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date (1884-01-19) newspaper_issue  s   VOLUME XXXII  LOTJIS VIX LE  KlY   S TTJEID    J nSTXJ A E Y 10  1884  NUMBER 3     A WEEKtY flECOfU  Of  IQniCUtTUBE  tlV  STOCK  4tO lTICUtTUB   K 1 JTUCKY TOBACCO BifOBTEB      Correspondence      BARREN COUNTY NOTES    Glasgow  Ky   Jan  16   84    Editor Farmers  Home Journal    Owing to the continued rough weathei  for the past three weeks  farmers have  done but little work  Tobacco stripping  is going on pretty lively in many places  in this vicinity  but very few are done   L  W  Carden  Esq   is again in the to   bacco trade  He is a good judge of to   bacco and a liberal buyer  The sale of  personal property of Mr  William Hill   of Oak Grove  on Saturday  was well at   tended  Everything sold very high    Mr  Elias Waters  of Oak Grove  sold  two two year old mules and one tine filly  for  350    This is one of the best places in Ken   tucky for hunting    During the recent big snows there was  more game killed in this section than  ever before at the same length of time   The snow being so very deep  it was im   ossible for rabbits to run  and the  unters could catch them with ease   Quails also were easy to get at  Our  market here is usually pretty good for  game of all kinds  but our dealers could  not handle them this time for anything  like a fair price owing to the market  being glutted  W e have plenty of the  above named game in this vicinity  but  squirrels are not so numerous as they  were last fjjll    Mr  David Underwood will start South  with a lot of mules soon  He has on  hand a nice lot of mules  and be raised  a majority of them himself too  Mr  Pig  Pedigo recently embarked in the mule  trade  Luke Lewis had a very valuable  horse to break its leg by getting it hung  between two logs of the stable and it  died from the effects    It is now time to begin work for to   bacco beds    I presume the most of our farmers  will plant Burley again  Most farmers  of this section anticipate sowing a big  oat crop this spring    The first time in several years that our  business houses have been without good  apples  Such is the case this winter  though  I am informed that a great  many potatoes and other vegetables were  lost by the recent cold snaps in this com   munity    I notice that Dr  John D  Woods  of the  Bouiing Green Gazette  is a candidate for  Public Printer  He is a tine gentleman   and if the world were to be searched  over  a better man could not be found    Mr  J  A  Underwood will start shortly  for Valley View  Texas  with a fine jack  and stallion  J  T  D      BULLITT COUNTY    W  T  Hill s Sales   Demand for Better  Stock    Bblmont  Bullitt Co   Ky  Jan  8  1884   Editor Farmers  Home Journal     Owing to the inclemency of the weather  we are housed up in this valley  the ther  mometer registering 24  below zero  This  is the coldest spell we have ever had here   several parties in this neighborhood have  lost a few hogs and pigs  this was for the  want of shelter and bedding  I have been  more fortunate myself  have not lost or  even punished a pig for want of housing   In order to set a good example last fall I  built several hog houses and two barns  having ample room for 200 head of hogs   and as much other stock as I care to keep   It is taking more feed than usual but we  have an abundance of roughness  and corri  is cheap and plenty  selling at forty cents  per bushel  but rather ofl in quality    My trade has been booming since I quit  showing at the fairs last fall  I have sold  and shipped sixty five head of Berkshires  and Poland Chinas prior to this week  they  were shipped to various parts of the U  b   for breeders  I have just received orders  for fourteen head more which 1 will ship  as soon as I can  these all stop in Ken   tucky except three head which go to  Hutchins  Texas  this being a distance of  about 1 200 miles  I shall not trouble you  with the prices of stock sold but will say  the lowest price paid for a single pig was   15  and the highest  55  I have also sold  three grade Shorthorn calves at prices  ranging from  25 to  45  could have sold  many more but could not spare them as I  am aiming to enlarge my herd of cattle  I  brought a registered Shorthorn bull in here  last fall and have used him with good in   terest  and could have used two more as  there is not another registered bull in  this neighborhood  notwithstanding I  stood him high  Farmers are becoming     more interested in good stock here and I  think will invest more extensively during  the next twelve months  My intention is  to make an importation of stock in tl e  spring  if so will report same to your  Journal  I had a visit from a  Mr  Bottr   of Glendale  Ky   a few days since  be  bought stock and left his order for some   spring pigs  I am just in receipt of a card  from him saving   don t forget me in  the spring   Mr  Botta is one of the most  progressive farmers and stock men in that  fertile portion of the State  In justice to  the Farmers  Home Journal I will say I  am not advertising in any other paper  Thanking you for the sales you have ma le  and my customers for their liberal patron   age  I am very truly  W  T  Hill    OWEN COUNTY    Eagle Station  Ky   Jan  14   84   Editor Farmers  Home Journal    The mercury here was down to 2 8   below zero  lower than for a Ion gtime   Ice gathering about all over  sleigh rid  i  ingin full blast and snowing heavy to   night  there has fallen  since 2 p  m   three  inches of snow in six hours  The farm   ers who have good barnS and plenty of  feed for their stock  are more like wise  virgins with oil in their lamps  My  stock  up to this time  are wintering  well  having a bank barn and plenty of  feed and an extra groom  I liave ten  jacks for sale  I want a lot of jennells  and Angora goats  a carload of ea h   The farmers or tobacco growers are  always anxious to see the last page of  your valuable paper filled with tobacco  news  as tobacco is bearing good prices  from  15 to  20 all round at home for  some extra crops    The young folks of this neighborhood  will give an entertainment January 19  for the benefit of the Baptist Orphan  Home of Louisville    I arrived home from Texas a few days  ago  I was well pleased with that  country  I think it will be a great stock  country  I sold to J  C  McCremens   Paris  Texas  my King W illiam ja  k and  a combined saddle and harness stallion   Shelby Chief  Jr  I expect to ship the  stallion and other stock about the first of  February  to Texas and return by March  to my farm    I will do best I can to get the Southdown  buck I see offered to the one getting up  the most subscribers to the Far mers   Home Journal  I suppose Mr  Clay  will give me the right to  deaden over  line  or give in a few names from Texas   as I expect to be absent awhile from Ken   tucky    Ilabbits are so plentiful and destruc   tive to young apple trees  they are  killed and thrown away in some places    We have a prospect for a railroad from  Madison  Indiana  by here to Lexington    S  H  Riley  Jr    CHRISTIAN COUNTY    Garrettsburg  Ky   Jan  8   84   Editor Farmers  Home Journal    For a week we have had very cold  weather  The ice on shallow pond     about seven inches thick  An opportune  snow fell on yesterday  It is four inches  deep  Its value is great to the growing  wheat which would have suffered lei   ribly by alternate thawings and freezing  from day to day    Fat hogs have all been sold except  those which are following feeding cattle  of which there are more than usual in  this section  Our Shorthorns so far are  wintering well and are very thrifty  so  far as my observation goes  and it is my  opinion that scrub cattle  like razor  backed hogs  will soon find no place  suited to them where corn is fed and  good fodder supplied because they will  not pay such profits  Good grade year   lings are worth from 4 to 4J cents  that  will average 850 pounds   1 000 pound   fat cattle worth 4j cents  Broke mules   from 15 to 16 liands high  well built  under 8 years old  worth from  125 to   170  mules  under 15 hands high  over  14  from 12 to 15 years old  worth from   60 to  100  Good grade milch cors  worth   40 to  50 each  extra grade and  extra milking qualities with young calf   worth from  60 to  100   fine grade cal   ves  weighing 450 pounds  can be bought  at from  18 to  25 each   fair grade Cots   wold ewes  worth  4 50  almost pure bred   worth  6 to  7 each  mutton sheep  worth  4 cents per pound  Corn is selling from  the crib at 30 cents per bushel in ear   allowing 70 ears per bushel  Dealers  in leaf tobacco have about ceased buying  in the country as it sells cheaper on the  tobacco boards of Hopkinsville and  Clarksville than they have been paying  in the country  W  E  Embry      iLirrs stock  Otoe S         Union Stock Farm      BEBKSHIHE BOY 10170      A  W  NORMAN  Waverly Union Co   Ky    Breeilerof Berksiiire Hogs of the most popular fam   ilies  P ymoutb Rock and American Seabright  Fowls  Pekin Ducks and Toulouse GccKe  all of the  best strains  Stock for sale at all times  and Eggs in  st ason    orre8pondcnfC solicited  Satisfaction  guaranteed       T W  SAMUELS  S0NS   BEECH GROVE FARM    Deatsville  Nelson County  Ky       Gladstone 4447      Importers and breeders of Cotswold and Shropshire    Sheep and be  t strains of English Berkshire Hogs   Have for sale choice yearling and too shear Rams     and a number of extra good spring pigs  Corres  1  spondence and orders aulicited  Prices reasonable      LILYS DUKE OF DARLINGTON  A  J  C  C   7924    AT HEADjOF BELLEVIEW JERSEY HERD  ANCl ORAGE  KY      8IBE DUKE OP DAHIiTNGTON  son of EUROTU8 2454   DAM MIRAH OF SASSAFRAS 7137  out of COUCH S LIBY 3237  the dam of REX   1330  who has more daughters in the 14 pound class than  any other bull  living or dead    He is half brother to BOMBA 10330  record as a S year old  21 pounds  ounces butter in 7 daya   which is unequalled    Grandson of BUROTAS 2454  record  22 pounds  7 ounces in 7days  and 778 pounds in year    Grandson of SARPKDON 930  sire of Polonius  sold for  4 500   grand sire of Pedro  sold for  10 000    Grandson of COUCH S LILY 3237  record  16 pounds  5H ounces in 7 days  71 pounds in month    Dam of Rex 1830    Grandson of SUPERB 1960  who has 5 daughters in the 14 pound class    Great Grandson of RIOTER 2nd 409  Sire of EUROTAS 2454    Great Grandson of PIERROT 2nd 1609  who has flve daughters in the 14 pound class    Great Grandson of ALBERT 44  Sire of LndyMel2nd  record  21 pounds  and Couch s Lily  16   pounds  ounces    Cousin to SIGNAL 117G  who has 7 aangbters in the 14 pound class    Cousin to MARY AN ME OF ST  LAMBERT 9770  record  27 pounds  9  ounces in 7 days    I donbt if there is another bull combining the blood elements  by direct descent  of so many of the   great   uttcr fa   ilies of the country    Service Pee  S50 00  No charge for keeping cows in milk  othe  s   2 p  r week  at owner s risk    Full pedigree on application to J L  SHALLCROSS  Louisville  Ky      WA LIsTUT      BERKSHIRES AND POLAND CHINAS      Herd of Shorthorns      Wild Eyes Prince  Vol  25   a Grundy Young  Mary bull at head  Stock kept on hand  and for  sale at all times  Pure bred or high gr de  single  or in carload lots  Correspondence solicited    W  B  DALE    ShelbyviUe  Ky      JOHNT  EWING   SONS   LOUISVILLE  Ky  breeders of and deal   ers in Jersey  Holstein and Polled Angus  Cattle  thirteen fine Jacks for sale  Stock  kept on hHud for sale  also bought and sold on  Commission  Inspection of herds Invited on the  place six miles ea st of Louisville  on Taylorsville  pike  eHT Refer to Louisville City National  nk    SMon Cattle ai BerhMre lop      I am breeding SHORTHORNS from a herd  based on good beef and milking families  with  highly fashionable top crosses    Also BERKSHIRE HOGS  from pure in    ported strains  Cau give satisfaction  and solicit  orders  Some Berkshire Pigs now ready    JA8  V  GOODMAN    42yl ShelbyviUe  Ky     WICKLOW HERD    Shorthorn Cattle      Shorthorns for sale at all times  Bulls and Heif   ers from such noted strains as Imp  Young Mary   Phyllis  Cambrias  etc    1 iu  ite persons wishing blooded stock to come  and see them  or write me for prices  Farm  one  mile from Court House  W  H  HALL    Sbelbyville  Ky     FOR SJLLE    A PINE MULE JACK    Black with mealy nofe  15 hands high  6 yeare  old  well broke  with high style and a sure breeder  of high class mule colts  Good pedigree    G  W  MA80N    50 5t Chestnut Grove  Shelby Co   Ky      SA IL E    Harness  Saddle   Combined Stallions   On hand at all times    I have for sale now POUR HANDSOME  STALLIONS  well bred  broke and trained  of  the Almont Waxey blood  and one by CabaU s  Lexington  Also 15 bead nice Saddle and Harness  Horses  S  D  HINKLE    50tf Bloomtield  Ky      Beihhiie Boais for Sale    I have 4 young Boars for sale  by Sambo Cardiff    2 out of Imo  Sailie Sunbeam  2 out of Sallie Sun   beam 4th   farrowed April 24  1883  Ready for ser   vice  Price   20 each   caged with feed for the trip   if Uken toon  beautifully marked and large    Also several hands me young Sows  suitable for  breeders  Address    4 tf A  H  DAVINPORT  Uxlngton  Ky      Are still beaded by the well known Boars  BELLFOUNDEN and OXFORD KING  I am  constantly adding to my Herds the best blood that cau be procured   regardle   of expense  My  Berkshire Herd now consists of representatives of the best families that have ever been produced in  England  Ireland and Canada    My Poland Chinas are of the BLACK BESS  KINO strains  dec  I can furnish pigs in pair  and trios not akin  All inquiries promptly answered  For prices and other informadou  address   W  T  HILL  Belmont  Bullitt Co   Ky     A J  C  U  JERSEYS  At bead of herd Al   leganv Chief  2918   sire  Signal  1170   dam   OoroUa   43    fdso in herd  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AND SOUTHDOWN    SHEEP  I am breeding Pure Blooded Reg   istered Stock  and will keep coustantlv on hAnd a  supply for aale  Parties desiring to make purchases  through me  will be furnished with animals of re   Uable breeding  ALFRED M  OFFUTT     lf Georgetown  Ky       T L  SCOTT  Scott s Station  Shelby countt   V    Ky   breeder and Importer of Cotewold  iheep  has some choice Imported rams for sale   Correspondence solicited     Sly    Grand Sweepstakes Herds   Won the Grand Sweepstakes Herd Prize of  50 at  the Illinois State Fair  23 herds in competition   Parties wishing either   POLAND CHINA OR CHESTER WHITE HOGS    should address S  H  TODD  Wakeman  0   and get  frost bitten prices ol stock coming from these valu   able herds  Also send 25 cents for my book treating  ou the care and diseases of sheep and hogs  47tlS    X G  BYARS dk SOX  Slmpsonvllle  Shelby  tf   county  Ky   breeders and dealere in Cotswold  and Southdown Sheep  thoroughbred and high  grade Shorthorn 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8ows  a num   ber ef them imported  A fine lot of Pigs for sale    26 W  P  JOHNSON  Hampton s Station  Tenn     TACKS AND JENNETS   bred from prem    1 ium stock  JERSEY CATTLE  SOUTHDOWN  oHEEF AND BERKSHIRE HOGS for sale  Corres   pondence solicited      W  L  CALDWELL    llt 24 Danville  Boyle Co   Ky      V     The Household      INTO THE UNFORGOTTEN LAND    Arthur Okill sat in liis decensad friend s  oftiee  perusing  in the capacity of executor  an epistle directed to Josepli Laux  and  signed EruiyutrudeSoiithmayd  Although  addressed familiarly  iJear Joe   and over   flowing with sentimental reminiscences  it  was a business  not a love letier  else he  would not have read iu It appeared that  the writer s lather left Tnoruton twenty  years previous  owing Joe   who had then  just entered man s estate  money for house  rent  Having but recently discovered this  fact  the lady being now possessed of con   siderable property  desired iu justice to  pay both principal and interest    Such was the sum and substance of this  letter  read in the golden after glow of one  of June s fairest days  There was  how   ever  one line over which Arthur Okill  pondered seriously  It ran thus      Tire story so sweetly begun and so  sadly broken off under that roof you know  well     Yes  of course  Joe Laux knew  When  queenly Ermyntrude Southmayd broke  her engagement with Arthur Okill  all the  gossips iu the village got hold of this racy  bit of news and rolled it like some tooth   some morsel under their tongue  The  elders remembered it to this day  though  the discarded lover had at different times  honorably wooed and won two of their  daughters and had buried them and chil   dren with them under the red and white  clover bloom in Thornton s little grave   yard  Folks seldom forget things of this  sort  More s the pi y  From his rose   draped window he could see across  the way the moss embroidered leaves  under wtdcb they parted so sadly and so  coldly long ago    bince that memorable evening he had  written all sorts of bard and bitter things  against this beautiful  imperious creature   aud bad closed and sealed the pages  time  and again  only to open them once more  and re write  although for nearly twenty  years her light step had never crossed his  path    Now at last  as the day died in amber  reds along the gentle slopes of Thornton   he fell to reading between these tiery lines  penned with his heart s best blood  aud to  wondering whether if he had but refused  to take that rash girl at her word  she  would not have been touched and have  melted like wax under love s indomitable  flame  Sitting there in the crimson aud  amber sun glow  with white and pink  rose leaves floating iu at the open wimlow  like scented  tinted snowflakes  he wished   vaguely that this thought had occurred to  him then  and that he had acted upon it   As It was  it was too late  Even the ashes  of that old love were scattered  He would  sooner expect to behold those whom he  had kissed and laid away come forth in  fleshy hahilimeuts than to find that an   nihilated passion clothed anew and dwell   ing in his bosom     What iu the world are you doing   ex   claimed  Mrs  Seth Okill  opening the door  of the office from her parlor adjoining   I  thought you were going out      No  1 m attending to a little business    replied her brother in law  hurriedly seiz  ing some legal documents and making  believe to look them over   Say  Oad    recalling her a s she was about retiring    you remember the Southmayds  don t  you       To be sure I do  What was that beau   tiful daughter s name  Glenwood  Elfeu    hood  No  ttiat don t sound like it either      Try Ermyntrude   suggested Arthur   drily      Sure enough  Ermyntrude  I used  to name all my prettiest dolls after her   Nice family  biit awful  poor and proud   weren t they  What about them       She s written to Joe fr im Jersey City   and is coming to see him on business       Poor Joe  An 1 he dead and buried   this two weeks    sighed Cad Okill   She s  pretty old now  isn t she  I m twenty   eight  and she was grown up when I was a  little girl       She s thirty uiue   replied Okill  run   ning his shapely fingers through his own  thickly powdered hair and beard  wonder   ing the while how  Empress Errayntrude s   rare auburn braiils stood the test of time     Thirty nine and not married   exclaim   ed  Mrs  Okill  as if compassing the round  of human misery   Is sue after our dear  old bachelor Joe        Nonsense  You know all about Joe s  love affairs  Any way  she always held  her head too high for snch as he  or  in   deed  any one for that matter  Now that  she s rich  sue doubtless holds it higher  yet      Yes  I recollect  she was called the  Empress  wasn t she  She was so beauti   ful and seemed to be so grand  I really  thought she ruled a kingdom  and often  wished I could slip into the house and see  her crown and throne  Wheu is she  coming      To morrow noon     The morrow s mid hour found Miss  Southmayd alighted at the pretty vine  engirlanded station  and rapidly pursuing  her way toward the well known intersect   ing streets  on one corner of which was  Joe s office  and upon another the rambling  tree girded structure she once called  home    Despite the changes nearly twenty years  had wrought   Empress Ermyntrude   al   though she pulled her gray traveling veil  over her face half determined neither to see  nor be S sen  recognized a familiar residence  and bit of woodland green and emerald  sward  She had not come with any in   tention of remaining even for one day   There were painful memories connected  with the place other thoseinterwoven with   love s young dream   Then  too  there  was really no one she cared or dared see   excepting Joe Laux   The remaining mem   ber of the only family whose acquaintance  she had kept up removed same three  months previous  and were now her neigh   bors in the city where she made her home    Still  strive as she would  bitter sweet  memories crowded in upon her  and when  at length she met Arthur Okill face to  face  hers was rapt  dewed like that of a  rose in the flush of dawn      JEn XejIiyz H    5S  9I0 M JEG     The ripe  red lips still disclosed their  seed pearl rosary  there was no thread of  silver among iiiose chestnut braids   no  trace of a wrinkle on those rounded cheeks   While far younger women such as Cad  Okill  aged under nriatrimonial yoke  and   child birth pain left its traces on heart  and brain   she ret dned her splendid  health  and  althou gh she l a i earned her  bread and met many trials  was even more  regally beautiful th ui in the olden time  In early maidenhood ciitics had pron   ounced her  too fat and too red   Ttie  tendency of over iipeness had been check   ed  that trojiic d richness of coloring toned  down  and criticism on that score was dis  armed        rthurl  she cried  not flushing in the  leiisl yet with all the light of her counten   ance dying out and a strange gloom over  shadowed the warm  brown eyes     Ermyntrude    exciaimed tie    Uue inst mt these two  who had wrecked  eachothei s hope  clasped hands and eye  met eye in searciiing  yearning gaze  then  the lady said  quietly enough outwardly    Tuis is an unexpected meeting  I  regret being so pressed for time  I am  obliged to seem abrupt  I came to see Joe  on a matter of business  Is      I know  I know    replied Arthur Okill   interrupting her    sit down  ple ise  I ve  something to trll you      She sat down and he told her about  Joe 8 death and his reading of her letter   He could not reach the necessary papers  for a day or two  he said and in the course  of a week  would be obliged to visit Jersey  City  if agreeable  he would be happy to  wait upon her there      Taught by tears and calmed by time    there was little more said on either side   Mrs  Okill was summoned and chattered for  about fifteen minutes after which her  brother in law attended Miss Southmayd  to the little rose banked station  pressed  her hand and bade her good bye    Miss South mayd s parlor was not gor   geous  it WHS simply a cozy nook in which to  do or to dream great or lovely things   Sitting  there with roseate lights aud violet sliad   ows flitting over face and figure    Empress  Ermyntrude s heart  beat true  but she  was on her guard against this much mar   ried lover    Not so he  Seeing her still so rarely  beautiful  so like the queen of life s unfor   gotten May  memory failed to produce a  record of the hard and bitter things w rit   ten and sealed against her  later loves and  lies were ignored  and  although self con   trolled and apparently cool and at ease  tie  felt the passion of tnat earlier  better day  blossoming redly in his heart  Tltey parted as they had met  old ac  quaiutauces  that  seeiuingly  was all  It  was  nevertheless  odd wbat a vast amount  of   red tape  Mr  Okill managed to wind  about this bit of business  It became  necessary he should call again  Diuing  tnis interview he dasheii into the subject  nearest his thoughts and heart in a manner  wiiich might strike one as abrupt  awk   ward  but   very human       I think I never saw you look so well in  anything as you did tliat evening in the  red dress      She knew to what he alluded  They had  quarreled over a dress  which  when she  displayed it in triumph as the one she  was to wear at a coming party  he sai     would  extinguish  her  it was too much  the color of her hair and eyes  One word  brought another  finally she flished out    If the way 1 ilress don t suit your lord   ship  perhaps I don t suit you either and  we may as well break our engagement      As you please   he had replied loftily   Two days al terwar l they met at the  party aud did not speak  so the affair be   came common property  Following close  this heart tragedy came the Southmayds   removal and that seemed to be the end of  love s young dream      You mistake   she replied   it was not  red  it was cinnamon brown  Ttiey would  call it terra cotta now     There was a moment s silence  Eacli  Iiad opened the page of life s iiast and was  reading their stories with strained  pained  hearts aud eyes    They stood near the breeze haunted bay   window  over which a woodbine strung  her sceiiteil garlands  Somewhere  a  sweet voiced girl sang   Home  Sweet  Home   Wheu the last note died linger   ingly on the summer air  Arthur spoke    Nor is there ia life anything so sweet as  the honey of young love  One may roam  the world over  drinking at every spring   might even banquet with the goils  and  never find  nor hope to find such nectar as  he first drank from love s golden chalice    Ermyntruile  gathering some fallen white  and creamy blossoms  murmured some   thing about flowers that neverfreshen  and  they stood iu silence again  looking into  the unforgotten land of youth     Carroll in  Author s Magazine    The world  wide reputation of   Iyer s  Hair Vigor is due to its healthy action on  the hair and scalp  through which it re   stores gray hair to its original color and  imp aris a gloss and freshness which makes  it so much elesired by all classes aud con   ditions of people    A young man having asked a girl if he  might go home with her from singing class   and been refused  said   You re as full of  airs as a music box    Perhaps so   she  retorted   but if I am I don t go with a  crank       I had severe attacks of gravel and kid   ney trouble  was unable to get a medicine  or doctor to cure me until I used Hop  Bitters  and they cured me in a short  time  A DistingdishedLawyerof Wayne  Co   N  Y     Heard melodies are sweet  but those  unhe ard are sweeter   said a dude  who is  fond of quoting poetry  the other night  after his girl had got through singing  He  wonders now why she hasn t spoken to  hi n since      The standard restorative   especially in  c es of nervousness   is Samaritan Nervine    1 50      Vain as the peacock is  the weathercock  is even more vane      MOTHER SWAN S WORM SYRUP   Infallible  taatelees  harmless  catbartic  for fe   verishueai  reetleasiieas  worms  conitipation  2 c      IS     WORTHY   Of Confidence    a y p p   Q      o n  ari lla i  a modirino t liat    rt T Cn o  liiiing nearly 4U years  iu all  I art s of Hie world  has proved its elti   i  iey as I lie lu st blood alterative kuowu  to luedieul seienee    SARSAPARILLA   genuine lloudiiras S ii aparilla  is its  base  and its powers are enhaneed In  the extracts of Yellow Dock and Stil   lingia  the Iodides of rutassinin and  Iron  and other potent ingredients   your blood vitiated by deraugentenis  of the digestive and assimilatorv fntie   tions r is it tainted by Scrofula   or  does it contain the poison of Jlcreiiry  or Contagions Disease    TUP leading physicians of the United  I nt  States  who know the composition  of  Ayer s Sausai ahii i a  say that  nothing else so good for the piirifiea   tion of the blood is within the range of  pharinaey    nUI V I y die use of this remedy is it  UriLT possible for a person who has  corrupted blood to attain sound health  and prevent transmission of the de   structive taint to posterity    THOROUGHLY SiSir S        include not only the removal of cor   ruption from tlie blooil  but it s enrieb   ment aud the strengthening of the  vital organs    on I ADI u witnesses  all over the  nLLiADLtl world  te stify that this  work is better aecompIisliedbyAYEii s   Sar saI AUH la than by any other  remedy    Ql linn diat is corrupted through dis   DLUUU ease is made pure  and blood  weakened through diminution of the  red eor iusi les is made strong  by  Ayer s  SAii SAPAiiiLLA    Q 1 1 M I w 1 e  the blootl and bnihbng  rUnlr Ylrlo up the system requiiv  time in serious   asi s  but benefit will  lie derived from the Use of AVER S   SAttsu AKii i v more speedily than  from auvlhiiig else    w M I   1 1     forwhl  h like effects ai e  InClJIOi rlC  falsclv claimed  is aliim   ihmt in t he market i under many nani     but the oniv preparation that hasstood  the test of lime  ami proved worthy of  the worlil s confideiiec  is   A ers Sarsaparilla    PREPARED BV   Or  J  C  Ayer   Co   Lowell  Mass     Sold by all druggists   Price 1    six bottles for   i      give the wriu r full inforiration as to the best  lauds in the United 8iaU  now for sale  how he cau     ONE CENT   iuvested in a postal card aud addressed ae below   WIIL   full inforirati  d 8iaU  now fo   BUY     hem ou the lowest and beat terms  also the full   ext of the U  8  laud laws  aud how to secure     320 ACRES   of Government Lauds in Ni rlhwe iterii Minnesota  aud Northeastern Dakota  Address   JAMES B  POWER    I and and Emigration Ck mmi8sioner    ST  PAUL  MINN       BK70RC     I7LE T tr  VOLTAIC BELT  and other Elbctric  A i i i iANCM  Wo will on Thirty DayH    Trial  TO MEN  YOUXa OR OLD  who are snfferlnjf  from Nervous 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of  the fairest aud best of both sexes  Labor  study   and research iu America   iiro  e and Eastern  Ittods  have resulted in the Mag leiic Lung Protect  or  affording cure for Catarrh  a remedy which con   tains No Drugging of the System  and with the  continuous stream of Magnetism  lermeating  through the aflUcted organs  mi st restore them   TO A HEALTHY ACTION   VE PLACE OUR PRICE lOT   this Appliance at less than one iwenlieth of the  p ice asxed by others for remedies upon which yon  take all the chances  an   we  specially invite the  naironasreof the many persons who have tried  drugging their STOMACHS WITHOUT F FFECT   nniF fph nD PATWThis Appliance  Go to your  llUW lU uDlnlRdriiggist and ask for them   if they have not got them  write to the proprietors   enclosing the price  in letter at our risk  and they  will be sent to you at once by mail  t ost paid    Send stamp for the  New Departure in Medical  Treatment without Medicine    with thousands of  testimonials    THE 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for that  purpose  I lnler tho se i onditions  the old  jihrase    the sheep s foot is golden   is  true    The  ulaptation of sheep to the various  climates and countries of the worM  is al   most us general as that of man him self   All the way from the north teiniierate to  the torrid regions of the earth  the sheep  is his com ianion  ami lives only to bless   sustain and enrich him  not merely by its  protecting lleece and life sustaining Hesh   but bv adding fertility to the soil  thereby  enabling otlmr  irodui ts to grow in greater  abundance  4  herever shcep husbandry  is judiciously manageil  there the fertility  of the soil improves  Weeds  briars  ami  nearly all the wiM annual idants that  spring up in newly cleared lamls are rel   ishe l as foiKi by sheep  and their freipient  cropping  soon extiri  ites them from the  pastures giving their   laces to nutritious  gra sses  which grow and flourish the more  luxuriantly  bv liie teeth  the treading by  the feet  and the spreadiiijr of their drop   pings  as they travel their daily rounds   And thus these agents  sheej  amt grass  by  this convertible process ot growth  con   sumption and return to the land in the  form of manure  are constantly accumu   lating elements of fertility  and depositing  them in the soil  ready for future use   The evidence of the accumulation of this  fertility is plainly seen on lands which  have been depleted of their productive  ipialities  by a series of years of grain  growing  Sucb lands when reduce l to so  low a condition that wheat growing is not  remunerative  if turned over to the sheep  for a few seasons  regain their former abil   ity to produce payins  crops  Sheep   clover and plaster have done very much to  make Michigan celebrated as a wheat  growing State  Of these three aids in  keepin j up and restoring lost fertility  we  think tliat to the siieep belong the post of  lionor  ami fiir this i eason  In older cul   tivated portions of our State  where wheat  raising has longest been pursued as a lead   ing branch of tanning  in those counties  where the greatest number of sheep are  kept  there is the greatest everagi  produc   tion of wheat per acre  In proof of which  I refer you to the annual reports of the  Secretary of State  on farms and farm pro    lucts    In our efforts to recuperate ami improve  the fertility of our soil  there is danger of  an attending evil widen it were well to  guard against  By overstocking our lands   sheep may be made a source of impoverish   ment  instead of eurichmeut  By putting  on too many  they eat the grass so close  that the roots are bared to the burning  sun  growth is checked  and as a conse   quence both sheep and lauds suffer  Too  short cropping  and too long growth are  deleterious  ttie middle course will prove  most satisfactory hy giving a full and gen   erous diet to the stieep  will fill the soil  with greatest number of roots  and the  surface with most blades of grass  and  make more liberal returns to both flock   master and the soil  The claim is set up  by some ot the grain growers of our State   that the wheat growing capacity of our  soils may be kept up  or when reduced be   low a profitable production  it may be re   cuperated with as much certainty and  economy  by rett and the use of clover  alone as an agent  without livestock of any  kind  as it can by the use of sheep  It is  also confidently asserted that the treading  of land by live stock results in permanent  injury  and more than counterbalances  any good that results from their manure    Concede that clover  when left to decay  on the surface  or plowed under  contains  ali the necessary elements required to in   definitely prolong the wheat growing ca   pacity of our soil  is it not a more expen   sive and slower process than the system of  live stock recuperation    As concerns the economy of the above  recuperative process  and also of the per   manent injury by the treading of liv    stock  I must differ from its advocates    By a persistent course of seeding to  clover and pasiurage by sheep  I think the  land is improved faster than by the rest  and non stock system  and besides there  is a pnrfit all the time accumulating from  the sheep  an advantage the other does  not have    We therefore repeat that clover and the  grasses will make a greater growth and be  of more material value to the soil if pas   tured off  not too closely   thereby being  frequently returned to the land  than it al   lowed to make their full natural growth  and be plowed under or decay on the  surface    Writers on British Husbandry inform  us that since the introduction of  Turnip  Culture  the grain producing capacity of  England has doubled  Sheep have beein a  prominent factor in this gnind improve   ment    It may be said that sheep have been the  most important medium by which the  comparatively cold watery material of the  turnip has been converted into  the ele   ments which with skillful management  has made England noted as the most pro   ductive wheat grow ing country in the  world  so far as large yields per acre are  concerned    Then give sheep their  lue credit for this  benefit    The same principle holds good in our  own State  Clover and grass and sheep  working together will recuperate and make  productive the most sterile of Michigan  soils        By I he ii se of sheep  clover and plawer   drifting s ands may be fixed and made pro   liuctive  although the economy of the pro   cess might not be apparent while there is  so much good land unoccupied    On many good farms of our State there  are knolls  thin and barren spots where  this application of sheep and clover might  be u eil with profit  and at the same time  improve the appearance of the fields   which  to the tidy farmer  is almost a     much a source of gratification as the extra  dollar in his pocket    On wheat producing farms sheep have  many advantages over any other of our  domestic animals  some of which are    1  They are less subject to contagious   liseases  for the reason that the flock can  be more easily kept isolated    2  When imlividual losses do occur they  are less in value than in case of the loss of  a t  orse or cow    3  I hey grow quickly and mature early   and with their fleei e  paydividends oftener  than any other live stock    f  When  umiiier fallowing is practiced   they act as gleaners in clearing fence corn   ers of hriars and wee Is and in keeping  down the annutl grasses that spring up  on plowed lands    Dui uig winter they are still doing  iheir work of convt rting the surplus straw  into fertilizers    laiiid is no mote exhausted Viy growing  something that has ntttitious qualities   than in producing worthless weeds  while  tiie former consumed oh the ground by  sheep  leaves incie ised material fora suc   ceeding growth of still more value  Sheep  by their peculiar qualities and merits pr    duce this change with certainty and at a  very perceptiltte rate    That sheep will improve the fertility of  your soil may be very ea ily demonstrated  l y yarding them a few nights in spring or  summer  on the thin and poorer spots  or  on knolls tliat may be foun t on most of  your pastures  those places where the grass  grows weakly and w here son el grows  Sow  clover  timothy or b ue grass seed thickly   and then by a light portable fence cynfine  your flock of sheep for a few nights on  these plaies  and you wiy soon realize that  by a little attention  and not very much  labor  your soil will improve in fertility   ami that  otir sheep  witli a liberal use of  clover and grass seed and plaster  may be  made the i est and the cheapest fertilizing  agents you can eni  loy  particularly on  fields most remote from your barns      IDLERS  COLUMN    A leg di tribe of Red Men   The Sioux  Indians    The  pugilist is never long lived  He  cannot keep out of the box    The Prince of Wales doesn t save much  money for his reigny day    It does not matter how well the gardener  tries to do  he is always slipping    The Orange riots  strange to say  were  not caused hy falling city pedestrians    The minister ought to be a thorough  mechanic  for his business as a joiner is  always good     The quality of mercy is not strained   when you give a tramp a bowl of soup  with the bones in it    Verdant young people should not pride  themselves on their subtlety   any one can  make a grass plot    A well known actor says that be has no  fear of starving  because he is given so  many roles during the year    You must not always judge men by ap   pearances  The deaf mute is not supersti   tious because he believes in signs    De clearness of a man s eye doan al ers  come from his soul  De hawk has got a  mighty keen eye  but Lawd  what a rascal  he is    Mary Churchill loved her neighbor as  herself  She r m away from home because  she had to practice four hours a day on the  piano    Five persons have been made sick in  Philadelphia from eating Belogna sausage  Some one has probably been throwing  physic to the dogs    Some girls m New York take fencing  lessons to get exercise and make their  arms plump  using a stick instead of a foil   The stick called a broom handle would  have the same effect if used diligently  and  no teaching is necessary    Young Men  Middle Aged Men and All  Men who suffer from early indiscretions  will find Allen s Brain Food the moat  powerful in vigorant ever introduced   once  restored by it  there is no relapse  Try it   it never fails   1  six for  5   At druggists   or by mail from J  H  Allen  315 First Ave   New York City     Oh  my I  said anold lady who fell out  of bed in a Boston hotel a few nights since    I ve hurt the exterior of my spinal col   umn    Good enough   I mean by gra   cious   said her husband  sitting bolt up   right in bed   we ll sue the proprietor for  damages       FAR  iERSand manufacturers who provi   dently prepare for the emergencies or in   juries to their people and stock  soon  learn to know of the wonderful curative  properties of Phenol Sodique  advertised  in our columns      There are forty seven postmasters in the  United States w ho reiieiveSl a year salary   They probable take their pay in the fun  they get reading postal cards      No Safer Remedy can be had for Coughs  and Colds  or any trouble of the Tliroat   than  Brorm s Bronchial Troches   Price  25 cts  Sold otdy in boxes     Oh  ma   exclaimed a little Austin girl   glancing at the steam  gauge on a stationary  engine   it s sixty o clock  I didn t know  it ever got so late as that      I am perfectly cured   said Jas Corbin   of Washburn  ill    thanks to Dr  Rich   mond s Samaritan Nervine   At druggists    A thin person may succeed as a lecturer   but when a fat man gets through speaking  and sits down  be always leaves a deeper  impression       BDCHU PAIBA     Quick  complete cure  all anuOTiug Kidney  Blad   der and Urlaary Diaeaaea  fl  Drngglata      A    M  COLLEGE of KENTUCKY     FIFTEEN PROFESSORS AND INSTRUCTORS       SECOIDTID BECa HSTS CT  A JS  S8  1884       For Catalogues Address JAS  K  PATTERSON  Ph D  Pres t  Lexington  Ky      Vital Questional    Ask the most eminent physician  Of any school  what is the best thing in  the world for quieting and aMaying liil irri   tation of the nerves and curing all forms of  nervous complaints  giving natural  child   like refreshing sleep always    And they will tell you unhesitatingly   Some form of Hope     CHAITER I    Ask any or all of the most eminent phy   sicians     What is the best and only remedy that  can be relied on to cure ail diseases of the  kidneys and urinary organs  such as  Bright s disease  iliabetes  retention or in   ability to retain urine  and all the diseases  and ailments peculiar to Women       And they will tell you explicitly and  emphatically   Buchu       Ask the same physicians    What is the most reliable and surest  cure for all liver diseasesordyspepsia  con  sth ation  IndiKeatlon  blllioiisnesa  malariAl fever   ague  etc    and they will tell you     M iudrake  or Dandelion     Hence  when these remedies are combined with  others equally valuable  And compounded into Hop Bitters  riich a  ffr noluded n  xt aeek l     SIMTAJi   W   S ER       4 E m      fl    ERVE     tSHClFICFGII   Epilepsy   Spasms  Convul   sions  Falling  SivkTu y St  Vitus  Dance  Alcx d   ism  Opium Eat   ing  SyphiUisj  Scrofula  Kings  Fvil  Ugly Blood  Diseases  Dynpep    a  Nervousness   Ueadache         Rheumatism    Karvou9 Weaknest  Brain Worry  Flood Sora   Bilioiisncss  Costivefiess  Nervous Prostration   Kidney Trovhles and Irregularities  1 1 50    Sample TcNtfinoninlft      Samaritan Nervine is doing wonde rs     l r  J  O  3 cLemoin  AlcsAmler City  Ala     I feci U my dnty to recommend it     Pr  D  F  Lau hlin  Clyde  Kansas    Itcnrcd where physicians failed     Rev  J  A  Edio  Beaver  Pa      Coirespondence freely auftwered  iM   Tm BE  S  A  ElCflMOED MED  CO   ST  JOSEPH   MO    Sold by all BruirffiNlH       PULVERIZING HARROW  CLOD  CBUBHER AND LEVELER      The    ACME   fiuWccts the soil in the action of a  Steel Crusher and lliOveler aiid to the Cutting   Lifting  Turning process of double gangs ai  Cast Steel Coulters  the peculiar shape and ar   raiigemeut of which give immense cutting power   1 hus the three   pt rations of crushing iMmps  lev   eling off the ground and thoroughly pulvering the  soil are performed at the same time  The entire  absence of Spikes or Spring Teeth avoids pulling  up rubbish  It is especial y adapted to inverted  sod and hard clay  where other harrows utterly  fail  works perfectly on light soil  and lathe only  Harrow that cuts over the entire surface of the  ground  We make a Variety of Sizes working from  4 to 15 feet wide    DO NOT BE DECEIVED    Don t let your dealer palm off a base imitation  or some inferior tool on you under the 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Notw Ithstniidlne the  maiiv valuable remedies that medical science  has produced for the relief of this class of pa   tients  none of the ordinary inodes ol treatment  efTect a cure  During our extensive college and  hospital practice we have experimented with  and discovered new and concentrated remedies   The accompanying prescription is pflered as a  c  rtaln and apeedy cure  as hund s of    cases in our practice have been restored to per   fect health by its use after all other remedies  fhllod  Perfectly pure Ingreffients must be used   drachm      in the preparaUon of thU prescription   CoTflin  from Errthroxylon coca  1      from Errthroxylon c  Jenibebin  1 2 drschm   llypophosphito quinia  J S drachm    GciMrmin  8 grains    Ext  Ignall  amar   alcoholic   2 grains    Ext  Icptandra  2 scruples    Glycerin  q  B  Mtx    Make 60 pills  Take 1 pill at 3 p  m   and an   other on going to bed  In some cases it will be  necessary for the patient to take two pills at  bedtime  making the irambor three a day  This  remedy is adapted to every condition of nen ous  debility and weakness in either sex  and  especlaHy in those cases resulting from impru   dence  fhcrecuperatlvepowersofthls restora   tive are tnily astonishinp  and its use continued  forashoittimcchangos the languid  debilitated   nerveless conditkui to one of rt iiew ed life and  vigor    As we arc constantly in receipt of letters of  Inquiry relative lo this remedy  we would say  to those who would prefer to obtain It fn m us   by remitting   i  in post office money order  or  registered letter  a securely scaletl package con   taining 60 pills  carefully compounded  will be  sent by return mallfromourprlvatclaboratory    New England Medical Institute    24 TREMONT ROW   m BOSTON  MASS  Di     OPIUM     II an IT DR  H H  KANE  of the  UnDI I DcQufncey opium Home  now offers a Remedy whereby any  one can cure himself at home  quickly and painlessly  For te  iimouials ami  eiidorsemenis  letters from eminent medical men   and a full deseriptfon of the treatment  address H   H  KANE  A  M   M  D   46 W 14 8t   New York  42y   OONSUMPTION      I haveapoAltlve remedy f r the sbovo disease  by it   cso  Ih  ussads of cases of the worst kind and of long stSDdir g  huve been cured  Indeed  soasrong It my Mtb lofts efficacy   mat 1 will send TWO BOTTLBa PREB  together witb a VAL   TABLE TREATISE on this disease  to any snUhrer  Give Sz   4 P  0   oddrsM  PR  T  A  8 L 0 CVI  in PMri it  M  T    47126     SHELBY CO  FABMS   FOR SALE I     We submit the following farms in Shelby county   Kentucky   the heart of the Blue grass Rerion     to our friends and cusiomers  and ask a careful ex   hmiiiation before purchasing   to wit     No  129 190 Acres    seyen mlle  Miuth of  hcIb TilIe on tunipike   frame house of six rooms in moderate repair   land  good  well watered ana fenced  and in good state  of cultivation  orchard of good fruit  convenient  to churches and schools  blacksmith shop and doc   tor s office  Price sa per acre  one third cash  bal   ance In oue and two years at 6 per cent  interest      No  132 57 Acres   nine miles i orthwest of Shelbyvllle  on the Shel   byvllle and LaGrange road  One story frame cot   tage of two rooms  smoke house and stable   well  fenced and in a good iieigbborhocd  convenient to  churches and schools  young orchard of choice  fruits  three cultivating fields  Price  tl    oue   hallcash  balauce in one and two years at six per  cent  interest    No  133 180 Acres   six miles ssutbeast of Shelbyville  on the Harrlson   ville road  One and a half story frame dwelling of  seven rooms  all neces ary out buildlnga   four cul   tivating fields  30 acres in wood land  blucgraa   land   all under good fencing  two thirds ol wnich  Is of stone   young orchard now in bearing  well  watered  in every respect cove nient to both Metho   dist and Baptist churches  Price    00 per acre    one third cash  balance in one aud tw o years at six  per cent Interest    No  134   24 Acres   good land  three miles west of Phelbyvllle  on good  turnpike road   frame dwelling of three rooms and  kitchen   well of excellent water at the door  sta   bles and com cribs  lent ing somewhatout of repair   Priee   1 200   one third cash  balance in one and  two ycarsat fix per cent  Interest      No  135 67 Acres    Choice farm  two milcR northwest of Shelbyville   on good pike  two story frame house filled in  with brick  containing four rooms with kitchen at   tached  ponffies  good cedar  with all necessary out   buildings  well watered  One of the very best  fruit farms In Shelby county  has from 300 to 500  apple aud peach trtesnow in bearii g  includinga  large variety of grapes  choice vines  and in fact all  the small fruits   come and Mje it  Price  860 per  acre  one third cash  balance in one and two years  at six percent  interest      No  136 212 Acres    and is miles west of Shelbyville  2  miles east  of Simpsonsvilie  on the Shelbyville and Louisville  tumnike  and within half a mile of a station on  Sheloy railroad  New two story frame metal roof  residence of six rooms with kitchen  smoke house   carriage house  ice house  well of water which nev   er fails  as well as a cistern in the yard   Sood bam  36 X 50 feet  CTaiiiery   fcc   orchard of 100 trees  now in bearing  This farm lies well  and is good  hluegrass and hemp land  all well fenced  Price   842 50 per acre  one third ca  h  balauce in one and  two years at six per cent  iuteresL     No  137 197 Acres    Three miles northwest of Shelbyville  between the  Southfield and Burk s Branch Turnpike  New  frame two story dwelling of eight rooms  halls   etc   in complete order  Cabin In the yard  Ice  house  hen house and smoke house  Well of water  at the door  Good new barn  I and first class   and under good fencing  divided into seven fields   and two blue grass pastures  Some timber  Young  orchar 1 in bearing  There is forty five acres now  sown to wheat Possession immediate if desired   Price  880 per ocre oue third cash  balance in oue  and two years at six per cent interest     No  138 112 Acres    Ten miles southwest ot Shelbyville  and one and  a halt miles west of Finchville  a depot on C  A O   K  R   and on the Plum Creek turnpike road  and  convenient to Plum Creek and Buck Creek  churches  aad Prof  Doolan s School  Frame two   story dwelling house of six rooms  with kitchen at   tached  Porches  Ac   Ac  All neces ary out build   Ings  Well watered  Orchard of 200 or more fruit  trees now in bearing  Thirty acres good timber  and blue grass  balance in cultivation  Possession  immediately  Price   40 per acre  one third cash   balance in 1 and 2 years at 6 per cent  interest      And we further state that the se farms are as  represented and all of them blue grass lands  and  are adapted to the growth of tobacco of the finest  quality  and all convenient to market  being only  thirty mi es from Shelbyville to Louisville  Those  desiring to purchase will be shown the farms with  pleasure  For any further information address    JOHN T  BALLARD A SON    Real Estate Agents    Shelbyville  Kentlcky  351        Splendid Bluegrass Farm   S A 3L E_   Two Hundred Acres  Hemp land   soil peculiar   ly suited to the growth ol White Burley Tobacco   Within 12 minutes walk of Depot   only 1   miles  from Shelbyville  Super sbnndance ol Water both  Stock and Family use  Two large deep Fonda   Fine Spring of Running Water  150 Acres in  Grass  Apply to  JOHN T  BALLARD    40tf  Shelbyville  Ky      DATCMTQ   PRINTS  r II I r ra I A DEBIOnA  LABELS  I fl I kll I UxS ISSUEb   Send description of your invention  Jk B HOHjiJf   Patent Lauyerand Holieitor  Woihin0on  D  C  44m 6      4        AJEe IMIErE S ELOls UlB J OTJie ItTJLX     Farmers Home Journal   Established 1865  Reoixauized May 12  1869    nt ed It Louisville Post offiee as Second Class  Mall Matter     Ion B  Nall  Pres t    M  W  Neal  Sec y  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in   sertion  8ubsequent insertions  15 cents  per line      SATURDAY  JAN  19  1884      Farmers  Home Journal and WetUy  Courier Journal both one year for  2 50    Casky Grange  Christian eounty  Ky    has just completed a good had and is quite  prosperous in every wav  Their second an   nual sale will be held in May    We are very much crowded with adver   tising this week and have to hold over sev   eral valuable communiettions  This press   ure upon eur columns will cause an en   largement of the paper at an early date    Farmers say that when their stock was  protecte 1 by shelters or wind breaks during  the severe weather they stood it remarka   bly well  Of course the amount of food  consumed was largely increased    The Frankfort Froman speaks eloquently  for the protection of our laniferous ani   mals     A law to keep Kentucky  jeens    From being scarce and nigh    In good  plain English language means  That every dog shall die     The Committee on Agriculture of the  National Congress will recommend an ap   propriation of  1 000 000 for the purpose  of stamping out pleuro pneumonia among  cattle iu the East and for establishing  weather signals y   The Lexington dealers quote hemp at   5 25 this week  Major Johnston  Presi   dent of the Hemp growers  Association   fears the bottom will fall out if the Mexi   can treaty is confirmed and Sisal is ad   mitted free of duty    Balloting for Senator has been in   dulged in by the Democratic caucus  and  in joint convention of the two houses  at Frankfort all the week  with little  change  The thirty second ballot stood   Williams 54  Blackburn 45  Sweeney 22   The result cannot be foreseen    Col  Bowman retired last Monday from  the office of Commissioner of Agricul   ture by reason of expiration of the term   Since his introduction into the office in  April  1879  he has been particularly for   tunate in giving entire satisfaction to the  class which he has represented He has  been faithful  honest and energetic  If  the office under his charge has failed in  any particular to meet public expectation   the fault lies with the Legislature which  ha s refused to enlarge its sphere  It is  pleasant to note the very complimentary  way in which the Slate press has refer   red to the retiring commissioner s official  conduct      The fifth annual convention of the  Mississippi Valley Cane Growers  Associ   ation met in St  Louis on the 16th inst   About fifty delegates were present  rep  resenting  several Slates  The annual  address was delivered by the President   Norman J  Coleman  of St  Louis  who  reviewed the work of the year  The  speaker believed the time had come to  organize a National Cane Growers  Asso   ciation  with the object of developing the  sugar industry throughout the country   The planting of cane was yearly extend   ing  and the value of the syrup produced  from the Northern cane was fully  10    000 000      It is the pleasure as well as duty of  the Farmers  Home Journal to offer its  columns to Col  John F  Davis  who as   sumed the duties of State Agricultural  commissioner last Monday  We are  assured by him that he will endeavor to  conduct the office with the single pur   pose of giving aid and encouragement  to agriculture in this State  There are  many things which will suggest them   selves to him and many which he will  undertake to carry out  In this he will  deserve the co operation of leading farm   ers  and he should have it  The com   missioner s hands can be strengthened  by aid from the class which are most  interested      Horticultura       THE JAPAN PERSIMMON    Mississippi Valley Nurseries      Clinton  Ky   Jan  14  1884  J  Editor Farmers  Umne Journal     Referring to your editorial in the Far m   ers Home Journal of the 5th inst   we  wdl state  the party who insinuated that we  exiiihited Japan persi nmoiis  grown in the  S oith  at the laniisville Exposition  and  labeled them   Kentucky fruit   purposely  and maliciously misrepresented tlie facts   Though he oeuceals his name  we believe  we know the man   Jealousv  over the  f   t that we took about four times as many  premiums as any other one exliibitor  no  doubt caused the remark    Many persons expresseil surprise at dup   licate plates of the same varieties of fruit  being allowed in some of the collections    vhen it has been prohibited by every first   el  ss fruit show for a number of years   thereby shutting out from this advantage   horticulturists who were familiar with the  rules of other societies  came from a dis   tance  and werfe prepared with only one  variety of fruit for each premium  They  were also displeased with some of the ex   hibitors who acted in a manner to indi   cate the exhibition was given for their es   peiial benefit    We have about two hundred trees of the  Japan persimmon  imported and set in the  spring of 1880    During the following ex   tremely cold winter  when many large and  small apple and peach trees were destroy   ed  they killed down to the snow level   They grew up again  and since that time  have not been the least injured  though  exposed as much as any trees on our  place  For a few days last winter the mer   C lry was down below zero As the fruit  oiids form on the new wood made the  same year that the tree bears  like the fig  and grape  it will never fail to make a c rop  of fruit  The past season eighteen of the  small trees bore fruit  one small tree pro   ilucing twenty seven fine specimens  It  will he noticed by this the trees bear very  young  The fruit is large  yellow  orange  and sometimes almost deep red  Some  varieties are round  while others are coni   cal  Most of the specignens have very few  and small long seed  and many have no  teed  the quality  in our estiinatiou  has  been exaggerated by most writers  but it  is much superior to the common Virginia  persimmon  The trees with their l arge   thick  dark  green leaves  resemble small  orange trees in bearing    Some of our largest specimens were sent  to Ijouisville in October  but were mis   placed by the person who took them  and  only second sze fruit was exhibited   These  we were informed  surpassed any  of th   Southern exhibits      OUR ADVERTISERS    The a    M  College    The adverti  e  ment of the Agricultural and Mechanical  College of Kentucky will he found iu our  columns this week  The able address of  Pres  Patterson delivereil before the State  Grange is puulUhed this week also  and in   teresting parties can become fully posted  as to the status of the College by reaiiing  it    Mr  L  L  Dorsey  of Middletown  Ky    one of the finest Shorthorn hreeder s in this  or any other State  has ten head of deep  red Shorthorn bulls for sale  all ready for  service in the spring No man knows bet   ter than Dorsey  the points necessary to  constitute a really fine Shorthorn  aud if  you waut a good bull and will write to him  to send you one you nead not fear his  judgment  His stock  like himself  is   gilt   edge   See his advertisement in Knottier  column    Catarrh and Hay Fever    For twenty  years I was a sufferer from Catarrh of the  head and throat in a very aggravated form   aud during the summer with Hay Fever   I procured a bottle of Ely s Cream Balm  and alter a few applications received de   cided benefit   was cured hy one bottle   Have had no return of the complaint   Charlotte Parker  Waverly  N  Y    Price 50 cents per bottle     Messrs  McDowell   Bros   of Simpson   ville  Ky   advertise this week a fine Shelby  county farm for sale  This is an excep   tionally good farm  has two good dwelling  houses and is altogether finely improved   It contains 350 acres  but is so situated that  it can be divfded into two or three farms   The soil is finely adapted for growing blue   grass  Burley tobacco  hemp  corn  wheat  etc  If vou want a fine farm this is an op   portunity which should not be neglected      PREMIUM BERKSHIRE    To the person who will get up and send  in twenty new cash subscribers to the  Farmers  Home Journal at  1 50 each by  1st of April  1884  1 will give as a premium  a pure Berkshire pig  worth  20    W  W  Stevens   Salem  Iiid    PURE SOUTHDOWN BUCK PRE   MIUM    To advertise my sheep  and to aid a  journal conducteii upon proper principles  as yours  I offer the person who gets you  the largest number of subscribers in Ken   tucky between uow and April 1 a South   down buck  three years old next spring   and twice bred to my ewe  delivered on  the cars at Richmond  Ky   free of charge    C  M  Clay   White Hall  Ky    A  20 BUCK GIVEN AWAY       OATS s     At cltJmM hy oi ls i  b  WELCO ME O VTS bare provetl  berood all  doubt  i  b   tbe Ueftrlcnt  hun ia nne t and moat productive vurlcly ever  lotroduoed  To awtaM the prizea for the largest jleldii and tbe best hea    was such  a dlfficull task  that it sra  necessary to call upon some disioterested and well   knowQ judges  Da  Gaoar a THtrnsaa  Editor of The American Agt icuUurist   klodts conseoleJ to act as Chalrnian of the   ommtuee  and br bis report it will be  seen tr a  Ten and thrc   f urtlia im  aurcd huahela  weighing Four hun   dr  d iinii aeventj tltrt C and one hair pounda   7a 4 lbs    were rulacd  frODa one two oiince pacleuice or tbe Oats  That 7576 ouaeea or clean Oata  could be raiaed from two ounce  of seed would certainlr be beyond belief  were  ft not on die sworn siatement of a well known tuan  wLose word ts yood question   and that oth r  in various sections have also made no4t onormous ilelds  Tbe   IMMENSE rKOWrt XIVE NE  S of THE WEEt OME 0AT8 Is ex   plained hy their woudrrful aioolliig  often 40 to 75 sTstas from a tinoU grain    tbe great eixa o  the kea ie  and the Acory of the grain  The acconpauving   iliuatraiioo represenu a single stool of     stalxs grown from one s     THP lA Pl rnWF nftTQ   toarce  high  with strong  strslgbt  1111  W1i l wUi1 L Vin I O  traw  well supportinc tbe enormous heads   and not pn   irjii d wl j 1 or rain  The beads are very large  branching freely on  all sides  and from sixfsoi lo twentg tkrec inehee in length  The grain is remarkahlv  large and hand  ome  very plump aud full  with thin  white  closc atting busks   and weighs 47 to 51 H pouiida per meaeured bitnbcL   No improved variety of grain ever introduced has had such strong testimony as to  superlative merit  Rveryoae sowing the WELCOME OATS this season can cer   talnly feel assured that iher are by all odd  the beat aud Moat Productive Vu   rlety In the H orld  Their uulform success in every part of tbe country proves their  general adaptability to our varii d elitnate  while their curly muturtty renders them  specially valuable  They ripen a week lo two weeks ahead of other Oats  and on ibis ae   oouut yield cpleudid crops  even in tbe extreme South      Every Farmer and Planter will want the WELCOME OATft  and those who purchase  this season will be able to dispose of tbeir entire crop for seed  at high prices    DD I   IT a Packet   75 Cenie per lb    3 lbs  for f  OO  postpaid    a Pcck 0o OO  Kuahel  32 lbs     1 0 00  Kach peck and bushel  bag i  secured by our Leaden and warranted to contain genuine WELCOME   UAT8  if tbe eeal is unbroken  Hvery purchaser is entitled to compete for     FOR   1884      600 Ih  CASHJPRIZ      edetlre to ascertain the heaviest yield that can be produced from  e bushel of WEL   C OME OATH  Kven those who do not win a priie will be more thair repaid for any extra  cuUlvaiioD by tbelooreased yield and the high prices sure to be obtained for these oats  for seed    4 AAA LARGEST YIELDS FROM ONE KUSltEL  lat PHze    largest quantity raised from one buehel of seed   100  Sd  8d   4th  5th and 6tb Prtaem each  50 cash t 7tb and 8tb FHsca  each   5    ClOA largest yields from one peck  lat Prlac   50t   31 Sd   t5  8d   aO  4th   15  5tb   10    4 QA PREMIYMS for the best heads of oats  lat Prize   iDOV for the heaviest anl best six beads   85  2d   80  8d  9151 4th and 6th  Prixea   10 each    Tbe ELCOME OATS  except small lota by mall   are aoin oklv la eealed bops  eon   taioiog one peek  price   LC0   and one AusAel  price  flOOO   to each bag is an envelope   containing a eompetition card  hearing our fae timile signature  which entitles tbe purchaser  to compete for tbe bushel or peck prises  as tbe case may be  and for tbe prises on beads    OAl TION    The wonderful yields  fine  quality and universal success aiieoding the   IniroduotlooofllCKPEE S WELf OME  OATS  may Induce unprlnciptcd parties to  palm off other oats for WELCOME    We scud out no travelers to tell  these Oats at retail  but we allow   agents and clubs   discount In Ints     of flve bushels or Ave pecks  each  bushel and each peck  however  U  put op in sealed bags  with ouri  name on tbe leaden seal  Plea  e   examine this heforepurchastogf  from any unknown parties      LARGE ILLUSTRATED   POSTER   and eirenlar combined  tell   ing all about THE WEL   4 OMK OATS  with all tbe  Prize report  and many    tvstimoiiiaU  together with    Burgee    ibrldc l Cat    logrueofNow aud Ststnd i    f  SEEDS will be aenty  FREE to anv address   Ht KPEE s  Complete  Farm AnnuaLwith su   perb colored plates  hun  ffj  dreds ofilliistratipDs Ae      the best book of t no kind    published  free to cus i  tomere  toothers  price 1  lOo  Addreee plainly     Warranted TO Contain    ONE bushel 32 Lbs    tjMKPEEiS   Welcome oats       SEAL IS UNBROKE      PRICE  10 00   IN PRIZES     1884     W  ATLEE BURPEE   CO  Phila pa     We can refer to a large number of per   sons who saw the trees fruiting  as  slated above  among tliose from a  distance are  Capt  A  H  Fllinglon   Jackson  Tenn    Mr  Hogue  of  Simp   son   Hogue  nurseryman  Vincennes   fnd   Mr  Arthur  of the same nursery   H jH Bros   nurserymen  Fulton  Ky    J   E  Porter  of J  E  Porter   Co   nursery   man  and horticultural editor of the lead   ing paper at Humboldt  Tenn   Capt  J   H Shields  editor of tbe Clinton Democrat   with a host of others in Clinton and vicinity   We do not expect to make a fortune sell   inii Japan persimmon trees  but write tbe  above in answer to your request    I send you a small terminal limb from  the last  or tenderest growth of the small  tree  that bore twenty seven Japan persim   mons last year  The tree has been expos   ed liuriiig the last ten days to a tempera   ture  variously reported at 8  to 14  below  zero in this vicinity  and seems not the  least injured  while many of the dormant  peach buds have been killed    W  M  Samuels     Note    Mr  Samuels is perhaps  aboring  under a wrong impression as to the person  who supposed the persimmons shown by  him were from the South  There was no  letter received witli  them to show where  they were grown  and it being thought  they could not he grown in this Stale   caiisexl the remark to be made  We are  glad to correct the statement    Fd     Lexington  Ky   Jan  14   84   Editor Farmers  Home Journal    I notice a recent inquiry regarding  the hardiness of the Japan persimmon in  Kentucky  Several years ago I planted  six varieties  They grew little the first  year  but improved rapidly in vigor  thereafter  When fully established  they  were left exposed and I found them but  little sujierior to the tig in hardihood   Quite a number were planted here hut  so far as I know there is not one now  left  Our chance to improve this fruit  is in crosses made in the south between  the oriental and our native species  I  think it likely that the fine size and  quality of the one with the vigorous ha   bit and hardihood of the other may be  thus combined   H      FAYETTE COUNTY    Lexington  Ky   Jan  17   84    Editor Farmers  Home Journal    The local dealers are paying  5 50 for  hemp  but little doing in this staple   Corn low   2 25 delivered  fat hogs are  scarce  good ones bring  6 per 100 lbs   The mule trade was dull last Monday   court day  Dressed turkeys  retailing at  15 to 17 cents per lb  Whenever a few  farmers get together  they are sure to  talk tobacco  J  B  Sandusky  of Jessa   mine  shipped two hogsheads to the  Falls City house yesterday  The bad  weather has been death and destruction  to lambs  there being a loss of 40 per  cent on all dropped to this time  Wheat  went under the snow  looking well    8  K  C      All those intending to compete for  Mr  James A  Spear s magnificent pre   mium  a fine Merino buck  will please  send in their names at once to this office  so that a record can be kept See his  offer in another column      Editor Farmers  Hume Journal    Please announce in your columns that  the person who gets up the largest sub   scription list for your paper between the  first of January  1884  and the first of April   1884  I will donate them a good pure bred  Merino buck lamb worth  20  Let this be  a standing offer in your columns from  the first of January until the first of April   and at the expiration of the time send me  the name of the lucky man and I will write  him when to look for his sheep    Yours truly  James A  Spear   New Vienna  Clinton  Co   O      Market Reports    WHOLBSAIiE PRODUCE MARKET     cORRKCTfcD WEEKLY    Butter  Frexh country 15   24   Eggs  Fresh 26   FeatJtiers   Prime goose 63     Mixed and old S5  2  40   Poultry  Hens  dre ssed  per doz 3 00   4 00     Chickens 3 00   3 50   Live Turkeys  per pound 8          dressed 12     Peanuts  Red and white Teiiuessec   6      Wool  Short clothing 24    26     Combing 22    2 3     Coarse 16     19     Burry 12  ct 15     Black 20   22     Tub wasned 33 h6   Ginseng  per pound 1 40 65   Cotton  Midaiing 10 4     Low Middling         Good ordinary 9      VegetablOB    Potatoes  per bbl 1 85  9 1 50      Sweet  per bbl 2 60 3 25   Cabbage  per crate 4 60   Onions  per bbl    1 50 1 60     Grain  Flour and Hay    Wheat 9Sa 1 05   Corn ear   43   50   Oats new  mixed  shelled 32   38   Kye 65   Hay  per lou 7 O 10   Flour  Choice fancy 6 40 6 60     Plaiu fancy 5 TO i 6 25   A No  1 5 4  j  9 5 5       Extra family 3 50  4 4 5 i   Field Seeds    Red Clover 6 85   Sapling 6 75   Timotliy  per bushel 1 60   Red top  TCr bushel 55   Orchard Gra ss 2 00   Bluegrass  extra clean sed   1 30  I 50     liouiaville Dive Stock Market    Reported by Bourne  Harper  t  Cb   Livestock Com   mieieion Merchant      Bourbon Stock yari s  Louisville  Ky   Jan   Ig  attle  The  iferlii  to day were 117 head   Tne market remains active and steady for all the  best qualities of the otl erli gs at unchanged prices  that were current the first of the week  with fair  prospects for all kinds    Hogs  T he market was active and firm  and 10c  to 15c higher for heavier weights  Good   2 to  2 50   selling   5 40 to  5 65  heavy mixed   5 m to  5 75   At the close all were sold    SiiEF r AND Lambs  The market was fairly steady   with light offerings at unchanged prices      CATTlJr    Good to extra snipping J5 25   6 00   Light shipping 4 75  5 25   Good toeziraoxen 5 00 9 5 50   Common and rough oxen 3 50 ai 4 75   Bulls S 60  3 75   Light Stockers  3 00  t 3 50   Feeders 4 5    6 25   Best butchers 5 00 4 5 75   Medium to good butchers 4 50  4 75   Common to medium butchers 3 50   4 0 1   Thin rough steers  poor cows  2 60   HOGS    Choice packers and butchers 5 65 9 5 75   Fair to good butchers 5 451  5 55   Light medium butchers 6 35 3     45   Shoals   4 OOQ 4 60   8HKKT AND LAMBS    Fair to good shipping 3 75  4 50   Common to medium 2 00  3 50   MOVEMENT DUBING THE LAST TWENTY FODB HOURS    Rec ts  Sbip ttt    Cattle 117 00   Hogs      425 219   Total 542 219     3eo4t     sibue y s tested seeps succeed south    Being Specially Crown for all Climates  all Soils  all Crops      They have won their  way hy merit  alone  to thous   ands of gartlens  and fiirins in  every State  and Territory    Our great trade iu the  South attests their adapt   aliility for Southern cul   ture  We malve a specialty  of Southern varieties  Every   sack of our seeds is carefully  tested for vitality and purity  before  being offered for sale  The varieties  are tested in our several Trial Grounds      iu different parts of the country   for trueuess to name and vtilue  for the various sections  Our Illus   trated Catalogue and Price List  of several thousand new and  standard tested varieties of  vegetable  farm and flower  seeds  brings our great  seed stores practically  to your own door    it is sent fi ee on  application  We  offer reduced  rates to clubs   Send for the  cataloffiie       HIRAM S1BLE     CO   Rochester  N Y  aud Chicago  III      312     FOR SALF    PLYMOUTH ROCKS       PljTnonth Rock FowIf of bc st strains  Cockerels    2 00 each  pair  83 00  Eggs in season  81 50 per set   tiu  of Thirteen    T  G  CRUTCHER    49m6 Shelbyvllle  Ky      i25 YEARS in IliePOniTRY YARD    I lOHpflgea  It  learns you how  to rear and care  for Poultry  to feci  to have them lay tggv iu cold  Lweather  Ka pe successful The  ymp oms aud  r treatm   ut 01 all diseases  of old or youngure given   It suits the North  South  or tbe world over  Only  25 cents In stamps  A 50 page book free for ail  with U  A  M  LANG   Cove Dale Farm   Con   cord  Ky  51126     PRIZE WINNING   PLYMOUTH ROCKS     Choice birds from the be t strains for sale   Eggs in 8oa sou   8 1 00 p  r sittin  of 13    CHAS  A  LEHMANN   Send for circular  y Box 131  Louisville  Ky      1 URE BRBD FOWLS FOR SALE  Ply   A mouth Rocks  81 50 each  8 I CNJ pair  Trio   4 00   Wyandotte or American Seabright   3 00 each  pair     00  Brown Leghorn CockreU  only  2 00  Fekin  Ducks  pair   3 00  Trio   4 00  Toulouse Geese  pair    5 00   onze Turkeys  each   3 00  pair    00   Trio   7 b0  Fearl Guineas pair   I 00  Egq  in Sea   son  MRS  ANNA M  RAilEY    42 m2 Eminence  Ky      BRONZE TURKEYS     I have for sale Bronze Tin keys of the  very finest strains  Large and handsome   Price   Gobblers  3 00  hens   2 50  pair   5    J  A  STANLEY    50 2m  Finchville  Shelby Co   Ky      TURKEY TAIL AND WING LEATHERS    The highest cash price paid f r Dry Picked Tur   key Tali Feathers  Also  Wing Feathers from first  and secoud joint  next to the body    CHAS  FISHFB    2125 W  Market 8t  Loulsvll e  Ky   Manufacturer of Dusters  44tl3     Plpill Rods  Rrm Loilionis    Pekii Ducks  Bronza Turkeys    TOtTXjQT TSlB  3   JE3aiXS    During the past flve years I have made the breed   ing of Fancy Poultry a special study  giving It  almost my woole time and attention through tbe  breeding season  I have made  the subject of se   lecting aud mating breeding stock so as to produce  the b t results  a special study  Mv breeding  stock this season is far better than ever before  aud  comprises a number of Prize Winners  together  with other very select breeders  and is strictly first   class  1 have in my yards some of the best Ply   mouth Rocks in the world  the highest scoring  Plymouth Rock cock and ben  1 have mated up  eight vards of this most popular breed on four sep   arate farms  I have used In my matings very large   distinctly marked females  a majority of which  are from medium to dark in color  mated with  large  very dark  distinctly marked  exhibition col   ored males  M v yards are headed by such males as  Southern Prince  a 95  point bird when a  cockerel  Alexander I  sirra by Pitkin s Alexan   der  for which be refused  100  Grand Duke  a  progeny of two of the highest scoring Plymouth  Rocks in tbe world  and Adonis  the finest and  most beautifully marked Plymouth Rock I ever  saw    STOCK FOR SALE    I have an extra lot of fine stock for sale this sea   son  at veiT reasonable prices considering qualitv  of stock  My prices are graded according to Indi   vidual merit and fancy requirements  as follows   Plymouth Rock   2 to  5 each  Brown Leghorns   2  to 83 each  Pekin Ducks   2 to  3 each  Toulouse  Geese   3 to  4 each  Bronze Turkevs   3 to 4each    W  JEFF  LEE    Belmont  Bullitt county  Ky      HOMIE  TOTTT   Kr AT      Live Stock Dep t      Dr  IIdohrs  of Bloomfield  Ky   reports  recent sile of a registered  Tersey cow and  five heifer calves for  l b 30    If you want a fine Merino buck  get up  a club for the Farmers  Hqme Jour n ae   See Mr  James A  Spear s ofler in an   other column    The average price of Shorthorns in 1881  was S158  in 1882 it was  182 10  and in  1883 it was  2l  5  3G  with prospects for it  being still higher for 1884     Ton v T  Ewino shipped to Topeka   Kansas  this week 105 head o f Shorthorn  and Jersey cattle  This stock will be for  sale on arrival there      Jersey Bulis    D r  J  R  Hughes  of  Bloomfield  Ky   a lvertises for sile some  well bred Jersey bulls and bull calves   Pedigree  description and price will be  given on application    Blooded St x k    T he card of S  H   Riley  Eagle  Station  Ky   will be foun I in  our live stock advertising columns  He is  a live breeder of and dealer in sadille and  harness horses  Shorthorn cattle and jack  stock  Give him a trial  He takes great  pains in filling orders    The test of the Jersey cow  Mary Anne  of St  Lambert  was continued through  December  the seventh month of the test    with a result for the thirty one days of  634 lbs  8 ozs  of milk and 65 lbs  15 ozs  of  unsalted butter  She has made in 217  days 6 53 lbs  14  ozs of butter  Her yearly  yield promises to surpass that of Eurotas   which was 778 lbs      Shorthorn Cattle    Mr  W  B  Dale   proprietor of Oakdale herd  near Shelby   ville  Ky   places his card in the breeders   column  He is a fine judge of the class of  stock he breeds and deals in  and in his  selections will be found great merit in the  animals as they stand  His herd is now  headed by Wild Eves Prince  one of the  very best of Col  Grundy s breeding  Pur   chasers of Shorthorns sending their orders  to the Oakdale herd are sure to be pleased    The mule trade is rather quiet in  Upper Kentucky  while there is some  stir about Bowling Green  Sales are made  at the range of  1 X  to  120 for fair to  good  14i to 15 hand stock  and  120 to   150 for 15 to 15J hand stock  Some   thing extra would go above these figures   Some mules  16 bands high  sell for  175  to  200  A sale of forty two head  16  hands stock  were sold by McElwain    Crabb to a Pennsylvania party at  195  per head    GREAT COMBINATION SALE OF  REGISTERED JERSEYS    At Indianapolis  Indiana  on February  6  will be held the First Annual Combin   ation Sale of Jersey Cattle  The offering  of about one hundred head is from the  herds of leading breeders in Indiana and  neighboring States  That the sale wid  be an attractive and interesting one  is  attested by the character of the stook to  be sold  In it we note the bloi d of  Duke 76  Coomassie 1442  Alphea 176  Rex 1330  Pierrott 7th 1667  St  Helier  45  Duke of Darlington 2460  Albert 44   Pansy 8  etc  To add something sensa   tional Hazen s Bess 7 329  with her test  record of 24 lbs  11 ozs  in seven days   will be sold  Also the grand imported  cow  Fleur De L air 12702  dam of Cicero  who sold for  3 6 X     There will be a large gathering of  prominent Jersey breeders at this sale  and comfortable arrangements have been  made for them  For catalogue  address  the secretary  T  A  Lloyd  Indianapolis   Advertisement appears in the proper  column    WICKLoW ANDOAKDALE HERDS   Enterprise seems to bear as good fruits  in Shorthorn transactions as in any other  business  A breeder may set down with a  half dozen head of cows and do no more  than raise a half dozen calves for sale each  year  He sells to some more enterprising  brother who  not content with the sale of  his own  gathers those of his neighbors  of  whom the buying world never hears  and   by good handling and judicious advertis   ing  adds greatly to their selling value   We are led to these remarks at this junc   ture because of a recent visit to our ener   getic friends  Messrs  VV  II  Hall and W   B Dale  near Shelbyville  The former is  proprietor of the Wicklow herd  headed by  the richly bred young bull  Baron Wiley  3d  amt consisting of cows of the Mary   Phyllis and other families  The selections  have been judicious aud results very satis   factory  The Oakdale herd  of which Mr   Dale is owner  is headed by the Grundy  Young Mary bud  Wild Eyes Prince    Vol  25  of excellent quality and breed   ing  The cows of the herd are all good  and well kr  d    Besides their individual herds  Messrs   Hall   Dale have a co partnership herd of  over a hundred choice young bulls and  cows We saw these calves this week and  were much surprised that so choice a lot  could have been collected by the owners   Some were bred by the present owners but  the larger portion were secured as wean   lings from good breeders in the Bluegrass  counties  In this way we c in account for  the quality of this lot of cattle  Fivery one  is eligible to registry  all but about two  deep reds with but a spot or so of white   and all in fine condition  About forty of  the lot are bulls and the remainder heifers   They are being well cared for during the  winter with a view to spring trade which  the owners expect  and they are perhaps  the best lot for size and condition now in  the State  Farmers and stock men who  wish the very best kind of Shorthorns for  stock purposes will find them in this lot  They can go it blind and not be hurt    See Mr  C  M  Clay s offer of a fine  Southdown buck for the largest club of  subscribers for the Farmers  Home Jour   nal gotten up before the first of April  next      A DANGEROUS AMBUSCADE    Discovered Barely in Time   The Most  Deceptive and Luring of Modern  Evils Graphically Described      yucuse Journal     Something of a s msation was caused in  this city yestereday by a rumor that one of  our best known citizens was about to pub   liaii a statemenV conceruinir some unusual  experiences during his residence in Syra  cuse  How the rumor originated it is im   po sible to say  hut a reporter immediate   ly sought Dr   S  G  Martin  the gentleman  in question  and secured tlie following in   terview      What about this rumor  Doctor  that  you are g ting to make a public statement  of some important matters  f     Just about the s atne as you will find in  all rumors  some truth  some fiction  I  had contemplated making a publication of  some remarkable episotles that have oc   fured in my life  but have not completed  it as yet       What is the nature of it  may I inquire     Why  the fact that I am a human being  instead of a si irit  I have passed through  oue of the most wonderful ordeals that  perhaps ever occurretl to any man  The  first intimation I had of it was several  years ago  when I began to feel chilly at  night and restless after retiring  Occasion   ally this would be varied by a soreness of  tbe muscles and cramps in my arms and  legs  I thought  as most people would  think  that it was only a cold  and so pai l  as little attention to it as possible  Short   ly after this I noticed a peculiar catarrhal  trouble and my throat also became in   flamed  As if this were not variety enough  1 felt sharp pains in my chest  and a con   stant tendency to headache      Why didn t you take the matter in  band aud check it right where it was     Why doesn t everybody do so  Simply  because they think it is only some trifling  and passing disorder  These troubles did  not come all at once and I thought it un   manly to heed them  I have found   though  that every physical neglect must  be paid for and with large interest Meu  cannot draw drafts on their constitution  without honoring them sometimes   These  minor symptoms I have described  grew  until they were giants of agony  I became  more nervous  had a strange fluttering of  the heart  an inability to draw a long  breath and an occasional numbness that  was terribly suggestive of paralysis  How  I could have been so blind as not to un   derstand what this meant I cannot im   agine      And did you do nothing      Yes  I traveled  In the spring of 1879  I went to Kinsas and Colorado  and while  in Denver  I was attacked with a mysteri   ous heinorrhave of the urinary organs and  lost twenty pounds of flesh in three weeks   One day after my return I was taken with  a terrible chill and at once advanced to a  very severe attack of pneumonia  My left  lung soon entirely filled with water and  my legs and body became twice their nat   ural size  I was obliged to sit upright in  bed for several weeks in the midst of the  severest agony  with my arms over my  head  and iu constant fear of suffocation     And did you stili make no attempt to  save yourself      Yes  I made frantic efforts  I tried  everything that seemed to offer tbe least  prospect of relief  I called a council of  doctors and had them make an exhaustive  chemical and microscopical examination of  my condition  Five of the best physicians  of Syracuse and several from another city  sii l I must die     It seemerl as though their assertion was  true for my feet became cold  my mouth  parched  my eyes were a fixed glassy  stare  my body was covered with a cold   clammy death sweat  and I read my fate  in the anxious expressions of my family  and friends      But the finalef     Came at last  My wife  aroused to  desperation  began toadministera remedy  upon her own responsibility and while I  grew better very slowly  I gained ground  surely until  in brief  I have no trace of the  terrible Bright s disease from which I was  dying  and am a perfectly well man  This  may sound like a romance  but it is true   and my life  health and whet I am are due  to Warner s f aie Cure  which I wish was  known to aud used by the thousands who   I believe  are aufferingthis minute as I was  originally  Does not such an experience  as this justify me iu making a public  statement      It ccrtiinly does  But then Bright s  disease is not a common complaint  doc   tor      Not common   On the contrary it is  one of the most common  The trouble is   few people know they have it  It has so  few marked symptoms until its final  stages that a person may have it for years   each year getting more and more in its  power and not suspect it  It is quite nat   ural I should feel enthusiastic over this  remedy while my wife is even more so than  I am  She knows of its being used with  surprising results by many ladies for their  own peculiar ailments  over which it has  singular power      The statement drawn out by the above  interview is amply confirmed by many very  of our mos  prominent citizens  among  them being Judge Reigel  and Col  James  S Goodrich  of the Timet  while Gen   Dwight H  Bruce and Rev  Prof W  P   Coddington  D D   give the remedy their  heartiest endor sement  In this age of  wonders  surprising things are quite com   mon but an experience sol unusual as that  of Dr  Martin s and occurring here in our  midst  may well cause comment and teach  a lesson  It shows the necessity of guard   ing the slightest approach of physical dis   order and by the means which has been  proven the most reliable and efficient  It  shows the depth to which one can sink  and yet be rescued and it proves that few  people need suffer if these truths are ob   served      Beatty s Great Offer   The offer made  by Mayor Beatty of a  65 parlor organ for  only  35  in another column  is a great offer   and our readers who desire an organ should  avail themselves of it at once      Diamonds  Watches  Fine Jewelry  Spec   tacles and Silverware Catalogue sent free   Otis W  Snyder  Lexington  Ky  3tf        Giiisaig          POOBEA     PARLQR ORGANS ONLY S 35  G O      Ineludliur Stool  Book kn l pr     oper  RBistJlAAK PRICK  without Stool  Boa k a ld Muidc    A  AS built rxprvasly to supply every 1   prices  It is houidsomely balH  for the 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occupa   tions  but they furnish employment to  much the largest part of oift population   The professions styled liberal  the mer   chants and bankers  the dealeis in stocks  and bonds  the gentlemen of literature   and the gentlemen of leisure are all possi   ble only through tne existence and the  activity of the agriculturist and the artisan   They are tlie producers and manufacturers  of llu  raw material  the creators of our  wealth  the basis of all our material pros   perity  and supply the indispensitrle con   ditiou of all intellectual  political and  moral power    The members of the liberal profess ons   the lawyer  Uie physician  the minister   the teacher  those engaged in thedistribu   ticn of the wealth which ttiese create   those who apply ttiemaelves to discovery  and invention  those who aspire to man   age affairs of the township ami the coun   try  the municipality  the State and the  Nation  all these are  and of right to be  their servants  These relations are often  reversed  but this is not the order of nature  These relations are not only reverseil but  oftentimes ignored  and that has been  made first which is last  and th at last  which by right is and ought to be tirst   With the progress of intelligence and the  growth of freedom the rights and necessi   ties of the agriculturist and the artisan  have been recognized  Now  I hold that  this recognition implies and  eceusitates an  education for ttie industrial classes  for the  farmer and the mechanic equal to that of  any  whether professional or liberal  1 do  not hold that tliis education should be of  the same kind given to the clergy  or the  physician  or the lawyer  or the man t f  letters  The character of education pro  vided for these is determined try the  special kind of activity to which ea  h  desires to ajiply his in  feHectUHl en   dowments  in otner words  by the entl  which each has in view  The intending  clergyman applies himself to Greek  to ex   egetic and dogmatic theology  the physi   cian to anatomy  materia medica nd  therapeutics  the lawyer to abstract dis   cussions of rigbt _and to the study of  statute law  But before each of these b     gins 10 study the special departments   f  science which from the distinctive featuns  of the profession he is supposed to have  in view  he is subjected to a course of pie  liminary training and discipline  His in   tellectual powers must be awakened  his  talent and dormant faculties worked into  healthful and vigorous activity  He must  be taught to think  to think vigorouely  to  think correctly  His eflucation is directly  proportional to his capacity for prolonged  and spontaneous activity  and the main  purpose in view by all those who have in  charge the education of youth is to incul   cate and develop the intellectual endown   ments so as best to attain this end  The  preliminary training which young men  undergo who intend to become lawyers  and pnysicians  ministers and teachers   artists and engineers  inventors and die  coverers  all tend tio this end  This educ i  tion is given not so much for the amount  of knowledge which it conveys as for the  mental activity and vigor which it assumes   for the ability which it confers to think  vigorously and to think correctly  The  boy who toils through propoition and  square root may see little practical utility  in the long examples devised  so far as he  can see  to perplex and puzzle  but who  has gotten through his task and under   stands his work  whether he is aware of it  or not  is better prepared to grapple  with and to solve proolems which he  could not have touched before  And when  he has advanced into geometry and al   gebra  though he may see little practical  utility in the demonstration of a formula  for logarithms or the devel  pinent of the  complex relations of sine and cosine  tan  gent and cotangent  but when he gets  through these and understands them he is  prepared to advance to higher and higher  reaches of reasoning thought   So it is with the discipline and strength  acquired through the study of language   the study of the laws of thought  the study  of the rights of man and the duties of man   the study ol the Creator in His works  and  the study of man in relation 10 himself  in  relation to his kind and in relation to his  God  All mental discipline expands  in   vigorates and ennobles  and this after all is  the prime object of all existence    Upon the discipline and habits thus ac   quired the professional man tmilds  His  powers of observation are sharpened  his  reason strengthened  his acquisitions mul   tiplied  his sense of right invigorated  his  powers of expression enlarged  When  these are accomplished the mere profes   sional acquirements which enable the pro   fessional man to enter upon his profession  are easy enough of attainment  But  up  to a certain point  whatever the intended  profession of the student may be  the  course of preliminary education is or ought  to be very much the same  A course of  study ought to he prescribed and entered  upon  prosecuted and completed  which  will give the necessary kind of training to  all the powers o  the mind  not cultivating  one faculty while others are left uncared  for  hut cultivating each and all in proper  proportion so that the mind shall be  trained and developed as a symmetrical  whole  At one stage of growth the powers  of observation and memory ought to be  sharpened and strengthened  at another  the faculty of connected thought  the fac   ulty of reasoning  and the conditions  which legitimate conclusions  concur   rently with these the sense of duty  our  obligations to the Creator  to mankind and  to ourselves should be developed and  strengthened in such a way that what we  owe to others as well as what others owe  to us should be understood  Who shall     be made the beneticiaries of this sort of  eifucatioii  Is it necesi ary for the future  lawyer and physician and miu ster alone   Shall the nece  sity also he admitted for the  civil eucineer  the teacher  the man of  letters  ami in addition to these  fer the  sons of the wealtliy   When all these  have been ineludeil shall all others be vir   tually excluded     hall it he said thatalter  provision has been made for the intended  profes vioiihl clasgeX that the duty of the  municipality  the Siate and the Nation is  fulfilled  I answer no    The men and women who create and  transform the tvealth of mankind  hy whose  l bor the wi alth of the municipality and  the  State is rendereil possible  who consti   tute the bone and sinew of a Nation  who  are ilsguaniians in time of peace  its safe   guard and bulwark in timesof peril  these  m ii and these women deserve an educa   tion  0 far as preliminary training goes   equal to that provided for any of the pro   fessions  They are  and in the nature of  things  always must be by far the most  numerous part of the population  They  make the men who legislate  they make  the men who interpret the law  they make  the men who execute ilie law  When  they hav   made these does this duty and  ilie ir ligl t end there  Nay  verily The  masses who are the ultimate depositories of  power need to know the principles on which  civil government is constituted   the mu  lual limitations of libeity and authority   the right and the wrong of questions of  home and foreign policy  the expediency  of this time of political conduct and the  expediency of that  the limitations under  which corporations may be allowed to ex   ist  the powers which may be delegated to  tbe governing bodies for the good of those    ho are governed  Now  all this cannot  be accomplished intelligently unless the  education given them embraces such  training and such instruction as will qual   if  them to understand these rights and  these duties    nd  passing from the rights  and obligations of citizensbip  why  I ask   should a liberal  elementary clucatioii   deemed necessary for the rich and for the  members of the learned profe ssions  be de   nied to the agriculturist and the mechanic   It must he for one of two reasons  either  that they  do not need it  or tfiat they are  not worthy of it  When it can bo shown  that the possessors ol power always exer  c se it for the best advantage of the millions  whom they govern  that legislators are in   variahly unselfish  that the judiciary  is above corruptioif and that corporations  are invariably merciful  then we may ad   mit that HO far a s the functions of govern   ment are concerned  that the masses may  abdicate the useless luxury of elections  and delegate once for all the right of suc   cession to those who govern them  But   granting all this  does it follow that the ag   riculturist and the mechanic can dispense  with an education  Why should he be  denied the right that irradiates the human  soul  W hy should he be condemned  son  of toil though he be  to look w ith a lees in   telligent mind upon the mysteries and the  glories of the skies that bend above him   or of the earth th at stretches out beneath  him  Why should the wonders of the or   ganic and the inorganic world  the endless  complexity of animal and vegetable ex   istence around him  be to him as they are  to the ox which he fattens for his table  or  to the horse which draws his plow    shrouded under an impenetrable veil   Possessor of a mind whose faculties are  godlike and whose citpacities are all but  infinite  why should all this exhauetless  treasure be to him a storehouse sealed and  bound  Why should the achievements of  the past  the deeds of the men of old in  science  in literature  in art and in arms  be to him as though they had never been    The telescope w hich brings immensity  within the fields of his vision  the spectro   scope which by analysis aflords him the  constitution pf sun and moon  of plants and  stars  whose distance he may compute but  cannot adequately represent even in im   agination  the microscope which reveals  all hut the ul  imate processes of existence  and all but the ultimate atoms of which  the universe is built up  the telephone  and telegraph  the railway and the steam   ship  shall the knowledge of these and the  know ledge which they reveal and the prin   ciples of their construction and the laws of  nature by which they are made possible   be the heritage  the birthright of the rich  few  but practically inacces sible to the  millions  I would educate the son of the  farmer and son of the artisan as I would  educate the son of the banker and stock   broker  the son of the merchant and law  yer  the son of the minister and teacher  1 would give them the opportunity of an  education similar in kind up to a certain  point  the point namely  where eachshould  begin to specialize in order to prepare him   self for a particular pursuit in life Now   what should this pireliminary education  necessary for all include  All  of course   will say reading and writing  Well  what  does that mean  It means a good deal  less now than it did when Christopher  Columbus discovered America  Why   Knowledge then was comparatively lim   ited  Few had gone beyond the merest  rudiments  and the man who could read  and write was on a par with his fellows   There was then little geography  arithme   tic was almost unknown  anatomy and  physiology were non existent  chemistry  and astronomy had not advanced beyond  alchemy and astrology  The natural  sciences  as we understand them  had not  come into lieing  Reading and writing  then made their possessors participants in  the meager knowledge of the times  But  now a man may know how to read and  write and if he knows no more be an in   tellectual barbarian  We must go beyond  mere reading and writing then to bring  our men and women into actual partici   paiicy in the knowlerlge of our time   There is ari hmetic in its largest sense  the  science of numbers which carries us on to  algebra and geometry  enabling its pos   sessor to measure earth and sea and  heaven  There is geography and geology  informing us of the present and past con   dition of the globe which we inhabit   There is chemistry and physics making us  acquainted with the constituent elements  of matter  whether in the inert lifeless  mass or in the organized animal and vege   table witti the laws which determine thetr  constitution and relation  There is ani   mal and vegetable anatomy and physiology     revealing the principles of structure and  the processes ol grow th and nutrition  And  there is the wonderful mind with all the  godlike powers  reflecting the image of its  maker  transitending the bounds of time  and space  grappling with the problems of  existence  peuetrating all things in earth  and air and sky  ami ai piringto union and  communion with the divine  whence it  sprang  Its laws  its operations  its limita   tions  are tliere for contemplation and  stiuly  Now  which of these department   should be closcil to the future farmer ami  artisan  From which of ttiese fields wav   ing with golden harvest would you exclude  him  B rrn to know  is not all knowledge  Ilia legitimate domain  Enriched by tiie  possession of knowledge in an equal degree  with others  and enricheil beyond any  powers of numbers to exfiress  why should  any human lieing whose future is to create  wealth out of the materials w hich God haa  given him  to devote liiiuself to that occu  pation w hich the faiherof his country has  dignified as the most honorable and use  ful to man    why  I ask  should not he be  afforded the same oppoitunity for its ac   quisition and iKissession as those who  create nothing  but live by tbe labor of  others  He is  I hold  notonly worthy of a  good education  but worthy of the best    Your sons furnish the beet blood of the  country  They not only produce that  whicii sustains life  but year by year they  throw an infusion of fresh blood and fresh  life into the ciliis  whose populations  would otherw ise decline and ultimately  die out  Tliey thus directly and indirectlj  vita ize all the varied elements of popula  tion  provided the bone and sinew and  nerve and brain of the nation and supply  material not only for the agriculturist and  mechanic but for the merchant and manu   facturer  the inventor and discoverer  the  judiciary  the bar and the legislature   Every farmer s son is a possible Senator  or Cabinet officer  Governor or President   and wbether he attains the highest offices  of honor and profit or not  in a hundred  ways and on a hundred occasions he can  turn to practical account tie  discipline and  training for which I plead  In such as   semblies as this  in the halls of legist dii n   in the political arena  he is called upon to  scrutinize measures  to determine their  justice  their policy  their expediency  to  disentangle sophistry  to maintain riglii  and denounce wrong  In all these rela   tions the man of brains  of education  ol  vast and vaiied information hasimnieasur  ably tlie advantage  Whatever theqius   tion at issue  he holds all the thieiuls  wliieh make up the warp and woof of the  web  however complicateil  in his liaiuG   and while his illiterate antagonist is fum  hling and floundering he sees with inlu  five glance right through the whole   Ihc  farmer is the only true conservative in any  community  His interests are immediate  ly connected witl  the soil which lie tills   Through all chances of government his  lauds remain  The capitalist with his   stocks and h S bonds lias no siicli interest  in the perpetuity and integiity of gooil  government as has the agriculturist  He  can tiansfer the contents of las vaults and  money chests from continent to continent  at ten days   notice  If revointidn and an   archy imperils  he discerns the coming  storm and transfers Ins movaliles to hap   pier shores But  the barns and graueries   the flocks and herds and lands of the  tiiishandman cannot so be converted and  transferred  These remain to lie burned  and plundered and despoiled  Hence  the  husbandman has a stake in tlie existence  of civil government which the mere capital   ist and broker has not  ami if there be one  debt  one obligation wbicb you owegrealer  than all others  paramount to all others  it  is that you educate your sons to maintaiu  and conserve and transmit the institutions  which you have inherited  the we  1th  which you have created  the hiritage of  freedom which you liave defended  If this  people are to remain free  the muscle and  brain of those who till the eoil must main   tian this freedom  An educated  intelli   gent and moral population  such as I hope  as the coming ages will find in these  States  can never be enslaved  But you  will have need of all that education and  intelligence and morality can give  One  hundred years will not pass before a popu   lation of ItOO  000 000 of souls will be tound  within the boundaries of these United  States  In cities fourfold tbe population ol  New York  will be found tens of thousands  of illiterates  the scum and dregs of so  defy  a mass of irresponsible poverty   whom any Vanderbilt or Gould or Astor  can buy  whom corporations can control in  order to control legislation and monopolize  power  What is the only possible counter   poise to this explosive element to this  prost tution of the francliise  to this  standing menace  I answer  the educated  yeomanry of the country  If free institu   tions perisli they will perish not so much  because of a corrupt proletariat  as because  of an uneducated  lural population who   bscause of their ignorance were unable to  counterwork the mischief wrought by the  venality of the moneyless nioh and the  rapacity of the monied monopolist  This  is tlie plea which I make for the broad   liberal  comjirehcnsive education of tbe  agriculturist and the mechanic  Educa   tion which I insist ought to be as broad   as liberal  and as comprehensive as that  provided for any other up to the point  where each begins to specialize for his  particular profession or avocation  To  limit the fuither consideration of wliat  should be done specially for the agricul   turist  1 beg your attention to the follow   ing considerations     Agriculture is an art not a science   Tliere is no more a science of agriculture  than there is a science of medicine  Men  sometimes talk loosely about science and  art failing  failing to make tlie distinction  wliich should be maile  Silence is some  thing more than a mass of information  It  is a body  an organized system of estab   lished truths and principles  But  though  medicine is not a science  there are many  sciences relating to the healing art  throw   ing light upon it and guiding it on its diffi   cult way  making it rational  not empiric   an intelligent apprehension of the relation  of cause and effect and not fortuitous  guess work  Botany  pharmacy  chemis   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with science  then agriculture is  the most liberal of all the arts  See what  sciences it lays under contribution for its  purpose  The chemistry of soils and the  chemistry of animal and vegetable life   geology and physical geography which de   termine the composition of soils and the  temperature of latitudes  comparative  anatomy  animal and vegetable physiology   animal and vegetable pathology  even  mathematics and physics all are related to  the art of agriculture  ana intimately so     Step out on your farm and pick up a  handful of soil and before you can answer  all the questions which that soil puts to  you  you will have need of sciences not a  few  You must know something of physi   cal geography  organic and inorganic chem   istry  the geology of j our own and con   tiguous sections of country  their water  sheds and water courses  Pick up a piece  of coal or limestone  this well rounded  peblile or that fossil  and before you are  prepared to answer all the questions con   nected with the origin of the one  or the  physical conditions which have deter   mined the other  you will have laid many  sciences under contribution  Stoop down  and detach a single blade of grass with its  roots and you will have in your hand all  the essential data of the problem which  one of the most wonderful of all the  sciences is called upon to solve  Crawling  under your feet  bumming about your  cars  infesting the plant which you have  in your hand  disputing with you t tie pos   session of ttie air w hich you are about lo  take into your lungs  are living creatures  whose structure  habits and relations to  other organic life forms but one division of  the vast science which treats of all ani   mated existence on ttie earth  in the air   and in the sea  The relations of th se to  the vegetable and animal kingdom with  which the larmer has lo deal  are now rec   ognized with the recognition that the fi r   tility or barrenness of his fields ami the  health or disease of his cattle often de   pends upon these minute organisms     Every plant that grows on your farm   every animal in your stockyard  every  bird and insect that hovers in the air   every implement of husbandry  every  road  fence  farm building  every running  stream  swamp  forest  change of tempera  ture  rain storm  drouglit  eveiy alluvial  deposit left by the swollen stream  every  upheaved rock  everything that the farm   er s eye rests upon or his ear hears  or  which gratifies or offends his sense of  smell borne on the passing breeze  every   thing represents a science which is very  close to his work or which it is his interest  to know   The knowledge may in some  instances not materially increase the con    cuts of his store house  but it adds to his  pleasure and gratifies his curiosity   Man  was made to know  made a little lower  than the angel  but endowed with facultie s  and capacities far above the horse which  drags his plow  or the sheep which sup   plies his clothing for his family    As his know ledge incre ises  how his  plants grow  how the stock upon which he  bestows bis care and his thought develop  from the rudimentary germ to tbeemhyro   and from the einbyio to the beautifully  proportioned thoronghb  ed which adorns  his pastures  or the iamb which gimbols  before its dam on thelawn  he feel s a keener  avidity for the acquisition of knowledge  a  deeper sympathy with nature and the pro  cesses of nature  appreciates more fully his  own dignity  his relation to the chain of  animated existence of which he is the  glory and the crown  and to the Creator  who brought him and them into being    Here the question may be asked what  use has the practical farmer for all this   Cannot he raise corn  and carry his mules  and hogs to market without a knowledge  of botany and geology  I answer he can   and if the end tor wldch the Creator maile  the agriculturist  and the aim of his exis  tence be lo grow corn and market mules  and hogs  then I couce le the question  without argument  j   But corn  h  gs and mules exist for the    sake of man  and not man for the mule s  and hogs  The end and aim of human ex   istence is something hi  tier and nobler  than this  His ihoughls if he rises to a  proper conception of his dignity and of  the nobility of his nature  are not alto   gether of ttie earth and earthy  They  reach beyond the bounds of spree and of  time  His origin allies him to the Divine  and not to the brute  His mission is not  to live aud veietate  but to comprehend  himself and all things out of himst lf  to  comprehend all hut the incomprehensible  God    If the question he asked what use has  the farmer for algebra and geometry  I an  swer quite as much in his sphere as the  physician or the lawyer or inventor can in  his  Tney serve to develop his mind  to  expand his conceptions  to discipline his  faculties  and is not the mind of the farm   er within its conceptions and faculties and  far re iching possibilities  of as much value  to him  of as much service to society and  the world as that of the physician or law   yer  minister or philosopher  He is there   by brought into more intimate relation  with universal progress  with the march  of intellect  he can solve difficulties with  more care  think more clearly  calculate  probabilities with more certainty  adjust  means to ends with better judgment  dis   entangle the web of fophistry with more  care  and becomes prepared to become a  leader of men instead of being made Uie  follower and dupe of others  If this be So   then every intelligent father  whatever  heritage he may be able to leave his sou in  acres and stocks  will want to see bis mind  80 trained  so disciplined  so instructed in  the science and knowledge of the age tkat  he can receive instruction and pleasure  and profit from every blade of grass  from  every passing breeze  from the rill that  bubbles at his feet  from the stars which     sparkle in the heaven above him  from he  bow which sp ms the arch of the sky  He  becomes  then  the seer  the prophet  the  interpreter of idmself  of nature  of God    Superior to nature  modifying  directing  and controlling her powers not for physi   cal purposes only  not for the sordid ac   cumulation of wealth only  hut for high  moral ends This is the sort of education  which 1 have in my mind  aud this is the  sort of education to the realizition of  whii h I ask your co operation to day    In addition to the means provided for  class room instruction which for the present  answer fairly well  there ought to be  placed at their disposal a farm sufficiently  large for all the requirements of e xperi   mental agriculture  During the connec   tion of the College with the Kentucky Uni   versity  a farm was provided for its use   bought and paid for by the subscriptions  of the citizens of Lexington and vicinity in  order to induce the State to place its  Agri   cultural College at I  xingtoa  Ou this  farm  consisting of the two estates of Ash  land and Woodland and embracing 430  acres of the best land in Central Kentucky   had also been erected a large building for  a mechanical department well equipped  with machinery  The State of Kentucky  had also advanced  20 000 for the erection  of buildings  all or most of which is al   leged to have beenl expended ou these two  estates    Upon the separation of the A  and M   College from the Kentucky Uuiveisiiy  this real estate  which had been bought  for its use  was claimed and held by Ken   tucky University  Had the State College  been the owner of this magnificent estate  in full  as it ought now to be  the necessity  which I now bring before you would not  exist  To conduct experimental farming  with any degree of success a tract of land  is needed upon which permanent improve   ments can be made aud upon which a  Senes of experiments extending over a  series of years can be begun and carried  forward  To do this upon a short lease   terminable under certain conditions at the  option of lessor is qui e impracticable     A tract of land owned by the College  could in a short time be made what the  organic law of Congress expected every   Agricultural College to have  a model  farm  Upon such a farm ought to be  seen the representatives ol the best breeds  ot beef aud milk cattle  of the best varie   ties of sheep  and the best kinds of swine   Upon It should be model buildings for  housing the employers  for storing grain  and provi nder  and for providing shelter  for ih ise varieties of stock which require  it  Facilities should be provided for test   ing the relative values of different kinds of  lood prep ired under all conceiv ible con   ditions  Upon this farm experiments  sliould be conducted in ihe growth of all  cereals  grasses  root crops and other pro   ductions suitable to the latitude of the  Commonwealth under all possible varia   tions of soil  planting and cultivation  the  resiiltsof which should be carefully tabu   lated and given to the public  Every  kind of machinery for preparing the soil   planting  cultivating and reaping should  likewise be represented here   in short the  whole estate should be made an education   al apparatus  whereon should be exempli   fied in practice and translated into action  the instiuciions of the class room  Here  all the departments of study which I have  showh make agriculture possible as an art   ought to find emphasis  illustration and  practice  To provide all this  however  re   quires money  requires legislation  I come  here to day to invite your co operation in  procuring the funds to inaugurate a new  era in industrial education In Kentucky   Daring the connection of the A  and M   College with Kentucky University  not   withstanding the possession of the estate  to which i have referred  the idea of ex   perimental farming was only fitfully at   tempted  and ou account of circunistauces  to which I need not recu   never realized   Since the seittratiou in 1878 the College  has had no opport iiiity even to atti nipt it  because of the absence of the nidespeu   sible conditi m   a farm  All the biates  around us  North  South  East and We st   have provided their Agricultural Colleges  with farms lirndsoiuely equipped and  stocked  ranging in area frou 100 to 1 000  acres    Kentucky is rich  Th  grounds on which  the College stamls are the gilt of the city  of Lexington  Most of ttie expenditure in   curred in the erection of the  m igniticeut  buildings which crown the old city park  was defrayetl by the proceeds of the city  anti cou ily bonds given to the State for  this purpose  Toe accommodations are  ample for 500 pupils  aud theoretical in   struction is provided in all or nearly all  the departments relating to agriculture   Only the farm is wantingand that is indes   pensible  For procuring this I desire and  cl aim your co operation I would urge  ybu to take the initiative to procure the  necessary legislation looking to this end   or at least your active co operation towards  its attainment  I will go tarther  I think  the airriciiltural interests of Kentucky  ought to have an adequate representrtion  on the Board of Trustees by additional  legislation  if this should be deemed neces   sary  and to this end I would jdedge my  hearty and loyal co operation    If the St ite of Kentucky turning a deaf  ear to the factious oppo sition of interested  parties  will sustain your State College as it  ought  cheapening education  widening its  range  bringing it within the reach of the  industrial classes  making it accessible to  all  rich and poor  on equal terms  edu   cating your teachers  jmur farmers  your  mechanics  your civil engineers  develop   ing at home and under home influences the  nerve and brain power which in time will  develop the material rcsourcesof the Com   monwealth  placing within the reacli of  everyone an education equal to any that  can be gotten within the limits of the  Union  she wiil do a great and noble work    On the education of your sons depends  the perpetuity of your institutions  On this  education depends the social and politi   cal morality  the le  venof which will leaven  this people for righteousness  On Ihis edu   cation depends the elevation of your chil   dren and children s children to a plan of  far reaching knowledge  such as you aud I  do not possess  Like the Hebrew law   giver we have reached Pisgah s Summit  and can view the promised land  free in      stitutions perpetuated  intelligence de   veloDed  morality deepened  culture  widened  mankind living  not for bread  a one nor by bread alone  but living by the  conscious glow of the Divine Spirit  and  living for his race and for hi s God    The outskirts of this land of jiromise we  are now treading  but into the full jiosses   sionand fruition we may not go  But our  children may  our children will if w e do  our duty    Thegre it work of the day is to educate  tho se who have no means to educate  themselves  It is not bec iuse of his toils  that I lament for the poor    We must all  toil and no faithful workman  whatever be  his sphere or kind of toil  finds his task a  pasttiine  The poor is hungry  athirst   but fur him also there is food and drink  He is heavy laleu and weary  but for him  also the heavens send sleep aud of the  deepest  But what I do mourn over is  that the lamp of his soul should go out   that no ray of knowledge should visit him   Alas  while the boily stands so broad and  brawny  must the soul be blinded  dwarfed   Btupified  Alas  w as this  too  a breath of  God bestowed in heaven  but on earfh  never to be unfolded    That there should one man die ignorant  who had capacity for knowledge   this I  call the deepest tragedy      Horticultural      SETTLEMENT OF THE POTATO  QUESTION    Editor Farmers  Home Journal    Such is the option in your number Jan   5  over the signature of  Rusticus   Is  this parson Rusticus sometimes of F ayette  county  and elsewhere of Lexington   Kentucky  Is this the Rusticus whe  claimed that the potato with Noah AVebster  was a  swollen root   when it is no more  like a root than it is like a sheep  Is this  the Rusticus who held that the eyes of  the potato were   buds   Is this the Rusti   cus who  driven from all these positions   proclaimed to the public that the eyes  were simply  undeveloped stems   Is  this the Rusticus who astonished the Fci  entific world by the discovery tliat this  developed stem had  two sets of roots     one feeding in the bulb uf the   otato on  organized matter  and the other set of ro  is  dr iwiiig nourishment from the ground   Is this the Rusticus who at last ailmitted  that the eyes were perfect   embryos   as  1 had all the time asserted  and which he  came upon the arena of Ihe agricultural  press to refute  Is this the parson Rusti   cus who introduced the language of the  cock pit  and protested that he was not in   clined  to crow  over me  Is this the  Rusticus whom I knocked out of the ring   and who for cause was so  slowly coming  to time   that we all thought he was dead   Is this the Rusticus who had two volum   inous papers on his return to the ring   claiming that at last he had   settled the  potato question   and to the great relief of  the farming world set down the welcome  words  concluded    with exjirts ions of  gratitude  for what cause Fknow not  but  that his life was spared  though his cause  seemed surely lost    Aud now here he is again as lively as  ever  backed up with  auihority  that  the potato was not as he had all along  been contending  a swollen root  a bud   undeveloped s ems  a stem with two  sets of roots  a perfect embryo  but at last   a shbrt branch with a terminal bud  and  drew its nutriment as other bu Is do    Let us see  How does the other bud  draw its nutriment  F rom the branch   aud the branch from the trunk of ti e tree   and the trunk of the tree from the roots  of the 8 line from the soil  But  as accord   ing to this theory  there is nothing but the  branch with the terminal bud  wtiere does  it ilraw its nutriment from  Nowhere   Bu  wlien the  embryo  throws out its un   developed roots at the surface of the bulb  into the air and soil  it draws its nutri   meut from the air and soil as any other  perfect tree or plant  If that does not set   tle the question  what will  In those im   mature potatoes which your intelligent  growers about Louisville say throw up but  oue shoot or stem when planted why don t  all the eyes put out a shoot  Because all the  juices of the bulb  or matrix  concenliale  into the maturing one eye  and the others   starved out  do not mature at all  and of  course cannot sprout  Nature  it is i aid   does uotiiiiig in vain  And yet she tiere  makes the large bu b of the potato ex   pressly to nour s ii the shoot  as held hy  Rusticus  an 1 yet she makes haste to send  the new snoot from the eye  witfi new  roots away from the storehouse  leaving it  to survive over to a new year  or slowly  perish bv the wayside  unused    Now  Dr  Sturtevant s theory of   branches  running to the central stem   if ever as   serteil by him  has never been sustained  by him or any one else  I deny that tin r  is any such branch running in lines paral   lel to tile axis of the branch  I deny that  there is any central stem at all  any more  than that there is a cliurch and church   steeple in the potato  What Rusticus calls   branches and stems   are simply the fillets  or conduils  which  spreading in small  fibers into the whole bulk of the bulb   nourish the eyes  which are the  embryos   or seed of the potato  running not in di   rect lines at all  or from any common  point  but thickening as they approach the   eye  coming in crescent shape from both  ends of the bulb  and having matured the  eye  as the same means show in the water   melon  they cease their functions  and only  act  through the whole bulb   us reser   voirs of water  as thousands of seeds are  so provided  till the embryo expands and  enters its new independent growth   As  the defenders could mot get along with the  root and stem end theory because of the im   possibility of the mathematical lines  they  have invented the  coral formation  to  cover up their false steps  Now I deny  that there is any such coral formation  and  even if there was  what has that to do  with the central stefia theory  To such  straights is dying error driven    And now a certain J  B  Jerry comes to  the front  leaving Rusticus and Dr  Sturte   vant in the  back ground  This Solomon  has shown that a potato must be cut from      Mj Vcfrctablf  and FIoatcf CatulosTuc for  tho ro alt of thirty j   um  experient e o  a  will beiHrnt ft c e to uU who apply   All my Ke  d In warranted to bo fWoh and true to  name   o far that  hould It prove otbcrwlM     r     to refill orderN i ratio  My eollooUon of vcir  table  Heed  one of the mont extenitivo to be found lu any  American Catalogue     a lurwe part of It of my   rowln c   n the orlgmal Introducer of  Kcllptc licet  Iturbank   o7otoem Marblehead    Early Corn  the Hubbard KqnaMh  and acorea of  other new   ecctoulcA  1 Invite the putronocc of the pub   He  In the cardciiA and on the furmii of thoae who piont  my aecd will be found my beat advcrtlM menU   JAMES J  H  GREGORY  Seed Grower  Marblehead  Mass      17U2     eiBLEY SCEEDS   FOR ALL CLI nATEM  ALL SOII      ALL CROP S       1884 CATALOGUE FREE            siiurssms  HIRAM SIBLEY CO  Rochester  N Y  Chicago  III        5t52        ORES    u 6 ft  r   rsmU  coalp  de    eanh r quir   and hnoo   oiih   HK     ATRONS    Manufacturera of In  Faint  The only Fm  airortcaterf the aun   which dcatroy all  freight paid to any  ed until delivered  All  aent free Beautiful Color  structiona how any one   faint WOHK8  No        eraolVa JA  nta that de  or futnea of  other Fainta   in the counfrv   uaera ahould  Card of the Faint  can Faint  Addr  BUTTON      northeast to southwest side   The Rural  New Yorker  in his Dec  22 i number   shows that be raiseil 027 66 bushels of  potatoes to the acre  127 66 bushels more  than Solomon Jerry  and that there we  e  148 808 potatoes to the acre  Here is rich   ness  I see this immense pile of bulbs  divided into sub piles of work bands  say  1 000 each  and the 148 opt rators with  each a compass fitmly set to the north and  South  each with knife in hand  setting  the potato to  nortbeaet and southwest    in their minds   and cutting up to figure  2   On a raised dais are the siiieniists  Dr   SturtevHiits  J  B  Jerry and parson Rusti   cus directing each of the 148  which end  to place to the iiortti and bow to be care  ful to cut to tiie geometrical lines  Surely   the fool killers are all dead    C  M  Cl AY    White Hall  Kv   1884      HOW TO SOW ORCHARD GRASS    Hurricane P  0 CRiTrE NUE N  Co      Kv   December 28   8    j  Editor Fartuers  Home Journal    I am advised to sow orchard grass on  stubble land in February  the wlieat was  cut oil in the spring of 1883  and I am  told to sow the orchard grass on the  stubble during the coming February   1884  without any farther preparation   ami to sow it ou land that was in corn in  1883 in the same way  Is this a safe way  to sow orcliard grass    I have  a rich piece of high land that  I sowed in timothy early in tlie fall dur   ing the drouth and followed the sowing  with an iron roller  It appears not to be  a good stand  and I am thinking of te   secdiiig in February  will this do  Just  as the land is  To m  Wallace    We think if the    eed is well harrowed  in on the stubble  a good stand will come  of it  But there may be a safer way  known lo farmers who have exjierience  with orchard grass  and we hope to hear  from some of them  How is it  Mr   Waters      A Bosto n paper says a number of New  England capitalists have or learn to make  fruit productive and profitable  as well as a  leading crop  and especi ally is this true in  the matter of manuring  Crops have been  taken off the land year after year without  making any return  and so it has come to  pass that many a once flourishing orchard  is now useless or bears hut little fruit  Stable  manure  ashes  lime  kainait aud bones are  all good fertilirers and should be applied  now or in early spring      Manurf     The most important considera   tion upon a farm at this season  especially if  it be poor land  should be the making of  manure or some fertilizing ii alerial for the  next year s crop  and to this end  stables and  yards should be kept well littered with leaves   straw  saw dust  muck  and top soil from  woods  in short  whatever alisorbing material  is most abundant and convenient and stock  regularly penned upon it  Compost heaps  made in pens from ail refuse material that  can he raked and scraped up upon the farm  and well mixed with lime  kainait or plaster  of paris should also he made and constantly  added to until neeiled  Faithlul effort m  this direction would materially lesson the  amount of fertilizers annually purchased  and add greatly to the wealth and independ   ence of the farming community      Nanz   Nbu ner s catalogue for 1884 is  liandaoinely illustrated and iiratiy printed   It contains a complete list of fl owers  bulbs  and seeds for sale at their store  582  Fourth Avenue  in this city  Everything  in the lines of seeds  bulbs and nursery  slock is kept by them  The catalogue is  free      Colorless and Cold   A  young girl  deeply regretted that she was so colorless  and cold  Her face was too white  and her  hands aud feet felt as though the blood  did not circulate  After one bottle of Hop  Bitters had been taken she was the rosiest  and healthiest girl in the town  with a  vivacity and cheerfulness of mind gratify   ing to her friends      Mr  Decker is of opinion  after an ex   amination  that peaches  cherries  plums   grajies and blackberries  are nearly al  killed by the recent cold snap  Grapes  will make fruit  however  from the dor   mant buds  He thinks pears will not be  all killed      Better have  Watts en the mind  than  a wen on the head       BOUGH ON CORNS     Ask lor Wells   Rough on Corns   15c  Quick   complete  permanent cure  Corns  warts  buuieus       OUR NEW CATi LOGUE   DESCRIPTIVE OF   IBM SELECT VARIETIES M   Trees and Flowers    Will soon be ready for Free Distribu ion   SEND FOB   F  WALKER   CO     New Albany  Ind       HANSELL         aadnott      v lu bl lt  pb iT7    brlfhl erln oa  terj firm   prodactivt  rxln bardj Korth aod   Somb  KAKLT IfARTEST tlM   sMrIiMt and nutt prafltabU Bloek    l rry  ATLziNTIC  DANIEL  J BOON E HtrawborHes  Stndfor     uM partie aar    maiUd fr    The  J larg     and be 0 t toek o 8tra b  rrlM      Ba pb4 rr  M  itlarkb rH    ooM b r   rl   I npPMts and Grapm  n     U  8    aUo  I ralt and Kat bfariog   _   Tpra   inetudinq Kiefer and Le Cont    i tare  ilu nw Peachee  Japan fiiant Ckeetnut  dc   Piekte  tttHAtrated Catalogve   r rA haneetdetcripHom  trutk ut pteturu    nd fair price   tree  It UUe what to plant  how to plant  tmd  h no to get and grow Fruit Trrr  ond PUnU   thefneet e Hd otoet  useful catatoffue of the kind publithed    J  T  I  OVKTT  Little Sllfer  Sew Jeraey   Introductr Cuthbert Satpbeny and Manchester Strawbsrrw    le02t     Clover  Timoihy  Orct anl grass Red   Top  Hungarian  Millet  Setd Oats  Sued Rye  Seed  Barley  Garden S  eds  etc  O dent accompanied by  nioucy or p tst ortiee or lerflll d at lowest market  price  Send for setd caialogue   SHERMAN   CO     234 and 236 Sixth St   liouisville  Ky  50tl8     SOUTHERyflPEiRSERIlS     ANCHORAGE  KY       A large and tine stock of   FRUIT AND ORNAMENTAL TREES    Also  I Ki OKTK aud KETFFKR PEARS  claimed  to be bligni proof  S  nd for Caialogne        S  L  GARR    41tf Anchorage  Ky      Will be mailed all applicants and to   customers of last   nCC year without ordering it   It contains illustrations  prices  descriptions and  directions for planting all   eKetaWe and Flower   to all   DETFICIT   jaiciL   1 13     FRUIT TREES  Etc   Etc      I have a splemlid lot of Apple Trees of the fol   lowing varieties   Ben D avis  k  inu Beauty  Maid   en Blush  Wine trap  Kenuieky Red Cra   etc    10  per 100    AUu  an extra fine lot of 2 year grapes  Con   cord  Ives  Hartford  Agarram  Iona  Elvira  Noah   Mrtrtha and I ady  Ten cems each  in lota of 25  or more  J  DECKER    49tf Buechel  Ky      Seeds  I laots  etc  Invaluanie   D M FERR f C0        FENCE     STEEL       WIRE     It is thoonly rnnorrl ptirposa Wire Fen   in tise  being  a   Troiis net work wiiboiit barba  it will turo  dog   pigfi Bhek p and poultry aHwellastlie most vicious  stock  with  ut injury toeitherfenoeorstook  It is just  l  o fence for farms  gardens stock ranges  uud railroads   and very neat for lawTJS  parks  school loU and cemete   iea  Covered with rust proof painty galvanized  it wih  last a li fe t iine  It is MUperior t o boards or barbed  wire in everj respect  We ask for it a fair tnal  know   ing it will wear itoelf into favor  The SedgwlcK  madeofwToughtironpipeand steel MTre driy  all competition in neatness  strength  and dufab     ity  We also make the best and cheapest all iron  ntitoinaXic or  elf opeiiinK also rbeap    r t and ncaienl all Iron lenceJv  Ileat wire  Stretcher and Post Anger  r prices and par    iculaT8 ask hflr iware de alors  or addre  s menlionmg  Taper  SEDGWICK BROS   Manfrs  Richmond  Ind      5eo26U               V     I     sioo iE      i           Tobacco Department      LOUISVILLE  JAN  10  1884      THE LOUISVILLE MARKET    The market continues remarkably strong  for il grades  even better than wasthouglit  a few weeks ago  Buyers are glad to get il  at prires quoted  The report that every   boily is going to plant a big crop this year  dot s n  t seem to depress pr ces or weaken  the demand  Our buyers are too tar   s  ghted and possess too steady nerves to be  influenced by such shadowy reports  In  fact  from present prospects it would be  hard to overstock our market  The great  variety of scr s off  red in this market has  at rifled the greatest numlier of buyers   who have orders for almost every conceiv   able variety  and the stock is now being  eagerly taken as fast as it is put on the  breaks    OLD TOBACCO   HEAVY DARK    lA u i  tn to good lugs    5 50 to f 7 00   C ommon dark leaf 7 00   8 00   Medium to good leaf 8 00   10 00     Seiectious    13 00      16 00    BURLEY       Damaged trashy lugs        Common to good lugs       7 00      12 00    Common leaf    12 00      17 IX     Medium to good leaf    17 00      21 00    Pina laaf       99  00      28 00    NEW CROP  BUKLKY       Common  Trashy Lugs      Meilium Luus      9 UO    Good Lugs      11 00    Common Leaf         10 50 to    13  50    Medium Leaf      16 00    Good Leaf         16 00 to    19 no    Fine Leaf      25 00    DARK       Common to Medium lugs 6 0 to 7 c    Good Lugs      Common l  af      MdHiimi Leaf      Good Leaf    9 c to 10 c    Warehouses   Week  Month     Year     Pk kett    79 197    197    People s    41  128    128    Boone    4  120    120    Enterprise    34 163    163    Farmers     111 405    405    Kentiirkv House    4    125    125    Planters    37 85    85    Falls City    105 201    201    Louisville    78 182    192        7     Ninth Street    149 325    325    Pike    32 131    131    Gilbert    70 140    140    Total    868 2 275    2 275      Hhds     Year  1883        l 3h6              188         Receipts this week        Receipts this week last year        870      Week     Year     Rejections      209     Thursday s sales      11  0  10  8 50  6 70 and 7   1 hhd Henry  county trash at  5 05    The Pickett IIou se sold  37 hhds  27  hhds Franklin countv leaf  lugs and trash  at S17  16 75  16 75  15  14 75  14 75  15 75   13 75  1 3  12  11 25  11  12 50  11 75  9  K    8 80  8 90  9 10  8 10  9 90  9  6 90  5 65  7 10    5 85  5 25 and 5   1 hhd Breckinridge coun   ty leaf at S12    3 hhds Shelby county com   mon leaf and lugs at SI 2 50  9 80 and 5 05    2 hhds tiravson county common leaf and  lugs at So tK  anil 5  65  5 hhds  I aylor  countv common leaf and lugs at  7 80  7    6 itO  ti 40 and 6 10    The Louisville House sold 29 hhds  1  hhd CumlMirland county leaf at  8 20  1  hhd  ireen county leaf at  10 75  1 hhd  Hardin county lugs at  5tK   24 hhds  Franklin and Shelby counties leaf  lugs  and trash at flO 75  19  6 90  9 40  11  18 50   19  9 70  13 2 5  10  14  15  6  7 50  9 90  11   16 7 5 10  8 80 9  12 75  13 75  11 75 and   7 20  2 hhds Ilcnry county low leaf and  lugs at  14 25 and 6    The Xinth  street House sold 51 hhds  and 1 box  15 hhds Franklin county leaf   lugs and trash at  19 25  18 50  18  16  19   18 25  16 72  16  14 25  12 7 5  10 75  14 2 5   13  15 25 and 11 25   12 hhds Bourbon coun   ty leaf and lugs at  17 50  1750  16 25  16 50   12 2 5  15  14 25  12 75  16 75  13 75  10 and   8 70  9 hhds Ilenrv county leaf  lugs and  trash at  16 7 5  127 5  10 2 5  10  16 6 80   8 90  8 50 and 8 30   3 hhds Fayette county  leaf and lugs at  16 50  10 25 and 10  7  hhds Shelby county leaf  lugs and trash  at  17  11 7 5  11  7 10 6  9 20 and 6 40  1  hhd Metcalfe county leaf at  16 25   1 hhd  Cumberland county leaf at  8 10  3 hhds  Henry county leaf and lugs at   16 25  12 75  and t 10  I box Shelbv county lugs at   8 10     Patterson   Payne s tobacco ciop of  41 acres in Nicholas county averages 2 000  pounds per acre  sold and deliverett at 15  cents    100 per acre      Long  leafy  dark tobacco was in fair  demand in our market this week  A sjile  of one hogshead  which measured twenty   six inches  was made at  9 40    The Gilbert House sold Tuesday 23  hhds  11 Warren CO  at  6J 30  8 20  8 10  880   7 10  7 20  6  50  6 20  6 20  6 80  and 7 70    5 Henry co   Tenn   at  6 60  4 9 5  4 50    6 60 and 8 40  3 Ba rren co  at  t   7 20and   8 10  4 Weakley eo   Tenn   at  6 70  7 80   6 75 and 6 25    The sale of Carroll county tobacco at the  Pike House Tliursday includes 4 hhds   crop of A  Shippard  leaf  lugs and trasli at  S16 75  9 90  7  and 5 80   2 lihds leaf and  lugs crops of Thos  Houston  15 75 and  8 80   2 hhds leaf and lug    crop of W  L   Joues   18 and 10    Minor H  Hilse and son  Squire Robert  Nelson  Dr  J  T  Clark and VV  P  Epper   son have recently sold their crops oi to   bacco to H  P  Thompson at prices ranging  from 124 to 14 cents a pound  Mr  Minor  Hisle has sold bis 15 000 lb   crop nf tobacco  to A  F  Duckworth at 124  14 and 15 cents  per pound  Jas  N  Hisle has raised this  year 4 000 pounds of tobacco on two acres  of ground and has sold it at 15 cents per  pound     C ar fc County Democrat      The Farmers  Mouse sold 22 hhds  9  hhds Daviess county leaf and luvsat 16 50    8 20  7 30  7 20  7  6 70  6 40  6 30  5 95 and  5 85   6 hhds Grayson county leaf and  lugs at  8 90  8 50  6 70  6 30  5 40  5 05   2  hhds Ohio county leaf and lugs at   7 10  and 5 25  2 hhds Barren county leaf at  9  and 7 30  2 hhds Henry county leaf at   13 75 and 10  1 hhd Barren county lugs  at  5 40     The Kentucky Tobacco Warehouse sold   11 hhds  5 hhds Henry county leaf  lugs  and trash at  10 25  9 10  7 10  6 20 and   5 95  4 hhds Simpson county leaf and lugs  at  7 30  7  6 90 and 6  1 hhd Breckinridge  county trash at  4  1 hhd Illinois trash at   6 50   The Falls City House sold 30 hhds and  1 box  6 hhds Jessamine county medium  to common leaf  lugs and trash at  17  15    13 50  13  10 25 and 6 80   3 hhds Shelby  county medium leaf and lugs at  16 75   16 75 and 10  5 hhds Hart county medium  leaf  lugs and trash at  15  11  8  7 50 and   6 60   2 hhds Henry county lugs and trash  at  10 and 6 10  10 hhds Indiana leaf and  lugs at  9 80  9 50  9 50  9 50  9 50  9 50    9 60  9 50  9 50 and 8  1 hhd Macon county   Tenn   common mixed lugs at  9  1 hhd  Hancock county common mixed lugs at   7 40  2 hhds Grayson county common  lugs at  6 70 and 6 10  1 box common trash  at    4 50    The Planters  House sold 7 hhds  3 hhds  Green county medium leaf and lugs at   15  10 50 and 6 20  2 hhds Henry county  common lugs at  8 and 7 20  1 hhd Hart  county lugs at  6 60  1 hhd Indiana com   mon leaf at  10 75   The Green river House sold 21 hhds  5  hhds Franklin county leaf and lugs at   17 75  15 25  8 90  8 50 and 5 95  10 lihds  Henrv county leaf and lugs at  17 25  16   15 75   10  9  7 60  7 10  6 90  6 50 and 7 50    1 hhd Oldham county lugs at  6 90  5 hhds  Ohio county leaf and lugs at  6 80  6 40    6 40  5 65 and 5 45    The Enterprise House sold 11 hhds  3  hhds Henry county leaf and lugs at  16 50    14 75 and 10 50  2 hhds Simpson county  leaf and lugs at  1125 and 7 40  2 hhds   Warrick county  Ind   leaf at  8 10 and   7 70  4 hhds Marvland trasli at  2 50  2 50    2 20 and 2    The People s House sold 13 hhds  4 hhds  Simpson county leaf and lugs at  12 25   7 50  6 90 and 6  50   3 hhds Logan county  leaf at  8  7 50 and 7 40  6 lihds Ohio  trash at  4 10  4 05  4  3 75  3 25 and 3 a5    The Gilbert House sold 15 hhds  2 hhds  Barren county lugs at 6 70 and 6 70   2  hhds Daviess county lugs at  6 50 and  6 40   1 hhd McLean county trash at  4 10   1 hhd Hopkins county lugsat 6 90   2 hhds  Muhlenberg county lugs at  6 40 and 5 05     3 hhds Livingston  county lugs at  6 50    6 40 and 5 05   1 hhd Cumberland county  factory trash at  3   2 hhds Warren county  common Burley leaf at  16 75 and 12 50  2  hhds Logan countv Burley lugs at  10 and   7 90    The Boone House sold 17 hhds  2 hhds  Tennessee leaf at  9  30 and 9 20   2 hhds  Hart county  leaf and lugs at  14 75 and 8     12 hhds Franklin county leaf and lugs at   17  16 75  15 25  15 50  13 75  11 25  10 75      The Pike House sold  Wednesday  21  hogsheads  3 hhds Henry county  Tenn    leaf at  8 10 7 50 and 7 40  2 hhds Chris   tian county lugs at  6 90 and 6 20  2  hhds Hart county lugs at  8 40 and 7 30   5 hhds McCracken county leaf and lugs  at  8 50  8 30  8 00  7 40 and 6 50  4 hhds  Logan county leaf and lugs at  9 30   7 40  6 90 and 6 70  2 hhds Todd county  leaf at  8 50 and 8 25  3 hhds Graves  county trash  low leaf and lugs at  7 20   7 00 and 6 75      In the advertising column of this issue   the  Gilbert Tobacco Warehouse    modest   ly asks recognition at the hands of th   growers and shippers of the weed  The  proprietors   Wall  Smith   Co   are com   paratively young men witu an unlimited  stock of energy  industry  and their repu   tation for integrity and honesty   here they  are known  is not surpassed by the man   agement of any warehouse  young or old  They have ample storage and salerooms   their house is centrally located and we trust  they will receive a share of the patronage  from the growers and shippers  commen   surate with the merit of the gentlemen  composing the firm      INSTRUCTIONS FOR CULTIVA   TING    Seed   Procure pure  weU cuHh ated  well   matured seed  Be as sure as you can to pro   cure pure  reliable seed of whatever va  riety you think your soil best adapted to   and the demand you want to grow for    Plant Bed     For your bed  select a south   ern or southeastern exposure  inclineil  enough to drain it  if a wet season  A lime   stone soil  with a clay subsoil and a loamy  top soil  such as can be found on any of  our southeasterly  wooded  gently sloping  hill sides  Burn your bed  but not hard  enough to bake  Hoe shallow  but do not  turn the soil as you want the loam on top   Pulverize the soil well  and rake out all  roots and clods  Then mix your seed  a  tablespoonfut to a half gallon of heavy  wood ashes or fine dry sand  which is suf   ficient seed for ten feet square  Divide  your bed into sections both ways  and sow  broadcast  both ways  and tramp or roll it  until level  A light dressing of stable ma   nure or guano from your hen roost  if your  bed be sprinkled lightly after dressing  will  bring up and start your plants very quick   ly  Cover your beds with green brush  or   what is better  thin muslin    An ounce of tobacco seed is three table   spoonfuls  or ten No  20  thimblefuls  and  contains 300 000 seed  Allowing that  every third seed would give a plant    An oz  would plant In check  3 x3 ft   20 acres   3 4x3Hft   2  Xacres         3 sA ft   27 4acrea      drill  4 xl 4f    14 acres          4 x2 ft   ISMacres           4 xlHft   ISXacres   To make sure of plenty of plants at least  double the above amount should be sown    The advantage of covering the beds with  muslin is the protection it afliords against  the flea bug and bringing on the plants  about two to three weeks earlier  The  beds to be so covered should not be more  than twelve feet across and as long as may     be needed  Boards a foot in width should  be set on e lge along the sidi s and a  the  ends and the earth banked up a little on  the outside  The cotton should be sowed  together and tacked to the top of the  boards  It is a good plan to drive a stake  occasionally in the middle to keep the cov   ering from bagging    Land for Tobacco     A poor selection of  ground for a tobacco crop  almost insures a  failure  at the start  As much depends on  what variety you want to grow  and also  upon whether you inleml to meet a wrap   per  a filler  or an export demand  no gen   eral instrucion can be relied on to govern  your selection  The planter niusl simply  inform himself as to what toil is best  adapted to the variety he has concluded to  raise  and exercise hie judgment in the se  lection  Limestone  wood lands are great   ly preferable to prairie lands for tobacco of  all varieties  and especia ly for White Bur   ley  Rolling  new ground  with southern  or southeastern exposuie  is the choice of  all experienced planters  But any well   draineil  rich land  with limestone founds  tion will grow every variety of tobacco if  well cultivated      Killed by Tobacco   Mr  J  VV  Dawson   in the Shochoh neighborhood  has had ff e  misfortune to lose the line Shorthorn  heifer  Lillie Dale  which he bought at the  recent sale here  On the nightof Decem   ber 31 the animal swallowed a leaf of to   bacco and the next morning she was found  dead  Mr  Dawson s fine hull  Byron   Vbagail  also ate some tobacco at the same  time and was made very sick by it  but by  timely attention he soon got over it      Russe lmlle ErUerprise      Speaking botanically  the rooster is the  crow cuFS of the barn vard   Keohuk Gate  City  And sometimes he proves the hen s  bane     Philadelphia Item      COSTIVENESS   ullccts seriously ell the digestive ac d  iissimilutive organs  including tlic Kitl   neys  When these organs are so  ifl ee nl   they fail to extract from Hie blood the  uric acid  which    arricd through the cir   culation  causes Rlieiiiuatisui and Neu   ralgia    The functions of the I ivcr arc al si  ffected by co stivcues s  causing   Bilious Disorders    Among the warning symptoms of Bilious   ness are Nausea  Dizziness    1 Icad iche   Weakness  Fever  Dimness of Vi     ii   Yellowness of Skin  I ains in the Side   Back and  Shoitidcrs  p oul Jloulh  Ftr Ti d  Tongue  Irregularity in the action of the  Bow els  Vomit iiig  I le    Tlip Stoniacli sulVcrs when the bowels  arc constipated  and ludigc stioii or   Dyspepsia    follows  Fetid Breath  Gastric Pains   Iliaulacho  Acidity of the Stomach  VValcr   hnish  Nervousness  and Depression  are all  evidences of the presence of this ilistrcss   ing malady  A Sure Koliof for irregn   iarities of the  Stomach and all consequent  disea ses  will be found in the use of   AYER S PILLS    They stimulate the stomach  free the  liowcis  healthfully invigorate the toriiid  liver and kidneys  and hy their cleansing   lioaling and Ionic properties  strongth  n  and purify the whole system  and restore  it ti  a salutary and noi mal condition    rREPARED RT   Dr  J  C  Ayer   Co   Lowell  Mass    Sold by alt Druggt U        S A 3L E    PrtiHim WMte Birlej Totacco M      The undersigned ha s taken the first and second  prizes at Georgetown  Kentucky  and first and sec   ond at the New Liberty Fair  overall competitors   for the best bright wrapper and plug filler  Seed  will be sent in package s from TiO cents to   2     L  P    R  L  ALEXANDER    New Liberty    3tl0 Owen Co   Ky       FORD S LITTLE GIANT TOBACCO PRESS      EVEBT FBESS WABBABTED   Approved by Tobacco Board of Trade of Loula   vlUe  and offered by them as premiums for best  crOMof Burleys grown in 18S2  Presses shipp   ready for immediate use  can  e set up outdoors or  in bam In five minutes  Cau be earned on a farm  wheelbarrow  Built of best oak and iron  Weighs  600 lbs  Screw  4 inches and 81 Inches long  tep   ling lever comes to hands without platform    FORD   CO     1010 and 1019 Main st  Loul lle  Ky   Send for oataiofue of prioes   Mention this paper     C  J   ATAIili    Tftnn   G  W  HAHRIS  I renn    GILBERT TOBLCGO   WALL  SMITH CO   Propiietors    217  219  221 Eight St   near Main        LOUISVILLE  KY    Dally  Auction t8ales  with Frivilcffe of Ilojec Ion  Diberal Advan   ces Made on Consiit nineiitK      Mark Your Hogsheads   GILBERT HOUSE   Fo ar  Mouths Free Storage      H  P  SMITH  Warren Co   Ky   J  S  BETHEL  Barren Co   Ky       8  Caye  Jr  0  B Wiikkler  b  S  Cay     S  C A  Y E  JK      CO     Kentucky Tobacco Warehouse    Eleventh Street  Between Main and River  LOUISVILLE  KV      Daily Auction Sales  Returns Promptly Made  Mark Your Hogsheads   Kentucky   House   Four Months Storage Free      HZ2TS7 9LCVEI of the lato 11m of Shorloy i OIotu   oEN C  DtJUEIT  Lit  of J  S  Pholpi t Co    OL OXT EXL c 9 3Z TJX tmiTT    iSuoceators to Sherley   Glover     LOUISVILLE TOBACCO WAREHOUSE    We conduct a legitimate TOBACCO WAREHOUSE BUSINESS  giving our personal attention to the  sampling and sale of all tobacco  and endeavor in every way to promote the interest of our shippers  Our  house is large  well lighted  and centrally located  We will answer promptly all letters with regard to  tobacco  giving our views and any information we may possess  Mark your hogsneads   Louisville House        SAM L RAY  R  P  HARE        SEMONIN   CO         LOUISVILLE  KY      People s Tobacco Warehouse    D  H  MASON A CO   Proprietors    Nos  342  344 and 346 West Main Street  and Nos  56  58 and 60 Ninth Street   LO U IS V ZIIjLE  ky   Daily Auction Sales  with privilege of Bejection  Bemittanoes made promptly  Pour   months  storage FREE    FRANK O  SYNDER  Late of Clark County  Kentucky  Agent and Solicitor       Chas  A  Bridges  W  G  Brtdgss    PICKETT TCBACCO WAREHOUSE       Oldest Established House in the West     C  A  BKIDCES CO   Proprietors    Corner Eighth and Main Streets  LOUISVILLE  KV    FOTTie  MOTsTTHS STOia A  3 E IFIiEE      TODD WAREHOUSE   PAUL  F  SEMONIN  Manager    LOUISVILLE  KENTUCKY            TOBACCO SEEDS    Ragland s Virginia Seed    Yellow Pryor  Silky Pryor  Gold Leaf   Yellow Oronoko and Hester  price  3 per  pound  25 cents per ounce  Mailed post   paid  Orders addressed to the Farhbks   Home Journal will be filled promptly       W A IsrXEID    TOBACCO TENANT    To take a crop of ten acres Bluegrass lend  Good  bams and good house to live in  Little Giant  Press  Tenant mus have e erlence and under   stand the business  W  HENRY BELL    Itf Scott 8 UU 0 B  Ky      S      

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