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date (1813-09-11) newspaper_issue 

i If 

xLli'i Jill* » clllLLiJL-A 


KILLl:.lJr ANi  WOlJI^iilb. 

_ OJfidtvg, ^oldirrs. Hors&t 

uiiui ap Wti anijlt^ritaiHl, stttii 
iriltingiiess. in&e'miBds of ioftie iij 
^'giiqi peoQje^H^af 
lititi^ Taroii»- to 
in thecourM 

i^^tT^^ a olia^e 

(Oitf boArtother aaitt wti lBBHW 

jiiil^B^U'ji^wnnc f!i .ary 

ttie minonUj or^viU 'tb^y 

qar stion, ilta't 
promised nv a- 
m^lisbrd at tiie^laht' 

Spanjuirds, . 

^,v m - mr m 
' iuMi^^heris of Xrtillory. 

S ' . 4itr,(J68 i(w, of PomlopSf r  

10(J Wa s;oiw. ■ .. "V: 

piil of w»iat wa'j ,iat;en from the 
ny by thp ^i•rDy Id il^,, 
tlip?fsf of file Ust month, in the viciw 
. ty of Vieioria • ]l 

^ 4t9 millions of Keolsy 
'4‘22 Carts,-’- * • 

'• 4-1. Conches, *- 

if million^ ofCiitriflgcs^ 

2 «lo. of j^fivrdfcr, ^ - 

12.000 .VThskets, ; ' ? 

150. pieces .nf Artillery^ • ' ■ 
14,000 head of entile , ‘ 

■ ’' 2 Geuerfds* 

.’500 Fiimilii-s, *‘ ‘ ’ 

r . 3,000 Peisonei’s, - ' 

: V T 'fi vi^ife of Gazen {ifid Bnineri' 'S5 
The ren^indee of f *!e ;trm;]k 

h is fled f»v n.i'iiplona, aiid.itiM ii'SkO army 
ia puiS.'liiT!^ .vl'eotsdy withHi on'- 


if is better 
q^.eaoH bthvrs throats. 

rather than to live in 


fUti^iH^neh arny, ambinitmg'tu bo- 
j^p naA:f 0,000 tpon, aOder tb&oam- 
 f Jqsep)i Bofl&partp«^and the allied 
p ahd ' B|iAnM) . troops under t(ie 
md of; i^rd\\foUlag^a. : Xb^ 

tolally dcfeaXi^d WHb! tbe 

|^|heir.' tnliUnry cbosti aontaii 4 *i; 
(tm t)tUH |n of f%a 1 s-r thrve niiUoii 

:_a.i‘ * ‘ J* iA_. ■ ' ■ -• j*, 

ond Ubnilred and fifty Jiie^ 
i ^i twialVecbousand stand^ 

the fate dfiB0j|io .a(nsiUv^ett, t y  ^'tr(?S(^ 

teAftPsaibiKs tomlelsrii.. 

i:;i9ral4« nonstifpet^ife oai  iMt opljie 

|■•'■• - \ A ^ • •’^ «.a • 'l s ^' 

^rd, wbo^difijltw 

ljUt, hayd.i^ 
ttltf|ti|Hint» Qidn Merely tj 

tiliii.tatMl * ''' ' 

|steti^ajjr«Pittbpri«ed  ti 

iidng naming and i^qtractiied ytw\ 

t)ic patriotic H ptotinHne the arM4^ 

mnv (he tj. Statel, wbioli thale fkd(^  
lormAyf^P^^ luadei^suah a yrblning abopt’ 
j,^*or,;ahctji^ mdne/4--aU.!^i^ dhlforent 

pejNnt % abandbnrbt^nbi 
iuftbrct|-,  iidif()a 
Aiperh^ ipjlltin Jtrtb p 
)^b|Jst 81^1 

j,^*or,;akctl^ diporent 

epinions'^may be: partly or ^,^(irety oorreot 
us tm as we }0)owi^ii,^U 

j^Keiy^at, neitbait ipoiiep eOdW 

be pri)rbrri^by.M«bridioB 
kiet, a«q tljjjiu at Avery scalp (a '1 

tricorn |helir A#« :eouDtryo^fn,^ 48 '‘ 4 o^ 
pfta^y Ihd boat eyjdenM o(4 bwir ^rWidn 
^^‘0/--«|bcir,|itkttfitp^^ mordVil^ 

;^r tb^tf pafriefifdl^ tbey.Diaty tbj^- 
patriotf (breamd 0 ey otdn. tMl All part! 


feetfl t hp, tyira^y V^tbaoi 

llsor'opA ■' 

Tbd* eujntiut^^^ ;?Pi 
^^a^ JraPh¥, being pri^Yp 


I' fJi a.’, 


S'-ftWirai . 



ArdUi-ry whicU eiJiti'UiuteJ w Jargi 

lIlO (U'lVlll uf- llie CiVwMIl) . 

Bj ordeivoi'lUtt Oi'iieral 

A II.. I nJj 

jaliavc Article jA issued— i^iul'liiive pTnl al Iy are soTiw^f them at (hfs mometit in or a 
It best to remlio therei trom a' buut that eity* carrying iiifoi^iuation lo tin' 
d/b’inci^ton, no ; doubly them* British flo^ below^ A% the purpose oi 

selves among a people wlionr tiiey abused the eneuiey Is avowedly to avrnge the 
and calpmniatrd, and aners^ards con«pt' wrongs 'of tl^^e wrotolies^ t^yeertai^ 
red to mtirder, and some-' otwhoni they cannot deny him the 
aciuallydid morder* unless adtniraj Waf- advice at least« Wbatever^Kcm^ they 
ren orCookburn should lead had prcpar49piay have to measari.og their strongtb a 
the way. . T^t«io with saeh an udoiviiized race as the 

The artiefe indeed Is db despi&aMa mJ^allinioreans. The people cf fialtioiore. 
its style»and so traitorous in Its desigol aiThi^eveK require no inutiao..or infonua* 
to excite no other sentiment t|iiiti;pHty and gjfedp thin irspeut 
disgusti It serves indeed to dti 
full spirit which mi1|mates soMg 
ing tfaem8etye^^^g^8*J|M 

■ 7 -ov.ilor., Jufir 22 . 

XoWS of ,w: gjyalest iiiiportaucc has 
'Veu ri'Ci'i'iPil (‘rtmi (lie bead quarters of 
llic fltli'VH — Our romlefs know tirat the 
arihisiirc was to begin on the 4)(h June, 
^nd t.T ( on ibo^otli July, but we 
hto A'iini'ed ti'iut (be emperor Alexander 
‘refused (o sign it foe ^noro than 15 days, 
■«n'l that, npon comlitioo that the Freueb 
should uvaeuato Hamburg ; ibat in ootteert 
with Austria. be iulonned Bonaparte, that 
vitbin 13 (kys ‘tint latter should dcelare 
Avlirtber ho would ctmsenc dr nut that the 
nimgress should meet at Fragile or BiWs- 
law, upon the basis proposed »y Austria, 
to- wit: the dissolution ortb^oDrederacy 
of the Rhine, and the re^itiiM^ of Tyrol. 
Trieste and Fiyme to llie latter power: 
that if his answer were affirtnathg^Ajj^ 
'( ho object of the eongrrss 
ueral peace : if negative, tiiat^HppPH 
would join the allies with 130,O00^^Ka- 
dcr the eonunand of Prince Sehfl^pell^ 
’bqrgtWho would pass theEIhe 
'ces : and 15u.000slioutd enter Italy ubdei 

(Sig^(jd)A. 1^. Holmes, Jlsl.AiJi 6eiJ 


' (Commodore Chi'fticCy’s 4\ibci!^l report n 
his late cruize on the la^-. bring ton lunit' Yor 
Ibis day's paper, w» *^le;4 ♦dd'‘wing t',ttet! 
a» it comprises a briet statement of the occur i 

as it comprises a briet statement of the oc 
%enwt that iobit'pUce. t'he CAmmoiioie s A 
iCtiMs the tapttire of his tw.i schomiert 
ottMkrtce of ordsrs, produced by an over 
in^heir cumqriauders.] GfAl 

JBilract of « f^ler from « grnffcjiiutAj 
SoettettV UM'bor, dutedi^ August tlJ 

n.rue ila»t heai(^h 

Ip ovisiobs, and irut ei  the iiarlinr to-ni^in 
Ort Sunday the Britisli fleet hove fn sigiitj 
within View of Niagara, a^d bore d^ffl 
upon the American s^i^ron Lwhen fW-' 
ing it pretty well prepai*)^l'or dotlon. idry 

AU«aAO»«aal aIS* ^ A I . i* k • . »■ 

■ vena sketch of the spi- 

SB far as regards Boston 
t US taka a. view nearer 
0 We see even 

V tiv qWnerhooif!^ the 
and British cor- 
tv forth to nil who will 
i^we see a |oe|cty iosti* 
task of btntmtnce. with 
nbnt the view ofsubjeutin^ureleotiiNis totliat 
iheir kind of influence by which the vai6t of 
I til'd the peopk is determined in England, and 
itoui, by which the worst spies of tyranny it 
rood founded and perpetrated— we see the lea  
rml- deib of that soeie^, wh.o instead of assist- 
to ing, have iieretofore btien efai[|loyed in. 
g Of grinding down the poor A unfortunate, dis- 
pensing aHolt totbose Who are not in need 
nnbr —and searching out, not fof rOal subjects 
they such they could easily 

and 15U.OOO slioutd enter Italy ubdei 
the command of Prince Charles. It is 
said tliat Bonaparte having answered in 
the negative, Austria woiihl puthertroops 
in molton before the 12th Jane. It is also 
added that the Russian aiiqy had receiv-^ 
ed reinfurcements, which liave almost 
doubted flic nimiber of tbeir tfoops, and 
that the alltiM have put 2Q^.090 meu under 
tSm command of gon. Bulow to ’unite with 
Bemadolle. These accounts are contain 
edin la&t night's Courier; it being in the 
mean time a matter of surprise that ofir 
minister should not, eveu qt this date, have 
received any oiBoial account of the aroiie- 
iive»~Mornlng Chronicle. 

for this purpose, but Tailed in sueneedfi^ 
to dclacii her from the fleet. They weW 
within sight of each other eonslantiy foE 
tUPee days— (be American squadbjj^^ 
deavored to bring the ch«^ roltrtioii„ 
Who as assiduously avoided it, and coukl 
choose their own time for flgi ting, altkl^ 
wore to windward. In this situation'iB5 
at length sueeeedetl in cutting olT two p 
our sctioom'i's, which' were too slow li» 
keep Up with (lie fleet ; tlie eommand-'l^ 
ot one, )Hf. Trent, a gaijanf fellow^ 
ing himself oat oflYrym Uig Muadr m,ltijl 

cammodorf|Miip and tU«,Jloyai Goh*^ 
l^re he rounds 4 !.(« Mini ^hi| 
nniir they' liirrqily blew bini frulq 
I ^he Water — f^r ^Mleelared he ne\er wouln 
strike, and went ■ 

fi||^P|^fi^^ 08 e Who may be made in- ^ 
oSworrible system of bribe 
i^^whieh thdy "Mve instituted— we see 
uMMa saUie. int||^ Kour for/ coffee house, 
and «t the oon^wof^ streets, condoling 
With eaob-iit^r^ Russian defeats, and 

at every par 
lAdr own obuntrymenl and 

and unr^^flki see them ‘*the 

very moment ifier, hurrirhig oFtvib en 
campinent of v6lifl|iet|io«wa&d with *«se- 
.etret serviod mohey**^and distributing that 
dioney to^l'who would sully M^ands 
With it -thus exhibHiug. tbrdi^areDt pa- 

they breathe holhing hutretolliotii^ 
tbeir oWo goveminent, and foc«^ 
taohment but to a .deadly, rem^ 
vkidiotive enemy. iVhilst ia BoiA 
bave (leoYared it unbeeomiii^ iRdiM 
ri»Ijgiout people to ‘celebrate 

THE SPIRIT OF federalism 

oYUieir oouutry and tflfO 
Ved by their cquntryliieu, thaHSpri 
same time make proeessfons ak^BSjjrth 
honor s our enemy— whilM^iKould 
I DOt get an hundred men toLjHlHK itf 
I the projout— (tliat is fo 
they are eternally mouthing utMj^Bkidg 
a seponllo peaee with tber .h^Kland 
WhllBtjtis notorious that they eoipB not 
exist, without the produce orthej|||iddie 
and southern states, they are tbciWnbg 
■a dissointion of the union— lot tfaw talk, 
it is the priviiego of knaves and foM but 
let them daro to shoulder d mnsketMainet 
the sovereign authority, let tbesuMea 
,Vor to perform what thejr have bcMm long 
tbreatotting to do, and we shall Bin aw 
kdiether the spirit of '76 has bejOdA dx* 
tinot— when we ite thefr foraea.^WlikL 
led and in the fleld, we 'will 
whether altfitadful of traitora s^MBnME 
blV to pull 

As the foe is how within sight of Bal- 
lloiore, it may'not perhaps be useless to in- 
form the people of that patriotic cUy of 
the kind wieheg fMeraliem tovirde 
them. The following paragraph, educh- 
rd in that vulgarity of style so character- 
istie of the party, iS from i federal print, , 
published in York, in this staca; 

Sir S'idney Smith, a bme and-desper- 
Rtt| ofTie^, wili'succeed^idlairal Warren, 

^wn in (but situation f 
J'lie oUrer scbooiicr was captured* 'Tu5% 

Ollier Hubuooers of the squadri)n«fipsi‘t kf 
till* gale of Sunday lUgbi ; awl out of (»- 
|»euplc on board, only Id were picked up, 
alt«-r bring an lioUT and iel^pnutcs in tUa 
water. Lieut. Winter and ws^ood werw 
^bolll drowed; 'I'iit- fle^i gu4s out to nighc 
prepared lor a 5 ek s-.rdfc e and deter- 
mined, ifpos-iiblv, to bring tiu- Britisli il.'ct 
to aetiu:i. 1 1„) enemy, have a superiority 
already, and Are still d^tefniined not to 
riskaii action until ibrir force is inereas- 
ed by the vesjiel qow building at Kingston^ 

t^und civilize if possible rae savage barbar- 
ihns of Mob town, alias Baltimore who 
have delighted iti the efl^ision best 
and tite bravest blood, tbkt ey^warmhd 
tli^ ‘human heart. Ho at leasl will teaob 
these French meiitals, who like the spaDr 
'iel, though treacherous as the viper, 

. crouch at the nod of their master, hoW to 

depeudent party which attempted to stay 
tii^ destructive arm of the administration 
geneyolty end their conversation by saying ! 
'* bow Uiep^Bliould like to give them aj 
suit of Yankee iiome-spun,” meaning 
^ey would like to tar and feather them. 
This isstiil hri'Athihg the spirit of the Uiub, 
and shows that it only slumbers, may 
..vbe oallod into existence v^euever occasi 
. «n tequii*e8, The language of such bloat- 
ed bragadocios excites indignation, not- 
withstanding our contempt for them. It 
•Was those who brought the pointed ven- 
geance of the eiienq^upoD Unfortunate Bal- 
timore ; It was *111086 who caused many 
dialinguished men to leave that city, and 
seek safety in other places, and it was 
those who done Baltimore a greater and 
more ■ - - 

North Western Ar 

We have been favoured, by a frifend, sviih 
A^oHowing extracts from the General 
OWers of the dommaoder in chief ofthe 
W. Arnty ; which ^bewas the high 

ihtdllU^iaB We^ l^lnli for the in- 
Ibrmation of our subscribers. . 

He4« Quarters, Camp Mkios, 

tlf/i, I8ia* 

Extract from General Ordersf 


General Green Clay ofthe Keatucky mi- 
litia. is appointed tp the command of the 
troops in this camp and to tbe|«ost8 of M* 
Arthur. Findley, Portage hnd Upper and 
Lower Sandusky. The commandants of 
those posts are to report to him. 

Brigadier General Green Clay is inves- 
ted with Ihe^ power of ordering General 
Courts martial, and is to decido upon their 

day, he eould flvht' its well without tho* 
schooners which nave been lost as wills, 
tiiem; lor by tbeir dbll sibling they pre- 
vented liis mauce'uvreing to advantage.—. 
The loss of our valuable officers and se^ 
men is much to be regretted. The armj* 
on the Niagara are about tocomineuce of-- 
fensive operations.” 

Copies of letters from Brig, tien. Botfd, to 
the Sccrelary of H'ar.. 

Heao QcaRteks, 

Au'giwHi^’ JOT 8 * 

Sin-*-In the last letter whl^f had thw 
hnnor^ to address you, 1 had to communi*. 
eafp the infuriiiudpo that Com. JSlsaunoey 
had left this, part oT; the Lake: yoKlarday 
an express arrived (kodilho 18 lUlIe Creek ^ 
stating that he was then' off that place- in' 
^ lb® Br(tisl| 01 ‘oL- wkkok wa» 

iwi the noUe 

Jefferson and a Franklin— atul^emwed 
by. the blood of tbouaq|d» equal lii pjMA 

eountry on that priiqd emiaenee ootw^ch 

she now stands. 

Such threats excite nothing but ddrl^pu 
and contempt where the men wha .use 
them are known— we need not thetefore 
be pnder any apprehension— for tbeie are, 
we areXvell oonviooed ••good peiqile** iuf- 
fieient in any one county in Massachsert^, 
to put down, and keep down, all the i^i- 
tors which the money or the intrigues of 
the enemy could embody in the voeie of 
the New England states. , 

But leaving such creatures as Quinsy 
and O'lU to those whose more immedlke 
busioess it is to keep an eye npon theki^ -« 
let us look at home-t-^Hiid what do we mm ? 
We see it anUpuheed as a matter of eten^ 
tation. that .the iobabititWa ef MHliBBP' 
have.drttwn down upon themselves 

[ sentences in all eases where they do not 
’Extend to the Inflictfon/of capital punish- 
ment, or to (he dismission of an oifleer; in 
both these eases the decision is to be tt- 
to the cqtnjsand iag; Oeneral . . 
ii- uPy ei IMP General, 

JOHN O’FALLGN Act. Ast, Adj, Gen. 

HEAtf^QliA.a’rERs, Sbreca Towxs, 

\ tdaglMt 8t/l, 1815. 

Extraet ffoin, Gon.. Orderf, 

'f' Theeomman- 

dlog (Senerttligives his thanks to Brig;adier 
General Glt^* the officers, non-commis- 
sioned offieert. and soldiers, composing the 
garrison of Fort Meigs, for tbeir exam- 
plary good condunt, ^ilst menaced with 

iike^se to iie sceit. * ■ ' 

A body of volunteers, militia and Indi- 
ans under the couioiaod of Brigadier 
General Porter of the New York Militia, 
having arrived at this pluce, und very im- 
patient to engage the enemy, a plan waa* 
this morning coiiCt ried to cut off one of 
bis pickets About 800 voluiittfers anib 
'Indians, under the fomuuud of Major 
Chapin, was to effect Uiis'object, suppoirtetE 
by 200 regulars under the command of 
Major Gummiogs of the 16 infantry. A. 
heavy rain, and other untoward circum-'^ 
stances, defeated the primary object, huC 
inasklroilsh that ensued, in which the e- 
Dcmy waseompletely routed, and our Iir- 
diaut captured twelve of the British Indi^ 
MS, and four whites. Many of eneniy'a 
wad were left on the fleld, among whoai 
is supposed to be the faboui Chief, Nprton;- 
Our loss was only twoiqdiaoa, and a few 


Maay people have ' beretofoW douMed 
whether the wishes of the federal party 
were really so wicked — so barbarous— so 
hellish — and some may yet say this is pro- 
bably the effusion of some traitor— some 
servile wretob sold to the enemy— some 
new Jleary-^-but let those, if any there 
are, whO'. think so,' look around and ask 
themselves whether every federal editor, 
and almost every man raised to any kind 
of eminence among the federal party, do 
not hold and promulgate sentiments simi- 
lar io effect, altbougli generally eocohed in 
more' artful language ? let them look for 
R fcdpral editor who has the hardihood to 
risk the frowns of his parties, by exptesslog 
tho detestation and horror which such sen- 
timeots canoet fail to exeUe in 'every A- 
merican bPsom^. But tl^y will look in 
xtain— they will find niaojF who will ap- 

point^dvengenance of the enemy beci 
so many ••distinguisbed men” were c 

polled to. leave that city and seek refuge-4 
in little York ! Thus acknowledging tbpi 
the enein)F is about takii^ op (heir oaustt, , 
and avenging (he injuries (bey receive 
whilst in the execution of (bf.fluUes that 
they were paid by him f6r performiog...* 
We see it also mentioned with satisfaction r 
that oSidney Smith, a brave and desperate 

American should be, and is, proud of. 
But admiral Warren knows that ten timet 

1.^ I _ ...a _ _aa wA*-; 

salt^ lhat would liavea(tenJt d a conflict of 
Ibairkind caw be easily ascertained, from»o Mnaller 
jl^eaaad noae-maunetD garri at Low- 
ifii ^Sanaasl^. This aMfe reflects the 
[highest honor on Maj. Crt^ban tlie cum- 
ttnaodaut, hfi  f1eers, non commissioned 
'iffloeh and sold; vs,. thd General gives his 
ibaoks to thf  la or, to Capt.» Hunter, 
hieuts. Johashn, B ylor, Anthony. Meeks, 

ilirhtly woundeiL- -Tb^rtevWlM pai^ieipa- 
teo in this oentest, pariienlarly this Indi- 
ans, eoudueted vritb great bravery apd' 
activity. Gdu. Fdrthr vbhmtfeeretl ip the'  
affair, and Major Chapin eviiippd bis ao* 
customed zeal and courage. Thersguiar# 
under Major Cummings, as far ax they 
were engaged, oonduoted well. The prin- 
cipal Chiefs who led the warrioi4 tbix day 
were, Farmers Brother, Rtd Jacket. Lit- 
tle Bliley, Pollard, Black Snake, JobnsoQ, 
Silver 'Heels, Captain flalftown, Mqjor 
Henry G. Ball (CorupIaoteFs sowj wa» 
wounded. In a council which was held 

the . fbreebe has, together with all; 
lathing harchet qim from Mariie to 
gia, altipiugb they might doMirtSF 
awellhigsn eould notoompel the intrefM 
and patriotic inhabitants of BaUimoie to 
receive tfl^if yoke — ndr civilize them td 
such a de^ap as to induce (hem to hold 
, _ oommuuiod^witU (hose vipers who, be 

cltetin i^s support — several of these wret-| cause they were not permitted to indglgf’ 
i hes it will be recollwted, i^r escaping , themselves in their attachments to the « 
the veogeanee of a justly ineensed peo. nemy, as in Bosrton endeavored to involve 
pie, madf the .best of tlieir way to seek them ju a general ruin— these men, and 
tbeooniolatlon iof congimial ejflrits, and their frieUds, would be gratlflpdjLbat noi' 

|a*«ve— but none that dare eoDdeum. j 
That (he above my bd oonsidered as aa ^ 
exposition of (bo wiriies and hopes of fe- ; 
deralism, we are tm||ffer from the proba- ! 
bllity of it, b( ingl^B||||d hy one of the | 
murderers who sbe^HPeir devotion toj 
(he oausf , by takin^^ the lathing hat - 1 
diet in ijts support 

am Eensij'ns Shi) , and Dunean,'^ of the 
.iTYband to Mr. At miiuge acting Quarter 
.uister, James Bailey, of the militia and 
tfi^ond Brown, George M. Fall, and 
Et^ond Mpmford,of the veflunteereorps^’ 
for^O skill and ooolnesi manifested by 

the mwagtineiit oftbe pieeeof 

iiie following 
plain ray condnct .* 

About 10 o*cTook oft the m( rning of tbe 
SOdi uUiino, a letter from the Adhitant 
General’s Office« (dated Seneca Torq.Ju 

tiidt tlicv irentcd tl»e prisoners \»Hl* 

[mUT*ana coiumittcd no wanton eru- 

^ one or iiTo of (lie^ considerably advanced* 
Of the sloops of war authorized to be built* 

- five or six will be launubed vritbin two 
months. We do not* for obvious reasons^ ' 
' though we could* state the places' aktirhicli 
H these vessels are building. It apdenrs. 

^ however* that, tliongh little parade has 
^ been made of what is done, the Secretary 
of the Navy has raade the greatest exer- 
, tion3 in fulfilling the duties iff bis station* 

^ and obeying (be national will, as expressed 
at the win ter session of the National l*b* 

' gislature. 

On both Lakes, too, We arc astonished 
at die expedition* unparHlIellcd certainly 
iiMhis eohhtt^, wUh wbieK a re.»|tev(uble ^ 
naval force has been erratni a? if by ina- 
i gie , created, tiiu, in the face of obstruo- 
^ lions wbieli would have discouraged mea 
who were not. as firmly bent on the per-1, 

! formaucc of Uieir duty as the officers of 
our Navy ^•one^ally are. Even at this 
I r moment, squadrons are scouring the Lukes 
the limhers of greitt part of wiiicli were 
at ihiK lime lust year standing in their na- 
^ (ive soil. ' 

Having observed the statements made 
in the opposition prints on this siibjecf* 
j atHiusinj the government of lethargy or 
^ ' I indisposition to cany into, exei-ution the 
'”%laet for inereasiog llie Navy, arid believ* 
‘^“li ing them to he as deslituieof fouud;itioa 
® I as the many other fabri'ealions in (hosei 
prinit, we have made it our brsincss to; 
terqnireintoth * facts, wbiehyve find to be, 
^ staled :%nd we assert.’ without-foar of 
cuntl'adietion. tliut our paval affairs have 
: |i»UtM'lv been udiiiitiistd^'d wit'i « vigor 


' Richmond, Kentucky-:- 
SJlTURUJir, SbPTEMRER ti, I81.s 

ly 29th 1813) was banded me by MiCCon* 
ner* Ardcripg me to abandob this nost, 
burn it, and retreat that nigbt to^ad. 
Quarters. . On the reception of the l^iwc r* 
I called a council of officers, ib vision it 
was determined not to Bbaadoii lll^ plat e 
(at least until the further pleasifw rif tlie 

General should, be knuw^ lill : ii^as 
onortoiib thtmgbt an attempt 
he ouadt^ lo tjbe fficq of a.sbppK^ cnrtBaM^M 
lb* 1b«r rao|^ b«mird«mi (m 
ibHy » forf & kOlis ffi^^ 

IS in wblob fore Wrotd a Ititter to (be GbberaT^«eli  
lain* evio* in such lerms as I thought were Ailcm 
heir assis* Intod to deceive the enemy, slibuld (t fall-, 
be prdprie* Into bk^ndi* which I thought more than 
iresents for ' proba^W^ai well as to inform the General 
IrangCr, of should it be so foftnnale as to reach him* 
Hr. Parish* ti ^ 1 would wait to hear from him, be- 
obution. fbre I shoujd proceed to execute bis 
I your res- I'his letter, contrary to ray expecfsulons, 

{ was received by the General* who (not 
D, B. G. knowing what reason urged me to write 
In a tone so decisive) concluded, very ra- 

lionally* that (he maimer of it wtii demon, 
strative of a most pOeitive.detcrmioHtiun 

. s* s s • 1 * a •_ XT* _ _ 

to disobey his order under any circumiian 
ces. I was therefore suspended froifi (he 
command oftholforty and ordered MBead 
Quarters: but on explanation (p tM^en 
cral my reasons for not execudpg’ pfs or- 
der, and my i^jcet ip ualDg t^ style 1 
had dune* he was 96 
with the ^xplnaatio^th^ll^^^^ 
a^ly twin t*~iii41|kjiBi^^ 

It wiirbe i«eonaiMWrlll^^ 
hove allQ^ to* wai wriftemoa tbejm 
previous to my receiving it had' jj^gn 
delivered to mU (as.fwas irit^nded^ytUt 
night,! should have/qj^yed it irithtwjhe ■ 
iltation } its not re^b^g me ffi'timem^ 
the only reason whm'^dueed frie town 
suit my. officers on tbo propriety of 
log tlie General’s further order. ^ 

I a.ail^ s . A ••x*s _j'._ 

the Harbor a' suffleieDt (line to procure I 
the ncces-sary supplies. ] 

It is the opiniou here, that Sir James | 
will be taken by surprise Knowing (hat 
the commodore bad returned to Sackett's 
Harbor* he doubtless presumes that bis 
stay in port would be much longer than it 
actually wa8.» l expect to be at the Har 
lor on Wednesday next ; and during my 
stay there, may have the pleasure of view 
ing both fleets. 

^'umniodore Cbnunccy sailed from (he 
Harlmr last night* -Imving only remained 
in port long onotigh to get his provisions 
pn board* behtg determined (p have the 
question settled, as soon as be can bring 
Sir James to action. We nriay, of course, 
^xpcct to itfa r .a mnwthi Bi^p i vf. 

TOTlr jlmiS'essm as rae. leaven of a navy,, 
to TO created wlien the public exigency i 
shotild icqoire it. That time has arrived ; * 

and 111 a single year, now it has become ne- g; 
cessi ry* more has bw dnno by the lie  
pubi van adminislratitfn to build up a navy# 
(ban Wits done ill twelve y cava by the paty 
wim now rlaim a patvjit riebt lo-tbo na- 

Charleston, JLug, 18, 

Depbedatioks op the 
, We learn from Caper’s Lland. that the 
' enemy landed (here yesterday afternoon, 
and killed ten beeves and carried uflT a 
humber ot sheep and goats and a quantity 
of poultry. They also visited Mr. Deli 
^leaseline’s house, on Dvwee’s island, aiii| 
(tqmniitted most disgraceful depredations, 
^wantonly destroying bis furniture, bed 
ding, Ac. The enemy remained all night 
on Dewce’s island. „ 

j. ' ■ .Police. 

AS Soother qnarier ol the school is expired, o 
puoctvla^ompliance of the^ quarterly pay- 
menta will be expected from rsch subscriber, 
by thi^ir friend and humble servant 

( , John ^Sndevson. 

Seetmier Rd. 181.8, 8 — 3zu 

tempt It* as he believed that if thb enem}^ 
again appeared on this side the lake* if 
would be before (he Work could be iinisb- 


1 forv^rn all persons from trading for a note 
• for two hundred we'ight of salt petre. obtain- 
ed through fraud bv filolieri Culver, en the 24thi 
of August laat, as I am determined not to paf 
said lote unless compelled bv law* 

' VolutUine Frella. 

Hentemher ilJuiktS. * 3*-io . 

WWW’ IM«vu •• BAvva . ^•***»«* 

tern Islands ; it was brought yesterday by , 
the Stately 6i.” J ‘1® 

To the Editor of. the Scioto Ca%dk. 

V I 

Lowee Sandusky, Aug. 27, 1813, 

Extract of a letter from Major CrOghdiu I hi 
fo his friend at Seneca Town. “® 
«1 have with muvh regret seen in some ” . 
of the public prints, such BiistTp^Osenla- '** 
tions respeeling my refusal to evacuate 
Ibis post, as are cBleiilated not only to in 
jure me in the estimation of military men, 
but also to excite unfavorable impressions **’7 ‘ 
as to the propriety of General Harrison’s " 

conduct relative to this affair. J 


His character as a military man. is too f,, 
W’airestahlislied, to need m; approbation g^ig 

orituppjlltt' But His public services enti- gp{Q 
‘ tlc hi^at least to eommonyutlieo; this 

affair does liot furnisb causes of reproach' jisp 
public ojiinlsn has been hastily misled ggn, 
H'SpeetingKis fate conduct, It will require |q ^ 

'■phompsnil Duriiam will set out for Pftiladeli 
^ phi* onihebMi of October, next, before whicl^ 
day, I hope all those indebted to me, will make 
paynierit. and oblige 

monstration our gallant Cars have afforded 
of its officasy, since thV declaration of tbe 
present war. Those Who entoriained ob- 
Jsotfpns to this deseri^idb of force have 
bcDD compelled to yield to tbe Ivssiuu of 
ex^rtenoe, andtoaoknl^wlcdge the utility 
of a limited Navy dupn]g war : In coin 
cideapr with the prevail^g sentiment, an 
pet i^s passed Ipst wintCr, embracing a 
provision forincreasiugoqr Navy at unoe 

Curtis Field. . 

N. B. 1 wish to purchase A few hogshead of 
inspected Tobacco immediately, for which a 
good price will he given, C. F, 

Richmond fKy.J Sffpt. 4-th. 1813. 7—1/ 

PHF. public are cautioned against trading for 
^ two dotes one for 25 dniihrs and the other 
for six bushels of Salt, obtained of me by Khaiiv 
Fox through fraud, I am. therefore, determined 
not to pay them, unless compelled by law— The 
above notes was obtained in January last. 

Sampson J\*ation» 

Se ptembe r 2d, 1813._ 7— Stow 

^ Retnoval. 

\tr ATT9 and Lee have removed their shop 
V V f|.Qnt their former stand on main ■ Cross 
street, to a shop on second street directly oppo- 

to more (ban dn.tble its pitesent force. 

Ever since the passage of (hat act the 
propor officers of tbe go^mment have 
be.efi assidiously engaged in making ar- 
fueemoDU for carrying it^proviiionn in- 
^';^iHlhct. Contracts have Wo made for 
%5tocessarv timber, great bun ot Which 
i^almMly delivered Slips bye been eon- 

t^ited on which to build Ui^ heavy ves ^ 

9ehi«.a broBoh of the preparaiyy business will continue to keep constantly 
is tedious and laborious as it h necessary. \ ranted Clocks and an assortmei 

AtX rd i. 

whtW bat been ‘•onslpuc.ted. into wbioha ^mfo^ers living most oonvenie 
vWntimberof massy piles word driven to Garrard county mas be sm plu 
givetbl^ whwrf the neoesipry IIITOgth nod ,abnvr articl"s;at their shop in I 
dnrahiiity } and n nearly shiiilw process (tj° The post offloe is alt 

bedienod was not ^as some would wish to 
belieiey (he result of a fixed determina- 
f|ion to ipilntain the post contrary to his 
mbit pdiitiTiB orders as will appsat ffum 

tT* The Richmond ,/ocky Club^wiU meet at 
Irvia'slnn this evening at 5 o'cloek,— a punc- 
tual attendance is expoctsd. 

.8fptl{aber H* 18;3, 

:*5^Mlto*Skrett, Mkhmcnd Ry,) 

Tt'l'taagftnt awhile hep thundeP iiieSi 
.And when she longer mddi sIh 

hilliliiie fctlctal pliols of- the uny^ cwi- 1 
not huve failed to nolioe (he e?rtrcine soli 
oil iide wlihdi they- inaoiteSt, to niaghify 
oiirlossest and couccnl (liftsc of the encuay 
'I’luis (ho juihlie propci ly captured by the 
encniy, at.Opdonsbur};li, Genessce pircr, 

Sodus, and Black Rock, has been repre 
setitcd u9 immense ; wl'ile very little has 
been said of wlrat has bi'on taken/rotn thp 
enemy. This may In some iiiBBsuPe be 
oaiog to (ho neglect or delay of our own 
officers in making the proper returns. 

The truth . however, is, that the captures 
of public property made hy our airmy «n 
the hanks of the N,iagara. to say nothing 
of thy taken at York. kc. far exceed thtl^ 
wholSjjjhmunt taken by llie enemy rfuriHg 
l)»c entnpiiign. All bough the. returoS 
have not been- completed, the following 
esti male of some of live more piomineot not inferinr to none in the siaiis and are 
ai licles, taken at Fort George aod its vi- j under the immediate direction of Mr. Bi;i 
cimlf, eannot'faii to be ifitere.sting ; it is jamln Milner, 
derived from an officer is :be ordnance de 
partiiieut, and is believed to be nearly oor- 

1000 bills. Powder, 

1700 bbis. Provisions, 

2700 yainls Flannel, 

100 Ions Caiinoh Ball and shells, 

27 Cannrtn and Mortars,* 

1000 stand of Arms, ' 

Besides alarge quantity of Soldiers Clt) 
thiug, llxed aininuuition, &c. l 

fo the Public. 

I'l'HE’sabscriber sdll couiiiuif-s to carry on 
' the W igrnn making I', on sfcowd 
Street and nearly opposite Mr, H Battertoii’s ; 
Tinner shop— -Where he will extciite bnsi 
pesi in his line with all possible d ispatch, and 
bn generous terms, I 

1 ^ //c wishes to employ a journaman Who j 
is capable of Conducting the buisines, and wi!l i 
t*ke one or two active young men from 13 to 
17 years of age as apprentices to the above bu- 
siness, If application bc made immediately 

Jtfiic/id Royusler. 

3d, 1813. &0— 1/ 

jP ’ -' jffash for Wt)ol. 

subsersber wishes lu piircbase a 
*1 quantity of lambs or second sliering 
'if Wool — for wbieb they will give iho 

(Q* They will take one or two appron- 
, iocs to the lia! tin Business, i( applibui.ion 
be wade immediately. 

F. & J. 

^ Richmond. Jill;/, 17fh 111 3. 32-f/ 

' jianions. but held lii» boat panillel t J tlm situated on both sides of Calcutta, 
horizon at any given depth, lleprtved Cossijnbuzarto the moutbof the Hot 
tiial the compass points as correctly un- The same number of burnings on an 
tier water as ou the surface, and .hat age is said to take plaoc every two m 
-j^hihvut^cr 'tvater the boat made vwtyat lu‘ the year, except about the condusi 
lUa ratd Mifbalf a league an hou^, by the rains, when the mortality amori 
meaes centrived (or that pui*|)osr. natives is generally greatest*^aod Uk 

It is not twenty years sitic&jlLRu rope niitg* increase in proportion t  
%as astonished at (h^ ^lrst.^M8ion of the deceased Bramins had (narri 
uieii ill balloons! perli^^in^^B^'eavs , women. 13 of whom died during (li 
they will not be lesSv suViirUHjBfniec a time , the remaining 12 perished 
floiijlaof diving-,bua(s,lW’hicb,^P .t liven him on the funeral ^le, leaving 30 
signal shuU, k'* avoid (liO pursuironinjeu dren to deplore the fatal eCects oi 
eiiiy; plunge under water, and ^3® c/alu hotttil system.” 

Several leagues from the place where ^licy «» Some years ago. a Koolena Bru 
descended. The inYention of balioon*| has ofconsidorableproj» Tty,died atSook 
been no advantage, . btcsyi*ie_ no. rA.tliT£.o. mUe; Scramdore, 

iiicans have' been found to direct '/tlieir had niarrlcil more than 40 woiijerii 
course ; but if such means could be (jlisco . whom died before him escepUug l 
vered. what would become of eampsl can this occasion, a fire extending 10 
non, fortresses, aa(l the Whole art of waf- 1 yards in length was prepared into 
^ Blit if wo have not succeeded in steer- 1 the remaining 18 threw themselves, 
Jng the balloon, and even were it Wn[)ossi j ingmoro ibun 40 childien,^many of 
- ble toutSalu that objeel, tbo case'ssdif- ,are still living.” 

T he sobseriber wishes to purchase a 
large qiianihy nf Woo!, ileliveied at 
his shop on muiii slr.'ct Uiehinmid— ho 
will give two and tlM-ee pence per pounds 
lor Lanihv cv second shtaring— also Ma- 
rinoc 50 cents. 

George HxKlicrsmilh, 
.Tuly, 2Kh, l«i;i. 


Martin and Young, 

T iWislul^piiMitiiiat’ )i«ii..v(U.ttt «y s large c| : 
lily of good clean “ ^ 


delivered at my store i» K.rl.mond, Ky, 

, • Thomas V. Ilowanl. 

Jmrch 14/ 1813. ..r, 



luhscribcrs wish to purchase a quanti 

Tallaw, Hogslard ^ Resin, 

lo be delivered M ilieir store, for whch UieV 
will pay the highest prict; iu cash. 

I'hey have a ven r;;'iieral assortment of, 


which will be s id iem:irk«blr. low for cash. 

Field JirClanahan k Co. 
Siehmond, Jlugusl 20lh, 1813. 

jpHOSE persons iiulehtcd to ihe subscribe r 
are requested to make pavmriit Gen- 
^emen having open acr.onnts will not fiiil to 
c4ise them. Prompt payment enables me:  
-It every profession to serve their customers 
' more reasonable terhis than long Credit, 
With great respect, the public’s liumbL- ser 

Dec. 24, ISIS. - 3 — .It: 


ig like a oummpn |)oav, The jV*em Fdrk Royal Oasefte, took oe- 

;, wlio»i it is puvgufed. jlYitii cation, a few days ago, lo observe, that 
‘9 it is fit for carrying isccrct there arc men in this country base enough 
lecor a blockaded porlj, and iafeed the dfcil if they were paid J'or it. 
ihe force and position of an 6’uch an expression, from «mc/i atouroer .i 
ir own harbors. Thase are ^ was rather remarkable, and excited no ^ 
lent benefit*, which the Hiving i little nslonisbineot, in the minds of thoaWi 
int promises. Bdf w l|io can who recollected that, that paper was unis i 
msequences of this dhdovery, i formly the friend of the emhargo break, j 

Saddling Business. 

T Have agaiu commenced the above businesi, 
^ at my.old sunrl, and have furnished myself 
with a larxe and elegant assortment of the’best 
Vina rif-jiT^lCrtftls, on 

pleasure accomodate those who tjiiiik propp.r i(y 
give me tlieir custom. I wish to purchase a 
number of cattle, ^ 

tViIlium Detterswnrth. 
JI(irch'i.B, 181.3. 35— tf 

liarJULlUS HUKlUN~ : 

Take notice, that I shall 
attend at the house of David C. Irvine in the 
town of Richmond, on the first monday in No- 
vember next, for the purpose of taking the de- 
positions of John Bedstcr and others ; to be 
read as evidence in a suit of Chancery, now 
depending in the Madison cirpnit court ; where- 
in I am coniplaiuant and you are th-fendant. 

d^eciliit Burton, 
dugust 14 , 1813 .— 4 — 8 to 

ortbe Improvements'to which it is kiiscep- 1 ers and siuugglm, and the apulogut af 

Fulton has al ready ;atlldci| (o i every .British outrage from the inurdcr v itenmcKy, 

liis boit-a macMne, by means'bf wtiicb be j Pcarco to the attach 

Mrw up a large boat in Ihe portOf Brest ; j it excited wondot that the Gazelle shouM ' '  , ^against 

and tf. by'Voture nxperimeuts, t ip same Ubus protend that it did not know tfs/rtendu, Feter Baiabndge deft, 
effoet could be pi educed on frigjates or it U perhaps no less ‘ . -■ 

ahips of the line, wbal will beconitt ofma- wooden oracle of Ji 
ritiine wars, i ' ’ ' . 

fuuniHo-maa ships of war ? when 'il'irii least nine tenths of M 
physical ftertainiy that they may every 

markable that the THIS day pamo the complainant by his coun- 

nrnrit. nf MaHHaoliuscIts shoiiM on bHi'.molioti, and it appearing to tho 

„ — - ,4 , ^^aaen otacie ot nta saoi u loura of tb® court, that said deftj id not an 

and where will sailors be thmk it necessary ( v aejif/ (fte/aef. or i^t of thi* state and having failed to an- 

-1.:... «!• 'iir to .. i„__* — Pj^ — m,(| before its par- twer th& complainants bill according to law 

ty is legally aconseil. enter upon a defence, i and the rtil^ of this court ordered that he ap. 

as may bo perctiv^ by the following; * Term 

* ! next of the Garrard circuit court and answer 

A great deal democratic papers . complainants bill, or the same will be taken 

about supplies and i^elhgence being conveyed confessed against him and thatr copy of 
to tha enemy ; as Jf Americans [lederalisu^ this order be forthwith inserted in wme author- 
FFDFRAT. COMMENTARY were the most traitUrtnis people in thO work, jsgd new.spaper of this state for eight weeks 
lMl.Ue.KAL. lAIUL. A citizen who readily believes these stones .„ccessivelv as the court directs. 

FEOM THU BOSTON GAZETTE. has a bad opinion , bis Countrymen. Nine, /I enni / Tnhn Lftchev 1} C. 

Torpedofs.-Anaccountoflbcexplosi- tenth, of the tale, i re untrue, U.iv -^4 John Lctchct D.C‘ 

on of orte of these dreadful maebinea, near The inference then, is, that one tenth 

the Plantaeenet 74 gun ship, appears in of (Ko are true— and that it is fede- , Kentucky, Garrard circuit set, 

the Virginia papers. As the inventor ap- ralists who for#i that tenth, we are tocop- [ -June term 1813. 

iK'arsto be. sanguine, that bo can so con- i ^ude, Irom the assertion of the Royal Patrick WHIiamson compt. 
trive bis maeliitiery, as to' eflcctually blow that /there 'are men wb^ wouhl | Against 

up every sbipwbioh he can reach unob- i ‘‘feed the dowil” if well paid for U— fbore Meeky. Manly deft, 
served; it is hIgU lime to calculate the I** not much ^^oul/t but Ibat^fodmlls^j in OrtAntnany. 

ifost which the hmoceat merchant as will would do so^ from moliveH of hu(pu^  THIS day eiuimthc canlpltunant by Mi 
IU coaster Will have to pay for such inge- (setting asiq^ w|;|iUiwpey satUiae 

nuiiys should a single ship bo destroyed cause it is i^lorious that lliey «we lat^|i Manly ishpi 

in this way, there will out be an American , becomfe enifewed with smli a aiHaUidiitant oi* Ibis state aud having fuU 

wessci/ that should come witliin the poWer degree ot lunevAilenetv that Ihej Voiilft answer the oompfalnanU bill agree 

of Ihe enemy that will escape dcstiuotion; feed any boHyinfanythiui^.not for t«ttii|ey, i ibla to Uw aud ihfe rules of this court, i 
nor will our tuwqj, wbieb are at present ! hatfora mere vote/ An(t train iMwuli* j, therefore ordered that he appear liert 
respected!!! escape the general wreck. ^ ogy whicitthe wooden beaded o^clofl^k* j^y of bur Septeoiber term 

8o far a| the war has progressed, we proper to wake, we are to eooolUae that nextand'answer the complainants bill oi 
have been spared froia Us niost dreadful, h® •^''^•^l^Snne teptbvl bis friends shpuM fyp eoNi'essed ant 

And sanguinary efleets ! ! ! let these ina- | dAmue|3, provided llie remaimlcr esefipc : Qj- opjei/ forlhwiUi in 

chines he succeBsfully employed ; aud the BOspieionf sorted in some authorised newspaper loi 

of war” will (lien in reality .be let vt'tik'II eight week! successively as ibejawdi 

loose upon us; trying M flaroc and con- I 5CQTUI MEAlUbU. ^ 

like a modij^i ' A copy test, 

T^OTICE 1s hereby given, that I.s'iaW' 

^ iMi lira ,«AM. . 

^ attend oiv the SOih day of Septemoery 
1313, with the proce«sioners and coinmisiioiier*' 
appointeil.bjt the county court ofClat kr county,, 
to procession and, perpetuate te-stimonv, to es - 
tablish tlie calls and boundary’s of a tract of 
290 acres of land, sui^vevfd an patterned in 
lUe name pf Thos. 'Maxweft cti Dow4,rds upper 
creek. Jl sball meet at my 'own house on the 
day afforesaid, between the hours pf 6 o'clock 
in the roornin^'aittl 6 jn the aftemoch of tho 
same day, and continue from day to day, until 
the business Is completed, and frotii the place of 
meeting, prococxl to the beginning. 

dugUStiOth, 1813.— 5— 4W* 


Take notice thatff shal 
attend at the Gourt.hoase in Pulaski on the se 
cent) Monday In October next lorthe purpo!Hj«. 
of taking tho depositions of Jpieph Porte; • ect* 
to be read us evidence in a suit in chaiiceff 
now depending in the Ptala^i circuit ctrjrt 
wherein 1 am complainaiU ami you are defend- 
I ant. ■ . . 

Scotland, U»y 


11088 and lain. very otaa cooveriajit Thy ivi4((8 nud liM'it^l^ve)* arc at*trlfo I 

Luminary (Richmond, Ky.), 1813-09-11

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