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There were 14 i eoule re^Ulereti from 
LfeovUle leel week »t our botel*. 

Our etooe guerry I. worklo^ • full 
force of meo eod the cru.ber It dolofr 
Sue work 

Ooo i fell to eee Seote Cleue end ibe 
Cbrieime. tree et ibe ChrUtlen cburcb 
Selurdey oigbl 

The roller mill It ruoolDi; full lime 
end I* behind with lie orderi but turi- 
Iniroui 100 berreU per dey. 

Our merke'e ere lupplled with every 
luxury of tbeeeeeon end Seoie Cieut' 
Koode ere lo evidence In leriye eiooki 

J Henry Nell, one of our oldeei clll* 
7.en*, bee pneumonie end hit frlendt 
fver Ibe wur.t Leier VIr. Nell died 
Sundey nlphl 

Newton Oelp end Mr. Lule 8ben  
nun, of Junction City, flipped ot to 
Ueoriretowo e few weekt tloceend were 
guletly m.rried, but the feet we  not known until e week efter the cer  
einony bed been pi-rformeu 

The J tf Weelberford (’o. be' 
plkted tbe bxturet for their new 
room In tbe new eotel bulldinr end will 
Jioto lo thlf wcc-k There It not e pret- 
tier or beitt-r ■torr rooin lo Centrel 
Kentucky end tbit commuutity le lo be 
c'ooirretuleted erelo. 

L'ept Kd bberiiien, trelo metter of 
the',! ,V C.. end J.C Kither. of Cov 
loeioo, epeoi lett week buotinr quell 
le tbe Wett Kod. Judge Jeroet Den- 
ton .pent one night here lett week C. 
T. Bohuo end wife go to Mlttlttippl 
tbit week to tpeod tbe winter Wecom 
mend ibete good people to tbe oere of 
the bett Mlitlttlpplent who ere to be 
coogretuleteo on tbe ecquitltloooftuoh 
Keotuckleoe et tbe noblett work of tbe 
Metier. Mr*. M. J HufTmeo It much 
Improved, we ere gled to ttete Mrt. 
H K. Cemoii/ left lett week for Co- 
lumble, which piece they will meke 
ibelr future home, ber butbeod bevlng 
prreeticd h-r 

We i-eii‘h on toe few thing., but In 
tbe rutb mitted the wedding, of 

O. H Jooe* will leave Tuetdey for The Ce*ey county grend jury return 
Tranton, Mo , wbere be goe* lo ecerpt ed AT Indictment*, 
e putitlon with tbe Uuck Itlend I’ecifio Bowerd Jobnton we* 
rellroeif bunting oeer Owentburo. 

The UtiaUlcburcb et tbit piece I* ('‘Ire bedly demeged tbe broom fectc 
without e p.tlor, the ibree-monlbt' ry lo tbe Krenkfort pritoo . 
pttloreie of Ktr. ( «eot bevlng come Nine livct were loti by tbe burning 
tj en end lett Suedey. of e tteemer lo Ixiog Itlend touod. 

(tocM crowd, etieodcd the tele* of W Tbe potl-jlllce el Ku.ew, Ale , wet 
C. iMyert, deceeted, on tbe Utb, end robbed of tDi'tOO lo moony end ktempt. 
Ueo. M Wctlev, daoeeted, on tbe l' tb. Ihe lele Wlillem L, K klot, of t’hll- 
Hjth .lock end croiM brought good edeipble, left eo e.tete worth |.'tl,,' 7t,- 
prlce. 44 

School et M N. C. will clO'ie Fridey John Nelcem, the weeltble.t fermer 
end e greud enterteloniant will be gir* | lo Devlett onuotv, we* found deed lo 
eo by tbe teecber* end pupil* et tbe | hit bed. 

Cotlego ibel night Kvervb  dy, old end I Mercui D (.rover, generel cuuotel of 
young. It niiMt cordlelly Invited. I the Creel Northern rellroed, It deed et 

Tbrrr will be e Cbrlttme* tree et St I’eul. 

Keeney*. He I on Selurdey nlgblnrxt, ' Mr* Jetper Uobert*. of Pordtville, 
end of courte ei| the belle* end beeux ! but I.'i yeer* o'd,c"mmltted*ulclde with 
of ibc isiioiiiuolty will lend their pret- ‘ tlrycbnlue. 

en  ’ ui.eii evrnlng't entcrielni:. iot end Wm Jlbblnt, e weeltby fermer of 
tun Deytoo, Wnth , we* bound, gegged end 

The new two t'orv brlc b:iim of lb' robbed of ♦!  ihm 
h er' -r- Drpxli Ueng of Mlddleburg Crude oil In the Kcotucky-Teane.tre 
It oeei'lng -'oiDti.elloo end they ho|H- to Held* -ulT *red e ri iluc'lon In price of 

Thome* Deugbrriy end Ml** Kennle 
f'reeton, both of ll'iwlend, were iner 
ried yc.terdey 

Ueorge lUiyuolJt, e widower of 4J, 
end Ml*t Sereh Cummin*, *woet lb, 
were j lined been end bend et the home 
el tbe bride yeverdey 

Announcement I. roede ihet under 
oooircum.ienue* will dleorced pereuot 
be roerrled by eny of Ibn olergy of 
Trinity cburcb perl.b, New Yore 

The inerrlege of Ml*. Minnie Melle 
Hell, deugbter of Mr. Jemet lUllerd 
Bell, to Dr t’erl Urwle W bonier, of 
Liexlngton, wet celebrelod el tbe home 
of Ibe bride*, greodperenlt, Mr end 
Mr# Tbome* MItcbell, In LouUyllle, 
Wedoetdey et high noon, ll-v. Cerler 
H jlro Joniw onicUilog Tor wrdiiing 
« et very quint, only e few re'.. live, 
end cboaeo Irlendt being prr.rot The 
bride wort wbitec'eite dc chine over 
wnlte .lie end rerried tweet violeie. 
M4t« Hell It one of Sbeiby coiinlv't 
n utt ev.recllvt young leJIe* end It 
populer with lb* br- nlem-r.l of Shel- 
! jyllli toclety end her mtny friend* 
r«gr«t ihet .be I. -• Iretc the cu;:nly. 
|)r. Whe c I. one of the aio*i (lOpuler 
young pb ytlcleot lo the , iiv 'if bl* 
eUoptlot, hr heingorigine'iv Iriiiu Hu. 
loevllle, Here bl. p*' i*ii quite 

piMmln*ot .oclelly After en r...iern 
ir.p of ebout three Wi ',k* Dr. en i Mr*. 
Wheeler will be et home to tbeir iiieoy 

killed while 





npjirccinlctl iind u«/ liil to any man will la- loimil here 


For Sale or Rent 

If eiit wiiu hefiire J*. I. l■“■•.. i 
III rent the I* .»m 
f III* vr.r twee Hood lioo.e.nil .honi lan 
■ rwinf lend ni ( n-h.rd A 
Mib rd |Hki ffi.Bi ff«l  Krcbeid 

W !  lU'kllH Ai*nl 

Singing the Praises To the 
Apple Butter 


I p..r. «* b.vl.C eg.ln*' «''P *• 
i.f llurri.u I. A',.*li.n • u, A.eil 
lUi-.-e pr* ml 111 . in pnq.Tiv 
ilrwd f'V ' » li  tlie inil*r*lgti»d *dn n- 
il.,r Thiw  Imowius tb  •**!..*. In- 
l , her •• I 'oeie f. r**rJ and 
W » HI K IH, Ailinr 
■ f H.rr,rlt I. A r*h»n. c|, .-e*MU* 

Like liltANIiMA u*ml lo mukc. You liuv. often wt.hed you could get 
•hiine Apple Hiitlrr which vrotild l».l. like It ui.ed to .bi n Orandiii. med* 
It. I'ce-.lbjy her own wouldn't male oo. Ju*l *- It did lo Ibo.e dav*. down 
on the farm, but we have iu*l received -..ome which »ec[ii  to u* ju.t Ilk* 
lb.' good old kind. Ill* Mein/ Apple lluller -one of the 57 v.rl.tict 
made a* th,»e product- all are. pure, clean nod good. Wo don't care to 
•ay more ,l*iut II W  w.uld rather you would la*te It and judge for 
vour-e'f Helnr App'c llutter com,** lo *lonc crook*, convenient *l/e*. 

end eccomplitbmeol*. end tbe other, 
Mr. Je**e Cerpeoier, who married Mitt 
Sutie Well*, e bendtnme brunette of 
Wite, \'e. Uoih couple* were married 
on tbe lUb end neitber knew of tbe in- 
tention of lue other Mr Carpenter 
end bride came borne to an elegant rc- 
ceptloo el Ibe home of Mr aod Mrt. 
T L Cerpeoier, to which tbe reletivet 
were Invited. They were the recipleote 
of about l.'4i elegant bridal pretenit. 
They will be el home to tbeir Iricnie 
efter Jen 1*1, at tbe Weatherford Ho- 

Notice of Sale 



mirer* Tbe groom, who we* left an 
orphan In Infancy, It e grend*on of Col. 
H H. MoAolorh, end 1* an eacelleot 
young men end I* to be onngretiileted 
oo winning bit bonnie bride 


( )f coiirso I'lii* tile ivonds nt :i f-iii:ill prict*, \\ t* litive 
jii l rfffivfil It l.ii*;?** f«lii|uiit‘iit i»r lint* ;foods, Midi as Dry 
( iofids, ( 'liitliiiur, Sliofs, Hats and C’aps, Ladies Skirts, 
('loaks, .Ia *krt and a fiiin|»I»-tf lint* of l.ailits' and (lents’ 
Kurnisliinir* , whidi \vi* .sdl at jti*ii*fs that will interest y*»u, 
tlierefore we invite yon to come ami -ee and l e eoiiv’.nccd 
of tlie 15A l{( J A I -\S we tiro otlerin^y. We also liave a 
coinidete line ol' Itiildier (ioodsin I.adies', Men's and C'hil- 
d.!*en*s, wliioli we sell at siieh Lt \\ I’KK^I*.'' tltat will in- 
terest yoii. Don't nii^s the jihu*e, 

Jjgf’.'satniday, Dec, ‘JIth. we will ^ive a heaulirnl Cream 
Pit flier Soinenir with eaeh jMirehase. 

Hetcom llegeo told e weeollog mule 
to Cyrut Jooet for t'i i. 

It It believed that a widower of our 
town It tblnelDg of getting married. In 
feet he be* been In 


John iteyoolda arrived e few day. 
ego from Sedella. Mo , oo butlne*t 

Mltte* Anne I'edgelt end liirdle 
(iiMH-h left lett Saturday for Dlckton. 
Tenn. Tbe former went huiiie end the 
letter on e vl*lt. 

Kcv. W. K Devld*on, of Sbeiby City, 
we* elected uatlnrof tbe HeplUt church 
here lor tbe eneulog yeer; el*o W K 
Camden cburcb clerk, end Mi«* Anne 
(iotH'h iirganltt, W K Singlewn tree, 

Kllereun I’eilgctt, l-ugao Rcynoldt, 
J. I’ (luoch and Kicaod (ioocb are the 
lour old. *l men In uur voting precinct 
The two former vbied In the primary 
end pretideouel election., but tbe two 
lelier were not able to come out. 

Mitt Sarah Hell died with contumt- 
lion Dec ti, near Kubankt, aged .14 
year.. She bed been e member of tbe 
Haislil cburcb el Kubankt lor about III) 
yeer*. After funeral tervlcet by Kev 
Nalben Singleton, ber reiiieint were 
laid to real In tbe cemetery el Ku- 

We elected our Suodav-.*cbuol olfl- 
cert leal Sunday e* follow*: W. It 

Sloglotoo, lupcrlnleiident. S I*. Sboop, 
tecrciery end treaaurer end MIt* Sal lie 
(ioocb, orgenitl: el*o arranged to beve 
e Cbrlttme. tree et W*ayoetburg church 
Saturday night, ne.xt. It V Helierd. 
W, It Singleton end S H, Sboop were 
epiMjInled e committee to arrange for 
the tree 

tbe wood, lately I 
with a iwo-butbcl bewket In teercb of 
niittiploe with which to try bit fortune, 
Tbe Sundey School at tbe M K 
cburcb bet been ditbended for tbe win- 
ter on eci'ount of tbe lack ol pupllt. 
Tbe Raptltt Sunday School bed about 
at well be doted fur It loo hat iioly a 
.mail attendance end bat been dragging 
along lo a belf-heerted meoner for the 
le«t month or to. Only enough pupllt 
for one good, wide awake icbool. Why 
not iieve a union Sunday School V 
Mitt Hellle Krowo, of Sweeney, we* 
vltlling Miaaet Fannie end Kile Tbomp- 
ton. Mr Jim Koley, of Wllllen-tburg, 
who has been vititing hit uncle, Kvan 
Foley, he* returned borne. David 
Tbompoon, Sr., of (ierrerd, we* tbe 
guett ol bl* brother, A J Thompeon. 
\V B Bennett I* beck from Wbillev 
\V* C Cuuiiiilo* It hobbling about oo 
crulcbet oo account of a tore foot, tbe 
retuli of blood poltoo. 

Commissioner’s Sale 

L1d«’*»Di or-uU «Viift 
w I. rr%ir- nriT v j f 
Itfi « « uf Halt 

Pfirtu»fil («• R J iititf iikiMtt ■  f tlie l.li4«*4  .n t*ir * 

I'uH  ’45\irt *t ailt.t«-(l in llir Mir IM*- 

lion •! ifte Ni*vt nti»r tfffii I**''* Utr unilrr- 

• •.iiiniti»it|4in4-r mill 4«n 

Mt'NI'A) JAN y D*0- 
Alttul 1 I* « . Ill fri'M of Um' 1‘iiurt h* 
U«H rtD Htiiiif 4r l Kv- •ell ai puliilt* •••it'rv 
to Uif hiflir*! ari4| hiijder Hit folltiwiaf 
«)tM5rrli»eu fiJkl e«lat« Bltiiat^d la Llnf^olD 
’•unlV- Kv • Ritd btiuntit (1 a^ A 

lr«^ t uf land  m wnt* of I’ltililiig ('reek. one 
mile Wr« t of kln^vvllle i»o Ikerountv ntad. 
iwgliiiilnK at a alt ar nt-ar .tn old itlat'k uJtk 
• itrnar N I*- ia lt'« it» a itUrk  ;uni. N 

4J R 'Mi |4) a ■ttifif. N W 41 |K lt « tdi 

itir rt*ntvf uf ihr roiid ttirm'r atib •ainr H 
W 6 |iolr* Bt'Ulli 4t*« W M |M»laatiia «i4 iia 
,M Ihr ot atrr t*f iMuniy rttad altli kamr N -i** 
W 7 iade« Houlli l i W poira t4i a •lonr 
(• l^^^ K 14 poirs. H  2*, W J.* (Mtlt.«i. M ^.1', W 
lU polt «, H T' y/ | nle«. H 44 W |Mt|r’ , H VD 
W |»oIr» Ui a Atakf. H .14 V. lu. |iiii«ai b- tlii* 
iNifInnIuL- conlfilnlnf ‘‘•'t ai ran, Thr.tforr 
•aid lanu or miifh a* tnav tie nr'’eM tary 
altl In* Mild Ui •alltfjr a dt i i nf 9'JAu and lu« 
terra! at ]H*r I'riit |M*r aoniim fruiii M*i i. 
IDO-'l. until paid aud ihr immiI of thU at’lUtn 
TKKMH -- \ rrfdit uf «• nionib* will l r flv- 
aii and tbr pur« liaaer will In* m(tiirrtl iti 
lDvctN»nd wlUi approved rvtMMtntv.payahlrUi 
tbf i*tiiiiiol«**l4m«ir and in anntf liitrrt*ai frttm 
daft 4)f*alr H H^rKLKY. M C L U 


Next Door to Lincoln County Nat. Bank 

Bilious Colic Prevented. 

Take a doable doHF of Chemberltin** 
Colic, Cholera end Diarrlices Keinedy a* 
toon a* the lirtl iodicAtioo of the diiwaM* 
api eai  and a threatened attack may be 
warded oil. Hundred* of | e ipl6 wi‘0 
auhjeci to atlei lit of hilioui colic iite tbe 
remedy in thi« way with perfect aiircere. 
For aale by all driiggiita. 

' Commissioner’s Sale 

lyouml. si|uari*, Lixicoii, 
Heart  lia|ieil or any Shii|'i 
Pri(*e. at 

I iN .   1 s   PCI  r • 1)1 PI . 

I,f Cumi*'*-. I'l.iUlt'H. - I '**1*1 I 'lu^ll, rly. 
|n.|*nJai l. 

Noll, r .g Sal* I’ul-uanI I., • lUd. n.-nl ol 111* 
Liii, aln (JIrcuii Co'i'l. rvnJef.4 In iio- •*,„* 

•• IMHI *1 III* N,,,*aiS-r li'.m. I'.'i. Di* ttni*l-l|;ii,*i 
I onm"«a* Ii*r n il ”* 

At 'aijt I I . ■'I in r"*u "I 111. * ourt tiou-r d,,.,r in 

suninrJ. **U *• l"'l’li' '' )•* ••i' ti'-') **l md 

K«t *idJ.ri;’i lolkmin, d- — Hltd i»*l Mill* »'lu* 
1,0 in Lin-„ln loiinly K» 

i-i I'*, ( ■• on in* -il.r- ■•) Nr,:m u**v and - 

K -uiiavd *» h'll"» » BrKiniiin.; on ih  i.d* ,1 

Mid -I**)! *' J N*tk wk P'*o.* noiilixol to a .«til*e 
Oil, Ih'- b*nk .,r« branrh llitnn »i»i lo a »h'i* 
0*1 m Wm 'link * llm llivni. hi» I n* I   Ih* I'.i.’ln 
ninK :  nuln,nc . *tiv». non or id li«. i -n 

,.4i* 1 on th* •..i.i. of N,'i;io . ***1, and bouftJed i. 
loUoat li»k"nnhq; at * "to*' ■'«)' do" on 'll* 
bank ol.'S**i"C'«.k n-‘*i a difn   ilti i-.ntor- li be- 
In;: Ih* -r.-ond -oinri •,! Hi* .il-" *■ m*nll',n*.l ot.i- 
I «i, ih«n *o.,ri» .» 1 t •V'.l 4' poi*»to « will' 
Dolnt*'». lib n-* noiili II ' / W »• 0"l«* b- a -k.n* 
pUc *'lii i-»)ii»*r* lh*lK* S -I, i-a I I- I- ' (-,t,-yl" .? 
 lili*".k "D III* ouul.l* Im* I" a " o an* ii*,i. 
■h*n f -nil 111* iini of - II"* S I*. i-« I ,' I 4 (.* ■' 
ki * •bM»4'. «nt *111*11 likkory * ll- ;-:'inl.r*. al*. M * 
Wink fc coltrl. I)»*nc* S ,1 ' 4 41 1 4 pop- 1 1 * 

.loot with i-nnPI* O'* la»l torn.' of Ih* al Mt*«i.l 
- •* r*tr«r» ihtnc* N ** 1-4 W »'» 14 fP- b, a 
tllwhlb- oak witli i""ni«i». ii'.nt* S u 4 M ' ' 
4 poW* *  il't bvcmniOh. iununi'n* 4-- and i-it 
au**. ■4oi«  j  l.-  1 ll* amount to t * rctli/, d liom 

till* -*)• 1* ill ' w'tli ' [1*1 lent mt*r**l lli*it-'n f""t' 
^*M. 14 1*^. and Ih, coal- "I link Kiion 

rnni* - rii*' t iirrlm**! mu b* rnuilrml b, gn. bond 
t',1 ih»- purylt*** non** . i*Hl, appruivd -tcurity I'ti 
4bP lu 111* coaniMh.i.i all I bvailnc Ini.rr-t ul '. 
p*  iOtit 'inlllptJ 111* »*P lalll b. '"«d» umn * 
.'idil.ifi north* ljHSAIIIf .4 M C I f f 

The wlee girl «eld, “1 went to wed 
A men who’* breve end good; 
But be mutt be an orphan from 
HU early babyhood 
I tball Intlti upoo that, *0 
I'll never beve to take 
That old-time talk about the thingi 
HU mother uted lu make." 


FiRht Will Be Bitter. 

riiiMC will) will | emiat in clueiiig their 
oar* agaiiibt the cuntiiiiial reronjiiienda- 
tioii of Dr. King'* New Dinrovery for 
CunnuiiiptioD, will have a lung euil bit- 
ter light with their ttotibleH. if not ended 
earlier by fatal lerininetiun Bead whntT. 
I!. Kenll.of Iteatl, .Mik*., hat loaty 'Lent 
fall my wife hnit every nyiiqiloin of enn- 
eiimptiiin She lunk Dr. King's New 
Dinrovery after everylliing elk# bed fail- 
ed liiiprovoment ranie at rn -e and fuur 
Imllle- vntiroly ciireil her.” Cuarnnlued 
by I’enny, driiggitl. 1‘rice .' ()c nnd fl H4i. 

'rinniii f, IMuiiiliin^ ami l*mni) Hoiim' 

Phone ll«. Depot St., Stanford, Ky. 

SulUrer- from ariitlien .bniild nut be*i. 
Ule lu une Chamberlain'* I'uin fialiu 
The prompt relief from pain which if nf 
funU it alone worth many tiiiu» it* cpM 
For .a'e by all druggitU 

Overcoats and Suits at 
Special Prices for 
the next lO 
, days. 

In tbe curporallun court of Danville, 

\ a., Harry Wooding we* fined for con- 
tempt of court lo In Ibel be wore a pair 
ol creaking shoe* during tbe irlel of a 

J, H- Black'* tture at Crane'* Nett, 
ouar Barbouryllle. we* robbed aod 
burned i 

When you want a pleataot tiurgalive 
try Cliamlierlaiu* Stomach aod Liver 
Tablet*. They are ea«y lo taee and pro- 
duce no nausea, griping or utherwiae die 
agraeahl* elTecl. For aale by all drug- 

Ted — Tom broke tbe CbrUima* pret- 
eui be gave bit wile. 

Ned-Whatwa* it ';' 

"He'd signed tbe pledge.”— Smart 

Crab Orchard^ 




I Keotuoltf pollliotao* U It rM*CD- 
' kbiy oarula tb»t Uiitilct AiUKoey 
I Bill, of LouUvIlla, will loae oul, and 

Here end There. 

Tha motloo for oail for Jobn 

hit place «o anrar -o W.C. Owaoa or Barbour, charted wUh »ba nurdar of 
Autuatu. K Wllltoo. Praoclt J Hatao. waa orarrulad by 

A J®"®* «“ ««® Bulllu circnil 

C. C. WALTON Autuatua K Wlllaao. 

A rtrletailoo .»i Uourboa oounijrdem* 
ocrala called oo On*. Beekbam aod 

THE many admirer, of the Leilngwo prouaied atalo.i »he appolutmeut of 


Practically all tba rallroada lo Keu* 

Democrat will learo with retret that OlckaoD, of Parla, to Oil out •ocepwd tba rulea laid 

Mr. N. P. Walton ha. told that paper u„,p,„d ^erm of Judge Cantrlll H****** 

to the Lexington Berald and that It factional debt In Bourbon B®“W®'‘» pro.ldlng for tba aanltatlon 

will be conaolldated with lu former 
oompatitor. They will be glad to know, 
however, that Mr. Walton made aaoug 
aum by tbe deal. Mr. Walton’a owner- 

tbe appointment may go to Judge Rob 
ert L. Stout, of Woodford county. 

of tbeir care. | 

A Qgbt with knlvet occurred between I 
four men at Badicy, Warren oounty. In 

ap. ,,, . . . , four meo ai Hadlejr, Warreo oouoiy, lo 

Tbe republican primary lo L.aurel . •qicq a magitirate't court wax broken 
tuoty retulted a. followt: Reprr.eo- up aod tbe lour men were wounded, two 

aum oy .DC ueai. air. ■ w county reiulted a. followt: Reprr.eo- up aod tbe lour men were wounded, two 

ablp of the Democrat baa been a rather j,ojea O Vader ; aberllf, G. W, | of »bom may die 

remarkable one. The paper auok fully county judge, P U Penning- ' Sheriff Kd Callahan aod Judge. Ja». 

•20,000 a. a atock company, but bemade O p jchoaon; aMeaaor, W | J*™:?* 'J!!* 

Itapaylnglnveatment from tbe very m. Brewer; county clerk, Ira J. Davl.*- 1 ^:',“/•,,tTon^be 
aurt ani folly convinced the t^p e of school .uperlnte u.-. t, J. K. Lew- 1 iiiT Monday. Callahan aald be knew 

tbe Blue Oraaa Capital that a third pa 
per could be made to pay lo Lexington 
Bl. retirement from tbe journallallc 
Held, which be baa »u long bono.'ed, 
will be greatly regretted bv the preea 

it; county attorney, B. J. Joboaoo 


.Mre. Joe Sbeppearu died ruddenly at 

aod public of Kentucky. .Mr. Walton Somer.ei 

will not engage in other bualoe.a for 
the p’-enet.i 

\V. H ;Bugbea, aged T'*, la dead near 
Perry villa. 

ouiblng of any ll.oiMIpald u  Felix Felt- ' 
oer by Bargia Judge Hargla aiated ^ 
that be loaned Feltoer II. .500 and took i 
|bladueblll. ' 

' Revolution Imminent. 

A aure aiyn of approaching revolt and | 
eerioua trouble in ynur ayelrm is ner . 

There are lodtcatlona that tbe cam .||) Madlaim, 
paigc for the amendment to the State ! Mra. Lucy M 
cooatitutloo aboliahlog ib»* etcret baS j oeur Liberty. 

Wm. Covington, aged !«4. la dead »lrrp'raane»a, or 

ae_A . Aaatw Plaa/»lf ;aa Pita^m. ...ala-*, la. 

lo Madlaim, ret*. Klectric Hilirra will qiilralv dla- 

Mra. Lucy Murpby, aged 7.1, la dead »he Irouble.onie cau.ea It n»v- i 

near Liberty. er falls to tone tbe »toniach, regulate tha, 

aod reatorlDg the old viva voce ayt- J A. Davloport dropped dead of heart »* Ineye and bowelt, aiimiiUie the liver 

tern of voiiog at eitciioo* will begin trouble lo V.-ieer. 
earlv ard be matoialnrd until a aut- Coarlea Adama, a 
atactial majority baa been saaured for Harrodaburg, la dead 

I and clarify tbe b nod Kun down ayalrma 
bualneaa mao of i f vhr^ *d particularlr, aod all the utual 
attending aebra vaniah u-der ila acaich- , 

tbe meaaure It ought to paaa and be- 1 Sem McClurg’a big boarding bouae ‘borough rffrctiveoe«a K.eririr 

w^_ .a.. U..llaaa ha w .. I . . g « . . a_ . ... .. i Tl 1 1 1 «»a. 1 ^ as .a I • UV. - eh..# f. 

0 nsalftw, for ibe Mcrei ballot bat J C'orblo vat gutted bjr 6re 

Btiterd ia 00I7 -V)c and that it returned ■ 

been productive oI far greater fraud., Wllll.m Stotta baa been uppoloted ^ Udon’l give perlret aaiiafaction. tioar- ■ 
greater corruption, greater evil, and poatmaater at Oilea, Garrard oouoiv. | »nt®ed by Peony, druggia ■ 

eyeo Injuaiip*-, than ai.v oiner ay.tem R. I. Jenninga, of Paint Lick, .old I 

of foilog koown to mankind. bia atock of good, to Cecil Rroaddua. 1 uTjo'^^ai'^o^aa 

- „„ Nlckolaui waa cruabed to death j 

B.X-GOV SIMON BOUVAR BCCKNER b, falling elate In the mine, at Pitt, i 

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and 
Saturday of this week 

5 Per Cent, of All Cash Sales 

At our store will be given to the four 
Churches of the Town. 

andt Baail W. Dune, ex- JoiileOerate | 
aoidlera and until a lew yeara ago bi. b j » 

ao.oiera ana unui a .ew ,e.r. u.. u p ^,er,of Paint Lick, will 

In ^aoKHjratlc council., are mrmtwra of Loul.vtlle to pranlce hla 

a ciimmlitee orgaoi2ed ui MU'oii lurda p,.pfp„joa, 

with which to defend Caleb Power^ Burton Spirea. age L I'J, aod Mlaa Le- 
Whata pity It la that theae once good Butchlaoo, 15 will be married at the 
and much beloved citiaena baOu t Jolt- pQj,.t.b*u-w u.-lay by Judge Belley. 
ed the alleot mijirltv before they B p- carnea waa given eight year, by 

pedovertotbe republican rank, and, ^ coum^ jur, for complicity lo 



CV*ngM t*Ml SrAr.dficR tb* EaIt. 
rr«jtsarH«R « !uxm*tal fnawth. 
|(»Ter TtdlB to llc«(or« Of«y 
ItRir to lU Tooihftit Ootor. 
Owv* Molp 4mrnar^ m lihtf Hilm^ 
 » .AM ll-fX) hi f ni(*Mh 


ed the alleot mijirltv before they B p- gi^bl year, 

pedovertotbe republican rank, aod, ^ Kqox county jury for complicity 
worae aiill, joined tbe .Oeteataole bend murder of John aod Clark Mill. 

of aaaaealoaiton a»mo«'hix*ra 

Cbarlea Pickering was struck by a 
motor car at F-trtt Ridge mine, near 

JCDCE BURNAM. of tbe Court of Ap- ...r. .ear 

JCDt.E MURNAM. oi uc „ MIddleaboro aod died from bl. Injuries 

peal, atepped down and j t A.h.r A Son will build a nar 

make rcMin or u ge , ann6 row gauge railroad from Waalolo, Bell 
trill. Judge Burnam made a good * . 

J J .k.n county, on tbe L A N , to near Barlao 

judge and had the aenae to know when _ 

J ^ ... . Court-bouao 

to quit tbe game without being made r  . . 

^ Boraoe Davis, who waa arrested at 

to do so. Bo had too much political ... 

. . . . .....I. .ith the Somerset, charged with being Iranltoa- 

wladom to try conclu.lona with the 

Scott Claude Wilson, of Rockwood, baa been 

That Mr Samuel W. Menefee is a positively Identlfled 

born newipeper man ia proven In tbe Mra Robert L French was badly 

■Olendid Chrittmaa edition of tbe Ad- burned about tbe body at Richmond 





:lAB2rSSS. SADUieKfiV. ficti. 
Htanford. lAy. 

Cummins & McGlary, 


vocaie he Issued Friday last. It con- 
tained 2'  peges of good locel matter. 

While aiaodlng In front of an open grate I 
her clothing caught tire, and before the j 

abort .Xmas stories and well set adver- noticed It tbe Barnes bad almotl envel- 
tlecmentt galore. It waa a ‘’humroer" op-d her. 

laoerd. ^ Chase tendered hla resignation 

~ as Prof of Kngllsb in Centre College, 

Ir Mrs. Cbadwick could only have po take effect Feb. I In order that be 
aeo made postmaster general she may accept a call to tbe Root Profess- 

The Chrislnjas Gift List I SPECIAL BARGAINS 

made postmaster general 

oould have turned the dellcit Into a sery orsbip of Koglisb In Beloit College, at 
handsome proBt. Wbat a pity that Beloit. Wis. 

Kooaevuit did not think of It lo time. 

Kuitor LanuhaM has madetbeCet- 

tral Record a semi-weekly for this 
arai ivi^or „ Livingston yards as a switchman some 

week Good. e o tener . tbe jury gave plalollff 

tbe better It I. for that paper a many ^ 

readers ao d admi rers Editor Laodram, of the Laocasier 

The AdaTrNewa appeared last week Record, waa presented bv tbe local 
In six column quarto form aod as ful. of lodge of .Maaooa with a baodaome silver 

Hints of useful and lasting Xmas 
remembrances for mother, father, 

After, week. in. I at Mt Vernon of rememurfclllues lUI UlUbllWl, It 

Allen Mouooe'a administrator agates’. | 

the L & N. fur Mouoce'a death lo tbe brother, sister or sweetheart. 

r .lef»gi/ aita* xi.a m I • K ... ,w .. \ ' 

news as an egg la of meat. We coogral- Past Ma.ler’a badge as a token of ap 
ulaie Brer Harris on the change.' preclatloo of b la services as Master of 

~ the lodge for seven years. 

Brer ALHRI«»HT, of the Mt. Vernon  rbe Advocate says that tbe (J. A C 
Signal, outdid all competitors In bit „|)| jq ,|,e course of the next few davs 
eight-page Christmas edition of Friday, begin tbe work of doubling tbeir tracks 
It was a most oreilitabie paper from Cincinnati to Someraet. Tbe long 

igbt-page Christmas edition of r riday. begin tbe work of doubling tbeir tracks 
, was a most oreilitabie paper from Cincinnati to Someraet. Tbe long 

' * trestle work ibla aide of Ludlow, which 

LocisvtLLE I. rapidly growing overlook, the lagoon, will be the Brat 
.mailer. There were W  death. .g*ln.l „f ihe ev.lem lo be doubl.-track- 

59 blrtb« there taut weelt sometbloir ^ 

should be'. done. Danville Fair Association will 

* ■“ pqliTICAL * trolling meeting the coming 

* year, tbe old organization having sold 

Homer B Bryson baa been appointed out lu plant to a new association com- 
islmaater at Carlisle posed of leading boraemen of Boyin 

An anil-irrailog bill will be intro county. Tbe track of tbe plant la only 

postmaster at Carlisle 
An anll-lrrallog bill 

Watrhci,   'hains, Clinrnis, Sliavinjr Sets, f’iijar .Iar«, A«h 
Trays, iJt’sk Cl H’ks, Uriislies, Hand (ilaases, Uracclcts, llal 
Pins, BnxK-hea, Kiiijp-, Tliimlilcs, Isa-kcts, IVrfuim* llottlcs. 
Pens, Ink -Stands, Desk K ts, f'oinha, Mirnira, Powder Boxes, 
.\p niib.’rs, CulT Buttons, C'sillar Buttons, F'ountaiu Pens, Belt 
Kueklew, Manieure, Si-ls, Nei-klaixw, Dents’ and laidses’ Kola*, 
Dianionil .Jewelry, l^nihrellas, Sterling .Silver and Platetl 
Spoons, Ch'K'olate Si-te, F'iiie liaiid-PaiDtisi China, Beal I^'e 
anil Mother oT Pearl Pans, l.uiiii| s, (•■ilii Cliw’ks, Italian .Mar- 
ble Statuary, Puff Boxes, C'ologne Bottltw, Shopjiing and Bill 
Books and all kiiiils of Is-ather (onmIk. 

be intro 

duoed lo tbe Indiana Legislature tbi* a half mile, but baa always bad tba rep- 
winter utatioo of being one of the fastest abort 

A Peoosyvania woman la suing her courses in the country . It waa there 
husband for divorce heoauae be la a tbe sensational Nancy Banks scored a 
democrat world’s three vear-old record fora half 

The Colorado supreme court threw mile track and made her Brsl bid as a 
oul enough votes In Denver to Insure (id- Ic the trotting world, trom which 
the control of the Legislature by the .be retired as the Lou Dllllon of her 
republicans. day. 

Tba State Election Commlsston Is 
sued a cerlIBcate to Judge J* B Ben- CHURCH HATTERS. 

For you for the next two weeks at 

U’iile Ihiliirli t'luth, all colniw, wurlli rin-. ml jy-uv l-V. 

.lli-ini'li .Sliurk-skiii .Suiting, worth 4 n-, iqi«-ri,i1 prior .'t.U-. 

IH-im-h .Mclinrs' Cloth, briwm, blue, bLo k, worth h,'ic, i |m-«-uiI price 
.■ 4.inch Br Nidcloth, brown uiul blue, worth N|M cial price 
■'lU inrli Heavy Suitings, figiirtvl, w.irth T.'x', s|hvuI pries* lie. 

• I TiiU'eta .‘^llk, bmwiis, Un-, white aiol blue, sjits-ial priw .'illc. 

I :!ti-ii)eli Black Tullela, giiuraiiUsd wear, iiruu •l.2.' , s|Hx ial priee 1'4c. 

I laulies' Black Mcrivrizeil rnderakirls, $1.7,5 .piality, s|N eial priw fl.l'A. 

laidics’ Black Mcireri/zsl I’ndrrskirls. 12.2.5 .,uality, sjssial prh-e Ilf*. 

I Ibsl Table Linen, the .'I.V i|iiulity, s|Hs ial price SU- fs-r yanl. 

Splendid White 'Table Linen at 21c js-r yard. 

$2 Ladies’ Neck Furs nsliiced to tl.-lti. 
f'l ‘2-’» Imdies’ Neek Furs reduivtl to $2.tW. 

14 Ijidies’ Neck Fun* nsliiod to ••2..'l!». 

8-*  Imdies’ Neck E'ur* re lue«sl to 8:{.21l. 

S’* Ijadiew' Neck Furs mlucetl to $5. .ill. 

$10 laulies’ Neck E'urs nsiuccit to $ti.25. 

Kxtru .Sjiceial—.'iO Fine .JackeU. ailk-lineil. Worth up M $12. last year’s 
rtyl.-s, fhoire .Mirsee .fai kels, all wm.l, worth $1.75, $2..'iO and $4. 

all go at tbe sja-cjial pritv of $1,110. Indies’ and Men’s HV llandken-hiefs, 
.\nias pri -es .'ic •■•eh. Men’s Silk Initial Haii.lkerchU ls, ehoice 10»-. Imrga 
nii-c Silk Ilau lkerehiefs, the 5m- kin.l, sjMrial priee 2"a-. It is Ui your iu- 
teri'st Pi ntf these Klegant Burguitir and save enough Pi buy y.iur friends a 
(’brisitiias present from your pun-hasi-s here. 


N  B. L«yv & Co- 

WATCH Ol’H Aim. 

S. B. Lavy. 

nett, of Greenup, as a member of Con- 
gress from tbe Ninth district. 

The following Adair county poaimaa- 
lers have been appointed: Ababer, R 

A. Coolev; Falrplay. Wm. H. Bamon; 

Jopua. Sam M Coffey 1 Pickett, Geo. T, 

Secretary Taft save he will detail 
Gen. Nelson A Miles as a member of 
tba governor's staff of Massachusetu 
when requested by Gov -elect Douglas 
to do so 

The republican leaders lo Congress 
have. It Is believed, determined ui cut 
down all tbe appropriations at least 10 
per vent below the estimates of tbe 
beads of departments 

Persons who have made Inquiry coc- 
oernlog the Ouniei-EUwardi-Whiie 

contest from the llth dlstrioi, are lu- 
ollned to the opinion that Dr. Hunter 
will be allowed to retain bis seat in tha 
Mih Congress. Dr. Hunter’s previous 
service lo Congress has given him a 
wide acquaintance here, and as oetween 
two republicans, tba majority memhars 
are said to prefer Hunter -Washing- 
toe Diapairh 


A piece of cut glass! Would, GRAND LEADER, 

Dlease mother. W^e are showing' owwey bian-k. wati h oih aw. 

^ B. B. L«yy & Co- 8. B. L«yy. 

a very beautiful collection. | — : : 

THE PRICE WILL PLEASE Yoil TheChQSsWheeler Emporium 

Rev Omer, a well known divine of 
Asheville, N C., baa been called to tbe 
pastorate of tbe Cbriatlan cb'trcb here 
Rev L. R. Amis, secretary of tbe 
Tennessee conference of the Metbodlal 
Episcopal Church, South, la dead at 

Elder Joseph Ballou made the start 
ling statement in hla splendid sermon 
, at the Christian church Sunday morn- 
I ing that In hla 110 years’ knowledge of 
that church it bad furnished only one 
: preacher— Rev. suaepb Severance. 

W. L. Buchanan, formerly editor of 
tbe Bedford Banner, and a democrat. c 
polliloian of Trimble county, baa been 
called as pastorof tbe Christian church 
of tbit place. He has accepted thecall 
aod will lake charge of the church oo 
Jan 1, aara a .MIddleaboro disuatch 
There has been a remarkable spread 
of religious revivals In England, Scot- 
land aod Wales as a result of tbe meet- 
I log held by Heubec A. Torrey aod 
I Coarlea .M, Alexander, of Chicago, at 
: Lancashire, beginning Sept. 4. In some 
! of the mining diatrlou of Wales there 
I ia great religious e/cttcmeoi. 

Hurray &r\cAdams, danville. 

Leading Jewelers & Ophthalmologists. 

With HU iirniionsi’ stock of 

Santa Claus Supplies 

Semis •rrcctiii^s to tlic army ol' Imycrs to 
call ami insjicct. 


Tha last reetlng plac# of your departed I 
onee by the erection of a eultable t 
Monument. Let It be of exclusive ij 
and artletic deilgn, the beat material & 

' and of per feet workmanship. We carry m 
the largest atock of Monument!, Marker« and 
Tableta of Marblaand Granite In Central Kentucky. B 
1 ^' Lattaring dona by pneumatic tools. 

None better. None cheaper. 

WAf. ADAMS A SON, Lexington, Ky. 




WiMliiiig all a Merry L'liristiuHs iind a Happy New Year, invite ynur ni- 
tautinii b  tlicir spiciulid slock df .Staple and Fancy (inH-eries, Hard ware, 'Tin- 
wan; nud Hariiees, 'Tropiiad an l Dniitestic Fruits, Cakw and a full line of 
French iiud .\iuericuii cuiiilies. Thanking you lor |xist favors, we ask a 
uiitiiiuaiice and guaraiitoe satUla cIhiu. 

■  ( 

FIciHhcrs Shetland PIohh, all culuis, 5c per hank — the 

than regular retail price. 

Ladiew’, Miascs and Children'!* Cloaks at ofV rognlar 

Most people arc fully satiafied when they get their mon- 
ey’n worth. It Htaiida to rcaaon that ahould they receive 
more than their money 'a worth they ahould be more than 
Hatialied. On account of certain busincRS rules that we 
adhere closely to, we will oiler to our custoiucrs more than 
their money’s worth for the remainder of the week. Don’t 
you think it will be to your interest to look into this mat- 

Odd garments in Ladies’ Underwear 15c. 

:iti-inch Flannelette Waisting 9c per yard. 
Hemstitched Handkerchiefs 2c each. 

Zephyr Oinghains suitable for Shirtings, Waistings 
and Dresses at 7c. 

Knit short skirts 19c 

Only four days more in which to do your Christmas 
shopping. We are ready to wait on you. 

Kleisiier’b SbelUnd Klom, cenl* 
Jobo I’ Jooe*. * 

Os H*iurd«T oexi, 24ih, S»m Iloblo- 
•on will • crena pltfher •ouveilr 
10 each iiurcb»*c*r. * 

Mhh M U S^rPLEY U III, t'CLI, sod fretb line ol Krulie, 

Mr S T. Harris !• borli from the dlsa, Xuu *n i ceuaed 
niniH.lttlno . UrUht, Jr , A Co. 

•Mu T r I.ACKr.V wnoi 1(1 Mltldlne- 
biiro lo’ilajr 

Mr .1. II Sartin Irfi t(i-d»T f"'' e 
proopretinir tour of Ul( Ubumo 

MihhCahkie Khitii, of lirodbeed, 

WA« the irusat of ibo Mlaas* O'Heonuo. 

llEV. I* i Hoar «cd family will go 
loUra’Kf Lick KrldoT to vUlt bU wifa'e 

Mrs i. W Moore, of Cater. lo wUb 
Mr» Kd WilKloMio Her ern, Mr K 
C Moore, brouirbt bar up 

Miss Mary Bradley, of Boyle, left 
yecodtr lo leke a porliloa at teacher 
Id the Kreoklln, Va„ Inetitute. 

ArASroKD, Ky 

OCR Chrittmit oraoifi;*, baoaoat, ap* 
pie*. .Malaga Brap --, cocoaoute, etc . 
will arrlvu ibit aficrnooo W U Hit- 
Blot. * 

NOTlIlS'i It uionb to ire appreciated 
tbao a hot 6f Bua B '» I’aper lor L’brlf 
mar Wa hare a rerv cboloa a«*ori 
maat of bo* paper lor Iba Clrcltuna* 
trade aod wr Itim* that a Hoe equal In 
oora, Ijr 2.'  aod M) oantt. cannot ts- du- 
plicated lo theta pant I’aoor’a Bru» 
Store, Staolord 

We are going" to J give 
you an'opportunity^to^buy 
a Xmas'present that is real- 
ly useful! at’ a iVERY. 

l os T fall PI asa our inoco'inter oexi 
week itBlanlnB Tue^dar, 2'Ub Some 
DtrBalot lo tbia tale Karri* .V Co * 

rlOB*. ate , mutl be *e«o to bo appre- 
rlaled W H M.ieller. * 

J.T Jones jtCo’8 tipjnioB Mooday 
night wa* well attended and Brf*atly en- 
joyed by thota pratent. CbiKSolal**, cof- 
fee, wafer*, candy, etc , were aerred 

Candies lo great rarlety at J T 
Jooe* At Co'* Bulk cand*. lOc In tSOc 
par pound. Box candr dOc to tl ' 0 per 
pound. In fruit* ther hare apple*, or- 
aDgea, baoaoa*. pineapple*, pear*, eo- 
coaout* aod Malaga grape*. * 


MRS MONTE Kxx. of naorllle, I* 
aery III. 

MISS Nell Billon, of l aoca*»ar, 
wa* witb MU* Halils Naalu* 

Mrs. Mitciim.l Taylor, of Burn- 
•Ida, I* wUh bar ptreou hare. 

Mr T. B. smiley, of Lexlogtoo, 
wat hera to day Usiklog for noraea. 

(JBO B Ki.oRENCE la tpendlog a few 

daa* at Oaoe»eiown with old frlond*. 

A|  NEviea. of Wlocheater. apeol 

aaaa'’al day* with hi* horo-lola* bar* 

MRS. B K. Boi kne, of N*w Ca*tla, 
I* with bar molber, Mr*. Lou Sbaek* 

MRS J T. Hackley left yaaierdaa 
lor Sao Aotooln. Teia». Ui apend th* 


MIHH Kate Newlanii. wbn ha* had 
a alight attack of acarlat feaer, I* rapid 
ly conaaleaclng 

JCDCE K ii Wll.HAMS. of Coalog- 
too. wa* on ae.terday'a train returolog 
from Mt. Varooo. 

K»,RA TesTamen. of Crab Orobard. 
haaacoaptad a p«*ltloo In Mooticallo. 

Moolloallo tiutlook 

MrR JNO. L fiECNliV. who baabeto 
the fueatof Mr. W f Tate, returned 
to Lebanon aettarJay 

Me 8aM SrVEEANCE. of the Lexing- 
ton I..eader. wa* the gue*t of hi* broth- 
er, Mr. Will Saaeraoce 

Mr T. W l*».NNlNiiToN l« *ts! 0 dlng 
• f„w week* with hi* daughlrr. Mr. 
G T. Tbomp*oa. In Kaaetie 

L. Weaken Hk.mesi. n..« .iatU«- 

ed at t.a'olletle. Tran . wl. -r. halt 0| 
eraior for the K . t. ■* J.dMi.nio. 

Mr Harvey STr.riiEN!^ wriie. u* to 
rbange hi* paivr from O.-cana, I i . lo 
Waaneaburg, wb-rc h teat he will 
tpend the winter 

MlHR anno ^ 1 r H.t. I'ooR will cela- 
brate her 11. b birthday Wedoetdaa by 
baaing a number of her friend* 
with hnr from 4 to 7 iv M 

MlSKES SaI-LIE GookE aod Helen 
Taylor, of Baoallle. aooomimoled by 
Mr Sam W. Meoafee. tpeol Suodaa 
with ralatlae* and friend* here. 

Miss Flora Bryson, principal of 
tba High School, eoierialoed bar p i 
pile at a quotation party at the home of 
Mrt Oowoer yettardaa afiero«s n 

MiHH nr.I.PHA UKE Newland. of the 
Kaat Knd. who I* tpendlog the winter 
at Auburoallle. Fla . wanu bar bom* 
paper aod order* the I J aenl to her 

Mrs CI.Eo Brown returned to Ml 
Vernon u.-Jay to make ihai-plsce her 
home It »•  *•««* "Bret “ • 

many friend* made durltg her tlay 

here glae UP ihit mutt excellrni '.ady. 

Mu w K SiiliiAR**. who ha* .old 


This cut represents one ol 
the many styles we will of- 

I.AUIKH. — Mr*. C t.. Garter ba* the 
rt dll play of drawn work and needle 
work caer ebown In Stanford. You 
Bi.I/./.akd KMONT lap robe* and bor-e abould tee It * 

blankt-t* at W H. Hlggln* 

Fjt b(4t oti lie* «'ii frulit for .\ -n ,i 
go to Farrlt Ac ('o. * 

I AM quitting the lumber butloet* I 
hate aboiitJO.OOO fact framing and box- 
log tu dote at II per hundred feet Oo 
nut call for It on Saturday*. H. J. Me 
Boberia. * 

WaTCUES and oloca* In larger aarle 
Ilea tbao eaer W. H. Mueller. * 

The Lini'oln Gounty Medical Society 
in'tai the olhoeof Dr J. F Peyton Ir- 
d*a and elected the following officer* 
for the entiling year- Pre.ldeni, Dr. 
Hugh Uelil; alcr-pretident. Dr KJ Al- 
rorn. nii.tonallle; *ecretBra. Dr. Steele 
Bailee : cen*or. Dr K J. Brown A talk 
on ‘'Cureiiment'' ba Dr. I. f! Carper- 
ter wat made and dltcJ**ed ba the en- 
tire aocleia 

T wo teoond band j  b pretae* fur tale 
Write tbit iifflra for parllculara 

Mrr Bettie W. Ooocii aoJ her t 
pH* loalte you to be preaeot at tb ■ r 
antertalomeot and Chrittma* tree p  
be glaen at Brigg*’ tchoo'-houte Fri- 
day afiernooo, at 2 o'clock Dec 2.h . * 

E.\rn*TIONAL aalue* lo Ui cker*, 
Mirror*, Bug*. Center Tablet, Fool 
Stool*. Borneo Cbair*. Turklah Leatb 
#r Couebet, etc , lor utrful Chrltitta* 
preaeot*. at Tribble A Pence'* Furnl- 
tur ■ Store * 

Wa.NTEII, tome nice, dretted tur- 
■r brn* Will |t«y 1243. Mark Uar. 

Men'r asddlrt, hurtv bUakeia aod 
lap robe* lo gr«-at variety at J C. Me 
Clary'*. • 

Don^t delay. Come early while the assort 
ment is good. 

John P. Jones. 

Jack and Stallion Sale! 

Hiil.LY wreath* aud apraa for *ale at 
Stanford (irreobonte and at Jobo P. 
June*’ (lore. * 

We will hold ..or n *t Jack and .talllon 
 ah at I'nlon R'(*-k Yard*. I.e»lngton. the 
third ewli In fehroriy- following the T»t- 
P-raall Mile* Write a* f..* entra hlanli* 

J. r. COOK A CO . lexlngton. Ka. 

Tin; Turoertvilie church will have a 
.\ina* tree oi-xt Saturday at 2 o'clock. 
Kaerv one Inallrd 

Will CoNTEhT —Notice of conteat 
ha* been teraed oo Mr T J . Hill, who | 
woo ibe nomination for .herlff by one 
vote, ba Mr George W DeBord, hiii 

clo*c*l opponent for the office. A no'*- 1 
Uke In counting ihe vote I* charged. i 

ijric K 'iKTTl.EMENT -Mr and Mr*. I 
J H and G. K Greer'* hou.c. which, 
burned on the night uf tbi- li b. and I 
wb'cb wa. lo.uced In the Glen* Fall*. | 
of N"W 7 urk, repre.ented by Agent B j 
H Mahooa, wa* pa'd lo full un Ibe 1 db, | 
jj.l four day* after the tire Mr aod , 
Mr* Greer apeak lo bigb lerin* of .Mr j 
Mabijoy aod the com pan v't prompt and | 
]u*l •eitleroenl The adjj.ter for Ibe | 
Hamburg. Hrenioo Co , which carried 1 
lo.uraoc*' oo Mr. J. H, Campbell * fur- | 
ollure. detiroyed In ibe *ame dre, will 
be here to morrow to.ettle with blm. 

The Guitar and Mandolin Beoltal by ■ 
M la* .Margaret Lewi* and pupil*, a- 
•l*led by f’rof Henry Saxton, of Lex- 
ington, wa* all and more tbao bad been 
anticipated. In fact It wa* one of tbe 
moat thoroughly enjoyable eoierialn- 
meot* ever given lo Walton’* Opera 
Houae. The program opened with a 
march, wblcb wa* beautifully rendered 
ba Ml**e* Lewi* aod Nell Warren and 
Matlrr Harry F.icheoberger on niaodo 
Ho* aod Prof tiaxluo oo tbe guitar, 
with Virginia Bourne a* piano accum- 
paolal Dr. Falllt' throat wa* out of 
eundltloo sod be could not slog the *c- 
lo promlaed Mtaa Berta Jean Penny'* 
wblKtllog aolo wa* a feature uf tbe ev- 
ening aod the applaute given ber wa* 
*0 great that she appeared a arcood 
time Mia* Lewi*' sod Prof Saxton a 
guitar duct fully merited the applauae 
given It Tbe oumeda, "Old Maid*’ 
Tea Parly " participated In by Mlaae* 


.Skk l.yoc tiro* , Crab Orchard drug- 
glair, If you want to make a Cbrlatmat 
prercut In plclurr* * 

An ahuniltnca of r-oihoa hand. Fine In 
..unlltT but lo* la prl.-r. Tall on n.r V p of 
Hnll't Oapor write to me at “tanford Ky 

.X.xtAo liirrs Aro you looking for a 
auitanlc on- f .-xcu \N H Mueller'atlne 

•election of bOllUaV gixal* * 


I.jt lle* I will have my m«-olng Mondav. 
Dre. in. and rlota the »*lh of Drremtwr 
All perwon* de*lrlng lo pun-ha-^ or liaik at 
nice Di-edle work, rail on me at nia home 
Ol, Laiica-»ter «treet. Mhh t aaaxH. 

Don T forget to*ee TrlholeA, Pence’* 
Hni of ( hn-tma. noveitle* They are 
uo tn-Ja'. - w:th prloDt right * 


Don T let the .New Year catch you 
owing for ynur borne paper Wbat a 
(earful calamity It would be' 

Turkey'. Dork* tlHese 
lligbrtt Vanh m trknt prli-e. 


'lanf-ird. Ka, 

Ik you want your .Xma* preaeot to be 
all right lo every particular, buy It of 
John I* Jonea aod run no riek. * 

Estray Notice ! 

tilravrd or aU l*n. fri m the Huuiler Fi*h 
faroi. on the Chapp'lf* Oap pike, near Crab 
Or.-haru, a led ttaer about two yeait old. 
with pe -uliar marklag; thould weigh #i*» or 
HUH nouuda. Alao tv veral bead of alieep A 
rea .rd will ha puld (or tbe return of Ihla 
ato-'k Addrett L-K*k box IM. Manfcr.1. Ky. 
or J II. Oolller. Crab tirchard. Kv 

Thkhk wb  not a Ouof ol rattle oa the 
Daovllle market ve.terday and the 
oturl day generally *a* a dull one 

Nk.XT lo dlamon-la I* cut glaaa Of 
tbe latter we have an a**urimeai from 
wblcb you can *eleul a preaeot tu ault 
aourca**. Jobo P. Jooe*. * 

Tlir. pcr*OD who by mUtake got MU* 
Berta Jeao Peony'* mu*to, "Tbe Pol- 
Ub Dance," at me opera houte Friday 
night will plea«e return it to ber * 

E. D. Peyton, 


Staple and Fancy Gro- 
ceries, Fruits, Veg- 
etables, Cigars and 
Tobaccos, Stanford. 

The Baptui Ladle*' Aid Society will 
buld an exebangeoQ Thursday. Dec 22, 
at K L B.Inbarl'* (tore Leave your 
order* for CbrUima* cake*, «alad*. etc. 

H. J.IVi*Roberts 

Yul'K aiientloo U called to tbe rale 
adverilaeinroi of L. C. Boalev. The 
*aln will take place at tbe home of tbe 
late Jack Boaley on Wedoerdey, Dec. 


Of atock, (arming ImpUinent.. Iiouiehold 
and ktu-heo furniture. 

WEDNK-iDAY. DEC. J*. 1*0«. 

At 10 a m etock: One pair mule*, two 

geiitlohotite*. (our milk cow*. II 760 hi OCO- 

pouiid cattle. »l» calve*; Iroplvmrnu. I 
Mnder. » mowern. I ha» rake, cultlvauir. I 
harrow,, t turning plow,. S iwo-hor«w w»g- 
oii*. I ,priog wngon. I ruunboui. I b“«Ka- 
wagon aod huggv ImroeH,. alhj balm of 
lallU-t atraw; lioumhold furniture. ,olld 
walnut corner cupboarl. chair,. Vablm. 

(either bed. rag carp. Hog. cook nuive and 
uun,ll, and many other thing,. Hale wH| 
take plat-e at the home of the tate Jack Ro,- 
lea. on tbe HtnuforU A Danville pike. 

Tr;KU*: — All huui, under kiO i-w,h In baud. 

over 110 negi.lUble note. » nnintl.H wlihuut 

Ini.-rr-t. ^ ^ RohLKY. 

F K Trihiu.k ba* bought W. 3 
Denbaio '* coal buatoe** lo Daovllle. 
Weare*orrv Indeed that tbU clever 
geollenian did not locate In bl* old 
hume of Stanford 

Thousands of Dollars’ Worth 
ot Seasonable Goods 

vfftr* ftiro ftod verjr fldlculou* lo ibit 
advanced, dreaay sge Ml** Le*l-, pu- 
pil* aod Prof. Saxton favored tbe au- 
dience with a medley of opera*, after 
wblcb Ml»a LHHe Lesvell, of Garrard, 
,aog aery beautifully "For All Kiernl- 
IV" and "Sing On." with violin obll 
gato by Prof. Saxton Tbe epplau*e 
given her apleodld e ffftrt wa* slmu*t 
deafening. Oo encore *be tweetly *aog 
"Annie Laurie." Prof Sa'xuto * guitar 
medley -«ulo ws* *o good that be bad to 
make a third appearance He I* truly 
tbe greatekt guitar player In tbe Sta’.e* 
Veatal Virgin*, with MU* Ida Moore a* 
Sybil and Ml**e* Margaret Warren, 
Claudia Ktloo, Jo*epbloe Brady, Mara 
D Kennedy, Mary Mobley, Mary Bu. 
delle, Ksie and Dura Pence and Alma 
Bi-ypoldi a* Virgin*, wa* s plea*iog 
pan el the program Tbe young ladie* 
acted lbo;r part* well and an to be 
AiTKMi r»'.n Srii'iiiK -The wife of congratulated. While the audience 
lisrdld Gook, of Highland, attempted wa* not a* large a* the delightful ct- 
•ulclde ls*l night by taking a heavy terialomeot de,er*ed, we are glad to 
tlo*e of morphine, but gave no ruaioo *taie that Ml** Lewi* lo*l no money 
for wanting lo destroy bertelf. Dr. G. Our people owe hera vote of ibaok* lor 
M Tbompaon wa* called and be think* tbe pleataot evening ahe wa* lu.lru- 
tbe U now pul ol danger. , menUl In giving them 

Fnmi the (Jreat Hargttin Sulc of Sweeter, PeniUrookW t'u., of N, w York, 
Till* ie nil o|HM)rtiiuity which seldom occurs. We mlvi,.' ml who enn to come 
It* early as iMisHihlc lo allciul this, the greatest sale wo have ever ortcrtql. 

Men’s and Children’s Furnlsh  

Ureal line of .''hte* for chihlreu 
from l’»c ii|i. M. 'I’e Dre** and work, 
iiig Sh-'o troin !lf c ii| . M  ir*('lotb- 
iiig trom 8-  a suit u| . Men’s nics 
Overcoat* from $2. SO u| . Men’s 
Siiinluy I’tuilH fri.m 7/)c up. Chil- 
dren’* nice thrtv-pie« e *iiil* Iron, 7.')c 
up. Bi'y,’ Overcoiii* tn m 7.')c up. 
Ihiy*’ nice Ca| * up." Chil- 
drcii'* ami ikoln-*' iiiirf-kingt. from 4o 

Ladles’ Furnishing Goods 

lliyn.HT A UKtX-’KRV. — Mr. Albert 
Gooch, of tbe Turneraville eecllon, ha* 
Jbougbt the grot'nry tiore of Mr*. Lena 
Uenlley at Vertaille*. and ba* moved 
bl* family i» that place. We are *tirry 
to lo*e .Mr iiooob and hi* family. 

Wc whu*B iianiB* appear balo* •trlctly 
forbid nuntlng. hrhiiig or any kind of trea- 
paM.|ug on oup pU'-e, aud will pr,.*ri'ule 
TltilHPir* to the full extent of tbe i.,«. 

J . Hl«*'naniiira. T M llulmt». 

H. F Nuwland J B OamenUch. 

Pfter Bnluier. W. H JolinHuii, 

Mr* Marv Olven,. David Stcpli. i,». 
jkinr. M Willie aud wife. E V l!ar»un, 
H. 1 -. Ilawkln*. Mr». Marv E. 'Valcb 
U A lavwreuou. Frank tk.rdler. 

Ladie,' tailor made *uit* worth fl-"  
ami are mi *ale at S4.oH|o 

Lidic.-’ u],-to-dat - .Iiickel.4, ?•  to 
now oil Mile at S'J.'tH to S4. I-. i» • 

and .Mir'ih  kirt*. worth II. -'iH up 
to I'l, are now on rale at H*c lo #L’.- 
I'H. Ladie*' I'orM't* trom IHc up. 
Liit  t»t\lc* of pellicoat* fioiii -(He 
up. iuidie*’ diei-eaml coaix- Shoe* at 
!IHc and up. 

S. Goldstein, Prop 




Kntf !' •« Ofi»ai Stauf -.-i at 

n r mii -t tiVi mnltn . 


f«r-|»hfn n .l ■ paid $* M will ! «■ cl»‘rK'‘ l. 

Valuable Lancaster Property 
For Sale. 

The Thi on»»on BIwk on Bichiuood etreet. 
and two half acre lota on Water 81- 
Vacaotluton Oanrl'l.’ Are., Tt feel front. 
Will aim Mil my Jewelry etock and r.»nt my 
-■tere-room. Ha« (In. enult for keeping jew- 
elry eti ck. Steel oeUInK and now hard w. od 
door. Onll on or addreet J. C. Thompeoc. 
i.»nra ter, Ky. 


bucc«HHor to Bruce A Carter, 

Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, 

Depot Street, ST\J(tVHn. Ky. 

Siweial attention to Commercial Mon. 
Your liatronaife le eolicitwl Horeea 
hamlledon ct.mmiaaion. 

Stock Pen« In Connection 

.... J. H. BOONE a CO., •••• 



Stanford, Kv. 

ttta.d Llr.-ry Scrrlci- at Ueaeunable Uatee. 
,_ia[j oQ ou Jlrp..t Street. Aleoliealere In 


Uliaway saloon. 

GOOD & RICE, Prorsa 

■loe'di wines, whisky %o^k been. S*peclsl 
wnoN i’ dealers LexIngUiD s fwnioua Blue 
i^rsas Beor Case, ke^ sod htHtled. C. 
Brent JitivtbwiNHi mixer. Plume xb. i^tan- 
ferd. Ky 

Dai^’l Traylor, 

DKALCB l« — 

WHlsk'i Brandy, Wines, Beer 
GlQars. Btc. 

gL7:rorp%r Stanford, ky. 

rtoBirl In4 po'M. »tt«nllon. Nothin* but the be. 
I. irink phun. «» t.l« or*,r. 

Mtwipt er,*RtMn. _ 

Pruitt Brothers. 




 'fBce Id Mvi rs House Parlor. Phooe 01. 

Farm For Sale I 

On acTOUot of IINIumlih I desire to sell 
prlTately HI* farm of 170 acres. UM'ated In 
I edK*' u7 Hustonrtlie. (n  Al ImoroeeiDenU. 
I fruit, nerer falling water. Will sell as 

whole or dlrlde. 

8mall bouse on lower 
Elustonvllle, Ky. 


BUinrortl, Ky. 

Oaeeeeer HcBehene' I ma Sleie la me trwalep 



liavln* drclded to qnlt the bnKr.T bu.l- 
nee*. I will Mil fur (be next M daye at co t 
fur cMh a car load of HufalM, Surreya, 
i'haeton. and Hack boards; alM a lot of 
Harne e. They are all tbe latest atyle and 
beet make. Tart of tbe vehicle' are rub- 
ber tired Come to ree me and *et a bar- 
fain at once before they ere nil Rons. 

C( KTI8 UOVKU. CrabUrchard, Ky. 

Nice Home For Sale! 

Undertakers. Livery, Furni- 

U.iVi * -iioclul Hue of Hu*, for tbe Holl- 
•Ut,. W .ler H. he'. HulidlaR Paper. Biiah 
Md Ih O' out liny »tre Mr*. O. B. 

KnilH hr :i nl if line of Fall ami Wlnt. r 


Moreland. Ky. 


Real Estate Agents, 
Stanford, - Kentucky. 

.All p T-«a' wUliIng to buy or aell farm, 
aiil do well t.. '♦•e uv. We have a number 

.AM p«*r-4iaH wiviiinR lo out or .eii larm. 
»:il do well t«. '♦•e UV. We have a number 
of Ane Lln.’i.ln and adJululnR county farm, 
fr r .ace iin.l will lie pleaved to ibow anvone 
what w.' ii.ire. If you de.lre to Mil, place 
It la ojr hand. OlHoe at Buoae'i Livery 
eiable Htauford- Ky. 


n sharw of lb* pitroDMC 
%f th * proymrty owdctb in lue 
rounti*?^ of i.'ncoln An-J 

wlit  mftT l e seeking In- 
MirsDc^ KtfAinsl Kite, l.ighininif 
HOd Turuadu None l»ui Ibo 
*n*i oM-Lint* 
puuies reprr*‘enleJ. and the low- 
eBt riite^ nre gusmiiierd 


Stanford, * Kent ucky. 


**I wa, troubled with rtom- 
.---h trouble. Thedford . Black- 
lir.u,ht did me mure Rood 
In one week than all the doc- 
t  r . metliclne 1 took In a 
r - - MRS. 8.AKAH ■. 

hU 1 RF I LLX) Ellettsrille, lad. 

TlipJford'. llioi k lintuRbt 
Titckly invij^iTaics tbe ic- 
tion of tile btomarh aod 
nirci even cbruiiic caaea of 
inil.jfO'f lull. If you will 
l;tki- :» small Hoee of 'fbeil- 
ford « fllark I'raiipld (k-ca- 
ulv you will keep your 
-t"’!iarb nml liver m per- 
fect conciiliun. 



-'ll -r* iicknr - ii cAU-ed by 
co'ntl) aliuii than by any 
.1 -r i! a-  . T liivlfuril', 
i . 'Taujfbt not only re- 

li; .ui - .Mafion but. lire, 
iluirrlii *a ami (M —tilery and 
ki’.;. t'lp iiuwe:; rtyular. 

’i drii)r,l.t. .'II 
. i-.-reat |«. kace*. 

'•Ti; f .1 f ord ■» Hl.vek- 

T'ra.iol.: la tlo 1» -'Ii- 

■ in- io r. irulaio ii,c Ui ■ • !» 

• i’ ■■ I n r U'.'i. ' - Mli'. 
A M 1 . 1! A Ji T , Snoadt 
i ■ t : y , N. C. 


UsTtn^ dticidod iti rvturo lo Homtrsrt. I 
offtT for isle prlirnt«lf ny home on EasI 
MaId sicreet Id t^tnofor^ . The rrsMcoow is I 
A sU-room Colt A|^A. hrnnd new. bath rt * m J 
«»nd all coDTenisoreH. Tbe lol coiitalQ, 
About IH s *res of land and the beme U a I 
roost dHiifhiful t ne. For further panicu* { 
laf  call on or write me at 9«imer   et. J. U. ' 
Hock or TVoi Herk at Stanford. j 

Tothe Insuring Public! 

Hating bad a iindi'r l*olh\\ No. FI 
137. TL-* of Honn' Innurance Ou.. of Nrw 
Vork. Jrstt' U. Wt aren. AK^ent. Htaoford, 
Ky.. I aoi pre^»arcd to ret'omtm nd theauove 
comiMtny U  you and tell you for prompt and 
liberal 'wettlrmeniii of Iikmos there Is non** 
better and 1 dare say few as They do 

not deduct one -fourth from your |Killcy. as 
Nome would baTt* you believe, but willingly 
and v’becrfuily | ay you all the tademnity 
that you )»aj them for. Beware of Mutual 
or Assessment Odtmpanles Kor furthsr par- 
ticulars In regard tu Mutual or AsseHHiiient 
C »mpADies. address me M. GHKaK MCKriir 
Kingsville. Ky. i 


I dv»lrr to »ell prlvatolv try hotel pro|ier- 
ly and livery utaiile In liu.tonrllle. Bullil- 
liiR can Iw UMd a. hotel or private rs'ldence 
and 1. well arranRvd fur two famlll.e. 8ia- 
hie liae '..’0 .tall, and I. In Rood repair. I'len- 
ty water at liarn and hotel. If boute La not 
.old by Jan. 1 will rent It and can Rive (vw- 
.CMlun on that date. Can Rive'.lon 
of barn If renti-d or Mid Mparately on Nov. 
ii. House and burn newly covered. Ho 
tel U In Griidi d Bchoul dl'trlct E'or farther 
particular, call on or nddreu 

I). 8 OARPI NTKK. Huitonrille. Ky 


IlavinR lieen In tbe I'ailoriDR buiine.s 
all my lite 1 fe«l confident in (aying 1 
icprehcnt one of the liest lailminR firm, 
ID tbe country. With my experience in 
takioR meakure*. and direct.  ni 1 fire, 
your cloihcx are lio.ind to be eati.factory 
as my many patron, in tlii* line will E ear 
me out. iiy pricoa are tbe Mme ae inex- 
perlenied men who are in tbe butineM. 
I alio have a nice line of fancy cbeviol 
and other auitingb 1 will cut and make if 
you desire at a moderate | rice Thank- 
ing you for pa.l favor,, I am, your*, 

H. C. KUl’LEY, tbe Tailor. 

! Just What You Want? 

Tb« xiiarvellout uiusical vnlt rtainsr. I 
am agent f« r the «al**  *f Th«* VUtor and 
ColumblH (irniid Uis** GraphAphofis and 
K*‘i'ord«i. aio . the finest talkluirnud singing 
mai'biiic ruaJt*. FiaT-* the fM aatlful f»erf» i*to 
rwcords. band records. urA*b*»^ira ret'ords, 
male i^uartettGf r«*cords. ndbg records, batilo 
ri*'*nrUH, vlit!in recordn. Atl thr^ai rf**‘or«u 
are given In a tru«- natiirui tdine I will sril 
rou a mai*hlni for   ash with dls N)unt or on 
IriHtullniG'ntN: on raNy niuniUly fMiymentN. I 
will «avN you money In tbU. the greatewt I 
musical Instrument ever Invented. Oail on I 
• r addrr- « TIU»MA?  C, HALL. Agt ! 

Stanford. Lincoln ^*u. Kr . l#ork Box I 


I d*‘«lr«- to  rll inv fitrm of *4^ acres on 
tbe liAOVille A lluwtoovllit* piks. Tiie farm 
Is In a high state of rultlTatlon. fairlr wt-if 
Iniprored. watered with thr*-e never falling 
springs and flvf fNiDd^ . In fact you havo 
to see tbe place t j undervtanfl the munv con- 
veniences. 1 want u  tell In ne«t .iO days- I 
alM  want to sell my stock c in%Uting of S‘i 
jenn«’tA. aged 1 and S yean old. t jacks. 3 
jack coils, seven mares and mules. 1 race 
mare and colt. 1 standard bred mare by 
ttsmlieUa Wlilk«*s. 3 horse mules, well broke, 
that have a Ilttli* defect, but aregiMNl work- 
er*.. will M'il them for IIOU. If sold at onct*. 
Will -*eli farm and st4M*k together ttr sepa- 
ratelv . Aur one wanting a farm and oiittlt 
will do well to (*all ul once and secur«' one 
of the nicest and Oest located farms In the 
tjiiutr I also have 50 bushels of ;:tMid sei-d 
rteforsale. H R. KING. 

Moreland K\ 

J. L. Beazley & Co., 

I Undertakers and 
I Embalmers. 

V ; 



  They will Exchange Furniture lor nil i 
I kinda of Stork. Uiyethain 

i a call. ericaarigltL 




W R Hbaok. » i:d to Pipe, Rro* G 
work mulF, for IjOO 

tune Bunirr ,oi(l 2TU ecre, nl hi, 
fu'm near Perry ville to J T. WatU, of 
Mercer, at $.' 2 GU 

W M Maineny luld Mima hog, at lie 
and Mild to Hon J S Ow»ley, Eir., I,2U0 
■bock* of fodder at 20r 
J J. Moore bae bought the Will 
Lvoe farm of leo at.rv*, near AlOka, 
Boyle county, fur 110,000. 

Wantku — A ,01,11 Blue GreM farm, 
from Goto 100 acre, with Improvemeov. 
J M Ueyuold,, Wayaeburg, Ky * 
Oille Tapp, of Stanford, and Mi,, Do- 
ra Chappell, of Crab Orebard, drove to 
Daevllle laut week aod were married 
Report, from ail part* of Texa, are 
to tbe effect that tbe farniera are geo- 
erally agreed oo the advi,eblllty of 
bolding cotton for high priiMa 
If you have a jMik or ,tailioo for Mie 
let J P. Cook A Co , Lexlogioo, know 
It, They are lo cIom touch with both 
Kaetern aod We,t«rn buyer, aed can 
work lo vour advantage 
Brunt Rro,., of Perl,, have , hipped 
to ea,tero market* .GOO .000 pound* ol 
turkey* tbi* *eaM a, They Peld Li ct*. 
fur part of their purebaM. The market 
i* now much tielow that figure 
TbI, aeaMio'* potato crop of tbe U. 
S 1* tba largMt everkoowo. Maine 
! I* tbe cbempioD potato State, with a 
I yield of ‘200 iiu.nel, to tbe acre, and 
New Hamtblre next with 140 bu*hel*. 

Tbe Kentucky Supply Co. purebaMd 
'.VGO barrei* of core from Prank Hunt at 
12.15 lo tbe crib. Cept. KoglUh report, 
|theWm Sallee ,ale one of tbe be*t of 
! tbe mafoo Live (tuck, crop* and ev- 
'erythlng offered brought fair price* 


A merry .\iua« ' 

Plenty of tbe beautiful oo tbe ground 
and more falllog 

Tbe *iore« all bare very extecive 
Chrlatma* ,lock,. 

Ma«ter lUtell Goocb I* agent tor tbe 
PeonaylTanla Grit and deliver* that 
excelleei paper to hi* patron* every 
8*turday morning. 

George T. Bradley i* here oo a vl*ii 
to bi* pareotk Mr. W. R Campbell 
I ba* *otd bl* property lo Lexington aod 
contemplate* bulldlog a uotiage and 
I moving bl* famllly here They will be 
quite an acqUUltloo to our town. 

Little Ml** Dora .Rlgoej and Matter 
Will McCarty will go lo Harrlman, 
Teon , *oon to vUlt MIm Kloa and 
Matter Will Baker. .Manfred Cbivc- 
lette went to Highland the br*t of tbe 
week to tee a belle o' that place. Kd 
McCarty I* buollog Id Carey 
It certainly pay* to advertive, e pec 
tally lo a paper like tbe In'tkrior 
JOCRN'AL. We Know whereof we I peak, 
for we’ve bad tome ex| erien -e lo that 
line Our “ad" in Tuesday '* Utue of 
tbe lovr of a “gold-bended umbrellaaod 
a Sarnliiga bag" wa* quickly rerpond- 
ed to by tbe noder. Mr. Jubo 
Hlgblaod. aod duly delivered to tbe 
lu»er. W bat would we du without tbe 
“cbeai e*t nod E **l "' 

To Get Rid of Freckles. 

In tbe January Delleeator. lo tbe de- 
partment "Good Look*. ' Dr. KIranor 
Roger* give* tbe following recommeo 
dalloo* for gelllog rid of freckle* wbicb 
will be welcomed by many who are 
troubled with tbeee dUagret able bleiu- 

“Pur reuiovlng freckle* uee culorle** 
Iodine. Tbi* can be made by adding 
one part of pure ainuoia to three of 
tincture of Iodine. After ttaodlng a 
day or two tbe iodine will become 
white. Apply tbe Iodine to each freck 
le with a camel’* nair bru*b, or belter, 
by mean* of a *wab made by wrapping 
a wi*p of cotton around a uiotbplck. 
for a new one can be u*ed each time- 
Apply only enough to cover the freck- 
le. . L'*e It night aod morning until me 
•klo I* reddened, but not loo much Ir- 
ritated. Tbe pigment of tbe freckle I* 
deiKXited tu tbe upiier layer of tbe akin 
and that mu*t be dealroved in order lo 
get rid of me pigment. f.,emoD juice U 
very u«eful to keep the «kln white aod 
to prevent the depo*ll ol coloring mat- 
ter, which make* tbe blemlnbeaof moth 
patebe* and freckle*." I 

A young Oxford *tudeDt oo* day re- 
ceived an unexpected vUii from bl* 
pretty »l*ler, aod was very Indignant 
that *h« came without a chaperon ' 
“Ixiuk here,'* *aiU the young man, “1 
will out have any of the fellow* *ee 
you in mv room. *u If anyone knock* 
at tbe door you ju*t get behind that 
Mireen." lo a few minute* a knock wa* 
beard aod the girl ran behind tbe 
*creeo a* her bi other went lo open the 
door. An old gentleman  tood on tbe 
mrobold, wbo after apuiugi/.lng for bU 
lotru*loo, «ald: “I am ju«t borne from ’ 
Au*tralia aod many year* ago ooeupfed 
Ihete room*. Would you allow me to 
look at them once again ' “Certainly 
•Ir, uume In,” *ald tbe *tudeol “Ab,’’ 
exclaimed tbe old mao, "everything i* j 
]u*l the «ame. Same old table, *ame i 
old fireplace, *ame old *creeo " Then 
catching *lgfit of tb* girl ' By Jove, 
•ame old dodge ' “Slr,“exulalmed the 
ttudent, “Ibal U my *l*ler.’’ “(Jad  ir," 
wa* the rejoinder, “*ame old He " 
London Tattler | 

And now be blow* tb* coin on her 
Por wblob he toiled *o bard; 

Be'll glvean elgoty-Jollar liir 
And get a Chrlttma* card | 

BUI Ny« ax a Dairyman. 

“When I wa* vouug aod u*ed to roam 
about the cuuotrv, gathering water- 
melon* by tbe light of the moon, ! u*ed 
to think I could milk anybody'* cow, 
but I don't think *o now. I do not milk 
th* cow uole** the elgn I* -Igbl, and It 
ba*n't been right for a good many year* 
Tbelaetcow I tried to milk wa* a 
common cow, boro In ob*ourlty, kind of 
eeif-roadecuw 1 remember bow ber 
brow wa* low, but »he wore ber tall 
bigb ; aid *he wa* baugbtv, oh, *o very 
haughty I 1 made a commonplace rt 
mere to ber, uo* that I* u*ed lo tbe 
very beet eoclety, one that need not 
give offeoea. I *ald '*u'— aod *be 
**oed.' Thee 1 told ber to 'bUt'— and 
*be ‘bleted ' Hut I thought *be over j 
did It. Ju*i tbee 1 beard eomeihlogi 
craab through the window of tbe Ewro 
and fall with a thud *lckeulog ibud 
00 tbe ouulde. 

“Tbe neighbor* came to to *ee wbal 
It wa* that caueed tbe ooUe They j 
found out that 1 bad done It getting | 
tbrocgb tbe window. I a*ked the nelgb 
bor* if the bare waa *iUI etandlng 
They *ald It wa* Then I a*ked them 
If tbe cow wa* Injured much. They 
tald *be eeemed quite robuet Thee 1 
rtquealed them to go lo and calm tbe; 
cow a little aod *ee If they could get 
my plug bat off ber boro*. 

“I am buying all the milk now of a 
milkman. I eelect a gentle milkman, 
who will not kick, and feel a* though I j 
can iru*i him Thee If be feel* a* | 
though be can tru*t me. It'* all right 

Head About to Burst From Se-' 
vere Bilious Attack. i 

"I b* l a Mvere biliou* attack and fell | 

- like my head wa* about to bur l whrii t ' 
! got hold nl a free *a nple cf C’l *mbet i 
, lain'* htniiiach and l.iver Tablet*. I took, 
• a du*e nl ttiem after supper *nil the next | 
I day fell like a new man and have l een 

feeling happy ever aiore, '* ray* .Mr. J. 

I W, .'*mith, of Juliff, lexia kor bllluu* 
ne**, ilomacb trouble, sod cou*tipa(ioD. 
ibeM tablet* have no erjual. I’rire J.5 
rent* Por *ale by all dreggiit*. 

Two prieooer* dug ibelr way out i I / 

- tbe jail .t JackMin 

I I I ■ ■ 

j For Sale Privately. 

' Mt houst' and 10 ni*rrs * f land altuaird 
j Just oulstUn of town Units on tlir 
I plkr lions* Kna I rooms. klU'bra sod s«-r- 
vsnt's ruuRi ro* d crllsr Stahls ^nd all 
; os«***ssarr outbuHdlafrs Walrr li\drsiit ta 
' Tsril and i on fnr sUx‘k 

r I* BAltEV 


Owing In tliu tiU'V M'Neoii in full' .Icwcliy  inr ' I will huvr- to di-* «ii- 
tinne iny vi'it* In Staiifnrtl until Spring, 

iicmlui’lu'a, granuliittvl till*, *tye, pain in itinl Hr  nii l liu  'y  -, iiervnue. 
iit*w , etc., arc ollcn flic rteull' nl eye etruinn. N\’c *lniigliU'n i nkMitvi eye* 
willuint the knife, eeixenm or pain. Wr u*c im tiii-'iiriur in I'Xaiiiinatioii nr 
Ireatniciit nl the eye*, nor  lo wc (u-rfonn any 'iirgical o| cratinn 

ItcHull.o Count -l)r Murray (itUxI glaxefw fix nic that have given inn*l 
|wrf«rl .xatiefaction, inoix" than any I ever had. Tlic gla.««cw lilted fir tuy 
aunt. Ml"*. Ibnldcnir, i*f McKtimcy, are alM  |a'rf 'clly *ati*factory. 

Luanna (fcntry, Sianlord, Kv.* 

The gla**c* you fitted for me two yc;ir* ago have given me Indtcr *ati*ta . 
tiuii than any I ever had on my eye*.  1. W. Knut, Stanford, Ky. 

'nniiikiiig the |M‘opIe lor their lilieraJ pii iron age, 

Dr. C. M, Murray* 


Home OfHie: With .Murray A ,M 'Adani*. Hauville, Ky. 

First National 

or Stamtor4, Ay! 
Copital StocH. 150,000: 

This tnstltailon was urtfiBaUT rstahlUhnd 
M Ihs l spiM|t liattk Ilf NtaoLkrd lo IBGk. 
Itann morfaoitnd as ibi' Naitunai Hank of 
Ntanford In 1^03 aad a|taln r«N rcsott«»d as 
th# rtrsi Nal^uaal Kaik of t^tnnfnrd la 
IMS. hartaic bad prainkaUj an naintsr- 
roptGpi sslstwnr* for 41 T«*ars It Is Ksttsr 
supnilnd now vttb farlliUaa ft»r lraas%«i- 
ta|t Wslnoss urnmpt v and wall lhan srar 
bsferN la lu luof and b4»aursbis wsrtwr 

I AccDUDts of lodividuals. Fiduciarit* and Cor* 
I poratiook Sollcltod. 


J. • HUCKKK. 1‘rM't 
a T llvMMi* V I're* 

J J. McKoHkHTIi. Ohr. 

W H WRaKK.N.A'.i I'hr. 


f lUld. DanrlUs. 

N T tiarrU. tfianfurd 
J i Hix-ktr, Stanford. 

U 1. Tannsr, McKlnasj. 
M II»r«  Ntanfiifd 

R H Ha«|tbman.#lanfifrd 
T F Hill. tManf.ird 
Jsa KdHMoson. llubbls 
I. H. H'kasbmao Stanford 
J M Fstlis blasfi»rd 
Ed Cart4 r NtasLird 


k* • •vrrad aod rspalrnd and mads simost 
as ffood aw osw for a sMali ar*«**unl I ran 
ti Tunr aotbrslla b^ttrr than tb** tramp 
repairers and for less aioo«-r Give me a 
trla. Kmamb Atkins. NtaoforU. 

I- ; 

,Sto^;kholdc^^’ .Heetinu. | 

' ’ * 1 

A m«eUB|(t!f th' -tOi*kb« ldrr» uf lh« Ftrwt' 

i N:tll« oal kai.kof Nmofnrd will In* lieol ut j 
. tlH'lr banklofT holla* th  se* ood Tu  dav it 
I Janiiarv. I'N[^ fur the pur|H'-«' • f •' 

Lir tb* eo'^ulof tt ar 
JiniSJ M' RuHKUT** « a%Mrr 
-= - - - 

I Stockholders' McctiiiK. i 

! - - • 

A i:it-eiln|t i»f the si'M*Whoidrr- of th - Na I 
Uoi a  Hank of H UwtoaviUs will lie held at 
ihelr t*aiiklofT hou*-e In l!uk*tx otrie Uie *’ 
(»od TiiesdaY In Jaiiuarx -ISOX betwreii V aod 
13 X M.. for III** pur|Mje# «*f elf* tint irec- ‘ 
t  rs t4  w* rv*‘ tb*' fosuine vesr 

J W HiiGKFK. Caahlri 

Stockholders’ Meetiiiu. ^ 

A meeting of tbe aGv*kh«d*lers of th** Lin- 
coln Uoua tv Nations. Hank ■•fdtarford will 
be held at ihelr banaloir bouse th** set ifod 
Tiie-da\ In Janunty. Itf05. ftir the purtiose 
nf el«»4’iinK dlre«*tMrw for (t * **ii'«uln|r tear 
I r R o^HLFV CiisliU-r 

! Valuable Property. Por Sale. 

Ten a**res 4»f land a Iwn-wUirf frtiot T 
r« oni cottfkjre The hon«*e tsnew. A spi«*tt- 
dkd i^ardea ao*l i*rchurd. Tti**re Is a Isri^e 
mill on the place ; a |Ti o l ri'isbcr and the 
dam Is lo c^K»d repair aad the natural \h'W- 
•r Is RFeat eeooomv la ruooinK lb** mlil. 
IKms a sjdendid l»u«ln* ss. FvervthloK Is lo 
Koud ret^lr and lia- all ue^’essarj «iut- build- 
ings The ttwni-r'M only reason f«»r sellltig 
Is the rush of other bu«ln«*sw as he has •«- 
U*ntlv*‘ farn.loK Inleresis l*k look after 
This pr«»j*erty K on the llanflriT P ork about 
I 4 miles from Htanford. and ran l«e botij(hi at 
a huricaln P'or further )kartl ulHr«i. ad- 
' dr*«s t* C Thurmond. Lytle. Ky . or 

9*. U lliixhrs. Ntaoford. Ky 


J R Faiton 
3 R Uwsla? 
i U Bhaass 
W O Walker 
Geo W Oerter 
i H Ki»sit*r 
L ti (tlKS'h 
W 14 Cummins 
W M ItriBbt 
K L II uhole 
« II Nbenks 


•ur*‘aea* rs lo The Farmers Rank 4 
Trust Outnpaay aod nader same 
maeajesmsat c«*ntlaeously 
for 3k years We 


Hopinf Boeb business relations wlU 
pruee mutaally beneArla. 


■ H biiank-. 

J. B UWvLSr. 

I k.felat 


A**'l On.hUr 

Our Holiday Display. ^ 



nmki yiiiii 

lillli'llNu' 1*1 

( In 



iill- • 


tiiil -1 ' 


i; 1 

IM. u| 

lliiliilii-. «. 

1 nmI* 

1 III- 

- iIm 


H fk. • 



nlnl ItHik 

i\ i-r iiiir '|i* 

■k If'l 

ll Wl 




III H ill) 


lull will l« 

|l|  lli,| Hllif 1 


iiily 'll 



\N . 

liiy *|M   IX 

1 i'In 


III nuvi-lf 

III •.■ll.'llUII 


1*1 III' 


trittinii m 

prif « •*. 

^ PEININY SDRUG ST 0 RE.*** 5 'f'«- ^ 


•  O-n 
o o 5‘ 
^ o 

-« D, ^ 
“• CO 5U 

■c S 

O 3 

§ ^ ® 

Ot: — 

(D t/5 
z: 3 
Qj su su 
3 3   

^ ^ O 
(/) “1 
n  (x  — 

0  (L' X 

rv a o 

3-  — 

(D a 



Wf Hi'f I'ffcix iiij; tlif feriimlol (iisplav (»t 


v\ i*r hIiowii in 1 Ih* fity. . 'I’lif prifi‘ * are 
vt-i'V I"".   lamp!! iii'f iii*« and up lii- 

tlutf. Ht* i-un- you mic our liiif litd’orf 
you liuy. 


Stanford, Kentucky. 



Complete Assortment of 


At DR. W. N. CRAIG'S. 
Make your selection now 
and have plenty of time 
to dress it before Xmas. 






I’lionc N'l). 111. 


Stanford, Kentucky. 

Jesse W. Sweeney, 


Z*ivpry, Foci and Sale StaUo, 
Lancaster, Ky. 

lIurMta wcll-lcil xml cxml for. L'|  lo 
iliile riguRl lenvomiM* r»l«». 

The New Masen Hetel, 


Lancaster, Ky. 

Wm. SBCaASS, Fropri*tar. 

LtSitne Dthteia #%erv r*oai 

kefuriiKhed ani uhdrrenbrs Nrw Msnsi^twaat 
b**b '* (hs lavoftir pirrier meets ah trains 

l.atKe* Weii-h|Mej Sample k m»w 


Semi-weekly interior journal., 1904-12-20

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Stanford, Kentucky by W.P. Walton
   Lincoln County (The Knobs Arc Region)