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date (1880-01-02) newspaper_issue    s              THE DEMOCRAT   Largest Circulation of any Paper in I  9th  Congressional District      9     TerniM of Sul N 4  ri  lloii        IN ADVANCE       ONE COPY ONE YEAH  52 Papers   2 00 i     ST ERLING DEMOCRAT   A WEEKLY NEWSPAPER  DEVOTED TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE RESOURCES OF EASTERN KENTUCKY        BATES or ADVERTISING      j Oiin Iiicli of space  first week     I Eaeli subsequent week           S1        n  B    Ba itor a M ci Proprietor      VOL  III  N0  38      MT  STERLING  MONTGOMERY COUNTY  KENTUCKY  FRIDAY  JANUARY 2  1880      Liberal anangemeuts will bo inadc wit  yonriy ntlA OrUsers    nirth   Marriages  Dea nuil i eligt  u   Xolicos publisheu gratis    Obituaries aud Trilriites of UespCDl  Deeding f en lines  five ceni per line      One incli of space will cb  al Y  lines of solid Nonparlei type  o  li     words        JOB nUMlXr      W  H      1 I r I        1  prepared todonll klDos oi J   Priming In the best style add  I prices  Send for specimens      Tins ST  A C       is reserved for     I      N   H  TRIMBLE     See his advertisement next week         jom T    Veterinary Surgeon       O    3      Late of Hazel Green  Ky     TKTMDLE   KEEF    SALE FEED STABLE          i     WK would respectfully annoivice to the citizens of Eastern Kentucky      lrrs  sa s  iffn a    Fancy Saddle   Harness H  rses    Persons wishing to  sell or purchase such are Invited   Y    il   f  u Loll  lf ont    W  are also prepared to feed mules and Imrses for drovers  ronage          THE 49   99c  STOfeE   STILL AHEAD        Ye liave received a full line ul TALL GOODS   wliicli we intend  selling as clieap as the cheapest   Onr stock is coin  lete and vai ied  and iiej sons desir      ing to     rriE L M  0 t IE3C     Will do well to give ns a call Lelbre piircliasing else   where  Onr stock ol   JEANS  FLANNELS  LINSEYS  WHITE AND COL   OllED BLANKETS    ANTON FLANNELS   ZEFIIYK   OHENTLLE SHAWLS    Will be sold at prices to satisfy the closest trade  Remember that   i   Quick Sales and Small Profits     i      Is our motto  Wo handle tlie   O  dte   Also are the SOBK AGENT for llie   The best made for ONE DOLL Hl  I riiits and Cottons at ROCK ROTTOM    With many thanks to the public for jiast patronage  and soliciting a liberal share   I am   Respectfully yours    C  IeL T77 ZI  X  2k O X      Holiday Goods      JUST RECEIVED     SplerLd id  SelecticriL of      SUITAIILK FOR      w n       CHRISTMAS GIFTS      WATCHES  CLOCKS    LOCKETS  CHAINS    HlN iS  CHABMS    Ac    e    GalfiJ Percliase Im   Holiday Goods    TITE EE A CE     WiUiam  Esese  the  JeWeli      ocal  gencilings    See N  II  Trimble s adverlise   inent next week    sVdam Baum will open a now  grocery house in a few days    We will sell our Cloaks and Furs  for actual cost  J  O E rnKY Co    See interesting stock and laud  matters in our Grttssy Isick letter    Mrs  Calk  k Chinn move their  stock of millinery to Masonic Tem   ple Monday next    Tlie vagrancy so common now in  the country seems to demand a lib   eral supply of whipping posts    Ilord Shar    of Sharpsburg  lias  rented Senieur s liouse on IMays   ville street for a grocery    J      Atcliison has sold bis saloon  to Mr  Will Botts  and is not now  actively engaged     Mr  W  T  Howe and Kelly  Barnes have formed a co partner   shij  in the grocery line    II  W  Baiii left yesterday to visit  his afflicted father in law  who re   ceived his wound by falling from a  building in this city    Want to rent a good dwelling  hou se with stable  lot aud garden   near Jit  Sterling    38 2t J  O  Emiuiy   Co    Mr  A  B  JVhite  County Attor   ney  has move l ids offlee to the  room on the west side of the Court  House  heretofore occupied by the  Slieriff    It takes less material out of wliicli  to manufacture a first class lie than  ever we  Iroamcd  until we saw an   otlier man try tlie experiment tlie  other day    We liave received a copy of Mor   row s Practical Arithmetic  price aO  cent  i  It is a good work and can  be obtained of S  A  Morrow  at  Troy  Tenn    Wilej  Taul  an old citizen of this  County  living near Grh ssy Lick   died very suddenly last Saturday  night of heart disease  He was  hurried last  Monday    Some time ago wc printed tlie  miiuitcs of tlie 3rd annual meeting  of the Red River Association of  Old Baptists  We wish the proper  person to call and get tiiem    Jiio  Tupinan  Ileproscnative  elect from Adair   nfiiity  has been  afflicted iwitli mental  aberration   while on his way to the Legislature    It is thought it will he hut a tempo   raray attack     Ic sse M  Swaiigo  of Bridge Co    Mo   pa  sed through the city on  his way to Hazelgroen  He reports  cro is better than tliey liave been  for five yeai s  past and are bring   ing good laices    Wt diiesday morning the horse of  MissConiie Oldham took fright at  tlie firing of a Roman candle and  would have run off  hut was caught  ill time to prevent it  As it is a  shaft was broken    Tlie Big SaiuL  Railroad has se   lected a site for their depot in Lex   ington  hut not being able to agree  on tlie  price  it is probable the  ground will have to he condemned  by ad quod damnum    At a meeting of the Stockholders  of the Ohio   Chesapeake Railroad  on the 30tli  Mr  Huntington was  present  and spoke confidently of  the early oompletion ot the western  link  known as the Big Sandy    Judge W  11  Savage liad a very  fine trotter out at Burwell Tipton s  to snag itself so badly la st week  that it died shortly afterward  Tlie  Judge liad been offered   500 for  him  hut was sure of getting   1   000     Last Monday niglit there was a  very enjoyable surprise party at  Mr  Allen s  near Sharpsburg  and  Wednesday nighyiiere was a social  at the residence oT W  O  Goodloe   Sliarpshurg is enjoying the lioli   days    Two tramps were triinl in our  County Court Wt diusday  by a ju   ry and sentenced to 55 days hard  labor in the county jail  for stealing  Henry Welsli s corn  A few more  tramiis in jail will greatly relieve  this  section    It affords ns pleasure to again pre   sent the advertisement of tliat old  established  liberal dealing  and  strictly reliable firm  Chiles  Bean    Co   to our readers  Their New   Year s greeting in this issue reads  like a Christmas story    Mr  Joe Harris  of Sedalia  Mo    formerly of North  Middletown   Ky   wivs in the city Monday  Mr   Harris is buying a lot of high grade  heilei s  and will ship about the lOtli  iii st   two car loads of tliis fine stock  to his western home  for hrcHHling  purposes    Mr  Ratliff gave one of the mast  elegant entertainments at his resi   dence  two miles from Sliarpshurg   last Tuesday niglit  ever given in  Bath  Tliere were from 8 U to 100  guests present  and such an array  of beauty and fchst of good things  lias never been surpassed    We liave secured the services of  Jlr  J  W  Hedden  a live business  man  and take pleasure in present   ing him to the peo  le  Jlr  Hed   deii will attend to any business con   nected with the Democrat  and be   tween us we propose to make Rome  howl    Hon  Joe Gardner reque st s us to  state that  owing to tlie deatli of his  aunt  Mrs  Sarah Gardner  it will  be impossible for liini to be in Frank   fort before the 15th of January  Jlr  Gardner regrets  exceedingly  the ne   cessity that prevents his meeting  with and helping his friends earlier   but they will at once see the force  of tlie reason for his absence  He  was under peculiar obligations to  tills most estiniahle lady    Tlie customary week of prayer in  accordance with the programme of  tlie Evangelical alliance  will he  held every morning next week  at     o clock  commencing at the Cliris   tian cluirch Monday and Friday   Baptist church  Tuesday and Satur   day  Presbyterian church  Wednes   day  Methodist church  Thursday   These meetings will be held flius  early in the morning to avoid any  conflict with Mr  Barnes  meeting   The regular programme of the al   liance will he found on the inside of  tills issue    Christmas was celebrated here in  an unusually disgraceful manner   Drunkenness was at a great jiremi   um  and rowdyism triumphant   The firing of Roman candles was a  nui sance of the profoundest charac   ter  and resulted in many and seri   ous accidents  Henry Mitchell  of  color  was severely wounded in the  neck and just below the eye  and  his boy was so  severely wounded in  the eye that it was feared he ivould  lose that organ  Tliere were many  other accidents from tliis cause  and  more than the usual puinher of fools  had their elotliidgj burned  But  these things aside  w e doubt if sober   good peoplo ever enjm ed a happier  Cliristmas      The promenade concert  at the  Masonic Temple  was not as well  attended as it should have been   owing  doubtless  to tlie other fe s   tivities of tlie occasion    J  G  Trimble  purchased yester   day of  1  M    J  T  Achison  of  Bath County  a car load of mules   and shipped them this morning to  J  D  Montgomery  Stanton Tenn     Officers of Zerehel Lodge  1  9   F   A  M   elected Dec  27  1879    I 4   C  Jeffries  W  JI    C  Bybeo  S  W    Dr  C  T  Derickson  J  W    Harrison Johnson  Treas    W  P  Derickson  Sect y    Ed Duncan  S  T    We have recedvod a copy of Prof   Tice s Almanac for 1880  Jlr  W   Hally Smith ha s a few of tlieni for  sale  This liook is the best prgno s   ticator of tlx  weather extant  and  fertile he  it of tliose wlio liavo  severely cr eised Tice s prediction  as to the n  teorie shower  we are  lircpared to say that it was fulfilled  to the lettei  jd we liave the docu   ments to pw e it    Killing id t onnviill    Just one year ago  Wm  Sloan  a  peaceable  quiet man  liad a quarrel  with one of the Gilberts  wlio also  is reputed to ho an orderly citizen   Be that as it may  tlie liittorness  rankled in ids breast for twelve  months  and on the 2 Gth  ended in  a shooting scrape  The day before  this  Abe and Will Gilbert  wlio are  cousins  were hoard to threaten  Sloan   saying they were  going to  cut Ids bowels out   On the 2Gth   Sloan was in a store at Cornwall  and was cooking some eggs  Wliile  tlie eggs were boiling  Sloan liad oc   casion to go out  and tlie Gilberts at  tlie  same time came in  and finding  out who the eggs belonged to  ate  them  Sloan returned  and inquired  into tlie matter  The Gilberts re   plied that they ate them  and were  going to clean liiin out  From this a  quarrel ensued  one of tiie Gilberts  struck Sloan  He then shot one of  them  who died  Sunday night  Tlie  other one liit Sloan witli a chair   knocking Idiii down  when Sloan  shot him ttiree times  and he is not  expeided to live  This is all we  could learn of the matter    Wo keep one of the he st and  cheapest cash boot and slioe stores  in Kentucky  J  O  E MiiUY A  Co    Raiik Sliifciiiciits    Tliesiateiiieii sof the Ml   Sterling   National Bank found in the this  issue  allows a deposit account of  over  125   M u cerlaiiily this institu   tion is prespe  iiig  A careful perusal  of the report mu  t he gratifying to  every citizen      iCorrespondence      HRE VTIHTT t Ol M Y      Frozen Creek  Dec  28  1879   Editors Donocrot     Probably a few items from this  point wili be acceptable with you   as I am si constant reader of your  paper  and liave not troubled you   with an article before  1 am glad   to re ieat tliat our people are enjoy   ing jierfeet peace since Bro  Barnes  came among u s   almost everybody  who iieard him preach confessed  Christ  and nov    goes on his way  rejoicing   Hope he will come   again  Our school  under control   of J  A  Snavely  of Va   closed on  tlie lltli inst   under the most fa   vorable auspices  The following is  tlieprograniinoof exercises  Fore   noon e   ercises  Examination  First  Spelling by small children  Second     Siielling by large elitss   exercise  oil vowels  consonants  elementary  sounds  reading by same clas s   Third  Primary grammar  parts of   speech  rules of syntax  parsing ex   ercises  I Miirtli  Practical Gram   mar  divisions of Grammar  Parts  of speech  rules of syntax  defini   tions and parsing exercise s  Fifth    Arithmetic  blackboard exercises by  tlie following  Wm  Strong  J  S   Cope  R  L  Cope  A  C  Strong  Miss Jlargaret Strong  Jliss Carol   na Cope  Miss Lizzie Strong and  Miss Leura Strong  Recess and  dinner  Aftertidon exercise s Arith   metic  examples by W  P  Cope   JIa son W  Cope  and Lillie Strong   examples liy large class  J  C   Strong  Wm  Hay  jun   and II  II   Wilson  Declamations    The dec   lamations were introduced by W   P  Cope  subject   A Rest for tlie  Weary   R  I   Brewer  Peace at  Home   J  M  Brewer  The B  c   Wm  Gillem  Tlie Stars  Clifton  Cope  We are Seven   R  L  Cope     Survivors of the Revolution   J  W   South   He Never Smiled Again    Wm  Strong  Tlie Old Canoe   J  S   Cope  Faithless Nelly Gray   A  C   Strong  Farmer turned Soldier   J   C  Strong   The North American  Indian  Win  Day   Character of  Washington   H  II  Wilson   Ne   cessity of Education  Next was  recitations by the following girls   Lillie Strong    School is Out  Car   rip   7 ope  Who Taught You to Sing   Ri lle llrewer   Mary s Lamb  IjOU   lia Strong   Rock Jle to Sleep   Ijiz   zie Strong  The Blind Roy s La   ment  Alice Brewer    Somebody s  Darling  Margaret Strong  Maude  JInller  Caroline Cope  Maude     they would like to see who will fol   low suit before the holidays are  over  Please watch out  don t  make your party clash  for your  humble servant would like to be  present at all  don t wish to slight   one  Both of our schools have   clo sed for the holidays    M  W  An   derson shipped a largo lot of leather   to Cincinnati last week  Still   raining in this  lart of the county    water very high   will be considera   ble damage done if it don t  stop  very soon  Ruthvine      Stock and      am      Tlie statemenls of tlie Fanners   Mnller  Every declamation and     National Bank last week shows   195 000 of deiiosits  and a prosper   ous coiiditio   generally tliere is not  a safer hanking inslitutioii in the  State  This is   121 512 10 on de   posits in the two National Banks   liereUind the Exi iiaogoBaiik wo uiu  probably make the aggregate  OKmoii   Money ought to be easy    Legisliitive Oillcers    The Legislature met Wednesday   and elected Hon  J  JI  Bigger  Speaker  H  V  Prather was elect   ed Clerk ol the Senate   J  L  Sneed   Assistant Clerk   Thomas Marcum   Sergoant at Arms   Hardin  Door   keeper  Col  T  G  Poore waseUn     0 1 Clerk of tlie House   E  Polk   lolinson  Assistant Clerk   William  K  Railey  Sergeant at Arms   Saun   ders  Door keeper  The Librarian  has not yet been elected    ReiiioYal    Tiie Mt  Sterling National Bank  has moved into its now and commo   dious building  and is now prepared  for bu siness  The inside finish of  the Bank has not been completed  yet  hut when done it will be one of  tlie line st Dunking rooms in the  State    Kiililvillo Slipper    Tlie Baptist church at Kiddyille  had a supper for the benefit of their  cliurcli  last Tuesday night  wliich  was a perfect success  botli socially  and  iiiancially  the church realiz   ing about  55      Died      recitation was almost perfect  not  one making a single mistake  Cajit   A  C  Cope made some encouraging  and very appropriate remarks in  his I  snai plca sant manner  The ex    erc sos a ero iitersjiersed with mu   sic by Mr   lliines Gilloin atui Mr   Wm  Lookhr T t  Our school wfr     success  all the students showing  grand improvement in all their  studies  We hope to have a lively  school next year  if the Lord per   mits  We hav e given these exer   cises in a condenscHl form for fear  we intrude upon your eolums    Respectfully  T       iR VSSY LICK      WRKN    iVl her residence in lliis comi   ty   on the 2  th of December  1879 Mrs   Nancy  Jane  wife of Tha   Wren  a ged  70 years  Funeral service was preached  by Rev  E  L  Southgate    G YRDNER   In Mt  Sterling  on the  29th December  1879  Mrs  Sarah Gard   ner  of Magodin county  mother of Mrs    1  W  Jordan  and aunt of e   Senator   los  Gardner     IflNE      Of heartdisea se  Matthias J    lone s  Dec  20  1879  in the    lth year of  Ills age    The subject of tlie above notice  after  an illness of a little more than a week   was called to cros s the river of death  the  way of all the  living  lie was taken  down with pnemonia and was thought to  be much better Friday and Saturday  hut   Saturday night he was struck with heart  disease and pa ssed away with scarcely  moments warning  In the dece ise of our  friend and brother  the community has  lost one of its most worthy citizens   the  wife  a devoted husbaml   the ehildren  s  loving father  and the widowed mother f  dutiful son  He was a very quiet  unas   suming man   a man of strict integrity  and lioiiKsty  lie became a member  of  the I re sbyterian church when quite  young man  and w as elected to the ollice  of Deacon in that ehuroli a few years ago   wliicli he lilled acceptably to his chureli  and congregation  His funeral was  preached Sunday evening hv his pastor   Rev  W      Goodloe  alter which his rc   mains were buried in Mt  Olivet church  yard  Peace be to his ashes  J  M  11      Religious      Elder Wilson  the new jiastor of the  Christian church at Winchester moved  into Miss Margaret Y ouiig s liouse on tlie  corner of Hickman and Water streets  last Monday    Clark County Democrat    Rev  W  Keller  of  llloonilield  Ky    will preach at the Presbyterian church in  Mt   Sterling next Thursd ay and Friday  morning at II a  m   and Sunday night   the 2nd Sunday in  laniiary  at fi J o clock    The Episcopal church celebrated Christ   mas with a tree and jollification last  Thursday night  and had a very pleasant  time  The day previous  the Presbyte   rian church gave the eliildren a dinner  at the Masonic Temple  at the Methodist  church they had an elaborate Cliristmas  tree and altogether a most joyous meeting   There were no demonstrations at cither  the Christian or liaptist churches  at the  Catholic cliurcli  Mass was celebrated as  per announcement  Roth of the colored  ehnrehi   eiig t ged in Christmas frolics      December 30  1879   These rains are the beginning of  had times for all who travel the  dirt road from Grassy Lick to Jit   Sterling  and we will all be glad  when the pike is built on the bed of   this road  No more mud then    Lieut  R  G  Howell  IT  S  A   came  home last Wednesday to spend the   Christmas holidays Jlr  Wallace   DelTaven left Thursday morning  for his home near Louisville  where  he intends to spend the holidays   and tlien go to the Hot  Springs  Ar   kansas  expecting to make that  place his future home  Succe ss to   you Judqe  Born  On the L5th   inst   to the wife of Wm  A  Hood    a son  The Addisonian Club   met with Jliss Annie Turner  Fri   day evening  Dec  26th  and a finer  entertainment has never been given   in the county  Jliss Fannie Jfay   Stofer is visiting Jliss  Jennie Tevis   n Fayette  There was a turkey  shooting at Jlr  F ergusonsiast Wed   nesday evening  All ye Kentucky  rifle men of ye olden fyme  partici   pating  Jlr  Editor  we wish you   a merry Christmas  and all ye  Democr  t hoys  Let us have a  Christmas like those of ye olden  tyme  and a good t aper next year     A good deal of changing of base  tills last week  S  P  Hunt moved   to tlie old Doctor Green farm  R    E  JTann moved his stork of goods  to Wyoming  Rath county  Ky   so  Grassy lack is without a dry goods   house  J  IT  JIason moved info   a portion of liis new house last  week   his house will be conniilefed   in a few days  Clayton TIowell   sold last week 100 head of sheep to  Catsehy Woodford  at 4c  per pound   this makes his fifth hundred slieep  sold in the last tliree weeks  Jlr  IT   has yet 3 50 liead of ewes left  which  lie will keep  hrnugh the winter       Albert Orear shipped for  lolin II   JIason  74 head of fat slijpep to Cin   cinnati   weight  135 lbs   realized   at home   3 80 per ewt   Tames   Green and Roy Cluke bought  30  head of 2 year oId cattle of Jlr  Rat   lift  near Sliarpshurg  at  3 50 per  cwt   weight 1 0 50 lbs  Jtrs  El    len  Indy bought  under the will of  her father  the home farm  contain   ing 280 acres of land  on Summer  set creek  at  50 per acre  in three  annual payments  Jlrs  Judy sold  to  Tas  W  JIason  1 80 acres of said  farm  without any improvements   at   50 per aere  with three annual  pavnionls  Jlr  JIason expects to   build upon the same   John IT    JIason bought of Jas  JIason  100  acres of land on Summerset creek   at   50 per aere  in three payments    Jlr  Romelas Dooley and  1  W    Young  of Bloomington  Ills   are  visiting relatives in this neighbor   hood  The boys say they did not 1  pome expressly to see relations  hut  heard there were some good looking j  girls in this section that wanted to  marry      A Paris man is sliipping blue   grass seed to Holloiid and France    Harrison County horses are dying  with a new disease baffling all treat   ment    The Eli wheat farm in Bourbon   was sold last week to Ira Penn at   63 50 per acre    A  JIcClintoek  of Bourbon  has  sold this year 450 Cotswold sheep at   in average of  20 each    The Clark County Democrat sug   gests a fair for fat cattle  and names  Wincliester as the proper jilace    Harrodshurg Observer   W  H   Graves sold to Col  Rtnlley 19 head  of fat mules for  80 per head  cash    W  N    JI  G  Thomson s sliort   liorn cow  1st Belle Ducliess of Wil   mont  dropped a fine heifer calf last  week     John W  Tlioma    of Bourbon   has sole the wool of 6 30 sheep  next  spring s delivery  at 30 cents per  pound    John Clark  of JIason County  has  sold his crop of wheat  of 2 500  bushels  to a Jlaysville firm for   1 25 per bushel    S VEE OF    Trotter   W  W   Smith  Cyiitliiana  lias sold hi s fine  trotting marc  Lizzie Smith  to  St   Louis parties for  3 000          Wool is still booming  Buyers  were olferiiig 40 eents  in Lexington  last week and no takers  The slieep  are luqipy once more    J  G  Triiiihle purenased of San   ford Davis  of Jlorgan County  9  vvorkmules 141 hands iiigh at  60 50  per head  and sent tlieni with a lot  of horses by P  C  Eubank to  Mont   gomery  Ala    Lebanon Standard   Jlr  Thomas   Durham bought of John A  Wood   of Washington county  7 head of  mules  15J to 16 hands liigli  at  100  per head   of Jlr  Geo  W  Grundy   of Jlarion  12 head  at  75 per head    Jes samine Journal   Tlie heaviest  st  er that ever left this County was  shipped last week from Wiltnore  Station to Cincinnati  by Col  Wal   t V Handy  It weighed 2 660 pouiuD   artd wtff sold nt   i i er huii lr d_   Citizen   John H  Deaver sold on  Wednesday ten head of the  tail  end  of his flock of  seventy ewes   and the ten weighed 1 875 pounds   some of tliem averaged 200 pounds   They were fattened since tlie lambs  were weaned    Versailles  Sun   Hardin F ield   hassjust finished delivering liis croji  of corn  400 barrels  to R  Y  Berry   It was sold at  2 per barrel deliver   ed    W  H  Grave S sold to Col  Red   ley 19 head of fat mules for  80 per  head cash    The Lexington Press directs at   tention totheditt erence in the prices  of the several grades of wheat in  Cincinnati and Richmond  Va  aiid  thinks wlien the road from Jit   Sterling to Huntington is complet   ed  that the Kentucky crop will  naturally seek tlie Richmond mar   ket  At tlie jiresent rates tliei O is a  difference of from  30 35 cents per  bushel    During the past four montlis there  have been shippc d from tliis jilace  about 1 500 head of fat cattle  5 000  head of liogs  and 2 000 head of  slieep  aggregating aliout   100   000    And from  January 1  1879  to Janu   ary 1   1880  it will aggregate fully   200 600  The railroad hooks show  these facts  Five years ago scarcely  a dollars  worth of stuck was slii     ped from Caldwell    Princeton  Banner       Business       otes      Opora ialasMCN for rent at John W  Jones  i       OF      Xloc now lard at Mi s  M  L  Glover  Son s      All Woolen  aoo K at costy at Mrs     Chinn s      Calk       lioiee dried sugar corn at Mrs  M  L   Glover Sou s      Fall aiKl YViiiler felt hats at co jt  at  Mrs  Calk   Chinn s      iJreat Eliirs  iiis for Go  and 10c   at Va   riety Store  SAM DOBY NS  Agent       lf rM  II  W  Stain is selling all shades of  zephyr at 10c  per ounce      Itroakfast shals cheap  Don t forget the  place  Mrs  McKee s old stand    Woolc ii  liieUetM aud zephyr shaus at  costjtoclose for the season  at Sam Dobyns      liileM ltean A   o  have ou hand all  kinds of lumber  both  reen and dry  1 I2      For Sale   A beautiful octavo  carved  rosewood piano  Mrs  Charles Sclucttcr  If     For Sale   A first chuss Ilockaway in  good repair  only  75  Inquire at this otllce   Fall and pay your account at once  Jan   uary 1  1880  Is liere  and we must have  what is due us  I  F  CALK A SONS      For Sale    Forty shares stock In Mt  Sterling Na   tional Bank  Inquire of D  B  Garrison    Tlie best and cheapest unlaundried shirt  in the world   ladies  aad gents  underwear  at ruinous saorlfiees  I arge line of corsets  at all prices  to be found at the Variety  Store  SAM DOBYNS  Agent      Lost   On the 20tli of December  1S79  1  lost a Ked Setter Bitch  one year old  and  ratlier timid   about 3 or 4 miles from Mt   Sterling on the Winchester pike  Any in   formation timt will enable me to find her  will be thankfully received and liberally  re w a rded   FU A X IC AT     1 tS    37 2t I   liigton  Ky    WANTED  T iC chap who look a small  double barreled shot gun from Bristow  Hall  to return it or he will be caught up  with  136 lf J MCGILAWAY      I w ihIi to say to all my friends and for   mer customers  that I am again in the gro   cery business al the old stand of Easlin    Baum  on Main street  and am able to sup   ply all their wants  I buy my goods for  casli and get all the discounts  and prom   ise my patrons to give them the mlvantage  of all my bargains  I think you will save  at least ten per cent  Uemember my stock  isall new  To my completellne of grocer   ies I have added an excellent lin   of liiiuors   AD AM BAUM    For Sale or Ueiit  A good dwelling  house and lot  corner High and Maysville  streets  Will rent  hut prefer selling at  reasonable rates  Apply to Dkmocuat  ofllco  2G U      Life Insiiraiice   J  K  P   rucker has  a Tcepted the agency of The Soci Ukkn  Mutual Life In sukanck Company of  Kentucky  and requests those who desire  the benelUs of Life Insurance  to examine  the plans of this Company before insuring  elsewhere  as it oilers 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etc  These are merely family  names   and not the names or breeds  of horses  The Jlorgan hoi ses take  tlieir name from a stallion foaled  about 1793  and owned by Justin  Jlorgan  His jiedigree lias already  been involved in some obscurity   and has been the subject of much  controversy   and many iiiten sting  communidatioiis have from time to  time ai peared in the Journal upon  the subject us you have doubtless  seen  The diisceiidaiits of this horse  liave all been called Jlorgan horses   hut as a matter of course they all  po ss   ss more or less blood otlier tliaii  derived from this lior se  Had in   breeding been practiced with the  descendants of this horse  as it has  been with some families of Sliort   lioni cattle  we sliould liave had  horses possessing hut little ol blood  other than was derived from this  hor se  but it would have been im   possible to produce an animal witli   any admixture of otlier blood   Hence it may safely hesaid that  the man who claims to liave 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permitted to occupy llie offices  which they supposed they had  won  in many cases by their won  derfully perfected system of bii  bery and intimidation  It must  be bitterness it sclf to see the  fruits of that hard earned butdee   h  stained victory snatched away  at the very moment when th ey  were about to enter upon the en  joyment of   them  But Mi  Blaine should endeavor to contain    liimsclf  lie has too much serious  business on hand  if he would  save Ins party from Grantism  to  waste his streiif th in idle lamen  tations over an accomplished fact  or foolish protests against the  verdict fashioned and shaped by     bt   C   TTstitution and laws of the  State  He should  at all events   not seek to shelter in  that refuge  of lies  erected for the benefit of  the conspiritors who engineered  the Presidential Brand  It is  frail protection   and nobody  looked upon it  while it was in  process of construction  with  more profound contempt than Mr  Blaine  He did some tellinj  work for Hayes in the canvass   but he did it manfully and honor   ably  He had nothing to do  with the Fraud beyond voting  with his party to count the false      returns for Ha  es  It is no se   cret that he believed the votes o   Louisiana belonged to Tildcn   but he never agreed  like Mr   Conkling  to say so in the Senate   nor did he find it nece ssary to  skulk in the cellar while the crimt  was being enacted above stairs  He was but a silent  and  we  firjBli   i iJi ve   a somewhat re  luctant helper in that great iniqui   ty  and there is no good reason  why he should now stoop to soil  himself  further with the filth ol  it  He understood it at the time   as he understands it now  and he  is as false to himself as he is re   creant to the truth when he  shouts such w retched wash as  this from his Augusta speech     hich he dignifies with the title    nth point     Lthe Democrats who  late over this infa   I ish to come out  of it  are in  it off against  allege  the   Rcpubl          tffe  Demo   crats  Well   Certainly  Maine  Republicans did not cheat Louisi   ana Democrats  and even if some  body else had done so  Maine  Republicans ought not to be  made a vicarious sacrifice  But  there was a cheat in Louisiana   the bulldozers anil murderers of  that State w cre warned by law  that wherever they wrought vio   lence in a parish  and destroyed  the right and power of peaceful  voting  the parish should be  thrown out  This was the law   whether wise or unwise was not    for us to determine  But it was   the I AW  and the enforcement of  that law defeated Mr  Tilden and  elected President Hayes  But  where on earth is the analogy to  sustain a fraud in Maine  unless  you consider it good morals to  steal my purse because you tlhnk  an acquaintance of mine robbed    our friend in Louisiana     Nobody knows better than Mr         Blaine that the eight to ten thou   v     sand Tilden majority in Louisiana  was  lo  wiped out in accordance    with the law  The law did  to   be sure  give the Returning Board  power to determine judicially con    __  C   ning the validity of polls where  intimidation or violence prevailed  and materially affected the result   But no such questions arose in re   gard to that election  No such  question could arise e xccpt upon  the certificate of the supervisor   supported by the affidavits of  three electors  transmitted with  and attached to the returns  and  in no single instance w ere such  certificates or affidavits made   The election was absolutely peace   ful  There was no charge or sus   picion of riot or bulldozing   There w as not even a knock  down reported from end to end  of the State  Although the State  and Federal officials and the elec   tion officers were all Republicans   and were supplemented by depu   ty marshals and soldiers  not a  single arrest w as made on that    day  The returns  ma de out by  Republican officials  were regular   formal  and uncontested  and they  footed up from eight to ten thou   sand majority for the Tildcn elec   tors  TnVfeUirning Board had  no power or right to institute any     of we  ilth niul office  and the   jromise of pioleglion  were held  out to the four knaves who had  the votes in their clutches   and  ten thousand citizens of Louisiana  weie disfranchised by a tribunal  w hich had no jurisdiction to hear   i charge  much less to e xclude a  vote    There is no kind of similitude  between that case in Louisiana  and this case  in Maine  Wells   and the notorious rogues as socia   ted with him threw out the Til  den votes arbitrarily  corruptly   and in the very teeth of the law  which made them a Returning  Board  Gov  Garcelon and hi    Council  on the other hand  reject   Mr  Blaine s returns because they  are  latally defective   not mere   ly irregukir  but illegal  against  the statute  and barred by the  Constitution  What else could  they do   Were they to admit  returns which were not returns   W ere the Constitution and laws  of Maine to be set aside in order  to put Mr  Blaines friends in of   fice   Or were the State officers  bound in this  as in all other in   stances  to obey their oaths and  do their sworn duty   They did  not  like Wells and Anderson   undertake to inquire into the char   ges of bribery and intimidation   because  like Wells  they had no  legal right to do that  Had the  case been otherwise  however   and had the law directed them to  deal judicially with these ques   tions  the judgment would cer   lainl   have cut deeper and hurt  worse  Mr  Blaine should be  thankful that he comes off so easi   ly   he should  at all events  com   pose himself sufficiently to speak  ihe truth when he has so little to     AVII   T A   MtTAlN  MAX WOU D 1 0    BrSVitiSS   I he man w ho will take a new s  1  paper for a length of time and  then send it back  refused  anil       ain by perverting it    0   Tiie Ilof bi ii of SnobbiTv   fill  Grant movement very prop   eily reaelieil its lieiglit at Pliilailel   liia  the hot fjed of  snobbery    irant liail f een received at road  iiy tlie crowned lieads of Europe  witli honois never liefore accorded    ymy   frKU   ca n     I he lyiilaifT pbia idncompoops   ike Boric and Childs  imagined  that by imitating tlieeourfs of Eu   rope they themsehes would sbine  in a l orrowed light  15ul wlio thinks  mything of tliem      I1 Pliiladelpfdans are more or  less snofiliish  They arc born hero  worshippers  and it is natural  noiigb that  irar t should be mori  honored in I hiladelpliia than else   wherp    After all  wiiat dot s it amount to  for liim or for his fol lowers     Can he lie elected President      If a ndnorily can ek Ct    Not otherwise    Hence the Philadelphia  stratj  like all other de  tioif   V   Atrant  in the end  naught    Hov  Ga celon s lively spei  gaoling the riotous Hepnblic   Maine was not longer tlian one of  Grant s  He said      Eici i ow frriZKNs  I came not  tiere to make a speecli  I came to  thank you for the evidence you  have given that you wdl su stain  law and order  I came al so to ask  your support as law abiding liberty   loving citizens  In my eflbrt to jier   form my con stitutional duties I  think I may expect it   Cries of   X ou may    I am confident that if  any traitorous hand be raised against  the constitution of this State 1 shall  have the hearty support of every  loyal man  not only here  but  throughout the length and breadth  of the Commonwealth  I ask you  to be pruilent in act and  speech    bn if the time comes when the laws  have to be maintained against Ihe  attacks of a mob  I want yon to be  ready to take up arms in their de   fense  The constitution and laws  of Maine must and shall l e jireserv   eil     He Slcpiis ill flic Ill ll cf an Kiiiperor    Speaking of Gen  Grant s sumiitu   ously furnished rooms at the Conti   nental Hotel  in Philadeli hia  the  New  York Trituine  says     His bedstead is the one on which  the Enqieror Pedro reposed during  his visit to Philadelphia     This  together with the Grant  arms  three crowns and a shield    must impart a royal aspect to the  General s ajiartments    While tossing on this imperial  bedstead Gen  Grant  though not  much of a scholar  is suppo seil to  have discovered a new reading of  Shakespeare    Ifiieasj  lies the head which dot s  not wear a crown    o   Xi  Mi rriiiiciit Willioiit Liberty    To day we are merry  Tlie wliole  country is merry  The country is  free    Under monarcliial Governments  there may be more nominal holi   days  but a sense of deprivation  an 1 of oppression jiervades the  masses of the jicople    We are all hapi y to day and mer   ry becau se we live in the freest land  on earth  How will it be next  year if Grant is elected to a third  term  and tlie first long  fatal stride  toward Imperialism is taken   We  shall then begin to realize that our  merry days are over     N  Y  Bun    Itlackbiii ii    i Gov  Blackburn  of Kentucky  is  not like Grant  His neighbors re   cently took it into their heads to  give him a pair of blue gra ss stej    pers  but the Governor had his own  notions   I declined the gift   he   says   My old  sorrel horse and the  carriage which I used in visiting     unpaid for would swallow a blind  Jog s supper and then  stone the  dog for being blind    F  xcited  K xchange    He would do worse than that   He w ould marry a girl on trial  and send her back with the words   doesn t suit  chalked on her  back after the honeymoon    An   other like the preceding    Worse than that  He would  steal the chalk to write it with   andafterwarils he would use it on  his sh iristo s ive c xpensc of wash   ing  anil then sue his wife s father  for a month s boarding    And  another    Worse yet  He would chase a  sick rat ten miles over a corduroy  road and institute a post mortem  in order to recover a stolen grain  of corn      nd still another    He would sponge a living from  the hard earnings of his poor old  father until that gentleman be   came unable to work  and then  let him die in the poor house  and  afterward sell his remains to the  medical students for anatomical  purposes    BJuffton Banner    Still more horrible than any of  the above  He would take a hog  on his mother in law s grave and  curse her for not being rich  enough to sprout grass for the  hog to eat and for not dying be   fore she was born    Te xas Pho   nograph    He would hire out his hundred  year old deaf and dumb mother   almost doubled up with the rheu   matism  take all the wages and  make her pick crumbs with the  chickens for something to eat    put her in the poor house when  she got too feeble to work  after  her death bury her in his garden  to help the growth of his cabbage   and chuckle at his shrewdness   and  when the time arrives for  him to depart for his deserts   have the cheek to say that he  longs to shake off this mortal coil  and rest in the arms of his dear  old mother in heaven    Lake  City  Fla   Reporter    XKRVE     Uetroil Fri e l ri s s     About a  ear ago a prisoner  was brought from one of the Ter   ritories in irons  and handed over  to the Detroit house of correc   tion with the warning that he  was a desperate character  and  had boasted that he would  run   the institution  He had a malig   nant look and a surly answer  for all questions  and when order   ed dowm into the bathroom he  boldly declined to go     Step down   repeated the  deputy     I won t   replied the prison   er  backing off a little and glanc   ing around for a weapon    The Deputy was a man for the  occasion  Walking close up to  the prisoner  he said  in a quiet  but far reaching voice   Every  prisoner under this roof must  obey me or die  If you are not  down stairs in thirty seconds I  will shoot you through the head    No weapons were in sight   The men faced each other bare   hanefed  The prisoner was a  robber and a murderer  The  deputy was an officer of nerve   I or ten seconds they looked into  each other s eyes and read each  other s thoughts  Then the  prisoner turned and went dow ii  stairs  and from th  t day to this  he has been as submissive and  obedient as any man in the prison      Tilt  visible supply of priiiii in the    niled States anil   aiieila Dee   J   was  1G 8  1  MKI bushels    Erankfoit Yeoiiian  There are    tat eonviets i i the  irisou  White  males   Itll   white females  two   black males  IS    black females    in    A Kan sa s burglar has sued a     Siibi i  Trill li    The judges and juries of the eoiin   try wield the only temporal  power  to which the people can rightfully  look for protection  Tliey alone can  dispel the night of moral dark   ness that with its black environ   mi iit s surrounds liuman life and  shuts out the heaven itispired  sen   tinii iit    Peace on earth and good  will to men   There can be no     SEWING NAOHINE    T     A A  W ad VEH riKEMENTH      8 8 8 8 8 8 8 SI   inLM   Many make moru      blacksmith who refused to make  security for man  until the violator     Sold Everywhere      him ceriain tools to open a safe    Iheri by damaguig said plaintiff in  the sum ol  10 0iM      The great inilread war in whicii  Ihe Louisville and Nashville road  is engaged  it i s thought  will lead  to the construction ot a second  bridge acro ss the Oiiio at Louisville    The now foreign postal cards cost   ing 2 cents each  which will travel  to any eountry in llu  Unive sal  Postal Union  or pretty mucli all  over the civilized world  have just  lieeii i ssui d    The doorkeeper of the Hou se of  Ue  re seiilali ves of the  Stale of   ir   ginia has heen turned out of his  lilace  and his place given to a lle   publican  Ti e door  one legged    onfederale    Some  iiimken roughs broke ail  the strei t lamps in Nichoiasvi le   besides km eking out window panes  and tlaniaging wagoi      carriages  and other property  Large rewards  are otiered lor their arrest    Standford Interior  lotirnal   Mrs   Pence  nee Nancy Redd  who mar   ried last wi ik  was given a  severe  thrashing the other night tiy some  of her former admirers  w ho object   ed to her settling down in niatrinic   nial bli ss    Tiie last railroad   roject is one       1 10 miles long   running from Mon   tevideo  in  South America  to San  Fcaneisco    vith a branch road to  Behring s Straits  over which a  bridge is to hi  built  connecting this  continent with Asia      of law l y the strong arm of justice  i  m ide to fei l the iienally of his  crimi s    Richmond Herald    XVork on the Inter oceanic railroad  across the Isthmus of Mexico has  been commenced and will be push   ed rapidly forward  It is expected  that in two years the last rail will be  laid   Safe harbors  ind faciltiis for  handling freight will be provided at  till  termini  and it is ihought tiiat  noshi  Can compete with the road  which savi s l r  0   mill s of transpor   tation  as compared with the Pana   ma railroad  betwecii the Atlantic  aad P  cilic ports      You might as well try to pick a  leeper was n   ijuarct l with a graven image  or do  any other impossible thing as try  to sell any other prei arafiou for  Piles ifTabler s Buckeye Pile Oint  ment can be had  It is the only  remedy for Pill s tliat will cure ob  stinate Cowl S  Price 50 cents  For  sale by W  F  DICKERSON    Tom Adams returned last Friday  night from Winsfero  S  C  where he  had been  some time with  stock  He sold ilti head of horses and mule   Horses brought  00C i  2   l per head  inuies  8   S l lo  He reports tlie  market very good     Winchester   Sun     luvi idoi s anti I atoiifi i  s  Slioidii seiul for insirnctions  terms  refer  eiice s  Ac   to Kdson Iirotlier s  Solicitors of  Patents  Washington  D  C   who famish  the same vithaut cknrfie  Kilson Brother  Richmond Herald  Eighteen   is a well known and snece  tsful firm of   thou sand acres of the best land in i l Tge exiierienee  having heen established  Madison County is owned by men   in bS iG  tf   who have no linial heirs   some of         them being the proprietors of as j I S Ws Relating to Newspaper Sub  mueli as two thousiind acres each    scriptions and Arrears   wortli iisii to Slot  per acre      We give the following law as it  rt i  i  loG  G    Tom Hackwith   stands relating to Newspapers and  and Xli ss Lizzie Blackwell  and   Subscribers     Ben Blackwell and Mi s s     uid  M1 S S Mainly  Hackwith  all of Estiil  pa  sed  through Uiehnmnd this wt ck on  their way to the hajijiy land of  Canaan   CiiK imiafi  with matri   monial intent   Register   Thomas Bradley  of  Seolt Comity   was thrown from his horse and his  ankle hadly erushed  Hi  erawled  dOO y irds to the nearest house  hut  it was three hours before a  sistaiice  was rendered liim  He is some   thing of a pidlo   opher  indulging  injokes with the surgeon as he re   built hi   leg    TideIxTiii   Ke xti ck v Riveu    A good boating tide Irom the     j I  Subserihers who do not give  I expri ss notice to the contrary  an    con sidt rr d wishing locontiiuii  their  suh   eriptioiis    2  If subseriliers order till  discon  timiance of their periodicals  the  piihlisb er may eontinne to send  them mitil all arrearages are paid    i  If siibseriliers neglect or refuse  to take their periodicals from the    otliee to wliieh they are ilireeled  they are held responsible until they  I have  settleil their hills and orderi tl  them disi ontiuiied    I  I  If su oseribers move to other     ilaei s without informing the pub   i iisher  and Ihe papers are  sent to    the former direction  they are held  I responsible          5  Any i erson who receivi S a  head waters has prevailed in Ken    newspaper and makes u se of it   tueky River for Ihe pa it week b  lu s ordered it or not  is   Coal boats reached the ui per ed m j li    V        seriber   I ti iikt ounl v on last    r day sinee    i  y   omid togivenoftee to the  wliieh time perhaps 2  0  i ii  hii hels   publisher  at the end of their time   of eoid have p i  sed down  This is iftl eydonot wish to eontinne tak   haiipiiK ss for the Three p orks i H     my patients are good enough for  inquiry concerning any one of   me     these thousands of votes  because   Fancy Grant refusing a span of   1 1 ue grass carriage horse s  or any   thing else  for that matter 1   New     from not one parish or precinct  did the accusing  tificate of the    Supervisor and the necessary affi   davits of three electors accompa   jtiy the return  But the Fraud     I as or Jj     the visiting states      werc on the ground to wit  inipneourage it   the hope       York Sun    AVIierover Couiisciis  Honey of Tiir Iia s  been introduceil  in liamlel  city  or coun   try neigbborbooil  it lia s won its way to  popular favor as a reliable rcmeily for  Cmighs     olds  and diseases of the throat  and lungs  It also afl ords relief when  I used for  Iroup  Hoarseness  Ilronchitis   etc  I riee  SO els        A  IHTH ISM     Itlelimuml llernld  1   I  rom the number of fines for  gaming in Louisville remitted by  Governor Blackburn tlie conclu   sion is justifiable that tlie F alls  City  will soon become the  hap   py hunting ground  for gamblers   O what a moral Governor Ken   tucky has 1 On one occasion  while S  S  Prentiss was closing a  fine peroration of a brilliant  speech to a multitude at Nash   ville  Tennssec  he fainted and  fell in tlie lap of Gov  Jones   Jones  carried away  by the power  of his eloquence  jumped from  his scat and allowed the stricken  orator to fall sprawling upon the  floor of the platfoiici  exclaiming  in the wildest excitement    Die   Prentiss  iJie   you never had a  better time to die in your life     Blackburn never had a better  time to die than the day  after his  election  Had he then  shuffled  off this mortal coil  the people  would not have been called upon  to bemoan at this day their lack  of judgement in selecting timber  out of which to make a good  e xeciitivc officer      eountry    A niei tiiig wa s lielil iu Now York  ii ii till  fotli to orgiiiiizoDi Nayioual  AgHoulluial  Society  There were  over two humlred persou s from all  parts of the Uiiiteil States presetit   Fourteen States were represeiited   It was stated Hie ol jeel of tlie Soci   ety was to protect  iirmnote and de   velop the iigrieultural intere sts of  the United  State s  and an organiza   tion looking to this end was formed    Booneville letter in Mountain  Echo  We have had a fine title in   the river  which will iirohahly re   vive Inisiness in this seelion for a  while  A good many logs have  gone down and others would have  gone  but in the night time  while  the raftmen all slept  behold the  waters fell  and when the morning  was eome their rafts wmild not run  hceau si  there was not much deptii  of water there      How rng AVe ari  to Livi       It is not every one who asks hiiii   sell this ip ie stion  iieeausi   strange   ly enough  it is the belief of many  persons that their live s will hi  ex   ceptionally lengthy  However  life  as siiranec eompanies  ire aware of  the ereduloiis woaknessis of those  who se live s they assuie  and have  therefore compiled mimerous tables  of oxpeetaney of life for their own  guidanee  which are earefiilij  refer   reil to liefore a policy is granted   The following is one  of fliese well  anthentieati il tables  in use among  London assurance companies  show   ing the length of life in various  stages  In the first eolumn we have  the present ages of persons of aver   age health  In tlic  second column  we are enabled to peep  as it were   behind tlie  scenes of an a ssuranee  olliee  and gather from tlicir table  the number of years they will give  us to live  The table lias been the  result of careful caleulation and sel  ilom jiroves misleading  Of course   suilden and premature deaths  as  well as lives unusually extenileil   oceasioiially occur  but this is a ta   ble of average exiieetaiiey of life of  an ordinary man or woman     XI ore years     j authorized to send it on  and the  subscribers will he ri sponsihle until  I exi res s notu1   with pHyny iit of all  arrears  is    j At to the puhH shi r    A l nTv T Wish     Oh  how I do wish my skin w is as  clear and   ussolt as yours   said a lady to  her friend   Yon ean easily make it so    answered the friend     How    in  nii   d  the lirst lady   Hy using Hop liitter s  that inake s pure rieli hh oil and lilooining  l ealth  It did it for me  as von observe    Read of it       The Tailor     The census of 1870 showed a pop   ulation of 38  5 53  37 1   exclusive of  Inilians  It is estimated that the  census of 1880 will show the popu   lation of Hie United States to be  over 50 000 000  Of tlie number  enumerated last census 20 000 000   or nearly half  were supjtorteil by  agriculture  8 000 000 by niamifac   tures   6 OOOj X 0 by trade and com   merce   1 000 000 by common labor   3  o 0I    0  V profession   2 000 000 by  domesti  service  3 000 000 by capi   tal  and LlX 0  X 0 hy charity  There  were l  0  t  000 fa rmcrs  2 500 000  maiuifactijrers  anti 1 000 000 capi   talists      Ago     to live     1    30    10    r  1     0    41    30    31    10    28    50    21    00    11    70      80    4       OK     Ml  SievUng  K j      eeeii s iils puo    fussloaa  s  rvices to  tlio in ojiic ol  Monl    toim ry aiui  i lJolning  nountii s  Ilecmplo VB  none but ibe nio st  skilled workmen and  guarantees satisfac   tion In style and fit    Come and learn my  prices befere leaving  your ordei s elsewhere      ce  Over Tliomsou A Uanl tier s Uroeery  Corner Main   JIavsville Streets      Oiir readers will easily gather  from the above tahiilateii statement  the number of years to which their  lives  affording to tlie law of aver   ages  may rea sonably be exiieeted  to extend    Harper s Bazar    No Deception Used    It is strange so many people will  continue to  Slitter day after day with  Disiiepsia  lAver complaint  Con    stipation  Sour stomach   jcneral  Debility when tliey ean procure at  our store SiiiEOii s Vrr vi iZEii  free of cost if it does not euro or  relieve them  Price 75 ets  Sold  hy W  F  Dickeusox      Public Sale    M y t h rot  years  le iso on what is known  us Ihe late widow  Mary T  Hootl farm   in Clark county  Ky   on Uie  pike leading  direct from Winchester to Mt  Stcrliny    near half way between tlie two places    iiavjng explrt d  will otrer at public sale to  the highest bidder  on   Saturday  January 3  1880    the following property  to wit    ISO HEAD OF CATTLE    consisting of yearling and two j ear old  steers and some yearling heifers    10 Head Pare Bred Siiort Horn Cows    and Heifers  all reds  some milcli Cow s   SIXTY SHOATS    Three Hundred Sneep      all  he ewes bred to good   otswold bucks   only one black  these 300 are choice of WH    corn and hay  some farming utensils     hampion Combined Ueaper and Mower   one of Thomas  best sulky hay rakes  plows   harrows  and other things too numerous  to mention  Terms made  known on day  of sale  Sale to begin at 0 o clock    HEziN a scuhf k   Thomson s Slalion  Ky       H  T    HELMBOLD S   V  mpo nHl   Fluid Extract     than the amount stated  above  No one can fail to make money  fast  Any one can do the work  You can  make from    0 els  to   2 an hour by devoting  your evcnlngsaiid spare time to tlie busi                   nuss  Jt cosi s noUiing to try the busines s    signitjcant  meaning what is show v  pre    Nothing like it for money making ever  teiitiouK  shaminv and unsiibstantin  1 otiered before  Itusiuess pleasant ami strlct   ii  iterinl h  1     i Iv lionorable  Kt aiiei   H you want to know   ii atorial livpoiri sj  its m  mi elcuieiit    qi  py pfst pa i lug business before   dece t   Vrytiiing mav be slmddv  tiie public  semi your address and we will   semi you full paiTiculai s and jirivale terms  fn c  samples worUi Jo also free  yon can  then make uj  your mlml for yours  lf  Ail   dre ss liKuKHEi Sl iNS  N A  CO   roiiland  Alaine      The term  shoddy  him become very  meaniiif   shammy and iinsiihslantial        PHARMACEUTICAL      A Sl IK H iC UIDIEOV FOR ALL     DISEASES     or THK     Bladder and Kidneys      Kor Debility  I  ssof Memory  Imllsposl   ttoii to E xertlou or Kuslness  shorlues s of  liiealli  Troubled with Tbougbt sof Di sea se   Dlmiies s of Vision  rain In the liaek   Chest amt Head  Rusli of Dlood to tlie Heail   I ale Countenance and Dry Skin    If tliese symiitoms are allowed to go on   very frequently Epileptio Eils and Con   surnplidn follow  When the constiuuion  becomes adecled it requires the aid of an  invlgoi aling medicliii  to slrengtheii and  tone up the system  which    Helmbold s Bucliu    DOES IN EVERY CASE      Uelmhohrs Duclui is Lii   eqiialled   liyany remedy known  It l s prescribed  by Hie mo st emirieiil iiliysleiuns all over  tlic world  ill   IllU UllliltlSIlI    SlienuutiHTliu a    Xei  i iilgia    Xpi viiiisness      D vsppiisia    Iiiiligi iitloii    Coiistipafion    Ai lips ami I aiii s     li iieral Di hilit v    Kidney Diseases    Liver   tim ilaint    Xervoiis Debility    Epilepsy    Head Truiihlcs   Puraiysis     ieiieral 111 HealHi    Spinal Diseases    Si iatiea    Deafness    Di i line    Liinihagt     CalaiTli    Xerviiiis Coiiiplaint s    Female   iini ilainls  I   Headache  I ain In the Shoulders  Cough     Dizziness  Sour Stoimicb  Eruptions  Bad  Taste in Hie  Month  Palpitation of the    Heart  Pain in the region of llie Kidneys   and a thousand oilier iiainful symptoms    are Hie ollsprings of Dyspepsia        IS dece t   Vrything may he shoddv   There are shoddy characters  shoddy bui l   dings  shoddy dresses shoddy ma terial s  of all kinds  an apjiearance of substance  and value without the reality    Die law of demand and siijiplv does not  fully account for tlie existence of shoddy   tor none really prefer show without sub   stance   V false idea of clicnpiiess has  much to do with it  but articles of poor  quality are dear at any price   and they who blip ehcay  showv  unsub   stantial goods  are as mucli shoddyites as  tho se who make tliem    In some cases buyere are really igno   rant of qualities  and accept show forsiib   staiicc  Take for instance tlie Sewing  Machine  now become a household neces   ty  Several varieties are offered  and  ignorant purchasers are easily imposed  upon  many conclude that a  sewing ma   chine is a sewing machine  no matter who  is the maker  Rut sewing machines diff   er a s much in qualit v as do eggs  butter   ajiples  cows  liorses  cloth  or anything  else  There are shoddy sewing machines  as well as shoddy hats    How shall the v dc distinguished  The  source is often conclusive of quality  No  one doubts the genuineness of a coin just  from the United States mint  There are  houses and companies wliieh never pro   duce any tiling shoddy  to pick a customers  jKicket in a roundabout way  Tlie Whee   ler and Wilson Sewing Machine Company  believe their interest identical with their  customers  tliey furnish machines taste   ful and elegant  but substantial  The  material s and workmanship are the best   and they liave sjient money lavislily in  improvements  so that iu all respects  llieir machines are the standard Sewing  Macliines of the world  He nce  in deal   ing with tliat Company  we are sure  of tlie best  while their prices and condi   tions of sale are as favorable as any  all  things considered    A sewing macliiiie needs as good backer  as a lioiid or a note  Nearly two liun   dred different sewing macliines liave been  made and sold in tliis eountry  oot b half  dozen of whicli liave good backers  and  they are useleies  rusting in garrets or  cellers    in buying a machine  we must look for  ward a few years and coiisiiler if the ma   ker is likely to be responsible  so that we  can be assured of repairs and suiiplies    if not  the machine will become valueless   The 5Vheeler and Wilson is an old relia   ble Company  and seems bound to en   dure aiiotlier generation  It is a solid  honorable Company  faithful to its obli   gations  and jealous of its reputation   and  piircba ser s of the M beelcr ami Wilson  Machine are sure to gel the beet and  no shoddy buy and use the No  8  Wheeler and  Vilsoii  it is perfect and  complete  1 1 never gets out ol order    Kohl  li  Lowe    gciit    Mt  Sterling  Kv     8 8 8 8 8 8 8     SHORT HORNS     SPRINGFIELD HERD   Embraces ft   elegantly well bred iiiiiimils  Bates  llo se of SImroiis iVt   Ae  Isicated 7  miles from Hie elly  p or purtieulars  iid   dre ss JA MKS HlH ST VKE    Mt  Sterling  Ky      TRAVEL    LOUISVILLE    LEXINGTON   Short Line Railway   LOCAL TIME CARD NO  63   IN EFFECT APRIL 6  1872    NVE STWAKD               C  M  SLOCUM    Slontgornery  Miiis   On Levee Pike  one mile from   MT  STERLING  KY    THURSDAy  FRIDAY  SATrKD   Y   Of each week we for customers    experience has heen such that I am able   with present facilllus  to guarantee  satis   faction    Give me a call if you want thebe st and  most tiOur that can be mmle from  t bushel  of wheal  sel 2  tf     HE A li E HEli E TO STAY    CARRIAGE   BjGGY  EMPORIUM I    LOfl ST STBEET     Mt  Steriinc     Kentucky       K     Wil     ow that every piece is reliable      Buggy  ami W agon we sell    OUIt W OUK is First Class  W  e keep no  hand    iidy for the mar    hem    WE tlmnk the pi hlic for past favors and    Its patronage      shoddy or cheap goodson hand    W E have 2o New Jobs re i  ket  Call and see them    WE thank the pi  hope still to merit     Uc speetfiilly i   riujj  HKyiKUii      TiiAI  S    Leave 8   Mt  Sterling   Leave 7  Winchester   Arrive 6   Lexiugtou   Leave 0  I exlnglon   Leave 5  Payne s   Leave 4  Midway   Ijeave 3   Frankfort   Xx  ave 2  Lagrange   Arrive 1   Louisville   Arrive St  Louis   Arrive Kansas City         No  4  1   5 2  amj   6 03     6 48     No  4    5 50 am   6 17     6 26     7 13     8 53     10 15      No    12   noon  12 38 p m  1 25     1 30 pm   1 67     2 06     2 53    4 i5     6 00     7 10 am  10 15 pm    EASTWARD       TKAINS     No  0       Leave 1  Louisville    6 00 am    2  io pm  3 51      Leave 2   Lagrange    7 22      I eave 3  Erauklort    9 07      5 37    Leave 4  Midway    9 52      6 22      Jjeave 5  Payne s    10 01      6 31      Arrive 6   Lexington    10 30    No  21     7 00      Leave 6   Lexington   Arrive   Wincliester    3 00 pm      4 37       7 53      Arrive 8   Mt  Sterling        6 00      8 35    CONNECTIONS        1 with all lines W e st and South    2 with Sliort Line lor Cincinnati and the  East    3 with stage for Lawrenceburg and Sal  visa     I with stage for Versailles    5 with stage for Georgetown    0 with Kentucky Central and rincinnnt  Southern Kailroiids    8 with stage for Uwingsville      This Is the shortest route from   LEXINGTON TO ST  LOUIS    AND ALL POINTS  V E ST    And the only all rail route to   Nasliviile Meini liis LitUe Rock   Texas   Before purcliaslng your tickets  call on o  write to     A  L  I AKKKfc  Atrent     Mt  sterling    W  W  JIONUOE  Agent    Lexington    J  P  MclLVAlN  Agent    Winchester   E  P  IlKYAN  Agent    Frankfort    Or S  S  PAHKElIt    General I ass  and Ticket Agent  Ixmlsvlllo  for Inriher information      Cincinnati Southern Railway Co    WI  TF R SCHKDILK    In clTect Nov   17  1878      THAINS  SOUTH BOUND         No 7Ex i    No  3      No  1    ind     STATION S  press     Mail    MailEx         1    Ac d  n     1 press      Lv Ludlow   Lv Walton  i      Lv WiMiamsi i   Lv Georgetown  Lv Lexingtoni 2  Lv N iciioJasv e     JjV Jl h Bridg 3l    v Burgin     L   Lv Har ib g J 4   Lv Danville       Lv Dan Junc 5   Lv King s  M n    A r Somerset     4 H  pm   8 20 pm 4 10      9 37   I 4i 5    10 58   I 5        1  30 am  0 44     22 1     7 47     8 13     8 27     8 32     8 48     0 00 pm      3 11  3 56   4 20  4 2 5  4 52   6  H       8 00   10 10 am     CONNECTIONS   I  H    2  with I   u   L  ami K f  it  its   Kenuieky lUver Bridge  G   S  W  liai  wuV  lor Hariodsburg   5  wiHi I   N  A H  s  It  It    X   o      Bnrgin for Oinner    AO  2 at fianvlllo  luncHon      8 0   am  8 10     8 52     0 3 1     10 45     11 15     11 46     12 10 pm  12 45    12 48     1   6     1 17   2 06     3 00       S   11  will  L   J    J  ij  and     TltAI VS XOilTlI BOUND     STATIOXIS      SIDEVIEW HERD   lias 120 Animals of pure Bates breed  culed 6 miles from Uie city    T  C  ANDEKSON  Proprielor      1   9       LINDEN HERD     I is composed of t   extra sliorl horns  beaded  I by the Duke of Hinkston an eb gundy bred    Ito se of Sliaro  1 bull  fgicated near Hie cit  llniits  B  J  I ETEiltM  I roprictor      THE FLAT CREEK HERD   iihoiLt   00 finely bred animals  all of  the very best families  Headed by tlie  Grand Duke of  icneva  8 miles from Mt   Sterling  on the Owlngsville Pike    HAMILTON BROS       sri  i inr   trade MARK  Tlie GrcMit i aDS MARK   K II g i i N ll   U  iiie ly An  u II f a i 1 i ng  cure f  r Sem   inal W eak   iiesSjSperma       A  ifc  torrhen  Im    P  lt i ey  and     a 1 1 Dlsetises    vzewiav   or    Before Takingtoat  follow    of  Self   Xbuse  as Loss of Memory  Ur  ver   sal Lassitude  Pain in the back  Dimne sso   Vision  Premature Old Age  and many  other Diseases that lead to lusatilty or    oiisuniptioii and u Premature  irave     t 0  KuII parilculars in  iur pamplilet   which we desire to send free by mall to  ever v on  iW The Specific Mmlicine is  sold hy airdniggisis at 81 per package  01  8 i x packages for or will be  sent tree by  mall on receipt of the monev by addre ssina  TIIK44K W 4 4      No  10  Mochanics  Block  l KTU  rr  Mint   AO  Soid in  Mt   sterling by all druggists   Arthur l eU r  l oul sville  wholesale ngenl          I     II EL3I BOLD S BUCliU  Invi  orates Use Stoiiiacli      And stimulates the torpid Liver  Bowels   and Kidneys to healthy action  in cleans   ing the blood of all impuritie s  and Impart   ing new life and vigor to the whole system   A single trial will be quite sulllclcntto  convince the most hesitating of Its valua   ble remedial qualities      TcsJlmoni ils jirc  received ev  rv  day by the pio   orietnrs of   1 o   MON  8 LIVER   R Eli U I    A I    It  from persons ot  e d u ca t i on and  l rominenco from  all parts of the    country attesting  to the wonderful   ruraiive proper   ties of this great  paration but the     m     Warner s Safe Kidney and Liver Cure     lyyrmtrly Dr  Orai j s Kidney Oiire     I A vegetiible preparation ami the only  I remedy m tno world for B tiiease    lOlabelea  nttd AUU Kidney  Liver  ana  1 UrInar T l fa ea e     I 0   re 9 Umonials of the highest order in proof   Of the o statements    SLO For the euro of Diabetes  call for War   I ner s Aiafo Dlabcten Cure    tt P or the cure of BrighUs and the other  f diseases  call for Warucr i  bafo Kidney  I and Uver Cure    WARNER S SAFE BITTERS      It  s Che best Blood Purifier  and stimulates  I every function to more healthful action  and  I Is thus a benefit in all diseases    It cures SteroAilous and other Skin Krup    tion  and Diseases  including Caucera  IJ1   I cers  and other Mores    I Dyspepsia  WeakneM of the  Stomaoti   l  oastlpatlon  Dizziness  Uenoral Debil    I lly  etc    are cured by the  Safe Bitters  It la  1 unequaled as an appetizer aud regular touic   Bottles of two sizes   prices  and 61 00    i ARNER S SAFE NERVINE   IC  kly gives ReMt and Adeep to the suffering   let   llondaclze nnd b eiiralirla  prevents  lEplleptle Pits  nnd relieves Nervous Pros   I tration brought on by excessive drink  over   I work  mental Mhin ks  and other causes    I Powerful as it is to stop pain and soothe dla   Iturbed Nerves  it u ver Injures the systenii  whether taken in small or large doses    Bottles of two sizes   prices  SOc  and  1 00    WARNER S SAFE PILLS   Are an Immediate and active stimulus for a  Torpid Liver  an l c ure CoctlvenesB  D pepsla  Bil   iousness  BlllouB Diar   rhoea  Malaria  Fever  and Ague  and should  be used whenever the  bowels do not operate  freely and regularly    Ko other PtIU require toeh  emell do e  for thorough  work  Priee 95 eta  a box   Warner s Safe Keuedlet are  1 eold hr Dru InU k Uealera  k lu Bedielac evcrjwhere    H  H Warner Co     I PropHctora    ffiOCHESTEE  K  Y    0 y Send for Pamphlet  an l Te tlmonlah      Lv King s Mt nl   ti3  l v Daiivlllo lu    l v Danville    Lv Hai  dsb gJn   Lv Hurgln   Lv Higii Bridge  l v Xieliolasvle  Lv I exinglon      Lv Georgetown  l v Sa dieville    Lv VVllllainst n   Lv Walton   Ar Ludlow   Ar ClncinnaH          No     2    No      4    No    8    Mail    Ex     Mail    Ac     Stock    iness     t  ni d tn    Kxpres v     iH     10    am              4 00    pm    112    03          5 55    1    J7    pm    o 30    aiii    7 55     t    1    28    pm    5 32      8 48     t    1    45         5 48          920    i    1     18          5 51    it    9 26          2    04      605      955        28     4    6  io    li    10 42     i    3    04         7 05    it    11 40    u    3      10         7 32    ft    12 34    em    3    48         9 16    44    1 35    u    4    46          3 45    it    300    li    fi    27     4    9 26         4 19    II    6    10         10 05         5 40    am    6    20       0 15    4t         Direct connection made at L Incliina  with ail roads Nortli  East and West   SA M L WOODWAIID    Superintendent    EDWARD 1   WILSOK    ien I Ticket   gent   inaria lm     SArL liV      DIA6CTCS     SAft BiTTtB     s ucr       rice  1 Per Bottle    Or Si r Itottles for flA      Delivered to any addres s free from obser   v atlon     Patients  inny coL s  ilt by letter  receiv   ing the same attention as by calling    Competent I hs sicians attend to corres   pondents    11 letters should be addressed  to   H  T  HEDIBliLl     Druggist and Glieiuist    1 hiladelphia  Pa      MU dit hu   No othur pr   Ri UmaUH  liHs fvir bvcn Viscoviurd that  woiial uBiCUially t nro Dyspepsia unci it s  klndu  J evils  ninl lo lore iji  i aik iU to a  p  rhclly lieaiihy uondiiion of Unly and  mind and our large sjiIum in coiiKetiucnco   i  iad  i d Mitilclent evidence in iigeil of its  great popularity    ILf HARMLESS    It can he used anytime wilhont fear by  the most delicate persons  No mutter  what the ailing  and may be given to chil   dren with perfeet saK ty  as no bad results  follow Us use  doing no possible injury   AS a mild Ton c  gentle Ijixatlve  and  harmless Invlgorant It is inllnltely super   ior to any known remedy for  Malarious  I  cvers  Bowel Complaints   laundlce  Colic   Restlessness   Mental Depression   Siek  Headaebe  Constlpalbm  NaiHi a  BilicTus  ness  DVsl    i  sI A  Ac    Read Ibe following namesof persons well  and widely known  who testily to the val   uable properties of  stimmons Liver Ib gn   lator or Medicine   Hon  Alex  11  Steph    ens   John W  Ileckwiib  Bishop of Cieorgbi   Hen  Iobn II  tiordon  U  H  Senator  Hon    lobii Hill Shorter  Rt  Rev  liisbop I leree    1  Kdga Thompson  Hon  li  Hill  Hon    lobn C  Breckinridge  I rof  David Wills  D   D   Hiram Warner  Chief  lustice of H i    Lewis Wunder   Assist  1    M  I b  la   and  mnny others from whom we have letters  coinmi uting upon this medicine us a most  valinible lio jseliold remedy    PURELY VEGETABLE    Its low price places It within the reach of  all  be t hey rich or poor  If you are suller   ing and can not lind relief  procure at once  Iroin your Druggist a bottle of Ivcgulalor   Give a fair trial and It will not only atlbrd  re  lef  but will permanently cure you  It  Is without a singlee xception  t tp C3tptijjpst   1 tipvMt  tntl Itfst I amity  UrtfiriiiP in the  Itorhl   OUiaiSAh nnd  iKyUISE    Manufactured only by  J  IL ZEILIN  Co   Philadelphia  Pa    Price   1 00  Sold by all Druggists      VALUABLE   If you art  Huffc ringfrom  fng on a bud of bickuc     Hop Bitters  I If you are a niinL  ter   self withyour pftJ toraV iu   out with care ruui work  or  1 f yon feel  weak and dis   knowing why      Hop Bittcr  x ill  If you aro a man of bu  v  Strom of your cvorj day  tera  tolling over your    f Hop Bittern will  If you aro younp  and  crotioD  or arc growing too   Hop Bittern will    If you aro in tho work   detUc  anywhero  and Tui  1  cloanslug  tooing or htim    e tlag    Hop Bittern la     Ifyou aro old andyour  nerves unsteady  and your     TRUTHS          poor health  or Iftngqtsh   tako cheor  for     Will Cure Yonwx     and have overtaxed yonr   ties  or a mother  worn  if you ore simply ailing  piiitcd   without dearly   Bestoro   j   Inoss  weakened by the  duties  or a man of Icb  midnight work     i   Strengthen Yo1l s    Buffering from any India   fast  as is often the case     Relieve You O   3  shop  on the form  atstha  that your needs   ulatiiig without iiitoxl    What You Nccd      pulse is feeble    your   facu               e   y  _  faculties waning  J   Bop Bitters will givo you New Life and Vigor      w     Bop Couan Cuss is the Bweetest  safest and beat  I  Ask children    One noP Pad for Stomach  liver and Kidneys is  ap   I  riortoallothera  Curesby abeorption  ItlB porfect    D  1  C  la an abeoluto and Irrcelstible cure for drunk  f  enneos  uso of opium  tobacco and narcotics   AboThtoldbydroQ ltU  Hop Bitters Mfg  Co  Rocb tcr K Y  I           The Most WondorfL l Healfli Restorers  Known Jo Medical Science    C E BY ABSORPTION      mcnnaranro take     E       III J   i OS of tin  skill  thereby reach luir the   se it  t the dis  a se at one arresting Us iiroi ress  inore   iT ctu illy than any iiKNlicltM  s Uiki tt ttj   ernall v ever did orc ui d V  Ve nmke three d f   lerent kind  of Puds     and  i      No  I For 4 SiiiU A  DsMoonsin    Kiutigeslio    Itilioiihiici     Siek 2 ui l  Heo i ielae  and all other di 8 ea ses   ieiTatf       p    The most effect    u il ltlo4Ml E oeffier e YtaiU   givesstroncth to  the weak tiiid dt biliuued  82   01       52  For I Viiialo H eakiu H nisd ir      a week in your own town  fo outfit  free  No risk  Ketulcr  if you watil  a busine ss at wliieh persoasof either  sex can make great pay all the lime they  werk  write for particulars to II UAL   LET   GO  Portlaiul  Maine      Everything   says a We stein  paper  f has recently advanced in  price except liberty  which re   mains a J  eternal vigilance  with  liberal nednetions to the trade       iTelliss to Gttslias i     OTIS W  SNYDEli   Tlie Lexington Jeweler     ft Order s will revive prompt aHciidoii         PA I ENTS    E  A  LEH M    X  Solicitor of American  nnd Foreign 1 atcnls  Wasiiliiglon  D      All hUKincbD Vonncctcd with I atciit s  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Covington     7 15am 2  U 0 pia 12   00 m   Yirlve ralmunHi   8 5 5um 3  j0pm l  57am    Yrrlve CyiUhiana lU U 5am   5   02 pm 3   0 um   Arrive Paris l i 4 ium 5   11 pm 4 4l am    Yrrlve Lexington  IL iUam  j  3 upm    uUam  _  1 rains for Maysvllle h ave Le xington at  o  00 a  m  and 4   t j p m   arrive lu Le xington  at 5  W a  in  and 0 fl  a  m    GOlSnSTECTIOlSrS    TRAIN NO  1    A Lextngton wun u  u    L   for Krauk   foit     ouisvlllc  Winchester  Mt  HtcrDiig      and Kentucky stage Company for Rid    mond uud Versailles    TRAIN NO  3    I   At   exiugioM with    S  R  U  lorNicho   j hisviUe  Danvilie and Somerset  with Jhg  I Sandy K  K  for Wincliesler and Mt  Ster   ling  At Paris Willi Maysvllle 1 1 vision   TRAIN NO  7 NIGIIT UXPRK SS    I At Clncinimti     ilh all iialns arriving in  I   iiicinnati ul night  the only train between  incinnati and i c xlngion at night  arriv   ing in liC xington sl x hours earlier than by  any oiner route    At Lexington with L  C  A L  for Frank   fort aud Louisville  witli  Hncinnati Souili   eru H  it  lor Nicholasvilie  DanvilUMind  Somerset    TUAiN NO  8  FAST LINE    At Lexington  with Rig Sandy Rnllronuf  a om  Vinclieslerand Ml  Sterling  with C   S L  U n om Somerset  Danville and Nich i  olasvllle    At Paris  from Muysville and all  mediate points      TRAIN NO  4    At Cincinnati  with morning tmlns for  the F asi aiTlviiig in Now York a  m   next day    At Paris  for Maysvllle and all Interme   diate points    TRAIN NO  2    r with Rig  Sandy Railroad   from  V iiiohester and Mt  Sterling   with L    b ai Louisville and Frankfort   with Kentucky Stage Company from Rich   mond and   ersaiUes    hll trains at night for  the Last  North and West    Through tickets     cities  via Maysviile and C  and a R  U    1 educed i ate s  Baggage checUed Ihiough    ror information  apply la  T 1 Mi       tS   Ut  l exingtiin  Ky     T  ME S  ERNMl  General Ticltet   gciit   Covingron  Ky           reen Lumber      A ll grades and classes of Oak and Yel   low Pine Lumber for sale    iU   riccs that Defy   om   uetitiou      delivered at the Coal Road Depot    Give me a call and sec for yourself  o ad   W  C  MAGOW AN  Agent   Mt Sterling  Ky      dress   74tf     AAA MONTH guaranteed   12 a day  liome ir ade by the indusrious   Capital not requUed   we will start you   Men  women  boys and girls make money  fjuster at work for us limn at anything else   The work is liglit and pleasant  and such  as anyone can go right at  Tlio se who are  wise wiio see this notice will send us their  adilress at once ami see for themselves   Costly Oultit and terms free  Now is the  time  Those already at work are laving up  huge sums of money  Address TRUE CO    Augusta  Maine      A M PREPARED TOJ FURNISH  ClJ  short notice    ALL KINDS OP     H aving opened a shop in  letrersonvlllc   1 am prepared to do all kinds of work  I 111 my line  All machinery will be prompi   I ly repaired by myself or Mr  Holden  of Ml    I Sterling  Giv e me a call     f J  H  RICK      lloiiffli Lumber  WANTED     I ersoi s desiring same will give me a call  or addrem     rpo RENT in Montgomery  Bourbon or  X Clark county u larin of ir     l V  uel es with     U  S  rilOMASt     Jan2ii      MT  STERLiI     f Ks     good iinproveinuits and conveniently lo   cated for one yeaV  with privilege of time  Jiwsfsslon to he telven 1st of next  Miireli  Any person huvl gsueh        huviigsueh    place will adilreia    I   RENTER  Si   C irO I  Blerlillg DKMOt RATflt     M  J  POWER    HOUSE  SIGN and ORNAMENTAL  PAINTING    PAPER HANGING  GLAZING AND  DECORATING    You CAN T M  WlTHOljYlT   rpiie Robbin s Washer and  i is the best ills the clioapest  It d    8  the work  No rubbing Hotbes   labor  It saves soap   t bicachei   morethmi a hundre l per cciiu     perlcclIyOyAgenls wantcl  Yor clrcuiara    Ml    lcHin    JC      V I       i f      i       i        J                   1        x K     THE DEMOC RAT         r   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district   subject to the decision ol the Democratic  party      FOUSIIKUIFF    We are authorized to announce IJlis  lleaii as a candidate for Slieritr of Mont   gomery county  subject to the action of the  Democratic party     I  FOR COM MON PFKAS Jl IKJK    Wk are authorized to announce lloii    S  Freiieli  of Winchester  as a candidate  for Judge of the Common Pleas Court of  tills District  subject to tlie action of the  l emocratic jiarty    FOR CIRCUIT JUIX E    Wo are authorizo l to announce lion   Kobei f Kiddle as a candidate for re elec   tion to Uie otlice of Judge of the Tliirteentli  Judicial District  subject to the action of  the l emocratIc party      K  Kr  okN of Bath county  as a candidate  for tlie olUce of Commonwealth s Attorney  for the i hii Jmliclal District of Kentucky   at the  August election 18H0  subject to tlie  action of tlie Democratic parly    We are authorized  lo announce lion   J4 1iii T  Ilazeiri      of  Morgan county   as a candidate for c uumonwealth s Attor   ney In tlie Tliirlcenth Judicial District   subject to tlie action of the Democratic  party    FOR SHERIFF OF WOLFE COUNTY    We are authorized to announce S   Tull acandldate for Sheri Hoi Wolfe coun   ty  subject to the action oi tlie Democratic  party      Live Stock Matters      and poor condition of the ani   mals  Animals with the least vi   tality usually harbor the greatest  number of parasites  which  spcecily undermine what rc  maining vigor of constitution is  left    National Live Stock Jour  nal  Cliicago    Dairy Max vge me nt ix Win   ter    Dairymen are learning  every year more and more about  their business  It used to be  considered good management for  dairymen to get through the win   ter with as little expenditure of  food as possible  It was a coiri   mon thing for a smart one to  boast how cheaply he had carried  his herd through the cold season   principally on straw  saying     They are a little thin  but they  will pick up when the grass  comes   This man did not seem  to realize that the  picking up   would all be e xpendcd on the re  covery of lost condition  and that  very little milk would be produc   ed while this was going on  Most  dairymen have learned ere this   that a cow in poor condition in  spring will yield a comparatively  poor return of milk through the  season  They have learned that   something never comes from  nothing   and that no policy is  more suicidal for a dairyman than  to winter his cows on innutritious  food  so as to reduce their flesh   Every dairyman  who has observ   ed the effect of condition on the     faults in our management  The  s  yfing effected would be found  large  The influence exerted by  so doing would accomplish great  good  It should be borne in  mind  that time is money  What   ever tends to take up your time  unnecessarily is realy a waste of  money  The amount of loss  will be just as much as we could  earn in the time needlessly e x   pended at the current rates paid  for such kind ol labor      EDUCATIONAL       Eiom the Xiitloniil Elve Stock  louniol j   Keep Teats Dry    In the case  of late  or early  calves and foals   a warm stall or box should be se   cured  if the dam is allowed to do  the nursing  In the same way  the bands should be kept dry in  milking cow s in the cold season   and the filthy practice of flipping  the hands in the milk cannot be  too strongly condemned  Wet   ting of the teats means evapora   tion  chilling  inflamation  chap   ping   followed by trouble in  milking  a habit of kicking  or  holding up the milk  loss of teats   or even loss of a quarter    I MPROVE MEXT OF EEEniXli  Stock    Judges at shows  butch   ers  and cattle shippers do wisely  in encouraging superior quality  in our beef cattle  mutton sheep   and in our hogs  for comparative   ly few American feeders have as  yet gone too far in this direction   Some have  probably  already  carried the refinii  g process too  far  but these are mainly among  the breeders of pure bred stock   rather than among the feeders for  our meat markets  The great   majority of the latter could add  to their profits by looking to fur   ttlier improvement in the form and  quality of their feeding  stock    LifiimxG Stai I p s    Stables  should be moderately well lighted   but we should avoid throwing the   Jirect rays of the  sun on the  ilioriM   s eyes in front  If too  dark  the eyes become habituated  to this and in the absence of the  customary stimulus of light  be   come less abe to bear it   and  when suddenly taken into the  glare of sunshine  and e pecially  of sunshine reflected from the  winter s snow  they are liable to  suffer from Mi ritation and inflam   mation  If  on the other hand   the light falls directly on the  ho  se s eyes from a window in  front  the constant glare may of  itself injure the eyes  In the one  case  we have the condition of  horses in mines  where the dark   ness and inevitably accompanying  damp  lead to an extensive prev   alence of blindness   in the other  we have that  of the glass blower  or iron puddler  whose bleared  eyes betray his occupation  The  light should be abundant  but  should fall from windows placed  behind or to one skic of the sta   bles  and not in front    Vermin on Stock    Dnlcss  the stock is kept in good condi   tion and cleanly  vermin are far  more liable to accumulate in win   ter than in summer  This is not  only the case in reference to hen  lice  which swarm in dirty hen   roosts  and by their attacks on  birds and quadrupeds worry their  victims out of all grOwth and im   provement   hut certain other  acari attacking the legs of horses   cattle  and sheep  often suspend  active operations  ascend upon  the hairs and give rise to no ir   ritation during the warm season    and it is only on the return of  winter that they return to the  skin and produce their character   istic form of mange  The closer  and the filthier the barn  the  more troublesome will be these  pests   while cleanliness and a  wash with a weak solution of to   bacco will usually put a period to  their ravages  So it is with lice  and ringworm  which increase in  proportion to the closeness and  uncleanliness of jjic buildings     FOR COMMONWK U TII  S  VrroRNEY  r ii r l   1   We me authorizrd to announce lion    J  fl    of milk after Calvillg  kllOWS   that e xtra flesh represents an e x   tra yield of milk  It is not diffi   cult to determine  very closely   how much milk every pound of  extra flesh and fat represents  A  deep milker is very apt to draw  SO heavily upon her own flesh as  to become thin at the end of the  season  having used all the extra  food consumed during the sum   mer in the secretion of milk  be   sides her extra flesh during the  spring  If a cow has accumu   lated lOO lbs  of extra flesh or  fat during the winter  she will  yield  if a good milker  at least  500 lbs  more milk during the  season  or 5 lbs  of milk for one  of e xtra flesh or fat   Vc think  6 lbs  of milk to one of flesh is  nearer the actual yield  The dai   i   m in  therefore  who docs not  feed his cows well through the  winter  is not only unmindful of  the comfort of his cow s  but is  cheating himself out of the profits  of the next  season      JAe  Jam      Needless Inconyeniences       Vc think  perhaps  some   of our  readers have seen thiiig s  similar  to those described in the follow   ing  from the experience of a  writer in the Country Gentleman   Any person possessed of ordi   nary powers of observation can   not fail to discover a great deal  of unnecessary work  which  bj   a little forethought  might be  dispensed with  I do not now  speak of those who tail to pro   vide themselves with proper im   plements for doing work  and in  this way waste time enough each  year to more than replace them  with the best and most improved  patterns  I intend to speak ol  inconveniencics  some of which  exist on almost every farm  All  are said to have their failures in  some particular  no matter how  well arraged their business may  he as a whole  I have seen  premises apparently well or   dered otliewise  which were pro   vided with neither post nor hook  where a visitor could hitch a  horse  Not one in a hundred is  provided with a horse shed  I  know an old man  now fourscore   who has always drawn his man   ure and produce through a deep  slough between his barn and field   Ten dollars expended in labor        d have made a good road   The saving in a single year would  have more than repaid the outlay   to say nothing of the increased  comfort of all concerned  A  neiglibo r has four years drawn his  hay on wood wagons which would  not carry more than half a load   The extra time wasted in loading  and unloading  every year  would  furnish good hay racks    I knew a man who drew all  the water for Ids stock in a leaky  milk can attached to a rope   More than half of the water es   caped before reaching the trough    I once knew a whole neighbor   hood who depended on one long  cart which went the rounds as  each one hauled out manure  or  did any work which required a  cart to be tilted  1 have walked  hundreds of miles out of my  way  when tired  to avoid a  stream which lay between the  house and pasture  We after   ward bridged  it at few dollars  expense  I have kno vvn a whole  highway district to turn out for  years to avoid a stone  which  has since been removed at  an expense of only eight cents   These arc only a few of the mark   ed instances which have come  under my observation  No one  can fail in looking about him to  detect a mulitude of similar cases   Although each may be only a  trifle in itself   he aggregate is in   ormoivs  The  remedy ith   each and all otj us to c      Valiio of lliis Yoiir  s Ci oii s    The Commissioner of Agriculture  has finislietl and will publish in a  few  lays his estimate of the value  and the amount of the principal  crops of tlie country for the past sea   son  Gen  LeDue estimated tlie in   crease in tlie value of the crops this  year over last at   300 000 00 1  The  total corn crops is about 1 700 000 000  busliels against 1 430 000 000 last  year  Tlie wheat yield this year   while larger in busliels than last  year  rec  ives its increased valuation  principally because of higher prices    HKiH  VKT THK VTItlt AL  iini   ClS M     Milwaukee Sun l   Mary Anderson is a marvel  and  can take  on more emotions and  dresses in a single evening than  any of them  She is about si x  feet in height when in repose  but  when her frame is charged with  emotions  or she gets mad or ex   cited  she seems to raise right up  out of the stage and telescope un   til she is eighteen or nineteen  feet high  and others on the st age  look like dwarfs    She is the most versatile actress  we ever sat in frc nt of  At times  she would put on a sweet  lovely  look and you would have to be  held by two persons to keep you  from rushing on the stage and  telling her you loved her like a  steam engine   and then she would  put on a dying look  and a wild   scared  desperate expre ssion  so  you would want to rush out after  a doctor    At times we would give a mil   lion dollars   in notes   to be in  the place of Clifford  who didn t  seem to know that she wanted  him to hug her  and then when  she got sassy at him  and began  to roll her e  es  and her breast  began to heave  and she began  to swallow something  and look  as though she was d  ing for a  drink  we would not have been in  reach of her for eight hundred  dollars    It was a singular study when  her breast got to heaving  She  must have a suit of lungs like a  blacksmith s bellows  and when  in her excitement  she would ex   haust them  she would  look so  thinthatyou could trace her wish  hone with the naked c  e  but  when in her passion  her lungs  became inflated  her bust round   ed out and her dress fitted her  like the paper on the wall  and  all she lacked was her own natu   ral Mary Anderson  smile to make  the average man give a Pacific   railroad if she were his    Again  in the matter of weep   ing she holds over them all  It  is said that Mary has never been  in love  and knows nothing of  that holy passion e xccpt what  she has been told  If such is the  case she has had the best teacher  in the world  tor her love making  is the most perfect ever seen upon  any stage    If we have said enough to  show that we consider Mary An  derson the best on the stage  in  our awkward way  then that is  all riglU  That is what we start  ed out to do      WKKK OF l KA JAMARY   4 Ki  1   The following is the programme  adopted by the United States  Ivvangelical Alliance for the Week  of Prayer     Su u aj   January  th    Sermon s   on the  Fullness of Christ s Sal  1 1           Iiins INSTITUTION WILL OI EX IT S     atlon  2 next Session ou the   Monday    Thanksgiving for f       First Monday in September Next    the blessings of the past year  and        prayer for their continuance    Tuesday     Confession of sins  and humiliation before Cod    Wednesday     Prayer for the  Church of Christ  its ministers  its  growth in grace  and its enlarge   ment   and fqr revivals of religion  throughout the country    Thursday    Prayer for Chris   tian education   for family and in   stitutions of learning   for Sunday  schools and Christian Associa   tions    Friday     Prayer for nations  ru   lers  and people   for peace and  religious liberty    Saturday    Piaj cr for home  and foreign missions   for the out   pouring of the  spirit upon all  flesh  and the conversion of the  world    A lYORl  TO Ol     ItU   Advertise ov      It  Htei lino    Female Colles e   r     A full Uorp  J of Teiielicrs will be em   ployed  and no ellort will be spared to kee i  in the front rank of Female eollORe in the  West  Tile patrons may rely upon faithful  work and thorough Instruction    The Health and Moralsof the Pupils will  he especially attended to    I er Sosaioii of Tnciity Weeks    Tuition in Primary Department  per   ae ssion   15 OI   Tuition In I ntermedlate Department    per ses sion 20 0 1   Tuition In Collegiate Department    per session 25 00   Tuition In Music  per se ssiou 25 00   Use of Plano  per session 4 oo     Tuition til German and French    each   per session 10 00   Painting  in oils 15 uo   Painting  in water colors  crayons    drawing  Ac   each  10 00   Board  lights  fuel per week 350   Board  lights and fuel from Monday   morning until Friday evening 2 75   Board  tuition and 111 lisle  percollegi    ate year 200 00   Board  tnttlon and iitttsic  for 6 day  boarders lIsO 00     No extra charge for thc se branches to  those who board in the institution    Vasiiiiig can be obtained for  10 cents per  week    For t atalogne s  apply to the President           SAVAGE    Mt  Sterling  Ky       FASHIONABLE AND CUSTOM MADE     cXjomiiiTCS      KICIIAKD   H  L  STONK   REID   STONE    A TTORNF YS at law   Mt  SUrling Ky     Will practice lu tlie counties of Mont   gomery  Balli  Nlcliolas  Clark and Boiir   l on  and in tlie Court of Appeals  All bus   iness eii trusted to tiieiii will receive prompt  attention  mai Mi     M   S  TY LKU      J  II  HAZKl KlUn     From     Sterling  Kentucky      RKSTITl IION    it is stated that there is great  destitution prevailing in the  mountain counties of this  State   especially about the head waters  of the Kentucky River  There  has not been water sufficient in  the river to bring out the produce  of that section  and as a conse  qucnce there has been no demand  for labor  The result is they  have nothing with which to buy  their meager supplies  Children  are barefooted  thinly clad  and  half fed  while their mothers and  fathers are almost in despair  The  present rise in the river will bring  them some relief  but not such as  will keep them from perishing  should the water become severe   An effort should he made here in  this city to aid them in supplies   Cast off clothing  old sliocs  or  any of the scores of such things  not fit for use here  might be sent  there and gratefully receiv ed       T RK FOR KARACHE    The Journal of Health says    There is scacsely an ache to  which children are subject so hard  to bear and difficult to cure as the  earache  Take a bit of cotton  batting  put upon it a pinch of  black bepper  gather it up and tie  it   lip in sweet oil and insert in  the car  Put a flannel bandage  over the head to keep it warm   It will give immediate relief       i RISIM SS  MEN   the year  It is  cheaper and yields a better return  in propotion to the money invest   ed  An advertisement should  always he before the reader  If  it disappears it is soon forgotten    There is only one e xcuse for the  discontinuance of an advertise   ment that of retiring from  business  So long as goods are  to be sold and a vast public to be  supplied advertising is a necessi   ty  and while no single individual  can expect to attact all tradc  all  may hope to get some portion of  it  and which would not have  been obtained independent of ad   ertising    NO RA  IN IT    About a   ear ago some of the  Kentucky jiapers reduced their  subscription price to Si 50  An  ample e xperienpe has satisfied  them that it  won t pay   and  they have returned to the popu   ar price   S   and this is as low  as a country paper  if of anything  like the usual size and of good  quality  can be furnished  in jus   tice to the publisher    George   town Times    ItIR NEIYS    The biggest news of the day is  the statement that the Ivdison  I dectric Light has been perfected   divisibility and all  The cost will  not e xcccd more than half that  of coal gas   it ni iy be less than  half    It is R fact well cstabli slicdby tiiKincs   tioiiable tcstimoiiv that Hall s Uciicwcr  renews  cleanses   brightens  invigorates  and restores to itiorignal color and Instre   faded grav or discolored hair  ebeaplv   nnicklv and sorely  The iworest pooidc  prefer  to b iv it  rather than to proclaim  in a manner more for  ible than words can  lielineatc  throngli blanched locks or griz   zlv beard  that thev arc aged and pii ssing  to decav A verv short trial will convince  the most skeptical that it does eradicate  Ihe scalp ili sea scs which rob the hair of  ils color ami life   I orl Scott  Kan    Daily  lonitor    Hobble and liinp no more but   liautr your crutclies 011 the old oak   en peg  and seize the firi st opportu   nity to be permanently cured   Uheumatism  Contraeted Aluscles   SUIT Joints  Frosted Fe  t llt adadie   F arachc  Fain in Breast  side and  Back will yi dd to that powerful  remedy  known as Gous seii s Light   ning Liniment  wliich is good for  man and beast  Price 3   cents a  bottle  For saleliy   W  F  DICKERSON    Do You Believe It   That in this town there are scores of  per ons iia ssing onr  store every d ty wliose  lives are made miser thle hv Indigestion   Dispepsia  Sonr and distressed Stomacli   l ivcr L om  laint  Constipation  wheii lor  7 7 cts  we will sell tliem Shiiolds   italizer      18       Tiie next session of tliis school will begin     M  nday Sept l   79       A full corps of the bi st teachers will be  on hand  to assist tlie Principal in tlie  manaKeinent of tlie school  Patrons may  rest assured tlial their cIiHilren will receive  the same attention in future  as in thepiLst      l or Sessjosi of Twenty Weetis      Elegant Suits   To be isold I vom I I  I 7   87  12  812  hi to   820 and  82 1 II      Dress Suits   Kioin  10 11 to x2 5 hi    Tro wsers   From 87e  to 812 ol a iiuir       TYLER   HAZELRIGG    A TTOItNKYS AT LAW  Mt  Storting  K   J   Real Estate Agents and So 1cy         l ut nt s  rollectlona Attended to and    milTances mtuie promptly  Olllee opi ofriT   Court liouso    D  B  GARRISON    A ttorney at i aw  Mt  suniing  Ky  ITaclloesin the Courts oi Monfgora   ery and fidjoining counties and in the Court  of Appeals  DEMOCRAT Office    If  CLAY McKEE    ATTORNEY AT LAW     MT  STERLINg  K7    W  T  HAVENS    A TT0RNP Y at law  Mt  sterling   Kentucky  Will attend to ali business  entrusted to him in the counties ol Mont  gomery  Batli  Menifee and Morgan  and in  tiie Court of Appeals  Office  Court Street   over Reid   Stone  06 ly     Ulsters   From   Uc  to 821 Gl    Hats   Caps   From He  to   G 1 2 a   air    Boots   Shoes   From 12c  to 8G 22 1 2    Overcoats   From 82 7G to 82o 82      W  W  McGUIRE       OUXTY A1T MIXF Y  Jackson  Iiren h     j ilt county  Ky  PracticeHinllieeoun   llo   ol Lee  W olie and Breatliitt  litj Ui al  Estate agency a specialty  and ColIectloiiK  pronipliy uLlelided to  julyi8 tf     H  T  DERK     irVT        TTuRNKy AT L  W  Stanton  Pow  l  county  ICy    ollectioiis attended to  I and reiiiitlnnees promptly ina le  Alibusl   I ness c ntru hfe l to uie will receive pioinpl  I  itU niion      Tuition in Primary Dopartment 8      00   Tuition in Preparatory Departiiieni   2U 00   Tuition in Acedemic Department  2   oO   Incidental Fee i 00   Painting  in Oils 20 00    Drawing  with Crayon or Pencil 15 Ul     Tuition in Music 25 00 j   Use of Piano 5 oO   Board  Liglitsaiul Fuel  l er week 4 00 j   Board  Lights and Fuel from Mon      day till Friday evening 2 7o   Board  Tuition and Music  for Sclio    lastic year 215 Oo   lioard  Tuition   Music and Painli ig   lor Scholastic year 210 IK       No extra charge lor Latin   iieok  Ger   man and Frencli    No deduction for ad seiice except in case  of illnes s prolracieO lieyond two weeks    Payment lialf in advance  balance at the  middle of llu  U rm    For Infonnation in full  api Iy to   Mrs  L  L  HARRIS    Mf   Steel hit   Ky    HStf     Hogs Slaughtered    o    l  Eare now prepared to kill liogs for  W parties living xu the city  and return  tliem well cleaned  and if lliey desire it   cut up  We iiave in our slaugliter iiouse a  pump to draw water from a cold  never   lailing spring   Uve u s a trial  Terms n a  sonable  133 tl  I F  CAlJv  SUNS      Vlso Euriiisliins  t oods   Dunks  Valises  Socks  Sliirts  b loves  Cutts  Suspemlers   Overalls  Jackets  Oversliii ts  Umlcrsliirts   and Net Jackets  to be sold at LOWER  PHK ES than can he mannfaelnred     riiankinj  yon for past favors  we 1 ioik  by  fair and iionest dealiiii  to merit a eontinn   aiiee of same  We liiiarantee onr enslomers  eiitire  satisfaction  risonr reimtation depends  upon every article we sell    ONE PRICE ONLY    Very Respectfully    J  KLASS  Proprietor     Cheap John s Establishmfnt      J  W  HOWARD    A TTOHNEY and COUN    ELUH A i  1  VW  Jackson  Breatliitt county  Ky   Will i racUce law in tliecountiesof Bn atli   itt  Magoffin  IVrry and Uurlun and in the  Court of     p  ills  Prompt attention given  j to collectious    R  S  CHEVES    A TTOKNKV at law  Ml WU rlliig  K   Office in the Democrat office    J  T  llAZELRKa   T  J    Hazelrlfjg  Henrg     ttorive rs a t ILaTi      WEST LJBERTY  KY    MORGAN COUNT5      Will pinctlce in adjoining countleK and  the Court of Appeals  All collections  ichI  j e state claims and sales j romptly attended  I to  Titles investigated and taxes paid on  real estate    J I  W  MA1 LK  ij  p   PAY   MAPLE A BAY    1  it  I   jiw    CA M I l ON   K ENTK  K Y      HOTELS      ASIILAAI  HOTEL    SHORT STREET   NETrirTTSTr OFEICE    j Lexington  liy    Terms    2 50  82 00  and I1  50 per d iy  nc   I cording tolucation of rooms     Special attention paid to Commercial  fiavelers  No Bar attached    j J  W  ALEXANDER  Prop r    Win  Ale xandci   Du  Joiin Casey      Clerks      febll  tl     PLANING MILL      W  T  Tvlkh      E  F  Rokkktson  I  ropiu toi     vV     nil j  DralPis In all   klmis ol Rough and Dre v       e ssed hind       J  O   Emky   Co    3 fain Street   Mt  SterUng  Kg     Call your attention to their hn   e stock of   BOOTS  SHOES  HATS  CAPS    Ladies    G ents  Furnishing Goods      STABLES      White Fine an        glKlI  dltCCI     to cure them     Y  F         ohl by   l U KEIt  ON      Cash Profits      Our New   louks  Dohlmaus  goods g enci ally  just being I ceeived  and nicest ever ottered in this town     Fills     and Ladies  ari  the elieapesl     PHCENIX STABLES   ftsfi Mi Biwei Mi ai i   MT  STERLING  KY    The hiiiUling oociiined by us lias jiisl been constructea umler our immediate supers  ision  with special ret ercnce toebtaining a good liglit and superior ventilation  it  nianagenient will be under llic control ol   IS  T CTS0 2     who will eive hi s personal lUtentiou to all matters eoiiuected with the stables  and to  the purchase ami sale of hariie ss and saddle horses  Our livery stock is very supe   rior  heiug fresli ami in e xcclleiit condition We are prepared to   peed and ship mules     and will   dve special attention to this branch of the business    Wc respeetfnllv solicit vonr patron age    STEPHEN DEAN   CO      Provided with a   en  meeting Mr  Sam  Weller s reipiirements  viz   One that  don t splutter   a veracious chronicler  might record volumes in praise of Coussens   Lightning Liniment  tlie best remedy in  the world for Rheumatism Lame Back   Sprains Bruises  etc  For animal     it is  invaluable when used for Spavin  tall   Ringbone  etc  Farmers should keej  it on  hand in case of indrv to a valuable lioise      rauso and efreel    Tlie main cailse of nervousness is in   digestion  and tliat is caused by weakness  of tlie stomach  No one can have sound  nerves ami good heallli without using Hop  Bitters to strengthen the stomach   mrify  the blood  an keep the Liver and Kid   neys active  i   urry of   all tlie poisonou s  and waste matti rof the system  See oth   er column      TO FAPyMEES and dTDADERS    Mr  Embry  being a farmer himself  has established   A LR E STOCK ACtE CY   At his store  Farmers and traders desiring to buy  live stock of nny description will lind just where it is   and the prices  bv a  plying to the Live Stock Agem   at J  0  Embrv A Co  s Boot and Shoe Store  m i vj          rKT noT SK S jl  UiK    Mt  Sterlint     Keiitml         I have o ieneil a lie     el a     Kai   ami  keep the best brands of Lii nor s    igar s  and Tobacco  fall and nee me    i j j lv  I VMKS KIN O      MISCELLANEOUS      RETAIL MARKET      HOMEOPATHY     o   J  T  VAXSANT   Physician ami Surgeon    IS prepared to treat all of  Vente   and Chronic Cases    Olllcc   Ree se House  A 133 1     CollVo  Jiiva   Cott ce  clioico Kio   tkitt cT   prime Bio      olleejroa sted   Sugar  granulated   Sugar  A eoli ee   Sugar  X      elarilied   Sugar  X  O  open kettle    Tea   Coal oil   Flour  faney   Flour  famil v   Flour  extra   IJme  per Idd   Salt  per itlil   Lard  2it ll  bucket   Mola s ses  X        Our dealers are paying   Hams    Sides   Shoulders   Butter  creamery   Butter  white   Kggs   Feathers   B  eswa      iinseug   Hags   Hides  dry   Hide s  green   Wlieat  white   Wheat  retl   Uye     for        BIM BRASS ROUTE    THE OLD RELIABLE   I KENTUCKY CENTEAL E  E    P    Q Fast Exuress Trains Daily Q   U SUNDAYS KXCK rrKD     Id lLeaycLexiu touat 5 ain  8 affi 2 iiin    2   I   Fi l I Gi V iJsro    i 14 Hms ill Ciiili  14     30 I   I    No otlior Koiid oilers siiidhir Iiidiicc    73 iiicids    MIDNIGHT EXPRESS    i   3 E relii sireli   t r pa i ieiiyer i on Ihe     1   aves CovliiKlou every iitslit  Snmiay ex     cepteil at 12 li eloek for 1   xioi toii amt all  internu Ulalt  points    Sleeping Coach furnished wUli new ele  i  gain nml cotiimodhms Reclining   lialrs    I i iily 25f each  allached to tills trnin    l us Si ngerH arriving in C inelniiati in tlie  evening irom the Nortli  Fhisl or W e st  by j  taking this train    njov a good nights rest    vaveuil liotel hUls in rincinnati  and ar   rive in I  t   ingT  i  Frankfort  and ollii r  points      oegetabl I   V  S caiAr     HAur    eneweb 5   Has been In  constant use by tin  public for over twenty  years  and is tlio befit  preparation ever in   vented for RESTORING  GRAY HAIR TO ITS  yOUTUEUE COLOR     ANP LIFE        It supplies the natu   ral food and color to the  hair glands without  staining the skin  It will  increase and thicken the  growth of the hair  pre   vent its blanching and  falling off  and thus  AVERT BALDNESS         ELI   MOSES E  l AUl     Ay       A  T  MITCHELL    2tuilh  MiiUlltloun      ROYAL INStRANCE COMPAF   OTF  E 53 XrC 3 rXj A lSrX           THifITY fi4ISLLiO S    l   ss w nroiiilill   iiddiisted iiiid  iniil willniiit dis   coinit  A  llOFlll rX    lU   tiiU iil A jent J oe Moiiti oiii eey   oinitii    Speeial ami Suporvising Agents      Poplar ShingWs    Boors of all Sizes   Sash  Glazed  5  Un glazed   Wlndoir Boor Frames   Moiddings and  Brackets  of all kinds    Veranda s of cvenj Bes   cri  tion    MISCELLANEOUS   r    B  A  STEYENS    Continelor and Bnildci     MT  STFHiaXU  KY    Job work solicited and promptly altcnd   ed to  niirll U   Buy The Best    J  T  BREEN S   ZF repazxa ticn s I   COM r O l SD EX Tli  I C T of  SARSA EARILLA  leith iO   HIDE of EOTASSICM    TDK I F ST UI OOD 1 UKIFIKR    The licHt remeily for CoukIis  Colds     o    EXTRACT JtUClTl   dr    I 6    strictly Pure   strictly Reliable   I   M MIF  liy a praeticle Uliemlst cxi n Ksly    for Mr  Itreen s Trade    S  IKXCF iniJ     A Scliool for Giri     SlieJhy vilje  Ky     Ffliiii lP l ill 1825  lliy Mr v A  Teyes    iriiCKNTLY ITHrn V SKl  IIY   Rev  W  T  Poynlsr and Prcl T  W  Jordan    CoiiMmiml as a    rliool tortile   W lilgiier educMioii ol girls  and will lu   made ill every respect a In stiiu       tion  For circuiai s coiitaining tei ms  ete    I addn ss  I i V  Ti U A JOitBoX  Friiicijml     I shelliyville  Ky            It cures Itcliiug  Erup      tions and Dandruff  As  a HAIR DRESSING it  is very desirable  giving  tlio hair a silken softness  which all admire  It  keeps the head clean   sweet and healthy         The  State  A S Bayer     and I  Ohemist  of Mass    and  leading  Physi   cians  endorse  and  recom   mend it  as a  great  triumph  in medi   cine         SADDLERY AND TIN WARE     OWEN LAUGHI 1N    MAXI FACTFUFU OF   A NU Wll lI V SAI K   NO ITKTAII  DKAI KR I N       Si idles  Narness  Bridles       AXD      TIN AND SHEET  IRON WARE      YCUll urns 111     in lA XingTon  Fraiikft  lilts      SIX 1 0 1     Clover   Corn   Timothy   lied Top   Orcluird OrasB   BlueGra ss   Millet   llungarian     Alieml of al   Trnln will i     lionr after 8 i    Washington streels  For furilier Infori  H  M  F     J  MF Hi   KUXkx     R ent      Oilier Koads     n for passe ngers any  it lU pot  Kightli and   lalion apidy to  1 1S  Agent  Lexington   Jell  i ass  and Ticket  12i      UCWNGHAHS DV   WHISKERS   wllf change tho heard to   DKOA  N  or black at discretion  Being in  one preparation it it easily applied   and produces a permanent coior  that  will not wash oflT      I BEl AUKD BY   R  P  HALL   CO   RASHUA  N H    Sold by  ll Dealers In S odicins         TIIF VKUV BKST   C i II 1 1  S      siiitl   ifooliii      nderll e imn edlate Muu ryisi onof M r  F VT   I  VUGI 1 UX  at yery I OWFST fign   MAYSVILLK STUIUIT  M l   STLIILIXG  KY         irp JOB FllOTINO     BURNHAM S   15   fiSa     WARRflNTCO BEST AND CHE  PES7   Prices re iuced  Painphici J n     lilLLIIlGWPLlES   Works    C i ti lstiana  lAincaster Co  Pa    OpTvTj    Jiraver St f luch   Pa       J  W  JORDAN S      Sale   Feed Stabil   JUA YSVILLJ  STJiEET      jNKAK OLD JAIL     xr    ri  iSiij K      I HAVK ivci uMy purelj   Lnaaii s an I ll  j es   liirai  ili good turnoiF  vtoiintaiii trrtders arnj    hrougii tlie city toi  ville  can have Uiei  by b aving thorn wf  hie          I lIE DKMOrRAT       T   st  e x X4X3 to         m n   I            Jituunvfi          Foit cnu i iT I oruT ci kkk    JOHN R  P  TUCKER    NO STEAUNO IN IT    W c arc astonished that  inany  Democratic papers  and Repub   lican  too  for that matter  com   pare the troubles in Maine to the  Louisiana Steal of 1876  and even  term the discussion in Maine a  steal  The charge is utterly false   The Maine election case has  been determined according to  the law and the Constitution  and  it is only one of the results of  obeying the law  While it hurts  the Republicans this year  the  ne  t time it may cut the other  wa    It is a two edged sword   and cuts impartially     ir STK ETO A OOOH MAN    _itJ rtH btr  ratifying to many of   the friends of Judge R  Apper   son Jr   to know that at the Cir   cuit Court Just closed there was  made a full and final settlement  of his accounts as Kxecutor of  his father  the late R  Apperson   and that there was found due to  the estate of R  Apperson  Jr    over 8 13 000  The record show   ed that Judge Apperson had man   aged the business in a carelul and  prudent manner  The estate of  R  Apperson  at his death  was  complicated and hard to adminis  ter  and to Judge Apper son s in  tegrity  patience and uprightness  is due the fact that the estate was  rescued from insolvency  and  over  86 000 collected and dis  bursed    IIONATION To1  U M Tl S tVlIIOW    Some papers are advocating the  appropriation  by the Legislature    ol   in  H 0 to the widow of Judge  Klliott  Kentucky is no insurance  company  and we are decidedly op   po sed to any such misappropriation  of the pulelic funds    Set this exam   ple and follow it out to its legiti   mate extent  and  vou will hankrni l  the  state  appropriating money to  the wiilow s of distinguished men    I fo wling  T  en Democrat    The Demock at first made that  proposition  and secs no reason  to abandon it  The State has  spent thousands of dollars for  marble slabs over its dead heroes   and we fail to see why it should  not donate  5 000 or  10 000 in  lieu thereof  to the widow of the  man who lost his life  simply be  cause he was a State officer  Fob  jywed to its legitimate end  it is  siiiiji  a precedent for making  a doi fon to the widow of ev   ery State officr who is murder   ed or killed  because he does  his duty as such an officer      I The  Milleimiinn    I Don t he sean d  it has not eomt   hut we wereju  t thinking how near  it would he  il every man would  pay oil  all his small debts and start  even with the world this morning  Men will think you know  and you  must just i ermit us to enjoy  for  brief period  the luxury ol rolling  in imaginary wealth   of jiutting tlu   past behind us and leeling that no  man owes us anything  sub   seribers all paid up  and all our  debts paid  That s wealth for you  Who wants more than that   iood  health  the brst  society and kindes    eople in the world  and a libera  share of patronage  we are conteid  Hut mind you  we werejust think  ing  and subscribers have not j aid  many men owe us and we aie not  out of debt  Mow  seriously   we  speak for every man who does  crixlit b isine ss  If you want to  help us r iijoy the happy New Year  which we sincerely wish you  Y ai  can not better demonstrate it than  by paying your debtors      Written for tlie 1  kmochat 1      V00nST K K       HY liAKKY TAVLOK        Gen  Hewitt  will enter u  on the  d r  barge of his duties  as Auditor   ne x t Monday  We wish to reiter   ate a prophesy  heretofore made by  the llKMOCKAT  that he will make  the lx s  Auditor the State ever had  and he won t get mad  if he is beat   en  either    r otes     Xotire to CtnuUdatcK      Philadelphia Times    Governor McClellan is recovering  from his late illne ss very rapidly   and expects to be much healthier  han usual long before the next pres   idential campaign opens    Jii tt So    llichmond Herald    When Har llooms Abounded  at  any time of the night tlie streets  were full of late loafers  Now the  lonely midnight wanderer finds a  town given over to honest rest and   lUi tn s  So mote it be    Don t Toil Jiel n vc It    Memphis Api eul    It is again reported in Washing   ton that Mr  Tilden has said he  will not again be a candidate  be   cause the constant worry consequent  upon active polities lias tohl heavily  upon liim  Democrats who know   say they think the report is this  time true      The Lax I nir    Carinijlon Commonmeallh    Murder  robbery  swindling  and  as saults on the jierson are on the in   crease  and in some parts of the  State  ill eoii seiiuence of the lax ad   ministration of the law by tlie con   stituted authorities  regulators are  meeting out  justice under the  Lynch code    The  hneriean Toaelies    Ilii luii  llube    There is a touching similarity be   tween the toadyism laid at the feet  of Grant anil that which has been  vouch saverl in times jiast to other  pi ripatetic imperial aspirants who  have landed on our shores  Verily   the American people have a mag   niticient capacity for making as ses  of themselves    Tritelis Can He    Maysrille Eagle    The wastful extravagance that  exists not only in Kentucky  hut  all the Southern States  is the out   growth of slavery and idleness   As a people we will have to rid our   selves of it  in order to become inde   pendent  and make the best out of  the changed conditions wrought by  the war  Work yourself  and thus  save the cost of a hand  The surest  way to accumulate riches is by slow   steady gains      U h f Mot    I hiladelphia Times    If a republican returning board  could steal a State goverment   two United States senators  and  throw in a pr Sntent in Louisana in  1870  why can t a DemociTitic return   ing boord steal a Legislature and  Je government in Maine in 1879    k l retl to James G  Bl aine and  tibal Hamlin  Because not  fy no steal is contemplated    mocrats  in Maine        This novel is chiefly remarkable  for the dramatic impetuosity of pas   sionjand ol action which pervade it  It i r  sents scarcely more than two  characters of novelty to those who  are acquaintetl with the many  works of this prolitic author  Sir  Henry ljt e can be said to rt semble  the Baron of Bradwardine  without  the broad shade s of his eccentricity   and the lovely maid  his daughter   Alice  is moulded in many respects  on the engaging character of Flora  Mac Ivor  without that intense and  elevated enthusiasm by which the  Scotish heroine was distinguished   The most prominent iiersons in tin  story are decidedly Cromwell and  Roger Wildrake   one the rej resen   lation  if an individual  the other of  a class  The character of the form   er is portraye l in a masterly style   The author follows the best author   ities in representing Cromwell a  an enthusiast  whom the sincert  proli ssion of  pertain religious tenet  and the political activity springing  out of them  had tirst raised to emi   nence among his equals  but who  then  becoming fired by ambition  and success  followed up those ten   ets  and exagerated his i rofession  of them  not because they tifforded  him any sidritual happiness  but as  they supplied him with the most  efficacious insliuments for the pro  mofioMofhis power  Some of the  I  s ser fwituns in Cromwell s char   acter are also developed in  Wood  stock   with great felicity  such as  his confused style of eloquence   when he wished to mystify his au   ditors  and to refrain from commit   ting himself  that occasional men   tal inebriety that urged him him to  issue orders  of which  in a cooler  moment  he repenterl   and that se   cret remor se  which  even in the  height of his power  perpetually re   minded him of his share in the trag   ical death of his King    Wildrake is a perfect picture of  his class  with not a singjt ouch of  exaggeration  He is one of the loy   al  im  overished  gay  liffffious  gentlemen of that day  wakc  from  the tomb  and presented to uVa t the  most racy period of his TM  nce   Faithful under every circuOdance   to young Charles  and yet accepts  favors from any one who is disposed  to offer them  and ready to under   takeany service for friend or enemy   provided it will afford him the  means of renewing his inveterate  habit of di s8ipation  Scott  in this  work especially  shows a thorough  knowlerlge of Sluikespear  Many  of the idioms  which contribute to  give the language its peculiar tone   are traceable to the Poet of Avon   To our mind the introduction of the  Restoration disturbs the unity of the  story  It is quite a new  scene has   tily gotten up  and requires the im   agination to pass in an instant from  the year Ki    to 1060  It does not  harmonize with the train of feelings  which had been awakened by the  previous current of the  story    The beauty and grace of Alice are  ina great measure  disenchanted of  their effect  by the new situation in  which we find her at the close of  the book  surrounded by chubby  children  and herself no longer that  fair vision whom we met in the  early part of the work  and followed  with  so much interest until she dis   appeared from the Lodge  the guide  and protector of her sovereign  Be   fore leaving this book we feel dis   posed to give a brief sketch of the  character of  Sir Henry I  ee  The  portra yal of this old cavalier is more  worthy of consideration  as it seems  to be an attempt at the union of the  rediculous with the sublime  which  has been so successfully accomplish   ed by this author  With many  writers a rediculous character is al   ways rediculous  and laughter must  still accompany his exits and en   trances  But the author of Wood   stock understood his art better  and  had real human nature to more pur   pose  and in this regard he has evi   dently taken Shakespear as his  guide  Men are not all weakness  or all fortitude  all folly or all wis   dom  all dignity or all absurdity   According as circumstances sum   mon their different qualities into  action  their conduct and demeanor  may at one time be laughable and  rediculous  and at another noble  and magnanimous  It is this blend   ed character  whose opposite pecu   liarities contrast each other  that  most sensibly affect a reader  The  freaks of a man from whom we  look for nothing but what is redicu   lous  are stale and tame  compared  with the exhibitions ol vanity  self   importance  or irritability  which  e scape from men of sober tempers  and dignitied demeanor  On the  other hand  manifestation of feel  ing by the morose or light hearted   ofilignity and fortitude on great oc   casions  by persons at other times  I rwliculous  are jirecisely what a    reader of human jr ature likes and  j appreciates  The unexpected de     velopment of a better heart over     powers our prejudices  and conduct  that is great in itself becomes yet  greater from the recollection of  pa st absurdities    Among the heavy cattle at the re   cent Fat Stock Show in Chicago   i were the steer Gov  Morton  3 190  pounds  Burnside  2 870 pounds     Hoexsier Boy  2 040  and Nels  Mor   rFs  2 840 pounds      Late News brevities    Sub scribing for a newspaper is a  mere matter of dollars and sense    A tire at I aducah tm tht  30th de   stroyed iiroperty to the amount of    l iO  IOO    Danville has two turkey packing  establishments that have killed  7  non during the sea son    A tire broke out in Boston on the  28th  which damaged the cit v two  and a half million dollars    A Clark County man prophesies  that on the 8th of  lanuary ice will  be eight inches thick on all the  streams of the State    John B  Arnold father of James  II  Arnold  the slayer of Robert K   Little  is said to have killed a man  many years since at Lancaster    John Flagg  of Troy  is eighty  years old  yet at a riding  school ex   hibition he jumped his horse over a  five foot hurille  beating all compet   itors    The prisoners confinr d in tne  I endleton County jail escaped S it   urday night by knocking down the  man who was attempting to lock  them in    Henry County Local  Within  the corporate limits of this town  there reside twenty nine widows   all of whom are more or less good  looking    The post office department has  considerably increased its  black  list  of persons and firms to whom  either the delivery of registered let   ters or payment of money orders is  forbidden    Col  Dick Jones  of Louisville   wants a sovereignly conventioti to  revi se the State constitution  A  great many persons agree that the  organic law will be changetl in no  other  iianner    William A  Drown  who svas  said  to be the largest umbrelU manufac   turer in the world  died at Philadel   phia on Saturday night  aged sixty   nine years  His estate is estimate l  at  1 000 000    A Dublin dispatch reports that  the bishop of Cleveland  Ohio  has  forwarded to the bishop of Ross a  draft of  1  MM   being part of a col   lection raised iti Cleveland for the  poor in Ireland    Filteen  sea going ve s sels cleared  at New Orleans Saturday  includ   ing eight steamships  The exports  of cotton were forty six thou sand  three hundred bales  the largest on  record in one day    A l oy working a printing press  at Atlanta  Ga   was caught by a  piece of the feeding machinery  and  his heat  drawn under the cylinder   It was crushed to a pulp  killing  him instantly    A girl somnambulist in New  Nork was found suspeiuled from  the sill of the third story window   screaming most piteously  She was  rescued  but did not wake until safe     ly landed in her room    The little children of Hon  R  E   Little did not know of his death for  several days  and went about the  nursery crying  why don t papa  come home   The dead man was  notcxl for his devotion to his family    Mark Twain s great grandfather  was  Jen  Casey  one of the framers  of the first constitution of Kentucky   and for whom Ca sey county is nam   etl  Mark Twain s mother was  born near Columbia  Adair county   Ky   and Mark was born in Fen   tress county  Tennes see    An ex jienitentiary convict nam   ed Emerson  bearing a pardon made  out in due form  turned up in Clo   verport the other day under the  name of J  T  Smith and in the role  of mule buyer  and quietly victim   ized the Breckinridge Bank of  1    MO  He is being pursued  but  so  far  is ahead of the hounds    Artificial orange blos soms are    likely to be supplanted in bridal  costumes by natural flowers of the  most graceful and beautiful vane   ics  A Cincinnati florist decorated  a bridal dress the other day with  sprays of lilly of the valley and the  bride wore a ilress compased of the  same flower   NVhat could be more  ippropriate or charming     A telegran from Lenchars  Scot   land  on the 28th inst   says that  the intense  storms prevailing in  that section  destroyerLseyeral spans  of a bridge which was unnoticed   and a train from Edinburg  with 300  passengers aboard was cast into the  water below   some 80 feet  The wa   ter being 43 feet deep  There were  over 90 persons lost in the wreck    The emigration fever  s  ems to be  breaking out again among the ne   groes of Mississipjii  and a goodly  number of them are moving toward  St  Louis  with Kansas the objective  point in their minds  The negrw s  in Arkan sas have caught the fever  and five hundred of them are now  en route north  From the present  indications the exodus next year  will be greater than it was last  spring    A grand fancy dress ball took  place lately in the Middlesex Coun   ty  N  Y   Asylum  Six hundred  of the patients took part in the ball   and many more looked on from the  gallery  For the jirevious two  months they hhd bwn preparing for  the event  which had almost entire   ly filled their miud s  the very thing  intended  The women were  in par   ticular  delighted  and behaved with  perfect propriety  many of them  dancing beautifully    Fred R  Jaynes  a prominent  meat merchant of Paris  Ky   met  with a tragic death on Christmas  night  The Presbyterian  G  A    Sunday school had a Christmas tree  at the residenc e of J  II  Bas sett   and Mr  Jaynes played the role of  SantaClau se  He was dres se l with  white cotton batting all over him   and while reaching for a toy in the  top of the tree it caught fire  and in  an iiistaut was all ablaze  He in   haled the flames which cau sed his  death about six hours afterward   He was married but a short time  ago  and leaves a young wife but no  children      TO THE DEMOCRACY   OK I ll 1    13th Jailicial Disfrief  ciiiiqm sctl of  flic Coiiiities of Italli   Moiitaonicr v   I owfll  Kstill  I t c  Oivslc v   lciiifcc   I JlioK  Wolfe iiiul  Morgan    Fellow    ifizeii s     1 have been prevented  thus far     from making a personal eanvass for I  the nominalion for the ofliee of    Commonwealth s Attorney of this    District  by reason of injurit s rm iv  1  e l by being thrown from my buggy  a few weeks ago  but 1 hope to be I  able to be among the people of the  various Countii s before the assem   bling of the primary conventions     and give them an opportunit v to  pass upon my claims and  pialitica   tions for the position to which 1 as   pire  In the mean lime I requ  st  my friends who have  so kindly ten   deriHl me their influence and sup   port  to protect my interests during  my unavoidable detention at honie_     I am it Democrat of the old  school   and have rendered as much service  j to my party  as any man of my tige    I in the  Slate  anil have never asked  i for an office at its hands before  I  love and cherish the   iinciples and    purptxses of our grand old party  and i  bow with loyalty to its practices      hence I submit my claims to your    action in the nominating conveii  j  tion  and will abide the rc sult   Should you generou sly commit to  my hands the party flag  inscribed  with our glorious oid motto  which  ought to be written in letters coined  of sunbeams upon every patriotic  heart   equiil rights to all  and ex   clusive privileges to none   I will  bear it alott through the conflict of  the canvass of 1880  and plant it up   on the ridge of victory    Should I be your choice  and the  discharge of the importiiiit duties of  the office devolve upon me  I will  discharge them as fiiithtully  fear   lessly aiul efficiently as my ability  will permit  Respectfully    JXO  T  IlAZELRIGCi    West Liberty  Ky    Dwember 13  1878      Dry Goods Bo              bUY THE BEST          5g  01d Reliable       FOR     They are the Cheapest       il S oT         J     FURNITURE     And tlie ti  i ie    0 iier ill_v  that tlioy dctairdiiu d   to rediic   their l i   stock   witiHi huiichi  for pi Uiiijit cash hciorc the recent  lieavv advtuiee   1    1st  OF JA l VRV      nd in order to do so have resolved to sell all goods  i        j      t   OLD PRICES    Whieli is ten   cr cent  les tlnin nm ktvt vaine      Your Cousins  Your Uncles    v our Aunts   lOijLy odf Txi        CALL ON     J  W  JONES     THE     Jeweler     GOLD AND SILVER  Watches   DIAMONDS      Jg     Come  tlien  and do likewise and we asaire you tluit   twill never  ive von tlu  I  hies      We have a very hetivy stock of Comtuon  Mt  iium and Fim    Cloaks  Circulars 8   Dohlmans   Wliieh must he sold during the next thirty days    Prices from to  53     Secni e l are tiins by callinu    iit once   Ve Inivcii hirge sujijtly of   Dress Goods  Flannels         Cassimeres  Blankets  Prints  Domestics    Notians  Joans    CASINLTS  IlOSIKin  KMT GOODS  LAP L ODLS    BOOTH AND SHOES    CHRISTMAS GOODS   IX AlU NDAXCK    l t   Conntry mereluints ciin he sujtiilied at  lowest  inotations    SAJfUELS A TRUIBLIJ      FOR YOUR NEW YEAR  li     ROBEUT T  SMITH    Bristow Hall Bali    MOUNT STERLINTG  KY     HAS AN IMMKNSF STOCK OF     J     We would suggest to our farmers  for we don t know how oftenth  time  that the surest way to keep  tlie degs from killing their sheep is  to vap their sheep off for dogs and  let  the dogs kill soinebotiy el se s  sheep  We hate to be eternally  hammering this thing into the peo   ple   minds  but it will have to be  don4   it seems      Report of tlie Condition    OK THE    ILiUU  X1UUUUU1  LfUUil    At Ml  Htorliii     in the Ktute ol  K  ii  tiicky  at the clo e or biiHiiiefiN   December 12  1H79    Ur iOI Kt KN    I oanH  iml dlBcounts   10Ji lE9 4 2    iverdrafts  4 052 SO   U  S  HoiuIh to secure clrcululioii     50 000  K   Due from approved reberve aaeiits 20 007 7 5  Due from otlier National Hanks     t2 RH    12  Due from State Ikinksand imnk rs 74   Heal estate  furniture and ttxlurcH 7  K 0  K     uiTenl expenses and taxes pultl    1 NH 40   Ciiecks and other cash items 27 W   Bills of other Hiiiiks 2 270 00   Fractional currency tincludinK   nickels  72 5 1   Specie  Including gold Treasury   ccrtirtcute s  I ii75 40   I gal teiider notes Li  500 00   lU demption fund with IJ  S Treius    urcr  o per cent of circulation    2 2 50 00   Total  5241  lOH 4 5   1 1 VIUMTIKN      upUal stock paid In S  50 000 00   Surplus funtl lo ooo oo   Undivided protits 1 4 5H 71   National Hunk notes ouUtandlilg   44 400 00  Individual deix slts subject to   clieck 126 200 06   Due to other National Hiinks 7 iH 24   Due to State Hanks and bankers    8 2 S 4 44   Total 3241  ItW 4 5   State of Kentucky  County of Mont   gomery  hs  1  H  R  Fhkncii     ashler of tlie  above named bank  do solemnly swear  that the above statement is true to the best  of my knowledge and belief    H  H  FUENtTI  Cashier    Sui scrlbe l and sworn to before me this  12th day of December  1K79    C4E J  F   MILLER   Notary Public    NVM  STOFEH    Correct  Attest   C  BR H K    H  F  COCKRELL    Jan il U Directors      Don t Yon Forget It    0   NEW HOUSE    NEW INVOICE   NEW STYLES       Buttercup Boiiiiets    The latest tliiiii  out   Beaver Hats    Stylish and Dashiiiu    Elegant Feathers    Bihhous and Bead  Trimmings all the rage    VIW  MAG  KAGAN is with us  ami  is the best Trimmer in the St ate     Oire us a call      Respectfully      Mrs  Addik Chinn     28 tf Mrs  Henriettk Cai k          FUHIT        Chairs    LBZL 3   SPRINGS      Mr  Smith i s the Be st UNDKRTAKl Ul in Kentucky and pre   serves the dead in life like iippearance and free from odcr  His charges  are retisonable  and all of that distasteful  xstentution common in under   takers is avoided bv liim      B  F  BERKLEY      ASBERFiY OREAR      Berkley   Orear   II WKTIIK l  lXESr STOt K OF   STOVES  GRATES  MAN   TELS  HARDWARE  CUT   LERY  TOOLS  GLASS  and QUEENSWARE    In Eastern Kentucky  The   CHAMPION MONITOR   Cook Stove  over 500 in  use in the county    Also the Omaha  Kentucky  Belle  and 50 other varie   ties  Every style and  price      Wishing all their friends  and Customers a happy   bright and pros   perous   NSW YEAR    I Eighteen hundred and sev   enty nine was ushered in with  the darkest and gloomiest  prospects  It now bids us  I adieu with a wave of prosper   ity and a promise of better      happier times than often  bless  the lot of man in this poor   troubled world of ours    It is with real genuine  pleasure that we congratulate  our friends upon this tide of  actual prosperity  and vrhile it  is bringing joy and happiness  to them  it tells us plainly that  oiir days  too  shall be happier    that former hours of gloom  and despair shaJi be known  no more forever    We are now in the twelfth  year of our existence as a firm  and  tis hard for us to realize  that  situated as we are on  Maysvilia street  in the very  heart of our city s business  with all the noise and bustle  of a real live people and filling  five floors with our goods  that  but a few years ago we hung  out our sign in a quiet  retired  spot on Main street and had  only one floor upon which to  store our merchandise    Our friends have aided us  in bringing about this wonder   ful change  and we thank God  for giving us such friends  If  our prayers are of any avail  they shall have them  our ad   vicr  will be given as gratuit   ously as ever  the coldest drink  of water by summer and the  warmest chair by winter shall  be theirs  civilty shall be  withheld  ho pains spared to  nake our friends comfortable  and at home in our house    The style of our business  will not be changed  It has  grown dear to our hearts  com   forting to onr souls and the  pride of all who know us    The closing months of the  last year indicate with unerr   ing precision that our sales  for 1880 will far exceed any  year in the past and with this  certainty before us we will at  once offer our goods for LOW   ER PRICES than this market  has ever known       UVD   I   OF    loliii I Hi       MAIN STREET      1 7   STERLISG    KENTUCKY      S Tl LL continues with a full line of Fur   niture  at prices to suit the times    The uiuiertnkers department Is still un   der Mr  J  K  Tipton s care  with a full and  complete assortment of   Coffins  Cases and Caskets    Of the latest design  ir   rOHLAH  HLACK WALNUT  AND METALLIC    In sizes to suit all  Also   WALNUT CASKETS    wiUi Hroafl Clotli and Draped   the most  eletfant piece of Funeral Furniture ever  ottered to the trade  Also   sJlisLXLt Oa s ets    covered with Velvet of various colors to  suit any age    1   Tlie demand for Shrouds having so in   creased in the last year  we keep in slock a  full assortment of the very latest styles to  suit infunts or adults    Satisfaction guaranteed in everv case    Tliankful for the liberal patronage hereto   fore extended tome  I remain as ever your  obediem servant    lOO tl JOHN LINDSAY  SR      FIRE  FIRE  FIRE      Insure your property agaln st loss or dam   age liy tire with   A  IIOFK MAN  Agent    Kei resentlng Ten of tlie t est companies in  TIIK WOULD    Ko val  of London     Lliiit  of Iliirtf ord    N ortli Aiuerica of I liil    Mag ara of   pw York    Franklin  1 liil    Xorlli Itritisli A Mer   lilt     Lancasliii p of Flngland   rndt i writcrs of X  V    Maniiattan of V    Newark of  1    Policies i ssned willioul delay and all  Losses Promptly Settled       2 1 00b  000  7 307 411   6 116 426  3 ooo noo  3 117 000   3   000 000  10 000 000  3 302 168  800 000     I am S1 K   I  L AGKNT of   Royal Insurance Co    For Montgomery  Hath  Powell  NVolfeand  Morgan counties    AI L LOSSKS WILI  HK PROMPTLY AD   JUSTED AND I AID BY  ME   Without Discount      I am agi iit for Fish Brothers      Celebrated Wagons    UKST ON KUDU WUKKI s    A  IIOFF MAX      C A IjnL   A T   A  J  WYATT S   FOR YOUU   GROCErilES      Fresli lot new Hint coni    hominy and wliite bean i  just received at A  J   Wyatt s    A nice lot onions just  received at A  J  AVyah s    Xew crop New Orleans  sugar and molasses just  received at A  J  Wyatt s    SOAP    Just received a  nice lot of railroad soap   made in Piiffalo  N  Y     ind   ut up in J lb bars   Made by a new itioccss   at A  J  Wvatt s    CmilSTMAS    A nice lot fresh candies  tind lire works just receiv   ed at A   1  Wyatt s    The lincst Smoking to   bacco in town is at A  T   Wyatt s    Just received a new lot  of tlie best rio eottec over  broiiglit to Mt  Stearling   it A  J  Wvatt s      AT      DICKERSON S         FIRE INSURANCE ASENCYI   HENRY JONES  JR     HI i irr  A r M  L     I Of EH     SOY S    A YSITLLE ST      t ii  rni   i HOME  YEW VOJili       EIHE  I S SO    i 7   O V OE E llL l  rii EY     OE H A irn OH n    Of LEY  OE UrCEiaOL   COYTIYEYT l I       Catliearly I Secure     Will u     1   I HO HETL 3     I also rc nv  r i  nic Miillial    Trnvclor    Aci iilciil liisiu     t o  Id  I  AND PIU   T rl As    fOM PA N I I  S     yl vxf  s e rrr  fiti  000   000        oo ootK      OG 0 000      I i  000 000           00 ooo    on  MltSTrj ASSco N  ahiis  I OSSES I  AID   II   lO NKS  J      jlic Jn jurniip r omp rvA ol New Jcrsiy  an  12 Loiti     Fiiney Box Pajietcrics    Fine   aid cases    Handsome H vmn books   Bibles and Poems tor the  holidays    Klemint Toilet Sets    Writimi  Desks  work  Boxes   c    Ladies  Toilet Sets in  Itiindsomc cases  contain   I ing brush with cellnloid  I liandle  celluloid comb and  i  iliite glass mirror   i Musical Instruments    I Music Portfolios and  Music Rolls    An entirely new and  beautiful stock Photo   graph Albums    Mark Twain s Scrap  Book    Notions  Blank Books   Drugs  Medicines  Paints   Oils  Wc   at 5V  F  Dicker   son s       

Mt. Sterling Democrat: 1880-01-02

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Mt. Sterling, Ky., Kentucky by D.B. Garrison
   Montgomery County (The Western Mountain Coal Fields Region)