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date (1902-04-03) newspaper_issue SPOUT SPRING TIMES. 

90 Celts • Year ■'AduM^ 

We are lere t« lelf Qij Citjr. tie SirroiiJiig Craitry iid Oinel?es. 

J. B- BHrfher. Jr.. riUishcr. 

VOL. 7, 

srol Tsrill.\(;. KV., TUriiSDAY, APRIL 3, 1902. 

NO. 14. 

A Big Reduction. 

on Ladies' Misses' and GMdrens' 
Ca\pes, Jackets and Furs. 

Wf havfoii hand a stock of above gooils whii-h 
We ara closing oM 

At Cost. 

If you want any K 'oda in tliit line clieap, 
call and piin hiise before the Htocic is picked 
over. W e al.«) have a f» \v Overeoa'.n wliich 
we will yell At Cost to close the lot ; aloit, a few 
pair of Heavy Boots for Men and B »ys on 
the same terms. Don'i foiget tlie place. 

Shimfessel & Waldron. 

Log Lick. 

Clielt King sold two cowf to Hen 
ry Lilly for 160 00. 

Troy Piieliett sold a horse to F. 
K. Elkin for lOl 90. 

John Matherly ^old to Jaoll Par- 
ker a hoiTC for it'i.'iO. 

Cliarley Puckett pold a horse to 
unknown parties for 105. 

Man Stone wtid »onie cnrn to Bob 
Gravctt at $8.00 per barrel. 

Easter showedAip as usual with a 

cold snap and snow and rain. 

Mr.'.. Nora HooNe, of Pilr)t View, 
visited A. T. Ogden last week. 

Thos. Lowry is very »ick and is 
thought to be taking the fevvr. 

"Uncle" WiUian Lowry is very 
feeble ia health ait this writing. 

^^'iIlie V iuKhn and sister, Mi-'^ ' ],,\v;u)rc of one cent a day were 
Flora, visited their sinter, Mrs. i Jill to L^ct divorec on tliat ground 
Tuttle, at Winchester Saturday there would be a startling dislo- 
cation of society. 

and Sunday. 

Severn! from here have been snm- 
moned as witnessps in the Sim De- 
zarn trial for the killing of Louis 
Stores now goirg on Irvine. 

Robert Eada and Charley Puck  
ett, the fninniis rat killers, nnc 


" Twwt v  ars a;;i), as a result of a 
severe cold, I lost iny voiee," write 
Dr. .M. L. .Si-arbr nigh. of Hebron, 
Ohio, 'Mhen began an obetlnate 
rv- i-niiffh. F'\ -ry ririiedy kii' wn tO 
ening last week killed 80 rate, and ine as a pra'-tieintr physician for 
it' wasn't a very good evening for •')•'  yeaTf, failed, and I daily grew 
ratseither. We would like for you worse. n iiig urged to try Dr, 
to eome this way, boys. Kiiii; s Nt-w Disei.very for Con- 

. » sumjitioii, (Jo\igh8 and Culds, I 

THE GREAT DISMAL SWAMP. f„u„t| quick relief, and for last ten 
Of Virdnia is a breeding ground j^^, y^.^^.^ f,.,^ t^an for t«o 

of Malaria germs, Soislow, wetor 

years." ri sitively guaranteed f « r 

marshy ground everywhere. These ^„ J , ^.^^^ ^^^^y^^^^ ^y C. 

germs cause weakm-^s. rliills and 

I BenJ. Stone sold to R. H. Grav- 

marvel at I be multitude j ett five barrels of com at 13.00 | er 

cut oir by Dr. King's barrel (b livt red. 



of maladies 

New Life rills— the most distress- 
ing too. Stnmaeh, Liver and Bow  
el troubles -Dyspepsia, Loss of Ap- 
petite, Jaundice, Billiousness, Fe- 
ver, Maluiia, all fall iMfore these 
wondsr workers. )i5c at Clay City 
Lanber 6' Stave Co.'s store. 

Vaushn  Mill. 

Jlr. Bill Ware «nd daaghtar 
are down with meftslea. 

Morgan McKinney and wife 
spent Sunday with A. P. Bush. 

Morgan McKinney l.ouiilit of 
Uick King a fine horse for «7U. 

Miss May Hanks, of Howen, 
visited relatives ut tliis place last 

Mr. (iecirge Ware, of Collejie 

Misses Muyme and .Fesse I..owry 
were the guests of Miss Ella Elkin 
Saturday and Sunday. 

Mrs. "Breck" Brown, of Win- 
chester, was the j;U(  -t of her moth- 
er, .Mrs. .M.irtin, la^t wti k. 

J. (i.A'ivion and wife visited the 
latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sontt 
near Stsonir SflMNUi/ -witf- Hmm* 


Mrs. Flora Vaughn and Willie 
were the guests of their sister, Mrr. 
LenaTutfeleat Winchester 8stur  

day and Sunday. 

.Millard Low ry, of Winchester, 
visited relatives and friei.ds here 
several days last week. lie, also, 
sold cjuite a numbcr of patent 

lani|i burner. 

I'licle I'ress Evirman celebrated 
Hill, is visiting his parents this' his 80th birthday Sundiy. Quite 


*0. W. Clark traded two yoar- 
Wuis mules to John Burris for 

one w ork mule. 

(j. W. liush, Everett and itay 
Burgher enjoyed themselves eat- 
ing eggs at Allen Qravett's Sun- 


Missf's .Mile, r«dlie and Nancy 
Hush visited Misses Annie and 
DoUie Oravett Saturday night 
and Suiiday. 

Miss Mav Hanks, w ho lias been 

a number of his friepds were prss- 
"nt. "I'ncle'' Press is fut ripen- 
ing for the grave, but it is grand 
to know that he is ripening for a 
home In the sweet by and by. 

There has been S' nietliing s.iid 
about organizing a news paper a; - 
sociation in Powell county. We 
think this would be a good thing 
Mr. HurgtH r has expn ssf d bini- 
seir aii being willing to do all in liis 
power to make it a rucoess. We 
don't see why it should not be. 
Suppose we meet s  on and organ- 

('. Lum. ft Stave Co. 
fever« aches in the bones and Trjui bottles free 

cles, and may induce dangerous ; 
Farmers generslly got tbrongb m.d^idies. But F.leetric Bitters nev- } ' ^^=^= 
sowing tobacco b^ds the past week, er fail to de-troy them and rure 

Miss Flora V»ughn visited rela- """"'''if- 

ly prevent typhoid. "We tried 
many remedies f -r .Malaria and 
Stomach and Liver troubles," 
writes John Charleston, of Byes- 
ville, O., "but never found any- 
thnig as goo.l ns Electric Bitters 

50c andil. 

tivea in Estill county the past 

Rev. (lilbert preached to a large 

crowd nt the Baptist church here 
Saturday and Snnday. 

Cbelt King tcaded a good eoon 
dog. "Old Dawjfr^ to Milt. Berry- 
man for a hog aM f 1.00. 

James Howard and Ed Qombs, 
of Hedges, visited relatives here 
the latter part of last week. 

A. M. Rice's little boy has been 
very sick the paif week with pneu- 

Try them. Onyl ,Wv. Clay City 
Lum. 4 Slave Co. guarantee satis- 


To know what to do and how 
to do it are the keys to success. 

A man required by his wife to 

do huusework and mind the baby 


are of gradu.ll cr )Wth and 
Hsks a divorce in Chicago l)ec^,U8e he who exm-ts ti be the possess- 
she would not allow hira even{4ir»f eoe nuiet start early in lii'e to 
Mrs Fhirinda gpiy. who has j ft^e cents a day. If «ie millions save, 
been visiting at James Vauybns'g „f woni«'n who have done house- H..,v manv men at the age of 50 

work and minded the Imbies all to day are toiling for their daily 
their lives without a personal al-|,,pea,| when a little thought for the 
— — — — — — ' future might have given them ease 

land comfort at this age. 
' Every man and woman owes it to 
himself or herself to provide for the 
future. I you have neglected to do 
s(Mi|i to the present, now is the 
time (o begin. 

We piy (3) per cent compound 
■ interest on your Savings, and offer 
e\ery security for your depoeits. 
('all or write for ))iiiti'-ulars. 

Clay City National Bank. 

ClayCtty. Ky. 

CUy City. Ky . Feb. 8, 190 2. 

Big Landslide 
In Prices! 4^ 

visiting friends at this place, was'ize. What do you all say? 

railed home Wednesday on ac- 
count of 'the illness of her. moth- 


.Miss Fannii' Jackson, who has 
been visiting her sister, Mrs. 
Betsy Kupard, of Wade's Mill, 
rt'turnel home Saturday accom- 
pi:n'ed by her sister. 

Allen Eads la Imnm fmtf Fofd 

i|Uite siek. 

Jack Parker sold a mule at Win- 
chester court for *T." . 

.Mr. and .Mrs Herbert Heflln eh- 
tertained quite a numlwr of their 
friends Saturd.iy night. Among 
thoge present were: J. F. Eads and 
wife, Davis Hutson and wife, E. 
Mansfleld and wife, Lutber Martin, 
MisaeS .Mattie and Kvert Martiu, 
Lula and 1 enu Ugden ; Messrs Al- 
bert and Marion Curtis, Thos^ Og- 
den, Jr., Reuben Martin and Tom- 
mie F ads. 

We have a limited stock of eitcb kind of heavy Winter 
(ioods mentionetl below which we cannot alford to car- 
ry o\er, and will not do so. 

Men's Clothing in suits and Odd Pants, Toadies' 
Capes and Ja -kefs, Men and Hoys Cndcrwear, Ladies' 
and Miases' Underwear, l.adieb' Heavy Dress Skirts, 
Men's Women's Boy's and Misses' Hhteftr Comforts, 
Bhmkeis and Etc.' 

( 'orae early and get first choice. You may name 

the price. • 

We wish to inpress on the needs of llie publiu that we 
Still carry a full line of Home-made Cofllos. Also a 
u\ce line of Caskets in both white and black, also any- 
thing you may need in Men's nnd Women's RMbe*. 









For rlri iilur of hit famos. »nil n-iponnlble 


Awrna*** HaM at W—UP» HI— ■ 

Rvfm ti thoii«»ni1« of jraiuaiM In posltionii. 
Ctos(»r rull BMlitrw 4-aarw. InrliidlDg Tui- 
tion, Buukx itri lu Uiiilly, «b .ut fM. 

Siortbud,Typ»- Writinfr, aii iT«ltgTapb7,Spteialiua 

■VThc K.ntiirky CnlveinUr DIploin*. ondnMal, 
»w»ritril gfRHualMi. I,Hrr«r» CoarM free. If o««r««l. 
NvTBMtiM. Knti-rnnw. (]r.i)ai tc«.acc«Mfal. 

In oriirr In kiirf K »i- Irllrrt rtarli u; addrtm OMy, 

WILBUR 1%. SMITH. Lexlm 

Started a horrible ulcer on the leg 
of J. B. Orner, Franklin Orove, 
HI, which deied doctors and all 
We understand that a Sunday j remedies for four years. Then 
school wiMJbe organised at Snow i liuckien's Arnica Salve ouijBd him. 
Creek soon. Just as good.fmr Boils, Boma, Bruis- 

••Uncle" Buck Berry will soon f''"^ Corns. Scalds, Skin Erup- 1 •) QL^^Y CITY, KY. 
move to Brush Creek, We '^^ ^' ^' ' ^ 

to him. * 8UveCo.'e store. 

I Clay City Lumber 

& Stave Co., 


R. A. Irvm, M. Ot 


OLAV orrv, ky. 

B. LrrriBMOC, M. O., 





CLAY CITT, . - - KT. 


ri l(I.I81IKI  K  IIKV Till KMIAY. 

J. B. Birghcr, Jr. Tablbher. 

SulscrifiidD RaU's. 50 Cents per year ic ai- 
vaicc: mlernisc 75 Ccits. 

Kiitpnd iiK Fefiiiid-flitr's iiinil niiitic: 


For tln' o'livenifin'e of our Piib- 
n-tiliprc, nr- linve qrninged clul  latec 

uitli tic fi'llowini; | id pen at prices 
I'l low iiu iitiuiii il : ^ 

CVuiii. ft 00 
" ( itn ihi :iti Kiii)iiirfr l id 
" I.Miii vi)lt' Coiiiimriial 7"» 
•* Home and Fflrin T5 

ANN »rN(i;.MKNTS. 

  lUI I IT   I.KKK. 

W'' .I'.' :iiitli  ri/)- l t 1 iiniiiniiici- Mr. 
W. T SiKiNt^rR. iif Cliiy City. ii« ii ciiii- 
fiirlln' « Ui  f  'iri-iiit rierk nf 

I'-U-'ll I'ollI t_V. Mllljv  | til tlll'lll-tioll »)f 

I ' i I' iniH'riiiU- |iui'ty. 


.F ilm - I". M  Kiiir:cy \\t ut to 
Irvine Mondii.v t»ii Ituhiiiest*. 

Dr. J. T. Breeze, of Col. 1, II ill. 
was ill this section the tirit of tlie 

Mrs. .JoeCiisliv h.-is lieen very 
low with iiiciiDh'S hut id mmie 
I etter now. 

K:i-ti-r 111 « 'rvi cl licri- liy 
■ Mir people ill tlieir iisiuil inaii- 
ner— feiiBtintt   n vvcfi*. 

Fred Tipton, who hitR lieen liv- 

Iii;r 1)11   ■( «• ( 'r«   k for •^(.mc time, r( tiiii * i! to live with hin fa- 
tlier. IIciiIk ii Tiptnii. 

Ehl. B. S. Buii:lier wiis .mII.-.I 
to Virden on Moitdav inorniii): to 

i-' iic!ii'-t fill:. T il -I i \ i -ef» fiver the 
liii- ..f Mr-. \\';ir»'. 

l)i: 11. .M. U iiilMini, who huiit 
a new liouse liint ftill, id now iie- 

;;:iiiniii;: to improve hin yard hy 

-n\\ iijLT fi. ^rif-s and of .•. 

W . .1. ( liri-topiicr i  iiftt iiiy in 
  priii;; ^ and i- ready to 
aeeoniinrwlate hiK rnnt«»nien» with 
V liat tliey need at reawMiahle 


B. L. Biirj;iher and family are 
•lown with measles, .Mr. Bnr^rli- 

er, who hii- iil-o l.eeii allli. tcd 

with i*i« is in a very had ^ 

.'•.lliiit Kill. 

Tom .Mt'Kiiiiiey lias  -(.iiiplfled 

hia house and ia niovinfr imck to 

ills place here. T'.ni ] • a ^o(»d 
whole-soul fellow and has a 
hearty welcome i»y his old iiei;:ii- 

The trrand jury closed it-; work 
Siitiirdiiy .ifter mrliiiii:.! ii!iiii!i  r 
of indict iiieiits. We learn an ef- 
fort wna made to itet an indict- 

liieiit ai:;iinst (Jeoi-.- ( '(iiii:Ietoii 

r..r the killiii- of Will Hockin- ' 
hammer imt failed. - 

.Maria CnrtiH, whose serious 
ronditi in w»f  noted in our hiHt , 
iHaue. died at the home of her | 
.-oii-in-law . I'cny II;iII, Safnr- 
day. li^irial Sunday at the old : 
Salem (cravc yard. Funeral aer- 1 
vices \ty Eld. B. 8. Burglier. 

of this year.— Valley View Ar- 

Owini: to the adulteration of 

Kentucky M;iei:r;i   seed with 
the inferior Canadian products, 
Senator Blackhurn has brou^rht 
rlie mnttor t.. the tateiitioii of 
I lie AyriciiltiMMl Hiireini. It is 
proposeil to put a tar II on the 
Ci,inndiun article that will stop 
its inipnrtatiou. 

A . uuj)le stej.ped inl" ;i M; 
trate's ollice in Louisville to ^et 
married. When the Magistrate 
announced that his f( e would he! 
two d.illars the j re ] e.tive 
;frooni kickeil. "Aiirt 1 worth 
it?" asked the hln i|iin!r maid. 
"Not to uie," s;iiil tlie prosjK'ct- 
ive iirooni. "W ill, tiiere i  them 
that thinks I'm worth that 
inucli,-' said the maid as site 
walked our. lliusemleda Lou- 
i! ville romauce. 

A ( "lii. ..zo w Dinaii li:'  a*ked for 
a divorce l.eciiii^ lu-r liusliaiid has 
no standiiit: in swell society. 
This must he the limit. 


I'i'n:ril In flv«  rol.-»r« and r'.-. 
t. I. '.I'l Th'- 1. fi • •'.- rT"!''- 

Hfb mnp of th*- Inited Sratr- 
; xhi- worl.i \Vt!l made; 30x 
■i i I h  V ati t sFlls ror $1.00. 

To (vrrjr •ubflcribcr to 



, who \jty - -ix m )ri;h  it. ii'lvnno' 
' t*'-"' I»'r }'i T. or I'-j'ni for 
i r./ n li-. Ill advance. 


I PrSntfLv Bwilding. Lexicgun. Ky 


A tvaUy liotilthy womnn has St- 

■ I' ll I '.r ili Mnifurt at lae | 
luf.ii tin i) itcriotl. Jio woman 
tu-ifli* t» hura nny. Wine ofj 
' ■■■r ' \ (|uickly roUeve tilosc 
si:i ir: ii. _r nii-ii-lnj:il paluM SOtli 
tlrag/ui/ lieaU, back and 
•; io nchtA I'iiu^v-d by falling  .f! 
tl: ■.ij;), ,11).! irrc^jUlur iiK-ii.stv. 

, broii-rlit penuaoeiit rolkf tu 

|l,f lii.i.i ,. \\  i'|i.n  ijffcri'il 
fe\My monilj. U mukcii ilio lucii- 

strn:il urgaoa utroni; and healthy, 
iiti-. llic jifivi-i .ii Iliad, liv .V.i- 
ltUItt in give woiucn rt lk-f from 

the tcitrlble ncbea and paUM which 

I bli^'ht g o many hoiiiea. 

Oanvv/ooD, L*., Oct. U, 1900. 
Zhavobc«u very aiok for time. 
I was t.ikcn '•'ith % aercre j.a n in iny 

Isl.l .'ur I -o'l' ' not get aiiv r« : ' f i.ntl 
£ t-i. 1 a l)oi IM of Winc of (.anlui. B«  
I fore I bad takno all of it I uai ri:liu\rit 

Maa. M. A. Yoi mt. 

I f or adTinrar"!' .rmp- 
Cbaituntioga Medl 4iie( u., Cltut^wxi^, T  iui. 

The Ii. dr A. is having two new 

hH'omotiven htiilt hy the Baldw in 
  'onipany and hat contracted for 
l N) coal «-ar8 to i)cconiino late the 

inereaae of buainMa tliat will re- 1 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

M.It from the con.plefion /'^l.c "1^,^ p^-^^^j j^^^ 

road t4, Beattyville 1 tin e.x- ^^t. mixt.irc. IWtin 

Iiect*d that the road will becom- ^,,^10. :i.'icent.  for 4oz. \l. Lit- 
l Ieted to Beattyville by June !»■ tlepag* ft Sod. 

by local upplicationf, as they can- 
not reach the diaeased portion of 

the car. There in only one way to 
cure deafness, and that is by cun- ^ 
i»titiitionMl renudicH. Deafness is 
cHUiM^ hyan intlanied condition of 
tin- iiiiici»n.« liiiiiif; i.r llif Kiistiicli- 
ian Tabe. \^ hen tins tube get» in- 
danied yon haw a runihlini; sound | 
or iiiiperrcci hcHrintr. and when it; 
IS eiitiii !y closed dciitncj^s is ilic re- 1 
suit, ami unli80 (be iiitlainatioii can 
be taken out a*id this tulj« reatoretl 
tl) it' nermal condition, lii :irii) ; 
will lie destroyed forevei : nine cm 
sei  out of ten are caused by ca 
tanli. which is iiotliing hut mn in- ! 
tl iiiii-.l condition of llie mucous sur- 
faces. • ' 


We will give One Hundred Dot- , 
lurx for any caifie of Deafness (caus-j 

cd i.y c.iturrli ) that . an not he cur- 
ed b_\ ll;ll^^ Catarrli t are. Send 
Tor cir(Milari . free. 

F. .1 { iiiM.^ * r..., T..Iwio, i . 

S..M I.y Iiijiir-isis. ;.".c. I 
Hall"- l";niiily pills arc tin- bei^l. 

Ill iiiakiii:: love, -a- in ni.ikiii!: 
hooks, a  :reat deal depends up-' 
on the press work. 

Send :;*jc in stamps and cct full 
trial treatment of NVi!-.m i- .M .r- 
|.iiiiie Cure. Corp. WiIhiu, ChI 
vet. 'IV.\. 

\V.»xTan — Several- penons of charac- 

ler and K'^'d reputation in earli -int. 
(one in tliis I'miiity re«iu!red) to r. i i  - 

sclit 1.1(1 c t;il.!i~l.c(! WCiiltliJ l il inc-« 

lioiiHC ut Mulld liiiaiiciul otiuidiiiK. S iin- 
ry ♦!« 00 weekly with expensctf iiddi- 
ti. .Kill, nil |.ii\ii1i!c iiicii 'li eiicb Wednc^- 
(liiv direct fri'iu lieml (.tlicc:'. Ilursc iiml 
i nrriii^'.   fnriiislicd. wli-'ii ii.m . SMiry 
Ikeferenceti. Kiickwe wll'-iiddn'sscil 
vtamp^ envelope. BInnugi r, 810 Cn \ 
tun Building. C liiraiio. 



•OTUiiBf Ton taTOTit orimmo^; ajwjnt 
PROTECTION. Send model, ak etch, or photo, 
for freo examinatioa and B^^*!*' jj Mt 'm 
befbre patent. 

Patent Lawyers. WASH I NGTON , D.C. 

Don't pnv tno rxtrifc p^^'lta wh'^n you hiif 
earrl«Bf» nnrt harnM*. TVal unij ihi' f.ict 'r . .. t "ur Inwr-t wii lri.rtl   ntr». Oiir •vBtrni of 
aallll.'.; i.n-'i tu  iMh m.*r. .* 1:1^' Iti"lllah'll cf i'l :Inr» To  ;irr1ni;'' • r-* !ii t'\iry corn' r ff the 
cou.itry W ! quot.' tliebiiaif rBt. 1 10 yiu tliiil (. o . i t gi\ p I lie InrgiKil wliulnwlu JuWwr, and wa 
olTrr V" clio » ' from mil li no uilier .1' nl  roaa •iHiw. WUfeavaCT JianilMW 

we stl^*' til''  'r'uiUti.t Kuaruntt'p. irit .•nolln evcrr ^^l  ' MiiUfaotOfy. |WI CM NtSia iM MMN 
W au unil we wlU pay froliflil ctiuriri x l ilh ways. \Ve i jn aK i 

Save two Profits 

f"r ;. I'll iin liariu ss om'I utii' r Imrv   'i 1 H" 
Wr.t.' f'lr our fr'v laiihiraleil cftlAloqii'' In ^' ' i' l' 
ilr-K-rlhe iti   l iiL-iil.«, purrvys. plui'ioii-. ri' . ihi'i hi.v* 
mu-;.* our fnctory famous lor tli.-:r lil.h c sili' I'l n 1 
wall aotU your nvvil l« iiiorf prmliiE; wriiL- tunlu/ auil 
hav« tha oaUlogtM br jrou lor f uituv uac. 

THi eoLumut caaaiMi a wmmess eo., 

e»ltt«fea«, a., P.O. tai 771. 
SL Unit, Ma., p. 0. i«« M. 
Wrltfl to momt oflbm. 

N 1 irt I;iii!«jr. Vn fP»M 
uitl. iniilH-r •lOnrirr it'K 
Sliipiuent I uluiilai*. 

('• W;i  Ii iri- 

The Whitest White Cake, 
The LIghtes Light Rolls, 
And Flakiest Biscuit 

Aro Mn«lo WhoM Von T'wo 

Pear! and Bakers' Pride Flour. 

M Wl I \( II Rl It l;V I \i\ Ji KOLl. VEK^AlLi.i:S. KV. 

'i.-l I by our Leading .Mi r. liants. 

It i- money to tin' jiockef o! 
1 !;.' I.rl•llol:;i^t to fi'. l a head. 

I t.r :;oc ni Mumps «iii mail a ful j^j^g Qthei'; EvBry Sacfc Guaranteed. 

irial f»f WiUon's Tobaeeo Cure. 
Never fajis. W rite to Co p. Wil 
-on. Calvert, Tex. 

A Po ni«T 7sr Xnvcatort. 

If jMii wi h ji.tfr |.i.t -nt I iisIiieM 
|.!-' |fily iiiid pri.iii|itl} (I. 111.-, ^cIul it III 
-will iNc Co., Patent Lnwjcri*. o|i|H» itc 
V. S. Patent oWoe. Wnsbiiigton, 1 . C 
riicy liiiM- II.. (li -ii tiiiti.-d client. Write 
il.iMii fill- ill. 'ir c..iifidHtilinl letter; A 
I'l.Mtil ciii'tl M ill I I'iiiK^it. .1 il it limy Ih* 
Worth money to yuu. &cc llieirjidelM*- 
I wliere in thiK pafier. 


Wanted 75,000 Pieces of Fur. 

To Trappers and Deplers in 


Consumption Cured 

Kaxily IJy the 


Kcnienil.i r that I mh still .ii the mail^et ai.d ihi^ seusuii hetter 
than ever prepand to pay jou full value for 

Al Kinds of Fur Skins! 

Those uiio h'tve sold to iiic ill the pai't will testify to my fair 
aKsorrnieiit niiil prompt payinent. l)oi**t he deceived hy uii - 

'piotcd circiilari'. 

W. R. CASSIDY, Clay City, Ky. 

A ».il'li. r "lio .-i.eiit t»o ye(ir  in 
the i'liiiip].ini-it dise«»ver«d and j 
hrou|{ht home a aertain cure fofi 
Conwiimption and all lung eom 
pliiims. I'artii-uhirs and pnMif 
frci- f r.'iii j 

Calvert, Tax.; 

W« Vannfaeture 

Sash, Doors, Blinds and all Kinds of 
Building Material and Shop work* 

aad ssU at Uvsst SaAst friss. I«a4 fUr IsOastss. 

Winchester* Kya 



Machinery Repaired. 

VJc'^ eeo 0 Stock 

Steam Fittings, Belting, 

lios« and Clactrieol Suppiiaa. 






hv our now i:uc-iition. Oiilv thuse lx rn deaf are incurabls. 



nALTiMoac, Md . March jo, i 


.... , ncinii entirely cured of d««fnM*lh«iik.loyWlreMme»i/l will 

1 fu'.t '.i.tuivuf mycsM. lo b* Mc4 at yow ateiction. 

V Uy. years ago my riglit aar bagaa I0 riog, aod tbU krpi on grtling wotwt. nalll I l*a 

rr.y li .t..»a cl II1U car •nUrcl*. 

I iiu;!. nvciit 8 treatmctit («r catarrh, fortlircc montlui. witliout nny kucccm. cohmiUoI n niim- 
fierof V'v aniona aUwre, the no*t eminent mr kprci.IlM uf iIiIh ritv. who ( .M .i" 11 t 

ri!y -.T o)icralion cmihTlictp me. and even that only tf iiii«^r,ii 'ly t)i;.i thi lKrill h'.im , » .,,iM 
l.tenc' .1 but tUe hcarinfr in the affrctrd t ar wfx.lil Ik- luvt r. 

Gasoline j&n^ines 

In :(, .5, 8, and 18 horsepower. The 
h«»at linotrn {Kiwer for larmera and 


The preii cn which this paper ii priat.d 
iadriven by a Haf^an Engine. 

L.T. &CfiAS. HAOAN, 

wnramfift it. 

I nny MKccaa.   

. , . - --^ — - - , . of lliin c:t\-. 

ri!y '.1 o)icralton cmiltThctp me. and even that only tf iiii«^r,ii 'ly t)i;.i iIi. Ik: 
' -n 1-' .1 but the hcarinfr in the aflfrctrd t ar wot.lil Ik- luvt \. r 

I ilr 1 S.1.T vour a Ivi ni»einf III rn . iden' ally ill a Nt w Vork Ji^njer, ami i.idcr. il yuiir Ir.ut- 
iiiv!!' .\.: r I ti:i'l i:~' l it u.ily .. f' w .t'lyn acvuriltnn tu yuar dfrtctkMUk tb« MutwaccaanL awt* 
to 'I .^ . . r:  r Tu'. »•   t.. III. lic.inii'.' in the di ea»ed car liaal»ec» awti nl y ta W e nM . lllmAya« 
ii '.111% . .i'i Id I .•main V-iy truly yours 

I- .\,\\ HUMAN - ^ n-. Il.llnii'if. Ml 

Out' ti'cattueut UoeM not inlfr/'ert  trith iftmr u»niii on upatiou. 




APRIL 3. 1902. 


The river was very high Sat- 
urday and 8and»y. 

Dr. C. D. Mansfield wm down 
from Stanton Saturday. 

The Doctm repmrt teveral new 
oaiea of measles in town. 

Losby Mclntosli, a vuuii : man 
of Saras, was here Tuesday. 

Dr. J. T. Broc/.r, of Cohhllill, 
was here tiio first of the week. 

Born, to the wifo of T. Hood 
oil Friday, the 2Hth ult. a daiigii- 

Mr. aud Mrs. H. C. Wannouth 
arc visiting relatiTet at Ironton, 

The railroad (•oiiii)aiiy is juit- 
ting up a new water tank iit tluH 

W. A. T. Mansfield, of the 
Rosslyn Roller Mills, was in town 

Billy Snowdeii is still vere low, 
Itiit his iihysicians liave hopes of 
his recovery. * 

Mr. and Mrs. Kussell Muuntx 
ure the proud parents of a bran 
new baby girl. 

Miss Mennie Curry, of Bour- 
lioii county, is visitin-i her cons  
ill, Mrs. J. U. Easter. 

No Easter services were held 
iiere Sunday, hut the egg niarkef 
was Kood on Satorday. 

The warm spring weather was 

sncceeded Sunday inornii) ; with 
wintry blasts and colder weath- 

Tom Stringer, wln) Iuih lieen 
nick for some time, was sent to 
tlie hospital at Lexington Mon  


Trv ('haiiil eiliiiii'H Stomach 4 
l.iver Tablets, the best phonic. For 
Mie by all dealtrs lo paiota ni«di- 

olBjM. . 

The Allied Party whose pur- 
jwse is to unite all rcforin forces 
against plutocracy met in L.oui8- 
ville yesterdky. • 

Elil. B. S. Burger's cottage is 
going up and will he «'oiiipleted 
ill ;i few tlays. It will beforrent 

w lien linisiied. 

The Mutual Ilaii'lle (' pany 

has contracted for another large 
ware room in wbich to store the 
products of their plant. 

Killes Ware, of Marshfield, 
Ind., was siininioned lierc Sun- 
day hy the death of his mother, 
Mrs. Emily Jane Ware. He will 
remain for a few days visiting 
his Iftothers and sisters. 

This paper might l*e filled with 
items like the following, and every 
oee be tlM abaolute tratb. I bad 
rheumatiain for years and tried al- 
most everything, but got no perma- 
nent relief until I used Chamber- 
lain's Pain Balm, three bottles of 
which cured me. It is the best 
medicine I ever used. — Philip K. 
Rhnads, Pennsrille, Mo, Pain 
Balm is for sale by all dealsn ia 
patent medicines. 

The I^exingtoii and Eastern 
railroad is receiving hids for KM), 
000 yards of ballast tracking, cov- 
ering a distance of about fifty 
miles, ami entailinjr a cost of at 
least |U(),000. It is likely that 
the contraet will be awarded to 
the American Stone and Ballast 
Company, of Cincinnati. When 
the job is completed, the Lexing- 
ton and Eastern will have ballast- 
ed tracks from Lexiiifiton to its 
termination at Jackson. — Win- 
chester Democrat. 

"A neighbor run in with a bottle 
of Chamberlain's Colle, Cholera 

and Diarrhoea Remedy when my 
son was suffering \\ ith severe 
cramps and was given up as beyond 
hope by ny regular physician, who 
stands high in his | rnrct*sion. Af- 
ter administering three doses of it, 
my son regained eonseioosness and 
recovered entirely within twenty- 
four hours," eays .Mrs. Mnry Hal- 
ler, of Mt. Crawford, Va. This 
Remedy is for sale by all dealers in 
patent medieine. 

William HocklnhammerShot Dead. 

Hill Ilockinhaminer, of this 
place, was killed at Miller'sCreek 
Friday by George Congleton in 
the hitter's store. It would he a 
very dilficult task to give a cor- 
rect account of the deed, as we 
only have llyin : repbrte to judge 
from. Hockiiihamnier was huri- 
ed at Stanton Sunday. Funeral 
services by Rot. R. A. Irvin. 
('(uifiletoii has been cleared on 
his examining trial at Irvine. 

A soldier doesn't necessarily 
undergo a surgical operation 
when deprived of his arms. 

Notice to Claiiiuuits. 

All persons holding claims a- 

gainst the estate t»f J. E. Burgh- 
er, Sr., deceased, are hereby no- 
tified to file same properly veri- 
fied with either c»f the undersign- 
ed on or before April, loth or 
same will be barred from pay- 


All })ersons indebted to the es- 

Hurjrher, Sr., de- 


Mr«. Fmily Jane Ware died at 
the home of her son, T. B. Ware, 
at Virden Saturday night, aged 
77 years of measles. Burial Mon- 
tlay at Brush ("reek. Funeral 
services by Eld. B. S. Burgher. 
She had lived a consistent mem- 
ber tif tlie Baptist church for a 
nuniher  »f yeras. She leaves six 
living children — four sons and 
two daughters— T. B. and Hbt. 
D. P. and .lohn Ware, of this 
county, and Killes Ware, of 
Marshfield, Ind., and Mesdames 
J. W. Baker, of tins place, and 
Weeden Adams, of Virden. 

e««A for UeamatltiB. 
Last fall I was tak n with a very 
severs attack of moseular rheuma- 
tism Which caused me great pain 
and annoyance. After trying sev- 
eral prescriptions and rheumatic 
cares. I decided to use Chamber- 
lain's Pain Balm, which I had seen 
advertised in the South Jersey man. 
After two applications of this Fem- 
edyl^ was much better, and after 
using one bottle, was completely 
cured. — Sallie Harris, Salem, N. 
J. For sale by all deaWii la paa- 
enk medicine. 

CUy City in The Liit. 
The 2o per cent, flat advance 
in tire insurance rates on frame 
store buildings, merehandise 
stocks and special hasards recent- 
ly decided on in New Tork went 
into efi'ect in Louisville and Ken- 
tucky generally March 17. An 
order to this eflect was decided 
on Tuesday of last week at a se- 
cret meeting of the Goreming 
Committee of the Western Un- 
ion, in whose territory Kentucky 
lies. At u previous meeting of 
this committee it was decided to 
leave the (juestion of the advance 
to a bulletin ballot of the mem- 
bers of the union. At Tnesday's 
meeting this ballot was formally 
canvassed and it was found that 
the requisite IK) per cent., had 
voted in favor of the adf ance.— 

9 ■ 

Follow the Procession 


New York 

Racket Store 




Who claim to he headqnartei* for all kinds of merhandise at the 
owest Cash Prices that Fiist Clasi goods can be sold for 

16 Pounds Oranulated Sugar $1.00 
Cordova or Arbuckle's Coffee 8 lbs. $1.00 
Bakers' Pride Flour $2.20 
Pearl " 2.40 ^ 

Superfine " 2.00 ■ 
Soda 12 pounds for 25 cents. 

As to Dry Goods, Notions, Hats, Csps, Boots, Shoes and Cloth' 
inp, wpdt fy all competition. Wc huy our goods dricct fioni New 
York, muke the |trice8 right, allow you top prices for al! kinds of 
produce — pay Cash for Railroad Ties. 80 eall andsse bow much 
aoney is saved in dealing with ua. 


Truth prevails in the end, but 
a lie always leads in the stretch. 

'Vhf: question has been asked, 
''In what wajr are Cbamberhdn's 
.Stomuch & Liver Tablets superi- 
or to pilUV" Our answer is: They 
nre easier and SBore pleasant to 
take, note mild end gentle In effect 
and more reliable as they cun al- 
ways be depended u| on. Then 
they clean«e and Invigorate the 
stomach and leave the bowds in a 
natural a ndlti  n, while pills are 
more harsh in effect aud their use 
is often followed hy euostlpetloa. 
For sale bf all dealers in patent 

It's Up to You 

Wlietlier yon pay n high price for a medium-class work or a 

Medium Price for Higli-Class Work. 

If yon want a Higb^Oaas Worii at medium pclee go to 


Watches. Clocks and Jewelry Repaired and adjusttd at reasona- 
ble prices. He is headquarters for tlie 

Hail Order Business 

For anything you want, es|i((riaily Watches and Jewelry. When 
vou wiinl to iiuy anjthing, eonKull WP'RH, be will tdl you what 
you ou({ht to pay for it whether you deal with him or not. 

The Pebble Sand Oil and Cias | 

,, . ,,f Mt. Sterling,, apital stork «'» ''"©by notifaed to 

i|iUH»,(KM) tiled articles of incorpor- 
ation with the Secretary of State 

Webb's buildinjr will soon be 

ready for oeeupaiiey. The paint 
ha  ln'i'ii ap|)lied on the outsicle 
and the huildint^ is otherwise 
Hearing eompletiqii. 

A moveiueiit is 011 Uuft to start 
a sniMcription blank for ^ pur- 

l»ose of raiHiiig a world's fair fund, 
and thuK raise the IKM^iHX) which 
the Senate puHHod but which fail- 
ed in Um Hottoe. 

come forth at onee and settle 
same with ' either of the undo*- 
8igne l. 

B S. BrB0,.K«, J 
.1. A. ro.x, \ 

It*s a pity tiM average man does 
not hise bis toagtto when be loeee 

Ills head. 


Don't forget thin •• ill ce when you 
need soy kind of Job Printing. 

Toe eaa get eokned Coquille 
Spe^aeles from W. T. Webb. 

tkU •ifskhir* la oa evary bo  ol tb* gcnuin 

uiiative BrMDoKhdoioe ^^'^ 

Os Tm WMt a rsaitUa U lUrUat 
In eommeieial, iadestriel er fduea- 

tionnHliiex-.' Tf m , addtSSS WUh SlSIII|i 

, , „ J V 1 for full particulnm. 

Haled Hay, Corn and one Year- dkp.\KTMENT E. 

ling Bull near Indian Fields by | Florida Industrial Keeoid, 

J. M«.Biifh. JaeksQovllle,Fto. 

A  .'""d nianv loofe habite are 
nothing: but ni;:btr(.bes. 

rsrOssgfeSOad Cold* im CkiUrta. 

"I have not the slightest hesitan- 
cy in recominendiug Chamberlain's j 
Cough Reoicdy to all who ate suf- 
fering from coughs or cold," Hayt* 
CbsB. SI. Cramer, Ec*! , a well 
known wateh maker, of Columbn, 
Ceylon. "It bee been some two 
y  nrs nince the (Mty DiHp  nsHry first 
calleil niy attention to this valua  
Me medldee and I have repeatedly 
uwd it and it has always been ben- 
efieiul. It haw cured me quickly 
of all chest coldn. It is especially 
•ffsetive for eblMrea and seMOm 
takes more than one bottle to cure 
them of hoarseness. I have per- 
suaded many to tvy this valuable 
medieine, and they are all as well 
pleased as myself over the resiilfH." 
For sale by all dealers in patent 

Main St. opp. Depot. 





CiitM ffirk sii hit ii tie week. 
Frcsb Groiid BolteJ Mtal iIwijsm bid. 
Qrinda for ooe-sixtb tole. 

Old newspapers for sale at this 

Sold \)y all Newsdealers 

See our line of samples for suits. 
B. Ltttlepngt A Son. 


I wish to sell my Dwelling and 
Store House cootaining a wall se- 
lected stock of goods with a niee 
trade done built. Situated on Main 
Street. One of the mo«t desirahle 
Stands in CUy City, Ky. Terms 
•tsj. For further partieulan ap- 
ply to S. W. nplos. 

Ta« T' lam« ot Umm, Ch*lc« C*»yrl|ht 
CmnpmMmm lha MM pofolar kutbun, 

Oace a Moath for 25 C«nU. 
• YaaitarS«kacrl|»tloa, $2.00. 

Six Montiis. $1.00. 
lu one year 70a get nmilf SM PM«* of MMle, 
eomprUluK U2()omplate PleewfortbePVuM. 
I( booabt lu any miitio More at oM-hali n*. 
waiiUlcartStt.00. II you wIllMnd iiiUwdmm 
•iKladdmiol riv« iwrfarBMn on Um PIuo 
atOl^. «• wtllMMyoaaMmiiloeapT rrM. 

J. W. rtrfUI. fyMtolier, 

■li^er - 







..»'. • t. 


■ I 





• » 


1 1 

Uncle Sam's 
Mail Service 

requires physical and mental 
ability of a hi;jh degree to 
withstanJ it  Iia; J I./curs. T';c 
high ten-inn to which the 
nervous system is constantly 
subjected, has a depressing ef- 
fect, and soon headache, back- 
ache, ncuralijia. rheumatism, 
sciatica, etc., develop in severe 
form. Siiih uas the case of 
Mail Carr'.c^r S. F. Sweinhait, 
of Huntsvillc, Ala., he says: 

"An ■ttack of iineiun. nia kft me 
wi'h inu.-culsr rheiini it. ni. i.Ai !.c. 
anJ i- i;r.- l;.Jl : • ' ■_■ r'l   ■■ r 

me. 1 ^ ^1 - * • ii" '• ■ r 

about a Hi' nt:i w I . .i J t ■ „'.ve 

m5'... Pain Fills 

and Nerve Plasters a trial In t) . -r 
day* I wat asain on nw ai. ; : i 
twci weel.s I was (rei fr' m uAin abi 
gaiBiag in flesh aii i ! tre:'^:L.'' 

••14 by All Orue i5t . 
Or. MllM Madical Co., Elkhart, Ind 

1 r 

rr.-ere|«iri ■ n • 
Itiw 111 oci- -.-i' 


XII 1^^ 

Winchc^tL) IJaiik, 

N. H. WiriiER!»rof. -. Pre*. 

Winchester, K . 

Capital Stock $200,000 

Surplus $20,030. 

^\'«' solicit thf afCi'imlM of iinli\ id- 
iinlH. firiiiA ami corii'irRtiMi'ti. .Vi'i 




104 TIMES A YEAr? 


Tl.f TWICIi-A-U LLk COL klli^'- 
JOUR.NAL i- ili ' l»" t \ A\   v |iiM, -li  il 
i'l ilif I'lii.Hd . liiti - Ti r Ill" i j*; l-n; il . 
nil ifiiiii'i  It is the •• |ii!il i f 
IV'I'i'i* iinil llip fiiiftTiur III' iill illii r J 
 M (iil-\Ve« klte«. f leiiry WNltfrrHiii.hd- • 

The WVdiiHMlMj' \*f.w ic d«*v  frrt in 
NeMB Mnitfru, (h«* SiitiMtluy icMif lu 
H'e IlriDf. RMtnule copicn •■t i)t free on • 
iippHciiti«jii. Addrraa. * 


15i'riiii-',  ;i I'l'iiii-x Iv,i;.i. jt tirt' 
t'i tlu' jt,';iC', , wliu is !i1m  piv."!-! 
• It'iit  ti" ii l.inik, ~t hti'i.i i'il tlirci' 
ulrl strikers to j.iil, tlio pcdplf of 
Iiis f( wii iii;i(U' ;i lui-k run i-ii !ii« 
b«iik. Tlif I'f llii  i  iliat ^ 
a juptioe of the im'ik o flimiMn't ' 
I If nii.vtliii)}!: elst'. 

Plans of Tbe Intei-V.baa leai. 

Til • I.t . ;in;:ti'n I.i'ii 'i r -.i.v- of 
tla* (i|iii] inc'iit ami i»l;"Mfi nf t'.is 
r »:' l : 

"Clii. r r,K',-.ri. ill I jiu'i.icr 

Will. -it \. Wnn.l, i.t lhl' IMlIC 
( il :!-: ( 'lUi.^oIilljiN l! Tlill tiMIl 

piiiiy, IiiiH htiiiiii 1(1 ilraw i hiii. « 

for t !ir I'M ! ; ; ,1 ny*- ' 'n TH:. ;  JmV, . 

tT liouM'. 'i 111- iMiwi-r liiiL-t' i'l i:il 
represent nn otitlny of l»i- 
fii !fSiH»,iMM , am! •*] .'I it 

i- -l id. \\ IlCIl i nlU] t'tc','' !■ piii - 

jic'l witli l) iilfi , j.ipiu:: ;n;'i i: ii- 
chineiy. It will I e iii!n' ' with 
I'l'iv i 'i'!' f":tl':i ity ;iinl 

wiil 1 !• j i i 1 i l  (Iciillllt il i'lT 
tlif   | . I ; : i; 1 r ti ll IT twi iVf (•- 
ItM'trir roiii' . l.izlif. ! • 1"' 

1 tiu IT w i'l 1 nil I'll. 1 1 •! \ I'lil'M i-!i- 
I A i.i'in l!i - till- iilf.i !•« iii^ 

ti' li-Iil cvf. \ f ii III lion^i- ill t !.'• 
IMiM-  it it Lii'ii r.i'iii iIh- I "I:.- 
1 .Mi  i iir-. ;in 1 i ri-\ i .■■ -.11 ] - 
i-i- iii-i .! ',1 I'.'i- ■•' »■ i:.'! ..! l.K ;n 
I . Nil I'M"' I ii  ii iiii- y ''f '"■••ii 
i-i iid I"i t !' • ''i'l I'l'tiit. . ; i : I • 
;:, , .1 V iil III t let: K 'n i . ..- 
I'll !: • .•li- til i-'.i-'l .!i;'i ~n!i- 

.!;!■ M il. *i !. • 1 \.\\.\ ' .111 I !• !■ IM- 

■ y ' \ * ill I iiv »r. t i' '11 I', t '.  
« ii ' i-r »'i' I !■! t I.I" I iill »   : 

r;.ilti..iil will I'ivcv'-'' ill .ill i'if' - 
I till.'. 

\V. T.   ;«-i"ii::..- . ' '■ M!...;'i-.. k. 

!.■ ' : .-. • i • I'll-. 

..i-r ;  '!.i i \ !• . - ; i • t !  • l:"iif-t _\ 
I'l tii   " ri!'|i!. M-d ill ti:i' iiiilii 
•t r\ i'M- "if mir :."vi ; niu-iit. and 
iill. Ily :ii li.'i k up hi-  tati'inciif ^. 
Ilf tiMik :i »''vt r (I'dliir, piisti'il ;i 
l»:»Tt» i ! 1'. i   r and \vr  f*' on on*' 
i(!i' (lie flddiess i I ! ' .ii.:liTi r 
n'ln '.V; s \ itiiii ill .\' 'A V"ik. 
.\lt;n lii:iL' .1  i|. '-. »-llt  »illll|i lie 

•ii' i|i| cil tlu* tlollar into t.'ie mail 

|l»o\. . !i i two (l;iy« liiti-r r IvimI 

;i iin'c til. Ill lii- d:iiii:iitiT lliitnk- 
iii;; liiiii I'lir Ii'- ii'im ! L:if t. 

1 he Kc\. Irl tlicks Almanac. 

Till* Hvl  tMli»l III ok i.f I'l f) - 

' in not only ;t \\  '.V nfiiit nf tin- 
! Iiijii i-iii' r. I''ii it i-ilii iiii »t iM.m- 

jili tf illili Villlllil'ii' liii'il; 1 h .\-'-. 'i- 

.•iMiVHiui .Mft*- »ri ioirv f -r r.Mt^i ii. 
ill- fiiipid in the worlil. Nn wilder 
till' fi:-' iiliti'ti o' o'M li'iiilii.i 
tluiil-;ilid Wii." iili'iiit i-\ 1. ii;-l  it l.\ 
tin- i-iid of .Jiiliii.' vy , I liil.ii- i-x- 

(I pted. no othrr huok  "iii !•»• foin.d 
in si  iiiiiny Aniericun hoiin-«. Tin- 

IDillimi^ li;l\ i pr'iM Il i s \ i;ihi- 

will ii'it l»- u ii hunt it. Till- pull 
li»li»'rs will  iip yly tliij* h""k for ii 
mom I) nr two for the niriiliir prii* '. 
wild the ii en-ns^'d posifiyi- ndded 
."•i-nel :io i i-nt- tu \N Ur.l ■•H 'l \\'"ik ' 
PiihlirliiiiL'   "ii.iriny, •!Vol I,M.-i|.t 
Stri-Ht, St. I.f.iii-. ,Mi( , Mild tlii'« 
-p!" iidid liiiiik will Kf iiniilcd toyon 
|.ii!.'iiii [ill ri'it p!i-« tin* year 
will ill I hiiiiie. 

Lexington & Eastern Ry . 

Fffictive Ocwhr 20. 1901. 

F. \!«T-ni i xi). No. 2 

Ni.. 4 

I'liily I'X. Sun. I'.iii 

iy 1 \ . Sun. 

. t;ilii ll^. 1'. M. 


l.v.I.cxiiititin 2:lo 


• M*iT;rlir! tfr 'i-X^ 


•• I .V .' • 1 ■ r. : ;':( 7 


■ c ' III \   ity Mil 


■• Mill. lull •■':5I 


.X|itill:il l ^ l^l■^;J• 

it •^A 

• T.ivfi;! l::!! 


■■ r« ntij\illr.Iuiic 4:* t» 


1 1 :::o 

WFKI i.ui xo. No. ti. 

N... 1. 

I tiily ex. Sim 1 'tii 

1 i'\ Mil.. 

Mill ii.iis. P M 

A M. 

I,v .liickMin 1: L' • 

•• l:i':;lt} v!lii'.Iuiic 2:1 

: i« 

•• Tni n-i t 2:3!i 


•• N:!'it;i! Prid.' 5:52 

* . ^. 

•• 1 III V   'i 1 V : : ; 

• 1. ,V V. .IiiPi'l i. 11 1 :■' ! 


•• Wii i'lii'«|i'r . . 4 : •"» 

)i : 

\i- l,i' .iii :li.i» . . . . 6;o • 

•i' -'ii' 

.1 1; I'.Mti;. fii v- 

■■I . ' • 1 . 

■ ' ■ ; r;".-|.r. 1 . 1' 

■'• i: .M.iia.A.v. t 'i 1 l'ii ^ 


Dr. B. Littlepage & Son, 

Dealers In 

Pure Drugs, Patent 

Medicines, Paints, Oils 
and Etc. 

Pr  « •! iptintis cari f'llly i-  n jwiiiiidi d. and if wi li:,\t not got what 
you want. Mill ^i-t it f  r you on i-liort notice. 



Fresh Oys ers . Fish. 

.\ i' II lilii' of Foil u'l alid I)i li cc 

tic Ki liii!—   riin r« s. I.  inons. Ba- 
il..! n-. .\ppl' - and ]'.  ■. 


( LAY ( ITV. KY. 


lo wriU' I t '•'iir onlidcntial Irtler I . 

I.iViiv t .r I'^iti'Tlt; IL m ly !' ■ w.rtii ii . .. . 

*\\- 1 r I.,; ' ■ t .11 r. ^ ii. ! I'lTtitfU 


mkJ TRADE MARKS "r retnrn EN- 
TIRE aitorocy* 1.0. hvii't miMlei, Uirtcn 
.-.r iih'.t'iand we tcu.l an IMMEDIATE 

PREE rt'port on pa'iiiuFi ity. «r ifivi' 
t!i.' 1 -t l.'k'il !. »r\i(i- !• I :i l.iif, ui. 1 I'ur 
ciijr,;   :ir.; in^ «'. v u . 


PatBnt L;t\Yycrs, 

0pp. U.S. nt OrTirc.W.r - r D.C. 

If you have sou; r.-..', i. i'.;,;s't"i, L :!.cu-i.eF;', ccristipation, bad 
breath, dizziness, n.-i - ;•. : ; • ■ Irj^ii'les. t.-CKache, loas 

of •pp«tite, insoit.r.ia, 1--.U : ' . ■ r- »: . 1 i;';c.', blotched or muddy akin, 
or any aymptoma nni d  Jsi ■; v, ich tcil the atcry cf bad bow*li and an 
impaired digeitiv: 8  -.ten., I. i.Kiikoin \V.':1 Ciiro You. 

It will dean our t'...  ". -•• ^-i. "-tirr.Vil.-tc t!- 5r r r rr.J kidneys, strength'-'^ 
the mucous mem'-tar jH cf t:-c ri-r.-i. ; ■ ;;'/ ycur Ltood and put you 
"on your feet" ag:^in. Vour ar i'.':^' : v.-.'l rt-turr, y-ur L ^wcl'! move regu- 
larly, your liver atid kidneya cc-: c ic tiuuVie you, your Bkin will clear and 
frtalMn uul yoa will feci the c'.J t:tne enerfy and buoyancy. 

Mothers M-t-klnu jTi-i.. .■ i ,■ nn I r.  j tin-it linl • oncw fur ronstlr 
■ llsrrlii-a, rnlli- .n.i! Ihir l: .ii'li i. \» ;;i iii.l 1. 1 -..iltnU ii:i Mi il iin'.liilni. fur cliililrrn. 
It kri-p« tlit lr I'liwi ; ■ I . wii limit i or ^-riiu:!;.-, :i. n a (.'i inTiil toulo. a»iiliit-  
nature. aM" ili-i .'•nm , rcUi-vcn r  stlcaiiui i-.-*, t'li-ai.4 ttio ruati-il ti iii;uo, roUUMMi fever, 
l auHiK n (ri-Riiini.-. n tfolalaepaadnakoathoB woiUkavvTMiAlMMtr. 

Itl.r il .( . ■ 1/, J 

E. E. WtST, 

Lftiftkola i  not onK I' r moM tfllcicnt of f.m.ily r* 'Ii* , '. i t : t ..n Uccn.iH« it com. 

btiiM two medicinirf, vii; Lixatne and Ionic, and .' i . t.o {.r;. r. ' i . .- . ^t-.i . -  r..! f .r frf' 

 mpl* 10 THK i.AXAKOLA CO , M NawMu S.rci, ' ' . . i I r . t \ n r r ul ^■. .r druKKiM 

t^^Wt wiU tipran to any addrtM on m»ipt   ( .'. . r ; i n. f, cbaii;  s frcpaid, • 
H |* Faaily mm b«Ml« o( LuAota, raaci  m i ■ t • f • - 1 ■ ■. r 

St Loois. Mo . 
will n.ake r-ui:'!)' trips tlironli thi- 
i i -ti iii. Fr«i(2lit f-quNlised with 
Louli vil!e and   ineiimatl luHMif. 

Clav Citv Hotel, 

.1. II. ICATON. Prop 


Tiilili- -up; ;th r!,i' ii -^t th. 

iiiMiki M aiy  i'.-. Kveiylliiiiyt i»«'al 
and elfHii. I: itpff. tl.fH) perday. 

Bluegrass Nurseries. 


Fruit and   trnamentai Tn-i-!*, 
firupi* Viiieii. .\fi| iirugiii , Mnall 
fruiti» nnil • vi r\ iliinir ' )r(-ii,ird. 
• jl_ a a Am a I.H» n ami (jiirdi II. We lniVi- no 

SiTlOClern Printing^l'fifrent.^ I.ut.'ei: dire«t to tb« planter, j 

sirawl'irry -iii"!' (teneral C'al««| 

sol. li I ■ I i'ltl t ' 1 

I.E.\IN ; ro.N, KY. I 

yB Special ArrMgements : 


\\ liirli « (•  lo at 
.Moilorii I'riefH 
lias an individuality 

• ■ 


I I III I'll n .'1 •! 

AI 'lilt it that eommuiuiHS 
i\ 1 1 1 • 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 . • 




: * 


• Ml that in-xt order of 
I'rintin;: you need. 
\V - i-iin make it 
15 -i   fil ial lo you. 
Trv II- I'ln-c. 


\j .1 ll:i- 


YU\\\ «ili" ^ II- fill- Oi ly 

One Dollar, i^l'iiiirs Vm\, 

Till* \* for eaHti siilnierlptlfinH nfily • ♦ -j i/- 

aijmi:»m'.:|.i"..ii« 111 '1. r iiii  i-.iii.h.ii.'i- SSpoutapring, Ky. 

tton offHr innvi U- M'ht lliruiigh this j . 






Co^vniGHTS Ac 

* ir'h Riifl (1* «rrti»( I- 'H may 
'ir ' ['iiiKm free »(ii;i»i*T ui 

, : / I 'iietitAhle f Onifnunlra. 

tloffMStrlOtlrcoiitiiii t T |landb *ok on TateoU 
tent free, 'flic-i ' for MTuritii; uuteiiia. 

IMi'Tira tnk -n tt,i Muiiii A K u. re€«iT« 

tpf f H  tirf^ M h 1' f '  »rtf#*, iti tli« 

Sckntific JUnerkdm 

A hnnfl» »mi lf illii«itr:iii -1 weektr, ! .iri/p«t rJr- 

' fiijirion of an V i- i ' • 5 »U"iul. 'I i rri-P, %'S » 
v ';ir : f »ur ni -i tlia,|l, ^uldbJrftJI i.cwmlcjilcr-. 

MIWM t.Go.!*'*^llawlarfc 

h nfone .i-n.lliiK n * 
qulcklf MiiTiiiiii ..iir 
invanllon I* pr..h i  

Doctors find 

A Good 


for mankind 

Tffi for fv. e«fit ,ii T)rin»!it« C.mevi*, KtMaunnM, 
Sji.Kiiit, .\r«. Suo flt. Ornrrji Slum and Barh*n 
filiiifi. 1 li... f.4in i..(l..r. .l^.ji, .iid pruloiif lift. 
One Kivri rrhtt: No Di.tin sbai't ili* mailer. on« will 
an )rnu |....d. Ten umi lee and one ihoueaad leal^ 

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The Spout Spring times, 1902-04-03

4 pages, edition 01

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 Local Identifier: spo1902040301
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  Published in Spout Spring, Kentucky by Times Prtg. Co.
   Estill County (The Knobs Arc Region)