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date (1902-03-22) newspaper_issue 


Kentucky reporter. 

Vol. 2 No. 28. 

0WEN8B0R0, KENTUOKY, MAROH.22 1002. 

Every Week in the Year 


Adjoins After Passing One 
Hundred ltd Thirty 

Redistrictliio Bill Failed to oel 
Throuoh Either 

Hermonu Prevailed Thrauahout 
and all Return Home 

Frankfort, Ky., March 21. — 
Tli** Legislature which Im* jn.t  unnd had intinduoed into 
both tlm Houses seven hurdrrd 
thirty bill. Of thin number -I7H 
wore introduced in the House 
n ml 2.V2 in I lie Senate. Only 
one hundred and thirty of them 
sue ceded in passing both branch 
es and now await the signature 
of the Governor to liecomn lavs. 

Tin* most important are the 
Revenue bill increasing the tax 
rate, the Capitol appropriation 
clause was stricken out, so Frank 
fort will have no new capitol for 
i while. The bills of appropria 
tions amount lo about $500, UQO 
and of tills amount the Normal 
School gets $15,000. 

The Registration bill requir- 
ing certificates of registration. 
Among the rejected ones are the 
redistricting bill, the school bill, 
St. Louis World’s Fair appropria 

The Republicans are to bo con 
gratulated upon their slnewd 
ness in preventing the Democrats 
panning the redistricting bill, al 
though they went to sleep and 
let the Democrats get their regia 
tration bill through. 

Several ulogising speeches 
were made at the closing and the 
best of feelings prevails among 
liotli Republicans at.d Democrats 

Tho lecture of Dr Lucas, at tine 
Fourth Street Baptist church 
on Uth, was quit interesting and 
was enjoyed very much by bis 
hearers. He told them of many 
incidents that were conn ec te d 
witli tine Negro cliristain con- 
1 1 nit convenes in Atlanta, Ga. 
Aug Uth. He spoke timely and 
•o the point, advising tlm negro 
to come together organise lo** 
lodges and more busmens co- op- 
erations and put our boys and 
girls to work. 

The Dr. ptoved himself some- 
what of a reciter as well a* a 
lecturer, by reciting some so lot 
tions froui Puul Lawrence Dun- 
bats famous negro dialect. 



Sunday night he 
very interesting sermons, 
MissSiloin Sp*)ldon taken 
last week. 

Mrs. Hiishii Hunter of Calhoun 
was in the city a few lays 
Mrs. Hhi tlm Te.ry of Littis- 
burg is visiting her pure, its Mr. 
ami Mrs Top Bowau. 

Mess rs .lames Cox, George 
ami .billies Tinsley of 


Shot And Chased in 
The River. 

j merry Inward. tin without an art of per* 
annal obedience on oar |mrt. 

Hut a clona consideration of '.hi* 
thought will eondem tin* Idea though It 
n || a « tf a ' reads In Homan* ft- In. For If, when 

Prevails Add nCjrOCS AFC ** wrf' enemlf*, we wrrr reconciled 

M  Ood by the death of hi* *on. murlt 
inorv being reconciled, wr *hall hr sav- 
ed by III* life. Hare the art from Ood 
•eem* to have taken place without 
obedieiirr on oar part.. Hut when wr 
consider that Christ In human flesh 
stood fir u* wr seo oliedienre in him to* TWO Neoroes Killed find Others the fart her before t heart of Ills will 

Wounded in Paducah 

l USA place this i* the will of command 
i siting in love, for it In written in the* 
I vtrse. Hut God Comtnandeth hi* love 
- — toward u* In that, while we are yet sin- 

1 nfnthal. I* In that death therefore to 
Sunday Wilin'© slit'UXpi'Cl* Governor lo te Asked to Offer 0 receive the blessing of Ood, we must he 

Reward For the Mur- i 0 ** a, «" 1 ' This Involve* nerensl.y of 

aotion on patto(inan which become* 
a duty not to God only hut to each other 
love thy neighbor a* thyself, do unto 

Ridge were in town ii few days. 

Mt*.s Lmly .Johnson who I ns 
been sick is inproving slowly. 

Miss Em mil Pope is in Owens 
b  if 

to s|mi  1 I lie Smuttier. 

Mr .Ion Moot until looked quite 
pleiisliig Siindnv night us lie till 
ed lb* old stui d 


-- 'others a* you would have other* 
-N*WS _ ... 

do an- 

... . , P«ducah, Ky., Mar. 21— i I to you If wn do this there I* a resaltof 

Miss Laura Hwaln returned has reached hereof horrible trng ; ro «d to follow. The former proposition 
from Nebree city Friday. edie* enacted in Madrid Bend, ! shows that God act* with g"od icsult* 

The Moorman’s of Uuckliorn Ky., 40 miles from Hickman in , man when oliedleuce I* regard- 


Nay Be Used to Secure a Bill 
To Give Cuba Some 

pointed Mr. George E. Wood of 
Madisonville, Ky. Notary Public 
for the third term. Eight years 
ago lie was appointed by Ex Gov 
W. O. Hradley, lie Is the only 
colored man holding an office of 
this kind in Hopkins county. 

Great preparations are being 
made for Easter service at the A 
M. E. Zion church in tiiis city 

James Garfield Is Slated for the! A «' mlnl “«;   ■» 

„ ed to decorate the church. 

Llvll Service Com- 

Protection Bill Given a Whirl hu 
MembersOf The 


It The Belief of The Negroes of 
Winchester, Va. 

claimed 1 The Inter proposition show* a 
| penality for neglect of duty, man Is 
cnrruptnhle and changulde, his mind 


were in will: more tobacco Tues- Fulton, county, (t is 
day. | ttmt Morgan Bail, a white man, j 

Dont forget the concert to be Elijah Drake, colored walkimny In- to accomplish an act at the 

given the second Hat. night in iuto the Mississippi River, then j peuse of  li»|M*,*esiiig hi* brother of a 
April, at Masidoniu church. i "l»«* dead «-ewa.d. God 1* unohangahi. the 

Mr Luthor Jihusoii of Pleasant 

Washington, March 21.- The Tim cc hired people of Winches 
Know lender, expert t.i pa*, the ! "' r ' V »• *«• ver J' »“* ewrcl "' 
Cubnn r« i,.r„ it, hill time " d °'° r tl,e alle « ed burl “ l allv0 

next week, 
to miss the 

The! programme I, «' Jow P h »S ed c “ lor 

bill brought in as a 

ed man wlio was buried here 
recently and at the funeral of an 

privileged meanura and placed, , 
on it, pannage. U ameadmentn u ‘ her co1 lurad ' mn ' *•»"«•»* 
are offered affecting tho tariff i»i* d " ,ew dl, J r " lsUir ’ * ho  ' wunt ' 

Ridge i* in the city. 


Ball compelled another Negro to:,. 4lc * in n.rist stands in connection 
! drag the body out into midstream , with eternal life in the great plan of 
! Another Negro was killed and j salvation 

I several white men are charged j   ’ et - v 
..... ... Thou shall i 


.....the nhape of the Habcx-k on i "* , . to hBVe th “ “f" 1 l ’ owel1 
rp. , . „ . , n .,r.v»rd.h„ ,,.«nw t„ a. hem the other bll'n, Speaker Henderaon j « d '“ n »’ d order to aatiafy them 

The body washel ashore and j folllMlalion l)f liie world fwP oup ol) H , u iH lo ru | e t | iem outof olt j er A .. selves of the fact that he was 

dead. The 

with the crime, b’tt no names 
are given. Henry Smith, color 
ed was beaten with clubs and 
whip|»ed. He will die. Another 
Negro was shot twice and is dy- 

The trouble is said to be the 
I result of c liicken stealing by on© 
Indianapolis, Ind., — (JharlesW of the Negroes. Madrid Bend 
Brown, of this city, who made is located on a little projection 
the race for a member ot the ' extending into the Mississippi 

Cheated Out of Hi* Election by the 
Election Olticvrs. 

Want* a Connt Which May v'augr 
Another Election. 

peals from the decision may or A,,e ri nja,n8 were not - 

1 ( hr Ur whl Uj m- -W dot be e.^rmmed by 

e hence for It is written. I lf leaders ate satisfied, the ' . . J l . ,l “ investigation 

worship the L,ru thy God Republicans will sustain rul- , W,U toke P ,a:5e - Sevsral h «» dre l 
and him only shall thou •«■»«.” There ings, and the appeals will lie ' gathered around the 

is no power or inducement that 1* able J)ut j r not t |, e y, H a ^ er w ,|| ,j e . \ Knive. a number of the mourn- 

to change the will of God m this pur- ... . . finnojl . ers declare they heard the corpse 

pose to accomplish the great end of re- , e l ° P at the “P^ 1 to th ® 1 kick am* Inst coffin and ro 

demption. We may conclude this »ub- House, wliich of course will end k g 1 1 « Collin and re 

ject by paying investigating the inix- the matter. There are several l*‘ utl - v Kroan »• the casket was 
austiehie power of will. In the uth. ! p r , cedents of his action in de i lowered in the grave. 

chapter of Hum. the power of God 

'Ehey insisted the man was alive n. b.* .nil unuondllloonl j und 11 ls cl “ lmeJ ‘*l»t they want- 

7 '“' '»“• JIZ Z ■ «* ‘ h « *™ve digger to raiue the 

Excluding the power and relation of ru ^ r » miiinr action na\ lllg been , , o«p n te Which he e* . 

the flesh from bei ng u participant in by Speakers Cl'isp and fiwoil ^Pp^n,, WftB 

. , the seed of pi oniise. Itoai. tt "For • Reed. But tiie leaders hope to ^ Used 1° do - Powella death 

General Assembly and was de- River and is many miles froxt i tJlU ,, tbtf Word of pPunils# . aUlrae wU i ttVold 80cl , M , low of arbitrary . wa * due peculiarclrcumaton- 

feated by Chalmer Brown, ^hile 'r.ny town of importance. There 1 1 com# and Sarah shall bav* s aon M j orce by p* reading tiie beet- ues ' Hebelieved lhat he WRS 

thi^the Win of the purpose u ,. 1f , nr m .„ tlmt  th ky hhve ‘conjured’ and procuring a quan- 

I, Ml 

now claims a fraud was commit- iis much lawlessue** there where 
ikd -4 pon him and will eeefc' re- June of the bioodist fends ev 
dress. He claims that the Re- j took place i n Kentucky w 
publicans in order to deceive a fought before the Civil a nr. 

numonr of the Negro voters they 
induced Chtrlmer Brown to make 
the race, and iu so doing diaries 
Brown claims that a number of 
votes intended for linn was couu 
ted for Chalmer Browu, that 
he will be able to prove the 
same aud now seeks the jourt 
to have a fair deal. 

If he should not succeed i it 
getting them counted, it may 
cause another election uext fall. 
Brown is one of tiie leading 
i Negfoes of tiie city. 

ere 1 1 cur 


■ $41 M 
I placi 

The Governor will lie asked to j beyond thv day* of natures p le a *u r a the end. 

offur a reward for the murderers ; aud th« dcu.lfW**   r her womb was h* 



Rey. G. M. Fi*her, on 
Subjectof “Will Power” 


It is positively known that 

teiuct the “hoodoo.” In several 
I hours lie was dead. He was well 
known in the vicinity, as he lias 

. „ . .. ,, ^ , . been a f idler for a number of 

agaaud it c«a»rU tu Lh* with Sarah aitc-r Ce,,t thO oince of Civil Service _ . ... 

the maonri-uf women. Thera tbr puw. Ctia*mi*M«)iier. It is the report | ^ -**‘ l K** 1 

yond hope Geu. 18. II. Now A brain, in 
aud Sarab ware uld hu  1 well si rikeii in Harry A. Garfield Would not ac 



LUtls Flock Is yet alive Rev. 
ft A- Krvan preached Sunday 
»nd Sunday night. 

Mrs Rachel McFarland funeral 
waa uttended last Wednesday by 
Rev. H. A. Krvan, she leaves a 
husband and k children and a 
boat of frleuds to mourn her lost 

Rev. Dan Grump will preach 
at Little Flock tiie 5th Hunday 
in March. 

Brother Pry is reported no bet 


Mrs. Harah Willingham is able 
to he out aguin. 

Mrs latu Sterling lias relumed 
after u long visit. 


Kev. M. 1* Porter of Owens- 
Lu o, pl eached for us -Sunday aud 

The WUI Is that powi-r which seta to 
accomplish an object. It signifies a Up- 
■ire. It is said of his will was 
not at all to come at this time. l v *l i» 
he had mrt «l«*-id»*l htvaiwr ilia tlnir 
lor which h* was to go to ic i»h a 
certain obja^-t hsd n '• yrt corns, lo this 
sancp ths will of Gol Is «|M»kt-n of; who 
workt*lh all thirgs atvording lo the 
, council of his own will. Intentions or 

Mr Jat Hayden left for Owe ns j purposes may exist before the time of 
boro Saturday on business, I action arrives. When the time arrives 

| an action put forth by the mind »• dial 
Mr L. B. Johnson is on the volition. To produce the de»ire«l sf feet 
sick list tills week, the purpose of human beings may In- 

fickle and undergo a ,-liauge before the 
Mr, Peter Folks was tiie guest nm*,m ,*  u»e« iiutihaiut euinm 
of Ml*s Noardus Sunday. J of Gods purptwe haugeth not aud when 

. the arrival of th • p-oiM*«i affect is 

Mr ll«., Uruitffy toll tor Grta- 1 4u . lb , 0 v . IUin J.. 

UIU Lxiulhm Oxtunlxy , u a.,,,.,, , J. , luJ u 

J. K. Johnson went to Sorgho eipre«sa« according to the desire and 

faith of the man who was un b an with 
Lepreay. this wt n-ay call the will of 
Ilia pleasure. This is full) demonstrat- 
ed where |*-rsons express their will to 
him by actions from a purptwe of bean. 
If the per win who I* unclean doe* tint 
put forth an effort of the will It Is m* 



Uev Krviu delivered a wonder- 
ful eermon Sunday. 

Mias Maggie Willit of lleuder- 
a .m, ia visiting Mrs Joe Logan. 

. .. , . , v the purpose of God iu cleanse, or 

Little Robert Dmaton tiie son ^ J p ^ „ u „ hU lo _ . 

Of Mr. Ullil Mm UuMUII foil ^ III!* vk 1 1 ) «»f III* |mm*w*iuU Iii ojb 

from a wagon Friday aud waa pusidoa tothe wiliid God, Imi in this 
aeriuusly hurt case Ike divinity of to ockimaletlg 

e«l In these word*. “ t timu will thou 
Miss F: Duesttn who has L-en 0Jtlu ,-- lb »a aMbty n  a -» »»»i«ivrhed 
sick for several weeks is up again by the le^ier os n- lug aU dute aud in- 

... . , . . , , ... (alible. Yet the time of Christ could 

Misa Sarah t.ruudy IS vLitiug » ,, * tbrUperc:. 

Miss L B. Johnson lids week. prao»ed kladealre lo be elesnsed 

Mr James 1 1 Ogdon is getting This u the will of commend: it never 
along nicely with his new house, •‘‘e until the pei.m U, uLe4 L *ub 

iiB»«iv$ mimI oWI^'RL Hi# |Hir|na»tt H»r 

The wliett ill lliis tnunlry is *ciita. h«s n,a lw,-.«n . * nutter of cm- 
iiHiking very iwc 

wra mxiiur. m wuiuou. turrv tur )»»• t- iliel*. U tH III© |V|l(iri 

er of the will of purple dispLyrl tne ^ l|(H couts-mplule- 

tJlviii* *et *il 1 ttuniri* the ro\*l »a*iu . «. .. 

out otwmo., cm-isl was born. the «P|H»mlme..t of James R. 




Tiie Penitentiary So Says 
President Roosevelt 

Slowly Causing The Death 
Of a Chill 

(ini field, another sou i f the ©x 
* President, # 

Senator Hanna was in confer- 
ence witli the PreMident today 
regarding tiie offer of this posi- ! 

‘ tion to Mr. Garfield, hut it win* C olumbus, Oltio, Mar 21 Jno 
not definitely learned whether an Martin, it twenty-five-year pen- 
: offer Imd been made or would be | Rentiary prisoner from the Ind 

Territory has received offleal no 
ticu from the Department of Jus- 
tice iu Washington that Ids appli 
cation for pardon lias beenrofns- 

“ made. 

Parkersburg, . \ a., Mar *2' • During tiie entire session of 
Slowly gasping In r life away at t | 1H s*-nate today, the bill pro. 
her home in Wil!iain*ton, 12 mil v iding for the protection of tiie 
M nor lit of this city, lies little iVe-odent of the Unit*d Slates 
Helen R ni, the infant dtu*;!tler W;tH under consideration Mr. 
of i’adlian W. Fj Rt*-, of the j |MH»m-r, of Wisconsin, contend 
steann 1 ,* Kanawha. 'I lie cause of t ,,| tl»t» Govermnent had ail 
this sad state of affairs is proba tt i a,,lute and inherent right to 
ly the most peculiar in the nnsii protect itself against assault 
cal annals of Wissl County. S,-v- made either ujsm it or upon unv 
era I montlis ago tiie child scour of its officials. He maintained 
ed some * led led corn aud infant- tl*ut on assault on the President 
like, put some of the kernels i*» Wl4 t in the very natiuc of things 
her mouth and one iu her in**e Hll assault upon the Government 
The kernel pla-v-d iu tiie nose ( or never was a time when 

was drawn into one of the lungs . President was not ’ii tlieex- 
where tl o tonne f.isteiid. Liter arc is*- of the duties of Ids office, 
the ddid caagiit coltl, tin* cold His argument was largely legal 
develojw-d Into pneumonia, tin* , t |„| coiistitutio".al and througli- 
grain of com L-g.ta gre ving anil uU | fwiceftd and instructive 
(he gr .will cannot bn slop l s-d lK . mi K ratic me.nL-rs of 

The child is t.*» young lo stall i | h e House, at a caucus held to 

night, unanimously adopttsi reso 

sent their county 
of this |st|s«r, ld» 
to light jm rite* 

nis lo ropre- 
ii liti* I'lteresl 
• I i , imn is* ion 

•itLraiioa uuul ihr will of mm U in 
oc«s r4 will* ilif will el llal Tbu* it i» 
the lliua ut ittssliaaca tlixl cab* ibo al- 
Icltlieu el ti,«l le ad au-l Sot lb* Cell, 
tin inn of man. Tkvvc aw »n b |»4»»a«c 
•I s ri|Sura a* i« tmiuti in tin- m * 
iVn.iuviil, litany ifio n* a laa.loig 
t bought tu balivv Ibal t-oU ad**l lu 

•ll iqan'aty »u and is slowly dying 

Tin Commercial 

Th* L.navill* I'oiuiin-ivial ific  ati- 
cial organ uf ib«* ItcimbUi'an |«ari  in 
Kf.ii a Ufw»| a| «i- sub all iln, 
Uaw 4 at-Miluii-ly to— •♦•cl utarltfla and 
ac** (fttiui-f* »u)M.|-iin- to an) tSbvr 
lawLv ilif dail) ■ 

paily |tfi* )far • • ♦’ .«*» 

•  ** " Sunday ♦ li.tM 

Weakly ... ..VI 

Sam|df otipif. Ini' Agt-nl. aaulrd 
Add. l b-' lasu.iltl* i ommdvial. 

la  i. ollvK , , 

ed Tins IS the f irst re'uaal re- 
ceived at the penitentiary based 
o.i tbs grounds recently announc 
id by President Ruosvelt that 
laid health is not a ground for 
an application for clemency. 

Martin lias been confined in 
tiie hospital for a number of week 
from coiisuuiptiou, and it is be 
lievod that now that all hop© of 
a pardon is guue lie will rapidly 
auccuuib *o (lie disease. 


Idea or Bad Cooking Increases 

Versailles, March 20 Mrs F’.v 
lutions declaring that t’ongress j r ^Itark, of tills city wants 
should express the »vui|»uthy of L, , i(Ut | M t .^ W p*ig n for tne ©duo* 
tiie American |ss»ple for tha* tlim 0 f a || w irU. rich and |ss.r 
struggling Boer republics, and j lbt , arl cooking “The cook 
pledging themselves to use ‘heir | i|Uiml jo n , “ she saya, ” is tiie 
ut most ©mhavor tu “force” tlm | mmi impofugl on© now before 

tiie world ” 

“Bad cooking” said Mrs Clark 
•• ia responsible for most of the 
suicides and much of the crime 
' that is coiuwitted iu Ihiu country 
MADISONVILLE Tlic mind and stomach make* 

Gov. J c. W. Bcckiiam reap- a deranged brain- 

committee to re|sif| reaulutlnos 
expressive of such \vui|»athy. if 
only that Congress might have 
an op-antunity to ai t. 

^ \ 



§f . Tbuy went In e body to pre* 
sent the clelme of Rev. Smith to 

IWO W. Mm. HUM 5* »" t h 

PUBUH8ED EVERY EATUR ' ,lm "* "" l,H h "J' I 

_ . neat consideration. Hev. Smith ; 

hn* certainly Inhered hard for 

q ~p q h Ills party, end nltould the Ureal* 

l\* I • berry, buitor* dent think favorably of him, it 

— , d ii would be heartoly rtcelved by 

VJi W • berry IVlRnQ^er' the Negroes jf Kentucky. If 

— — — — — endorsements count ntiy thing, ho 

•UMCHIPTION KATM. should hind for he has them from 

. /Mr is advance |l 00 nil of the lending politican of the 

maltha, in advisee w country. From the present out* 

t IinirmhitllSr.!!;!!!!!!.! !! look cve T t,,in * ,s ve,, y 

Siagll copiaa H * or ,lim  

Thi Report m- ii devoted to the Ho 

lltlcal, Religious, Educational and In* TlIK Negro is said to be an 
dttitrlil Interest of the Metro. "imitator” of the white man, 

We publish notices of births, mar* hut he, with few exceptions 
rtagM, deaths, church and aoctet/ en* never Imitate him when 
teitainments fra*. to discussing the menus of bet* 

Subscribers ebingins tbeir isetofflce tering Ins community and or* 
address must notify the publisher or gnnl*ing themselves into some 
subscription will be collected Just the kimJ w f business and giving em* 

H *® *• ploy mutit to tlmir luiys and girls. 

Resolutions end other matters of per ' 

sonal Interest will l e charged for at i— — 

regular advertising rate ! , 

Entered et the postofflee In Owen.* * l,p " colo,fed meu " ,l art,u " d 
oro as aecond-clasa mall matter Jinid su.vs the white man is mean 
All article! lor publlcat,on must i M, id will n«»l give liiin nor his son 
save the writer's signature. or daughter a nice job in bis off- 

ice or store, that colored mail is 
SUBSCRIBER, fifty years behind the times, mid 

□ ' as bigs fool ns lie is behind. 

Head Colored men should do like white 
men. Think n hundred years a- 

.. .. , , , bead and make places for their 

If therein a crossin tliissnimre .... , , * 

1 children while they are growing 
remit your subscription. . . 

r i up o* while they are in school 

preparing themselves to go out 
TAKU NOTICK. ..I lit... Whi.e 

ii !♦*!» are not. going to give son wful 

Subscriber*, you will please pay ' „ lilM V „j e *, t ,» colonsl men 

no money to any ol our collectors nu | women because t|i**re urw not 
or agents unless tiny give enouglit of them for the while 

receipt. I 7 

Thk Negro is said to be an 
"imitator” of the white man, 


Soldiers In Handcuffs And Irons 
A Piurui Lot or Maniacs 

Omulin, Neb. March,— Quite a 
commotion was caused at the 
Union rtlu lion by the arrival of 
a carload of maniacs from the 

They were United States sol* 
dlers gone insane in the service 
in the Pliillippines and their con* 
dltion was pitiful. All were 
absolutely inad and violent. 

All wore leg Irons and hand- 
cuffs and some were In straight 
Jackets, being then bound to iso- 
lated parts of the car. There 
were 18 of these maniacs in ail. 

Thu guards a id curetiker* 
were a squad of Government sol* 
diers stationed at the door of thu 
cur and Ht iutervu'aulong it with 
clubbed guns. 

As the train pnllud into the 
station there was a c o ii fu s e d 
sound as a meiiHger'e approach* 
ing. The imprison td men were 
cliiilterlng, marling, growling 
moaning, roaring, and whining 
like so many wild iiuists. 

Kach on e iiiuigito'd himself 
some representative of ti e  u,i 
iiial kingdom, and the result was 
terrifying. The Chicago, and 
Ht,. Uaul road took the uiuii 
lu the insane Soldiers Hospital. 



Block Cat Stock- 
logs outwaer other 

We Have them for 
men, women and 

Prices: 10c, 15c 
end 25c. 




| 117 W. Main Ht., 


J. M. PtVEKS, H. D. 

Plijslclsn led SirgND. 

HcursBtolOa, m. and I to 4 pm 

Dr. R. Moreland, I. D. 


s to !l A. .4. Residence: ( 

I i« :tp. m. 7.11 renter St. 


A full line of Port Fresh Drags, Chemicals, Patent Medi- 
cines, Tolls Articals, Stationary 4 Cigars, 

Prescriptions from any physician carefully and accurately com 
•o* *o* pounded. *o* *o* 


Prof. W.M. Martin, 



PU5F. MARTIN can let I jrour |m*n, present aed future. He doe* ms claim 
to have the power of Ood; but he doe* any he haa gift that was handed from 
| the dower above he bring* thr separated together; make* marriage*. consult 
| him on law aults and other afTuIr*. 


He cure* dl*ea*e* by magic p  wer whether he *ee* ymi or nut Consult him. 


Dr, F. C. Poindexter 

E.V. w.t-M.n, fill,*., i.i. .tun.] riijslfn in* Surgeon 

Sunday mid or*-m;lied to a crowd ^ff'  ,, ‘ 8111 W. 5th Street Calls 

| ln»ii«e. Thu Huuti ,u of otl.c**rs| answer* d night and day. 

| for the Sunday school was held j Cumberland Phone fl 1 9. 
and resulted »  f blows: S i : 1 

; , ; u, “ d ;v n DR- D* V* HIGDON 

H A .Moorman; Seely Mi, tin* 

j Wicklilf; As-st , H*‘tt'e Moor-mo ; DENTIST 

Trent*. John Leu; Mumc cl   rev- .Will Repair all Broken Rubber 
! u -s David Hill and W. G Shews 1  Um*s and p .1 T «* 1. ti. 
!Dvn-y- Pines. 

„ . . „ ...... lieople. i hev look out for their 

Kentucky Reporter |*nl»..   o 1 ' ^ 4 _ 

own nice *u-st and see nl-unt u-» 

m,,., ..... .. i j , . last; and wlm cim blame them? 

THK Democrats succeeded Iasi. , , , 

. . .... , N e should do as they do, look 

week in passing a bill through' , 

| j . i for ourselves, see —Mull uud La* 

the Legislature winch they claim 

was a begin n lug of the d is f mu * n e '*• 

chisemeat of thu Negro. The 

Republicans were* not on their A SURPRISE. 

tactics and s« niu of them vote l 

for the measure. The bill pro- 

vide, for “ReKWlmliu.." i„ .11 Mr r * I- 1 -**** »"»» »* 

town, and who., jou rvg,»tvr jmu l»l' r t " 



Che&D Rates 


VI. th. 

# Louisville, Henderson 
 8t St. Louis Ra.ilwa.y. 


Write u* before deckling upon a routo. Wo want your 
patronnge and will npproeinto it. 

V- V 

Paaagr. Agt., Trav. Pasugr. Agt, Gon*l Pass tfr. Agt.. 

Knoxville. Tenn. Louisville, Ky. Louisville. Ky. 

Mrs. Sallie M* airman, died last] 
Fi id  v ui.d her funeral wan con- 
ducted under the auspice* of Lite 
society wii.tdi'ai e was a ineuiber 
The pastv.1* ot.iciiit-d. 

Mrs. Be I Jackson, it* reported 
as being very sick. 

Mrs. Jeuetta Talbot, is in the 

No. 520 Ehn St 

. . f i io- u iubiwiw-oibcwku. . R Goal 

are given a certitieato, and this lhH,,K n,v ,,,R,, * V f J “ ?,, ds lo. a , ■« -. ^ 

certificate when presented at the V “ ,U “ U “ l'"**'»* "  ™ ^ 1 J \ WHL j t £D 

pells will entitle you to vote. 0,1 t,,L * 1,5lh i,mt * u,,der leJd* . as being very j J 

They claim that they w.ll be able er sl,i ‘   of Mi “ Ma, y Po l H3 ' HH | Mrs. Jeuetta Talbot, is in the! bDSi 

to buy a number of them from ctltt,riUil "' Pu ' ;kl 'ori . Sixteen Clt y, visiting her sister Mrs SE Sma || p TO f jtH 

the Negroes to safely put Ken- Mock * of Hi,k ' Hatin H,,d W(,,hUh1 | Hill. , Harrison’ 

tucky back in Democrat column. ^ w ^ rw P'^'ed together and made 

WpII nrarih.twm* n „« i u  into a ilHIldsoine quilt. Each I . ,, , 

Sy ^ ^ «- ^izzt delm 

learning to do ‘some predicting c * jm P* n y appears iu a block aud j qaw 

for himself and they will find a lhe srt:,,u wf a, * r,, “ t1 ' i, '° 1 Mr „“ e, "' V HoWk " * (,t 1 

so when it comes to buying cer f'»»”wing are the doners: -Mes ant Ridge, was ‘ .e guest of _ 

tifleates. Just here it would be dtt,nea Mary P “ ll,1, * r ' Jud,a E ' Mlssie h loreuce aud P. Henry 

well to remember it is not al-i Po,H *’ iN| ‘»ornmn, D**lla Saturday evening a party of 4 ' ... 

ways the Negro who does the *^‘ JO * Ui * ,, b Adaline Moorman, G. young js-ople were elugantly on- ( ' UlU 

^iiino 'Ci. t .... Moorman, Misses Hattie Moor* tertained at the residence of the I Always 

Henry *s. ) 

Mr. Joint Lee, a promisii g 
! young man of this city Ins sub- 
scribed for ti.u KcjiorLr. L**t 
oilier* follow 

Mrs. I^eu Itoberson, is very] 
i sick tliis week. 


Gout Dialer 

lit ! i cd J Moving t 


selling. Tiiere are as many un- 
principled white tnen as Negro 's 

man, Burtlm Newton, C, Crow. 

for It i. only tlie tTMy portion uf N ' 

the Negroes that sell and not all 

Addie Tulbolt, Annie Currie, M 

of them. Wh huvu some as true 

aud ioyal citizens a any race 
that trods the soii. 

Last Sundsy morning was tin- 
picture of an ideal spring morn* 1 — 

ing and being tempt 'd by th** 1 PLE/ 
few days that proceed it, our 
boys imd doffed their over coats 
and were out to gr«**t the up The firn 
parent spring day. U being Suit stir around. 

Tlie quilt was presented by .Mr 
Arthur Higgs. May G«*U bless 
these gotsl jHNiple and semi them 
again. Yours ill Clirlsi, 

H. Watson. 

Harrison Phone 8ttl 



The choiest brands of Liquors, 
Brandies, Wines A Cigars 
Always on baud. 

•V. 1 . MlbbEII, Proprietor, 
Cor. Fifth and Walnut Streets, 





Kinky, Knotty, Stubborn, 
Harsh, Curly Hair. 



The f ii-murs have la-gun to 

day there wore quit** a number 
of them, and instead of those 
being iu some Sunday -sell-ail and 
at (liurc-li service, they were 
lounging around on the corners 

Tim Sir Knights are making an 
effort slid export to have a grand 
time on the fifth Sunday. 

The Columbian Brotherhood of 

s. » iru .... ii o IWJSMltr. 4S*l wl „i, lo Bw . p UB 

other* follow latest bhPP*-ntBX* of tin da/ read tUe 

| i.t-niui-ky Reportor. 

Mr**. Ig*»* RoIm*i-sou, is -*—y 
aick this week. T 

Messrs Wallace Well and Step! 

In ii Talisit, of Oweimisiri , was ir ... 4 

here Saturday , »» ^ ^ an t the best 

Met-tii g for the division of dis the market affords 

tricis. t». will call W’ednesday ] r*n’l 1 \r 

at 1 oV-l-s-k p iu., at Uuckhorn ! Cail TOr 

‘RftVftr No 9 

... .. ^. nn I AT J. M. (ARROW, 

asm, ad vert i siiieu t of the com ^Ul ltt*s*t next Thur*d»y 

moil tough, ami having some la-  **\ erylssly i-oim* to Pleas 
unguntlemanly ronmrks to make ant Ridge, on the fifth Sunday 
alsiut ouch young lady that |s*r jto attend the Memorial service  J 
chanced to pass. Lad in   even theKuigids. Rcn.s. p. iss-U'*. 
had to g-» out of their way to will pn ad . 

Irufnia a-urcl-tu j vvil.v,..-, i. .... tl..- »*.!].. 

of re»|iUk-tod parents aud even j 

some of thmu are graduates oi !e'\. GW iJraiu, pn*a*'hed an 
the High school. This condition ia ' 1 I'-unday 

of affairs Should lie skipped. Wf a " d r *'** Ki a collei tUm of $11 *'7, 
i an not uxpMOt much nf our isi^ s Miss Mary Payne, win has 
at this rate. Parent* keep your heel, visiting her sister, returned 
boys olf the sir w»t*. home last hunduy. 

”■ Miss /.ada French, left \|o • 

Rkv. S. K Smith, who U hi day f ‘" It** k l*"**- avion, pan led 
Washington, has filed his uppli* by J W Haym-s, to lake a music 
cation for a fat job. The presi ^d*'* 4 *- I 

Rkv. S. K Smith, who is in 

: here Saturday 

Meeting for the division of dis 
I rids. Ii, will call Wednesday 
at 1 o’cl-s-k p m., at Uuckhorn 
school house. 




When y-*u want any tliiug iu my 
line eall and see me, me tis serv- 
ed at all hours. Years to please 
Win. Tapp, Hehree. KV- 


M ulison ville, Kv, 

(bnfectiomry A ResUsrai'. 

A complete line of the best 
candies ami liii|s ited *-ig ,»• . al- 
ways (Mi hand. Meals 23*-, lunch* 

es and fish a specially. 

HARTONA makp* the hair grow long, itmlght, beautiful, *oft, 
jm*l glossy. Cun** Dandruff, baldness, Itching, Eczema, and all 
bcalp DiHcuse*. Prevent* Palling Out of the Hair and Prema- 
KINK*ESr HAIR. Guaranteed harmless. Sent anywhere on 
receipt of r rlcc~-28c. and oOo. par lx x. 

HARTONA FACE RLEACH will gradually turn the akin of a 
black or dark person flveor»lx shade* lltrhter, and will turn the 
of * mulatto person almost white. HARTONA FACE 
BLEACH remove* W rink leu, Dark Spots, l'lniple*. Freckle*, Black- 
heads, and all Blemlshe* of the Akin. Oi arm, teed absolutely 
harmless. Sent to uny address on receipt of price— &c. a id 60c. 
par Little. 

Hart- uia Remedies are absolutely guaranteed, and your money 
is positively lefunded If yottart* not ])arfe«*tly satisfied. Write to 
ua, and we will send you Fro* a book of testimonials of more thau 
one hundred |a-oplo in your own tttute who have used uud ore 
using llartona Hemodie*. 

SPECIA L CnAMD OFFEn. Bend us Or.e Dollar and 

■r . ' " . * ' ■■■ ■- - mention this i*aper, and 

AND STRAKIHTENER, two large laittle* of Haiti ONA FACE 
BLBAClt, and one larurn l.o* of HARTONA N0«SA1ELL, which 
remove* ull dleugrcvaUJe odor* causetl by Perspiration of the Feet. 
Arm Pits, tie. 

Good* will lie sent securely sealed from observation. Write 

S pur name and |a»st ofi)i-e and ezprers o  lice ediires* very plainl) . 

loitey can l*e sent It: 8t„n,|»* or by l'ntt-Ofilo*, blimey Order, or 
sueloaed In Registered letter or by Expiuss, 

Address all orders to— 


hi v* mnnvni 

Yiml (’or , Seventh ami l *wL 
i» ’mu- IMioiim 512 Hnnison ;i-J 

•— l «si „■ tisvs your sSverilssineal. 
SB-1 Its i oi,vir-'«4 ibsl tbe Kentuiky 1 
-isi-atter will swell /our trade. 


909 E, Main Stroet, T, 

i 1 City. Liberal Salary Paid. 






ih-nt cngi.itul.iLHl him ii|m , ii he 
mg the Hilly mnu thus far Iu gut 

A giund rally will Is- held «*n 
tin* first Sunday iu Aprd at tin* 

th** Kciitucky iMugutiwu togeth jehurjh Kver., buily luvitud 


■11., ms.. 1 WEOh MNI 24. H. - tl. 

Come and examine mu stock It will n:t cost 
con anything to look. Hols made lo match 
Suits. Old nots made over and retrlmmed 

mum vow ruiiijt. nuns ruimiki. 

Mrs. Anna S, Burley. 

• 3 ) Oor riffM 1 §T. O Af ;M 330 R 0 , KENT ‘CKY- 





M  I C.OMt K I 


•lack min fttMcvsa. 

Ltiitlavllle, Mrtl»d«f*«ti «»»*• **• 
l.oit Is Railway C'e. 

In * :T(  *t ilammi') I, 111*1. 

Wmi Itnuml No. 41. No. 44, No. 4 A 
Ijv Loiiixvllli* “:2oam 4:4 pin .**:.!• »j »m 
" jrvingti n 54:1 Attn H:44|mi H';tt!4|*ni 
•• i li.v •i , n" t lit; Untu 1:.ti , pi»i !«t:4*»pni 
•• Hinvc't IIP |n:4:'nin *:"4om 1 1 
• • i iw«n«lioi'' ll:4*«m ll:»*|»m 

I “ I Iimi'I Y  mi I2:4u|tm lit; lupin I2:.i mill 
•' I'.vnn'i ill* 1 I: lupin 1il;4ilpiU 1:2A(itn 
Ar .ii. Louie 

e have an attractive line of liouae furnishing*, ftocl what 
|, better, they are sold at nwy low price-. When you 
are shopping trounv, drop In to examine them. 

Curtain-pole* assorted colors, each . . . . 

fslliial: Paper shades, 7 ft spring roller, each 

lOySflB Linnen " « ft " „ *' 

Mia* Eva Wood has returned j 
from Prlncton. where she was 
calico to the bed-side of her 

Uev 8 E Smith has ru'.urned 
jrom Washington 

Miss Hell Jewell returned to 
Maceo Sunday 

Misses Lercli left Saturday for 
their home III Ohili 

Miss Cleva McClain has return 
ed from an extended visit In Louis 

Mr Hob Sherman Is sick with 

Rev 8 W Porter returned Wed 
nesday from Livermore where 
lie filled the stand of Rev Reed 

Misses Nellie Smith and Mag 
gis Morton, of Calhoun, passed 
through the citv last Friday eu- 
route to Louisville, from Evans- 
ville , 

Mrs Ellen Hunter has moved 
to her old home on Sweeny streut 

Mrs L Anderson is quite sick 

The little Infant of Mrs Ellen 
Hunter is quite sick 

Little Emma H Uuckner is no 

Miss Ever Parker Is still on 
the sick list 

Mr L A Johnson has loft the 
city this week on business 

10c 1 


- - lOci 

S I UceC'urtainr 2 1-2 long 82 wide, pair 50c \ 

HL Curtain-scrim, leno stripe, bleached, yd w/ 

•• •• mcer quality, yd 10c : 

Hotton aurg, pattern scrim, yd 12 l-2c 

JjBf Ursss Curtain-rod J®] 

to 3 Lace Pillow-shams 28x2h each 10c I 

Bruaaells Rugs 18x82 each 

Brussel Is Rugs 27x48 *' 

MoqortteHo*. «»« 

Pillow cases, nice Muslin • * * V.;® 

Sheets, regular al*e • * ‘ 

We will save you money and treat you right. 


IS W. MAIN STREET, next door to Reinherd ’• Grocery 

A Wonderful face Bleach. 


both taebo* for II, or* forts Gaaritn- 

todlodowhulweimrtu I In hr the “beet In lh« 
world/' One boi la nil tbxt In required if u*MM 

a woKDtxrm. Tact, bleach. 

A PElCH.t.IRR romnlerlon oh'Mnrd If need M 
directed. Will turn the »k'n of* tilxvkor brown 
person flair of flee obmte. Itrbtor. nnd a motet te 
benon perfrrtly white. Infouy-HebUioiininehed* 
nrtwowill be noticeable. It d n«t turn tbe 
•kin In epot* hnt bleechee out white, tbe skin re- 
maining hcentifUl wuhont cnnilntiel nee. Will 
remote wrlnklce. freckle., derkrpnt*. pimple, or 
bnmp*orhteckben'1i, making the .kin err; .oft 

lupin »i!Bktni 

F.aet Bound No. 4.1. No. 44. No. 4 l 
v it. Louie *:2*am Roftpm 

L"K-Bn.vlllo 7:lo»nt 2:20pm 2:Vmtn 
•• I rnderwiii lillTmin 2i4rtj»m 1 : 1 # 'am 
w.neltoro M::itTnm 1:44pm 4:lo»m 
*• Hnw'xvllle P:Wam 4:4tti»m 4:*natn 
“ C'loverpopt U:.Y5am fiiillpttt A: Lain 
“ Irvington lo:4"nm SttWijmi fti-Witm 
\p Luulevllle l2:.Vtpm ":4.* pm T::lottni 

Fordxvllle Branch. 

Lv Irvington lo:ia»m 4:4." pot 

Lv Hnrilinxburg 11:11 nat ':2 b j»ni 

Ar Ford. ville l:2n pm M:l*» 4'tit 

Illinois (Central 

(Uoutl to rolu rti until April ni, or 
(-.tension to .\io 

Account ot Aniiuttl lieuinoii 


Liberal .top-over prlveligee, Inhiding 
opportunity to visit ecanauf famoueaclg 
itr.d New National Park .ito at Vick.- 

Cheap side trip, front Dalian to Texa. 
and Oklahoma |K lntn. 

Double dally fa.t .ervlce via Metnphle 
or Vlckxburg and Shreveport, with uloee 

Special Through Train from Louie 
ville for Kentucky delegate, and their 

Writetoany Illiuol.Centralugent or 

W J Vt. 1 lilt Ft 1 n r.u 1 A 

II II, a' 4 A 


\V M A LFI l F.D K KLLt N D A O P A 
A H tlANoUN O P A 

Lv Ford. ville tt:.'lo am 1: 1 pin 

Lv Hardin. Imrg .:1.1am j*it« 

Ar Irvington l»:on am .‘»:4o pm 

Train. No.. 41 and 4.5 make connec- 

tion at Irvington daily except -Mitul.y, 
with train, ton and from Hardin. bur/ 
an. i Funl.ville branch. 

Pullnntn parlor and .leeping citron 
all train.. For further information va.I 
on or add re., agent.. 

Pmt Office mnnev order, c*pn r morer order Of 
rcirlaterpd l.tter. we will ten. I It thronah tbe mall 
pneteee prepaid: or If ten want It aentC. 0. D., 
It will come by eipreaa, i.V. extra. 

In .nr rum where it Ault to do wb.t wc claim, 
we will return the mono* or .end . bo* free » 
charge. Packed no that no onj will know mo- 
krai, except receiver. 


133 west Broad .treat, 

Bionaoxs, Va. 


221 Allen Street, between Main atreet and tbe Ptmtolllce, 

Owensboro, Kentucky 

Cash Capital | 

Stockholder* additional liability 

Onaranted Fund for Customer* * 1( 

v y„ ^ m„.il btnking an I tr.ut b-idne«, led m nn-v a* b 

j«y 4 per cent, on tiniedepuelu, act ax tnintee. adminixt rater, 

Your ltii.lnex* Holltitetl. T. M. ANDERSON, l*i 

IIIIiioIn Central Railroad Co. 

In effect Dec. 2, liWl. 

♦No. 402. No. 4 51 

Lv Owcn.boro S:A*  am '5:t)o pm 

Ar Horae ltrunch. . . . I0::i0 ant pm 

Ar Central t ity l(l:20|un 

Ar Lonievillc 5:4S pm 

Ar Paducah 4:K» pro 1:* 2 am 

Ar New Orica n. . ...10:00 am ":4n put 

No. 422. No. 'm2 

Lv Paducah 15 :40 am 

Lv Loul.ville 12:» 1 pm 

Lv Horse Hrancli . ...:»: •»» pm **:'»•' am 
Ar Owen .boro u:|o pin b;1o , 

♦Daily except Sunday. 

It. H. Fowler, T. P. A. 

W. A. I\ el loud. A. O. I* A. 

Louisville. K  

W.H. Bartlett .Agent. 

Okl c^Kor. ' ^ ? 



Republican Paper 


Curly Hair Made Straight By 1 

Fine Pastry Work to 
OrJ:r.*, Pi«»*, b n Driving nrd enxl 
lireud and Hot Roll*. 

Saud uirli with Coffee 5c 
Elm hear Fifth St. Flume 4(58-8 


bdilorially Fearless. Consis 
temly Kepuoiican Always 

.New, fr. 111 all paro of tiie world. 
We.i wriiieu, . rikUiitl xtoriex. An- 
.•(r. tu l Ucr.e-  m all xubjei'in — 
AitiC.ex in. He.t t!», tiie Home. New 
Book, an i i u tVoi n about the furm 

lillkl uti'Uili. -o- -o- -o- -u- 



f.v   Iwenxhom 


Ar    w» nxlxtro 

Kaokvl!lr, Tnnn. 
. Louiaviiln. Ky. 
• Lcutbvdie, ily, 

W. H. Herr, - 
G *o- L. G:.rrctt, 
L. .ltKVrlN. . 

Southern Railwag 

Tin- 1\ i't:.i Oi k*. n i* a member cf 
tbe A* -oc itleil I ’ce »x and alxo ix the 
ini   V* exiern newspaper leceiting 
tbe enure teie.rupliic newx xer 
v‘iw-e oi toe .Nc2 V. ra sun and 
special chile of Hie New York 
World, liexideiT daily reportx from 
oter 2.' ito xpeeiel earresjx-ndenix 
I lu-oughout t to* country. No pen 
can tell more fully wliy it i* tl»e 
bext on eurtii. 

f. 5.-W* are orea.nlcinf epec ai 


tiie opening of the Winter 



And tbe placing on xale of 


Tt  all prominent point!. In tiie , 

S util, S'ltilimsl, Wes: l.ii!e , Mexico 
and Cilifornia, 


St. Angu»tiiie, Pitltn Bench. Mi uni 
Juc' » tnviile, Tampa. I’nrt Tampa 
tiunuwick. I InmiaiV il le. » bar- 
leloti. Aiken. Augu»ru. Pine 
liU''*t. Axhevilb'. Atlxllt;v 
New t iriean--. Meut- 
phi!, ami 


Coal and Kindling in anyquanity 
to *uit the buyer, 

Walnut Street. No. 21 

ftov J XV the Center 

atreet Baptist cllu(v:ii s\ ill prencU 
Sunday at 8 o’clock all the preach 
er* and their congregation* are 

Don ’t fail to give u* a chance 
at your job work. Price* u* 
reasonable a* any other office. 

Rev W H Vuuglm will preach 
his fare well sermon Sunday 

,We are glad t  suy that Swee y 
street Baptist, church is alive 
again with Rev Fisher as pastor 
all are invited to attend each s»n • 

Mrs AO Guthrie entertained 
the teacher* Friday evening 

The Literary met with Mis* 
Virginia Helm Thursday evening ( 

OH L Barrett leaves alsutj 
the fftst for Texas, where he has 
accepted a position 

Monday li ight, Benevolent 
Hall every Laly 

— ** mmi w trip to kw«-n posted on tbe 
latua hbiipciiliisx or tb« day rend the 
Kentucky importer. 


— ALL — 

Kinky, Knotty, Stubborn, 
Itersh, Curly Hair. 

Txvj i at -  July i rxerpt Sundey   to 


11ARTGNA maken tho hu!r long, xt might, beautiful, eoft. 

nnd gii. y. Cur. x D imlrutT, Httiiiiure, Itching, Kczeuia, ami all 
tJco5i 1‘i.w'itxea. Prevcnta l ulling Out of tha Hair and Pretua- 
Kit N lisr IIA’.W Uuanilitavd l arinlcM. Scut uny where on 
roccit.: nf price— C’c. and luV, tier box. 

lif.KroNA EACH I t l.ACli will tally turn thoeklaof » 
i—r or ditrl. p' m : llvo or blx xbinlcu lighter, and wUI turn tha 
bi ii i f a iiiulut to p rw. aim) xt white. MARTONA FACE 
I P. rcmovi i v’.-tokl l'..»rk (4potx, l inipIcM, Preoklea, Hlaek- 

b mi l ill ; -then of Die Skin- Uuuranteed abeolutely 
V ,o i j . y tu! .ore eu reveipt of priew— 2fic. and 6oe. 

il in.Dp.T V rrc solutely guaranteed, and your money 
{ • I., a. .tiiu. ..' y it an not iwrftM’tly eatixtifd- Write to 
it • ,u • i I wot I! ■  t you in a lunik of teetiiuoiilaU of more than 
., i. i ,■  l  in your owu State who have ueed aud are 

l N,( -N STATION. 



WANTED Reliable limit for | 
inamigei* of l»f. meh oitii • tve w ixh 
to open in this vicinity. Here la! 
a good ti|UMiiiig for the light 
man. Knidly give go,*d reler | 
eiieo when writing. The A. T. ' 
Morns Wholesale Homo, fit 
eilimiti, O. lILis'raleil catalogue 

4c atamp. 

Dining .ini! Parlor Cars, 
Palace Drawing Room Sleepers. 

t . n. e it os. n. p. A.. 

S v. t »i. II.. Uaikwt SI... Luul..ilW. 

H*'ud ua One Dollar aud 
lueiition thia pan r. aud 

w v 7^'* u ny **'  •  i » ••••■! r ■ t 


||nw le Ire 

Tell your iwisonal 
li'ixiltii'i tu the |K»lU'e, tail hrtug thnet’ 
of  tatr WA 1’t'llK-i, I'liit'Kl tll'NS 
IlH Yt'I.Kkt A l.i a KS to 

das. M. Burley, 

The tuiured W.Vh IlMAKFli a ud 
JP.WKLKRY, who will iliivl) adjuat 
the Ah work airb'kl) NVarreulvd 
Pi'icwa ILaaoiiwble. 


OWKNatams Ks. 

i.a:/,o:;a kehedt co. 

;)•' t 00 E. Main Street, 



320 W 


ACl.m W4STKB to luff T*n u4 
fill. Utortl itotovy hM. 




Fuwrth Hi rest Hcptlat— S«MkM •*- 
fi.v ftundny at 11 a. m. and ?:4» p n. 
Weekly meetings. ftaoii-uh school at 
*:8« 4. m. Rev. 8. K. guilt li. I). L ., 
mtattir. HmIiIpiuh li? W. Fourth 

BWseMy Buret ~aptlat*a- 
ftrrv.cee *■ *■!  Bntulay at 11 a. m. and 
7 : 4fi p. m. Mnhlwth school 1:10 a in. 
'•!«r«T meeting Tumdnjr night. 
I’mnhliig rti'ty . httradny Bight. Re». 
l*i^lier*. 1 *ii St or. ry Chapel. M. K — Services ev- 
ery * i i 1 1 /, i. Id: id, in. and *:;w, p. 
in. .suinhty Sclmel. t»:.H» a. m. Tin-day 
night, I'mw meeting. ft p. tn. Friday 
night Prayer meeting, ft p. m. 

\V It. Vaughn, Pastor. 

Klin Street A. M. Service# every 
Sunday, 11 a. m. and 1:46 p. ui. Pray- 
er meet Inge every Wednesday m|bt 
Cibm meeting every Sutnlny at 6:30 p. 
.ti. ftthlmth Sv'liool at V: SO. Hev. L. 
'Uri| ton. pasioi'. Residence 410 Pop- 
tr street. 

Center Street Baptist- Services *v. 
ery Bunds y at 11 a. ai. and 7:46 g. m.‘ 
A et-kly Meetings. dahlia in school at 
:'!• a ni. Pev.J.W. Clark, Pastor 

Owtnsbr Market 

Civil Stn. e Commlssiyrer 
Rodenberg to Go into 


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ftvt.TtMnsft, HIV, March as, tasi. 

nllrmtn .- — ftt-lttf eetlr**lv cured of desfueiw. thank* to yonr treatment, t Will now glvs 

Tfce’Shlp ! uisldu Dill Has Rceh 
1 h ? Toi lc or the Senale 
The PtiSl Week. 

Af passing lln* rtll'Hl frw’ 
tloliV' ry lull, no iiuiomh-d h* Ui 
provide r« »r m ni'.nry imtti 
o**-d jtil'M |M‘i* annum fni' rum I 
ciHTh-i-*, I, In* Himw lurm-d its ill* 
Unit i   mi to tln  t!ittiwidt*r ittion of 
t!n  p . shiftier* it pprnpriiit ioli hill 
and puseod it r | 1 1 iia tea 1 1 ie* raiJI tl I 
n|»|»i« priu linn hill tlnit tin* I a him* 
Iih* iIi^inimhI nf tliia m*n»loli A 
lt*.*i liit ioli was ml ipto-l liy tin* 
ImtiM* mi Thursday *ri Aiogr 

lint President t » invito the fatnl* 
lies of tin* ( 'mint do UnclinmliOAU 
h ml 1 1 .#* MnrqtiU In Kay ette, and 
llit* peoplti «f Fr.i urn to In* pros* 
sclll a I tin* UuWiling nf tin* slntai* 
li K'liainlhMii at Washing!* n 
oil May I’lth , and appropriating: 
$20, ( it H) to dor ray tin* expei’sea 
\ would In* incurred. 

The President’* veto of n bill 
removing the stigma of having 
I teen “a deserter from tint i*nvy ” 
from tin* tec* it'd of Jolin Gins*, — 
Ms veto, liy the way, — Ims cuu** 
ed general reconsideration of 
similar oil I* in tl io committee of 
Cangi't*as, Tiiese bills tirst pro- 
vide that “lionorn*dy discharged 
.shall he placed after the name of 
men who have deserted and soon 
er or later there ap|iears another 
hill affording the forme, desert- 
er a | eitsion. 

The Free Dcl.v r\j Bill Provlds a 
hflUrj or iGCO Tor Rural 

Hlly uml begin remain Very truly jronr*. ' 

V. A. INHUMAN. ;.ul. Bmsdwsy, ttnltlmnre, Md. 

Onr trrntinrnt dorm not Interfere n'tth yonr nrnnl ocropnUon • 




One of the most Interesting 
events of the past week ill this 
city, i as been the- liar monizing 
of tin* warring factions of the 
Republican members of t li e 
House of Representatives, the 
energy with which the Dean • 
moerats in tlie Senate have r» • uf 
newed the agitation in favor i f 
the election of Senators hy pupa 
hir vote and the ratification hy 
the Senate of Hague treaty, foi 
mutated at the Hague Peace C* u 
ferente and by which it is hoped 
to make warfare more liumau . 

While the terms of agreement 
between the beet sugar liepubli* 
cans, as they have come to ix* 
called, and the Republican or- 
gan iaatiou of tlie House liave 
not lieen announced, it i* believ- 
ed that they .vill be today and 
iliat they will bind tue party to 
vote f  r the Ways and leun* 

. i l granting 20 per cent reduct- 
ion of the Dmgley Tariff Rrte* 
on Cuba impoits, to be met with 
a similar reduction on American 
goods going iuto Cuba, the con- 
ce-oimi to lie limited .to Septum- 
ber 1, 1U03, and the wliole uc- 
ioinpunied by the pledge of the i noble sermon, 
leaders, that the Senate '.vill not MrNely Wells was in town $uu 
amend tlie measure by increas- ,| av . 

i„i ll, o rate .1 e*l.-adii, g .bei Mr j„,,„ Y „„„ K of Ech..l-, Ky 

limit. 'i i,. „, llllowa8ullUay . 

meat «» f tins agreement will , 

proven disappointment to l$»e . Mr M. S, Kima*/ i* inprova.g 
DeuiiCraUc members who lu.ped Jhi-* grocery. 

to be able to secure, through the i There was an entertainment 
diViS on of the Republicans some given Saturday night by the 
reduction of tint tariff on various ! *tudb** board, 
schedules. It also means, no i 1 1 hStri itli was in town Sun- 

doubt, that tlie bill projiused by j ( j. iv  

Itcpresentative Habcock of Wis * 

. ... . . ■ i . Miss Mary L. von of Soutli 

cousin will not be cousideieu at; , . 

. . . ( "arrolton, liau gone to sclioo, m 

this se^-lall. i 

It vs a aerious question wlieili Clin* ( utility. 

•*r the Hugue treaty promotes Mr. D. J. Fish wan in town Sun 
tlie e.ids desired. It is favored day. 

by many humane persons be-! Mr. Charley Marahel of Green- 
cause they hope it will make vv.n v jjj t . vvas | tl *qvvii Knndav. 
less terri de. Others equally . . 

. ..i.I.-ml llmt «  • ■ ■..» N.r lltlU JolintMin Iibh left (o, 

u .rri l« w..r i ». ll..- t„„. . OKuiwbun.. u, rwit In. «, f m 

tlUlions will Lake to a ’ lid ll, but 

them is u» doubt that lie* mos* ' ^ &F COLLEGE 

I,um.i-e uuitiv es prompud the H«|.kin.villH 

Senators to rutilV ’he treaty 

..... . . ., New students continue to oonu* 

Kollowing i losely upon the 

. ... , ..... i .... ii) and tie* good work goes on no- 

resigiuilioii of Secretary Cong, 

, ,i , moh'^loil. 
ri u*e-» toi* nnuouiusMneHt tli.O 

Civil Service Co THuisshMi.:r lio* - h-acliers have rnrolJ.-d 

eulsrg lias resigned js.siihm f*"' «'"• Spring Term vv hie* began 
presumably for ti e purpose •.! th.* li.-t week in March undearh 
entering tlie tield of active poli exposed himself us being well 
ties. Tne ap|H)intiiieut «» f Mr. plea.. .» with tlie work of our Hass 
Uoden'sirg’s suc. essor isavNuit and espi-cially witli tin- t.-io lieiN 
«d with considerable interest a* ' " w ‘ ourse, whi h is being 

ii|m u the personnel of tin* c an Uilked of exferisiv ely . 
mission depend*, ton very huge The boarding hall is being till 
extent, the effectiveness and in ed rapidly, a few more student* 
legrity of its work. Mr. linden , t nd Isian. Ilig room will ls  ai a 
i*erg was never regarded us a ( premium. 

very strong »dvo*u'bi «»1 t !• e (^mt** a pleasant time was hud 
principles which brought tie- i„ t |, H Ritf, dry K*a-iety 

commissioner ir.t » oxisteuce, but |,  | .|,| llV( m, | 4 Henderson uui 
lie has carried out the provision* wort |‘ y ivesuleut, is proving Imu 
of the law none tlie less faith , M ,|j worthy of hi* ja *ili«m. 

full/, M»«r. I*r.. l..r »i„l Koulk | Hn . ( A H Ur „.„ „„ 

I,i, a.v. ul.... ,,r:  I. .tl, „ .*..*,*, i _ lh ia l(||k ( 0 |hM |„ 

iMlvu4!„u,, ,.r civil r.- , tillg SuMUy , 

•**“' ''"•.“I* ”* » a ,l,„ .,«ll V .11 IU 

u„uili®r uovliu.l.-it, wlti l, i.u, „ w „ j wiiUiM-j, AK Ik- nk.. 
imlkSuCtu. l*ro,l-l»,i«, will r.», i, j || | a ,,Kl,l.- 
 *" r *• vr.- .t..r j au , u(IH t ,. w a,.0 iwu .t Ml 

|H»v,er for good tliau eyer 

Th» S.,»U  I... ,l.-v, It. I M '“ « K «•••-* 
self all liie (Mist Uoek to the con 
wideralion of tlto Slop Subsidy 
bill ulthougli tin-re Is lio’ the 
*light«*st reaaon to believe that a 
Mingle vote hue U-cu changed '-y 
liie denote. Tin- ineasurt' loin. s 
to a v *te i  iay and tlm vole will 
d *ub less be uu rlriol party 

It will pay yoa 

toeand fbrcmrOata- 
loflru# Mo, e, quothag 
pnoM on Bafftaa, 
, Mil dlroatoroia 

62 2a 
.♦4 7fi(«r.ftft 
. (ci not (i 4 :m 
W *ai(fl 4 -V) 

61 r*Ka 2 60 

For The Oil-man 

Oil deljveied at your door at 15 
cents |H-r gallon. My wagon will 
run everyday I handle Standard 
Oil Co’s high pi oof oil. 

Thnninn Jewel, l*rop 

-Wh»# you want oil la of any stylo 
or form neatly dona call at tbe Re- 
porter office. 

Wktla.w w 


day, inal.iiig n profit of fft.’O 1 t'lou Max 
i.l id in i,ii/ i. l.tine » rUer, on \.hi  Ii 1 , lea., .1 
  |: - 1 : ii in I t- vi r i i «• • t l,vii lm ve Iss-ii buy ii,l* 
Ii* in w-tj in I.’ lioM-u Ioik. am) luuslcg fi* m 
f-.'.'i.* o' to r .i-O i- vr.-ek wi ll oiL'e, uml fr* m 
v. »i. in; i.. t tie Nviihti tub l hnvo coiue up t*» 
; hi* | uint : 1 li.ivu iii-aily j-.iiil for uty own 
In it, - 1 . i , jijoy tliw cou.f  rt.i of hie. I i)r M* 
wi-|i. i-nt s- ll, and enjoy life Alt of tin* 
t     • Su«x di, tit* f. r iin*, md 1 inlv** 1 * .-\,-ry 
ciiIoihI in . -ii uud NNoiunii to write to i .-u uml 
i.» t 1,01 r nift-m-y, n* 1 know they will |ii'« *|m r 
- i d ii-i- iu tUo’w- rl*l jo 1 liko 1 hnvu liaeu in 
tno Truly 

' Li-lwA D. 

Her only capital a few dollar* and own 
eonfidenc-i'-. Mr* K in. I*. — , « f t i. I.«*uJ*, 

tell* her . «n , 00 ! n in tin- fnllowlj,g letu r. * • 
well den-ri «-  I in (n r own vine-. Her uati-e 
i* not |*u I, li in  1 by ber owu rtcju.-t;. I'U* 
write* a* follov.-H : 

Kosrox C:iEMo..\r, c   , 

Si-) K. l.roi-1 ‘ i ’., 

Uichinnod, Va. 

My l)ear Fri ■ ids : 

I lm vo jin*! n-ceived your last rh!ji- 
nieut of OZo.M). and thank yon for your 

Yt -i e -n ilo th- a:-- mu u« thl* h*^jf A- y 
active en.-rretlc ii-.m ,-r nn, ci.uVirii • i^‘ 
Din u-y g our celc.'iitl 1 Ariidi ». 

‘l'li- ;. p* .  --i- every Is -u." i n»l vju l -i ii tl. 

V. i n to  4 I t ulti-e, i, i. w t , i*i ,  1 Vi ii i. 

lllivr ti I. g you how   11,1 1 .111 IllHlvt- ll.-n.v_. 

1 Ci.uv j jl.'v: v cry pl.-u«Mt. 

morn-;.-, for you (jbt i. rvcelpt for It from tlie 
p% i*i nwo-ter. 

ll/'-iN'i i . 1 1 1 : vi l y m; n -iifi riH Knotty, 
.N.inpy, iv.niv.v, Miihlsirti, liar*!., llefraetory 
i'.»lr. No* hot iron* are uei-.sautry to 
pr- duo.* ihl* eli i el. \v» ihs-b the 'work 

i.l , no. t.i'il l i- iim- i!o.-» i it I .iv i- to la* kept 
up ulti-r I in- I, dr In --oun-h Mriii. lil. uud waaii- 
i. g ll.,- I air ha-lei,* the liiulment, doing it 
v. oil in evei v way. I ui. h ! ..  ilrutl, . ai.lm-iia, 
uud all iii-i.luKi run. ilng. eealy, huiniiiatiug 
:*.-i 1 1 , piM-un •:  • u.t» i he ha.r togrow long uml 
a: iitlglil ill. tine, uml b-nuiiful us uu April 
i.n -i ning. I'rU-.-, t, - . ii ’ in ; ! Imti't iIiim til* 
v ors. ' /!(  .Ni  i-. iii oi l,i,|. |{em| onr grand 

i ll r:   iu nni tin* udv eu iseni, nt uml send 
in u with  :b- ui..; v* i will kenil you iiuiua- 
, i:i|,|y |., nr » i* - \ » of ' mu- bottle of 

I'J.I.i Tl.l Ah   KIN lu.l'iNKU, v* lileh 
I. ink. * re -i'll .1,1)1 ."it ll liU In ight. n* up blaek 
»kiu I' .hug, s; ul.o one bi 'iluo I SKIN 
Heip, v hldi I'liiuv. s Wrinkle*, I'reekh-*, 
Noil, I'aiijie., Tun. i.iver S|m i», Kiuall I’ox 
l'li.. I III 1 1 ill. rk e. ll li.iiki llnv ugeil haik 
jo .ug unU ll.e )  ,.i.g h„.'v Join gwr vie will 
nl.o, lo .now - nr bln lull.   , im iuile a pm U- go 
n AN I i * -I »OU, vv hu ll ii i.. .vi » all mueh» and 
vk,' j, u 1 . 4 . in iim Ii inn. 4,i body— euuii a* 

I w*j ■( v»4.r* i.l li,e V. . wi l , li. 

prompt ne *. I f, I It mv doty to vn ,fe and 
thank yon for wlm* you have done f t in*. I 
will lie\’t-r ll i get till- liuy I r,-f,-i\ e,| your li-lte. . 
1 was ut work in tin- vv.«*h ? «it . J h d u* -n 
wu.liiug fora liv-irr nil my id, . It nu. h-rd 
work witi hut litfl-- | -.I v . uml I wnu li .*,ilv 
able tom ke my living. Thv h tier \"ii w r.»*e 
Hie told Die that you Its-, I. rr." t ii ir'i.nile 
I'sllril ni.i  .\u, il at wi.uM n Ivi.ikv 
Hair. I tiiu.t any I ili'l not b.-ln - v.liiit you 
wrote, but after a will! ' t .u.u v,- 
letter from you v* lilt Ii lib,.' .-• uvlin- i! ; . ■ uf 
your In ,i — .tv, .it, l I in...;- tn my in, .1 io try 
your great ll.iir ’inn. - ) '(•. .• mi ,y mi. v«. i|iii. I' '.v- I ite.-Ie up my 
uiiml tin i ii it ili*i my iu   i liny ,--- -I in..'. I 
would take up tlm am-ney, u» I v-e* tin e ■  | 
wu.hing, und it luougl.t me I   iiiii r but ,i 
I ileali livii g, »-i I  at ili.wu i ' » I V, i ' I y , i ,i 

letter and mi.. )m » **.i ’■ l n i*t , • l- 

HjinMl ’ 1 r, i r T* .it. e« i.l. It vv,*h :,oi i..» 
Iteforo yon 4 nt H to iln-, 1 O* lUlii 'i.t'i vi ' 
IIm* ut Uliee. 1 .uW ii.i l|.*pf*iVi*mei.l in ,,,) 
hair ut one.*, un I I c.»u .1 uu. ) I. . I it gr. w 
ilig. Well III .' , vv \ ,'4 i I* . 1 t! •' !•» .1 hi ,1 
of hair in li.i i-uy ,u„*  I w . i* i-ij ijisJ, »i  i 

wrote and t.4d   •• « i i w i-h. t.** •* I. •• m. lev 

and M*ut you f.i.m toi ■ *'.i*. in a ii vv vi.  , 

I ».it 1 4 «.i wd wru-c )"U • . cl 

day iu uud day oat. The iteoplu will I rln,: 

iJH'liP) III \ 0*4** vltMff* 

We kin '.- iluii mir prejMiuitioii* vill ilniiii 
tin.* W C e. 111! tin 111, l. ev nlelii-ftl b  tl*.' 
Many titnu.vnnds of ter . iim nil. i  W. me 
let   ivlll;’. Vo'l .uli *.i ,k* Ulul *' tUi/i.Cf M'lll. g 
our go, »i» tli * u you unit ui ,,u,lii try tu*- ,im i ; 
n I i i our og"i l* ere lining nm-iy. \i n ,*..:. 
vito you e a. 4 » by t e d  fog, wiii-r*« | i* i 

IWCSW'Si/ t - *** os*-* * V  • V   » *i*««s 

who work. I li-ud (imu .'awn • •» du»U over reii 
not vi . v i * i ml . t i'm ii. ilu* w wh lulu. I.n ve lit .» 

ti vv *i« nt nitl’s k'.» n n il i nh p. i .. m e .n u n 

• mi'll* .ii* by' »i b:ng o*i l g- '• -*ls. i iere uie 

itiiiin twits,   es m Hi* iu., i-l ) -n aiivi v. nun u 
to  lu gi viinr up il,e b st -In. of llieb- y-igni, 
working out lii-ir llv* v uv. - th • ai iv.-s • i**i 
wu»h in"*, i r Dtiahiiiig v* n Ii [ n t. m l *nuv. 
ill tin* ililell* , Ul-'i V I. ul urs l ie;, rellingf. r 
ll . few ,. .1* itvMj •», *| Ii-  ' ui giving up 

1 1,*- !»»-.- 1 lavs’i-' t l.i ) I :• ( r i ' I.n , i.n i 

»ubj.-el to kin- will tf | m tty l»e • * m l v|o»» 
lllllv iv. si s. Now i.l t .is le-' I mu i .* -ii u 
vniir ov u i-oudiliou t.. ai'-ivti th . d.» you 
know pioiiMviid* v- l.i are in 1 1* i s I . 1 Wv 
all 1-le V liibl I, oil i-reultvi n  a'l live a|nl 

• qUal, but it lieu willi ua to . levate euik"ivi *. 
Now we want you to »euvi lor und r.-ad our eir* 

• uhira eaiilully . and you «ll| eleari) *ee ihai, 
if you will ais-ept of the agwuey we og„-r you, 

I r*»* -v*l«-a wlale Irwia  ba. 

I wan u\ i » 

etpri-s*. 1 
til.-ne.' in V 
Mlivl r lari- ' 

|M'I.||! i 

uml | eh • - 
ttiilSvim: a.t 
•« * .it i ifcoN 

s i igg s* * i 
pmli' ol a 
worth il i I 

fur |o*'fe i 

.1, a..d I woin 

. . I n 1 i. -a- i. iv, u.a*...ig -t ' bar 

»• on i i e.,ul,J have *oi-l fjnun 

i».*l iiavr bud it. I »* ul you fduu 
«•*»», sod *ni i all of ihal iu uue 

— | at us tavs four «BveriiMUi«iit. 
aud be vouvir* *d vkat tUs kvsutuvky 
fiepvu ier will ••«)! you r trail*. 



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