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date (1857-02-24) newspaper_issue 

A Weekly Family Newspaper: Devoted to State and National Politics, Agriculture, Commerce, Literature, the Arts and Sciences, and the General News of the Day 









Smtin Mile Pik * ntrec'. a ft w 'li en: eaH if Main 


Oitt* ci|iV Oku; Tear, *«H advance^ 

Five copies, - 

Ten copies, 

O* TV* 1 ; » rales, above. «rc Tn*n»it to app’y l«* th«* e 

cases ; . which the jjivoij number of subscriber 

their papers at. one an J the same postofflce. 


in.- s p.are 

of ten Hues one insertion. 

- §1 Oft 


do each a l litional 

insertion, 05 


do on** month. 

2 tit) 


do three month-*. 

■1 On 


do **ix fUtuiths, 

fi 00 


do one year, 

III no 

ttnc fourth 

of a column o?n‘ voir. 

- 20 no 

One- half column one year. 

an oo 

One column one year. 

- 50 uo 

Harper’s New Monthly Magazine. 

I T* A Cl! number «f the Magazine- will contain one bun- 
j hundred ami forty four octavo pages, in double col 
unni'. each vear tbu-x Comprising marly two thousand , 
pages of the choicest miscellaneous Mivrau reof the day. : 
Every number will contain numerous pictorial illustra- 
tion.-, accurate plates of the fashions, a copious chnn ide j 
of current events, and impartial notices of the hooks ot the 
$2 0(1 | month. The volumes commence with the numbers for 1 
fi 00 June and December, but subscriptions may commence witli 
13 00 | any number. 

Terms — '1 lie Magazine innv beobtnined of l»ook.sellers, j 
receive periodical agents   r from the publisher*. at three dollars 
; a year, er t»v, v :Ve entH a number. The publishers, 
i will supply sp. ::cn numbers gratuitously to agents and 
: postmasters, and vill make liberal arrangements with j 
I i hem for cite. iag .lie Magazine They will also sup- 
ply clubs of two per oi»s u! live dollars u year, or tive per* i 
| sons ;it ten dollars. 

The Mag zinc weighs ever v ven and not over eight 
ounces; postage iq on ca it n imber, which must be paid 
1 qiint • 's. m y 1 


(and most enduring monuments of mind. He 
! need not call to the memory the examples, in a 

Tiitxas h'/se ax/) otherwise. 



Fairest of earth! if thou wilt hear my vow 
Do! at tliy feet 1 swear to love thee ever; 

And by this kiss upon thy radiant brow. 

Fromise Affection which no time can sever; 

And love which e r shall turn ns bright as now. 

To he extinguished. — never, dearest never! 

UiU thou that naughty, flattering heart resign? 
Catuouisi:! my own sweet Kate! wi t thou be mine 

C7".\farriagc  and deaths arc published gratuitously. 
ET Transient, advertisement   to h«» paid for in ndvavivo. 






J..SINlv, Phoit.ietor, 




D   Vou Wish to Sing? 

Then you had fetter purchase a t mv of 

Tin: £; v\' v ; school / 

v •• i .. v • nuritv. 

Author of the C  lha. a. D i rimer. Lot* of Zion, »tc., d 





V FIRST-CLASS HOUSE, running an omnibus to ally \r .\r.M» i ■*': nr* iynlkS and ti;aciii:k.«, 

convey pa-'S' Ug'Ws to and from the b«uae free ol «in Coiilniuing very coplnji.s clem- -nt** and a great variet of j 
charge, fravuders wishing to etop over in Chicago ea.i , »o* c** and pleasing j..u*u  for practice in the Singing ' 
►ave money in three ways, by .holding on to their checks ;llui v OCH | Ciav-cc Ir Ims been proper d in an 

and stopping at the S’. Nicholas, viz: Tweiity-nv c cents ftw ,. r t c mIiiiosi incessant application from Teachers and 

[From Harpei’d Weekly.] 

JUSTICE TO THE RE. If. , I]eeu Ilol can u  u,c memory vur txmnyma, ... - Sincc &0 Afrcw milh hoax has boon e xp ode«J 

The abuse of wealth is loo ofien confounded P ast a £ e ftnd distant country, of the opulent r-.i t | le | la y f t, Pl;n delighted to road. over a 

; with its use. The vulgar display, llie bloated im- :llst   Scneo * Montaigne, Bacon. Shaftesbury. , e^pon-ibl,- n line, that the printilW establishment 

J portance, and the sensual indulgence, are , hc Chesterfield, Bulfon, Gfbbon, and other.. Our , M , arppr & Brothers had been destroyed by a 

vices of wealth. It has, however, its virtues; country, though it may pride itself justly on u  , New Vor k „ 10 h t on account of that House haring 

and these are not only the ornaments but the ah’ s®!' made men, such as Franklin, is at tins mo p„| ) |j s | ie j a hook reflecting injuriously upon thi 

soiute necessities of civilisation. The light of raent indebted for ils li! ' r '"" r, ‘ 10 ,bov " American peopl*! 

property, based upon Hie natural ii stincts of man, ' rbo ’ lf not n " lbollalres - ma . v be called wealthy, qjj jj rg j jawso|l w 
and confirmed by law ns the great foundation of I aS llie - V are in ,hc ep j°. vment of that supertluity ot 
society, naturally leads to a d( sire for accumula- meRhs   ffhich - R ' ,lilL ‘ !t relieves lhern frum llie 
(ton. ' The variety of result— which bestows upon i bi,ler Cu!,slraint of compulsory occupation, opens 
one man millions, gives competence to another, | '° thc,n lhe freedom of more congenial pursuits 
Tlioushalt h*vc pearls to deck thy raven hair — j and spares but a bare subsistence to athird— comer 1 ° Ur *’ istorian L of whom we are so proud, and 

Thou Shalt havs all this wo. 1.1 of U u« can bring ; | from n natural difference of faculty, diversity or " ,hoSe - succ csscs have vindicated our country, by 

occasion, or the fluctuations of fortune. ' i rt rcv « en ! ial rpCord of lho P :,st - from lhe char g e : 

With ii. iU , , . of a selfish absorption in the material presen', 

with us, in the majority of instances, wealth is | - J ... , . v . one cottnlrv, one destiny 

are all men of means. Although such wotks mav i - 1 

now be profitable, it may well be questioned i 
whether those histories of our own country, of 
Mexico, of Spain, and of the Dutch Republic, 
which so greatly adorn our literature, could ever 
have been written had not their authors a more 
certain and immediate pecuniary reliance than iti 
the remote and dou stful “promises to pay” of the 
public. Much of our poetry, too, invokes its best 

i i»g 

in omnibus fare from the cars to a first class lions* : from 
one to two dollars per day in Hold clmrgus, and twenty- 
fi ve cents from the hotel to tli* cars. The charges are 
p. r dnv, and in the saim* proportion for a shorter time — 
n«» extra charge fur omnibus fare. 

’Flie St-. Nicholas is out? of the largest. ITotrh* in Chicn- 
go. is inferior to none in the western country, is well ven- 
tilated, superbly furnished, and is within three minute* 
w ilk *»f the centre of business. 

my 31 ly E. JENKS. Sup’t. 



Louis rille. A//.. 



Kntrancc # on Fourth atrect. near Main. ar»12 ly 



 4’II.OING entirely new; furniture, bedding, etc., of 
the latest stvlc. 

Purls, At/. 


‘.•'cnfriil SluuT Ollit-o, 

e!. TAUHUL’T, Proprietor. 

MN’TBUSES always in r^ai'lness to convey pa*sen 

ntlien*, and is intended lo supply a Cell u aul in our 
Singing St lend s. 

I*i ice in New York, 30 cents, or $4 per J ftsr/n. 

*,«* A ninglo specimen conv will be jent, post-paid, t* 
a;iy J ea -lirr.ou receipt of 50 c uts. 

v u aillk 

Juvenile an l Selioil Musie-Bjok? ! 


Author cf Cytliariji, Dulcimer, ami Lute of Zion, Ac. 

The Youth’s Song* Bo :k. 

per dozen; »inj» I e copied, by in ‘J5 c*i»ts. 

The Suaday-Sehool Sia^iu^-Book. 

$1 50 per dozen; single copies by ma 1. po-t piid. I " c t - 

The Whip-Pot r-Will; 

nr. Youth’s A New Collection of Juvenile M isle 
$.4 per dozen ; single copies r U\ mail pnst-eunl. dr' cent*. 

F. J. aUN.nNfM ON, lbib. idler. 

:.5li Hnunlwav, N. Y. 

For sale also by — Bn*** n. Taggnrc A Olitise. Itoston. .1 
B. UppiucotH ifc t o., I hiirt. S. » . (ir’wgs «t C-.»., Chicago, 
lil.. U. lb ;i c/ A t ■ ., ( level and. plug. 

1 r? 

Ami we "ill live in solitude, nor cure 

For uught save tor t* .  *fi otlur. We ail! fling 
Away nil sorrow — Ivdt-n  1 nil he hen ! 

And l l.o if shall fie mv. ipiecn, and T tl.v king! 

Still cow ami still reluctant? Sweothcur*, snv. 
When shall we nioiiarclis be? and which the day? 


Now, Mrs. Pringle, onec for all, I sav 
I will not sik*!i cxfr.ivag.incc allow! 

P«ill- upon bills, and larger every day. 

Enough to driven man to drink, 1 *•• w! 

Bonnets, glove , frippery and tnt-h — nav, nay, 
Tears. Mis. Pringle, will no* gull jmc now — 

I say I wont allow ten pounds a week: 

I can’t afford it; m-idam, do not speak! 

In wedding you I thought 1 had a treasure, 

I find my self most miserably mistaken! 

3 on rise at ten, then speud the day in pleasure: 

In faej. iny cdnildeuce is slightly si aken, 

Tin! what's that uproar? This, ma’am, is mv leisure! 

Sufficient noise the s'muhci- ing dead to waken! 

1 seek retirement, and I tiud — a riot; 

Coulotm i those children, but I T1 make th**m quiet 


— •+- 


1 HoM Till; I OliTUGl Si;, 
in mks. r.nowxiNo 

‘*Mv letter.-! all dq;ul paper. . . mute and white! 

And yet they seem alive mid quivering 

bs called as a witness. She 
w»s sharp an 1 wi 'e-awake. At last the cros -ex- 
amining lawyer, out ol patience, exclaimed, “Mrs. 
Law? on, you have brass enough in your face to 
make a twelve-quart pail.” “Yes,” she leplied, 
•‘and y., u've got eauee enough to fill ll." 

'I hat was a noble toast which Mr. Roger! offi rH 1 
a; the St. Nicholas dinner: “One people, one wile,- 

Three cheers for that, and a tiger lo6l 
'I be English want to know if th6 Resident's 
Messages are to be sent bv telegraph und^r the 
ocean in the same pi ice with o:hcr “messages.” 
It ~o, they think, he will learn the value of words. 
It is in. di rs o id, however, that the President’s Mes-' 
sages aie to be paid for at the end o( flie l?ne. 

The finger of Galileo is shown under a glass 
inspiration in no imaginative “marble halls,” but case *l‘ e 1'lorence Museum. It stands on a 
in substantial quarters, surrounded by all die at:- niystenous-looking bit of parchment, poinlhig to*' 
pliances not only of comfort but of luxurious war ^ heaven. The hand to which it belonged is 
wealth. supposed to have been put lo torture by lhe Jii- 

11 dies, then, have their virtues as well as their q«u aition for ascribing motion to the earth, and the 
vices, and are not only universally desired bn 1 bnger :s now worshiped for Laving pioVed the 
desirable. Let the few who have them in abun-  0. 

dance spend them judiciously; and let all who j Si. Martin is one of the worthies of the Roman' 
seek them, and do not satisfy the fullness of their i Calender, and a form of prayer Commences with 
desire, be contented with the reflection that thouj.ii ; the words, “O, rui hi beate Marline,” which was 
they ! are not made a fortune themselves, no ene 


lil .ivery and .Sale Stable all ached to the fluid, 



L )itisril/t\ Ktf. 


Or Quinine Substitute; 


YX T HICH compound i« the result of profound research 
’ » aud cheiinenl inv  stig;uiou. by one of the mo.-« 
celebrated ehcifiirt now living in this or mo « lli**r uouti 
. try its general use tliron^hont the Eas*tcrn Stun s, dur- 
period of lfi years un parallel micccss, mustenti- 

tie ii t » a siiiialar pair ( » n age* 

prict’XSwwWrm^ tbr paMi** fhnt no quinine or mineral 

While the fare and nccommotUl ions are Mimpfuous, tcred a  ording to directions, never fails to effect a cer- 

tain euro and completely prevent a return ol the disease, 
i’rice $1 OO * THOMAS A. HUItLEY, 

augll dm I’ropriefor, Louisville. Ky. 

1 W  L 

MU.V VOU,!!!; 

the chaig*'s are reasonable. oil ly 

Cori iitrloo, J\u. 

HENRY RHODES, I'roi-birtob. 
ri AIDS HOUSE ia only tivu -quaros fionulie CuvingU.n 
■ L anti LexiHgton Railroavl Dr] lul J'asscngors wialiiiij; 1 
tn jo on my of the CluciiiiiA'i 1 ’rains. by Iviiving orilc:  
at theo’lii’.u uf the .Mmliaoii Hutiso, will hi: waitud   n hy M'Hl 

omnibuses in limu I'ur uilhur train. Early bn-akfoat for j J nary mimb« r, IhiiC. will vuiilaiii ever fndv 
i,a.-.'ii a:ra guingbii any of iln- .-ariy trains of oftra. 

(J^-I'liH War will always h - fm ni.-lual wiih I he vrry 
b- st slorcs. and with accimiimnlatili" iltUaulanls. nil lv 


One-dollar-a-day House! 




imcricon .1 Tont/ili/ Dla/’nz' nc 


New Volume, comim*ncing wiili (he Jan- 


I pages of the * hoic**st rcado.g mailer, Steel and ood Ln- 
1 ; craving*, and Mumc. 


Wjli contain a splendid Steel Kngrnving; a Plato of lhe *** * l ,t! SoJl " ,l0 ,s oquacioii  when coined, 

Purfs Fashions, on stcul, el» gamlY *‘olore*l; oln; or more ar- blit * XiCtly till! opposite w lv*n  ob I*. At llicpres- 
licles, richly illn-tralcti \riih Wo«hI Kngraviug.-; Miscel- , , ■ • , .. . 

’ ~ J • - s? . . r - ent time boin-r  4 iigtit, be said it th 

, K i_ , la neons Prose an .! Poetry ; an KdihTs I ubh- 

Jjrxinglon, A;/. 

f I MIE very host accommodations, attention, etc 
I respecit oily boUoiled. 

Ii.* views of 


a proof of the superior capacity, industry, and 
economy of its possessor. It is the prize fairly 
won in the race of life, and the successful compet- 
itor is fully entitled to the glory and ihe fruition. 

It is, however, an error to imagine that, though 
victor, the rich man has the exclusive enjoyment 
of his triumph. No one can increase bis own 
riches, by legitimate means, without adding to the 
wealth of others. The merchant by his enter- 
prise, the manufacturer by his skill, and the far- 
mer by his industry, are not only making them- 
selves richer, but all of us belter oil’, fiy || le j n . 
creased activity of ihe skillful producer in everv 
i department of honest industry, productions of all 
i kinds become better, and our means of hap 
piness are proportionately enlarged. If we can 
not make a fortune for ourselves, there is some 
consolation in the consciousness that, inasmuch as 
we all participate in its benefits, others are makinirSl , . 

a fortune for us. Trade, though selfish in mo- a '' 6 a r ° rlUne tl,emseIvt “ s ' 1,0 cne corru P led ilIt0 “ JI  ' eye and Betty Martin.” 

'ive, is beneficent in action. Li° us not, then, for- Ua " dt ’ 1)nVC tllem ° f 'hi" made by ot ers. Miss Tucker says it is with old bache’ors as with 

get that the accumulative man, though not disln- A Metaphysician's Picture of Makrieo Like. : old w00,; is ^ ard to S ut t,iem started, but when- 
tcrested, is still a benefactor: and that, if it were Abraham Tucker drops the thread of his acute j ^ ie y flame, they burn prodigiotidy. 
not for his eagerness to fill his pockets, the sto- metaphysical discussion in Lis “Light of N. tuie • 'How do you know that that mummy was 6nde 
machs of some of us might go empty. Wealth, Pursued,” to draw an illustration of the emotion tl c body of the real Nebuchadnezzer!” 
mv iM-niui. n- l.umls wliirti i.-ose tl e oring n °f always the fruition, is the necessary prove • under discussion]from bis own personal experience. “Because,” said the exhibitir, “when we   p:ned 

cative of industrj-. Some suffer from staiv.ition He is tieaihig of “Satisfaction,” and has occas oi it the Stomach was found full of green grass; and 
for want of food, but all would die w 'thuut appe- J to combat an assertion of Locke, that desire is al- Nebuchadnezzer was the only gentleman We read' 
tite for it; so, w iili the universal desire for riches ways accompanied by uneasiness*, lie will admit of who lived on that food. 

many are poor, but without it there would be an 'his in some situations, but not in nil. “1 may The politest gentleman we ever saw was a rural 1 
end to the existence of civilized society. 1 sa y. he writes, “with Mr. Drydcn, friend of ours, who, on passing a sitting hen, said, 

The rich man, 1 owever selfish, cannot have -Old as 1 am, for lady’s love unfit, | apologetically, “Don’t rise, Madam.” 

The power of beauty I remember vet ’ „ ", , , , , 

I still bear ,n mind the day s of mv courtship. “ J *° u have da(eJ y 0Urle,ter a Wt:ek alread ." 

which, in the language of all nt-n, galled a sea | “ ‘ S ,,ot ]° kte lu lhc mo,,lh b J’ oftewetRl J uU ' 

bv4.itce.0r rnnpiiio ids finiui *  Ui -.-UudajJm hmo °- f d SsPL-uuisss I^li-r .rgvt *ay ’ f .. . j.T " . , , ... ... ... ,. , 

..on * ' * .IT. it piovedta mt faction aLo ’ ■ ’ ‘ . * • *. N meM * 

R - wanted sweet Kathleen to get it in of thu 

mail. Shure, 1 I! not care if she gets it three days 
afore it is written, my darlint.’" 

cent, per cent., to indulge in such tollv. The 1 id I some me "’ " lu ’  btin K of an unsocial and undo- “ rWt - vou ll,iuk li K bt iac '«S baJ for ,he 
; men either sp.-nd their money or employ it as cap- rats,ic ' u 'n. can see nothing good in matrimony, sumption, doctor?” asked a young lady of her 
i al. If they do the former, they merely exchange submit to it as a necessary evil. But this, | Phelan. “Not at all,” said the doctor, “it ik 
value for value, consuming what they receive, but lb,mks 10 "’X s,ftrs ‘ ' VHS not "O’ case - 1 ' bi b’ b ‘ j usl whal 11 Utdi on ” 

encouraging production by their exptn litur . M some SC0rLhin o °f deuire   wbilc * »« ob j' cl o'{ Hoy with ragged trowsers and rimless chip'hat. 
There is still loss here, but gain to the wm Id. I it lay at an undisccrnible distance; but as the pros- mas into Dr.-Fuller’s drug store with a dipper in 
t lie rich invest their money, it becomes capital, and P ecl drc " ntar ' :,nd lbt ' c 'Ustftelos t! a 1 stood in the bis Land. “Docter. mollier sent me down to the 
together with skill and labor, it is constantly add- w of its 8 ,alitication wire g’ « lually removed, . shot ic ary pop qnicktr’n blazes, cos bub's tick with 
j n .r (o the general wealth. This is the be stdis- il bad n0 ra0,e thc fierceness 'of a furnace; but be- the pkikc n ebux, and she wants a ihitubkf. 1 of 

came a gen 1 ; 11. .me, casting forth a j le sing, ex- polly gollio in this din tipper, cos we hadn’t hot 
hilctaiing warmth. Perhaps I might meet with a .joule, and the kiut pup's got the burn witters 
some little rubs in the way that gave me disturb- ; in 't — Got am i ' 

i nci ‘  la n D ,illr onu ! 'P'- ,bL ' u t ' v il word o a. y t; II, v \ n English friend remarked the other day that 1 
! l „ cu , ; . 1 " lll ' Ul \ ou rig fellow, ^1 miglt interiam some there Was a storm brewing, as lie looked up at die 

And let (hem dnlp down mv knee to-nijrhr 
i'iiis sai*l ... lie wislterl t«» havp me in Isis Mjclit 
(hire, as a friend: this fixed a day in sjrinii 
'I t* t:oine and toucli mv hand ... a .sini| l- ikinir. 

\ ut 1 wept fur it* -i hi.- — tin* papci’s li^ht — 

Sai«l, ‘Dear, I love thee,* and I sank and qua lc l 
As if Guil’s future thundered ou mv ju^t: 

This said, ‘I ani thiire* — and so its ink ! al j»a*e l 
With lying «t my heart that bent too fast: 

Am! tills... t) Love, thy wouls have ill availed, 
If, what this said. I dared repeat at last! 

fTpuiebase ii |»H»r of btSTt^futr ■wife Is 

I invariably al- p^tdicul, but FCt* liovr daintily it 

the exclusive enjoyment of his wcahh, unless, 
like the miser, he abuts himself i:p with Ida gold, 
and takes Ii is solitary pleasure in counting it^ie e 

any- mm mc-y gioai over toe glitier, or be 

  ;ru;  u.i m ^.w. » .... w w»-«i w «» «»». m, ►«,.«. ^ '-»  «• “ • *• .«*»«•* ? • 

in tlve lifurt of business trltli the aiiractiim of coiupsira- 1 tordinjj bht temporary r» lief, enters its eom.»osition — that done*. W e clip this little poem fmm lhe second is not ei jovment, and as avarice defeats itself by c ’ 11 ^ t * ea n ’ e that drives ra6n into the conjugal state 
live rvtirement. It is a ilcput fcr nil llio stage, ouinibiis, it is esneniiully vegetable in its nut lire, mav bo given t., « rif . .. , , ,... 1 ’ } ; r - - 1 - ' ' ' - ' 

»ud railroad comieetiotis J the locality. . puson* ot evoiy age and either and when ili.m.i.- 'ollilTK- ol llic Angel m the bolls-, .1, 

e j ousal.s: [hoarding, it has grown too wise, in these days of D*' 18 ! Lr ought I know, might be the motive with | 

‘*1. while the shop-girl fitfed ■ 

The sund shoes, look’d w!ie;*e, d ern tfic Ij iv, 
Hie sea glolv’d with a shrouded -tin, 

‘Fin ready. Felix: "ill you pay?* 

This was my first ••xpome for this 

Street at runyvr whom I call’d mv wife: 

Hour light the touches an that hiss 
7 ft? fxjtstr feom the corJs • f life M 

A number of politicians, all of whom were  e k- 
ing office under lhe Governinenl, were sealed on 
the tavern po-ch talking, when an old opt r namd 
|) cs*n e up to them. Now, said I) 

position of riches, if we regard only their material 
uses. Moreover, v*fien we reflect Low rartlv be- 
nevolence is judiciously exercised, there may be , 
some reason for congratulation that (he rich are 
so often guided by self interest, and leave the dis- 

=•• * ^ si * - - ^ * :**- “ - * * juu "™ k ■* *•» 

“fire away;” wlierpupo t l.e 



I Fahliionuble Ini- lligincu: PulUrus for Ncdle-wurk unu .... . , , , 

New Music. 1 t,e - V t,,,d t0 

Cftsfom 1 THE STUEE ENGRAVINGS : spoke; as follows. 

nil ly ; Will embrace finely evtcntod portraits of ihe celcbratc.l j “A certain King— don't rccolldct lii.s name 

lady -writers id tlicd.iv, interspersed willi a variety ofoih* , . ... , , , 

HAHBJS0N HOTEL. ers'ubijcts of general* Literal ' ha ‘ l o philosopher, npo,, wl ose judgment he «• 

tiWrtber take, this metbod of informing the TUFF MilON I'LATES ways depended. Now, it is so happened that one 

b “Well, I think a ’ail storm.” 

New Dkfi.v.tions. — Transported for life:- ibar'- 

travett^ public and communitv geucrally, that he Arc crgnivcd on after tli* latest Paris Fashion., day the Kmg took it into bis baud to go a hunting, 

- ’i- giving oot and in -door costumes for the month. 1 hey "i r . 


philosopher told him it would not. and lie and Ins 
j nobles tepai'ied. \\ bile journeying along they 

o“ 1 i.; »;,v ».»d .r*r : .„ d .«»ki.. K an 

ana; and that it is now ready tor the reception of guest? mher American Peiiodical. the necessary preparations, lie stimmoDcd bis plii- 

I'lie Harrison Hotel, will be conducted after the i\. st ap- 'I Hi. Y\ OOD ENGR.W iN'f.S losopher and asked him it it would r.iin. The 

proved manner of first class houses, lhe fiHlncurc Will W6 of tlio highest finish, and by our very best ar 
irf entirely new. The table will be furnished -witli t!it | i^ts 
best the market affords, an«l efficient and j uiiie aermuti 

will siwavK be in re.idiness to attend to the comforts of . . .. Tl . A , n . , • ,   T . r 

j - - 1 ^ ii) oon.«ji*5t of IIiKtorirfil, Biygrnphicfil and Literary Es- met a countryman mounted upon a ji ckass; he 

 ays, SkvtchuB of Travel, l ine Arts, Novels. Tains, fio . . 

! malices, etc. The Novels find Komancwef Mlmham’* arej advised them lo return, *!o r , said he. ’ii will cer- 
universally acknowledge to excel ill beamy and interest I (R j M fy rn j n .’ TllrV smiled Cnnlemp uotislv upon 
L any others published m America. , " 1 ' r I it, 

TilE EDITOR’^ T \BI E him, and passe ! on. lb* fore they had gone many j 

fs made un of HnmenHia Sketches m d amedou-e, For- miles, however, they had reason to regr. t not hav- , , , . r . . ... , , ... . 

eirn HotneMie and Liter -arv Go-*mv tio , . ,, ... win e the tenth, il lie lias a liberal soul, will prob- 

fign, uofiuMie aim i.mrarj trie. mg taken tin* rustic s ;:d\ ice, hs a heavy shower . , „ ... 1 

THE MONTHLY SUMMARY Oh CURRENT , , , . ably be possessed of a narrow intellect. Aniono 

EVENTS com ng U p they were drenched to the  km. , . , 1 , e , , 

ge nerosity. In the one case, the interests j " e,L j‘ ,nir,lrt * ‘ n bl Uveen others, perl. a^is l inigh ( 
o' the community are unquestionably benefited; frel and furae ’ and utlej ' " ,Bh  ' a “ eas  ’ P‘ sh ; bu l 
in the other, they would be as certainly sacrifice'’, a:i 1,00,1 as 1 « 01 tl,,ou S b - “hutii 

without, perhaps, any moral comp, i.sation, if i , t ftjt ’ * ha,: ° w of utiCasi '' ess lkd awa i- As 
with a positively demoralizing effect. If, there n( " ar as 1 caM reraemb. r, during the whole time, 
fore, the tich are not selling all that they hate and Jeslre ’ close aUe,lded b )’ *«iM«JU.o., I directed all 

11 “* u »‘ '"™ rr z’zr. ::rz \ — * — •» »- * — « ^ 

ried happily — Itrpt isoniucnt for life: manied mis 1 

■J'lic Dost tell of a little boy who asked: “Mam- 
ma, is a for tress a she fort?” This is equal to the 
liteia'ist who said that a woman was tome imes 

the guest. A share of public patronage is rospccfttUy so- 
licited. fio| 2tf .GEUKOiE l.l.M.MDN. 

Paris Flag ropy, aud charge Age. 


IIEINEN, BOSlll lv LR k CO., 


Stoves, Fancy Enameled Grates, Marhle 1 - 

Uel p’O'l iTl.»ntIe 4. IIO|t«»v. “nn 1   . I  t «. Edited by M'llliain Dowe gives a condensed account 
AvicK, ?ud t astings in Ueucial. ;sllih" principal events, which liaic taken place in the 
. Slates during the preceding month 

wealth is necessarily useless to the wo. I I. In 
fact, they arc probably doing the best, not only 8We P t b - v sk-e P- -“vigorated me in busi- 

ness, gave me lile when in company, and enter 
laitted me with delightful reflections when alone. 
Nor did it fail to accompany me lo the altar, ex 
liibiting the prospect of an agreeal e companion, 
who should double the enjojraents, aud alleviate 
the troubles of life; who should relieve me from 
the harder, of household cares, and assist me in 

for themselves but for others, in follcrtv ng Unit 
natural instincts, by making more out of tbeir 
much. To spend money judiciously, requires n t 
only a generous heart hut u w ise head: Lo ii crease 
all that is requisite is a prudent self love. 
Nme out of ten will be sure to have the latter; 

\ \ *E .*fe pr.-patA! ; • veil’s wrflFt*. !„«•• a than . Iili IthUIAVS Or 

» l ul Cincinnati lit are mannfactariiig | P''" ?* - r ''S l critic, I I' ■ i r pie 

,beio ourselves. THE FASillt'Y ii-TTcil 

tueiii nlll 

I ) Country merchant, will plen*e rive us n call at the RtGcuio 

will stand, corner Sixth and Madison suects, upposllc Bor- j aocmuit of the now styles of Dn-s.e», Boi,n,-t». Mnniillas, 
ucl’crit .Miller's Drug Store. Shawls, Embroideries, and everything rcia.itig t . Fashion 

U. — Rooting, Spouting, and Jobingdor.e to order. ; u f interest to ladies. 


?»'  31 ' in 



Groceries and Liquors, 



C ori ngton , I\n  tncJn/. 

!1 j Also Dealer in all kinds of Country Prod ucc— m 
mai IS l v 

,m:\v iiirsit . 

JUST published the following Sheet Music: 

Old Maid's Lament, an inimitably humorous 

song, tioc. 

Moonbeams, a beautiful duet for two equal voices, 25c. 
Passing Awm v, 25c. , 

Why should tlio Heart e’er droop in Sadness? 25c. 
Tell", O 1 ell Me, Spirit Oentle, 25c. 

HJ-Catulogurs of our exieusive stock of Sheet Music 
and Instruction I!,.nksmay be had by application, gratis. 
tTflntera solicited. Music sentliv mail freeof postage 

coni ng up they were drenched 
"hen they had leu rued to the palace, the King 
repiimanded the philosopher seve; ely for telling 
him that it would be clear when it w as not. 'I 

met a countryman,’ said be, ‘and lie knows a 

ASHlOlf ARTICLE "f great deal more tliuu you, (Ur he told me it would 

*£Z22 # « d ruin. Whereas you told me it would not.' 

“The King then gave the philosopher Ids walk- 
ing paper, and sent for the countryman, who 

For Collars, Underslecvos, Caps, It, -ribas. Skirts, Em- ' ma le 1,is a ]'P ea ' anc,; - ‘T«M "H*.’ 8  *id the King, 
broideries fur Handkerchiefs, and general Needle-work, j ‘how you knew il would rain.' 1 didn’t know it 
are tiumerous and beaut ifullv designed. ■ _ - i ,i , , 

MUSIC ^ , said the tustic, til) jackass told me. And liow, 

! This alone, at a Music store would cost wore than a years -pray, did he toil you/’ Iho King aski*d in atonishj 

By pricking up his ears, vour niaj .-ty. 

BE TWEEN MADISON ANL) j sUbscript.on TKIi.M'- meet. 

One copy, one year, in advance, $3; two copies, $5. five The King now sent countryman awnv; procurin'., . 

copies, (and one to agent or getter up of the , lut  , *to ... , . , , , a tiers, and mdtrectlv serve our material prosperity 

11 copies, and one to agent! , 20; fj.r copy lili the jackass . he placed him m the office the pin- . - . 0 f personal ' xpen 

be scut three years. Additions to clubs at the same rate losophcr had filled. ‘B it here,’ observed D , ^ 

Specimen copies sent gratis to tl.ose desiring to get up ^ 'oking very wise, nere is where liie king made 

dubs. All communications to be addressed to a mistake.’ ‘How so!’ inquired his aud tors 

ABRAHAM ii. feF.E, .... ...... . , " 

nov4 No. lilt) tMiesnntst- V Y " bj ever since lhat tune, said D .with a 

ihe rich, the careful men are the many, the loo’.- P Jt «'* U,J lo^ desire, which found fresh fulu 
ishlv prodigal, the few, and the judiciously ge lit r - hiutual in t rcourse of kindness and iu-arty h i. ad 
ous the fewest. ' ’ *' T’ B, ; d cou!J of:en ¥ d "l °» c, e «• 

That wealth has its dum s beyond shaving l '* ton   b ’'' '"is l ,lc 1 A 

notes and otherwise adding to ns r  there can " l " s a, " oad ‘ ba * dt " sire    ' ,i, kcned n, - v P acc t0 I' 1 " 1 ’ 
be no doubt. There is the encouragement bv ex , tle " uver at bon e! I1,AV ol c "’ ll l 0:1 lleari,, b’ of 
ample, and positive acts of generosity of the va- ' 0,nalnn S cur,ous 11 ,lu ' shn P s - , '“ Ve 1 I 01c 'obuy 
rious religious, moral, and social influent es. jit with note pleasure In. n the keenest spot ts nntn 

l,o „, e goes aft r bis game! Thus t e ire, leading delight 
Hand in band attendt d ns for many y  a is lhou-li 

* J O 

a little altered in shape and complexion, until ni}' 
oilier half was tom fro® me. T ben, indeed, desire 
left n e, and with it fletl Joy, delight, content, and 

would be well that some noble exemplars, who tm 
the pride of our race, should be more generally 
followed by (he wealthy. More li tuples of reli 
schools of learning, and academies of art 
might t ot directly increase our wealth, bul would 
certainly improve our morals, minds, and man- 


Miss Sod is very short, and having known ’Mr. 
Carry only a week, married him, whereupon Browu 
very irreverently remarked, that “a short horse it 
soon currie ’.” 

Mrs. Saturn, one of the ladies-in- waiting upon 
the Sun, is said to have been the first lady who 
wore hoops. High authority for ti e fashion that, 
blinking up a i is ng family, i’osstssion did not j and the way men have bi en gazing al them Ictf 

ever so in any ye irs, shows tlnu admire jt. 

,A cdvUntc i ni -yei was iiaving his head meas- 
ure 1 at a fashionable lial store the oiler day. ’j he 
up some little piece of mnu remarked, “Why, how long your head is, 
Sr:” “Yes.” said the lawyer, “tee Lawyers must 
Ii.-. v v 1. ng heads.” The man wenqon with his 
wotk, ami soon axel aimed, “And it is thick as it is 
loug, Sir!” 

Not all we eat but what digest Joes us good. 
So with reeding. 

The  ? liricse l ave a proverb, that an uiilticky 
word dropped from a tongue can not be brought 1 
back by a coach and six horses. 

A learned German lecturer thus iTiu r.ves t' e 

all those under desires Hint used to put me upon 
tile common actions of the day. ! could like no- 


n BALERS in Jewelry, Watches, anri Fancy Goods 
generally — have just opened their establishment with 

grin on his pln'z. -every j-ickass wants an office” 

maria 2m 


a large assortment of articles which they otter l'or sale on 
reasonable terms. They have procured the services of 
two experienced workmen, aud are prepared to do re- 
pairing and other work hi their line with neatiitls and 
dispatch. They solicit a share of the patronage of ,he 
public'. Sept 28 tf 

" bile two little girls, one the daughter of a 
i clergyman, and the other the child of one of his duty of, wealth to exalt, by refined example, th 

dilute, too, a more refined use of wealth would 
elevate the tone of society, and give, by example, 
purity to the general taste; while now the sen- 
sual indulgence of the rich only excites vulgar 
emulation and gross desires. 

Not anly does the power belong to, as it is the 

tiling, find amusement in nothing, ni l cared fo,- w" r y "* Science. *"De ling that is ,/t 'fe is mo j 
nothing. And though ! called in all my my philo- 3 T' rbjr U an lbc "“'her. 1 stu w you how in some 
sopliy to rescue me from this disconsolate slmn- l '"o s - Suppose I make de roun I wj e I ol du 
‘ lion, it could not relieve me presently, but trad n | cua «di. \ er well; dat wheel roll rmnif^livehuu- 
long struggle t eforc it got the belter of nature.” di ed miles, and f c; n n d roll one nrtysn f! S p- 
T ii is is enough 10 redeem the mqtnphy.sid-il cralj F 0 ' 1 i al,) 11 cooper, wh:t vuU c 
fro. u Wordswoith’s inlpulalicn in “A 1'oet’s Kpi ■ -"Wg t‘*h t   bn! I .v ne. He holds 

ami 1 cuf*n t / ;•// mnre than he 

tapli." — Harper's I Vet k'y. 

4 Fourth street. Louisville. 


e citizens of CynthUna not! The Catholic Question in Politics. 

netl a 1 AILmLINly s- 10MFRISINH a series of Letters addressed to Gootk*’ 
depot, in CynUiiana. j \y p, Pren*ice, Esq., of t he Louisville Jonrftal. bv a 
Kentucky Catholic. In muslin binding, 10 cents pul- 

i') EOS leave to inform 

J ) Harrison county that ) has opened a TAlLOftlNui 
ESTABLISHMENT, opp i to the depot, in Cynihiana. 
hoHolicits a share of the p  ’ic patronage ml l v 1 

Dry iiiaoil*. 

my M 1 


copy. C.’f 50 per dozen, or $25 per hundred; in paper ro- have beeu in tlio work-house. 

; father, j ours would hi ve b en in he! I long o 

A ZSttlSZ ,v* or s “" 1   Jj j. --if i' W« n 

mart 4 it 

521 MaiD st-, Louisville, Ky. 

puriMiionors, were playing together, they fell into taste of society, and to promote its good by gener 
an angry dispute, as children often will, hi imita- ous largess, but it alone commands, in its freedom 
lion of their seniors. To mortifv her antagonist, from the drudgery of life, the leisure for the eul- i 
saw fit to remind the other rival ion of those nobler influences of art and liter- 
ature to which every country must be bchnlJi'n 
for its higher civilization, 'i hough examples are^ 
n t wanting where gi obis lias tifurttplu d over tin 
obstacles o' poveily, it is fair to ai knowledge tin i 
I obligation to wealth, not only for liberal patronage j 
bn: lortkfi direct production of some the greatest' 

the layon n s little girl 
ot her fathrr s well knowu poverty, snd intimated 
rather tartly tin t had it not been for her father’s 
benevolent interference, the poor minister would 

■‘Well, 1 don’t 

When the liumordus Judge Dawes was on tin 
beich of the Supreme Cour.. in giv ng a c'ling.- 
the j u i y lie had occasion fiequently lo make 
use of the woids mortgagor and mart gager. Tin- 
oreman of the jury asked the Judge the mean 0“ 
of tl e words, caiulidly confessing he did not know 
their import. "His Honor facetiously explained 
tin ni (but: 

f nod M yon — you cot. -e me, 

Utr. th*- - v- -i t!,- a 

-co Ant w 
”i iefc 

oiii-o-t . 

ml is mu v is m .re 

II . an 1 in; ».■ do 

luii ah I »a.l his, 
t~l i. . ! j So \ mi 
ilj.-rior dan de ma- 

in our al s. nt Iriends,” said Baddy 
“!’iii la p. t s o them all pie.|.|il.” 

I’.; da la I ".oiiBiidruni. "V.ti..»r the seven 
wise- men ul t . . c : 1 -* itn t the S*4'-e ol 1 1 indosl tnii 
what  !: i T.cfk n: ’ They eight .-aw siigos; ot, 

bey atL bell !t ;■ S. 

'in ilrcn 'doild be seen and n t load, “at 
t!iebo. said when be l.aJ r.ct I arned bis lisson/ 

r r r *r - 


Change. — The present number of the Ken- 
tucky Age terminates the first volume. The con- 
nection of Mr. Johnson ceases with this issue. 
The .Age will herealter be edited by F. L. Me 

[From the Washington Union.] 


We are authorized to state that A. C. Casey 
is no longer a candidate for constable. 

In the course of an article in the London Times 
of the 22d of January, upon the British Execu- 
tive, and the mystery so carefully preserved in 
England with regard to ministerial affairs, that 

• i journal takes occasion to contrast the brief expla- 

1 he opinion in Washington is, that J. Glancy ua tions by ministers in Parliament wi'h the full 
Jones, of 1 enn., and Mr. ioucey, of Conn., will an j comjiletc reports emanating annually from 

be members of the new Cabinet. Mr. Cobb, of 
Georgia, it is also confidently predicted, will be 

[From the Buffalo Republican.] 


Scene — Editorial room of a reliable journal. 
Principal editor grinding out a leader. Commer- 
cial editor and proof reader correcting and read- 
ing aloud a mass of statistics. Local editor busy 
writing a description of a patent powder horn 
warranted “not to cut in the eye,” or the money 
refunded. Enter — a gas man, with nine or ten 
sets of pincers, and forty-eight different kinds of 
burners. The gas man interrupts everybody to 
tell what he wants. It is a great invention — a 
valuable invention — an invention tlmt will save 

18 - 57 . 

1857 . 

Spring Sales. 



J. II. JOHNSON, Editor. 


TUESDAY : : : : : 1 

To our Readers. 
nection with the Kentucky Age ceases. 


each of the executive departments of the Ameri- 
t _ 1 ' can government, and refers to the last report from 

invited to a prominent seat at the same board, by , our Navy Department as an example of what a 
the I i evident elect. true national report should be, and especially of what should gas and pul money in the pockets of the people- 

’ emanate from the British Admiralty. The article Goes on to test the forty-eight burners one after 
is a long one, and we, therefore, extract from it ' another. Editor-in-chief swears. Commercial 

the Ainer- 1 editor raises his voice as he calls off his figures to 
quote it also as at once a com- j a yell and local editor examines burners with a 
mendation bestowed upon the practice of our gov- mixed delight of economy and wonder. After 

democrat — no true national man — no true lover 
| of the Constitution, will object lo either of these, 

•'EB. 24, 1357. S u *d emen   their intelligence, their patriotism, their such portions only as peculiarly interest 
s * a 'e«manship, are worthy of the distinguished po- ican rea(k . r . W e quote it also as at on 

With this number mv con- j s,tlon aS8 'S ned to them by the general report, and 

I in iheir 

Tliis number of the Age is one day in advance 
of the regular publication day, which will account 
for the small amount of editorial. 

characters will be found all the guaran- 1 ernment j n exposing to the public scrutiny, at stopping all editorial operations for an hour, gas 
jtees the nation will desire for the proper admin - rei , u ] ar intervals, the management of public af- man obtains the insertion of an article which costs 
istration of any office confided to them by the 1 ta j rSi and a most pleasing acknowledgement of! a dollar or two to put into type, the time of the 
Chief Magistrate of the country. 

! Ten dollar notes on the Bank of Commerce. 

■ — •- — Boston, altered from two's, have made their up 

OCrThe most dangerous foes ol the South are pearancc. The alteration is very skillfully done. 

those who ure loudest in their protestation ol (i 
uclity lo the rlootrine of States rights. A few 
southern fanatics, who are professed democrats, 
are now working more injury lo the democratic 
party and to the South, than all the combined 
northern fanatics have ever been able to do. 
The Charleston Mercury, the Mississippi Free 
Trader, and the New Orleans Delta, while pro- 
fessing to labor for the democratic parly have in- 
jured it more than the Louisville Journal, New 
York Tribune, and all their small co-laborers. 
The position assumed by these ultra southern 
prints before the election was simply absurd, but 
the position which they now occupy is both ab- 
surd and ridiculous. 

During the late canvass, those Don Quixotes 
were continually shrieking to the North that if 
Buchanan were not elected the Union would be 
dissolved. Since the election these same fil- 
ibusters are continually reminding the public 
that they forced the North into submission by their 
‘•bold and fearless ultimatnm,’’ when every one 
who understands the facts of the case must admit 
that the late election was won for the democracy 
despite of these southern fanatics. It is a well- 
known fact, that the main argument used against 
the democracy, both by the press and on the 
stump at the North, was these Bombastes Furioso 
edicts of these southern editors. And now 
with vanity, which is only equalled by their lack 

and w ill deceive all, except the most expert judges. 

The figure in the corner and the word “two”, in 
the margin are taken out by a chemical process, 
and the word “ten” printed in. Genuine tens may 
b recognized by the v gnette ofa steamship in the 
center, and the portrait of the late Robert G. Shaw 

the ability, industry, and deep interest in the im. editors, and the use of the newspaper, for noth- 
i provement of the navy, which have distinguished ' n S' and g oes °ff t0 victimize some other editor, 
the four years’ service of the present head of that ' ^ ne the editors, before the gas man retires, 
department — an improvement appreciated abroad timidly asks what good the insertion of the article 
as well as at home: is going to do the proprietors of the paper, when 

| “In the United States, it is otherwise, and a cit- he is informed that newspaper owners are expect- 
ed to work for the people free, and that the greater 

izen can there sit down and in the space of an 
hour or two thoroughly master the state of each ^ be banefit to some one else, the more they should 
department, all that it has done during the past he willing to suffer and pay. Editor is satisfied 
year, and all that it proposes for ilia future. Thus ' vbb this view of the case, and bows the gentleman 
we have before us in the annual report of the out - 

Here comes another individual, and the follow- 

in the right-hand corner; also, a group of female! 

figures in the left-hand corner. j ?CCrCta D’ of " ,e Nav y a compendious statement, . 

, such as we could defy the most diligent and prac- ln £ conversation takes place. 

Paris was recently thrown into intense excite- ticed compiler to extract from all the speeches and Stranger — “I called in to get you to make a no- 
mentby the announcement that the imperial baby's 
nose was stopped up with a cold, which it was 
feared would settle in the head. Orleanisl’ and 
Legitimists’ stock immediately took a rise. The 
fears of the people were soon relieved, however, 
by an official announcement in the Moniteur, that 
the imperial nasal organ had resumed its func- 
tions. The Paiisians must be a weak people to 
allow themselves to be led by the nose in this way. 

Coincidence. — The Louisville Democrat, ofa 
late (lute, contains the following paragraph: ‘-The 

know-nothing htate Council met in this city yes- 
terday.” And in another part af the paper ap 
peats the following: “An Irishman was stabbed in 
the back yesterday.” 



Cynthiana , Ky. 

I S now in receipt of the most complete stock of Staple 
L Domestic Dry Goods, direct from the factories, ever 
ottered tor sale in this market. 

Heavy Blue Twilled Cottons, 

“ Walnutt “ 

Striped and Plaid Cottons, 

Osiuburg Shirtings, 

Brown and Bleached Sheetings, 

All adapted to servants wear; together with numerous 
other styles of Goods, Notions, 


Table and Pot Let Cutlery, 

Hats and Caps, Fine and Plain Double and Single 

«- «t ' 



Constantly on hand, 

HI i; I) li A HI I I. A HI’S 

Celebrated Fishing Heels, 

The best in the world, the fishermans pride, to 
which the first premium was awarded at tho World’s Fair 
The abeve goons are now in store and for sale, together 
with a general supply of Merchandise too tedious to men- 
tion, and all of which are offered on the most 



reports of the whole British Admiralty, even aided lice of a ver - v valuabl,; improvement l have been 
by the Navy List and the intelligence from the makin S in »Hju»uog a check strap to the back of 
ports. Here wc have an account of all the squad- h arneS!ies 10 prevent horses from running away, 
rons; their force; where they have been; what Vou see how sinj P ,c a tbin g il '*• and 80 easily 
more arc wanted, and where; what new ships ma nngi-d that a child can drive the most spirited 
have been built, with what guns, of what calibre; horse without an y danger of being run away with, 
with a discussion of the comparative advantages ^ think it will be the means of saving many valu- 
of shot and shell. Then we have the condition of able livcs ’ and if y ou wil1 onl y 6 ive me a faTor ' 
the crews; proposed changes; new officers— in a able notice in your valuable columns, I can make 
word, the whole naval history of the year, and the monc y out * l - 

ministerial projects for the session all stated fully Editor "U ell, my friend, our time is valuable, 
and plainly. As far as we arc concerned, we 1 and no doubt   ou think you have what you con- 
have the opportunity ol knowing that the Amcri- s ' d " r a public benefit, still we cannot devote our 
cans are by no means neglecting their navy. serv ' ces and s P ace without an equivalent; we 
They are omitting nothing that may bring it not . must bave f ,a y * or '*• 

only to an equality, but even to a superiority; S |ran i5 cr '“Well, that s a strange idea. 1 
over the fleets of Europe. 'They are resolved not lb ' jU S ht newspaper, were got up lor the public 
to be beaten, and they are not afraid to tell us so, ! bencfit - and ,hat il was lke dut  ' °‘ edi,ors t0 no ’ 

A* I am determined not to be undersold by any bouse in 
Kentucky, CASH houses not excepted. 

I will receive, direct from New York and Philadelphia, 
by tho 20th of March, a Urge addition to this s lock, of 


Insets of Pearls, Cameo, Coral, Pure Jet, Minatue Pins, 
 te. Fine Gold and Silver Patent Lever Watches, Lockets 
Ac. Also a complete stock of 



Consisting of Lady's and Misses Dress Goods, Crape, 
Uarvg.-s, Veils, Ribbons, Glovc-s, and Mitts, Real Laces, 
Fancy articles in Real Lace, Fancy Embroideries, Mourn- 
ing Goods, Edgings, J nsertings, Flouncing*, Bands, Col- 
lars, Sets trimmed with Lace, Mantillas, Shawls,  Lc , all 
of the newest Paris styles, to which I invite the attention 
of my customers and the public at large. 

UTln common with oilier merchants of Cynthiana, who 
have heretofor transacted business on twelvemonths cred- 
it, I have made tho change to six months to prompt pay* 
ing customers. None others need ask it. All accounts 
due on the first of Jauuary and first of July of each year. 
feb24 S E. BROADWELL. 



Advertising and Correspondence Office, 360 Broadway, 




article of the 
kind ever before 
offered to the public. 

It has stood the lest of I wen 
ty years in this country, and not 
one of the many hundreds of imita- 
tions have been able to compete wi.h 
Il for preserving, dressing, and beautify. 

^ in the Hair, and keeping tile head clear from 
dandruff,  fcc. It is inestimable: in short, il is eve- 
rything the hair requires. Price 50 cents per bottle. 





for beautify- 
ing the skin and 
complexion, and per- 
fuming the breath, Mr 
curing Chapped Hands, Face 
Lips, Tan, Sunburn, Freck- 
les, Pimples, Scalds, Burns, he. 

A sure and safe cure for the Piles; 
one washing will give instant relief. 

After shaving, it is very soothing to the 
skin. It keeps the hands soft and white, and 
for inhumations of the skin it will be found to 
be a great Remedy. Price 50 cents and $ 1 per bottle., 


of the 
very best 
Natural ])vci 
in the world. Its 
long use has proved it 
to he beyond comparison: 
and being a vegetable produc- 
tion, no injury can possibly be done 
to the skin. It is easily applied, and 
yon can obtain a Mack or brown, which 
will defy the hest^u Igcs to tell it train na- 
ture itself. Price $1 and $1 50 per box. Made 
and sold by E. IMIALON, at 197 Be r ul wav, cor Dev 
 U. and 517 Broadway, St. Nicholas Hotel* N. Y. and 
allVlruggists ami fancy stores throughout the Ut ited States. 


I.liiul M-liiS t.nrrieii Seed. 

f pHIS day received, a good supply of the above 

seeds. Persons in want, should send ill orders while 
the assortment is complete. Also, Ridgley's and Parker's 
Almanacs, gratis. U. E BROADWELL. 

Talleyraxd, on leaving Paris once on a foreign 
embassy, was asked by a creditor, not for the large . . „ 

sum which lie owed him, nor for any portion of it, The value of this document is that it exhausts the ! l,ce a " tbe valuable improvements an inventions, 
but simply if his Excellency could give him even j subject. It professes to tell everything as far as else how will the world be benefited by genius and 
of sense, they very complacently congratulate a distant idea of the time when it might suit bis! certain reasonable limits will allow. The reader sclence - Now 1 thlnk   ou arc in du G bo,,nd to 
themselves and the country at large upon the convenience to repay. ‘ Sir,” said the diploma- sits down with the conviction that, if the report S ,ve - vour readers lhe benef,t of all the nnprove- 

great result brought about by their extraordinary List, “you are very inquisitive.” ; has not been actually ‘cooked,’ it leaves him in menls that are going on. lt^is of^ more importance pURESoda, Cream of Tartar and^forbre.d, 

foresight and bravery. Candidly, we do thiuk • possession of every fact of importance.” 

that such exhibitions of southern tomfoolery are Great Country. — The editor of the Louisville ******** 

mote disgusting than the loudest shrieks of Beech- J Presbyterian Herald gives a glowing account of the j “But the report on the American navy is more Stranger goes off in a huff, and editor returns 

er and his ni “'er worsliiDin"- crew. vastness of the great West. He says: particularly suggestive of one upon ours. At to his train of ideas, which, in most cases, in con . TT 

00 . 1 , . C it „:i 1 1 ,  r ||,„ ' M L FI Powder, Imperial and lOiingHvaen — a very au- 

The rights of tlic South depend «9on the Con- ‘ Last summer 1 traveled up the Mississippi present there is no such mystery, no lore so re- sequence of misplaced 1 ail-lery, lias run oil the |, erior article, by S. E. itROADWKLL. 

stitulion for their preservation. The rights of the r ' v f r i stTen bundrad miles north of St. Paul, in condite^no knowledge so unattainable, as jbo track. And this occurs twenty times a week, un- 

States, as defined and protected by the Conslitu- , Mmesota Territory. I said to a friend resident state of the British navy. Certain .Admiralty re- dfcr the mistaken idea that paper, steam, 


1 HOICK article of Chewing Tobacco, C'i'urs, and 
Smoking Tobacco, ai S. E. BROADWELL’S. 


Territory. I said to a friend resident 1 state of the British navy. Certain Admiralty re 
tion, consist, not in the isolated privilege of there — ‘Well, 1 feel as if I had almost got to the turns tell us all the ships in and out of commis- 
establishing or rejecting slavery; but each State jumping off place at last.’ He quietly replied. 1 sion, and where they arc, or ought to be. But, 
is left free to regulate its own affairs indc- 'There are three hundred and fifty miles of tciri- \ as they say the children of this age are the men 
pendent of each and every other State in the lory north of us yet, in the United States.” Take ol the future fleet of England. So what ships 
Union. This is the doctrine of the democratic ! a k w figures by way of illustration of the subject, arebuilding? How many ‘leviathans of the deep, 

brains, and time, are valueless. 

A French Marriage or Prudence — The Pari, 

• • f t LASS Ware this ilay received, a large a-sorinicnt uf 
10 ’ 1 vJ lUc above ware, which I will close onion ai-coiumc- 
| dating terms. S. E. BKU.VUW Kl,l,. 


party, and this is the only doctrine upon which 
with our present institutions northern and southern 
men can unite. If the northern democracy come 
square up to the principles of the Kansas-Ne- 
hraska bill, it is all that the Soutli has aright to 
ask or expect. It is all that the temperate 
and sensible men of the South do expect, bui 
we lihve a party which calls itself the ultra States 
Eights party — and there never was a greater mis. 
stonier, not excepting "American" — the members 
of which are so extremely southern that they turn 
up their chivalrous nosea at every northern man 
who does not profess to be desperately in love 
with the institution of slavery. They assume 
that the democratic is a pro-slavery parly, and 

New York, the great Empire Slate, lias only 47,- 
000 square miles of territory, whilst Nebraska has 
335,882 miles; Texas, 237,000; Minnesota, IGG,- 
000; and Kansas 114.798. That is lo sav, Ne- 
braska has territory to make more than seven States 
as large as New York; Texas, five; Minnesota, 

those pompous three-deckers, ignacumpecus, made 
for the sole purpose apparently of consuming 
men, coal, and money? How many frigates fit to 
show beside the Merrimac, whether in peace or in 
war? llow many of those sloops-of-war, and 
those gun-boats, upon which the American report 

their idea of States rights amounts simply to this: I 

The South has a right to hold slaves, and the board a steamer on the Mississippi, and asked 
North has no right not to hold them. These south- j .-Which way. Smith, up or down?” -That de- 
em fanatics Are precisely as much Stales rights pends upon circumstances.” remarked the latter; 
men as the northern abolitionists, and not a parti- -if [ gel a berth over the bnilor, I shall probably 
cle n.ore. The abolitionists claim that the North g0 up; if in the cabin, down.” We have not heard 
has all the rights, and the southern disunionisls f rom l,j m since. 

claim the same for the South. They occupy the •- 

respective positions of the north and south poles, I Forty young Vermonters, of both sexes, had a 
(where we wish they were), and are so very dis- party and supper at the hotel in Bethel, and be 

three; and Kansas, two. How will the boast of before us dwells with such fondncssundcompla- 

New York that she is the Empire State, look fifiy eencj? What improvements have we made and 

years hence?” i adopted in our guns? Is what'Vulcan’ tells us in 

" “*“ — | another column true? W hat has been done, or 

Pope Innocent III, first decreed that marriages 1 1 0 be done, to render the service more attractive 

should be church ceremonies. Before this, it was anc [ t] ie discipline more perfect? A general report 

only necessary for the bridegroom to go in lhe : would comprise all these points of information. 

presence ol witnesses to the bride’s house and | “The burden now lies rather with the opposi- 

lead her to his own. I lion or the public, than the minister; for it the 

,, , , . latter is not challenged, he is held free to be com 

Mr. Jones met Mr. Smith as he was going en . ° . , T . f 

e o 1 vf* nr not as he nlensps It is OUT fault if 

Siecle contains the following: “On the 29th of 
. December last, a town in the north of France was 
quite en fete on account of the marriage of Mdle. 
Eugenie D., the only daughter of a manufacturer 
of the neighborhood, with M. Charles V., the son 
of a wealthy merchant of Paris. The marriage 
was one of prudence and arrangement rather than 
of love. All the questions of interest had been 
carefuly attended to, but the point of mutual in- 

lliirifoi'd, Connecticut. 



S. E. BROADWELL, Agent, 

Cynthiana, Ky. 

f, b'24 1 y 


Thomas Corder, and Sally, liis wifi’; James Rollins. 


Family Iteekly Paper — for which the tuost popular 
writers in the country contribute, lias .now attained the 
extraordinary circulation of two hundred and twenty-fire 
thousand copios. '1 lie Ledger is devoted lo polite liiera- 
ture, original tales, sketches, poetry, essays, gossip and 
current news, and maintains a high moral tone It is 
everywhere ac/.oowledgrd lo he tire best family paper in 
lhe world! Hence its extraordinary populirily. Mr. 
Bonner, the proprietor of the Ledgerj employs the best 
laleut in lhe country, and by so doing males tile best pa- 
per. Such writers as 




Are permanently enga-ed on if, and will write forno 
oilier paper herenft.-r. .Mrs. SIGOURNEY. also, con- 
stantly wnies for il;su do s host of uliiei popular aulhois 





C A. A SYDNEY, Ac.,  te. 

The Led ger is beautifully illustrated every week. 

’lhe New Yor£- Ledger is printed   n beautiful white 
pap-r, and is composed of eight pages, making the hand- 
somest weeklv paper in the country. It is published every 
Saturday, ami sold at all news offices in every rjtv anil 
town throughout the country, and is mailed to subscri- 
bers at two dollars per annum ; two copies are sent for 
three dollars. Any person oblniuing e'jlit subscribers at 
[ SI 51) each, (which is our lowest club rales.) and sending 
us $12, will heentilled lo one copy free. Terms invaria- 
bly in advance. Address all letters to 

Publisher of the New Yur£ Ledger, 

44 Anil street, New Yor £. 

N. B. — All tho Xovellelfcs that Mis. Emms D. E. N. 
Southwortll writes alter the first of February next, will 
be published only in the New Yori Ledger. 

clinaiion was totally neglected. Every one seem- | an j Rachel, his wife; James McKinney, and Lucinda 

ed tray and happy, except tile bride. However, i J’ is wife; and Thomas Roller; take notice that on the 4lh 

° 3 i i Monday in April, 1^57, 1 will apply lo the Justices of lhe 

the ceremony took place, and a wedding banquet Harrison County Court for the appointment of conimis- ILL please notice the advertisement dc   riptive ol 

followed, the whole being terminated by a splendid * o»crs to divide Lot No. 7 , of the division of the lauds » Mr. Scars’ Pictorial Family Bible, and f 0 r the 

of R:irf,»l It mu iloponanrl 1 A L la KlAU. * - 


municative or not, as he pleases, 
we let him hold his tongue, and he generally con- 
trives to got some advantage over us, throws the 
burden on the Admiralty, which may he called lo 
account for every omission. From this depart- 
ment, then, at least, we hope to hear at an early 
date, what we are doing to meet these magnificent 

ball. The festivities were drawing to a close 
when a servant informed the bridegroom that a 
gentleman desired to speak with him on a very ur- 
gent affair. The bridegroom went out. but did 
not return for the rest of the evening. The guests 
one by one retired, hut the husband remained ab- 
sent, and at last, long after midnight v thc bride 
withdrew to her chamber. There she at once dis- 
covered the cause of her husband’s absence, for 
on the table by the bedside she found a small par- 
cel and the following note from her husband: 
Madame — 1 had no right in marrying you to 

of Rurtol King, deceased, 
fib ‘4 3t* 

Threshing Machine 

similar that they are almost alike. 

We have un utter contempt for those political 
bullies, and have the satisfaction of express- 
ing it in this our last “Age.” YVa like the Souili 
and her institutions. Of our own free choice wc 
made Kentucky ,• our home. We have, accordin 

j expect a sincere affection, since we were but little 
frigates and their tremendous armaments, those acquainted with each o.her; I, however, looked 
135-poundcrs. Are we only providing huge tar- I for a heart which had never throbbed for another, 
i came so elated that a clergyman was sent for, and £ Pts ‘ t0 be rent and raked and sen 1 10 shivers by i and which I might by assiduity and tenderness 

..... . . . .. 1 in tKu sir,. I muL-a mV AU'n Kilt 3 I ( 1 1 1 If cpriPR Ol 



printed catalogue of all our illustrated works. 

the it itiated in the great art of selling h oos, 
we would say. that we present a scheme for money inn - 
iug, far better than all the gold mines of California and 

g^'I’ersons wishing to embark in this enterprise, will 
risk little by sending to the $ .5, for which lie will re- 
ceive sample copies of the various works, (at wholesale 
prices,) carefully boxed, insured, and directed, affording 
a very liberal percentage to the ngent for trouble. 
With these he will soon he able to ascertain the most sale- 
able, and order accordingly. Address (post-paid) 

ItOuERT SEARS, Publisher, 
lSIWilliam street, N. T. 


A GENT forEmerj’s Threshing Machine -nd Separa 
-tY tor, has examinedall the Threshing Machines that 

their nimbler and more powerful assailants, or ar» ! in the cnd make m y own Bul a long series have been introduced into Kentucky, and think, that 

„ „ . . | ..... letters from you to another man have just been EMERY’S PATENT 

^ ! we preparing the British sailor to fij'ht upon more , . .• . u , . u llfl l 

CimiTrsi isTiit Nnv y . _ |i . , , W | , r, i f , placed in my hand letters which prove, i | s best for tho farmer that has been introduced. You 

Gakrotisg in the New Fork Hotu, — A bout; equal terms? What craft have we got for the i y 0U g ave nie j- our hand, your affection has been 

halt-past three o'clock yesterday afternoon a man j next war in shoals and creeks? W’liat are we pre- | given to another. I cannot. Madame, accept such 

about twenty-three years old, dressed in a black paring? What further suggestions has the First J an arrangement, and. as 1 am unable lo rend 

to our ability, labored for the rights of the South ovcraoat - and Uack pantaloons and hat, vtuih a Lord of the Admiralty to ofl’er? This is just what "ince! I mn* d^m i ned prottsQVleMt 

ns faithfully as any of her natural sons. If we scari on lus tu ‘ ck ‘ e, ^ ered llle * ew ' "rk we have in the American report, and but for the j by my abscnce  nga inst the union which I have 

never write another word in her defence, we are and " ult looni fifty-four, occupied by Mrs narrow, contentious, parliamentary practice, we j contracted; and the first day of our marriage shall 
huite sure that we shall never be found amon-r her Bales ' and ' i ltb chisel and hammer began to break should look for the same from the mouth or the be the first also of a widowhood which shall only 

» _ I I.. II n . t . . . .. : L r il. A rxf Ann nt 1,0 X /Dai, 

four couples were married “right off the reel. ” 

assailants. We love and revere the Union of °pc* hertrunks. Mrs. Bates was alone in he rroom, pen of Sir Charles Wood.” 
these States, because we believe that the blessings t and " as so laktn ^ sur pkise at the fellow s cool - 
and privileges of the States spring from, and are i lle s idlu "_ as t nl ' rfd y at a l° ss to conjecture 

dependent np.n thn Union. W. reg.rd, dng n,o» tlte Presidentt.l eleet ion retntned by ,h. i b|. »•» bound de.d in be, roon, Iron, .be fun,.. 

( terminate by the death of one of us. Adieu, 
Madame, for ever!’ 

are credibly informed, ! The next morning the house of the rich rnanu- 

Singular, Very. — We 

that out of near two hundred indictments for bit- facturer was plunged into consternation, for the 

late Grand Jury, but nineteen were against know- of lighted charcoal. On the table lay the parcel 


unionist in the same light that wo do an 

, . , ,i , i c one hand, and covered her mouth with the other 

ist, because they arc both laboring fur the same uuier. - . . - . . i e , ,, , 9n  l 

J ° b While she was so frightened and smothered as t0 ' nothings. This is a pretty large proportion when of letters transmitted by her husband, aud near 

. . ' be unable to give the alarm, the ruffian made his il is considered that a democrat could not bet them the following note: 

t te cohtemp o a true an, o\a ov is o our esca p C  w i t i lou t detection; but without havinx* liod without a know nothing to help him. Some ill ‘Monsieur — It is I that am in the wrong, and it 

1 to secure any booty. He probably entered »atured persons explain the difference made be- ^ m-U il° in m/^r; "i re- 
thc room under the supposition that it was nnoc- tween democrats and know-nothings by the fact j t0 you your liberty, and I expire impl 
cupicd, and when he discovered his mistake, hop - 1 ! ba ! ! be Grand Jury was know-nothing through- j. our pardon.’ ” 
ed, by intimidating Mis. Bates, to get out of the out - II is clear tbat a difference was made, and 
ing uear Montgomery, Ala., lias manufactured a scrape without being caught. The audacity of a vei 7 broad one, but we do not undertake to ex- 
shirt without a seam. It is woven entire— there ! lhe act , in a | ar g e an j populous hotel like the plain it. We simply state the fact. Our reader, 

• New York ’ is aTm0St 'Vithout a parallel, even in j can draw their own inlerenccs .-Clarksville J.f- 
particular about a shirt is woven into it. making a the annals of garrotmg. — N. 1. Express. fersontan. 

perfect and finished one. Is it any heller than ~ , 

- ..... . i An Anti-Vegetarian Virgin. — One of our* rosTOFFirE Crushed.— On rmlay afternoon, 

end, and may they both be buried deep 
1 true and loyal lover 
common country. These are our sentiments, an 
no one is obliged to endorse them who does not 
like tin m. 

Siiirv Without a Seam. — A Mrs. Smiley, liv- 

acured a 
re — there 
The but- 

can work oii« or two liorses and thresh grain with three 
or four hands. It t ikes up but a small space and can be 
worked in a barn This celebrated patent has taken the 
premium over all other machines. The premium was 
awarded to it at the Kentu'-k v Slate Fair of 1655. They 
arc manufactured in Albany, X. Y , by the iurentor. The 
work warranted to be done in good style. 

Cynthiana, Ky. feb24 


& Brother 

IT jTOULD respectfully inform the citizens, and the La- 
\ \ dies in particular, of Cynthiana and Harrison coun- 
ty, that they have just opened their well selicted stock of 



Call ond examine our stock before purchasing else- 
where. Watches, Clocks and jewelry carefully repaired 
and warranted to give satisfaction. 

ALSO: — Guns, Trunk, and Door Keys repaired at this 
place. [feb3 6m] C. H i- J. L. WEST. 


shirts made with seams? — Hickman Aryns. 

Well, it seems not. 

The Latest New York HoRKck — Is lhe mur 
derof a Doctor Curded, who was found dead in 
his sleeping room. It appears that the murder- 

Prf.sbytkrias. — The Rev. Wm. Hall preaches 
at the Presbyterian church, the first and third ] 
Sundays of each month. The Rev. W. H. For- 
sythe will occupy the pulpit the second Sunday of ; 
each month. 

mm FOR MLB. 

Employment li»r the Winter. 

Tho best Book ( lor Agent.*. 


An Elegant Gift for a Father to Present to his Family. 
C't?' Sell, I tor One opy, and try it among your Friends 

U TANTEI) — Agents in every section of the United 
States and Canada, to circulate 

Sears’ lar^e type quarto Bible, 

For family use — e -titled 

The People's Pictorial Domestic Bible, 

With about one Thousand Engravings! 

This useful boo is destined, if we enn form an opinion 
from the notices of the press, to have an unprecedented 
circulation in every seciion of our wide-spread continent, 
audio form a distinct era in the sale of our wor s. It 
will, nodoubt, in a few years hccom. .iiuvauilv iiiblb 

'lie most liberal remuneration will be allowed to 
»U persons who tuny b* pleased to procure subscrij-ers ,3 
the above. From 50 to 100 copies may easily be circu- 
lated and sold in cacti of tho principal cities amt towns of 
the Union. It will be sold uv sense sift ion onlt. 

^^’Application should be made at oneo, as the field 
will soon he occupied. 

Persons wishing to act as agents, and do a safe bus. 
iness, can send for a specimen copy. receipt of 

the established price, Six Dollars, the Pictorial Family 
with a well tiound subscription ! ook, will be care- 
fully boxed, and forwarded per express, at our risk and 
expense, to any central town or village in the United 
Stales, excepting those of California, Oregon ami Texas. 

^^•Rcgister your letters, ami your money will como 

ggTIn addition to the Pictorial Bible, we publish a 
large number of Illustrated Family Wont , very popular, 
and of such a high moral and nnexcepi Ion able character, 
that while good men may safely engage in their circula. 
tion, they will confer a public benefit, and receive a fair 
compensation for their !nbor. 

(^“Orders respectfully solicited. For further partica. 

Two very likely negro girls, twelve 
and fourteen years of age. Inquire at lars, address the subscriber, (post paid 
this office, or at the office of the Kentucky 1 ltnnn 

Flag in Paris. t mar 1 * 



181 William street, N. Y. 



Postoffice Crushed. — On 

north country pitmen, who had turned vegetarian, about 3 o'clock, the roof of the new four story j 

went a courting to a plucky lass in the colliery ! building at Dubuque, in which the postoffice had | Episcopal. — T he Rev. Carter Page preaches in _ 

viilage, and “popped the question.” “Oh!” said j Dtely been located, fell in on account of. the weight j the Episcopal Church the first, third, and fourth J ~ ( | (i cncr;i l |,and Agent 

she, “go along wi'.h you! Do you think I'ni go- j •‘•now upon it. The back wall fell on a small (tarn- Sundays ol each month, at 1 1 o’clock, a. m. leaven worth City k' T. * C ’ 

ing to be flesh of your flesh, and you live on cab bouse adjoining, and crushed it, killing two p. r  ^ * j p BO MPT attention given to every thing connected 

era entered his room and awaited his arrival, 'lhe ba-'es* No indeed I don't helon-r to the rabbit son s. an old man and his wife. The floors in the Now is THE Time to Subscribe. — All persons | with real estate and land Agency; also, to procuring I ■- • the citizens of Cynthiana and vicinity, that he has 

Coroner’s inquest occupiut! Ii,*.,. d.js. A Mr. Koglisl, ’ upper of lb. building ,e„ oru.l..dio, b» . wi -liing (o subscribe lo the standard monthly mag- j '“‘.“;“"'^ g yH7^ n 5. dC (:?’Brechfn^dgo, i, LMingU n, ' re^^n5 n c!«hM"?u’*tb“ , Ui?oT P J!?p^ocuj ^’by , '4.*lt! 

Kckul and a Mrs. Cunningham were commuted as 1 « fortunately, the second story floor remained firm, a/.ines can do so by leaving their names with Mr. T. B. Monroe, Frankfort, Ky.; Judge George Hoffman. 

principals, and a daughter of the woman, with Ague— P art’s Ague Tonic or Substitute for’ and protected the inmates of the postoffice. One Williamson at the Posloffice. Mr. Williamson is rcmov.;d fr^ 

her lover named Snodgrass were held as actes- Quinine is the safest, best and most reliable cura clerk was slightly injured. Ibis building was not' getting up clubs for Godey, Graham, Harper, j 0 _. jj on Sam’l Woodson, Independence, M 0 .; a. 

ju rie 5 . , lor lleruld. i one of the finest in Dubuque. fcc , &c. | II. Itobcrtsen, Jacksonville, Ills. jan6iy 

ill n street, northeast of the Courthouse, Cynthisna, 
Kentucky. marl ly 

Renovating and Repairing. 

LUNDY, of Lexington, respectfully informs 

varnish, and every kind of stain that inay adhere to ooods 
without the slightest injury to the garments. janilOJw 


-IV -Li ll -L U V7 -LV. »n«n Prinrinnl. 


FEB. 24, 1857. 




During the past week our town has been enli- 
vened bv the entertaining exhibitions of Mr. Pow- 
ers. The hall was crowded, and young and old j 
alike seemed to enjoy the performances. Mr. I 
powers intends visiting Lexington, Franktort, &e.. j 
and will no doubt be largely patronized. His ex- 
hibition is one that will lake. 

Cleanse the System — Prevent Disease. — Hur 
lev's Sarsaparilla, is unquestionably the most sur- 
prising and wonderful medicine ot the age. J^o 
matter how inveterate the disease, or ol what dura- 
tion or character, it is certain to reach it. Thou. 

; Advertising and Correspondence Office, 3fio Broadway, 


O R , 

Phalon’s Paphian Lotion; 

A great Cosmetic for beautifying tlie Gkin and complex- 
ion and for curing Chapped Hands, Face, l.ips, Tan, Sun- 
burn, Freckles, l’imples, Scalds, Burns, etc. A sure and 
safe cure for the Piles — one washing will give instant re- 
lief. After shaving, it is very soothing to the skin. It 
keeps the hands soft and white, and for all inflammations 
of tiie skin it will he found to be a great remedy. Price 
One Dollar per bottle. 


j One of the very best Natural Dyes in the world. Its long 
use has proved it to be beyond Comparison: and, being n 
. . . . |   * vegetnblc production, no injury can possible be done to 

sands use it during tha spring to pur.ty the blood. | the skin. It is ensile applied, and you can obtain a blach 

J. J. BOYD, Principal. 

Potfofficc building, comer Third ami Jefferson streets. 

r P iJ F. attention of the young men of Kentucky in 
1 particular, and of the western and southern States 
irenctailv, is respectfully called to the advantages which 
rlii' institution offers for the acquisition of a knowledge of 
book-keeping and commercial pursuits generally. Jt is 
now in a flourishing condition, and is working under a 
charter incorporation. The rooms arc large and com- 
modious and arc fitted up in a splendid style. The am- 
pit • xpcrienecof the principal, as a practical accountant, 
rende." him competent to impart valuable instruction to 
his students. On introducing the subject to the pupil, 

1 he is led carefully, step by step, through the fundamental 
and general font arcs of the science, and when these are 
fully r« ah, d, he is required to embark into a career of I 
general speculation and merchandisiag; framing and ad- j 
.justing contract*, j u • n es, sales, &c., under the immedi- 
I ate direction of Mr. Boyd, making the necessary entries 
: in the principal aud auxiliary hooks, in precisely the same j 
‘ manner and order as they are made by the skillful hook- | 
keeper, in the counting-room of actual business. Thu 

n at 

Li MHiLlUf! 


The Direct Route to the Interior of 


Bi'iiig Ballaklvil mill Broken Bock, is 
BLiilireiy free from Bust. 

No Accident eno'-.-xer'yig the Life of any Pcssen- 
ge r ever occurred. * 

c^ri?G £\.x 


Bolt. Clipper. I or u brown whiri w.ll defy the hc« judges to tell it from ' v, ' c '’ ,h * k » wmpleted, the student finds hi.melf n„t 
jinn, i/iq/u. - a inert* tlicorctiv a. hut a nractical accountant — hem nr fu - 

A Connecticut Excitement. — The Middletown 
(Connecticut) papers contain an account of the 
assault made upon Walter S. Carter, editor of the 
Middlesex Argus, by Captain DeKay, of New 
York, in which the former was beaten so that his 
life is in dange'. 

“A subscrib.r to the Argus had moved out of a 
house where the carrier had been in the habit of 

nature itself. Frieo $1 and $1 50 per box. 

Made and sold by E. I’HALON, at 107 BROADWAY , 
corner Dcy st., an*d 617 Broadway, St. Nicholas Hotel, 
N. Y. and all Druggist, aud Fancy Stores thoroughout 
the U. S. 

Plia ion's Chemical Hair Invijrorater 

a men* theoretical, hut a practical accountant — being ful- 
ly conversant with every branch of this interesting and 
important science as applied to wholesale, retail, shipping, 
exchange, banking, commission, steamboating, and busi- 
ness of compound or compauy speculation, in each ofwliicli 
he has met with adverse as well as prosperous operations. 

It is an important fact, admitted by those who have in- 

Thc most complete article of the kind ever before offered fonned themselves on the subject, that the practical work 

, . til flllii I INf I f 11 III ill li it (ill tin nnim.iiim Inr oln.m llm 

to the public. It has stood the test of twenfv years in this 
country, and not one of the many hundreds of immitntions 
have been able to compete with it for preserving, dressing, 
and beautifying the Hair, and keeping the head clear from 
| dandrufi. etc It is inestimable: in short il is everything 

leaving the paper. The Kev. Mr. Harwood, who j the hair «c |uire?. i’xfce 50e. and ¥1 per bottle, deg tin. 

A Retired Physician, 

Vi/HOSE sands of life have nearly run ont, discover- 
V V ed, while in the East Indies, a cortain cure 

is said to be a professor in the Berkley Divinity 
School, in that place, had moved in. The paper 
was left as usual, and was taken in by the Rev. 
gentleman lor eight or nine months. At the end | 
of that time 


[ Consnm tion, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, and general 

, debility. This remedy was discovered by him when hi* 

the IlfV. Mr. Harwood, after having i only child — a daughter — was given up to die. Wishing 

hissed the editor at a public meeting, sent an in- l °d°as much good as possible, he will send to such of lii  

. . . . . , . . . . afflicted fellow-beings as request it this receipt, with full 

suiting letter to him, and asking to have it discon* 1 directions for mukiug lip and successfully using it. He 

tinued. This note the editor published, with corn 

“Captain DeKay, Harwood’s bfother-in-law, 
was sent for, or came from New York, and, as 
now appears, it was decided on Saturday that he 
should take the matter in hand. On Monday morn 
ing Captain DeKay found Mr. Carter in a book- 
store, and struck him over the head several times, 
got him down and pounded his head on the door, 
and kicked him in the chest and ribs, bringins on 
bleeding at the lungs and endangering his life. 
Captain DeKay has been arrested. 

''There is great excitement against DeKay, and j each bottle lias our signature over tbc i 
a strong in force to prevent violence, as w 

there have been demonstrations showing that he ! i 
may be lynched if he gats into the hands of the 
people. Every lawyer in the town has refused to 
to defend him.” 

require* each applicant to inclose him one shilling — three 
cents to he returned as postage on the receipt, anti the re- 
mainder to be applied to the payment of this ndvortisc- 
I inent. Address Dr. II. JAMES, 

janfi 3mo No. 19 Grand street, Jersey City, N. J. 


HE NOT DECEIVED hr base imitations' IIEGE 
[OIL, never disappoints, and ten years’ experience lias 
I proved it superior to all others, and the only reliable cure 

As there is a great deal* of spurious oil in the market 
adulterated with seal oil, whale oil, Ac., too much cure 
j cannot he taken to procure the Genuine. 

Our Oil is made at our factory in New Foundland and 

cork, be careful to 
thousands who had 
ere about giving up ; 

in despair, have been restored to health by using the (*enu- 
ine Oil of our manufacture. Sold by all Druggists. 423m 

of this institution places it on an eminence far above the 
majority of similar ones; and it is by tbc thorough exer- 
cise of this one feature that our students are, in some two 
months, enabled to acquire a competency for, and famili- 
arity with commercial pursuits, that they cannot, from 
mere observation or employment in such business, attain 
ilijas many years. 

Tor liis Mif cess in imparting a thorough knowledge of 
the science. Mr. B. refers with pleasure to the certificates 
ofsoiiicsi  hundred students who have graduated, and 
are now filbii j the responsible stations of Book-keepers 
in this and other cities. 

Average time requisite for the accomplishment of 
the work, six weeks. 

Pupils arc instructed individually and not in class, so 
that students may enter at any time, and proceed in the 
iatic of their capacity and assiduity. 


For Tuition in Book-keeping, Commercial Calculation, 
and Penmanship, $ 2500 

Books and Stationary, 

Graduation Fee, 

Two Daily Train* Midi Way, Sliuduys 

On ami after Monday, Nov., 3d, 1855, and uniil fur- 
ther notice, Trams will run as follows: 


Leaves the Covingtov Depot at 7:25 a. m stopping at 
all regular staiioiib, and arri y ing at Lexington at 1 2:1 5 
l* m. Returning, leaves Lexington at 205 p. m , ami arrives 
at Covington at 6:50 r. m 

Through passengers by this train connect at CynOiiarn 
with stage lines io Ruddle’s Mills, Carlisle, Millersbnrg, 
and MiiysvilU; at P*ris with stage lines to Muysvdb, 
Winchester, Mt. Sterling. Carlisle, ami Georgetown ; pt 
Lexington with stage lines :o Nicholas*! lie, Bryants* i'de, 
Danville, Perryvillc, Lebanon, Newmarket. Selma, Camp- 
hellsville, Greens ourgh, Monroe, Blue Spring Grove. 
M:uinnoth Cave. Gla.gow, Lancaster, Crab Orchard, 
Richmond, Rogersville, Kingston, London, Barbours' ille, 
Cumberland G»p. Tazewell, Bean’s Station; ami con- 
necting with daily stage lines through Virginia, North 
and South Carolina, and Tennessee. 


Leaves Lexington *: 6 o'clock, a. m , stopping at all 
; regular and flag stations, ami arrives at Covington atl 1.15 
a. m. Returning, leaves Covington nt 2 p. m., slopping 
as above, and arrives at Lexington at 6:45 P. m. 


Will leave the Depots in Covington and Lexington, 
daily, at 5:30 a. m 

tiaics of Tare. 

Covington to Lex ; ngton* 

Covington to Pans- 
Covington to Cynthia na. 

0*Kor Through Tickets end all information please ap- 


Trunks, Traveling Bags, Umbrellas, Ac 

By C. T. Belling. 


I S now opening one of the best and most beautiful and 
decidedly the hot stock of ready-made clothing, 
botli for men and boys, ever brought to ibis county. All 
those who feel interested in purchasing good aud cheap 
clothing, at fair and honest prices, will do well to call 
iu, and examine my stock. 

I do not claim to sell goods at cost, but I do claim that 
I will sell as low as any one else. 

i; u e a u 



E R 


r |MIK undersigned is opening the most complete and best 
-L selected assortment of 

C L 0 T H I N G , 




Trunk*, Tmvcline Bags, Umbrella*, Table & Fnrkct 
j Cutlery, Fannin)' ami Mechanical Tunis, Kitchen Ware 
3 jip i ami Fancy Notions. 

9 40 Tobacco. Cigars, Green and Black 

2 OO 

Teas of the best Brands 

f ™ P’-V at the Covington and Lexington and Little Miami Of- an| , e description of Domestic and imported 
1 00 flees, No. 2 Hocc, first door north of \ me street, * 

£-^'Gooil Boarding can he procured as low as $3 per No. 17 Gibson House, or at, Old Office, southeast eornci 

Fromj^lbanv — The Inundated District Fro- 
zen Ov^g — Yesterday hundreds of citizens were 
to he seen moving over the ititti. dated district.! 
The wea liter lias been so cold that the wa'er has 
frozen to the depth of several inches in the stores, ! 
wltiie in the streets and upon the river it is suffi- 
eientlv strong to bear teams, a nnmlitr of which 
crossed over to East Albany and Gteenbush dur 
iitg the day. On the docks, the ice is nearly up 
to the second -tory ol the stores, and hosts of men 
and boys are enjoying the fine ska-ing that it at- 
fords. On the Steamboat Landing the ice was 
piled up in immense quantities. One would sup- 
pose that it could not be removed by midsummer. 
Lp to yesterday passengers front from the South 
and Last were detained at East Albany since 
Monday morning. There the most shameful exac. 
tions were practiced by tii. owners of horses wag- 
ons, who charged $23, and. in some instances, as 
high as fitly dollars, to convey a passenger to 
I toy, a distance of six miles. 

The village of Greenbush was literally sub- 
merged. From Sunday nig'it up to yesterday 
there was no communication between the village 
and the city. Yesterday was the first that any 
information as to the actu 1 damage done there 
reached us. It was thought to have been consid- 
erabe, but reality exceeds all that was conjectured 
Not a house in the village escaped damage. Eve- 
ry- body has sustained loss — the losses ranging 
from 810 to 53,000. People were driven bv the 
rising waters first from their basements, then from 
the first floors, aod again from the second stories 
to the attics. 

The subsiding of the flood hns enabled us to 
visit that portion of our city which has been inun- 
dated and is still surrounded with ice and water- 


Gratis to Everybody! 

Rich, Karr . and Spicy! 

Library of W*t, Romance anil Racines.-! 

E have now in print a large Catalogue of the mos 
f »sc mating. interesting, and curious Publications 
that wen* ever published in this or any other country. 
Tliov are al; translated from the French of the most cele- 
brated authors, and every due of them is illustrated with 
beautiful characteristic Eng- livings (the moat of them 
colored). Catalogues sent FREE bv return mail, to any 
person who will cron n Pm* addressed to 

janSI Tin No 177 Greenwich street, N. Y. 

Lyon’s Kathairon 

Has now become tbc standard prepara- 
tion for tbc hair. Its immense sale, 

1,000,000 BOTTLES 

| per year, attests its excellence ami great 
j uperiority over all other articles of tbc 
Lind. The Ladies universally pro- 
j.touitcc the 


I’o be, by far, the finest and most agree- 
able article they ever used It restores 
the hair after it Iras fallen out, invigo- 
rates and beautifies it, giving to it a rich 
glossy appearance, and imparts a dc- 
i ightful perfume. Sold by all dealers 
iiroughout the United States, Canada. 
Mexico, Cuba, and South America, for 
cents per bottle. 
ilLAiii, \Y YNKOOP £ CO., Proprietors, 

63 Liberty street, New York. 
Manufacturers of Perfumery of all kinds, and in great 
variety. dec 16 6m. 

For Choirs and the Family Circle. 


Musical Pioneer and Choristers" Budget. 


\ UTIIOR of the Cythara, Dulcimer, Lute of Zion, 

I Jt V etc. 

This p 

its second  ear. having been commenced October 1 , 1853 
| It is printed on fine paper, and makes annual volumes of 
, 200 pages of matter intensely interesting to the lovers of 
i Music. Besides Musical Intelligence, and Biographies of 
distinguished Musicians, its columns will be enriched 
I by nearly 


It has brought upon those of our citizens who are Anthems, Psalm-Tunes, Glees, Songs for the Piano and 


BRITI n H T hKimmliTr 

Reprinted from Advance Sheets 

By which earlv copies of each work ate at all 
time ycsj-.ively secured. 

LEON All!   SCOTT & CO„ 

N EW YORK. cor.t»*iue to republish the following 
British Periodicals v\ 7: 

The London Quarterly Review, (Conservative.) 
Edinburgh w, (Whig.) 

North britifO. Review, (Free Church.) 
\V*stn»:n?*i* r »?» icw, (Liberal.) 

Black ro^** * Kdiuburgn Magazin**, (Tory '» 

The present crit'cn. -*H.e**f Ermpean affairs will r^n- 
der these publication** ^vial'y inleiestiug dmtoc tbo 
forthcoming yea* . * »*i 1 occupy u middle ground 

between the i:asM»r news items, crude specu: a* 

tions, and flying *u».. d l!ic daily journal, and the 
ponderous tome of -ire h'storian, written after lb* 4 

living interest and -KM^sinen* «»f the great political 
events of the time shsi*, o»»vr passed awav. It is to ^hese 
periodicals that lesdei?; look for the only really in- 
telligible and rePaoic * o»u % rv «»f current events, and as 
such, iu ndditioii to their well-established iilerary, see n 
tific, a nil theologies* r 'itNcut, we urge hem upon the 
consideration or the - public. 

Arrangements urt i:-»w oormanently made f* r the re- 
ceipt of early  hee r  » » nm the British Publishers, ny 
which we are ena!»*»*,l i.» place all our reprints in tLe 
bands of subscribers a. rt an s*»oii as they could bo fut- 
nished with the foreign copies. Although this involves 
a very large outlay ni. n, »: part, we shall continue to fur- 
nihh the periodicals at r -:e same low rates as heretofore, 

For any one of the f Reviews - - - $ 3 00 

For any two of ti»2 fo« r Reviews - 5 oo 

For any three of the. bur Reviews - - - 7 00 

For all four of {tie Reviews - 8 oo 

For Blackwood’s ?.l*igurim* - - - • 3 00 

For Blackwood and tl.ra* Reviews - 9 00 

For B lac wood and tr.efcir Reviews 10 oo 


A discount of *35 cvt»* front tin* above prices, will he 
allowed to clubs orderlrsk tour or more copies of hiiv one 
or more of theabo'e *w w rk- T’iins, four copies of Itlack- 
wood, or of one Review Wi'.Mte *ent to one address for 

#3; four copies of tr.n Keviews and Blackwood for 

$30; and so on. 


In all tbc principa. and t*»wns these wotks will 

he delivered. *.bro.«g»*» ngun.s. krkk ok fostaok When 
sent by mail, the postage any part of ihe United 
States will be but 24 went'* a year for Blackwood, and but 
12 cent- 4 & year for **ac » f h** Reviews. 

Remittances and o ••Mention* should always be ad- 
dressed, post-paid, t*» :«iv pcblj-h-rs, 

LCON \ k I   S' OTT CO . 
ap5 6m bi Gold street. New York. 

Front and Broadway *jirecclv opposite the Spencer House. 

0. A. WITHERS, Superintendent. 

P. W. SrRADLR. Cano* dl Ag°nt. marl lv 

Maryland Lotteries 

I' OH ««.-VT. 

CORBIN & CO. Agents. 


“There is a tide in the nflairs of man. 

Which, if taken at the flood, leads to fortune." 
Splendid Schemes Drawing Daily. 


■  » C^dtHlEa iW .tt. C 7«». 

Tin- Old Established Authorized Agents who have 
Than any other office in the State of Maryland. 



Wholes $1 Halves 5' 1 cts Quarters 25 els. 


26 Whole Tickets $16 00 

•JO Half Tickets 8 00 

26 Quarter T.cket* 4 00 


Tickets bought by the |iaciaag« are always the most prof 
liable to the purchasers, 



Havimg peculiar advantages a« well ns a long experience 
in the business, I challenge competition to sell the same 
| quality of goods as low, as I am determined to sell. 

Particular attention will be paid to Clothing, Hats, 
Boots and Shoes; all I n^k i  a call before purchasing 
elsewhere. S. AI’FEL, Carter’s old stand, 

sep 9. between Martin and Webster. 


MRS. L. A. ORMSBY Principal. 

rilHE Fall Session of this school will commece on Mon- 
day, September 1st, 1856. 

It is very important that pupil* enter at. or as near the 
beginning of tbc session as possible; but they will be ad- 
mitted at any time, and charged from the time of entering, 
| until the close of the session, and no deduction will bo 
made for absence, unless by special contract, or protract- 
ed personal illness. 

Pupils can be accommodated with hoarding in the family 
of the Principal, or in good families w here they will re- 
ceive the same attention aud care, as under their parental 
roofs. The friends of the school are solicited to con- 
tinue their efforts to promote its iutorest. nihglOtf 

Pcrhara Outdone. 

rpHE Proprietor of the Mercantile Guide would 

For $25 we renfl pack .ge Wholes Halves ami Quarters. I rrspelfully call the attemtion of Mcrchan * Farmers 
For $10 we semi package Halves a., J two Whole tickets. a  ' J Mechanic, residing outside of this City, lo the mod- 
, r T 1 , * _ 11# i wl | crate sum or a yearly sub^cripiioii to the Guide, being to 

Foi $J we seuJ pac age i 1 d ■  ■ 1 ' ' mail subscribers only fifty cents per annum, making it ihe 

Look at the following 


One of which are drawn at 12 o’clock ea.h lay of the 



.5,000 DOLLARS 

Class 1u2, 



prize of 





23,4 6 










27,814 prizes amounting to 












least able lo bear it. 

So sudden and unexpected was the rise of the 

river, that at least two-thirds of those residing has been conducted, has extended its subscription list, lie- 

south of Stale street knew nothing of the flood - Tond th ‘“ " { J x "? oilier similar Periodical either in this 

® country or Europe. 

I hc Boston PoM. Prcssuml ai» l Bos- 

ton ^uite.^man and Weekly Tost. 

HHIE terms of our journal are — for the Dally 
I Post, eight dollars; for the Pres* and Post (simi week- 
: lv, Mondays and Thursday*,) four dollars; and for the 
pular monthly periodical has just entered upon ^taiesinan and Weekly Post ( Fridays,; twodollars. 

These journals are edited by Charles (». Green ami 
Richard Frothiitgham, Jr.; employ a large corps of assis- 
tant editors, reporter*, and correspondents, and neither 
labor nor « xpense is spared to nmt* their columns valua- 
ble. Tii v liave I'fM-u published nearly thirty years; have 
a range of subscription exceeded in extent ami aggregate 
by no paper in New England, and so largely is their cir- 
culation increasing that a new mess 



Class 255, 


cheapest family newspaper in the United States. The 
columns of the Guide, will contain the usuel variety of 
original and spicy articles, written not only to please but 
to instruct. In regard to polilie* be guide will maintain 
an independent tone, and from time lotiiaa will advocate 
measures conducive to benefit the greatest n amber. 

Postmasters and others are respectfully requested to act 
as agents for this paper, to whom we will forward spt-ci 
men copies free wlnn desired to do so* 


As an inducement for persons to interest themselves to 
obtain subscribers fur the 


\W offer the following premiums, upon (he receipt of ‘ 
names pay iu advance, we will forward them by express or 
otherwise if ordered, to address of those entitled to them: ) 

For 360 subscribers, cash. 00 

For 250 subscribers we will givo o splendid flue 
gold watch, (war* anted) 

For 200 subscribers, one elegant gold locket, faur 
glasses, worth 

I For 160 subscribers, 1 elegant bracelet, worth 
For 100 subscribers. 1 gold vest chain worth 
For 75 subscibers, 1 gold peu and holder handsome, 
ly engraved, worth 

For 50 subscribers, one gold pen and holder worth 
! For 40 subscribers, 1 gold pen aud holder worlh 
i For 15 subscribers, one medium gold pen worth 
For 12 subscribers. 1 gold pen and holder worth 

I Melodcon, all in the 


The spirit of sparkling vivacity with which the Pioneer 

until Monday morning, when they found their 
dwellings inundated, There is scarcely an indi- 
vidual in the southern part of the cily but has sus- 
tained some loss in the destruction of household 
articles, food, raiment and properly. Towards the 
river side, houses have been carried from their i cei l lt of Gnc Dollar, liy 

country or Kurope. 

Price 50 cts. per annum, in advance, and 40cts. to clubs 
not lc^s than five. Specimen numbers forwarded gratui- 
tously^ to any part of the, country, by mail, or in such 
other wav as the applicant inay direct. 

Copies of the First Volume neatly bound in colored mus- 
lin, with a Title-Page and Copious Index, will be for- 
warded to a. iv part of the country, postage paid, on re- 

dlG Itn 

F. J. HUNTINGTON, Publisher, 
365 Broadway, N. Y. 


foundations, buildings have been cracked, floors 
have been torn up, and the fronts battered in by 
the ice. 

‘•Broadway dow-n,” particularly the business 

••portion of that thoroughfare, presents a melan- ! paid) » fu H descriptive catalogue of my books, ami with 
, i 3 , iii-inictiuiis to operate that will enable them to make from 

cltoly appearance. Ihe water is still upon the $50 to $K)0 per mouth. The lint omnpri-c* over one 

\ GENT-! Agents— Extra Inducement* Offered. — Per- 
. sons sending ine their address, 1 will mail (post 



floor of many of the stores, and the ice is piled ' New anti Popular Books among whiclTWll he found s 
. ,, . . , , • , . „ * of the best selling subscription book* in Ainerrica. 

up in the street to the height ol from five to si* Address K. M. KI.'LISON, 



The stores are either not Queen City Publishing House, 115 Main street, Cincin- 
nati, Ohio; or it lit in ; East, ml dress 

DUANE RULISON, Philadelphia. 

P. S. — Editors of anv regular weekly newspaper o 
monthly periodicals, throughout Ihe United States, giving 
the above advertisement four or more insertions, incltuf- 1 
ing this notice, and sending me copies of Ihe papers, Ac., , 

feet. More than this 
tenanted, or filled with ice and slush, which could 
only be removed by hard labor with shovels and I 

Church street and a portion of the streets inter- 
secting it, presents a gloomy appearance. Many 
the houses are still inundated, but they are acces- 
sible by roeaDS of the ice which surrounds them. 

Atlas and Argus. 

containing the same, shall have a copy of "Brotlier Mason 
the Circuit Rider; or, Ten Years a Methodist Preacher” 

— a book containing 320 pages, 12 mo., and beautifully , , 

illustrated— or any one dollar book on my list, mailed to ' a •» r gf   Xj-oinliture, conla.ns varied and aecnrate 
their: ddress pre paid. I to all branches of trade, and is second lo that of n 

— in New England 

N. It. — A single copy of ‘‘Brother Mason” mailed toany 
I part of the United Stales, on receipt of the United States, 
' ^ [ ou receipt of $1. nov4 4w 

The B*st Medicine. — Every evidence places 

beyond a doubt that Hurley's Sarsaparilla will ! 
cuie the most inveterate disease. It thoroughly i 
cleanses the blood from all impurity, and imparts ! 
tone and vigor to the constitution. 



New It 

read. Fresh 
arie* of 

Pies, ami Confcrtioii- 
iitl Kinds. 


J EWELRY- — Breastpins, Finger- rings, Gold Pens, Gold 
and Silver double and single case Patent-Lever 
Wa die ; Cuff-pins, Silver Pen-holders;Gold Shirt But- 
tons, Silver Thimbles; fine Steel Tweezers. Also Wade 
A It .toll r’s and other Razors, best Needles, Shell. Buffa- 
lo a id 1 1 dia. rubber Tuck, Side, Puff, and Head Combs; 
a s- peliorlot I Fine-tooth, Redding and Pocket Combs; 
flue llaii .-Clothe, and Tooth Brushes. Also fine Oils and 
Per nne y for the hair, and fine Toilet aud Shaving Soaps 
a id Ire m; together with many other articles usually 
k p w it such goods; all for sale cheap bv 

m  1 C. A. WEBSTER. 

1 1 HIE subscriber has j-jst opened in the News BuihDng 
L corner Main no. u; .ke streets, a now Bakery an.1 
Confectionary Store. He is prepared to furnish Wed- 
ding Parties, &c., with Lakes and Confectionaries ot 
every description to suit purchasers. Call and see my 
stock. [mar) j-v FRANCIS FALK. ' 

\\ . II. MARTIN, ML I). 

QUEERS his professional services to the citizens 
of Oynthiana and vicinity. He can he fonixl at all 
times (except when professional ly absent) at the Harrison 
Hotel. ’ dec9.?m* 

has been ordered to 

enable the demand to he promp 'y supplied. 

The reading matter coiiMsts of a^reat variety of useful 
and ciilcrtai hilling matter. I 1 ** editorials, domestic and 
foreign correspondence, reports of lectures, marine depart- 
ment. daily momentary article and weekly financial re- 
view, liurary notices, poetry contribution*, avid humorous 
matter make variety designed to meet every fast. 

The advertising columns embrace an almost entire syn- 
opsis of the business of New England, and from that de- 
partment of the paper alone can be obtained n correct im- 
pression of the character of trade, its facilities and its oper- 
ations, while the financial editorials give anaccurate view 
of passing events hi the commercial world. 

The Press and Post is made up from the rally's ’con* 
tents, and published every Monday ami Thursday morn- 
ings. It is clearly ami handsomely printed on fine pa- 
per, iu clear type, and the subscription i  four d«»llars a 

The Boston Statesman and Weekly Tost forms a racy 
and comp ete record »n ihe times, and contains ihe news 
of every di cripii«m . in fact, a briefe and comprehensive 
history of passing events, foreign news in detail, domes- 
tic information, agricultural items, commercial and mon- 
etary articles, statements of trade, of weather, of crops, 
etc.; accounts of meetings, political econi, news ot every 
dfccnption, poetry, plea-ant reading matter* uumerous 
items, epigrams; in fact a complete family newspaper— a 
vehicle for every species of useful and entertaining infor- 
mation — among which will be lound in each issue a pleas- 
ing story. 

The Statesman i  printed on the largest siz«  paper, and 
on new and beautiful typo. It has a large circulation, 
audits popularity. It i* supplied at th- rate of two dol- 
lars a year for a single subset i pi ion . Club'* taking t«»n or 
more copies in one package will Ik* supplied at one dollar 
and a half a year 

The commercial department of these journals involves 

d ami accurate reports 
no pape 

These journals are carefully conducted, and edited in a 
faith in democratic principles, but in a spirit of concilia 
tion to all parties. As advertising mediums they are un- 
surpassed ; penetrating as they do into such a variety ol 
household scattered over the whole Union, and read a' 
they are by all classes of the community . they furni-h an 
opportunity for tho diffusion of iuformaiicii which can 
scarcely be obtained elsewhere. 


16 Hiiu 21 Water st reel, Boston. 


priz.- of 





























2 ,740 



30,316 prizes, amounting to 



i« *1 — Shares in proportion. 


!. (» Dollars. 



Class 36. 




26 Wh„ 


$100 00 

26 Halves, 

50 oO 

26 IDtar-iK, 

25 do 

26 Eiiik 


13 00 


15 Priz- 

s in earl. Pacifcaga of 26 tisJbeU. 


prize of 



















1 10 











4/ 0 i 
























1 ,alHI 





6, .wo 






2., 4, 3 0 


priz*** amounting to 

$ 156,455 

TICKET’S, $8 — Shares *n Proportion 


number* 1./ D.awu Baliou. 

\Ye inrariabij 

answer letters by return mail, 


30 00 

15 00 
11 00 
H 00 

10 00 
* 00 
6 .0 
2 0 '» 
1 50 

All communications should he aclderssed to \V. Blake 
ny, editor and publisher of the New York Mercantile Guide 
No. 163. Greenwich street. New York. 

0“ News papers throughout the Union, by publishing 
this notice two months, and calling attention edit rl* 
allv to the same, and sending us thet aper will be entitled 
lo an exchange, and receive a gold pen and holder, worth 
$12 00 »m»v 4 2in 

Subscribe when you Ittve an 0/ }H rhtmty // 


Cyclopaedia of Modern Travel; 


Adi-future, ErpIdtatiOh, unit t/.'seovefy, ihtrilUj the Iasi i ' 

years: * rot. royal teo, 9MJ yp. 

Neatly hound in dark leather, cinbelliish«F  *ith fiv« 
fine portrait nn strel. Sv Bilttre. nid*rrd hv or.r 
•orrv wood engravings by Urr, unfl thirteen authvm.ff 
nmp  hy Schonberg. 

lo bubsciihcis Only. I*riC4% vl.Ot 

Hi is work contains thecresm ufov(*r fifty edpurst^ n»;r* 
ratives of travel of those who may f»e sijud ti e 
tatn e travelers ot the last hall century, iti t tie* teim-te and 
less known regions «»t the world. Their works arc e.nn- 
l»riscd iu about 'JO % v ol5., und are published in »dv *ru/.iil- 
ferent languages, iifid pmhahly rnnhl not he purchased 1 
for $ Kid ; indeed many of them are out ol print, ami not 
t«  .»c lowi. I l.e following are some • »l tl c t'-»rrativeb, sad 
will give an idea of the contents of the .work. 

Life aud Travels of Alexander von liuu.oolfc' 

Mongo Park’s Travels in Western Africa. 

Lewis and Clark’s Journey to the Pacific Gcenfi- 

Bure tomb's Travels in Jsyria, Ai;fdu alju .Uiihi#. 

Journey to Mecca ami Lediun* 

BclKoui’s Explorations in Egypf, 

Cailliaad’s Journey to fire Libyan Oa-es, Ethiopdig 
and Sen him r. 

F ranklin’s Overland Jonrnev to the Polar Sea. 

Mcyendrofi ’s Journey to B» kimra. 

Tim otski’s Joftrney from Siberia td 

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ant Gibbon, Journey of Lieut. Herudru; Richardson'# 
Travel’s in the Sahara; Richardson and Earth's Expedi^ 
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Exploration of Loo-Chuo, From C'ouimo iore Perry's 
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! w 1 1 h (he money of ihe public, mu) nil tilings pertaining to tliein as road 
| commissioners, nniljtake an inventory or schedule ot ihe ranie, ».*. I . i   ■ h 
they pliail also fi'e vviih lb 0 clerk of the county court, after the same shall 
have been signed as well by the old as the new commissioners. 

Neo. 10. Be it fuithcr epseted. That the road commissioners shall, 
-whenever the funds in their hands will justify it. procure any necessary 
troll or implements for improving or repairing the roads ol said county, 
eountv of Bracken, be and j sn ^ hold the overseers who may receive them mr me, to a Mrirl neemm- 
same IS. hereby made the law for the county of liar, is as fully' and el- for their preservation ami ret - - = '. . to that end shall » 

fectuallv as if the same were recited in this net. ' rcce, i' t htT .f} "" !j f " furnls,,ed: ? a,d *»•»' kt ‘ " " ‘ ™‘" f 

* Approved February JO 1S00 ' nn'i^intr nil tlioir nomtintmpMi.4 »»f overseers, and the Binounts in Uieir 

HOAD LA »i . 

An Act to amcnl the tOid law of Harrison county. 

Bo it enacted by the General Ataetnbly of the Cotjiinonwcnllli 


t l. That the rea l law now in force :n the county of Harrison, b  
amt the so mo is hereby repealed. 

J 'J. That the road law imw in force in the i 

Lousv i lu: bi; !nkss. 




to the suffering. 



receipt fur oil tools so furnished'. smd com rows timers shall keep 
noticing oil their appoint meats of overseers, and the amounts in 
respect i vo precincts .n each vear, fu be onid fur in labor, and such other 
matter in rclnfon to hoir duties ns shall be considered ncressnry. 

Skc. 11. IT* it further enacted, That the commisioners shall, . when the 
; funds m their han L will enable them, determine whm roods, aid wlnt j 
• particular porta of roads tdmll be improved, und in what manner and to 
; what extent; and advertise fur receiving proposals for the work specified. 

1 either bv inserting u brief statement thereof in an uiithoriied newspaper, 
.f one be published in said county, «» r by cauei n tT it to he w it; on in a plain 
hand, and causing one copy to be posted up on the dour of the court house, 
nd another iu the most conspicuous place tit the clerk s office »»f the conn* 

ved by the clerk until the tim 


shall enter into written contracts, taking security for the faithful perfor- 
mance* of the work, when necessary, and they shall never receive any 
work so contracted fur that is not faithfully performed, « *F good muturiult- 
and in accordance with such contract, except ns to time* and they may. 
for guod cane:* thown, extend t he time, if they shall sec proper; and the 
commissioners in making improvements bv contract, shall give prefer- 

The fid lotting are the acts and amendments 
road law in Bracken county, adopted by the foregoing act, lu-wit: 

An Act regulating the Public i?ondi and Highways it Bracken coun- 

Sec. 1. Bo it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth 
of Kentucky, That it f-hall be lawful for the county court of Bracken, at 
their Aprti, May. Juno or July term next, a majority of all the justices in 
commission being present to declaie, upon their order book, that tins act 

shall be the road law of said county, arid upon s. id tourt making the de- ty court, there to remain and be preserved by the clerk until 
duration aforesridk the law in relation to the improvement and repairing I tiiorein limited for receiving proposals shall have tmnspirea; and they 
of roads in said county, shall bo hr follows, and shall take effect from o nd i 
after the time it is hj declared by su'd court to be the law of said coun- 

Sr.c. 2. Be it further enacted, That each election precinct in said ; 
county shall be, and t lie same is horeby declared a mad premia, and j 
that said court shall immediately. upon their declaring said a«:t to he the 1 

road law of said county, proceed to appoint a commissioner m each and | ,. nce t , the main road 4 c7r the county, or some one or more of them, 
every preeinnt in said county, who shall. in open court, t ike the fdlow- ! S ECf * p . ffo , t further enacted. That tbeoverseers of ror.ds shall fo 
ing oalh or affirmation, to- wit: **l, A B, do solemnly swear or affirm, as Table to presentments and lines as heretofore, and ihe commissioners, or 
the case may he, thot l will fairly and impartially, to the best of my skill i -my ofthein, in addition to their other liabilities, shall, for a failure to die- 
and ability, perform the duty of road commissioner during my cctfuimie- ’ , harge any of the duties irqtiired of them, ho liable t«  presentment or in 
a nee as such, according to Jaw.' 1 ho taking of which oalh shall also fo | dictmeut, and to bo lined at the discreton of a jury, and fur fail ng t«» 
noticed on the book of said court kept for that purpose; ami said com-   p^y-cvert** their successors any moneys in their hands, they may lie pio- 
mtusiiuirr* shall, at the same term «»t their appointment, enter into' bond : , :e ided against bv such successors by suit or motion rm their b-md or 
with good and sufficient security, to bo approved of by said county cyun ! bonds respectively; but no commissioner shall be liable iri such proceed- 
payable to the Commonwealth uf Kentucky, fur the faithful performance j mg, except such one or more as may ho found delinquent, mid such per- 
 »£ [j\s or ’fiCiC duties as commissioner or coiiimi68ioticrs, ami on which i  ollb n; * may be bound iii the bond with them— and in ronderiiig judgment 1 
bond, nay person considering himself aggrieved, may sue, and uno re- j f or bU -|, delinquency, ihe court shall award fifteen per cci turn upon the 
cowry shall be no bar to another amt nr suits, und no overseer shall act f amalJf j t w hu ji may be found duo. 

a* such, until he shall have taken the oath, and executed the bond as . g- c  73. R e a further enacted, That ail fines and forfeitures which 
aforesaid. bv any of the penal laws of this commonwealth, ate? directed to be paid in-j 

f E.C 3. ho it further enacted. I hat said commissioners may appoint ; j () the public treasury, i»r to be applied t" h'SKening tlecouniy levy, shall j 
in each road precinct tuitnble person or persons us overseers, and them ' j, e p a j ( | over lr) { \ ie roru t commissioners of ‘•aid county, in aid of improving 
remove at pleasure; and U shall be the duty of such overseers when op* j 4 | ie pubhc »»»;td«*; and the commissioners may proceed to the recovery of 
pointed, tociftisethe roads in hm precinct to he improved and kept in re- j g,jpp 1’iorn auv colic ting officer, who has received such fines and for- , 
pair agreeably flu law. under the direction of the c* -mm RHiuners of their tViturea. and his so cur it v or securil ies, by motion. cither in tho circuit or 



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is \*»t,so wi ll Hurley’s preparation. 

This is the pure and genuine extract of the root, and 
‘ will, on trial, be found to effect a certain and perfect cun 
of the following complaints and di«ea.«os; 



respective prGcincIs it ho shnll choosn to ilirect tho snnie; and the said 
cominissionufs, all being present, may compound with any individual 
liable to work on public roads, for certain improvements snd r« ;nu  t., 
be made on ono or morn parts of any road or roads, and to he knot up by 

comity court, ten days previou. notice being given h, such roimmasion^rs , 
or may sue upon tko hind of such officer, and in every instance of a re- i 
enve r y on the part of the commissioners by cither mode of proceeding, the 
coiirtshall award judgment for twety per centum upon the amount so re- 

such individual in lieu of Ins liability lor any mi in be r ol years that in i \ | cover nd , and every person pay i ng over nnniev to the i:ni,n lesion, rs, inn lei 
bo agreed upon, and such contract shall be reduced m .writing and filed - j , ( provisions nt tins act, s! all not bo d.schmged r.r a -pi K - - i J thereo., 
with the clerk ol the county court lor sale keeping, und proceedings may ! | ln | e! m Im shall cause to be tiled with the clerk of the county court n copy 

bo had thereon in the circuit court ol the county , either by suit or bv I receipt, of such commissioner or commissioners who received tin- 

motion, tun days’ previous notice having been given; and the circuit court sal ioj— ami it shall be t» e duty or sou] clerk, at t e April or .May term of! 
anav, upon rendering judgment against the defendant tor a breach nt said ‘ s; ,| r j court in each year, t»  present to said court an account of nil money 
bond, enter an order vacating and Betting aside the said contract, as to all j ^ ovor eucii of the commissioners, showing tho amount root*. ved 
time to come, if sped cause bo shown, or with the consent ol both par- j b ,, 0 h commissioner, am. the court shall cause u notice of tho veral 

ties thereto, in caso the court shall be satisfied that tho public intcrnst j* 8 to bo entered on the record book kept for that purpose, 

will oo promoted thereby; and :io jury shall be necessary in the trial ot Sfic. T1 R it further emreted. That in nil motions or suits brought by / 
any proceeding on the contract, unless one of the j n.ties thereto shall ro- ■ ,| tc c „ mm j fM „ m rsl under the provisions of tins act the attorney lor the ! 
quire it: Provided, however, Thai nothilig in tins n otion shall bo so commoners: 
construed as to compel any person to week on any ruud out of the pre 
rinct in which ho resides 


Sec. 4. Be it further enacted. That the .said commissioners shall be 
sonstdered a body corporate, and hy the name of the road commissioners 
of Bracken county, may sue and be sued, plead and be implead, d, defend 
and be defended, answer und be answered, and by the name and style 
aforesaid, may contract and be contracted with, in relation to any of the 

* ealth. if in the circuit court, and the county attorney, if m the 
county court, shall, ex officio, prosecute t lie same, and the clerks, sheriffs ; 
and other officers shall charge no fees unlessjnrtgrnont be g.ven agnins’. 
the defendant or defendants, and then tho co-ts in ihe executions shill be] 
for the benefit of the officers rendering the services, and lor the witnesses i 
and others, who have a right thereto; and the officer collecting the same, 
■.hall pay tho same over to the persons entitled thereto. 

Sec. 15. fio it further enacted. That upon the produ-hon to tho over- 

objects direct or incidental for which they wero appointed, and they and ?ecri Sy „, vo f t h 0 tilhteubles icrcin mentioned, his affidavit made befor. 
their successors shall be considered in low ns a body existing in per- j some justice of the peace, that he verily believes he is over the n  r u ol 
petuity. and they may receive by gift, subscription, devise or contract, | ir ^ |he somo t |, a!1 bo received by Ihooversi er ss a discharge o’ 

any estate real or personal, chores m action, securities or other thing for , po |, tllX | leroin pr „y,ded for. and such affidavit shall, by the overseer/ 
the use »nd benefit ol the public road* in ms id county of Bracken; and : j, e returned to the commissioners, who shall file awnv the sime;and inev- 
shall, in nil cases, whore the purposes and intent oi the donation, Piibr y» r y subsequent yonr, the commissioners, m rnnkmir nut the lists of tithn- 
ecription, devise contfoct is set forth or manifested, appropriate the thing 
thereby received according tho such direction or intent; Provided, how- 
ever, That aityy person injured may and sliull, for the malfeasoni:*^, tres- 
passer or conduct mcompntible with the p i.vers granted by tiiisaet of in- 
corporation, on tho part of any ono or more of k.iiJ commissioners, an i 

his or their security or securities, in their individual right, and in thai | Tialt fill' the vacancy bv Ihe appmntmcnt uf a sue, 
character, shall they aUmo be liuule lor the wrongs harem before last (mp w| „, ()jeili r ... c ; i0l |, er refused to act. and whose duty 

mentioned. , . , , , execute bond, and perforin nil tlm duties, as are herein required of 

Sbc. 5. Be it further enacted. That it shall be the duty of the cl.-rlt of c0lnnli g 9inn c r8 , irst herein named, 
the county court of said county ot /Jracke.i. within ten days alter the re- v;„ c n Bl)lt f llrl hcr enacted, Thai the said commissinnersf hail heal- 
turn to them of tho books of the commissi, meis ot the revenue in each i,.wed for their services, rc^peclive y, in the dsne* by this act as-n-med 

hies, i-hall note opposite the name ot such exempt individual, that he is 
oter filly years of age, which f hall pxoinpt such persons from the poll 
tax heroin provided Inr. 

Sec. 1(1. He it further enacted, That in case of any vaeijnev by death, 
resignation, or i therwise, in the board of commissioners, the county court 

es.-or in place of the - 

one who died, resigned, or refused to act, anu wnose duly ii shall be to! 


-year, to make nut for the road commissions a complete copy thereof, and 
furnish the same on request; and it shall be the duty *d the road commis- 
sioners, forthwith to’fitrnish each of the overseers, by them appointed, 
,tl)Bir respective read precincts, with a transcript of so much of end com- 
missioners’ books, ns will embrace all the persons and property within the 
bounds of his precinct, showing in an appropriate column, the amount of 
revenue to bepnidby each individual within tho bounds, at u rale to be 
fixed by said commissioners, not exceeding ten cents on the one Ji indred 
dollars, and add to iliat revenue n poll tax upon each white inale titli.thje 
within said county, a id upon each male amongst me free negroes an I inu- 
Iattoes within them county, not excaeding one dollar, nor under fifty cent- 
wad each overseer appointee! as aforesaid, shall, (mm time to time, ns oe- 
casnn shall make it necessary, call Upon the individuals, so within In- 
precinct, to work upon the particular road of winch ho is overseer, unti 
each person liable to a revenue or poll tax as amresaid. shall have work 
ed upon the public road a length of time equal to one day, for every sev 
entv-fivc cents, to winch such lax shall amount; and this estimate shall do 
termine the quantity of work doe upon the road by each person liable t 
the same: Provided, however. The courtly court q_f said county may, for 
good cause shown, exempt nnv person whatever from the w tola or any 

them, at tho rate of titty cents per (lay. to bo pnnl or retained nut of lie- 
road fund of said county: Rruvnlrd, however, That such allowance shall 
in no year exceed, to each commissioner in said county, thirty dollais: — 
Provided further, That nothing shall bo aljowed said commissioners, until 
they shall have presented in the county court. Ins account, showing the 
particular services rendered, and the date of rendering t lie same, and shall 
make oath to the justice of the said account, and tlmi the same is justlv 

due him, which account marked, sworn to in open court at (heir 

term, shall he tiled away and carefully preserved by tho clerk of said 

Sec. IB. flo it further enacted, [hat the overseers of roads, ni d said 
commissioners shall, lor the time being, bo exempt Irum attending all 
.misters except cases ol actual war, invasion or rebellion, and from serv- 
ing on juries 

Sec. 10. Be it further enacted, That when it is necessary to open a new 
road in said county for public convenience, or erect bridges acres 8 
streams in said county, it shall bo done by said county court, ns was done 
before the passage of an act, entitled an act to amend the law in relation 
to opening and repairmg the public roads in certain counties. 

Sec 20. Be it further enacted. That this act shall take effect from and 


part of the labor, which would be due by the aforesaid estimate; but such j aflPr , ts a x,pyi„n by the county court ot said county, in the manner above 

recited in this: Provided, That it said county court, a majority of nil the 
justices in commission being present, shall refuse to adopt this net ns the 
ruad law of said entity, then, and in that event, they shall proceed »o npj 
point overseers and work the roads in said county, as was provided before 
the passagu of the act entitled an act to amend the law in relation to open- 
ing and repairing the public roads in cortaiu counties, approved January ’ 
29, l -f!0. 

(Approved Februury 25, 1855)’ , 

exemption shall only operate during the tune to be limited hy emu court 
and shall not be retrospective iu its vlfects: And provided further, That 
tho lador to bo performed may, at a 1 ! times, be done with one or more 
able bodtod, industrious substitutes; and it shall be the duty of the over 
aeer to dock any individual at the rate of ten cents per hour, For every hour 
he shall, when artending to work outlie road, wilfully idle away, or to 
Hock him lor lapiness and neglect of doty, or disobeying legal and reason- 
able commands or instructions in relation to the work; hut any person 
 1 eked shut! be informed of it willii i ten (lays of Ira delinquency, and nt 
the intent of t le turn for which lie was docked, and the commissioners 
shall have power t« strike out or coutiuiio i(_»in-t the individual, the sum 
er sums for whici he \va  docked, as they may think justice and the pub- 
lic good requires: Provided, however. That where mi individual has tax 
*blo property in m ire than one read preenct, or more than one county, 
ho whole Of the labor doe by him for such property, shall be payable by \ h^”hv 'declared n, l,e The law of 
lubor m that precinct in winch ho may reside, and t e ovenv ors shall cer- 
tify the amount thereof to the respective overseers, in whoso district he 
shall reside, in that portion of the commissioners' books transcribed for 
such overseen And provided further. That the laws now regulating tie- 
working of the streets and alleys witlnn tho corporation of the town of Au- 
gusts, in said county, *-h 1 1 J not bo affeeted by tno operat ons of this act. 

Sec. 6. Rcit further enacted. Tint on the first Monday in D comber in 
each yoar, thc_ overseer of roads shall deposit with the clink of said coun- 
ty court, for (lie rond commissioners, a list of all the delinquents for the 
preceding year: and said commissioners shal., on - r bef ire the first. .Mon- 
day in January in each year, make out a connected list of said delinquents, 
and furnish 'ho high sheniFof said county, or one ul'liis deputies there- 
wjth. whose duty it shall bo to receive auil receipt to the commi-si-mers 
for thu same; and it shall be the duty of the sheriff to collect the am .mu 
of t! 


\n act to revive and -mend an net entitled, ‘-an act regulating the pub- 
l.c roads and highways in Bracken county.” 

Skc. 1. Bo it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth 
of Kentucky, That an act entitled an act regulating tlm public roads and 
highways in Bracken county ," approved, February 25 lcf35, shall, and is 

taw of innl county, and is revived in full 
force, subject to the alterations and amendments hereinafter provided. 

Sec. 2. Ko it further enacted. That the Bracken county court, a inn- 1 
jority of all tlm justices in commission being present, shall nt their nrx, 

I April, May, June or July terms, appoint road commissioners lor the conn- 
| tv, in tho districts designated in said act, who shall qualify and perform 
all the duties therein enjoined; and the court shall fix the compensation ol 
said commissioners, at any sum not exceeding one dollar and fifty cents! 
each, per day, for every day's service rendered by them, under the pro- 
visions of said act, to be paid as said nc tdirecls. 

Sec. 5. Be it furthefouncleil. That the said commissioners may fix the I 
amount of poll taxon white tytheablcs, free negroes, and molattoes, nt 
ony sum not exceeding one dollar and fifty cents, to be paid by each indi- 

i .. i , , Sec. 1 Be it further enacted, That onv person «r persons whateiWtr 

ke said delinquent list Iron, the respective persons i.amod there,... ... rPM , 1lllr , in „ l0 f Augusta, who own' prone, ty. to. 

same manner and with.n the same time, that by law they are n w re- out t | )e bound, of said towfi, shall be required to pay over to the - - - : r 
qrnred to oeHect the county levy, and - . . , , the anmulft of t.x due for said property, ft,, road pur 



to the said commissioners, on nr betWro tli* fir-', d -v of 'October in each 
and every year, and return a list of delinquents to the county court «l the 
court of claims, who bhall examine the same, und allow such as they are 
satisfied, could not have been collec'od hv rvssonabl 

poses, or to furnish labor on the road, in the precinct in which it lies, 
| equal to tho amount of said tax, at the rate provided for in the fifth cec- 
tion of said net, mi** law to the contrary notwithstanding. 

, , r , , , s, . i  s diligence on the j Sec. 5. Be itFiirlher enacted. That all the fines and forfeitures d.--.,’ri- 

wrtof rtesher.ff, and cnarge the sheriff with the residue; and on failure L ed tseuth section of said art. shs 

of th. sheriff to receive the l..t when so tendered, or collect or psy over courti lhBir order , nn ,] api)la . d t0 lessening the county le-v and the 
•hesame, he and h. a scour, ties shad be liable to said commissioner (or , lmpr0Te ^ iema 0 f roada , be collected and accou, ted far according to ,l„- 

the amount of said lists, with fifteen percent tm damages thereon, 

for i 
to be | 

1 t 

provisions and remedy u [forded in said section. 

recovered bv monon m the counter circuit court .ten davs previous no- , Sec 6 Be it further enacted, That if said county court shall not he 
ttce having been given, or by suit on the bond ns ihe commissioners may ; aWe at any of lhelr terma aforesaid, to procure any person or persons to 
slcect; and theslier.ff •hall be allowed sever, per cent for collecting, on the fnrm u ; c ( , m ,, e of ro , d c , )mnl!Ssl „ 1M 1 .J in gald c ,.; !! lv . n , i-onlmg the 

monevs actintiy collected by him. . » . , 

o • t n fr .u . , TL 4 , , I provisions ot said net. end the amendments herein contained, men, and 

Sec. 7. He it further enacted. That the commissioner, shall when they - 1 that evrnt , tliu r „ ad law „ f sal( | P „ u „, v , 8 h.,ll be, and ns ,f 

place the lists ot delinquents, returned by tho overseers, ,n the hands of , QCt had nevcr pll6S(!(i . p r „videc also. I In,, so much of said ,vt. up, rm, -I 
the shenfl sgam for collection, also place ao many of the delinquents re- j Febrnary 55, i j. inconsistent,. an i a I laws to the contra! 
turned by ‘he sherifl os are not hopelessly tost, and Uko his receipt there shai) be , nn , , re bprebv repealed. Approved. January 9 Kri. 

for with the others, which the sheriff shall collect it possible- and the Harrison. Cocxtt, November Term l-CVt. 

•berift. ha. return no person a de.inquent, unless ho has actually demand- j, igordered tha , tho R„ :l d law -vstem adopted at the September Term 
edot him the amount, if found his .county, snd levied on his property. ofW5 j, I)t - lllls Conrt . hn and t!l „„.j l0 „ | lc „.,, v, .‘ml bv an nc, 
' he lmd or hM ,n |US C0u,,t - V ' ,lthe u,n0 °» ° rtcr ‘"fi 10 ,nake hi* re- : ofUle Legislature for ,1m - car l-. and ft. Urn road law of ,/ r Jk 

» c, „ . , ,i, _ , , tv . i r .i , • , ■ be. and tlm same is substituted therefor: for reference see act nussed in 

Sec. 8 He it further enacted. That before the road commissioners do- , .. , ■ r ... , ^ , 

. ., Vl . , . , i . ■ . . . i the year 1". 1 and 5, entitled an act regulating toe public roads and h:tr i 

liver to tha bliurilt tno list of delinquents in each year, they s ha urc-ent . .. , , , , , . , , 

i . ... . , . ,• ,V i , 1 . , , wavs in sruckon county. It is further ordered tint each votin'' district 

to the count.' court a statement of the amount ol the w ode ef such de in- . , g ,, 

l • i , l . ■ ii . k .i , , in tho county be, and the same is , Inched a Road district, and In: fo ,, v- 

quoncies. which the court ehall cause to bo noted upon tlm record book'; . 

km t for that purpose, and when the sheriff shall have settled with the i 
said commissioners, he shall report to tho court the vvholo amount of the 
money pa il over tothe commissioners, and the amount of his delinquent 
list allowed, which also sh’ II bo noted upon the record t - ok kept Ibr tint 
purpose, all of which shall be evidence against the slierili'or commission- 
ers. And said commissioners shall keep a true account of all moneys bv 
them expended, and for what particular improvement or repairs, and tot 
whom paid; and shall present in open county court, at their April or May 
term in each year, a full and fair copy of sain account of expenditures 
which shall bo evidence againa: said commissioners, and prima facie e vi- 
dence fur thorn, subject however, to be rejected by extraneous evidence, 
when relied on by the cm nhsioners. 

Skc. 9. Be it further enacted, Thu upon the appointment and qualifi- 
cation of new Commissioners, (vh'ffli shall be done annually, the form r 
o e9 shall deliver over tu tlieni, ail books, papers anil records, and tools i 
and implements which belong to the public, or which were purchased j 

ing persons appointed commissioners for tho term of quo year from tin.- 
data nc follows: 

District No. 1. Cyn Uliana 

do 2 Webb's S ore 

do 3 Kontontown 

do 1 Claysvtlle 

do a Colemnnsvlle 

do 6 Kavencyeok 

do v 7 Casons' 

do H Leesbtirgh 

Which said commissioners before entering upon their duties, shall take 
the necessary oalh and enter into Bond with security to be approv, d bv 
the Court for the faithful discharge of tiu'.r duties, and to pay over alii 

r, !'■»' 


t y. Recnin^lon. 

D. H. Riiymond. 
Samuel U. Clarke. 
Win. M. Holers. 

D. L. Reneker. 

F. Wiggles worth. 
James AT. Coleman. 
Kl.jali McDaniel. 

Affections uf the Bones, 

Diseases uf the Kidneys, 
Dy-p l»-i 

K ; y ipelaa. , _ 
Female Iireg-ilaritics, 


And all Skin Diseases. Coktivenesa, 

I nd igi'kl ion, 

J.iver Complaint, 


Pulmonary D ' ■ i Pa‘e q , 

Sc -oft! I a, or King's Evil, 

Transportation to be paid by ptireliasns. 


Address the Manufacnirers, 

Warher, Brokaw &. Cim.n 

Spriugii Id, Clark cuuuty, Ohio 

J. N. FRAZER — Agents 

ray 21 tf Cynthiana. Kr. 

IS-5G. | S , 50 


Corn r  lanter, 

rgrlllS MACHINE plants corn in cluck rows any re- 
_| quired distance apart, so us to l « cultivated both 
ways; also in hills pr drills, to bo cultivated one way mi- 
'v. The quantity af seed dropped in each may be regula- 
ted as desired. The drilling is done by the revolutien of 
the wheel, while the tfbeck row dropping is regulated by 
hand, and the ground must first be furrowed one wav 
then a man and one horse with ibis Machine will plant 
from six to nine acres per day. thus saving the labor   ! 
irum two io four hands, and doing the wor BITTER tliaa 
it i* done the common way of planting. 

The fact, of planting in check rows by nmcliincry ii 
ully r^tahlished; but it is equally evident that it cannoi 
be rlonebv the leyolulionof a wheel, and the oklvwai 
is to regulate it by hand. 

These Machines w e*e used (•xVnsifely the past sea 
 nn, arid gave general satisfaction, and any amount of ev 
id- nee ran he produced as to the utility of the Muchine- 
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j j w:i 'J rrtm ; receive \V ool a; any station on the Railroad between 

Re- u le - r ii g t )i abovt*, 1 1 i -   known to^bc a gr on 1 ^ »-x ■ y , »t a a m *1 1*X1 OL iff ff lid P A1 IS , 

k - J j.. r rful TuuikVpari ying i ho blood and invigorating JjAvAAJlI AiliJ O, H«*les in one we c thermal ler, und the Jeans 

1,«» sv t«m. . ^*ni \ and Linsey an soon as completed. 

IuVh rt. it i-,withnul rx.-rptiim, in the cases mention   ImpOrtCfS and iJealers 1TI TuUSlCffl Merchandise, I'l iccs for C art! i li(I. 

Sheet Music, etc., * Carding Common TV out, 7c 

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lies oi :* Ji kinds. 

Middl£iown, Jefferson count}', Ky., ) 

Aug. 1 3. 1855. * ) 

Dr. Vac ok ax — Dear Sir : Lithe summer of 185*3 I 
| had a bluck boy afflicted with something like Scrofula ; 
his head, neck, and all of his joints were covered with 
running ulcers. Iliad lost two of the same family, simi- j 
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Respectfully* ALLEN MINOR. 

Louisville, Ky.. Dec. 23, 1855. 

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Louis villv, Dec. 8, 1855. 

Df. VaughaX — Sir: I have been afflicted for tho last 
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j. y h'1,/1 cs- . ami suffi'liu'j btiyoud exj iwitui. 1 

fivsicians toini purposo, and then the various 8ar- 
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Dop Skins, Fi*atk*ws . Rags, Wool, \Vlu*at, Kentn^v Ba- 
con, Lard. 'I'ullow. Flax. Hemp, and Musf/ml Sued, and | 

Blaf k. White, and Chestnut Oak Bark. 

* ni a 1*2*2 12w ][ COX I 

|_) ECEIVED and this dav opened — 

I C Rich Berngeand Silk Tissues; 

Do Organdy Lawn^ and Jaconet* ; 

A great variety of Silks; 

For sale at »i""» J. W Me N'l'o-irs 

iifSI i . 

r |’A*KEN up hy Paul K« i:aker, living on the wnu i  o f 
[ Twin cicek, one white back cow, wiiff ml hide , 
marked with two crojis nml two sjdiN, mi l swallow fork 
in the left oar; l to be about 10 viuirs obi. appraised 
at fifteen dullurs^lhi.** -1th da * of NoveiubtT. PjH 

novlS It " LEWIS l)AV J. IV, U. C. 

«i :«i |»e?s 

I PIECE each Oil, Rag and Two 
L and fur sale low by 
mv3l C. 



Saturday, the Third Dat of Javlauv, 

Will issue the first Number of a Weekly Newspaper, to 
he entitled, 



They " ill pare neplier labor nor exj  u a to make it the 
| best Family Nlwspaphi in die world — one wlnine'nh^erful 
: uni genial eliM cter will render it h welcome visitor to 
i every household, while its constant devotion to the prin* 

] eijilejtoof right and jrteiic.e shall win the approbation of 
i th** wis*»anH good Iis object will he to set forth sound 
I Political, Social , and M  r»| questions; «o diffuse useful 
infonnuliOn; ami to cultivate the graces and amenities of 

II.\npct«’j5 Wefklt will rontai ; a 'nil and impartial Sum- 
mary of the Political, S eial. Religion*, Commercial, and 
L't^rary News of the Hay. It will chronicle the leadirg 


y Curpct on hand 

no rii’K. 

T ameeling of the Bonn! of Directors of tlie Harrison 
County Agricultural and Mechanical Association ,i 
was ordered that the balance of the funds that is due bv 
stockholders be immediately Collected. 'The Work fs 
nearly completed, and the funds are needed to pay the 
hands, and the hills for lumber and building materials, 
and the Directors wish all persons that are indebted tocall 
and settle immediate] v. 

_ J Ai FRA ZER, TrwStiKft 


!  A1 NTS, Oils, and Dyestuffs, Madder. 1 udigo. Cocli i - 
heal. Logwood, Fustic. Camwood. Co|fperas, Ac., and 
all the Dyes necessary to produce any color on silk, wool, 
or ivory. (Jail and buy your Dyes. ami g»*t a recipe gratis, 
if desired, to produce any color or shade.  »f 
marl ly S F. JANUARY. 

V LARtiE and rich assortment of 
Bonnets on hand. 

. Fail and Winter 

1 * Bonnets on hand. Being agents for the largest Mil- 
B^ry establUhnieut in Ciuciuitaii, we are able to sell 
o orncts almost at Cincinnati prices. Bonnets made to 

movements of tbo rgc. rn-ord tl,« ii, venlions of eoinos. ; cr or auv dcscri.nioii, ni the sbnrtcVt notie. 
to,' discovcrip. ol boieucv, and tl v creotlofi. of Art. Ii dju.,, ,30 •• 

will, ina word, aim to prvfenl 11 11 accurate and complete ] 
picture of the aye in which we live. 

Il w ill also pive a due there of attention to the taste, 

( Iu 

Min Wit k er St in. 


1 N great variety at 

1 jea H _ _ TirOADWEI.l. 


\V^1^HING to immigrate to a now country, those m- 
▼ * debred to me are informed that they wdl snve ten 
|" '] '* ur by cllbig at my tdfice, in the southeast corner 
ol the Court-house. umi*29 tf JA8. C. ClUlUIE. 

Ho 11 net*. 

PLAIN and sjdit English Straw Bonnets; 
lbd white Sift and 'Crape do; 

A great variety Hair and Gimp d»-; 

Misses Braid Bloomer Flats; 

Open worked ITats of all varieties ; 

For sale by 1 1 6 J w . Mol N 1 1 '-'H 

.!(;« n i Mr*. 


The Spectator .‘aid: '‘There i« fenreely any educated per 
| -ou of this cciitiiry who ha.* not. at some time or other, 
. drawn a sincere pleasure from tliese pages." The Edin- 
i-iii 'ih Post said: ‘‘Few loaders of eutertaining literature 
I can be ignorant of these popular productions;” and, also, 
I ‘The pure morality which re ins through the?c talcs — 
i which we can scarcely dare to call fictions — wijl render 
them tho most eligible reading for young persons. They 
I ought to be in every family library.”. 

itF.crxTLY rrm.isnrp. 


TO SAXE. Bit. TAMES PAltTON. 6‘JO pp. 12 m» s 
eletli, l J ri»*e, ?1 yO. Gilt side? and edges, $2 A’ c/   

nn Octav-. Ed. t en of the same work, bound in tl e fo 
luv.-ing stvlesj^heep l ibrary ^1 50; Imitation Morocco. 
$4 00; Half calf and Morocco, Ant, and Extra, 84 53; 
Full Calf, Gilt Extra, §6 00j Full Morocco, Gilt anti 
Antique, $5 00. 

'1    volume, containing the greatest mass of humor- 
ous verse ever collected, is pronounced the most amusing 
1 book iu cxi.-teneo. It has rapidly run through four editions, 
and is now in no»;v * demand. It contains six hundred 
and fifty of tho host Comic rooms ever written, including 
all tho gems from thirty volumes of Punchy tho best things 
of llood, Byron, Scott. Lowell, Willis, Ac., and is an el- 
egant and appropriate gift for this or any other season. 


Front the Original Legend-. V«ith Illustrations by Me 
I.EXAX. Engraved hy ANTHONY. 338 pp. 12 mo. 
plain. Price SI; Full Gilt. Si 50. 

These are veritable Legends, which have doubtless been 
‘ told time and again to the dn«ky maiden- ar the Indian 
fireside, before the white man robbed him of his hunting- 
grounds. The hook is handsomely gottc up and is a 
! beautiful gift houk for all seasons.* 
n / or’ fae above /looks will be 
1 ou receipt of the. retail price. 

N. B. — MASON BROTHERS arc now publishing a 

transferred to the paper under their charg 

IIakpek’s VV EtKLY is nd intended in any way lo super- 
sede or lake tl;© place ol Harper’s New Monthly Magazine. ! • 
Each Perioolcal wfll confine itself to its own proper sphere; i 
and no poruou ot llie contents of tlio one wilj appear in r 
the othci 

HarprrV* Weekly will con'a’n Sixfeon pages of the 
eize of the London Illuslrata d News, each Numb**” com- 
yrisiug as much matter as an ordinary duodeci o vol 
ante. It will be priuted in a form and upon p-ipei uita- 
b lo for binding; and as ihe pages will be el**clrot\ led, 
tlio buck Numbers. can al ways be supplied, po that 'ib- 
BOribers will bo* abl^ a! any tiiye to complete their f. \s. 

A* Ihe clo^e of each volume, neat and appropriate Cov rs 
Wll be prepared lur thos-* who wish lo bind liio p «*»* r. 


IlArrER’s Wii.klv will appear every Piiturday 

T)IiA’N end Embroidtrccf white and black fjlk Mantles, 
-L Lace Points, Scarfs, and .Mantles in great vn iefv fur 
a nn J. W. Me I Nl OSH. 


OJK' HEtiE. 

PJ] 1- Hi (, f July I ring my regular time for closing mv 
* arcounrs, all persons iiowiug themselvea imlebletl 
tome in tha i w v. will p!e «m* call and settle immediately, 
a- 1 do not wish lu hare to call ou them. I need the mu- 
ru v for my notes and accounts and must have it; no c. me 
along all of you and shrfiv. vour promptness, and vou will 
oblige me at the same time. 

' i C A Wl BStER. 


J^j| A VIXG purehused the mill scat and factory huihl- 

uud Will be sold at Fi\© C j ii!n a Copy- It w 
to Subscribers 1 1 the following rates, pay ment 
riabiy required in ad vauc': 

One Copy for Twenty Weeks, 

si on 

Ono Copy for One Year. 

- 2 50 

One Copy for Two Years, - 

4 no 

Five Copies for One Year, - 

- «j nu 

Twelve Copiw for One Year, 

20 on 

'i’wenly-live Copies for Oue Year, 

- - JO 00 

dee2 I in 


I will sell, at a v- rv moderate price, a two-story ! 
frame Building, pleasantly situated in Cynthiana, j 
with an extensive .yard and garden. Any person 
desiring to purchase a residence will find a good bargain , 
in the above. 

mar2!) tf J A MES CU R R t H. 

SOOA, SPICES, k: l’L\ ~ 


| To be sold exclusively by ngents, ot* a style entirely new 
in subscription boohs. Full particulars scut when desired 
dcc2 Ini 

I ~)UY your Soda, Cream of Tartar, Spices, drc., at S. F 
J January’s Drug Store, thus insuring th© puiity o 
set bu mail , post-paid those articles. 

Cinnamon, Mace, Ginger, Coves, Nutmeg-;. Pepper. 
Essences, Gelatin, Flavoring Extracts, etc., all selected 
for their purity, constantly lor sale at reasonable prices, 
marl 5 ly S. F. JAN FAR V. 


1 ENTLEMEN’S and Boys’ Coats, Pants and Vests, o 
cloth, cassimere and satinet; satin, silk and velve. 


ings. on Sroncr, nhoot four mHvn below Uari», forgber 
ly tnvued hy Abram Spear*, the undersigned have fitted 
I it up iu first rate style as a Flouring Mill. The milling 

v machinery is all new, of the very best quality, and will do 

av "nod work as any mill in Kentucky. We arc prepared 
to "rind wheat and corn in the best manner, with prompt- 
ness and dispatch. We pledge ourselves to give satisfac- 
tion to all reasonable men. 

Persons wishing to send their wheat by the Railroad, 
Can deliver it at Kiser’s Station, where we will receive 
it and return the flour promptly. We have employed on© 
of the best millers in the State, who will give his constant 
attention to the mill. 

We solicit a share of the public patronage. 

ie‘2l tf T. S. 1)1; VALL ( O t 

Oil . 

I BBL Eh. Lin«ced and Lard Oil: 

Iff gallons Ea. Neal’s Foot and Fi-h Oils; 

5 do Sperm, Caster, andSweot Oils; 

Of go quality and for sale, low by 

m\ 8 f od FA W E BS 1 ! J{. 

Cloaks. Cloaks. 

STAVING mafic arrangement with one of the miwt ex. 

tensive Cloak establishment iu Cincinnati. Wc will 
about ibe I Otli of October, have a large assortment 
! upon liaiul. The superior advantage of being agents will 
| enable ns to sell at Cincinnati prices. 

Cloaks made to order on short notice. 
scpt.70 MOURE .fcCTSON. 

-.Kali A N l  llHIl ,t b!Sl s. 

Fabrics, all fashionably cm and well made, plain and fau f j EFINKD Syrup, Sngarhouse and Reboilnd Molasses, 
... ... , , cy colors; also lieady-inade Shirts and fine Collars, for 1 LV. by the gallon or 

Lwf'f/yi, Cheaper, C It e.I JJt'Sl . [ ale at low prices by 

W E have now received all our Fall and Winter stock 
of Goods. Having selected the entire importation 1 

m person, 



II A TS AI\I)   


^ ^ GENTLEMEN'S and Boys’ faphionnble silk and f«- 

froin the largest houses in the Eastern Cities, »»d wool hats; also silk and cotton plush, cloth and | 

keg; also prime N. O. Sugar in bar- 
rels and half barrels, and Double- refined Powdered and 
Crushed Sugars ; also large and small Loaf Sugars re- 
rert»vi(*d anti for sale bv fmarll C. A. WEBSTER. 

~   UTLEK 1 . 

| wc feel eonfi'l.'nt th- t we can offer greater induce- oil Caps and Childrens, Hats ano Caps sold at low price j Tj^jNE ivery, ebony, hue and roaewnod handled Kniv**a 
I inenfs to all those in want of any thing inonr line, thtp by A. V !, , j. . ) : ors, and ivory-handled Kuives with kilvir 

moneys to the per.' 

ons entitled liter 
A copy, attest 
By C. T. Wilson, D. C. 

» when thereun:-* required 


1 l f-au be had elsewhere. V**o arc determined to sell as ! 
I low aa any cash, or credit house in this vicinity. 

An carl v call is respectfully solicited. 

! sept 30 ' MOORE d: CTS0N- 

tfils. ^ Fcrs; also Lady's and Gentlemen’s fine Pocket Knives, 

1 DOZ. a—ofted kindsb -t HairOil just received and , in.l tr-ives suited for farmers ami hoys, all of good quali 
1 ik. for sale low by 



| ty, ami for sulo al loir prices by 
' mar 1 5 


The Kentucky age, 1857-02-24

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Cynthiana, Ky., Kentucky by F.L. McChesney
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