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date (1910-12-31) newspaper_issue J " 


t ♦ • 


VOL. XXVIII. NO. 137. 




Injected Politics Into Meet' 
ing Says Hon. Charles K. 

George Emery's Emenies Are 
There in Force. 

in i i kkmm Tin: \hsi:hs\ikm 

Moissant, Who Flew From France to 
' England and Circled the Statue of 
Liberty, Falls to His Death Today 

Soldier of Fortune, Who ( a * 
reer Reads Like Romance'* 
and Most Daring Aviator is 
Killed at New Orleans. 


Q ll tMa . Texas, Dec. 31.— 
Kx|Min§ through this port for 
Urn year ending today fcotabd 
f 202. 091. 430. Of this amount 
f LN7.0OC.fl0*) rep'esenta the 
value of 2,438.401 bale* of cot- 

\. w Or'i-anx Dec. 31. — John B. 
Mol**nnt, (he aviator, "vee k i . J* • 1 to- 
day, when lil* llloriol monoplalne 
(••II loo («•(, at Haruhan. ten mile* 
fioin New Orleans. He w»»_ oom- 
pet i,g In the Mtchelln t l,0«i'l^o|iti) 
_____ contest, the name awurd offered In 
Krance. H« had encl.-rled the MM 
"If It had not I" en for that article thr -c llinae. a-bet th" machine he 
In MM Venn-Democrat attempting to on- unmanageable. A sfrap, hold- 
make political capital out of thlajing ttie aviator In the car broke, 
mi* *e would have ten tlmca *« when tie machine rapidzod. Mole- 
man? piople here tonight, ' aald Mr |. an , «f l«^f almoet Immediately. 
• harlea K Wheeler In hli speech at! M# defeated Orab*m-W'tvlte for 
lit. mooting lam night In the poli.e h,,.,,,, M ,, ,, $ , „  HWl ln „ 


court room. 

About 1 J r. i It Irene attended the 
meeting and two petition* addressed 
in the general conn. II. asking that 

a imlll.-e of three disinterested 

citizens lie apimlnted to revl«e the 
work of the block map commission 
and that George Ktnery he remove, I ( 
a* a memher or the boaid of super- 1 
»l.u|i because of hi* memher»hlp on 
the hloek map rommlMlo 
signed by «« Htliens The petitions 
will be placed before the member* 
of the g. neral .ouudl by a commu- 
te.. con«l«tlng of Jame* M l.anr 
W K Co. hiati and W P llnmmel 

N 'lie \lllMMItg | • 

The in-ei lug wu* amusing. A re 

t-'tter for The Evening Ann 
*4tWil secretary Then I 'Bel* Joe 
IVlto, rk an I de, lared that It would 

be only fair 
for the \, 
atari him 
relit tied a f 
■tail ed w th 

if there wa* a r-porter ! 




minutes whll 
*• Joe'a "If." 

fl'irht around the statue of Liberty 
hi at rummer Ill* flrr: fame aa an 
aviator came when ho flew from 
Pari* to Ijondon w th * tuei'hanlclan 
and a kitten a* iiaesenftera. 

In Nicaragua and Salvador lie 
laire a reputation *a a soldier or 
Yf **Hm than legendary 
i lie «a* 2'. years old nn«i single. 
1 It «m anuouflod th a aft. moon 
that Mc. -hi j bod) will tie taken to 
(ti.aso for tmriul John Molssant 
ami two brother* wont to Salvador, 
where they fan ml n ow un ion of an 
undeveloped coffee p'nntutlon \jtU*r 
they established it cum ractor.t' and n 
micar plantation, winning a fortune. 
,1a I f» i 7 Molnmnt heeded an expedl- 
'■ tlon financed ay President Ze'aye. or 
Vxaragua. lo conquer Salvador 
Fifty cmonvlcta formed hi* mint and 

tliot d-norteil «l,en \l..s-:ml palllltd 

an attach on Halvadnran aoJdler*. 
For thl* .M^HHon. Mol.eant '* prop 
ert  in Salvador w« 



BBS turn Tl 



M .tt. Hwiin. W. Va . Dev. 31 — 
»o \merieHtis and ax Italians were 
led today b) a fall of slate In the 
rk Ford mine a loaded mine car 
ig derailed. Martin*; the fall of 


Semi-Annuals Show Loral In- 
stitutions Are in Good 

Richard Rudy Vice-President 
of Citizens. 

Another Mexican Plot Uncovered 
Before Plotters Had Time to Take 
Vera Cruz—Several Are Executed 

Leading Business Menof Port 
Involved by Evidence—Yu- 
catan is Hot Bed— Progress 
in Honduran Revolt. 

i ear ii ah hi i \ s i 

a w ide epread M 

I pr  *v^nt th*? in?!*/ 
  CESSKCL Ver a Cruz, and a 
bor, became knoi 

n -r 


sink.,   |mii Switch. 

IVnania, |H„ Dee. II.— Bt 
Frank SnutM. of Villa tlrov 
waa fatally Injured today when a 
fant l'hU«go and Kaatern lliinola 
paaaenger train utruek .in "i« n n»  teji 

d it la wtth the 
it the buslneaa 



(1 througli a train of 13 

nl, lo 
I fa«e 

' I her. » i' ■ I" 1 « i t ai the inn. 

molest, forbade « fulftUmetil «| Ifel 
co ltd It Inn 

AI  J" rge Kiner)'* |  r«onal 
eiionile* were th' te. and thet in vol 
It up will, ti*-orge from every atir'". 
while he uol Jiack In a atyl* to inaK- 
lh« runt.-'l inieiv*ilng from  tart to 
tin i*j \r 'her ifid he h*«lla4e to c«- 
p!aln *b\- worn** people weri* iirot.^H- 
nc H za km the new uaamieit 
In. „• I h. in ht nan •• »ti I giving 
figure*. TbU errrjpltaled many by- 
ataiimenl* not exactly gemMlne lo 
ih. ,j i, but dtvwtilng while MKT 
iac:.-d Kmerv mi I that mor.' v.iln 
DM a. were relured tlian Im-reaeed. 
an-! rsxartnj tbit there would be few 
complaint- ■«'» :* th«»e. who here- 
tofore have been e*«aplng their far 

•! :•■ ef Ih Im • leu Mo-1 |  '•'•■ ! 

lie  M sould have 1h * taxea lo %my. | 
•MK the evening up process would 
give the rlt '*rger revenue. 

Mr I. H. lliiRnl* waa chonen a* 
chairman, and prealded over the 
i ling He staled that the meet- 
ing wa* mil a matter of polltlca. but 
rung of ptoperty 
MM to aaa that their proper!) nr * ' ,,-,-,•„  t „ ,,„ 

wa. ...e M ed a. a fair t a.uo for the f „,, „, ^ ' , , ^ 

neat rour ra-ra. Mr. U K ( o. h- ;  .   f HMl ,,,„„,,_ ,,... H , 1M , hl „ w , f . 
ran aald th. purnoaa of the meet In^,,,.,, ,,„,, f( r (l wir( lA(1( , v ,,,„ 
ny III will toward. ln .. nstl , 1( . „„„ sno , nlm ^ f . 

(Vvlng ln»tan!ly. The woman wlH ro- 


( Hth ttaMfca IMitl«li is-ojih'. 

New York, llee 31 I r Kred- 
erb-k A «V*tk. the traveler, in an In- 
terview to|ary In Ibe •Nordfcyset." ■ 
!oi-al Itsnirh patter. *emls a niewsige 
of thank* to the Itanleh p.* |,le for 
his rec-titlon on hi* arrival from th* 
north In l»n» The 
ha* I* on cabled to 
pattern In (VaM iiha»en. Is In part ns 

"In reanonwe to the offer or the 
"Nordlyaet" I take thla opiiortunlty 
In thank the Itwnldi iieoplo for th' lr 
uniform pallenoe and h»t«'t) to may 
Inter.'*!*. I have Ix^-n deprived of 
much, hut the *wcetne*a of llanleh 
h *M' tallty will alwaivs remain to 
nurse the »|iark or ambition." 

i MM Knag! l n . 
The lessitllne Hmhtlng S) tem at the 
raloon or Ijoii AM. nborg on Sou l h 
SiM^md street raii*ed In a 'mall fire 
thi* morning The blase was ex- 
tlnirnlohoj wlUiout Ios  bv two fire- 
men from the Central k'ation 

I kM l\»lli «l io V\ reek. 

San Anten o, ! ■  ■ ;i I One |n - 
*enger, James A Ball, of Kansas 
t'lty, w as kUbd. 5 |i-rsone were m- 
Irourly Injured and a score of otb- 
bruieed when a San Antonio and 
Arkantas Paaa paaaongar train waa 
wr.. |».d a: Patiwi. 19 mlb-s 
 »r here, '.at* today. 

i on m.iMt i mi. in. i v 



p dlv. 
mad ■ 

l'ie| sre i;*is«' l-l.eller 

AWMaa Uttas 

M .4 ■ ' no 


New York, jx-c 31.- I.lttle rolk* 
or N'ew York who are blind are 
going to hare their own magazine 
On New Year's Day a ralaed letter 
maga/ine will gladden the hearta 
and delight many a little aightlosa 
one And all thl* Ju*t because one 
blind child wrote a letter to the 
Now York A**ociatlnn ror the Blind, 
aylng he ^ould read now and 

a paper 

wl*hed very much 
all "our own." 

MH reau n 
■much he had 

w a 


ml to hear any III will toward* 
It r administration, hut that It 
wa* a meeting to obtain a fair a»- 

»■ *»nient or the city, and ir the 
lib* k map i ommlaaiun had made 
any errors In the aaaea*ment* ror a 
lorreitlou of the figure* before the 
•MM adopilon of the a**e**ment for (Vibago, Dae. l!.--TtM pmekvara* 
the neat four yearr. , heating to prevent the di*nila «l of 

Kr W heeler wa* the chief n pea kor ritll action amun-t them was |M»wt. 
. | Uta evening, and he aald that he poned aga n today, until Tueadaw', 
had be. ome Intersstsd bocauae or owing 
the lame number or complalnta of naat 
■  teta«M-**metil that he had heard. 1 _ 

Packers* Hearing 

today, until 
to the tUnoew of Jn.ltse Kohl- 


For the tenth time In the last few 
weeks, Mr. K. It. Harbour wa* awak- 
ened at 12 Ln o'clock this morning 
by his burglar alarm and notified 
the police. Sergeant l.lge OrKH and 
Patrolmen Heaven, Smith. Scott and 
Odlo went to iho scene but the prow- 
ler, who had tried to force in the 
back window, had escaped. Attempt* 
to break into the rear window of 
bis store, 116 North Third street, 
have been almn*t a nightly o..ur- 
ronce, but last night waa the flrat 
time Mr. Harbour tailed the police 
Kach lltne he waa awakened by the 
alarm at the aide of hia bed he went 
to lnve*tlgate, but never has suc- 
ceeded In catching the burglar. 

a a 

a Clearing* tub* week ,»531,44». a 
a a 
• ••••••••••••mm 

W ith the close of th. year In buat- 
neaa, the year 19 lo ' as been good 
.n budneea wltti a a'eady Increase 
ln trade. Tha year hka been, char- 
acterized by a steady trade rather 
rhaji a flurry, and It U wtth the be»t 
f confidence that 
of I ' rile .ih face 

The  ear baa be. ti ere or remark- 
able development In IVcucah and In 
biHIdlng. Two handsome bnnks 
have been erected in  he burfne** 
ilatrtet, while aaa j taj busineea 
hotiKC* have binm r- inoacled. and the 
bualnewa district la given a metropol- 
itan air. . Other substantial and 
handwtmo hulldlnps have 
••d during ttre year. Including 
Kill* «| artm«nts. 

Iteelarc 1IU LleinN 

I'm I ii. hanks today cloard 
•if the most proaperou* six mn 

I in their hlatnry. ant tl;. 

"b i ll .1 -i iin-emetit- will bo 
Ihe flrtrt the mon'V 

The City Nation. . ban* declared 
It* usual ail per con* dividend: the 
Citizens Savings bank Ka nsiml 5 per 
■eiH; Mia First National declared an 
•Hght per cent the -a-eond hair or 
jthe year, and the ''aditcah Banking 
umpany dltbi.n-*' a I p W 
Idend The Ideehani.^' and 
raised Ita di*rldend trom 2 % to H 
: er cent. 

Th. Maieinent of .do hanks will 
diow lower .l.*i oslta than they had 
the last of Juno, but that K to be 
charged to the non-movement or the 
tobacco crop. 

In addition to pa*«'ng large divi- 
dends to the credit of the atock- 
holder*. all the hank? carried sub- 
stantial amount* to their eurphi* 
%nd undivided profit* account*. In- 
dicating a very a- .d jierlod. 

Mr \bo CresMent. 
IU *ard Rudy, casb er of tbe ntl- 
rons Saving* bank, was today elected 
vie* president of that Inatitutlon. ln 
addition to his re-election as caah- 
er Thin bank has had no vice 
president «ln.e lis inception, and the 
iwwition waa created lu compliment 
to Mr Rudy. 

Vera Cruz. Mexico, Dec. 31.— That 
authoritlee here discovered 
Iracy In time to 
of the port of 
gunboat in the har- 
k n own todA.v. Some of 
the mot* prominent men la Vara 
Cruz are Involved. Fifty arrests have 
made, and three alleged lead- 
era summarHy executed. Rcporta 
from Yucatan Indicate that section 
la a hotbed of rebel sentiment, and 
an outbreak at Morlda is 


IM.AT AMI IMJtt.s HHlllr'. 


Henry Hani*, 39 years old, a col- 
ored driver for Uie Paducah Wharf, 
boat company, was drowned, and 
Wltarf master Frank Brown had a 
narrow escape rrom being drowned 
a 1:30 o'clock this artornoon. Harris 
waz working on the upper end or 
tJie wharfboat and lost ble balance. 
He caught W harfroasfer Brown and 
'.pa. Honduras. Dec. 31 — I pulled him In. Dan FlUpatrlck- threw 
Ckuthea between Bonlllas noHdiara » rope to Captain Brown and aavad 
and government troops along the ,. lm Harris did not rtee and his 
Mto ar auguan border are re*ulting ln |body baa not been r» covered He 
repeated victories for the rebels. It W M1 , woM b „, u nlulalto negro 
Is known that numerous Davllla ___________ 

soldiers are Joining BMtMa and Uw» H(iMk JJ __ 


That is the Opinion In South* 
eastern Europe, Concern- 
ing Persia. 

Situation In England and on 
the Continent— Gossip of 
Foreign Capitals. 

Joining Banli'la and M*e 
j   'busman It la bc-Bcved the main 
I fighting will take plaee here and ttmt 
wtien Bonflla raises his flag over the 

Murray Welding. 

Murray, Ky., Dec. SI. — The mar- 
riage or Elbert I_ssiter, or New 
Market, Tenn., to Miss Myrtle Hol- 
land, the youngest daughter or Mr*. 
It 11 Holland, took place yesterday 
afternoon. Mr. I_aalter formerly 
lived here; waa assiatant cashier of 
the Citizens' bank. After the mar- 
riage they started on an exlenalve 
nouthern trip, after which they will 
he at home at New Market, Tenn.. 
afler January 10. 

St. lioula. Doc. 31. — Harry Jx ng. 
an actor, well known In stock plavs 
in the Middle West, la dead ln a hos- 
pital here. 

Chlcaxo lice 

"For day* men have heeu running 
to in., and wanting to know what to 
■|o . ..nit the high assessment of 
their property. Yet the very men 
who have been tha most active are 
not here tonight The worst or It I* 
the effort or one of the new»paper» 
to give it a political aspect, and it 
lias received a Jolt." 

The him k map system was cum- 
in, i. I. d by Mr 

the block map ronimlaalon lo alt 
upon the hoard of aupervlsotH a* a 
judge of his work. He explained 
Ihe law regarding Ihe fair .ash 
value of properly a* the amount 
that mi owner could obtain for hi* 
Koo.i-. or property on any day. and :v ,„ ri _ 
that the assessment should not lie T(||u| „ n , 
70 per cant of that amount 1 ,„_,.,„ hH „,„ 

"Record ofDUasiers 
Varing year of 1910 

tl, Wheel.... but he pro- 

t.t Mr. Kmery or 'any , , , , 

who was a ...ember of , 


eoui|iilai i 
na.l fat. i 


n «tr 


na dur tig the 
!a 4 1 1 mouth*. It tfiow* that 
Americans mini.' pirhllc wlfts auiount- 
Ing t t $111 .;n| :.::v during the  cu 
And.. (I Cain. -uie .Innate, I |l! .ii«4. 
H'Je. RftekefoHer $ I II.tl3y.OlMI , Mlh. 
Itue*« ll Sage $|sss,|.V"t and .1 I* 


Mi Wheeler aald thnt It wa* not 

I .' IH'N aisaiiifl 

j p. « i dahy'n \ term* 

Bl i IBM t BOM lUNh 

Kan.-as City. ! «•«•. ill.— J era F. 
I.I1H*, whom John P CudaJi) out wKh 
a knife Mnroh 5 last, Uday retired 
as preHdent of the Western Ex- 
ihange ImnK here. Mills made im. 
a ii noii w men t in relation lo his 
plans fur Ihe future. 

I Among the fntnlltii'M 

In Mr. Kmery that the obje. Hon* - , , , . fli-os, 3,5-fi2; 
wore made, and he did not object If j„ 8 ,,„ lns , 
Mr Kmery were present with the „,„.,,- ,.,,. lnifclnJtig. 

1 .001 : 


board of auparvlaora to give Infor- H!4| , hvxlli „„ n . •..;,„, elevators. 

mation. but he did object to seeing „,,,, ,|..„, hjo 

n member of Ihe board with a vote Proper!) |oe« bv Are In the rutted 
to MMfA his own work 8U|U1( HIld  ^na«la. |222.000.tHMI. 

In derense of hi* poslllon. Mr., 

lieorge Kmery waa present and 
*tale.| that he had not accepted the 
position, and It waa not hi* desire 
to forre buns. :f upon the hoard. He 
explained that It wa* regarded by 
Mayor Smith and others thai some 
member of the commission be a 


l Continued oo Pace Five.) 

Tlte prediction* for tomorrow 
and temperature for the past 
tttenty-four hours will Im- found 
at the top of 

Railroad fatalities, t,IM killed. 21, 
BH Injured. 

Kinl.ex/.leinonts $.' .. '"Ml 


I S Mails |o 



Chicago. Dec 31. — Boston wa* 

 bo*en as the pla.e ror holding the 
IB ft ] eonventinn or the American 

Ituyers association. The date waa 

set aa August It, 30 and 31. The 
•xe. utive committee In session here 

decided on the time and place. 

ItKSCl Ml Ills I'llls'lVhilt. 

Heput) Sbeiill lands Alleged Mur 
in Jail. 

M W. \. 


of Mtdgo 

Alwmt 3IKI n.cnvlter* and friend* of 
Ibe Paducah 1«d«e No. 11313. 
Modern Woodmen or 'America and 
the Roynl Neighbor* anxIMary 
nseut at an enJonaaSle social and 
oyster supper held at the Three 
Link* I n i I (I i nig last evening. It waa 
a delightful occasion exempl f.vlng 
the social tide of lodge life. Through 
the kindness or the Bookman Tea 
and Coffee company the guests each 
enjoyed a hot cup of coffee with tbe 

Schools Open Monday 

The public school* will 
their se*«lon* Monday morning. 

About 2,000 Arrests 

According to (Tiief or Police Slng- 
ery the number or arrest* rtila year 
will he close around 2. 'ion, and 

altntit the same i i as Isst year 

Chler Slngery will bo busy all day 
Sunday winding \tv his books In or- 
der to prepare hia ani.ual report. 


The county board ot health ror 
1911 will be composed or Dr. O. R. 
Kldd, Dr. J. Q. Taylor and Dr. J. O. 
Brook*, appointed by the state 
board. County Judge Alben W 
Berkley 1* a member ex-otBilo and 
a member will be elected at the aea- 
ot the fiscal court Tuesday. 


Mrs. Robert Russell 

(Mrs. Robert Rusaell, 7(5 yoera old, 
a respected matron of KevH. died last 
nbeht at her homo In Kevil aftor a 
long lUaesw or tiiborculoeie. She ie 
survived by three daughters and Ave 
inns. a H of whom reside near Keril. 
She la a cousin of Mr. B. B. Ifook, or 
Reducaih. Mrs. Russell was a devout 
menvbor of the Baptist church. Ttie 
tuneral will take place tomorrow 
afternoon with burial In the 



Bohnier'a warehouse, at Eleventh 
street and Broadway. A. J. Camp- 
bell, manager, will have It* first sale 
on Monday, January 2. Something 
like a'). 000 pounds or tobacco will 
be offered at the sale. A large num- 
ber of out-of-town buyers will be 
present. This la the first aale or the 
and will be a big event. 


Is bet 

(United Press Association.) 
Teberan, Dec. 31. — The Impression 
here Is that Germany and Turkey, 
omblned, have frightened England 
and Russia out of dividing Persia 
between them— juat at preaent, at 

In northern Persia, Ruasla has 
not, indeed, relinquished anything 
that It held. It maintains garri- 
sons wherever It had them and the 
czar's officers continue to Interfere 
in Persian affaire aa much aa ever. 
It has stopped the reinforcement of 
garrisons, however, and several de- 
tachments or troope which recently 
crossed the frontier from the Cau- 
casus, evidently Intending to march 
still farther to the southward, have 
been recalled. 

In the south, England has ahown 
every sign of Indecision and anxiety. 
It has landed marines from Its war- 
ships In the Persian Gulf and called 
them aboard again, take 
greaslve In eeveral skirmlsMa on 
shore and then backed out of them, 
and shown no Incllnatl 
good Its ultimatum to 
slon or the southern roada 
the Persian government put a atop 
to the disorders wbicb the 
themselves were stirring up. 

It la no doubt natural that 
land should be more cautious than 
Russia. The latter la able t,o get 
into northern Persia by land marches 
whllo the English would have to 
bring their torces long dlstancea by 
._».   - ** • w. »«w e' y 

No one Imagines that the London 
and Wt. Petereburg governmenta have 

against the ahah'a country, but It 
looka very much as If they had re- 
considered their decialoi 
time was rlpo lor an 
grab. In aome respects, Turkish 
aggie*.-, on see, us a more urgent 
danger. The Ottoman troops are 
gradually getting poasesslon or more 
and more Persian territory in the 
vicinity or their own frontier The 
Turkish movement waa undertaken 
oatenslbly In derenae of Persia 
against Ruaaia, but It la atrona'ly 
doubted here whether It will sur- 
render anything tnat It geta securely 
Into Ita 



y. « i . 

Gulf port. Miss.. Dec. 31. — After 
rexculng hia prisoner from a mob 
bent on lynching him. Deputy Sheriff 
J. M. W'llllama arrived here with 
Jesse Odom, charged with murder 
in Bond, Miss., and placed him in 
the lounty Jail for safe keeping. 

The prisoner hears two gun shot 
wound* inflicted by the mob. 

— *- 

BATH TUB TIM   orNsiil. 


Louisville. Ky., Dec. IB (9pec*aJ.) 
At Kingt. Mountain, Ky., the big 
general merchandise store of Mur- 
phy ft Acton waa blown up with 
r.itro-glycorlne. There la no clow. 
Several other buildings were burned. 

. 31. — Attorneya 
indicted as utem- 
d bath tub truat 
atlon of the 

Washington. Dc 
for the individual* 
her* or the so-call 
lor the alleged viol 
man a«l, appeared before the de- 
partment of Justice In behalf or 
their cllenta. The trio ot lawyers 
was headed by Rush Taggert. of 
Now York. They de  lined to state 
the reault or their conterence. 

Washington. Dee. 31. — Aa *»*in aw 
Iho constitutional conventilon of Nic- 
aragua, which meet* at Nlmnagua to- 
morrow, w ill demon..! rate |, v a decis- 
ive vote that It la In ravor of Estrada i 
for pr.nldent. the l ulled KLato* will 
recognize the present gx vernment of 
that republic. The general belief 
continues to be that Estrada will t»- 
olevtod president ror two years, at 
tha exphration or w4 lch time a gen- 
eral election will be bold. 

On Account oj 

New Tears 

There will 
He no issue oj 

Tmt Evening Sun 

on Momlay. 



MB I* the last day nt one last 
week or the last month or the year 
1910. Tonight at 12 o'clock the new 
year will be ushered In, and 1910 
will pat* Into oblivion. Aa usual 
there will be a large number of 
wat.h parties to wat.-'i the new year 
In. Monday In business wrfll be ob- 
served aa a holiday. The public 
bulldinga will close all day. Some 
ot the stores ln the business district 
will be closed part or the day. The 
banks will be closed and the post- 
office will ba open oply rrom   
o'clock until io o'clock and the car- 
riers will make only one delivery or 
mall. The Illilnols Central ahopa 
will be c' 

The pallbearers ror Mr. W\ H. 
Rieke's funeral, which will be held 
at the residence. 1710 Kentucky 
avenue, tomorrow afternoon at 2 
o'clock, wilt be: Honorary — Major 
J. H. Aabrraft, Dr. D. 0. Murrell 
T. A. Baker. J. W. McKnlght, D. A. 
Yelaer. Robert L. Reeves. Active — 
George Ripley, 8. A. Fowler, Muscoe 
Burnett, l^twrence Dallam. Dr. Frank 
Boyd and J. D. Mocquot. The Rev. 
H. W. Burwell will officiate and 
burial will bo in Oak Grove. 


Chicago Market 

Dec. — High. Low. 

Wheat ... 92 74 92% 

Corn 47% 46 

Oata »1% 31 







Up to 2 o'clock this afternoon 6a 
applicants for liquor licenses had 
been received by City Clerk Mc- 
lutyre. Out of Ibis number four 
wero applicants tor quart llcenaea.| which 
All of the 6fi gave the Fidelity ft following Abdul lb 
1 1. no.. n company, of Baltimore, 

Constantinople. Dec. 31— Official 
denlala to the contrary notwith- 
standing, the Young Turklah govern- 
ment is ln a very precarloua situa- 
tion. The progressive element, or 
which the Young Turka are the 
head, is so enormously outnumbered 
by the reactlonariea that It feels Ita 
only hope la to act with the utmost 
severity at the flrat aign or popular 
dlacontent anywhere In the country. 
By this method it baa aucceeded In 
holding ita own thua far. but it ha* 
stirred up audi an amount of hos- 
tility that It la ii danger now or 
being overwhelmed at any moment. 

The outbreak of the admlnlatra- 
tlon's enemlea In parliament a few 
days ago, In connection with the un- 
doubtedly accurate showing they 
made of the crueltlea the troops, 
have practiced In disaffected eectlons 
of the country apparently brought 
mattera to a head. There are mut- 
tering* or rebellion rrom every di- 
rection at present. 

To make matters worse there la 
serious question concerning the loy- 
alty of War Minister Chefket Paaha 
to the Young Turklah rauae. Chef- 
ket was never a member of the 
Young Turkish group. He waa 
. 'Hough or a progressive to oppose 
Abdul Hatnid's mlsgovernment, and 
accordingly took command of tho 
troops who marched upon Conatanti- 
nople at the time of tbe last r. a - 
tlonary uprising, and the Young 
Turks accepted his services because 
ho was recognized as tbe ablest gen 
eral who was willing to aerve them 
They were afraid of him /rem the 
first, however, and the manner la 
he criticized their pottoio* 
Id 1 * deposition 

them still more so He was 
W. P. Hummel. 'certainly the last man they wanted 

local agent for the company, filed a 'or war minister, but there waa no 
paper, vouching for each bond, andi^cape from It. The fault* he waa 
the general council tonight will be -oniinually finding with their mill- 
given notice or the "O. K." of the tary methods wer„ causing thorn tho 
bondsmen. Mr Mdntyro has boen'"eateat Inconvenience and It waa 
kept busy all day. receiving appll- finally decided to take him Into the 
cations and swearing new city offl-l-ablnet as a means of allenclng him 
dala. The general council will meet and perhaps binding him lo their § 
In called »e»slon at 9 o'clock tonight own group. Chefget aaw the trap ft 
and wind up tbe bualneaa of 1910 and w aa very willing to step Into It. J 

and receive the final report of City ~ — ft 

Treaaurer Waltera. (Continued on Page Threat.) 


s\Tvm \v. inirF.MBKti si. 


THE KENTUCKY wbi^nesday, JAN. 4 


The Dramatic Event in the History of This Generation 

"Go where you will, sloop to what depths 
of degradation you can— you can never 
shut my heart, my arms from you; as long 
as I live, you shall have one sincere friend." 


fS^^^ Books of the play in pic- 
tures given away on 
application at the box office 

Palrons should be in their places 
early so as not to miss the 


11V AI.K.WMHIi: BIs.soX 

The Wonderful Dramatic Niagara of 
Mother Love 

One year in New York— One year in 
Chicago — Two years in Paris 
and London. 

This is the crowning truth, told in this 
Niagara of mother love 

Thii production is owned and controlled by Henry W. 

Stvage (Inc.) 


Lower Floor 

Five Rows Balcony 
Balance Balcony „_ 



Seat sale opens Moi 
Jan. 2, 1.0 a. m. 

Theatrical Iotes 

AT THK KKXTICKV , When the ( nrrain falls on that last 

Monday "The California Oirl" Plt**l H*M when tl wage* of sin 

(hurle^ac ) ihavc Indeed brought death of t'i. ■ 

friMWV. "Madame X" (Hy, 1 '-^' klnrt. on,- turne to go out with 

***mm. Warn d -.,„.«,„.) i» 1 

January 1 1 ._ " \rl/.o, ,1!,,,,,,! 

.1 Uigu-tu* TtiomaN' gnat play.) 
Jammtrj I I. — "UN ami UN 


(KkihIi fane 

Jaauarj .to 
"The Bachelor." 
■I \ I ; — I .•mil) \ 
UKM— Moving 

had gone too Jeep for word*, and the 
pity and orrow of the fhatttrcd Ufe 
lad made holy gruund out of the sln- 
firl wartc 

by Clyde' That was the effec t that "Madame 
j i n X" had on mo«t of the audience, and 
the s  myathetic following of the 
in tragic story of the mother love waa 
I due to the rendering a* much, and 
!even more, than 'o the line* them 
'selves. It would hare 'been paln-fu! 
'to have had 'lit- beautiful story 
'^polled b\ the least touih of ■!:• -ord 
In interpretation, for the very t noVr- 
lioll'si f«i inv  of "hi h iiunian 

i,. »hmt..n Late* 
"Madame X." the 
which Will be seen by an unusually ■ 
strong companv at th*- Kentucky 
theater Wednesday n ght. m J' 1 "" - r, d * to '  °' » ,n *■«« K  " r " r - 
played at Lexington Wednesday inK , 
sight, and the Lexington Leader ye»-| Wrong of the critelc-t i«ort was In 
tciday »el k the woman * fim fa:', but from the 

That drama almoin terrible In It* beginning comes the feeling of too 
 oul-*tirring intensity. "Madam X" harMi .' and undue punlsh- 
wn* presented at the Opera-hous* ment for the eln that could have no 
Wednesday night. 'palliation but through the great e«- 

Only One "BROMU QUININE," thai U ST\1 /f  ". 

L axaSve B romo Quinine jJL f 'Jf ^ fc©«. 

Cures o Cold in One Day. Cnp in 2 Days %&/ WwjCJ&t&%g0** 

The Fidelity Underwriters of New York 

The world'* it 

and largest Fire Insurance Co. 
•urplus. 19 millions. 



Office U*. Broadway. Doth IMionea. 



■ rCABXEY * GOODMAN, Mgra fc 

Matinee 2:30 

f * 

Evening* 8:15. 




Price 25c. 35e. 80c, 75c 

Seats ready Saturday 10 

The 910,000 

California Girls Company 

The Swrllost Thing In 

America's Representative nurlc* |ue 
Company in Two I.augh-Pro- 

voktng Musical Comedy 


Jixtn.i: i.wn." 

Comedy — Opera — Travesty — Bur- 
lesque — Vaudeville. 

Special Yaiidcvfile Feature* 


Ami » Special 


Lower Floor 60c 

Balcony 35c 

Gallery . — 16c, 26c 

Matinee 10c, 25c 

A. H. Hughes Presents 
The Only Living Mesmerist 

The Great Flint 

Assisted By 
Alice 11. Hughes 

In His Mystifying, Awe-inspiring Ex- 
hibitions of Hypnotism, Physic 
Forte Mesmerism. 

The BellThazer Brothers 

SO??! * BERRY 
In Their Refined Hand-to-Hand Bal- 
axcing Act. 

ruser of all who byaa real love. But 
the judgment I* sent upon the fin 
and th - weak, erring moiimui bt come« 
the embodiment of one great purifj- 
ti g parson, that of mother lore. 

To portray mil i chi-arter a* that 
mean.- ait of the c -. | . t me. «ympa- 
thetlr kln-» that   an go to the vwy 
dej/th* cf the heart and touch chorda 
that vibrate only t 0 the most sacn-d 

And in this part of Jacqueline 
Mabel Montgomery gave a wonder- 

ifu'.ly *  mp.ith.t r" 

j Power there wa*. and a 
feeling for the desolate despair piti- 
ful, so tenderly pathetic. 

The acting in the eeene with I.*r- 
 .,|ii ■ «a- niagninc«'nt. the drug- 
Mi woman waking up to the 
i itiiau e of the qu«vtii.:i from the 

' h m iii: rascal and fighting even to 
the | oint of murder for the sake of 
the child she loved. 

I l-aroque was an unusually we!l- 

iplayed character In the hands of 
Warner Oland. the f« hy. unprinci- 
pled rogue being- perfeith portrayetl. 
And the siine ioniiiiem!.i: on m--t 
be given to the whole company, for 
excellence In the entire cant was a 
neeewary accomplishment of a piay 
of thU rilnd and the demands were 
met In full degree. 

The Perlsard of Charles Bunnell 
was as good an Impersonation as 
could 'be imagined. It i* not often 
that such nerfert conception of a 
part of that kind Is given. Merlve!. 
by * George Timmons. smpplled the 
lightness* with all the grace and 
■lignite that schoolmaster's learning 
and beaver hat could give. He was 

For the climax of inanity Oane 
llanllin. as Victor, waa ail that rou'd 
be desired, and Indeed one could w ish 
that there was time nnd hiwc- to tell 
of the fine touches that mi many of 
tho memitiers of the cast brought In. 
There was a finished effect to tho 
whole production that made It mi . • 
tlrely sath'factory. There waa sim- 
ply n !ondid acting through the en- 
tire play, and the Interest, painful 
and almont unbearable at time* fef 
aeon of the depth of fe-ling 
aroused, found relief in the crnedy 
touches' that were always In | i feet 
harmony, not out of the tone of the 

The trial scene could not fall to 
bring tears to the eyes, and the 
father s pleading of child for mother 
must touch even the hardest. There 
was' the ring of truth In the tone, and 
so perfectly had Uie sympathy been 
wound afcont the despairing woman 
that unconsciously one's whole heart 
went out in response. 

The play la wonderful In Its ap- 
peal, and while It would seem that It 
la too painfully tiaglc. one can but 
yield to the great power and pathos 
and r'.ve one's self unreservedly to 
Ihe powerfui effect produced. 

It I* a great pJay 

treat American play, "Arisona" at 
the Kentucky theater next Friday 
night When Augistus Thomas 
wrote "Alabama," the ablest critlca 
in America said he hsd written the 
beat American play. Ou the uiorivina: 
of September 11, three of th* baM 
f« « - paper i title In V w York dc 
dared "ArSaona" a better pias- than 
•Alabama." The logl.-al Inference la 
evident. "Ariiona" 
ild Indicate. It a 
f the lire, and loves of 
uen livlmt in the pi.-tui 
tion of our national domain. The 
characters are typical of the sturdy 
afrWaattaa of a ly-w country. Canby. 
a splendid old ranchman, who domi- 
nate* the Aravaipa Valley; his kind- 
hearted but peppeii tempered wife: 
.their two beautiful daughters, chil- 
dren of the plains wneered with Han 
I Francisco culture: the officers and 
foldler* of a frontier cavalry post— 
thew. sre the prinrlpal t\|ie* ttrat 
move and live in a plav said to be 
jonc of the best contributions to the 
Amerl an stage since Bronnm How- 
ard nnd l» o n Bon« Icault laid the cor- 
nerstone ofthat institution* rounda- 

The scenes of the play are on a 
ranch c|oi«,. to the Mexican border 
land Fort Grant, one of the Putted 
States military posts, established 
primarUy to keep the Indians in a 
'passive condition. The dramatic 
motive Is sltnpl" and the complica- 
tions which !«-nd to the denounce, 
'nient rational The young wife of a 
colonel many vars her senior, being 
wearied to the point of deapalr * y 
.her loaely life, has a paswing spasm 
of romance. Ik on the y«'ri;.  of an 
'elopement with an a'tno»t too trans- 
parent a villain, th ii the you tie? 
lover of her M»te r foils the pan but 
such a cr ileal moment that he 
tniiHt himself bear the Irurden of mi — 
piclon or reveal the wife's frailty to 
jher husliand who baa Is -en to him as 
a father. With aynuine nwnlin w. 
jlie ilmoses to shield the woman and 
await the future for his justimation. 
By thus sealing his Una, be inuo- 
'ceatfy develops a series of crises' 
,tha'. are hlahly tragic, and eventually 
ja catastrophe But when It Is all 
,over and the -un breaks through the 
heavy clouds, one reel* that In every 
step of the matter, his Judgment waa and hl» conduit gallant and 

The wonderful new year has a way 
of coming round onc« In 12 months. 
.-Til, .i; *o urn. t; tl »ame « »i. n it 
dawns upon us as the one Just |«-».«J 
that tv batdly realise another one 
has t een added to those who answer 
to the roll call of Time 

When we do rea'iae M. there la 
always a bit of silence, except with 
MM ehUdren— with them svsigtalaa; 
i» n.-w , a* w th.nk of the fre-!i l M  ok 
of three hundred and s'xlv fi»e -sves 
that o|H ns In Its whiteness for us ts 
fill the pa« «. And we ho|K- Uiat the 
record will be better than arv pre- 
vious one. whether good or III. And 
We put up a little prater thst we mai 
"make good" our nubier resolve* and 
"ni«wit*ure up" toward our high 
■'deal*, so that the world shall be 
better for our having lived this   *r. 

It I* a good time to  «•• o|c 
to believe, with Browning, that — 
"God's In His Heaven' All's well with 
thai World" when time hegtiMi throw- 
ing bis wh.«e nwn st us. ami every 
passing year puts Into hl« Isdea wal- 
let a Utile l^eht from the eveo. a 
little bloom and softness from the 
i ll. eke. a little gloss and color from 
tiie I, air a llttie lightness from tic 
step, and bestows upon**ie. In their 

'Mead, a varied assortment of  dds 
and end*, which are. as to value, ex- 
iactl\ what we i hoose to make Ho in 
It nee Is a little moral a! *hemv to 

turn them into gi«Jd end diamonds. 
I earls and opal*, but wlU) this trans- 
forming touch. Time's gifts are — a 
growing patience whbh brings sweet 
news and gentleness in the train. And 
all of these things write themselves 

on ageliuc faces. | 
beeutifyng what was 
aostltute of charm 
M inetlmes splrttua list ng what 
was beautiful In form an 
lack-d the lovelinesn that 
from an equal balnnce of 
heart —I'nknown. 

a  I 

Inc I I...,. a In 

X," at Tiie hen- 

The attraction at the Shiihcrt 
Masonic theater at Louiaville the 
first half of New Year's weofc will be 
Margaret lllingtoa, her first visit 
finie she was there John I r«w 
In "His IIoiiih In Order." In- 
cidentally, It will also murk her first 

Much Interest unlatches to the com- 
ing engagement of Augustus Thomas' 


Louisville's Leading Playhouse 

Always 400 mala floor seau 
at $1.00. 

January 2-3-4 — Margaret 
Illington, In "The Whirlwind 
and The Encounter." 

January 6-6-7 — Virginia 
Harned. in "The Woman He 

January 9-10-Frltxl Scheff 
In a revival of "The Mikado." 

in this city since her re- 
itttrn to the Htage after two years 
»pent in iMMaUa retirement. Miss 
lllington s encauement will be aus- 
picious from other viewpoint*. In 
that she will be seen lti two plays, 
new w it h one or them to lie |  ,,- 
for the first time In A merit a 
her atay here. 

Illington till present "The 
Whirlwind.' which Is by Henri Bera- 
•taln, who also wrote "The Thief" 
for (hi* actress, at the matinee on 
\.-« La; - ,!;,, (Mondav . and at tho 
©veiling performance that eame day. 

On Tuesday nnd Wednesday even- 
ing, and at the Wednesday matinee, 
M'ss Illington will be seen in a new 
play which i* called "Th • En- 
counter." This play, which Is from 
the pen of Pletra Berton. who Ik por- 
lni|is l.cst remembered by American 
audU-nce* as the author of /^aza. 

"I don't know what to buy for my 
hu-lmnd He haa *tack» of neckties" 

"He gave them to tho Janitor" 

"He wears a belt. I know what I'll 
Jo. I'll buy him a hall rug and a 
pair of bedroom curtalug" — Cleve- 
land Plain Dealer. 


. but 


Your drngglst wll: refnad money If 
PAZO OINTMENT fal's to cure any 
c..*e of Itching, Blind, Bleeding or 
Protruding Pile. In 8 to 14 days. 60c 

sportsman. Improperly so calltd. — I Xt.lin- l.. s«l«« iikec|N-r«. 

Ixmdon GIoIh-. All applirstlons for rvtail «*J0M 

————— house llc«'nse and bonds, lor same. 

Padurah. hy.. October 14. 1510: |should b filed on or licfore |i.« 
Thl* certlflia that I have b«cn sell-l^'"'. 1'"" ln  '"»   b-rk . ofhrt 
Ing Hall * Texaa Wonder for *lt By tfwSf   f 'he Mtiynr. 
years and nt ommend It to the pub- M APKICK M IN PI Rl 

lie to be the best Kidney, Bladdery City Cllik. 

and Khi iimatlc It. no dv thai I hai 

ever sold. Sixty days' treatmeajt 
for 11.00. J. M Oeblsrhlaeger. 

"What' A shilling for •ulilng my 
lialr' 'I hat - out i agcotis ' ' 

Barber ' But, my dear sir, Ihe 
I'»rpetaa4 motion seems to be an hair* on your head are so far apart 

lmpo-Ni',1 in .it   .1:1 i m,i n e tin that   have to cut each one by 

father ..f strenuous twins beWeve It 'itself." London , •Tll-BltS.'• 

Migration of Storks. 

Reference ha* been made to the 
departure of the stork* from Alsace. 
The ornithological bureau of Buda- 
pest has recently published the re- 
sults of an Interetsing experiment 
To the leg of a number of young 
bird* a light disk was attached, stat- 
ing the place of origin and In the 
event of capture asking that the 
label might be detached and for- 
warded to Budapest. The ring* re- 
turned show that the bird* have 
reached Basutnland. the Tran*vanl 
and Cape Colony. Unfortunately 
only two of the ten raptured bird* 
escaped death. Eight of those grace- 
ful creatures had fallen to the un- 
pltytng and unerring aim of the 



The best and purest Whiskey on earth - fl.nn THE QC MIT - 
BOTTI.RIi M BONO. .Our lock of Old Whiskies, Wine* and 
Brandies l« the largest nnd most complete In Western Kentucky. 

JIG AMI Hill II ll  H:\IH til It splK JAI IV 

BW i.n i i in m. 

All Order* Shipped In Plain Scaled Packages. 





Standard rssisSf Icr CtMt, 
aaassmmi sns aamtam fairs/1 
IN 48 HOVR*. Curst Kid- IBUUI J 


Are a live Issue these day*. Ton couldn't ask more than that 
thry should not only tit. but 8ATI8FY YOU — that'* our guarantee 
with every Suit or Overcoat. And we further guarantee every 
piece of good* wo use to be all wool. 

We'll gave you from 1 10.00 to | IR.OO on what even ready- 
made clothe* of equal quality would east. Wo can prove these 
thing* If you give us a chance. 

Suit* aad Overcoats $15 to $40 



»— 1 : SfBtS 

KATI !:I 1V, mil . Mill It 91. 



The Week In Society. 


'i r the NM4 and Hie bliss, 

Dm the tear drop, over the kiwi, 
u.r tin- crimen thai blo.led and 

ilwr Iho wound of tin- angry word, 

  \'T die donis In VMkMM done, 
O • r Hi.' battle* lost rind won, 
v »w nt the end e»f th" flying y«.ar, 
fi tf tfcjrf tomorrow will not In- bore. 
On r our fr«i dniu, ovr our thralls, 
In ili - .I.irk imd the midliUcM. Hi" 
curtain full*. 

Ovei oyr vain and over our lorn. 
Owe our mown uud uvr our ifow, 
t)\ 'r the I'.i of our d'.*  - onteiil. 
f)w r tli - .11 II. ill wo !:• V' r inbuilt, 
IK. r (ho sens of our self-d.'iiial, 
( \  r tin 1 arreuglh Uii.t .-onqurred 

Vow In the end of th - flying year. 
Y'nr that tomorrow wii' iio.-l»o here, 
(Ju .th llual. the prempter rail*; 
Ores il swiftly We curtain falls. 

ii . i ll... cru-nl- ami lh«' solitudiw. 
I)., r our rhlftliig. tnir-» Inic mood**. 
O»or llro ti«varthx abor. brlcht flame, 

il. i ll.ccill.s wh  re I • . liable- elecp 

41'. r I!..- i* ' i m* r. 4»ver ihe strife, 
 »■ . i Hi.' piic aiitry of 1 Iff. 
Now In ill" olid of Hi. tldiiy year. 
V r ll it tomorrow will not I..- tvere 
S*.fil  ii'nI : nr. Iv, from slurry walls 
Mil. i.i v downward tli« i iirlaln fall*. 

Mnricar.-I | Htiu».-»tcr. 

MN III, \Mt 4 1.111 4 tl. i:\ll\IU 

MOMMY Tin'  : no. in dub wl'l 
I -i , .■ it N. \ \ . u iIhii. i- the 
fainter ill I 1(1 0'4-fcxk Sii| |»-, » I 

I rv.M at II: to o. Uik In the 


TVMDiVf Tin- peaaMa asst paU 
iiori at In a in at Hi- « , irn."»rV 

1:1 rary atwenihly n Tin lu.ntmin 

wilt in. in It: 

I Knghvid'e Pridd-m In China. 
Klrat and Hnrniif ("hi new* Ware. 

( -r.xinl C il.i.. I v I n n I » -. | 

- Mr. Mildred |i  l 

I. «r Bd»nt • l» i war l.ytunn. V»v 
vli-a «.f " M \ net." Mr*. UeoSfe 

? ■■ \ llr. .i I, f lit lib!.- Tho 

Itrotite* aud Jaii' By** Mts. 
i... k- i a I i .tnio ' M m M il.. k 
nnd l. • ,i ll . in \l - If Kl.nir- 


TI'BMIAT — Pa.!n« 
I i. it I I i.i.ncht. .ft 
ni'v Willi riM^tH ill the 1A 
1 ulldliiK at 3 1». ai It 
\.-u  . tr   f»*n ai« i ■* 

1. 1- li.W' t » i 

. «k». Mr* It 

Tl C«r)AY — Mis* rUteMfffM 
llon-dunc* at Hi.. \\..mwuih olnli 
bourn. In honor « f Mr nn ! Mi- Wd- 

« in H. Wilaon, of K\-aimvl1N , Ind . a 
Iirldo nnd UridoKrooni of llio «. -k. 

\VKI»\KSI»\Y Tho I'A... ullw 
Hoard of Him Wonian'a «4ub will nw «.t 
at 141 a. in. at the rliU  tiouaB In 
1 on U ne 'biiriiiHua nei«'on. 

TIII'FWDAY — ^Mlaa Alllo D. Fowter 
i" !io~t"K    r th.. Sow ni; ».'.• nt :;u 
p. m. at her home on llroadwair. 

TIH I WUAV— The Woman a rlut. 
will meet In regular aeaalon ut 2.M 
)■ m. in the i lull lions*. The open 
meeting at 3::i0 p. m. la under the 
au^|ik'«H of tlic literature depart 
Mat, MIh » H*  n Uwr.i, c-hiiliiiian 
Th* program will feature the de  
|Mirtin«nl H eliidv In KukIIsIi Mtera- 
lu-re thla yeur. In an attractive way. 

KUIDAY— The Ka'oaophlc chrtj 

W ill rr.-'llil.' I- .. we. U'.\ II. "I 

kKP at ll a. ni. at the Woman a « :ul  
hoioe. Th.' piotfium will f.-atiir.': 

I l iiili "« d'AnBonl'ine Mraa 
rhlllppa Huuh « 

1 Madam Jioiot -Mini Hli/n- 
N'th Klrkland. 

:i Current Kv nta Mm. • David 


PRM AT — Pa-Jirtah rtiapt.-r. 
HwuRtitera erf the American It. \o:.i 
■ tion. will meet at i:3fl p. m. with 
, Mra. T K. Ili'llimd. L'.'.imi Jefferxon 
lam lei ai . I The i.rot'i im i- 
ttonot, "Aroartoa" — Chapi. r. 
H.1II « 'nil I'atrlotli Quotallonn. 
I Pn|H-r, I'lilllp A hiiiler. lh.  palrl'H 
who wax ri'l.ltcd of hla fame — Mm. 

Mot. I It-. Well 

H.ii'IIiik Joe! Harlow Aunri.«'-i 
I Kir* Poet I jiii'. -ai.' Mr». liny I . 


Mil- 1. 

Kill l» \ V T'i. Woinaii - \ :v I .u"' 
of r.ra.e Rpiiw-oual cfaanrti will have 
ila Mla»|onar  Ten for J arMMnT  at the 
l'ar*h hon««- at :: p 111 It will lie a 
Twelfth-Stirtit .-e ..|,i at loo. Mjaa 
Oherlc Morton la the hnat.»« . 

SATtflt OA Y — The Art department 
..r ti.e Monata'a tiu\i u "'*' t '" 

reiriHur r  ».jun at Ml a ui. at the 
  !ut  bouse. Tb» atudy oC tb» Ocwn 
i'a man i f Kn B !and will be Inaitxu- 
rap-d lie follow-: 

(ieoii;.. M.u 'and, 1 TU !- 1 so I Mm 
Bdwin Stmn. 

Hlr lalwln UiliJi-eer and II'- 
•iMlMatl Putiirea. |«M-lt71 — Ml* 
it ii T-rrWI. 

\ winh inn vac. 


AV. dill. ik in St. l.ouU 

The marriage of Mr. Rdwin R. 
WUaon, formerly of thu city hut 
now located In lOvansville, Ind., to 
Mlaa Orf, of St. Iyouin, will take 

l|. :i e on Monday at t*:c Inn ( the 

bride In St l.otila The couple will 
come direct to Paducirh to visit Mr. 
WIIhoii h mother. Mrf. Kate K. Wll- 
•011, SIT Hrotulway. 

In honor of Mr am! Mri». Wilton, 
M!»s Minnie llatclifre. an aunt of tho 
bridegroom, haa iavued invitation* 
for a re-evtlon-ilaiii'e o.: the evening 
of Tuemlay, January 1, from s until 
1] o'clock nt the Woman's club 

I 1.. I.. 1.. I At trai lli. \y I'entiiriil. 

Tlie Literature department   f the 
Wf m in'» club preaent-, nn attractive 
liogrram of Kng and ut ita .•)• 11 meet 
lug on Tbumlay afternoon at :!::fj 
o'clock at the Womana club houne. 
MJm ll.i.u Ixury, chnirman of the 
dei«artiii. iM, will preside. Thu pro- 
gram feature* are; 

(liauo i's Ktislnnd — -Mr*. Muacoe 

k.-p. are'g Rng°: nd - Ms* la.w 

Kngl.-uid of Today. — Ml»« ronifiton 

Mn-i,: Kng.ith Hnlladii under d1 
rectkin of Mia* Newell, chairman of 
,Miislc department 


I'.lllf e.l.T ■ 

n  I'll. 

\ .I 

lk\tr frleli 1; . wl.e 

A glad Natl Y  .11. 1 

\ 1. 1 11,11, li 1 1 " 1 ' 


id n  •» ^ 1 

1. 1 

W ;..'•• 


 ; 1..'" 
I' . I 



.. I \l 

W \l 

\ niie 

Klnnvi . 


S'o-i H i 

The program 

I flil 1 Mill' in I'MHIIHA 
\to N.. ('. * HI. I* My. 

W inter lonrlHt Uckatl on WM 
dally durina the winter *ca- 
n.ii I liiiii.«eekii »' tlckela on 
the flrat and third Tueadnya of 
e.n h month. Liberal atop inert 
at Nimhillle, tiiultauooga, At- 
lanta and all I'lnrlda point*. 
For Pullman aleepinK car 
reaervatlon*. ticket*, winter In 
Dixie Land folder*, apply to 
I . L. WI II.WD. 

ntv Taaaeagcr 4% Freight Act.. 


May annelilna brlfiitcn at tlie .1 . ■- 
The atars rhine out   ach ulajtit; 

M«v rote* grow la ail your path*. 
Each KtaV brlrnc new delliml. 

And may the old year pare' na; on, 
Baeal all roar rarea away. 

Ko apaPt] the t»!d. mi hail the new, 
H In. k w ill New V. ar'M l ay 

— Mactao. 

••MITTFIt THAN MX \ 1. 1 .It's" 
"HUT I I Ii I II \S I nVV M \ 'H" 

"Par ahead of any Hot Choco- 
late •mat] In any city, large 
or amall " 

Thla Ii the verdict of all our 
runt. mien when they drink 
Hie deli, ious hot chocolate 
whl.h we aerre with tlrh, 
thick whipped cream and Na- 
bi*40 Wafer*. 

Nolli ••. 


D. E. Wilson 

The Hook 

Schmaus Bros. 


For choice Cut Koaea. Car- 
nailoiiK, llyuclntha. NWafMal 
and LHlie*. 

ton Ntiurti 

Nnrclasli., Ilyaiiiilh*. Ara- 
leas and Lillb *. 

All klliila oT dealgliH. 

itoiii i-ii m rta\ 

Mis. Mmile 4 ..I.I. nnd Mr. Tllcton, 
of UaaajHBa, Mairy t«iIuj. 

Tlie ni irriao- of M'*b Manle Col* 
to Mr. Kdward Murrrll Tlleatoai, 4if 
t^ouleville. waa quiet . M !emu »e.| 
tli'a moraine at 141 o'ekx^k at the 
sfanre of the Flrat Preebyterlan 
h:irch The Rev II W. Btirwell. 
paator of the church, officiated Only 
the Immed'ate family wltneraej the 
rareajKiar, whW-ti waa charartcT *4 d 
by the utmost simplicity, nnd bad 
been o on ■ t   (ilani el that few 
•ven of the bride's moat Intimate 
friend, knew «.f the event 

Tl. bi liH.k -d e M e, all. cliarnr 
I I'd In n sf i:*n travel'ng co-tunie of 
Ii ue cloth tailored ruit with hat to 
haratonlse. The couple left at 11:25 
oV'o.-k for I  m|i\ IPe and wl'l luaki- 
'h dr heme there. 

The bride |g a girl of brjl'lant 
mentality and much personal charm 
'lie • • Hi ■ v.tiin:e.| d inghter of Mr^ 
Mmie Saunders tV)bb. and her fam- 
ily on both stile* Is prom'inintl.v 
d'litifled » I'll P.idiir:ih'K hltlorj 
Her friendship circle W an e«i»H'l.ill  
w'.l. one Mr. Tile Ion b. '• : m In :i 

iiioiiiin.'iii LaukMilta fajaiiy, lie i- 

•I •• head . f a large mm liiuci v niajn 
nfa.^nrlrc e-tThl'rtrmer.t in that clt . 
"I 11 |H»|»ulnr man 

lilllliliiiilel) CUi I" He "or of HMh 
It.- Welilie.n. 

Mlsn lliiml M t'-in .!'• J.-fferson 

t I. I. In ■!.•.. to the Kmliruidery 

■■'iil  the niru'ng work. Ph»- will en- 
t.-rtaln the club in honor of Mr' 
Cluir! s | e Wertbern, of St. Louis 
who Is a liol'loy v'-lmj lii her for- 
mer home. Tlie day ^inti not lieeri 


Mardl Club Willi Ml-s Drcyfass. 

Mian Aiiueo DreyfusH will taiaf- 
lain the ManH club on Tuesdav 
.ill. 1 no. 111 at her home 011 Itroadnny 

I'liUiiLl'-inelit tlliC'iim i il of WS* 
(iobllbwnlle, of MopkiiiM Die. 

T'ie following inno.incemenl la of 
Intereat here: "Mrt. dorp- Qo l tt tb 
unite .•iniMiiiiKC- tl'" 1 ng/.iitemi'ut of 
ii ' r 1! n.-.h'.-r. I- in, to Mr. S Meirl'' 
Itu- vll. of Rlkton, Ky., the weotMflg 
to take place soon after Bnster." — 
ItoplflaavlHe New Bra, 

M|.. Ciildtliwalle has- veiled In 
Pndiicnli on m veril oicaeloim n« the 
frueat of M.r». 0»smre C, Wallace, 
and made a delightful Imprestlon 
011 all who met her. 

Ia»*ia*ll a a lasaalsaairy ti « 

An attractive program will be 
giien ;il tin- Miasloniry Tea of the 
Woinan a Auxiliary of tiraj* Kpiaio 
pal church at the imrlnfi hums- on the 
afternoon of Friday, January C, 
whlili la Twelfth-nia-ht. Mr r Tliom- 
u» Mora, of Poataa, P. I. who has 
beea living In the PilUf ' a l a u i for 
swvaasil yi'am, will l4s)l ed the "Work 
.d It -bop lli. iit iii Hi • phllipp u.-- 
from a Personal Viewpoint." She is 
a iM-ar iiolirhlMtr of HI Nop II rent, A 
beaiiHrul Ta  Iflb-Ii'uht BtOffl . "The 
I'bri.tmua Mjrtiiy," w'.l bo told by 
Miss Alice Cornell on. .Mrf It. tJ 
Terresll will give "Current allasioa- 
ary Kvonts.' 

^l . ue t lub Willi Mrs. (jardiiiT. 

A delighHut Yuletide 1,1 . : n of 

li e .\t:..'.i.' lie 1 lull «.' that Willi 

Mth. Armour tlardner i.n lYIday uf 
IcriKMi at her atlrtM-tii • home on 

K011 nt a, 11 
»wv4» a |i 

1 r the or 

motif wu 
all the 


ion. Th 
iMX'lnl nieiits 

The Cbrblliiu- 
wraith* and 

lit tl.e roeime 
la's to the spirit 
e tad and gre-n 
\ carried out in 

\ nib.;taiitlal 

2-cour.e lum-h.uin was 
(Pnlnor-ninui, after wb 
Werv 1 11 v tt*tl Into live 
atg Bag and fruit caki 

.  l the .• |.-l, ir  . » gesra 

I. :t etlj »\ .'.| 

The were deltghtfally 
featured. Inleierilng r.'ssjniM of 
sooh' uf the Chrblm»  numbers were 
ghMi a» follow*: 

Norih Ann rbiin Rl view by Mr- 
tlcorge C. Walhu-e. 

Out'ook by Miss Frances Osiuld. 
( "iitury by Miss Hel-n l .»ry nnd 
Mix. L. A. Washlngtem. 

Mrs. John Swift Montgomery . of 
Tliomarv'lle. On., was the only out- 
of-town guest present 

To the 4 »ld Year. 

So 111 . 111 days we've tnrel through 
1 1 « Mia Si all:. . . 1 1 i.l Year. I 
..nilnH let ion go! ttn.-h vr /it ' me 
we've had us we Journeyed side by 
Ide. None other an iiillm.ite ar 
Ihou! No other fileni. have thou 
.a wl'i. •■ I nn did. at. , no other 

1 hoe'r.lj 
rsi nut 

with th. 

si : 11 1 gi 1 

ry lng t- 
thy prlv 
I know- 
It .» mm 


and to iihurp 

will rea'ix- 
 lxe the inn- 
s soon us il 

ni" t of achievement 
is )in s4 ntod ? If he S TOT aa to be 11 
worthy heir of thine. In- may add 
materially to the win \ I s acquli-itton 
of science Rre hfs Ife be ended 

\ WOM t\'s LPPBAL. 

t'o all kc.os'lng piifYeri-rs of rtieuma 
ti»-.i, win thsr maaralar or »f iln 
iAint«. a. Ieit|. «r lunihagna. harkach' 
rains In toe kl.lneys or in iirnlgli' 
piiliii* in wiiir I.. Ii, 1 for a hem. ti .it 
mi ni wlil. Ii Ins r. l" aleillv .•11r.1l all til 

1 - 



Iii ml il to all kiiITi r 
i-urr imarseH -it bom 
will lesUfl no ehaiige of rllmats bs- 
ing nseeetaary. This slni|.ti  lilmnv. r  
Malshss ml.' acid from thu blond. 

!.„ ».. ii.. the nit I joints, tmrinen 

the bkiaet. ami I rlgbl.ns 1 lie eye*, giv- 
ing diixtldty ami t  m  to the wlmli 
lystsm. If tin* alios** interests ynu. for 

I address Mrs. af. rs, Box R. 

*..iih II. ml. Ind. 


M you desire quality lit a 
1 loial 4 Iff. l ing, you vdll Kct 
the b. .t value by ordering from 

H2 » lirosdway. 
Roth I'lr. ins »Wtl or 1*7. 


A Great After Inven- 
tory Underpriced Sale 
in Our 

Cloak and Suit 
Depa r 1 m e n t 

Next Week 

All Coat Salts will he sold 
nexx week at and below whole- 
sale pi i'. - If you are Inter- 
ested you can now buy a Coat 
Suit here for |, f?.&0, 
$8. r.n. ty.r.o., |I3. .Ml 
and |i:..0«: n ii In to sell for 
double theaa prirea. 

Dozens of Women'* stylish 
IsWII C4Mtta will be on aale 
lure next wefk at wholesale 
prices und loss. 

We want TiUn customers for 
Skirta at bargain prices. You 
■ an now aave from two to live 
dollars here on Women's 

Women's W.ilsts have re». 
reived new low prieM for ne»t 
we?k'» sale. 

Infanta' l«Mg Coat* are 
hem at Inlereslitig burgaln 

All remaining Coats for 
SblMrtM aro to be • band out 
at bargain prlctt* beginning 

in xt VI ek. 

rMUfiMI 4.4ki|is i-itn i:s 

We are making greatly re- 
duced price* on Dress liooils 
wbli h huio Jioi iei .in d our 
Inventory cut prices, 

.Notions, HtU|.l. |ny lioiuls, 
IIi.mii , Underwear, l lotliiug 
fur Men and for Hoy*, Shoes 
for the whole family are all 
being overhauled, luioindund 
given new prl.i for January 


Depdrtment Store 

Xorlh Thlnl street. 
Half a S iin«j-e It Itroadway. 

"Tb. Mine Tlmt K.-eie. the 
Pilii-i. Down." 

on North Fifth atreet. in honor of 
Miss Carrie Newman, of tbl* city, 
who haa offered herself as a mission- 
ary in the foreign field. Miss New- 
man is attending  !llnton college and 
is at home for the holidays. An at- 
tractive musical and literary pro- 
gram was rendered during the even- 
ing and light refreshments were 

•r- r- r-- 

\ \l'll \e,i|- \\ ivl, 

"I wli-h you happln.Fs throughout 
the coming year, and tho' I may not 
always t* || you «o, the thought und 
the with will be yours just the same. 
Whatever Joy or success comes to 
yem. It will make me glad.'' 

\ Simple ^nle-tnu.l r.T Mothers. 

Mrs. D. Ollkeson, 326 Ingles ave., 
Voungrtown, Ohio, gained wisdom 
by experience. •'My little girl had a 
■evere cold and coughed almost con- 
tinuously. My alste- recommended 
Kol. v's Honey and Tit. The flrat 
dose I gave ber relieved the inflam- 
mation In her ttiroat and after using 
one bottle her throat and lung* were 
entirely frea from inflammation. 
Since then I always keep a bottle of 
Foley's Honey and Tar lit the hou«e. 
Accept no lubntitules Gilbert's drug 

fyr* / y We strongly recommend 

Wea/i L^^gS Ayer'sCherryPertoral We 

Zj believe it prevents, protects, 

soothes. What does your doctor recommend? Take only 

the medicine he approves. Trust him every time. 

■rr"i flu 


I I. 'i . "i - i!re;im In.n be I eaUxed - 
pa view "grappling .11 the central 
blue." K.I Iron may be making 
. J of cement, wi.nh *hnll be 
adapted to rich and poor alike. 
Wlftsjir.- • ma,.!i  and wiiele*  L i- 
ng may b - ns easily d mc- as 
the .-a me '.» upon wliaa t.hlay. Mr. 
Stead lu.i) iiave bridi' i! tlie guif be- 
iw.-Mi lli » l.iii*! and Iln further t-horn 

*i;ii hit ta irti (naMMMMaatiatw. m.^i- 

.ll el I » lli.iy I ,.ir ,| 
alt.iin-t d..- as.- with tu.-h suceess 
Lhat health may be reigning o'er the 
aarth. Warfare bc'.ween nation* 
may lime le-i n imidf mi destructive 
bat unlverval peace will cover the 
and as a mantle of green covers the 
aehtr.— Julia Jnnve w .lker. 

Iledldny Dante nt i'liree Links. 

A deligbifiil dance of the week 
was given by Messrs. Chi^iter Kerth. 
Horace Flegle and Alfied l^geay on 
Thureday evenlig at the Three Links 
l.ii'lil ng. A Im ml "11 I'OUpbs 1 
the dance wh eh waj a p-etty holi- 
day evi'nt. Hie threwj popular  toung 
men were capital heists. 

Informal Di.IMe. 

A delightful and ll. formal dance 

d on T!*urr 

of the    ur 

heme of Mlts Dtirota 
Broadway. Those | 
V Mary lil.i.les. 

Neil Cine, Dixie llak 

ly, RUMbata Terraal 
Mary Drown. Ii. becca BaUM 
thy Itowland: .M.*srs t! «org 
'on, Horace Terr. II, l.ucieii Burnett. 
J  In Ko|if, Arin'Hir Ci.rdner, John 
Palmer, Frej L. k. Wayne Palmer. 
McClaia ldiidn-ll. Bd OUsoa, Rob- 
■rt tlraham. Don ;lua Couts. 

iy evening by 
Wi set at the 
Rowland, on 
iseul were: 
or Dar.vil'c: 
Mury BtMttp 
■asjim lloyil. 


llolliluy I Kim. ni Woman'. Club. 

A number of lie young girls aud 
boys had an Informal dame Priday 

•icnlng at I'm Woman.' .lub bou- . 
It Waa a dedlglitful holiday event. 
Mrs. William l: ..lnerd and Mrs 
lames We'll.- chaiwroned the party, 
rhe Orand March wa e led by" H«-:iry 
Ournett ami Mai Ruth Mingle. 
ri:o-e i-res. ut were: Anita Tlinina*. 
if Mayfliid: Ly lla Wellle, Adine 
Corbett. Mary Terry Uumett. 
Mi:i. in I., w I ' /, \yi im, Maurlne 
Kye, Kdna (".ni..* QUkjHjn, 
Uuth H-.iikle. K Wu Hern. M illy 
'lardner, Isiroiln Ilraliierd, Anneitn 
starks: ' Btanle) Pciter, William 

Imrties. Tom ('..t'-'tt. Ilillle Olllum. 
It'.liard Orme, ||. nry Liirnett. Mue- 
'iii' llurn.'tt. Jr., Mark Smith, Woyne 
Hye. Palmer Dtlcrback. \lwyn lb r- 
ry . MrMce Paliiior, Itichard Mason, 

DarM Uataw 

Tin- New Year. 

The New Year l» but a mirror of 
'he years that are post, and It may 
bring b. fore you n'l PiLt if be»t and 
brightest, helpful and heartening. 
1 i'' 1 iind hoi 11 -1. or It may yum up 
for you all that is deviating and dii»- 
'innorable — you, alone, can ik'tor- 
mlne these thing;. 

Pl.-ie-ani Occasion. 

(Continued from Page One.) 

but said so much that there wa* 
really no escape for him. 

l b.' plan worked well for a while, 
but Willi the growth of popular dis- 
.oiit. nl there are signs that the gen- 
eral la becoming dissatisfied again 
and thinking of thiVwing the Young 
Turks over. Inasmuch as he ha* 
the solid support of the army, bis 
sin eession would be fatal to the 
present regime. It I* generally be- 
lieved that, if he derides to act at 
all, he will uudertuke the establish- 
in. nt of a military dictatorship him- 
self. In such a case he would be 
the real ruler and the sultan a mere 

The Young Turks would probably 
make short work of the general if 
they did not know that to do so 
would precipitate an Immediate army 
upri-ing ll.- is iiiniu. stiimably. how- 
ever, in considerable danger of as- 
sassination by some fanatical indi- 

Do You Want An 

Appropriate New Year Greeting? 

Many of our customers were in yes- 
terday to get New Year remem- 
brances for some fotgotten friends. 
Maybe there is some one on your list. 
If so, come in and let us assist you 
to find something appropriate. 

Diamond*, Watches, Jewelry, Handsome China, 
Cut Glass, Ladiea' I'uraea— jnat a world of 

things, a* »a as •« •* 

_ f* 


3rd & Broadway 

which she thought she bad lost; 
still another thought herself a statue 
aud would not move. 

W in n the physician was called In 
haste one of the women guests 
greeted him as an old friend, and 
I would not leave him. A male guest 
I was engrossed in the hunting of 
Imaginary bank notes which he 
' snatched from tho air. Another 
man act out to And a chemist, but 
lost his memory on the way and 
bought many usclesa articles In a 

one of the servant* carried 20 
hot water bptt lag, Infeided for the 

Have Your Hou se Clea ned 

By Our Itrand New 

guests, to her own room; while the!, ml HO on wuo tnelr halr , t 

proprb tor of the boarding establish- tllo begj nnlnK o{ n, 0   c U|cliI" craie, 

inent took a Green full of aoup to arc sti „ short-locked and can there- 

,fi pmowa tr0 °" en '" tled * ° VeF f ° r " n0 1  nger ,UPP ' y eT " ln " 

Antidotes were speedily adminis- 
tered to the sufferer*, and after a 
few hours they regained normal 

union and progress. 

To the lialh.MS. 

London. Dec. 31. — A bill will be 
introduced at the next aesslon of 
parliament for the abolition of the 
gallows and the *trlctly private dU- 
paidi of condemned men In their 
cells and under the influence of an Tlie measure has al- 

creasing demand. Coiffeurs declare 
a new style will be the result and It 

is predicted that the powdered 
of long ago will come back. 

Ilal/nc's House. 

General Booth. ParU r  c 3i._The bouse of Bal- 

I.ondon. Dec. 31. — Ceneral Booth. the great French writer, will be 
who has now permanently lo*t the Htn | or lo i,j r or debt, aa tbe case 
sight of his right eye. la shortly to may i, p uy the m | U( jle of January. 

1 undergo another operation for the 
ready been drafted and its pasaagel , , ... 

' i. . , . , • • 1 til a cataract fiom bis bit. 

Is being agitated by a group under , , , .... , 

. . ,, ,, At present, although he still does a 

the leadership of A. C. Heiisou. the ' ' , 

" i ■ .little writing bv sense of touch, be 
uutlior. and sou of tlie lale Bishop . . ... . , 

Is so nearlv blind that he cannot 

of Canli rbury. 

"1 cannot help thinking," Henson 
explains, "that a condemned man 
should be able to choosfe both the 

rii. aatbor during his life was a 
...n tanl rlctlaa of creditors who 
want, d their money. Since bis death 
th. Hbns,. hi. occupied has been in 
innstuiit litigation, though so far bla 
recognize persona standing within a admirer*, who have formed an aaso- 
foot of him. I elation w hose aim Is to turn the 

The general himself Is anxious to bouse Into a Halzac museum, have 

^ tl 1 1 1 1 lli ill' .1 . . \ \ f \ 11 eie/nvi win t n v . — ■» 1 - 

HfjM within tlxed limit*, and the hnve t,, 1 " « »"lnB operation hastened 8U( ., wde( , ln gUvln , ott tne crMh 
manner of bis .leatb and that the a8 mu ' * Poaalble. but his physi- Some ,,,200 m rent Is due by th« 

manner of his death, and that thu 

lesources of medical science should 

. lans are determined not to 

by the 

' m" idy and unless this Is paid by 

until they are absolutely certain ti e January 15 the proprietor will Bell 

nil'li.yed to make that death aa 

patetoaa as 1 ' r " or ? ™ "\ tbc f,rt , ,a H" ""»«• »•"! »uctloa the Balsac 

| If they fall he will bo stone-blind relies to get his rental. 

upled with ,. 

swift, as uuiet und 

If a prsoiurwii tie solitude nt   , ... ., . 

. , .,,1.. ii , . *. Ithe risk inevitable from an opera- 

li s cell mm bi be a lowed to swallow 

I tion upon so old a man. rendering 

a potion, or bi* done to death by an 
anaesthetic, deuth would at least 
have some touch of privacy und d  - 
BOMB about it. But tlie awful 

Utea additionally cautious. 

' 'You attribute yemr defeat to ft 
^and^Jlek'?* , 

"Only partially," replied the states 
man. A number of bricks that caught 
tne nouarely In the neck were too per 

barbarous and m.dievul. A man at 
such a crisis of his fate is not a 
thing to exult and gloat over, what- 
ever hla crime may have be-en, and 
I bellcie that the solemn barbarity 
of the whole proceeding has an en- 
tirely degrading and debasing effect 
upon tlie public mind." 

I'ari.s, Dec. 31. The French acn- 
ate stands In favor of reducing the 
number of drinking establishments 
In the country to 3 per 600 Inhabi- 
tants. At present there la 1 per 82 
inhabitants, women aud children Kngiaud has 1 for 430; 
iJermany 1 for 246. and America I 
for 3 80. 

I'aris. Dec 31.— -Aa indication of 
the progress woniana' suffrage Is 
making* in Krunce waa seen in the 
n port of Hie Bolversul suffrage com 
mission of the chamber of deputies, 
drawn up by the noted Kerdinand 
Unison. Moderate-ltepubliian. The 
report advocates that the suffrage 
law of 1884 be' modified to read 
"All persons of French nationality 
of both sexes, of 21 years of age uud 
o\.r. who are not In a alate of in- 
capacity, according to law, an 

in. PftJiiasj 

Munich, Dec. 31. M 
Bftl Journal prints the f. 
scription by Dr. I'hilippi, 
physician of (icneva, of tl 
effects of henbane poisoning at 
boarding bouse at Daves. 

lie states thut some 2.1 persons, 
in. lulling visitoas of various nation- 
alities und employes, recently par- 
took of horseradish at dinner. A 
quantity of the henbane root was 
incidentally mixed with the horsc- 
rudish, and two hours later all the 
persons who had eaten horseradish 
were suffering from curious cerebral 

A Russian woman who. always 
spoke Herman forgot that language 
completely; others could not atop 
laughing Au Knglish woman lu- 
The Dodd aocbaty of the First'slsted on giilug a lesson ou her lan- 
Huptist church gave an informal re- guuge to eyerybody; auother woman, 
icptlnu Fiidny evening at 7:45 on her hands and knees, searched 
o'clock at the Buptlst beadu.uarK.TS the Boor for au article of Jewelry 

\ Hair I t 

mony and disgusting apparatus ^IfcJ^J^Jet^BiS' Sally fe ?  » ime l to * dlT ^ 
violent death seems to me gay ^ ^ ( upheaval of 

"hair famine" will be in full swing Star - 

in Fraure. It Is said to be the re-1 ■ 

suit of so much hair being sent to Revenge Is sweet until It beglaa 
America. Hrltony girls, Arlesiona to ferment. 


It is not speed, but care, which counts in the 
custom work factory which produces these shoes for 
boys and girls. Quality must predominate. Wear 
is there, because the shoemakers take their time. 
VVe pay them to be ilow and sure, to give their attention 
to every detail. We do not care to ice how many pain 
can be made, but we do care how well and thoroughly good 
each pair u made. Fit, ityle and foot comfort A dic- 
tionary with every pair, lize 11} and up. Ask yout dealer. 



St. Louis, U. S. A. 

a '■■ - ■ - - ' -.-"»■ ■ 






  lscor*« rale«l I 

F. M FI8HKR, President. 
J. PAXTON. General Man ager. _ 

at Padurah, 

Entered at the 

Kr. " 

matter. RATES 


By Carrier, par week 

By Mall, per month. In advance 
By Mail, per year. In advance 
For year, by mal l, postage p aid. .11.00 

Addreaa THE SUN, Padurah. Ky. 
Ill 8outh Third. Phons HI. 



Editorial 1 1. 
Old Phone. 117. New Pnon*. 168 

New York Office— Psyne A Young-. I« 

West Thirty-UUrd BtreeL 
OhlME* Office— Payne A Tounf, 747- 
741 Marquette Bldg. 

the. danger and 
has taken an active hand to prevent 
a representative of the interests sc- 
. urlng the seat. In New York, when' 
Hemocracy abjectly surrendered to 
Tammany Hall. Sheehan. one of the 
gang, seems sure of election. In 
Ohio, Hasmon controls the situation, 
and has prevented John R. McLean 
-.-.king the toga; but a true pro- 
greaalve will have a hard time win- 
ning. The party secured a tempo- 
rary advantage by reason of the Re- 
publican party's demoralization over 
that same Isrue; and the answers 
to the question of whether or not 
Democracy will make the most of its 
advantage, depends upon Its ability 
to keep up with the progressive 
plrlt of the timer 


Social era* and epochal periods of 

history do not conform to arbitrary 

measures of time: yet each year and 

ach cade has its own e gnlflcan.   . 

though movement* of Importance 

and crises may lap over from one to 

the other. 

The year 191 n close* a recognised 

decade with census of the country, a 

thing. which in itself pr.ivokcs 

ana'yvts and directs popular attention 

more closely to Its events. During 

,„ the riVcade just ended, and more par- 
So may the New ,e.r be a happy ^ ^ faji| ,„ . 

one to you. happy to many MOW „. . , W(lrld M1 , n „. 

whoso happiness depends^ on you. ment  n unres t fn||t roanlf „,,^ „. 

sssf variously, according to the pe- 


Daily Thought. 

So may each year be happier than 

the last, and not the ° f C ullar oolitic, „f the country  jn 

our brethren or sisterhood debarred ^ 0 i lserVB , . OI] yvt pogw-t tig com- 
thelr lghtful share in what they mon e , ln] , tltm [ lt \,. charscterlatte*. 
were formed to enjoy — Dickens. l vhk . h defined Uie relationship tw- 

, i tt rhe struggles going on nmong 

the crowd B " elvlI'iEed people*, like the 

The .Www- Dei 
taxed the city hall 
tattatlon .' 

— — — o  

And Uie man. who |ia\ ■. 
than anybody else in 
protest— we refer to the Honora/tib- 
.lames Petersen tfmith. 

Wu* that in i»- " ilvi,n "' « « r,,u! «"'iv. running for- 
lward here, temjMir&rily checked 
there, a Nanking movement to the 
'right and apparent repulse on the 
t left— confusing as a panorama, but 
clearly a systetnutlc advance, when 
studOd with a topographical map. 

| In this country where the reMirnint 

i« 'east applied the turbulence is 
John K. Hendrick s throat to tell U(lM ma „;f,^, i tl tno( ^ countries. 
•II he knows about the call for a wnePe restraint of the individual Is 
state Democratic primary has scared mowt severely applied, the Btrugjelc 

the M.t'reary papers so badly we lntr8l forth rw beH| on aill! r ,. 

begin to suspect he really does know , nan successful revolution, 

something it wouldn't do to put the ftHfcry an  i Persia and Portugal 
people wise to. . caught the full tide of the rise of the 

■ o ■ ■ masses: Russian turbulence has in- 

Wlth the biggest year In the his- creased: millSRry Germany has been 
tory of her buildings trade Just rocked by the clash between the 
drawing to a close. Psducah can theory of the divine right of kings 
raise her hesd from contemplating and advanced soclalsRn: even Bng- 
the profit- of the western district land present* the queerest assort- 
tobacco crop today long enough to ment of political bed fellow* and the 
take a peep Into the brightest pros- most remarkable toed covering* the 
pect for a prosperous New Year world has ever witnessed. In the fight 
she ever enjoyed— railroad building, of the commons against the ex- 
traction line extensions, tax rate re- empted aristocracy on the one hand, 
ductlon made possible by revising «nd CatboHc Ireland, fighting for 
the property assessment and public autonomy In league with Protestant 
improvement, permanent government non conformist Scotland and Eng- 
work in the river . assured, and a '■» ! sgalnet the established church 
better feeling among citizens that Th " «** »» not sufficient* en- 
Paducah has a real destiny. Let us lightened yet to feet the violent 
put our own little selfish Interests off    * t ot Internal readjustment and 
aside for the moment, and consider nationalism to •till the dominant 
the fact that what benefits Paducah Political force in Japan, the menace 

iof which wiU hold the flitted State* 
I poised by the same sentiment until 

The question who will receive the 
Panama K\|K»s|Jlon .eh oration rests 
today witt ihe middle west, the real 
teat and center of American vitality 
and American Influence. If the in- 
depend*nt newspupt-n, of that sec- 
tion will speak out, and If their con- 
gressmen will take an enlightened In 
terest In what they have to say. there 
will not be much of. a fight lu Wash 
ington In January-over the location 
of the Panama Exposition. 

The people of Xew Orleans and 
l.oiotana have ralsedsover eight mill- 
ion dollars locally for the purpose of 
providing a proper celebration They 
«lsh to give evidence to the rest of 
the south that the   ;-  of New Or- 
leans, the greatest in the south. Is 
awake to its interests and Is ready- 
to take a vital part in any movement 
for their advancement. They wish to 
 how the people of the Miwiinelppl 
valley- that New Orleans with Its 
banks, its commerce, with It* bust 
neas houses with Its w« nderful lotent 
resources, stands resdy to do its 
share in siiy movement for the pub- 
lic good. 

Now how does this effect yon 
brethren who dwell in the middle 
west, where already yoti have a large 
surplus 1 of wealth to Invest, where 
you are creating a surplus popula- 
tion, where your manufacturing stid 
industrial enterprises heve grown W- 
 ond the stage where learby market* 
ntn consume their products? 

The Mississippi val'ey gctigraphl- 
rally und commercially is a unit Our 
money Interests- at New Orb-ana are 
the saiiH' :i- the money Interests 
throughout the ree t of the valley, and 
the rest of the valley has InttntleU 
more to gain In a broad way by dev- 
eloping a great seaport at New Or- 
lean* than w.. at home have to » 
In a narrow and selfish way. for the 
merchants- and maniifu  turerr lu (til 
cago, Duluth. MlnneapoMs. Cincinnati 
Toledo and 8t. Ix uIj can come to 

Hi f c't  and .stablsh ' an agent') 
for trading through this eeaport with 
Central and South Atncr   a and with 
the orient If he wishes to import 
and export he can do business here 
cheaper and better than he can do 
it In New York Or in the Kast. If he 
wishes to open up a \:  t trade ter 
rMory with South Am rlca and the 
orient, which Is now inaccessible to 
him through the Kast, owing to com- 
petition and cost there, he can only 
roach that territory through the nat- 
ural deep water seaport? of the Mis* 
l*si|* i valley. If he w 'flics to handle 
heavy cargo in the n '\t ten. twenty 
or fifty years he must load it In 
boats, float It down t'i- Mississippi 
and transfer it here to the carriers 
of the world? 

There la no answer to that. Xew 
Orleans la the Panama port It Is as 
much the natural seaport of the Mlss- 
le»l|Fpl valllty as New York Is the 
■ast. the artl- 
ot the I'nited 
iW cannot be 
at ships and 
■ the rest t.f 
stand behind 

• ••••••••••• 

• ••••• 

• • • • • 

natural seaport of 41 
flclal ee:i|Kirt of the r 
State*. Great world 
established without 
sh1ppit-.«. and it is u 
the Mississippi valle  
New Orleans. ' 

The best way that this object can 
he accomplished i* by the newspap r  
of the Mississippi val • \ insis'ing 
their congressman support New Or- 
leans as to the toglca  and only site 
for ihe Panama tSposKtoa. If each 
newspaper prints these facta as Ihev 
know them to h*«ir on their own 
eomnierce :.i..| on |i . i future 

If each newspaper wfiich receive* 
Mris will a'k the,!e:„l us manufnetur. 
era nml the leadltvg bii-.nes» ln-tere,« K 
of It* city whether they do not know 
that this argument Is correct, and If 
Ihey fird that this ari uinent kt «x»r- 
rett. If they will ss* thai this may 
throw the raat Ueflaeni-e ( rf the Mlss- 
is ppl valley behind the Kma ill a ex- 
position movement at New Orleans 
there is no doubt the result — 
New Orlesns Item. 

Bonllla. of Honduras, a certainty of 
the near future, the last of the buc- 
caneer president will bed riven from 
l^atln-Amerlca. The debts of many 
of the states are being refunded by 
American capita! and with the ex- 
tension of our banking rnvteni In the 
orient and Ijitln- American and the 
building up a merchant marine, up- 
on the completion of the Panama 
canal. American trade will come Into 
its own. 

The year 1S10 saw a revolution In 
Portugal, partial severance of the 
relations between church and state 
In Spain, two special election* in 
Kngiand, reversal of the Republican 
majority in Amerira and a successful 
revolution In Nicaragua. Haller, s 
co-root, the Paris flood and numerous 
mine and railroad catastrophe's kept 

Biiropean peasants throw off thelup public interest in horrors with a 
back-breaking burden of naval arms- plentiful sprinkling of Internationsl 
and populsr education enables 'murders to vary the type, 
last night before the meeting at the the Japanessj coolies to 

Hon. Charles K. Wheeler stated ment. 

year they would hav- all the good fore and that Is wiving a gr.-at deal 
luck possible The attempted purchase of the sen- 

You sew in those Oays New Ysar's atorshlp by the Standard Oil for the 
celebrations were very serious things mountain king is so brasen that ail 

and all of the ceremonies attending the four candidates' are now saying 
th.iu were religious. they will not Ik- froien out but wiU 

stay in the race Just to show the peo- 

• pie how thev are being bought and 

• sold like ►hoeo on the market. 

• The Standard OH ran the steam 

• roller over Tom Pa.nter and Ollle 

• .lames both b) the com mi tree. The 
Standard Oil has gone Into Pawitei * 
home county and iKrught hi* own 

It is said that Hon John K Hen- leprescntallve. who says that he w'll 
drlrk will not make his six speeches vote in the legl.dature for the S U B 0 
whn h have been announced through «rd Oil compati) and Its mount-ij. 
the press dispatches, and that he king over Pawner for I'lilt-d State, 
would also not make the race for senator. 

governor— Mayfleld Messenger. | Politics fnn and the f„r 

______ ( fher we |et slong the way ths great- 

( ef the fun. Hut who would have 
lease ni l. o in. t thought that HriMldwa. , NsSJ 

It is given out that Colonel John ^ K ,. n „„ , , 

»-"«rl.-k. for gm.rnor. mn , „ _„ + ., n , (h . 
will make six speeches at different Un.m.r 
points in the state. Including Lex- U,,d ' 
Ington. • oii.temiilng the Democratic 
committee for .ailing the primary 
election against the wishes of all 
the gubernatorial candidates except 
Senstor Mct'roary eW trust that 
this is untrue It ran In no event I 
belp the colonel, but would injure | 
him to a great extent and could onlyj 
result in creating resentment In ^ arniv 
some people's breasts against the ( Middles horn gets first 
best thing for | RV , hank. 

Kent at %v Kernels 

W li Mason dies at Viols. 
Harbor strike at Ixiulsvlllo. 
Madison roads In bad shape 
Oak Hill .oal mines reorganised 
Breathat si-nds 21 recruits to I 

powers that 
the colonel 

w U 

1 ssv 




city ball to protest against the in- between patrlotUsai and lovalty to the 
cress* In the tax assessment on big ruling classes. Another decade 
property holders, thst if the News- should see the fulfillment of much of 
Democrst hadn't dragged the matter the promise of world peace and In- 
into politics the room would have ternatlonal comity made in this, 
been crowded. Whether or not the In the Cnlted 5\ate_ the ferment, 
result would have been different being less confined, makes less d-la- 
had the News-Democrat allowed the tiirhance: but the fermenting proce*w 
demonstration to pass off as a nou- is none the less marked. The first 
partisan affair, tne significance of manifestation was the disintegration 
the fact that the News-Democrat of party lines. The? i-etalned their 
Just at this time is dragging every- forms until pressure was applied, 
thing It possibly can Into politics and then they dissolved. Democrst 
must not be allowed to pbss without and Republican mean less to this 
notice). generation thsn ' 'progress: ve" and 

A certain element of this city is "reactionary " Control of public 
not entirely satisfied with the Smith service corporations In the Interest of 
administration for selfish reasons, the public: punishment of men in 
and it Is beginning this early. h| Kh P'sces for crimes against the 
through its mouthpiece, the News- -w'-l order: demand* for popular 
Democrat, to muddy the political Primary, Initiative and referendum, 
waters, while under the surface it I* response to a recognition of wide- 
gets In Its work with both parties. spread lack of confidence in pollti- 

A majority of the voters of Padu- ra " ' machine selected officials, sanl- 

cah are Democrats and all things t * r 5 r Bn 1 hygienic reform, care of the 

being equal the Democrats will carry Poor, prevention of disease, develop- 

an election. Two elements are nH,nt of riven, conwrvatioti of 

sary to insure Republican success: "«tural resource* and the la, men s 

sufficient depravity In the Demo- organ Isat Ions in the churches, indl- 

cratlc organization to frighten the I"' 1 ! ' he ,reDd of nom,,aT ^"tlment 

In this country, leading the v...' 1 

is sweeping like a 

voters out of their partisanship, and 
suffi. ient merit In the Republican "owmont. thiit 
ticket to offer hope of salvation ' lde ,round £• ear,n - ro * r,n K 
from the menace of it. Those con- 

dltlon. were present at the election. ^ but lrr "» ""  1 '.' 
in which Mayor Smith was success- ,™ e «"' rit - *'''«* «■ 

fill, and these interest, recognize the CBl ^„ 'j'" !_1 , and 
danger of another similar ha.ard m "™: "^f**^ ln he J°' ni ^ 
They see that the people are ..Ha- £ ^ jtfL£2j£Z i"'''it' 'ai 
fled because they are getting some- Sfo^th^ 
thing for their Investment under .^.r | orak.-r A 1 1 r i^h t -an « n 
this administration, and would bo p , aU Ha] i one 'j g dea|J '  n( , ' a( j 

Inclined to favor another one of »he 


Jld in the is rvlce. but 

same kind. So they are now trying eveT) . one „,„ hW „^ „„, ,  v rp 
to select the Republican candidate form wavp an(] J one ^ 

for mnyor, realising that if they get ^ k|n | r!8en to uke tMf 
one of their own choosing to run on Tn „ v „ re , ucceed ^ ^ Roow ,. 
Ihe Republican ticket, most any kind ve!?i p^,, Cummins, La-Follette, 
they may select for t^he Democratic lu . vml ige . and men ^ lnat Mmf  

'And the rhange in the minority party 
of the is   vt . n „,„„. significant, for w I tti in 

indidate Is sure to win. 
That Is what this alius 

Smith administration means, coupled 

yeor really powerful national 

with the claim that (ieorge Walters figures have, appeared a* the chain- 
Is responsible for the good financial pions of DemocrBcy- Harmon. \\ i - 
showing of the year; and the effort son. Polk — and they stand for the 
to create a schism In the Republican same policies the Republican leaders 
ranks and keep public attention ■tjajad for. 

f... used on the Republilan situation, The decade has witnessed, too, 
whlh- they manipulate Democratic something hike a triumph of ABssvt- 
po»'t;.j. If the people of Paducah can diplomacy — once contemptuously 
aie not careful they will have an- dubbed "shirtsleeve diplomat i)." he. 
other Tom Harrison campaign with- e*.r«e o U r untrained representatives 
out a Jim Smith.   Ml eal.-d no ulterior motives unier 

' • ■ suave approaches American in- 

DEMOCRACY'S CRISIS. fuenoe In China is dominant today. 

For the first time the Democratic beoau-e America ha* consistently 
party must now face the issue that been Chinas friends, and has stood 
has rent the Republican party the for the Integrity of the empire, 
last two years — prugressivlsm vs. American capital will aid in building 
reactionary Influences. In Ohio, the great railroad and American 
New Jersey, Mew York. Indiana, capital will reform the currency of 
Maine and West Virginia, their I'hina. In South and Central 

Death removed two supreme Jus- 
tice*. Ch ef Justice Puller snd Jus- 
tice Brewer, while Justice Moody re- 
tired. President Taft elevated Jus- 
tice White to the chief Justiceship 
and apiiointed Governor Hughe* and 
Judge Umat to ihe Is nch. 

AH previous aviation record? were 
broken during the year and the n-e- 
f ii lines* of the aeroplane extended: 
two pugilistic champions fell before 
new .blood: Ad Wolgast wrested the 
lightweight championship from 
Rattling Nelson and Jim Jeffries stir 
re rule red the heavyweight belt to 
Jack Johnson. 

Death claimed Its customary har- 
vest of d1stingu!s hcd people: Among 
them Julia Ward Howe, author of the 
"Battle Hymn of the Republic:" 
Mark Twain, Count Tolstoi and Eli 
Perkins, from the literary world; 
Mr*. Eddy, founder of Christian 
Science; and King Edward VII. of 
England; King Menollk. of Abys- 
sinia, Senators Tom Piatt, of New- 
York ; Danh-ls of Virginia. Clay of 
Oeorg'a and MrEnery. of Ixuisianu. 
and former Senator Da\id 11 Ilii. 
of New York; and John 0. Carlisle, 
of Cleveland's cabinet. Among the 
.'amous actors who died during the 
 «-ar were Louis Jumee, NeUI Bur- 
of "Count) Pair" fame and 
Ezra Kendall, the pcerles* 
monologulst; Clay Cement, and 
George Holland. 

Jem Mace, English champion of 
the days of the oM l ondt n Prise 
Ring rules, and Jake St liaeflVr, the 
wizard of the billiard cue, also an- 
swered the final summons 

If was an eventful year for the 
careers It closed, as well as for the 
ra U 

their houses and churches, and at 

12 o'clock they w. r. very particular,' 0 t,,e ■" « r " n « • | 
to show In some way that they were n,an who '* P u, ttn« hi" own 
rejoicing that another »ear had be- 

Not all of these people celebrated 
New Year's on the same dag. The 
ancient Romans used to have thsir 
New Year's day In Mar. h; then they 
.hanged to January, and a large 
part of the reet of the world fol- 
lowed them. The Jewish people have 
another day and the Chinese and 
Japanese still another, but when- 
ever the day falls, g. cording to their 
special calendar, there is always a 
very Important celebration of it. 

nt T vL\L T V* ^^Z"^ ^osTtg^Ss^niS Ihose 

of hngland before the Christian re- 
ligion was taken into Great Britain. 

also celebrated New Year's day. 

They were very Interesting and very 

strange people, these Druids, and 

according to what one reads about 

them in history, one always Imagines 

them as wearing beautiful 

robes and having tall, magnlfl. . nt 

figures and flowing white beards and 

hair. At any rate, they always wore 

white robes on New Yesr s day. for 

that was the day whsn they cut 

down the sacred mistletoe. 

For the Druids didn't think thst 

mistletoe was only a pretty green 

vine. They believed It to be a mi- 
raculous growth whlrh would pre- 
jvent people from being harmed hi 
I poisonous food or drink. 

On that day a particularly large, 
I handsome Druid, with glistening 
i white beard and hair snd rather 
cold gray eyes-. Druids always had 
cold gray eyes we believe — aad 
clothed most beautifully in white, 
would climb the oak tree on which 
the mistletoe grew and cut ii down 
with a golden sickle. He wouldn't 
take It In his hand, because they 
didn't consider that respectful 
enough to the sacred mistletoe, 
which could do such woiiderful 
things. Instead he would catch It 
in a pure white cloth and 

stand in making the race 


lo Is to accept the 
a. Hon of the committee in good 
faith and get down lo business in 
his offices to best the man who 
seems to have It all his own way 
l.exliigu.n Heiald. 

HUTC l.U ice on I lie Sill.|e. I 

If Mr. ileiidrlck Is wise and pru- 
dent he will use that r "think" 
that is coming to him. and If he In- 
tends to continue In the rare for 
governor as a Democrat, will de»ote 
his first and subsequent speeches to 
giving the Democratic voters some 
of the good reason* why they should 
vote for e i ■ sis as their standard 
ls-arer instead of M.t'reary or John- 
son The character of campaign 
conducted by General N. B. Hays e-enpls 

lour years ago Is not going to be »'..i B-«l- .- • ;  I- . ... 

effective in gelling vote* for Mr srsl editorial manager- or the Courier 
Hendrlik. The people want a Dein- Journal 

ix r st I. ticket elected next Nov eta- J _____________ 

her and Ihey have no time to listen 
whining of a 
'man who is putting his own ambi- 
tion above his party's best Interests 
|Mr Hendrlik may not know It. but 

Ballard circuit 

Kandolph Webber 
blinded bv tov pistol. 

\ - 1, i r . II !•'.•  font. .Urate  . u-i 
an. dies st Riisaellvlll.- 

Sam Kedman's hip broken when 
iiuggy overturn* at Clinton. Ices fight with Cum 
norland T.-s-phone eon.|«i.  

Main O'iif-'i (W+ien obssTvat ton 
car Is » mashed at HUh Bridge 

ti«.\ern«ir spimlnts Robert Bing- 
ham circuit judge at IxiusevilW- 

J.nnes Ktaitt. near OwiMi-tbor.i 
lue»-s bo'h hand* by giant cracker 

Tomorrow Rniaurlp "Hon da  will 
be general'., celebrated by colored 

Heard in the Lobby 


wald. St Ijn 
dsSphla: Mr 
llenton Gra 
ft, II. Briar 

il- W V 
■ nd Mrs 

it Harneo. 
i Chicago: 




prefer the primary 
tlies t heai a direct say-so fo 
holes among the various .-an- p 

Conventions are not si- T c A ,!briilon Maifi 
in fa.t. are seldom repre- Mr , j n -n,,,,-^,,. pn 
*■* Robinson. Cleveland. 

Its. Calm. Otis 
; T. R las renre, 
A. Brotwt. St Psu 
 nvil!e. H. I 
Csdx. A 

ti 111 '» 

lie .   ■'|e 
and Mrs 
Mr and 

• : L H 


Sor . . 

I • llton 

K It 
and T 

,. IxIWe. 


As a matter of fact not more than 
2-0 complaint* probsb'y will be made 
about the tax assessinen'ss in the city 
this year; fewer than usual. Many 
people find their kaaes-menUi lower 
and with the revised assessment a 
reduced tax rate will make their 
taxes luw.r Some property, here 
tofore assessed rldl. ulously low. 
some pro|K rty, reeurned as farm 
land and being sold ti lots at city 
price* and some that i.a* escaped as- 
sessment altogether have been to- 
cresned. That only make* It lighter 
tin other people. Better not bother 
this assessment until you find out 
how It is going to result. 


Long years ago the people who 
lived in a great many different 
places in the world were very much 
Interested in New Year's day. just 
as we are, and they did many things 

Ihe p 
for it 

sentatlve of the real will of 
voters. John K. Ilendrl.k knows 
thai. The plan of Whalien to nonil- j h 
nate Johnson for governor Is dls- Cairo: 
arranged by the action of the state T» nn 
.omniltt-e in -ailing a primary and Tailor Madi 
really the loudest complaint we hear T Omni 
against the primsry comes from MavfteM 

polltl- ST. NICHOt.AH Tom 
clans who consider their chances savannah. Tenn : T M 
better where the actual voters art southland. Wood Saling 
not so dire, fly in evidence No one ff|„ren.e Station: Mary 
but what understands that Whal Shawneetnwn. William Murpln. 
len's plan was lo carry Louisville for Hrookport; J. E. Arnold. II T 
Head and M Ilendrl. k pl  k up what White. l -xlngton. Tenn.: V. M 
delegates he could get In western Dixon. V T. Wormian. Dawson. 

*" u 7 Kentucky, and In the final and In- 

evltable test of strength between There is a club Id Washington ctt) 
M. t'reary and John»on. gather up ,-slled th- Grld.roo c t:b The meet 
all the Head. Ilendrl. k and .catler. trig which oecured Snurday n ghl 
Ing vote, throw it to Johnson, thus, the lnth of iMs-ember calls lo mind 
perhaps, and only la this way. ac rhe fact that Ussy Meet once ^ »c«r 
"impllshing the defeat of MrCreary to ^inj and KT um- snd ro*«t the 

it r most dlstlnguislsed men In this land 

Iof ours. One of these meeting* which 
oecured whl'e the tariff debate* were 
so hot in congress wrs slter.ded by 
I' .ntrar. '., promises and  !ie ./• I 'h- In Cnngre. man from this di- 
or the meeting of ihe state executive trlct. Hon Ollle M James of Marion 
ind cenlrsl committee that the »ie*t-| An ttivrlstlon to the Gridiron cluh 
ng was only for a "conference " and !» mgebed prhted 

call of convention t»r pri-| of courts onlv the big me* of th- 
..e committee actlbc Uf ' 
the influence* of the 
riNiipann tok the btill by tho 
*n1 celled a primary election for 
May 177. I»||, | n spite of the pro- 
sl of 4.i out of 43 state candidates 

l r 

two were willing lo accept either a 
primai) or convention and 40 srt-re 
nutatmkcu for a convention so that 

The Weather 

III. reilsinjj , IoihIUicss follow. ,! I') 
rain or sj*M late loiilrht M Siimlii) ; 
warmer imiigM; lolih-r Sunday after 
im or niglil. leiii|M ratuie Usls) : 
Highest. 1.1. lowesl, ;««!. 
Sun r  »e U'da) 7 III a. III. 

sun s,.| s t4SjR| M* P- ns. 


— — — - — 


Jusl Icok at those new 
brown suits in out wm- 
dow. firboys. Note the 
mf y style , the gooi 
workmanship, the qti ility 
of ihfwg^rinents, then y  u 
will apprccia'e the 1 Id 
NESS of the value*. 
Gun: Iihm at 'em. 

tend, ti iwiaii Mr, then .b~- 
rrb-tl Sam Mmllb • hotne. hi* grub, 
and hi* peculiarities (Mnt:nulng h- 
sa d "Ore day Sam Kmlth tame t.. 

town. Kaui was ge .1   dri Ham 

belonged to the great class of rit 
isena who take »ugai In there's As 
the har-kcoiMY U-siied back a^ults-s 
hi* future* Mam stltrt-d h i sugar 
snd said "Jianle this lariff bustne-a 
ji* a hard 'Uhji*-i to underrlnsd an. I 
I I'll till you whst I have made up my 
nln« to and thst Is this, w* either 
►eed s tariff or we don t n.s»d s tar- 
ff irsmfino which " 

ir if* v t hi inung 

ror..rll...n . ll-s.U. he Pills 
1« cents. IhsaruirHl 

« i   

will . urr II. el 
ky all 

On ar.minl of legal t 

freight will he received or d- llvered 
hy tbe*e companies Mondav Decern 
ber t«. inn. nor on Monday. Jan- 
uary 2, lilt. 

F. ft nt'RXIIAM. 
Agent NCR Hi t Rr . 
Agent I, C. R R. 

whn Is 


by odds the 
I'llnton Gsxette 

v ..I IM.X I Mill I.. v» VIT 

rery dnee makes yo» t »l l.».t»f 

'-•« ••'••» k..|-  ....( » w.le ln |.| s 

right Held *n Ihe Mn 
ev* rywl.ere 

Inney Hvk |Un 


MM for 

mnry. The committee acting under 'country are Invited and" once IMld* 
SUndard Oil everything has lo go Mr J a me* was 
Invited and went The 


Only one candidate favored a 
mary. Senator Jaa. B MeCrehry . 

climb i he\ (ou d have a pistfurm on whl'h 
carefully down the tree with It ,,, , Und , n m , k , t|lH r .,^ ,^ , he 
After this an altar would be erected repetltln of ftrur voar* ago would 
and white bulls sacrificed and pray- no , wht . r ,. ^ arl) 

er« offered Then the Druldlcal .om- was a plelform 
miinliy felt that for Hie following f or ,|„ 

legislatures will select Culled States America, too. our Influence Is great- | in honor of the day, exactly as we 
peuators. lu New Jersey, Woodrow   r, aud with the abdication of ido. They feasted and decorated 

 and 'dun- 
lin lo hlniM'if, some 
county onli bill aud 
against It ami severs I of the candi- 
dates having two sets of speech**, 
one for a "dry'" town snd county, 
jimd the other for a "wet" town and 
|rountv. These facta are well known 
to every Informed man In the state. 

Hut the power behind Hie throne 
was the money of the Standard Oil 
  impanv through Its repres-.. native 
of the mountains, a man who ha* 
In the past || year* and *1io is 
know i, to I..- »i.i to put n one 
mlllloti of his mon.') to Coloradolxe 
Kentucky and go to the U«HM 
Slstea s.-nate He put up the "swag" 
to l, ,i, five state executive oom- 
mitte. inen who have heretofore been 
and were elected as anti-primary 
and arttl-Heckham men In 190H; but 
that during Ihe next twelve months ,n " mountain king's money got them 
your expenditures would euual your an l 1h  "  v.ded for a prlmury. He 
Income you would want to change •■"P 0 -*"* to buy the senatorship ho- 
thlngs. wouldn't you? A checking '•^ tl "' * '""t«rd Oil sat.ts him 
uccoant will give you a record of 
each month's receipts and expendl- " 
lures. You will have an up-to-date 
knowledge or your financial affairs. 
It's a good plan to pay all bills by , 
■ heck. We furnish you bank book "•«*■■» '«n. of _ poll, c* 

snd checks. We offer exceptional ,nc " n '" ns ' h  "^, " 

advantage, for carrying , he. king h,,R ^ J r \ " r^^l ^ 

" buy 25 or SO representative* and 

senators than It is to hu  the entire 

population of Ihe state. That 

they put the rollers under 

OIK* James *nd sent hlin down the 

Your Account. hlll i„ lne same toboggan slide with 

CAPITAL SIW.OOO John K H*«drtek. Muiters wtM he 

SURPLUS $215,000 HM ***** the .tuu- ever saw he- 

If You Know 

pi l,|Hi - v 

cause th 

and will add five million lo h 
In order that "the Interests" 
have another representative In the 
Cnlted States senate He Is behind 

called for Mr lame, KlsUig In his 
plsie he worked his thinker prettv 
fast and remembering one of hi* 
countrymen but k in Hie hl'i« of oil 
Crittenden he thought he would 
hand them what Sarr fAmllh said 
about the tariff as that seemed to be 
about the only topic under dlscush'oii 
that night 

Mr Jamer. aald: "Mr Toas'maater. 
Ot-ntienien of the Gridiron club an I 
Gentlemen present 1 have listened 
w ith much pleasure tu the   \. i . 
of tlrls evening and have enjoved to 
the fu! .-si 11. . baTi.|i.el and the 
siieechei, that hsve preceded Ilii* 
moment of time | must say that I 
am at a In... t.. unders'.ind rhe a.-tlon 
of the toastmaster In calling for s 
siieech from me Tlie main subject 
under discussion tonight has been the 
tariff II) satire aud skit by ek  
f|iience and wit th s wuru 'ul.tect 
of the tariff has been battered about 
the room In thlnkl'.g or diitru**- 
liig the tar ff I somei |r. ir s find mveclf 


Thers Is never sny doubt about 
the wel. nine when you make 

• gift of Comfort Footwear. 
Any member of the family Is 
always glad lo receive a pres- 
ent of this sort. It's guile 
likely that an Inspection of 
our Assortments will auggest 

• solution to some of your gift 
pmbl- ins. Come any Htue. We 
will be phased u, show you 

useful gifts for 





Will lie lleased to Has* OIK* 1 



• I 4 






ffhat tver happened 

i&e the Worst 
ffhat is to Jtappen-' 

$c you and all qcurs, h cur 
irlth for you this View Hear. 





it. O U  »rt, i ih 

Mr. .ml way I'heues I9li. 

- Rubber Stamps, wal«, 

stencils. «•» - , at The Hud office. 

i niton Hy« Works have moved 
to 114 South Fifth street. 

— Fraa rlty nti 1 farm real ratals 

price list v. '..f. .more, I r»Jerulty 
building Phones »36. 

Sign writing. Q. a. SegtoB. 

Pbon.s 401. 

— Dal too ;  •• Works have moved 
to 1 1 * s.i, rl, Hftb htrr-i 

elotblr.g for gent I eta s 0  10 Broad- 
war. Shamrock Hldg 

Hunny Ho low still house whisky 
half ghllon || 00 
lilting Co 

— Sow Hock ford lawn cram 
aow, for a fine awn next summer 
llTutiwm'i iit Hroadaay. 

1 1 • Kwini k tinn charges 10 
rand a line for ail notices of enter- 1 
taintnents or aortal events to which 
lber« is any admlaslon fee, and ow- 
ing It th* illfflruliv had In collecting 
these unall amounts, It Is nrrossrr 
to require rash for stub advertising. 

— V\IH Marabie. telephone Hi. 
baa a new automobile for Taxl.-ab 
service Prompt attention to alii 

rail* ti-.evtcrs. part en or tha train. Istuniaili 

Fire Insurance, Hay. Griffith * { 
!••• •• • I I 'a It way. Old phone »«5r| 

Yoi i .hi alwats fin. I a good rupj 
of .off.** at Buchanans. IIP Refi- 
ll,, k \ avenue ' 

Warrior Smith colored, against, 
whom there had b»en a warrant s»v- 
cral months for pointing a pleto'.had 
hi '!••■ - im-  pre^nt in «o,irl 

in' in iik and on ronton of I'll 
MinfniT Martin the charge *aa 
• hanged to breach of the pea re a«ul 

I . ana lined IK- 

S' r ma* D!ea* who hsa been 
In critical condition w th imeumoiiln 
at Riverside hospital, was MMiCg 
■ in;. roved loda» III* bi other. Mt. S 

II l»ieael. of Elm wood. Ind . la at 
his bedside. 

Mr and Mrs William Richard- 
a.m. of Knnls, Teg., arc the parents 
of « .Unghtcr. Mrs Richardson was 
formerly Mlaa Altnea Mohan, of Pa- 
din ab. 

Mr Itu.k l.ce, of Un4 Salem 
a-cnue. has returned from Helena, 
Ark . whi r- ha has bean burning, 
lie allied one of the larg -st deers 
In that *.-tlou. 

Solid Cold Kings |l 00 and 

up. Solid Cold II root- has II 00 


I u Spoon* U 00 per Mt. Spe- 
lal low prices on all Holiday 

and up, Klgln Watt-bra 
20 year case. Sterling 




All t.iMMla Warranted 

Miss Hoffman 

The Palmer House. 


The Matinee Mualea! club viJli 
neet !n regular session on Wednes- 
day afternoon, January 4, at 3 
o'clock at the Woman's club house. 
A Tennyson program win bo ren- 
dered Mrs. H S. Wells „n1 Mrs. 
R. S. Rul er4 oii are the leaders for 
alias Clara Cook, of 
. Who ia |he gnicut of Mr«. J. 
T. IKuiovan and Mlea Mamie O'Utien 
and is a tahentod mmdrlan. will 
take part in the program in . mm . ill 
request. It will be an open meet- 
ing of the cMfc 

The program will be attractively 
fi'iitured, n» fo'lowa - 

1. The jyfe of Tennxwon — Mrs. 
Wei la 

2. florais from Tennyson * 
••rrncesa" — (Benjamin Wh«lpl.yi 

— ^Ilaw Anne HradKhaw. 

3. Oroaalng the Bar— Quartette 
Tor Mixed Volcea. 

4 Song* from Tennyson's 
MtiiHl " ( Whe'pley ) — Mr*. James 

5. 8we»'t and l/ow — Hydney 
Homer i - Mr Kmmel Haghy. 

«. The Oiql Child— (Homer) — 
Mrn. Roy Creeham. 

7. Vocal Solo — (Selected I — Miea 
Conk, of Oklahoma 

«. (at Hungarian Dance — (Mg« 
Howell i. i in S.-a S.,1,,'-. HI. 
Howell I— Misa Newell. 

Card* have been received in the 

rltr ai timing the marriage of 

Miss Aniiu Joe Church, of Owi-na- 
bohi. to Mr. Chester Itond, Jr . of 
Jackson, Tenn The marriage took 
place December L*K at the Beelbach 
hotel In l^ ulsvllle. The bride It 
popular In I'aducah. She was the 
gue*t of Mrs. J. K. Rogers, of Fifth 
and Washington street*, last year 
and made an attractive |mpre*»lou 


staijt Tin; m:\v vkah 

By doing your trading at 
Rock's and you will not re- 
,ret It. It will be one reso- 
lution you will want to renew 
each year the Rock habit 
and lire will be worth living. 
We keep the goods, fit the foot 
and have experienced sales- 
men to fit your foot. 



S21 Broadway 

daughter, Mtw Clarance K Dell, of 
the MayfleUJ road, and a rip on hum- 

M:«a Rdlth Boulvrare returned to 
her nome in Hopklnrvil'e this af- 
ternoon after a visit to Mr and Mrs. 
Ijogan Bouliware, of South Sixth 

Mm David Browning and son, 
David. Jr.. will Ireturn tonight after 
a vlult to relatives at Providem-e and 

Mr. J. O. Oanhen, 12". 7 Kentucky 
avenue, is ill of grip 

County Judge Atben W. Itarkley 
returned this morning from Arling- 
ton, where he delivered an iddrewa 
last night at the Odd Fellows hell. | 
Thursday he addressed the K K. K. ' 
K clirti at MayfleM. 

Mra. L It. Buck and little Miss 
Jane Could, of Haatlngs-on-the-Hud- 

*on. N Y . arrived last night to visit '-^•^ — ~wvw^ 

Mrs. Klbrldge Palmer and Miss | n fidice (   ar t. 

Prances Could, at 'The Ferns." | Bread) of peace— Bdgar Uy4ea, 
Mr and Mr*. R. D. Nance. 242« fine,] |io. Wan or SnilHi. flned 1 1 .1 
Kentucky avenue have returned on motion of prosecuting attorney, 
from New oil. -in whero they Robbery- Kugenc Holme*, dlrnnisved. 
the holidays. Disorderly conduct— lle*ter Crutch- 

Attorney and Mrs. Frank N Burns field and Hud Hake,, fined |20 each. 

returned la*t night from Chicago 

and Ann Arbor, when they tfmWH ,„ |i,,nkruptc.v 

the holula^ « •), rr-ii.N and re| a - Th „ nrs , I1)f ,.,| nK (lf ;. r ,. 0 :, orR | n 
tivi-s the bankruptcy case of Ira K. .Ilor- 

Miss B'rdle Jones, of C'evelnnd. gan. of Hen, on. wi,' 1m- lw Id in the 
O., Is vlsltln.' her uncle. Mr J H office of Referee E. W. Baajby at 3 
of North Third street. Vctook January 10. 

A final dividend of 12 71 per cent 
baa bee,, d.i lared In the ca*o .,f Hen 
New York. Dec. II.— Clarence Michael. The total (Kvldend d^ lared 
l exow. formerly chalrnuin of the out of the estate I* 7,2.71. 
renate committee to investigate the | On January S a hearing of the 
city government of New York, died HpecMlcatluns of the oi.Jmtlone filed 
at h s home in Nyak. N. Y . tonight n the cam- of Thomas D. StiilUi. of 

No rards of thanks, want ads. or 

notices of any character for chirrch 
societies, lodges or other organiza- 
tions can be accepted without pay- 
ment In advance Our patrona will 
confer a favor by kindly remember- 
ng tibia. 

FOR RENT — Three room bouse, 
118 Farley street. Ueo Rawleigfa. 

FOR RENT — Four" room house. 
610 Adams. Apply 501 South Sixth. 

DIAMONDS on easy payments 
Eye See Jewelry Co., 315 Broadway 


-M..-. e 

i ... waoa. 

old pbone 711-a. 

WANTED- -Orfe sec-.:, i-hand l-haf 
ton. Apply to Thos. H. Cla yton. 

buildlng, 5th « 

- Shop or storage 
Jackson. Fbone 22 2. 

FOR 8AI.E — Pony, nice size for 
single driving. Phone 396. 

HAIR WoW-Ada' ¥.U m, wM 
South Eighth. Old phone 2005. 

FOR RENT — Room 117 Brood- 
way, fitted out with bank fixtures, 
fireproof. J. A. Rudy. 

FOR RENT — One side domble 
tenement, 721 Harrison. Old phone 

Mars UsWl yUMiawla, 

Wastilnston. Dec 2 1 l',e»li|. nl 
Taft signed a proclrmai log tiwlay 
ellmlnstlng 9.94 »- acre* from the 
Bols National KNirest rdawo and 
563.331 for the Ozark foreM In Ar- 


Ml * Uttk Heath and Mr. Q. U 
Iflmltb. of m.,x. • Mill* wen- married 
Ixesterday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock 
jln the parlor* of the Palmer House 
| by the Rev M B. Dodd. fsistor of 
,the Flr»t Baptist chunh After the 
ceremony the coaple 'e't for their 
h«.me :n Maxon Mill* 



'limp I- I Baal  «•) I'f'lwiM) 
Sa»e«l HI* life — Irralgn. 

mem l'ie.t|s ned. 

York. Dec 31 - WMh 
ehouder* squsre 
at th- batteries of 
trained on blm. J.«.n* C Robin, the 
indicted hanker, stepped from I. a 
sister's home to face arraignment, 
calm In the knowledge that ha had 
• wallowed a dose of hyos!n. the 
Jeadly acwJold with whi * Dr 
( rHr|«en killed his wife. Belle » - 
more. Rovln colhkp*e1. before he 
r«u Id be taken Into murt. with the 

exclamation: "I am a deal man 
ha\.- taken poison tableta" 

Ihe case was postponed In excitement and a 
pump wa* 
plaa . 


Mlas Edith Cordon, of Kvansvllle 
arrived this afternoon to be the 
of her cousin. Mis* Alice Hn- 
x . hi h, 717 South Tenth street. 

Did You 

Then, why not send them a 
hug of any of our leading 
cigars for New Years? There 
Is nothing more appropriate. 

/ ' 

Candies for the 


Fresh shipment* again today 
for Ihe holiday week. In 

Chocolates, Hon 

Hons. Etc. 


Drug Store Ptjajgtaa 77 



Miss Martha Williams who has 
be. n the gue.t of Mr*. II. H Irving, 
returned to her home In Providence 

Mt Oiar eh DeWetnern I, a- re- 
turned to St. IxTUi* after spending 
the hoMdays with Mr and Mra. H. 
A Pettvr. of South Fifth street, 

M as Ada Ritter. o* Hopklnaville. 
who has been the gu M of Mr. and 
Mra. I .eta n Boulware, of South 
Sixth street, left today for Athens. 
Ill . on i visit to he 
H Cunningham. 

Attorney W A Anderson, of 
Wlckllffe was In the cKy yesterday 

I volosl..,, |, ,||. Three Men. 

Ilirmlngham, Ala , Dec. 31. — A dy- 
namite exploHon on the tunnel belr.g 
■■onst meted, hy the T a siu aaaaa Ooal 
Iron and Railway companx. In Ens- 
ley, causey the death of three labor 
ers two white men and one nesrrn 

n the case of 
Murrray.. w!!l be he|,|. 


(Continued from Page Oue.) 

I MURKIXAB covered while you 
wait. Eye See Jewelry Co., 315-323 

TYPEWRITER— Brand new Un"- 
derwood, No. 4, for sale at a reduc- 
tion. Address M. R., care Sun. 

ONE FIVE room house for rent. 
I ii 4 5 TrlmWe street 
Thos. H. Clayton. 


Make Up Your 


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gifts for any of your family 
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We lake Cot Kites on 

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agents, and aesure you prompt 

This means much. 


The Book, Maga/.ine and 
Mn .ii Man 


HOARD and rooms, 2 1 7 

ALL on price. ^ ^ ^ 
Williams Furniture Depot, 501 South' SECRETARY and Treasurer Luiu- 
Tblrd. New phone 981-g. I ber - *' r '°;  -'lty Haleaman and Col- 

WOOD FOR SALE Well ..„*,„. 1 J'," "*'. 1 , »'""• «•«»""'"'«'«» 

ilelivere.1 »»'' Stenographer. 1 1 on; 

St:itlonary Engineer, |loo. HiihI- 

neH* Men* Clearing House, Hous- 



Mies Franc- Uennclt. of Maxon 
l assed through the city jf«s- 
torday en route to her home from 
Ash 'and City. Tenn 

Mr. Marvin Hart, of Erin. Tenn.. 
la rlalling in the city. 

bag Nina Hart, of Hart. Tenn , 
is the guest of mm Ma Ellis, of 

South Eleventh street He^ Oak. Iowa, Dec 

Mr Will Pax l  e' Oklahoma City, am** Mcpherson. :n 
Is visiting h4s brother Mr. Stokes 
Payne, of Maxon Mills. 


Jurtg.- \|i aSjajMaai Makes |«Mg| 
sVMg ami ( . ni. cx ill. Cillxxuy. 


of ftow II 

T.Mdx Place at the While llou«e Iji-t » 

Mr |, C Horn, of 
timet, has gone to 
eourl on business. 

Mb* ■ Nahm 
Oraeo. la visiting her 
l.oul»a Fridnrath 

Miss Eunice Quarlea. of 123 Clem- 
enta street. Is spending the week 
Ith her cousins. Misses Bertha and 


Mary Smith, at Kevll 

Washington. Dec 31— for the' Mr and Mra. Walter Russet! of 
ball at the white house iu honor of 20o» (iuthrie avenue, have returned 
Mlaa Helen Taft. the eaat room was front Cadli.. Ky , after spending the 
enlarged by the building of a small holidays with relatives, 
wooden house outside one of the afc, Fred Roth returned latt night 
windows for the accommodation of • f t«' • waasVe visit to relatives In 
the marine hand orchestra which Cincinnati and (ieorg.-town. O Ml-.* 
furnished the music. j Pauline Roth remained In Cewirg.- 

Amniig the guests were Miss for » » »'• to b. r br« ther. Mr 

l.oul*e Taft, daughter of Charles P ^'»»« R»'h 

31 . — Judge 
the Cnltcd 

Statew district court 'oday. made pi»1 - 
llc hia decision in the Alvla and On- 
terville Railroad ca-e. and refuted to 
dUsolve b:. n :-s order » !i . h 
forbade the sale of sto  k of the rail- 
road to the Southern Iowa Traction 

The Injunction was asttetl for by 
the lows Centrsl railroad companx. 
wihlch operatcr rfiBlag stoc"; on the 
track of the other company and has 
a claim for service. 

Detalla of the equity dispute will 
be settled by a master In ch incery 
who will sit in De* Moines and file 
his decision within M days. 

Taft, brother of President Taft. 

hexeral of Mis* Helen'* college 
chum* and friend* of her brother, 
Robert, were present. 

Mrs. Taft and Miss Helen received 
In the blue room. 

PMAPtafJ lx I I ABED. 

to Will ltc*ult In 
Alilrlch'* Miirccmsor. 

Providence. R. I. Dec. 31. — A 
deadlock may be the reault of the 
legialaturo'a attempt to elect a 
t'nited States senator to succeed 
Nelson W. Aldrlch. or a compro- 
mise candidate may be chosen. The 
senatorial situation remains practi- 
cally as It was several weeks ago. 

The Republican state committee 
and the high protectionists are using 
their influence to elect Henry F. 
Mppltt, a wealthy textile manufac- 
turer, who Is the choice of Senator 
Aldrlch, and the so-called Independ- 
ent element is doing It* utmost for 
Judge l.ehaiion K. Colt, of the 
I'nlted Statea clrrult court of ap- 

The legislature convenes next 
Tnes. lax The voting for senator 
will begin January 17. 

MB. Pearl Burnett, who has been 
)*]iend'jig the holldaxs with relative* 
in Para. Tenn., will return home 
tomorrow night. 

Mr .lul us A. KVIIsenhal. of Brown* 
vll , Tenm . will arrive this evening 
to be the guest of Mr. and Mr» 
Joseph I'llman. 43ir Washington 

Mr J A Bauer, of l.os Angelr*. 
w!li arrive tonight on a vir!t to h«* 



Con W. Craig will 
v for .Marshall. Tex. 

Ivwvx- to- 

. ■ ■ ., .  s».. ..»i~.»»^ 




Rock, Bye and Honey Com- 
pound speedily relieves that 
annoying early season cough 

— AND— 

Malarial Tonic Capsules are 

guaranteed to break up any 
case of chills. They don't 
make you sick like the aweet 
syrups do. They are splendid 



Seventh and Jackson 

IliiiiMlf After 


Keokuk. Iowa. Doc. 31 — After 
rhootlng and killing hi* wife in a fit 
of inaane rage at New Boston, near 
here this morning and keeping a 
sheriffs posts st bay for hour*. 
Christ en Schock. a farmer, aged 40. 
was captured late last night and 
brought to the county Jail here. 
Sehock had recently been released 
from the hospltsl for the insane at 
Mt Plelssant. snrl probably will be 
returned to the hospital. 

Following the killing of his w.'fe 
dutlng a qusrrel Schoek barricaded 
himself In h's home nnd defied the 
officer* for several hours, but 
finally induced by 

stove and heating wood 
member of the supervisors also. Mr.jL' 50 ^ wr , _ 01 £_l'h on * 

Emery favored the meeting of the' lf/00 SBPIA photos |3.imi per I ton, Texas. 

property owners last night and said down al 9uW$ for SO days; aawi "vv ANTE D Six — reliable — iueii — to 

If there were any errors iu thx. sa-,»P" 'al rate on other styles. \ mel „ sgaUrgaag and tors ml 

se-sinent be wanted them corrected I Fl/K ' KNT — Furnlehed rooms, for Klectrlc Ititernrban Ballwaya In 

Jefferyon| Kentu ,. KV Splendid wages paid 

The total assessment of I'aducah ts light-house keeping. IM1 

114,000,000 under the block map street. Iwhen competent. Experience not 

system, and is not materially higher) |p YOI' WANT furniture packed. | required. No strike, 
than the old plan, and some prop- repaired or refinlshed. Call old ptrone trie Dept. 113, Panama Hldg., 
erty that has never been assessed 1973. . - Louis Mo 

ha. been found, while sod, prop-) - WANTK yr =Ton u7-a - foldlnTb,^ 
erty in the business district has been , n ^  t)n  i W |on. Addreaa 98. care 
assessed remarkably low. He ex- 
plained that the plan of the block 


map as8e**ment In placing 


W \NTED — A good girl, to 



l.\M\H IS INTROD4   I l  

Chief Justice While Preixents (ieor. 
gain to His Collcugiiet.. 

would make it. so that the city could 
have a lower tax rate. 

The Pet It inn. 

The petition signed last night is: 
Honorable Jamea P. Smith, Mayor of 
the City of Padurah, Ky. 

Dear Sir: — We. the undersigned 

citizens and taxpayers in the city 0 fj P° t h Phonaa 15 4. 

I'aducah respectfully request that S. H. HOSTEN, Dyeing 
you appoint some other citizen ln!reno\atlng. French dry 
the place of Mr George Emery as a 

in house work and attend to chil- 
dren. Phone 17724. 

TOR SAI.B— One pair 
Studebaker wagon, one set 
har ness, |150. Od. phone 1SS8. 

MS iilW— 1M1 South Eighth 
street. Good locatton for grocery 
and saloon. See Richard Calisai. 

S. Army: 
ried men between 
of 18 and 35; citliensof United 
of good character and tem- 
perate habits, who car apeak, read 
and write the English language. For 
Information apply to Recruiting 
Officer. N E. Oor. 2nd and Broadway. 
Paducah, Ky. 

FOR RENT — Brlrk warehouse 30g 
1*8 two-story elevatot on railroad 
Second and Washington. Ap- 
W. McKlnney. phone 88-r. 
YOUR Lace7~ Curtains 




Nothing like It. 
free Information. 


SICCESSFCI. Speculation Send 
for free booklet C and learn how- 
to speculate successfully in stocks, 

j grain and cotton Financial Ouar- 

preaslng.  "« n . 81 New St.. New York City, 
cleaning I MAKE ItiO to 1 10.) weekly sell- 
Work railed for and delivered. Clab ln * our "mall bottling outfit for 
member of the board of supervisors. 1 1 1 00 per month. Old phon e 338-a. »nloons; new article; easy seller; 
We make this request, not through 
personal enmity to Mr. Emery, andliiu, 

not because we do not regard him track ■ n - 4 u'»hin iAn Atw. 1 ' " " 

as in every way qualified to All the . ;.. u 
place, but as he was one of the com- 
missioners fixing the valuation of 
property for the block map of tbei 
rlty, it Is mauifesledly unjust to 
Hie citizens, who wish to proteat K 
against the valuation fixed on the WE w * 8h lare """tains very care- Mrs Frank Devlin, of Fourth and 
said block map If the proteatatlona! ful,jr - °* them cleaner and whiter Ellraibeth ftTeet*. is HI of pneumonia, 
are to be heard by the man who' th,n * oa  ou,d ■* nome 8lar I * un - 1 Mrs. C F Yates xxus operated 

fixed the valuations 'objected to bvi dnr - ! hotl * 200 ' upon tota   ,n " R'verslde hoypl'ia! 

the protesting citizens. Respectfully, I WANTED— To furnish your urn- by I r. 
U D. Potter. W. H. Patterson. I bre! la with a new cover or handle, reefing 
Charles K. Wheeler, J. A. Reed, W.jW. N. Warren, Jeweler, 403 Brtrad- 

C. O'Bryan, C. T. Allen, George H. way. 

Andre, lit. W. E Smith, John Do-j MEN may earn good pay copying 
herty, L. S. DuBois. J. C. Orr, F. E. addreasea. etc., at home In spare 
Lark. W. J. Englert. R. N. Scott, time. Particulars free. C. H. Rowan, 
W. K. Parker, G. W. Lee. W P. Dept. 394, Chicago. 

,lng. You will 
! sending them to 
Phone 200. 

With the Skk 

Hummel. W. L. Braluerd. J. W. - 

OPENING for men and women, 


this aHernooti. 
Mra. J. B. Mariha-ll. 104 8 
Eleventh ctreet. Is :il of the grip 

Mrs Mary Cunningham. 
Grahamvllle, who fractured her 
hip. is critica'Uy 111 and Is not 
pec :«■ I to -urvive the da  

Miss Sarah Miller is ill at 

Ul for 

home. 30.5 Clements street. 

vi '. »n 1 s u '11 M-n "°" d P " V CODy,nK ' nd « h ,rktn " » d - Mrs. W. E. Smith, of North SIx- 

? \l i\, SIT M i » a verUslng material at home spar- tet . ntl| rtr  et w1lo na „ ^ 

Husband*. M. Rogers. Henry A. t|me; no canvag g|ng. Send stamp. B ,. V eral (rays is Improving 
Petter, S. A. Fowler. L. Rapp. J. C. fi| mp i PX Mfg Co., Londou. Ontario 
Maret. H. L. Robertaon. K. R. Flour-I - 

nor, '.eorge L. Barrett. J. L. Wolff, 

AGENTS — 15 daily easily earned S 

veral day. 
Miss Josephine Cx oke. 
xth street, who la III of 

Waid.lngton. Dec 31. — Today 
marked the by Chief Jusx- 
ttce Edward 1). Win', of 
amenity whose origin dates back to 
the founding of tlie : upreme court 
of the I nlteil Sinter It was. a for- 
mal call 011 tbe !- -x ' members of 
the court by the chief .msticc for the 
pur| OHe of Introducing to them (heir 
future colleague. Ju.-rtlce Jose^ih R. 
I.amnr, of Georgia ( ustom decrees 
that a newly appointed Ju*iice shall 
a'l on the chief Jut: cc inuned atelv 
u|ion h's arrival In Washington and 
that the chief Justice i-r.all then gg* 
on him to caij 0,1 all the members 
of that bench. Juftli-- laniar ciUled|t| un 
on Chief Justice While today. 

L. A. Tlndall. F B Smith. J. A. 
Gardner, L. D. Sandera. M  Michael 
A Brother, II C. Rhodes. J. C 
Plp«r, Joe Arts, James M. Lung 
John Arts. W. E. Cochran. M. O. Gil- 
bert. R G Terrell and R L. Conner. 
The second petition with the *ame 
aortal ' ■•matures Is* 

The General Council of the City of "« «■ 

by anybody 

guage to Mr. 
dam. Holland 

undertaking an 

a. Exp 

easy convalewent. 

517 South 
the grip la 


«h.s»i. 111, 

of Not h 
is impr. v- 

Wrlte for 

YOtJ are wanted tor government 
position; 180.00 month. 
Hat of positions open 
Institute, Dept. 111-B, 

Amsler- Eighth etre  
ing slowly./ 

Mr. Samuel Plumb, who has Iswn 

111 of the grip at his 

433 North 

Franklin slx "' *treet. is Improving today 

s Half Gallon of Milk. 

r* aaU»ly for the lack of nourlsh- 


Court Will Reduce It to Itollurs 
nnd O-iils. 

Cleveland. O. Dec It, — The cash 
value of honeymoon bliss will be .!  ■ 
cided ill the local court* a* the re-ult 
of a suit for 1507 damattee aajgfihM 
the proprietors of a local hotel, tiled 
today by Mrs. Laura Rlehl of Wn 4i- 
lugton. D. C. 

In the Itemized ll t of damages 
submitted bv Mrs. Riehl is one read 

"From time lost from honeymoon, 
several days. |50." 

Charging car,.!,..^..,^ on th'.- part 
of the hotel. Mrs. Riehl hae brougtit 
.g4jM for 14*7. the va'ue of a 
,trunk and ita contents and 150 
| whlcxt is represented as the value of 
what portion of her honeymoon 
.wasted in searching for It. 

WANTED-Two young men o f 
Gentlemen We. the undersigned work In city live days preparatory ,.„„,„„. ha f gallon o, milk 

citizen, arid taxpayers of the city of to roar, work Pay every MfM. ^ £ * J Mrl( . ^ ttier - H 

Paducah. 111 mass meeting assembled tall between 4 and .1 p. m Room . , 

.» 11 .... . .. 1.. ., — - - ■ . ■ re. ul-, ice at Ninth an«: Ohio ytreeta 

respectful y pet t on your bonorab e 4t . St. Nicholas hotel. I . - _1 " . , 

body: That a committee of three | -,.osT^S,g„e, r,ngrmlrked- letter ^ 7^^^ otan"^ 
disinterested and competent house- K . Chrlstma. Eve at Englert ft Bry- !?'' r «*' v , h ', r ee 
holders of this city be appointed to ,nfs grocery or on the market. b ,in«l 

sup. .use the xalues lixed upon the Finder please return ring to Sun ^"""Id be not ned. 
real mtate of Paducah by the com- 'office and receive liberal reward 
mlttee heretofore appointed in con- 1" ^- \NTKJD-— Ten sa-'enmen at once 
nectlon with the block map of tbe 0 „ r mew „„,.„ from ,„ 0 t0 |:|5 wtH . k : 
city now in the rourae of prepara- „ . ne rmanwrv , 1 0 8lt!on; money dal y. 

I Call 4 to 8 p. m. at 4 10 Washington 

— MONEY LO8T— If you are not 



Mis. ini: 1 Ku'tner Curie'* S«. pa ra- 
ti, in l-'rom l enlineiiil I'inney. 

New York. Dec. 31 —Mrs Julia 
Kuttuer Kurle today obtolned In the 
appellate division of the ttate su- 
preme mi:- an annulment of her 
marriage to Ferdinand Plnnex Earl 
at Venice, Italy, on Mi-n-h 17. I908 
Earle was divorced from Marie 
Emlle Fisbbacker In Paris in 19os 
on hi r stilt, for desert ou. Her fail- 
ure to transcribe a portion of the 
decree In the itgl.te' where the 
marriage was r.'co»ded until three 
mou-th* after Ear'e's riarringe to his 
sex 0, id wile suspended the divorce 
till that period, and give the second 
lost Mra. Earle grounds  o contest the 
validity of her marriage. 

Dr Meytr Lovitch i.aa gone to 
Clncinnali to spend New Year's day. 

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miles from town on Calvert CHy 
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J. W. Bow-land. B. F. D 4. Paducah. 

\\ I starch .ace curtains. Just 
the degree of sltffneas that makes 
them hang nicely, and dry them upon 
framea that make them square, and 
stretch them smooth and e' 
laundry. Phone 200. 



bers make good money and 
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To cure that Cold, Cough 
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t IIRW. I»K( I MM It HI. 

Turn a Draught to Good Account 

Often in winter you dare not 
open a window, even though the 
room be warm, because the cold 
air makes a draught that is dan- 

fcrous. With a Perfection Oil 
Icatcr there need be no danger 
from draughts. 

Open the lower part of the 
window a little, put the Perfection 
Oil Heater in front of it, and the 
cold draught will be turned into a 
pleasant, healthful current of fresh 
air. The 

Absolutely smokeless and odorless 

Rives |ust as much heat as you desire. It Is safe, odorless and 
smokeless. Has an automatic-locking flame spreader, 

which prevents the wick from being turned high enough to 
smoke, and is easy to remove to clean and drop rack. Burner 
body or gallery cannot become wedged, because of a new device 
therefor; it can be easily and quickly unscrewed for rewicking. 

An indicator shows the amount of oil in the font. Has a cool 
handle. Filler-csp is put in place like a cork in a bottle, and is 
attached to the font by a chain. Finished in japan or nickel, 
strong and durable, well-made, built for service, and k* 
light and ornamental. 

■HtN Bmrymktrt. ~ If mi at y *rt. erflf far dttcrtftis* cimltr 
to tkt Hdarrtt Lf*ncy of the 

Standard Oil Company 

' In or. ..r.t - I 




llm-r NOR, 

Ritt-l.u. ah 

cii Btanatl 

Kvann, i , lo 
Mi. Vernon 

Mt. Oh ■ ■ i 

Nashville . . 
Floren.  ■ . . 
Jor.nn.m ille 
Cairo ... . 
0t. lonls . . 
Pnduenh . . 

Rliril'ille . . 

Carthage . . 

Hi II 




.. n 






4 7 

rl o 


i :. 





.-. ... 3.7 









9 S 

i » 








is. a 





1'orii tali 

Tin' Ohio will contli.uc lo rise at 
Padumh for the next three days. 
Irrii ate, 

Oliii). (io'eonde. 

George fowling. Metropolis. 

.1. T. Rcerter. TeuncFiswe. 

K. i t in ky. Bn  ik|iorl. 

Nuln e. Wi-lniUe. 

Robertson. Owen'.- landing, llixjok 
|iort. l.l\in*; ton Point. 

Ohio, Golcondn. 
fowling. MetropolTi. 
H«-edcr. Rrookport. 
Kentucky. Hirer ton Ala. 
Nmrhvlll.'. Xn.-hvllle. 

Holier. -on. n» llHHM. Rrook 
|Kirt. I.' v illusion I'ont 

Thomas" fl. Ilcntoii. Tennessee 

Relic of Citlhouti. KvanwvRie 

i: i.c ; t ; a. ill marked VI feet. 
Indli ulii.i; a rlw of *'vbntli  'I :. 
fiKil ii c yc-lerdny. I'art'y ihmJy 
and cold. 

The T. .1 Ht-eder a'rl 
m. yesterday from He 
river with a tow of r* v 
live-red them at Brool:|H 

The Belle of Calhoun 
rived from Evar-v :'.  . ■ i,!bs af 
»ernoon, deported for Kvanwville at 
" o'clock th!« afternoon. . 

The John I.. Uiwrv will lie the 
F.i mis \ le I •  :i ( Mom', v 

II Kentucky r  umej fi ■ 
R:ook"orl at i; oYlo.-* la.- 1 evening 
and if recoiling freight af the whaiT 
boat. Sin- lea.e- at C |  III. bsla  
for Itlverton. Ala., ai.d will retitini 
n xl Friday morning. 

The riy.le In due Oil! of the Ten- 
Monday night or Tuesday 

Nashville arrive] from Na*h- 
enn.. tlri» afternoon and will 
t C o'clock for a return trip 
II return here Tuesday. 
from rl— SRtllTr th.  J. it Mst» 
'!• imTted at 9 o'clock 
rttic tn return here 

•d at S p. 
T«'in:  s.-ee 
. de- 
! today, 
which ar- 

II r a n il hud nin l" arrniiKemenls with 

eh.. iHisinmater at Alt'in. Ind., to let 
him know as  inlckl) M BOMtWfl af- 
ter It save way. He recede. I u tele 
|ihone at \.'.W  o'clock : i ■ n I the |Oim? 
had broken at II o'clock. He Imme- 
diately telephoned all the boat of 
flc»v and Hi«" lele|di« '.e and Me 
t;i.i|ih offliM*. 

The ice !•» exi'H'leiJ to n-ach here 
•miiii t in" i  !'Ulil. The gorsv wbp 
i»o in:'e» lone and four or 
five 'nihea thick. The rain, the rl*' 
that awevt It lotrne »T4 the warm 
l ain has broken the i •■ con ddi vab'.e 
ami uo damage t» anHciiuited. The 
ioe i» tra\«Jinic at the rate of three 
or four mile- an hour. -Kvanavllle 

Mr. Will V. Oreen. of rhHadelphin 
fonie-rly of I'adurah. waa In the 
city today on huftineiai. 

Att-irney R. T. LI«1iiroot left thi- 
iiiorii i tiK for Morgunflc.ij on bii i- 
in He will return 'oniorrow. 

Mr. O O. AghT. of Chicnuo. nr- 
rived i!. - morning to rtti nd the hed- 
-idc of Mrs. AKler. who In ill of 
;•• mi mi n a at II.-' n-f .'ence of Mr 
and M-s. Karl Rainier. 

Mr. Or ter Thornhcry returned 
thin iiiornin^ from KeviJ after a 
vlult to lelutlve*. 

Mr. Will s.-ott n-turt'-d tjil» mom 
Ins frcui t'alro after a trip on bui-1- 
ne-.s, , 

Aiiorney John M Mciore. of I^a 
 "■ )-" r. na  In the city t4 d«y on 
bui!ne ». 

H i-, i;. :■ i.a and Amies Klj nn 
w i K return Hili  evenir.n from l ml — 
vllle, wrhere tbey rpent the. holiday* 
with ri ailveo. • 

Mr. ai'-d Mrs. J. R. Thorn a» re- 
lurnctl lo Princeton thin mornlnn. 

M Cer.ililine  ■ \t -.t% will return 
tomorrow from IfaJoi ORfi Tcnu 
w 1 . e h fie i. vImHiiu ii I .i I i v« v dur- 
ing th ■ holiday*. 

Mr Raul l*Tovlrce letumed thli 
morning from 8t. Ixm'a after a trip 
r it huF.'ne.-ii 

.Mr«. James Lane h«5 returned 
from a short vivit to Grahamville 
at'd Maxon Mlllg. 

i. ■ 




Tin. u of II Hetilon 
•Mw T' MMMM river 

'in, vthlch 
nk'hl, b 
Monday on he 
ttm towhoa 
h 'I liHlay for 
for n low of t!*Hi. 

T, ■ core ■ a l Wolf- . reek broke 

r  'erdav at It o'fllsck and will 
riflih h re MM time tonltrht. Ice 
will be ;i:i.v nn K'vji. vllle during 
jne t of rt iturday. 

The lii a wcalhi r hun-nu wan the 
-,. d | mew* of Ui« bi 

Coilee Special 

Idlewild B rand Roast 
Coffte, fresh and strorf, 

Four Pounds for 


Granulated or pulverised 
The best' on the market. 





Ferry Boat G. W. Robertson 

Leave Paducah for Owen'i Landing mt 1:00 am 

Leave Raducab for Owen'i Ijind:ng at 1:46*. m. 

Leave Paducah for Owen'i Landing at 2:00 p. m 

Leave I'adurah for Owen'a Landing at t. 6:.' 0p. m. 

Leave Paducah for Rroekport at t ■ in 

Leave Paducah for Rroekp'trf at 12:00 nooa 

Leave Paditrah for Rroekport at ■ 4:16 p m. 

Leave Paducab for Llvlngiton Point at 1:46 a.m. 

Leave Paducah for Llvlngatoo Point at !:(!*» ■ 

Table* fiirnl«he 1 for »r l parliea on a| pllcatii a. 

All afternoon ride for IjMlie* and (Tilldrea for 10 *awta  
A Tweatf MUe Hide fer 1« 



ll  i W RKKRIDKNT \\l» MRS 


Oalwawt, riien 

Om lals Mill M| 

II I Kn THAT Till: I'M l/l N» 

I lini' yean, hi •' 
single Ihix of i ' 
all my nuffermi; 
Mini' I iimxI urn 
■Hire handa'arc ie 
work while U I 

Ttiiunaa A. CUr 
Ht .. Trenton. V 

Washington. Dec. 81. — I 
Tuft wi U Millie hia New Year a 

■ to ihe world Monday. 
It wIM be the mvond time that the 
liti-xideiit aud Mm Tatt will officiate 
as hoet and lnistms at that time- 
honored function, the White Hou e 
New Yearn reception. In defiance 
of the weather, crowds gather out- 
- le the white house bourn before 
the bugler* of the Marino band 
tnnqMfa the entrawe of the chief 
magistrate liiid the flt t lady of the 
land to commence the reception of 
the abided diplomats, the Judiciary. 
Hiid the government official*, all of 
whom are received before the latch 
was lifted to the common iHi | le. 

There !» a character for every role 
in a world drama among the crowd 
that twist* In a pe relet ent and stamp 
Ing line from the whi'e house doom 
down Ponnaylvunla avenue. Poase*- 
sotis of shiny elbows jostle IiIimhIh In 
fur Kned ovenxiat* with familiar 
lontemptiiousnews. ma* rone tif de- 
termined physiognomy Veeji n hawk- 
like wuti+i for aduintageou* place* 
in the line Tlien n e b'an, there 
ar«« fat,' there are tall and there are 
Miia'l, in the (hoii*.nnl  Hint »nme to 
sihake the h; nd of Presldeut Taft 
an.l to wieh lilin a MtQWi N'ew Year. 

With the first aYc|  boom of the 
great hall clock at II four buglers 
stc-p out from the ba"d and sound 
the preeident'al cnll. The president 
and Mrs. Taft apiiear at the top of 
the broad wlad'ng »talr and come 
down to receive the vice pi igRhwt 
and Mrs. Sherman, and Ihe members 
of the cabinet and the'r wi 
party then move to the 
end of the blue room, wh 
pre«ident a»»d vl.e presiieni _ 
mhlitet members form a rei- ivlng i Roatmaaterw 
Ilise and the tadVee take up their »"d Swrelarv 
places to the right of them Then Inallttite: The 
commence* the reeeptlcn of the d'jp-j 
lumatlr cori *. 

Thi* Is otie of the Boat gorgeous 
lades that Ihe n..,i,.nal capital 
«itn In the en tin year. He- 
i eked and beribboned with the 
in - or the r mnnar. lis in all 
*l leisJor of their court co •tunic... the 

'gn tia- 1 
s a 


Hating here 
helmets of) 


Skin Peeled and Flesh Got Hard and 
Broke Blood Flowed in Fifty 
Places - "Single Box ofCu- 
ticura Ended Suffering." 

" Atxnit eleven yam ago I w.n trou- 
bled with sore hand", so sore that when 
1 would pot them in water the pain 
would verv nearlv »ct mecraay. the skin 
would pii»l off and Ihe flesh wool. I net 
hard and break. Time «oiilii Is- lilooil 
flowing from at leant fifty plai-e* on 
each I in m I. Word* miild never tell the 
suffering I endunil for these vear*. t 
tri«l evervtbing that I was told to use 
for fully three year*, but could g«t no 
relief. 1 tried at least eigtit iliffereot 
doctors, but none of thriii SMMM 10 
do me anv gwil. n« my hands    a- 
bad when 1 got through doctoring aa 
when 1 first begaa. 1 al»o Irwd many 
rewiedies. but none of them ever did me 
one cent's woiih of gixsl. 1 wa* dis- 
cooragnl ami heart-ore. 1 »ould fn-l 
eo liail mornini:-. when I got op. to think 
I had lo go to work ami stain! the p.nn 
for ten liours, ami I often Celt like giv- 
ing 1 1|   HIV J* -'I "II- 

Hi"fore I pt acted to work mornings 
I would ha-c lo wrap every flngei ap 
seoariitelv, so »- to try and keif them 
soft and then »e ( ir gloves over the rngi 
to keep the gn-uso from getting on mv 
work. At night I would have |e wear 
gloves in Isil In fa^. 1 had to wear 
glovm all the lime. After dortoring for 

■ pending much money, a 
I... n eight 

mi I 


i iitieiira 

no N Mi at 1 1' 
Nov. 1 1, inoy 




A •in*le m\ of Cuonirs anp »s4 OMIsmsI Is 
nrim .ufTV^til r»i»l nss * •*• 
in ..IHH-tll ler ' - I "ir -ill. » .'! •»'!' 
II it.tikh.iul ihr m I is.o^T l»ni« a I ih-mi i .-rii 
Muu- I'ruie. 13* I Uu. vvr . Buskm I * A 

■ l 

rhere ihejA* 




: 11 1 II g 



ceidlon. The bu -lers again step from 
:h. ir place » ' ' • I'  ' d. and sound 
m other spirited fanfare. *• the 0mm* 
■ .pen to the army, navy and ma- 
rine corp* •Hirer* all in their full 
il.. — uniforms H  ■ r\ in lilary »l 
fleerg on 4ht%  n Wneh'.tigtou Is there 
nnd the gold lace or tl.eie uniform's 
i» but titUe les*i .gorgeous than the 
glided drea* of the diplomats. 
The Urn mil I'urt. 
With the pasxing of the military, 
the spectacular fcatuic* of the re- 
ception 'are at an end, and the MMe* 
|er governmetii ottl. ial.- in plain citi- 

lellH l lolll.S. I i .11 Hie f ill i.w ' tl « 


The SoMcNorttlcniiral; Aeslrttant 
Attorney -Oeaeral. At  slant tfcvn - 
and the't«rle* of the ln-p ■ ' i in. nts ; Am stain 
Hencral; the Hegeuts 
of th- Slid a n 

f Uk Service f«,UI- 

m mlonera; the lnter»ir.:e Commerce 
tTiinmisv.incis; ■he Tariff Ifci.ird 
the Railroad Securities Commlsvlon- 
er- the l-thin in t'unal Comm i-ion 
cr»; the (Vmiiinssloners of the l»s- 
trlct of Oohlmbia; the Treasurer of 
tlie 1'in ted States: Librarian of t'on- 
gres--; the Public Printer; the heads 
of bureaus In the several depart 
menu: the I'revliteut of the Colum- 
bia Institution for tin Deaf and 

Then follow the va-lon* patriotic 
of the societies, who are a/ corded s|x c|al 
minister*, i recof nltion at the X"w Year's Rhco| - 
by Huron ' t:o, » Member* of the fallowing organ 
Izatlon are In line: The HocU-ty 
of the Cine nnatl: the Aitoc Club of 
1«47; the \. isc'ated \ eternn* of t In- 
War of ISIi:*47: the military on|. r 

I • 1 ■ I L-gl m of l! e ^| ! 

the tlrand Army of the II- 
aciordlng to their aenlorlty — tkose*' I'.nollc: the Model of Honor Lee on: 
most recen-My accredited to the , "«' t'nlon Veteran Lag l oa; the 
I't.itcd states coming last In line [I'l'Ion VeterM'l I'lii.-n t|,e f» ■ \. 1 1 
The laet amrbaecador In line |» of the Arnn of gantiago; the Span: : h 
Marohose Ou»anl Confalonlerl. the w » r Veterar.a; the Army and Navy' 
newly appointed Italian ambanador. | I'nlon ; the Minute Men: The Hon* 
Follow »g him are 'he charges ,|' ».f.'"f "'"  " 'an Revo r on .....   Hie 
falre* of the Rraxlllan and Clillean Olden Inhabitants Ae*oclatlon of the 
mlMsele* the repre»ertative* of HUtrlrt of Columbia. 

Hie t rowd. 
The last of the official visitor* will 
have had left by one ..'doc*. Mr*. 
Taft, Mr*. Sherman, and the la. lie* 
of the cabinet, then withdrew from 
the reception Hue to the state din 
lug room where refri stiment* are 
d. In Ihe blue room th" presi- 
de!, i and hi* cabinet square their 
shoulders and prepare to receive tin- 

1'illi! ihe 1 ! for hiei : I: .1.1 I. . ,, 

ki :|i- rlng alone the wh ie house 
walks. The pre.- 1 dent   ,»mi|,. br ad- 
ens. th- bugle* sound the bund 
lo . k« into a lively two step and the 

I' loiniuon peopV enter. 
A hel logenou* Huong -typically 
, American file Into the U-ly music 
of the bind, quickened to hurry them 
abmig. The line moves fa.-* until It 
reaches the president. |,ut there It 
is delayed by each Individual en- 
deavoring to obtain a dWtinri 
personal greeting from the host, 
j A f » r -t down th line from the 
president stand* * we!4-groom- 
ed and well built mt n ai»i*rentV/ 
louiix'ng careleswly about, but kceo- 
Ing a careful e e on Ho- moving »'ne 
a* It approi-che* the n.-ciitlve Tln \ 
are the *e.-ret tervlre m  n. and not 
• a iM reon r-ache* the ^.blectlve jiolnt 
r-f Ihe line without theid clone mm- 
1 tiny. There are no hand* wia|»]ied In 
hindker. hiefs. no imcK.ige* are cor- 

; opie.-i'iilauvea o 
Hons file |Mist tht 
brfViaat panoply 
and gold and bin 
u i I thi rc with ► 
the Hermans and 
Oriental umhas^a 
The amhiiys-ador* 

Hengeimuller von Hongervar, the 
Auetro-Hungarian nnibassadt.r. who. 
since the last New Yi"»r'* rereptlon 
has -a i ceded lo the rank of deun 
of the diplomatic corn*, following °' ,hf ' 
him come th- ambassadors arranged wfatm; 

— — " — ^- — 


As a New Year's (lift 
Send a Copy of 


To a Friend One Year 
for $3.00 

V\/ T H are now making a mailing 
^ rate of $3.00, payable in ad- 
vance, for The Daily Sun, which af- 
fords you an opportunity to remember 
your relatives or friends very nicely 
with what is virtually a daily letter 
from home. 

Phone 358 
And the Paper Will Start . 
At Once. 


IH'll Ml \ 

Hoi. Il I III it: 
I I I . II. )V. 

\\M tl 

J. R. i .• ■■■ Il - Mm Iicih ami 

l-i. II. I*ui ) -ac the fn. plot. 

•ho .» countrlee having died in th« 
past year, and no *nc e,»or« having 
us yet l»een sent by tieir irovern- 

After the | iiibosaa.torr come the 
nr nlst. r*. headed by Set.or Don Joa- 
i|ii il llermirdo Calvo, the Coda Ri- 
can mlnkter. who ha* been for  i"*r» *erv 
b an of The ministerial contingent. 1 
The last In this* line I* Mr. H. II 
Uryn. minister from Norway, who 
wa.- | refute | to the president only 
a few weeks avo. l-l . .. m '.a - -a I  . r 
ind minister Is accompanied by hi* 
wife and the member* of hi* suite. 

Hefore the last diplomat had pass- 
ed from sight the n -w elilef JiiMtice 
or the I'niteil Stales. Kdward Doug 
las* White  'ads the arx.i ate jusk'ce 
of the supreme murt iato the receiv- 
ing room. They are foHiow. I i \ . Hu r 
member* of the Judiciary, among 
them the Judges of the new court* 
of commerce and custom* a pi m -ale 
Tlien the president shakes hands with 
the senator* and representative-, who 
remained In Washlngii.n during the 
holfday*. There are only a few of 
them. » 

The rongri asional dr legation mark 
tin- end of the Hrrt nart of the re. 


has played havoc with thn-trensei of Hi* 
fair s 'X, and druggists everywhere taSS* . 
mi nt uu the f; , i that tbey are tielnns j ■''   • *• ,ine - ""d D  '' " nn «1»prf»a 
large yuaulitin of sage for making lbs c« the president without keeping 1 
old-fa»hiun.d "sage tea," such as wa* 
used by »ur xriudmolherx for 
the cn.uil: of llie.r hair and remoriug it* 
natural color. Ths demand for t bis well- 
known herb for tilU purjsuse lu  been HO 

great that one manufacturer ha* taken ' .core per-l-tent In k 
;. li intage ... the fact and ha. placed .... mo ^ ng ,,„, „.... 

the market an ideal "sage tea," cuuta.n- 

come on. I n'll the 

two hatu's 

The kwt 
from the lively tv 
lively rag-time; the 

in plain sight. 
! qui. ken ..« 

t.ui", v»h I ft * 
"P to mor* 

lug|.lnir, n valuable rem. 
drulf mid scalp ra-le s and 
This preparmioii. whicU is called Wyeth'* 
Sage and Sulphur, is sold by all leadiut 
dm |l II f..r :*  vratl and *i a botl|.\ or 
will l » -eiii direct by the Wyeth  ;h. m.eal 

0w*#Mjt, N Oertiaadi Ht, N«w 1'ork 
City, upwu rcociut wl mux, 

For sale 
J. Gilbert. 

heralds the 
day they fIR 

in I n 

t hron i 

'icndant* »re 
ping ths line 
1 common |x-ople 
g'ny of duek 
; of the whiter 
h t'le blue room. 

mended by W 

For tin 
s court h 

first time 
s been .11 
■ounty. Pa . 

•:. rs 

n m any 

i.iil iiucd In 
for want of a 


three other* thotnselv »-*. We can 
some m do It. and I sent It up to 
ill- workrooms, but word came liai-k 
that II imto not be do' e In this case, 
Is-cauee the InMial* on It had beeu 
erassd four times.-- New York }4un 

Foley Kinney fun are tonic la 
ad on, quick lu re»ul'*, and restore 
he- natural action to Ihe kidneys and 
bladder. They correct lrr««ularl- 
tle*. Gilbert a drug store. 

•Mega tribe of H.d Men held the 
regular elmtlon of olio ers last night 
at the wigwam ou North Fourth 
street. Al M Foreman was appoint 
c.| rep' . -ei. i in ... ..I 1 1., great • lain- 
.11. wh.. ti will Unit in tlWell^X.IO 

in May. The officers elected are: i 
J. li. (Rilnlaii. sail, cm; K. H. I'ur- 
yesr. prophet; A. J Itradley, senior 
■miniur..; J. H. Weemer, Junior 
«agamore; Al M. Foreman, chief of 
record*; A. J. Smith, keeper of wain-J 
puui; W K. Ruck, collector of wam- 
pum; Henry l.el.i.l.a.d. trustee. 

asked how he 

A rich old ma 
made hi* money. 

"Simplest thing In the world.'' 
said. "1 always did the rewrite 
what everybody else wa* doing. 




tidy i 


everybody l ought 
were high. If • 
iHiught prlr«*a wi»re low." 

Just now everybody Is rusl.lnr to 
the illlcs. which are swellliill to ab- 
normal site. 

Yfeung man. go to the aoll! There 
lie* opiKirtiiiilly i.o with knowledge. 

energy and determination tu *u .1 

... t....f business. Yon will win. for 
the people id the swollen towns must 
eat thn. time* a day. 3ob day* la 
the year lloatnn Traveler 

a bnld hcti.tod man 
hn* a hairbreadth i*so»|ie 


\|. I. 


Mla« in wmMM 
m f»r u 

\ Ueihlinii t ill. 

"A young couple very feci ■ ret 1 y 
married came Into our store the 
o.'.er ,|. » • ... I Hi.- hi \. i. iii. Hi * Ih 
a big silver pitcher and wanted us tu 
change the Initials on H So Hint they 
could give It lo another couple a* a 
wedding ure—nt The  had received 


H«|.erlmenl with your uio'or or elevator when you ra 
expert * advice and »er»l.e al he same prlc.-T See 


VkUh H. * l». Klectrte «*o. ' 

Old Rbone ll l-a. 

— — 


"I have suffered with piles for thirty- 
sis years. One year ago last April I bc- 

Sn Liking Cascatct* for cunstitsttion. la 
r cuuis of a week I noticed tiie pilrs 
begaa to disappear snd at Ihe end of *is 
week* tbry did not trouble roc at all. 
Cascsrrts have done woiutrn foe mr. I 
am entirely cured and feel like a new 
man." George Krydcr, Napoleon, O. 

f-.Tsr. Hslalshls. Pnlssl flood 1 
Ik. Oeea Nrv« blckvn.Wssken or Cotps. 
JOc.ZSc. *Oc. Nsver sold la bulk Tbs ssa- 
alns lsbl.t sfsniDr.l i i'C. ImsrsnHs.l lo 
cur* ur your moos? beak. u4) 



f'apltal. * I'M .... h t i u i. 

Habits determine your future. Get the 
now and assure for yourself a future of 
your savings In the City National Rank 

Surplus. tran.t.Ooo .... 

Independence. Deposit 
of I'aducah, the llvest 

ind most progressive financial Institution In western Kentucky. 
Ouarante.d liability to depositor* over |H«0,000 .00. 



P. R Hughe*, r resident. - 1^. 

Jo*. I,. Friedman, Vlre-Preit. 
Jaa. C. Utterback, Caabler. C. 

M Rleke. Sr. Chairman Roard 

of I rc I s 

K. Rlchard*on. A»*'t Cashier. 
8. Hat-by. A»a't. 

eufTlclent number of r»*e« to make 
worth v.hUe paying jurors. 


H- ML 

Brook Hill 

Bottled in Bond 

Eight years old; needs no introduction 
to the American public. 

This is a reminder that some of the leading 
bars, cafes and dealers in Paducah are willing 
to pay the price lor the leading brand of whiskey 
sold in America } 

" Hr»D , *•:■*• t-| mat ' 

" ** m.iijut m****' 

. " '**Cvt% MOO* mu tX»* , » £*' v - 

co«rm » j * tu am M" " 


satvtwat. nrrrMnnt at, i 




Wo arc In a position to All 
your orders on very short 
notice. We carry a full 
lino of accessories. 

Diamond Stamp Works 

I t i t IS s. Ms] st. 
Old Phono iPML 


I I llroailnay. 

old riM.n. i:hi. 

Mlmik Hooks. oillie Calendars, 
Ho* Letter Flies, Transfer 
Canes, Tost Hinders and Loose 
Sheet Holders. Phone us your 


■  C TIMB 

mat, I 41 a*. 

Lautsvlll* » 4:16 am 

Leulsvlll*. Cincinnati, east. • MOpm 
M'.M. N. Or, eans. south.. 1 28 pm 
at shls N. Orleans, aouik. ,11:1* am 

Ma? laid and Fulton « *.l»am 

Cairo, Fultoa, Mayfleld. rm 1:00 am 
rrir rt..s and ■'rills...... f.:10 am 

rrtncetoa and I'vlll* 4:16 pm 

macetoa aad I lop'vllls . .,. 1:00 am 
HaJro, 81. Loul*. rbicago.n 7:16 am 
Cairn, Bl. Loul*. '■! .«• . 1:00 pm 
64*4' 11*. Carb'dale, 8t L. .,.11: on am 
Ifet'lM, Carb'dale, 81. L. .,. 1:16 pm 

Xjaavee Padaeaat 
Ca atarflle Claclaaau, eaes , 1:11 an: 

LenlSTllle 1 M in, 

l/O'iis-. • • Cincinnati, aaat. 11:16 ami 
M'phta, N. Orleana, south.. 1:67 am 
M'phls, N. Orleans, south . . 6:16 pm' 
Mayteld and Fulton..... 4:t0pm 
tfayleld. Fultoa. Cairo... • 10 am 

Prtnretos and B'rllle 1:11 am 

•Macetoa and E'vlll* 11:11am 

and llop'rllle. . . 1:40 pm 
HI Loul*. Chicago... 1:10 am 
81 Louts. Chicago.. • :10 pm 
alel'lt*. Carb'dale. BV L. • :40 am 
Bl. L. mp 4:10 pm 
I. a aH)NOTAJ», 



o»mi i i H i  \m» nuvn 

» HHH4 MHD. 

to i tie- 

I 'ootr.M I, 






Nash rllle hssmbm 
Menu* I* 


Paderab ■ 

r.».i.  • 






p m 

* ■ 

P m 
a in 

» ■■ 
a m 

::: ks 


* • • a mm §: li 9-flB 

Jet... .10:06 pm 

»llle 6:60 an, 

1:40 am 

7:1* » 


arrive* T:lt p. m from Nashnus 
•raphe aad all souther*, point* 
Arrive* 1:16 p. m from Naahrli:* 
•mphl* aad all eouther* polsti 
7:46a m trala connect* at Hollo* 
Jot. with oaalr ear aad Bui  

1:10 p. m. trala oonnecU at Hollow 
t**k let with .Mir ea **d Bute 
trailer fer . 

F. L. Weiund. City Passeager 
(•al. 410 Hrofdway. Phone II*. 

». ■ Bnrahaxi. Age** Fifth M4 



Tickets will be sold at 

redv I ratal on Daoeav 

bet 16, 16 ami 17 aad Da 
eember 21, -j-t mtm 

~'t, ami on IWt'inber 
mid January ], final limit 
.laimnry 8, 1011, to all 
stations on the I. ('. and 
Y. | M. V. If. K., in Ala 
liania, Kentucky, Looifi- 
ana, M i- dssippi and Ten- 
nessee, also to Cairo, 111.. 
Helena, Ark., Kvansville. 
hid., mid   ineiiinati, O. 
Hate one and one-third 
fare plus 25 cents for the 
round trip. 

Ajnnt Citv Office. 

r. m. pjufuka, 

Ticket Agi Fn inn Depot 

Metropolis. 1*1., Dec. 31.— Once 
more the irutin traveled road lot*****) 
this elty ami a large sec tion of Pone 
county In Hi sh«|w for truffle Tills 
Is wood new* to say the least and a 
repro«o|iijttlvc of tire pa.|ier. j, r ( ■ -r 
viewing tin? new concrete (in, I steel 
hr.dgo i,i completed lait Friday at 
tl,  . I ■  1 , n«* fnrni, gl\« h It as his o |i!n- 
Ion tiiat It will not soon be Inter, ii^aln |„ ll„ -,nn- , ,u • and 
of course lie knows. 

set the tluw of the recent flood in 
this «ee.t!on, the old wooden InfilKe 
n« i,e* Mafvac creek im the iimln (1  I- 
conda road and almut a mile and a 
half from this elty, was waahe.1 com- 
pMel) away and demollHitd a 'ner*l- 
b'. It has alven more or leas troul.le 
for a number of years. Tlie recent 
lnwr«: of ooiint)' enninilsnioners, who 
have done so much for tie In the wst 
"f to • t •••'. I' - -it .all. ,ti t. I,un.l 
snd «ontra -t  d for a t4.oiH  bridge to 
lie ■ reeled on Uie sixit. 

The t i|ioiirai»h.v of Uje county at 
tttat »pot Is  u  h as to make lon K iep- 
proarbeM to ttie brldxe nei-eseary and 
as the appropriation did not provide 
funds for the en-eUon of these 
dump*, it was neenuiar  to mil upon 
those In that section mo* inter.sied 
to come fo-ward and ei-e the work 
through to completion. This they 
did with a will and the result Is a 
model cotintrv hrldnc In every tBsr- 
tleular and one that o'd Ma *nc   r -ek 
will have to spit on It* hands and 
t.ihc a new hull! on »   i very move 
or put oul of com tn Us on 

Worse than an alarm ol lire a  
nlsht I* the tnetsllir rotiKh of croup, 
hrlUKlnK dread to the household. 
Careful mothers keep Foley's Honey 
and Tar In the home and give It at 
me 0r«l sian of d^i.ger. It con- 
talus ao opiates. Ullberl's Drug 

There arc 4.',.1 quarts in one (.tin- 
4re,| pounds of milk. 

Th   envelo|ie was tn-enled Iry a 
Krenchniati In I ('.:.:: 

Ill N It Y MAMMKX, Jr. 
HtH.kMnding and M*J**  
Third ami huitiiikj Ave. 

IT. I 1 '! IS AMI TI.WI » sl K 

■m IMt kirr COMPANY 


mm it. 

Stesmer Clyde, every 

6 p. m. 
r-tc.i iiM-r Kentucky, 

at 6 p. ra. 
Only is.oo for the round trip of flvt 

day*. Visit the Military National 

I'ark at Pittsburg Landing. 
Fer any other information apply In 


Agent*. JAMRB KOiiKR. Supt 

Nero Fiddled While 
Rome Was Burning 

"Criminal Indifference" yon 
•ay. And you are right. Hut 
hew much worse Is It than 
what you are doing every day? 
Tou have read these advertise- 
ments ef the 

A. L. WEIL  S CO. 
Fire Insurance Agency 

for a year or more, telling 
you that you aught to know 
all about the company that 
earrlea your Ore Insurance, 
but hue you done anything 
abeut It? Many have, but the 
majority of policy-bolder* have 
done nothing aboe.t the aelec- 
tlon of a company. They are 
still "nddltng." 

In ttie history of fire In- 
surance In Amerlra, A large 
majority ef the fire Insurance 
companies organized have 
failed or retired from bust- 
MM. To be insured In com- 
panies like Well's, that have 
been In business a hundred 
years and will be In bualnes* 
• hundred years from now, 
costs no more than to be In- 
sured In ene that may go oul 
of business aeit week. 

A. L. WEIL & CO. 

.4.1 Pimm W. ImM«mi]:| 


Just the Thing for Light Cooking 



Price $4.50 

The Paducah Light & Power Co. 

Commercial Department. Either Phone No. 12 



thinks n i \ ( '»i m ii -in it s 

Till H.XI'K.NHI 


HIH AWI'AI. i:iroi;i TODAY 

The Evening Sun's Daily Markets. 


|mora'lzing speculation I 
clocked shelves In all 


e e e e e 

• eeeeeee 

f Corrected 
tewers * Co. ) 

Kkks t docen t | 

Spring chicken* (pounu) 

Hen. (pound) 

fleeae (pound I 

I»nttcr Hacking H».nk) 
Turkeys t pound) , 

• • • • 

• * ■ 

i.u t:  uh k 

e • • • » 

. 8c 
. 8c 
. .6c 
. 16c 

I   f « 

lines, while tbe agricuitural prosper- 
ity of the laat year and the general 
feeling of conservative confidence 
makett conditions better than the 
trsde statistic* tedlcatf. 

The financial situation a« a wholi 
If Imiiroved, and the pro^teets of 
heavy dividend and Interest dis- 
bursements due Jaamry I tmvarta 
greater briaknea* to tie atriclly la 
v. -tmenl 

liOui»ville, Dec 31. — The re -ei! t» 
of hogs were only .'..lit head, ni; 
a total of 4. is« for this week Tliere 
was • good local and «h!ntilttg de- 
mand for all welifhlf. and the market 
ruled Arm. I.igtit sbi| | were 1 no 
i Igher. otbers steady Elected bogs, 
heavy, medium and light shipper* 
im itou-tde snd up. selling at Is. 
while |.ia# went at 17 »tt and rough!. 
»7.4» down. The p**M were well 
cleared early ir ttie day. and the mar 
k»-t cloeed shout .(early. There are' 
not nmr enough good parking- hoge 
coming to stip| :  the local demand, 

The receipts of eattlu were only 
llu. for the five days this wvek. 
I.ojx Not many buyers on the 
yards, snd Hiom- who were bore were 
giving* a larger chare of their time 
,n ,1 .Hen' l,i wiii,!,i'K ui  tin ;r 
I u-»iiii   ■ afl.ilrt for the yvt than to 
hoy lug rattle, aiul in eoti •'ouence 
the market was very quiet, with t ut 
little doing. Choice licht butcher!" 
were steady. Medium and eouuiioii 
k^nd^ did', and dragu^. (J sm| d  - 
uiainl lot lee,|er . s«m k  r- aMd  '«»|i 

I b arings. 

New York. Itec. 3'.— The bank 
clearings report for the week end 
Ing December 29, chow, an bkui"- 
gwle of $: .4«2 lOOtNl a* aga.nst 
M4*sl,l   IM04J laa w*ek. an l $2 
KrO.sin.VKMi In the lorrenpondlng 
week last year. • 

Washington Dee. ;: i At Mi, be- 
ginning of hin-inesj tortsy CM **sW* 
lion of the I'tiited States Irea-ury 

Working balance In the treasury 
officer, $::.-.. S^:: 2! 7; in hanks an, I 
I'hlllopine treasury, $^.143,1S2. niie 
tetal halame in general fund 
1*5. 591. 133. 

Ordinary receipt, yesterday were 
$2.1 19.139, with disbursements of 
I1.S2 1.3(15. 

The uVdcit to d*te this flwal year 
Is I7.nos.oi.-, ;,- against $:' ;. I m. 
025 al this lime la«t year. 

Tin so tlu'i I • - • xel ii ,:■ • I'.iiuuiia   ;1 
nal a d pjh'ir debt IranKaetiona. 

,| , 

feie ltul!  ! t.-n«l  C.ihfi- dull 
Mili h cows Hloa . No prime, heavy 
rattle ll'*re rN-ellng I bout Mr., I 

Keeci|rti«. is; for the week 1*3. 
Die market ru ed alio.;' steady with 
the hc-l 7 ' ( ; ' v   Some fancy I.u i, 
*©7c; common J ^fi 

slii-ep aiMl Lambs. 

[{•■(s'lpts light; for Ihe rour days 
hi- week, !«l. The market rule-J 
jsiet. The bed lames. I#4  )f*a, 
in ril u in and ruPs. 34V5c; fat ulieep 
_ 41 3cj nxslium uii,l coninion, 1 (i 
J He 

tt l.ouls. Dec. 31. — Cattle — Re- 
ceipt. I. nam market ateady; native 
he» f steers lift 7.26; calves In car- 
load lots $4 25 ft 6. Hogs Receipts 
fi.5(M»; market 5ft 10c higher; plg4 
and lights $7.5oft7S5; packers. 
♦ 7 I nft I.M: butcher* and best 
*C ©7.«Xi. ftheep-ReoeSpU 

steady: native m-jt 
5nft I !.iml* »5 5uft 

Vou Musi Itead Tills II Von Want 

I6  BMMSbsV 

Dreenwood. |aV ( sur. 
rt re case of lumbago, 
e se lntcnac [ was 
Ii rinlc Injretions for 
M kit started with a 
il of m  hac k which 
ii fairly narsiyxittg. 
s attracted to Foley'. 
*4k| I am giad to my 
wonierfuL medicine 
I im no longer bothered In any way 
by n y old enemy lumbago." Oil 
bert'a drug store. 

J. W. tir 
fered with 
"Tlir pa ns 
, forced to I 
rollef. Tbe.e 
'naln In the^m 
gradually ban 
My att.ent 'on w 
Kidney Itemed , 

after using th 

I Jim 


e e e e e 

e Dl N S ICI \ II W . 


New York. Dec. 31. -R C. Dun « 
rompan.Vf weekly review of trade 
!•;! -: 

After a satisfactory retail holiday 
trade bus!ne t i  in nearly all lines Is 
quiet, with th ■ usual end of the year 

The outlook, while tot as promls- 
it.e lor immisliate .,, i-v.n a- inluht 
h-  desired, contains none the lew 
many elements of strength. The Iron 
and Pteel trade is still confronted 
with a «-onsu nipt inn. of only half its 
rrodnciivg c«|ineit\. and the dry 

eoo.l* lill iue - Willi the l r.ili!rlll .,!' 

st. hul llietc \b :ui abseuee Of de- 

I'lay .im.I .IoIMik — » (,.hn| M, ill, in. . 

In cblldhooil we play be-nuw we 
are young: in middle life • we are 
young because we plsy, and If we 
keep ; t iij) « • -li.ill jiever know that 
we are old until we are olio day sud- 
denly dea l V t the «b iird Idea has 
kiov.ii up. and Mrs. Oniiidy has 
adopted it with her usual fatuou. - 
nef*. that play I* something undigni- 
fied in a grown man and unbecom- 
ing In a lady And this, unfortumvtely 
Is on" of the rare instances where 
"thinking makes It «o " 

Aft.r a m: n lia f i.n.ctlred this be 
lief In the ufelessness of cxerrine for 
h*'r a decade or to. and berome fat 
and nompous and red laced, or pale 
ani slack muni-led arti short wind- 
ed, th.n the contortions that he In- 
dulges in when he decides to unbend 
and try to play furnlrh considerably 
more entertainment to spectator! 
than to himself Nov, nilw r Outing 

Pol|i e .Imlge D. A. Cros* winhes 
thr city In employ an offn-'ai i-4Hirt 
stonograplier. His annunl sas***4 fol- 

10 the H'inorahle Minor and General 
Council, Paducah, Ky. 
Oer.tlemen. — In (ubmtttlng for 

yopr consideration this my annual 
re-port of conditions and require- 
ments of the Judicial department I 
am i;lad to stale that there have re-en 
fewer serlou* criminal case* coming 
liefore Ihe poKce court for ndjodhw- 
tinn ;.n,l m (t'rin. :,t at an  time 

since my rouneotlon with tbe police 
dnpai I mint. wlii,|i hits Isen 15 
years. The felony cases that has 
conic heforo Ihe polleo court for trial 
has fallen off at least one-third: we 
have l»i|ed ; iii! disposod of 2,(M 0 to 
2.50.0 warrants of all kinds; there 
has been some 5(M) warrants Issued 
from my office tl.itt the partie.v have 
c*c.a| ed and are now fugitives from 
Justice in foreign Jurisdiction, hervce. 
those warrants cannot lie executed. I 
am free to say that Paducah has a 
mailer criminal (ItM than any cH$ 
f it* size in Kentucky. 
1 nin pleased to note that my rec- 
of one year ago has 
with and carried Into with the exception of the most 
Important. Tbe city furnishes the 
Judicial deportment with u type- 
writer, but requires the Judge oer- 
M-nally to h'--e a stenographer to take 
the evidence in feionrr rates on trial 
In the police court and Uie evidence 
of witnesses In secret Investigation 
and examinations that are held be- 
fore him. I recommended to your 
hor.oralilc Ixxlle . a voir a^o the em- 
ployment of an offi. -in' sten?i.ipher: 
you are paring the t-tenographer thot 

I have employe,! % I .1 per lll'.nth to do 
the work for the thief of i ol!"e; by 
nn nidltional ainw*n.c of $25 per 
month ,.ou c«n secure official court 
Mrimrapher for the Paducah police 
.•our', and the iio'.ire d -|Kirt uicnl I 
*** «  thorougbVy convinced that a 

I 111 III" -i/,r l,f P., I,1,.U| (IlllllOt 

afford to have its police court r s-or Is 
in out wltten' in long hand I 
have  s nco I l.*vo held 

11 -• |*.-. I on riiiplrve I a -I, •!!,... - 
reimer Hint they ssjjgM Ik' up to d'^te 
and in proper conditio*. 

C in', men. I i!o not think this Is 
proper ani right; the imllee ooittt 
bring- to your c!l\ a revnue of seven 
in , I. i,i C in i dollars in i;i-h vet 
 «-ar ani the fame asanunt in work 
on vour si reels and pun the jucl^e a 
salary of $l,5nil per year. 

I submit this recommendation for 
your careful cot.aderatlon and ask 
you for this as-istant for the reason 
that I know an official court stencg- 
rapher fr the Padiuah police court l» 
badly u.-eded. 

D. A. MOM, 
Judge Paducah Police t" nil t. 

No false pretense has marked the 
career of Kly's Cream Halm. Ttelng 
entirely haiiiiless. in a not re |M.m«- 
hilo like tbe catarrh snuff.-; and 
powd« rs. for minds shattered by co- 
..i ne The gnat virtuo or Rly a 
Cream Italm ia that It speedily and 
completely mri.iimr- nasal tataarh 
and hay fev.-r. Unek of this Mati- 

nont Is the testimony, of llioieanda 
and a reputation of many year*' sm-. 
cew. All drugublH, 5oc. or nwiled 
by Kly Hros., 50 W'arr« nt Stnet, 

v'ew York. Thai W 'I Nol llrenk. 

Ituriarat, France, has 1 the- honor 
of producing the ftot glass that U 
uulireakabie. The new |#DJMM has 
iM-en successfully applied to the man 
iifaclure of lamp chimnej. for use 
in coal mines contain. ng much nre 
damp. The glass maker* of Bacca- 
rat have also succeeded In lucres., 
lug the elasticity of the glasa. This 
they aci omp':sh by ail,'.,ng maun -\i 
mil oxide to the or Unary *#]M*J 
jI:: * Sin . . - Magus 1 tie. 

9ut tiome of Hour 
'Christmas Money in 

For men, women and children— everything to 
he desired. 




Misses' at 85c 

Child's at 75c 

Women's at 

$1.00, $1.25, $1.50 


Tan or black at . 75c to $1 
All sizes and elegant 
for Father and Brother. 



A Kuciio Mtay, 
facility in trimming sail* to 
the passing breeze w\ s very useful 
to the news»paiierK of a hundred 
years ago. Thin Is how one of the 
Purl, papers announced the arrival 


*s ST.DENIS-% 


W"!t»ln T**y Arrrm of ffrf TolsT «l 
Intc-tr.t NiltKlnrklnmMiiun.ihir'i 

» mnwlrc wilk of sr,.','-'r.t ln«frl (. 
? oi-i:t»  ob r.^»:iris# of r«i.i,.». 
C"»l«m,i' An ,iunimii, r»«rrr-a« 
SW»k» « ., I llM.SIItr *SSSHBSSlai» 


X+TJ rnmw ortl«n . Sample 
Snuu a( Xtesiinashlr Halve. 


Table d'Mote Breakfast SOc. 


■v- v,..-- VT . T sjsjsj*jsjsj| «■ 

;.nd advance of Napoleon aftor h!a 
■Mfjpa from Klba: "The Corslcan 
brigand ha. landed at Cannes;" next 
day, "the ra*h uiwrper has been re- 
ceived at Orenobhs." Then the txvns 
, ii-', I: ' (. n. Ilonniiarto has i titer, 
ed Lyons;" a few days after, "Na- 
poleon is at Konta.nbleau;" and 
finally. "His majesty, t*io emperor, 
alighted this evening a: his palace ol 
the Tuilerles." C. F. Warwick r*» 
culls the Incident in "NapoU-on and 
the Knd nf the French Revolution." 

tan Tin: a:\n\i: \i.ti tvs. 

A substitute is a danuerous make- 
shift espeiially In medicine. The, 
penulne Foley's Honey and Tar euro* 
coiiRhs and cold* quickly and Is In a 
yellow package. Accept no subntl- 
tut-^s. Gilbert's drug storo. 

Oill and See 


j. b. nana, ns**v 


C. L. Van Meter, Manager 

All Kinds of Hauling, Storage and 


Parental Why not Klvo your son and daughter* something valuable 
an u prcM-nt '.' SomeUiine thai n- ither Arc nor flood* can destroy, nor 
thieves break through ami nt ..I. A III SIXKSS t ill |{sK in I I , 
Itll-in. ss l ollege In all the country where the h. .st lliisiuess 'l i.uiiinu 
1* given and ( o hI Po-iiuoi- liuatantiiil, at 


A. M. ItOlSli, Manager. Paducah. ky^ :lll-:llO 


to tatm 

TAHl i Utttl 
Itememhcr that when your kidney* 
are aflecfed. y.nir life Is In danger. 
M. Mayer, no. heater. N. Y.. says: 
• My trouble started with a sharp 
shooting pain over my back which 
grew worse daily. I felt sluggish and 
tired, my kidney action was Irregu- 
lar aad Infrequent. I *tarted using 
Foley Kidney Pl!2«. Each dose 
fevmed to put new life and etrength 
into, me, and now I am completely 
cured and foel boLcr and wronger 
'.hanljor year*. Ollbeit* drug *toro. 

6a Vi 


The Vpian who Is unable to appre- 
ciate » .Vl.'iu Ii- 1 -' uoue o( hi* u»u. 


Dandle, Owen & Phillip:, 


227 Broadway 

V nal 

IM . 

RKAL B9TATB, l.u\\s ami 
i\si KAJU i 


Will he Installed and working within the next ten days. Pre- 
pared to do any kind of tire repairing or reircudlug. We have 
Mr. Ilerhe, from the Firestone Kuhher Co., to do our work. 

We also have several swond hand cars and rebuilt ones for 
sale. The prices aro very low. 

In our repair shop we have Mr. Lionel Pork. Frank Perry 
and W illiam I^wrence, who can handle any repair Job, which may 
come to them and which wo guarantee. 

Yours respectfully, 

Kentucky Auto tt Machine Co. 

il a. 




The I-Mumber 

We are now located in our new 
Home opposite the new Hre| 






That's the rule of this greatest Retiring From Business Sale, for we'll soon be leaving Paducah forever and must clean up, without even a thought of profit, this immense 

$100,000 Wholesale Clothing StocK Direct From Maker to Wearer 

We're bringing them down stairs now loads and loads of fine new suits and overcoats not shown before for lack of room. The first displays were snapped up in a 
twinkling, but ihere are literally tens of thousands of dollars worth left here for your choosing. If you don't see them, it's YOUR loss. 


Would retail at 56 CO to $7.50; 
who'es*le closing out (rice $1-7? 

Splendid Caasimere nnd \Yor tf! 
Pints, to retail at $7.50 te $10.00; 
wholesale closing cut ttb* 

price $2 24. $2.76 and $2.98 

A line displiiv of Stvlish Suits tliiit 
woul.l retail' for $12.50 to .fl'i.OO, 
at wholesale closing out 
price $3.48, $3.88 and $4.98 

Mri.tlv All Wool Wt.tM. .1 Sulfa 
„ -mally retail at $16.50, $18.0 ) 
hud $90.00: wholesale   losiu ; . ,.; 

..rice $5.98, $6.85 and $7.93 

High Oracle Suitingsjiplcudid Wor 
sleds, ( 'assiuieri'8, Cheviots ami 
Thihets, retail selling prices $22.50 
mill $25.00; whole sale closing out 

price $8.49, $9.24, $9.65 

.V II our highest mailt- Suitings, com- 
posing the beat of imiK rtefl and 
domestic woolensjall hand tailored 
ami made in the latest fashion 
any price; made to retuil at $J7.50. 
$.'10.00 and $.S." .00; wholesale clos- 
ing out price $11.48 

  me lot oi Men's Sample Suits. 

blightly damaged and soiled, would 
retail up to $25.00; wholesale doe 
tag out price $2.7r  to $5.50 

One lot Children's Sample Suit* 
sliuhtlv damaired and soiled, would 
retail up to $5.00; wholesale clos- 
ing out price 19c to 98c 


One lot of Children's and Hoys' 
Sample Overcoats, slightly soiled 
would ordinarily retail at $3.50 
t.. $5.0(1; wholesale closing out 

b 50c, 75c and 89c 

rten'a nnd fottXg Men's l'.lue and 
IWaek J!«.i\er Overcoats that would 
retail at $&50 to $7. .' (»; wholesale 
. losing out price. . .$2.24 and $2.48 
Man's, Young Men's and Hoys' 
Overcoats, with automobile col 

Ian, would retail at $7.50 to * 10.00, 
wiiolesale closing out price 

$1.98, $2.76. $3.49 

Kersey and Cheviot Overcoats, 
would' retail at $12.5#$wholesale 
closing out price . $4.49 and $4.98 
Men's and Young Men's 'he\iot , 
I 'assiineres and Kerseys, plain and 
automobile collar-', would retail at 

$15.00; wholes de 

closing out price $5.49 

.Men's nnd Young Men's High 
tirade Cassimeres and Cheviots 
medium and semi median lengths 
retail price $18 and $20.00; whole- 
.sale cloMn- out pi i. e . .$6.98, $7.49 

I'lain Atttomobik) Collar and Presto 

$35.00] wholesale 

Collar, would ret nil for $22.50 to 
losing v-ut priei 
$8.49 to $11.48 

Several hundred Children's Over- 
coats, in CSjSsi-SKreg and Cheviot*" 
Would retail as liiu'li as $10.00; 

v bolesalfl closing out prise 

. .. . .$1.49 to $2.98 

One lol Men's Sample OvSTSOSU 

blightlj damaged and soiled, would 
retail up to $25.00; wholesale clos 
in- out price $2.98 to $6.98 


Men's and Young Men's Bain 

I 'roofed ( 'ravenett' 1 oats, retail 
price $S..' 0; whole- J 

-ale closing Out |  t"i ■ -• ■ ST.79 

Men's Hlaclf Che\ lot Haiti Coats 
retail price $10.00; wholesalo 

dosing out price $4.49 

Crnveiiette Coats for men, rain 

proofed, retail price $1&50; * 
wholesale i lo-ing out price . .$4.98 
Priestly Proofed Cravenettes for 
Men and Young Men would retail 
- 15, $18 and $J0; wholesale elos. 

ing out price $6.48 ami $6.98 

( ravenette Coats .Priestlv Proofed 

Coats, retail prices $25.(K  
to $.'15.00; wludesale closing out 

pries $7.48 up 


One lot Cassirnere ami W'oMeil 
would retail at $lj00 to $1.60; 
wholesale closing out ] ri 'e. . . 49c 
Men's and Younir Men's Pants, in 
Paney Casaimsrss and Worsted* 
made to retail from $t.. r i() to $2.50; 
wholesale closing out price 

55c, 98c and $124 

M.u's Pants, iu fancy patterns 
made to retail at $-'.50 to $3.50) 
wholesale closing out price 

79c to $1.76 

Men's Pants, -hat would retail at 
$:;.50 ami $0.00; wholesale closing 

out price $1.24 to $2.49 

Men's Pants, 
$7.50; whole 

retail prices $0.50 to 
-ale closing out price 

$2.75 to $298 

Men's Corduroy Punts. retail 
price $1.50; wholesale closing out 

price . . . . .• 49c 

Men's Corduroy Pants, retail pine 
tf.OO to $3.00; wholesale closing 

out prise 98c to $1.49 

Men's Corduroy Pants, retail price 
$3.50 to $4.00; wholesale closing 

out pries $1.79 to $1-98 

Knee Pants, ■lightly soiled, 25c to 
80s value-; wholesale closing out 

price lc, 2c, 5c 

Knee Pants, retail prist 50e; whole 
■ale dosing on! puce 12c and 19c 
Knee Pants, retail price 75c 
Bad $1.0O; wholesale closing out 

price 38c and 49c 

Kmc Pants, retail price $1.00 
to $1.50; wholesale closing out 
puce 65C to 79c 

y r.sTx 

Men'- Yests, Wool Cassimeres, 
Serge- ami Worsteds, worth up 
to $:t.0O; wholesale closing out 
price 10c, 19c ami 24c 

I'.M Coats, retail price $.1.50; 
wholesale closing out price $1.49 
Odd Coats, retail price $8.00] 
wholesale closing out price 

$2.49 and $2.76 

North Third 

I n lt« k of  «« ■! A  le . i - 

••I'M* II   ^HM I . 

Nj Cndit Given. No Good* Sent on Approval. Nolhiog Exchanged. Strictly Cash. Buy Now and S«re 75c to 90c on the Dollar 115-117 


North Third 

Manufacturing Clothiers, Paducah. Ky. 


rreartilng by pn'tor at 7:*» V- "  |l" " ■ 
guojcot of mmoa, 'Bleaaer, the i Inn • ubjoct. 
Warrior " ll Saturn-'. Con- tagc." 

greiratlonal  lngtog led by orch«*a»ra| FlltSJT — The R  \ 

T:30 p m Mwu- 
N -« Yvar'a Mm* 

■•■.•k».ou of thi- 

ll W. Hurwci; 

Cliri.tian Sclent c. 

ciirlatiim Science tervlcea at 
at Ihc ha|i In the Three UnkH build- 
ing, corner Fifth atreet and K n- 
tci ky avenue, aa fo'lowa: Sunday 
m from !• to 10:45; regular 
Sunday n-rvke. II o'clock; teatl- 
ninny nic.-tlng, every Wednesday 
evenliiK at 7 . 1 ■ » A rending room 
la alao o|H n In thla hall from 10 
a. m to I p. m. every dap except 
! i n. lav ami holldaya. The public ia 
•nrdially imlled to \lalt 
i otn and to attend the 

UROADWAY — The Rev. O. T. 
Sullivan. | sr1or. 8und:iy ■cSool and 
B hie c'jis at »::I0 a m Subject 
of aartnon by pector at 1»:I5 a. nr. 
-Cod hi the Opening Year" Bo. 
worth t.'aftn*. C:Ji» p ni I'n'aili- 
h'« by paMtir at 7,: |. tu S it.j.  -t 
'cf averting rcrnon. "The Korioup and 
It, : loua S-.le of Ufa." »|»H-lal 
aiMl*.- b  it.olr Public  «rdlaUy ta- 

FOI . VT A I S AVBXCK— Tfce Rev. 
ft ul D Icfferaon. pa- tor »unda  
• hoo) 9; 15 a. m foiiimuti on awv- 
'l.c at l i a in . nnd paiitor wl'l b" 
«....•:•■,! |,. tie- Ur\ M- S.-..t  r.f 
T. ler. Fn'i-cdlng this |h- ^m^^l r 
will rpr*-i\«- a  :ai»s 1 nit* ttc churdi 

and clwir » a feature of preliminary 
service A  "ordi«l welcome await* 
all wtin worship with n*. 

Gl'THRIE A VENl'K — The Rev. 
^w'e. B. Petera, •paitor. Preaching at 
U a. m. and 7: SO p. m. Sunday 
acliool at S p. m. Prayer 
Tbureday at 7 : :l«l p. no. 

TII1RH BTIUnrT- The Rev. J. P. 
Pcaraon. paator. Sunday achool at 
9:30 a. m. No morning aervlce. 
Prearhlna at 7:30 p. m by paator. 

l.lTla.KS CHAPISL — Prayer 
me^lug Weduesday at 7:M p. m 
SSSSV achool at 3 1 . m. 

ItlTlllMII . 

Rev. H. W. Wleaecke p a wt or. Sun- 
day arhool. »:3t a. m. German morn 
lag worship. V» li • m. Eras) M  
even m, fcrv**0, 7: So i  m. 8ubjert 
ol eyenliig kormon. "The 
Hook at the Beginning of a 

I.FTIUCRA.N rti« Itev \MI lam 
Grottier, pastor. Sunday »c6ool at 
):3« i. n. . German service* at 
ISeaS a. m. fCngGoh tarvic* at 
7:30 p. m Subject or evening aar- 
mon. "The lx»rd -Otir Kaeper." 
S|ie cl»t mua'c In   l eirvanc.. of New 

Morning aw-rice at 10: 45 aT 
Subject: "lx king 4Jol lain \, i n4ga»| 
Year ' E\'-nlii(i afaaikue all Th  \V 
i ck anil aitltjct "A I-"* I will irn* 

ae.-*.on and the ' 

new year. 

The l vo,i aocialv   ( tSe Fir.-t 
liau^lat cfc.i.'h will met Monda) 
afteriKBjB at.a oV - I- at Ui-- II.. ' ' 



Btor,' \n-"ti« - 

T*e Men 

arty Mi-thedtrt • 
flr-t .innivafMrj 
ti.. :n « taorn tig 

nr.- .lc and it 

occtalon TV- 

The Ramae  
way M.-thodiKt 
- Monday attert 

V' duk 
rt»/eSay and 
_ fjw- ■ Shopfcent 

t I \IMv 

•. n riM 

Xi.M ■ 

l\ III till HI 

FIRST- The Rev vV. A F«e. 
peaior Sundn echoei at »:SO a. 
m. At 10:41 a. m i niorti of t»» 
diun-h treaaurer, tha l ad'e» Furn- 
lehlng aoctrty. the Sunday eohool. 
cburrb clerk and paator will be i^aS l(h 1 ehnr  „ 
and tliere will be a burning ot tha, 
m te» that have rectn;l  I- et, '-ald^ 
off . The |« «or Wi'l : iik" :i whort 
talk on the subj« cl of " 
New Year " The gar! M 


Mi- hum Maitin. ..f IH M  M«aj|h 

will hn il Ha \ Hwealh Strec«. Hlr. of llrlglil i 
P." O'clork to- I |tl«r««e. 
i-chea wIM ••[ 
an interwaaUng| 
i» invited lo 

f the llroad- 
iTiirrh will meet on 
o'clock kt 

•Ideal, for the °"«' 
t ea will b» no '■■» J 

I i ^«ear off VwtK You 



That good Havana Cigar. In 
aeven bI/.cb. 

Sold by all flraf-claaa deal- 
era and made, at 

The Smoke Boose 

333 Br. 




FIRST— Th- Rev M E IVwtd. 
paotor Sur.da\ M-hool, 8:10 a. m. 
Preaching by pa/tor at IV: if a. m 
ant " :-i p ni M-i-t: ii.k Hiilije.-t , 
"Ship, of Ufv - E\en'ng anbjex t. 
"Sin fMotted Out " 

8KCOND- Sunday n-hool at liM 
h tn J'readiira at 1 t a m hv the 
K.v !l W Ellis Preaching at 
7 : 3« |i m by the Rev F. E. Ad- 


The Rev J R Cark paator. Bun- 
day achool 9:30- a. m Prearlitng at 
II a. m. and 7 p in. by the paator. 
Sunday M'hoo! in Rov. Iau.1t own at 
1:10 p m. Morning mbject, "A 
Happy Ne* Year." 

lotiK'-r than the nruat* 
Tliere will be no evanlag aerviee ow 
ng lo the condition of two Rev. Mr 
Fl'e. who h«R Jtia* r -rovfnsl frotr 
i in H'neaa of th« grip 

P. Wyatt. paator. Bible afMS) 
}: 3d a S3 Preach In- by tha 
»1 l'i:45 a m and T.:'" p. ni M ir« 
lag «ubje-t. "The OM nnd lh" New " 
Kvi n ng mibject. "Oogr'der the End ." 
The churHi offirera * II iik- t M«m- 
aay night at 7:" t oilock at the 
bfka. of J K Ronduna^, 521 BWwd. 

Mm Agnee Wttfcara, ff  earr old. 
i?l«»d at 3: IS o'ulock ywaJcrd*) after- 
ikhiii at hat houie. 311 Jwratt atrmt. 
M»hankrwhurg, after a kMtc Jlneaa 
of t 

tful tlirl- 

ol thi mi 
th» Stalllaaa r\ 
.1 (lie l.nlJe of 
Altona. The 
featiirea of the 

Santa t'laua. ThS'tr.-e «aa beaut 


to Pad ilea* 
II reart uro She waa a mem 
mmmL \* T of th- Ea«« IWpttat ihurch and 
Ightful t'hrlat- te«rea -. wide i-ln Ke of fil-nda She 
was given by leave* 4*ee hatrttand. Mr J. T. WHS* 
y achool era. an ad«v*ed  « n. fhanea. and oat* 
Fox. at brother. J 1S MeRride of PKM 
Intereatlna Smith Twwlfth rtreet The fnaeraJ 
ng waa old will +*  h -ld at I o'rlxS Sunday 
aft' r noun at tn» renldi-m-e tt  - II •» 

Rapllat «hur. h Surviving tier are 
her huaband. her father. William 
Melton, of Mayfiild. three children 
and one alater The body will ha 
taken tn Mayfleld at Itfl o'clock 
thla evening and Ihe fun. ral and 
burial will be held there 

i ..i n i. mows I NIMYITI i  \M» 

I MM. li I I II 



P RIIca 
In Oak 

ofT1  latiua: 

lint at w-i 

fully decorated with titi-.l 
■tenia and landlaa.. The roc! 
given by the puptla ot tha achool 

ware approprtat- for the ocraalon ««"«ly "I W. \*f IU«».-. 

The . loalag addraaa waa by the Rev. The lK dy ot W U-e Roae art red 
Altona Namea from Memp-hla- early thla rn«iro n*r 
re  |. and »a» taken to the reald'-iir - 1116 
Mlaa Monroe »4rcet. wtii re the war 
ilea- h *' 1 '' - o'eloek tln  afteiniHiii. t ti • ■ 
lte\. G. T. Sullivan, paator of the 

minr aunieaa »a- 
Wlae, of Alton 

puptla t iking part 
• ere Paul « 

In thr 


Burial waa In Oak Grove 

I.. ftrcv»l"n 

beeo extended the Rev. 

Re,, t 

A call ha 
Chariaa I- Gn-geton. 
Springa. Ky., hy the ei 
the Second B«|iM" • li 
the general belief tha 
■i|.t MS an-wer haa 
from th» Rev Mt. Gregiaon The I Ing. 
1 ii. -I. haa been without a paator J 
for the paet *»vera! weeka aince the 
realgnathrn of the Rev O. B. 

P. B. 
of tiie 

Nettle V.llllama. Maml 
tri. e Fox. Paul Htl  e. fotrle Fox, 

Wlllla Stalling. «ather Mllllama. Broadway Mcthodl* church, office. 
LiiiiIc Huteblaon, Sertle Fox. Ruby 
Helmut. Ha/el Cloud. H.rni- l u- u ' r   
I  [...- 1 l;..»- 1 ll.ildon . Ha v inn : .|. n 
| a*eon Ronnie Stalllnga, Carrie Fox, Phil 
■tlon of Willlama, Texie Uutrhlaon, May 
nd It la | stalling, Elmer Stalling. Florence 
will *c- Dagly, Mary Cloud, Goldle Camel, 
received I Mr.. Te«le Slice, Mra. J. M. Stall-" 


hi i H t i iton* i mi v ii 

Murr.ll I. BuckiK-i h Passsaa 
h« ) . wIni ha* riven '•  pnun u  n   ■ i 
f«-xa lolltlce and hoalaeva life, haa 
d« lined at rt«tapo ntnient aa game. 
Dih and oyener co nun iael oner, a lu- 
crative iiorlCon Mr Burkner left 
Pad a i ah abou' to  ea-a ago, and It 
a win of the late Jatmw and Hettle 
Bwefcaer. a*d baa a runiber of r«-l 
•Mvwa In Paducah. Tha OaUaa Neat 
■ffl Hon Murretl Bockner. 
retary of the atale tremocratk- com 
mlttee of Teaaa. will not accept (in- 
poaltlon of iratue, ft^.i and oyrter 
eotun. «.: .' r '• aSSH ! 1 m fc| 
eraor-eteet CnlqulM. Mr Bitckner 
ii i«. tin ann.iull. elin ill p'lli   i!. i» 

moTnltiK Aiming the »e.-thliig 
crowd of office aeek«-r* It la couald- 
•red refreafeing to Bnd a man ten- 
dered a lu -raliTe alati- poMtlnn w- tli. 
out a(ipt lng for it and lhan refut- 
ing tv- aaoie b -eauM  hla high aanaw 
of honor an-l fidelity H. n friend wlll.lOT 
not permit him to a  e,,t H Mr Ju,,k 
Bucktier haa ateadfaatly advocated 
the aiHxilOtment of J K OiUhgf, of 
TArSM. Thou- who know Mt 
Boekner declare (hat to oever nu I « 
a man for tlmiit he '« right I tux an-t 
that the double .-ro-- that politic- 
iana rnmatlmea employ la an forelgrv 
lo hla nature aa ono% In Centra: 

Meat I'nlon. t) , l»ec 31 — A dooan 
men. when .ludga llialr opened  ourt 
tramped Into Ihe tourt room and 
» llli. ut the l. aat evldem r of thane 
■agSMaad that the* had aold ti.-ir 
volet for trldlng mbi. 

gevenly-throa true bill*, theamal^ 
eat daya° work for a' long while, 
war* reported by the grand 
bringing the total lndl« t in. nt - 
1.017. or thla number 37T 
alt. ad) plimlcd guilty. 

Forty man, nnlnvttad and llk - aa 

 el Ullludli ted. ha»e .nine lo Hi. 

court houae to enter guilty at' at, 
not knowing whether or not tips 
grand Jury had rep. tied tteu aa«»e» 
and not » tailing in take any thance 
at appearing (7. be In Ihe leaat dila- 

lllalr aaid that Ihe Investi- 
gation la giSng to lontlnue. and 
it may be two or litre* mouth-- be- 
fore It la concluded. 


Rev. Father H. A- Connolly 
Morning maaaea. K and IS: 1 

- The 
a ni 

cadia I — The Rev E C. McAlMater. 
pastor Sunday achool at 2-3) p. 
m Evening prayer and ternMMi at 
r;S| p. m. 

Grand Rally r f Holy Name rncletv 
at 3 p. ut No night 

I'rcliyli i 
E. B. IjtadM. paator. Sunday g«SSSl 
at 9:30 a. m and r»" rgan!gat Ion of 
school and annual election of offl. 
cera. Preaching bj the paator al 

pharrh N«»te«. 

Ilie Home Minion eoilety of the 
Fountain Avenue MctnodIM church 
w:ll moet Monday afUTOTon St I 
o'clock with Mr* George Bartlioln- 
nii w. 1331 Jefferson *tree4. 

The I'afl'icati l'j#f.~ tajit PaMora' 
ap-o -litlrt» will SJaet at IS o'clo* k 
next Tuoday morning at th.- Rroad- 
«.,.i M-tliodl«t churc'. in regular 

Mr E W M'llaon. of Ixmnltle 
auditor of ihe Fallla City Conatruc- 
Hon company. \» la the city on bu»i- 

J. I.. ( .Ml.ian. 

J. L. Cochran, 6i yeara old. a 
laborer realdlng at 411 Norton at reet 

died at 2 o'clock thla morning after Th- U.w^oal Vmeilian will leave 
abort lllneaa of pneumonia He tomortow f or tha rlv.-r for 
waa a widower and leavea aeveral a tow of Ilea 

children The funeral will be heldj 

a  in o'clock Sunday morning at' In tli-i. matter of boding nm many 

th» Third Street Methodlat church b iok* •.poll the cUnh 
the Rev. J. B. Pearwon. the paator. 
offlclai'ng Burial will be In oak 
Grove cemetery. 

Mill. I 

HAM I Mil -Mokks ok EX- 
n  i^i\ i Hi i Ml i aS m s\\n mt 
FIRING i ii BANK I N Hit   I • !■ 

in i- tut . m n ii i, in. iwointii 
i  n ok  i m. in i. , ran \i • v 

son \ nt iTtxa. 


• Mil I tir Pol. I( I 

J. J. UIMIIt. 



I.. Have Tli «e Fall and Winter 
l»ye l or Cleaned. 

Bring ua your Plume*. Hata. Sulta, 
Sklrta, Walata. Etc. We will reatorl 
them to their former brtghtneag. 

Model Stsam D - e WorK» 

1U9 South Third Street. 
Old Phona JM-R New Phoae 9x« 


NOW iS the Time Or*. MM .1-year-old daughter of 

Mr. and Mra tleorge Thompaon. r. 
Hiding near Maaaac. Ky . died at J  
o'clock laat night of pneumonia 
The funeral waa held at 2:30 o'clock 
thla afternoon and burial waa in the 
New Hope cemetery. 

Mm. I Ii ui" Martin. 

Mm Clemmie Martin, wife of An- 
drew J. Martin, I HOO South Seventh 
ttreet. db-d at 5 o'clock thla morn- 
ing of BrlcbCa dlaegae. She waa 11 
yeara old and wa.-  born In Gravea 
county. She win a member of the 

There's Another Seaaon'a We ar in That Dreai or Soli 

It ncedi aome expert attention, from a competent cleaner. It l» 
true, but w« ara at well equipped Kt do nne work aa any clean*! 
In tha atate. And a dollar or two will work wondera with gar 
mint* which teemed beyond repair. I I Kill! 

Suit* Cleaned and preawMl ffl.fMI to S« -V» 

lawSMB 4 

laMlle*' Sulta, preaatog only 
Mrn'a Sulta,   leaning and pre* 
Overaoata, cleaning and prc**li 



New Itione H»H;| III Nointi Fifth Str.-«-t. N.-w Phone |OH I t 

. ...Tim- io si. an 

...aitwi la w.mi 


TRADEWATER Coal burns well* Lump 14c bushel, Egg 14c bushel. Nut 13c bushel. One cent per 

bushel off for cash on C. O. D. orders only. 


Yards and Elevator Second and Ohio Streets. 


. Both Phones No. 324 335 


 i iiiiawiimMiaiiasJIirii 

.*MSSaW|B*t|g£tj / 

The Paducah evening sun, 1910-12-31

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