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VOL. 4, 



poet's eonuv. 

From the Lou isviilc Courier, November 10. 

Pulpit Portraits. 

From tiie Port Gibson iteviiie. Something for the Ladica. Drunkenness not Cured by Legisla- 

The Next Presidency. The London Gazette contains some ini- tion. 

n ... ~ We have thrown to the breeze our Pres-- portant information for the ladies in regard An effort is at present being made in 

• lecause it is impossible for a. 1 of us l ,f   idential ticket for 1850. It is composed to the manner of placing their lips when Great Britain to enact a prohibitory liquor 

.ntend all the chui dies, and sit under the men whose long public lives are unur- 1 thev desire to look amiable, dignified, Ac. 1 law, similar in its provisions to what is I . A Goman had some 20 shots fired n 
caves of all the sanctuaries, and enjoy the nished by a single unworthy act, but whose It says that when a ladv would compose termed, in this country, Maine liquor Uw. '' m 1 revolvers, wine running, line 

ministrations ot all the ministers--.!! no bisturies  on lhe contrary, are records of , her mouth to a bland and serene character, The October number of the Westmin , ot which took effect ... Ins body but 1 

A liberal (Lductioii made for yearly advertise- 
ments. When the number of times for con 1 - 
ttuunigan advertisement is not specified, itwiil 
be comiiiued until ordered otft.und cliurgcd ac- 

A Gti nr in and a Frenchman were mur- 
dered by the know nothings in New Or- 
leans at the election, and several other 
persons badly wounded. 

A German had some 20 shots fired at 

For the Fust. 

Life’s Seasons. 

Fright Summer’s tints ure lading lust 
With over) shortening day, 

.Tin scar leaves fall with every blast— 
f.o! Summer’s pass’d away. 

’Tie past with all its hopes and fears, 

Its pleasure and its pain. 

It. winning smiles, its melting tears: 

Will these return again? 

Tilt falling leaves and fading flowers 
Betoken life’s decay; 

How lleeting were its sunny houis. 

;)ur Summer’s pass’d away. 

Life's Autumn now is chill and drear; 

As leaves from withered spray, 

Our fondest hopes all disappear: 

1,0 ! Autumn’s pass'd away. 

Life’s Winter now is cold and drear; 

What does the sad heart ciave, 

Her eye upraised with trembling tear. 
Sweet rest beyond ilia grave. 

For. ohl there’s rest bev md the tomb, 
Where life shall not decay, 

YVliero Spring shall never cease to bloom, 
Nor blossoms fade away. 

No sun shall make those mansions bright, 
Yet they shall not be dim; 

The Lamb once slain shall be their light, 
And all see light ill Him. 

Through all life’s changing scenes I’ll rais, 
My heart and wistful eyes. 

To where the blessed soo and praise 
The Lamb in Paradis o. 

Let earthly emblems, then, decay, 

Life pass with them away; 

Through Winter’s gloomiest night, a ray 
Points to eternal day. 

1 ’ll rise above all transient things, 

I’ I fly away — away; 

To God I’ll soar on aug l’s wings, 

In His bright, endless day. 

Os L v* it v , Nov. 17th. 

legitimate reason why we should not be in 

the most splendid achievements, to the 'she should just before entering the room, ster Keview has an article on the subject, i w,lf ’ n “ l killud. lie dtev, a pistol Uut did 

The German wlm was killed received 
If on! serious consideration. We exTraeVtbe fob 1 f ?“ r bul ,! eU !". his wl,ile n ! nnin ^ 

tioiluced to the different clerical gentlemen „| or y and honor of the country in every; say Be tom, and keep the expression into I suggesting some arguments against this 

an now somci rag of their respective j f ie ] d o( - patriotic action. Henry A. Wise which the mouth subsibes, until the desired sort of legislation, which arc worthy of 
histones. As, therefore, occasion may re- 1 

. , , was the first man in the Union to lead the effect upon the company is evident. — 

; quire, we intend to sketch ‘°r the use ol ]  b]ican Democratic party to open and the other hand, she wishes to assume a lowing paragraphs: 

i the Courier s household of readers, P or ' j victorious battle with a seefet foe, to drive 1 distinguished and somewhat noble bear- 1 The world would be a very different! *', e w ’ 1 * P l J rs “ 0 , 1 ^ by “* cr o."’J, and many 

either of which would have proved fatal. 

t , d i shots fired at lym. 

The Frenchman was cut to pieces with 

Halts ot the various di\ mes i* the city. | tbem f,- om i be i r Lidin g places, beat them jing, not suggestive of sweetness, she should | world if great evils were so easily caret 
Ihrough this medium the public will earn doW n to the dust, and snatch from their j sav Brush, the result of which is infallible. ! and if ten lines in a siatute hook could 
to know something ot their spiritual lead- Y”andal grasp the priceless inheritance of If she would make her Mouth small and cure vice and make virtue triumphant. — 

ers, and perhaps be induced, from the- re)i ; 0HS libertv and political equality, as pretty, she must say Flip-, but if the mouth Ex perienee tells a different tail. It tells , An 1 ’ ,sl   P"** was attacked and one of 

know edge, to attend their various church- gnanill , ied , ’ thc Constitution. Where I be already sfcaH, and needs enlarging, sbe ! Us that a law is in itself powerless, aud hfco ‘- 1,ut 4 not klilcd ’ , , . 

es. W ith this aim m view, we commence , le kd oUier |,. aders an(1 other States havc ranst say Cabbage. Ladies when having that it is only strong when it is the out- ! \ hu * do “Americans rule America, 

our gallery, premising that the sketch ol fol | owed; and now  whi)e m tbe northern their daguerreotypes taken, mav observe ward and formal expression of what men , A watchman who attempted to prevent 

the oldest Protestant minister m the Cy. States the day of reason is once again these rules with advantage. ‘ ' really wish. Even if a law, such as the thu destruction of «ne o f the ballott boxes 

Winch vv-e intend presenting in conjunction | dawnio „ alhtt : art the gloom of anti-slavery I A friend of ours, who is one of those in- Maine liquor law. were obeyed, which it shot tw,c “’ 11 ls fuared ^hy.-Lw . 

with that of Ins C alholie mother, faita us , f an .,tj ca l know-notbingism. and “returning I veterat* fellows that never reads or hears might be fora time among an orderly and *‘ mes - I I ' 

"we find the anything like the above, but that “it re- law loving people, there would bo no esca- Tiie Tables TurnBd. — T here was a time 

foi lhe lack «f complete material. It shall j US i j c ,. )if ls a | 0 ft the scale,” we find tile 1 anything like the above, but that “it re- 1 law loving people, there would be no esca- j 
follow in a succeeding issue, and in the ,' vbo ] c g 0 ut i, 

meanwhile the reader is requested to learn slev ’ s neck, and ready to fall into line andlfoHowin 
something o! the Catholic Lishop of Lou- 1 marc ] 1 

isville, the splendid victory in the Presidential canvcss I of 40, was fortunately favored with a mouth an evil worse than that of drunkenness, if! its" climax ill the produciion of wooden-nut - 

iit. uev. msiror sPaldiko. next year. We therefore present the name | 0 f very capacity, and with lips of a nation learr.t to lean ta the rotten zeal me gs and clothespins. Latterly we have 

who was born in that portion of Washing- of the renowned and invincible orator of sueh remarkable globosity as to heighten of external enactments, and thus sapped j ;/stonished them with our patent reapers 
on count)- now embraced in the organiz e lhe Accomack — not that we could not the effect of her deformity. She was ac- the very foundations of right, and de- and shooters; and at last they have 

whole South with its heel upon the men* minds him of a story,” begs us to add the ping, in one shape or other, the penalty of when we were indebted to Europo for a 

as an illustrative anecdote: A! so gross an infringement of the true pro- 

portion of our finest machinery, and for- 

ijOU ' ! march in an unbroken phalanx to sure and lady of his aequaict.mce, somewhat turned ciples of State government. It would be eigners regarded America ingenuity as at 
splendid victory in the Presidential canvess i of 40, was fortunately favored with a mouth ! an evil worse than that of drunkenness, if | jts c lii 

lion of Marion, in the year 1310. His pa- fully endorse and approve, the nomination costumed, en all occasions of special ex- 
I rents were from Maryland, and connected of Franklin Pierce, nor that there are no ; posure to the gaze of the fashionable world 
with one of the oldest and most influential I others to whom wc would yield a hearty! to prepare herself for the emergency by 
families of that patriotic Slate. Ben Spal- ! support, but because we believe the nation putting as good a face as possible upon 

nr ei-izens by I at large would, like ourself, love to show l ] lcr misfortune, or as she termed it, “puck- 

ding, so familiarly known to our 

his active exertions in connection with one [their admiration of Mr. Wise, for having jering up” her mouth. 

stroyvd the springs of all moral action. 
" * * ’» * * * 

One dav, 

; come to a knowledge that our mechanics 
are entitled to rank with the best of their 
To deny the use of intoxicating liquors' own . A further illustration may now be 

given. Yesterday a sloop arrived at this 
harbor, bringing from the Jersy forty toas 
of iron machinery constructed for the uso 

altogether, to withhold by law the means 
of indulging because indulgence is often 
having 1 carried to a vicious excess, is, in fact, an 

of our most important railroad enterprises, I first successfully rebuked the fanaticism ol ' thus arranged for a public promenade, she attempt, in a very signal instance and on a 0 f Scotland, and the sameis now shipped 
(the Lebanon Branches an uncle of the j the times, and taken the initiative step in w as arrested bv her dutiful cook with the very wide scale, to increase the sphere of direct to Glasgow. It is designed for the 

the scries ol triumphs that has saved the question, whether the mutton or the pork -State government, and to deaden the sense manufacture of India-rubber goods, a pro- 

Soulli from degradation and the Union with which the larder was provided, should I of individual responsibility. It would be cess iti which America is ahead of all the 

from dissolution. Ibe served up for dinner. After repeated impossible to furnish a more conspicuous world. — Journal of Commerce. 

( t unsuccessful attempts to indicate her wish- example of that mode of viewing man and - — , . 

A 1 ale of a i Ati.. A voting gentle- ^ by various signs and cortortions of morals, which makes wrong and right the j Too Mean Candor — A clergyman tho 

man of Sacramento, CulitornjiL some coun ten a not, she at length despairingly suhjectof Slate policy and not ol individ- other day, while stopping at a Detroit ho- 

C. M. 

Bishop. The early education of the "Mar 
tin John,” and now “Rt, Rev.,” was super- 
intended at St; Maiv’s, established in Mari- 
on county, by the Rev, Wm. Byrne. Af- 
terwards he pursued his studies at St. Jo- 
seph’s College, Bardstown, and the Semi- 
nary of St 
of the late 
had forme 
priesthood, ; 
in high ord 

frjeilds to give nun every posaiuie auiao - — -- i u . ( 

tage for the cultivation ol his intellectua' S °I V !( I to throw out some ol the earth in! 

accordingly propertied to '1'^’ pot and replenish it. lhe earth was 


rture of 
lasted her 

j$l 1 0 c r 1 1 «i n r o u b . 

Learning Grammar. 

We copy the following from the Ran facullifcg Hu ac 
dolph Citizen: 

 [,. e W tor: — I hav bin sendin’ my dar- ; 
t . . Naucv to school to a schoolmaster hij 
ijiis n:it «rhood. Last Friday I went over j 

to the school I o see how Nancy was get- 0 f jj jj Hy tile nssiduitv with which \ lu lly acc»nnted 

Mr. Spalding attended to iiis duties, he ^ ' s needless to 
lined the respect and confidence of the 


t. Thomas, under the direction J months ago, being much solicited by a ! burst opcn{ihe carefully closed aperi 
e 111. Rev. J . B. Davis. As he young lady for a present, sent her a rare ; 1)cr head with thc broad Hnd ulimlst 

i d the purpose of entering the kind of cactus, in a flower pot. 1 lie lady or y 0 f -“po— ark;’’ and then baste , . , 

and his natural talents were tended it carefully, hut lound it did not c00 k roundly for having imposed upon of man becomes aarrow and crippled when the streets. After noticing that the “ 

ler, it was determined by hi- grow any l.frger, and after awhile tile per- b( . r ] u ( orious occupation of puckering he is no longer his own master; his actions tives” seemed quite pleased at both 

give him every possible a'Jvap- 1,,:nB hec ime unpleasant, when she UJ) ber mou th again. are meaningless when stripped of the beau- white cravat and his*uml»rel!a,itis if th 

which such a law is upheld. The mind j one and went on 

ual conviction. tel, missed lii.s umbrella from the stand, 

A poison taints the moral atmosphere in whereupon he helped himself to a similar 

vJnlk up and down 

il is 

ty of choice; his sympathy for others grows ought not go together, he cook a look him- 

r*c , l i i it i . ’ . . t 1 ° ‘ . . . . . . 

„„ _ . . . . Custom of Merchants. — A few days dead when he has no longer to assist them | self sit the out Bide of Jiis um- 

ime, and entered the famous College of j accordingly removed, when the rare cactus 1 ago. a few jolly fellows from “eastward,” m encountering moral trials and to gain brella, and there he fqund painted in largo 
e Propaganda. There he remained ! VVits found to be the tail of a huge rat, with 1 and among them a man of mark from the and gi ve t be strength of mutual counsel, i white letters — ’ 

ir years, at the end of which lime he ■* coat of green paint and a wire run “City ol the Straits, ’ passed the day at Prohibition advocates are fond of prophe-; ••/ stole this umbrella from J. C. Kings- 

mi along, 
bv no means. 

and 1 sees things I didn’t like 

.deemed, worthy to receive the dc'iec ' through h, while thc state of the corpse , Utica, and one ol them having occasion. C ving that as men cease to drink they will [ et/ n 

" for the oppressive fidor.- to use more loose .change than he had with j g ' 0 t() churc h. ' ’6 U r clerical friend look a look at the ■ 

The schoolmaster was lar* 

iiin’ berthings entirely out ol the line of , authorities at Rome, while his talents 

edycation, and as 1 think impropper. 1 

s t a while in the schoolhouse and beared p ondd 
1 class say t her lesson. They was aspel- 
lin, and 1 thot sp-lled quite well exceed- 

‘the mitten.' 

the gentleman got 1 him, made a draft on a house at Troy. I 

payable, by way of joke, "a fe w days : Is the faith of the Churches of Christen- 1 ; 
after sight. lhe teller negotiated the doin so warm, their words so full of 

hat will they find when they get there. I c iouds with a l»ok “more in sorrow than 

in anger,” and concluded that there was 
not rain enough to make it worth while 

‘"mi, ....... Q, . w... o . . l, , r . , . r i i . ’ .not ram cnougn io mane it worm wane 

jduced him to the consideration of thc V1 . ar , ,®T'o nn w ‘ , J C . d draft * ^ vb . lcl ’ oat of ilbuudant sccunty. , meaning, theirappeal to the conscience so ) Lo cad an umbrc ll a , or not that one at 

mtifical power. Returning to this couu- M’ars ago Napoleon (Ind) was celebrated , had been duly endorsed by the whole five direct that they can afford to be guided by all ‘ u 

r, his first pastoral duties were in con- 101 ’ w . 0 l ‘ , ' r jS Sl   onc lor *he carousing pro- , of the party, jwitbout reading it. It went a ] aw which, as far ns one law can, dead* 

inglv. Then 
ber lesson 

j try, Ins hi st p;i 
ncclion with the congregation 


cum Nancy’s time to say ' own _ After lhe lamented d’eatb of R ev . grt’at mtmber of cross roads in its 

1(1 tuir . . J | * | J ’   O _ * • litiv )) mill, as mi ao miiv i *i» uvr* 

Bards- P ens,tles its citizens, and the otliev for to Irov, and when it was opened in tlic ; (. ns responsibility nntl obliterates the dis- 

...... .... She said it very spry. l' Tas !G. A.M Elder, the first President of St. cl1 "^’ , H appears that the Eastern collec- j the money changer 

shot! and was delremined she should leave | Jl)8epll - S College, Dr. Spalding was called ;o, ' 1 llad s fPP ed at I)a 7‘ on lo . s P cnd lhe down to the me-sungcr. They had p; 
that school. 1 have heerd that graraer to the Presidential clmir of that institution. ; and ^ -Some information respect- 'exchanges on all kinds of “sights, exce 

fine study but I d °n l [This office he filled for several vears with ,n S 1 “ 1 S fut^e course. Dum.g the eve- a “few days.” That stamped them. 

he became acquainted with an old 

Occupations! what u glorious thing it 
is for the human heart. Those who work 
hard seldom yield themselves entirely up 

. 1 mug 

was a uncommon . _ 

want eny more gramer about nn house. d i s tinguished honor to himself, and benefit. 

The lesson that Nancy sed was nothin l0 the College. In 1848— then but thir tv- ; dl ' ovcr ’ wll ° appeared well posted us to 

~ ' thc geography ot the country, and the 

collector thought he might a 

but the foolishest kind luv talk, the lidicu- e i„ b t years of age be was elevated to the 
lest I 
and l 


| shortest way?” 

“Well, sir,” said the drover, 

iportani p 

Thou lovest, I yet fills. 

He loves, ( 1 Bishop Spalding is a mau of commanding i , ,, ,,, 

and I reckon you never heerd stoh a rig- n  digaified al)d eourteous manners, bc “ ur 8° to N apoloon. and lake the road ] that the holders would look to- 

tfcimyrole in your life love, love, \ ovo » and encia^inir conversational powers. In e ‘V„f n ° 1K,U .^ ° • 

and nothin’ but love.-She sed one tune, th# p^he is a happy speaker plain and ^ travbHer noted it down. 

1 did love, simple enough for the commonest under- j ' o, »’ S l ’ ' " l!  

Says 1 “wbo did you love. 1 hen the ■ standing, yet frequently rihin^ into the 
Ecollers lafTed , but 1 wasn t to be put oil. eloquence. As a writer, the Bish- 

‘wbo did yu love Nancy? 10 

Bank, it brought together the heads of , tjnetion between good and evil? Thc text 
from the financier w j|j be [ be keenest satire on the sermon. 

a * d i The text will say, “Use vour freedom as J to fancied or real sorrow. When grief 
xcepl lbose who stand or fall' to their Master;” j sits down, h.^ds its hands, and mournfully 
the preacher will say, “My Christian feeds upon its own tears, iveaviug the dim 
The notary came from his desk, and brethren, abstain altogether, lor there is a shadows, that a little exertion might sweep 
bringing his gold spectacles to bear upon ; peaalty of five dollars for the first offence | away, into a funeral pall, the strong spirit 
the transaction, allowed himself' stalled. 1 atd ton f or lbc second is shorn of its might, and sorrow becomes 

The draft was taken care of, however, by , _ our master. When troubles flow upon 

Horse-thief.— A t the en- you, dark and heavy toll not with the waves 
body of British troops in — wrestle not with the torrent” — *rather 
ajepore, in the l^ast In- by occupation, to divert the dark wa- 

„ officers had a horse sto- ters lbat threa'en to onerwhelm you, into 

a draft draw n by on Bank, | len, but the thief missing the road before . a thousand channels which the duties of 

you hud for § , would be protested, and he got out-of sight of the tents, was detect- j jjf e a ]w a y* present. Before you dream of 

lor the jed and brought back. it, those waters will fertilize the present, 

i payment — “in a few days.” The last we The gentleman, highly pleased at recov- j and g-, ve b j r t b fresh flowers that may 


| saw of our friend, he sat gazing pensively ering the hors 1 , and much surprised ul the , br igi uen the future — flowers that will be- 
Edin- at the document, humming, ' dexterity of the fellow who carried bi™ c 0 ni e piire and holy, in the sunshine which 

' “Fewalays, and a few days, from the midst of six or seven files ol p ene t r ates to tfife faith of duty, in spite of 

“1’lieR go to Napoleon, and take the WVre all going liomc.” . j grooms, was more declined to admire his yvC |.y obstacle. Grief, after a(l, is but a 

road West.” i .. — „ , address and experlness than to P 1111 ' 8 ! 1 ' selfish feeling; and most selfisels the man 

1 who yields himself to the indulgence of any 
his resentment having p ass i on which brings no joy lo his fellow- 
he yielded to his curi- man 

red the fellow, therefore to j ' ? . 

no him, and enquired by Mormon Statistics. — An official state- 

, be was ueinir imposed on ! fl 0 ' 1 " 1 -’ the P' ^’cs— and then proceeded in | wbat coatr ivance he had effected his pur- m ent has been pullished at Salt Lake City, 

I '„ 1 ,. nr.hnam love I • , , ... , . 111 “Go lo Nanoleon and take thc road llle direction of the railway. — Mrs. Pop ] e in the Deseret News, by George A. Smith, 

i *j®i -,,,-in and sed I reckon I )r . lvale l,le Ujshop is a plain imassn- y orlb .\y cst „ ’ • plekins has not quitted her apartment in  p be f e n ow replied he could not well the church historian, showing the latest 

i S ihoutTthat and told her lo ™ cnl eman; la llle Jisohruge of his collector looked at his note-book Drunswiek Terrace, She has torn up the his honor, but if he pleased he would | facts of interest connected with the prog- 

1 would see about that, and told her to dut ,es, he has rendered himself ^ Kapole‘ 0 „ on ^“ h X’ : notice to quit; and tells the landlord to ’do abow him . l ess of Monnonism. According to it. the 

gan to feel his mettle rise, and he turned ll,s best alld llls worst. —Ihc Marquis; ..\v e ll, then,” says the officer, “since ' church has about ninety -five missionaries 
once more to thc drover, with: Poliglotto, a Polish nobleman, has visited ; you are s0 bad at description, we will see in Europe, and an equal number in Asia, 

“Suppose, my friend. I wanted to to ! sevural » f the tradesmen ot the town, to how you do it,” ! Africa, and the Pacific Isles, besides largo 

„ I , I t-lkt the straight tiiin“ to r ,7 ~’ r & h 1 - ” ‘ ° whom he has given large orders none o “Now, sir, pray take notice. This is numbers of native elders in the various 

order. , ‘ . fallowing volumes, viz: Sketches of the .... never smiled but scrnchedl which ure likely to be executed. — Mr. and lbe wav I crawled over the grooms. The fields of labor, and a considerable number 

n ° ld ^l , Kulev Polov b;v. ut™ .b. -b.l. w lo o,«n ll»‘ropc. belli, J sc au„d ib™ugW *. Suu. 

r p .oil, Ol- mill we irni M- ' °P laget. Renew ol D Anbigne.s , - back portion of the third floor of a house wbicb j did t hus. I then clapped a lial-. and British America. Of newspapers and 

nahers togeiuei auu it se History of the Reformation; Lectures on "... \ ° ■’ ... 


-ot wus and wus every word. She sed. 
1 might could or should love. 

| species ...£ V 
renders him a skillful controversialist. 

walk out ol that house, lhe schoo.mas- popular with all sects, though always firm 
ter tried to interfere but 1 wouhlent let and bo j d j n ^ be adv ocacy of the peculiar 
him say a word. He sed 1 was a fool and ; t ene i s 0 f b i g clmrcb. 
nockt him down and made him holler in Bishop Spalding’s works embrace the 

■ • f . . 1 1. r 4 1% a /.I iiVn f t 1 1 1 tWf Irv «... . ” . _ 


him. I told him 1 de show mm now neea Ear]y 
lain ray darter gramer. 

1 got thc 

Ml ilcQuiliister off in'a hurry, and I »ek- j VuWTOterMil^rian lu't I , “ Well   "!- v dear si !’ 1 don ' t 1 know of an - v ' Thd’sta^ 

„n tharl be no mor« gramer teaclnnm thesej volume embraces a large number of arti- ) ^^^ } °“ t0U,d Uke tha “ t0 S ° l °'ish dined in the coffee-room atPeggs’ onj '^vdmlrably clever, by Jove!” cried the weekly; one in Liverpool, issuing 22,000 

| Tuesday last, and left unperceived by the ! 0 gj cer  laughing and rubbing his hands, weekly; one in Swansea, South Wales; oao 
Gov. Wise, while stumping it through ' waiter. The Captain is not expected to ‘In this manner.” continued the fellow, j n Copenhagen, in the Danish language; 
Virginia previous to his electTon was ; u;- ! return. — The Reverand and dis-Honorable ..j; um p ed upon his back, and w hen once I on* in Australia, and one in India 

t followers of Arthur Swindell has left his lodgings on . . - ' — *- 

i the K. N.’s. Wise paused in his speach, tbo Tcn’ace. From thc contents of his 
and turning to these bloods, pointed his portmanteau, which have been inspected 
• - - - - by the landlord, the dis-Honorable and 

Young men! 1 am to' Reverend gentleman would seem to have 

ed in archxlogical pursuits, for 

neighborhood of Regency Square. tcr observe s j ri if you please — over his ; periodicals ibe church has, of the former, 

stay will be limited, — Captain ham- nec | {  lbus ” ’ 'one in Salt Lake city, issuing 4,000 copies 

pans soon. 

I JjV liVlllli.Jv-1 Ul ill L 1 ~ i (' 

, eles on subjects of current interest, chief- 1 a ^° eon ' 

dish man in your reegen that doant leecli j y Uterar-y in character. 

“ramer, we wood be glad if you wood send ; 
him up. But in footure we will be very 

how we employ men. Young 

A Fast Railroad — A ticket-holder on _ 
the Dedham branch Railroad in Massachu- 1 "°5' t ‘ d oa  ; da - v ,- v 0 mde !'' 

schoolmasters wont do, specially il they setts, deems it advisable for those interest- ' 

ed in the management of the road, to pro- . =  . , _ ; • —   . . . „ n„„i 

cure a yoke of oxen in place of their “one! lon b' skinn J’ finger a /a Randolph, at the| b ) the landlord. 

leeches gramer.— Its a bad thing for mot 

Vours till detUf 

Thomas J i;r i ;:i;sos Sole. 

A Marvelous Remedy. 

I am mounted, I give any man leave to 

catch me who can.” A sackcr specimen whose visit to the 

In savin" this, be gave the horse a kick. 1 Stale b air g ive him liberty to stretch the 
pushed 'him through the gaping crowd, sober truth regarding what he saw on his 

, .. | . , ■ i , , i offenders, and said: ’Youn" men' 1 am to! Kcverc,lU S entleman woula seem to nKve put him to full speed, and carried him «ff 1 travels, was detaihng to a Iloosier the tm- 

horse engines: and think- it might cost a nesl Governer You will nrobab been engaged in archtclogical pursuits, for — mense burs ness done in packing beef in the 

little more for hay than wood but has no penitentiary and you mav de- ! Ilia lugyatge consists entirely of bricks." | “Can you take off my baird here?” Gardin City. Said lie:— 

doubt that thc passengers would cheerful- ■) ™ “ ; , P ™ ,, . — said a grave, tall, slab-sided Yankee to! “They kill a million head a week, and 

... . lv raalce up the difference for the sake of • . ‘ 0 0 sene )oui | j), ;AW iNO it too Long. — A\ ankeepa"i \]banv barber; feeling, at the same ! the blood discolors the water in the Lake 

lli’RLEY s bARSAVAUtLLA. lo those an h our or two quicker transit on each trip. " lime - lllty 1 " 1 31111 - v lra any more ’j F r stales that some parties in New York: ljmc * his J ljn with a noise like a. greater; i half a mile from the shore. 

who ha v o tester. ie supcnoi mi m am. Sikci lar Cai sk ’of Death Samuel contemplate starting India-rubber omni- ,q . baird, what d’yer tax — three That’s nothing,” replied the lloosier, 

efficacy of H?e above art cle. it is supciflu- A I l zzlk.0 H,bkrni an.-A gentleman s0 ,f ^ Sam’l S Robbin S-rfisbm v buses. We fear this is a bit of a stretcher U ght baird, aint it?” “at my uncle’s down in New Albany, they 

for u* 10 say anything m its praise, sent his servant up to his room for a patrl^noi Mr. »am i a. bobbins tsalisbutv. cents ioi a uy - . , , a..: — i- ~ t.J.. 

But there ma y be nwnv in lhis city ' vll ° of boots, and told him to be sure and get | ( ; 1 - d,ed a ^ ‘ hat place on the bth mst., at ]a ]ate d j 5CUSS i on about large and small 
not tried it, and those we would re- ; mates, as there were two pair together in t“C age ot 18 years. His death occurred .. td .j L . s l01 . | ad | cs it lias been decided, to 
end this — of all other sarsaparilla now tiie closet. Patrick returned with two! b'om a disease ol the lungs, brought ont lb{ , satisfaction of both parties, that “all’s! 

the best, “par excellence.” It boots, but odd ones. Why, didn’t y 0U j about nme years ago when i playfully run- ^ t j 1#t cnds wo ll.” 

and not a combination ol S oc that these two are not alike? One is | lln o and homing a head ol herd-grass bv 

have not tr 
in use 
a pure extract- 

-y es ” have a trip-hammer, driven by a forty 

“Waal, go ahead then.” j horse fteam engine, just to knock the cat- 

Wiiils the barber was rasping three i tie down with; and there is so much blooJ 
cents worth from his chill, his sitter saw an ; that they drive a grist mill of six run of 
: assistant putting cologne upon a customer’s burrs, ^and never t.iop on the account of 

ented hair, through a quill in the cork of a bottle. ; low water. 

1 '- ’ ' S aid the Yaukee, , 

o’ that pepper earsc “I’ll take your part, us the dog said 
Say, can’t you throw when he robbed the cat of her portion ot 
I three cents?” Hhedinucr. 

* mm 

© aw 

EK 4* o 

CCrTho following advertisement shows 
for itself. Comment is unnecessary. The 
gentleman has been trying to withdraw 
legally since before our last election, but 

Far the Post. 

Democratic Meeting. 

At a meeting of the Democrats of M i- 
lion county, held at the Court-house in 
Lebanon, on Monday, the 3d day of De- 

Counting the Cost. The Speakership. — Congress adjourned 

Absurd as the thought may be that any yesterday evening without electing a 
Ministry in England should desire war, it: Speaker. Mr. Banks, however, received 
would be quite as rediculous to find a Cab- 100 votes — the largest jet polled for any 

be elected, 

Dissolution of partnership. 

T 'llf "‘"“"•'■'M hitherto existing between 

Making business 
mutual consent. 

in the Cabinet 
b:is been this day dissolved by 
All tbos • indebted to the late 

[fuller We ' vil1 l, '™' om ' forward immediately and 

* settle. Q Mr fin V 

aigll of them Nov. 7 if R. M BO WMAN. 

IiLBAXO N, lV.\ ! Nothing Lodge No. 438: 

V/ednesdny Morning, Dec. 12.1065 
To our Fr euds and Patrons. 

In recommencing the publication of the 
Post, we have been forced to change en- j 
tiiely if character. When we started our I 
paper, we assumed a neutral position, ns! 
regarded tliP two patties then extant, 
nnd wv flatter ourself that we maintained | 
• uir neutrality unsullied. Cut in making: 

.. i it i . ..... cu ... inet Minister here raising his voice for war candidate. Whether he wi 

cou i not succee . e 1 , 1 s come to t ie (*g m bcr, 1855, (it being County Court day) The Detroit Advertiser, in its number of the \ depends upon the friends of 1 

conclusion to swear himself out, as he for the purpose of appointing delegates to 9th inst mt, thus handles the subject: think it very probable that enon 

could not get out any other way. Thank the Democratic Slate Convention to be “It is a very easy thing, as well as a .will yet unite on Banks to elect him. Bank 

God there is another freeman in Marion held in Frankfort on the Sh day of Janu- very mischievous one, to get up an un- is a Massachusetts freesoil fusion-know- Everett’s Patent Coupling 
countv Miry. 1856, - un motion, Jas P. Barbour was , founded war runier, but certain papers in nothing and has been dtlly sworn into the * ® 

■ ., .. called to ihe chair, and Henry H. Hughes ibis country, as well as in England, employ third degree. He is determined to “save ! 

Mr. Joseph R Iwott, Presi entof Know as appointed Secretary. On motion, the themselves in doing it with an industry the Union,” according to his oath, by re- 

Chair appointed E. A. Graves, R. M. which, for a good object, would be com- storing the Missouri Compromise, repealing 

Spalding, Green Forrest, John S. Medley, : mendable. England no more wants a war, j the fugitive slave law-, abolishing slaverv in 


hereby notified 



The undersigned, feeling grateful to th 

arm me worm mat t ,], a f t resolutions expressive of the sense of lead to a war with the United Suites, than more slave States. That third degree is a ! ,,abb : 1 ' *  jr . lbc P atron | l g« so liberally ex- 

ongei a member of tb e mee ti n g t who, after retiring, reported the Queen wants water in her own shoes, fine thing. — Lou. Times, 9th. ■ Um t0 ," m . aro . “ ni * desirous of 

feRS. h Skr»r. She is looking to „s for coin to carry on lier “"I'”' 'W. ld 

that I am no I 
You can I 

Dec. 10. 1855. 

CI C Z3 

longer a member of said Lodge, 'toucan an( j Thomas C. Woods a committee to or any serious misunderstanding likelv to the District of Columbia, and voting no ' The undei signed, feeling grateful to tho 
notify the brethren and tie world that I draft resolutions expressive of the sense of lead to a war with the United States, than more slave States. That third degree is a or , l 10 P atrona o e so liberally ex- 

consider myself no 

said order. ^ ' “nnYsTTo line following.- | one is looting to us lor coin to carry ,, _ ... 

ROB T. BRENTS. 1 Whereas, We regard it a worthy, time- Russian war. She is buying grain and ; , Death «*' Mrs. Goverkor WaiGHr— most respectfully inform the citizens ofMa- 
hnnored custom of the Democacy of these | flour of us to feed her soldiers in this very , ^ e . r ‘’8 ret ,! ear ‘ 1m o * lt . a 1 I n0 . n an nu » ' ,onn a counties, that, living 

“Mac,” of the B u dstown Gazette, ad- 1 United States to assemble, on til occasions, city of Detroit every day, and in other '' "S’ 1, " a 0 "'te Governor of Indiana, en argei mj shop, nnd procured cornpe- 
vises the loafers about that “burg,” to go 10 t  r ‘ ve public expression to the leading and Western cities, and to a large figure in | du d ^ atulda y evcnln 8’ ut ber paternal tent woimon in each branch of the busi- 

. , . c . , , important political principles which, in New York, 

nto buisness of some sort. Amongst oth-L. “ . . ‘ . r r r . . J 

1 3 j their judgment, should form the basis of 

or branches of trade, be enumerates, the nationa i an d State administration and „ llc ,_ . _ _ , . r - 

“Pea-nut, or “ginger-cake,” asanyquan- po | lcy . therefore. -and break into fragments of tho staff of life! Burb " d S   ‘’ and * hd .- v ot tl,e raresl mo,i * 1 J ,es Milr,on - Washington, Green, Tuy- 

1 10 ! tity of this article may be sold to students Resolved, That we here again cordially — bread. A war with the United States I and menta ^ acc °mphshments. Less than j lor, Lame and Adair, that I am now inan- 

declare our unabated, though augmented, would render valueless the public stocks, | ) ears "8 ? *)'* was mirried to Governor | ufactunng with that improvement, and 


! residence in Scott county, after an illness ness, and having bought the exclusive 
‘A war with the United States would of ^e duration. £ EVERETT’S Patent 

State administration and ) cut off the sinews of the war-money-- Mrs VV n 8 ,u was lhe daughter of Robert , COUl LING for Carnages, for the Coun- 

n compact to remain neutral its to 
great national parties, we did not bind ! al co lle re. 
ourself to subscribed to any and every ism 

which might spring up to ihe detriment of j — Our telegraphic dispatches last night 

n , _ faith in the purity, soundness and wisdom Government 

Deaeh op Hoy. Stephen A. Douglas. ; 0[ - lhe D rinciples of the Democratic party and all, millions 

ihe peace and welfare of the community brought the unwelcome news of the re- 
in which we live or the country at large, ported death of the Hon. Stephen A. 

In combntling error for the past few 

Douglas, the eminent and able Senator 

, . , , . from Illinois . — Augusta (Ga.) Conslilu- 

months, ive find that we have given of- ( l0na i is i j s ^ " v ’ 

Not a word of it true. Senator Doug- 

fense. Therefore, in order that there 

may hereafter be no misconceptions as I , , , ~ c 

J c las has been seriously ill at the home of 

to our rights as a man and as a public Prof . Read  near Terra Haute, Indiana, 

journalist, we have unfurled the glorious | but reported convaIe8cent . 

The editor of the Louisville Journal de- 

of the Union, a correct exposition of which are held in Engl 

we recognize in the resolves of tho Nation- j road, municipal, and all other bonds, which 
al Democratic Conventions of 1848, and ,are ewned there to a like extent, 
we again declare and give in our adhesion I “War would reduce the value of the 
to the s ime. ' stocks of the Great Western railway below 

Resolved, That as we regard the Federal the cost of the spikes which hold the rail 

, State, municipal, corporation ^' ri S bt « « •' Indiana and since then has re- will have on hand early next Spring, an 
ions upon millions of which s'ded at the seat of Government in that assortment of Close Carnages. Hookas 
England and with them rail- i5tate ' There, as at home, she succeeded , ways, Phaetons, and Double seat Bug- 

in gaining the affection and esteem of a gies. All of which I will put against any 
large circle of acquaintances, and graced, factoiy either East or West, for style and 
as she only could, the Executive mansion durability. My work is warranted for one 
of our sister Commonwealth. , year, and kept in repair until worn out. 

At the time of the decease of his lady, | on reasonable terms. 

‘ will 


Democratic Banner, 

And sink or swim, survive or perish, live 
or die, it shall never trail in the dust if it 
be in. the power of our feeble arm to pre' 
vent it. 

sires bis death; but the prayers of 
wicked are unavailing. 


The Gale of Saturday Wight. 

Winter came down in earnest upon us 

Constitution as the wisest production of seats to the cross-ties; and with that the Gov ;: VV , n ^ llt was ,n I^napo  s, but tin- | I will put the Patart on each job, 
mere human intellect ever given to the I income of the Welland canal, the Corn- 1 med,atel 3 - upon receiving intelligence, he , guarding against, being turned over, either 
world, and that, in all probability, will wall. Beaucl.arnois, and all the other was dls P at  *ed b y * special tram of cars | by turning, backing, side jumps, or run- 

continue to be the wisest ever promulged nadian canals of the St. Law rence, 
from anv human source; therefore, we ear- would 
nestly declare that it should remain sacred | Cun- 

and inviolate, and that the great principles boundloss tonnage of sail shipp 
of human right guarantied therein should -gaged : n the lucrative carrying trade, and 
remain unabated and unabridged forever. ' would paralyze three-fourths of the mer- 
Resolved, That the right to worship God chant marine of Great Britain, 
according to the dictates of our own con | “War would shut up the factories of 

War ovcr tbe Jeffersonville railroad to this city. - ning away; as the wheels cannot touch the 

an coiiais oi me oi. oawrnice.  var T , , . ... , , . . , T • , ,, , 

Id destroy, for the time being, the i 1 l,e J rankfort Company then placed a body and yet turn inonehalflhe space 
ard line of ocean steamers, and the   s P ec,!, j tn,m at h.s disposal and he was , usually taken. NO EXTRA CHARGE, 
adloss tonnage of sail shipping now en- 1 over tts ro*l by fast express on Selecting my stock in New York. M 

We exneet much from our friends If Saturday night, and summoning tbe aid of : seienees, in our own mode, without incur- England, extinguisli her furnaces, and send 
” L Boreas, ^Eolus, Eurus and all the other l ong any civil or political disability on ac- J her working population into the streets to 

the friends ofjusticeand equal rights will winds, committed such Gats as will cause | count thereof, the equal right of unmoles howl with hunger and hold insurrectionary j TOX ._ A wealthy St. Domingo coffee deal- 

only do the half of their duty, “there s no | the advent of it to be long remembered. — i t . di uninfluenced suffrage to alt the weak : meeiings, ending in riot, bloodshed, iu j er  whose skin was rather dark, essayed to 

such word as fail” in our vocabulary. We I here was a strong thresh wind during the HS we || as the strongest, whether native or ccndiarism. and anarchy. There could dine, one day last week, at one of the Bos 

sincerely hope, therefore, that they will P'8 bt ’ b 'J l about 4 0 clock Sunday morn- foreign born, if clothed with the constitu not be made a Ministry in England strong ton restaurants, when the waiter informed 

,i,„„ . , , m o a g lle sprung up trom the West. — lional reouirements, “equal privileges to ; enough to withstand the measure of a war 

exert themselves to procure us a good Xhis caused considerable damage in the a ||, exclusive privileges to none,” the com with the United States, for its end would 

list, one which will encourage us to re -city, and awnings, window shutters, signs, | p | e ^ e equality of sovereignty of each be revolution and change of government.’ 
newed exertions in the good cause. VVej trees and fences suffered to an unusual ex- J member of the confederacv, the right of 
do not, by any means, place the present ; ten ^ - ^ be corn ' cc on lhe Breckenridge | a || lnen toselectfor themselves tbe peculiar 

number before you as a sample of what - block ’ C ? rn ' ^ ° f * '[ th Hn '| wa * I form of government and laws under which 

. j torn up by the violence of the wind. At |t| iey desire to live, and to regulate their 

we will and can do. having been unwell. Owen’s Hotel the boarders 

Sunday night. The removal of this ex- j first cost prices, I will sell lower than 
ce’lenl lady is a terrible blow upon husband : any other city in Kentucky, for the 
and friends. She had long been a useful same class of work, nnd « n reasonable 
and consistent member of the Baptist 1 terms, being, cash, good notes, country 

produce, negroes, ike. 

Old carriages taken in trade and for 

Repairing attended to in all it* parts. 
Shop on Main Street, near the Lebanon 

Church. — Lou. Courier , 4 th. 

Treatment of Colored Folks in Bos- 

were aroused 

nnd know the deficiency in the editorial ^ before the first gong by a promiscous pelt- 
department. j ing on tbe windows, from boards and 

We hope, before our next issue to re . i scaffolding blown off the Masonic Temple. 
. . . , , . , One wall of the new Tobacco warehouse, 

ceive our prospectuses in crowded with c v .1 xr n 

1 1 corner of Ninth and Main, was blown in. 

names. The present number w ill be sent | Q n Hancock street, a stable was unroofed, 
to persons not actual subscribers, but jin that part of the city a frame black- 
hope they will favor us with their names. I sm, th s shop was blown away. Other 

[they desire to live, and to regulate 
domestic relations and institutions, subject 
to no appeal under the exercise of that in- 
alienable right of self-governmept, are 
some of the rights that wo recognize as 
guarantied and secured by that great char- 
ter of human liberty. 

Resolved, That we again, as before, de- 
clare our uncompromising hostility to the 
principles of the Know Nothing party, re- 

buildings suffered from the gale. The 
ancient sign of Messers. Casseday  Sc Hop- 
kins, store was displaced and the two im- 
ages that for twenty years have acted as 
guardian divinities for that establishment 
were blown to the pavement and bioken 
in pieces. 

On the river the gale was quite terriffic. [solved by us, and revive in dreadful terror 

him that it was against the rules to enter- 
tain colored people. A row ensued, which 




7, 1 855, tf. 

Hurley’s Sarsaparilla. 

The editor of the Louisville Journal 
tries to wriggle out of the resolution of the 
brethern at Lexington, to have an Ameri- 
can Bible read. He pretends they called 
the old Bible the American Bible. They to a Yankee, 
did no such thing. The old book is no 
more American than it is English, Scotch, 
or Irish. It is precisely the sjjme book 
read in those countries, and therefore can- 
not be the one meant by Judge Robertson 
ikCo., for they intend, by securing the 
reading of their Bible, to secure the pre- 
valence of a simple, independent, a-d na- 
tional Christianity “unknown elsewhere.” 
and therefore peculiarly and eminently 
American, How in the name of wonder 

garding them, as we do. founded in direct 
antagonism to the most sacred principles of 
human freedom secured bv our Constitu- 
tion, and which, if successful in th-ir pro- , , , ,. . , , , , 

mulgation, must subvert that sacred instru  ca " tbe y  b y the , r0:ldm ? °‘ tbe old blb,e - 
metit, defeat the great problem of self sccure th, r P^aL-nce of a National Clms- 
government. now being so triumphantly .‘“"‘V u n k  *°wn elsewhere? 

K arc bound to give Judge Robertson 

Know Nothings in a Stew. 

The reports of the proceedings of Con- 
gress are decidedly startling. There has 
been a triangular struggle going on in 
that august body ever since tbe com- 
mencement of the present session. The 
Northern K. N’s. will not coalesce with 
their Southern brethren, and the South- 
ern Hindeos dare not amalgamate with I three-fourths of a mile distant,' over the I theo.Tlv party tliat is 7ound"an"d" nationai ! aftt ' r . a new Dible and a bran new nation 

bead ot the falls, on the rub of tlm Indi- j n (| R , operation of its principles, and vs 
ana chute, just opposite the lime kilns — j pecially upon that gieat, only, and all- 

absorbing lest of nationalitv, the slavery 



“ 1 I 3 UUCI u's nuu 111 uicnuiui tci tui . ^ P w   

The new steamer Ophelia, lying at the the religious bigotry, intolerance and per- Go “ cl f dlt for common sense, at least; or 1 rotestant; na.ive born or I 
wharf below Seventh sireet, was blown, secution of bv-gone ages in our midst. ; a   d it clear as sunshine from their plain The Constitution of the Unite 
loose from her moorings and lodged about Resolve! That lhe Democratic party is i an ^ wc *^ considered words, that they arc,rantees to exeiy rnan, wl 1 ®, t 
*f -- r —   ' -• -* * -■* * .1 I ’ v , r j .. .. M — 1 ^entail v born within her limi 

required the interference of the police, but all the remedies that have been discover- 

it appears that the gentleman did not sue- I Va, d f ri . ,, § ,h . e !’ rc8ent for lh " 

. ?. , 7 and ills that tlesh la heir to,” none equal this 

ceed in getting his dinner. Mu a won W onderful preparation. Only three years have 
Courier. elapsed since the discoverer (who spent o decade 

It doesn’t do to bring a darkey too close «»*■ «»«. exaerirncuting. and perfecting it) 
° J first mtroducod it to the public, and t* already 

recognized by the most eminent physicians in all 
rr: parts of t ha country to be the most surprising 
I and effective remedy for certain diseases of whioh 
J they have knowledge. 

All other compounds or syrups of the root 
have hitherto failed tocoinmand the sanction of 
the faculty, because on beiug tested they have 
ho -n found tocontain noxious ingredieuts, which 
.. .. . , ... *l a [ neutralize the good eff^cta of the Sarsaparilla, 

Believing ns we do, that the perpetuity , and oftcll timM b in juro the heulth of the patieut. 
welfare, and prosperity of our beloved It is not s » with Hurley’s preparation, 
country have been jeopardized by *he fan- This is the pnr© and genuine extract of the 
alics of the North; we, the undersigned   root, and will, on trial, be found loeffecf a cer- 
, . .1 i • tain and perfect euro of the following cora- 

l.are come to the conclusion t.iat our voice plajnt , and P disoa . es; 

as a public journalist should be put fo**- ! Affections of tho Bone^, HabilusT Costivenesp, 
ward in defense of those things hitherto j Debility, Indigestion, Diseases m the Kidney*, 
held stored by every one who breathed Liver, complaint, Dyspepsia, Piles, Erasipela., 
... . ; * • i ,t „„ n.ik«,lk. Pulmonary diseases, remale Irregulariiios, 

the free air of America ; be they Catholic ScrofuK ar K i „ gs Evil  Fi „ uU , Syphilis, 

or Protestant; native born or foreign-born. Alld a ll Diseases. 

United States gua- 1 Besides curing the above it is known to be » 
either is iicci- i g feat al,  l powerful tonic, purifying the blood 
aad invigorat ng the system. In short, it ii 

without exception, in the c ises mentioned, and 

their northern, fanatical, abolition, breth- 
ren. “And he p’ayed on a harp uv a 
thousand strings, sperits uv jus’ men 
made purfiek!” 

There stands the Democracy, a glori- 
ous Spartan band; shoulder to shoulder, 
struggling as one man for the rights of 

The only persons on board was a watch 
man and a boy. 

The Madison packet, Vermont, parted 
her lines from the upper wharf and was 
carried square across the rivar, broadside, 
an.i somewhat faster than she ever sailed 

„ , , , . , . . , . . ,, ; before . She landed on the Indiana shore 

Slates and for the rights of their fellow; - # brugh hee just below the Jefferson . 

man. We scarcely dare hope for their v il| e wharf. 

final success, but it is infinitely better to J The packet Southerner, from St. Louis, 
be vanquished whilst fighting in a good encountered the gale about 4 o’clock, just 

. . * , n Krti'o Kron/lanknrrv T f v/i.-v . 1 1 va I nl ! Lot* 

cause, than to wear the laurel of victory 

in a bad one. 

Where now are the arguments of the 
Southern know nothings about the sound- 
ness of tire party in the North, on the 
slavery question? Mr. Prentice labored 
bard and eloquently to prove that tbe 
know nothing party was the only true 
pro-slavery party north of Mason and 
Dixon’s Line. Just about this time it 
strikes us, Mr. P. might do considerable 
good bv pul lishing a new addition of 
those arguments; and sending them to 
those unruly men who have so foully 
falsified his words. It might bring them 
to a sense of their deep obligations to 
him; and, perchance, induce them to open 
wide their arms to their slave-owning 
brethren, whom, Mr. P. has suceeded in 
convincing himself, they have always loved 
so devotedly. And perhaps a copy sent 

above Brandenburg. It required all her 
steam to weather the stotm. She met a 
number of boats lying too at shore. 

Tbe mail boat Telegraph No. 3 was 

que-tion, and that the fugitive slave law 
and the K insas-Nebraska bill were emi- 
nently wise, just and patriotic; strictly 

has bad his children baptized in the Cath 
olic Church, and promised to bring them 
up in the faith of that church. He is noth- 

harmony with the Cons itution and the{* n S but ai aposUite Roman Catholic at 
primarv rights of self-government. 

Theiefor^ conceL- p' a | i rP p Utal ; on Tim instances if cures it has 
illg as we do. that the DEMOCRAIIU effected are daily coming to the proprietor's 
PARTY, is the only one that advocates knowledge, and ho has no hesitation ill recor.i- 
"Equal Ri.rhtS to all, and exclusive privi- mending it to "lie and all who desire to procure 
‘ ° .. .... ... relief from suffering. One bottle being tried. 

leges to none.” we shall, in public, as we i(s efiecta wiU be to j al , pareIlt t0 admit of fur- 
have heretofore in private, advocate and t | ler doubt. 

support the tenets of the Democratic Par- j Recollect Hurley’s Sarsapnrilla is the only 

tv. We have had it too often thrown in | genuine article in the market. 

* . . ■ \ * . i „ . Price $1 per bottle, or six bottles for $ 0 . 

our teeth, when we wished to sho up^ for sale at the manufactors, corner Seventh 

I best. He would he a beautiful expounkl- 
Resolved, That It H Rountree, B Elliott, er of t,le ne ' v failh - Tl,e Itretheren at 
RS Peters. Thomas C woods, Harvey Lexington have spoken for thems elv es,and 
Sweeney, H II Hughes, J M Miller, B A I the y want no officious interference tomu- 

Vancleave, C A Vancleave, Buford Mus lilat « tl)clr w, rk; on 'he contrary, they, . I 5 5; ■■ 

ser, Jadbb M Miller, W P Rose, Hon. C S W of what tl,e y bave 'n’d down, that j oily m its true color that J e ^ e ^ n cu- and Gfec? ^streets, .^" l^SPALD^IMG 7 ! ,b 

Hill, M H Rose. A Ryder. James Yowell, i they constHute the essence of their | oliii- tral, and consequently had no nglrf to ^L.11^0 LE ■- 

Elijah Coppedge, Samuel Bunion. D P cal decaloyue, and they consider each and , say aught in regard to anv , Oct.SUf. 

Stark, E 6 Martin, Samue’ 

Spalding, Jos M Bowman, 

muel Crowd us Bi il ^ °f them American birthrights, which j either privately or pub 1 id y. We have 

an. Green Forrest, n0 true American will ever barter away j got tired of this, and although the bustle 

compelled to run through from Madison jj ' R Wathen John Blanford, W P Hamil-j f° r 11 mess of pottage.” an( I commotion of politics suits not our in j 

without landing. ton, C Railey.M J Cecil. W P Beanchamp, ' Th ;y cannot consider Prentice a true clination; yet under the exigences of the 

During yesterday a high and cold wind I p,. John Lancaster, D L Graves, James Americiin, for he is trying to explain away case, we think it our imperative duty to; 

prevailed, but at night subsided. Various j Schooling, StephenHardin, J G Malting- : tl,u ? r « at third point— the cream of the 

att-mpts were made to gel up a snow storm ]„ G Goodrutn, Tiros Carter. G W 

L I 1 t I U.V.t nil 1 I ■■ C . at... I \ V? , . n, .an * . . n. - — 

but they all signally failed. We must 
now look out for the icy grey-beard. — 
Louisville Co"rier. 

Repudiating the Secret Order. — We 
call the serious attention of our readers to 
the fello wing extract from the Huntsville 
(Ala ) Advocate, a staunch Whig paper, 
whose editor ha» been induced to abjure 
Know-Nothingism. The reason he assign 

Carter, J Hanning, W W Jack, P S Hagan. 
Dr. D Ilalacy, J M Fogle, E A Graves, R 
M Spalding, Sam’l. Spalding, N T Berry, 
W W Wathen, J H Rucker sr., John H 
Tucker, J T Riney, W K Thompson. L A 
Spalding, F B Merrimee, and all others in 
this county, who approve of the foregoing 

whole creed. He would make itself-stu! 
tifying. or just nothing at all . — Louisville 

publish a strictly 


Those who take our paper hereafter, j 
shall never have the pleasure of saying to 
us that we have transcended the bounds] 


Good Advantage — Will it be Taken. 

-We answer yes. It is taken, and with of “neutrality, for we intend to bave the 

the most benificial results. A table-spoon 
full relieves the most distressing cough im- 
mediately, and persevering will thoroughly 

resolutions, be, and thev are appointed j cure it. There can be no doubt (front the 
delegates to attend the Convention of the thousands cured.) hut that it is the great- 
ed will be appreciated by every intelligent Democracy, to be lidd in Frankfort on tbe j est medicine of the age, and is found to act 
man who has watched the progress of the j 8 lh day of January next. with unheard of rapidity and success in 

familarized himself with his resells: J Beriah Magoffin being in town before the j scrofula, dyspepsia, asthma, coughs, colds 

When Know-Notliingism first manifest- ] resolutions were reported, he was request- j and all affections^)! the respiratory organs, 
ed iiseif, it came wooing the South with ed to address the meeting, which he did in | A word — one bottle of Hurley’s Sarsapa- 
ihe soothing, sweet and effection ite voice a powerful and eloquent speech of somejrilla will cure more cases of coughs than 

j of Jabob;we lent a willing ear to it.hoping 

, ■ , „ . , , i'hat it would be a power in the North to 

to each of those small try editors lett alive I . ,, ‘ . . , . . , . 

* master and swabow up Abolitionism, but 

since the general epidemic, might set them I ils | lan( | g have been the hands of E-uu, 

barking and yelping again on the cold 
trail which he has long since left in dis- 
gust, It would at least give them some- 
thing to write about. 

s rung, rugged, aggressive, warlike, striking 
down the rights, outraging the feelings, 
and prostrating the interests of the South 
— tendering nothing in exchange bu’ a 

two hours in length, showing the position one dozen of Cherry Pectoral or Jayne’s 
of the know-nothing party North and Expectmant. This is a fact, and we wish 
South, and calling upon all true Southern j to remind our readers that when occasion 
patriots to stand by the Constitution and j arrives, they will know w hich remedy to 

their interests, and showing, beyond a 
doubt, that the Democratic party was the 
only party upon which the South could 
rely for support. His speech was listened 

Every druggist keeps it. 

L’uisvi/le Times. 


This popular and famous medicine can 

! mess of pottage, seeking to bribe tbe sons 1 10 with the most profound attention, and be at Mr ( Noble ' S ° r Mr ‘ K P al ' 

JCjrWe had the exquUit pleasure of | “f the South with the hopes of the inher;- he was frequently interrupted by loud l ( ^ n » s * Do not fail to procure a supply, 

again being present at one of Nacv’s in-i tiince . wl,ile il r ° bl,ed th f m of alb Aslh urs ts of applause. - ' " 

. . ° * 0 . 1 . as the mask was thrown off, and further 

imt a e Passom uppers, on a ur av g now .jj 0 || 1 jj 1 g,' 6 | n a ( the North and Abo- 1 Resolved, That the Lebanon Po*t, Bards- 

litionism became “one and indivisible,” wet town Gazette, Louisville Democrat, Louis- 
washed our hands ot it. It was not the vil le Times, and all other Democratic pa- 
feast to which we were invited. j p P rs in the State, he requested to publish 

We understand that the editor of the the P^eedings. On motion, the meeting 

night last. Epicureans may talk of their 
expensive ar.d rare dishes; such as “lizard’s 
eggs,” (we have uo fancy for the saurian 
species of animated nature,) or peafowl’s 
brains, or any other luxury, save and ex- 
eepting oysters, but Naey’s passom is more 

Shejbyville (Ky ) News met with a serious j at! J ourne j A BARBOUR Ch’m’n. 

He had nt- TT , T IT o . 

Henry H. Hughes, ooc y. 

misfortune on Thursdey last. 

preferable than them all. On the last led U P a P°' vor . P'f ss * on be w f al i 

, tempting to print his paper, but not being] 

The Guano Trade. — A decree, issued 

On motion, it was and when occasion offers, try it. 

Tbe St. Louis Republican, referring to 
the call made on President Pierce for 
troops to suppress the rioters iu Kansas, 

Col. Sumner has, we believe, six or eight 
companies of dragoons at the fort, and 
iheie may be troops at Fort Rielv, which 
can he called into service. Their appear- 
ance at Lawrence will go far to quell the 

privilege of saving what we please, and 
bearing as we do, the buckler of TRUTH, SAMSBURY Sc BOWMAN. 

we fear not the arrows of error. In thus I 

throwing broadcast, the glorious old rpiIE above having located themselve. per- 
o _ ' , P, , I mauently in Lebanon, Ky., wish to in- 

banner of DcmOCr8.Cy. wliicn we lt«i\c c orin tlie public generally, that they are now 
been forced to do by inadvertent circum- recoiving direct from ibo Eastern Market, * full 
stances, which we will explain hereafter, and complete stock of 

wc have only acted in self-defense; but of DRUGS, MEDICINES, ifcr., 

that, more anon. I Which they offer for sale os low ns they can bi  

Hereafter, our per., humble and feeble! had in Louisville or any of lhe Western cities. 

though it be: will be dedicated to the 

We have taken the precaution to select ev- 
ery article, having long been engaged in the 

Democratic principles, whilst at the same Drug and Prescription business, we are fully 
time, we will not forget to place before aware of the great want of fresli and pure 
our readers each week, matter for their idruggs and medicines 

amusement, edification and instruction 
TERMS — THE POST will be furnish ed 
to subscribers, at $2 00 per year, if paid in 
advance. When payment is delayed for 
six months, $2 50 will be exacted, and 
when payments are delayed until the end 
of the year; $3 00 will, in all cases, beex- 
acted. Clubs of ten or more, however, 
will be taken at 50 each, where the mon- 
ey accompanies the list. 

W. W. JACK. 

Editor and Proprietor, 
Lebanon, Kv., December 1 st, 1S55. 

Pocket Book Lost. 

We have also made an arrangement with the 
Eas'ern Wholesale Druggists and Manufactur- 
ers, hy which we will be enabled to keep our 
stock full and complete 

The following is uu abridged catalogue of our 
stock, viz: 

Drugs, Paints in Oil, 

Medicines, Glass, 

Paints, Glass Ware, 

Oib, Perfumery, 

Dyestuffs, Fancy and foiiet Soaps 

Varnishes, Paiuters" Brushts, 

Medical Brandies, Pure Wines for the sick. 
Cordials, Tooth and hair Brushes, 

Breast Pumps, Flavoring Extracts, 

Heifer Teats, fee.. See. 

Also Patent Medicines of all kinds, together 
with a large and complete assortment of Sta- 
tionery; in fact everything usually found in a 

occasion there was an immense dish of de ; f am f|j ar ° wit h‘ t h e working* of this kind ot by the government of Peru, opening the devilish spirit which has been infused into i ( , 

lightful fresh fish, enough to tempt nn an | press  by some accidenl begot one of his! Port of Pisco, in Peru, to all the vessels the Abolitionists of that town by the New same. Also, some other papers of no value 10 , “"jVomp' attention will be paid to prescripUoaa 
eborite, in addition to the principal feature feet among the machinery while it was in : employed in the guano trade, has been j Lngland Aid Society, and the roysteri«g j *'*)' pcrson9 against trading for an,i orders from physicians. 

operation, by which it — his foot — was ter- 1 communicated to the Slate Department! persons who have been preaching rebel - i 1 ' 1 ’ oto- \ liboral reward will be paid fortbe Sept. 19th, tf 

ribly lacerated, torn at)d mashed. It is ' at Washing too bv the U nited States Con - ' lion and disunion all over the free Sr-,i,js ; dP j; v ,. r y ; p,.rt Mnninn and contents to snraNVELOPE.S of every quality ami prfe 
supposed he will be a cripple for Hfe. nil it Gtlwa, for tw# ot three vnnrs p m. *-H\n HVRRTno.n n " 

of the occasion. 

JTV Look tc the ad-veuiseraentt 

t'.H \S 11 VRRTNO.V 

Unud and f^rsale.Ht lire Printing off 

Sltrbrttiscmcnts. ' 

Turnpike Lettings. 

| SEALED proposals wiil be received by ’ 
(the undersigned at his office in Greens* 
burg, until Saturday, the 15th day of De- 
cember, (on which day they will be opened 
I by the managers and the work let to the I 
; lowest bidder.) for the construction and 
graveling of Sections Nos. 2. 3, and 4, of 
I the Greenslurg and Taylor County Turn- I 
Wednesday Morning. Dec. 12,1355. pike road, leading from Greensbttrg to- 

— — — - , wards the Stale Turnpike road over Mul- 

Rags! Rags!! Rags! !! ‘drough’s Hill; Section No. 2 contains some 

Clean Linnen and Cotton Rags wanted I heavy work. Person* desirous of infor- 
at this office. The highest price in CASH oration can obtain the same of the undei- 
will be paid for any amount brought. j signed, or of .1. P. Mitchell, E*q., of Boyle 
. ! county, the Engineer of the 


All personal communications to this pa 
per will be hereafter charged as adver 
tisements, and must he paid for, before 
they can appear. This rule will be ad- 
hered to strict) v. 

Our Ticket, 

Subject to a National Convention. 



Or Virginia. 

For. sick PRf.smnsT: 

Stephen A. Douglas, 

Of llhnoitc. 

Local Items 

A big horse race c ime off in this coun- ! 
tv on Iasi Monduv week. Two gentle- 
men started from Bradfoidsville, on a hct ! 
of ?  1 50 a side. The distance is about 
ten miles over one of the worst roads in 
Kentucky. One of the gentlemen whoi 
rode a very powerful horse, agreed to ! 
take a negro man behind him, and, singu- 
lar is it may seem. although the other j 
rode light, he was beaten by over a i 
length. We are told that they made ex- I 
cellent time hut do not know (lie figures, j 
If any county in the State can beat this, 
we would like to hear from them. 

On Friday night last, then wa 

road. Esli* 
mates of the work done by the contractor 
will he made by the Engineer every 00 
days, and two-thirds of said estimates im- 
mediately paid to the contractor, and the j 
remainder will bo paid when the contract' 
is fully completed, (which must be done | 
by the 1st day of November, 1830.) and f 
the work received by the Engineer. No' 



Issued under the Seal, Sanction & Authority of 




Chartered by the Slate of Pennsylvania, April 
12911), 1853, with u capital of 


Mainly for the pu r pos * of arresting the evils cf 
Spurious and worthless Nostrums; 

Also to supply the Community with reliable 
Remedies whenever a Competent Physician 
cannot or will not be employed, This Inst'tu 
has purchased from Dr. JOHN KOWAND, his 

Ro wand's Tonic Mixture , 

Kn  wn for upwards of twenty five years as the 
only sure and safe cure for 

Fcrer mid Ague , dc 

and his inestimable Remedy for 

Bowed Complaints; 



Special Notices. 

S. A. OiAVir. 

J. w. THuMof . 'nCRR HARRISON, 


i ... , . r Which highly approved ami popular r.-me- 

, extra allowances will be mad", except for l( jj. Sj together with 

I extra ^ork ilone bv order of the Engineer. The University' Remedy for Complaints 
.1. M. S. M'CORKLK, 0 f the LUNGS: 

Chair man if the Board of Managers of \ Thk University's Remedy for BY S’ 
j the Greensburgand Taylor County Tarn- PERSIA or INDIGESTION: 
pike rood Company. j The University's Seined y for COS- 

Greensburg, Kv.* Nov. 26, 1855-tJ. 


A collection of newspaper facts and sta 

List op Newspapers in 

tisLics, containin 
A Complete 


Also, the Uni vet situ'* Almanac may he 
had. at the Branch Dis/wnsatory, or Store 
lofL.IL NOBLE ck CO. 

Oc|. 17 th, 6m 

When death is at the door, the remedy which 
would have^Hved life, if administered in time, 
comes too late. Do n t triflo with dis ase 
Rely upon it. that when the stomach will not 
digest fo-‘d: when faintness and lassitude per- 
vade the system — when the sleep i- disturbed, 
the appetite feeble, the mind lethargic, the 
uerves unnatura ly sensitive, and he head con- 
fused — rely upon it, that when these symptoms 
o^cur, the powers of vi ality are failing, aud ; 
that, unless the mischief is promptly checked, 
life will be shortened , a* well as tendered niise- ; 
rable. Now \» e know from a mass of testi- 
m ny, greater than was ever before accumulated 
in favor o* one remedy, that HoofiautTs German 
.Ritters, prepared by Dr. C. ,V. Jackson, I hila- 
delphi.t, will immediately abate, and, in he end, 
entirely remove all of these dis rders as sflr -ly 
as a mathematical process will solve a problem. 
Who, then, will endure tli© agony, aud the risk 
of life, with health and safety within reach? 

1 See advertisement. 

INVALIDS recovering from the effects of 
Fever. Hilii us Diseases, or long continued ill- 
ine^s of any kind, will find Carter’s Spanish 
! Mixture the only remedy which will revive 
j their drooping constitutions, expel all bad hu- 
i mors from the blood, excite the liver to a prompt ; 
.and healthy action, and by its tonic properties, 
restore the patient to life and vig t. 

We can only say TRY IT. A single battle 
h worili all the so called Sarsap rillas in exist- . 
©ace. It c •ntains no Mercury. Opium, or any 
; other nuxious or poison us drug, and can be 
given to the youngest infant without lies it tion. i 

Soe the certificates of wonderfu I cures afou ud 
the bottles. More than fiv** hundred persons in | 
the city of Richmoud, Va., can testify to it© 
good eirects. 

See advertisement. 

Er Geohcgans Hydropiper, 

Is preps r d by a regular Physician, and is 
of purely Vegetable ingredients, he names of 


Lebanon, Ky. 


U fllAj Prac'ice in all the Courts of Ma- 
rion aud adjoining Counties, am 
promptly .tteud to all business entrusted to 
their care. 

the United ‘States, Canadas and Gkeat ! DISSOLUTION! Oi? PAR 1 PJE2XSH11 • which accompany each bottle, li is a pleasant, 
Bkitian. — The on ly reliable woik of the rTIHE partnership heretofore existing between j“!® aud cure ford isca»e« of wom.n. For 

kind in tlm world An invaluable assistant ' I KNOTT & HANNING, is this day dis- | Ktduey Affection. Import.,*. o the blood d,.- 
to the Editor, Book PublLI “r and Gener- : ™ — »' .heSk.n.Dy.peps.anadScrofu.a , t ha. 

’ n n . , „ to the firm, will please call at th' 

is the only one 

„ .... , , to the fin,,, will please call at the old stand and ! "ev« r haH aa .qua!. It ia a slight stimolent, ?tt d 

al Advertiser. Beautifully printed on fine set ii e with J. U. KNOTT, who is the only one * P° w   rful tonic and alterative. s« advertise- 
wliite paper, octavo size. This book will authorized to transact such business. * inent, 

be promptly sent to any part of the conn- 1 Sept. 24th 1855. J. R. KNOTT, 

try on the receipt of THRE3 dollars, ad- 
dressed to LAY  fe BROTHER, 

No. 73 South Fourth Street, above Wal- 
nut. Philadelphia. 


riffic alarm of fire, 
the burning of some 
end of l«wn. 

The "Regulators' 
night last. The way 
barrels, wood. 

It proceed 
irnsh in the 

a ler- 




I T.lVtNG Recently purchased the House 
1 formerly « crupied as a Hotel, and mote 


F R. KNOTT, having associated with 
eg . him, THOMAS G. YOUNG, in the Mer- 
cantile business, would respectfully announce 
to the public, that they have just received a 
large aud well selected Stock of New Dry 
Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Cutlery, Queen T 
Glass ware, dec. dec. 

Thankful for the patronage extended to the 
old firm, wc would respectfully solicit a contin- 
uance of the same to the new. 

Nov. 14 1855. J. R. KNOTT. 


were out on 
they rolled 

&c., about was a caution 
to propriety. Those articles which have 
hitherto encumbered our street have long 
been an eye-sore bv day, and a thin-sore 
by night to the perig; mating community, 
 ind their removal has been of great ben- 
«nt. We are sorry, however, that there 
was any property injured, but presume it 
to have been unintentional. 

Hog killing has commenced in earnest 
in and around town: and many a porker 
lias given Ids last squeal and drank his 
last swill. Wo can remember when hog 
meal was pork', hut now it is emphatical- 
ly dear meat, those who deny the propo- 
sition, let them attempt to purchase some, 
and they’ll he satisfied. Prices ranging 
lruin $1! 00, to 8C 30. 

The weather being wintry, cloaks, tal- 
mas, overcoats, shawls, aud blankets with 
holes cut in them arc all the go. 

recent v ns a Hoarding School, solicits a libera! 
share of public patronage. The stand is situa- 
ted on Main Street, Lebanon, Ky., and is iu a f-t OAT '-t VYTVT Tscpt 

| retired and pleasant portion of the town. lj 

havo rr-fi ted and re-furnislied the entire estab- I Successfully Treated by Inhalation 
lishnient in a handsome manuer, and am now ' Medicated Vapors 

,1 the silt ! prepared to receive travel rs or regular board- ^ „ , , ' ,, ’ _ _ , 

ers by the day. week, month, or year. 3 3' Johnson Stewart hose. M. D.. fellow 

Frid ii 

My table shall always be furnished wilh the 
| very best the market can afford; and I intend 
teat my prices shall in all cases shall b*» liberal. 

Traveler's horses can always he carefully at- 
tended to, as I have inadcall necessary arrange- 
ments to that end, ami there will shortly he a 
large, comfortable and haudsoine new stable 
erec.ed on tile premises. A. S. HARDY. 

; Oct. 1 7th tf 


A ne* And singularly successful remedy for the 
cure of all Bilious diseases — Costivencss, Indi- 
! gestion. Jaundice, Dropsy, Rheumatism, Fevers, 
Gout, Humors, Nervousness, Irritability, Inflamma- 
tions, Headache. Pains in the Breast, Side. Back, 
and Limbs, Female Complaints, &c., ic. Indeed, 
ver 7 few are the diseases in which a Purgative Medi- 
( cine is not more or less required, and much sick- 
ness and suffering might be prevented, if a harm- 
less but effectual Cathartic were more freely used, 
i No person can fed well while a costive habit of 
body prevails ; besides it soon generates serious and 

of the Koval College of Phyuicixnv. and j “ h . i :h might have been avoided 

, . . .if'. r  i OV the timely and judicious use of a good purgative, 

for years senior I m the Condon Royal Th;, is aUke J true of Colds, Feverish svmptom, and 
Infirmary, for i.iseasea ot the lunvs. I Bilious derangements. They nil tend to become or 

In this age of propress. Medical Science has product* the deep seated and formidable distempers 
contributed her full share to the gen oral wel- which load the hearses all over the land. Hence a 
fare; aud that which shines resplendent, the reliable family physic is of the Hist importance to 
brightest jewel in her diadem, is her last and ! *he public health, and this Pill has been perfected 

MEDICATED VAPOR INHA- nu u et ^ demand An 

extensive trial of its virtues bv Phvtmu&ns, Profes- 



greatest gift. 

n n clsrk, 
Late of Nelson co 



Of Louisville 

•riL l v   \u (i’vrii IT r r ".*"-rii 1 \i V F ', s . nd Patient,, has shown reiiilt, surpassing 

TION, BRONCHI I AS, A*. I I IMA, and kindred ; any thing hitherto known of any medicvie. Cures 

-!l). R CLARK & CO 

( Successors to J. R. Montyomory Sr Co) 

Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals: 

Ii iiuloio Glass, Glassware, Paints. 

Patent Medicines, Perfumery, 
dr, dr.. d:c. 

HO. S0« MAIN STREET. BET. 3D ir -1TH. 

Louisville, Ky. 


l7"£ are now in rec-ption of a full and 
well selected stock of Goods in our 
of ; line, to which wo would iuvite the attentiou of 

Boston, has been offered the appointment | ^aotVMtrchaur 0 ” ° f ■‘ h ° la ' e  , " d 

of surgeon in the Russian armv, with a t° call and 
salary of three thousand dollars' per an ' lti8 our in,r " tio " ,0 offe 
num, and a liberal outfi’. 


All must sec the absurdity of treating Con- 
sumption through the stmiach, by filling it 
with nauseous drugs; the disease is not iu the 
stomach, but in the liiugs.aud by inhaling med- 
icine in the form of Vapor, I apply the remedy 
directly to the diseased organ. There is, there- 
fore, no case 8o hopeless that inhalation will n« t 
j reach. I earnestly appeal to the common sense 
i of all atHicted with lung discuses, to embrace at 
once the advantages of inhalation. 

I claim f »r inhalation in the treatment of 
consumption, &c. a place amongst the priceless 
1 gifts that nature and art has g v**n us, that 

have been effected beyond belief, were they not sub- 
stantiated by persons of such exalted position and 
character as to forbid the suspicion of untruth. 

Among the eminent gentlemen to whom we are 
allowed to refer for these facts, are 

Prof. Valentin e Mott, the distinguished Sur- 
geon of New York City. 

Doct. A. A. H.vyrs, Practical Chemist of the 
Port of Boston, and Geologist for the State of Mas- 

Ira L. Moore, M. D., an eminent Surgeon and 
Physician, of the City of Lowell, who has long used 
them in his extensive practice. 

H. C. South wick, Esq., one of the first mer- 
chants in New York City 

-Dr Charles W. Moore. Eaq. 


generally; who are solic;- 
examiue our stack and prices. 

none hut the best 
; articles for sale, and at the 1  we»t rates. We 
] would particularly roquest atl»mio'. to our 

slock of pure WINES and LIQUORS, select 

They are enjoying winter in Min- pd ex P r " 9 sly for Medical purposes, and guara.o- 
,, , , teed pure and of the first quality. 

The Mmnesotian of the 26th ult. We are also the Sole agents for Kentucky 

to ^ or l * le 9a ^ e 01 Winchester's Kentucky Lint- 
,i 7 i , - ment, a well known and popular remedy; and 

t be depth ol three or tour inches— making forSIMPSON'S AROMATIC SCHlDAiVl JU- 

the sleighing first rate. Yesterday the i ^IPER SCHNAPS, the best artic e in the mar- 
° ■ ket B. R. CLARK & CO. 

Oct 17tr, 3m 

. . , C. A. Davis, M. D., Sup’t and Sur-eon of the 

•'our days may be long in the land,” and as the I United States Marine Hospital, at Chelsea, Mass, 
only ark of reluge for llie Consumptive! A Did space permit, we could give manv hundred 
method not only rational, but simple, safe, and such names, from all parts where the 'Pills hare 
; efficacious been used, but evidence even more convincing than 

I have pleasure in referring to 10$ namer, the certificates of these eminent public men is 
residents of New York aud neighborhood, whoi effects upon trial. 

' have been restored to vie .rous health. About , J H h “® P, ?,r’ '.“l* ° f '^ g mve * t,g * t,0 “ 

study, are offered to the public as the best and 
one-third of the above number, according ri- j most complete which the present state of medical 
tile patients own statements were considered : science can afford. They are compounded not of 
Hopeless cases. j the drugs themselves, but of the medicinal virtues 

The Inhaling method is soo'hing, safe, and only of Vegetable remedies, extracted by chemical 
insists in the adininistra ion of medicines in process in a state of purity, and ^.mbine'd together 

in such a manner as to insure the best results. This 

says; On Saturday 


such a manner that they are conveyed into the 
lun.s in the fjrm of vapor, and produce their 
action at the seat of the disease. Its practical 
success is destined to revolutionize the opin 
ions of the medical world, and establish the 
entire CURABILITY of Consumption. 

Applicants will please state if they have bled 

first rate. Yesterday the! 
streets werefiiled with sleighs — it sure in- 1 
dicatioc that th* “merry season” in Minne- 
sota has comrcenced in earnest. 

Cckiocs Elopemesi. — A woman arrived ' 
in Chicago a few days ago with the dead j 
body of her husband, which she was ta- : 
king east for burial. On the route she fell 
in with a young man, and. 


jrce'sr ®©©^»s. 


F. ARE just receiving from the Atlan- 
tic Cities, and are now opening acom- 
lete assortment of 


[Consisting of Cloths. Cas«imeres, English and 
on the arrival | French Merinoes, Satin-triped Delaine, Ladies' 
Cloaking, and Mantillas; Cln .k and Dress trim- 
mings oi all kinds; Capes, Collars, Sw ss Edg 

of the cars at Chicago, they went off to- 

getner, leaving the dead body in the depot, | ings and Inserting*; ‘ Hats' Caps" Boots' and 1 sum P tioi   a perfectly curable disease. 

where it remained at last accounts. sl,oep : Hardware and Cutle y; Queens ami n " p — “■ 

! Glassware; Blankets and Over-Coating- Gro- - - 

T h„ v .1 -vi ceries&c. Which we will sell chean for pash ing this successful aud only reliable method of medicine before its effects were known 

4 be Know-Nothing papers in Arkansas, | „ r , 0 punctual dca!or paf.bfe on the 1st ^ treating consumption to such a degree of per- inent Physicians have declared the s, 
we observe, are kept prettv busilv engaged January 185.6 J _ mv Pllls - and pvm n,ore “"Sdentlv. 

in abusing and denonneing those independ- j ofU 

ent men who have withdrawn from the 
order. There is a perfect stampede from 
the K. N. lodges in that State. 

The distillery of Mr. Jno. Ii. New- 


bolt, in Nelson county, was burned dov 
last week. Loss §1,800. 

or any 


12, 3m . 


system of composition for medicines ha.s been found 
in the Cherry Pectoral and Pills both, to produce a 
more efficient remedy than had hitherto been ob- 
tained bv any process. Tbe reason is perfectly ob- 
vious. While by the old mode of composition, ev- 
ery medicine is burdened with more or less of acri- 
monious and injurious qualities, by this each indi- 
from the lungs, if' thev have lost flesh, have a vidua l virtue only that is desired for the curative 
cough , night sweats, and fever turns, what and ? f !’ oct j s I ,r f' se,lt - AU the il ? ert “ nd ohnoxious qur,!- 
i.aiu muni, (kimovnoi.ineot^ ... i, t ,t ities of each substance employed arc left behind, the 

how much they expectorate, what the end, t, on curative vlrtues on , y being fetained. Hence it is 

of their st and bowels. The Medicines, self-evident the effects should prove as they have 
Ap uratus, &c. will he forwarded to any part, proved more purely remedial, and the Pills a surer, 
— more powerful antidote to disease than any other 

f /’/ 1 J() NY medicine known to the world. 

11 1 ^ . * As it is fre4|uently expedient tht^ my medicine 

| “ »  e, the undersigned, practitioners in medi- should be taken under the counsel of an attending 

cine, cheerfully recommend Dr. Johnson S. Physician, and as he could not properly judge of a 
Kobe’s method of treating diseases of the throat remedy without knowing its composition, 1 have 
and Jungs, as the best and most effectual ever 8U Ppfi*d the accurate Formulas by which both my 

introduced into medical practice. Our com ic- and . Pi !' 9 “ e .T 1 , d |. t “ thc Yp°!f. !‘°? y of 

v^..i ... . I i r Practitioners in thc Lnited States and British Amer- 

f.ons are baaed upon several of our iran p rovinces . If howcver , hcr e should be any 

ov\ n patients, confirmed consumptives, restored one has not received them, they will be 
to vigorous health after a few months treat- promptly forwarded by mail to his address, 
inent by Dr. Hose. Of all the Patent Medicines that arc offered, how 

In the above named diseas *8, the application few would be taken if their composition was known ! 
of “Medicated Vapors’* inhaled directly into Their ! ife consists in their mystery. I have no 
til© lungs may be justly considered a great mysteries. • . . . .. 

boon .O suffering humanity, rendering con- . fhe con.pos.hon of my preparations^ laid open 
, b . , | j, *  to all men, and all who are competent to judge on 

d 3 P " r ' eCl,y cur “*de disease. the subject freely acknowledge their convictions 

. l^r. Rose deserves well of the profession for of their intrinsic merits. The Cherry Pectoral was 
his strenuous and unwearied. exertions in bring- pronounced by scientific men to be a wonderful 

1 n. Many cm- 
same thing of 

ray Pills, and even more confidently, and are will- 
ing* to certify that their anticipations were more 
than realized by their effects upon trial. 


Cabinet Shop. 

fecti  u. 





And eleven other eminent practitioners in 
this and neighboring cities. 

Terms — Five, dollars, consultation fee. Bal I 

They operate by their powerful influence on the 
internal viscera to purify the blood and stimulate it 
into healthy action — remove the obstructions of 
the stomach, bowels, liver, and other organs of thc 
body, restoring their irregular action to health, and 
by correcting, wherever they exist, such derange- 
ments as are the first origin of disease. 

Being sugar wrapped they are pleasant to take, 


H AVING recently purchased lire jnstty 
celebrated Buena Vista Spring, 5 miles 
JSouili of Lebanon. I would respectfully in fenn 
the public generally, that I have refilled the 
establishment entirely, with new furniture and 
■everything necessary for thc comfort and 
convenience of visitors. And I am now pre- 
pared to receive boardeis by the day, week, 
month or during tbe season; and my charges 
will be reasonable. 

The water of this spring is C llcbbte, and 
h s by its use, performed several remarkable 
cures both on th* se iu the neighborhood and 
those who have visited it from a distance. 

1 he situation of the eft'abli-hment is high, 
airy, com for lab e and healthy; the cot'ages are 
comfortable and iu every wav suitable to iu- 
va,ids - *W T. PHILLIPS. 

April 1 Sth 6ui 

Cart3r’s Spanish Mixture. 


Not a p irtic/e of Mercury in it. 



An infallible reim-iy f.jr Scrofula, King’s J7vil, 
Rheumatism, Obstinate Cutaneous Eruptions] 
Pimples or Pustules on the Face Biot lies, 
Boils, A pile nod Fever, Chrot ic Sore Eyes, 
King Worm or Teller. Scald Head, Enlarge! 
inent and Pain of the Bones and Joiels, Stub- 
born Ulcers, Sympathetic Disorders, Luinbogo, 
Spinal Complaints, and all diseases arising from 
ahd in urim* use of Mercery, Imprudence in 
life, or impurity nl the Blood 

rrlHIS great alter .tire medicine snd Purifier 
J a! Blood is now used by thousands ..f 
grateful patients from all parts of the United 
Sta’es, who testify da ly to the rema-kable cures 
p rformrd by the greatest of all m»diciues 


Neura'gia. Rheumatism, Scrofula, Uruptions of 
the Skin. Liver diseases. Fevers, Ulcers, old 
Sores, Affcc ions of the Kidneys, diseases of the 
Throat. Female Complain a, Pains and Achilla 
ofthe Bones and Joints, are speedily put to 
flight by using this great and inestimable reme- 

For ail diseases of tlm Blood, nothing has yet 
been found locompare with it. It cleanses 'lie 
system of al! im tirities, acts pently and effi- 
ciently on the Liver and Kidneys, s renglhcns 
tile digestion, gives tone to the stomach, makes 
the skin clear i nd healthy, and restores trie 
c iistitution, en cebled ny disease or broken 
down by the excesses of youth, to its pristino 
vigov and strength. 

F t the Ladies, it is incomparably belter tliaD 
all the cosmetics evr used. A few doses ol 

Cartcr'o Spanish Mixture 
Will remove all sailowness of complexion, 
bring the roses mauli ng to the cheek, give 
elasticity to thc step, and impr ve general health 
in a remarkable cegree, beyoud a I the medicines 
evrr heard of. 

I he large number of certificates which we 
have received from persons from ail parts ofthe 
United States, is the best evidence that there is 
no humbug about it. The press, hotel keepers, 
magistrates, p aysicians and public men, well 
known to the community, all add their testimo- 
ny to the w nderful effects of tills GREAT 

Call on the age n and get a Circular and Al 
maiiec, and read the wonderful cure.* this truly 
greatest * f all Me licines lias performed. 

None genuine unless signed BENNETT & 
BEERS, Proprietors, No. 3 Pearl Street, Rich 
mend, Na.; to whom all ordes f-r supplies and 
agencies must be addressed. 

And for sale by L II. NOBT.E. Leb 
anon; JOHN STARK H- SON, Spring- 
field; and by dealers nx Medicine generally. 

Dr A. J. Vanderslice. 

Late Professor of the Ecole Clinique de 
Mi dicine et Pharmade la Paris. 


A NNOUNCES to his friends and the pub- 
lie that lie continues to devote his time 
to the curing of the following diseases, viz: 
Coughs, Colds. Antlirna, FiIn, Dropsy, Dyspep- 
sia, Liver Complaint, Files, Fistula, Gout, 
Rheumatism, Scr Tula. White Swelling, Ner- 
vous Aff*cti  na, Fever and Ague, Billious Com- 
plaints, &c. 

Dr. VaU'lerslice has met with great success 
by his peculiar treatment of disease, where other 
very eminent physicians have failed to produce 
a cur©. To attest his confidence in his own 
skill and me i , he will uudertake the cure of 
all pali *nts without charge, excepting the cost 
of the medicine, requiring no fee until after the 
restoration to health, 

Diseases of a peculiar character he guaran- 
tees to remove radically in a few days without 
offensive or deleterious medicine. He warrants 
to all, no matter how severe or loug standing 
thc disease, sn- ffec’ual cure, or he requires no 
pay. Females suffering with irrcgularitie- , 
uervousneftH, debility, &.C., can be permanently 
relieved by Dr V; 

Invalids in any section of the country, by 
addressing a letter to him, post paid, and enclo- 
sing a fee. can have advice and medicines 
promptly 6ent them. 

Residence on Preston street, between Green 
and Walnut. Private office on Floyd street, 
between Market and Jefferson. Office hours 
from 8 to 12, A- M.. and from 2 to 6 P. JV1. 

Individuals can be accommodated with com- 
fortable rooms, and strict attendance by the Dr. 
Those coming from a distance who are afflicted 
would do well to place themselves under his 
controll as that will tbe more certainly secure 
his success. 

April 25. tf. 



W ILL attend o any bumnevs entrusted tt 
them iu the nanou Courts and tho 
  ohms of Hie djniaiag couniieo. particular at- 
teiriton will be given to codlsctioms. 

Lebanon, Kv., Nov 251 

Wanted to Hire. 

; f 1 Ml UNDERS1G N LD wishes to hire from 
X Line u n il Chris* ' us, a small negro 

girl, who an notrrse, go errands, &c.~ A lib* 
eral price will bo paid fur such an one. 

12 f W. W JACK. 

J- C. iUXWKL/., 

W. w. cltavcr 

Ers Maswell & Cleaver. 

Office two doors above the Drug Store. 

Dec 2n tf 

NESS CARDS, on hand and for sale at 
ihePrinting Office. tllH y if 

Drs I. Westerfield, & Son 

H AVING p rmanently located fn Shelby- 
villo, Kv.. lender their professional acr- 
victs to the afflicted. They will give special 
altcntfton to the ireatmont of 


Th^ senior partner has been ©xrlusivelv en* 
giged in the practice'of medicine for the lost 28 
years. In addition to a regti’ar course ol study , 
he read and practiced three years in partnership 
with tho 

Indian Doctor Richard Carter, 
Formerly of Shelby county, Ky., fr m whom 
he obtained all those valuable RECIPES and 
formulas, for the prcpar itlon of his peculiar 
remedies, which have pr veu no eminently suc- 
cessful in the treatment of 

Chronic Diseases. 

In all cases '.f simple, uncomplicated diseases 
where n carefully wrillen description is sent 
them, post-paid, they will promptly send modt- 
cines aud directions by mail. s,.p 20if 



&I)c Hlissce Srlbn 

H AVING lately purchns©d the Tavern'^tand 
formerly occupied by Mr. J. A. Hall, take 
thle method of informing their old friends aud 
the publia generally that they are now prepare, 
ed to receive boarders, by tho day, week or 
mouth. The house has been thoroughly re* 
i fitted and re-furulshed with the most costly 
and neat furniture. 

I hose who stop with them may be assured 
that no pains will be spared to make them com- 
f stable. The Stables r.f the establishment will 
always be supplied by the best of provinder and 
attentive hostlers. 

The above stand is on the North Easffcorne 
of 1st and Main Streets, to the left as you enle 
the street coming from Springfield. 

Jan. 12, 1853 tf. 

House and Sign 


rpHE UNDERSIGNED, havingentcred Id 
X to copartnership, in the Painting buslncs* 
and permanently I .ealed themrclvcs in Lebanon 
would, most respectfully tender their servica 
to the citizens of Lebanon and Mari m county 
generally. W* arc prepared to do House Painty 
ing S gn Tainting nod Imitations of Wood, 
Marbles, kr., in u neat and workman-like , man 
ner, in the qui;kest manner p"6»ible, and upon 
tlie most reasonable terms; iu a word, we wiil 
warrant our work to be done in such a style and 
dispatch as to please onr employer*. 


Mar. 15 tf 

The Detnoerticv 

ed the party. 

”ffHE Business will here.aftcr be carried on 
by the undersigned, in all it* branches, at 

• | the stand formerly occupied by McRoy k. Co 

of Indianapolis have ! 0ruleful for ,hc psfapaec heretofore extended 

ance of fee payable only when pa ien.s report „SS^u" n. harm can arise from 
tlieinselvcs convalescent. „„„ 

j N. B. The new postage law requires that' 
all letters be Prepaid. My correspondence be- 
ing extensive, applications to ensure replies! 
i . .i ..... » . must cuclose postage. 

» .# „ to tne estahliilimeot, I hop© to deserve « contin- I) r Rna~*a »• • ' 

presented to Mr. C. W. Cuoora.late of the’ nance of the same. It. M. BOWMAN. ! one dollar Addreir Consttropt,0 "- ,,nce 

Sentinel newspaper at that place, a splen- 1 Nov ' 7 lf JOHNSON STEWART ROSE. 

did service of silver, as a testimonial of ' “ NOTICE. V Money ?eu“i mus^be 3 ' 'regYsIcred'by ‘ ' 

their appreciation ofthe he render- 1 4 I TKR tl)ig date  all p Urc hases of Mer-i letlcrs,01tly ' at ' n T r ‘“ k 

-Y/V. chaudis© made for the Factory, will bej ’ ' 

made hy myself; and I will settle no accounts 
A boy. the son of Mr. T. Earnest, who matle b y. al, y ? er *»«n in orabout the shop, with- 

livp« jir'Qf Ploir prtnni .1 ii. I ou 1 j 14 w ritt en order from me be produced un 

lives at St. Clair county, Mo.,ac« identally settlement. p p MILLIGAN. 

shot hirasf lf on the 2 1st of November. — I November 4th 1855 tf * 

He took down a pun. put his foot on the ~ * ^ — 

cock to ascertain if il wag loaded, and pine- 1 FT T HOM\S A„ Druggist and 


/ have a good supply of STATION I every where. 

their use in any quantity. 

For minute directions, see the wrapper on the 



Practical and Analytical Chemist, 


Pries 25 Cents per Box. Five Boxes for $1. 

L. H. NOBLE, Lebanon, 

E. L. Chandler, Campbellsville. 

J. Stark Ac Son, Springfield, 

And sold bv all dealers in Medicines 

Apothecary, and Manufacturerof Hurlev’ 

ed his foot on the muzzle his foot slipped. ! Sarsapirilia^Nort”' A™' “c“i 

? hnmm©r - Mho pafcfijd j Grean street*, l.oui«vilU f Kv. 

 rner Seventh and 

-b h 

'r.\ iDFt r: 


ER\, on hand and for sale; such as: 
Foolscap and Letter Papkr, 
Noth Paper, 

Plain and Fancy Esvelopfs, 

Stkei P  :.nh. .fee.. Ac. 

TV. W. J A n- 

Junc 13, St, v 


ST |k{ M k POUNDS of Rags wanted im- 
mediately at this Office, for 
which a libers I ,'ric. i n c»rn will be paid. 
T,.be-oi. Ky , Mav5, 1852 



H POOL &. CO having permanently ]o- 
# cated in Lebanon, Ky., take pleas uri in 
announcing to the public, that they have just 
imported a large stock of American and Italian 
Marble, and arc now prepared t • fill all orders 
for Tomb Stone, Monuments, Counter To e, 
Table and Stand Tops, &c. r &c., in the verv 
bcststvleof art; at shortest notice and on the 
mod reasonable terms. As wo employ none 
but the best workmen, we warrant allourw^rk 
to give satisfaction. Wc solicit a continuance 
of the public patronage heretofore s » libeml v 
beatowed. may 26 tf. 



Mxreh 7th, 4t. 

ill- -1C Ui -t -r, ti’i-- cf'.-*' 



©ennem Bitters, 


DB. C. M. JACKSON, Philad’a., Pa., 



Chronic or JVervou* Debility, Dituatci of thc 

Kidneyt, and all dinea$cs arising from a die- 
i ordered Liter or Stomach. 

Such as Constipation, inward Files, Fullness 
of Blood to the Head, Acidity of the Stomach, 
Nausea, Hear burn, Disgust lor Food, Fullness 
or Weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructation*. 
Sinking or Fluttering at thc Pit of the Stomach, 
Swimming of the Head, Hurried ait" Difficult 
Breathing, Flut'cring at the Heart, Choking or 
Suffocating Sensation, when in a lying posture, 
Dimness of Vision, Dots or Webs before the 
Sight, F'ever snd Lull Pain in the Head, Defici- 
f'ticv f Perspirati  n, Yellowness of th© Skin 
and Eye**, Pain n • h© Sid© Back, Chest, Limbs, 
&.c , Sudden Flushes of Heat, Bur' mg in the 
Flesh, Constant Imaginings of Evil, aud Great 
Depression of Spirit . 






No. 120 Arch street, Philadelphia. 

Their power over tho above diseases is not ex- 
celled, it equalled, by any other preparation in 
] the United .States, as the cores attest, in many 
cases af er akilful physicians had failrd. 

These Bitters ore worthy the attention of In- 
valids'. Possessing great virtues iu the rectifi- 
ertion of Diseases of the 1 iverand lesser glands, 
exercising the most searching powers in we k- 
j ness and affections of the digestive organs, thoy 
are, withal, safe, certain, pleasant. 

i More testimony from the South in favor 

gicrared by Dr. C. M. JA( KS'iA, Finis, 'elpi is. they 
' • itm! More 'ml unapprnacbcd by pny other remedy now 
j b fore the public, for ifio cioe of 

Liver Complaint. Dyspepsia, Jaundice, 

1 Nervous Debility, Disease oj the Kid- 
•n eys, iL'C , dee. 

n 'A T CHANEY, Mlllersl'Uls. Ky.. Ort.. 16. ISAS. 
R-id : ‘ Having so ,l jour lil*trr* some time, I find it 
' na» given •««« t i - ■ a « 'ion in every inMfcnie that hat to ne 
under my notic©.** 

NELSON h EDWARDS. Eaiivitt Ky , June 2*. 
ISol. .^id : “Wo rejoice  «» intorm yo« that thi.- j u^tl y 
cel©biated toedicipe fu'ly niMntttncd tbe exalted re- 
; putution w tin Ii been Riven ii.and having tested 
vntue- w ••nht'si'aMucr'T «a  it eminenily ile ei vea it.'* 

J. T & J W. BGRRY. Uni 'n’own, Ky. July 2t , 
1S 9 : • V\’e i»vf iieatd of m^ny curt*' pet formed 

tv the use of D«. Ho fl&odV Get man Hitters, and believe 
it to be i  vatu Me me ticn*' ” 

J. GRANT. Irvin -. Ky . June 26. ’  2. said: “W t s 
ba»e sug  reded in introducing y  ur to fl!;n' Biter; 
phv*ici»na:*Md otl.era puicli& e them by Lhe hall dote© 

| ai  ! 

DR. P FATTO Sr. BRO.. Knoxville. T©nn.. April 
I iboI.SA'd: “Your Kittei* are now aellin# very tast K 

A every per?ft that I u-'-d it, po far as vt e have been 
j alii© to tear ii,  em hrm fitted ” 

These Hitteta are entirely vegetable, Iber In at© 

| ar.d strengthen lhe av- t»m, never nroatralc It, audcau 
i be used tor Infanta as well re adufb*, 

F 1 *' sale by rerpec table dealers everywhere. 

S' Id in Lebanon by L. IL Noblk. in 
J Springfield by .( . S. Stark « k Son. 

IVI^re nag's Y-c t 



An Exacting Husband .-^W yclu-ily, 
the commedian, married a girl of eighteen 
• her. he was verging on. eighty. Shortly 
.iter, Providence was pleased in ils mercy 
t,,  he voung woman to call the old man 
» another and better world. But ere he 
, ook his final departure from this world, 
J e summoned his young w ile to his bed- 
do and announced to her that lie was 
doing; whereupon she wept bittelry. — 
Wvcherly lifted himself up in bed, and 
gazing u ithleti Jer emotion oil his weeping 

"Snow we a Democrat!”— A rather St. Joseph’s College, 
green sort of a will-dressed individual iiakustown, ky. 

walked into a Broadway saloon the other THI g Institution is situated in Bards 
day, and stretching himself up to his lull tQwn Tlle s ; te is beautiful and healthy 

the buildings are stately and very exten- 
sive. The playing grounds are spacious 
and handsomely set w ith trees. The pro- 
fessors are from twelve to fifteen 

height, exclaimed, in a loud voice: 
"Where are the Locos'? Show me 
Loco, gentlemen, and I will show you 



|% fW Y facilities lor the purchasing of malcri , 
'lv8 aU, and the manufacturing to order of 
SUPERIOR HATS, arc not excelled iu the Wes* 
i tern Country. 

I have on hand, and am constantly manufatur- 
ing to order 

- x — ■ J ■ l 

, Entered according to., CABINET MAKING. 

of the District Court for* » 

. i It aoUl o ill v  *  «*** a ■■ V i   v w v.. ... ....... lilt iu ui uei 

A large number of quiet gentlemen, he r, and exclusively devoted to tlie inslruc- -f^ack and WIl’te Eeaver 
!**» .» “. T "Eion of tho,., intrusted U, , heir ere. 

e. said: 

-Mv dearest 1 - 
to exact from \ i*U bi'lore 
■sence forever here below, 
mre me mv wishes 

them stood before the noisy inquirer in a 
war-like attitude, and exclaimed: 

“1 am a Democrat, sir.” 
iavc a solemn prom : “You — arc?” queried tbe incredulous 

quit \ our ! greenev. 

Will you ‘ Yes. sir, I ant.” 

will be attended to “Well, just step round the corner, and 

Board, washing and tuition in all or any 
of the branches taught, per 

session of 10 l-'2 months. 

Nutria, Brush, Russia ami Otter Hals, (cc. Also 
the Spring slyleof Hats from the most celebra- 
ted houses iu the city of New York. Together 

year 1851 , by J . 
the Clerk’s Office 

the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. 

Another Scientific Wonder. 






if ef 


4- J 



W. T. Uardv. 

• v vmi, however  jrc*?it i 
•a ril be on lied  *ti t»  iuake* 

ll.iriid ideas of Tuttees, of poor Indian 
flows being called on to expire on iu- 
m-rnl j) VM'i with tin- bodies ot their tie - 1 
i u mod ilords arid maslei s, flashed across; 
; He I min o: the poor woman. With 
e. uvulsi' c effort and tle-j elate resolution, 

. i,o ifus|n tl out an nssui.oic tout his corn 

sacrifice you I’ll show you a fellow whosaid 1 couldn’t 
' find a Democrat in the ward!” 

A person in Mobile has brought a suit 
for damages against a shoemaker for fail- 
ing to complv with a promise !o have a | 

i i 




Is, however dreadful lUcv mi; 

dr of bools made by 
We are improving rapidly, 
sey they imprison men for 

a specified 

Extra charges, at the option of the par- 
ents, arc 

1. For the use of Instruments in 

Natural Philosophy or Chemis- 
try, - - ' - - 810,00 

2. For the class of Mineralogy and 
Geology, - 

3. For Music or Dancing, per 
quarter, each. 

810 0,00 | with a large assortment of 

rill be 

In New Jer- 
stealing uin- 

biellas, and now it appears that shoema- 
kers are I o he complied to keep their pro- 
. miscs. Good. 

uld be obeyed. 

Tlmn Wvcherly, will) a ghastly smile,' 

• ; I ill a low and Bnieimi voice: 

“My beloved wife, thv’parling request j 

I have to make of you is, that when 1 am j OF CURING CURGN1C OR L1N- 

time. ! 4. For Painting or Drawing, per 
quarter, each, 

5. For Board in the College du- 
ring tbe vacation, per week, 

G. For use of bed and bedding, 
per session. 

Brown California, black and white Buena Vista 
and Wool Hats. 

Mens’ and Youths’ Panama Hats. 

“ “ Double and single brim 

1 Legnorn. 

“ “ Pedal Straw Hats. 

“ “ Palm Leaf do 

Infants’ fancy Summer do 

Ladies’ Riding-Hats, of the latest New York 
and Parisian Styles. 

Kossuth Hats, &.C., See. 

The above goods will be found equal in qual- 
ity, and fully as LOW iu PRICE as the same 
o.”" iarlicle can he bought for in Louisville or auv j 
I other city market 


Prepared from Rennet, or the Fourth Stomach | ftketure of CABINET FURNITURE in its va- 


' E respectfully call the attention of the 
Public to the fuel that the uudiirsigncd 
have entered into Copartuershi u in ilie manu- 

of the Ox, after directions of Baron Liebig 
the great Physiological Chemist, by J. S. 
HOUGHTON; M. D., Philadelphia, Pa. 

rious branches 

They will k«*ep constantly on hand a gcncrnl 
assortment of Furniture of the neatest ami new- 

00 i 


I DIGEST.’* Such is the true meaning of esl style; such as Bureaus, Secretaries, NY’urd- 
the word PEPSIN. It is the chief element, or robes, Book Cases, French and Couch Bed- 
great Digesting Principle of the Gastric Juice — steads, Card, Center, and Pier Tables, Sociables, 
the Solvent of the Food, the Purifying, Preser- Sofas, Spring and Cane seat Chairs; and every 
ving and Stimulating Agent of the Stomach and variety of furniture iu their line of business. 
Intestines. It is extracted from the Digestive l’hey are also prepared to make Common, aiul 
Stomach of the Ox. thus forming a true Digest- Spring Matfes'es. 

; ive Fluid, precise like the natural Gastric Juice 
u its Chemical powers, and furnishing a com* 

* 00' The Patrons of the house, and the public at p!*te and perfect substitute for it. 

* * .t ii. i . In to \ T uf n va'u mif n Ua nin/ 1 1 » 

8 , 00 , 

Fhysiopathic System 

Drive to main, 
gone, (liei to t!i 

poor woman sobbeil ami , 
c ivd most vehemently) wlu-ii 1 am in my j 
rohl glim — (Mis. Wycherlv tore her hair) ( 


The peculiar system of treatment which 
have lor some years back pursued 

m I 

— when I :.m laid low — (the disconsolate | c }, ro nic or long standing diceases, with 
wife roared w ith grief) — w hen I am no j guc j, firtraordinarv success, I have nam- 

For further particulars apply, by letter Icier at short notice, 
to tbe President. 

N. B. The Collegiate exercises were re- 1 
sumed'on the 2d of September- 




large, are particularly invited to call and exam- 
ine the assortment. 

O^Hats of any particular shape made to or 


Lebanon, may 5. 




No. 54 Gold street. New York, 

This is fixture's oil'll Remedy for an tmheal- 
j thy Stomach. No srt of man can equal ils cu- 
rativo powers. It contains no Alehoiiol, Bitters, 
Acids, or Nauseous Drugs. It is extremely 
agreeable to the taste, and maybe taken by the 
most feeble patients who cannot eat a water 

We confidently believe that our work wilt 
compare favorably with any in this or any oth- 
er market, end invite purchasers to examine our 
stock before buying elsewhere. Our prices are 
as low as they are anywhere. , 

The senior partner returns his thanks to tho 
public for past favors, and hopes they will con- 
tinue their patronage to the firm. 

Coffin making, and Funeral calls with llearsa 

cracker without acute distress. Ben are of ! attended to on the shortest notice. 

longer a hea.iv but thi n and a lie on you 
(“O! for Heaven’s sake!” howled Mrs. \V., 
" am lto do?”) — I command you my j 
dear young wife — (“yes. y-e-s, love, ’’sob- 
bed Mrs. W.)on pain of incut ring my mal- 
ediction — (“yes, y-e-s, dear” groaned tbe ' 
horror-stricken wife) — never to marry anj 
old man again!” 

ed tbe Physiopathic, 
English, the art of 


that is, in plain [ 
those diseases i 


This Literary Institution, founded 

GONi 1 INU E to publish the four lend- laud remurKuble. 

Drugged Imitations. Pepsin is not a Drug. 

Half a teaspoonful of Pepsin infused in wa- 
fer, will digest or dissolve five pounds of Roast 
Beef in about two hours, out of the stomach. 

Scientific Evidence. 

HTTlie Scientific Evidence upou which this 
Remedy is based is in the highest degree curious 

June 1 . 1 Sf»: 


& SON. 


agreeably to the laws of nature. In an h 821, by the late Rev. William Byrne, 
advertisement like the present, it cannot j :in( j subsequently conducted lor in 

in ing British Quarterly Reviews and Black- j Call on the Agent and get a Descriptive G'ir- 

■ . 

Magazine: in addition to which cular, gratis, giving a large amount of 
. .1 j i it ) evidence, from Leibig’s Animal Chen 





The sphere of this system is not limited 
to any particular class of diseases or dis- 

Mt s. (Wvcherly dried her eyes, and^ j orders, or to the diseases of particular or 
the most fervent manner promised that J „ ans; as t ], e C y e  t| ie ear, or the skin; but 

she never would, and that faithful woman | em hraces the whole range of human previous conductors, the Institution has 
kept her wotd for life. (chronic maladies, even affections of the been instrumental in widely dillusing the 

blessings of a religious education through - 
out Kentucky and the adjoining States. — 
The steadiness of its patronage has been 

of scientific 

'ii j rvioeiice, irom j-eibig’s Animal Chcmistrvi Dr. 

any ( they have recently commenced the pubhea- c 0 mb c 's Physiology of Digestion; Dr. l’orcia;. 

icultural work, call- on Food aud'Dict; Dr. John W. Draper if New Achiowledyed by general consent lobe the 
York University; Prof. Dttnglisoii’sl’hysiologyr | Largest, Best and Cheapest Newspaper 

in the West. 

In issuing the Eleventh Prospectus o 
the Louisville Weekly Courier, wo- 
I have great pleasure in announcing that 

be expected that the principles upon which years by the Jesuits, is now utteer tlussu- [ tion of a valuable Agri 

this system is founded can be announced, perintendunce of the P.ight Rev. Bishop , ed the - 

(“FARMER’S GUIDE TO SCIENTIFIC Sr 0 ’- . S ! ll ' ,no “’ tf YttleCoHegs; Dr. Carpenters’ 

A\II pi/APTIf \ I A euim-T 'rr-Tji.- »l I h y sl ° °£y: &c   t0 ReU  er wtlh reporU of euros 
AM) i KAL11LAL AGRICULILRE. ] from all parts of the United States. 


of Louisville, who will always take means j 
to provide a suitable Faculty for carrying 

it on with a view to promote the greatest j By Henry Stepiiuns, F. R, S„ of Edin- 

TTnrloi* tlm nf its ! hnrrr. niithor of tlift “Rnnlr nf tlio 

public good. Under the auspices of its ! burg, author of tbe “Book of the F 

ll.uu -ruuMKG Romance. — Scan, wag.' 

mind, and congenital diseases or defor- 
mities, that is, those with which one is 

appeared to be the order of the day, and born. A great many of the affections 

ifec., etc.: assisted by John P. Norton, 
M. A., New Haven, Professor of Scientific 
Agriculture in Yale College, Ac., Ac. 

This highly valuable work will comprise 
live large royal octavo volumes, containing 
over 1400 pages, with 18 or 20 splendid 

I parts   

Pepsin in Fluid and Powder, 

Dr. HOUGHTON’S PEPSIN is prepared in | 

powder and in Fluid Form — and in prescription Mr. Wm. D. Gallagher, Esq., lias pur- 

vialsforthe use of Physicians. The powder will 
be sent by mail free of Postage, for one dollar 
sent to Dr. Houghton, Philadelphia. 

| chased an interest in 
and be will hereafter 

the establishment, 
be associated with 
Mr. Gallagher is 

we hear of another instance \vhie4t may which formerly required frightful, painful ( ;l cons Utit evidence of the public approv- . _ 

be of interest to the lovers of such things, anc ] 0 f teQ dangerous surgical operations a ] The beauty and salubrity of the sit- [.steel engravings, and more than 600 engra- sc 
The names of the parties we do not see fit are found to yield to its mild hut power- uat i on  as well as the spaciousness and vings on wood, in the highest style pf the 
to give at present. Some few days sincc;f u ] influence, it is emphatically the sys- j commodiousness of the College Buildings, art, illustrating almost every implement of 
a married gentleman started to New York j em f or t] 1( . successful treatment of all al . e generally known. It will be the con- j husbandry now in use by the best fanners, 
to transact some buismsi' but instead of the strange, curious, obstinate pains, feel- , stant a j, n 0 f the Faculty to adopt, so far 
taking his legal better half, there was | n g Sj sensations, symptoms, disoigaizations , ls practicable, the plan which it was so 

IEFOBSLRVE THIS!— Every bottle of tlic us in its management, 
genuine Pepsin bears the written signature of widely known as an able political and lit 

ii i S- i 1 *?’ so ! c ,,. pr ”l ,r ‘ ct ‘f- etarv writer and a gentleman of cultivated 

Philadelphia Pa. Copy-right and Trademark J ,, w . 

and complications of chronic disease, and 1 wu |[ an( ] so usefully conducted by its en- 

jightened and benevolent Founder. 

‘something else” of tbe feminine gender 
who accompanied him. By chance the 
circumstance came to the knowledge of 
the injured wife, and she being up to snuff, 
telegraphed to a friend in the great me- 
tropolis to find out, if possible, tbe day on 
which her liege lord would return, and the 
route by which he would come with his j large number besides, in which either of 

a very large number of diseases which 
hitherto have been considered as absolute- j 
ly incurable, have been and can be cured 

by it. It is in a word capable of curing t . 

all the inveterate diseases that any of the Board, including Washing, Mending ’Shirts and 
0 . 1 , 0 , opt-* 1. capable of curiae and a 


\ i n variably is advance.] 

r 1 the best methods of plowing, planting, 
haying, harvesting, Ac., Ac., the various 
domestic animals in their highest perfec- 
tion; in short the pictorial feature of the 
book is unique, anil will render it of incal- 
culable value to the student of Agricul- 

hiladeiphia Pa. Copy-right 

Sold by all Druggists and dealers i 
cine. Price ONE DOLLAR per Lottie. 


L. H. NOBLE, Lebanon. 

J. L. Smedley, Ilarrodsburg. 

D. D. IV oo i)?, Bardstown. 

This work is being published in Semi- 

temporary companion. As luck would , Hiem would be found quite powerless, 
have it, this friendihlt the nail on tbe bead, j pj u t does tbe practice prove tbe theory? 
and last evening, at the Worchester depot, I answer that it docs, and this conclu- 
a scene occurred that was somewhat out of | sively as the many who have already been 
toe regular order consequent on the arri I cured by it can amply testify; bull sttp- of the express train from New Y ork. 1 p OSC those who know myself personally, 
’l*he lawful “missus” met the guilty pair j and the number is large and respectable in 

and immediately weutinto the female rough 
and tumble, giving Iter hair a pulling that 
could not be entitled a shampoo but a real- 
poo. Tbe husband, undertaking to pre- 
vent this emeute, received an awful black 
eye from his loving partner, who marched 
him off to his home, we suppose; but how 
he settled accounts with his wife we will 

Marion county, will be content with my 
own word for it. I take no certificates of 
cures, deeming such, as only becoming 
practitioners who effect only chancs cures; 
the Physiopathic method rests on a basis 
so solid that astonishing cures bv it, ap- 
pear as no great wonder, but only as the 
result of natural laws directed by pro- 

monthly Numbers, of 64 pages each, ex- 
Writing, English Grammar, Geography^- uii i elusive of the Steel engravings, and is sold 

at 25 cents each, or 8o for the entire work 
in numbers, of which there will be at least 

leave it to those who have strong imagina-i fessional acumen and skill, 
tions to conceive, rather than to express ! The following are some of the diseases 
our comclusions, which might not be cor- | n which this new practice lias been found 
reel under the existing circumstances. — most successful, to wil: — Epilepsy or fits, 

Arithmetic, $4- )0 

Board, &.C., (as above,) with use of the 

Globes, Algebra, Geometry, Surveying, Book- 
Keeping, Hissory, Rhetoric and Botany, or 
either of these branches, 47 00 

Board, &c. (as above,) with Tuition in the Clas- 
sics, Higher Mathematics and Philosophy, or 
either of them, 00 

Tuition iu French, (Extra,) 5 00 

Bed and Bedding, wlienjfuruished, 8 00 

Stationary, [Peus, Ink and Paper,] when fur 
nished, ~ 50 

Physician’s Fee and Medicines, per 

Session, 1 50 

TTBooks, and other necessary articles are fur- 
nished by the Agcut of the College, at current 
retail prices; 

O'For those who remain at the College during 
tbe vacations, there will be an additional charge j voted to political subjects, 
for Board of 

Music, per session, 10 00 


taste, and being thoroughly Western in 
Med his education, habits and associations, and 
j conversant with our Railroad and Manu- 
facturing interests, we flatter ourself that 
he will add largely to the value and inter- 
est of the Courier, and render it still more 
acceptable to its thousands of readers in 
every section of the great Mississippi 

The Louisville Weekly Courier, Edited 
and Published by 

W. D. Gallagher A W. N. Haldfman, 



This Magazine has already reached a 
regular monthly issue of more than 100,- 
000 copier, and is still steadily and rapid- j ' v 

ly increasing; The Publishers have en-n s . , .. -. , f •, 

deavored, by a well-directed use of Uie ; papers ... the Un.on, and for tbe quan ty 

J i A nun bin rif i-ivit i.e i   nii tiiiw mv w  

one of the largest, handsomest and 

abundant resources at their command, to 
render it the most attractive and most use- 

and quality of matter it contains and the 
the great care taken in its preparation, it 

ful Magazine for popular reading in the IS p’y 1 ’ 

world; and the extent to which their ef- 
forts have been successful is indicated by 
The London Quarterly Review (Conserva- j the fact, that it has attained a greater cir- 
tive), (culation than any similar periodical ever 

The Edinburr/ Review (Whig), issued. .... 

The North British Review (Free-Chnrch), Special efforts will be made to render P 3 '" 1 lro ™ . ’ ts contemporaries in Ken 
The Westminster Review (Liberal), anil it still more interesting and valuable du- l “ c ^y- ^ |t is almost tin. ut.i j   

ring the present year. In addition to the 

The British Periodicals Re-published 
are as follows, viz: 


Blackivood’s Edinburg Magazine (Tory). [ 

Boston Times 

CoNi'NDtU'MS.- -Talking of conundrums. 

St. Vitus’ Dance, Catalepsy, Sciatica, | 
[ Neuralgia, 

ysis or Palsy, Wens and other Tumors or 
said Old Hurricane, stretching himself all Lumps, some kinds of Cancer, Dropsy, 
ovor Social Hall, and sending out one of oLionic Ervsipelus, Rheumatism, Gout, 
those mighty puffs of Havana smoke which 


_ . . . Polypus, Scrofula, Chronic sore eyes, 

had given him his name:— “Talking of co- B]ind nesSj Cataract, Amaurosis, Film over 
uunilrums, can any one of you tell when a j L | ie C y C  Deafness, Running from the ears, 
ship may be said to be in love?” ( Ozana, Chronic Bronchitis, Asthma, Spit- 

“I can tell— I can,” snapped out Little j tin(r of ) J ] 00l ] i Diseases of the heart, Dys- 

, Turtle. “It is when she wants to be man- 

“Just missed it,” quoth Old Hurricane, 
•by a mile. Try again. Who speaks 

“I do, secondly,” answered Lemons. — 
“Its wheu she wants a mate.” 

“Not correct,”replied Hurricane. “The 
question is still open. 

Scott’s Weekly Paper. 

The Publishers of this large and popu- 
Tic Doloreux, Spasms, Fatal- 1 | ar Family Journal offers for the coming 

year, (1854) a combination of Literary at- 
tractions heretofore unattempted by any 
of the Philadelphia Weeklies. Among 
the new features will be a new and bril- 
liant series of Original Romances by 
George Lipparil, entitled “Legends of 
Last Century.” All who have read 

Although these works are distingdislied , usual ample and choice selections of For 
by the political shades above indicated, vet eign and Domestic Literature, an increas- 
ing a small portion of their contents is de- ed amount of Original Matter, by the 

It is their lit- ablest American Writers, will be hereafter 
era~y character which gives them their furnished. The number of Pictoral em- 
chief value, and in that they stand con- ! belishments will bo increased; still greater 
fessedly far 
their class. 

above all other journals of ; variety will be given to its literary con- 
Blackwoqd, still under the (tents; its 1 Editorial and Miscellaneous dc- 
masterly guidance of Christopher North, j partments will be still farther enlarged ? 
maintains its ancient celebrity, and is, at and strengthened; and no labor or ex- 
this time, unusually attractive, front the se- pense will be spared to render it in every 
rial works of Bui wer and other literarv I way, and in all respects, still more wor- j 
notables, written for that magazine, anil thy of the extraordinary favor with which 1 
first appearing in its columns both in Great • it has been received. 

The Cheapesr Paper in the West! 

As a NEWSPAPER, its character is 
well established. Our readers of many 
years w ill bear witness that for enterprise, 
energy and reliability, it has borne tbe 


the publication of important now's. It 
procures news of internet from all quarters, 
both by telegraph and private express, up 
to the very moment of publication, and 
entirely regardless of expense. 

As a Commercial Paper, tbe Courier 
stands without a rival in Louisville. The 
gentleman who has had charge ol the 
Commercial Department for the hist six 
years, and whose entire lime is deioted 
to it, has no superior, and his reports may 
always be regarded as accurate and reli- 

As a Literary Paper, we intend that it 
shall hereafter occupy much higher ground 
tlmn heretofore. The Tales and Novel- 

pepsia, Gastrodynia, Liver diseases, Jaun- 
dice, Piles, Obstinate Costivencss, Chron- 
ic Diarrhoea, Diabetes, Gravel, Ilip-joint 
diseases, White Swelling, Fistula, Night- 
mare, Mental disorders or affections of the 
I mind, Ac. Likewise the most trouble- 
(some affections peculiar to females; and 
among the diseases of children I would 
particularly mention: Squinting, Stam- 

“ When she’s a ship of great size(sighcs) | mer ; n g ( Rickets including Humpback, 

Scaldhead, Prolapsus ani or falling down 
of the fuddameut; Ac. 

N. B. The medicines are prepared in 
a manner that is especially my own, and 

modestly pronounced Mr. Smoothly. 

“When she’s tender to a man of war," I 
said the Colonel, regarding the reflection 
of his face in his boot. 

“Every thing but correct,” responded } 


“When she s struck aback by a heavy ; ur means used in tbe above cases. 

Lippard’s celebrated Legends of 

American Revolution published for fifty- i^of w iiich\VumerourriV a r'edilimis' In 
six consecutive weeks in the Saturday , j ssuo( j m. 

Courier, will find these pictures of French ! ^ 

and American History endowed with all 
the power and brilliancy of bis previous 
productions. The first of a series of Orig- 

the leading pubishers in this 
country, have to be reprinted by those 
publishers from the pages of Blackwood, 


Scon- A Co., so that subscribers 

s rely 


c , , ., .- . 1T , attention. They will lie both full anu 

subscribers in any part of the United 

will continue 

than any other publication. 

Subscribers iu any part 
States may now receive the Magazine by 

of Blackwood, mail for three cents a number, or thirty- a, \Vhi 

, w . . -,i .i firmlv Whig; but w hile advocating w nt 

;d by Messrs, six cents a year postage, either ot the ' • • • , 

. .. .. . , f . ,t | i iv v-w., ...... subscribers to the Publishers, Booksellers, or Petiodical m f aS a r f S ngpincp 

tnal Novellettes, called “Morns Hartley reprintof thqt Magazine may alwav 
or the Knights of the Mystic \ a Hey, by M h • the KARUEsr rcal jj n r 0 j- 
Harrison H . Ainsworth is abou to be fascinat £„ tales . 

In Politics, the Courier 

— ,g 


intend to do so to the exclusion ot our 

t- , , r.i xr u usual variety. Our readers mav rest ns- 

Each number of the Magazine w i 1 con- ^ r wi| , notfcc surfciu . d w itl. 



commenced. It will be handsomely illus 
tinted with 12 fine engravings, and its 
startling incidents cannot fail to elicit un- ! Fof ' Qne of t]lc four Revjews 
divided praise. Emmerson Rennet, the 1 , ■( i 

distinguished Novelist, the favorite of the 01 a ' 

tain 144 octavo pages, in double columns 
cace year thus comprising nearly two 
Per ann. thousand pages of the choicest Miscella- 
ueuus I.iteaturcof the day. Every Num- 

are remarkably pleasant, in fact almost | West, and the author of some of the finest 
tasteless. No cutting instruments or oth- productions ever read, is also engaged to 



swell,” suggested Starlight. 

“Not as yet,” said Hurricane. “Come 
hurry along ! ’ 

“When she makes much of a fast satlsr 
cried Smashpies. 

Here there was a groan, and Smashpies 
was thrown out of the window. When 
peace was restored Old Iiurricaus “pro- 
posed again. 

“You might have said, ‘when she hugs 
the wind,’ or when she runs down for a 
smack,’ or ‘whi n she’s after a consort,’ or 
something of that sort. But it would not 
have been right — The teal solution is — 
w hen she's attached to a buoy. 

“That’s it, is it?” said Smashpies, who 
had mysteriously re-appeared. “That’s 
what 1 just stepped out to tell the ladies: 
Now some of you tell me when a ship isj 

“When the carpenter regards her, "quoth 
Meistcr Kar 
the cigars.” 

OiT Charges, including medicines, S3 
to $5 per week, where I have not to ride 
out to sec my patients. Boarding can be 
had in this pleasant Village on moderate 
terms, and a stage runs through here from 
Louisville, every Tuesday, Thursday and 

Patients at a distance who are unable 
i to come to see rae, Can, as the next best 
j expedient, consult me by letter. On 
sending an exact statement of the history 
and symptoms of Uieir case, mentioning 

furnish a brilliant Novellettc to follow the 
above. Mrs. Mary Andrews Denison, au- 
thor of Home Pictures, Patience Worth- 
ington and her Grandmother, Ac., will 
contribute a splendid Domestic Novel- 
lette, entitled the “Old Ivy Grove,” and 
[I. C. Watson an illustrated Story called 
the “Two Edged Knife” — a graphic pic- 
ture of Early Life in Old Kentucky. To 
these will be added Original Contribu- 
tions and selections from Mrs. Caroline 
Lee Hail:, Clara Clairville, Lille Liberr.r, 
Grace Grecniocod, and other distinguish- 






00 ber will contain numerous Pictoral Ulus- 

ror any three 

For all four of the Reviews 
For Blackwood’s Magazine 
For Blackwood and three Reviews 
For Blackwood and four Reviews 
For Farmer’s Guide (complete in 

22 Nos. 85 00 

(Payment to be made in ail cases in ad- 


A discount of twenty-live per cent, from ■ or twenty-live cents a number. Numbers 
the above prices will be allowed to Clubs front the commencement can be supplied 
ordering four or more copies of any one , at any time. 

■1 Address “Harper’s Magazine, New 

trations, accurate Plates of the Fashions, 
a copious Chronicle of Current Events, 

and impartial Notices of the important P ul , IYl '“i 1 ” “• 
ts i Jr ,i „ mi i 1 ductions have been 

Boote of the mouth. L he volumes com- 
mence w ith the numbers for June and De- 
cember; but Subscriptions may commence : ^ 
with any number. 

Terms. — The Magazine may be obtain- 
ed of Booksellers, Periodical Agents, or 
from the Publishers at three dollars a year 

also any other affections they may have, : P d writers; the news of the day, graphic 
and at tbe same time enclosing a fee ol | editorials, full reports of the provision,! 


not less than 83. (except in the case 


mon'-v, and stock markets, letters from 

the poor,) they w ill receive medicine with j travelers at home and abroad, Ac., Ac. 

I directions, bv mail, post paid. 

J. BARRY, M. D. 

Fairbieui, Nelson Co. Ivy. May lGtf. 


“Sumshpies, you must find | r pjj E PARTNERSHIP hitherto existing i 

between DUNCAN & STOY,is thisdny 
All those who 

And Snjasbpies brought out his box of i dissolved by mutual consent, 
i, , , fro indebted to the firm cither by note or ac- 

Keoa has, anil behold there came a great . ,, r . 

t- ’ ° , count, are therefore called ujion to coinc for- 

Terms. — One coy, one year, 82; two 
copies, one year, 83. four copies one year 
85; nine copies, one year, and one to the 
getter-up of the club, 810; twenty copies, 
one year, and one to the getter up of the 
club, 820. Address, 

A. SCOTT, Publisher, 
No. Ill, Chetnut Street, Philadelphia. 

or more of the above works. Thus: 
copies of Blackwood or of one Review- will I T ork,” post paid, 
be sent to one address for 89; 4 copies of! 
the four Reviews and Blackwood for §30;) 
and so on. 

Orders from Clubs must be sent direct] 
to the publishers, as no discount from these 
0 prices can be allowed to Agents. 


79 Fulton street. New York, 

Entrance 54 Gold street. 

Money, current in the States w here issu- 
ed, will be received at par. 

cloud over Social Hall. 

Never trust a secret with a married 
man who hues his uile, for he will tell 
her — she will tell her aunt Hannah — and 
aunt Hannah will impart it a profound 
■ i. cu t t" c-.c; one ot female ; -q i .i-.- 

? AllCCs. 

ward immediately and settle the same. 


1*. S. The business will hereafter he carried 
1 on by the undersigned, in ull its branches. — 
' Watches aud Clacks repaired and warranted as 
usual. C S. 6TO Y . 

f^pt 17 t!i, 1855, .St 

( rton County , I(y m , / offer my services 
Remittances and communications should ; to the public generally. Iam ready at 
be always addressed post-paid or franked, all timet to do up on the shortest notice, 

politics through our columns. 

Early in January w e will commence the 
pulication of the Original Stories: 

The Martyr of the Heart, by Miss Mattie 
Griffith; The Little Cripple and hi * 
Foster Mother, by Alice Stanley, 

A ladv of Kentucky, whose literary pro- 
grcatly admired. 

By adopting the Cash System, and 
] strictly adhereing to It, we are enabled to 
still further reduce the price ol our paper, 
and will hereafter furnish it, large as it is, 
at the following \ 

Unprecedently low Rates. 

One copv of the Weekly Courier, 

one year - 

Five copies - do - -. - - do - - 
Eleven coppics do - - - - do - » 
jlVenty-two copies ... do - • 
Postofiice ~ 

•-i v merit of subscriptions. 

No paper is sent from this office w ith- 
being paid for in advance; and every 
cription is discontinued at the erpira- 
of the time paid for, unless previously 

Post masters anil others arc authorized 
to act as agents in obtaining subscribers in 
Having opened a larye and complete Clubs or otherwise, and remitting funds. 
JOB Ob I ICE, in LEBANON Mu- all ardors should be addressed post paid 

Stamps will be received 

$1 50 
5 00 
10 00 
20 00 





T'f'T’ILL attend to any business entrusted tc 
\ \ them in tho Marion Courts and the 
Court? of the adjoining counties*. I’articularat* 
^w^NVECOrF.S of every quslitv and pri e tentiou will be given to collections, 
unhand and for tale, at '.lie fiinting oftke Lebanon . Ky., Non c l l ). 

bex. selbi . to the Publishers. 

(TN ( T ) ffV POUNDS of clean Linncn 
^ ^ ^ and Cotton RAGS wanted at 

the Printing OfTicc, for which the highest price 
CASH will he paid. may 5,tf 



auii for »ale, at the Fiinting office. 

on the most reasonable terms, and in a 
manner to give entire satisfaction, 

Should you want anythiuy done in my 

line, just briny it along, 

ir. ir. jack. 


Courier Steam-Printing Establishment, 
Third street, near Slain, Louisville Ky., 
Such of our county exchanges as copy 
the above or material part of it, will been- 
titleto the Dailv Courier for one rear. 

FINEST article of LETTER 
tr.v can a 

found. low for ca-li »t the Printing Office. 


vis rvrEK that the conntr.v can a (lord may 

Post (Lebanon, Ky.), 1855-12-12

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