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8 VOLUME 1. 



ar. s. DunY, 


Ojfier May grille Street , -V/. JSlerliny, Ky. 

Jail. 9-1 v 

n.t //:/.// / ••/,■ at h /.v^. 


Office on Main Street, Mount Sterliug, Ky.. 
Jan. 9-1 jr 

J. M. X3E3NTT, 



"ITT ILL practice in Montgomery. Bath and 
V V the adjoining counties. REFERENCE — 
(ieueral Win. L. Jackson, formeilj Judge of the 
1 9tii judicial Circuit of Va., and now resident 
Atornev, Louisville. Kentucky* 

OFFICE— -Up Stairs, entrance one door be- 
low Reese's Jewelry Store. 

-Jan. 9-ly 

33. -A.. SE-A.VER, 

attorney a t law. 


Will attend promptly to all Business confided 
to his rare. 

ttfliye North side Public Square. 

Jan. 9-ly 

S nr CLA l riOJV* 

A J** 2 Misetnents i ono 

month will be r-Uaigt e for 

pn h insertion after i 

15 cent* u line for tho * •  ■: au l 

ocnls a line for eai h fit • tion. 

Marriages and death. . fcU 

Obituary notices teuV-uts per — 

T1r» priy i lege*; extended to /."*Hual pdverlHBrj* 
wi.l b“ sirietlyvCf^fiined to thefi'V*^bDsinc 6 s, 
aud advert lsemenr, occupying tnofc t-uac., ’.-n« 
contracted !'  r, or advertisements fottign to the 
legitimate lousiness of the contfal*fo£ parting* 
will be charged for extra/ ai oaf published 
rates. *' ’ • • ' ■' . • . • . 

Select i’octnj. 


Came out uyon my bridal ere, 

I have a song to sing to-nigbt, 

Before thou tak’st thou mournful leave. 
Since then so softly time hath slirr'd, 

Th.* .L. 1 7 .... 

quotior, surely*! hate a right to a frank 1 vision, ‘1 have already answered you — my ; Maude shook her head demurely. 

an y cr - v* - decree admits of no a|){ieul!’ ‘Why, Maude, what will you wear? — 

; 11)011 Uston to met young man,’ said Klie would not cry any more, this I Von must have a new silk.’ 

v[Gcoug« D. Printick himself one of the il ' llar '^ Uryunt, with a sudden abrupt haughty little girl — she was too proud to 1 Maude caught her father’s eye fixed ear- 

most gifted of the American hards— think ; Sutmess. ‘Y on ure aspiring altogether too cry : -but shfe rose up and went away with nestly upon her. lnaninstauthcrresolu- 
th«t no living _poet can surpass the gracefulnes s | ’V 11 can j ./ Rave my daughter, compressed lips and eyes whose glitter was tion was taken, 

and beauty ot the following lines from the muse ! Made.  1 Now you hav'e yolir answer — go!’ far sadder than tears. i ‘I shall wear calico, aunt Eloisc.’ 

of Amelia. They are exceedingly heautitul:] barley May stood for a moment like ‘I won’t be discouraged for all this,’ she ' ‘Calico! To Mrs. Sikes’ wedding rccep- 
Pale star, that w„b thy soft, sad light on l)po „ whom a (linI1 ,,,., lolt had fullen lhongh t. ‘1 will show papa that 1 am 1 tion?’ 

J "'h sudden blighting power, then he turn- something more than a doll.’ | ‘Why not, aunt?’ 

[edmd walked out of the handsome Goth- ! ‘Maude, you are not going to Airs. Hem- ■ ‘You dare not thus defy society.’ 

jie brary, v^here the blue and golden eii  ingwaj’s in that dress!’ 1 ‘Dare 1 not?’ 

re-colored That was all Maude said. The year 

1 Patriotic Sentiments from a Confede 
rate Soldier Editor. 

j We copy the article below from the 
t bourbon Democrui edited' by Col. Sidney 
JCcNNiNGuaM, of the late Confederate army 
; and commend its good taste, and just 
and patriotic sentiments to the stay-at- 
home big-talking-sort of extremists who 
I can be satisfied with nobody as a democrat 
at the present day fit to relieve honors and 
emoluments from the party who-lias no 
j Confederate antecedents. Every noble 

i hat months have almost seemed like faoarsi ckS of light  juivered over the deep crim- Mrs. Harrington, superb in wir.e-colored That was all Maude said. The year ^ confederate Soldier will readily and heart 
And I am a little bird sol ot the Wilton' carpet, and the. mire velvet, with garnets blazing round her of ordeal was lip that night, and she had endorse the sentiment of the article. 

Tllill'fi elonf tnn loan ah.nn.. 4. .. n * 1 ° ° 1 ° --- • - - 



attokneys a t law, 


M T i!l attend promptly to nil business confided 
to their care. Special attention will be given 
to the collection - of all Claims against the 
Vailed Stales Government. 

Jan. 9-y 

W. 3EE. HOLT, 

\ \ 7 ^ILL practice in Montgomery, Bath, 
y w Powell, Wolfe, Morgan, MagolHn coun 
Xiea. «nd in the Court of Appeals. 

Jan. 9- 1 v. 

T; TTUSKtt. f\o. j. corsf.i.ison. 

ATTORNEYS at law. 

Mousst STtem.iNO, Ivy. 

'Till practice in Montgomery, Hath, Powell, and 
Clarke counties, and iu the Court of Appeals.! 

•Ian. P-ly. 

That’s slept loo long among the flowers, 

And, wakiug, sits with wavelcss wing, 

Soft singing amid the shades of even; 

But, oh, with sadder-beart 1 sing— 

1 sing of oce who dwells in Meaveu. 

The winds are soft, the clouds are few, 

And tendercst thoughts my ^eart beguiles, 

A. floating up through mist aiid dew, 

The pale young uioou comes out and smiles; I ye i j n t ], 0 ot 
Aud to the green resounding shore 
- In silvery troops the ripples crowd, 

Till all the ocean dimpled o'er, 

Lifts up its voice and laughs u’oud; 

And star on star, all soft and calm, 

Floats up yon arch serenely bluer 
And, lost to earth Rad steeped iu halm 
My spirit floats in ether, too. 

stood bravely to her colors. 

YY e do not wish to be misunderstood in that 
follows; but it is our firm conviction that 

nijrble face nf Callus and Venus de Milo' plump throat and at her wrists, stood hor- 

| w’ached hitfflfs W’.Rent, i rifled as Mnudo cs|nc tripping down stairs. Mr. Bryant did not often attend par- , 

j Maude, my love, my darling, what is ! ‘YYliy not,’ Aunt Eloisc? I think the I ties, but he went to Mrs. Sikes' that even- j oftTuraed^ 

I the matter?’ | dress is very neat.’ j ing, without his daughter’s knowledge, | the exclusion of all other good democrats. 

YY'hile many of them make excellent offi- 
cers, yet the people are growing wearied of 

The ml jjfov of the November sunset Mr. Bryant looked up from his evening | and stood leaning against the door eas- 
i could- scarco'e' pierce the folds of rubv vel- paper, at th*c .-lender figure in white floating | ing. watching the brilliant devotees of 

vet that linn lever the plate glass windows, 
ous twilight Mr. Bryant saw 

seta pillows, and the heavy bluish- 
curls drooping low oyer the carved 

usfili with white roses hanging among fashion as they entered in glittering, per- SC( them fill all the offices. 1 here are 

ii ii i i .i .. , 1 , , , ,,, . ! good men and true who have stood Lack 

e blue-black curls that touched her shoul- j fumed throngs, watching them with an anx- and relused t0 let tLeir Tlanies be |aed M 

ious eye. candidates owing to the extreme- populari- 

YY ould Maude waver now? YY’as her 

\ ders. 

‘1 think so, too,’ lie said quietly. 

’Stuff and .nonsense,' angrily exclaimed 
[ a rint Eloisc. ‘Richard Bryant’s daughter 
in white tiitislin, mid paltry roses in her 
have worn pink satin 

Hrt. H.r.v.v.;// .V (, t 
i.vsieiiins mid 

't 'J/n w c ayyinti/r Xu/iotniJ f fatd. Mt. Stfr/iiif/. 
Miner, one of them nun always be lean , /i / / 
«" f ttighl unless professionally ebseut. 

•Lin. O-Um. 

Loved ouc! though lost to huntan sight, 

I feel ihv spirit lingering near, 

Aj softly as 1 feel the light 
That trembles through the atmosphere; 

As in some temples holyshades, 

Though mute the bjmn und hush'd the pray r, 
A solemn awe the soul pervadvs, 

Which til l worship has heeu 
A hrealli of inCeajc. left alc'ie 

Where uianif^.dcenser swung-arou-id, 

Will iliiefi, Hie wanderer like a' tone, 

Wlfao trr.i'i! s oit consecrated g.ound. 

! know tliv 5 o 6 l 7 from worlds -of, bliss 
Yet stoops awhile fo dwell with me, caughf life fua yy I hrertikl'd in this, 
That I at last might dwell kith thee. 

I I hear a spuruinr fiom the seas' 
j Th«t‘Thi ills me tike thy -spirit^ s *l? 6 3 i 
| I hear 0 vohie on every breeze, 

T! at malees xo mi"" ’ * replies — 

A wire al* Vffjf* s^et # H f e 4 i,i ue; 

T WOULD call the attention of tlio jviMic to AidL ou ^ ^ iv   n.n si*;n 

J this house, whirh I have a» tWiS'itVi-Table ox- hf'. •! kuou* arw-ft 

lined up in elegant style, and is no« 
open for tiie reception of gnesfs. The rooni.- 
*’om#brtaV»le. furnislied with iietr and elegant 
♦furniture, with polite and altcntiY'd attendams. 

I will ^uaranfee satisfaction to all wnv  nisy la- 

.1 . . .... I f..,d fl|D., CItjC 


Mount Sterling, Ky. 

MM. S. THOMAS, - Propiietor. 

j Hs duiighteP with her face liidden in the 
j satin t ''° 1 

roS 1 •rood . " 

•Tell me, little ilaqgbtei', what troubles 
vo t,’ whispered the merchant, bending hair! You shouh 
foj-lly over the girl, Ylaude had 'never ■: mid diamonds. ’ 

p .civil a mother, .and tlmrc was a temlcr- I T shall wear no more silks and dia- 
nessin the old man's tones at that instant - monds, aunt,’ said the little lady very dc- 
thnt was almost inatCrnM. cidedly. 

“He has gone, pa[«i — he lias gpne and I 'Now Bichard,’ said Mrs. Harrington, 

• left me}.’ [turning to her brother, ‘arc yon going to 

‘lie? YVhot* allow this? She will set all New York 

•Charley May.’ 1 talking.’ 

An 1 Miiutk* Bryant, who liad spoken all [ ‘Maude shall do as she pleases,’ said the | Maude Bryant looks lovely in the sott 
ler life long toiler father as if he had been merchant, quietly, and Maude gave him a folds of the French calico, with her sweot 
lid her fac 9 on the kindly ! bright, grateful glance as she fluttered away 
fresh. ' . J like some snow-white bird. 

Next morning a small triangular casket 
of amethyst velvet lay beside Maude’s 
plate at tbe breakfast tabic. J home. 

Sire took it up with an inquiring look at j It was late when Maude returned, but 
her father. 

‘Y’ our birthday, mv child,’ he said, sini 

1 loving mother 
; frowst and cried 

‘YY'lieW-w-w!’ was the merchant's softly 
lirenthed comment. 

!. ‘1 have been trying to cop vice her how 
\»ry absurd all this is,’ said mint Eloisc, a 
partly widow in garnet silk and carbuncle 

waver now! 
will no stronger than five hundred other 

Presently she came, as lovely as ever, 
tlio throng parting on either side, as she 
advanced tip the room at the side of her 
portly, vexed-looking aunt llarring’on, 
YY’hat was the murmur that reached his 

‘Pink calico! Calico? Impossible! 
Miss Bryant wear calico, Indeed? Glace, 
more likely, or moire antique? Actual- 
ly calico! YY'liat a strange whim! But 

eyes full of liquid light, and her cheeks 
glowing with soft scarlet. 

Mr Bryant drew a long sligh of relict, 
and then ordered his carriage for 

ty of returned Confederates. YY'e desiru 
to see qualification made' the test, and ser- 
vice to' the party rather than men should 
be voted for or ngainst'in convention for 
their past actions as soldiers. YY’e mean 
no disparagement to Confederate soldiers, 
and are really proud to stand with them, 
and acknowledge that, if we are individu- 
ally proud of any portion of our past life, 
it is when our entire capacity was exercised 
in the duties of a soldier. When, howev- 
er, at the close of the war, we surrendered 
our arms, and acknowledged allegiance to 
the government of the United States, we 
determined then, and have acted since, to 
devote ourselves with all the measures uu- 
der our control to aiding the Deinocracv 
in bringing back tbe government to its orig 
inal characler. YY’e wish to frown down 
all personal animosities and bitterness 
among Kentuckians, and make our State 
the exclusive champion of no war party, 
but the proud old Commonwealth who was 
ready to hare her breast and face the frowns 
ot fanaticism. Tims as a returned Con- 

I , 

licet t. 

||bee there. 


^prifypiviili their patronage. I feel fil'd) 

■ lire a -si-riion. it i.* one of tile best 
appointed hotels ri. Knslcrn Kentucky. 

Very respectfully. 



CorrMaiii k MaysvillcSts., 


ItOCS. MAKY CAltTLlt, 1‘iTess, 

i n kim» tiieftV t-x’tjci 

Itouiiil touderili ilo | 

.Still toiH'liipl ivilir \l»wt expressi-;. ._, raee 
That ma je tlie«'H tely all thy days, 

By that sweet smite that o'er it s u-J 
A hcaij'j^fiijc the luk: "f ere il 

Vw.'So!\ C.yp’ . ,-i , -I . ^ 

Eveu whoaLs sou' had flowif,,, Heaven, r 
I’ll know ill ee by tli-- s'arry era ,. Q 
That glitters in thy vavch hair 
Gli! by -licse blessed -iges a’oe.e J p 

I’ll know th"e there — I'll kRawjthce there. 

Foral 1 ! thine eyes, within wtvosf Sphere 
The sweets of yonlli and hcan'A rsvt : 

:jvvelry, who sat by, alternately quotim 
i Unisms at her niece, and sniffing at a gold ply. 

rtxsoldte that hung. at her waist. j She opened the casket with alow cxcla- 

‘MaYidc,’ safl Mr. Bryant, gravely, ‘do niaton of delight as her eyes fell on the 
011 mean to tell me that you actually care white gleam of a magnificent pearl neck - 
J lotllpt young snipe of a clerk?’ lace. 

Maud e sal up' indignantly, with lightning j ‘Oh, papa, how splendid this is! Don’t 

•vcrthelcss, she took a peep into the lib [ fw1 t er ‘ ,c "'hose personal sympathies and di- 

rcct interests are most intimately connect- 
ed with all who fought for Dixie, we in- 

rary, to see if her father was still up. 

‘Come in, Maude. Do you know pet, 
youryeai of probation is up to-niglit?’ 

•I don’t call it probation, sir.’ 

’Perhaps not. YY'elldo you remember 

in her eyes. 

‘Care for liirti, papa! 

•Y’cry improper 
Amit, *1 wish 

my promising you a present if you a-lher- 
j they look like drops of frozen moonlight? : ed to your odd uotions?’ 

T^lovC him!' land l have always so longed for pearls!’’ 

Jlrs, Harrington looked complacently on. 

‘They will be the very thing to wear to- 

upow the placing in office Democrats true 
and tried, who fought the political battles 
while we were fighting in Dixie, and to 
and soc 
class of 

then, attempt to fill all the county and dis- 
trict offices with returned Confederates, as 
Yes, papa; but I told you I did not want \ we did in ’GG. But let t lie majority of of 


One of the most popular American vul- 
garisms is the ridiculous use of the words 
“lady” and “gentleman.” These unfortu- 
nate words have- been made to. do such in- 
discriminate service that they have lost all 
their individuality, and 110 longer mean 
anything. The tine old Saxon “woman” 
and “uian” are too plain and homely to suit 
Corrupt modern taste mid the vulgar notion 
that a “lady” is something finer and bet- 
ter than a "woman,” has spread through 
almost all classes of society, producing the 
most absurd results. YVomen no longer 
exist, and even men are becoming scarce. 
The Court of Quarter Sessions is filled, dai • 
ly, with “ladies” to hoar how one "lady” 
gave another "lady” a black eye for saying 
she was “no lady” because she merely kick- 
ed theother “lady’s” boy Put down stairs. 
The “lady” who presides over the fish stall 
in the market refers you to the “lady" op- 
posite for a fine assortment of greens. The 
revised editions of the poets will soon be 
coming out with sncli modern amendments 
as these: 

“Fratnlitv! thy name is lady. 1 ' 

“Oh, lady, in our hours of ease. 
Uncertain, coy and hard to please." . 

“1 dare do all that doth become a gentle- 

“I new sc* 

^fc'iHcef mv bone, flesh of my ‘flesh, 

^BUtyre me: Lady ia her name." 
and as the vulgarism spreads it may at last 
force its way into the gravest prose, and wo 
shall have the awkward lover compelled to 
confess that he “takes this lady to lie his 
wedded lady,” while in the funeral service 
we shall be reminded of the “gentleman 
that is boiu oflady.” The neat, trim, re- 
fined young women who preside at the 
counters of'our stores are beginning to fade 
away into “Rales-ladies!” and it will not 
be long before “washer-ladies,” do up our 
linen forus, while “fire-gentlemen” extin- 
guish our conflagrations, and “work -gen- 
tleman” build our houses and railroads. 
There is a deadly affectation in all this, and 
; yet it is astonishing to observe how wide- 
spread is tlio vulgarism. It is to be seen 
nrnoug the circles of fashionable life, where 
ignorantly educated young women resent 
ns a slight any reference to their honorable 
distinction of woiniyihood, and regard on 
allusion to a male acquaintance os a “man” 
as a shocking breat h of propriety. YY’hen 
an individual becomes ashamed of being a 
‘woman,’ and bite fancies that site achieves 

!’ groaned aunt Eloisc. 
vou would hold vonr 

•tigite!’ syyilterod Maude, growing prettier ! night with yolir white silk dress.’ 
cvetv uiouiejut in- lieu, bright indignation. — ‘My white silk dress!’ Maude paused 

L do’lovehuin, p ipafwitli all my heart and 1 abruptly, while a deep crimson flush stole 
■ sotil!’ • ' over her fair forehead. She rose and crept 

.. Amia.EL. vcs" nU fr'fd 0 hollow sigh, and softly’ round  0 her father’s side. 

: Mr. Bryant l-i I ' d ; s daughter with a ‘Papa, I am very much obliged to you 

TTtUS llniise has recently been thoroughly ; - fll:U t . u ., imia { ovc , lwi eolWsj lu re 

I re£miisfi -4 amt i new in complete orJe ,, . , ' 

1. " - ” : 1 Must swim in love ana aOfina-s ifet 

if . 1 die reception -of rests. '1 

Tire I’roprielres? nnnktul for the very lib- | For alii 113 dark and Input! bearvis, ^ 

,-rjl patronage ' retofove -oxtcrulod to her Though sadden'd Ire a thousand svghs, 
Here, trees leave to reassure *M wtvafliay ex Wcro holier than the light jliat streams 
A J -d to her these patronage, that no otloil. 

arte spared ow the part „f Irc-r or kv as- " -« « ‘he gales of P- 
s Hunts to render them the ulmos' satislac- [ Were hergmand radiant like the moil 
till. Her i Yet 30 ft aadatiewy as the eve; 

TAZ3Zj3Q Too sad for eve- a-licre smiles arc horil 

GU ill limes supplied with the best the mar- ! T y 0U ng for byes that leant ’.a priJ 
dke nlfords. Tire 3 b J b 

c 1 A 1“ v~v / "V "Kfr I wonder if this cooi sweet breeze 

Y. . -i . I Lull touched thy Ups and faun'd tliy I 

Israder the management ol Mr. .1. re. Bin . 

tioiais. and is supplied with the choicest fur-  '° r « ' m 5 hears and sees 

eid and’ Domestic Liquors, Fine Cigars, To- Recalls llree to my memory, now,- 

! For every hour we breathe apart. 

Will bwt increase, if that can be, 

! The love that fills this litijc heart. 
Already filled so full of thee, 

Y'ct many a tear these eyes must weep, 
And many a sin .muttibo forgiven, 

Erd these pale lids shall sink to sleep — 
Ere theu and 1 shall meet in Heaven. 

face linlf troiibledjsnn 1 ball Btuused. 
Mv fittlw p d v-fl“We -,’ lie said gently 


tins senm; [ s t ) me 
Maude j 
wife ofl 
'But £ 


h:do, kc. 

111. 0. 

sDiiiliY am) mm 


a preasent,’ 

•Y’ oil’ll find it in the drawing-room, I 

‘I won’t take it papti.’ 

’YY’on’t you. Suppose yon take a look 
at it first.’ 

And Maude went slowly up stairs, obe- 
dient to her father’s gesture. 

‘I will not take it, whatever it is she 

thought as she opened the door, ,for 

My goodness! Charley May!’ 

•Maude — my own true love!’ 

And Charley’s bright brown eyes were 
looking info hers — Charley’s chestnut 
moustache was close against her cheek, 
‘YY’hat do you think about taking my 
present now, . Miss Maude?’ demanded 
Mr. Bryant, rubbing has hands gleefully. 

‘I’ve sent all tliOAvay to Chicago for it, 
and I think you seem rather pleased with 
it than otherwise.- I tell you what, Cha’ v 
ley May, yon may imagine that you have 

•lust furniture, and 1 van make jelly-cake, for your sake as long as 1 live; but 1 can’t been working for my daughter all these 
| and trace 1 baked a cranbeny tart.’ take the pearls.* ! mouths, but she has not heenjidle. Maude 

ight womanly quali 

principles; and the same rule applies to the 
other sex. There is no reason why n young 

woman who cai ns her own living honestlv 
flees go to men equally as capable, who no- j shon | d oot t, e in all rcs ,, ccts thc pqllal  

bly, two years ago, stood boldly forgiving 
us all for which wc offered. 

likea girl’s romance. — 
Bryant is StalHy fitted to bo the 
1 "voting Yvivit like Charley May.’ 
fiy not, pnlp?’ pleaded Mnudo 
•I lave hill and I — 1 think he 

loves tne.’’ 

1 ‘Yerv p-djnld",’ said Mr. Bryant, smil- 
ing. ‘J!u£aid 11 novof lo you how 
veiV mtsflkkiile a wile yon v.otiid make to 
a man 'who had his own way lo win in 
thu wui'ld?’ 

■N", papa,’ said Maude, eagerly, ’I can 

1 — but — but 1 bad rather not take the pearls.’ ! 
•Not take them, Maude?’ 

‘No papa — you remember my resolution.’ 
‘Maude!’ exclaimed aunt Eloise, ‘you 
refill never bo so absurd as to refuse that 
pearl necklace that a Royal l’rinccss might 
be proud to re cur, just because of a whim!’ 
‘If is not a whim, atint*Eloise.’ 

Ami no amount of coaxing and banter- 
. ing could induce Maude Bryant to take the 

•Give me a bud from tbe conservatory, 

1 papa, or a book, such as I used to have 
when 1 was a wee thing, and I’ll value it 

•Mb '‘impoLtant qualifications, yet not 
suit* all -sufficient,’ said her father with the 

So the merchant, with a curious moisture j 
in Uis eves, gave her a kiss and told her j 

has well earned the happines 
And Mr. Bryan 

iieenjiiile. . 
inesp of this 


’ |IIE undersigned return his 
Jilmnks te the public for 

, i&Jk 

•flic liberal: (patronage liereto 
To rK tended to him, aud would I 
"  t(ullv invite attention to 

ck of s addlery & iiarns ^J 

very lot 

tfstriage & SttgflS" |tnvnc5S. 

Urol the plainest to the finest, al* ays on lmnd 
on Jluiule to Older, lie is also manufacturing 1 
r.tie leUhvated . 

A torn. 


y~ i;:!yi 


It was rather an embarrassing thing tq !• »*.' 

lo, but Charley May had done it well and I knovir v h.” calico means.’ 

Itmoft gravity. ‘Biit just consider, my what she would have to do 
Jeae, here ott the one hand is a salary 
*!gft hundred dollars n year, or nine, we’!! 
i^v It’s just possible that out  ji ( hi- 
where lie l^ts. tbe.v^may pay 

finudied. dollars a year, and here 
thee ia Mis- Bryant, with her little 
useless hands, a mV her luxurious 
bkkfcA :d ‘ VI dim I md... .Ili'l her .ilkdl'CSt- 
•\Ylyy,,'mr child,' I don’t stqvpose you 

went down sJairs to ex- 
plain it all to af/it^Kloisc, re ho was highly 
f ! And the weeks and months passed on; I mystified as to the Sate of affairs. 

aud Maude surrounded by temptations «n [ This was thc solution ♦of the enigitna 
every side, thought of Chnilcy May, and that so puzzled thc fashionltbjl;- world a 
resisted them all. few days subsequently, when they reaid 

‘Mamie,’ salAftTFoVd man suddenly, oii° \ in tire papers that Maude Bryant had mar- 
day, when did you last hear from Charley 1 tied no more distinguished person than 
Muv?’ 1 Charley May. 

‘Last heard from him, papa? Never 
shicc the dav he went awav.’ 

Cobbett’s Love-Making. 

“I sat in the same room with Irer for 
about an hour, in company with others, and 
I made up my mind that she was the very 
girl for me. That I thought her beautiful 
is certain, for that I had always said was 
to be an indispensable qualification; but 1 
saw in her what I deemed maiks of that 
sobriety of conduct of which 1 hnvo said so 
much, and which by far has been the great- 
est blessing of my life. It was now dead 
of winter, and. of course, tlio snow several 
feet deep on the ground, and the weather 
piercing cold. It was my habit, when I 
had done my morning’s writing (he rose 
at 4 o’clock), to go out at break of day, to 
take a walk on a hill, at tig; f f which 

the superior, of one who has been reared 
in ease, affluence and luxury. A saleswo- 
man, may possess all that modesty, refine- 
ment, intelligence and gentleness which 
constitute true womanhood. If she ihrea 
not possess them, they will be recognized 
by every one of either sex who has the ca- 
pacity lor appreciating them, and slra refill 
be honored aud esteemed accordingly. But 
we should be apt to feel a little suspicious 
of a "sales-lady.” YVe shook! be ou the 
lookout for affectation, conceit and general 
silliness, and we would rarely be disap- 
pointed. Women vvhoglory in their wo- 
manhood arc sure to be held in honor by 
all manly men, but a woman whose ambi- 
tion is to be calks! "a lady," because she 
imagines that it makes her -something high- 
er and better and of more consequence in 
society, will win contempt where she courts 
respect, and well-deserved ridicule where 

1 T I r 1 , fv. I I t. ol lout, uivU nvll tltoel 1 Lit I lUILUIb IV llvl U 

our barracks lay. in nfio r it tluee niotniutrs ‘ 11 T 

... ,, ,, f. , , , .t, ! she tk-sircs most to beltold in esteem. Let 

alter 1 liau first ‘mvu her, 1 had, bv-an in- 1 1 * , . , 

. . , , _ . ’ v 1 us have moiv; true m"n and women 111 Amev 

vitatiou to brjaTKust with mo, got up t wo 
younglflHlKit'iu me in my walk; and onr 
road lay 

mother. JJvra^TiavTly fight, but she was 
out on'the snow sembbing out a wash-tub, 

icon society, and fewer counterfeit lniJiae 
and gentlemen, and society at large will bo 
■ groatly bcwc-fitted thereby. 

Slivers of Thought by Josh BiUings. 
, , ,, The heart of a true friend is like a mir- 

‘Do you mean to tell me that you do , ror _ if you .i ook into it you see yourself 

bravely, like a man. He was nothing hut! ‘Y’es, indeed, papa,’ interrupted Mqudo, not correspond with him ” ! thar. 

a cleik at eight hundred dollars a year, nev-’ earnestly. ‘T hxd ’a pink I’leneh e^ujGap Y 0 pupa; you told me not to, aud 1 It is a good plan tew kno many people, 
m-ik-r wills Mexican Sailtllas"f dilfereut styles. I ertheless lie had boldly craved audience of j once, with pi*k coi'nl buttons that obeyed you.’ i tcre let only a fere kno j on. 

the portly old millionaire, and asked Imn | throe doll« v ^acn--d'on t jmi yememuei • p^And has he never written? Sfl ^ ^ ft f cw wort | s 

■Yo’’ l'” or mm s rehe, ttmt on 1# S ‘Never, sir.’ • ! Rewards deferred makes miserable; it is 

| forth* milliner girl around the corner. .1 flit her, p-ttti -ig her little fev^i^t^ami — ‘Then most probably he has forgotten jislso with punishnients. YY’henlwus a 

of W 
bjeal? Ne 


tvtitli is taking the place of all - saddles, 
golfer with Mexican Saddl 
Vie ins also a well assorted lot of. 

llirse Covers & Saddle Blankets, fon liis ..daughter, as he might have asfceiT 

From the finest to tbe coarsest. 

"Whips, Spurs, 
dollars & Bits. 

Mr. Bryant coolly wiped his pen and laid ! •jYUnde, it wot. ^bi 

it in the bronzed rack; lie moved back his j j!» l c 

_ . o -r» 1 r , j chair a pace or two, looking Charley 1 lU ’ n 

f?- Stirrups & Backbands ; M} in ^ facc as ]ie did 80 f* ilU a ^ 

^AGON HARNESS, &c. J mocking light in his £#ld blue eyes# L 

•So you want to marry my daughter, eh‘.» 

‘I do, sir,’ said Charley. .ijto 

Pi ovokingly hav.dsome he looked as he tv 
Hain-St., Mt. Sterling Ky. j stood there, with tbe reddish-brown hairfdiaj 

thrown back from bis square7\liite fore- claim? 
head, thc hazel e^c dear and«o4BBtf. »ad ! phasis^ 
the perfectly cut lips a little apatT^Bn) 
how, in the midst of his wrath and acii\- : tertly  fj| 
ion, old Richard Bryant could not ielp No\v lisl| 
thinking that were he a girl of eighteen, he i time, for | 

I niwritt possibly have fallen in love iithjtktvc^ 

.b’Vsuch a young man as Charley May. L'd 

thiMyoin’ i h°y l hed rather be licked twice than to be 

Wre Nx), wipa, I knorc lie has not forgotten U O6t p 0, %l onct. 

r 0 • i harts one tli 

L u q!' tbe| 

i ativl 


g^y- REPAIRING done with neatness and 
tlisatch. Honing you wifi call and examine 
envstock, I remain,' Y’erv Respectfully,' 


Jm. 9. _ 


1\ 15, VAXDIA & CO., 

thing certain; reason iz more 
than master of the nnshuns. If this is so, 
5 a-c^Hous girl, Maude, said her the retail must be a fool who aint bos ov 
stroking down thebright 1 lilsself. 

mind, pet; when yqur - * , 

irei* • I hol 

ever, 1 II give vou a nres- re,. . 
j  . , j andKis" 

ease ygiij.a'-smg well.’,. 


.reduces the stommic nke tew 
nk it lessens are! kinds of 
It does sio, by own in tew 

■ :f .. 


ij .rm^t,sl.,i ^ - 1 

id Char- L 
, c At a in : it- 

think mp a moil 

•* 5* * 

Less and jepii by 1 
one year from! 
fl — I pledge tuy^jPI 


1 -yi)ur peisistg 

d Maude",^mg -13 
kVy'.VruL oh, Jlnpa- 


' coll 

t any jgeserits, papa,’ saiij I VYYre 
lodktfig tip into his face, tiffins 
is only one thing in the 

you know very well you can’t 
sturdily. And 

my taHtcd. 

Ebift?, v)hat a magnificent 
a id color, isn’t it?’ 

:fY t vs,"REwc it ia- raster handsome,’ said 

Lug u v 

tv pay more for being 
usatVio^TIrsutfl; ted . 

1 lore-'mSjp'^ToTVs rlu yu suppose tliariz 
in this world who are satisfied with things 
ns far as drey hev got? Not more than 
G I’ll bet, this looks rather dusty for the rest 

nt llm hill" 4 1 

of the tribe. 

Thar aint no 
A .man lias to’nl 
ness, jist nzhertriflur his boots, and even 
then he doa’t alre-a-s git a good fit 

iCHil mlo fur happiness, 
tried fur his happi- 

H^HAtiti.mi s YY . tun’s 'J’uast. — Aitemun 
“That’s the girl forme,” said 1, when we Ward being present at a celebration and 
were out of ber hearing. They were on - 1 exhibition, was called upon for a speech, 
gaged; but after a time, thc artillery went w | (en he replied in a “toast to the | hair 
to England from Canada, and she along I Gex ;“ 

with thrill . Cobbctt had saved 81 50, and j Radies, sere I, tnmin te the but! ful fc- 
tbis lte sent to bis "little brunette” before j luad Loose presents re as perphumin the fait 
she sailed, desiring her not to spare the giouiul, 1 hope you arc enjoying yourselves 
money, but buy herself good clothes, and n p 01l this occasion, aud that leminaid and 
live without hard work. It was four long' reaterov which you are.drinkin, may. not 
years after this when Cohbett’s regiment i „ 0 a gj n you . May you always he fa’re as 
retkirned to England, and “J found,” he the son, bright as the moon, and beautiful 
says, “my little girl a seivant of all work ag an . un)y with Union flags — also plenty 
(and linnt reci-k it was) at. five pounds a 1 0 f g 00 d close to ware, 
year, in the house of a Captain Rrissae; To-voUt scx—coinmonlv called the pWir 
and without hardly saying- a word about scx  are indebted for bornipg, as well as 
the matter, she put into my hands- the whole ! nian v ot hcr blessings in the low gi oravRs .,f . 
of the one hundred and fifty dollars unbro- J gorro. Some poor spertted lools Oiaffn y lire 
ken.” • sex for the difficulty in the garden, but' I 

. hev no dowt but Adam would hev tigged a 

Gon in Nature. — No one has a better j cider press, aud like as not went into »bw^ 
opportunity of witnessing the wonderful ! bust and been driven orf unareare. Y our 
workings of God in the r refidc fields of na- j -1st mother was a lady, and are! her daw- 
turc than the farmer. His occupation ev- 
ery day brings him in full view of them.- 
He is familiar with the progressive devel- 
opments of the young pj^aivt, and the ma- 
tured beauty of its full growth, lie is well 
acquainted with the sunshine and the shad- 
ow, the softly falling dew and the heavy 
rain, the gentle breeze and the rushing 
tempest. Some, from 'the very familiarity 
with the evidences of Divine wisdom, lose 
all interest iu them, and look at them with 
little more regard than the beasts that per- 
ish. Others, indeed, recognize tbe hand of 
God; look on its movements with awe and 
dread — but go no farther. But it is only 
the Christian that can see in everything 
the hand of a Father. Other men may 
wonder and admire; he can love and praise. 

Everywhere mound lie sees the finger of 

God, and he rejoices to know that God is „ „ „ K , lin , 

his friend; and when, in the tempest 01 ten! It4s litfe tMf fa’iHijgof a drop 0 f dew 
i thunder storm men’s lioarf? are failing fori into the silvoriako from some birchen leal' 
in peace, knowing that lie is| No, TlnU is rudo, T ‘ ’ 

ters was ditto, and mm but a loafin kuss 
will sav a word agin yu. Hejiin that no 
waive of trufile re-ill roll across yuro peace- 
ful breasts, I kottkiuda thes remarks with 
the follerin centyment'. 

YY'oman — she are a good egg. • 

Beecher on Kissing. 

H. W. B. thus speaks of hi# hero and 
heroine in “Norwood;” it tvas evening twi- 
light. They sat alone in the porch. A 
few late blossoms of the Chinese honey- 
suckle shed down a trace of perfume 
through the air. There were no locusts 
singing, no katydids, nor gurgling crick- 
ets, and yet some soft sounds I certainly 
heard! Not birds surely! I think it must 
have been the plash of’onc ti* TK vsnrkle 

hhiwn agaiiret another. 

refind to them! I beariit again! I,j 

1 step It ’-Miib ? 

If a young man kmt find ennything else jjear, he can be i" peace, knorefing that lie is ) No, ’tliaj is rude. 1 1 is ns if two dream's 
tic iz fit for, I li ly U see him carry agold- Wie soft of Run whom th wire Is Wild the) floating in tire night had flashed. 0 r Ii 
i ties like j head kane. ■+”' ; seas obey. Truly, the Christian farmer dhe j filling of two prayers on t‘., , rad 

Tire top ’Minds uv a ladder are always’ possesses greater pleasures and mot, x ■ ward; or— nay, itwasakfis s l._, )1Ire s# ’ 1 
the most dangerous. -- quisit^joys trear. any tAhcr memdi.-i’.i^ ty\ ho!', it is lb soul - , •- . 

It ii a -lie deal e.x.*olt tew beat nntme idea of, and if they hade »n0t ex [xjrienciM mil it. It is the 

- . ... u iz a rente ucai er.*ior tew oent nmuio "ie« ui, nii'i " t , L . 

to Jh} cbi Sikes than tow iiyr. Sojt \y. easier tt*\y ^ tlioFii, (hey buvo u^if pv- wet true liaijppi* tiuii, when it Iiasa 

Rtyith quiet dc- T-'eUtiujJ fiyt: . ’ -.-gg iw mucii thai^jist eiioiigU. ' uo»s. '- •? • ' • .x uotfxr:'czztou.!j| 


tkmjjist 'enough 




Jlpre tfeim on? year ago tfe 'dismounted 
from the editorial tripod. We recall with 
grateful feelings the kindly greetings aiffl 
warm encouragement that our former en- 
terprise and venture received from the press. 
We remember the fluttering encomium* 
our hnmJdo efforts and unpretending labors 
elicited from high and authoritative sour- 
ces. We were gladdened by the prime ami 
cheered by such marks of public favor and 



, ' r.M, i.v auvaxck 


Thu time is near at band when this body 
! will meet to select a candidate for Gover- 

interests of a patty one in 
ting, one in principle, and one in ac- 
tion; a party that while it watches with 
sleepless vigilance the dangerous aggies 
sions of Radicalism, should suffer nodis 
sensjons to spring tip in its own ranks* a 
i-.-nty that is too high-srtuled to be pro 
i i [•: ivo and that will ripen -v ide fTie gates 

of its organization and hold out the hon- j mention, we may say that the public finger 

itig party in thelintion to their place 

- norand ifelegates to the Democratic Con- the broad issues that separate from vision- 
ary and hoft headed fanaticism, all Ken- 

! vention of the C-nited States. 

Without wishing 

any wav, 

to fore 

. stall the deliberations or choice of the Con 

And tliougi negro suffrage jtoi reign: 
throughout lie' borders', though! M' breast j 
is seamed witi the rough ant Wihenled ! 

ors of its oTftces to every applicant who 
wears the Democratic name, no matter un- 
der what flag he may have fought, nor in 

seems to designate the present acting Gov 
| ernor, John W. Stevenson, as the nomi- 
| nee. Ami, in ear judgment, no Letter se- 
ll is administra- 

I tnckians stand together, regardless of an- 

| eient distinctions and names. The peace- 1 scars ot war; ttough her sons I'Ve been 
offering, we trust, lias been made and that 
it shall Lc a perpetual statute 'throughout 
all Democratic Israal. 

vyhat political school lie may have been , ^ vt ‘ ou could lie made, ills in 

(ion has made him hosts of frieuds and 

brought up. 

j admirers at home and given him eminent 
praise and reputation atu'oad. The peace 
and welfare of the State have been close to 

Our Democracy. 

In view of the fact that the Democratic 
party is now the only organized party that 

wars against tadica! despotism and foi the . j, er p 0S ( interests, His views on matters 
Constitution — and ns names are nothin 

uin in battle, ml her daughtj na b- 
mourn, she stil stands nndaiute! amid 
the ashes of her desolation, liw unsure 

In the choice of men as representatives I still valiant andproudheavted. 1 a lur 
to the General Convention, let us seal the i of herartificeTs his not forg it i. t* ' niiim. 
league of amity and peace, allay forever all j nor the tongue of her orate 
discord and quiet all dissension. From l 00 f of her mouth. The 
the number of those who lately fraternized j heaven bends loviugly over l, i; In ii h 

valleys slumber with untold 

s chnvecto the 
zeuiil sles of 

regard. YiVtsecollect, too, with Unalloyed anl ^ principles eternal we join in thcscn-| em ko licd in bis message, meet with a 
esteem, the faces tlnrt smiled with sympathy ; •imenls of (he Memphis Avalamhe, ami l, far t v endorsement by every Democrat in 

with the “Third Party” and whoa re will 
his heait and he has labored mithfullj foi , j„g j 0 g 0 j n ( 0 ;he Convention, let a fair, nine topped mountains [ 

and equal proportion of delegates be se- i and her broad rivers pour 
lected; and let us show to the Not them i rides to the Sea. 

I of State policy and federal relations, 

ealtl li r 

‘C I lie C JlUS * 

thfir triquil 
Rmbalmed in stop, il- 

Democracy with whom our national sal- | lustrated by heroism, and sanctified b snf- 

£3 ’' Judge Pearl has been recommended 
by the Democracy ( !) of Rockcastle for! 
llie Appellate Bench. Wonder how many 1 
of them? As Commonwealth’s Attorney 
for many years, the Judge had made, an 
enviable reputation as a lawyer and man, 
but which lie has utterly lost since he ha s i 
become Judge and suffered his morals and 
habits to become wrecked. 1 1 is candida- 
cy for the office in question would be a force- 

Jty In our advertising columns will 



ACt. JStox'lixrfg, I51y. 

i ESPECTFULLY oiler to their (riends and 
0 the public generally their stock of 

upon ns.nnd the hands that reached out to us , 
with substantial aid, as we embarked upon | 
our nudortaking. We love to review tin-; 
pleasant relations that existed between u 
and our bretlnen of the quill, and to con- 

say we shall for the future, in discussing , 1)e Commonwealth 

political questions, ignore the name con- t i ienis( q vesto tlie reaS0ll0 f every thinking 

valion is intimately bound up, a solid and 
I liey commend united organization. 

fering, God grant that the d*ys of hr op- ; be found tlieaunouucement of our 
pression may be brief; that t/be (huqrnny friend, John R. P. Tucker, as a candii 

. servative," call ourselves Democrats, and, 
take our position among the unconquerable j 
children of Democracy. In assuming and I 

man by their solid wisdent and practical 

Wc think Mr. Stevenson will he 

Negro Testimony. 

soon come when she can falce the prodest j for the office of Circuit Clerk. Mr. Tucker 
rank.iu the l nion and when the voce o 1 , a young gentleman of fine business qua 

[! 1 1   r I 



I or forty years the odor of me mepress- lier 8t(lt , ..Milan c-au be- lu-aiid once iiiprc in! ideations ami excellent business habits and 

template the fields where we labored to- ( ibis pai ly nomenclature, n e \\ c( ,pt n bla to every shade and degree of Detu 

it distinctly understood that we do so with- 
out reference to the old issues which for- 
merly divided the Whig and Democratic 
parties. Webster says Demon ney “is a 
government by tlie people; a form of gov- 
ernment in which tlie supreme power is 
lodged in the hands of the people collect- 


' jiowers of legislation.” This is the kind 
of Democracy which we espouse — a De- 
( mocracv which hike's the Constitution for 
its guide. and chart; a Democracy which 
seeks to preserve intact the fundamental 
law oflhe land, and will not countenance 
the distinction of guarantees which pre- 

gclher in unity. 

. it is, therefore, with pleasure, that we j 
resume our place in the sanctum and send ( 
forth salutation to the editorial brother- j 
hood. Our heartfelt prayer for the whol- [ 
fraternity is that they may begin the new 
year with increased lists of subscribers and 
old arrears, punctually paid up* that those j *' e '- v ’ 01 ’ n l ' lu ' • ' 1 

wlio wear the geutlo yoke of 1 ly men may 
have households filled with Cornelia’s jew- 
els; that the bachelors may soon have, for 
worship, at their domestic shrines, tin' queen 
of all earthly divinities — a wife. May the 
days of all the editors be long in the land 
and may they he blessed in “their basket 
and their store!” 

To the great public whose good opinion 
is tlie breath of our nostrils, we make our 
profoundcst salaam; and as wc jog along 
together through the undeveloped events of 
the new year, we hope to merit vonr lasting 
favor. We will endeavor both to in- 
struct and amuse; to furnish food for re- 
flection an ;1 laughter. For politicians, we 
will serve up the latest summary of news; 
for farmers we will produce and reproduce 
all matters rff agricultural interest. In 
short, we trust that every class and condi- 
tion of men may find information and di 
version in our columns. 

oeratie faith. lie is a Democrat who deals | 
j with present issues and is content lo leave, 

{ undisturbed, questions settled by tribunals 
I from which there is no appeal. lie is 

_• ible negro has been strong in the Federal 
. i Councils. Ilis scent and descent have 
been discussed ud nauseam. The public 
olfactories have been regaled with breezes 
from “Afrie’s Coral Strand;” the public 
eye has been filled with wool and the pub- 

i the councils of the nation! 

Our ihper. 

We hope that all p  r.sons who a; inter- 
ested in the permanent estddisliH* | and, 

training, ns well as a Democrat “by in- 
heritance.” John has a good deni of the 
, old Colonel’s humor in (his com position 
and will make n telling canvass. 

success of the Skxtivki. ' ill 

lend hi 

tli“iG New Cointv Diioject. — T here 

prudent, calm am! conciliatory; a man of j Re stomach gorged with jay-bird heels, assi-lsccc in cxlcndin* d-kireuliil i  h and / project on foot to make a new county out 
l he Roman type, earnest and decided in his twisted shins, flat noses and greasy lips, securing the pa t roll n. of 1 libera! ulcer- „f Carter, Morgan it Lawrence, the count v 
opinions and feailes-s in their expression. The public purse Las' also sympathized ' (moment. We need a pajjr in this part of | ,   n r t,, [, e hicated on the Folks of the 

1 teiritoiT, cm- J Cliffs, in Carter. The Cliffs are virtually 
^ olfo, i an independent Commonwealth now, judj 

the war, the negro was served up ns des 
sort, in Congress; now he fs set on legisla- 

tions n proper pilot to att at the helm ot | ami become alarmingly flatulent. Before 
our State vessel until she safely weathers 
| the tumbling sea of Federal polities through 
' which we are passing. 

But while Gov. Stevensou’s promi- 
nence and displayed ability have brought 
him so conspicuously before the public eye 
that no other man lias been mentioned in 

the Ninth District, 
bracing the count ice 
Magoffin, Johnson, 1’ 

I Ifou!, has 

live tables as the bread of life. Radical j its natural outlet hi Mount Stcilin^ (1 |,q 
pbflautlirojiy breakfasts oil Sambo’s reli- , uli.-n larger facilities of trirvl arc opened 
y ions wants, dines on his citizenship and ^ and quicker communication establishu* |x  
sups on the noble way the colored troops | tween ns, our town is destined to inc-MaEc 

fought; and in dreams, feast.* on the jio- 

serve the rights of the people and the sov- CO n neL ti on w ilh the nomination, still the 1 ideal millennium when there will ho no 

oreiguty of the states; a Democracy which 
will raise its magic scepter over a people 
struggling to be free; a Democracy that 
has seized the sword of “equal rights” 
and gone forth to battle and to victory; a 
Democracy which will advocate the pro- 
gress, the prosperity, the fraternity of th 3 
Union, the rights of the people, and the 
harmony of the States; a Democracy that 
will sustain n weak and defenseless people 

ingrowth and rise in importance. 

We have g large, wealthy an 1 th r! v ng 

action ol the Convention according to Dem- 
ocratic usage, should he untrammelled; and 

more distinction or disability on account county, an active and cncigelic pepnlatim. 

of color and when the South shall, under 

if someother one of the illustrious sons of | Cliffy’s dominion, become the Allien 
j Kentucky should he chosen for the high 
place, it would be ratified by the people, 
and by no one more cordially than by Gov. 

Stevenson himself. To his praise, let it 
never bo forgotten that the position he fills 
sought him, not he it. 

As to tlie selection of delegates (o the 

There are f OO Democratic voters in Mon. 
gotnery, and we should have at least 500 
subscriliers out of this number, I, if 

against the rude shock of the monster Bri- j National Democratic Convention, we offer 

a few suggestions. It is generally conce- 
ded by the members of the “third party” 
organization that they cannot longer per- 

areus, whose many stalwart arms are seck- 
i ing to crush out our boasted liberties — a 
| Democracy which, like the polar star of 

The political faith of our paper will bo R * 0 hight, will cast its benign radiance on petunte their political existence 


Democratic. We shall labor to expound R' c darkness ol the prospect, directing 

the : 

lucky. The last elections developed t!i 

the principles and illustrate tlie polity and i people in the maintenance of their rights ' weakness. They now see that there can, it was squelched in embryo 
gxplain the measures of the National Dem- and lead them through storm and tempest inevitably, be but one Democratic party j The Legislature seems determined 

the civilized world 

In the arid waste of unrelieved negro, land enliglitensd in every enterprise, i 
that stretches like Sahara over the political people exert themselves to se-tain 
area of the United Stales, it is extremely I SexTIXei 
refreshing to find an oasis of white man, a 
fountain unmuddied by Dinah's tears and 
palm groves not vocal with Sambo’ groans. 

The Legislature of Kentucky sooin to 
have ignored the negro. An effort made 
before the Judiciary Committee to allow 
him to testify iu the courts of this Com- 
monwealth, has proved abortive. The 
I proposition did not receive a «ingl 

ami by their rncomngeto at 
and aid, hinkc it among the first cu' ! y 
papers ril the Slate. 

W(\ hope tlndjjvery Democrat and fri*ud 

in the county, anil throughout the di 
will set to work-'fand send us lists of 
scrihers and' advertisements. We ' ions left- 
spare no pains to make our paper a eefta-J waves 
Lie and readable. We shall devote c\vrv»' ,,, " !i ‘‘ , **3f 
vote, energy to its upbuilding and its 

Wiirran'ed jmre; 

Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Ac, 



Looking Glnssics, 

French, Apple, Peach & Catawfca' 

Wines, and Old Boerboo Whlikey ( 

from the way Sheriffs, Assessors, and 'Van-anted strictly- pure for medical purpos'ei 

u. s. Collectors nud Marshals give them a Teas, Fine Virginia Tobacco, 

“wide berth.” Half ol Carter county 

signed the petition just to get rid of that 1 Best Imported and Domestic Ci* 

portion of the county. 


IIox. B. J. Deters.. — -T here seems to be 
a general desire throughout the entire State j 
ii.rit the Hon. B. J. 'lVters, the present! 

Chief Justice td the Appellate Court. ! 
should ho i nudid-diic for re-election to a 
seat upon ijic Supremo B-nch. 

’t liion-.-hoi: : ii ;li.- trying times through 
i h-Imvc lyt'ce just passed, he stood true] 
to the Cons itiition am! the laws, ami liei- I 
tiler tlie i i imli-.h'.isnts of power nor the I 
threats o",f ; l: v .-.airaps could ever turn 
him Iroui^i honest end patriotiedisehaige 
of the (lu ies uf^J, is high office. He nei- 
ther wavcosl nor faltered in following 

plain )'Hli)C| duty, and the threats of such 
men a, Dan., and i!,n 

co.ilit.-rSfe 1 , ’ 

to ; 


'I lie present year is io be an lmporj.uit ability. - J 

,v . * --- ; 

-. 9 

bridge and thcil lllill- 
h--s at his foot ns (li- 
the base ot the eternal 
- l\ t i 'Vs is one of the 
tr-Uo ists that j 
, decisions ! 
■ *° !l Vijiig. and ! 

' ifTaei’am 

-t : -Ac Al l i 

oeratie party — now the sole remaining 
bulwark against tlie tides of anarchy and 
revolution. Its policy during its long j 
leign of power was the prosperity and j 
unity of our growing nationality and its j 
achievements have been the glory of one 

— a Democracy which wars upon no sec - 1 ft nd they are willing to be identified with ! turn its attention to the wants and interests ,, nc . j„ ( | u , niimds of the Republic." 'This 1 It is-umli r-t.ioijr A^ftl^Ihe earn 

ll ; s he lias'.i «^.(Hiled (o hr 
i-lcelidii ,il” ^h jin 

gars, Soaps, Lotions, Perfumes 
rv and Flavoring Extracts, 


(A very large stock,) 

Paint, W hitewash & Hi' king Brushes 

A cenipleto stock of 


School and 231ank Books, 

A good slock of 

^ ^ VS. s 


'Vair in ted Fresh and G nuine. 

Cull and ex nnine fjr _i ourseti es.-ysaB 

tions nor no particular class of citizens on ( j*. At least this seems to be tlie verdict I of white men; to leave the negro to the 

account of birth-place ora religion — pro- [ 0 f the rank and file and of a large propor- laws of nature and of races and to the in- 

fect our institutions from desecration and 
the despoiler — a Democracy which hates 
chains and loves freedom, respects law, 

arms. Throughout the bloody storm ofl* 1 ' 8 ' L v j ul T  

hut which scorns and de- 

ycar the jjje.tion whether we will cdiittntic 
a free ^pqlh: oth^tik jnto a race of serfs, is 
to be.fleeV(le(l.^Vv President uf the United! 

so. Pliy-.sioiuns Prosoriidionw, 

tion of the most talented and sagacious evitable developments of social progress. 

leaders. This organization, however much , We want no mixture of races, social oi Stales is to he deck'd next November, ami 

it lias been reviled and ridiculed for party j political. Once open (lie door of 1 'gisla- | m (],j s selection our highest Uitercsts nice 

[mi qioscs, contains many men of high gifts, j tion to the demands of the negro and per- intimately bound up. lutrujjc problem^ 

enlarged experience, comprehensive states- mit him to testify in any other way than ,,f taxation and finiyi c arctjHpbc solved — 

' ! mnnsbip and unimpeachable patriotism, j that now allowed by law, soon lie will ask the political, industrial and commercial in- 
side anil in every state, yet not discomfited; ! potisfn. This is (lie kind ot nomocracy i p j s (] IL , ron inant of that party of faithful for the jury box, the judge’s scat, the pub- ten-sis of the United State* will engage the 

distressed but not in dispair; cast down and ' vc propose to advocate; and in doing so [heroic spirits who kept watch over the lie prosecutor’s place anil, next, suffrage. : minds of the wl.- le peoplg. Jim year 

often insulted vet not destroyed; its organ- i u " c 'F'siro to have uo more talk about tariff, liberties of Kentucky iu tlie perilous days He can have no part i 

nanny, denounced 


civil war, it raised its voice for law and 
against oppression. Troubled on every j 

pises the contemptible edicts of petty sat- 
nps, the ill-gotten spawn of military dcs- 
Tliis is the kind of Democracy 

ization assailed by the appliances of piti- i nn ' 1 distributions, aud more especially do 0 f 1803; who defied ty 

loss despotism, yet not disheartened, the j we desire to hear no more twaddle aboiq . oppression and protested r.suipa- butter for both parties 

Democratic party like the nik upon the ' the Virginia and Kcntncky rOsolutions ol ! tion ; who kept tlie vestal fires of frec.-spoech j for place and feels the stirrings of 

flood of waters, bore safely through the | ’D 8 — ’99. It is the genius oT such a Do- burning brightly during the gloom of civil tion in his chest, let him migrate 

deluge and wreck of our civil war, the mocraey that will preserve our liberties, 

covenant of American liberty. Whatever Around such a party will cluster the 
ovo for law and order now remains in the ! loftiest and most sacred patriotism. . Trea- 

i ii do  io moral/i/ s. 

' l 

r (lotild 

Ik-mocinjic [wOt y of hisi J“n. 0 . 
predict that he will be elect - 1 
1 itv "f tft^ 9 .iili-ls, for Kcn- 
‘ l " honor s uch men, mi l in 
ofior themselves. — )   

hours of the day or niyht. 


o ii s : 

war, and saved Kentucky from “the lean 
famine, quartering steel and climbing fire” 
that visited her Southern sisters. It is the 

part in our political ; hoiV ( 1S08 will 1 
tage and the sooner this fact is known the 
If Sambo yearns 
to the 

Radical Utopias in the South or show his 
ivory in Thud. Stevens’ parlor. Ken- 
tucky does not need him in her courts or j dently trust, re wan! ns no v. 

deters. — We see that this gen- 
tlemen !iis Jeon sen tod to serve an oilier tel m 
on the.(-\ii|i t ol Appeals bench. Wecordi- 
1 ly tigicil with our cotcmporai ics, the 
Yeoman ay ! Courier, in saving that there 
Kentucky. During 

Cash Grocery, 

Wo enter upon Cur Aofk with sanguine | is no better man in 

V 1 ' i , 1... 1 the daik I hours lie never flitn-hed or fa 1 - 

and resoltlte heart*. 'Wear- 'Mid 1 
people wil! npholl our cnteAAR o; 

readers will lemiinker 
when we co dducteii tais 
that rewarded our 

I lie f„ n f w 

O in- 


doits then nl 

LK IIS nn t* A 

11, wo 


ll -hi 

, pure, and in hq 


nil .del 

aivs as Ii" bad 1 . 

j to regar 

jjf«b' n t 

icfore tlie flood 

| I'anatici, 

nil It. ill'll 

1 over the Stale. 

iic.-i'lcd 1 

iisin *.ss 

qualities, and hi 

: 1 1 ; 

in liis 

profession, h 


His el- 

i earts of the people whatever respect re- son 1 ° such a party is moral treason to the j remnant of that party which when the war councils and will not have him. We are 

Plains for our peculiar form of government 1 country. Opposition to such a party, in a „-as over welcomed hack, with friendly glad that her present legislature so fully 

. . _ . . . . I . i:i__ at l J f : i : * \ 1 . 1 : c si. 

nd veneration for our Constitution, is due crisis ljkjlhgjjrcsent, is agieat cii-. 
the firmness" courage and integrity oft T ’"e people— the Democratic mass 

fie Democratic partv of 0"- nai-in. W.h- 
■ -sjJtits nnlii -ik u front and dauntless ranks, 
•■e should Jong finec have drifted into 
/.opeless auauhy and been consume : by 
the hot and pestilential breath of tyranny. 

are fast consolidating in^n tincoi quern 
army of patriots — arc frne to. il 
[ and the eternal principles 
history of the’ Deinucraflt j 
luminous with bright deeds 

the soldiers of th" Sonih : 
id them in the full 'lahilim- 
iiip.. 'J’he accession of thus 
Jniinniift Democratic party 

nts of 

i men 
sheds ! 

new lustre on 'their patrrollsm and vindi- 
cates their integrity. It illustrates their j 
aifd with | attachment tp the public weal and 

ess. tlie 
fty will be 

By its unconquerable heroism, we have splendid trinmplis; triumphs that will j forth their Utoad and catholic 

tb til: 
U i oat 

some shadow of the sacred ihtiniments of j enable it to spurn every enemy ftom its I, 
law left, and by tlie blessing of Providence I pathway, and to live down abuse and 

umny uutil it proudly stands before tlie 
world with dominion, and abounding wit 

wc will hold up our hea is once more as the 
grandest race of the globe. 

The distinctive tenets of this party on ! power, 
the political questions of the day will be 
discussed and presented to the reason and 
ntelligence of the people, from time to 
time, through this paper. 

Especially will wc contribute our mi;e of 
ability to consolidate and weld together the 
Demytraey of Kentucky. Outside of Rad - 
realism, '.’here con Ue'uuioni; party in Ken- 
tucky. The politicians recognize this fo- 
llow, -Tile people, wlvose lielarts have near- 
ly always been right, have seen it from the Pearl’s, there is no doubt. 


re not widiout causes of com- 
mons f ! -Content. When 
ig nr of ppace visited Kentucky 

rc|ireseat 8 the will of her people. 

The eoimty of Hanover, the hirthplnce 
f I ’at i i -k Henry "ml Henry Clay, i* rep- 
ot. !. :n the lv-gi - convenhqn, which 
is now in session at R -hmoml, hv a negro 
who can neither read n u- write. — Ex- 

Negroes in Convention at Riehoiond!- 
Ncgrocs making a Constitution for t n - 1 )ld 
Dominion! Ignorant negroes, beastly nc 
groes, stiipi-l negroes transformed into L-g- 

ap’d she felt the glow of glorious freedom , islators and deliberating over tlie interests 
i/u her hlfod; when the weight of military | e f a grand Commonwealth! 

iict. — The projgcKj ty 
ain ui^ in 
very prosper-.', of sue. 
be more selfish and 
the few persons who 
to have it passed, and 
;oly to succeed. That 
new district is necessary and -should be 
ade out of this and too ndjoing one of ' Confederate 


was lifted from her shoulders and par - 1 can neither read nor write,’ 

“A negro n ho 
from the Lirili 

[For the Kentucky Si qS .,1 

A Short Chapter on Olq Haite. 

Why old maids wen- invepteih wc never 
could umleisttind! They eei lairdy- heloty 
to some anterior so rial formation. -They 
have no more to'slo with the present dis- 
pensation of earthly matters than a petri- 
fied lizard hcweil out of granite strata. 
There is about as much use lot them in 
■s world as there is for the -present Coig, 
of the United-States. Both of tin* 
1 .lions could (hop out of being had lil 
mimed no more tf n n a numhci veif -'.dt 
pitch into till! ; Atlantic Octmn. It) is 


tors an ornaiueiit to our judi i n v 
dit to tiic party by which lie was 
riie Constitution and the laws of 

d have ill 

1 fearleks 

wavs get into high places. — Clarl. 
' j Democrat. 


c. J. O^OVSR 

Keeps cyr.Stantly on hand a large stoilof 

iisiiiut ion and the laws o' ~ 

way* found in him .-, faith- Staple (fcFancY Groceies^ 

expounder. Such men dn 1 J 

NewJudiciai, Distrk 
of a new Judicial D 
I the Legislature with c 
cess. Nothing could 
unfair than the .'nape 
are urgjivg it, desii 
in which ihcv are 

organizations were formed, these men j plaeeof Henry and Cfayf’tVrginia strapped | * 
because of their past views were rigorously i of her statehood by the infamous reeon- 
excluded from a fair participation in both I struction policy of Cosgresa, and degraded 
eonnt v and State offices. At most they into a military province, ruled by negroes 
were invited to the floor and aisles; the: 
pew-duovs to the chief seats of the political | 

and bayonets. 

Yes, it is even so. Virginia, that assisted 
j Synagogues were closed on them. The j in making the government, that defended 
i test of official eligibility was service in tlie | it in the perilous days of its infancy again. 

true th . some 
neigh 1 oV, nur 
I there were loss 

have skittish notions about the tini 
! bower and thelight of Li idal ton hies Rilkes 
| the ir eyes blink. If all women Awei 
maids* ‘what* a pretty predicaijtent th' 
t'ai^cous globe would be jin. J : 

•tff’i'.i.i.vrz Cpt'iiT. — By refefonce to 
la-r column it will be seen that Thomas 
v, Esqr., is n ’.candidate for this c.x 
/ositi'-n No man in Eastern Kon- 
tuiky enjoys a higher reputation for learn- 
in ilis jjrofesMun, nr lor jH*i'. on.*il 
i ^ ‘tv, ami iii* is coftainly nosouudcr, truer 

Oemocmt. Maj. is comparativeh 

•y voting Ilian, but lias a mind well stored 
nd thoroughly disciplined Judge Deters 
backbite l/va» in town on Monday, and is umloubted- 
1 P'S candidate. A\ e ex 'lcssod om opin 

/lofliim last week. This district lias n 
( ’j noble brace of gentlemen to choose from. 
— rClark- County Ixmocrut. 

" ich will be soli! ot very lew Prices ir 


A I ways on hand 

Choice Bio & Java Cofee 

Choice rv. O. .Sn«rs«i*. 

Choice Dcn-.era Sugar, choice Soft ItcCnc-dl bito 
Crashed and Cumulated • 

Si GT 


. The year now dni'wing ,o rTclose has ‘ BeSt Gun P owde '" & '^P^ial Tea, 

jq | been, perhaps, the most unsatisfactory one s . , _ . _ 

i to business men they iiave known for t wen- ^Jl 

i lie 

Army. The overweening British tyranny and aggression, that jf would be abolished anil 

But it makes I jiopul^i i'y of returned southern soldiers I up her sons to he slaughtered, and 
ining. \\ hat the leaders ac -1 wire- the now district entirely out of this, re - 1 |, on . down all opposition and monopolized towns to he burned, flint holds within her*' "/ ; witho 
:s of party machinery have failed to i gardless of geogra[ihical form anil shape, of j all positions. How much of this exelu- bosom the honored dust of the heroes who 'stories for 

lit of fashion, anil wet 
withont the telling, m 
nurseries would 

! » 

bring about, the people are determined sliaR j local' attachments and associations, nitli- ! siveness sprang from the great ro'Ction ip.][ at Yorktown, is ignominiously driveni L f '^ a lj 

1 ". Vad-'r 
loHimon ilv 

the irresistible impulse of n lessly severing every businesH and social in the masses from a five years oppression i from the sisterhood of States, aud nltaic 

! : ri 


diny, with a common love for | fo- that hound many of the lawyers of the j , 0 unfettered freedom of thought and 

doned to th ■ humane (?) p t»li 

tlie birthright Of freemen, they are coming counties below in links of the closest in- | tiqn, wc do not stop to inquire; but that equalilv, negro suffrage, and n"g 

I negro 
Horn ill- 

ol'. ink, -,v| 

, . i old mauls ‘L 

‘ sSilonyuavehiibi. ^-yniB 
“They a," a. 



t 1) 

together, coalescing, uniting under on 
name an 1 for one [unpose — the name of 
Democrats, and with the* of main- 
taining in viohde bur dcareijt coustitutiona’ 
vtelits. YVo reioicc at this, an 1 hail it m 
an otnen of still prouder triumphs lor-oui 
gallant Stale against the li.-tei bdnxy ol 
modern It -puMi -anisrn. ,, We rejoice thaff 
toon have learned !o foiget th" afiimos-tie 
of fierce civil conflict, and Mint the jioriid 

1,1 'faJTfifC.A'''".''* AW Cty'es oi 

tile litter feel is* jratvilenH iiijts^mky at 
•*!»e close of hostilities, piqdu'ccal chiefly by 
fa” t ,at !. 'jfrit'.:- U' ha;’l Crpou- I dit 


timacy, both in official and private capac- ( we do not overstate matters, wot need only 
 *y. to the people in the counties above, is f 0 vc f ev to the elections' of 18^ throughout I land that c 
a great wrong. W.  say don’t ctestiby tin- • -,i. p g| rt | e . — :  Avell with 

plk-tnqad . " 

fanic and j 

old district. Ir has stood together for ;. 
longtime We 'confess it is too l..ige; so 
* Deail’s even more *o. hr not, then, 
take four coniines liotn each that lie 
wgirous, and make the m-w district. T here , 
is Dike, l-’loyd,- M ictoflin and Morg.m on ; 
he one side, an 1 I. -.-Jicr, Ja l.son, Bnhb 
itt and Gwslcv on the oth r. with plcnli 
of *good»iiaterial lo make Judge ami Com 
liionwculih’s Attorney out of. If llduim 
de lessening tof thuja hors of the Judtri 


|?It is the 

■■■■ I. JM 

Now this organization tl'tfr'^Bi] 
apiirt, is mhst irtially. me 
nait of wisdom us 
he re-civ- 1 on term* ofpef- 
ditiomSl equality; that they snould h 

There is not a hqart in 

i tli honest wratli’a?*nff foul 'indig - 1 
nities that are heaped upon m-r» Hitllertoi 
she lias been the hca-jlof theLjj W Its 



Sty-five years. Their aggregate of sales has I 
been small and their losses (there weie not 
erp-i g“ profits, as a general thing) have been 
void “dry heavy. This is the common testimony ol 
hants and mannfactnrers. And yet 
is a firm in Pt. Louis whose sales 
tear have amounted to over a million ! 
•It. i’ liars — a larger business than they ovei 

j did before, and a profitable one at that. 
•The proprietors attribute it to the fact that 
1 ,, '*v expended 810,000 in liberal and jn-j 
’itioiig advertising, Louis Dispatch. 

G-\N T li UITS (°fi kindf^ 

!I ootien IlYtrp, CordatfCg 

Sptiu Coltou, Colton Batting 

Also a general assortment of 


ConsistingMn part of * 

’sharfid j hv wli?n it was horn, an Lm 

J - « 

nncon- ! strong j^nu vigorous man 

liz-nl ij,! Jierlccted the ] 

equal chances iu the race for honors, equal resi^am-e,' tlie eloquence ol L’^i 


i i.Mtion in tli-; pUkus. council* aid) de- -jf’-fiie ball uf t -%»n tmoi : aJk* ^ 
rations « f .tlie i '-qiqji iap j arty. ,^fh* : tite'MVonl of \Y as|i i pjMT’M en ;•  *' d the V^j 
t- st foe [dace nff®s*mt-fi..n sboi^r Jeiicrson.-ttdi ifflW th.- Dri-l-tmtil 

n'.-.v 1 ’ of rigid 

tlie domestic strife, in 
jhiidring people, have 

ffilowsliip reigtw in 

i and gettfog" more weed's ot ibjrt tin Sumo 

cpnntf 8 k; is the tbotiee of the [ u nkiqyvc: 

and net the providing for 

Aii- rios of offices, and ttia exclusive -Ip ujr *i 

q/ the litigation of th-'^rHintiy abovovriien 

, ’ , -rh.'v K'ltaiuly cau.i'grPe to this i-qtutabl 

i • S.' an 1 ! fair shape ot (lie new distnet. 

6;.'i tmou, 4 



\ l mvt 
I iibei 1 
| only 

j be merit. There sho' 

I i.e- audca man wore “tie 
• “the blue;” because he followed 

. ‘ :-’X“ 

ostracism fo Independence wasyii » irgmi.ut; Mad.-t 

u-lio.-xx sonii l stalestfiabship t{Tid- it pJ , i.:"oml 

learning shaped theCouslilufimt iirtolfi 


ay” *pc. wore 
th? T r- 

. , t nn sof t ha 
and tile 

l j y mmerryjrwas q, ViiriWd.ain 1 
.-tents, Secratarics, tati-.-inen, Qjatifrs', 

a babv, we wonbr 
to tti • iqrua -e of M 
J ij.iusici *, lap. \Ve.  
Rjstiyitly spanked itj 

^ron. *. 

(il l ni:ii?ljr ; are f-.nJI 
h s. i*li'- yiseld-aii jlajl 
. alw.iyUt'.nk nn 

ejR#n*. f-k%Cgan«-i'^ 
Itit'g f«n.' a u?:ii: , !*J 

V* Pure Bourbon Whisky, 

W " vi "" P«r* Apple * PewliBrartj 

PifRE french brandy, 

H H i" 

JW ld fen 



on me: , 

kanuefii'mJ^ijOTily in sorig j ty r 
fti.-muf oljihflac who; folic f jit.-, 

• uust; or becatn*-; he a lli/red.- 66 the N-i- . He: es, and [ octs; have ppun-g fr-. iu i'CL- mind him. Ho i* 
1 i 1 hlaui , cdfi sacralen i d the ifiost j teeming soil, and both iu war and ij  ttfc»i»* " 

loviot’.s achievements of. Anlrican 

intgiTt, Nli-. 

to; Miss Katie Sfoner. of Nlongomerv. 

■ Ol a tru^i^'-LqvC lilies the camp, tic- 
court,' iH^gpove.” l ot his favorite king- 
Twm to i c an the voting, es- 
Tn the above instance, as the “hap - 1 

9m” has not tet reached the age old r 

. Av.'iity-one, and the tail voting bride i* not , lf ; , , 

fvej ••sweet sixteen.” \Ve udsl, them joy, j ° f ‘ U ^eryartlele 

j an*! trtist. that in a journey of a long am! 

IfYy. life, tin y may never hav 
rep-irt -t!,e step, (hoy have now 
n Democrat. 

y I 


- Grocery, 


»S telling Sentinel is to : (, 

ouY of Cinciauaii. 

which* witt he itS- lo\X 

any house 

We Rave adopted the 

ii;! T^f cold ff/t '“4 


s achievements of Anlrican his- ; lation, she has written her name in i-.^eli- • OM maids Vl'dotn o 
"We are now all IX-mofats # Ken- ' ble fame on the proudest pagn# c .f J^u^.advahecd 



i(ic am 

h to an (Loom oi Radi 

r v . ••• |:r. 

li'.M, in » anuaiy, muler the r ■ ! i«of I n l » 

'.■nrof .w, Lffmiv, . mi,' f 1 \ ft.R QYOfp nra- 

one of the WfW vig-uous rviitc^ i;i i- • ^ 

uiHjbe a formidable 

. —'j/oyH'ule Uv fo i 



ii t-..iy a k yoit^to tall nn j cxanii ie stoci/an 
ntmparv prices before buying el stoRerE*-. 

Jaa. 3-ly ' C. jTGI0V£| 










AST Undewhii Is aii'l Drawers of tlie 
st qualities at Frank Gump it Co. * 


•it- aitvcrtisrag patrons will please j ^ 
Wo will notice i 

rovemonts. . . - 

Tlie«piritof improvement -lias bcenex- 
Tlll’RSDA V. ANT All Y 1), ISOS, tensive. in our town within the last year. 

ma 'Site is beginning to Wear a new look. 
1’lic scars of war are being obliterated from 
her conntcnnuce. 

First among the bnihlings comes tbe 
new Jail, erected bv our enterprising fol- 
Hoffman it Co. are agents for the low-townsmen, Major O. S. Tcnny anil 
ale of G. C. 3Iille"’s ct Limited plows, N. D. Floyd. It lias been received by the. 
■said to be the best made. County Court and is the handsomest edi- 

fice of the kind in Eastern Kentucky. It 
borders on tbe Public Square and looks 
down upon the town with the guardian 

; eye of the law. Tbe building is large, 

IC 5 ?“John 1 . Games, after-a year s test, commodious, convenient and exceedingly 
has resumed tbe llaeksmilbing business at well-arranged. Our popular Jailor, T. 
his old stand on Maysvflle Street. . II. IVoLert. is jungly ensconce! in the 

jC W Judge Armstead Morton has pur- best dwelling in town. 

■chased of Thomas Fox and wife, of ibis Already he has bad several boarders, 
county, ll  acres of land, lying on Grassy and if a man is bent on going to jail, we 

advise him by all means to fall into l’ro- 
bert’s bands, lie will pnt you into a nice 

little iron cage, give you a good bed, plcn 
-during the holidays. He is in line health . . 

° • . ty to cat and warm you up with his l atent 

nnd was warmly greeted by bis many ('| ivlla  . 0 

friends. 1 mi ,,, ■ .. 

1 he   Imstian 

Advioe to Purchasers. 

Lalies and gentlemen in the country’ 
who Jesirtf to purchase goods in this city, 
woull do well to consult our advertising 
colunns — all the time bearing in mind 

His warm and generous heart, h : jv[are social 
qualities, ois manly bearing, his fine temper 
anil stainless honor will long be held in affect- 
ionate remembrance b/ the host of friends who 
knew and loved him, and to whom lie w 
^ound by the most lender and faithful all'ec- 


I  I T X O IV 


that he most enterprising and widc-a-wnke ! iiun. 
men, who advertise largely, are invariably ) Religion was a theme on whirls lie delighted 
the nost liberal, the most reliable, and the M*'*’- 1 - llc WR s n devout believer in the 

I Lear with us this week, 
them all hereafter. 

mos (accommodating men to deal with. 
Belov wo given list of the dealers of Jit. 
8 to i lug, whom weean confidently recotn- 
tncin to otir patrons as parties who expose 

:?2t!i and in? plTa tion of the Bible — was cLeerj 
ed and sustained by its precious promises and j 

regulated his life by its pure precepts and luo* j'* 010 ' an  ^ uI kxehdtige 
Jilt ; Due from Banks 

rality. Real estate 

In the closing years of life life a shadow pass- i Office Furniture 

“ Exchange Bank of KentucJ 

0#» f/tt* 30f?i flay of MPeceniher, I *■ (»?. 

for .sdo only the best brauds of fabrics in ! ed over his bright intellect and obscured its \ Protest account 
1 )rv Goods, the most superior G roeCries, j powers, ami through days and nights of suffer- 3 

and he finest and most fashionable styles j in ~ cht ' cred b - v " ,e lovin 8 * nd ''ntchfulassidu- Trcas “ ry ' aCll x , llional Uilnk XotM 
, „ , , . , , itics mother, wife, sisters, brother, and friends, 

ol work, all of which they are ofleifiig at , , . , , , • ■ , ... 

° J lie trod the gloomy paths of sickness until 

low prices: 

lit y Goons — Samuels A Jorda 

Lick, at 6100 per acre, cash. 

AiT Chief Justice Peters Was at horn’ 

AST W e send this, the first number of 

Church is rn [ id ly ap- 
proaching completion. It is tasteful in 

the Sextinkl, to a number of persons who j st - 8l 'bstantial in 'architecture and band- 

hope will ' s . 0,nel  ’ painted, 
tunny j site on Main street. 

probably reach 61S.OOO. When finished, 

It is built on the old 
I'lie entire cost will 

arc not subscribers, but who we 
Subscribe themselves ami get as 
others to do so ns possible. 

W it will be a great addition to the town. 

iC-ST The fight between the Northern and , , r 

° Messrs. Glover, \\ inn and Metcalfe, 

Southern part of Wolfe, for the county j a] , eitiaen , of 0llr town , llave crc , teil „ 

seat, has been renewed with increased feel- !arge Steam Mi]1 in t]ic lowe| . or casteln 
ing and determination before the present par t 0 f the town, at a cost of about 612.000. 

Legislatu re. Tim machinery, which is the most np- 

AiT Dr. Geo. (). Graves has quit the proved nnd finest pattern, alone cost about 
practice of medicine and will remove to :  - ,800. A good mill is wliat we have 
bis farm at -Mt. Ida, in this county. lie long needed in our community, mid we 

| Death laid its hand upon him, and be passed 
j from earth. Around the fireside of home, now ! b 'pital Stock 
Gr.o  T.niiis — M. C. O’Connell; John wrapped in woe, in the busy marts of trade, in Certificates Dcposdts “dofa 
\y_ Clay A Son; C. J. Glover. j cvcr J wa'k of life, his death has made a vacan- Due Banks 

i,,. * ii i i i. ii , i I cv that cannot be tilled. “He had many talents, 1 United Stales Taxes unpsiil 

J uiiiiiisrs — llarrali cv. UcUaVu. • • • » i,... 

, ninny virtues, fetv faults.” “The elements were ] ront ana Loss 

Boots A buOEs — John utirlev. . , , 

i so mixed up in him that nature could stand up 

I Alton ARE lIollman A Go., Jouott A j an j g „y ( 0 a ]| the wotld, tliis was a man.” 

Through life the deceased cherished for his 
I devoted guardian nnd friend, the author of this 
slight tribute of affection, sentiments of pro- j Gaaves Surplus this day 
j found respect and unceasing gratitude: and the 
j memory of bis worth and unfailing friendship, 
w ill live green and fadeless Hi the writer’s 
heart. J. II. 


Saddles — Tbos. Clarke. 

Profit and Loss as above 

I. ess Dividend No. 5 of 5 per ccut. free of Govetumeut tat 

AiT We publish in this paper a state., 
mett of the financial condition of the Ex- 
change Bank of Kentucky. on Hist De- 
cember, 18G7. This exhibit shows that 
tlicBank is in a healthy and flourishing 
Condition. Under the able and cfli .'ient 
management of its Cashier, Win. Hoff- 
man, Esq., it lias been steadily advancing 
in .lie popular favor and confidence, and 
is destined to be one of the permanent in- 
stitutions of the country. At tbe regular | 
animal election.’ Ii. Apperson, j r. , Tims. 
II, Grubbs, GY in. liigan and Richard 
Ibid were elected Directors for the proscut 
year. Ii. Apperson, jr., is President. 

Fiendish Mflttnnu. — Mr. Lewis Mur-, 
pliyi a Constable of Wolfe county, was 

.'fount Sterling, Ky., Jan.O, lsdS-lw. 

~i i x ; T i i j\_ 

Mount Sterling Markets. 

Carr/ ul'lj Correchd rr  '/■// XCfrh l,y C. J. Glover \ 
Wholesale and Relnil Grocer. 

cordially recommend these gentlemen to 
the patronage of the public. 

Messrs. Howard, Fames A Co., ore j waylaid and murdered a few weeks ago 
pushing tiie woikon their large Distillery llf i,rlii S home, by two brothers named In- 
near town, and will soon begin making g la m, the sons ofa neighbor o! bis. The 
whisky. I bey have all tbe best and tin- j lu0 (ive was revenge, Murphy having sold 
cat machinery and expect to make 20 bar- gome property of their fathers under an 
rets per day. We hope they will m»k“ i erection placed in his binds. Murphy 
good whisky. 

Messrs. TchnvA Lloyd 

leaves a dependent family. The Ingrams 

lias also purchased the faim of Sami. Da- 
Vis, Esq., adjoining his, at 670 per acre, 


JC3T W e Were glad in see oht- popular 
nnd able Circuit Judge, lion. II. Apper 
son, jr., on his return rrom the mountain 
•counties. After his arduous labors nnd 
fatiguing joirrnpys, lie looks in vigorous 

health. .. ... .... _ 

A reward of 6000 is ofiered fly 

In order to extend util- circulation latge bri- k Ware-house on Marseille street, tim friends of the murdered man, and 8500 
in the mountain counties, We have dotci*- below C. J. (Hover’s Grocery Store. by the Governor for their apprehension, 
mined to furnish our paper at two dollars Onr indefatigable eitizan, Gns Haggard, Jt is said tiny passed through lure, evi- 
n year where ns many as twenty copies are having sold hisresi lonce on the Maysville ileutly striking for the Ohio, 
laken at one post-olliee. Let some ener- ] Pike to J. T. Breen, is now building a — - 

gctic friend in each county take hold of the resi I •mas on a lop ; M ■— 

matter nnd send cs a lmge lift. 

GYe will thank our friends through 
out the country for any items of local nev 
they may send ns. It is our greatest 
sire to make the Sentinel an inteiesli 1 
■local paper, and with the assistance of 
friends from different parts of the coin 
we flatter ourselves to please all. 

A ?}~ We regret to Jenin that the a; 
nnee of- the ‘'History of the Kent' 

Soldiers,” by Dr. E. O. Gncrrant, 

and professional engngi ments. \\ e tin- 1 eutromllon 13. J. Fctere It) acres of lan 
derstaud that the Doctor in spite of ali in the suburbs of the town, at 6200 pCr j 5 ^^ 

acre, and is erpeling a resilience upon it. 

The site is a splendid one. Elder Mimnell 
was formerly a cilisen of tlrfs ]ilaee. He i toiuerif immiv, 
is nl present Corresponding Secretary of i ? o’clock, 1’. .'i., 
tbe Kentucky Home Missionary Society. 

He is a minister of fine attainments, a wri- 

Coffee — Prime lo Choice Rio 

2C(ti. 28c 

*• 4i Java 

;:7(n 10c 

OM Gov’t Java 

36@ 38 

JS'ijfir — New Urlennd 


4 * ('ii ha nnd Pdf to Rico 


“ Soft White Retiued 

1 ~(a 18 

“ Hard “ “ 



$lf» 1 26 


St of 

Mackerel— per hbU 


“ l bbl. 

Sit) fit 12 

u Iv its 

S'2 7 a (a y 8 25 





Clover feed 

$8(rt,8 50 

Timothy 14 

SJ(7, ■'  25 

Flux 41 

St 50 





Wheat — choice while 

S’ 25 

“ “ red 

S2 00 

Flour — choice Family per bbl. 

St 5 50(77,1 0 00 

4 ‘ superfine 

' 14 00 

Inducements ! ! AND LIQUOR 0 


to. €. 0’C0.\ 7 JV 



— AT— 

Specs a.l notices. 


UY Tiu s. i — By referenee to out 1 inlver- 
Ing c»’]iunii8, it will be seen that our 
nbor. Hi Campbell, wil 1 sell Ids entire 
of cloths, cassimeres, furnishing 
i, Ac.,, at auction on Saturday, tin* 
just. II : lias some very desirable 
s, and persons ill need of anything in 
me will save money by attending litis 
Remember the day. 

a''aTffr.* A » ix 


'Ve arc authorized to announce John U 
P. Tuckek as a candidate for the tHice of Cir- 
cuit Court Clerk of Montgomery county at the 
ensuinsr August election, 8'thject to the decision 
of a Democia ic Convention should one be 
:• silled. te. 


We will cl 03 e Out oUl - rntire slock of 

On Saturday, ISlhcf January, 1868 

At toy store. ! will offir nt public sale, my fine 
stock of 


furs m nm foods, 

T a make room tor our at-w 

Corner Court liouse Square aj 

M I . .-■*  «*i*lin *»•„ 

H IS stobk • onsists of the be.] 

ar.d Fartey 


Pure Copper and Domestic 

Brandies, Gins, Whiski] 

Tea, Co: 

Choice Granulated, Pulv 

and VclltJ 

S U G- ^ 

Pitre Synw 

New Orlsa   

Sofia, Star and Summer 
Fancy Soap; Starch 
Spite, Cloves, N u t , n 
Alum, Indigo 



FRENCH CLOTHS Spring Importation! 


We have just received a large stock of every- 

kn&SK&’WiS. FURBISHING GOODS, ! "*»**-*. 

K i ON -WARDElt. — (Jn the 2 : ; . 1 nit., 
r tlie reStdence nf the bride’s mother, in Iticli- 
iniiit Mo., by 
Stiiextim, of St 

idistaeles, will have li is volume ready for 
the jitess in a short lime. 

jC*T Frank Gump A Go., propose sell- 
ing! and Winter Slock of 
Ready Made Clothing and Gents furnish- 
ing Goods at cost, from now on until 
Spring, for the purpose of nuking room 
fora large Spring supply. 

L't’s all go and buy some before it i- 
too late. 


GLKTON. — At bis residence in .Ment- 
on Tuesday, ilie 7t!i insl., at 
, John N. Conglclon. aged about 

SCOTT — At his resilence in Montgomery 
.ouitLv on the 2d iiist. Willhim Scott, 
ter. .f high reputation, a .scholar of reeoghi- , T1|L ; a RCKlscd n . iU an , 10nesti use , u!| and 

/. ■d ability, and a gentleman ofg'nial and ',,^ 1 , t nmn , beloved and respected by all who, 
social impulses. We are glad to have knew him. De trod tlic paths nf a quiet, linos- j 
such men permanently with 11 s. .Icnuuiijils life, discharging all the dalles of hie 

F — beir.g, with the fidelity ii lid promptness of n j 

A*?' Tmfle.’liristinas holidays passed, good citizen, 
off without much gayely. The usiiiilj For several years he was nffll, ted wi:h to-nl 
quantity of wliiskv Avas drank and (j K paralysis, and unable to move about. Forma-] 
usual pyrotechnic display made. iSmal , 

It.trs ts.YIP*s, 

And in short, my whole stock of goods now on 
hand, niifi which consists of everything in my 
line of business. 1 lfis is no sale of remnants ( 
TKUMS C.VHI. The sale will coi.Liuue from 
,!uy to day u r lit tlic stuck is sold. 


N. B. All those indebted to me will please [ 
call iiuiiu di iti ly nnd seitlr, otherwise they must 
not complain if the iltliis owing by .hem are 
sold or t 'ansfeired, or prosecuted by suit. 

Jan y-2iv. iL C. 


LA 15 1 US A!V£  WESTS - 



MA.A t T FACT UliEll, 

, , of the Christian Church at Mt. Sterling, find $; !? „{ Putdir Sauure. near the Got! OfScc, 

bovs dissipated their fractional currency .... ... , , , I- - ‘ " 

- 1 - j until disabled by sickaess, was ft constant at 

ny years he was a pious and devoted member 

AdT Our city was illuminated during 
the holidays by the pleasant face of our 
friend, Parris, of lliq Clark County Demo- 
crat. May bis days r.e row-cid witliliap- 
pincss. His fine qualities of head nnd 
heart made him hosts of warm friends 
here whose Lest wishes will always atte nd 

AiT James Howard, jr., charged with 
•shooting Wm. Wyatt with intent to kill, 
was tried on 27th tilt., before bis Honor, 

M. M. Cassidy, County Judge, and acquit- 
ted. Tlic proof disclosed that tlic shoot- Alfred Bowrcn, of the house ol VY allace iMj fibnsv^le. Jesse M K. White, his father, diet 
was justifiable. The accused was Binge!, Walnut Street, Cincinnati. 11# in 1831,  mfi h ft John, a tender buy, in the sev 

by J. - — 

4iev» ain-l dcfcnilcil by 11. Jlolt, l-  r x 

with great prodigality mi l exjdoded flie-j upon hi? religions duties. He wns nl- 

ciachtMS, torpedoes and Roman candles* seen regularly in his place at church, and 
, * 4 vith great boldness. We are very grate lived and died a Christian, 
ful that nobody was shot during tie 1,aves a " if « ai ‘ J « lav en children to 

Christmas. We feel like our town wa. : m T a kis loES ’ 

TVItirK.— *On the 5th of November, !307, ai 
| hi# iisiiiciicc iu MontgOK.crv coli: ly, Kv Jr.o 
I Wl White. 

M f 


First Class Dry Goods Store! 

Fine Sets of Furs! 

The largest stock ever Offered in the market; 

F I n-e S c etrf s,F in e €.1 o a k s 

aufi a whole line of 

Dress & Fancy Goods 

HAVING j';st re 
ceived a Urge and ^ 

Aill selecte*! ?t'  k of 


of the very 1 a' br.mds^^^. ^ 

in the umiket, also 
French ami Amine 'n 1--^ - 
Kll* AND t'l’i'Lll, 1 

AtT Some weeks ago werlind the peas-| , • , . ,. ! .,tn p-ii ared to. 

° 1 the fieceascil was hem on the 2jih of Onto- ' 1 1 

me of shaking by the band our h ten 1. j., Lollisa countv , Virginia, near (Jor- Manufacture tO Order 

Alfred Bowrcn, of tbe bouse of Wallace A tmvvUle. Jesse M K. White, his lather, died 


AiT The holidays were enlivened by a 
scries of Concerts given atTonnv Hall, by 
the young gentlemen of the town, under the 
management of Messrs. Howard Barnes 
and C. W. Young. 'The music was unri- 
valled, the singing exquisite and the cotn- 
•edy perfectly side-splitting. The qualifi- 
cations of some of the members of the 
Troupe forcomoily are of tbe highest order. 

Air We invite the attention of the 
"City Fathers” to the condition of our 
•Streets. Large pon^ji of niml stare at us 
from every corner. .A small boy going 
to the Tost- Office tbe other night sank up 
•no his cliin in mud and was rescued from 
death with great difficulty. Mothers keep 
your children at home, until tiie spirit of 
improvement Lrcatlies upon the Town 
i Council. 

, AH~ Kapiileon rode a6teed given him 
1 l,y the Sultan of Turkey. Alexandei Le- 
tdrode tbejHstojjr Bucephalus. Our friend 
from the borders of Feiiu ylva:ii i near to 
Where Slate "sj^ads bet; wizard 8trenm,” 
during the holidays n ■L: vtlifoug’. tli 
ireets da a milk white 'chafer, a "Tai 

ar of the Ukraine breed.” 

Kings may lie bket, put T'.n was glorious 
I’era' li e j-Ils o’ life . reUii ions.” 

: f ^4 -r 2 

A& Gump pays- the lujhest market 
rices for all kinds of Fur Skins. * 

harpy as a song-bird. Time ivr!7?T^ rc,, ' ,,l0,,3bf llis a S' ,! P ra ,Jfi *" lcr J ” !,n 

. , , , , (sent bv his excellent mother to Keuturky. I] is 

wrinkles on bis noble brow; the glow oi 

granfifatlier 3 feebleness aufi declining lit nit h 

youth lingers on Ins countenance. -May renit ^ n3 him incompeU , nt ,„ ke charge of 80 
the winds of summer visit him gently ami -acred a trust, in the fall of 1327, when John 

the advancing years deal tenderly will] 

AiT George W. Donohue, charged wit 
complicity in the robbery of tbe variotji 
toll-gates in this county on Thursday niglv, 
December 5th, was tried before Judge Co- 
sidy on the 30tli tilt., and after a long aid 
full examination, was held to bail in lie 
sum of SdOOU to answer said clung/ a 
the February term of tile Circuit Com 

was »b mt 13 years olfi, he was placed under 
the guimli ln careof Capt. James Ilowaril, Clerk 
o! llio Montgomery County and: Circuit Courts, 
wliJ by him was sent to school and watched o- 
rer with parental tenderness and solicitude. 

In IS40 Or IS It John was seat oy his guar- 
dian to visit his mother in Virgiajm who detain 
ed him there until the fill of order to 

start hinfcto school and perfect -tlis education. 

On^lie 11th day of February, 1 SCY, be marri- 
ed Mils Maiy E. Bay, granddaughter of the Bcv. 

in tlic Latest Sivleand Superior Workmanship 

Ladies Milk, S.itiu mid Lasting 
(■iiiters and Siiupers, 

Made to order, in tlic very best manner and on 
short notice. 

- h,,y All my woik warrartrd to give satisfac- 
tion. \ erv Ite.-peclfii Iv, 

Jan. 0. ‘ JOUN CUKLEY. 

Too numerous to mention. Yon wil! p.ense 
give ns a call, as you will gnd prices favoring 
the buyer. Come and get bargains. 


Main Street; Mt, Sterling, 

January t). 

Sale of Distilled Spirits! 

Wehi- » in i ; Bottles. Pickles, Sau- 

ces, Nails, " ash boards, Tubs, Buck- 
ets, Blacking. Blacking Brushes, 
Brooms, Bed Cords, Itope, 

Kanawha and Tabla Salt’ 

Mackerel. White Fish, Cider Vinegar, 

rijOVR A' 

Tofisseco saaasl Cigars, 

Bide and Blasting Powder. Safety Fuse, 
Gun Cops. Glass, Stcbe anil 

Fancy and Common Pipes, Fancy ijartdics. Cit- 
ron, and varions other articles in his line, 
which goods having been selScttjil with care 
and purchased for Cash, he will sell as 


With many thanks to the public of Montgom- 
ery and the surrounding counties for their lib- 
eral patronage in i fist years, lie libpbs by fair 
ami honorable dealing, iinTl pfoilipt ness Ih exe- 
cution of ult orders, to me: lit a coot inn a life ol 
their favors.  1. O. O'CONNELL. 

Ml. Sterling, Ivy., Jan. ‘J, 18C3. 

JobfrR v, a distinguished Ministe^of the Meth- 
fl’ho bail not being given, 'lie war. eomlit- j odist Episcopal Church ap'd well-known iu the 
jail. The boldness of the roli ry ' ™rly establishment of tli.ft Church in Eastern 

rsteiT in which it wits for a k /- tlis vfoc,able mol!,t ' r ' F 5 " ila a: ” ! 

• 1 two interesting children survive tjj| mourn his 

t|«l to ja 
the myst 

envelopeJ, excited considerable injiest 
iiv the community, and a huge and «on- 

tivc crowd vas present at the examilljion- 1 fajly dischiuge llv.j'dufiis. No 

‘ ; Jos 

o ry 

In nil t He n I. 'lions of life the dec^-ed f.iith- 


son. IJis devoid t 
ritud irt^her |de;iiurt*, cory 
otej^ibem at eve- 

raised a more d| 
w*ns litjp long. 


M 180 X 10 — At a meeting of Montgi 
Lodge, No. 23, A. Y. M., held at '“rt and happia^ and P 

Lodge room in Mt. S.ertlfig, on tl.ebh hKt'VH 

tilt., ( St John’s day ) the following ewers aud |a the , heerfill !:g |f.-* 0 ,- 
wereelected.for the present year; 

J. M. Clyde, \V M. 

Thomas Metcalfe, 8. W. .y 

Jas. ri io miey. J. \Y. ^ 

T. II. Fast in, See. ™ 

C’has. Gi!#y,.Treas. 

A. Rirnes-,* S. D. 

A. Banm, # J. D. 

P. L. R ■ us: * S ewaid. 

J. \Y. Rose, Tiler. 


JyTiin of life. 


■in ' imoil ij^yzt gent t o 
m tWi 

dilgent, npMlit and i 

about him, lie fomid* stilai 
and i sweet rcjiiosu Iroitt tbp 
X i a fiither^^vus kind, 
children nn ijlyvert t^ern 
In luisine^iie was dilgent, upHglit and the 
. I’ftngF Endowed «^'li a tSfejsn^iJH’mat- 
niT-cbSuierciaf beul of min 8^- he entered 
■tfftlifc npon’tiii Uusiness of fife, and by 
itteffiiji', prudence, ictegrity ancl snguciti 
e-iiiptut successful. 

Commissioner’s Sale 


R. Apperson 's Ex'r ■ 

R. Apporson's l.eirs. 

As Commissioner under adeciee oi tbe Clark 
Circuit Court, rendered at tlic November lerm, j 
1807, iu ilie above siyled suit, i will sell at tbe 
Court House yafj steps in tiie town of Mount 
.Sterling, Ky., at public auction, to the highest 
and best bidder, on 

Monday, 20th day of January. 1868 

County court day for Montgomery county, be- 
tween the hours of 12 aud 1 o’cJo k, 


Of the Ule il. Ai'pcrton, fir., deceased 
lands nt fuelled thereto, adjacent 
south cf tbe town of Mount Stcriin 
as tlic Apperson home ^lace, an. 
the heirs nt law of said U. A 
The property consists ot :u 

i Splendid Briclr 

estiecirc And suitable ^ii liffil 

r, F0RTy AC}JS 

And wjji be sold on a 
 -ic hteetl. -pionifas from dayiof 
etiaser w ii ! be reqtiiwd to p 
-pprovciLspcurity. payable tp 
sa.-d It. Afoe-sdn, dim'd, lift V in j 
bonds, flrju letaining a Ifeu on t 
lu-aring inurtsl I'rphi day of s: 

Uxitcd Status Internal Bevexce, 
Collector’s Oitict, Hth District Ky. 
Mi. Steulinc, January 0, lSliS^ 
In front of tiie Collector’s office, in 
, Sterling, Ky., on SATURDAY, 1ST DJ 
— FEBRUARY, 13G3, I will expose for^ 
public auction, tbe following deset 
chandise, ro-wit! 

One Barrel of Beach Btq 
twenty-five gallons four | 

One Barrel Apple ll.'ij 
gallons, thirteen 
t i e Barrel W 1 
gallons, five | 

One Barrel^ 
one-half ] 

( *uc 

g:ii; ms^ 

“ Gij 

ecIjEctic mmm 


Foreign Literature, 

selected from 

London Quarterly, Revue des Deux Mondcs, 
British Quarterly, Loudon Society, 

North British Review, St. Raul's 
CornhillMsgazine, Popular Science Review, 
Saturday Review, leaser's Magazine, 
Westminster Review, I,cisure Hour, 

Temple Barj Chambers’ Journal, 

Art Journal) Loudon Review, 

Christian Review, Contemporary Review, 
Dublin University, All the Ycat Round, 
Belgravia, Macmillan's Magazine. 

We have also arranged to secure choice selec- 
tions from the French. German, nnd other Con- 
tinental Periodicals, translated especially for 
/he Eclectic, to add to the variety and value of 
’the work. 

Each number is embellished with 
ttiorc Fine Steel Engravings — portrait 
intoit men, or illustrative of impor 
cal events. 


Every new subsc 
paying $5 in adva 
following benuti 



ering'sj cli 

SSaSiisnore Sy 

In bbis: half bbls. and kegs, 

TV 33 W FIS Jtt ! 

In bbls, half bbls anil kits, 

Choice Green tfc Black Teas* 

“Washboards, Brooms, Buckets, Tubs, 

Fancy 1'oilet & Saf Soaps 


Writing Prtjiel’, Wrapping Pap^* 

tnvclopes, New Casllb 

So Ja, Indigo, Madder, Alum, Sait 

Hard pressed nnd Fine cut 


smoKiivn tobacco', /  / 

sans# m ipfi 

n ai sirs, 

Spices, Blacking, Matches, 




chase iuo*:*V- / ■ :• 

- M JUA 

j*.u. ? t|i -il 


hr his would do a happy world enough, 
Ire men more content with to-day, and 
anxious about to-morrow. Ono half 
1 misery to the v.-orld is not real, but an 

Mudame do Stael. 

[From the French.] 

Madame do Stael, daughter of It'eoker, 
breathed the atmosphere gf poMties from 
her birth. Tecdra wing-room of her.motli- 

r this birg- ‘ er was the rceeptio-nroom of the eighteenth 
ttom of a century. Voltaire, ^Rousseau, Enffon, 

hated misery. A concern for 
•to-morrow,” is at the hottt 

kiity ef cur troubles. And yet if a D’Alembert, Didi-ot, Raynal, Bernardin 
* ill but glance over his yesterdays, j do Saint Pierre, and Cosdoreetliad. played 
III see at once how foolish it is to fret ! with her when a child and inspired li. i first 
Tn^botR the time to come; for he will intelleetnal effort — -her earliest expressions 
L eve-y ves-.erda- a miniature grave, of opinion. Her cradle was -Jhat 
ere, dug by a too fearful imagination, j Revolution. 'J he popularity of her father 
t  h is buried alibis little store of dai- breathing upon her lips had imparted to 
j„ ess . ' i her a thirst for glory which was never ex 

nlent thoughtfulness for the future j tingtiUhed. She sought it even in the 
nan should entertain: but it is worse storms of revolution — through calumny 

folly to permit the breath of t .-m or - 1 and death. Her soul pure, her g mins was ^ ^ ^ „ 

rl ike a mildew, to hhglit the flowers 1 great, her heart affectionate. Combining 8t i veg very coudteive to disease, some median) 
el our pathway. Let us enjoy the the energy of a man, with the tenderness of 
fine while it is about us; and if he- j a woman, in order to satisfy the ideal of 
1 he horizon clouds are concealed, her ambition, it was necessary that destiny 
yticipate the gloom in which they [ should associate for her, — in the same role, 
shroud us? Truly the poet ask- — genius, glory, and love. Naluie, edtica- 

| tiou, and fortune rendered possible that tri 

Are Our Feet Properly Clothed 

It is somewhat surprising that, with all our 
boasted improvements, we have not as yet pro 
duced a propel - covering Tor life feet. Barba- 
rous people, if their climate admits, go   .witb 
bare feet, or wear sandals covering only tire 
sole, or slippers with just enough of upper to 
retain the sole on the feet. We, however, en- 
case the whole fool and a portion of the leg, in 
a material almost impervious to’ air anil mois- 
ture, and generally uticomfwtably hard and rig- 
id. The color aud polish of our boots are ili 
rectly calculated to attract the sun’s rays, an  
the enamel on patent leather, and the blacking 
on ordinary calf-skin, tends to harden and sol- 
idify the substance, closing the pores and ma- 
king air-tight cases for a portion of the body, 
which exudes more perspiration than any othei 
and is subjected to greater strain. 

Onr boots in summer parboil  nrr feet in a 
warm bath, and in winter freeze them in an ic\ 
envelope. It is doubtful if w et feet are. in them 

'•What avails it that indulgent Heaven 
mortal eyes lias wrapped the woe to 
come, „ 

, ingenious to torment ourselves. 
r pale at hideous fictions of onr own? 

the present; nor with heedless cures 
hat may spring from blind misfortunes 

(ll 'lie Shortest hour that life bestows, 
e. and master of yourself, prepare 
that may come: and leave the rest to 


| is the only true-philosophy. It is 
ease that an imaginary evil is 
^ive of more mischief titan the real 
r. It has freqently been obsetTcil 
i of great mortality, that where dis- 
|ieil  vff its one thousand, fear des- 
ten thousand. So of the minor 
Jifc — where the happiness of one 
id by real misfortune, that of ten 
lycrl without any just cause. The 
Tmen are not content with their ev- 
lappiuess. They slight the good 
e, in their anxiety for the good to 
llioy waste their daily supply of 
litless attempts to procure a sup- 
■ morrow, forgetting that lie who 
lies the erase is inexhaustible. — 
jias oil enough in his lamp to 
contentment — that better 
piness — if lie will but use it 
^tvill not use it al ight, and 
lief of it. 

legtn to net as though there 
  eilough already in the world 
every hand, and so they go 
1 up men of straw, eonveit- 
once into so many giants, and 
Caste their strength in battling them 
is htiptlr « man uno has not a lion 

pie dream of a woman, philosipher, and 
hero. Born in a republic, reared in a court, 
daughter of a minister, wife of an embas- 
sador, allied to the people by origin, to the 
men of letters by talent, to tho aristocracy 
by rank, — in her the three elements of the 
revolution were blended or in conflict. — 
Her genius was like tile ancient chorus, in 
which all the great voices of the diatna 
mingled in one tempestuous chord. Think- 
er by inspiration, tribune by eloquence, yet 
woman by virtue of her softer attractions, 
her heautv invisible to the casual observer, 
was of that ki nd which only scnslbtlity can 
feel and intelligence appreciate, It was not 
the beauty of features or form — It was in- 
spiration made visible, passion madeTuan- 
ifest. Attitude, gesture, sentiment and in- 
tonation — all combined to give expression 
to her soul, ller brilliant black eyes equal- 
ly expressive of tenderness and pride; and 
when her gaze, soft and abstracted, seem- 
ed to lose itself in vacancy, one followed 
her glance ns if with the hope of finding 
the inspiration which she seemed to seek. 
That glance — open and deep as her soul — 
was us calm as it was brilliant. One felt 
that the light of her genius was only tho re- 
flexion of a flame of tenderness in heart. — 
She had a secret love for all the admiration 
that she excited, and of that admiration she 
valued only the element of love; and love 
to her was only admiration intensified. 

The events of the revolution maturing 
rapidly ideas and things were closely com- 
passed in her life. She had never been a 
chi Id.   At the age of twenty-two she uni- 
ted title intelligence and discretion of matu- 
rity, to\the grace and vigour of youth. 

Sheifrrotc like' liosscau and spoke with 
div'TTiugne ofMirabeau. 


[.is path, 

i And vet the growl is all that is know 

j the lurking danger. . J A Story op Lom. fellow. — Some of the 

monstrous lo- 'W bile to some this same “to-morrow Bohemian letter- writers gives us this story 
on the top of the | of which wc are talking, is pregnant with 0 ( Longfellow: 


At ti»c Sign of tin 


that is yet frozen over, tho ice nothing hut direful evils, to others it is the 
snssw covering its snrfueesorne twenty great storehouse of hopes and enjoyments, 
feet deep. Two main forks of the Yellow- ! The past is nothing — the present is notli- 
Mdnc, one treading opposite Wild and 
fjtroen rivers, and the other opposite 
Henry’s Fork «« Snake River, in the same 
vicinity that the Madison ami Gulatin rise, 
empty into the big lake, which fur its out- 
let the Yellowstone Itiver, aud just below 
the lake the whole rivers fall over the face 
of a mountain thousands of feet, the spray 
rising several hundred. A pebble was tim- 
ed by a watch in droppiug from an 
overhanging crag of one perpendicular fall, 
and it is said to have required eleven aud 
a half seconds to strike the surface of the 
river Lelow. That beats Niagara Falls 
“all hollow.” Tho river at these greatest 
fulls is represente 1 to be half as largo as the 
Missouri at Omaha aud as clear as crystal 

itig — the future everything. Ncglcctin; 
all the means of enjoyment scattered pro- 
fusely around them, they press on to the 
attainment of some unattainable good. — 
And so they wear away their lives in one 
vain endless chase. 

Radical Presidential Convention. 

The following is the call issued by tho 
National Radical Committee for a conven- 
tion to nominato candidates for President 
aud vicc-President: 

The undersigned, constituting the Na- 
tional Committee designated by the Con- 
vention held at Baltimore on the 7th of 
June, 18G4, do appoint that a National 

The groat lake, like all others in these Convention of the Union Republican par 

mountains, is thick with salmon trout, of 
from five to forty pounds’ weight, and 
where the milky boiling ujiaeruT waters 
from the geysers intermingle with the pure 
clear wator from the running streams, 
ipso elegant fish can he “forked” up by 
the boat-load. 

Tiif. SxnnATn. — “Welcome sweet day 
of rest!” No books to post, no orders io 
fiR, no projects to think over, no politics to 
discuss, — none of the thousand wearying, 
temper -trying, heart-worrying cares of the 
every-day world, to-day. One day of qui- 
rt npd traucftv’lity — “ emblem of eternal 
rest.” How sweetly comes the peace of 
the Sabbath morning after the ngitations 
and toils of the wceV Balmy as odors of 
Orient spfcy gr ovesj g e.tio as the breath 
sleeping winds of 

.rises from 

ty be held at the city of Chicago, Illinois, 
on Wednesday, the 20th day of May next, 
at 12 o’clock M., foi the purpose of nom- 
inating candidates for the offices of Presi- 
dent and Vice-President of the United 
States. Each State in the United States 
is authorized to ho represented in said con- 
vention hv the number of delegates equnl 
to twice the number of Senators and Re- 
presentatives to which each State is enti- 
tled in the National Congress. 

We invite the co-operation of all citi- 
zens who rejoice that onr great civil war 
has happily terminated in the discomfiture 
of rebellion, who would hold fnst the unity 
and integrity of the Republic and maintain 
its paramount right to defend to the ut- 
most its own existence whether imper- 
illed by secret conspiracy or armed force, 
of an economical admfnst ration of the 
speedy reorganization of those States 
those governments were destroied by ^the 
rebellion and the permanent restoration to 
proper pracical relations with the 
l States in accordance with the true 
of Republican government. 

^.Horses.— I t is a not- 
ui one third of the 

“lie was staying a few years ago at 
Newpoit, shut np in seclusion, deeply in- 
tent upon the production of some poetical 
work. A man demanded admittance, but 
was refused by the servant. He was im- 
portunate, and Longfellow was again con- 
sulted, anti admittance again denied. At 
Inst the man broke though all obstructions 
and Imrst into the poet’s study. Said he, 
heedless of the poet’.s frown: 

“ ‘Mr Longfellow, you must excuse my 
interruption, hut I have business that is ol 
more importance to you even than me, and 
I have come down from Boston on pur- 
pose to see von. Yon know them English 
blacking fellows, Warren, and them oth- 
ers, kept a poet, and their blacking went 
off because of their verses. Now, I’m in 
the blacking business, and if we were to go 
partners, you could make the rhymes, and 
I the blacking, and we could divide and 
make a good tiling out of it.’ 

“ ‘Rut him out! put him out!’ shrieked 
Longfellow, in an excess of indignation 
and astonishment; and the indiscreet black- 
ing maker left the room with greater speed 
tliau he had anticipated for the sale of his 

men to the contrary notwilbsunung; bn* cramp 
ed confinement ol the feet, in an icy cl 1 envel- 
ope, generated by perspiration and chilled by 
the external atmosphere, thus shutting the fee) 
up almost air-tight, is as unhealthy as it is un- 

For hot weatner there is hardly any shoe so 
agreeable ns that introduced in the Inst threi 
or four years, known as the army shoe, and ex- 
tensively used by base-hall players. It is ol 
heavy canvass and unblacked leather. It is 
cool and remarkably easy ‘.o the fer t. The tex- 
ture of the canvass allows the escape of perspi- 
ration, and the color of the shoo does not attract 
the heat of the sun. 

It would seem that the plan of covering oth- 
er portions of our bodies u ith material pervious 
to air might advantageously he extended lo O'li 
feet. There is no natural reason why our feci 
should he so less sensitive than our hands — 
They become indurated and deprived of theii 
natural activity by long, close confinement. — 
The people of warm climates, who use theii 
toes as wjdoour fingers nnd the barefooted 
echoolbi y, who picks up and throws pebbles 
with his Icet, show that the foot of the civiliz- 
ed adult in our climate is a much abused mem- 

' A more flexible and porous material for oni 
boots and shoes might save us from many ol 
those terrible annoyances, which, in the forn 
of corns, nnd bunions, make our pilgrimage 
one of pain . — [Scientific American. 

Beaptiitt. Extract. — The lovcil ones 
whose loss we lament arc still inexistence: 
they are living with me at this very time; 
they are like myself, dwelling in the great 
parental mansion of God; they still belong 
to me ns 1 to them. As they ate ever in 
my thoughts, so, perhaps, am I in theirs. 
As I mourn for their loss, perhaps the) 
rejoice in anticipation of onr reunion. — 
What tu me is still dark, they see clearly 
Why dal greive because I can no longet 
enjoy their pleasant society? During theii 
lifetime I was not discontented because j 
could not have them always round me. 1 
a journey took them from me, I was not so 
unhappy. And why is it different now? 
They have gone on a journey. Whelhei 
they are living on earth in a far distant city, 
or in some higher world in the infiiritc uni- 
verse of God, what difference is there? — 
Are we not still in the same house of tin 
Father, like loving brothers who inhabit 
seperate rooms? Have we therefore ceas- 
ed to he brothers? 

• tlain St ., - 7 ft. Sterling. 


yttoild iiKSi’Ktrri'TLi.v announce 

YY to the citizens of Monlgomcn and the 
lurrounding counties that they ban now in 
stole, and arc constantly receiving at their old 
stand, sign of the ‘ Big back,” fresh iivoiccsof 
goods in their line. Their stock coisists ex- 
lusively of 

First Class Goods! 

Made of first-class material, and of the lales 1 
Standard Patterns. Persons buying of them 
may confidently rely upon getting ilia BKST, 
tud at prices that will 

With those of any similar eslablishmeit in the 
State. T.iey have on hand the following class 
»f Goods: 


All Styles of Cooking, Heating, and Bax Stoves: 



ill of the most Stylish Pat’eriis, most Durable 
Material, and most beautiful and artistic finish. 


including Shovels, Tongs, PoWftrs, Coal- Claws, 
kc. Fire-Ibick always on hand. Our stock ol 


llv kept in * ilard- 

coroprises eveiythiug usi 
ware Store: 

Harpers New 'Monthly Magazine. 

Critical Notices of (he Cress. 

The most popular Monthly in the world. — 
Noe York Observer 

We must refer in tern^ of ctdogy to the high 
lone and varied excellences of Harper's Maga- 
zine — a journal with a monthly, circulation of 
about Is 0,000 co'pics — in whose pages are to be j 
j found some of the choicest light and general 
reading ol the day. We speak of tnis work ns 
an evidence of the culture ofihe American peo- j 
pie.* and the popularity it lias acquired is mer | 
ited. Each Number contains fully 144 pages j 
of reading-matter appropriately illustrated 
I with good wood-cuts; and it combines in Itself 
' the racy monthly and the more philosophical | 

• piarlerly, blended with the best features of the j 
I daily journal. It has great power in the dis- . 

-tminntirn of a love of pure literature. — Trub- j 
! nrr s Cuius »o American JAtcratiuc , leondon. 

M e can account for Ifc success only by the 
simple fact tlmt it meets precisely the popular ( 
taste, famishing a variety of pleasing and in- j 
structive reading for all. — Zion's Herald , Bos- 


The Publishers have perfected a system of 
mailing by which \h?.y can supply the Maga- 
zine. M r K"KLY, and B.iZA u promptly to those who I 
prefer to receive their periodicals diiecily from 
the Oflioe of Publication. 

The postage on Hahtee's Myoazink is 24 cts 
a year, which must be paid at llie subscriber's 
post efiice. 


II After. it’s Magazine, one year .... $4 00 

An Extra Copy of either the Magazine , Weekly, 
or Bazar trill be supplied gratis for each club o/'Fivk 
S t’ use it i be us n/$l 00 each in one remittance; or 0 
Copies for $20 00 . 

Subscriptions to Harper's Magazine, Weekly , and 
Bazar, to one address for one year , $10 SO; or, tn o 
of Harper' s Piriodicals , to one address for one year 
$7 00 . 

Back Numbers can be supplied nt any time. 

A Complete Set, now comprising Thirty-dive 
Volumes, in neat doth binding, will be sent by 
express, or freight at the expense of purchaser, 
for $2 2 . r » per volume. Single Volumes, by mail 
postpaid 00 Cloth cases, for binding, 58cts 
by mail, postpaid. 

^^*Subscrif*tmns sent from British North Amer- 
ican Provinces must he accompanied with 24 cents 
A nniTioN al, to prepay United States postage. Ad- 


Franklin Square, New York. 

“.-1 complete Pictorial History of the Times." 
"The best , cheapest . and most successful Family Pa- I 
per in the / nion." 



Critical Notices of the Press. 

Tbc model Newspaper of our country — com- 
plete in all the departments of an American 
Family Paper — Harper s Weekly has earned 
for tselfa right to its titled* A «ournal of Civi- 
lization.”— Netc York Keening Post. 

. Our future historians will enrich themselves 
out of Harper’s Weekly long after writers, and 
printers, and publishers are turned to dust. — 
A ei n York Evangelist. 

The best of its ( lass in America .— Boston 

unreservedly de- 
lica. — The' 

The Kentucky Sentinel 



Me would most respectfully inform the Mer 
chants nnd Business Men generally of Mb 
Sterling and the surrounding’country, 
that wc are now prepared to ex- 
ecute all kinds of 


dan mwnm* 

Ott the Most Reasonable Terms. 

JT5?" I f MeKee shall undertake to sit 
down in Judge Y’onng’s sent in Congress, 
public sentiment will “stick a pin there.” 
— \Lon. Journal. 

Literary Poverty. — Tho all -night 
walks of Dr. Johnson and Richard Savage 
in the streets of London from want of a 
place to lay their heads find not unfrequent 
parallels in New York. There arc hun- 
dreds of men of good literary abilities, who 
are often pressed for the means of getting 
a 8upperand a bed in this city. 

It is well known that men of the most 
creditable scholastic attainnients-men who 
know Greek, Latin, ami other tongues be- 
sides their mother tongue — may be found 
in that city who are glad of an opportunity 
to write advertisements for patent medicine 
proprietors and shopkeepers. The men 
who make literature “pay” are the rare ex- 
ception. Ono of the most prosperous wri- 
ters on the New York press was three years 
ago so “hard up” that he went without 
food for forty -eight hours, too proud to ask 
for help, and too empty pocketed to have 
the means for purchasing a meal. This is 
not fiction but fact. During the present 
rear this gentleman has helped a score ol 
r people in distress from his full pock- 

KPRicai. Ei tout. — The follow 
report of a speech lately 

1^ 1 1 V 

Halclids Pianos, Braces, Rules, 


Brace Bitts, Spirit Level 



Tenant Saws, X Cut 

Key Hole Saws, Try-Squares, 

Our stock of 

O O K. 

is tlie most complete ever offered itt tli 
ket, consisting of nil I lie last brand 

Sloi't'-Doov Locks, Front- 
Locks, (iian Knob Lock 

Stock I.o-ks, Dead Locks, Cupboard , Locks - 1 (| le 
Wardrobe Locks, Till Locks, Door . llolts, tc- ars desit 

tur stock ol ! ed tvitti a Show-Bill on application. 

t , » - . * s \ x-'j.c-r -r- The postage on Harper s Weekly is 20 cents 

1 /\ 1 ) I i V / bo IS. O a year, which must be paid at the lubicriUr’i 


ina Constitutional 
pond, held under the 
by a negro who 
in that body. 


dis late 

- s 





H AVING entered into copartnership in the 
Hardware busincs, would respectfully in- 
vite the attention of ll c people of Montgomery 
and surrounding count. es to their large and su- 
nerior stock now on hand and daily receiving. 
Our line of Hardware is com; lelc, comprising 
in part of the following: 







Which we warrant the best. Our stock of 
Stoves comprises every variety amt quality. 




Of the most durable material, 
we have 

For the table 






In the way of cutlery our stock is large and 
handsome, embracing 

fine pocket knives, 



everything that I- armers, Carpenters 
' ers requires, such as 


op k 

directed feo our large and 
ent stock of 

WA 3TL 33 j 

inclnd: infancy TiA f?etts. We 
na v 


lit of 

Kr* iv- W .1 H E , 

Ltreatcara for this raArket. Give 
xeiuitw we feel sat- 
. please you. 


Our facilities are ample for executing 



Is large and fine, comprising sever al d ifferent 
Grands, all of which we otlwr atvei) low priced . 1 



j IIakfeii's M'kkki.y, one .year. . , v . . $ l 00 
V \ 1)1 1/ A pi)| T \-"V ( * |a A iKextrn Copy of either the Magazine, M'eek- 

JvA X uIjO. ly, or Hazar, will he supplied gratis for every 

Kui vc* an, I Forks, Table z«a ! Cl .' ,h ,,f i ,v k i— HiixKas h t S l 00 in one rc’- 

nntiance; or i s ix Copies for 0 «‘. 

Subscription to Harper's Magazine. M eekly. 

Table ;uiil 
Teaspoons. Soap A' Satire 

Spoons, Waiters, 

| and Bazar, to one address for one 3 ear, $lo 00 

, to one address 

. . , or two of Harper's Periodical 

Carving Knives & Forls for  »«, ever,  7 00. 

Bark Numbers can be supplied at any time 

From the best English, .German and Amejitan 
Factories. Our Stock of , l 


€M Kir s. 


X J ^333UJL,S, 


Is large and complete, and cannot hefturpns&d 
for quality, fine fini&h and cheapness. 


'U 1 * 

Is especially complete, being supplied . will 
everything in daily request among laities aid 
gentlemen, comprising in part of 


Of every description and thd best brnndi; 

M’ade k Butcher’s, M’ostenholol’s and Josepi 
Rogers' RAZORS, of all sorts, sizes and pricoi. 
which tee te arrant Also Razor, Cases, lloms, 

Strops, Brushes, &c. y * 

TO SB’OirrS'MEjV! 

We offer various patients of 





Powder, Shot nnd Caps, 

CARTKIIHIRS of all kinds, from the largot 
o the smallest. 

To Blaclicsmiiiis 

We would say we keep constantly on hand 
large supply of IRON of all the different sizes 

Horse Shoes, .Hole Shots, 

•fhtRSE SHOE NAILS, &c., .... . „ . ■ . _ 

directions, and occasionally an elegant Color- 

Which we propose to sell as cbeap-aS the ebrap- cd Fashion Plate ol 'ltosizc of ll.uu'Eu’s Wickk- 
est., Our stock of ’■ ly. { 

v ,, „ . „ , » , ! Harper’s Bazar will contain 1G folio pages of 

ISilllS, rHTCfl S, l iibillS, l llNUHgN) &Ct, he size nf Harper's Weekly, printed 011 super- 

. „ „ , „ . * , ne calendered Anper aud will be published 

13 very full, and embraces all size? qnd mskes. ee ki v 

In fact we keep everything usually, kept in a " ’ „ p _ TO _ ;r „ 

Hardware Store, apd can supply aif^thinglrom o U XibOItlir i 1UJN S loot). 

Mower and Reaper to a Gimlet. In coanec- The publishers have perte-ted a system of 

ailing by which they can supply the M.iga- 
etc, Weekly, and Bazar promptly to those who 
;efer to reeievc their periodicals directly from 
tl Office of 1’pblication. I’ost-masters and 
oiers desirous'ttf gelling up Clubs will be sup- 
ped with a Show-Bill on appleation. * 
The postage on Harper's Bazar is 20 cent3 a 
ytr, which must be paid at the subscriber s 
pst-cfHee. . 

T Terms; 

Harper’s Bazar, one year $4 00 

a Extra Cotfy o! either the Magazine, Week 
felt in this community, tbiv j ly r Bazar wtli be supplied gratis for every 
Clt) of Five Subscribers at $4 00 each in one 
reuttance; or Six Copies for §20 00. 

ttions to Harper's Magazine, Weekly, 
MdBazar. tarene address, §10 00; or two of 
tfirikr’s Periodicals, to one address .for one 
re»r $7 00. 

Stek Numbers cap be supplied at any time. 
^Subscriptions sent from British North 
Inti Can Provinces must be acoampanicd with 
to (eits additional, to pcejiay Uuited States 
'OSlqo. Address 


The Annual Volumes of Harper’s Weekly, in 
neat clot it binding, a ill lie exj.jess, free 
of expense, for §7 00 each.^A* complete Set 
comprising Ten Volumes, sent on receipt of cash 
at the rate of §. r   2o per vol., freight at expense 
of purchaser. Volume XI. ready January 1st 

•.^Subscriptions sent from British North A 
inerieun Provinces must b accompanied wit. 
20 cents abpitional, lo prepay United Sta'es 
Postage. Address 


‘•-I Repository of Fashion, Pleasure , and Instruc . 


■ The Publishers will commence, on November 
1st, the issue of Harper’s Bazar a M eekly Illus- 
trated Journal, devoted to Fashion and Home 
Literature. Their aim is two-fold: to supply 

the existing need of a Weekly Fashion Newspu 
per, and to combine therewith a first-class lit 
entry journal, which will be indispensable lo ev- 
ery household. 

rnmgemcuta have been made, at an im- 
mense cost, v. i th the most celebrated of the 
Fashion Papers of Europe, especially with the 
famous Bazar of Berlin, which supplies the fash- 
ions to the leading journals of Paris, to furnish 
the same to them in advance, so that hcncefort! 
the fashions will appear in Harper’s Bazar »i- 
n ultanecusly with their publication in Paris 
and Berlin— an advantage enjoyed by no oth 
journal in tho country. 

The Patrons of Harper’s Bazar will recieve 
every fortnight large pairern-plates, contain 
ing from forty to fifty full-sized patterns of la- 
dies’, misses’, aud children’s bonnets, cloaks, 
dresses, under-clothing, and other articles ac- 
companied with the necessary descriptions and 

tion #ith our Hardware Store we keep a 


Jn order to supply the trade, and this trade ve 
respectfully solicit, os we £e  p on hand a lar- 
ger stock than an house in this section. Oir 
stock coiuprpes all the latest styles of 


and camp 
Setts, Ti 
ply a \vl 
have I iii 

’ntj^jsh, -snd Ironstone Wart, 

Tea Setts, Dionc 
Bottles, &c. To suj- 

fi« surpassed. 
■ WTbe 

4r . 

jffull line of 

w . p^lPE u 

Df the most fashionable and beautiful designs, 
which they will dispose'of at a^cry .smalt ad- 
vjuice'on the New York cost. i 

lu conclusion they respectfully hvvitc the 
phblic to call and examine IheirStoek, ar il (ley 
feel tha utmost confidence in theft ab litx to 
give perfect satisfaction to all. 


Jan. C, 1SGB. 


t.fiK# «**.? 

 *• W 0 wwWM -JjZa *■'*■»« 








Letter IlentlM, 



And ev 


v . 

Kentucky sentinel (Mount Sterling, Ky.), 1868-01-09

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Mount Sterling, Ky., Kentucky by William T. Hanly
   Montgomery County (The Western Coal Fields Region)