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SALTsmviLue. uAiXfrrmcontm, mmcxr, mttkj, /anuart li m% 




frti Co'mmroNMwn: MidljpMrM' 

tits •'.yls DO th«y will get to ua utt Is- 

ihu-i Monday niifht. RlIl.ES: Write 
)t,i niili of the paper only; write 
jilliiily; spell rwif   correctly. Mid 
writp "Cor" on the envulopr. 


The attendance at church Sun- 
day niftht wkt very ' pnrce owing 
to th« iivl«oaat weatiur. 

Mr. Ednr Benton Agmt of the 

O. & K. Ry. Co.. at LoeCity. Ky. 
spent Sunday w ith his home 

folli.' . 


By Knsivit CMiiMrcial CU  on 


A. (• 

( rail and wife returned 

to tiu'ii- home in Letcher county. 
They have ^txm down in this 
eouT^y 4 weeka viiitiiw retetiv- 

.1. M'. Adanus, of Mt. Sterling, 
aiKl V.', (i. rhi;ivs. i.T tliis 
ntarted to market with a nice 
drove of cattle. 

John Whitt is [in Pike «oanty 
on (i tradinif tour. 

Buck Hall, who haa been con- 
fViad ^ith •typhoid'IfeTer since 
October, is slowly improving. 
Dr., Conley, of SalyMrsviUt, has 
carried hiin^ t^Mfti. 

T;r tic insiH' •t.^r Wiis around 
last week for the last round. He 
save the bojw a tak tawpeetkm. 

Mcttie Jane and Verna Blan- 

ton »  selling out to go to their 

mother, Mrs.ii'"*iai'y HIair, who 
rt^idos in IJuntinjrton, W, V4. 
Thiy coiilctiiplatc mi leaking 
their futi;ro home at that pltco. 

L. C- Adan» and ion have 
gone to Jenkina to caek their 


AMxjlt Adams, .Jlssi-'s son, is 
on t-h^B moving list to^y. I^ftd 
time for the buainees. 

I) .■|mt^■ .-h( riiT D. M. !' " .I'l'i 
dined V. uh us Xr^sierday enro'.'te 
. ,.U rslMM-.  „ 'd noirtK 

in tti j cB&tt i .1 l art uf the county, 
potif'yintr parlies i.l' rai.scs on 
tht^ir lauds by the Supervisors. 


Misi I'f .ices Nickell ard liei 
brotlicr. O- nni.' Nickell. of Hazo' 
Green, .spei:t the p&stwukjwith 
rpiatives in this city. 

Mrs. Coonie Lykins. of Can'-.v. 
was taken to the lio-tpital in L' X- 
ington to undergo an operation. 

Mr. ForaatC«'jdm. anidahip- 
man at the United 3tat*a Naval 
Acadi^my . i  now viaitinghome 

folks at this plate. 

Mr. Hugh Minor, whohfihbe-n 

At a special term of the Jack- 
son Cimdt Court Judge A. J. 
Mr. AndyLaweon's bouaa waajKirk pnawoiMad tha death sen- 
deatioyftd by Ara TmpAnTi Jan. |teneeoa Bwen BowHn, for the 
Mth. Evenrthiag poeaiblo was { murder of Samuel Crawford laet 
doM to tave It but ot no avail, 


Mrmvflia, Kjr., 
Jan. l«th 1912. 
Editor, Kanoonr McmrrAOf- 

Dear Sir:- 

October. George, a brother of "Hie following circular letter, 

Ewen. was ('riven .m indcterfhi- atlimptingto throttle one of liie 
nate sentence to the penitentiary, must important recent bills ol 
Both iirothers are ondar thirty | Congress is aalf 

years of age. 
Follow ing is 

Judga Khrkg aen- 

tence in full: 
"Mr. Ewen Bowlin. on the 26th 

Living aa wadob ai^tecn day of October, at the laat Oc- 
noflea firnn a raflnad. no turn tober term of tin Breathitt 

is Here 

For Closing out Short Lots and Jobs. 

We are offetiag some excmj^ 

tional values in 

Ladies and Gents furnishings, mattress- 
es, wall paper, furniture, dining tables, 

Dear Sir: I 
We enclose herewith a petition 
which we ask you to ligi), and : Doors and windows, mill teed, cotton seed meal, baled hay, 

pikea or interurban lines, we ara 
at last lilessed with a strong flow 
of nal'ira! ;.:a!-, which was struck 
I f.w days ajro within a short dis- 
ijii.ce ()!' Saiyer.A lil". K\ . There 
was a company organized a short 
tims ago. called the Burning Fork 
IDevelopmont Co. This company 
consists of Ex-Judge M. F. Fat- 
rick of Sal/eravilk Ex-Stifte 
Sanator C. D. Subiett, alaoof Sal- 
yanville. and Dr. V. F. Frizzell. 

Circuit Court, 1911, th« grand ju- 
ry of Breathitt county returned 

an indictment against yon. charg- 

have other merohanta aad other 
taxpayers of your town to aign, 
and mail to your eangraeanMlfi 

without delay. 
It would also be well to have two 

copies made of thi  iie'ilu.n, lH)th 

ca r pulai^a laola, faniiing impleraenta, cook atovm, ch«ni% 

of Charleston, W. Va., and others 
This company began drillinK for in^' the case, (he j iry returned 
oil a few daysago, with thealiov 


inn )OM with the vvil ful nuirderof to he sivnied by the »aiiie parlies,] 
."^am Crawford. 

"At the iiresent term of this 
couft, a jury was empanneled to 
try you on this charge. After the 
Jury was accepted, you entered 
your plea of "not guilty." and 
aftw full hearing by the jury of 
the evidence, and argument of 
counsel, and after duly consider- 

;in(! mailed to your 

There must be a solid line-up on 
the part of retail merchants and 
other busineae men of the small 
towns of the country in oppooition 
to'the Parcels Post, or the meaa- 
ure will be passed by Congress i 
and rural delivery routes will be i 

.LSI (1 111 convey the ^rcHids of lar^.e! 
veruiel.lindinK JO" guiit.v of wil- ealiilo^iie lioiises t'l (lie farmers of 
f'll muivl. r and fixiiiK .\oui- liit- country. Kiirtlierm^ire. the 
ow U) give a more detailed 1 punishmtni. at d jalh. Have you measure would bring the inuil or- 1 
iii'^^tcry of the matter, there is a 'any legal rea.son to show why the , Her house in t^asy access to all 
stream about seven miles k ng. a { judgement of ih^^court should not \ towns, and make it a strong com 
tributary of the Lieking, called be pronounced against you? 
Burning Fork, whfeh empties into Ewen Bolin: "Well, I didn't 
the river just above the town of | get a fah- trial. The court knows 
Salyersville. This stream gets its 1 1 didn't get a fair trial, and 
name from a spring that nt one , everybody that was here at the 
time exi(»ted on that creek, that trial knows it." 

petitor for trade at the 
of small town dealers. 

In addition to this, a Pircels 
Post would increase the deficit of 

the Postoifice Department and 

make (.n(  cent l( Iter |K)Sla;fe. 

burninn' from 
u[i toalniut tlie 

The Court; 
Ulod by 

"That is a question j v.'hieii is tiow .-dnio.-t in sight, an 
the Motion and im|..r;:.iliiiit:. . 
k company I ground.-.. " | go afLi r this al once 

iv • ■ V'N* l  ,ri I raaeoa b«4«srt*o»tt!« V ' tl-e i rni: : yau 

tf piioS I'lXin ..URiiig cji pm ton ci lii  ii appro- 
i\l '.ving the ached to sign the three copies of 
verdict I niM' &dd Uuit it is a petitk n— and theniqail them to 
solemn and trying hour to you, 
and a moat unpleasant one to me. 
I am now called upon to perform i 
the moi l painful duty of my pub- 

.vas continually 
".lino inM-.;cniorial 
y: ar I SI'O, when n st' 
..-.T- .■•■•f;av!-"-H t» d: :;i ■ i«r oU 

This co.i.pany drilled a hole sev-lit will b( 1:1/ dut 
eral hundreti feet deep near that you my jud).'nien( 
ipring and struck oil which was 
said to be about a live biwipel well; 
but the war coming on about that 
time the work wa«! abandoned and 
nothing ;'i|)"e was done at it until 

We ))ave been informed fay 
msmberairftheoompany that they 

are gojng to iisk the town council 
for a franchise right to pipe this 

gas t(i Saiyei-.-Ji ille. for lightingiedly imbued your hand in the 
and heatiii;: pur|ioses. Thev say ' blood of your fellow man, and 
there is enough gas to. '.upply two that blood now cries from the 

and coased burning, 

The following bit of hiatory is 
given us by Uncle Elijah Patrick 
and tnfipf oM citizens who live 
near where the spring formerly 
wss: They say il;at »l,e people 
A'ished to utili;x' the heat froiii 
the spring, so they put a frame- 
building over it. ;vhere Lliey drii d 
in tha Uood Samaritan Hospital, 1 Kin-seng, fruit, seasoned lumber 
at Lexington, for tha paat thref and etc. for a number of years or 
weeks, suffering from a severe ""til the spring ceased to bum. 
Attack of ty,jhoid fever is repor- 1 cau»«l by this drilHag, 
ted improving. 

Mr. Floyd Jones, of this [)l,--ci', 
died Friday Jan. 5th after an ill 
naaa «f several months. His 
death waa due to dropajr. 

A Revival meeting is being 
held at the gainU' Church with 

Misa Carolyn Farley, music 
teacher at this place, spent the 
holidays at her heOM im JMdf 

mond, Ky. 

The Caney Valley Railway, an 
agtansioB of 1| milaa fr«at Can- 
aai Citv. haa jnat baas eoaqMeted 

and regular passenger service 
will begin Sunday Jan. 14th. 

We are glad to know that Miia 
 Iora Banton who haa baaa very 
ill for tha Mat ««ak ia araeh 


Mr. M. 1.. Conley, made a 
sp«0dy bi^siness irif to New 
York, last week. 

Mr3.Margurite Botony, of Cin- 
cinnati, O. 1-! visiting her parents 
Mr. and .Mrs. .M. E. Murphy. 

Mr. W. M. Watoon of this city 

this eompany iie-.'an. The lirst , lie life, but it is my duty, my 
comi any evidently struck the vein { liigh and .solemn duty, a (lut  1 
of water, oil and gas. for they alii owe to society and government, 
disappeared, the spriiy ^yantdry a''d which I must perform; an i 

had .\ou performed (he obliga- 
tions re.sting ujmn you as a man 
and citixen, and lived uprightly, 
and hurt viobody, I would have 
been spared the painful feeling of 
this occasion and you would not 
ov. be cuniljelli (1 t j drink tliis 
cup of bitlerni!s.. to it.- dregs; but 
you have din-egij-ded (he obliga- 
tions you owed to society ar.d 
shown to the world that you 

your congressman and senators, 

not later than January 1st 
Vt ry truly yours. 
Tin: ( OMMKkClAl.CLI'H 
What do you think ot thit  Mr. 
i:uyer?and Mr. Mt^rchailt, What 
do Yoi; tliiiik of it? 

These Knoxville ijeojde as.-'ume 
that the purchaser either does not 
know what is bsat for him and 
must have some such agent as the 
Knoxville Commercial Club to di- 
rect Congress in legislating laws 
for the people; or they a.ssume 
that the purchaser does not get a ! 
"square dtial." Their conclusion 
is that the merchant will be 
forced out of business by the mall / 
oriier liouses. 

Thisiirat premise is erront 

Come and see ms. 



John A. Hazelett 

Has recently taken charge of the 


Opposite Big Sandy Hardware 

_ ^ Fajntsyiilaj, H/. 

Every room lighted f}y electricity and 
heated by grates. 

RATES, $l.tN |Mrd«y. 

23ct8 per single meftl 



Leadint Photoirapli Gallery 

in Eastern Kentucky. 


or three towns the size of this. 
Hie gas became so strong in the 
first well they drilled, they had 
to stop work in it and inova flie 
nadtiMry a «hort diatMca on to 
the hmd of M. M. Salyer. and 
send for more and stronger ma- 
chinery, casing and etc. where 

possess a heart desperately de- 
praved and fatally bent on'oua, therefore the whole syllo AD^rrMCTMXC Pt'^^^T 
mischief, the kinder and nobler , gyam is incorrect t-IN L.M rVV:3 ».-IV| niN I O, nV./^ I 
feelings of yoor nature seen, n^t | For the past quarter of a cen- 
to have a lodgment in it. tury the  ■ lito- 's father has lieen I 
"You have wantonly anp wick- a co intiy incrchant. hense our! 

faill] tlijij we know a country | 





earth against you. You have ta 
ken the life of a human being. Mm. Nannie Howard, sister to 
and sent acreature bearing liod's ,),], p, Galk way ' Howard, 
iaage unbidden into His prea- 
eaea. You have taken that 
wMehan tha doasona in purgato- 
ry, and men on earth, or the ! 

angels in Heaven, can not give; were interred on the 7th inst 

no creature in Heaven above, or We (juote the following 

a " 

eomraktad suieide at Huntington. 
W. Va.. by taking earboiie aeid. 
The remains were sent to hsr 

fathers at Swampton where they 

they expect to strikeoil in paying 

quantities. They are now down earth beneaih. cHn give life to a Huntington paper, 

two-hundred feet or more on the blade of grass save 'lud alone. .she li\ e.i on the seccuid floor 

second well and drillin|( every By taking life you have robbed of an apartment, the first section 

day, ntUizing the gas to fire their a creature of his all in all. All 1 of which is occupied by an Assy- 


rian family. Tha first notice of the 
tnigie alfair ana twn— Htait to 
Dr. Pritehard by a woman of the 

machinery. So there will be that a man hath will he give for 
something more to gay about it ' his life. It is the prfsknai^ 
'era tha aagt iarna of your paper, i of tha iamortal Gad. 

Mack. "Had 8am Grawfoid been poa- 

sessed of sll the treaaures 

Read this paper and pass it to earth, in order to save his life utes liefpre the 
your neighbor. Do not make a aTid live out his allotted da  s. he too lyio to give relief, 
habit of this but remember that would have surrendered them all; Who were llie woman's friends 
agoodliv^ rjewspaptjr shall help !jut .\ eu gave him no chance for or enemies, and what her circum- 
to make the property of thui coun- capitulation; not a moment's lime stances, and what the cause of 
ty moN valqablf . The paper i in which to aay "I/ rd be m^j- 1 her desire for self-destruction are 

Clarence Bailey 

Keeps a ful line of up-to-date groceries, 


Deering Mowing Machines 

». n^^borhood, Mdthe physician kocD* in »tock supplier for thU ma-» 

of ' arrived on the scene but ten mm- » » 

woman expired, ' CnlllC. 

fpaat Sunday with hia fanUly booato yoo, n| |1m f|)|tomaa dnnar.'' but ly^M matteraofmystsryinlqiW 
^horsaidf iB]L«(iacton, Ky. 'p|P«r? ' CflWtlPMod wi pif" 4. I|f baf|mradMPb 

Be pMk spiiited. Sabseribe for ih^ 



1 10 cents por inch. 
Application pendiujj for arimis- I.oc il. 10 cont. per li|)e for flnt 
1 ctaiB matter. i^^;  rti m. :  .en Is per line for 
- each 8ulHf'i'i'' if in^i rtion. 

TkiUn-JIlM Ooltar • y^r in ad- 

S. S. ELAM, Editor. 


Just on- hundred r^t^ •go. ti, the Statt) of Vlrgfaita, Jwemi- 

fih Elani. m.v Kran.l father, 'was horn, and rix yewnteter, myfreiit- 

■grandfaHu r. V/jtltor Klain. nv vi-d to Kentucky. 

Jux-miiili ! .'ttl. d :il I'i..,„„inir(on, llii.^ county, where my fath- 
er, Leandor. v.-.' 1,. T ."iMi I- .■ 1. V- 1 1 

Shortly befor.' th'w\Hv: ncan K ■volutin,, .Io.^n.h Niclinl. my 
grpnt-great-Krandfathrr/on my mother' ^'•■U: and his wife,   n.mi- 
fei4Sed from Ireland and settled in VirKiri.i. A f 'w .v. ai s later 
they moved to Kentucky and settled Mt. Sfrlin^. AIh.uI if^..;. 
(heir son.'Rillv. follewed the game into the mountain^, and setUcc 
iil V. hat is now Klam, Morjran countir. In this home was born 
.jjTk-nn. nr , . , and in the same hoiii^wMbornFrweee, 

mv in(.th( WiLlini ht of this farm I was horn. Pwm the ab- 
uvOlata it will Iw lecii my an'"-stor. , on Iwth sides, and my- 
seli'liavc be^-n Ke-.t r. ,■ Mountain ■  rs for almost a century. 

I has,. I;; en jrr(a'lv u mpld  ■  t-!,!*e,mv home ui other States 
Imt I have Iways fcil,.a inti res; in my nr.tive land. 

" • "WIk rc'vrr I wanii' r, J 

My;jlo«rt'» in Hiithliind fon-v. r 1 low. ' 

I have seen our ^teep hillsidet ahorn of their forest cover. 1 
s,M ., ihe ^ irKin soil carried away and the subsoil bare to 
|,e . l odcTan.! can icd over the rich valleys where it covered these 
fertile iir il, anil  s'reiiilv injured their usefulness. ,, . . 

Not onlv have we v.xsnd our timber and splendid soils but 
many of our |.; oph' ar • I, ;,sih,.j thur mineral riRhts. For Ronera- 
tions our ancestors have worktd hard and lived sparingly while 
their bfothera lived on thd fat of tjj^j^nd in ,tho Blue Qraa* e^c- 

Our "Grand old Commonwoalih" h-s laid mor»^ nlrfcSH on poll 
J( . than it has on eduoation. It has never taught the mounta.r 
,,, oi)l ; thi  t'ff'ifraphy tHeir own country but preferred to trach 
iliein tlu j.ennraphy of tho world. This it baa regarded as educK- 
tion. W. ar. .still Rropin;? in the dark, hoping tliijt our .present 
Let{islati:i-o will deeide t.  ade;.' a . nrrieulum that will help to fit 
the child f. m ■ eivlranmort. Th.s v. ill tru'.y bo education but it 
yriA come at ieast a quarter of a e. murv laiei ihar. it shoul.l. In ve 
come. Had some sjich legi.slati m as this, together with our, I'le.s- 
ent high achoolUw, been pBcctedtw. ^:!;y-:ivo yean-i a^o I 
many hundreds of younn men and young women of Ui, r, omitaii s 
of Kentucky could have had a decent preparation for life's duties 
in public schools rather than throw ourselves on the "Minion o  
denominational t-choolf. Th;« would have prevented much of tlu 
intaM'.ni.-ini 'iv.'. now ey.; 1.. -.uvun: i,'prious denominations of our 
: eetion u( the Stale, it v.ouul pVyventedfmuch of the notori- 

ous nam.' I.l al Ihe-.e ":,M-sio-. M-iiools" have Kiv, n II. e •untain- 
ii»a.'' It wouki huva picvtiiUu ii.ueli oi" ilic di.-re.spict that, .oti.ei 
sections of Kentiicky has for u -. 

It'would have enabled thi churches to si.c nd tin ir mont v 
ong cl»grch lines ratjier than to raise it f-c t^" ••| r inouniaiii- 
eef" that they misrepresentsc! for which' tht-y raised tunds. It 
would have prevented the clannish spirit that pay jchooJs fo. ter. 
It would have reduce d ci im«, not by educating those who are will- 
ing to pay ill these schools, but; the whole people would have bao 
an opp-itunity cf ttaininR i ncwledfce thiit helps make mpr* ^^tan 
and ImtU-r, as r.ell as to vji've •u'liital di!.eip;i,i  . 

This would have iiiad(Mr r iweiil.' more inde] i luiei,' cf rail- 
,-oads l).v tei.c-hi-f.' Ih' m how i - ei.nsvi ve ihe.r natu'-al le.-ouu-e , 
Bui our polaieian. h;r.e : i. n lil to iu't;lee,' us i.p.til reeeiit'y. ';ui 
mission scht-ols ha\ e emphat.iz«d IhtJ IVct that wt; were a lend d 
people until ^r^ny good people who have never been in our seitim 
believe thst the «reater number of us am feudisUand lawlo«i ic- 
ple. This condifon of thinp brings the mountain peopleinto (i s- 


l!ut w,' cunnoUl.'.r rethp p.«t. Behold ' I hf. prf^entl Hit 

sitio:i peried of the ni'nini iu ' 

i:. hr 

V!,( i;ul 'nrtojiilfer njs 

period of Uie o.o iiie.-su v which Iwtlled.t he rail.oaus for maii  
veai s has been j i- reed. VV^" have lost m .'eh v tailh buUst'll uii^li; 
foitunes lie at our feet. We ti e asked lo nive these fortunes to 
ea| itsl. Jacob wants our birthi itcht. He Ih ott'en nr u ; the oo.vl 
of porridge (ten dollars an acre ior coal that ia wortn th jussnd ). 
If we aell our birthright 80'chcfcpfy then, like Eeau, we ahall be 
cursed by our descendants for b eintt iuch matcrialiats. ^ 

1 t^m anxious to s^-e our e iunty developed but I am not^willing 
see our t.ive a foi tue.  f ir a .soi k'. Every school boy. as 
welUs bis pare! 1-, stu old able to etileiilate the value of coal 
lands. Th 'ie .n.atically f lty ; (,ui: l ■ of eoal to the c.ibi - lo.)t. 
By a little ii;--,u''iiiK we see t'-a* rii acre of eoal tw.) leet tluck ha  
over moil ten.s. whilea four loot vein has upwards of HK)0 ions. 
I have been informed tl»af Wj ^\ i.t[ State law ti .'^t prolr^bita .iinj 
lease on coal to' be legal for leai'lhan ten cents per ton when a 
lease by ^he toi|v if .token. Thui yivea you 1400 an acre for a foui 
foot vein. 

I'.ut what isit worth if you chooeetohavolt miucdT At one 

eeni per bu l,el it brintT'' you   v. r $1,000. I h5ve been informed 
by a man w ho  'peralt s hi.-. c\  ii irim s thst \v! ( i. bis e  a! 1 ru.vs 
less ihuii 7.")ets per Ion he stopa iiiining. He also slat .s that on a;i 
averaK.' it brint-s .uy.. $1.00 ptrton.-/ThlB givee over HOOO per 
acre fur a! tour foot vein. 

Then top when our lands are leased and are in the hsuU* vt a 
/Ungle Company we are likely to have a railroad, ardy w^«(^ that 
Company sees At to cpeii up the coal fl^ld, whereas there wi|l b* 
keen ^owpieti|ty n amotii? various companies to poi'sois this coal 
field which is today one of the larijejl and most valuable undevel- 
oped eoel fields in Ameriea. 

(y'to lH)lities. I shall a(iv( eate the p-lneii-les oi' tlie Ke;jubh- 
can lArty as I have :'.l\v::\ s done i .^li.ili !  • fn e In ni bosses. 
yli(_iueK8iid.riiigs. believiutt tiiHi our ,.aiiy is Ipreu in- ; i .1 »vi-t i 
than any individual in the paru , and that the i).;rtv l u 

permit her proud banner to be drug in the dust biy any living man 
hacMaa he calli hinuwlf a KapttbUean, be it in county or Natk»»l 

I Tiave no "axes to grind." Rellevinn: that it ia the duty of a 
naifrspep.r lo'iraard t'.e iijt. rests of the people, 1 sh.iH endeavor to 
perf,)rn  this duty wli ti er it \u- plea.sarit or painful. 

I sball fullill in.\ in;s.,icj:, il' 1 i .* ihniut-.b llie of the 
j^ENTUCKY MoUNTAlNKliK unliiased news and tUuid KOU 'I'HE 

RIGHTS OF The mountain 

In your horn- and in your bus- 
i i(':,s ." oij neeo our newspaiKT 
and in our homeaiid imuir bUiU- 
ness we need the dillar. Sor:!! 
it along without delay and hel| 
posh a newspaper while tt omt 
needa yonr puahiiig. 

Did yott know that if yooSbave 

land, timber, livestock or any- 
thing else to sell that it would 
p.»y you to advertise in the nV.U- 

Du you know that if you want 
to buy anything that it will pay 
you to spend a f«w eenu for an 

Csil and le^|}4 |«et»««riric«(. 

You are for a eounty paper and 
we are thanl ful tti iiour county 
has many sueh ne n as you. 

If you want to l rioA the name ; 
of other public spirited people 
who help our county par er pay 
printers, rent and other bills just 
glance at the advertising col- 

Give them your trade. The^ 

helped ua they will help you. 

The next annual meeting of the 
Keiilueky Circuit J udtjca' Associ- 
ation will be held De -';ml er :!U and 
31, 1912. in Louit.ville, in accoi- 
dance with a vote taken before 
adjoummet of theconventk nfor 
lt)i}attheG»{tJ[ouBe, wl en{tbe 
present ofiicera were re-elected. 

Tru' sessions were marked by 
inleresiinjc and profitable (liaeu.-i- 
sions of matters of iniporliiiice, 
in: luiliii'-;' tiie eai'e of Ihe Sliif 's 
insani , tm pri seia lucihcd of 
challenging jurors, and crime con- 
ditkms in the State. 

Quite a number of our young 
men and young women have ap- 
pointments that entitle them to 
fre  tuition in tt county highj 


V/e can certify U  the fael llial 
w« irtiy a Kiiod still" school t'.y| and , 
we hoiK! that our .\ ; utlv. will l)e 
iji veil (.he same opijortunity to i?et i 
a fl-ee education &i is given to the | 
young people of the rest oi Ket^- 1 
tucky. I 

We see np reason why thivlaw j 
should be enforced. ! 

'Ih' inori' !n;)ii-;- ptdplo 
spend loi ciueulloii ihe less tiiey 
mu:- l .-.pi ,u! for ji-ils, eoiu'ts, h n ?- 
drav/n out trials and the like. j 

F\ rfe;tion is not attained on 
this tenc-atrial rIoIic So if you 
find this first copy of our paper i 
le- s perfi tt tht'ii you, yourself 
wouid nial'.e : ;. :';   ' .j i' t rein^'m- ' 
bfrju'-l ,-,inriiiler that 'hire 
ar.' m i:.y o lils :uul e:;fl.s to lei 1, 
aittr iu star. Ill),' a newspaper, 
and save your critiei- ins until you 
have given us a chance. 

We have secured the services 
y! Mr. Will HaielriggofSalyera- 
ville. So far as we know hw ia 
the beat ne^ '(.a', in Ma- 
iroffin i!o' n'y. ^Ve hn'.e a^so Mr. 
Wallaee Caraway, of West Lib 
eit;-. Hi! was broUKio up and 
eiluea'ed a journalist and hia 
efiloiency is not doubl ,d by any 
one wno knowa that for years he 
was owner and editor of Morgan 
counties only newspaper. 

The edii' r has l ai] -oiue expe- 
rt. n'e il' il..'  \ '.1 'li' .io i. iialism 
and thinks t aat v\il:i th; spli-n- 
ilid st .if til ,L Ma;;odin e.iunty 
.-h mid ha\v' a inn.d new.--' j.por if 
the people stand by a hoine pa- 
per as they have begun to  

Vtar Mmwi by C^inmeicul^Ciuli. 

(Contiaued from- page 1.) 
store's needs. 
They forget that the Pareela 

Post Hill will l.e of in..tual bene- 
fit to and b iyer by 
eriabhn r Inilh iiarties tos-'iul any 
arliele up lu eleven vwunds lo or 
from the store. Did these people 
ever live a few milfi from to^ n *' 
Did they ever have a iwiind o; 
butter or other produce u send by 
^ lincle Sam's mail carriers? Oid 
I they ever slop to ihiak tht,! th- 
' farmer his busy n v^hen 
a trip I" 'Ke Stoi'e W"u .rise 
biin ui luuNe^^oUarsT !)« they not 

know that this -new law would en- 
able ^very store in our land to 
l)ecome a mail order house? 

Crowd out the cuuiylry BMjr- 
chant? How abaurdi 

t)ur preaent poalld tew permits 
Chicago nMRlMHiti to arod a 
pound of goo^B to the purchaser 
as cheaply sl."^ it do; s the country 
merchant two miles away. Is 
thi: fair? Is it ,i:.,ht that the Gov- 
ernment should loose mone^ on 
ihe bi-r mail order and 
make it on the small merchant 
who mails hia gooda ahcrt diitan- 

A eountry merchant laid in re- 
gard to the Parcels Poet Bill, "It 

would enable me to get. any. pack- 

Bf'" under II p.iunds sent by 
rea. onahle mail ralher than be O 
Mr charged bv the abominable 

e: pi'esseomp,.i,ies. " 

We cannot aecount for the posi- 
tion that those Knoxvill^ VfOf^ 
take on this question untaai mqr 
are stock holders in an axpreaa 

Ifa-. Merchant and Mr. Purcha- 
ser If you favor the Parcels Post 
i\ fer t'l i.ur nllici il ilire,;t.jry and 
w rite your senator^- and represen- 
tative. Have your nc :j hbors ei- 
ther write or sij. n yoiu' letter.s. 

Do IT NOW l!' .\ ou are against 
I this bill lay low and let this great 
measure be defeated. 


IMiTCS,|}.0( PE{lDAY. ., 

Livery and Feed 
Stable in Conn^g- 

,1 k,.? ""^.j.' hi 


Hy np. I . t. M I EN 

AAiNa moM iMPROvge.NU  


RMnerhabl* fmuKs hav* fol- 
lowed Iqiprovcment In the nutri- 
tion of children of the publlo 
•ehopls of doveland. by caring 
for tM* toMli and taaohlne thorn 
how ta oat pfoparly, for ahc 
monlho. Taata showed that 
matnery had t|»n Improved ttt 
par cent. In oria Inatanoe; pow- 
er of apontanaoua aaaoclatlon. 
84 par cent.; aaaoclatlon by op- 
ppalteo. AB par cent,; quiok'naee 
and accuracy of peiccptlon, 22 
par cant.; an avoraga Improvo- 
mant la' mantal 9apaolty of It 
par cant. Paraona In middia llfa 
do not Improva ao remarkably 
by Imprevlna nutrition but thera 
la Invariably an improvement 
In working c;.pacily when the 
general' nutrition Is Improved, 
aapecl'ally by aaving vitality 
commonly expanded In exaeaalve 
mixing of incompatible foods. 
The Gate jf a man .-.t Economy, 
Ind., has bean mentioned, who 
had doeldod to give up hia gen- 
eral atoroi but after beeeming 
adapted to a regime advocated 
in the HInta organl.-;d a bank 
and was elected IU president 
and now conducts the store 
while performing the dutlee 
bani; ofSaor and Sunday So hoof 
auperlntendonti slao that of a 
man past seventy, at Aurora, 
HI., -Aho having sold his store 
and retired frent buidneee, ia 
tN e«fr In 

Me i" 

I lino. 

be cited. 

Mpny suth oaoso oouM 




Including S'2\t Ccl^^;5, Trunks, Saddlles^ 
I^adie-** and (^ei t;; ^ lirnishings 
Wf PATRICK, Prop rietor. 


If your Hfe it not insured f«r a sufficient amiount, don't think 

thill YOI' arc raldn.i'- ilio risk, for YOU arr i.o;. Your WlITi .'anU 
iiABIiCS and uthcrs depondcnt upon YOU are taking ths cluuice 
and «rrying the risk, and not yourself. 

The Modern Woodmen of America 

Is one of tlie cleanest, bc^t and ch:;;&pCo: ins-urance organi- 
' zations in existence. !t has rrrorr MEMtJEirlij, 1,350,001^ 
than th.-; next five bi;; fralern.Tl iijoiireoc '^.'g^mization?. 

Join now. Tomorrov*^ may be too late. 

FfT partkulars writ* to 

KePy Elam, elam. ky. 

State Normal. A Training School for Teachtn. 

COUUSES: Preparatory, HUytft Certifieat*), Life Diploma, Coui\^ 

CertifiL-att.', Review, Special. 


Emases Vwy Lnr. Ask muiX. Artistic CatategM fm. 

Address J. G. CBABBE. President, Richmond, Ky. 

fc'r" W. M &i»V j BriM't'* l-OH Bf.V; FIl.'vS A'W MiDE j ' 
El WmS H H VMH^ einnlsHnn. WrWe Isr p, 

01 -ym^ m Kjn:ion!«s Ihl; M. ■ 

JOHN WHITE £ CO. l'S'Se!;?. 

March of Infantry and Cavalry. 
Tlio military iiinrci( iniisl \iu tiiUen 
as the best tnijex of tbo borso ca- 
paolty, aoBdIttoeod by the aooda of ro- 
mainlnt effectlTo. Cnder hir to good 
condltlone niv.iiry arc I'xpfcted to ac- 
rnmi,l!.-,h fnim thiily lo ll!lrty-( Iqht 
mlieH a day lor several days lb siic- 
cesalon, bu( Wklns the ewnpalgn as a 
wbole, tbo dsl'r SToraco not ex- 
pected to qxceed fourteen to fifteen 
miles. Tbis la tbe pn ;tlcal Umit of 
Infantry on tbe maro^; tjkUM the two 
arms uf tbo s^Tvioe 'M|pHla together 
tltf route. 


SalyersvlBa, Ky. 



Firtt Bmt WMt if F. BmI^ Utflf. 


(fup) ritlil. ijn. by Ji.M|ili 11. Uu»ic».) 


Chloo KM of Now MMioa IM« Not Pro- 
aoMtsjliws a rjae la^ ' 

Broodwsjr heard with aomo ai^rpriae 

that H. A, nu Souobet, the asthor of 
"I'll.' Mnn I'^nm Mezloo." la a eandl- I 
il -.ic fur Ju3tic« of the peace la the 
li^uiil.'i 1.1 K liK b'lie paya taxea In New 
J. I   '.v:j  h. should vent to be s 
.Ii'i-siy Justk'u has the bis atieot 
guessing. The ohveraa of the propo- 
sition la the wonder why Jereey 
^should want hlui to l)e u lustlce. 
■ A»av li.ick In 1878," aiii.i unu i.l the 
old'timers, "Ou douctaet wa,f a Justice I 
of tbe Wm down «• Ml* N^w, H*sl«o 
line. In thoe^a tarutnlM and !»■ ' 
.Htiiis wi'r.  the ehlot iiatlvo p(o4uetH 
u( ih.'it r.'Klun. ftosldoats «oi« their 
ijuiis inui.iy. and train robbory. was 
.'iiiu'.iaei' .1  : profitable and not in*- j 
(mlltablu iprw  ft speculation. One { 
day the Chloo Kid, being very drunk, | 
I Insisted on being arrested. The mar   
I Bhal ilidn't want to arrest Mr. Ktd, but i 
I the latter Inslete.I. ; 
I " 'I wanna plead guilty U  drunken- 
neaa and 4laM(Wa' thuh peao .' i^hI.I 
tbe Kid to JwUOf Da Bouchet 

•' 'I will have to fine ' hoKan IXi 
S..1U h.'t, 

• ■■ Vhatr hovtled th^ Kid. 'Fine 
me? Why. you pk( s^rod. nUor Ut- | 

.■rt'.l, pUeon toed oie maTdrlei, tbero 

,:. r ....,i.ti )»ihtli-.K li. New Meiico I 
,1 . i..:. . ■ .• i)uy ;i i;n. ! ' 
"Iliii JiiKuce Uu buucbei, Uiii'rr.)iited 
I hlin u#banpl.% . 

' " 'I isa.' aliuut to say,' srjd hr, 'that 
1 »,]il I....I 'o flr.l 'Imo to rral 
» ■ ,1. .|uiiinu.a wlih .Mr. Kid. In 
ttu- i.'.:"rm.H. aupiiu^iij we go and 
Uavo a arUik."'— New York LiMW »• 
tb* ClpeUwaU Tlmei^4tt4r. ' 

■ulloeke In English ChurslV 

At Emmanuel church. Nottingham, 
RoKland, conalderaUo «]fcltement waa 
I'luispd amonii the congregation one 
Sunday hy two bullocka entering while 

ilu' vlcur preaching hia sormou. 
I'h.' iiihn.ilh Htriiyed friim their 
 iuarters, and, ilnding the door open, 
walhod la. They wont Into the bap- 
tlatrjr, bat the verger, (ttraeted hy the | 
rommntlon. Kot li\ fron'. of (tie animals, 
and liy .;.tii1.' and tautful peraiiaHi.ili. 
drove tt^fm out without any dau^age 
bolnc done or painlo csuMd. 

Net Final Farewell. 
Lady Mary Wortley Montague once 
a Istlir lo her lover (whom she 
aftorwsrd ■arriod). concluding In tbe 
following manner: "There Is no con 
ditlon of life 1 coald not have he. r 
happy lu with ysu. ^o very muiji I 
iked yott— I nUy lay Iom|I— «lnce tt 
U the likdt thing im ovei' lay to yon. 
This is tellliiK y"u HinVorely my ni'eat- 
cbt awaitt-nu, and now I will oblim  you 
with a new pro.if nf my Kenerosity. 
Ill asror see you more! ' 


Pr ..uc! Ir Stan IM fMinl CgiftL 

Djalet - in ■ n?»l ■ Estate 

ialyeisville, .'ly. 

M. C. KASH, M. D. 

Huiixi ry aiid !'».; . ale Diseaseis. 



^jr Private Saaitariaai^ 

J. S. CISCO, M. Q., 

Have Good Appetite. 
TTbo alx elepbant seals Ht the Atuarl. 
IMS' •SMWM* li tko laat MMtk about 

a ton of toed: to bo oiaet, T.Hl 

iiotinds of rodflsh. herring and weak- 
rtbh o.' ar! rLr '.iiiatfly lei. po; and 
u half for uaiji di.lly. As might be 
..'xpi^ted of creaturea with such appe- 
tites, the elephant seala are thriving 
fad growlag, — New York Bon. 

Offi^ Next Door ta 




nipfni ■ ■ iM •Hn  


Joo— "How are you. old immT Ar- 
thur — "Got a beastly qoid. y'know ' 
Joe— "Hard luck, bah Jave Been K" 
ing out In th-i cali »kthout your uiun 
ot'ler Arthur- - rJo, Called on Hea- 
ety at hia houae. and that wretched 
d«« of his peralated ta wagging Ua 
^ aw| ^rtatlac a draacht— Ttt-Blta. 

A Guess From H.ibjt. 
A man .^tumkl km. di-  I'l^' that d giri 
Is a K'.s.-M. I--. . ■ i^'i- bini 
"Bum-Jlliint, miiay" ilai tru.Tlto ot 
Editb aaU. Womaa have the sar e 
right t» ^'f~— aad eritlclze otbe  
woMa that moB bavo: aad they d^ 
Mt ■ ^ iT id si It aar ■!•(• CNoly.^ 

I m Klilili rii nil liiilf 











c. r. cmccELius. 



ctnan or agriculture 







Gireuit Court: . First Moniiay 
fn February, June mnd November. 
D. W. Gariner, Judge; W. H. 
May, Cometh Attorney; W. S. 
Adams, Clerk; B. W. Hinrins, 
ti uslec of Jury Fund; W. P. Car- 
penter, Master Commissioner. 

Count y'l ''luri : On 

Go n E. B. At 

TiM avIrR 9f 

flMVlV W to ntenq to you our 
sincere wishes for a happy [ rQ?- 
perous New Year. 

The fnllowiii^r sti:cionts have 
gone to Heron; MIse i'ruriio May 
and lirottip- MirJ M.'.sscrs Fred 
r rov.n. Earl Sieph-'iis, Custer 
Patricl. K.'ish Suiycr.'--. Walter 

We -.i'^" authorize'! t ) nnnoiincc 

Frank Blair, of .'^nKversvillp, D'^ t.V.«»i»fi!ita»*»Hl^iSfi««Nea»«!') 

a Candida.,, for tho ncmiratior: k SAW MOUT AVVfRTItMQ ^ 

for clerk of Maffoffin m^Hty, » 

Mr. Fred Brown and Earl Ste-,Cain, Dorsey and Noah Lykins. 

phens who are attending Berefi 
(MUgf, Mptnt th« hoiktays st 
uuuM wnn innr psniRSi 

If this paptr tmm to b* yab- 
lislMd w« wW nfM  jow Ml- 


The Editor. 

Kash Williams, School Supt, 
of Breathitt Co., Chester A. Back 
Atty. and Sswell Williams are 
bUj^iness risitars ban tMs ^eek. 

Set- our line of ^\^jum 6ocX» 
to $a,UO per pair. W. J. P»tr}£l(. 

Dr. TnA MiltardwhoisattMd- 

ing the Louisville Dental College, 
spent the holidaya with his^jwr- 
ents atthsirhcmsitBlocwI m to n 


Mr^;. r.L lle Warring and charm- 
ing daughters, Misses Kate and 
Helen, of Kansas City, an visit. 

W. W. 

, M_ ! ing the ftmUjr of R«v, 

Pamelland Bessie Piddesimer. 
We ar« sorry that our eouaty 
ssat doss not have a good eooBtgr 
High Sdiool wh«r# thsao puiiib 

may prepare for college. What 

do you say Siilyorsvillc? 

Subscribe for the Mountaineer. 

London-The plaas loryw new 
steamsr AquitaiUa, wUoh.^ Cu- 
nard Company is Imihiing, have 
been modifled to make the vessel 
the largest in the world. Her 
length will e.xci'fd !t(i!l iVet. t n 
feet longer tban tiic .')(i,(i(«i-i( n 
liner Imperati.r, which tin lla'ii- 
burjf-Ameriran-Liiu' will iivt into 
service in tlic spriuK of 191;!. It 
also stated that the Aquaitania 
will bo one knot faster than her 
Gsrmu rival. She will acecm- 
modate 4,000 passengera. 

(day in each Month. 

Quarterly Court: Tuesday and J-urKest and best lineof Ktner- 
^Vednesday after Fourth Monday ,al niurchaudue at E. li. Arnetcd, 
ip each M,viii,h. I Died, Sunday, Jan. 7th 1912, at 

Fiscal Court: Tuesday after ivyion, Ky. Mrs. .MarKarotl Rice, ; with thy murd,.,- i.f .^am 
First Monday in April and Octo- ^if,, ^ig^ leaving 7chii-!on Ih., ni^ht .d Dec. 21.. 


R. r. Salyei-. 

IVesidinp; .ludge. 
Magistka tk'.s Court. 
First District Slicplierd Coie, 
1st Monday in each inontli atSal- 
yersville, Tuesday following at 
Middle Forfc. 

Second District-L. C. Bailey, 
Saturday after the Ist Hopdfk^ in 
pach month. 

Third {ix\r\i:t Surny Vii:io- 
ver, 2n(J Monday uf ccch nioiiiJi. 

Rprry Burton, Charley Harvey, 

Ben Harvty. IVd) Harvey atid 
Willie Harvoy, who vv' recharged 
nd who 

!dren, cause ot^deathJtubereuloBis, 

I All up to-date institutions, in- 

I ehiding merchants, banks, 

I I chool8, hplels, arug sturtjs and 
'tic advertise. Moral, deai With 

ihe man wlioa'ivertises. 

, Died, Thursday, Jan. 11th 1912 
Lacy Carpent«r,Uon of Irvin Car- 
penter, at his home, some few 
miles above town, withiconsump- 

tion. Ago 22 years. 

Ira C. i'ail 
hI i\1nn iay 

-y. ! 


i-^uinlh I)i::tri 
Tue.s!':iy after 
each 'nontli. 

Fift^ District-Wallaca 
3rd Monday in montt-,. 
County' Officers. 

Judge -R. C. Salyer. 

.\.;»..ri!cy W. R. Prater. 

 ,n«i-iif ivobert Road. 

Treasuiei- -B. W. Higgins. 

Clerk- W. S. Adams. 

Supt. Schoote-Marth* B. At- 

Jailor— Henry Brv vn- 
Assessor-WiU^ Keeton. 
Coroner— Dr. W. C. Coniielley. 
Surveyor-C. C. Craft 
Fish gPfj Game Warden— Dr. R. 

IC. Ada:r,.r 
Salyor.svill Police Court First. 
Monday in each month, James " g see W. S. 

were tried bel( iv Shep'^ rd (^)le 
and bound over lo the C'ircud 
Court- Burton without haii; 
Charley Harvey on $0,000. Be;i 
Harvey, |2,0OO, and Bob and 
Willie |i, 000, bond each— were 
brought before Judge D. W. Oard- 
neronawritof Hah'a; f')!! us 
for the purixise i ■ f d I i a' )! ■ i i t h i   l 

pri.soners from c ;:Uii ly. oraiiow- H^d women in Mn. -nftin 
ins Burton IkhvI. or rc lucin/ the alio i o.ili! Imlfl i.liuih r (.  
amonplrd ih" «th 'r l'')iids, on i ! t iiey woidd I .ke ad\ iril 
Go to Flint's studio for up-to- ! Monday .Ian. .stii. and their trial 
date photograpb.y. |setforTijursdHy 'an. tli:!. .:uil ;e 

'Gardner heard \he evidence 
R. *'. W. A. MLC .::ib Southern Thui-aday, and held Burton with- 

mibject to the action of lie- ; B 

ju'jlican i ;ir!;, . J{ 

Up-to-Date ^arber Shop. 
Hair Cuts ip Any Style, 15cts. 

Shave. 10. 's. 
All other barber work t^yvx . 
ed at reasonable prices, 

Next door to ?. etluidisi t'hiirch. 
J. S. \V.\TS()N. 


One 800 acre fira on Stinson 
creek about sbc miles tnm Sal- 1 

yersviile. ! 

One 275 acre farm 4 niiK's from 
Salyersville, 1-1 mile from l';iiMl,s- 
villu road. 

I Eleven nice heif;.rs will be 
, fresh, beginning in February. 

' l . M. AlKKSON. 

' Find fault if you aie sure fault 
should be found. 

President Taft completed his an- 
nual mcsiiage to congess and sent 

it to tile I'ulpii" jiriiiter. The mes- 
sage conuiui'd alnjut 6,000 wordsi. 

E. l . Carpenter, son of Irvjn 
Carpenter of Wireman, Ky., was 
recently gradu&tvJ from one of 

tpe State Normal Seho dr" and 

wm immrT;iT\t''lv e'l rted to apn- 
ition ill Meiiiph s Terie. jlidi 
;M'h(ui'. We are )ii:urnied thil 
his s lary is .'^omewhat over $100. 
pi^r month. 

Th'a shows v-ii'it our youn^,■ 
men can accomplish when they 
take advtntagd of our State Nor- 
mal Schools. 
We have scores of young men 

Whether an ad pull* mr Hi 
generally Sapaml* wi Uw f«fti 

of  ke ifcimiii uH nmrn t 


Th* bNt vt»y to fight th« in*ll 
order houee le by booetln^ yifvr 
own buelnam and w^rklftf Wv' 
hardeat to main |t Bisi ta d 
land stationer. 

"We've all hears of the teNew 
who 'put! the coat of advertle- 1 
Ing Into the quality of goode,' 
aaya the Southern Advertising 
Journal, "but none of ue have 
ever been able to detaot MM M- 
perlorlty of hie proStNt" 

The advertlaement reaehee 
tho m»n while he la receptive, 
but bofore he aaaumoe the do- 
f OMlm aa h« le apt tt Se «rW« 
tha aaMaman. It alaa raaetiaa 
tho men who have Influence 
wtth the buyer, but who are 
Inaaeoeaibia to the aaleeman. 

Mifl Laa MaMn Totta Value of 


Cole, I Babtist Evangelist of Mississippi, 
will begin a series of meetings at 

out bond; reduced the bond of 
Charley Harvey from $6,000 to 


Full line of furniture at E. B. 

Our First Isme. 

In our first Issue we are print- 
nj: ■',')() cjpie 
of these ara 

For W8t :h and jewelry repair- 

Prater. .JudKC. 
S. 11. Mann, Town Marrhal 
Town Trustee E. B. Arnett, 

W. J. Patrick. Dr. E. H. At- 
kinson, Fred Prater and W- A. 

I thotM. E. ehureh h4use eommen- , $j,j,p,,, and held Ben Harvey, Bob 
I cing to-night Harvoy and Willie Harvey over 

[jB?«jrbo*r sordially invited to on the same amount of bond fixed 
iiftlehd and take par V in.the meet- by Lsquire Cole. 

Nqneofthe defendants wei-c 
able to give bond, except the tw  
small boys. Bob and Willie Har- 
vey, and Wire remanded to jail 
to await tiio action of the Qnad 

jjver jivu sixths ' The following persons were 
And subscrib- ! niurdered in Maj; iffiii counlv in 
1 1911, John ('. V,'iii!t. n ,' I'e!- 
' kins, John ( iullelt Iilr.-i, ,1 ;h.i \ '. 
Walters, Mike K-i.v, I'.uddv 
Whitt, James llirpii-. Ixck 
Whiti and Sam I'ickU ,-^.nier. 

The accused fo. 'tailing the first 
two were cleared, the third broke- 
jail, the fourth not caught, fifth 
not tried, the next three killed 
each other and the ninth pot 

I Jobn Use Maliln, prealdeot o( thn 
I Malila ASvtnialBS aeaipear.aSSfaaami 

I tho student* of tho NoiUiwaatani um- 

V( riilly School of Commoroo on tbo 
||^lt;l '^^:  i   Uln nUvortlalns bualnoaa 
recentl), lie aald the queotloii ot 
plaelns bofora tte publlo the mer- 
! ehaat'a atorr resardlns hla waree had 
Hilvanretl during the Inet few yeare 
until now It Ih ono iif the uoat lui 
  portant Uvaia tii (he liunlnoiia world, 
"Formerly the pereonal aaloamnn 
waa tho adTortlatng inc-illuni ol bla 
houHp." Mr, Mahln aald, "He did all 
nr the talking and wrtttnii about bla 
UiH), ttut now tfinoH tuivi  rhiinKt' l, 
.llicl It Id Ih.' iiilvcltli.lliK  ' rlli r \vh   
doeH tbia work In a broad T inaiuier 
iind witb tbo aaatatanoo oC the per- 
Honal lalosnaB. 

"Advertlfllnn and ftiiteiimnn«hlp nie 
rolAtod very doHcly :it tlu' iirtmotii 
1 time, and aa a matter ol fact the cu 
oparatkHi et tbo saloamaa aad tho ad- 
TortlilBs wrtter baa broasbt tbo bual- 
iirHH tu whiit II Ik today, Wf ^»nnot 
(Ml upcrRio wiiihMji Kottlas raaeHa, and 
the wlao aaleaman doea not work 
aloBo, bet auplojra tools vhleh oome 
wIUUb bU raacb. aueb aa the newspa- 
pera, stroot ear ailvcrtlnliiK and the 
bUI boards. 

"Tharo are a numbur ot testa which 
apply both to thn perronal aaleanan 
and the adrortl: Iiir writer, Tho two 
nioRi ImportHiit me (hr lutithod of the 
writer untl Kiuci rliy. 

"Id modern fiilv -it]:,lnK ihp wokIh of 
tbo writer tuuhI hi' pliK i'd Ix.fori! Ihi  
pablte Itt the iuomI iilaiLiihIc iiiniincr 

.■',t!e of 

suchinstruct.o i  .» theStat^' N' r- 
n'll Schools of Kentucky now of- 

'Ti.i a.i 111 \i iiui thiiL \i\i)\:.  t.o 
one i-'e&rl, tolliL' colil wave li; s 
give;i ."'(flyersviilf asupply of ice. 

vou want this p»t to suc- 
ceed or fail? YOlUOay help it by i Aayona caar irrlu and anyone can tell 
i^ivifi  U   VOlir '!jsh*l»h8 Ttpt'on ! stoilao, hot « labsotthe adrartlatns 

; 1 I 1 ,1 rv,.» wriinr 1(1 tuk.. tbo wopda and phrasea 
' ■ ' ' « HM.i PiHco Hum whar«lb*ba«ireaulU 

chants H- .o a.i ve I ii^e in t ie c ii- win im had, 

uiniis ..f i;-.;.^ l!n;H r. Ilememb ri "Tho aeoond tort la ahioartly. la 
, ' adTertlsIn*, ns wall aa In ovary etbar 

time ev:'n the largest pip srs o. , j^,„^ „,„, ,„ „ ,,„rtn„a. on* 

ourco intry wtjiild soori at) br.ike^ „t u, ki important factors hi stB  

it there w.jr i no advertising or. "'f'^- ^"u  » ■•«««* «" »• •« 

OR A FAtn/f 


Havi  .vou majleany New Years 
resolutions? If you have not, get 
; Inisy : it is not too iK l aWWr. Turn 

1 a WW leaf I 

I There is no time^ iippropriute 
'as the bsginidBg of tiis Now 


Evsrjrtiriafi friw tht imrii- 
room to dM ad^BMlt is slowly 
undergoing shanffSi and Mm is 

no exception. 

A year hence ;ind we shall all i 
be ditVerent individuals. 

Try to see some good in life. 

Think of some - '' *he Kdvttnm- 
ges of living in ^ agoffin County 

Then tell ^our neighbor or your 

In otfaar words *w a booilsr. 
If yoa want to bpoat T^na go 
to Texas. 

Tf Matfoffln County is too wet 

or too dry, too hot or too cold, too 
steep or too level for you to boost 
then go to somt eHoM that yoa 

can lioost. 

Ii(]ii'l reiMiiin heri' and gf t your 
neigh liors dissatisfied with his 

Find fault if you |m sure fault 
should be found. We enuld navsr 
remedy the wrong if wp W no^ 

find fault. 

If you (■•■uinol olTer something 
I lietler than the present, then try 
1 to withhold ysarkiekiav«M»ti) you 

! m- 

I This is the line Id « hifh the 
: NoUNTAlNEEK hopes to hew. 

j A toast for 1912: "Here's thai 

the Tree of I'lenty may hear you 
'a full, ricli erop in I'.M'J, anil every 
ye ar wliile you are on earth" is:i 
toast for the Nev. Year which 
Richard Y. Hardin is giving to. 
friends in l/)iiisville today, 

tho advertisera were to insist on 
paying starvation wageS' 


The who adveitise.-; tcl's 
you what he ban or what he does. 
If he does rr t meas ire uo to hi.-^ 
advertisment you come b»ick at 
him. The man who does not ad- 
vertise makes no promises. 

Seethe difTcrence? 



The enlisted men of Co. D 2nd 
Flint (iuaranteesall work i,,;-! y q are notified that 

the,/ will be required to moot at 
the armory f cr drill e very 2nd and 
4th Saturday in each^month. 

J. S.Cisco, Capt. 
Ci, D. gn j Inf't. 

(.0 give satisfaction 

Don't forget to pus this paper 
to your neighbor When you are 
tjirojgn with it. 

Dr. L. F Metzgcr and family, 

of Roncevert, W. Va., have re- 1 We take this msans of thank, 
turned to their ^ome. iing the many fHsads of the 

Lire ladies short jackets wo: th 
$4.0() apd $,500, bargain price 

Mr. Slid Mrs. Sokman Mann, 

of Huntington, W. Vs., are visit- 
ing: their pa.'ents for a fev.- days. 

Call and see our line of aloth- 
ing before buying elsewhere, cur 
^ricei ar«t right. W. J. Patrick. 

Mr. and Mr$. Beu JtJin^on, of 
Mt Sterling, ^pent the holidays 
witlt Mr. and Mrs. Augustus 

Mr. Edgar Psndtoton and sister, 
Miss Margaret, a^iBt tho holidays 
with the^ parsnto at WflttHaaon. 

Mountaineer iriwmate possible 

its existence. 

Ksperially do we thank our 
fi i 'tid, .Mr. Luci^jn Beekner of 
Winchester. Ky., who has ijeen 
invaluable to us in making our 
debut into «m laUef Joomallsn. 

MaRoflhi Institute. 
The winter term of thisinstitu- 
tk n opened last Monday. Wei 
were not informed as to the num- 
ber enrolled but were told that a 
good numl)er were present not- 

Walker';; I hiicinei ri '"eipr, 
representing- the l. ck i;' iCivrr 
Railroad ('enipany, l,r.s . o.iipleied 
a preliminary surny from Salt 
lick, on the C. O, t i Swianpton 
thia County, fur a railroad. 

They have returned to the 
mouth of Black Water. Morgan 
County, to kieate the road. They 
expect to get to Salyersville. in 
about three Months, 
I If this road i,i h i It ihey will 
i make a staiidard ifuuj^e oi' the 

Lang OvarlanS imtfrnf, 
A strennous orerland journey baa l.c'Mi coniiilficfl hy Mtn- Snruh 
v'oMlicc , ii(l licr to :r t'.ijiall cliliilrcn. 
who, utter u trip In a dllapltlutud but; 
sy ot eoe mUoa, bava arrived at 
Wheeler, S. D., their dostlnntlon. Mrs. 

Conner and hi r children coinin 

tbeir Journny at MnoBc .kivv faiii'd.i, 
following Ibu death u( her bUhbHUU, 
who lelt tboni In a deitltule ooBdl- 
tion. Their noarent relative realdad 
at Wbeeler, In Houih Dakota. A apan 
ot ponlex wero hitched to a alnglu 
HcMW'd t( i  liiiKKy, wlilch (ontulned the 
iii'iii.i r .'iii'l li  r fniir chiliireu, one a 
Kirl ot eleven, a Uiy ol iilue, a (irl of 
aavoa and • baby of elshteon months. 
In the old busty wore piled tbo world- 
ly poaseHKliiiix uf tha family. Tho 
jou'iiey rci|ulred all wooks' time. 
Some duya they were luabia lo travel 
mora tbaa Sfteon mOaa. Tha two old 
er children, and part of the time 
tl:!-eo (if thuMi, Willi (d while lli" limlti- 
er drove, Tli'- piMiU'^, ti.i'l (»iiiy iiui li 
»ru/.li.K an thiy coiiia Uiid alomt the 
rci.d iLi,i\ fir.- without sraln the en- 
tire trip. The:' v.ere nearly fzhaust- 
ad at tba and of UM joiuiMr. 

yoa alalm tar tba artiela wbleb Is be- 
tas Bdvartlaad. Tba bait way to con- 
quar tbia |a tm tSV Mth ta youmelf, 
aa waU as fOttf 


If you'd nd'Vnnce your business. 
An ad-vuntace you will Hmt 

In ad-equata aS-vaMlaias 
Of aa aSentraMa MM. 

Down (rom tba time of Ad«p 

TlUa ad-os* all a^lt; 
It ycell ad«pt ee-viaaBaat. 

Yea wUi aMm t» ^ 

Ad-«Uta a^^Ura ad b a t aa** 

To aa a#«ptad aim. 
Let BO ad/rorae sa-wal fn 

Make yoa ad-jMin itis 

Bat add aa* ada ad-roMly. 

And make • Ms ad-o. 
And aeoa yoall add ad^Oar 

ror avarr aaat that Sow. Ad^oal 

Tool Vour Own Horn, 
A ban la not sup( ukui1 tu have nuich 
wasoMa sea BO or last, yol every ume 
she lays an est she eaoklea forth the 

A r"nMtfi huMit K"i l'»i "T iKtel- 
laet to ahow, but none the laaa moat 

pre.stfdi. riarnAv Ki'ie^e troai ,S;ilt 
Lick, to the mouth ef l!luci \vali :•. 

The people may net in '.in Imsi- 
ncss but they ^re doing inings in 
a business like way. They arc not 
asking tha landowners to give 
right's of way through theb- 
farms "to induce capital" and 
that sort of bosh. They are not 
e\eii proriii.sing every man on the 
rout a slalinn. 

We should have a r;;!'r( ad in 

withstanding the very inci ^^ent^^,,,,^ tnree years ifouj pe(,piedo 
weather, ^jjg great portion of the 

Tba Tariff. 

The word "tarir' traces Itself back 

to Torlfa, a Moorliih imuie for a f'lrt- 
rvsa oa a aouthero promontory of 
Spain, niniiliiK into (he Stiallii of (ilb- 
riiltar, .lUil i i)a]ii;ii'iillnt! the eutiunco I 
to the Medllerraueau, l-Vouj thla Tar- 
ito tba Moora, dnrias tbair dominion 
in Spain, ware wont lo watch the 
merchant «hlpn of the niOliinH tli  y 
paaK-d Into tn uiil «t lli- \l. Iil'iiiin 
«ao, and, uiakinK a sally thurefiuiii, 
used to levy duty on tba marchaodlae 
oarrlad by the aMps, It waa from this 
praotta* tbat tbo assl H i H sa tf the 
word eamo into aaa. 

W, Va. 

Prof. Benge, a graduate 9f the 
Western Kentucky State Normal 
ISehool, took a partofthoSalysrs- 

Mrs. Cha|pl|i Datar and wnj^cMed Sehool t« Magoffin 
Master Dyke, of W la dws t sr. Ky;, imtitttt^ 
|ve vi^tiiiy the family of Tonel yf^^ „e ^lad to kr^ow that an- 
Oardner. other male teacher is to be added 

"Ir. Clarence Arnett has re- to rhe facultv, VVc hclieve it ah- 
ui lied home from Mt. .Sterling, solutely essi nl il tu have at kaat 

y., where he has been ^l^king   half of the teacherj, for ^ adult .railroad if it will ctiiiie onre^aon' 

good coal lands and let some tsum- 
llfny get a "Sinch" 'in it. 

This wouU enable a raibrosd to 
hold off half a eeatiHTif neces- 

"nut iwople of Magoffin county ' not vervAd of uair lusoasa. 
h^vsi the' Natural Mineral Wee- [ y*?^**'*?^.'' T """ 

Ith to "ijiduce Capital" to oome 
I ) our County, we .should hs^ve a 

LUlM ObJaM to Profanity. 
The woman foUers of New Yorii 
batre made objections to swearlas on 

the llnl(a arid have dlacuaaad the mat- 
ter II: iiii ii I liji». The men who play 
over the links are all supposed tfi be 

boir »» 


The mule, tbo BMSl dsaplned or 
baaatH. has a peMMMt Vay of IcIMiik 
people know hs'a aroMnd by bis lu 
slitent bray. 

The buay little boss Ifeay buia, bulla 
bellow and oows moo, aad Mlob-dosa 
bark and gandara qaoab aad doves 
and p.Kfons coo, 

I II peacock spreads his tall end 
■quawka; pIsa squeal and roblne sing, 
aad even sorpoats know onoucb to 
blaa before tbey sting. 

But man the xreateat maaterpleco 
aaturc iiMilii ili-vlxe. will orten 
alae aad beaiute before b«'U adrer- 
ilMl-tiM " 

aifssf «Mi e( A^MftMiia. 

iorri— ■anriao t» t^a 

«^.« la tba a^vns llsbt arm of adver 
Yov aire the ( levc-reet ad- 



■ootsd that aoli ^ be placed lu the 
olubboooaa. but tSo toot iSat tto 
ladlas aa*a tlammti m 

^ «s «se«( M «H «iit W 

vartlaln* fisn the sun ever shuna on, 
but It t^e clorks la yoor stoan as* 
grouches. U yaat valaaa afoat tail 
wbal ther ace advertiaod to bo, tf 
real service tu. th« caatooMr ia ooato- 
thing ihal luu l^ve heard of only In 
biKikK, It yutit lateresi ia the customer 
cMaea Ike sBo^nt money baa aft- 
Ranged baada— why, yoar advartlslnit 

JH'} ^J^, '^-■f^ ^J' I Schools can only give us the key 

ua ao•^^t«^.-^Hn«t ^- i^|,jttat{iB*ay«f to prol i«Mt 

So long as men get drunk there 
will be 5men who williiijfly Ion*; 
their Jx^tma. Imt] riniKn is 
another namivifor insanity. A 

million insane men and women 

at^e, iga Up'iff 'rt»U8 condition 
for society to be in. 

Human progr «s il,n'f. mil meijii 
big navies and. ''great armies, 
great men and oppressed laboring 
people'R on ly meiwi makinrthe- 
wor Id a better place for ev 
to jivfl lit. 

If yell try to looK up tn(!od, 
without loooking through the 
righ^ and wrongs ofj your fellow 
men, yot^will never\see him. 
Cod is not saving the flivored|hi- 


The man who is doing gtxjtl 
work IS wrtiiig liis naine on, the 
mpiTTwy of.' Ill'' wt rlil Sttu^e 
monumeniH ireon.y seen by a vary 
few, no odds howihighiithey may 
be built. 

Vv licre all men are not allowed 
a hand in making the laws that 
govern them. _they_^are slaves. 
tHey must bow to the dictates of 
other men aad have no redress, 

If there iie\i r. had been any 
rainy ^v, eat Iw i n earth ther« 

v, (iilld l.e hut few lie'.ise ui'J'h, 

and if^menllo-st faith'in each other 
we wowld beeonM a laseof Hars, 

When the world gives an hon- 

est man credit for knowing mueh 

h,- ti:iiis,.;f feels that the wor^j 

has ni;,i ,le a ^'.i "dstako. 

The man who is mean to Ixiys 
shoukl never run for office. Tha 
boys will grow up and be voters 

laler (111, 

It lakes so loniv to gain recog- 
nition from the world that thous- 
ands of the impatient become 

WhU; A«shmg dirty walls on- 
ly covers up the dirt. It's just 
so with whiteTwaaMd peHHeiaaa 
a^id 2Vilf|l MF - 

Men who aak G«d for a booat 
shouM learn to booet thsaaal^y 
with the boosting forces abaa^^ 

So many women delight in a 
sister's fall, and I fear that 
sometimsB tbay feel thsnselveft 
slipping too. 

Fun Is not I'oolishness. We 

need smM^line in our hearts aa 
well aftswaaUoe in oar homes. 
Tha world is the big book. 

you. 0«o. CwptnMr, 

But- WaHick pailey. 

If you are what we think jrou ! Jpcob Salyer Ac, 

are, you an' wdrth all you cost- f»eo, Carpenter, 
and nnu'h. much mure. W. W. Ffrtfuson 

Ho siiri^ of this: Wh''' " father Fra)il  I'orUjr. 
doesn't say much but "II''llo, Hni'ili y & (i 
Son," way down dorp in his W. L. May. 
I tousth, slaund) heart he thinks (kv*. iiurtjett, 
you are tho finest i \cr. And aa H. II. Ramey, 

earth, to the h Us uA pridt Calknnv Mmx, 

trook and the r ver, ^ tfc float- ^ En. Arnett 

^gcloudH. """.7'!"""'^,'';";^ Yioareaman now. J. M. Patrick. 

Wd all things e Lse he ^^^^^ ^.^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ 

BHiBM adieu. Farewell to the I . ^ ■ n i . 

ftLL-x-ll tiL tha hnlr hmiv '"^ y"'"" f""''''" ^ ^hoe.-^- Hf , Coon Lovely. 
warW. ywaU to^ taa ' ^'^ wouldn't like you to call him old, L. C. Prater. 
fi^}y^VtA,tinmMnnm^s hutiusithesameheisn'taayountf J. M 
triiiity of btaaalnga. Wl». ' 
dren. friends, farawBlI fewer. 

lawNn BifN Owlk SMtMCf, 

(Continued from paK ' 1.) 
him in an instant of the most 
nneipus jewel, earth's pearl of 
MiMb ud aaDtbim unannounced 
^ oiiMiMiBtdl into the undis- 
covered land, and eat him off 
from every earthly enjojrment, 
plosed his eyes to all the loved | 
ones and endearint? scenes 

and val(!. the 

lint that word "forever," 'tiaanj 
endless cirrlc. Were your soul to 1 
^ourpey around it for a million 
years, the end vvould not be | 
reached, and should it cry out in 
the langui«e of despair, "Oh, 
Imw kHigf" tiM Mhead aanrer 
wlU b» 'Yor«Tar:»ev«r," 

"Thereiaalawthat waawid 
^ have been penned more than 
three thousand years sko. It has 
come down to u.'  throu^'h the 
long tracks of time hoary wi;h 
age. "Thou shalt not kill." And 
the penalty attached to its viola- 
tion was penned about the same 
t)m«. 'Ilethatahada man's blood, 
br man bImII bia bkwd be ahed." 
.This law you have violatMl— this 
dreadful penalty is attached tu 
jour olTense. You have been in- 
dicted, tried and f.iund Kuilty, 
and it now becomes my pii.iiful 
duty to jiron.iuricc the terrible 
.sentence of the law upon you, 
and before doing so 1 will give 
you my advice. Remember that 
Jtheraia a gr^t unerring 
Jndga before whom all the 
judgef of the earth must appear. 
He is infinite in power, wisdom 
and mercy. (live uti all earthly 
e^fpectatior.s, fall at his feet, 
Uefld yo;ir pr,iyers to Ihc tlirorie 
ul his heavenly /raci', and niaj; 
you yet hear asmall voice saying, 
"iton, thy sins, which are many, 
4^ forgiven vou. Though they 
h^%i»«arlet, I inake t)mii as 

"It ia adjudged by the court 
that yjoi) be taken by the sherilf 
and Jailer of Breathitt county, 
Ky..'ae expeditiously, privately 
apd safely as may be, to the .St itc 
penitentiary, inJicated by the 
Board of Prison Commissioners, 
to-wit: the Slate penitentiary at 
^dyviUe, Ky.fpmAto be deli vot- 
ed by him, tofrether with a 
certified copy of this judgment 
to the warden of said peniti'ntia- 
ry: and the warden theiuof is 
directed to receive you into the 
penitentiary apd saftily keep you 
,until the day fixed by ^WlfC- 
ment for your execution. 

"It ia further hdlndged by the 
pmut that the warden or the dep- 
uty warden of the said peniten- 
tiary, within the enclosure 
thereof and liefpce pvi'l^'ise gn 
Friday, the 2!Hh day of March. 
1912, execute you by causing to 
paaa through your body a current 
of electricity of sufficient intensi- 
ty .1^ eauae your death quickly 
ita ijoaaible, and the ti^pUe^tion 
pf aueh purrent nuat be eontinu- 
ed until you are dead. May the 
Lord have mercy on your soul.*' 

Old E|)ough to Vote. 

So you are Iwenty-onu. 

And .vou stand up clear-eyed, 
clean-mipded, til look 3II U\e 
world s(|uarel]r in A* eye. You 
ftre a man! 

Did you ever think, Tvon, Iiqw 
much it^^has ogfli tqSnake ft.aian 

8ameone|haa figured up the 
eoat in pnoney of risaring H tfhUd. 
He says to brinj^ |ip ^ youn^ nian 
to legal age, c:u-e for him and ed- 
ucate him, costs $25,000, which is 
a lot pf iivfiey In put iniibb^tleah 
|U d blood: ^ 

But that isn't all, 

You h^ve oust your father 
many h|urd knocka and short din- 
nfn |Uid ^y ^ grey n ^\t_B 
in his hfiir. And your.motherriih 
bpy, yiu y^ili; never "know! You 
have cost her days and nighta of 
fuixiety and wrinkles in her dear 
lace,' and heartaches and sacrifice. 

a.s p. F. 


P. P. 

10. (KtR. MK 
5.(Ki )tricer 
^.25 R&HF 

KTtCo, MSh^iVKMis 
14.00 Officer 
14.60 U&BF 

" ! 

14.00 " ! 

11.00 , 
1.S.00 '• I 

11. (K) " I 
14.(HI " 

2.33 P. P. I 
6.68 " 
6.68 " 
8.60 RABP 
U.60 P. P. 


as he used to be. You see, young .Jacob Salyer, 
man, he has been working pretty i .loe Dyei , 
hard for more than twenty years , VV. P. Carpenter, 
to keep you up! And afaready W. W. Adame, 
your RHft^er ia begin ni ng to lem|II. G. Gardner, 
on you. ! Calloway Howard, $100,00 Officer. 

poesn't that sober you, Twen- I,, r. Ji«(il«*y. **).')(( ., 

ty-One'.' Ira C. Bailey. . fit.Oi) ., 

Your father Ifits done fairly .Shi pherd Cole, St!HM) ,, 
well, but you can do belter. You W allace ( oie. ,, 
may not think so. but he does. Sunny Vanover, $6|i (i 

Subscribe for the 


He has given you • better chance 
I than he had. In many ways you 
can j^agiff where he left off. He 
expeeta • great deal from you 
and that is why he 
make a man of you. 
Don't flinch boy. 
Thf) world will try you iMit. 
It will put to the test every lituT 
in you. Hut yoi. are madepr troiid 
stuflf. Once the load is fairly sti'ap- 
ped on your young shoulders you 
will SMtroely feel it— if pnly thee 
be the willing and cheerfiil mind. 
All hail, you, on the thre.-hold! 
It's hivch time jou wti'u begin- 
ning to pay the freiKht. Ami 
your back debt to father and 
mother. Yrti* willp||ytheni,Wpn't 
you, boy? 
How 8}iall you pay them? 
By being always ^d every- 
where • HMUi.— Virginia Maaonte 

ia seldom 

Wia* or 

Cheap notoriety 

worth what It costs, 

Many an l arly bird has b: on 
takt^ii III liy HI, eiu'ly ui^t. 

A pretty girl who remains sin- 
gle muqt H mKtvhIeV beauty. 

The man who leada a dog's 
iife^hii8 oine«xeuM for growl- 

The best wayi^^to get riil of 
slandtar is tvTilet. H; Btirve] to 

Only a niagnided paraon would 

attempt to pull a wooden let;. 

It's awfully hard for the a\er 
age man to keep hi« advice to 

About two-thirds of the lettara 
wrif(t'n r^ppet^tint a waate of 

Many a woman iias an old liaL 
on her head and a new one on 
her ynipdi 

It ia the man who knowa all 
about it who had the leagt tg «ay 
op'the sinhject. 


A list of claims allowed by the 

Maj:otfini,C()((|,|y Kiscal^C'ourl ai 

its Special Jany. 


■III, ..on *the 

4th (ipd.fjlhjdays 


Jan. 1912, 

payable out of. 


• following 

funds, vi/.: 

Annie Whitely, 


5.00 P. F. 

John Phipps, 

&00 ' 

Reb«eea Bailey, 

0.09 •» 
4,00 " 

Suckey Nickles, 

4.00 " 

Spicy Auxier, 

10,00 " 

Ira Oipson. 

6.00 " 

Sam MilK'r, 

4.00 " 

WilluuM t'rai'c, 


Willie Auxier, 

10,00 " 

Henry Coots, 


Dan Gullett, 

4.00 ' 


S.00 " 

J. B. Bandy, 


Frank Porter, 

Haden Arnett, 

6.00 " 

M. V. Dykes, 

8.00 P. F. 

Tone (iardner. 


Staiid^r.J,'g Co, S.OOCEMis 

1. C. Howard, 

8.00 P. P. 

Jack Howard. 


D. M. Atkeooq, 

P. M. Hale, 

p.oo P, P. 

E. M. Bailey, 

1.60 RABP 

J. F. f'Tftter, 


Mess^'r Job Prt. 


.'16.7^ " 

Em Arnett was a|iiM)inted com- 
missioner to settle with the sher- 
Give u!» the names of your 
has tried to friends who would like to see a 
copy of tne MniihtainiTr. 

By Alfred waitaeeHarria. 
The beautiful aqow came down 

last night 
.\nd clothed Um earth in a robe of 

n[ion th" i:ot4setopa, every bnah 

and tree. 
As f f\r aa oqp eyea are enabled to 


,vlaKgie get ready with Florence 

and Millie, 
While I go to the bam and hiteh 

up Billie 
In our l\sH\t rotining, span new, 

one horse, sleigh, 
And we'll ride o'er the liills and 

far iiv.a\'. 
'Twill be a (Treat plea-sure to all I 

To cosily skim o'er the beautiful 

The s;-h()ol UV  abbot wUh 

tti.'ir noise and I'un, 

\'i'i thiM' froiicksomefiwkahave 

air till, iietjuni 

Th ' ..! iKhs giadahontrinvielear 

on the air. 
And the tinkling Of are heopd 

There are sleigha of all kinds, 

aome red, and aome green; 
Soeh a beautiful sight I seldom 

have seen. 
The higli and the low, the meek 

and '.aiii. 
The rich and the poor, the proud 

and the plain, 
Are rejoicing alike, with their 

facee aglow, 
Aslthmr g;i^ hriality vm (he 
' beautiful snow. 

' .V(.-,v awav i\e lioimd o'er the 
I feathery snow, 
Knscoiiced h) a robe of the wild 

WejpyfuHy aing ■$ Wf haatan 

And the wild north wip ) blows 

|qud |ini| str(p|, ' : 
For our minds ai e at rc st we 

sit at o ir cas.', 
And we heed not thj' ccld how 

hard it may freeze. 
Hut ohi do we think of the 

wretched and poor 
Who beg for a morsel of bread 

at our door, 
Aa we iMppily tauigli and ehMM 
we go 

With hearts light one] free; 9'or 
the beautiful anow. 


Sow in winter, no plowing 
needed, Very hardy, rank 
gri w ih. Makes hay, pasture and 
fertilizer. Circular telling how 
to grow it, and prices. 
Bokhara Seed Co., Palmouth, Ky. 





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Kentucky mountaineer, 1912-01-12

4 pages, edition 01

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 Local Identifier: kem1912011201
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  Published in Salyersville, Kentucky by Emin Elan
   Magoffin County (The Western Mountain Coal Fields Region)