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date (1901-11-28) newspaper_issue THE CLAY CITY TIMES. 

80 Ccits • YMr ti Altaic:. 

Wc ire krt to ktip Clay City, ike Sj^uiJiig Ciiitry lad Oirsclves. 

=^ . — ^ 

J. B- B«ryher, Jr., Pablisher. 

VOL. 6. 

II rmw 


[i 1 II ■ [-r 1 1 

iro. 36. 

' By Fire. | 

On the night of 8«pt. 1, fire wao [ 
(Hioovered la J.W. Dawion&Bro.'s 
•tore At Snoattpring whfeh spread 
rapidly, barning their whole etaolc 
of gooids and Rtore room together 
with our oeffle, ttone naterlkl and 
the drug store of B. U. WInbnrn. 

Pnw(^nn'!  I'^fH w«? In the neigh- 
h«»rhood of 11,2^% our lo«8 WOO, 
wMIe Dt*. Winburn*s aad W. J. 
( •hrisiopher'" lose wiif flight. For 
H while it was thought that Daw- 
iion*a dwelling would b«n n, aim, but 

l)V the prompt work uf the bUCket 
hrigade it was saved. 

All persons |»reeent worked hero- 
l«ly to save our plnnt rfnd all 
other property expiweU, and to 
them our sIneMe thanks are^we. 

Owing ' to this firn the Timk« whb 
forc«'(i to B'Japend till tlie preeent 
time but all our svbperibem can 
hear with as iinAfr' these ciranai- 

. •- -   

Letter From SnkCtay. 
Lebanon, 1. Ty., Nov. 15, 1901. 
Oba«3m. BuBonn: 

1 rtni nowloi'iitedat thlBplat-e, 
14 miles frouj tlio Frisco Line at 
Maditl and 16 miles from Mariet- 
ta on tlif Simtii Fc. A fine coun- 
try good t hun-h, nice parsonajie. 
Mrs. Clay is at Jonesboro, Ark. 
I iini in tlio Cliii'k-.ienw Niitioii. 
8t4»yed at the Urplnuis" Home 
Wednesday night. The Chicka- 
saws are Methodist, while tlie 

iKcHigh we btTe « Cherokee 
preacher for vs ban, a t«y good 

Love to all the friends, and the 
blessings of God apon you/ and 

yonra. I am 

Fraternally yours, 

( lias. W. Clay. 

♦ ♦ • 

We have leeeived a letter from 
t!ie Ameri 'on Type Founders Co. 
ab follows: 

Ciucijinati, ( ., Nov. X, ItOJ. 
Jlr. J.E. Bur;:Iier, .Ir., 

Clay City, Ky. 
Dkar 6» : 

In looking over last even- 
ing's Post, our eyes caught the 
notice dat«d at Clay City, Ky., 
Novemijer 28, reudin;;. "The 
Clay City T^Esis to lie e8tul)liBh- 
t-d. The first issu^ will appear 
next week. .1, E. Burgher, Jr. 
i« owner and editor."' 

We recall the very pleasant 
business relations, we had with 
you vvliile at iSpout Spring, and 
Hincerely hope these will contin- 
ue during your career at Clay 
City. We know that the Timbs 
is bound to succeed with you at 
the helm, Aud we wish you all 
kinds of 8u !ce»«. , . 


Amerioau Type Founders Co., 
U.d. Kibble, Mgr. 

' TheTiMMfi«r«lw«a»f.- 


The yoiiii^: people will give a 
hop here Friday night. 

C. F. Edwards went to Wiil  
Chester today. 

Mr. Frank Earnest has a 
brother vltiting him this week. 

Mrs .lack Johnson, of Natural 
Bridge, is visiting in the city. 

Try our cough niixture. Best in 
the worhJ. ."jcpiits for 408. 11. L it S. 

J. G. Ea»ter has rented and 
moved into the Miodi|^ par- 

Dr. P. I,iftl( i)af:e was at Spout 
(Spring yesterday on a hunting 

Geo. Goosey iir having turkey 

shooting today and Jack glider- 
son a turkey walkinjr. 

Rev. K. A. Irviu preached a 
Thanksgiving sermon Thursday 
night at t^|i.]b Church. 

Gtti Redickle, brother of Mrs. 
Courtney,canie down from Allen 
Wood to spend Thanl-sgiyin;;. 

We will have a supplv of calen- 
dars Hnd HlniHnHC8 for \\H)'i. ChII 
and get one al out the tirt t of De- 
cember.B. Littiepnge A- Son. 

J. A. Webb, who has l eeii em- 
ployed on the (). 4 K. road, re- 
turned home yesterc^ay to enj iy 
Tbiiuiugiviiiii^ ^ - . . — 4 

Ed Fletc'her, «if Kansas City, 
Ifo., ik visiting his mother, Mrs. 
W. A. Iloskin andolitMr relatives 

in this county. 

. T. C. bheriuan, of Cainpton, 
has been in the Otty two weeks 

superintendinf; some carpenter- 
ing f«)r W. H. Cassidy. 

Today is Thanksgiving, and 
it seems that some will not be 
thankful unless they have some 
suceets amoiif the birds, rabbits 
aud etc. 

pftoKasaiovio. cAKOt. 

^MIM » «^'»«Vl«'» 'l*»«'««'l»"i »W«^'^*W'»^*'*^ 

R. A, IRVIN. M. O., 
pMVetCIAN AMD euRoaow, 

/ B. LlTTLtPAOE, M. D., 

OtAVOITY. ■ • KY. 



CLAY CITY, . - - KY. 

W. R. (^Bsidy has built a 
house on Si. Nth ave. for the pur- 
pose of conducting his fur busi- 
ness. When you have fur to sell, 
see hio). 

The Sunday-adipot leaiAiers 

will have their next meetiiig to- 
morrow night at Jas. B. Derick- 
sou's. Tliese meetings have been 
iield at various places lor the i)a8t 
six \ve»k8. They seem to beget- 
ting up much interest. 

If, while perusing tiie Timks, 
you are looking for errors, you 
will tiud tliem. in tlie hrst place 
we are unable to keep from mak- 
ing them ourselves, and we have 
an apjkrentice at the case whicli 
insures a plenty for this week. 

Take your butter and eggs to 
Mrs. J. W. Williams, 

Clay City, Ky. 

Mr. li.M. (jurrett of Woodford 
county, a few days ago received 
f«»ur thousand fruit trees from 
Uillennieyer's Nursery at Le.x- 
iugton which he had set out in 
his already large orchard on the 
mountain near the old Furnace 
This makes ten thousand trees in 
1 ail lie has set out at this jjlace. 
j Tlw«t this part of Kentucky is 
i unexcelled for fruit growing is 
I no longer a question, but it 
j seems that our home people are 
alow to put ofit Qwhards. 

Several of our .male citisens. 
went hunting Thanksgiving. 

J. S. Wood has rented and 
moved to the Dock Pigg place. 

Several of our stoics closed up welcome J. 8, back to our 
and bmiMM wiiidnU. Ert^ 
thing went off iiuietly. 

Vausrlm'*. Mill. 

Miss. Gorda VcVmiey visited 
relatives at Winchester last 

week. * 

Mrs. Bud Gravctt, who has 
been sick for some time, is very 
low at this writing. 

Misses Mary and ' » iaWiIliams, 
of near Virden, visited Miss Lil- 
lie BalUrd Sunday: 

Ice Low^ of V{i^'iiiia, came 
out to attend the fniu ral of bis 
sister, Mrs. A. P. ^nsh. 

Miss. Fannie Ja^son, after a 
pleasant visit in Clark county, 
returned home last week. 

W. M. 8wope Sr., of Wade's 
MiU.Clark Co., is v^iting friends 
and relatives at tt^ place this 


Mrs. VV. L. Jackfon is visiting 
her daughter, Mn,\\ R Rupard 
and other relatives )ii Clark Co. 

this week. 

Prof. Lloyd J^M^ closed his 
school atlhcrVaopp school house 
with a nice treat for thecliildreu 
last Friday aud l||t lor his home 
in Washington cmmy. 

Snow Creek. 

Miss Flosa Vaughn is thegiiest 
of her sister, Mrs. Wm. Tuttle. 

Miss Lula Ogden is visiting her 
sister, Mrs. Nora Boone, this 


The turkey crop has been vory 
light i|i thia vicinity, and has 
beenfoMat Sicenta. 

L '(' Patrick's little daiigliter, 
who has been very sick for some 
time, is faM improving. 

Charles Wood, Jobt) Ohism. Jr. 

and Thomas ^'ivioll went to Win- 
chester \\'e ln('sila\ on business. 

Miss Lillie V'ivion, who has 
been 4«ite nick with-lyphoid fe- 
ver, wearei^d to sa^ is improv- 

Kulim Martin sol^ a cow and 
caif tu some Clark conniy parties 
for $46, and a cow Utjtr Ifanafleld 



EffKtivf Octoker 29. 1901. 

KAMT-BiirM). Nil 'J. No. 4 

Daily ex. Suij. Daily ex. Sun. 

Sutioiia. P.M. A.M. 

Lv.Lexiugtoo 2:10 7:40 

Wiadieeter '2-M 9M 

" L. A Junction 8:0f 8:87 

'• Olny City 8:40 9;78 

" HUntoii a " 1 11:2a 

"Natural BikIk'' 4 9:54 

" Torrent i M lOrOU 

" BeattfviiWuiH; 4:5* 10:8« 

Ar JaeluH»i........«:0». . tlM 

WESTBor.M). Nil. I N". 8. 

Daily ei .Sun. Daily ex . 8im. 

Station*. \/Sl. F M 

Lv . Jackaun 1-^ 

" BeattyfUieJunc 2:1* 7 M 

" Xoneat... .... i-M 1:U 

" Katural Bridge  :ia . SiOl 

'• SUnton 8:38 8:88 

•• Olav Oitv 8:38 8:87 

• L. A K. Junction 4 :l« 0;IO 

- Winoheatvr .. 4:lft 8:28 

ArLeziqgtoii 6K» 10 10 

J. K. BAaa, 
Gea. Manager. 
T. B. MoaoAH, Sul. VtM. ^ 


J. H. DawsoB was in Stanton 


Mrs. J. P, Wright is visiting 
relatives in Madison county. 

Allen Orsborne sold 17 head of 
fhort yciirlingsteeratoWm. Todd 
for |»X). 

J. H. Dawson bought up about 
500 geese and delivered theni at 

D. N. King has moved from 
thia neighborhood to Ruekerville, 
Olark county. 

Albert C. Crow has purchased 
of Dr. H. M. WinbttfBthe Jas. F. 
Walters place. 

.1. F. McKinney is attending 
Circuit court at Irvine this week 
us pettit juryman. 

J. E. Burgher, 8r.,W. H. Wise- 

man and .Ino. W. Tiittlc went to 
Winchester Court J.'onday. 

H. King bought of Silas Puck- 
ett two fat hogs, Weight 607 

pounds, at .') cents per pound. 

Kev.V. B. Daughetec,of Puck- 
ett, was here last -week and visit- 
ed bis sister, Mrs. Thos. Curtis. 

Mrs. Pidly Ann Stuart, of Ir- 
vine, was visiting her daughter, 

Mr*. Mary Benaett, near Iwte last 


W. E. Bryan bought of H. F. 
Christopher two fat bogs, weigh- 
ing about pounds eeeht *t H 

cents per pound. 

Eld. N. Mcintosh returned 
Monday fromSlade, Powell coun- 
ty wliere he has been holding a 
protracted meeting. 

D. McKinney, J. H. Dawson, 
W. .1. ciiristoplier, Gardner Nel- 
son and John Burns attended 
court at Irvine from thia place 
this week. 


To close out everything in Men's 
Cloihiiig and Hats, we will put on 
sale at once, our entire stock of 
Suits, Odd Pant?, OverCoats, Boys' 
Suits and Pants, Men's and Boys'. 
Hats and Men'* and Boys' Shoea. 
Mr*. J. W. Williams, 

Clay City, Ky. 

H. C. Chambers has sold his 
farm of acres .m Ilardwick'if 
creek to Albert Holman for 
f2,(HN). He and his wife will go 
to Missouri next week (ui a pros- 
pecting trip in view of moving 
to til at state. We regret the 
loss of such citizens as Mr. 
Chambers, but wish him well in 
his new home. 

YoU sliolud see those nobby 
Hats at Mrs. William's. 

.-' "^lay City, Ky. 

Clay City, Ky., Nov. 28. 

To Whom it * 
i May Concern: 


is Coming! 

We will be looking for you. ' Our buyer, Mr. Soper has dilligently stud- 
died the wants of the penph-, and, especiHily, knows what will ple.ise the 
Boys and dills Hs well as "grown-up jic nplf" He will spend the la t 
week of November in the City selecting Xnias g i(nl.« oiiiy, aini we eoidini- 
ly invite everyone to come iu and inspect our \niii« goods which will Ije 
opened up by December 15. We will show you the nobbiest goods you 
ever saw in Claf City. 

When You Come to Our Store 

don't fail to examine our He. and lOo. Oonatar. Ws haven't the space 
to mention the many arliole we will shew you, so coma and see for your  

We will doable onjr fores daring hoHdaya, and will take pleasurs in 
showbsg you through the 8t(A k. 

Remember our Oeneral 8took of Merobandiae is larger and better se- 
lected this season than ever before., We can supply your wsnta, because 
we keep what the people want. 

We fcm|istiilaiM3Car LmIi ttli.! Ity 
which we will Mil at M Mils HT evt. 

Clay City Lumber 

& Stave Co., 

Ghas. Soott, ' 

Sr^r*" CLAY CITY, KY. 




J. e. Harghcr. Jr . Piblislier. 

SibcriptiM Rates. 50 Ceils (tr year ii ad- 
Tuce: •ticrwitt 75 Cnis. 

Application nu4m tmc •ntry in the Claj 

Ol»f Cttr. Kjm Thatidaj, Nov. 98. 

For the flonTMileoee off o«r mib- 

scrihf'iv, wfliavi" nrraiigfKi clul) rnt«-8 

with tbu following (wpets at priui^ 

bdow n ««tiAiM4; 

ThoTooiMd ^ 

OoarieiwJoanial tl.W) 
" Cincinnati BBqairer 1.00 
" LniiUville CoDiiiMroial 7 a 
** Hone and Farm 75 

After a anspenae of three 
monthf, the Timkb tbia week re- 
annea publication. The eauae of 
tbia anavoidable auapenaion ia gen. 
•rally known to all our anhaerib- 
era. To thone who niHy have not 
heard of the fire which destroyed 
our bulMing letether with a lot of 
our nin'TiHl, will rt-nd nn Hcc )iint 
of it elt ew ht-re in thia issue. It will 
ba obaerred that tba plnoa of pub  
li 'ation hMd henn chnnped from 
Spoutfprin^ to C'laj City. Thik Ih 
done beeanaa the latter plaea it 
more auitnble than SpnutHprinir in 
every particular, and the two 
plneee, being not more than four 
miles apart, virtually ooftr tM 
awaa territory. We Iwpatbaohuge 
will niaka no matfflal diflarance 
with any of our lubscribers as we 
will endeavor to eover the aame 
field with atill more territory add- 

The size of the paper will remain 
the srroe as formerly, and the aub. 
neription priee the aame, if paid In 
iidvHnc. We are very sorry we 
have had the experience in ool- 
leaUnff that we have had 
' aiaeeour flre. that wh can no 
longer eend it on time at 6U cents 
per year. We trust tiMt we will 
have folly aa pleaaantaurroundings 
in buaineaa aa at our former 
place, and we "re sure we will from 
the begining we have made. 'We in- 
vite our friends to come and see us 
in our new home and tell us the 
toewe tbey any knew, nad, In tkla 
way, we hope to be enabled to 
get out » paper the equal of any 
la Bnatem Kefttueky from a loeal 
atnadpelat. The editor of this 
paper ia one of the people, having 
been raiaed within three miles of 
■riayfity, mid iri sijJtht of tliepow- 
ell County line, consequently, we 
«ugbt to know what la |of Interest 
to the eoauMMi people, of wbon we 
.are one. 

The success of the Timkh wIII not 
'be queetioned In ita new home, 
iindoiibredly, for it was receiving 
« very comfortable support in ita 
 old bMM, a vtUage 6t apt more 
thHn 1(10 inbaMlMita, wliy not it 
eucceed ia a elty of WWlly 1,000 
with the lerfe Maouat of Iwelneas 
that Clay City now haa? ^ 

The Times will be aiz years old 
Januarv 1, and dtitiag thia time, 
and eitpecially since the Clay 
City Chronicle suspended, it has 
been greatly favored fay Clay City's 
boaioess men. Now that we have 
moved umnng you, we will receive 
a still larger share of your business. 

Tbankinu; the publie In advaaoe 
for it i anticipated favors, we will 
do our be«l to fully merit your 
•anwrt- J' B  BUB6HSK,Jb. 

' I * ' 

Free Rural Delivery. 

The i eop!e of Kentucky are to 
have another vieit from Infpwtor 
Rising, who ooroea to look over the 
field for free nirnl delivery, and 
they should take advantage of the 
opportunity. They can get their 
in«il delivered at their door if they 
will lake the trouble to ask it, and 
to eae that the roada are good, 
whieh they ought to be anyhow. 

With good roads and free rural 
delivery, the value of real estate 
would rise and fanners would be 
put in cloeer touch with all the 
Buutkefbfitr tbeir eommoditiee, be 
aidcp which their familie* and them- 
selves would be happier and more 
ooaicBted. Fewer farmer** boya 
would go to tht towiiH and 
citien ahandotiitiK C)nif()it«l)le 
homcH and an independent life to 
eke out a nn liiborioiis t-xisteiicc and 
one that puts them at the aiercy of 
their employee 

When 8uch advantaj^etf »i» these 
are to be had for a little exertion, 
there la no reaaon why Kentaeky 
may not be eovereil by the mail- 
carrier on hia daily delivery tri|t8. 

The ebjeetione of the fiithth 
clafus postmaster who hopes to hold 
his trade by his exclusive priv- 
ilegea onght not to have any 
weight with the people. Oct up pe- 
titions and have them approved hy 
your RepreaeatetiTe In Coagres a or 
your 8en Hor;getgniid maps made 
and the goreraaMBt will do the 
rest.— 'Ex. 

I Take Notice. 

The attention of tJie htinters 

wlio :irc trninpiny: ])r()rniscn inRly 
over the country is called to the 
following extract', from the laws 
ef tlii  Stnto : "Any iktsou who 
shall enter upou the enclosed 
lands of another for the purpote 
of luintin;r,flshin^, shootinfi with- 
out the consent of the owner or 
occupant of the said land, ahall 

he lin( ii not less than live nor 
more than twenty-live dollars.'' 

Aftor inncli consideration we 
have decided to let the size of 
the Tnna remain the same, we 
could ntnke it just ouhle its pres- 
ent size with the same work, but 
w« would have just tlie same 
lionic ninttcr — no more — and 
would have to have fl.tX) per year 
forM. Of coarse we would use 

imteiit sheets. Insteud of this 
we can furuiah the Tiififl and 
Twlee-a Oonrie^Joamal,fortl.OO 
or the Knqnirer for the same 
n)oney, the iiouisville Ootuercial 
and TncM f^r Tfets. This way 
yon can fat t«ro papers witli the 
same hone saws, and five times 
as much foreign, for the same 
money. Who, when they under- 
stand it, had not rather have the 
paper this way. How'ever, as 
soon as we get 800 new and paid 
tip subscribers, we will enlarge 
the paper to a six column, all 
home set and print, and let the 
subscription price remain the 
same. Thus the enlargement and 
betterment of the paper liea 
within the power of tlie people, 
and the prosperity of tlie paper 
will be^DTHteed aeeordiagly. 

The world is full of men and 

women who worship Sundiiy before 
an altar high as a Confederate mon- 
ument, but the remainder of the 
week tbqr kasel aroaad the devil's 
ant heap. 

The apple crop of the United 
States is said to be worth more 
than the wheat crop. In IMA the 
total yield of apples at $2 a barrel 
was valued at »430, 000,000 while 
the average anaaal value of the 
wheat crop ia btit a Uttie man than 

New friends and old enemies 
are not above aaqpidon. 

The Boat Place. 

\ Spoutspring, our old home, is 
I the best village U  its size in the 
State but it cannot compete with 
Clay City as a new s paper point. 
We made a ' success of the 
TiMKS during its cxistance at 
that place, but Clay City coiitrib- 
uteu admirably to its support 
and made its existance po.ssilile. 
We liave been drawn hither 
by the larfte patr» na : ' received 
from Clay City's business men, 
and their contlmions and strong 
solicitations for iis to locate oUr 
plant among them. We expect 
to conduct (inr Imsiiiess on the 
principle and in tlie same manner 
as at our former place, and feel 
sure that our tfade will increase 
tinder such management, \ eing 
at a more convfhient and acoedai- 
ble point. 

Our Experience Tlie Same. 

What to publish is one of the 
hardest problem we haie to solve 
Many of our readers take the 
daily papers and get thoj general 
news before w« can get it to 
them, others take one or both of 
the other oouafy papers. If one 
of these papefirget to them ' eon- 
tainin;; the Im-al new s and we 
publish the same thing, it looks 
like repetition, while there aie 
others wlio take no paper hut 
ours and they net'd all the news. 
To strike the proper medium for 
a weekly paper lias worried us 
no little. But we intend to worry 
on it until we*worry out of it in 
a way that will be satisfactory 
to all of our readers.— Winches- 
ter iSentinel. ^ 

Eld. 1. J. /Spencer a short, time 
a ;o, doied a meeting with 

Central (^iristian Church, at 
l/cxington in which there were 
ninety additioij^^^ 

Friends and debts should be 
cheerfully and prainptly net. 

Dr. Hanlius Bardy sent re- 
cently to President Rooseyelt a 
briar root pipe of his own man- 
ufacture and reetlred a courteous 
lett^ of thanks in response. 
Dr. Hardy has sent a pipe to 
each of the Presidents liiiee the 
incumbency of Pwaident Arthur. 



Machinery Repaired. 
Steui Fittiiigs, Belting, 

Hose and Electrical Supplies. 

Gasoline ^n^lnes 
In 3, 6, 8, and 1 % horse power. I'he 
best known powaf forfkrmefs and 

Tk« yms n whl«4 tkla fayer is prlattd 
is Arlvaa by • Hagaa larws- 


wiHCHnna, rr. 



Fmb Oystonaii FftriL 

A full line of Fovsign and 'Domes- 
tic Fruits — Granger, LemoBt. Ba- 
nanas, Apples and Etc. 



You Au-to See. 

O. Coats t4 «« to'lll OO 

Mackii)t(»-he(i 12 (HI to 1)1 00 

Ladies' Mackintoflics %'l (H) to ST (N) 
Men's Huits 6 00, T ■' (  and lit) 00 
" Pants 1 00 and UD to 6 00 
Boys' Suits r «l to ft 00 

Ladies' ^loaks 7i 00, (! r.^, T .50, 10 00 

Our Line Of 

r.'.-iOand UOO. 
Ladies' Capes t S5 to 8 00 

Men's Shoes S.V-. to 4 (K» a pair. 
Women's Shoi-s 76c. to 'A 50 a **' 
Boys' " 800. to 9 60 

Misses " :«c. to 1 1% 

Cbiklren's Shoes in great variety. Rubber Shoes in all Styles 
and at lowest prices. 

Our Line o( Dress ( ioiuls is the delijjht of h11 W bo see it. All 
the nrwcut weave**, including Broud Cloths, "Pebble Cheviots," 
"Basket Cloth," Premella (Moth and handsome Serges aild Hen- 
riettas. Flanels for waihts, that for values, tbeir eqnsi will be 
hard to find. 

Waists and SKIrts. 
Silk, Flannel, Flannelette, Calico and Percale WaisU, Skirts 
fvm 91 AO to f6 00 in Btaeks, Niivys and Grays. 


Our line of Underwear includes everything lor men, women 
and childrvn at the right prioss. 

Our Millinery Depeartment is "Brim Full" with aU the 
pretty creations of the Millinery World. Ws are putting out 
some "Nobby Hats." 

Men's Sl)irti  from :)8 cents up; Hats from 76 cents np. 

When ill the city, call anil see our goods and get our jiricts 

Mrs. J. W. WlbblAMS, Glay City, Ky. 

The Whitest White Cake, 
The Lightes Light Rolls, 

And Flakiest Biscuit 

Pearl and Bakers' Pride Flour. 

Taktflo Other, Bvtry Sack OBtraiteed. 


Sold by our Lieading Mereh^ts. (i-'i-i 

M. H. OODRTlfBT.pBasronrr. 

J. F. OOX, CasBiaa. 


Wefolicit your bn-ineds, and accord to depositors every nocoinmodatioti 
whieh their business and responsibility warrant. O-Hl. 






by our new invention. Only those bom deaf are Incurable. 



8«i.Tt«MiM, Md.. mnkm nw. 

Gtntltmn : - DelnT«ntlr ?I  rurrd of dcifncn. thaalMtDroMliMnMnt, t«alaMrgi««9«i«' 

• full hlMorvo.' niYome, tob« i:*"-!! Ill • oiu ilirfTrilon. 

Almut live yi.-nr» ajo tii.v right rjr began to »ini{. ami k-'pl on KrUiiiK worne. until I i» i 
■T hearing iit tiiiji enr .iitlrclv , 

I ondcrwent u Ireatnient f."' ral«r'h for tliri-e iiionttm. wi'luuH .TiivKiiccen*. coiimmcan num. 
btrof phytWnns. among ot^ur,. ih m.i • • ■.ri.i -niili l of Oii* cUy. wiM toMOMtbat 
only BO opention co«!d ?ii to vit- ;i i l tii i. My r tui-r-rnrily. Ihul Uie kMa MMM WpMM 

IheneenM, bat the hcirlnn lii tJiir »IIivU'J «--:ir v)wl.l l.j U 4  f r; .■. r , , , . . 

I then mv/vour ailvcrlis'mcMt arAlrn al'  in ]• Ix^r mi'l "nlcri il yo«r tre«l- 

mcnt Aflcrllmd used U oiijyufew dnv.» scroK.m; l" v- »r 'i'^ ; • '-^ i'   i;n,Mscj[t.ciL and 
to.daT. •Iter Sr* weeks my h«arln-,' In th.- dl. «-ed em Iwi. been entirely te:-torid. I tlinnlt you 
 m^^y^V,t^ UrrUU^^ rTanMAM. n-S. B««dw«y. B.H.«ore, Md. 

Our treatment rtoen not interfei-e with ifuir ii iU)il oreupatton. 


Bluegrass JTurseries. 

Fruit and Ornamental Trees, 

Grape Vines, Small Frniis, Anpara- 
gus and everj'thing for Oichard, 
Lawn and Chirden. We sell dirsot 

at right price* to the planter and 
have no agents. General Catalogue 
on applioation to 



Perfeetion is a word tltat cannot 
be applied to many [undiK-tH, but 
when it Is used to identify Kerr's 
iMiat flear, It exptMsai atmtb. 


Simoiiii Hardware Co., 

St. Louis, Mo., 
will aiake legalar trips tfiroull thin 
seetioo. Freip;bt equalised with 
Loaisvilie and (.ineinnnti housen. 

Clay City Hotel, 

J. H. BUi^Tonr, 

Table 8upplied with thebeHt (lie 
markert affoids. Everything neat 
and ehan. latca. iLOOperdaj. 



.T. B, Eaton has been ill for 

some f(?w days. 

Mr. Fields, of Lexington, was 
in town Taenday. 

• — — — — — 

As UBual, the town is flooded 
with drummers. 

J. W. M. Kiiu e ,•, of Wincheet- 

er, was line Monday. 

Alfrt'd Holmnn and 
Ncdaii were here Tni-sdny 


Ed Ed wards, of Dayton, Ohio, 
was here Sfiturday on bntinese. 

Gen. P«88. Agt. Chas. Scott, of 
Lexington, waB in town Tuesday. 

.John Roberts and W. Berry, of 
West Bend, wtTc licre Tuesday. 

JuBtice-eleet .Ino. \V. Tuttle 
was over from Spont^ring Mon- 

W. H. Wiseman, niercliant of 
Sams, was in town a short while 

Q.W. Evorman, of WeBt Bend, 

has a bahy eleven moQthB old 

with scarlet fever. 

Rev. K. A. Irvin filled his pul- 
pit at this i l it e both Sunday 
morning and at nitiht. 

Circnit (\»nrt eonvened at Ir- 
vine Mniiday. There are sev- 
eral niiiiiler   aseB on docket. 

Misses .lennie Norton, Will- 
iams, and Mrs. Kev.ell of Stanton 
wer& visiting in town Friday. 

Ide Schnll agent for t!ie Singer 
Sewing Machine, has moved 
from Stanton tp Olay City. 

A gang of huntem eame np 

from I^xin;:ton Tnesilay to try 
their luck with the nu)untain 

The teIe))hone line between 

this place and Irvine has been 
put in good repair for the winter. 
D. D. Potts superintended the 

Everett Williams and Miss 
Letlia Blanton, both of color, 
eloi»ed from this place Monday 
nifiht bent on matrimony. The 
girl is but 15 years old. 

• — — 

A Sunday school was orfrnnized 
in the Waldron buildinjj Sunday 
afternoon for the benellt of those 
in that end of town who can not 
conveniently attend the school at 
the chorih. 

Mr. nndMrs^|lHtVltU lhauL„o{ 

l.evee, visited thelatter's i.arents, 
Mr. find Mrs, J. B. Derickson, 
last week. 

Cannel coal is selling at 17c. 
per bushel on tliis market, oar 
load has ) eeu sold ut this Wgit^re 
tliis week. 

Our thanks are due Dr. B. 
Littlepage and others for their 
assistance in iirettiug oat this is- 
sue of till- TlMEH. 

The mail route from this place 
to Irvine has been discontinued. 

It now just uoes to- UuioA Hall 
and returns daily. 

Oar new advertisers i a this is- 
sue are tiKi nuiiicri \o make 
special mention of each one, but 
will say that each business rep- 

rescntt'd in (air colums is reliable 
and worthy the support of the 

With this issne we send out a 

few saiiiple (•iii)ii s. If you like 
the paper .well enough to pay us 
oOc. cash for it, you can get it 
for one whole year. Or we will 
send it to you for 76 cents on 
time. I 

Two weeks ago Ben Hiley and 
Eddy StevenBQn,18, late of J.'en- 

if»-e, l)ecame enjrajred in a difi- 
culty ovej a dog in which Hi ley 
was stubbed three times. Hiley 
is not seriously hurt, and will 

soon t)e  iut a ;ain. 

In the case of Grant Baker and 
Bob Henry vs. Clay City for 

damnucs su'iiaincd in the loss of 
two mules l»eing dn)wned from 
the Pontoon bridge , judgment 
was jriven a;:;iinst the town for 
sometlwiif: nvcr $'J H». 

Morgan U. Lyle, formerly of 
the riimnx Stave&l'ieOo.,nt this 
ld;: e, moved to Jackson 

wlierc he lias received a jiosition 
w ith the .lackson Coal Co. Mr. 
Lyle is a gentlemM, and one. 
wlioiM we regret to move from 
our midst. 

The Clay City tJiitional Bank 
has been represent ' ! in our ad- 
vertising colums for nearly Ave 
years, and we have found this 
institution to be one of tiie solid- 
est, financially, and to posess 
the most accomnioilating, yet 
precautions officers, of any insti- 
tution of its kind we know tf. 
No one has ever lo^t ,i cent by 
doin": business witli this bank. 

Rev. S. M. Carri 'r, pastor of 
the Methodist Chiinh at tliis 
place from to'lKi, but last 
year located at .Morelead, re- 
ceived |100 more fnan' his cir- 
cuit than any former pastor had 
ever receive 1, and liis churches 
strongly petitioned his return. 
He is on the 4mnie work this 

Mr. John P. Vau;:lin^of Law- 
renceburp, visiterf relatives at 
Ihi- several  1 i\s recently. 

Mr. Vaughn says he has missed 
the "hKKS very nuich sinee its 
temper. i! \ siispen  i ii. He is 
a native of this county, and is a 
staunch Democrat, and a mem be;- 
of the Confederate   )rphan Bri- 
gade. In his town the Confed- 
erate veterans have erected a 
handsoDH- inonvment in memory 

of their dead. 

Ts 0«n 1 0*14 la On* Day. 

Take Laxative Bromo (Quinine Tab 
lets. All di^lggists refund the n)on 
ey if it fails toeure. E. W. Gtv^-^ki 
signature ix nn each \tox. HSc 0 3v 

In another ctd II nm, our read- 
ers will find a letter from Rev. 
C. W. Clay, for the oast twn 
.\ ears piistor of the Methodist 
ehun h at this place. Evcryl)ody 
here wishes Brother Clay the 
liest success whercever^he may 
lie stationed. 

.bihn Chaflin, who has been 
confined to hiff room fbr several 
days with malaria, it Able to be 
oat on the streets. 

M. B. Eubank, of Indian 
FieldSfWas in town Tuesday with 
a load of shoteslib had sold to 
one of our batchers. 

B. F. Barnett, a business-like 

younti: man, of Si)outsprinfr, is at 
the case in this olfice to learn 
the art pi^rvatiire. 

Farmers have had a fine 
season for ho ; killing, and nniny 
u porker has felt the fatal blow, 
owing tx) the scarcity of corn for 

Mrs. Chas. Everi^ian and 
daughter Miss Lucy, of Alti vista, 
Mu., are visiting the family of 
Wm. Everman and otbeT relati- 
vee on Snow, creek. 

For your oloaks, and capes, go to 
.Mrs. J, W. Williams, 

Clay City, Ky. 

The Pomi)ey Branch school 
house, where Rev. R. A. Irvin 
touches, took fire Wednesday 
from a defective flue and might 
have burned, lia 1 not some one 
passiug the road, seeing it, sound- 
ed the alanm 

R. R. Perry, of Winchester, 

tells us he built ami occupied 
the first business house in new 
Clay City. It was BWir wh«r« the 
old depot was and was ased for 

a feed store. 

The Mutual Handle Co., has put 
in a dynamo of 60 light capacity 
for the purpose of liizhtini: tlieir 
plant.. This plant has became 
one of the leading establish^ 
meul  of the City and a cordial 
invitation is extended to all 
such concerns to locate in oat 


When the Tikks was first star- 
ted it was printed nn a sheet not 
larger than an alms nac, but we 
promised to enlarge it as the 
pafronage would iusiify. 
did it. This is the ca'^e now 
with the Clay City Timkp. Be 
liberal in your patronajie and we 
will be more than liberal in its 
enlargement and improvement 
in freneral. 


Rev. Pence, pastor of the 

Methodist church at this place, 
surprised his frienf'is by getting 
married Thursday, Nov. 14 to a 
Miss Duncan of Franklin Coun- 
ty. It isRev. Pence's second ven- 
ture. He is 24 years old, has two 
children, five and two years old. 
The bride is fifteen. They bo. h 
will attend the Kentucky Wes- 
levan College atj Windiestei 
thnni :h this session, after which 
they will occupy the par^nage 
at this place. The TiMiB'extends 

James Meridy, of Barbour- 
ville, Ky., Ims a matrimonial re- 
cord that will be hard to beat. 
He was divorced front his thir- 
teenth wife last week and mai- 
ried his fourteenth one hour 
later. Meridy is forty years (dd 
and in appearance resembles 
Buffalo Bill. Four of his wives 
are dead, nine have been divon*- 
ed and the fourteenth was a wid- 
ow.— Winchester Oomocrat. 

Follow the Procession 


New York 

Racket Store 




Who eliiim to be headqnarters for all kinds of merhaadiss «t the 
Lowest Cash Prices that Fiitt-CUss goods ean be sold for 

ranulated Sugar $1.00 
Cordova or Arbuckle's Coffee 8 lbs. $1.00 
Bakers' Pride Flour $2.00 
Pearl ^ " 2.20 
Superfine '* 1.80 
Soda 12 pounds for 25 cents. 

As to Dry Goods, Notions, Hats, Csps, Qoets, Shoes and Clotb- 
insr, wcdi fy all competitiou. Webuy our ||Oods diiect fioniNcw 

York, niHke tile | ■ rices ri.'l.t. nllim- ynn to]) ])rii ps Inr ;di kinds of 
produce — pay Cash for KaiiroaU Ties. So call and see bow much 
money is saved in desling with us. 



it's ; ip to You 

\\ lu-ti.eryoii jiuy a liiuli pi ice fur n nifdinni-dass work or a 

Medium Price for High-Class Work. 

If you want a H*gh aass Work at medium price go to 

Watches. Clocks and Jewelry Repaired and adjusted at ressona* 

priiTs. !{ ' is hi adqiiarten for the 

Mail Order Business 

For anything yoa want, •espeeially Watches and Jewelry. When 
you want to buy anything, eonsult WE^B, he will tell you what 
you ought to pay for it whether yon deal with him or not 

ire is en •f«CTlMI •! Ik» fmrnin 

HoW't TKi». 

We offer One Unadred I ollar  
Reward for «ny case of Catarrh 
that cannot be cured by Hairs 
Catarrh Cure. 

F. J. CHENEY & CO., 
Props., Toledo. (). 

We, the undersigned, huvo 
known F. J. Cheney for the Ust 
15 years, and believe him perfect- 
ly hoBoraMe in all business trans- 
actionw and financially able to 
carry out any obligatiuns made by 
their firm. 

NVK! T a 'I'm ax, Wh(ile!*Hie 
Druggist. Toledo, O. Waidino, 
KimtAa A Makvis, Wholesale 
DrnggistH, Toledo.  ). * 

Hall's Catarrh cure is taken 
iatemally, acting directly upoti 
the blood iirul mucous Hiirfai-en of 
the system. I'rice ^5c. per bottle. 
8ohl by all druggists. Testimonials 
free. Hall's Family Pills an the 

W» T. 

{Main St. opp* Depot. 


Kerr's Per fectioa--it. beats all. 

The Same of Clay City. 

I'nluss the local authorities do 
better work in controlling the 
sniiill-pux cpidoinif ;it .lackson, 
Winchester, as one of the most 
exposed points, will have to 
quarantine :i;:ainst her. We are 
informed that two or three of 
the business men there who em- 
ploy a number of men are op- 
posed to the local quarantining 
of suspects, because it will in- 
tecferc with tbeir work, and in 
their sellishiiess, are willing to 
risk an epitlemic rather than to 
see their business interfered with 
and their intlnence is sufficient 
to prevent the - civil authorities 
from taking the stript measures 
that should he taken. 

Dr. McCorniack, Chairman of 
the State Board of Health, has 
threatened a general (piarantine 
if stricter measures are not taken. 

The I.. A- K. mad lias oliVTcd tn 
donate a thousand dollars to as- 
sist tbe State Board in its work 
tliere.— Winchester Democrat. 

Btopi the Coagh and Works off tb* Cold. 
Lukative lirouio-t^uinene Tablets 
cure a sold in one day. No cure, 
110 pay. Price 'i5 cents 

ThcClay City LiimberAiStave Co. 
contemplates openiirg n Livery and 
Feed stoble Jan. 1, 190ii. They have 
just completed a new bam. 

B. R. Perry, of the Winches- 
ter Scntimdl. was in town a short 
while last Thursday in the inter- 
est of his paper, and gave our ' 
office a pleasant eall. Bro. I'erry 
is pablishiug a splendid paper 
and it is very highly appreciated 
in our sanctum. Barring its pol- 
iti 's, the Seutiuell is a commeu- 
dahle paper. 

Oui ivaders will obHt-rve el»«- 
where that we charge 76 fcta.per year 

for the TiMKs when not \ a'u] in ad- 
vance. We are compelled to do titi* 

on aoconut of collecting up old ac- . 

, . er and m.ire Buoceagfull year e work 

eountf. We lU'viT niiule any «-fTi)rt . 

. L I, » than that lUit cloning. He nap Just 

to  -..llect until sint e we have been r"" , , , . . . ,i j 

find that the «0°'P'«*«* ^plended 
Almanac for 1902 and, with hiB 


Notbwltbatanding a widely cur- 
rent rumor thai the Rev. Irl R. 
Hicka wa« dead, he nrvet waa in 
belter heahh, and never did a bard- 

' Nobility 


Th« above portnit it that of 
Countess Mogdttod, of Chica- 
go, III., whose gratttude for the 

benefit received from the use of 
Dr. Miles' Nervine prompted 
her to make this statement: 

■It affords me enmt pltasure to add 
my testimony to the very excellent 
■Mrit* of br. Miles' Nervine. Alihoush 
fua pMt 80 years of ».fe I find it 
toothetthe tired brain, quiets the irri- 
tated nervaa and insures restful sleep. 
I never feel contenttd without a bottle 
of it m the bouie." Gratefsllr yours, 

M»es» Nervine 

is a nci^e tonic and ttrangth- 
builder that ttarts f^fat in re- 
ttoiing hcakh imnediateljr. 

••M ky aU D*««atoM. 
Or. Mllaa Marflaal Co., ElMwit, Ind. 

(■(iiiipelled to, and we 
majority of those who have the 
paper sent on time are very alow 

to pity, and M)nie deny the account 
— can find any kiiid of an exeuse 
to kee^ from paying a jtict debt. 
Some aay thfV nev»tr subwribed 

rtaff of able helpers, has brought 
bis Journal, World And Works, 
justly forward into international 
reputation For a quarter ol • 
century Mr. Hkke has grown in 
reputation and upcfidnes* as the 

for the paper, othere aay they never ... .„., 

•^.rr L J J I people 8 astronomer, and loreeaater 

got it, whde some fay thev "Tdered »^ 1 j 1 tha 

r , , w .. of storms and lb* character 01 the 

It stopped "ome time ago. ^o il 1 . i,i , 




PROTECTION. Bend model, ak«teh,orpholo. 

for rt'e« examination and advloe. 

BOOK ON PATENTS ;;:'beV?'u;^? 

''^irGmA.SMOWA GO. 



Winchestei Bank, 

N. H. WrrHBBSPOov. Pna. 

Winchester, K . 

C&pitai Stock $200,000 

Surplus $20,030. 

We solicit the accounts of indivi l- 
ada. Arms ud ooroorMrans. 5-4'2 


Wine of Cardol is tkt gnardtan 

oi n nomanN health and happi- 
nc.'J froiu youth to old age. It 
help.s hor safoly into u onninhood. 
i It suNtiiiti^ her during tlio trials 
1 of pre-rimncy, oliildbirth and 
I niorlieriiood, nsitking labor easy 
I and prevetitlng flooding and mis- 
canlagc. It gently leads her 
throngli the dangerous period 
known a.s the chanire of liff^. 

leacorriHBa, ialHng of the 
womb, and menstrual Irregnlarlty 
In pvi-n form. It is valuaMe in 
f'V( ry liTin;^ jicriiKl of a wnmairs 
lifi'. li fi-iiilon i ^ thf iicrviHi^ 
syKtcni, acts directly on the geni- 
I tal organH and is the finest tonio 
for women knows. Ask yoor 
druggist for a $\J00 boMla of 
Wiae Qi GUdni. 

I oatna win* of Owrdai aad Thad- 
I ford's HMk-OnMaht sad I fMl like a 

■elaavWa, Atak, Imtf 11. tSBS. 
--""--ofr-~* ■ ■ 

- Mfht aa 

dIBaraBt wemaa MteadT. Sareral la- 
I dlea keie keep the ■Mdlafaiee in their 
boBiM tSt tte time, I have three flrla 
I aad their m« nalog It with me. 


Vor ft^Tlr*. nti'l 111 

i,i.l..liir'. -'Ih.- " 
11.. 1 1 ■ . I h.' I N .11 

Ohattanooga, rma. 

pped eome time ag  
you want the paper on time you 

will have to ]my T.'i cent* pt r year, 
or you can get it for 50 cents cash 
and we mueh prefer the latter ^ay 
of piivnient. We art- n.itoiii8hed 
the way some of our delinquents 
ignrtre our appeals. Snfne of them 
we know are in much better olr- 
eiimstaiiees than we». still they 
will not pay a eent they jtistly owe 
us. We prnpoce to ustonifli you 
too by placing your name on the 
"delinquent list" and expose it to 
tlie jdihlii- if yii full to nentl in 
the amount you owf um hooii We 
never acked you fi r money until 
we were uompelled to. iinw can 
you ignort us io sueb a abameful' 

New Paper. 

Clay   ity is again to have a 
newspapec itftor the iihsenoe of a 
representative of tlie fourth es- 
tate for many months. Editor 
Huriiher. who has been responsi- 
l U^ for till' destiny of tlie TniM, 
wliich \vii?  ptiblishod nt the ex- 
et'ssively rural itreiinet of Spout- 
spriiig, Estill county, lias moved 
lliiit paper to Clay City, and 
there the (May City Timkh will 
have its liome in tlic future and 
grow ill uscf \iliie8s and. attract- 
iveness, to the delectation of the 
the Clay Cityites, whose 
allVctioiis for newspapers are 
■8 Strong as Niagara's cur- 
rent. Here's lioi)inf: that Brother 
Burgher niaKaccoinplieli in his 
new field Hmt no man was. ever 
known to nccoiiipiish, and that is 
make a fortune running a coun- 
newspaper.-^acluon Battler. 

■ nun}.' sensniis. Never were hie 
wtallier iortcasjs so sought after 
as now, his tim^y warning of a se- 
rious droiitli thisyciir having saved 
the people froqi loos and suHering. 
Millions of bu^Mls of wheat were 
h»rveBted through his advice to 
plant crops that would mature 
♦•arly. The AiMrican people will 
certainly stand by Prof Hicks, 
when it costs them so little and 
the benefits are ao great. His fife* 
Almanac of 200 pages is "idy iSc, 
and his splendid family Journal b 
only one dollar a year inuludiag 
tlie Almanac. Send to Word And 
Works I'ub. Co., 'i'iOl Locust St., 
St. I^ouis, Mo. 

Om on Ky. kepubiiauu. 
Bepresenutiv* Boertng, aeeoin- 

panied by K. J. HainjitoM. our 
Kensie, and Senator Mason, of Ill- 
inois, approached the Preaidaa* 
about the mm. time TbnraOay 

An article going the rounds of 

the papers in regard to the preven 
tion of pneiUDonia,s«ened too aim 
pie to be notieed.One who has tri 
ed it claims to have been re 
lieved by it .To-witrWhen a chill 
is fell, or pain in side or be-tween 
the shoulders, or other signs of tak 
ing cold, draw in a long breath, 
hold, the breath as long as possible, 
and repo4( this until the symp- 
toms leave. The theory is ttat 
this exercise throws the settling 
blood from the ettraeted oigans 
heiirt. lungs and bruin, to the small 
blood vessels, and thus gives relief. 

Our iafonmuit, liable prevloiMly 
to pleurisy,iies been invaiibly re- 

The statistics of the growth of the 
rural free delivery service show that 
on December '2d next there will be 
»;,900 carriers throughout the coun- 
try, traveling a total mile ge approx 
ainatiog '147,220 miles daily, or 
twenty-four and one half iniles'each 
on an average. There Lave been 12, 
000 applUMiooa forioatca or twice 
the BH^ber of routea. 

A company has been organized «t 
Lexinjit(Mi with a capital stock 6i 
•7,000,000. to build electric rail- 
roads from LexlngtoD to sanonad- 
ing C'untv seata. ^teoat t7,000to 

Borne people seem to imagine 
that because they are the sons or 
Ham they are privileged to ranSack 
the smoke bouses of all h»m pro 

Do you know what I am thinking 

about doing y" asked the President 
of Senator 5l«son, looking toward 
Mr. Boering. "1 think I will di- 
vide the affairs of the (lovetnmen^ 
in t«o parte— oae relating to the 
a Hairs of Kentucky and the other 
to the reoaainder of the Govern- 
ment. The joke was appreciated. 
For the last two weeks moft of the 
President's time has been taken up 
by the Kentucky oHlceseekers. the 
President probably thought that 
he shoald be permitted a little time 
to look after the business of other 
States. — Winchester J^entinel. 

H. M. Benton, agent, sold Monday 
to Cieorge Gravetl i' Brother the 
farm of T. 1. Davis on the Mt Ster- 
ling pike, near the city, ooniaining 
forty-five acres with improvements, 
forie,500, equivalent to casli. Pos- 
session, January" L— Winohcsler 

Aeeording to tradition a snow 
the 15th of November is a sure 
sign that there will be fourteei 

other snows during the winter. 

Yesterday's snow will afford a 
test of the tradition. 

When a bosinsiB runs d iwn it's 
only natural that it abonid be 
wound up. 


: Modern Printing: 

Which we do at # 
Modern Prices $ 
Has an individuality S 
About it that commands! 

Attention. 5 




On tliiit next order of 
Printing you need. 
Wo ciiii make it 
Benetii'iul to you. 
Try us otaeo. 

ifimts jfiH^, 

tSpotitapring;, Ky. 

Dr. B. Littlepage & Son, 

Dealers In 

Pure Drugs, Patent 

Medicines, Paints, Oils 
and Etc. 

Prescriptions carefully compounded, and if we have not got wlwt 
you want, will get it for you on abort notice. / 

THE mm 


If jrea have sear stognach, indigesitea. MU»bsimss» eonsHpatidn, ba4 
bfoath, diasintsa. inactive liver, heartburn, kidney Uoablas, bacavhe, loss 
of appetite, Insomnia, lack cf orxrrc, bnd blood, blotched c» vuddy aUin, 

or any iymptomri anJ  !'3^rdu:. .i V". ic.^. tell '.'.:t s'.cr/ ci" !)aJ bowito ahd an 
impaired digestive s it=u., fyi.\nk tla  Vi:i Cvro You. 

It will clean out tho ' . la, stimulatn tfie Uver end LIdneya, Blr«nstfc--  

the mucous membrsnci rT the etomtch, puri!^ your tlocd and put yc 
"on your feet" again. Your •T'petitj v/i!! return, ycur Lowcl'j novo regu- 
larly, your liver end kidneys re - r o to trouble you, y. ur r!;i!i v/ill eloar and 
freshen and you will feel the oU' cner,-/ and bucycncy. 

Matheis seBlrlnc (be proiwr neClt lne ( • g  ' ' t:i  :!° I t.] • oav* Sar senstipatloD, 
distihea, esMe mi slillar tronaie*. rrM L.i skiaau:! Ueul saedltitiM tM  ebihlrcn. 
It fcssys Ihsir Waali rogalsf wllboot pa! i or crli in-%a ^asai;eiMralt0Uie, aitibti 
natoN, aias 4l|MllMi. seVsrea r stlssias:*^ ekais Cw coated tct-nm. mnwes fsrsr, 
nimiiiifii iiN i-  irai ii sijsiiiiiis   ai iiwai'sin iiaii ii naiii nam ammiarm 

f^Artf ^it9^9 4iMi^ ^^fc^ 4^ vi. 

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Clay City times (Clay City, Ky.), 1901-11-28

4 pages, edition 01

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 Local Identifier: cla1901112801
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  Published in Clay City, Kentucky by J.E. Burgher
   Powell County (The Western Mountain Coal Fields Region)