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I Cloudy turning to .fair 
Nighrand Friday 

3 — } 

fair .Thursday R 



 )(iditiuu to all tji.-i 
-ere ■■urtwid to the 

Holds Important Meeting, Foiiowed 
by Delightful Luncheon of Fish 
And (MfM^-Splenditf MTwit. 

One of tlie best iiieetiii^-  tin- 
Fiateiiial Biotheiliood lias ever 
was Mi W e J aeeiay ««M ia the 

Fraternity biiilili.i?. Ori;.iiii :('r J. 
W. Bartlett I'ulfiiied pruuii^^e, 
liavinif a flane of niB ii4ate)«. in  9He 

lit" tiie iv.allier. •^.Iv. .Jfsso 

B.irtlctt is one o.f the lull jiledged 
'ratevual workers and ean jfet the 

i! c'i s vvli pi olliers 

, the loem- 

of the Frateinity buiUiin^. 
tii»b and coffee were in abuu- 
e. \ 

r. Ben S. Biirtlplt fonfi-rri-d Iho 
k. assisted hy Mr. Leiris Bupard 
irk, Paal H. Kersall and J. W. 
ilett. The hel| in'r luiuds of tli. 
ladies prepared the lunch.. L. L. 
Hill, State Ifanager, of Le.\in;rt.iii. 
was pre.-ent. 

The Fraternal Brotherhood hns n 
liip' of fifly-thi-ee inenr! er  
and a elass of candidates each 
nijrht will r-oiiii the 
to one bundled. Orjranizer 
tt has promised i# good tiae 
nejct meeting ni.slit. M.iicli 14. and 
an inxitatiou is extended tu all mem- 

m OF MR. 

i Ik 

Well Known Bourbon County Man 
■Dies at A|e of 45, of Larnygitis- 

■Mr. R. A. Bishop.  !•{ , 1 -.w UU hoin • 
near Little Kock in Boui^jua coniitv 
on Wedneaday. of laryajeitis. at tlu 
.T re of 4") yv.iis. .(Mf--r-. Keir & 
Beau, uudeitakers. of this ci^-, were 
aaM to tate ahant* of tkm hody. 

Th? fniicMiil  er\ ice- xv'll hp hcM 
(Friday afternoon at 1 -MO o'clock by 
Sara. Liftaa aad SeynoMa at th.' 
Xoi'lil ?u. e. Oil 11 ( ,.,,-u..ii c.i.iii-.,, 
and the burial will take place there. 
' Mr. Kahap is sanrived ky* hi- 
wife, who was Miss M;ittie Mor;;;)n. 
three cliiidreu and t«everal brothers 
aad sistBTs. 

draum praseuted here in years, and 
the Whedtr Stater Coo^iaay gave a 

splendid vendition of the play. 'Miss 
Xelbou appeared iu the role of the 
biiad wife and gave a most pi asing 
portrayal of the part. Mr. Goodwin 
appeared as the h^^and and wou 
til? s -mpathy of tb« 'andienee. Mr. 
Cninu'r r.ppeared in tho role of t'.ic 
villain and was very acceptable in 
the pbrt. 

Mr. Carroll appeared in the cIiim - 
•.\c'.'?i- , f nn F.iiirlish Jew and furnish- 
ed the fuu of the play. Master 
?raaea«, the t^ild artist, 41 years old. 
made a bi-r hit as little Arthur. 
Thursday night "The Hearts of I he 
Biae Bid«e* wiU he pvea. fViday 
(hi- live turkey will bej;iveB away 
and se;tts are selling fast. 



Case From Ciari: County in Which 
$I3,5G0 Verdict Was Given Re- 

Kranld'oit. Ky.. Kc'.. Jf". -Th;' 
Court of Appjals Wedne.-day i\ - 
varaed'tha eaae of John O. White .vs. 
E. C Jonett from Clark. .] '::i tin- 
covcred a verdict for .i l.i.riOU as 
one-third of the eoaBfusMB reeeiv- 
 a by White for  s\\hvj: 14.(HKI acre- 
of timber land iu Leshe county. The 
coart here i^ys the verdiet was tar 
.$1..'5.")(1 too iiunv: and to that exleii 
the judfiment I .'low is reversed. 



Before l^ikinj; up the program ut 
tha Skarj^aard eoneert Wednesday 

I". . iiiiiu:. the I). .V. U. -hoiilit h;' iii.uii- 
ly comme^nded their tiJste ami 
dinterimination in proridioff a eoneert 
wiiifii '-Mvi' -uc'.i e.vij'.ii-;!;' ',iU'.-IsM1i'. 

Sjogren, tlie composer of the ttrsi 
number on the projrram. ia a SweAv. 
ttlio is fast comiivj to the Ironl 
among thj modern composers. The- 
-triking eontrasts of the Aree more- 
iients of tlie Sonata sugirested th  
!: lid promontorica aad itmiUng val- 
leys of Sweden. 

In Hw eon faoea. Mias lleCluii : 
; Skovir.i.ird ro-,' to the lieiciit- 
of power and subliuiily, and no where 
«ms iha ana— hie awra parfaet than 
iv i'.ii~ inovenient. T'.ie t!icn)-, of the 
Brueh concerto is lovely and 
injT. and the tnal? awvca one irresis- 
li'ily wilh it- .joy and .-.p.irkli-. Mr. 
Skovgaard played ne.\t a group, tai 
flr»t two nnmbam of whieh wer-. 
i|uaiiil anil charinir.i;'. an I lovers of 
'Chopiu were delighld to hear the 
SaraaaU. arraaseaMnt of the faaul- 
iar no.-tume. And here the ai-ti-: 
drew from tha muted violin a quality 
of -tone so ethereal that it seemed 
to coma down from Heaven. 

The ;rroup of original compositions 
uave distinct evidence of th« erea- 
tiva Aaity of the eoaii oser. and Ik 
played them with ppxlisal teni| er- 
anieut and biilliaijcc. Indeed, few 
artiiits possess the skilled teehni  
and ii:teri)retatives ability of Skov- 
;:aard. The soiirano., Mis.^ Wri;.'h' 
has a rieh metio of aueh i)ro!nise. 
S'u' was ])artiiMriaily pleasin^j; i)i tin 
-roup of pieces, singing: "Oh, l)r  
Those Tears," with exeelleni effect 
aceoin))anied by tho lovly violin oh- 
ligato sounding from another room. 
Miss Wiii^s eneores were annan- 
aliy plea-ing. Amoag many distin- 
guished accomj^msts, Mi s Mct'lnn^ 
is notahie, and her exqniaite playing 
,, ■ -olo-. the r.:-zt Tarantellc 

and the Sexti-lto from J..ucia for left 
hand wwra wonderfully well done 
Aa ia an artiat of rare gifts. 

So ph-a-ed was Skovgaard with 
the appreciation accorded that he 
gave an extra aamfcer, the noble 
Tlar.del Sonata. As an eneore. the 
• Siiwannc Kivir" was cnolded a- 
t'le writer had never heard it eithc3 
i^i'  on'jr or iiistrnmentally. Tho 
Mischa Elmau arraugement of the 
SiThahert' Cradle Sonjf was the other 
o.icon'. ][ is very iliftiiT.U to iplay 
and was lovely beyond compare. 
V Thrice happy thoae who hoard On 
eonoert last night. 


■ ■ I I' ■ ! 

Meas««s PMBis Wmm 47 to 91- 
MmMm Scoth WMtkiy Inter- 


One of the larite^t houses, of the 
OeaMB witnessed the perfoxmanee ^ Mrs. ,T. W. Womaek offers for sale 
of '^he Couutafeiters" as^ presented her household and ^^tchen fomiture 
by the ^*\healer Sisters ^ytek Com- j in an ad. on the ml page of this 
pai^- ait the Opera House Wednesday paper. Mrs. Womaek ia ta mvve to 
lUgkt^ .Ibe play iraa the hest pelo- Iwe.\uigtoB. 

Fia.ikfort, Ky., J'eb. 2n.— Tiie 
House passed a hill Wednesday lui - 
■\f,ddutg atfipmenta of liquor from 
"wet" coiMities iu Kentucky into 
"di-y" couMtits by a v.i!e of 47 to ^!t. 

Ki pres.Mitative Kiwocd Hamilton, 
of PmiAiin, efaarged, without quali- 
ticatioii tliat the litfnor interests, 
'liro^;:h thiir extensive lo1)by and 
wiie-pullcr.s in their vmpioy. had 
 -ai-.:e to tlii;: eity in large nunthers 
aiiil si'carc i an aiiu'-nclnic".! )o tlic ili- 
Wfl piiinary l.iw whii-li excluded 
! iom the operation of the priaury 
hill any primary ilecii.m or conven- 
tion thai had °.)i'en called prior to 
the passage of the priauury hill.' Rep- 
resentative Hamilinn a-si'ileil th: l 
it woold be only a mailer of time un- 
til the people of Kantnek/ woaM rise 
in t! rii- nii'j'nt and pass nicre 
drastic liquor regulating laws if the 
li )apr interests not qnit mad^ng 
in lagisbtioB that 4U not eoneeru 

How the MeMbers Voted. 

The vote on the* bill follows: 

.\?ainst the 'lill — At'iei-lmi. Baker. 
';erry. Brower. Hiram, IJrov.n Bo.vl- 
uig, burton, Carroll, Clay, CjIo, 
rarmer. Fryer. Oaines. H itli ii. .lohn 
Holland, Hunter, Huntsman. Kaigai. 
K ih, J.  A. Leaeh, of Ohio eonnty 
Lockirey. Mahin.  !iyv". . Meyn-. 
.MeCrca, Owius, I'u^cton, \Y. A. I'erry. 
Price, Reed. Rober tao n. Smith. 
S )a!in. Stoll, Tl.oaias. C. B. Thomp- 
..on, E. B. Thompr-on. Tiemai;, Wiley. 
-Total ». • 

!"or the bill— Ahl. Aiken, Bean. A. 
». Bertram, T. .Vi. I'ertiam, Bishoi*. 
Wallace Brown. T'dades. China. 
Chnm. Collins. l i( l; y. Driiry. K,;r- 
jlv-tiMi, KIdcr. Far; a, Foigy, Gray, 
.'iregory. Hall. Han Iton. Hammond. 
'I'arringtott, A- B. I'olland. Jack-on. 
K'eler. Ke'ly. .T. \.  A-iU-'\, of Harri- 
-on county; Kinir. '.Mathews, }de- 
t'lure. Kieh ds. Niles, Owen, Palmer. 
\V. V. Perry. Po'_" -.• Polin. Scott 
Shanks, Sinclair, T lurman, Waikius, 
Williams. Wilaoo, Vaaaey, Taoag.— 
Total 47. 

Governor McCr.arj* Wednesday 
-cut a mesasge to the Leitislatnn 
CI n','ratulating tha mend)ei- on thei: 
vork- in which he -aid in i art : 

"1 oougratulate you on the i as- 
-age by the Senate ' and o! 
W.prr-eiita'ivf- o! the County Vni' 
K.xlension bill, the Direct Primary 
lection b'll, the Dc mrtment of Bank 
hi!! and tlie Prisi.n ITeform bill. Foni 
if the most imjmitdnt pledges made 
n the late Demoen tie Platform have 

m: i'oni;i''cd with, and there is cv- 
01 y reason to beli-. vc that the othei 
liedges referred to in the Democratic 
i'latform will be e»:acted into law bo- 
'ore the adjoommeut of the present 
-esinon of the Lefri^datare. 

"J pieferred that •I'O pv' r- 
'orm bill should be bispartisua, but 
Alien the I.#gislative Department, 
vvitlioir. being so re |nesi( l by me. 
.la-scd liie pii.son reform ibill, with- 
out the bi-partiiran feattire, . which 
was not required by the Democr.iti 
Platform, but which contained tlirei 
■mportant points that T adv. f ated as 
i.idispeasaMe; to-wit. relieving tin 
Legi-lature from electing the piison 
•omniis.siouers, giving to the Gover- 
nor tha aatiiority to.appoint and ter- 
;nin:'tii:2' the pre-ent pii-on system, 
which both poiilieal parties had con- 
,!omned, I hetiOvc it my dnty to ap- 
prove the pri.son ref.irm bill, a- it 
had passed both houses with large 

"I was encouraged to ilo tlii- l e- 
eause only eleven days remain of the 
present session, and if I fail to ap- 
prove the prison reform ibill whle! 
authorises Ihe Governor to af^int 
three prison comnussioners, it is 
probable that there will be no change 
in the prison syatem which had been 

condemned by both political parties 

B. a. ArMtt's Bills Pass 

I Senator fi. SL Amatt broaght np 

his bill to amend the Revenve law 
so as to provide for a revenue 
agetifa s^wr\-isor and no aait for 
taxes shnll bo tiled nr.til first sub- 
mitted to this supervisor. The 
Senate adopted mm an amendment to 
the bill the first four sections oF 
Seuiitor Xcwctimb's bill Xo. 170. 
The petition of the Revenae agent 
mnsf yejiiiv H -jTi-ially the oitttted 
property. Tiie ibill passed. 

The ftennte nLso pnsised the bill 
S"o. 1122 of Senator B. iM. Arnett 
protiiling for investigation of Aits 
and to provide for ap| ointment of 
State Fire Marshall and his as.sist- 
jiits. Senator Xewcomb leporled 
fiiyoraWy the Public Utilities Com- 
miitsion. ^ 

S'onalor Hcar:l anii'Miiiccil to !i,. 
Senate that the l.'emociatic Senatoi- 
wonld hold a eaneas at 4 oVhick to 
^!i-cnss and 'letornnnc on the Sen.i- 
torial and Kepre.seulative ro-a|i- 
portionawal li'lls. 

rm»n m is RCpeaM 

Ti e act lo lep'al what is known 
a..! the "Practice -U-l " of 1002, con- 
i-eniing rule days, motion day-, 
etc.. ai: I to re-en.a'-f certain - ction- 
tff the ( ivd Code pas.-inl 2ti to 0. 

9ha Senate also paaaad act No. 
257 regnlatiug the fding   f bills ot 
exceptions. Vote 23 to 1. 

Jtenate .Sill No. reducing lh( 
member of |irre!n|)otoiy chalk nu: '- 
allowed defentl'.mts to ten iu felony 
eases and three in misdemeanor ca- 
rs pa--ed •_'7 to :i. 

Other Legsl Bills Passei 

Tiie Senate ipassed 'Senate liiil No. 
i: 2 to re$;nlate the admiwran of at- 
torneys t.i practice law. A.lso Senote 
Bill Xo. to regulate the introduc- 
tion of expert testunoay in Ciril auc' 
Crimina! trial-. -M-o Senate Bill X'o. 
77 relating to advancing cases for 
h«arrg in Court of Ap'»»»J»l«. 

The Saoata passed the bill cveatin-: 
a Codes Coamuaston of three mcm- 
Iters to pr^ra aBMndments to the 
Civil Code and lepart to the next 
Legishiture. » 

The Senate eonenrred in the 
.imendnient of the Ilou-c to ih 
Confederate Pension bill which goc- 
to Governor MeCreary for his sig- 
nature. Tiie vote was "J ayes. 1 nay. 
ijenator Bertram voted against iir- 


.Ml-. Keller's amendment; out 
ihe original provi^on that all sol- 
n'ers over Co yean oM be held "dis- 
iMc!" And added an emergcnev 

The bill providing for the amend- 
ment to the Constitution allowin- 
railroad companies (o purchase par- 
allel and conii)c'.i!ig lines passed !!!'■ 
"Hoase We da e a d a y by a vote of f;   
o 18. 

The vote on the bill follows: 

Far the amendment: 

T)emocrafs--.\kiii, A. V. l'.i,lr:nn. 
Blades. Carroll, Clay, Collins, Dou,:::- 
las, Drnry. E}(ieaton, Elder, forgy. 
Fryer. H unnii.nd. Hal'on, .\. H. ll'i'- 
land. Jno. W. Jlolland, Howell, Hunt- 
er, Kriler. Kni^t, Ktfh, J. A. Leaeh, 
'larri-oi' I'le-'tv. T.o'-'i.v. ^fabiv 
\laliiii, ilcyer.-, McCiea, Owing-. 
Palmer, W. A. Perry, W. V. Parry. 
Posne, Pdu, Price. Robert -on. Roj- 
ere, Shanks, 6pahn, C. B. Thomrison, 
SThoman, Tteman, C B. Wiley, Yan- 
cey.— Total -42. 

RepaUieans,— Ahl, Asher, Baker/ 
Brewer, ffiram ^«wn. Cole, Oaine«, 
Ilnnt.sman. Kirk. .T. H. I^each. ot' 
Ohio county, Meyer, Parker, Sinclair. 
Smith. StoO. Thomas, 1^ B. naap- 
son. Watkins.^Totol 18. 

Against the aamndawnt: 

Democrats. — Sean, Bishop, Wal- 
lace. Brown. C^uinn, Dickey, Gray, 
Gregory, Hamilton, Berrin|^on, 
•Jackson. Niies Owen. Reed. Scott. 
\Vil-on.— Total 16. 

Ucpnbiicans. — Farmer^ MeClure. — 
Total -J. 

The railroad rate bill was con- 
siderod in ComToit^ee of the Whole but action on the mea.s- 
are was detered m^il Thnrsday. ^ 


Wife of Prominent Richmond Banker 
is Saved From Possible Death by 
Neyrs Who Hevd Screams. 

Richmond. Ky.. Feb. 29.— Mr.-. 
Oreenieaf, wife of John £. Greeuleaf, 
c«!iiluer of the Southern Nationni 
Rank hete, while attemplinj: to jnit 
some coal in a btove late Wednes- 
day aittriioon in some Way her dre^s 
c.inuhi lire and she is believed' to 
be dai-irerously hnintd. 

\ colored man, iiiailiig lier 
sL-iLaais ran ia and saved her from 
iiatii. bnt -111' was -evercly burne.'. 
n'lonl the body from waint down. 
Sht  is the mother of PoKee Jadga J. 
,). Cu-t'ii'eal' a::i! of Miss Vas QNcn- 
leaf, of this tity. 

gate fully and it possible lo return 
indie tOKBts. 

Davie went 'H'fi le the irraii.'. jury 
Wednesday afternoon, and »ays he 
was aMde ta get aat af bed.' and in 
his bare feet and nigbt dathes. was 
taken a distance of nearly two miteii 
and tied ap to a tree an^ whipped 
•vitii a broa ! -trap. He -a\ al! -ix 
of the noen took tunis in wielding the 
sttap. He rays they charged him 
w'th talkir^ too much alwut the kill- 
ing of Jenkins and ordered him to 
leave the eoamty. Ba aaid tha^^n 
were masked.' 


I A good sale at taaacaa wa^ 

'a: the Sci»!H"e Warebou-e Fridav. 
i moruuig. A lutul of Llo,000 puaoii 
j were saM at prieas rangii^ f ram $* 

to .foO. 

There were but few rejectiuns aud 
wetw ftwm *I ta «• in ad- 
vance of th'-e ..! Tiic-d.iy. 

A large part of the ufferiujp* was 
af law grade.. Qo^rf gradta warn, 
V b tomnd. 



At 2ta tbe aalea «t the Pbniar** 

Mouse were reported slro i^:. Aboat 
■iSTiMm poands were ou tlie floor. 
Prieas' shawad an advance 

to .f;! on Tue-day'- sales. 

Mr. J. D. Gay Scores 92 Out otioo!''*" rejecUons. 
And PMUdeiphia Expert Gets Only 



Remain af Tint 
GMt »n 


fM hi OMliii 

r,c.\in-t.)n. Ky.. F.b. :iil.— Buried 
cUep beneath the ehairred debris of 

v.onil a-Iies. anil niid  r sev. ral feet 
ol' water wiiich had accumulated in 
tlie basement «f the bniMing, the 
-keh'tons ot' the three little n°^ri ! 
uirls who perished in the lire which 
destroyed tiM Colored Oipbans' 
Tlome. on the Geo' ^'otcwn i ike. i:e.\r 
the eity limits, e:irly Tuesday moni- 
■: r. rrere fonnd WedBesday morning 
at 11 )'ehick by .Ton -. a', 
emplo. e of. the undertaking tiim o! 
Porte.- A Jaek-son. 

Ila lly anytlii:;': except the bonc- 
of the three girls, .Vraudu Lee Mason. 
!  yea s old: Maltie C Mason. -I 
ve ir- old. and Sallie Houard. 8 
year- old. were found by Jone.s atid 
the n e other mifn who had nnder- 
taken. tbe work of pom|.in? out tfie 
ivafpi and ele ning away the debris 
in th • hope of fir.ding the bodiep. 
•vhich jlara faally fonnd lying clo-: 
tocret' sr in the basement under tin 
left of tbe building. The fresh 
havir? been burned off of many 
part- of the brrdir-. nrd t'te-r fneo- 
-o In nie l. that the children were un- 
•. . "■nrnaM*, save by their kaawn 
-tatnre. » 

Paris. Ky.* Feb. 29. — The second 

day o!' the bitr biril -hoot at tba 
giuuud. i of tbe UiU Tup Uuu Cluh, in 
Bonr*¥»n county, attracted a larj'c 
■ il of sportsmen from many piac- 
e- and witnessed the second vict,:ry 
lor Mr. J. D. Gay, ot i*ine Grove, 
t l.tik county, against Mr. It.srry 
Iv.thler. of Philadelphia. LMr. Gav's 
iccenl being out of a pos-ible 10«  
birda, wUla Mr. Kahlar broaght down 
Si. Tlie conillt'ons of tl'.e conte-t 
ivire the same as those which obiaii.- 
ed MaaJay, tba Irst day, a 3»-yaTd 
rise, with a iSO-y.ud boundariai aad 
five traps, the target.s beiag Bra pig 
eons. Ibe referee was also the 
Thoina- A. Mai-!iall. of Kv.;, - 
ton. which a suburb of Chicago. 
With the exerpti^ at a stiiT wiml 

t'.ie ^■•e.■.'^, •i• ■.\ .IS ideal, and t.:- ice-- 
-ioa was greatly aajayed by t'le cn- 
!U!i!«iastic crowd of ganumuu and 
and other interested spe -ta' or-. 

TU« range of tbe tliU Tt !p Uuu  'lu!  
. !c fhrm of Mr. Alfred Clay, i* one 
; f the nio-t beaatifol spots in the 
(•KKty, and presented aa anosaally 
.ttraetive afipearanre 'Wedne*iiy in 

I - !(■ Ill i-rht -nn-!ii;;e. 

1 nilh the on- 

lioua! colors floating from tite cl.ib 

The do.sing shoot t he iivirn.i- 
a, at will attract the largest crow J 
i.iat ha^ yet as. UiAlid on the 
:'!r nnds. on account of tbe 'laigc 
-takes for which these tw^rmis ex- 
; erts are contesting jbeing fSOO for 
each day. 


Ciucinuaii, Feb. 2S.— Cattle — Ae- 
live aad steady to ?tiong at yester- 
day's wnmii hii ipiii «au7a#tJ^ 

choice to f \tra .■».').!•«■ o 7 : butcher 
steers, extra ^:i!.' (   ti- ' l*, good t.» 

ehoiea #&apc']a, i u I* hlr 

^ t.'.i'Un 'k\'  : i'.e-t'oi-. extra -f ''ifii 
good to caoice -f 4.7.5(iio.(iO, com- 
mon ta fair $4#45a: eowa, extra 
* l.( ")((i ."). ','ood to choice ■*4.2.' (o l.tiO, 
common to fair #l.75@4. eanners 
flJt^TS; brib 8tf«Bt Bibt 
receipts and ;rood de: i.iiid: 
$4.25 i(.' , extra $.' .10(a 5.2.), fat 
{mfk «S#&25; auleb ewrs; good^ 
-te.idy to strving; c..mmon -low. 

Calves — Opened steady; closed 
(ft$l per IW lbs., lower; axtoa 
'»8.7.' ('  9..' U. f.iir to v' od #7^0.23^ 
common aud large #4(jji'tt. 

"Bog* — Active; packers and batch- 
ers generally 10c higher; lisht -hii - 
per  l.' c higher; (Mgs l.XA'ti&e high- 
er; heavy hogs #( .(i. (u''6.7.5. good ta 
choice packers ami butchers ;yti.70^ § 
.f( .7.' . mi.\ed packers |tt,6j^flk7b, 
-tags if:\.2Xa ri.2i, eoamm ta eboiea 
heavy fat hows $4^i»^9Mi, Kgbt 
shippers mn fLto: figt (]]• Ibo sad 
less) *4.. 4H«tt. 

She: |) — Steady ; csln 
.!;. ud to choice ■$:l.3.'i SfSjll^ 
to fair .■M.'i.'t(((:{. yearfiags $4MB^ 

■.•am^ki — Strong: extra $6.75(a)SJC» 
gotid to ehoice ttft.l.^'VJS, eo«- 
moB ta frir 




Jiidrje Hanbery Gives Jiiry Special 
Instructions to Inve^tinate Fully, 
And Return Indictment. 

llopkin-vi^ie. Ky.. FJ.. Ha.l 
feeling that has prevailed between 
the whites and Warks in the" extreme 
-linthern | ori:on o'' tnis coi'.:!ty s-jic; 
the killing recently of Lee Jenkins, 
a storekeeper, at E^ieton. by Tom 
Sl.uiuhter. a negro, culminated Wed- 
nesday night, when six masked met; 
took Ous Evans and WiU Davie, ne- 
groes, from tlitir homes at Kennedy 
about midnight for tbe purpose of 
whiniing them. Evans cxape.l 
from his captors, but it i- sanl he 
was wounded by shots fired after him 
as he ran. Davie was whipped se- 
] \ erely. OflBcers visited Kennedy 
' W'edr.rsday afternoon and brought 
r a%ie with them. Evans is said to be 
in Clarksville, .Tenn.. and Deputy 
Sheriff Smith went there ,ift?r him. 

As soon as the outrage w«s re- 
ported Circuit Judge Hanbery rall- 
jed Ae grand jury into e r.'rt ar.d gave 
jtiicm s|»ecial instructions to invesh- 

And Physician 
siaA Wonder. 

Philadelpliia. P-nii.. F b. 
fhere are 7i numlier i»f jierson-. wlio 
think that soaw waami's hearts ar 
in the -.vrong place, but l r. K"s  V. 
'Patterson. Ifean « r the JelTer-oii 
^) -dieal College, knows aae wam n: 

•■vho-e lu'ert is. She r'atne to the 
hospital recently to jirovo tt, and 
Dr. Pattarsaa also faoad tbat aear y 
.nil of bar atbar vitid «rvaBs were oat 
of plaee. v 

Dr. Patteraon peomi.ied not to re- 
veal the name of iii ■ \\ ■man. bii  
examined her and Ls ready to .-tand 
by her as.sasrtfc»ns. 

The physician fonnd t'': t her 
lieart, which should have been o i 
the left side, wa* on bar right. Thi • 
he discovered that iier was not 
an it-t anstomary position ou tlic 
riirht, bat on tha left sido, ba\-ii  r 
{•hanired places with bar spleen. Her 
Sjipendix also was imapased aiid 
aras on tha left. Voat at her atber 
oi^ans were Hkewiaa aot  rf tba or- 



IHitRRv ^^M^m^r fP^^^M^a 

C'liumbus. Uuio. Feb. 29. — His 
nerras a wrsefc. Bodney i. Migli is 
.1 (latifnt in ti e [c-eit entiaiy baspit- 
al. after one night iu jaiL 

h beramt knwaa Wadtaaaday nigbt 

-s. ■ X, 



that th» nerve whl -h -ii-l:tined Ji"ni 
;o the bisl mii'.nle TiieMbky failed 
rompieteiy Wadaesday mgib'^ after 
a -leeple-s night "ii his cell cot. .M.d 
Diegle grew worre until it berame 
.taecssary la scad Urn ta Iba hospit- 

Since the jury relumed its verdict 
uT '^niaiy' bHt mmu Diagla has 

''.en n; 'ler ai' c;iormon- strain. 

Pri.-.on physicians say. bis condi- 
tion ia aaOerioas and tbni ba win 

L'row Mail* th- I.'." " . -T '"e-v d..v-. 


dinary positions. 

As expfetad tha prapa s ad ten -year 

fe-baceo p.i(d was g!e,.-ted •with a 
f rost here Friday afternoon. 
Only four growers atteaded the 

meetirtcr and none of these had sign- 
ed at 3 o'aiock in the afternoon. 




For Her P.!i»t;ter"- Sake. (Kalem- 
His Choras tiirl Wife. (la*in.) 
Their Chanainv .Mama.  Vita- 


Nice pragraaaw. -lllis.-i LiDian 
Walker leads in '^CharmiB) 

Matinee everyday. 2:3© 
Chihiri'ii matinee SatiirdnW 3 et*. 

PUBUC SALU^vhig d^id^l^ 
giro np my baardtafrbaase aad laaea 

Wiiiche-;«r.. I sell at pobhe 
acntioa at No. P  Lexington avan- 
•ne. on aoitiay. M^«b 4; all ny 

|,,, ,.ehol.! and- Idrchea fnmiture. 
Mrs. W. Msalb^ 2-29-3t 


U^TICE—P:: re-son k 
I 8f«aial- on Page two. 


' ■"'.'5 

t H ■' 
  • • . .-I' 
■ r*!»;: it 














m SMk Ihfk WUlHt Style. 

We hMc hMgyMttat it \ 



We will guarantee to save you monej if^oa will 
^ive OS a chance at your shoe business. 

New Lot Velvet BMti«t-|SJ« 

SPECIALS— GuQ Metals. Pat- 

Wiil»li»B«Bk BmIb «t.$f jM i 

eon, n— an gB0d stjrlesoiilir 

16- Button Tan Boots at $3.50 

1 S2.00 

Our Spring Shoes and Oxfords are coming in all 
Lhc tioBc aad ointr jon to oiU sad see thf ad 
get - Nur prices. 

' ' ' '! g 






I will give you free a sample of J ^. Kerce's' Plcasait Pellets, that ha\-j _ 
a-d happiness to thousands — also a book on any . ' ' -tc dr.casc  y-^ need. ^ 

The story of my free offer to you is quickly told. During my iXinv years of pi 
I have used numerous cnmhiifio— ol carame medfciccs for fii^ ^ iHkse kept rccoiNlj 
cf results In case after case, so that my staff of physicinr 3 an i surgeons, nt the Invalids' Hotel,] 
Eufralo, N. Y., are able to  $agno9e and treat cases a'c a dbtancc with uniform good resuka. i| 
am going to send you free a sample package of jDr. I^erce's Fleasaal Vbttets* Mdckvil idiil 
biliousness and ill heddi doe ta a di soK j j Mc d liver. ' Write at once for a aaapk or a book. 

But for the fehnaiter.t v'lef of bleed disorders and impuritias,! 
caa reconunend my "Goldea MediesU Discovery "—a hkiod 
nittfi da e indiout 7lcohoL— R. V. Pierce, M. D., Bufak^ N. IT. 

Nature's Way Is The Best* 

Boned dcsp ia oar Aacciccn forest, we fiad Uoadvoott 

ntar JlMk "txM^lml^ nsootvnrr.** 

This "C ^covcr ' " tli9 btgod ami tones -wp the stomacfa oad the 

in Nature's c\td V7.:y. it's jest tiie ti;.vti£ builucr and :ct:ic yuu require. 


109-111 South Main Street, 
Sinchiif . Kantucky. 



"Entered as second-class matter, 
VavttBber 28, li 08, at the postoffio«^, 


By Mali 

one year fS.OO 

ili'iisc jvith language, as on the oeca- 
 ioii when my carafally written edi- 
lorijil "II "Frieadalup." by a iiii-dike 
III' t'io in:ike-n;  man cluised wiili ihc 
eililyin!:  ijitcmcnt: "For sale liy 
dru rf;i ts I'or 'I't cents:*' linic~ uiic 1 
t;ie boys wild nork'eil i-o iiiiicli per 
vvti'li couiplaiiied because it was si  
iittle, and my troubles vera so many 
hat kad not my I'iiii- 1m'c;i pi'ima- 
nentfy red^ it wouii 
tnrely (pray. 

I'.iil a~ "ihc faiiH- of om- .Icfnrlcl 
Miioihcis. we wriie \i\tt)\i the .-aa:!?-; 
Ltheir virtM8 on taMets of lore and 

nil nidiv. 

I jrare a» tiroin alar » flE 011 ray 
» ith the paper, the daily grind 




............ ... 1.50 

Month JKk 

, PayaUe in Advanoc 

Sieolay — ^ tac* 
Oa»i tioM. anj aditum ...... .• Xi 

week, eantisn roalv 1.00 
Om aalaadjir mu.. eoatiaaoavly 3.'^ 
row 1*^ 4 «Ma « «Mk. . . !.«   

Tear iraekv *hr»-« tin,» w«ek 1.80 
'• •■■! {''ck*. t« ) timr. t, waak 120 

toilay. vvlioii I 

J|»eIIv ai'iioy;ff!cc-. t'.ic iiii-takes and 
£aiiui%M are swept a.^iile as a tah- 
that Is told, and there remains on 
t'lc scniU of my niiml and bo ii1. o ily 
tUe record of loving deeds ol' l'r:euds 
and of the kaowiedge tkat I did the 
1  st I eoald. 


final details. They went to the Geii- j 
try home, where Oentry wa « shot nn.I | 
killed ill his library. Mrs. fieiitr^ j 
secured possession of her Ini-baiu!*- I 
diamonds in order to make it a|ii : .1, ' 
liiai he had bteii killecf for tiie pur- 
jio^e (if lobliery. the \vitne--~ said. 

luimediatel.v after the nnirder ht  
aad Mrs. Gentry arent to a local ho- 
1,1. Mai 'icy (leelared. whci'.' Ili:-y 
lave Dciii piviiia- i\tMe joined shortly afterward by 
Weli^tiaan, who ezelaimed ns h* 
came iftto the room: "Von i!ion;:'!i; ! 
n-oald turn ndibit, didn't you^ liut 
I didn't" 

•Mackey tidd of other lidans to kill 
Oeiitry. all of wUieh faih.d until t'l? 
uight be was shut when sittin ; in :iis 

Tlie pio-ecii1ii)u is attcmptinf to 
show tiiat the three were in a diurder 
paet, beeanae 'itn. ^katry was in 

love with Maeke/. ^ 

Jaal reeaiva4 ear ef M mds. 

1,1 Our clover cannct be surpassed 
Buy bef are another advance. 
J. B. Mia Caal A Sap^ Ca 




9Qitr »a«ks. on» !ini» a 
i»t notices, bod) 

i' - ; tcadinir. nvas 
tkraa aMitiuoooa 



.. 15e 
of same 

S'.fm bI donhlr the ona-iime Tata. 

Clast.1lBd— Par Sord; 

isaartioi.. aov aditia* le 

rT;rti« insertioBfi •^oqtinnoasl'V . 2 r 
'^lOfe tkiaa additional uteartiaBB.^e 
Oaa Mlandar mo.. eoBduoaaly. .lOo 
Setting e^uDted less th«Z' IC irords. 

Mfc itaa ahaiaad oa hooka for 



We have it. IIn\nn2 ]Hircha-c' 
more llian lOO.iKMI yai.i~ of lob:ii-co 
canvas, when Die market was real 
loiv. wp can afford to. iind Jire jroiiivr 
l' . undersell all conii "litors. 'I'ly 
as lii -i, l(;'f.)re pmi-ha-iiiu' e!e-w!i'^io 
A very ^lod ijrade si; li 1-4 cenl^ |iei- 
y.ird. C^me and see it. 

Jiulali ii FcitU i'rop.s., 
2-2»-2t.. dbvtrVain straet. 


.MMCHES IN iks. tHR 




There is in uiy heart today, a fe^ 
lag toaeh a» I iieKere .a mother hao. 

who see~ tlic chil.i ol' her h.ait. 
whom i'ropi iut'sucy to matuiity she 
has gaatded aad cherished, go forth 
into the arms of a new love, whirh. 
though it be as t*uder Snd as triu . 
i|peiB« somrfiow mito her not quit^ 
the same. 

For on tomorrow ahen the fir.-'.' 
-day is nshered in of the first  rl:i l 
sprinsj month, tlic pap.:- 1 have -ci' - 
M and loved in dark and sr.i::i .' 
weather, in failure and prospeii! , 
g»ep forth into the keeping: of a new 
gnaidian :bip. which will ^ive to it 
the strenjrth and i;npetu.- .' the c.n? 
and tfuidancc which an old maii of 
seveiMv ai:il a yrl of ' tWeSly-tUrco 
mip'.it liot impart. . ' 

To  ifl|RS this wiB seem but a 
business p^'apo'-ition. a traiisfe: l ij;. 
of ■piiT.jierly t^iooi one owner,-liij  t'  
another, a thin;; fo.4)e aiTanged and- 
then f«^(g itt  !i— but 'to ti •  it -inean 

A iie.v.-p.ipcr m;;i] ir.thle I'l' 

following coiiectiun of freaks in ail- 
vertuiiiig. jAid shows what the mis- 
plai-iiiL' i.r on;i--io:i • ;' a word' or 
eoniiuii does for a sentence. 

Wanted — A fnmiflh^ room ay .-m 
old huly v.!!'i '■!■• •nic li-liis. 

Wauteii  — .V room hy a youu^ gva- 
tleflMB with b^h kinds of gas. 

Wanted — .V room 1 y a young gcu- 
ilentuu with double doors. 

Wanted — A man to take rare of 
iior es who can speak German. 

Wanted — (Saleslady in corsets and 
under- flannels. / 

Wanted — l./iidies to .*pw bntl.iMs on 
I lie .-4 cond story of Smith & Brown 

Wanted A dog fagr a little boy 

with iMiinled ears. 
. Wanle I — X nice yonng nun to run 
a pool room out of town. 

Wanted - .\. boy who can open oys- 
ters witii a reference. '~ 

Wanted — Experienced nurse for 
bottled baby. 

Wanted — An organist and boy to 
blow the same. 

Wanted— A hay to be ioaida and 
j :irtly outside the eoanftar. 

Waated — ^A room tor two yonii^ 
uentleman about' 99 feet lai^ aad 
2« feet broad. 

Wanted— By a 'sespieetable girC 
hrr pa ^a;ie. to N'ew Yorl;, willing to 
take care of children and a sailor. 

Wanted — ^A fnnli. ihed room by n 
h\(iy abont Ki feet sipKiie. 

Wanted — .V eotr fagi;, an old huly 
with eTumjiled hoiws. 

For Sale — X farm by an old geii- 
tleman without ontbnildiugs: 
Oklahoma City. Okla., Feb. *29. — | For Sale— nice mattress by an 
•Ies e K. Ma -krv. for whose -ake j old lady full of feathers. 
Thomas J. Geniry. a prominent c'li- ' For Sale — 'A piano by a Indy 
;'.oi! of Oklahoma t'ity, was uii^dcred j with mahoyany legs- who is goin^ 
in his home several months ago, .mi [abroad in a strong imv frame. 

When jon want good horseshoeing 
or any kind rf repair work, don't 
forgret that we do all kinds of work 
that i& done in a first-class blaek- 
wth alhapi. BeaaonaMe prices; all 
work guaranteed. Your patronage 
■aGeited. T. M. Doaugan, comer 
Winn svnne, opposito D. 8. Gay's 
waraJpaaHb M-lme 



Plan by Wife antl Her Brother to 
Murder. Gently Witness Who Caus- 
etf THifMty Avars. V 


This Offer Should Gain The Confi- 
dence of The Most Skeptical. 

We pay for all the medicine nsed 
during; the trial, if our re«ne ly fa:; 
10 coai|«]etely relieve y.iii coiisii- 
pjition. We take all ihe ri-k. Yon 
; ie not  dili^atc l to ii  in a;.y v.,i\- 
V. \ •■r. if y.iu accept our offe". 
'i"!i:it*s a miylity broad  t.itoni. i)r. hw 
we inean every wi:rd of it. I'miiij 
anytluiii; be more fair for yon ? 

l\ ( nio-v -i,-,!ei^ ific ci)Uinii.ii--, .i e 
treatment is Ue.xall t)rdcrlie.-, wh;.-;i 
are oaten Kke candy. Their active 
i iincii)!e "i- a lei-ent scientit'r- li; - 
covery [.liat is .idoriess, ro't.rles: . 
and ta«Aele«9; very pronounce .1, jn n- 
tle. and plea-;ir.t :n action, and ] : i- 
ticul'arly a^ieeoble iu every way. 
This ingredient does not cnn.-ie di.-.'-- 
rhoea, naii.sea, flatnltnce, f:ripiii;:, 
other incouvciiienee. Ke.xall Ordi r- 
lits are particularly y^ood for eail- 
UM ,:. auei! and delicate |V r-ous. 

If you . .uifcr from chriniic or ha 
iMfiial coMsti|iution. or the assucia e 
dr depeui(ent chrouie ailnuiits, wi 
urge you to try Ue.xall Oulerlies at 
oup ripli. Itememl^er. you can  :.■ ; 
t':( '.I iii Wii'.chcstcr only at our stoic 
1:; tablets, 1(1 cent-: :!o t:ililets. 'J'l 
cents; 80 tablets, .")0 cents. SohV 
mily at our store — The Rexall 8t ^ 
Phillips Drug Store, 56 ^th Miir. 
street. * 

. . Dr. Pierce says. — "Givc:;rinc pkys an important part in 

'm\l)'^v L.'t^ «/U VQ_ Ootclen Me«Ucai Discovery in the cure it m&ige^lSamu 

U\}y.t,_ ^yop»po:n and wr:.k .stomach, attended 'by so-ar risings, h^^M 

burn, foul breath, coated ^ongue, poor appetite, spewing 
in stomach, biliousness and kimhred dnangaBients cf the stomach, liver and oowekk^ 
In coughs aiid hbarsencos caused by bronchial, throat and lunf; affections, exce 
Gurrption, tlie^ " C^olden Medical Discovery" 's a most efficient re:n-jdy, especially \i 
cbst;n?.tc, i'ang-on-coughs caus'cd by irritatioa and congestion of the bronchial mucoul The ' Discovery " is not so good for icum cougt/i arioirvj, ffotn cudden cola 
.must it be expected to cure consumption in its advanced sUigos — r.o mcdicmc will do tha| 
for all the obstinate, chronic coughs, which, if neglected, or hi:dly trer-.tcd, l-- .cl up to 
'J-,.; is the bc:t mcdiciiie th::t ca.i be taken." i»old hy .'."1 '.:r;.:c:pal 0'::'i-.T . i.-i luedicine 
To find o).:!: more abouc the above mentioned discast i an l uii about the body in 
' r.::d di^ea-?, ;.-;ct the Common Sense Medical Adviaer^nche People's Schoofanaater in M  
— revised and up-to-date book of 1000 pages— which treats of diseased coadiflloaa aad 
practic.-v, succtisful treatment thereof. Cloth-i ound sent on receipt of 31 cent9 ir 
cae-cent ai-^viiy^ psy cost of nuiiiing utl^ Adtkc&a Dr. Pierce's invalids' Hotd, BoAdo, N. Y. 

' • ■ •■ 

tion when w* have a Board of Con 1- 1 dii-tin-r t :j fira.*clves : the next ^ in the 
cil that ix'fiilly eonr,; eteiit :ind will- i  ( 'vv-iid and on back porehess well. 
i.ijf to protect her citizens fi\»m any I and tlitn the prenuses %eing in.-iiect- 
(kimage (hat miyht occnr from any ed the garden is looked to f. r the 
source whatever. .\m sme that ih.y food for the jromii; r o. e-. all o; 
liav* overlooked this matter aiid which is con-nned by e-.irly t«ll. 
 vish to remind^tbem by the uewspa- , All li-.e '.vliile. we have our chick- 
per route ! o!ore their next msetin;; ( sna penned or do not have any a: 
when no doubt yoor griaveneos will .ill for wan; of -] ace for them while 
bo reKered. ouv noi^rhlKtr two bhu-ks away o '- 

Xot knowing how yiw are agrieved. eupies that portioa of the town and 
\. ill stale in my own way how sem- tells about hi- sti r-l-, crop and so on. 
ol' my neii:hbor  and my.seif are . Now will niakv tliis sialemeni for 
troobled wiih tlic chicken.^ of others, i yonr sahsserHiersi. • Let bi« s-iy-fo Mr. 
Fir.sf. in Ihe -priii',' they ii-o oar ("■Minci'.man : "(trant n- -nn'.e pro- 
flower bn].s in l!ie front yard fo.- ' tedioii." relyi!:? tipon tlieir jndsiroent 

in which way we may be prateet^^li^ 

and that my chicken- be kept from ■*J 
daroa^inz my neighbor. Let as ^ 
-hake jiud be friends. 

8ri{Sii;iH-;R. I 
■ ' South 


Will pay yon the Ilig^e^ 
Mr your Furs. 
i. W. HISEL 

Bridf* Junk Shop, 
Kat 23 Ibrtn .M.ipie st- j. 
Eaat TemMaaaa f%tm 215. Home^ 
rkoaaSM. ]l-18-4mo 

Let IIS fiirnish yOi! sewer pipe, 
when you get leady to connect io 
the city sewer. Prompt delivery^ 

J. R. Martin COal 4 Sappfy Co. 



0 Owe It To Yourself 


Avoid takinj? cold if yonr kidney- 
are scn.-itive. Cold congests tlio 
kidneys, throws too much work upon 
them, and weakens their action. Se- 
rious kidney trouble and even 
Sright's disease may result. 
StrengUien your kidneys, get rid of 
the p:iLn anfd sorene;*?, build them up 
by the timely of Foley Kidney 
Pillr They win eara any easo of 
fifaey^«r bladder trouble not beyond 
the rei(fli of mediciiVe. No oicilic'nc 
can do more. 

Vor S.ile by All Dmg^sts. 

FURS! .Fumi!^ nmsMi 

xWill pay yon the Btj^bm/k Ghah 
Prices for yonr Furs. 

' '^ Bridge Ju-nk Shop 

No. SS North Maple st. 
Bai^^Dnaoaaaa Phoae 215, Home 
Phoa«4i6-. - 11-l%4ino 

!lic wilne-- s|;ind Wo'1:-:r..;l;-y 1nvro:l 
state's evidence ai;d leiaitd det;,i4.- 
of a most graesoBM plot by GentiyV 
wife and Maurice Wei^htman. her 
buithcr, Mack iy . swore that ibuth 
Geutry's wife mri& Weigbtman  #ant- 
I e l fo do Ihe "j '!)." nnd that they 
o: drew 

the several. l e of teiid r .vies, a _ 

one friend, to^ ujand lo?hL from ha\-e tho-privilege of killing Gentry, 
aiiother. ^ Mackey said he wet Mrs. Gently 

It is true. thei« liave Wn * 4^ Weigh^ii ereaing fjf the 
when the air ai oii|^hc oflU-e w:^ ^n^kff^^j^^^tkmihrie tm^i- )   

For— .Sale — X nice, large dog, wil| 
eat anything, very fond of children. 

For Sale — A parlor suite hy an old 
IhfK- stuffed with hair. 

Lost— A green lady'.s leather poek- 

For Sale — A-cottage by a gentlmau 
iia.vs'to detOTnjue who should j with a bay window. 

■ixist — Ai silk ^ombfelb, by a la^y 
with bra& ribs. 

For Sale — ^ix Brown Leghorn 
ca *h. , 



TotkejUitor of TOc Niews: . 

I heSTtily concur with the article 
in Monday's issue jOf one of your 
iiidiiB[jiifaijij and eitisans of Win^he.-*', 
ter in jce^rard to chickens miuiing at 
large," farther consider it "use- 

To; make sure of gefctunr tbo most yoior BMUMr 

will buy in dothes. Best quality, proper fit 
right style, all wool fabrics. In 
'^MaxwelT' clotiies you get ftaU 

These are the choice garments 
in town and yoaean't do better 
than 8(9leot your auitiKOw. 

Values for the Spring will be 
much brtter; Hiibrioe smoothAr 
and better. . All in all you wiU 
find that we can help* stretch 
your bank account, your money 
will go larther here than else- 

An Early Inspection Witt Be Appreciated 

■I. t ' I I   ■ -1 1 1 L I ' r nr 


\ '4 


Buyk a fiood First- 




/ Jones— Pig|. 
. HIkk C*iti was Married to 

Mr. Joiit- ;cl' tlip i :ir.-on;i;ri' 

b\ Kt'v. ii. ('. \Vii::li. Wviliicsday al- 


Mr. Jooe  i- :': -mi of Mr. Kl. 
Janes, and i  a iH'jiular mid liig;lily 
f liiiwiii y— Hf man. ~ 

His biii!*" i-  '•■■•• of llie lovclic-i 
yuuug Udic-s ill lilt' county. 
' Cong^ratuhithin!'^ ar« extended. 

, Mr. \V. .S. Ihiiv. of Wiufheslcr. 
visatrd fneinl- a u'L relatives here 
m-eaily.— Ml. Sum ling Adroc-atc. 

'Mr. Jeff Siewiu.. i.f Wiiiclu'-- :. 
i^nt Sunday aiiil Mui/lay witii ~ 
sititer, Mrs. K. R \BM»e«.— Ml. 
Stfrlii,- Advn,-.-;,.. 

Mr. and Mi -, .laii liatM . 
a»\-ed t«' 81iaif -! iirjE. to th* rej;ii'; 
o'f (heir many '.'i]. il  in this eify. 

'.M|^ John Wk-u and t'ainiiy hr.\L- 
moved fo tlipir l i'ittasse on B«i!:- 
;ni.iiic. M!-. . iy " .■uiii; i !iy Mr. ; ..•! 
Mr.«. Jeff Ualiili. Their lioiue o.i 
corner of Rnnis and Collej^e i.- to 
be oefii| i (l liv I 'v. Wood, of 
in !luii. who cante iie#c recently from 
tbat city. 

Mr. and Mr . C. V. Bridwett 
take rooas with Mn. Junes Powell 
next week, at Miss Lyey Wii'iiV 
baaWKntr hmit*. and'wUI rwiia tbore 
until they w'.'.' to LonisviUs, to 
make tlicir !ioii;e. 

Mr. J. II. C. Xaff lia= relunic.l 
from a trip to Pittsburg. 

Mr. .1. K. Wood, of licxiiifftoii, i~ 
xi itiii ; liis dauglitcr, Mrs. C'lia.-. 
(^nncH, on Burns avenue. 

l{i v. (i;',). \V. SIk jilici .:. will. Iia- 
bt'cu ill itir jjooie tiiu&. iullouiu}; an 
operation at Ofheon Hospital, in 
liichmoiid. w,-, ^ taken .l)i'-k h  tlia! 
iastituJiou Wednesday, it is boi cd 
be win soon be restored to healtli. 

Mi" Salli.' W::l(kMi, tje I'oreiaily 
of the Wilu iiester I'loak aud Siii; 
iVimpaiiy, will leave Friday to take 
'•■i.i'uc of tkc -A. M. Doral» store i~: 
Ml. Steiiiug, tu the retftvt of' her 
iiuiiiy friends here. 

M: . Martha Brown eontinuo- 
iiiiite i!!. 

Mr. John Rediuon, who. has bev 
.'i ( ii i-iniia! 1. lia- rtM iii iied home. 

Mr. Cha-. Diylfy \i:i  i( tiriii d 
I'roni ex;;'i;iieii iciiir v:' llif -diii:?. 

.Mi-- .\i:iui Wall- has accfpt^il a 
iKi-itioc ttitUii. II. Kresn & Company 



Rust Proof Oats and Canada '\p\u 
peas make the greatest feed of then: 
all... Now is the turn to. sow. 

J. Martin COal & Ufftf Co. 


Wet and.dalled feet nsnaliy nSv. - 
the Biscons n-.rmhrni.c i.C t'le uo--.: 
IhiraWt ^nd ^iuii  :s, and k g:rii pe. 

SFBiNO ommra 

will continue until Sat- ' 
urda^ fight 

'Dotfit fafi to «»U/and 
see our Spring Line of- 
Goats» Dresses, Skirts, 
Wai0to, and Hats. The 
best in town for the 
money. . »^ • . : 


■ta BuOdii^ j  ^c*k Phone! 

ei'iiiiiisiRet-     }imemnBt.Kf. 


' ' JL 



m mm m 




(bring dccidied t'o go otit th^ meat 
business we will dose out eveiythisg 
thai We luiTe itf ottfi stmiv witlds the 
next few days beprinning 

Monday, Feb'y. 26 

and lasting- only a few days. We will 
also offer^orsale at the same time and 
place our store fixtures which are new 
and up to date. Everything not sold in 
the next few days will be sold at pub- 
lic outcry to the highest bidder a^a 
whole or separately. 

Everyone knowinsj^ themselves in- 
debted to the firm will please call and 
settlctat once^as the business must be 

wotmo up. 

L. Gilbert & Co. 



Oxy-AcetyHne WWi ding 

Of AutomobCo Parts. 

I have iutaOeda Modem WeMing aod (Sittiag OotlL . 
Spedaliy Adaptec? O jvcfdiiisf Automo- 
bile Paris such as lyl^u-J; r. craiii cases and all 
other parts of Aiitoniobil  !'. Millif^ Machinory, 
Farm Machinery, C n:j : .iics, E-tc. .f^ 

. W« 4u metals wl'h like Oxy-Acctyiiue Toidl 
and they are as strong or stnrag^tban new. AB 

and Repflf 

Cornf-r Rrnr.:'" iy nnd I'i'J'Ian'I 

bronchitis or pneumonia may rcs^iU. 
Watoh carefully, parti'.'ulariy the 
ehildren, and for the racldn* c4nb- 
'i!ir:i CDiiu'lis •ri^" Fulcy's IToiicy 
Tar Compound. It soother the in- 
fland aeObcaMS, aad keala (lie 
eoofiu quMy* lAi^- A. A. Swagol, 
Krok, Wis., aays: "It always give 
Foley's Honey and Tar Conlpound to 
luy children. Tt cures Ihoir cDiighs 
and colds and they like to take it" 
For Sale by All DroegisU. 


Qf Paul Newman, And He is Sen- 
. fenced to a Y«r hi Tka 

riiiu'iiiir. Doteclivcs SuIVivjui aiul 
O'Hrie'ii, who liad beet det.;i:!od ca 
the ras^ beard tl'.e sound. 

'•Thorc'a otir man," whi.-i ci ; u Sul- 
livan to his partner, and while Ncn- 
m.m was vainly trying to tumotlier 
liic cldi-k. lie u:i- liikcii into fii to ly. 

During the licariiij? one of tho 
cloeks a^in took a notion to 
! ii-y. and tlic iiiifxpcolcd .-nund Ii i? 
.Iiidw and ev crvniii" in I lie room. 



Ti CTfY 

I Perhaps thew are son* eity snli 
^uribcrs \yho di  not kno.v t'lal I Ii.ivc 
j^'iveu ui» the eity circulation of tht 
|Xe«;s. However, I aat icspsn-rMr 
for tlV I'irculatiim unlil Fehrn.ii v 
1st. There are some si»bst'ii;)(i - 
wIm kave not paid to Ptibraanr l-i 
The DHMay i^diie 1{. If. and (iMhjii 
Perry from me. A statement ot° tl i 
cirenlation aeeonnt mnict be ni:i !t- 
,M:;rch 1. l!'li';i-p nrr;in'-'0 to jiiy 
i l ac-k siib5uri|)liou within the nc^f 
' l ew days. 

V W. H. MOOBe. 

' Chieago, UL, Feb. 29.— 4 Be alarai 
eloek caused tin* arrest of ll'aul Xcw- 
■ua Wednesday and nuother hi- 
eirarirtion nnd sentence to a year in 

fbe Bridewell. Il-,' xv;i- .-I'litfiu-i'd lo 
one year in the Dridewoll and fiuc'd 
tjtlO and coc'ts by Mnniripal Jnd^e 
Cavcrly in li^;' T)  -i laines stret'l 
court Wedu^filay for, the theft of 
the cloekft and aoM^dothing from 
the retaaraat of A* Cavilki, Tnesday 

Xevvman wa- arre-ted at Ilal.-tciul 
and Waat liadisan streets. Attaa- 

fion was attraetcd to him when om- 
of the* clocks in his pocket be;.;:i!\ 

Jury IMp ir U to Justice ^Gofi Th£:t 
TlHra Was Ro Ghancto af Aa 
AprameRt, And is Dist^wfii. .. 

Xew York. Feb.. ■_'!).— Ktliel Crok- 
er Bi'L'en, wife of John J. Breeu, a 
ridiAj; master, antf^ daofrhter of for- 
mer T;imniiiiiy I'o-- Kicliard Crokt-!-. 
ha.s failed to win a divorce decree. 

The jnry in the Su|mwm Pom t 
Wediiexlay reported to Justice CiulT 
that there was no chanee of un 
agreement in tjie case and it was di.-- 

Mrs. Breen charged her hi)r-ban l 
with hnvinv been too friendly with 
'Miss llandc DioM. a tcliii'ione op- 
erator ill the Grand Union Hotel, in 
Toronto, on September a last. iMi.-s 
IHehl and Brcen testified durinar the 
trial of the divorce case that they 
had f!irte l a little and had drunk 
.2ii! vii-k: y together, bnt|' had done 
nntliiiiu'' :li:it v.-nrraiited % divorce 
from Mrs. Hiecn. '\ 


Don't buy a car until you have investigated the 
Buick line. We have cars ran ;ing ia price from 
$830. to |18p0., nothing quite as jjood at tbe price. 
Ask anjone who owns one. 

We carr3' in stock a full line of Tires and Tubes 
and  'tll kind.s ot Anto supplies. Our prices are rUgbt, 
give us a, trial. — — ' 



Home Phone 21 


We hftve just received a fall supply ctf Garden 

either in balk or package. When in need of 
Potatoes. don't forget that we have thnm. 

It you want first-class groceries call at the Hoi^e 
of Ptwe Foods. ' ' 

Try. Hollar^ Special Coffey 
BotilPh lnc6. --^mkQGuMM^e^ & Washii 

Such waf? the case with Mrs. W. S 
Itailey. MeCreary, Ky. "My wifc- 
Wns taken down with a severe .tI- 
laek of la grippe^ which ran inti. 
bronrfiitis. She consrhed :i- tho'  ',:c 
had c(^nsumption and could not slecf. 
nt nifht- The Doctoi's aedici:i( 
gave her no relief and I wn- ; .d\ i-ci! 
lo try fnlejr's Honey and Tar Com- 
ponnd. Ihe §ant bottllKjpiTa ber so 
much relief t'lnt Jie co'ifinuctl n-i'.s 
it and three botflies elTected a pcima- 
neat core." w. W. & Bailegr say- 
he is prepared t* aaawer laU ia^uir- 
ies proaptly. 

Tor nla b^ AO Dngsisla. 






~ TO TRAIN. ^ 



Will pay you tba Highest 
Piiaaa far Ptt*;' ^ 

^ JL W. fflSEL 

Biidfa Junk Shop, 
Ifo. SS^foctt Vaple st 
East TemMSM^ I ODe 21.', Hot^*' i "^1 : ^l^-l^^ ' ' 
 l-18-4iuc| 'fei'vei .l tr.- 
oirt af jl^iiii^!* 1 ■;■  V'y- 

gBBBMaWfai^MSSSg . 

-i lioil It Forest Grove Friday, Feb- 
r:i.iiv lib. 
atris. .»tfc|ji Hi !e, of W'iiiche-ter. i- 
i ilin^r h'r i'jitlier. .\rthnr I'.irkev. 
-Mi-, Fliza »T h i- ritrir- ed after 
ajfew  \A\j-' vi!^ii to her  rran.h»otheT. 


Phopa 596. 






►Mrs. Floyd Clay sp^t last, 
■x'v.h !. r mother, Mrs. MeKinley. in taioid 
Winchester. ' , ia|bntc 

Mr; Barnes IBrans. of Xorth iti^ bvthda 
•dletown, vi?ited his sister, Mrs/p.. iMiplgd 
Golf, last week. 


" Lsciir. at l-esiiistfi- 

ii ^ Stevenson e^^- 1 
eiirutli cri ]«np-is with 
paity for Wa-'nr.2i":i'- 
Bobert Klnd rel! wds 
$1 pruie. £^ IritiAy the 

rcipe began % ^ub- . 





Does the saving of 
a dollar appeal to 



Back Bands, 
Belly Bands,   
* Blind Bridles, / 

Trace Chains. 



We have the most complete 
line in the city. Bought right, 
therefore can sell at the right 
price. See ns and save money. 

Grubbs & Benton 

Cor. Main & Broadway 

Winchester, Ky 

Acom poa vuijoam plows 

Citizens IMatiocial Bank 

Court Street. 
Winchester, Ky. 

Hair Becomes Soft. FMfy, Lus- 

^Get a 25 Cent Bottle Now and 
forever Stop Falling Hair, Itching 

* A little Danletine now will timaedaitely doable 

die beiutjr of your hair— No diffcrerre how dull, 
it^icd, brittle and »cra^^g ', just moisten a cloth with 
^HmmIi lim and carefully dmw it tlirou;;!) your hjir 
fkpking one sm:Jl strand at a time. TI.e ctit rt is 
fuilBediate and aniazinj — your liair will he li^ht, 
ijluffy and wavy and have an appcara;u-e of ahun- 
Uuce; an incomparable lustre, softness and hixu- 
V i a a ce , the beauty and shimmer of true liair health. 
t Try as you will after an application of Dandcrine, 
Vou cannot find a (iagte tnoe at J— J l ' M * or ■ looM 
lor falling hair and yoat walp wiB not kck, bat 
MM «^ pleaie you most will be after a few week'* 
you will actually sec new hair, fine and 
Umniy at fint— yci— but really new hair— sprouting 
Vloverdie scalp. 

Daaderine is to the hair what fresh showers of rain 
d sunshine arc to vege;ati' :i. It goes right to the 

PI, invigorates and strengthens them. Its life- 
ucing properties cause the hair to gliiw^Ai^ 
"intiy long, strong and beautiful. * 
Get a 2S cent bottle of Knowlton's DndcfiM 
r any drug (tore or toilet counter and pnfc " 
_wdt taa^M-rBixi*:?^ hair i« as — - 
^ jMftasaBy— ihatkhatbecttneclecltdari 

caicleu treatmcBt— that's al— ytw surely can 
flHtc beautiful hair and lots of It, « yon will just 
"tir a Kttle Dandcrine. Real surprise awaits you. 


TO Rowsini^ 

To Captam Any WMmm NrtiM tf 
the 71 D ^ irt i i ftm hMsylva- 

m n STOPS 


mm msk 


MODEKATE efceaa at toeA 
la probably harml«»» If »"* 
gaagol^l. It. ia not safe to sail 
toa 'aaar the wM In awtt-^rs of diet. 



Corn Relish.— Before thejweet com 
is gone do not fail to prepare com 

Washington, iFeb.'29.— "Wliat is be- 
lieved to be a body iit the effort of 
I'ae supporters of Colonel Roosevelt 
to euptui'L' any material portion of 

the 78 delciiate? from I'e-iiusylvaiiia 

to the Kepubliean Xatioual Convei- i raltab. Cut the corn from two dozen 
... , . • J- ;.i I cars, chop fine one head of cabbage, 
t.ou has been delivered by a j«dic-: l ^ j^^/j^^g^ ,our green peppers 

ilci isioii iu Philadelphia. | and add a quart of Tlncgar. Boil all 

111 a det ision iiivolviiifr injuuetio.i i together. Mix three cups of sugar. 

. , ^, , , f .1 ' three-fourths of a cup of flour, half a 

pioeeediiigs. Judg-i bulzbu'i^er. ot the | ^ ^^^^^^ ^, ^ j^ub- 

tard and a teaspoon of tumeric. When 
woU mixed add to the vinegar and 
vegetables and boll half an hour; add 

Court of Conunon Pleas, holds, m 
ietfett. that tliose i erson.s who voted 
the Keystone ticket at the last gen- 
eral eleetion iq PiMim«ylvan:a are no' 
;!i rible to .partieipatc in the f jrtli- 
coining Uepntolican primaries at 
delcfratea to tiM natioaal eoi. - 
veiitioii will b^ chosen. 

The Keystone party is an iade- 
peii lent poUtieal body local to Penn- 
-vlvjiui.i. iMid was formiHllargeiy for 
tlie puipose of fighting the rejrr.lar 
itepoUicMis of iusurgeot taideaeic) . 

■■ry Wf»t NMriMM 

li; tlie Gubernatorial election :.f 
if'lO tiie ■patty nominated fornKr 
State Trearane aBrrjr, a Dwnoerut, 
:,,] Goxernor. and. while he polled .i 
ii'.ige number of Democratic votrs. 
;j:e balk of kis aapport eave from 
!:--a1i-fi -d 1{; piiblicinw. On llu- 
 tate ticket llie party polled 38 \wi 
  ont of the MtA Tole. as againat 1 i 
ler cent polled by tiie Kep""''''' 

Now, the Republican Key to;ic - 
■ U sire to participate in tbi Repiibli- 
: .'11 primaries, but the Coiirt's li. ■- 
;nii is that only those who votetl tii' 
|{. pujlican ticket in tka.'la«t ejec- 
tion are entitled to vote as B«p«bli- 
us iu the primaries. 

Tom Cowan, the popular baAar, is 
■yuck at his stand in the 'McEldowncy 
Baiidin.s and is now rea^y to aanc 
lis old friends and enatoBMra wbeic 
you will alwaya t«t pmapi and first 
dass secviea. 

two teaapoonfula ol celery seed and 
put away tar vlater aaa la aaalail 

glass Jars. 

Quinces come late in the season. 
Grate and cook with equal parts of 
sugar for a delicious concoction called 
quince honey. U may be served any 
time as a garnish for plain ice cream 
or for dainty pudding garnish. 

F«ars are so much more dellc'ous 
canned In the following manner than 
In tke way so many put them up for 
wtattf: Pare and prepare them in 
^Wnrtara or eighths. Put them with 
h«K thoir weight in sugar In a stone 
enA aad let stand over night. In the 
nnrtl»g cook slowly on the back or 
tho store until perfectly done, then 
eaa as araal. Lemoa may be added 
If deslrad, but the ftmit is much better 
latarat thaa vkea canned qtUckly 

Hm tintfty hoosewife baa been 
ff ^fi^tm g agga for winter uao while 
(kasr at* ehaay. Etther water glass 
or Haw watar tUkm a s«9d .'prepara 
tioB to kaap tbem. . ' 

Maka a Hat of aB flralt 
pioeerres aad raUshai 
store room and eaHar. 
will tell you what to 
losing the 
dozen jars. 

Have everything labs l ad. 
memory is good for 
aad It saves many dlsap) 
opening the wrong jar. 

If one can make their aaaaaca at 
home, keep It In com bnaka aad 
Emoke It. Tou will find a- MickM» 
flavor never before experloneed. Some 
do not care for the smoUng, but dip 
It after boing wrapped fat tbe hnakt 
and well tied. Into bot tat, which wlU 
seal it, and it may thaa be padnd la 
layers in a box. K«ep aaal maA-lt mm 
keep for several years.' 

There' is ««if%air touw.tibat you 

can put your faith ia aai'tbat is 

It stops falfinir hair, or money 


StofK itching scalp, or OMmey back 
And PhilE^ Draff Store tbe 
druggists you know sa waB ara the 

ones who sell it. 

PA*RISIAN SAGE is a splendid 
lir dre-^in;;: it is so daintily i er- 
funied and refreshing that it luakes 
tlie sea!)) feel fine th« minute yon ap 
ply ii. It is used daily by thousanu- 
■ f (dever women who realize that 
P.VRISIAX SAGE keeps their hair 
histmus and faseiaatiag. If you 
have liair troubles get r.AhMSI.VN 
SAtJK today at Phillips Drug .^or ' 
tnd dragsists crarywhars. La^ 
bottle 50 cents. 


wm, pa 2,- 1912 't.--*-- 

Don't forget that Ydhw Jacket 
Coal beats any thing you ever tried 
J. R. M?i iin coal 4 Supply Co. 




When in need of any aMal doa'i 

■'orget that we have the old fasb- 
on water mill stones and do cnston 
grinding; T. IL Domigan, oppo.-iic 
Oavid Ga ''3 wardionse, on coruei 
'vVinn avenue. o-ss 2-1-1 

at So^clock, HL, at my fejideme 

"21"  Burns aveaue. my house. lold ;i.ij 
kitchen furniture, eonsiatiag of the 

2 folding beds' . 

1 plush couch. 

2 drqggeta. 

1 centar taUts. 

1 dresser. 

1 wash stand. 

7 rockers. 

J white iron bed. 

1 settee. ' 

1 diaiag table. 

."  pair bc-e cnrtaMii, 

1 refrigerator. 

!• ahairs- 

41 \ards of ■attiiig' 

.'» rugs. 

5 wiadbw sba4ei . 
4 «crrcn 4aor«. 
1 gas cook st  ve. 
Kitchen ntansil.s. 

■1 kilelien tabies. 

1 Uissells i'arpet Sw t s^a r (M«.) 
An May atber artielcs too b«k- 
eroas to aaatiaa. 

ft If MMUKU. 

a «-crii par aa-tb. 
ficalUrttf ioMrtlaa^ la pv 

tan Ikaa In 

TheNew Depositor 

Id this bank may be aasnred of raoeiving direct personal attea- 
tioB and prompt serviAa, 

All WW ia aa mill ■■fly ta wm yw — waj 
tba qadUy )f Ml feHkiiK 

Wa Mto fM to aaB and see a^. 


Chaowi hair aiuf we 
can pfove it 



[3 not for those suffering from kid- 
ney ailments and iric';.'-Li!arities. Tlic- 
prcmpt use of Foley Kidney PiH  
^ dispel bsehaeha aiM rheoma- 
tigm, heal and strengthen .=nre. weak 
and ailing kidneys, restore normai 
action, and with ' it haaHh and 
strength. Mrs. M. F. Spal biiry. 
Sterling, IU., says: "I suffered gre,it 
pain in my back aoll kidneys, could 
not sleep at ni^, aad aould not 
raise my hands over a«y iMad. But 
two bottles of Foley l^ney Mis 
I'lired me. Foley Kidney PU's baxr 
my heartiest endorsement." 
For Sale by All Druggists. 

[No. 2148.] 

OF Tin: 


iMBf iiiB smtn 

A BAR6A1N. . 

If  .'M at onee; hon-e of 4 roi nn.- ; 
K't .' tt.\l.iO; eiat^rn ^as, oiul uildiiig , 
rents at |A§ par watb; hara ia * 
cli.'inee to net It par eaat aa yaiir 



pii.iy. , 


cut pbaoe 2-VL 


T. .1. Poi - 

E. E' Loonda, aoeti 

FOR RENT— Residence aad stare. 
I \V. r. Hieatt. S-21 

ROOMS FOB RENT— -Vply at \\\ 
C.Uc^c street, or null Home phuue^ 
Ml. 2-2Mf 

FOR RENT— My old boB.«e of ten 
rooBM OB 'Ikpb stiaet. Apply ;o 
A. J. Eaip. 2-2t:l( 

At Winchester, in the State of Ken- 
tucky, at the Close of Business, 

^^^^MAM* as iAa% 



. 5.345.27 





"I waa ashamed of ray face." writes 
Was PickarU of North CaroUno. "It 
was an full of pimples and sears, but 
after uslns D. D. O. Prescription for 
Ecxema I can say that now then !3 
no sign of that E cx e m a and that waa 
tbres years a.tro." 

This ia but one of thoosands of cases 
In ■which D. P. D. has simply washeti 
awav tho sl;in trouble. D. D. D. 
( !t ;iri:;' s tiie skin oi' the icerras of Kc- 
7oi.ia, I'PoriaFis and otlier serious sic'Ti 
(li ippvsp.'s: rtiips ti e itch instartlv. ai i 
when iise l wiUi I . Fi. 1 . s.wp t " cures 
.'^cti i to hp ) i rinanent. Not'.in.q like 
1). r . D. f.-ir tiic '■omT'Icxion. 

Trial bottli' -1 cats, (nnush to 
prove the merit of this wonderful rem- 

TA'e can al.'^^o civc yoti a fmi •-• 
liottlp for $1.00 on our absolute guar- 
antee that if this ''vn^f^y^^^^^^ 
to sive yoo talief It wBl cost yen aaUi- 


Fur Sale I y Strodcs Drug Store. 

.RC W 

M)^c/2 COLLAR 


tl«'Au town properly or farm, a 
Bice 7 rooaa baa-oe witb water, faa, 

II iM* I:oaso, iii.-'f kirii. pUvMy 
and three extra lot.-. Tudd Uros. 

-x;st\^!^t to on Kv\ 

OMK.  «Mr* OMsw . T»ifc a. r 

rOR RENT — Foar or Ive rooms, ^ 
and cistern. Iloine plione t!ll, *r 
apply at So. IIU Nortb Ilighllviji 

Enroute car each of No. I Timothy 
Hay for the horse and mules; Ho. I 
Clw«r Hay and Alfalfa for the cnv. 
Get your order in before It is all sold. 
J. R. Martin Coai A Supply Co. 
2-29-2t • 

U. S.BMis I 

tion - . 

Bonds, Securities, etc 
Banking house, Furniture, and 

Fixtures . . 

Due from National Banks (not 

reserve agents) . . 
Due from State and Private 

Banks and BaplMfi. Tni6t 

Companies, aM Savkigs 

Banks. -- 

Due from apprared Reserve 

, Agents... 25,161.^-7 

' Checks and other Gasb Itenw. 538.11 
Notes of other Natioaal Banks 12314.00 
Fractional Paper CBucaor. 

Nickel!:, and Cents tS.M 

Lawful Money Rkscrve in 

Bank, viz: 

Specie $17,003.13 . 

Legal-tender notes 3,000.00— 20.Wa.lS 
Redemption fund v/ith U. S. 

Treasurer (5 per ceat. of 





inn pay JOB tba Hijisat Cash Ll^ilities. 

P-tn«« vonr Pnrs Capital stock paid in $100,000.00 

Prieas W yonr r-njre Surplus fund . SO.OOO.mi 

J. W, mSEL \ \* j Undivided Profits, less Expen- 

Bridge Junk Shov . i ses and Taxes paid 8.969.7$ 

iwsioNAL mis 

Fraternity Building 
Winchester, Kentucky. 






WANTED— Yunng men wantiag 
. aiasieal ijaa a tioa at v 

c t . uM .1 !ii Modern Woi»d!lhpj» 
of America Band and Orch^jf*. 
For partiealara apfihr 6eak- 
jfaeki''. ilirector, at lUirre-.' Oro- 
eery or Dr. E. R. Bu.-ib, presidini. 
Fraternity BaiMias. S-KMid* 



6 Bis Vaudeville Acts 6 

„  T « i National Bank Notes outstand- 
No. 23 North Maple at | 

East Tennessee Phone 215, Home to oti« National Banks. 

. ' Due to State and Pnvate Banks 

iX'lXrVt* I and Bankers 

Individual deposits subject to 



See us for ycur plows, Oliver, Viil- Certified checks.. — 
can and Syraca^.. .TiNy omoot he ReM« «ifcrr 
beaten. Drive in ani M ns Isarf i Total.. 






FOR SALE— Tba Jtg Baa Caal, 

bfst on the market; yards on West 
Bi lad'.v.iy. Clark fonnty Caa- 
struction Company. ll^SS^ 

PHyiMMlESliS " 

EGGS FOR SALE— r '."1 p u.- i." ' -l • 

I-,lan l Keds or will jooii your or- 
der for later J a Ki a iy . 75 eenU 

per -t!!i i2 of I'l vii'' ''c 
Scolice. i'l ALibuma street. Home 
phone r«S. 2-3i-if 

FQR SALE— V) e.\li;i aire '.{axle I- 
land Bai caekreli. llom*» pbor.f 


Prices 10, 20 & 30c 

Try To Get In 

Insure i:i 

OLD mm 


■fflc* riaMtf tlof.. naas ttS 

60 S. Main St. 

Winchester. Ky 

one in yonr 

J. R. awtti C«al 4 tqwiy Co. 

Trunk Trays. 
Trunks have Improved along with 
everything else In this progressive age. 
The trunk with one tray is a rarity, 
and most trunks are made with flv« 
or six trays. There Is such a demand 
for trays that they are sold separately, 
and can ba added to any trusk irttea- 

The dnst coOaetad team; vim«o^ 
vacinim aeaaaia kas prwM tb. b« a 
TalBa)»le fertlMier. and Its s ria _ 
baaiueas (n Fai|i^ 

j State of Kentucky, Coanty of 

! Clark, ss.: 

I I, A. H. Hampton, Cashier o£ the 
above-named hbnk, do solenmly 
swear that the above statement is 
true to the best of mv knowledge and 
belief. A. H. UAMl'TO.N. fa-luir. 

Subscribed and swoiii to before me 
this 28th day of i\")ri.;ivy. IDI.'. 

R. 0. FITCH, 
Notary PabKc. 
' .^fy eommisaon expires January 
19thi 1914. 
Correct— Attest : 





McEldowney Bnihiing. 
Winchester, Ky. 

dark Comtfy 

Shartluuid ta^ Igr Ifiss Grar 

Coyle. Thorong:Iiness .fjuaranteed. 
Call at J. Stevenson's Law OiTice. 

«•! «teas«rs) »«•«* 


-.ATI - 

Kc:a  its •( IcrdnflH. Fvaan 
IM Irtm McM 

C; 'pital and Sarphm 

For Saio or Rentl 

At Ila^, Kaatneky, Clailt ct»unt;. 
6 m ' - from Winchester, «a j}o« i 
pike y.A in ^eij;;iboi1iood af -tary 
best graded aehools, a awst iai^ 
v. - I ii-i.''.r.~s p ."rty, consistin^.-At' 
,tor*r..onj, st,xk of ;;uods, 2 nfet 
dwel&!ga, UacksBiitli ahap» 2 lar^ 
ganU:!-. in a.! abo it 2 aeras ol land. 
WJi .-eli at a banjaia i£ »ri»tt »» 
one* Se»C. 5LfflaBB6a»ka»rtBr 

i.-CB, 'ir 

Home fhone 472. Wi.ifhe^ter, Ky. 



turn* \ u s »■ ^ 

Winchester news (Winchester, Ky.), 1912-02-29

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Winchester, Kentucky by Winchester News Co.
   Clark County (The Bluegrass Region)