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The Very Bat Job 
Printing it the Most 
Rcaaonable Prica 

Vol. No. BSJ—Pubushed Weekly 



ANNA O. LILLY, Editor 

No. 5 

Seven Billions Tp Be Appropriated 

War Council To Be Held Here, tddystone Explosion Caused By Alien. 




1)1 I{ ( ITV S NKIOh. 

What "State of War" Is. 

A "liectaration nf wiir" by one na- 
tion URainst atmthrr is outriKht Hn- 
i)i unc 'riirnt that um" intends t»i uairr 
(III till' citlitT. The (If'cl initioii i,- 
ti'iriiaiiy SI lit to the oncniyV (.■nvrrn- 
iiii iit. f .-ually the ivspimsllniity for 
the war, in »ucli a ruoo, lii'B witli Uio 
oatien deelarinB it 

The United' State* ha« rniratrM in 
foor tonign war*, but it has never 
declared war in any of these rases, 
nor hn« any nntion ever (leehiinl war 
OKainKt the IJnit4-il Suites. 

A "utate of war" v\as dcchired t i 
e\i«l in l^lli Willi (H'lit llritniii. in 
ItMO with Me\ii'u, unil in 18tl8 with 
Spain. A declaration of independ- 
ence broueiit on the wnr of 1770. 

A "atate of war" mean* tliat the 
rountry reeaKniiinR nucJi a condition 
h. ii.'vcs It h.'i . h. .11 attacked and war 
Im'iiii; uai'i'il a^ iinst it and it i* nee- 
re; ;.r  fur n; d( fenite and ^ee- 
urilv liL'lit li:irk. 

Keroiriiition of a "state of war" 
place* the rcaponniliility for the var 
and It* consequenceii upon the other 

The war niea. iire is expecteil to 
|i;is,, the Mouse anil new phins for 
t.-i\alioii for raising part of thr mon- 
ey will In'irin iiiiineitiaioly, -o i( is to- 
ila ' iiivrii iiiit If. I'i« ■ I'i' nt Wilson 
and I .1,1 M. .\." 

Arthur J- Ualfcur, of ^jlKlaIlll, and 
Premier Vifian*. of fnuiee, will be 
«M M -tU* eadalnr to Oooadl of 

A* a re*ult of the Eddy*tone ex- 
plonion, tiiere are llA dead; TO in 
hospital* and many mission. 

niame placed on disloyal •■inployee, 
who nUo perished. 

Many yoiinjf jiirls are anions the 
dead. Sunpeeta have been taken at 
Philadelphia, in Villa Nora, Pa., and 
in Camden, N. J. 

What Senator James Has 
To Say of President'* 

"Preildent Wil*on stated the ca«c 

of Ameriea n» no other livin(r man 
eoiild havi- flone. He HUinnioni'd .-it 
once every jiatriotic American to the 
defenne of the flu(t and countr '. We 
must not be, we cannot be, divi ie ii 
all must be loyal AnerlrnnK. I feid 
»ure that Kentucky wiltTrtund solidly 
behind the I're.iident, and I rejoice 
that the ritirens of our .^tatc of Ger- 
man biith and extraftion will be as 
loyal as the other Kentiirkians. 1 
have know n people Iuiik and 
well, niiil they have prospered and 
rontribute l Kreatly to our atate and 
have become really and truly a part 
of u*. 

"In the most dramatic and intetiee 
fettinir in this nation's life, surround- 
ed h  the .Supreme Court, the Selia 
lor,, th'- on nilM^r.s of the liour.e of 
Kepreseiitatives, his Cabinet and men 
distiniruished in all walks of life, hnv- 
ing hoped and prayed against the in- 
evitable, Preiident Wilson speakinx 
probably for the life and freedom of 
his own country, and for the life and 
f™,..i,,,,, .,f II,,. wiii id. presented to my 
niinil ttio wondorful composite of 
V^'asliiiiirton. .IcIT.-i^on and Lincoln. 

"He made it clear that we batth' 
fur home and fireside and liberty, not 
alone for ousaelves, but for the fn-e- 
riom and peace of the whole world. 
He assembled with rare ability the 
crimes and oulr.ivres th;it \\r ha\r 
patii nlt\- horntv Id- jinint,'.!  ■■-!' l   i 
ly that our hattle is ind .il.ii! 1 Ih. 
tierman people, hut a'.'aiii--t a cniel 
Government that seeks to enslave the 
world. The swoni is drawn and the 
liRht of lilierty and justice shines up- 
on its blade." 

Tlie (jauntlet luui been thrown 
down. Who will take it up! The 
challenffe is to the christian manhood 
and womanhood of Richmond. Shall 
we have a Y. M. C. A. or shall we 
not ■.' "That is the question." Con 
«. lonitei it by? Have we the 
I IK 111 to it by ? 

-A ^;i' a'..' r at the baiHiuet on Mon- 
d.iy i'\enini{ said; "We work for the 
things we love"— for the things which 
are enshrined in our hearts. 

Then surely if this be true, we 
should work for our boys — we should 
do aomethini; for them. We should 
at least, house them as carefully as 
we do our tobacco, our horses, our 
cattle and our (Ioks. Who stops at 
the tiling of cost, when it comes to 
one of thes*'? No, this is not the 
trouble. It is a lack of interest. "Be 
not deceived— God i* not mocked." 

We speak of Richmond and its 
needs, and it is true, the need* are 
there; the asphalt streets, the sewer 
s stem. the inotiem buitdintrs. the 
■..'ivat wl.itc wa\." The (rreat white 
way.* And \\hat would it reveal? 
ihir ho\s loafoii: on til.  tn'et cor- 
iiirs with the old and hanlened roues 
of the city— hcarintt profane Ian- 
i^unire — smokinir clnrettes and per- 
haps worse, drinkinu? O, yes, the 
white wiiy is all riifht. but by eivinK 
them a bright, homelike iind inviting; 
place of incctiiii,'. a placr for whide- 
sonie ircreation. of harmless aiiiusc 
mint— tt place presided over by a 
manly nun, u christian man, are ui 
not leading them into The Great 
White Way which atretchei on and 
on, into Ktemity? 

I,pt u* lay this matter on our 
heart* — let us not be weary in well 
doinK — let us work toi;etlier -and "in 
due seasoB we sh.all reap if we faint 

.0.1 " 

1 ht ii let us have a Y. M. C. A. In 
Itichmond— a buildinc wiiich will be u 
lastini; monument to our ritisenship! 

One very public spirited and gen- 
eron* mni — a yoonir lawyer who wa* 
preM'nt at the banquet on Monday 
eveniiii: 'aim- forward with the offer 
of 'HI a Mar townnis the main- 
tenance of a V. M. C. A. .Several 
other gentlemen have pledged their 
support— will not other* follow their 
I'xample? Should not thi* be an in- 
centive to many to do something to 
further the cause, and have a part in 
this great work. 

What on oppoiiunit ' for stone man 
to ii;a!:e hr- lif" waoth while to 
make his wi'alth a hh.- o ;' to our 
town. Who then will come forwani 
with the offer of n room to lie oseil 
.IS temporary headquarter* — to bi* 
litted up OS a reiruitinR station for 
our forces — to be made into an attrac- 
tive clubroeio for our h'.ysl A place 
w here they ran i' k toKether and bo 
khieldeil finm t  niptation. Where the 
ministers nnd tiii-m.-ss men of the 
town can dmp in for a friendly chat 
and thus establish a feeling of eom- 
nideship, and mutual trust? 

Yes— let us get together, men and 
women, and boost our town; but not 
to the exclusion of our boys; for what 
if we (tain all the things which have 
been planned— "what profiteth a man 
if he gain the whole world and kne 
his own soul?" 

April 18th National 

Recruiting Day. 

Mayor James C. Rogers', of Lex- 
ington, in common with all cities of 
the country of 10,000 population or 
moi-e. has a tele^^rani from the Ile- 
cruitinyr Committee of National Iie- 
fen^e of .N'ew A'ork, recently appoint- 
eil by Mayor .Mitchell, of the latter 
city, urging co-operation in recruit- 
ing the army and navy up to the war 
strength, and designating April 18th. 
the aanlversary of the battle of I^x- 
inulon. as National Itecruiting Pay. 
.MaMo KoH"'*rs promptly wired Chair- 
man .\lo\ r J. Hemphill that the 
would co-operate with the movement 
in every way posaible, and to send 
any program or literature bearing on 
the subject that i* avaltabte. 


We note, and not without a feeling 

of anuHement. that the papers thru- 
out tlio cuuiitr). dwell with nuilicious 
j;lee over the fait that Miss Jeancttc 
Uankin, the first congresswoman, 
ijave way to teal's ns she cast her 
vote against war. Tear* are not 
necessarily a sign of weakness either 
in man or woman, and certainly not 
in thi.4 case. 

It rather showed slreiii;iii of iliar 
after a depth of feelini: and appn-- 
ciation of the vast respon;iibility rest- 
ini; on the conscience of Miss Rankin. 

Unfortunately for our country, too 
few of our membera of Congresa are 
ever troubled with a thing like "con- 
cieiice" and when the "tears" are 
shed, they are generally shed by the 
I lies "liack home" — tear* of shame for 
 lo failure of thcae men to do their 

- — * 

9eatii oi Little Louise Minter. 

I.iltic Louise .Minter. the t!ii-ee year 
old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy 
Minter, died at an early hour Tuesday 
morning after an illness of only a 
■few day* of measles which went into 
croup. She was taken sick on last 
Friday and steadily grew worse until 
tile end. The funeral sin ictLs wero 
conducted at the cemeler  h\ U'-v. C. 
K. ill. at llo- noon ia.ur Tues- 
day, and tlie little grave wa.- Ii-ft cov- 
ered with flowers. 

l.,ouiBe was the liaby of the family 
and a beautiful and lovable child. 
To the bereaved parents our heart* 
go out in tender sympathy and we 
would point them to the beuotifnl 

"We are quite aure He never 
meant to break the sleiider cord 

.stretching iietween the here and 
there. He will but keep our own, 
and Hi*, until we fall asleep." 

Chamber of Commercel 

Banquet Delightful Affair. 

One of the very enjoyable aocial 1 
gathering* of the week, wo* the ban- 
quet given by the Chamber of Com- | 

merce on Monday evening at .Masonic 

The ball room pre.sented a very pa- 
triotic scene with its many flails and 
banners of red, whit*- and blue and 
choice flowers plm ■ ■! Im n and there. 
Everywhere the spirit of nood fellow- ! 
ship prevailed. At the long table* 
were seated possibly two hundred 
kiiest.-. ainoiii: whom wore many 

Mr. I!. K. Turley. rre.-i.lent of the 
chamber of Coninien r. pn-siiti d a 
Toustmaster and did so in his iiiiiiiita 
ble stylo. Hon. W. It. Smith 
nounced the invocation, after winch, 
Governor James Bennett Mc- 
Creary, the first speaker of the even- 
ing was introduced. He reviewed in 
forceful languaue the great political 
event* in om coimtry's history from 
the RevoUilaiiiai   period down to the 
present tioi--. liovornor McCreary is 
a man who has Is-en lionon-d with 
the highest oflices in the power of the 
people to liestow— • man honored 
both at home and abroad and it is 
always a privilege to hear him. Other 
-peakers of the evening were: Pr. T. 
.L l'o,i|,.s, rrv-id.Mll of the l'a..teni 

.-t Llr Nunil.ll. ^ ll" il.airinuvd l:i".-l 

earnf.-tl\ the .ahsurdily of tlic cr\ 
"On to Herlin" and refcireil to (o r 
many nut as a rountr ' with an arm) 
—but as an army with a country. 

Hi* renurk* were mo*t favorably 

Mr. Lilly spoke on Civic pride and 

paid a tribute to the ladies. 

I^of. J It. . II a very bun. - 
orous anil happy style irV ir -d to the 
pn'sent war and the Civil War when 
he serveil in the "Infantry." As the 
boy* say:. "He made a hit" 

Mr. C. C. Thonuu, Secretary of the 
Chamber of Commerce, ■poke on tlie 
work of the organisation and made a 
most excellent speech. He proved 
conclusively what could lie done by co- 
operation. Me came in for his .-.liaM 
of the hiiniirs and applause. 

Mrs. Lilly was called on for a toast 
and spoke briefly on the city'* needs 
—the greatest lieing a Y. M. C. A. 

A beautiful musical program 
given by Misses Cynthia Davison, 
Annie Burtrin Taylor, Lillimi and 
(iladys Smith, added to the plensupp 
of the i;uests and tin success « • Mie 

Ml liotkin. of t'\- I l..iml.i r of 
Coiniiti 111 . worked uiitlrillL^iy for the 
banquet and is deserving of csjiecial 


Bluest arc fliy skia,   ) fair Kentucky, 
Nestled at the'foo^i mountains tlierc; 
Sweetest are thy niWcns, O Kentucky, 
With the glint of dawn within their hair. 

Splendid are thy lirtd-S O dear Kentucky. 
With the wheat fields and the com of living 

Where the bird sonKs arc the sweetest, 0 

And the manhooA^wlifre truer. I would ween. 

Then 'twas here th^far famed garden, rare 

Uvely Eden, sure Was planted long ago; 
Where the lovers rmpitd 'mid roses. 0 

Kentucky, ? 
And the crystal str«m of life was wont to flow. 

Surely naught couldlere be fairer, my Kentucky, 
l ltan thy slopes of W'l and dale with limpid 


And when 1 muse otHiaven. 0 Kentucky, 
'Tis here I weave thi fabric of my dream. 

A. D. t.. 


Prominent Citizen Dies at 
I Crab Orchard 


CITY COUNCIL DOINGS, i he Woman With The Hoe, 

$A m m A A ^ ^ ^ 

If our Helin iurnt .sub.-^cnbers liiirtk 
that we arp clippinir coupon.^ throuRl'. 
the wee smatl huurs uf tlio niKht, this 
is to diiitlniion them. Your check 
would be thankfully received. 


Read This From The 

Lexmgton Leader. 

Three years ago a subscription was 
taken among the court house ofbcials 
to .secure enouirh money to allow the 
hoys who were f i-e(|Ueiitty brouffht 
before the court to enjoy the privil- 
eges of a Y. H. C. A. Fifty boys 
were taken in at that time as an ex- 
periment The results have been re- 
markable. Boys, who at one time 
were comiielled to spend most of their 
time on the streets, were (fivcn ad 
vantaire of the opportunities offered 
by the Y. M. C. A. Heinir transfer- 
red from the streets to pleasant sur- 
roundings had an excellent elTect on 
the boy* and it is a rare thing that 
one of them is arraigned before the 
court In my opinion if the Y. M. C. 
A. did no other Kood than benelit the 
boys of Ix'xinirton who have no 
chance, the community would be fully 
repaid for contributing towards its 

Higher Up. 

Our popular fellow citizen, Hon. L,. 
B. Herrington,' ha* been ordered to 
walk up higher. For aome yean he 
has been with the Kentucky UUlitiV.- 
Company a* purchasing agent for 
electric plants, iie has made ^'ood 
in thi.-. position and has been advanc 
ed to the oltice of Vice I'resident of 
the conoein with headquarters in 
ix uisville and is now holding down 
his desk in that city. This is a de- 
served recoiniition of ability and we 
know that in this position li, uiil 
make good. He will b«' at home rJio 
week-ends with his family here. La- 
ter on he may remove to that city. 

We extend our hearty congratula- 
tion* and trust that he may yet re- 
ceive higher honor*. 

See U P. Evans for Tornado Inaur- 

The City Council list in iTffU'fl'' 
.„ siou la.-.'t Tlall.Mlay iiikIiI aa.l vcr 
iittlc was done outside of the regu''J- 
routine woric. ^ 

Two ordinances were passed bj the 
Board of Council, but Mayor liice 
was somewhat opposed to both meas- 
utvs and refused to sign them until 
he made a thorouirb and comprel.en- 
ive investiu'ation of their le^'allt; . in 
ul.ich he has thirty .hiy.s. 

One of the ordinances proposed vas 
the placiiiir of a license tax of one 
huiidixd dollars a year on all li.iin- 
dry agents operating in the city -in 
other words, to tax all outside laun- 
dries operating in the city one hun- 
dred dollars a yeur. After consi.ier- 
alile di.-ciission, the license was «- 
,lms d to j.'io a year, whicli wa* pass- 
.-.1 by the Council. 

The other ordinance was the impos- 
ing of a tjix of S15 a day upon 
all foreign agent* soliciting orders or 
in any manner selling any goods even 
for future deliveries, in the city of 
Richmond. This ordinance was drawn 
.Old pas.sed with the intent and for 
the purpose ..f prnt'Tline: the nier- 
eliunts UK'ain.-t ajrents and dinciunt 
merchants who sell and .solicit orders 
for clothing, shoes, dry Roods, no- 
tions, groceries and, in fact all kinds 
of merchandise. Of course, the or- 
dinance does not ap|ily to reeiil irly 
lecojjnizcd commercial tra\» 1' r.=. I he 
valadity of this ordinance was airueil 
by Atloniey .loe I'. Chmaiill for the 
merchants, and efter considc .hie 
wrangling wa* pa**ed by the Coua -il. 

A Popidar Man Leaves Us. 

Capt John U. Pates, so well and 
favorably known hercjias aceepled a 
position in TralTonl. Pa., ami left this 
week to assume his duties. He will 

be in chari;e of a larne niimh. ' of 
men eiiL,'ai:i d in the collieru -. The 
position is 1 r ■ -poll ihlr onr  and car- 
ries with it a hand-onii' --al.tiy. He 
will not remove from this cit), at 
least it is not his present intention 
of so doing, but he will come home 
fre |ucntly to visit hi* family. 

Capt Pates will make good in any 
IHisition. He has a talent f r !■ linR 
men and no man who ever ^^•y■■■ un- 
der him has ever said an unkind ord 
of him. Ivich one is his cn:l. i stic 
helper and well wisher. Con^i. 'ula- 
tions. Captain, and may you find the 
very ix-st yet in your new posititm. 
You have legions of friends here who 
wish you well. 

h Lexington Today. 

Col. Woo.lson .May, of Soni. •'.set, of the K.xecutive Conn; itee 
of the Kentucky Press As-i" i tion, 
has issued a call for a moetiiin ' the 
comittee to be held at l%oenix Hetfl, 
I.«xinKton, today at 11 o'clock, to  lis- 
cuss the time and place for holding 
the midsummer meeting and the 
tiaiisiction of other important busi- 
ne.s in connection with the associa- 


Miss Katie Russell will give h- .-^ns 
in drawinir and paintinp at ' ents 
a lesson. Rooms in .Mci'rear. ■ uihl- 
ing next door to post uflice. tf 

On Tuesday inoniin.  a valiant 
f women might have been seen 
planting potatoes on the suifrage lot 
1)681' Xh* Greeniiouse' so i{eneiOusl  
donated by .Mrs. J. W. Caperton for 
that purpose. They worked in earnest 
and had no thought  of sun and tan 
and in a short while the result of 
their labors will Is- manifest. In 
July tliis crop will be dug and anoth- 
er put in. Here's to the women who 
are not afraid to put their hands to 
tlie hoe when duty demands! 

The following well known mem- 
bers of the Madison County l,eague, 
cut nnd dropped the potatoes, and 
hin'il men covered them: 

Mrs. James Caperton, Mrs. A. Rol- 
lins Burnam, .Mrs. James Bennett, 
Mrs. Neale Bennett, Mrs. Warfield C. 
Bennett, Miss Lucia Burnam, Mrs, T. 
8. Burnam, Mrs. James Burnam, Miss 
Boyer, Mrs. Mary B. Clay, Miss Wil- 
lie Kennedy. Mrs. \Vm. Parks, Mrs. 
Sanderson, .Mi.^s .' arah Shackelford, 
Mrs. KuKcne Walker. 


Mr. J. B. Willis, a widely known 
and popular citizen of Crab Orchaiil, 
Ky., ilicd at his home at an early hour 
.Monday morning after being in fail- 
iiW health for several veins. .Mr. 
wVlis was a native of Madison coun- 
ty aiKl hail iKis.M'd la.- .-i Nty-eiulith 
birthday last IJeecniher. l-'orty-seveii 
years ago he wa* married to Miss 
Pattie DeJamette, the eldest daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. (ieorfre DeJar- 
nette, old and prominent re.sidents of 
Madison, Of this imii n live children 
were bom, the follouin - of whom, 
with his wife survive: .Mrs. P. C. 
neJamette, of Viririnia; .Mr. T. C. 
Willis, of Nicholasville; Mr. J. D. 
Willis, of St Louis, and Mr. George 
Willis, of Texas. Mr. Willis was the 
youngest child in a family of eleven 
and his death marks the paseinir of 
the hist of his race -a circuni: t tnce 
I raill^iit \\ itil pecltliar .^adm : 

Mr. Willis wa.. for  ,ai,. po-tiaas- 
ter at ItichiMond and diiiinj.' tl al lime 
made many histini; friemlships. He 
was a tnie friend, a kind and elTcc- 
tionute husband and father. For 
i'very man, woman or little child he 
had a kind wind of trreetinir. .Mr. 
Willis was a member of the Christian 
church and the funeral .-i-n icc .-. win 
londucled hy the niiiii.-tei. Itcv. Pur- 
vis, of Crab Orchard, on Wednesday 
morning at. t n o'clock, after which 
the remain* were brought to Rfch- 
mond for burial at three p. m., where 
the .Masons had charge of the ser- 

.Seldom li:ive we seen niore 
and heaiilifui ..H'l iir.K . of :i 
lari;er coni-oiir.-,- of I'riends th;in wcr- 
gathered Inn a-.  ]• utavo. 

To the wife and cluldren v homoom 
the loa* of » khid husband arid father 
all hearts go out in tenderest sympa- 




1 hv. 

"With Malice Toward 
None" We Take Pleasure 
In Inierting. 

Mis i;r.,nt 1'. Lilly, 

1- I i- r Kentucky Register. 
My |i. . M- I.,:', ■ 

1 1 :, ... come to 

! i-c ,1 .if every 

'.' a "lii rinan spy" to 
^'Wl aineiitj tlio lie- 
iM the fil'e ndvertia- 
1 -\ iilr 1 ourier Journal 
pli  d with the urgent 
iMiui I of lay fn-nils and ask you to pahli-h my remarks concem- 
ai;: lls s.- .-i.iienients. 

I'ti-t, h. ill^;■ Aiiicriean bom, four 
^cni-iatS'iK I'M 11114 side and one on 

tl till 1, it i, 1 vidciit that I am not 

a (ii'i iaaii. 

.^■■c. II. I. my fatiwr was born in tler- 
niaii.v, I'lit ram,- to thi. count rj' tifty 
VIMS ai^o .iiid to.,k out hi., natural- 
ization p.ipcl-- a- .. on a., tlie irovern- 
inent would peiniit hini to do so— 
within live years. Naturally, when 
the war broke out, and not only the 
tlernriTi. hut Americans of (jerman 
ile.-cci I . - ii- in;i,le the victims of all 
sort;- of .diu,.-'. 1 c;ime to the defense 
"f th.- p.i.pio whose bliiiid Hows thru 
my \i ins. I, as an American hoin. 
i'-;i rci.. d inj riirhts as an American 
, ili/in :iiid did my licst to overcome, 1 iiiiiiii,'lit aiid still think, to be 
n,iik slaiidi r. 

Thii-d, 1 oMTci.i'd this linht up un- 
til 12:11 I'lid.iy, .\piil I'llh. when the 
signing of ('•■ inn. laination of the 
I'residenl. i i in d in- at war with 
tl'o-many. v .i amiouiicfd. With this 
iiiiioii'ici iiii-at my privili-Kci to criti- 
i-iso the .■Vdinillislnitioll cra,.i d. No 
Mr,' ' i. aii cili^-'ii now has the rirht to 
in - '■ 1 "M anv point. 
I " 111: . I li.'lieve that I am tlic 
"ill . I '. i.ih 111 l!h hinond -with pos- 

dhi'. t tliiie exci'idions— who 

has I' I ii r-'iiiid i|U,ilified for service 
;uid is now listed in the War Depart- 
ment as "Qualified." Not only this, 
hut I know that I am the only one 
who can t:ike the field fully eiiuipped 
in loss than 'M hours. Further, my 
'rU anil iK-ars the coat of arms of the 
',:■. ! .- ..lies ' "'V right arm is 

' il\ .'! all times to cieit.,... .'^m.. ^ 

l-ifili not being satisfied to accCK 
roniinission "wRcn call fo» yolunte*!' 
is issued," I applied ieji 



Mobilization Encampment 

For Lexington. 


A dispatch from Washington says 
I.«xington has been selected as the 
point for the mobilitation of the Ken- 
tucky troops and possibly from ad- 
jacent States. I wo farms are now- 
being consiih'tid for a trainiiu' 
giimnd, one !: ' i' on the Ver.-aill' s 
road and the other north of Lexing- 
ton. Thousands of recruits will lie 
trained here. 

Read It. 

Pmbylerian Church. 

Services by the pastor next Sunday 
morning and evening. Quarteriy 
communion at the morning service. 
Also ordination and Installation of 
new othcers. 

l-'irst Christian t luirch. 

The revival begun Wednesday night 
under the most favorable circum- 
stances. Messrs. Brook* and Lewis 
are a great evangetiatic team. Mr. 
Brooks preaches with great power. 
He has held meeting* in almost every 
State in the t nion, having been en- 
gaged in this kind of work for twenty 
years. You will come again if you 
come once. 

Mr. Ixjwis is a great singer. If you 
flon't think so, come and hear him. 
Vou will say he is the greatest gospel 
singer you ever beard. Mr. l.iwvis is 
a concert sirn'or. and irives imich ol 
his time to w "ik oi this , ii.iracter. 
Hichmond i.. vi r  loilunatc in secur- 
ing ins M*r,-ici's. Come and join the 
hiriie cliorus choir. 

I!c sure to bear Rev. W. T.Brooks 
tonight. Bring your friends. Every 
night at 7:30. 

"Like Banquo's Ghost." 

On Tuesday last Senator Lal-'ol- 
lette, of Wisconsin, again proveil a 
stumbling block by preventing the 
Senate ftoin voting on a resolution 
backeii not oiii  by the President and 
the Ueniocnits. but most of the Re- 
publicans as well. What are we to 
do with this pugnacious man? We 
know of nothing belter tlian the plan 
suggested hy tlic Danville Messenger 
in a re  ' nt i- ne. 

Be sure that you ixad the first 
chapters of our new serial "The Wan- 
derer." Then you will want to read 
all of it. A lieautiful story, charm- 
ingly written. Hack numbers can hi 
obtained. Five cents the cop  . fJ.ii" 
per year. Hoth paiior ?:i.iMi. 

Do you believe in encouiiiging 
Home industries? Your check talks 
Is-tti r tlian your words. 

Easier With The Tots. 

On .Sunday evening in the ma n: la 
ditorium of the Christian chunh a 
large audience gathered to pay their 
respects to the little folks, who under 
the training of Mrs. J. R. Pates, as 
sisteil hy Miss Jcanettc Pates, .Mi - 
Bland nalhiid and Mrs. C. W . Ta l. 

els, gave one of the sweetest and 

most entertiiuing programs wlii.h 
has Imh o given for a long while in 
our city. 

The object of the entertainment was 
to raise funds for the support of an 
orphan— a beautiful cause nnd H ' 
children with the help of the uiidi 
cnce cleared .t:l U)P on this ona i'.Ji 

We would liki' to nanii- t!ie la' 
hut the llrnianient was full liiat in:;''! 
-o w,' couldn't count thein--aiiii Ihi 
soldier boys, too, our young .'^coiil. 
made such a splendid showing. Ii 
made you patriotic just to wat. l 

Altogether the children and ili  
■'till' ' 11 'M' " ' 'o. are to be congratu- 
l it. I iiccess of their pretty 


... .li'c le.ifr.'S iCiiiip oi Uii- 
army. Having had four and a half 
vears in the regular sei-vice 1 wish 
to be with the first troops ordered 
out, either to go abroad or use the 
knowledge gained in past service, to 
the trainin'j of recruits— whichever 
fecle .Sam considers best .Many of 
th" gentlemen who have i|Uislioiied 
iin patrioti.-m have freely announced, 
orally, in writing, or in telegrams, 
lhat liiec are '■bi llind the I'lcalent" 
have gone no fiirthi r. The i.-c.ular 
irmy. the ni: l ine im p-', and I 111' navy 
ire terribly shy of nu n. Why don't 
iliey go? ' Whv do III' y not follow 
i.u'i xample and a|iply lor admission 
iii't,, 111.- ri ahir service? if 
iii'jl"ii i."l I 1.1 to ii'ly on "I'll-go- 

„l„.,, I] , \ ,' -after me" men our 

COU..I1-. v.o'.ll'i not he where she is 
lo.i:i'..' , . 

.\. Ii, the Anieii.alis of l.erman 
hiilii or d.'...'.'iit: .St.-iiier and ,Sii»- 
du;k . I.'." (leriiiaiis, enti'ii'.l Ken- 
tucky h.'foie llani.-l Ihione the for- 
.•r hit -r iiiairjing into the lioon. !.,m 
lly. (oorce Wasliimdoii'.-. T'. i...iial 
hiidy guard was conipo..e.l, almost to 
.1 llilin, il r. I II-;. Ivaniil ;iii.l \'irgilli:i 
(iirmiii. .Ii.l'i't kii.iw what Knglish 
to liu.-l. Thov upheld the Hag in 
IhlJ til. V h. lped put it in Mexico 
111 th.' foiti'.. one half million help- 
' .I li.'. p th.' .stars and Stripes where 
I,.' I,..|.im;..| ill the War of the l!e 

l„ i Tl ' ■.' oiv there "a plenty" 

1,1 ,, ;' \i,i. War ami in 
t|„ I i ' lii-iiri. I lion. Yes. 
and .1- ... ii 'i'ii .laini's knows, anil has 
publicly stilted, they are Ha re now. 
In firt there :,re going to he so many 
,;); ".',. that llie Km.-^-t is already get 
111'.' r .l.l f.'. t and stating that "(Jer 
..i iir c. ill not declare war on the 
iiiiii,.l .Slat. .." He knows what kind 
i ,,f 1. tlii y make. 
I I',, th.—' who have so kindly (?) 
' ti-alomil'.'.l the falsi hiioils iiincem- 
! ing Wi lli) I III. 1.1.' mention in the first 
i par .: '.ij'h "f '.In- I 'llcr. I have this 

' ' U , il, .' , ■ . r,' at ].. ...■.• I ihd what 
I I . ..11 1.1' r. .1 my duty to my country 
k.'i'P her from gpinc to war with 
Ih rni.inv. Nov. .since it is war. my 
.'i.ueiiv'will find me doing my duty 

Thomas A. Edison has announced 
that he has invented a phm to usa 
electricity under the water which wlU 

destroy uhiiKirines. 

Ml. I hail, s M. Phillips, secretary 
oi th.' I,.iui..ville Title Compan.v. re- 
i-cceived word that bis son, Charles 
.M. Phillips, Jr., a member of the sen- 
ior class at Cornell, has enlisted in 
the United States Navy. 

Japanese have built a factory in 
China to make paper from rice straw. 

Again let it be understood that 
neitbi-r this govi rnnient nor its peo- 
pl.' bear ill will I. .wards those good 
liei man folks among us who an' loyal 
to our fiag, and who nro_.entitled to, 
and will continue to have the confid- 
ence, respect and protection vouch- 
safed to every loyal citlien, 
— o- - 

A treasury warraiit for $-i;i.lK)U,U()l) 
equal to 4" tons of gold was Imniieil 
by Secretary i,nn8ing to the Danish 
minister on Saturday, March :)lst, 
and the islands of the ftanish West 
Indies foriiially passed into the pos- 
ession of the United State* after 
more than fifty years effort to pur- 
chase them w as concluded. 

— 0 — 

.\pproliriations for a .■■»r fund of 
 l,lllill,l)l)ll,l)OII has hcen att.iclieil by 
the Senate Appropriation Coinmitteo 
to the general deficiency bill. Truly 
it behooves us to plant potatoes. 

ICvving Speed Duke, grandson of 
the late (leneial Basil W. Duke, of 
I-ouisville, and gn at nephew of Gen. 

.John II. .Moiean. both noted Confed- 
eral.' s.'Idl. r . .'If. l.'.l i'l.l services to 

Uncle Sam. He enlisted in the ITnit- 
^lyTyij l)!-. V|,vj ...,» the Louisville t«- 


liiro is u 
Is here I 
Jins vvl 
My— lest 
a proclui 
Ill: "If 
a ii.iii 
iev e it 
dK me 

wot 11 


th" SI 
3ns fri 
. ,rloui. 1 
 s uapc 
rso pre 
go «( 
 ts the 1 
' ^otB 

jh CODll 
Niblff h\ 

'. who II 
ji. Till' 
i|tho 1.1' 
O, un.l 
I to cl 

Ml lli'is 


, oiiiei'i 

I the 

All all. 
1 ov.T 
•rii H. 
itk'n 1  
t even 
tiiriii I 
' nil ma 
sroHs I 
St., nil 
bo lars 
n, anil 
the ea 
M bao 
lean not 

e liboi 
s hiti 
- Incli 
 t art 

*B doil 




I nl.lllll 

I' 111. v 

I -.1 1 

w llKl:i 

.\ 1 

I .ir. 1. 
to fri 
th. III. 

.Icii.lilv and just as energet- 
I h.iv'- done in the past. I 
front doing it wliih 
I..' waiting "for them 
., I .■■ 1 me"- -if not actually 
t.. k. . p fmm being drafted. 
,1-. i. al iiatriots let them do 


' ! I Kilt ACTIONS 
I \\|). 
'1. oti.ii ed: They 
1 1,. til, it 1 .-hall not take 
!,' I', ,1. ii\- them. Denials 
I T" ' 'i not nvike theiji 
.1,. 11 I' s would not lielicvc 

\'i ry sincerely yours, 

,Stanley 0. Zinke. 


Two or till.-. i"uiii. on Second st. 
for lii^ht hou.-( keeping. Call on Mrs. 
T. M. Wells or Mrs. C. H. Park. 
Phone 257 or 8)2. 6tf 

.S. ('. lilack Minorca Eggs 

S. C. Klaik .Miiioiia Kl'i;s ?I..'iI1 per 
I'U'L'.. The l   .1 in III. south . 
Ou. U. DeJuraetto Phone 4G3-W. 

Easter Music. 

The musical program given on .-^i. 
day morning at the l-"irst Chii^tiai 
church was rar. ly heaaliliii. .Mrs. 
W. Pickels was most untiling in h'"'' 
efforts and she' was kindly assi.sted h.v 
many singers from other cliurcl.e- 
of the city to all of whom we should 
feel ourselves indebte l for a program 
of the hik'hest order. 

Till' n-guhir meeting of tlie linii 
mond W. C. T. I', wa.5 railed to order 
by .Mrs. I. H. Itoothe nt the .M. i:. 

I church, Wednesday, April 11. Tin 

I District Convention will he held it 
this city the latter part of May a' 
It i. Iiopi d that evory f t ii ii.i ..' t 
en'at caus.' will be in atlei.,', ■ 

{ helping to make this a great and in- 

i spiring event 

Pepper and Salt 

High Cost Next. 

A resolution suggesting that in- 
stead of a censor, the Federal fiov- 
eniment create a "Department of 

Publication" with a newspaper man 
at th" ho;id. was iiili-oilil.-.'l .it tin' 
seventh annual ciinferenco of the 
American Association of Teachers of 
Journalism which began in Chicago 
Friday. The resolution was drawn 
by Prof. Fred Niwvton .Scott, of the 
rniver..ily of Micliiiran. As coiiteiii- 
plated in the r. suhit ii.ii  iich a depart- 
ment would have full power to dis- 
seminate helpful news during the war 
with Oermany. 

The average depth of the ocean is 
I2,t)00 feet, and the average height of 
the land above the sea is 1,600 feet 

--0 — 

Til.' Ciiliaii government h.i.-. estab- 
lished nine wireless stations on tho 
Islaml of Cuba and one on the Itle of 

Robert Hardlson, of Kentucky, wa* 

nominated by Pi-esideiit Wilson as 
one of the two judges of the Police 
Court of the District of Coluinhia. 

Kohert A. Cochran, youngest son 
of l\ deral Judge A, M. J. Cochran, 
of M.iysville, a student at Princeton 
Cniversity, notified his father that 
he had enlisted In the United SUtes 
Infantry Reserves in the East and 
that he is now subject to call in case 
of war with Oerinany, His father 
will place the stamp of approval on 
his son's actions. 

Richani OIncy, Secretary of State 
under President Grover Cleveland, 
.lied nt his home in Boston Sunday 


— o — 

'I'lie Austrian Steamer Emy, war 
hound in lioston liarlsir, was seized 
iiy the port oflicials after announcc- 
.iiiiil fi. 1.1 Washington that Austria- 
liiiiigarv' ha.l broken olT diplomatic 
ndtttions with the United States. The 
Krny is the only Austrian refugee 
ship at this [Kirt. 

Dr. Rhhnrd T.ivlor. a prominent 
physician of l...u;. villo. was found 
.1,'a.l HI his I'llico in the .Ma-onie 
f.iTi|il. Ihiil.hng 'lui'.day ni.nning. 
11. hud appali'iitly coinniitted suicide 
1.', the use of chloroform. 


son, 0 

ami Im 
t. Th 

lOr 111 
Hiy "1 
■ foriin 
_l siuu! 


t Chic 
no Uri 

3 (leco; 
.Wnd ( 
' tag on 
anil I 

otiil s 


 iit.  ( 
itQle. r 
'Iho est 


'Rons il; 
I -o aiui li 
.' UBlUiiie 
  to tho 
# .to left 

l JO,iiilii, 

I Gullyil 

■ .\ ." 

the till 

Vs chari 

Ui II. I. 

h Captu 
I; ' suit »al 
1 .mos to- 

L l^lsiis. 

V . Ortoi 
t M Inri 
tho c 
)t falloi 
. Jiantitioi 

' I 

v. w 

ii.i. id 


Is . II 

New York I l.v I 

pa\- for the .-aie . - .Old 

.. ,, , well a.a for their butter 
The lends of twenty of 
u(,'.. 1. tiot'*!^ are consid- 
;' . : II '. on hith 

t.i the mial. 
" neis sai'l thi'i 

Ih. 11 of pep- 
" . , I , yj.i'iises 
- I,. .' la t lli:it .-uch n 
ni ce.-sj.ry. The hotele have 
ging for bn-'ad and butter 
1 iiionlli^. 

i.tisr col. Ml':. 

,.i,.l \.. riite collie dog five 
"l.l. markwl "Sliep- 
liaid." IM'irn to Regl.slcr Office and 

l-i'teiv, leward. 

Enters as Red Cross Nurse. 

Miss Annie Jennings, the daughter 
of Mr. lioliert Jennings, well known 
in this i..uiity, and a cousin of Miss 
.MerritI .I.eie... went to Lexington sev- 

i-'-ll da . au'o to eiili-t a- a lied Cross 
i.iir-i . I hi' physicians in charg.' t.dd 
hi I ..i'c hail ap|H-iiilicitis and .-.o she 
I ons. nti'd to an opefation, t^hich was 
perform"! by Dr. Barrow on Monday. 
Stic still intends to pursue her course 
as soon as she is consiilored able to 
.|., " 

I i ' . ' ' i.iiiily .-p. ik - f..r h. r ,. i 
triotisiu which we all admire and we 
hope for her speedy recovery. 

Let this office do your JOB PRINT- 


it off 


« Bni 
. this I 
uion, I 

."he II' 
^ wi 


an .M 

w I'l k 
Ik. .M 
^ ihn S 
,i. Til 

1} Isju 

^0 scr 
1 exp 

die I'. 

'»! ..r 

ed th 

the ( 

sriK K 

1 PWI 




jfle.}n S4 

!^»'ll« hi 


I can do so l)v 

fiilling ut my store 


on Main 

I "I'lr'-Hs !o the grodualen of 
: )'.i. iiliyor Fliysleii, Colonel 
,-:a. ..I'd: "A vounff nhysi- 

and wlttidt^ti1« 

I lilt. II. a -i^'.'-ti 

incumlM-at- nt tue oince* for wlilch they ntrm 
Tlie coninillon »il i«rnra •.ine Jii..^ 

Vl'liilg lo. «• \*tt»nt»t*itimt f 

tl,.. I,, w l.'i . 'T laws 

.Mil IS' I It  |..i(r.T. ..I--. .'i.t'-'n ye.irs,.:'!. 

iVM-l'i a 1 '■ lii-'litMii.'' „ ti.lf asit ep 111 ti-.'l 

th.' iiil'.-v ..t ■ 
\, .1. iii-.v - I t" 

. I II I 



li- wit' 

III hi-. .h - 

J «l KS- 

■l.iy i: s 


h  Ml 



ralve yi 
.iU am 
. byai 

^KM Simullaateail! 

M, • V. .. - In a q 

. «•..!. •».•! 
. ...Wi -.111 


ISN'T IT I'ossiDi.K I (IK vor T(    'iri!sri,K of some 





State Bank & Trust Co. 


i. r «M» p.l,r "Illy UN vol«. raniP 10 

m. IVWH 1 1-1'- - 

.,, ,,.,,„ l-.„i , l,.,. II v^i- I ''^llJ 

wiiiii luiiii «u» In ii: 
lii.-..h i.-i,.I.Tl.v eniliniccd ib» youiiij 
uikI IhI her tuward tUe MgUl of 
stMiip iilPliii IwiilliiR upward to iSi' 
r,».f mid U.')'.ud lh«t to the rouml 

■ I wllh me to llie wnl- li lo'v. r 
-ll,. «iiiil siiflK-. "I-''' 11" I""" 

ii, .i.i-..ii. TI..T.- is Mill iii:iii fii"iii;'; 1" 

tti.l. li Itu-r 1 f..r 111.. ..■iiiii'K "f  •«» 

l,.r.l.'iluT. ( "I"'-. MI'li-' -^-^  """"'■ , 
Toisellier Hie l«" lu.liien  \"«^  
,llinl«..l til.. *i 'iie »le|w. l'i'-'"'d "i"''C 
III,. ilnii'. i v. iiiuuiiti'd lo lUe top 
,.r III.. i..iMiilf.l 'l"iiie. where, from a 
..iiiiill lihili.'riii, .me could sco 
. ..unlinlile for uillen aruuiid. 

hrriii.mi. iit lilH f.".' I"' 'i"n« 


,1, .li'ilier.' 

ho itld 

lilm i|iil' t'r 


lion. Ml' 111 " 

"Ave. Iliat niH.r Ik'. , 
alowir. "When I taherlt I"'!"'*. . 
T.I. r..e. l anie . Mer to the ho/ •»«» 
tiKik liiin 1:  llie u"" 

."lli; l;i;li.T I 
»l..wl.v, -I'. r. iMiii' ■■ 
. iTii. Iw.v niriieil 111 - - ll. 
••Sm.«k n..i ..f III.' '.,1, ,, 

II ,.• ►I.iill I- '"ten ""■»,•" 

„,., .. t Hi-iiK ""»• 

i '"toIi. -liriiBtiHl liln shouklers lu ll- 

I"'" '" '^ ''' ''"'"''TLlirr" 111- 

■■1 iii. mil , , Ill , I 

,,r„„.„.,l lii.liii.i.-l...:'.v- ""' f ' 

! U ihou 0...1II1S1 ll"! .-iij-.v 111 » J"'"^ 
I th» gold whli h per, hui..e will I^J')^ 
later In life, when 

iiue'a heat yeara 

Alhambra - Opera Housei 

=== FRIDAY === 


Dorothy Kelly and Evart Overton ia "The Money Mill" 

An intcrestiritt .story of n Blrl'ii honesty and honor. HuKhic Mack in " 
lome at Any I'lacc." A country life stories also. 

==: SATURDAY =5=5= 

III. I K i;i;;ii ri A^■.■; I'1:i:.-:i:\t.-: 
Violet Mersercau in "The Honor of Mary Blake" 

Also MRS. VKIINON CA.'iTl.K IN "I'ATRIA," 4th episode. lU bigger, 
better and more thrillinif tli.ui im r  .\j  «. . k. 


Cast of Characters of 
"The Wanderer" 

XETH£K, ion of Jeise. 
OAAI, elder brother of 7ether. 
JESSE, (ttber of Oul sad 

HVLDAH, hii wife. 
NAOKI, cousin of Jethtr. 
TOLA, friend of Jethcr. 
BISSAH, a handmaiden of 

SHELAH, servant of Jfu. 
NADINA, keeper of lodginfs 

in Jprus.-ilem. 
TISHA. dmiithtcT of Nadiiia. 
SADVK, a seller of jewelry. 
PHARI8, a TyrrUu ie« ctp- 


HAOGAI. a Jndeui Mend of 


MERBEL. friend of Jether. 
Dancini; girls. Egyptians, Ar- 
abs, servants in waiting, Nu- 
biaas, eto. 

AI.MAMIU:A .MAlINKl-: ANii Nli;ilT 

Edith Story and E. H. Sothem in An Enemy to the King 


oi'i:i!A iior-i: .\T Nii;ii i' 
Lew Fields and Doris Kenton in "The Man Who 
Stood Still." 

Midit the Hilli of Judei. 

T li: M'ttini; sun. ,li-aii|,eorlng 
over the weateru hills toward 
iho diJtfliit Mediterranean, caal 
li'iiL-ilii'iilnt: Klm.l'iws fp'Ui the 
great iii; ii,',' « hi. Ii hlicli'-riii ilie arcn- 

III. I. 


I. I'lir 111 

::,; ( s.  llli«l,',l. 
.. a;, r M iiuiln't 

II. .  ..ini i. .\ 
Iiiarli.v ^nllo.T 


== = T.U3SDAY 




"Mutt and Jti't \V  'Minn" a Musical Comedy of 

30 People 

ft • 



104 -BLACK-WHITE-TAN- 10^ 



•III1..-JUI," 1, '■ 

Good Paint 

Till- li.iliit of keppirg a 
hoiLso nicely painlfd nvilly mc.'ins more 
th;in .'-imply nuiking it look aUr.ictive. 
It, mcm.s Hint it i.s being prof iTtcd aK.iinst 
delerioration and ilirjy and this house 
will continue to look well long after neigh- 
boring homes begin to appear "mn down". 

If your house ehould need painting, NOW 
is the right time to paint it, and 

Green Seal 

tg the right paint. To delay the matter 
will not mean genuine economy. 

Sold by 


way 111 111' 
the ill-iaii' .. II ' 
faliii iin.l lii'li -I II.' I 

i'clHM',! ali.l la- I'll' 
nheplHTil 111. M. 11 ll: 

took up Ilic I'llvirj iii.te.s upun his own 
liistruuiviit and aounded the tidlnga 
tliiit tlie fliiv waa o'er. 

i j.. II 111" siiki'u oui'?*•■^wf-^*•}^s 

li.iiiM- J»-.. . ,.r the tribe of Judea, 
J a uir.Wi'ii Bill ruibroldering a girdle. 
I She was fair and alender. with bruwn- 
Isb hair, which bung lu two long braids 
her sbooldera- But, while she 
' plli'd her needle Industriously and 
seemed devoted to ber task, she ever 
sod anon shaded bcr eyes to gaze wist- 
fully out over the horiaou. Fnr In the 
distance tbe sheep were pcuci'full.v 
graxlug upon tho hillside, even now be- 
ing herded (ngelluT by the niitchfiil 
shepherds and ibilr In i rcpiini 

Hon for the cuuiliiK "f i!"- niiilii T.' 
tbe east and lu tbe Uf^t llie inul.lin 
laat her eyes In vain, for wbiit nbe 
saw satisfied her uut. To tbe iinrlli 
luy !!,'t.r"n, the Blii'lHiif city wben, Ihe 
i;ivut Klni: Ibivld had drst reigned, 
mid bey., ml Unit— S"m»» lien- to lb,. 
Ill, till, t* ' liu* iiiiiiili'ii lilid bfaril— WHS u 
Kreat umi wmnlioim i-liy "f lu-iiutiful 
buildings, great palaces, rlih ruravau* 
and faahlonably dreased folk— Jeniu- 
icm. But of all tbls the maiden kn-.w 
iiiiiik-lit Huil bad uo desire lo learn 
Willi 11 hlch she resumed her wm-k 
upon till' j?ir,lli'. 

Inside the bouse of Je^ae all vvus ex. 
citement, for tbe muri-uw was tbe 
hallowed day when none lui^'bt labor 
In the fleids. The truiupetn ealbil lb,' 
men from tbe llclils and llie w.iiiicii 
frimi llii'lr IhIh-i-i t., lir.-|.iin' f.-r Ibf 
eveiillii,' uiuU u 111- li r-linilUl ina . t-ib.' the 
itppruai'lilnt; rei-ihiil. In ilu' courtyarii 
by tho well the faitbfnl llissnb, she 
wbu bull been III siTVlce as liBliduiald- 
en t'l IIiililiili. "ir,. ur .Irssc, these 
niiiii.v .M'lir^. i:atli, r,..l u], llie clean lln- 
i n ul.ii li I;. 1.1 I , 1 11 nulled by twe 

tlrU klii'' Ill,' fa I 111, 111- Willi lliclr 

ili'Uii I'. 11,' I'll in n iMiiijIi "f wilier. 
Nearer tbe buuse the wnmeii i;riu01iii: 
corn be'wsen two large flat atunea hud 
already ee. •cd their labors and were 
gallleri: ; ur the grain. 

A triilniM'I I'lfw Huaiii-ni'iiier. .\ 
NbepbiTil w iw I,i liii;liii; in piiii nf bl" 
flni k. i:ni;, i',v III,' k-lil. wiil. bliii: frmii 
Ibe I'l'.r. r.iii ,i..wii III,. i;r,iil lllfbl 
stone Htepa wlili li led I" the i-iiurlyanl 
and approached tbe newcomer. 

"8belah," cried Ihe ciri anxiously 
"Hast thull Been .letberV ' 

Tbe aliepberil. an uKfil nian with n 
young biinl, simcsleil tenderly In his 
arms, slniok tils benil Kiidl.v. 

"Nay, Mistress Nieniil." n-si 1 

Shelab, laying the lainbkln U|h,ii tbe 
giaas by tbe well and signifyliw Ui   
RIaaah should wash Its hurt. "Xar. 
Ji'tbtT wns ii,,l upon tli". bills liisl 
iilulit I fi'iiiiil Ills II." k mil. -11, 1, -.1. r.'f 

llie ~,',, 111,1 ,lil.\ .b'llli'i- liiilli iM't l,"l 
-.hem I,, wdliT, mill II, 'll,' kiiaws wtn-r,' 

be lail may In'. Sam,. ■■! lli,- ^l I' tli.' 

.volves bare alain and ntlicni. like Hits 

Kior lambkin, bath suffered because ,,r 

lis neglect" 

Tbo girl clasped ber bands together 

 f "Hut "but of .b'therJ" she ln,iulred 
tensel.v. "Can lie Iw III or sick ; ' 

"lie should not have left the flock 
untendi'd. • suld Slieliib sienily. "Nay, 
be was ii'-t 111" 
•■llllt nlll lllllilll llllie li..l'| , la-l In 

him'; nb, Wieliib, lii»t iiiulit I dreamed 
he was In fearful peril, but of what I j 
know lint." Xiimiil. with au asoul/.ed 
soil wbl. ll sb,. Miiiil.i .s..ii:;lil I., sii|,. I 

press, M iilcsl li.'i .1 "I! 111.' s! I'.ke 

of tile Well 1111,1 will. I1...I Ki—ali as she 
lioulid up Hie broken 1. u .'f Hie laiub- 

Sbebib . buckled slgiilUcanlly. 
"Ila\e nn fear, good mistress Nao- 
mi." ll" iomuiellli"d wisely "His 
worst liaiiEiT 11,'s lu Ills fiillier'a 

"Wliiit mi'iiiu'st ih"\i?' crli',1 Nuoml 

•■On Hie roii.l liilli. r 1 in.'l Ozen of 
11,'l'r.iii. he who U,,|'- 1111 Inn tber,'. 
iiiiit iizeii t,'lil Hie .btlii r WHS there all 
night w lib a ,a,iupanioii, Tola, an evil 
man whom all know well and far too 
well lo tiiluk well of him." chuckled 
Hie elderly slieplii'nl, pleased with bla 
ow u heavy w ll. 

The young gbl came lo him anxlooa- 
ly and touched his arm. 

"Sibi'lali," abe said softly, so tbat 
none might hear, "thou wUt not say 
iiii;:lii lo mine uncle agabist JetherV 

■111,, sheplienl lifted his hand as If 
in prolesi. 

"Xay. he illd great wrong lo leave 
Ihe fliick abiiie while he drauk througb 
ibc night with Tola and his friends." 
he answered. "For a young man like 
.Master .h'tlier to nei:l. • t home. bU 
llfH'k. bis duties to Ills riilli. r anil to 
bis elder brother, Gaal, who some day 
will be master here, I* not rlgbt. I 
know full well tbe lad Is headationg. 
impeiiiiiiis. but he should fear tho 
■.rriiih of his father U. be continues In 
his evil ways." 

Tlu' girl gliim eil alwut her nervously 
lis o'le by one Hie Inliorers from tlie 
Held, the tillers of the soli, tbe shop- 

lav 0111 fnsh garments for hImT" she 

lo'iu C'l ""e iniiy lailne wllh llltle 
lllla' I.' -l ai-,'." 

'ii|i..\,s. Ilissali! lliil wliat if he 
,1. iil.l ii.'i ,„ine?" replied Xaeml. tear- 
ful 1 •Suppose that he should not 
...iiieV Tlieiv are many wolves In 
til. .,' bills of Judes, and once I know 
'1 11 .Ii'lia r klth'il a ll.,n en f.'"l. with 
hi,: a ki.ll,. 11- l''s "lily w.'iiik ii, Sup- 
;j. ...Ilial hi-l I l-lil wli. ii la' failed to 
will, h Hie sho p souie evil mayhap be- 
fi 11 him? Oil. lllssnh. I shudder when 
1 ililnk Hint .leiber may never return 
to us!^' 

The eliler wi'iiiaii siiila'il reassuring- 
ly iiiiil laressi'd Hie jouiig girl. 

• 1 know thy se-ret. Mistress .Nao- 
mi." slie wlilsis-n-,!. "Nay. do not 
-lurl 111 snrpM^e .bllicr Is a flue liid. [ 

I'.loii'ii of till' I'lillr iiiilr.v -111.', siiil 

le t a maiden of lli'lmni but w.nlld is' 
tioiion-d to have her band sought In 
marriage by the younger s,,n "f J, ss,. 
.Iml Hioil ait a lieaullful girl, who 
innsl win Hie love of Sll who know 
liiec. ^ci ,.11,' thing doth trouble me 
mm li. Mistress .Naomi." 

Till' girl half dried her tears and 
turned curiously. 

"\Vhat doat thou me«nr 

The aged servsnt beeltated, as It 
I'taHiii; lo siamk. 

Siiy .11. llUssb. What bast thou In 
'hy miiidv" 

' .Mui b talk 1 have heard these past 
row months among the servants In iby 
mail's hoiis.'holil." sal.l lllssah softly, 
1,'hiniliik- iiri'iiiiil lo make sure that 
aoiie nilk-lii ■niu.'b talk have 1 
li.'lir.l linn Hiy l oii-iii Ibial I'asi bis 
...ICS iiiiin.i III. ICS l,,war,l l!i,s', far lo.i 
,,flen lliileid to pli'ase lluise who know 
of thy regard for thy Cousin Jelber." 

Naomi sprang to her feet Indig- 

I "tiaal iiiibssi:' she si. Iier py,.s 
ilashing Bre. " nie .11 Hiee. His 
I ash. n-brn Nsoml la chosen In marriage 
I It will lie by one whom she herself 
.liiili selist. not by tbe pious, elder, 

.liitb irvat our Jetlier so shamelessly, 
l-'or bim I care not n, r n.-vcr will 
Hut, ob, nissab"- 

The gin's voice trembled, and It was 
with dUUculiy that she kept back ber 

■•(lb. Rlssah, what if .li 'lu r ' onio 
i.ifr Ijist nitht I drcuinr.l Hi. it "ii a 
^uililen a black cloud 8we|,t a.ross a 
.l,\ lis fair as this one. Jelher was 
ihiir me laughing hi bis happy way 
iind ai'orued my warning. Then all at 
.u„ e the world was dark. I could not 

, Iiilh 
. aii,i 

.\noHici' gol'li'l of wine to seal anew 
tiiir fHcndslill'V 

■1 11,. siK iiker. a maa of middle age. 
well d'-i-s-cd. with a li,ili.I-"im'ly cm- 
i„..i.l.'re.l nihil' ol 11 il' b 'I'll''' 
iKiumI wllh a Uailiern ginlU 
woariiig isistly sandals eulbrolderl^l 
mill siH-mi'd In striking contrast 
„ |i,c iiiil wh., bim In the Inner 
.'. urtMii'l of Ihe bill of Ozen. on the 
.,m..klil- .'f til.' l.'wn, If Hebron. They 

were al a 1 ill w,..-b'n lilhlc 

in till niliar.1 "f a I'liini. s'l'mi'' 

liulhlllu-. Ihe ol'Cli si y ul.oie llieni 
-Iniwiiij Hull nialilfall was not fardls 
lain. 'I'll.' ei.ler maa seemed trying m 
.„iiv..y 111 his ,.,in|,aiib n some of the 
a,„«l si'lrli w ill, ll evidently |ienneated 
Ills own veins. 

The lad, a handsome, dark lioy wlHi 
long curiy hair, clad taily Ui a rough 
but pli'tures'iue garment made from 
two leopani skins, shis.k bis head as 
Ills eompaulon offered to HII his g"blci 
a seoaid time. 

"Say. I'll drink no more," said the 


•i'lie el.lerly man laugbeil. a wl. k,',l 
nil. I -ani.iiilc laugh. 

■■And ll"V. ofl.'li have I s|...k,'ii Hi"s.^ 
, ,.|r«:inie worils.' ll,. i ri,si iii'» l-in- ,  
I'.ut lo eat wlHioiil .Irliikliii; is lil..' 
lU'Voiiriiig one's own • "'" 
i.,nie, my p'"l .IcHier; Hn'ii art a (• 
itb bov io spi'inl thy days thus moping 
.way with thv sorniws. 1 had thought 
'bee a brigl.'t. Inilust.-loiis. care fiee 
a,l. for sur,'iy Hi.'U hast i.r.. ,sl Hiy 
.elf a l-oyal g" "I friend ulal an en 
lerliilnPii;' . oiiii'iinlon Another g"b 
,.|. nil I.'lli, r. , I,, we i«rt" 

1 lie POT arose soaicw hat unsteadily. 
Lines of dls-lpalion sh"»eil under his 
ej.'s. It was ai'i'nrciil thai sl,.cp nod 
he bad been strangers tor iioiiis 

"1 11 drink mi more." lie ,'rt si Mu 
iantly. "rer a day and a ulAi have 
1 s|ielil my lime with Ih,',., T " a, Hal 

tli.iii liusl I'C'ii a 1; 1 fri.^ii'l I 

tatuht ine many Hiliiss iiiid i".l la*' 
much of that wonderful . iiy wia re 
some day 1 may Journey 
go hence now. 
le l.'il niy 11" k." 

T.ila Iniiglied. an evil smile llwbihig 
bis face as lie liniliiel Hie i:..I.I. i 
"Thy tlrt'kV" he .Hisi ■■ .\ h,'r,'f„r" 

I. Ill I liiii-t 
Tisi long have I lies' 

sbuuhlst a likely la,l like this, leml 

:'h„;i' h:;ri\:i- &Tho .hee,. h, 'I'li.'.^; 

fool: U't clumsy goiillienis and conn 
try loula spelnl w.'itry days iin.l tlr.- 
some nltbls giianiiir,' Hiy ll'. 1-- I 'i' 1 
art the s,,ll of a rl' h liiai' '■ ' ■ 
From Ozen, Hie Isnd'oul. 1 ' ' 
but yi'slere'eii s..iii,' 'l.i ' • 
Hiou dost inherit thy iN)ril,,n Hi a  i ■ 
have niii i h gold and lands and many 
lallle \yhy. with the wealHi llinl 

will SOI la\ Is' Ihllie. I'. ' . ' ir -I s'" 

ti. Ill,' .-. iirt "f r-ololii-iii i . ; ■ 1 1 ■ .' Is- 
c,,ine a prlucs tbyself— Hioii ,.aiisl Uvm 
like a king In Jerusalem. " 
Jcther's eyes Mglited with antlclpa- 

'Thy fathtr ,i rich Osmsnd thou thy 
portion and go forth.- 

bale Ims'ii wssiisl. I.,h,|! st me. When 
1 lit a 111,1 1 1, ft my faiher's home, near 
1!.. ., 1 1 1 1 iiii ■ "f II. iTon. and Jour 

,,. ..1 -.1,1 111 '', .l.ipiia. to Dahy- 

i.ii; 11-. ;r .Nsy . It M-eiiis hut yesterday 
I -t.ssl in tbe sint'ls of Jerusalem ami 
»i,tilicd Ihe ni'ikiiien n'sring a great 
mass of St,, lie an, I »i»«l whirh men 
ill, say the gieai Kli.i: Soi.-mon plans 

a" a Iclnj I,' 1,1 Hi,- I "id i ""»' HloU 

•jliil sn- ;ll.i-'i!-' l.ilii-r what 

«.,|;.1,-is lli,-ri- 111,, in 'll - sr,i,t « 1 al 

: . 1-. ,. Iby siui-i.l bl"S mid loiii,- I.I 
isaicui. I s l u|»in lay Journey to- 

r.i .1. iiisu .'iii"' tlie boy crtiM 111 
., il H i 1) lint my father will nei 
cr nil,' Ins 1 .'lis, nt" 

•lio then without It." repllisl I' ll 
sareasticttlil. "Thy father la ri.b lie 
msnd thou thy | ortlou and g" forth. 
"' », knows what fortune may hrfoll 

tbee? Tbe grest King Uavld was hut 
a sbepberd lad amid these very hllii 

"But If my fstber dotb refuser 

"When my fallier failed to give 
what I lie, iiK'd niy right I found s 
way to take them," cried Tola angMly, 
grasping tbe boy agalu by the sriu' 
"And since be bad put 'me to ao uucb 
unjust iniuble I took all tbat I found." 

Jelher backed away ftom him la 
aurprise and fesr. 

"Then thou wilt sonMday itdTer pim. 
Ishmeul for tluit then," IM iCld. "Don 
not our law say"- 

V Tola Interrupted Urn wttb ■ nocking 


"11 1 tlresiime That Is the .niii 

law I warn Hn'e lo ol*y wh,.li I!..,,, 

doth meet my friends In Jerussleiu 
They are merry fellowi, iteb and fr»» 
with youth and splrlta. And when I 
shall lake Hie.' to tbe houee uf in\ 
giaal friend N "liiia ami sbail liilnslu , 
you to her danghler, lishu. Hie fi,ir 
est In all Jenisan.m. sli,,uidst tnon 
preach fo tbeiu ibey wonUI never for 
,.-|ve me f.'i liHnglng Ihes aloof. A« 
f.,r Ti-'ia. I really tblnk aba might 

► lap Iby fa- e ■' 

.1,'llier liiriii'l lovvan! blni curlousi; 
Slid ask,'»I 

•n-liii. ill'l"! Hioii say?" 
"Aye. Ttshs of Babylon, now thf \ 
fslresl maid In all Jerusalem. For la 1 
fsvora men would alin.wt pay tbe ra i 
sum of a king, yet Tlsha s.'oms Hi, m 
all and boasts that she will b« won i,.i , 
:„te alone. Such a lad as tbou, wliti ' 
w.-alib. youth, good looks— why, fsh | 
risiia wiiiiij worship thoe." 

Nat. I know naught of women," rr | 
pllnl Jetber bealUliogty. "I knoit 
I naught of k Ts save tbat I feaar my I 
' mother and my KlOBi, and 1 

fiif any else 1 »'*re liot.- 

•\Miat an Innocent fool then tr 
tauuii'd Tola, wllb a laugh. "TUi 
youthful UuHXaoe* will atliMt fair I 
TIaba far mor* than |oM ibekels I 
What aayst thou. wUi tbog conu 
wlUi met' 

Jetber besllaled From tbe Hatonrs 
cam* tbe oound of a allrer tfumis.! 
He heard It and surtad. 

"The trumpets mil'. I must swiy 
he cried. " I , innot answer now ' 

Tola threw his mantle over his «li. 
der and rapissl u[s,n tbe table for t!^ 
lamllopl. ( lid oc'ii came from a m 
within and T.'la t»M .d bim a nilu. 

I his for thy reckostloc landlord." 
he sai,l sliarpiy "As for tbee. my 
g.ssi frtei.d Jeilirr. fsreweU. I jour- 
ney toward Jcnisalem."' 
Again the trumpet blew, 
1 am late. Alraldly t isar By fa- 
ilier'a snger for iMTtag tbe sheep mi- 
iciai. ,1 My brother tlssi will 
ni l,- tnnnt m* with iny neglisi " ■ 
moment. Tola. Come with me. si .l 1 
will ask my falbMr for my portion and 
go with tbee." 

Tola slap|«l bim affei'tbinsteiy tii- n 
the U' k 

'Thou art a good lad. after aU. ' i... 
said. "Bring tby fold gad («Ba with 
m* I will await tbM btrt wbUatbou 

d"-i k.'i Hiy portbm.- 

1 uii! . ..III... p,.rtluo of wpoitliin," 
d s luKsl Jctlirr firmly. 
I "What r- cfM ra* to prdwded an^i 
! prise. "WooMot lie* wea laoiber'a 

If my fstlier deny aw I ablll earn 
niy own money. " 
I "Tbon an a fool to apead tby days' 
I In Islsir, a i that tby bcothaf Oaal may; 
have what la lbb » Oo tboo, demand 
iiiv js-rtlon and Jala n*. Tby fitker 
, aiist not retuae ibaa. Aadtfbedoes, 
ask thv motber.'* 
Tiie boy anlled at tk* aMatka or bis 
1 ••n.hrr. 




$2 a Year 


"Thou »«iU not tay aught lo mine uncle 
against Jethar?" 

lo-nls iiii.l lii.-lr tlo.'ks passcil Int.. 11. ■ 

eolirtyaril and the sun sank lower ui 

the horlion. 

"I'lease, Sbelali. tbou will aid me? 

11,, tbou bust, -11 lo 11,-1.1 ml find 

J, '111,-!-, lb- has foru.'ll.^ii Hint at sun- 
down we .■cl,^l,i-»le Ihe liall'.wisl day. 
Hasten, 1 la-g of tiice.^" 

The stolid sbepberd sli,...k his bind 
sternly. .V lriiiit|..-t l.l.'W in llie 'il*- 
lititi e, 

"ll,,.iioi Hi,- liiiiiii-. 's ."iiiiil "11 ,'M I y 
hill'/ |io lin y ii"t 1.1,1 all ' ,'a-,' ri'.iii 
toll ami liasii'ii h'-in,. to i Icanse Hi, m- 
aelvea before tliey partake of the holy 
meal? Listen! Uo not the truni|ieis 
sound In Hebron? If Master .Iclher 
wills t.i ...nn- la.'il is.iiie. Nay. nay. 

I iiiisl .Naomi. 1 , 11111101 s|.,-uk 

I,, Jetber louder with mine own vol,-,- 
tlian can these tmmi eta which sound 
from every hillside. Olve me the Uiw'f 
kin. gissl lllssah. I will inrc f..r ll 

Tlie sh, I'li.-nl 1,'iidi liy I- it. tin- laliil. 
In liisaitii- iiial. I.'II"W,',1 \,\ ili,.,l"Ks. 
W 111. h had I s lll.olll his ll,.,.|s J", 

• u-ly. W(.iil into the shtN-pfold. Hissah 
-ail lii-r nriiis tenderly nlsiut the young 
{.'tl and sou'jbt to comfort her. * * 
"Were It not best that I should leave 
water In Master Jetber'a room and 


Richmond to Winchester . 20 Miles 
Winchester to Lexington . 18 Miles 

Lexinj'ton to Riclimond 2B Miles 

Total approximately . 64 Miles 


We have been talking Gasoline Economy 
and here's what we mean by it— 

We mean to einpbu.-ize the fuel that the I'llANKl.l.N has licM Hi" -.v.-i -r ,,,,,,,| 
taiiii'il from a giillon of gasoline. To further establish the pmof of 1 1 ." i", v, i, , ,i| |,„. 
local gii.soline elficiency test, using a Series 9, stock model, Knmliliii t, irint; en -ai l t. 

disinterested persons who will acompany us over the chosen eourse anil will, at ii,,. , 

sworn to the truthfullness of the result obtained. The route selceted will lie fiom 1:1. im 
a route of appro\im:iteIy C)4 miles. 

Ill comers since 1906, eleven yean, for aUIat ob- 
ill^. w.. will on Wednesday, April ISth, eondoct a 

' ' " ' "i -ially observed hy three responsible, 
' " H." lesl. go before a Notary Public and be 
I I I" Wiiichcster, to Lexington, to Rlcbmond— 

Walsh Tailoring 

Individual ser\'lce in my shop means only one suit 
of a pattern. 

All patterns e.xclusive wllh me. 

Personal attention from the proprietor for every 

Careful attention to every detail and the very best 
clothes piLssihle lo produce. 

Are you the kind of a man that kind of service ap- 
peals to? 

My new Sprin.t^ and Summer suitin.iis for your 


KULKS COVKUNING TK.ST. All pipe lines leading from ga.soline tank to ,ni;iii.. will |„, ,i",.,„,„„,,„ i , , 

will connect to the engine. Bottle will then be (illed with one measured gallon of si,„.k ,. , , i;, , ' one-galloB glan bottk 

carrying four passengers, will be driven over the route outlined above. .SUirt will be m ole from'i'h' rT l^^' 

end of which all gasoline remaining in bottle will be measured accurately and the iwmainder .Z.^.l^ ?'"' bulMtog, at ttw 

miles thus obtained computed in "Miles per Gallon." remainder substracted from total gaHom added and the 

A KUKE FOR ALL COMPKTITIVE TEST. Anyone with any other make of 
test, provided the forecoing rules are complied with. 

KIV K lini.l Ai:s IN u. r,, n,,^ nc .o„ u-ucssinir in .■iilvaiii" the number of pinta of gasoline the PBAVi^iiv. • 
the route, (.see comliiion.s 1„ h-.v i .i m ill Liv,- .^.-i.dii IN GOLD. F " oi gasoline the FRANKLIN w-i 

car IS privileged to compete with the FRANKLUI in thti 

w-ill consume in covering 


Readers of ibis pnjier inl.-n .~t, -l m casnlinc economy are iin-ll 
ivl to conuietc for .«.',.(lll in Cold to 1.,- uivcn by tlie Kli.ANKi.IN 

MOTOI! ('Al! fo t" Ii ■ !'• '..'" 1 .~iiiu' how- many pints of 

yusoliiie will lh ^ I a ^ li I li.WKl.IN consume in covering the 
above route. (me-M - mav h,- submitted, (use coupon at right), 
at any time up to l   o'clock noon, April I8th. Prize for the 
correct guess will be awarded by a competent committee com- 
posed of the three official observers of tbe teat and the winner's 
name published. Address all eommunicationa to Franklin Motor 
Car Co., care of thia newspaper. 


I guess tbat the Serio., 9 FRANKLIN touring car, stodr model 

will consume pi„t, of gasoline in covering Route No. 9. 






1 10 Fowlli Street 



Tho Cllwato to Ddighy oa dw BeouttU MlnlM^I 



Eiijoij tliQ talmij air and sunsliine la tils encWtliig 
Liiid o( flowers. Plaij goli or teimis, motor, faab, uil or 
luw. Low nraud trip (ares, ancl convenient train service. 

Tl. li-li lo Nov Oil,..u„ 011,1 G.iU Const poind yia Loukvllln 
f,' NMli%ili.-  K K . j, .iM,lt 41J0 trip lo roiiiaculn ot jllfllil t.,.i. 

\ .i.-.l lil.-foluro, jcIichIuIli, cir ,  i)i)jlij to l'« ol 

i,.,,f n,ilo|K .-1 (.1 lllO Ij HUvlllo Cf No^^l^;l|,, K. R. or OIIU.M 


r M.-t;ilili~lic.l 

' tlM I'KU 1 K.\U IN 

Al)\ AM K 

Anna D. Lilly, Editor 

Phone 8 

RICHMOND, KV., MAR. 30. 1917 


|Oar rMM lor UMncMMli IR tor Mslrk 
ollkM llt.M: isrCMMlsMtti tlO.OO 
Itr CMf u  fr ti wrt sNhM H W. 

We iirt* aullinrlwd to nnnounet' llif 
i ll  wiiiic ciiriiililiil«'M for till* %Hr'mi^ 
iitlt'i'H iiifiititini''!, t»ul J ' 'l lu the nctiun 
il I lit* Dt-niocrallc |iiirl '. 

For Uoaour UfflOM, Priiniry, Aug. 

roH HaraauiiiTATiva 
Walter 4. Park 


I , ini: r,iiii I Ijt'iiiiiill 

(j \V. T. Iicmliinne 
HIninin Tufvln 
Pel* Whltlook 


 i. W liinriiidcr 
A J lliipxMijH. 
Mnr^nn Ttix Uir 
Aiuoii Slinrp 
I liiw. H. Konera 
L. U. Hbeawr ■ 
N. B. Jonaa 

roB oiii'irrv attoi m»y 

H. A. I). Joni-s 
Hhrlby Jpll 

I   l'.'j»ck»on 
Julin Nolanil 

ruM MAVoH 

I. . p. Kvana 
\V. I, lirrda 
Uov. R l. Brawn 

Warren Ki-nncHy 

Sannif*! llii-t  


\V. p. Jarinan 
Jetiy Chanibera 
 '. T, Htone 
tlrMlr BarnM. 
J. W. Hxrelnv 

n. R Powell 
yim I III \ I V  'I.KitK 
II. .M. HkiiiupIi. 
Jannlnxa W. MaupIn 
run acniioi' mi^brihtkmdrnt, 
Mm. A T. Million. 

H. H. Brock 
ii'U *i \'. \ : 
\V   M i-ii 
I'tir I'lilu-r Jinii:i' 

J. n. n.vkrs 
G. Murmy .Smith 


— or — 

lo tha drioklnff w«t»r 

Mikes Hm Liy Ariiligly 

( utrt Rotip. ( oM*. Choli ra, 
"ierii«lt - I'rfvpnlf buk- 
    If- - ti.iiil* make* 13 

M . I t;;i .li. .U9. At dmr- 

«njF[^01,«H£DTCO. llliiillB.Ri. 


Nnire three room cottage on I.yn- 
dale street. Apply to Rdirar Doty, 

,1 If riiiinc i::.:., 

Apply at RrKiKter olTlce. Phon« K 

I (\i|iies of the old masters — 20 centu 
i-arh while they last Leave' orders 
at the ReKiater office. Phone 8. tf 


1 wish to luircll.lsc a fvw tir;-trlass 
milch cow.s. Want r\tra ^rll^l(^ one». 
Call on or |ilion   M. .M. llumilton, 
Richmnnil, Ky., phone 484 or CI4. 2tf 


Thf !lto^phou^^  with livinff roiiin? a- 
linVM ii. rii|,i,..l l.y nic at Ki'il IliiU.-ii'. 
II. I . llykcK, phone 845-2 rinKS. 

8c« L. P. Bvana before yon buy that 
farm. He haa In his hands for snio 
farms containlnK from 65 to 400 acres 
l ist your real estate with him. flf 

I'irst class board by the day or 
^•• k Apply to Happy Hour Tea 
It.uim. 40 tf 

Room occupied by Hiss X. V. 
Schmidt on Second street See Dour 
hs ft Simmons. i 43 tf 


You to set oar FREE cataloK of 
Pnrft ud Sbtda TREES, Grape Vinof 
Shruba, Rosea, Rhubarb, Aspsramis, 
Strawberriea, Seed FoUtoes. Dahlias, 
Etc Gverythlnc for Orchard, Lawn 
and Garden." 

No. Agents. 

1841 Lexington, Ky. mi 
49 tf 



Office In Taylor Buildinit, bark rimm. 
No. n. OOce hours 8 a. m. lo 12. 1 
Pk a. to 4. 


AM |.. I ...I-.. Lavit •• .-lain. 4 airainj-t 
tla. i-l,.'r ..f IM 1 1, VI, pi, MM- 

pi, -..out -.inn- In ii!i,li i.'i^rM,'ii proprrly 
pnivfn oil  ir lM'f»»re July Ut. UUT, 
I'l.-i* Kaino will Im' barred. All persons 
indebted to the estate will pleaae 
rome and settle same. Address. 

Dvkes & Wells, 
I.' .'t Ailnirs., Red Houae, Ky. 


Of the best strain. Eggs at rea- 
sonable prices. Satisfaction guaran- 
teed. Mrs. R. C. Coomcr, Phone Waco 
502. Speedwell, Ky. 4tf 

Owing to bad health I have sold my 
iTiMi ry and iiiaat market to Mr. K. 
I I'lirnelison, and trust n.y ul l 
,ii i, liners will jrive to my Mieee.ssor 
tiiiir lilwral support anil patronape. 
I to thnnk the public for thyir 

lil»'rnl patronage given me during 
my business career in Richmond. For 
these favors I shall ever feel grate- 
ful, and again ask the public to give 
my successor ;i slian- of lis patron- 
ane. Iti -],i. lfull\. 

Itf .M. M. Hamilton. 

The Pabfic—Take Notice. 

[  im now prepared lo do 
any kind of concrete work 
from a common walk lo a silo. 
Gate post.s and water tanks a 
specialty. All work first- 
class, [".stiinales furnished 
and business solicited. 

K.rk$ville Kentucky 


Bales Condurleil in li"- .n"l adjoining 
Coantiea at Kea*unable Kates 




No AlMiU- N»» 

BvcrylMng lor Orcliard. 
LawB. Garden. 


IjgXINC • I IV. 


///, . , 






r : ■-'NEWIIOIIt"«"",*iMh.« 
. . . ■ noe rou P«T' Th« eliaiiiMH W ol 

■ , , aupMior wortm— »Kjp w^bwl 

n, ., I -I 1 I .'i  h»»in«th« fKvrwm^m • 

Kn.'M ihe wt 'Id o»er for fupetior mwIbv — — 

Nl Ii- IJ u»tlcr«nr«*beff u**^ 

w. r. Hioonn 


Wilson Delivers Mo- 


Recommendt Declaration 

of War Agdinst Germany. 

ASKS ARMY OF 500,000 

Also Urges Liberal Financial 
Credit For Allies. 


Lent Conlroverty With Oermsny 
Over tubmarlne Operations Rsvlsw- 
ed at Length and Imperial Govern- 
ment Severely Arraigned— Prssl- 
dent Makes It Clear That No Action 
It Being Tiken Agalnat Other Cen- 
tral Powers. 

Washington, April 3.— Appearlnp 
bofoie a loint session of the liouo' 
and aenate last nliht, ProBldcni Wil 
ton askeO eonpresa lo declare ihui a 
slate ot war exists between (iermanv 
and the I niled Stater bwaiise o( (ier 
many's illetial submarine warfare 

The president also iei|iie»teil llial 
Iminedllle stop» lie lakcn lo put ihe 
country In a more tiionniKh siaie 01 
defense and that it l e iiomilttnl 10 
omploy all its resonncs to lirUiK ilie 
goveminenl ol the Cerman emplie In 
terms and end the war. 

Tho president salil aeiiuieMenoo liv 
i-iiOfrfBS wiHllil Wuolve Ihe nllna^l 
prarlliable ci^operal lull In ciimM ' 
and action" with the Bovernnieiiif 
now at war with Oermany, the ralslnii 
of 6OO.O00 men who. In his opinion, 
should he chooen up m the prinelple 
ol iinlverwl Ilnlilliiy m ^ervlee anil 
tke fmntlnd o( adtqunle rroditu t" 
the gor )mment. ■ The full text u( Cie 
message follows: 

arnilimen of the Consresa. 

"I have called congress Into extra 
ordinary session because there ar,' 
serious, very serious, choices of pol- 
icy to he made and nade iniiiieiliat, 
ly.i whieh 11 was 1, -liLiT rlphl c i 
coDstitiitlonally pei niisfiiili' inat I 
ahould aasume the riuiion, li iM  uf 

"(In the M of Pe nmry last 1 nXi 
rlsll) laid l.'-fnre ynii all ex'ra'inlin- 
ary aiinotiii, eiuont of the iiuiieiiul 
German government that on iiiul aiiei 
the 1st day of February It wai- lis pii.- 
pose to put aside all roiMraiiita of la" 
or at humanity and use Its subma 
rinea lo sink every vessel that sough' 
to ni pr wKvi either ihe ports of Great 
nrllaiii uiiil Iri'laini, or th,' western 
coasts of I- in»pe, or any of the i»orts 
controlled by the enemies of Oernmny 
within the Mediterranean. That had 

seemed lo lip the olijerl of of Ihi i:, ■ ■ 
man suhiniiriue wiirlare earll, r in lat 
war. hnl since .^pr;l of last  ,'ar ih,- 
Imperial (lernisn Koverniiient had 
somewhat re«traiii(Kl the eoniiiianiler? 
of Its undersea craft In confuiinity 
with Its promiee then riven to us thsi 
pa*sen(ter lioats should ni»t be sun;* 
and that due warnlim w, iil,l tie ulw.i 
to a!! ol'ier vessels \4iil. h «iilaii.i 
rines mlsht seek lo tiestrov. «li  ii ::a 
resistance was offered or escape at- 
tempted, and care taken that thilr 
rrews were Rivrn at Inist a fair 
ehail,-e 1,1 save tm-n ;i.,r !t! Hi,.' 
open iMwts, The i r,'oaiif inns weie 
meager and hapha/aial enoiii:h. a.^ 
was proved In dl.siresslni! InsUnie 
after Instance In the progress ot the 
cruel and unmanly business, but a 
cerUIn degree of restraint was ob- 

"The new policy has swept every 
restriction aside. Veasels of every 
kind, whatever their flag, their char- 
acter, their cargo, their destination, 
their errand, have h,'en nithlesslv 
sent lo the liiilliim of llie sea wiaiont 
warning and without thiiiuht nf help 
or mercy for those on board the ves- 
sels of frievlly neutrals along wllli 
those of belligerents. 

Warfare Against Mankind. 

"I was for a littie while unable to 
believe that such things would In fact 
he done by any government that hail 
hitherfo shIim rlhed to the aum.-lli, 
practa-rs of  ivih7ed luiiioii^ Iiiiir- 
national law ha.l Its origin In the ai 
tempt to set up some law which woiiM 
be respected and observed upon thi 
seas, where no nation had right of 
dominion and where !ay the free high- 
ways of the world. By painful effort 
stags after stage ha;, that law hee., 
built up, with mealier i'iioukii resnita. 
Indeed, after all was aoeompllsheit 
that could be accomplished, but al- 
ways with ai clear view at least of 
what the heart or ronsciiMu e of man 
kind demanded. T.ns minimum of 
right the German Koverninent has 
swept aside under the plea of retalia- 
tion and necessily and because It had 
no weapons which It could use at sea 
except those which It Is Impossible, as 
It Is employing them, without Ihrov- 
Ing lo the winds all scruples ot hu- 

) tSU^ by Aiii.rluiu\ PrMS AwioalbUM. 

mantty or at respiH:! for the uiidci 
slandlnga that were sui posed to un 

derlle tno Intercourao of the world. 

"I am ii'it now thiiikini: of the loss 
of pri,iM-rt  iinolv*.,;. inimi'lise and 
serious as llial Is. lait only of tho 
w'anton and wholesale destrtietion of 
the livi.s i,r noiKiimhalants, men, 
women aii'l children, eimaued In pur- 
suits whi, II ha\e al\ a s. i-w n in Ih" 
darkest period.s of ia,i,|,.rii hisiory. 
been deemed lunoi i-ai ami I, iiiinnre. 
Property can he |.a ,1 im . ihe liven 
of peaceful and Inuoceni cjin not be 
The present German submarine war- 
fare against commerce Is a warfare 
' against mankind. 

Armed Neutrality Ineffective. 

"\\ h,'n I aihlress,.,] iii,. . ..n.-re^s ( n 

II. ,. ::\ ,1 of |.-,.|.r.i.,r.. , . ■ I ■i .i ii;lil 
lhal 11 uDiiliI siill,, t.i a . t .1 .r neu- 
tral ruhls \\illi arms, our imhl to ui-.e 
the seas ai:alllsl nnlaufiil interfijr- 

I f-iiee. our rliilii to keep our people 
ufe ainilnst unlawfu' violence. But 
arme-t iieutratity. II now appeam. Is 
I Impra* tiea'ile llecaiiso suhmarlnes 
are III ». fleet onilaus ulieu used 
i the (ierniaii submaiines have been 
I used against merchant shipping. It Is 
I imposslhle In defend ships against 
ihelr aita'I.s as the law of ration^ 
has a. aim. id Iliat nierrhantiiien 
would di'feiiil fiu ni.M i\, s a;;alnst prl- 
' vateers or emisers. vi ii.I,. - rait glv- 
I Ing obase upon ilie o,.i n sea. It Is 
common prudence In such clrciim- 
stftiices. grim nec(,sslty Indeed, to en- 
deavor to •Jesiro.'i l.iem t)*'foro they 
I have slnnvn thi ir -awn Intentions, 
j Tiiey must lie deail with upon sight. 
If dealt with at all. 

"The Oenran govornmenl denies 
the right of neutrals In use arms at 
til withm the ureas i.f Ih,. sea v.lil.- I 
It has proserilied , .11 .n Ui,. a,' 
fense of rlghln whici no modern pul - 
llciat has ever befuro questioned their 
right to defend. There Is one choice 
we can not mal;,., w,. are jncaiiaMeo.' 
maJting. :i i,,.t , iimise the 

path of Mil •:, ......II ami -illTer Ih   

mnsi ,:i.T,'.l n-l.i-  ..;r ii.iliiui Bllil 
onr a : . I, ili..i!. ,1 violalcj 
The w roims against which we now ur- 
ray ourselves are not common 
wrongs: tiiey cut to the very mats of 
human life. 

Solemn Step Taken. 

"With a profiMind of the stl- 
emn and even tragical diaiactcr of 
the step I am taking and of the grai'e 
res|iiiTi. lailltlos which It Involves, but 
III mill, ..dilating obedience lo w.iat I 
deem my constitutional duly, I advi.' 
that the congress declare the rectnl 
course of Ihe Imperial German gov- 
ernnieiii to lie iinthlntr !e=s than war 
aeninsi Ue' K,i\ erniii, nt .11. ,1 people of 
the l ulled .^laies; t.iai il r,,rniully ac- 
cept the status of kelligerent which 
has thus been thrust iiiHin It; ai,d 
that It take Immediate steps not only 
to put the country In a more thorough 
alate ot defense, but also to exert all 
Us power and emplcy all of lis le 
soun'es to bring the govcrnnu iii of 
Oermany to terms and end the war. 

"What this will Involve la clear. I' 
will Involve the utmost practicable 
cooperatl'in In i-ounsel niid aciier. 
wllh Ihe piM'rnnieals now si -.s.!!* 
with (ierroany, and. as im-ident Is 
that, the extension to those govern- 
ments of the moat liberal flnsnrlh! 
oivdits In order that onr resources 
may so far as possible he added it 
theirs. It will Involve the urKiiiii.o 
tion and mohlllrntloii of all the ina 
terlal resources of the count r.v lo sup 
ply Ihe materials of war and serve ti e 
Incidental needs of Ihe nation In t:'e 
most abundant and yet the moat 
eniniimleal and ,'IT1, iinl way possible. 
It will involve Ihe Immediate ful. 
equipment of the navy In all respects, 
but iiartlcularly In supplying II with 
the best moans of dealing with the 
enemy's suhmarlnes. II wll' Involve 

III, ' linmediale addition to aiiiiel 
forces of the rnlled .^lates iili,\ailv 
provid'd for by law in cs,. nl 
at least rii(0,flOO men. wlm slieuld. la 
mv opinio!^ be chosen upon the prin 
cipal of universal liability to service, 
and also the aiithorliation of siibsr- 
qucnt addlllouttl Inrremcnls of cpial 
forte ns soon as they may be nee-led 
and can bo iia.idlud in training. It 
wll! Involve also of (ourse, the urani 
Ing of adeiiiiatf en, ills to th,* jjovern. 
meut suslslned, I hope so far as they 

' ■• I vias 

can e pilubly be sustained fay Ike 
presi'ui geacratlon. by well coBceired 


Vlieuld Help Allies. 

"Ill , nrrvlrg ont the meaaurea by 

whi,-. Muse ihinss are to be accom- 
pllah. ui. si'.iiiild ki .'p constantly la 
mind le wisdom of interfering as 
little IS possihie in our own prepens- 
tion a I in the er;iil|i:nent of our own 
niilitii'. tii'd-o with the duty — for It 
will a \, ri iir.i. Ileal duty — of sup- 
plyln- ilie nations already at war 
with (iermany witii the materials 
which they can obtain only from us 
or hy onr assistance. They are In tha 
Held and we should help them In 
everj .vay to be effective there. 

"I ' iM take the Ilherty nf sngcest- 
illi?. I , ia«Ii Ihe seveial exeintive Je- 
1 artui. Its of the government, for the 
consid, 'ration of your committees, 
measures for *.he accomplishment of 
several objects I have mentlonM. I 
hope iliat il will be ymir iilea.sure t'l 
deal with them as having been framed 
after verv careful thought by 
branch of the government upon which 
Mio .ponslhlllty of conducting the 

ar a I safeguarding tha nation will 
Miiist .l.rectly fall. 

"Wi.J, we do these things, these 
deejil . nionientoiis things. let us bo 
very . 1. ar. and make very clear to all 
tho ^..rld what our motives and our 
object - are. My own thoiiglit has not 
been Iriven from Its ha'iitnal and nor- 
mal ..iirse liy Ilie unhalipy events of 
the last two months, and 1 do not be. 
Ileve that though of the nation has 
been altered or clouded by them. I 
have i-xaeily the same things In mind 
now ili.ti I hail in mind wiien I ad- Ihe senate on ilie twenty sec- 
ond of January last; the same that I 
bed in mind when I aildressed the 
congri- s an the third of February and 
on the 11. ih of IVtiriiary. 

American Object. 

"Our object now as then, Is to vin- 
dicate the principle of peace and 
Justice UI the life of Ihe world as 
ai^ainsi tac seltlsh and autocratic 
I owers and to set up amongst the 
really free and self-governed peoples 
of the world such a concert of pur- 
pose and of action as will henceforth 
ensure the obaervaDce ot thoee prin- 

"Neutrality la no longer feasible or 
desirable where the peace of the 
world Is Involveil and the freedom ,.f 
Its pi' iiles. and the menace to that 
peace and fieedom lies In the exist 
ence of autocratic governments tiacit- 
ed by organized force- whi.-h is con- 
trolled wholly by their will, not 
by the will ot their people. We 
have seen the last of neutrality In 
such i-itciimstsnces. 

"W, have no quar, el with the  "tcr- 
man people, We have no feeling to- 
warts them, but one of sympathy and 
trlendsiilp. It waa not upon their Im- 
pulse that their govenmients acted 
in enterLig this war. Itavas not with 
their previous knowledge or a;)proral. 
It was a war determined upon as 
wars used to he deuruilned tipon In 
Ihe old unhappy dajs when peoples 
were nowhere consulted by their rul- 
ers and wars were provoked and 
waged In the interest of d iia8tIeB or 
of little groups of amhitlous men w .10 
were accustomed to uae their fellow- 
men as pawns and tools. Sef-gmrem. 
ed nsilons do not Oil their neighbor 
slates with spies or set the course 
of liitrlKue to bring aliout some crit- 
ical posture of affairs which will gtvu 
than an oppoiHunlty to strike and 
makb conquest. Such deslgds can be 
Bticcessfully worked ont only under 
c i'. er and where no one has the right 
to ask questions. Cunningly contrived 
plans of deception or ajtgresslon. car- 
ried, may he, from generation to gen- 
eration, can be worked out and kept 
from the light only within the privacy 
of courts or behind the carefully 
guarded confidences of a narrow and 
privileged class. They are happily 
impossible where public opinion com- 
mands and Insists upon ruH kitonna- 
lion concerning all the natlon'a af- 

AttacSB Autocracy. 

"A steadfast coiwert for peace can 
never be maintained except by a part- 
nership of democratic nations. No 
autocratic (rovernraent could be trust- 
ed to keep laPh within It or observe 
Its covenants It must be a league of 
honor, a iiartnei-shlii of opinion. In- 
trigue would eat Its vitals away; Ihe 
plottings of Inner circles who could 
plan what they would and render ac- 
count to no one would be a corruption 
•eated at Its very heart Only free 
i i'oples can hold t'.ieir and 
their honor steady to a common er.d 
and prefer the Interests ot numklnt 
to sny narrow Interest of Ihelr own. 

"Does not every American feel that 
assurance has been adde i to our hope 
f,ir the future peace of ilie world hy 
the wonderful and heartening things 
that have been happening within Ihe 
la.-t few weeks In Russia? Russia 
was known by tbose who knew It best 
to have been always democratic at 
heart. In all the vital hablu ot her 
thought, in all the Intimate relation- 
ships of her people that spoke their 
natural instinct, their balbltual alti- 
tude towards life. The autocrscy 
that crowned the summit of her po- 
litical slrnctnre. long as il lia-1 stood 
and terrllile as was tho reality of its 
pow-er. was not in fact Russian in ori- 
aln, character, or purpose, and It now 
has been shaken off and the great, 
generous Russlsn people have heer 
added In all their naive majesty and 
might to the forces that are fightlug 
Iiir freedom In the world, for Justice 
and for peace. Here Is a flt partner 
lor a league of honor. 

"One of the things tiiat has served 
to conxill'-e lis that Ihe Prussian ail- 
Iocrac  was 111)1 ali-l .-nnlil mil lie 011/ 
friend is that from tne very outset Jif 
the present war It has Blled our ua 
suspecting cummunltles snd even our 
oinces of government with spiss, and 

set erifatnal Intrigues everywhere 
afoot against our nallonal nniiy of 
counsel, onr jieace within ami wit,- 
out, our liidnslrles and onr , oitini, n e. 
Prussian Enmity Shown. 
'%ven In checking liiese tliini,'s an, I 
trying to extirpate thena we have 
■ought to put the most generous Inter- 
pretation possible ui on them. he .ause 
we know that their -jource lay, nut in 
any hostile feeling or purpose of tie, 
German people lowaids us 1 who wer.- 
no dotibt as Ignoran' of tneiii as w-i 
ourselves were), but only In the self 
Ish designs ot a government that dlil 
what H pleaaed and told ita people 
nothing, nut they have played their 
part In serving to convince us at last 
that the government entertains no 
real friendship fur us. and means tc 
act against our peace and seeiiiity 
at Ita convenience. Tiiat it means to 
stir up enemies against us at our very 
doors the Intercepted note to the ficr 
man minister at .Mexl -o City is eiu 
quent evidence. 

"We are accepting this challenge of 
hostile purpose because we know that 
In such a government following such 
methods, we can never have a friend, 
and that in tiie presen -e of its organ- 
ized power, alwaya lying in wait ti 
accomplish we know not what pnr- 
poae, there can be no assured secur- 
ity tor Ihe democratic governments 
ot the world. We are now about li 
accept gage of irattle with thla natural 
foe to ittierty and shall If necessary 
expend the whole force of the nation 
to check and nullify Its pretensions 
and power. The world must be made 
sate for democracy. Its peace mus* 
be planted upon th'  tested fonmla 
tlons of political lila-rtv. \V,- have no 
selfish ends to serve. We desire no 
conquest no dominion. We seek no 
Indemnities for ourselves, no material 
of the champlona of Ihe rights uf 
mankind. We shall be satlshfyl when 
those rights have been made as se- 
cure as the faith and the freedom ot 
nations esn make tbem. 

Austria Not Menaced. 
"I have said nutning of the gorom- 
, meats allied with the imperhU gov- 
I emment ot Germany, bamuae they 
' hava not made war upon us or chal- 
lenged us to defend our right and onr 
honor. The Austro-Ilungarian govern 
' ment has, indeed, avowed Ita unqiial 
IRed endorsement and acceptance ot 
the reckless and lawless submarine 
warfare sdojited now without disguise 
by the imperial (k'mian goveriiiiiriit. 
and it has therefore not been possitile 
for this government to receive Count 
Tamowskl, the ambassador recently 
accredited to this goven ment by tho 
Imperial and royal government of 
Austria-Hungary, but that govern- 
ment has not ai tuall.t engaged In war- 
fare against citl/ens of the I'nlte'l 
States on the high seas, and 1 take 
the liberty, for the present at least, of 
postponing a diaeusslon of our rela 
lions with tho anthorlt'es at Vienna 
\Vw enter this war only where we ar-' 
clearly forced Into It because there 
are no other means of defending our 
I rights. 

"It will be all Uie easier for us to 
conduct ourselves as beliiKerents in 
a high spirit of right and fairness, 
because we act without animus, not 
In enmity, towards a people or with 

I Ihe desire to bring at,y Injury or dis- 
adrantage upon tbem, but only In 
armed oppoaltlon to an Irresponsible 
government, whicn has tiirown aside 
all considerations of hnmunlt.v and of 
right and la running amuck. We aro. 

, let me aay again, the aincere friends 
of the Oerman people, and shall de- 
sire nothing so much aa the early re- 
CHiaiil shment of intimate relations 
of muliiai advantage between us. how- 

\ ever hard It may be for them, for the 

; lime being, to believe that thla la 
spoken from our hearts. 

Our German Citizens. 
"We shall, happily, allll have an 
opportunity i» prove that friendship 
In our dally atUtude and actions to- 
wards the millions of men and worn 
en of German birth and native 
pstlty who live among us and share 
our life, and we shall be proud ti 
prove It towards all who are in fact 
loyal to their neighbors and to th i 
gorernment In the hour of test. They 
are, most of them, as true and ioval 
Americans as if (lie\ nc\er 
Known any otli'i f. iili,\ nr alli-tiian, '* 
They will be prompt to stand with us 
In rebuking and restraining the few 
who may be of a different mind and 
purpose. If there should he dlsloyalt,-. 
It will be dealt with with a timi 
of stern repression, but. If it lifts Us 
head at all. It will lift It only here 
and there and without countenance 
except from a lawlesr and malignant 

"It Is a distressing snd apiiresslve 
luty. gentlemen of the congrei-s. 
which I hare performed In thus ad- 
Irsssing you. There are, It may be, 
many months ot flery trial and aacrl- 
flee ahead of us It is a fearful thing 
lo lead this great peaceful people Inta 
war. Into the most terrible and dls- 
sstrous of all wars, civilization Itself 
seeming to be In the balance. But t:-.e 
right Is more precious than peace, 
and we shell fight tor the lhlni;s 
which we have always carried near 
est our hearts— for democracy, for t!,,, 
right of those who siihmtl to aiitln," 
Ity to have a voice in tiieir own miv- 
ernmenls. for the rights and liberties 
of small nations, for a universal do- 
minion of right hy such a concert of 
free jioiile as shall bring [leace and 
lafety to all nations and make tin- 
world Itself at last Irre. To siuli a 
leak we can dedicate our lives and 
our fortunes, ererylhlng that we aie 
snd evervthing that we have, wait 
Ihe pride of those who know that t i" 
lay has come when America Is priv 
ileged to .spend her blood and her 
Tiight for t rie luini iples that cave hei 
iilrlh and happiness snd the peace 
which she hsa treasured. God help 
Ing her. she nn do no other." 

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to market our paints and 

and \'arnishcs arc piaran- 
tecd f o gi vc satisfaction. I li is 
guarantee is backed liy the 
enormous resources of the 
C'ert;iin-teed Products Cor- 

Whether you do your own 

pitinting or employ a pro- 

iessiiiiKil painter your in- 

u tests will tie licst .served if 
villi insist tinim Retting 
C'I .KT.\1\-1 l'.i;i) Paints 
and \';irnislK-s. 

/fny looil dtoltr cm till ytu 
( I: M 7 . //.V- n. /; / ) P,m,li and 
/';r«; /;  . . //^ c ilatin t carry tktm 
;n ^ct ikm fir ynu 

Certain-teed Roofing 

rat InetoHM. office balMlnfi. Iirm buUtiinint. inniRtw. etc.. CEKTAm-TIKD II 

tbe t'riK'iifnt rnnl. It rfMU leM to buy, Ii h^ I'i luy, hh'I Icm ppr yeir ol Ills. It m 
liirhl-wlKht. (I'-Hii. r «ni(Mt   . wi nUivr priiat. and Are rettnl- 
ant F'T ri-eiflfur' B   l.ltr.\ I.n I'KKIi HJate Hurfftfed Shiofflw 
btve«Utlitia(lvaDtBi:  '   irKIM Al.N TKKnHollRooaDS.plai 

■itlitlo bekuty. OEKTAIn TKt-:i  li guirantctid lor 6. 10 or 
Ifi reus, tccordlDK to tblckucM (I. 'i or 8 tii|). 
tf yoa art buihlini. or Dtml ■ new ronf. it will pay yon to 
luniilffite OERT.\iN-TKKDbtt(ora(lecl(llnffU| oa uiytypool 
rool. HuM by liiadlDC Uealen all ovur tbu woikl. 




KsnM. City 

GtiDeral Rooftnf Mfg.Co.,GreBK Varniah Co., 
Mound City Paint & Color Co. 

Chickxe PhlUdelphiB 9l. Louift 

PilUburfh Dftroil Buffalo 

Cincinnati N«w Orlaani Ln* Ait|«U  

ScKtlIri IndiaBMolia AlUnta 

 «iU« Sail Uke City Doa Malaaa 

8y4My Havaiu 


San FrandMI 




Fiscal Court Notes. 

The Mailison I'iscal Court was in 
session Tuesilay unil Wednesday for 
the usual April tenn. 

The SherllT, V. 11. Renton, tiled his 
final settl.-ini-nt for the r.llfi n'venue 
which wa.- approved. Collection of 
the levciiu,' was unusually good 
and a sinnlli r iiumlier of iielini|Uenls 
reported than in the previous year. 

The State Bunk & Trust Co., Treas- 
urer of Madison county, submittcil 
their annual report which shows a 
balance in their hanils in the various 
funils of Ilie county iireregating 
074.7". as iif .-Vpril 1. lI'lT. .showing 
that til" ii-';il atr.iii- uf till, county 
ari' in itiiiiii .'..iiiliimii 

Counl.v .luiige J. li. Ila.\lcr. as cus- 
toilian of the contingent and charity 
fund ii'purtcd a balance in said fund 
as of April 1, 1017, of M,128.l!4. 

The .State Ilnnk & Trust Company 
as CiimmissiiiniT uf th.- Siel'int' Kund 
till. iKniiiint uf all iiilcli..-t 
p.nincnt 111 ST.IIIIO 
ii,i,lite,iness of the 
Old the Is, mis and interest 
were delivered to the court 
and destroyed. 

The county levy for the year 1917 
,vas made by the Court Wednesday 
.end aKKre^'ates M cents on . ach .$10" 
of taxable pr.ipi it v In in.- li.e ani.- 
as for ll'l.' anil l;ilfi atui ilislnlinliil 
as fullu" -: 

On each tithe ii per capita tax- Sl.iiO 

To pay interest on It. R. re- 
funding bonds --„.02',iiC 

To provide K. li. refunding 
bond sinking fund .- ."-'c 

To pay I!. I!, n rumling l)""d 
bond sinkini; liind debt ."Ic 

To pay mil ic-t un turnpike 

To pa  1 turnpik,. Imnils .IWc 
To maintain turnpike roud.i 

and bridge.s .-'. c 

To p.i.v neiierul expensoH in- 
cluding oMicers l'-''^"' 


i lie Bonnl of Kilurution pn'sented 


diariMs .111,1 til 
of tlie lii.liilcl 

their estimate for the use and needs 
III tiie si-iiiiiiis fur the year 1111", und 
asked that a levy lie made to produce 
the sum of ji20,000 and a levy of 16 
cents per $100 of taxable property 
LMitsiilc of the City of Richmond and 
llel•e»-^vft^ Panose. 

Variour'ilttwn.ii-aiiktfltf -{ur appro- 
priutions for now pikes, liriily"h llllll 
recotisti-uction of turnpikes were 
iiuaril Tui'siiay ami passed for fUr- 
llii.r consideration. 

Tiie I.. & N. R. R. Company was 
authorized to elevate and rebuild the 
turnpike bridge- over the railroad at 

May Raise Postage Rate 

It is stated on pretty good authori- 
ty that plans are being seriously con- 
iidereil hy the Congressional leaders 

to double the postage rate ns n war 
ri'veniie measure. An ordinary letter 
under till- plan proposed would re- 
luiie a four c,.|il .-tamp and a postal 
lard would cost two cents, 
"if this plan is adopted it would add 
hundreds of millions of dollars to the 
war fund, but at the same time it 
w-oultl be severely felt by many firms 
nil We well i-emenilicr 
when till- lliri',. cent stamp adorned 
Ihe letlcr. hut tie- people have been 
jiayinir the tun cut rate for so long 
il would .seem like taking a backward 
step to have postage rates ilotJbled 
at this d'ly and age. lluwever, if the 
(ioveiTiraent so elccrees and it is np- 
pari-nt we need such a n'viiiii, inii 
during mea.sure, we have nu ,l .iibt. 
the people will rally to the support of 

,rncli, .Sam. We hope, however, It 
w ill not he necessary for this Govern- 
iiicnt I" diiubie the postage rate. 

During the Spanish-American war 
inilliuns of dollars of revenue vvas 
rai.seil liv a small slump tux being 
liluced upiiu all piiiprietary medicines, 
soaps, p,-rfunies. lutiuns. toilet goods, 

i deeds, iiiiilttiiu, -. hank checks, etc. 
This di.l nut llllll aii.\ one in particu- 
lar, and It was nut many niimths be- 
fore llie liovernnieni liail mure money 

I tl- .1. it roulil'. 

-Vgaili we say, wi- liupc tlie postage 

, rate will remain just a:- it is. 

Flag Raising. 

Thet^ will be a Flag Raising nt the 
Caldwell High School building next 
Monday morning at ten o'clock, to 
which the patrons of the school and 

the g,-n,'r:ti pjlil;." i most cordially large American l-'iag will 
In. unfurici from the llatr-stalT and 
lluat m the genial sun'iigiil and (renlle 
hn-ezes over th,- bun, ling. Patriotic 
spcclies will be niiiii,. ami patriotic 
songs will Ih- remi' iid hy the school 
childn n. Kvervliuiiy who possibly 
can should attend this Flag raishig. 
This ia a time when we should show 
our patriotism, and there is no better 
place on earth to teach it than in the 
public schools. Let us devote an hour 
Monday mominir to the service of our 
country and thereby impress upon our 
hiivs ind girls the great resnonsi- 
liility that ri'sts upon each and all. 


I am still in the market and will 
buy good fat cattle and bogs. M. 
H. HamlKoB. Richmond. Ky.. Phone 
484 er 6M. Stf 


Several of the Waco boys and girls 
motored to Richmond lost Wcdnesila.v 
j to see "llome»o and Juliet." 

I .Mi-s Anna Coikrell is at liunie fiom 
I.eMiigtiiii lor a thr, ,' week'- sta.\. 

.Mr. Itch,. Cini i.i V. iiu wa.- h iu:int- 
-oille liay lasl Tuesiliiy .vas ciimine. 
down a lull, ulien llie le.iin ran iip'in 
a hank, tlir.iwim; ulf patl uf tin' lia  
ali.l also .Mr. Ciini.ei bicakinu- lu- left 
arm between the shuuhli r .tn,l ,.)h,iu 
and throwing his left sliuuM, r „ut ui 
place. It seems as tliuugli misfur 
tune is all his. as lie had gotten his 
left hand cut oIT in a fodder schred 
iler a few months ago. 

rhe Waco High .School bull team 
played the Model High School tean' 
in Richmond last Wednesday eveninir 
Thc Waco team being victorious, win- 
ning form the Model team 8 to 8. 

Spring ( olds are Dangerous. 
Kudil, 11 ch:inL','S of tempei-ature and 
undi'rui:ir liiini,' spring colds with 
.stulTi ii np li, :i,l. sure throat and gen- 
eral colli s\ iiiptuiiis. A duse uf Dr. 
King's New- lliscuvi iy is sure relief, 
this happy conibiiialiuii of antiseptics 
clears the head, soothes the irritated 
memebtanes and what might have 
been a lingering cold la broken up. 
Dont stop treatment when relief Is 
lint felt as a balf cured cold is dnn- 
irerous. Take Dr. King's New Dis- 
covery until your cold is gone. No' 1 

The Uixinglnn Chapter of the Red 
I' Society. Ill make a funii for 
prepari'dness work, will holil a sale 
on th- ISlb. IKth. 20th, and 21st of 
April, in the Trust Company build- 
ing, on Short street, in Ixixington. 
The sale will consist of country sup- 
plies, antiipie furniture, jewels, pic- 
tures. ni,"er-. plants, shrubs, orna- 
ments, ciiina. and many other liesira- 
ble articles. Ail uf the people of 
this conununily are- niiuested and 
conliallv invited lu attend this sale 
and be patrons of the alfair. A light 
hiBcb will also be a featun. 


I With the election only a few 
months off it is high time that the 
candidates were shelling the woods. 
Ought to put up a few cards on trees 
fence posts and other public plac s. 
But what is be'tler than this is put 
your ad. in this paper and ti ll ti e 
people what \nu inli ii,! to du fur 
them. The people want to know fur 
what you stand. If you are standing 
only for the offlce and salary, then 
they dont want you. Such a man is 
hi^ at any old salary. 

Owing to the high cost of food 
stuff, every housewife should plan 
closely. True economy lies in 
buying wisely and then making full- 
est uae of what is bought 

See 1.. I'. l-A-.ins liefore you take cut 
Life Insurance. He is selling an up 
to dats polity. 62 tf 



SaytCS year Old Kentucky Udy, Who Tell. How She WuBdhfrf 
Alter a Few Dosei of BUdcDraaib. 

Meadorsvllle, Ky.— Mrs. Cynthia 
li:gg;iiiio!ham. of Ibis town, says: "At 
my age. which Is fiii. the liver docs 
not a. ' w. II .IS when young. A few 
years ago, my stomach was all out of 
fix. I was conatlpated, my liv,r 
didn't act My digestion was had, and 
It took so little to upset me. My aji- 
petlle wss gone. I wss very weak. . . 

I decided I would give Black- 
Draught a thorough trial aa I knew It 
was highly recommended for this 
trouble. I began UkJic It I felt 
better after a few doeea. Uy appetite 
Improved and I became stronger. My 
bowels acted naturally and the least 
tMvble was seoB rigbtsd with a few 

doses ot Black-Drangbt" i 

Seventy yors of suceesafnl use hiS | 

mad,- Theilfiinls Ilia. k-Draught a, 
standard, hoii.-, li'.Id ruundy. livery 
meinher. of . v ry family, at timce, ' 
need the h"!p ''i^t IHack-Draught can 
give In cleansing the system and ro- 
Ihving the treiM-- th..t come from 
cuuslipatiun. I.^Li-i's'lon. lazy liver, 
etc. You cannot kc ii wi II luilesa your j 
stomach, liver and liow. : ar. I:; good 
working order. Kee|i tl un lhal way. 
Try Illack-Drauglii H arts promptly, 
gently and In a n.Hural .*.iy. If you 
l.i l sluggish, take a ,! •• i.n.lcht. 
You will feel frebh tomorrow. I'rlce 
S5c. a package— One cent a dose 
All druggists. t. 6* 


TV f 

can do so by falling at my store on Main! 

ftfropt Kirlilliond. 

In a i«-.-piit Kddn^itv to th#* rrailuiit  )i of I ^* * 
thr .M;tr\Iait l Faoultv uf Miy«l» «. C'olnnrI '"*'V 
II. K\ 1 l  M)irlaA t.titl ' A vi-.iinir i.bvti. 

lib*' m»nt of 111. 
t. m tb 'iair. 
I Kllii. (If Uai 

*" """"" 1 1..0UKI-.I. ot tin oBIM. for whlel. is;, I ,'i^:'",'?,ri',.r. "rl^iv-" 


I'f -111 Atio-i 

s rev 

, for 
iss b, 

ling \y 



Inffth- nuul 
a.. I,., ;. I I 

^iisd Simulliai 

Ml - lu 


An Euter Wedding at Cropper. 

Allhoutih Ihr K:i-|i rii,U  w.'is fome- 
vhai chilU-d by t)i ' uiui. tial ruin untl 
snow, the Rloom was dispelled in the 
quiet town of Cropper when Mr. John 
Wiilkrr McKinney, pon of Mr. and 
Mrs. .1. |{. M. Kinney, and Mi.-.- Kliza- 
iM'th I 'ursnn. d.iu^ht, r of .^Ir. 

and .\Ir^. Kilu;tt,l (';ii oii. of this city, 
motored to ttie res,,I 'nfe of tile odi- 
ciatint; miiu.-.ter, Itev. K. L. Itiddell. 
and were united in tlic holy lK)nd.s of 

The brld« was very handsome in a 
tailored suit of gold and carried a 
bouquet of American Beauty rosea. 

Tlie weildintr was a very  |uiet af- 
fair. Tho.-e present were .Mi.,^s Bon- 
nie Proctor, who accompanied the cou- 
ple to Cropper, and Mrs. R. L. Rid- 
dell, cousin of the bride, and Master 
Bobbye Lotcan Riildell, Jr. 

Mr. McKinney is a very enterpris- 
ini; yoiin ' t,ii-iii,, - and i.- ;i 
nwii!l»T ef I i I- \V. ;:. ,v McKini 
meal .111,1 t-r,„,'(  [in,; Mi - t'ar.-oii 
is well kno.Ml at.,i is ,ai;i.!rti\i 

and an aceornplislied youn^ laily. 

After a few days visit with rela- 
tives and friends the happy couple 
will go to housekeeping here, 
t t t t 
Woman's Club. 

Trof. W. .1. (irinstend aildre.«sed tlie 
Woman's flub on Monday afternoon, 
on the subject of (ireck Art. Mr 
Urinstead is a scholar and a very de 
lightful speaker and those who 
heard him on this t er:i.«ion are very 
Ia\i.-ii in their pniise. The propnini 
wa.s knven b\- tlu' I epi'.rtineiit of Art 
of whieh Miss Maude Hilpsoa is the 
citicient chairman. The election of 
officers took place arid .Mrs. A. R. 
Bumam was made President; Mrs. 
Tom Chenault, Ist Vice President; 
Mrs. W. J. Grinstead, 2nd Vice Presi- 
dent; Mrs. OeolTrey MorRan, Treas- 
urer; Miss Maude fjilison, .Secretary. 
The Club is to !«■ congratulated on 
this splendid ticki't. 

t t t t 

Little Marie Coates entertained a 
number of her younc fricmls with an 
Easter Hunt Saturday afternoon fol- 
lowed by a beautiful spread of good 

t t t t 

Another pi-etty child's parly wa.s 
;:iven by Master Tom Wagers at his 
home in the country. Easter eggs 
and ice cream and cake gladdened the 
hearts of many tots. 


Mrs. A. R. Bumam entertained the 
Ceiilian Club on Wednesday after- 
noon, at which time the following 
beautiful yocal program of American 

composers was given: 
First the roll call of American sini; 

Trio"Abau Ben Adlicm" j^jatey Duck 
Mm, Ballard. Mn^HrlTBIanton 
TBSrSnre Brirtt 
Hmio Solo— "ITpwniil CT*htj' 

P .Q..ktm.,.. _ . ^ 

' by Schumann 

Miss Mary II. Piekels. 
Trio— "Spring Wei eonie 

Mrs. Paul Murnapo. .Mrs. Hal., 
riean, Mps. I, (,. li.iljard. 

Song— "For A Drearpp'.s Sake" 

Mrs. H. M. Blanton. 

Talk— "The Mission Song" 

Mrs. c. w. Pickets. 
Song— "At .\ Pantomime" 

.Mrs. T. n. Ch. nault, Jr. 
Current ICv iil, .Mps.. I., p. Kvans. 
Trio— " j-er .N'ii'ljt .s;,,n!,'" 
Mrs. T. li. ClH'naull, .Mr.,. Hale, Mrs. Hall.ird. 
The program closed with a .ioulile 
quartette by Mrs. Paul Bumam, Mrs. 
Blanton, Mrs. Piekels, Mrs. R. R. 
Bumam, Mia.s Laura Bright, Mrs. 
Hiddelton. The next meeting will 
be in May with Mrs. Paul Bumam. 

Hon. li. f. Oldham, of Winchester, 

is in the city. 

Mrs. Ilattle I! |. I';.. ,.. I (•;„,, 
her dauglil.T, .Mi .- Klati, llurlianan, 
in Loui.sville. 

Capt. J. It. Pates, one of the most 
popular men in the city, left Tuesday 
on the five o'clock train for Pittsburg, 
where hi, will be associated In the 
roal iiuainL' business with hU brother, 
Mr. James Pates. With many friends 
wo wish him God speed. 

Miss Kliiabeth Jones, of Coving- 
ton, spent Raster with relatives in 
this city. 

.Iiphu I,. JiPnp's, of ripu iiinati. is vis- 
ititig his parents. Mr. and .\lrs. .S. I.. 
Jppiies in this cit.v. 

John C. Dearingcr, of (.'ineinnati, 
is visiting relatives here. 

Miss Dorothy Ferry is in Lexington 
today to attend the fraternity dance 
which will be given at the Phoenix 

.Mrs. \Vall,'r ai',1 Mi--,-s 
Helen .ind IsaUd Hennelt came liojne 
from l.ouisvilte Tuesday night. 

Relatives in the city have received 
word from Washington, that Richard 
Miller, the son of Hon. R. W. Miller, 
has Joined the Army. 

Mr. and Mrs. KInier Peatherage 
nccompanie.l Mr. Franklin Heahter- 
age liaek to his s.hool in l alivil!e on 
Tuesday morning gomg by the way 
of Lancaster, Shakertown and Hai^ 
rodsburg in their ear. 

Mrs. a. W. Pickets and Mrs. B. L. 
.Middelton will leave Tuesday for Bir- 
iTiingJpam. .Ala., to be present at the 
llip pppiial  pf the \atii,nal I'l ileration 
of .Musii-al (Tub.', anpl from this 
plae.- will go to .Atlanta, Ga., to at- 
tend the (intnd Opera. 

Miss Bonnie Proctor has been the 
guest of her sister, Mrs. Schooler, in 

Miss Myrtice French Tudor has 
been vi.siting her si.ster, Mrs. V. M. 
'laincs, Ibe past week ;it Ir\ine. 

Mrs. J. n. Ashcraft and little son, 
,1. H .Jr.. have been the guests of 
.Mrs. lien Tudor. 

Miss Nancy Shearer has entered 
the Normal School and will board with 
.Mrs. Walter Aibiil on Broadway. 

Kev. W. T. Brooks and Mr. Lewis, 
who ari' in the eity eonflueling the n'- 
vival at the First Dirlstian rhurch, 
liave taken room at the ( oljer Hp,ti l 
Miss Charlie Elmore, of I.aneaster 
was the guest of Miss Sue Chenault 
for the dance Friday evening. 

Messrs. Marion Lilly and Robert 
Covington attcndi'd the play in Lan- 
ister Tue,s lay evi'iiing. 
•Miss Mary Josiph McKee came 
home from N'a/.areth for h!a.-ter. 
.Mrs. E. T. Durnam is in Cincinn.iti. Ix-e Prather came over from 
Uwington for Easter. 

Rev. and Mrs. M. T. Chandler v i'' 
go to Carrollton next week for a visit 
to their daughter. ' 
Mr. Charlie fjeorge went to Louis- 
iile this wei'k to j'ptn his ronipan.v 
11 iruani duty near Hazard. 
.Mrs. V'erner Million returned to Lo- 
gan. West V«., Tuesilay. 

Hon J. A. Sullivan will return from 
the South today. He has had a splcn- 
lid outing and is very much improved 
in health. This is gnitifying to his 
many frienils here. 

Col. .Stone W. N'orman, after a few 
la,\s \ i.-it v.ith fiiend.'; in this city, 
leiur.'i-d to Louisville Saturdjiy to 
ill liir CoMpany. He 'lias been as- 
signed to Lexington for duty. 

Mrs. W» a e». % ^ y tJj»4im'r r,;.. 
ifter Rotng a*Si*"n"%t*1jonls de- 
eided to return to Richmond until 
times were more settled. Mr. Stew- 
ait wi nt on to Wyoming ami will for- 
tiipil;;t,' his plans later. 

I r. Tom Wilcox, of Louisville, and 
Mrs. Prewitt Van Meter and Mrs. 
Annie Willis, of Winchester, and Mrs. 
David Howard, of Veraailles, attend- 
ed the funeral of Mr. J. B. Willis 
heie Wednesday. Katherine Fnrigbt, Mr. Nel- 
son Kldir, .Mr. James Dykes, .Mr. 
Wm. Kldi r and .Miss Mattic FIder at- 
ten led the dance in Lexington Mon- 
ilay night 

Mrs. J. B. Willis and son, J. B. 
Willii .,of St Louis,, will continue to 
run Crab Orchard Springs this sum- 

Miss Hattie Lee Million returaeil 
to Ix xington after a visit to Misses 
Mary and Elizabeth Wagers. 

Misses Editii and Leola Mason have 
I'oturned honu fri iti .-\uburndale, Fla. 
where they sjient a most ilelightflil 
\i inter. 

Miss Julia Higgins returned Wi-d- 
ncsday from Crab OrchanI wl.eie sh,, 
went to attend the funeral of Mr. J. 
B. Willis. 

Mr. and Hn. Walker McKinney 
will be the gueita of relatives in Par- 
is and Georgetown this week. 

Rev. M; T. Chandler was called to 
fynthiana this week to preach thi- 
funeral of Mr". W. II. Cr.-en. 

.Mrs. I'reston Yeaj.^er was a visito-* 
in I.cxington Sunilay and 


('oiMoiiiiin ■. Mil', tiiiL's are now the 
,,i,i.-i- ,1,.. IB th. .,i,iiit . The 

10,101, -i;, 11.. tiiit pl.iii U.I.- .idopted 

last \ :n- h\ li;,- e.iiipilv farm agent 
i4iiil the lady home dp-nionstnitor, and 
two or three meetings were held 
weekly at ilifferent points in the coun 
ty and at e n h place designated for 
holding the iim tinLS. a nionthy meet- 
ing was hi'Id. Tl.p- severe and colli 
winter put a .nii. tu.- on the work and 
I very little w as done except plan for 
' tlie spring and summer campaign. 

On Friday night three automobile 
loads went from Bichmond to Union 
City, where a large and enthusiastic 
crowil gathere.1 at the High .S.liool 
building in that thriving little vil- 
lage. Mr. Ben Hoggs presided as 
chairman of the meeting. After mak- 
ing a few introductory remarks and 
telling of the objects and purpojcs 
uf liie meeting, Mr. Frank Leslie 
Russell, attorney, was introduced ::- 
the first speaker of the eveniiv.;. ..\; 
the conclusion of his talk, Miss Au- 
byn Chinn, of Ky. State College, Lex- 
ington, and field agent for home dem- 
onstration work, was introduced, and 
she captivate l all who lieani her. She 
made a speeial appp'al to the u-irls to 
form canning eliihs r-i-.l a! o (lis- 
I'oursed on economies. Her adilp,' s 
«:is a iiia.-t, rpieee of eloquence, cou- 
pleil with common sense and inilis- 
putable facts. She Is of charming 
peisonality and she was roundly ap- 
plauded by her hearers. Dr. J. 0. 
Bosley made a splendid address on 
"Sanitation." He urged the patrons 
and pupils to keep the luiiMinir and 
grounds in .a e!e;in ami . tnitary condi- 
tion, anil ai!vi-pd tli,- plipitiii^' of 
[lowers, and iptTcred to furnish the 
seed free to the girls if they would 
plant them. The last speaker of the 
I'vening was Mr. C. Thomas, of the 
("hanibp r of Commerre, who spoke on 
■■Till \'p'.-.|s of the II, mr." He made 
an iiit, re-tipik' addre.-- on the 'oopI 
situation an,i urged upon the people 
the pluty and m-i-.-sity of |ilantingand 
raising more food products. His 
spiech was well received. Hr. Hig- 
gins furnished the music on this 

These community meetings are iiuite 
iliterp'stini; and instru;'tivi, .uul Uieh- 

iiiopi'l I |ile shouNI attend them 

pt,-v, 1 it is possible to pIo so. We 
-1,1, 111, I l.,-,-,,p.o- 1" r .-..-.iaaiiited with 
, a, ii otii, r. an'l tlip' eoniniuiiit.v meet- 
ing olf, 1- .1 ,-pl, II,!;,! o!i[i,,rt;iiiity. 


.Mrs. Ccorgc Parks, one of 
bp-loveil women of the soul 
part of the county, died In t! 
Ilespita!, Suiiplay. at midni^ 
ilp-ath \tas due to pneumoni;, 
ink- a i operation. Deceaaed 
ilaughter of Mr. Louis Saniilin. who 
preceded her to the .grave some 
months ago, and a sister of Dr. H. G 




is the 

Handlin, Mr. J. Marion Sam; 


.Mrs. John C. P.v.vell, of R.-limonil. 

,1. Mr. 

Ail Dressed Up in His 

Best Sunday Ckthes. 

The Harrodsburg Herabl came 
forth on Friday with twenty-four 
pages. A splendid specimen of the 
printer's art. This paper is well 

'dited; the "write ups" most attrae- 
i\'e, and the reading matter most 
vi'orth while. \\'e congratulate tuit 
only the editor, Mr. Mutton, but the 
oi-nple of Ilarrodsliurg as well. 

WANTED. — A man or laily who 
can devote spare time to collecting 
our subscription accounts and also 
increase our circulation. Liberal al- 
lowance made and permanent work. 
Write D. C. Cook, Pub. Co., Boston 
BIdg. Loulsrllle, Ky. 5 3t 

Mr. Wm. J. Thurman and Mrs. 
Howard, of Lexington, came over 
Sunday to see Miss Mary D. Yeager 
who has been »ery ill at her home in 
the country. 

who together witli her hush 
Ccorj:? Park, and son, Mr. 
P.irk, and two daughters, Mr 
Coyle, 01 Dreyfus, and Mrr 
Ray Bradley, of Daj-ton, sur- 
vive. Mrs. Park was ■ devcat mem- 
ber of the Baptist chaich ami was a 
v.oroan who possessed all those ran 
and bcautifal graces of the real chris- 
tian. Her life was ideal, ^he " sr 
a devoted wife and mother, a splen- 
did neighbor and friend, .inil her 
1 .'.Ih has caused much sorren in the 
. oini iunity in which she lived, Fu 
neral services were held at the home 
of her sister, Mrs. John Powell, on 
East Main street, this city, Tuesday 
afternoon at two o'l-lock. conducted 
by Rev. B. F. Petty, and t'.- burial 
uas in the Kichniond eeniet''r  in tlw I 
presence of a large concourse i»f ivla 
lives and friends. 


C. H. BAYS Um 

Kio!ock]filsseHlilyiiiii Mikes 
I Strong StatinaDt 


Kentucky Educational Associati 

Louisville, April 25-28 

LOW UOUXD-TKIP K.\Ti:. ^ l i;' ».M IMt llMONn AND ALL WAY ST \Ti„J 

l.imisvilli- \- N.isli\ ill ' 1^ 

Tickets on Sale April 24-23-26, limit May 

»y See L. & N. Ai'cnt for particulars. 

There Is no one more widely and 
favorably known tlirousliout the impiiu- 
talns of Kentucky than the Hun. C II. 
Bays. Sr., of Burlsnirsvllle. who rep- 
resents the counllef of Knox aud 
Whitley In the lower lu^ast* of the flen- 
eral Assembly of Kciitia Uy. 

While tu Fmnkiort attending the spe- 
cial If Minn of the leeishiiure ha made 

Card of Hunks. 

We take this UMthod of returnini; 
our sincere and heartfelt thanks for 
the many kindnesses shown us liurioK 
the recent illness and death of our Iw 

lov,il M'ife, mother and si^ler. Mrs, 
il.-.piue Parks. We thank i;, v. 11. V. 
I\'tty for his consulinff worpi- aiipl all 
ipthers who sought to comf, rt ii:- in 
our hour of deep sorrow, ami we also 
wish to thank all who sent flowers. 
We shall ever hold you in grateful 

George Parks and Family. 

Ilrothers and Sisters. 

You \eed a .Spring Laxali e. 

l r. K ioK-'.i Now Life Pill.- will re- 
inovp, the wastes of winter fnpm your 
intp stino.-, the bunion of the Wood 
lil t the sluggish spring fever feelinR 
out of your system, brighten your eye 
anil ch ar your complexion, iiet that 
vim and snap of good purified healthy 
blood. Dr. King's New Life I'ills are 
a non-griping laxative that aids na- 
ture's process, try them tonight At 
.ill druggists, 25c No. 1 


.\'oticc is hereby given to all per- 
."ons having claims epainst the estate 
of my husband, the late P. Ii Droail- 
ilus, to file same for listing properly 
verified for settlement with me, as 
Administratrix, at my hbnie on the 
Inin, pilje, ,..,".-:r liiilimonil. Ky., or 
1.1, tlip 111 \. ah my brother, Mr. John 
.'•'imnion.s at the f \u lilT's dfflce, in 
llndimond. Ami all person.s indebted 
to my's estate ore reijuested call and settle said debts. 
Th« rights under this notlcu shall ter- 
minate on the 17th day at My, 1917. 
Mfs. HalUo S. Broadd«i« Admin- 
istratrix by order of th* Uadison 
County Court, n. H. 3; mehmond, 

April 0, 1917. 6 4t 

HON. C. H. lAYt, SR. 

a ststemeot reltUog how be personall} 
Invesilmted Ttenlac. This Is whst h» 


"While I was carapalgnlng In Whit- 
ley county a gis'd friend of mine whp» 
bad lieen tnpuble,! wlili n nm d,pwn 
system told iiie thiit Tanliu- had tieti',',! 
him. I felt the same wny. and when 1 
told him 10 be Insisted that I try It 1 
took fcis advlcft 

"After taVtiig p-nly two bottles my 
Imiinivenu'iit \. pp,* simply remnrkntplc. 
I t.'il e a tipal deiil pif pleasure In rec- 
,'pniii.i I: ^- Tiiiiinc, as 1 lielleve it to 

bi 1 , -I ii nreinid tonic and blood 

puillier on tin' market." 

For Ihlrty-nliip yeiin* .Mr. has 
been a proinitient iiiii)l .tp-r In tli,- 
Cbrlstlan .Inirilp. lip. In sl\iy-iplip,. 
years of ni;p', il,- li.,,* UmpI In Knox 
county slni'c he was three years oM. 

If you don't feel right get Taninc to- 
day. If your stppmseb Is sour and ypiu 
feel blontpil atttT p'.Mhii: iiriil hiivp, tlifll 
general tli- d ,':it f, . liti;. !i Is n sU-n 
that nature needs help to get your sys 
Im baek in oider. 

Marriage Licenses. 

I •unty tTcrk Terrill and ilepulics 
a IV always ready to wait on any ipne 
in this braii. h of llicir businr- . but 
so far tlie inontli of April to ilat,- ha.- 
Iieen nitlier dull in the way of issuing 
nuirriajn' license;', as the folluwins 
will .-how ■ 

\!r. lliarlip' Upihin.son. wiplov pr. 
ai;e,l IS, an, I .Mr-. Flla Tutle. wp.low. 
iceil hi'th ppT lierea. 

Mr. Waile Owns, age.i aii.l Mi-- 
I'auline Abiiinis, aged 11', bppth 

.Mr. Jolin W. W;!'.,T-i v. :,L-r,l 

.'^mith CpppM'. aii.l Mp-~ ' ' o 

I., Ilai'.i.v. ai;epl :;.'. of'iipl 
Mr. 1 IIP -tp r N,iw.,||, ai:ep| I*, ol 
I Kirliy Kiippb. aiipi Mi-s i:tl i .' 'if -. 
aged ll'p. iPt DuUltll. 

Mr. Thomas 11. Hill m.l. iv. i, ..,'0 
.v.. and .Mrs. Nellie ltol|ini;.-"p illp. 
wIpIow, aged 'I'i, Iwtb of liieyfu . 

Mr. James M. tJabbar.1. \p:,|,, ,r. 
aged 7:;. and Mrs. .Mary ."^u-aii lip't 
.Ired, both of Iterea. 

By referring to the als \ 
be seen that age ami p 
ki'p'ping 'tp'p with :iri I 

in seeking tile bles.--liv's ..i i , 
mutual felicitations. 


rates. Mi pliiim anil inferior grailes 
.Shp'p P an. I I .iiiilp.-- llp-ceipt,- I'or the 
thive liav . hc'lt. He.-t fat sheep, 

■is.r.iii 1 1' id; bucks. $8.r)0 down; choice 

' ivil,-. ?1 I 1,'wn. 

I 111,11, piaii. Iloi:- lo'ceipts ,'1200. 
.Steailv. Packers iinH', fl6. 
7.'. ,1 K'p.l.'i: common to choice, $U^!  
l.",..'o. Cattle lieciipts StXI. Steady 
r.iKi~  i',ip I'l. .'^hiep -Ueceipts 100; 
.-tiaplv; land.- .l,Mpi.\. 

Tanlac can be obtained in IlICIl 

Tanlae can be obtained at.tha fol- 
lowing neari y cities: College HiH. 
Cinter Bros.; lr\nnc, Irvine Drug Co.: 
lierea, S. E. Welsh; Paint Mck, J. N. 
Metcalf; Winchester, Duty Drug Co.; 
Winchester, R. R. No. 2, Mrs. S.E 
Young; Nieholasville, Hutchinsor. 
DruK Co.; Little Hickman, Collier I 
Bruner; Lancaster, R. E. HcRoberta; 
Bta , W. BL Owens; Mt Vernon, Chas. 
a DsTii; Silver Creek W. C. West, tf 

You Can Make Excellent Cake 
with Fewer 

Just use an additional quantity of Rc^ Baking 
Powder, about a teaspoon, in place of each eeir 

This applies equally well to nearly all baked 
foods. Try the following recqw acooniinflr to the 
new way; 

Old Way Way 

1 cup tuMar 

}i cup milk 

2 cupa flour 

2 teaspooQt Roral BaklBg Pbwdtr 

3 sees 

M cup vtiorttnlng 
1 iMipooa flavoring 

1 rup tagtr 
I cup milk 
S cupt floor 

1 iMtpeoo navwtac 

* lJliaUMtli«mlttnre. CTaduallir adij th« mi k and bMt with idooo until 
rouhavvswiieolb pour batter. Add th« flavoring. Pour lnt6«iWMduS«M^^^ 



made from Cream of Tartar, derived (rom gnpaa. 

No Alum No Phoaphate 

Was a 


Mre. F. M. Jones, of 
Palmer, Okla., writes: 

"From the time I en- 
tered into womanhood 
... I looked with dread 
from one month to the 
next. I suifered with my 
back and bearing-down 
pain, until liie to me was 
a misery. I would think 
1 could not endure the 
pain any longer, and 1 
gradually got watte. . . 
Nothing seemed to be^ 
me unin, one itf, . . . 
I decided to 






For a limited period we extend 




At consiflcrable wo have se- 
cured the services of Mr. J. M. Dix- 
on, an electric sign expert. He will 
be here wjth sketches and suggest- 
ions on the 19th and 20th of this 
month ONLY. 

Get His Ideas Without Obligation- -His Services Are Free 


Kentucky Utilities Co. 

Phone 486 

lliii-^ I oM' nf Ma r'H UiMiiUrlitl Ilnii- 
ril) |lri*«'H Thrm Oiil.— KniU Inrturr. 

Stomach proisor.«! l)r»' (l mtlions of 
irorms that eat int'» ytnir vitals*. ("lUt*- 
itii; Cas Prf!* urt'. |!nli::i\  'oii,-ti 
I'.ition, Tor|Mi! I.iv. i , .Auto-Inti'vifj 
•i-M. V. iln^A,'.'. C.i'] - 

\,.\ .-lA\:i it , ., riftT.- Hi. I   ',1' ' ■ r 
l\f St. li ;,nii Iutr,,t.i:. 

ThousmW- .'f sutTrrri'.- 1 i' * 
.-tcrfit hy Mayi\ W'oiwli i : . , 
imon;f th*»m Juj^tic- .f tl.. .' -piin-' 
1 'ourt. CoiiKtTRsmrn. 1 1... '. r- ) v 
yem, Bankcrjs, Mini.- tcr.«, Nur,'-. 
Farmrr.-' M»i*)nirir*i — persons uf *\  ry 
 -\.\   pn.h ih'v \.nir own nriL'lilx.r. 

ratari hal jii i.-uns. Max r' V 
ful I'enw'dy n'movi - • ■ ■ 
iliormitfhly cli'an.'^. - t! i 

nut the diffoa:-*-' hr.- -iiit.' iii im.-, 
.Il.iy.  i::nnmmation ami i-nrU .^ufT-T- 
ing. Unlike any othrr n'midy. N*o 
alcohol — nnthlnic to injure you. Krvo 
book on Stomach .\ihiu-nl.'. WriU- 
Geo. H. Mayr. Mf^r. *'hrnii-t,x. Chic- 
ajfo or nbtiiin n Imttl.' ..f M;r, r' V, ■ • 
'irrful H'-ni'^.iy fnun fV rr "■ I - , - 
iitorc, Kichmond. Ky., ur ;iir. r. ...ii . 
dniggirt, who will return yi.tir iii . y 
if it fails. (Nm. ::) 

See L. P. Evans for Fire In^urain c. 


Ix)ui«vi1!c. .April li.— lli.r mvipN 
l.OfiT. for Ihf tlirw (l:iy,~ IIik v., , k 
Tlic market riil. .l t. :,.i, n 

i ^ 1 'ioniand for rlicn . !..„• | i . 

l»'.-t hi n-. H"i piiunil.~ :iri.i up. 
l-l) to pf'untl..;. $l4.'i.'t: pii,'.-., 
(nill.80; rouKli.i, J14.70 (l..»n. A iri'u'l 
clearance waa elTected at the close. 

Cattle— Hcceipts 143; fur the thrt-e 
'lays thi.i week, 2.181. The midweek 
trade ruled fairly active and no 
ilianirn.-; nntc.l in valui .- i.r rf.iiclition« 
fnini Ih.. lii -t .lay of ti.i «, , k There 
na.s a Kiim\ hi'alllij ini|uily f..r tlm 
bKt linhl butcher sat  t.a.i.\ I..' 
unehanited. The cannir and . in. r 
demand continues Rood. Tli.' I, i 
bulls are in Rood reiiue^t. with . ..i,, 
mon hulls slow .s;,I,.. Ill,,;, 
lci.dor.  an.l real koo.1 viorK.r- i.n.l 
plain,M ...r.. net-liTted. Choice 
niilcli cow^ unt-hariufd. 

(.alves l{.T..ipt.^ IK.-, Iiea.l; f.,r the 
first three da.v.s tliiy; I h,. 

mark.-'t nili'il .steady; lio,.^t veal- 1!.., 
Il'.e; medium and comnioii 

The Woman's Tonic 

"I look lour bottles," 
Mre. Jones goes on to 
say, "and was not only 
greatly relieved, but can 
truthtully say that I have 
not a p.iin. . . 

" It has now been two 
years since 1 tookCardui, 
and I am still In good 
health. . . I would ad- 
vise any woman or pirl 
to use Cardui who is a 
EuKerer fron any female 

II you suHcrpain caused 
from womanly trouble, or 
ii you feel the need of a 
good strengthening tonic 
to build up yourrun-down 
system, lake the advice 
of Mrs. Jones. TryCar- 
duL It helped her. We 
beBeve tt wtn help you . 

All Druggists 

Gold Bracelet Watch 


To any young lady sending me a list of names of persons 
wanting to buy an automobile list to contain ten or more 
nnnics. If ?, is mailt- to any one on list sent, will i ive 
FKEE ivhcn first sale is made a $25.00Gruen Brarelet watch. 
Should same name occur in more tlian one list, the person 
sending first list will have name placed to their ci«dit In 
sending lists give full names and address of same. 

I will dcmonsti;il. the new Mitchel Jr. 6 to anyone 
wishing to ioal  this cat over. Call phone 516. 



Box 196 

Richmond, Kentucky 

Public Sale 

I will Sell ;it my liiinu' im \', 
I). No. :;. ilcv. Ky., on 

April 19th 

at \m, p. M.. the following prop, 

Household and kitchen funii 

3 head lni.qs, two to f.nrow in 
May, one in .\u.i;iist. 

One horse, gentle and safe for 
children and ladies to drive. 

One mule 16 1-2 hands, good 

Cow fresh in .\l,iy and two 
heifers are fresh in December. , 

Also lot of farming tools, one' 
buggy and harness and farm 

Mrs. John W. Bronston 

R. F. D.No.3. I 

CH \1N. 

t;f.  in Kan- 

: 1.1.1 a 


reali/.inir .sal.-s \ \ 
Weakne*...* of lio^'- ., i 
bearish fartor.s. .\\\. , 
off tu •(»• up, the niai'.. f 
material baK all urn. . 
(crve stocks and pir i , 
largest acreage evi i \. 
ddwu wiU. One of tl . , 
companiei led the sell 1 1 
rrovihions jrave w ; 
CoMiniisrtion huuse.s \\.,, 
animouKly on the ben 

Wheat— No. i red, • : 
:i re.l, »:;.i:i@2.23. 

Com — No. 3 white JI 
ed »I.4T. 

Oata — New No. 3 wi, 
No. 3 mixed, 73c. 

'i'lrii I 
'". ■» 
■'lief d 


i.'.l fnim tile i hnnre of an nnprov- 
.. . Ill of li. ld candi'.iims. The May 

I. v,r.\. lu \VfVrr. shi.weil |■t'';lti^■^' 
■ riiia. uv'ini.' to demanfl frum i-.i-h 
).. u.f.. Openinif iiuotation.* winch 
rar.i:.-.i fruni l-%c dcrlini' tu I'lc- ad- 
v,,no'. with May at J..'."T'. ta S:'"H 
..n.l .lul.v at Jl.'-I t.i «i r.' 

: i I.. .!.,i.!.-,l fftl..,.),. f..i .luly 

■i : I ' . '■■ r . I i: . ' . ' ,. ' t -li.wn- 
' , ■ •• .\I . I . . ■ I lill.lfr 


I'rieea paid by deal... :. ..„ „^.„^ 
pri.duee in tA)alsville en tl,,. , 
of thi.* day: 

Hut*. I - I'.u kmjr 27r 

Kl'i:s Case cnurt ' 

IVtullry -llt.ri^, 
-prinKure, small tu ni. 
riHintera, 12e; turkeys. :;a;.i;. 

New Things for 


Storage Batteries 


We will iviu ytiu a battery while 
we repair yours 

Fayette Motor Co. 


I I '10.\. KY. 

Houghton Buggies 

"In the Long Run the Cheapest" 

Uh p.,y ?,.,forah„.«y,i,,,,uHii„. a "wreck" in two 

" I esvl'ih i-''''K^ ^'^'^'^ dissatisfaction and 
" ''K^^  ..i. the lau,^hmg Slock of the nei.i^hlx.rhood. 

Uimlui f^tnf l-' ^ 'heap buggy cosU. It 

V uVn^eighbS" """k" *e envy of 

uriv^c,l^^f7,,';""^K.'' ""•^nlW.of Plea.,. 

"rrierlMr $.V, H n," a «  » 


Richmond Carriage Worh 

S. E. Midldff, Pwprietor 


, . . . . .V — ... ..— ". . lie .•III 

■ A... .fuuie, /u( Hii .«inmicoit;ata |liMaHiaror tue lioiue, an.Uooor «c-|h«cker8 Una..! iimusand of dollars, dlseupHed h ii T.. uu- 
when lie blmeelC waa a Prote«i.  »t !ed htfaro to nulv three uieu, 1 betides tba dl«|(race. Wbau Mr. Par- derataud Ibis rebate il H ouly uecra. 


rii ii«Tl'u(i,M wAik,|xT bimi 

draw from thofon^.?., 


Bcwuii,. o. p. A T. A. dieuuTi, O. 

Kentucky register (Richmond, Ky. : 1907), 1917-04-13

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