Salvation. Diroe- 
tions for acquiring the Christian Virtues, Life for a Chris- 
tian, ftc, by St. Liguori. 

The Immaculate Conception of the most Biassed Virgin Ma- 
ry, Mother of God, a Dogma of the Catholic Church, bv J D 
Bryant, M. D., author of Pauline Seward. 

Life of St. Rose, of Lima, edited by the Rev. F. W. Faber. 
D. D. 

Life of B. F Peter Claver, of thj Soeietv "f Jesus abridgad 
from the Lives of tho Saints and Servants of God, by the 
Fathers of the Oratory. 

Chateau Leseure, of the Last Marquis, a story of Brittany 
and the Vendee. alSjftb No. 531 Maiu street. 

EXTRA ST. LOUIS FLOUR— 75 bbls choice St. Louis fam 
ily Flour just received and for sale by 
aiSjftb U. FERGUSON ft SON. 

OUPERFINE FLOUR-100 bbls superfine Indiana Mills 
U Flour just received and for sale D » ERG 

a!8 jftb 

— USON ft SON, 
Corner Fifth ana Market sti. 

YV on hand a supply of these seasonable articles, of our 
own make, and the best of the kind in use. We are prepared 
to furnish country merchants at the lowest rates. 
aI7 jfth w IL1.KR * GOULD, »H Fourthst. 

FloorOil-Cloths — NewDesigns for Spring 

"ENT ft DUVALL have reoeived, within the last few days, 

a great varif - " 

best make — the 
Russia Linen, while 

and colors weU-seaaoned 'in the cloth. W e 

Several rich oesiens in Cloth 24 feet wide; 
Do do do do IS do do; 
Do do do do 12 do do: 

more common goods down to 3 feet in width. 

f ALL have received, within the last few days, 
ietyof superior Floor Oil-Cloths of the very 
a body of the goods of the heavieat twist of 
■ hile the patterns are something entirely new 
•seasoned in the cloth. We invite your atten- 

We offer them at I 

t prices, cut them in any shap  
I down free of charge. 

i St., opposite Bank of Kentucky. 

ceived a lot of Harrison's American Perfumery, consist- 
ing of Extrasls, Pomades, Soaps, and Toilet Articles general- 
ly. They have attained a reputation exceeding any imported; 
and, with this addition to cur usual stock, our assortment is 
the most complete in the city, to which the attention of the 
ladies is especially called. MILLER ft GOULD, 

al7)fth 98 Fourth St., betw-eu Ma; ket and Jefferson. 

Entirely New and Beautif ul Spring Styles 
of Ladies' French Goods 

Received by Express and now in Slore. 

BENT ft DUVALL invite the attention of the ladies to the 
arrival by express of a case ef entirely new and elegant 
Paris Goods, containing the— 
Choicest fabrics of black Silk; 

Do do of fancy Silk, in superb colors: 
Do Honiton Collars of the finest, manufacture 
Rich Chemisettes and Sleeves, embroidered in colors 
Rich C. Handkerchiefs ia every variety- ' 
Also new style spring Shawls, ie.; 
With many other kinds of goods different from any previous 
season's impoiUUon to this country. Our prices areiuvnrfa- 
bly uniform and at the same time very low. 

al7jtb S37 Main.t.. opposf^Bank of ° V 

Ltion, Fishing Tackle,  ac. 




Together with a general assortment of 


Northeast corner of Walnut and Second sts., 


ALL of which, and such other articles is belong to his liasi 
of business, will be sold low as can be afforaed bv iB » 
establishment in the Uaitetl States. y 7 

In testimony of hisskill as a manufacturer, the Frankl.m 
Instituteof Philadelphia has awarded to lM?tw! 
certincates.sixsilvermadals.andontrecaiiprjBi,,,,, d *' 
854,the Crystal Palace of NewVork awarded to him a : edal 
' tat.". " C * war,,ea,or Shot ' C«n».and Rlffesin the I nitej 
"Kniorn'.SroRTiKc iancoorxs.' illustrative n f ».. r ., iB 

..I It: „r „:,,. . .!..(■ ., . . 

• * 'he l «i. k tel.. i»t»..s,.%j,i| V .»*k. ha Part'n.U ' 
l»u«a aud Pigao . vlatci. Shootiag, ou tb -iica Baa tins r K a 
Bird, Graas Plover. Bull-beaded or Golden Plover Canvas, 
back and Red-headed Dr-k. American Widgeon, ScinpDu-k 

and  ansdaGooae. PrieeSl. * ■ 


aug24hly Second and t\ alnuc". P hiladelphia. 

Mitchell's Universal Atlas, 

*TAIN1NG Mais of the various Emnires, Kingdoms, 
tates and R. pnbliea of the world. A few copies last «1 
eived at No. 5^1 Main street. 1 ' 

apriSdftwjftb WEBB, CILL. ft LEVERING 


SILVERWARE — Silver Spoons. Forks 
Pitchers.Cups, Gobleu, Butter Knlvet De* 
sert Knives, Salt CeLars, Fish and Fh 
Kn«vea, Tea and OmWm Se'ts. ftc AmW* 
aa A general ass ,rtment. warranted pure sil- 
rer. on hand and t jr sale by r 
a28dftw*b FLETCHER ft BENNETT. 

apr£t;dftwftb FLETCHER ft BENNETT, 463 Mainst. 

rior I., .cob;. 


Watches, Jewelry, Slc. 

EL^.T'.'HER ft RENM TT No |iy 
strwt, between Fourtn aad Fifth, Louisville, 
Sn&f! W .» t « he *- Jewelry, Silver Ware. ' 

——I* nitary Goods, Cutlery. Surveyors' Compnaaaa, _ _ 
-__ia*Mti««] Instrun.ents, Lamps, aad Fancy Goods, fiava 
ow mm haud mm extensive and beautiful assortment of gxds 
j which they will be constantly maki ng additions of everyt hina 
new and fashionable, and respectfully solicit an examination 
of their stock. ••Aui».«a 

*£VVatchea and Jewelry carefully repaired. 
4H»-01d Silver bought or taken in exchange 
*a*-( auforniaGold bought at the highest price 
Agents for the sale of Fife s Patent Oblique Gold Pens and 
Rapr's Patent Scientific Niche Gold Pens. 

-fnion f» ate! e th " **' "* ,eof Wm ' Di'en'ssuparior 

T Fife's Patent 

'attnt Oblique Gold Pens: 
Kapp's Patent Scientific Niche Gold Pens; 
t letcher ft Bennett's superior Gold Peas; 
A :arge assortment of the makes of Gold Pem also 
a s .. ; d article of Gold Pens in good silver canes, at $1 aaeh?a- 
hand and r..r sale by ' • FLETCHER ft BENNETT. 

Candlesticks. Spoons. Forks. Pitchers ftc . for sale low by 

a Iftwtb 


May Flower. 

Tbo Footswps of St. P^ul. f reah supply. 
Manual ..f hatred History, a Guide to the Understanding of 
the Divine Plan of Salvation, by Jno. H.KurU.D D 
Athlon Cottage, or Truth and Faith: a Sunday Tale 
Memoirs of Rev. Jno. Frederick Jberlm. by Rev. L. Hil- 

The Night-Lamp, a Narrative, by Agnes M. Macfarlane 

The Heeding Place, or the Sinner found in Christ b - R e 'v 
Jno. Macfarlane. 

Truth and Life, being twenty-two Sermons, by Rt. Rev. C. 
P. Mcllvame, O. D., D. C. L. 

History of the Holy Bible from the Creation cf th» World 
to the Incarnation of eur Lord Jesus Christ by Rav Jt. 
Fl etwood. D. D. ^uriss. oy ntv. Jnj. 

Tiuveli in Europe and the East, by S. Ireaaeu* ."rime 
Just received and for sale by A. DAVIL  o.\, 

a25 lfcb Third st. a. 

er Dumas 

New Books! 

(V,^CE,ortheFir.tD.y,ofB.„od.b 7 A, 

The 1 itials, a Tale of Modern Life. $1 25 
Capt. Priest. Ttt. Wonderful A dventnres of Cap 
a rale of bntfew Incipeats and no Plot in partic 
othei Legends, by the author of a Stray Yankee m 

soeiology f..r the SouUi, or the Failure of 1 
Fitihugh. $!•_'.,. 
Rag bag, bv Willis. $1 25. 
Grace Lee, by Julia Kavanagh. t§ 
The slave ..f the l^smp. by .\..-t:.. $1. 
The Mayflower, by il ii. oto»e. U 2S. 
Pr ictfc-U I andicape Oarlenin;, by Kern. E! 5i) 
Casile-Builders, by the Heir of Redcliffe. 75 cents 
Adventures of Ay mat Leigh, by Charles Kingsley. ftl 25 

v^wVSS^iSS- V- 

son * Vao! 4 ^' * StMy 3 B * ef •  ChM. J. - 

Just reoeived and for sale by 
aJijftb s. RINGGulD. 0' Fourth st., i 


Main street, opposite the 



AVE now in store a full and complete assortment of Car- 
pets, Rugs, Piano and Table Covers, Floor Oil-C'.ctha, 

Royal W^J. ton Carpet 


Tapastry Brussels 
English foai-cord Brussels 

4-4 and .{-4 do 
English 3-; ly Imperial 
Extra super Imperial Amen. 
Super do do 

Super 2-ply Ingrain 
Ingrain 2-ply, every qnaliry 
V«uetiau do. all widths aad qualities: 
Chenille and Tufted Hearth hue* 
Kntsselt and Common d  do: 
Chenille. Tufted. Brussels, aud Door 
Linen and Woolen FUor-Cloths 
Table Oil-Cloths: 
Embossed Cloth Piano 
Floor Oil-Cloths, froi. 

nd pattern, which ws will 
loss to the purchaser. 

The above we offer at the 

a24j*b B 

Tnpastry Carpets; 

» aad TableCovers; 
■m 3 to 24 feat wide, of every style 
U cut to fit any room or fiRaSS 

ra ! ft W Dute5S7Mui.. t . 

Very Handsome Toilet War*. 

W E ^*T* DvW °T* Dia * »om* very beauuf ul styles c , 
Toilet Sets, consisting of (lain and i 
These goods have never been equated by aj yt__ 
that has ever been brought to thit citv for style 
ty. Call and examine. " HOOE ft L 

  i2'.1S. IM * rkrtlt " oe'wevn Third and Fourth. 
a34 iftb 

Chambers's Journal. 

V£^Vm^£J£££? A rr.lre M iv«, an* 

forsals 1 

F. A. 

84 Poarth St.. 


Cotton Sheetings, 

12-4 Baraslty Sheetings, i 
11-1 do Ao7 
lo-4, 6-4, and 5-4 Barn^Ur SV.tii.2S; 
4-4. 6-4. 10 4, and 12-4 Hamilton She-tings 
Damask Table Linens in every variety ; 
American Pilot Duck, all numbers: 
Linen Burlaps for covering Carpets: 
Huckaback Towels; 
French Linen and Damask Towelt; 
French Linen Napkins: 
Linen and Cotton Doilies; 
Crash aad Diaper Towelings; 
Jacqoard Quilts, white; 
White Marseilles Quilts; 
All of whieh we eller at the very lowest prices 

.«a av w , " F NT * DUVALL, 

Mamst.. opposite Bank of Kentucky. 


BASKETS! BASKETSl-Additionstoourttoeltof Bask. ts 
being constantly reoeived, we would eall the attention of 
the public to the same, being the best of mported aad 
heme-made, embracing every ttyle and site for market, trav- 

• mi work ftc. 



MILLER ft GOULD, 9* Fonrthat. 

The Castle- Builder s 

THE CASTLE-BUILDERS, by the au*ir of ' Heartsease " 
"The Heir of Redclyffe. " "Seenetand Characters," et'o. 
Price 76 cents. 
Also new tupply of Armageddon, 
Received this morning by 
al6iftb ' 84 

ft. CRUMP, 
near Market. 


it beautiful style of Gentlemen's Dress Hat, of our 

r) HOUSEKEEPERS— Those round and aquar. Clothes- 
Hampers art the most eoaveaitnt and durable articles 
you can purchase, occupying buc little space. They afer a 

^Jltr"" 9 l B ,' 1 !K Pen,m . b '*u , '' r ,h9 P f *«M««l housekeeper. 
Those strong   1-th.js BaskeU. Feather Dusters, Dusting 
Brushes. Knife Baskets. Market Baskets, Napkin Basket*! 

^V." 4 '^ d ^^ * ,u * of ■»» ha r -~TTiTl 

•'^•. aT*"'*"" •" ,d B»»ket Emporium af 
,a *'« b MILLER ft GOULD. 98 Fourthst. 


Fresh Arrival of Rich Cutlery. 

f We have just reoeived by express, this day, an __ 
* "able Cutlery, consisting 

voice of oval ivory handled Table Cutlery, consisting 
of Dinius and Dessert sites, to whieh we eall the at- 
tention of purchasers. HOOE ft LUCKETT, 
No. 441 Marketst . between Third and Fonrth, 
*n uear Fourth, south tida. 

X would preserve the health of y* 


way to do it it by procuring one of I 
riagas, the lightest and strongest 
tained at the "Varieties" of 
a24jftb MILLER ft GOULD. 96 fourth aa  

Nn5 TRAVELERS— We would eall your attention te  
A assortment of Traveling Bassets, of don 
maaufsftture. tmbraeing all styles aad prieta. 
Casta, Work Cases, with many articles necessary for 
ing, to be found nt 
a24J*b MILLER * GOULD'S. 98 Fourth tt. 


PER A GLASSES — A few mora ltftatlow prioaa. 
r » Mm MILLER ft GOULD. 98 F 


Evening bulletin (Louisville, Ky.), 1855-05-11

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Louisville, Kentucky by Prentice, Henderson & Osborne
   Jefferson County (The Bluegrass Region)