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§aili) .flemocrat, 


Bailkoadi AoaobatbbSiabaaNatada. — Correspondeace of Earl BasaeU, Lord ia the way most aAtUf»tory to Ibia g 0 Tera  coBtrBbBDd, BBd is suhjsBt to sopiuro sad BBUsf prisoof tha Trtat, iavkat 

NLUBEft 142. 

The people of Celifornie ere much egiteted 
juet now on the ■objeet of reilroede, there 

Lyons, and Mr. Seward. i 1 nose raote are met. tne time the 

»» o 1 , a: s 1 .s v*/«-AA ' *f*n®*cl*nn occurred, an insurrection was 

Mr Seward’s hret letter, written before . 

ThZ d .K I “ •*P‘ure and making prise of the Irani, in what aaeme to of argumani when I di« oT.rad that I was 

Those facts are that, at the time the ooniscation. ua a nerfeetlT lawful manner, iataan ^ r^a*der adia, ^ L .,. 

wmams, namely: sending her into port releaMd her from olumJely BrSh intJIJ^^ 

"i i? * ”*’"*'**^ of the capture, and permittad har U prooa^ orad, and akarmkad AMc not 

O “IT!. . ’^"“““/"^ the United States, whioi rti. ; Did Caption WUkee exereuT th^ a 

— ■ ---• ■ = b««g riral routes intereecting the the EngUsh demand, slates that Captain , gorernment wae engaged in suppressing by ^ capturing contraband in conformity wiiKk r whale ca?^o ha^nwJir^Hr iu?.uk .thd» 4 tu, k^. 

vnaXM or uailv DR!« *o VHB moat prodoetiye parts of the State, and all Wilkee aoUd without authority in the cap. i the employment of lend and naval forces ; with the law of nations? It u juet here thus effeotoally preve^ the jodi^l ex-1 JSt that eonomata a^« »e£»a^f th. 
0 .. y^ « wo in Tiew ^e of the Sierra lure of Maeon and Slidell, and therefor. , A“! I oth.J,^^ha“ . Si.^’^^'by wEdTST^jlii: 


OM Tbbt — W OO 

Bx Moatlu. ■■- ..... 3 OO 

thrse Uosttw...— 1 M 

Om If oath 30 

nW*Ne iotxcrlpUons taken for leM than on# monUi. 

w« « d» navinn in view the passage of the Sierra lure of Maeon and Slidell, and i i? *u.y*oT'f the that the diScoltiee of the oaae begin. What aminatten, which might otherwise have , disliaellvo pelioy by wlik ihe*UaiUd 

I , N...JL .uj. PS J SB., .w .B. u . bust...- , i jsX"du^X‘.‘? .r.:ir3 s.r- .v» 
El” pLV X'.“Tot,”.T.“ 3 S‘l 86 l i “■* -'*•* “ •*■ ? -ai'-T p..«. U,.^B US. M.,.,: 

If now tha oaptnra of the oon- Stales have develop^ the resouroee af a 

nw'NosntxcnpuonatakenforiesaUianonsinoBUi. Paoifio Bailroad. These eoveral lines are Fobsioh Offici Nov. 30,1861. 

--— , known as ths Big Trse route, which trav g,^„ 

Hot.ce to Correspondents. enes ths richest part of ths great San Joa- nature has reached her Majesty’s Govern- 

We reep^ctfuUrask thai onr corrMpondenu wui tor- q^in Valley; th# PlacerviUe route, which is ment. 
word by the EKpreni Mf|^ii«etm. from «u poinu where ^ the people of Sacramento, This intelligence waa conveyed officially 

there are Exprere faciliiiee. letwn glvUis Important ' j u, tb j a- .i 4 k to the knowledge of the Admiralty by Com. 

newt tntended for pui 4 icition. Yolo, and El Dorado oonnUes; and the williams, agent for mails on board 

We make tiih, request with the view of obtalnins ,^ 49 by Henness Pass, which engages ths ^ke contract steamer Trent. 

Spain was oonsidered in the same light, and ' of ths neutral vessel? 
had assumed the earns attitude as Great ! The answer would b 

prompUT such ccrrespooJence as frequenUy falls - ,nv 

rewA us ihrouxh the matis unui It has crown etd uttcnUon of MarysvilJe, * 0 . The special 
ataic. . I interaat awakened at the present time, 

■ I arises from an apprehension that certain 

3ARL RUSSELL TO LORD LYONS. i • , j , .u T- v. j ■ # .u ' 7 « ‘ veaaei ar# to DC regaraea, not aa aoic aumary power, save woa Ute respeot 

d. These aoveral lines are Fobsioh Offici Nov 30 1861. ! ^ ^ r i •# i. ^ diatinot tranmtctione under and caafid^ of many auticaa. Tnasc 

3ig Trae route, which trav- „ . „ ®’* | “‘® “*“® “ 0"**^ : . J**® •*« y *e the law of nuUoua. but ac one tranmmtion, nriaeiplaa were laid dowi .'or us in 1804 by 

. ^ . 4 k -4 0 .- T— I“‘riligenoe of a very grave | Britain. ; the question were, what you shall do with out oaptura oaly. tkM it follawa that tha Jamas Madiaau. whuu a«i.rntBrv of i. 

L part of the great San Joa- nature has reached her Majesty’s Govern-; It has been setGed bvooiTespondence that ; the contraband vessel. You must take or capture in tkia ease waa left uulluiahad nr fbt A.t».i«it  «.ii 4 B«  f TtB« ,!!!y T-w-.— i- 
• PUeerviU. route, which is ment. i the United States and breat Britain mutu- ^ send her into a convenient pert and subject wi abandonml.^eSJlrll. L j^ 

the people of Sacramento, This intelligence was conveyed officially | ally reoogniied as applicable to this local her to a judicial prosecution there In admi. have a right ta retain Ike ekM nnbtle ben- i Minister la Easland. Altheuch tha aaaa 

Dorado oonnUea; and the ‘® Admiralty by Com. strife, tb««e two amolas of the deolaraMen j relty, which willtry and decide the questions ehU of It, namely, the oue»o 4 ,'f tk, «,p. | before him conewned a d^wcriTlou of per- 

... mander Williams, agent for mails on board made by the Congress of Paris in 185b, | of belligerency, neutrality, contraband tured persons, on proviu» them ta ^ sons different from liMUUwbe an iaaidoBt. 

iss Pasa, which engages the tke contract steamer Trent. namely: That the neutral er friendly flag ' and capture. So agaiu you will prompUy contraband, wiU depend upon the preHrni- ally the eubieda of the preaont diaeuamou 

-III- X- »Tk- -nr.— 4 — ,k- l-ttss- aF Homsn&nflA. aknill t1 An WAI- AB-n  /I . - -4 1 4 4l_.l 4 k- — :t 4 k. .1 ' - Ta .1 . . WM/ MIW •WJSBW.B w. •■mm |SB«BBSBB» SHWUW34UB, 

It appears from the letter of Commander ) should cover enemy’s goods not contraband ; find the same answer if the qnection were: nary question whether the leuviuu «f the the gronad he aaraaed theu waa tha same 1 

Williams, dated “Royal Mail Contract i of war, and that neutral goods not oontra- ' What ia the manner of prooseding prescribed . transaction ne finished waa neoaiaury, or nowocoupy aud tha arfumeuta by which 

Packet Trent, at sea, November 9:h,” that j band of war are not liable to capture under i by the law of nations in regard to the oon- whether it wee aaneoeefury, and there- he matainrf himeclf upon it have been aa 

the Trent left Havana on the 7ih inst., with j an enemy’s flag. These exceptions of oon^ traband, if it be preperty or things of fore voluntary. If it waa aeoeeaary, Qraat iaapiration to ma in Diwpariuc tkia reobr 

kmm %.f 4k;4a.x*wt*m mmild fAd Ii!nar1d.n 4 Kavlner An ■ tPfkh«.Thfl fPAVil fsaWAW m mmAAWkC- ' a«» ■amm«v*kS*m« I r»- 2 k.a^ _ .-A. ... tr r ^¥'J 

he says, ‘‘property fouud 
lel is tapped to be liable, 

Fr#e Speech and 3 Free Pre*». ET . *k .. .1 1 , 4 line 1 rent leit Havana on me un msi.. wun ; an enemy s nag. ineee exceptions of oon.. tranand. If it be preperty or things of fore voluntary. If it waa aeoeeaary. Qraat iaapiration to ma la prtpariug tkU reply 

Th. ConfL. .r. ».wih azarcieed on thic : P“^*“ ^ railroad intereat may procure ker Majesty s mails for Eogland, having on traband from favor were a negative accept- , material or peouniary value? ' Britain, ae wa suppose, must cf course '^WhanevoT.” he w, ‘‘property foiad 

« * -J 4 4 k 1 ; from the Legislature of Nevada Territory board numerous passengers. Commander ! anoe by the parties of the rule hitherto ev  ' But the question here oonoeras the mode | waive the defect, and tha aonseqneut iu a uauirul vassal is auppo^M W liable 

eubjeoU They are distressed at Ua viola- of one of the maiu arteries WUliams sUtes that shortly after noon on I erywherc recoguiied as a part of the law of | of procedure in regard, not to the vessel ; failure of the judicial remedy. Oi the say greuud, to oaidura aad^demaatiom 

lions of the Constitntio^. involved ia the the 8 J 1 , a steamer, having the appearance nations, that whatever ia oontraband is ;_that was oarrying the oaatrabaud, nor yet ; other hand it is net seen how tha United the rule ia all mm ia. that tha questiou 

suspension of a pressor two, and at the ar- ' "®“ “® »»•"“- irucxee ^ man-of-war, but not showing colors, | liable to capture and oanfisoation in aU to contraband things which worked the for States caa ina:at ufca h«r wwtvw of Ua* akall not be decided ^tke ouptcr bM be 

sba.;ba_ mmA Its.n a man vrho baa onlv to which the Various proposed lines was observed ahead On neaneg her at | cases. ; feiturs of Us vessel, bat to contraband , judicial remedy. If the defeat of iheeaptdre o^ried Wore a lagal trtb«a^ where a 

• , 1 - T AT TB J A oonverge. The formidable nature of the quarter past one o clock r. m., she fired a James M. Mason and E. J. McFarland are ^ persons I resulted from an set of Captain Wilkes, regular trial may be had, end where Uc 

need his tongue in lauding Jeff. DavU and . overcome in these nroieofs *‘®““'^ ®*^®^ ^'^®“* ‘*®'’ P‘^®‘ *oro 8 s the citiiens of ths United Siatos, and residents | The hooks of law are dumb. Yet the 1 which would be afauU on their ewa aide. captor himaeif is ttahle tc dumacua tor aa 

abusinc the Federal Government! What . . .... ..I bows of the Trent, and showed American of   irginia. ; qnastion 1s as important as it is diffioolt. ■ CaoS. WilksahaanresentediothiBcavam ahnsatifhia newer Canit barM«rsM«Ma ik nn 

naed his tongue in lauding Jeff. Davis and . v • .v • -i. round shot from her pivot gun across the 

.bBSi., .b. F.4.A1 a.,.r.B...,l Wh« P"J« ' b... of tbs TroBbBBd .b.,.d A«.,i..o siolBlioB of Ibe CobbUIbUo.! w»““f S*™-** bT • ~l - | oolops. VPbU. lbs TpcbI .-i BpproAObiog 

The hooks of law are dumb. Yet the { which would be a fault on thair awa aide. 

01 V irginia. ; question is as important as it is diffioolt. ' Capt. Wilkaa has presented to this gavcm -V"— - '^‘•v*t*^irsasna'af4a_ih m 

John SUdell and George Euslis are oiti- First, the belligerent eaptor has a right to maat his reasons for raleusing ths Treat. er inst, that a belliguruat eommandar -b : 
xens of the United States, and residents of ' prevent the contraband officer, soldier, sail- 1 “I forbore to seise her.” he says, “(a to Uoa resirictad, and thus reapoasi^ ifia 
Louisiana. 1 or, minister, messenger, or courier, from oeasequense of my beihg eo reduoed in ofli. . ease cf mem property of trivial atatomi. 

It was well known at Havana, when these proceeding in his unlawful voyage, and . oers aad crew, and the derangement it wculd ekouid be permitted, without reenrrias tc 
parlies embarked in the Trent, that James ' reaohing the destined M||^pf his injurious ’ oanse innoeent persons, there being a large any tribnnal whatever, to examine thcorew 
M. Mason was proceeding to England in ^ servioe But, on ihe^ftter hand, the per» , number of passengers who would huve beeu af .a ueatral vessel, to decide the iasportaat 

for crossing the Sierra Nevada by a rail- oolors. While the Trent waa approaching John Slidell and George Euslis are oiti- First, the belligerent eaptor has a right to 
road fata heirht of more than seven thou- her slowly, the American vessel dtsohargeU xens of the United States, aad residents of ' prevent the contraband officer, soldier, sail- 

' ® - 'P-BB-.a r 1-2. A • 

Lincoln has f®' his seat as President. .bsvethe ocean), appears from the * shell across the bows of the Trent,cxplod- Louisiana, 

and violated hie oath, and is a sinner above .... . ,   4 , a 4 1 4 i»S baif a cable s length ahead of her. The It was w 

all men generally in disregarding the most I '®^‘®*‘“« ®* ‘ I Trent then stepped, and an officer, with a parties eml 

eaptor himself to ttahle ta dumsgui tor aa 
ahuMcf hie power. Caaitbcruacecahli^ihsa, 
cr jnsC, that a belliguruat eommandsr wi» \ 
to ihoc ruuirictud, aad thus reepeasi^ ifia 

all men generally in disregarding the meet ' ®. 

J # 11 • k. 1 Carson City : 

® ® ^k^i j* k 4 t t t ' The pass through which the road orossei 

Now, we hold that guaranty of free ^ke summit is narrow, not more than Ihirtj 
speech and a free press of great importance; feet wide. On one side the rooks rise per 

large armed guard of marines, boarded her. 

The passthrough which the road orossee The officer demanded a list of the paasen- the att'eoted charao er of a minister pleni ' son captnred may be innocent, that ia, he 1 put to great -loss aad inconvenience ae well question of their ruspective uUegiaae^s, ad 
e summit is narrow, not more than thirty gers, and, compliance with the demand poleoliary to the Court of 8 :. James, under ! may not be oontraband. therefore, has as disappointment from the interruption it to carry that deoUioa iuto exeontion by 

feet wide. On one side the rooks rise per- | being refused, the officer said he had orders a pretended commission from JetTerson arighttoafair trial ofihqsocuaMMonagaioBt 
pendionlarlj several hundred feet; on the ; to arrest .Messrs .Mason, Slidell, McFarland, Davis, who had assumed to be President of' him. The neutral siaiethat has taken him. 

'-A _ J- . 1.   L- I .U.  U. I I .....  kA iA-Iias.AAliAA--» -,-A4.  k. IT.:. ..4 I ..n.l— A-- Ia k:~ 

but it is right liable to intolerable abase, pendionlarlj several hundred feet; on me ; to arrest .Messrs .Mason, olideii, Mcc ariana, uavis, wno nau assumeaio ne urestuent or ' nun. ine neuirai siatexuat nas tak^n ni^^ 

ABwi t.A« linBW.iiAA. thAi mnrm or liuu Other Side the mountain risrs at an angle and Eustis, and that he had sure informa- the insurrectionary pifft.y in the United I under its flag is bound to proleUthim, ifH^^ 

’ . I forty five degrees. A thousand feet j lion of their being passengers in the Trent. Slates, and E. J. McFarland was going with is not oontraband, ^ 

stringent, according to circumstaaoea. It ^kove is perpetnal enow. The pass is ; While some parley was going on upon this him in a like unreal character of secretary ' to be satisfied upfl||i||^H^b^atoif' ^lion. p 

has Laea the good fortune of this country j within the enow belt, though now the adder matter, Mr. Slidell stepped forward and told of legation to the pretended mission. | The faith of that iSjl^ll^eaged to his d 

to be in no dancer from free disouaeien on I bushes are green and pretty. The pass is ■ the American officer that the four persons John Slidell, to similar circumstances, safety if innocent,  f its jnstioe is pledged to t 

* i._.i .I....A OAA ^.^4 -..I 4 k-B. /I— A-A.Ia -11 k- k-.I wai— ikan a 4 -nilina KaFapa WAS crniiwT I.A PapiW AS a fBPArAniljfl minlalAP ' Ilia Kiippaiidar if ha ia paallv annlPAhand - 

saMon against wotili^ave oaused them ia not being able fercing every individual he may ehooeeiatn 
as tak^n toe steamer from St. Muiuaa to • service abhorrent tail's feelings, eutiiag 

Wthim, ^illieiifore coneluded to sacrifioe him off from his ,..swst tender oonaectisas, 

^ tf^intoPsets of my ofltoera and orew ia the exposing his mind and his person to the 
p3tof**^Hon. prixe, aad eufiered her to proceed, after the most hamiHatti%^iiaMUe, and his Ufs 
edged to his dateation neoeseary to effeot the tranafer af ' itMlf to the greatesvlfll^^ T^^Beadbm, jus. 
ia pledged to those oommissioaers, considering I had ties aad humanity unite in pretesting 

to be in no danger from free disouasien on I bushes are green and pretty. The pass is the American officer that the four persons John Slidell, to similar oireumstanoes, ; safety if innocent, tfffffsjastioe ia pledged to those oommissioaers, considering I had ties and 
1 h‘AA - hnt LhiirA have h ad about 200 feet, and then descends all he had named were then standing before was going to Pariraa a pretended minister ' his surrender if he is really oontraband. obtained the important end I had in view, against i 

almost any suoject; nut mere nave neen , ^ Truokee river, 105 feet to him. The Commander of the Trent and lotho Emperor of the French, and George ' Here arw oonflicting claims, involving per- and which affected the interests of our If I d» 

exceptions even in time of peace, even here i ^k# mile. The waters that flow into the Commander W’iiliams protested against the Eustis wts the chosen secretary of legation sonal liberty, life, honor, aud duty. Hero country and interrupted the action of that governmi 
ia the United States. The Federal Govern- ^ Vuba, in California, and those that flow i act of taking by force, out of the Trent, for that simulated mto'^ion. , are oonfltoting national' claims, involving ^ of the confederates.” ^ ished pr 

mAfit Lza iiAAif rAziriAUKl the frMidoni of the into the Tmokes, in N avada Territory, are I these four passengers, then under the pro- The fact that these persons had neanmefi 1 welfare, safety, honor, and empire. They ! I shall consider first lxMElfih^i M « Mo ns abandon 

ment Las itself restricted the freedom of the Truokee, in Navada Territory, are these four passengers, then under the pro- Th, , -v , . • , 

. about a good rifie shot apart. After leav- teotion of the British Hag But the San such characters has been since avowed by require a tribunal and a trial. The 

press by law. Men were indicted f®*" jng i^bout twenty eight miles, Jacinto was at that time only two Jiundred the same Jefferson Uavis in a pretended and the captured are equals; (he 

criticising on the oonduot of Federal officers. ' they strike the foot hills of the Sierra Ne yards from the Trent, her ship’s company message to an unlawfu|^ad iswurreotionary ! and the belligerent stal» are e |f«s. 
They were insulted and browbeaten by vadas, and thenoe for 73 miles to the summit, at quarters, her ports open, and tompions oongr-- '* • .k:_i. i nrk:i. .u- i A.„.k-.:.t— 

Federal courts, fined and imprisoned. It is ‘‘ '7 “ “®‘ * '®®‘ ,R distance was therefore, out of the preeu 

kill, grade to the summit, at from 40 to 105 feet question, and the four gentlemen before e » oi 

true the majority of this country held the u,e mile. There will be two tunnels ; named were forcibly taken out of the ship, papei 

law unconstitulional; but it was enforced, necessary on the other side, one about 500 . A further demand was made that the om. We ai 
until changed by the legitimate working of *»d the other about 2CK  feet, through mander of the Trent should proceed on these 

pire. They ; I shall o-insider first IxMCliheitoweaeons abandoa itossasntial The country 

The captors I' ought to affect toe-aeiiaa of tltos govern- , cannot afford the sacrifioe. If I matotam 
(be neutral jiment, and seooadly, how they oaghwto b#J toose prinoiples and adhere to that policy. I 
Iws. \ expeoted to aS^eot the action of Great must sairender the ease itself. It will be 

against eo extravagant a procaeding ” 

If I dfcide this ease is favor of my own 
governmswt disavow its most eher. 

ished prinoipTes, '•W^everee and forever 
abandoa iu esaential ^ The eonntry 
oaanot afford the sacrifioe. If I matotam 

vadas, and thenoe for 73 miles to the summit, j at quarters, her ports open, and tompions congress. It waa, *as 'ye think, rightly I While J^he law "Ituthorilies v^re found Britain. The reasons are eatisfactory to seen, therefore, that this government eould 

there ia not a foot of down grade, but all up i out. Rssistanoe was, therefore, out of the preeumed that these miajiatera bore pretend, j silent, it wa^nggeeted at air early day by ^ this government so far aa Capt.' Wilkes is not deny the justice of the elaim preeen'v l 

grade to the summit, at from 40 to 105 feet j question, and the four gentlemen before ® i credentials aed intarnclions, and such ' this gove^^^^ttt that you should take the , eoncerned It eonld not desire that the to ns in this respect upon its oMriti. We 
to the mile. There will be two tunnels ; named were forcibly taken out of the ship, papers are, in the law, known as dispatches. I captnred p|rsons into a convenient port and ; San Jacinto, her offioers and crew, ehonlJ are asked to do to bLo British nation just 
neoessary on the other side, one about 500 A further demand was made that the om. We are informed by our consul at Paris that institute proceedings there to try j be exposed to danger and loss by waakenieg what we have always toeieted all nations 

feet, and the other about 2CK  feet, through mander of the Trent should proceed on these dispatches, navinjr escaped the search the oontroveray. But only courts of admi- i their number to detach a prixe orew to go ought to do to na The o!aim of the British 

Bolid rook, to get through spurs that jut board the San Jacinto, but he said he would of the Treat, were ac^EIly conveyed and , rally have jurisdiction in maritime oases, i on board the Trent. Still less could it die- gevernment is not made in a diseonrteoas 

Ui t" a So will Alt nreaent eviU ' rook, to get through spurs that jut board the San Jacinto, but he said he would of the Treat, were acdhlly conveyed and , ralty have jurisdiction in maritime oaeea, i on board the Trent. Still less could it die- gevernment is not made in a diseonrteoas 
our instiiuiioBS. eo win au present eviis ^ back. The cost of oon- not go unless forcibly compelled likewise, delivered to emissarie|fiof the insurrection ! and these courts have formulas to try only avow the humane motive of preventing manner. 

be corrected; the attempt to break np a etrooting the road for the firet 38 miles this and this demand was not insisted npon. It in England. I claims to oontraband chattels, but none to I inoonveniencea. losses, aad nerhaDS disas- This vavsmment. since its first creinixs. 

claims to contraband chattels, but none to j inoonvenieaoes, losses, aad perhaps disas- This government, sinoe its first orguiiza. 

Govern Kent for violations of the Constitu. side ef Sacramento, will be twenty-five or thus appears that certain individuals have! Although it is not essential, yet it is ' try claims OaQcerning oontraband persons, j ters to the several hundred innocent passea- • tion, has never need ssore guarded language 

Here U enterprise very creditable to a j cent voyage, an act of violenca which was 

lion that will occur ia absurd A mAn of ' thirty thoueand dollars per mile The cost been forcibly taken from on board a British proper to state, aa i ao also upon informa- | The conrte..,cji» entertain no proceedings gero foand on board the prixe vessel. 

’ .- 4 - * A -4 - ' at the eummit will be, for three miles, abaut vessel, the ship of a neutral power, while i tiou and belief, that the owner and agent, and rendertoo judgment in favor of or against Nor eonld this government pereaive any 

the best consUtution does not commit sni- l million dollars. such vessel was pursuing a lawful and inno- and all the officers of the Trent, including 1 the alleged 3 ||^ traband men. gruand for queetioniog the fact that these 

cide because he is liable to be sick. He will Here U enterprise very creditable to a cent voyage, an act of violenca which was ! the Commander, Williams, had knowledge. It was relied, all this is true; but you reasons, though apparently ineongruons, 
submit to very unpalatable remedies, and . k- k 41 1 « an affront to the British tiig and a violation ®f tbe assumed characters aud purposes of I oan reach, in those oonrts, a decision whioh j did operate in the mind of Captain Wilkes, 

— :i -4 -. ..«k-.uk_ recently WS8 a wuaerness. international law. persons before named when they em  j will have the littral weight of a judicial one and determined him to release the Trent. 

^ i w -- - majesty’s government, bearing in barked on that vessel. by a oirouitous proee^ing. Convey, the , Human notions generally proceed upon 

There is, moreover, some experience in, Rkvilatiohs or a Fbmalb becxsbiohist friendly relations which have long Vour lordship will now perceive that tho suspected nyfirtcgeihef with the suspected mingjjed and sometimes conflicting motirei 

the South on this subject of the freedom of , A female Seoessionist, by the name of Brad- gubgisted between Great Britain and the before ua, instead of presenting a vessel, into pent; and try there the question He meMured the storifioes whioh this deeito- 

epeech and of the press that ought to make ley, was lately arrested at Old Point, where United States, are willing to believe that merely fligrant act of violence on the part | whether the««jsel is oontraband. You can ion woaldoosL It manifestly, howewer^d 

on A Hole modesL There i. »aa aubiert thAi she had arrived bv Steamer Fifty or eixtv the United States naval officer who commit- of Capt. Wilkes, as might well be inferred prove it to h^o-by proving the suspected not occur to him that beyond the swrifioe 
08 a UtUe modest. There is one subject that she had arrived Dy steamer, jrij y or e x y aggression was not acting in com- i from the incomplete statement of it that 1 men toba contraband, and the court mast of the private interests, as he calls them, oi 

a man must disousa very prudently, and in letters from parties South to their friends ^jib any authority from his govern ' “P 1® ri*® British government, was an- j then deiers^e the vessel to be oontraband. his officers and crew, there might alao pdh- 

eeme places only on one side. A press was on this side the army lines were found oon- ment, or that, if he conceived himself to be , dertaken as a simple legal, and customary If the meotore not contraband the vessel sibly be a sacrifioe even of tti,  chief and 

been foroibly taken from on board a British proper to state, aa i ao also upon informa* | The coarta*.^ojsi entertam no proceediags gers found on board the prize ▼essel. in a eimilar ease. 

vessel, the ship of a neutral power, while tiou and belief, that the owner and agent, and renderao judgment in favor of or against Nor eonld this government pereaive any Incoming to my conclusion I have wot 
Buch vessel was pursuing a lawful and inno- and all the officers of the Trent, including I the alteged 4 |^ traband men. gruand for queetioniog the fact that these forgotten that if the safe'y of this Union 

cent voyage, an act of violenca which was ■ the Commander, Williams, had knowledge . It was relied, all this is trae; but you reasons, though apparently ineongruous, ' required the detention of the oap’ured per- 
an afiront to the Britieh tiig and a violation oi the assumed characters aud purposes of I oan reaoh, in those courts, a decision whioh ; did operate ia the mind of Captain Wilkes, seas, it would be the right and duty of this 

of international law. the persons before name! when they em- j will have the iffifral weight of ajudioialone and determined him to release the Trent, government to detain them. But the effae- 

Her majesty’s government, bearing in barkel on that vessel. by a oirouitous proee^ing. Convey, the , Human notions generally prooeed upon . ignt eheok and waning proportions ef the 

mind the friendly relations whioh have long Vour lordship will now perceive that tha suspeoted iqpfir together with the suspected miqgjjed and sometimes conflicting motiTSi existing insurrection, as well as the oom- 

eubsisted between Great Britain and the ®t^®® before us, instead of presenting a vessel, into pent; and try there the question He msMured the storifioes whioh thia deeito- pnrative unimportanoe of the captured 

United States, are willinc to believe that merely fltgrant act of violence on the part ^ whether theewqssel is oontraband. You can ion woaldoosL It manifestly. howewerr^d~ persons thessselvea, whsn di-passiooately 

United States, are willing to believe that merely fisgrant act 
the United Siates naval officer who commit- ®l Capt. Wilkes, at 

existing insnrreotion, as well as the oom- 
parative unimportanoe of the captured 
persons thessselvea, whsn di-passiooately 

of Capt. Wilkes, as might well be inferred ' prove it to Into®®' ^7 proving the suspected not occur to him that beyond the sacrifioe weighed, happily firbM me from resortiig 
from ibe incomplete statement of it that I men toba contraband, and the court mast of the private interests, as he calls them, of to that defenet. Nor am I unaware that, 
went up to the British government, was an- j then delers^e the vessel to be oontraband. his officers and crew, there might also pito- ^ Amerisan oitixsns are not in any case to be 
dertaken as a simple legal, and customary If the meotore not contraband the vessel sibly be a sacrifioe even of ttie chief and aanecessarilj sarrenderq^d for any purpose 

stopped in this State, not very long ago for oealed on her person, under the lining of so authorixed, be greatly miaunderstood the belligerent proceeding by Capt. Wilkee to ' will escape condemoatiow. Still there is no , public object of his expture namv’.y, the ioto the keeping ef a foreign Sta'e. Only 
. kk-ri^ jhi. » A t instructions which he had received. | arrest and capture a neutral vessel engaged ' judgment lor Air against the oaptnred per - 1 right of his government to the custody aad the captured persons, however, or others 

a rash article on the eubjeot of slavery, and her bonaeL wrapped around her oerset 
it is well known that an Abolition preee board, in her under garments, in her atook- 

irmeniB, in nor siuoa- fully aware that the British gov- 

woald not be tolerated anywhere in the ' ioff®* ^ttd elsewhere. Bhs also had a sort of ernmeut oould not allow suoh an affront to I TEe question before us is, whether Ihii 

Commonwealth. An Abolition speaker diary, in whioh were noted some special the national honor to pass without full proceeding was authorixed by, and conduct 

ij 4 k 11 J k- 4 A • k A.AA 4 . AA.AA. wkiAt. -A. « k ai .k A k A  t Teparation, Bud hct majesty’s government ' ®d according to the law of nations, 

would not be allowed hts freedom of speech events, among which was that she had to believe that it could oe the j It involves the following inquiries: 

tot the price of society. kissed Jeff. Davis’s hand and spoken with deliberate rntention of the government of tke persons named, and theii 

A paper would not be allowed in camp to ntany Confederate officers of high rank, the United States unnooesearily to force supposed dispatches, contraband of war? 
•Ur up mutiny, nor on board a ship of war. i The price of tea in Riohmondwae put down |“‘® and^;eSh^A^«n“t for‘ 

kissed Jeff. Davis’s hand and spoken with deliberate rnteution of the government of 
many Confederate officers of high rank, the United States unnooesearily to force 
The pries of tea in Richmond was pat down into discussion between the two govern- 

Btruotions which he had received. arrest and capture a neutral vessel engaged ' judgment for Air against the oaptnred per - 1 right of his government to the cuetoJy aad the captured persons, however, or others 

For the government of the Uniud States in carrying contraband of war for the use sons. But it was assumed that there would ' disposition of the captured persons. This who are intaresteti tn them, ould justly 

list be fully aware that the British gov- beueflt of the iusurgents result from {he determination of the court government oaanot oeneure him for this raise a qatstion on that ground, 

nmeut oould not allow suoh an affront to Tke question before ua is, whether this oonoerning the vessel a legal certainty oon- 1 oversight. It ooniesses tnai the whole *nb- . ^or have I been tempted at all by sof- 
e national honor to pass without full proceediag was authorixed by, and oonduot- I oerning the character of the men. This jeot came unforeseen upon ths government, gestious that es«ei might be found in 

paration, and her majesty’s government ' ®d according to the law of nations. ! course of profiSeding seemed open to many as, doubtless, it did upon him. Its present hl»tw ry where Great . i.aiarefneed toyielJ 

e nnwilling to believe that it could oe the j It involves the following inquiries: 'objections It elevates the inoidental info oonviotions on the point in question arc the to other naiioa*. RbI m 

liberate rntention of the government of j Were the persoas named, and their rior private interest into thtf proper place of result of deliberate examination and deduo- claims like that ph-oh is mow * 

Msibly ; tion now made, and not of any iutpressious Those oases oconrre f~ tk^®R Gr«a 

the United States unnooesearily to foroe supposed dispatches, oontraband of war? ' thaui^ain par Amount publiq ona,J^p} 8 aibIy 
into discussion between the two govern- -J- Might Oapiaiu Wilkes lawfully stop it may make the fortunes, the or the 

as well as the UnitiJ State^TiH iha^h 

And in the presence of an army in the   G»ree to four doUare per pound, coffee ihMe'^British persons and dispatches? 

‘-l-A ! :a 1-lt.- 1 PM ! AM A ylAktlmM MMil M lami/ vtmis v\ Art wad ami ^ Ana .«• b . i_ I'kl.lKm a v awmI .a.a 4^ 

2J. Might Oapi&iu Wilkes lawfully stop it may makexhe fortuaes, the or the preTiously formed. m well as the Unit^  

and search the Trent for these contraband ' existence of a nation depend on the accidents Nevertheless, the qnestion now is, not of generations whio-  
persoas and dispaiohes? of a merely personal and pecuniary liiiga- whether Captain Wilkes is justified to his interests and pas*. ; 

and proper manner 

prize court upon the lawfulness of the oap- i present view of the government aa to the disavow any such injury as wa tniin 

midst of enemies it would be marvelous if a ' 03®  l®Uar and a half per pound, salt one ^rould be sure to entertain such I ‘‘d- Did he exercise that right in a lawful tien. Moreover, when the judgment of the | government in what ha did, but what is the ] She eonld in no other way ee et - . 

pre« openly in the intereat of the enemy i doU*r P®r pound, molasses seventy-five to unanimity of feeling “d proper manner? \ prize conn upon the lawfulness of the oap- i present view of the government aa to ths diMvow any such injury as we tniUA 

’ , 4 1 . -B .4 ’ AiAk«« fi.A AAntA TBAP iTAiiAti i^om.rA torimio Her majesty’s government, therefore, 4th. Having fjund tha cgittraband persons ture of the vesjcls is rendered, it really ! effect of what he has done, .\ssuming now, by assuming now as her own the 

were allowed to pour out its vituperation 8 7 P K   7 trust that, when this matter shall have been ®u b jar J, and in presumed posseseiou of conoludes nothing and binds neither the for argument sake only, that the release of i ground upon wkteh wo then stood. It 

and stir up treason * | flft7 dollaro per week, gentlemen e dress under the consideration of the the contraband dispatches, had he a right to ' belligerent state nor tbe neutral, upon the the Trent, if voluntary, involved a waiver , vonld tell little for our claims to the oba*- 

Society may sometimes be under a neoee- 1 b®®i* twenty five dollars per pair; eoarcely government of the United States, that gov- capture the persons? great question of the disposition to be made of the claim of the government to hold the | ^ler of a just and magnanimous people if 

aitv ouUe as strinvent aa the militarv in ' any ladies’ shoes to behadfor love or money; ernment will, of its own accord, offer to Did he exercise that right of capture ' ef the captured oontraband persons. That ; oaptured persons, the United 8 atos oould, should so far consent to be guided by 

^ - - .11 «r w^AA-iAinn. A«ar/.A RAAiir» rArd the British goveramant such redress as , iu the manner allowed aud rtcogniied by question is sill to be really datermined, if in that case, have no hesitation in saying ' the Uw of relaliadon as to lift up baned 

wt:\ Self preservauou renders freedom of uU kinds of provioions eo ce. e g   , ®aaiiafir ikA KrHi-k nAiinn ; the law of natioue? at a11. bv diolomAtio arraoiraneat. or bv ' that the act whioh has thus already been toiariee from their graves to odd ise against 

’ eightv-five oenu per gallon board forty to Her majesty’s government, therefore, 4th. Having fjuni tha ogjitraband persons ture of the vesiels is rendered, it really ! effect of what he has done. .Yssuming now, does by assuming now as her own the 
* * ^ re • / trust that, when this matter shall hare been ®u b jar d, and in presumed posseseiou of conoludes nothing and binds neither ilm for argument sake only, that the release of I ground upon wkieh we then stood. It 

- j fifty dollars per week, gentlemen e dress under the consideration of the the contraband dispatches, had he a right to ' belligerent state nor tbe neutral, upon the the Trent, if voluntary, involved a waiver , vonld tell little for our claims to the oba*- 

. I boots twenty five dollars per pair; eoarcely government of the United States, that gov- capture the persons? great question of the disposition to be made of the elaim of the government to hold the 1 ^ler of a just and magnanimous people if 

alone oould satisfy the Britiah uaiiou, 1 tbe law of natioue? 

that they may again beplaaed under British 

proteo'ion, aud a suitable aptlogy for the, . . . „ . i j-, • v a -v j- » v 

aggression which has been Commuted. I their supposed dispatches, contraband? Bovereign powers The regret we may feel | modify its benefits. | that by the adjustment of the pres.'Bt ease 

Should these terms not be offered by Mr i Maritime law so generally deals, as its ' on the occasion is nevertheless modified by We are ihoa brought direetly to the ques , ^pon principles oonfeeaedly Amerioan, aud 

ward, you will propose them to hint I profesnors say, lit rent, that is, with ‘ tbe reflection that the difficulty is not alto- j tion whether we are eniitlei to regard the jet as I trust, mutually tattsfsotory to both 

You are at liberty to read this dispatch to I property, and so seldom with persons, that , gether anomaloas Similar and equal defi- | release of the Trent aa involuntary, or { gf the nations eoncerned, a question is 

e Secretary of State, and, if he shall  1 »®®®9 * spraining of the term oonlrAb-and ciencies are found in every system of | whether we are obliged to consider that it ^ gaally and nghtly seulei between them 

sire it yeu will give him a copy of it. |to apply it to them. But persons as well as municipal law, especially in the system i was voluntary. Clearly, the release would which, heretofore exhau^iug not only all 

* I am, eto., Rdssbll I property mxy beocme oontraband since the which exists in the greater portions of have been involuntary had it been made forms of peaceful discussion, but alao tha 

To Lord Lyons K. C.'b. &o. &o. ' word meane, broadly, “contrary to procla- 1 Great Britain and the United States. The j solely upon the first ground aMigned for it Arbitrament of war itself, for more than 

flAWAfi IfiAi- FA^'iiiiiA IkA aKawa lamatioD, prohibitcd. Illegal, unlawful All Uitle to personal property oan hardly ever I by Captain Wilkes, namely, a want of suffi- . ti^lf a oen ury alienatol the two eountrias 

’ ® writers and judges, pronouuoe naval or be resolved by a oourt without resorting to oient force to send the prize vecMi into port | from eaoh other, and perp’exed^ with fears 

atements, continues: i military persons in the service of the enemy j the fiction that the claimant has lost and the for adjudication. It is not th# duty of a | ^nd apprehensions all otn#r nations. 

discussion on delicate subjeots forbidden, according to thie diary, was greatly dis- 

There are always some things a people can’t , ploaecd with some of his Generals for being liberation of the four gentlemen and 

allow to be disenseed with what some people ao badly defeated at Drainesvllie. She was their delivery to your lordship, iu order 
m.y C.U Th. bA.iam.« .f Ah.- ' «rj .ioleht wh.. »rr..l.d, Md lhr..l.,..d 

Ulion discussion in the South is not as an- | ^ “®®i 3®r ®*P^ ®*^ aggression which has been oummuted. 

common as earthquakes. Those who feel ai Ah Old NawePAPSR. Tbe Chillioothe (O ) Should these terms not be offered by Mr 

xeal for exercising the freedom of speech in : QazeUe has been favor^ with a copy of the 8 ®*®*^* 7®“ propose them to him 
behalf of Abolition must go elsewhere. New England Weekly Journal, printed at Secretary of State, and, if he shall 
Freedom on that point is, of neoessity, vary j Boston, and dated Monday, April 8 th, 1728, desire it, yeu will give him a copy of it. 
much restrained in the South. I nearly one hundred and thirty four years ^ oio., Russell, 

Southern people ought, then, to know that ; wgo. It ia about the size of a half sheet of Lyons, K. C. B., ko., &o. 

the freedom of speech and of the press is , writing paper, and, except in the color of 8 eward, after reciting the above 

not unlimited. There may be a necessity to the paper, whioh is a little brown, will Blkiem®®*®* co““nu€s: 
rAtr4i.iti.p....;machm.r.iD..,. ( 4 ..AM, in t, .p 

namely: i theeo inquiries shall be resolved in war. Oae may well express his surprise approved by the government must be al- what national eonsistenoy and the nttional 

The liberation of the four gentlemen and ‘be affirmative, tne British government will ; when told that the law of nations has lowed to drawite legal eoneeqnenoe after iL j eonsetenoe oompel us to regard aa a 
their delivery to your lordship, in order have uo claim for rb'paraiion. • ; furnished no more reasonable, practical ' It is of the very nature of a gift, or a uitrinsioally right. 

that they may again be placed under British I addrest myself to the first inquiry, viz: * and perfect mode than this, of determining 1 charily, th^ the giver oannot, after the ex- | Putting behind me all •aggeeiions of this 

I addrest myself to the first inquiry, viz: ’ and perfect mode than this, of determining 1 oharily, that the giver oannot, after the ex- 
Were the four persons mentioned, and ' questions of such grave import between ereise of his bone volenoe is past, recall or 
I their supposed dispatches, contraband? eovereign powers The regret we may feel | modify its benefits. 

Patting behind me all saggeeiioDS of this 
kind, I prefer to express my satisfaction 
that by the adjustment of the presi'Bt case 
upon principles oonfessedly American, aud 

desire it, yeu will give him a copy of it. 

I am, eto., Russell, 

To Lord Lyons, K. C. B., &o., &o. 

to apply it to them. But persons as well as 
property may beocme contraband since the 
word meane, broadly, “contrary to procla- 

statements, continues: 

Earl Russell, reaving upon the statement contraband. Vattel says: War allows us ! possessor has found it; and the title to real j captor to hazard his own vessel in order to : The four persona in queetioa are no 

. There are some important truths whioh ■ p«aranee with many journals of the present 
nobody denies, but statesmen see their j itg toteot news from Europe is dated 

qualification in practice. All men are Nov. 16, 1727, being nearly five months old. 
created free and equal, says the declaration Jq ^he column devoted to advertisements we 
of independence. Nobody disputes it; yet ' find the following : 

the negro is not free and equal to a white ; very likely negro woman, who oan do 

man; not even equal to a white Southern house work, and is fit either for town or 
Confed, poor specimen of the white race I country servioe, about 22 years of age, for 

and the argument whioh I have thus recited, ' to cutoff from an enemy all his resources, estate is disputed by real litigants under the j seoura a judicial examination to the oaptur^ jn military custody at Fort Warren, in the 
closes with saying ihat her majesty’s gov. ' and to hinder him from sending ministers names of imaginary persons. It must be party. So large prize orew, however, is 94 ^^ of They wi. i be cbc,-r- 

ermeut trusts that when this matter shall i to solicit as-iis.auce And Sir William ooufessed, however, that while all aggrieved legally necessary, for it is the duty of i 0 ^ fniiy our lordship will please 

have been brought under the oonsideralicn . Scott says: You may stop the embassador nations demand, and all impartial ones cou-  Captured parly to acquieoto and go willtogly j  .ai^aod pl»o® f®r rec-ising 

of tbe government of the United States, it . of your enemy on his passage. Dispa'ches ceie, the need of some form of judicial pro ' before the tribunal to whoee jurisdiolton i tjuni. , . a- . 

will, of its own accord, offer to the British ' are not less clearly oontraband, and the cess ia determining the oharaoiera of appeals. If the captured party in ic* e j I avail myself of this occasion to offer 0 

government such redress as alone oould ; bearers or carriers who un it riake to carry , oontraband pereons, no other form than the purposes to employ moMS or roste enoe i jour lordship a renewed aseartaoe of my 

satisfy tbe British nation, namely: the lib- them fall under the same oondemnation. illogical and oirouitous one thus described which theoaplor cannot wit pro e s e y 1 bigb oomijzraaon. 

eration of the four prisoners taken from the j A subtlety might be raised whether pro- | exists, nor has any other yet been suggest- to himself overoome, e may prop y ^ illia m U. SKWAao. 

Trent, aud their delivery to your lordship, tended ministers of aa usurping power, not ed. Practically, therefore, the ohoioe is the vessel to go or ■*=*«» 

in order that they may again be placed 1 recognized ss legal by either the belligerent ; between that judicial remedy or no judicial ; nor the slate s o repr«en . A Brace or SEHiiiLt Cahaoiavs. The 

under British protection, and a suitable ! or the neutral, could be held to bo oontra ; remedy whatever ' 1 - -. 1 . 4a JaiAk a.Ta «aa I Cobonrg Son eopiee “with pleasure ' the 

-..- 1 — „ r.. 4 k- .hA. k-A k-A ! k-A.t _ . If there be no iudicial remedy, the re- : her of the judicial remedy to which sao waa ' a / . V,, 

as he if. We dv ubt if he is altogether equal 
to a white Abolitionis:, although we are not 
inclined to dispute that point. 

In short. Whilst we shall contend for the 

sale. Inquire of the printer hereof ” 
“Avery likely negro girl, about 13 or 14 
years of age, speaks good Eaglieh, has been 
in the oonntry some years, to be sold.” 

coie, the need of some form of judicial pro ' before the tribunal to whose jurisdiolion it them. ^ 

cess ia determining the oharaoiera of appeals. If the oaptured party indic*te I I aznil myself of this occasion to offjr to 
oontraband persons, no other form than the purposes to employ moans of rssiotenoe i jour lordihip a renewed asenrtace of my 
illogical and oirouitous one thus described 1 whioh theoaplor cannot with probable safety ■ „ry high oonsideratiun. 

AT?At«. nor has anv other vet been sugzest- to himself overoome, he may properly leave William H. Sewaed. 

under British protection, and a suitable ! or the neutral, could be held to be ooutra 
apology fjr the aggressioo that has been band. 

If there be no judicial remedy, the re- ' her of the judioial remedy to whioh sae waa 

eommitlel. Earl Ruseell finally instructs' But it would disappear ou being subject- suit ia that the question be determined by onutled. x- Paa , a "v r 4 k 

you to propose these terms to mof if I should ei to what is the true test in alloases, name- the captor himself on the deok of the prize ,®“‘ re»®®n ; ^® “*** T ^ 

Lt first oLr them on the part of this gov ly. the spirit of the law. S.r William Scott ; vessel. Very grave objections *®' k ^ f i If 4 “av?T'’w ^ 

ernment. speaking of the civil magistrates who were against suoh a course. The captor is from tk« bMt, therefore, the Maeon and Slidell affair, we^ ot» 

This dispatch has been submitted to the arrr sted and detained as contraband, says : armed, the neutral unarmed. The captor | be hold that Captun Wilke^aa readers not to fret their J** “7 

_ . • A- . ; ' . . . 4 • _ 34 . M __ J 1 AAmnifitod aAnLlIliAlitl Oi m Ktoivtotofi Rputtoin thA 

following from the Kingston Whig: 

No matter what the news may be of the 

freedom of speech and of the press for ever, ; P®"7- Manageress of the Mo- 

we are not insensible to the neoeesitiee that fropjoUtan Theater, Detroit, took a hasty and 
aomeames direct it. Some things are fixed ' on®®remoaioue departure from that city on 
and not to be discussed. Thursday morning Ust, takiag with her all 

tain Wilkes for releasing the Trent differs ; action theBriiislt Government mty Uke of 

nnoeremoaious departnre from that city on President. ' ‘It appears to me on principle to ba but is interested, prejndioed, and perhaps yio* i 

Thursday morning last takiag with her all The British Government has rightly con- I reasonable that when it is of sufficient im- | lent ; the neutral, if truly neutral, is disin- ; 

» o * ® A a-a% 4_ At-^A- — - W 'aa.-aa.»»*4a.I Ai.a W/IsvaaI a m4^ kmlwalmam Tkto Im . 1 

uc u.eeueeru. - ”:„ 4 . ,k:,k jocturcd what it is now my duty to State, 

No people know this better than these , ^ _ P ’ _ that Capt. Wilkes, in conoeiviog and exe- 

himself. acted from oombined sentiments of of a war between Great Britain anl the 
prudenoe and generosity, and eo that the United States. Sensible men are at the 
release of the prize veeael was not etrietly fi^ad of both governments, and know ihr 
neoessary or involuntary. horrors of war loo well to hasten into it 

discussed amoorst them; hence thejr have , *-^®" -.oozs uac a most j;- iLo^ 

silenced all di»oi:ssion. 1 scurry trick. ment. No directions had been given to him, 

Tbe rest of this Union is fixed that the melancholy story is related of or any other naval officer, to arrest the four 

--Atouniry is not to be divided; and although Miss Bowles, of Belfast, Me., who, last 

there is tea limes the freedom of disoasaion week, sent to boarding-school by her highly gtjj„ neutral vessel, at the place where it 
here that is in the South, it is too late to respectable parents, preferred rather to run occurred or elsewhere. 

allow treason to be openly published and ! away to Milwaukee, made an improper The British Government will justly infer 

. iiAL u •. - 4 k J- * from these fools that the United States not 

advocated. Those who want this freedom acquaiatanoe in the oars, and is now an w,,* „„ 

jeeturedwhat it is now my duti to state, porlance to the enemy that sued persons ' terested. subdued, and helpless. The tri - 1 release of the prize veeeei was not eiricuy head of both governments ana know tar 

that Capt. Wilkes, in conceiving and exe- shall be sent out on the public service at 1 bunal is irresponsible, while Us judgment is j necessary or involuntary. horrors of war loo well to h^tea into it 

oatine th« proceeding in queetion, acted the public expenge, it ehuuld afford equal | carried into instant execution. Secondly. How ought we to expect tbeae * - J® 

upon bis own euggesiions of duty, without ground of forfeiture against the vessel that | captured party is compelled to submit, | explanations by Captain Wilkes of his rea be thoug o e a ome, 1 wou. o 

any direolion or instruction, or even fore may ba let out for a purpose so intimately though bound by no legal, moral or treaty ; g^gg f ,f leaving the capture iaoomplete to , very unpopn ar m i .u *'v«nkAA. witk Z 

knowledgs of it, on the part of this Govern- oonneoted with the hostile operations ” I obligation to aciiniesoe. Rsparaiion is : atF.ct the action of the British government, well torus 0 po p .... 

Confeda. They have resolved that a division ®“®“3t® * •-® ^ 108, leaving aotors’ salaries gQiing ih® proceeding in question, acted the public expense, it should afford equal | carried into instant execution. The 
nf Ik. iTikinn i. ii.aI aaI aa 1 a» a — 4 a Ka ' varioQS bills unsettled. The Free upon his own suggestions of duty, without ground of forfeiture against the vessel that | captured party is compelled to submit, 

, ’ * : Press savs the affair “looks like a most k®7 direction or instruction, or even fore may be let out for a purpose so intimately though bound by no legal, moral or treaty 

dieeuseed Ihsm: h4 nAa Ihav haw* . *^*^®"* ®®7® “® ®“®**^ lOOESllEB a most , , . ^ 4 . • _;,U .k.. -ki: — liAA ♦« AA.miA.AA K.nar«.lian la 

obligation to acqnieeoe. Rsparaiion is ' affect the action of the 

No directions had been given to him, 1 trust that 1 have shown that the four ; distant and problematical, and depends at ffig observation upon this point whioh first 

long stick when they brag of their victories. 

melanoholv etorv is related of or any other naval officer, to arrest the four persons who were taken from the Trent by | last on the justice, magnanimity, or weakness 1 occurs is, that Captain '^Hkes’e explana , Md the press f^ds its ret^ers with F^^ 
melancholy story is related or ^ ^ Trent, Captain Wilkes, and their dispatches, wore of the State in whose behalf and by whose were not made to the 

les, of Belfast, Me., who, last contraband of war. authority the capture was made. Out of : tfi, captured vessel. If made ku®wn to j «peot^ion. They a^^ 

to boarding-school by her highly neutral vessel, at the place where it The second inquiry is, whether Captain these disputes reprisals and wars nocessan- n,eni. they might have approved and taken b^t onstomer^ Many 01 ns are oonnemy 

e parents, preferred rather to run occurred or elsewhere. Wilkes had aright by iho law of nations : ly arise, and these are so frequent and | |fic release, upon the oondition of waiving a wu LI* kj 1 k-aniiabla iathlli- 

Milwaukee made an imorooer The Briiish Government will justly infer to detain and search the Trent. destructive that it may well be doubted ; judicial investigation of the whole transac- .a-a^aF nAAni* if thev vontil not 

Milwaukee, made an improper remedy is not a greater | Uon. or they might have re used to accept pnt J®c® ®f {i.Trel an 1 

zoe in the oars, and ts now an but even no ^ loo^rmTor social evil than all that could lollow, if the | .^c release upon ihat oondtiioa. ^ 

occurred or elsewhere. Wilkes had aright by the law of nations 

The Briiish Government will justly infer to detain and search the Trent, 
from these facts that the United States not jjjg Trent, though she carried malls, was 

I only have had no purpose, but even no a contract or merchant vessel, a oommon 1 — ... , n 1 — ■ • . . • ^ .v k   -.k 

can go where treason is law, and there inmate of a brothel in Springfield She is thought of forcing into discussion the ques- i gorier for hire. Maritime law knows only ' ®^ “I”®**, *®^® ^ ' But the case le one not with the*, but with 

exercise their right to preach treason. only eixtoen years of age. and speaks tion which Lao arisen, or any other which three classes of vessels— vessels of war, i ^ r Wkk* kf“^ 4 V a 

It IS not worth while for them to indulge I French. German «£E^sh. ^ BrS nlriom" ^en^bilittes of r®Tenue vesBeU^^^^^ i °fi7/,ate^hM^^.n"a;5 the capture unrea- | juTcUl "rM "J be« lori because we 

It IS not worth while for them to indulge I French, German and Engli sh, 
in iLeir cant about freedom that all the; g^The city of Montreal was thrown into r“lU8*true that'a round shot was fired by I *7, ‘ iauulM 'hlveTxilTd 00 “^^ hear the complaint of tho-1 'voluntarily roleaaed the offending vessel 

,.,ia know. lh„ doD’l 4 II 0 W, Th .7 p«.i.h ; . „,ribl. puic .. Ik. 20lk alt., b, . .4- ' lb. 8.. rl,hl .t ,Ui.«i.n or . 4 .rcb i. I hoVlSn? ..‘’"b. 

the British nation 

Trent fAlls within the latter olaes. 

and correct all in their power who dare de | pg^t that war had been declared by the 
ncuaee ther criminal entepriee. i United Stales against England, and that an 

icr/onicofl-er has'been delivered of a j ®' H»ousand New England 

proclamation. He says he has not eome to | ‘'®®P® “®r®Aing toward that city from 
war upon Kentnekians. Would it not be aa | n , 

well for eome one to advise him to war? j B^^Prinee Napoleon is the only dietin- 
Kcntnckians will certainly war on his mon- i gniBhed man in Europe who has publicly 

. k 4 k J k J 1 4 k ,k- I the Trent was distantly approaching. Bui 

port that war had been declared by t»*® „ the facts have been reported to this gov- 
United Stales against England, and that an ernment, the shot was neverineless inten 

.... ...4 k-.. -wt-.-j I very act of capture would be an act of war — dengere. 1 do not see how she is to be 

peace. 7 “®‘ ^ begun without notioe and posnbly i bound to acqniewie ia the decision which ral commanding there did net put oa hi* 

modern camera contraband ®3tiroly without provocation. j vras thus made by ne withoat neoessity on Sunday clothes to Meet him, the rulgar, 

r ZL'^^en “S Sv^ m I thiik all unp^ejudioed minds will ^e. pan. and without knowltol,e_of imn .. ,,, 

the idea of catting each other's throats ia 
ntterly out of the question. 

(^‘Marshal Pelletier, Duke cf Magenta, 
landed at a Spanish town recently on a visit 
to his wife’s relations. Because the Geie- 

tionally fired in a direction so obviously du 
vergent from the course of the Trent as to vessels 
be quite as harmless as a blank shot, while anarch, 

I, and of the right of visitauon an may bo supposed to be, U would bo, qumuou between Great Britata aad our- 

. in order to determine whether they " vaoiioe, better to follow it iiv„. rStue etoted. would be a queetioa act 

,‘bV, 4 ‘.”.?Sr‘‘i ' .k.. .‘...d.p, fk. .AA., I r,‘.!.k. ..a .r^., k.. .. k. 

Vermont. it should be regar^d as a signal. So, also. 

Prince Napeleon is the only dietia- *® 1®®^ H»at the Trent was not ®PPro»®b- 
... . „ ki- . ing the San Jacinto slowly when the eholl 

gniehed man in Europe who has publicly _ » v„. .ug 

^ , BO»rUU« iU U&UOI i-V uvzvsuBZUV wutoVMwsa wztov^ — ^zaM^I 

it should be regar^d as a signal. So, also, g,g neutral, and are documented as suoli ! “ * ? L , I 

we learn that the.Trent was not approach- according to ths law of nations. I assume, -.“.t .k? 

iog the San Jaoinlo slowly when the eholl | ^^g present case, waat, as I read British ; ^‘‘® 3®®*®*®“ ‘■“® 

was fired across her bows, but, on the oon 1 authoriiiei, is regarded by Great Britain | “ipiomauo aet 

grel crew. Wae not that the reason Cerro | warmly espoused the cause of the trary, the Trent was, or seemed to bo, mov- 1 jjgjgeif oa’ true maritime law — that the 
Gordo Williams did not whip Oentral Nel- j United States. He is next heir to the ing under a full head of steam, as if with a j oiroumstanco that the Trent was proceeding 

ir..d Bf..i.k . ii; ‘d‘?4 ku I T”'*?* .is i 'k" “t 

•ill.., 1 . r,,Ad.4 by U.^ Bmun | •’ u i, . qomio. of i cl both iid.i W 4 ..mloti th«ll k 4 | Uo. foU il kU IMJ t.  p 

eon at Piketot* It seems this is the general j throne of France, after the Prinee Imperial; 
feel.Bg when the Confederate troops are I *“ *»* ®“*‘ P®®P'® «^®*“ *‘»»® “ ®PP®^i“®‘‘7 

purpose to pass the San Jacinto. 

tierseir ae true marmmo 1 ^ ^ b choice between law with its imperfootione : i^g judge. Of coarse the 

37 .'7.1Ai r.rt U .“lh«.5u.Ar|,.‘! .TiUAdd... .0 A..,h. Ct 

ud. hiA . , 4 .d 1 .,., U. 4 , Will .ot b. 14, wh..h.r 

Ukely to forget it. left hi, marines in his boat when he entered Wilkes exorcised the right of search in a : ^ 7 common interest of natione, ! and waljoio of the 

aO-The artesian well in Fortress Monroe instructions from lawful and proper manner. If any doubt ,^g ^ “i “S^tJovernoie. 

19-The artesian welt in fortress Monroe Captain Wilkes to search for the four per- hung over ibis point, as ihe case was pro- | ® * | »^«® 

is now three hundred and seventy-six feet gone named in a reopeciful and oonrteouo eentod in the eialement of 11 adopted by the , ^ not to be denied ^AAnlto thl tvanai 

met by Kentnekians— fer they run. | ^  *® • g®® ^ ^'3. Hiey will not be 

! likely to forget iU 

■I^How long will Kentnekians elose their 1 . 

•yee to the ooniemplatod ruin of their pree- j BI^The artesian well in Fortress Monroe 
ont structure of eoeieiy? is now three hundred and seventy-six feet 

ZoUicoffer't Proclwmmtion. deep, and, as yet, there is no water. An 
We presume this refers to Soulhem Ken. j immense bed of clay, some fifty feet thick, 
tacky, and when Johnston eeea the thirty | ^gg^ and Ute borers think that 

thousand Kenlnekians in arms, resisting when they get through this they will find 
thie auempted ruin, Zolli will bo oon- water, whieh is all that is wanted to 

vinoed. render Fortress Monroe proof against a great 

Mto-Strike wiUi us for iadependenee and prolonged riege. 
the preservation of your property, and a^Tho Esmx Banner says a woman has 

left his marines in his boat when he entered 1 Wilkes exercised 
the Trent He stated his instmotione from I lawful and prop( 

question in any ease. 

j I trust that I have ehova to the eatiefao repreaen 
I tion of the British Government, by a very j iaUresi. 
■imole and natnral statement of the facts ; 

' pemcoua Duke rated him ia the most iaao- 

r own* 1116 

itaia aad our- l®3t atyle for his want ef reepect, 3o. The 
a qaestion aot Spaniard woe equally tory, but expressed 
f tagor ^to ^ I ^ig wrath in sool irony, so that the .\rab 
olue of whioh i burner shut up in a moment. Louie Napo- 
»lvet ehall be | icon felt it his dnty to apelogise to tho 
Uoited Statoo j Quota of Spaia fer tho oireumataaeo, bnt 
raisiBg suoh a gg,^jj reprimand Pelissier, aa the latter 
to the eatiefao I reprcoonta an ugly aad powerful Orleaae 

tnrone ot rronoo, alter me rnnoe impenai; r--r — irum » ucu. 4 .. — — /■ 1 -laiioae anastian *n anv case 

and if our people ever have an opportunity ^e are informed, also, that the boarding does not modify tho tight of the belligerent forgotten that neu , ^ j tvust that I have’ ehown to the eatUfac reprcoonta an ugly and powerful Orleai 

#A 4 iA kin. A .AA.! 4 n,n 4k— -ill -a 4 k- offiocr (Lieutenant Fairfax) did not board cap^tor. _,_.4k4_ I tralitv. honestly and j nelly preoerved, U I tion of the British Government, by n very ( inUrest. 

w ao nim a goou mrn, uiey wilt not oe Tren» with a large armed guard, but he The third queetion is, whether Captain | harbinger of peace, and there- -i_,Ai. and natural sUlemeat of the facts ; """ ■ ^ 

Ukely to forget U- left his marines in hie boat when he entered Wilkes exorcised tho right of search in a : common interest of nations, ! --a gnolvsis of the taw appUoable to them, ! |^Oa Friday night a great ligttt wi 

is now three hundred and seventy-six feet gone named in a reopeciful and oonrteouo eentod in the eialement of it adopted by iho , ^ i. not to be denied the tranaartfon to wkie\ they have ^ Fortress Hoari 

deep, and, as yet, there is no water. An tboogh decided manner, and he asked the British Govemmeat, I ^^* 3 k U must have | sometimes happen that the ju ' called its atUnUoa; aad, on the contrary, i ®* •• ** thonght that the f am 

•The artesian well in Fortress Monroe ^jl^gg g„ for the four per- hung ox 

Wilkes exorciseu tne rigni or searen in a : common interest of natione, | gnalyoio of the law appUoable to them, ! f^Oa Friday night a great ligttt wa« 

lawful 7 which is only saying that it is the interest i tfiig Qovemment has neither meditated, i abated over toward Sewali’s Point. It 

‘"ia”’ EE' r«r;.“ i •' I •» •» ‘Pr-lw i .a-i « f».a- ..-a 

Captain of tho Trent to show his passenger i already passed away before the modifioa- 
list, whioh was refused. The Lieutenant, j tions of that statement whkjh I have already 
aa we are informed, did not employ abaolnte submitted 

good water, whieh is all that is wanted to 

foroe in transferring the passengers, but he 
used just so much as was neoessary to sat- 

I proceed to the fourth inquiry, namely: 

dioial remedy will become impoeaible— as I ^ot what has happened has beta simply an ; mighi be ae fhr beek ae Norfolk. It wa 
by the ahipwriok of the prize vessel, or other | iuadvertenoy coasietuig in a departure, by ; fabeequeatly aeoertained that the light w 
oircumstanoes which excuee the captor from j naval officer, free from any wrongful I ^ ^ micarriag ia a large 

sending or Uking her into port for oonfiica- niotive, from a rule unoertainly eetabUahed, I ^ .i- 

^ k 4kA^i.i.4 A# 4kA — I . ’ v_v,_ k_ ——I A..41.A AA* . Btorehoose. which spread to the woods 

renderFortressMonroeproofagainsiagreat i®^7 i“e pari iee oonoerned that refusal or 
. , . , • resistanee would be unavailing, 

and prolonged So, also, wo are informed that the Captain 

the preeervation of your property, and [ j^xho Esmx Banner says a woman haa of tho Trent was not at any time, or m any joct of the permutod vmttaiion ana ®earon. | ^^^^g,gg g^nnot reaeoaably be denied. zhe eame reparation that we as aa iade- exieastve. 

these Northern invaders of yonr soil will . , # .u v i. k, way, required to goon board ’the San The principle of the law is, that tns beilig F v k u k » u - « »A« 4 iaaA oto^ ahonld sxaect from Great 

•oon be driven aerom the Ohio. I »»««» •*‘®rt‘»g “®»®7 from the charitable ^ erent exposed to danger may prevent the What rule shall be appUed ^ ^ 

ZoUteofer’t FrwelmmeUioit. j in HaverhiU, by exhibiting a false cancer on These modifications of the case as pro- oontraband persons or things from applying ^^®“*7 ‘ »® ®®P^®' ®®g*^‘ t.^n aimilar oaea. baloariai to the estate of Samnel 7 

A.4 if ,4 d..'f, u... fk., ...-f, I...- kA kAAf. ik.F. i.,..!.... k, Wiiu.„. A. bA.d A ! I UA. i. .x.«i.- Si£rdf »‘.’u!E?.,*’t!‘2 L-.  ,iM 

.Ak.4i..i.. __ j u.-njirp.FA. ,4 '■'.'•k.’EEEfri.T- ...‘.‘.P 

|«-C4pl4i.847m.A,wk.bro.gktB.|.:.kM Miit lUnWl ku 4A.U4d Jok. ”o'E.E“io~Emi7^ lEi‘EEl7“. l’k.'‘-.“r.Lld *»r”“t.d, bMthi EwtOM'"! •«* «' kl4 UE*» 

land’s ditpatohea relative to U 
•fair, is pleasoring in New York. 



l 3 Uar ahrewiah aad f««oUah. 

t 4 « Bandask^ivegiilBr |S aditor of the ETenRTllle Journal I ^ BV8IirB8S NOTICES. 

•ejB theBeoondOhio Uyelrz. at Monroe- 1 hae had a conference with a man named j NoTioTTrSuTL.RS anu 

Tllle hare reoelred marching ordere and | Andrew i Johnson, a deserter from the I 

TOBACCO! TO THE military. 


. r&l IITIB 4 «D PUBLlBHaD BY 


- ^ la e  one« 

O Aoe— 78 Third Btreot. east side, between 
Market and Jeflteson. • •- 

ruienare reoelrea marcning oj^.- Ifwll.. Op«Med Tw MUlliar, Ot-f.ia., 

Will be under way for Camp Den^ M ^ at^ewknggreen. . ^ of | 


eoon and a- faet a. oar. can^^ided | says: { ^ 

*^1k^^aUQ ordScd to Boone and^e^fnSyiwfi^Jreen with the "P'o^d pigs’ feet, Bolongna sausage, fig^ 1 A Br,^«f‘u?M 4 T?«.^^“'i^^ 

GlaUanv near Norwalk* »• n***l " ® * v? ^ advance guard of ike rebel army in August almonds, filberts, Brasil nuts, sardines. No. j ocrstomce. jaidtr KX 

^«tuokf. «. * ilast. He was nnforunate enough to kill a i ros herring, 600 boxes No. 1 smoked — 

Railro ad W atters^, 


mI Bdlh 'reglmenti "  
,4 present 

on Fourth street, next door to the same Hotel, I would oall your attention to wy 3 tot;iJ 
which eonsiets of almoet every thing a Soldier requires, suah aa India Rubber rioihing, 
and Fancy Rnbber Goods of all kinds, Swords, Belts, Pistols, Knives, Drums, Filtk Camp 
Chests, Beds, Stools, MaUrsMss, Teat Stoves and Cooking U tensile, tltovee. Underwear 

wilt move • during the ffellow-soidier in a melee and was threatened u , w-„„» —u;,.. v W AXeTHls TO aX&B, r, c „ „ ’ 

‘ i‘ ' • ' ( i with punishment by the authoritiee. He *' hrout, white beans, new fall rpwi oooD8BHVA?rni. a cook andawashbr. 1 Blankets, Hospital Sheeting, Qum Boots, Leggins. Horse Covers, Ponohae, Pipee, Haver 

' .. i was placed in the miliUry jail at Bowling- "“Iw^-ooMd bacon, breakfast baoon, 100 i •*» « ‘^i | w..: = .*.:_ * _ 

sorriiau. I& in re at this office. 

?S. "'1 * ■■ ■ ■ ‘ •• 1 WAS placed in the muitarr jail at nojriing- | o-a—v-r... o^on, xuu , ar^^i-’i-^eTtUiromee. " ! sacks. Canteens, do., do , besides a host of other articles. Being prspared to masu/ac 

■ rvvabviirtifr# -i^The Cineinnati EneuirB i greeu and made to wait upon the Federal barrels pearl hominy, 60 casks old bams ■' 1 . 

T®' b;.ti«*ettoUdComiiefoia), the- 8 pringfleld P Jobn«on de- ; .boulder^ olsar and ribbed Mde. (that Urge eoa.ignmsni. d.rect from tk. 

.fc-Hi- .,u-u« cwi*- p... h... : ‘S; I  «•). -I.. n., . ■ “f" •* 


MIOISVILLE NEW ALB^I ANP CHI-J  Ut.) Rsgistec, and Uts ChiwgP Po«t have : him a number of the Federals. For ««b» No. 1 , BAifNEVT.ApTtr^^^^^ 

-T-*  n*rr ^rif put onta newsuH of type — the Codiaier  | this purpose he secured and concealed a { ”®®®*J*^a“‘A bnokwheat flour, potatoes, [ tbecjtnvrof h-coiwI. ; » u3* 

lavmK^w JuSUy a*irtfe^sT ^ i»ss»emsr ‘hui isvlsral dayl ago; the others onnr about | bedcord, and waited for a favorable oppor*« j onions, do , all of which will be sold low FOTTIVO. 

LKAt^ Blew AtBAKT.' •' ^ "jNuw Year's’Psv'.' Besides new tvDS. the i '® prison On the night by Ctirroxo & Co, ' rpuE ownkb or ah orricxa's camp curst 

OhJeasosad et L^Is k*j rUk(4diyase«pe **' ' * ' .. • ^ of the llih lust, he notified Cspt. Penn, of General Commission Merchant ' a n. Rjt ). msThe«r 

enlarged, and U now one ; ^ Ken.ucky regiment, and Wm Weather. deoTdtf 220 Wo n Main street »a i.r.un«d. 

AKBrVB 4 T MW AlAAirr. ■“'* ' oflkabeet papers on our table. We are ford, of Jackson’s o%vaIry, who were con- •*■■■"“ 1*3 da* k li p . tarmba 

gt ^nu'ix^.:!-.-^:.-.--.^ J gtofl to see these evidenees of prosperity, ' «“«1 J*V* ‘‘“‘.Be w^ going north. Wasd.b.d Awat.-a young lady named WOTIOB. 

• Gen^ Dumont issued his prot^ | ^^a^ng toe ^yiul%?Te gull^^ ' Bouse (Mr. Hubert) on the morning of the ; 

T he owner or an orriCEa’s camp che8T 

and oonunu (foand on th» L. a N. KJt.). mav hear 
of Ita «b -r.aLout4 bf arpijrina to Ute ai^r.UneJ, 
nenbeut cofLer of Elabtb and Main 
1*3 d3* ELI P. FARMEA 

at Conu Bxprem._ 

'neoe f' c LodlBvnioL. ...-t; 
tU.3/ ttiaa ia .Tilrtaan MUU~m-« 
heartiins boalavtlia. 



8  n» m I Bftrdatoirn, Ky., Gen Buell ^ woude. They wandered about until j 8 ih Instant. She is about 19 years of age, ^ j*oQUvUif,P» o. issi. J«s 

■ Aae issued a general order prohibillng daylight, when they came upon the house i black hair and eyes. She had on when she i STAATllD OR STOLElf. 
i4Wr.M.i ... .. A^ - «yaam.r1 Qmm mm m { /VWI « •* Pwmfi O n /1 1 n SW » A Ka ' ' ' man • 

LOCigrrtLE and lexinoton r. r 

PaaasTirer Tram No. I ASO A 

ramnnfMr Train No. t — - — — ICO r. 

AcoeuimodMion Train. 4:10 r. 

proclamations or other similar addresses to , of a noted Seceeslonist Protending to be , ^ jj . ^ ,, 30P8 DKCEMBEt PROM THE 

, .u V ai I Confaderate soldiers, the man willingly ! * I l-f tSrmnfiiM Uprr.s oar floRSit star M,dAS? 

LEXINOTON R. R i . ... . i .u w vi i Confaderate soldiers, the man willingly ! ® ®*y*""* I «**oUrrr.* flURSJt star and 

AM A , 'Be public, by generals or other subordinate they sought, and eWpe; no bonnet or shoes. Any one eeeiog , SilfVt^maSV**ua. tn t^^^^^ 

— 410 v' 5* 1 e®ee*'e 1“ Bis department. | ,oon they were beyond purauU. a person answering the above description ! **^‘‘** u t ». Hkrk. j 

^AHHVTI T R R R ' aa« -.hav fthe Federal ' • “berAl reward by giving in ' WAWTBD, ! 

NAoHVlLLE B. B | g^'ZolUooffer says they (the Federal 25 OOQ men, exolosive of Gen. Hiud- . j . / * “ ' trv) muR eor thv ruraux-T ve*b a xEnit-r I 

7 io a *. ' Government) have left your stock and pro- j mau’s Arkausas Legion, oousisting of 9,000 , fe^Ailo® w^ok will lead to her recovery, : T^ . tff cook, waab and Iron. ' I 

valnelees ” This ‘it t *t Cave City. The latter force oonstitutes i te MArtin Hippert or John MUlet, Portland. 1 ‘ * r nir« a youn* negro mam^^^y to • 

LOUISVILLE AND NASHVILLE E. R , g»-ZolUooffer say. “ihey (the Federal „„^ber 25 000 men. exolosive of Oeu Hiirf- 7^“7 ^ 1 7 . .,^-3 

‘‘•TJJS iHt?. mRl Cainp ^ ^ | Qo,erameut) have left your stock and pro- | man’s Arkausas Legion, oousisting of 9,000 , fora^tion wBick wiU lead to her recovery, : ^w^^J^NTctlk wI2 anS^ron. ' 

Bardswim (Sunday's eaevirtid* kou r. m. j valnelef B ” This ‘is * At Cave City. The latter force oonstitutes i te Mertin Hippert or John MUlet, Portland. | *'*“ ‘Ur® a youn* negro man.^^j.^y to 

... . . ,m».. i.. , , the advance of the rebel army. Johnson ; Jal do | at Brown. Bro. A Co.’s, south pl 1 ft Ma’li furftftt. 

Cloimf and Arrival of the Maiu at l eTidenced bj th« fact that -Z^Ui U paying ! batteries at Bowling. ^ j iHtwe*ea a^hth and Math. 

the Louisville Fostoffioe. j for it in Confederate aorip. green, and the largest guns are 12 pounders. : • ‘l®e when there is great fear 1 tLBJJfT/kXiJt. 

Eaatom. weotem, and sorthemcioaeaat isook., and I ■ ' "■ "• j They have DO siege guus aud'no canuou that the stook of dry lumber, sash, doors, otrstid OH stoi.en, prom the 

•nleef at ir^w. „ ^ I LODIiVH.LB TtpoOUAPHICAL VsIOH.— a I Oq their earthworks. The infantry ' Klinda An will fall atm*# nwiiw»tn 41 .a w-o# ^ deralgnaJ, on Kuhth •t'r^et. beyon 1 Broad- 

iKMiiJ».Tn Kentucky. Tta L. * N. R R (■mall omc« 1 uiou.iw uu «*«*» uw«»a a o . u ««/ DlinUS, SO., Will rail Short, owing to the vast b»r HORSK MUI,!' abontl 6 hand» 

cio» At AOor * tMpre» ion* eTening),cioma at 6 JO A . regular meeting ef the Union will be held | regiments are all uniformeu, but tlie Ten- , of imorovementa in LfwiiaTilu i* bifh. a ■=« on tbo back, rough »bodAi round, 

i "»'»*• *‘ 't ; i i.-™ .r 

At Temperauoe HaiL j ^ble to perform the simplest evolu- ; that Alexander, Ellis & Co. have enlarged ' A SOXiSZBll’S CXiOAS. 

ebelbyviilecloiog'at ik 00 ai'nl*ht,andnrTlyo* atftoo I tiona. In a field fight they would be little ' their faotDrv and hava now nn hand aeveral ! A N army CI3)aK LEPTIN MY POSSESION BT 

M^ebanon R Rcioowat I 3 d» at nlgtu.andarriToe at „ . t 1 f *a better than an armed moD. ibe rebels nave n,nnnn af dry lnmh«r Call at their office “P'^“ c»'!tn* upon mo aui pro^ x^vn^rtr. 

fcMr. M I killed in Franklin county, Ind., a few days two ov three batteries across Barren nver, I ' lumoor. van m meir omoe, | MCHuLA^t iRiyLBR 

^Rudsu wnB.Roio.oaat 3 ^ 0 r.ii.andarriTe.atAJ 0 , jj intenuou to destroy the ' Main street, nearly opposite the Galt! J?L“ po^,i. ifr 

Kswusetown Btage (in-weekly) ckiaei at 1200 at ' ^ bridge Over that stream. Frsm Green river i House, or at their faotory, on Fulton, above ; 8TATE31E51T 

"‘fii.^"^T’IS*Bfw^trt-weekly) leave. Monday, i t„ 4— 4 eh*. Q*v« 4 t, to Barren river the railroad track is torn i p,„ton street. ' O' THB CONDITION OF THE 

W^Doeday, and rriday, at 100 p. M., and arrlyes at 6 d» ; l aiOll isewS IrOul lue OOUlfl. , up^ and the way obstructed by fallen trees ' ■ ■ . » - 'SECURITY FIRE INSURANCE 

I Th.Rickm..dW.r. ^ D...»b.r 28,h j ! COMPAMl, 

fi^^Offioers requiring eomplste ootfits for tkeir Companies, also Sutlers, allowed a lib- 
eral disoounL 

H. W. WILKES, Jr. 

Wo. 73 Fourth it., Above BSain, dL Wo 497 Klaia st , above Fourth. 



(Coraer MalM aad Slatta StreeU.) 


Bandied Azee ; Bandied Ficka; Shovels and Spades; Frvin* Fans 
Batcher Bnivee; Ooitt Oombe; Itof, Trace, Fitth, dtrwtchor, 
Breast, Stay, and Coil Chains ; Platform and Counter 
Beales; Blacksmiths’ and Carpenters’ Tools; 

Farriers’ Knives, Bammers, Fincers and 

at Brown. Bro. A Co.’i. ion h *1 1 * Ma-u »ire*». • 

~~ ' AenlatloB Swerdf, B«lto, Saihe*; Ooll’« Ptalalsi 0. D. and Oolta 

‘Be following Southern news: 

t^A German nsrukd ftl^'pei^KrUg was u ,... *u._ -pmej -..w Jhe rebels have ^ aaunuTouow .n naua several i /X awjHier a frw days ail bedrilver d to the owner 

killed in Franklin county, Ind., a few days ! two or three batteries across Barren nver, I •* “*^7 lumber, can at tneir omoe, | mcHulXs b-i-lbr 

ago by a tree falling on him. i and it was their intention to destroy the ; Main street, nearly opposite the Galt! Jiiif ror^,i. Kr _ 

— — — — bridge over that stream. Frsm Green river i House, or at their faotory, on Fulton, above ; 8TATE31E51T 

_ _ ■ ' ’ PK Q 4 t. ; to Barren river the railroad track is lorn i g|j,gg^ i OP thb condition of the 

Latest News irom^tlie ooutn. : up. &nd the way obstructed by fallen trees ' ’ 'SECURITY FIRE INSURANCE 

The Richmond papers of December 28 th i Bo very slight impedimento to o^^ g®- Just received from New York, by ! COMPANl, 

' ^ advance, and aa soon as the railroad bridge ,--rireaa fiftv niecas Envliah and Franoh ' * 

contain the following Southern news: ' over Green river is completed we may l#^^*****'*"’ *‘“«7** “ , ! «“ «*••« ““r *f Nawmber, 1S61. 





, J?A*4 ‘*8 Yemrs, avar-.-- 

Laaaee Paid la l-aalavllia. Ky., ava r.. 

CNtah Capital aa4 Mai^aa 



. •’A,B?MI. A1»  44H 



necessity of returning them. 

ZoUicotfer's Foiitiou. 

, and other artleles ' ^^umau & Co.’s, No. 222 Fourth street, 
•- ' between Main and Market. Sale oommenoes 

Ilk I TROOPS STILL POUaiNU I.NTO KEMCCKY. for I he forward movement of our forces. ' p«*«« •“ * P»».uue- wcit^. in S.™ 

-p A -|- iSTTT'IXT'tt ! N€tkvilU, Dec 27. — The laleat Louisville The troops have plenty of flaur, baooif, | laines, thirty pieces bleached muslin, seven- w i^ui^^anri 

Xid W O. i papers received here represent that North- | sugar, and coffee, but no salt is to be had* ty- five pieces print, and many other articles, NA 

y, . - . P®**' “‘® »?‘‘‘B 50.* Bushel in Nashville t^rxotion, at F The name of the 

Don t Send m 10-Cent Stamps. 1 1 * one anoeaemg stream. Coffee u selling in Dowlinggreen at 51 a a „ , „ o.,o t. .u . . Comoany.” 

We can not use any aUmps of a greatei oen. hindman'S official report. ; pound, batter fifty ojlits, and other artleles Qr»ua*au & Co e. No. 2-2 Fourth street, 
denomination than three oents, and we must! General Hiodman’e official report of the in proportion. ^ ' between Main and Market. Sale oommenoes 

, . . . s . J Woodsonville (Ky.) fight says that Colonel Great impatunc^^ mamfestkd in thp (jjjj morning at 10 o’clock, and continues * Thouain.a Doiian. 

therefore oauUon our friends against send- Texan.rangers were killed; i «bel camps at the p^onement of the long during the day. I HJSdr5i“^o“!Lim 

ing them. It will only snbjeot us to. the Lieut. Morris, of the Third Texan rangers, i expected fight. Tlv^nen are anxious to ' x ■ , - jj.i„ ■ 

necessity of returning them. vas dangerouely wounded, and Captain ! g° forward, but Gen. Johnston will aw^t fft^Mr. C. 0. Spencer sella this mornlug | ^ 

I , Walker, three rangers, and two privates of itovanoe of our forces at Bowlinggreen. jo o’clock, by order of James Temmons, ' i^‘ou**auinc^ 

ZaUi*i tf«r'  Poiitiui *'’• were ilighily wooDd. I Oar wko lisiled the Union cimpa ' ,, j y qu'o oauto, n Cno i - 

York. ' 


The emount of lu OsplUl Stock U Five Handreol ! 

the amount of the CepUel Stock paid up U Five i ®'**®*‘ ■■•dinitkl and not dsa.— 
Hundred Thousand Dollar*. 


n Third. ASSETS. 

Mr Mr. C. 0. Spencer sella this mornlug , caeh on h«n.i and m Bank... 

at 10 o’olook, by order of James Temmons, ' • urea by mort- 

— » --.V w.voB. un --.uva -v-ounvuD, ga«e ou aulncumberid Rt *l KstaU w^flu 

administrator of J. H. Oil’s estate, a fine i -I *r cent, mo.e man the *ame « mort- 

..... . ^ed- The Federal loss was seventy-five ■ between BowltliEMsen anu idouisvilie, on . , , * , . 

Wa shall publish, in our paper of to- | billed, and the number of wonndsd was Back, eay^toat we have men enough assortment of elegant furniture, mirrors 

jrrow. a oorreot man of ZolUooffsr’a do- nnknown. W« tonic eiwht nriaonors. ' to drive the rdoBWltom their pssitioD, and ' onrtains, oomioes, Brussels carpels, anc 

morrow, a oorreot map of ZolUooffer’s po- unknown. We took eight prisoners. ; ^ drive the re^/&«^om their pssitioD, and onrtains, oomioes, 

Bliioa on the Cumberland river, drawn ex- , A baltimorka.v badly injured. Be is o^fide^f Ihatjais will be the result, if | gportiag Ubles, at 

preasly for ns by an aocompUshed Engineer, | The ‘^‘°B“ond Exammer iiiys: A bloody j rgblu we* being* reTiforoe*d,*howeIeL , ®''®J 7* 
now with Gen. Sohoepf or at Somerset, theater on Thursday\ight. The version and a protraot^elay will make their posi- ^ ^*®®“ • 

fits position has been selse’M with great that we have heard is that a soldier, be- non more formidable, as they will doubtless gg^The largest 
skill, and he has fortified and intrenched | longing to Caskie’s Rangers, was beaten by "oeive siege guj ^) ^m the south. ^ 

bl««lM. -h.t . .«rrMp..d»l .( L„,„ K 1 .-A. 0 ,... ^ 

to drive the rdpD W^ om their pesition, and ' onrtains, oomioes, Brussels carpels, and 
he is o^fidenf Iha^is will be the result, if | gportiag Ubles, at his late eporting rooms, 
our advance is flnde within a few days. .v ti * i iw o • # »r • 

ThA«h«ia rpinfor««d huw«,«v ®N®r the Hotel De Riiue, corner of Mam 

himself In what a oorrespondsnt of ours 
calls "a den .” 

from Baltimore, and kicked down a flight of ' Latest ra,ouJgtt,: 
step?; that the soldier recovered himself and ' RkB«L ViLLa«tSj^  

L-J 1 . _ cl_ :i A J P./\uD*«f«a nff Tir* bit 

I, as iney wiiiuonoiiess fg^The largest and best stock of ladies 
om the south. , j .u . , • * 

' dross goods that was ever Bold at auction 

.RSAW, Kv.— AftoTHiE ‘B“ «“7  Be sold at F. Granman & 
oupiED Ev TBS Flaek i Co’s , No. 222 Fourth street, between Main 

P-. r J r a 'rushed back upon his assailant and dealt Compaeixs op THi -Orii* iaio — On Sunday and Alarket. Sale oommenoes this morn- 

B I n .. f ?. n «• “• * I.J.. 10 o’clMk c.Ubue. during lb. 

Harrison Dorsey (f. m c.) and loe Cream ' bowie knife, cutting his skull open. The ®od B, of Col. WUflnesey’s regiment, were , ® “ 

Spenoer have been fightinc and quarreling r wounded man was carried to the medical ordered to marcL,. word having been re- i j — j«_i ■— 

and B, of Col. Wqpnesey s regiment, were 
ordered to marc^,. word having been re- 
ceived that Cap'i^ Sanders, the notorious 

— percent, mo.e man the tame is uiort- 
SSaeit for, a« per voueners and scheUule 

3. Debts One the Companv, olherivise se- 
cured, Mr vuucbers sccomi suylug 

4. Debit tlue the Company forp-euilamv. miJ 
due Aiceiits un L*ke slid CahsI open poli- 
cies. end dne froiu other lusursuce (%m- 

5. ^be Ronds enu Stoclni owneii by meUuui 
pAoy, per Touchers accoaipau} Ing— how 
secured, and the rate of Iniere.t tnereon. 


Marlut Val. 

1st. SO Shares B’k of Commerce.. $t.j w uu 
Sd. Mu Shares Bank of N. Y-.„... S.UJU OU 
At. 14 Suarea bank of North Am. 1 "M 03 
4lh. Bonds of the Da'on Free sc hool ^o. 

3, West Farm. Slats 

6ib. BUla HeceivaMe for Premiums on In- 
land Hull risks 

 . AU other securitiee four mo t accrued 
tut on Rond.u and M., Ac., Ac. - 

' 3.w»“rtW.!?SMTiSiV4r.aWf«'r “• * '''• •" 

E#*OFFICB— No. 4 16 SiorUt skleof Main Street, second story of Wholesale Drug S*o-e of Wijob, P-I: r A 0*. 

noik.ian was. FKATKUa, Afcat, 

I Total aaaftt^ of the CompaDY* 
•f^This CTeniitg. at7 o’olook, P. Qrau- | Ponrth. LiABiLmiu. 

Spenoer hare been fighting and quarreling i wouiided man wae carried to the medical ordereu to marejL^ word leaving been re- j j — 

between themselves for some time ; And. as i college, where be was on Friday evening in ceived th.t Cap.^ 8 ^^ A**® VaTns" i ®^®“‘'^*’ 

Ik.y erbnM «k« ..u * daDgerous oondiilon. The B\Dger left F®b®l of Lagle Creek, wm at New Lib- ; ^ No. 222 Fourth afreet, between 

they could not conclude who wm right or i ih^a-ier and has not yet been appre- ®f‘y. * FiHag® eighieen miles from ; a », w . n ii . - i - a 

who WM wtong, they presented themselves hended. The theau-r was closed on Friday Warsaw, where ha, was conducting himself i BI»in Abd Market, will sell a very large and 
before HU Honor this mom'iig. Harrison ' night in consequence of rumors that the Bie usnal violence and virulence to- , well selected stock of gents’ clothing, under 

a J..*? t , J 1 a iKa fAW.-CtlMSl I.A Bllsn—lArl nf Ka-K— — - 1 . i _l a . 1. 

a dsngerous oondiiion. The Banger left Febel of Eagle Creek, wm at New Lib-! man 4 Co , No. 222 Fourth afreet, between - 

Total LlkbUlUos 

231 JV£k9izi. Stx*eet. 


13.M7 77 ! 


** I y V o( Rood*, which hM b*ao sslected with (rest care for Sutlers’ soppl e*. We keep everyltliuf -. «*y .• 


114,013 4S Oysters, Piekled and Spiced Lobsters, Fish, Sardines, Aufa, 

Aivl every deecrtptfon of 

StiTi or XkW Tokk. 1 „ 

Uuuutyor .New York./"’ 

Joseph Walker, Prevllent. en.! Richard L UAVdock, 
Secreury, o( the Securlir Fire Inenniuce Company, 

madA the fiMi enAA-J —ks«i. f»ii Ki« ' difficulty wsuld be renewed. ward the few-Wh^ he suspected of harbor- { boots and shoes, and many other I Countyof .New York./*- ’ 

. .. ' BURNING THE QAMiNo apparatus. ing Union sentiments in that village. New which will be sold without reserve I ^*lk*r, Previient. en.1 Richard L UAvUjck, ' TS^INTE 

words, bjjr «irascs. and. all in all. a big , V. * ^ Liberty is in 0 ««i countv. and is the nlaoe : ^Bich will he sold wunout reserve. ( , ww A4.W 

^ Too IMO tftDles ftnd Ollier appAfatUF, 9612- V W . \ U u ' * fter^rUlr sworo, depoM ftad 8fty, ftua 4*011 Of ail qua’Ut^ pat op In pRckase^ to sc! 

.APfument He closed by remarking thkt be ^t Richmond by the poUce m the house ^Bere a big seoession b^cue was held , Mohey.— A ll depreciated i ‘ ^ i complete Sutlers- furnishing Hoove, win 

. J. .1 n '.V » D II T\ »ii ^ VI t. o A some time ■incs.^and ta^rhioh HumohreT i i ““ correct statement or the atlatrs ol the said army. In onr lino, 

eubmitted the case. Spenoer arose with of F. H. D Allen, Murphy A McCann, and „ . it^biBridira wapa iniriiAd ' moneys received for subscriptions will be i ‘Z. ‘ “V'-rK*!’*’' 

. 1 . .I- -A . ^ , Rifiharil r.onAland. wern eoinmitfed to .k- Marshall and Breokiundge were invited. . ^ K‘‘C said Insnranre tom 

Pickles, Butter, Cheese, Tobacco & Cigars 

. * Rixhard PnnAlA.nd wprA or.mmittpd to ,k. "“rsnaii auu vreomiunuge wsro luvaeu. a » ' that the said insnranre rompany Is the fwnd owner 

the dignity Of a Congressman, and ex- i aV th. The former was present. Col. Whiiileeey , taken only at its current rates by the I o.\K uo.NDitia» a.nd 

- , , ... , * M % naiD 68 , on 15ro&d 6 lr 66 t, frODt of tlio oity .j-AA'^iat-ai. ^ ^ 1 dollars ol actual Cisq Ca| tlal, tuveatad In Stoclu 

rressed kimfelf in Buoh words of oloquenoe . Thni*« w^pa i\wa information, also, that tnere were a i orokers. 1 and Boifd*. or m luotgcRcea on uniucfiiubftr«i Keai * 

. 1 . . . va a J V* . k- • ' B®“» ®“ “V number of State arms at New Lihertv in I aaiaie wonh mo per c-okiuore tnai. the sama ta most- ; 

that not a shadow of a doubt m to his in- one roulette table and one “shove it-up a  ® , S ® ® *“ ] jj Goiiinv sells the best of coal at *•**’' abovedeairihed inveounentA nor 

.L. u-_j. .. a rr u . votuBs DoiiB iuo lov- Ol oo»i •! thereof, are made (or the beueflt »f any Indl- I 

sett Satlrn and OOcees. Thosa of oar fHeWa who wooM Saal wttt 
rtil save mooay by ct*l vi   u a cal, as wa ka-p avaty tn^ artvai 

W. H. WALKER & CO... 

nAAon-A .AQ IaV* Mi. n.nn. — .nnnt “ hAftideo A. miAntitw of “ohinv” and ‘Be hands of Secesstonists. Henoo he or- I Any Idin inerwjr, are made tor tne oeuent or any tnoi- I 

.^b.’ »’ of ^ J'"'*, * "P»» .'bb j bi. 0 ®... Third b.l.... M«k.t ..d 

.rfallr c...l...d IbM b. l»n.dUI«|T di.. ( . .umrr.a. ,h„.j ;d_.l,w ........ »L, .pp«id.. lb,, m.jb^ ai..bin j.ur.rd.r., d.f 

Bint, and took tfce bond of Dorsey qJ boys and negroes assembled to see w Oompany; and that they are the above-described officers 

.a VW.W.X .a . . . . * . PaThfiAirvti klEFaff. A.nil It f*v a.rvi«Ai1 a.f IRa ; . _ . . nf r tA .xAlai A.w'nri»w Vt .a Itidrvwianf'A I'Atniiwnw 

No. 231 Main *tre.‘t. n» at .*■»».■ to J. M S obas g  )ow'a 


in the buiB of $60 for three months. 

Mary Quinn, drunk and disorderly con- 

Almshouse, she wm discharged. 

Jts H. Moody, who has half a doten 

the bomfire. and endeavored vainly to vi^a^^lThat Hostfltter’l Stomach Bitters. 

some of Ihe prettj ihingd from deBtrUCtion. ^rtn«?«ninn Ara*«nnin r*^(Pii 4« ftt all tha ■ If Ihedntli^ RQd orcQpatlous of wive* aad mother* I lUCUARu L. UAYDOCK. B«t.rfttfti 

,.k.a f.,m W.r,b.m ..d , f^bU, b « | 

‘dfvjr a future OOCu^grAtlon. •; ® , 1 more exb 4 D*t 1 cg; and the female sjsumtnflnltely more lork, ihl« 2» in a» * of November l%6l. 

„ ™ I.KIHI,? ; [j; 's J‘*„r. 7 .“br r.,““ ,: t' r ■“ 

remen of Norfolk and Ports- *k.- .... .. ialne.l and invlgoratad, l( po«alWe, by •ome sate and — — 

thitihe moitiagea above ae-crtbeit have i ot been a«- 
stgne I, uur in any manner lelaased or linpatred bv said j 
Oooipany ; and that they are the above-described officers 
o( the said Bocarttr Ft e liisarance Companv. 

JOSkUH Walker, lb e-tdent, 
lUCilAKi, L. HAYDOCK. l e..retary, I 
Snbvcrlbed and rworn to me. a Notary i-uolk: ' 
In and for sal I County ot New Vuru, and Scale of New 


or THIS 



The colored firemen of Norfolk and Ports- 

tbe inhshitants rubbed their eyes in the 
morning they were not a little aurprised at 

Aotary l*uUic. 

aliases, was charged with being disorderly mouth had a gsU day on Thursday. The , ^bo cUuerinK array of bayonets in ,k,:- ***®*‘^'‘^“* The grand desideratum 
• u s J LA V.. niAinhpra of the Hone of Norfolk havlnv in ® ®“FO°®« a »k 8  r which the lex so Ions looked for in va'.n, ts rtaUicd , 

in hiB conduct, being drnnk for about ten ntemBcTS or me nope, oi noriota. aavmg in ,tr,ets. They made the best of It, however, n„,,.„.,..n.'. r.iAa R»p™,A,h nin.r. Tkunrrnv * 

. . A . V* charge their beautiful engine, and preceedtd h««An,« Union ’ 'n HostetursOe.ebraud Stomach Bitters. Thu prrpA 

a . k .k- V charge their beautiful engine, and preceedtd and eoon beoame n.ood Union men havinir TnisprcpA origmai on nie m ihi 

da;e; hie conduct, however, not being of a ^ Portsmouth in the after- i J, w« Me tof^med ever ration not only oser. immeduie and permanent reii.^ 


p.„. s^in..., di.Ai...d .. '™r:rrj 

Host. wc. u.® 1 VI... ...I person was pertniiica to pass irom one . «»_ Bold by DimmUts and Deatara taneraUv every- 

ACMToa’s Owic*. Kt.. 1 
Fraukiort, Dec 33. Itol./ 

I hc^reby certify that the foregoing la a true copy of the 
origmal on nle In this office. 

In wltueas wbereoi', I Have hereto set my hand and 
affixed my oSlclal seal, the day and year above 
( leal ) WTlUen. 

(w'l GRANT GREEN. Auditor. 

fo. 337— Renewal.] AchiToa’s Omoa. 1 

Faaxkvoar. Kt., Dec 2S 1861. / 
This U to certify that Jo  u .Muir, as agent ot the 

the City The Hope boys wore a blue uni- "n V ^ “’T* 6 e^«%T rTro Tt^iVnT.ComV^ny “/ 

me city, inejaopv dojb wore m niuo^ni , auother w.thout a pass from Gapt. where. Jaa dS | ;r“at.v,ne. Jener«,u tjouwv. K-nt. ckv. haa nu^d 

fArm and thft Wftfthififfton hovfi & rftfl BkihT,, ^s_ , * , r i s_ .rr.^*Vw,. ,sv-s»d. 

MilitaVsT — We have inadTertentlr ! f*®™, and the Washington boy* a red officer la command, who hae ; x -n a 

Militaev. we have, them presented a very neat appearance, in.pir.d the “natives” in that section with i LEA & PERRINS 

omitted hltherlo to notice the arrival In our attracted much attention. Their engines : ^ peculiar respect and admiration, they hav CELEBRATED 

cdy of two reg’ments of troops On New also gave evidence that they were well | jn- i^^rned that, though courteous, he is, WARrK^TRRmilR R 

n.- k..;d.. Ik. PRikT.dt.A. A- 1 A. kept. After the parade the two companies -„d a. „ * « Wttl'BiS 1 liaaillUO a.XttSlis 

Year’s Day, besides the 85th Indiana, or let ' B®P‘ 

Irish, whiefaT^ 

notice the 2J Indiana '« ‘B" Icdependeat engine home. ; Ospt. Hyatt had been on the lookout for | PRunoO.nced by 

notice the 2d Inaiana refreshmente were spread, and a good ; 'nuJed to above, and expected to i 

companies , decisive sod flim. 

A I o -’'irffiA . J. d .k an k rerresnmeote were spreaa. ani a gcoa ; the guns alluded to above, and expected to i 

Cavalry, Co,) Vd s, and the 40th time seen, as all toe darkies arc willing to get poa-ession of them' on Tuesday night, ! (XJNNOIssEras 

Indiana infantry patsed through ths city j qualify to informant, Mr. Jm. Waisjn, left | 

The cavalry came about 10 o’clock, and the ' DEATH OF LIEUT, wbbeler. That same nlirhL one of thn oomnanieH I vobxthe 

of a Lettar from a 





OfQcers’ Mess Chests and Mattresses, 
Army Cots, Four of the Best Patterns 
Gum and Woolen Army Blankets, 
India Rubber Coats, Pants and Leggins 
Camp Desks and Stools, 


uaiiry to when our informant, Mr. Jm. Waisju, left 

DEATH OF LIEUT. WHEELER. That same night, one of the oompanies ' 

Auffutla, Oa , Dee. 27. — Lieut. William ; expected to leave for another village, about 

la this uffice the Maumunta and ekbibiis riHiUlred by the I UTUIU cLDU W 331611 lAmiV AliailJAeiS. 

I t»rovl»loDa of in act «ntlile«l “ An act to Kegulaie Ageu- | ■' ' 

• s! a'lffi'ft Uaviug ooen shown to the*slu.slactjoa of India Rubber Coats, Pants and Leggins 

I the uitderatgned that said ComiMuiy la poaseaMit ot an ^ . a m a w 

Camp Desks and Stools, 


• the*,lA?e‘b;reofB^But‘Jfo:.‘u^^^^^ 1 W® PARTICULAR ATTENTION TO OUR OFFICE t«’ MESS BXINO Tda M OOU- 

b# matrio auoear « ft fo thing for Ue pnrp,.8« yes Inv.ntwL It U vary atrung an 1 coiansct. an • eon a t . «li ro-. i G.m 

e"* ■I'*'’*'* o« ««ary to sat a UMe for four partoiu. rU a-« c .!• asam m :i. .... 

that siuoe the nting oi the aiatouieuta abuv: reicrred to, 

.he available cahllal of said Company baa been reduced : ^ 

J 'UN H. &|. Ki:-  A i ON. 

Others eomewhEt Uler- and m thev nassed — Miem. wiiiiam expectett to leave lor anoincr village, aooul 

others aomewnal later, ana, m tney paseea ^ ,he Walker Light Infantry, , ten miles from Liberty, where disturbances i ‘'•■IT 8000 SAOCirfe^iS:::::; 

t trough the streets, eitoiied the warmest the Georgia oompanies engaged in had been created by rebel sympaihisars j j’ Tr ' 

eiocmiums from all who saw them, for the Rich Monntain bat le last summer), | We f hail, therefore, probably eeon hear that and applicabu to 

tbeir scldierly appearance. The cavalry died in this city last night, by disesse con- the Twentieth has occupied another seces- ! i.Ttr-7?. 

excited great remark for the drill of both | ; 'jon town, and suddenly converted it to the ■ variety 

Wheeler was an affable gentleman, a gallant i Unicn cause. — Cm. Com , 8d. 

men and horsee. Lieutenant Colonel Norria, | officer and soldier, and a lawyer by profes 
of this regiment, is a Eentnekian by birth, { sioo, and was far some years an efficient 
a graduate of West Point, and, in all bis , n ®n B®r of the city council in Auguela. 

bearing, shows to. impress Of Nature in her round, 28@24c; .ides 28; 

.u .ca.B buuiuvi suuuv | w At Worccater 

ten miles from Liberty, where disturbances I ‘'OILY 0000 SAOOIi" 

had been created by rebel sympaihisers j • ' Teti lKi')****t’'KR- ' 

We khail, therefore, probably eeon hear that 1 **  applicable to their sarc* j 

the Twentieth has oooupied another seces- 1 tl-' * niil an 

eion town, and suddenly converted it to the * SVSRY Variety L ^’^-7 '.L 'pinton.ibeinoetpii^ ] 
Unicn cause.— Cm. Com , 8d. ! wb*o ' 

Ms:TT^mm=s i DF DIRO. V5^:3*^thai D made ” j 

The atmve SaUCR Is not only tbe tieaf and most ] npu I 
HBw An Annapolis oorrespondent says of lar oondxoit.nt known, bat the moat hconomical 08 afow 
Ik. dropem .VWD, Oraev, orw lb /Y A, bvt ao l co'd JoinU 

the Harnsias Expedition. I SteaJe, Oame.  fc.. impart an fxqmitio * St, Wh'.th I 

It seems as if nothing was wanting to | *“ «“• I 

below one huiulrwl and City Ibouaoud dolUn. 

In teetlmony whereoi, 1 have net my band, 
iHk^liii-c day knd year above written. 

GKA..T GREEN, AnJltor. 


m t 


tie disiinotion as an officer in command, I $7 60; family $8 Salt — fine 18@$20 far j There are new in the harbor 14 steamers. 

.Dd .ab..,a«ur .ro. o». ».«»...• I i;";*’”;'' ao.‘, taj'b»t«ry.,!''» wo 

Fob Hals br Oroeert and fruxUrert sverr where. 


Unton Square and Fourteenth St , New York. 

staff. Among all the troops who have ar- | Orleans 15@16ic; ornshed 21o despatch steam tugs — in all 41 vessels. | Sole Wholesale Agents for the United States 

rived, we know of none deserving more ' stock small- Ttfbacoo.— The receipts of ! These are, perhaps, “ 0 ‘ Bslf the vessels to | orde^^ 

kindly greetings than these two regiments, ■ tobacco are very small, also the breaks and 1 be employed in the expedition, whioh will be 
hath rffiedir. and man * ’ I animation in the market. We quote : largely reinforced at fortress Monroe, for. 

Doth onioers and men. ^ 2 26@f8 60; inferior leaf 4 26@f5; j ‘B® floating batteries are counted, 

Finn About 8 o’clock yesterday after- I good 6(af7; no Eoglieh lots offer— nommal I of the naval vessels have came to 

noon a fire broke out in the Commercial ' P*io®® 6 60@9 60; no fancy in Ihe market i Annapolis. All of the transports, large and 
noon a bv®*^® ^ Commercial , wool 66c; nnwash- «e. however, armed, and carry large 

House, on Fifth street, between Main and | g^g. merino, unwashed, 40o; washed ! supplies of shell and ball for use in tne field 
Market. The engines were promptly on | 76 cents. ■ -® ®u board ship. 

n^Bevarr. qf Own 
sep4 deo.llsly 

feiU and Imitations.. 

Market. The engines were promptly on 
the ground, and the fire, which was merely 
la the roof, was extinguished with light 
damtge from fire, bat ocnsidcrable from 

Court of Appeals. 

FkairrrokT, Jaa. 3, IS62. 

Flble V* Gathrlkht, Ol'lhav’; allinni-d 1 .. » r- . v v : v* v • — ' 

Onniiio(bam*t at VI McGill et ki, Kenton; affirm id ai I native Of Kentucky, having been born in 1 by 

Death or am Old Citizen. — We are cal- 
led upon to-day to annonnoe the death ef 
ofWm. M. Weir, E q, one of onr oldest 
and best known citizens. Mr. Weir wm a 

Senract Oirl Wanted.^ 

to WM. F wool), 

Ja4 d3 Third itree t , niar 3latn. 

O. B. Caps. 

500 000 r V Le^V**’ 

’ ORRIN RaWSYN. No. 338 Main itreet. 

Jat dVw between Third aod Founh. 

Mlktoi’ beet Booti au toe 

Cblli*!i do do at 40C 

MrD’8 Calf Bo,ta at 2 IM 

Du Ktp CO at 1 33 

Bcyi’ Kip do ai....— - — 1 it 

uo Kip Broyaoa at Me 

Yootbi' Kip do rt.-...»..» — 4 c I 

Do Kip B OU at...... — 1 10 

Twdt 1', Ml3i« ’, and Cotld’e Boots and Laa.tng Galtera 
made to order. 

BVKamamber the place, 4N  Market «trect. ret ween 
Kourt;i ana Fiita, nor.h ltd', i.i p:e4‘e Uie Weelem H.dcl. 

jat-ilm GjK.via.n a NgRrIS. 

8 T 5.000 WORTH | 



entire itock of Farnltare at 


Or in Bzchanca for Dry Goods, Boots and Shops, Groceries, or 
Produce, in Quantities to suit Purchasers. 

This If oae of Uie tarfeet and beet aaeoned Mock* o' Furatture la tfce WK9T ; an.l bav|r  ui rxp r1ra'e vT 
years to manafactartnK. '■nr reiutaiioii for soo l work ia a auarautoe aa to the uaalid a «ial nka ouvi - 1 Id. 

OGI •non. If yoa want a larsektock to »-lect ('-''in, at ibeold stand. 'J-J9 Main atrael, betwe-n 8ccowi and 
Ttalrd, and SIS Third street, between Mala aud Maraet. . 


W lNRb.- 

23 caski Port Wine; 

At about 6 o’clock a fire broke out in 
tke kitchen of Mr. C. Q Armsireng'i dwello 
lag, on the comer of Walnut and East 
streets. The injary wm very UghL 

Dry BXeasures. 


J-xJU onart to half bnahel. just received aad for safo 

0 olock a fire broke out in to McGllI and reversed as to O’Neil. 

. _ - . , , C'gle’aexecator VI Roblneon, Harrison; reversed. 

Ir. C. Q. Armstrong l dwello Jobnson vs Oelvert,^ct al, Franklin: reveraed. 

. m t . J . Barrett va Cobarn, Carter; reversed. 

raer of Walnut and East oediks. 

Hunt vs Dancao ct al, LIvtofstoD; rule made absolate 
— aupeal dismissed. 

the year 1808 He came to Indiana in early 
obildbood, and settled in New Albany in 
1828 Mr. Weir always oconpied a promi- 
nent place in our oity affairs, having been 
frequently elected Mayor of the oity, a 

_ rt •! JV..J .*1 

J-eJU quart to half bushel, just received and for sals 


OBJUN RAW80N. No. 33b Mato street, 
ja4 d*w hetwiw.n 3 hirrt and Fourth 


ply at 


— ai.peai atsmiS»Pd. j ^ ^ ^ , - | 

■ ..T . . . ^ . Wasgoaer vs MunBoiiet al. Frackiln. mouon to dis- 1 member of the Council, and held other po- •PA.RBXT ITP 

WT The Yoluateers t amily Aelief Cda- conitou* appeal overruled amt rule vs appellant re- ,k. nV wkioi. k  

. . k k --...c A . . 1 newed-retbroable to caUtof cause next terra. j sUlOlli Of trust, the duties Of Which he | pglDAY MORMNO. Jan UARY Jto, 

it'es are hereby nolinea to meet at Dr. Orockett vsGoi'rsetat, rraoKiiQ; peuuon formodio- disoharsed with as eve singly to the pnblio i ^ ’be nnd riitned. a red cow. i 
J ..... cation of opinion Hied. * j ki- ce. ha» sbort horns. Is about 8 years old. 1 

ills omee, on Monday evening, the btk Nuunvlly etal vs White’s eaecatoret at; same order. W®“RTe. As a citizen and a pnblio omoer | owner can have her bf proving pro^ 

It., at o’clock. A fall attendance is , B® was highly estwmed, giving his ^ influ- | “J . reec nel? m« 

sired, M business of importanoe will be „ o’-Nood’s adminuuator, Union-were con- 1 vancement of every measure of pnblio utile GUIHH.XD XSfSU&i 

enght before the meeting. ^jSiri^ittrai B»nk va Harper and Buford vs sgricoi- 1 by. As a hosband and father he was kind' TAUST OOWIPA! 

;o Tnvn T Tavinw ftae’w turai Bank, Fraakiio; aniasd by Crxddnck for Boford i and and indal^ent His illness was urn. I T'HK PTiiCKHOLDERE OF THIS CO 

**■ 1 HE» T. T aVLOB, Bee y. and Harpef.and ar tto1 by Uniey fortUe Agr.cultoral ' I mret at their offlre between the 1 

— =*■— Bank j traded, and bis death, though not unex- o’clock on .Monday neat, January «ih. 

mit es are hereby notified to meet at Dr. 
Bell’s office, on Monday evening, the 6tk 
inst., at 7^ o’clock. A fall attendance is 
desired, m business of importanoe will be 
brought before the meeting. 

«2 ThecT. TavLOB, Sec’y. 

Lambs’ Eoldibu’ Aid Ai-sociatioji — T he 
regular meeting of the Moderators of ths 
Ladlet’ SoldicrB* Aid AssooiBtion will be held 
at the house of Mrs. N. B. Smith, this 
morning nt 11 o’clock. PunotoBl nttcBd* 
auMis reqntslrd. 


T?R I DAY morning. January sd.bywmjpm 
1; the nnd rsltned. a RED COW. She 
ha* short horns. Is about 8 years old. The Jfmf 
owner can have her by proving property .-aarttwiA!^ 
and paytUE cbargei. JuIIn McDOKMoTX'. 

Ia4 dl* High s reel, near Marine Hospital. 

GVTHB.XB xsrsuaAnrcB a 


T he pt.ickholderb of this company will 

meet at their nflire between the hours of 11 and 1 

 a caski Madeira do; 

16 casks Muscat do; 
in ca-ks Oinger do; 

10 c inks fcherry do; 

30 bhis Malaga do: In store and lor sale by 
det9 MtH AHALL H A LBKKT A 00. 


26 cssM Claret Wine: 

16 cases Ma eira do; 

It) ca-e* C Farre Champalgne W lOe; 
lU bask, ts Uelsdlck do do; 

In Gere and for sale by 



 U boa bolted Corn Mea'; 

1G  I'US unbolte l Cora .Meal, 

28 bus White Baana; 

2 U bbls Uomtoy; 

30 bi'U Irish Potat^ea; 

In store and for ijUa by 



r })•) bbl* Macklln’s Doable £.vtra FIost; 

76 bills do do do; 

60 khU Lowell Mill rto di ; 

60 bhli Kdlnburgh Mill do do; 

160 qoatter bit bags do do; 

Id More and for sale by 

jal T. L. JEFFERriON. 


manufactursu of 

Fulled Uotli, 

KIB8IT8, ftC. 

^ MILLS Office on Mt In at reel, four doon 


between the un lersiaaed. b Uiis day Jl,.-,.. \ »t by 
nraltatten. Heuiv Chambers retrt-g from the tnu 
EUher partacr wtu use the naaa« ei the a m in i quMw 

Lcu.sTiUa, January I. Ds  3 


KIB8IT8, ftC. irOTZCE. ■ 

jffice on Mt In street, four doon WILL C ww u. ■ 

eveBsrk Kentnciy, A L™* b'miness at fce 

lAJl'lSFiLXM, ILV. e™ =-‘ ^ Bob* 

laage for Gooda. or booght for R. A a  PI ' SON 

Office on Mt In M rect, four doom 
sb-^veBsek Kcntuciy, 


n^Wool taken in Exchange for Gooda. or booght for 
^Mi.  «* _ 


Second Arrival of 


for oar aak ■ thM mornliiv. a lane aM 
: nugn'iicrn' stock of L\DlES\ SHANKS'. 

I and CHILDRRM’S FURR, nnr ch ese i tor tba 
hoil'iays, dne. m-diam, and comnion qaalV 
I tlea. with MUFFS aad CUFFS to matca. alM. SwaaS 

w w p.yWER-. 
CB4N n FsTTai 


caa ^ ^»t •O"'- boeks a :d pspers 

Either m n.^ K * .* ersuouse eV M ssra StrM 4 uo 

. 13 aathorlzed to make s-tt'e-ne is 

». upRarr 
w M. B Sv.N 
W J. ueWBRs. 

I. mnet at their nflire between the hours of 11 and 1 
o’clock on .Monday nest, January Aih, to elect ihlrteeii 

f r tide by H. A. RoBlN'diN m txi . 

•16 Mato street. 

pectod, will be hoard with very general re- *“*“‘“* j. a. peyton. 

gret. — N. A. Ledger, Jan Srd. — ^ 

forialaby R. a. ROBi.nSON a Oi. 

61t Mato street. 

_ I Down and FurTriTimtogs, O^tese^l fcllfoo acpgj, 

T. L. JBFFBRdON. ail of which we oBhratNew To -k j^eea for cash. 

— PKATHKK a oMITlI, «Z  Main at., 

uPIIXTB QUININI I detii hetwswsi Fourth aixl Ftoh. 

lOBlN'dIN w txi, I 

jsSSi--:irai», ATTWIOM 

AIS MaIb n l fffit. I . 

meeung of the Mod*r.tore of the AMUBEME^TS. grtt.-N. A. Ledger, Jan Zrd. \ ^ I iWfoMatoi;- k , M) | iJllllUS il I I Ui1 1 lUili 

ioldiCfB’ Aid AgBOOinUon will be held TBiatm.-lngptte of the bad weather the theaUr was — I „ ___ „„ , -|m|_aui | J«3.16A»2 ^* * * .^ ^*^- . resHF UNDUSIGNBD K W. AS EYKR. AT TUSIS 

of Mra K R Rmiik tki. “frtU •• OAa»l *A«t •▼«»“«• Thli U a proof, tf •uch U gl^^The fiaheriee of Detrcit are a greet ' Lr'from mv p’ac *tn Betchertown.twii ’ r^LOMRL.— tU) lOUNDS CAL'»wEL FOJTSaLI BY , X old aland, a rtgnlar Stock of 

hon^ Of Mre. K B. Smith, this n«,e^, by the management, source of wenlto, and the Free Frees devotee —ScS ' ^ * ii6 Main ‘J^t. OlothillC: And Fn minKi^ g 

at 11 o deck. Punotoal attead* To-night the performanoes wia commence with the ^ oolnmns to tbeir htalory. The fishing with wblie%iripc«^o’n the back, short tail ihe otner a pnruiid pnwDKHkn anu gum ^ j _ ® 

eqneeted. melodramatic romance. Robert Devil, and coac uda p-ounds extend the whole length of the I 0 Optom'S^saSPSy^ i^^^ WGOOft. 

■ r P^itmance ot the Ulry •P~uci«. | OB the Canadian aa well as the Amer- i uVily'* ^^toird street vfrkM. lASdtAwz «i‘’Sd^to ulfie^STthm 

. — A squad of cavalry oame into ^ i lean ahore, Detroit being the general market. I -v adiev' fine mink capes cuffs and muffs pOALOlL — so BAJiRRis best coal oil for, buetnees by’seningatamere aom mai prost toAeUete. 

yeetmrday, having in Iheir charge minor part, every evening praved mt attraction to the T*»®^rge ®shMie8^^^ ^ UCHTBN a cs ' 

rtiep, who had been arrested in the audiences. Mr. D. Uoneof the wry best actors in his | •*““ barrel* ®»oh in a 8®b*o“- The emaller I bet Fo rth ami With. glass.- 6A. hoKes wini.Oi\ uLaM. JjSSj 

Oakland, charged with eeUing ! !“ H 7a“t«^ih^uaJnd i “*k I Robinson a cD. yorUweM coyr ^ rma »ad Miin. 

BjOHI.— A squad of cavalry oamo into Wa have to thank Mr Dawson . m good part, for the 
. . 1 . •nccaas of thli spectacle. His Must pha. although a 

the city yenterday, having in their charge mmot *eery evening proved an attraction to the 

three parlies, who had been arrested in the ftodlcACftt. Mr. D. U one of tbt bftit Acton In^ts 

f&nd barrels eaoh in a seasoii. Tbs nxnaller 

camn at Oakland charged with eetlinc line in to. couuUy. H. u thoroughly culUvated. not | five hundred, and from 

^ ^ ® merely to hisown profeisloo, but to brOet frffrvr gener- i thouiaud barrels of fish are 


riALOMBL.— JU) M)UNDS'CAL’»'*EL FOTSaLI BY , A old alaad. a rtgnlar stock of 

^asdgAwY R. A. Olotliiiig cuid FiUTiiahing j 


Opium tor sale by B. a. koftlVkON A Of).. „ 

ta3 dbAwZ 61.4 Wain strr.n. Thar are paying parttcuUr attoattea to Gooda to the 

■ • — nutlerr llnv. and wish to tocreasa that h-anch of tteU 

B. A. ROftlNmN A Of).. 

61.4 Main a)vr..t. 

liquor to (he eoldicre. 

ftllr, and ftXhlMu ftiquUKstMift iQftli bit pftrfbrmftBcftt* ' tskftQ ilk ordia&rj SdbSonSi in the imniftdiftte j 

Li cftD bft bftd terr low for C 9 «b, of 

Jft4 PKATHMR ft 8MTTII. 429 Main at 

laS dSAw? ft 1 5 Mato »trftftt. 


Wearf fratinftd Mial ao good an actor and ao accomp. ▼ioinitJT of tbo oitJT. Tbo ftTfrftgS pHcs h%9 i T ADICS* FINK 8TONK MARTKN OAPKA, CCFfS, | ting aod Trftpaoliv for Bala 

I^The WheeliBg Iielligeooer eaye that u,hed a gentlemen t* azuchad to «rar uiaaut. been about six dollaVs per barrel, but thie j -^,4"“^ “"“i^RiTiiBR A smith’s 429 Main street. , , “ ’*^5*^* 

Gen. Beynoldg hae enpejjieded Gan. KeUey O® Honday MIm Dora Shaw, s  w.u known and ao y«ar the price has not been above five dol- rapes nrvra avn I ~ ^ 

u the command at Eoi^, by reqneat of heretofore, wui oommence a short i*ri, owing to the embargo on trade with the | LVuffi^ m wri« J.t ' ‘ ‘ L ®“2 o“r^'l.*s; 

. .. . ... engagepent. South. 1 Ja4 PBATHBK A SMITH 8. 4» Main atreek 34 Pork SsBTela; la itora and tor ra'e hy 

IN SUN A 00.. 
816 Main atreet. 


the Inuer, whose old wound ia still tronbUog 
him so mneh ae to unfit him for duty. 


Ta'^yaackkt.— In consequence of the exceedingly 

mneh ae to unfit him for duty. diaaglftahia state of the weaOier last night. Mad. little boy of ten years who had ‘ 

a— BfohoF’ioonoart was postponed to this evening; when. habit of regaliog himself on -1^^ P^I^R^SV l Til’S 431 

The Izetta will be here to day with we wait, the aWes wm be clesr, aod all things pto- _oDDed or narched com durian the laet TlRBSO SILK AND CASSIMERE HATS, 

leg from CinoinaaU. p*'**’-- ‘“"g® "“®^ *®*“ the 

ItofnUcspadty. Mad. B. U oue of the llneit vocaUati • . hie father exclaiminr' “I know 1»  PRATH BR A S MI TH. *M 

For the letter lit and othsr interest- what .now U, pap*.’” “ What, my son! ” “It Va??.r^^^^ 

tier, see foarlb page. grad one and cannot feU to give perfect satletoction. IS popped water, papa. jJJJ- P ^ g^TUBB * SMITH. 421 

SMITH'S. 4» Mato atreek 

L ard kegs- 

2 0 Lird K»*s; 

'V'BUr HTYLF. holiday and call hats, 30MB- I 

i-N thing MW, I net received at • | 

to stora and tor *a e hr 


PRATHER A SMITH’S 423 Main «t 

V/' received and for aal« by 
delt ■ 

600 mnlag from Cinoinaati. 

Ih| matter, see fonrlb page. 

is popped water, papa. 

1 ’ own uianufjcture, at $3, $4, and S6. can be bad of 
the manniactarera. 

ja4 PRATHBR A SMITH. *9 Main ik ^ 

U . 1 and prices, c heap for cash, 
lae FBATUBB A SMITH. 428 Mato at. 


O iwn. just reeeti eA anA for sale by 


last received by 

deig TAIT, SON A 00., 334 Mato et, 

atock U particalaily requeeted _ 


defedlm Northwest corBe^ll^irina^*^^ PARTNERSHIP HBRETOFOBE t 

”” .lortawest cov^ ei vma aad Mato. 1 under tSe era nt f. NORTH a SU.'V. was 

mnrnm PHiRiitif. 

T hb BUS« CRIBBB WOULD RBsPBCTFULLV in- UoeleNlIle. By.. BMfmber 31. Igffi J 

term the ftlcpda of Hoinmosator. that he has eatab- — — — — m 

Beheda He«i«m atMe PWfmaov.akd la eew proper e d KOTZCB. 1 

to tut all orders for medictoea, fomlG boxaa, aad other g 

artictee used to the Heieaopi to la procOeeL 'TMIBUNDEBSIONRDWILLCONTIBSSTI 

Thte Pheimacy U at Ihe office of Dr. R. CaMid. 216 A bualaese aa uacal at the old ataad. No 337 ' 
JeShrson •J’cet, bet. Seoendawl Third. deSldd p M 

*«* A. SCHB F^BL. 


Ywrant wwAHi wmaai Ttrnrt J. Lyons, thib day RtattRl 

os Iks fsM Wo.lkw. tie a* kstsMt. £lr.lK“L***iSt;’SSdi'- j£3 

nri HtVB 90mtAmt.r un hand and bob QCIGLBV. HdRIO.N a do. whs w:t; •e.tfe’ 
  * sale, the beat Pittahurg a' d Pe m eroy (foaL at the h as of the late esBceau. * 

lowest market pnee. Give aa your ordero. TH-tS. QW 

OHioKaRiNG A bbothib h a iS 

UWICB— Owner Market end Ptretoe eta. deJi dly Jal dS •. r. wB 

toulivnie. Jen i. is,;j " 

“to X' • acce hwccisa a  toe r* nrii 
Warchoas*. G. sPriACT 

jal dlwAulm H M.UWtU TTIX.ri AR- 


T hb copar’^ebship heretofibe E.xisn.'yw 
between a TBiao U to.r ffiv dtaioiv.d by 
mutual coueent. Ii s. MO-g u aa  ipT le.) Mueeihe 

■*■** Ibe Erne la the eettlenMat of me bu ito e s s 

n M. N' 

- H C. fRiGG 

UtolevUJe, By.. Dec 31. Uei. 



♦ at the eld atan l. No 3a  Mala -Bve«. let da 


under the era nt t. NORTH A Su.N. was 
It ee l i fted h* mutu«l cnuecnt, BJwln eevth re TrtRf^^l 
toetrm. f Meet h lerherpea wuh toe teWirabana^^^H 
heal ness M the Into ana. 

Loetarmio. By.. DecfmhorM. Igffi. 


A bualaam ae uacal at the old ataad. No 337 
deSiee F ncb^^B 



Pitkin, Wiaxd & Oo., 

(Snsoettur* to P*.Utu ttroUknn). 



Ttmo, PUd'o. Lime, BTdrnnltoOMBoat. P t o ^ « r .Afc. 

UiClSVllXa. EY. 

A. oMoriBoot of 


For all (ratlea of oflk.-ora; PUtoU, Delta, Saahea, PaaaanU. 
cboalder-St'SM, Ac. 


u. a. ARBXT orrxcBaa* 



Louisville Theater, 




For thi Qcbboat. — Thro* Dakla 

I c^iLsijunHrniLi _ ■ . eannoa arritel in ihit eitj Friday by tb* 

- - — - - — Lut.— D llHient. from Fait rtrar wltk a load of ! Pittabarg and Fort Wayne railroad Thoy 

ISTEBKsfl^fl FBOM part n/ITlf t ^ for tae OoTammant. and down again 11*M; Major ; are twolre-poundtri, and Ofaplendid wotk 

iniB.KA»TlNttFKUM PORT ROYAL I And*rw)n.Cinclnn.tL with about bar onaltrlpa each Btnship. capab’o ofdnngaTast amoant of 

^raa_3iAttY l*ORTON. •...lAB^HKBa l'*-*— «a t 

Mr.S «. DAWSON MT.AUK  lANA(jRK. I L)n*o«*rae l ttumor* M Clellaa’s 

.nr. TUOS. J. t'AKISV _..TUKAnUKKK. | Health-Cotton Sewd from 

— Port Koyal I 

war; Fu«ene and Bt( Orar Eagle, to Heoderaon, with ^ oxecution if properly managed. Tba 

MW ' ri»g#6 other B^fSiiTT opct&dacft fto 

Rn« Alto WWTRI^-Tha rlrar 1. atm fauiag. with . oampaay tbain. They ari diJLad u Com- 
nra feet flte Inchea water In tba caral hr tba _ j. o . oi *w 

mark. The weathar baa been exccedli«tr aiMgreeabla, ' Officer at Cairo, to 

with alternate rale and alaat, making tba ttreoU rather T ^iBt 'ilBy JOgterday by tba II- 

Honthraat ear. Third and Market ets.i 



perform nee will comin‘nce with tba melo- r Mrnth to CbAn BAnhAtn Aiwl ki  wun aitemaie rain i 
niaUoroina .cejf ROBKKT IIIK D«VIL. To *rHHl «» XO VCn. JSennam 800 OlS dUlcult to narlfatw 

UIUaRVILLB. EY. Name* of oAcera and regtmenta, oranr InacHpt'on ! \roU ABE RESPECTFULLY REQUrSTED TO EX- 

Mr. Arerr he'nr a partsar In oar hanae, aaablaa ( da^ed etched on bladra. I ^ amine our larg* and varied aaaoruuent of 

a«U (nml ' Wholeaa;.' Daalera with hl« Howj idlow- 
eat abop pr-oaa. UiadAw 


leaeoMeor te O. W. Baaliaw. 

Grrass Seeds! 

K RirrroKT btue grabs, orchard grabs, 

GARIAN. HM.1.ICT Ac.. Ac. * Alao. an klada at 

Oarden Seeds, 

■ )RSR PtiWEK'i, PLrtIf S ^ all the 

aie tm: roved ii_t;:TT!. ^VwdADt^U HII.I^, aad all 
klridao' P.*.KM ! MPL  M 

TER. Ac. Ac. ^ _ . 

A Lm aiwortmeat of the above articlea In atora and 
trli; be *, 1.1 a  low price* at 


aclT dlw K' ns Weat Main alreet. aonth aMo. 

I dajnred etched on bladra. IX amine our Urg* and varied aaaoruuent of 

I No aw Td win be aold wlthont havlnf paaaad tbrongh | 

' An onttreLr new and oaefnl article of Officers’ Outliis, 


! finvented, and atepa taken to procure a patent, by J. J. | 5'^**'^* t^U for Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery; 

UI'abbahlVcuDUlnlngaepu'ateand aafe pertlUonafor , *1'* 





llydranlir Onaeaiit Uaie, riaetor, dkc. 

M ain streix near sixth, opposite the 

hxchan . e H .tel, Lon avllie, Ky. Peraonal atten- 
UoD give.- 1  * fining o’ders 'O'’ Grain. de?l dtf 


i Ul'abbahl), cuDUlnlng aeparate and aafe partlUona ftr 
a ■ powder-Oaak. Italia, can-, uartndgiw. or cundrtaa, acrew 

k A I driver and wrench. This art cle la very neat andean 

i j be worn oo a oommon r- gn atlon belt, or ahnaMer-ftrap, ' 

and wtu prove to be a derlrabta object for ofBcera. 
3FCHARD GRABS, i All guoda of anperler qaalityand moderate pUceaat 
TlMtiTBY. BUN- ' J J. aiReObItCUl.’ri Jewelry Store, 

I. all kinda m Mo. 2S3 aootb aide of Main, 

I daiQ ona door ah' ve Third at. | 


ibf All the -a w 

so MILIJl,^BBd all Tm^CownoinrititB or Kibtcctt. 1^. 

llBO. WHITk SAND *“ eni-mirr or Looast CocmiJ ***• | 

the. Land plas- ' tyvhbseas. g. w. kwing, who was rlected 

vf at tba A' guat eiacUon lo the year 1861. a rep:e- 
articlea In alora and tentative lor two yean, from aald county, to the Huuae . 

, oflkpreaeotatlveaortheUeDeral AaaemblyofKentucky, , 
R .WILSON’S, I baa bem oxpeied from aa d body. 

igreeV. acnth aMe. | Now, therefore. In pur»uance of the antboiity vested | 

* ~~ I In aae by law. and the order oi tal4 Uouw, 1 hereby dl- ! 

A I  s t that an e'ecUon be held In aald oonbir. at the aev | 

XvaSURv a I eral placet of vaitng tberalo aathorliwl bylaw, on the. 

N drat Monday lb' the election ot a qna - 

ER ta; Aad peraon to HU the vacancy o o«kloned by the axpul- | 

n '' Moa of aaid O. W. bwlrg, and that von cacae polla to • e ' 

opened la your tal 1 county acoordlngly, and proceed i 
^^W^ALwlth the aame ai dl- acted bylaw, and tran-mit to the i 

Dreea Coat* for Infantry, Cavalry and Arllllerv; 
Dresa I’anta for do do do ' 

Drew. Ttela for do do do; 

Overt lau, regulation atvlea; 

Fatigue eutta. 

Net and Flanne' Under and Overah'rt  ; 

Oanntieta, Glove*. ^uapenJera an i Sorb*; 
Sboulder-htrap-', dwoxIh, Knota, Ac.. Ac. 

In abort everything n^ceiutry to complete an OfBcer'a 

coDciude wiUi, for the last t me In thla dtv, the 
I eautirul Fairy Spectacle of THb FAIRY AND XHR 

A9*PrlTala Bnx.e Rs. Dress CIrt le and Parquette 60c. 

Famllr Circle :6r. Galley Itb. 
g^Door* open at M to 7 and Cnrtaln rtsea at Tft o’clock. 
gdrFor parti f ulara. *ee email hllU. lal 

!M]asonio Temple. 


WarJrohe. Ufllcers proforrlng tn have their Uniform* 
raaile toorder by mea.-ure, will And a large xsaortment 
of piece goods to selict fr-ra. 

(kdera reapocuully aoUcIted, 

WINTER A 00., 
M' rebaot Tal'ora. 

Trial ! | 

T«rrit le Humor «t Halifax— StAAtner I 
Parana HAportatl Loat witli ' 

1,100 Soldiera on Board— 

Nlora Troopa PasMinit I 

Sr. tJohnn ! 


The ZlXpssare of the Oovernor of 
BSichlgan I | 

BKovements on the Potomac! I 

j 4i^Ba«l0Mtt8 RtUI A« doll ASRv«r,ffiBdno |iro«pect. At UfN OO OM OI las 
Pf*aent. af an Improvement. •Ae grext ezp« li 

I ciscuniATi.— Tba SaBcrior u tba regniar packet ■Lipped from the Wsthuigtoa Nbvy VgrU, 

at moon to-day ' And will, it IB Sbid, bcRT the elofeat inape«- 

; tion. The same road mIbo brought here two 

FINANCK AND TRADE Jo* l9 of hmunition for use in lown ad- 

* dresied to Coi. Cbmmbera, of the lowm 8ix- 

Ob vma liOviavTLLB Obmocbav \ ie»Hth Regimenl. — Chicago TVmca, 30fA uU. 

liaoig Central Railroad, being iatended for 
UN on one of lha Inonehra ocaneeted with 
the great ezpeditlw. Thtas gusa were 
ahipped from the Waahuicton Narr VmrG 

tWwom Ob vma uomavrua Obmocbav \ 
Friday Evening. January Xi 
The market Is exceedloaly dull to-day In the way of 

general trwle.thou.^ra.;::;3;^^^^ F.OM OerxBnoTT. a,D Cbb.DO.-A gen- 

to report the b««vte«t taloof th« m«»od. In monov \ who appived jMterd*j ftom Ctredd 

mouer* w® not® no ebute® unc® rvsui^v 4 lAm Oujandotte rtporta that N Iftrga aambor 

amonnt of Troaaury notet has been thrown oii the mar- r ^ sc^tered along the Ohio At 

ket to day, bat la pasotng a* carrcncy, good(otaUn.v LerWiO t Olonel Lightbum baa fortifle l 

_ _ . ... . P®J'* : Kiina*lF jaAnftrlAem* eW^e i.*.a. 



0-. xxox o-xi:fiiy 



Nbw York, Jan. 3 — Adrioea from Port menu except in bank. In raforencetottaeactiomoftba 
Ro^al indicate that Commodore Dopont it banka, there la nothing new to report. Those matuo. 
preparing for a new naval demonstration mns which bavo braachaa in paru of the Stau now m 

himaelf, and is confidant that no Onyaadott# 
affair will oeeur him. Colonel B '.lea' 
*’ finia Cava’ry were at Oajandotia, 

Glimriered •'•rlial. 
PiUd and S«-rnred.... 

_ Till? COMPANY IS N« W w- 
^.g.ntzed a-d reaiiy to engage ga^h 
* *-”ie'al r. e and M.rlue^^^Hg 
Infuiai-'CC boatuesa on 

ueiae— In Ra-em »nt of Son hem Bank, comar of Main 
Ball!!! airreW, LocUvll e,*Ey „ . 

ANOKhW GRAHAM, Prealdent. 

J. A. PXTTOV. Sr^reiaTT. 

DtxnrTOBS.— W. A. Duckwall. iVnBls Long,J. P. J6*f' 

F ^ — ^ ^^nperatarr of State, the name of the peraon who may be 
' ^^kaan by the quallBed voters of oaU county. 

IN To. In t e ot l mony, wbereot, 1 have hereto set my 

! 1 1- a. 1 name as soaokor of the House of Representa 
r AIVTfl I * Uvea, thla 2sih day on  cemberJ?6l 

. I de38 dAwtd Speaker of the House. 

Mr, 4cc. i 


: AND 521 Main Streets 


•IMM ASkA aY cefvihg ARMY BimJIS ANU B OFKKS of every 
'aiAu'iiaA fattety, to which wo wonid Invito the attention of 


And the trade generally. Also, a Urge aasortment ot j 

tran-mIt lo the j 40^ M*la street, «ih doer below Fourth Mreat, 



■ ■ Quoboais are concentrating, and a large j poa i eaaion of the rebtla win not redeem the biiia i . Piali’a ZeuaTra are at Barboaraville. 

THIS. SATURDAY, EV KNIXO, JAX. 4, 18G2. ' number of armed lannohea are praotioing 1 *We*‘ those branrhes. The Sonthem Bank, which u V'illiera ia at Point Pleaaanf, 

I to aasiat the landing of troops. About | m Roaaenvuie u deprived by tba LegUiature cf : *^®J*** ’^8'®*ot. There are aleo troops 

_ I 10,000 Irocpa oould be spared from Hilton **‘**“***®’’**^*®®®®*'®*i*t** ™“*ihea. conaeqnantiy all | * . ^ Ashland, Catlettabnrg, and 

jVX.A.L).A. JVi.Ua : Head, in addition to Gen. Btevens’ brigade, ! the lasues of that bank payable at loyal pouu wiiite ® points — WKttling Tnt , Ixf. 

I IT IT I II V II /A Th to operate against Charleston, Sarannah, i It la raponsd here to-day that the ' " ' 

I 'll I I II I II II II II or Coosahatchie, the latter most likely. : rebel authorltlea at Glasgow have Ukan poaae a alon of I " 1 th the present nombor, tbe West • 

8 w I I K I a II II |f I The Washington correspondent of the •**^**"*fo®^‘*‘* branch of the Northern Rank at iP? npon Its fifty-fifth year 

fll l|l ||wll||||| j Philadelphia Press, says orders are given that point. The order auteathat the seixareUmaJe oldest paper in the 8;ar«, and the 

il i 1 11 il JL kJ Ml. vr M • i for a movement by way of Ooocqiian; also | °oir to prevent the mother bank from using the aaseu except (MB weet of the Mounlaine. 

THR WORLD-RENOWNED C4NTATRICE, jug ‘hat General Durnslde will ascend the Rap- ; Suta. or Federal *uthori;i**. and •*!*•' to 

■L the pleasure to aunonnee her second and I pahsnnock. ' not with any Intention of nslng them. The asseU are ! “t., V P**®***™^ Wlinin its umus Or not 

/ Uctu^bvtnrKanawhalin^iJ^lM^^ WORLD-RENOWNED C4NTATRICE, JUg uenera 

MsnSfolmilni C^^^ny at ^ ^ ■ -*■ Plea'ore to announce her second and pahannock. 

rrF'FsiKSsr last grand concert! 1 T 

I 60 cents per gsllon by the Ktngla barrel; 
i 47 do l'o do by the Uve burels; 

i *» I Me lame B1 hop wlU Introduce, at this LAST CON- | Leg‘9l*turo Convened St Lansing H,, Branch Bank of Kentucky at H 

' P°.I^,L*nnel Wsl^l. ni, CRhX, tbe entire Scene of lUo Isat Act of ihe Grand ; J*S‘®faAy- | |,m |( j, subaUntlAteX 

The President of the Bank of tbe Bl*te 

“ l.CKAWFQjtD Agent , theNstionO Cwtume of the Conntry-bjiog the’ last |*»‘iOD of the direct Federal tax by releas- communicate* the following to the SenUnel 
1 1/Y 1 1 /111 i IT fk I 1 &■ nn I ( pUceofiMadsme Btshopsn.i Troupe. , ing the Federal government from reimburs- , B*.vx o » tm stati or i 

I III. A ^ II I . A All Mx L Madame Anna Bishop win ha assisted by ing the Slate on account of the war December 31st, I 

ihannock. ‘ not wUh ®oy Inteotlon of Uhlng item. The ®r® ! V wUNia IIN UmUi OF Dol. 

_ to., , . . ! 1“ bills receivable, with a itnall amonnt of . * depend upon its eititens. Thankful 

Drtboit, Jan 3. -An extra ^sion of the „,oney. Thar* U .Isa a «port of th. ..mure of all the ^ P*tf‘ »»f« 1“ the past, iu propri. 

lohigaa Legislature convened at Lansing **,*„ of the Br«.ch Bank of Kentucky at Hopkinsviiia *‘®" endeavor to render the Ciiiien 
stwdaj- , , IbutitlsnotMtbeuntUteX ’ i worthy of U in the fnlur . 

The Governor S meSMge suggests a liqui- , The Prealdent of the Bank of the 8t*te of Ud’ana ' fom ftf.iea, /JB, 8d. 

etors will endeavor to render the Ciiixen 
worthy of it in the fniur^. 

Paru Cttizom, Jan, 6J. 



SEWED AND PHGOKD BALMORALS. ■ ' ' " ck. or emit any o.lor in turning. Warranted the 

• . I.-.. «f 1 ‘***‘ *“ ‘b* marktt, and as safe xs Ixrd Oil. 

' Also, a Urge atock of 

_ ^ C OAl* OIMj I Haliit* A Broiher’sceiebrated Insirainents.aadius been I 

W|ib the lifrgt Improvement In Burrer*. Theee I.ampe j kindly fumtehe.! by M- sera. Trlpj. A craag. I “lanuesl uisposition Of foreign powers to 

nment from reimburs- B*.vx or tm Stati or mus*   ' E^-. of Ladogs. 

account of the war December 3iat, iMi.   Montgomery county, Ind., has been ao 

. amouoL 24,0u0 men ' a* the su*peD*loa of the Kastom banka may create. . ^ 

hw Minhiiran fnr  k* i •“ ‘ 06 the people Of Indian*, some nncertainty In re- pomiea as an agent of Ihe .American Com- 

oy Mionigan ror me I gar.llothe policy thUwlUbepurmedbythU Instltu- 
giments were for three ' ‘fon. i consMer it my duty pnb iciy to say, that Ihe ' •nissioners, to examine and approve to Ihs 
of artillery and one ' their%°xampi« feii^wod^by^?^'cnaer*'no ^ •***°Gve oommitte articles proposed to bo 

“?.!■ ' ss3£»“:«'x'5;rr,r!i,£’ Af;52.'?i;’isr.f,' I ““iw**! •* « • i« Exubwo. ,r 

Madame Ann® Bishop wilihe issistod bj iug the State on aooount of th® war December 31it. Idll.   

MK. KDWAHD SKUUIN.   expenses, to an equal amoUOL 24,0u0 men ' a® the su 4p«Daloa of the Kaatt^m hank® may create 

The American ' ‘‘ ‘▼0 been furnished by Michigan for the j 

oiiuraVu i r 'uinij ‘ which ten regiments were for three ' ‘ion. i consMer it my duty pnb iciy to *ay, that lUc 

GUSTAV h DE Pith., Tears- on« battnrv of artillorv wnG ona ' “““ ‘be»a bank* had been aniiclpatej, and Ibal 

The eminent PlaaUtfpaptl of LHtr). years, one paiiery of artillery and one their example win not be followed by u*. Under DC 

a»-The Mle of ticket* wUI commence on thu I i 

momiog, January u^, at Trtpp Jt Crafs'  uuhIc i Of wnioh $92,000 has been refunded bj the 

a^Tbe Grand Plano uaed AntbU ocsa**lou U on® of 

lerrOES,— W. a. vnctfraiu r. , j •mHMw of which w® win ®®U tow tor ” * " twirn loipnjvrmrDi la twrrerH. xn®0® lAmp® 

,K**r.lcy»'an.-r.Jac«br. Weller. Alei.^lg, John ■ ^very variety, all of whlcn we wiu *eu very ww for will give a light eaual to «ix star Cindlea, at a co»t bf 

u. wuion uas Been reiunueu oy me gUenloih-, people of the SUte the ple lge. that our Work* of I«,4n*fe, — l i . . w .... 

United Slates goTemment. In view of the fchouid aiwayn t® conv«rttbi® luto cola Thu or inuaatrj and *\rl» to be hold at 

B- Hotobinaon, J®  oh L i% UiUm Muaaolman, j only one-Oui 

aio. D- AU^ii, B C fj pvl. B**p. F- A Ypry. myS dlmty ; mb ak® ■ |h| 

“rranilui l^.urancG Company. 

Jtgik ttjbpi 

. A T A linm.N'G OF STOCKHOLDERS. HELD THU ISmSI "W®®  *f^ aaiW. I have a p« 

• A day.iocieet a I'rartdont a« l twalve pltvct or* to „ BiiBuiimBi nv ' ‘ 

aarve the preaeni year, tba following genOaman ware PR1HCW8 BAY AND 8IIRRW8BI R\ ^wne-eiDQ ‘ varnlxhee, at 

Galyaleided: GRtMTSE til ALL OYSTERS. 


aixacvoBa . ^ • poCK Warranted t 

WniamOaiTla. Jame* B Wlldw, gjgH, i IK* 

William t»ay. RABBITS. aablilid rarai 

Wnilam Hoebe*. r.'TII’ i SQUIBRF.L. 

Jhme^ S. LUhifo^* • a ' And ell oibrr doUcedoe of ih® ®e®.soa rocelvod tUJIy »t   

John W. Andt-r^ m. ^ . Geo. Aodor®o«, ' i coil«H.ieJ on c 

tt- Wallicr’s Exch'dDSC. ' 

Theattentionof men Lantf and elocktradar* tapai- ! vf O LiAl/ j 

v!' whim%^ todo“Veoet»l “ * 'Pfon™ »»* *lw*y4 be certain to find every- I • « M 

«d ma^nTLara^ bu*lD*a* on the mow Ubeial | thing they m.y d-Mre In alyle to *ult the m rt lastldl ' ^ 

aeaU fUmUhed at tbe ihorteet notice and aent to ; WB 

tSk-Ottce, eoraer of Main and BulUtl BtreoU, over •* . i WHILW 

OoSmercla! Bat.k. ABRAHAM UlTE. gf^Maltby’* Can Oyater* for famjlle* always on band. I 

\ jai Thim*t,;!eL^M)SnLgdMSk;t. | Mrs 

Will give ® Ilf ht egaal to tix star Cio lie®, ®t a coat of 
only ooe-fuurth of a cant an hoar. 

Machine Oil. 

Oil for Machinery, Wagon* and Carriage*, eqnal to the 
bea* Lard O 1 at frbm 26 to to cent* per g ilion. 


I have a per'ect enbstUute for tnrpenUne, and war- 
rant It folly eqnal to turpoutlnc for mlxlQg palnu and 
varulxhee, at half the price of turpenUna. 

A^Doora open a* 7\: Concert will commence at 8 
o'c.ock. Ticket* 61 Uo. D. C. L* Kl K, 

J*4dl .M anager. 


i meddle in our domestic affairs, be recom. 

I mends that provision be made for organising Fu»oBAXDaaug-8maii*aie* -f uouratst .viperhbi. K4- A man named Dan. O’Coanor, cf 

I and uniforming tbe militia to oonstitute an ! and ii.ou  buahei* , Vinceanes, Indiana, attempted to oommit 

t active force, and the speedy enrollment to; Uaocxaix»— 8aie.of ithhdiandtsbbu tuvarat iic, 6 suicide on Sunday mjrminw bv mutiny hi. 
be Bubjaot to draft *t any time; and while , ’*'****• ** *‘1 -.k n * 

not favoring the erection of extensive forti. ' portTois-saiMot i 2 SbbUat 86 c. " maue a lerrio.,. 

plodge wa Uiall, tn good faith. rultlU 

, HUGH Me niLLOCU, Prea’t. 

Our trade report for to-day Is a* follow*: 

Flocb a.vd Oauv- Small vale* 't Hour at 64 .v« per hbl. 

London in ISbJ. 

Yesper Oil, 

PRlHCrS BAY AND 8HRBW8BI RY , varnlxhe*. alhalf the price of turpe^M/* 

cllaljls UinTlCKD, 

GROUSE, i Yesper Oil, 

QUAIL, j Warranted the beat pnparatlon In n*« for removtog 

i/wx/B, , ,,ea*« or apou ftom «llk*, rlblion.s and old cl vthee. 

"h'.rritm ' All the above articles *.,1 1 at the lowest rates, whole- 

ttAoniio, sale and retail. Every article warranted. 

And all other dellcaclee of the season recoil .uilyVt’ , coKd"^'^‘S^: ' “»'l t'l:* 
t «7 11 a ,;4 v W. 11. HKTTIjE, 

Wii L’Pr’fl H.Yr»nini Fp no27 lit r No. 219 Fourth street. L lilsvllle, ky. 

tave Plano Forte will be r.tfied for 
on tbe 7th day of January, 1.80,/ 
In tbe .email Hall of the .MAbO.slci 

I priparatlon In nse for removlDg TE.MPLE, at 9 o’c'o,.k r M. llck^t hoMer* will t e 
silk*, rlblion.s and old clvUiee. , gctnltously entertained with a CGTILLU.N PARTY, to 

not favoring ihs erection of extensive forti- ' port-Mie-HaiMoi 12 s bbu at lik. 

tioalions, he advises the Legislature to urge j , **** ‘'•JJie* at S6c. 

upon Congresd the immediate necessity off Whihxt-s Um of 7 bbi* at i4e. 

establishing, at some couvenient point in , 

the northwest, an arsenal and manufactory idiosz 

of arms and munitions of war, and also a U 0 G 8 . 

naval station, to bo looatod in Michigan. ■ Cne house was killing u -day bat in a very .mail way- 

as being most advantageous, both from the ‘ not worth reporting. Thera waa .lao a small sale of 

®aa« Of apou from mU, rlbl on-s ao l old clothe®. xraiaiiouaiy emenaineu wiin a r  

AU th® above articles H*yl I ®t the lowest rates, whole- which ladles will be ticketed for the occasion. 
J® and retail. Every article wan anted. jair TlclceU—OMS DOLLAR. 

And all other deUcade® of the season received tlally at co”ted on delivery" 

Walker’s Exchange, ' 

BeE-Offlee. comer of Main and BulUtl atreota, ovar 
Oommer,:;^ Bar.k. ABRAHAM HITS. 

ap 6 Becretary. 


K FA BEL & (XI., 




FaWilY POAl'8. LARD-OIL Ktc., No. 146 ea*t 
^do Third Btreet. Ktween .Main and Water, Loaisvlile. 

iiavir'x entiroly new machtnerv, with the lateot iB- 
gvovemeutis a long •xperietice and (iractlce wlU eo- 
Able na t-im o-..t a* good an Ides, and seU them at at 
snasuL* ; • c.-lce-  i.- any hou-e lo the Woet. 

B^ . r4eis solicited and yvomptiy BUed at theahor 
sal Boiico. mrll 


S.S, «. w » B« 1 PBtlir BPID 

i. 0 . OAHPBELL a CG., 

tLaxTrav-ruLiiiie cr 

W'ood-W'erking Machines 



wonid do wi. a to glvr ns a call iMdbne going North, at   
WB can Ot them cwt on a. good tnrnis aad In as u  : 
s6rle os any other manafacUiry. 

If . B. Oo^hmakci*’ Twvr. lions, of tbe most Apfcor- | 
•d Mb- 1. wiai»Bf»-~' ri’  l ar« l lor aaie. lylO dtf T 


. -I rwY D' ZF.N NO. 1 OODN'lRY 80CK?, IN STORE 
^ vrx/ au 1 lor sale vy j 




- VI A A6' 

ar THF raGISIJlTURE of KC  tucky for thb 




To the Ladie^f Louisville! 

H ating opened a retail dkpartmf.nt for 

the sale uc caivxLT of my cet brated UOdP 
SONIC HA(L(No. 3J, part'cuUr attention I* directed 
to oar stork, which 00 ns *U of every variety of the 
UtBSt stj le  of SKIRTS, made of tba very fi neat tern 
pered steel, and pat together In the muet artistic and 
unrable manner 


H^OId BklrU Kpalred In the moat elegant style 
AT WHOLESALE tbe pidce* wUl be kept lO per cent 
below New Yorx ratea 

oc30d3meod M. QOR FUNKKL. dgent. 

Iron, Wailf and Steel. 

e 1 sues; 

AV  tons t-wt Sioneco il Iron; aaaorted aUea 
2iG do Charcoal Boiler Plate; 

60 do Ste  l Slabs aod Plates; 

60 do Ame-lcui a id El gllah B'.IMer Steel, 

I XU de KnglUh Ca*i bieei; 

! SOUO keg* N*l a. frosi 3 to Aud: 

6U ) do Cut ard Wrouibt Spike*; 

6» do Wrought Nalla 

: Horse and AiKnle Bhoes. 

I SOO kegs Oovernm'nt paUem Horse Shoen; 

  AG do Mu e Shoes * 

Horse and Mule hammered Nails. 


C-jRDAGE. Ac.. Ac. 

In store and lor sale at manufacturer's prices by 
JaldeoJIw W. B. Btl.tvNAP A CO. 

Committee of Arraugements. 





de29dtd*— [Journal cope.] 


BY S. ca 


Boots, Shoes aotl Brogans. 

a VN MOND.AY MOnM.NG, JA.N. 6 th, AT 10 O’CLOCK. 
V7 at auction rooms— 

5U0 C'nsea and (iarioona Hoots and Shoes. 


One honse was killing to-day bat In a very small way; 

gusti and bled oopiously, but did not quite 
aecumplish his dMire, and will probxbly r«- 

H^Col. Jeff. C. Davis, who receaily 
captured so many rebels in Missouri, was 

extent of her coast and her unrivalled re- ' heavy bog* at 63 .•s. No other traosaettona in tb* ‘“»*'Fi«doa the ’Jl, at the Third Pres jyteriaa 

Mrs. J. A. BEATTIE   — , =:r-:= rTTTTn : 


she la now opening a freata stock of seasonable ^ LARUE AND SPECIAL S.ALE OF 

PiVriC! lYlillinPrV ^ Boots, shoes aotl Brogans. 

aOsilO BA ill ill Cl J i *vN MOND.AY MORM.NG. JA.N. 6 th, AT 10 O’CLOCK 

Embracing ail arilcle* In this Uoe. which .‘•he wUl sell a at auction rooms— 

whr.losale or retaU, at ywy tow lai^ tor cash only. 500 C'asea and Uarloona Boot* and bhoes 

Order* protapily and fallbinlly filled. „ ...... 

•T I . nVsTTIV Me would call special at'.eutlon to a splendid line 01 

MPR. J- ^ Ull-xTTl^ Ex'ra 16. 17 and ISGraln llunlinj Boot*; 

se64 dtf IISi FOLRIII 8T., I/)LI&\1LLE, K Y. aO, 21 and 24 Inch Oran Cavalry B'»ot-*; 

• Mtii's 14. 16, lU aD«l 17 IncU Kip »lo. 


n f-, Alto, to an entire fresh Invoice of— 

H. FereUSOn & Son. Men * and B.»V extra wax Brogan*; 

^ * lloys’ and Youths’ half wed Kip Brogans; 

Whclesalo a»l BeUll Dealers la . * g,-uerai assorlment of- 

rxAOXJTi, Ladles' hUh cut Balmorals and Boots; 

nrm rr, ‘".irivi..,, w.“£ 

t.,« BRAKUIor .AMU.V ,L0m OC.SCT.KT- ^TLSrrr.K.ff.'SVu’Ti’J.’SStS 

JDlyor. hand. Flonr deUvered to any part of tbe dty Shoes, a greaur pm of which la fresh and deatr 

j sources for ship building. market 

In Alluding to national affairs, he attrib- „ . «.„ZZ7 __ 
i utes our complioations abroad and trouble MARBIETS BY TSLBORAFH. 

I at home to inactivity of the army, and says tt^wan. Jaanary s. r. n. 

the people will not tamely submit to see our p,o„r unchanged and m fair demand tor super at 64 : 
armies used to protect the slave property of extra and t^niiy duiist 64 loiai 26 . Whe.t nnehang-d . 

1 .if- .......4 I ■ ‘-'o™ steady at 27c. OaU In ,ood demand at27c. Rye 

rebels, when the most active means should Karce. and would »eii at 43!94tc. Barley unchanged 
be taken to suppress the rebellion, epariuff and qniet at 43 ^.wc. Whuky arm at i3Sr, with goei 

el- demand. Hog., firmer and 5c hlghen recelp-* light; 

nothing and apologizing to nobody for our only 4 . 0 Uu during tne laat 21 hour*: closing at 6ll 2va.t Al. 
actions. ' Ycere I* a fair demand for mean pork at 6i 26«^ 37; 

i sals* 700 bblx There U a goo.1 demand for lard, chiefly 

! Washisqton. Jan. H.-The long contested &‘ttVr7.T.?M; 7irrk*^.wWj;,S‘ 
land claim betwesn James H. Lane and with aaio* or I'Hi.oooib* at 6c; shoulder* would hi log 2 Sc 
in- I bann I .nl i fka »-»l 4 and uo morr; t he demand la from IboM packing for the ' 

Church, Iniianapolis, to a daughter of Dr. 
Athon, of that city. He hvi proonrel an 
order from the War Department allowing 

CwnvsATi, Jaanary 3. r. u. • 

Flour unchanged and In fair demanil lor anperatft: remain in OOmmand of hU regiment, 

Ura ao4 tamllr «lull »t $4 KMdt Wheat onvhanf*^. . * .1 t* 

am ateatlv at 17(1. 4 aLa In aisAil tlemand at?7r/RT» — watl ilimftllA. 

Kx^ra lA. 17 ana i8Grala lluniios Boots; valuable quarter eecilOQ ot lana aujoioing 

ao, 2! and 24 luch L'^wrence, Kansas, has been fiaallj decided 

Mtn s 14, 16, lU autl 1( IncU Ktp tlo. u « • • # ai. r i Am .l 

A1*0, to an ..Hire fresh Invoice of- , Commissioner of the L^nd Office, the 

.Mer/.s and B‘.v.’ extra Wax Brogans; 'Commissioner of Indian Affairs, and the . 

Buys’ and Youths’ half we.t Kip Brugane; Secretary of the Interior, uaequivooally in 

With a general a*«*rimrnt of- ■ fgvor of Gen. Lane. The merits of the case ' 

Ljdiej' hUh cut BiUmoraU and Boots; ! have been exhaustably presented on both 

c'aiidren’a aud .M sses’ Winter Wear. I Sides by eminent legal advisers, and involv- 1 

satrWe would ca’i Uie *pecui attenUon of the city I ed the original parlies in a personal conflict 
^ I country ret.ller* to thU lanre siock oi B.m i, aud __ olaim resulting in the woundin# of 
Shoe*, a greaur p*ri  f which la freah and deatr Oiaim, resumug in me wouBUing oi 

able, havi g be-u r-ceived .luce our last sale and is now General Lane and the death of Gaines 

SCtlOQ6. ®*I(rs 700 bbla. Th«re U a fOo l (t®uiand for larU. cblefly BOABP OF COHKOK COOSCIU 

W*.H.,OT.,,J.,*OO.W.l.d J.. I,.- 

land claim betwesn James H. Lane and with aaioaof i-Hi.oooib* at5c; khouider* would biing2Sc j hi nsDAT c vtNixo, Jxn. 

Ve would ^u TpecUl MlenUonro a epl'endldTlneoH involving the title to A Kug“7h“m7rVeU* Ijr'^^ln^at^Tn'^S^ d*mi“ Preient—J M. Anthony, President, AH t 

valuftblo QU%rt6r s^citoQ of Iftud %Jjoioiiiir ssa^a 3*»r for nhouUers, bum* and aia®«- i6*i tc» of’ ftll ihn luoaiborB oxoopt Mossrs, Tomppori, 

Lawrence! Kansas, has been Anally decided ^\*’i'^?"^'Sriuml‘‘ Caldwell. Graiager, Gregory, 
by the Commissioner of the Land Office, the “•» Yemx. January s r. a. Lighiburn, Wood and Story 

Commissioner of Indian Affairs, and the S6^“c for miirSM FWo;iL*^irflrm^d“i!i^ reading of the journal of the previoue 

Secretary of the Interior, unequivooally in r.tbrr ouiet with oniv very moderate demand; sales session was dispensed with, 
favor of Gen. Lane. The merita of the case ^ Wh“^^ fim!*Jie2«o w !?m Mayor transmitted a report from ths 

have been exhaustably presented on both 30s330?^c. Wheat ve-yuoi-i; the tMes include i46c0 RM company of the number and location of 
sides by eminent legal advisers, and involv- ' CoOee quiet at lav for au. Sugar new gas lamps erected, and calling aitea- 


Ntw Voxx. January 3, r. a. 

Greenman & True’s 


S'- - 

open for insprci on. ^ ^ HENRY « co.. Jacksou The CAse has excited great inter- j 

1*4 Auctioneer*. i est IhrouKhout 1(2x1 circles, the various —• — — — — 

i HV r P UPWrifR ! departments, and the country at large. The Panama 

j • V. x . decision, vindiaatinE Gen. Lane in his risht Mici i4*n southern 

FFATs OF JA8. oTc. DBc’P. AT AUCTION. ! r!*®. 

I 4 \N SATURDAY .MORM.VO. JANUARY 4 . 1861. I At the Commencement of this MlchtoaD'^Cvntral."™."!.\..JlV.3J‘.‘J...'.7.‘.‘ 

I ai 1 Mil. tyor'erof Jas. Timmond*, A.imtuittr.tor • year, General Lane presented to the attor- \«w vork Centra;. 

1 of the «*fate OI Jamas H. Of. d-rcra ♦ 1.10 the high-st nf vira Jnekann lha anm of SI .VR) ao North Carolina 6*. 

! hi Ider.all the per.oaal cfT.-ct*. f raid .’e.-’d, at hi* Ute : “V me sum 01 as 

I (porting Oall ry. over fie Hotel d- Balue, slCyatml on A free-Wlll NeW 1 uar 8 Offering Of kindneSS Missouri 6,a 

! louiheast comer o' Main and Second street-i. In which I g-j 

will he fvuml a flu • lot of Fu ulture, and other aTticie*, 1 “““ sympamy. , ™ , 

; In par;a  fo:io*M mahoganvl.alr-e*at8oc ahle,.uiarble- I The Opinion of Comptroller WhlttldPey, 1 £I*aa 6 U.’KAAt U.'l 

I top Sideboard, 0 ai-ware, Plateil Ware iin l Decanter*, I - j hv a«or*tnrv Chase in that fV Il"al, B IlrUt, If I 

luifrea vari-tv. costly Sp rung i’ahle».Va.*-. Oil Paint- Dy Secretary t-nase, 18, mat o.vTWfi vwiiiTv.rTVB 

8.0. HENRY A CO.. 


mu c -.1 , • . Block* * but qnlet. 

The case has excited great inter- j Chicago and kocx uiano 


ailaell. hyofrerof Jas. Tlmmond*. A.imtulitr.tor . j 

.... — NlS 


ADAGE. Ac . Ac. I e' 

a *lore aud lor sale at manufactarer's price* by ; ^ ^ t 

w. B. bfi-k n AP A CO. I gjfjlacn t ne i 

sLLEN A. HALL ^ j Warranted the Best in the Market. 

(OF NABHV11.L.E, TKNN.) IIHU HQWl Jl., K 6. «. tOKB’* e3HII«lD fATEITS. 

■TILL ATTEND TO BCSl.NBBS OF EVERY KIND | Strmhfht-Lmu Movements, Original Transverse ShutOe, 
t which reqnlroB to be Iran acted oetore anv De- I ^ /VrinWi/ rtomn fVed- ITAerf. 

tment Of ibiGovemmeuf. He w 11 give SpecW ' _ _ . THE 

ttoii to caaoe In « hlcb property or moule. bave been I B E 8 R SEWING .MACHINES DOMBIAB l iic 

i..4nii lerthelateactof D.ngre«a Ub7«12oi ' A meet recent Improvement*, are nearly noWeleae 

will be fvunil a fin • lot cf Fu ulture. and other article*, I . 

In par; a4 fo;to v*; mabozanv hair-real Boc'ahiei, marble- I The Opinion of Comptroller Whittlesey, 
top Bldetriard, 0 a-i-ware, Plateil Ware, and Decanter*, | la 

In grea variet'-, costly Bp riing Table*. Va.*-“, Oil Paint- Bcquie.-ced in by  .e3retnry Cnase, IS, that 
Inga, rpiendi I Cuitain* an 1 c. ^nlce^, Diaii leiier*. I aoobr Jiug to the present taw, regulating the 
Bmo.iuK lamngi.'*, Chair-, lliii * !•. taip-t* »iid Hug-, ! 

Uaii t'jirpet-i *iu w c’oiu*, tiegini French I’ ale Mir- , oompeneation of members of Congress, they 
rors. riovrs, «c., all oT ibo beat quality aud lateat oxn Only leceivo mileage for the regu- 
TfcKgs— $20 and un ier ca*h; over 6in 6 months credit, j I**" sessioD, therefore mileage for the extra 
Joint note* with approved security payaiie lu bank, session remains to be provided for by future 
Bale to commence precisely at 10 o’clock A .M. I , v .w-» i 

lion to the aleotioa of directors, when a 
I resolution was adopted directing the Mayor 
annary 3. r. m. ,,, ,jjg gjjy three directors 

in the gas company. 

....'.r.'— 33\ The report of the wharf master to Dec. 

...... toS 

19 The sexton of the Western Cemetery re* 

— MS ported seven interments in Deoember. 1861, 
— .'..'.I! — 2 v\ whioh waa filed. 

" ' .V.V."" " ’,rr Separate contracts executed by J M 

— .“"r.'.™. to Summers and J O. Salisbury for repairing 

^ pumps for three years were referred lo com 

^ mitiee on oontraett. 

I'hoat ^*“® ■‘‘*'‘*‘‘De l a copy of an act t.i 

I amend the charter of the city of LouiaviUs. 

The opinion of Comptroller wiiittlepey, Wlinof WhAtit Whisat *ua .viayor ■unmuie-t a copy oi an act 

aconie.-ced in by Secretary Chase, is, that ” llleln* vw llCate* vf llvne* amend the charter of the city of LouiaviUs. 

aooordiug to the present taw. regulating the \V*pri*?^k ^Ul?i?w*HKAT.*KK7wuFooiuto^ which was read and referred to a special 
oomoensation of members of Conxress. they ' * »r ‘R* above puce ontii changed by our a iverti»e- commit'ee, oorsisling cf Messrs Caruth and 

* . B ^ . msivat Vh'm am a1 ^ WAVtfatr lK«k hlwKsMl m^rkAk bHca tor Tv i it ..i. .._.6._w _ a a *ai 

bay the above price until changed by our wivertii^- Commit'ee, ourslsliog cf Messrs Caruth and 
““'‘•‘Frtco tor Duckwall, and sent to the Board of .V.der 

good RED WUKAT. 
eiiiS ItPtr 


U. C. 81'KNCER. 


regulations. It may be staled that several ST flliRIR RFXTiFRlVT 

Senators were paid the mileage before the Dli lU.TlILliij llLoliiUlliTil 

opinion was officially furnished for minis- Pifth St., bet. B8a.«n anil Market, 
terial guidance. *' ^ 

Assistant Secretary Harrington has been 
absent from the department for a week or | 

ten days past, by sickness. It i shkewsburt otstrks also, east 


A w^v.rilCAIi 8J3PO&T. attend to bcsi.nbbs of every kind 

which reqnlree to be Iran acted oetore anv De- 

xrBT pm IPrttTD— PRICE OffLY TEN UENT8. 1 lartment of the Government . He w 11 give special *t- 
JUBT FL PI IF'VLD— « Kiv» wo* m ehlcb property or moule* have been 

fjtmtmnevo S-xty t‘„'ats, and i Avne /'lolcr aiM ’ the Ute act of C'.ngre** Ub 7 «12m 

Eaprap rx-  ’f int aexi P aisuloay of the | 

■e— or ' SA»»XimW. 

tnclu *tng SyphllU in TR.EA.SY. 

v" '* A ® ^ea; i^ADyirhea, oaevtvi «Ba uADaiuiaa ttom 


For Owenvboro, CvAa.sville and Henderson. 

(XJLLAR8, Ac., wholesale and rctalL 


 . ' talnlrgt a valuable tre«tl  * oo 
L'y.r i lif'J Y |[4’ that wlde-eproad malady of 
■a k If oF-MINaL W(AK- 

“ ' M IHf' , ?-oclnrnal Emiaeloo*, 
/IJ/ *e\ 0 Ai iK-b'iity, Imi-otency. 
t ^ EV aecrx-t Inti mlUfw of 

- |  /fV' Tu6ih aiid maturltv arivnr* 

rV.k. HV. 

' A meet recent Improvement*, are nearly nolaeleaa 
whe* In operation, run with the greaU-et ease and ra- 
rddRv, and are better adap.e l for general purpoie* and 
, faKl^ oae than any olber. Xbev are nut liable to get 
oat 'i order, are excee 'lugly tlmple, and are made ex- 
I prevtiv for real practical utIUly; H ey do every variety 
of sewing, from the Bne-t woven tlsace to the heavleet 
I woulao good-, both tailoring and tine leather work. 

.Any peraon may learn to operate them lu a very short 
' tlmsk 

■fUe great dlffimlty with all other old-stvle Machine* 

A olhim of $35 43, in fxvor of W. W 
Fry for legal services, was referred to Fi- 
nance Committee. 

Mr. Welman moved a reooasider alien of 
the vole adopting the reaolation to withdraw 
from the Provost Marshal the use ef the 
Council Chamber; whioh motion was adopt- 
ed and said rtsoluiion was referred to 

ThespUndl.i;*wlftruunlngpaasenger f n vi- fINK SHMEWBRCRT OY8TRK8 ALSO. *A8T , Welman Irvine an.i R- nal.l 

cir-iirier uv ruumug , ^ report of the Superintendent of Pablio P kivkR. ant PkINCE BaY’ 9, in the ahrU, extra weiman, irvine and KonaJd. 

► UQEN^A M. DAvroeov Mwier, , Printing, John D Defrees, that the govern- 

11 !®av® fOr Ih® ®bov® aod ®!1 In- a *• w u w ® -a a GttOvSK. 

terms u*t« port* on MONDAY. Jannxry the 6ib, at ment printing bureau has beenoonduot- 
^o’ciickp. M.poaiiiveiy.rtom Poniaud. . g-j with the utmost effioienoy aud saiisfac- 

FortraighiorpasaAgaappivon^^^^^^ , lion. The wisdom of Congress insuppres- 

_t^ No. 60 Fourt h »t' eeu ijjg former arrrangement by the present 

RZaGUliAXL FACSBT, establishment ia fully vindioated, as oom- 




And all the other LUXUxIXS of tbe aeasou. eapeclally 

Dr. Crowe presented a petition from L. 
Oliver to reduce the price of his lottery 
Uoense, which was referrwl to Finance 

Mr. Twyman, from the Committee oa 
Taverns and (Groceries, Western Disiriet, 

' Nocturnal Kmia^too*, I I I 1 I I 

. ®xu®i Imiiotoiirr. ' I la I 4 I 1 ^ 

Ac , tnc a*c-rc-t Inti mlUfw of \Js H J j 
vu6iA Kiid maturltv arlan* 
from the ben- fol hxblt of Ef K39R.8. T. ¥ 
*c.f kbu*e To which I* added iVl Kclall Coal i 
ob*erv*ti JDS on FICMALK { I Int aod Second 

1‘r.tSen!! rndCra^lZiW Vec"M"iv^ I Owensboro. Evaneville and Henderson 

and Ingerinitj to tiee them t» advacUge, a* to reuiler i all IS jw Tlie splendid icioKnger sletmer 

tbern of little comparative value. | BlOGKr.V EAlli.F, — ■ 

But Uie Sewing Machine* ruannftctured bv Green- \ •eB9SVC^9^Magter, will leave Lo ’ 
luea * Tine are not li a to tJ ta *e obUetton*. a* anv i above po i.t* every Monday and Friday i 
per-on, on even a moment’* exxmlnaUon, wU! readily yor treight c r p**-ag« apVly on b ard. 

w. wwv WWW w aiw w m ^ ^ ~ . ^ IIU ail III® UUsC* laV.W^nX»0 Ul XUV C«^W***6.y * J .   al * U 

pared with the prices formerly paid to | rece!ve«i f.r the holidays, which will bafervwi up in teported leparate resouuons granting the 
publio printers. There has, during tbe   *'‘^^^)WL OF £GON(XI w.u aiway* be cn band *bioh Were aeverallj 

post seven months beeu^ actual saving to , ““;Si‘Faiu^"''c‘i‘-be suppiDd with egg. nog at an, “*“*‘**‘*’ * 

-Master, will leave Loulavlile for the • ih« governiueut of $60 000, 
[■ry Monday and Friday a; 3 P. M. , ® ' 

Wilkinson, eoifeehouse, oornsr 

E3SR.8. T. W. BRIGGS A OO , WHOLESALE AN*D Xi*« ver. 'niey will do more and boiter work than any — 
Kelall Coal Dealer*. Office No 136 .Market at., bet I other Machine ever ofTtred to tbe public, making the 

diseases, and other Inter- i ’ Order* from a dlsUneepromotly filled. [delt dZm 
esUng itwitcr cf the utmosi Importance to the marrtwi, I _ 

JS luow’couu-mpl-i ng mxnUge, whoente-Uln^ubU S 

Iftllclri'L -tadaid’H- to enter tiiat^to. Kent to auy , ^ 

idd^lnAcc.lod a r.d.per, on receipt of Ten Genu or ||/%|^ VPAfiT 

6oar*tan p-. _ ! U W I W IV I Ci M O I I 

Tbooe aullctsd * ith on, of tn« above uiseai-ee, neror* 

(Saclng ihemsetvee under the treatment of any one. rpms ARTICLE IS PREPARED EXPRESSLY FOl 
■hoald first P*6d tt  work. .» A faaUljr use. It wUl answ-r all the pnrpose* (, 

We to-o-.(our -i-.t!re Mm* end altrn lion to IM treat- ■ BrjaeP* Yeast. In making all kind* of Light breal 
meat of the vari-WK ^ Jjt I B.*  u t, Buckwheat Cxikee, Roll*. Ac 

Eei«-t. ucr Dlepensa-T U tb ■ poly Ir-iltuUon of the Pr-p*rad aud sold by •fUoS. A. HURLEY, 

Bad In Am-rira wMcb ha* •'.:i «6ta.^.l*.iel byaspecial delfldlm Green »t , bet. Mxth and Fevenlh. u. 8. 

otaArter, and ’.hi* U i thotdl gi ve It a prelerence over | : 

lAe vart'difc qua- k- o( doubii'il ch. raCt^r to be l .und In WnuiirAllce C'SklU 

*11 largo cUi*. tCe have a l-ab*rai'..ry attached to our C-OHlIIlCxCias EaNUlaxuxe; a.waaa 
office, a be re we prepare our own laedlrlnee. and we DAXIT* 

*b« have a amv-ilor innilgaMon Bath for Secondary !**»«■ x* 

ivDhIU* Mercurial and Skin DUsa •*. Scrofola. RImo- rpuK STOCKHOLDBR8 OF THIS COMPANY AK 
‘ac 1. t ereby noUfied to attend at tne office of tbe Coe 

■mttorfant lo Females I pany.m the city of Uuuviue, « n mg.ndat, Januu 

vvaamv a IM- hotween the honra of 10 and I o clock, to vote fi 



lacing ihemsetvee under the treatment of any one. rpms ARTICLE IS PREPARED EXPRESSLY FOR 
loald first P*xd tt  work. *» »,«.* A family use. It wUl answ-r all the j nrpo*e* of 

We to-o-.(our  -i;«!re Mm* end alien lion to IM treat- ■ Yea*;. In making all kind* of Light bread, | 

ent of the vari-mt pdvai* uui*a*cs B.*  u t. Buckwheat Oakee, Roll*, Ac 

ei o-t. thir DlepensaT 1* ' holy Ir;MltuU  n of the Pr-paraJ aud sold by "fHoS. A. HURLEI , 

nd In Am-rica wMub ha* ‘ :i «6ta» 1 by a special ^ delfl dim Green »t , bet. Mxth and Fevepth. u. 8. 

muot beautiful lo. k-sUtcb, alike cs both rtdea. send 
fur an oif-hand specimen of sewing nv on any material 
yon srlkh, and yon will then see fuao It U done. 

Please address or call on 


XjOTTTS'V'ZXjXjK, ZK'C’., j 

my 30 At J. .1 Hirsf hhul.l’s Jewelry Sto re. 




Bo.stor, Jan. 3. — The following is the j *‘ the ihorteet noUce. 
conclusion of Gov. Andrews’ Message: ' A FlNhi LUNCH, 

‘FINE DINNERS, scppKRS, Ac., wui be for- of Eleventh and Market etreets. 

F. Duckwail, tavern In Portland. 

Mr. Duckwall presented a claim of 19 in 

tiereby noUfled to attend at tne office of tbe Com- 
pany, tn the city of Louisville,   n MO.nDAT, January 

EfUf «»a a I between the taonra of 10 and 1 o'cl jck, to vote fur I 

Ome depa’amant of onr Di-Tien'-arv la nitectelly fl(- ’ ,ix persoDs to aer'. c as Directors In said Company lor i 
t*  the t'eiitment of ih* Dtrea-ee ^ Females, v.-ar. I 

IrurTa* Lm -rrhea. or ••’.nille*.’’ Irregular. Palnfol an 1 I d,3idtd P B. ATWOOD, Sec ’y. I 

^ ■TMi*r,l Mi-n-trua'.lon. Ne: -'ubaaudUeueral DebiUly, ] — " 

5L!L,oith»M-om ‘. COPARTXf SXLS HXF. 

iXJKTnTUiitioa0.y^ ^ CfMT0€. AkM, j .aev wwv,. n 


nS^DEWEB.’i’S RKfiULAT JR PILLS-For Female , L be continued bv the surviving partner*, tn connec- j 
gMMtrucctous Jrreg iartU-s, ac. Married lalles iv ccr- i tIon with Homer C. Stocky, who b-rconies a parUMT i 
aZTri^r ii« houW notu*ethem.a*lh-yw.juldca..*e from tbU dale. Tne »i,le of ‘j!* old firm w 1 1 be re- I 
i^’Ce 61 P-r box. and m*y be sent by i t slued. W O^ ANDERSON, j 

For Madiaon and CarroUton. ; 

The new and .ubetantiai paseeuger following the flag and keeping Step to the 
I freight cteamer musio of the Union, uever fail to prove all 

characteristics of her people. She is to- 
riMT* VM. W ®G® 9 I day as she was of old. wbeu she it was that 

JOHN A. di^inson...... — ...» unfifrlcd the flag. Henceforth, there will 

Will leave f-r .Mail'tou and CarroUtou every Tuesday, a ’ 

Tbura l®  and ^(:ira®Y, rK’tunAiQit from Carrollton at 9 b6 nO 0D6 tO COOBUlcr HOW 10 FOCODSlrUOt 
MaJiton at 4 o’clock every Monday. Wedne*- Union, excluding New England from the 
i*rompt and strict attention i aid to the inureais oi i sieifrhood of Statfs, Wherever a fos, treas- 

^ trade. ' \xTB OT blood WAS the oall, they heard the 

Ear’CHANUR ovviMSt “f* people of New England respond by opening 

OINOINNATI A LOUIS V^LIxB ; the lot of their industry, and by the march 
G 14 Ad I CTCAAAC5C their braves, and now when the beauty 

Ui Lir*L wlCWmCp^i l of our Israel has been slain in our high 

The stMmera of this i places, and when her Lee and Revere, and 

Involved in this oontrovorey for life, for ' 2*Yo!^'i“,ig**i!^i?*“*®^°*‘*^^****^®'^'******^*^ favor J. Baker, which waa referred to 
dem, and for honor, let Maseachusetts, aa 26 ' 0 .aBkUPBiL street Committee, Western Diftr’ct. 

JOHN A. dI^INSUN.... .?..McsTg*. 

WlU leave f»r Mail'tou and CarroUtou every Tue*day 


y ■ J ^ -c.^ ■ -.m *./*x-**_;*xvxvxa a X s axw u v xx-iaasi 


*DR OAI.EN"* preventive- A n Invaluable article |a 

» tJ limit tlto n-’Urier.if their, j — 

oT tiiV ‘f*’- - xd.-tr* dill Iran; arr»ng -i upon phx*t- 

,1 1'. 1. ipivi. w*rr«ui*.l nottolo- ; 
SjrSehexl J..' The iVveMivc. wh.rh will ust for a ; J 
Lil*ime Wi“ t»* re-jl t/i aii» adir-.-. undo- seal, on the I 
BWunK,-' Tn,-.»ni l.vits i 

T J.0K0TJA 4, 


^ I U‘ gro Boy, 16 y*ara old— goo.1 fl-rld h* 

aT a DISI AN'.’K— Ilf aen 1l jg a brief 
.toatement "f thelr»ympto f. will rrc.lve* Bia.nk Chart 
 v ^inlng a H*I of q'le-t ons oar ternu for the cxnr*e 
SuSuS^ ri AC. iloolclnei sent to any part of the 
^Mntry to cure any ia»e a*, home, free srem damage or 

^*VKl^VdeaIrlng to CAn-ui’t ns p-w»ona11y « n any o' the 
^pove dlaeatoa. w II hni u* at th* Offic *— No. 814 Ftfib 

I I U‘ gro Boy, 16 y*ara old— goo.1 fl-rld hand; 

3 negro Boy*, 18 years old— good porter* or boose 

S negrt) Women— good ccoki. 

For particular* apply to ^ 

del7 dtf South side Main, bet. Fl-st and Second »U. 


^ uani® ® ia uQis( ®r. 
JWrev t all icttdfTS u» 

aii mm EMNlNfi Ok TUK »th, A 

9 to 1 a. H-e i (J HOKH 0 W, whlu face, while 

u  procure j 5*1^^ dowo her bafrk, r«d and white Kpoti w 
iP*’ on “»* •Idea, pided fiauks and abort h .rns. —^ 

Rcmemt-er giving milk, i will slve a liberal 


L Kt. 

CoBou-:t.®!4 OB £urope%c Piui. 

rb® U Ut and ctrtn« milk. X will &We a UhrriU rewa d 
tor her retom to C^pt. John Shallcioaa. on Jeh®rsoo« 



i n vato on the road to the worxhoue-, a 
. UEIVFR. about one year oM, wUb a white 
I fare. 1 can g ve lofi.rma ion of a red cow,— 
j with a white lace, one bom Inclined dowuward, anu ihe 

nxA&ssT sTanBT, ^ 



BW* Always on band a complete aaaortment of PI- 
ANOS at reiuionabte pilc ea. 1i28 dAwty 

Shades, Cornices, Bands, nXSS BVKXIASS. 


lng*,allof IJATK 1MP0HTAT10.M4, which 



itni PAT av 12 o’ctoOK txsarsmv 
I Wh; :h Inxure!) the maxlagoftce 6 o’clock morning oob 
• eett'-'o by railroad /Tom touiincaU to tbe North and 
I a«*i.. 

ilF Per frelsli*. cr ptssage, •mfy to 
i CAMPION, Agent. 

OfficA— MaD Line WTiarf-boat, of 1 Mr ! st. m68 

t, S'-®' street Commitiee, Western DiftP'ct. 

wji •■ a |- Mr. Irvine prcsenletl an ordinance in re 

rk- I vl \ I V A * l*tion to city warrxnta for breach of *oity 

ordinBnee, which was referred to Eeviaion 


A ooBtraot from the Beard of Alderoida, 
Mil I llVil?UV .executed by Jos. Smith, to rcrurb and re- 

IiLIIjLUy Jjlll VJUWI/O. pave the sidewalk OB the west aide of Seo 

' ond street, from Main to Market, was ap- 

lYI lYl tjh I K K ^ A resolution from (he Board of Aldermen 

E. ME-Kv directing the Audiur not lo deliver to an; 

H *a REMOVED HER ESTABLISHMENT FROM ' City officer his warrant foraalary, without a 
the tooth side of Market, between Third and j glean receipt for the same, WAS adopted, 
th.ti^t^to , The report of the city Marahal for Decern - 

Fourth ttreet-i, to 

o«cA— Man Line w’liarf-boat. fr .ii on Mr I St. sass | our Boidiers in the field. Oar prayer is to 

I see the day when an army of lojal Ameri- 
ISfFOAASLATZOZT \$FAZffTZSZ  | hammer at the doors of their 

._ . ■ D- 4 1 . prison houses with both hands, pledged to 

Of the foUowing^^sionera^in^Kontuoky, solemn task of war, and with their ei her 

Lockwood and Bowman be in felon’s oells, No. 302 Fourth Street. ber, ISbl, was presented from the Board of 

and hundred of her sons wear out their ^ We«t sue. between Market and Jenerioa Streeu. next ; -kldermen and file J. 

h tarts in ead captivity, viotima to their val | door u  MwUu A Crumbaugb’* dry gooj* store. Separate resolutions irum Ihe Board of 

or and devotion to the Union, one irrepree- i — i Aldermen allowing the expenses of Alma- 

Bible impulse moves our people and inspires 8. 8. mark.. o. r. DOWNF house, Workhouae, Fire Department, anu 


G.'^M ir^?f’Ai2ilew'*p2rt«^Th^.^^^^ I return not empty until the grand deliver- 

linp^B, Obrialopher gtrona^Jobn Tkylor, Jogepla Waite* anoe eh&U be eccomplisheaa 
«r, wm. wUliamaon. HattIh lUan. 

liiitf'-PAT PEN0ION3. WAaniMaTOM Jah 3 —The feBOfter of 

Ann Brnn«r. wi.low of Hwt: Wien dew. widow , , WA9HINGT05, roporier oi 

of utram; £UaatMh suincton, widow of 1)®**^^ Pabo | the A^dbociated Pref 8 aid not, as iB alleged, 

I IS!tow^2rj2f**;’1ilS?n N.“fq 5iTi ' report or oirculate the report that General 

ran of James FMtherrill: Jana 8. Kennedy, wMow ot ; MoClellaa had dismis.sed the Charges 

o«cA— Man Line B’barf-boat.rrxiieriMri St. sass | our Boldiers in the field. Our prayer is to CHEAT KAlifiAllV!^ ' Polios were severally referred to apprcpri- 

I see the day when an army of lojal Ameri- wttnAl DffilauAIivJ . ^jg gonunitteea . 

riiffT*o«MLA.TXOH tef Jt TgfP Titl ! cans shall hammer at the doors of their The reports of the street inspector. West 

/i# 4 v #11 • w B- * xw- prison houses with both hands, pledged to CtCJvJDS ern District, was rtfered lo street commit 

p n * RT.M w. ABBtyrr. laten almp, THOMaf , hand averted to uphold the institutions ^parate resolutions from th. Board of 

Rui.-»u. died „hioh is the cause of all this woe; and that uy n*^ w# wU ofler trou ui* day, our larga and wau Aldermen allowing sundry alaimi were eev 
BEVOLOTityNARY i they shall not turn back and their a words , a**ortad*tock ot #-#»#.*•%#* i arally referred to appropriate o-immiitees 

G.'^M,;r^?f’Ai2ilei“«7^ I 8'““* '^®*‘»®'- FAN C Y DRY GOODS ' ^ raaolutlon from the Board of -\ldermcn 

4 — 04^,.. Lt.n F.,-in. he accompbshed. a a*aw w * a#*** nawwa# . Jxreoilng the Auditor to credit T T. Sum- 

At GREATLY REDUCED FRtClS. Many articlea wUl -U* tax eAllact-^r with Til nn 

Washington, Jan. 3.— The reporter of » • FAR below cost of importation coUector, with 5*-® ’ 

«A 3 iti«uiun, *au. w. X « mjwffivtMr jBe ThAESTWa scoount of ialef , was referred to the Ft-, 

the Asbociaied Frees did not, as is alleged, BKiLKS at SOlArnB, i 

lha vannvf that G#na*a1 sail 41* -Mai* *I4I^». , RWlce OOmmitlms. 

rVD UI »vaauwffia6g. egoaxm *». a*«,Aaa*a,-v*^ , wi’*a#vv vt 

Tkoma*; Mary Lyon, widow of WllUam; Nancy Madden, 

MoClellaa had dismis-sed the charges 
brought by Brigadier General Rosecrans 
against Gen. Benham, nor has he, until 
now, said a feingle word upon the subjeet. 


Omes Louumu Uss Co., \ 

OwtembOT 24. Ufl. I 

nance eommittee. 

A oonlraot from the Board of Aldermen, 
executed by M. .Murphy, to (ut stepping 
stones across Market ttreel, between Floyd 

rpUki STOCKHOLDERS OF THE LOUIc VILLI GA9 I »»d Preston strMte, was approved 
I. c.impiny are hereby notified that the ciectloo to A resolntion from ths Board Of .Aldermen 

Special attontlon U Invited to our fine stock of then* Bien Meek, widow of James; Pe^ ^der*on widow I The facts are briefly these: The charges ^ct six ‘^Dlracwrs wlU be held at the office of tea Com- .w« Mavor to artlleat tka amount 

efWUllamjMaigaret Aml8 ‘n,wlrtowofSamael;fawU ; ,k« ,»n„dnet of Gen Benham as to nlmvMil^i^k. x n-on Monday. J .nnery A laM. dlPectisg the Mayor 10 oolleot the amount 

niTE a BMAIxl#* I of of l^aiar Army,Wari«i2. en’jffiad lovolvea the conanct or uen. Dennam as to Y bobt. q. oocr tnaY, pra a. I due the city for olinical lick^ts, ws3 

niTE a BMAEl#, 

Main street, between Third and Fourth, 
Third  loor west ot B nk of LonWviHe. 

Fortii* Of fcU PriTRt* DiseRMtUhjrtnfnedup^ Tar tTPDV T aTFQT 

C (py “IE AlgUOTED WfTBl^liridJ* JEREMIAH HINCH. 1 tlri V III kl 1 Jj A X J[lO 1 i 

h any nlrf-tiae cf a isnvmU ssa- 

- 'are. who would c,oq e the ln  . DRESSED HOGS. 

4 r  4^'^ f « EpmipD ck'ia naisTk a armor V rhV WTK® Uwar*4 Avavfmml V 

it Bhelbyvllla. Ky. Address o. H. BARKLKT, 
Bounty Land and Pension CUIni Agent, 

* wj jr vj-i-i ^ p»ii'.OB o» inorxnt onaok. ' 
^ -hould not f3l to roed •'U*. 

*- ixusf Pxif All Mxmcai. Txaav- I 

JjLkJBOr Ida on .txxoaL D.*xy*H,’’ a nea 

1 ravlael tdlUun of om haw 
Effig y *y dred paje*. haBowmiely Ulna 

^QMAlTjnvV^' Trolt-i with piate* and eagrav j 
hi", repreticntl'ut the genital or , 

,rtrtf aaxa* In • »t6t( of Lealth t’.nd dlraafle^ I 

*‘v °d» d’.iHtse* Lrct-lcnt to both sexea | 
S!flS*.;! a.rvoua aud^uei deWH^. ^Ury 
P^tre^oalwa»:oMr. 1 topetoacx.eU. Preehymal 

raeu-te 1 . ar.  Ow Mr», wfee. by Indolginf 
mseSr^haolMorext^i-’ (l^tihK’toe of pm i 
^M^htve rroduce l oaacv t’- W I6XRX0 | or a daWU ty Ir : 
SraBcooi 1 40lr yrir-. «.ay tii rf-rt«red to their fonnei i 
Owllth lUid vl-or 'rt*it’Sg lEiwedlaia apptira^n. 
.^WTtHX LliDlte.-ln Gates la as.-ht.fof M. LA ' 
(Mb noe t'h.tae vhc, (fo-vi .utg rauae. wlxhtoUnUt th« i 
laelr - of ti.elr 5if*'»rt»g. c*riR/v/ wtihK/nl tUu«erto ; 

'c .nrtttiaU^ Price by BthU. 6* and twe peet | 


AJmo.lor edrctaoi ra«aod» tor Tn-veiarittee, ' 

ffLUl— a 'iX Price by Dell, SI Odd ena postaa* i 
gmatrncUr. . aoc | 

Stain*- . *iif. . pe«M ne’. he takm daPes 

Oaeno*.— Ti«.e p ■x.'f *- P' ^dgoeewscnrng i r. 

mrtfn*.t*cy,Aitnerore. - ^vno *. ton t* l« cured at hosM 
to pensM^ it a ■■VA.Aim* Matoraft of lAeir ceea 
we vnlL oc racojH -"f a bfi ,r,, v:.,j,U aak a* a per 
•Md a Bat nrh . • ,# n,e tlat UUad oat, we 

MAlln^ .’ « *v.Aii*»tod to the case 


JL An * UsKShED U008 for family use. Al*o, Leaf 
Lard »od Sugar cured Ham*. 

1^606 mXM wea« ^ KRTDKR " 

de IS dim Marsh all at., let. Shelby and Campbell. 

i FOR 84EE. 

inqnlra at Davl* h Uacjo** S'a' la.  laIS dtf 

I ~ BXBBZTT at 80Xr, 

and Taa Store, No.2S3 Martel street, between Sec- 
ond a nd Wilirt. aonth a'de. t# et»vHl*. Rv Po3t  


i L. B. MAPTHEWa. 

0 100 boxea Hsvaaa Six CIgara; 

10 boxea Ualf-SpaiiiBb dp; 

6 caaea Germau do; 

3 case* fine Kegalla do; 
In atore and lor sale bv 
ttofa MARSHALL 1 


ertll flwwar «. asoH'c’nas pa-rtlc^ Mt of tfef 

Wee from C'-msco ot ttrtr'aO*f'. 

Mantry wl ' r. foil dtractim* for Osa. e e ■ faa 

•IKillUt .n* mag bi from 8 a. 

■n^y iro j: t A K to 11 A ■ I *• hu o*^.;.****?^ 
^rSIr aCT vrd ana . la.tet M ^'h#-y«Fas* 


eSiTbn ibov* 1 vlnea* (vDl har*i(U-f be 

a. 6^ ti wham aiardoa aad lato'* 

wUl c-junael with Hr. H. O. M- OS 

W HISKY.— _ 

76 bUa Extra RerUfiad WhUkr. 

26 bWa Dot.b)a Extra Rec do, * 

60 bbla Oopper-INxtlUed do; 

61 bbU fine OM Bourbon do; 

M bUa fine old Bye do; 

^deiM* *S A^HALL ff ALBERT S Ori.. 210 Main ffi. 

B raniit.— 

16 th-plpea (Hard, Dnpuy A Oo. Brxiidy; 

10 M-pi*aa«V)Knlaf 

is  t Pi^* RocheUo do; 

 6-pm« lO^Wnena do; 

10 bbla New Ym do« *■ 

*“di^ Afc* sole ^ halbert son 

Most Important Arrival! | 



Military& Civilian’s Goods 

J. pricoa, and In a atyle nutorpaased, at 

J209 ST, 

The Military department U cjntroUed with expert 
once and rtiU. "‘‘L. 



a^L/aDotber new and large atock of French^^V 
eSr (hUna Tea, Dinner and I’oUet Ware; Bo- 
hamtan Glaaawarare. of evc-ty dascrip- 
aSoTalao, 100 cratea aaaortod hart wbHe 8tonewarea n 
common Goods, American and Belgian Gia^swara, Bril 
and BOverpUted Ware, common and Ivory (hiL 
larv, Waltora. Laaspa. Olrandelea, Ao_ whkA w( 
VlU sell to ue Tiada, FanUllea, Hotels, ntexnboata 
Ac. at tower ortoesthhaalsewbiire In this ally. 

• A-JAWliaACO, 

I gie64 Mm. i ll and III Fourth rtraet Moaart Hal. 

On CoBStynment. 


1 AO 60 do Neban . , do. „^.do: 


445 . ; Qow terviug in Kentnoky, and cannot be 

OORHKH.^^^MAl^^AJY^F^MH^'TRKKTffi temporarily withdrawn. In other ^ 

rMPOR'neROF AND DEALER IN SADDLERY HARD ; Words, the trial is postponed to await the | 
I ware, Uamea* Moantlngs. Trunk*, and Oiack lrii% ; convenience of their attendance without { i 
“i“Si now receiving my FaR Stock, which will be detriment to the publio interest. ^ 

Ae handsomeaSaiid bet selected atock of Goods in ■» I , a v i. - I 

Bue that bn* ever before lieon Importe.! In this marVaL ! WASBIsaTOM, Jan. 3. — ThS rumors CUT-; 

U‘to‘‘«JSi^“exai^^^^^ VtS i rent in the newspapers that further trouble 1 

aiDied to seU at prices that caniict fall to aware ma th* ; ^ expected with England, oruing ont 

_„4 4_*.  K . tn tn* tnatkat. Mv .tack am- ^ ..v. •• 

° r • a 41. * -eu ' 1 Cimpiny are b*r*by notified that the ciectloo to 

The facts are briefly these: The charges lectsix DirWurs win oe held at the office of tne Oom- 

involved the conduct of Gen. Benham os to ; ^ “'•ROOT"“Q*aiRT^NA^.*th^ 

the pursuit of Gen. Floyd, and the cause of i - — 

the escape of the latter with his army. | Porlilioufre Tffiolfr. 

West side FloytC between M;U^Sbl and JnUersoa strwrie, j Qan. Benham has denied the truth of the /^leavers. HOG SORAPEKS, BUTCHER KNIYM, 

LonUvinc, Ky, (BoxSOiof P. O..) who can fornlab 1 . ... Vy Saw*. Wheelbarrow*. Scale*. Ac . Ac, for sala by 

Imvortant Information In each MU». mrlT | charges and aiked for a OOUrt martial, Mo arid S . rtl Third »tre et. 

but this was refused at the present from the w 

fact that the chief witnesses are attached ! FrfrSh BHCkWuCAt Flour. 


A leeo'u'ion from ihe Board of Aldermen, 
direoting the Gas Company to place lights 
I at Eighth and Broadway sircets, provided 
I the property ownora pay ths cost of said 

laci inai uie enioi wimioo*bo mo »ii.nouo« , » - IQ,!.* ,.*...,.1 

— nnmir of W*atArn Virffiiiia and are 4 fY 8KS. FRESH PENNSYLVANIA BUCKWHEAF I bght tO March 10, ISO-. WOS adopted 
10 the army of _ . ® j ’ ,k "xU Fioar, juat received and for *a'e by i A rroolulion frem the Board if Aide 

now fcerviiig in Kentnoky, and cannot be FERGUSON A SOW. ‘ _ .f— 

solved by mntuSI consent, tand O. . 
with tba setUemant of the bnatoass. 

Q. J. HARE, 

bSU^e*folfo!rt«‘^rtic^^ of our blockade of Charleston and Savannah j 

SsddJo Trees; ' with Stone hulks, art regardsd here os en- 

Pat^^o"' i tlrely without found ition. 

OoshkiBai ^ stiTTupsj j Qgn McClellan’s hsalih continues toim- 

ai— keeps oocstintiy^cn /general ssaortmaat ! prove. - The Government has taken meos- 

ifiadibeTBridU* uanmM. m i •Triinfa .w„w-a ' ores to obtain oolton seed from Port Royal i 
I A/l order, prompuyauende.1 to at j ^ ^e planted in lUinoi. i 

I — - — ^ : Md other Western States. ! 

j CBilUP EQUipftS©. Halisax, Jan. 8.— A painful rumor is j 

I ‘I* i 

Annv Oupa, Knlve* aud Fork*, Spoon*. Uanttenj, Mess ; er Parana, With 1,100 troops on board, in   

Pan*, Oou. Camp Stool*. Ac, on rhort^tice.^^^ | the St. Lawronos river, but it con not be I 

ocitsAeU Foerth at, near NaUonal Hotel. | traced tO onj reliable Bourcs. 

• ■ j A large war steamer, supposed to be i 

Officers* Camp Chest. i American, is omisiog off this port. 

I Fioar, ju»t received aod A rfsolulion frem the Board if Aldermen. 

J rnh Mrait direoting the Mayor to osum to be suspend- 

ed oil work on otreett in Eastern District 

Tff5o^®AW^?£H®i?B®?^B ordered by the council, wo. 

1 UDder the firm sf G. J. HARR A Ot^ W thla day ^ | adopted. 

td by mntugi coDaeoLtand o. J. Hare u charged ^ resolution from the Board of Aldermen, 
6 th. ratumnwit of the best..*.. ^ directing the Auditor not to ie»ne his war. 

Si Mm,t.*‘ rants for the payment of salaries te oi»y 
ootovute. October 13th, 18*1. I officers, without the approval of the Mayor, 

J. HARK win conUnua the boatnesa at the Wand i WOS adopted. . 

ci6 Q J HARK. , A resolcuon from the Board tf Aldermen. 

A -QTKnPD OrhnOTPTl i WFOving the engineer’s apportionmeat tf 
aXXIN J!i.aii OVy wx -Ei AWy I grading and paving of the sidewalks, sn 

HTTTftT.TmA.^11 I the east side of Brook, from College to 

_ I Jacob streets, P. Means conti actor, was 

Hommiaiion Mercnant, adopted. 

liter. ChrCM aid WewMrO Prodnee, a resolution from the Board ef .kldermen. 

Loaisvlile. October 13th, 18*1. 

0. J. HARK will conUnoa the boatness at the (M Wand 

JT — ^ I llALirax, #on. o. — ; 

T AM PREPARiu) TO TOK-NiSH B»ilMKNT9 OR i --ypgnt in ihis oity Of I 
I o- muanlrawltH Camp Stove*. Camp Kettle*. Plitos. ourreni lu luin » / 
Annv Uupa. Kntve* aud Forks, Spoon*. Canteen*, Meas ; er Parana, With 1,100 

Annv Uupa. Kntve* aud Fork*, spoon*. i;antveD*, axes 
Pan*. Oou. Camp Stool*. Ac, on fhort 

ocltSAatf Foerth at, near NaUonal Hotel. 

Officers* Camp Chest. 

avw inventad* Uall and a«a It. 
evw p JONES, 

ocl9 (lAntr Fnnrth St, near NaU.*nal Ilotal. 



Ooxnrniaiion Merchant, 

Batter, Chme aad Weetero Prodnee, 

ARMY AND SUTL&BS’ 8UPPLIB8, j directing the Mayor to enforce the ordi^^ 
144 N-rth etreet, Bet. .Mol. ud the River, j requiring the grading and paving of the 
louibtillb. KY- ' sidewalk on tba south side of Chestnut, from 

•roaah advances made. Oi^ • promptly tiled. | Shclbj to CsaipbeU Streets, WOS adopted by 

nlOAtf — j the feUawing vote: Tees — President Arm- 

Dissolntion ot Oopartnermhi^. i etT 0 Bg.andMeiai^^we,BM'*r, Twym^, 


i^efcAfersetobr 1 ZO 10 «to Neisen , — w.SJl * ** DialbomB Rootw. , Sr. JoBNs, N. F , Jon. 3.— The steamship — 

- y^^oTonS ■TPnmioR l^DRR JO CT A Bohemian, with Briush troops on board, 

i. 0 « IkU ,ott. S*iSS«£««yJW 

, New York, Jon. 8 .-Ths strike at the j 

I Navy Yard has ended. The men returned | onwiMuns-MATY b^ns. homint. RIOR ARD 
todnytework __ i •^‘®^’ ** 

Bohemian, with Briush troops on board, j lAMlLY, JUOT bbcbit- 

poioed Cape Rooe this morning. dti* xaii, bqn 4 on, mt Mata w. 

itietdayef Joiy hat. Tha baenaaaMnca Tucker, and Welmoa; 11. Nava— Df. Bon- 
been mniilfov^ by tha ranaffinlns partnvtt. ' , , , 

'“xMna uiWeOG. , old; 1. 

. _ - — A raaolutina te adioum to meet again on 

;to"fto/^y*'ii.^*tito bv“°* , Thuredey eveningrJaBuary Ifr-h. 1862. ^ 

HlRBiW A BOW, j - woa adopted, when the Bs4»d 


«,wao. - I J. M. Vadgbaj, curb. 


From Yesterday’s ** Erenins News.” 


I the yreolonti inheritance of liberty, ani OFFICIAL. i 

: endowed with the gift of participation in |- yarn y -|jiryirpyr»'D Q 

' popular OoTernment, the Conelitution mskfs JjAO X A AASiXVO 

, him at once the ben»fioiary and the defend. DEMainino 1N the louibvij^ pt^jmOT 

I uiu. •, j t,. rw on JaaMf/ S(l. 1861. and which. If not called tor 

! er of interests and institutions wnion ne witrin three month*, wui be senito the Uepartiaeut •• 
i cannot innocently endanger; and when he deed letter*. 

becomes a traitor to his country, he com- ^ 6, Loicmt. Pgioc^t. 

' mite, equally, treason against manaina aareeabie to the /udowino tectum of the  «w ntto^t 

i New Yob a, January 3 -The tracsperU 

I Cahawba and Roanoke from Port Royal, on bbc.s. And be it fyrther enacted. That the tut of 
I the erening of the 30th ult , arrired here 
: this forenoon. Tbe^ ^ 

I the sloop of-war Cumberland on the loth Auer circulotum within the ranse of de'.lveir 

I a t., in lat. 30 long. 76, cruising. 

‘ Paii.ADKi'rHiA, Jan. *3. — Afire commenced 

T1|6 CoiT0SpODdCDC6 with Suropd ' ^i)out 2 o^clock this morning in the base- laAD 

! ment beneath the Amerioan telegraph oflSce, A 

. n n u I before it oould be subdued, the lower 

Inlcreiting from Port Royal — The EDgllsn I floor and battery room were completely 

Steamer Fiagal Foiled in Attempt 'burnt cut Howard’s Express office adjoin- gj^wneM^M ‘ 

to Rnn Rlnck.rlP Fn- , mg was also much damaged. The telegraph 

10 nun me tsiocicaae — tii 1 icsiruments esetped without injury, and babwu Mr* Mary 

gagfinent! : communication with the country cominuee Bnfo!d''3lus 8 F 

~ ( without interruption. 

__ _ - _ .1 ■* A V Twi WWW V PiTTiBCio, Jan. 3. — Rirer fire feet by (T5^V^n?'Mr» Mirtha 

irsw TAX and TARITP BILL pj,, mark, and falling. Weather cold and 

! cloudy, with indications of snow. OoUetur Mi»a Martha 

offleo.— UVrio tbtU^ce Lam, patted March 2d, 1851. 


A KMSTRONG Mid* Mary Anther MIsa Haney 

All^n HUaOarrla 

B all Mrs Mary H Brown Mlu Utila 

Bell Mra Marla B. nnet Mr* L'anlrt 

Browne Mr* M Boletg Mr; Cha* F 

B!ume Mis* Mary mernan Catherine 

Baru a d4i»i Mlwred Byrne Mrs Ann M 

babbitt Mr* Mary Bennett Mrs Anne 

Barklev 3dr* J Q Beckwith Mr* M M 

Spanish Schooner Chased, Run Aground, 
and Burned ! 



I rebels at 

WASHincTOii, Jan. 2. — It is doubtful ; gj, 

whether all the correspondence between : « , 
this and the European goTemments, touch- ; ^ ^ 

ing the rights of neutr^ and belligerents | missions 

From China. 


The Hong Kong Trade Report of Ootober 
Slot brings inteliigenoe of the shooking 
murder, by marauding bands of Chinese 
rebels at Chefoo, of two Amerioan Mission- 
aries stationed there — Mr. Parker, of the 
Episcopal, and Mr. Holmes, of the Baptist 

OoUetUr Ml** Martha 
Canlar Midi .leniile 
Canada Mrs Fannla 
Oonway Mr* rarah U 
Campbell MIsa Sue 
Cook Ml** sal. Is 

D ^IRAN Mrs Manrret 
Dealer Mrs M^ 
Oomp**}’ M a* Sarah 

I/NIXlW MU* Mem* 

Hi Badea Mia Ua Ue 

F ields Mr* Eu*n b 
K olgleman Mr* Margret 
t'arshsu Mr* Jno 
Ferellne Ur* I*ahel X 

G IPF. Mr* LncT A 
Untngs Air* Jan* 

Glover .MIsh Fannie 

on the ocean, called up by Senator Sumner’s j October 6;b, the approach of the rebels utimth'ui,* Kate 

resolnaon, will be communicated to the became known at Chefoo. The inhabit- 
Senate. Enough will bo made known, how- j- , i « i • » . 1 * 1 . 

H OI.DKN Mafia 
lUlI MU* Mar 

•LAWMrV. ArfUWKU ve a*a vv M* w w » w w. ^ J iL A -1- Hill Ml**** M^ry A 

•Ter, to Dhow thet Ruseift, Spain and the immediately fled in terror, and the 

smaller maritime powers are almost ready . crews cf tho junks commenced “looting” uamiitou Mrs Sarah P 

to aooede lo Mr. Marcy’e doctrine by which j ,j,g jbe la*ter, however, wore driven Mr* Sarah J 

private property is guaranteed the same i / _»» IONRs Miss Moiiie 

immunity on the ocean as on land; that I by a force of French marines, who ar- J jenkins mi * a l 
F ranee is not far behind them, and that ' rived the day previous, and the rebels were Joh"‘o‘%wii K 

Great Britain alone, despite her recent j effectually repelled by ehells sent among rrn^URN Mr*Kiii*beih 
her ofd^VMe'den’r**^**^ ^ English gunboat. The mel- ^ King Mr. Fannie 

*‘*Thi'*pJbiicfuon will, without doubt. con  | “oboly part of the affair remains to be told. L*i!i “m 7** Cei**tia 
tribute to the success of a movement in the i The Hong Kong Press says : Linoin Mi** Carrie 

right direction on the part of England. The i The Rev Mr. Holmes was expecting his vrofiREMu*8J 
earliest letters date back to 185G, soon after j brother (who is occupied in mercantile pur M San M'**M^gM^***''* 
the Congress of Paris adjourned. Some of ' guils) from Tientsin overland, and feared Siotcreii mi** Moiiie X 
the ablest in the oellection are from Mr. (we infer) that the young man would be in- May iT 

Mason, the predeoeseor of Mr, Faulkner, teroepted by the rebels. We should presume UoiTi*un Mt*s Moiii* 

Mr. Pickens’ dispatches from 8t. Petersburg j that this apprehension must have arisSb Mary Jau* 

are full of interesting communioations on i after the operations of the gunboat. In Moreau mu* Lou 
the subject, between Himself and Oortsoha- any case the Reverend gentleman, accom Moor* Mr* juiia 
koff, which are, perhaps, too free and easy | panied by the Rev. Mr. Parker, a fellow M« Brig let 

to be made public. The whole subject will j missionary, started for the rebel camp with .u Kye 
probably be discuBsed when the resolution is the iateniioc of opening oommunioations M’CiuuyMr*Jn 
answered. . with the marauders, partly in the hope of /-vrth Mr* Jo«« 

The sub-committee on Ways and Moans [ averting bloodshed, but principally to ob v-f 
are engaged in preparing a general tax j tain safe conduct for Mr. Holmes’ brother, paWELLMrsts 
bill, which will be the basis of a national ; who was expected from Tientsin. Both A Penderg*»t M 

IRTH Mr* Joseph T 

currency. The idea of the oomraittes is to i these Reverend and demoted gentlemen 
raise money enough to sustain the credit I were brutally murdered by the ruthless 

p DWELL Mrs Marla (col 
1. Pendergast Mary 
Pettit MissJeaul* 

/ ILTNLAN Mr* Edwar.l 

of the government, though the tax may, 
for the time being, be more than heavy. 
The committee is also maturing a tariff bill, 

maranders, their Imdies beiug found in a 
dreadfully mutilated state. 

Mr. Holmes’ brother arrived safely eight 

R eese Anne m 

KUhersun Mr* Jane 

the provisions of which will largely in- i days after this lamentable ocourrenoe. He ^ 

...... »u- .* .;.i o , I . • _. . . . I Rtins n Mrs Lydl* 

crease the duties of many articles of general ' reported that the route from Tientsin to suine* j*i** Gr.*2* 
cen^mptien. Chefoo was one unvaried .‘loene of desola- T,giPTgn wi« mmu* 

Official information received at the mel- i tion. Bodies of human beings and of cattle 1 Tharp .m *• Matti* 
ical department of the army of the Potomsc, , strewed the path, and could be counted by Thornton Mi** Jane 
BtAtes that the mortality is less in propor the thousand. The marauders appeared to Mr* 

tion t^the number, than in any American act upon the prinoiple of taking what they \vA. ,» 

City. The department has the offioial list could and of destroying the remainder. wtison Mi** Litry 
of 117,000 Boldiers, and the health of thie u . j vf«iuMr*JB 

large body of men, notwithstanding their i After the occurrence her. narrated, a wiUonJenni. 

exposure, is better than among an equal i l^®dy of marines made a reconnoissanoe, 
number of men anywhere in .the United , which disolosed further barbarities. The gMiTU Mi** Lean 

®^*J**- , _. ' account says: 

Timet Dispatch . — Rebel ecouts came yes- i _. , j • Mi*aOEP( 

terday some eighty rods this side of Fair- The scene beggars description. Copses 

fax f'nnrt TTonfl .L. T i of womeu anl children were lying UKsn 

nike.^aod on the ’F*ll’.*nhnroh Thev i ^7 thousand, which had not only 

IMITU Ml** Lesna 

Oox Mlaa failBla 
Uulv*r Kachei Ann 
Oonltor Mr* Betti* 

U -UiD* Ml,* Kllen 
Oooni 5Ir* K K 
Oonnooghton Ml** Cat* 
C*a*y Mr* Nancy 
Oampbell Mr* (car* Wm 

Dobbin* MU* Sarah 
Dennl* CiruUn* 

Fgg Mr* Elliabath - 
Emery Aoni* 

Flynn Ml * Kate 
Fonytb Ml** Amelia F 
Floor* Ml-* A J 

a«r*tbn*y Mrs PoUy 
Griffon Oatherlne 
Grego'V CharloU* I 

Goff Mr* Ann B 

Hog''* Ml** Little 
Uauk* Mr* Amanda C 
Higgins Add 
H all M1S.S AR 
Hoke M'S* Kate 
Hugbe* Ml** Alice G 

Jonea Mia* Bettle 
Jaokaon Ml** Ocella C 
Johnson Miss Ads 
Johnson Mis* Bridget 3 

Kemau Mr* Mary 

Luis Miss Jane 
Lancaster Ml*s Matilda 

Meber .Mrs Julia 
Monahan .Mr* James 
Meicer .Mr* Virginia 
Myei* Mr* Karan 
Mackl Mrs Susan 
Mllllcan Mrs Sn*an 
Madloz Mr* Kllztbeth 
Mol aas Mias Little 
Minton Mrs Catberln* 
Morris Mr* Kllen 
Murphy MIsa Annl* 

M’Elroy .Mrs Wm T 
M’Oatlee Mrs Lydia 
M’Duugal Bln Ub 

Plant Miss Sarah 
Page Misi S C 

Ritchie Mr* M T 

Schwing Mr* Sarah O 
Sale Hr* Carrie W 
Mtewart Mn A M 

Thompson Mr* Jennie 
Tbomaa Ml** Uenilette 
Taylor Ml** N B 

Williams Mis* Louise 
Wall .Miss M*ry 
Warner Mrs Mallnd* X 
Wolte-a Metta i 

Weatherttiue Mrs Mery 1 
Wllilims Mr* Frederick 

Smith Mrs Martha R 

®^*J**- . ' account says: 

Timet Dispatch . — Rebel ecouts came yes- i _. , j • MiaaO] 

terday some eighty rods this side of Fair- The scene beggars depnption. Copses 

fax f'nnrt TTnnfl .h. T i of womcn anl children were lying 

pike, and on the Fall’s Church roa^. They i ^7 the thoupnd, which had not only A^Ap^uornTrlnk 

came within half a mile of our pickets, and | ^ore evidence AUxaud.r f w 

watched them closely. Squads of their “J ^'’^^un^ Ail.rton Job. I 
cavalry occupy the hiUs sur?ounding Fair j B 


Mia* 0 E P (car* Green tCoor 0 urier) 


[ER Sami Arnold Jo* 

fax. A Urge lorce is two miles behind and ! b» =k and bearing evidence 

eight regiments are at Flint Hills. 

of having been burnt to death, as it wat 

Herald s Dtspatch.-li is not probable that ' ^.'w.r J.^B 

ikara _iii ka » .ana., /-a-. ... abouts of hidden treasures. At one village BenntackGO 
there will be a favorable report from : -Wa .ome re«Btnnoe had been shown the «ra.mou Jam*, 
committee on Mr. Gurley’s confiscation- I Burk* John B 

amannin.iinn kilt Tha .ia_aae.k. number of mm ilated bodies was reckoned at Hiu-John 

emancipation bilL ihe views of the com- ' . . d Baldwin J u 

mittse are generally adverse to it, and, in* ■ , ni. i, * e • "L 

■Uad of it, a bill proposed by the committee : '*** of Chukee were t wo foreign J ^ 

and predicated ujou the suggestions of the , 

President’s message in regtrd to this sub- \‘^® ‘‘\® pouses of tp place Burk*Jobn 

ject, wUl be soon reported This committee Fortunately the members of these had been poY.VE Martin 
is also in favoi of the restriction, limiting ^ “‘® Previous. ** 

the President to call for only -OOO.OOO voltin- Canton was evacuated by the allies after Coie Wm 
teere* and proposes to authorise him to an occupation of three jears and ten monthd, Clark WJ 

bring inp the service whatever number of they were about to quit Tientsin in like Ja?“ 

troops the War Uepariment and the Com , ’ ca»t*ugj f 

mandinff General shall reauire. . manner, only retaining one of the Taku t^vanai^hja* 

Bii-tklrk Wm 
Uutlr Wm Kea l 
B au'orJ Wm M 
liorrell Wm 
Brewer Jus B 
Brannon James 
Burk* John B 
Hitt- John 
Bddwln J U 
-Barber James J 
Barrett Hon J U 
Baker John W 
Brouk* J H 
Burks John 

mandiog General shall require. 

New York. Jan 3,— The Herald says our , P®’’^® ^®'" anothenyear. The Chinese were " 

news from Port Royal by the Ariel yesler- much gratified with this movement, which is 
day u interesting. | described as an act of grace, and one cal- I) g.JsI 

frrxK'ii' i -*“■* « 

foiled. She got ready to make her way 1 Di*br *wJohn 

through Warsaw sound, but information' The new Emperor Ke-seang was expected Dow Timothy D 

having received from a deserter, the j iq make his entry into Pekin about the last E^J,n?t Theodor 
gnn-boat Ottawa was dispatched to thej . R* Rm*t Theodor 

sound, and on her arrival the rebel mosque i ® 'Jclwter, pRlSBY Mr 

to fleet of Tatnall’s came down to attack ! The account given of the commercial im- 
her. After a brisk engagement a shell was | portance of Pekin is very favorable. Freje.ick Henry 

put through Comndore Tatnall’s veseel. ! p RAT A wicker* 

lM“huVfru«*ited’^‘‘* ^ Agitator -That pestilent 

A Spanish schooner, without a name, but ^ Phillips, delivered aiiVsw^*'”' 

laden with a valuable cargo of Havana ' oaa of his scurvy abolition tirades in New ulhhM jJS^ 
cigars, shoes and other stores, was chased, York last week. The New York Timee TTARRmn* 
run aground and burned ^ Cumberland ^dopig tim as a friend of the Adminietration T* Uuckeibery ai 
I nlet, on the 16'h ulU, by the boats of the ^ T 

Bienville and Abbaga Her cargo was taken | f«®“‘l®‘‘ip for both ik Hu^^^ex.nd«r 

off. The crew had previonsly fled to the ! fehown in the following extract from his ad-   *Krrm*n om* A 

• aa/l. , Hrlm tdw»rd 

wooas. dress ; -tii itoiwrt k 

Boston, Jan. 3 — Gov. Andrews’ message “I do not believe reconstruction possible, h  *'bro^k*Kci w*n 
to the Legislature to-day is of unusual 1 do not beUeve the Cabinet intend it If they 
length. It gives a general history of facts i did, allow me to say for one that any states- TaCKSTN Wm E 
and figures, showing the part which Maesa- , man who leads thene States back to reoon- 

Uoburn Ueury U 
Glum|)ltt G N 
UeveUnd George 

D EVELIN Jw (cere J He- 
gaii 8t Mary’* Uem) 

Doaue W T iJeff bet 15 A 16 
Dtsbrow John 

RiDkt Tbeodor* 

FlKir Benlai 

F FIkk Beniamin 
Kraniiliu Geurge 
Frece.lck Henry 

• — ^ ^ RAY A Wtekersham 

A Disunion Agitator — That pestilent uowan^Mmoud'*'* 

H arris B«n 


Al Uuckelbery Alonza R 
H*rtlm N F 
Hugh Alexander 
H.m- AbuerU 
Hacrrman Orri* A Worden 
Helm Edward 
-111 Robert K 
U eronymou* E 
H i*t ro.k Kdwln 

O Jerrice Wm G 

ohuseets has thus far taken against the struotion will be damned to an infamy com- • 

Southern rebellion. The war expenses foot pared to which Arnold was a saint and Jas K^Keun Hon u e 

up nearly $3,885,000 To offset this, the Buchanan a public benefactor. [Slight die KahiiyJohn^ 

StRte has been reimbursed by Government turbance in the rear part of the ball; criee K*un James 

$776,000, and by other sums, making the of ‘put him out,’ etc ] I saidreconstruotion T AWLERMunha 

refunded nearly one million. The is not possible. I do not believe it is, for Uuihr®d«Vm B x 

troops sent into the field, both for three i this reason — the moment these States begin Ladd w w 

months and for three years, with the excep I to appear victorious, the moment our armies Wm (lare Juo Unt- 

tion of one battery, have been fully armed do anything that evinces final success, the LaUdLewi* 

and equipped by the State. The Governor wily etatesmanship and unconquerable hate Lama*tKiJohn ” 

reoommends that the State assume the col- of the South will write ‘Emancipation’ on tiatuerJohn 

1. a *« .• W .a^aa.... • l.wmKArV *Di/ia /ITuati.n ^ 

L awler Martha 
Lee Wiu A 
Lougbrldge Wm B 

reoommends that the State assume the col- of the South will write ‘Emancipation’ on 
lection of the direct national tax of $824 - her banner, and welcome Ihe protectorate 
Ml, being its proportion of the twenty mil- of sn European power. And if you read the 
lion authorized by Congress. European papers of to-day, you need not 

Ltatusr John 
Lambert Tlius (Ilastun M 

M OORK a Swlnnty 
Martlne Andrew 

lion authorized by Congress. j European papers of to-day, you need not Moore^ur 

The State has contribnted five regiments j doubt they pill have it. VVe never shall M*'in David 
of infentry, one battery of artillery, and oenquer the South without her trying that MoirfD^°* 
one battalion of rifles, of her miliii*, to the expedient. Do you euppose that Davis, and *’)** 

three^ months’ servioe, and to the three Beauregard, and the rest are to be exiles, ^ *ori{* 

years’ servioe, she has sent, as volunteers, ^ wandering contemned in every great city of 
24 regiments of infantry, one of cavalry, | Europe, in order that they may maintain McFerwn 
five batteries of artillery, 2 companies of ; slavery and the Constitution of ’89? They, 
sharpshooters, and an infantry battalion of i like ourselves. Will throw everything over- .M^be*ii*u 

five eompanies. Six oompanies are at- board before they submit to Yankees Ido wt.iuth f a s«n 

regiments from Now York, j not believe, therefore, that reoonstruction .^1 Nile*** John 

The (iovemor urges the repeal of the oon- | is poseible; nor do I believe the Cabinet i*iorihJH 

otitutional disorimination between citizena : have any such hopes. Indeed, 1 do not rtVERlloLSER Jo*e 
of alien and those of foreign birth The know where you will find the evidence of Osborne J**W 

Morris Gsorge 

M 5NULTY Bonnaon 11 
McElroy Co** K 
McFeraon Enoch 
McKenzie Kooi rirk 

of alien and those of foreign birth 

recommendation made by the General any sneh purpose in the Administration at 
Government, with reference to coast defense Washington.” [Hisses, cheers, and laugh- *■ 

is fully indorsed. A communication from ter.] Kp“ s™muei 

Gen. Totten, on this eubjeot. will be laid t. _ u .* nu-n- u . . P«trickr aeorge 

before the Legislature. ^ i “o harm to spend a F.imer JuigeJM 

Military eJuoation in our common sobools I ^®^ nionihs in Fort Warren, 
is reoommended. The whole number of , ' ’ 

enrolled militia is 167.946. The whole - 1^‘Even the Earl of Shaftsbury, aooordt 

VtlRTU F A Son 
Iv Ntlew-John 
North J H 

Osborne Ja* W 

Pratt EDgene A 

Auder^on Jessr 
Alexeniier J W A Co 
AUmaon Dr Will 

B«brock laaleh 
Burke Ullc 
Butler Heurr 
B-rgin Thie 
B irbee Dr Geo 
Buckner GeoSlmon bol- 
ivar X 

Bernhard E B 
Heaversou E-lwarJ 
Big:;* K 
Beazley E 
Bryan P G 
Barken* O U 
Buia Alonxa T 
Brown Harvy F 
Buler U 

Christian Q U 
tXirrlgao Francis F 2 
('amobell R 0 
Cleveland klllah 
Oowley Daolrl 
Conner John B Jr 
Couua'v Patt 
(Turtls C Utun X 
Oampbell C H 
Car I'att 

Conneil (}ahaiyDe 
ClrakatoD An««dn 
Coiver A B 

Dalton Tbomaa 
DenulsT D 

Davidson Sam (colored 
D.lePatt (JaesnoD and 

Deyhoa' B F 
DemIre A L 

Eskridge Dixon B 

Forlster John 
Fraiee Dr Ls.uls 
Xltzslmmons Wm 
Flnlev Wm 

Goodrich laacc B 
Gregory James 3 
Grlmn J 
Graddy Wm L 
Guermire Wm 
Goss /Iba C 
Gwatbmey F C 

Horrlgan Tho* 0 
Hewitt G W 
H X Henry 
Ha -er John 
Hart John P 
UuD Iley Dr Jno W 
Hunt John S 
Uawkin* W B 
Uene-aoD Leandar 
U-nrey Wm Q 
Ulae Marioa 

Jones Douglas* x 
' June Osslan 
Jonea A W 

Kulm* W J 
King Wm 
Kincaid M C 
Kelr,e Martin 

Ledmtn Samne^ E 
Lsneatter Kuebeu 
Lagutry Dr E 
Leamao l r N Bd 
Long Stephen 
LnkenblU David 
Ljman David Jr 
Lan en Patt (6th *t bet 
Main and KIver) 
LIuuabao Patt 
Lytle Andrew K 

MtIward Henry 
Miller Jacob S 
M-ddox J U 
Mack-y Jerry 
Mazey James 
Murpney Janea 
Moylan John 
.Mesks Wm 

McGuire John 
McCay Isace 
McKeaver Jaa 
McH  X John 
McGiven L (12 Marketst 
McCauley Wm 

Ne-tor Mike 
Mcklea Mike 

A h'ell (Jt.arlei H Ca -el 
Au'd iwiiiel, Comp F 
Allen Web ter. Wih Reg 
Barne-.t Wm Friit. Capt Stratton 
Brook* ^m, Ciipt ►'merv 
5»*t»z w 8. Capt WMhbam 
Burke Wm a. (5ept. Roas 
B yer W J Camp Wood 
BIa  kfort Jua T, Caup H  e man 
Bowie* John S, Capt H»ye» 
black James D, Cant Miller 
Brut Jaqiea, (Japt A'lck 
Bennett John. (Japi HackaUff 
Panel Jo*. Cant Klrf i* 

Bartlett 11 .l,C*mp Gilbert 

Burlewm Ilea, Capt Smith 

beaaly Peter, Col Smith 

Blanch Capt 

Burr L»wl* B. Hospital 

Blugh* S Dr R M, let Keg Minn Vol 

Boyd D A, Capt t.urklnaster 

Brun Cbarle-, Camp Nevlo 

Bricker Hearv, t'apt Simpson 

Briggs C-pt David A 

Brin B F, Hospital 

Bruin (3apt, for 1 homas WaUh 

TOwman John. Capt Eorcldal 

Buck , i«than 8, Capt Wel*h 

Bennett Wm. Capt Terry 

U-»ne Elijah, Co A 

OKandler Wm, Capt Mutchman 

Culunan Lewi* A.Oemp Anierson 

Olelford J*mes, Capt Carrier 

0 ou«e Dr U M, Col M’Muilen 
Cnmmt-us Iheodore, Camp Anderson 
Chapman 8 W.Capt Uenet 

Crum Evan. Co Q 
Cable Daniel. Capt Thnmaa 
Oeveland Alonson, t amp Jenkins 
Cl^ Washlneton, 1st M C 
^nipb4*It 4i0o W, Capt Montgomery 
CUrk UUrer P. Co K l»t U ht Art 

CoU urn Oe j W, j»7th Hcg Ll 

Lubu* Leonard, Cant Huter 

IMx-on Jer-ey, C!*pt Stevtu 

DIxou 8amuel. Hospital 

Itoraey Lleui Stephen W 

Dewey Dr A Ml, Camp Kevin 

Denise Capt Charles E, 18th Keg 

1)00 ttU* (  P, Co K 2J Ohio Cav 

Ev rta im*. Co K Ktllugga Cav 

EHott Ueut T J 

Kwlng Daniel U, Camp Kevin 

kUlson J y. Camp Gilbert 

Emery Capt A B 

Ilaotburgh Lieut David 

Fl her Lleat Henry 8 

Frost Amon, Capt Cupp 

Fatatnger Hamnel. Camp Oaklay 

Fish Mauton, Capt Gordon 

Goodrich Ezekiel, ([apt Monlgomety 

Qlilek George, C *pt Cotter 

OIpnn James, Capt Wood 

Galloway U, Uoapital 

Gulrd George H, Capt Bartlett 

Grover O A, Sewart* Cav 

Gammage Capt Sam 2 

Ga'duer K K, Mospltal 

Gamer (Charles E, Capt Forshar 

folmes A J, Capt Brook* 

Hunton Lt Col 

U-rker Cant Cha* O 

llenderspatt (ihsries, Co B 

Han man Ed. Cupt SUtlord 

Halsled J«hii l . Camp Gilbert 

Hughes W H. Cant .lack 

Houghton Wm P, lad « av 

Hemiersliott Jchii W, Ho p'.tal 

Jigger Kell J, tilth Iii.l 2 

Jorden Wm, Cai-t Uaille 

June* W It. (’apt Stewart 

Jemi on J .M, 76th liid 

Jole* Samuel II, Cti - M’qnllhilu 

Johones IVter, Capt Vaiiiute 

Kingdey Fayette, Cipt Dort 

Know e* Atsei, Camp Utibert 

Krecbt Ciemea.*, 0*pt Klein 

Keely Peter, Capt Loiigley 

Klein Capt Rob.-rt 2 

Kfwe Fre -erlck. Camp Gilbert 

Kepbait Lieut John 8 

Kling Jarob H.Capt K BrinkerhoR 

Koph Louis, Camp .Marlon 2 

Kentoo U Capt Bill 

KInyon Wm, Capt Stewart 2 

KlDinaH Capt 
Keyi * Lt P'r 

Mooney H B, DapCStodul 
Nottage Char ^.Cajpt Smith 
Lennar ! Capt Qco W, Gen Wood 
Slarks Jno J, 78 h Keg P V 
Maacone Kobt H. 6tb Iiid Vul 
Mlevter *lb rt, Grlffen 
Martin Capt B F 

I MclFMoore Charles. Capt L McDougal 
Murray K B, Ma] Ptrtle 
Murray Llent C«l D A. Xd Ohio Cav D 8 A 
Manler Frank, Camp Jenklo* 

Mohler Samnel, Capt J O Water 

Ma tiiian F A, Capt Mudv 

Kaxwell thorn**, (Japt Chaffln 

Maseiy Jr Wm A. Cimp Gliben 

Moglen Wm, Col Daxter 

Mcllrane Kobt. 2il Keg Mich In Camp Oakland 

•McClnce Joseph t , Capt WUker* 

McGliil* J W, Capt Brun- r 
McCord John, Capt Stevens 
Mc^naM Wm. SuUer 19th Ind Reg 
McClure Jefferson, Camp Jenkins 
MtUer Nelson, Ciuip Jenklo* 

Neal E U, Camp Gilbert 

Utbome Geo, Ua] J A Camp 

Parish Samuel K, Capt Kobfnson 0 V M 

Powell W m. Gamp Bued 

Foetell Charles, Capt Kline’s (3av Ind Vol 

Priest E W. Capt Benneit 

1 lumb Capt Ka'pb, Asst Q M 2 

Pas Elbridge 8. Ohio heg 

Pierce Ezra, Gen Nelson’s Brigade 

Peter* C«‘l Klchanl 

Plninb Faucet!, Capt Plumb 

Paul Geo, Camp Gilbert 

Pardreck Heurv Capt Cline’s Ind Cav 2 

Pa'mer James F. J W Brown O V M 

Pierce Jane*. Camp Jenkins 

Porter Jackson, Camp Jenkins 

Klchey James Tbomas, (Jainp Jenkin* 

Kbude Auilrew, Capt Blanch 

Rope Cuntad, Cap Slto-g 

Baas D Col, .Mh Ohio Cav 

Klegler Albert, Camp Gilbert 

Kuliiiii Jo lab. Camp Wood 

KiRinrer Ell is, Capt W'leler 

Hutt J F. Cc.irleton Foushs 

R“Pi og e W’m M, 'lamp Vel*on 

bw.-eney Cha* D, D W wlga-tAsstQM 

Spelmaii K *tu* H, Cumn Ilarkcr 

■' COU I baddeu., Capt Sc- tt 

.«t«wart K d. Ca t H pt Hays O V W C A 

Samuel 8 P Camp To*-il 

Scott Henry IX, Co F 2 i Mian Vol 

Stowell W .M, Camp Buikingham 

Shay Michael,   o A a- Ulan I Cav 

Shell Marlon J, Co F 30th Keg 1 V M 

Smith John, 3d Ky Vul 

Smith Martin, Capt Morton Co B 

Sheik James, Capt Rochester Camp Jenkins 

Spenre Moses, Cipt Barger 

Shaw W m T, (Xil Grlg-iby Reg (Japt Hawkins 

Slotl Peter Camp Nevln 

Stockings Chester, Capt Oow 

L tten Eagene, Caut I'olls Casnp Buell 

Stenvenson J K. Capt T W Koblnson 

Thumaason Richard. U V M 

Uammon Marilo, Capt Stongh 

Yaiidusob Oliver, Cap; Conuet 

Welch Andrew b, c*i t 8 K Smith 2 

Wheeler Neil Capt Haz'ett 

Woodworth Ohas, Cant Voyd 

Wf stcolt C P, Camp En-log 

Wln-t Kobt I, ( apt Hazrlelt 

W'a'ker Siephea C, IJth Reg Ind Vo'. Co G 

Warr-rn Geo. C*pt Patten (» V Cav 

Woodcock Thus B. Capt J D Walker 

Wll lam* Ja.- M, Camp Jenklo* 2 

Wiggins John K, Camp Jenkins 

Walker Jacob, C Brow-n C mp To.14 

Williamson ('avid, Ueut Ba*er 

Woodllg W II. Ord Ser, Camp Oakland 

Walton Cbaa. (Japt Wuo U Bamp Jenkins 

Young Bashbey, Capt Buck 

•3- Persons calling for any of the above letten wll 
please «ay *' advertised.” 

JNO. J. SPEED. Postmsater. 


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other works on these dlseeiee. are particularly reqneat, i .a. ' 

•d send tor this book. Price. Ikn Qmts. or twenty j wm before. aSdto the travedn* ^munVtv. and^te^"i?\ulul7u 

nnnIaMi fn. at nn » .• - ' ' OR*** every IndncMnawt nateM... unli'Wa w., aitrp wu a W 1 »* » j ^ Ml=. ^ 


Yoime MuNwhobeye Injured themselva* by loduM | 
ng In certain Secrel lidhitt, a* well aa Middle Aped and I 
Old Men, who, by ezceaseaof any kind, have prodooed i 

copte* for $l 00 . Addreas; 

apUdtf H. G. MILLER * CO.. LouHvtlle. Ky. 


O. MULlor C*3 Oo.. , ^ . 

Whoubaih and Retail Dealer* laOOAL.k*epcon*Uatlj ^ FOBTER OF AND UKAl. KK IF- 

on hand tha best qnallUM at the loweat market price.  wOe,Oll &.HCl SSiCldLldPU K a T» #i T - / 
Offlcee-Wall aireet. weat aide, and comer *  I BAFCl \-/ 

Preaion and W ashlnzton street*. telidt ] K^LD^JUTABLIBHMD BADDLMMf WAREHOUSE) 

Ih. aroat Bn^&.D.dy ^ **»*»:- V 



Celebrated Female Pills. -tC ^ w 

This Invaluable medldne la anfaiUng In the car* 01 ! IrAn RaIIImv - _ n a.. ™EE OF— 

Ithoeepalnfnl and dangerouadlaeaimt incident to the i “«***•*» BalCOBte«, IrOB Jail*, i ire-Pr.. # 

male (wnautnuon. Wn a vaaltSy tFee r s, Settee*, Ar.„ 

It moderates aUezeeoee* and remove* a obatmeUon* | OMEN STRUT, SOUTH SIDlyg^HlRD IKK)* *A8T OV HAW ?( STf 

om whatever caoM. and a speedy cur* mey be teU I XiOtTTSVZ^AAl, KT. 

*■ T. Ji.rrt.. i Tg.aS 55 ii?S;,j: 8 ?;^:i-v.? ro-H 

I U peculiarly suited. It will, tn a short fans, brim i *«l*r^2jjBPl5aineB*. and mtorms t*« 'iami- ^ 

kthemonthlyperiodwlth^larity. | 

These PfOs themld not be taten bp /hmales that er. I ‘ 

rr s.£-r,-;..vK 

rz-' ommin, eoa lo uetr«;inc cAmmenUT. 4ikl ‘Ud 
rew wrmr Indoceaemt fcr pmtnoMse. PRlCKd Tj 80IT TUB TlX«E.- . 

T imu g g fill 50 PBA DA7. 


MM* «* to • * m nckaij, 



Celebrated Female Pills. 

Thi* Invaluable medldne Is unfsIUng tn ae cur* ot 
U tfaoee painful and dangerous diseases Incident to the 
female oonaUtnUon. 

from whatever caoM. and a speedy cur* mey be toU I 
 0. I 

To [flurried lAdIo* ! 

; It U pocultarty suited. It will, tn a short t'ana. brig 
on the monthly period with regularity. 


[ These pais theuld not be taken bp Jhmales that art 
prepnent, iurimp the PIMST THKKM MOUTHS, i 
I thep are sure to brimp on Miscarriape ; but at everp oths 
■ Urns, and in everp other ease, thep are perJecUp taA. 

I In all case* of Nervous and Sptnal Affections, Pain In 
I the Back and Ltmba, Ueavlnena, Fatlgne on alight ezar- 
i Uon. PalpUatloD of tho Heart, Lowness of Spirits, Mya- 
I terlca. Sick Headache, White*, auj all the ^nrnl Die 
eesea occasioned by a dl.-ordered system, aus* FUb 
I will eftoct a cur* when all oaer mean* have failed. 

Fall directions tn a« pamphlet around each ptKkoga 
which kbonld be carefully preserved. 

A bc'tle containing Arty Ptils, and encircled with 
Government Stamp of Great Britain, can be tent poa 
tree for tl and *lz postage staurp*. 

IS. General Agent. JOB M08R8. 

I _ ■ . Bochester. New York. 

’ fW Sold In Ixmlavllle by Raymond A iSier, H|-ring*i 
; A Broaer. and all ae wholesale and retail Dmaalat* 
Sold In New Albany by Dr. T. R. Austin. 

ncX7 damlAweow 

Hair-Dye I Hair- Dye! HiJr-Dye! 


The ouly llnrmlcn* and Keliablw lialr-Dye 
Kaewa ! 

( All utbir.s are mere Imitation*, and should b» avoided, 

; If yon wUh a escape ridicule. 


Coal! Coal! Coal 1861 ! i£ 


.New York. Ry^Q..9Qi‘!L.*QKNT Fi.iR SEVERAL OF THF 
yler, fl»-rln**i PITTSBURG and YOUGHloGUENT MINUS 

»U Druggist* and ^vlng devoted hu ezcluaive atten'loa daring th. 

PMt twraiy years.atheUi)AL BVM1NK88. feeU him 
*® ‘fi* public, coal ol the iwa 

2'nu‘tZ. by ae barge or boat load, or by retail, at an 

r.llVAf i ?.«? «he tlmea, at his office. No 
r-liy e X | 1I« Foura street, between Main and Water, cast side 
Ue buys and selb ezcin-tvely FOK CASH, and guaran 
R- D V E : ! 5",t***' 1^ weight. M hU coal^U^. 

I weighed by a sworn 0 Inspector. 


I lialr-Dye ' COAL! COAll! COAL!!! j 
. , . ... I W**- h KEAP8(X)K1JTANTLY on hand 

Id b» avoided, i TV a large supply of the hast PUteburg and Youeb- 
loghany OoeL Alao, the “Harttoril aty Ooel.” non* 

FALL goo; 

Wo. 236 BKAKn a3T ST^ 


If yon wUh a escape ridicule. 0“*I- Also, the ’’Hartkurl Olty Goal." non* iniT T flTITT BTmni^ ne t 

OKAY. RED. or RUSTY HAIR dyed InsUntly to • , grille. In a?^” ^Sriy^ljM ! j A Ji W MTV 3 J?l 

beantifUlanlpatoral browner black, witbouttha least I PIl**borjEeadsttperlortoanyoaeraowana*tor*taau III ll III Vv IV I i'i 

Injury a hair or sklo | *ad family ; MMwea All I ask I* a fair trial oflt, and 1 XIUU IllillUiV JR 

inju^a nairorskin. warrant It win giv* •atiatoctloa. Soid whol**^ and i L’MkKACING KVPrV vakistv i 

FIFTEEN MAD.%L3 and DIPLOM.tS have been ret^l^he loweat cash price*. *ul^ tor Urn 

awa;ded a Wm. A. Batchelor since 1839, and over 10, I »* 1A Tbtrd »t.. near Main. coasl-Ong In part of 

awaided a Wm. A. Batchelor since 1(939, snd over 10.- 
000 applications have b-en made a ae balr of the 
patrrns of tbl* famous D.'e. 

WM. A. BATCHELOR’S HAIR DYE pro-luce* a color 
not a be dlst'ngul bed from nature, and Is warranted 
not a Injure in the least, however long It may be con- 
tinued, and the til effects of bad Dye remedied— ae 
balr Invigorated for life by this splend'd Dye. 

Made, aid, or applied ( n nine private rooms) at the 
Wig Factory, 16 Bond street. New York. 



— onauM IN— 

Pittsburg and Peytona Cannel Goal, 


Sole Ayents for the Pomeroy OoaL 

r. r- ^ ^ ^ /\BDBR8 FOR ANY OF TBB ABOfB 

ilg Factory, 16 Bond street. New York. . vj specituliy al'clted and promptly fills 

held In all the cltl*t and awns of the United States by | e*t market prices. Constantly on hand, a 

Me; noe-, Drlaloes. Travelinf Gooth to- 
ment; • 

Cass'.meres. CMsaetv. Tweeda. J*n., *,* 
Frluts, Neached and brawn SkMCngji T« 
Flanne.s and Unaeys all ire l^, 

Uoop Skirt* all prices; 

Embroidery. Ac., Ar . 
thoe* wishing to p»r'hv*r: Ln«f-.iie - 

Druggists and Fancy Good* Dealers. 

MSW m vaxBW* toU*ai« „ »u viwm wrsaing to p»r'hsw; xn« f- lie 


Notici.— T he genuine ha* the name and address, up- | n o sup erior. ' 

on a steel-plate engraving, on lour * Ides of the box. of I “ I 

WM. A. BATCHBLOR.16Bocd st eet. New York wd 

OOAL, which, for kitchen, parlor or chamber ua*. hM N*. 2 36 M.-LRKET GTR 

no inperior. -,7 tr n :v *. i a i rj 

OfBce*— 3M Third *troot. between Market and *"*' “ I.eelavl '1 

*old by Meesrs. Wil*»n A Etarblrd, lonlsvllle, Ken- 
tucky. ap7dly 





T hb undersigned keep wnstantly^^ 

hand a choice lot of PITTSBURG OOAL, together 
with all other klnda kept in this market, towhlch they 
I would Invite the attention of hnyera. Haying had tong 
I experience In the beaine**, we feel confident w* can 
give entire (aUafhctlon la every particular. W* ask a 
, contlnnance of the patronage heretofore *o Itharaky be- 
' stowed, M well m an Increa** of now enatomers. ( nr 
I office 1* on MarkoLbetween Sixth aad Sovonth rtivalu 
and on Water and First sueeU. 

! 6etS dU BOW8BR * FULTZ. 

Water Worl 


Ageit and Coal merchant, 

; LOUlSVILl.i: 

\ PlumbingEstabUshi 

► No. 1.34 Third Street, near Jrffe 

a, ■■ 

Water Pipes, Hos®, Hytlrm 

“ i w* -'•‘J* FKKPARED to iM.i.lDlTk 
I »V Pipe* Into Dweilincs, -•  re- ar..l P»c 
roa- nah e terms. We have a luh rirw-z ..f i 
jyater Closets, Shower Bates. TV a- h, 
lio-e Boxes, Ac Having a onr ex.ier n«e u 

Third Shreet, betmeen Market and Jegtrecn. eeest stdt gua.'ant— to give ru:Ire *u s.* 

LwhleTlIlh, Ky. e^.ted to n*. 


Short notice by calling at the above place, and with 
too best article tn the market, at tho lowest cMh plica PLUMBERS. GAS A^'D -Tstjuai 
Pleone give him your erdera. taiHdtf misdtrvxin -r 


mlSdtflcSIp -. 

Coax. Coal. 


Coal. Coal. 

defend Kentucky lu ihl. hour of peril, wo , ^\F THB BEST qn ai.t f y awn THE LOW 
call, and nrg« you to come with n* Into i \J Prlceaforaale ^ 

the rendezvous — Camp Wx-hlogton— at OEITTKNDKN A GANTT 

hhephardsvdlo. Our regiment U rapidly ran We*t side Third near Ma’r, 

LOITTRVTT.T.T? WW A T U A WV A MTI tonabl* quarter* a one.-. Address by mill Major T. T. 
JgUUADVl.LLn, nnw AHH fOSTEK. P.o.B.x a. Columbia, Adair eountv, Kv.. 

CHICAGO HAILHOAI) ! which wiU be anawe:e-l re.V do 


Another Company of Provost Gaards. 


( J ,er‘l talus a* u'ir’^;*u‘?(S-TAn“^.“*’* ' 

vine, as follows. (fllce on Third street, between Market and Jeff rson. 

9-JO A. M. CHICAGO KXPUA83 (dally except Sundays), 1 a Co peri* GUding e*tablUliment 

A h 4 UPON you woo ARB WILLl.NG TO C!rh9 1 r*reeu 1 ! ’ 

nt Jto an prove your love of couutry by aiding to | wAFO«A. /m \. 

B B defend Kentucky In ihls hour of peril, we , r\F THE BEST ()UAL1TT AND AT THE LOWER ^ v ^ 

M B IKcall, and nrg« yon to come with ns Into i \J Prlceaforsale by 1 

m B rendezvous — (3an.p Wx-hlogton— at : (JEITTKNDKN A GANTT UTWit s. . 

nmm jUephardsvdle. imr regiment U rapidly mv' We.tztde'SlTd nwMa'r. U'^ItlVe rt 2k2f^’‘ N'JTICE. 1 

EE W ■ filling np, and will compare w'th any In . — — •' enure siocx of 

111.' wrr Vice :i the energy and zeal a Uh whit-h U 1. pre- . XiN/^TO d A T XT' • I 'S. 

I baring Ll take the field. Ku’.l infumiailo? will be given  - X" * JxTto lS /V I j Hz I ' I S, 

I to all who wish to Join by calling »i tho oiBce of Col. : T — V’ QUALITT OF PITTBBUBa IX) A L AT TW I * ^ 1 

B^ne. on JeffersM. near hUth street, Loulsrille, Ky. Oloweet market prio*. Also. BBBOU BOTTOM 0U&. ' A *T* — h JCA 

Come quickly. Your country need* vour aid. much lower rat^ by .« w»ai -a- 

' n 1 w- KEIXOGG. Agent, I Mr »toek eon-Isfs of the mod vai. 

^ ^ X JOflN.*M iN. L eul. Col. i fiftar IHa r««rii#r Af Thfr l «n.* Mir?". ; e noOf!;*; aikI nu- * !\a-if^s . ^ • 

_ JOHN OADLr.Jx.. .Ma)or. by applying at once. Aim ag me nan. tl 


TO HORSE! . Franklin Planing Mill, 

them, that are not attached toany regiment, to Join . nr a -n-covs* Bo-s’ and Y-.nths’ kit, 

their men to a regiment of linssar*. or lancer* Tlds ■ WAREROOMSS Bovs’ Arm- Shoe* rwe ii  ‘**'^i»* " . 

will bs one of the floeat equipped . nd   niy one In K-n- I Ihbd Street, b*L Jefferson and Green, la old Jeamal 01 Together with a la g’e aiwoitmeiit i. t’-''”* '' ‘ 

tncky. heveu hundred men are already euroUeifin Us , IBse Bnlldlsd, aU styles an J nuodtl-A^ 

ranks. Great care and pains Is taken for the comforta ■ , , e ww i ’ti v it mw 

of the men. and affords an excellent chance for young 1 U)UI»*ILlt, BT» jjs Market wreeA wmi .li. "L. ri.,-i ..“i 

nuftn The compftulus anil oien will he furuisbeil com- : w b a wvrv Alfl'U KBR OV DOORJI e LfNneeftAfii noS Ji,, * 

wh?ch w:il‘U^;n*^e V4‘’ ^ ‘ *••»•! Ui A I I# .’'(If A P 11 - 1 ( ■ hi -h 

which will be answe.ed ** , always on band Dressed Lumber. Flooring, dhelvicg. Mlj|| bVk'v vV'-Iii Ail2 


r  lowest market prio*. Also. BBBOU BOTTOM (XJAl 
much tower rates, by 

J. a. KELLOGG. Agent, 

•e? «tif viftar IHa r t wn^ nf «n.* 

H. 8. VAN SE66ERN 

Franklin Planing Mill, j 


ranks. Great care and pains Is taken for the comforta 
of the men. and affords an excellent chance for young 
men The companies and men wld he furnished rom- 


sMu u J UN H. MER 

3X3 Market toreet. west side. oet. riii-l es d 
noS .Hr, r 1 , 1 . 

Weatherboarding, etc. All klada of Rlpnlite. Splitting! 
Seroil Sawing. regular and Irregular SashrOoor*. Mold- 

IngA Ac., don* to order with neataeas and dlspatcli. 

A large supply of Dresaed end Bough Lumber alway* | 
en hand and tor sal*. 


Third ritreet, beiweea  |sln aad 

A 1 Lumbor used in manntactvre la kiln dried, 
mp* fVden -—mptiT att«n.led to mrlt dAwd 

making close coDuectlon at Mitchell, with U. A M. 
Kailroud, fur 8i Loul*. Calm anil the West, reaching 
St. Louis at lI:Sy F M, connecting .Iso at ( reea 
C**Ue Junction with T. A R. Kallmad East and tVest, 
at Lafavette with T A W. Kallroad Kast an l West, 
aud at .Mlchlgsn City tor Cihleago and Detroit. 


cavalry: cavalry: 

O' f Comiianv in Col. Jeue Barles’ Regiment, noa- 

N'otica. I 

Rntter hts Intereu In their bustne**. said turner re- , 
tiring thcreftom. The remelning partners letalu .be i 
assets and assume the liablUUss *f raid firm auJ w!. I 


pBOBIVi i  Till- niT 
XV tsUaLL uY-TKK.'I. 

W4A¥4A«*iA A A asseu and assume the liab'UUssef raid firm auJ w!; 
ABI.B-B DIFD .MEN WANTED, 20 FILL A conUna* the Benktng and Exchaw bnainw- a* usuaL 

i/UATlo e •» va ^ 

tJJOP. M.8T. L‘'U18MOHT BVFKKS8 (dallv) reach- 1 V' Cempanv In Col. Jeue Bayles’ lleglment, now 
lug 8T. LOUIS at 10:30 A. M. and CINCINNATI i “’JPy *he Fair and Is nearly full. W«es 

at 9H» A M This Train runs to MltcheU onlv I •“ "J.® ***• monto’* wage* will be 

ssld a* soon at tne C .mpany Is mnrterrd tn. Hornes, 

RETURNING— Leavr f St. I outsat 6.0n A. M. aad Wtt Koalpments. aod Uniforms fiiroished. Gooii do hion. 


eURTl;) e AiUUN 
It P liVTTKiL 

n iKM, 

»E *«kyrntofttorz/ *w a . * -*^cucuouiy. i»aM 8000 as tn^ C iiYipany l8 mn?terrd tn. Horses, 

*®^J**t 6 . on A. M. aad Wtt cqalpments. aod Uniforms fiiroished. Uoo i do hime* 
P.  1., maalD? immi’diate couoectloo at MltcheU ] me *icihl ettendAnce. and pleruy to eat. Recruits are 
With jSouth-bound tra l; arrlvlog at New Albany at | UDder no expen-e alter enlistli s(. 

7:2uP. M., and 5^5 A. M. Ihl.-i Is a spieodid oppTirtuiilty f r yoniyr men to do 

Ojvxr OFK CHANGE OF CARS TO ST. LOUIS i**.*!! *’*^••..“’1 

CINCINNATI OR CHICAGO t let It not be s Id th.,t In tlana, Ohio, and lUino.s fight 

.. n our UatUc*. whllc w J reTualu a home Idle. 

E^BAGGAGL CHECKED THROUGH For further Information, inqn re at Philip Husser’s, 

BBur stocks of WALL FAPSK In the dty, which 

mr For Tbronib Tlckcu anl furtner Infonnatloo Butchertown. of Capt. 
apply at the GR.NKRAL RAILROAD OFFICE, south- street, uearEhelby 

westemmer of Main and Third streets. LMlavlIle Ky no22dif 
K^Traln* are tun by Lonir'ile time. . 

A. B. CULVER, Sup’L 
8. 8. PaxKXfi. Agent. dei 


B'ltchMiown, of Capt. Keords*, at B^iaehouse, oo • ve are detonDlnad to ioU at auch prices aa will 

“SSr c.„ j»o. KiariM I DEFY COMPETITION! 



I ll §1 I ill 1 1 1,1 II 41 j Bnt will give a perfect article. NEW aad FRK8H, at aa 

I 8' »E I I IBIl'lFm lew a pries as tks damaged Paper (with which Ihs city 

B Bv IB3 a B BB M K « l* fioodeU) can be bonghu Purchaser* win call an-1 ea 


wa*a V V UA tu VM rx WM h# V AV , L ICHARD^NAL 

is reoommended. The whole number of , ' ' rv Ku**eii Rensou 

enrolled militie is 167.946. The whole' l^’Eren the Earl of ShafUburT, aooord* 

_ e •aato*. ^ Klchaitli iMnici 

number gone into the yolunteer service of log to the Albany Eyening Journal, whose iowi.ngsDB 
the United States is reported by the Adju- • • r* i j j . n*K!'r.:^ii^ * 

unt General at 27,279 About 11,000 more *" *“ England, recently remarked to RobcrisRL 

tore estimated to be in the naval serTioe ae ‘ gentleman who had a convereation with 2 

sailors and marines, leaving 127,000 at home, him on American affairs: 8*i-sKobert 

^ides those men capable of ordinary ^ jjj common with almost every 8h^ir8»muei 

**ir^ n , . , , , 1 English statesman, sincerely desire the rup awTr^sGeora# 

I closes his message as fol- , ^.ruerican Union It has been the staniiy Oeorge 

lows: “The great rebellion mast be put , p^Uay „f England to brook no riralry, es- &®C.Dt Brown 

down, and its promoters cmsheil beneath Jecially in (he direction of her own great- Scott ii Cui J w ^ x 

the rains of their own ambition. The | bms. We justly fear the commercial and rtviNNBY C 

greatest crime of history must receiTC a political rivalrjf of the United States. With X ThomberxChuM 
doom so swift and sure that the enemies of » population of thirty milUons now, they iL^uri 

popular goTemment shall stand m »we „iH .oon, if not checked, overshadow Great TvnerTj x 

while they confemplate the elastic energy ; Wa cannot look upon such a Thompson T 8 

Owen* Iphrsim 
Owen Dr Frans 

Payne J N 
Pitt Wm 
Partlow Win 
Parker Wm 
Pmit Meridith 
Pb 'lpe Moron* 
Parsons M W 

Robinson Oeo T 
Randolph Hugh J 
Readv John 
Rain* Js* or Bro 
Royan John 
Rlchardsoo W J 
Rl ige John W 

CHAsroB or txmb. 

Train* on the LonlsTlII'e A Nashville Ralirtjad snd 
Branches, will be nin «* follows; 

Mall Train for Mnufordsvllle, will leave at 7:60 a. m. 
Express I rain for Bordstown aud .Muniordsville, will 
leave at SKIO P. m. 

Accooimo la ton Train for Lebanon and New Haven, 
will leave at 78W a. x. 

Freight Train for .MonfordavlUe and a-ay Stations, will 
leave at 5:00 * n. 

All Train* will run dally on Main road and Lebanon 

Bardttown Train dally (Sun lay* excepted). 


January 1, 1862 .-1*3 JAntf gnptr lntendent. 



Adjoining finnk of LonlsTlIle, 


to dooded) cftn be boonhi. PorcheMn «Ul cell eod ex 
amtoe beioie bnjtnc. 


•Die *n»lTv1 n«Hhr Matvi 

Venitian Blind Factory. 


Hauth Hide, betweea Third aad Peiirtb. No. '498 hdARKET STREET, 


.Anl all other oeKcac’es of TN 

of W n.-a, UqQ. r , an . Oh:*. » w.U *.wav- 
tea B r. 

! We are dailv rec- Iv ag M-l'' v’* c -i- d 
Can i*y-ters, by ar tne fin,--t .in l '.-c-t 3* 
thei »re SOI.J In tel- mara.t. 
acM) J..HN ’ 


A. S. B. 1 B C. A Xi. S. 


H ave just KiniKNED ioa. 

with a fine *aii.)TtiPL'.’ii 

^ KAU-! K-YIE DO 1.AN 

All of which are of the vary best . ■ • 

quantity of 


For Ihehloiiabis Fairi -* or Brlr»e*. 

1 tat* pleasuiv In tnf- r:., ns the cu:li ... 
a*t opeotol a (Mer,- on 

(irefa Sirrft, X 

A dMn tog the LenlnvUle ' .tdalT' 
lesfring to purr2ae» ih-* ,,-jr* ari:  - * . 
find It. 

As I wairrot a iHayOr. via to he r -i- ..a, 1 
»lmyatca;ar**o every ar-.ltleaa.-j 1 ‘ 

L. K Raby will freqoflo’.lv vKlt Frawet- * -c 
HewUlUke eommlader* fj 'itoris anl • *:,«r 

T’riTnTYIlTIO’ nrinHa PBBPBOTFULLT informs bib friends AMD order* wav   * wt a. the 

XAXAAAg the public teat he may b* found at tha she r* place, i ezxa » . ^ 

a 9 I m.WF asi« IFUVIIV MiMto MW uamj ww *wuaw mm mt^ Okaa W x ^ t 

C , • ia A- X . V »v*r Messrs. Watson A Stoufcr’* Furalture Wareroom*. Fut6eil ilDDrOV8’i FaTlDS i 

urtain Materials, Stat* ot IndUat 

Carnetins Qil-Clnth : rs^'!K‘A’‘^iKSKS«.Ka Foas4i.Eo.NTE.Nvsvr. 

Uli UiUbUDj rfths^i^e^bys^i^Ueot^^^ CU.VTAJ V/ V« WK/l w .r Brv- va . — 


\J train* will leave LoulzvlUe dolly (bundaya •zc*p*  



0^ I Will be pleased to *ee all of my oU enstomort 
' and a* masy ne« »nes a* poaelble. 

4V 1 have procured tha service* of K A. RANDALL 
I late of the New York CoAh Store, as Salenmau. lei dtn 

I aid Bltod* at ilMin notice. From* practical know led(M FUR SALE ON TEN YE.VL 
j of the bosiae*a.aadbv*tr1ctaUentleotott.h*hopeato /vj vraiwiwr, 
gty* setlstactlou to iJl wko Biaydee with him, aad YO 

peril a liberal patronage ASO FOLIY .et'tttiS 

I BJT Pric^ rees sw e bj * end tera* eeeh. del die COME OF TIIB.M UN.-UllPA?^l'D 

— T-e--e T -w w w . , , ^ end tortlltty, ar.d each hat In/a uer i. 

W. J. HUGHES & CO., ' 

Commission Merchants h'-ftithf aiki h»wn‘ i 1*^ 

tBe eountv of :«con county. '® ' 

AVe wsoLKSftiJ MftLBM Of Uot from L utoFinr. ftUtI 17 Billie fri m ^ 

01 w wuwirv njHTR Rim\ Ififk 

am WBoLsaau paaixM n 

•• KJ toa^ wm leave LontavlUe doUy (bundaya azeept. t HONGST OUR ASSORTMENT OF CHOICE QUO- 

Banders Jno Capt Crow certes, we hare Black and Green Teas; Java and 

bimma JobnC ^ I FIBW ^**5*®*,?* *** ^Hom uieCufi'ee; Chocolate, Cocoa, and Broma; Brown and 

Bheaffer Samnel Sr whew fiamed, except FalrOround* jUceLonrs^Browna. Refined Sugars; Spices; Worcestershire an l other 

Sawers J W bor^andBellev .e^ cunuytlng at Eminence with stara Sauce*: Walnut. Ma-hiuomand Tomato Catsup.; Nng. 

Stevell Wm i ll»h Pickle-, eawjrted; American. HiglDh and FrenA 

Bmzl wojd Wasb’n 2 ’i*’»i** Mustard*; Anchovies; Sarillnes; &plce.| Salmon, In can*; 

Shook Wm I e»j 1 JuchoU ^ FreshCovsOvsters; P.e.ib lobstersandSalmon; 8mo«ed 

hheehy Morran 
Smith Augusts* 

Smite Semuel 

1 ^ o^ ^ Kew cash Btor e, ** 8*lm mm. _ tei _ dtn , RAW WHISKY, RiOUKi BACON, I ctUM dwftl.liu bk*u»^. tftru, Uftb 

n, 8.0PPI0ERS AND SUTLERS. Crate, Tekacco an* Pro- 

A mongst our assortment of choice QBU ^ *mtu and iesMezi.-m. md *ilno'.v 

/•orlo. are horo Rlo/-k on.l T..... I.„. .n.l I ailVV* bOetOrd-T 

pmeuu W n ■■uiuoucewiw oiara sauceiK Walnut. Mu-hiooman.1 Tomato Catsup.; War 

tor BowcasUe; rt Frankfort f()r Lawrencebn™. Harroda- luh Pickle-, aamjrted; American. FuglDh and FrenA 
**?.?*V* "*’_.** Mustard*; Anchovies; Siwllnes; &plce l Salmon, In cans; 

if,? ** jHchoU^ Fresh CovsOvsters; F.e..h 1 obsters and Salmon; 8 mo«ed 

jUlo, Du^*. Laocos^, nut grebard. Sounrt. . Uallbut and Salmon; Smoted Herring: Salman and 

A gents for mbssk*. t. a j. w. gafts distil- 

lerles, Aurora and Lawrenceburg, Ind 
Meaw^ Howe A Oo.. DiaUUers, l^et. lad. 
Beergra** Flour Mill*, LoulevMle, Kj. 
llnooler Ftoor Mills, Patriot, Ind. 

Qaff't Flour Mill*. Anrwra and LawrencabUTg, lad. 

th/mJ^S?****'* BteM Mackerel In kit* an 1 half kits; Fresh Tomatoes Green ! .,Ufca**?»i*rf 2*^' 

nOOND TRAlN-^-t(lp ^ il. itomdag at ite SMon* Com; Freah Peaches and other Fruit-, In cans; Pr^ , SIXTH AND SBVEN TH. LOUinTlLLK KV. nofidly 

Mackerel In kit* an i half kits; Frssh Tomatoes Green 

T innby c 


polilioal rivalry of the United Statefi. With X Thornberg (Hia* M 
a popnlation of thirty millions oow, they Tewie Samuel 
will soon, if not checked, overahadow Great J _ _ 

Biittoin. We cannot look upon each a Thompson tb 

and eoncentrMive power of the democratic , monfitroua growth without apprehension.” 
iastUntions of a free people. The monstrous , _. . • . u ,v . r» 

chtoTtooter of the crime has never yet been ^^*® ‘® ‘I*®" '"® "® 

adequately conceived, nor is language able j wise, we shall act upon it in all quartcra. 
to describe it. Groandless in its origin, ■' 

it began and grew up and continues under Fidbral Ercrisane ov thi Southbrh 

■\ 7 -ALENTiNK W LC ( ;ol 
r Vance Josepli 

Wood Ozraa 
Wberett Ch«* 

We*tc 4t C P 
Wagner Ones 

u began and grew up and continues under Fidbral ErerBsaBB 0 * thb Southbrh wSuerOnM 
^e lead of men who raceived nil the Coabt — A letter written on board the 

favor and enjoyed all the bleesings of our rr j o . . xr- ic v 

government, and who were bonnd by offi- | ®‘®“™*' »«®®“ber 

eial oatha to maintain it. tteckleea of con - 22d, aaya: “We have juat returned from an 91"^ 

-- - - - WATringeTAibott 

United Siatea ateamer Vixen, on December „ 

Watkins Henry H 

22d, aaya : “We have inat returned from an ?®nry H 

’ * ' W 11*00 John 

Todd HQ 
Tlgbos Jame* 
Tegardlne Jacob 
TnVl/ Wm 
Taylor Dr W T 

Watson J L 
Wt Ham* J B 
R'llll* John 
Williamson Joseph 
Watson John 
Wright John P 
Wright Luther 
Weaver L M 
Wnpl Wm U 
Wade Wm K 
Word Moses M 

*®rr«^ J«1 1**; Raisin*; Corrsnl*. Ac., tor sole on moj 
Ortesby^A Brorrnsboro, Bucknei** snd North Benson crate term*. ^ ^ 

o iw war t ing by stage rt Euilnenoc fbr Nevraati*; at 
Chrtstlan.burg tDi Shelbyrllle; and at Payne’s tor 
Ge irgeto wn 

THIRD TRAIN— AocanniPATion—Lsay** rt 4:10 r 
a, stopptBg rt all Stotloa*: and retfindng, will leave La 
grange at 7 JO A- u., stopping at oU Stations, and orrlye *1 
Eoulsvuie at 9:00 A. R. 

Tralas trrlya tn Louisville ae fiBlIows: First train rt 
11.40 A second train rt 7JI3 r. U4 Lagrange Aooom- 
mo-Iodon rt 9 Ot A M. 

Imr/irter* of Tesa. Ar., 315 Third street. 

Fretobt train* leave LontsTlIle dally (Bundaya exoapA 
dl *tkS9 AM.,arr1vtMlD Lexington *14:45 V. ■. 
Freight train* leav* Lcxlculon dally (Sundays except- 




(ulon dally (Sundays except- •* *b® to 

ed) At *36 A. M., arriving in LooUvlila at 4:45 r. n. ® ... 

Fnight 1* reoelred and diathoigad ftom VJ0h,m. ic 5.-(» .f*** w*D-known *upar1ortty ot onr 

„ »»»•“» *• eie. aiK.iwiaw uviu w p^JblU th* neC—Sity Of OQr OTyUM It tO POb 

n».^n. narr»i. ,e«, iw* ttesto obtoln their cerUficato*. 

rO& BAUD. 

e« Oieflnnt street, between Fourth end 
Hghth croas rtreete. The Hone* eeutaine e h«u IM 
ud three rooms ea th* fires Aoor. end few rooms oo 
the leooad floor, else, kttchan aad serraatF room*, with 
dstem, washrooaa, stable and eoeOkoaso. 

If the above property la net aoffi soon. It wm he to 
reel to a good tenoaL 
i*r tarthar perttoula**, tefiniw of 

J- E. WUmiAN. 

■oddtf Reel Ito toi e Agent 

a ■ O* m»Dtoi tree*, and In foci, every th.rg ’hei r 
firsS-claea Cann and resMen.-wi. md Ai no'., 
boat ord' r 

HSTll, 1 . T^: „rT Farm* ar* gcneralty tn the *i= 
hood; A cof vartba*- rixs* m d qu-.i’.;:*s v. 
lesolmj^ved, ronglog in price ir 'in Ji !0 t 3 u 
and win be sold te rracts to suit puren - s* 
towl ngtavofab:* (*rm., noiwe'y; u’ e-toarin c 
imd rotnali der tn u / aniiOA Bay'-uea;-*. » ds-dnd. 
hfasortgago. iihcisDd. 

T. BBT. Fersons wish 1 glopurehaie lead, and esprei 
nofidly who may desire to rsoKiv* their fa.-.i .i-'« n-. 

nec fss a r llT exposed to danger tu thr-w per cu* 
a q tot. mto, heatey. an-1 piemsnt lorAiiy, 
this on szoeUeot oppertanily. Aar one ah e 

WM the first payment can oteh* the otoer* 'T ihe k- 

I't I^B For fhrtbsr Informsttoo apoiy kv h-ner. or h 
illJIH I* KteAWnKvGLI 

oms 00 sclddAwt. Lcxingtoo.! 


• ixMiu w. SJ.VU Dfohlbiu the o#c«wtty of oer emae U to per 

' my-Throttgh Tickets tor Denvllle. Harrodsliurg, (hat airwninn 

OiSsrd. PomwTOi, Richmond, Mount Sterling, Win- 
(Hester, Nlcholosvtilo. ‘ieonretown. Shelbyrllle. and othei *® 

town* in the interior for *ale, and alifuithsv tnibnaaUoa OFFICE OF OI^ PWDER MAGAZUTR 

ean h* hod at te« Depot In LouisvlU* coraw of Jeftonon *“ V*V*i irimww a m 

^ Brook street* ae lB dlnsti A Y. D UPONT A OO 

Bcqaenoea, and determinod to ruin whore expedition lo North EdUto, in which (he 
coMpirod again.t : 

the welfare of near thirty millioDB of people i . „ . , . , 

End their comitleFo pofterity. They plunged 1 “ ®  *ee®rt« l. took and 

them, with inoonoeivahle mndneaa, into ' held the plMe, and captured at Rookvillee 
and Buffering and Borrow I the camp equipage of about four hundred 
which follow. I J V 1 u . A A 

“The American citican can recognize no I '***'‘"’ »‘^P® *®‘* ®“ o®*’ »P 

Boeial duty intervening between himeelf i praach. The Penguin ia now anchored in 
and k)a country. He may urge reform, but North Ediato. Our flag bow fliaa from North 
^ hafl Ko right to dcBtroy. Eatrasitel with I Bdisto to Oaiabaw.” 

M 18CB LL. ANEnuS. 

TEADMAN Gusrd* Elder Church of Christ 

Sept L. a F. and U 

and U A F. rTe. 

^gOTTO Joseph 


Kntte QuUaa 


Allison Win*. Copt Allison 
Aaker Ueut L a 

Allen J W, (’apt Hargrov 
Armstrong James, Oipt ( 
Adams Join, Oil Carr 

Adam* Bemuei 1-, Col Boyles 
Anthony Ca^ M G 

Louisville & Frankfort and Lex- 
ington & Frankfort Railroads. 

V f th# Aeeommo latlon Train will leave Loul vlU* rt 
*10 r. n. No other change for th* preeent wm be mad* 
In th* Um* (Kd. 

sea - ■AM’L GILL, Bopt. 

orriOB Of oiTT powder magaziml 
He. 477 Mara Srmnv. 

seia dlBsti A Y. D UPONT A (XI 

I'igais! Cigars! Cigars! 

8. B. McGILL. 


Cigars Tobacco, Snnfi; Pipes, kc. i 

Xos. tea Green street, bet. T^trd and PburtK, and SM | 
J'firson street, bd. Pi/th ‘tnU Sixth. | 

Ol Clgare and Tehecoo kept constantly ea hand. 
nolT dly 

gH^KE BBUOlfl 8 .-I 0 DOZEN | 

isr tarthar pesttnutos, te«BlN of —ON— 

mrtdtz FOREioisri’A^ 

— hate made AKHA.VGrri»'vf5 *r 

YWV/aw-wem A XEruemeu ” rt low figures on EMIL AND, I 

JXLOTTie A XXOftff, Gm vrtnclpsl cities ef GERMAN 

W . .. W . - XEkLaND. BELGIUM smi i»OiX*.*I ; dm 

408 Mall girect. Id koMc below faitk. south ame&ica and a 





AO ESSO, In rtack end mode to erdof; 


nmu) mtEET. 

E« tw isi Mam *-rt M 


'IXT* have takkn the OFruns f  

»” 6 v Messra. A. H Hurt A 

FlUmisklllg Goods, OOMtbS End eonttun* th* geoerol BaN’iIMQ « 

ernE hoH, eoM PE n:as:Hi..j,to 

oiLMY nrxvBs, tbxtv o&ob! 

-rnTTH FUWra ATTACHED. 75,000 tofim hi*” 

W^E^*Odtorl (mmp.h mrt^|H^^ tos‘t:,*l 5 fl Mxth^M ,^ 



h*, tor col* kff 
I anlTAhw 

Lenis v me. July it. mr. 

TBxrv oSs^m. 


lul sad nB Sixth M teS* b 

/^hanebrbieb.— m EAiuuifa' 

andtovsel* kf 


Daily Louisville Democrat, 1862-01-04

4 pages, edition 01

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