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date (1855-01-30) newspaper_issue   LOUISVILLE DAILY COURIER     9     CHEAP gDITiOM    FO    FI T     M    E  i    1    iAi    LS     VOLUME 21  LOUISVILLE  KENTUCKY  TUESD       TV w   r  W   NAtL    lY 3IORNING     TTTT  Uk i fl V    JANUARY   M 1  r  fn 11    30  185 5  NUMBER 25      Dm   CouTjer  per year    Tn we kijr Courier          1 00  26     6 UO   7 50  10 UO  U 00     PUBLISHED DAILY  TRI WEEKLY AND WEEKLY    liY  V  N  HALDEMAN    OFFICE  COURIER BUILDINGS  NOS  5    52  THIRD  SIHKET  NEAR MAIN    TERMS OF SUDSCRIPTION      8 00   4 00   Daily Courier  for the Couulry  auu cheap City Kdj    liOD per year 5 00   Weekly Courier I 50   Five cupiee of Week y Courier  one year tor     5 00   Ktoren vopies                Tweuty twocop es       30 00   PA YME Nr IN ALL CASES TO BE IN ADVANCE    TERMS OF ADVERTiSI NG    One aquare    10 hoes uf ate  or less  oao msertion      each ailUjtional msertion   j    one moD h  without alteration      t umoi ihi             threemuiubs            sixruoiiibs        E oob ad Jitiooal square fur six months 7 5U        twelve mem  hs 10 W    cards  5 Lnes or le s    er auauiu 10 00   One square shaugcable weeKiy           twice a week  0 00      weekiyforsix moatht 35 00            for three months 15 00   r IIalf iMjuare advertisements   5 i uesaga e  or less  in   eorted at 50o lor the first  anl 25c for each suo f   nt m   sort v n    Cy  Editorial notices  mtonJed to draw attention to pr yato  enterprise or has  ness  to luventious  impniV  nietils  and ar   ticles for sale  will be charged al the rule of tweuty couU  perlme    ry Adrort sements kept oa the luside of the paper arc  cLirced an ad luonal price    j  fhe pnyiloffe of yearlv adrortisers will be confined  rigidly tot heir regular buHiiK ss  and a 1 other ad vortisc incuts  not ocrlainmg tu ilieir legoiar bu  ness  to be paid extra    or Funenu  Suo cy  Ch T table a  d Fvditicul uoticet   inserted fur 4ic the tirst  and 25c fo    ach subsequont mser   tiom a d w li not be published unless paid lur ta Jadvaoce    r A l traus ou  aTvertisemonls  Without any oxceptum   mn  nie paiu fur m advance    Cy    nl  c   notices innstbr fiven to tako out or stop ad   vertit cmentx of y  ailv aiivertisera before the year expires    jCherw se we shall cuufiie tdldone  This is the only inwe  of kccj iOg OUT bo ik s aud accAjuots correct  Noeontracls for  early uJviTtiaemenlswiil be disro   mued with out prev   ne  notice Vi us  uor w ll iiuy chr rge  be made ot loss thau oue  yoar at the Yearly rates       y Adver is  mcnlM2  Weekly Courrr  1 W a square fur  the Urst insertiun   iud 50c fur e icii subsequeut insertion   and no aWiemeut fur lonsM or lime      CyAdvertisemuuts trnnfforrcd to our EveSiuj Ldition   r anced 50 percent additioii  i1    f  Excess of adverliswiiients will be charged proport oa   aleiy to the spu o coulraclud for     HALLOS     FOR SALE    SUCH FROPERTY AS IS SELDOM OFFERED   A LARGE lilUCK DWELLING HOUSE aud a  larue splcnJ  J LOT  niuaud n the west side id  Xii Fifth 8tre  i  near Brondwav  Thu  i  a new two story     uuui io huUkO  buiit in liu d  iri siyie  and comprises   i its  ronsirucUu i all late  uiprovoiuciits  It cntains tu rloen  rooms  00 one i ide is a ma u ficcn  par   r   8 by 38 leet  iu d  14 M t celling  back of which i  a large dm og room  piiilry  a  Intchun  a ii two splendid Tcc pl on Toocis oo the uppo   Bile s de antii lOf ethall  n errcn ug    Above are four lar e Chit tube r   Hail  Nnr   cry  R itli room   Servaut s Room  i ii the l  p   f tin huiaei s a line tibsorva   torj   and ugoovl Col ar bvueaih the house  A spaCloo  iwo   stoiy   eran iit i  o froiil  above and beU w  ao l l orchbark   Also  nn extra large Cistern and  Jas and W oter works  Uirougli  ut  This liOUf  i  comir   cd of the very b  sl mate   rials and workmanship  ai d lU stiporitnicmr   was dady in   spected by i ie owner in person  l liesuo ol lot is lOo by    U  foot    This property is oflered at a pnee that will suit the tnues   It IS a sreat bargam and on rr a    uablti terms    Appiy to Iherius Hurley  or tu SA M L  HYMAN   Heal Estate and Sto  k Broker  Filth sU      I W CERTIFICATES    LouisvillC  Dec  33  1354    Mb  Solomons  S r  Thebenrhi 1 h lvedenvcd fromthc  Spfctaules obtained from you  lluluce  n e to expnsstlio  pltfasuro 1 have r c ii od irom them  Ihev suit luy sight  to oduiirati  a  by cuiidieligui as well as  Lv  I u uuwith  the same oin e us wi eu a boy  whjch 1 couM not do with  any other glass t  I have used  A  vr   truly        CAPTAIN JOilN SHALLCROSS    LotlSViLLR  Jan  15  1855    Mb  Solomons  Br ngeompellcdlowcarspecloclei lhave  never been able to get a ps r but what Di3 ie my eyes    sciic  I have tried a great mail    glasses     iit always faded   until 1 ubtainod a pair from  mu  Icau seeby day or caudle  light for any luiigtliot tima wuh the greatest ease aiidcou   lort    Mrs  Wells r  very much pleaeed with her glasses    1 re BHin  yours  truly  C  WEi L8    No  644 Jiedersi  Q street  uext door toPrestoa    Louisvillc  Jan  18  1855    Mr  Solomons  S r  When you rirsl arrived in this city     I called with  vl rs  Heaitie to your oftice   and purchased four  ars of your I atont Spectacles  We fonnd them su  orior  any we bad ever used belore  They r ialwvd more than  w  could have expected  Wo can now seO as eomfortubly  ns when a girl and bov    1 remain yours  rtspectfully    J  A  BtAlTlE    MRS  J  A  BEATTIE  Fourth street   Mr  S61omous can be seen at his office  on Fourth street   between Mom and Market  over Haym nd   Patten s  Drug Store j25 dl  n      culValier wixoff s book    E XTILV  KWNARY publication  My Courlshrp  and Its UoixseqiK hCCj  by Henry Wikoil  A true ao   cmmi ol the author   idventurus lU Kng   ind  SwitaeTlanJ  and Italy    TitU  11   ik  1  C  Gamble  of Portland Place  Lon   doc  VY ih Ihi uupublisli  d corrc  p  ndcaco of Mi sGsin   bJa   Nrs  Geof o Grote  Mr   foshua Uutcs of Barin jUroth      Fire  Marine and Life lusnranec Office    NO  476 MAIN  STRKET    CONTINENTAL INSURANCE COilPANY    New Y rk City    Raid Capital  600 000   MARKET INSURANCE COMTANY    New York City    Paid Capital  200 000   BEEKMAN INSURANCE COMPANY    New York City    Paid Capital 0200 000   iPilCKNIX INSURANCE COMPANY    New A ork City    Paid Capital 0200 000   GERARD FIRE AND MARINE INSURANCE COyfP T   Phila lel iUia    Paid Capital  200 000   Applications for In turance la any of the above named  CmnpAuies will be furwaided to them on aupbeat on to me   and all losses under th  ir doUcios promptly adjusted here    CITY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY   Hartford    Paid Capital  100 000   STATE MUTUAL FIRE AND MARINE INS  COAfP  Y    Harrisburg    Capital  207 000   MU TUAL BENEFIT LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY   Newark  N  J    capital SI  177 000   NATIONAL LOAN FUND INSURANCE COMPANY   Londvii    Capital  2 500 000   Boildings  Mercliandiso  Furuiture and Cargoes  insured  on ver  fuTorableteims    Insurance m the be t SUck Compantes in Uie UmUd  Ftite  4 will be cbCaiueil on the best terms and to any amount  rouuaed          J    calling on me I can satisfy any unprejudiced man that  it will be tu lus pnaoii ary an  perijKu i u  interest to give  meat least ashareof hi  lusuraoce business    Prompt aiiwutjou will always be given to the adjus uiont  of b  9 Kes  aad akl uthor busiucss i niruatcd to me    OtHce No  47o M m eireut  over tho store oi Messrs  Ro   gan  Escolt A Mooro  ELIAS HALL    j2J IS Agoat    Bay State Carpeting    A NKW AaSL  SUP1 KU AUTKJ1 K    RICKIi kD THIS MOR tllHi BT   BK VT A  OUVALL     i  K aro in receipt 111 smorniug of 12 bales of ay State  VT J  elt   Mrpetimr  a lu w ai d superb article for dining  rooms    baniLer   and lialis  Thr Carpets in de  igu at e a  elose imitauon of the m ist elegant Bro v j r  The enlors  nr   briE hi and durable w h le ih   fnbric i f which they are  cumpusvd will w  ar equiil if notbettcrtlum the best trJcr  of 3 ply Cut oiine  We art  prepand to oll r this new arti   cle Ol c ar  fttiug at thonr ee of the ordinary Ingram    Weinvite the paiticuiar aUrtit i n oi IoxiscK  epurs to an  eiaiomation      tii  s   guoii   ns they are great lairgaius    BE ST X L UVALL Cari ctWarchon  e   iJf  557  Vlam str  ct  O  pos tc bank oi Kenl ucsy    DlCiLSONJc GILMORE    IMPORTERS  wholesale and re      iii  dealvrsiu Faie Guns  Pistes and  I lshine Tackle  No  52 Third street     ear   Ix n  Louisville  Kv  ha ojost  received 5U0 hue and plain double  and  siiiTle barrel Shot Guns  Game Bags  Shot Melts  Powder  Fl ists  Percussion Caps  Colt s nml Allen s Kevoivnrs   Gun LiKiks  Kill   Barrels  Sheet Brass and Gun Uareriaisof  all kiiMl   I lno Pwket CuGory  also a large assortuicut oi  fine Fishing Tackle  This  with thrir large stock on hand   mjvkc s their stock very large  fulland complete  which tikcy  respectfnlljr invite niKrciiau  s  guosmiths  and all otbvrsm  want of articles in tlieir lino to call andexanune before par  chasmg elsewhere  _ v    They have on hand some fine Weetley Richards Double  Guns  Boys  English Guos of all kinds  and Hifies of then  own make    r9 K ipjinngdona in thobest manner   fij dftwif            ors  the FmmforNapo  Ua  vur      ptarn Pdlftc   a3        Palni  rst4 u  Marems of     c f Villuite  Dr Piker       NO      lee  ikc    m     V 1     K SDALK    PratHeal Watch aatl I lofk  Maker    118 FOURTH STREET  BETWCLN MARKET  AND JE  yEK ON     Xcarly of pojiite Mozart llalL    Aleo  I caler In C iocka  Mntchp   Jewelry  Sil   ver Ware  Fnucy Gooda  SiriNaors  NeeOlee  Ace    W  D  tenders h s sincere acknowlvdg   rno ds to his many kind nnd warm friends  J for their pasi favors  and shall um Its butt  gQ jjQ mdeavor s to merit a continuance cf the ___    uuo 0 1 ut ilirtakiwj Xo sell lower than any other stoiv in  the ci v  warrar tio    isro  sto ht  what they reuUy are    not what th  y mi bt be   He also vmlertoJus to ciom and  rupair Watches  Clocks  Time P cces and Music Boxes  in a  workinanliko tnuiritr  oil lower terms than any other regu   lar store m the city    jewelry and  Silver Wire carefuLy repaired    Healeo vaderfoAicsnnd innkvs to order Silver Table  Ten  aI Dcssert5pu m    Mlver Euflis  S  np Laillrs  Crones ami  Onvy Spoons  Sugn    Musta  d andSait 8  oon   Cups  Toa   hJers  Goblets  Pitchers  8tc   warranting them of pure sU   vor or com  aud Louisville manulacturs    Also itl  eomc  Odd Fellows  and 8 ms of Temperance  Jewel   made to order at short notice    1 tLio unde t  always to have the comet fhncatiav  More  and in order to insure that point  tske observatiooe   wtMT ftluorday  For the true tune call at   WM  DRYSDALK S   Cosh JeweliT Store  118 Fourth street   MatcrAls and Olusses for Watchmakers  coovtai tiy on  iomd    OrJera from the eouatry promptly etteaded to  jW     Freurh China  Glais and Earthenware    AT COST PltlCK HY   A  JAEGER So CO     Koa  119 Ain  121 Fourth strbbt  MoxaitT UnLMwo    WE have a complete stock of Fancy and GiUed  China  Glass and Earthenware oa hand  also  dou   ble Silver plated gO  1s  Giroudoles  Waiters  Ivory  handle    utlerv  4c   which we  ntuad to se tl effat  c isv price for eash  to moke ro  ui for our spring slock  oon   sj ingin part of the foP rw ng  China Dmiug 5ets  Tea  fi4cs Tculet Sets  Va cs C  p   and KaiiCAra DitHet Threcne   Toa ixite  Hugers otia  Ircems  Glass Tumblers    L impa UiroudoteK      liters  Kmves and Forks  Bird c sos    iUver platud goods lu  euerul  also aoms of Ute very bist  Iron StoueCbin i Ware   c    We invito onr fUeiuls utid ciist  mers te call and pr ooour  atrvfs  if rfKuls bnft re puniu  ns  m wo ere  uro 1 1 givb  thcougrscu  bxrgaiDC and a ilrsiqualitv of goods    A  JALGER fc L O isChiL   Raiponum   Noe  IlVuml Ul r iih  tri rt  Moxart L ill         j25     i     WM  OSBCSN    BIcarliw  Presser  and Mnniirartiirer of all  kinds of Bonnet Fraiacs  Ladies  Riding  Hats  L      NORTH SIDE JEFFERSON STREET  SET  TJfTRD  AND lvti TN   liOUisvii rn   kv      For the 15 vf  K 1 livs S  t it lav     t me   aj l s  udy in lti  uchi ic ries ii     arj Frau   makmr        kind in the West  nnr isu HUr  aK9c l it h i East    sad Imtondto Veep u   w  th liic tiin  s  Anv    iu ii  isiing  uevnui tlieirwoi k may rely  u baviLs it oooe  1 don t say     and itis now tho oiost rniDpit  e nstiM  hu     i    Es   sung   io look f  viil to Q  W i ut 1   ay rs well as  1 c n Iw Joui    AU or lvra  or Fru m    prorn tlv el     i sd to  jl5   a         J TWENTY mw piecM from my own pf       T 0  C  I  s now publMMlitmi     I ttier ciLes     j   CT Ha iust received by D  P  FAUL09               Piibhsberof Mur o    And ImporUrof Musical 101111111100   0    t a 599 Mam ati r     DISSOLUTION OF PARTNIIRMIIP    T he purtucrsbip heretofore existitig  under thshtyleand  ti leuf S rativ 8  Isaacs  is how by  by mulnol coneent   tlusuiw duv  IveJ         M  iflrauv  s anthfir red to sett   all   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Pipes  h   Inches to 15 inches vu dioama er  Railroad CarWbeslaaud  ties  aud othsr Railroad rastings  Thsvare also the ante  manuracturerH of Roys and Frenm  s Patent Hah bferticiog  Mnriime for wagon and carna  e maker s use  which has beva  Uronounced by competent jud   ea to be on  of the greaioet l   or oav ng machines ever invi nu d    Orders from a dirtanre  with satisfactory reference  at  eitiih  will receive prompt atte itien   j24 jly w4 TEYia A BARBABOTTJC      f YORY HANDLE DIBIlHG AND DitftSSkTKKIV  with DoTtble fidvef P a od F irte  also Ivwy Marji e  Ktuvesend Ferk  Poablv 8dver Plated Coetuss  Tea   ots   Spoons  Waiters  Baskets and Candlestteks  torether with a  compute uevittmsuf of Fancy China  for seJe at cost for  otoh  to make room for new impoGatiuns  at   A JAKGER 0 CO S     M 119 and 181 Fourth etreet  under JVloaart Hall      GALT UOUSE BAKREH 0UO1L  PIMfB eubtenber kae tokea the Galt House Barber Shop   J  whero he will be plessed to see tueehl friends and cne   tumors  oe well ae ajl those who wteh tobeehaved or to  have their hair cut ia e superior eiyle  I will see my beet  endenvois to give aatiefaetion to all whofavorme wick their   CO toia  7tl do  JAM y   CARTER    UOTTON   dO bales Cekton received ps  xrrinandAw         THUri IN 0 CO      JM     M OLAShES   217 half bbls P alltatlon Muli sees  laniiag  from lUomer Lexington  and for sole ty  J55 jL ILAWSON      LAND FOR SALK    I offor for sale siTty threo acres of land  about throe    lies west from Louisville  near tho IPiokirk rixid    in l apart of the larni of Felix Gaar  dereased  uooa  the following terms   tne ttiir i cash  and the mmaiD   derin one aiiJ two roars   v th interest  Persons desiring  to purrha se will apjdy to H  W  Gaar  iieir the land  who  will show the same  The property is enclosed  b it w itliout  any oilier improv inenti   boviiig aoout seven acres fioo tim   bered land     p ly to A  L  GAAH    i jOdiv 2m Brownsbofo   Ky      FOR RENT    THAT desirable warehouse on Wall street  west       i  side  fiovt door to the house of Conb   Mart u 0 Co  ii_iiLFossessiOu givou immediately  Apoiy to   W  RIDDLE    At Office Franklin In uianco    mpany   j 6 d6 Main i r ot      FOR KENT    A MODERN BITI T HOUSE  m goixl condition      Bt cenDally situated  with ten roouiv  kali  ga   and fix     nj  turex  wiH be r  ul J very low t  e go   l lenaut   p    K90  sioa given about the 1st of F bruarv    Apply 10 Df  J  rt PIIITI K    ji   i2  Jefferson st  bct  Sixth and Sevoii h         Mo     _nvf r  J   K  ur  ti at Vie mildini   g rupiel as a rlothtng  O     i Messrs  Smiui   wha cy  ou tn  northeast   iL    Tliiiil r u l  Markot strrstt      F   fte       iliiiil r u l  naraoi sirrsis    Cvuutmg Hoorn of Lindoaberger 0 Co   510  svly      Vew Coal OtUcc      O H OWEN  formerly of PitUburgh  Pa   has opened  in    ofBce ou Third stieot  ueug inv river   ea i  sulc  where  ppootainttciirioS willbopaid toibo r  t i1ling ol Coal of the     very best quality  direct froriLthe PiMvourgh rainos  r d at  lUo lowei t market price  la connect  on wuh lb nbove  1  d  mike advaoces on consignment  to fnemis at PiUkburvh   payoff crews  le hiie  fuminh and forward cm rocs of eool  to Now Orleausof elsewhere  ateoiJing to order    Fr un long eipenei re in the coil oi crn  ons  1 luj c to be  able to give entire sat sfai tioii to Uu se who may favor nio  wi ale b usuisvs  Per ailnce  fcevtml ce voee o  coal  for a to arrive  bv wholesale  Now is the lime to pur   chase from first hands     _   Keferenre  Coal Meroha nts geperally jH  13tawlm   COAL LANDS ANU COAL MINE AGE NXY    I N connection with my iieneral Brokerage Business  1 wiU  attend to th   porchioe  sale and leasing of Coal Lands aiid  Mines  have mode n sol  familiar with the Toai liiUrorts n  the Lower Ohio  Parties desirous of hrmnog their Coal  Lands mio mailwji  or ra   talisu wishing to o ake inrost   aients in CVwl Lands or Coal Mines  wiM please adflress orcaU  K  WKini al bis Couniuig Rooms      jlOdU     563 Man street      BLACKING    D m  BENKRTT would respectjully inform the mer     chants of LouikvilU aud his fneuds generally  that he  hasreoenUv putehased the Blacking Establishment for   merliaonducted by C  C  8toU  in tiuacitv  and widl m fu   ture manufacture Oil article of iMPROVEf  BLACKING   equal to sn  made in the Umtod Slates  and will be pre   a   d to supply dealers with tho same at reduced prices      trus s be will meet w th liberal patronage from those  V s  Wal la Riacking  and that all will feel disposed toen   caurage a hoaei manofarturer in brefvrsuee to sending to  other mties for an article that can oe prepared m good and  as cheap amongoureelves  I  M  BENNETT    j28 dSmtaw     Druggist and Chomift   Prrsioo street near tlreea      N SW SCt4O0L B 0 OH S   Vouman s Uhenncal Atlas  or  the ChsiHislry of Fauuhai Objects  A eenee of beau   tifullyO    ddilKran s     irwn sPrifDeTf Clais Book of Botany  lor sshools snd  families  Quoitu  lUusirated              een and Cong J  n s Class Book of F otany  Analytical  CUiv Book of Botany in two parts  I lusiraicd by a Com   peodo Ji Fl  rs  quarto      ooneirsPnmary  leography  fomvng j4irt fiistcf a sys   tomatic series of School Geogrtphia  by S  6    orneil  Quar   to  Illustrated      Porkius  Geometry  PiSm an l SohJ  01   0   Flam a  d  S  her cal Trigonometry and Metisiira    n  with Loganih   mic and Tri onomsir c Tables  t y Gforse H  Pcrkiu   LL       jjfl MOR TON A t msWOLD    LOOKING GLAr AKB  NILVKK WykHE AND  CLTLEKV AT  J  fsin uii AN 9    Onn LOOKINO Gl ASSEs all sixes  20 pattoms ofaa     irted  SiWer pl ilcd Forge     lutlar l Spoons  Tea  and Table Spoons  JO pa terns oi assorted Table Cui err  inil  a g        rarely of Ctunmon Br   ian a  T a and rabic  Spo  ns  fur solo at wholesale prices  at   jio   J  B  SHERIDAN S       T03I V F  HF  10I E V    AUGirUTlOCrr ANO HUII DElt    01  9e   rU Shup on Main street  above Floyit      I    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Dus  Fraoei ico Navarre VillosUda  1 vol   price  1    P ansh and Other PoDcilmg a  by Kn won    MileStoues mour Life s Journey  by Uogood  1 vcA  Tho Hearthstone  by Oegou j  1 vol    Elvosantsof Intellectual Phtlusophy  Waylond    The Life of P T  Bsmunu by himself  1 vol    History of the  institution of the United States  Curt a   1 vol    Bunny Menories of Foreign Lond    Lsinplighter  by Bruno    llie Lost Heiress and the Young HasMid    Haartsease  or the BrotliHr s Wife  by the author of   The  Heir of Redclvffn     Received and for sale by  i26     MAXWELL 0 CO    klatn street  near FiH     R uth hall   io ecpies Ruth Hall  a Domestic Tale of  tbe Present Timo  by Fanny Fern  lvol  13m   Just  received and for sale by MAXWELL 0 CO     126 451 Mom street         SERVANT GIRL FOR HIRE    hire for the  w to wash and iron  and     A GIRL  17 yeareold  for hire for the remsiitder    tbeyvar  U oderxUnds       a good house servant    Add rss s bex 916 through the p osloihce   37 d5  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 Pickvis Twm   Curoage  Brooms  Matts  Wood      was t     iraJJy auarryicg si  from the pribon  On  twenty and thirty of  hooncr lyin  near the  They were purinied  ban Pable Point   took place  in  them rrorial   thf following   filing  03 the    Island  were  ne sixty of  ying at the  of her  lu  the tniards   board and  liJ another  ing her in  the eauuou  re  l  at   8udi a way   to risk killing  1     400 yards  the  cannon W 00     The cannon    be second dli     Knipc    al grape 3hot  passed throngh the  f ank 4 of prUonern  doing some c xecation  It la said  thfib some were tkiowu overboard  supposed of         shot miftsed  and the   rs in their cells  and  iitilh 5i whale boat  started In piir oit   gitivo off from Point      and forced Ibcm to  Cootra Oosta  PiinuteH after   ral mile   A  3evcTal badly     conrae to be killetl  guard placed the  prepared to folio  kept f  r that pi  andRUceceded i  Pan Pablo  jnM  hm 1 on tliL  ti  side  The gi  when a ninoi  nf the  t mnded    Afler tU  were vigi  qed to fire  nnited fire  tion of the   aljODt twei   tion fled  The pri K ne  another f mnll t   escaped  and had  counts    Terribla Flaht Bet   Ten Me      CoEta  they  locontin   void the  a i or   Pin dc   olhcr por    possession of  wbioh they a  kin  Q at the last ac    end llobbera      The   eived the following     Plaokrville  Dec     i  mocrnf  extra  bUTS    V        startling inleliigenot  la  Lnirht after our paper had  been worked off  Rocky Canon  the place of the  tragedy  U a deep aod almost ii acccBsibte ciuion   ab  ul forty miles north of this place  near Todds  Volley  and uninhabiUd    Roexy Canon  Dec  20  1R5     Ko olfirer having  been within a convenieat duUnce to atte  d to a  case of emergency that has just happened near our  isolatod camp here  the uodcrMlvned constituted  themselves acorontr  jary  and held an inquest over  the bodies of twelve men that were killed within a  mile of our camp  on the Unh inst  which we deem  it our doty to publish  Three of the undersigned  were eye i tnessea of the wliole sc ne  tbongh too  far off to give aid iu any way  and the rest of us  oan readily vouch for their accaracy    On yesterday  IlHh ir t   three men  who after   wards proved to be a Mr  Jam fi C  McDonald  of  Alabama  now deceased  a br  Bolivar  A  Sparks  of Missisi  ippi  and Capt  Jonathan R  Davis  rf  SoQih  Carilina  were traveling on fool on a trail   within a mile of our camp  to prospect a vein of  gold bearing qnartz  some twenty or thirty miles  north of this place  Arttheywers parsing the ba e  of a mountain  three of the underaigntd  being out  on a huuting exped tion on Its side  saw a party of  men  who wer eoacealed io the boahes near the  trail  spring upand coromenco firing at them  Mr   McDonald had fallen dead  He had a pistol shot  before he w as even aware of his danger  lie ard  his party had nothing but their revolvers  Tho9   Sparks  ot twice at the banditti  and then fell se   verely wounded    In the meantime Capt  Davis  who was the first to  coramen  e shooting in deft nce of himsolf aid party   ill an ln  tant after the first volley of the robby   be   ing sllfj unhurt  kept up hn inceoroint flrfn prtb  them with bis revolvers  every bsU   rriog its vic   tim to bite the dnst ontU all th  load s of both par   ties seemed io luve been discharged  Theoniy sur   viving robbers made a charge upon Capt  I aTii  with  bowie kuivYS and one with a short sword or sabre   Capt  Davis stood firm on hl  ground nntil th  y  msbed op abreast ef him withm   ibout four steps   He then made aspring upon them with a Ir rge  bowie knife  w arded off their b ows o s fast as they  were aimed at him  gave three of them wounda that  soon proved fatal  Having wounded the other r ns  very slightly  ar d discriuoi him by throwing   Is  knife in the air i u warding off a blew  as this  man expressed in a tone of gralitoda before hia  death  Capt  I   went to work at once tearing up bis  OW D siiirt and blndiug up all the wounds of the Ur   iug  of both bis frienda and olc mica On an txamin   ation of Ibe peri ous of the deoeaaed af those that  commenced the attack on Ctpt  D  aad party  wo  diticovared papers  carefully oonceaJed in their     uackata  porportiou to be a copy ef laws and by   laws  by which they were govtmed    The last cf this band has juit died  His wound he     thought himself but slight  aod seemed In a fbir way  of recovery  autU within the last honr had corrobo      rated all tbe evidenec proven by the papars in bit   S ockets  If Dr  Soarks Is well enough to travel    r  Davis speaks of moviug him down to his frieads     to morrow  In conclusion  we deem it due to state  that ft oro all the evidenee before oa  Cap  D  aad  his party acted soMy in aalf defebee  We said the  communicatloD to your pa er  heoocae the bearer  having a very sickly family below will travel post  bast all night t  PlocairUls      Signed  W C Tbomi  Robertson  O  W  I  Hart  T J G 0 llibQ 8      A  Newman  J  C   lis  A  Ilaghes  J    Trist    Another  Wm  Henderw   Yesterday  pen witbi   iHirtoer   hafli  saw t  vinoe   a mo  iug  dowi  ty 0   an  figb  the  gnish  bravely  Were  stxelchj  loDTir  robbei     dor ly    of the  had ten of  probably rcoovt       Joseph Hampton  P  S   I  J  E  Norris  I  A    er 0  8  Wingate  W   Marshall  T  C  Wal   Claike  aud J  E    a  Dec  20th  to      having lost his w  3 ght hand  iHi     g scene Io bap   bile two of my  bunt over tbo  U8  aud   or  Coll   ated for   a feel   hasten  Tile pnr   the trail    In the  hat above  liy dtitin     fighting  nearer  we  men lying  then dead  be   to a party of  y of Hiree ae eud   rebbera  Three  ui Inet iiigiit   ive  arrives  who will  is marked  however  for life      in hHo  end the forefinger of hie  of Utem were shot through the  pua  who see  to be bot little   Jpoetd of two   ory aeQ  and four  iouoed Of  Craiiobs   days ago  and  rday  Although  oles io Capt   rough his hat and  h received but    BSTEIA   rtqig at Ma    Vheol bar      S UHVEYOftS   Sunraror    fur al bx     M      Frui   liorT      War   FO kot    ic    1 EVKLING INSTRUMENTS   Two aoperturLoTeluiJF  i lastroxMi     oo bout  and for vela low br  jt6 FLETCHER k BENNETT      COMl ASSKS  A rood a aorinj nt of  n ia   ja  Loud Chon   0c   on hand and   j 6 FLKTCHI R 0 BENNETT    ATHEMATICAL INSTRUMENTS   a fin  a i   mout orixleby FLETCHER 0 BENNETT    T HKHMOMilTEKS     I larae astortmoot of Tbormocn   etori  Magn  yinx GlOAsot Spr G ne e   kc  for sale br  jS6 FLETCHER   BENNETT      ICS  45tt Tcss  a prim  article  received and for sale  bv X a  D  NEWCOkUl 0 BBO      C UTLERY  A fine a eurtment of Pocket and Pon  Ruiros  Se 9   4 r   Ua  ors  Ra or Strops  0c   on hand  aod for sole br W FLETCHER 0 BENNETT   OLASSES       300 bbls PlanV   On Molasses    50 do Rugerhomw do    50 1 3 Ibis di    Forsaie bv fl        GARDNER 0 CO      laugh at     doep in yartff  Buffalo    PreBidont Jeffersow  ol at Wfibhirgton   js  A fine trick waa  other evening by a lad   D tbe canal  Some one  ice  ar d Izutan ly ran  ftt the youngstereztricated  at fearing a flogging  he  opU rallied  and aearcbod for  along time  and prayers In some  meetings oftha evening were offered     The lADatowD   JackaoD Co   Democrat  seye    It is reported that a OermaE naar Preetewn  In  this coQuty  formerly of N  Albany  on being ebargsd  with larceny  took 8ir  chnine aud died lo a few min   utes  This oeenrred last week  We did net luorn     The Seine ol Sevastopol    December 20th   On the night of tlie 20 th  the   sorUe  already rtported by telegraph  was made  figc iD3t the iirjtitiii lines  Cnfortuoately  a portion  of the 50th regiment of foot  against whom the at   tack was at first directed  were taken by surprise  aud were obligea to tly to the nearest battery for  protection  which opened upon the advancing Rus   sians with shot  shell  aud rockets  All the camp  was oalled to arms  and tlie French opened a cross  fire on the Russiaus  who were obliged to retire with  considerable loss  The allied loss was about thirty  killed    December 22d    Correspondence from the camp  at Ba aklava meiitiouH that lUHuy of the stores and  luxuries  raised by subscription iu England  had ar   rived  and i roved exceedingly acct ptablc  Most of  the army was butted  chieriy iu apartments dug  in the ground  aud roofed iu with tent poles and  canvas       Our  etters def iribe all sorts of change   in the  weather   bitter cold  followed by comparative heat   occasional sunshine in the morning  ending usually  in hail  and finally in heavy r vins    December 30tb    The railway from B ilaWava to  the camp is to be commenced at onee  Sick   ness was on tbo Increase  ITndLr this date Prince  Mensebikoff writes that nothing important had  taken place before Sevastopol  The fire of the  allies w aa very feeble  and caused scarcely any  damage    January 2d   A dofipatch from St  Petersburg of  date the lUth  has been received from Prince Men    LikolT  d ated  2d  says   Nothing    m wbas occos fi  We annoy tho tnemy   oy night sorties  la one these wa made ten  Zouaves prisoners          Tbe garrison is conslracting a bridg  of bo vts  which will connect tbe city of fe vastopol with tbe  forts ou the north side    The French army before fWvastopoI will form  two corp  te under GeU4 rals Pvllss cr sad Rosqaei   The first is to prosecute the iegc  aad the se  ond  is to act in the field  Gciw rrJ Oanrol ert will tx   crcisc tbe chief comjr and as hitherto  Iiirkisli  guns  horses  and men arc daily lauded at Eupatoria   but advi  es of tbe 1st iiisf   any that the force would  uot b   avuiliublo for tho field fur u week or te   days  to come    A date has been so ofl  n fixed f   r the a   3ault on  Sevastiqi l that It w ixThapfl scarcely worthy of  mention Ifiut tbe 5th jor fi h of Janu ry is cqti v  Kider d the Jay wheu  ie attack wUI certainly be    made    A tolegmphic line is now la operation between  Vienna and liuchauKt  and will socn be completed  to Varna  and thence by the aubmarine ronte  tu the  Crimea    A corrcspondeDt of Iho Salut Publique  of Lyons   atuus that  iace the two recent att icks  the French  have completed immense works  which will double  their means of action  The French batteries  which  were only eleven iu uunihor   ire now tripled and  armed with guns of heavy culibre  brought from  France or landed Lora the fleet  The line of trenches  is ueaily thros leagtu s in extent  One hundred and  sixty Fiench gunswer   ready to open fire  and only  waited aotil the Engliah b Utei ies should be com   pleted  As tbe batteries of Sevastopol mount 3C0    ieces on the mnd side  it would seem that the allied  220 gens cannot silence them  without an a  sault   The garrison had fbr three wet ks past  bt n ton   piructing additional worki of defence between tbo  FlagstkiTandQuarautiue bastions  Mcn  bikoff hns  retired with the main body of Ills army between  tbe right bank of Tcberraya  the main of the  peninsula  and the Balbeck  and ho endeavors to  make good bis position and bivcoromnnication with  Sevnatopol by covering his army by immense defen   sive works erected along the b J  of tbe Tenor   naya    Ilis fowe at the proaenl momect does not seem to  exceed 80 000 men  Aa already stated  Gen  Lipran   di s divialon  which threatened Dalaklr vn  has joined  the main body of the Ru sian army  but he has left  from 5 000 to 6 000 men in tbe mountain pa   sesfrom  the Tctiernaya to tbo hilla before Balaklava  The  duty of these troops is to watch tbe movements of  the Allies  they arc only 8cparato l by the plain of  Ba oklava fromthc allied Lne of circunivallation and  from Gen  Bosquet s di visiou  In addition to the  great w orks directed aguiost tbe city  tbe allied ar   mies have constructed strong defensive works on va   rious p iinis  Balaklava  is coveoed by many re   doobts to pre cut attacks  Ou the silled e xtren e  leff tbe treochi s have been pushed to the fbr end of  tbe Qnarantlne Battery  under tbe guns of the fort   so aa to usfure direct communications with the sea   Su h is the enaemhU of the works of attack and  defence  and the general dispositions of the allied  armies    Odc  a l  U r6 of Hi  Uh Demaber montlFn that   f se nie days t b jr  aWapsk of pR   hi   Sbvastopol    A general order boa boen i SQed  t  reugh Lord  Raglun  rignifjing the Qaccn s approbatien of the  conduct of the troops at the battle of L ikcrTnarm   and amiouuciog that a medal will be i sHued to oU of   ficers and soldiers who have servetl in the Crimea    The MontUur de VAnnte publishes the i allow   ing extract of a letter  dated before Sevastopol   19th uU    Lord Raglan came this morning to onr headquar   ters  He is a good rider  and does not appear to feel  tbe want of the arm wbioh he kft at Waterloo  De  looks wf 11  has a good color  with u beard a littlo  grey  He came without auy ceremony  wearing a  cap covered with oilskin  The KuglKli are the moet  free and easy men we know  The following  which  occurs under onr owu eyes  will appear  perhaps   scarcely credible    In the treuchee tney light a fire  make their tea   and then sitting down on the back of the Uenoli   quietly smoke  Tbe sentinel now and then g H s and  loelDi over the parapet  and if he sees netbing  he  coiDea duwu aga n amongst bis comrades  A shell  falls hut no one takes auy notice of it  If one of  tbe party sbr nid be bit  two of his oomradee rak  up and carry him away with the greatest corneas   tbe ethers do not stir  With us we are careful not  to make auy fire    We suffer more In tbe trenebee frera this clrcnm   eiaooe  bat we bare leee caeuaUties  aa the smoke of  a fire forma a good mark for tbe enemy  s batteries   The engiot tn contioac tosurroaod Sevastopol with  their treneb    wbieb arc now at 90 metres from tbe  place  It le at this distance that the third puralel Is  placi d  We are prepared to eaUblUh ourselves by  mam force in FlagatalT baaiion as soon as tbe Eng   lleb artilleiy shall be ready to support utirs in bllene   log the cross fire of the eaemj    Mtiveiueats ef the Rustiaae    Tbe Soidiiian FVrvtid  ae tbe latent news from  tbe P isaian army in tbe Crino a  stye that General  Meaechikeff  menaced ut onc4  by tlie bulk of the  allied army  aud by th    force divembaiked ut Enpa   loria  bad called in all his detached corps  A coon  cil of war wae held immediately alter the arrival ef  Baron Osteu Hackeu  when it was reselvod to await  the arrival of tbe third corps  aud the reserve of  the fourth  and then to take offcuelve racaanres   Osteu Sacken was watcliing tbe Turk  at Kuiiatoria   The Kri ncb have  in the meantime  auginenlcd the  garrison at Fopatorla  and on tbe South aide  tho  road which wae formerly open to tbe Co  saoks  is  now  closed to them  as it is under tbe range of Uio  guns ef the Henry IV    Omer PevHa s Movements    Omcr Pftsba embarked for Hnleklava wUb a view  to com ert movementa with the comnundors iu chief  of the alli  d armies  Omr has taken effective  ineaii   to bring a force of 50 000 men and 00 guns  into the Criaiea  Teu thoasoLd Turks have alrpady  landed at Eupatoria  QD Ur the immediate orders ol  tbe English General Caunos  Omer was accompa   nied by the French Colonel Dicu  tbe English Com   midriary Genera  EiniBons  and Rustem Pusha  De  would ruturn in eight or Uu days     Fr CD th  Wilk  bxrr  Umoa  Jan  54     Powder Mill ExpL eion  Tw  Lives Lest    On Thnimlay eveniog lobt  about 7 o clock  tbein   babitantti of uur town wero suddenly aroused by a  loud expDsion  that shook the whole village and  tbe bulltlisge around for several miles  It wassoon  ascertained that the large powder manufactory of  Messrs  Parrish  Silver k Co   situated about two  milca below tbe borough  had exploded  blowing to  atoms the drying hoiue aod glazing bouse  destroy   ing tbe atock house and coal house  and also utterly  destroying the frame of one mill and unroofing the  other  The powder in prooeas of manufacture in  these latter buildings did not explode  At tbe timo  of the explosion  two boys  aged about 19  were in  tbe packing booKe  as ia suppoeo     one a white boy   named Joeepb Bhoada  and tbe other a colored boy   named Jerry Cooper  They were found tho next  morning  having been blown about 1 90 yards  badly  torn uud ZKumgfod    The ej Ioeion oc orrcd in the drying and packing  house  There U no pewible way of explaining tbe  immeoiaU  caneeof tbe eataatrophe  as the only per   sona that could have known anything of the matter   In the first instauco  were the two boys who were  killed  There were about four hundred kegs of pow   der  finished and uufiuiabed  debtroyed  Total loi3   about  2 500    The glaae in the windows ef all the booses sHua   ted about tbo mills wero broken  and iu some eases  the sash and daom destroyed  Roforo tho report  was heard  the light could be seen for miles  which  wo  soou followed by a crash that made tbe stoutest  trsmblo  and that seemed to shake the very earth bo   neath tboir f et  Tbe blackened  burned  mutilated  corpses of the two boys  presented a sad spectacle  to look upon    Fivc sixthfl of the Memphis Whig ncw3pa   per establishment  together with one tbo job  office  were purchased at acetion  on the 2t th inst    by Mdj  K  E  Gilliland  for the sum of  7 850  The   paper will moke its appearance again In a few days  It lias been under auspemdeu since Chrlstmao      Alleelmny County lIrinxiMK hU victim to Uiie   City to have an Abortion pn duced  The matter   before  0  Mayer Arreet of a Doctor    Yesterday forenoon  the particulars of a recent  case of seduction of a pretty girl 21 years of age by  a Methodist clergyman  residing in Alleghany Coun   ty  in thin state  were made known to nis Honorthe  Mayor  the unforluuato victim having been brought  to this city  to avoid the exposure and di  igraco  whicu threatened the white cravated preacher   jheuld the girl he bad ruined longer remain in his  neighborhood  The facts  os near as aacert iued   are about as follows  Some seven mo 0 th 8 ago the  preacher   whose uamo for tbe present wewithhold   in order that public ju  UYe may not be delLStvd   aa  is alleged  bad the girl in question cmjiloycd in hs  faniilv as eearnstrcs    During a portion of thia  time his wife wassick  and absentfrora home  These   to her unfortunate  circuin8tanccs favoied the object  of her hustiand  who as is udeged  ou teveral oc   casions entered the room of the young woman  and  by bis smiles  d  vices aud promises managed to ef   fwt her ruin  Some partietilars of his conduct wero  divulged  and he  to keep bis wife iu the dark ged  miiintain peace and hu  ai ny in his family  as well os  the cougivgation over which he presided  he pre     tke young woman to accompany him lo   this cily  iu Order that she R ight here receive such  medical atteudanco as was noce  ary  and  at the  same time   avoid the i robabIe consequences of  an  ozposore    Upou reaching NcwYoik lhia sanctimonious per   sonag ongaged board for the victim to hl 3 paaKicna  at tbo Coopor Uouec  Bri ad ray  and at  e sai   ti e secari    kUe b yv ces of accoimnoda iiM  doetors of q   Stiouable roput T in Whits strectl  paying them  it it tcid  the sum of  500  to atu iidf  the patient and precure au abortion  besides leaving  money with them lo pay her board ami defray ether  Doces  ai V expen ses  The Cooper House b  Ing found  too coa  y a place for liie purse of the i  riest  the  P K r girl wa s a  on rcmoveii from there to Savery s  eating house  Beekuan utrect  thence to a snspi   cl  Urt bouse in  ullivan btreet  aod lastly to a house  of pro  lSti tioo iu Wes r Broadway  aLc qnack  4   to  earn their money  have  from ihne to tiim   adminis   tered such medicines as were c  ilcnlalt l to produce  the det iicd result  but some three week  ago  much  to their disappointment  ilvJr jiaiieni  who i  they  were slowly murdering  became tho mother of on  emaciuted  aickiy looking chi d  which live i til   about ten days ago  when it died  but not witheut  saspicions being raised by those in tho home that  the quacks were ia Bome manner iuBlnuncstul in  producing death   Inc conditi n  of the poor girl was now fully de   plorublc  and bebig without home or friends in the  c tv  hc ides being at tbe mercy   f the qmwks  she  knew Hot v  htre to go or what to do  Since her ar   rival in tbe city  she hug several times written to her  rsl uivas nt home  mrking known soiut  of her ouf   ferings  but not portraying la r real condition  A  d      or two siucc one of her brothers wrived in the  city and laid the matter before Mayor Wood  who   With his usual coinoiendablo promptin ss  dispatched  an officer to toe house iu West Broadway where the  gild siill w w  t j bring her before him should she be  able to leave the preniwc v  This wa s done  when  But  madt  a leugth fcfBdavit  stating all the princapal  facts asconneerrd with lier unfi rlunHtecaso  Other    ifldavits were taken  on wljch Mayor Wood 5 ssued  bis wnirant for the abortionistfi who hsd taken the  matter in liaiid for the prie t  One of them was ar   rested and brocg at bc ore the   Iayor to undergo an  I xn  ination on his i lleged participation in the ne   farious transaction  His accomplice will probably  soon be arrested    A   1   Express    Miicellaueous Items    The medical students in the Nashville Uni   versity have presented Prof Bcchunan  a fine  gold   beaded caue    J  Tho New Orleans Picayune says tiic sale of  tbecffectri of tbe hate H  R  W  Hill  in the hands  of McfWTi   J  A  Beard A May  has proven far inoro  ttvorablc than might have bceu expected  Du   ring tbe layt two days they have bceu disposing of  the hands  aud the prices realized show a high  average  They numbertd 154  of both eexes  and  all agt a aad sizes   were sold iu familica and siugly   aud brought the aggregate of  12 4 155   an aver   age of  806 20 each    A fight occurred under tbe hill at Natchex    on Saturday night  Jan  20th  between two men  uamed John brackable and J  MerlhoUc   ia which  ritackable was so futally wounded that be died on  Weduesday morning  aad tbe other so that he is imt  expected to Hurvive  Ton persons present were ar   rested and lodged in jail as wituesbes  They have  since been di cuargud     A boy w  is drown fd in BnioWtfn  3 day or   two since  under v vy sihgula cii CUQi iajtc iS  Ua  Titl d With bis iflOtbei in an old cunal ts    mar tfrf  Atlautif Docks  The mother  au Irish woman  bad  dro  ped ticiuo artieles which she was wasbing izv  to the river  Not haring anyth og handy to b  liicni out  she conolnde   to tie tlie little Pat to a  rope  and angle for her lost property with this pr    cions bait  Like a true Irish woman  she let go tbe  rojie while the child was in the  vater  and to her  great grief and astonishment the boy was drow Bed   riUe was acquitted of intent to murder    The amouut of wool grown io the United   States in 1854  ws   70 000 000 pounds  The im   portations for the same period  mostly in a manu   faatured state  were 140 000 000 pounds  making  over 200 00     00 pounds consumed in the Uuitea  StaUH io one year    The Wa shington correspondent of the Even    in  Po it fumi shes Bome iutereating particulars r    specting the sickness of Mr  Mason  our Minister to  France  It seems bo had been to an Imperial levee   and on his return engaged in a game of whist  which  oocnp ed him uatil two o clock in the morning  Ha  was 9tnck with paralysis soon after retiring  The  corro  pondent also elates that General Dix  whose  name bos been msutiui ed in connection with the  French mission  is detained at Florence by the serious  illness of one of his sons  who is labonug under a  Kvere pulmonary affection     For tb  LooisviU  Courier     To tho Aaonfmono Letter Writer    And of him I would first remark by qnoona   The moo whe hoaorably offends  wo must rueet m  honorable flvht  The cur that Hueakisgly atteupUi  to tear onr Eeels doiarvos a cur s ehasllseraent    a  kick  If tbe iboe flt s  wear it   thou stigmatiood  coward in ambu h   thou more than assaiuin  for  Ihon wouldflt feign secretly to rob  by that ca   lumniating  unmly member  of thine  too 91100     H9t on lira of bell  that brightest gem from tho  coronet oi womai  that pearl of piioelesa worth   dearer to her by far than Ufa itself  her spotluaB  purity  Uo  unenvied one  bnt know this  that thca  art  idea iflad  and wherever you go  indignant ju   tice will echo tothygni ty couscienoe  T4ot  nr   thsman    Go  coif closely b  iaenth the shade ef  some deep  dark everg een  that may perpetaat    E nsilaBurJty aod daftr rdueaj  and   eek in thy loc y  ness and solitude beneath its branches  1 beg of  you  saek eomu gued reflector  that thou jnaysl  behold that which would lend beauty even to tby  dijtorted featares  the first blush oj shame  Go   crouchinT coward  witbout th  stmhlanve of a  man  TEUTH    Louisville  Jan 30   dl    PXTBliO NOTICE   Ktislitoii  Clark   Co s Co I Liver Ofil   TKRlfcte firm of RUBHTON  CLARK t CO     clredby the i eMhof Wm  L  Uushtoo   tho on y p ra ft  of tbe name of Ii aeht jQ over connected a ith tbe firiuJUt   buejoere mfuture will be coiitioaed hy   UEGJKJn lLSr  CL AUK   CO     SnrviTuw pnrtaori odU eole auccaseors oi K   C  0 Co    J0 5  QT3 uBd 511 BrondwoT   all cunnoctioQ with tlie eiur  No  lU Aator llooae  btitog  diMoutiuued    Oar Mr  Hesoman biw been oonnecied wtUi t0e eetub   hehment Cwoaty SiZ jeare  and for twelre years been a  partner  and bud the priiicipal charge of tbo bucineee  nail  with tbe benefit uf hie ezpenene  and the combined eftartti  of each member of o dr firm  we tra t to merit and reaerve  a ocKitiaas Dce of th  patronage so liberally extended to xt9    The  xcnnine Cod Liver Oil    hitherWniadobyR   C  0 Co  wdlin future be made only  by as  It wae onr Mr  Clark who went to Newfoucdland to  superinteBd its rnaunfactare  and warrantit pare    Our Oil 18 sold by oil the most r  spactable draggirts te  th  United States    Caution  Be carefaltoseo that the name  HEGEMAl   CLARK 0 CO  IS on e ch label  nad liie signalore ni io  the cork of each bottle  wiUiuat which it is not genome   i37 dlmZdp     MARSHAL S SAL       Hoot 0 Cope   aeamet  Zimner nad  BoU  Alnch 0 Dowell         Chanoory      H Y Tirtaeof adecree of the I rn sville Chancery Conr0  rendered m the above cause  the un lersigned or one ol  ua will  ou Thursday  tho l t day of February  1C55  abont  th  hour i f 19 o clock A  M   sell to the highest bidder  aJ  Dubbe auction  atibeslor  of M  Zuimer th  stuck ofgond   ol defendant Zitnner  consisimir of Bni hes  Combs  Fe   furoery  kc  togetlier with the fnrmture aad fixt uree tn  said  torelioui  of defendant  ou Fourth street  betwoee  Main aod Market in the city of Louj snlle    Terms of tiale  and under cash  over that sun a  credit of 3 mimtha  tho purchasers to give bond with  approved security  tieanag inlorest fsom iho day of acUu   uuul nud  HEKRY dent  M  L  C  C    jn did HENRY WuLFOHD  Deputy    1  T IS CVBRENTLT REPORTED AND GENEHAIa  ly believed that J  M  Armstrong  comer 5 owrth atid  Maia streets  u eoIUng Cloihiug and Fureishmg Goods u8  lower prices than but otht rhom e int  wn    LUK GUASM   1 000 bush Is Clean Blun Grass Fiod  forsaieby jW BVRAM  PITKIN 0  X       1L __     N ails   W e are prepiued to receive and fill prumfi U  orders fur Wheelmig STafie  at the lowest market pl 9     GILL  SMITH 0 CO    No  38 WalletresA     THE DAILY COURIER      torisvii i E  KY      TUESDAY     JASUART 30  1R55      Mtr Dollars a yar     advancs   rhsn sent hy  mail  or only Ten Cents a xoeek  token  deltnsred Ay earriers      All of the news and raisccUfiny of onr  nonxioth morning sheet also appears simultane   tlaoly in thie  the cheap edition   Vs mention  Que because some suppose a portion of the matter  is smittej  The cheep edition eentains ell tlie  mwB of the day up to the rery hour of going to  press  all the river and eoniaiercial news  all the  ix w advertisements  and for the qnantity and  quality of matter it contains  is beyond question  die cheapest paper in the West      Shakspearc a Ilnmbun    This is an age of infidelity  Oor belief in every   thing is being shaken  There is no such thing  as a plurality of worlds  argue some people  ami  with great force  We arc not all the descendants  of Adam and Eve  others stoutly contend  Wash   ington was not a good man  say many heretics   who acknowledge his greatness  And so on   through endless chapters of incredulity in old   time honored beliefs    The latest assumption concerns the Bard of  Avon   the almost divine Shakspearc  A lady   one M  sv Bacon  has taken upon herself a mission  to prove to the wolid that Shakspeare was a myth   a man of straw   whose name was nsed to father  the dramatic productions of men of eminent abili   tiee in other departments of literature  in law and  in Btatesmanship   Miss Bacon assames  as we  learn fitom ths Nsw York Courier and Enquirer   that it was impossible  absolutely and utterly im   possible  for a man with the limited advantages  of Shakspeare s early life  to write thirty seven  plays  exhibiting the marvellous knowledge of men  and things  which the plays attributed to him do  eihibit  Such a scries of performances  she urges   by such a man  would be a series of miracles  and  had any man the po ver to perform the half of  them  he would have become one of the most pro   minent men of his day  and ws should have known  all about him  instead cf having to grope and bur   row for a very few personal trails and anse Jotes  of his life  as wc havo had to do with regard to  William Shakspe   re    Miss B   son s theory is  that Shakspeare was a  dramatic Joe Miller  a good natured  inofTonsive  person  who would consent to bear the responsi   bility of the works attributed to him  and not pre   sume upon the fictitious reputation which they  brought him  Shakspeare s plays  according to  Mis  Bacon  were written by Lord Bacon  Sir  Walter Kaleigli  and one or two others  liut eliief   ly by the former  and she has spent a great deal  of time in framing a very ingenious and elaborate  argument in support of her theory    l ectare To Nlsht   Toetry suit iu Inftnence    It has been already announced that Mr  Ed   ward  Vm  Johnson  of Virginia  will lecture this   Tcning before the Young Men s Christian Asso   ciation  in the house of worship of the Second  rrssby erian church  Third strict  between Green  and Walnut    The subject of Mr  Johnson s lecture is  Poe   try and its Influence    a theme that this able  writer is very c apab  e of handling In a masterly  manner  of close analytical powers  fine fancy   keen relish for the beautiful  and a style that pos   sesses many clmnents of the poetical  Mr  J can   not fail to mako an attractive  and profitable  lecture  j   We bcepeak for him that attention due a gen   tleman of his talents  and the great services he  has rendered the public  os a sonsorv ativc and dig   mfied journalist    I       Mnntisii Ilonse  Frnnkrort  A friend who sojourned at this hotel a few days  last week  desires us to say that it is one of the   ary best kept public hunses in the State  and is  in every way deseiwing a liberal patronage  It is  in excellent order  everything about it being nice   neat  and clean  and Messrs  B   Sc J  T  T uckett   the proprietors  are courteous  attentive  and  obliging gentlemen  who have a happy knack of  making their guests feel entirely at home while in  their house      Exenss Us    Mr  Willis G  Hughes  of Union  who has al   ways been one of the staunchest Whigs in Ken   tucky  although residing in the Egypt of Loeofo    oism  was made a Democrat in the Courier of  yesterday by a laptit pennae  We bsg his par   don for thus classifying his political sentiments   Mr  H  has  however  seen Sam  and that individ   ual is seriously inclined to tend him to Congress    The House or Reroae    The corporators of the House of Hefugc are  Tequested to meet at the offise of Boone    Pen   nebaker  this evening   January 80th   at early  gas lighting  The object is a conference with the  committee appointed to draft by laws  regulations    c      The Tom Paine Ccleliraticti Yexterday    The memory of that godless  yet talented apos   tle of free thioking  liberty  and atheism  was  yesterday publicly commemorated in Jxiuisvillc   for the first time  A long procession of eevcral  hundred persons paraded the streets  proceeded  by music and marshaled hy an elegantly cupar   soned gentleman on horse bask  The members  of the Turn Verciu order arrayed in their linen  costume  beagled the procession  and presented a  chilling appearance upon so wintry a day  Fore   most of all was borne a beautiful star spangled  banner  Ibllowed by Swi s  Bavarian  and French  fiacs    Having repaired to Apollo Hall  there was an  abundance of drinking anti speechifying  Paine s  memory was toasted in lagcr bicr and Voltaire s  smacked over in Khsnish wine  The speeches  were of the fiery  red republican and l veling gmia   school  Human institutions  as they exist  were  sneered at  and the reverence for divine things  scoffed at    We believe that Louisville has never before  witnessed so public a demonstration of infidelity    The reliirious sentiment of the majority of our  sitizeno was sensibly shocked at this flaring and  heaven offending procession  Wliilo acknowl   edging the right of every one to believe as he  may choose  it was said to witness so portentous  an array of men  who  without the influences of  the Bible and its precepts  arc almost entirely  oblivious to the distinstions of right and wrong    Of course the entire affair was made up of the  foreign clement of our population  The free   thinkers are cIuefl Gcrman  those people being  thejiec jliar advocates of skepticism in matters of  religion    A Banker Huus in EITIiir  Kxciteme it ot Ver   sailles    The branch of the Commercial Bank of Ken   tucky  located at Versailles  Woodford county   has been for several months past greatly embar   ras sed by the constant and heavy drafts of specie  mode by Mr  Barclay  a Lc xington banker  upon  its vaults  It was a custom w ith that gentleman  to collect all the not  s payable at the Versailles  branch  and present them at the counter for re   demption  This drain upon the bullion of the  bank required very skillful financiering on the  part of its officers to prevent a collapse  and as a  consequence it was impossible for the institution  to afford merchants  fanners and tradesmen  the  desired discounts and other monetary facilities    Thinking that this draw game had been played  e ifficiently  the citizens of Versiiiles met to   gether on Saturday  passed resolutions denounc   ing the conduct  f Barclay  and then proceeded  to hang him in effigy    The indignant people also pronrised to make  summary work wit i Barclay  or his clerk  if either  ever again molested the vault of their bank  V  e  piesume that Mr  D  will henceforth desist trad  ing in Commercial Bank paper      Rath of Coll Martin    We regret that it is our duly to announce the  death of that well known newspaper writer  Coll  Martin  who died   Newport  Saturday aftemocn  aged forty years  Mr  M  was a printer by trade    a reporter by intuition and taste  At the former  busineslie labored assiduously until he wasfaily  devsloped as the first local editor of the West    In Cincinnati  at the eutset of the Comtiurciai s ca   reer  he became its city reporter  contributing hy  bis sprightly paragraphs more than any one else  to render that paper pojtular and give ittho cur   rency it now possesses  Coll Martin was indeed  the builder up of the Commircialy and its main   stay during a number of years  His town items   his police reports  his river news w cre all new  things in this latitude when he firrt essayed them  in that paper  How well the public appreciated  them is tcetified to by the allenllon which was  pai4 those departments in all our papers    In prfvKte lib   Coll Jtl tin was  a frieii   sin   cere and manly  In his public newspaper life  ha was candid and out s  oken  Peace to his  i s  After life s fitful fever may he sleep   well      ecet Qri s of Life Advoiiclns   The most unpleasant  and that whieh promises  to be the ntSst disastrous result  from the intense  degree of cold now being felt  is the advance mode  in the prices of the different necessaries of life    Coal has already gone up two cents per bushel   holders yesterday demanding si xtoen cents  As  the weather grows colder  and the suflering of the  poor become severer  the coal dealers will still  farther increase the price of fuel    Com  hay  oats and similar artieles have an  upward tendency  consequent upon the threatened  suspension of navigation    But perhaps the rrost serious evil growing out  of the late freeze is the appreciation upon the  hen fruit market   ggs are eggs in reality now   and a dozen cannot be had for less than twenty  cents  On Saturday a weather wise speculator  bought up all the eggs in the market at fifteen  cents per dozen  and is now selling them at  twenty cents   quite a profitable investment  as  must be acknowledged      Burslarr  LarceD7  itt    R  K  Calvert was arrested a few days since in  McLean county  Ky    and charged with all of the  ab jvo offences  On the ll th the case was ci   aiuisrd before Justices Landrum and Little   whereupon the prisener was held teansw orat  the next circuit  in the penalty of  500  Tlie  counsel for the prosecutien were Judge Single   ton  of McLean  and Chas  Eaves  of Muhlsn   burgh  for the defense  A  J  Harbison  of Cal   houn  and Judge Ricketts  of Greenville    Vlrsinln   The irasAisgfon iSentxnd of Thursday morn   ing  states that the Grand of Know Noth    ings  recently in session   Hxandria  nominated  or expmssed a prcfercnc   Kon  J mca F  Stro   ther as a candidate of Vir      AN OlimXANCE   To repair th  sidewalk  on the west sUle Fifth ftreet   frum Green street south to the tiller   Be it onlMol by thf General C itncU of Louia    tnUe  Thalthe Mdcwalks on the  west side oi F na street   frott Green street eooih to the alley  be repaired  according   to the ordinance re sulaunr fcuch imt roireiiient     CMA8 RIPLEY  P  B  C  C   JOHX V  VaRUCM  CSewk Board Com Council    WILL  WATKINS  P  B  A  p L  O  H  Stvattah  Clerk Board Aldermen    AporoTod Jan  IT      JAkCES A SFEBD  Mofor   Aoonr attcet        JoKX D  Pops  A  C  L    j30 dl By I  B  Ehnch  A  A      This leadin  along the I  shelled    ARRIV     M Me    N V Mite   eon    H K Rin  B We    Twc       A Phil  B Dar  H  1 Vu r  V B Diiboi  TSMcMuri    Dr  I T Muii   V  Rot ftl    A  hen to  C I Feonj     R Short   fM w Watne  B Carson      V  D D  eri     Qninierru    PetdrsTiiis     C B Couen    C D noiinTt f  RheltixV    C Marbe on  Kr  llomsley CUM   La   OWEN S in  C ornir of   T Powlo  Eardft  R HnU  Haarmc    M Walker  Cal  n C Walla        W J Bum   n ScaU  t  6 R TfiiCtpj  J J Orav  SC Mili    ABM     DCnrr  DrW  A P   TPi  J M I   W B   A M Bull  P P Moenev  W Or  Tith  ino     LOUISVI  Cr r   W H Lawrence    S PaD hnrn    O Banff   VimliQ  Axnb emissk a  Ark  I  Arklof  do  C S W mter  GaJrcMon  A Rnrton  do  A D  nnf  Eaton  J Hylam  Ro kpt  I  Square  do  r oleman mr  do  D T Prnn n  Kf  J A Pi unin  do  Cayt V F Ky   C B Pomcro    O  r W Biten  In I  B S Horn  Va     Drapspals   Persons afflicted with dyspepsia would do well  to avail themselves of Hostetler s celebrated  Stomach Bitters  Certainly if the immense sales  of an article is an evidencs of its efficacy  the  above bitters have by far preceded anything of the  kind ever yet produced    Atklnnon Ilish School    It will be seen by the notice in another column  that the twelfth session of this well conducted  and deservedly popular inslituiion will commence  on Monday next  It is a school that docs credit  to Louisville  and we hope it may long continue  to prosper    Jnlia Dean Married    The prediction of the New Orleans PicayuTxe    Jnceming the marriage of Miss Julia Doan  tho   elebrated actress  has been confirmed  A dis   patch from Msbilo states th at sho was married   Wednesday  January 24th  to Dr  Hayne  of  South Carolina      ArrivcJ   The Rev  lasachar J  Koberte  accompanied by  hi  wife and child  for many years a Baptist mis   aionary to China  arrired in New York firom  Shanjhai  last Wednesday  Mrs  Roberts is  the da jThler of a farmer in Fayette co unty  in  this State      Poitpuuejii iit    Owing to delays in getting the illustrated  catalogue ready for circulation  Mr  Derby has  beon obliged to postpone the annual distribution  until the 28th of February  when it will positive   ly take place    Thanks    The messenger of Adams  Express Company  contii ues to favor us with Cincinnati papers    We are indebted to Mr  Tryon of the Ameri   can Express Company  for late California pa   pers    TruiniS Delaretl    The various railroad trains coming to tho city   were behind time yesterday  both morning and  evening  The snow and icc upon tlio rail  re   tarded their progress    I yriie JeflTersonvillo Railroad Company of   fers strong inducements to persons shipping  goods to or from the East by their road  Tbe  route is expeditious  and the rates reasonable   Two freight trains leave Jelfersonvillc every morn   ing   one at 4 and the other at 6 35 o clock    CP  The Terre Hauto Journal says that tlicro  is quite a gratifying revival going on in the va   iiou3_  religious denominations of that place  Alorc than eighty persons have united with the  MetboJist church alone      Tbe Mails    We had no Eastern mail bv the railroad  yesterday  or raiher none was received in the city   although the mail reached JelTcrsonville  from  which plaoe it waa not rcmoveil   the weather  being toe iiielement  we suppose  for the delicate  organs of the agent to allow him to venture  out    Adams  E xprcss M cssengcr  however  was not  delayed by any such trival cause  Finding itim  possible to cross the river at JefTorsonvillc  ho  came around by New Albany with his packages  and reached here in good time  Why cannot the  government calculate priv atc enlerpriio    Aiinnd Aaain  lu Aiivaaee of the Mall    We are indebted to our aotivo and attentive  young friend  Eugene Bradley  of the Le xington  care  for a Cincinnati paper of yesterdoy  Thie  waa delivered to us last night in advauce of the  mail or  any other conveyance  and came by Wood  all s train to Lexington  thence to this city by  way of Frankfort    Is it not singular th at half of Kentucky can be  traveled over  and two or three hours spent in  Lexington  and vet papers brought u s in advance  of any oflier route  Uncle Sam must look  speed and promptitude in the transmission of his  mail matter      selling  ushel for      w Wiut r     R E I anDtx  N V  i r  V sson Mtvs  J G Ptxki  Lex  J f  Thomw  Rard  t   Oro  bj   Co     v  KN  Prt i nelor   iHUlh Stl ftSik    imst B A  Owf n eo    rece  L x   1o  re  Laxran o  ickt f   Balt        Ciinnclt    ilbyr     u    c   Hrrolt     an ordinance   To pave and lli  sidewalks on both sidos of East   stmet  from Walnut to Chestnut    Bt it or Iftinedhy thfi  fnural Coumeil of the City of Lottn   vilU  Tha  thesidcwaiKs on both side  of East from   WaiDut to rkoHhiut he rradad and paved ar5  t rd 0  tolhe  fea rul ordinance reeulatiax f ch mjprovements al the ei   clu8ivero tof the owners of proporif front aif thereon  the  ci   I he IQ no wi e liaole fo   any nnriioo of tli  cost of  fcame  CHAS  RIPLEY  P  B  C  C    JOMN V  Vashom  C  B  C  C      WILL  WATKINS  P  B  A    O  H  PTB4TTAH  r  B  A    At iiroved Jan  27  ICJJ       JAS  S  SPEED  Mayor    AeopjalUst  _ _ a       JoHK D  PofK  A  r  L    jlO dl By J  Ehngh  A   A    AN ORDINANCE   To  rade and pave the s dewalks on the west side of Brook  r treet  from Chestunt to t roiuiway    Be it ordained by Pis General Counnf of Pu city of Louio   vxiU  That the sidewalks on the wtht side of Brook stroet   from Chestnat u  Broadway  he graded and pavsd  aecoru   m  lo the eeueral xH tUnauec rocalatmc suoi improvements   at the exclusive cost of th   owuen  of uroperty front nr  thereon  the city to be lO nowise liable for any portion of  the cost thereof  CH AB  RIPLEY     B  C  C    Jouw V  V timuM C  B C C    WILL  WATKINS  P  B  A    O  H  Strattav  C  B  a    Approvod Jar  Z   18JJ   JAMES 8  SPEED  Tfoyor    A copy attest    Joiin D Port  A  C  L    j3  dl By J H Klincli  A  A      JOSEPH I SHERIDAN    DIRECT IMPORTER OP   FRENCH CHINA    B0HE MIAX AND FRENCH GLASS    AND EVERY VARIETY OP   IRON STONE CHINA AND EARTHENWARE    For Steamhoati  Hoteli anil Ftiuilics     DEAI Elt ALSO IN   Silverware aud Cutlery    WnOLES lLE FURMSmXli U0C3U    IP STAIRS     Vo  SI Fourth Street     GR  VNITE STONE FRONT     BET  MAIN AND MARKET    LOIISVILLE  KY      AN ORDINANCE   To repair the sidewalks on the north and south sides of Jef   fe suu  from TLird to Jackson street  and also on tbe  i orth of Aaemoo  between F  urth and F flh streets   Be it ordained   toe Omeral Couned of the eily of Z vte   rilie  That the stdewa ks on the north and south sides of  JciTcrsou strr t ii  ai Th ni ru Jacw on street  and alsotlie  sidu Viiks on the nortSi side of JeHers  n street  fr itn Koiiith     t  F fth sttee s  be rej aired  nccording to the general ordi   UHiire regululira such improtonjcntr  at the exclusu       of the owners property thereon  tlic eit   in no Wise liable fur any  Kirtton of thn eo   thereof     CHAS  RIPLEY  P  B  C  C   John V  VASNVM r  B  C C    WILL  WATKINS  P  B  A   O  H STnATtAn C  B  A    Approved Jan  27  ISJJ    Appr eu JAMES S  SPEED  fifayor    A copy attest      J30 dl     Jontt D  Pop   A  C  L   rtyj  B Ebrich  A  A      fhil  k Ills   Owen CO  liss   do       Rockfrd   Holmes  Courtl     M  Kean  Proprietor    II and Sixth streets     J C Ricnard  lod  J H  Ten haw Ala  J Smith  Lex  P Gamble  N Y  K H Smith  Cov  G R  berts  Me m  K McIntosh    H C Tidd  Cin  J Wh t     B W Short tl  Tnd  H Colenuin  N Y  Dr Carter  CIucsro  B SnauldiDg  Leb  W T Koolt  do  H Hnnter  Hawssv Z   T Bonlen Chxafo       klehaff  y      X EW BOOKS At Rimtitold s     Ruth lull  cloth   1 25    The Wife s Victory and other NovelelUt  by Mrs  Emma  D  E N Soulhworth  t ms   paper 7dc  Mar and Doesmber  a or Wedded Life  by Mrs  Har   back   author of   The Wife sSister ortoe Forbidden Mar   rlfiife   etc  2 vols   p l y r  5         Notes on Duel  and J uelnig  alphnbetieally arranged  with a orolim uarv 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COMPA  3    N V  No  1  wilimre a Ball on the eve     of the 22d 01 Ftbrutry  1855  aid       gv  the Odd F dlows  Hall  ior the  oeneflt       ot the Coiupsikv Tho innriHfcitJciit w lli be under luc di   rection of the following geutiemun    N  S  Hune   M  I  Paul      Wm  Muscroft    ernes T  Moore    Isaac N  Shepard  Wni  Arthur    George Hunt   nger  Fisber C  Henry    Wm  Edrington  Geo  W  WiUon    John Hurley  Frank Sm th    Heniy A  Sm th  Kdw d Williams    Edward Pea   H  M  Smith    Edw d BuckLor  B  Pui f ird    Je  e Hotumotid  Stephoa Smith    FLOOR MANAGERS    Simmon Wvtkms  Esq   Frank hlndden    Ed  M  Shepard  C ip   T  Kea mg    ly Cnrriatet w ll be in attendance for the la lies   rF runmiigliam sf otibon Band will be  n slten  nce   nfTicket   3  which can big men from the above named  manhv rs and at the door on the evening of the Ball    r Ladies  Tickets can be had only from the Hall of ihe  hfiscbaoics  Engine Mouse  i25 dtd     1YUTNAM FOR FCBRUARY    A rece vetl and fm       for sale by      Pntuam for February  V  A CRUMP      M y COURTSHIP AND ITS CONSEQUENCF8  by  Henry WiMoll  lor sale In  F  A  CkUMP       4 iS O inh street  nenr Market      AOST  SXDLBR     A ANHAM 4s CO       I MPORTF nSof Teas  Braudies  Wmes  kc    m Fancy Groceries  33 eavi vide Third street      Kentucky      and dealers  Looisvillc      ceiptof afresh supply ot C hojco Oolong end Impe   rial Teas  to w hich we invite atten ion  For vale low tor  cash at j36 LANHAM 4c CO 8      G iERMAN soap  T his sop rior Soap for family use lor  f sale at 30 LANHA M   CO S      S U N DR I ES  Picklcs  Foreign and Domevlic  Preserves   of every description  Hermetically Sealed Fruits  Pie  Fruits  tic   for va e by j30 LANHAM k CO    J AVA COFFEE   Old Government Java Coffee for sale  at J36 LANHAM 8  CO S      jgNGLISlI SPLIT PEAS   These are dshgblful Peas     lor making Soap      For sale at  LA NHAM k CO S  Third street      H ams   200 Pla n Hams jnst received and for sale hy  j30 WATKINS k OWSLEY    Sibbls Craoklias mst received and for  jSO WATkiNS k OWSLEY     j30   C RACKLINS   sale by   rpOB oCC 0     X 25 boxes Superior Virginia Tot acco      100 do do   1 0 do do   In store and for sale by     Kentucky do    M  O  do    30 WATKINS k OWSLEY      CO PA RTNER8IUP   T he undersigned have entered into co parinership in the  Paper Hanging  Looking Glass and Gilding busm ss   under toe firm name of Evarta k M nrtun  at tbe old ttand  of 0  B  Evarta  541 Mam street  between Second and Tuud  streets  to date from January 15 Ul  1455    U  B  EVARTS     29 WM  MURTON      1865      SPRING TRADE      1855      E VARTS It MURTON respectfully inform tho pablic  that they are now prepared to exhibit a largo and  splciidui assortment of Paper Hangings  Lo  king GlM9es      Ac   tuM tuch the   invite the attention of purchasers  These  goods will be found eq lal in quabty to any in the oily  and  we feel every as urai oe of giving saiisfartion m our prices   PAPER HANGINGS    Onr present stock  to wlueh we aro making constant ad     yjMl  ll V rav nsuvu mo me v     diCions  cuLstsIs ot Pnpcr Kau  iogs of everr variety and   quality  a i   will be found to embrace all tm choice nat   tern  of American and French nianuf  cturo  a l of which  Will be sold at rtaaonable pricus       9U     EVARTS 4t MURTON         ILT WORK  Of cvcD  descrip lOa  will receive our  X vjiccul attention  Our patterns are entirely now  and  our spec mens ot Portrait Fumes and W iidow Cor   nices  wiU   fouuu to compatr favor  vhly with any Uia   can  bo produced East or West  buth m nuai iv aud nri  o   j29 EVAUTS k MUHTON      FOK  ALE      A GOOD location for a physician  coosisting of a house   ih  and lot in a ilounshiDg villMgx   immediately on the  bank of tti j Ohio nvor  The house is a good fT une  wita a  uocior s  rfliceaiid other utoessary buildlnss  Tbe present  owner has an oxcclient run o  nrnetice  and whan he sells   he inttiius iftirm   He also otters fur sa  e a liact of TJacre   land  at out three ulli   from the towu  wtih aliout 25 acros  cicared  and the balance h  anly limbercdT Apply to     M STEPHENS  IDal Estate Afcnt   u9 Jederson street  5 doors east P  O     K  189 ticrcoM extra  landing from  H itt  fur l ale by A  RAWSON    21 doxen Brandy PeHches  put      r  A  BOKIE        Ir  C  C  Spencer urlls this morning at  10 o clock at QQction roornn  n large lot of mA   h Jgany end other furniture  piano  glaagwarc   groccrias  liquors and india mbber ehoas  also at  7 o clock  P  M   a large toUectio  of medical   law  theological  ciassical hooks and physicians   instruments  Law and merlical studeats  as well  as msrehants will bear these sales in mind      ti   The special attention of clothing mer   chants is called to Uie auction sale of Messrs  9   G  Heniy dc Co   tliis morning  Tuesday  at their  auction room  Thev sell by order of assignee   on four months credit  an invoice of heavy doth  and blanket overcoats  Also  for aosh  an in   voice of gentlemen s furnishing goods  with a  lino of coat buttons       The Child s Faith in God  or the Poor  idow   is the title of a beautiful piece of mu   sic just published by the enterprising house of  Mr  I   P  Faulds  Main street  to whom we are  indebted for a copy  It is dedicated to  Mrs  C   A  Withers  of Covington  and the words are by  Rev  F  L  Hawkes  D  D    Fallare in In taua    J  L  Abernathy  dry goods merchant of Rush   ville  Indiana  is announced by tho RejrMdxean of  that place  as having failed  His assets amount  to  18 040 TO  His schedule of credits amount  to  17 000 40  of which 810 000 is referred to his  assignees      O LD mji it  of sup nor  J30   I     j butter kni   C kO sv   1  r    D       K  r   sak     16   I ntuij  To an   mAnt    j3 J   W    j3    W HltiTUME  4 jtJbbU Wh  2no bbis ne    Recvtvvd aiul for 9   S  YkEL MOUL    k CoRinaa ftcele   j30     ii Meal    ny    cans   F our      C HA1   by     j30      HlBBITTSt SON    429 Market strvet      Bfrr a _   S fise oji l Jowi   A largo  laloby HIBBITT SON      ackerol  H mng  Cod Fish  Sar     and for sals by   HIBBITT k SON      icca  Preston R Mcmll t Yeast Pow   nUup  Sauce   ae     m store and for sale  J29 HIBBITT k SON      _   AND WILLOW WARE   A large vanod   jrtinent m store aad for saJo by   HIBBITT at SON     HAIN PUMPS IW      B ASS  SERDS Bluo     Timothy and Clover  ui        eeived j  T  ITWCOMB      ved on sto   TORTS fcCO     Bt and Second      C ANDY  SUGAHS 54 bhd    __Eclipse  and fur sale by   STORAG   P ORK  lard  a Kl  nerchand se ge  rage on reasonable turms  by 1  jS5 No 553  Market    N  B  We have a Urge dry callar  calTablo of containing  1 000 or 1 500 bbl  p irk  F   S A CO    M olasses  2b0 bbl  Plantation  new crop  on board  steamer X  C  TwiichaU  to arrive tti morrow  for sale  low by H  A  DUMESNIL     OLD PENS   Another large aasoriment received this  vT day  coQ   9tmg of loi g and short mbs  the best finished  IHiDthatismcide  JOHN KITTS    jSO Mosn street  between Founh aad Fifth      ATKINSON HIGH SCHOOL     I HE TWELFTH SESSION of tins Institution will com   J meara on the first Afomlay m P b aary  A limited  BUiTiherof boarders ran be accommodated in the family of  tbe Pnn  pal  Auiionocemeiits c  ntamiugall noceasarym   formation can be obtained by calling onnev  J Atkiusun   northeast cornex of Green and Second ettee a  j30d64twl     AILS S  SPIKES    Sheet and Boilerlroc    Sevol ofal  deseriotiODs    Iron  Stonccoal and Charcoal  all sizes  for sale by  W  B  BELKNAP A CQ   A eulB for the   tfanufactuim      N ew books and new supplies    Haydock    Douay Bibio  from  15 to  25    History of Catholic Missions  by Sliea    Cardinal WisrmaiiU Lectures on Various Subjects  3  vols   3 V     cloth      ordinal Wiseman s Lectures on Science and Religion  2  vols   12 mo    Cardinal Wiseman s Lectures on Real Presence  1 vol    12mo    Cardinal s Wiseman Lectures on the Doctrines of tho  Choreh    Canons and Decrees of the Council of Trent      ate hismof tho do do    l Kcell aud CjmobcU s Debate    HKiH Wof Fox s Book of Martyrs    7V j e on Baptism  by Archbishop KecdncK  Knrland a Works   5 vols    Chnipels  by Archbishop Kendnck     of the Apostles  do do    GAhora   htroduction to the Sacred Senpturen  by tho Rev   Idfc t   DTD      J Jkfc t      thox With a groat variety of Bi  les  Prayer Books   ami Jh o2  of Instruction  Devotion  Pictaras  Cmcitlxas   Beads  Medals  Statuett   5tc    WEHB  GILL   LEVERING    J27 521 Main street    NOTICE    A DIVIDEND of Five Doltars per ehare of the assets  of the Merchants Louivnlle Insurance Company  will  be   a d to the Stockholders on and alter the 31st inst      Looisville  Januarv 25  1855      WM  PRATHER  Secretai     J 7           try Ge   Vocal     KENTUCKY FEMALE INSTITUTE    THE FACUr FY    PniKClPAl R   Miss M  M  Everts  Miss P  R  Fuilcr   Assista vt Pcincipals   Miss S  Rochester  Mis v R   Miles  Miss H  L Miles    PaoF AnciKaT LAXOUAOts   Mr  J  K  Spencer    Pnor  MootRK La vgl aoks   Mr  FoKain    Vocal  Music   Mr  H  G  9  Whinido    Music AND Painting   M iss P  R  Fuller    Primary Deparement    Reading  Spelling  Elementary  Arithmetic  Primary Go  orraphv  Child s rhysiolog    Child s Ptuloaophy    Music    Acadciuic OcpnrtTuent   RoaJing SpoIhne  Wr iinr  Aid to Corayosilion  Phva o  o   sy  Gnuiiiuor  Outlines of History  Geogi apUy  with Draw   ing of Maps Vi  cnl Mu sic    CoHeciate Dopnrtment    Elocu io nar   Kcadimr  Spelliag  Hiirher Arithmetic  Al   gebra  Ancient GtxKrni  hy  History  Ancient and M Klera  English Synouims  Nai irol Philosophy  Gfometrv  Rbolo   ric  GeoloiD   Natural 1 heolu r  Mon al Philosophy  Har   ney s Elements ot Crit Cism  Moral Philosr phy  Loyic Evi   deuces of Chnsuaiuly  Astronomy  Butter s Analogy    Tuition per Qaarter    Prim iry 00   Academic 8  K    Ccllegmte 10 00   Extra Chrtrffoa    Music on tbe P aoo per quarter  10 00   Use of Piano I 50   Music on til  Gu tar     10 00   LaDt  uage    French  Spanish  Italian  German    Laliu  Greek and   tebraw  each per quarter 8 00   Dramox ami Pu uung Porquirites 7 00   Oil Paiiitiag   10  K    Useof Paitern  1 50   B  ard of Direetort    Hon  Q  W  Johnson  J M  Dclph  James i Bj ecd A L   Sholweil Prof  J  L iwr  iec Smith  Jas Trabua  Dr  T  S   Bell  John P  Jlor on  E  Needham  Curtis J  Smith  H  T  Cunl E  W  Sehon  I   D   Col  Kiddle  W  W Kvar         177        Heywood  A O Brannm      _ _  J H    j2d dl0 w3     S  WHARTOM S iS   Furniture Warercoms    NO  508 AND 510   Market street  betv ecu SeconJ and Tliird      THE CONTINENTAL VOCALISTS    OF BOSTON    H ave the ho  or lo annouure three orlv of the r origi   nal Vocal and jFnstrumental QUARTETTE CON   CER i S  in Con inental Dress    AT ODD FELLOWS  HALL    On Tiiursiiay  Friday and Saturday Ev ngs    JA NUA R r 25 Til  20 TH A iVD 27 TH    Cy Adm SS   m 5oc    r  Doorsoi en Concert to commence at 7 5 o clock    Tickets for rail ai 51 usio Stores   j2i dtf JOHN A  STERRY  Age t    Concert Hall  Fifth Street    A GRAAD CONCERT   AM  BlBLEStll E ENThlilALMlEST    T he druids  on SEV  NI YOX horns  with W e    bor s Wokleru Nixhtiiigalt  Troupe  and little Jamie   the lutunt Vocalist and rchomier  will g ve a rones of  tUe r eotertaiuiiieaG  at the alnive Hall  during Ihe week   with an entire chuiigo of progiumme   acU night    Door  open at 7  Concert to commence at 8 o clock  picciseiy    T   k  tsof admias onJOceiita  children 25c 4  f7 U8her  Will bo lu attendauen to secure order   rtf Front seats are ri scrved for lail t s  t22   aIttion sales     A lways on hand   mg articUs   Bureaus    Wardrobes    Card Tables   Looking Glasses      NORTH SIDE      go assortm       Ho as3 furniah    Bedstead   StOeboards   Mattresses  Feather Bm s    Comforts  Centre Tables    Carpets  Chairs    Presse v Tiu Safes  kc     All of which Will be sold cheaper than ihocheapest    ra  B  Ca vh paid fur second hand furniture  and now ex   changed for old  dl3 dlystii     1HEESE   188 boxes Cheese  just received and for aalo     by     jX9     MARSHALL HALEERr      F   EAT HERS   3 000 tbs Live Geese Feathers in store and  forsaloby M CRSHALL HALBERT    A TAfONDST lOsacks Soft Slieil Almond  lUst received  and for sale by A  BORIE     Ul          _          wholesale Confectioner and Fruiterer    50 Third street      F resh lemons    12 boxes received per mail  ai and  fur sale by              S ardines     10 cases half boxes Sarilines    4 do qr do do    Rece ved per late arrivals and for sole low by   A  DORIE    Wholesale Confectioner and Dealer in Foreign Fnut    j29 50 Third ft   oppoe te Courier office  __   B uckwheat   3  foo bag   Philadelphia Buckwheat  just received and for sale by  JAI W  at H  BURKHARDT  417 Market street      B eans   80 bushel Virginia white Beans  just Received  and for sale by     j29       It H  BURKHARDT    417 Market street      C RANBERRIES   50 barrel  Wi c Mi n Craaborr es  iu  store and for salt by W  k H  BURKHARDT   jj9 417 Market str  et      I i RUIT   200 cans freah Fruit  her i eticallf sealel  m  store and for sale by  W  k H  BURKHARDT      j29     417 Market street      H oney  A supply of strained   Salttby e  s sTj ts a nmem     W        k H  RUliKIlARDT   417 Market street      FOR HiRli     1 H CVE a number of good Cooks  Washers  and ironers   Chambf rm aids  and Boys for hire   L  H  CRKNSHAW  A ont    ut  Markat nrwl TA lAruTM     T     ilMOTHY   200 bushels Prime T mothy Seed  reeoivvd      2   dS     West side Fifth  bet  Market and Joderaon      FURTHER DECLINE IN BREADSTUFFJs    R PXEIVED diinng the past f w days     COO bushels frcaii ground Corn Meal    100 do Cow Meal  which 1 offerlosell in quontitieo  to TOjt purchoMr  ot r loc l pnc     jEFFCnSON   jj9 Sontheant comor Market and Firtt    P  S   Meal delivered  free of drayage  to any yart of the  ciijr        H OMINV   10 bbl  just received and foT sale by   X  Lt  KHnON    jtj Soutlicast Comer Market Olid P tr U     B eans   4 barrels New White iieans for sale by   T  L IKFFER  iON    8 niHieastc grner First ftid Market      LAKD     j39      Pnrac country Lard  in ke      for sale by    T  T   JEFFERSON   Southeast comer Market uiid First      A  D  MILES 4c CO      WHOLESAl  ytf ware  Cutlery and  street  Louisville    hand a splendid as     _   et Cutlery  Razors  Scissors  Bulls  Braces and Ib its  Mor   tice and Triumb Gonges  SawF  Planes  F le   Locks  Latch   es  8tc  CompriSiug every var utj of Building Hardware   which they oiler at the lowost m offcct prices  j29   C OOPERS   TOOLS    Stock Howell   Crozes Froes   Heading  Backing            Knives  for saje by     Hoilowing  Staving  and Panng  j29 A  D  Ml LEvS fc CO      Hoes  kr        k CO    S aws   H oo k Co    MiU and Cross cat Sawn all luigthe  for sale low by j29 A  D  MILKS fc CO      S PADES  Hay Forks  Manure Forks  Rakes  p  for sale low by j2J  A  D MILES     S HOV ELS   Ames  and Rowland s No  C Coil Shovels  for sale low hr j29 A  D  MI LES fc CO    C UTLERY   A Rood ajwortmenl of Table and Pocket  Cutlery  Razor   Scissors  kc   foi sale by  j29 A  D  MILKS k CO    W E have on hand a ehoioe selection of  OIL PAINTINGS    ENGRAVINGS    ARTIST S SfATERIAL       LOOKING GLASS PIRATES   STAiNKD GLASR la  l roWs   FRENCH WINDOW GI ASS   Our gallery of splendid Framed Mirrors  of all sizes  and  of Framed Engravings and Oil Paintings  W ill be fouod  w ell w otthy of a visit    f7 Stianvers are erpeciallytnvited to cilt and examine  thbo   EVAKTS  MURTON      WET nl RSE      A young and healthy woman  with good recommend    tions  wonts a situation ns wet nurse         to Mrs  Kennedy  Jeffersonville  la   with attention      A line addrei ed  Post Office  will meet  j29d3      McCOMAS  SMITH k CO    CommUsion ond   Forwarding Merchanta   and STKAMBCJAT AOKN J S     o  3 Sycamore SJrcet    CINCINNATI  OHIO   Storaob  H avo large F re Proof Warehouse  j29 Oly     P OTATOS   50bbls Pink Eye and Nenhanoc Potatos  just  received per City Belle aud for sale bv   G  McCALLUM    j27 No  21 Third street      C LOVER SEED   58 bols prune article  received per  steamer Telerra  h and fer sale by   JOHN F  H OWARD k CO     Mam street  bet  Third and Fourth      O RCHARD GRASS   SOU Iwshels Orchard  for sale by     J2T     _   Umss Seed   BYRAM  PITKIN   CQ      BV H G  UE NRV Sc CO    Assignee s  Sale of Groceries  Liqiiora  Cigars end  Frnlta  store Fixrnic a umLl  ixiaics ler  Rectifying Liquorn  at Auction    O NWEDNESHAY morning next  Feb  Tth  at 10  o clock   we wiR soli at the late store nuuse of   Mosher k  Wiaou uBer  corner oi Ms n and 8  xib streets  ihc entire  M  Q Uors O g sn   Mobjioos  Suga  and rruft  Store   k I    an  ei Bf fixtures for r cu yuig Li   quor        Tp    ice special attention of buyers is called to theBraad es  and Cigars m the stock    Terms of Sale   5U and under  oash  over  50 ard r p to   2ou  4 muBifis  eieUit  over  2UO ono mooth credit  sppuived  joint uot  payaU  ein Bank    itele by order of J  G  Barrett  Ar  gnee of J  Mosher   j30 S  G  HK  tRY k CU   Aociioueers      BV    G  HENRY A CO    Dtr e Sate of steamboat Furniinre  Bells  Ad   cliors  Blind   Comforts  Sheeta    Bloukcts  Carpet   Ac     For account of whom it may cuncem   h At Auction    O N THURSD W monung next  Feb  1st  at 10 o elosk  at  Auction RiHims  wo will sell a large qnaatitv of Steam   boat Mattresses  Blankets  Ci inforU  Sheets  Carpets  ai d  other articles sated Irom the wreck of the steamer Pike    We will also sell on Friday  Feb  2 i  at Pottland  at the  bouse of Mesirs  Duckaall  at 10 o clock  aloe of steam   boat Furmturc  Dwrs  B mJs  Anchors  Bellr  all saved  from tbe wreck ot stt ambc at Piko      In addition to sale  on I h irsilaj morning  at auction rooms  will bn added a choice lot ui Ma  ogatiy and Marble Top  Fnr  iturc  consisting of Toilet Buteau  Wiub Steuds      Ward Robes  Side board Centre Table  cane scal Chairs  al   so  a few eight day clocks  jt9   Terms cash  S  O  HENRY fc CO   Auct rs      BVS  G HENRY 4c CO    Gentlemen s Fariiiahiuc Good   Dry Goo Is  Jew   elry  aud Yankee N otious  at Auction    T O MORROW monuiig  Tuesday  at 10 o clock  we will  sell at Auction Kjonus  an invoice  just received  of  Gciiilemeu s Fuminhiiig Goods  In he lot viU be found  Super gray and white Wool Shirts and Drawers    Fine linen boeom and fancy French Shirts    Kic   black and fancy iSilk Cravats    Linen Collars  White K d Gloves  Stocks  6cc    Als  a variety of Dry Goods  consisting of figured and  plain Mer noes  AIpHcas  i able LiDcns  De Lalnes  Fancy  Caasimcreb and Tweeds  wiih an invoice of Gold Jewelry   coiisistmg of the usual variety  with a cord of Yankee No   taent  S  O  HENRY fc CO     I cnnf cash  j23 Auctienesrs       BY C  C  SPENCER    Groceries  Liquors  Herrins  Tobacco  Ci art   Glassware aud Furniture  at auction    O N TUESDAY MORNING  Jan  3uth  at 10 o clock  will  be sold at auction r ioms  No  8U Fimrth street  to clese  several consigniucnts  a lot of superior Indigo  Virginia To   bacco  Snuff Spanish Cigars  ilerncg  Cltumpncne Wine   Cocnae Brandy  Wrapping Paper  1 3 and H pint Tumblers   QU in  liair gallon ana gallon Spec e end Squat Jsrs  together  with a variety of other article  m the giocery I ne  Al   will bo added a lot of sh j ee Household Furniture    Term  cash  C  C  SPENCER    jt7 Auctioneer    BY C  f  SPENTRR    Important Asaicnees sale of llouaebold and  Kitchen Furniture  on four months credit  at  auction    O N FRID W MORNING NEXT  Feb  2J al lOo cIcck   Will be sold bv order  ti Aoi iguee  at too Uts Exchange  Hole   on th  ro hcr of 3iam ai d Sixth streets   snt  aace  on Vixth streol jihe rire Jot of Fnrciture c mtaincd thero   m  Ill jiarta   follow  Feaihi r Jkda and Bedding  Single  and Double  Mattresses  CarueU  Card  Center and Dining  Tables  Plum and Ertcloscd Wash Taud   H Rh and Low  Post BediteoJs  Loun     Chairs of all vum l ett  Bureaus   Sidi boards  Ven tian an   Pamlcd Windo  v blinds and  Sha L     Stoves  a laruc assorlmc nt of latle Iron Stone  ChiuaWare  Castorr  Knives and Forks  tofielhor with a  vaiiotyof otlior articles  sticli as are geue ally to be found  in a larse hotel      Ti r ns   50 and un  rr rathl over  50 four months credi    Joint note with aporuveu secur  y    ay  hie in Itenk    c  c  spknckk    J27 Auctionrrr      BY C  C   srENCCK    Adminintrat r  s sale of Lnw  Medical  The  loC   ic il  i lai  ic tl niid  ilisceilaiieoas Bocks  at  Auction    O N TUESDAY EVENING  Jao  30th   t 7 o clock  will  be sold at Auction Rooms  No  80 fourth street  by or   der of the Adniaiistrator ol Mr  UTidgep  dec   efl  a  argo  and valuable lot of Law Hooks  embrnm    aJI th    popular  and staiidaid works   Also will be add  d  a valuab  e cnllec   tiun of Medienl  1 hoological and Miseeltunoous Buoes    Ihe ntt utiOD of Law aud Medical Studonts is called to  this sale  _   Tmms Cash  C  C  SPENCER    jj6 Auctio oer    n  5  G  iiENjiy    Kentiiuky Locomotive orks nt Auction    O N TlibRSDAV  february 1  li5i   Notice ts hereby  givwn  tiinl all tho remamine property  real aud persoual   assuenod to tlie subscriber byO uiStead  lemieys fc Peck of  the city of Louisville  couiiir of Jefferson  aud common   wealth of Kentucky  by Deed ot Ara gnmeut  dated on the  4th day ot Soptember  1854  and duly recorded in the Clerk s  Office of the said county of Jeff raon  in Deed Book No  91    i u v 143  will be sold at Public Auction  st tbe ofiie    comer  of Kenlurkv and Tenth streets  on Xbarsduy  the first day  ot February 1855  at 12 M           The propertv hereby offeicd for sale is known as toe   Kentucky Loeomoiive Woiks   and consists of a lot  i  land fronting 250 feet on north side of Kentucky street    and running northerly on Tenth street 600 feel  with the  bnildings and improToments tlurreou  Fixtures  Mach uery   Tools and Materials  ustd m the construcuoa of Loco   motives and Cars  and al    all the projieriy on slot of laud  on the north side of Kentucky and west side of Tentti streets   in said oity  leased by C  A Olmslrad fc Co   of W  IL  Dulany conttstmg of Building Materials  Horses  Wagcxia   fcc fcc    Al dl description and inventory of the above named pro   perty  with the preperty Itself  can be inspected at any aud  all rimes froin and after the 18th day of JanuarT iiihtaat  oo  aup icwtion to the office ofine KentuckrLi comotiTC Works  cornerc  Kentucky and Tenth streets  together with acopy  or the Deed of Assignmeat  from the said Olinstead  Tern   novs fc Peck  to the undersisued a copy of tbe deed tot  e  said firm from the Louisville and NashviUo Railroad Com   panv of the lot first above mentioned  and also  a copy of a  mortgage  executed b   tin  KkHi oinistcad  Tenneys k Peck  to H D Newcomb now due and un i id    Tiu  above prop irty w lln  sold on a credit of Su  Twe ae  and Eighteen Mouths  datmgfromthc day of sale  wjth in   terest from that day  for appro      eunsl security and lien reta in  jdd  d TIH S  k         V notes  with pej     c  r H erly oId   HASTINGS  A aimew     and for sole by     fiYBAM  PITKIN fc CO      R ed top  300 bushels Red Top or Herds Gra es Seed ftlr  sale by BYRAM  PITKIN fc CO     SouthwestomSeed and Agricultural Warehouse    J27 dfcw Third street  below Maio  LouisnUo      FOR SALE    A SPLENDID TANNERY  with the stock of Leather  Hides  fc    abundance of   ark and water  2 000 acres  of land attached  much of whieh le fit for cdltivation    splendid plac   for raismg stock  e    eeialJy sbeep  For nla  on the most liberal term   situated in Line  ln c  nnt y  By     near a turnpike  a short d star ce from Danville  Shetenai   nns of a ra lroaa to LeiiUgton all undercoulrael     Aleo  a cQrrymgShop auJTooU io P    Ky  tha     ono m Bourbon eonntr ifsmoo   for wealth uoe        M  A   TSlk Mi NS   80 r   Pans  Bourbon county  gy    N orth Alabama cotton  ss bale  just    a dfoisaleb ft NOCK  WICKSfc C j      Laud  Inquire  j38 dlfcwfi       

Louisville daily courier (Louisville, Ky. : 1851): 1855-01-30

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Louisville, Ky., Kentucky by W.N. Haldeman
   Jefferson County (The Bluegrass Region)