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date (1899-02-09) newspaper_issue a L 


VOL. I. NO. I. 


Oil) tvoi.N. ••in IIkWIiI 
t»«r •tr*di». «M» « lmriJ««.-. « 




nmn wkrnrr Iwlnv iliivm 

Aa4 k Mii»l '•  ' l«-itv« ii. 
Kkam i" V \«ir-. l"ni:( It '.."" I.V!.' 

Sample rttpii'H of i'lii- Kkcukd 
may be obtained tm appliratinn tii 

this I rt'i 1-. 

Railroads Arc Not Knciiiics. 

The old kcliii- lh:it ";'.i(vthinj; 
yon van (^etontot a r.-.ili... .1 . . iu- 
pany, is :«  much^aiu," is tlyiiigout 
ami |»c iple are leaniing that the 
railro.uls arc llu- l»ost fri«.M\«l-. any 
4-omiuuiiity «a!» have. In \vars 
gone by it has been the custom t«i i 
bring str uijainst the railroad roiu- 
aiiv ""v IX t asi« n whore a suit 

AttttK' ■ • il no matter how trivial 
the am  iv tlvcd, auU it is an 

old savin, 'no Jury ever re- 

turned a ve in favor of the 

roinpany." u is herd it  convitice 
the average Jury that there is any 
nurit ii  (Kf'i Jiso a     rjM ration 
ina  present. aJul be» uuse of this 
well-known and well -^'roundeil feel- 
ing, it haa been the p« licy of the 
railixMtts to coniproniiae every at tion 

It i* «aid that the t'aar i» the only 
riiro|Kan n t narrh whouc life is n« t 
well iusuretl iu momc K«Kliah or 
Ameriran life inaMrancc ctmipany. 

James r\ son. the rii hesl man in 
Auriirulia. start^'d in life on a iialary 

jC3^ P^i* annum. \ short time 
a}.'ii he took uu jf^ of Irea*- 
ur\ bills to assist the government. 
I .V I'aritian atatistirian ann« unrcH 
th;:t there havi- been thirty-nine 
I han^t.'s ot ( .linnets tluring the twen- 
ty ei^hl years of the life «if the 
l''rtfn -h kepublie, invi lvinK 530 

The Kcv. Dr W. I). Marshall of 
the Methodist ( hurt h is the latest 
« lainiant to a safe trip ti» Thibet. 
He sa\N he sla\e«l there for eij^ht 
months and cimverteil several na- 
tives. The (irand l.lama reecived 
him as an honored ):nesf 

David .M. \\ ilson. \vh« dicd in I'hil- 
adelphia recently, followed the euri- 
c»us fad of shakinj,' hands with everv 
.Mayor of the ( ity on the day of his 
inaii){iiration. a prarti e whi 'h he 
indulged fur almost seventy years 
without a break. 

Alfred A. Winslow. I'nited States 
Consul at l.iege, Helgium, cntcr- 
taine l a number of friendii at an old- 
f;  h:i»:ied \eu l.n;;Ianil dinner. 

It is not our purpose to take up: at iirussels. on (hrisinias day. 
the cau  c of the railroads ss agaiust j Kvory thing served was American. 

t c p- oi.:- onl) so far as )iisli( e ' e\ -m tii the wiiu";. which were im- 
jia! li.' u ' merest jfoes. but the j poried frtun C alif»)rnia. 
.Ncv. • believes that the chancre of| juhnathan NWross, who died ct 

s ; iient whieh is rapidly roniinjj. 
;;i\ ing the railroads the same ron- 
sideration and the same 1 hant e that 
is accorded private individuals, will 
be beneficial to the people and to 
the ( ()untr ', as well as to the corpo- 

No roinmunity can thrive without 
railroad facilities, and the greater 
faicilities. the l»etter thet p|»  r 
for thrift. I'.very lounmay 
the ac- 

.Xllanta the oilu r d v 
tioiiist from Maine 
Atlr.nta sixtv vears 

. ^l as an aboln- 
anil settled in 
ago. He vvas 

the Republic an nominee forfiovern- 
or of (ieor)(ia in 1.S7O, when he orijj- 
inaietl the l.ily While idea, vvhieh 
has divided while and black Kepub- 
lieans ever since. 

^ former master of Kly \V« rk- 
hoi:se in lin^land has jtist been Ad- 
mitted as a pauper inmate to the in- 
■Utatiopi over which -.^'^^merly 
K id. -' ' Such an i I'd 

i,iidcem uokipated it in 
^ fftilroftd toev | Xwist in the fate which he provide3 

J — 

j,'oes to bi:ildup|f„r Mr 
the towus on their lines, helps their 

company l^so, and in nearly every 
instance are ready and willing to tlo 
■lore than their share in co-opera- 
tkia with the j eopi^-. They skoidd 
be known personally by the busi- 
ness men of the different towns, for 
a personal ae(|Uuintan  e has mneh 
t«i do with fostering good feeling. 
The ambition of the towns in the 
way of public improvements shimid 
be made known to them, ami iu 
nine eases out of ten the railroads 
will aid and encourage the people. 

In short, the railroads and the 
(■«)nimiinitics s hould gel « loser tt»- 
gethcr, and work for mutual ^ood, 
rather than along the old lines of 
antagonism. — Urandon, (Miss.,) 

ic. a week lor The Rscokd. 


The Dog Question. 

Milton News: If the farnu r.s ot 
the c»»unty owning worthless  iogs 

could be induceti to destroy themi "''" named Jones 
ami snbstilnte o-ie well bred shep- 
herd pnp. noi more, l i ea( h fann. 
the wealth of i-verv fanning   oniuut- 
uity would be increasetl ia many 
ways. Farmers with a little tart in 
getting al )ng with a dog would soon 
fmd the coUic saving them many a 
step. Kager and anxious to Icam, 
willing to do everything v.ithia lii-^ 
power, the dog needs only a u isc 
and patient restraint, an intelligent 
direction, to be(-«)me the most useful 
hand on the place. There are a 
number in Milton to vvhi h the 
headsman's a.\ should be applied. It 
Is imptmsible to understand why a 
person living iu lov. n v. aiils t(» feed 

and eari" for S(» m;:!i \ worthless dogs. 
♦ ♦ 

A 50( . investment in a year's sub- 
scription to Tni: Rkcokd is a good 
badness proposition. 

The total cxiKMiditures of the 
Brooklyn Britlge from the d: te   f 
opening. .May 24, iSS?, to Dec . 1. 
1898, wcrt 15 1,300. 'I'he total 
receipts during the same period were 
? 17, 7 2 7.000. Th- first year the bridge 
was opened 12,500.000 passengers 
crossed it, the second year 30,000,- 
000 crossed it, and in 1890 40,000,- 
000. The proent average is abotU 
45,000,000 a year. 


The largest private library in the 
I'nitc-d .States is said to belong to 
Colonel Reuben T. hurrelt. of 
Louisville, Kentucky, which con- 
tains o\ er 50,000 volumes, c»»Ilccted 
iluring sixty years. iJor.ks 011 the 
history «)f the West predonjinate. 
and among them Colonel Roosevelt 
worked while ])rc] aring his ••Win- 
ning of the West." 
■ Queen Victoria has been quite out- 
done by Kuiperor Francis Joseph in 
the matter of the bestt»wal « f titles, 
orders, and dec«»rations; at a jubilee. 
In three days .Austria's ruler gave 
away 4,500 of these baubles, and for 
weeks i)ast the two firms in Vienna 
which make them have been working 
night and day in order to catch up 
with the dematnl. 

The Ciovernor of Arkansaw is 
named Jones. The I.ieutenant- 

('iove»'nor  »f .Mississippi is tu-iued 
lones. The I ientenanl ( io\ ernor «)f 
The .\tlor- 

ney-lieneral of Nevada is named 
Jones. Since Senator Morrill's 
death there has been no "father of 
the Senate," two members having 
served exactly the same period; one 
of them is John I'. Jones. 

M. Vernon, the French engraver, 
has received an orded from the King 
■ f P ; • i;.rk for a medallion of 
( i.ouisc, to be prepared from 
the best of the family photographs. 
Small reproductitmsof the memorial 
arc to be prepared for distribution in 
l)enm;:rk. The (^ iKeiM\ represeiit- 
ed in profile, the inscripti«)n record- 
ing her name and rank, motto "Vir- 
lule e: fHlelifate" anil thedat,-s Sept. 
7. 1817, Usui Sept. jy, i89{ . 

.\spall Hall, whose name Lord 
Kitchener has in  orporated in his 
title, is one the tinesl old granges 
remaining in the eastern counties of 
I '.ngland. It is a two-story building, 
moated in the old style, and has a 
l »iif( fan)ily rec«inl ;;tta« hing t.i ii  n 
the Sirdar's nu i':cr 's side. Hir 
fcmily came into possession of it juM 
20c ye.jrs ago. I ef. re that it -a ; s 
the resitlen* \- of the ( Obham family 
from the time of that l.ady Cokham 
whose husband, .Sir John OltU astle, 
Kits asa Lollard in Henry \ . 's 

Do you like the looks of thu fa- 
per? It costs 50c. a year. 

Do you want job prii-ting? 
dj the best. 



I lia«f V-l .•InkiI .lt-. t.l-l 

l« ■«.! I,rr)  M Ui;. Ii.-pplii" 

Krr !•• «iii-k hII uiiilHi-. •'Iii |i|ii'i' 
»Vr m' «4.I Hrr | ln  f. Ilkr I -It*! ' 

ttifm oil) llnir.- wiu iMiiilnilr.t ! 
ni;iiii -' l ii.'kl ..iii- ••' « lnl»r. '|MM«4*ltlir. 

w  )•. I i.r,-..u ' niHl I WW iMwS IMlf 

( ii MU (III liiiti i'rli'imr) : 

mNiM (rr Vmp U* »*trmy In, Xmy li:' 
Ona'nttirfOTiHrtlck. •.nxiu'. 

•««tl«MMllMHr*itMlt »li   -M t-.) 111. .Iiii.ia.-r - 
Ja^*^ Will T' ■  in Kil.l 1 . 

.\h. this is a beautiful worltl: I 
kn«iw not what to think of it. Some- 
times it is all sunshine and glailncss, 
a!ul Heaven itself lies not far off: 
and then it stiddeidv changes and is 
dark and s«irrowful, and the clouds 
shut out the entire day. In the 
Ii\ ( s of the s.iddesi of ii-. ili.Te .ire 
brigiU ilays like this. vUim we feel 
as if wc could take the whole world 
into oi:r irms. Then come gloomy 
hours, when the fire will jiot burn 
on our heartiis. and ail uitlimit and 
within is dismal, cold, dark. Helieve 
mc. every heaO has Its sec ret st»r 
rows. v»hi( h, the world knows not. 
and oft-times we call a ntan cold 
when he is only sad.- -H. W. Long- 

T»ii; kKeoKi», 50c. a year. 

Two .States only arc rcprcsente l in 
the I'nite*! States Senate by men 

w hose pla« e of resi*len  e is the   ap- 
ital city. These tw»» States are New 
Hampshire and Indiana. Uoth Sen 
ntors from New Hampshire resiilc 
in C«in«-«»rd: both Sonators from In- 
diana resitk- i;. : ■ o!'s. 

Recent Iincntion.s. 
\i\ imprt ved holding de\ ice for 
«tvershocs is formed «tf a pair of piv- 
oted arnjs surroniuling the top of 
the heel, with a spring pawl on the 
pivot, which locks them in place af- 
ter they are gripped around the shoe 

  r in mining the Ix'ds of 

* I gold an imjinned ilredge 
;• endless chain of steei bin kets 
;ed to bring up portions of the 
betl. after it has be, 
hvdraulic ram m 

MURSDAY, l l-liY. f . 



Out •f m'VtmrJt. 

**S«i her husbatul is an eilitor?** 

•\ es. Hut. lioo I \-*Ui\' \i th, rr"s 
  f news she can 
t , h abroad.'*— 

anything in the 
beat him piibli 
Baltimore iinn. 

•• To tell the 1. I increase ww 
height a little . -Rring f(N tpa Is 
in my shoes" ••KVmtpads.^** ••Ves, 
the\ hoi I me up. "'-.-Cleveland IMain 

I )ealer. 

••The first act 
pose«l to « o er 
years. *' 

• What a \\ 
drinks!"- t'incii 

AM WE if TO Itt PttKK? 

\ vni.llC.MKI V i.Kkl.ll\ :. 

(•reenvillo ll.mnor: .\ nev\ paper 
for (ireenvilic. Tim ki . o! I . will 
make its app  ara»»i I- in laiiuarvt 
own.-d '»y t )rion I . Uoark anti 
( vvcnKice. Will iK-ascvcii column 
folio. WewishTHK Ri: -i kii success 
an«l feel sure it will sim . r. t'u- 
promoters are both hus!lii  


know , 
"iod of 

IS Slip 


inir iMTtwccn 

.She "Do ) ou^ , iemend er that 
thirty years ago ytjii profKfScd to nie 

and that I refused )ftMi?" He •• ». 

yes. I hal s ttnt 
ured ret ollcctioi 
Household Won 

nc most ireas- 
my youth."— 


\li Hikef •• fraid «mr new 
minister is n« t ght and weil- 

infr mte l as he might be." 

Mrs. I'.ik.r •Indeed:- 

.Mr. Hiker ••\ c*. for in his last 
sermon he maile some remarks about 
•putting our shoulder to the wheel. ' " 

" That youngest boy « f yours docs 
not seem to be a V^rcdit to you.** 
said the white man to t'ncle Mom. . 

f KOM ni « l»\TKk rXMII IV.s. 

( )\\ eiislior^ I Messenger: ( rienl.. 
Roark is preparing to start a ne.v 
pafter att.rcenviile about jnnunry 1. 
It will b.r know n as Tin. R i i 1  u! - i ml 
will have an eNceilenl new |i! int. 
.Mr. Koark has had valuable e.MK-ri- 
ence in nevvspa|K*r work, and is an 
enterprising \onng man. It is sr.fe 
to N.iv h-' V. ill «i ndini a paper 


The db'^vc ir. a representation of our Challenge Country Cyl  
i inder Press, It is nianubcturcd by the Challenge Machinery 
Co^ in Chicaoc, claimed to be the largest of the kind in thk 

jcoun'iry. h's a great iniprovem^n; over other country cylinder 
IprcsGrs on the .Tajit K-i. and is in line with the high-grade equipi' 
that v\ill l e in all respe« lsa « rev lit 10;"^^"* "^^ ©'^^ offic- vhroughout. The Crescent Type Foundry, 

•'.\o. s:U», " said • 
is the wustest eh: 
mighty bad. He' 
de family, sah. 

.Mrs. Sinarte sa' 


Mose. -He 
  h^s. He is 
white sheep of 
 n journal. 

..f 1 


i. o faaten a key lu .* lock so it 
cannot be turned from the outside a 

new escntcheon phite has a hingeil 
member on one siile. \\lii  li N\\in';s 
to the renter « f the phue. n ^\  \ in 
the end engaging the Hat piirtiou of 
the key to look it. 

.\n impnned seale bar f»jr type- 
writers has a roughened surfac e ex- 
tending parallel with the gradua- 
tions, adajiled to ret eive i.m;ii mi.u n 
pencil marks to serve as a guide to 
the operator in setting the carriage 
f«)r rertain kinds of work. 

Fish eau be rapidly sealed by a 
new implement, which is of semi- 
  yliii(!ri( al shape, and has teeth on 
its edges, with a toothed brace run- 
ning across the center, the scales 
being m »re easily remove l by the 
teeth than with a smooth bl.ule. 

In a new automatic pen-ejecting 

holder a sleeve slides on the hiindle. 
with a fiNeil nniler portion whi(h 
forms  i rlamp when the sleeve is 
brought forward to hold the pen iu 
(ilace, releasing it instantly when the 
sleeve is drawn bacb by hand. 

One party has subs. ribe l for sis 
copies oi' this paper, s.iiding ti\e to 
dist:int ('rien«ls. We trust the re- 
membered ones will appreciate the 
favor as highly as we do. .Such ac- 
tion is v r\ encouraging to us, and 
is worthy of imitation. 

■^jst sure t«  get 
I -Why." she 
W other day he 
^"^^n it came 

•it was full 

*he first 
ireila J 

Ctiecnville and Muhfcnberg c«muty. 

\ run \ M \ Mil I \ . 
Herald- l edger. RusselK i'ie: .\ 
new paper is to be started st (Green- 
ville w ith the new year by    vv cn Riee 
and • )ri.'ii K,. nk Mr. Rl  i . 
graduate of liethel C ollege of ihe 
year 1896. He is a young man of 
excellent trainin:;. line business 
ability, great industry and above all 
possesses a mind w hich sees  -lcarly 
thc essentials of any matter v;hi  h 
he has on hand. Mr. Roark is an 
old stage horse and his  |iialiiies arc 
pniven. This team will get out a 
{laper which will do credit to the 
county of Muhlenberg. 

Chkagc, arc the agents through whom purchaK was made. 

N»  — in; 

The nuirriag.- of Mme. I'atli to 
baron Cetler.-itrom e.ime to a pain- 
ful pause ii.ilr   'inpleted, 
it seems, because the marriage li- 
cense had been left at t'raig • .\os 
(';istK-, instead of being taken along 
to Brecon, where the ceremony tix^k 
place, .\fter the performance of the 
ce  iesi.isti(:al rites tlie bridal part) 
went int.* tlie s.m ristv to disi harge 
certan formalities before the Regis 
trar. He refused to finish the mar 
ri.ige without the Hcens.-, until final 
ly persiiadetl. alter the l)ri le had 
wept in vai t, by Lady Faudcl-Thil- 

Mr. IMoggs — '•You see. my dear, 
my salary Is small, and lam notable 
to s;ive n uch. I am continually 
trouhled v\iththe t-ioiight tha| if 1 
should die suddenly — " 

Mrs. Hb gg»— ^••(\ don't bother 
about that. Henry. You know. I've 
got my ol 1 black silk dress. That's 
nearly as good as new. " — \r swer»i. 
» a t — -. 

If yi u want The Record, yrtu 

man subscribe for it. 

out and dripjpedaltofv 
— '«Mein frient. that . 

patent sjlf-ileteetiv e mr'^r^-lla If any 
one should steal that,   i know him 
by his clothes.** — - iJii.s 

'•The minister has pi misedtu say 
a few words at the temperance meet- 

"He won't do it, though." 

lUm't think he would break 

his word?" 
** )! his intentiuM nrc nil right. 

but when he gjts vv« •r. ' •. he tloes 
not know when to si j . i' ick. 

••\\ ould \ buy a I ,egi !atiire'"" in- 
t|uired the patriotic young man. indig- 
nantly. "If you mean a whole leg- 
islature," answered Senator Sorgum. 
**I will say prt)mptly . nphatic- 
ally that I would not.  uld be 

a needless, c.vtravagam little 
more than haif of the 1a', urc is 
plenty f« r all practical put, ■." — 
\\ ashington .Star. 

••This." s.iid iiu' jidii judge the 
other morning, *-is one of the most 
aggrai-atcd cases of ass.iult and bat- 
tery ever brought in niy ottirial no- 
tic How ( t)uU! a big. able-bodied 
man like you strike a deaf mute?" 
"Do ytm's mane that he could n'ather 
sp'akenor h'are?" ««That*s precisely 
what I n)eaij." '- rhm, s« r, phy the 

r husband is "thkki: .*ix't coin' to i:k 
;vcr was iu xo i.ivoi im.-.. 

Madisonville Mail: ( lreen\ iile i; 
to lupea new pjper. Tin ki i o; i 
an all home-print. seven-( «ilumn bili;  
will make its bow to the pnbb- ab n!i 
jaiiuarv 1 . It will )ie owned e.n.'. i 
edited by .Mr. t )rien 1.. Roark ami ' 
Mr. Uwen Rice, two of therlevcres'^ 
young tneJi in the St a .-. Mr. Roark 
~ ' ' ura( ti  al piin .. 1 

d. tiuj; ; ' ' ie s nj;--delint,ucmu- K 

a our new the past aeveral years he has been icn- 



I Roller m Mills. 


We are maUai extensive haprovcatatSi bit Mtf aviN 

lMiilii« ta IS 11W Meifim ««h iMSHft «m«ta 

OirNr.ONGisaPrsctkalimier, aiiwe iMraitee 

the biskest graiie goods to he hai oa aiy mirket. 

Flour, Meal and Bran for Sale. 

divil didn't 
Free Press. 


J?"— Detroit 

••Ibivv is it thai t»f your chil- 
dren have no nan asked the be- 
lated traveler of t ntu* ky farm 
er who was enlw'rtaining him for the 

••Well, stranger. "replied the moun- 
tianeer, "after my fourteenth child 
was bom I kiniler got lired huntin' 
f»»r names, an' tpiii. I hey can name 
themselves when they gits old 
enough." — Puck. 

The usman ambled gingeilv thi vi-. •• riuse .ire ll i- 

ii ms thai n ss'iles. " he calltil 

lo a | assit iien^ll. He threw a 
heavy emphasis oti the ••^■^le^,■' ;iim1 
the friend smiled. yVt that monu i.t 
t ie punster's feet flev^- f »n untler him 
and he came down ui n r esounding 
thwack. "I see. .aid the passing 
friend with niP . .4\il , "tha^ (Ht  
e.xact seat of '\ s still a mat- 

ter of doubt." ( lev;. And Plain Deal- 


gagevl in condu.-ting a stnceiisftd 
fumiiure business \'. lii( Ii Ik- w iih on- 
tinue. Mr. Rice is up i ; «latw\ full 
of vim and energy, and the two will 
makca team that will give ( ircsnville 
and Muhlenberg ( oiinty what it has 
long needed — a first class newspaper. 
The Mail wishes the new venture 
sin ( ess. an«l w ith Roark iS. Riee i:i 
charge its sm r;"-. 1-. ;;NsMieci. 

Keep Yuucg by Science. 

Do you know why it is that fash- 
ionable woman looks as \.iiin;,' and 
rosy at 50 as the unfashionable wo- 
man at 30? It is because she takes 
care «)f herself. The uufashionable 
woman gets her beauty sle;.'p every 
night ami never dissipates in the 
matter of balls and little supperb 
prepared over tha blazer while the 
rest of the w.tIiI is ;isl.ep. She e.;' 
her three meals a tlay atid at ju: i 
the proper hours. Kvcrything on 
her table is wholes-Mue and intentled 
to keep her skin rosv and her liltl? 
body lissome. She thinkl it almost 
immoral to clog the pores of the 
skin with powder an l pomade. ;r.i 1 
she belives in nafare absolutely. 
.\nd just there is the diftereuce. 
The fashionable woman — or woman 
ofthevvorld. if you   hoo:^.-. for the 
fashionable w oman is hardly a broad 
enough term for the woman that is 
always young at 50 believes in art. 
She knows that nature is a w »iider- 
tul restorative, but she has infinitely 
more faith in art and science. When 
ihe wrinkles begin tt) come the fash 
ionable woman kno»\s of pi ii'.:;»les 
and masseurs. She bus found that 
the Turkish bath will do more t  - 
wards m.iking her ev es lustroiis and 
her skin   lear llian ail l!ie ten hour 
sleep am! w hcl. v. heat brea'l reme 
dies in the world. She wears ctir- 
sets — simg ttnes, t  o — but they are 
I'orsets that 111 I'le figure and do not 
grip it in a cast iron vis, , a:u! _she 
hangs her skirts fronj the hips. Hut 

she i d:iiii i ;ill i,., !ii ::iid In- 
fresh .unl r.. \ i. si as if 

had ni\er vvi u i'k- inside of a ball 
room. - Feminine ()l serverin Phil- 
adelphia Times. 

Osburti & Raxton* , 

Prompt and careful attentiofi to 
an work. Satisfaction guaranteed. 
Vehicles overhauled. 

Horseshoeing a Specialty. 

Gayle 8 Morgan, 

iptioib (leliiily (ooipouiuleiL 

Our Prescription Department is under 
the supervision of Mr. C GAVLC, a 
registered ptiarmacis!:, and great sliill 
and precision are exercised in tiw ejre- 
cution of all Prescriptions. 

Silverware and Jewelry. 

Some special strong bargains in 
Watches, of which we have a strong 
h'ne. Rings in great variety. 

Say. did yo-.i know iiuv. u. :, ihe 
time to pur  hase a i;. r » ( Jvereoat ;.t 
lOQ .St;iv4m«»r heat jirices, at J. K. 
.Morgan's, Sout'i I'arrollton. 

How does this w*eathcr pan eui 
with the G. H. si^ 

J. P. HILL, 

Wheelwright 6 Blacksmith. 

Back in shop, and • cady lo jll work in my GtY€ 
u I special attention to Mac uu jry Repairs. 

Ask for an of^rtunliy to supply your wants, insiiring the 
best tenrioe on sbortest natkt. 

%JMst Below My Old Stand. . * 

SMeforlilfkKOkD. 50c 

n 111 i-ii 1 i  nil ii-i  \ 1 - n\ 


n« »'N I- ii I . 

j'-. -i.i. til 


50 am m year, in advaikl 

OWre In HrruiHl Ht tr - »r thf R H»rk BnlliUnr. 

THUISDAY. FEBY. 9. 1599. 

Articles of incorpt)raliun were 
filed wcelitly with the Secretary i f 

State of Nrw U rs( \ . of Kcnlui ky 
Distillers an»l W art luiuse t'ompaliy, 
with an authori/cd rapital of $32.- 
000,000. This stitck is divided into 
id 2,000,000 preferred stix k with 7 
percent, niimii.r, 1 \ i .i;-, nnnls. ami 
$20,000,000 (i)iiuiuiii slot k. The 
method of the trust will be tu limit 
protliu tioii and tlius 1 anse a general 
rise ill Kfiiiiukv uliiskics. 

This is the initial number of Thk 

Ri (.(»Ki . It makes it's appearaiire 
without trepidation, as the publish- 
crH have had something like a doxen 
\ ears' newspaper e\perietn e, aiul 
arc familiar in some decree with the 
surrounding* wA re |uisites. It 
does not come to Tdl *'a long-felt 
want." nor do wc have an idea of 
"a «r\inj; nec r* beitij; supplied. 
Hut we intend to give the |M.*ople the 
best paper wl^itnov how to rrealc. 
and lia\e a faith tlial luiiie^l. nii'.ir 
ilig eftort will meet willi .1 tair re  
ompensc of rew ard. 

Prejudice is said tu look wiili a 
s(|uinted eye. We shall view all p*  
litical matters as an inde) en(lent 
journal. Will be the organ of no 
l»arty. and will roramend or con- 
demn llie prin  iples and leaders itf 
all of them, as justice demands. 

Recognizing the changing cimt- 
nuT( ial   onditions, the price of sub- 
si ription has been set at 50 cents 
jier \ear. Nt» name will be put i»u 
the list until payment has been 
mailr, and the pa|ier wilt be imroe- 
diateh st()j)iied when the tin»e has 
e.xpircd to which it is paid. 

A Job Printing plant will be run 
in « onne  ti' n with the paper. ha\ inj; 
fullest etpiipmenl, and the product 
will be artistic creationa of the prin- 
ter's skill. 

We are going to de| end in a great 
measure upon the jieople « t the 
- county for support in subscriptions 
and advertising. 'Ilie VsIM-'"' ^'iH ^ 
one of the permaiu-nt enterprises of 
the county, and w ill do everything in 
its power to farther and foster local 

Thi: kKeokii asks patronage on 
the same basis as will command to 
any business — it's merit. We hope 
to make it a pleasure to our readers, 

and a profit t » onrsehes and 
advert isgra-btess em; ma\ 

b». - had «»nly one majoriiv. 


\V. S. VU'k WMsSr tow n Tnes«l«y. 
(i. It. Ileati wax in town \Vo«lm-Ml«y 
Owen Rico Ik In St. l^mU on bunl 


Mr. • hits. II.  x\«. i)  \ IN ill Niislivilli 
on t»H»ines . 

Mr. Ed. .S. WutNl iiuidv a H^ iuff trip 
tu Ceatral i1ty laMt Smidsy. 

Jndgv W. II. YtMt Is In IjUuisTille 
this w«Mfk f n leind ftUKlnoNN. 

Mcxviv. ( Ijiii Mi. anil It-.-vfily Martin 
ar«' up I'rom I'ailiit-ah on it viMit. 

Mr. Harry Weir h»s tn-en lui*! up i»y 
the irrip fur » uini' dnys. I ut ih uruuiid 


MeMTN. H. X. Martin and T. II. Mar- 
tin haTT been In itonlsTillrall wrek on 


.ludjre T. .1.  ] iirkN un«l ll« n. W. \. 
\\ ii klit^'f w.'iit to CarroUtMi Monday 
on U'tfiil l usiui's.s. 

MiHi* lleaaie .\lHM n retumod to Cen- 
tral I'ity yesterday, after a visit to her 
idHter. Mm. John Tkizton, Jr.— MeK  

Mr. R l|rar I). Mnrtin hsH been in 

LoulHvill'- for s. vfi'.il itaVH aidlntr in 
the w«»rk of pusliiu^ sprinjr linen f»»r 
Knhn. Martin A ( o. 

MivstN I.auni I.ove an l Mary Mar- 
tin li ft for lleuilervMi \ cvtcnlax niorn- 
\n\g on a viNit to Mit«H IjUUIm* Iknline. 
hater they will Tisit relatlvea In {"adn- 

Mlm Attlo llobaon. of Calhoon. who 
TiNited in thU place some time ago, 
waii married yeHtenlay to Mr. Ashton 
Bryant at the n sidence of ex-Menato/ 
(}ateN in  KvenslH n . 

Mivs llaliif  liav» i- lias li ft town t«» 
tn* pri's«-nt at the marriitjfe of Mr. .M. 

lto^r f«•s.s to* Kllu Stewart t»n 
B«'l». ?*. Miivs Stewart is h wins«»me 
younif liuiy wIiom- father rt-sitles near 
IVnnNl. Ky. Mr. Itogifeiui in a riHinff 
young farmer t f farter's Creek. Tna 
Kkcurd extends oongratvlationik 

Prlends of Dr. l^en H. Hvfrheii. of 
ijonisTiUe. who viMtN this plact* oeca- 
sionally. will Ih* intereHted to Itnow 
our I that hi- ha  Im-i ii ap|  inte l a Surj»eon 


HoPKiNiivii.i.t is in fair way to se- 
cure an appropriation of ^50,000 
for a government building. 

Papers all over the state contain 
reports of people being bUmed to 
death from their clothing catching 

on tire. 

.\Nb now a banana trust is being 
oiganixed. If the promoters do 

not slipup in this venture, there is 
no use to fight the trusts any longer. 

We are quite jmnul of the thrift 
and industry manifest in our atlver- 
tising columns. (jrcenville is one 
of the beat markets in this section, 

and «»ur dealers are lettin;: the pet - 
plc know of the adxaniages this 
place afords. 

in thi- army, ami asst^rneii to the See- 
ond iMitta'.ion of ttn- 'I'hinl enfroieerti. 
M« nriU go M ActUiK .Vtisistaot re- 

OiR Filipino inanifents are now 
rebelling against Uncle Sam's pro- 
tectorate authority. One or two se- 
vere battles have bten fought. an i se- 
veral hundred of onr soldiers killed 
and ivovnded. Hie loaa to the in- 
surgent forces tTM very much heav- 

Of k readers w ill no doubt notice 
the abaenee of the usual article in 
all new papers, entitled •• The l\m- 
tribtttion of Our New Devil." and 
which no one of course was ever 
able to make out. This is not an 
oversight on our part,' bat our disci- 
ple «if Satan ohjei ts to having his 
work thus riilii iiled. 

This edition of I HI Kiamkims l,e 
ing sent lo about 1,500 | eople. 
ITiere are a few of them w'hi  are not 
subscribers, but they need not fear 
to take the paper froju the oftire and 
read it, as no charge is made, and 
you are not considered a subscriber 
unless you subscribe — or some one 
has for you. 

The SjOvHi's Opportunity 

The commercial bodies of the 
South, the merchants and business 
men whit ate seeking for new fields, 
and the manufacturers who are seek- 
ing for wider markets, have a chance 
to take advantage of the results of 
the late war w ith Spain. Opportu- 
nity has come to their door and 
stan«ls there, hat iti hand. We i an 
m)t do better under the circumstan- 
ces than to show equal politeness. 
\\'c may also doff our hats and 
shake hands with it and beg it to 
make its home with us. Bat if we 
fail to give it due recognition, or 
imagine that it is a tramp out of 
work, or something of that kind, 
then (»pportunit\ will go its way. 
not angry but wondering. — Atlanta 

John I). Rockefeller, the moving 
spirit of the Sundard Oil Co., is 
going to retire from the active man- 
agement of that com pan \ , afeer 
ha\ ing amassed th.e greatest fortune 
that any man in the w orld can boast. 
He*is reported to be worth $250,- 
000,000, and has made by spe  ula 
ti »ii $8,000,000 in one day. \\ hen 
he organized the oil business he w as 
worth about Sioo,ooo. Colonel O. 
H. Payne will succeed him as man- 

• The oldest inliaMtant ' ha^nol Im en 
hcar»l from. ImH tlie yoim^'est ne\\ nH- 
per io to^^ u w ill vi ninre the assertion 
tiiat (he weather thi^ week hab Ijccu 
alOMst a BiKuao breaker. 

"Has Got" I.s (iood Knjslish. 

.\nothcr language saver has launch- 
ed his boat "Is 'has got' good 

I'nglish?" he writes; "should not 
'got' be omitted?" For the three 
hundred and thirty-third and last 
time w c say that "hasgot" is sound, 
correct Knglish, g«.Mxi historically, 
good in modern use, a perfectly 
healthy idiom. .Vnybody who has 
scruples about the ' got*' can cut it 
out. .Xnyboih who has a taste for 
prunes, potatoes, prisms can learn 
to break himself of saying "has 
got," if he perseveres. W e seek to 
put no constraint upon tender 1 on- 
s  ien  es. Miit aWsiainers from "has 
got" should be w arned against being 
puffed up. Fresh Knglish is alwa  s 
good, but persons who like it canned 
are wekoine to take it that way. 
They mustn't put on airs, though. - 
New N'ork Sun. 

Although women in Paris had the 
right, for the first time, the »)ther 
«lay to \ lite, few exccri ised the pri\ - 
iiege. In the second arrondissement 
only threevoted, and a similar num- 
l)er in the eighth. Mtu h the same 
was the result in every other arroii 
dissemeiit, while in the (^)uarlier I ,at- 
in, which might be thought the very 
sancttim sanctorum of women's rights 
not a single nieml cr of the fair se.v 
took the trouble to vote. The sole 
exception to this otherwise general 
indifference was the First arromlis- 
sement, which romprises theiialles 
or markets, where several hundred 
women gave their votes. 

The weather has caust d tlic letii 
porary suspension of a gfcai luauy 
uut-Uoor uccupaliutis. 

Pranks of Memory. 
Queer freaks of memory are a con- 
stant puzzle to thost \\ho stud) psy- 
« hieal phenomena, sax s the W ashing- 
ton I'ost. Who has not l)e« ii driven 
to the \erg»- of ilistra« tion by the 
total inaltiiilx lo recall a name *'hen 
an eltort was made to do so, and 
when the occasion f«)r sut h remem- 
brance was past had the missing name 
Hash into thi- mind apparentiv of its 
iiwn volition? The year 1X98 lias 
closed, biU how many of us can re- 
call readily theihief ineidents of the 
last twelve nuuiths and say accurately 
in \\ hat month they occured? Try it 
and sec. 

Crcat minds have wrestled to fiiul 
an evplaiialioii for the ] t.inks that 
memory plays, aii«l hase hail l»  give 
up the effort. In thec« ursc of a sys- 
temalit attempt to arrive at some un- 
derstanding with legartl to the won- 
ders of memorx a \er\ \alual le and 
uiii((ue body of testim« ny has lM.*en 
obtained. The folbiw ing questions 
have l oen put befon joo \meri« n 
university students ami professional 
persons. 151 being men and 49 bc- 
iiiji women. The answers are with 
the (piestions: 

Question i.-When you cannot re- 
call a name you want, does it seem 
come ba  k spontaneously without be- 
ing suggeste»l by any pert eived asso- 
ciation of i lcas? To this eleven per 
cent, answered "Xo'* and eighty 
one per 1 etit. '"N 

(Question 2. l)oes sm li re  o\ery 
ever come during sleep? Tt» th is se\ - 
enteen per cent, answered "No" and 
twenty-eight "N'es." 
.Some examples gixen: 

1. — This morning 1 tried to recall 
the name oi a character I had read 
the night before in one of Scott's 
novels and failed 1 taught a class 
and walking home in the afternoon 
all the names recurred to me without 

2. 1 tried to recall the name « f a 
b« ok. (iave it up. Half an hour 
later, while talking of something else, 
blurted it out without conscious vo- 

Question 3. -On seeing a light »)r 
hearing a sound for the i'lrst titiie 
ha\e you ever felt that you hati seen 
(or heard) the same before? Fifty 
| er cent. aai|^Ml|A "\es. " 
The a( tiitn of un^HMm memo- 
ory during sleep is illustrated by 

' Qiestfm. .^.--DoybddreanfNMJme- 
ty loar per cent, answered "yes. " 

Question 5. -Can you wake at a 
given hour determined before going 
to sleep without waking up many 
times before? Fifty-nine per cent, 
answered "yes." Thirty-one per 
cent, answered ".No." 

Qnestion 6. — If you can, how 
about failure? Si\t\ ninc percent, 
seldiun fail, twenty-five per cent, 

Do you come direct from obliv- 
itm into consciimsncss? Si.xty-four 
percent, answered "Ves." and six- 
teen per cent, "(iradually." 

I. -[ had to gi\e medic ine ex- 
actly every f.vo hours to my wife. 
I am a very sound sleeper, but for 
six weeks I woke up every two hours 
and never missed giving the medi- 

.:. I am alwavs awake five 
minutes licf(»re I set the alarm. 

3 -I hatI had little sleep for ten 
days audwcnt to bed at 9, asking 
to be railed at midnight. I fell asleep 
at one e. I rose and dressed as the 
cl« ck struck 12, and conlU not be- 
lieve I had not been called. 

A strange phenotnena has come to 
light in the course of impiiry into the 
mystery of memory. It has been 
discovered that by gazing steadily 
at a crystal consciousness is partly 
lost. Into the void thus produced 
those w ho have practiced crystal gaz- 
ing find that there enter, unbid- 
den, forgotten im icK-iit- ;mu1 lost 
memories. l ogiv^' a few instances: 
.\ lady in crystal gazing saw a bit of 
dark wall covered w ith white flow- 
ers. She was conscious she must 
have seen it stuuewhere. hut had no 
recollection where. She walked 
over the ground she had just travers- 
ed and found the wall, whichshe had 
passed unnoticed. 

She took out her bank book anoth- 
erda\. Shortix afterward she was 
ga/ing at the 1 rystal and saw nothing 
but the number one. She thought 
it w as some back number, but, taking 
up her bank book, found to her sur- 
prise it was the number of the ac- 

-\t an«»thcr time she destroyecl a 
letter \\ ithoul noiing the address; she 
could only remember the town. 
.\fter gazing at the crystal some time 
she saw • ' o '  on avenue." 
She addle^ ^ il iiii m iter there, add 
ing the town, and found it was 

\ lady sat iu a room to write w here 
she had itet eight } ears before. IShe 

felt her feet moving restlessly iimtir 
the table anil then remembered that 
eight years biefore she had always had 
a footstool. ' It was this her feet were 


Tsychical' rcsear :h brings to light 
many cases i f similar strange tricks 

of iiu imirv.' It is easy to find in- 
slam es ihat'serxe to tleepeii the mys- 
tery. It is not so easy to give an 
cxplanationi The cleverest men who 
have attempted to do so have had to 
admit defeat. 

In the iiK'tter » f \ iul assa lors the 
State of .New \ ork got all that was 
coming to it. Three of the most 
important ,\ml)aNsadorshi|»s hivve 
been gixi-n out to the 1 Empire State, 
loseph ll. t'hoate of New \ ork will 
go to Kngland; .\ndrew D. White of 
New York'is at Berlin, and Horace 
Porter is at I'aris. Apart from these 
three places. New \ ork had .Stewart 
I.. WiMMlford as Minister to Spain, 
and now has Oscar Straus as Minis- 
ter to lurkcy. 

I he Toronto courts are about to 
he   aileil upon to decide whether a 
man may- legally perform his own 
wedding ceremony. The case in 
point is that of the Rev. |. W. 
I'fohler. who. on Oct. 12, iHt^X.'mar 
ried himself to l.ois Markie. 1 his 
is the first time a man has performeil 
the rite for himself in Canada, and 
both I'fohler and his wife now want 
the \alidity oi their marriage estah 
lished. it w{ uld have been mu« h 
  heajHir ^or the divine tiv ha%e en- 
listed the ser ices of another clergy- 
man in the first place. 

The National .\dvertiser tells a 
story of afi old bachelor who bought 
some socks, and found attachetl to 
« ne of them a slip of paper w ith 
these words: "I am a young lady of 
20. and would like to   orrespond 
w ith a bachelor, w ith a view to mat- 
rimony." Name and address were 
given. The bachelor wrote, and 
in a few days got this letter: 
"Mamma was mjwed twenty years 

ago. Ths 
socks fro 
tise, or h 



rou bought those 
, did not adver 
V'soltl them long 
jne your let- 
\{ would suit 


The Djeridel » iva- 

(ifs'i e list of ncws). The latter 
was edited by .Mr. ( hurchill. and as 
I happened to be one of the contrib- 
utors, I remember wc ' the excite- 
ment of Aali Pasha* the then Minis- 
ter of Foreign Affairs, on finding an 
opinion expressed about some polit- 
ical qucstitms of the day. ".\m I or 
.Mr. ( hunhill. the Minister of Tur- 
key?" exclaimed the I'asha, and sim- 
ilar declarations had td be strictly 
avoided. To-day there arc many 
large daily papers, and, although 
muzzled bv a rigid censor, they still 
go on fairly, and some of them,' as 
'lite Tkdam (application). The 
Terdjumnia Hakikal ( the interpre 
ter of truth), and Sabah (morning), 
have a considerable number of read- 
ers. The Turk-; have, besides, 
weekly and monthly papers, treating 
literary, philoso|)hi  , and philologi- 
cal topics, and. what is certainly 
most astonishing, they have got il- 
lustrated papers — pictures of li\ing 
objects were formerly looked upon 
as a deadly sin — and last, not least, 
a ladies' paper called Khanimlara 
Makhsus (ia^eta, as well as a juve- 
nile paper called Sibyan Bazetasi. — 
I .iteratun^. 

Does_F§EIIliDC Piiyf 

It doest il you look after the 
"little" as well as the "big" things 
both la tB4 wt of do ort. 

For instance you study bow to feed 
jour stock. Wliy not give Uie 
tkougfat of how to ie«d jmarseli 
aadiasiily and your help , a 1 i ttie 
thought? One of the biggest 
and most important things 
"in^loors" is the cooking 
■love or range. Get a good 
one while you are at it* 
It costs but little mora 
^nn the cheap, hast* 
ihrpat together af» 
lairs, and white 
you are bojiag % 
good one« may 
•a well set 
the BEST, 


They will do better work, and do 
It Quicker, with less fuel and labor, 
ancl will last longer than any other 
kind. You will find the price reas- 
onable en^ogh* • • 

A Lesson tu Trusts. 

The news was announced Monday 
that tin- I niou 'Tohaec 0 Company 
has obtained control of the hig plant 
of Liggett iV Myers in St. I.ouis. 
This means that the L'nion is to be- 
come a formidable comjjetitor of the 
Contineiital Tohaec o (*om]);:ii\ un 
less, indeed, it is an agent and ac- 
complice of the trust. .As the price 
both of ( 'ontinenlal shares and those 
of the .\iiieric un Tobacc ci Company 
had a heavy fall upon the announce- 
ment, the supposition that the Union 
is an ally is hardly credible. 

A ( ill umstanc e that goes far to c on 
firm the story that the I nion Com- 
pany has already absorbed the pow - 
erful St. I .onis csiahlishmenl i i that 
last week the L nion inc reased its 
capitali/aticm to $24,000,000. It 
began with hut Sio, 000,000 and ( \ 
pandeci to Si 2.000.000. then toS 1 1;. 
350.000, and now has more- thati 
doubled what it had at the start. 
The Continental Tobacco Company, 
orgaiii/ed with eight factories. I'.as 
since acciuired a number of other 
concerns. It seems to be engaged 
in a race to distance any possible 
competitor. However, i^ it hits fail- 
ed to get c ontrol of the St. Louis 
fac tory, as now appears, it has lost 
a big point ih. the game with Us 
younger antagonist. 

The report is very interesting, for 
it shows how impossible it is for even* 
the !)iggest trust to get rid of com* 
petition unless it   an ac|uire control 
of the raw material as the Standard 
Oil Company has been able to do. 
The same reasons which led to the 
formation of the Continental ins] ired 
the promoters of the I nion. The 
profits of the plug trade are enor- 
mous and it is impossible to keep 
capital from seeking such a promis- 
ing field. This is one of the natur- 
al laws of trade, and Is not to be ig- 
nored by even the most power- 
ful combinations. The Interation- 
al I'aper Company is already faced 
with the construction of immense 
new mills whic h in time may clividc 
its trade as thoroughly as the inde- 
pentlent refiiieries have encroached 
on the business of the Sugar 'Trust. 
The Federal Steel, the Rubber and 
other trusts will eventually meet the 
same fate. 

is going to happc: 
n and the to 
rt-.»r ',Iq£_^ 

As 1 o .^s the tendency is tc c  

uc competition th' villiTfTTbe 

so distressing, but /. a,,.! il he better 
both for the consumer of plug and 
the producer of leaf tobacco if there 
could be a great number of small 
factories rather than two muminoth 
concerns. — Courier-Journal. 



One Car Buggies, Surreys Phae- 
tons, due /Warch 20th. 

Car Load Celebrated Brand "Beef, 
Blood and Bone'* Fertih'zers. 

Car Load Blount's True Blue Plaws 
in all styles and sizes. 

Car Load Disc Harrows, Corn Plan- 
ters, etc. 

Carload shipments enable us to save you OTP|POciie margia 
on anything in the above lines. Remcmben Ve ofier low'^ 
wheel improved TENNESSEE WAGONS at same prkcs as Ibe 
high wheek. New Carload on hand. 

Get our prkcs oo DiK Harrowsi or you*U be terry* Wc will 
hare lint TIGER Harrows^A^best on earth. 


W. M. Ml, 

Studebaker Wagons, Deer! 
Binders, Mowers, Rakes. 

Our Grocery Stock is immense, 
we can promptly supply yoi 

icies at 

SpiiDf M. 

We will at the ojxMiing ot the 
Spring season present suitable lines 
of Clothing, Hats, Shoes and La- 
dies' and Gentlemen's Furnishing 


Our full attention is given to 
"ready-to-wear" lines, and we think 
we can serve the consumer's inter- 
ests satisfactorly. 

Our Shoe stock will be an especial 
feature this season. We invite at- 
Iriili.u, lo tiur (hic drcNS st\Ics in 
shop work and to all grades in medi- 
um priced shoes fur I^adies and 

Our Furnishing Cioods stock will 
be ample and in correct fashion. 

Our Hat stock will embrace the 
right shapes and styles ih felts and 
straw s. 

Our clothing stock will abouud 
in excellent values. 

We invite your visits. 

Ji sr NOW we are forcing out all 
that remains of w inter stoc k. Over- 
coats. Heavy Suits, Cnderwear and 
all Winter ^oods way down in price, 
buy bargians now . 


Noil : Wo \ct haw all si/cs but 
13' • in -1 iol  o! l inen ( Ollars. 
high i;radi' ijualtv. ju rtci t goods but 
sligliil) ott in shai)*.-. Tw elve Collars 
45c. J si.x for 25c.; one for 5c. _ 


(Oil!, fiiD(y dme^ fruik, 

Tinware, Queensware, iNoveltieSe 


k Uvell 

workers of Wood, Tin 

and Iron, ask the Public to 
give them an opportunity 
-to bid on any wwk In 
these lines. 

Also do Upholstering 
Furniture Repairs. 
All work guaranteed. 



Will take pleasure in 

CURTAINS, Etc. Prices the Lowest, 
showing my Samples at your Homes. 


Mill IHE W. % 

F. C. Victory 

Invites you to his Cash Grocery, at 

the Depot. Everything in good as- 
sortment, at lowest prices. 

Produce Wanted 


-V; Miiil, 11 It ntn 

•.114 l.Hn ' 1 iClitiii 

\i. Wl.-T. 
Ml I ii t Mnl). II i: nni 
•^.'1 l-.M-al ■■ I.l7| iii 
ii.i I'll T.-Jiniii 

W. W. HUtAN. Ajrt. 


For \Vot4erB Kenttickv and 
TrnneHHOc: Hear Mia dry. 

^ ■£. WiiintiiuHMl extreme cold, 

ii.iil liwistrily. 
\ ( -1 1 i;i  \ \   u Mi'KJ:.\ rria;. 
« U.IU.. l: s p.m.. 1 U l««\v; biffhoMt. 1»: 
lo%v«iit, 6 hvU \\. 
HunriMw. « .•' *. : sets, 
Moao riwsii. tklS ».in. 


The Rucori», 50c. a year. 
Pannell pays « u^li f"r fun;. 
O'Uryan \ MilUr have luutlin^s. 
J. V. Kagou had a very severe 
fall Mond*)-: . t 

1  . yoti want job printing? We 
ilo the betit. 

Take yotir shtws t« Board and 
haxc them |.r.iniiitly repaired. 

C hoicv fresh meats, oysters, tish, 
celery^, etc., at Pftnneir* market. 

Miss Nellie Diiiu ail sprainotl her 
w rist while out sLatiu^ last .Moiulay. 
Nord rnmish yoa plans and 
t!0(i  i ir any k^d of build - 

If yt)U want Ihk Kkci ki , you 
must subscribe for it. 

Koark is ( losing' out all ice skates at 
net fiietory c ost. 

Cash paid for |iouUry for next 30 
days. J. I*. Pannki.l, 

Sec Nord about getting your old 
houses remodeled into modem dwell- 



. N. MartK^ can clean up your 
suit and ni«fte it look and (it 
e new.   
(Sample copies of Tin. Ri:(ORt  
.*nay be obtained on application to 
▼ this office. 

Someone must have shadowed the 
Ciround H« {; the and. and prevented 
bis appearing. 

. J. D. Board, shoemaker, is keep- 
ing people from being sick by fixing 
up their shoes. 

New spring samples arc shown by 
K. N. M*rtl«  ihira your or- 

er ■   - 
M« ...o icii trom hit  oflioe 

door Monday sustaining severa! se- 
vere injuries. 

Orcat line of mattings, in new 
spring (i.-'tterns, have just been open* 
cd by O Hryan & Miller. 

Mr. I.. C. C hatham, who become 
uncons i uis Monday fr(»m severe 
rhcumaii( pains, is rcp irtcd bettef. 

'] he t ity C'ouiu i! has granted Mr. 
T. J. Tinslcy the right to creit on 
the sit\ of his old mill a new pl-  . • 
ing m . 

' \ J^orj^'Soo. 

.a, Red-top V ^ug liMMlied 

at a general store. 

Mr. W, W. Sloan, the popular 
I. C agent, has a nice house near 
the dc|)ot which is rapidly nearing 

Come and see our com pie ie line 
of Shoes, Hats, Clothing, Ladies' 
and ('•vut ' Furnishings. 

J. R. .Morgan, So. Carrolltun. 

Mr. (icorgc Welch, while carry- 
ing out ashes from his oOi  0 last 
Tuesday, received a severe fail. He 
it reported falling right side up with 
care and dnburt. 

A merciful man is merciful to his 
beatt Take your horse to Cimndy's 
fee«l and li\cry stable when you 
come to town. He «vill be cared for 
in the best possible manner. 

Now is the lime. Ro.Trk's the 
place, and Wright's the man to re- 
pair your old shoes and make new 
ones. I'he only first-claas shoe- 
maker in town. W. S. Wright. 

The residotu o   f Jim Joscy, who 
lives near Powdcrly, was entirely de- 
stroyed by (ire last Saturday night. 
He was very unfortunate, not saving 
any household goods except a sew* 
ing machine. 

The small boy has been in all the 
glory of his existence this week. 
The sleet fumfshred him a wide area 
for skatiiij; Sun«ia\ , t' llluv ed bv 
snow and the usual spurt of coasting 
of which he has made good the op- 

One party has subscribed for si\ 
  opics of this paper, sending five to 
distant friends. We trust the re- 
membered ones will a|)pre( iate the 

favor as highly ;'.s m do. .Sii  1; ar - 

tiun is very encouraging to us, and 
is worthy of inuution. 

This cold spell will be very severe 
on quail. Several hunters have ex- 
pressed themselves that if this s^iell 

Iaste l loiij; it Would be \er\ disas- 
trous t » the nc\t season's shooting. 
The birds will as a last resort go to 
the barns for food and it the pCM - 
plewill not trap them ilicu they may 
get throu^ this cold snap. ' 

Marriage license were granted to 
the folltiwing parties: 

Feb. 3: C. W. t isncy to .Miss 
Sarah Craig. Ikith parties reside 
in the Ri sewood neighborhood. 

l eb. 2: Robert I). \ inteiit to 
Miss .Mary Hell Hrowaing, contract, 
ing parties residing near Karles. ' 

Feb* t: Roscoe Skipworth, of 
Roiewood, to Miss Cordelia Hodge, 
tff MAC pUcC. I 

.V 50c. investment in a year's sub- 
s( ription to The Rkcorj  is a good 
business proposition. 

Wagoners arc charging about doub 
le rates for hauling now, but the\ 
earn their mone\ all right. 

.Merchants and   lerks have not 
Inrcn nishcd with trailc this week. 
N erx tew |teopie liave been in t«»wn. 

The ground-hog cou^n't see his 
shadow and he fixed it so wc could 
not se." ours either, for several days. 

J. K. Morgan, St uth Carrollton, 
wants your chickens, butter, eggs 
and all other marketable produce at 
highest prices. 

\ considerable quantity »f 
"groiuul lio^'" and other heat pro 
(iucing footis have Ikcu consumed 
since the id. inst. 

Mr. Harr\ Hridges. of l.oiiis\iIle. 
made the « ily his regular business 
\ isit yesterday. Of course he sub- 
scribecl for Tui Ri;*  »ki . 

The princ ipal interest of .Muhlen- 
berg is ia tobacco and Thi: Ki.i oki  
will with the next issue, publish a 
column devoted cnt-rciy to this sub- 

Nearly everyt)ne reatis the papers 
these days. Atid a great numlK-r who 
read the paper^s. read the advertise- 
ments. And they traUe with the ad- 

Postmaster ReviioUlshas putupa 
notice prohibiting smoking in his of- 
fice. 'I^is is a thing that should 
have been d»)ne Ion;; ago, and n« w 
that the step has been taken, 
the notice should be respected. 

J. K. Re) Holds .uid ( liarlcy I'.rail- 
ley killed a genuine w ild turkey 
apiece last Thursday. Several per- 
sons have rep» rtcd seeing siirns of 
two droves in the Jernigan t hapel 

An al.'irni of i"ire   auscd tlie usual 
rush of the luu ket brigade early 
Mon lay morning. The ''V^^enville 
Hotel - ' % b-Jt 
, \ .1- before 

.Mr. U. r. Martin has been contiued 
for several days on account of grip, 
but is up a.L;a'ii. 

Ice is l)eing put up. it has good 
healthy proportions, being about 
eight inches thick. 

See the great rcductitms in ilan- 
nels, heavy shoes, pants, hats, b« y's 
suits, eh ., at .\. Cohen's. 

Mrs. W ni. T. .Miller has been .seri 
ously ill for some days, and is re- 
ported 110 belter this niornin!,'. 

! pa vciiK lit and tin- jfi-'j* r  Koi'p- 

I in;.'' .'i iri'i'at iiiiiiil«'r of mir l iti.'.riis in 
i tlii ir lioini'.-. wook. Sneli a eoinbi- 
n;it'iMi i'  liiinl to piuh airninst. 

Dr. r. J. .Slatim was called Tues- 
day morning to attend the daughter 
oi (i. H. Head who was very badly 

R. Martin jt: Co., have just put 
a  etylene gas in their big dry go«ifls 
store. The lights will greatly en- 
hance the appearance and comfort of 

the store at night. 

(lo r. J. Jones for dry goods, dress 
goods, and dress trimmings; shoes, 
;4ro( eries. and all arti( les usually 
kept in a lirst t lass dry goods and 
millinery store. at 

Mrs. Woosley the | rominent evan- 
gelist, who has ha«l remarkable suc- 
cess, will begin a series of meetings 
here in the Cumberland i'resbyteri- 
an church. The meeting w ill begin 
about the ist. of March. 

Rev. J. I'. I.owry, of Little R«K;k, 
.\rk., is holding a protracted meet- 
ing .It .\ul)urn. Ky. Rqv. Lowry 
w ill be renietnbered by our people 
for the great good accomplished in 
a series of meetings here two years 

Mrs. Will Luc4is, colored, is dan- 

genmsly burne l ami thouglu to be 
dying, .\t6.30 o'  Io  k this morn- 
ing her clothing caught on lire fnnn 
a grate, and she was horribly burned 
before the flames were extinguished. 

Mr. R. K. Humphrey is thinking 
of ltM-:*ting a planing mill and ma- 
chine shop near the depot. This is 

an enterprise should eon»- 

mand good patronage. .Vnd in Mr. 
Humphrey's hands will no doubt do 


Mr. Clarence B. Hayes came home 
from the south yesterday morning, on 

"U visit to his father ami mother. He 
has •? '^»«'-h' r'.-s from the C. S. 
:   ti the service 

.Mr. and Mrs. . 
invited several of 

to dinner on l-'eb. 
the marriage « t ih 
Humphrey to Mi 
The (H'casion was « ^ 
one to all parties 
in\ ited guests report a great dinner 
aiul plenty «)f merriment. 

ung people 

n honor of 
.Mr. .\bb 
1 l. ivell. 

»0ty enjoyable 
present and the 

(Mcurancc Sale ''"Niu 

.Mrs. .M. 1:. Mai 
nounce a clearing a 
millinery goods at p. 
.\ll goods must be 1 
JO. New spring g€ ' 
rieiv will arrive .Mari 
v t o., an 
f all winter 
below  -ost. 
d by Keby. 
in great va- 

AMONG ittt cnmncs. 

Do yim like the looks of this pa- 
per? It costs 5CC. a year. 

New Ad 

We have just ad( 
a ni( e lot of pocke 
pipes, paper and e 
I'eii'^. t.ibli ts.   (im 
soap, hand mirroi 
see our goods and prr— s. 

(Ikkknvii 1.1: C.Roe. iV 
Co. D. S. Dl .sc.vx |.M.\.\ \(.i.k. 


J our stock 

.'cs, purses, 
pes, |K*n( ils, 
.ushes, toilet 
c. Call and 

\Kt RV 

Re\ . H. T. Watsor 
gelist of the Cumber 
rian church, commei 
ed revival ser\'ice at i 
en ridge county, last 
Watson was pastot 
 :fiur  h at this pla  e 

te Kvan- 
pn»tra« t- 
Id, Hreck- 
ly. Bro. 
the C. I', 
for several 

I I .\l|{l:kl..\\l  i'kl sllV IKKI AN t. lK KCM. 

There was no Sunday-school at the 
church .Sunday. Water had accu- 
mulated in the basement, an l no lire 
( ould be built in the furnace. How - 
ever those who came out visited other 
Sunday s( hoois. 

The Ladies Mieaionary .Society 
will meet with Miss I.elia Martin 

Monda) afternoon at i., o. 

.\ spe 'ial ] ro^ram has been ar- 
rangeti whit h will l)every interesting 
and all should be present. 

There has been some talk of a 
change being made in time for hold- 
ing prayer meeting, but no definite 
decision has been reached as yet, so 
the regular prayer service will be 
held Friday evening at 7 oclock. 

Rev. J. T. Rarbeewill fill his pul- 
pit on re^' appointment Sunda) 
morning at 11, also Sunday evening 
at 7 o'clock. ' 


on a  - 

years, and by his earnest work anil 
high christian character, greatly en- 
 leared himself not oid\ to his peo- 
ple, bni lo the members of all the 

On February 1st. 

Ilum| lire\ \vas unilc' 
to .M iss I .\ nn Lovell. 
Mr. .Mike Lovell, wh  
proihincnt farmers, 
town. The ccrem mj 
i/ed li\ Re\. .M. I 
C.reenviile. .After the 
elegant supper 8erve(| 
ent. Iiii R 
ulatioits to the 
them a life of 

»er scTxc^^ tht se p 
Uxi^l^^r hds cong 


not inebriji 

ong ( 

Mr. Abb 
ghter of 
ic of our 
ng near 
rter, of 
■nony an 
^and wishes 

er but 


a,"i'v.-i'' •. 7 

Se . ... 1 J ocandnrd drop-head 
sewing machine on display at Rimrk's 
-furniture store. It is the best sew- 
ing machine made, is a neat pieic 
of furniture, and is sold at the right 

Two cars were derailed from the 
switch at the depot last Sunday. 

The tra  k was torn u|) tili^htlv. and 
some trouble and tielay were cause«l 
in getting the cars back on the 

Captian I'ien e of Drakesboro has 
just returned from Chicago, where he 
has been in the interest of the l{la  k 
Diamond Coal Co. He contracted 
tor additional electrical mining 
machinery for their plant. 

New *99 Crescent Hi  y( les are on 
display at Koark 's and you are invit- 
ed to call and see them. The chain- 
less is the greatest whe«l out, and 
will have greatl  in« reased sales this 
season, on account of improvements 
which make it perfect. 

This is a county newspaper, nj.d 
wants the county news from every 
section. A gdbd corretpondent is 
wanted in each community, and 
will be secured to re| ort regularly. 
But any one who has an item of 
interest will greatly aid us by telling 
tts about it, and the favor will be 
highly appre( i ited. 

A stock company is being organ- 
ized at Bremen to erect and o))erate 

a thuiring mill. The enterprise is 
almost assured, and .Mr. \'.. H. 
Tate is likely to be put in charge. 
Bremen is situated in a good farm- 
ing section, and a mill should  -oin- 
maud good patronage. Mr. Tate 
is a gooti man to run it. too. 

.Mr. C. L. Roark was up from 
South (. arrollton for two days this 
week. It is due to a great extent 
to his skill as a typo that we are able 
to greet you to-day. There is a world 
of w« rry and detail in adjusting 
things in a new office, and wind and 
weather have added no small amount 
t)f delay. 

W. H. (•raham, whose father W. 

R. (iraham resiiles near Dalton, K\ . 
was accidentally shot last week at 
Matanias, Cuba. Ira I'arrish of 
Madtsonvitle was handling a loaded 
gun which was discharged causing 
a very severe wound about nine 
inches below the knee. Amputa- 
tion is thought to be neccessary by 
the surgaons in charge. 

Ice skates for boys and ^Ii at 

ic. a w«elt for The IUcord. 

vju., e.vieubive dealers in beef cattle. 

The doctors have all been very 
busy this week, beingcalled dav and 
night to all sections for se\eral 
miles around. Then there are many 
persons in town who arc suffering 
from complaints brought on by the 
extreme weather. 

Rain, sleet, snow, lero weather. 
Nice surroundings to set tip new 
jna( hinery and get thitiLrs in sliaj)e to 
issue a new pa| er. Hut we did every- 
thing from the start in ten days. If 
three or four young men lun e b  en 
missed from their usual haunts, 
charge it to the Rcooku. 

Miss Irene Laves died at her home 
near Sa  ramento last Sunday at 6 
p. m. .She was known anti gcncraly 
beloved here, where she often visit- 
ed relatives and friends. The in- 
terment was in the family gntve- 
yard, burial being on Tuesday after- 

For spring and summer   !"tlics, 
call on K. M. .Marshall, in the liank 
Building, and let him show you his 
elegant line of samples from The 
Royal I ailors, t hi  aj^o. 1,^0 suits 
under . i3. I'ants, and up. 
( ive him a call, and yon will also 
give him your measure. 

.Mr. I.awHon Reno is confined to 
his bed on account of injuries re- 
ceived in a fall on an i  y lavement 
in Louisville Tuesday, and it is 
feared his leg is broken, Hc fell 
while walking down Seventh street 
tt» the Cnion depot, but got aboard 
the i exas" train and was brought 
horois. 'I'he serious nature of his in- 
jury was not realised until yesterday. 
— Owensboro Messenger. 

J- L. Re)'nolds invited feveral of 
his hunter fiiends to eat wild turkey 
M« nday. \ few days previous he 
w as lu  k \ enough to locate a drove 
and secure i nc which he brought 
home. Those present were very 
fortunate in se« iiring an imitation 
and all did justice to the repast. 
.\fter dinner cigars were passed 
arou'id and reminicences of huntjn|{ 
an l fishing were the i,ubjoclii uf » oU' 
versation. I he dinner left nothing 
to be desired and cll seemed to 
think that it was the best turkey 
wilhwhiihit had e\er been their 
fortune to meet, it was what is 
generally called a stag party, there 
being no ladies present. The dinner 
did not suffer from want of attention 
howcvop. even if the ladies would 
have added more grace. 

We will gladly furnish a sample 

in warm countries. 

Like most things in this'w'orld, es- 
pecially like moat stimulants, tea has 
its and its bad side. When 
taken in moderslMNI*^ bjT one 

w ith wilom it docs not disagree — for 
some persons cannot drink even a 
small cup without symptmiis of 
poisoning — tea is a stimulant and re- 
storative, relieving mental and bod- 
ily fatigue, promoting intellectual 
activity, curing a ••tired" headache 
and I ausing a most agreeable sense 
of well-being or even exhilarati*)n. 

Part of this effect is doubtless ilue 
to the hot water — in itself a power- 
ful stimulant — yet not all, for c dd 
tea acts almost equally well. When 
one feels (old. the heat ami the alka- 
loid ( afleii'.e or theine — in a   up of 
tea act as stimulant to the heart, in- 
creasing the rapidity of circulation 
and promoting the wart^h of the 
body. On the other hand. hi t tea 
is asserted to be cooling in hot 
weather by reason of the profuse 
Ijerspir&tion that it induces. 

The evil effects of overindulj^'cm e 
in tea are greater than the good cf- 
fe  ts just mentioned. Taken in c.\- 
cessiv e .piantity, or even in moder- 
ate ijuaniiiy by one with whom it 
docs not agree, tea causes marked 
dyspeptic and nervous diaturbanccs. 
Tea drunkards suffer frv m c atarrh of 
the stoniac li. Ilatuleiu e. i'na  tivitv of 
the bowels — or sometimes the re- 
verse — palpitation of the heart, ner- 
vous unrest, muscular twitchings 
and .\ itkefulness. 

Some people, who can usually 
drink tea without any evil conse- 
(piences. lind that they cannot do so 
if they happen to be worried or in 
mental distress; at such tiuu'S the 
beverage, instead of » heerlng, aggra 
vale* w orry and ailds t») it the misery 
of indigestion. Some of the dys- 
peptic troubles produced by tea are 
(hmbtless due to the tannin that is 

i'Kl:sll\ IKKI.X.N CHI kl H. 

The attendance at Sunday 
last Sunday was limiteil 
count of cold and snow, 
w ere f«»rty one present w hi  h indu- 
«led several members of the Cum- 
berland church. There will be 
prayer ser\ i( e luid on Thurs- 
day afternoon at a quarter of three 
o'clock, conducted by the pastor. 
Ke\ . M. I!. I'orter. The » iistom of 
having ilie si r\ i  e at this hour was 
inaugurated by the pastor last sum- 
mer, and has proven beneficial and 
enjoyable to those in attendance. 
The congregation has been larger 
and the interest seems more mani- 
fest when the sert ices were held at 
the e\ eiiing hour. 

The King's Daughters should re- 
organize their society and continue 
their characteristic method ofg«)od 
works. This band of young ladies 
has in the jiast contributeil largel\ 
to the supportof this church, and 
also the mission church at Pow derly. 
and they shonid not relin |uish their 
efforts, but follow their motto and 
"Lend a hand, in His name." 

.Mi:ill(»i lSl CHUkCM. 

The Ladies .\id Sticiety of the .M. 

L. Churc h will meet w'th Miss Lucy 
jonsou Monda v a^ m at 2.30. 

^rTTf^.'tg. . ,W\l 

Chas. Slaughter, 

Dry Goods, Notions, 
Shoes, Clothing, Hats, 
Dress Goods, Etc., Etc. 

Conliiid FiNrlliiaiiSiftif, Mi ElipitLaiips Sim Anr 
villi anry $28 Mill If guis. 

Oor \m tie Very lowest 

& (0, 


arc the Leading Grocers in Greenville. Also carry a full line 
STUFF, Etc. 

III Mifl pPlBWI)|e Saturday ^n. 

The ' 'cc ial object of the in*. is 
to ge« .ell organicccd and get into 
their work before the Missionary 
Conference 'meets. 

The r.uptist Ladies .\id S.,c iety 
will meet by rc'.|uesv with .Mrs. .Nina 
Harlow at her her home on Cherry 

street next Tuesdav. 

At a recent incciiug, the following 
were elected officers of the Baptist 

Suiulay-sc hoiil: C. L. L.ades. su- 
) crintcndent; Owen kit e, secretary; 
.Miss Yewell, librarian. 

Wanamaker's Profits. 

.\ business man of Phibuleljihia 
told mc the other day that Mr. 
Wanamaker's profits from Philadel- 
phia store last year were «)vcr Si, 
700,000 and that those from his 
New York establishment will run 
close to that figure. I'he Saturday 
before Christmas the receipts in 
New \ urk were even i^reater than 
ihoM.- in I'hiladclphia and e.xceeded 
5500.000. llie New Yoric store has 
paid a iirolit from the \erv dav it 
was opeiieii. although two firms 
which cKc ui u (l the establishment 
since .\. r. Stewart's death have 
failed. The reas m of Mr. Wanama- 
ker's j^reat success, both in New 
\ ork and i'hiladclphia, is his skill- 
ful and extensive advertising. It 
has been his rule to (ontine his ad- 
vertising to newspapers and maga- 
zines, on \\hi  h he has spent annual- 
ly more than 1^300,000 in Philadel- 
phia. The advertising billa of his 
New )  irk establi&hnient exceeded 
even ihut sum last year. 

Preparing for Bu.sincs.s. 

Ihe report is that the Illinois 
Central will buy about fifty new en- 
gines; the order tor them will he^-ix 
cn this siirniii or hUtluuer. tor deliv- 

Our Celebrated Brands of Flours: 

*Reople*s C^hoice/ 

^Patent Straight,* 
are being maintained to the highest 
point of excellence, and are holding 
public favor. Bran. iHeal and Feed 
Stuff for sale at the lowest market 
prices. Try our service. 

n. It in inK anioiiuis. | erv iu lli.' tall. 'Ilu; report is also 
ac cording tc) the kind and (|ualit\, 

and which is extracted fr«W the 
legves ojijHM iully by hmg steaming 
or boiling. Youth's Companion. 

Mardi Gras at New^rioans. 

For above occasictn " 

Central Railroad Co 

copy of The Rccom  for thei^king. \ 

ht. Illinois 
1 sell tic k 
ets to New Orleans, i a.,ai c:i^c 
jfor round ^rip. Ti^^ im sale 
ll'eby. u \s inclu^^-**"^ I for trains 
arrivlnuixi^'^ in forenoon 

of^J^K*"^ ietum limit 


AN| Act. 

i tirront that the company will order 
S(Mm 1,000 box cars and 2,000 coal 
c ars. Thi", is a large order but the 
business of the 1. C . will no doubt 
demand such additions to their al- 
ready immense rolling stock. 

We are taking ^ulKscriftWM to Tuk 
llRcuRD in blcM Ivs v,| Avt  and six fw m 

single pvTM'M*. who »re sendiiifr th.- 
V}ilt  ♦KijUi^ to (k'lciKih lit H ilistaiii-,-. 
YhU U nut ituhl tu cliM-oiui);^-^!' ttu tt'l- 
luw who ooly wnnts u eopy for .■si\ 
muntlM, that w ill luake us liuppy hI.n.». 

Jube & John" 

Wc h«ve jutt received an e ivoirc 
of .Vc.ini stove, and' Ranges. Call 
tod see then. R mkk. 







of tei^air work promptly done. 



OwRN Hu r. 

oiiirN L. KoAnk. 



•^.■,,.,■1 ,i. i;.,,,!-:, iiii'Mim.- 

THURSDAY, FEBY. 9. 1599. 


Tk* Post once UepartUMMit About to 
Trr • L'atqao I'laa to Tr«t Ita 


TUe •dToeoAes of ft system of rural 
■Mil delivery will be nuioh rr.cuur* 
aged by on oNi  'riiii«-nt wliu-ii iho iH» t 
ollicc depirt UK. Ill inoiM vt - t   ii im^u- 
rale soon. The m-Ih i ;. '■ 
of • traveling' ] . i . • 
tions for U;o  u o   - .■ ■ \ I. . : • . .i \ : « 
will Ih- i-Mud in a liw li i  i\- 

prCU'tl Ihcit liu' oMi'i'.,!;- s wli.U 

KM iu'ilo Ulc uuuli i ii »■ Mii.n , .-1.11,'c 

lloi-t Til la Mc«b*Drpad*il Wlalrr TaaU 
Can U« nobbed of *omm •■ Ita 

IVorst Terrora. 


r.titchrrinp hot;* has many disai;rcr- 
al)Ic f»'iUiii« liiit si.iiu' of ^ I'.ir- 
liciilarly llu' liiiin;: of llu In i • 

.1 ; :ih-. II I .■ . . -liU'liiliy l;it.. r i i 
:, - v.,i_\ III theacciuu; 

• h ; 1- .1 '.O.I. i t.f l;irm fcU-d tviii In- u M il 
M-ripii',,' I'Lilloiiu (b). The 
..I lii; \..t i.i.iy Ix- ;Miy iar^^c luir- 
II I which will hold water. Securrlj 
i lo  k and brace it *o that it uilt not 
l»e displaced in piHtinjj the lu.-^ n. ;in«l 
tnliin^ it cut. In the iron krtUi- (i ) tlu- 
water is hentc«l. Th.- lio? KilU il ami 
drawn aIon f tlip i-Mt- m the ^o^::I ill:! 
piatrorni opposite tin- iron l.rttU' Iti- 
sti;nl of liftiiipr till- oiMvass onto t'l • 
;•' ifonn by hand, rake use of ihf 
puoiel lev«r attached to the pott (d) 


Pompoa VarletIrM \a\r Poyalar asd 
Well Salted to Siuall CSardeaa. 

Tho pfinsimns, or hardy chrysantbo- 
tUQUip, liavi  i»it Jacked many keen ad- 
Diirirs in tho \i: i fk-w yoars. Yet it ia 
ahuoFt witliin t!;t' j ;: t s;••l^on thnt they 

.•HI] ' ur Wltll ( r:   1 .:; ; t ! V«  t ■.itlfil 
;\ Iliac.' ill II r. ! i" , : . • :: : i i ; i , 

in j ulilii- c.-'tci iri, i..^ i:: n. i i| liy iiu ir 
I't rvailinj: j n .-»-uch and i;.pinilarily ;:t 
ri('t-!it plant i-huw , ixhii itious t-tc. 
Auiericau (Jardetfiiig has for boiue timo 

ni..: \\\U i 

.Mtl.l," ilM . : 

w ill l.e .-Il'Ii! ! 

"l .:.l  .1  : ll.   

: . I four feet ooros*. 

and jii"-! liit;ii « ik j-^h for a n^an mx feet 
tall to stand erect inside. It will Ix- a 
vt ry light runnings cooch. weigl injr I'ut 
600 pounds, and adaptcil to all kind* 
of weathei^-«*itK hail, snow or blow, 
blixxards orre«l-hot sstininuM^. 'ilic prr- 
sonnel willoonHStof but two — the Irav- 
elii;s poatmadtcr and baa drivtr. The 
kiUtr wlU Im BMNrnted upon an ample 


Place a chain about the hind b-qs of 
the ho?, hook the short end of the !t \fr 

into tlii  I'liain an 1 the lir:r 

riif ptifct (d) is rtj''x 
from xhc i Iat:"()riii i M ai  ! ] 
ati(i 1). 

\ M.-t- tlu- ltd-- ]..\\.- 1.. . 

'I 1 . liair ifiucivi d ptit tln'i 


v^. I) 

.! and 

M. till' 

'. ai 111 

and \\\\\\ \c\vr lift llicm 
 crrp:: plalfonti and ewlnf; 

(Road Lieadlnc from M.t »vUl* to Lcxlns- 
tou. Ky.  

Beat in front, aheltereU overhead ui:d 
protected in w«t «MM||HU|M|MMBAer- 
proof covering. K^^^^^^^^w in- 

•-jar-^ vjJiif .at 
on either &ide, vn)uch.%vhen abut i^lli 
wrvc ■» the ceincr of the tliree 
glu»y winiDuws. Thec-e wii.dows uu%] 
uuother in fmiit will make tiic t^lVitv a* 
hght «is uKij I.edosircd by il.iy, while a 
bluzinj; lai..p will »;   ilic  ai.i.' ■   ii'jrht. 
The pc..-:ilj;;sU T v.-.'.i i • :..,.- .. .1' I.' 
ceo4er of olln.*.' uyyiu a iwolu-.j.' 
fetair made ht::ii' uary with the iioor. 
Doth before a lid behind him will be a 
working table and a c MupI«te tvt ot 
post ofilee pigeon holes. Under ordinary 
vircumstances be TviU ride wi ll I N 
back towtird the driver* there boiii^r 
more room- ot his rear t.;bI^^ tliaii .it 
th* front. .lu t nbovc iho rear t^il K' 
will be a closet w',:':. . ' ...htr. J.:- 
side will bQ »lu In .   . .wtr.aiid 
drawers for *;to: i..:' r . .. ; ^ ^ni 
eard«. envelope*-. ii;!  ;   : 1. r 

M ccaai ties, including a trt . iv gt;n t^r 
protection againat ttie bold highway- 

Qroaped about this eloael will be the 
■aaatlcr pigeon lioles, amacg which 
mail matter for tJie rural inhabitar.ts 
bavinff house* or oollection a::d deiir- 
ery boxesi along the route between po.-t 
offices will be dintributed alphabet ieaV 
If. Tbiks when the pout ofilce on 
wbecda approaclw:; the farm of J(.6SiUi 
nvan, that ^'^entletnanV letters can be 
readily fonml in pipcon hole "11.*' ai'd 
wh**!". it cciiu-s. to the liox «jf III /.oki lii 
lln'th:iv\ay. \vl;o ni.iv lixe vMial ii;il» . 
n|  the eros r03d. his letters tiiul j .ij t rs 
wil! be takin from cm. p..;!nu iit "II" 
and dep(  i;!i(l in t':.- v'. t of ti e h  \ 
l enrirp ninv Tereatli tl i- \e.,t 

wirkinp tuile will be larger piJ;^•o^ 
holes, ench l»e irin;» tiie name of a re;;- 
•ularly ralablisdied post ofRcp on the cir- 
cuit. Upbn arriving at each office the 
trsTellng poctmacter will toke all nat- 
ter out of the ijox and prr ^ r1 it t   
host, the sf ntionary pcs-tm,;*}' r. 'Hiis 
|4oneer jiost office on ul.r. : v ;;' K  so 
equipped that It may. if i - . i . n.i- 
vense the cfUMitry lu'dr r !•(■■ : • ' I'l niy 
one n-.s.i). wiili ef.jiM •, , ■ f car- 
rier, colleetor. p.oMn'.;i.-Iir aiil ilTiver. 
.MI ulonp the rontf will h,' «!istribtitot] 
letter Ixives of n novel de^'ru. e -.! h 
bearing the tome of its. owi rr. v. In 
may fas4«n it outside the f,'atv leiuKni.' 
up his lane or at the paint where the 
road leadinjr to his fjiriK joint} the route 
of the p  -t 1 n-ce.— Farmers-" Keview. 

rot" ,! so tlic v ean be hung upon 
•be «•;  li:..'- in posts band f). A 
lot oi IiKivy liftit;{r is tlMi, avoided. The 
cross bars can be made so that they w ill 
turn around on a pivot in the diree- 
tion of the arrows. This i» aceoni- 
pllshcd by boring o IVi-in'^h h"'*" " 
top of the ] n«t. I'sp for cross barv four 
by four oak properly nnrmwed ;it the 


by n; 

to I'.u 



f !in iron i i:i w liieh 
I '.i Ii.ile ill ti e » 
;. rasten thf ckv s 
ariTi- to:rotiier. and a 1ir t-elass. e'ira|  
j ivota! an-aiiffcniTt for Imnpinfr I'op'; 
is tl;e result. With t L's device and the 
lev.-r tliere i-^ a!-M.Intp!y no 
for h'Vivy lifting. If one d 

— r^-r' - .*"vl4r 
cross arms i o they will tnm they 
can be securely fastened to the top of 
the post, or, betters ill, nwrti« « .-nade 
netiT the top and the cress pieces fitted 
into thero.— Orcr.pc Jr.dd Farmer. 

Hisliivuji* In Prrlr* Rico. 

Spetikini' of the roads* in I*. rto INen. 
Cen. lloy .Stone savs: |'I e:'ri only ndd 
Hint all I li;.v. 'le'i tofure said iii favor 
e.f tin '" ,,1 1- i;i(l.s movement, a \\jrri!i'; 
iind ' .:rown from a eortitry 

v.herr. r\,, ,.t for a few military lineK. 
no roads have ever been built; and 
wiei% the bnlk of the product of a 
narrelously rich soil is carried to mar- 
ket on the heads of men and wim^en 
or the backs of dimisintivc ut'.ii:i:i!s. .\s 
a restdt of this rejrieet. together v. ith 
otlier kiiH!re l «-aiises, the airri Mi'.l ur;:! 
popul.ilioii of the is!n!id, aIl!'oii 'li ii. 
•lustrions niu! ft ni;:;!. is \:  c r i to l-e 
nbiiost.  \itlitiiit .'■lieltt r. fi,; : i . :ir" or 
rlothitiir. ami entirely uithoii; i- ipii!''--^ 
».f fooil, ^o that their trif'ii;',' v 
most lie jMiid day by day to e'::i! 'e 
them to continua this ho|}cIcs.i c.vitit- 
ence." • 


(ion 1 watf r  '.ir,ii;d lie free fro!'.i r:)lo.". 
iui;)iea ant ot'or ;ind ta^tc, and should 
quickly afford a lather with a small 
I'ortion of soap. 

For washing windows put a few drop'' 
of a:nmoni.i on a pi^ccof pai er, and it 
«\ ill readily take of? every spot or linger 
uiar!r on the glass. 

A New Kngland gentleman claims 
thnt shingles laid in whitewnsli wii 
last t\  iee as iov^ as if they hj:d not 
!ii t n treated with the lime. 

T:i rei;«!er large pieces of wood plia- 
i e. I i.i-y them in sawdust, and pour 
boiiin;; water tipon the same. .\ lonp'. 
narrow l ox Is beat for this purpox'. 

W lie:: the face of a liammer In i 
iine\e!i. so that it ) dillieiilt to ;ii\« a 
nail true with it. put the face to a ^rind- 
f.tone awhile and the defect wUI be over- 
do mf. 

lo rcmiil\ u wet  ■  liar already bui't. 
siiik a channel nearly a foot deep en- 
tirely around, close to fbe wall, and lay 
a course of drain tiles in the bottom, 
v. hicb will cut off nil water veins, and 
i!iii3 render the cellar quite dry. 

Sometimes it is necccssary to paper 
over i heeti  of tin. In that erent add 
old hii;::ir or mo'asses in large pre por- 
t -on to 1 he pa- ti . It w ifl be found gen- 
trallj tlfi . t i:.; i - A\ ( tl rn I'lnw n:an. 

Stone t!:iok::i- im* [tnrriB. 

In banking nj  .•«i:a;i!st the w;;;i8 of 
basement burns, ;ir.ii espeeiully in build- 
ing up a paseagcway to the entrance, 
there is ::lways strong temptation to 
Use  tones ])iled iu lootiely us a liasis, 
where .-tones are over pleivtiful on th-.* 
lurni. Vet this ukually provea n mi;*- 
take. Kai.s will invariably effect « 
lodqemr.'it ainor.ij sach stones, and they 
will in time work tliioii!:;!! into tlu' I am 
1 •i^enient. Ite.-iili's, rains w ill v, ,i. .Ii 
art.c.:.;,'- t lie stones. .;nd it will ri «jiiire 
eo". t;.iit a'.tentioi. every year to l»eep 
ilie pu sa.Lre way th:.t loaded WOgOUii 
ia;j Lc drivi h oxer it. 


urged tho advifability if mltivafng 
tha ntcto hardy cbry»nth''miiiiis um\ of 
growing varieties that would bo suit- 
able to all aorta of gardfoa, ami it now 


"T "dt(y t hci • ^ ii tiec 

j.tTt n l iii til" • 1 : . . V. lio 

de: if; s to 1,; ^ ■ :;l iu 

tbtMlyir;,' i::;.t : !;v i f r witLa 
IiiiliPi ;.: ! ; ;;r li il!;l ua 

al)um:.:!i(   ' i. .i .:i :l. 'i lii to are a 
Krcafe i)OUiI:cr i f varivtica wbicb can 
Lu used for tbia nnrposc. 

"Of tbo pompuisti pnro Trevenua may 
botakvu as agccd type, and it ie known 
in white, yt llr.xr aiui pink forn:«', the 
latter kcit:;; er.ei ptionally deliKbtfnl. 

**La t? rur Melanin is  .!iO of the i: ost 
charn:iiig :f tue l.-ir/iy i liryi-MUlif :nun)H. 
Ita d'. lii at( ly fr.; M . d (liiwer;:nd itn pur- 
ity cf coll r, the T :•. ft.sion «kitb wbicli it 
blr.rnis, i\U isititlo it to iiotiec. 

"In.Tuloa I..i ;r::vr!( , pr pi :ly Ltlon;?- 
inrjtotln' vTi up v.hitii onr llnrop^nu 
brcth.. !  ^} I i.;l..'.' us rrfiexed, wo bavo 
nu iiit ■liru Oin'.i red. Tho plant in a 
(itron^* n-o^^'tfi very flcriferoos, and car- 
ries it.) bloom^iindeuEc utaksc?, very dis- 
tinct in character f rem the two to wbicb 
Wti h.ivo jcK* allndcd abcvo. For its 
richness cf colnr it it; nusnrpassed. " 

Of a type wbicb is as yet but very 
rarely aeco, the Pompou Anemone, tho 
titio Is lufficiently deecriptive of the 
cburnt tcra thai abonld Le looked for, 
acrcirdiug to the cntbority qooted./ 
whi' Ii f urthrr rri vn ' ■ 

'i I.H iii  ..t 1; :riiy oiiVgGI 

anthcmmi.'H, cnu i: ; i.i .'..t ;1 a woudf^- 
fnl cBarin ii;auy, nst"? Tamely 771 u 
fuctibut tuey aro Rtud natnrcd, awwitli- 
out nny t rccial core t'js ywill front yc.r 
to ycur, iu duo tLntou, rupay earth ..s- 
Dcta with an obundaut crop of flowers, 
bat. let it be remembered, the results 
tbak the careful coitivatcr and Bkiilfnl 
gardener will obtain by judicions care, 
wMI amply repay whatever extra atten- 
tion is bc«to\vc(l. TLo Letit niotbod of 
growiug thviis hardy chrysautbemuma 
in starting n new plant is to take « 
newly rooted cutting aud plant itont i"^ 
the border where it is desired to flower. 
In Rc-M soil the Krowtb will Im rapid, 
stttd tho only nttmtiru tl;::t \vjil bo 
m I 'ted will t!-e coutiiicai piucbiug 
(iiU of thu v tips up tO about the 
tiiiddio cf Au?;ust. 

CURE FOR HOG CHOLERA. of Itie J Ki-  \cr  «»f Ilie 
tlepa i-t iiient « f A k ■'l -iilt ri vr. 

The 'li p,,rtmi lit ' f a.;rn iiltme li;;.« 
ennferreil i n wi sti r?i far:;. « is ;i I i n, 
the )non« tary valiio f f v. hieli «'M ei il..^ 
thr ••r.ii f. I:d if all the a ; i' vpr i:i ; n i: s 

t!;ai ' . . . • I r 111. i" 1 -r I 'le s';n- 
piTi lit hat iii']i alim .i(. It lia.-, ili:j.:ov- 

ered a ?tnedy for the bog cholera wbicb 
will ct e at least 80 per ceDtt)f the ani- 
mals totaled. Low prices baTe been one 
of the flaguea of the westeni farmer. 

HoK choleni has been cnntber and by 
ijo means tho least It cost the farmers 
of the sitinle Hato of Imvii S^l j.OL'0.000 
two ycaiH n^o. liuinn:) nihlo remedioK 
wero tried (Inrin^; th" last ot) yt ars, 
liiit the  all pr ivi 'l valm le s. When 
eiioli'ta I rnk   lait i;i :\ drove of iiogii, 
thoown(»r lelr tlie (;:'.  was hn:);di'SH. 

Thociiiet of tho I ni' an (-f animal in- 
duKtry « ' tho departuieut rf a;;ri' nl'nre 
took np 'bin suLjecC two years a;;o, utid 
esperin^nts have been conducted under 
bis dit niou erer aluce. As a result a 
K ruia  ttmeuk has been devised wbicb 
has be so thoroughly tested that Its 
efficar as been proTed. This year tho 
tests c .te in an Iowa county showed 
that out of 922 animals treated liO 
died, eg less than 30 per cent, whilo ont 
of 1,107 bogs in otbcr drovpH w l-.ich 
wore aoC treated 879 or nearly .^^o \ r 
cent dk d. Tbns science has ] i:t it in 
tho powtT of the liog raisers (,f states 
like Iowa, Nebraska. Illinois. K:\n-.:s, 
eti*.. to protect their droves to a^;r. at 
ext nt H^ninst tho ravages of a prcviouii 
!y fatal and cotitly disease 

If tlie western farmer? choose to avail 
themsslves of tbo labors of the bureau 
of cninal indnstry, they will save mil- 
lions of dollars annually. It tbeir corn 
and wheat bring prices wbicb tbey are 
nut satisfied with tbey can convert those 
gtaiusinto pork and can Lo soro that 
the VBf cholera will not atrip them of 
their iHved for profits.- Ohioago Trib- 

ShftelBK Raaso Bavaeo la AastraJla. 

Ia an qnt station in New South Wales 
it vas liecessary to ocnstruct tbis elabo- 

rat« arrangcuieut tn shoe range horncs 
Many Aiutritliau borsrii bavo a great 
peti^baut for biting, kicking, jumping 
and (t bur exuberances of a similar kind 
As it is obsolctely necessary to shoe 
tbena - somehow, however, tliay an 

Brinslnjr Frnit Trees Into Bearlac 
Fcait trees of cuy kind frequently 
grow with greot luxuriance lu tbis 
tbey ore nsaally Rtifruitfnl. Xo tice 
coramcticcs tr» llower iiml Iruit until its 
vepctativo cxuLerar;  • l i .-i k: :iie- 
what checked. i!i i "wi:o Viisli r-t:iiKl 
tijc art «;f fr-iit iviii. tlu.r: uj^hly cun 
IriuK theh^i wayw.-id tns i'.:t;) a 
stvaighttr lij:e of d;:; ,• hy .i , t i^ii.iiMi^; 
tbem. It is 'v r'.'n t, I ■ iii,.-;;ii'K :i l.i :!« h 
around thu tree t ..i n J;l!ii: ! it up 

with tbo earth that Itcen thrown 
out This cutting olf thu cuAa of the 
rcots causes check to tbe extreme vigor, 
and tbo result is tbo prodnction cf flow- 
era iu&trad of brtiM lu T!n) di.-tancj^ 
from tbo trunk t!' it ti: ti-n li .-Ii inid 
be dug vill, of eoar.-.', dirpend r.tjou the 
aga nud i;tzo cf the tme, a-j al.»o it!i ratio 
of luxuriiincv.'. The aim .-biaild lo u^ die 
SO as tu rut (ifT t'.buut oue-tliird of it | 
root^j. The y .v. ' 11 as other fruit 
trees, i;i p;:il: ::i:ited hy root 

prnniii;;. In r. .ii tiiif operr 

tioii, rx  •:• 'Ti: - d. :• I ' ;:;;:r.- Mouthly 
suys it cuti Lj carried  kil ut auy timo 
during tbe fall or winter seaEon. 

.i hlong ap mstdo h ctrong 
— 'it^, nieir le«H being tiafely secured 
(J .ocf tbe bind leps about to be ogernt- 
od tiffin 18 drawn ont under conditions 
of safety tn tbe operator, and then care- 
ful iy replaced. The owner holds the 
l-iilteraud keeps at a very respectful 
dibtaaoe from tbe mouth of bis trunble 
some steed. Needless to remark, sboeins 
horses, of this kind is a very expensive 

t usoan«l IIora  n. 

There in a saying that out of 100 
hnrties examined for sonndnet:!  culy i o 
per ceut will prove perfectly free from 
some defect and tbe remaining five will 
be fiNRid tbe wont animals in the whole 
lot The viow may appear penimistic. 
At tlie same time a perfectly sound 
horse at all points if eiugnlarly rare, 
especially if wo include vice and per- 
nieions babitH u.s rendering a borfio uu- 
sonud. The* ordinary definition of uu- 
soundness is "th - existeme of disease 
or alteration « f (-trueturo w hieh doi s or 
will impair the ho se's uatnral nst fnl- 
nes.s." There ::r'. i^iany sli :ht defects 
and altiMi! i f i-ini' ♦ liro whieh «io 
not interli f^o w iilj u hor^o'tf uscfnlne.-s 
for tbe practical work be is required Co 
pi 4|utni. It the horse is workably 
soradb there is no xehi«i why be siionld 
be osruemued by kite intending pur- 
cbrisar, fcr few horses are mors than 
this., aonrding to general experience. 
If now wo add to pt rfect soondneea 
an alJioi t fault less couformation, free- 
'\om vtd fashiuudble action, tbe didi- 
isalty *A securing :.u kK al horso iii in- 
creased tenfold. Nowuudir that good 
horres. notw itbstaridiug sli^bt imper- 
feetiuuB, realize high prices. —-Loudon 
Live Stock JouraaL 

I*uat-\l .-ilt.intf I'nrm lloracs. 

There is a larp^c ("ilTerence in the 
aniiuirt of work dope in a j'car by a 
fa* t wall.; 11^,' horse and one that is !«low. 
If I ti. ia ti'ivi ls J » mliesa an- 
other tc^am goes "j tnilea in the ^an)e 
time, it makes a difference of 1.500 miles 
for 300 working days in a year. When 
plowin? or cultivating a large field a 
team will travel from 15 to 20 miles a 
day. and the difference of a mile or two 
la an important Item dnrfrg the bu^y 
wawin. Thei '' is room for a fast-wiilk- 
ng breed of Ih'^m s 

Mardi (iius at New Orleans. 

'tlilltnry Huad fer Ctibn. 

A v^' ' . :-\ i f):id in to be built around 
San another is to run 

straiglii thioii^h tlifi'ity. 

Buy two or three Concord :r:."; e 
flaata aa^ bare grapes tor the fa: : ' 

I o ..! . orcasloii the Illiiiuis 
( ciuial K;ulruiu' t i .. will sell liik- 
cls Id New Orleans. I. a., at one fare 
tor niund trip. 'I irke-ls « ii sale 
Keby. 6-13 imrlusive, anil for trains 
arrix inj; in New Orleans on forenoon 
i l I i . 14th. w ith i'lnal return limit 
lo i cby. jSlh., 1899. 

W. W. Sloan, Aci. 

Care of IIoc»r Plant*. 
Among before tbe Ontario 
Fruit Growers' associatiijii ilr. VV. (Jam- 
mage ot London guvu a practical one 
upon tho "Caro of Iljmu PJutits." As 
reported iu Annrican ilardeiiiu);, be 
gattl that tile 1:\ in ,' to 111. with its but, 
dry utuic;-pl: ' . \. "   to dovar.s 
Whero • "« •   i 1 '-.i "..'as tiie 

droppin;; i.i i! •• i.,   ■■ w ill not 

bnrt pali: ^ s i 11:1. ;;. ' li; y 
have lots 1  . -.i-.v and water, lu iiis 

opinion t!ie luju neions aso of comiutr- 
ctai fertiii^rs was tbe eunsc of u great 
loss in house plants, dome pe:oplc have 
an extraordinary idea that castor oil is 
benehcial to some plantii. On the con- 
trnry, tho praetiee is in.variou.s and ir- 
rutiorial. •When nitri j^v tmus f jrtili::cr;  
are i:e»'i d, npp.'y in f-'rowinn season. 
I'bi.^phnf- 's, w iiKli :!il!:ieiiee thu e' hir- 
ing of phiut^i, ebuuhi bu mixed iu tbo 
soil before uaa. 

cue l,iist«"e lllle-« In .' 1; 1: i r jr. 

liasli r s ;;i;ijxvii..v: i.ipiuiy will 
shuxv the U'jed of mote uonrisbmeut to 
develop their flowers properly. If not 

already di tie, they should receive a top 
drcstsing of rich, which Will 
uiil the borface roots, remarks The iiis- 
ral New Yorker, ^^omo of the prole.s- 
sioual giowerM bavti luen tryin;: tbn ef- 
fect of moving Ku.ster hlio iiito larger 
pots when they have lillt d tl:( iii^t pot 
with rccit*, thi.s 1 eiiiK' d.  )e ,1 (•■.i i;e- 
giui.'ing cf .Iaiu:aiy ( .n 1 i 1 .ire 
being reported frm-.i tni--. « ir^ n ''y mast 
be watched for. It is ulc uf thu Viorst 
CDMuiea of thofw 1 jlies. . 

Ravaaea of WoItcb In the Weat* 

The stockmen of the ranges of 
em C'o'orada and other raiuots frontiers 
estnuate ti.-at each wolf doriug tbe year 
w ill do worth of damage to a herd 
Gf emtio. When the nninl era of that 
de.vocring liea^t are e-finsidered, the 
amount of destrnrtion it is eaj able of 
bectJmeB (jiiite app.irent. justifyius the 
obsei|vati. t tlio Laramie Keputdiran 
that unites M.n;o method is adopted for 
its^extermiuation tbe stockmen of tbe 
Black Hills region will have either to 
move or go ont of btisinesa Tbis year 
tbo howling of tbe wolves is auusaally 
tbreuteniuR along all tbe ranges from 
North Dukcta to Mew Mexico and Tex- 
as. Old cattlemen are of tbe opinion 
that the btibt way to extorminate thorn 
is by conuurted action on tbe part of 
tbo fetates and t very beparate county, 
iiieluditi;; tbo i Uer of a boonty for wolf 
scalp!* larf^e mi.u^'h to make bunting 
tliein u pr. Ihatilt bnsinc liii dollars, 
ill the opii:^ u of thebo capable jnuRea, 
IN uLout the right figure, to bu p.-\id ilt 
cash, and nut iu long time warranta 

3^ew Mexican WtM»l. 

A Kew Mexico correspondent of Tba 
Auatican She* p llueder says there U 
BoloBger any nuson lor diseriminatiuf; 
nuain.xt ^'evv Mexican wool : "Thu old 
M'A'eun hheep are nearly extiuct, full 
bhiuritv has been abandoned, and most 
of tie shei ji nun have in j^rovnl tbeir 
thick: by skilltul i rosshn ; din^ nntil 
theif fleeeeh are quite tqual in  piaiity 
aud comlitie'u to tbe best of tbe ruti^ti 
Heeces farther north aud east. Correct 
breeO'^^^^ins made tbe improved tlooiu 
toon ^^^«Qltb of which tbe old 
ranci ^SiCJtive scrub flocha 


Ia«nlrl«a aa to What tho 

III an editorial article The GkaasMry 
Joonml says that five years* pastaaria- 
ing has bean ona of the topics discussed 
cix:oug tiM oreamery men ct tlM land. 
i:.\pe riraenl statlcdo liava aha* taken 
hidd to a limited extent, antbualastio 
writers have clung to tbeir views with 
c.iinniendablc persistency, and in at 
li a t nnu instnueo it han Iwen made tbe 
stil'j' i t i f close study, intense applica- 
tion aud unstinted labor in one of the 
best crtamerieN ot thw country. More is 
known about it than wa.s known five 
yeai   ;.l;ii i f two year.H ano, luit nu f)ue 
is y t s.itislied. The believer in it ean 
point to nntbii'.K snhstantial in results, 
tbo inquirer cuu get no deliuite auswers 
to bis queries, tlie scientists are aimbla 
to find tiM Una of demaieatiaa batweea 
epecnlatioa and demonstration, and, in 
short, vre are nona of ns yet out of tlM 
woods, no matter how tmweloome tho 

It is eutirely true that ever and anon 
Eonio oua reports snccess and says that 
] bo ha8 deraouHtrated thnt it pays, and 
I that he ha.sdednei da method which has 
I coiiio to . t iy. Knt b  fere many moons 
have p.i -i d we lind earh and every one 
cf these I iitliusiastic pasteurizers out of 
bis job and looking for fresh pnstnroa 

It i.s true that our Danish friends 
point with loyal pride to the saceem of 
pasteurizing In tlieir fatherland and 
'iraM,' a vivid eontrast between tlw four 
xvotkers iu a Danish creamery and tiM 
une^ I r two in our own creameries. But 
not ono of them buihhs a creamery hera 
!Mid hires tbo four workers and attempts 
to ( limpets with the* en .mu ry which 
bandleH tho ramo aniount of milk with 
one or two workers. 

Then in makitif; onr confessions strict- 
ly ni) to date, eiiutinueH Tbo Journal, 
wo fiavo to arkuowledgo that it costs 
more to mako gooil pasteurized butter, 
and that batter so pasteuri/^d does not 
outsell good bnttar frasa raw oraam. 

Pasteurisation of wliola milk or 
cream tests upon tlm assumption that it 
is dominated by damaging germs. It ia 
like tbedoctriucof total depravity. "It 
is a good doctriuu if people would only 
live np to it, " us the pld lady eaid. But 
at present the best we can do is to keep 
onr children nnd our milk from contact 
with l ad snrioniKlin^s, i jslead of try- 
ing to toast ont the badness after it is 
onoe in tliein. 

*K;aaBealed«* Dntta*. 

Congealed butter is on tlM market 
again, says the Kansaa City Grocer, 
and tbe city health department is get- 
ting ready to have tome of the dealers 
in it esplaiu a few things. A sample 
bas been oh'u.ued from the city market, 
and a:i ^  i.!i as the city chemist gets 
thri'iiu'li analy/iiiK it warrants will be 
sworn ont CouKeaU d iiutier is detri- 
mental to public health mostly by the 
filthy character of tho iuKrediotJts that 
cotnpoFe it It ix aUo in tbo uutnre of a 
bnuko game, as the weif^bt of tktf 
ter is greatly increased by the a4w 

«*HiiQipal i]ig 
coantxy butter pioked up bje^^itmsiexM 
and hockstera at eonntry stores where 
it iios been taken in trnda. Only tbe 
poorest Ftuff the country merchant Ima 
on hand Ih bought, and this is damped 
in ono indi::eriminate mass into dirty 
burnlH aud tubs that have Bdl basn 
washed sinco they left tbe cixiper's shop 
A smi'll of the contents of ono cf these 
barrels is to a vi-ii to a rendur- 
\ iu,i t ."laulisniiR nt Tins mass of ill 
I Huieliing greai:e is brout^ht to Kansaa 
; City atid washed, churned and mixed 
with stale buttermilk. Then it is wask  
ed again and coloring matter added to 
give it the tint ot pore cr eam a r y bntloi; 
molded into fancy shaiies, covered with 
paraffln paper and placed on the mar- 
ket as a hi^h grade of the creamery 
produ ^t. iCuuuxh water is left iu it to 
make it weigh a third more than would 
pore batter. 

immatalra Cheeaa. 
J. H. Scott of Catiada, in a recent pa- 
per upon "Imnwtara Obeeoe, " specified 
the boxing of graeu cheeses and ship- 
ping them when only a few days old as 
most detrimental to the credit of tha 
products of tbo province. He considered 
that more cboese was spoiled by poor 
curing rooms than from an j other cause. 
Be deuonnced the poorly constrnctod 
sheds nud buildiugs so oftcu in as 
only lit to store wood or rnl hish The 
trade wanld lie helped by all ebecBo in 
spring nil 1 .-lUtMiiin being held at least 
25 or 210 days and iu hot weulher 15 to 
20 days. The caring rooms should al- 
low tbe cbvesemaker to regalute tbe 
temperature from 60 to TO and to ven 
tilate withoat oanainff a draft Tbe 
need in uniformity in siae of elieese snd 
 »f better boxes for shipping was urged. 
Seventy -five pounds was recommended 
as a standard ^ i/.r. Old style hoops and 
' presses soon Id be ^iveii up, tbe upright 
hoop and ]iress adopted and more atten- 
tion be pixid to stylo and tiuisll. 

How ti  Tell Oleomarvarlae. 

The Kansas Agricnltural onllege dairy 
h'dis been experimenting with ether as a 
means of distingaisliing batwss u butter 
and oleouargarina. Take a very small 
piece of butter and oleomargarine, 
about tbe siae of a pinhead, and pUioe 
iu separate sp^ts on a clean piece of 
glass. A drop of ether placed on the 
butter will assume a wavy but some- 
what regular outline, whilu a drop 
plfteed on the nleomar^arine will hHve 
a rn^iKi'd outline very mneh like the ap- 
pearaucu of a cogwheel with tbo cogs 
sbarpened to a point.— Uvo StoA 

Oo«d For Mlaaoaatat 

It is slaimed that the bast managed 
dairies ia Minaasota have reduced the 
cuat of BUHintaotnring a pound of bnt- 
tur «n l.tR oenti. This prevailian priaa 
la otkar atatas is ahont I ooata. 

•low BIpoalas Ciie e ee. 

The anxiety of oheesemakers to have 
tbeir cheese come early into market in- 
duces theiu to make a soft, porous cheese 
into which air eatfily enteis and which 
eonseiiueiitly ripens early. Bnt cbeeso 
thus iioide cannot be kept for a long 
time wiiie ut having its quality mneh 
ill tl rionvti d. If n larger proportion of 
• ill ~ jircssed thoroDf;hly so as to 

have a tinner texture, it would keep un- 
til times when there is little good cheese 
in market and higher prices could tie 
obtained for it Bat tha firm obecne baa 
so mnch le« moisture tlmn tlw porona 
cheese that the prioe dooa not pay tht 

Fancy Grocer. 

Books, Stitiooery, M) Artide^' 

The public is invited to inspect 
our offerings in new, up-to-date 

merchandise at the J 

Lowest Possible Prices. 

J. L. MORGAN, Mgr. 







SoutH Carrolltotty iCy*^ 

is the busiest Merchant in the coun^ 
tya His low prices and great stocks 
attract and hold the people. Country 

Produce bought at highest prices. 

Ghas. W. Roark, 

Lraundry Agent. j 

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