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date (1870-06-01) newspaper_issue 

VOL. IV: NO. 50, 

tkf 9 hrlbc Srntinrl GeaC BeGratk & Son, 


.V F A. M I L "X 



PI BI.lsllED B . 

join l. iii;\k\. 


1 f4tpv. 1 year «-sch 

J  Cofnn. I r  ar rach 

M "1 

A a extra Mf imc vear la aW bm 
aaClulio* vans* Twenty 
fipermien cupu  «ent NM MX 


1 .'.«• 

SJ 0 I'm 


And Healers in 





P ! 1 

i i P 



»• tW $2 B3 JU *4 f. r . 00 91V OH t2« M 


b ~ 00 

9 50 16 00 

:« «o 


9 13 90 


18 tl) 28 00 

4* 00 


if 1- 00 

2t on 40 oo 

0 no 

1 v 


1  oo 


40 00. I 0 INi 

100 (Ml 

Bu*iiK-at Notices," iu local column _' ' . is. 


Bus'iirss (faros. 
A. C ft hlX S II A Wf 


5 H E L B V VI L L E K Y. 


A N I  



of every quality and varit'.y. 


Vc stings, etc., 

W. H. Ballard, Jr., 

 To. 27 Court Place, 



Sheibyville Ky 

© F F I c E — Jo the 

B^Par'K-ular attention paid iodic ( ollectioa 
Sf Claims, an j r«f urns promptly mad. 

Hasasw recently parcliased one of t\te beat 
instruments uand io Surveying and Knginecr- 
ag he ofjert hi* servi-» in those departments 

D. M. 

A E E ft it O MP. 11 at .V, 

No 6 Court Place Louisville, Ky. 

I praeti 

eity * f Louisville, in the Court ot Apf eals at 
F rankiart . and in tlie countiea ot Dullitt . Spen- 
a*r Shelby and Oldham 

CoUeetioaia promptly made and remitted. 


SHE LB Y P x ijL A, R Y. 

tCSIDENCE Dr O. Miller's 1 
OFFICE— Over Bright \ Bro s. 

mar s»4. 

A.  i. ROBERTS, 

Attorney al Lata, 

SE3i3Y¥2IIB, ST. 

Office — Opposite Court House 

WU Prarii.-e in Wt» ] U 

Vv tin. Oldham. 9fm 
tsW Court ot Appeal* Will Baited i 
any part ot the Stmt N.n 

— — i 1 , , , — 

W. C. BCLLOCK. J. w. PAV1S. 

** Davis. 

trtttus mi Eair 

MIKLBVl II. 1.1 .V. 

Plain and Ril.b Merino Shirts 
Ami Drawers, 

Plain and Fancy Muslin Shirts, 

Paper ana Linen Collars, 
Silk and Linen HankcrchLfs, 
Umbrellas. 4c 

■ B.-IIV soil keep oonaud, 
Heiuisch Celebrated Patent 





The Cm ling alio 
under th- supervisim ot Mr. John Shia, 
Patronage anlicilc • 



0r Shelby. Henry, Oldham 

June 6. If**. 

James l,. caldwlll 

Attorney at Ea»r, 

Stelbvvii.i.e, Kv. 
in the Court house. 

vrra. vr as lit, 

•tttorMcy m Etiir. 


WILL P.actice in Shelby and 
countiea, and the Court ot Appeal*. 

Nov. 1 1 1868-lv. 

E. FCAUCK J. C. ill kUA.M 


ttfmeyi at iArmy 


1ITILL Practice in 8helby and adjoimn ? 
Tf eounticc and the Cour ot Appeals. 



v 4 ins & Arnold 




Ooiie in tin 

inriiitK r 

  . WIXKI.F.K 

Philip WiDtler & 

WlioleNale Grocer 



And Dealer:, in 
Pure Copper WbisLies. Apple 
Lrandy. A: -. 

N l  1 10 and IU 

Ma n, 'jc.wccn Hoyd and Prest.Mi Stritt.", 


VT.U wders in our  mc 

Attorney at i.uu . 



U r lLL PR ACTICE in the Courts ot Mm Jbf 
and*djo ninjf counties, and in ,l ie Court 
n Appaala 

BT'Hon Taos N LiHt»tv. ot I'ranklort 
•rill ba taaoriatad with m? in ali caaea ot tin 

The l* If EAT CAUSE 

111 A I MISERY. 

, in a Aeu/  / Etwlopr. Prirr 

m. t. -AKrtNfLi, 


Attorn* »» ml Law, 


ot Appeals June *, ! ■ 

A Ix-eiur* on in  .Nature. Ttcatinent and Rad- 
ical t 'ure  jt iseimnal Weakness, or Speriua- 
tjrrh'Fa. ukiuk'IIH'IH l»v Selt-Abu»e; Iiivolun- 
tarv Eimaeions. luipoteiu-y. Ner\ Dehiliiy, 
and Impediments to Marnai;* generally; ('-on- 
Mimpti' it. E|iili psv. and Fits: Mental aod Pli v- 
Mcal tj ROB J CULV2K- 
WELL. M I  Alhsf si tin •(Jrcen Book," 

Tlie uuriu rrn«»vfcii -'i ih:& adiuitM- 
ble Lecture, clearly pruveji tr«Mii his own   .\|   • 
rience thai in*' awml ••■■itK r\\n tu i .- ol Stlt- 
Abuite may tie effectually removed without 
nMdicinc and witnout daneerous su/eical op- 
i ratintu. ixw^ii -. instrutiieiits, riiign, or cor 
dials. p»iiitma out a mode ot cure at once cer- 
•4lii and efli cui.ti. l v «ln  li every sufl«Ter. no 
matt* r whsi nis eonuttion may be. may cure 
luinrcll chcapiy- pnvaielv. a-d radically. This 
1. . lure Bltl asasa a t*Kin to thousands and 





Mr. tk Mrs. Oldrievc, 

ARE atiif at th«ii old stand where they arc 
prepared to meet the w*tfu  of their eu»- 
saajsts both in G ud» aad pricna. 
Vs hs*e areat ta iliti.-» I.., STAMPING 
•iaslac BI.Kai KIN' i PHKSSlNt; 

Sent iind* i scat in a plain envelope, lo any 
nddi. .-  ..ti ni-cti-f ol si» cents, or two poela^e 
rtamns. l v BjSjaajBjsjMa? itie publialicnt. 

Ala.. Dr (TLVERWELL'S Marriace 
Qmk ance»centa. Addrew the Publi»h- 

127 Hroatiwav. Nrw Yorn. Pp.-' Mm 

J. ft. Hcaton. 


Roofing M Guttering 

in the best Workmanship style. 
Ail Or.iers attended to promptly 
All MSJ work nutiiied 

And would respectfully solicit the paironag* 
nt thox desiriuic anvinny in that line. 

Wm} t u Publi Square -East Side 


Furtnerly   l ami Succe^or 
io W. II Dixi Co 



Lumber Dressed and Undressed, 

Shelving, I loorin , Door-. Ilii n - 
Shingles, Joist, Scantliug, 

271 Main St., bet Hancock and Clay. 

Edward Cerf ft Co,, 

Corner Fourth and Market Street- 


Silks, Satins, Laces and Cloak 
Trim mings. 

Kid Glove*, Corsets. Fans, Parasols 
and Paris Fancy Goods. 


tea jmrn* x 

Save Your Money, and Drink 
Good Tea. 

r PHE lone asaaUtaW Empire Tea Co.. af 
Ml Ktm York, having iippoinled inc their 
Agent for Sheibyville, I lake pleasure in calling 
the aitention of my patrons and the public to 
my tine stock ol 


Superior in quality and unequaled in price. 

The l.cst Ounpowder Green Teas, cost only 
• 1 60 per pound. All other teas al lower 
rates according to 

Where the silk worn first was known, 
Where they worship wood and slonc; 
In thai clime this lea has grown. 

I'roin far beyond the azure seas, 
W:tlt. d by an eastern breeze. 
Came ill. W choice, excellent teas. 

J also keep constantly on hands. 

Coffee, Sour, and Groceries, 

01 -A. ry description, all aj which I sell at low 


■asj* side Main s... Ik-i Tublic Square and 
Christian Church, 


Stoves, Grratcs, 

•la »a ii ned Ware, 


House FarDisUm HARDWARE 

A. T 



UfE will oflcr the largest and best sclec on 
ol Plows i nr ollcred to the Fanners ol 
Shelby county. 
Plows ot everv variny and size, namely : 

The DODGE PLOW, with Iron 
Helve the -ainc as the Briuley I'ni- 

uiailr at Kichmond, Iud. 

The old WOODEN PLOW. I*. r - 
mcrlv made by E. M Ware kVo. 

Also the well known 

Iron Double Shovel 

We expect io give a better guarann-e and sell 
as. heap as any one else in Sheibyville 

You will at all times find .viniples at McGralh 
4 Lay son's, who are selling precisely at our 

Horse Shoeing and Wagon 

Done hi t,ood si vie and H Reasonable !'•• -• 
Shop tn East ctal ol Sheibyville, Ky. 

VT 1 'or the past year our Cusiomers w ill 
please call at OS).' Shop and settle their a.' 
cocnts etllier I: ' Utoliey or note as we must 
set 1 1** u|  al least t UC0S year. Wear*- b .mid 
"o have tibau-v E M \N A K F A « •   

if $ $ 1 1 is 

[For tSM Shelby Scnlii:. 1 ,] 


Wmm mm Putiww to L D. R. 


Fv.M. Etna It 

Oh! Bad I the siren's feMM I would wrcallie, 

Atli-clion's bfigbl sjatiMtJ BS tnit-; 
Am! v\ tu n sorrow or cure M   'ir ihy br..\v 
I'd paaj it alone unlo you. 

Oh' had I the eyes ol tin- ;mo. !.- ot \[. hi. 

Thou should never, no never more we  p; 
They should burn o'er thy path like twin stars 
of night, 

And their vigils as tai.hlully ke.p. 

Ami with lone humble heart to my Father 

Would I pray— though frail I may hft 
Thai a cup filled with joy. nil sparklinj with 

Might 1* given Dear Friend, utito tl;i c. 
Versailles Ky. 

Early Rising a Humbug. 

Oacgbne* 1 , and Cfaimn **w tic 
ttrnm ot Mabel's ;lann — llu bridge 

was MM, f«k. m; by MfVjl There is no trrcfter delusion than I Dkatii 
waters; an. U its pla^ wnsa j»wm- tIiat wll j L . h im C;ir | Y lisin!f lni . | 
img abyss. ,;„• too wide ft* a borso por.ant for lualih; no orc.te- m*l 

A Sad Story. 

01 Ml BlMOT 
Uksbt ('LAi 

Son M 

8 f u r \t. 

ire they 

I fa 

"They are late, Mablc, 
not? What can have 

"I am sure I cannot tell 
cied I heard the rini: of hoofs a mo- 
ment since. Hark! I hear it pi til M I 

The speaker stood in the veranda 
of a handsome counti v-scat in Dor- 
etshire. The first, Louise Lamont, 
was a tall handsome brunette, with 
dark languishing eyes, and raven 
tresses. Her cousin Mable was tiic 
handsomer of the two. Perfect 
symmetry of form combined with 
regular features, her |   Hl! W hair 
falling in ringlets over her tialUeH 
shoulders, she presented ■ pieiuic 
ol loveliness but rarely met with. 

Both the girls were in riding lial  
its, and in one neatly gloved h.itid 
Louise held a riding-whip with 
which she impatiently lapped the 
toe of the boot that peeped out 
from beneath her skirt. 

At one side negligently leanir.i: 
against I pillar, bis dark eyes fixed 
upon Mahlc's fair face was tho G :- 
ure of a young man, apparently 
ahout tw enty years of age. In f'e.i 
lures, C'arenec Lamont PCtKlbjod 
his .sist.i Louise; but while one 
face was a type of pure womanly 
beauty, there iSj a hardness about 
the mouth of the other that told of 
a far different nature. 

"Ah, here they come at last!" 
cried Louise. "But Amy is alone. 
What eau have detained her brother 

As she spoke a p**Mg lady, ununi- 
ted upon a -pretty little pony, rode 
at a rapid pace up to tlie bouse, and 
befi. re Clarence could reacii her side 
she had sprung from her siddle. and 
affectionately greeted her two 
friends as they lan dow n the steps. 

"Ernest was unexpected sbltged 
to go to Blaekdale tlii» morning." 
she said, in reply to Mabel's eager 
cnquirv: ''but will meet us at the 
Utile bridge." 

"Come, then, brother CI rente, 
let us mount and away,' cried 
Louise gayly. 

"John is brin»ing out the hor- 
ses,'' w as Clarence's reply. "Come" 
he added as Mabel's steed was 
brought up. f 

Soon all were mounied. and then. 
Mabel and Clarence in advance, all 
rode off. 

"Cousin Mabel, let us ride and 
reaeli the bridge first. Leake and 
Amy Halsted arc deep in some con- 
fidential conference and w ill scarce- 
ly llllss US." 

Mabel acceded, and soon Louise 
and her friend were icft behind. A 
tarn in the road ijuiekly hid them 
from their sight, and slacking his 
horse's speed Clarence said: 

"Mabel, I have something t   say 
to you — something that will ii.flii- 
ence m\ whole future lib'. Can you 
guess wh it it i-V" 

A look of si;r,n ise came over the 
fair listener s face, and .-he said: 

"Indeed, Clarence, I can of 
nothing you could say to u:c of :-uch 
great important-..-." 

"It is this," and bis face flushed, 
and his voice was low with emotion; 
"I love you Mabel; have loved you 
deeply, passionately, since I iiat 
saw yo-i. Will you be my w ill P" 

"Ob, Clarence, 1 cannot! I am »o 

And the maideu covered her face 
with her hands. 

"Oh, Mabel give BM some hope 
— do not cast mc of! without a hope 
of winning your love he pleaded. 

"Clarence, 1 cannot! 1 have no 

A strange look eaiiic into C'.ai- 
cucc Lanioit s eyes, but in;: moment 
it was gone, and he said: 

'Oh. Mabel, why do you thus 
repulse my love? Why eaa you not 
bid mc boj a.' ' 

•Never can I be au^ht to you but 
a fViend CI .n-nee, and a friend I will 
always be." 

Again that strange b nk came 
over his face, and an RTtl lighl shone 
in his eyes, as be h\&c d between 
his set teeth. 

"Mabel, \ou have 
nir. You have won tht 
'i ue man, and now y 
from you. Beware!" 

'.No Clarence I have not tiilled 
wnh you;" the maiden s voice *a;- 
clear and steady now : 1 I am be 
tiothed to another." 

• I have " 

The words died upon hi - lip 
th«; sharp ring of hoofs caused 
to look up, and fie saw coming to- 
VaffJ htin at a terrific pace ahorse — 
r d'-ilcss. at fust be thought — but as 
it cau r nearer, ho saw the form of 
a man hall thrown from the saddle, 
yet clinging to the almost living 

"Ok, heaveuh! the bridge! the 
bridge!" and Mabel's voi. ran/ . nit 
iu I wild de-pairing cry 

and toward this ibe fri»bt 
ened steel was coming at fearful 

Oii. on cea s e ife horse, paining 
w nh laneff nu t i x. l lion, till it 
sio-id upon tbf very brink of the 
.-li- tasj -:nd ilien, with a inoin*-:it's 
hesi'at.o;i. t!ie l-ap was taki II. .is 
the horse lu-sitated upon the baalt, 
the rider strove to ttiaangase bin. 
self from his doomed steed: but it 
was tco 1 le, and with a wild ci\ 
he was hurled into the ubvss. 

Mute with tea two ri- 
deis sat stricken dumb with Imac 
until the flighted steep hesitated 
upon Ihe brink of the abyss, ami 
then, as Lot ii raeogaiaed the doom- 
ed rider. Mabel shrieked: 
"Oli, Ernest! Ernest!" 
One look at tho maiden's agon- 
ized face and Clarence had r. ad her 
secret, and an evil sinister glow lit 
up hi- eouiitei.ancc. 

-Oh, Clarence save him — nave 
him! ' and the r.midcn laid her 
baud upon his arm, and locked 
pleadingly up into hi  Apse, 

With one spring Clarence had 
reached the edge of the ehi.-.i!. 
j and gazed Kaxi04wlj down into the 
roaring witers. and then be saw the 
half submerged body of Krncst Hal- ) 
I sted desp- lately clinging lo a pait| 
of the bridge that teiiiaint d in the 
I midst of the an-rv torrent. 
I Bis wicked heart gave a trium 
I pliant bouud as he thai reeogni/. d 
the deadly peril of his rival; and 
turning ta Mabel who stood mute 
with lei Tet by the si lo of her pas- 
sive steed be beartely whispered: 
"Mabel, I will sa\c him i n  ic 

condition, and that is " 

"What, what? Ob CteKBtM ipeal 

"Promise io be my w ifc " 

• I eanno;! 1 c.mnoi! Da not 
t'j-.lun me thus. Save him. I eeev 
auad you!" 

Pi fiuisc and I will. 

• I caaaatt" 

-Tht ii be sha'l die!" and he turn- 
ed ietaaiy away. 

• Oh, Clarence, do urn leave hini! 
Save bin. — £-jvchi u! I piomi.-e any- 
thing, only save him!" 

Triumphant now, Clarence quick- 
ly detached the bridle Iroui his bene 
and with one look at Mal e', .dvan- 
ced until he stood upon the brink 
af the chasm, aad then leaning far 
ovti, he flung the rerns down to the 
drowning maii. Eagerly he grasped 
thcin. and cltlBg  vit'u all bis declin- 
ing strength to the timely suecci. 

"Reateaiber your promise!" cried 
Clarence, as he turned lor an instant 
toward the maiden, and then again 
bent to his task. 

But suddenly with a wild cry lie- 
cast the bridle far from bin: and 
sprang backward. Iliil it was too 
late; the bank on which he stood, 
already loosened from its base- by 
ibs keeajjag umeaa, slid forward in- 
to the  e thing waters, burying be- 
aealhitthi body af Clarence I a- 

Another shriek came from the 
maiden s lips, but she did not faint. 
Nerved by fear the sprang forward 
and gazed cigerly down into the 
abeeai, sad there tew her lover man- 
fully struggling with the waves, but 
still clinging to the bridle. 

When Clarence tossed the bii- 
dle from him. it caught up. mi a low 
bush that grew Bpoa the Lank, and 
toward this the maiden turned with 
a cry of toy. Grtttpirg it she ex- 
erted all her strength to aid her 
lover, and not in vain: for s-on the 
straiu eeeeed, and in another instant 
Braect Halsted bad elamcred to tin- 
solid earth, and stood upon the 
bank before her 

'•Saved! saved!" she murmured, 
and then all her strength deserted 
her, and she sank to the earth. 

I'ale eadi w eak his exertions 
her lover bent over her. and gently 
rai.-cd her prostate (ana to his bos- 
om. Then as she slowly opened 
her eyes be whispered: 

"D« rling Mabel, »e you I owe my 
life! ^.ook ap dearest! ' 

A sweet smiie was bis answer, and 
btuding his heal, he prcs-cd a kiss 
upon her pale k. 

•■Clarence w in re arc you.'" cried 
the voice of Lo ii.-e at this moment: 
and in another instmt the t.vo girl- 
rode up. 

"Why Mabe', whet is the mat- 
tcr! Where is my brother" was 
the startled inquiry of Louis. , as 
with sudd. ■ alarui she sprang from 
her hort e and hurried forward. 

Soon iLe s-d ataey was told, 
and with pale grief-stained laces 
the little party proceeded home- 

It was late that day cio the body 
af Clexeaee Lamont was recovered, 
and when In was laid in the tomb 
none wept more deeply than his gen 
tie cousin. 

Three months after there was a 
uuiet Weddiag at the haud-cuit 
country-seat in Dorctshire. and there 
is no need to tell w ho weie the two 
that were then ma le one. 

Never, not even to her husband, 
has Mabel told the story al hi r 
prouii.-e at the bridge, but Lui yiug 
it iu the past, remembers it only 
us one (kail of her unfortunate iou-- 

thaa that which places it among the 
virtue.--. While early rising has 
been sung in poetry, and advocated 
in proverbs from time immemorial, 
it has been -ecrcily atid riuht fully 

tar»ed by its aahappjr victims sees 
rieea eiviiization eeawatred the idea 

af c nifoit. Hut we lire ail .-o 
bound by the lew of (U-t  m, so en- 
d"ar»-d to a proverb or a mu.-ty ^^   n 
liateai thai our lips roittiattallygita 
taint assent to the value of early 
naiag, cvea w hile wc iaag to icsist 

the tyrannv whieb*it imposes ujon 

u j . What a IV agytwgaea af j 
discomforts aei um tiatc upon a m m 
wha ptaetiase it tbrawgh Kih — whw 

every day is aaketed from sleep into 
the raw, I link, chill, duil atmos- 
aben of early morning, and begiaa ( 
his day's existcu c before the sun 

has dispelled the lege, drhdup the 

■apnrv, warmed the "ir. ami made; 
ic.i It, like- Nature- greatest servant 
of ail work, as it is, the earth fori 
our use! E n I . risiag means a bur- 
nt d dressing in a aias-iigbled room 
— ■ sleep ing yawaiag, staa ahliag de- 

scei t down dark stair ways — a rapid 
hie ikfasi in a giay, cheerless, m i- 
less room, while cold rut'.s dowiCthe 
back and a sensation ctf dizziness 
creeps over the entire bodj awd 
then .: preeipiiate plunge into the 
mists and vapois, and g -nera! raw- 
ness in the day begun in this way. 
and no health in eitb. r. The s„n 
should be up before us to give us 

light, warmth Red e e s a fa ri; our 
bees k fast room BhewU be cheer. u! 
with his LeaatS, and our brcakl .st 
iheaJd b,- pertakea with the ease, 

the eouilon. the del. deration, tho 
social ealisassaal that can conic ou- 
ly when we rise at a rational hour. 
A breakfast eaten by candle-light, 
as itched in the gray chilly dawn 
is an abomination. Barlfl rising, 
hence, opens tlie day with keen dis- 
comforts. It is productive of nu- 
mc-.ous social ill-: it sours the  t  ;n 
aehi promotes irritability, disorgan- 
izes the nerves, creates b id t niper. 

and atahee ef sleascstie bliai i mock- 
ery. A voyager, long su'.lering 
from s a silliness, declared that, if 
on lanJ again he weald devote the 
rc.-t of his days ti hunting up and 
Soggiag the man who wrote 
' A life on the ocean w ave " 
Similar seiitimciits animate our 
baatt when we reeall that ancient 
distich. -Early to bed and early to 
rise" — but it is not necessary to 

T se t e tdsj niorning our special 
1 1 • uaa announced the end of a 
weary life, in statin.' that Theodore, 
oldest son e| Henry Clay, had died 
in the Lexington Lunatic asvlum, 
after along ei n'ineun ir . The re- 
cord af bis blasted has is briefly 
thus : 

At 88 yeasj of age. Theodore 
Clay wa- a promising lawyer. He 
was the imago and the hope of the 
statesman whose fame w»« on every 
la agw e . L is true that there were 
whi.-pers of wild living, and of in- 
difeteat n.oials. tl at somewhat 
tinged the fair icpute and even dar- 
kened the !i turc prospee's of this 
.u-ion of a noble house. Still it was 
baaed thai these were but tho re- 
sults of y. ' i b, and would be cast 
aside when circumstances called 
upon the matured man to assert 
hiunelf and make his talent felt in 
the community. 

It was at this turning-point in his 
jiife Theadoie Clej began to pursue. 

with an unwearied perseverance that 
[a .used his friends great uneasiness, 
a young lady of Lexington, whom 
j he loved hopelessly. The object of 
his atta.hui nt. whe is at the pres- 
i cut moment one of the brightest or- 
naments at Kentucky ■eeattw, re- 
(Milsed, trad) but kindly, every at- 

irroni tlie New York Herald , 
A TcrriWe Fate. 



teatiea afttred by the infatuated 
joaag man. awsj his meaning ha«« 
j become manifested. It was of no 
u -. . he w. uld not be refused, and 
followed his fair fate in the streets 
by d iv and wandered in the ncigh- 
| borbood oi her borne by uight. in 
aa annoying manner, uutil at last 
it became evident that fie -was not 
all theie." to use the soft phrase by 
which a kindly peasantry express 
insanity. Subsequent violent dem- 
Jonstrations tended to conGrin the 
impression, it being even related 

I thai he went to the house of Mr. 

and demanded h:s daughter at the 
pistol's point, until at last the wretch 
ed truth could no longer be ignored 
and eeedbjaaaal in the asylum be 
came a stern necessity. This was 
accordingly done (in 1832, we be- 
lieve , his father providing for his 
support at that time, and leaving 
810,000 in his will, the income from 
which was secured to Theodore for 
life. That life, after M years of 
imprisonment in what in the earlier 
days of his confinement he was wont 
to call "a good boarding-house, bat 
having some of the biggest fools he 

ffMia what we ail know and Lave ever saw as boarders," hasjust clos 
sull" red from it. led. For nearly M years he was 

„,,»» - - one of the most noted of the inmates 

j not oti'v his pa a ad decent, but his 
A Tough Story . . c'nl manners and flow of con- 

| versntion rendering him an object 

of ia l es e a t to all visitors. He lab- 
ated under the hallucination that he 
Wat UcOfgC Washington and was 
foiid af assuming the traditional at- 
titudes of the Father of His coun- 
var:i. At ktel he d rc l :iiC d j try. At the occasional balls tiven 
he eo.'d not think of one- 1 J° ,hc (averaging some 500 

in number; h ; was always exquisite- 

.lake McCiunis lived out iu Don- 
age, aad hi noted for draw ing the 
long bow. One day be had just I 
stepped into the bar-room for his j 
customary glass, when he was ;isked 
for a 

but the oiler of a drink sharpened 
1 :s memory, and Jake related the 
following ■stretcher." 

"Are you ewaie," he began, ' that 
my father did a lMtle in the drovers 
line, and 1 .cry often w ent with him.' 
Weil, he 0B£S had a hundred cattle 
and about twice as many lurkcys, 
to drive three hundred miles. They 
were a very awkard drove, as you 
miirt know , and as be needed my as- 
sistance very much I accordingly 
accompanied him. Well we drov*- 
them three hundred miles in four 

• What a that?" said one of the 
loafers, "three hundred miles in four 
days. That 
thill", .lake? 

se , cn:y live miles a day." 

Jake after a moment's r-. flexion 
thought his statement was rather 

ste-p he said: 

"Bat yea see we eVeea eight and 

and day" 

• Hut." interrupted another loafer, 
"d'nl you have no trouble wi.h t'.e 
;urk  ys." 

"No," says .lake, ''only they 
would go to roost every evening a 
little before da- k." 

"But," cawtiawfld the balerrega-. 
tor, -how could you drive night 
j and day when the tut keys went to 
j roost LefeSf dark.-' That's lather 
: aused, Jake". 

Jake p reciting he had made 
a blunder, eotbiag daunted he con- 
tinue I 

• You didn't hear mc out. I 
didn't tell they went to 


"Where did they go to leebt/' 
then inquired the loafer. 

"Why on the cattle's haeh "I 
course," answered Jake, without 
even a smile. 

ly dressed, in ihc style of his day, 
and was the beau i  tr awataasaaft 
Ibtring all these long years, despite 
hie g  ncral gentleness and cheerful- 
ness of manner, he was iestless and 
discoutcrtcd, and required close 
watch ng. it never, iu fact, having 
been considered prudent to allow 
him to go out into the grounds with- 
out attendants: About tho year 
I860 his condition began to grow 
worse, and he soon after became 
dementi d, continuing in hopeless 
idiocy until a few days since, when 
death, greater healer than lime, 
placed him again upon- an equallity 
too much of a good | «ith the peers of his early manhood 

Why that would be | wh " u " d " ,!i,L ' 1)oforc himto the God 
| that c reated him and did with him 
according to His inscrutable will 
And so ends as sad a story as h s 
history ever commanded to be writ 

Two sons of Henry Clay yet sur- 
vive him. T. II Claw, ex-minister 
to Honduras, now residing on hii 
place, "Mansfield," mar Lexington 
and Jaba M day. the raiser of Keu- 
tecke, and one of the greatest turf 
men living. 

A melancholly and in many re 
epcets singular death from hydro- 
phobia occurred I e«terday morn- 
ing at Yonkc.-s. Wesichestt r county, 
whero th.i horrifying circumstance 
is at present engrossing an unusual 
share of attention. To msdical men 
it is another t.-rrible illustration of 
the fact thai although the poison 
conveyed in the bite ol a rabid ani- 
mal may remain dormant in the sys- 
tem for an indefinite period, its pow- 
er to torture and destroy life does 
not dsteriorale. 

The victim. Thomas Limb, who 
was in his 24th year, was by trade 
an engineer, and employed at a 
foundry in the villageoamed through- 
out w hich he was well known a* a 
trustworthy, industrious man. I»ur- 
ing the list winter, while employe.) 
in a brewery in a neighboring vil 
lage, deceased was bitte n by a fern 
cions blood hound, owned bv hi* 
employer, and a'though the wound io- 
flicted by the fangs ef the brute 
was not very severe, the animal was 
at oner despatched and tho affected 
part having rapidly he-tlad the oc- 
I currenco was soon forgotten by the 
| eaaaawedL On Tuesday of last 
week, deceased was united in mar- 
riage with a young woman whose 
mother bad bitterly opposed his at- 
tentions to her daughter. Ha. ing 
by the exercise ef a little strategy 
realized their matrimonial wishes, 
the married pair had scarcely reach- 
ed the domicile of the bridegroom 
when the mother of the bride made 
her appearance, and after, on her 
knees, imploring curses and ven- 
geance on the luckless couple, fer- 
vently prayed that her daughter 
might be a widow in less than three 

It appears that t l e diabolical im- 
precations of the mother had a most 
depressing effect on the minds of the 
young people, and on the following 
day deceased svinced symptoms of 
the awful malady, the seeds of 
which had been sown in his system 
some months previously. Medical 
skill was resorted to without avail, 
and on Friday the wretched man, in 
one oi bis paroxysms, escaped from 
his attendants, and, after reaching 
some open lots, displayed cat like 
agility in bounding over fences, and 
otherwise disporting like an animal. 
He was subsequent I^pecurcd by two 
of the Yonkers police, whs found 
it necessary to handcuff tho mad- 
man, on arriving at his home in 
Brook street. Either the sight or 
sound of water would throw him 
into the most agoniiing convul- 
sions, aod as the maladay developed 
itself he would bark like a dog, 
snarling and snapping at those who 
were near him. He continued to 
grow more violent and dangerous, 
se that for many hours befere his 
dissolution, it was deemed necessa- 
ry to bind him with strong cords, 
and while in this condition his strug. 
oles, shrieks, and howls were truly 
shocking, until death ensued, a.- a- 
bovo stateJ. 

[From - nt- Day t xi, Ofuo, j 
A i 

Thb D«.vil is m  Smapr of A 
Bin Bi ll— Stha.nob Seaaaj pj 

IHB C'HAwb; R ( »• a Ihl.l.i Wo. 

A moat remarkable premonition 
has just coma to our knowledge. 
It is one of those startling ioeidenie 
which stagger the eredaiitr, react- 
ing beyond the realm oi laaej, aad 
trench Uj»r n the supern uur il. We 
can only hop- H give the readers #f 
the Journal a f.d.-rab.'e idea of the 
affnr, leaving the eVt iil« to »he ita- 

resules on the Hill 
io the eastern part of the r,ty. He 
had for ye -r- j.r. -Limed himself « 
materialist : aad h. t„„k % pride in 

A Linn'tcl Ambition* 

The Cow Tree. 

aajuTbe April n perl fiees IheAgvt 
eel I era I Pep ar t a wwt af tb« Govcem- 1 wbea the trunl- 
meut shows thai the •ppearaaee of 

wheat is not as aTeit tag as it was 
last -,ason at tail time. In New 

••Among the many curious phc 
aoatt aa which presented themselve 
to BM in the course of my travels,' 
says Humboldt. "I confess there 
were lew by which my imagination 
was so powc' fully affected an by the 
cow-tree. On the parched side of 
a leak m the mountains of Venez- 
uela grows a tree will- dry and 
leathery foliage, its large woody 
root- ■eaieeta penetrating into the 
gioiind. For 'everal months in the 
year its leaves are not moistened by 
a shower; its branches look as if 
they were dead and withered ; but 
bored, a bland 
and nourishing milk (lows from it. 
It is at su-iriso that the vegetable 
fountain dows most freely. At that 

Eaglaad, the little winter grain time tho blacks and natives arc seen 

which wee sown is doing wull, coming from all parts, provided 

though the (heat has vaasasd with with bowls to receive the milk. 

Ibe w hich -rows yellow and thiekons at 

(rifted with 

heart of a 
ju throw it 

ti for 

SaeLai Cowan Ti km-ikks — 

Shelby county has pursued a sys- 
tem sf subsidy to tb  turnpike reads 
within her boffdi is. aattl every road 
of anv importance, has been piked, 
and she iattaae le keep ap the sys- 
tem until every cross-road 
piked and :be feeliu 2 is to 
toll-gates entirely .^aiebt ali go tad 
conic as they like The pre MM 

tax for roa l puiposcs is beli ev ed 
to be i a al serial le keep (.vera pike 

in the eouuty m repair a:td the ad- 
vantages ol Ircc loads to :t county 
e.n b.iidly l   "\ i esiimated — hex. 
Sfa/i latee. 

aafertajMtt laeaiti some of 

BOrthcra counties af Maine and 
New Hampshire. Iu more than 
half the counties of New Yolk, the 
icaeitl arc favorable, and the same 
i„ the case with New Jersey. In 
Pennsylvania the growth U more ,.f hj, dock.. ' 
backward, anil in many sections al 
the State the wheat was winter kil- 
led. The returns from Dalewasa WtUTUM Leci 
and Maryland are meayre. repot t 
is atsel some daBsage la giain fioni ice and ,;n i'li.iginary correspondent: There 
abolish cold. Fiom the Nmtheru Btalaa is no stated" rule for writing b.Te 
the reports promise a crop of wheat, letter.-. You Should write on fool 

p paawr. and biar on it as 

its surface. Some empty their ves- 
sels on the spot, while others carry 
them to their children. One imag- 
ines he sees the family of a shep- 
herd wl a 's distributing the milk 

Lktiers — The 
l.dl .wing reply has been given to 

In tho lower part of our city, 
"where merchant" most docongrc 
gate," was a large wholesale estab- 
lishment, the proprietor whereof was 
of a highly genial temperament, 
which, as is toooften (he ease, even- 
tually proved his ruin His porter, 
a brawny son of the Emerald Isle, 
was unfortunately afflicted with the 
same penchant for liquor as his. em 
plover, the only difference beinjr. 
that the one could gratify hia pro- 
pensity at will, the other lacked the 
means, but not the will. Michael; 
the porter, had joined in a drunken 
earou-o one evening, and fouud him- 
self the oext morning suffering the 
penalty for the debauch- -headache, 
shattered nerves, and an insatiate 
craving for ' some of the hair of the 
dog that bit him," being part of 
that same penalty, and, O hiwror ! 
not a dime left to enable him to grat- 
ify his morbid thirst. The propii 
ctor, not an unusual thing wnh him. 
had reached the first stage of intox- 
ication when he e me to the st-jie 
that morning, while " Mike,'' on 
witnessing his condition, conid not 
help contrasting it with the terrible 
suflerins he was undergoing for the 
want ol stimulants, and exclaimed, 
with a look   t intensified envy, de- 
sire and raging thirst, "A-Ja*/, Mr 

1 / .c.'sA / teas only half at Jrunk 

a you are thit taUutf!" 

on ihe whole, about the average. 
As the w hole, the report is consider- 
ed f avorable lor the coming crop. 

soft SB vou can using words ef such 
burning love that they will sizzle 
on the point ol the pen. It is also 
advisable to sling in a bunch of 
pathos occasionally, such as Pear- 

Bty.\t New ILivtna BUM na r. 

ed Halptae went to | drug store for est Augustus. I love you withalove 

powdered ihabatb. Ow ing to the larger than an elephant: 1 think of 

•   iood moriniig, Mr. Peak- sleepiness of ihe clerk, who was a y..u every day. and by-atid-by, w hen 

taif!" aaid • printer iu search of blacksmith's appreniiee. hired for the days grow lonsjr.-, 1 shall think 

hassle eeBtpeeiters; '-Hare yew aay the time being, be got powdered af ?ew twice s dap'. It i« also well Puritans to take the 

uaughte.s who would make L'ood opiuui. and his family are BBW in to put an inkblot in the corner, homes in th 

type -cit. is' BjeaweJag. The bey seys he t h e aghl with the observation. Darling, I ihatsavors of bjbjbbbbj 

•\o.biii I have a wttewbaarawldl it natelhuj kindwi diaViwet fseai bissed lha»spe\*evM hove a sigh iaj heart of th« ^ 

make a line devil Uhuldjkb. this vteiniiy ' [*e AUriuing wxleut. 

a®-Lvxcii law is tolerable effect 
ivc, but it has its faults. Mistakes 
are liable lo occur. The other .lay 
in Illinois, a vigilance committee 
hung a man because he looked ike 
another man who had stolen a horse. 
The mistake was discovered after 
the man s occk had been twisted all 
• •ut of shape, and the breath had per- 
maa^ntly removed from his body 
He naturally frit a little cool toward K 
that committee, and no amount afMsZiTsT 
apology on their part could restore I • 
him to his proper senses. The 
lynch law BBS* should be sure ihev 
are right before they go ao 
a L - 

sayitigthat he believe] in- nothing 
that could aet be recognized with 
the aid of the senses He did not 
be'tevc in s'ip riiatural manifesta- 
tions, ' and be utterly scouted the 
idea of in existence beyond the 
grave. His Sundays were mainly 
spent in hunting through the fields 
and forests contiguous to  the oity. 
with Ins dog and gun. He was • 
very Nimrod, and he had at«st- fcr 
presetving in excellent style, the 
game he secured. We note these 
matte's to show the reader that W. 
is not a man who is easilv affected 
by those demonstrations w hich are 
termed spiritual manifestations." 

Some time ado hi- wife was taken 
seriously ill and in order that aha 
should have the most eareful nurs- 
ing and attention it were possible to 
secure, he assisted in the duties of 
the sick room, and spared neither 
rest nor sleep, ministering to the 
wants of his sick wife, both night 
and day. Despite the best medi- 
cal nttention, and the most loving 
and devoted nursing, the wife grew 
worse; until all hope of her recov- 
ery was given up by her attending 
physicians; though the atlectionale 
husband could not believe the ua- 
welcome intelligence. 

The evening before the dissolo- 
tion of Mrs. W., her husband, who 
was almost overcome with anxiety, 
watching fatigue, laid down on a 
lounge in the sick-room to obtain a 
little rest -not to sleep. A queer 
•ort of drowsine^ came over him. 
He did not sleep. He 
of every thing transpiring in 
ro .m Hs was, for the moment, kfj 
capable of motion, he bad no voli- 
tion of will. Suddenly there ape 
peared before him a monstrous, 
tierce looking bull, eyes biasing fire, 
hia mouth open, smoke issuing 
from his nosa, and he was lashing hie 
sides with his tail' It was a fear- 
ful sight— it was too real for an ap- 
parition, and W, was appalled ! 
What could he do ? Making a des- 
perate effort, be sprang from the 
lounge to the door, at the same in- 
stant the terrible brute vanished. 

Observing that his sick wife was 
watching his stra-jge movements, ho 
inquired of her it she had seen the 
fearful sight. She had been awaka 
all the while, but she bid seen or 
heard nothing of the apparition 
which had so startled her husband. 
She told him it was all his own im- 
agination ; that he had worn him. 
self down by constant watching, 
and that he needed rest and sleep; 
that she did not re.j-iire so much 
attention, and that it he did not ob- 
tain the rest he so badly needed, he 
would also be sick. At length W, 
came to the conclusion that tho 
thing was tae lancy of an over- 
wrought mind. But he could not 
banish the incident, and he was 
much annoyed about it. He waa 
perfectly wide-awake all the while, 
and how could tho thing hare mere- 
ly been in his fancy ? 

W again laid down on the loon^e. 
and was in that position only a few* 
minutes when the same horrid bru*. 
again made his appearance, looking 
much more ferocious than 
and threatening to tear him with 
hoofs and horns ' The huge brut* 
approached W., gi ired in his eyes 
while ti e hot bre th .,f the animal 
fairly stifled him ! With a yell of 
ic r.»r W. spr a „^ mmkt the lounge, 
ami the Basal aVsaaal the horrid 
brute ili-appcarcd ! At the same 
rime the Btawe  n the room was en- 
veloped in a sheet of flame, rose 
ej against the ceiling, and W. fear- 
ed that the kessaa would be set oo 
fire. But the 
suddenly a s th  y 
there was not the smell of 
the room, or the sign of i 
the ceiling. 

W., who never knew fear, and 
had never prayed, now fairly tiem- 
blcd with terror, and prayed to the 
Great Being for protection for him 
and bis. From that moment W. 
became I firm believer in a hereaf- 
ter ami a system of rewards and 
pujishuicnts. He has not seen tho 
wonderful apparition since. 

.Cows which draw their own 
nay be effectually taught bet- 

aa»**Wo are prepared to believe 
almost anything we come in contact 
w.thin the papers, but that story 
about a kog of butter being put in- 
to a well, in Pennsylvania to cool, 
rty years ago, and just having 
been taken out last week as s^eetas 
when it waa put in, is a little to- 
rank I r u«. And Pennsylvania 
butter, tco.' 

BB#v\ t jurt at Greenfield, Con., 
has granted a new hearing in the 

use of a man convicted of 


ter manners, as 1 e- [-,„ , 0 „ th „ ^ ^ - , 

1 I -it 1.. _a__  . . ' „ r 

sledge, and 

hard well seasoned peice of wood, 
about twelve inches long, and a- 
bout an inch and a half in circum- 
ference, dress it smooth and nice, 
draw it to a sharp point at each end, 
run it through the oow's nose, just 
inside the nostril, and leave it there, j 
She will experience no ineonveni- 
aaea from it unless sho attempts to 
milk " 

BagtN \m\ asg 
decided ihe • man's fat ; b - that 
time- houcred game. The prisoner 
wants to bo couvicted by "euchre- * 
if at all. and be s ays he want* to 
t ke a baud, as it is bis b*st hold. 

aSBjVAn Indim i widow a 
ower, with a number of rl 
fT At a Rnlical college at Ripon. 'ft' **»«'ied lately. They liv- 
Wis, the students keep%hem,elves * d ^PP'^together, and appeared 
iu billiard monev by blacking tie , i eDJ ° y °" t ' 1 '^y "» 

faces and begging money from t!,e * U *? ' he h " 1 n, " aI whe '» the 

down to the first meal, 
iu baek'tTthe^r 3 b,e:,sin 8' included 

Sou.b Whin I? °T D Chi,jren ' but "" t h « • 

mm immZ ^ T,,e 1 ,dy b " ,nce,! a oowl °» 

,'or 'l boxe ^.igh in | heart ol the peaple of that pU. e 

soup on his head an I he is now 
i coaxing a new healot bail U 


R V, Editor 


l», JUKE 1, 1n70 

Farmer** € iui» 

The uieetiiij al the Farmer* 
room ou la Saturday vyus h\ 
tended , The ruhject disc 
was: "Whether the fanaers i 

II at- 



tQaassfaaanai N. Y. Inlij 
The Invasion of Canada, 


 f toi: Battue ot Took 



v 1 

, M:.y :;f »i'i, ) -V') 

For County Judge, 





C. J. 

For A-aaeaeor, 


For Jailer, 


|for Coroner, 


For Surveyor, 


Thi Finiavs.— Theec patriotic. 

aen have, 
thousand men, 
marched up the hill and down 
•gain." We publish a report of their 
■•cent attack upen Canada, which 
vaa simply a ridiculoas display of 
brarada, amounting to nothing mi 
•etTinf only to bring discredit upon 
the ca  e of Ireland. As long a? 
Jsba saaas of sensible Irishmen in this 
►antry permit themselves to be 
Uatrii into every hazardous enter- 
Irisa by fooiiah leaders they may 
 ect defaat. 

Mr. (. . M. Harwood, Presi- 
U of the Shalbv Railroad, has re- 
turned from a visit to the counties 
Of |Morcer and Boyle, and repons 
considerable interest manifested by 
the people of Oto*e counties in the 
proposed extension. 

The directors of the Shelby Rail- 
road acted wisely in the elertion ef 
Mr. Harwood as President of the 
company as he will use every effort 
to make the road ;a «NM* The 
position is a merited honor to a 
worthy and indefatigable friend of 
the Shelby Railroad, a suitable re 
ward Cor the labor and time given 
to the cause when it was in jeopardy 
and needed the unflinching dovatton 
i Mr. Harwood gave it. 

ir College.— The Episco 
lopted a resolution 
to torn over te the Trus 
tecs of Sholbyrille the Shelby Col 
lege property. Thus after year.- af 
crimination and reproach the Epis 
copal Church has disposed of prop- 
erty that has been a coi tant 

eourcc of annoyance and vexation 
It is to be hoped our town anihori 
ties will learn from the past and 
rise disposition of the 

county f-hiv. M ^n-w or import the 
seed with wbul: to sow and piani 
the soil." 

I*r. J. 1 . Heai i stated th-t many 
crops, for instance, Chinese hemp 
potatoes, wmtitim bitter the 
year from imported seed, and 
that com grown from Northern seed 
matured earlier, but that the pecu- 
liar characteristics ot N orthcrn crop-, 
especially that of earlier maturity 
neceesitatt d bv the shorter reasons 
ofmaro Northern latitudes, -a Lilt 
they reappeared in the product of 
the northern seed plinied here the 
first yiar either partially or totally 
disappeared alter the first season. 

He favored the annual impi ra- 
tion of many kinds of seed, espe- 
cially wheat which I.y niau.Mn? Ml 
lier escaped rust. 

Col I Quin .Morton, Rgraad] with 
Dr. Heard and stated that te farmers 
were cognizant of the fact, and that 
•;e had seen them pay three timei 
a  much for imported Chinese hemp 
seed as for that grown in tin- Shafts. 
He did not think we could iiuprovo 
grasses iodiiieuous to our State by 
tmpoiling seed. 

J. D. Guthrie. The failure of 
our farmers to secure fine crops 
from seed raised at home is entirely 
attributable to their carelessness. 
The Northern farmers exercise more 
judgement and energy in selecting 
their seeds. They alway.- select 
and preserve tho largest, earliest, 
and best matured for si-ed. Thus it 
13 that the characteristics of size 
and early maturity aro chiefly at- 
tained. The Baden corn was ob- 
tained by careful selection for a se- 
ries of years. I purchased this 
Spring ten bushels ol as fine pota- 
toes as I ever saw. from a gmtle- 
man who bad planted the same 
kind of potatoes of his own raising 
for ten years. He always planted 
the largest and best. The only rea- 
son why our potatoes deteriorate is 
that the farmers persist in pl.mting 
the small ones. Sufficient care to 
select seed will entirely supercede 
tho supposed necessity of importing 

Thomas Todd '.bought that hemp 
was much improved by importing 
the seed. He imported, in 1F54, 
seed-corn from Tennessee and Indj- 
The crop f rom the Tennessee 
id not ripen, while that from 
the Indiana oan matured two weeks 
earlier than com trom home seed. 

Thomas RMsbfMgh. I obtain- 
ed seed corn and pumpkin seed from 
the North. Ihe co.n ripened three 
week? earlier than my othor corn, 
but produced three or four barrels 
less to the acre. The pumpkins 
ripened prematurely and soon rott- 
ed. My wheat from Southern seed 
matured earlier than that from 
Northern seed. I haw found M 
advanttifje from importing any kind 
of seed vegetable.-, excepting pota- 
toes. I am satiaaad thit baiter crops 
arc tLonred fromimpuinu potatoes. 

John A Hied, llemp from im- 
ported seed matures earlier. I have 
learned from experience that the 
largest and best matured grain 
should be planted or sowed. I start- 
ed fin some very fine Nechanock 
pot i. Ml, planted the small one3 for 
several years, and they ran out. 

G. N. Robinson thought that the 
MMtfcM w as one lLat could be de- 
termined rather by experiment than 
philosophy. He could not see why 
defiuiie aad satisfactory conclusions 
• ould net be reached by careful cx- 
pi r. minting. 

\V. H. Rallar.' called attention to 
the faet that farmers were fretted- 


There is 
fact that 1 . oiat 
the Dominion     
commenced wit 
timtnflt" which 

iitcahny t! 


it Have been 
r and car- 
; t MBgintlfl 
bad not anticipated. The initiatory 
of the campaign, however, which 
was foujiht yesterday jaat aoroea the 
border from Fairfield, was no: | w ry 
ai/spicious beginning, and where 
there was confidence, courage and 
( :itlnir-ia.-m there is now little else 
data chagrin, sorrow and ladigaa- 
ti n. The war is not to bo wholly 
a'i:'.ndo:.t (1, however, irTllftl through 
the interference of the Federal au- 
thorities, although tlr MtM °i* Ac- 
tivity will be trar.sfcrcd to other 
points a loot,' the border. 

-•ed I da* its 1" do 
ads know where i 

I am long. P 
the (jUi ition. vv! 
why I do not ec 
visit to this gre 
country la Baa 
profession, (i: 
bring part m,t 
peeted that grs 



1 . 

A Mi 

Bias, I write 

DM and what 


The Dbfbakd A i 


The rout ol the Fenians at 
Crook Corners battle yesterday was 
most complete, and by daylight this 
morning the whole miniture tinny 
of Um than two hundred wen was 
en route to this town, and they are 
now lounging about tho streets in 
the most pitiable condicion. 

Some arc diseouraged, all are in- 
uiL'nant, and few arc anxiou - to join 
the other branches of the invadiujj 
forces when the prospects of suc- 
MH are more reasonable. The men 
ju- ly hlame (Jen. O'Neill for his 
indiscretion in puttin.' them agaias! 
a sujerior- well-intrenched fon'C. 
and his loyalty to Feniauism and 
devotion to the welfare ol his com- 
mand are very  harply criticised. 


Numbered about 200, heinu com- 
post d about half of volunteers and 
the other half ol armed citizens liv- 
ing in the immediate vicinity. They 
were protected not only by a dense 
forest, but by linudreds of ponder- 
ous and impregnable rocks, and had 
the additional advantage of elevated 
position, which, claim many of th'  
Fenians, with good reason, might 
have been offset by a similar coign 
of advantage on their part. Either 
through f tupidity or ifinofun -c Gen. 
O'Neill neglected to improve the 
natural advantages cf position 
which he assumed, and formed his 
men in column of fours in the high- 


Tho freedom from restraint of 
military discipline which has ehar- 

ly deceived by old and gpurious gar 
i Idea sced^: represented ss new and 
College as will at least remove it j genuine, 

forever from the field of angry dis- 
cussion. Without casting any re- 
flection upon any party connected 
arith this subject, we earnestly hope 
that we have beard the last of 
Shelby College so far as its past 
history is concerned. In the discus- 
sion of the question, "what to do 
with ir?" we hope to 
end wise counsel. 

John F. Davis, Sr. Carele.-eue.-s 
in saving s-ccd the cusc of our 
crops deteriorating. It is said that 
many men in the North secure the 
plumpest grains for seed by strik- 
ing the sheaves of wheat lightly 
screws a rail. A gentleman who in- 
variably raiecs fine wheat, free of 
rust, without changing the seed, at- 
tributed his success to the faet thai 
he lets his s-eed wheat very thoiou^h- 
ly mature before cutliuir it. One 
reason why e-  many lntle potatoes 
are raised is that too many eye* an 

Next Satard.y we vote ap-m plated aad -prouts produced a, a 

the Steam Fire Engine proposition 
It is. as wo remarked last woek. pre 
posed to create a fire department, t 
debt of £5,000 must be incurred for 
(hat purpose.and whilo every MMM 
desir   torn such protection as tins 
agsdast fire, we have never knowr. 
ao little interest manifested upon any 
local question before. A6 it is I 
subject th^t our citizens are able ti 
decide for themselves, it be. 112 a 
matter that every man Is ; s thor- 
oughly acquaiuled with as we arc. 
we do not propot-e to volutitcer any 

Nominal. ■ 
Henry.— The following ticket for 
cjunty offices was nominated hv the 
Democracy ef Henry, in convention 
at New Cattle, on Monday; For 
county judge, John G. Taylor; coun- 
ty clerk E. P. Thomas, m , eiiril 
Polk Ditto; county attorney; Col. 
Ben. Selby; assessor. Geo. L. Pet 
ty; jailor, aol. Tingle: surveyor, W. 

cr; aoroner, Nat. Hardin. 

t doin$ ra my 
ics like this, 
and it is cs- 
[I are to be 

(freat M S B in 
our profession to this City, uud in 
deed *o great thai Europeaa Med  
ieal men fear and tfemhh , seeing 
that their htarcli are being tore from 
them, laaa apaadlag mytiatewith 
these geatlnoaea and vi«iiiug their 
baspitab an 1 infirmaries, hearing 
t'icm talk eboat what they are do- 
iiii,' and seeing the* do it. History 
docs give an account of tillage, bttt 
to . ej the thing itself is bettor 

We did not gal bare aa soon as 
expected. We stayed two days in 

Washington, saw the i'lv ideal one 
morning and the same evening dash- 
Mgaloag the streets. He drives 

with great speed, halts up sudden- 
ly — so sudden that the horses fall 
hack almost on their hocks. This 
was all we saw him do. We visit* 
ed all the public In millions. Pat- 
Bat Office, Post Office. Capitol, 
Smithsonian Institu'i and v ui 
tural Department. In the Agricul- 
tural Department I wns much pleas- 
ed and eutertained by Gem ral Cap* 
eron who was I believe appointed by 
Johnson, (about this I am not cer- 
tain.) I shall when I get home, 
give to the Farmers Club some 
facts connected with this, office 
which will ho of ;rrcat inten -t to 
them. My love of A ;ri mHmM and 
for information of neighbors I made 
many inquiries and received ^ratify- 
ing answejs. This Departm-nt i  
being neglected by the government 
and the people. Hut Geaerai Cap* 
cron is a farmer himself, aad •'» g  ■- 
tlcinan of fine intelligence and an 
indefatigable worker nnd n workiag 
great things for thai efli.-e. Every 
person whe gees te see Washington 
should go and :-ee thi  department, 
as it is up. u this, the farmers iae  
cess Mad fraitfallaess of the earth, 
the life of the world depends. 

From this department wo wont to 
the Navy Y-.rd. This is n great in- 
stitution, and devoted to 1 he mar.ti- 
faetoriiij of war material to be u-cd 
by the Navy; the work shops of this 
aro astonishing ns well as vvonder- 
full. Every thing done by nvichiu- 
ery, and that driven hv steam. A 
thousand different kinds of work 
going on ai tho same time and bv 
different men and the same force 
doing ali the work. I was much in- 
terested in the monitor.;. Out in 
the middle of the stream, basking 
like a ureal ;* ea Turtle, you see three 
o! these monsters of the ocean iha  - 
id ami look much like a Turtle sad 
shows itself like one floating on the 
water. We were given ■ Mas, and 
taken by two navy men in a boat te 
them, was received by a Boa Tar 
who stays 011 them, and was shown 
through them and every thing ox- 
plained, which 1 will have to defer 
giving until 1 tea you. 

f.eft that evening for Baltimore 
and spent that night and next daj 
in this great city. Baltiiaerc is a 
strong place, great wealth and many 
facilities. I did uot see saaeh of this 
city, I visited the [afimari attaeb  
ed to the .Vute Medical institute, 

actcrized the movemeuts of the 
Fenian troops was most glaringly 
exhibited in this instance. A'- 
though the attacking party were 
well informed of the number ef 
their antagonists and the strength 
of their position, they yet negjeei- 
adj to take even the common exjeri- 
enca of military life. The a;iv;.nce 
guard consisted of but three men, 
who marched but six feel in advance 
af the muiu body, and the entire 
torcc were huddled together like so 
mauy shaisj When all was ready 
for the slaughter, Gen. O'Neill, iruc 
to his reputation, committed what 
was perhaps the greatest blunder of 
the Fenian cainpah/11. Instead ol 
deploying hi? men Si skirmishers 
along the line, which aUjrded every 
facility for employment of such 
force, and even intrenching them he- 
hind the rock fences, and buildings 
which abouaded, be gave the order 
to charge in solid column on the ; 
bights above. The oceeeioa re- I 

minded one forcibly of the fetal ] * v " nu . m ;- 1 interest- 

movements upon Frcderiek.-bui» du- 
ring the war of tho rebellion, except 
tha/ in the present instance the stron- 
ger f »ree occupied the more Jorm:- 
dalle position. The men slowly 
moved forward, their commander 
deftly taking himself out of the wav 

m mnh% vmm mi mowib i 

The Most Complete Machine in the World. 

K. lv IN I 


c _ 

KfJSaj Aa 


iff E ii S 

And DciLrj In t| Kirnii 



A I. 

\ s 


1 KNITUmK i ' a 
Furni . v .1 

1 in 1 lllaiaarmr, on 
laftle Call aad 1 1 u  1 • 
: pi. »I»tariaf i id H 

• i. SO 1 n 1!. SSI , 

to order. 

L.-»i:.Sv k«rp  

......... v»ur 

Call the attentibfj of Farmers te tin. exce llcnl Machine. It is, as a combined machine, cither 
a DroDDer or Self-Raker. The changeable speed will recommend itself to every one who 

will examine it. Call and ^ee it. 
We are also Agents for the 

Aultman and Taylor Threshing Machines. 

We keep constantly fall supplies of 

Sugars, Coffees, Teas and Groceries generally. 
Lime, Salt, Boots and Shoes, Qlfknswauk, Woodknwauk, Etc. 

Varieties of Other goodi needed by every family, all of winch will he sold at the lowe.-t 
market value. 



STI1E ! 

EI r V H E V E 

Reaper % JHower 




Bstaa sala last at aaassakj 

MACHOLD \ Agents! Read This! 

^..iM..s.'iH»|»r.Mn:!iliMaKbvA t - 

The Home of Washington. 

The Baaal af Tananai Hasta, aVkssM colors, 
alwaaa oat baadand all aadarapnaaptly atuml- 

cd to. 

May, |& ly. 


•ids, the whole of a l u 

VAl. UvA one eye should ever he 
planted in a place. 

l"ae question lor tha next im ct- 
isjg -\\ hat i.s the beft tinio for 
tattiag daver and tiaaatay f» r ha) . 
:iul wlial is the basl method uf'eur- 
id^'. MasswwaaC) and taailsjsj it. 

Ab the yiit itioti i« on .' .( :roinviliut ' 

1 1 etieal iseporteaas ii is hoped and 
Sapsst esl Ifcai there vviil be a large 
atttajaas a at ihe n^xt wtMitimg. 
Mu-'b ^r; ttm bc iiclii c^;i be derived 
Brassj kaarssuj a tali lii-eu^Bion than 
fcassi rasHlisaj such asfaif effftratis mf 
epitomes an wc can supply. 



's Wcrnir.g Proclamation 

mom, May I L — The Pros- 
bmsss] t!ic f il!ow;n;r proe- 

rrcfldmt of (? t  . [Ml I 
jJ America. 

tt.amai io * : —Whereas i; 

bouse before hi? body to avoid the 
laafSf which might arise from bui- 
lt us which were czpictcd from the 
brow of the opposite hiil. Tho Ca- 
na-iiuiis, however, had euleulatcd 
their ehanoes with care. Every 
point of the situation had been care- 
fully weighed, aud they were deter- 
mined that whatever others might 
do there should be iiu charges of 
violation of the ueutrality laws pre* 
(erred against them. Accordingly 
they waited patiently till the last 
man parsed over tne line, and then 
the firing sasasaaaecal' One volb y 
from tbe muskets of tho Canadian 
troops, whieh, by the vav, mado 
John Iiowe the first victim of the 
campaign, spread consternation 
a:.:^ii_' t':ie Fenian troops, and they 
seatteroj liko shiekeai in .-earcli of 
a shelter from the rain. Somo of 
them found hafhatasjs aaaiad Ike 
stone Kaaeas with which ihe locality 

r l ••unds. Others laid themselves 
down aahhasl the piles of hark, while 
un unfortunate lew, headed by Brig- 
adier General J, J. Donnelly, af 
Uticu, sought protection within the 
walls of an ii!d barn at the mht of* 
the ro. d. A scatnring fire was in- 
stiti.ied, with no effect on cither 


Crop Hens. 

1 mi seese, one sarglcaJ oparaitaa, ex- 
tirpation of the eye, which was done 
with success. We left Baltimore 
tiiat ni^lit at 10} o elo k ami srara ifl 
New York to breakfast the next 
morning. So you see, we were 
cjuitc a week getttaa here. 

In my next I shall give some ac- 
count of Hospitals, ami what 1 am 
seeing in tin iu, I h.;\. i  m kindly 
received sod given all privileges, 
and i-hall noal eartaiaW u^e then. 
My love to all 

Your Mead 

I Fur the .^liclliy Hnulltnl J 

Letter from Eli/abtthtov.n. 

■usaaa sasrewa, h . .. tbj • I •• 
Mr. Bifffir 

A !c w itrnip trom llni llouri^liing :« v« ;i will 
likely u )t i»' nmiss in yier n 
ilin Ciri.uii Ccuit il in m mim (fall i 
:i! edoi kel M band. JiiJn 

Judge T. A. llo lman, Mr J. T 
Rodman, present Circuit and Ccuntv 
Court Clerk, Col. J. W. Clayton. 
Cwunty Attorney, aud.l. E. Vincent 
f, are all candidates f. ,r re-tlee 
fion, without opposition. They are 
*11 clever and popular gentlemen and 
roulu no doubt bo elected in spite 
of all opposition. 

■A. Dr. Waller i- 
that wc created the baMMMM that \§S 
he intentionally misrepresented (act- this li 
lo us when offering the puhheation 
of his article. Wc certainly had no 
i of making such impression. 

- w i t h 

BaT"A very w^rm aad « xcit. i 
debate sprung up iu the -Senate last 
Tuesday on the subject of a general 
amnesty bilL Speeches were made 
in favor ef such a measure by S  n- 
rs Ferry, of Conncrticut,  a\\ 
yer, of South Carolina, and others, 
itud opposed by Morton and Drake. 
The Republican Senators who fav- 
ored the hill were denounced as tak- 
ing nltra Democratic ground, The 
bj»eeeh of Senator Morton is rep- 
resented as very fierce and bitter. 
The day'f discussion rcve-il- tl 
'.".  t that the CoUMTVutive Jtepuhli 

can element b siaiajj L-rouud m 

diction m the Uakad Btatet 
a view i'^ Mate on the smu 
such territory and ji risi 
agaiusl the people aud district of 
the Dominion af Her afajeelj 
Queen oi the l Un. d Kingdom of 
Great Uritain ta4 lichuid. with 

whom the I niu- 1 Bajaas is at paace. 

MaW i shcasCsaai I, DNfsasM B 
Grant, President rf the Haitad 
Stan s. du hereby admo ii-!i I ] gooi 
SSBSaaM of the United Stn!  | 
.ill persons within the military ju- 
risdiction ol the I'nited Statee. 
against aidintr. counteuaneir |W, .diet 
tirg or t iki' rt aa such unlaw- 
ful proce aad I do hereby 

ipprehenwvc**" 111111 , ; „ T S^* 1 M t" U 
j ting su. l. illegal acts thev wiHfat- 

II right to the proteeti.. n „f 
rnment or to its interfer- 
ence iu tiiei: Lehull t.. rescue theni 
from tlx 
u i - . and I  i 

cers in the service of the United 
States to employ all ihcir lawful au 
aastitj aasl pswer la pre seat and 
defeat the aiorsaid unlawfal 
cee lin r 's. and ..rr  st and brim.' to 
jiist'c e all p. rsons who may be on- 
ga^-ed therein. 

In testimony whereot I have 
hereunto set my hand and caused 
the seal of the United Stales t., be 
ilhx' L Done at the city of Wash- 
iniftjn this. 24th da J nl May, in 
the year of our Lord one thousand 
eight hundred and seveuty. and of 
the independence of tho United 
 ' '••- • ( LaserifSJ the oinetyl'ourth. 

[ Bijaad J I . s.   ;\t iMTs 
H v the Psaaish at. 

Ha.mii i n tmm, See vol State. 

Hemp has been scllitii firmly at 
8l  in Lexington . liut very little 
hah been sold aoove that limirc. 

-::•■  i il request ham 
sdlslri..!. i.- 1 1 . 
in recently iniMinti ;1 

nrvn-j. Ol j 11. 
term. The  li i 
primary i b lion 

t.i delerii"ii( B8B 
Ul ba t ' I in Ai 
iatimak I* Iummki 
l.v. Oldlmai ami 

' j«si rimii coropl i i 
rown-aoaM ,ii tU pmoe. 
aiafea skit taad to Hin 

i i im;y. :; aHSSasa "t C9 ■ 
ol ihM July ■ ill I '^11 lo 

me oalebnti .1 Gravaoa Bi 
SPbMt Uxiu wi ll in t! 
 ur|iri id la find it is fai 
early. Gam m .. hi 
tasssd 1,1 i s battel .- 
ikas anv m sma moo ihi 

•■v. ry ki'i.l is i.l.uii ijiii 

POM aoaU La 1 »    ii. MMM 
s rawUrr:: - ;•' .! . , iiiu 
dav you WOOld . nvy v.p o 

af. a. Cot 

i Color wi.o Imm 

ill 'hi ili. Il :CM 

HMrreat ol I8T0, 

,: ... \:n.'!iiii..?i ri.Ht t ; 1 oi.; .!• u' that nn 

i imiiniitioii of thfiro will iuitilr *n' ■ ■ • • '' 
tbat tbejr combim HOME MJS/f/T.i than any 

ii ini naivhia: .' in me nsrkot hi niliiitioti It 

Buckeye Hlower 

— AND— 

Buckeye Dropper 

lor the eomiiif' harvest the 

Willi Side Delivery, 

Which, wi.;.. pal I :v; i.i ii:c si'ii;.!. tm 

aUthe element, ot a succeaafal OdeDdhrnv 
Rake, b devoid of thot ooauam and exMaofi- 
eaied d taUa i ob  • lofiuwwrs. Haw 
w whim t.» pototiaM hi:. . hi.. . ■ an r  immmmmI to 
give ass call beiou baring elst siasrei as ws 
ii -; i S d thai we can —A tltom, If ihey wart 
Wc are qUo A^cftis lor t!i. ooU M I ii 

lr*itt's Beparator. 



Builders Wanted ! 
Biv-ksviiie. Kentucky!! 

f ire! a '.imldir.t: n lirin^ al oir BMVBM 
id wall r and kiln lor the 

7tft Streets, Loaurrill 

•ell ins» l" r 
BoardBi I 

plat! ai.d 
•cot stru- 
M Cem r 

 r any iwn. 
Ul  . IAS, p. 

C. ti. 

Burl ■■i'.k. Kv. 

R' J. Eluott. 


\ e\ 

. M 
.:■ J. !. • • 
ad NWi h 
-Id onlv b 


» 1 in AHBsatawaaJbs a n- 
p IM iHMSnsasaa saa i m r, 

*.ilinl. Ia. IJ taiii'l. I COM 

siiliscription. Sainpli i Kn .-. Si M 
;i r cwcttJar,and apnea ouv teruis A B sad I 
Co., Harlliird. Conn. 

Secrets of Internal fern* 

Uy a Prominent Otlker of 't reasury tjcrvice, 
■BOWMMJ up the secrets and inner workino ol 
K v mc Pejinrtntetii. the Wiii.-liy iitm. 
Gold Rias and nwwfcaek Frauds. Syateawtic 
Rohliery, Depredations. Conspiracii and 
■ .  .it.-   ;.;v . mm. nr. .M.ih- nsanc •. Tyr.i:.: | II I 
Corrnptiw rf Ugh, TISSSSaBI RH 
iin.r a:ul iaHMMMSaaoh poaslriwd. Co wiawi iMj 
al«oul 50SJ well -filled pagi s, spiri - :  !iv Ulus rat- 
ed. Agents- Wanted, "fanvas-i:;.; BmSj 
i ••tupletr uutlit tntl free. ASSBNMi U'tit. i'.i.i'. 
I'u!ilishcr. l'liiladelphia, I'a. 

No 75, WmH 1 aft Brock k Floyd. 


fcv-Hk! • C 
Country Produce. 

Price paid :  r all kinas ol 

Call a;id cx^iniue raraething nrgeiiily nr»-«iiil 
by ever] I ody, or Baanpfcn .-3nt tree i y nasi tor 
. 1 • Dtt thai retails easily tor Ten Oollars.Ad- 
tn il. L. Wolcott. 181 Caafhatn S.,uare, N. 



Saddle & Trotting Stock, 

Southdown Sheep, Bogs, Etc., 
In the Blue-Grass li; j;i..n -M Ky. 


Hair Vigor, 

For tfie Renovation of the Hair. 
The Great Desideratum of the Ag ?. 

A dressing which 
is at once sMsaaaMai 
Iiealthy, and tSk ■ 
for preserving die 
hair. F« L 1 
hair is ..'«.,  y rifcPM 
to its original color 
and the gloss 1 
freshness of youth. 
Thin hair b thiek- 
eueil, fallinir hair checked, ami 
ne!»9 often, though uot alway.-, cure;! 
by its use. Nothiug can re-t ... ■ 1. 
hair where the fullieles are ilv-in._v. il, 
or the jrlauds atrophied and dt 
But such as 'etnaiu can be saved I 
usefulness by this application. 1: 
of fouling the hair with a pasty sedi- 
ment, it will keep it clean aud VMMNSal ■ 
Its occasional nse will prevent the hair 
from turning gray or falling ofl', aud 
consequently prevent baldness. Free 
from those deleterious substances which 
make some preparations iajsssjsjsj mti 
injurious to the hair, die Yiiror can 
only benefit but not barm it. it wautod 
merely for a 


nothing else can Le found so dV . . • 
Coutaiuiu^' neither oil nor Am, .. 
uot soil white cambric, and yal ball 
louger ou the hair, givirg i: a rich 
glossy lustre aud a grateful periume 

Prepared by Dr. J. C. A  


LOWELL,  1A.S . 
prick ax.uo. 

for sau: i!Y robs; v m  m 





Chorry Pectoral, 

L ■ 2* 

- r Discnsoa rf tr.o Tb^oi♦ an«i Lun*a. 
such as Coiwhr, Colds, Whocpuu; 
Cough, rronehitii. Astiima, 
and Coubumption. 

rmbaWy ncv. r M 
mc.lkine.has anMhiii^- 

lipon Hi.; I .nUilfJK • 
ri ■iir.l'. l' r ).iilm.*n ' 

n'no* .il've ir-, an.. 
i ..'ii it MM ri.-cn hi^ 
lion, as it has MMM 

it and tr.i 
m battel ! 



Daili, Trr-We. kly, Weekly, and Sunday, 


1 HIS TIMES is in allrc 

aasav s mmmm 

MMie prim l[i 

P. KINKEAD will mI, as sm hsai a si 

_ Midway, Woocllbnl county. Ky.. iwnr 

Louisviat mm IrrSMrttMi BaiMMaLaaTkMav 

day, ^:Ird of June. 1870, a large iiunilier ol 
Slu it-IIorn and Aldorney C'::t'lc, 
Saddle aad Trotting Horses, 
Southdown Siiecp aDd 

EsseX llO.s. 


r lUlOf s address 

r . P. KINKEAD, .Midway. Ky. 


ii. rd ot 

TALBUTT will offer his entire 

s;. and h^Tt^rvr 

Tas nss nr. rva* 

.'iiiiy in (ii.r. MM 
■s. On til.' lih .i;i  
n as tar d"« :i m 

!. -,d 

The prospects for crops is very 
promising till over Wc-teru Ken- 
tucky. '1 "he wheat c* op lonks fajB 
au J e;;n scarcely fail ;o yield well. 
Ti.. i orn crops are ted 
orde r, and lolueeo plants arc abun- 
dant and looking we'll. 

The Lexington Statesman has 
heard of a «alc of one thousand bar- 
rels of com, at £4 50 per barrel at 
the crib- 

A l'i w Works ok sTmiiKI. "|)a 
you mean to say, inadam, lint he- 
has takaa no other niedicihe'/" 

This iruestion was asked tin oth- 
er day in relation to a young man, 
•il.e only son of a widow.' who was 
then rapidly recovering from a state 
mm .|uenc.:s ui their own i of absolute prostration, occasioned 
hereby eajoia all oih- 1 ay chronic indigestion, [t wataak- 
cd by a fricuil ol the raasilj ot the 
invalid's mother, Mrs. Ku ruan, 05 
a.baasBaaa Iffstasrs, New Votk. 

The uiedieinc referred to w.i 
Flantai ion Buiaaa, "I do mean 
to say it," replied Mrs. K.; "We 
had tried twenty other remedies be- 
fore, without the slightest benctit; 
hut we tried none altei wauls, for the 
Hitters proved -.11 suHic ient. ' 

The lady herself the authority 
for this statement ; and she lurihi * 
states her bi lief thrt the r  storative 
in question Is the best tonic and in- 
vigorator ever administered. 

Twi-riiy-tiv.  •. ni^ will a |.:n ki ' ol  r.A 

Mum Panae affoar paow   r DnngiM, \-lm h 

in It-n ininuti'H. will maki- simi-. ii .(unris ..t 
Blan. Maiw. IVId.i.s.s Custards A.. A. 



had UMtttM a 
etuy Jutu .'Is*. 

li.'ll. V.\' v.. FB 

and l.' so 

M are Lo-- 
t; M*l tiiii'i'- 

T. r. AENNE. 

- if 

The Great Medical Discovery ! 



Hundreds of Thousands 

Ucar MMttMMMr t» their WOBtaMf M 


■| . A c. ,& '., i' i. ; n..' MJMjMJHMj in i.mtI- 
i I.y ativ !:ews|i!iMi:r in the IV'n.'d Sfci s. 
[ta WSWH DassaetH is compivhc.wiv. ly htated 

hi Mnrtag ihai it ii a dbmi d. nsnpsaa mrl 
fanrify TietrapMPV. To • \ . . y basbsSM man. 
Ua market iatwhMM* sIsbs h WOtll many 
tiniii las psies ••: -.! ! ..- -r'.i.'ien. 




all is- 


CS -The (Jeo. It. 
manded by Tbos. L. 
of the Confedtrate navy 
h it Sandy Hook, with thn 
died men, nearly al! vetenin 
destination one of th. i 
Iinds r. n the FloriLt 
easy reach of Cuba. Gea. Jordai 
it will be raaswtsrssl laadadl Ii 
New York a short time UBOC tu DfO 
cure aid lor the insurgent eaaas 
Other expedit ion:- arc baiug litto 
out and will shortly follow. 



a- 1 mmh IS W I Oral tol \«v  r. ••;•»• 
M.|ileo,.vlW»| " 88 " - 


id "Poor 
:id Its 


cm: ^ 


» g* r 
I Gpir- 


THE Tiii-u t:i:Ki.v i:i i rio . 

. :.. . g — .§i, M I ^i.v ssastts M 00 

rn BxaMtti naiTMHi 

tine year MM I Ba MSSjfc M M 


One year 92 50 | Si* months *1 SSJ 

Sn . ibm n e aiea wiil aa aaal Sr s aa aaafica- 
tiaa. Adareaa W. F. 8TOKET A  CO. 

W. | MNMBT. i 
II a   ■**»! kK. $ 

uEo. a. ostna. tbld.   . shays. 

mm, m & cr, 


^hori-Ilorii Cattle, 

wiihuui reserve, at " Tho Madows, ' mar I.e.\- 
um, hi ... Tritlay, June :'. I. 1*19, 

mi aaaraMj ..t mmmm M h mo! h1 ■ i sad aaa 
at the head af watch MaMth ha i ' boated Bal 



For estslngiMM address 


Laahaassk Kv 

T F.\. a GROOM will oiler at pul.lic sale 
I   Vinrwted, near Wa e he etcr, aaf  
iinli.y Jtiua *4. , his entire herd of 

Short-Horn Cattle* 

V'onsislim: ot -s Hi m,! ,j| all ul'. s and s. xt-s. .it 

'Iu !n adof  \liiili ataads the 

8th Duke oi" Thonulaff. 

Aha !."- Bf aid AWerney Cows and i Hulls. 

 r citnloiTiu s ,-iddri ss 

Baa U. GaOOM, WhaShMaa, K . 

Uppl. rout lirunke 
M.- ti -ine, mvle tt 

fi* : i.-. 

„i UkeS 

•n V 

Rardwara & Cutlery, 

I,'.'-' ' r ..M*o I Csspeane**, CSsspass*. ahalaashha' Jt aihss 

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a »'iv r ;j- 

li. gnrator 
■ h mat! -, 
con Ittion. 
teems/St to 

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l by natfjsi 
ri ..1 Ol .ana 


8M Mahi at^faiaaaaMsadllah 
jmt tii-t.rc t)mM ■aaaaj 


CJJfi 'JNNJ TJ ( . 

i'or I'oluc Judue. 

\\ . are m.ihoriit-tl to a!iiio'iii- i J.WII.S 

MoitKIs aa s nudldaii Mr rales Is I * 

the- t.jwno tsli-lliy villi'. 

cir^f^i. . jt- , '.• • i v.; - - -■- 



Boll Agents lor the Coll.y Cloilus Wrinin 
tnp t In- oVaaasslaad taa aaal. 

fat Heller's l iles ami lla-p- 

tth. y raaa 


it a'ich. Monday 
. CiiBty Com dayj 


Thtl ■ 'J"' d Iron 
ti«. i ot than 'I 

ike heal ..( Fa 
». anoj "/..r! Hana i 
Ti rni~ — A . ;. dil 

Thne-borse Waaet 
'i aaahi - " 1 auika 
Rsona. Alaoaar 
Ir pnaUrae. 

HIV ly il . Ill he ■' 

hi MBfchaear givini; - c i .. ;..r 
f. j 

oritki i!s.i:i r t .. r.i ihtbo t'x.n I i Piia» 
Utq iOP a a, r. eteuiaea wboaitMl 
'•••• ..' Lis i I tell] «n wbi u. K- ea 
! , .r • i tin ! .. : •- ! Ulfl i  .-U* . Will 


is rsu i: af 


to Canaan sa 

la • leu ed I'aeiliti ■ to t'luli Or- 


Send tor New Viiee . 

Tie Great imm Tea Co. 

P. O. Boj mm 31 and 33 Van y 9l .N.Y. 

• '. Pa anil «•!'. 
m .( Ml many t ' 



!i. McOON \l.l  *; ' o., 
H .-a 1 (I. ii- ral Air 

I . ■ i il ., and 9 ; Bads » 1 taaa- 

t. a. v. 



I i iFFHIi li.r .-air my hou «• nnd lot in the 

M. i • ir . .i Am Haraait fTiau Ii. flaeBiy lilVi.sTf 
The aoaa a baa  • ana pasna saha aad Khcl   n 
with un aaeaa M a Bur. Thi ra is ■| mm 
M ddaj .ill n -san uMtbaildioaa, ;i aeavr i.iil- 

in*VtSJoi »:ii.r an.l Irnil aa the bIm .-. 

wm i. nns i u . aniy t   

GEO w liAKKLs. 

I J Sale oq bit Fiinn neat W 

in MB 
June 28th, 

ba B 
are so: 
-1. .ui I 

curable, "tiil ffrciit nuinlsT* ol r.i.--   " . :h.-.e- 

c::-e secineil settltsl, nave '.wu i''ini| !.'l i n I, 

an.! Uie patient rvstor. l t-  km I Seattt 
i'hrrrtf Pi rtarul. s.. . 

over the ili^orler.. of t. • I . : 

Utc most obstinate of tlx i I' 

iag else coaltl reach laeaa. ■* !i laa Cherry J w- 

toi-nl Ui  v -nl. -i.i • a- I 

s , ra auU i-ubii.- \, ml  .n Out! great faa  
taction from il. 

Atthm't U always relieve I .. 
cured hy it. 

Itronc!::ti* H /.'le run I 
J/o »•»•;/ 1'rrtornl \ \ .-..ijill uinl i..-|'. 

Be ■ neraUy nro it i virtues kaou a Ihi. ed 
not i ul.i:-li tin-   c-iinVn'- . t' . 

in -- ire U»e public th..t its .jitjliUv^ .. • 

acduUal i 
. .'Jl uiuLu 6 

A'AiNoT. — SKj 

BOOTS aw« 31 O K » 

;' ..: v. .• .... .j; i .(•.hi ul 


Ayer's Ague Cmc. 

For Pcvcr anH Ac^ie, Intermittent Ferer, 
Chill Fever, Bemittent. Fever, Dumb 
Asao, Poriodical or B-.lioua IVra 
nnd indeed nil the alTtecttoiiH wliic i - 
from malarious, murah, cr uiuism.itic 

A ■ i: • nai'i.' k-.i .: ■ . r i . . r«i»'. and 4aas aoS I 
fail. Cmtainiiu::,. ill,. -- \, . pi. .  Xm:ii„ . UiMMMk, 
Zinc, nor any oth.-r inin. i ,1 or 
wtiKnii i. W la nowise. i:iiur..» .-. . The 

t t\ .1! -. . 
leal ■! . . 

► M 1 1 

afSke Lh 
tlx- LlveT 

for Hill,..' |,.r- : I ' ■ l'oui|ilaint-°. it is 
on excellent rametlv, ...In man 

■araable rnnhi, where other l h in h . ■ 

Prepared by Da. J. C. Aver 4 t  »., li 

and Clieiuisls, . 11, M 
round the world. 

\ T L KIM 3 op 

. h«.ui!hy aciivitv. 


.1 all am s and s. \. s. At the head of this herd 
.lands the l'r. niiiini Dull, 


■aaajBH addn ss 

II \MI'T«).\. 

Wimheaier, K\ 

Gommiibsioner's Sale! 


1  BONNE) 


In B|ahv. 

On JIOMl.W, JhiM lUlh, ,i MMMfl 
. '.iiiriiv Toiiri day. in viriut-   i a SMMM "| tin- 
Sin ll.y Circuit Cimll, I will, as .Mas:, r ( om- 
uiissiou. r ..: mid Curl. «ell al |iu!»lie acciion, 

al the Conn lluuae door, in KbeibyviUe, Kv.. 

Utwun the hours ol IS A M and I I". M. 

The Bonney Homestead, 

.ind adjoiniii" lots. So. !. Honust. id lot. 
coot i ins 5 acres, tomis ^..uili  .n Main Sirn t. 
Bad aMrta on Central avenue. Residence and 
-rounds unsurpassed tor U amy. eouilort ami 
i-onvi nience. I Ail No. :t Ironi-. north aadlaoa Ii 
as No. - and contains | ai r. s. N...- i . 7. i and 
8 Ir .;.' w. si ii aadthaaid pike ami contains :t 

aca ■ ' ... h. Naa lo, n and IS fasa aaatl aa 

Railroad avinue and sonih .m Central avenue. 
No. l'J is a OanaH LM and iwn also on I5on- 
ii. \ a\i mie. riinninir north and south 

And all I 
eedih ... 

ore 13 o! dis :; i! a 



e atiiJ onlv reniidy. K. 
ir ivalo nature BMMW in ai v .! 


In and ..i i die .' m I n h 
iiispeedy n li. I bj eahnj n uriiitu 
fin.- i.y mail. fi.Kir.1 mrnisiied 
anaaal bur P. rinda al Mfafl m i 
» in M hour i I' . . fft. hnn 91. 
isiamuH t. rcirculai ot udvice on pruat. J 
mailers oiU mIi s. x. - 

Mimmk I 

Yo»in » t:v 
r the .V 

\srr.i - 

aad Lada ■ 

a it. 

The Unwritten Word. 

■il Moiiut.i 


I ri 


•i ns sa 

.1 | r. MM 

arhcth r a 

Tka whole 

fully located ai 

to i.archasers, win flu r st^ kiny ilesirahle horn, 
or highly | rofual.l. invesiments in llrst-elas~ 

ml enua. naysaf dnpeapnn w ill aaahssn 

l.v B.C. Me, on. 1 and 'he I'ommissiiitier. 
Ti mi: — v n and K BMaHSM l ndit ; mm  

chnns n^ahad Mi nasss asai ans naasayi 

arui^' inli r  si irom dan- and r  lainini; a I. in. 

JCrFnriiier's Home Jmirnal   ojiy mud -al. 

■ul n nam 
[i-aehthe I'nwritien Wurtl. Ko 
r. iirtviti .' -ind - . • . • • 
lor circular, in i»hi. h is a full .l  - , 
universal e..|iiin.-i»latioii- l.v ill. I'Tt--.. 
 ters ami eolle^'i ; r..t. — ■!-.. i ' '.' -'I'. il 

KHaibfc bua naav. '/■ HeCaadj .\ 
139 Race Si.. Cinrinmli.    kia 

TOR SAli-j. 

A Good Brick Buildup, 

ituatisl in North Shilby\ilie. --!.»;• !..r«!i 

UM pa 
ai Sia 


deck i 1^ 

mmjRv aa An 

r l Anitinini ■• 
J. W. IK DI» 

I I U ' •" V. J. Mort.m 

II'. the 

m%M Intel 

I w:il :.irni- Ii the le-i 


mm;  n . msmi. 


TV- j.-iir. . i i -'io . -tl !.. •- 

i ,i ... ■ 4 
Juiuarv i- lrTU-iL 

Ut Saflaiaeiiiarl 

t.iu ;il firm*. 

(MT"Tbere aie Hu7 «-i»ii*l»t-n in 
tfcih county Ih'iw   n tii •:•. - six 
ani ta MMf 

Wltiv. i: 1. PaArenM . l' 

the eUstinjrui-lic.l \ii"iiiii 'livui*. 
ill prcucli at tit.- I'le-l-xlr-riaii 
hur  h uoxt Sundav. 

Fata H 
a. t.t.-J ka 


M1M\... All p r-ODs III- 

i S-li inlei \ \ucko!s h.ivc 
iv Mnl iTnjiio lime in settle 
« » 1 1 1 1 1 — ! • it umli-r^'ood 
•I till"   .mi t all iin-rttlc.l 

■ ill I., fomrni wi'h .1 nn K. 

tepy h ••■■!• l .  In nn! k 
l.e-i   'isan 1 1 1 1 1 T  li.ic - i. 

t f t... 

•i :ilnl 

M   SI 

Wm4 M • K. Kiin ^cr s 
llM] ftHeaai ' MM I  'lii| 

H »(•! . 

TllUKK V I I At i^t fcsl M'\S As 

 w ki:ei».- -Chi. clironie indigestion 
lie mhW? Is a Inllioi s batiit • o 
trolaMe' W'hi n the imvis II ro si.m 
tered Hie tliey anaeaattblc  -l COM- 
i.lelc ami penii.ineiit w aa vatioD! 
Vis I lnjiliatieall v \es' 1'ttC aDCC 

iiii- rc«|uire«l ia eiiknr liaortanda 
lillMH Bitten, hi HeeftaBa** Ckf 
mail !•«(. No difliisu.- M i— laa l 

is jiitBLiit in the Bittern, Mil tin 
Tmm la f'orilicd with Ac fatal »M 
S;iii!.i ( 'nix IJ u iii . Otlici wi-o they 
arc the same. Sold l \ :ill ItTUCciat. 



u| on ti 

f . tKtil 

M MM 1 

■A. Hull' 
Hnbh A M.. i 

i i 

. M 

l .n( | 
■I; n « «■ 

If i Ik- t rill i arhtfc 

Ill nlM A ft B 

Nitidrlim) thai tin .i ■«!•. - 1 1 Mai iii 

length. RTI :'i *AJ i'i a fiat Inn 

is noi a Mm a a*"? 

Mi 1 in n M. Ml- ii I M ■») 
«as l.urncd   u 'ast WcdncsJaj iio'«l  .More 15 t 1 » I ft M l» mi 
uiaV. Tbr lire originated Iron: iho a '"' 

fygr Uttti to Make 

rear man 1 

liione \ • Mri 

kiteh.u ftee 

ill savin.; M IJ 
allies hud ma 

rc*s win ti dist 

Allen MK 
l I urn r me 

•MVA foircs-poudrEi »ril  
to saj ilia; a Market Hou-  should 
ti  ■ jiutdl - M|li:itc. 
. rotil'l ofli i llicii pro- 
Tin sugsmtion idm\ 

t c pin u t 
rbrn i;n 
dure lor : 
be worth 


vs. Rayne; Allen. 

&i- lU'-ves vs 
. v.-. Snook, &c 


ascs will Ke called 

Dam ai tin H* — Thafafiaa 
ng caBOf fiom Ma4fcf M sit for 
t?eptemlMT - itb 

i^., v*. HaOrad 
Trigc Glenn. A.  
Fullenwidcr v . 

The following 
September 27tb 

I»oaL et. al. vg.JWakefiel.l ftatt*, 

ice. ra. MrWiiiinuj' Rajkjtvajf 
Hm m Hall. 

aa?"Trol l)od(i s aiUIrt contaii.od 
a lew typoprapLn al errors which to 
regret wen HaMMMBBl kaa late lor 

m rectioti. 

.\ol it't** 

»i r PaatKBa. — W«- ilislike to 
ppea!- lor niour-y. but there 
gc amount due us in ibis 
kcouiity. :iiiil ?- we need ererj cent 
of it. and need it now. we hope 
hose who ate ibdeiited will j-ettlc 
without delay. To save our friends 
the trouble ot coining to the office 
to M-ttle. wi baas placcil accounts in 
the band- o! x lr lleury Harris, who 
idly consented tn collect for 
ease have the money ready 

fiV Hag Caah in nui 4. C*M on 

G. A. Armstrong, or Hobb & [lope. 

Schooler A" I aruu r have just re- 
ceived a choice .-toek of (jroorics. 

Itnnt pay the 
others dance. 

Fidler while 

toT-tio to Schooler ft fan—I mr 
nice Dried Ho. f m l ft Mak - l'» t 

iai»A ttm Trunk rtan mm baaa 
started at l€f Main st Lo'.ii villc by 
Stratton. Spodgrass \ Co These 
gentlemen arc scliinp truul.  ia 
liaes, ei-rpct bag.- etr: at the wv 
lowest prices  ~ ur r !/-• - will do 
well to give th in I call when ihry 
want any tiling in thcii line. 

l li. i ; it - 1 Mai . la 

•unositie- in l.oui'vilh {a the In 
lia Rubhei Store of Janucy i Per 
y Mm IMIfajia St, TaeyVavt full 

 uit» ot i lotlnn.- !.. •!•• "u • ' in ■ 
ber. also nice ^cits o* jewelry. Bug- 
gy Apron*,  i1ovc^. Spiiti nb." Dooi 
mats, Water buck  t-. bat ft aTefaa 
Springs and almost any thing vmi 
can thick of can be bought at thi  
  tore. Head their mHv rtiscmcnt in 
another column aLd give them • li 
when you ge tn ihi i-ity 

^ Th .\ MUM MMH J^.iin MaMMI 
Elrcd ft Bio tho.-c artisti- Photo- 
rraphei  Lit Mam ft . LaaanrBk 
 a?e sent us an advertisement niter 
Ien^'  ilciir t -. This stand is too 
well known to need any coninnMit- 
from us. Sec their adv  rtiscmcnt 
in another column, and ^'i»e them a 

MmmYnm   f 1879. — Vanaata I 
isbini! to bny a good machine for ; 
com. 11- harvest— -one ih;it will 1 
f«ti equally wili. aiaVar tir^i i or 

a*. — aVaaU MtaaMaa taa laaaaai 
I'm r.Ki-.Hi 

(r'l» ui ]. v uV |"i.l!  i »liih A I'uiOl I'iiiim Tin; Km iii.n. 
ra stance. U a ar aw l af thitiy ptaMatsrd c....k 

• mmm ot ilicm aaiitUag frow the heal 

BstMRr* l«C sab- l. v . holeis in the I liitcd . h.iVc 

i Viiluutarv i onic barward and pro 
. . . . nounecd Band s Sea Nobj Karine 

the hucsl sftide lot |iiui i! n . •.   Ut 
taids, Maac MaaRP, i ji llic . 
:iud olbti favorite it* ins .| tin . j . 
 Crt that has ever MMM lltl'li I tlu ii 
from llkt ' heap Jby mmmWt, 

So much lor the nalntnbtltl) id the 
li' w elcineiit o{ food. 

A still gicitei MMM ber sf  il-tlii 
gnaaVad aMjaaeiaaa and M*ientiii - 
paanand laaarM it as ■ niitricnt  ■! 
the » cry highest claaaj while every 
hi u.-ckccp r who u-cs it admits thai 

u i  ful ftHj p» t Beat, chcajiei tana 

maizcua. fariua. corn Btaroll, M aaj 
atftar |.n paiation from corn MT the 
ecna! grains. 

The uew Mad Maple in manufact- 
ured, under a patent, kf the Baa 
Mmm l'aiine Co., :»:{ Park Place; 

and in view of the above aaiabliabed 
facts', it is not sin priMU^ that tbeir 
cxtciibive machinery is kept running 
ni^ht and day to sujiplv ■ deanaad 
that is rapidly hcomin^ univer- 

kJ -A. Xj la 

11. ■ CI 

c-tj-i;. Ut Scltaaaai ft Favaacf tor 

Salt. I.iuM- Cvaneat audi Plaafaaar'a 
identic pra( liitn 

IWSrhwci «t .lau^ou. Manulac- 
t in r- of B ; 't- aad Shot", and the 
laaaat styles of LaaVea' work of tbc 
hest ajatarial and the tim -t work- 

pan^ Middle ton ft hajaariagaa a 
 alcs. having been greater to the 
firs! of May ua— :m  ortecedin^ 
season, they aie iceciviuc their 
second purchase ol BaMW goods, 
t.i which they call attention Their 
stuck is constantly replenishing by- 
new and desirable goods, and the 
trade can at any season find goods 
suited to their wants at price- that 
defy competition 

T" Mil. HoisK kKKI'EKs ot SlIKI.- 
M '"i anr. — The invention of Dr. 
A. K K. Mayer d' South Carolina 
I ri scut- the following advantages. 

I, It is the eheaj-cst and easiest 
pl:;n for washing clothes ever in- | 

I It washes the paints of the 

house, the paaaj spots from car- 
pet-. :.iid remove- stains from table 
cloths and garments, that can- 
not he w ashed out ay boiling; and 
there is nothing in it to injure the 
most delicate fabric. 

It saves tre labor of boiling 
the i lothcs. 

4. It save- the labor of blueing 
the clothes. 

ft, It does aw:iy with the scrub- 
I'iiiLT 1- iird, .-iid the wear and tear 
of the clothes. 

ft. The clofhes will be cleaner 
ami w hiter b* (U* NaeaH than any 


7. It saves live hundred per 
cent ol labor. 

Ncmhcrs of excell.Mit house keep- 
tra in Shelby villc endorse the above 

Bacjaiya far full aai I Malawi at the 
Bruc Store ot MeaaraOwcadi Beck- 

booflamd's mm mm t 

Hoofland'a Qwrnao Tonic. 

f..- t ,u:-,ii ) i.r. u Utkmm,nmm4 ........ 

ffhttrtaWaaanllflD ii,t.,n.-  wnniry 1 

•  ■:- . 

th t v cajnicD toaft 


A.,4 .ill MM M ..-.«t MW -I.M...I -Inef 
are enlira'y atlTfr.-ii! fiom Ibe maliy prop*. 


others dance. 



ftti- builders -' 
I'armer's for Nafll 



let .v 



■ ddn 

iP^- I'ont pay 
ithers dance. 

Mayer- AfjMBt, 

the Rdftar while 

U.wikii' Wantho! — One or 
mere tenants wanted to occupy two. 
four or six rooms on Second floor. 
AppK to 



MaVOaaaJ any the Plata while 
others lance. 

HJfl . Si tr, i, ffajtiai AM  Sl'KNcER 
corvni.-. — I shall keep on hand a 
Ian of H. Boy s kagfj plows for lay 
iug off and Cultivating Corn. It 
doc- the woik of two hands and is 
C'|iial if not superior to any other 
Bjftav Lay- oil two roars at a time, 
saves MM board of one band. Culti- 
vate- a 1 ! the middle as well as the 
Corn at the same time. Light draft 
for tw o horses. The driver sits at 

paHa ' (mm aad aaaaaaflSN his plow 

in tlx old aatacal way, with two 
bandh -. an \   ne who • au manage 
two aaWM can [/'ow with it. 'I'hosc 
who caa not walk and plow can still 
Cultivate Corn Oaa hand can Cul 
tivate forty acres of corn in one 
season with case. 

Those wisbniL' ,).ow s would do 
well taaaai la their orders that tbey 
Mnj ht .-u|. plied b- lore the cropping 

-. aaoi 

."I'HiK nccs: price ?45. Ad 



yvill, Ky.. 

Box 170. 


the Ch 


• m aajw kj aayanj fiom 

Caaa Stoi c ot Bui tun ft 

others dance. 

the Pallet while 

I * t io.juet Set'- iii paal rariata 
at ftnaft -v. Reea - Pa ay Mtawa, atfta 

' Call and »et one. 

•ajf - 

H«g Chn't ra prev nine Call 
A. Armstrong or Bobh & 

Fa.-hi-'Naki I 1»A\' DM.— 1'ro- 
isor Mueller of Loui-v illct!.  r- t 
her of Dancing, who is so cn- 
asticallv admired at Lotii-ville 
airton. I'r.itiki - rt I'aris and the 
t blue grass region will com 
u a school at the Armstrong: 
I Shelby villc   n th  I. "eh el 

, and eaattiaaM ftatajaj aVa aaa  

All Ins ma^nih'-eni Daaaaa 
tyles wili be introduced, and 
ifieent BswHutioaa in Paaej 
in« will be given. I ue aatfaa 
irn of ftaa arrival. 

i'ir Big Stock and low price- at 

Burton A. MeDaaaaU'a. 

Wall Paaaatl aVatx I'ai-ee!! — 

Bold)  V Hope- arc uow receivin r a 
bagl u ii J beautiful stock of Wail 
Paper lor the ftaalMK trade. Those 
aaabtag In paper their House this 
Spim^ would do well to give them 
a call b ei eee paaawlnaaMac cl.-cwhcre, 
as thev arc Vjaaaa; to sell goods in 
Mad line undf-r the Louisville prices. 
Pbej ■ ill sell you very good paper 
at In cents per bolt Call and see 
for yourselves. They buy :hese 
•roods dircci from tbc factory. 

aa*.l oti  any 
thers dan.-. 

the Weill while 

P»  ih. Tidier while 

l»ANe, N( ijia, igiajaa pjaj mmm . 

~'' n 1 cc ' ; »m Tnesday thi SDUi 
l « tb. C  ntral Hotel She i b, - 
r ' • " •' I and Fridai 

. noiUrom 7 Ull '» ., do :k  U 

^Tl c patrouage oi the roaidenla 
aajaywIHa and aicnatta Preea 

L'rapatet A. 

:ccivcd from 
lelpina M i 
a I- belle S 

Courtney have 

IV igler ii Bro., 

aaa of bis line 
toes lor women 
Ml ii and children, which can begot 
MM - well is other place- at as 
low prices as can be had. We refer 
to our advertisement in another col- 


3««i, '» Meant ftw rent near the 
K liaeopal Church. Apply to K. M. 
WARE at W C H \Ls,. 

u tit e 




U sure 

UaaapCaan Si »ke - At tin old 

. afjajl I'"-' Oflka in Sbelbyville. Gent's 
"i . i vina furriahiaaj goad , Bandj nandat CleiJl- 

"• Ifa'i,.- all the 
Term-  «; | -i eighl 

iV taioa Chuia and |»,,ty » 
!«•■ Washer and Wri;; 2 er al 
h. ft Bro s 

'hot - .,n 1 Boot-. Hale, Deteaa- 

ta . I iunk-, t'.tli' o. which I sell at 

New \ ork Pffiaee. Oiva aa a call 
' beanee you baya Uevaata, where you 
will at IfLaaaar'a Store tiud R . s. 

pun u 


-cat wf.oU-.- : "*- 
•L- A tlollen- 





Pat -mi -I'un B. i kshire and 

(jajfti r aTftaae Pajn Ma aaja aae by 

«r different [mooned Berkshire 
»ars, one dire, t Irom baaftaenlj all 
laving iak  n lir-i pri/. - M\ Cbes 
ft T ha l ei i an i. \ ii Heir's pre 
ium Kneli -h t'lo -t  i B.»ar. 

r. i. OKI rcuKH 


y on conic 
knowii as 
an I will sell : 
nit purchasers 
beaiy to BM on the premises. 


offer for sale my 
■I M 'in \ Sixth 
the Petry huild- 
II oi pait of it to 

fa" K A W li on BnaaaridM 
mar Bot kbi idj;e   'hiircb in 

Caaaaty Ky., aavel llMaanaajt 

| • M In. - Bull- Em ^ale. 

0ta  Go to the Cash Sto-c of But- 
ton & McDonald for bargains. 

bw. I» .. r pay the Padler while 
oth.-rs dance. 

0O"We wish to call the attention 
of the public to the fact, that wc are 
shoeing horses at ?l.f»0,and the dif- 
ferent kinds M" Blacksunthing, at 
very low prices. 

We have in our employ Mr. S. B. 
Jones, who took the [milium on the 
best shod horse. Give I tri d 
and we guarantee satisfaction. 

Ten per cent, off for cash. 

R. M. \V ft B I ft CO. 

M£*~I otit pay the Fidler while 
other- dance. 

ftyCatftta, (Ml Cloths and Mat- 
ting at low prices at Amis. McPaniel 
ft Mure*, 

bat v." 1 •■ i. - 

/ ./r/u 'elf t . i . 




Di.i | 

• ml all I 

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Oanrtfpatioa. Flitulriue, Inward 
Pilcj. Ful ess of Blood tj thii livud, 
Aci-lity or tin St maoh, Vans**, 

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it lorJFo-iil, Wul- 

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Heart. Oh 
in m J. v i n a 
ncas ot Via 
Webs !jefo:o th.^ BinUt, DaJ". I'xin 
in the J Ir -  i. D. li n noi c.i Pan  - 
rati.-^u, TaUownaaa ot' the c .ki t 
an.t ttyma. Pal \ la I to Si la, 
Bnt k, ai, Ijimbs.ctc, tln-idt-n 
Flash. -a of Hen:. Burniaa in Mi« 
Flesh, Couatunt Imnglnin ku &ri;vil 
anl u.o^t Da p rea al  n  -» Spirlta. 

ttUMew mmmmtHmumm -J »'e U  wmrDigttttm 

O gint, romb.ned Mil tmm 0% Uco-L 

HootJand's German Bid rs 

BfJi„ A splendid assortin.-nt of 
Spring Dress tioods just raettved 
a; \tuis. MePeaiai d  Moore's. 

C?"I)ont pay the Fidler while 
others dance. 

iOi- A Mfjp 8toc 
Hosiery. Notions am! 
just received at Amis 


1» cnilrel r v 
no llrjuor. 
b/ImM I 
and linrliK 
I ■ • » f • are i; 
C; e r in a n y . 
clnnl virtue* ( 
e d tw  ■ t.i 
■ r i f ii I I It t 
X!ip«"' oxi 
to iltia eoaitf! 
prcxHly lor tin 
(  e»(* ({!ttor«. 

ll»li  Ml I. •(.."  

tu c: iii;t.ui Ddtl 
It i« Hie o;l!» I 
used In c:is..'  

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onud oi 

(lll^eiu -.ti- 

■ re extraei« 
.Uetu i«  ■ 


of ::ii - k u-i-il 
111.- Kttll iii nco 
tin II - lltal can Iw 
wrfcera nleotiuiic 
at udvi-.:.Me. 

Hoofland's German Tonic 

4$ a combination o' a.\ iW . . • ,   '.-» ./.•;,, 
Biltert, with nil ■« ■   ! tkmt li m, 0 • • f : 

a a mmm / mr a « mmm* itu m wn at . m irt, im 

tauiwhtrr ii-nt pure al tMti rtimUai re- 
quired, you will tt-ir i'm t«.'. I . 7 tin w , me- 
miet art tnUn-ly MBsntM fram    y /..• i 
advertised fi r ;/ « rur-  ./ t',  
tktu being i i. r.  I I I ./ xrtdit'twl 

txtraeU, while tin o'.h n art mora wcmttl m mf 
rum in $muc form t%4 Ti  N i I ' ' 
af the m . pleatunl au i ever 
a ftr t i to the public I s taUe it exquis v. Uil 
4 fttaturt to tal.t it, mUU Hi U/eyi rr'„l. 
aratiny, and i . .'. i/- , . i it :o 

I* kmrnn at the grt ai. Uaf all tauiea, 

M l  

To the Pdbuc. — We baaa Mann- 
ad ;i Training Stable on W. L. Wad 
dy's Thos. Jesse (arm. situated M 
the Bagdad ami Harrison villc turn 
pike, li miles south mf Johnsoti - 
Tall -gate, for the purpose ol head- 
tana trotting horse.-. Will alee laka 
il horses for the purpose al break- 
ing to harness. The noted Baddk 
Stallion. Hij.'hlandcr. and a fine 
Black Jack will st.uid at the IBM 

W It W aPI»Y. 
March '.». l$T*. 3MO. 


There it ne m'd: tut t • ■ la B ■ 1 1 -. Vt Get- 
than liitleTt orMHpHBBfg}'. ui' in cures oj 
Pebilily. Tliey B's,-.H ■ nf irt a tone 
and vigsr to the 2 ^ '  eit ty. '.m. 

ttreng the n tat *J nwu prtite, MMM on 
anjoj/uLent uf the J not , I n mh '.t tit- •tumach tn digest 
U,pwrify tjm bl"0(. :/ice a mm i.fmr.J, MmbM| 
atmpLxum. ero-!i,aie the ue - -. 

ami, impart a Itatm ta Hit en I .«,  m i Amami tin 
patient from a th -.n'-tt-.a ii'l. t i ad atad. w-tk, 
and nervous ineultl, ta a Jid-Jdccd, Wju:,uh4 
uigarvut per fa. 

W'iak and Delicate Children 

v Jiaile Htioii^ by unliiit Ibe Uit- 
a» or Tonle. In fact, lliey ara 
I'umilv Medi«li*em. Th.   ran be 
aritniiiiMt. . . d Willi M ft-' I Nalety 
lo a   Iii l i thica months old, the 
iUO»l deli, ate It malt*, or a mau o/ 
BUM 1} . 

mmm iaaMMa an "« i** 1 

■lawl 1'nrlller*. 


Ufa 'ill itiscaics 
ftmf titond pi 

in tiisin it- 
mtmmU in 
'■ .I' M in 

Kntiaam »: — Th 

anal exercises ol Kuiiikii.-c College 
will cotuuionce on Tuc-d a) ..lune 7th. 
on which day. together with Wei 
oesday, the examination ot th.   taw 
es will be made. 

Ou Thursday morning the l'hilo 
mathcaii Society will give ii- annual 
cxbihitiou . 

 »u 'I'hui  1 iv afVra iea, C«m- 
niem-emciii. tu-iM in .\ iami;- iiu'MIbon, 

On Prtinv t'o Si huh Music L'Lnw i •aejaal awBaa w iaieO I of Plain i ■ 

... . ■ i .. i I 1"hi:.a [ a, A|irirjS, 1808. 

will uive its an mi. I (omen; mil] I aaaaaMar ** WTa-aaarira flmanaw 

aal.Mday.tad. e|...-k, I'.- S^cauS /%, ... «..»eh, 

neat m . N. (jilianr nilldclivri oi indix.- u»n or u »- 

aaVllMM The I in ;•• ■ i .• ii  i I in T&fnHm «a  evacrleiare of M. 

aaelMtg Sniritu I with bi ll, itnal 

ecer nMMMt, ami 
famM n,ul iii ad. 
your t d a ar in at 
MjHfha mvsmi 
Uea't'i'/ ' MMtl . 
i'i mi it i r •■ . ami 

aaaaituau. Tht but man miUe oMMoy rtxam- 
Wtatat MtOS. /  u- ara inn et' reputation go for 
anything gun MMtl try (MM prSMMaMMSB* 

rauai ooa eao! w. woudwahp, 

Chief #BJSH0S i.f Ih' S'i|iit nu- Court of PaMI* 

» lv;ini;i. 

PaiLsaaLrata, Mar.-ii 16, 1867 

/ .ad ■■ llmdi i. ft ^ ■ ,n hi Bitters" is not an 

uttaxtcaUna meterage, hut it a good tviiic, uatfu* 
the dsgtatiat organs, and of great 
ni dtmtmMf and u-ont in mmmmM 

tars tru 'u, 

i. to. nr. woopwamb 

Voui-s, « tir'i m pact, 

j \ »l » :-. THMPMN. 

I'   I n:IIIC'ii..| 

cert, four new pi ana 
el irtan r- i" tb. Ui 
at' ea of d ot .i a bol 

Stcinn at . o •': 

Kiazna aad l!o • 

Chi. krring N. 

flOM Ih 

•'l-r Ki 

e I mi. 


Mil III 

Km 'ii Kl.V. 

r p. on/ in ri,n,,u  

UanM pm nil l.n ri.K Ka i k 

Fred Krurger has indee i tiotic wliat 
has btii^ heen needed in this town 
He has this season paid | artict.l .r 

attention to aacariag i ataek al 
gjoJs aaataldc for the etBdraa. lie 
has a coiiiplete variety of Peaej 
Shoes for ihcui. that in aaalUj and 
style cannot be excelled.  m  and 
see him as he say- it i- no trouble 

o show aaaie. 

my ■ 

(/tu; i.jr hmmmI MM 
••aaawly f. 

ii ii. ki;n .\aul», u u, 
aMnin OMach. PmmmW- 

nj Medicines, but 
• -a i amps aft tmM 

■ iire,l but with u 

■ -I ji.trii' u'm/y 


1 1 /.. 



/a.V; but ut ii 1 1 
wilt!' very hen in i 1, 
uham MMM. I'uurs 


yiitciu itnd 
1. 1 v k s Uom : 
n d valuable 
iue enter itmny 
, / di.ubt nut, it 
niil.r Imm IX 
... ,/.•■ -:t.//y. 

ii hi.W Ai:^, 

a jhlJ,.t.el..i; fimtrt SlrttL 


■ ttakf l or Sale.- I . m mt 

Inrrclsot the Ins*. Copper Wln.-ky. nii.J will 
.    |i coiistiintly on Hand a lull supply ol ilit 
: -s: Coppir Distilled Whisky I will hiniish 
io retail dealers low tor cash You may laftj 
on Bi tting good and pun \Vh:-ky. Gh. m  
a call at ftn mmMI Office  li. Il.yvillr Kentu. kv 

J. J aUHWY. 

At Qaia Price*.— A full stock 
of Boots and Shoes just PBcettal at 
F. K meter's, bought during the late 
decline in iJold, ejal will be sold at 
the very lowest price?. Devoting 
my atleniioii eniirely tn tfc. Boot MM 
Shoe business. I can offer better in 
dn. enieuts than anv one el e in tow n 

larschwer ,i f aaaee t up t be 

best work for Ladies. Their Hfteas 
are -all the «o." 

The p i nta il utattlu I . .TI. Jack* 

soil "ii the i runt of tl.r uu'sulf wrapper of ettcn 
\,nnd the name -n •„. article blown in each 
' •."/'•. All uth'rt are. counterfeit. 

••lice ol tin Itillt rs. - I |»t-r bottle; 
Or, u hall t'.t/.i ii for Si. 

I*riec ol ill.- -I'ltiii.. si ." 0 per hot- 
tie; Or, u half doses ior »7 0O. 


n /«'■/.' i that 


I ■/'.- yjti to tat.- 

i !■ wSm sag a 

! eawe he ..t MM a 
dies will be sent 
BJ MM t(t"M to !ht 

I and so 
; unci do 
's to in- 
j else that 
good, be- 
m Heme- 
Uly upon 

I'ltlM I PA L di I II I . 

At the German Medicine Store, 

_V». til AU'Jll SlULEI, I'hiUdtlphia. 
CWafufh ftC 10V,a.P«fa*, 
formerly C. St. JACKSON & CO- 

i sale by 
■ id 


Louisville Live Stock Market. 

Shlhy i'"" 3 

„ bri'djj;;^ 

LoLisviiLK, May Bft, Into. 
Catti.f. — Gooil to choice rtaaaiat 
ef fat cows, heifers and steers 
weighing lioin ftftfl t.» 1 ,2(»0 11.. . 
This dean was sold at tti ftfftg 7 80. 
Fat oxen 1*5(5 fj On. Medium ena- 
sist of Shelby cows and fleshy batf- 
aae, which sell at lft(2}5 ,n 1 

rou^h at ^4('/4 5n and yearlings at 
%"&Ca,'A ill per cwt. gross. Mih h 

'■ow? are in demand, and sell m i- 

to quality: for common |30 a 

nd aaaiaa to extra at 150^ R« 

oei bead. 

nacaa Beaardies arc t  
Ui uxi;' , »'*'. sioi-. k. a mt i ■ i 

fine Dcalern «•» ii y »» here 

Ik an ' i«m eat* mm 

bug. in mmm ^ mt Hi fanaaa 

For Sab- !'\ 

i Iweii 



- (ilk* ■ umcdl 


W 1 1 

GETTHUBBST r m [ mtxnxMX with 

or \ - « » vat- 1. i H\ 

G^X TBS BBST Cash Assets.T$2 339 122 50 

(JiaC'intcnln, IWfumcry, jPoilel I mmm mmm !■•« ■ ..- in aaa ..i..i 
    [• ■ : osmt lien, Dniggwts' GOOD COMPANY. 

Sniitlrir. . Hair Brushes u ! ' !,; 'i ,,r '•••■a.i • -ii. i;i\..-t« ii.r.-ii-:..'mers 

oi xv; \\ \ Oil la. 

)Cabh Assctj. $37,579 168 61 

J^Dr T L. Dix, Mrdfaat /■:..,, ii ii,.. 

Combs, Tooth BrorfheK, 
Vwl PuteMl Mcdk-incH 

R- D. 5-SALL, 

I 'oi iiit ilv ill .mil Hue . n 
ia W If Ha .V Ca 

lumber mmwi 


Lumber IriHfti anl Undressed. 

siicivin^-. i". . i . i i .. Daors, Btiadi 

Knall, Shingles. .loi-i, S« unili.:,'. 

Maataliaaa aaal MaafMiae 
■nterialanfall kJaia. 

i!7 1 ^!:.;:i St., 1 «•» Runcec* anaCI ijr 

rorisr/LLB, ft* Y 

TUe Fine rmportwl Bull, 

1 1 A HI L E T ! 

aV9 Mnai B  bmbom waaoa at aaa ham, IJ 
mile pnthwnn unmb ^belbwihe, on dm Bnuih- 
tit M pifceai rheloar price ol affl lo iauim m iih 
MnL to ba paal aa mnb aa the fact ii aanani aiti 
cd or ibacnw parnnl with. 

itc\r rift,' tot} fc'aHftTl it. 

// .1.1/ /.!■: / i a l*ainilti! aark mmi, the tf 
\ wi • i ni Mack nu n. a iih i len^ili ol body 
rmvI*   veil-- 1: ;. ntlfrahd .- t ..I Maiw. n a*p 

iiiiinnl :n,.l his wbota Iomii ia4irtH€skU 

wpenar blood. \ aoapateai JaaVeaa mxmauapB 

llilil one ot ibo iiuesl HOBB9 li'lM - in tli - conn 

n v . RjvMen and adaaitara of line ana k are 
rwiusmed locall aadaeahtm. 

Thai inn- Bull was bred U Ajttan Haej, 
'rhornliaiii ''"ii.e'c. Gwlpli, t'atnda. 

i llttS II \NSUB M Ull. 



1 tiain HinOIC, In ,tll- 1 K' 1 

! dam I hhOake ui t ».\l..r l. PC 

M I p AttwrkanU. B. 

it dwii MaHde, iiup Ujri«auMblt,«  leaM 

I daw Maraaiet, ! v 8*i • Wilrara, 9S*fi 

dani Madalina, by Harald, »ISt] 

it tijiii Kmc NicWby. !•»•   ■.Iii. Ull', 

; d mi . b) Niinrixl. I . I 

mdam — !bj i' ; i,. ,'   M.i liuii.. . 

ruoMAw jovca i\mks kauin 


i'i:.M'i.i;s in 

Italian and American bit 

\\ aao-BonM and Work ribun ; 

i09.IciTerso.iSi.. b^t 3d & 4th, North Side, 

Opposite f*ou/i  i Joarael I Mfc 

M o.Vt ,ti KJTTfi 

4 NO 

I »r avan \ »ra?at of I *. - i !.. 



n oo! i Wool!! 


(/ n \ .v \ t \ s D0POT. A' ) . 

I AM Ti ItF.r.S Ot' 

\nii ..Mi. i ivoulea u '.i,l . 

i vi i; b'ulied   lotba received mmm V. mumm 
\J and i'  itiii . • -i t'.v V i r. 

\\i in kautiaaV , ot exebaage ka* Wool, all 
kil tl- ..I W ...als. 

1 1 ' • will receive Wiol lor inaaafetcturiag! 
a ni deGvei iba atwda in Shetbyville live id 

y.'t,'.' r ' i, "','„;/ rfant /'/ "/.'/''/'.-. 
Fat turiiit-r laManatanaMaaan M 
•l UiBS W. ifOOlE, agent, 

At Ami-. aftaTaajal (If Maan 'i 

i, s. i u a i eaa, ft.   ■ twroan. 

Geo, Crawford  x(.'  . 

luiTi.ini rt .uiti PealeTi ia 

Ma A.sii, Sal Soda, Cansiic Soda, 


Plnatcr, i.ime. Caaacat* Kaaa, !*■■§• 

mice Mum , Ite-iii. l it ., l ie.. 

Me (6ft aYalaal street. 

VUii /.V.V.I 77. 0. 

IBM 'I'-'nii. 

F.stahlislutl 1827- 


.V:c , fta. 

) I Ai MTVoV ui md lUtni - ,; 'I" i.-v-.-i Mm 

N,. -i mi Bi in M ntiri mmi Ma i 
t » r Knlieited.lftal 

May i it 


Wiiif \ i i;iiiili"  ,-uiil Mt|tu»r 


GoW Pens :m«l Jewelry. 

get th d mn 

Plat dW»rc,Tal)lcatid Pbokai 

Cutlery, Razora and Strain, 
S' !ss-oi- ,;iuil Poeknl Roofcn. 

CfET THK3 «53ST 

Ctiiim,! i!;'-^ and Granite Wan 


Oigar© aitd Tobacco. 

Coal Oil, 
invi IftlS BS;- i 

Get Your E^rescriptiou* Skill 
Cully Prepared 

imnictMMHin in ili  i Miii 

5i I Per Cent. 
I'd- Venia 

y E LLlNGWOOD. I./ , / j 


fcataaatafta i laanj. 


Kkm »! HalWtd 

.-.i\.s..i ; ::i.i. aiMiwa. am:-, ri.\t; 

and MILL I i RNIS|||Ni;s. CWW i LAI 
H \u s; „,•:, -.,. , | Tretk, «r «rM Paaaaa 
AaiaaTAMj I .«\t.  tnprrimt in ull 
ImrH Saw. 

•j : Paian* Ce4acedUjC* 
 . .- rtd Sir Pnrr :ni'M .retilins.c* 

\^ KLcn ai i;uiri iTit. , 

n»«toa. aa -..«i »rireit. Mi. b. 



7 7 Market St . bet. Brook imd Wkfm\ opponte Howm 

l\... f.i.,»i a :.-.v  n b.ti'i i .nr . ti.l w. !l -*4»«t.i «r«rk •»• 

I'rintfs. Rlearlu' l ajaj Hrgwn Slu-etnigs, 

CaftftoejaaiaBa, Tiikinv. IMniil Gajftftftav A* 
While (i xxl« al all kinds. 

[ftaaaj Gaaajn of ,ill demrrijihtuii*. 
N'-lioiiMol' ajaajaa vnriHv. 
In ( W faft U ajail 00   l »tli  \u- bjMaaj a la:-,- .issiirtiucnt. 

Mf aan aMabaj  " "rt. in mn hne ».««J.I well to ns a raH. 

QTAE  /' I V. /././' /; liVAJSJt. — A baaa 
S3 W cwl mm panrr. letmg, i mm . iHiMinncS 

Devoid t.t -i Pu i n •: ■ . HaaMP. 

ft iMBM faa, Nous. i... ..i |. 
io ibe e^putare ut Saiudling, I 

ad .tail 
mm, kr. 

mum KeMii ...iir. RaeCMMMM : bft 
dan ■ "B \\\ .i; ' Unnd di N il 

IkUOM IgraU U .-inied... ,„ ,„, ,,, 
a aW I!/.' Mm .." No uMpaaenMa. Snm 
. i -u.» .ii—. Rapid mle  Pm eircnhan,ad 
'in - I S pHnMiins t*«. t N V. LlwMaali 
mill ' hi. ai ". 

\ l\\ Boat ... ; . ma, 

-  I ' ft I tie. - \ Idi - I. STP.RBINS. 

II .; ;..,.!.« .. 

«• v.; i naa nnal H a ai h ni *l iis, 

O iv.-.t^tniiors mill Ham Pawer*. mhaiTi 
ii y all the veeeai taMaaMnaaMaad 'akim; tiw- 
■Aid ni i-ve»j kind 'ta marke'. Min'ileriiirtd 
'.. CBt i I. . QIJieR St BRO., BuaaJo,K Y. 
Either *«B« aHergn A! ■■ :: :■■! ... I^TOmm 

j ) I KTiE . , FalMnlla Tawta nal 

1 beat • ) HMNeihinq greatly lotW-ii advaa- 
iij ,y m» •!..- na -I tit I.. IllUiaan* An 
hnriej. I'arhoa i ..IV 

■ rratetttl an ibe nnafieVwi a r. pttst ii ia ilicm. as 
nanifcai i d by a ooantaatly iactaaaaaa baaMaaa 
•HI emit tiv. .r m maba the known rTiaiai in al 
Mir boiMi the beat pnaaMaa anaaan al an  
aaaioaa. At ibia Mna lha oldest linn in 8bab 
tyville aitb uvm mt eape tianea aad bet let inil- 
•ie- aaa nay other bonae in iba fkmrnt Tbej 
we now innr- :i! ''. Una i vt r la ItMaaa ni ia* 
a pa aaat wawa hmI imc mm in riw hmt* 

f%ne Jewelry. 

Na cam met I go tm daataai ■atkaai i.»r tie 

;.^i ei-.iiii me. in ne h, raana aaw t and 1 

air price* dktaa) aw make roar omtu CASH 

UiHuuwml Jewelry 


leftMaa* n : l ManVM 

W A r l^ C H ES 

Will be liiriiisbc-.l .llpci rein Itiwer than it-aal 
•in prieea. 

Plated W*itre. 

We h ue I.. ■ .| aaftbn in tbki plan tor awn 
tti ts i i • ti n m ;iii'i eaaavletal) de p en d aa M 
Baada Mtready mm\ baaw Mcbaal aaaanwa 


SOI.Ia K\ MA. fUMOCEfttS, 

ll'ANTKU, VI. IMS— aai B/Mtk 
* * .f"-- :■!•  • . paaan m • aaaj tiv.- aaan aba 
« laata aor Amjmmt, RtMaaeai iyjhl ami baa  

ara t; paya &t   per dav. \ aan m ft. Wan 

ra Kenaedv \ t'o Pi n si in nk rV 


\ Sure 
!i. I tor 

anhian. Priee We mw mail, Btow e al 4b Ca , 
l*harlr«tuii, Minv, 

\si, » nui B actai ih M aa a aaal lor 

!S\vcci tjuiuine— i . .| i i   ainei Qaia'aa 
MTd l»v Steam Pan a *'•». «Viu!-:-. firm 
\ mi 

URIDGacai RRIUetiROOM. Kaaaya lor 
  oniii; \|en, aaa, in »e«trd Mavviopea, 
Howard Aaiociatiaa, Box P. Pinbi-.b-tpbii. Pa 

st'UL-CH i hmi \t; — inn paini ekafe 
Thw wanderkal kaok baa Inlt laannMlanaM 
i liable 1MB re.t-lt r lo t i . inaM eiihi | st \. oi aM d, .it wiH Saaaaa riaahRaawa dhaa. ami 
bundrtxK mi atbn eariaaataiMannaaMi It ran 
bi^ obtained by icndtiHi neUrraa, win p^aajaa, 
10T. W.Ev»!t*a . .. N... li ewatm LL-bih 


tatced i" uio» ms \ 
uiek- BeajpaaaM 
itii IM . : •. \ilurc-s 
II RI' llARi»t?. It.j\ •' St » York P. t». 

GOLD P £ Kf S . 

TfcOM ^». aal have tbt MBMC,,i t. I i 

ion aad are aaaataaaaeti. Try Ibam, 

C CSM LTJ 1 &C4 ). 
GflOC  RS, 

I^IOMMl laVaWp, 
Ho 75. Market st. bel Brook & Floyd. 


- Ilidioa I'aab Price pidaVan al kino- oi 
;r . Pradacc. 


fkla lTK KOOFER, 


I. II 

K V 

jP o a k: e t 


Tnbh Cutler* I 

OMa paranani mmi aaciBtiea aaaaaaa m m 
alartba very liesi at hwraai paadHe prtaaa. 

Tha ii'i. -: .'i Vi waaM Sat ••■ avaMi u i o.ttrs, 
ahmjta oa iian^aad all uraWapratttptly anaaaV 
; i| M  

■nt, i-. la. 

The Ohl and Popular 

mmm tuim 

- Ol-— 


IS s T I L L o.v //.l A'/ . 
At |14 Main bnlen Fen* la ftaiaat, 

Vt io 


ii R O i E II 8, 

An- just in roteipt ot | lull line aj .? J f - 

Sugars, Coffees mmd Trus, 

Iiy I ho Hugnhead, Hanvl ami Case, ami art- often*, them 

at Hm vkry, bottom priom 

This is Elunvhu r. 

Their stock is lull, fresh and well neleeted, ;»««! wVJl 
! ; s.»ld at pneaj that ilet'y*conij etitii n. 

Salt. Lime and Cement always on hand. . 
Countrv Pnxluoe taktm in exrhanof 
(iive them a tall. 

#; 1 CMsVBMY K # #. m .1 ft. n .v 

— A T — 

Ft R% 


No. 114 Market Street. h U ajaaaj Tlilrtl and Fi 


l«iihes in want ol i 'iiuielull.i » loaks. Velvet (.'li 
«'ll iad the lar^r-t st.ak at tin- lowest price* at iua St. re. 

1 ftftft Set ol rUftW af all Varieiies. 

Von   :iniH'i ini.s the ptfccr il \.«u Itxtk out for ibe Bear wtib ihe Flair ovrr tuia 

MORRIS I. PA I. l'.l M, - !..»i *»:IW bv 


Mtaaaaa ta 

Shingles, aaialluay Cedar Posts, ike , 

Dressed Lumber of all kinds W holesale 

All Ordcan Promptly Fillod. 

B U I L D I flf G 

Tn - 1- a iiard. aaMpae ^'P« r. nke an .«dimrv lawk co\« r. and  -- •- ••••rai»a ana. tar Midttaed 
.hi tht ttutsiilt .a Iranie hiiildin-s. under tie- clu |iNwnl- il-" urab ' -ni'-t; - - ■ .1 tk».r» '« keep 
•. i .1 unit mil eol.1 I- ■ ;i!-.. •! ..I ...i :ti- ••.-ui. •' • - mi: .'-il. in-li ad ol l'h»t^rim{.and aeakea 

rm aooelieap wall Jt oiiK Ir **  » »." r.l.n.- I.. - - •• • «v-t h.m— -Km 

"ui-kI  . 

i» Sumplisaial.U.-.ripl.v.-.ircuar^mlr... Address R.M'K .M\KI{ PAl'rIR - ••  * *■ 

cajoinW. W. liri.lNos\ ca, MM \\. 

mirii aMa 






i mbrdeini! li rititi- Uenks, Work l!o\  -. Hand- 1 

k« n-biel and I I" I: . .. - ['am-v l!..\. • 'I «,|. . j IMI'oRTKKs AND HU I. RM IN 

f Ciiiaa, Gte mi Qnesnsware, 


sc ?»*» ftt-av r-as ^ l - Pialea ^ ai ' L  ' ^ Celery. 

* i flflie! and Steamboat Furrishinp; 

Bihlea, Poetaa. JuvaaUea. Rebnoi Booas,] •»] 
X wete, Blank Beaks. Bnveiupi -. Wr iin« Pn- ItM M.irkel St., I ti, Thinl ft Fourth. , 


Till: BEST TOXJ€ IM Till. WnRLIt, 

\« titlttl i In llighosi Pri mium ai the Stale K.irs of Louisiana. K 
Vahuma. &.' • I si.s, atat bmis.auu Mate Fair l-.". 

by tb. hest Physit mms hi the country lor the eurrut 

Dyspepsia, D\ «'Uterv, Female Weakness, 6bnsumpti  n. 
f bujih ajaj Cholera Morbus, (iravtd. and lor 



The in::' i and beat ifjeotttl alack al keau 
itat panaaaMka kanalia anv inland laamia 
in ■ ta'. Beaan pan m Lanierila laaft 
iert : m will pteaaejraa iaouariir, palterie .md 


\Yilfi4lO%% S li« a t CftHj 

Uaad nine aad Caaap 


a i ■ ■ r 

Builders Wanted ! 
&i Biiiksville, Kentucky!! 

IT HAS N O EQ I A la. 

\ ,.i ...o.iit Strengtbener and Qkunt PunaVi 1' ■- • vire V„\.-w »•• a 2 » - 
Fever, it used V««;ularlv. 1- the   bill M as.... is . ... .,!••.■ N" 
Fanulv -I taild be witbou' i'. 

Maonfactared by D. C. BRADY & CO.. 37 Poml St.. LiisYilie, li 

Brady's S.*i aparilla and Hlixxl Purifier, 
Brady's Ague Tonic*. 

' Bradv's Liniment lor Man and Beast 


M I llllM V • I L \W . Kor Sale hy Rohb &L Hope, L)ruv^i t . Shrllivvtlle. K\ 

  // / /. B V i I I J. C A V M»j W. K. Perry. LaGranu.-. K} . 

iMi. Ai..l all BaaajB^aas li.o-er*. ami Re alm aenerallv.-nja 

Ta etcct a 'nul l .i.;iiiiiii^ ubni' jmi iK   
aratdk Tkawjaad ana vataf aad kiak tor tbr 

hi it k. ai! at -in ot 'In banaMf' Sand m l^ss 
than a mil' IdaM il' I'V o d HpM h.tnil. 

Thi i".mdaiion. the liiiiU i end a dweaaaj mm 

ivork-batals will sihhi Ix provided lloii.llii^ 
M . tlx ,i 1 1 |3 a mak. \ efipy °l 'be plan and 
■peeiocatjem will be tound at the  tli. • oi Mr ii 
by vV Merged, Vrebrteeta, Stwaa-arMri IVrner ' 
ft M nn and .lb St r . n-. Uuusvdle. Kv Kids 
n . x. d till the Maaad week ill .luiH'. on the 

aark i aana m aay pan. 
Aaan m i:. j \s p. \|, mill \ .\ 

may.'.. :tt \',\.: ks\ ill-.. K% 

«Hk a h". 

B si dor 



I lit. 



iffu r wstcta no* 

in all parts ■•( b  



Iff MM Ha /test 

i ry Oaaea .v.i!. i.. i. uM n I 


My xlot'k ooilsis:- "I I'm- MldMUli 


As a Great aiifi M Medicine. 

Hod ihe large Number ot Testimony 

•rhieh are coriataadjf banger.. • 
As QMS IK eonclnsiv. 



etable M 

VKT M.-co\ T.Wi:i. 


flam and Fauci itihl.ou- 

(M tMi (ha* and • • 
laa! MaMbaaa* 
Mm UMhi, 
iwiyi*4c Kaaa* 

I i « ii-'i t low i-f . 
awaeaal WlMtll lltaaia*   .ttliii 

Black 6u|V( ^ 
Rlaad Laces, 

I • •: i u I.acc-. 


Ku'itcac at ! 

t t,ic:i M ■- 

'2 a rlata n 

ftf af t Ik' 

i . . in . j SHELBYVILLE 

m mm BT 

y^ifio.Ky UAttKIAttfi £ III lili. 


/A / ///•• )/ l/.'A /. / 

'/I ■ Ml /.■'; '/■ '/•(./ 

Patent Warming Oven and 


fi ) '//• it i ST ,i 


J IWKS Rl I H f.R ; 1 ' ■ i' 


Bl V MM V 

A & I I UMi A1S 


Ill RCHILL. .-hclhwill 
CJ W, Mil. I Ci;. Frankfort, Ky 

i i'\ vri» lewis, v. r-.iii. -. Kv 

I W TANDY. EtatM nvca, Ky. 

R ( .fl! IX'oV *«VV, 



! f'e. 


It nr. v. :n\ '\ 



^'Tbe life of  h. il.-i. - i ' 

Sipturai maxiM tha! a* rxc prove* to bi 
e people taikof liad Wood. Mtbe an* 
Mtnr d:s. as - ai 

•hia of bad Mood in lodndcd in truth. 
The aymtoma ol l ad blood an 

ad Digeati'Mi — rati.-. s imncrlcci nuir 
Bon. and consequently the eirculati 
aW soft tissue* loos, tin r i.m 
•ad 'h* tongue becomes | ab 
 roantly covered with a pasty, white . eat. I h - 
•sedition soon .bows itselt in rouchm^- "1 • ■' 
akin, then inerupti\. sad n 
and when lone anataeoed, r. saka i scrkais k- 
none of th* Brain. J.iv. r. Laaj 

Much, very much. s;:ti 
J by impure Mood. It is. estimated h\ 
I that one-fifth of the human lauiilv an 1 1- 
Jaeted wuh scrotals in wane form. 
- When the Bktaa vpuje jam 

Lsav laiaa Maay iaajaaaai 

■ from ianpnr. J * nsea ol larc«ci!i»  
ist cwrv Bhpurity from the loun'ain   i 
Uood i kaiaiKi vital - i. i. 
knito you. 

I K  ) O ! 

A- A 

Lirer Mat tgnrator ! 


laat efficiently stimuli' 

Mic set ret ions and funtional derangemems of 


While it ana Irw 

aopioue purfFine. Ipafpal i .-han^)* tli- di - 
har^fc* to perfectly natural - 

gYMTOMS OF UVER   0 ■', r i 
-~ OF SOME OF THOSE /'/ • 

rof skin, or v llow- 
on the fsr, juid -.!li  r ( arte ot 
dae bodv; dr.w- . - 
haadarhe; Mtter or l.aii taste in the mouth, in 
•zraal hem; in many - ;.- 
law sad) appetite; sonicum. - 
•nth a raising ot i 

lac snout the stonia. h aad aides; aj 

una in the sides, back, or I must. I 

I Of th  bowel.-'. Bit I 

U iien Mala, tVidat fiaunua. Majuraiaie Baa- 
arta, and RaBaet* ia carry os4«r.   ■ • •. ••• m 
ricia*r ar.d more stytish ilisn in any nlfci r Mil 
inrry Haaa ia Laa 

I also beep an iniinenjM s.:ock ol I* %K.%- 
S' I ; on h&nit.arl :l aid »  

M ing cdarK^-ied with oaeaj the larajrai \i:Mi- 
■ ry aaaa - t! • n . • aabli - an  •' 

I'nKlTI \ IS i V 

w l- coixls : i. ,i i . cut. 

LOW E3 R ! 

Tiimany oii: r Millii.nk Moii-. in tin   ity. 

Paaaaa Mawcuaar Uu ; :i i  - hate 
No Miatatra 

ios .Market Mrefff 

fvaM  i i. . 1» . IVad aai Punfc, 

I.Ol lSVII I,K. K V . 



No. Id.-' Maia I 




bifkui ^othiug Syrup. 


Urn hjiae Ipwn oali BKABROOK • n 
. ml qafa "I 1 with tit. advancement Ot 

dwajB. pktcaani to take-, bar rnkt ai i ai aa ae- 
ttaa, e(]".. i. at and n lial ■■ in all eases, Inval 
liahie ta the Iw lla ai i y diaai a: 

Sai i I aaaiaaaa, uvagaiaridM ol tae 

koaiai. !'.. "i- a i iking, ate 

Gives health lo the rMM and Mat ta tM 
■all r. 

ins. sum   verylhtnc m the 
AUCH1H fQm Tl'K 

P.ifti'jckci Hair Cloth Co 

.lls't Maii!i(:.iiurer- "l 



.'»:{ Cediil Strrcl, Netv Voik. 

aatf0 kr. 

I. w:. oook 

Cook I 


loodmaii 8c Co. 

.--.v./. DaaaiaaaV, Siher mmd 

SpectfickPj Fvekcb li cks ? 
Bsomzes, tV( .. Sc. 

28 Wr4 St., LOUIS VILLE, KY, 
'OMPLRTE lim ..i ihe la.-: anaMaai 

-'■ 1 / A eoaan 
laa. Katldle 4c Co, L« - • Kv ,~'} '!" m*I. tawder Wat. Ins and teawaymaJr- 
yoar city I used several bo Dr. I ^ and wsfraBtad. Oideri ban faaaaaV) 
I pnmptlv aui-iulitl t.. 

gat ro k i lafaal B a nt hjaj Syrup, niid hmnd 
it i jdo pay child iiair. •! and i' aoaM t 

Ik Iter ! 

n- it than ai 
I tN  f Willi i 
: lordrOdten i 

V.. ! .r Dala-He's rxlelirated rjn-saiiiir 
Sin ! u:;ii l.'on Axles. |!rid ;i ( m ' 
. c piin:r t'o.'s Springe. 
Sri*" .-j.Hn_s. A.\!  -. P.e's. rat-. ;-, p.naincli I 
UsaaW. Maaiaaa DrM, Dack, Clad . Dam 

a-".. B  t':i M'bti Is. i'.-:- .-. A n a 

a-t-J Eispli h \ artiisl • ds in 

t e«'arriai;e line 


. • 

MaNOiiliiiiU'i" iV M Faiddi n 

¥mm mm 



taor remedy I 

ill 1101 . II IS the 
. .. \i known 
matl lure 10 
::v on- tl.f.  . pkau ■ N It MM know; 

ic inn dova b) exan **■ ' 
t :,. dn ..hi- . hew. Write bm 

SARAH I.. R \\!»»Li If. . 

K O S K C  O 

Is a rented) ot Wundertu! Eflir.icv in da 

of diseases of the Kidiw vs and Madder I. 

♦hes^ Affections i - 

raaaadv can be. It does its work kindly. -il  -n:- 
ly.andsirelv Tat R. 'Vt wfairh v ... 

OF Tin:- K'h 

• IAS \'D] 

ar. I 

nns una.*qua;u 
tunr ior.s fe| the Kidt 
!mn.»rtanre of their heal: 

Rejrular and sufficii 
s a* important, nav. even p ..  i ■ .*.•. '..a:i .-l'i 
taritjr of the l«i«. i ■ ■ - i  :i..t- 

from the Bl.*«i • - . *• ,. 

permitted to remain, would sjn . .. 

A total suspension ot ilu arinary dis, !in. _ - 

•ill occasion di a'h troiii tli . I 

fight hours 

when the I is \.. ,icd *r. -• 
at the rime, or v h. n tner. !. .-i il -.. . 
Cntiate moT Ireouentli 

the I'nne is his! 

neas in :t« 

(rifled wtth or delay, d. hat Baakaa ab M U 
taken at onee to lein.eiv lis d I 
lesion of the '.rrans  : ',..   pla   

HlM-S-u-S O! 'I. Il 

the Kidneys, the l"rn:e U : ... iutperierirr . 
ereied in th. KidiKi s pr.ev 
Bladder and I'rinary p- . \y|.,,iv. i. 
ca'lert thrt un-du hi i.-vt h 
neyheacepi ihroaal 
the Blood, we- w, n, .u . 



ofLil Pore. 

■TV t i« tn h ' ; 



No Ar-fitic — No MercaTJ. 

Hm e;ilv i. niiJv lor t'hillb and faaar, or 
A at aad Fever, is nr ean be litpr ndrd 
rjarley'a Aaa* Toni  . There have 
ben rtataaaadt cured by t.sinrr it wt.o have 
iri- d Mm Mai it aadaa without baaait. 

eitr/.en..! Hiaaaaippj aaeakatar '.is. li: 

.1/, /.'. Y. tt. Chl'Ur,,-!.: 

Dtjr. Bob Tha it lo natit) that I laninjd 
tioni \. ... by year nwwiwnitMtdrt'f^T. a bouk of 
Horleyi kgue Tonic, and il cared two man 

1 cfacertidlv roeconiroesd Harl y'a Aaa. Tootc 
in th ■ | nt.!i. at :n ra .y. Retnectawy, 


I ' B K 

mm Kiittfitiui 


Alu.iioi,, of t 

Coatireattu, | 
at the KiJi 


irmYaMBi. ffl \M  MTAU 

G R o C E R B 

AN 9 

^cabi$Utt lit*!*!*, 

'• . Markai St., Id. 2nd & :iid. 

Ortlent P roip tla filled aad tMicfte- 
li...: ' '"Ktr: ntcctl. 

Fulton Foundry aad Maoliinc 

1MB S. WW, 


Ch\ tlar Saw Mills, Gin Shaft" 
iug, Cotton Scrcwfl, Pumpd* 
lit aring, Ptpee^Puinnf, dji 
alilln and Goneral JobbHuj 

Cor. rioy.l i Maia No . N I M 

W Ciii ran On fit 

K art potparcd Mi asakc al kiadaal 

( toriMguf, 
Spring Waguna, tiV. 

hta ta lUpaii aai R - Paw* aaa* at aVai 
e ami h  vcrv kva prin a, 
iaa at atai. 

WALK i CO., 
Shop ia Bast cud ot ShainTvillc 


r l 'altorUHK 1 DyHats 


Clothinfj Made dnd Trimmed in Latcit 

A kwgi U of Farwdaiat   ". d  'u hand. 
Nc M laCaM St., bat 3d .V Ma, 
I.0U18V1LLK, KV. 

I he li   n {Spring 

Bed Hottoin! 



Pai'd J.ilv '"I.. 1K.;7. 



MM make Ik) pr..- « ■ i „. ... | .... arfc* 
has rtaaw n .  l and •  ill rtuii 
ly. at the Paraatr' • and Traders I..,.  i , 
l«t. k ..I I enir.,1 II.. 1. 1, ai s. 

in kali 'In u v aw in every in 

ihe hiei baaatrtamrd or ihe man iiarieil h - 

In afiiiai in services ot G/.EXi   ! 
ihckrrrdan publk w. let 1 e«aiMeti  , 

ean l»' nhtaini d auya 1 1- 

I'll. |e is M.i hm sg dm) 

ihat sM„,|s i,,, ;, ibaM 

adxeriis. i„,.,i . oi all 'I akra ;i..:i.„ L 

lions, at ar iriv all, rbtim lo br A - • ntk nt • 
iasbred toold impwried IM    r V 
th. dj ■aawayir ci aw mdrsirah n 
.- ( th. pre... nt .).,, a by III in I aw • I 
in. in sense do art •. • ! Ii 
sent ch.nim I. arkira emu '• litmad ia Mai 
•  r Mart ■ HnM bav« ,in 1 Imei I • 

•l r».\ii!ki 


U N 


COuratHB ibfOMgh 'I" i •■ 

v\ .,» b) I N a oc, dam «ii 
■lauub" r   l ..Id Itupnrti 
ler  nee in fib ia m n 
les un -dam ■ 


ii can iv 
Mean n 
.ihlv ktrc 

• 3 .:4ti Cm ■-• 

aad h 
am n 

*| ib' 

nls Ibt (.'mini 
Hid bet • !;ors. 
prapn nion .« 

Tin adv. 1 1 aai Dyct and baaiaktM all kinds 
ol .Silks, t'rapes. Moaaota, etc., iutlieniost 
rasiiiotiuble ,.iui newly invent* d colors. La- 
in, s' Caabaaanj aad CrajatflkaadJi • leaned and 
rlaaaad aaaal to new. (,'ra|ie Shwls Dyed 
Scarlet and Craaaoa, aaaal to iui| ortcd. 

Geadjaaaat'l Apparel Scoured and Dwad in 
■ ■lawtioe ataaaer, aad aanaaaaj aat to soil 

I be linen. 

W.Hilen or pail Woolen Dresses can lie 
.Iveit wi.liout bMRf ri|i|xdio pu -cs. thai ):■■ il 
li ) altera'i.'ii is to he made. 

  Ol I I Y. MaVYN *V TO.. 


ll tr ln «r  & f Htli rt/. 

f 'arpenter's. Coopers', Blacksmiths' &. o'her 

Ml Mom ft. rpaaaa Ml atdTf . 



Sole Agents for the Colby Clothes WrMMW, 
the cheajiest and the h?st. 
teh. f» Un. 

I. Wnoi.sox li; p.rox, J.W. fTOCKTOJt. 
Late of Perrvville, Kv. l^)iii-ville. Kv. 

U. $. HOTEt, 

Hsu ion YS.ot Lioii.r 

M. I'Dl.l.ARD. S„p' . 

Rales ri din ed M 
Wr i aa Hotel 

per day. 

K'en refilled am 

Ease, Comfort and Durability 


III. Frame is made of flic lines! Hoop 
Iron and the springs ol the U st Stn •'. aaf. 
vanized wilb aajBar, leaving no room tor Bu^'s. 
It is Beat, and can M easily MBMad by auy om 
It is so coiisirnctid. should a BBtMC aat brok- 
en, it can lie rO-faaad at the small Mat of 10 
cents. Aayoat Maaaaj a Sj rim; Bed would 
do well lo call at « 

No. 133 MAIN STREET, below FOURTH, 


Where it ean bl IMa  

Any responsible party wishing a Bed. can 
take one and iry It, and il it does not suit cm 
return it nt our aBBaaaB. 

JO". lll orders |iromptlv filled. 

A. L HAftDUiG*; CO. 

tyFor Sale l.y J. LAVSON & CO. 

o,t. i:t-iy 

Willard Hotel, 

taaiiaTTinir. kv. 

f. II. BI RKS. Pro,, ,- 

Fairbanks Kauri Scales 

Foatale |r 
: -. lit- 

. -c . ijiver 
CmbdI i tat, tadiges- 
t'.'ti Piba, PaiaMMiy, 
PtMMtiCB, Scrofula, Ol Kind's 
Kvil, Bjphiiia. 

T.  Br. Th at a A Barky 


Louiuviiit, ky. if^hed 1852), 

MANVFACTVKBR id ;s:,.«Lv taw, 
Bra 1 1 ta and ModMiaaa lor Cafawba, 
OapttaU lor t'ohunns, Pimmeka, iic mr 
Chareiiea.   iii.ntu y-lop.-. and evt r  thing per* 
•' 10 tiiet xi. rior and inter tor decoi.iiion 
ut i .i .iii.i; . ;.!.. Mutuary and Vrtacsfbrfar- 
tea da «a n in bmi ysriety; atone Pipeoi 
Msi qoAflay lor . . wvrag ftuifotcs, nod I train 
l'i!. Ear laud drainaaa, always oa aaaal. 1 am 
arepari I to do work ia aty baa daaa waa 
■lespaieh. ami la • ■ and eaocotioi) dciy 

il] \  ire i- made Iroai aaaal atoaoHaaa) 

i laoi : : : Plaster Sraooa Work, 
rack .!-''• otcrpaeoca, (tiumin 1 1 hjaaanaa^ala. 

• il the lutes' siyii s. nil ! ev .11 e orders proiiip* 

P. I'.A N Nt IN. 

  Iff . .',. b ! . la v hi Uraan and W.d- 

aad Poria 

d art mm 

Qf AM, -UN US 


IM Walnut strict. 

1 7.VC/.V.V.I 77. OHIO. 

u-^ Bealea K*^aaired PrfMB.p4lj.«fMJ 

mat '•'•bin 



57 Main st,,' Cincinnati, Ohio, 

s Caoea, kajaariauaa* Vacagkl 

i aaCti ii «u t u'l titers ot every 
description,  ew Style «•( 
Uicar Caaea far Boxes, 
Book Ciisi-s, Dcaki 
aad store Pixtarea in G«aeral. 

PateutKUOH \U IHfW kfOLPINti 

in silver; it is cheaper alidsiipeiior kv aiiyiliiny 
ibai basevir Lata introductd. 

Papoaial UBagaa Bad Drawings made to or 
der. Send for price li.t. 
auaM iy. 

When You (Jo to 


■ rr. at 

I in the cur. .•! 

. r. B LBVKE8. J. t!. BABKC8 

C, P.BARNE- & BROi, 

Diseases of ike Nervous Sysieio. 

-ten:h« of our p. ..pi. sulk r irom , 
• eabaustioti, and are. dMM '.ore. KaU la 
aitani « viis ot m.-n'a! drpi. ssii.n. . 
. MNtenite.' »! tit. ' 
• Me.s.Aiuc down i ! il.. e,. :i , , ;, 

Thousa.,.i- sre suK-rint! i\ v. 
down nervous s, 

tobacco. aaaaaC iaa boar* 

ul aid physical., ar. 

nervous s\ s , ,|,| ,,, I,,, ri iis. • • ;. ,. ,. ,,, ,, 

Thesvmtoms ... b4b I baaaaaa - oi bm ii. r- 
eoos svsif in l'.v ris. mr.v beatate, 

A dull, heavy aaaaaar M me bead, aurat inx 
Baore or lens sever, i : t ' 

aai Heads. be. Diaz i 

dki Head: CMtaaian .,i ideas; 1 
LoMofMe.norv: D, 
dnnna Sleep: 
■ing (aa 

of the i*are soil /(mis.   ii , u 
l«-ad to I'm .i , -  
if, 1m potency. A|» p!  n \ 

: I 

ck. :i 



\ -o :i eoiujil. i. st.* !  ..i 

Gents Furuishing Pfffj. 

J f8. CIjEMBNT. 

da   ..v al Umi rate 

Popular Wow Candy 


G o 

AaTB | rl I HXatfl a«.i: vrs kir 




!44 Market street, bet. 4th and 5th 

HA VING refuted and rclumislied tins Ho 
lei with new furniture. I am prepared to 
entertain the public in the most agreeable sivl" 
and at reasonable rates. 

]\Eeals ? 50 Cents- 

Boarders by the Week aaa. by the 
Pay, at Rf nsonablc Rates, 
f.'ive me a trial. 

Om aW Pfral «/ HaW 
Stublr, Mmin Mrrat. 

I adMrj 


« ju.tircc 

GLElti OE b real 
kaaia kkdt, aad ha Mood-like app 

irss ol color. .,ly|e. lili! Il l"' I H 

M aad BaaMMaViad action, cannot K . % 
His aaaafaaaatea Mike Fait ! .- Kail 

conclusively thai his BOBbI f,t\ I B 

EaraH parposea. Having ;rad«aied in ib. 
del, tJeneral I'sc. pine ami Swrersn tke 
ai five Fair.s. one ot akk Ii baine 1 i.. Luni 
State Pair; lalunaj tla Mo/el aad G  
Sweepsiak. Prt atiurn, - I B 

InilHirted BfcgbshTUoioui;hbr.d, M. : 
Refugee and ledaaoa'a noted Stallion. 

GLBNCOE was in i bi riaadj'i I 
aaa, Jr.. aa by Braady'a VA , 
Old iMpanad tSk acme. 5«i i Th 
tJlencoe's dam is ol ihe I I 

Hie produce ol old nnp..ri il \. : -i. I UM 
Register. II. dam by Sa.w, . i;:.. r. l . :;ia...l 
dam by Raaaaa' Whip. 
Whipster. (Canons' Whip and Old Whipster 
larth by Haeklaaa'a old Wh ,. . ! - 
kMjaaaad WkapJ See Turl Register. Sa . 
weimer was by sir daaaie. t.i. i aa, Ir.'a 
dam was tircy Julia, aad aat ajn ! b] 
BaeJaaga' EcBpaeaad be by American K , 
he by Durue. tiiev Julia's daaa w.-  i . ry 
line mare by Diomede. be by lni|».rtid D 
(•lencoe. Sr., was sired by t lid anported t kna- 
eoe. earn l.y White Claaa, f. daM ■ wron h 
bred daakaaj mar. . WktM Ckaad «TM I bj 

Platan. ^ajfaMoa, ..wiiiil by Jaaa Raa- 

dolph of Virginia. D. 8. II IRRI3, 


d »hwb 

l _•!.'.*» 


... . A -o gjnt 

i 1 U ft K 




SMSLMT} 7 /././ Ki\. 

AdjoiniitR AKMsTKllMi MOTK1*. 


I T II a complete .stock of 

Roots ami Shoes, 
Groceries, Drugs, 

iirtlware and Notions, 

prtcei to intluce everybody to 

SADDLE Horses. B*«rv» ^Spriag Waaana 
Hacks. t arr:a^'.s. aad Lively raja . 
descriptions kept constantly OB baad lor hire. 

for TERMS CAS/i. -zm 

april i7 ly. 

Whit ii the} ut Belli 
five them ;i call. 

mi i ••■ • 

'v - 



The lightest and most reliable 
Roof in use; Fire and Wa- 
ter-Proof ; Not Subject to 
contraction and expansion 
from heat and cold; Needs 
no Paint ; will not obstruct 
Water-pipes or spoil Cis- 
tern water; Superior to any 
other material for very flat 
Roofs; and as a Fire-Proof 
Paint, or Paint for Tin and 
Iron roots it has no equal. 

H.W UMJ Baa htaad aa nada of tka  caaa 
ty l  r the di«.»c u.nucd roofing, v.e arc 
at all limes prepanvi to do work in lhi-  laa a 
the siinrtesl noliie. in Hie best luaniicr. and 
at cost not toc.xicc'j that ai good Shingle rin.1 
Liter. Persons b a n Bat r.xjls to pat on, or T i 
rools to paint, will do well to call aad see aj 

baton caMraatiaaj UaH and see the loll iw- 
ilis roots : 

H P. MaMkiiia ■ Owraaaa; Mi  Bai'a 
Pwvding; l . F. Hrraat ■ Lrvery HrMlr; J D 
Guthrie's Barn. a c. /1LI|.;IIT\ 'o. 
Jan. 6-ltatl 

I V aMf], 


Tin and Japaned Ware, 

A N I) 

HOISE 11KMM1I\(. U M)I)S, 

A T 


Simpson i ilh faaaaraj* 

RaaaVaaj* fjhaaaaajaad aVaparkaj daaa ia 

ihe best aaaaaaar. 


nmi Pfii-:Tr 
.laiiiiev & Perry, 

116 Wain St , bet. 3rd and 4th, 

Louisvi i. /./■:. A r 

Wb-ksile and iaaat faafai aa 

Rabbei Good^' 

TTaHlfllaalll, Sahh. 'i-. 

( 'liiltlit'M's Cai riagef*, 

Cwfj fM l Betfj 
Aiid Bane Balk. 

I. in part ol Bi 
Cbalune. baoea, Fishm- Boata, Fupiisi 
Paata, Ukwea, PkaoCov. ra Buggy Apr* 


{ * si 


Y A B D 

lorsj Sash. 

BtCaa EtC. 

I MM MM) streets 


\ E 







Caaab Maaaaat, Air and ll aa i B 
lows and OMaaaaa, Oom Mats s; 
tcr Buckets, sluii Rnbbers, I ar and U 
Springs. UoMbe, Brush, s. II:. r I n. , fa 
N'.edlcs. Dtaauag Cups. Flasks t igai 
Matck Oaaaa, bautaada, Pi n Hokaeva, R 

Jewi Iry. Dolls. To;, s. Ha -.  v :• -. 

Pumps. Nipples, Teadaina, Rim 
Gaam, Naraery Maatiaa, Cwtaea Faring) 

N. B — Clothes Wrin.'. rs r, ; d 
the larmsl and most compli c aaaoatM 

iMiiaiaaa Raaberaad rat jaatai m the 
may 1 1 Iv. 




Franklhi Plaawg 3Iiils. 

atodi «i .. Ueen C!a  ind Sbelbv, JX)U18TlLIaI 


Coal ! Freight! 

•J'.'l Main Btreet, t Lcui.-vil'c 




tiacii boo 


.d bv i'.. baa Par 
Bdiiat I o .... - 

l'VI"  »l ll  letllllSI i 

WH ;.re constantly INtilMg the Ust ipial- 
iiies ol PltlaMMg and Cannel Coal, 
Nrhaeb BM will furnish at reasonable prices. 

What we pfaauae aa will paratraa. 

In ad ; .i-.n t ■ nu r raaeaa] at'aaaaa in raa- 
nei thai anh uie Ratrwaa, uany, 1..,- t', Laaa- 
h r, BRd Heavy Freight, ft'e nave bad a large 
Spraag WaaaM baM lor t M^yhtg Furniture 
and I igiil Frekhta. All Freight for sh. ll.y- 
riNe \ia t 'l.riKiiansbitrg toa a ig ard M aa will Ik- 
delivt n  l r^aaaaaV, 

II p, A Q. l'Kf ItV. 

j"- 1st nMjlaatj a Mg susk oi 

Men and Boys' Clothing, 

lioots and Shot's, 

Hats and Cups, 
TninKs.^ V Mjaafft, 
And Ocnt's Fiiniishin ( CJoodn. 

1 w arrant my goods lo Ih' of the Ik si .|ua'it\ 
and finest assortment. ONt me a irial and 
v,m a Ml tinti that vou ea 
eaeapeM at 

your yooils rijaj 

.1. mOTMt 'MIMMjMVM. 


I'LI\T, ;IM.F.N and 15!- \  K 

laaaaaa, Caaafcraa, Ca Ja ia ay , 
 ' ati Jm s. Braaerji .t.o/ 

117,.. jpaftfa / . wtifoki ■ 
And a !?■ ta ral aarietj ot I ih i M 

aaidfaMooMi : 

(JH \\ :■■ nut Sliei t. t inetiMiati. t»hi« . 



To Turnpike Contractors. 

Three miles of ihe ReaUy'a Mill and TodaV 
Point Tatayiki ro,..! a il: ba l 
biddtr. on Sajiaf alay, Vai Slati 

Store of .Miber Jk.   lanai 


R N , 

V ,V O i'j li ll h 

M \ .s C i'ACTl'RBI | 


BrackLts. Boxes. Mantles, etc 

Kn • ilwavi .n in mi a #.nnpb-e i l..i r-! S 

Pfa| •- D  .— e.l laaaaar, !'. 'it. . id ^ . ait ; :t.onnhng 

afyfUiiHH l'i.o^ii'Tf.v ati knim:i  TOl-vm 

[roil iiittl ( 'nlisHt », 

in L.. 

7. /, Lm w r eme , M.D. 

Laboratory A Olhee. No. •  Mum m . 


Price. $1.00 PER BOTTLE 

•br »Sa/V l,y fayaaaaaara / 

■ i l.\ .1 . ; Skat rard. 

til l I li KXTMA 

UU s, , 

lO-Cutluij; ,1 • 

-t i K MIC VI N, 

lawcs liuddle & Co., 

Flu H'l, 1 1 ri  i;. . 
l*boniary No. ! ! . Builltl BL, 

Robb & l I , 

UA U U li Jl U 8 

Mm Mm, Cutlery, 

  *• •••»il:ti ftm] X \ 'ul SaMTfy 
FA ft \t£ft& and Mi Oil I VfCff 

: I Bm : j  m. pjt M end 3rd 

G«o.P. Rowell cV Co, 
i» Park R«w 9 N« V. 

\ie .on a«|f||orifrHl Advei llsiiii' 
A gcala. A   iaajpaaU lit o I the 
Sbclb) Sentiat*l la kept l.y ifcaal (al 
the iwapa et ia a   l aaiMMaatfa. 


A Ctood Brick Building, 

Sitaaaed in taarui oh. il.y.itl . -ionatkai atdl 

\. ial acre* ..i [and aMacfced. 

An exi-aBeni navaaaeM has baadp bm hu 
i-l» t rum North HkuMiyriMe aaaa 

II aat previously daapdaad  ^ at private sale, I 
ike property wal baaatapal pabaV aaaabaa, I 
at ih. ( oun Hmjbb, on the brat SaHirda. ol I 
lam at .•: a'etark, pieei-. lv. 


| LyaMwrMelbyei 

A T a calltd meeting af the BaaaaJal Trus- ' th» Lrauaaiak an 
iecs.,1 the tow n o| Shelby ullc. April 3*, mil. s ir.n.i 8bafb) 
1S?I». it on motion, ordered. Tha' aucbc bigkea aa I "l 


HBELB v villi:. I v.. 

■aaaaad to II i . n.I KV . I.. IUMKG 
All \V«u k Wan , nir I 

Kr All work note all. d !.,r wiibin ii..,i aaxk 
afan acaaa raaaarcd raaaidarod i ai ■ | 


no yiu wain aacaaal aaaaaaji aaaa tk* 
BOIrtM Th oldest. baM known and 

abjwj •. ikj 

Mobile Weekly Register BRICK UmQ 

l ubhsbni m,v hall i ccMnry. Ilaa. Johii^ 

I'orsvih. ihe ardent siipp nier ol the sicat St, Tke aaaWdgacd n prcily n. . 
aaaa A. ftooula.- isilu editor. kc thai kc kt p ta p a wi d iocmn un all ordt rs in 

Every NavtVera PTiiinrrat t iatr llaf Itffa hia iaa al ba a ina i ai ia a workman' ..... . 

, rr Meaaawa aaaa abn art una,-, wiiitid w ih 

Ii has an abb- d. |«iiiineiii: UaB | MB M tka work In h . • dou ll -i.- 

V r. I.aiatdon. Editur. I aadai tat aay a* aa evalea uf ab i 

Every Parnaeraad Mavdaaaaaaaat at know , Mgwe \« ratet ar'akariiiai to ikoae who drain 
allalH.ui ike 8 b. aaa oaWaaj so immt} M- | bia acrvkca, Can furnish mi' k Ii ih ir tl 

Ctivt'ts MA ; I' -K.'ii Haia. Ik\i..e ii. Kdut 

i A J. Hall A Co., 

*k m aZ  } ^ i - V 


AVitlMi a'KOPItliriOll^ OaV 

Jefleraon team Saw Jfli'Js. 

Ait kuatlaof iii i .' -iN ' LUM.i:!i. •  n iautlv on lian.l 

■UfalilrlB Sifcllitf le»a aVCaa   . la»!tl\ 00 lian ' 


Subscribe l. r the MOBILE WEEKLi 
REGISTER. Only  :." ' p r  • " W M 
ha laa *, Trv ii tour aaaaaW. Baad W.aa 
I n., fejobi i ij Hi aafaal Man in ttia M aa d ji 
Sj . ■ in. n i op, aelit fee. Aaajireaa, 

1 1 D. MANN 
riaaaaaM foj,iatir Maaaa • Ala 

Liaaa  m'l Cement lurni-hid. 

LEWIS E \\t l.i; s.  n 

l et. M - 1 y r. 



K S 


\l «l  

• i '   . i  uvel. 

: iC Y 
• BKO.; 

►ash, \\ in )ow anil Door 

rw i 

/vl// /. /' A J - 

atayl IK 

l or Ma.e V hemp I 

| BRKK CWr.LLI\'G. Containing 
A ts Kfco^,... 4 Kitchen, Tantiy and 
Coal Baaae) .t never- *ai|:nc Weil oo 
the Lot. situated on Blain S.roc:, 
near the. Come, of Second. SheJbv- 
ville Ky. Tor pa. tici.Ui . apply to E 
1*1. WAKEJ v„ l( 


MB] Im- held in 'he i.-iwii   l shclhv\ ill-, on the 1 siorv Irani. boBM ami Loud . 
leaf Saturday ia June. 1,^70, wImiii the loilow- i leiwiiig in ihe U st iep.i 
aavanoatioii shall \n- submiiud to ihe .piibliid watci. Tbiahuriuis aikiiowledget! • 
voteis ol said town : "Shall tin- town ot Slid-  ■! daB aaBM pr.du.-n. aana 
bwille ci.i.iraci a debt ol live thou»anil dollars lVrms bU ral. and ni idi known : \ iin -- 
to purchiis. ,i sirjm Fin Baajnaa  ." I bm M t oaaaajaray K3 1 it LEE 

Anvat I. 8, MOff Id, Clerk, Board » aaWr.ol f d. ft kt 

| o4ir?i Bluwl 
Frames, MouhUngsS, lirackcts,  Funtlcs, etc., 

1 it- 

• ..i db  
.ova tl-IJ 

Shelby sentinel (Shelbyville, Ky.), 1870-06-01

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Shelbyville, Kentucky by John T. Hearn
   Shelby County (The Bluegrass Region)