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date (1904-12-31) newspaper_issue THE EVENING BULLETIN. 

▼OLUm XZIV. 1UY8YIU.I. KT., 9ATUBQA7, OB0BMBSB«81, 1904. , VUMBBB 88. 


'Charfres Against Ilini Havn Been 
Preferred by Kev. I. N. W. 
Irrine, a Deposed Friest 


At Present the BUbop Decline* to 
^ Make Any Statement in Regard 
to the AeensatioDs. 

Chargei Will B«*^«cle Agalnat the 

Person Retponaible For the Deliv- 
ery to Dr. Irvlna of a Confiden- 
tial Latter From TallMt 

Bethlebem, Pa., Dee. SI.— Rt. Rev. 
Etbelbart Talbot, the Episcopal bishop 
of Central Pennsylvania, asalnst 
whom Rev. Ingram N. W. Irrine, of 
Pbiladelpbia, la about to make a pre- 
aentmeat, la abiant from tbe etty. 
Friends say he is on a regular tour of 
TiBltatlcng anaong the parishes of his 

He has declined to answer any ot 
tbe Mrtous charges to be lodged 
against blm or to enter Into tbe cou- 
trorersy now folac on. 

"Walt until everything comes out," 
he Is quoted as Baying. "I am more 
anxious than any one else to have 
this investigation and settle for all 
time tbeae false rumors and charges." 
Charges of Libel and Falsehood. 

New York. Dec. 31. — Charges of a 
serious nature are to be made at the 
Bishop Talbot hearing against the per- 
son who Is responsible for tb« deliv- 
ery to Dr. Irvine of a copy of a con- 
fidential letter addressed by the bish- 
op to Rev. Dr. Samuel I'pjohn, of 
Fhlladelphla. It la reported that the 
original of the document is in the 
possession of tbe bishop himself and 
was not destroyed, Hie copy on 
which the charges of libel and false- 
hood against Rt. Rev. Dr. Talbot were 
based was obtained from a duplicate 
sent to Rev. Dr. John F'ulton, who dis- 
claims all responsibility for the act. 
Dr. Pulton knows who Is responsible 
for tbe delivery of a copy to Dr. Ir- 
vine, it is reported, and he will bring 
an accusation against him. 

Bishop Consulted An Attorney. 

Phtl^lphla. Dec. 81.— Bishop Tal- 
bot befd a conference Friday at Sun- 
bury, Pa , with Col. C. M. Clement, 
who is an attorney and who has been 
close to the bishop all through the 
trouble he has had with Dr. Irvine, 
who was unfrocked by tbe bishop 
some time aga CoL Clamant was aac- 
ratary of tbe Central Pennsylvania 
diocese until It was recently divided. 
He Is now secretary of the Harrisburg 
diocese which is the name of the ju 
rlsdlction carved out of the Central 
Pennsylvania diocesa. After the con- 
fareace Bishop Talbot would, not Ulk. 
All that Col. Clement would say was: 
"At present 1 have nothing to say, but 
I may be able to give out a statement 
a little later." 

Ratumad the Madal. 

Chicago, Dec. 31. — John C. .Johnson, 
a young artist of this city, who rtv 
ceived from the St. Louis exposition 
a medal for a picture exhibited by 
blm has returned It to tbe. exposition 
authorities, saying be did aot daaerve 

King Alfonso to Wad. 

Madrid, Dec. 31 —The betrothal of 
King Alfonso to Princess Victoria, of 
iCagland, la prominently announced 
In tbe newspaper Bpoca. regularly 
used by the government In making 
flaa)l4)aciai announcement!. 


Flour and Grain. 

Cincinnati, Dec. SO.— Flour— Winter 
patent, $5.60@[i.V5; fancy, $5.15(^n.85; 
ifamlly, |4.25®4.60; extra, |3.75(S4; 
[low grade, |3.20(g)3.50; spring patent. 
'16.1096.25; fancy, $5^5.26; family. 
I4.70O4.90; Northwestern rye, $4,166) 
4.26. Wheat-No. 2 red Quotable at 
$1.20®1.21 on tj-ack. Com— Sales; 
■No. 8 mixed, tracl . 46c; rejected mix- 
ed (damp and dirty), track. 43c. Oats 
—No. Z aolxed anoUble at S8%e oa 

• Chicago, Dec. 80.— Wheat— flo. 2 red, 
$1.17i/i; No. 3 do, $1.12©1.14; No. S 
bard. |1.12V.{ &i l4'/i; No. 8 do. $1.05 
^LliVg-. No. 1 Northern. fl.l7Mie» 
1.S0: No. 2 do. 91.1001.16; No. I 
■jpyring,. 91-OlOl-lS. 

Live atock. 
Clnelnnatl. Dec. 80.— Cattle— Heavy 
■teers. ebolee. t6.10e6.8l: fair to good, 
$4,8606; butcher steers, extra. $4.85 
#6; good to choice, $404.76; heifers, 
extra, $4.15@4.25; good to choice, $3.35 
04.16; cows, extra, $3.35(8)3.50; good 
to choice, $2.75@3.25. Calves— Fair to 
good light. $6.26 07-2S; extra. $7.60. 
Hoga— Good to choice paekara and 
butchers, $4.80@4.85; mixed packers, 
$4.70©4.80; light shippers. $4.36® 
4.50; pigs, 110 lbs and less, $404.80- 
fbeep— Bstra. $4.60 1 


Celebrated Marcum Damage ault la 
Drawing to a Close. 

Winchester. Ky.. Dec. 81.— Tbe cele- 
brated Marcum damage suit is draw- 
ing to a close. The defense rested Its 
case Friday afternoon and the evi- 
dence in rebuttal will probably be fin- 
ished Saturday. Judge Fenton Friday 
afternoon ordered the, attorneys on 
both sides to have the Instructions 
they wished given to tbe Jury ready 
by Saturday evening, The Jury will 
be charged and the speaking will be- 
gin Monday. The Jury is an excep- 
tionally good one, composed entirely 
of farmers. Bnt the evidence Is so 
contradictory tbat a hung Jury la prob- 

CIcoro Noble Friday testified that 
he saw Curt Jett and Tom White to- 
gether before Marcum was killed ami 
safw them shortly afterward, going to- 
ward the river. W. D. Bacon, circuit 
clerk, testified that bonds for Tom 
White and Shelby White, for the mur- 
der of Marcum, were signed by Jas. 
Hargis. Ed Callahan and S. H. Hurst. 
Bonds of Curt Jett, for several differ- 
ent Crimea, were signed by Elbert 
Hargis and William Llndon. Several 
witnesses testified that the reputation 
of Capt. Ewen was sood and others 
said It was bad. 


Badly Wounded Man Mounted His 
Horae ffter Injuring HIa Aaaallant. 

Owlngsville, Ky., Dec. 31. — James 
Riddle, charged with the murder of 
Odd Rogers, was lodged In Jail here, 
Rogers made a dying statement, in 
which be .eald tbat Riddle placed a 
dotible-barreled abotgun against his 
body and fired. The powder set Rog- 
ers' clothes on fire. Ho Jerked the 
gun from Riddle's grasp and broke It 
over his head. Rogers then mounted 
his horse, and. with his clothing 
ablase. rode some distance to a ten- 
ant bouse on his farm, where the fire 
was extinguished, and a vain attempt 
was made to save his life. 

Riddle is badly injured from being 
struck by Rogers. The Riddle and 
Rogers fanlllea have been at outs 
from trouble origlnattag over a line 
fence four years ago. Their families 
are numerous and trouble la feared. 


Two Persons Were Killed at a Ken- 
tueky lall. 

MayMng, Ky., Dec. 81. — During the 
progress of a ball at Craft sville, three 
miles from here, in Letcher county, 
Mrs, Sillar Jane Bates, 30, was killed 
by the accidental discharge of a re- 
volver which fell from tbe pocket of 
Adam Holbrook. 

Miles Holbrook, 16, a schoolboy, was 
hit by the same bullet and tatalljr 

Negro Jockey to Be Hanged. 

Lexington, Ky., Dec, 31. — The scaf- 
fold upon whteh Earl Whitney and 
Claute^ O'Brien, tbe youthful Tennes- 
see desperadoes, were hung a year 
ago. was taken to Winchester Friday 
to be used in the execution of Joiui 
Hathaway, the Negro jocliey, under 
sentence of death for the murder of 
a Negro woman. Hathaway is to be 
hanged ^January 8. 

Lexington Ciopera Married. 

Lexington, Ky.» Dec. H.— J. W. 
Cooper, a young contractor of this 
city, and Miss Sarllda Fisher, super- 
intendent of the cloak department in 
a local store, quietly secured a mar- 
riage llecanse here Friday and eloped 
to Covington, where tbey were mar- 

Dental Pedagoguaa lleet 

Louisville, Ky., D*c. 31.— The 'Insti- 
tute .of Dental Pedagogiie.s elected the 
following officer.s: President, Dr. S. 
H. Guilford, Philadelphia; vice presi- 
dent. Dr. D. R. Stubblefleld. NashvlUe, 
Tenn.; secretary and treasurer, Dri W. 
B. Wlbaio tt, Toronto, Mkl 

Dime Cost His Life. 
Paducah, Ky., Dec. 31. — Jess Ingram 
and Rufe Neece fell out over a dime 
and tbe former was shot dead at a 
ebureh entertainment After paying a 
dime for himself Ingram refuaed to 
pay for bis wife. A light and tbe 
ihootlaf followed. 

Washington, l ee. SI.— Tbe foltowing 
fourth-class postmasters were appoint- 
ed for Kentucky: High Bridge, Jes- 
samine county, Wm. H. Humble; Roa- 
noke, Larue county. J. W. Spencer; 
Three Sprfage, Hart oouatir, Lacy A. 

Newport. Ky.. Dec. SI.— Coroner 
Hlggins has completed tbe eompllatlon 

of the statistics of his office for 1904. 
The report shows that there were 46 
sudden deaths that demanded Investi- 
gation on the part of the coroner. 

Newport, Ky., Dec. 31,— Friends ot 
Edward Hending, one of the seven 
men eent to the penitentiary for long 
terms for assaulting Mrs. Gleason, aro 
making strenuoua efforts to have Gov. 
Beckham pardoa bin, 


The President is Devotm r Some 
Time ill Consideration of Im- 
portant Appointments. 


Joseph H. Ctaoate, Ambaeeador to tbe 
Court of St. Jameg Will lip Suc- 
ceeded by Whitelaw Aeid. 

Oen. Horace Porter, American Ambas- 
sador to France, Will Retire Soon 
After March 4 — Successor Net 
■can Deelded On.. 

Washington, Dec. 31, — President 
Roosevelt is devoting some lime at 
present to consideration of Important 
appolntmenta In tbe diplomatic and 
cunsnlar aervlce at the government, 
which are to be made formally by blm 
at the beginning of the new adminis- 
tration next March. 

It is known that he has decided up- 
on several changes. Joseph H. Choate, 
ambassador to the court of St. James, 
lias indicated tbat be doea not desire 
longer to continue as the representa- 
tive of tills government in Great Bri- 
tain and he expects, when relieved, to 
return to America, to look after his 
personal Interests here. He will be 

He Is aiatad to lueeeed Ambaaaador 
Choate as Our Representative at Liondea. 

jucceeded by Whitelaw Reld, proprie- 
tor of the New York Tribune, who 
was one time minister to France. 

Oen. Horace Porter, American am- 
bassador to France, will retire from 
:hat poKt H()(jn after the 41 li of .Murch. 
The president has decided on Gen 
Porter's successor, but at this time 
no announcement of bla decision can 
be made. 

Tower, McCormicl  and Storer. 

Charlemagne Tower, American am- 
bassador to Germany, and Robert S. 
McCormlck, American ambassador to 
Russia, will continne at their retpec- 
tive posts. ' 

Bellamy Storer, ambasaador to Aus- 
: ria-IIungary, will continue as the .\m- 
prican representative to the court of 
Vienna unlesn the president should 
ileclde to transfer him to another post 
in the diplomatic servloe. 

As to the ambassadorship to Italy, 
nothing of a definite nature can bo 
raid now. It has been runmted that 
Ambassador George V. L. .Meyer Is to 
succeed Gen. Porter at Paris, bfit it 
can be said that such a change Is not 
certain. Tbe probabilities are that 
.Embassador Meyer will remain at 


(Sen. Pow 'll Clayton having decided 
to reliuQuish his post as ambassador 
to Mexico at the end of the preaent ad- 
ministration, be will be suoeeeded by 
Bdwin H. Conger, now United Stater 
minlger to China. It is not expected 
that Mr. Conger will continue long at 
the Mexican capital, as he Is under- 
stood to Intend to return to his home 
state of Iowa to be a candidate for 
governor in aoccesaion to Gov. Cum- 

Minister to Mexico. 

When he leaves the City of Mexico, 
he wiU be succeeded by David E. 
Thompson, ot Nebraska, who at prea- 
ent Is American minister to Bhuill. 
Mr. Thompson accepted the appoint- 
ment to Bra/.ii with the understanding 
that he would be apiwinted to a high- 
er place in tbe diplomatic service as 
soon as opportunity offered. Minister 
Conger will be succeeded at the court 
of Pekln by WUUam W. RookblU, at 
present director of the bureau of Am- 
erican republics, who is recognized 
an authority on all bubjects pertain- 
ing to China and the Chinese. 

In aucceaalon to Frank H. Mason, 
consul ganaral to^Berlln, John Lewis 
Orifllths, of Indianapolia. will be nam- 
ed. It is expected that some changes 
win be made in the corps of Ameri- 
can ministers but at this time they 
are not obtainable for publication. 

Will Accept Lower Wages. 
Chicago, Dac. 31.— The rail and steel 
mill employes of the Illinois Steel Co. 
have deelded to accept lower wages 
and 12 hour working day proposed by 
the company to go into effect Janu- 
ary 1 In tbe plant at South Qblcaga 


It la Believed That Thomas W. Law- 
son Has Called It Off. 


Boston, Dec. 31. — Is lHomas W. Law- 
son about to call off his war against 
the Standard Oil and "the system?" 
On top of such a rumor I.,awson and 
s  veral important men from out of 
town were In conference from 1 
odcck until early in the evening, 
when they left tbe city together. Law- 
son leaving word tbat be would return 
to Boston Friday. 

State street Is at a loss to under- 
stand the meaning of the conference, 
if it docs not have an important bear- 
ing upon either Stamlard Oil or Amal- 
gamated Copper affairs. 

Tbe rumor that Lawson baa engag- 
ed passage for himself and family to 
Europe, where he will recuperate from 
the .strain of smashing the market 
and banging Standard Oil and Amal- 
gamated, is denied by Lawson's clus 
eat bualneaa aaaociatea, who say they 
do not know ot any plana Lawson may 
have for leaving the country. 


About Seven Million Bushels Were 
Sent South From Pittsburg. 

Pittsburg, Dec. SI.— Hardly bad the 

channel of the Ohio river at Merry- 
man been cleared after the accident 
to the Crescent's low. and navigati(m 
reopeni'd Friday, than the Clyde, of 
tbe Clyde Coal Co., iunk a coal boat 
and a flat at tbe same potat aad as a 
result further coal shipments on the 
present rise are improbable, ^he se- 
ries I'f accidents within the past few 
days liaxe kept the Hhipmi nts far be- 
low the amount expi-riecl. 

The obstruction at Merryman will 
not be removed until Saturday, and, 
as tbe rivers are beginning to fall, the 
coal companies are not making prep- 
arations for sending any more fleets 
down the river. The total shipments 
(luring the rise amounted to about 
seven million bushels of coal and sev- 
en mode! twrgea of wire and nails. 
There remain more than 15,000,000 
bushels of coal loaded In the harbor 
asd -poda.   


The Steamer Carrying Him to This 
Country Sighted Off Fire Island. 

New '\'ork, Dec. 31.— The steamer 
Pretoria fiom Hamburpr, Dover and 
Boulogne, bearing Dr I.eroy S. Chad- 
wick, of Cleveland, husband of Mrs. 
Cassle L. Chadwlck, as a passenger, 
was sighted eontbeaat of Flra Island 
Saturday morblng. 

Cleveland. O.. Dec. 31.— Tha bulle- 
tin announcing the sighting of the 
steamship Pretoria off Fire Island was 
given to a deputy sheriff at the county 
Jail Saturday morning. He took it im- 
mediately to Mrs. Chadwlck. who was 
anleep. When awakened and Inform- 
ed of the vessel's safety, Mrs. Chad- 
wick said she was glad to hear the 
news as she had worried some over 
the delay in tlie vessel's arrival. 


Two Firemen Were Killed and Three 
Others Hurt By a Falling Wall. 

Chicago, Dec. 31. — Fire Friday night 
cjmpletely destroyed the repair barns 
uf the Chicago Union Traction Co., at 
40th and Western avenue, entailing a 
loss of $15ii.inm. Two firemen weio 
killed, two others and om- s|M-iiati t 
were injured by the falliiii,' 'it a por- 
tion of tbe wall. Tbe dead are: CapU 
Pul Die. Lieut. John Pyne. 

Injured: Charles Anderson, flrO' 
man, cut on face and hands and legs 
bruised: Capt. John Miller, flrenian, 
crushed about body and cuts on bead; 
August Kraut, severely hurt about thd 


Oldest Judge In the Federal Judiciary 
Presented to the President. 

Washington, Dec ;;i.— Senator El!;- 
ins, of West Virginia, Friday present- 
ed to the presidcAt John J. Jackson, 
the oldest Judge in the federal Judi- 
ciary. Judge Jackson presides over 
the L iiiled States district court for the 
northern district of West Virginia. He 
is Hi) years old and was appointed dis- 
trict Judge by President Lincoln 44 
years ago. He waa a member 6f the 
old 'Virginia legislature tn war times 
and delivered a notable speech in op* 
position to secession. 

Theodore Thomas Seriously III. 
Chicago, Dec. II. — Theodore Thom- 
as, the famous musical director. Is 
seriously 111 with pneumonia and bis 

physicians admitted Friday night that 
they were becoming alarmed. Dr. C. 
F. Elyk, who is in attendance, saye be 
has a chance for recovery. 

Judge Hobaon iU. 
Frankfort, Ky., Dec. SI.— Judge J. 
H. Hobson, of the court of appeals, 
who will under the law succeed to tho 
chief Judgeship January 1, is quite ill 
at bis home in this city. His illness ia 
not considered daagerooa. 

Colorailo Supreme Court Onlered 
a Swf'cpiiiir Invf'stigation In- 
to the Late Election. 


The Refirlitratlon Lists, the Campaign 

Kxpendltiu'p and All RIectiou Mat* 
ters to ite Investigated. 

As There Are 204 Ballot Boxes it la 
Evident That Several Montha 
Will Be Cenaumad in Their 

Denver, Dec. 31.— i.. retching its 
hand so as to cast a shadow over ev- 
ery man and woman In any way Im- 
plicated In election frauda of the city 
and county of Denver on or before or 
after November 8, the supreme court 
Friday ordered an Investigation so 
sweeping in its scope that every phase 
of the election may be scrutinized and 
everytlilng tbat bears in any way up- 
on tbe electloa bmt b« made kaoirn 
by judicial Inquiry. 

Alva Adams, democratic candidate 
fur governor, who api)ear(d from the 
returns to have been elected, but who 
has declared that he does not want the 
office tainted with, fraud, asked the 
conrt to open every PeBver baUot box, 
but the order of tha court goes be- 
yond the mere examination of the bal- 
lots and provides fiir an investigation 
uf the registration lists, tbe campaign 
expendlturea and In brief all election 

Attorney Samuel W. Bedford, for 

Adams, and Attorney Henry J. Hosey. 
for the republicans, asUtd the court 
to makf its t)rder of such breadth thac 
the court need not stop at anything in 
the investigation. The court said that 
was what It meant to do and instruct- 
ed tha lawyers to agree upon tbe 

wording of the order and present It to 
the court fur approval next Tuesday 

Handwriting Experts to Be Appointed. 

As there are 204 ballot boxes It is 
evident that several months will be 
consumed in the examination of their 
contents by the two handwriting ex- 
perts to be appointed for this work. 

II, Is expected that the supreme 
court will be asked to make an order 
placing special watchers at the court- 
house to gua'd ilie r« ;lstration books 
until such time as the investigation is 

"There are probably 20,000 fraudu- 
lent regtstratlons on the books of the 

city and county of Denver. " said At- 
torney James H. Brown, tlie principal 
advisei of the republican city central 

F. A. Williams, chairman of the re- 
publican committee, has published the 
following statement over his signa- 

"Our investigation into ilif ciiuiiiKt 
of the recent idection in i)  ii\er has 
developed the fa t that appnixiniately 
20,000 fraudulent votes were cast or 
counted for Alva Adams in this city. 
There is now no reasonable doubt that 
(;o\ Peabody aiul the entire republic- 
an state ticket was fairly elected on 
Novenilier S, by tlie votes of a largi.' 
majority of tbe legal voters uf this 
j state." 

The Situation Complicated. 

What effect, if any, tbe court's ac- 
tion Friday will li.Me upon the coiirsi' 
of the legislature in respect to can- 
vassing the vote for governor and de- 
termining whether Peabody or Adamv 
is entitled to tbe seat has not become 
ajipaient. Chief .lust ice Cabbert par- 
ticularly stated tbe (Minn's investiga- 
tion will not 111' |n'i mil ii il in any way 
to interfere with any investigation 
that may be set on ftmt by tbe gMeral 

Republicans as well as democrats 
admit tbat the openlnn of all the Den- 
ver boxes complicates the political sit- 
uation in Colorado, but believes that 
it means there will be no "rough 
house" as predicted. 

It was announced late Friday tbat 
the republican plan to unseat demo- 
cratic senators had bfen moditli^l and 
that possibly only Senators Horn and 
Healey. who were seated by the dem 
ocratlc majority on contests two years 
ago. would be turned ont 

It also was reported that on tbe 
evidence of Influential republicans the 
proposition to memorialize the United 
Statea senate to unseat Senator Tel- 
ler would be abandoned. 

Mitchell Leavee Per Waahingten. 

Portland. Ore.. Dee. SI.— Senator 

John H. Mitchell, who came to Port- 
land to appear before tho fedora^ 
grand Jury In connection with tbe land 
fraud Investigations which are being 
prosecuted by tbe government, left for 
Washingto n lYiday nlgbt 

Covington. Ky.. Dee. Sl.~Mary Over- 
man, who lived alone here, was found 
dead in an old arm chair Friday after- 
noon. . ' 




Fair to-nUrht %nA RnndAy. 

Thr whole of Texai, the Birmiagbam 
Newt laya, seema anxiooa to bava PtmI- 
dant Rbosevelt niakfi that State a visit. 
It la said that even the boll weevil ia 
ofFadag nonhj° 'tionD tn the inTttttioa. 

"Kkhok, I'm awfully sorry yea are not 
cominff back," remarked Speaker Can- 
non (B«p ) to tbe former belora he left 
WaahloKtoa recently. "Yon have made 
a very ii iefnl mcinhor, ami I am frank to 
say that it is a pity that a Democrat of 
leat infloeace and naefnineaa was not left 
at home instead of yoiirpelf." Similar 
expreseione from leaders on both sides 
of tbe boaee show bow Mr. Keboe is ap- 
pradated by bia eolleainiM in CosRraH. 


Magaileeat fngnm af Holes a*4 Claiaic 
Draaatie Readiaga by ibe Baf ti 
aad Laeal Taleat. 

In commenting; on the deplorable af- 
fair at Lexington the other night iu 
whieh a young; ffir\ loat an eye by the 
explosion of a fjiant fire-cracker thrown 
at her by some miserable miscreant, the 
Herald aaya: "The amrreKata amoont 
realized from the nale of all the flraworka 
in the United  Siutes can not reatora tbe 
eight which one flramraoker haa de- 
stroyed, and would the fleeting pleasure 
of the whole world derive from their use 
be compeniation for ti^e blighted Ufa of 
this loval/ yona^iioaiaD ?" 

The following parties will participate 
in tbe testimoniiil ben» fit entertainment 
at tbe opera boose nt-xt Toeaday eren- 
ing: Tlie participants will be Mr. and 
Mrs. Edward N. Uoyt, Mias Florence 
Wadaworth, Bin. Hamilton, llr. and 
Mrs. James S. Wood and others, Includ- 
ing tbe Mayaville Orcbeatra. The oour- 
taay rf tha theatre and orebrttra haa 
been tendetad to Mr. Hoyt for tfaa oooa* 


( ; raii.i Overture .Mayarllle Orohettra 

KHust and Mephblo Mr. Mward H. Hoyt 

Vtx-al Solo ....Mis. H. f . Hamilton 

The Kaven... Mr. James S. Wood 

Otl' r t u re m » Oroheiira 

Si'eiie from logomir Mn. flbif t 

SulectlODi from Toyland 

Miss norSDOa WadHworlh 

Scene from tragedf of VlrglniUi Mr. Hoyt 

Piano Mrs. Jamei 8. Wood 

Ia(tlgatiOB8oanatrom Julius (\ 'ssr 

Mr. Hoyt and Mr. Wood 

Overture .Onshastia 

Quarrel Scene ; Brntiu and Cassiuf 

Mr. Wood and Mr. Hoyt 

Ophelia's Mad Scene, ("Hamlet") Mra. Boyt 

Rip Van Winkle Mr. 

Shiihhy (ientopi (Imt ersonation 


River I teat. 

The Courier will leave Cincinnati Mon- 
day, reanmiag her trips in this trade. 

The Oraaaland left Otaehnatl thla 
mMiiiiMt for Pittabart and all way land* 

A gang of man are at work oo tha 

Frank Gilmore at Middleport trying to 
raise tbe sunken towboat. The Gil- 
more aaak raddaaly a weak ago. 

Captain Gordon C. (ireene will ba 
general managtr of tbe Pomeroy and Cin- 
cinnati Packet Company. Captain Wm. 
E. lioe will be the businaia manager and 
look after the oflBcaa. 

Tha fallewlag la tha Btw Uw eoMam* 

ing better fire protection on steamboats: 
Kuie 4, requires all passenger ateamera 
to ba provided with firo boekata, banrala 
and axes, instead of on inland steamers 
only, as before. Re iuirement of steam 
fire branches in lamp lockers, oil rooma 
and light compartments, which compart- 
mente mast also be lined with metal. Re- 
quirement that steam fire pumps should 
jM oaj)able of throwing an "affective 
•tiwmi' of water for a dtatanea of not'leaa 
than fifty feet through at least two fire 
connections each, on the main deck and 
each daek above tha main daek. Every 
such pump shall be fi'led with a gauge 
and a relief valve at* justed to lift at 100 
pooada praMwa whiali takea'tha plaaa 
of a prorate table of d fTi-rent sizes of 
pumps for Btramers of ditierent tonnage. 
Requirements for portabla iia axtfai* 
gnishers on all passenger Rteametv pro- 
portioned in number to the touua»ie ( f 
tha boat. - ■ 

There will not be a men's meeting to- 
morrow afternoon at tbe Y M. C. A. on 

account of tha funaral of Mr. M. F. 

Sill Smith Kiissell. 
Till' lliiiiloo'.s I'amdise.. 


I^The Wrong ilat " 

ugilat" )a. 
altttihw /b.' 

Mr. Wood 

Mr. Hoyt 

Fnneral Notice. 
Otiicers and members of DeKalb Lodge 
No. 12, 1. 0. 0. F., are requested to meat 
at their ball Sunday at 1 o'clo -k p. m. to 
attend tbe funeral of brother M. k\ Marsh. 
Services at tbe Christian Church at 2 
o'clock. Oar aiatar lodgea are invited. 

M. F. "WiLU AMI, N. a. 
Jm, W.TheaipBon, Sacrataiy. 




Women's Coats 



OfBoars and membera of Ringgold Lodga 

No. -7, I O O. F , are reijuested to meet 
at their hall Sunday at 1 o'clock p. m. to 
•Haad the funeral of brother M. F. Marsh 
olow sister lodge, DeKalk No. 12, 1. 0. 
0. F. Services at tbe Christian Church 
at 2 p. m. W. S. YAzaix, N. G. 

Simon Nelson, Secretary. 

The members of Limestone Lodge No. 
36, K. of P., are requested to meet at tha 

Castle Hall Sunday at 1 o'clock p. m. to 
attend the funeral oi Bro. M. F. Marsh, 
P. 0. Mamben of other K. of P. lodgaa 

invited. Godkrky HrNSicKKR, C. C. 
John L. Chamberlain, K. of R. and 8. 

Members of the local lodge of Redmen 
are requested to meat at their wigwam 
Sunday at 1 p. m. to attwd tha f ooaral 
of Brother M. F. Manh. 

H. W. Drenan, a groceryman at Man- 

cheHtt-r, aHs;t;rit'il \Vt'iliif-ii;iv. 


on Market street, op- 
posite the Central. A 
chance for a bargain. 



In the expenditure of Cbristuaa ehopping women were obliged to neglect 
their own tteadt, to ttii« annonncrment should appeal to {tded pnraee. It also 
offers an unusual opportunity for the profitable investment of Christmas money. 

About fif^y stylish Coata are iDvolved— not one of them in existence before 
Tbankagiviag. It eoaada absurd to say these Coata are worth $14 to S20 and we 
are selling them for $10, bat ooat sailing time ia over thongh waariog time haa only 
fairly started. 

There ia a good proposition of tbe higher prieadOoata op to CM), hot of oowraa 
earlieet comers will have best choosing. 

Impoesibla to give descriptions, for over twenty itvlea «• incladed| savaral 
lengths, light, tooaa and aaaai-flttUit afTaota ia cheviots, tweeds, karaayt and braids 


$14 to $20 Coata for $10— not an everyday cbanea. 



Kui men and boys. E*r Muffs, Pulse Warmers, MiifHars, Gloves, 
Wool Half Hose, Wool Underwear, Flannel Pajamas and Night 
Shirts, Overcoats and heavy Suits. 


The Toledo Times says : "This is tbe 
sixth year the Great Lafayette has played 
Toledo with his big company and his 
name ia tbe beat advertisement for his 
show." Ha comes to Maysville, ^ ednes- 
day January II. 

W. H. Kny.tire and accident insurance. 



Nothing will be more appreciated by the men for Chrittmas gift tiun a 
pair of NULUFIERS. To thoM who dislike low-cut houac ilippen 
NULUFIBRS arc just the tUng. Wt cuty these in tan and black. 

Mollle McElroy, who with her hus- 
band is under arrest at Huntington 
charged with conducting, a graao gooda 
scheme, broke down and wept when ar 


We wish to say our trade has been highly gratifying. 
We fully appreciate their liberal patronage and hope they may 
raigned before the United States Com- 1 continue with US during the New Year. Our best efforts shall 

missioner. She says she didn't want to , , , , 

write the letters, bat claims her baabaod ^^^^ please all. Wishuig for our irtenos a prosperous 
forced her to. 

Tbe damage suit of Riley Ham versus 
Din T. Fig( her, growing out of the OO* 
fortunate shooting of Ham by Fischer 
during the holiday! thraa years ago at 

Flemingaburjj. was settled by co03 pro- 
mise Wednefiday. The j udgment waa for 
12,000 with nearty a year's interest, mak- 
ing it about ?•.',] 20. Ham's costs were 
1362 50, and tor full settlement Fischer 
pays about 60 cents on the dollar and 
pays his own cost in full. 

New Year. Respectfully, 




City Taxes For Year of 1904 

Bjr apecial order of City Council, on all taxem paid on 
or before Satnrday, December 31, 1004, no penalty 
will ho oliarjfod. On .Taiiiiary 1st a peSAlty of 10 per 
cent, will be added to all unpaid. 



Ont Sin Plaast itk yaor WIFE, DAUOIITEI 
or SISTER to Raad MY FREE Offer. 


The Best 

New Year's Resolution 

You can make and stick to is to "rinjj out" 
the old pair of Shoes or Rubbers and com- 
mence J 905 by trading at SMITH'S, 
where you get substantial Footwear at a 
low price and a generous supply of Globe 
SUmpt with each cash purchase 


Proa ■ WooMO of Notre Dame, Ind. A 

I w n nan, free of any eharw. tbis Home Treae. 
BJent with lull Instructions and history ol my own 
case to any lady sufferinir wiiix female tronbla. 
You cau cure yourself at bome wltbont the aii of 
nriy phrslclan. If wm oost yon nothlnt toatva 
th.i trcatmentatrial. and If you decide toooowiao 
It wiiionlyco8tyotfaboutl3contsa week. ItwlU 
not Interfere wim your worit or oeoupatlon. I 
^.M^"*'S^',"» V •S'^ '•^'eU o'ber aultennet II- 
^ 'i'll^,?"   "k* It enrea all. yoonc or ol4 
'eel* bearlnir^lo^nrSMwaSSl i 

of Im ^ndlnj evil, pala In tUo back or bowels, 
OTewna leeuns up the eplne, a desire to cry fra- 
•nwntiy. not flashes, weariness, f requont desire to 
urinate, or if you have Lcucorrhea ( Whites), DIs* 
placement or Falllnnof the Womb. Profuse, Scanty 
or Pamiul Periods. Tumora or Orowtba. addreaa 
jf* M-8«im«rCBox 120. Notre OaS, tatVU 
B. A., for the Free Treatment and Full itaforma* 
tlon. Thounands besides myself have curedtbem* 

TO MOTHHM OP OAlWHrBM twin etpiala »^TmpllWm'o ttmi'ntw^^^^ and 
Mtoetually cures I.ei.rorrhea. Green Sickness and Painful or IrwiulM iSnattoaUoS^roSS 
iSyt,-- .VoT.h « ^I^^.^M and expense and save your dautrht^ thShuSSSSoo Of e^aff 

*^h2.iS« -"S. ^^i^S"""? and health always result from Its umT * *f»*^ 



men't'^nWnfJTiiJSSSrS^^ «"f "e^J "'■-Plo'-''- 

soren^!i^^te/^rtrn"o'f*?be"woK°S^^^^^^^^ Home Tr«t«eut Quicki, cu«.lm.of 
..V WT ^ TIIXIE WILLIAMS, Camp Nalaea K» 

the JiM^iSs asss'ortie'igs2i?re*si5ss t&"'" 

IWR8. M. SUMIWEIte, Box 406. Notre Dame, Ind., U. SL 

SwlfiBliii^rviii?S.'S5LZ2.^iS.''.l'|-'^^ 'a^i?" your own State or county who 

Ai Early Moroin/; Kla7e. 
A two-story fraiiis dwelling beloDgiog 
to iioa. Wm. U. Vox on Walnut atreet, 
Fifth ward, occupied by Mr. John Tolle 
and family was partly conaumed this 
inoroinR at 1 o'clock. Tbe fire started 
from a defeetiye flue. It ia understood 
that Mr. Tolle had $.'iOO insurance on his 
homehold ffoode, which were burned. 

Durrett Broe. have aold a crop of tcbic- 
co to Thomw L. Beet at 12 centa. 

SIC , Verclleg; the germ ol all dUeaaei of tbo 
T,.,l?i . ■ '* lmpo8»lbilUy to cure. 

P-wi^^"'" elenu-nis whirl, daiim-rous. If 
taken properly will i.n.Mtivoij cure. No notoriety 
and no .i.-unih.,, fr.»n busin«M. Bant mnuSSi 

oil reciipt of S ,, JKK POAL RnUED' 
Malu t)t.. Cincinnati, Ohio, """^ 

Rev, H. M. Curry will preach at Lay. 
tham'a Ohapel Sunday rnQmluf at 11 a. 
m, and at 2:8 0 in theaff rnooo. ^ 

Mr and Mra. Erneat Ricbarda bm 
moved to Pbrtamouth. 

The Linen Sale 

Thousands of people are wilting for this sale. We searched every nook and 
comer of the market to buy the best goods for the lc«tt moa^y. We want this sale to 

be a great saving to every person. We started months ago to get ready. Our first 

fmrchase was made last May. Whenever wc found a great bargain we bought. Take 
or instance No. 403 Linen, worth in any store in the country $1.25 per yard, in our 
Mle at 89e. Please look at it and compare with any $t.25 value anywhere. One large 
department store in Cincinnati offered to take the entire lot. The sale starts Monday, 
January 2nd. AT 10 O'CLOCK EACH DAY we will sell 500 sample pieces of Linen 
good for napkins, towels and small fancy j^eces. This sale will include 

Unon Sheeting, 

Butcher Linen, 
Hemstiteh Searital, 
India Unen, 

Bed Spreais, 

PlUew Cases, 

Table Linens, 
Lunch ClotlMi 


Also several hundred remnants of Table Linen, Crashes, White Goods, etc , that 
have been left from the holiday rush; some are soiled, but the price is, too. Even if you 
are not interested come and look at 403. 








— •if 


Merger ef Tnctiee Rssls WftI the Ohio 
Rim and Colnmhas, Which Will 
Be Extended to Ikis 

Hainline's toys are openeil. 

see f " 

OeorffetowD (0.) Timee-Demock-at : "A 
crowd of New York espttaliats wew here 

last week looking; over the railroad pro^- 
ertiea in this eection with a view to their 
VOfobMesadeoniolidation. Tbeinapec^ 
t on took in the C , G. and P., the 0. R. 
and C. and the C. and £. from Bethel to 
Cincinnati. It the roads are taken over 
by thia party they will be consohdated 
and put under one management. The 
road Jrom h«re east will be pushed on to 
Portsmouth and from Sardinia to Waah- 
ington 0. H., and the whole lyitem elec- 

From another source it ia learned that 
the Ohio BlTer and Oolambni road which 

now operates between Tiipley and Sar- 
dinia is to be extended to this city from 
Bipley and to Waahinston O. H. from 
Saniinia, and electrified. 

The new system COVere about 17 j miles 
of track, apd would be the only means 
for people to reach Cincinnati from Ports- 
mouth and Maysville by trolley cars. 

Mrs. Louis K. Parry entertained her 
Sunday school olaM of ten boys at her 
home Friday afternoon. During; a ^ame 
of catcher her eleven-year-old son, James 
Needham, bad his right arm broken. 

Come and 

Mr. David L. Hunter soM his crop of 
t .bacc'o to Thomas I. iiest at I'J cents. 

Mr. Richard Dawson and family have 
moved to Portainoatb, wheM Diok has 
been oontraoting for serenl yenra. 

Mr. Elmer Biintin and Misn Claude 
Ralls, a runaway couple from Carlisle, 
were married in the parlors of tl)e Reed 
Hotel at T i trin si nn Thaiidny alt«moon. 

The Manistee, Wis., Advocate says of 
"The Mummy and the Humming liird," 
the attraction at the Washington, Men- 
day January 9: "The play is constructed 
upon lines which permit of the beet dra- 
matic work and the company ia cxcep* 
tionally well balfooad." 

Third Street M. E. Church— Moniirg 
servicee at 10:30, subject of sermon, 
"Source of Freeh Impalee of - a . New 
Year:" evening, "Makinir a Life," of 
special interest to young people. Ep- 
worth Leagp'e at 6:15 p. m. and Sunday 
school at 9:80 a. m. All are invited. 

Mr. George Barker, an aged citizen cf 
the Fifth ward, died at I o'clock this 
morning of heart trouble at the home of 
his son Lncien in Fifth ward. He bad 
been critically ill about a week. Funeral 
Sunday ' morning at 10 o'clock from 
the retiilence. Services by Rev. Mussel- 
man. Burial under auspices of G. A. R. 
of which deceased was a member. 

Fancy TangorinM. 


They are more delicate and tre better than oranKes. We are of- 
ferlDK some extra Grape Frait. M«Ia(a Urape« and sweet Florida 

Oranges. Crisp I-ottuce, Caiilillower, fVlery sixJ ttie finest lot of 
cintu'd A spa ran us, Beets, Hi-arN.  Jkra sti iiikU'ss Beanii and Lima 
Ueaus iu tne city. Commuucf the Nfw War rii;lit and order your 

amaertom-s fi- W. GEISEI-. 


^ 15 Per Cent. Discount 


On all cash purchases of furniture between now and 
.Tun nary 7, 1005, we will allow a discount of 15 p«r 
ceut. and also give Glove Staiupa. 

Tbl* to extremely UberaU but we want to keep 
busy. We have eeven clerk* Idle, and It to quite di^ 
couraflav to see them eittiav around sncklng their 


to get them bWi and incidentally got some oasli . Thin 
liberal discount applies to every piece of Furniture iu 
our house. Inveatlgatlou profitable. It will pay you 
to iuvestigate this. 



Wo give Globe stamps. Those good Stamps. 

rPERSONAL mention ) 

— Mr. Geo. W. Wood left this morning 
for Cincinnati. 

—Mr.' W. 8. Jtffera of Vaooeburg was 
in town Friday. 

-Mr. B w. ooetaea im et Flam 
in({sbarg Monday. 

— Jndne Thos. R Pbleter was at Flem- 
iof(sbur){ W'»iaesday on leK^i bu'^iness. 

—Mr. p. U. Frr z;e and wife of f^ezina- 
ton are l^peadinR a few di^a Mti Hith 


—Miss Blanch Haawo ofOeViraatown 
ifl the (innt of the MkM Hwghebeo of 

Fern Leaf. 

— Miea Tbereea Faber of Newport is 
visiting Mr. and Mra. Fiank Harting of 
Wast Ssoond street. 

—Mr. and Mrs. V. Iward L. Cahliah of 
CoviiiKtoD are vieitin); their parente, Mr. 
and .VI ru. Jacob Cabliali of Forest avenue. 

— Misaee Lyde and Florraoe Bogers are 
iruf SIS of MIsa Oertmde Bealck at Paris. 
Miss Benick gave a six o'clock dinner 
Wednesday in honor of her KQNts. 

— MesnrB. .Iflines O'Hearn of Indianap- 
olis and ,Iohn O'Hearn of Joliet, III., have 
reiiirned after a v iBit to their parente, Mr. 
and Mrs. John O'Hearn of Aberdeen. 

—Messrs. John Dulev, W. H. Mean«, 
D. HechinKHr, Wm. Troutn, Chas. F. 
Mack, ilarvey G. Welle and J. Barbour 
Rusaell were at FlemiDK^burK Monday. 

—Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Cbunn have ar- 
rived at Chattanooiia on a viait to their 
eon, T. Reed Cbunn, of the CbattannoKa 
Mill and Mine Supply Company. They 
will later oontUiae their trip to Florida 
and other sonthero poiata. 

Ten and 13 cent hams— Oalhonn'a. 

OiMaaall DeeHog, aoa of Captain W. 

G. Dearinjf of FlemiDnaburt?, has been 
appointed to the cadetsbip at the Anna- 
polis Naval Aoadenr by Oinigi«isiaa& 

Bennett ^^^^ 

The old reliab'e Mason County Build- 
ins and Savini; Association have opened 
their books for subscriptiou to the thirty- 
eight series. Apply to Thomas M. Rus- 
aell or R. K. HoHlich. 

♦ ♦ — - 

Governor Beokham baa announced the 
appointment of Judge Robert L. Stout 
of Woodford County aa Circuit Judge of 
the Fourteenth Judicial diatrict to euc  
ceed Jtidge Jinies K. Cantrill, who bae 
been elevat«d to the bench of the Conrt 
of Appeals. 

Mr. Fulton Redden, an employe of tl e 
Keystone Commercial Oonipany, and 
Mies Goldie Fristoe, a popa)ar youoK 
girl, both of this city, were married Fri- 
day morniDK at 10 o'clock at Lexington 
by Kev. I. J. Spencer at liis residence. 
They want ap on the momlag tnia and 
returned laat night. 

The funeral of Editor M. F. Marsh will 
be from the Christian Chuich to-morrow 
afternoon instead of the reeidenoe aa at 

first decided upon. The services will be 
by Rev. Moee and the burial is to be un- 
der the auepices of the various societies 
to which deceased belonged. Interment 
in Maysville cemetery. 

The Home Store! 

We are now going through 
our stock arranging: for our 
annual invoice* Where we 
fin4 two or three suits or a 
lew ovcfooats of bts that 
are almost dosed out we 
lay them aside. We will 
be in shape to show them 
to-day. If you find your 
site you will secure a bar- 
gain. That's allaiatutaiiM 


M of the best makes of Steves 
sad Ranges sold by 



Odd* and e- ds Job lots markcil down Eadeblt Lefdete tor itemmlstna on jroor 
Medgttr. anvea nine and tMwkkMptna. Begin the new year with naw booke. 


Croklnole Board, from 50c to $ ..'«. The Oreat Panic Game V . Hubicrtbe for Maga- 
tlDva now. Kead the new utorleo. V.^ will meet any i 'iili ( omiijuatlou pubUab«Ml. 
Price llHt (rr« on application. I.a ik-s'IIiinu- Journal aikI SHtiir liiy Ertnluc Poat 
both fvir tor a year. will luniNIi Hiiy I'i tIoMk al published. 



J. T. K ACKLE Y & CO. 

Club Skatea, prloee ftom S*c to S.3 fiO per pair. 

Consult your own interest and see us before 
olacing your order for Mmetery work of any 
kind. Vork done with pneumatic toolsJtJd 
GARMSTT MARBLrca* IU Sutteo at. 

Are wished a v»qrhi»fya«  n ssps wM s New Year fcy yew hknA, • 


C all for a package of almanacs and calendars free. 


Now is your opportunity to nnt a Htylish, 
up-to-date Coat at a very low price; we 
bought too many beeaase they were 
ciieap anil now we are stm k. Oome in 
and look at these. Kemember yoo have 
three month's (Koak weather before yon. 

Price $2e98 on Up. 

.Sixteen long Trimmed Ooftt^ M aiaei; 

112 values, now f(3 75. 

URDAY— Beet Table Oilelotb 17c; fina 
Black Fur Scarf 90c ; Brown Golf Gloves 
25c; White Merueriasd Golf Gloves 25c. 


New York Store. 

Teach Him to Economize! 

Any man can save money 

by using a genuine three-star Safety Razon 

Get him one for a New Year s gift and help him to 

^Hurn over a new leaf/* - 

Frank Owens Hardware Company 


. » 


SH UiiRht mo that In order to «ell froodii I hive got to hnvc them, and that in order to »«lUfy m; 
tnde I ninn 8fll them sood Rood8 a: right prlcen. and in order to rcll rl^ht I am cumpelled to buy 
n|nt, and in order to buy ru(ht I muit buy In large (juautttlea from Um prodnwr. I haTt net 
ererr requiremeDt and am now prepared to oflter my cantomerr eztraordlSMf lndiicw liH n i  
the 8PECIAL BOUDAY TRADE I want to Ulk of now. My purchaw of 

Ten Thousand Pounds of 

is DOW in. Specia) rare wax inkvii In feli-ctiiiK thcst' umiclti. The ahsortmrat kl Am. tlM qiUkUty is 
good, the prlow low. FROM 6 CKNT8 UK Five hundred groaa of * 

I don't Intond to hold uny over and as thoy were bought extremely low will be poldfttplloea 
to latitfy ttif iPiircljascr. 

In addiUoD 1 waut to call attentloa to my extra heavy and well auorted atock of Orange*, 
LwiBM , Bananaa, Applaa, Malaga Orapaa, Ratoloa, Flgi, Prunea, Citron. Lemon and orange nel, 
DM«a, SnOkwheai Flour, Maple Sugar and BTrap.Oarary and Cranberries, O'ater Cockuii Sauce. 

lb, Atmore's Mince Moat and Plum Pudding. tNMt Imported Mushroom, Sardineti.  ^ Ilve Oil 
Ollvi'i, I'resorv s, Joilu t, s lllp^, tiiicst Harkimen County, New Vorlt, Oeam ObecKe, Edam, 

Pineapple. 8wis« and LImburg Cbeeiie, Macaroni, Spagbetti, Pickles, sweet and itour: in Uv.l every- 
thing good to eat and of the very beat. In Une Teas, CoR°eeR, green or roasted, I have no cnmnetttor 
in either pric«i  or quality of goods. Just receWed another ^hipmeDt of theae EXTRA FANCY NEW 
CROP MOLaHSES dirert from the planUtlon, also 500 barrelx of the famoun PKKFBCTIQN FLOUB 
My bouxe as usual In headquarters for Poultry, Game, Oysters in bulk aud oana. IpMiUtaTltaUOB 
to people from country to make my house headquarters when in ovir city. 


RD I nun The Leading Grocer. 
. D. LUVbL, WMMiyiMiillMU. 


DiMieiiile, Jewelry, 

Umbrellas and 

Now is the time to select your Xmas 

Sescnts while our stock is complete. 
LIT trcmctidout itock of WatdiM 



Mr. and Mrs. Michael Slattery enter- 
teincd • BVBber of tbtir Meads iHth • 

eix-o'clock dinner and dance Tliureday 
evenioK at tbeir home near Lewisburg. 

Thote from a digtanoe were: Mr. and 
Mrp. Thos. Mackey of (yOviD^ton, Mra. 
Anu Lyston of Mayeville, Miss Mackey 
ef Moransbaqt, Miss Byroa of Wssbing- 
toa and Miaa HolonSlattofy wd bfoUion 
ofTffckaboe.^ ^ 

Beresse AstifiBeatii. 
The following Janoary assiipuneats for 

the local distilleriee have bOiOanaOQIIOSd 

by Collector Roberte: 

The H. E. Pogue Distilling Co.-H. G. Holiday, 
day : Oscar Grigsby, additional and bottling ; j. 
R. Itagley, additiunal : L. M. OalBn, gaogar. ' 

J. H. Rogers— U. K. Bell, storekeeper-ganger. 

Poyntz Bros— W. C. Slye, storekeeper-gauger. 

Tlie H. X. Pogue DUUllery Co., (reottfleia)— U 
M ^ 


All licenses expire on December 81st and be- 
oomaa dne on teanarj lat of eaeb year as follows, 
with penalty attiehed tor noaooompliance : 

Dogs t 1 00 

Auctioneers ."i 00 

Billiard, Pool and PlKeoc-bole Tablea 25 00 

Bowling and Teupiu Alleya.. ...^^.^.^ 2S 00 

Shooting Gallery ^.„,.^^„ 100 00 

Life and Fire Insurauoe Agents SO 00 

Plate Glass and Accident InioraDeo 

Ageou 20 00 

Tornado linmrance Agents 10(0 

Circus and MeuaiicriCK, (kt dav % 00 

Lectures, Operas, Concerts and Playa.~...... 8 00 

Opera Hooaa* 100 00 

Public MaoaB uaae, per day. ao 00 

Daucea, per nigbt 5 00 

bkating Rinks, Marry-Oo-Bounds, etc, per 

day „.,... 2 CO 

Wholetiale L*qaor Dawpa......^........ oo 

Agency for Wlioleaaie Ltqoon vi oo 

Barroom _....„ aoo oo 

Drnoitatt 60 00 

Merebants. Retail JM 00 

Itineratit I'eddlerH, temporary raaldanta, 

per day 5 00 

ivddiing from one-boraa wagon 4 00 

I'cdd 1 1 OK from two a«fie wagon............... 6 oo 

Foot I'eddler, ttock of laH than tv, per day 2 no 

Food Peddler, utock of |2(, per day. 3 00 

Hiorage of I'l tnileura ana Other CMIli es* 

ceeoing tive barrels 10 00 

Petroleum, aelllng fiMa oiie hone wagoa 
either a( wholeaaleor letall, tomerebant 

or consumer* ftO 00 

Petroleum, selling from two-hor»e wagon. ^^ 00 

 'art or dray 8 00 

  ine horse wagon 8 00 

Two-horse wagon „„„ 5 00 

Four-horse wagon 6 00 

Aatrologen and Fortune Talleia, per day,. 5 00 

Bill Posters 5 oo 

Boarding Houses, publle....M.»............M»~ ^ 

Bowie Knives, Slung Sbotij BraigJbawa 

and Dirk Knivea. „.. SO 00 

Brokera lo 00 

Cigarettea „ „ 20 00 

Eating Houses „ 10 00 

Hotel* 10 00 

Junk Shops „ 10 00 

Ijiundrles 20 00 

Livery SUbles ^ „. 2S 00 

Lunch eunds „ 10 00 

P stols 5 00 

Playing Cards „ 6 00 

Real Estate Agents 10 00 

a U I ■ U l«  se a«»ee s«»««teee*eoe aeaeaa 10 00 

Stalliona for breeding „ 10 00 

Scalea on Private Property for oompenaa- 

tlon « ^. 10 00 

Scales upon streets 00 

Owners of drays, oarts and wasons are required 
by law to tack the tags on all venfcles so licensed. 

W. E. STALLCl'P, Mayor. 

Yonr eoersy, burn your UtbarRy 
and pay me a visit. 

$1,500 LOSS 

to UMNO who did not bay tbo 
sixtoeo Plaoos that I nave 
sold the past two weeks. 

Only eidht new Pianos left. 
I want to eell five of tbem be- 
fore inventory. Tbeee eight 
are lovely deei(;nR in stand- 
ard makes. The name on 
the fall board is a boufe- 
bold weird in every tnusical 
community. Any artist will 
(cladiy pronounce judKment 
upon them. They fultill the 
artists idea. Artist's are fa- 
miliar with P-bersole Pianos. 
Fifty-two Conservatories of 
Music in the United States 
use Eb^nolee. Yoa will have 
10 horrjr. 


Wbolesato Bo p ieeenU t lfe of 

SmiUi A Nixon Piano Oo.'i 
Exhibit at Winter^ Store. 


The whc man ii fcttinf la hit 
supply for anotficr whiter be- 
cause you can't tell what may 
happen at the oahiM tUe nim* 
tnu, or what the weatikr may 
be next winter. You should or- 
der yotif nipply at once of the 


WANTEI -KmTgctlc, trustworthy man or 
woman to work In Kentucky, repr«»ent- 
tng large manufaetBriai eenpany. Salary MO 
to SW per month, naidr weekly; ezpensM ad- 

stamp, J. 


Tho remains of Olarenoe Broadwell, 

who died in Cincinnati, will be broogbt 
here to-day for bnrial. 

There will l e a meeting of the directors of the 
Mavsvllleand lia K n Connty Cemetery Company 
at Judge Coftbraa's office, Court street, at 4 p. m. 
January 2, MOft. a. Bf j. rocHRAN, 

W. H. COX. 


L( isT— Thursdav afternoon, tietween ppalofllee 
aud FIrn National Bank, |. 0 in paper. Be- 
ward for ita return to tbia ofllce. 

vanced.' Address 

Mavsvllle. Ky. 


your spare momeuth- inil 
vately or will teach a.rlaas. OQl 



IMPROVED iiggit-i t jCEPi wo -» tm 

- , oPoraS&ilM! 

AlfTRUR MITUUBLL. 21S Bridge Street, Mays- 
viUeJCy. 27-2taw-if 

TO advertloe our Watcties, etc., we oft', r a fre» 
watch for distributing twelve of our cln u 
lars to prospective biiycru att Instructed -ttii-ii 
you get your walcli. Send 4c stamps to pay cx 
penseof clrcularti. TblK otiler won't last lonv - 
CO., Anderson. Ind. 

Maysville Coal Co. 

THONB 142. 

Start the 
New Year 


Resolve to do your buainess irtth nf. 
Oar prices are right. 
Oar Roods are right. 

Oar treatment is right. 
Oall and you'll be rixht. 



Monday, January 8, 

Ths Mummy and ths Hiimmiiit 



F0l7ND-0ne o« Hunt's stamp books. Owner 
can have same by proving property and 
payin g cost of this HdviTtisfraent. 

jp 0r.\U— Monday jilght. a lad^ 'g purne. Owner 


Beoommended as being arst-claw In every way. 

.can have same by paying for advertisement Til A I — n ■■ 

and oaltlng for and proving properly at Q. W. | |1B lirBSI l_9f & V Att A 
Alton's leddenoe, lair grounds. ■ ""w we van baiajOIIO 


Selling and Giving Away 

Our remnants of Christmas Slippers. Qioicc this week of any 
Slipper in the house 99ce Many of them worth $2«50^ 
but they must sell* Look and you will buy* Women's, Misses' 
and Children's Slippers from 24c to 99c^ iwt half value* Come 
to DAN COHEN'S this weeke 

nAM PniJFM'C^i'*^*^****''" Shoe store 

1#MI1 VUiIIbII W We a MEANSy Manager* 

 J?Ii".?I***1**'**'"" l«^''«n l l l« ownoomnanT 

Mv, Jamuiry 13, 

»e one yen have wanted to know the date. 

Buater Brown. 



i ouuiT aunng the last ten years. We send ■ fr«« 

^^LT?n^"^^?1^''^"'•' ^""""i r^ut meth2S 

?i. . 'f??"'- '^'er you to Mr. Geo 8 Rns. 

Ky., Mrs. Joel T. Luman, Mt CBrmpi i?» w™ 

OMIeUews Ttaple. daetoaaU. 0. 

Picture Framliif. 

The rush will soon be oo. If 
you want any Framing for the 
holidayi isrinc them in before 
KJf* ^?J^y* ^« «»» five 

JjJJ*^ Oval Aune^ all 



Evening bulletin (Maysville, Ky. : 1887), 1904-12-31

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Maysville , Kentucky by Rosser & McCarthy
   Mason County (The Bluegrass Region)