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date (1856-05-17) topic_Agriculture_and_Livestock newspaper_issue 



VOL. 10. 

HARR DSBURG, KV„ MAY 17. 1856. 

NO. 2.0. 

ac'.^i4 jri acksi fcM 



OflicB on Main St., opposita the "Eagitt Hotel.”; 


TWO DOLLAR 3 per annum in advance, or: 
If paid witliin tiiree montlia after subscribing. { 
Not paid withtu tliree mouths, - - $225: 

Not paid within six mouths - - 250' 

Not paid within the year - - - - 3 00 
(t:^No paper will be discontinued until arrear- ! 
bgei are paid, except at the option of the publish- 
er. I 


’Pbr frt'.e square of twalve linos or less, tbree in- 1 
esrtio.s - . . ^ ^ 

baclicontiuuae . • • 25 

Tltreo . . , 4 00 . 

Six inontbs, • . . , 7 00 1 

Reasomible dpd|ieiton mods to jeorijr adyerll- ! 

Eor aunounciuga candidate, and continuing 
oaine till election. $3 OU 

The postage on all conimunicatioua must be; receive attention. I 

Remitiauces by mail to the “Ploughboy,” j 
Harrodsburg, Ky*. post paid, at the risk of the 

LAA V C AiU . 


W ILL herealler devote himseK exclusively 
to the practice of Law, in Mercer and tlio 
adjoining counties, and in the Court of Appeals. 
Husitiess confided to him will receive strict atlon* 
tion. -Olfice on cross street, neat the Court 

Harrodsburg, Dec 23, L855 — tf 

tPhe Hope that Breathes of Spring. 

Leaf by leaf the roses fall. 

Drop by drop the spring runs dry; 
One ay one, beyond recall. 

Sunnier beauties fade and die; 

But the roses bloom again, 

And the spring ■will gush anew 
In the pleasant April rain, 

And the summer’s sun and dew. 

So iu hours mi deepest gloom. 

When the fprings of sadness fall, 
xAnd the in their bloom 
.Droop like maidens wan and pale. 

We shall fitxl some hope that lies 
Like a si^nt germ apart. 

Hidden far kora careless eyes 
III the garden of the hetirt. 

Some sweet .lope to gladness wed. 

That will spring afresh and new 
When grief a winter shall have fled. 
Giving pL'ica to sun autLlew, 

Soms sweet hope'thanireathes of spfing, 
Through the weary, weary time. 
Budding for its blossoming. 

In the spirit’s silent clime. 

and as I gazed on its dilapidated walls and the amiable weakness of boxing his ears} An India.v Agent Killed.— Wu learn 
moss covered roof, it too, seemed to say jtill the sparks came into his eyes, and who by a private letter from Port Oxford. Or- 
harewell, brother Cranord. jalso amused herself with the louder past egon, that Captain Ben. Wricht, sub-In 

‘As I rode down through the vi age, jume of shying plates and dishes, and dian agent for that district, was murdered 
the people who poked their heads outen the |knive3 and forks, at his head, was as play- by the Indians on the 23d of March. He 
... who leant on fully fond of him as a kitten. x | x 


Brother Crafford's Farewell Sermon. 



I During my sojourn in Mississippi (shori- 
(ly after 1 heard the groat sermon which 
was played on a harp of a thousand strings) 

winders, and the servants 
their brooms, all seemed to say — Farewell, 
brother Orafford! 

‘xAs I passed along down the highway, 
through the to'rest, the wind, as it sighed 
and whistled thro'Ugh Die tree-tops, play- 
ing on the leaves amJ branches, the burden 
of salvation, it, too, seemed to say — Fare- 
well, brother Crafford! 

‘Crossing a little creek tliAt was gurg- 
ling and singing over its pebbly bed, as it 
rejoiced on iis way to the great ocean of 
eternity, it, too, seemed to say — Farewei'l, 
brother Crattord! 

‘xVs I rode along down a hot, du 
an old sow tiiat was asleep in a Ir 
ner. jumped out of a suddent, wi 
broo-oo broo-oo — -she, too, seen: 

— FtSrewell, brother Cratfordt-'**- 
‘My horse got fri^tened an 
from under me, and as he curl 
over his back — kicked up his 

Coleridge used to relate an Arabian fa- 
ble, which reminded us much of the eflects 
of love, and when we, in our boyish, ig- 
norant conceit, pointed out its moral be- 

was, we believe, a Philadelphian, 
died in the performance of oflicial duties. 

As the hostilities of the Indians had as- 
sumed an alarming character in Southern 
Ciegon, and some of the warlike Indians 

nignantly to him, he smilingly said, ‘ofiare not far from the Port Cxford settle- 
course.’ It took P. P. a month to recov- Iments, it was feared that the peaceable In- 
er the Christian rebuke of those two words, dians might be persuaded or intimidated 

into joining the savage array 

It was the old sarcasm of ‘teach your 
grandmother how to suck eggs,’ transla- 
ted into aqua fortis! 

But to Coleridge’s apologue. Cnee 
upon a time an old man, having a vision 
from above, preached to his follow hu- 

Capiain Wright had always great confi- 
dence in his power to control the Indians, 
and under the influence of this ho went 
among the tribe of his charge, apprehend- 
ing no danger, notwithstanding that a war 

ne mans, that on a certain day— Coleridge party was known to be in the vicinity to 

thoug! ‘ it 'vas about the First of April 
— Ara Id descend upon the earth, so 

1 i ffecls that it would drive all 

lan off — he, too, seemed to say — Farewell, 
brother Crafford!’ 


J. 11. EDELE.\’S 


rS'lhe FineSlIk liat that look the Premiam at the 
B. Lexington and Danville Kaire, over the New 
York hats, was manufactured by the subscriber, 
and he takes great pies sure in infonning the citi- 
zens and the public at large, that he intends to 
continue to manufacture tliose hats, and that he 
will sell them as low as they can he bought East 
or West. Call nnd e .amine for yourselves, 
ocl 13 '55-tf J- H- EDELEN 

From the N. Y. Daily .News. 



Since Adam first whispered to the ear 
of Eve that she was some pumpkins, and 
no mistake, up to the present lime, when 
Young New York, with his inane lisp, as- 
I had oucasion to visit a friend in Port sures Mi-s Seraphiiia Jones of Bleecker 
Gibson. The next day being Sabbath, I street, as he treats her at Thompson’s to 
accompanied him to Zion Chapel. Anew icecream and Roman punch, that ‘she’s 
minister had been called to that neighbor- lamel,’ and is ‘driving him to 
hood, and this was to bo his salutory ser- distrcaciion.’ love has been a regular puz- 
mon. zler to the numati race. Some believe in 

Zion Chapel was some hundred yards it and some don’t. Pierce I'ungent some- 
from the main road, and surrounde.l by times does the one and sometimes t’other, 
forest trees. H'lving arrived rather too Wl eii he sees a blooming creature, lull ol 
early for the seivice, myself and friend soul, with tire most bewitching shape in 

sauntered about ilie woods, rather active- the world, an.i pe es.aled on an ankleljoining him in reading a comic paper. A 
ly employed in brusliing away the clouds worthy of one of B.ook’s live dollar gai- ] fourth that, as behind the age, 

of mosquitoes that surrounded us. xAi lers. he goes in strong lor vl.e tender pas- and proposed a theatre. The most ration- 
lentrth a strsnsje specimen of homo made sion; but when he secs a d;:  se;l up doll, al of the lot was in favor of a drinkinjr 

which he went. Cn the 23d of February, 
having been solicited by some of bis own 
Indians to go among them on business, he 
» it. fell. Jivi}ryDody,pf^i;oprse[ wen', in company with Captain John Po- 
tie'propbet.'aiWYil'^idTfnded  olland,«f the 'Volunteers. - T^ey slept in'a 
s interesting interrogations, “ ’ • - 


such - t your head in a bag,’ Does 

your m r know you are out?’ and a 

Jerseyman, named Dave Pollock, said, 
‘Take ray hat.’ In a word, they all told 
him to ‘shut up.’ Well, the day before 
the appointed lime, our prophet did ‘shut 
up’ himself in his house, and sure as a 
gun, the rain did fall, and the whole peo- 
ple got devilish wet — some historians say, 
‘to their skins.’ 

After a time this April shower ceased, 
and our friend the prophet went out to see 
what had happened. 

Dreadful was the sight that met his 
eyes — the whole human race was as mad 
as March hares — in point of fact, almost 
its mad as they are now; the poor prophet 
WHS tormented out of his life by his fel- 
low mortals. Cne asked him to lend him 
a dollar, he was terribly mad; of course. 
Another wanted to read his tragedy to him. 
third, madder still, insisted upon his 

his appearance on horseback’; it was broth- whose lieart ana intellect 

er Crafford. 

, His dress was decidedly peculiar. On 
JOHN PHILLIPS, j his head he wore an old-fashioned bell- 

BOO I & 8HOEMAKEH, ! crown beaver; several sizes too large. To 

f gi.ARES occasion to iiiforni liis| remedy this defect a cotton banana hand- 
old customers and Hie public; yy-aj stuffcd between the hat and 

generally, that lielois tliorouglily 
fitted up liissliop, aud supplied it 
with the hestand most exteiisivestock offashiou- 
ihle hoots and shoes, both for ladies and gentle- 
men’s wear, ever offered in this market, //ehus 
ibandoiied old-fogvism in all its forms, and isjbishead. His vest was extremely long 
now determined to keep pace wUh Iho spirit of , 

‘.he age. ffe invites the public to call and exam- ; , ,, , , , ,, 

11 “ bis slock, feeling coiifiilent that he ouii give 

are liUv w.,i til the 
cotton which gives contour lo her bust, be 
feels inclined lo turn Musselniai., and liav- 
ing put the beautiful dummies inio ud- 
hand coal sacks, pilch them into that 
American Bosphorou.'^ the lluds. n. 

Let us Irv to define love. Lur.l Bacon 

saloon xAt last our sane prophet was so 
siic.'ked at the interesting insanity of an 
old Iriend, who insisted upon repaying a 
loan, that arguing, ‘who v/ould be sane in 
a world of madmen?’ rushed to a pond, 
where .-:onio of the fatal rain had acciimu- 
lati'd, and bathinw in it, came out, lortu 

forehead. His coat was of a most ancient has an essay upon the subject, but no one naiely for his fiuure peace of mind, ctx 

pattern, blue, with brass buttons, short 
waist and long swallow. The collar was 
within an inch of hiding the 

latisfaclioii lo all, both in the price andquality of 
nia work. 

iCTBooUaudahoeamadeto order, on abort no- 
tice, and by the heat workmen in the State. 
.March 19lli,’53-lf. J. P. 

J. W. w. SMITH, 

W OULD call atlontioii to the new aupply of 
Goode juat received in thia line, coiiipri- 
litig the largest aisortment of Gold VVatcliea ever 
brought lo lhi  niarhet, 

Alao, a beautiful aaaortmen! of Plated Ware, 
Forks, Spooii-a, &c., of very auperior quality, 
which they offer very low. Call audexaniiiie for 
yoiiraelvea. J. \V, W. S. 

Dec n-tf 



held down by a leather strap passed under 
a huge pair of brogans of an untanned 
leather color. Altogether his presence 
strongly suggested Dan Marble in his Yan- 
kee character of Jonathan Homespun. 
But to the sermon — or at least a portion 
of it — for it was utterly impossible to re- 
port the whole. 

'I’he congregation was large, as it had 
been “uoraled” that a new servant of the 
Lord was about to make his debut at Zi- 

could make a greater ^oose of himseli mud as the rest of them. So we may sav 
than did the old nomim  yjanum fogy with of Love, since everybody seems laboring 
back part of | love. ; under that dtiusion. Pierce Pungent i’n- 

Our fair friend Lilly declares that love j tends to put an advertisement for a wile in 
is the North Pole, and wedded happiness | next Monday’s Daily News. So. ladies, 
the Northwest Passage! 'Ihe Koseoi Uii- lookout, but don’t answer all at once. 

ca defines it to consist in a tender sleigli 
ride and a roll in the snow. Onr fair Sal- 
ly will have it that love is ten tliousand a 
year and a settlement, wlnle the enligh- 
tened Mayor of a Jersey village says ‘he 
dont know what /one is. but he thinks mar- 
riage is a sugar-coated pill.’ A meta- 
physical d.amsel at our side considers love 
as ‘an egotism cut in two,’ tlie lady being 
the ‘better half.’ Our joily Iriend Tomp- 
kins considers love as a sort of Billecarte 
Salmon and champagne festival, entailing 
next morning the lieadache of marriage! 

Dr. M. maintains that courtship is a 
masquerade, which lasts till the parson or 
the Mayor legalizes the hoax, when the 
parties throw aside the domino, and appear 
in their true colors. 

Love, like all intoxication, is pleasant 
enough when progressing and while it 
lasts, but oh! the misery of gelling sober 
— that’s awful! A gentleman — not our- 
self — who had once the misfortune to be 
hanged — it is, of course, never the poor 
fellow’s fault— declared, after his return to 
respectable life, an ornament to society, 
that banging was not so bad, but comiug 
too, after being cut down, was dreadful. 
In this respect an execution has the advan 
tage of marriage, the suH'ering bein^' shor- 
Southern subscribers. I ter, while wedded bl'ss lasts for life, and 

He began apologetically as follows: (nothing shorter. Besides, there have been 


Brother Crafford slunk into the pulpit 
with more than ordinary humility, after 
devoting a few moments to silent prayer, 
he rose. 

Gingerly pushing np the sleeves of his 
store coat, whereby he displayed a pair of 
large, long, bony hands of a beet- red col- 
or, he grasped the handle of an earthern 
pitcher, and poured into the tin cup, a 
draught of water which he drank with iu- 
imitable gusto. 

His appearance in the pulpit was a stu- 
dy for an artist. His face was long and 
jlank, eyes pale grey, noseacquiline, sandy 

COURTNEY. COCHRAN & CO., exception 

A UE uow ^reparod, at their new and coinino'* Ol a small patch On tilo organ ot reverence 
.•%. dioua buildiiiE, on .Main street, nearly op- (as if to shade it) and altogether the pic- 
posiie the Court House, Harrodsburg, Ky., to Greeley, while editing a Free.soil 

'"■‘"coaches "baVouCHES^ 1 ^'■‘‘ol'Don document for the benefit of his 


BUGGIES. Ac. 0 . I _ 

Inlhelatest style, and on the moat reasonable j ‘You don’t soe me to-day iu the dress 1 1 instances of reprieves at the last minute in 
, e 11 -- lallers wear. I come among you as a stran- the one punishment, as well asanocca- 

I hoy respectfully solicit a share of public pa , • . ^ i * i r - , . 

troiiagl Their stock consists of the beat mate- ger. tthA •'“n "ow tricked oiU in my Store |sional cut down, as our friend was, where- 
rials to bo found III tile Eastern markets; and be- clothes. I am not a proud man, but 1 1 as in the other capital puuishmont, the 

T.ake a Paper for vocr AVife. — A 
friend, says an exchange, not long .since, 
told us a story in relation to one of our 
subscribers which contains a good moral 
for husbands, and also furnishes an exam- 
ple for wives which is not unworthy imi- 
tation under similar circumstances: 

The subscriber referred to, says our 
friend, in the presence of his wife, said that 
it had been his intention to call at the of- 
fice, pay up arrears, and discontinue liis 

His wife very promptly asked: 

‘Why do you intend to discontinue the 

iiig pralicul wurkmeii themselves, they feel con. thought it would look more becoming be 
fiaeiil that a trial will satisfy purchasers as strangers 

tlvMf ability In point of workmanship, nmsh a ff«.. 
am! price, they think the articles manufactured by 

After this he raised a hjmu, in which 
tli6iu will uomnare favorably wiiti work in thisor the congregation joined, lie tlien began 

any other market. 

itj'ltepuirin^r done on the shortest notice, and 
of H superior style. 


his sermon. 

‘My dear brethren and sisters, first and 
foremost I’me gwino to tell you about the 
affecting partin’ I had with ray 
tion at Bethel Chapel. Arter 

men are alw.ays cut up. 

Some learned men maintain, thailove is 
a madness, every lover being under the de- 
lusion, that his charmer is tire rose of wo- 
man kind, and alone worthy to make that 
monster of perlection, himself, happy! 
We have known men — lucid in all Ollier 
coiigrega- 1 matters — swear, that their dulcinea’s tres- 
1 had gotjSes were golden locks, wheu they were bla- 

through with my farewell sermont, as I zitig carrots; a decided squint, has been a 


I Prime N. O. Sugar 
200 Bags Ea.stern Rio Coffee. 
100 Bags Laguyra anj Javo do; 

100 Barrels Powdered and Cruahod Sugar. 
100 Packages Green and Black Teas; 

130 Boxes Manufactured Tobacco, Virgini“ 
and Missouri; 

40 Barrels Plantation Molasses. 

25 “ 3^ and Kegs Golden Syrup; 

50 " Mackerel, Nos. 1, 2 aud 3, 

50 Kegs S. C. Soda; 

2 cases .Nutmegs; 

2 ‘‘ Indigo; 

1.50 Boxes Star and Mould Candles; 

125 ‘‘ Soap; 

125 Kegs Nails, assorted; 

75 Bales batting; 

23 Bags Pepper and Spice; 

Salaratus, cloves, .Mace, .Mustard, Cream Tarter, 
Chocolate, Cocoa, liroma. Fancy Soaps, Gun Caps 
Shot; Lead, and all articles generally kept in the 
Grocery line, instore and fur sale by 

Louisville apl 12. VV. &, H . Burkhardt. 

came down outen the pulpit, tli« old grey 
headed brethren and sisters who had lis- 
tened to my voice for more than twenty 
years crowded around me, and with sob- 
bing voices and tearful eyes, said — Fare- 
well, brother Crafford! 

‘xVs I walked down the aisle, the voung 
ladies, tricked out in their finery and brass 
jewelry, gewgaws, jiincracks, paint, and 
flounces, looked up will) their bright eyes, 
and pronounced with their rosy lips — Fare- 
well, brother Crafford! 

bewitching archness of expre.ssion. A la- 
dy whose charms were of that description 
of beauty, called the scraggy, has been 
deliberately pronounced by her ardor as a 
sylph like lieing. Our esteemed friend, 
Horace Greeley, and Little Raymond, 
swear that a nigger wench is a very rich 
brunette, and that white men are mighty 

house on the soutS b'anlTbf the Rogue Uiv 
er. At about 3 o’clock in the morning of 
the 23d of March, the house was surrouu 
ded, and Captain Wright and his compan- 
ions were murdered by the hostile savages 
to whom his own professedly peaceful In- 
dians had betrayed them. 

Some of the Indians say that Captain 
Wright was called to the door, grappled 
and killed by a blow from a hatchet, and 
then cut to pieces. There was a small 
force of volunteers a short distance off’, 
but the work was done so noiselessly that 
they heard nothing of it, but were them- 
selves, immediately afterward, surprised 
and cut to pieces. 

After this bloody massacre, the treach- 
erous friendly Indians joined the war par- 
ty iu open revolt. They at oijce made a 
descent upon the settlements, laying waste 
all before them between Port Oxford and 
the California Pne, and murdering all the 
whiles encountered on their way. At the 
mouth of Rogue river, everything was de- 
stroyed except the picket fort, in which 
the few survivors had assembled. There 
they were hemmed in by the savages, the 
communications all cut off, and at the 
date of the letter alluded to, March 25, the 
whole country wa.s iu a state of war. 

Sad Picture of a once Beautiful and Hap- 
py Female. 

The Mrs. Howard, to whom we alluded 
in our last, was rearrested yesterday mor- 
ning only a short time after her discharge 
from the watch-house. She wss found by 
a policeman, in a stable, of course, gross- 
ly intoxicated. After being taken belore 
Justice Davis, she was sentenced to the 
penitentiary for thirty days as a vagrant. 

The history of this unfortunate crea- 
ture is a melancholly one. Some may cen- 
sure, but we are disposed to pity her. 
Less than a year ago, she was living in 
New York with her husband, who held a 
position of honor and trust in one of the 
large mercantile houses iu that city. She 
was admired for her beauty and intelli- 
gence, moved in an exalted spheie, and 
was surrounded by friends and relatives, 
who respected and loved her. Last fall 
her husband was sent upon a collecting 
tour, and she accompanied him. On their 
way hither, the husband fell iu with a 
Company of ‘‘confidence” or ‘‘patent safe” 
men, and was induced to join in their ne- 
farious business. 

In this city his guilt became known — 
he was arrested, convicted, and sentenced 
to the State Prison, at Auburn, for a term 
of years, whore he uow remains. — This 
fact becoming known toiler family and 
friends, they at once disowned her, leav- 
ing her alone in the world, and surround- 

Senatob Douglas Fifteen \ears Ago. 
In the fourth volume of the Law Reporter, 
(Boston 1842) we find the following ac- 
count of a person who has recently been 
He I pfominent before the American people. It 
is contained iu a letter from a Boston law- 
yer who had emigrated to Illinois. After 
speaking of a change in the Juditiary, 
made for parly purposes, he says: 

‘The Judge of our circuit is S. x\. Dou- 
glas, a youth of twenty -eight, who was the 
Democratic candidate for Congress iu 18- 
30, in opposition to Stuart, the late mem- 
ber from this countv. He is a Vermonter, 
a man of considerable talent, and in the 
way of dispatching business, is a perfect 
‘steam engine in breeches.’ 'Ibis dispatch 
is the only benefit our Court will dcrivo 
from the change. He is the most Demo- 
crat Judge lever knew. While a case is 
going on he leaves the bench and goes 
among the jieople and among the members 
of the bar, takes a cigar, and has a social 
smoke with them, or often sitting in their' 
laps, being in person, five feet nothing, "or 
thereabouts, and probably weighing one 
hundred pounds. I have often thought we 
should cut a queer figure if one of your 
Suffolk bar should drop in.’ 

Lorenzo Dow. — On one occasion, he 
took tho liberty while preaching, to de- 
nounce a rich man in the community, re- 
cently deceased. The result was an arrest, 
a trial for slander, and aiu imprisonment in 
the county jail. After Lorenzo got out of 
‘Limbo,’ he announced that, in spite of his 
(ill his opinion) unjust punishment, ho 
should preach, at a given time, a sermon 
about .another rich maiii’ The populace 
was greatly excited, and a crowded house 
greeted his appearance. With greaUsolem- 
nity he oponad the Bible and read, ‘x\.nd 
there was another rich man who died and 

went to ,’ then stopped short, and 

seemed to be suddenly impressed; ho con- 
tinued: ‘Brethren, I shall not mention the 
place this rich man went to, for fear he has 
some relatives in this congregation, who 
will sue me for defamation of character.’ 
Tho effect on the assembled multitude was 
irresistable, and he made the impression 
permanent by taking another text, and nev- 
er alluding to the subject again. 

SoMEiniNG Like Muti.nt. — In a late 
number of the New York Mirror (one of 
.Mr. Fillmore’s organs) we find tho fol- 
lowing mutinous language; 

We must frankly say, that if Mr. Fill- 
more has stooped to the imposition of tho 
‘degrees’ and ‘pledges’ of any secret, oath 
bound league that will shackle his liberty 
to appoint or remove from office any man 
who may be eminently worthy or unwor- 
thy to discharge the duties of his posi- 
tion, wo cannot and we will not work, 
write, or vote for his election.’ 

.^^''The Haverhill Gazette says: 

‘The last combination of names that we 
have beard of as suitable candidates for 
President and Vice President, is that of 
Freemont and Grinnell, under the title of 
the ‘exploring ticket.’ 

Freemont can sweep 
Rocky Mountains, and 
bring down the whole 
his support.’ 

It is thought that 
both sides of tho 
that Grinnell can 
Arctic regions iu 

Signs and Wonders. — Wheu will signs 
and wonders cease. Not a day but 
what we see good and bad signs, as ll;e fol- 

I -Because,’ said the husband, ‘I am so 
I much away from home on business, and 
'have so little time to read, there seems 'to 
be little use in ray taking a paper.’ 

‘Yes,’ replied she, ‘it may be of little 
use to you, but it is of great use lo me . — 

I remain at home while you are gone. — I 

wish to know what is going on in the world. |Cd by the disgrace which her husband had 
If you discontinue the paper, I will go brought upon her. In her desperation she 

straight to town and subscribe myself. ’ resorted to the wine cup, and is now a poor j to"take'’a paper U 

As the paper not been discontinued dissolute, drunken wretch — fit only fori 
we suppose the wife’s reasoning was con- pity and compassion. Her trunks, which ' “ 

elusive. were filled with fine clothing and other ar- 

The moral of tbisincilent must not be tides, are detained at a hotel as security 
overlooked. for the payment of bills contracted by 

» , her husband. Her jewelry was long since 

Santa Anna.— The New Granada cor- at a pawnbroker’s, and she is without 

money, without friends, without a home 

respondent of the New York Herald lately . , - . ... ... , 

^ .without everything that was once hers. 

Lost, lost, lost ! — Buffalo Courier. 

visited the Ex-Dictator of Mecico 
quiet residence, a few leagues from Car- 
thagenia, and describes his appearance in 
the following manner: 

‘Santa Anna has all the appearance of 
a well preserved man of fifty, about five 
tieet tenor eleven inches in bight, with a 
large, robust person, erect and somewhat 
rotund; hi« eyes are dark, and tho project- 
ing brow gives them a sunken appearance, 
making tlieir color ehangeable with the va- 
rying light; complexion a fine olive, no 
whiskers or mustache; and, with tho ex- 
ception of a few crow’s feet about the cor- 
ners of his eyes, no wrinkles are lo be seen 
about the face or brow; his hair is of a 
light inn-gray color, but 1 am told he 
uses a dye for it. He entered the room 
slowly, walking with some apparent labor 

uncertain. . .. 

Our own godfather insisted thata Cali- lamely, using a cane. His dress 
fornm widow he was courting, and who ' '''•‘'t of a plain 8outhern gentleman; 
was ;i6 broail as she was long, was one of jpanialoons of a small check on a brown 
The young men, in their tight palent|the most graceful cases of em bon point he thin, brown coat, loose 

boots, high collars, and flashy waiscoats — had ever seen — .ind that she was tho mod- 1 made boots. The on- 

el ol nji'iely rowded and magnificently i jj’ ® P'*' . largo brilliants 
filled out figure. — he died just as he was'*" ^‘*’* l^soni. From his reference to dates 
aboulsending the Persia lo brin-' D. 

3. W. 'W. Smith Has just re- 
ceived a large and fine assortment ol 
ICloclts, several varieties and of various 
fe. iprices; gold, silver. German-silver, pla- 

ted ami steel Spectacles; Gold Pens, in gold 
and silver holders; together with a handsome as- 
sortment of Jewelry, consisting of lockets, 
chains, breast-pins, ear-rings, finger-rings, ! brother Crafford! 
&c., &c,; all of which are offered for sale at unu- ' 

Bually low rates. 

smelling of pomatum and cigar smoke 
with their shanghai coals and striped zebra 
pants — they loo su'd — Farewell, brother 
! Cra fiord! 

I ‘Tlie little children — lambs in tlio fold — 
i lifted up their liny liands and small voices, 
and withoneaccord, said — Farewell, broth- 
er Crafibrd! 

‘The colored brethren of the congrega- 

The Troublesome Neighbor. 

A few years ago, a poor mechanic of a 
very quarrelsome disposition settled near a 
Christian farmer, whose friends expressed 
to him their sympathy in the annoyance he 
wa.s very likely to receive. 

‘Never mind,’ said the good man, ‘I nev- 
er yet had a quarrel with a neighbor, and I 
am too old to begin now.’ 

Some six months passed, aud then be- 
gan a series of petty annoyances, which 
the farmer bore uncomplainingly; but this 
only irritated his neighbor the more, until 
meeting the farmer one day iu the height 
of passion, he poured upon him a torrent of 
abuse and insult. 

‘Friend,’ said the farmcrgently, ‘no man 
under the influence of passion can reason 
clearly; como to me calmly, and wc will 
discuss your griev.inces.’ The angry man 
raised his clenched hand to strike him, but 
was restrained by spme unseen influence, 
and both went on their way. 

About a week after, tire mechanic 

ith a load of 

lowing will show; 

It’s a good sign to have a in.aii enter your 
office with a friendly greeting — ‘Here is 
82 for my paper. 

It’s a bad sign to bear a man .say he is 
ten to one he car- 
that costs h im 


It’s a good sign to see a man doing an 
act of charily. 

It’s a bad sign to hear him boasting of 

It’sa good sign to see the flush of health 
in a man’s face. 

It’s a bad sign to see it concentrated in his 

It’sa good sign to see .an honest man wear- 
ing old clothes. 

It’s a sign to see them filling holes in 
his windows, 

It’s a good sign to see a man wiping tho 
perspiration from his face. 

Ifs a bad sign to see him ■« ipc his chops 
as he comes out of a saloon. 

It’s a good sign to see a woman dress 
with taste and noainess. 

It’s a bad sign to see her feathers .md 
gems and jewelry. 

It’s a good sign to see a man or woman 
advertise in a ] aper. 

It’s a bad sign to see tho sheriff advertise 
for them. 


home to substituie her figure for the Greek nine, and, in reply to tho ques- 

Slave. 'rite .same delusion extends to their Hon, he told me that his birth-day was the 

pas.sing the farmer’s house w 

during tho conversation, I deduced hi-sago' t.raiu. It was at tho foot of a hill, aud the 

mental and moral qualifications, 
enism, sharp as Jersey vinegar, 

21st cf February.’ 

A vix- 
has been 

labeled by a lover as a delicious vivacitv; 

hopeless stupidit) is maidenly reserve, or 'vritten the following to a newspaper Ea. t, 
tion now came forward — black sheep who ' dignified repose, an eternal chatter is call- which applies to any locality where men 
had been admitted to the fold under my ed piquancy of conv“rsation worthy of wear hair: 

Hugging. — Some lady or gentleman 

Oldailver taken in obchanve for goods or work 
Watefces carefully repaired and warranied. ’ 

riiaj 14-tf 

J. W. W.S.MITH. 

ministry — witli tears rolling down their .Madame de Seigne. Tho lucifers, called 
sable cheeks, they, too, said — Farewell, on earth ‘horse godmothers,’ are strong 

minded women. 

‘As I got on my horse and ba.Ie adieu These are the delusions of lovers; but 
to my congregation forever, I turned to what can be said of a husband, who was 
take a last look at the old church where I so far gone in the tender passion as to de- 
had preacUsd for more’n twenty years — dare that his wife, who often indulged iu 

Kit hates moustaches; ‘‘so much hair 
M-akes every mau look like a bear.” 

But Fanny, who no thought can fetter, 
Blurts out “tho more like bears the better; 
Because,” — her pretty shoulders shrug- 

‘Bears are such chaps for hugging.’ 

load was heavy. He co.aied, threatened, 
and beat his o.xen, but all to no purpose. 
He must leave his load or aid of the 
man ho had injured. Presently ho saw the 
farmer unhitch his oxen from a load of h.ay 
and come towards him. With kindly 
words tlie farmer proffered his assistance, 
drew him to tho summit, and without wait- 
ing for thanks, departed as he came. Hero 
was a simple act, but mighty in its influ- 
ence. 'I’he mechanic was humbled, ack- 
nowledged the purity .and power of that re- 
[ligion that could ‘bear and forbear, aud has 
(since that time never ■willingly provoked 
I his friend. 

Two • Yorkshire Abigails, unconscious 
that an own correspondent of the G;ites- 
head Observer was within earshot, were 
leisurely employed at the front door a ferv 
days .ago, within half a mile of tlie Norinan- 
toii Railroad 8tatioii, and enlivened their 
labors avith revelations of tiieir miseries. 

‘Ah! said one to the other, you’re well 
off, voiiare; with no cliiUer in tlie 
one'ra.ay wash and scourasoiie likes;one’s 
never clean long when there ischilder. 

‘If we’ve 111 ) childer, was Mary s lesponsis 
across tho paling, we've dogs; and is just as 
bad as childer. 

‘Ah! exclaimed Martha again, that‘s just 
the way, lhcie‘8 always something; if tlicio 
is no childer, there's dogs.’ 

(t^It has been discovered why Chester 
wouldn’t ‘charge’ when Marmion told him 
t,) — .Marraion’s credit w.asn’t good: aad be- 
sides old Chester was doing a cash busi- 


The delegates appoiated by the several follows; 
counties cotcposing the fifth Judicial dis-{ 
trict, met iii convention at the Courts in Springfield, on Wednesday, May j, 

Hth, 1866, and organized temporarily, at Marion 

A. E. GIBBONS, Euitok. 
SATURDAY, ;. :::t::::;;:::::MAY, 17, 1856 


For Circcuit Judge, (Fi/Vt Diet rid,) 


of Anderson County. 

For Commonweallh’ s Aitorneg [Fifth Did.,) 


Of Green County. 

n o’clock, A. ic., by the appointment ol 
E L. Barbee, of Taylor county, as Presi- 
dent, and H. M. McCarty, of Nelson, W. 

' W. Jack, of Marion, and A. E. Gibbons, 
of Mercer, as Secretaries. 

! The names of the delegates were theg 
1 furnished to the Secretaries, by which it 
I appeared that there were present — from 
I Anderson county, 23; frojn Green, 14, 
j Mercer, 38; Marion, 34; Nelson, 16; Tay- 
jlor, 8; Washington, 39; whole number of 
'delegates in attendance, 172. 

[The names of the delegates have here- 
Itofore been published, and it is not deemed 
j necessary to republish them here.] 

On motion, the chair appointed as a 
committee to report a permanent, orgar.iza- 
tion the following gentlemen, ».o-wit.; Jno. 
jH. McBrayer, of Anderson; Daniel B. 
White, of Green; Dr. Johr, JJ. Williams, 
of Mercer; John B. We tbch, of Marion; 
|Wm. Johnson, of NcVaon; Alfred Hazel- 
wood, of Taylor; ap.u Thos. S. Grundy, 
of Washington. 

A letter from li, 3r£. Rowntreo, of Mari- 

and the ballot resulted as 

Kavanaugh Newman. 

- 7 



- 10 

it^The following p.aragraph is taken' 
from the columns of the National lulelli-i 


Washington, Miy 13. ! 

Senate. — On motion of Mr. Fish '.he Sec- ! 

During a trial now progressing in the’ Wfr was. instructed to report to 
• ■ - - . o. . . o . ben.ate the estimate for the rcmov.alo! 

i United States Circuit Court in this city, tlie 









extraordiuary fact came out in evidence ' ^ew 

• ' . * — — . ^ , • • • 1 [ 54 fl m if. rti tnA /^r Via co/a la /\f wo p a ra 1 1 

that, '.vaen a Kuow-Notlung is admitted to 
his second degree, he becomes a party to an 
oath which binds him_to stand by a broth- 
'erof the same grade, regardless of conse- 
qu'.'iices, even as a witness in any court! 

As the National Intelligencer is not a 

iCirThe proceedings of the Judicial 
Convention will be found in to-day’s paper. 

We are gratified in being able to state that 
the Convention entirely harmonious, on, was read to ih 
and that nothing occurred to create the 
slightest disaffection among the various 
delegations, or any portion of them. All re- 
tired with the feelings, and with an ear- . - . , - , 


ejection of tho tiominocs. *' * ■ 

Mr. Kavanaugh was thereupon declared 
the Democratic candidate for J udge by the Democratic paper, we suppose this will 
unanimous vote of the cO’:,veulioii. j hardly be set down as a sag nicht slander. 

iae Anderson Rnd ^ ^ i • i a 

asked leave to w=th.^ Mercer ‘ «‘e„ate3 transpired at various 

asKea leave lo 'Vitn';;jraw fora few minutes, t , . i » v a • x. 

which was grant-jd, and business was ac- Americans have 

cordingly suspended until their return. heretofore stoutly denied that their secret 
The President then called for nomina- oaths had any such bearing. A few more 
tions fot Commonwealth’s Attorney, and developments of the secret workings of 
the  -^ame8 of the following gentlemen were know-nolhingism, and the order will be as 
s’itOmitied, to- wit: Andy Barnett, of n 7 ; 

Gieen; Thos. C. Woods, of Marion; M. R. , effectually done for in Kentucky as it is 

Hardin, of Washington; and John C. elsewhere. 

Wickiiffe, of Nelson. j — ' — ~ 

A motion was thereupon made and car- if^'Mr. Thos. Z. Morrow, of Danville, 
ried, that a majority of the whole num- has recently been appointed one of the dem- 
ber of voles cast shoulil be necessary to a ogratic Electors for Boyle county. He is a 

The first ballot for Commonwealth’s 1^'vyer of superior talents, a gradu- 

1 Attorney resulted a.s follows: College, and as wellposted.per- 

6 Convention, and a mo- j Anderson 

jt^It is due to Mr. T. T. Hag^ln, of 
this pkeo, to explain that a misunderstand- 
ing as to his position with referr^nce to the 

tion offered fo /cfer it to the Committee 
on Organi-^ai.ion. 

Wm, A. Hooe, of Mercer, objected to 
the reference, on the ground of its being 

to Mr. 

iRowntreo’s letter would be taken until the 
! Convention should be permanently organ- 

The motion to refer was withdrawn. 

In compliance with a motion to appoint 
a committee to propose a suitable basis of 
representation, the chair named the fol- 

Conveution existed throughout cho district, 
and that his chances of riiceivinn- the nora- gentlemen: vV. H. McBrayer, of 

ination were thereby unjustly prejudiced. 
His letter in reply to a call made upon him 
through tho columns of our p.aper, some 
weeks since, wat thought to be ambiguous 
in its meaning; and it was even supposed 
by some tliat he would be a candidate with- 
out regard to tho action of the Convention. 
Finding that his position was so greatly 
misunderstood, Mr. Haggin atonco resques- 
ted his friends not to put him in nomina- 
tion before the Convention, and his name 
was accordingly not . submitted. We 
are authorized to say, however, that he de- 
signed to go into tho Convention in good 
fait 1 , that tho action of that body has 
his hearty approval, and that he will not be 
a candidate under any circumstances. In- 
deed, so far as wc have been able to ascer- 
tain public sentiment, the action of the Con- 
vention is cordially approved by the entire 
Democratic party, and the majority for 
Kavanaugh and Barnett will bo too large to 
count, even in the event of their having 
any oppositipn; of which, by the w.ay, there 
18 but little probability. It is not to be 
supposed that anybody is particularly am- 
bitious of making a race with the cerUinty 
ot being beaten by a majority of from 2,600 
to 3,000 votes, and we incline to the opin 
ion, therefore, that the nominees of 
Convention will have no opposition. 


The Right Sr 

Spirit. — Tho subjoined let 
ter from Thos. C. Woods, Fsq., of Marion 
county, reached us at an early hour this 
morning, and we hasten to lay it before our 
readers. It will be seen that the letter 
thoroughly Democratic, and that the writer 
not only acquiesces cheerfully in the de- 
cision of the Convention, but that he un- 
dertakes to use his best efforts to secure the 
success of the ticket. It is due to Messrs. 
Newman, Hardin and W’ickliffeto say, that 
they manifested the same spirit in their 
speeches before tho Convention, and that 
not the slightest disaffection exists in the 
Democratic ranks: 

Lzbanon, May 16 , 1866 . 

Editor Ploughbot: 

'ou will please discontinue the pub- 
lication of my announcement in your pa- 
per as a candidate for Commonwealth’ s At- 
torney in the 5th Judicial distiict. The 
voice of the Democracy in Convention as- 
sembled, has chosen Andy Barnett. Esq., 
of Green, as their standard-bearer for that 
office, and to voice I cheerfully hearken, 
and retire from the contest with the pledge 
that my humble efforts shall be dedicated to 
the of the Demoa'acy, and of the 
ncket they have given us for Judge and 
Commonwealth’s Attornev, in the persons 
el George W. Kavanaugh, of Anderson, 
and Andy Barnett, of Green. 

With great respect, I subscribe myself, 
Yours sincerely, 


Anderson; J. B. Montgomery, of Green; 
S. McBrayer, of .Mercer; John H. Tucker, 
of Marion; Dr. C. P. Mattingly, of Nel- 
son; B. L. Owens, of Taylor; and Daniel 
Mcllvoy, of Washington. 

A motion to adjourn until 1 o’clock, p. 
M., was lost. 

After repeated calls for various speakers 
C. C. SmeJIey, of Mercer, consented to 
address tho Convention, and occupied the 
remainder of the forenoon session in defen 
ding the action of the Democracy in call 
iog a Judicial Convention, as the bnly 
means by which the secret machinations of 
the so-called American parly could be sue 
cessfully opposed. 

The Convention then adjourned until 1 
o’clock, p. M. 

Afternoon Session. 

Tho Convention met pursuant to ad 
journraent, and was called to order by the 
President pro tern. 

The Committee on Organization recom 
mended the selection of the following per 
manent officers, and the report was adopted 
by tho Convention: 

Presideut — C. C. Smedley, of Mer 

Vice Presidents — K. C. Gaines, of An 
derson; L. Strader, of Green; Win. Cole 
of Mercer; Joseph M. Bowman, of Ma- 
rion; F. G. Murphy, of Nelson, Samuel 
White, of Taylor; and Robt. C. McCord 
of Washington. 

Secretaries — AV. W. Jack, of Marion 
H. M. McCarty, of Nelson; and A. E 
Gibbons, of .Mercer. 

Col. Smedley was thereupon conducted 
to the chair, and in an appropriate address 
stated the objects of the Convention, and 
insisted upon .a due observance of order 

The Committee appointed to propose a 
basis of representation, offered the fol- 
lowing report, which was received and 
unanimously adopted: 

“We recommend that tho basis of rep 
resentatioD be the same as that adopted by 
the Democratic State Convention on the 
8ih of January last, to-wit: that each 100 
Democratic votes polled at the last August 
election, shall be entitled to one vote in 
this Convention, and that fractions of 60 
and over shall be entitled to one vote; un- 
der which rule Anderson will give 7 votes; 
Green, 7; Mercer, 10; Marion, 12; Nelson, 







Barnett Woods Hardin Wick’ff taps, on the political questions of the d.ay, 
2 2 3 as any man of his age in the State. We 

.hope he may have abundant success in his 
'good mission. 






11 — 



We have never had the felicity of be 
h oIdin g^ the tair face and commendable pro 
portions (JTthe d.addy of the Ploughboy, but 
wa have understood he is tolerably good- 
looking-corsidering. We asked alady who 
knew him what she thought of his personal 
appearance. She responded that he too 



JAMES MORGAN, Proprietor, 
f H^his ’.vell-knuwa Uotol, inimediately weat of 
JL il)6 Court House, iiarrudsburg, Ky. , (for- 
nierly ktpt by Jolia G. Chiles, and afterwards 
by the undersigned,) has recently been enlarged 
and raluruished; and the Proprietor respectfully 
solicits the patronage of tlie public generally, 
and of his old pay customers, who have here- 
tofore ‘*come to books,*' more particularly, as he 
feels better able now tiiau at any former time to 
provide for tho comfort of those who may favor 
him with a call. 

Attached lo the Harrodsburg Hotel is n large 
aua well-arranged Stable, well provided for hor- 
sesaud other slock; together with a suitable lot. 
well enclosed, and a sufficiency of careful and at- 
teutive ostlers. 


ir.ay 17, ’.’.G. — tf. 

Itj'I.ou. Courier 
copy weekly to the 
charge lliia office. 

and Lexington Statesman 
amount of S5 each, and 


A second ballot was taken with the same 
result; when, on motion, it was 

.ffesofwrf, Thaton each subsequent bal- ^ ^ . • 

lot, the candidate receiving the smallest to be graceful; too fat to be interesting: 
number of votes shall be dropped. seuumen- 

'Ihe third ballot resulted as the first, and ’ Hordilown Gazette. 

Mr. Wickl'ffe 

was dropped under the 

Those who are acquainted with the lean, 
cadaverous, lantern-jawed and excessively 

A fourth ballot was then taken with the hungry-looking editor of the Gazette, will 

following result; 

ffD"The Democratic Convention of the 
Montgomery judicial district, held at West 
Liberty, April 2)st, nominated J. W. 
Moore, of Mt. Sterling, for Judge, and J. 
M. .Nesbitt, of Owingsville, for Common- 
wealth’s Attornev. 

^’irWe iindei-sfand that the publication 
of a Democratic paper, to be 'called the 
’’Mountain Democrat,’’ is about to be com- 
menced at Richmond, Ky., under the edi- 
torial control of Edward F. Turner, of that 
place. IV e have long had the pleasure of a 
personal acquaintance with Mr. Turner, 
and we feel warranted in saying that his pa- 
per will be .ably conducted, and eminently 
worthy of a liberal support. We wish the 
enterprise abundant success. 

had intended to publish this 
week an accurate report of the able and un- 
usually eloquent speech which McCarty, 
of the Bardstown Gazette, talked about 
making at Springfield last AVednesdav; but 
we are compelled to omit it for the present, 
in consequence of having too much time 
and space to spare. AVe shall endeavor to 
tir.d iKp’.e room for it some day, when our 
columr;, are .ilre.idvfuU of semethinf- e'es. 

10; Taylor, 6; and AVashington, 11. AVliole 
number of votes, 63; necessary to a choice, 

“And, further, that the delegates from 
each county shall cast their voles so as to 
represent the wishes of the Democratic 
voters of each county; by which it is 
meant, that if any county should wish to 
vole as a unit, the vote shall so be cast; or 
if tho vote shall be divided, each county 
shall be allowed lo vote by district, so as 
to represent fairly the wishes of all the 
Democratic voters in each county. 

[Signed by the members of the Com- 

On motion, it was resolved that the let- 
ter of R. II. Rowntree, of Marion, should 
be received by the Convention, and recor- 
ded as a portion of the proceedings. Said 
letter is therefore copied as follows: 

Lebanon. Ky., May 13th 1866. 
“AAL AV. Jack, Esq.: 

“Dear Sir: I understand you are 
delegate from Marion county to the Spring- 
field Convention. I cannot conveniently be 
there. My name, as you are aware, has 
been occasionally spoken of in connection 
with the Judgeship of this district; but it 
is due to myself and my friends to say, 
that I have not sought or desired the nom- 
ination. There are other gentlemen who 
have, and whose qualifications for the of- 
fice I regard as superior lo my own. 

“I hope you will do me the favor to 
state to the Convention my wishes at an 
early stage of the proceedings, and with- 
draw my name in the event of its being 
presented to the Convention. 

“Yours, (Sic., 

“R. 11. ROAVNTREE.” 

Ben. C. Trapnall, of Mercer, asked leave 
to state that Mr. T. T. Haggin, a resident 
of his county, whose name had been men- 
tioned in connection with the office of 
Circuit Judge, desired that hiz 
should not be submitted to the 























readily UBderstand that heismov'ed to envy 
by our own good looks, and that the above 
is a mere ebullition of harmless malice on 
his part. We scorn to hold any contro- 
versy with a creature so utterly devoid of 
personal comeliness as McCarty is known 
to be. 


There being no choice, nor any candi- 
date to be dropped under the rule, the 
Convention proceeded to a fifth ballot as' 

Barnett Woods Hardin : 

Anderson 2 



Green 7 





Nelson 6 


Taylor C 






Mr. Hardin was 

then dropped, and Mr. 

Barnett received 

the nomination 

on the' 

sixth ballot by the foilowini; vote: 




6 ' 

















The New Orleans Bulletin thinks that 
after tlie New York case is disposed of .'n 
the Convention, the great question will 
come up. Shall tho time-honored princi- 
ple of a two-third vote be adhered lo - or 
shall this rule be resinded, and a mere ma- 
jority vote suffice.* It says there is no 
doubt an etloit will be made to substitute 
the majority rule for the two-thirds rule, 
in spite of all precedent, and the authority 
and sanction of the oldest and most hon- 
ored names of the Democratic party, who 
for the last quarter of a century, have fol- 
lowed llio rule for^he regulation and gov- 
ernment of Democratic Conventions. 

admit of the passage of vessels of war and 
the largest class of merchantmen, and such 
other aids to navigation as would render 
this passage safe. Ho gave notice that he 
would take an early opportunity, to intro- 
duce a bill carrying out the above object. 

Thecommttee of conference on the deficien- 
ly bill made a report, which was adopted. 

Mr. Cass concluded his remarks com- 
menced yesterday in regard to the recent 
trouble in Kansas. He bad not tlie least 
weakness of faith in the great doctrine of 
the right of man to govern himself. He 
condemned the everlasting slavery ques- 
tion which was gradually renewed with in- 
creased violence on the eve of a presiden- 
tial election. Tho South does not meddle 
with the social system of the North, and 
if ihe North would loilow its example we 
should be the happiest and most content- 
ed, as we are to-day, the freest nation on 
the face of the globe. 

Mr. Clayton, in speaking of the ques- 
tion of sound dues, eoiiteiided that this 
country ought not longer to submit. That 
exaction of the treaty with Denmark has 
been abrogated, and nothing that could bo 
now said or done would restore it. The 
notice of the President was merely one 
that for sixty days after ths lapse of the 
year this country would take no steps on 
the subject, but it did not revive the trea- 
ty. Adjourned. 

House. — Mr. Fuller denied on unques- 
tionable authoiiiy the aOegation that Mr. 

Buchanan was Chairman of the Commu- 
lee which framed and reported to a meet- 
iiigheld in Lancaster, in 1819, a resolu- 
tion denunciatory of the Missouri Compro- 
mise, and that he did not see them until ^ 
printed duiing Mr. Poik’s administiaiiop. promptly and neally executed. 

Mr. Buchanan proposed to extend the Mis- P-t'®- 

souri line to the Pacific, but in 1850 he 


IHIS is to forewarn all peraon or persons 
from trading with or crediting my wife, 
Luci.vda F. y ATEs, on my account, as 1 am deter- 
mined hot to pay any of her contracts without 
my written order. 


Harrodsburg, Ky., May 17, ’56.— ^tf. 


iioLSE, mi m m\msi 


Imitator of Wood and MarbH?, Gilder^ 
Glazier, and Paper Hanger. 

/■ HE undersigned respeetfully informs tho 
.M. citizens of Harrodsburg and vicinity, that 
he has permanently located here, and will carry 
on tiie Paiiitiugbusiness, in all its various branch- 
es. He attenos particularly lo the working of 
Florence and Zinc White. This is a beauti- 
ful white for parlors and fine dwelliogs, public 
Halls, Churches, &c. 

Having an experience of thirteen years in tho 
business, he flatters himself that ho is a master 
workman, ilia charges will bo moderate. All 



on Lexington street, next door la 

declared that the compromise measures sit- Burford’a new building, up stairs. 

The result having been announced by 
the President, the nomination was declar- 
ed unanimous by acelamaiion. 

On motion, the following gentlemen 
were appointed a committee to advise 
Messrs. Kavanaugh and Barnett of their 
tKpmiiiHtion, viz: K. C. Gaines, of Ander- 
son; Samuel AVliite, of Green; B.' Spaul- 
ding of Marion; AVrn. A. Hooe, ..f Mercer; 
AV. F. McGill, of Nelson; J. B. Ati.ler.-on, 
of Taylor; and Thos. S. Grundy, of 
AVashington. The conimitiee h it ng dis- 
charged this duty, the nominees resp oid 
ed in appropriate speeches, accep ing the 
nomination, and pledging themselves, in 
the event ot their election by the people, 
to so discharge the duties of their respect- 
ive offices as to leave no grouiul for ilie 
mputation that they would be governe'l 
ill any respect by pariisaii considerations. 

Messrs. Newman, Hardin. AVoods and 
AViekliffe were each called for, and e-icli 
addressed the ( onveiition, expressing 
themselves highly gratified that the pro- 
ceedings had been so harmoniously con 
curred in, and pledging the zealous and 
united efforts of themselves and their 
friends to secure the triumphant election 
election of Kavanaugh and Barnett. 

On motion, it was 

Fviio\ved, That the proceedings of this 
meeting be published in the Bardstown 
Gazette, Lebanon Post, and Harrodsburg 

The Convention then adjourned sine 

• C. C. SMEDLEY, Pres’t. 

H. M. M’CARir, 1 

AV. AV. Jack, V Secretaries. 

A. E. Gibbons, \ 

^^“The Louisville Democrat publishci 
nine withdrawals from Know-Nothingism I 
— an excellent example to follow just now. 
Come out of the concern, all good people, 
that ye be no partakers of its sins; 

Barren Run, Larue Co., Kv. | 

May, 7, 1856. i 

Messrs. Editors: AA’e, the undersigned, 
having been members of the 

The Distinguishing Genius of the Age, 

Nature, now and then, brings forth such 
geniuses as Newton, Shakespeare, Talle- 
rand, Milton, Nelson, Napoleon, AVash- 
iiigton, Franklin, Jefferson, Luther, Grom- 
woil and Jackson. Their powerful intel- 
lects compell the world to admire them. 

The genius of the present age is Dis- 
covery. In the progress ot the arts and 
sciences, this ago is immeasurably superi- 
or to any former one. The present centu- 
ry stands pre-eminent for its wouderlul 
discoveries in the sciences and arts. A- 
mong these, the noble science of Medi- 
cine has made great progress. Professor 
Hollowav has discovered and prepared a 
remedy lor the diseases of man in whatev- 
er clime destiny may give him birth. AA’e 
have, ilia lornier articlJf introduced lo our 
readers this Ji-tinguislied physician, whose 
reputation is already eugraited on the 
world’s history. As a physician, he has 
copied Natuie, and among physicians he 
stands tho acknowledged Emperor. Both 
in the sale of his inedieines, and in the 
number of patients that have taken them, 
he i.s unriv ailed Professor Holloway has 
labored to supply the human family with 
•a permanent remedy for their diseases, to 
which the afflicted may hare recourse with 
a mtiral certainty that they will be cured. 
Tliere is no disease to which they will not 
alloid relief. His Pills and Ointment, pre- 
pared from selections from the vegetable 
kingdom, with great care, will drive dis- 
ease out of tlie system. Thousands of 
tho most intelligent minds of all naiioiis, 
men distinguished in every sphere of life 
— tlie statesman, philanthropist, conquer- 
or, and those whose highest aim is to do 
good to their fellow men, unite in their 
praises of the remedies discovered by 
Professor Holloway for the removal of dis- 

In uniting in this general recommenda- 
tion of the remarkable virtues of Hollo- 
w.ay’s remedies we only perform a Chris- 
tian duty, which the press should never 
! neglect. Those who are eminent for the 
good they do in the world, have a just 
claim upon the press for aid in extending 
the good to the extent of their power. 
Therefore, wo have determined to express 
our opinion that Holloway’s Pills and 
adapted to the of 

perseded that line, which construction led 
inevitably to the adoption of the princi- 
ples embodied in the Kiusas-Nebraska 

Mr. Jones pointed with pride to the pub- 
lic life of Mr. Buchanan, who had received j 
the encomiums of all true national men for' 
the pure morality of his life, and the stern 
patriotism of his character. The record 
of his Democracy was luminous, and 
would not require any attempt to defend 
it from attacks from any quarter. 

Mr. Fuller, of Pa., gave a Democratic in the northern part of that Slate, 
as autho.’ity for his assertion that Mr. 
Buchanan reported the Lancaster Plesolu- 
tions denunciatory of the Missouri Com- 
promise. It was pubi'.'shed in 1862. 

The House adopted the report of the 
Committee of Conference on f-'te deficien- 
cy bill, from which the §300,000 for the 
continuation of the AVashington acqiisduct 
was stricken out. Two hundred and tetl 
thousand copies of the agricultural portion 
of the patent office reports were ordered to 
be printed. 

Mr. Evans deprecated the fatal conse- 
quences to our nationality by the agitation 
of the slavery question. He invoked the 
South to stand firm and in an unbroken 
phalanx against the invaders of their con 
stituiional rights. Adjourned. 

New York, May 13. 

The Herald’s AVashington correspondent 

“News reached here from London by 
the America’s mails wliich is exceedingly 
important. The British fleet in the Gulf 
have no orders to interfere with AValker or 
his men at all. It is thought that the 
French fleet may do so. 

“Mr. Marcy has received Clarendon’s 
longexpacted reply to the dispatch of Mar- 
cy to Buchanan, calling on the British 
Government to recall Crumpton and Con- 
suls Barclay, Rowcrofl, and Mathews. — 
Clarendon replies, that the British Govern- 
ment declines to recall the minister and 
consuls. It is believed Parliament will 
sustain the Ministry in their defiant po- 
sition, although the opposition liave al- 
re.ady commenced a fierce war upon Pal- 

“Tlie Cabinet has postponed the ques- 
tion of recognation of Gen. AA’alker’s Gov- 
ernment until next meeting. The Presi- 
dent has assured several ol his friends that 
if the next intelligence from Nicaragua 
shows that AValker is sustaining himself, 
that Government will at once be reoog 

may 1 7, ’56. — tf. 





T is claimed for this Machine, that it oinbra- 
B cee every good principle known in machines 
of this kind, and in point of strength, simplicity , 
workmanship, miiteriais, and adaptation t» 
Southern and Western Wants, to have no eqpal. 
It can be drawn by two horses without fatigue,, 
and will Cut from twelve to fifteen acie-Hofany 
kind of small grain per day, and eight to 
ten acres of any kind of Grass, and spread it per 

Also Four Horse Power Tbresltaiis.. 

Orders taken and forwarded for tho above by 

P. S. Orders to insure being filled , si, on Id be 
left early, that they may be brought up while ttio 
river is navigable. 

may 17, '56. — 3t. 

SO called 

American party from its first introduction Ointment are 

in this section of the county, and fully un- disease, .and have restored millions of the 
del-standing the objects and aims of the sick to health.— -.A eto York Adas. 

same, have become disgusted with it, and 

believing that it was conceived and con- How any man, claiming to have been a 
coc-.ed by the vile Abolitionists of the AVhi r, can abandon Fillmore to go over to 
North, for the purpose of dividing .and the piebald accretion of “isms’’ — including 
weakening the pro-slavery strength of the Romanism and Foreignism — known as the 
South, feel it to be our duty to renounce it, Sa r Nicht party, is inexplicable upon any 
claims [and come out upon the side of the Constitu- rafional hypothesis . — [Henderson Palri- 
Conven- tionof our common country, and religious of. 
tion, as he did pot wish to be a candidate liberty. We therefore. Lake this method And how Fillmore could abandon the 
under existing circumstances. of leaving the order of signs and grips, AA''higs,who had stood to him through thick 

The President then stated that nomina- say to the world that we are once more .and ^in and elevated him to scores of good 
tions for Circuit Judge were in order, and ff' ?emen, and shall battle for its rights. fatoffices, and go over to that piebald ac 



On the night of the 30th of January 
last, Chris. Karl a well known butcher, re 
siding in the lower part of the city, disap- 
peared very misteriously. He was last seen 
at Zeighenheim’s beer house, on the Port- 
land avenue, nearly opposite the canal bridge 
As it was supposed that he had a very con 
siderable amount of money on his person 
the prevalent conjecture among his friends 
was that he had been murdered and robbed 
Repeatedly there have been stories set afloat 
that his remains had been discovered. But 
yesterday the mystery was fully and satis 
factorily solved. 

A body was found underneath the wheel 
of the steamer Baltimore lying at Portland 
wharf, which -was recognized by clothing 
aud papers to be that of the long lost Karl 
Such was the decomposed state of the 
corpse, that no investigation could ho had 
to identify marks, so as to ascertain wheth 
er ho had been foully dealt with- But it 
was presumed that such was not the case, 
as §14 in money was upon his person. The 
general conjecture is, that the unfortunate 
man committed suicide, as shortly previ 
ous to his death, he had separated from 
his wife, and had been troubled with other 
family difficulties. The deceased was a 
man of property,and much respected by his 
acquaintances . — Louisville Courier. 

the names of George W. Kavanaugh, of] 
Anderson, and John E. Newman, of Nal-' 
son, were thereupon presented to the Con- 
vention. The President directed that the 
severs! oousties Bhotild be called in alpba- 

Yours truly, cretion of isms — including Abolitionism, 

S. G. Colmau, Thomas J. AA^elder, Isaac Anti-Nebraskaism, Donelsonism, Pilcher- 
Hornback, George AA'". Hornback, Thomas ism, and so forth-known as the know-noth- 
Jackson, Jamesj! Hornback, John T. Tuck- ing partv,is inexplicable to qs — Bardst. Cfa- 
er, Archev. G. Tallev, Charles L. Taller, 'xefte. 

Holloway’s Ointment and Pills the 
best remedies for the cure of Female com- 
plaints. — The extraordinary ell'ect these 
Pills have upon all complaints peculiarly 
incidental to females, would appear in- 
credible to the citizens of the Union, if it 
were not confirmed daily by the wonderful 
cures they effect in the various States. It 
is an unquestionable fact, that there is not 
any remedy to equal them for extermina- 
ting suffering from the softer sex, particu- 
larly for young girlsentering into woman- 
hood, therefore all are requested to give 
them a trial, which will insure their recom- 1 
mendatioc. ) 


4 I. L those who excciiteii their iiotea at Run- 
ton A Walker’s sale, will please settle tine 
same with me forthwith, as 1 am (iirecteii lo is- 
sue executions i. a each case. 

G. W. TO.MPKINS, K. M. C. C. 
may 17, ’56. — tf. 

Lucinda Meaux and others, I’lainlifTs 
agsinst 1 

Robert .Mc.4fee, adm’r of / Inequity. 

Joh n II. Meaux, dec'll Ac. dof’s. ) 
f ■ ^ HE creditors of said estate are hereby in- 
JL formed that by order of tho .Aletcer Cir- 
cuit Court, tliey are required to prove ti.eir 
claims against said esLite before the undersigned 
Commisaiouer, at his ofiice in Harrodsburg, on 
or before Ihe 3d Wednesday in July next. 

0. S. POSTON, Com. C't, 
may 17, ’56 — 3t. 


t SUPERIOR article of Flour and zMeal con- 
Btantiy on baud at my Grocery and Variety 
Store, and for sale at (be lowest cash prices, 
niarSiD tf JAMES HUKKt:. 

inrWherever lhalGREAT .MEDlClNEcalled 
BIAN LINIMENT, has been inlroducea, it baa 
performed the most extraordinary cures in the 
a.iuals of medkai history — every body who’ 
uses it once becomes its w armest friends^the^r 
not only keep if always on hand for the benehl 
ofiU timely use in eases of emergency, but re* 
commend K to all t^eir friends It has been 
before the poblie for nearly ten years, and )et 
is daily developing new virtues] many diseases 
have been cured by it, for which the proprietor 
had never recommended it; its magical virtues 
spread through the land with tho speed of 
lightning, aud many, very many poor invalids 
i^iio supposed their days on this earth were fast 
drawing lo a close, have been by a persevering 
use of this invaluable Liniment HEALED, aud 
now rejoice in the blessings of health, aud tho 
enjoyment of this beautiful world. Read this 
to believe, and not to doubt. Inquire of your 
neighbors whom you kpow to have used it, and 
they will lull you that no medicine ever discov- 
ered posseaees the lialf of its extraordinary heal- 
ing powers. i he racking pains of rheumatism 
and neoralgia yield in a few minutes toils pow- 
erful anodyne properties. **The lame are made 
to walk.” Oid sores, which have rendered the 
subject a loathsome thing to behold, arc healed. 
The weak and trembling, from deranged stale of 
the nerves, by the use of this Liniment, rejoice 
in the recovery of their former health and strength 
.Many longstanding aflections of the liver, lungs 
and kidney have yielded to its use after the va- 
rious remedies had failed. It is very efficacious 
in curing the diseases of horses and cattle, such 
as 8 weeuey, sprains, bruises, swellings, cramps, 
lameness, dry shoulder, splint, etc., and if used 
iu the beginning, never fails to stop the furtiicr 
progress of hstula, poll-evil, ringbone aud spavin 

Look out for Cotinlerfeits! 

The public are cautioned against another coun- 
terfeit, whicli has lately made its appearance,, 
called W. U. Farrell’s Arabian Liniment, th most 
dangerous of all the counterfeits, becau ee hta 
having the name of Farrell, many will busy it in 
good faith, w ithout the knowledge that a counler- 
leit exists, aud they will perhaps only discover 
their errd'^ when the spurious mixture has w rought 
its evil effiects. 

The genuine article is manufactured ouly by 
H. G. Farrell, sole inventor aud proprietor, and 
w'holesale druggist, No. 17 Main street, Peoria, 
Illinois, to whom all applications for Agencies 
must be addressed. Be sure you got it with ths 
letters H. G. before Farrell’s, thus— H. G. FAR- 
RELL’S— and his siguaturo on tlie wrapper, all 
others are couterfeits. 

Sold by J. A Burton, Son, Porryville, G. VV' , 
Taylor, Sprlnghelo, L. H. Noble, Lebanon, A. S 
McGforly, Danville. 

Also by J. L SMEDLEY, Harrodsburg 
and by regularly authorized agents throughout the 
United Slates. 

Iji^Price 25 and 50 cents, and $1 per bottle. 

agents wanted in every town, village 
and hamlet in the United States, in which one is 
not already establUiied. Address H.G. Farrell as 
above, accompanied with good rtlefciipe as to 
character, responsibility, £c.c« 

npr 19, *66-4t 


the further purpose of appointed delegates 
to a State Convention, to meet in Louisville 
Z^We are compdlcd to use to-day ^on the 3d day of July, to select delegates 
very mean article of paper. As we sentto the National Convention of the Whigs, 
for the best article, and received the worst‘ ^be held in the same city on the next day. 

at too late an hour to secure anolhar sup- 
ply, we hope to be excused. 

J!^Tho attention of our agricultural 
friends is directed to an advertisement in 
to-day’s paper, setting forth the claims of 
the “Kentucky Harvester,” one of the 
most valuable labor-saving inventions of 
the age. It is a Reaper and Mower com- 
bined, and has already grown into high 
favor among the intelligent farmers of 
Kentucky and other States. It recom- 
mends itself strongly to the common-sense 
of every man, and cannot fail to supersede 
all machines for a similar purpose which 
have yet been tried. Capt. John W. 
Cardwell is the agent for the sale of the 
article in this county. 

It will be seen by the advertisement, 
r that Capt. Cardwell is also the agent for 
the “Pennsylvanian Four-Horse Power 
Thresher, with Tumbling-shaft complete,” 
. said to be much the best Thresher now in 
use. Mr. Robert Mallory, of Oldham 
county in this state, says that he threshes 
with it from three to four hundred bushels 
of wheat in a day, and that more could be 
done by changing the horses so as to pre- 
vent fatisrue. “The straw ffora it,” Mr. 
Mallory states, “is more thoroughly clean- 
ed of grains than by any Tresher hereto- 
fore used, and the grains are less broken.” 
All necessary informatioh may be obtained 
by calling on Capt. Cardwell. 

Tompkins advises those 

in our ad- 

fe^-Qeo. W. 

who have executed notes for articles 
chased at Runton & Walker's sale, to 
speedy attention to the notice 
vertising columns. George is not in 
habit of neglecting business of any sort, 
and we recommend, therefore, that his ad- 
vice bo taken. 

agreeable to the appointment of the Balti 
nore Whig Convention of 1852, and to take 
uch other measures in the interests of the 
Ifhig party in Kentucky asm.ay be renier- 
d necessary by the action of said Conven- 

The time-honored banner of the Whigs 
hs once more appeared in the held of po- 
litcal contest. It calls upon the Whigs 
of Kentucky, by every consideration ofhal- 
loved memory in the past, or cherished hope 
in future, and invokes them, by every in- 
jutttion of honor and patriotism, to gener- 
ally hasten its support. Kentucky initiated 
the novement, and should continue to head 
the list moving column of States. Let then, 
the Old-Line Whigs tliroughout the entire 
bordirs of the Commonwealth, by the gen- 
erous promtitude with which they will ral- 
ly ar*und the revered standard of their an- 
cient Faith, signalize their unshaken and im- 
movatle fidelity to the old Whig principles, 
and p-aotically illustrate their devotion to 
the Censlitution, the Union, the truest and 
best interests of the country,thereby setting 
a bright and stimulating example to the 
zeal and activity of their Whig brethren of 
other States. 

P. DUDLEY, ) Whig Central 

J. HOLTON, V Etecutioe 

L. E. IIARVIE, ) Committee 

FraSkfort, May 9, 1856. 

P. S. — It is hoped that the editors of 
all public journals in the Suite.of every par- 
ty, will extent to the w'higs the common 
centrtesey of copying this card into their pa- 
pers, for the information of the people, with 
out any other more special request from the 


Certificate of Ralph Lute, Esq., Editor 
•‘Spirit of Times,” Irunton, Ohio. 

Ironton, October 30. 1854. 

Dr. C M Jackiion — Dear Sir — Che Bit- 
ters are in gre .t demand here. In ad ii- 
tion to the quantity sold bv Moxley (k 
Barker, your agents, the two oiher stores 
sell more of them than any other medicine 
I find they are much used by convalescent 
fever patients to rebuild their broken con 
stitutions. I have used during the last 
■summer, in ray own lamily, four bottles 
Thev Were recommended to mo first by a 
neighbor, at a lim w en my system wa« 
much debilitated from the effects of a se- 
vere Billions Fever. They gave me an 
appetite, and restored a tone and vigor to 
my whole system. In one of the Septem- 
ber numbers of my paper I related riiy ex- 
perience of the good effects of tiio Bitters, 
since which lime they have had a large 
sale, and have now become the stahdurd 
medicine in this vicinity. 

In conclusion, I would say that I feel 
great pleasure in giving you this testimo- 
ny of the value and success of your prep 
ration. Respectfully, yours, 


See advertisement.— may 10. 

Among the many officers wounded in 
the terrible battle between Walker’s troop.- 
.and the Costa Ricans, was N. C. Breckin- 
ridge, late of this city. Mr. B. is a cap 
tain in Walker’s service and a bold and 
daring young man. He has seen servi 
heretofore in Cuban expeditions. — : 



»* ~ ^ 

City Marshals Demgerously 'Wounded 


CovijJGTOK, May 13. 

Yesterday the German Turners from Cin- 
cinnati came over here to see their breth- 
ren in Covington Ne wport. The occasion 
war one of annual celebration united with a 
presentation of a banner by the German 
(f^yOur old and esteemed friend. A, E. j ladies. As the Turners were leaving the 
Gibbons, of the Harrodsburg Y*fo«y/rioy, 'ground, Haifa mile back of Coviugton.adifli- in our sanctum the other day. lie | culty occurred between two a Tur- 
looks as hc.arty as though editing agreed iherand the oth au American. One of the Tur- 
ivith him* and he had never been snubbed ^ ners made a violent assault upon the Amer- 
liy a county-court pettifogger. May his icauboy, injuring him severely with a sa- 
Snaddw.aud his family ilcver be less. — Le^.lbre. Information was sent to the Mayorof 
PoU. I Covington and a warrant issued for the ar- 

Wd ire gr.atcfultddUr friend for his kind I , u - , 

. , ^ f •, I ■ 1 Marshals Butts and Harvie attempted to 

wishes, and especially for having failed, in I'urners were reti^rning. 

e-xpressing the hope thdt our family would words ensued, and they c.-tnic to a me- 
nc ''fit grow less, to add a wish that it Ice. The Turners were all armed with 
wou 'd grow any more numerous. “A fel- kniffes and muskets loaded with balks, and 

iow-fe.iling makes us wondrous kind;” and ^"le twenty shots were aimed 

® , , at tlic marshals and those who were now' 

Jack knows by experience that a country helping them in the discharge of their duly. 
prialiiig-i.''ffioe does not produce bread in One Turner put his musket to Butt's back 
very groat abundance. It is needless to .and coolly tired, the b.all striking him in the ‘ 
sav that liis 'veil wishes are earnestly re- right shoulder and passing out through his 
ciproeated, and that we hope to see Harvey was cut on the head 

I’ost and its prog'eny flourishing for a half- 

A Sailor's Idea of Phayer. — A the mo- 
ment when, on the 14th of October, 1797, 
tne British fleet under Amiral Dunc.aa, 
and the Dutch fleet commanded by De 
Winter, were about to engage, two sailors, 
passing by A Imiial Duncan's cabin, saw 
him on his knees. 

My eyes. Jack! exclaimed one, wha is 
the admiral about ther •! 

Playing to iieaien, replied the other. 

Praying for wha.? 

That the Lord give us victory. 

Well, now, that's a blasted sham?. We 
.are well able to lick them ours dvos. Be- 
sides, give the begga-- aiha'ice. i 


^3?* We are authorized to announce James 
D. llardi.i, of Harrodsburg, as a candi- 
ate for Circuit Judge in the fifth Judicial 
district. mar. 8, tde. 

iTi^VVe are .authorized to announce Col. 
Ben. C. Alliii as a candidate foi- Clerk of 
the Circuit Court, at the ensuing August 
election. mar. 8, tde. 

it^Wc are authorized to .announce Wm. 
Yates as a candidate for Sheriff of .Mercer 
county at the ens'uing August election. 


^^“We are authorized to announce Wm. 
A. Hooe as a candidate for County Attor- 
ney in Mercer at the ensuing August elec- 
tion- apl26tf. 

A^Wo are authorized to announce R. 

Logan Wicklilfe, of Nel.son county, a can- 
didate for Commonwealth’s Attorney in the 
6th Judicial district. 

J3^We are authorized to announce Col. 
John Cardwell as a candidate for Sheriff of 
•Mercer the ensuing August elec- 
tion- maylTtf. 


rhofnasj. Rarnoiij, adin. of 

.AatiUrji J. Norton, dec'd. j PlaialllT. 

against I in eq. 

A. B. Norton and othars, 5 dofondaiils. 
r H TUB creditors of said decodanl are horeby no- 
titi-d, tliut by order of said Court, tiiey arc 
req iren to present llielr claims, proved accor- 
ding to l.uv, before Lite undoralgnad, Commission- 
Ilia otiioo in IlarrouBturg, Ky., on or before 
Tfte first day of July next. 

apr. 19, ’dfi ._3t 0. S. P03T0N, c. c'y. 


t kN Saturday, SJinUant, Irom my residence 
iW ill iiurrodsburg, a doubla-barrol Shot- 
gun, cracked near tUc breech. 

A liberal reward will be paid for such iiifor- 
inaliou as will enable me to recover the Cun. 

13 . P. P.VrTERSON. 

may 17, ’5G.— if. 

century to come. 

jf^Will.ard, the jllemocratio candidate 
iiX Governor of Indiana,, is doing splendid- 
ly on the stump. The x^udianapolis State 
Sentinel says: 

Willard, the eloquent; the galLarit Wil- 
lard, is opening the campaign I’obly. A\c 
hear glorious accounts of his pi'Ogress up 
the Wabash. We last hear tioLU him at 
Huntiiigtou, where he made a splendid ef- 
fort in defense of Democratic principles. 

The Ne Plus Ultra. — Dr. C. M. Jack- 
sou would seem really to have attained the 
highest point of convenience, beauty and 
style, in mercantile architecture, in his new 
warehouse and office, for the sale of the 
celebrated Hoofland’s German Bitters, 96 
I Arch street, below Fifth. — This splendid 
building, whose exterior has for months 
attracted the admiration of all who passed, 
tby the originality and delicacy of its or- 
^'hamciitatioii, and the harmony and grace 
of its proportions, was opened on the 10th 
instant to a company of the Doctor’s 
friends and acquaintances, who enjoyed 
themselves “right merrilie” on the occa- 

The building, which is four stories in 
beiglit and 100 leet deep, contains Dr. 
Jackson’s laboratory and office, besides one 
of .the most tasteful ai.'d elegant sales-room 
'we have ever seen, and a room in the rear 
-so admirably arranged fc'r clerks, cashier, 
book-keeper, etc., etc., tuat we thoiighi 
■we ■were going into a bank, with at least a 
million of capital. The front saloon's 
laid with alternate squares o{ white and 
bJact marble, and the walls are richly fres- 
coed, and highly decorated in white and 
tinted arabesque. The columns of Sien- 
na marble, supporting the central arch, ary 
admirably wrought. Indeed, the whole 
building, inside and out, is a noble illus- 
tration of the taste and skill of American 
workmanship, and eeflects the greatest 
credit upon the public spirit of tlie pro- 
prietor. We deem , especially worthy of 
notice and commendation all such efl'oris 
to embellish our cities with elegant build- 
ings, and to relieve the dull monotony of 
trade and professional life, by providing it 
with habitations light, cheerful, handsome 
and convenient. The biisinefs world is 
becoming imbued with practical ideas of 
art, health, and convenience; and whenev- 
er wo are obliged to pick out way careful- 
ly among the rubbish of old buildings 
being torn down, we console ourselves with 
the idea that wo are on our way to a citv 
of palaces. Dr. Jackson has aniicipate'd 
events, and has already contributed his 
palace — and a lovely one it is loo. — Phi. 
ladelphia Times. 


Tu the Whigs of KerUmky; 

In conformity with the suggesUou of the 
assemblage of whigs.lately convened at Lex- 
ington and in pursuance of the powers vested 
in them as a State Executive Committee, 
the undersigned respectfully recommend to 
the old line Whigs in every county in the 
State to hold, at an early day, meetings in 
their respective counties for the purpose of 
effocting an immediate and efficient organi- 
zafioij of the Whig party therein; and fer 

with sabres and felled, where he was for 
dead.- The excitement became intense, and 
the Turners were not allowed to cross the 
river. They marched over over to New- 
port. where th^y blockaded themselves in 
the Turners’ Hall. A^ strong guard was 
kept around it all night, and a me-sage was 
sent to the Governor forthe call of United 
States soldiers. Fears arc entertained of a 
serious riot this morning, as the Turneis 
are not going to give their Hal! Up. Can-' 
non were got in readiness, and the whole 
will perhaps end in a more serious loss of 
life. It is reported that some ten or twelve ' 
were shot. Cannot learn particulars yet, 
as the excitement is so great. 

CovixoTO.v, May 13, 9 a. m. i 

Four Turners have been given up, and 
were lodged in jail. They will be tried 
this morning. Excitement has somewhat 
subsided now, as they have laid down their 
stibres and muskets, but still keep posses- \ 
sion of the hall, as they arc afraid u  venture 
out. I 

Marshal Harvey is in a dying condition, 
from a terrible sabre Cut on the head, which . 
chipped off a piepe of the skull bone, leav-j 
iiig the brain exposed. | 

Marshall Butts is doing belter, but will 
probably lose his right arm. 

• Harrisburg, May 13. 

The Edie division of the American State 
Council is in session to-d^y, numbering 6U 
delegates. A. W. Benedict was chosen 
president protem., Thos. Carliste vice-pres- 
ident, and F. L. Gifford secretary. 

After some preliniiiiary business, the 
Council adjourned till this afternoon. Tl*e 
convention is in session with closed doors. 
The twelfth section wing predomina- 

Ex-Gov. Johnston and Gen. Small are a- 
mong the delegates. 

PuiLADELPHiA, May 13. 

Mayor Vaux was inaugurated to-day in 
Independence square. Judge Thorapsoi) 
administered the oath of office. Mayoi 
Vaux made a very brief speech. He had 
no promises to make. The people had uii- 
mistakingly demanded reform. He woul.t 
seek to administer with. independence, and 
as he understood them without regard to 
clamor of fiction, and Like the re ponsibili- 
ty He was then conducted into office, and 
was warmly congratulated by the retiring 

Baltimore, May 13. 

Mr is receiving the visiis of 
his friends and citizens generally .it the hall 
of the M.iryland institute. He leaves t is 
afternoon for Washington. 

jes^The uride signnl, Ri-i . J. K Bragg, 
is A niiiiist'-r ill regul ir Stan ling, and Pas- 
tor of tile orthodox church at Brookfield, 
.Mass. He is a geiult-inan of considerable 
influence, and uiiivcrsiillv bt l ived, (copy. 

, AM. DYER. 

Br'Iokfield, Jan 12, 1855. 
Prof. Wood — Dear Sir: Having made 
trial of your Hair Restorative, it gives me 
pleasure to say, that its effect has been 
excellent in removing inllaination, dandruff 
anil constant tendency to itching, with 
which I liive been troubled from cliild- 
liood, and has also restored hair, which 
was becoming gray, to i.ts original color. I 
liavo used no "tlur article, with anything 
like the sain- ple-asure and profit. 

Yours truly, J.K. BRAGG. 

Tie “Restorative” is for sale in this 
place by Dr J T. W 'o Is  fc Co. It is 
f.isi becouiing' Rspopular liere as in other 
pi ices where it has been longer known. 


a HEBLKlt &. BRi). will Close their Mam- 
▼ w moth iVorihara side^lighi Daj(Lierrean 
gallery on ' aturday, June 7l[i, 'I'he room lo 
t o leased au a Lodge-Koorn; and being the oin'v 
room in the place \irhorea really good pir.iure can 
be taken, ihia ia positively Ihi last chance. A 
liint to the wise is sufficient. 

Wheeler iSl Hro. have secured rooms at Crab 
Orchard, and will bn prepared to take piclures 
there alter the above date. Peasons desirous of 
being handed down to posterity on a doulde^gal' 
vanizud plate, warrasteU not to grow dim with 
age, now have an opportunity. 

Wheeler’s pictures are not like those of the 
Culluden breed that are "like wolves held by the 
ears, nor like those of tlte oii9*slug stripe, "like 
eels by the tail.” 'I hey are like the nurslings 
of an eagle’s nest, and shov/ at first sight their 
true eaglo breed. 

0*VViieeler‘s cheapest, Si 50, 

may it, ’56.— tf. 


Remaining in the Post Office at Har- 
rodsburg, Ky., on the 14th day of .May, 

Adair, Miss Tellula 
Aldridge, J. 

Bowman, J. L. 

Baker, Dr. J E 
I urns, Elizabeth 
Carnahew, Robt B 
Curry, John L 
Curd, C C 
Curd, Wm it ThomasSmi.n, John 
Haniel, Miss M.ary ESallee, J 

McGee, Shaddock 
Morton, Harrison 
Mosby, Micagy 
Norton, Ltirner B . 
Osmond, John 
Pratber, Mrs Kitty 
Robertson, VVm B. 

lllLtffEltV & lll.m.l lIlKLfC. 

AC RS- DB WITT W'oulil respectfully inform 
1 ilio ladies of this vicinity . that she lusjutt 
received a must inaguificont stock of 


Bojuets, Laces, Embroideries, Mantles, 
Ribbons, Flowers, Trimmings, and almost 
I every ..ilier article of use and oriiaiiieut for llie 
attire of ladies. 

She has opened her stock ofGooJs at the store- 
ro nil on Poplarstreet, formerly occupied by Miss 
Kale \eeld. 

•She bus already received the patronage ef ma- 
ny oflho ladies of Harrodsburg andlhesur- counlr , oiid feels coafideut that she 
can give satisfaction to all. 

Bleaching, trimming, dress-making and every 
other description of work in the .Milliuory and 
.Manlua- .Making line, done in the neatest and 
most fashionable style- april 12, ’)6. 2m 

Just IN Season. — H Iwiiklt follows the 
administration of a remedy for disease, 
almost without exception, though it is pre 
scribed in a million of instances, and in 
all forms of diseases, all the doctors on 
the globe could not make the people be- 
lieve that it was not a good remedy, or 
that the inventor was not a public benefac- 
tor. Hurley ’s sarsaparilla is expressly de- 
signed to act OH those organs wllbse func- 
tions are essential to health — the stomach, 
liver, lungs, kidneys and skin, restoring 
their deranged functions or use, and there- 
by purifying and cleansing the blood — the 
very fountain of life. 

St. horns Irddligencer. 

Dr. J. T. Woods  fc Co. have received ai 
fresh supply of this excellent medicine. 


Edes, C C 
Gash, Mrs. Malinda 
Gab hart, '1 S 
(iowin, Sainl. II 
liodfrey, W .M 
Godfiey, William 
Hixon, Emily 
Hopper, .Mr. 

Haley, Thomas 
Huff, l olly 
Harris, I'homas 
H ttchel, Jas. 11 
Hiseonbutti], J 
Hood, Jo.seph 2 
Jackson, Ellin 
Jones, Miss Josie 
Jones, David W 
l,ai'en, William 
Me ane, Mrs. E 

fc-tark, Delaney 
Sayres, Jeremiah 
Suggon, Mis Cathe- 

Snead, Miss A M D 
'J'erhune, Miss Mary 
Tilfoid, iN 
VanarsJall, Wm 
Vaiiarsdall, Jas R 
Vanarsdall, Alex. 
VanarsJall, John J 
Vanarsdall Lucin. M 
Vandavier, Wm 
Wright, Sarah 
Whittinghill, David 
Watts, Sami 
Watt', Janies 
Wood, Mrs Eliziibeth 
Williamson, lohn 

Wicfcersliam, Wm T 
iCfT I'ersons calling for letters in the 
above list, will please sav ad»crtised. 

W. WHEAiH, M. 

may 15, ’56. 


AITl)ll.\El 4 C 0 [.\SEIL 0 I 1 AT LAW, 


17 Office — that formerly occupied by B. 
Magoffin., rj may 10, ’56.— if. 


f lllOSK desirous cl arr.-stiiig Spinal Curva 
tore, Inei|«ality of Hips and Shoulders, 
with ollowness of Ihe Clwst, Ro-undiiess of the 
I .Slioulders, ivilH r.-oiniiience of llie Shoulder 
liLides, or are euffeiiiig from Vocal, Pulmonary, 
or Digestive AVerkiies.', and parlieularly those 
nlflii-led with pifin or weakness of the Back 
; Palpilalion of the Heart, Costivencss, Piles, Kup- 
Hure, or any of the I'einale diseas^s-and weak- 
! nesses, non- so alarmingly pr»valeiit, re informed 


are .Agents for the sale and proper fitling^f 

Dr Banning’s Chest, Luilg, and Shoulder 
Brace; Stomach or Abdominal Brace; 
Radical Cure Rupture and Pile Brace; 
Hunch Back Prop, and Spinal Lever. 

All of which adaptations are al once light, cool, 
be iiiliful. and easy to wear — acting a.s a perlect 
substitute for the corset, without its injurious 
tendennes; j,iving strength, beauty, and grace to 
tile form and bearings of tlie body. 

I niav 11), ’56 — if. 



’'JTHS. I. VAN ANGXiGN rHS|je'’tfulIy in- 
ffll formit Ine lad e'   of llarrodsburj' and the 
•»urrouiiiiii)g conuiry, that sh«* ha* op* iied a Man* 
Uiasinakint;. .MMhiiery and Fancy s''^tore, nearly 
o.’iposite PeUy’'4 iot**l on M.ilii alrcet, wiiefe 
,’ie S'difiitsii sharf* of th*ir patronage. 

I r Bonnets, Trimmings, Laces, Flowers, 
a id other gooiifif, have selected with care in 

Philadelphia aii«i elsewh -re, and tviil be sold al 
reason iblt piices. 

Having secured Hie services of an «»x|ippipnced 
•li liner, she is prrpared to bleach aoutrim 
 onneiK in the most approved iiidtiiier. 

Dresses made in the best and most fashiona* 
ble style up. 26, .S6 — 3'»i. 

Catharine Newton, adin’r of 
’ John £). iNewton, dec d PUff, 1 

against \ In Equity 

iaicy Jones aSlc Defendants, j 
^ UlE creditors nf said decadent are notified 
M that they are required to prove their claims 
j before underHigned, Commissioner, at his 
[office in Harrodsburg, on or before the li ret day 
of July next. 

i O. S. POSTON; Com Cii'y. 

I may 10, *o6— 3t. 

FCi{.\iTLI{E \\\) fil.yiiS. 

1 wculd state In the citl* 
rena of .'Mcroer, tlial I have 
again cenimeiiced the Cabi- 
net Making & Underta- 
king business in Harrodsburg, 
and have now on hand aiia.«- 
.sortmenl of Funiture and 
Chairs, all of the latest style, 
and will sell on as reasonable 
termsasthey can be bought elsewhere; and 1 
re^pecUullv iuv-'e my old friends and the public 
in general, to give me a call, 

.My Furniture room is on Main street, oppo- 
site the Ragle Hotel. 

w'lllao repairing in all the various bran- 
dies of our business, on the most reasonable 
terms. ^ JUS. T. McFEAT. 

april 19, *56 — If. 

N. B. I will exchange Furniture for 
ber, suitable fo r our business. J. T. M. 


H AV’ING im,vorteii a beautiful aaBortment ol 
Botmets, Flcwera and Dress Trim- 
miugs, all of the latest and moat approved style, 
I respevllnlly solicits the patronage of her friends 
i and former customers. 

She will also carry on the Mantua-Making 
I in all its various branches, and will execute all 
her work, as heretofore, promptly and well. 

Her lady patrons are invited to cal! at the resi- 
dence of her father, on Chiles street, and exam- 
ine lierasBortment of goods and trimmings, 
may 9, ’56. — If 



H aving permanently located in Ilarreds- 
burg, is practising his profession in all its 
varioutt branches. 

0::^koomB at the Eagle Hole!, 
april 19, 1856. — tf. 


Dealeriu Drug-i, Medicines Ckemicals. 

Dye Wood and Dye Stuffs. 

and V.VRN1SHE3, Window Glass and Putty, 
Glassware, perfumery, fine Soaps, fine Hair & 
Tootli Hrnslics, Paint Brushes, Surgical and 
Dental Instruments; Trusses. Spices, Smifi's, 
Manufactured Tobacco; all the Patent or propri- 
etary Medicine of the Day; pure 'Wines & 
Brandies, for Medicinal purposes: Fancy .Irli- 
cles; Superior Inks, Letter and Cap Paper, Steel 
Pens and Stationery ; School, College and .Mis- 
cellaneous Books; Fine Cutlery, Confection- 
ery , Fine Teas, Variety Goods, fee., &-.c. 

t^Goodssold equally aslow as they can be 
hndat any siiniiar esiab.isbmeut in this section 
of country. 

Warranted to be fresh, pure and genuine. 

ffc^Ordera front the Country promptly filled, 
anp satisfaction guaranteed, with regard both to 
price and quality. 

leb. 16, 1 656 — ^^3ni. 



I' OR 

Spring Summer. 

^QMiE UlHie^^igned tenders his thiinLA to tic 
O citizens of iltirrodvburg anil Meiri* 
county, for ihf onttomige lieretoforo exteoL^c u 
him, and now ofTera llicin qn niiuhually large 1 1.» 
well-oaaorted i»tock of good« for the pretcLl tr.* 
ensuing season. 

He aaks of his triendAund the pul) !c 
a renewed and enlarged share of Iheir pulroiia^e, 
and hopes by liberal doaliMjf to merit Hie AJme* 
aprii 12, *56 — tf. VV. T. CURRY. 

It has been the lot of the human race to bt»i 
weighed down by difleaseanJ eull'ering. HOL-' 
LOWAY’S PILLS afe specially adapted to the 
relief of the WEAK.lhe NEUVOUjS, the DEL-’ 



the INFIR.M, of nil climes, ogee,' 
sexea, and constituliona. Professor ilolloway^ i j   

the Lexington 
H a r r o u a burg 

superintends ihe manufacture of his medicines ' route, tv h i c I 

in the United Slates, and offijrs them to u free have been discontinued for sonio weeks past J 
and enlightened people, as the best remedy the consequence of bad roads and ice in the rivei 
world everSAW for the removal of disease. resumed their regular tri»s, oi* 

. 1 wil) leave Harrodsburg at 7 o’clock a. m ,roPC;. 


These famous Pills are expressly combined I . j B, ;hU ruala, iho faro is lower nnd tlu tin * 
opemtoon the stomach , the liver, the kidneys, quicker to all polnte, East and VVvsl, than 1.; 
the)uDgs,the 8kia«atid the bowels, correcting 

any derangement 111 their functious, purifying! IRVINE, H.AWKIN6 £l CO. 

Hie blood, the very fountain of life, and thuscu-j march 8. *56.~lf. 

ringditiease i i all its. forms. 


Near half the humun race have taken these George \V . Tompkins, adm’r. 

Pills. It has been proved in all parlr^of the 
world, that nolbing has been iouiid equal to 
them in cases of disorders of the liver, dyspep- 
sia, and stomach complaints generally. They 
soon give a healthy tone to these organs, how- 
ever mucii deranged, and when all other lUeaiis 
hove failed . 


.Many of the most despotic Governments have 
opened their Custom Houses to the introduction 
of these Pills, that they muy become the medi- 
duo of the masses. Learned Colleges admit 
that thiv rnediclUb is the beat remedy ever known 
for persons of delicate health, or where the sya- 
em has been impaired, as its invigorating prop- 
trties never fail to afford relief. 


No female, young or old, should bo without 
this celebrated inedicino. It corrects and regu- 
lates the monthly courses al all periods, acting 
ill many cases tike u charm. It is also the beat 
and safest medicine that can be given to Chil- 
dren of all ages, and for any complaint; conse. 
qu*utiy no family should be without it. 

Holloway's Pills are the best remedy known 
in the world for the foUowlng diseases. 


How'el Complaints 



Chests Diseases 
Stone and Gravel 
Liver Complaints 
Lownoss of Spirits 
Sold al the 

Dmrrhcoa Iiidigestiou 

Dropsy InfiueiiZa 

Debility lafiainalion 

Fever ii. Ague Venereal 
Femalo Com- Affections 
plaints Worms of 

Meatluclies all kinds 
Secondary Inward 

Symptoms Weakness 


Manufactories of Professor 
Holloway, 80 Maiden Lane, New York, and 
244 Strand, London, by all respectable Druggists 
and Dealers in Medicine throughout theLinited 
Stales, and the civilized world, in boxes, at 25 
cents, 62 1-2 cents, and Si each. 

IT'Tlie/e is considerable saving by takiug the 
largest sizes. 

N. B. Directions for the guidance of patients 
in every disorder are affixed toeach box. 

April 19, 1856. — ly 

of Thomas Wiliams, dsc’d, pPff.) In equity, 

Shorod W’llllaMio, &c. ) deftndanta 

creditors of sal 1 decedent j-* l.-’iebs no* 
cl tilled that by ari order of the Mercer Cir 
cuilCourl, they are required toprepoiit thei- 
clairnB against said estate , before Ihe undersigne*- 
Coinmissioner, at his office in Harrodsburg. Ky . 
proved as required by law, on or b.'iorc tire 1st 
day of J uiv nest. 

ap. I9,*6r).— 3t. O.S POSTON, c. c’v 



is 110 doubt, the most wonderful discover) 
of this ago of projfresa. Tiie following, is from a 
distinguished member of tlie medical profession; 

St. Paul, Jaiiua.y J, 1055. 
Peof 0 J Wood; Deur Sir: — Unsolicited 1 send 
you this certificute. .-Ifler being nearly bald fo: 
a loni; time.aiid having tried all tlie liair restora- 
tive extant, and liuving no failb in any. 1 was in- 
duced, on hearing of yours, to give it u trial I 
placed myself in Uie’haiids of a barber, and had 
my head well rubbed with a good slifTbrusli, and 
tile Reatorative then applied and well ruSbed in, 
till the scalp was all aglow. This I repcato ■ 
every inoriilng.aud in tliree weeks the yociig liar 
appeared, and grew rapidly from August last up to 
the present time, and is now tliick, black uuu 
strong— soft aud pleasant to the touch; whereas, 
before it was iiarsh and wiry, v.-iiat litlic there 
was of it, and tills little was disappearing rapidly. 
I still use your Reetorulivo about twice a week, 
and sliall sooaliava a good and perfect crop of iiair ' 
Now 1 have read of these things — and .who has 
not! — hut I liave never seeu liitlicrto any case"iii 
wliicli auy persons hair was really benefited by 
any of Ihe hair tonics, &.C., of tlio day . and it re- 
ally gives me pleasure to record tlic result of my 
experience, 1 have recommended )our prepara- 
tion to others, and it already hasa large a:id gen- 
eral sale llirougli the Territory. The people liav. 
seen its effects, and have confidence in it. All 
who hare used it here w-lll coincide with mo in 
iwhat I have wrilton. I'ho eupply you s.-ui os, 
[ as lhawhoissale agents oftlie Terril.-)ry,ls aliead;- 
exhausted, and dally inquiries are made for it. — 

- I You deserve credit for you discovery Rforonot 

larrtO’PT A "NTTi’ ft 'hanks forthe benefit it has done jt 

X wAfc ky X XjXXJM Xy O Cq|. j certainly hud dispaired, long, lorg ago, of 

lever effecliug any such result. 1 coiigraluia'e 
i you that your foilune (aiida large one) is alrend; 

1 iriado. 

I "k-ours liastily, J W llor.d. 

I Firm of Bond di ’ '.-ngt •!«, 

, , Pt. Psnl, .V T 

Looxns, 1 iid.. Jutie S9ih . If-.oo 
Messrs O J Wooo fc. Co., Geiiln- Voiire 
Oflho IS'h inst.caino duly to hand.' iCi.closeu 
please find t36,il being the iimouiit for ll .i.- Kes- 
torutivo. I have sold it nil. * * !f you 

chose you may semi me si.v dogeii botlb s Hair 
Restorative, I'lliink I can sell It. It has woi i,ej 
miracles in tills place. I sold a man six »i bol- 
tloa who was bald, and it brought llio hair out 
all over hia head. 

Yours very respecifullv, 

■ ,M H GkiDLFY. 
CsRLTix, 111 , June 27th, It-id. 

I have used I’rof O J Wood’s Hair K-»lora- 
tlve, and have admired its won'derful effect. .My 
hair was becomiuz. as I thought, prenialu r.rly 
gray, but by the use his ‘‘Restorative.’’ it lias 
resumed its original color, and I have no doubt, 
permanently so. 

Ex-Senator United States.' 
Vist-INNXS, Ind.,Junel5, !P53. 
Prof O J Woop;-.-Vs you are about to maaufuc. 
uieand vend your recently discovered Hair lies 




Dr. C. M. JACKSON, Philadelphia, Pa 

Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Chruuic or Nervous debil- 
ity, Diseases of the Kiducys, 
and all . 
diseases ari- 
sing from a disor- 
dered Liver or Sto- 
mach, such as Oonstipa- 
tion, inward Piles, Fullness 
or Blood to the head. Acidity of 
the Stomach, Nauae, Heart-burn, dis- 
gust for Food, Fullness, or weight in the 
Slomacli. sour Eruclulioiis, Sinking or Flat 
teriug at the pit of the Stomach, Swim- 
ming of the Head; Hurried and Diffi- 
cult Broathiug, Fluttering at the 
heart, Choking or Suti'acatiiig 
Sensations when in a lying 
posture, Dimness of Vi- j 

sion, Dots or webs I 

before the ! 


Fever and doll pain in the liead; deficiency IB ' 
Yellowness of the skin and 

Perspi-alion; Y ellowness oi tne sKiii and eye.,; 

Pa n in the s de, back, chest, limbs, &c.; suidoi 
ilushes of heat; burning in the flesh; constant t ^ it, and know others wiiP u..eJil. 

imaginings of evil and greutdepression of spirits I ^ ‘ ‘V'., ". 

The proprietor in calling the attention of the 
public to this preparation, does so with a feel- 
in'; of the utmost qoniidence in its virtues and 
adaptation to the diseases for which it is recom- 

it is no new and untried article, but one that 
has stood the test of a ten years’ trial before 
the American people, and its reputation and sale 
is unrivallrd by any similar preparations ex 
taut. The testimony in Us favor given by the 
most prominent nnd well known Physicians and 
individuals in eP. parts of the country is im- 
mense, and a careful peruaal of the Almanac, 
published annually by the proprietor, and lobe 
had gratis of any of bis Agents, cannot but sat- 
isfy the most s'icplical tliat this remedy is real- 
ly deserving Iho great celebrity it has obtained. 


Great Cure of Dyspepula. 

C. G. MERSHON, .Merchant, says; 

S'.MFsoNsviLLE, Shelby CO., .March 30, ’.' 5. 

‘The German i liters give general satisfaclloii, 
and I herewith hand you a certificate of. Mr 
.Morton Berkley, a rospcclablo farmel of this 

SiMPsoNViLi.K, Ky., March 30. .1655. — Dear 
Sir, — 1 would inform you that I liave been af- 
flicted for leverai years with Ds-.spepsia in a very 
aggravated form, lor which I used Sarsaparilla, 
and various other remedies, without obtaining 
any relief. From tlie various teslimoiitala iii f a 
vor of your Germau Bitters, 1 was inlucedto 
try them, and I now state with pleasure, that 
ilirough their use 1 am enjoying better lieallli 
than 1 hare done for years, and cheerfully 
recommend the Ritters to all afllialed with that 
terrible disease.’ Respectfully, yours. 


To Dr. C. M. Jackson. 

M. H. Plgg & Co., say — Levee, Ky. , Aug. 3 
1854. — 'The Bitters are all the rage in this neigh- 
borhood, aud our people think there is nothing 
that could bo found equal to them.' 

Nelson & Ed-wards. Salvisa, Ky.,June Cd, 
1831, said: ‘We rejoice to inform yon that (liis 
justly celebrated medicine lias fully inainluiiied 
the exalted reputation which has been given It, 
and having tested its virtues we nnhesitatingly say 
it emineiitlvdeservee it.’ 

James 'Waring said — V anoebl’bo, Ky..Sept. 
I6lh,18!')2 — I have used two bottles of your 
German Bitters in my family, and am well 
pleased with them. 

J, Grant, Irvine, Ky , June 26, '52, said: ‘We 
liave succeeded ia intro'ciuciiig your Hoofland Bit 
ters; physicians and others purchase them by the 
halfdozonaud dozen.' 

J. T. & J. W. Berry, Unlontown, Kv-, July 
‘21. 185'2. said: ‘tVe have beard of many cures 
nerfornicd by the use of Dr. Hoofland’s German 
Bitters, and believe it tO be n valuable ineiiicine.* 

using oiher flair Restoratives, .and that 1 find* 
yours vastly superior to any other I know. It 
entirely cleanses tlie head of dendroff, ami wilh 
one month's proper use wiH feslofe any I'lTbon’s 
hair to the original youthful color and texture, 
giving a liealtliy, soft, and glo-sy it| e; 
and all withoutdiscoloring l!.e liani-s t;-pl 

it, or tlie dress on which it drops. Iw li.ur, . 

fore recommend its use to every oi.e Lu roAiso. 
havin'’ a lino color and. tcxiure to h. ir. 

N Rogpeclfuilv yourb, 

St. L ouis.JnutflS; li-.'rS. 

Frof Wood; — As you aro about lo*pie(,ure ami 
vend your recently uiscovered Hiii- liesloraliv. , 
and as you request my Opinion of it I will stale 
that my hair was, a few months iigo, veiy gray, 
and after using two hollies of your Hair llctlora- 
Uve. it assumed the original color, aud since its 
application all dandruff lies disappeared from my . 
head, and 1 have been Iroiihled willi no disBgre"ii- 
ble itching of the scalp. I um satisfied thqsi' who 
use it will not regret it, as it gives llie cppciirauce 
of having been recently oiled. I am prepared 
therefore, to recominerid its Use to ail. who aro 
desirous of having a beautiful head ofliair. 

1 am, sir, voure. ,Vc., 


For sale 1 j Louisville by Raymond & Fatten, 
at manufactuel’e prices. r, t o- 

The artiele may he had at retail of Pr. J. T. 
Woods & Co., Harrodsburg. Ky. 

N. B.— We put up the Restorative, both with 
and witlioiil sediment, aud thinli for restoring 
color, that containing sediment the best. 

Nov. 27lh 18.5.5. ly 

For Croup. Give an emetic of antimony, to 
be followed by large and frequdiit doses ol tl.e 
Cherry Pectoral, until it subdues Ihe diseuse. If 
talien in sessoii, It will not fail to cure. 

Whooping Cough may be brokcu up aud sooil 
cured b)- the use of Cherry Pectoral. 

The Influenza is speedily removed by ti.I.s fem- 
edy.— Numerous instances have been iieiic. d 
wliere whole families were protected f.-oni any 
serloiisconsequences, while Iheir neigliborS witli- 
out tlie Cherry Pectoral, wore sullpriiig from the 

For settled Conaiimplion of tho Lungs, tlm 
Clierry Pectoral should he given in doSi-s adapi- 
ed to what the patient requrres and can boar, ft 
always afford! relief.aild not unfrcqucntly oiires 
palianta tliat were considcre.i past hope . There 
hromaiiy Ihousandsscatlered all ovOr the coun- 
try, who feel and publicly jiroclaim that they 
owe ibeir lives aud present health to tho Ci.erry 

As time makes these facts wider ana Letler 
known, this medicine lias gradually liccOtnC the 
beet reliance of the afliicted. from the log-ciiLiii 
of the Amcrirau PcasaDl, to the palaces of the 
European Kings. . 

‘I'he Cheeky Pectoeal Is inanufacinroc by a 

of i: i-.ri r 

practical Cliemist, and every cinicd 
They are entirely vegeiahle, free fronr all iiiju- iMsovrn eye, wilh invariable a.-curacy and, fc'a*d. 
rious ingredients, always slrengthonlug, and ; It Is aeiilen and protocted bv law front conn tii- 

never prostritliig the sy.stem 

Sold bv Druggists nlid Storekeepers In evory 
towu and village in tho United States. 
Andforealoby J,.\3. A. CURRY, 

Harrodsburg, Ky- 
and by NELSON i. EDWARDS, 

april 12, '56. — ly. ^ivisa, Ky., 

Toils, couseqnehlly can bs relied bn aS gHiuii e 
' willioul adulteration. 

Prepared and sold hy .TA MES C. .5yFR, F-H* 

lical nnd Andlytical CliemisI; Lowoii, JrleSJ 

irej-For talc iu Harrodsburg bv. 

J. A CUUR'V. . 
Successor to JobuSdn KllbiiL 
fob 22, 'o6.--tf yke 


This boftutiful piecn of pwtry wns writ- 

teu bv the h»te judge ^bert Kaynioiid ) 
R«ed' of Georgia, afterward governor of 
Florida. It 1 ms never appeared in prim 
before, and the lady for whom it was pentred 

now a resident of this city— has kindly 

permitted us to give it to the public 
through our columns. It is one of those 
choice, yet unobtrusive gems, struck out 
from a rich mine of thought that ha.s only 
to see the light to have its beauties apprc- 
— Monlg m«ry d/a.) Journal. 
Mcthought that in a sacred wood, 

I slumbered on a bank of flowers, 

Soothed by a streamlet’s wandering flood. 
That gurgled through the whispering 

And dreams did visit me— so bright. 

An Elysium only could beget them; 
They brought me such intense delight, 

I never, never can forget them. 

1 Oregon. — Under an Act oY tho legisla- 
jture of Oregon Territory, providing for ta- 
king the sense of the piople relative to the 
1 formation of a State Government, an elec-| 
; tion was to be held in the Territory on the 
lirst Monday of April, for the reception of 
votes for and against a Convention. If car- 
ried in the affirmative, delegates are to bo 
elected for the several counties, according 
to population; and to form a State Constitu- 
tion. 'The constitution is then to be sub- 
mitted to the people of the Territory for 

BL* Wa: 


Father and Mother States. — 'Pa, why 
is it said that Massachusette is the mother 
of us all? 

She was the oldest of the New England 
States; and .as they were mostly settled from 
and grew out of her, she has been called by 
a figure of speech ‘our mother. 

Still pursuing the I’crsonific.ation, the 
boy asked, with a kind of bewildered look. 
Were Pennsylvania and Massachusetts mar- 
ried to each other in olden limes! 

What can you be thinking of? 

Why, pa, 1 took it for granted that Penn- 
sylv.mi.a the father ol all the States, for 
I SCO it on letters and uewspapears, and in 
books too, always called Pa. 

nil if f] 

Just from Vermont, 

Of the Morgan Breed of Horses, 

"W tt/’ILL stand at my farm, between Harrods- 
V V burg and Sbakertowii, tile eiisuingseasou, 
money to by sent with the mare, 
1 will not be troubled about collections. The 
privilege will be granted of breeding again and 
again, if the mare does not prove in foal, us long 
as I own tiie horse. 

Good pasturage will be furnished gratis during 
the season , and .ill proper attention given, hut no 
liability will be incurred for accidents. The 
season will commence on tlie 1st of March, and 
end oil the 1st of July. 

h seemed thatMou wert prjsent there. 
Thine eyes with living lustre beaming; 
The star of morning docked thy hair. 

And all .aroun 1 its radiance streaming, 
Imparted to thv lip — thy cheek 
The brightness of immortal glory; 

 )! wo can ne’er such visions seek. 

Hut in some old romantic story! 

And uearthco hung a lyre of gold, 

Beneath a bow of sh.idowiiig roses— 
Hoses — liko those that/one enfold. 

When from his toils the . 701/ reposes. 

And when thy fingers touched the strings, 
They yielded numbers rich and swelling, 
As when some spirit sweetly sings 

At evening, from her viewless dwelling. 

Yet changeful was that music’s stanu, 
It.tolJol hope, and youth, auil gladness; 
Of pleasure’s wroath, of true' love’s chain, 
And then of bligh‘.ed joys and s.adness. 
At last an answering voice there came, 
From a bright cloud that then descend- 

And while it spake, a quivering fl.irao 
Was with the fleecy whiteness blended. 

^^*A witness in a liquor ease at Man 
j Chester, N. S. the other day, gave the fol 
' lowing testimony: Sal-soda is ice and wa 

' ter and some stuft' squirted iuto it from a 
concern. Don’t know whether it is intox- 
icating or not — it makes one feel good — 
feet lift ea.sicr. 

X^^lle i^ho goes to bed in anger, 
the devil for his bedfellow. A wag desires 
Uisto .s.ay that he knows a married man, 
[who, though he goes to bed meek as 
jlamb, is in the samo predicament. 



Celebrated Vegetable Compound: 
Warranted a Certain Preventive and Speedy 
Cure of the most tedious and painful Dis- 
ease that Mother* sure afflicted with — Tue 
Sore Breast. 

And U IS considered b) those that have used it 
the greatest External Remedy of the age, (or 
all kinds of Sores, Wounds, Ulcers, liruises. 
Strains, Burns, Glandular Swellings, Stiffness 
of the joints &c. (either of man or breast ) 

(t has also proven itself to be an •iifallible rem« 
edy for intiamatory rhumatism, and Piles. 

Read the following t^stiinoiiiule as proof of its 
curative qualities. 

This is to certify that I was afflicted with so re 
breast for several weeks, and had some three of 

W OODEN Ware. — .a large assortment of 
wooden ware, brass-baud Cedar buckets. 
|On*bound do; churns, keelers, buckets, tubs 
^pine and cedar trays, bowls, piggins, buttel 
mouldsand prints, water cans, all sizes brasij 
bound measures, wash-boards; rolling and cloths 
pins, spoons, ladles, and a variety of other art- 
cles in •itore and forsale by 

Louisville, Ky. W. &. H. Borkiiardt 

REU JACKET is a b.-a.iUfiil bay, 15 V. hands bst nhysieiansattendiiig ine.beu'. none 

'“"‘‘■“""i could relieve me. and after lancing mv i^„asl 
1 ,150 lbs. He was by 1 he original Sherman times without liavinglbe desired eC,  e. they 

Morgan. The dam of Red Jacket was sired bv a ' .-.-j .. i.i i ... 

Morgan. The dam of Red Jacket was sired by a 
half-brother of Black Hawk. 

feb 16 Ujy. WM. THOMPSON. 


t P you have any BOOKS or PAMPHLETS, 
of any*kiud that need Binding, take Hiein to 



Corner of Main and Upper St’s, Lexington, ove 
F. V'eiser’s Jewelrv Store. 

BLANK BOOKS, ruled ir. any style, and 
bound in a superior niaiiner. 

O*' ustomers may rest assured that work will 
be executed neatlv and on short notice. 

|):^VVork sent from Harrodsmrgand 
lOundtng towns, will done pron ptly. T"'" 
Lexington, March if. 

concluded it would have to come off* my 

life, and had prepared their inslrum e-ats to opper- 
ale on my br-ast, when a friend lo 

try L. Carter’scompound,assl-,ejj,jg^y JO be a 
good remedy, I immedidtely ser.t fora box and 
applied a portion of the com.po my breast; 

and in less than twenty fo hours, I was re- 
lieved of all pain and uneasiness; and 1 am hap- 
py to say that a perma ne cure was effec ed in a 
short time, and I ca'.i ^^f^eorfullv ri^ommeml this 
remedy to all uio\b with sore breast 

RespectPjil Miller, short st. 

♦1 l . IfALL 

Wholesale A Itetail Orocr 



3 kegs shot, assorted; 

1,000 lbs lead, 

20,000 G. D. caps; 

6 kegs blasting-powder; 

4 do Dupont’s rifle do; 

1,000 feet safety-fuse for blasting; 

6 boxes M R Raisins; 

10 quarter-boxes do; 

40 drums Singrua ffgs, fresh and go«d, 

3 frails soft-shelled almonds; 

2 sacks dates; 

4 bbis buttercrackers,a goodarticb; 

300 Ibszante currantsfortartsand cales, fresh 

2 dozen cans spiced oysters, withcove and 
other brands, at the lowest possiUe prices; 

3 bbU No 2 Mackerel 
H hlfbbls do do new crop, varranted 

fat and fine just received, and  or sale bv 
Apl4 M.D HALL 



■It ESPECTFULLY invites the altenlion of 
jLtt, the ladies of Mercer and the adjoining 
counties, to the large and beautiful aBsortment of 
goods purcliused by herself in the Eastern mar- 
kets, which she has opened at her store rooms on 
Main street, Harrodshurg, Ky., immediately op- 
posite tile Eagle Hotel. 

Her stock comprises much the largest assort- 
ment of Fashionable Bonnets ever brought 
to this place; together with every vietyof Fancy 
Dress Goods and Trimmings; fine Mantillas 
ofdiiTereiil palteriis; Cruels, Flosses, and all 
kinds of French Work and Embroideries, 
Necklaces, Bracelets, &c.,&.c' 

She has also imported the most extensive va- 
riety of Perfumery ever exhibited ill Harrods' 
burg, and has taken especial pains to select those 
varieties which hear the best reputation in the 
fashionable world. 

All her goods will be sold at the lowest possi- 
hie rates, and she will be thankful for a share of 
public patronage, 
april 12, ’5( tf. 

This lr. 

!|,3 required, 
alized.— For full 

I may not tell the words so kind. 

By that sima plaintive voice then spoken; 
For the dark night-skorm’s rudest wind 


r«ini.s invaliiablecom pound, so fully apprecin. 

J1 ted by tho A merioan people, is gaining wid.^ 
lebcerlty.and has become permaiientlyestablis'.ied 
as tho beet and most eft’oetive medicine of the day. 
Certificates are daily pouring In from all p.arts of 
the State, and the afflicted now rejoice there is 
help when every other remedy pr oved itiefiectual . 
Diseas.'S which for years prove*', a source of mis- 
ery and agonizing torture, read'.iy yield beneath its 
irresistibleinfiueiice.and coun dess families are ren- 
dered happy and cheerful b y its extroadinary ef- 
ficacy If you wantll'.B pure and genuine Sar- 
saparilla, that which is. different and superior 

ll.slPa OlMrlrirAlPa. 'T'Aii7na0n/l*« Manila’ On*/. 


V’Ol NG I'.jEN wanted, to a t 
^Kon'.s A capital o*' only 
$U)0 per month can be easily re 
I'ur'jiouiars inclose stamp, or 

threecent piece, (Yd.dress, 

G. R .DEAN, 

'tavville, ' lhautauoue Co , N.Y. 
Inarch -56 


f7. IHOSE citiz**nKof (larroiishur? who nav»» not 
paid their Taxes for the past year, are here- 

to BuU*?» Blackwell’s, Towusend’s Samla’ Guy 
8 ott* 4 , or any other corapouiid, as one thing tsca- 
,Cama o’er mydroam, .luJ it was broken. ! paMe of being to anotlier. then take Hurley s f.r 
I V... uu « V. , J. ( Qf .tjasfs scattered through Ala- 

But laij. tranquil 03 thy hourd, uui . b 

And 'smooth'iho path of live brforo thee, 
For surely, from celestial bowers, 

Some happy spirit watches o’er thee! 

Praotlaal' Amalgamaliou. 

Night before last there was revelry and 
music in South M.arkat Hall, the sweet 
strains aseaped from open windows and 
melody was borne ou tho midnight breeze. 
Tho screvts were still aud nature at rest, 
bu within there was gaiety and joy. Some 
thirty couple w-ore dancing with great hili- 
aricy aaizest, from free anxiety .and care, 
niv, we doubt Wiiether the whole city of 
Chicago could not famish a gayer compa- 
ny. It was a'u assemblage of the sous of 
the Sunny South, who had hired the Hall 
for their own persou il amusement, and they 
vrere supremely happy, notes to pay, no 
mortg-iges m liquidate atid no tailors' bills 
of whieh they stoo J in f.jar and trembling. 

'i . 

by notitied that unless they fork up imutHdiately 
1 shall be compell»*d to oollecl the same by the 
sale of their properly. No lime is to be lost. 

R. FIGG, .Marsiull. 

april 5, ’5C— tf 

fS^HEShareholdersot the Lexington, Hur.'’ods- 
V bureaiid Perryville Turnpike road compa' 
ny are hereby notified, that there will be an 
election held for President and Managers o f said 
Road Company for the ensuing year, at the 
Court House in Harrodshurg, on Saturday, the 
26tb day of .April, inst. 
april 12. ’56— 2t. O.S. POSTON, Sec. 


Lexington, Ky. 

*.o corMfy, iliat we, he jn-ier^igued, 
have^UF^.p-^ L. Carter’s Cotnpoitii  -ievt*'ul!\ , for 
sore j-fjn8i, Rlieuin.iiiHiii, i«lle« hrais* s. si’utiis, 
4110 recommend it to dll Ui'^'se affl e»"d witli 
^ioular Utseasea, j 

Sarah Kb: . Kv i 

E.war- Voiri'ir 
Kelt- f a 

'■ ik II , " d . «• U. 

I Th* ibove are onl ? i-*w yi .hr il- 

uionbf.- that vve .oil! . give, if . 
the etfic.e y of i Ji- .mn vjud; ma we ^ 

d,p not ore nit t i * »irl-cie to ih»- r*ubMc is al 
K»wlv goiien u.» .Nosiruiri, h.ii tn nrtiui*' that 
has been ined in I'rivile prncuo  l•’ce!^^l^lllv f'-'j 
tiiH l.isl thirty y s\r» which Hai» .lever fiiiod y* 
effect a pernanont and spe tdy cure in ttie inosi 
severe . vvh*^ii us*5d accordiiig to directions. 
.Manufactured only by 


to whom all letters must be addressed for ageu- 
cieB, Box, No 38, Lexington, Ky.— 

And for sale by J. L, Smedly, Harrodshurg; 
Xelson Sl Kdwards, SalviBa; 'amess Ripey, Law- 
renceburg; Joshua McWichael, Gaiiisville; Me* 
Af'e Brothers, P.O. and by Druggists gener 

N. B. Liberal discount made to the trade, 
nov. 16, ’55. — ly. 

Quarter boxes t Cincinnati, Ohio) 
ep^candles. 4 whole hoxer^ do do 



48 boxes summer-pressed tallow candles; lO 
oxps Vestern Re-ervr Cheese , superfine ; 6 half* 
1 U golden syruD m •la'^ses. 6 do '«ugar-h‘'use do 
hhls reboiled ptauiation do;foT low oy 

I ^INE GOLD WATi HES, 18 carat cases, 
^ full jewelled, at $33  

Silver watches, full jewelled, at $16- 
We have also ou hand tine gold watches at 
from $25 to $165, and a superb ossortmcnl of 
lewelry of every description. 
ocM J.W.W. SMITH. 


at a -q • 


H ^ 1 it 

a a S ♦ # H r- 

T ‘ H 

bamz, Mi»'issippi. Wisconsin, Indiana, .Missouri, 
and Kentucky, it li&s never iii a single instance 
been kuowti to fail, aud will cure, boyond all 
doubt — 

Dyspepsia or lodigesltou. Scrofula or King’s 
Evil. Alfoctio nr. of the Bones, Sypliilis, Debility, I .r . , 

Habitual Costi vencss. Erysipelas, Pulmonary Dis- ! ” waggons and teams, &c., letting my 

eases, Diseaeeo' Kidneys, and is a great and po»- 1 oiit, and other stock in, to my great 

erful Tonic, puri lying tho Blood, and invigorating "tjury. All persons thus ofrending, may ex- 

- ' pect to bo dealt w'th acenroing to law 


r Notify and forewarn 

from hunting with dogs or guns on my lands. 
Also, all those who have been in the habit of 
pulling down my fences, and passing tlirougli 

the entire Aysloi'ii 

Unlike other compounds which, when first In- 
troduced, are said to possess medical qualities, but 
soon degenerate into injurious trash, this highly 
concentrated lluUl Extract, is prepared with tlio 
greatest accuracy and chemical knowledge, en- 
tirely of vegetables ubslaucos.and warranted ues- 
er to deviate instren gtli. The powerful machine- 
ry emplayed aud c.ire devoted in combination, 
togather with the iiii, ortant fact that it is the on- 
ly preparation 111 America containing Hondnrtie 
or Para root, establish beyond all doubt that it is 
the sufferer's remedy. Its extensive popularity 
and wido-spre.ading fan le, coupled with unparal- 
leled cures effected by Us agency, have gained 
both public coufideucs a nd professional reliance. 
Therefore, henceforth let it be understood, for the 
proofs are too numerous and wei^heUning to be 

Thev caved noihia^ for offiec and less foriT**®*''’"®'*' 

' ia the most valuable aud wt'uderful medicine ever 

offered to the world. 

[n!r Manufactory corner Eeventfa and Green 
streets, Louisville, Ky. 

For sale by Druggists in this city and all 
through tho United States. 

Price ?l per bottle— G bottles for f5. 

Louisvillc, Aprils, I3 o5. 
Hiirlay’sSarsaparilla is whatis represented, and 
I believe it the most wonderful niedicinc before 
the public. Nothing under heaven could induce 
me to say so without proof of the .strongest and 
surest kind; therefore I speak williu^riy and posi- 
tively on tho subject. 

My daughter has been afflicted witi'i skin dis- 
eases and stiffness of the joints for seveitil years. 
I employed tho principal physicians of I be city, 
and they could not cure her. I gave he.' your 
Sarsaparilla, not expecting it would do .xiucb 
good, hut, to my great astonishment, she rap 'idly 
gut well, aud, thank God, coiitiuues so Had ®he 
been taking any other modicine, I would not g.'ve 
this certificate; but your Sarsaparilla, the oni'y 
remedy employed, loaves no doubt of its niedica I 
qualities, and that it alone cured her. 

(Signed,) LUKE REYNOLDS. | 

Any person requiring the truth aud honesty of 
thi.s statement, will find mo at my residence, cor- 
iiorNinthand Walnut streets, Louisville, Ky. 

Da. Horlev — S ir: I have used your. Sarsaparilla 
in Chlornits, Anieuorhoia Leucorrhea, (Whites,) 
and many other diseases connected with the fe- 
male organization, and always found a happy re- 
sult within ashorter space of tiinothaii is usually 
expended in the treatment, (t is decidedly pref- 
erable as a general tonic to quinine, or prepara- 
tions of iron, and am fully sa'.islied it will become 
ail established item in the physician's recipe. 

Rospeclftilly vottrs, 

B. ABLET I', M. D. 

F.lizabelhtown, HI 

pdjudo syinpathizcia, nay, otrangj to say, 
politics were excladod from the ball-room, 
H matter of propriety too little heeded m 
O'ar more refuted circle. 

Tho gohtlemcii were dressed in the cx- 
freiao f.vshion of the day. Their blue dress 
coats with brass buUoas, their white 8.atin 
vest.s, their line doe-skiii pants and patent 
leathers vicing with those of the Paris 
dy, whilst ths ladies snow drosses formed 
an admirable contrast to their ebony c.m- 
plesions, jewels and flowers lout their 
charms to tho gay scene, and tho joyous 
l.i'agh rang through the merry h.all. 

There was only one white being iu tlie 
crowd, and she rather a pretty woman, who 
had thrown herself into tho arms of a fash- 
ionable ebony to be his forever. Upon her 
brow there is traces of deep, marked sadness, 
.and all of her gaiety was very evidently 

But the merry dance went on, and the 
floor manager performed his part with 
great alacrity ami precision. 

Tho doors suddenly opened, and to the 
great amazement of the as.somblod compa- 
ny, five white individuals, apparent gentle- 
men, enter the gay room, 'rhe colored 
comp.any is respectful, as they alw.aysare, 
and although they consider it an intrusion. 
Like no steps to bar admission. After hxik, 
ing on the scone with evident delight, they 
single out the fairest damsels iu the room, with mild pursuasivc eloquence they 
strive to ittduco them to favor them with .a 
w.altz. The ladies were t «30 polite to refuse, 
iiay, they gloried in Uie honor; for they nev- 
er were exclusive in their favors. Not so, 
however, with the colored gentry, and iu 
mild, but firm and expostulating tones, they 
fo, their -„a  i«it. e \ 
ensued. One of the new comers was im- 
mediately rebuked and slunk to a seat, but 
the others were far more determined. — 
They had seen .a good deal of aristocratic 
society, uay, figure in our best circles, .and 
baard at our most fa3aio;iablo hoteds. They 
argued with the colored gentlemen, and co- 
quetted with the ladies, and as womau al- 
w.ays gains the day, it was finally decided 
to admit them to a participation in the revel- 

On went the merry dance, up rose the 
loud laughter, as mingled iu indiscriminate 

april 12, '56— tf. ABKAHA.M S.MITH. 



A mosl Wonderful and Valuable Publieation 




Their I’hysioloEy, Functions and Sexual Disor- 
ders of every kind, with never failing 
Remedies for tho speedy rure of 
all diseases of a private aud 
delicate character, 
incident to the 
violation of tho 

Laws of Nature and of Nature 'a God. 


The Author of the above 
volume is a graduate of 
one of the first inedi- ul 
schools in the United 
,:Statesaiid having devoted 
•'a quarter of a century to 
■ the study and treatinentof 
V/;/'l!l\\'vV'' Syphilis and kindred dis- 
orders ak aspeciulity* he has become poFsessed of 
most invaluable information in regard to the same 
and is able to compress into vade mecuin compass 
the very quintessence of inedcali science on this 
important subject; as the result of the experi- 
ence of the most eminent ph sicians in Europe 
and America is thoroughly d«‘inoiistrated in his 
own highly successful pracliee in the treatment 
of secret diseases in many thousands of cases in 
the City of Philadelphia alone, 
k The pracliee of Dr. Hunter has long been, and 
still is literally unbounded, but at the earnest so- 
1 icitation ofnuinerous persons, he has been in^ 
(iiiccd to extend the sphere of his professional 
u'Sv^fulnessto the community at large, through 
Uie medium of his * Vledicai Manual and Hand- 
Br o.V for the afflicted. ” 
it is a volume that should be in the hand ol 
ever v I'umily in the land, whether used as a pre- 
veuta liv’*of secret vices, or as a guide for the al- 
leviation of oneol the most awful and dvscrnct- 
ive scour^ges ever visited upon mankind for the 
sins of so nsnalily and impurity of every kind. 

it is a vol oin« that has received the uiiqu*ilifi*»d 
recoinmenda.Uon of the first physicians in the 

all quarters 

’s tho best ariide maaufactureii, I cordially ap- 

pemi my name. DOCTOR REASOR ^ lustrumeiital in lli« moral purihcati 

LouiiviUe, January. 18.55. : physical healing of inu'llitudes of our 

' among the young 

land, while in.’iny clergymen, faiheer^niother-s, 
n \ II....'. c- 17- I i I * philaiilhropis's and humanilarians, have mosl 

Dr 1 . A. HuRLir-Sir: From a kiiou ledge of , j,„ circul.alion in 

yourbarsaparilla. and tliroiigl. conviction that it: powerful teachings would be likely to 

ion and 

T .x...a...s . c T ™ c «o-- ; amoiiK iMc yuuiii;, volatile and indiscreet, otlier- 

with indigestion lor ten years, and could never ' V defi ein f""*' ^ 

1 gel cured. Four bottles of your Sarsanarilla ef- ! ®K'“' ®‘®''ery species of self-defileineni, and warns 
■ coniDlainl parents and guardians, i:i soaiching terms, to 

\V M FLDRIDri-' guard the young of both sexes from the leirible 
[.ogisville; Mareli 19, ms. consequences concomiLant of their ignorance of 
Having becnliu tho drug •'usiness fo sevoral ' 'n’ponlic.s and ir- 

years. I do not hesitate tr pronounce Hurley's Pf®-’o®'o«® do 

Sursttpartlla the best preparation now in use 


Oregon, Ind , Nov. 28. 185-4. 

De. IIorlcv— S ir; Your Sarsaparilla certainly 
deserves to supercede sll other pruparatioiis of 
that medicine. Heretofore, the uusatisfaciory re- 
sults obtatiio.l from the use of sSarsaparilla, de* 
pended upon a want ot skill in making proper 
selections from the diff*ereot qualities found in uur 
markets, and that wliicti has been vended iutbe 
form of nostrums has generally been prepared by 
incompetent, and me"ceuary quacks, 

COilfusiOll ivnitc .and black waltzed upuu the t which, if containing any Sarsaparilla at all. was 
I I _i .1 1^ very cheap and worLhioss article, and in the 

majority of instances left the suff’erer in a much 
worse condition than before taking it Having 
tested your Sarsnpariiia, I am pleased to suy,that 
it is free from the imperfections alluded to, and 1 
therefore take pleasure in recommeudiiig it to the 
confidence of the profession aud to tiie atflicted 
public, and feei perfectly satisfied they will real* 
Ize everything from it that is to be derived from 

11  or. Closer and closer were the amorous 
embraces, untilat lastoneofthe aow-com- 
ers sealed the compact ot'aflectioa with a 

Thtis naoved the merry crowd in gladness 
thoughtless of the hour, never flagging in 
spirit, never ceasing in their gaiety, until 

4 o clock lOmilded them that it was time ’, 5 . use of Sarsaparilla, 
to part. Ne.xt Sunday they will be seen! W. VV. ROSS, M.D. 

escorting the lashion of Chic.lgO homo from i O’ .A Family Journal on application, will be 

j sent free to all parts of the Union. 

! For sate in ilarrodsburg. by 

Church f 
Who are -hey?— [Chicago Citizen. 

xt^LIrs. Harris says if a man w.ants his 
chilirea to look like him, the fewer jaunts 
ho makes to Califonjia the bc’/a.r. Obser- 
ving olilLdy, ' ' 

J. T. WOODS i, CO. 
Ill Lancaster, Ky., by .Mr. DIS.MUKES. 
In Lebanon, by NOBLE i CO. 

In otlginville, by BURBA &. CO. 

Also, lor sale by all medicino dealers in Ken- 

Sept. 1, '55. — ly. 

velopment or arising from the vicious and cor example of thei.r sell lol-mates or other- 
wise. To those who hav e l cen already ensnare il 
to the“paths that take hold or. Iiell,”a clear an 
explicit way is shown by vihicli tliey may secur 
a return of sound health, and a regeneration ol 
the soul frein its terrible pidlution. 

It is well known that tlionsande of victims are 
annually sacrificed at the ishrine of Quackery— 
especially those suffering li oni Venereal orSypli- 
ililic diseases -Strictures, Seminal Weaknrss, 
Nervous Debility, and the numerous maladies 
which spring directly or less remotely .‘‘rom the 
indulgence of carnal passi oua and secret viola- 
tions of .Nature. 

In view of these facts, and when it is also con- 
sidered that about 100,01*0 persons die annually 
in the United States of Consumption — a large 
majority being the victims of the voluptuous in- 
discretion of their progenitors, agreeably to the 
Scriptural enuuciation, that the sins of the par- 
ents are visited upon the children, even to the 
third and fourth generation. — The Author, im- 
bued with sentiments of enlarged philanthropy, 
will scarcely be censured for any effort to restrain 
the vices of the age, by the humble iuslrumou- 
tality of his Medical Manual 

One copy, securely enveloped, will be forwar- 
ded free of pos'ate to any part of tho United 
Stales for 25 cenis, or G copies for$l. Address, 
post paid.COSDEN & CO., Publishers, box 197, 

CyBooksellers, Canvassers and Book .Agents 
supplied on tho most liberal terms, 
feb. 9, I55C.—ly. 

important TO THE AFFLICTED. 


Who has, for a number of yearS} been success'® 
ful in curing 



O FFERS to Druggists, Doctors and Fanners, 
or any that may be afflicted every remedy 
IN USB, for such diseases. He will give his own 
remedies, together with all other remedies in use, 
with a correct diagnosis of ali such as will yield 
to treatment, for the small sum of $20. Address, 

St. Louis, Missouri. 

P S.— Persons purchasing Dr. Clopton’s rem- 
edies, will not be permitted to give them to oth- 
ers. Remittances oi $1  0 have frequently been 
made for an ounce box of the ointment. 


He could give yon hundreds of certificates, 
but offers only the following: 

Loviiigston, Oct. 31, 1855. 
Dear Sir: I saw your card in the Lynchburg 

Virginian about the lOth of September last, an* 
nounciiig uur vif-lt to Lynchburg, prepared 
with a remedy for ih jcure of Cancers, and like 
diseases, about the I3lh of September, and ob- 
taiiedabox of your “Cancer Ointment,” and 
applied it to said tumor ten days, (following your 
directions,) and in twenty days, it w'as uerfectlv 
well, leaving but a very slight traceof its former 
existence, and up to this lime, it presents no 
symptoms of re-uppearance* 

I consider you, therefore, deservedly entUied 
to the tee 1 paiJ you. as well us my lestiniuiiy to 
the efficacy of your remedy. 

Respectfully, ORVILLE LOVING. 
To Da. Jas. a. Clopton, Dalton, Geo. * 

Wilson’s Depot, South-side R. R. Va. 
Dr. Clopton— 

Dear Sir: I am happy to inform you, that 
my cancer is entirely well. Yo ir ointment 
proved invaluable. I used it according to your 
directions, and soon it took etfect, and my can- 
cer was removed; and lam uow, toal) human 
appearances, perfectly well, i wish you may 
meet with great success in your practice. 
Youis,ver) respectfully, 

Nottaway Co., Va. Feb. 2 1855. 

Oct. II, 1855. 

Dr. Clopton — 

near Sir: .My wife’s breast is about as it was, 
when I wrote to you last. From my descrip- 
tion of it to you, you think you hare an infulli- 
ble remed for it. 

Enclosed, [ send you a check of $K0 on Pe- 
lersbuig bank. Plcas^ lend me the m '.jicitie. 
Yours, re'^pcctfnllv, 


A.\i) iT'i mmk DEMI: 

Just Publiehed. 'Gratia, the 20th 

a *"'E'V words ou the rational treatment, 
t without Medicine, of Sperinatorrliea or Lo- 
cal 'Yeaknese, Nocturnal Emissions, Genital 
aud Nervous Debility. Impoteiicy, aud impedi- 
ments lo Marriage generally. 


The important fact that the many alarming 
j complaints, originating to the imprudence and 
solitude of youth, maybe easily removed with- 
out Medicine, is in Ibis small tract, clearly de- 
monstrated; and the entirely new and highly 
successful treatment, 38 adopted by the Author, 
fully explained, by means of which every one Is 
enabled to cure liimsolf perfectly ail.d at the least 
possible cost, thereby avoiding all the advertised 
nostrums of the day. 

Sent to any address, gratis aud post free iu a 
sealed envelope, by remitting (post paid) two 
postage stamps to Dr. DELANEY, 17, Lispe- 
iiard Street, New York City, 
feb. 16, 1856.-6111. 

CliOfEllV, tKtOTWNffl 


. - M E parlneiship heretofore exisliBR ’between 

J. H. dt. B F T tietson bav' 

ng been dis. 


by inetuai consent, ihe undersigned will 
■ ii.i arry on the business at the old stand, where 
he has on hand a complete assor meut of Uroca- 
r es and varieties of every possible descrlpllon ^ 
together with fine Cutlery, GnoS; Pistols, Pov;., 
der FlasKs. Ac., Ac. 

He has also a superior assortmenC ol 


for medical purposes, consisting of tA’ine.s anil 
Brandies, aud an excellent artislq o£ “Old Bup- 

These articles will positivety besofd at feast aw 
low for cash as at a»y otiier house in the place. 

All kinds of couatrv prodiice,meal, Soar, lard, 
butter, eggs, rags„. Ac., taken, ia excliange for 
groceries, and the highest luarkat pries ailowed 
for the same. 

He has in bis emptoy an exceltisnt baker, and 
will famish FRESH BREAD for faniilias ever/ 

oet. 1 '55 tf 

dk Bags best Rio Goffee,ai}d 6 des bag 
R. A^.sayerriment Java, just received and 
M " HALL.o 

h I 



« ^lORMER LY of llip “McKevouse” at Lee. ' 

caster, aud more recently of the “MerM 
souse,” informs hie friends and the public y, Me 
rally, that he lias opened the “PJagle Hotel, ’noo 
Main street, Harrodshurg. Ky., and that he is now 
prepared lu entertain I ^aveller^ and regular board- 
ers in a style that cannot be surpassed by any 
House in the interior of Kentucky. Every ar- 
angement for the comfort and convenience of 
transientor resident patrons has been duly atten 
dedto,aml he can confidently solicit and expec 
to receive a liberal sltare of public tronage. 
Harrodshurg, Ky. Aug. 28, 1853. 

E'V .Style of Soft Hats, such as Smoke-color, 
.irown , Black, Blue. Wide-Awake, Cavalier, 
K iiow-Notlinig, aud Nebraska Hals. 

The uudersigneo Imports white, black and 
bine turbans, with Plumes. Also, mauufacuring 
Men’s Youth’s and Boys’ Woo) hats; and among 
them will be found di^erent styles, qualities and 

A well-assorted stock of men’s and Boys* new 
styles plush and cloth Caps, at such prices as w 
defy conpetition. 

ocl 13’55-lf J.H. EDELEN* 


417 Market reel, Loui vj))« , 'I •» . 
'dealers in Fine Groceries, Teas, Family Flour 
H V Wines, Liquors, Importea Fruits, Candy 
Hermetically Sealed Fruits and Fish, Preserves, 
Pickles, Twine , Cordage. Brooms, .Malls. W oodeu 
Were, Baskets, &c. 

Louisville, Ky Dec. 16.18W. 

f||inE undersigned owes money; and os there 
‘ H. is no possible chance to pay up unless 
S those who have been owing him for 2 or 3 years 
will fork over, he will be compelled lo liave a set- 
' tiement, or legal st**ps will be taken, 
i Those that ca.n’t pay, andHAv’N**' paid, are 
I requested to go elsewhere, as we had rather keep 
I our goods than dispose of them lor nothing. 

I L. MARSHALL, Agent. 

j ian. 26, ’56. — tf. 


4 N abundant supply of coal on hand and for 
sale at the lowest rates, at Cogar’s Landing 
Jessaniinecounty.Ky. All orders from Harrods 
hurg and the surrounding country wUl be promjit 
ly and falthfullyattenJed to. 
aug 18 *55 tf M‘ T COG AR. 


fl 4 k J ^Barrels Nuts-^^S. Almonds. Filberts, 
B N F* I'English Walnuts,Creani Nuts, Pecans 
&c. Alc, 

20*’ boxcsandhalf !)Oxes Raisins, 

75 “ Pirkles, assorted; 

5 1 doz«Mt « at^ups, do; 

10 ** Worcf“'t*rshiTe Sauce, 

100, 0” H’ivao'i (Ggars; 

] fl- i ! irk rhsmpagne 

uo ^ do; 

* 0 Sox.'H ’ larel.Catawb*^ md Muscat W ine, 
a full ;*«scrtment of ire Works, Wood and 
• uin Drops, Jujube 
in store and for sale 

Dr. Clopton — Dec 6 l-5.'i. 

Dear ^ir; I am t; ad t   inform \ ou, llu- ptiii.-e . . ,, ^ 

lump fell out ot mv wifn’si breH* t. ?h»* Wus quil »l,^. , ig Paste, 

sick for a dav or two aftprw ifds I shniilu ii^ive ■ | 

\vrilt»*n tniin#‘dinieh , hut tl ought I would wait 

u few days Imping she would g»*i better SheisI 

Nowiiiiprovi g. and I :iru in hope  will soon be jui iillMkl’ 1 I’H rillirTl’ OTAIl r 

well. Wehadasmall^iortionofthebUckplas (llliHLlll AADWKIlTi MI)I{ L! 

terleft; andif you have sent the second box fH^HE undersigned slill keeps constantly on 
before you receive this, 1 will send it back imme- 1 J| 
diutely. VVe are doing nothing now, butapplv'-' 

Louisville, oct 26 VV. II. Burkharot. 

ing 0 piaster, made of beeswax, turpentine and 

If you want a corlificatefrom me, let me know 
and you can get it, as soon as mv wife's breast 
is well, and several others who witnessed it. The 
lump fell out last Sunday which was four weeks 
from the time we commenced using tho black 
plaster. Yours, very respectfully, 


march 22, '56.— «ilO 

WILL sell 335 ACRES OF LAND. This 
land lies on the Turnpike from L*)xington 
to Harrodshurg^ about six miles from the Utter 
place, and runs along the pike some half mile, 
odjoiniiig the lands of Win. Thompson and T 
Coleman. This land is as well watered and tim- 
bered asany land in the county, the whole of it 
enclosed and well set in blue grass, with com- 
fortable Dwelling Houso. and all other necessary 
Improvements* Any person wishing to pur** 
chase such a Farm, will call on the subscriber, 
about two miles from said land, and I will take 
pleasure inshowing the land. "Liberal payments 
will be given ou the land. 


feb. 23, ’56.— tf. 

rj^HE undersigned wishes to dispose of a Land 
B Warrant. He can be found at the MilU 
turv Asylum, Harrodshurg, Ky. 
aprill2, *56.— tf JOHN H. KINNEY. 

hand a regular assortment of Groceries, of 
she very best quality, for retailing, ninnng which 
may be found ainiost every article for family use 
that may bo desired. 

He also keeps up bis assortment of fine 1 o- 
oacco and Cigars, Jonp.s’s nest, which never have 
failed to give entire tatisfacticn; together with a 
general variety of notions, Powder, Lead, Shot, 
Percussion Caps, 6lc. A superior assortment 
of Confectioneries always on hand, and the very 
best quality of Brandies and Wines for medical 
purposes; all of which will be sold low for cash — 
Thankful lor p^t patro’.iage, he rcspecfully 
solicits a conlluuance of tho same. 

Harrodshurg, Sept, 23, ’54. 


I fl 3ll E subscriber has on hami, at his store on 
fl the corner opposite the slain-mill, a 
full and complete assortment of Groceries, Dry 
Goods, Domestics, which he is selling at the 
owes rates for cash, or in exchange for country 
produce. DANIEL B. CURD, 

oct. 7 *54 tf. 


t Full assortment of Fire Worksj us t received 
and for sale by 

dec 16 W. & H. Eibkhabdt. 

M Boxes Spanish cigars, of differenibrands 
”B:*Fand a supply of T. .L Holland’s bestto 
burco, with other varieties. 

6 bales of Oldham , Hemingway & Scott’s cot- 
ton yarns, with candle-wick andcarpelchain. 
20 kegs assorted nails; 

3 casks soda; 

12 bbisclover-seed, orsalelow,to close outthe 
consignment, by M. D. ALL. 



E. Baxter, adm. of 
fTiittoii Baxter, dec’d Plaintiff', ) 

against \ In equity. 

Margaret J* Bast. &c., defendants. 

THIHE creditors of said decedent ara hereby | C?. S. 31. 13 

S notified that by the order of the Mercer, 1'HYSICIAN AND SURGEON 

Circuit Court, they are required lo present their „ 

claims, duly proved, before the undersigned, ! “,‘^® _ “®?'' 

Commissioner, at his office iu Harrodshurg Ky ! ^^Grath's Shoe Store, 
on or before the first dav of July next. ’ xr,. c-i: 

rnr. 19, -•5l.'.5G O.S. POSTON, c. c’r. 

\V Davis & Co., Cin., 


fB^HESE C.ASES, now coming into genera 
use, are admitted, by those who have wit 
nesHed their merits, to be auperior to any other 
kind of coffins, for depositing in vaults, or for or- 
uary interments. The advantages they pos- 
es.« are obvious to all. Being enameled inside 
and out, they are impervious to dampners ; and 
the gratification surviving friends have in the re- 
flection that the body is deposited in an imper- 
tsinible ca^e. where all that remains of the de- 
ceased are kept together, without danger ef being 
crushed by tlie weight of earth upon it, as is the 
ease where wood coffin.s are used, would alone 
suffice to recommend them. They {.re also tU'- 
perior to any other coffins for transporting bodies 
for, when properly cemented, they are perfectly 
Air'-Tight, and free from exhalation of offensiv* 
gases. 7'hey cost no more than good wood cof 
fins, are light and portable, of a classic form, are 
highly ornamented, and without the repulsive ap 
pearance of wooden coffins. 


dec. ’54.16, 


Boxes fine Virginia Tobacco, for sale 
low to close the lot. 

W. «Sl 11 Bl'RKJiardt. 

d t^hds best brown sugar, at unusually low 

9 /wrales. 

6 BbIs double-refined crushed sugar; 6do cluri 
Tied powdered sugar, bythebbl, or at retail, 
very lov/ rates. 

4 bbis lump sugar, and 3 boxes Boston double- 
ued loaf sugar, just received, and for sale at 
M. D. HAL! ’S. 


f||[lH£ undersigned respectfully informs tho 
9 cilizensof llarrodRjurgaiid vicinity, tha 
he has commenced th'j above business in all its 
various branches, 6 :ich as house, sign and orna 
mental painting, *'./itU immitations of wood, mar 
ble, &.C. 

Being a citizen of tiie county, I lely «P»n 
lellow-citizcnsfor a support. As I shall engage 
tho serv'K^es of my former partner, Mr. alters, 
en the sign and oriiaraenitol painting, I pledge 
myself to do work in a superior manner, and ou 
the most reasonable terms. 

Piitrons are respectfully invited to cal’, ei) Kfr.. 
J. L.Smedley, Druggist, examine specimens andi 
learn prices. WM, JaCKSON. 

Nov. 10,1855, tf. 

Negroos Wanted 

P ^^erpons wishing to, dispose of ne- 

^ groes, can always find a purcha- 
ser by eaMieig on the undersign- 
ed at llarrodsburg.oraddressingiiim 
by letter at this point, where lie will 
^ hereafleralted closely to business ,and^ 
will be prepaied at all times to pay the highest 
price i »c ASH for negroes. 

All comniiinicalions anSrcsseil to him at (his 
place , will bo promply alleiided to. 

17 '55— tf 


Residence on same 
street, opposite Mrs. Elizabeth Passmore’s. 

Nuv. UJth,’52,-tf 

S M.\ND1ES — A large lot, either by the box or 
" y aljetail; together with regular andfresh sup- 
P lies of Oranges, Lemons, Prunes, Fillberls.But- 
• .er-outs. Pecans, &.C., on hand, and for sale low 
Cali andsce them as they come in every week, at 
M. D. HALL’S. 

P. S. Afewboxesof finepiefruils'in storeancl 
jrosaloby ' M. D. H 

Ploughboy (Harrodsburg, Ky.), 1856-05-17

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