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VOL II. NO. 24. 


25 CTS. rtR YEAR. 


n is very important thai a fun - 
gutton o( Prohibitionists from Ken 
lucky atttend the Nfittoftal Prohibition 
conference to be held at Buffalo auk 
list i and I. Many ol us \* in i «- going 
to the Pan- American exposition, and 

ciin choose this tim«- as *HI M any 

other to) make t trip. The railroad 
fate |i to small thai to fait to «o and 
t4ikt» in ttu great exposition and the 
Niagara flails and the conference, all 
on the same trip would »»♦  ■ mistake 
no Prohibitionist  an srell afford io 

Remember are hare been spending 
no money for liquor, and mo**t of us 
have saved thai in*; bill, and conse- 
quently haw a little l»'H for BUt fa 
pleasure tups .is this one will be and 
at the same time an educational osfc, 

All who l»1 ad to ru will please 
write the edltoi of thin paper at once 
n'mi he will make all necessar) ar- 
rangements for Ihelr comfori and 
pleasure, 'i hi plan is to leavs ions 
vilir Tuesday morning, Julj :'• ». an- 1 go 
to Cincinnati, meeting other Prohlbl 
Uonlsts there sod on through to Buf 


Later arrangemehti will be made 
but tlx above Is an outline, If you are 
contemplating going do eol tall io 
write- us. Let us all uo In s body It 
will »  • more pleaaanl to us 

Dear Vindicator: 

Having prom land to kivo you jot 
tings along the route of my Itiner- 
ancy i write again. 

From pulton i went to Clinton, 
There Rev, J. B. Oooch, evangelist for 
the. firnt district, had appointments for 
Monday and Tuesday Bights June io 
and II, but Prof James A Tate, of 
Dyer. 'lean., our national secretary, 
coming along. Monday nlghl was given 
to him. 

Prof. Tate's lecture was a rare treal 
and showed him a master In ins line 
As an Imperaonatoi of the drunkard 
he |s unexcelled and hi* quaint humor 

entertains Whllt bis Irresistible lock 

convinces Being a eoHege man. he 
contrasted 1 1* educational value or 

the two institutions the school and the 

sal  oo . ;  mi bi ought itrongl) • lo ■ 

mind ;   t his hearers th  lept i 1 
tn«- myett ry ni to boa m  n mm p« 
im ii both. 

on i uesday Bight Rev. Good I 
his appointment, and In i 
mannt i showed the In! imy ind 

growth of tli»  drink t; it!, .:. I BjaVS 

clt ai ly tiir remedy for the •■ i 

Tht se It ctun s w ill doubtlee* 
gi ,:d. though tins is a hard ti rito to 
win tor national prohlbltloi IS l 
this Purchase t ouatry his bad i 
bltioo by local option for some ti M 
Ave years, ♦ xcept the Itii i of Padu 
Fulton and wit klirt . m l ' h  I ll 
fairly well enforced, "tigers" rarel) 
evei getting a foothold, gull tht i 
considerable dissipation, thi ;  1 »l ^* 
ger being not unknown Bul ,k 
frequent source of conviviality 

• op4 nmns." These are liberally i atn n« 
Ised i   the  oudk men often minors, 
w ho club  ii togel hi r .r.. i oi lei 
gallon whisky b) expresi or 

tii«' kt g, a hit h is takt d to a pi p 
pointed, a quiet grove perk i\ when 
they hold high carnival and beconv 
di ink.n ds. Hi n  ♦ mi d) sood men i ■ 
i omlng to w ♦■ th.'t ' -ni . . . 
for the counti   dep  nds on th€ 
of part) prohibition 

\rt» r   fltnton i i sine to B i rd rt 
from a hick pi tee i am • it ni 
Hen i a last Bat irda) i ittt nd  •'. the 

• ountj prohlbltloo onvention | ro- 

• • . dings 1 1' ns hw li i i • lent yo-c ' he 
tlekt t nut out Is an el t IU nt tma i i 
w in no doubt, v iii man) vott i to our 

i }♦ at n s^lckliffc hai fot m  I b itroni 
prohibition   lub and i il* d n tm ot 
an a ti\»* and t'i otrs o i s arfan 
against the sai M»n both l« » tnd i i 
Uonal As i pjo then * • xt I •!•♦• r '« be 
able ! ■ tc; v • j ou 'if U On *• nforms 
r m - n later on I. »ng liv  the '. nd 
tor (1 W ;»\V!  

June ta, IS01. 


nd i st  1. 


Ths Prohibitionists of Carllals smn 

ty nut in convent ion at the JOUrt 
house in IlardwHll. Saf.irdav I mi 18 

The convention was called to  *• 
at 1:90 p in ami presided ( vt r by Pr 
.i s Pstrle, count) • halrmaa 

a rousing address waa delivered by 
Prof I B Oooch, district evangelist 

I petrls ) w Blessing • f| C n 
Pile followed with appropriate re 


The following candidates wen tht n 

r or Btaii hV natot tMstrl I No. I, 
Rev I i» i% * : ipati k, I m Ci u i 

i'f»r !: pn i  ntatlv Ballard r \ I 
■ •. i ligh • intl  i J W Bit sing. 

For mty i idg  * R, Pile. 

I'or atipeiinten !• • * -f B  bt ols- Hrs 
L Wllmt r Biggs, 

The fbllowing resolution were ♦ , .: f 'n 
adopted, after whl  h he oni • ntios 
.,» : ,•]•!.♦ ! *'io' die 

RE80TJ T10K3 

Th»' Prohibition! ft i   t Cat •• in- 
ty in convention assembled, thli lune 
18 IWI, idopt tne following res 

fori*. Viz 

Wheresi then li no question of gov- 
ernment, whether local itati or na- 
tlonal at all comoarablt In Importance 
• • the bevt ' flquoi I ift  wh1 h 
bHgi ting «r *u t: !• stroylng 'he 

i, i ?\.*\ progpo rlty c»f our r»* onl*. 

pr duclng crime snd sending 
ands of our citlsens to ttactr grav i 
every year, W foi • 

|| n solved That we are opi i • I 
to tht msnufti tur% sale Importation 

rid eTpoftatMss f  t sjeholis Uaupri J, »r 

,, w fagc purposes. 

That e/e are t pposed to the license 
»; t»fn ft m rV " itmpli f »• * *h » r • rtme 

mnot * s n ids reel si tablt u ht in* 

OUS or destructive because reven»i » 

..... . | v .,,i f 0 | whh h produi 1 1 It 

dot ian r - : ' l " • ondoni d evil *• n ' i 
cood, nor e/rong be mad*' right by li- 
nslng them- ,f w ond  mn tV, «- 
Lttt d pt of t»w a ar It p irtnv at In \i* 
ulatlcf broadcast over the country 
f |j*  t.-,t ments r lardlns tht ffects 
^ the repeal of the i anteen law with 
the i vldi nt pui poet f • renting s lentl- 
ment la r r.  r of le^establishing t^.at 
'• ominatJon in out " 
That, thot L- v , ere are la th* minority 
w»« glory I "i T '« prfncloles f our sm 
party Inv I the md d Invest igat I n 
of ,v . - • pr n v, v ill f Jr-mlnd t d 
nut n si d ■ nk ,v • luftort of our tr 11- 
d t% i by all wl o aisli good honest 
smcient off era 

j p r.oorH. Ch*m. 
C R T 'H.E 

Com- " 

r.d T V nemare4 ai hnn alrei 
hi ea noted, ha* pun-has^d a t#n» 
erfll hold Pro! \\ 'Mot in r« " ►••rlr.i 
throughout ths  * Ut f f vou want s 
meeting held !, i j  ur r "W-  or ^n^mTt' 

nltv wr»t.' ♦(» Col ! w -u » r st l T nion 

Mill :   R# ihosjd be kept busy til 
tht l mt - he will io ut sti » tot I 





W. M . LtKlllli {) ' T ' 1'IKINH. 

.1 K AH1. TAYUMi. 
ow-nnoorn, Kentucky. 


D(M rttt In Advanc*. 

At on* of tbe meeting* of the *tato 
not long *lnce there won a 
effort on the part of the old 
parties to rut down hi* crowd. It wae 
cut down. The two old partle* know 
full well that their life depend* on the 
ignorance of tho people- along polltl- 

t Ions* for the editorial depart - 

ittenoa icpere** tmw*\* of 

and addreh»ou • 


Tlia ProhiWtlonlatl Of ix)gnn and 
Warren counties are to meet Is sol- 
vent Ion Mi. former at RueeeUlvtlle oo 

Monday. July 1. Sid t»»* letter at 

Bowling fireen on Monday August •« 
Tlcketl will L*- put in the n*od and Qtb* 
tr important bustncta transacted, state 
Organiser Wm. Uk»ns will ba preeeat 
at each convention. Rev, Butane p. 
Kuntz i h chairman of i^gan county, 
while w C. Curd chairman of War- 
ren county. Th-  in both huatllni 
Prohlbttionieta and are not a*hamed to 
hi^-ak out Let them i - wall attended 

ProbiblUomists ?.»•«•• about taking tat* 

COttatry in a fn* yean and Wi may. 

but tbe teak ii treat Just last week 
vi beard ope of oui aneakera aek a 
. Ian of fifteen brlgbi young atea if 
they *n.--.v wtio John «. UTooiley la? 
Not one of them bad ev  r beard  f tin- 
man m af tbey could recollect 
Aad   * loav "t tbt ProalWUooiaUi 
wbo hat r.oi yet mad  their i .1*3. rtp« 
tloa |be itati convention for tbii 
yeai 1 work think wa are sowing fu *' 
countrj knee*deep with Uterature. 

I b  1 ommtttee la dotal tba beat it 
, M but before This douse igaoraace Ii 

ptlled ye 1 will haw to do .» litth 
raelf Uat na enlighten the i»* ;i la, 

 rohlbltioBista *-ajoy a little pteae- 
1 Aiii u« aibef ;»^ pi^- We ami 
tali, ore* oui * (  ^ ebd 1 1**^ ue**U ot 

II ii. tbe lUfts, ajiu benefit both our- 
aelfei aad the *r»* Ha  ^ 

aeii OO 10 BofSiOl 

ft el* 

itailttaace mum aceoaMayeacka ohaprjP- 
Uoo aad riiay beaeai hy .'heck, ^l* 1 ?™.!^; 
tcr nr BHinef order J*tiimpf» or currem j 
Bjaj bi »»-nt. hot at UN .sender* risk. 

Pott    ttt.-* Addr^s. laatteetteua concern; 
inn reaewitli di* out auance*. or ™ateot 
addro iboaid ^ .^nt two je^ypr^tojaj 
 t,ii. thej ♦♦«• »•» ««  Into torert.. The 1 0*1 
orti* »• addr^at whl«?h *h are inrmMiim pa- 
mm!i SS una of erlUng oiuhi hIw^h be 



n.ftit noj^t (»♦* wr 

paaef »»it it u »m»« 

Addraaaall lattefj to tba Kaatecki Vindl- 
»-:,tor. I  *-uVM,r.» Kv. 

if you rail 10 raeetvefovf paeer, aatlfy aa 
prompt y 

If we do not send a good delegation 
to Buffalo It will he the raltttake of thin 


My work this week ha* been a very 
remarkable IwSOajg, owing to the ex 
treajaaly hot weather and the very buay 

Ah I wrote la*l week, I was in Bar- 
ren eounty endeavoring to put out a 
nmdidate for the legislature. So on 
Monday. June 17. the ProhlbitlonlaU of 
that thriving little community met in 
the court bOUOS IS the form of a eon 
vention. But before the convention met 
I talked for one hour to a good crowd 
that had gathered to hear me, OS had 
been previously announced. 

Mr. C. T. MorrlSOU wa* put in nomi- 
nation, aud he was named unanimous- 
ly He very modestly accepted the pro- 
onVred honor and said emphatically 
that he would chase his opponent all 
over tbe county, and was going in to 
be elected. 

Bro Morrison is one of the leading 
citizens of his county and is loved by 
all who know him. He will make a 
thorough canvass, and if not elected. 
Will be a  M od second to the man who 
ih elected* 

Tuesday at 1 p. m. 1 landed at 
rraaklia, tbe capital « ity of Simpson 

count?, one of the best counties so far 
.us her ajorala are concerned in Ken- 
tucky, and was at OWCO taken into the 
custody of Bro. ObSS. Brevard, an old 
time Prohibitionist, and one of the 
leadlns rltlraeja in Krankhn. 1 1 ih home 
was my bOBje for .1 full wc««k. It is in 
Order tO say right here that Bro. Bre- 
vard la bleaaed with a lovely, lateill- 

g» lit wife and two as sweet little chil- 
dren as arer lived. Margaret and Ke- 

beoca, tbe   ne six years   bi sad f he 
other one He aoea not oaly tram hia 
( bildres up Is tbS way they should go" 

bul bis «b «^ borsea and obtebets also. 

Tbera is but one town In this whoe 
oouaty and that is Franklin, a city of 
about 2.000 people, so all our appoint- 
menu nave one were at country 
Ibsrebes from thrf^ to eight milea 
from town. 

Bro. Brevard, myself and "Old 
Daisy" made all tho tripe,- holding Ave 
meeting* out of town. 

Owing to the hot weather, wheat 

harveata, and some other local condi- 
tion*, all our appointment* In tbe 
country wero not. very largely attended 
except erne at Hulphur Spring* on Sun- 
day. Here we were met by about 260 
very Intelligent people It i* certainly 
a model neighborhood, and they allow- 
ed their appreciation for our labor* 
with a collection of eight dollar* and 
twenty cent* from pawdng around the 
hat. At all my appointment* I wa* aa- 
slHted by Bro. Brevard, who in a splen- 
did *peaker. 

One of the thing* we are "dreaming 
of" I* to see Bro. Brevard going up and 
town this broad field preaching Prohi- 
bition. There i* where he ought to be, 
and there is where he will be if a few 
of our wealthy Prohibitionist* will 
only increase their contribution* to 
our state fund. 

We have received in ca*h for rhla 
and la*t week alMitit $45. while our ex- 
pense* havo been very small. The 
suite fund is gradually growing, bor- 
dering on $1,000 since la*t January we 
have raised. 

This week we are to be In lx)gan 
county, next week in Warren county, 
and the next week in Hardin county. 
Then we make a trip to eBech drove 
and Calhoon. when we will pull off for 
about ten day*, taking in the big Buf- 
falo fair and National Conference of 
tbe Prohibition party. 

At all my appointment* in Simpaon 
ooUWty Bro. Brevard made a talk aa 
well as myself. He and Mrs. Brevard 
often go out to the country churchea 
and speak and sing to the people. 

What do you say to it? Let us In- 
ereiuM* our state fund so a* to enable 
otir state cOflMlttee to employ auch 
talent as our Simpson county Prohibi- 
tions t 

WM. UKHNS. State Organizer. 

('has. Brevard. Simpson count  - h in- 
domitable Prohibition worker, ha* ac- 
eepted an invitation to speak on Pro- 
hibition at a Fourth of July rally in 

Mien oouaty. 

If the Republican Party repeals the 

aatl-canteen law it will be all day with 
it. if it takes that to open 

pie s eyes let it come. 

If anything happ-ns in your neigh- 
horhood of Istereet to Prohibitionists 

lei the Vindicator know of it We want 
It. . 

BBaaeaaajBBjejHMBj^^ * v.-v^^^, 


11 is often urged thai third party 
Prohibitionists are o|H aed to loral op- 
tion, and work against It. Wn are not 
opoaed to loral option, and In all our 
hlHtory and extensive acquaintance 
with Prohibition party voter*, we have 
never yet. aeen or heard of one, when a 
local fight was up. that voted against 
local option or raid aught against tn« 
proposed measure. However. Prohibi- 
tionists look on local option as being 
one form of license and contend that 
Iho saloon cannot 9* killed by local op- 
tion alone. 

Whatever we say in this artic le must 
not be construed to mean that we are 
opposed to loral option. So that much 
must be dismissed. 

There it an organization In this slate 
which everybody is acquainted witn, 
known as the (nier-Denominational 
Temperance League, whose aim3 and 
intonMons are to secure local option in 
every county possible. Its aim is goon; 
that is. local option is better than nigh 
license. But Its method of securing 
even local option Is what w»* object to, 
and right, here is the vital power of 
our subject, and if we are a little 
tedious please forgive us of this one 

That the Leagues intentions are 
good and Its ultimate aim is whole- 
some, we do not deny: but we do in- 
sist and want to make it plain that its 
plans and mode of warfare are wholly 
Impracticable and cannot bear up un- 
der a test. ease. 

In the first plac? It a| M  ea!s to Its 
enemies tor what it wants— that Is, to 
the old parties. 

The tw   old parties have enai ted 
every liquor law there Is on the stat- 
ute books of every state In the ( r nion 
and on the statute books of the United 
States Th.»t much the old parties have 

Again, when the people rose up in 
their might, and in spite of the two old 
parties, demanded a constitutional 
amendment and voted on the question, 
as they did in Kansas and Maine the 
two old parties, an i In this u was 
the Republican j;irty. rendered the law 

of but little effect bec ause of its tru  k- 
ling with the liquor element. In Oeor- 

gta a Democratic state, the people de- 
manded a vote upon this question and 
it carried but as soon ;ls Prohibition 

carried all over the stats the Demo- 
cratic party, led by Gov Tilnian. pm- 
eeeded at ones to nullify the law and 
in its stead Instituted and Inaugurated 
the disgraceful "Dispensary" system, 
which Is a governmental saloon. 

it. is to these corrupt parts organisa- 
tions that the "Temperance League" 
is appealing for help. 

The Prohibitionists corns up and tell 

the people th*» old parties are whisky 
parties are allies of the saloon, and 
to go Into a combination or an agree- 
ment with them Is tr» Insure defeat, but 
that the only way to do Is for all m'ho 
are in sentiment agreed against the 
liquor trufn\ to form them a party of 
their own and l e willing to wait until 
this party guts strong enough to take 
Into Its hands the reins of the whole 

government. That is the third party 
p. an. 

Another Important feature about the 
league's method, and the third party s 
method, is the way each raises Its cam- 
paign funds. The Prohibitionists go to 
their own people, In their own meet- 
ings, and appeal for funds for the use 
of the party with the understanding It 
Is for party work. The league aiso 
takes up collections In Its own meet- 
ings, and makes appeals for its use 
through its own paper. Thus far we 
are equal, and are willing to grant un- 
to the league the same privilege ac 
corded our party. 

But the league Is not content in tan 
ing up collections in its own meetings, 
and making appeals for funds through 
its own papers, but go right into our 
religious bodies and muke public ap 
peals for funds and subscriptions to 
Its work. It makes it on the supposi 
UOO that the league is non-partisan, 
when in fact it is omni partisan, and 
every dollar given to the league will 
parpstuats the two old parties in pow 
er. It is true, that so far as we are 
aware, the league has never supported 
any party in Kentucky except the He- 
publican party, but it reserves the 
right to support the Democratic party 
at any time it sees tit to do so. 

Now It is plain that when a person 
makes a subscription to this league he 
makes a subscription to one or the 
other of the two old parties. We don t 
SOS any reason why all Democrats and 
Republicans who want to see their 
party perpetuated In power should not 
rally to the leagues financial support, 
unless the individual giver has reasons 
to believe his party will not get Its pro 

But for the league, whose aim is to 
support one of the c Id parties, to come 
before a religious body that has no 
politics and through a misrepresenta- 
tion of the whole affair, commit that 
body to its work of perpetuation, we 
must acknowledge we are a little hu- 
miliated and chagrined, and believe 
the psopls should understand the sit- 

Why is it that any religious body 
should commit itself to any organisa- 
tion whose intention is to keep alive 
one or both of the iwo whisky parties, 
and at the same time allow collections 
to he taken for its support? If the In- 
ter-Denotninational union is allowed 
thai privilege, w»» insist th it the same 
privilege ehould be accorded the Pro- 
hibition oarty. and Which we have 
never Miked for and will not ask for. 

Why is it the Isagus should be recog- 
nised In the gatherings and the Pro- 
hibition party be ignored? 

It Is the time of yeaf now for asso- 
ciations and assemblies of all kinds to 
in* held, and we inggesl to our party 
Prohibitionists that when the matter 

spoken of above comes up for settle- 
ment that they inquire into the affair 
and ascertain   f possible whv the par- 
ty whose aim is the national destruct- 
ion of the saloon system is ignored? 

Let the Prohibitionists of Kentucky 
demand of our religious bodie* tne 
same fair treatment that Is accorded 
the league, and all will he well. 

To vote for the best man" simply 
means that you will vote for your par- 
ty's nominee. 

If you see the need of our people be- 
ing kept informed on the Prohibition 
question, speak to your friends and get 
them to tako the Vindicator. It costs 
only 25 centa per year and no one will 
hardly refuse you. If you want to do 
still a greater work for our cause get 
them to take both the Vindicator and 
the New Voice. The two papers cost 
but one dollar. 

A big scramble will soon be on In 
this state as to what party will go to 
the next legislature Bo far as we are 
concerned we do not care, for which- 
ever way It goes the saloon will not 
be molested. The saloon runs the two 
old parties In Kentucky and everybody 
knows It. They may succeed In fool- 
ing a few temperance men. but they 
cannot fool a well-informed third par- 
ty Prohibitionist. 

Ladies' Kid Gloves 

are unsurpassed for 
the prices charged. 

For an extra nice one, white and 

For a genuine Kid, white and 

For a full line of colors in Misses'. 

Montague & Barnes 






We Pay 4 Per Cent. Interest 
On Time Deposits and 
Savings Deposits. 

221 Alien Street, 

Ti Si Andersoiit Pros* 


Franklin. Pa., June gg.- (Special 
Correspondence) What v\i^ probabi) 
the most remai ka';de county conven- 
tion ever held in tbi United states oc* 

  uin*d here last Saturday, In tin Pig 
( towd which gathered weie ninety 
two regular!) elected delegates irorn 
thlrt) seven precincts in Urn county. 
There was tremendous enthusiasm and 
a determination to cany this count) 
foi the Prohibition party next tall. At 
night there was a giant mass meeting 
with bias- bands and a ton b light p:o- 

oeggloa. Si mi of the best posted men 
in this city pay there Isn't much doubt 
about th« Prohibitionists having a 
swooping victory in the country. The 
vote last year i«e president was, lie 
Kinley 5931 .Bryan, 40H and Woolley, 
JLSt Ft : tj ►thn u al i andidatee 
were elected in the count) UuM Febru- 
ary. Homei L. Castle, of Pittsburg was 
th» chleJ n atoj at eight a sp  i lal 
train loaded with Oil Citj Pj uioe 
tionisu   ame  u * a ror the « v  nlng 
rally The Evening Leader, a pemt  
crati( paper, defies the Democratic 
party ami may ippotl the Prohibition 

  aadidati i In a two ami halt 01 
mnn report of th« county convention 
it eayi amt eg otbi r thlngi "Hun- 
dreds of part) roten feeling them 
selves diaerraced b| the ;u t m n  of the 
part u i t » »hi  h they have hitherto Im - 
longed are leaving forever their treat h 
erous leaders and uniting themselves 
with th« greatest political party thin 
nation hag i vet seen, All over Venango 
county the in eat toplt of conversation 

Ik the wonderful growth of tne Prohl 

Mt ion party. The tremendous enthu- 

Slagm  »f its mem hers and the marked 
contract l et\M«en the polity of it* 

methods end political methods with 
those of Um obi partlei Everywhere 
men are saying to each othei that the 
time has come at last when the long 
fight of the Prohibition party against 
the corrupt an dsoul destroying power 
of tin saloon Is to be crowned with 
suceesi Prohibition succea In tin- 
air and no pc*. r on sarth can stop it 

Already about ten counties have put 
out loeal candidates and more to fol- 


Railroad Time Tables. 

Louisville. Henderson A St. Louis 
R'y Company 

In effect Decembers, IWU 
West Hound No 41 No 43 No lb 

Lv LouiHvllle 7 4ft am 4 4ftpm H86pm 

L\ Irvington 9s»am « 47 pm 10 M pm 

LvCloverport lOlHam 7 4lpm I0 4«pm 

Lv ItaweHville 10 43 am H 06 pm 1 1 (* pm 

Lv OweriHboro 11 4(» am I* Oft pm 1 1 ft* pm 

Lv Henderson It 4ft pm 10 10 pm II ftft am 

Lv Kvansvtlie I Iftpm 10 40pm I SB am 

Ar si Louis 7 10 pot 7 JiOam 

Ka*t Hound No U No 44 No 40 

L* St Louis s^urn  "f.ftpm 

Li Kvansviiifc • -an. ISOpm J ftft am 

L? Henderson ?lft am j e i n. ;n,»u»m 

Lv Owanaboro .. . B 14 ess 144pm i in am 

L^ Humvnvi it i* K in. i 10 pm * M am 

Li Clorerport i* Sft • W pn. ft 17 an. 

Lv Inrington iu:utam *ujpni ft** am 

ArLouiHVtlifc ItttpSJ 7 46 pm 7 »o am 

Cloverport Accommodation. 

wm govss 

Lv Cloverport 

Lv llawaaYtlle 

Lv o* en shorn 7 

L% Hundersoii ti uu am 

Ar Kvansvlllt wSOam 

Ar St Louis i 10 pn. 

■AST BO I' Mb. 

Lv KvaitftvUle ft 00 pm 

L\ lien demon ft if* pm 

n Owemboro 0-7 pm 

Lv Heveivllle 7 Si pm 

Ar Cloverport. . 7 fto pm 

Fordeville Branch 

No. I No ft 

Lv irvtikKtou lUftaam 0ftftpm 

Lv Hardin. hurg 1406am Houpm 

Ar Kordavlll* HUOpm lOSftpm 

Not No 4 

Lv rora»villa 4ftoam 140pm 

Lv Hani inaourK 7 IT am 4 60 pn 

ArlrvmKton fOOam 6 4ft pm 

Trains Noa. 41 and IS malt* connection at Iff. 
luKion dMiip. eseapt Suuda  , with iralu* to am' 
from HsralMburff SM Kord*vHle brartdi 

Pullman imrior and ^leepiuK cam on ill train* 
Kor further luformatioucall on i 

Tne man who If tOUtefll hseoiISS Un- 
MOr IK drivin away from nlH own home, 
needs s little sswe of the tortrlne of 

true ChliStlanityi We have no 4»n- 

jeetiopH t » his driving it awaj m»m his 
own children, but iwir objection Is to 
the ptaee where he steps of Ohlt . City of Toledo Lttcai 

County, ss. 
FtanK- J, Cheney makes oath that he 
Is the senior partner ot the Arm of k. 
j. Cheney & Co., doing business in the 
City of Toledo, County and state afore- 
said .and thai said firm Will pay thn 
sum of one hundred dollars lor eaeh 

and every ease Of Catarrh that cannot 

he cured by the use of Hall's cntarrn 

sworn to before and subscribed io 
mv presence, this 6th  i»y of Decern* 
her. A. I  1**0 A. W GLb vSON. 
(Seal.) Notary Public. 

Hairs Catarrh Cure Is taken Inter* 
nally and acts directly on the blood 
and mueotis surfaces Ot the system. 
Send for testimonials, free. 

F. J. CMKNKY & CO., aOledo, 0, 
Hall s Family Pills are the best 
Sold by Druggists. 75e. 





Big Four Route 

Affording en opportunity to vibit the 


Niagara Falls 

Hound trip tickets to Mutfnlo an 1 re- 
turn will be sold every Tuesday at rate 
Of ONE CENT PER MILE per capita 

in eaeh direction, good for contlntiots 
passage going ami returning, and to 

be good in eoai hes Only, KUtUIH liCilt 
leaving Huffalo up to midnight ot 
Thursday following date of sale 

Call on or write Agents lUg Four" 
for full information, time of trains, ir* 
culers of the RsposlUon, etc. 

W. P. DEPPE, Asst (i IV t* Atft., 

8. J. GATES, Oeu'l Agl . Louieville, Ky. 

The Kentucky vindicator, 1901-06-26

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Owensboro, Kentucky by W.M. Likins, C.T. Likins, J. Karl Taylor
   Daviess County (The Western Coal Fields Region)