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Vo!. VI -IVo. 9 

Politics, News, Internal Improvements, Agriculture, Mechanic Arts, Literature, &c. 

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Meant Sterling, Kentucky, Friday May 6, 1853. 

• ' *  % 

IV Stoic No. 269 . 

s a w L3cr « xwaL.. : «i | 

thrashing the 

W R 0 N G 


biting his 

Josh Silsbee, the well known delineator 
of Yankee character is now travelling in 
England, where it is said lie had contrived 
by good management to pick up a compe- 
tence for himself in afterlife. He seems 
to have been a favorite with the English 
public, who enjoy his jokes hugely, and 
crowd the theatres, on the n jg’hts of his 
performance, to hear his stones, and laugh 
over his broad characters of Yankee 1 fs 
“at hum.’ 7’lie best of the joke is, that if 
•John Hull ‘gets the laugh on us,’ he has to 
;pay for it out of his own pocket. Of all 
Ills various delieneations, Josh is said to 
be peculiarly happy in portraying the 
Ya ikee pedlar — a race of beings, not yet 

Yankee pedlers, from time immemorial 
dtave been famous for doing others, and 
bein^ done, notwithstanding their shrewd- 
ness, and though, in the long run, they 
•come sometimes right side up, yet once in 
a while, the force of circumstances so 
corners them that they are obliged to cry 
peccavF The following story, however, 
shows how a Yankee instca 1 of being cor- 
nered himself, managed to ^et the magis- 
traes of the vil li age where he was sojourn- 
ing, in rather a tight place: — 

‘In the course of human events,’ to fin ! 
a new style antipodean with the flood, or 
•extemporary with the time of  ieorge Wa- 
shington — there happened to be a pedler 
of the Old Bay State, by the name of Ike 
Jewel, who one day packed by his traps 
and started off South, along the line of 
t ie Mississippi, in order to dis|ens; pat- 
ents for varrious inventions — from a tooth- 
pick to a fanning mill — and at last brought 
up at the little village of Helena, in the 
State of Arkansas. 

Now, it happene I that oil the very day 
Mr. Jewel arrived in town, a follow had 
been arrested for negro stealing, and plac- 
ed in the old log jail, preparatory to re- 
ceiving the penalty of fifty lashes for the 
offence. The jail being insecure, there 
being no patrol alia horse guards to pro- 
tect it, anrf the prisoner having a tinge of 
Jack Sheppari' blood in his veins, mana- 
ge 1 to escape, and of course flew by night 
after the manner of the witches in Mac- 
bull. The consequence was that when 
the Sheriff went next morning, in all the 
 1 gnity of official pride, to administer the 
punishment, He was both surprised arid in- 
clignanl to find his man non est inaen- 

An, this won't do,’ said the clignatory 
lip and looking poignards at 
the under Sheriff, a cariotty-headed depu- 
ty, with a pumpkin headed beard of a 
week’s growth. We must set spies about 
for him and have hitx re-spprehende !,’ 
Scoats were immediately despatched on 
oil side, all of whom bad seen the man 
on trial and knew his face, and as the 
sheriff's Ebenezer was hugely ‘riz,’ their 
orders were uncompromisingly stringent. 

Now it happened from some strange 
end unfortunate cau-e, lluit the newlv ar- 
rived Yankee pedler was the very image 
— tne regular ‘Corsican Brother’ — the Sia- 
mese Twin of the fugitive culprit, and, as 
he was buttering a pancake at breakfast 
next morning, ?. large, strong man, with 
an official grin, tapped Aim gently on the 

‘Well,’ said the Yankee, ‘what’s the row 
neow, eh? 

‘Want you, mister,’ was the brief reply. 
‘Yee-es — due you want me? 1 ‘spose 
you have beam of my having cum tue town 
with my everlastin,’ and all-snortin’ in- 
ventions. \ ou’re wide awake, I see, for 
cumming afore any one else.’ 

‘Curse vour inventions.’ said the official 
‘The sheriffwants you immediately. You 
thought to escape, did you?’ 

‘Sheriff — escape! Luke a-liere, critter 
what on airth due yeou mean?’ 

‘Mean for you to come along with me 
without another word.’ And so saving, 
ho dragged the pe Her out of the room. 
Oil the wav he learne 1 the circumstances 
of the arrest, an l although he protested 
an 1 swore ha was not the man, the like- 
ness was too strong for belief. 

The sheriff advised him for the good of 
bis country and the honor of his friend, 
if he had any, not to tell such ‘dreadful 
Hies.’ but quietly submit to the punish 

The consequence was, he was tied to 
a whipping-post, and the sheriff prepared 
to render in the dreariest manner the in- 

‘Now, before I begin, old fellow,’ said 
the sheriff, ‘what have you got to sag? 

‘0, nothin' in particular,’ said tha pe I- 
lor, laughing, with a meaning curve’of 
the lip; only if you can afford to pay for 
luxuries, mister, go ahead.’ 

The sheriff not comprehending the drift 
of this Business-like assertion, applied the 
scourge and at every cut the Yankee laugh- 
ed with immoderate glee. Lash succeed- 
ed lash, and still lie laughed, and still the 
wonder grew. When the fifth lash had 
been well laid on, as a parting salute, the 
sheriff, in a flood of wonderment, threw 
down his whip, and asked him the reason 
of his mirth. 

‘I’m regularly rlumfounded,’ said he; 

•what in the world makes you laugh so?, 
‘laugh! Why, who could help iG’ fair- 
ly roared the Yankee. I’m laughing- teu 
think heow you’ve been sucked in on this 
operation — I ain’t the man'.’ 

He said tnis so meaningly, that the slier- 
iffbagan to think there must be mistake 
somewhere. The Yankee continued: 

•It strikes mo that business in my line 
s goin’ *.eu be rayther dull in this teowu, 
and ef there’s any law teu be had, I’ll 
speckalate on this licking, and see ef I 
can t turn it teu some account. I’m al- 
ways open for trade, mister, efyeou want 
teu compromise — for remember 
licked, the wrong man!' 

tHHF* The folUwing racy items arc ta- 
ken from the ‘editor’s table’ of the Knick- 
erbocker, for January. 

•What a long tail our comet has got !’ 
Professor Olmsted, of Yale College, in a 
town lecture upon astronomy, the other 
evening, speaking of the ‘Great American 
Comet,’ (we take it there is no othef such 
comet in ‘Ew-rop,’) obsetved that ‘The 
rate at which it traveled was about one 
million three hundrel thousand miles an 
hqur, more than four thousand miles to 
every pulsalicn of the wrist, or beat o! 
the clock. It was also remarkable for 
its near approach to the sun; n fact, it al- 
most grazed that body. The least ealeu- j 
lation of its tail made it about a bun Ire 1 ! 
millions of miles in length. So that 
were it wound round the earth like a ser- | 
pent, it would go around it four thousan 1 I 
times !’ Now it seems  o us that this is 
too big a tail for any ‘body,’ celestial or | 
terrestrial, and especially for an ‘erratic j 
body,’ bound by no law unless it be by i 
some ‘higher law’ than is known to the 
other ‘bodies celestial,’ whose ‘glory’! 
doesn’t He in exactly the same direc tion. | 
Apropos of this magnificent settle of ce- \ 
lestial measurement: it reminds of a re- 
ply once made in England by one of our 
own ’cute Yankees to a Lon Ion cockney, 
who, standing upon the ‘benk of the 
Terns, liea-urr Grinniuge,’ said: ‘Me dealt 
Saw; av’ you any such rivers as that in 
E nerikaw ?’ ‘As that!!' exclaimed the 
Yankee: ‘what, that muddy creek! Get 
eout ! Why, we’ve got more’n ten-an.l- 
iwenty rivers that would flow straight 
through the ‘Big Brook,’ the ’Tlaiuic 
ocean, that shets you off from us, and then 
sti.k eout furder on both sides than all 
the rivers that you got in your hull garden 
patch, as you call your little ‘Island o’ 
EngAnnd !’ ‘Ged hlcz me soul!’ ex- 
claimed the cockney, drily: ‘that’s very 
extro I’nary !’ And it was, ‘rayther !’ But 
comet’s tails out of the question, we have 
pigs tails enough, accumulated in one year 
in the capital of one State in the Union, 
to eclipse the erratic heavenly body of 
which Professor Olmsted speaks, xtccu- 
ra;e statistics have been furnished, from a 
porcine ‘observatory’ at Cincinnati, from 
which it appears that pigs enough are 
slaughtered in the ‘Queen City of the 
West’ alone, not only to cross the At- 
lantic, each with the tail of his next neigh- 
bor in his mouth, but that, without strait- 
ening the kinks in the tail of any one 
‘individual’ of the ‘species’ which ‘form 
the line,’ the whole would reach, and 
nearly double, on the other side ! Grand 
is astronomy! Wonderful, mathematics ! 

$3*“ ‘Our friend Lucius Hart tells a 
capital story of the ingenuity exercise:! 
by .a little boy, in calling attention to his 
lit st pair of new boots: The little fellow 
would draw up his pantaloons, and dis- 
play the whole of his boots; then walk 

*’2te Old roaJ ami the Old Fur- 

It is a difficult matter to learn old Jogs 
new tricks, and the “ancient’ Farmers, at 
the present day, had rather plough with 
their grandfather’s old clumpy tna thine, 
titan to think of saving their shoulders by 
an outlay of a few dollars for any of the 
‘-new-fangled things,’ as they call them, 
that science and sk : l! have produced to 
benefit the agrigullur ei. The N. Y. Tri- 
1 bune has a good article on this subject. 

That be is a public benefactory who 
cautes two blades of grass to grow where 
hut one grew befo-c, is a truth which needs 
no elucidation; but that a publication of 
the a rgregate harvests of our country is 
not merely practicable, but would be sig- 
nally profitable — is a truth not yet ade- 
quately impressed on the public mind. 
The popular dfliicteocyj s ratn r want ol 
thought than want of Knowledge. Ask 
severally the next ten farmers you meet 
if they do not think our cultivators gener- 
ally overrun too much land — .1 they do 
not plough too shallow and manure too 
light, and sow too late, and till too slo- J 
venly — and nine of the teu will unites. la- | 
tingly answer, yes. Then take pains to 
enquire carefully as to the habits ol these 
same farmers, and you will find five ors;x 
of them practicing habitually the very er- 1 
rors they so freely condemn — shallow 

ploughing, scanty fertilizing, late s iwing 
shabby tilling, and probably feeding of 

gnawing down their pas- 

Paris Scandal. — The fashionable 
world of Paris has been much amused witlt 
the following little bit of Scandal. An 
American, gentleman though married to a 
ebarminr little woman, had taken a fancy 
to an actress ofthe Palais Royal, to whom 
he was nightly offering his carriage and arm 
to return home. She one day told him 
tint she had seen at a jeweller’s a parure 
of diamonds, which she fancied as much 
as he fancic I bur. Our countryman im- 
mediately procec 1c 1 to the place, to bar- 
gain for the neckla: e an l bracelets; but 
being aske 1 5,000 francs for it, he only 
oil :rei 4,000 francs, and was refused. On 
the next day the actress cnllel on the 
jeweller, ari I being tol I what had taken 
place, site gave a bank bill of 1,000 francs 
to the jeweller, who, a few hours after, 
having received the call of the young 
American, consented to let him have the 
jewels for 4.000 francs. Thus far, thus 
well; but the most amusing part of the farce 

is, that M ’tad another sweetheart, 

whom he desired to please; and to whom 
he offere I the diamonds which he had been 
paid for by the actress ofthe Palais Roy- 
al. As soon as M !ile. P knew 

how she had been deceived, she sent a few 
lines to the American deceiver, who being 
introduce l was summoned to refund her 
the money. 

their meadows, 

lures, keeping more s oct than they can 
feed well, and so impoverish their land 
from year to year. 

Two-thirds of the farmers suppose the 
great truths revealed to agriculture by sci- 
ence, applicable everywhere but on their J 
own farms! One with two hun Iredacrei 
will say, when pressed to do beter — 

‘Oh, l can’t afford to drain and subsoil 
and by ^uano or phosphates, and so put 
my land into the best condition; I haven’t 
the means. 

‘But my goo 1 sir! don’t you understand 
that you could turn off more produce from 
fi’ty acres thoroughly cultivate I, than you 
do from your whole two hundred. 

“Well, perhaps might,’ 

•Then why not sell enough ofyour ara- 
ible land, to pay for putting residue in tho 
highest state of cultivation? Can't you 
realize that it is sheer, ruinous waste, to 
fence, plough, plant, till, and harvest, five 
acres for a hundred bushels of In lian corn, 
when that qnanity might surely be grown 
on two acres? Can’t you understan 1 that 
ten acres of gras* that will yield twenty- 
five tons of good, are more profitable ban 
growing thoss same twenty-five tous oil 
twenty-five or thirty acres?’ 

“0 ves, but — ” 

“But what?’ 

“0, I don’t believe in whitewashing 
forest trees an I laying stone wails in mor- 
tar. I’m none ofyour gentleman — I have 
up and down the room, with eyes now on [ to make my farm support me, instead of 
the shining leather, and now upon a my business supp xrting it.’ 
friend of Ills father’s who was present: And so the hard - pressed cultivator 

but it was a bootless effort. At length, sli les off into a fog ofhisow.*. raising, and 
however, he succee led. S tting in front j perseveres in averaging twenty bushels of 
of both, he exclaimed: ‘Father, ain’t | grain, or less than a ton of grass to each 
three times two six V ‘Yes, my son.’ — 

‘Well, then,’ said he, pointing to each of 

their feet, ‘if three times two is six, there's 
just six boots in this room !' 

A friend at West Point tells us 
a comical anecdote of a very diffident 
young clergyman, who had been invited 
to dine with a professional brother, who 
also kept a young ladies boarding school. 
11c was introduced to a bevy of the fair 
pupils in the drawing-room, and among 
them to a Mi's M., to whom he said stam- 
meringly: ‘A-a-a-a — Miss M., a - a - 1 - 1 - 1 
am not entirely unacquainted with you. 
l-l-I ha 1 the honor of sleeping with your 
father a short time ago !’ * 

arubl e acre, mainly because he is mentally 
too sluggish and unenterprising to move 
out of the jog-trot ways of his grand- 
father — 

A Thrilling Incident. — Tire old flag- 
staff at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri, hav- 
ing become decayed was ordered to be ta- 
ken down a few days- since, and, accor- 
dingly, a soldier of Col. Bragg’s battery, 
named Michael McAnally mounted to the 
cross-trees and unshipped the top-mast; 
from some cause it became unmanageable 
and glided through the platform to tha 
ground. The man at the mast-head kept 
his post composedly, and gave timely 
warning to the party below-'to stand from 

under.” Most men with a spar fifty feet 
long, shooting an I rasping like an arrow 
thier hands, with an insecure looting- at a 
dizzy height, would have “left the yard,” 
and tumbled from the platform. 

While the party below were removing 

Misery and its Antidote. — ‘Wherev- 
er I go, some poor body or other U being 
assisted; yet it doesn't seem to make rhe 
misery less.” 

“Very true, Mr. Jolliffe,” answers the 
doctor, “and I, who ain always among the 

poor, see a great deal of mi'se ry-a great I rfle top mast, 'to the dismay and co.iaterna'I 
deal indeed ! Bat l find, in ni ne cases out of L- , ♦ i ,\ • . • t 

ton. it's their own fault; they either spend .11 ! ‘° n   / T l . 

the money they earn in drink, or ' get dis . Ahe soldier still poise i at the mast-head, 

heartened by their low wages, and give up i novv swa y C( * over, broke short o i at the 
work altogether, never considering that a ! base, and plunged with a tremendious crash 
little is better than nothing; and then, when I t0 the grouud. The soldier in the mean- 
reduced almost to starvation, they will not ! time, was seen to change his position as!” T the mast went over, and circling high 

“Because they are separated, dear papa, 

6 '“o' 

through the air with frightful velocity, he, 
with perfect self-possession, adjuste l him- 
! self to clear the framework of the crosstrees 

from their wives and children,” says Blanche 
“and that is very hard to bear.” 

“So it is, my love,” answers the doctor, , , . , , . , 

“but which, my dearest, is the best, to b • , f s lhc " lasl nearc l 1 ,f r pound, f v, le,,t ' 
parted from your wife and children, and If, with a measure 1 leap, alighted amidst 
feel they are well fed and warmly housed, I his comrades. All were startled with 
or see them shivering with cold, and starv- j amazement, a*» much by the intrepidity dis- 
ing before your face ! Besides,” coniinu s i played, as by the imminent pe r il it averted. 

the doctor, “the imprudence they are guilty 
j of is astonishing. The other day I went to 
see a poor woman.dangerously ill; and whilst 
I was with her. her husband, who had jast 
| earned a few shillings, after havihg been out 
of work some time, brought her a peach! — 
Wow, would you believe it possible? In- 
stead of procuring her a mutton cboo, for 
which he would have given three pence, and 
which would have done her good, lie gave 
a shilling for a magnificent peach, which, 
after all, I could not permit her to eat. The 
man looked so disappointed that, after lec- 
turing him a little on his folly, I bought itef 

“Ah, sir,” says old Joliffe, “I wish they'd 
put such as that in the papers; it would do a 
great deal more good than writing on the 
cruelty of the rich, and the misery of the 
p  or. All these clever folks who write up- 
on the condition of the poor are, in my hum- 
] hie judgment, greatly mistaken. 1’hev give 
them fine feelings instead of good ones, and 
do harm to those whom they are anxious to 
assist; for, in endeavoring to paint their 
wretched state, they color so highly as to 
make these poor people think themselves 
worse oti than they resily arc.” 

(Rnxbury Assistant. 

John Randolph. — 1 he celebrated John 
Randolph, not wishing to reply to a disa- 
greeable quostion put to him in Congress 
you've evaded it by saying, “Sir, that is a ques- 
tion, and I never answer questions.” 

The main-mast was forty-eight feet bight; 
the soldierjlanded at fifty feet from its base. 

A good Whiter. — We recollect read- 
ing an anecdote of a younggentleman of 
a gin-an, 1-water turn of mind anti collar, 
who was determined, in his admiration 
of the intellectual, not to wed unless the 
object of his admiration was an accom 
plisheu woman and a good writer. A 
pract cal old friend of his, who attached 
a very literal meaning to expressions, told 
him he knew a young lady who would 
just suit him. 

The introduction took place, and the 
young gentleman went directly to the 

point. ‘Miss ,’ said he, ‘are you a 

writer ?’ 

‘Yeth, thur,’ replied she blushing. 

‘Who are your lavorite authors ? — John- 
son, Scott, Steele, Addison, Goldsmith, 
or whom ?’ 

‘Olt, thur,’ she naively replied, ‘I don’t 
know nothing about that, thur — 1 write 
small hand!’ 

The English Postoffice. — England, 
for pcst-oflice purposes, is divided into 
seven districts. Each district is placed 
under the superintendence of a surveyor, 
to whom all tne post-office employees in 
the district are subordinate. Letters post- 
ed in each district are stamped with a pe- 
culiar colors! composition. Thus, all 
postmasters in the western district stamp 
letters with a yellow covered composition; 
in the midland district the color is blue; 
in tlie home district it is brown; in the 
northern re I;  n the North Wales green; 
and in the Louth Wales purple. Foreign 
mails now arrive at the general post-of- 
fice at almost all hours oi" the night. As 
soon as news of their approach to Lon- 
don reaches the general post office from 
the outpons, by electric telegraph, a staff 
of clerks is summoned by messengers, 
an l the mail got ready for distribution.— - 
By this arrangement the whole of the for- 
eign mails are delivered in London and 
despatched by the morning mails, instead 
ol being left behind, as was often the 
case when the former did not arrive in 
London before four or five o’clock in the 
morning, by the regular night mails. In 
all other departments there is the same 
effective organization Lr despatch.— N. 
1. Evening Post. 

The Thoughts of a Hay. — If the 
thoughts which pass through the mind of 
a person in a day, could he gathered to- 
gether and placed in the order in which 
they first appeared, what a mountain of 
ideas would be brought to view ! They 
would lorra a monster quilt of mental 
patchwork, chequered with pieces of ev- 
ery shape, size and hue. They would 
prove time, space and order to be nonen- 
tities compared with thought. 

The speed with which they travel from 
place to place, as far exceeds that of 
electricity, as the rapidity of motion of 
that time annihilating substance does an 
ordinary canal boat. One thought is 
resting upon the edibles for breaklast — 
the net, in a second of time, has travers- 
e: I the uni verse, and reached the sun's 
] centre, wondering what it is maJe of; 
j while a third is peering into the snow- 
l wreaths that circle round the cap of the 
topmost peak of Mont Blanc. 

Then follows half a thought on death, 
and twenty on the means of keeping 
alive; two on the former President, and 
ten on the President elect; three on a 
new coat, and one on getting a pair of 
boots mended; six on the changes of life, 
and twelve on the change in the pocket. 

! And, if the thinker should by chance be 
j an editor, a thought apiece on shocking 
murders, horrible accidents, funny stories, 

| sentimental poetry, and telegraphic news, 
with a thousand and one thoughts on de- 
linquent subscribers.— N. Y. Daybook . 

Latf. Hours. — Mr. Barham, author of 
the Ingoldsby Legends, when a youth, 
studied witn Air. Hodson, afterwards prin- 
j cipal of the Brazen-nose. This gentle- 
man, who, doubtless discerning, spite of 
an apparent levity, much that was ami- 
able and higdi minded in his pupil, treat- 
ed him with marked indulgence, sent, 
however, on one occasion, to demand an 
explanation of his continued absence 
from morning chapel' ‘The tact is, sir, 

I urged his pupil, ‘you are too late forme.’ 
‘Too late !’ replied the tutor in astonish- 
ment. ‘Yes, sir; 1 cannot set up till sev- 
en o’clock in the morning; I am a man 
of regular habits, and unless 1 get to be I 
i by four or five at latest, 1 am really fit for 
nothing next day.’ — Life of Barham. 

A Rebuff. — A worthy man in this 
j great metropolis recently visited a ‘medi- 
um’ to witness the wonders of spiritual 
rappings. He had lived twelve years 
with a notorious shrew, who at last died, 
soon after which he married a young wo- 
man of comely person and pleasant dis- 
position. On inquiring if any spirits 
were present, he was answered by raps 
in the affirmative. ‘Who ?” ‘The spirit 
of Melinda, your deceased wife.’ ‘Ah,’ 
exclaimed he, with a gesture of alarm; 
but. recovering hitnself, he kindly inquir- 
ed, ‘Are you satisfied with your condi- 
tion ? — are you happy?' ‘Perfectly so,’ 
replied the spirit. ‘So am 1,’ gruffly ex- 
claimed the ungallant inquirer, as he 
turned upon his heel and walked off. — 
Boston Journal. 

W. S. LANGftiEY, 

[■S'ticccsxoj- to Turpin & Langley] 

Returns his thanks, to former friends 
and patrons, anil begs leave to inlonn 
r n them, and tho public generally, 
l! J he is still in the occupation of tiie (J Id 
dlj Stand, on Main Street, next door to 
JaicC A. JM. Barnes; and has just received 
direct from Philadelphia and New York, a 
splendid assortment of 


W liich he is prepared to sell at very redu- 
ced prices. He has also on hand and ex- 
celleriSsupply of 

Ready Made C'lottsjsijg 

Of almost every description and variety, 
which he Ims laid in on terms tiiat will en- 
able biin to sell unusually ciieap. 

He is also prepared to CUT and MAKE 
all kinds of Garments usually worn by gen- 
tlemen, and warraut as gjod a Fir and fine 
a finish as any Shop in the Western Coun- 
try. He will wait on tiie LADIES whenev- 
er desired, in the line of 


And flatters himself, that he will be ena- 
bled to afford them the most perfect satis- 
faction. lie is in the receipt (monthly) of 
the the latest Fashions from the Eastern j 
Cities, and from Europe, lie will keep j 
constantly In his employ, the best of jour- 
| neyinen, and will spare no pains to excel 
in his vocation. 

He earnestly solicits the patronage of the 
j Public, and invites everybody to call and 
(see Ins stock of merchandise. 

April 15, 1853. 


injx mude arrangements to turn 
oil’ work with great neatness. 

despatch am) durability* in hi* lino of busi- 
ness, would respectfully inform his numer- 
ous cusom^rs that he h ready to undertake 
PLOWS or any other work of thai species. 
Carriages repainted in a workmanlike man- 

Thankful for past favors, and having high 
hopes for the future, lie respectfully asks a 
continuance of patronage* and the prompt 
settlement of accounts. Those indebted 

O. IS. DOfttSUY, 

Dealer Foreign and Domestic Hard- 
ware, Cutlery, Iron, Nails, Stoves, 
Ilollow l Fare, Edge Tools, fyc. 


r jjM!E PARTNERSHIP of Lindsey &. 
JL Dorsey having been disserved by mu- 
tual runs -nt. the business is continued by 
\. Lindsey, at the old stand, and by the un- 
. irsigneu in the store room lately occupied 
by J. J. linden, Main street, where he has 1 
just opened a large stock of English and 
American Hardware and Cutlery/ Iron/ 

will bear in mind that money must be had, Nails, Stove* .etc, which he offers nptti such 
and will promptly pay up ' 1 - ~ 

He can always be found at 
Water street, (Richardson &. Hathaway’s 
old factory stand.) Mount Sterling. Kv. 
dec3I-tf W. li. CHAMBERS. 

N. B. I have a few excellent 2 horse 
wagons of different sizes, for sale low fur 
cash. W. B. C. 

.terms as he trusts will give satisfaction and 
; skop on j i respectfully solicits a share' Of the patronagv 
so liberally bestowed upon the old house. 

The l.adies are especially incited to ex- 
aniine iny stock of Table Cutlery, House 
Furnishing Goods, Sec. 
apt ‘i'-i O. B DORSEY. 


To Gentlemen! 

: Jrjp 

Wagons and Carriages. 

A PAXTON, of Sharpsbury, takes 
this method of informing the readers 
ofthe Kentucky Whig, and all others, that 
he is manufacturing, and keeps constantly 
on hand, a large number of WAGONS of 
all descriptions, lie also has a supply of 
BUGGIES on hand; and as he is over stock- 
ed at present will sell on very favorable 
terms, for cash or approved paper on rea- 
sonable time, 

lie hereby returns his siicera thanks to 
all who have so liberally patronised him 
heretofore — and will endeavor to mcrii a 
continuance of their favors. 

N. B. All work warranted. 

Sharpsburg, Bath Co., Ky., I6,h, July, ’AS. 


GraysVn, kv. 

i j,. taken an extensive mid well tflluatad 
property, near the Court-house, olPr* his 
accommodations to the public. He wilJ 
spare no pains to please, and In^pes to give 
entire satisfaction. E S. GOBLE. 

Grayson Ky. March J. 1353. — tf 



r. SI! I RLE V  V CO. 

Would inform the public that 
they are now in receipt of their . 

TleW iiunortnlinti r,l* Nnrins J “ ' 1 


iso humbug: 

new importation of Spring j cm in v ! ! v 

S^’Fre'ch Faiy Corners I ^GEARS, TRAC^HaIns.’ 

,» yifW j_ tt LADIhb bHOEb, CHILDRENS Shoes 

__ _ Black Silk & Satin Vesting*, I FINE& COARSE BOOTS, 1,000 “ 

Fancy Silk, 

White, Buflf, nnd Fancy Marsale* Vestings, 

wits. OIATRT df 12ATK9, 




8, 1853. 


Black French Cloths, 

Fancy “ “ 

Tailor’s Trimmings, an assortment of 

Black & Fancy Cloth Frock Coats, 
j “ “ Dress do 

I Black Silk and Satin Vests, 

Fancy Silk do 

j Marsailes, do 

| Grass Linen do and Coat*, 

Linen Coats of various qualities, 

Tweed and Fancy Cassitnere Coats, 
Black and Fancy Cassimere Pants, 

; Ready made Shirts, and Shirt Collar*, 
i Fancy and Black Cravats, 

Summer Cravats, Satin Stocks, 

Fancy Silk Ties, and many other Goods 


necessary to mention — all of which will be j anything called for in our line, wo will make 
sold on favorable terms for casii or to punc- J it on short notice. Those wishing 
tual Customers on time. chase anything in our line, will do 

I .... . „„,i .. . i . 

COARSE SHOES, from $1,00 to $1,80. 


r fiMIE subscribers would respectfully an- 
A nounce to the people of BATH and 
MONTGOMERY, and tiie public generally, | 
that they have on hands o large lot of the J 
above articles, and of great variety, which 
be had either at their Tan Yard or in 0~ 
wingsville at their shop; on reasonable 
terms. They respectfully solicit the pat- 
ronage ot the public, believing from their 
long experience in the business, and the ad- 
vantage of itlitkiiig Use materitil they 
can sell a hotter article for less than can be j 
bought in their vicinity, and will warant all I 
the work to be what it is sold for. No cliar- I 
ges will be made for REPAIRING any of; 
onr work if it does not wear o reasonable ' 
time' Oar stock is extensive, end we are I 
still Manufacturing. If We should not have j 

to pur- 

well to 

Mr. Shirley has just returned from New give us a call, as we are determined to sell 
York, and feels himself fully “posted up" [ low. 

in all the latest styles of cutting — and will 
warrant every garment made by him jo give 
satisfaction, or no sale, 
i Any garment wanted which they have net 
j already made, w ill be made up to order on | 
the shortest notice. All are invited to cell j 
I and examine our stock before buying else- j 
where. F. SHIRLEY, Si CO. 

April 8, 1S53. 


S AMUEL E. TIPTON having sold ou- 
his Merchant Tailoring Establishment 
, to F. Shirley & Co., would respectfully re- 
commend hint to his funner natrons and the 
public generally, as eminently worthy of 
I their patronage. He is satisfied that all 
work done by him will be fully equal to and 
sent out from any similar establishment in 
the country. 


Mount Sterling, Ky. 

f | M1E ensuing sessian of the Institute 
.1 will open on Monday, the (ill) day of 
June, and continue, as heretofore, tinder the 
personal superintendence and instruction of 
Daniel S. Potter and Mrs. Mary F. Pot- 
ter who will bestow their utmost care ami 
1 attention to the Mental, moral, physical, and 
social improvement of all who become con- 
j nected with the Institute. 

Students will be received at any time, and J 
charged from the period of entrance to the ; 
j close ofthe session; and no deduction for 
| absence except incase of very protracted 
j illness. 


EN, WHITE LlNESEY, Ac. will ho taken 
in exchange for anything in our line. 

J. A J. P. F1CKLIN. 
March 23, 1853. — ly 


S J LOCATIONS. — 1. The London Quar- 
terly Review, Conservative. 

The Edinburgh Review, Whig. 

3. The North British Review, Free Ghurch 

4. The Westminister Review, Liberal. 

5. Blackwocd’s Edinburgh Magazine, To- 

Although these works are distinguished 
by the political shades above indicated, yet 
but a small portion of their content! is de- 
voted to political subjects. It is their liter- 
ary character which gives them their chief 
value, and in that they stand confessedly far 
above all other journals of their dess. Such 
works as “The Caxtons” and “My New 
Novel,” (both by Btslwer) “The Green 
Hand,” and “Katie Stewart.” 


A tv one of the four Reviews $3 00 

Any two of the four Reviews 5 00 

Any three of the four Reviews 7 00 

All four of the Reviews 8 00, 

Blackwood’s Magazine 8 00 

Blackwood & three Reviews 9 00 

Blackwood & the four Reviews 10 00 

Payments to be made in all eases in ad- ! 

vance. Money current in the State where j 
Issued will be reeeL cd at par. 



Merchant Tailor and Gentlemen's Fur- 
nishing Store. 


(Opposite Phoenix Hotel,) 


AS I) 





Insurance Company. 

WM. HOFFMAN, Agaif; 

J. A. HANNAH. Mad tx 




ICy- Office on Second Street, in the line 
building with Drs.- Sharpe and Daks. 

j JOHN C. ADAMS j [joflN M. UNDERWO»». 



MLiysvlIle, Ky. 

Will attend punctually to pny kieineea 
that may lie entrusted to their car*. Spe- 
! cial attention will bo given to collections ia 
the counties of Mason, Bracket), Lewis, 
Fleming, .Nicholas and Oreandp. They 
j will also attend to any business pntrestea to 
them in the counties ol Brown and Adam* 
in Ohio, and to the purchasing and wile of. 
real estate in the City of Mayavillo. 

Office on Court street, oast sido, near the 
Court-house; mull 

Primary Department, - - $! 1 50 

Academic Department, - - 14 00 

Collegiate Department, - - 16 50 

Music on Piano & use of Intrument, 25 00 
Drawing, Painting, Waxwork, or 

Embroidery, - - 10 00 j 

Tuition Bills to be settled in all cases, at should be always addressed, post-paid, to the 
or before the close of the session, to the act- Publishers, LEONARD SCOTT & CO., 
isfoction of the Principal. 7‘j Fulton street, (Entrance 54 Gold it., New 

iliere will be a recess of a few weeks du- ! York. 


attorney at law, frestonsburo, kt. 
OULD Inform his old frienda.and the 
A discount of twenty-five per cent, from ^ ^ Public generally, that ha will, with 
the above prices will be allowed to Cl ibs promptness attend to any business ia thd 
ordering four or more copies of any one or line ol h:s profession which maF be coalidad 
more of the above works. Thus, to his care in the counties of Perry, Lttch- 

er, Pike; Floyd, and Johnson; nnd rtspect- 

Thomas . 1 , Blood, 

ATTORNEY and counsellor ay »aw, 

H AVING located permanetly in Mount 
. Sterling, will give prompt attention to 
all business eiltrosted to him in the countioB 
of Montgomery, Bath, Fleming, Greenup/ 
Carter, Lawrence, Morgan, and Clarke. 

Office on Broadway, first door north el 
Hamilton & Gist’s office. 

May 30, 1351— tf 

J. ML ( llAttS OBD 

H Af? removed his Law Office to No, 6/ 
Broadway, where lie may at all timee 
be found. He will attend to all business en- 
trusted to his care in the counties of Mont- 
gomery, Bath, Morgan, Carter, Lewis, Fiona-' 
ing, Greenup and Lawrence. 

January 30, 1952 — tf. 



Four copies of Blackwood, or -of one Re- 
view, will he sent to one address for 9 dol- 
lars; four copies of tiie four Reviews and j 
Blackwood for 30 dollars, and so on. 

05“ Remittances and communications , 

ring the warm weather. 

April 15, 1853. — 13w 

A. M. Principal. 




Winchester, Kt.i 

VELLS, TUNES, and Repairs Pianos, 

N. B. L. S: &. C'o., have recently pub- 
lished, and have now for sale, the “FAR- 
MER’S GUIDE,” by Henry Stevens, of Ed- 
inburgn, and Prof. Norton, of Yale Col- 
lege, New Haven, complete in two vols., 
royal octavo, containing 1600 pages, 14 steel 
and 600 wood engravings. Price in muslin 
binding, 6 dollars; in paper covers for the 
mail, 5 dollars. 

m . ,, . I . , , f j 0^7“ This work is not the old “Boole ofthe 

1 eaches Music, and is general agent lor p.Cl m , , ,,, 

... , s ... ”... „ l /'arm, lately resuscitated and thrown upou 

the market. 

fully asks their future patronage- 
dec. 17, 1852.— tf 

J. JI. SU.7I.4IEKS, 

Carter Co. Kr. 

mafkfli 4, 1853. 

Attorney ut Law. 

West Liberty, Morgan cot Ky: 
march 4, 1853. 

the sale of those unrivalled Pianos with flic 
Campana Attachment, made by Boardman ! 
& Gray of New York. Pftifessor Dieck- j 
man has Pianos on sale at Winchester, anti j 
will attend to all orders for ’1’tining a ad Ro- ; 
pairing in the adjoining counties. Ho war- [ 
rants alt Pianos sold by him, and will keep 
them in Tun frrec of charge. Having re- 
ceived a thorough Musical education, and 
had years of experience in his art, lie flat- 
ters himself that he is able to give satisfac- j 
tion. [ ;l pr. 8, ’53. — tf 


I HAVE removed my stock of Goods to the 
store loom lately occupied by H. C. El- 
lis, where I would he pleased to see my 
friends and customers. I will offer my 
Goods from this to the 10th of March, at 
greatly reduced prices; to those who buy 
for cash. 1 can make it to their interest to 
call. In conclnsion I would say to those 
who are owing me, that I am not ambitious 

I,. T. IlOOKEf 
Attorney at Law, 

Louisa, Lawrence co. Ky, 

inarch 4, 1653. 

‘Nigger, who am de fuss '.nan dat 
interduced salt pervvishins into de navy ?’ 
‘Dar, now, you’s too hard lor dis col- 
ored tndiwilual.’ 

‘It was Noah, nigger, when he took. 
Ham board de ark. 

This ‘Old Maid’s Farewell to 
her Mirror,’ taken from tho French of 
I Voltaiie, has no pun, but much humor: 

“Venus, take my looking-glass, 

Since I am not what 1 wa» ! 

What, henceforward, I may he, 

Venus— let me never ice ,” 

, ~ rr ; ol being called a “Terror to those who do 

_ ,, n . c ! i not pay their Store Bills,” neither do I care 

Store, a line lot of Havana igars. am an ; i 0 argue the case; but this I say, that every 
elegant article : of Chewing fobaeco, (Good- Molher ' s of who f:ljl ( 0 - mc b ' 

Yellow Band,) also superior the 1st of March, will find your notes and 

accounts in tho hands ofthe proper officer. 
Thankful for past favors, 
jam 28, ’53. J. J. HADEN. 

JUST Received, and for sale at 

winds Bro., Yellow JJand,) a 
Brandies & other Liquors for Medicinal pur 
poses. J. A. MAJINAH. 


plar i 

GLES for sale cheap by J. J. HADEN. 

A few Thousand Yellow Poplar SHIN- f)CANS Fresh Ginger Preserves, for 
. .. r riDirc 

at the 

DRUG Store. 

Or. R. a*. It. Caldwell 

I ! AVING returned to Mt. Sterling; «f- T 
~1 fers his professional services to the 
i citizens of town nnd country. Residcnee, 
corner of Main nnd Broadway Hrce*», in 
ue house which lie formerly occupied. 
January 30. 1 ••52 — tf. . 


'I MI" splendid and fast running steamer 
J SCIOTA, B. Kefnf.r, Master,- will run 
as a regalur tri- weekly Packet between- 
Portsmouth and Cincinnati. Leaves Ports- 
mouth every Monday, Wednesday nnd Fri* 

! day at 12 o’clock, M. Leuvcs Cincinnati 
I every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at- 
12 o’clock, M. 

All business entrusted to her by hef 
, friends, will he attended to promptly. mhl8 

Ari'iv;il «! 

I lie Nt«‘XUM *i’ 

TltP F»rnmnr ** 
].ivoV|i"»l- I" III'* 
jiorL nl 


Halifax, April 23. 
nndn, vvitli advices from 
Ki:li ii»si„ arrived at this 
lock llits morning. 


4':ni:i«la. iippnlulc I io a loll mission, tishe will Ills 
j (riend.x Wood, ol Ohio, Meade, ol \ irgiu- 
iii. and Trousdale, ol Tennessee. 

Ox J)its. — Wise or Dix for France: R. 
llxililor Meade, Virginia, Chili; Gov. 
Wood, of Ohio, Brazil, Gov. Seymour, 

I of Conn., Me/.ieo, Joint Rowan, Ky., Na- 
' pies; Stephen I). Dill a^e, N. Y., Brussels; 
Stephens, N. J., the Hague; Gov. Trous- 
dale's low stale ofhealth will not suit the 
Russian climate; il/ajor Polk will proba- 
bly pot an important position abroad; 
John V. L. PruytijOf Albany, desires to 
go to Berlin, but Mr. Barnard will proba- 
bly have another successor. 

F ROM W A SHIN GT   N Washing- 
ton, April 21, 1853. — Mr. Lougborough, 
Stales or with Central America, the riglds Editor of The St Lonh Times anti- Ben- 
of Bril ml. .- objects in I Imuh.nis, or those of ton man, has been appointed Purveyor 
England's ancient ally, the Mosquito King. General ol Missouri sod Illinois, 
junns been reserved. Lord John Russell re- The Union announces that the Presi- 
plied that ilia negotiations roll-red in were ! Gent has appointed tue hours ol Irom 12 
not terminated, and that therefore any stale- (0 of Tuesdays, Thursdays, an I Saiur- 
riient in regard t-  the matter would he pro- j,( avs f or l ( le reception of office-seekers, 

\Y art, CofrvBtTTiON. — lie Analysis ok a Leuislatop.’s Speech. 

Whig Stale Convention ol Toiineesee as- j — A Boston correspondent of the Greenfield 

, The Baltic Broke a crank on her passage 
oi. i . which d ■layo.l her one day. 

1 1 was iiiiii .red at I .nndon that Inn project 
of i lie London, Liverpool and New York 
line ol steamships had heeit a’mndoned. 

A house ill Bremen was about 
to put two steamers, recently purchased J 
from the German Meet, on die rou.e to New 
York. j 

In the Bri'i-h House of Commons, H. D j 
L-li v, a mem er, asked the t iovi r.iu.eut 
whether in negotiations with tin* Lulled 

the rig 


resolution abolishing the duly on 
new spa per advertise me. its, was agreed to 
in tl.u House, without discussion. 

'The* London police searched Kossuth’s i in Loudon, mi the morning of the j 
|4ih, and found large stores of arms and j 
.-miiiniiiou, anil it is slated that the recent ‘ 
arrests in Prussia were made upon intorma- 
tion furnished l.y tli a London police, who 
had placed spies around the residence ol 
the refugees. 

Destructive Fire in Boston. — Bos- 
ton, April 23. A fire broke out this mor- 
ning in a blacksmith shop on Endicott 
street, opposite the Roman Catholic 
Chursli, and from thence spread to the 
right and left, and distroyed the block of 
brick dwellings, and Wallers grocery on 
Bond street. Also, several buildings on 
North Magazine sleet, including Stevens 
I bakery, dwelling and stable, and a block 
,. T I of wooden dwellings. 

Lots of the steam i:n Ur t-AN . a 1 1 j Tlio cinders set fire to the roof of Chiist’s 
— 1 went yiioiit j.ia t.s LoM.--.ew ui„ Church, in Salem street, and it was con- 
May o — ’p| le steamer Ocean V\ ave, run- 

semblc!l at Nashville on monday last 
Delegates from thirty-three counties were 
in attendance. Gen. J. L. McKoin, ol 
Summer, was called to the chair, and R. 
I!. McGee, ofgibson, E. P. McGintry, of 
Davidson, and R. S. Sanders, of Knox, ap- 
pointe-l ,-ai ietirics, 

A committee was appointed to draft res- 
olutions and report cadidates for the of- 
fice of Govenor. Among the resolutions 
reporlo i was one highly laudatory of Hon. 
Millard Fillmore and the acts of his ad- 

From the following resolution it will be 
seen that they nominated Maj. G. A. Hen- 
ry for Govenor at the ensuing election in 
August next; 

Resolved, That wc present by acclama- 
tion to the people of Tennesee. as our 
ca didate for the chief executive office of 
State Major Gustavos A. Henry, of the 
county of Montgomery, whose superior in- 
tellect, commanding eloquence, anridis- 
tinguishe I services are to well known to re- 
quire commentation at our hau Is, and 
whose varied acts as a legislator an I jurist 
entitle him to the earnest an I zealous sup- 
port of the people of Tennessee. 

Gold in Texas. — Wonderfull Discov- 
eries. — A new El Dora lo is now being 

siderably damage I. Fifty poor families 
are rendered houseless by the disaster. 

Hiiigon Lake Ontario, was burned at two 
o’clock cm Saturday morning last, fifty 
miles above Kingston, on her passage to 
Ogdensburg. There were fifty persons 
aboard, including the crew, of whom only 
tweiiiv-two were save I. Among the saved 
wns Captain YV right the Mate and Purser. 

W hen ;li-* fire first broke out, the boat J ga^-ed on the fabric; it is nearly ready for 
ole and a hell Irom land 1 h e j tli e roof, and will soon be finished. Crowds 

are attracted there to view it, although 
they are not allowe I to enter the enclosure 
and ran only look into it from the walls 
of the Croton Reservoir. The Palace 
will he a magnificent one; a sight it will 

The C i’ w. Palace. — T he New ^ ork 
papers give an account of the present con- 
dition of the Crystal Palace building in 
that city for the World’s Exhibition. 
There are a large number of workmen en- 

Democrat gives the following analysis of 
tl.e matter and manner of Air. Stevenson’s 
speech ami reply to Air. Hooper, on the 
banking questiou: 


Facts, 1 

Denials, 23 

Assertions^ 47 

Personalities, 23 

Horror, 57 

Indignation, 210 

Dignity, Ilk) 

Wounded innocence, 70 

J’ity tor Air. Hooper's family, 8 

Pity for Mr. Hooper himself, 17 

Contempt lor Air. Hooper, 1 1 

Wrath, 420 

Total of matter, 


Attitudes a la Webster, 

“ “ Choate, 

“ “ Billy Bowlegs, 

Tremors of the right hand, 

“ “ left hand, 

“ “ both bauds, 

Shakes of the head, 

Quivers of the chin. 

Beating of the breast, 

Scowls at Air. Hooper, 


foi '* Various excellent papers arc re- 1 

ccived regularly, among which may be 
menione.l the New York Trilane. This 
is the largest Newspaper published in the 
Unite 1 States. In speaking of this paper’s 
recent enlargement and improvement, flie 
Horne Journal says of the Daily Tri- 

“Here we have in this morning’* Tri- 



illalhriiintiial, Philosophical, A 
Optical Irtsiruiuciiis, 

Third Street, ontjsitk the Post Office, 


K EEP on hand and furnish to order — 
l And all kinds oi Instruments for Surveyors 
I and Diigiiieors. 

W twenty-eight broad columns of read- 1 p , A / S0   a ^ ara ,'"’ f ' ' illustrating Natural 
d twenty columns of adver- 1 Pll! . los “P" ' “ od c *»eml«try in schools 



apr 21). 



mg matter a 

t sements, the result of the labors of one 
hundred and seventy persons, und sold (to ! Office Lexington & Big Sandy R. R. Co. 
the carriers) for a cent and a half per copy. I April 8, 1853. 

Of the twenty eight corunins of reading, j annual meeting of the Stockholders 

twelve were written yesterday by the edi- * of this Company will be hold at their Of. 

I tors an 1 reporters; there are three columns hec in Mount Sterling, on WEDNESDAY. 

I of telegraphic intelligence; there are nine -IAA 2- , 1853, between the hour* of 10 and 
j letters from distant corespondents; the ■ f ° clock, at which time an election will be 
shipping, money and commercial news i he'd ror ..x Directors to serve lor the ensu- 
occupies six columns- altogether, this s;n- j 
gle contains one hundred and thirty arti- 
cles, most of which must have gone to the \\ ^ ' I 1.1) 50,008 pounds Feathers; 
j compositors in manuscript, and which I 4lfit*00 pouaiis Ginseng; 

iiii ! 2o,000 do- Beeswax, 

written in an average hand, would cover r, . , , 

.1 u ° , .i c t . Our arrangements are sucli tliat we can 

more than three hundred foolscap pages. a j wa y 3 p a y t|, e 

very liighost market price in 

j / rmt tiie whole contents oi tins number in I cas ), f or t | ie a i )ove articles. 

R. A. HOLDEN & CO., 
ap22 ly 303 Main st, CINCINNATI. 


^ \. r ' ' ' LD Respectfully announce to 
\ * their customers, friends, and the 
public generally, that they are receiving 
and opening their spring importations of 
New Goods, to which they invi,c the atten- 
1 -■ isblng to buy or see new goods, 

l hey are in receipt of the largest, and most 
splendid assortment of Gimp, Straw, Silk, 
and Crape Bonnets ever brought to this mar- 
ket. and various other articles too tedious 
to mention. Ladies wishing the finest arti- 
cles. and most tasty styles would do well to 
call soon and examine their stork. 


apr. 8, ’53. 

opr22td \VM. HOFFMAN, Ser’y. 


was a mil 

whole o 1 the upper works were consumed 
in fifty minutes, und the hull drifted oil' the 
shore and sunk soon alter. Those saved 
wqre picked up by the boats of passing 
vessels. Tbe bout was owned by the 

northern mil way company ol Ogdensburgh , richlv compensate for ‘.lie time and expen- 
idly insured. jscsofa trip to New York. Many thou- 

sand application for exhibition room have 
made and registered, and there is yet 

c. sand 

Office seek ,.v An. iced in Open Session ■ been 

found in our own beautifull State/ Ru- 
mors are rife of large quantities of gold be- 
ing found throughout the Western portion 
of the country. We understand that there 
is great excitement prevailing at Austin, 

San Antonio, Seguin, Gonzales and oili- 
er points up the country, and that several 
companies have left those points within a 
few days past in search of tiie hidden treas- 

urc, and others are making ready to follow, from a point opposite the city of Ports- 

These mines ore found on the Upper Col: | month, Ohio, to the outlet of the great 
on, do, Hamilton’s Valle*,* and various j Ohio canal. The marble is sail to hem- 
other places, and are said to be very rich ! exhaustible m quantity, and of various 
— supposed bv mo to equal the best qualil.e. and shades, admitting of a high 
California mines .— huianola {Texas, \ P ollsh   andequal for ornamental purposes 
Bulletin I an y m arble 111 this country or Europe. 

J ' ’ |A New York company with a capitoi of 

e, n i i u „ $300,000, lias been forme 1 to work it, and 

ffi-i' Senator Borland, who was ap- • 7 , . .. nnn , • , . . 

* has purchased 40,000 acres on which u is 

pointed to the Governorship of av®w ! locaterl . — Detroit Free Press. 

Mexico, influenced by tiie example of tiie i 

artizans through the country, struck lor To Printers. — If Charles James, Prin- 
something fatter. The -Major has been ter - is livin « an 1 ? 0[s . l0 hear ol ' lhis - lle 

Total of manner, 

It wouU be a useful matter of reference 
for the future, if tiie same chemist would 
analyze as scientifically t lie speeches of oth- 
er members ot' the Legislature. 

| Boston Times. 

An extensive marble quarry is lo- 
cate l in Kentucky along the Ohio river, 

large, clear type, it would make a portly 
volume of several hundred pages.” 

We have also recoive.l the B’.tverly 


| Magazine, the New York Dutchman, 
Grahams Magazine for Alay, the Free 
Masons Alanual for Kentucky — all of 
which may be seen at our office. We 
would be happy to forward subscriptions 
to any or all of these publicationsr or 
any other deserving ones; or to club with 
any of them, furnishing them and the Whig 
at reduced prices 


PARTNERSHIP heretofore exist- 
1 ing under the firm of LINDSEY & 
DORSEY, having been dissolved, the under- 
signed would respectfully announce to his 
triends, and the public generally, that he 
still continues the business in all its branches 
at the OLD ST A. YD, where he lias in sture 
and will keep constantly on hand a general 
and well selected stock of Hardware, Cut- 
lery, Iron, Steel, ^uils, Castings, Cooking, 
Parlor, Office and Hall Stoves, Planes,  $ 


IV E invite your attention to our large, and 
' ’ wc il selected stock of dress goods, con- 
sisting in part of Summer Silks,- new and' 
beaut ;ful, Brocade Silks of the most beauti- 
lol and various combination of colors. en-‘ 
iin-ly new style; superior Satin Plaid Gren-’ 
niline, extra rich, its great variety, Bareges, 
plain and figured: De Laines, assorted col- 
ors; Lawns, Tarietons, plain and dotted 
Swiss, and many other Tarietitcs which we! 
ask von to call and examine; any of which,- 
we assure you, we will sell nnusnaliy low. 
apr 20. MITCHELL &■ HOWARD. 

I’KGYCil V. Oi£K.. 

of an ad dif foil a 1' 
and beautiful French- 
Work; Splendid Black Lace Scarfs, richand 
very becoming; a large stock of Trimmings 
ot every variety; also, Jaconet and Swiss 
Edgings and Insertjngs. We call attention 
particularly, to our slock of Ladies Shoes, 
ot the newest stylo, and best quality. 


IYE are just in receipt 
’ * Stock of very rich and 


/""t EN n.EMEN, call ami examine our 

i a i ior,! an,, nan otoves, r lanes, .NUoe ; V*" ^ Hals-Silk, 

and Saddle Leather and materials, warrant- 1 ^' gl “ 0,n ’ ^ tr , aw ’ 1 nln ' Leal ’ »"•» 1 

CoMi-ENSvTiON of Postmasters. — One ed Edge Tools of every description new style Umiese Golies, superior to the 

He is now receiving a new importation of I “ nd cheaper. M. & H. 

of the acts passe ! on the night of the 3 i‘ 

of March, to establish certain post routes, ^ uod, . | wlth »" 1 Mld.tionml supply of I I V' E have on hand, a stock ol ready made 

1 Ked Liver Iron which renders ins stock ; 1 * Clothing, consisting of various quali- 

— Tue Plan Unpopular — Diplomatist 

— Tie .1 .cent work — Tehuantepec Trea- 


Washington, Tuesday, April 20. 

The new patent arrangement, put in 
force bv tbe President to-day. for rcreiv- 
i A ; office seekers in open session, Ins done 
the work ol a week. The scene is describ- 
ed as a very amusing one. \\ Hole bat- 
talions of ex-Goveruors, ex-Senators, ex- 
Judges, &t\, were ushered in cn masse, and 
each told his own story ri^ht out in meet- 
ing. Pierce was very polite to all, and 
looked promises to all, but spake promts- ^ irginia.) Minister to Chili, 
es to niA-e. This plan is a very unpopu- ^ 1 T 1 1 

lar one' with tl.e office-seekers, and is 

room for more- A large quantity ofgoods 
designed for exhibition have already arri- 
ved Irom the other side ofthe Atlantic and 
from varrious parts of the United States. 
The Journal of Commerce names 4000 
packages from the United -States and about 
8000 from different part* Europe. 

Appointments of Ministers. — A tel - 
egraphic dispatch from Washington, of 
the 28th says: The Hon, John A. Dix, (of 
New York,) has been appointed Minister 
to France, and lion. Richard K. Meade, (of 

Tiie Louisville Journal, noticing this 
nomination says: “This John A. Dix is 
likely to become equally disagreeable to Hix the Abolit.onist, tiie Dix who iu 1348 
the President, and wdl result, most likely j was so active and influential, in bringing 
iu throwing all tiie patronage into the : °ut ami supportingnn Abolilion can li late 
hands of the Secretaries. j far President, and who has been devoting 

I lie aspirants lor Diplomatic stations himself to thtycause of Abolitionism ever 

doing pretty well since we parted. He 
lias drawn about five thousand dollars 
constructive mileage, the profits on which 
are considerab'e. 
ter to Central America 

He goes out as Minis- 

is requested to write immediately to his 
brother, Philip James, 54 Gumming street, 
Pentonville, near London, England. 

Street minstrels have again made 
thier appearance among us. We notice!, 
yesterday morning, a little girl dancingon 
the side walk, a.ccompanied by an asth- 
matic organ an 1 a cracke I violin. That 
child it is evident, is not being" traine ! 
in the way she should go.” 

JfjtejT* Governor Lane, of New Mexico, 
has issui’d a proclamation claiming the Me- 
cilla Valley as a portion of American terri- 
tory. He says it was left out by neglect of 
Commissioner Bartlett, and called on Colonel 
Sumner with an armed force to secure the 
valley, Col. Sumner refused to comply witli 
tbe request. The Mexican authorities have j °fli ( ’ e seekers upon the i resident, are ex- 
sent several hundred soldie-s to re?i t any reedingly common iu the Eastern papers, 
attempt to seize tiie valley. This matter i The correspondent of the Journal of Com- 
iias created intense excitement. merce says: 

From Buenos Ayres.— We have, says ' On Saturday the President was wearied 

jjgy* Letters of the following charac- 
ter, describing the ferocious attacks of 

&c., contains a section fixing the follow- j complete. In connection with the above he 
j ing as the commission of Postmasters af- j is also engaged in the 
ter the 1st of April: j TINNING BUSINESS, 

On a sum not exceeding $100— 50 per and will keep a general assortment of Tin- 
ct. ware always on band, and is prepared to do II press, a lot of new style and very benu- 

On a sum betwren $100 and $400 — 40 all kinds of Job Work in good style and up- Itiful Crape fkmnets, entirely different to 
percent' on short notice. I any before offered iu this market; Ladies 

On a sum between $400 and $2400 Grateful for past favors he hope* by close ; wishing fine Bonnets would do well to call 
35 per cent and personal attention to business to receive and examine them. M» & H. 


ties of Sommer Coats and Vests. 

_ M. & H. 


U J E have just received to order, by ex- 

nrcss. A lot of now stvlo fiml voni hna.i. 

On a sum not exceedin; 
per c. 

Where the mail arrives regular between 
6 at night and 5 in the morning, 00 per 
cent is allowed on the first $190. 

Those officers whose compensation shal 
not exceed $500 a quarter, are allowed 
one cent for every “free’ letter delivered 
out of their office, and each postmaster is 

his share of public patronage. 
apr22 A. LINDSEY 


ii F. will give the highest market price for 
Watches, Clocks, Diamond Jewelry, Fine , ” every description ofbarter, such as hea- 

Gold Jewelry, Marble Clocks, 
Silver ll’are, Plated Ware, 

Fancy Hoods, fyc. 


f « 

vy while Jeans, white Linsey, Socks, Bacon, 
&.c. , &.c. MITCHELL & HO WARD. 

the New York Commercial Advertiser, 

arc expected to kno tv their fate to-mor- 

David T. Disney, of Ohio had along in- 
terview with Secretary Marcy, to-day; an I 
£,om external indications, it is suppose i 
lie is sure oi a good place. 

The a\c is still at work. Five Clerks 
in the Pension Office, auJ six in the Au li- 
lor's Oliiec. were remove I to-day 

Mr. Fitch vvos appointed Marshal of 
Olho, to day, as was anticipated 

since. The Disuiiionists of the North are 
almost in as high favor with the A lminis- 
tration as the Disunionirts of the South. 
These are piping times with traitors.’ 


Cleveland, April 28.--A bouse of ill- 

fame on Morrison street, had been shut up 

since Friday under circumstances which 

led those living in the vicinity to suppose 

| something was wrong and to-day the house 

„ , ... , . was opened, when the body of Christiana 

i he i ekuariiepec I ie;ity lias gone to ... , 1 . , ■. r , , ■ 

c , , | ... - v Sicsby, who occupied it, was found lying .ikv. ii. no says ' L 0 n fho floor, with the heal nearly severe 1 
hate the I lank .toad completed m eight- L tllebo j and the floor all round cov- 
een^monthx, and the Railway threc I erefl with bl o 0(1 . The fingers were cut in 

)e y!^’ r, , several places. Her watch and finger 

Gov. .Sevmonr did not get ofT to-day. ■ , , , , , 

,, | F 1 i rings were taken, an l the trunks, bureaus. 

He leaves t o-morrow &c ? t broken open, and their contents 

NEW THIRD AUDITOR— TIIE MIS ,l l rown ' about in confusion. No weapons 
sion to France — The Census Bure iu ! of an  ' V nJ Were founl thel,ouse - Ins 
- The Gardinl-r Trial, &c.,~ Washing- ge nera,| y 8 U ?P°m 

| some ruffian lor h  

fixed on 

beyond all endurance, with the appiica- 

, r , . .. , , . i tions of over a hundred persevering and 

letter from Buenos Ayres, written on the 1st . i n 

of February. Tue writer says: j ll »P ortunjle oir ‘ ce se r ek 1 ers ' ]Ie ex P, ress ' 

ed Ins impatience ol this continued an- 
-We are daily expecting an assault, and I n0V ance, and remarked that he had hoped 
: our situation is far Irom bring pleasant: yet ^ lhe „ ualber 0 f office seekers would 

wline others are leaving, 1 have determined i , . . , ■ . .. 

. , , by this tune decline, but it appeared to 

: to remain and wait tbe result. You can . ’ . . . . . r f 

j form no corre -t opinion of tbe state of af- j him * he said, that it was increasing. I he 
fairs in tiiis city; father against the son and * next morning the Union containe l an an- 
son against the father. The horrible cruel- nunciation that the President would re- 
ties that take place are beyond description, ceive persons on business only during the 
A few days since a father killed bis son while ; hours from 12 to 2, on three days iu the 
in political conflict, due besiegers took a , week. The President had complained of 
prisoiie.- and tied him between t.vo horses, want 0 f t j, ne f or recreation and exercise. 
al ! d tl,e P ^ r i raaturu was Jitteraily torn to j J|e win now be ab | e njore f rce | y t0 en j oy 


pieces. Such is our condition at present. 
The city is to be bombarded from tli ■» river, 
and caunonided from tbe land. What tiie 
result will be none can conjecture. 

siie was mur lere 1 by 

toil, Saturday, April 23, 1853.— The IIon.|*? me ruman |or ncr ,!l "' e   r :,! ' ' j eWnlry * 
Francis Hurt, of South Carolina, was ;'’ 0 sus P ul0 ‘" as  ' ot are flxeJ on ^ 

Kvyoru and entered upon the duties of Third 1 0ne * 

Auditor to- ay. 

Gov. Foote, of Mississippi, is spoken 
of in high circles for the French Mis- 


The reorganization of the Census Bu- 
reau is now completed, and emoraces in 

Brf.aking Ground on the Louisville 
' and Nashville Railroad. — Early yester- 
I day morning, in pursuance with the terms 
of the agreement, Messrs, Morton, Scy- 
|mour& Co., commenced operation on the 
Louisville and Nashville railroad. A, gang 

equal number of v\ hr s an 1 Democrats. | O f som g sixty men were put to grading the 
In the Itiinliiier cas" uyday Mr. YV hit- ‘ jy 0 p O t grounJs, on Broadway, between 
tlesey, die l irst Controller iu iho I reasu- , Ninth and Tenth streets. Other gangs 
r .ani Air. M  Kean, speci I lisburser o( uere placed on the line between this and 
moneys ior bringing on witnesses tn this . Shepertlsville, and from this day forward 
CIS' 1 , and Mr. Zanizio^er, the disbursing ,j ;i . Ul , , will be inpustriously and oner- 
tiLent of the .State Dejiartment, were call- i gcticaliy pjosecuted. Tlie r aad isalready 

- 1 * f Li ol-o p I a i- ■ r t l’ . _ T? I ' _ 

e I to prove the amount paid wi’.tneses for 
the proseeat on — theobje t ofthe defence 
ieing to show that it was so lar.e as to 
inliuense the m..i Is ol tiie witnesses, aril 
that it uua paid without author. ty of law. 

under contract for the grading to Eliza- 
be .blown, an 1 the enliire route to Nash- 
ville will bo sub let by the 20th insi. 

This great an I important enterprise has 
been commenced most auspiciously. The 

kite testimony was most objecte l to, aid breaking of ground attracte l quite crowd 
tie day was i-nnsume 1 in argument, Tiie but it was atteride 1 with no formal cere- 
f uut decided it was partially a Jmissi- j monies — Messrs. Morton, Seymour & Co. 

the contractors who have a national repu- 

•FROM vv AMiiNGTON— -THE RE- J, ali ? n ®nergy and responsibility, pre- 
... . Erring to have tue celebration airer the 


completion ol the road. W o can promise 

Treatment of Sbarlet Fever. — Dr. j 
Thomas R. Hereford, of this city, in a 
concmunication which appears in the Al- 
exandria Gazette, thinks that too much 
physic lias been an error in the mauaae- 
ment ol scarlatina. He says during thirty 
years practice lie lias found that tiie less 
active medicine ho use l the greater was 
his success in the treatment of this disease 
He disclaims any motives of vanity or 
self-interest in Ins statement. Ills treat- 
ment is described as follows: 

“In conclusion, I will say my treatment 
of scarlet fever is very simple. Open the 
bowels regular every day with some mild 
aperient medicine, such as cdstor oil senna 
&c., and keep the patient at rest an i 
comforrab ly warm; spongethe surface with 
tepid water two or three ti mes a day; while 
ills iio.ter than natural admit fresh air, 
live on a blan 1 diet, such as a cupfull of 
arrow-root several times a day; toast wa- 
ter for a common drink. Gargles made 
ol strong sage tea; honey an l aluin or bo- 
rax may be used from tiie commencement 
if the throat is elFeeted” — Wash. Repub. 


to Central 

America. — Washuiuion, Saturday, April, i 

‘ it then!. — I^ouiscule Courier. 

that they will have a rousing big time of 

23, lo53. — Th e Inh lligencer tins morniii, 
publishes a letter dated Santa Fe, Feb, 23, j Vem ict of a p^-srouN.-In tbe Su- 
s renouncing the intention ol Gov. Lane to ' premo Court, at Lnveli, a verdict waeren- 
t.ike possession on h:s own authority oi ,| ore d against Dr. Joseph Kittredge, of An- 
a- portion oi Mexican ierriiory. dover, w im damages of sixteen hundred and 

The l uion 'announces the appointment- seventy-five dollars for mal practice. It 
of -Solon Borland as Minister to Central appeared in evidence that a lad named Ash- 


g.on, April 24, 1853. 

vori h had tiis arm badly injured by the ma- 
jehinery of the mill where he was at work. 
\\l) mg Q VB[. I Or. Kittredge was called, dressed and ban- 


dnocti i lie arm. On tiie third day, tiie boy 
n - | complained of considerable pain, but no ex- 

', IC . 1 *P raa ,c I animation was made until tbe fourth day, 
l ^pouilmcnts will not probotdy lie ilia de j Alien it was found that mortification had 
h*r several weeks yet. lhe onl\ ap | commenced. Other physicians were con- 
} ointmauL for New York will be Dix to suited, and they give tiie opinion that the 

1 r.iiu c. 

l he Cabinet is a unit only against the 
Pioident. The members have forme.-’ ot 
league to sustain each other. Marcy is 
lully ii-cstai dished. It is (ertain that 
Pierce will nl low him to make all the for 
eign appointments. No man hostile to 
JVJurcy tan receive even ;i Consnlois. 
Toe pi - " 

\t  i li.t patience, am 
i he Luion t i to-day 

boy could not live. Hi however recovered, 
the mortification being checked by the free 
me of brandy and sal:, but the arm came 
oil. 'File claim for damages was based upon 
tue supposition that the bandage was so 
tight as to cause mortification and the con- 
s.-queut 1 oss ot tiie arm. (Boston Jour. 

:iuf“\Ve learn from the Savannah Com- 
•-sure on the President has exhaus- , rier that tiie Postmaster of that city was 
he gives notice in ' recently tried before /he United States Cir- 
that he will receive I cuit Court for delaying a ietter, and fined 

i isilors but tlirte times a week, and then 
In t for the Idiiitc I space of two hours, thus 
mu:. 'em.,: all tn- power to tiie Cabinet. 
Marcy'!! influence is regarded ol more con- 
sequence thtiu the Prerident’s. Piarce ha  
not energy - on . Ii to : aye Ins fi ,e.i is from 
sji.ii, liter. Many cot h'.- n'tv.qu ii-ulam 

fifty dollars. The Court remarked: d’he 

law makes it the imperative duty of every 
Postmusier to forwaT-l all mail matterde- 
posited one-hall hour before the departure 
of the mail, unless a Ion ter time should 
be grantr- 1 by the Postmaster General o.i 
I account ol the business in the o!!i e. 


Tornado in Indiana. — The South Bend 
Register states a destructive tarnado 
passed over the north part of tiie State 
last week. It scattered tiie fences, mow- 
ed a road through the thickest umber of 
about eighty rods wide, uprooting trees 
small and large with perfect ease. (Ju tiie 
cast side oi Portage Prairie, it unroole l 
Esq. Witter s ham, laid Ins trees Hat, cur- 
ried oil some pannels ol his fence to parts 
unknown, stole a rick of straw, and di- 
vers other injuries. It unroofed houses 
and barns by tue dozen. As far as known 
at South Read, no lives had been tost 
but one young lady had her arm broken. 
At one house their week’s wash of cloth- 
ing, which was hanging to dry in tiie lolj 
was carried oil and lost. Some persons 
satv tiie tornado lilt a calf from the ground 
whirl it around witii great force, and car- 
ry it a considerable distance into tiie 
woods, where it was auerwards found un- 
hurt. At Keohter Ou Duey’s lann on Har- 
ris Prairie, a wagon was standing in the 
yard. Alter the hurricane had passed, 
tiie wagon box was found splintered to 
p.eces, the wagon forcibly nncouplcJ, and 
one ol ttie axles broke short oi( in the 

Dreadful Accident. — Yesterday af- 
tern jou ii man allempied lo jump oil one ot 
the Mud Kiver iruiu*, near becond street, 
uud in uoina so tell on the track. The Iruin 
over him, cuiiiug oli‘ both ot hid lej* 
b' - . tiie knoe. Dr. Crook was called, and 

jury presented Spring to the Court this 
morning for the Rink murder, finding a 
true bill against him, and recommending 
the discharge of Frekert, who had been 
charged with the crime. 

The Court to-day pronounced sentence 
of death or. Editions and Carson for the 
murder of Noohan. 

Travel East — Further Reduction- 
in Fare. — A still further reduction has 
been made in tbe price of travel to New 
York. From and after to-day, the follow- 
ing will be tiie fare by the different routes: 
To New York via Cleveland, 
LakeSliore Railroad an I New York 
and Eris Railroad. $15 00 

To New York via Cleveland, Lake 
Shore Railroad, Buffalo and Alba- 
ny Railroad, and Hudson idiver 
steamers. 10 00 

To New York via Cleveland. Lake 
Siiore Railroa l,Butralo and Alba- 
ny Railroad, and Hudson River 
Railroad. 17 00 

In view of these low prices af travelling 
and theg-reat rapidity with which atrip 
can now be ma le to tiie Eastern citias, we 
anticipate an extraordinary amount of tra- 
vel over these differet routes during - the 
spring and summer. 

TON, KY., would say to the citi- 
zens of Ml. Sterling, and vicinity, that if 
.. . r . , , r ,• i they arc in want of anything in the above 

allowed two nulls for the neiivery from hi lino , th ., if they will call on us when in 

office to a subscriber each newspaper no jtown we will suit tiiem every way, price or 

chargeable with postage. sly)e. . . 

_ ‘ ‘ Our stock consists of every tiling that is 

Louisiana Senator. — The Hon. John kept in our line of business. We have now 
Slidell was on ThurJay last, electe 1 U. S. nl ' of our Spring stock on hand, and it cannot 
Senator by the Tcgislature of Louisiana, i be excejedjn point of fineness, newness and 
to fill the vacancy created by the resigun 


tion ofthe Hon. Pierre Soule. Mr. Slidell 
is a Democrat, and had a majority of 33 
on joint vote over Mr. Hunt, Whig. 

Appointments. — Washington, April 28 

desirable Goods. 

We invite ail to call and look at onr fine 
stock of Goods. npr22 


fijMilE Subscriber will pay the highest pri- 

. . . ... . , . . i . . . i JL cos in CASH for One Hundred voung 

John A. D.x has been eppomte I minister Md | iko , y Negrues . As he , )as perm ' nen f. 

y located in Jilt. Sterling, lie can always 

to France, and Richard R. .Mead, minister 
to Chili. 


^IMJF. undersigned having purchased Mr 
A H. H. Turner’s entire stock of DRUGS 

will still continue to carry on tiie business 
at the old stand. They will keep oil hand a 
well assorted stock of 


be found at Wilkerson’s Hotel. 

April 15, 1853. — 4t 


! S AV1NG been much annoyed by liunt- 
i l ers CUTTING MY TIMBER, throw- 
ing MY FENCES, &.c , I feel myself com - 
I pelcd to warn ail persons from committing 
depredations upon my property. 

| If J were not in earnest concerning this 
| matter 1 should not publish this notice. 
Together with all other articles usually kept oprl-.Jt LAFA\ El IE M. GREENE, 
in lliut line of business. 


Queensware, Hardware aod Cutlery. 
Those wishing the above articles would do 
well to eajl and examine our slock before 
purchasing elsewhere, as we expect to sell 
unusually low. 



Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Liquors 
and Rectified Whisky, 



S. & K. also Keep au assortment of Cigar* 
and Tobacco. ap29 

S 11. PAltVI.V 
Crcncrol Advertising Apent,. 

No. G8 Fourth Street, 
Between Walnut and Vine, 

j Books, Periodicals, Stationary, etc. for sale, 
aor 1. 


Sept. 30th, 1842. 

In consequence of this arrangement, my 
office will be removed lo the Drug Store. 


i\EW &OOBS. 


R. R. Lindsey’s Adin’r. 

B ARNES, MILLER &. LEE, take pleas- 
ure ill announcing to the public, that 
'they arc nowin receipt of their entire stock 
of Spring and Summer Goods, coneisting of 
a greater variety of 


„ „ .. , , • - r, ... Than usually found in their House. 

R. R. Lindscv’s Heirs &, Creditors. 

! N accordance with the Decree of tiic { S1Lll  1 D OOL & S TEA L 

1 Montgomery Circuit Court, I will on the DAIS. 

I()th day of May 1853, at my office in Mt BONNETS IN GREAT VARIETY, 

Sterling, proceed to audit and settle ail the 0 , in. ,, , m 

7 f , . , .. i Shoes, and Hoots, Jlardjiare, China- 

accounts ami demands, of every description ! ’ ’ ’ . 

for and against the estate ofthe late R. R. mare, Glassware, School Books, Un- 
J.indsey, ami ii is Heirs and Creditors are tmg Paper, and many other articles un- 
hereby notified to present their claims a- accessary lo mention. Our goods were 
gainst said estate. I w ill adjourn from day ^ bought for CASH — and will be sold as loir, 
in to lime until through, if no/ lower any oilier house in town, 


*257 .tin isi * | Foot, Cincinnati. Oliio. 

Importers of Irish Linens, Damask and 
Diapers. Also, 

Wholesale and Retail Dealers in French, 
Englisii and American Dry Goods. Tbe at- 
tention of Pedlars is particularly requested’ 
to the stock of Brown and Bleached Table 
Cloths. ap29-Fy 


ev5n excepting those houses who prjfoss to 
sell at Iwenty-Jivt per cent. 

Give us a call. 

April 15, 1853. 

JV B. All kinds of Country Produce bar- 
tered for upon favorable tarms. 

B., M. & L. 


porters and Wholesale Dealers in 
Also — Umbrellas, Parasols, Gloves Hosi- 
ery, and every description of Trimmings' 
and Fancy Dry Goods- corner Main and 
Pearl streets, Cincinnati. apr. 1. 

The Greenup Retord of Last Friday 
Says. — The Engineers who have been 
engaged in making a survey ofa route for 
the Green upsburgh and Little Sandy Rail 
Road, finished on yesterday. The esti- 
intites &c., will be prepared in a short 
time, and as soon as we can get them 
we will lay them before our readers. 

F3'3”‘The following post routes have 
lately been established through our coun- 
ty, to-wit: From Grayson, Carty county, 
Ky., by way of Laurel Furnace, Buffa- 
lo an I Raccoon to Greenupsburgh. The 
other from Star Furnace by way o‘ Bel- 
font, to fronton, Lawrence county, Ohio. 
— Greenup Record. 

The Albany Journal says that on 
and after the 1st of May the Railroad (are 
from Albany to Buffalo will be $6. This 
will be followed, as soon as tiie double 
track is completed through, if not sooner, 
by o reduction to $5. Only three years 
luo the Railrood fare to Buffalo wos $12. 
Formerly, by stage, it was $20. and occu- 
pied from three to eight days, it according 
to the state ofthe roads. 

to day, and from time 

J. M. CRAWFORD, mas. com. 
apr. 15 — It 

Commissioner's Notice. 

John A. Armstrong’s Adm’rs, 

John A. Armstrong’s Heirs and Creditors. 

O N the 10th day of May 1803, at my of- 
fice in Mt. Sterling, I will proceed to 

audit and settle the accounts and demands T!2U JPEOi 1 1,E’S JACK 

agui list tiie estate of the late Dr. J. A. Arm- AT v i     . ^ YfA AT \ A.T’YTtA'T’TT 

strong; nod hi* Heirs mid Creditors are no- . -*-„Y I \Jv7 itJAluiUU 1 IG I ^ ^ COLVILLE 

tified to present their claims against said cs- j ,,n LL s, nni] he cnFuin „ Season ' C CALE MANUF \TUEER CINCINVA- 

tate. I wdl adjourn from day to day, and . \1 , ... .. ,, «. UA . urA1 ux 

from time to time until tlirouuh at my (arm, 1 mile \\ est liom O 1L, Ohio, keeps constantly on hand a 

tin , unt ■ '  ifl.Mo.i„l Sterling; and will serve Jen- good assortment of PLATFORM, COUN- 

, ' ’ ' i nets at $50 for a Jack, and 30 for a Jen- j TER and DRUG SCALES, Hayand ore Scales 

P ’ net coll; doe when the coit comes, or the ■ tf an improved plan in any part of the coun- 

M W SV ILl F I INE i Jennet is parted with. If the coit shoul- ry . Repairing done on the shortest notice. 


M. WEEDON, & CO., 

are now running a 


Of Conches, eacli way oeeween Mount Ster- 
ling and Maysviile. They have good coach- 
es good stock, careful and experienced 
drivers, and will endeavor to deserve the 
patronage of tiie travelling public. Running 
through in time to connect itself with tbe 

Pittsburgh Packets going up and the Ports- | ties, than any other Jack. 

be dead when foaled, the Jennet may re. ! Factory and Sale Room, north side of Co- 
tiirn the following season w ithout charge. ! lumbia'street, between Sycamore aniiBroud- 
Gond Blue-grass furnished gratis. Care ! way. 

will be taken to prevent accidents and os- j \vrith regard to tiie quality of my Scales, 
capes, hut no liability, should cither hap- [ would respectfully refer to the following 
pen. houses where they can he seen in use: John 

Description *Y Pedigree. Swasey & Co, R \V Booth, Fosdick t$- Co, 

This justly celebrated Jack is a beautiful Swasey, Wise & Co, Miner, Andrews & Co, 
Iron Grey. 15J hands high, is 9 years old, Bishop, \\ ells &. Co, R Buchanan, Babbitt, 
in good health am! fine condition. He Good &. Co, J S Cheiiowetli & Co. Burdsal 
bines more size and style, with beauty, sym- &. Brother, S F 4. W S Hazzard, Glenn So 
metry, vigor of action arid fattening quaii- Co. mb25-ly 

mouth Packet 
Oct. 8, 185 

going down, 

The following is proposed as the 
proper treatment for liens when found iu 
your garden: 1st. On the appearance of the 
liens in your garden, give the owner notice, 
rendered ail the assistance in his power to 2d. Un tbe second appearance, kill them, 
the suiforflig man. This painiul occurence ! and throw the bodies over the fence ot’ tbe 
should be a warning lo ever) body never to j owner. 3d. Un all subsequent appearance 
attempt to jump trom a railroad train white ; of liens through the season, kill and eat 
in motion, (Diytou Empire. them ! 


Premiums. ■' . «■. P- NELSON, 

lie lias taken as an aged animal, the 1st Dealer in all finds of ( o o king , Parlor, 
Premiums at the Bourbon, Lexington, and ; 

Danville Fairs. 

da in by 
very fine 

will oblige me bv paying tiie mon* Imported Maltese Jennet. He is a sure: 
accounts by note, as foal getter, and can show more good stock 
Ilian anv living Jock in the Slate, 
march 1853.] W. HALLEY SMITH. | 

KliAS) Tills: 

PERSONS INDEBTED TO THOMAS C. j He was sired by old Mammoth, i 
, * BARNES, aec’d, or to Barnes, Miller ! Imported Ma rengo, grand dam. a v 


ey, or closing their 
soon as possible, 
inarch 23, 1853. 

A. BARNES, Ex’r 


H AVING received tiie agency of dental 
instruments lately held by the firm nfl 
I Sutcliffe, McAllister &• Co., I would respect- 1 
fully call tiie attention of dentists to my 
J stock of instruments, teeth, &. c., which will 
he at ail times full and complete, 
t Orders from tiie country, accompanied ! 
credit svsietn with a high [ by the cash, will receive prompt attention.' 
he can oiler inducements lo 


WHOLESALE urocer and commission 

Has just received a large stock of wei! se- 
lected Groce rie which be is selling very 
| low exclusi vriy for cash or barter. Having 
j repudiated tiie 
ale of price 

Franklin, Radiator and Egg Stoves; 
Plain and Enameled Grates, 
Common and Dow Front 
Grates, Cast Iron 
Fenders, fc. 



Near the Railroad Depot, 



5,000 Yd: 

the merchants and farmers of tins and tile ! Agent for Jones. White So Co.’s Premium 
neighborin'? counties. (Teeth, corner Jefferson and Fourth, Louis- 


. Brown Jeans. 3,000 Yds. 

riped Linsey to fill 


J. K. TINNY. viiic, Cy. 

S. F. DAWES, Druggist &. Apothecary White Lmsev 500 

au order. I, allies A'ould do well to call as 

j 1 will pay fair prices for any of the above 


l»r 29. 

I articles. 

J. J. HA DEN. 


~TZ- . 


jojin sco r r,— bcr. 

of this 

Road, which was held on Thursday atid 
Friday of last week, was waited Upon liy 
many anxious persons, interested in the 
location of the same. The Board receiv- 
er! various propositions, some granting 
the right of way, some subscribing con- 
ditional stock, &c., all of which were 
duly considered. The Engineers have re- 
ceived instructions for the location upon 
| those parts of the route between Lexing- 
ton and Winchester, atid between Big 

Sandv and Polksville. This leaves that 

The tientucky Liquor I.Ji". | portion lying between Winchester and 
It is in contemplation by the friendb of | Palksville— some forty miles— yet open 
tl'iB temperance cause irl Kentucky to i p or propositions. The heavy interests of 
have a law passed by our Legislature for B alb coumy 4 and the interest of a por- 
th't suppression of the traffic in ardent tj cn 0 f Montgomery, have hot been art 
spirit*. Me believe it ie generally un- j C( ] uponi The next meeting of the Board 
derstbod by them that their efforts are to will take place on Tuesdays the 2 hit inst. 
be directed towards the procuring of some It will bo recollected that the annual 
such enactment as the “Maine Law. — ; election of Directors will take place on 
Most of those who are mixed up in this die 25th. 

1 the question might be product 1 vr -.f more \\ c have a fine lot of blanks on 

injury to the cause intended to be bene- hand, Tax receipts, Wartants, Execu- 
fited, than would he the postponement of • tions, Replevin bonds, Sale bonds, Fortli- 
nction upon it. But this is a matter updu j coming bonds. &c., fyc. 

whir h there may well be a difference ol __ “ ~ ’ 

. . I M e bad the honor and pleasure 

opinion; 1 

ion Tuesday last of taking by the hand 

l.. A B- S- It- 15* , jour friend at?d neighbor. Col Wm. F. 

The meeting of the Directory 

O * 

Sena le Candidate* l gravel far into the vale below — then, when I il.u Demur retie party, is a bro n h ol tn  

During our absent e some throe weeks j our picket a 1 horses, marl ieiicd wish f.-nr. :0U *he p nt of the Pre.-i lent, tret I an on 


Si'iifJ it, .Wl'ict-s 

Wliite. As we have heard frequent in- 
quiries respecting the Colonel's health, 
from his many friends, we deem it prop- 
er to state that he is improving. He can 
now write a fair hand-- no paralysis vis- 
ible in the strokes of his pen. It would 
he a shame for us not to wish an ill valid 
who comes to pay us in advance, a speedy 
restoration to entire health and enjoy- 

KsSrlistory informs us ofthe, bianner 
in which the Gordian Knot was cut with a 
sword- — but of the sharp cutlery to be 
found at the Hardware and ciitlcry store 

sinre, there was an authorized announce- 
ment of the name of Col. Pleasant Bush 
as a candidate to represent this Senatorial 
district in the Legislature. M e had heard 
the Colonel’s name in connection with 
this subject some time before, tut we had 
also heard that his health was likely to 
interfere with the canvass, and that he 
would not probably consent llrathis name 
should he used. We were glad to learn 
that his health was SO much improve 1 as 
to induce him to believe that he would 
soon be restored. 

M'e have since heard that his prospect 
of immediate restoration to health is some- 
what doubtful. Tiiis is* unfortunate; but 
ns it is very nearly time that something 
definite were accomplished, it would be 
nothing mtore than proper that Col. Bush 
Or his friends should keep the public ad- 
vised of his prospects an 1 expectations. 

of A. Lindsey, at the oi l stand; dealt out 
by Ills honest and clever son E. A. we are ! This matter is exciting considerable ii. ter- 

snorted ami plunged, breaking co.,1 and , j 
chain, and our frail canvas houses passed 
on with die blast — ‘litas nti uncomfort- 
able plate fora eavalrj 
No*" - 

Alounle.l Volunteers, cornman 


te mouth of sai l Pass — at raid 
wa  encamped a detachment ofthe 

rag*  -n the country. It may he that the' ?* ' U:e 

resident docs not know what manner of called lo th  
a luai; lie has appoint? !; but i morain e is j 0 fl   wholes 
no excuse iri such grave matters as foreign 
missions. lie must have rea l Mt. Ever- 1 
ett’s mesi 
oi this m 

lie must have rea I Mt. 
ace to Congress on the 
•sion. lib should have ki 

\ ’ i 

i or:; 


I foun 
inown th 
o go and 

of our readers is 
\ . T. Jennings 6c 
tailors, New 
city. Capt. AV. Turpin is to b: 
there, no I any o;m who has ever 

Car H 

card oT ’ 

le ilrapcrs and 

; i.o will be very cer'aiti 
h.ivi when in thegrftat city. 

as tfell as 

tne agreeable, to all 

may favor lire 

the debates ill Congress. He most 

• .... , , ' 1 . .1- , ' : li ih'e rigHt thin 

jor (unties. 1 lie aetaclirtient was on lints Senator.made in tin Streets ol WMh- 

scouting duty, an 1 very actively engaged, j * n S 1011 p n -V'- Kennedy, tlifc' Supcrirftcrr- 

'i'lie moment w;:s critical, General San- ^ ent Census Department, in brfe'ak- ... 

, , . ... mg the brio:. e ol tns nose. He must nave   season the capltuii ofay expect hundre .s 

ta Anna bftihg expected in that vicinity b rencontre with ex-Senaior of big friends trf dfrip i H in *nk toac 

cvery day thtj reader bearing in mind ; Foote. These tilings would show him tho) ce- 

llist the date of our story is scarcely one he has not only not laithluliy dischar cl : Hail, master of the Clfiro'gfnfdiic art I 
month previous to that of the world-re- 
nowned victory to our arms, Buena Vista. 

Lite in the evening of the 18th Jnnu- 

:on which a Secretary of State has 
said, and the Committee on Foreign Af- 
fairs have said, was a mission for some ol 

I die trust Congress gave him, in appointing 
i the proper man, but that he has, on the 
'contrary, sent almost a bully, if not a 
blackguard, to represent the country ou a 
I mi 

the most able and distinguished men of 
the Democratic parly. 

bound to speak. 

BSP* Among the appointments which 
we published last week, were the n times 
of C, C. Ro^drs of Lexington, Attorney 
for the U. S. in the District df Kentucky; 

est among our citizens, and many of them j 
ore casting about for suitable persons to 
name in this connection in the event of 
Col. Bush’s inability to make the can- 

It is to be hoped that the Colonel's 
health will be speedily restored, but | 

( atid Thomas I. Young of Bath county, 

business are honest, (veil meaning men, j W 0 hope the present Board will taac , Marsnoll. Col, Young s is the first ap- ■ . , . , . . , i 

as much so as any in out country. That W responsibility of making the loca- pointment of n resident of this part of I , \ ,t , n0t r b ®’ “ W ° U J be n0 ‘ hin S m °' e I g or g e - Scrambling along the rocky de- 

n  -« fmiotjoc kirrnto ex n . i c« i f cm rn n . !.• \ • i i .t . . . ! . . .. . r,. ~ , t .1 a ii. Tight i( he were to authorize Ins 1 o we came at length to a in agni (icen t 

... , , . I ftiends to withdraw his name. LYnler j cascade, formed bv the bursting of d small 

oncl is a clever gentleman, a strong parti- , , , . , 

__j c , , , , .. .. j. I present circumstances those that might stream from its earthy fetters and wing- 

otherwise think of being candidate* would ine its way through the air in its search 

there ere fanatics, bigots, and sell aggran- jinn which they authorize! us to expect, j (he state, r.s we are informed 
xlizing persons also acting with them, nb T|, ose wbo arc now members of the Board 
•one would be found to deny. The candid t W ;U be hfeld responsible for promises 
avowals of the first class must command ; which were no doubt mode in good faith, 

ary, the Major is seen to ride into camp 
from the direction of Gen. Butler’s quar- 
ters, in the city of Saltillo. It is soon 
known that orders have been received to 
be in readiness to march with four days 
provisions an I one days forage. Then JEST* The no . vs from California is not 
was to be seen baking and broiling in all j at all exciting. Some of the miners are 
directions, till long after night. j doing well. A few cases arc reported 

Alter an early camp breakfast on the where diggings are yielding very abun 
morning of the 10th, the troops were cal- dantly. Some lands that are above the 
led into ranks — and thirty-three men pick- ! reach of high water have been foun 1 to 
e l therefrom. M'cll mounted audaccou- ; give a good return for labor expended. — 
tred, u-e passed through tire mountain .There is not so much lawlessness report- 

el in late papers ns there was a short 
time siKice. Another Hood which has des- 
troyeJ vast amounts of properly in Sacra - 

house with’ a call. Bitting the business 

With read y qu:!l and readier heart, 
l’o execute; design, and flourish, 

A: d penmanship with rare to nourish. 
Receive my praise; humble yet most true; 
And wins h to thee 1 think is due; 

May nations hear an I laud thy fame,- 

our respect, even when we cannot always and scared nnd acted upon by hundred ; 

• agree with them; and even when we arc 0 f interested persons as such. That there 
satisfied that what they propound for our ; 3 a disposition on the part of many per- 

• consideration is the production of a more son g ) 0 influence the Direc'ory to disre- 
ambitious brain, yet their honesty of pur- g an | their former solemn assurances, and 
pose in setlin" it forth, when not question- a disposition ou the part of a portion of 

 . td,is worthy of our admiration. die Directory to yield to those influences, 

At this day it. is not necessary to set is more t | lall suspected. M’e allude to 

san, and has labored long and earnestly 
to advance the interests, of his party. 
These are his recommendations, and we 
arc very well satisfied, that he has been re- 

memo, was prevailing at the latost dates. 

And on historic page thy 
In golden characters he graved; 

That from oblivion you r’e saved: 

Ho! now my muse, sweep the lyre; 

And praise the name of L. Lincoln, Esq. 

E. D. 

feel a delicacy in allowing their names for the depths below 
to be used as such. i it found its bed, an 

A Correspondent. 

M c have received a very extraordinary 
epistle from Flemingsburg, signed “P., 
&c.” M’e strongly suspect that “P.” 

From Carter Cotint y. 

In ribands of foam l The farmers ° r f McCracken conn 

, ty lield a meeting, a lew days ago, an.! 
again resuming thel(ook the initiatory steps for the lormaiion 
j almost "noiseless tenor of its way/’ 

Gravson’, Ivy., May 2, 1853. 
Mr. Editor: This being Circuit Court 

it of an Agricultural .Society. 

kepi r/n through the chasm we had passed. ! ypiiat now  Montgomery ? 

Winding for many furlongs about huge j 
rocks, we at last found ourselves on the 
day here the good citizens are collecting in j summit of the ledge from which leaps I 
great numbers at our 1 courtly se.-it. The j our little torrent. Spreading far to the below, Airs. Lindsey, whose late husband 
Commonwealth's Attorney, (8. I). L.) enme west lies a level, broad basin of many formerly publishe 1 ibis paper, is about lo 

'fitc K entile!.) G:ti 

As may be understood from the notice 

'forth in labored essays the evils of intern- Th e i 0catlon trough Bath county. The slands {ot Podding head in this instance. _ 

perancc. It is not necessary to make j pj at Creek, or Prickly Ash route was I the “fee.” represents is unknown in yesterday large as life and looking fine; rniles. Traversing this twenty-five miles | commence the publication ol a semi* 

•calculations showing- the cost of our in- 1 f irst spoken of by the Board, and by tlie' t0 lhis ,ic P or * eilt . therefore further he says 
bulging ^-r intoxicating drinks. It is not Directors and others this was held out to 
necessary at this day to quote from holy lhe ll0avy tax paying citizens of Bath as 
writ in condemnation of the practice of. theroule that wou ld certainly be adopted 
excessive indulgence in their use. Every if at a |i practicable. The same pledge 
orre n ready to acknowledge any thing in J was ina ,| e to Clarke and Montgomery 
either of these respicts that the most en- counties, and we have not heard that any 
thusiastic tcetvttller can suggest. Very su rve y has ever been contemplated, that 
few can he found that would not be wil- would uol pass through WinJrester and 
ling, with ihe lights we now have, to agree Mount Sterling. Let it be borne in mind 
that the passage of any law that would lhat neit | )er of t i, ese points is s0 llflar i y 
have the effect to suppress the traffic in in thc (lirect i ine as is Owingsville, which 
■anient spirits would be of great benefit to is on the SO uth B *ule o f the air line, and 

•our people.. If all could ‘be as well sat- yet lwo Jines have already been run 

isfic I that the Maine Law would accom- s(Vnlll of Owingsville, one of them at 

P 1 1*1* this   88 thl T 8re of lhe bo, * efil * ari - least eight miles distant, 
smg from a consummation so devoutly , X[)e citLzens of Bath have g-iven the 
.to be wished, there would be an outburst rclnsout of their hands. The Board now ( saved h " neck 
of public opinion that could not be has lhc advantage. The only thing in the | 

•mistaken. way of total disregard of the interests of 

That the Maine Law would have all Owingsville and Bath county, is the pub- 

the desirable effects claimed for it, if en- luherl nledrm of ih* Roard. M’e have 

not. The document was evidently ^o t 
up in our own enterpiising village--tho’ i 
we had thought there was no ninny-ham- 1 
mer here that could not originate a belter 
bore, put it in better form, and spell af- 
ter a fashion. 

Tii:i I of Eroivii-- liun£ Jury, 

Brown, the man who was tried in Mor- 
gan county last week for the murder of 
the pedlar, was fortunate enough to have 
a relative on the jury, and was riot con- 
victed. There were eleven for hanging 

no other arrivals as yet from a distance. — 
(lis Honor Judge Itl. is expected by 8 o’clock 
this morrtlng. What a sight to contemplate 
tho character of different individuals as pre- 
sented. That rather grave looking gentle- 
man walking so leisurely along is doubtless 
one of the chosen grand jurors, nnd is calm- 
ly conning over in his own mind the many 
matters of weighty import which arc to be 

— along days march is ended by our ’ monthly sheet, under thc above title, at 
reaching a Mexican hamlet or rancho . — Covington. In this community, where 
At the distance of a mile from tho mass I Mrs. L. is so well known, we hope she 
of huts and its filthy pond, a few rugged will receive a large list of subscribers. — 

Of St Alt'!'. 

The constant increasing demand of Da- 
Tucrreolypes can hardly he known, neither 
lie mi in '  r taken every pleasant day in the 
-ily of Louisville. I cannot suppose that! 
ii V new rooms are alone thronged Iroin inor- 
oing t   night, hut others are gelling a share 
 f custom. 1 lhe pictures 
do n at MAI BALL’S GALLERY, will re- 
omrnund others to the same place. 

Strangers visiting uur city and wishing a 
va 1 mi de present to take to their friends,' 
would not regard a few dollars to liuve oi.e 
if Kimball's line Daguerreotypes, taken ut 
No. 477 Main street. 

P. S. We do not regard cloudy or Cijitiv 
veallu-r n:i oh t.acie with cilr idtp roved', light 
•xcejit A f young children. Cp2tt-U 

We are authorized to uiiiioiuicb tVe na'intj 
•f John C. WrtirtitT, as a candidate dt the 
ii.s-.iiiig election tor Coii-?u".iif icf tt:e ('a‘- 
nargo District. 

pines invite us to their shelter for the night Will some one of her numerous friends j Boyd E A Alias 
— and tho fallen trunks and broken bran- tako it upon li'raself to obtain a good j} 8 ! 1 ^ 
cites wlncti are scattered about make fine subscription for the Garland. Jones William 

promise of a cheerful fire — for well do j \Ye have before us a prospectus for a Mershon Andrew 
brought before him. There goes a young vve know that our elevated position new weekly paper, The Kentucky Garland Ryan Thomas 
man all smiles; were we to judge what lie 'makes this last a creature comfort. ‘ 10 publishe 1 by Mrs. Harriot C. Lin I- I'bomson lluney 

most desires we would say he wanted to! i;..„ c,* sey, widow ol the late R. R; Lindsey, ol 

, r. re •• i»oy, widow ofthe inte 

Alter providing lor our necessities as v , _ . 

swap tire old sorrel he is now taking so much n . the Kentucky lug Alount 8terlin_, an 

. *» | well as circumstances would permit, we far ,w rlv nf Wilmington Oh o The Gar. 

pains to make pace as he passes up street. 1 or.neily ol W tlmttuton, Uhto. l.fcGm- 

,, . laid us down to our repose. 1 lie scene , and will be published in our sister c tty, 

We would like to sCe him stop and give a , . , .. [ n . 1 , , , . , 

was worthy of the pencil of a master Covington, and be devoted to news, t ct- 

I hand. The giant branches of the gnarl- ' Literature, &c., original and selected. 

. . „ . . Mrs. Lindsey is left with a large family ol 

! tleman, and, oh! wliat a shake he gives us e * were Hung far abroad,- over 

th’ kinsni an° tit t By the hantl; certainly, from thc grip we re- • sleepy horses and sleeping men; the 
ceive, this gentleman’s affection for the dear j watchfires gleamed fitfully through the 

him, which may give a prettv good idea history of Ids noble steed. Just at this mo 
of what he may expect next time. There | ment we ari! caught hold of by another gen 
was considerable excitement among the 
community against the kinsman that 

On the arrival of Airs. Stowe at 

Sm Adverifeettent!) 

Llh !' OF Lirr i ilKS 

Benianiing in the Post Office at Alt: 
Sterling, .May 1, if not taken out within 
three months will he sent lo the General 
Post Office as dead letters. 

D»y ton G. H 
Hardman John 
Fitzpatrick Peter 
Landers Frank 

Moxly Christophef 
Rhodes A M iliian'l 
Thomas Airs E VV 
Wilson A Mary 


;/7RO.M the fUhscriber, near Sliarpshiirg, 
*_ ou Si Oidjy Hie BUdi of April, u negro 
Woman naineil Ellen, Black, .-liort, heavy 

,, ... , ■■ , , set, sear dir one of her cheeks, caused by a 

sina r ui iren to provide lor by her cfwn ’ . , , 

. hum; lneiiii' s to .- ut er ill spea.ilug. oaiu 

exertions, and hopes to support herself I Ne&r0 Mrs. Gist ul Clarke co., 

and them by llte publication dl thc" liar- ;l n ( | | pefaaps in that ilirectibn; she 

people his etown vastly in thc last few darkness; thc drowsy sentinel trod heav- lantl. In such a praiSeworty undertaking, wore away u pale blue eotion dress, no other 
woeks-wouhl like to have our vote about ily in the distance; the dogs bayed the she has mTr best wishes for her success, | clothing, hut may change her dress. A 

n ' IL-htd pledge of the Board. 

-cul ia ri lies of the people of Maine and BM tll09e vvho havc 
Kentucky arc so directly antagonist™ I, I „, mains t0 be s hown who is mistaken. 

ly received, when Dr. McNiel delivered j 

that the addition of slavery is not neces- , ' ' w e ha vs full confidence in the integ- the welcoming address. 

Liverpool, she was met by a large crowd. ; Au 5 lisl   no doubt. There comes anotlier now rising moon, and the mountain wolf “"p and^particuTady to the benevo'lertt'in i rnm'or any lnl’ormatrouL that 1 h i got her. 
and conducted to the residence of Hon. [ man looliin ff ri ' , her anxious about something gaV e forth brs mournful hctwl; sttclisiglits in our midst, who take pleasure — and there j n,l, y B. I . BO ITS. 

ion 6c Big Bundy Rail 
Stermns, Apr. 29, 1853. 

acted here, we seriously doubt. The P e- alwa ‘ t ) „si^ rc d this sufficient. There ! £tJwar ' 1 Cropper, where she met a select ^^"focnis rc7a.f fire" ! and sounds checre ' 1 the few af * , rjcl H n taini(1 3 tl  ' 3 e Horts , oflce Uiins   

h« haun nni ro r«n«idp-e I- 1 party. The next morning she was formal - 1 , , . , | watchers, and lulled the drowsy dreamers ol 1,10 "i mstnous, who are striving to i jj j 

ho have not so considered, it ’ _ „. . , .. «shy pale; what doesjit moan ? Ah ! he has j . ’ rri.   , make a living for themselves and those 1 ri ’ 01 

been engaged lor thc last six months in the 
On luesiay she j unlawful traffic of selling “ red head. 

in their deep tepose. The early dawn 

i dependent an them, by the 

exertions ol 

1 — | vv e have tun commence tu me integ- 1 — 0 — 1 — | untawrui iramc ot selling •• reu neau. - — | us * n Bte saddle, and purse ing our j t | le i r energies. The Garland is to appear „ j , v ‘ 0 f j ui 

sary to make the contrast complete- The rjty anJ o[ - l))e prcs _, nt Boar.l; and w * s alle,i lJ P on b )’ 'he Liverpool Ncj-roe   0 ine of the old crones say it better dcserv- wild track through the far extended waste, the th.rd Wednesday in Alay.— Ct/i. u'u:. *j ip 

regulation of the liquor traffic, in respect a „ we wisll is that it mav act . We ex- Societ  '- 8,1,1 011 We.Inesrlay by thc British | ed the name of water; however, he called ^ Weknow Mr. B. very well. AVe I nvn -.. T , ,, „ , & ^ 11 

to thc slave population, has long been a there will be an effort made to su- Bible Society, when she was presented it whisky himself, and the lawyers say he is know | |im t0 be a very s!ow man in most " - * , ihousutra dollars. 

C !,r..l I .1 r • I * : . ' Cl .. f /* I OA ,1 . . nolnnnoil i alitiinini* it 'I'im ffrntwl • l I 

O RDERED that a vote of the people of 

Greenup •’oiinty he taken on Saturday, 
too Until duy ol June 1852, as id lire jrropri- 
:i'm of Stock to the Lexing- 
Hail Koad of Seveuiy-tivo 

fruitful source of legislation lhat has fail 

persede certain members that would not 

with a gift of £130, and on that evening- 
she for Glasgatv. 

cd of reaching and abating tho nuisance, j be willing t0 disresar ,, p l edges e i ready 

It might be claimed that the only way by nlade and acled upon , and to supply their j The show came and went, on last 

which it can be reached is a law forbid- 

ding all traffic. 

places with those who would notconsider Aloutiay, to the great edification ofthe juve- 

But again, thc manner Biemsclves bound bv the former action of j nilcs. There 

were some men there, hut 

estopped from denying it. The grand jury 

that are assembling may he w icked enough ! ‘ I,,n 8» re  l uinn S se,,se 811,1 ho-resty-and | 

APfERSON, President. 

FLOUR AND GRAIN — Good demand j mxj (i. t?t 

a . . . . ., . , | lor Flour and prices in favor of sellers. — — *• 

10 lay his case before that body. It is true a List man in that which is 9tDlllj wit c, q- 1M3 ,|,r s coalinae light a.: RSWA t,D — 8 1BAH ED or 8TOLKN, 

it will he an easy matter 1 1 get the fine re- hot-headeJedly foolish. Y\’c thought it stocks in the market are mostly held hack S^fRO.U the stable of John W. Moore in 

mined, hut he dislikes to trouble neigh- possible that somebody might see" more ‘" r ft »o sales to-day, as far JL Clarke county, on the 28th of February 

1 .... as reiiurted, cuin| riseu 101;, loll and 107 Iasi, u Sorrel iVlart‘ 9 W or 0 years old, abuirt 

bors with the petition. Would tune merit in the man than wo coul J, but hih Ms Jlt In Gram, sales of 41)0 bush 10 hands Jii^b, paces and trots Well, and 

Oats a and 5000 busii Corn to arrive at 

when inisain^, in ratlief thin order; no 

PROVISIONS — particular marks recollected, but suppose 

’ 0000 ami 05000 lb i one or both hind feet while; she also works 
ersalOe; well. It i.- € ipposed that Mr. Moore’s blacfe 
I t Sin 1 -I Meat we boy rode to Mr. Aboott’s in the nei^libor- 

in cn ns is to oe accomplished m our t j ie ,y SUC J L could be found. We they only went to take care of the women | we might go on to in finilum; but sullice it CO urse has been so odious in Senate that ! Oats a 3Sc; and 5UU 

•country must be very different from that j su gg e st these things for the benefit 01 and children. Vast numbers came to town far the present that we havo given a fow ot bc h 88 none so low as to do him reverence ^ (ic ' '"eluding sli s -- 

in which the same thing is done other- | wbo m it may concern, hoping lhat any j because it was County Court, hut took good the most marked characters. Washington correspondent of the Louis- I m Bp^CUO tbs Sim, 

wheres, provided it be done with the same MCeeMt/y f or giving them aerious attention eare to see all thc sights that were to be | There is a good deal of speculation about vi |; e T i mes _ a leading do.nocratic paper 31WJ pc* Hams at’ 8c. in Sumk 

degree of adaptation to thc tastes and does not exist. seen. We believe there were some six dif the particular place where the Railroad shall ' ‘ l, r |k * , heard of no sales V H ISRY— Sales hood Of Kiddvillo the rtiglil she was missing* 

prejudices. ,. r , , , , , ferent establishments that charged for ad- be located; as yet the Engineers have not usfis 1,111 ' 1 ■' l / 1, • . of 430 brls from river ut LJ , and BIO do end there turned her loose, wheu last seen 

It should, then be a matterof no small n i 3 ' ' 1 I 01, 4( as miltancc. There was a great crowd of per- commenced their labors in locating the Rea I what the New \ ork Ex;-.. ■ » sd) s Ironr wagons at - j ■, indicating asualy itai a' 1 : "er way toward Paris. Any 

, men, ue B mauerui no small „ une t0 Baltimore upon business ton- . . . . , ..... , p . . . .. , . „r him- : market with a good demand. CHEL’E person retilrniog satd mure, or giving em H 

solicitude to those who so ardenflv rle- 1 , • i , r, , , , . sons present at some ot the exhibitions, and Read. A few individuals want it located , 01 ulln - I • - - .... 1 - 

1.S.1 r the r h : r d ; #U Tr i - t,,.. Genera. Ton, Thumb gave SO as to .«U (heir convenience, while a large i 

form of the enactment should be such ns recenlly bcen lending her 
would suit the various phases of charac- 
ter to be found in our Commonwealth. — 

are anticipated. That city has i mofo 

A few individuals want it located , lum: ! -A sale of 5tl b* t ai So. The demand is 

i lie Central American mission, vv.ucb litirited but c^ual to the supply. TO- 

" " rs No. 2 Va. lb^ at 

name as secu- 
ri ly to the bonds of various enterprises 
expected to benefit her commerce, and it 
is ex_ 

and Big 

universal satisfaction than any other majority of our farmers want it lo pass has been given to the Arkansas Senator, K ACC J — SM -.- of : 

portion oftlife performances. 

EST" It is staled in 

This is decidedly 

~ K m the most appropriate route, and would like 

the IS. Tribune . , 

through the county seat, 
the most appropriate rou! 
to know how the Board of managers can 

is about as great a misappropriation Ot 
money and of ma i as ever was made. 
Congress, at its last session, upon a re- 

go.-; and It! do No 1 do at 30c. “GRO- 

CERIES — ; Sogar4jl to 5Js for common to 

inform ation to lire subscriber; or W.J. Clark 
ut TrvittJ, hy., so that 1 gel her, shall re- 
ertve tne uouve reward. 

(nay 1. 1853 — 4t 

Indiscreet law-making is much worse than iV^pecterl thatshewilT do’something 1 'I'" 1 j he C ‘. ,r l ys,al PaljCC wU1 be ° pt ' ned abo,lt ihiak’of prospering hr "said road" and not commendation of Mr. Everett, the Sec re 

* ° I tliO hre( nf I nnn nov* If lira vn rmno rnn I r» a ^ 

make the town of Grayson a point to it. ! shou | d be senl 0I1 this, which he dccine 

none at all. I , , . , T 

'handsome for the Lexington 
M e would suggest that the friends of Sand RajIroad . 

suppression should digest the means by - - 

which it is to be effected; lop off all the U**nsc ^ncstion in Owingsville. 
unsightly excrescences of the Maine ! We learn that on last Monday the voice 

Law; so add to it or subtract frotr. it, as 
may be necessary, that it shall have a de- 
gree of adaptation to the intended purpose 
which nothing that we are notv acquaint- 
ed possesses; and then, that it may still 

of the citizens of Owingsville was taken 
upon the further licensing of the retailing 
i of the ardent in that village, and die anli- 
license party had a signal triumph. This 
is as it should he. The citizens of Otvings- 
villc have too long suffered the annoyance 

better meet the prejudices ol those to of having their streets made the scene of 
whom it is offered, as well ns their reason, the drunken orgies of some of their neigh- 
bors. We wonder that this has not been 
done long since. There is no place that we 
know of that lias a more moral nnd temper- 
ate population than Owingsville has, nor one 
that has suffered more in reputation from 
the visits of those who could not more have 
disgraced tiie place had that been their sole 
object. Happily, this will now cease, pro- 
vided t!i c police regulations of the town are 
enforced, which cannot be too strongly rec- 
ommended. It is worthy of note that one of 
the Ilitel keepers of the place — it is not 

let it be christened the Kentucky Liquor 

It is to be hoped that when the proper 
lime has arrived, the sense of the people 
ot Kentucky will be taken upon the ques- 
tion of license or no license. There ore 
■many worthy persons who are not satis- 
fied that they, as a part of the govern- 
ment, shall be taxed with the responsi- 
bility of vending ardent spirits. They 
are not willing that the world shall be- 
lieve them so foolish as to endorse a ays- 1 necessary to name him-“-was the first to 
tern of pauper-making and criroe-irdu- 1 vote against the license. 

tire first of June next. If the various routes 
of travel shall present the people ofthe West 

itary of State, that some very great 

We learn (while on this subject) that the 

with proper facilities for reaching that point M ille an(] BiR Sand Kaill . 0U(i Company sion Viih , ls outfit 
the city may expect lo be visited hy many 
from our sight seeing community. 

a very important mission, created the mis- 
sion with its outfit and salary; and the 1 ^ husll . n , ar k,.t dull, 
are trying to buy up the iron and other infiu- change was made upon the uderstan iing, p r j,- e s nominal. 51 hrU 

Dl. Rr AI. Adair, our skilful reSidtnt 1 ffom Grecnnpaburgtothis plan 

Dentist, is now absent on a professional is decitle(1| y '* 1C trick ofthe season. 

■ • , . . i i -it Fafming is rather behind the times owing 

ML T. JrNNtrt. . II. K. Richardson: 
"Wholesale Dealers in 


Opposite the Dark Fountain: 

: : 

good fair, 5$o for prime in tile small way 
Uirt in tire large way prie ‘8 are nominal — 

Molasses held at 2l?c; small sales at that rale; 
large lots could not be sold over 23e. Cof- 

fe - !lj to lit) • for cool it nr to prime.— 

FRUIT — A sale of 10 tirls Dried Apples at 
in the small way 
Green Apples at 

cnce of this county, by the promise of a if not promise, that the Nicaraguan and $3,50; the dirrfaif-l is good. 

e. This Guatemalan charges were to he abolished 

Some members of Congress did not lee iiltUlici). 

the force ol Air. Everett s recommen lution , 

and did not attach much more importance j Q n the 21st nit., by t lie Rev. B. E. :\i- 
to sending a great man to Central Arneri - 1 ) eir  j) r . Thomas J. VYjlkerson, to Alios 
cans .han to sending one to the Sandwich 
Islanders or to the Malays; but neverthe- 
less, upon thc recommendation from a j 
Secretary of State, Ge.x. Bayly, oi \ a. as 

Cabin, especially as the party was made for chairman ol the Committee ol Foreign I 
the benefit of some of the church going gents .Missions, carried the mission, and the 818 - 
of a neighboring county — we call no names. ( "80 money. The M higs did not favor it 

music of “the soiiit stirring drum, and They k now who it is though. Wonder what muchbutMr. Everett s authority was some I . 

ear-piercing fife,” and went through the 1 thei r brethren would sa» if they knew about thmg, and the patronage was irresistible soldier of the Levolut, on departed th.s did stock ot DR5 GUODN selected by tiioir 
r s  o ineir ureiuren nuum say n iney anew with the large Democratic majority. life a fe\fr days ago, ng.’ I about one hurt- purclmseri Wi.d remains in Fhiladrlptiia aud 

But what a job is now made of this mis- d'ed atid six years. He was appointed a N ew V ork , and takes any udi aulago otic re 8 
sion? M'hat an utter waste of $18,003 in Sergeant by Gen. Washington, the Father either in style or prices, i y t lie 
money? Nay, what worse than e yoian.l of his Country, which pcist he held during j LATEST ARRIVALS 

a waste, because such on incendiary, hot - 1 the war. Beforo his death he was for 

visit, and desires us to say that he will not 
be at home until about thc 15th instant. 
The amount of business done by the Firm 
of Adair and Justice is quite astonish- 

graf On last Wednesday arid Thurs- 
day, the military were out with all the 


to the rainy weather; but with proper in- 
dustry farmers wil! be able to pitch their 
crops in time. 

You deserve to have your knuckles rapped 
for your production entitled Unde Tim's 

Ann AI., daughter of Mr 
! of Montgomery countv. 

james Grigsb 


AN AT rilAF. r’i VJL teTCCK 


For and Sum im-r Tiadc. 

(t 0 0 D 8 

[From the Commonwealth. 
J'osnrx McQueex, of this countv, a 

‘ tlri 



.1. Vt .   (M.'iass Y.\ A CO. 

RE re«  iving additions daily, hy F.x- 
press; id their n I ready larpfe mid splfiu 

evolutions of the drill with all the enthu-j jt? 
siasm that generally characterizes parades | 
of the kin I. This was only the officers 
drill — the parade with le grande flourish 
will come off some other time. 

cing, which is authorized by the powers 
lhat be for the trilling consideration of 
some ten or twenty dollars license fees, 
when every one will admit that the Com- 
jnon wealth’s expenses are manv fold in- 
creased thereby. Our economists think 
this a slur upon their shrewdness ul dri- 
ving a bargain. 

Those who are thus dissatisfied have 
the right to appeal to the law making 
power to redress the grie vances of which 

Terrible ISttilt-outT Accidents. 

A few days since a terrible collision of 
cars took place at the crossing of the South- 
ern Alichigan and Michigan Central Rail- 
roads, resulting in the death of twenty or 
more persons. This was closely followed 
hy one scarcely less terrible, but much less 
fatal on thc Camden and- Amboy rood. A 
train from Philadelphia to New York was a 
few minutes behind its lime and She draw 
bridge over Rancocas creek being up, the 

locomotive and bagorage ear went off into 
thuy complain. lhat it is prudent for fifteen feet water 
them so to do at the present time, many 
of the interested will probably claim. 

Strange to say only one 
person w as injured, a brakeman having both 
legs broken. Had not tl.e passenger cars 
become detached from the others, and etop- 
P crliaps a disastrous defeat — or a failure ■ P ef l before coming to the draw, the destroc- 

V\’e are not prepared to say that it is so. 

Respectfully yours, 

[For The Kentucky Whig. 

A Ilexicasi Sketch. 

Chirograph y. 

Air. Lowell Lincoln will give lessons 
in a beautiful system of penmanship 
taught by him. He will occupy the room 
over Air. Lindsey’s Hardware store. Ilis 
terms are $2 per term of twelve lessons. 
Air. L. has some specimens of his de- 
signs of plain and ornamental penman- 
ship that are well worthy of attention. — 
He will also write visiting cards in a style 
that is much more fashionable than the 
common engraved plates. A copy of the 
Lord’s Prayer, got up in ornamental Ger- 
man text, price 25 cents, is a beautiful 
parlor ornament. 

J8*3”““Pete, are you into them sweet- 

headed, unreasoning, and unreasonable many weeks prostrate upon his bed, which 
cask of powder sent into an explosive he left only for the rest beyond the grave: 
country, as Central America may be, can He was blessed, however with ari aged 
do and is very likely to do, incalcuable companion, who was never weary in well 
harm? This Senator Borland not only j doing, and with a devoted sdn and daugh- 

It was— yes — that’s the way to com- 
mence the story — it was on the 18th day 
of January, 1847. It was at the Pass of 

Doves in a rocky range of the Sierra Ma- . . 

dre mountains in the Unidos Estados of has not one qualification for this place, ter-in-law, grand-ch. and ne.ghbors 

not even that ol speaking very bad Span- who not only thought it a duty, but lelt it 
ish (though he was ingloriously taken as a pleesure to soothe tho dying hours of 
a pi isoner of war in Mexico), but ho has the old soldier. Those who live and die 
all that class ofdisqualifications and prece- j like him may well rejoice in death; for 

dents which should ha- e forbidden a pru- he was truly a good man; pious toward 
dent Executive for one moment thinking 

meats again: 


in bringing the public min i to bear upon j 

lion must have b;«r, fearful. 

'No mann, them sweetmeats is 

the South. 

Ahem ! How shall I proceed ? I nev- 
er wrote a story in my life. It comes 
awkwardly to me. Perhaps ’twill be 
better after getting into it, AVe shall see 
what we shall see. Here goes. 

That Pass of Doves w as more like Pass 
Diablo than its name would indicate. It 
was wild — it was grand —it wasg-loomy — 
even in the brightest day. But at the 
“Wee short hour ayont the twal” 
when the tornado came roaring through 
the cavern-like opening in that rocky pile 
— prostrating the yielding thorn-bush — 
rocking the dwarfed pine tree that crown- 
ed the summits — and hurling sand and 

God, affectionate to his family, and kind 
of him for such a place. In the Senate, to his neighbors; AVe may well apply to 
when speaking or voting, he has always j his case the passage of Scripture which 
spoken and voted with the extremes. In- saita, “Blessed are the dead who die in 
deed, if he has ever given a rational vote j the Lord.” 

or made a rational speech, vve have no Thus another sol Her of the great strug- 
been ma le aware of it; an t hence, as i | gle which gave our country a place among 
was set down thathe must be pensioned ' nations, has passed away. Very few of 
off somewhere, there was a general jubilee his comrades can yet remain in the land ' 
lhat the pension was to bo made in the of tire living. Very soon trte last one 
innocuous region of Santa Fe, New Mez- j will be gone. Let us who enjoy the ble - , * _ . 

; ca ! 8 ings for which this oi l soldier, witholh- P*T’ ‘V A 

To give suen a noan.such a mission as | e rs, (ought, profit by lu« example in life, L.q ^ ; 

this, create d, as the debates in Congress „n.l prepare to follow hi n to the realms J b , 
show, for some distinguished personage in j 0 f eternal glory. y, | m JT 0 H 

I ! i those cities, thereby enabling us at all 
tim-aio otter something new, and many 
stv k‘s ol Dress Goods, Cue., tint ofl’ercil tit 
this market. 

We have this day received the following 
Goods of eiitiroly new Designs: 

Needle Worked Dress s til Silk & Muslin, 
Plain .and Brocaded Silks, 

Silk Tissues, Giisllys; 

Choc i Bareges. Plain r.nd Plaid; 

Neeale Worked Swisses; 

Silk Mantillak, Plain and Embroidered; 
iluniion mid lace Collars and Sleeves. 
Embr-ridCred Cambric Hundkerchoifa; 

** “ Flouncing*; 

Honitort add Valencia Laces; 

Plain and Erocanod Ribbons; 
lG'ench Organdies and Cambrics, 
Application Lace, black aud white; 
Together with many novelties not to be had 
in tiiis market, all of which will be sold fow. 
Our slock will be kept no during the entire 
season, J, W, COCHRAN Oil. 

Our Wholesale Stock is now cam- 
icli laruer than usual, and wilt 

. cas.m; and we will 

liar -too are jo-ibe t 

T W. C. & co. 

■■ un.g r « , T-/ga 

A yranaer who isa«l 

h«:i i'll' 


There arc in every community, farmers. 
v:ho conceive it impossible to add n'D thm S 
to their already acquire I stock ol knowl- j 

aclge. Wo meet one of this class a leu 

(levs sin  e who, in answer to our inquiries 

The Premium Horse, 


"?i STILL make his second 
T y season at my honsa in 
Montgomery county, Ky., 15 
2^IA mile, from Paris, 1 miles from 
North Middletown, 8 mil.-t from 

t ftlt) to insure a mnro in foal. 

| iliaysv 

villc Advcrlisemfsit*. 

iher lie was a subscriber to an 

Mr Sterling 

I due when tlie fact is known or the mare tr 

cultural paper, indigently replied that Idcd off |# . ^ o|J „ , prinjr . 

•book fanning was a humbu c , - ., bo jy jjfi band * high, a beautiful dark Dappl. gray 

The first premium was awarded l" him by 
Itlio judges at the Lexington Fair, last fall 

point Willi nun, tuiic®.   - j as the finest stallion shown in the fine stal - 

be worse than useless; but as we i eti inni ;on cl . tSS  which  =;»oak^ more tlmn I cm, Id 

‘ gton 

ii ue 

he knew more ol fa ri :iniiT rfli ) 

could tell him.’ We did not argue u 
point with him, conceiving that it \\oul .. , (h( , 

than useless; but as we left lnm | irin „i 

oe woise «•— - « 'it j » , 

we look a few notes ol this mo iC * lanner s sft y j,, a volume, as all kno*.v ^ 
premises, which we present to the readers . , lU( i i icr vitrinis v is celebrated i  r t 

of the Journal with the hope that they | Imrsos, and they had oiany id' them t.iere.— 

will prove of service. j He has proven himselt a breeder equal 

The enclosing the Iwuse- 1 hta^amnee.^ ^ , ,_ y ^ prcir! ,,, 

yard was broken down in several places, norae Q u i c it S ii ver , Quicksilver by Cadet, 
one of the hinges was torn off the gale, j | ds dam [.' iU iny Medley, she by Unit's Quick- 
and directly in Iront of the kitchen (loot : ^ j | r • Fanny’s dam, also by old Quicksilvei 
several lank looking swine were wallow- arecd in-and-in, her du-r. bf lma = Fun a 
ing in the mud hole, where, for dear knows j loon, and he by the imported Bedford, and 
how long, the slops of the kitchen had so through a long list of imported horses. I 
been carelessly thrown. We thought, j which see bills Dr. Gray Diom"uc s uaui . 

lie conceive i ! by sou of the imported Arabian horse Siam 
boui, owned by the laic Henry Clay, Ins 
grand dam by the Caldwell Whip, lie hyoid 
Whip, out of the Thompson filley; his gr. 
grand dam by the  ’M imported Buzzard. 

I will give a $10 cup for the best horse 

Ji hi .-.pleasure in announcing that she ha- en- 
tire] v refitted and enlarged the “GOD- 
DASiD HOUSE,” to an extent that will 
enable her to accommodate the rapid increase 
of trade. 

Thankful for past patronage, she hopes to 
merit a enntinu *nco of the same. 

I -:-j ' Sta e Office and Steamboat land- 
ing, corner of Market and Front streets. 

mh2&— ly 

C. 13. Cooks. T. A. Matthews. 

*V El O L E 8 A EE G BOO E US , 

Produce fy Commission Marcdantt, 
No. 10 Market Street, 

M A Y S V 1 L L K K E N T U C K Y, 

J1K Hhds.dritnc and choice N. O. Sugar. 
 1’* 17 hhda Clarified do. 

Just received and tor sale bv 
Jan. 15. COONS &. MATTHEWS. 

IMiivsv iile Advertisement*. 

A. T. WOOD, 
And House Furnishing Emporium, 

- i T7 I Darrels and 

! which see bills for. Gray Diomede s dam [ ,) ( l 410 Half Barrels Plantation Molas- 

were he really as wise ns 
himself to be," tiist gate hinge fastene i, a 
good breed of swine and unpleasant wal- 

The barn stood on an eminence, and , 

directly in front of it a small stream flow- j colt, and also for the best m ire cuit, to 
i the maouie heap of this stream, j shown at my stables on the ~u 

2nd Saturday ii. 

r»a o.\ roo a e ky ecei ps e. 


eil. From themanuiebeapof this 

the rich manure water was flowing in a j September, 1854. 
steady stream, and under some cherrv 
trees that skirted the lawn, 1 observe 
large quantities of the excrements o! the 
fowls expose 1 to the action of the weather, j 

Ol tile wiluei..,« ‘ , r 

he been so very wise he would have check 
ed the waste of the precious manure; and j 

instead of permitting his fowls to ronst Gen . Hilrrison , and ou tof the old Mountain 
u^tm the cherry trees, (and .bus not on ly [, ,. H ler jenn-t, the dam of Big Martha, tm 
ilw m in fl.A iiw lpn;f*ncif'  ni the i i 

wig expose 1 to the action of the weatn t, I j g „ q « ohl 

ul aided materially the growth and vigor sla ? 

the wilderness of weeds around. Had' **#•*$$ 

15.J liamls high, 4 years 
old this fall, will also 
d at the same time 
and piece. Color black, 
white nose and belly. In 
was sirad by my oldjaek 
Compound, and he by 

 os | choice article in prime cooperuge. 
50 barrels S. H. Molasses, 

for sale bv C. So M, 

Packages Boston MACKEREL, in 
Barrels, half and quarter barrels, 
for sale bv C. &. M. 



J* to the People of Kentucky, that he has 
constantly on hand, a good supply of MAR- 
BLE, bom Italian and American for Tomb- 
stones, and Monuments of all kinds, and la- 
test styles. Ali orders promptly attended 
to, and on reasonabla terms. 

Market St. Maysville, Ky. 

apr 1, 18513. 


Tubs, Buckets*. 

Churns, Butter Prints, Wood Bowls; 
Willow Carriages, line und common; 
do Cabs, 
do Cradl -s, 
da Market Baskets, 
do Work and School Baskets, 

do Knife, Trays, etc. 

For sale at the Furnishing Flore of 
A. T. WOOD, 

ml)25 Second street. 

(Jincmiiuti AilvcrtiiHscfais 

Wholesale Dealers in Foreign and Do- 
mestic Dry Goods, 

Have opened an ENTIRE NEW STOCK 
to which they invite trie nlteniion of the 
trade. There stock ot Ladies DressGoods, 
and Gentleman’s Wear, they flatter them- 
selves cannot be surpassed, either East or 
West. Their prices are ns low as any oth- 
house In the country. Mr. Robert Fantand 
Mr. Wrn. Leathers nre always on hand to 
greet their old Kentucky friends. 

Cincinnati Advertisements. 



No. 41 Broadway, 

1. Cincinnati, 


tronage heretofore extended to me, I 
would inform my friends and the communi- 
ty that 1 now have on hand the most splen- 
Boxes and 50 half boxes RAISINS, for j dpi variety of good and fasuionabie FUR- 


T. SMITH, Dealer 
in every variety of eight 
day and !30 hour clocks 
No. 12 East Fifth street, 

Constantly receiving 
new styles — 150 ditler- 
cnl kinds and patterns 
now on hard — orders 
from dealers promptly 
mh25-l v 

sale by 

C. & M. 

•) K Half Chests 
'-sO 00 Catty boxes 

. P. TEA. 

for sale by 

vorv fine, 
C.& M. 

uxposc them to the inclemencies oi the t0o | { e ; t cups mul nev r r 1 ’-t one 

_ Com 

wemlier, but lose in addition their very pound s dam by a sun of Skillmau's Duke ol 
valuable manure,) he would give them a Bomrbon, lie by Dm Quixottc in \ irginia. 
plate of shelter, dinl by that means se- and he by Washington’s Royal Gilt, hi.- 
cureJ their comfort and productiveness, grand dam by Gen. Jcekson, to ; Meckaw 
« well as their ments. 

An orchard of young apple trees were I hu *™“? d ; in ! t!,c , ?! a 

el most entirely destroved by the borer; 
the fences that enclose l his meadow were 
in a ruinous condition; several hogs were 
actively engage-1 in turning up the sod; 
end os we attempt to clo;e the g.ile that 
IcJ from the main road to the house, we 
found it wholly impracticable, and hinge 
completely torn off, and the other so twis- 
ted as to render the effort in vain. \\ ant 
of time prevented further observations; 

Leader jennet, bred in-and-in. Eclipse’s 
dam by old Warrior, her dam . Knight of 
Malta, of the same stock of jacks that old 
Mountain Leader deseduded trom, which all 
descended trom Cel- D. Owen’s imported 
Knight of Malta. Eclipse has proven him- 
self a breeder. You can see a jennet coit 
at Captain John Mason’s, *1 ieet anti nine 
and a half inches high at two months old, 
one at Halley Smith’s three feet three and a 
half inches when it first come, out of a small 
jennet, a very superior jack at Joshua O- 

Boxes HERRING, for sale 
'JO bv C. &.M. 


Kits SALMON, for sale by 

C. & M. 

but we had seen enough that the careful lve u’s. all in "Moc'-omu-ry. llis mules are 

perusal of any good agricultural journal 
and a practical application of some of the 
hints contained in it, would nave been 
hundreds of dollars to our overwise far- 
mer. — Pennsylvania Farm Journal. 

Take my Car.’ — A young gent recent- 
ly regaled the ears of his bright particu- 
lar with a somewhat protracted serenade, 
at the close of which the chamber win- 
dow opened, and a small white package 
descended therefrom. The enamored 
youth instantly secure,! the precious mis- 
sive, and retired to a place of safety, and 
with a trembling hand proceeded to un- 
fold — a night cap ! 

ssr A pause between words the parts 
of hich will form a word, is frequently 
necessary to mark the sense. ‘Send me 
in that set of China,’ said a gentleman 
to a dealer. ‘It wants two pieces,’ said 
the dealer. ‘That is a pity,’ replied the 
other. ‘Shall 1 send them incomplete, 

rtLOVEIt SEEM, 150 Barrels for 
v_^ sale by C. & M. 

17JL quality and price — good assortment, 
tor sale by C. di' M. 

SO I hlids. V. O. Sugar, very choice; 

22 do Clarified do. 

2~i Tierces Fresh Rice; 

UtlO Kegs assorted Nails; 

110 Bbls. Granulated, Crushed tj- Powdered 

25 Boxes Double refined Loaf Sugar, 
for sale by COONS is MATTHEWS. 

O UR Stock of GROCERIES is very gen- 
eral, and during the season will ba 
large — .Mr. Matthews bus been in New Or- 
leans some time, and will remain there du- 
Win'ter i . Spi iug, for tlio pur- 
pose of making purclias k, and we can oiler 
to purchasers grea*. inducements to buy of 

Mavsvidc, Jan. 15, 1850 Gin 

PURE ever before offered by me in this city 
— among which may he found. 

Bedsteads, mahogany, fancy and common; 
Dressing anil plain bureaus,, Divans, Ottomans, 

Cushioned, Cane seat and common Chairs, 
Dining, desert, breakfast and stand tables, 
Clocks. Looking-glasses, Tin Safes, 

.Moss, hair, composition and Shuck Mattrass 
Venitian Blinds, Oil Cloths, etc, 

Which, with a variety of Cooking and 
Heating STitVES and a complete assort- 
generally; lie will sell at as low figures as 
can be had elsewhere, pledging satisfaction 
in every case. A. T. WOOD. 

P. S. I am also prepared to make any ar- 
ticle of Furniture, on short notice. Repair- 
ing and upholster work done w ith neatness 
and dispatch. 

mti25 A. T. W. 

ARNESS LEATHER— 1.000 lbs best 
Oak Tanned Harness Leather, just re- 
ceived and for sale at market rates, at the 
Hardware House of 

apr 213, ’53- JACOB O. PHISTER. 

‘Yes, sene! thorn in complete!’ — ftn( ! will serve jennets a. 

‘ ... Ll.|li:l U.c-nen n -l e n ! 

very superior, large and fine. Eclipse will 
serve jennets ul the low- price ot 8*30 to in- 
sure a jennet in foal, due as above. 

Breeders would do well to see Cray Dio- 
mede and the Montgomery Eclipse before 
they breed. 


March 25, 1853.— tf 

N. B. Old Quickslver will stand at John 
Spencer’s in Clarke county near Colbevilie. 

Obs. Ss Rep. copy three times and charge 

H. B. 




f i M [IS splendid Jack, the largest and fi- j -H. ,i 0Z- Heavy Silver Plate.! Terrotts. 

X nest animal of his species ever impor- | 5 groce Real Silaer Ornaments, assorted 

ted to the United States, is now in line health \ p a iterns, just received at the Hardware 
and condition, and will make his second Sea- 1 i; ouso 0 f JACOB O. PHISTER. 

son in Kentucky at stables ef Jacob Embry, I 

in the county of Fayette, immedhtejy on ( | R ASS KETTLES — 0001b Brass Kettles, 

E just received at the Hardware House 

. , AMES — 120 Tair Si ver Plated Buggy 
“ Haines, American 


first rate article, and 
Hardware house of 

make, full 4 lbs. a 
or sale low at the 



ing our old friends and customers a id 
merchants generally, that, ve are now in the 
receipt of the ino-i complete and magnifi- 
cent stock of Merchandise for the Spring 
Trade to be found in any boiuo in tlio West- 
ern country. 

150 balos bro Cottons, all widths, qualities 
20 “ 7 8 and 4-4 Osnaburgs; 

25 “ Tickings, from com to superior; 

5 “ Col’il Osnaburgs and Demins for 


50 Cases Prints; most approved makers; 

25 “ Bleached Cottons all prices; 

10 “ Ky Jeans, superior slock; 

10 “ Sattinetls and Tweeds; 

5 “ Black and fancy Cossimeree; 

15 “ Summer Coating and l’antaloonery 
5 “ Bic’d Linens ami Linen drilling; 

5 “ Irish Linens in half pcs; 

10 “ Lawns, Portsmouth’s, other makes 

5 “ Ginghams, very handsome; 

5 “ Chaii Barege, Persian Cloths, etc; 

5 “ Bayadere Robes, very handsome; 



Manufacturers of Strata Bonnets, and 
Importers of Silk Millinery, Goods, 
Flowers, Dress Silks, Trim- 
mings, fyc, 







Market Baskets 
Fancy Work Baskts, 

Rocking Horses, 

Wheel barrows, 
Carpet Bags, etc 




Seed Store and Agricultural Warehouse, 
40 &; 42 lower market st., 

We offer for sale a large and general as- 
sortment of Crass Seeds, Carden Seeds, Ag- 
ricultural Implement^. &.c. We also buy 
Blue Crass and Hemp Seeds. mh25-ly 

Manufacturers Wholesale Taper 

Are now receiving direct from Eastern 

Every family should have a topy. 

An invaluable book, only 25 ets per copy — • 
Man know thyself. 

FLIC1ED. Containing an outline of the o- 
rigin, progress, treatment and cure of every 
form of disease, contracted by promiscuous 
sexual intercourse, or by sexual excess, 
with advice for tile r prevention, written in 
a familiar style, avoiding all medical tech- 
nicalities, and everything that would offend 
the ear of decency, from the result of some 
twenty years successful practice, exclusive- 
devoted to the cure of diseases of a delicate 
or priv ite nature. 

To which is added, receipts for the cure 
of the above diseases, and a treatise on the 
causes, symptoms and cuie of the fever and 
ague, for twenty-five cents a copy; six cop. 
ies one dollar; will be forwarded to any part 
stravb.] n. hazlett J 'ke United States, by mail, free of post- 

ISA AC STRAUB & CO., Mi .l ee8 : posl T P^* ’Box 190 Post 

Ulhce, or the the author, 33 North seventh 
a: t) j street, Phil’a. 

1 FT Y Dollars forfeit. Dr. Hunter will 
"forfeit ®50 if tailing to cure any case 
of secret disease that may come under his 
care, no matter how long standing or afflict- 
ing. Either sex are invited to his private’ 
r  onis, 39 North 7th st. Philad’a. without’- 

fear of interruption from other patients. 

.Strangers and others who have been unfor- 
tunate in the selection of a physician are in-- 
vited to call. 

IMPOTEXCY — Through urtresrairted in- 
dulgence of the passions, by excess or self-- 
abuse, the eails are numerous. Premature 
impotence, involuntary seminal discharges, 
wasting of the organs, genera! debility, or 
constitutional derangement, are sure to foP 
low'. If necessary, consult the Doctor walk 
confidence; he otters a perfect cure- 
YEARS OF PRACTICE, exclusively de- 
voted to the study and treatment of diseases 
of the sexual organs, togethe- with ulcers 
upon the body, throat, nose, or legs, pair.* 
in the head or bones, mercurial hheumalism, 
ctricturesf gravel, irregularities, diseases n- 
rising from youthful excesses, nr impurities 
of the blood, whereby the constitution lias be- 
come enfeebled, enables the Doctor to offer 
speedy relief to all who may place them- 
selves under his care. 

0^7-Medicine forwarded to any pnrtoftho 
United States, — Price five and ten dollars 
per package. dec. 0. 1852. ly 

Warehouse, No. 19 Front Street between 
Main and Walnut. 

The above is a wood cut of n single gear- 
ed ‘‘Queen of the South” Corn Mill, and 

We manufacture a Cob Breaker of great 
strength and durability, and ease of opera- 

We place this useful contrivance on all 
sizes of .Mills, by which means we convert 
a Corn Mill into a Stock Feed Mill; hula 
few minutes work to put it 011 or take it 

We manufacture portable Mills, single 

Manufacturers a large stock of all kinds of j and double geared (best quality of French 
Paper for the spring trade. I Burrs) to grind Wheat, 4,'orn ami Stick 

Having our arrangements direct with Feeds, calculated for steam, water or horse 
PLEASURE IN INFORM- Eastern Manufacturers, we are able to fur- j power. These mills have been run by 

' nish dealers in the West on asgood terms as steam and horse power in competlon against 
can be furnished by Eastern houses. j the other make of Mills of our city, at our 

We love on hand some 10.01/0 REAJ S ! State Fairs, m.d have never failed to carry 
WRITING PAPER of tiie most approved off the first premium — on one occasion was 
brands. Our assortment of Job Printing j awarded a beautiful silver medal. Our mills 
Paper, Cards and Card Sheets, Ornamental 
Borders, Bronzes, like, is very complete. 

Our assortment of Book Binders Leather 
and Blank Bonk Paper, aul Binders materi- 
als is also complete. 

Our stock of Fourdrinier News Book Pa- 
per is the largest in the West. We have 
also the best quality of Wrapping Paper: 

Our Fastern connections with manufac- 
turers enable us to keep as large a stock of 
Paper material and all other goods connected 
with an exclusive J'aper Warehouse as can 

be found in any city East or West — and we j fulness, and durability, are surpassed by 
canconfideiitly say to our customers that we j none now in use. 

can give sufficient inducements for them to All our articles are warranted as repro- 
make all purchases of us in preference to ; seated — or no sale — at our cost of trans- 

al jo took two first premiums, as the best 
mills, at two Annual Fairs of our Mechan- 
ics’ Institute. 

ALSO — Portable Saw Mills, to be bv 
steam, water or horse power. This Mill 
was exhibited in operation by horse power, 
at tiie Ohio Slate Fair, in 1850, when it was 

the Turnpike road loading from Lexington f 
to Richmond, 11 miles from the former place 0 f 

Whose was the misconstruction 

Lamartine has recovered his 
health, anil -is laboring to payoff incum- 
brances upon his family estate. The 
Sultan has agreed to take back the estate, 
granted him in Turkey and allow him an 
annual stipend in money. 

£3T The latest discovery in literary 
circles is that Miss Elizabeth Wetherel, 
the popular author of ‘Quecchy,’ and 
the ‘Wide, Wide World,’ was the daugh- 
ter of Counsellor Warner, conspicuous 
in the Drury torpedo affair. On her re- 
cent decease her name was discovered to 
be Elizabeth Wetherel Warner. 

ftsf" Major Long lias been publishing 
an invention of his to remove galls from 
horses hack's. Now, for our part ,we had 
just as lief see them sitting- there as not — 
not but what they iook quite as well on 
the sofa. 

apr 23. 

Ind street. 

$00 the season, 
or $100 to insure a Jack colt and $50 to in- 
sure a Jennet colt; the money paid so soon 
as the colt stands upon its feet, or the Jen- \J found in the mountains of Kentucky, 
net is parted with. Good blue grass pastil- believed to be superior to Wachita or Tur- 

Just receivco at 

» x- 1 J iiunuauiiiG j I — — 

III addition to the above, we have many | country Rags. 
Miscellaneous goods, such as Fancy Dress 
Goods, White Goods, Hosiery and Cloves, a J. 
very large und superior flock; Handker- 
chiefs, Cravats, Vestings, Ribbons, Umbrel- 
las, Parasols and many other Goods loo uu- 
| merous to mention in an advertisement. — 
j 'The whole forming one of the most complete 
desirable uml attractive Slocks in the coun- 
try. All of which will be sold al prices and 
,. ... on terms tiiat cannot be duplicalcd at any 

. u)»v 11 e. j point in the West. The larger portion of 

going East. 

N. B. Highest cosh price pail for good 



IL STONE — -lOOlbs Oil Slone, a new 

rage furnished Jennets gratis, and they will 
be = grain fed if desired on reasonable terms. 
All proper attention will be paid to Jennets 
and to prevent accidents or escapes 
responsibility should either occur. 


Agent for Col. I. A. Easly, Jr 
Fayette co- March 19. 

The Great. Castillian, as before re- 

Stone, ami much cheaper, 
the hardware bouse of 


but no ! march 22, ’53. Second st., Maysville. 

J 3UTTS — 1 Cask Butt Hinges, assorted, 
3 from 1 inch to 4 by 5. just received 
at the hardware house of 



 ' vtv.vV*.. 

:u .m JLliJlM 

W HATEVER concerns the health mid 
happiness of a people is at all times 
of the most valuable importance. I take it 
awarded a premium and a splendid silver j for granted that every person will do ail in 
medal. ] their power, to save the lives of their chi!- 

ALSO— Different kinds of portable horse dren, and that evety person will endeavor to 
powers, and steam Engines. Ali our arti- promote their own health at ali sacrifices — 
*les, for case and operation, simplicity, use- i'eel it to be my duty to solemnly assure jou 

that WORMS, according to the opinion of 
the most celebrated Physicians, are the pri- 
mary causes of a large majority or d'spases 
to which children and adults are liable; if 
you have an appetite continually changeable 

markedf is the largest and universally admit- HOVELS — 50 doz. Ame's Shovels; 
ted to be the finest Jackass that has ever been ^3/1 10 doz. Ame's Spades. Just received, 
imported into the United States. He was and for sale at the hard ware house of 

selected in Spain as the finest Jack in the! 

Kingdom, and was landed in this country in ma rch 22. 
May lsol. He is five years old, of beauti- 

Sscond st. Maysville, Ky. 

lour staple Goods having been purchased 
\ -‘previous to the lute large advance.” 

300 Cases Boots ami Shoes; 

10 “ Fancy Silk Bonnets; 

10 “ “ Chip, Pearl, Straw and Bel- 

grade Bonnets; 

43 -‘ Doz Mens and B *ys Sum’er Hats; 
150 “ Mens Silk, Soft Fur and Wool do. I 
Our stock in this Department will be found j 
particularly desiiable, embracing many I 
kinds of Boots and Simes not usually found i 
in Jobbing Houses, and ns they, like ill the j 
balance of our Goods, have been purchased i 
from manufacturers or Agents, w e make no | 
vain boast, when we say we can sell them 1 
HERE as CHEAP »s thev can be bought I 
East. PEARCE (j- CO_. 

Maysville, Ky. mh25 


fcJB •-. •* 1 I -- „ 5 v. t I 


(-  k\-  

t C 

-J v 

23 !■ ifet : 

? j Uy-J 3 uN Y\. ; 1 f j 

■ hmim 

1 ,\.'Vv?r*Y j Iv- 


A Great Loss. — "You have met 
with a great loss, neighbor William,” 
snid the deueon, condqlingly, to Mr. 
W., the day alter the latter had buri  
ed his wife. ‘‘Yes, a terrible loss, re- 
plied the mourning husband; “she 
more’n earned her livin,’ and I never 
had to lick her more half-a-dozen 
limes in my life.” Williams was a 
wian ol delicate sensibilities. — New 
iilngland Farmer. 

Putting Young Ladies to Goon 
Use. — T hat was a mean Dutchman, 
that Hans Karg. He had one heau- 
tiful, J'ladottna-looking daughter, who 
no more resembled him than does a 
flower the root. 

ful black color, sixteen and a half hands high, ; 

of remarably fine form, bone and substance; ^ Dnz- Collee .\lills. Tin Hopper, 
and combines in him more of the fine quail- ft; 10 ,, W00( j 

ties of a successful breeder than any other j ll g^ r( , ( . e j ved and for sale by 
animal of his class. Since his arrival in the j marc | 1 J, {j, PHISTER. 

United States, he has been visited and ex- 

aliened by a large number of persons, inter- 
ested in this description of stock, and their 
nns judgement confirms what] 
is here said. The Great Castillian, needs 

almost unanimous judgement confirms what j Oj J ^micsFaced^ 


Doz. Nortly Locks, mineral Knob 

Nortly Locks white Knob, 


no enlarged encomiums; he speaks for him- 10 “ 1 , 

self, and breeders will, of course, take occa- I J 3 “ es Faced 

sion to examine him which they are invited i lor Bul e b y ^ 

10 do ’ J ' A ' ’ Jr ’ ; j' ATCHES— 30 doz. Iron knob drop latches 

03-The Great Castilian will be ex- xJ 20 doz. Taunt b do do 

hibited at Lexington on the County Court Just received and for sale low at the llard- 
duv in April, and at no other place. j ware House of JACOB O. PHISTER. 




portation and the money refunded. 

For a full desci iption and testimonials of i i'rom one kind of fond tonnother, Bad Breath, 
merit and usefulness we refer those inter- j Pain in the Stomach. Peking al the Nose, 
ested to our pamphlet, to be had at our fac- Hardness and Fullness of the Belly, Dry 
lory, vvliere we take pleasure to explain each Cough, Slow Fever, Pulse Irregular — re- 
article. ISAAC STRAUB, &, Cc. I member that all these denote WORMS, and 

NOTE— Mr. Kimball, the partner 0 f jJ V‘m should at once a Pi| lv the remedy:— 

H. Burrows while exhibiting a Burrows 1 i 0 DC 11 Stl C K S U 01 111 SVl’llj). 
Alii! at our S ate fair last fall, was bolster- , , . , . 

cus about his Mill, and courageously euter- 

i ^ An article founded upon Scientific Prill- 

ed into a verbal agreement with me t..'grT..'d ri l? lrf ’ compounded with purely vegetable 
corn tints: Whoever grinds the most, re- ^stances, being perfectly safe when taken 
garding quality and quantity, was to be the »n d can bo given to the most tender InUnt 

owner of both Mills, at each and every 
trial — 


Straub to run an 18 inch Mill; 

Burrows and Co. to run a 21) inch mill. 
second trial. 

Straub to run a 22 inch Mill; 

Burrow's and Co. to run a 24 inch Mill. 
third trial. 

Straub to run a 26 inch Mill; 

Burrows and Co to run a 30 inch Mill. 

When the pinch came, that boisterous 
courage jumped out. 

To the above 1 now append a challenge to 
grind cob feed out of whole ears of corn. 

, with decided beneficial effect, where Bowel 

] Complaints amt Diarrluca have made them 
weak and debilitated the Tonic properties of 
my Worm Syrupare such, that it stands with- 
out an equal in the catalogue of medicines, 
in giving tone and strength to the Stomach, 
which makes it an Infallible remedy for those 
afflicted witli Dyspepsia, the astounding 
cures performed by this Syrup after Physic- 
ians have failed, is tiie best evidence of its 
superior efficacy over all others. 


This is tlio most difficult Worm to destroy 
| of all that infest the human system, it grow s 
to :m almost Indefinite length becoming to 
coiled and fastened in the Intestines and 
)►•' tun my 18 inch “Queen of the ■ Stomach effecting the health so sndlj »» to 
South” with a cob breaker attachment, the cause St. Vitus Dance, Fits, Ac., that those 
same article that took ilie Premium at the 1 afflicted seldom if ever suspect that it ia 
Ohio State fair, last fall, against a 24 inch 'Tape Worm hastening them to an early 
1 ‘ ' lease, which forms the back and hoop: of the Rurrow-s Mil! and \Vim Stewyt’s Ohio nud grave. In order to destroy this Worm, a 

^ g^UE UNDERSIGNED HAS OPENED 1 Stone with a cast Iron Eye, or Bu-li, that K® n,ui '‘   y Stock Feed Mills, both to be run | very energetic treatment must be pursued, ift 

W‘)ll IVinor Pl'l'inc A-f per or Running Stone, which 

Vi till |)tl|lvl) 1 ItlilUoj (X.U* French Burr Blocks, enclosed 

others in the construction of the up- 
per or Running Stone, which is composed of 

in a cast iron 

.L in connection with his extensive Book of greater external diameter at t lie bottom 

I at 1 

and it you nre apprehensive of a would therefore be proper to take 0 to 8 of 

Store, a Wall-paper ami Piano Ware than at the top, whicn is secured to the back I r ‘ s 'jy b'^iiess y«u have my entire appro- j my Liver Pills so as to remove allobstauc- 
Room, where he is now receiving tiie most four bolts, so that every block is in the i ^ al ‘ jn ,0 t,,n Mr. Pomeroy’s Corn Crusher lions, that the Worm Syrup may act d Erect 

complete assortment of Wall Paper, Win- torm D f a Jove tail, which gives greater as an aux,li,,r y- Should tny single article — - 1 ' :1 

dow Paper, Fine Screens, Borders St c. &.C., length to a Stone than any other method ^ a " '° "T- T” 1  , ' la, "- V 

ever imported to this market. These Pa- j which is required in small mills, where the *? the c ° ,ab j acJ productions of the two or 

pers have been selected tor the Spring trade stone is run with great speed, and becomes 

March 25. 1953. — two months and charge 1 |C’ES— 10 doz Heavy Cast Steel Hoes; 
Obs. and Reporter. “ 5 doz premium 

doz premi 

just received and for sale at the Hardware 
House of J. O. PHISTER. 

march 31. 53. Second street. 



or; xvp.y one his own physician. a NVILS-lOOOLbs. Best Anvils, bought 

T *" or, ' ct * ) c d' , iun, wilh One -T A. at the old price, snd for sale unusually 

J Hundred Engravings, show. ] ow at the Hardware House of 
ing Diseases and Malformations of, J. O. PHISTER. 

,.n„ _ 1 , , * tho Unman System in ererv shape and — 

Hnnfl, hovr otl earth do you keep f orm . To which is added a Treatise on the SPLENDID NEW STOCK. 

a-.ked tt Diseases of Females, being of the highen ; Ta * R. BURGESS, Market Street Mays 
importance to married people, or those con- j JJjp. v il!e, is now receivin' 4 und opening 
templuting marriage. By ; all ^tensive Stock of 

the potatoes from freezing? 
neighbor, 0*18 morning. 

“Fy, 1 makes Caroline shleep on 
de botatoes,” answered Huns,” dat 
keeps dem from freezin’!” 

Dilatory Jncdinations. — Sir Rob- 

iroin the best Manufactories in New York, i dangerous it not strongly made. It also 
and Philadelphia; and embrace the latest | gives any weight to a stone „f small diame- 
styles and patterns. Prices vary Irorn 10c., j t er that is required without having it thick 
to $1,50 per bolt for Wall paper. Persons ] or high, that it makes it top heavy, 
wishing to purchase any ol these articles, | This mill is a square frame made of wood 
may rely upon getting the beat quality, ac- or cas i iron, in the form of a busk, with a 
cording to price. j Bridge tree, Spindled Balance, Ring Driver, 

I am in receipt of an invoice of those sn- an j Regulating Screw, and grinds upon t/ie 

perior PIANOS from trie celebrated Manu- 
factory of A. Stodart, N. York. 

ALSO — The largest stock of Cat and Let- 
ter Paper in the Mitket, which I can sell 
at very low figures. 

2nd st. 3 doors below Post Offlice 
apr. 1. Maysville, Ky. 

N. B. T am paying 3j cts. for good cot- 
ton and Linen Rags. C. W. B. 

WILLIAM YOUNG, M. D. j SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. no father be, ’ashamed to present a copy 
of the AESCULAPIUS to his child. It may j 


I O'J' *250 half chests Gunpowder; 200 half 
chests Imperial; 200 half chests Black. 

Also, 6, 10, 13, and 20lbs. Assorted Teas. 

same principle as a large Mill, differing on- 
ly in the Runner Stone; this being of great 

weight enables it to grind nearer the center | manufacture and keep constantly on hand, a 
a quantity of grain with less power than any | large variety of Platform, Hay, Stock, Coal, 
otner mill now in use. This mill is porta " ' ~ 

upon the Worm, which must betakes U» 
doses of 2 Tablespoonfnlls 3 , iraes a day these 
directions followed have never been known 
to fail in curing the most obstinate case of 
Tape Worm. 

llobensack’s Liver Pills! 

No part of the system is more liable, to* 
disease than the LIVER, it serving as a fil.- 
! tererto purify the blood, orgiving the prop- 
;T^ C1NCINNA 1 I S C A LE er secretion to the bile; so that any wrong 
WORKS. FOWLER  j- LUD- 1 sctwi of tbe Liver effects the otbe 4 impor- 

tliree mills (just as you please) then you can 
draw a few hundred doliirs as stakes pul up. 

Come boys, dont be cowardly — there is 
nothing like walking straight into the mer- 
its of a thing. ISAAC STRAUB. 

To J. H. Burrows and Co. mh25-ly 


LOW. Columbia street, between ! ; a,lt P? rts of „ the 8 ,^ tem ; a:l ' l , rosul ‘ s 'arious- 

,, . , ... , r,- . - ~ : ly, ill Liver Complaint, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, 

Mam and Walnut, Cincinnati, O, £ c  We should, therefore, watch every 

symptom that might indicate a wrong action 
of the Liver. These Pills being composed 

K . . . Kailroad Depot and Track Scales, Drngis.f - kooT "i- PLANTS fbrnished v ire 

hie and may be attached to steam, water, and Counter Balances, Beams, Trucks, Skids ’ . 1,1 ■! L v‘ N 1 { . “ fypkp 

horse, or hand power. etc, and are selling at very reduced V ! ±‘'± 6lcV f J   a "’ e,y ’ 1 ’ i tXI ^ 

. , f P , dll”,- TORANT, which augments the secretion 

ALSO All sizes of French Burr Mill » » ^-ales have the improved solid cast t ora lfae p u|mnna “ ucu3 membrane, or 

Stones, manufactured on the same principle. | ste ‘‘l bearings, and are warranted correct. ; nr(m , nte8 the ( | i . v! , 1 ( r , re of secreted matter. 

I articular attention given to manufactur- ! k mi A n ALTERATIVE, which changes in 

llis Wholesale Department is already 

save him from an early grave. Let no young i s "!’P iied «'jtli a very large and complete as : - 
oman enter into the secret obli-m- i Bortmunt of Staple Goods, which were bought 

n , , . ... , r-i 1 ’ maa or woman enter into the secret obliga- 

*rt Peel, speaking oi Lord Eldon, re- . tions 0 f marri( , d ]ire without reading the i l ) ” llcl P al| y l0 ( Cash ol the Agents and Man 

marked, that “even llis failings lean- Pocket JESCULAPIUS. Let no one suffer- ] u at ' turL ' rs “ e ' t ‘ re lhe reaci,t I'cayy advance 
»d to virtue’s side;” upoD which it was ing front a hacknied cough, pain in]the side, , ! 10 - rrlce Domestic_I’abrics. He is 

observed, that his lordship’s failing re. nights, nervous feelings, and the j ie^w^Goodt at^fn? 

.embled the leaning tower ol her Pi- ' ^| ,0 ‘® ofDyspep.ic se„s.tion«, ond^lv- D, actual Dealers with Goods at Cincinnati 
.... . . . .. ei   up by their physician, be another ir.o- 

»h, which, in spite of its long inciina- ment without consulting the AESCULAPIUS, 
tlon, had never yet gone over. j Have the married, or those nhont to he mai- 

— — I ried, any impediment, read this truly useful 

liOHBERV or 0( Lr . — I he book, as it has boon the 

means of saving 

steamship Union, which arrived at thousands of unfortunate creatures from the 
New \ 01 k on the 14th, brought ie^s very jaws ot death. 

gold than she slat ted with. On open- ( f r A ," v p '' rs,m , 8pndin ’ 25 r,,nis 
- ■ - * sea in a letter, will receive one copy of tliis 


prices Merchants who buy their Goods or 
replenish their Siocks in the West, are in- 
vited to examine this stock, with a pledge 
on tlio part of the proprietor to duplicate 
any Cincinnati or Western Bill. The Re- 
I’.'.il Department embraces rich Fancy Goods 
of a II descriptions. 

Mr. B. C. Larew will remain in the East 
luring the business season, purchasing the 

* 1 , 111 imcr, wiii receive uii« copy oi mis ^ ' r & 

log two or three boxes, they were H . ork by mail, or 5 copies will be sent for I liloSl clu, ‘ ce al,d F^htunabie Goods, as they 

found to contain shot and 
weights instead of yellow du«t 
boxes were double cased, and banded 
with iron, seals nearly as new, show- 
ing that the operator were skilled in! 
their business. The amount missing! 
is nearly $20,000, the tnsurance of 

iron, One Dollar. Address, (post p- id,) 

The | DPv. WM. YOUNG. 

No. 152 Spruce St., Philadelphia. 


are opened by the Importers, llis line 
taste in the selection of pretty Goods has 
been admired by a!] the Ladies who have 
examined his purchases. 

Messrs Runyon, Larew, Warder, McA- 
n.dow and Burgess are tiie principal salcs- 
5, f, 00 Yds. Brown Jeans. 3,000 Yds. men, neither ot whom know how to ask a 
While Linsey- 500 Striped Linsey to fill high price for goods, consistently with the 
. ... . f ,, , a- C 8,1 order. Ladies vould do well to call as | motto of the House, “Quick sale's and licht 

w inch iuh upon two ot thtce olltces of i will pay fair prices for anv of the above ! Profits make a heavy Purse.” * 

that city. articles. J'.J. HADEN. March 5, 1853. 


[•S'uccMsorr to Ycazcy fy Co..] 


Tea and Tobacco. 

83 Walnut St., 2 doors below- Pearl, West 

Joseph II. Burrows, of Cincinnati, is the 
inventor, for which ite obtained Letters Pat- 
ent in 1845. For all infringements, the 
purchaser will be held responsible for the 
rigiit of using. 

These Mills do not require a Millwright 
to set them up, and all that is necessary to 
put them in operation, is to attach a band to 
the pulley on the spindle, with a drum suf- 
ficiently large to run a twenty-four inch 
mill Water Power. By the steady applica- 
tion of two horse power the mill will grind 
six or eight busheles per hour of good meal; 
and will grind wheat as well asjwell as corn. 
The thirty inch mill if pntto its fullest speed, 

side, Cincinnati, Have in store one of the ,„;n „ r :,„i c,,, m 

best assortments of Teas ever brought to the 2 tL “ 10 hrtecn busl,cls P er 

West, which they offer to the trade (lor 
cash or approved credit) at a very small ad- 

vance on New York cost. 

Buying largely direct from Importers, 
we are enabled to sell at New York prices, 
and would invite Country Myrebants to call 
and examine, as we 'feel confident wo can 
oii'er inducements never before equallod in 
the West. 

We are constantly receiving from the 
manufacturers, every description of VIR- 
TOBAOCO, which we offer at the lowest 
market prices. 

*** Papers inserting for six mi n hs, (in- 
cluding this notice.) and sending a copy of 
'■aper having advertisement, will be paid ia 
Tea or Tobacco, by purchasing three times 
tiie amount of their hill, 
march 19, ’53. VEAZY & WILDER. 


lhese Mills are warranted to be in cvev 
respect ns recommended “ 


Place your Mill about twelve feet from the 
Dividing Pulley in a level posilion; make 
the belt ol leather six or eight inches wide. 
Give the Stone 240 revolutions a minute with 
the sun. Keep the neck and step of the 
spindle well filled. Place the star on the 
back of the Running Stone, in the same way 
as the Cross on the Driver; that is the way 
they are trimmed to run. 

Refer to Thomas Patterson, Esq, of High- 
land county. Ohio; Jesse Beal, Esq. of Clinton 
county, Onio; C. S. Bradbury, E.-q, of Cin- 
cinnail, and a number of others. 

All orders directed to 


sii.25-1 y WestFroatst, Cincinnati. 

ing superior Hay and Stock Scales, which 
we have so remodeled to suit lhe improve- 
ments of the age, combining convenience 
and durability, that we are enabled to afford 
them at prices so low that almost every far- 
mer can, with profit, purchase one for his 
own use. They are maoe of any desired 
capacity, from throe to twelve tons, and suf- 
ficiently accurate to weigh butter, produce, 

Smith's Landing, O, Jan. 1S53. 

Messrs. Fowler tj- Ludlow: 

Gentlemen: We have yours, inquring 
about the operation of the Iron Lever Hay 
and Stock Scales you manufactured for us, 
and in reply, would say that we are very 
much pleased with them. We have always 
found them exceedingly correct in weighing 
and it is our opinion that the Scales are dur- 
able, and also skilfully and thoroughly built. 
So nice are their adjustment, and so free 
from friction, that while they will weigh 
e ! ght thousand pounds, one ounce will turn 
the beam. Respeeifuily, yours, 


Cincinnati, Jan 24, 1853. 

Having tested Fowler  $• Ludlow’s Scales, 
in the city of Cincinnati, by tiie standard 
weights, and many others of Eastern and 
Western make, l feel safe in saying that n 
better finished, a more delicately adjusted, 
or reliable article, than they manufacture, 
lias not come under my notice. 


8n)i2S City Sealer. 

some inexplicable and insensible manner the 
certain morbid action of the system. 3rd 
A TONIC, which gives tone and strength to 
the nervous system, renewing health and 
vigor lo ali parts of tbe body. 4th. A CATH- 
ARTIC, which acts in perfect harmony with 
the oilier ingredients, and operating or. the 
Bowels, and expelling the whole mass of 
corrupt and vitiated matter, and purifying 
the Blood, which destroys disease and re* 
stores health. 

£0 irmalcs. 

You will find these Pills an invaluable 
medicine in many complaints to which von 
are subject. In obstructions either total or 
partial, the; have been found of inestimable 
benefit, restoring their functional- arrange- 
ments to a healthy action, purifying ilie 
blood and other fluids so effectually to put to 
flight all complaints which may aiise from 
female irregularities, as headache, giddiness, 
dimness ot sight, pain in the side, bnck. ij*c. 

None genuine unless signed J. N. Hobott- 
sack, ali others being base Imitation. 

(gy- Agents wishing new supplies, »od 
Store Keepers desirous of becoming Agents 
most address the Propricter, J. N. liuben- 
sack, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Sold by all Rrnggisis and Merchants in tha 
U. 8.— J. A. Hannah, Alt. Sterling, Whole- 
sale and Retail Agent — SutelifF &. McAllis- 
ter, Louisville, Wholesale and Retail Agls 
O^j-Price, each 25 cis. 

J St C. Reakert, Cincinnati, Whtlejil 
Jlgts for Kr. »ud Ohio. 

Kentucky Whig (Mount Sterling, Ky.), 1853-05-06

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Mount Sterling [Ky.], Kentucky by R.R. Lindsey
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