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MMial fori HUM of the orator, but u|m ii 
tlie KlanfliiiK tbe party for wliicli lie 
H|Mike. Ah (or I lie iHTwiiial equation, 
it may Huiil llmt no ninn ever uiaile 
a oliorter J ili in commilliiiK | olilical 
euk'iile. Senator Hliermaii liaii a re 
iiiarkably liii:li place among the leail- 
era of llie ItepiililkMii )Hirty. If lie liail 
been iiomiiialeil for FreHiiieiit in 1884, 
lie niiglit lot indeed have receiveil llie 
•uipiMirt of all indepeinient volera, Iwt 
llieie would liavr been no orgaiiixeii 
Mugwump niovenieiit againet iiiiii. 
After the election many MuKWum|»  
atill regarded liini an a man who miglil 
lead the Kepiiblicaii |iarly back to 
power in 1888. To-day he Ih not only 
no longer regiirdtil aa a Republican 
worthy of 8iip|M ti for rreaident by hi- 
de|ieudeiit votera, l-ut he ia coiiaidered 
a man whoee ambition ought lo beop- 
poeed by right-miiided men. To put 
it plainly, he Iihh forfeited the reaped 
of the public. We may oonaider a 
man utterly wrung in IiIh opininna, 
Hlill if it Ih evident tl|at he IioUIh them 
Hincerely and adhereato them coiihIhI- 
ently, we ree|iect him. But when a 
man has one iwt of ipinions fur the 
tiiirly-iiixth degree of latitude in 
.March, and another for the fortieth 
degree in June, we pit  him. When 
Senator Hlierman, after aaying at 
Naahville, laat apriiig Ihut he had no 
reproachea to cast u{ un any Confed- 
erate, and no apologieH t# ask of him, 
ap|ieared it Springlield three nioutliH 
later and rauled aUiut ‘-rebelH’’ ai 
unfit to hold office, he not only for- 
feited Ihe rcHiiect of every candid man, 
but he hieiirred hia active o|i  ieition, 
for a politician who is capable of hucIi 
unblniHliiiig lergiverHatioii la nut the 
kind of a mac to have in (lit White 

• • 



Tie raHneareHeat .Agaay. 

Now come the luelaucholy days w hen 
a iung-siiflering public iniiHt ngaiii go 
through Ihe agoniaiiig tortures of the 
•‘commencement exercise’’ — the lime 
when one Dsup|HNte«l losheil teaiaover 
(he profotind eiiqucnce of the young 
womaii who says : 

“Frienda, aclioul mates, companions 
—we must part. For years we liave 
been drinking at tlie foimltiin of know I- 
tdge and Journeying liaiid in band 
Ilirnugh llie Helds of learning. Happy 
years, g me never to return! To-d.ty 
we Separate ; to-day we laiincli our 
boats on tile great, wide sen of life to 
drift — we know not wliillier. While 
onr hearts are licnvy ami our eyes tear- 
dimmeil, we’’- but we know all the 
rest. Those of us who have lieeii 
tlirnugli it ourselves know that the au- 
thors of •• Yesterday, To-ihiy and To- 
morrow," “Life's Failures,” “Light" 
Ahead," ‘‘Philosophy v.s. RationaliMii, ’ 
“Which, When and Wlij',”“lhe In- 
fluence of Met tpliysics on SSociely,” 
‘■The IJovereignty of Chniige," “IsN k 
Aloft," “The Mirage of life," “Our 
Country’s Peril",” “Anarchical Ten- 
dencies Ilf Modern Civilization” — the 
aiiihors Ilf these papers, essays and ora- 
tions will, ten liiiiiules after it is all 
over, be saying : 

“ I got ninetieii iHiiiqnels." 

“ Didn’t it go oft lovely T" 

“ Did my train hang all righl ?’’ 

“ How did I do, anyhow 7" 

" I was scared nearly lo death I" 

’’ I w as so worrieil about my hair." 

“ Dill my sash ends hang right 7" 

*‘ You did splendidly," 

“ So did you." 

*’ Your essay was just grand 7" 

“ How lovely of you to say so !’’ 

“ Flverythiiig was just perfect !’’ 

“ I just tl'rMigiit I'd die when my 
name was calleil. Hut I remenilie:ed 
that my dress  msI :^i 0 ami that hel|K.-d 
me out.” 

“ 1 am afraid Hint not lialf the audi- 
ence knew lliat Ihe fl amce on my train 
was real lace !’’ 

“ I’lii dying to see what the p:i| ers 
say !’’ 

“ It’ll be |ierfeclly horrible if iliey 
don’t describe tlie cosluiiies." — Tid- 

rCBLlSHf-r •''’tav WKDN'CSDAY 
— aV THE 

the oofkek dkau 
C toriiinsu Uommurcisl Uasetir. 

A few ilsysagn we ptiiiteri full par- 
licuiars of tile Oimbiiiatioii, Ollier wise 
called a sy iidicale, foruieil f«»r Ibe pur- 
pose of advancing the | rice of coffee 
on tire grtmiid of short crrqi, increaaed 
ctnisumpiioti, Ac Up to Uiat time 
(•rices bad been foroetl one liiindred 
per eeiil on certain grades, and our re- 
(s»rt told whit enormous profits lead- 
ing men in Ihe trade had made. This 
morning we have (he other side from 
.New York. Prices broke and went 
down with a tumble, causii g several 
heavy failuers and a (lanic in (ne trade. 

Here is a .circular explains 
ilseif and is atiraciing great atteiitloii: 
Affliiils, William Hledd, D. 8. Isick- 
ridge, W. T. Hnwe, W. H. Wilkerson, 
T. H. Kastm, J. M. Daniel, L. C. 
Wright, Harrison C. lierkley, U. W. 
ItalHjrn, 8. P. Hunt, H. C. drave", J. 
W. Biirhridge, Tims. J. Norlhcult, 
sny they were members of (he graml 
jury of Moiilgoniery Circuit Court at 
its June term, 1884, and at that time 
we as grand Jurors found only one in- 
dictment aga.nst J. J. Coriielisnu, and 
only voted on or agreed on but one, 
and that was (or a breach of the peace 
by committing an assault aud baltery 
u|Mtu Kicliard Reid, dec'd. There was 
untiling said about “inbrnt lo kill" in 
the grand jury room by any nfihe 
grand jurors, and we reported to the 
Commonweallli’s Attorney that we 
bad found an indictment against Cor- 
neliaoii for a breach of the (leace by 
commilliiig an assault and battery 
Ufsiii Richard Reid. When the iii- 
diolnieiit was drawn by tlieCommoii- 
wealili’s AtUiriiey we were not pres- 
ent, and it was not read to us nr it: 
the presence of the grand jury. When 
we made our report the indictments 
were not read nut in court iMit all 
handeil iu together and after Ihe in- 
dictnieiils were drawn by the Corn- 
wealth’s Attorney they were signetl by 
D. 8. Lockridge, foreman, in our ( res- 
eiice without any of (hem being 
read to us. Afterwards at the trial of 
Mr. Cornelisoii, or when the case was 
calleil, we, Win. 81edcl, W. H. Wllk- 
ersou, H. C. Berkley, were present 
and were surprised to hear the indict- 
lueiit read us it did, and for the first 
time to learn that the charge hail been 
changed to “aesault and liattery with 
intent lo kill,” ill place of breach of 
the | eace by comniiltiug an assault 
and baltery u(khi Mr. Reid. We iievei 
informetl Mr. CornelLton of Iht abive 
facts until since tlie trial. 

W M. Slkdu, 


Wm. T. Howe, 

W. H. Wll.KEIWI.N, 

T. H. Easti.v, 

J. W. Damki., 

L. C. Wki'jHt, 

G. W. Rabitkn, 
h. P. 

H. C. Graves, 

J. W. Bukbkidoe. 

T. J. Nokthcttt, 
Hakkiso.n Bekklkv. 


The alsive change in the real indict- 
ment of the grand Jury is a bold and 
iiii|nident forgery, whoever the guilty 
party may be, and shows that -Vr. Cor- 
»i( fison teas never tried by the indict- 
nu:nt of any grand jury, tiut tiy an lu- 
diiliiieiit ot the (iroseciilloii changeii to 
suit themselves. The diflereiiee be- 
twi-en llie “Rreacli of the Peace by as- 

IHporUI Dtspaleh to Tlie Posl.l 

Lexcnoton, June L5— Tills is Ihe; 
great day. The day all gfssl Demo- 
crats have been iiii|ialietitly wailiiig 
for ever since it was deeitletl lo hold 
tbe big initiiil barbecue at WiMNllniid ' 
Park. Well be it such, (or never in (lie 
history of this classic city has there 
been such a feast set for Ihe hmigry 
here ns lliat which Col. John R. Allen, 
Fsl Headley, Gus. Jaiibert ami a inwi 
of other gixal worker" set before I^ex- ; 
iugton’s guests lo-d.iy iii the beautiful 
woodland of the (wik. Twenty large 
tables are covered wKli the finest 
Hoiitlidowii mutton, iitce old country 
bam aud huge buckets of that inimi- 
table sou|i so dear to the liiingry Keii- 
tuckiaii’a heart— burgiai. Great stacks 
of snowy white breai! can be seen 
on every hand, and the hungry mul- 
titude will surely have abitiidaiice   
and to spare. Early this morning (leo- 
(ile liegan to (siiir into Ihe city from ' 
every direction. All the early trains 
were packeil almost to suirooaiion, 
and by 10 o’clock (he crowd at the 
(Milk was enormous. A large mini tier 
of ladies are In attendance, ind tliey 
are lending all their arts and beauty In 
make the occasinii one to be remeni- i 
bered by all who are here to-d:iy. 
Many of thegisal housewives went to 
llie grounds as early as 8 o’clock lo 
witness the barbecue and burgoo inak- ; 
ing. Eiglily-six mutton were cisikeil : 
III Ibis delightful manner yesterday j 
arteriKMin, and this morning at 4 
o’clock .Mr. Jautiert hail twenty more | 
brought anil | ut over Ibe pit. The 
burgisi is made in six large kettles, the 
largest of which is obO gallons. All ' 
of them roiilaiii about l,8.i0 gallons. 
The ladles were iiiiieii (ileased with 
this wholesale cooking, and think it a 
great improvement over the stove. 

A cnmmoilious stuinl has lieeii pro- 
videii for the s|ieukers, and arouinl it 
arraiigeri in the liest possible manner 
are Feals for Ihe accom modal ion of at 
least lU.tNiU (lersons. Near IhisstamL 
is a lemonade emisiriiini, where Ihe 
cooling beverage is dis|ieiised to the 
weary and .thirsty. No intoxicaling 
liquor in any form is allowed u|m ii Ihe 
gruiinds, and if Ihe multitude cun not 
satiate ils thirst with hurg  o, lemonade, 
or water, Ihe latter bring furnished in 
great aliundaiice, it will have lo re- ! 
 naiu thirsty or go back to Ihe ciiy 
bar-ro'ims. Near tlie entrance In tlie 
(lark some one has | ul iqi a cane rack 
and llirowing alley. Tlie merry voice 
of the man in cliarge can be heard at 
a great  li"ta(ice, |iicluring the lienefllM 
which will accrue In th'sie who invest 
I heir money w ith him. 

The lA xiiigton Artillery iseiicain|ie l 
within the liase ball grounds enclosure, 
and these gallant young men greeteil 
the old war-horse, Gen. rsimon Bolivar 
Buckner, wllh a Governor's salute, and 
right heiirlily did they (lerform the task. 
All the iMMin trains were loailed down 
with (lersuiiH for the harlieciie, coiise- : 
•piently during Ihe two hiHirs from II 
to 1 o’clock the crowd was swelleii 
several thousiiiid. Everylssly is In (he 
best of humor, and although Ihe entire 
enclosure Is alive willi (leople, every 
sent around the siieakers’ stand is 
occu|iie l with (leopie, drinking iu every 
word of Democrat Ic gospel that falls 
from Ihe li(i" of tlie speakers. 

Follow'ifig are some of the roniineiit 
IHsqile present : Gen. 8iiiion Bolivar 
Buckner, t'ol. James W. Tale, Senator 
J. NY. Bryan, Fcnaior B«-ck, Hon. 
John G. Carlisle, Judge 8. G. Shar)* 
Col. W. P. C. Beeckiiiridge, Col. Mai. 
Walton, Hon. J. D. Picked, Hon. 
JiH-eiih E. McDonald, P. \V. Hardin, 
James A. McKenzie, fayetle Hewill, 
James U. McCreary, Thos. CoilstI, 
(!ol. J. Fletcher Johnston, Maj. P. P. 
Johiislon, Hou. James H. Mulligan, 
W. C. (.tweii". Judge Saiifley, Senator 
' Hanks, and many olhers. 

The first s|ieaker of the day was Gov. 

; Knolt, who, in his hnp|iy way, made a 
s|ieech which completely csplivnieil 
‘ (he va-t audience. 

Following him came Gen. Simon 
B-illvar Bnekner, and when he ariaie 
was almost deafening 

Big Prices will not do in these times when even the wealthy can not af- 
ford to waste their money and the poor recjiire double duty of 

every dollar and every penny. 

•olVsii-ionnl Cai-clia, 

W ilkes Smith, D. eT. S 

A.s our (iriee.s cliaiige with each day’s arrival of new g Msl-, it will Is- iinisissilile lo gi ve i|iiotal oiii-, Uit it will Is oiir 
aim lo name figures iliat w ill coin| el i on, in ", to liiiy from i:" We ileal in g'ssl gissN aiei o"t I 'asli, an l 
lielieve Ihc ma.'ses will (Milroiiize that house lha' sells Ihe ls-"l giMiiN for tin- It iin ney.; isir liaily airiv.-.U 
we shall place liefore onr (asiple stiine l■ll|ll-.•lit|es Ihat are p isiiivi-ly Is-voiol Ihe whi-js-r of (simp-liiioii, eiiiiipari-M ,i. or 
mono|ily. — Prices that will leai-li yon in llie sileiil li;gie i f Iriilli, Hie ilitlereiiee lietwet-n dealing w ::li live ami wilb deail 
men, lielweeii Ihe cash and ereilit .sy.steni, la-twi-en the right and the wrong way. I'n-.n isir ts un er- Uili s- Mirowu 
liny iifler daj-, new arrival." at Panic Piii-e" We .shall alter ."i;eli miaii-weralile aryiinients a- im oilier non- ■ i- t'i in .r- s 
Ia atlers and s|ie ‘iullies at tjnolal ions ihal no otln-r li tn-i- cun olh-r. s-erii iiinl stii -h irii fact- liiat w ill ievt-l yoiir li  i- on 
Ibe sulject ol Bargains. I'liis is tlie mil-ie, cniiie ami Inar ihe | lict-s Ilia! ernw I tinr-loie, ynti will tiirl - ii - ■ 'u i n- 
lliat will repay you Inr coming. We inviie an early and repeaie.1 vi-il and in -iin-li--n. Dor -t ek will be n p .-ni-oe l 
every few ilays, and respisttfuly -iibniltle I In Ibe ( '.\«ll ir ide o-dy. I) ir stock e.i-i-t"' - '.f al' li '-t i-l i-s -t mg ant 
summer giMsis and they will lie saciili.ted*i Jnnbe.ird of ; rii-.-". V ii eaii liiid any lliing yoii w .ii.i lo D. y lio ..!-, Noi.i-.n.-. 
F'aiis, Trunk", Cari et.", Uiiihri Il.i", Hat-, Riots, .Sica— , and many other tilings too iiuiiieroii-i to nn-i.;i- n. 

iFFK’K M**»aireet, two donra 
e Heisiiel 


■iFFR K M»'n iM reel, over Madi 
N'atimisl Ito'ik, Richmond, Ky. 

TYI*0’8 C.VION y-s. K. OK I- 
liOlrlSVlIle PfSil. 

The Iiitcnistioiial Typogra(iliical 
Union, ill sesaii.ii at Buffalo yesterday, 
censured the Iviiights of Labor for 
their boycott of the New York Sun. 
There haa always been more or less 
bad feeling existing between these two 
lirniiclies of laUir— the trades unionists 
Slid the Kniglils — aud a sol kii flea I ion 
of (hem (Hdiiically or fur mutual (iro- 
lectioii seen)'. im|iiMsible. If Ihe 
I’liioii Labor Parly in the next cam- 
(laigii is dmoinated by the Knights it 
will receive its strongest o|i|ioeiiioii 
from the quarter above indicateif. 
'niis is one reason why the labor vole 
will never be cast as a unit. 



FFR E !TC«H.d Hiset, over Madi 
M iiutiiy Iinig .‘^toie. 

. W. EVANS, M. D 


KKICF! ; .-kvoiid street, over Ma 
County Iiru|;Store. 

Shackelford, Gentry  fe Co 

— A ; i-’ois 'I'lii-: — 

Walter A. Weed Harvestirg aji.d Mowing Machine 


tilloner in .Meilrineainl Surgery, 
im HMON D, KY. 

“ KICK ; .-«‘«iid dreet, over Madi- 
1. il l Illy Drug Spire. 


.main .SI KEET, 

■xt IVior lo Luxiiu’s— Up stairs. 


Tar;, Kleld aial Karin. 

The political papers of both (larlies 
are fairly united iu proiKNiiiciug the 
legislature of the Stale of New York 
for 1887 a failure, in that it did not 
originate anil perfect any reform meas- 
ures of cousi '(lienee. It (iroved to be a 
rather coDseivative body, and niiicli of 
its aciioii was too (ilaiuly iuflueuced 
by (lUiely (larUsaii considerations. 
But Ibe (Mirtion of (be press devoted, 
like the Turf, Field and Farm, to the 
healthful .-ind inviguratipg out-door 
sports of the (ieo|ile, will aiwsys bear 
Ibis legislature in affectionate reinem- 
(irance for at last passing (lie taw 
wiiicli legiilised on tlie grimiids of in- 
cor|Nirate i tracks Hie betting which is 
(he hatidiraid of racing. 


I FORD, kV. 

Rice h••'l'■- ‘2 lo 4  ''ci"ck in Ihe af- 
uoii. it ardsal .Mr J. C. Lsekey’s, 

CTiicsgo Breeders Usselle. 

A Denver (Ni| er more coni-picun'.is 
for Ihe feeling thau for the candor 
which it dis|ilays in Ihe discii.seioii of 
range questions, having (M-car-ina to 
cnmiiient U|miii the sale of dressed beef ' 
iu that market, has a great deal to say 
about tlie hliipmeiit of live cattle froui ! 
Colorado to Kansas City and Cliieago 
for slaughter and the sliiimieiit of their 
carca-ses back for sale. And all lliis 
with the idea of creating an ini(iressi' u 
that the raiigemaii is being wn iig)-l 
oou of part ol the legitimate (irolits of hi" 
business through some inllueuce of Hu- 
dressed-beel men w liicli he is (lower- ' 
less under (ireseiit couditiuns to com- 
bal. But there is no law to (ireveiit 
Ihe slaughter of Colorado callle at 
home, and it is not likely Ihat any 
one liaving occasion to slaughter (hem 
lor home coi-siiinptioii would send 
(hem to Chicago nr City and 
bring Ibeir carcasses back. Ktlll less 
likely is it that oue set of men would 
ship live callle nut of Csiloradn to 
eastern maikets, and another set of 
men ship diessed lieef into Colorado 
to siqiply their (dace, exce| t fur some 
abnormal cofiditioii of tlie (.'olurado : 
markets due en.lrely to local .,illii- 
etices. And we huare liearil Colormlo 
farmers complain IliHt, iiotwitbstaiid- 
ing Hiere miglit lie a deficiency of 
lieeves, Hie Colora.Io butchers would 
only pay for Ibem a price e (nal to 
tlicir value I'or sliRqiiug (niriKise.-; and , 
in order to kee|i tlie market down as 
nearly as (sissilile to that figure would 
bring in dressed lieef from Kansas City 
and Clilcago t"  sup(ily Hieir trade ! Of 
cour.-e tliere wu.s money lost on tlie 
tell caicasses brought in, liut not si. 
much as was made on Hie hundreds of 
liome-raiseil lieeves w liicli they were 
thus enabled to buy below Hieir legiti- 
male value. 8n our coiUemjiorary, in- . 
stead of iiiveigbiiig against easteru 
dressed beef men, bad belter turn its 
attciit lull to its local bulcliers’ rings 

• • 



Isiiilsvllle Couiiiierrlal. 

The Georgebiwii Times lias Hie fol- 
lowing | er(iiieiit paragraph : 

“The head of Hie ‘Union Labor’ parly 
ill Kentucky is a lawyer williout a 
client ; a man w ho, according lo Hioee 
who claim to know him tiest, knows 
nothing atsint nu lionest day’s work 
for (he reason (hat he never diil one. 
How he came to occupy this coiis(iicu- 
ous (Hmilioii ill the new organization is 
a mystery. But demagogues are ever 
ready lo l.vke udviiiitage of any new 
moveuieiit lo make themselves eoii- 

The Times has gone to the marrow 
of the labor siiualioii in Kentucky. Ils 
I woidy and obscure leader, L A. WiskI, 
has wrecked Hie Union Ijalsir (larty on 
Hie siiuals of his own vanity and ain- 
bitinii. No cause could pros| er with such 
a man fuinishiiig the ideas Ihat control 
ils direction. He has never lieeii a s'jc- 
cess, except in Hie regularity with 
which jie has (ailed lo nccomplish any- 
thing. Tbe Union Lalior jreople .soobl 
I pot have met with a greater misforUiiie 
; than to have a (Hie-linrse lawyer and a 

ils head. 

Rl  H.MOND, KY. 

'ICE: Seconil "lr«t, over Madi- 
ziiily Drug .stnre. 

lit it ihstinclly uiiili rstiMi^ Ihat I 
|only one in hicliiuiHid that uii- 
■ds 'the IhiiMiigli use juf the 
K-ipc and Clieiiii"iry as niplied 

E llis! loll" of tissues aiif fluid" 
imian Issly 1 uiily iwiition 
honest (iroiiclloii. Myaigna- 
I tie allacheif Iu en' h eXMiiiiia- 


rliicinuall Enquirer. 

The Sunday siUiatioii in New York 
City has rcacited a (Miiiit where it really 
(irovokes laughter. Tliey had up lic- 
fere Justice Lawrence, on what they 
calleil “test cases," two proprietors of 
two of Hie largest hotels iu (he town fur 
the atrocious offense of (lermiHing 
guests In order and drink a iMillle of 
wine with their dinners “on the first 
•lay of the week, cominunly known as 
Sunday." The Court held that it wa" 
an offense under Hie law, flueii Hiem 
heavily, and indicated Hint ii|miu a 
reiieliikin he wiHild scud them In jail. 
So it results that the forty thousand 
(Hsqde w ho dine at New York liolels 
on Sunday are prevented from having 
a boltle of claret ora boUleofaleur 
lieer with Hieir food. And yel this is a 
glorious country of freiMom I 



atn-iiiion l'ivii !» abstnfliii 
hind- III E.a-icrn Kt-iiluckjt 
ill Cmm.w t.iii 'ling, ] 
'iliiln and .s. StreeM u 

Attention, Contractors! 


Builders^ Hardware and Bnildins: Material 

i: T. BURNAM, , 

orney at Liaw 


be safe to sny, a scanty — ralioii of 
roots and a liaudful of bruiHcl corn or 
oals, giveu at noon and so ph,oe’l tliul 
all tbe lietds shall fare alike, will 
bring out (he (sniies of Slieiland,   
ExmiMir or Iceland in full health and' 
vigor, at the end of a severe winter 
The land over which (lonies range | 
should be freely su| plieil by iialiire ; 
wlHi clear running water ; if not, the 
lierd.s will not scalier, but will es- 
(lecially in winter, remain close and 
in Hie iieigliburbood of Hieir water 
siqiply- Tlie keep wliicli would be 
|abuiiduiil for (sinies woykl be excess 
donkeys. These miich- 
' aliuifed yet iiileresliiig lieiists seem lo 
Hirive on linrd.-lii(w ; lliey are imlivi-s 
! nf bot counirics, still they are easily 
I ncclitiialeil ; under (lie wee(dng skies 
I of Ireland Hicy ft lurisli, and in u few 
general ions increase in size an i -liib- 
boriinesM ; in Africa Hieir lot is one of 
I eiidleM) drudgery, bard kiKH-ks and 
liltle keep. T!ie dangers wbicli beset 
' the lives Ilf (Hiiiien aiol donkeys in Ibe 
U. H. of .\merca, are very o|.(sisilt lo 
those in oilier luiid" : here Hie sysleoi 
i of forcing prevails; llils would resiili 
I in develo|diig size and iirialucing a li s 
i liurdy animal llian Ihe |iurenlM were. 

iCE with ('. K. A 
. l-'irsl .Sireel. 

Wliicli we wurraiil (or one yenr. :i I'.iir line of T 

Farm Wagons, Seed Striiiiicr-;, Mower-;, rwine l di«K r-. ; 

•tfr 1 5 1 ..VS’^ri  1 i i *o 1   !■: i { 



orney at LianT; 


ICE oil Fir-t street, sarruf • 
y ciociqiieil hy County Juf* 
oct6. Jj. : 


New York World. 

Mr. Carlisle’s re(»orted desire for an 
extra se."sion of Congress to (lul a stoji 
to the rapidly accuiiiulating Treasury 
sur(dus is creditable alike to his patri- 
oHsiii and to his (Militiciil sagacity. 
The country ncedn to lie relievett of 
Hie burden of $l20,«UI,tJ00 of siiperllii- 
ous taxes. Tlie lX-miicr:ilic (larly 
neetls to show' before (he fall elections 
au earnest purfaiee In redeem ils (Jeilge 
In reilwe these taxes. 

Desirable as “tariff reforiii” may lie, 
it k) niil so I ecessary, iior is it au prac- 


orney at Igj 


e on , ^ oiid street, next 
I Hoiis«i. 


orney at L 

Office on .Second 81 reel. 

i, as revenue retiuclion. ,Tlie 
iiaiii tiling is to stop Hie colleciion of 
ji exInivagHnce-lireediiig sur|diM. iu 
be (ireseiit state of (mrlies in Congress 
Uliiiruiigli revision of Hie Utritt is im- 
Bi|M)"sible. It ought In (w (Hissible to 
kce ii|MHi a cl•m|•^umise bill, abulisli- 
|k Hie internal revenue lax on lobac- 
K lowering soiiiewbiit the duty uii 
K (iriiicifial iiecesaaries nf (he | c iple, 
b 1 aiding lo the free list a few of the 
Beiitials of iii;-.nufacture. 

B'li«-rc shiMild  1 


[orney at Lia 


Dffice on Kecotid Street. 

Cnnimoiiwe.iltli’s Attorney, did he do 
it of himself alniie, or had he some au- 
complice iu the crime 7 If he was in- j 
iKN-eift let the real criminal lie foiitid 
out ami brought to Hie bar of public   
condemiiHliou. I 

Tliirtcen edit of the sixteen grand 
jurymen siglieil the above stalcmeiii. ■ 
One could nut be found and two of 
Hieiii did not di."lineily reniemtier the 
facts in Hi* cose; but thirteen of them 
ghow that Mr. Coruf linon lerg never tried 
under ttuir indictment, but under a 
fraudulent indictment oMaiiieil by fraud 
and malfeasance iu office. 

Whoever may la; Immd to be Hie 
authors of Ibia crime, w hich was dis- 
oiivered by Mr. Coruelisou ouly two 
weeka a(u, they heliHig to that party 
Hlat Is now slioulliigfor Uz^^'inii'iClmeiA 
orjiisiiue oiufer btf the present grand 
jury for ileliveriug ttu Imnest jiidgmeiii, 
ami would like (o\"ee Mr. Punch in- 
dicted for obeying ^ u order of court. 
The criminal or arluiinaU who are 
guilty of the forgerw may eecafie Hie 
law by virtue of llnmiaHoii, but should 
not esvu| e the scorn .Tiid ooudemiiatioti 
of an outraged public) 


ttpijaaiiB Kmklia ttncMXed. 

Two boys were flying kites. Oue of 
Hie lads, whose nam# was Yessuf’, 
when about 400 yards I of string li»J 
been ( aid imt, aske i his briber to writs 
! a message and send it U|\ to Hie kit«i. 

! The old man sat down aid wnile HiU: 
i “Send some rain, Yes.«ii|Y  I’be mes- 
sage climbed up the Mi^ig. A bird 
circling high in Hmalr wiiLeti ils way 
to the bit of | aper, whiiV it ( ecked 
viciously. Au hour later tOe kite was 
hauled in by Hie boy. The paper was 
iu lalters, Hie only part of the message 
I remaining intact being this iKirtl.iii of 
’Yes.” Two boon later 

Ibe n|iplaU' 

Af'er quiet was lesl'ircil he dcliveieil 
a giMsI okl-fssliioneil DcnnK-raric s|ieecli 
full of liorse scni-c, ami clici'cil Ibe 
liigbcsl ciiComiiiiii". 

The next s|ienkcr was Ibe old war 
lior."c, JiNw-|di K McDonakI, nf liH'iana. 
He showed up Hie weaknesses of tbe 
I.epublicaii iiarty, as ouly be can do. 
He made one of Hie ino-I poweifiil 
S(a-ecli«ra of Ihe day, and was applaud 
tsi lo Ihe echo. 

The niiuibjr of lieople In allcndaiicc 
is esHmaleil at 10,000 at 12 o’clock, and 
still they come. The dinner is all the 
most exacHiig ciHilil desire at a bar- 
(leciic. Everyliilng is going oir ill Ibe 
niosi (lerbct manner. 

A T.\LK An-ii'T nLst;oCNT.-j — ‘-.t 
funny tiling about coiiiKry mercliuiUs,’’ 
eaiil a coninicrciat traveler, “I" ioidiili 
ty to mider»|:iiid Hie di-4*oiinl bn.siiie-e 
correctly. You know a gisal deal of 
btl.-inesM is done nnwada.ts from a 
slatidard price ti-l wiib discniiiit- wliicli 
rtiiCUia'e a- 'lie ina k *l cl. mg " 
8om tiil|iK Ibe dl-Collll! is-iin|l. .  ■ 

10 off', and .somclimes it M a s-ii t ol 
double disciKinl, 10 or 1-5 being Hie reg- 
ular scale discount, wliicli, ol cours«‘, is 
graiiled by Hie aalesmaii, who is ai-   
.tllowed liy his liiHi-e lo aild a furtlier 
dbeount, as the circumstance may war- 
rant. In this way has s|iruiig uji the 
cualoiu of giving sucJi diacuuiits as ‘10 
aud so nil. Of 

le ail extra sc-slon of 
igiesH Called for this purpose. 

orney at l«anr 

ri'ctice in Madison amt adjohiin 
'» anil in the Court of ApiiesI". 
e in Master ConiniissifMier' 
 ver Circuit Clerk’s office.^ 



lie I/egislaliire of Illinois never 
1 at each se-«iuu to go to |a tteriiig 
lit the higli-haiided s| eculative ex- 
it ol the Ciiicago Board of Trade. 
' stuff is exiiausti’d in buiiooiiie de- 
i' iatkm of inarglii gambling, cur- 
VRiid the like, with. ever-recurrliig 
mia »‘*4eui,‘qpes, (hi sa.uej etc:, wRirV’ 
alwa](, a-tjouliig. There are some 
pracU'-al Hihigz, however, wiilcli 
an overkaikeii by Hi« llliimis Legia- 
^^are, very .^ucb lo its discredit. For 
iple. III (he peudliig wheal deal 
iave a recurrence of a very fanill- 
titrage. Wheat is coriiere l, and 
'li lUi- holding tbe stock are not 
mi" of having all Hie wheat In the 
duiii| ed u( oii them, which 
il be tilt natural result of the 
daily high prices which Ihe 
e is roaintaitiiiig (or the selHe- 
t of short coDtracts. So they slm- 
premx-iipy or pre-empt all Hie ele- 

The Enterprising;^ Young 
line of Staj)le and Eaney 
his prices the lowest. 


mCllMOXD, KY. 

rents or rxchaugew all kindb of 
Male oil reasoiia^te terms, oaid 
It" ftral-class Vtre and Life 1^^ 
4 ^nmpaiiiesr. 

in J. C. Lyler'e Clothlug StOj.^ 

*Af and -3U, 
coarse ooi^’istoniers always bang out j 
fur as big a dIscMipt as they can gel, 
but nut one ill h'le of them under- 
stands (he true secret of discount figur-, 
lug. They nearly a!l want (he big^ 
discount first. For instance. If I say to 
a man: ‘Yuu can have Hioee g a ds for 
20 aud 3U oft.’ lie is likely to reply. 
‘Make it 30 and 20 and I’ll take ’em.’ 
Hia idea, you see, is that with Hie big 
diacouiit figure first he gels a greater re- 
duction, but ill fact it comes out just 
(be same. Twenty per ceut off a hun- 
dred leaves 80, auil 30 per cent off that 
leaves 30. Now work it the other way: 
I'birty per cent, oft 100 leiives 7D aud 
20 |ier cent, off 70 leaves 56. See 7 It 
works just the same with auy discount 
like Ihat. Take 80 aud 3 off', or 3 and 
80 off — the result is just the same — 10. 
Why, the other day a customer of 
iulue out iu Missouri thought he was 
such a fine figurer that when I otfered 
him 3 at.d 2il off, he said if I’d give 
him 20 and 3 off he’d pay cash Instead 
of 9 ) days. Of course I acce|ited his 
offer. Oii « in awhile, but inH ufieii, 
you’ll run ucroes a luuii who (irefers 30 
and 15 off to a sliii|ile 43 |ier cent, dis- 
count. TI ut is pretty well uiidersl s d, 
but llie oilier is not. 

Ta j; 

Aaoigthe Nertheri Lakes 
of Wisconsin, Mhiiieeota aod Iowa are 
hundreds of delighted (ilaees where one 
csii psss the summer months In quiet 
rest and enjoyment, niid return home 
at the end of the heated term com- 
pletely reiuveiiatetl. Each recurring 
seiuioii brings lo Oennonoowoc, Wau- 
kesha, Beaver Dam, Froiitenac, Oko- 
boji, Miiiiiehiiikii, White Bear, and in- 
numerable other charming l icaliHes 
with romantic names, thousands of our 
beet people whose wiuter homes are on 
either side of Msstm and Dixon’s line. 
Elegance and comfort at a mwlerate 
cost can be readily obtained. A list of 
summer homes wlHi all necessary in- 
forinailoii pertaining thereto is being 
distribuled by Hie Chicago, Milwaukee 
A St. Paul Railway, and will be sent 
free u(ion applicalioa by letter to A. V. 
H. Carpenter, General Passenger Agent 
Milwaukee, Wis. If 

' y; ^ j 

professional demagogue at 
Such men are more a(it to drive (icople 
away than to attnicl Hieiii. 

Kentucky, jusl at Hii.s time, is lu cou- 
ditimi In listen to new doctrines and lo 

I'lie Union 

the tnide, that w e have a large 
and well selecteil line of 

turn from old fallacies. 

Ijabor party may not eiiilsidy the prin- 
ciples that the di-coiiteiiteii element in 
this State are searching for, but it 
(MMsessed (he iiierit of newness and 
cleanliness, not having been infected 
wilb Ibe disease of office-lioldiiig. H ad 
a strong, pure and popular man beeu 
found lo accept HieGulieniatorial nom- 
hiatioii, and two ohl parlies would 
have bad a serious ooulest on their 
hands ‘..but the opportunity lias been 
wasted and it Is probable (hat the La- 
grange coiiveiitinn will be a di'inal 
fsihirv. The combinatlou wiih Holt, 
and Hie exposnte by (he Coiunierciai 
weakened the Union Labor | arly. 
Wood is responsible for that idiotic 
fiasco. There is no way now lo recover 
the ground lost. The race is made up 
ami Hie Union Labor candidate, who- 
ever he may be, will tie left at the |Miet. 

Syrnp of Figs. 

Manufactured only by the California 
Fig Syrup C  ., San Francisco, Cal., is 
Nature’s Own true lAixative It is the 
most easily taken and the most pleas- 
antly elTcclive remedy known to 

r-TziS' BUTCHJSKS, ' ^ 

lated (M Maiu SUeet, twu doors 
ilpKee’s corner, where you wilLar 
Imf a fresh stipply of Beef,' cII 
I I^RK. Mitton, Lamb, I.akd, ^ 
Jared inMis of all kinds. Ohio- . 
i iiice taken In exchange. Meatot T 
I d free of charge. mar 9 Srff j D 

rcSU'lf^TON, A-.TVl. ; 
llAV FEVKI, Hfc....i.V 

u.i:.u;;.\TisM. nf jralo.a, 


Victor u. C k5.'\4, f ^ 

ncr, !’ . I Ue^. 4* *-u-' j.» 

tx- • . r;, X V . iloti. WiUi* •- .;n U •»■ '.   •!• 

'fjp s 'it -»s*» : !-4 s1;c H. I*. Vroooian, 

il . rs-i-» . A ‘mO * .H ; • '-T'N- rt » I uf (!bc 

AHD RESULTS*' stbeudeo^ a boc& of two bundrod 

hy l r’. axfc! FaIco. vlucti f.««s to aU i;i 

Lu iulormoi-on M to tti.* reuLarkAJic cutaUv* And a wcord oi 
Circs in a wide ranee cbn «iic c*i- ol tbeok bcto«ak 

« ill be moiled froc to any • tsljcas cb 


d'ware Store 

the sigiiRlurc. 

a sou’easter came up and Hie raiw fell 

in lorreiiU.— From the Abileue {T'«-) 
Ke(M rler. ^ 

Fnpssc4 Keforas. 

At a recent meeting nf the Legisla- 
tive Coinnilllee of Hie Kiiighls of loi- 
hor In New York, the follov.|ng de- 
mands were fbrainlated : 

1. Tlial Ibe Government take c n- 
trol of Ihe telegra|ili system lu imniiec- 
Hun with the PoX-Offloe. 

2. Tliai ihe Goveriimeot use)iia snr- 
pltis revenues (awards removing (be 
present interest-bearing debt. 

T .. . _ 1 ^..a (.A •ksA 

Wanted, a g ipd agent (of elHier sexi 
ill ail princi|Hit towns and cities in H-.c 
United Stales to take orders fur our 
new |wi(cnt low priool solid Unnize 
or Nickle Door Plate", Door Bells, 
Siri'et NiiinberM Ac. Fnnn fiUO lu 
$300 can be msde in a very short time. 
Fine outfit cases for samples free. 
Writ;* Air pnatf of wliat ag«;iils are 
doing and list of unoccupied lerrilory. 
It will | ay you to do so. We refer to 
Hie eililoi of Hits paper who lias pur- 
clia.*wd OM of our plates. 

Mi^ioan Door Pl.vtk oo., 

juue fi.4^^^^Graud Bapidst Mich. 

Main Street. They carry 
a general line of 



, Stoves, and 
I Groeerim. 

blhe new««t and best gnotfs, 
|n for CASH at Hts fowc-; 

mk is a 

Ors. STARKEY & PALEH, 1527-1529 Arcluland 


.\Ni Ti!E LOWEST PKK'1‘ », 

B05.VN3 A" THJtESHER i ' wheat, ostiJUx. clover, pai* 

^ Wrlta for me ClraUrs..i!air(; 

Persons wisni 
call GO so by cn 
strict, Richnioi 


The coffee market, which has beeu 
iiiisettleil liw 8 jine weeks |w t, reaohe*! 
a crisis at New York Tueislay, and 
| rtccs Icll twn cents, a decline of over 
six C 4 ^(s In two weeks. T4^e were 
tlireeTaiiiires os a result. 

We do not intend lobe UNDERSOLD, 
audio our customers, '.««."ny. we will 
give yon lull value lor every diillnr in- 
vested with II", and \ve urge you lo 
give (is an esrly ca^k 

rtltad Huim 
' experience, and b* 
of tin work, roofing 

so promyd ati'^l •   proiiouiieetl 
iuce, not oulyi tipou the per- 



\ ! - 


ly “ 






WEDNESDAY, : JUNE : jj, ; 1887. 

Democratic Ticket. 


SlMliN K. m'C'KKKR, 
of Hart Coauty. 

of Kcutoii Omuty. 

»'oR tbkah(*r»:r, 

JAM^  W, TaTK. 
of W«KMift nl OKioty. 

rrm ATT»*RKF.V fir.SKKl^ 

i\ WATT.' HAIU»1N, 
of f'ouiity. 

r lK AI’l»fT«iB. 

of Hanlin I'ouiity. 

FOB #*ri*EBl?fTr.SI»KNT iNSTKrcTioy, 

JUS. i»i- iiA ri**Ki:TT, 
of Kay* It**  ’*Kinty. 

ruB RRi.l «TEi: »'F I.AXn OFFirK, 
thus, II. rultHKTT, 
of MC'ia- Kou County. 

Kor roiinly  ti|*t*iiiit 'nd ‘iil of hcIiooIn, 

amaxha t. miluun. 

S.\M T\T«K\. 

 ; «kI moniiii"! 

(.'UMAX I’kixtixc CoXII’AXV. 


Stanfonl is making an elFurt to 
o .*lii Mj L*-xiii?t iirs pif:antic liar- 
l ecue. 

Tlie State Knights of Labor 
convention in session at LaGrnnge, 
last week, made tlie iollowing 
nominations : For Governor, A. 

U. Cargin, of Crittenden ; Lieu- 
tenant Governor, U. X. Bradburn, 
of Louisville ; Attorney General, 
John 1’. Newman, of Campbell ; 
Treasurer, George Smith, of Han- 
cock; Auditor, John McMurtry, 
of Fayette ; Sujx'rintendent of 
Fuhlic Instruction, K. M. McBeath, 
of Marion. 

The Cornelison case continues 
to come before the public in a sen- 
sational way. Last week a circu- 
lar, which is printed on the first 
p.age of this issue, under the head 
of “The Fraudulent Indictment 
against John J. Cornelis m,” was 
‘ circulated at Mt. Sterling, and 
I owing to its serious charges at- 1 
traded great attention. Circuit 
I Court was in session, and the 
: Grand Jury at once t K k up the 
matter for e.\umination. The 
result w:is an indictment against 
Elder Mnnncll, fatlier in 
law of Cornelison,and also against 
Cornelison, charging them with 
Iil el. 'I'he same Grand Jury 
tailed to iialict 'Sijuire Stofer, who 
rei’enlly released Cornelistin on a 
writ ol hnlnaf curpus. Tims tlie 
Cornel i.'  in case cmitinncs to claim 
public attention in one form or 
another and an anxious public 
would lik * to know when and 
where the end is to Ire found. 
Sc-veral years liave elapsed since 
its Ireginning. 

sK.tiM t wTniiuaw.s. 

Union officer, and present at' Ap- | ;ONCERNING FARMERS. 

pomattox, says : 

“I was present at tbearcoiid interview A lot ot 217 Iambs was sold in Clark 
between Generals (jranl and Lee, wbei) county last week at four cents. Tliey 
Ibe conditions of (be surrender were averaged  i0 pounds, 
agreed u| oii, aud OeuiTui Grant au- , .... , 

tborized Ibe Soulberu forces to retain Tbe exports of live aiUIe and dressed 
tbeir side and other accoutrements aud Englisb niar- 

returu to Ibeir borne In peace. Tticw kels last week were 1,515 cattle, and 
of us who bad seen four years of war bur- 2, 000 .juartersof beef. 
ie l all animosity and hatred uiidei tliat Mr. Vinceot ('roniwell, of Lexing- 
old apple tree at Ap{H ina(tox and in- ton, lost two Reii Wilkes yearlings, 
sliintly became brothers and friends, wliicli were struck by liglituiug. For 

stri|ie8 as the national flag wa.s cele* 
brated Tuesday at Hartford, Conn. 

Guy Webber, of Cincininti, repre- 
senting Eastern capilaliats, ims pur- 
clmsed two million acres ot land in 

The exports of live cattle and dresse-d '‘roiHis- 

ed to found an American colony. 

beef from Boston to the Kuglisli iiiar- 
kels last week were 1,515 cattle, and 

The Miisonic Fraternity of Kentucky 
have made arrangements to celelirate 
8t. Jolin’s Day, June 24tli, with pic- 
nics at Louisville and elsewliere, for 

ie l all animosity and hatred uiidei tliat Mr. Vincent Cromwell, of Lexiiig- 8t. Jolin’s Day, June illli, with pic- 
old apple tree at Ap{H ina(tox and in- ton, lost two Reii Wilkes yearlings, nlcs at Louisville and elsewhere, for 
sliintly became brothers and friends, wliicli were struck by liglituiug. For the benefit of tlie Masonic Widows and 
before General Grant’s order to supply one lie bad refused $1,000 aud the otlier Orplians Home. 

the defeated army will, rations could be $1,.500. ^ wl.olesale liquor 

executed, the Lnion soldiers threw James Garland lias purchased ilie dealers in I»uisville, tlie action of tlie 
ilieir kna, Slacks iiimii tlie ground and .^.^^.ear-old filly 8now Drop by J.h* Manufacturers’ Association in de- 

divided tbeir rations willi tlieir former 
enemies. A Ixlter illustration of tlie 
friendly feeling tliat existeil between 
tlie two armies could not liave been 
given. Now as Gen. Grant said tlial 
Uie side arms, aceoulrementa, and in 
some t'le iiorses of tlie Confeiler- 
atessliould be returned to llieir res|iec- 
live owners, 1 do not see wliy tlie old 
regimental and cumpany flags sliuuld 
not also go liaek to tbeir original own- 




and sec how low prices wc quote you. 

This week we give you still lower prices 


two-year-old filly 8now Drop by Joe 
lifMiker, dam Laura Winston by Nor- ciding to sliut down for one year was llllOrniatlOll giVCll uj' 
folk, of W. B. Todtiiiuter, Fayette indorsed, and a resolution pa. a ed 

county, lor $2,000. agreeing not to any wliisky | | | | ■ '^ “r“ 

Mrs. J. H. Helton, wlio lives near distilled during ll.e peiioil ofsuspen- 
Magan. Oliio count v. Kv.. and wlio is sion. 

on many new things. 

Head the valuable 

county, lor $2,000. 

Mrs. J. H. Helton, wlio lives near 
Magan, Oliio comity, Ky., and wlio is 
only 24 years of age, is tlie motlier of 
eiglit living cliildreii, the oldest of 
wliieli is eleven years. 

Uiebard T. .Sparks, of Nicbolasvllle, 
badly cut Katie rilinger, a prostitute, 
in laixingtnn on Hie back of tlie neck. 

t also go back to tbeir original own- acres of wlieat Saturday at from 65 to 
i." 70 cents, lliey bought of O. M. & 

The Cinciniiafi Commercial Ga J- ^^i bu«liels of old wheat at 
Mo Tint IVirlli spvppal nf 76 Cents. — Danville Ailvooale. 

Kmitli & Anderson bought about 300 ^ resisting arrest with a knife j 

IIIIH LiyiStL[ SI 0 R[, 

zelte has jiiit forth several of its 
diaracieristic, deiiunciatory eili- 

a tew minutes afterwaid, was sliot in 
the muscle of the left arm, near the 
shoulder, by Deputy Hberill’ Frank 

OIil corn is still advancing, and some 

torials on the siihjeet, exhihitiiig predict it will resell SJ before tlie next 

as much feeling as if the civil war, 
wliich ended nearly a quarter of a 
century airo, were yet in progress. 

When the G. A. K. howl, backed 
1)3' Foraker, tlie Coinniercial-Ga- 

crop is made. It is now selling at 
$2 65 delivered. Briglit timotliy and 
.“lieaf oats at $12 65 ilelivered. Hemp 
trade re|M)rted noiiiiiial at $f.5U |ier 
cwt., alld^ery little unsold. — Lexing- 

zi’tlc and other heav3’ weights up *"'• Gazette. 
North, real lied the ears of the j. Bun 
1‘resident, he began seriously to oonglit a lot 
consi ler the matter. The siigges- West at 4 2 
tion of ndurning tlie Hags — there bouglii 7 fat 
are 300 of them — was made by' day at 4 60. 
General Drum to Secretary  d A. R. Denny 

shoulder, by Deputy Slienll rrank 5Q (’olorcd Bonlcred 1 1. S. Ilandkorchiefs at 8Jc 

Rmigers. 50 dozen Hose at Sjjc 

The Rail & Ordway Mamiractiiring 500 yards Iland.some Sateens, worth 20c, at 15c 

Company, NasbvMlle, Ismiis and sliocs. ,5,000 yards Lawn, worth more money, at 3^c 

failed, owing to heavy losses in tlieir 5,000 yard.s Lawn, worth SJc, at 5c 

bu'ini*s8. Tlie firm liabilities amount 1 lot Dress Gootls, w'orlh 25c, at 15c 

to $ 100 , 060 , and iiidividiml liiibiliiios to 1 lot Dress Goods, worth 50c, at 30c 

$46,iH)0. Total ii.-.sets $200,(H)0. Tiiis is 1 lot Dress liobes in boxes, worlh $7.50, at $5.00 

the only shoe maiiulaetory in Hie Soutli, 1 lot Towels, wort Ii 124c, at 8/,c 

Have just received and opened a large 
stock of E:ist Trenton weil-sel(*cte*l» 
Decorated Dinner and 
Tea Sets and Toilet Articles. 

Also a large lot of Glassware and Water Sets of 
all kinds and styles. 

Rogers’ Silver-Plaiefl Mves ai Forls. 




and all kinds of Canned Goods, 

J. (i. Bnrii.side and Warner Hlavin 
bought a lot of fat bogs from Huusliury 
West at 4 20 per cwt. J. A. Duly 
bought 7 fat bogs to be delivered Salur- 
day at 4 60. Tliey averaged 275 |H iinds. 
A. R. Denny bouglit from George Jeii- 

- . . « Tithr Jh iiiocrrifu of Mafl!»on Coiiiiti/ : 

Daniel Muiiiiing sa\ s be thinks After muture nllecHon ami wiHi Hie 
Mr. t levehiiid “I he winning card ^ f^n T-unHent and advice of my |icrMinnl 
in the game" for l’rc ident next i friemD, I liereby rc-iiecrnlly wiili- 
yoar. . draw from Hie race before Hie I’rimary 

- ■ elecliiiii for noniination fur Ucpres«-n- 

The Slate ol 1 hlhlialiu.a, Mex lative. 1 fe«-l Hial to continue in this 
i-? ». is now staiigering tinder two ii,.Hted eont»-st would tend lo disrupt 
l/'gislatiiR's iiinl two (roveniors iiie party in (be county. And in order 
tiileavoring to ni:ikc laws and 10 retain jK-rfect liarmony, |s-uce ami 
enforce them. giMsl feeling all arnuml, 1 tliiuk tlie 

7 alsive cour-e is a duly I owe lo my 

Mr. ( . Ip Searcy has withdrawn rnfniis, my' parly, ami myself. To 
from the race for llejireseiitalivc. tlie many warm iriemls wlio liave vul- 
aild the field is left to Hon. A. I. uutarily given tlieir supisirt, I liereliy 
I'hcnaiiH. who will jirohably have tender my sincere Hiaiiks. 

Tlie Slate of ('luhiialiua, Mex 
i-? ». is now staggering tinder two 
l/gislatiiR's iiml two Governors 
tiileavoring to make laws and 
enforce them. 


Mr. Ip .S*arev has withdrawn 

War Endicott. and by' him to the nings two mule yearling colU for $75 
President. Uiion rellecliou theieaeli. 'rraders say Hie mule crop will 

and WH.S believed to be doing a good 

I Tlie A8.sociation of lyiuisville lias in- 
\ atitiited suit againsl Joliii B. William- 
i son, flerk of Hie (,'ity Court ; Edward 
! Tierney, City Auditor ; Henry Wolford, 
' City Treasurer, aud tlie city of I.,oui.s- 

1 lot Table Linen, wortli 50c, at 35o 

1 lot Calicoes, wort it 0 4c. .at *. .. 5c 

1 lot Brown Domestic, worth 0.4c, at ,5c 

1 lot Ladies’ .Slippers, worth $1.00, at 7.5c 

1 lot Ladies' Kid Button Shoes, wortli $2.00, at $1.50 

1 lot Ladies’ Kid Button Slioes, worth $2.50, at $2.00 

1 lot Men's Button, Lace and Congress Shoes, worth $2. .50, at $1.75 

I’residenl. Upon rellecliou the eaeli. 'rraders say Hie mule crop will 
President wrote : be sliort next year, as everylsMly i.s 

•• 1 liave to-day ts.iisidered wiHi more breeding lu liorsea.-DHiicaater Journal, 
care Hian 1 did wlien tlie suliject was Buckner WiKHlford, of Nieliolas, is 
orally preseiiteil me, tlie action of at I’uris Milicitiiig slock for tlie organi- 

your De|iaitmelil, directing letters /.atjon of anotlier liaiik at that place, 

lo lie addrissed to Hie (Jovernors -a itli a casli capital of $11X1,000. He lia.s 

of all tlie .States olleriiig lo return, nearly' nil tlie stock suliscribeil, anil we 

if desired, lo Hie loyal slates, uiiderslami tliat Hie enterprise will be 

ville, alleging tliat Williamson has | 50 .Suits of Clotiies, worllt $7.50, at 
been receiving more in Hie way of fees, j 50 Snit.s ol Clothes, worth $0.00, at 

be short next year, as everylsKly j« uten re.-eiv ng . ...e »..y .. le.^, 

breeding lu borses.-DH.icaster Journal, . ‘b»» ami has in oO b s o C o es, « m $ 1 . , a 

coiisequenco overdrawn. Ins accounts oO Sluts ot ClOlllCS, worlll at 

Buckner WisHlford, of Nieliolas, is | ^ 


$ 2.00 


$5. M) 

$ 0.00 



your De|iuitineiil, directing letters /.ation of anotlier liaiik at that place, Ex-Hlierifl Wm. Ramey ami liis son 
lo lie addri s-ed to Hie Governors * jth a ca.sli capital of $ltXI,0lXI. He lias ! Henry, Hie latter twenty four years old, 
of all Hie .States ofieriiig lo return, nearly nil tlie stock suliscribeil, anil we ! were riding from Moreliead lo Hieir 
if desired, lo Hie loyal slates, uiiderslami tliat Hie rnterprise will be 1 liome in Hie country, and wlieii a few 
Hie I'liiou Ibigs eaptured during o| ened for business in ti* plemlier. Col. miles from town, they were sliot from 
Hie war of Hie rctwllion by Ibe (Nuifeii- K. F. Clay, tt. M. (-'lay, Jr., Biiekner i tlieir iiorses and jierliaiis fatally womid- 
erate forces ami afterward reei.vered by and Calesby Woodlord are Hie largest i ed liy niiknowii men in ambusli. It is 

no cqijKisilion at .\ngU't. Itesjieclfnlly, 

C. 1.. Skakcy. 

'Squire Jim WmsL. the Prolii- Richmond, Ky., June Hitb, ’S7. 

bit ion candidate for the D-gisla- 7 — ; — • 

tiire. has Kejiubliean antecislents The I/itiisville C’oninierci.d has 
and M’onian's Kiglils tendencies, .a clear idea ol "deals , and l.irci 
He will nevertheless make gooil bly' e.\presst*s itsell as follows: 
meat for Clienailll at August. There is nomore tbrealeniug p -ril to 

— • bu-iness III Hie country Ilian Hie “inr- 

Pi:ek traces a niarkrsl similarity uer.” Toucliesof its damage are fresli 
iK'lwei ii the risl eivilixation of the in mind Hirmigli llie recent eiillji|ise in 
Indian- and tlie red civilization of I wlieat uml Hie Mjiieeze in colter-. 'I'lie 
t III- anaiebists. The Indians heliD baeksi-t to Hie Clifcago deal in vvlu-ut 
their l.iiid in coniinon and "iiiight j was due to ineorrer't estimatioa of Hie 
made right." Tlie anarchists ad , load •” • « earrieil. The eliqiia found 
Vis-afe tlie same. I itself eonfronteil willi nearly twice as 

— ♦ — niucli w lieat as liad been eouirisl 1111 , 

Hon. .lohn Keland, of llupkilis- and retired in ili.-may. Tliis species of 
viile. Ui-pllblican candidale for s|ieeulalion is nniversally conili-miied 
Attorney (ieiieral. dtH-Illies lo fur- as more daniHging than the gaiiililiiig- 
Gier J'rii'ei'iHt* lliC tanvass. and nmm, w here cards are Hie fimiidiilioii 
plep- aside. Here are ^Icssrs. instead of wln-ai'irjsiik, yet ilie wliole 
.bihn Bennett and A. K. Bliniam. luisiness world lakes a i-ail in pusliiiig 
K. qinblicans. VOII cannot do Ix-t H*e evil along. l.ei luring and preueb- 
.er than to take one of tliom. ! do m. gisKl. and hiller exierienee 

_ and liaiikrilpley s.'ldoiii friglileii Hie 

The Masotiie Grand I slge of vielimaway froin ii. 

Mi-- iiiri has closisl its doors to all tim- i ovL-i.r.i*i. iti- li c 

Govciiimeiit Irisips ; slid to tiie Con- 

feilerale .*Stiites, tlie Hags captured by . l , . 

. ... , 1 lie Garrard eonniy hond.s were not 

tlie L iiliin fiire»*s all ol wliieli for many . .1 . - .1 

, , ’ , . . . , I sold for Hie rea.-^in tliat since Hiey were 

yi ars liave lieen packed in isixes and 1 . . , ..1 . 

^ ... , , ' advertised tliere lia.s lieen a sef'emenl 

stock liuldels. 

not known wlio Hie parties were Hial 
did Hie sliuutiiig. 

are storeil in Hie cellar ami atlic of Hie 
Wur-Departiiieiit. I am of Hie opinion 
Hiat Hie return of tlie Hags in the man- 
ner Hiu.s contemplated is not uiitimr- 
izt-d hy existing law, nor justified as an 
Executive act. 1 request tlierefore Hiat 
no further stejis lie taken in tlie mutter 
exeejit lo examine and inventory tlie 
llags and ud i|it pro|a'r iiieu.suies for 
their prcM-rvation. Any diris-lion as In 

sold for the rea-oii tliat since Hiey were I Tlie statement is made Hiat Jeller.sou 
advertised Hiere lia.s lieen a seCemenl ' Davi.s, Kiinun Cenieron, A F. Kennedy 
w ith ihe slierill and it is found Hiat tlie ' ami llaiiiiitial lluuilin arc tlie only 
comity ludebletliie'is is only alsnit $32,- men living wlio were meiubens of Hie 
IHX) iii-leud of $.'j0,tXX). It is now lU'o- , L'liiled Hlales .Seiiule wueii Hie war 

county ludebletliie'is is only alsml $!! 2 ,- 
IHX) iii-leuil of $.'j0,tXX). It is now |iro- 
p isisl to i-sue Isiiids maturing In from 
one to four years, $ 8 , (XX) eaeli year Is-ar- 

was begun. Hanniliul llumlin i.s also 
tlie only living ex-Vice I’resitleiit. I'lie 


“We offer an immense line of Carpets 
at Greatly Pednesd Prices in 
order to reduce same ; special 
Bargains, call and 
see them. 

ing 6 jier cent Bo Hiat in four only living ex-l’resideiil is It. II. Hayes, 
more years oltl (iarrurti will !»• out of . „„ , 

tlelit for wliicli “I’raise Hie Isird.” 

At HieBliorHioriisaleof H. Y. Attiill, 

Hie final tli-|si.,iH(iii of Hieni slioultl 1 at Kansas City, six bullssoltl for $4, lt)- , 
oligiiiale with Congress. Ytuirs truly, an average  if$ij!X) per lieatl — 30 females 

“Gkovkk  ’l.KVKl..vxP.’’ sold for $21, !)3(t, an average of $731 |ier 
Thus the war of words over the 1 liead. The wlioleSoaverageti $720 eaeli. 
w;tr worn llags. ends as suddenly A. J. Alexander, of .Spring fStat ion, was 
a- it siiran" till. * tlie imreliaser of two Dncliesses of Ox- 

ford, one at $2,000 and one at $9.50. 
THIN COLUMN- Col. T. S. Molierley, of Riclimond, piir- 

-- cliased a Tlioriidule Rose, at $1,000. 

B irgts) is ii-efiil to coiilemiilate as an i,elow New Orleans 

ali-tiaci idea, Imt as a fomi it is list havelieeuinundatcd,andagreatdam- 
•liick to drink and not tliick eiiougli to l,„„ resulted. A strong easterly 

(■■bcw. to blow Saturday and coii- 

\Ve ileniaiid of ’Squire Wooils, Hie linmsl steadily until Monday. Tlie 
I’loliibilion eaniiidate, as to wlielber result was iiiundaliou of a considerable 

vill*-. Uepiiblican camlidale for 
Alturiiey (icneral. dtH-Imes lo fiir- 
Gier j'ro-i*eiile the tanvass. and 
step- a-ide. Here are Messr-. 
.biliii Bennett and A. K. Bnrnam. 
Ill qinblicans. you can not do lift 
"er than to take one of them. 

i„gex-l’ llJlYO {I gl’Uat llHlliy HOW attmCtlOllS 

A few days ago Mr.s. Thomas Go^^^  VC ai'C llliablo fo ariVC 

Nortii Middletown, wliile walking **** ' ^ 

acrossHie Ihsir of her room, sleppeil npiCOS ol’ Oil aCCOUllt ol SpaPO. tSllOllul YOU 

on ueat, which bit her Sii tlie hqi of Hie ’ .. 1 • • / 1 * 4. 

foot. 'I'lie hsil aud limb are swollen to ^^allt ail\ tlllHj^ 111 tllO »l\ Ol UOISOIS^ 

tlie knee aud tlie fiesli lias turned green. 

It is feared llial IiIimhI poisoning lias set 





The are about elosiii”: up their business anl 
luiYe OH hand oYer 4,000 of them. 

PITiHT IlillSS ROD HUD TllliR lllf. 

Maim fact lire all styles and sizes 
\Yliicli tlieY offer at 

»i I 


A. J. Alexander, of .Spring Ktat ion, was j,, a„j the linili will liavc to be aiiipu- 
tlie piircliaser of two Ducliesscs of Ox- i tated to save her life.— Brooksvilie Dein- 
fiirJ, one at $2,(XX) and one at $9.50. I ocrat. 

Col. T. S. Molierley, of Uicliiiniiid, pur- i 

cliused a Thoriidale Rose, at $1,0(X). ; “Doc” Hill and James Jobiistou. al- 
leged Indian doctor.-, lured a liorsc and 
The rice fields lielow New Orleans p ..^j,ui.-on, of 

have lieeu inundated, and a great dam- j„.,l „-,,ek. Tliey said they 

age lias resulted. A strong Pa»‘e -'y j d.uj.ii,,. phey went 

ii;- AE laps toitei for one leaF 

Shoes, Hats, Carpets, Trunks, Furnisliiii" The Best Material. lae Easiest Term.=^ 

Goods, conic and see priees j,,. 

and 'VYe will sell you, as ayo luiYe the i^oods ,, . i  • i • 

galelregan to blow Saturday and con- i and, it is alleged, tried lo 

liiitKsl steadily until Monday. Die I’oiiceniuti 

week. They said they i)pi(*es tluit will iiiake tlieiui^o. 

('liuplin. Tiiey went * ' 


Call on Mr, Pope a'.;d examine the 
ms. Don’t hiiv hefor * doing so. 


fier-nn- who M'll w liisky, and tlie 
Keliirnusl rre-bylerian C'hnreh in 
New York ha- elo.-tsl its d Mirs to 
all Ma-on-. ’IIktc are a few 
narrow gaugisl iii-litiilions yet 
extant, notwilli-tandingliie -liar- 
ing liglit of llio iiineleeiith cen- 

'I’hc jK'ople ol the Suith did 
]ioi jirojMi-4* tlie return of the 
( 'oiifederate llag-: they' did not 

join in any repiie-t lo return them; 
tliey' were not aware ot -iieh a 
iiioveiiieiit until the order liad lH*«-n 
coiinterniandeil. Tliey' do not 
even care wlielher or not Ihev are 
ever ret limed. ^ Tlic idea origin 
Jilist in the N'orih, was disi'ii'-x'd 
in the North, and decidiMl in the 

Tilt; ( (iMKiii.K.m; u..u.s. 

, Tlie -iibjoiiied letter troni Atl- 
jiitant General Driini has ere;ited 
a cuniiiiolioii in ( irand Army eir 
eles, and atiraeled alteiition 

! throiighoiit Ihc counirv. The let- 

j • 

■ It r read- ; 

Sir— 'I'lie I’resideiit of Hie I'niled 


.Slate- liuviiig up| roved Hie reeom- 
nitndslion Hiat nil tlie fi.igs in Hie 
eu-ltnly of tlie War lK-|iartnielit U- 
reliinietl to the aiiliiurities ol Hie res- 
|H-!-live Slates in w liii^i the regiments 
bole Hielli were oigaiiiztsl, lor sueli 
filial di-j»isiiioii a.s they may deler- 
iniiie, 1 uni ii.striieted liy tlu- lionora- 
blc Sei-retary of War lo make you (in 
Hie iiuiiie of Hie Department a tender 
of Hie Hags now in Hiis olliee In-hnig- 

oi not lie is in favor of relurniiig Hie 
Kela-1 Hags. 

Wliy Hiellimidenloesaiiinn writeliis 
iianie in letters hig as tlie (.'oiirt-lioiise, 
tlien paste ’em in liin iiat and Hie first 
cliaiiee lie lias walk oil' willi anotlier 
man's liat. 

IHirtionof Hie I’arisli of I’laqiiemine.s. 
i'lie eastern jHirtion of Hie parish forms 
a long | eninsula, lying lietweeii Hie 
.\lis.sissippi river and Hie Gulfol Mex- 
ico, whieli is about ten miles wide. 

Cll ill III iiin iiui aiivi tiic iiiot . . . . I . _ . _ r|,. 

* , , ,, ... .. This 1- culiivaUMj 111 nee. llie 

laiiee lie liu^ walk oil willi another ... ■ . ■ 

. . lice farms weie under waler, each 

*tii*H hai 

e..ntaiiiiiig forty ueres, and it is exinet- 
Mr. MeDiiwt-il, as you wifi see else- ,,d that the growing crop will be tutuly 

wtiereiii lliLs issue, lias stepped iiilo 
our slica-s at the Regi.ster ofiiee. They 
lit liini prefisely except they are r 
♦ etle too sliort. 

Tlie Tills t’ol.f.M.N, like our sliadow, 
liuD followed Us iroin tlie Register to 
Tiik Cl.lMA.X ofiiee. Oil wliat a fol- 
lowing we liave in those two iiisepa- 
ralile instiiuiions. 

.. ’ 1. ! ing to the late volunteer orgHiiizations 

Nortii. It was altogether .a l’i«'0 . 

of -V-rthern stnimlity winch gave j„ ji^ebarging Hiis pleasant duty I 
theliepuhlicansafewshort hours ,, (ease advise me of your 

in which to “wave the bloody ,,-j„hes iu Hiis matter. It is the in- 
shirt and that is all the consola •enHun in returning eacli flag to give 
lion anyliody' in the North can get i(„ bislory as fur a.s it is pos»H le lu do 
out « f the question. The lina- au, stating Hie circumstanceM of its ca;!- 
iiiniity and violent manner with mre and recovery. I buve Hie honor 
W'hich the Iteqiublicans resisted to la?, very resiieclfully, your ula-dient 
the reluni to the South of thejservaut, I:. C. Dr.i.M, 

Fountain Fox Bobbit is niinounceil ^ year old cattle $: 
forlwosjieeelies aday in Lincoln coun- ci;, • milk c»' 

ly, during Hie luoiiHi of July. He is 5 lH,r iiound. 
a DeiiioiTalic candidate willi I’roliibi- sold ve 

lien prockvilies, and is sp’ilin to be p'jn„ars National 
returned to Hie lA'gUlalure. from $151 to $153 a 

The wiibdrawal of Mr. Searcy from , Dix River «k Daiivi 
Hie lyegislative race jerked Hie life- — -Stanford Jouniu 
jireservers ofi Hie fioaters, and tliey art The June returni 


Owing lo Hie busy time willi Hie 
fnimers Hiere was a very siiial. crowd at 
t’le .sale of Hie efi'i-cls of the late Dr. \V. j 
W Owsley; Hie larm aiidagiKMl many \ 
of llie tilings advertised to lie i« ld were ' 
not ofi'ered and will lie sold privately. 
The prices reidhced were not salisfae- 
iory. Hie bidders Is^ings.) scarce. Horses | 
sold from $75 lo$13-5; mules $ »;! lo $100; 

2 year old eatile $2’'i to $26; yearlings I 
$12 to $!.) ; milk e»ws $20 to $.'10 : hogs 
5 cents IH.T iKiund. Tlie farming ini-; 
plements sold very low ; 39 sliares 
Farnirrs National Bank stock sold at , 
from $151 to $153 and several sliares of 1 
Dix River  k Danville Turnpike at $15. 
— .Stanford Jouniul. | 

8niilb arresleil them and brotiglil them 
to Biirdslown .MoiMluy. Th -y were ex- 
amineri before Judge Fulton ye.slerday, 
and held tobail in llie .suniof.$;(H) eucli. 
Tliey are in jail. — Bardstown Reeonl. 

An A.'lifville, Nortii Carolinu, Itle- 
graiii says Hiat a wonderful freak of 
nature apjieaied near Ibal place in Hie 
way of ncliild born. Tlieciiild lias 
two liead.s. Hie fiiei-s being ojiposile. 
Tlie front face is jierfect, wliile llie one 
at Hie back is not regular. There is 
only one neck lor Hie two skiills, and 
Hie bair on Hie forehead conies down 
to llie eyes. Tlie arms of tliis plienoiil- 
eiion are covered with a heavy and 
sliuggy growtli of hair entirely to the 
wrists. A number of |ie qile went 
from Hie city to see this luo iistro.-iiy. 

H. J. STRENG, ” 

Mammoth Louisville Store. QraWfOrd - H0US6, 
IjIVI: stock market report, S. W. comer sixth and Walnut Sts., 

BY WEBER, LOPER & CO., 1 OII^OI 2 Srnsr.A.TI , o. 

l-kVox'sVocifvA^ , 1 have taken the niaiigenieiit of this 

Hoiiso. ILiYo put it in ipod order, (joiin 

 ji ic;i:x   O HIO, jmd beds, and a Nf 1 table — all that 

(jiiotaliniis are for good, line, smooth stock, and it should lie rememberer! the market affords, and : 

that the value of course and rough animals of equal weight I.s niucli less. 4 1 1 /• I '*'$4 T 

C.VL'IION. — SliipiH'rs fo Hiis market should liC careful lo s«*nd no hig jaw All lOl ^ 1 .Otl pel (laj , 

or other (!isea.sed cattle, for the inspection liore, is very rigid. ,,..-,.-.-1 1 4^ f.. 1.... 

Messrs. Joliii MacLeod, Cliief Eirgin- 
eer, and W. B. U'.iggles, Division Eii- Go^ to Extra . . . . 
gmeer. of the Duii.-ville .Huotliern, were Coamion anj Itoiigli 
liere Friday evening, liaviiig conio U|i Good to Extra Oxen 
' from Harrotlsburg over one of Hie pro- haw to Good Oxen 
I |iosed lines between Hint place and 

, Danville. Mr. Macljeisi says tliat tills Good to Extra ilrifcr 

now reposing quietly uu Hie bultoui of of Agriculture indicate a reduction of! 
tile iHililioal lake. Will ’Bquire Wooil.s nearly 2 |ier cent, in Hie area of winter 

valiK' old nihhish — mere sou- 
venirs of a quarter of a century 
ago — evidences plainly' to the 
South tliat the sjiirit of umlica 

Adjutant General. 
In conversation General Drum 
said : 

We ate going lo return Hie flags to 

tioii in the North is painfully short j all the States, Nortii and Houib, and I 
ot W'liul it ouglit to Ire, and th:it ■ am now liavlng full lists made ol all 
the Srutli is much mure willing to j these trophies iu |»ioii of Hie de- 
“spail the bloody chasin'’ than is (lartmeut. In ssbort time we si all have 
her former foe in arms. the whole collection so assoru*d and 

• separated that we shall lie ready to 

rKlIIIIIHTIUN t n.W h\TI«\. forward to every State in Hie Union 

whatever flags lielongiug lo State vol- 
AlrOUt fifty JK*ojile assemided untrers fell into Hie bands of Hie Fe«l- 
ili the Cunrt-housc in Uielimond erol army and into Hie (Missessioii of tlie 
I.'ist Saturday', (he occasion of the -War l)e|iartment. I am liaviiig a 

Alrout fifty JK*ojile assemided untrers fell into Hie bands of Hie Fe«l- 
ili the Cunrt-housc in Uielimond j erol army and into Hie (Missessioii of tlie 
I.'ist Saturday', (he occasion of the -War l)e{iartment. 1 am liaviiig a 
(.'ouiity' I'rohibition Convention. com|iIete inventory of tliem made out. 
There were thirty or more Demo wiiii written statements to tell briefly, 
crat.M. eight Drohibilionists, six »» lar »» known. Hie bistory of eacli 
women, and a few Uepublicans. trophy and the story of bow it came to 
It was essenti-ally a Berea conven I* captured. All this literature will 
lion, oral most a Glade precinct comideied and the tro|.liies will be 
affair, for nolrodv oiitsitk^ of t^at ' forwarded lo Hu-ir owners 

jirecinct t«K»k ;,art in the proceeTi- ; ^ 

LL. B. S. Hunting was callA^"''^ fr «» 

ed to the chair, and stated 

ossisl them trum a watery grave '! 

It may a(ipear both Mulbattonisli 
and indelicate, but It is ueverlbeless a 
fact Hiat u idiysiciuii in Bicbmoud has 
a cuiu{iressed-air macliine titled ii[ , at 
a cost of several hundred dollars for 
the (luqiose of blowing ) eo| le’s noses. 

A cureless cleik (irojecting with a 
pistol in Smith's store, bluwed a ball 
straiglit across the street and dug U(  
some ilust among some men. lie was 
(lule Os tills | a|ier, and wubed be bad 
been more walcliful. Tlie Marshal diti 
nut molest bill), so lie breatlies better. 

Bile found a (iliotograpli and a letter 

wlieat. In condition of winter wheal 
Hiere is no cliaiige. Hie average being 
64 9, a reiluctiun of iiiiie-teiillis of 1 | cr 
cent. In 1856 Hie June average was' 
92.7. Tlie liarvest is already in (»ro- 
grcs su|) to Hie 36tli degree of north lati- 
tude. Cundiliun of s(iring wheat is gisal 
ill Dakota and Territories westward, 
but below average records in Wiscon- 
sin, Miiiiiesuta, Iowa, and Neliraska. 
The general average forsiiriiig wiieut is 
67.3, wbicli is lower tliaii recent years, 
but Hiirteeii (xiiiiU biglier Hiaii in 1861. 
At liarvesting lost year the condttiun 
nverageil 60. 

Two suits Hiat were settled in Hie 

Hie work lias a-keil w lien lie may be- {.-air Cows 

gin, us be is about finisliiiig Ills contract Common uiul I’luiii ( 
on llio Maysville and Big handy. Old Rougli Cows, O: 
Messrs. .MucIammI and Buggies liopc to 

be able to begin Hie survey of llie route Hest Stopping. . . 
next week, alter wliicli they will be in Rologna . . . 

a tMjsiHon to make a locallou—Dun- J.*!;; Wed, 

viile Advoeale. Common and Thin 

Wlieu B. F. Remington, ol this city, 
went lo hiq crinlendeliey of Hie Dood Extra Steers . 


14')0 to I rOI n s 

I2jO to 1400 Ui, 

.1 100 lu 1250 n s 

1400 to 1600 tl s 

.1 204) to 1600 tt s 


teers icoo to 1200 1t s 

- 600 to tpo 0 s 

i Steers fssi to 6041 llis 

10041 to I J4IO lt s 

Sou to 4^50 Il s 

her bu-baiid's desk, and now Hie durts of Danville last week illnsirate 

cureleKM liitsliaiiil w islies be bad never 
been Isirn. We insist on mure atten- 
tion being (ixiil to Hie advice of Hie 

Hie costliness and liardsbi|i Hiat ufleli 
attend litigation. One cose was nu uc- 

Daiiville. Mr. MhcIajimI says lliut lliis Good to Extra ilrifcrsand Steers 1000 to ijixi It.s 

rsiaiiiuro 04)UIIIU4. j ^011 of Hie line was let witli Hie rest, fair to Good llcilcis and Steers W to 950 B.s 

The June returns of Hie Department ; 3,,,, Hie coiitruetor who is lo d.i ^37A:xtI'a“cows \ \ ‘ ’. 

the work lias a-keil w lien lie may be- {.-air g„^ Cows . £00 to ijyo ll.s 

i;in, us be is ulsiul finisliiiig liis contract Commi'm uiul Plain Cow  

Dll Hiu Maysville and Big handy. Old Rough Cows, Oxen and St.igs 

Messrs. .MaelA' «i and Buggies liopc lo IJUI.I.S. 

be able to begin Hie survey of llie route Best Stopping 1800 lo 2200 lt » 

next week, alter wliicli they will be in 't*-**! Bologna 1504) to 1804) 11 . 

MMisiHon to make a locallou—Dun- 800 to looo II.. 

vill6 Atlv H*alc. Common ami Thin t-oo lo 1200 B»a 

Wlieu B. F. RcminglDii, ol this city, lEEDERS AND SlOCixERS. 

went lo a.s 4 -ume hii()erinlendelicy of Hie Extra Steers itoo to non B.» 

. . , . r Fair to ()Ood Steers. ... 600 to ictmi II . 

braiieb peiilUnllary at Lddy ville, lie i,,.ifcrs (k«  to 8)o B.s 

took leave of bis wife at Hie r*:sii leuce FairloGcMil Liglil Stocker. 

of Jerry Frazer, in Lexiugt  n. During Corainon and Tlini Light St4jckers 

llie war when lie left willi General Julin COWS AND C.VLVES. 

Morgan's (‘uiiiuiuiid, lie look leave of Best Gradc.Good Stock 

ins w ife at Hie same place. On eacli of Fair to Good 

these occasions tliere was a dealli ill Hie J'”'”'”,”" ,2 's' 

Frazer family before .Mr. Kemington 8 p-.inoGood iwi to 120 ll.s 

return. On Hie first occasion lie iiad Coiuuion and Heavy 

took leave of Ills wife at Hie ri^iileuce 
of Jerry Frazer, in Lexiugtijn. During 
Hie war when lie left willi General Julin 
Morgan's (*01111118101, be took leave of 
Ins w ife at Hie same place. On each of 
Hiese occasions tliere w as a death in Hie 
Frazer family bef4»re Mr. Kemington's 
return. On Hie first occasion lie iiad 
liard work to keep out of Ibe (leniten- 
Hary, from wl|iclLb^ri/4ciii’ w.a\* htM 

$ 4 2 ^(if 4 50 

4 CO(4i 4 25 

3 ^3"’ 3 50 
3 5“C“ 4 oo 
3 3 50 

I 4 oo(4  4 35 
3 Co(it 4 00 

3 ‘-o(" 3 4c 
3 *5 'f 3 
2 75(44 3 00 
2 00(41 2 50 

1 5(X« 2 (Ml 

9 3 ooOi 3 25 

2 50(4« 3 00 

2 50(4( 2 75 

2 25(.i. 2 75 

1 50(«f 2 OU 

3 3 7S(** 4 00 

3 40(.( 3 60 

3 «»("• 3 75 
* 3 25 

2 50(4* 2 bo 

125 to i5otl . 

KM) to I 20 It.S 


veiierutile gei.Heman ol Foxtown— a w Idow in Perryville wAo eOn- 

tioii by a sew ing macliine coiiqiaiiy | and oH;er libel comrades 

“w'lien you write to a woman write on 
a slate so you can mbit out.” 

Tlie Register .r.Yi-.uuV.Vi.;' -'.Vat* . 

made their esca| e. Now be iseiiguged 
traded for a mi.cliitie at .((41 25, for , jj, that a (leiiileiiliary is built 

winch sum slie executini a note and : euougli to prevent the esea|ie of 

3'rrc *• mortgage ow lier bouse and lot | one.— Purls K?ntU4.kian Citizen. 

IV.S-fit* anil Fieiieli Ti|iton liave | nr- lo secure its ( aymeiit. The Judgment j 
eliasisl Hie R.climuiid Herald. Ti(i was for $123.07 and lier home was sold 
knows liow to run a news, iiiKr and .^^sfy the claim. The oilier case 

we ex|M-ct to sec liini make a daisy tint *' ' 

of Ills | nreliB.-e. We Iio|k* lie w-ill 

was for$123 0( and lier borne was sold a Novel Bet. -W liile I am not a 
to satisfy the claim. Tlie oilier case | betting man, said F. J. Cheney, of Hie 
referred lo was an action on an account I „r,u of F. J. Cheney &. Co., I considered 

vsis-W £'4 h* ib-av v 

Good Butcher 

Fair Butchers . . . ,' 

Coniinuii and Tail Eyd 

5 e!ecl Butchers and Ilcavy Sliippcr. . 
Fair to Good Mixedl Packer. . . . . 

Good to Extra l.igJts 

Light Pig. . . . ./ 

Rough and Seal a  Jig. 


bo lo 65 i»» 
50 to, 55 HiH _ 

180 It). 

I (O fi . 

3 00(4' 3 75 the south EUX route to the PiiClFlC COAST- 

* 7S -' 3 25 ^ 

2 50(4* 260 . .   

Mornin;: and Xi"ht Triiiii'i Mlwpliig Biul llulTet Cars lo oeurl) »( 

t 4- nn(4»-n r 4, “le liiiiiorlaDl titles 4  f llie Hoiith without cl * 


3000(4/3500 vriilji l/inc twesty-euiht aoi a-v; 

1500(4(2000 Wik/w.|,,l Yotioa Tr»vi-len*li Jchnlee of two kind, of Hle«7Mna 4 -nr on 

4 OOUt 5 00 UutTi'i (*nr«nU PiiiluinDN Kintwl Unlace D flP state IhMkin Pnttern. 

i 3 00 Nearly All the Leadiiis; Kailroads ANir‘('Ri!:sJENT 

Orand I'tditrul i;iil4,ii |v-|mh III niiclnnalt ■ l ‘l»'»I«erM h 4  lillnK tIeksU via (his Ilii4 - k" 
tlifri-faceaavtMl trsiiM(ersvru«KlhttClty, am.  M i|«w nr«U a Joariiey atleiulml with 
* 5 .SOf*/ 6 00 oimfort ia;il ceuvf.lenia*. 

4 50 Fruvei\ ia-l)ueeA^C'resccnt, 

5 3.5 
4 *s "  4 so 
3 «  1  3 so 

5 is(iif 5 25 
4 (s'tff S CO 
4 8ot' 5 00 
4 00(1^ 4 60 
3 7St- 4 50 

Travel via- (jueeil 

UenernI 0(n4ws,Ht. I*aul l)ui!j| 

Urnrml Manager. I 


Urue4-Ml Hiiperlntendent e 

) '.(unli wu, Cincinnati. Ohio. 


' AsMl.tanttiensrwlPaaieiigerAr"*- 

lloiiso. llavo put it in iFod order. Cleiin 
rooms and beds, and a Nf. 1 table — all that 
the market affords, and :4^^ood as the best. 
All for $1.50 per day. ^oiji’t let the priee 
keep yon away! It is bad jlimes prices. 
Will be jileased to eniortiaiii yon. 

Very Uo-| 

FRAltfK J. O/.K^S, Manager. 


(Cm:innati Southern Associate Roads.) 


New Orleans, Florida, B.rpingh.^m, ChattanoDga, 
Texas, Meridian, Viclcsburg, and all the 

PmciDalPoiDls SoiMast aafl SoaMesl. 

nii*n KleKiiiaU*^- 

enlered against Hio defendant for $3.90. j 
The lawyers’ fees, if Hiey employed 

low a bet. Y'uu see lie was about dead, 
aud X guess be would liave died before 

Uie object of tlie liieclilip was to r;***,."* .,uire lii* reaib rs tlie inrtietion of Hie for Hlirly cent 4 i, wherein judgment was in„y religious duly to make that fel- 

nominate a can(li late for the ^ e\ery now Odumu/' however.— olanford entered ngaiimt Uio defeiulant Tor $3.90. Jow a Let. Yuu see lie was about dead, 

islatlire. Ib*V. John G. Fee IIm-. Journal. Tlie lawyers’ fees, if they employed and 1 guess be would have died before 

made a Bpeech Ot leiiglh in which '» counsel, «. mid add considerably to the » 1 bad not got him on the 

niaue » •(/XT. J. u III WHICH particularly interested, and Tliin (Niliimn ultiigether, but Hie fol- . . x’ i i i . ii 

h/. ileiioaiKXMl both the Detnocratic . . i .• . . i. n . h 1:4 c*l cnse. bet. \ou know some men bad rallier 

ne ueiiouiicA 4 will iiic X4VU1 icraiic lo have tliem relumed. Tliese lowing douhled-barrelled, all-wool joke , ,1 - 11 . ,1 i 1 1 1 . 

and Kepiibhcan jiarties, ami tin- |.,.qu^lB generally came from North- fr 4 im Hie Journal com, «elled us lo con- NPW^ PARAGRAPHS ^* 1^4 *1 ’ 

dr.rtr.nk In show Ib-H there w-i 4 : ^ . 1 r .1 . - » t . 1 1 IMtWo rMn.MUr\.Mr HO. well be was one of that kind, and we 

dcriooa 10 biiow Iliac mere was states, and fr4»m time, to time as liiiue Hie Inslilutioii of einacialed des- 11 . 1 1 1 1 1 • 1 

but one great question before the tbe reijuesis were made, Hiey were grat- eri|iiion just to aceonimodate Hie nfore- 4j.i iniuols lA Kislature bos nndiib- I « oamc near ing ou . u sa\ 

„,„i 4 U„, l»'tG... ... J -.4 .... ..... ... * "® iA gisiaiure nos (inmio- my hundred and it only cost him ten 

people, alid that ys 1 rob bition. ,Hed. Atlenglblttaxurredlolliedeparl- said joke: . Hie sale of tobacco to boys under Uollars How’s that " He sent for mo 

lie deprecated both Local   pDon „,eut officials that it would be a g.HMf __“One of oi.r l-'.nglisb settlers. Mr. of age. .m’.. «...! xai.i ti.« .hw.i..r- ba.l all 

  eind High License, and believed Uiing In return ibein all at once The 
solely and exclusively in I'robi- law relating to flags (aiptured from the 
tion. Judge John D. Goodloe enemies ol Ibe United States did not 
'MS nominated, but gracefully de- a,iply to flags token in tl.e Civil War.” 
-mI. lie was insisted upon in The Grand Anny-l'osts all over 
by ’Squire Woods, the country grew excited, and at 
-. Hunting, and Mr. once adopted resolutions condemn 
' 'it he steadfastly ing the return of the flags. Gov- 
• Fee was nom- ernor Foraker, of Ohio, tele- 
•cs, but firmly graphed General Boj'nton, at 
-I 'Squire Washington, to go before the 
minated. United .Slates Supreme Court and 
' vote, sne out an injunction against the 
be removal of the flags; and telc- 
■e graphed 1‘resident Cleveland as 
' follows: 

I moat earnestly protest agaiust 
■tiiiu. The (wtrioHc (lenple of HiIn 
^ abocked and indignant be- 
iHiing I can exprees, and I 
••eqs»«*t you to rrvuke the or- 
^veu such uiiqwNlifled 

- . .V^.ae.-. ^ 'M2,tcll, who W'as U 

“Thin Column,” liowever.— olmford 

Yen, we bud decided to abandon Hie 
Thin C.iiiimn ultiigether, but the fol- 
lowing doubled -barrelled, all-wool joke 
from Hie Journal e»m(4elled us lucoii- 
Hiiue Hie iiisliluHoii of einwcialed dee- 
eripiioii just to accommodate Hie nfore- 
sa id joke: • 

“One of our I'.nglisli settlers, Mr. 
George Jolni Hem in ing, who (inlH up 
sugar coated ]s.|  corn, came all Hie 
way lo t.iwii Hie oHier day to tell us 
a 'good joke,’ wliicli was Hiat a negro 
believing that the (^ rn grew |m |i- 
ped lind o-ked biiil k r a few eeeil, so 
Hiat lie could raise some for bimiiell. 
We iHiiglieil ourselves t.i death at Hie 
joke anti l.o|ie ail our patrons will do 
.lie Same.” 

counsel, would add considerably lo the Bpring, if 1 Iiad not got him on Hie 
ex|ien8e. bet. You know some men bad rallier 

• loose tbeir lives than lose a blind red; 

NEWS PARAGRAPHS. well be was one of that kind, and we 

boHi came near being out, but I saved 

Tlie Illiuois liCgislature lias (indiib- my buudred and it only ciwl liim ten 
lied Hie sale of tobacco to boys under Uollara. How’s that? He sent for mu 
sixteen years of age. oue Uav and said tlie doctors iiad all 


i __ _ ^ 

Btsltacs M yiAQICf,; 

-o:v — 


I oue day aud aaid thti doclufd Imd alt OoOrS, 

.Mr. W. B. McRoljerts, of Stanford, i K'veu bim up to die, with the catarrh, 
and .Mim Bessie Thomas, of Louisville, f ‘"D lfi'» f would liet liim $100 
w^rc luarriifd taut itiat Laturrti (/Urti would cur^^ 

, , . liiiu or 1 would givoLiai$10U if il failed. 

Henry tucker, a youth of 19, shot ,^,mr pioposiHon. Tills 

an.l dangerously wounded bis father, ^ 

Bee Tucker, iu Casey county. you. as well as any 

Uf the hundred Hiousand inhabitants oue, and a dandy. — Americau, Tifledu, 
nf Cilcia, a fertile plain in Asia Minor, U. A- 



! Balusters, 

beltevIiiK Uiat t!ie f^orn Rrew carried taut week. 

|,ed li.nd a-ked I'iiii for a few i-wl. ^ Henry Fucker, a youth of 19, sliot 
tliat lie could raine Miiiie for IniUHelt. , . , i « i x .1 

We lHi.glie.l ourselves t.i death at Hie «n.l dangerously wouuded bis father, 
joke anti l.o|ie ail our (latrons will do Bee 1 ticker, iu Casey county. 

aliesame. ^ Of Hie hundred Hiousand inhabitants 

nf Cilcia, a fertile plain in Asia Minor, 

eiglily tliousand are destitute. 

Jame« R. G. Fife dkai of Briglit's disease, .Sailie Cuwhertl stablied and killed 
at hik home in Madison county. Ky., on Emma Dolinuey nl I^elianofi last week, 


Wednesday, July 13, 

1 will offer for sale (mulicly to the ll .b-l ___ 

est bidder "I ACTd 

JW Y RRSID RIC C’Sl I -Is prepared lo do all kinds 

Ion Main Street, in Riclimowd. I r« | i-it tx! v/i * xtix 

[it consists of seven room* will, ga^yblLUlNG AND CONI. 

I Ibrougbout, eiatein at the dc-or, aidel^ WroJK 

and tiackyaril. House is uewly (»v.-- 1 WUKli. 

ertxl and (laiiited, niid in giHsI re|iMiir I 
in every part. 1 tfter ibik property for ' 


Window & Door Frames, Mantels. 

NawaI Pnafa l«cltyaril. House is uewly 

xuai)C5, (minted, niiil in giHsI re(iM(ir I _ 

In every part, lifter ibik profierty for ' THE MOST- — 1 

Mouldings, jmn, (be State. an..v),* I E,gg,soaa'Dle 

' Friday, June l 7 'Ji, 1887 , jiged 53 years. 

The funeral occured at the residence on 
' Saturday, and the burial in tiie family 
burial ground. 

Amos Doatherage died at his home on 
' Muddy Creek, in Madison county, Ky., on 
Saturday, jUne iStli, 1 S 87 , aged 74 years. 
I Buried at family burying ground. Decased 
' I had been sick f  r some time. He was the 
- fatlier of Slierilf N, B. Deaihvrage, and 
J the oldest son of Mrs. Sallic Dcatheragc, 
^who survives hiyu at the age of *;3 years. 

Ibe wea(N)ii used being a barlow knife. 
Dr. J. E. Farnain, for fifty years a 

The Bauies Cky Fok it. — A nd the 
old folks laugh wbeu they find Hie 
(ileasiiul Calilornia liquid fruit remedy. 
Syi'U(i of Figs is uiuie easily taken and ! 
mure Uriieficial in Us acliou than biller. 


Stair Railing, 

Pew Ends 

Sule Kt ID o’clijck. PosBesiloi) ,m- i ' 

M^iaiely. Partiw  |;«iri ig I" ex.m- and in the best manner. II 
tie the i»rt»|ierly will plt'nee crH nh J. ui„ 

lie the i»r»»|ierly will crH nh j. • bI ui f i 

E, Greeuleaf, at F'iret Naiionul Bonk' ^ educated C' 

.5(. J. I. McKinney ■ aud builder, and those con 

Church Finish. I 

Pi(ife.- 8 or In Georgetown college, lias | imuaeoiM medicines. It is a most val- 

I resigned. There is ac effort lu remove u.ble family remedy lo act ou the 
Hi e ..L n i4 e ge lo Slielbyrilie. bowels, lo cleanse the system, and to 

j Mr. Letcher Owsley, oi I.«ncaHler dispel colds, liea.lucbes and level 
! bus obtained Hinmgb Hon. J. B. Me- ! M4UIU factored only bx’ Hie Callforn 
iCiesryan appolnimenl to the U. s. ] Fig Syrup Co , bau Fr^cisco, Calife 
Naval .kcaueiny at Annapolis. “*“• Foi .ale ky While * Stockton. 

Tiio oi|e hundred aud teiilb anuiver- ... . , 

ipiry of tl.e adoption of Hio «ars and •»_ JJBr.roks. the druggi. 

 ie easily taken and I Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Weathcrhoardiiiff, 

H acliou than biller, -ni • 

, It is a mosivsl- U lOOrillg, GtC., CtC. 

Hly to act ou Ibe i 

hefcysiem, and to f W'l’Dce-lists and Estimates promptly furnished on application 



KE£P COOli/t 

I John Dyke* wUl^'rurai'di ice to thj 
2Cn* of Richmood aad vicinity thi* j 
Now is the time ti make contra-- j» m 
livery. Hi* hcadqifartcrk are at tl t|p 
st'vre of J. E. l yk|er, on North 
tpr 13 If. J / 

Drug St^re For 

i’atrouize J- J. Brooks, Hie druggist. 

I In the bent ti 
! fxtures and a r 
[ |ly to Uj* edim 

fua in Kentucky, 
fee stock of Oil 
Ir of this paper. 


|b Ap- try 

t and builder, and tboae conl^K 
jia;; building will do well K^l 
I ah estimate from him. 

! , Otflee at his residence or^B 
' Ir|Vine Street. ■ 

. m 

l^odd & Cpan |[a 


.\re slluated on Main Street, 
fr  .( I .McKee’s corner, wlierc ps» 
alw »y« flmt a freuli supply «»f J 
ka; 2ju Pork. Mutton, LaM;J 
LTv ; Uuced moats of all kinw ^ 
^y Pnidiic* taken in exeban^ ; 
««b vered free of cliarge. 1 ' 


WEDNESDAY,: JUNE : 22. : 1887. 
(tro ti B. Bucku«r wu Bt tlie plc  

•►■rFinit L 
Oar olti frieixJ, M 

WM (hr fln t lady ^«ir »t ll*e office Teropletnnii areneighb«jrBln tbefioulh- 

of Tub VuttAX.f--^ »li«wed us n eni part of the couuty, Mr. Temple- 
hauilsoroe jewelry £ lhat site had re- mau owns aud keeps hi rep-. r tlie line 
oeived from her D^iw, StK^Der Park, fence. A mare and colt and mule colt 
s prominent wbolw-e grocer of Kau- belonging to Mrs. Kincaid have for 
■•“City. Tile bo^^ m*de of twenty sometime been tresspassing on Mr. 
diOerent kiniis of 4«cioU8 stonee se- Templeinan’s lands. I.Mt winter he 

I’isitsr. f OBSsrated. 

(Geo. \V. Park, Mrs. Margaret Kincaid and Mr. Jotiu 


g iod. 

county ’a wliewt 

ed the chair of English Literature at Gar- 
tield University, Wichita, Kansas. 

Mr. Eaekiel Davenport, of Virginia, 
who had been visiting Mr. Brutus J. Clay 
and other relatives, has gone home. 

Mr. James Armstrong, a prominent 
Odd Fellow, of New Castle, Indiana, is 
visiting his son, Mr. Hugh Amrstrong, 
this place. 

Foxtown orado. 

Tlie " Wes t residence in Foxtown 

burned 'M ll HHlay. 

Miw HbMiu Brown will give an elo- 
vuiiotiary entertainment at an ekriy 

Billy Devore had a succeeaful four- 
cnscli  *.\oursiun to Cincinnati on last 

wiuereoi xiDda ol! 4»eioU8 stonee se- leiiiiuem... s lanus. 1^1 wiincr he Dr. J. Len Harris, brother-in-law of Dr. 
lecled from the ini  ng regloua of Col- iiollfled Mts. Kincaid of the fact. Bext Akers and a pupil of Dr. A. Wilke# Smith, 

lime he found the aforesaid animals on located in Borbourville in the practice 
his land, he put them in his stable and I cntistry. 

by her folber 

Lk full forty inches refueeil to give them up. Mrs. Kiu- 
klure^l. was used caid sued fur poesessiou of the animals, 
Iherni-! than eighty years ■ and the case was tried by a Jury in 
f I Common Pieas Coart last week. Judge 

Miss Lena W. Luzon, of Lexington, 
recently editor of the Hamilton College ! 
Monthly, is the guest of her cousin. Miss 
May B. Luzon. 

Mr. Wm. T. Green, planter and mer- 

Klli* A Riggins are closing out their tHt*clniialit.^ninuTCial Oaxetle: accordingly rendered. 

guilds at oaat, and will quit business at 
tiilrsf Cnaeii. 

pm. W. O. Bradley, Republican 
eiaixlsi-de for Oovemor, will speak 
beo; »u July 4 lh. 

Dr. A W. Untitb is at home every 
day m t Ik week, the dental school at 
Limbville having closed. 

A gentleman from Jerusalem lect- 
ured at the Court-house one night lost 
week to a email audience. 

■ -*•» - ' — 

' A number of ooiuinuuicalious were 
oroaded out of this issue by the burgoo, 
dedicaitou aud ottier articles of leiigtii. 

‘'Last nigh Erl. Hsxler, a young 
■tan reoentiT from Hiclimond, Ky., 
attempted u ''0 umlt Miieide. He has 
been quite jti n ale willi a pretty Miss 

have liad w 'eral lover*’ quarrels re- 
cently, the Kt one taking place last 

A'Prtiali \rt Kcdt liistrucled the jury to find that chant; Bluffton. Georgii, U risitirg hU 

■ ■ the animals under the law belonged to friend, Mr. C. T. Wells, Union City, and 

Tbe 8ul jolne« *Pvci»l telegram was Templemaii, if they had tresspassed as ■» delighted with Kentucky. 

above set forth, and tlft verdict was Mr. E. R. Odor, of Cynthiana,has been 
accordingly rendered. I" lown the past wbek representing (he 

New York Life Insurance Company, and 

Mr. Miller's heath. has drawn up several policies. 

Notice was made last week of the Miss Sadie Wilgus, a charming young 
suicide at Earl Park, Iiidiniia, of C. f™"' ‘hi# city, left yesterday after- 

Irviue Miller, formerly of (his place. R^hnmnd. to *pend 

,,, . ,, with friends. — Lexington Transenpt. 

His brother, Circuit Clerk W. H. * * 

Miller, lias returued from Earl Park. Thomas Francis, of Alabama, 

w ^ 


largest and most complete et(«k in 
Ontral Kentucky. Our motto: Best 
Goods aud Lowest coiisietent Pr- ee. 


77 and 79 W. Malu 8t., Lexingtou, Ky. [ 
dec 2J.lyr. _ | 


Over :100 acres of good Grass, willi! 
pleuly of water, for rent, ^011 the farm 1 
of the late A. M. Wliite near Rich - 1 
mond, on the Barnes Mill pike. i 

Apply to me at the Hecoiid 

J. Stonk Walkkk, 

Adininialrutnr. , 

FOUND ! :Tlie Cheapest Store In Eichmond! 


m GRPCfRy urn 

J. D. 



i]fy Goods, Shoe iCIottiing House, 


Mr. Milirr's heath. 

Noliee wns made last week of the 

Morgan, ilaitihier of the lady with suicide at Earl Park, Iiidiniia, of C. 
whom be bo rda, for some time. They I rviue Miller, formerly of (his place. 

His brother, Circuit Clerk W. H. 
Miller, has returued from Earl Park, 


Absolutely Pure. I Xv V WW AU 

North Second Street, ' yy T-T 

A full ami complete slock of ws ■# 1 »*' mi 

! BTAPLF: and fancy ! 

i p n t ' 1 * 1 1 ' Q ■ ^ 


Canned Goods. , , . • i* i v i * 

_ _ and pay his; prices tor a:oods, it won t do in 

Dried Fruit liard times, wlien even the wealthy 
and plenty of every afford to waste their money, and 
Ithinj^ in my line, the poor reijuire double duly ol every dol- 
This house is Im* every penny. 

Striclly BllSiHOSS who can Ten The Waste of Money 

ov A ^ when you buv yiuii’  ;(»)(ls of liouse.' tliiit 

.Strictly C.VSII hasi.s. ' 

The best goods are BUY AED SELL OE LOEG TIME. 

kept and sold on very 

close inan»-in for cash. ' ^ advanced ideas erowdim? out the old, 

GIVE THIS house iii.stead of Liiek, Cash instead of 

A rn ■53 T A T Credit, Drains in the place of Cheek, and 

tlivlit AArthii. I.kI (kli«a Ilia a.v/xiiiicv milirr, UIIR nJlUrUtMI iroill rarK, ^   .asswsw, 

»S„Utwgdaiof ,i, b| .na mU.U ,.f “."'S 

the promrt use of resioralives was the deceaseil were good up to three homerafter an .ybscnce of thirty %ars 

saved, a!^ this moriiMig there w every „.pek» Iwfore his death. He was a 

prospect /r his recovery. Justice of the Peace sold agricultural Mr. John Van Lear, of Winchester, a 

Mr. Ba-tcr writes to say tlie above . , '11*111 student at Central University, has secured 

is income. iinplementB on coiiimlssioii, aud had a a good position in an office at Harrods- 

'* — machine simp. He was doing a goisi burg, but we have not learned what kind 

•fy ClerklJainl Collertsr. business, and Ins books were accurate of otficest is. 

Mr. t G. Dunif has liceii ap| oinUd and MioweiMiiin not indebted to the Miss May B. Luzon, one of Richmond's 

City C tk to sucoeni Dr. C. D. Patti e. Slate or to Ids priiicii als. His mind most accomplished young ladies, returned 

anil says inai me iieaiin ana nunu ot t ■ ,u- 

bpiings, this county, is visiting his old 
Hie deceaseil were good up to tliree home, after an absence of thirty years 
weeks liefore his death. He was a 

implements on coinmissiun, aud had a . good position in an office at Harrods- 
machine simp. He was doing a goisi burg, but we have not learned what kind 

Misa May B. Luzon, one of Richmond's 
most accomplished young ladies, returned 

Bessie .Saili\-an, Of this place, came the dutea of his 

and hw eiilered up ii the disclmrge of begun to give way, poesibly from too borne yes^terday alter a vUit of several 

ll.» d... - ..r 1 . 1 . ‘ .«w He ca,, Iianl aIndV oVer .on.» „I.1M. 

near being taken oR wi 

|miisimi at Lexiugtou one day last week. 

.Mr. SiafTurd’s liabilities liave footed 
up ;f;^),0(si, yet he ought to pay out dol- 
lar for dollar, and liave sometbiug left. 

A iiumlier of guests are at that de- 
liglitful   4 d summer resort, Esiill 
Kpriiigs. Its water can't be beat any- 

diwe of ways Ij foiiud at the store-house of H. 

J. Str^g, anxious Slid ready to supply relations were gornl. F 
tberkulsof the public. Mr. R. A. barieil at Lawrenceburg, 
Barhir bas lieen appointed City Col- uiigiual liome ofliis wile, 
lectd, and lias eiilered upon llie ills- 

iiard studj' oVersonie patents for which 
lie was about to apply. His domestic 
relations were goml. Remiinis were 
buried at Lawrenceburg, Indiana, tlie 

T. J. Millioa and 8- A. Deatberage 
sol.i to Uhas. Clarke for Cincinnati j 

parlies, Sil liogs, average weight 5140 h — 

piaiiiiis at $4.(M. j ^ The Pragrtai. 

* 'j The Kentucky ('haiitauqiia A.ssem- 

Mrs. Bellle Green was attacked by uJ ^ ^v«xllaud Park, Lex- 

Polled Align, cow In Col. C. R Esiill j ington, June 28 111 July 8, promises to 
yard, one day last week, and |«iiifuir/ „|ucaiioo.l event of mucli im- 

tliough not aeriousl^ bruised. j |Hir(aoce — a move in the right direc- 

Mr Hsivey McDowell, eon of Je ‘‘on- We most heartily commend it. A 
lateUol. John H. McDowell, has L "view of the program can not fail lo be 
come assisianteditor of the Register /id of Interest to very many of our readers, 
we preiiict for liim a prosiiercMU eaf-er. Frogram giving full inforinalion as 

_ .» ' to each day eiitertuintuent may be 

Mr. .Milwanl Brown, began las' ^eek obtained free of charge at this office. 

cli«e of Ills official duties. He sue- (harrh Bediralion. 

cew Mr. James Te vis, and can usu- Thehandsomechurclibuilding.erect- 
stff l« lound at the Rich mond Mills, cd by the congregation of Christ 
TRse are gotsl selections, and Church, Pnitestant Episco|ml, on Lan- 
ilf City's busines-i will progress as caster Avenue, this place, was conse- 
ifK) diaiige had been made. Tliegeii- crated on last Kuiiday. June 19 th, by 
tianeri wlio iiave gone out of office Rishop Tliomas U. Dudley, of Louls- 
dhotiarged tlieir duties faithfully. vllle, assisted by tlie Rector, Rev. Wm. 

7 „ Y'. 8liep( aril, of this place. Rev. Mr. 

I . s rograai. Sueed, of Mt. Sterling, Rev. Mr. I/ ck- 

The Kentucky (’haiilauqiia A.ssem- wood,* of Beatty ville, and Rev. Mr. 
bly to be held at Woodland Park, Lex- Barnes, of Louisville. The ministers 
ington, June 28 111 July 8, promises to n, 1,^,1 |u white, aud preceiled by the 

church officers — Messrs. J. Slone AVal- 
ker, W. R. McDowell, A. J. Reeil, and 
F. B. Crooke, entereil the church at 11 
o’clock; and in the presence of the con- 
gregatiou the deeil to the profierty was 

the regret of a popular young gentleman. 
— Lexington Transcript. 

Misses Katie Qtiisenberry.Cordie Clink- 
enbeard, Winchester, Willie and Maud 
(Juisenberrr. Isa M. Wilkerson, Annie 
Senior, and Rebecca Wilson, Mt. Sterling, 
were among the number of charming 
young ladies who attended the picnic. 

Miss Lizzie Bennett entertained her 
friends in a charming way at the home of 
her grand-father, Mr. Samuel Bennett, Sr., 
Foxtown, on last Saturday- evening. 
Music, dancing and a delightful lunch 
were features of the evening. The party 
was complimentary to Miss Helm, of 
Elizabethtown, and Miss Raymond, of 

Mrs. R. C. Stockton entertained at her 
delightful home, Miller place, Lancaster 
.\ venue, on last Friday night, complimen- 
tary to her niece. Miss Ada Nuckols, of 
Versailles. The yard was illuminated 
with Chinese lanterns, and a string band 
furnished the music. Dancing and a nice 
lunch aided in whiling away the happy 
hours, Mrs. J. P. Herndon, Mrs. R. R. 
Burnam, Miss Nettie Stockton, and Mi-s 
Fattie  Iiller assisted Mrs. Stockton in re- 

read, as reiiulred by the regulations of : ceiving. 

the church. 

Relative to a former citizen ofRich- 

Tlils powiler never vsiies. A marvel ot 
purity, strenalli ami wliolesomeiiess. More 
eoo-iointcal Insn the onlinary kinds, and 
rannot l e -olil In oompetitinn with the mnl- 
tltudea u( low lest, short’welKhl alum nr phoa- 
pliale powilers. Mold only 111 cana KnYAL 
Bakiso I’owoEK t'o., 106 Wall 8t.. N. Y. 


All |Mirtles indebteil to G. KtafTord 
will call aud settle at once. 
Tliiise liHviiig Claims against same 
will please present (hem. 

4 t J. 81 'onk WalRBr. Assignee. 


T desire to take a class in either 
FRENCH or GERMAN for the sum- 
mer. J.T. AKERS, 

25 Juii 2 w. Central University. 




at the l est country stand in Mad- 
ison county. We will be glad to 
show the stock to any one wishing 
to buy. ELLIS & HIGGINS, 
j'un22tf. Silver Creek, Ky, 

I Dissolution ITotice. 


aiul pay big prices for goods, it won’t do in 
these liard times, wlieii even the wealthy 


Spring Saddles 

At bottom prices. He also has a 
lull line of 

as assistant agent at the Adams F f»rea« Wediieaday, July li, will probably be 
offii-f. He was fur several yearywilh the most iiitere-iiiig day to Hie people 
M. H. 8locktou in the funiilu/ bus- of Rich moud. Prof. C. T. McCliutock 

Miss Mattie Bronslnn presided at the I mond, the Columbia, Mo , Statesman 

organ, aud in the choir were Mrs. 8ain- 
iiel Beiiiietl, Jr., Mrs. C. D. Cheiiault, 

says : The 6tli of June being the 50th 
anniversary of the marriage of Maj. and 
Mrs. J. S. Rollins, the children and grand- 

Tlie cliildren of the M. E Uburcli 
Were delighifully enleitainer yon last 
Haiti (lay at a picnic in liie/ieautifiil 
wiw ilaiid of Mr. Wm. .An/.ld, near 

Mis.- Currie Duke will takr^Nui In an 
eiiteriaiunieiit at Paris nett Tuesday 
night to aid ilte Omfe-W ale Mouu- 
iiient F'und. Hliall iCicbi/oud have a 
Coiifdlerate Monument'' 

If you don't want your dtock confls- 
rated, see that they d« ira get over a 
lawful fence — five fee,'  1*11 — into vour 

ee,' ¥lgli 

iieii: ilsw’s premises. Jet case of Kin- 
CMi't VS Teinj iemati, t/is (saue. 

Tlie Stanford Wiieel Club will give 
i'dan in |•remiunl8 to bicycle conlest- 
ants oil Saturday July, 2 nd. A lialf- 

and Dr. A. A. Willits so favorably 
kuowii to most of our citizens will eacli 
lecture in the afternoou. Dr. Willitls's 

siilject is “Mental Dyspep.sia.” 

-*• » 

Tkc Be-t Yet the B ord. 

Tlie LaiK^ter Journal gives (larticu- 
lars of the trouble between Wm. Best 
of singing-sclKMil notoriety, and liis 
wife at Paint Lick, last week, us fol- 
lows: Mrs. Best was fniin liome, and 
a draft had been sent her which 
ahe failed to receive at the liineslie 
ex| ected it. After lier return liome the 
draft was forwarded to her post-office 
here, and in some way her husband 

and Messrs. J. L. Howe, Ed Palmer, children with their golden gifts gathered 
Harvey McDowell, aud A. D. Flora. *t LaGrangc, where all of the former. 

The consecration proceeded according ‘" "“mber and tl^ eldest of each 

, , , of the latter were born. Relics both rich 

to the beautiful and impressive service 

rare were there to tell the tale of the 
laid down in llie prayer book. Bishop long ago— among them the wedding dress 

Dudley preached an able sermon that *«« of pearls worn by the bride half 

held the audience throughout. 
Tiiecliurcli building i.s exceedingly 

a century before which adorned the per- 
son of a little grand-daughter now only 
12 rears old — she being the only member 

modern Ml design, being of red brick of the family who could get into the dress. 

without lines, t-quare, with steep slate 

roof, four gabies and tower. Two crosses RELIGIOUS 

surmount the building. The bs.-^ment _____ 

« fitted up will, lecture nmm and study. winchester is to liave a new Baptist 
A fiiglit of massive stone ste|s  leads up 
fnini the Avenue to the capacious medi- 

a-val diMir, which opens into an ante- hishop Dudley preached at Concord 

case of Kin- Kot liold of it and -pent a portion of (he 

From this two doors ojieii into school-house, Sunday afternoon. 

amount. This s,^ ms to be the start, i I 

On Friday last, Best and his mother I j 

Rev. W. C. Barnes is preaching every 
morning during the week in the Episcopal 

were pre| aring to come to town in a 
buggy, when his wife made some ot - 
lectloiia to Ills driving tiie linrse which 

mile heat for tire championship of wisheil. After engaging in a war 
Madison. Garranl, Boyle, Marlon aud ,rords, his wife went to the house, 
Liiinolii will lie run. procured a pi-tnl, returned and fired 

Mr. B. ILNe^deTaTsohriiTw. Gar- "t 'wr hushand, which put 

Madison, Garranl, Boyle, Marion aud 
Liiinolii will l« run. 

Mr. B. Ib Neale has sold to V . Gar- 
tier, Pennsylvania, a Count Marcus 
filly, 3 ye^ old, for f 700 . Mr. Garber 
i  lUght llifough Million &, Fox a car 
o' li irse.s,ht pri(K8 rau^i-.g from JKKi 
to 00. 

King ^ Cultiia'a taiibark train pass- 
ed llirtNirii yesterday returning from 
R's;kca.stle and Madison where lliey 
liave goUelj out about lOU car-loads 
till- sea.-Kii and sold at $10 to $1 1 pet 
Cord. — Hlanford Journal. 

occupied by Ihe ante-room in one cor- Church, and every night at Bybeetown. 

tier, and the tower in auother. The ,, ... ,,,. . . 

' . . .... , , , Rev. Dr. Wishard, of Louisville, 

space in tlie tower is utilized for a roll- ^ ~ . . 

, , . preached at the Second Presbyterian 

iiig room. Ihe entire floor is (xivered . . . . , , , 

, . ... , Church in this place on last Sunday morn- 

witli Brussels cariiet, and tlie polished ... •' 

. . . ■ ..... 'uz and evening, 

ash benelies are trimmed with walnut. ® 

The ceiling conforms to Hie steep r««if, Elder G. W. Yancey began on last Sun- 

him to flight. She then got into the o" 

^ e ^ t a At-- .a. .. ■ UIa, a.-.* 

buggy which tier liusbaiid had intend- 
ed driving and repaired to iier father’s 

cottiiig is of cherry, and the door and 
window frames of walnut. There are 

house ill Lower Garrard. Hhioe that I '"‘Ke 

time WilliNiii has sent for her, and, as 
it aeems, the hatchet has been buried. 

.MHals .Awarded. 

tral Kentucky, set with cathedral glass, 
and containing emblems. The 8outli 
window is a memorial window inserted 
by Mr. F. B. Crixike in memory of liis 

At Hie close of the eommeiicemenl deceased wife, and consists of a figure 
100 car-loads I exercises of Central University, Hie ^ itghi Mary wiHi Hie infant 

$10 to $1 1 pet I liandsonie gold medals were awarded Uhnsl in licr arms; and on either side 

(ien. C. M. Clay attended the re-lnter- 
Dieiit services of Joel T. Hart, Hie dis- 
tinguislied sculptor, at Frankfort ou 

as follows: Bicliard Hawes Prize, best are adoring angels, one having a vlo- 
average iu Greek, D. M, 8weets. De- ““ ‘•'•‘'^r a harp. It hears 

claimer's Medal, J. H. Van I^ear, Win- 
chester. Bennett H. Young Prize, U^t 
set of notes on the Geology of ^ladiaon 

“Husbands and Wives" his first subject 
being “A Good Wife and a Bad Husband.” 

The Lord’s Supper will be administered 
at Ihe First Presbyterian Church next 
Sabbath. Dr. Keady, of Cynthiana, will 
preacli F'riday evening and Saturday 
morning and evening. All are invited. 

Rev. George O. Barnes began a series of 
services at Kirksville on Tuesday of last 
w-eek, and will continue through this week. 
He will scarcely haye an opportunity to 
come to Richmond. 

Every Sunday-school in Kentucky is 

KrZTJZ C  uuty.lKuneyC..y.Madi«,noou„,y. 

oration of Judge Wm. M. Beckuer, of a„„cf'lloi.8l'iizc,beatSpeaker’sMed- 
W ..(Chaster, an ab le ooe. ^ ^ Georgetow.i. W. R. 

Jason Lillie, known as the Breathitt Lelclier Prize, In MatiiemaHcs, J. C. 
county wife murderer, and who was Bedinger, Booue couiilv. (,'urator’s 
for some lime in the Richmond jail for Prize, in I atin, 8. V. Laiwry, Troy. T. 
safe keeping several years ago, and A. Bracken I'rixe, in Greek, Harvey 
wIm) coat the 8laU a large sum of Helm, Stanford. A. WilkesHmlHi Prise, 
money lo (K Dvi(A, has been pardoned Pliysiology, H. P. Khodt», Eliza- 
by Hie Governor. ville. Wm. M. Irvine Prise, iu Cliemie- 

this inscription. “To the glory of God come to Richmond. — on 

and in loving inem.iry of Mollie I. Every Sunday-school in Kentucky is J 
Crooke, entereil into rest November requested to send a contribution of one Mai 
13 tU, A. D. 1 S 86 .” It is the small- cent for each scholar enrolled, and ten to r. 
esl of the large windows, but like the cents for each officer and teaclier, to Mr. D 
others in form is a wjuare surmounted j*mes F. Huber, SeereUry of the Ken- 3 t. 
by a semi-circle. The large windows tucky Sunday-school Union, which will 

The firm of White A Kincktoii is this | 
day dissolved hy mutual consent, W. | 
O. Wliite retiring. The husiness will 
liereafter lie conducted 'iiider tlie firm 
name of Htocktoii A Willis. Those 
iiaving claims against the old firm will 
please present them for payment. All 
parlies knowing themselves to lie in- 
debted to the firm, either by inre or 
account, will please come forward and   
settle. W II ITK A Stockton. | 

In retiring from the drug busiinwa I ! 
ilo so with very many regrets, anil 
take this opiMirtiiiiity of thanking iiiy ; 
friends for their liberal patronage, and ‘ 
esiH'Cially for their confidence manifest- 
ed 1 11 so many ways. 

I iniM t cheerfully commend the new 
firm o( Stockton A Willis as entirely 
Worthy of the luililie patronage and. 
confidence. Very Truly, 

W.M. O. White. 

Biclimoinii Ky., June 8, 1887 . | 


Bids will lie received hy Ili^Uity 
Council (it Hieir next regular inking, | 
Tuesd.ay night, July 6lh, 1887 , at the j 
t'ily Council moms, for the paving of 
side-walks ill the ('ily of Riehinoiid, as 
follows: Iu front ot John Farley’s on 
Hecoiid street ; hi trout of Wm .Myers’s 
pro|a:rty on Main street; in front of 
Isaac McfAjIluiii’s pro|ierty on .Main 
street ; in front cf H. N. Wells’s heira’ 
pro|ierty on Main street ; iu front of 
A. M. White’s heirs’ property on 
Main street ; in front of James C. 
Hull’s property on Main street; in 
front of U. H. Myers’s and 8 D. Par- 
risli’s profierly on Alain street ; in front 
of M. Barlow’s ou Main street. 

At Hie same time and place bids will | 
be recelvet. for the rejiairiiig of culverts I 
— one on Madison avenue, one on J 
First street, one on Hetsmd street, one i 
on Main street at Bonanza At ills, one on I 
Alain street at Gas Works. Tlie riglit | 
to reject any and nil bids is reserved. 1 

Done liy order of Hie City Council. 

3 t, 8. PAKHtsit, City Engineer. 

sinscle and doiilile. first-class ma- 
terial and l)est of work. 

Saddles and 



iflisoD jo. Bflis !i 

The Bonds issued in payment of sub- | 
scription of Madison county to Ixmisville | 
and Nashville Railroad due in F'ebruarv, 1 
April, July and October, 18S7 and iSSS, 
will be paid on maturity at the Madison 
National Bank, Richmond, Ky. 
tf] C. D. CHENAULT,Co.m. 


I ~ • 

I F you want to buy some pure, uhadult- 
eratrd old-fashioned sour mash, cup- 
per 'iistir.ed whiskv, call on or write me 
at m_v di#tillery at Doylesville, or W. C 
French, at Richmond, Ky I want to sell 
and will sell at the lowest figures. . 1 

rach.23-3m. D03 les\ ille, Ky.   




Is beating them all making the Im-sI 
grade of 

Science ami Abilitv 

IQ Pi 

H H P?’ with tlicir tou^li and tri'mcndoiis loii" 

£i %S O £jSa time prices. What is the ii.^^e of wastiii" a 


- .\l o 

Meal and Coal, the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR! 

Pays liigliest ca-h price f-ir 


The many have too few ami tlie few too 
maiiv.  Ve invito an early ami repeated 

A I"! 1 ) 1 ^]^ 17 and ins[)ection. lie sure and u;o to 

IvL  1 1 ^ ^Ihy riieanest llouse in Iviclimoml, 


The Xew Palace Dry (ioods, (’lotliiiiir, 
and Slioe llouse of 


IF. C- 

Mr. Zeiiie Douglass, for several years 
Adams Express Agent iu Hiis place, 
lias goue to Winchesler, taken charge 
of Hie office there, and Mr. W. £ 
M'liicy, of that place, has come here 
It Mr. Muiicy siiould make as good an 
agent as Mr. Douglass, he’ll do well. 

llie 8chool Czmimis#i(mer, Mrs. 
Amanda T. Millioa, has ended the 
Feliool Trustee trouble Iu Richmond by 
appointing Messrs. Henry Hargis and 
W. B. White. Dr. Fraxee aud Mr. 
Rowland withdrew, and Mr. Bullivan 
refused to qualify, Hius leaving Hie 
(wo vacancies which were filled. 

TlieCincitinali Enquirer of Sunday 
says Detectivea arrested D. A. Craft, 
a iirakeman on tlie Kentucky Oeuiral 
Rrailmad, on cliarge of forgery. Craft 

Bedinger, Booue couiilv. (,'urator’s (NimpoMed of twenty-five lights, 
Prize, in I atiii, 8. C. Lowry, Troy. T. ®"‘* embrace eight colors— red. pink, 
A. Bracken J'rixe, in Greek, Harvey yellow, geen, amber and 

Helm, Stanford. A. WilkesSmlHi Prise, K"'** Tbe North window exhibits the 
in Pliysiology, H. P. Rhodes, Eliza- eross and crown, sheaf of wheat, bunch 
Ville. Wm. M Irvine Prise, I u Chem is- o^graiies, baptismal font, and the let- 
try, first to J. A. Wight. Shelby ville, I- S- I'be East window presents 
second to K. T. Smith, Texas. D. C. « pas»i»u cross, a crown, a lamb, a 
Coilius Prize, for best geaeral sUiidlng, 1 ’'“'^'' cballce. The West window 
D. M. Sweets, Elizabethtown. Chan- has a mitre, bishop’s statT,. love, bearing 
oetiur’s Prize, for lies! notes 011 Gov. at*d censor. 1 here ^are four 

Knott’s lecture ou Capital aud l ahor, small windows of cathedral glass. The 
J. M. Duncan, Bloomfield. Jas. B. -Me- ^ B""** fifty-light 

Creary Prize, for Hie best Essay in the chandelier of burnished brass wlHi Im- 
Ailaulis, Alisa Bessie McDowell, Ricli- “»'•«« candles hi jiorcelnin was pre- 
nmiiij. seuted by Dr. J. I. Ashhaugh. The 

altar aud cliancel railing, exquisite in 

A (treat Day fsr tke (NW Fellows. design, were presented by Hie cliildren 

hold its twenty-second annual State con- 
vention at Henderson, July 12, 13 and i^. 
All Sunday-school workers are invited. 

The nuns of the Ursuline Convent have 
moved into the historic Hampton- Preston 
mansion, Columbia, S. C., having pur- 
chased it for $27,000. This mansion was 
saved from destruction and given to them 

lets I. H. 8. The East window presents 

, , I chased it for $27,000. This mansion was 

a passion cross, a crown, a lamb, a . , , , . . 

plateu and chalice. The West window f™™ ‘‘‘^»™ction.and given to them 

has a mitre, bishop’s StatT, dove, bearing ! f 

Allaulis, Alisa Beanie McDowell, Ricli- »»"oii candies lit jiorceinin was pre- 
nmiiij. seuted by Dr. J. I. Asiihaugh. Tlie 

altar aud cliancel railing, exquisite in 

A (treat Day fsr tke (NW Fellews. design, were presented by Hie cliildren 
Yesterday, the day set apart for the of the Sunday school. The building 

third annual State Celebratiou of the j 
Odd Fellows, dawned bright and beau- 
tiful. Itichmoud was profusely deoo- 

is ail exceedingly handsome one, and *® *'ch known in Kichmon 
is a monument to Hie Rector and those Mrs. W. C. Robinson, the 
members of the congregation who so '*1 Lavassa county, Texas. 

man in consideration that they use it as a 
convent, their own having been burned. 
After the war they returned the property 
to General Preston, and now again take 
possession by purchase. 


Old Dan Rice, the famous circus man, 
so well known in Richmond, has married 
Mrs. W. C. Robinson, the richest person 

rated with flags and other evideuces of nobly assisted in its production, ciiief ! 
afiprcciatiou, aud Ihe entire town and of wlioni wt-s Mr. J. Stone Walker. 

county seemed to have turned out. — 

'nis Odd Fellows of Richmoud aud PERSONAL, 

viciuity evidently did their duty 

forged an order for $SI . 85 , the amount in working up the burgoo and picnic, 
due Jack Perkins, aiiotiier brakeman. The trains from Lancaster, Stanford, 
Tlie order was paid by the paymaster Livingston and other places were 
/ iu Covington. Tlie forgery was dis- crowded, aud four special trains from 
Covered when Perkins applied for liis Winchester, Mt. Sterling, Lexiugtou, 
money. He spent all of the money 

Paris aud other places were filled even |4our^in_Yii:gini^ 

Col. O. H. Chenault is at Eistill Springs. 

Miss Margie Glass is home from school^ 
at Danville. 

* “ /■ 

/ Rev. Ed A. Burnam Is at home from^ 

except $12 and $4 50 he paid for a sliver to Mzndiiig room. Richmoud has not 
watch and chain. Crafr is 27 years of for Xnany a day seen suc)i a crowd. At 

age. H 


Netiee. iu 

All bills due His Herald are payable dm 

to Steplien D. Parrish, and all out- 
standing iiidshtedneas will be paid by ^ 

him. ■*] 

Tke Vale SaiL 

Tlie case of Huguely and Shearer j 
against Harber was decided in Com- j 
mou Pleas Court, last week. In favor of 
piaintifls. Tbs mule was bought some 
time ago, and proved to be niianutid. 
PlaiiiHQs sued for damages and w«c 
awarded $130 with  »ets, which is per- 
iiaps as much as the mule is worth. 

11 (i’ctock lbs pruoessiun was formed 
willi orators aud Grand Lodge offleeni 
in irarriages, Mr. T. J. Adkins, of Pa- 
dn^li, Grand Marshal. The imposing 
onU martial loi^ing procession was 
iMjailcd by a brass baud, and several 
oiliers were interspersed along the hue. 
Tsie line of marifii was up Main street 
to ' hluraam Avenue, iu to North, 
ai jjtid through -Aspen Road to Main, 

Miss Mary L. Maddox, of Lawrence- 
burg, and Judge Buckler, of El Paso. Tex., 
were married at the Christian church at 
Lawrenceburg. The couple will take a 
bridal tour to San Francisco. They will 
nvd«e 4 heii; home at El P aso. 

Mr. WU T. Griggs, of Efliston, 7 tnd 
Miss Nannie Embry, of Richmond, were 
niarricd at the home of the bride’s mother, 
Mrs. Susan Jane Embry, Silver Creek* 
Madison county, Ky., on* Wednesday; 

\h Have Com !o Slay ! 

T'be undersigned liaviiig rented Hie 
shop iurineriy occupied by L. O. 
Scliniiilt In Richiiioiiil, Ky-, is pre- 
piired to do all kinds of 

Carrij?j;c and Buggy Werk, 
Repairing, Painting, &c., 

wlilcli will be done at the lowest flg- 
uns and ill a workmanlike niHiiner. 

Onlent taken for any stj le of V'eliicle. 
Having commiiiiication with the liest 
Alaiiufaclories iu Hie country, can 
order any kind of Carriage ill n slioit 
time, and guarantee perfect batis- 
facHoii iu all cases. 

The people of Aladison cnuiily know 
me, and 1 hope to receive a fair share 
of their patronage, with many thanks 
for (last favors, I am 

AIosl Rei*p(H5!fully, 

A. D. SAtriH. 

P. 8.— Call for Lou 8inith. 

27 apl 3 m. 


The -:-Butcher, 

Is prepared to supply his ciistumers 
with the best 



and IVIutton 

AT T H E L O W E 8 T P R I C KS. 

* 1^16 Premium Saddle Stallion, 

Ijltlimalior iiiiil Joiu'li'c, 

IiE.I .EK l.\ 

Watches, Clock.s, Jewelry, Silver and 
I’laleil-Wnrt . etc. 8i eci:d 
attfiition given Id 




Promptly done and in a wurkiiiaiilike \ 

Cash Paid fsr O.d Gold and Sih er. | 

tiacf" Don’t (orget the place— next door 
1 to the Post-ofijee, Kiel'iiioiid, Kv. 1 



W. D. ntRFORD 





•  . ass* ( wa *t« • • *s*.i A.UUUl7a IV T s, VII CUilC9U«T. 

Miss AII1C Dunn, of Danville, 18 vuitidg . ^ 

rs. J. Speed Smith. T J“"« *5“^ 1S87. Rev. Jahn.-R-Ja«es 

\ officiated. — 

Professor Henry, of Central University 

went to Ohio, last week. Mr. Squire Turner and Miss Emily 

J All persons holding claims against the 
estate of jno. H. Parrish, deiarased, are 
hereby notified to file them, properly 
proven and verified, with me or my attor- 

* sar r* r*i_ 1 T. 

Stonewall Jackson, Jr., First Street, Richmond, Ky. 

Will make the season of 1887 at our stable ' - .1 ■' ■— 

at Kirksville, Madison County, Ky., and 

will be permitted to serve mares at $10 linSf fV imOjll 

THE SEASON or $15 To Insure A II I I A I M t M M I 1 1 I 1 1 

Living Colt. Tlie splendid record that U r UU Kllll W 

Stonewall Jackson, Jr . has made in II ■■ Mfill I 1 M M f I 

the fair rings, combined with sale of hi# ■ ^ ■ I.# I 1 1 I I I W W ■ 1 

colts, stamps him as one of the grandest 

sire# in the State. To show the estimate 

p”. Si,;!, iz zj'br I !..«■* J- • X- »■* «■»» 

Mes8r8. Harris, have been fiold for on b irst Hireet. rUie 

while a number of colts belonging to t 1 TC? rVC! 


CigStlS, &C. wliifh he is sole agent for the counties 

t, Richmond, Ky. 

— =^1 of Madison and Estill. This wagon has 


o»U Main to EsHlI Avenue, and thence 

Psissie 4 . iinuer, A trench thirty feet long by ter. rt,.r 77 “ 

A Reuaatiuiaal And probably fatal case I I.iee wide and deep bad roasted 22 Miss Lila Chenault and Miss Lula 
of"vooduoiam" cameto light In f l “ep, 60 hams, aud vast quantities of ^iwtonatUmled the hop at Mt Sterling Mr. J. H. Green and Miss Jennie Mason. 

, Ington last week. Belle Braxton, a girl L-ef and pork. Tliere were couullesa _ a couple from Garrard, went to hear 

i vS‘'cT.i.“Z7Z.“wJ*fZi''SoS 

negro rooAuoist, **Auut EUfxa,” oo jfi irg H), 1,500 loafs of bread, 2,000 j»le«, Springs Wednesday and became so 

Jeneraon street, for the purp(-e of get- a.,d an ocean of lce-t»eam. All this ^ Brie'it and T I Smith go*pe‘ of 

*iihg medicine wbieii wooW give her was spread on 1 , n0 feet of tables, and j,U sterling, last week) ‘ove that they made a personal applica- 

-z imwer to see into the future and t« able continued from 12 to 8 o’clock. Re- to the hop. tion of it between themselves and decided 

•o retain the love of her paramour, fresliment atandsand numeroua amusu- Mrs. Annie Knight and little daughter, oomc here and get married. They were 

The old negro woman gave lier about a ' inema. dotted the grounda Horse Edith, of Philadelphia, are guesu of M re. ’ °f age and had no difficulty in procur- 

half a glass full of grese stuff. Site ] races and sack ratjee affonS-d fun for Mattie Alverson. ‘ ; ing the licensc,after which Rev. John Beil 

took sick at oDoe, and while going liome r tlie multitude, .k dancing hall 90 x 20 Mrs. Mollie Walker, of Danville, a„d | t**”" together in his most 

toaplaoe kept by Susie TllleU grew I feet attracted its quota of Hie crowd. T. B. Roberts and family, of Lexington, j •tJ'*® *" t*’® P*"®*** Mf*" 

(he amphitheatre, where an address Miss C 
welcome was delivered by Major A. Yisiting hi 
J] Reed, D. G. M., of Biciimoiid Can- Mr. Re 
•j'", aud a reepouse by Grand 5 Iaater visiting hi 
Jf. G. Elliott, of Lexington. Other Misses 
Tl-mhes followed. Then came the ing some 

, ... Barnes were married at Mt. Sterling on ^ 

Madam Louis is organizing another _ , , , . , , .. i 

dancing school at Winchester. Tuesday, of last week, June i.(th. The 

bride is a daughter of Mr. Fieldcn C. 
Mi« Katie Bush, ^Hawteville, U vU- Barnes, of that place. Mr. Turoer is a 
iting her sister, Mrs. W. T. Tevis. ’ ~r ^ ... 

son of Hon. Thomas Turner, and well 
Mr. White Forman and wife, of Paris, , 

• M f /- L • known here, 

are viailing at Mr. J. W. Crooke s. A 

Mrs. Wm. Wilkerson, of Lexington, U Miss Mxrie I.ackey Park and Dr. A. L. 
visiting her aunt, Mrs. W. W. Pigg. Norfleet, will be married at Liberty, Mo , 

/- -Cl • - V Z-- . the home of bride, this evening, June 

Miss Carnc Farley u in Kansas City ^ ........ . . 

visiUng her sister, Mrs. Taylor Price. The bride is a daughter of Mr. J. D. 

Mr. Reed Rogers, oi Mt. Sterling. U formerly lived near Speedwell 

visiting hU friend, Mr. E. Tutt Burnam. «" *h« county. She spent the winter with 

relatives here, and made many friends. 
Mis«:.s Mary and AnnteHuls are spe^^^^ The g-oom U a practicing physicUn at 
inz some time with relatives at Winches- r j 

ney, W. B. Smith, Richmond, Ky.. onor parties have sold from $2(X  to $i,.soo. 

prior to the first day of July, J*®?- *' Stonewall Jackson, Jr., stands full i6 

not tiled on or before that date said cUims uj-u haw mlor. inaimifi- 

Adm’r. Jno. 
may 4 qt. 

Jas. W. Paerikii, 
II. Parrish, deccas^. 

Kearney, Mo., and a reception will be 
tenderd the couple in that place. 

iriing Mr. J. H. Green and Miss Jennie Mason_ 
a couple from Garrard, went to hear 
®‘f Brother Barnes preach at Dripping 
short gppjng, Wednesday and became so 
greatly imbued with his sweet gospel of 
love that they made a personal applica- 
’ tion of it between themselves and decided 
to come here and get married. They were 

wt tiled on or oelore mat date saiu claims hands high, bMutifuI bay color, inagnifi- 
will be barred. carriage and action, and shows in the 

All persons indebted to said estate will stable lot just as well as he does in the 
settle same with me without further delay, fxir ring. He was sired by Stonewall 
Jas. W. Paerikii, Jackson, 1st dam Belle, by Messenger, Jr., 
Adm’r. Jno. II. Parrish, deceased, id dam Sallie Cook, by Helm’s Yorkshire 
^ 3d dam Bob Mosby's race mare, by Ham- 

^ ® bletonian. Stonewall Jackson by Wasli- 

— ington Denmark, he by Black Denmark, 
he by Imp. Hedgeford, ist dam by Cru 
sador, he by old Whip Messenger, Jr., bv 
I T /'YOT'Xrr'^ I iTTT’ Young American, lit dam by Ohio# 
JLiV/Oxi.! VT V ^ U As Younz America, by Wake-iip-Jake, ist 

* dam by oid "sweeper, a very fast pacer; 

Wake-up-Jake bv Downing’s Bov Messen- 

H AVING DETERMINED to close ger, ist dam by Ncd'.ey. Thus it will be 
out uiy eutire stuck of seen that he has the alood necessary to 

WWW make him what he is : — The great and 

Boots SLUCI SllOGSa successfiil sire or horse# for all purposes. 

Pastorage for marcs at reasonable term. 
By July flrat, I will sell Hioni at a' small p. s. — Colts will stand for the season, 
margin until that time. Call and see Season due when mare is parted with. 

lie UJ Allip' 8 MOEsai w 

sador, he by old Whip Messenger, 

( T OQTNri I )TTT Young American, ist dam by 
JLiV/i 3 Ai.l VT V ^ U As Younz America, by Wake-iip-Ji 

Boots and Shoes, 

By July flrat, I will sell them at a' small 
margin until that time. Call and see 
me and be convinoeii that I mean buei- 
ness. Rcapectlully, 


Ail Iboee owing me on account munt 
call at once and settle, or I will be 
compelled to make Hie money bv law. 
meb 30 - 3 ni. £• B. 

The old negro woman gave tier about a 
lialf a glaae full of grese stuff. Slie 
took sick at unoe, and wbiie going liome 
toaplaoe kept by Fkisie Tllleit grew 
worae and fuer physiciaaa were called 
In- Biie showed symptoms of peris 
giveo poisoning and bod severe liem-j 
niuniiage from tbe lungs, loeiog nearj 
a half gallon of Mood. 1 

Wc, the undersigned, have bred to, and 
seen the colts of the well-known horse. 
Stonkwall Jackson, Jr., and it afibrds 
us pleasure to say he is a good breeder. 
His coits have gpven satisiaction iu ev-erv 
(lafticiilsr, a number of them have devel- 
oped well xs (ximbiiied animals, and have 
won the premium* iu the show rings. 

Next came a grand disjilay of the Patri- are vUiting Mr. E. Roberts, 
arche Milltont, Including l^lmental „ , „ . . ^... 

arche Militant. iii ^.»» p„f r. x. IrYine will return to Rich- I 

DriJl nMiii mond in September and become one of iKe 

time^-forbid faculty of Central Univw^^^^ 

cheoirAtbe prooaaahHi for a few 

^B, J. Pinkerton, of Burgm, has nccept- 

House. — Stanford Jou -nal. | 

Do you want pure drugs and the best 
brands of tobecow and cigars? You 
can find theiii at I. J. Bruoka 


Attorney at JLiawy 



OFFICE on First street. Mine ro ' 
formerly 'locupied by Cotuity Judge ' 
Miller. octe. ly. • by 0 

i won the premium* lu ir.e snow ring*. 

!C:iJ5S:%o°:*S'l!'4S!'w Ottage Organs. 

I have jiiflt opeiieil a New liar Itouiu ! US llll W llO lllll C ll&Cll it ( «lll tCStlfj . 

Oil First Htreet. Fine | 

WHISKIES, I The material in this waj^oii is warranted, 

BRANDIES, with fair usage, lor twelve months. lean 

CIGARS, . , . 

ETC .,1 Soil You A Good TblmUe-Skein 

Constantly on Hand. | 


John McKenna. Ww 

- ■ - — — YOU 

Pianos sjid Organs. ! . , _ i-v n 

— Sixty-One Dollars 

Steinway & Sons., ^ 

Hazleton Bros., 1 

Christie, JJk C2TPT 

New England; oA# ms phrskuss. b 

and other I*ianos. | pp 

— Persons wishing to examine this v— *■ 

pfaT«tcua». k 

Worthin^on, Thos. D. English, Wilha 

j apl 2(1 t£. 

PUXOS AM) oail.ixs FOR BEST, j . • 1. J 

Rent appHixJ as part payment. . Stl'eCt, RlChmOnCl 

can do so by calling at my store on 

HaJutnris Water brought direct from 
;. Uair Si-rii gs, Mich. !Ce|i^|pnly 
f 0 . C Utwhua. 

-Writk For Pricks and Teiuss 

band lo W.iMxiii-Sl, LraiagMivKyv 

W- G. :F»Eir 


t . 


"it- *:^ 'r--'V -j 

r-ti -^■■- 

■c^fl * * _ 




Ck» TMtealc Sftc* T»lto ■ St«f7 aC » Bb 4 
K07 Md fioiM Bean. 

If 1 had a leedle poj aboudt four 
jrari oldt to come und sit ou my knee 
in der eafnings und ask me to tell him 
a shtory, I should hug him oop tight in 
my amts und pegin: 

“Veil, once upon sometimes dcro 
ras a leedle poy a-bo Tbas badL He 
ahteals sugar und preserves, und he 
tells lies und runs avbay, und by and 
by eafrybody ]iointK his finger at dot 
poy und says he shall pe hung on der 
gallon's. Dot po3''s fatlder hangs 
down his heatl niit shame, und his 
mudder cries all der time, und sooch 
troubles yon neafer see. Vhell, one 
d.ay vhen dis badt poy goes avbay to 
mb an oldt womans who lifs all rlone 
in der woods he falls down a hill und 
preaks his leg. Dot makes him groan 
und call oudt und pe afraid, but no- 
body comes to help him. In place of 
dot a big bear iiiit two leedle cubs 
coiurs oudt of her don in de hill und 
Tbalks oop to dot badt poy und says: 
‘Vhell, who you vhas? 

•“I vhas Peter Ikvd.* 

*“Und how vhas it yon come here?’ 
“ *1 V has going to rob dot oldt 

“  'hiblren,comc here,’ s.nya dot oldt 
boar to her cubs; und vhen dey vhas 
come aroundt her she s.aj's s«uue more: 
“ ‘I like j'ou to know how it vhas. 
Dis ]Kiy first tells some lies to his mud- 
der; den he shteals some sweet-cake 

Am oaclml Who HulUs tke Ufe of F.««r| 
l*aii*«ncer lo Uis lluftii. 

A StricUj VerarloM Tt«w Tork Bo»rdi*|^ 
UouA« Kpi»o l«. 

The traveling public has long l een Everybody knew that dinner wal 
wont to bestow ap|)ixiv:d ii|ion niilway j nearly ready as the comhiiie«l odor ol 

engineers for the s''lf-f:icrifieing spirit 
which they exhibit when the lives en- 
tnisted to their care are endangenxl. 
and in the annals of the rail these- oe- 
enrrenees an: so frequent Uiat passen- 
gers generally picture the m.iu at the 
throttle of the loeomotivc as a hero by 
virtue of his position. Theses opinions 
an- dese'rveHlly held, an l it woubl l e 
the grossest injustice to detract fmm 
the honor which scU-abnegatiou al- 
w.iys iiierits; but there is a class of rail- 
way employes, almost entirely uu- j 
known to passeng(-rs, whose responsi- 
bility is so iiiiK-h greater, and w hose 
sliglitest omission might jeopanlizc the 
lives of people on trains more than any 
oversight on the part of coiidnetors or 
engim-ers, that it is indoeil strange that 
they .are so seldom mentioned in the 
piihlie print*. 

Til's ela-ss is the train di.spatehers, 
whose every onler is iinplieitly oU-yed 
by trainmen; nn l while the crew of one 
train is n-spoiisible for the movement 
I of that train alone, the dispatcher hohls 
•n his hands the lives of every individ- 
! tial on every train on the roa:l; and ou 
a mad having a large traffic the duties 
imposetl on him are very great and ar- 
I dnoiis. 

I His jMisition in the niilway sen ice is 
unique; wen- all tniins r:inning »r. time 
I and provideil for on the )M-ri«alieal 
I linu'-t:ibl - isMusI by tlic i-onipany, ho 
would have no duties to ]vrfonn; but 
; trains will g«-t debiyisl and «K-eas:ous 
: will arise nsjuiring extra tniins, or 

w.d shagar like a tief ; den he goes oudt , 

11., 1 and iirovideil for on 

luit some badt povs und shteals apples 1. ‘ , . , , 

. . 1 I linii'-tabb- iSMUsl bv II 

und ix-aches; den ho shteals some ,, , 1 . 

‘ . , , r. . woiibl have no duties t 

monev from his muiUler. Pootv soon . . , 

. . • , , 1 L » * 1- I trains will get delavis 

he vhas a roblier, und haf some police ^ - 

... . I.- J « 1- » : "ill arise n-iiuiring e 

looking for him. If vou doan iielief , . . 

,1 tniius without anv si 

some bad pov vnill come to a bailt end ... , , 

. . , 1 L i. L . rights to Ik- run ovt 

sbust look here. It vhas shust as . , . 

. , J . J 11 then his si-rvircs arc iie 

tnic ash gosi»?l dot der weeked peo- , , , , 

pies doan bf out ban deir davs. If 1 ... * . 

disjioy whas gocsl he doan’ want to 1 Ab tniins 0,1 railroa.l 

rob some|Hidy; if he doan’ want to rob I * ''n"'** * ' 

somejHHly be do.aii’ come here und two, p.i '  n; 

j n-ak his leg. Mv eliildreii, dis vhas a **'“ "'1* * 

Lh warning to* you dot ter vh.ay of * lH-e l.c-il diivetion have 

der traii-gri-ssor vhas hanlt, und now f”®'   « r iue« oi p 
fall to und we shall eat him oop mid tra.n-i of the same or a 
pick his IM.110S so clean as a wliistle.’ ' • 

-Und der Ix-ars eat him oop?’ “ «-  =» 

^Y^. ■ ’ tnims running eastwar 

“ -Und he’ '*/ ‘'•••‘■‘'I "" 

“ -Yi-s.’ then an e:ist-ls uial pas 

“ -Und hi- niud.lor und fadder doan’ *'*« I''"!?’'' “ 

nefor hiiu a*raiur ^ 

“ ‘X.-f.-r a-.ain.’ ” pas.-H-ngt-r tniin going 

, ‘7 .,1 look out lor the  -a-t-b 

I mi s. iiie tears came iiiit mv b-«-tlle I . 

. , , , . train, while the fn-i" 

isii s i-vi-s und he cre«-i s a little cl»s(-r , , , , 

to me, und niav Ik- .b-r .-s-ed sowikI in 

bis mind mi.l dot b-.-.!!.- slilorv takes '•( '^ 5. 

. .. 1 11 I r 1 II running in the dm-etif 

root iM-tter dan all di-r sermons he sliall , . . , 

• , I T, . ; L- i  having the right of roa 

eafer hear . — Ih tmit t n r I n**. „ ^ ^ , 

boarding-house vegetables had become ' 
so p.-iinfully intense. 

Old Mr. Kottlc wandered down suirs 
on the e:irly bird principle and biok 
his seat. It may have Ik en ow ing to 
the rain and wet weather oiitsule, but | 
the old man was not in the lu-st huiiior. 
He acted as thongh the world had hus- 
tled him some and he wanleel to di-own 
sorrow in dinner. The b--ll rang as 
he sent a pair of foraging eyes alxiut 
the tabic and the oilier boanlers bt-gan \ 
to drop in. The Two Maiden Lailies 
were the first t.i arrive, then the Young 
Ividy Boarder atteiuled by the Bank 
Clerk and with every hotly following. 

No one iiotit-eil old Jlr. Bottle's 
gloom. The Bank Clerk was in sut-h ^ 
high spirits that his sallies with the I 
Y'oung Lady Boanler oeetipied the at- | 
U-ntion of the table. 

The elder Maiden Lady was shoeki-tl 
at snt-h a flow of spirits ant’ ri-niarkisl 
it to her eoiiipaiiion, who ate three I 
olives aiul said it wa  scandalous. 

As for the Bank Clerk he was in a i 
ret-kli-ss state. He devtuinal two plates 1 
of soup without serutinizing the com- ! 
position, and ehattetl affably aeniss the | 
table with the Young Lady Boanler. 

“H.a.l quite an adventiin' t.vday,” he 
reniarktsl, sjiillitig stime cranberry 
Siiuee on the tabh--t-loth and putting his 
buttt-r-tlish over the sjkiL | 

The Young Lady lloanler was all i 
Intert'St iniini-diately, and so was every | 
IkmIv i-1m-, i-xe -pt old Mr. Bottle. , 

“You st-e when 1 was up iti Connci-li- tiiue or I cut l-ast nionth.” .«;iitl the Bank Clerk. 


Th » Srhem^ of a llride Who Wm I e- 

trriiilcMHl to Have m rraerfr! Home. 

When Mr. ami Mr-. Calllioanl re- 
turned from their weibliiig journey, 
they s -ttled right down to luius ‘-keej - 
ing. Happier dov -s never nestb-»l in a 
flat, and Mr.s. CalllKi.-ml det -miim-«l to 
make home happy for Charb-y fn.m the 
start. No future inisiimb-rstamliiig. 
should arisi- in their iloniestic arraijge- 
nieiits. if her wiMloni and tact could 
l n-vent. Wh.-n they sat down to their 
tirst meal Nellie hel|H-tl him to an 
.ipaque slab of something alxint an inch 
thick, that fell on the table with a dull, 
siek.-ning thud. “Th *re is some home- 
made brea.l like yon r mother used to 
make, Charley, ^b-ar,” she saiiL 
sweetly. ‘-I le.ariiMl li.iw to make Uiat 
.-olid i-in-le of roller «-oiiiiK around 
the middle of the loaf when we were 
stojiping at her house we -k; if yon 
should ever want a change 1 can make whiter than snow ami ligliter 
than s«-a foam, but tins is the kind yonr 
mother makes, and 1 thought you 
might like it the first day to k.-ep you 
from gi-ttiiig honiede . That iii«-e 
eake,” she .nbb-.l, si-eiiig him thoiiglit- 
fully emb-avoriiig to imb-nt with his 
fork a ilark brown pyramid of elastic 
cMUen-te, “is a eake -m-li as 
yoiir aunt KIb-ii n-i-il to make. I got 
the jir.-si-ription from her. 1 don't eat 
it niy- -lf. but it is said to 1 m- barnib"s 
if not taken to exee-s. Tlu-s.- irri-gtilar 
fmgineiils of leather iM-lting are dough- 
nuts. liU.- those your grand mot h.-r 
makes: she taught iiu* how to make 

them, and I ha l a eoroner's |N-niiil to 
make these. Thosi- glui'tly n-iiiaiiis on 
the jdatter are all that is U-ft of the 
holiK-anst: that is a ehiekeii masti-«l 
after the favo;-iie ]ir(-s«-ription of your 
si'ter .lane. And this, Charley, dear," 
she eontiiiued. pouring out a eoal-blaek 
liquid, not qiiitu so thick as thi.r Mis- 
souri river, but far iiioi-e iMloroiis, “this 
is «-offi- - like you usiil to get at home. 
1 make all these things s,,niewhat dif- 
fen-iit for iiiy— -If, and will my own 
n-eijN-s, as a rule, .after this, but any 
time yon want things ns you usv-tl to 
have them at home, dear, I can fill 
every pn-s -ription in tlie ]ihaniiac  - 
jKKia. and don't you forgi-t it.” And 
he didn't. That was tw enty - tlin-e 
year-ago. and not one of the six young 
CulUiu.-(r ls can n-im-iiilK-r ever to have 
hearil their lather so iiim-h as refer to 
the doiighiiiiLs his gi-aiidiiiotlier iLsed 
to make when he was a boy. — HurilcUe, 
m ItrwL'Jyn Eajic. 

Smarter Than He Looked. 

7"ue smart young clerk who tried to 
raise a laugh at. the ex|M-iis -of a“eoiin- 
try »-ousiii.” i'.lustrat4-d the truth of the 
 dil aplior'.Miii in regard to looks iK-ing 
very deceptive. He ri-eeived his lea- 

"SiK- that oijiiiitry cousin over there 
by the stove?'’ inquired a Harlem clerk 
of anoUi-r, as a ruRil-afliK-aring custo- 
iiier entereil and glauc«- l «-uriously 
about the store. 

“Yes, I see him. What of it?” 
“Wateli me take him ilown. Say, 
niisU-r." the «-iit«- clerk eontiniicd, ad- 
drcsssiiig the stqqMisetl greenhorn. 
“We dou't ke ‘p whisky.” 

“Wall, sonny, all I’ve got ter say is 
that It'd save you a pile of trav’l ef 
yer dkl,” was tlie prompt i-eply. — 
i'vuf/i'a ContjMtnion. 

. right.s to Ik- run over the road, and ; 

I tlii-ii his si-rviecs arc iieeess:iry to avoid 
' hours of delay. 

j AK tniins on railroails are diviibil in 
I elass -s. ae -onling to their iiniMirlam-e; 

I generally two, pa—eiiger ami fi eight: ; 

' and all tniins of one class rniiniiig in a 1 
siHK-ilietl diix'ction have the right to tlie 
' road, or m«al keep no l M k-oiit for 1 
trains of the same or a lower class riiii- 
I niiig in tin- op|M site direetion. TIiih | 
it is assiiiiu- l that on a  -i-rUiiii railroad | 
tniins riiiiiiing eastwani have tlie right ' 
of Way over trains running westwanl; 
then an east-lsiuial passenger train can 
run the whole b-ngth of the ro:wl in en- 
tiiv di.-r*-ganl of :ill Iraiiis; another tniin going west m-ed only 1 
i look out lor the  -:i-t-lHiuml passi-iiger 
. train, while the fn-ight traii-s must 
I k*H-]  out of the way of Isilh jiai si-nger 
trains and of the freight train which is 
running in the din-etion jirescrilK-il as 
having the right of road. 

Every one niidei-.-tands that all 
trains an- eh.irt -«l, or have a time given 
for passing each station, which time 
can in no in.stance Iki anticipatisl, and 
hence all train im-ii know where all 
other trains ought to be at any partii-ii- 
l.xr iiioiiient, if on time; but as trains 
frequently and generally get lati-, Ilic 
train of inferior class must have its 
niovi-inent ex|M-diUsl l y some e:;trane- 
ous cause, or it may Ik* ilelaycd for 
hours awaiting a tr.-iin that may have 
lieen wreekial or has been kept back 
for some other of m my causes. Tli--n 
the duties of the train dispatchor are 
of iniiMirtanee. He will probably give 
an onler to the del.ayed train by te’e- 
graph din-eting it not to go b -yomi :i j 
e -rtain place which he thinks it can | 
n-acli without difliculty ami he  lin-cts I 
the opjMi'ing train to pn«-i-eil to tlie | 
«ame pl:i(-e an-' ilien* pass the other 
tniiii.aml in that iii.miicr the trains arc 
eiialdisl to pass eaeli other without any 
delay to either. His groat i-esjMiii-i- 
bilily (-on-ists in that he may have a 
dozen other trains in his ehargi- at tlie 
same time, and in din-eting one tniin 
to go ln-yond its u-nal idai-e to iiieet 
another he may lu-gb-et to give an 
onler to the seeoiid train, and in .-uch 
an event a eollisioii would probably 
eiistie, tiiucli pnqK»rty be de.-tniyed and 
pndiahly lives Ik: lost. 

It will n-.adily Ik- s -cn that the slight- 
est mistake of a train dispatcher might 
ean.s*- serious n-siill ; ami in this re- 
,s|»ei-t his n-s|M)iisibiIity is probablv 
greater than that of any other individ- 
ual nmb-r whose charge the |iublic arc 
ji'.aeed. jiilot on .a vess -l may lose 
1 is nH'koning, but the fact mkiii be- 
come appai'i'iit to others, and his cap:ic- 
ity for misi hief is thereby Ics-m-iii-iI; 
other railway employe.s m.ay negb-v-t 
their duties, and rush heaillong into 
danger, but their associates p-nerally 
realize the ■langer iM-fore any i.iifor- 
tunate results ensue; hut the .slighte-t 
lK-h( of a tniin dispatehi-r must I c 
olK-yisl without question; «-veii tliough 
to do so would jcoiianlizc the lives of 
those receiving the onlers— though, of 
course, until an aeeideiit ivsults the 
train men an- ignorant of tlie fact that 
they have Ikm-ii given wrong dirvarlioiis. 

Instances of oversight of di.siiaU-hers 
are extremely rare— nim h less than of 
neglet-t of eondm-tors and engineers lo 
adhen- to the onlers given to t'.eiu — 
ami while Ih -y jK-rforni these om-nms 
duties almost eiilin-lj' unknown to the 
people whose lives they h.avc in their 
eontrol. and tln-refoi-e never n-i-eive 
th^nieisl of prais«- «liic lln-iii, travelers 
ought ,at least l«- ni:idc neqiiaiiitod with 
their duties and the iiiii ortant part 
they play in the rapid ami safe move- 
ment of i as.sengers. — I'hUatlelji/ua 
' linte*. 

“1 lost niy iiinbrelhu It r.aim-*! so I 
hail to sail into a eouiitry ston* ami in- 
vest a dollar and eight cents in a 
family cotton. I trouble with that 
iinibn-lla right off. It wa.sii't spread 
t«‘ii minutes before the dye liegaii to 
run ami the water fell off flic ribs in 
gn;at liniwii drops, just as thougli it 
was mining iiiolasst-s. I hurried to 
catch a train, and when 1 friml to furl 
that umbrella the stick wa.s -vvelksl. I 
had to eliiiib 011 the hack platform and 
it t K)k nil- twelve minutes to got that 
Uoum-eticiit cotton together. To-«lay 1 
v hittleil tlie stick d. wii and frieil the 
umbrella again. There was a crowd 
on Wall slri-et, but I was burning 
along ami thinking pretty haixl wlieii a 
seniy obi cove in front of nie calls ov -r 
h's shoulder as angry as can 
bi-: ‘Hey there, you young ni.s -al, 

get voiirumbri-Ha out of ray collar,' ami 
suix- enough,'’ added the Bank t’lerk, 
'-huekling .imiioderately, "in the crowd 
a rib of my cotton mnbrella had got 


— There arc one hundred and ninety ^ 
college papers in this country. 

— The MethcKiist Chureh gainetl on* j 
hundred thousand new iiiemlx:rs in the 
United Sbites last year. 

— AlMUit one humlre l boys are in | 
the plumbing ebiss of the New York ’ 
trade school eugagod in stmlying the 

— The Protestant baptisms through- 
out Japan average at the present time 
alKiiit one hit ud red and twenty each | 

— Kiiox College sent into the 
foreign iicUL in all. eight onlaincd mis- 
sionaries and eight assistant female 

— Amherst College’s nu-iiiorial of 
Bi-eeher will la: a fifty-thousMiid- lollar 
endowment of the Professorship of 
Physical Cultur* 

— The Ucitrrw ChrUttinn as.serts that 
there are lOO.OtK) Jews who are Chris- 
tians, though tlii-ri! are only 2.00 mis- 
sionaries to the Jews in the world. — 
Ckri-tHan I'nion. 

— half eentury ago in Turkey It 
was eon- idei-i-tl a shame for a woman 
to n-ad. Tii-day two s«-hools in Con- 
stantinople have been cst.-iblishe l by ^ 
the Sultan himself. 

— Baptist iiiissionary Diaz s.ays there 
are three thousand converts in Cuba 
waiting to seize tlie opiKirtunity to be 
ininiersi-il by night to elude the vigi- 
laiu-e of the priests. 

— The Waldcnsiaii.s .at the General 
Confcreiiee at Kloi-eiiee, Italy, have 
decreed that hereafter women nicnihers 
shall lie alloweil to vote, b'at not to 
sjK-ak .-it  -hureh meetings. 

— Sister Mary Innis, an inmate of 
Mercy convent. Pittsburgh. Pa., hasdo- 
natini $100,000 to the sisterhood of 
which she is a nieiiibcr. The money 
will lie ii.sed in the ercetioii of an home for girls .md a chapel. 
— Ch 'rago Timet. 

— The English Baptists show a con- 
stant .advance in foreign mission.ary 
work. The society l:ist year aceepteil 
tweiily-oiie new missionaries. It wholly 
sustains 117 missionaries ami assistant 
nii.ssioiiarics, 3.‘U5 native pastors and 
evangelists. — -V. J". llVfiicss 

— t’hristians are like the several 
flowers in a garilen, that have each of 
them the dew of l.e.aveii, which Iw'ing 
shaken with the wind, tlu-y let fall at 
each other’s mots, whereby they 
are jointly uoiirishe»l, ami become 
nourishi-rs of each other. — Uungtin. 

— Tlie Ainerii-an Board has exi cndeil 
in the first half of its fisi-al year, alKiut 
$10,(K)U luom than for the same pcriml 
last year. This is on account of the 
large mimlK-r of missionaries sent to 






— ^Don’t go in debt for what isn’t 

— Ingrain carpets need to be shaken 
oflenor than Brussels, as fmm their 
more o^ien ire.ave the dust pcreolatos 
through them. 

— Sauce for Fish. — Tlio yolks of thre* 
eggs, one teaspoouful of vinegar, 
quarter of a pound of butter, a little 
salt. Stir over a slow fire until it 

— To clean bottles, put into the Iwt- 
tles some kernel.* of com, a tablesjioon- 
ful of ashes, i our it half full of water, 
and, after a vigorous shaking and rins- 
ing, you will find the bot'.lo as good a* 

— Sponge Cake. — One teacup of 

powdert-d or fine whito sugar, tlirec 
eggs, one-fourth of a teaspoon of soda, 
onc-h.-ilf teasiKion of cream tartar, *iiie 
teacup of flour; flavor with vaiiilla. — 

— It lias lioen demonstrated that the 
quantity of meat jiriKliieid by sheep de- 
livered to the biiteher at the precocious 
age of from iiiiii- to fifteen months eo.sts 
cx:M-tiy half the expense of those fed 
to double the .age. 

— Tlie on’y w:iy that famiers can be- 
come intel'igeiit, inlliieutial, progia-s- 
sing men is to n*ad, listen, observe and 
1-cfliK-t. They must keep their eyes 
and eai-s ojM-n. They must a .'qiiii-c 
knowledge ns ot!u-r pmfcs.sionnl men 

— Mdk ni.-iy lx* canin- l just ns you 
would can fniit. Bring the milk U 
the boiling jxiiiit a d fill your jars to 
the brim w,lh it; then shut air-tight. 
This will keep any length of time and 
bo just as gootl when ojiciicd as wlien 
it w'as ]iut up. 

— Hero is a goml way to bang up tlie 
kitcheti bnxim. lii.stead of banging by 

^ Tcfi Pirtar^ of thr Fauiolui Ap«nl«UOraiorf   

l'nbliH»t «ncl 

! Castolur is known throughout Eu- 
; rope rs really the most complete ex- 
j pression of Siiaiiish cliKjnenee. Ho 
i carrioj his worship of fonii almost to 
! idolatry; his eliKjucnco is music, his 
diction the slave of his car. He says 
or iltK-s not say a thing; or rather, ho 
sa38 it b»-tler in one sense than in an- 
other, according as it rounds or do«-s 
not i-onmt a jieriiKl. He ha.*; a harmony 
in his miml; he follows, olx-y s it. and 
sarifiecs to it nil that offends. His po 
rioils arc strophes; it is neces.sary to 
hear ill order to iK-lirvc that hiiinan 
language without poetic iiu-asurc cjvn 
thus approach the harmony of jKK«y 
ami of song. He is nion- the artist 
than the politician; he has not only the 
genius but the heart of th-» artist the 
heart of a child. inc.apalJe of enmity 
or c.f nialire. In all his sj eeehes thet-e 
is not to Ik- foiiml ac iibu-ive epithet; 
in till Cortes ho has never jiro- 
voked n s -rioiis [s-rsoiial eiieotm- 
ter; has never n-eoiirsc to a satin', 
nor ever ni.-ikes iis«- of irony, 
into h's most violent plii’*ppies he never 
infuse- a drop of gall; and this is evi- 
deii -o of the fact thal a Bepuhlieali, an 
iippoiu-iit of every ministry, a jouni.-il- 
istie gladiator, the jx-rjietn.-il accuser of 
wluimsoevi-r ho’.dt jMiwer and of nil who 
are not fanatical for lil«-rt_v, he has 
made himself ii.-,ted by no one. And 
ivitli all this, his speeelies are enjoyt-il 
and never feared: his language is tmi 
beautiful to be tenilile. his ehanieti-r 
too ingenious for him to cxen-ise a jki* 
litieal iiilliieiiee. Ho does not know 
^ how to fem e, to plot, totiiui lii.ssail.s — 

' he is fitted only to please ami lo sliiiie. 

I His eioqnem-e when greatest is tender; 

' his niO't iH-.iiitiful di.s«-ourses draw 
tears. For him the ehaRiber is a thiv 

a string that .alwavs hr.aks at theV“’'- a iK.otieal impiovisator. m 

wnmg time, just have two wikkIc:. pins "r’l' i- to have ii fii 1 ami ealm inspini- 
putinto the wal' far apart enough to 

wi-ilgcvl iM-tween the old party s neck | Japan last fall, and to the new open- 

ami t-ollar ami was drii piiig molasses- . 
tolonsl rain down his baek.” 

At this jKiiiit old Mr. Bottle turned 
reil and suddenly put his huids lo the 
baek of hi.' lu-ek. 

“You young wret -h,” he exel.-iiiiieil, ; 
in tones tliat trembled witli anger. \ 
“Not content witli poking your uiii- ■ 
brella into me on the street, vou make 

• j 

a j -'t of it in public. The nidem-is 1 
ami fiiji))aney of the rising generation ; 
is p;i't i-mluram-e,'’ ami choking with 
imiigiiation ami .soup the old man hur- ! 
ried out of the diuiiig-rooni. | 

Tlieix- was an appalleil silence for ' 
some minutes. The Bank Clerk's lii- | 
birity was already two miles and a h.'ilf 
away, ami still moving sixty miles an 
hour. At length the Young L:uly 
Boanler said she pn-ft-iTeil dark m--:it 
ami the L:'ndlady a'keil every laxly to ' 
k«-cp their s]Mions for the nest course. ‘ 
-N. 1'. Tribune. 1 

iiigs at Si-mlai and at Shantung, China. 

— Dr. A. I). Mayo says there is a 
State industrial college for while girls 
at Culumbu.s,, not yet two years 
old, which has alxiut live hundreil 
teachers and pupils, doing earnest and | 
sueecssful work. He calls Columbus | 
‘-one of the most attractive towns of . 
the Soiithwe-t.” — CongrtgutionaUxl. [ 

— Tlie Baptist SiK'ial Union of Boston 
is trying the experiment of giving first- j 
class .sacred eoiieerts for workingmen 
and their wives on Sunday afternoons, ^ 
ami it is elaimcKl that the experiment 
has Ix-en a most gratifying success. 
Tlic eom-erts h.vve been held in the 
Hatwanl Street Chureh. The projectors 
of this rather novel n-ligious service 
believe that through music thev will be 
abb- to lift workmen up to tli2 eoiu-cp- 1 
tion of sonic of the grander jxissibilities ■ 
of a religious life. ! 

pul into the wal' far apart ciioiigli to 
admit the haudie Ix-twceu, then rest the , 
broom part on them. 

— St-ek out the of bad smells 
in stables and oiithuiisi's. ami nxit 
them out. Make things clean, then 
there will lx* no sim-11, ami yon will be . 
safe from the germs of di.siiase thal 1 
lurk ill tilth. There is no other s:ifety. 
— Farm, Field and S/orJemnn. 

— Frietl ajiple.s. — Make .a batter of 
two eggs, a pinch of salt, a cup of milk | 
and six tablc'iiooiifiils of flour. Slice, I 
pare and core tart apples as thin a.s 
Saratoga poUi^xss. Dip them a .sjxmmi- 
ful at a time in the batter and fry. Eat 
with ixiwdt-ri-il sugar ami en-am or a 
liquid sauce . — Boston Budget. 

— Buttermilk and creamery skim : 
milk, though excellent food for hogs, • 
should bo fi-tl only as a part of the ra- . 
tions, as the hog will he coinix-llctl to | 
drink large quantities in oixlcr to pr t- \ 
vide with a siiflieieiiev. I 

• I 

The Ix-lter plan is to allow- a ration of ; 
ground grain in connection witli milk. I 

iilMiii a ill terniiiu'd {Hiint and with an 
allotted time of libi-rly to hiins.-lf. For 
•his reason, the day on whieh he is to 
s)x-ak he has an umlerstandiiig with 
the presii’.i-iit of the Chamber that his 
turn V, ill eoiiic w hen the galU riv' are 
nio.'t crow di-il ami all the deputies are 
in their pbii-es, his own pa[x-r aii- 
noiiiieiiig his ‘ix-eeli the evening 
pn-vio IS, in onb-r that ladies may 
Ix; able to provide tln-msi-lves with 
tieki-Ls. He lia.s need of this exeite- 
nient. H -fore .spi akiiig ho is nnea'y 
and can not remain still for an insLuit. 
He enters the Chamber, leaves it. n*- 
enti.-fs, turns to go out. takes tin- round 
of the eon-iders and library, where he 
turns over tin- leaves of a voliiiiie— in 
a woinl. he is in .a fever of exeiteiiient. 
It si','i;i« to him as if he eoiild not utter 
a  y liable — that he must i-xeite ridieiiie 
and lx- hissed. In his miml no longer 
n-maii.s a single lueid idea of hi-’ 
spi-ei-h: every thing is eoiifi|s«- I; every 
tiling forgotten. --How is your pulse!'’ 
Ids friemls iin|iiirc of liiiii, with a 

— The temperature of water should | smile. The siijn-em.- nionn-nt arrived. 

be 70 deg. to 80 deg., but 80 deg. i.s 
usually Ix'tter r -lishial by the cow than 
higher. It is jireferahlo that the cow 
should drink where she sl.-tnds in the 
stall, that she may drink as uiimolesteil 
a.s she eats. It is ea'ily arranged so 
tliat a cow may open the lid of :i water- 
ing trough, the lid falling baek when 
she withdraws her head. This trough 
is bi'st placed on the inside front of 
the uiaiiger, two feet alxive the Ixitlom. 




On the “ 

ye nob “txxik here,”said a traveling man to 

I t K»k ** be pas-sixl through 

.. . the train. ‘-You’ve made a mi*- 


le ch ,.j^ what way?” 

“You told me when 1 got on that 
te a Cs thin was a fast ti:ain. 1 never traveled 
Re «o slow in my life.” 

speed “I assure you tli.xt what I told you 

iDiioe^ eom-et. This is one of the fastest 

nublB' trains on the road.” 

* . ‘-Well, i-ome t i think of iL I guess 

' ^ vou’re right. You’ve no objection to 

■ niy going back to the rear jdatform, 

b.-ive you?” 

ireea^ ‘-No. sir. But what do you want out 

igh 1 there?” 

jlid t “1 w ant to ace what the blamed 

Judg^%, thing is fast to.”— i/crcAeaf Traveler. 

infiied, nak “*'** , , , , 

was iiMA"** ‘bf.t Aral* horses 

’Sa more fleet of foot th.m Uiose of 
i,tlicr country. A belief that they 
* Uunung, f,,stest n.xgs ha.s always been 
ut he till lately, llie Arab horse, 

• 1-ee wa* •. doubt suand more 
'C6, but fill any othi.T aui- 
*i 'S eountrie*. and can keep up 
rjti tort ralious than any other 
here else. 

Discouraging Information. 

A young ni.-in who went to the West 
filbxl with entliii'iasni ami a desire to 
“grow lip with the «-ounlry,” snrjirist-J 
his friends by n-lurning home afu-r an 
abs4-iic«; of but Uin-*' wi-ek.s. 

He said that while he was out land- 
hunting ill what he thouglit was the 
g.vrden six»t of America, lie came across 
a Ixiaided-iip rlniiii shanty. On the 
board.* nailixi across the door he found 
tills iiiM-ription, whieh explaiiicil his 
dep.vrtiirc for the E.a,sl: 

Fore miles fn m a iiaybiir 
Sixteen miles from a postolls 
Twenty-five miles from a raleroad 
A hundred and atey fixmi timber 
280 feet from walec — 

There’s no place like home. We’ve 
gone East to sjieml the winter with my 
wife’s folks. — Youth's Companion. 

A Little One's ComplainL 

Maxie was .the little six-year-old 
daughter of a clergyman who had 
taken great pains with her religious in- 
struction, and had held before her the 
goodness of the Siipivine Bt-iiig so that 
she should have in her mind always 
His kindness ami mercy .as well as 
power. One morning her mother, 
passing the o| en door of the room in 
which the child wa.' playing, saw Mi's 
Maxie staiulir.g 011 a chair before the 
mirror, with her face to it. scni- 
tinizing her little phiz with gi-cat earn- 
estness. and witli h long sigh she re- 
marked: “I don't see how God could 
have given me such a nose, when Ho 
knoK* how parUcular I axa.' —Uarptr's 

— Parafinc should never be boated 
above the tempernturc of boiling water; 
at a liigiici- teaifierature it is partially 

Inlrrmtlni; liiiArnAiiion on tho Origin of » 
Fainlli»r Ouotatlon. 

“.‘siiy.’’ It was the snake editor who | 
spake, and lie sjiake with the air of a 
man aweary of life. “1 don't kuow how , 
to list' a eom-orilam-e any liow. Where ^ 
do yon find this quotation that goes on I 
something almiit ‘Winter lingering in 
the lap of 'priiig?' ” 

An cmbai rassing silence followetl the 
qm-stion, and the albuiii editor, feeling 
that all eyes Were turned on him, said j 
111- never liqaixl the quotation Ix-fore, | 
but it sonmli-d as though it might be ' 
from tlie Conveiitiel -s. 

“The Con-who-lieles?” a.skcd tlic lx - 
wildereil sn-ike editor. 

“The Coll veil tides— Soloiiiou's Song, 
you know,” said the allium i- li tor, “wo 
Ciill llu-in the Coiiveiitieb-s.” 

‘•Oh, yes” the snake *.-ditor said, 
greatly reassured, “1 had forgotten 
you belonged to tlic Clllifeh of Eng- 
land. But find it for me; 1 want to 
use it ill a Cliestcr County iiioccasiii | 
item; I've yot something here thal will 
S4-t your U-eth on edge.” 

The album editor tix k the Bible and , 
tritsl for the I’onvcntieles nwhile and ■ 
then gave it up, remarking that the 
pnssa e only oeeiiri-ed in the reviseil 

The eoinmencenient eilitor, who used 
to read imxif ou the Chicago Times, 
said he had i-e:ul tlie revisiKl Bible dear 
through and was jiositive the quota- 
talion wasn't from the Biule at all. 

The young man w ho d x-s the Ixxik 
notices said it was fnmi Pojie. “Thai's 
what made me think it was in the 
Bible,’' said the snake eilitor, “but 
which I’oiK' was it? There's uior'ii a 
hundred of 'em. isn’t there?” 

Th I art editor, who had twice gone 
abi-oad witli CriKik’s excursion.*, said 
he never .saw the ifuotation in any of 
the KurojK-an libraries, and tlie obitu- 
ary etlitor said he nev«-r run aertiss it 
in his reading. It was the general 
tqiinioii of the convention that the ro- 
iiiark was not a quot:ition at all, but 
I was original with the snake editor. 
This eoiiipliiiii-Vit the snake cilitor imxl- 
estly, allx-it rather feebly, attempted 
to deny. "I know,” he said, I have 
seen that sciitcuco in print soiuo- 

“Hei-e it is” shouted the accident 
eiiitor, ‘1 knew I had seen it, too, but 
for the life of me I couldn't tell whei-e. 
Here it i.s.” 

And he held up a copy of the Cider 
Vallcg I’alladium, ami yxiintcd to the 
loc.-il column; 

“.\pril days 
Cold nights 
Bni-n your 

Don’t diaiigc your flannels 
Prime mess maekeix-1 at Haddock's 
t f. 

Winter lingering in the l.ap of spring.” 
A good dual of quiet followed this 
revelation. The snake editor was the 
first to s| eak. “Well,” he saiu: “that’s 
it. 1 reiiieiiiber now, I was reatling 
I that paper yeslenlay, and I must have 
1 seen it thci-c, bnt 1 -A as sure i had ix;ad 
j that very thing a thousand tiiii'-s” 

I And the eoiimieiiccmcnt editor sal 
I down and wrote a long and confusedly 
j able article on “uneonseioiis eercbnir 
I tion and latent impressions”— Bimfrlf, 

I m Brook.yn Eagle. . 

Plantation Philosophy. 

De ignuiit man, no matter et he has 
got iiio’ money deu cr smart man, ain’t 

— Three things to wish for — health, a 
cheerful spirit, frieml.s 
— lyixik on the bright side of life, if 
, cares do weigh heavily uixiii you and 
life s»-ems hanlly worth the living. 

— Ba-hes will lu-ver take wings and 
) fly away, if you sprinkle the .salt of 
i-e«inoiiiy ami prmlciiee on his tail. — 
Pretzel's We:kly. 

— The iiiaii who doesn't know much, 
and his name is legion, is the one uiost 
I anxious to display his knowbxigc. — 

: — Drake's Travellers' Magazine. 

I — Imagine a man and his two sons 
: niarriisl to three sisters ami then figure 
I out the relationship of the children 
and grandchildren. — Foster's JJcalth 

— A writer a.sks: “Did 

yon ever watch a dear baby w.aking in 
tlie moniiiig?'’ Many times. It gen- 
erally ocK-nrs about five o’ebx-k, ami 
enables the father to get up a splendUl 
ap\K-tite for breakfasL — Dry Goods 

' — Husband — What are yon going to 

: t.ake that scrap of lace .along fur? 

Wife — Scrap, indeeil! That’s my 
I h:iiidkcreiiief. “O, that’s iL” “Yes, 
and, uy the w.ay, I forgot to give you 
yours. It’s up .stairs 011 the — ” “Never 
miml, dear, I’ve a ixistage stamp.” 

— A letter has just liceii disciitombesl 
in PonqH-ii, just where the district 
niessseiiger lx y lost it .SOD.OOO years 
ago. The hoy i.s siippuseil to lx; still 
alive and slowly wandering along in 
thi- direetion of the house at which the 
letter was to be delivered. — Burdette. 

— It Matters Much. — 

“It matters litUe where I was bom. 

Or whether my parents were rich or poor; 
Whether they felt the cold world's sro,-n. 

Or walked In the pride of wealth secure. 

Hut whether I live an honest man 
And hold integrity firm in my clutch, 

I teU you, my brother, plain as I can. 

It msttors much." 

— It is not what a man has seen but 
what ho has read that makes h m 
learned. It is better to know- one great 
mind tliau it is to visit three great 
countries. The wisdom we get from 
books broadens the mind; the experi- 
ence we derive from travel shu'pons 
the wits. 

— An Absurd Proposition.— Lily (Soo 
retary of tlio Cooking Class) — “Now, 
girls, we’ve learned nine cakes, two 
kinds of angel food and seven pies. 
What next? Susie (engagetl) — “Dick’s 
father says I must learn to make bread.” Chorus — “Bread? Absunl! 
What aro 'bakers for ?” — Pittsburgh But- 

— “Excuse me. sir,” said a young 
man, nudging a fcllow-p 'sengcr in a 
Chicago ear, “ywi have a .qieck of soot 
on the end of your nose.” “That’s 
been there for eighteen y**.ars,” rciilicil 
tlie passoiigcr. “It’s a peeiiliar kind 
of a mole, and you aro the ninth man 
to ask me to sponge that since 
breakfast this morning. As a rule, the 
average is about twelve a day.” 

— A witness who was called to prove 
the correctness of a doctor’s bill, was 
asked if the doctor did not make si:ver- 
al unnecessary visits — did not continv-e 
his professional calls after the patient 
w.-is entirely out of danger. To which 
he rcplic-d, after a little retteotign: 
“Well, na The fact is, you si-e, the 
patient wouldn’t be cntirclg out ul 
danger as long as Uie dixitor kept visit- 
ing him.” — A*. Y.Ledgcr. 

Ribbon* to he the Fritiripal I rr  ratloa for Tli.  pri” 
all Su of iaown*, 

“What are they triinniing eottixi h,.;H-s on 
gowns with?” siimi' one inqnire.s. in-esistil 
Well, velvet, embroidery, lace and, fen-eofl 
alxive all, riblxin.s. In fact, in the | iM-. uti 
World of di-c-irations rili!H ns an- given ! ,1,, 

the place if honor. On faint-hiusl e 

fabric.*- till' sateens, lawns ami bat- p,..,, 

istes in los. , eiel, lavem!i-r. cream, . lM-f -i-e.” 
Nile-green ami the very light iikmIo ^ ,.,,t 

shades, umkI i-illier as solid colors or | voice iiil 
nien-ly for backgroinid* — riblxm dei-- tract.- hi 
orations are abiii'dant Tiiey form i’,u-liai:i 
fiots, outline fioum-cs and are ni:ule 
fiilo epaulettes, rosettes and sa.she.i — n lxs 
indeed, they are a* lilxTally displayial erowin.i' 
as tqxci the hall toilette.* of the winter. n„. j|,|. . 
On iiiiills ami fine niii.'Iins they are aivhi.'t.* 
used with equal l.avisRne.s.s. Two ji,„^ 
shades arc usually seen in them — tlmt ' f„i (Vj 

of the gown, and the one deeiiieil it* ' jj,. i 
special conqib-incnt; but one color a,,,! 
alone is oecasioiially coti*l. and this yoke.* a 
nniy i-ither harnion'ze or contrast with . j;(a. 
the dress. Sift gmsgrain with a fancy ontbursi 
mlgc euntinucs most iMquilar, and long fi,,ni  
loops and end.* are prefi-rreil to .short, cloiiJ.*. 
nim-h ent-np Ixjws. Tin- epanU-ttosare profe-.sii 
of ribbon loops with Vandyke cml* m,,st ; 
formed into a circle, the net fonmla- a„d , 
tion being fitted to the shoulder ami A-i 

Lustciied down. Moire and velvet rib- dolhii-' i 
Ixm ve.sts an.' seL*b cotton Ixxl ices, the i.ionsly' 
riblxm Ixiing the width usually cm- oitiy, pi 
ployed for ehildreii’s s.a.shos and quite f,.t,'d In 
wide enough for the purixise. hij, ojqx' 

High collars- and turii-b.".ek cuffs of ircurroii 
velvet are noted on most cotton cos- Qf fortu 
tiiines, and .-irc seldom of a difl'ereir 
Color from the gown, except p hen tin I 

latter is of ereaiii, rose rr some faint j xheorig 
slnule, and then .a  leejx;r tone of the 
same or black or hniwn velvet i.s chosen. The 1 
A faint heliotro|x; mteoii will have ,Jmlv is. 

j he spring.- to the II xir. with head Im'iiI, i 
; pale aii.i ti-i'iiibling, like a eriniiiial 
alxiUt to be e\i eli;i-'I. rcsiglieil to lose j 
, in i .'ingle im-nu-iit the glory m-qnired | 
through -Mxiininy years ami with such | 
, imiefaligable lab; r. At this install’ | 
ail eiieiiiy even would conipa"ioiiatc | 
his condition, lb- rises, tlirowsa rapid j 
' gbim i- aronii-l him and speaks — ••.''ena.- | 
' toi-'I” He is safe: hi.- i-oiirago is n-- | 
.stored to him: his brains is again nn- ; 
••loadi'l! h!' six-cch rearranges its. If in | 
his iniiid like a long forgotten nn-Iody. | 
Til - pii-'ideiit, the Corte.s, the gallerii-.* I 
dis.ip|M-:ir; hi' sees only hi* gi-stiires; j 
hi-ai-soidy his own voii-e; feel- but tlie 
irresistible liaiiu- that enkindles the | 
force of his own niateliless e|fH|m-m‘e. It 
j is iM-.'utifiil to hear him say "f hini';-lf: 

! “1 do not si'c til • walls of tin- apart- 
iiieet, even. I il'hold di't.iiit hind* ^ 
and peoples which I h ive never .' • -ii 
; iM-fcre.” He speaks for hour* togethi r, I 
. and I'.ot a Deputy b :tves the hall, not :i 
I voice iiitei riipt.s, not a iiiovemeiit dis- 
tract.- him. Not eVi-Il wlieli he viohlU-s 
r.irliarn-iitary rules has tin presiileiit 
the courage to inti-rrupt him. Chid in 
ndx-s of da/./.Iiiig wliiteiics* and 
erowin.i! with rosi-s, he iMirtray* at will 
llie iiii; ge of the B -iiidilic; and nion- 
aivliisls do not venture to. for, 
fliil* arrayed they even find her branti- 
. fill. Castehir is loll! of tin- assembly. 
He this ii-s and fiiiminati-', .si-intillates 
:iiid beams like .a feu d artifiee; he pro- 
vokes a smile or he .-alls forth entliiisi- 
: Stic shouts, ending in the midst of an 
outburst of applaii'.c, and vanishing 
fiom :.hc (.'Inimbcr nitli Iiis lirad in tlie 
cloinhs. .''iich i  till- famous (’a.stchir 
pnife-sor of liistorv ill the I'niversity, 
a most prolilie writer on jxdities, art 
and n-1 giou, .a publicist who draws 
from .V-iiericaii jouri::ils ten thousand 
dolhifs yearly; an academieiaii, uuaiii- 
t.iously eb-eted by the t'p.-uiisU s\cad- 
eiuy, pointed out in thoroughfares, 
f‘-ted by the iMipiihiee, loveil by even 
his o] |Miiu‘iits, a young man. jxdishi-d. 
generous, a little vain and a favorite 
of fortune. — Edwards .imires. 

BaUrtal I‘rbRrc*i .Mai# bj- K«-pr»»ent»- 
Utfs of the Colored B»rr. 

John W. Cromwell, a migro journal- 
ist in Philailelphin. has ..-oiupileil an ! 
exhibition of the biLsines* condition «f . 
his race in Anierieau. 

The Caroiiiias take tin leail in tho 
number of wealthy negroes. Noi-th 
Carolina h:is twenty wlo arcw. rth 
from flO.OO'J to f:ji),0o0 cai-Ji. In South 
Carolina the negiix-it own $10,000,000 
Worth of pro|K-rty. In C'h.-irleston 
fourteen men represent $'JX).'J()0. Tbos. 
B. Smalls is worth $18,000, and Cb.os.C. 
Leslie is wortli $12,0JJ. The fanJly of 
Noisettes,, truek fanuers. .are worth 

In the city savings Ixtnk.i the negroe.s 
have $l'_n.'.i;J6 on dejiosiL One man 
has over f ' .000. He n-eently Nmght 
a $10.0I. 0 plantation and ixiiil $7,U00 in 

In Philadelphia. John McKo»; i* 
Worth half a iiiillion. H«- oiiii.s four 
liiiiidreil homses. Several atv worth 

The negnx» of New Yo k own from 
four to six million dollac*' worth ot 
re:il cst:ite. P. A. Wliite, a wholesale 
druggist, is worth a qn.irtt r of a mil- 
lion. and ha.* :in aiiiuial Inisiiiess of 
$-_*Od,0OO. Cath.irino Hi-ick is worth 

In New .lefsev tli ' negrix-* own 
0t)0,ii00 of real estate. Billimnix- h.i.s 
more negro hoiiie- iwiicrr thin any 
other large ci’y. N’i.ictci-ii men ar  
worth a total of S-SOiJ.lkW. Ji hit Thomas, 
the wealthiest, i* worth r.boiit $I.*0,- 
000. Is-s* thin 100 negroes in IVasli- 
ingtoii are worth a toLil of ^11,0;) ),0 1). 

In Loui.'iana th; negi-.x-s p.iy Lire* 
on $l.;,0i)l*,000 in New Orb-an.s and 
$:10,000,000 in the State. lone Lafon, 
a French qnmiroon, is worth $1,000,000. 
The Mom-r Brother.*, clothiers, carry 
a st x-k of $;l M,i»0. Missoari hat 
twi-iity-sevi'ii citizens wort 1 a million 
dollar* in ainoiint, ranging from '*200,- 
000 to $2'’S .li‘J0. 

Tlie rieh'.-st colored wo nan of the 
Smth is Amanda Kiibanks, nnulc .*0 by 
the will of her white fatlic •; she i* 
worth $1 J0,000, and lives near Augusta, 
G:u C'hieago, he home of I8.OO1) eol- 
orixl | eopb-, has three colored firms in 
busiiies.*, whoso proprietor* n'pre.*ent 
$'i0, XX) each, one $1.8.0 XJ and nine $10,- 
000. .A. J. Scott has $J- ,0C0 invested 

ill the livery bii'iiies*. and is worth 
llO't.U'K). including a well-st x-h.ed fanii 
ill .M.ehigaii. Mi-s.*i-s. John Jones and 
UielemI Grant are worth $7J,0iW each. 
.A. (i. White, of St. I.siiiis. foriiierly 
purv«-yor to the .Anchor lin-* of ste;iiu- 
er*, after financial reverse*. h:is. since 
the age of forty-live, jvtriei'ed his for- 
tune* and neeimilihlieil $.' '•, 000. .Mi-s. 
.M. ('arjx-nter, a .S:in Fraiieiseo colored 
woman, h.-i* a bank account of $.'»'l.0.M. 
and Mr.s. M:iry Pleasant ha* an im-oiiie 
from eight hon*i s in Fraiiei'co. a 
raiieii near San Mateo, and $10'},i t't in 
(tovernineiit ImuhIs. In M.-.rysville, 
L'ah, twelve iinlividil.i's are '.he owners 
of raneh.-s vnlm-il in aggregate at from 
$1.80.'.H»0 to $lS'i.o.i(). One of them. 
Mrs. P. ggy Bredaii. has Ix'side* a 
bank :u eoiiiit of $10,000. 

These '|:iti*tie* show that !h - brother 
ill bhw-k is making some h -:idway in 
the world. He i.* learning to "t.i^e his 
own ski K-l” — .V. 1‘. iriOie,**. 

*. Dealer Tell, ime^ 
How It i] 

\ Corner Krooft, i 

“Nearly all the f.& i 
111 this country,” sa^b 
ly. “is brought froiiB 
ui.-iny. It i* obtain 
trii-s fn ni the peasani 
liiv and Par!* nieril 
agents out through j 
trieU, and, wheneve] 
agi-nts meets a la«s We 
hair, he imnicdi.itely 1 
with her. As a rule th 
#0 little of the world. * 
ignorant of the valui 

hair is sobt 
1 ife^aler, reeent- 
kanee and Ger- 
I ill those couii- 
fcrls. The B«-r- 
Kt* Send their 
■ country dis- 

*pne of thcM! 

fine crop of 
Kn* to bargain 
' tKa'.iiit* know 
I-, -o utterly 
-V til iigs. that 


W "49 S3. ETlffHSITi' 

W Cloth a Cold Bit - s 

^ " 144 rif 

umum9 rue 
p. hm 1 T 


I Perers. 

I   T¥tnM   or T— ^ 

I nUrrhrA. mi - ••J 

B 4 'L.lrru 

k ^pnraliiA. TnoclMirtx ^ 


■ K,ipiweear4  *• ^ ' 

I V» hucw *«® P » ut w« Fwi«4»--...-»— • 
tx*e»k BreWMie... 

tliev genenillv sell tli ilh dr at tho 

most ridietiloii-dy hii* 
nothing iim-oiiinion h- « a In-neb 
p*-:i.sant girl di-ix*se of fl»luo-t BKig- 
iiifieeiit suit of hair, a -iiiWiat would 
*4-11 for s4-\eiity-five dolw*i. for a 
wortIib-.-«*ear-riiig or a x'.. .:* f bright- 
liMikiiig Im;;u1s. If th- — • V--ri-!iaiit.S 
nnaii .a girl on the rwni wli ®hair at- 
tni4 ts tln-in. they never giv.Me ixx r 
gill time to think, or op|s'i tiSty to go 
hoiiii- and eoiisidt her pareiil%biif tin; 
inoiii ‘tit she s.-iy * ‘yi-.*,’ out cibc their 
shear* and oil g x;s her in nitieeiit 
hiir, ainl tin- |xx»r ehib^ only 
return i* a worthli-as irii.^. It 
.s4-i-nis s.-id, blit such is Is — at 
least liair-ne leliaiit life. 
li.iir has Ix-i-n all i-olb-cti-d ami bmiglit 
into Par!.* and Bi-rliii, it i* tin I put 
, tiinnigh a e'eaniiig pnx'*-" and A rt- 
eil and arranged. On all hair* it 
conn * from tin- In-ml, thc^e is. iiosat- 
ter how eb-aii a jK-rsoii tries to ^p 
heror hini'clf, more or le-. d..iul®T. 
The hair is p.-issial through .a sor^f 
win- net or chain, the wires of w\cli 
.an- so elos4‘ togethi'T the hljr* ^ 
thenis4‘lvt'.s can seareely pa** thnniiA 
You would think this would cut tw 
h:iir. but it ibx-s not. It only gets tiiL 
ilirt off, and it dix-s so most effeetiiali^t 
Afti-rthe hair i.* thii.* thoroughly cU- r, M 
e*l, it is a.s.*ort‘ d in pn per color*, qn :■ S 
Ha'S anil lengths. Then the black hair * 1 
again run over ami three more itilep j 
are made of it — th«' bmg bl:u-k hair*,'.' 
the nu-ilinm and the short. Tin* liglrY' 
hair is .similarly assorteil. Then tin-$ 
dealers mix the black and light h.air* 
together ainl make from them differ- 
ent shades. By mixing :i J*-t black, 
for instam-e, with a color two 
shades lighter jet black 

you get .a color one 

shade lighter. and this is the 

rule all through the ilifferent combin.a- 
tions of hair (h 1oi-s. A color iiiixe*! 
with .another color that is two .sh.aib-s 
lighter than it.s -lf will pnxiuee a color 
one slnule lighter, and a shaib- that .ap- 
jK-ars to be jx-rfei-tly natural. If the 
hair is mixed -u'ith :i i-olor that i' more 
than two shade* it will pnKliiee a 
streaky eoiiibination. whieh i.*, of 

eoiirsi-, to Ix' avoideil; hllt when the 
mixing is projx-rly ilone not even .an 
exjiert can tell the ilifferenee Ix'tweeii 
the real color and the color that is the 
result of this skillful ni.anipiilatioii. 
The French are the most exjx-rt h.iir- 
mixers in the world, ami many a blonde 
or brown suit of hair that look* so |x-r- 
feetly natural is. in reality, the pniduct 
of two tliffen-nt head.s anti all the re- 
sult of the ingeiiitiiisFrenrh hair-mixers. 
A\' hat does a head of hair cost? Well, 
of course, there is in h.air, as in every- 
thiiig, .an ininiensi! variety of 
kinds and eonseqiiently :iii iin- 
nitrnse x'ariety of prices Heml. 
of hair can be iNuight a.s low as 
fifteen dollars, ami there are many that 
bring S4-venty-five dolLars. For this 
lalti-r priei- 1 should s:iy- that the very 
1x‘-t suit of hair that e.-ui be foii d in 
Ibi.ston can lx? pnreha.sed. It iloe- not 
cost a woman, or. I slioiild ] i-ol ably 
say in onb-r to keep in the fa.'hion. a 
Mrs. Ixidy, a.* nineh to pun-h.-use her 
hair now a.s 'it did tliri-e or four yeara 
ago. The Mrs. Lrulit-s ilo not wear 
near so niiieh h:iir row :is they itid 
then, a.s any one, even a Mr. (lentlc- 
iiinii, trail see by glancing at i ne of 
their heads. Consequently, while It 
formerly cost a fashionabb; female 
from iMie hiinilreil to one hiindnal and 
fifty ilullnrs to perfevtlT adoni h -r 
head, supjxising, of etiiirse, that s!ie 
hml no hair at all to start irith, the 
.aine female can now Iniv the vt ry lx *t 
hi-.a l gear in Boston at fnun fifty to 
seventy-live dolbars. Is there iniieli hair worn in Boston? Oh, an im- 
mense de:il of it. I imitilge in no exag- 
geration when I s.ay that there an- not 
five wonieii in one hiindretl who do 
not wear some hair.” — Bo.ston 

Kail Rbraa. *SS.*°*' 

KiM-nMtiaiK. H.™. ... 

I- their 

i oiily 
p. It 

% the 


i  I put 


The Orl^in^ of aStur/ Famillsr la 

Maiojr LHud.i. 

The roniantie story of Piim-h and 
Jtulv is, in its original form, as follows: 

cither royal purple, luxiwii or green | Mr.’Pniieh. a gi-ntli man of great jurr- 

A Careful Calculation, 

docomfiosed, and its rrsitt:iiiee diniin- 1 ***?^ ezniiieh use ter tie curmunity. 
ished. U is well to warm Iht; vessel | je.'th PbC mo’ an ino”vincod 

containing it kr; means of a w.-itei bath i ^ ^ ’eerily o’ ei 

in the same w:iy glue is Ubinillv healed • w hut he says. De hang squeals 

iu a« ci-diuaiy giue-poL— ZJcMrfoii ! 

lu an 

of extei-miiiatiun is being 
n the English sparrow in 
y. llR-y ire shot by tlio 
^ lUl lu jiroruion-dcalers at 
\-qiiarter cent* apiece. ITm 
thirty-sevea and a haU i 
iur them for pot-vie*. 

— Another exjiiiipln of a rise in the 
Table of a picti'.rr. is the price p;ii;| for 
“Tile Hnr. e Fair,” paintixl by Rosa 
Bonhciir, at tim fecont Stewart 
The *i:;n pniil was $53,000. while tiie 
picture i* onM hi eeatslr. e-it-wart 
hut $i.00U- 

be is. 

De man whiit has cc mos’ fi-ieii’s ii 
de man whut uses ’em de le.osL Dc 
only way ter hab er nice coat for Sun- 
day is not ter w’.ar ait luo'a once ot 
week. — Arkai^au! 'I'rii-eler. 

— 5!alaria i.s Uic name of a new j o8t  
ofltce in Hcckleaberg Coualy, 'V’a. 

Sweet Girl — 1 like that roeking-eliair, 
bet I’m ,-ifraid it isii’ ; strong enough to 
hold two. 

Furniture Man — No, miss, these 
chairs arc x’cry frail, but I tjioiight you 
laid you were engaging fiii-niture in 
xilvancc, so as to get my bargain 
prices. V 

S. O . — I am. AVe'po not nping to 
housekoeping for six or cigUt mouths. 

F. M . — Six or eight months after 
you arc ni:irriicd? 

S. G.— Yes. 

F. M. — T'his will he strorg enough, 
misa — I'vi-BitA 

velvet collar and cuffs; a rose ni.ay have 
garnet, olive or dark hliie; a eii-f may 
have dark-blue, prune or g.-inu-t, while 
a iiioib' may h;iV4- golilen brown, olive, 
deep heliotrojM- or absintlie. 

The stri|XHl ami plaideil cotton.* are 
usually .self-triiinm-il, though velvet 
collar ami cuffs are always allowable. 
A.s tlwso gowns aro for morning am! 
house wi-iir th»-y look best when simply 
coinpli'tt'd, the eonibinatioii of plaii 
and funey materi:ils being in iiiaiiy it. 
st.-'.nees a decjiration in itself. Ver; 
often the plain gixxls will lx- ni.ailc sub- 
servient 'to the fancy fahrie (except 
when a bizarre eont:-ast would result), 
anil in this xvay many niiiijuc effects 
are obtaiiiciL A rinuarkable pretty 
eostunin is of jiale-iiink gingli.-uu 
s'nowing an im-h-wiile stripe formed of 
several hair-lines of white. The skirt 
is quite pl.-un, but it* graceful hanging 
givM it a smart air. The tablier is 
round in outline but very long, the 
plaits that confines the being 
laiil from the waist down rather than at 
the aide. The baek drapery is 
also round iu effect but 
very full, and at each side . it is 
amingoi! in laweade fashion, showing 
an uiidoi facing of plain rose gingham. 
Flip Ixxlice is of the nninding shape, 
and is smooth and plain in the back, 
but j)!cil plastron that gives 
a gracidul fulness in front. Tl-e high 
ciillar and the qimint eiiffs aro of the 
plain g MKls, and a fold of olive ribbon 
is their finish A cluster of olive rili- 
bon lo*ip* and ends is at one side am 
i fiilis far down to tho skirt, while tin 
bell that confine.* the round Ixxliee isol 
olive ri'olxin xvith a buckle. The hat is 
a turli;iu of liglit straw, and the trim- 
niing is providwl by olive velvet ami 
pink crush roses. By the judicious u.*e 
of riblxiii iiml vi-lv4:t one m.ay imp.irt 
to a very iiiexix-iisivp gown tho cachet 
distinguishing the tu-lettes of fiuiiuus 
moflistcs. It is not neecs.sary that a 
eoiiibination bo loud in onler to lx; 
daring; the deft niingling of two un- 
usual tints is sometimes as quiet in ef- 
fect as it is smart. 

Braids aro in vogue, but more dccid- 

I aUraelioii, is iiiaiTicil to Mis* 

I Judy, by whom he htm a lovely daugh- 
I ter. To the haliy no nauie is given in 
I the piece, the infant being t x  young 
j to lie eliristeiied. In a tit of hon-iil 
I and d.'inoiii:ie jeabnifly Mr. rniieh. 
like .1 .-iceonil Zellie-.i, strangles his 
bi‘;uiliflil offspring. Just as he has 
I eoiniilftcil his dreadful purixise Mrs. 

I I’nmli enters, witiies.*cs the brutal 
havoc, ami exit sorcaining; she soon 
returns, howcvi-r, nrnicil with a hlm'l- 
geoii, and a) pli*-s i: to her husband’s 
I hetid. "'vhieh to the woixl returns a 
woollen soniul.” Exasjieratcd by jeal- 
ousy and rage, Mr. Punch seizes an- 
other bludgeon, am; bays her prostrate 
at his feet; then seizing the niunlered 
i infant and expiring mother, ho flings 
I them both out of the window into the 

I Tho dead boilies having been found, 
i jxiliee oJieers outer the dwelling of Mr. 

' Punch, who flies for his life.'nionnLs 
I Iiis steisl, and tlie author, ncgb'cting, 

! like other great jHiel.*. the eonflieting 
unities of time and place, conveys 
his heixi into .‘*p:iiii; xvlicrc, however, 

I he is n'Ti-stisl by a a ofllccr of the ter- 
! rihle inquisition. After enduring the 
; most cntel torliiivs with incredible for- 
tituib', Mr. Punch, by nieaes of a golden 
■ key. a beautiful and novel allegory. 

’ oiK-ns hi.s pi'i.son door and psi-ai c.*. 

' The eoii-.-lnsiou of the affeeling story is 
; .satirical, allegork-al and yxieticiil. 'The 
] hero is ft first overtaken by weariness 
i and brt' in the shnpu of a black 
I dog, wh-im he iighLs ami conquers; div 
■case, in the guise of a physician, next 
arre.sts iiim, but Pencil “.sees tlirougli 
; the thill,” and dismiss*!* the 
doctor with a few derogatory kicks. 
I'b-alh at l::st visits tho fugitive, but 
Puneli I:ys alxnit- his .skeleton carcass 
so lustily, ami make* the Ixities of his 
nutagoiiist rattle so iiutsieally, that 
Di-att his death's blow then rceelvtxl. 

Last of all conies the devil; Kiel, un- 
der the f pix.'araiiee of a lovely fvnialo, 
but nfUrward in -lis own natural 
shajK;, to ilnig tlio ofl'ender to tho in- 
fcrnnl regions in purgatory to expiate 
his dre.x'lful crime. Even this attempt 


Gr *at F.Arl(rinc*nt C tii r«l hjr th« of 

Hii iCtitiiAn lanti.r. 

A Human eelliii eont.-iiiiing the skele- 
ton of ;i lady w:i* dug u[i ;it Pliimstead 
lately on a s|x l u liieli :ip[x-:irs to have 
been a Uoiiniii  -eiiielery. Ti:e disjxis.-il 
of the iiit--r  stings relies gave rise to 
some dilVn-iilty. The vicar of the par- 
ish, who ilm-s not :i| lM-ar to be an ell- 
tiiii'i;istic niitiqtniriaii. ran.'**! the n- 
iiniins to lx- buried in th:; parish elinreh 
yard. This -ll.-pusition of the relics objeeli-d lo by the owner of tlie 
l:'.i; l 0*1 whieh they weix  fuiin l, .and 
w:iS also protested against by a lepre- 
.sciitative of the Kent .\n-Ii:e- |ogic:il 
.siM-iety. T'lie coiiiily eorom-r also eoic- 
ph'iiied of the iviiiaiiis being disposi-d 
of without lii* .-iiitliority, while virtu- 
ally in his elnirge. and, xs t le cof- 
fin is in some resjn-ct* ii‘ii |iie and 
in i-eimii'kalile pri-.scrvatioi., tho an- 
tiqn;iriaiis iuleml to ni:ik.- strpiin- 
oii' efforts for its recovery. Th-' Law 
Joan a' r'lmvrks on these preten- 
sions: --rile ehiini* of the coroner lh:it 
the reiiiaiiis were in his elnirge was 
altogetlie;- imidiiiissilile. The eorom-r 
his no e-iutrol over dead 
Ixxlies, but only w hen there ii rva.son- 
able siispieio:i of de.ith by extraonlin- 
ary eausi-s and his jiH'dietion bi-iiig 
pra.-tie;il. ami not In.-torical, dix-s not 
extend to the iiivestig;ition of tin: de- 
cease of ixTsuiis dying .some fonrteeii 
hniidreil years ago. The el.-iini of tin- 
proprietor to the Ixily W:u* equally 
without foumbition. Not only is :i 
de;id Ixxly iiieapable of Ix-iiig the siili- 
jeet of pr.ip :rty, but to disinter, from 
wleitever motive, a de;id IxKly from 
eonseer.iti-d or nncon.*e ratisl ground 
i.s :i iiiisilemo.anor .it eouiniun law. The 
disinteniii- t in this instance w:t.* acei- 
denLil, but noun the less a bnewh of 
that n-s| cetful treatment of .a burii* l 
Ixxly which the law requires, and the 
Ie:LStthit tin; disi-overer of tho Ixxly 
could do w:is to rc-int-.-r iL Different 
eonsideratioiis apply to tbc cuflin. 
wliii-Ii is the subject of property; but 
although so many centuries Inive clayis- 
edsiuee tho dc:ith of tho laily, the 
right of proix!rty in the coffin vestixl in 
her repn-seiitatives hiw never Ix-cii 
ab.-indomxb Even if the owner of the 
soil h;is any right of projx-rty in the 
i-oftin, it i.s only a- trustee for the pur- to which it was obviously devoteil 
— iianiely, the reception of lli.-it bcxly. 
He Won d Ix; relieveil from this triL*t 
only by the iiii'iussibility of finding anv 
one ciititleil to xss.;rt iL AVh ;lher the of the yxirish h.xs any rights or 
duties ill the mutter is iloiibifub He 
has duties tow.ird the Ixxl es ourieil in 
his chiirch-yanl, and he is 'wiind to 
bury all baptized jicrsoiis; but to 
on the reiiiteniient in the ehnrch-y-unl 
of u Ixxly burieil for eeuturie* . eems in 
excess of his ixiwer. The pro|x:r course 
is to apply to the Homo Si-cr^tary for 
a license to remove the remains. ” — 
Montreal L gal Fetes. 

nnriiiMUMi, 7 - 

Fr«rr »b 4  «wg; * 7 ' Hssov*.... 
Pllra. IWiwI-'r l*l««« "» • _ . 

I'atwrril. InaxsIOX. I *4i4 fn II-a«. 

kUai-* m-T»" 

%rr«i»u« IN*WIUir • wi'i 

I rifiar  W^trnc r^*-- 

lulSilin mt thm tirmrx. i 







IL ramatim 


Hr , 

Scratrte*, 1 tot* etc I 

JO, Sfrains. f’ x'.rm, 

atim. fitraisi, Zra; - jh;, 

Stitch: s, ,H:c .Vil, 

Stiff Joins, Sen 

Barkac!:;, A- one*. 

Gali£, I er, 

Sorea, ! Sad j GaL?, 




illwr Whx' -i-U.i7.- t 

L..-01 Uw row,- fertlx- *r-3t I- lUniyi-f 

roc •- W..-01 -M row - lori.x- xr si; i- . •- 

tb(, UulDwat I- to-in Unlti ■- ii*rr««t 

■ »ptO»liIt”- L-erj’ ojj II.--;- • i.-llnns- 

TliqA«mlK-rmnBiiecd«U In.-ii*;'- x*-i- 
TIi.'UYKsi-w tfr nc T»»n t- r uera. -Ki-.i 
Vb. Hinl r nc«l*f f  r 'i ' 

Tbr jA- kualc c*cU U ioi.aj.-. ■ bl» 
bc:ich. \ \ 

The tr-y. 

Thr Fiilrrr mv s.' 1* •. -. 

I i.t 

Tbr r 

cr neede iw ua u: 

hS : Ul.! . 

3C.1 bU fl \ \ 

Thr .St U 

kboat xnaa •( 

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V|'It kflt’ar ati‘4 

Thr il./l 

ft-fawirr neoi» l* - t 

• l.l* ’ 

frWd ksdI I 

nrUaas *. 

*I br 

cr 3'*f- •*- ^ 

.IV * h'vi 

UK-U'antls of *I \an» an»l a woHil of ir*- 

1 Ur Uail-AY 
k T)f ukUlif* 

Ihr »arkv\V* 
to4 * ke It ki pV - '* 
Uraban*: • ! »* 

The M* rt L;? • *. 

ImasBcfi*- t .t' -i '- • 

ruuatl of ai't . ? 1 1 l 

[d*«ian ; t*. T’ r- 
; ’*.-1. re is’r t’le m ‘ 

► L'l-b »*jrroaD.i f .-n'-''. 
I M- U ItaU *!v fc! t  r • 

kU eT:;.-t*T 3L wui ' 

Uir* kC» ’ f ?• Un.n mr L. U ii. • . 

ILerpa\\thc ilox-r. . t... 

ILerpa H'lttl.l^tbc i 
eCDOOl:./. \\ 

Keup a n itil' 1^ I 
lker  a llo.'iln XI • 

4IM? ..he.. rtaRirJ] 

Whalebone Hern 

'i- I 

l^tented Fcbt S« 1887. 

Chiarantecd ITEVZ2. to Isreik. 

H.ltEa, STKOTW. A CO., 415 B-war, S. I-, 


Bamberger, Bloom&Co. 




edly on coats and wraps than on gowiia. ! fails, and Punch ii left trinn’.phant 
Some short coats aro entirely covereil over dootors, dealli aud tho devib Tlio 
with braid, aud to be maile of curtain falls amid tho shouts of tlio 
sonic novel cloth. In moile, gi*ay. ■ *x»uquer!ir . — IrUh Ti nes. 

heiiotnux} and nb.siiUhop tiiesa j.ackcts 77* ' i i , 

are dccalcdlv sni.irt; and tliey h;ive ;«ii~ a with ii cork leg, cork- 

1 1 "l 1 -j - 1.’ ■- J sc:\-w eves, blue lxs4;s .sad jng- 

b'lt oncdrawbfteli-L-liit-vareonlv Mtitvd .it ..r  ..ixSia ^ 

. , .. .■‘-t .Yni--. • ■ haiulU- mr.* must ija fall ol 5: inu.-~ 

Improvement in Tin Cana. 

An ingeiiiuii.* iiii|iroveiiion:; in the 
iiiaimfaetiire of tin cans for preserving 
fixxl is lieing intrtx’im-oil. the plan con- 
sisting simply in sofoi-niiiig the lid that 
it is merely pre*.*iKl o j and the can is 
hermctii-ally sealed, si» that no inU-r- | n-ssiii-t; cau remove tho liiL 
AA’a'.er IxiiliHl in ,-v tin tints elusixl h:ia 
failed to force it off, although Lie steam 
jircssure h:is tho can it.*ol(. A 
l tnny pieee, however. usikI as a lover 
by Ix-iiig p'aeeil niidi-r a rint formed 
nrouml the top of the cover, with the 
slioulder of the can us.-i fiik-rilin raises 
the lid witli a remarkably small c\pi;n- 
diture of pi.wcr. The primiplc in- 
volveil in the CicTi .-e is Unit of III • wedge 
and lever. TTie neck of tho tin on 
whieh the fiLs is fi.niu-d at :t very 
alight angle fix-m the vertical, and tho 
rim of the lilt i.s inHilc at a cortesjKiml- 
iug angle, no solder being nsi-il to 
form tho joint. By means of thi.* ar- 
i-augeim-iit, ihen-fon-, the opmiiiig of 
cans is rviiib-ved :i reniarkably cIikiii, 
quick ami simple oiK-ratioii, eontnusL- 
ing grcativ in these rcs( cets with the 
incon vciiietit luct’iir.l cf uyxMiiii"' now 
IU vogue.— -V. y. Sun. 

—A ;iiii~ a with it cork leg, cork- 
sc:\-w eyes, blue Ixsjis ,sad_ jng- 
haiul’t- irti-.s must 'm fall of Sj iriU. -“ 
HyiiHhzi! T-jtu’s. M aJ fc u y- 

— stc:iiii w that runs on onli- 
nary road* aiid liaitls J ),0X) p  uiuU is 
making gninaasfnl trip* between B!sbee 
aiul cairbaiik. A, T. riie. itisiaiies is 
aixty 'I'lir-v^iel, m HwneJ by 

n'hat FomU Blake Them Slnma soil Abb* 
to lln$Ut Alt Fornui of l ermjr. 

Teeth are just as easily starved to 
death a. * the stoiiiaeh. sai l a leetiin-r 
before a Bnxiklyn audience the other 
night. The fact is that yon and your 
fathers have fn m generation to gener- 
ation liei-n imlustrionsly sLirring vour 
teeth. In one w.ay it is a blessing to 
have been lx ni of |x or piircnt.*. AVhat 
fixxl the poor give their children is of .-t 
varietv that gix'S to make .strong bi.iie* 
and teeth. It i.s the outside of all the 
grains of all ei-rcal foods Uiat eenLiins 
the carbonate and ] h vsph:’.t« of lime, 
and traces of other earthly .-alts, whieh the bony tissue* and build the 
frame up. If wo do not furiiLsh to the 
teeth of the young that pabulum they 
require, they can not po.ssildy be built 
njx It is the outside of corn, oat*, barley and the like, or tho 
bran, so called, that we sift 
away and fi-cxl to the swine, 
that the teeth aotiially require for 
their projicr noiirishnionr. TTie wis- 
dom of man ha.* proven his folly, shown 
in every siieeeeiling geiieralioa of 
teeth, whieh Ix-comc more ar.d more 
fragile and weak. These flouriii*' 
mills in Minueaixilis are working de- 
struction uyKin the teeth of every man, 
woman and child who partakes of their 
fine Ixiltcd Hour. Tliey si t out Uio 
earlmnatc aud the phosuphates of Hme 
in onler that they m.ay jirovide that 
fine white Uonr whieh is pnivnigia 
whiti-ieil -sepulcure to the ti-vth. oJt- 
nieaJ is one of the best fixxi.s for $u| - 
plying the teeth with nourishmeoL it 
makes tho dei\,tine. esmcnthniii i^{ 
enamel strong, flint-like .and able t j 
resist all forms of decay. If you 1^.. ^ 
children never allow any whito Lrex | 
ui on yonr table. Graham brciul i . 
ni.adc of whole w! cat grouml, | 

bolieil, so that the bran, w hieh cmi . 

tains the minute quantities of linic, j, 
presenL To make a gixxl, whidesia^ 
nouri.*hing bread, take two bowg ^ 
i.f whiott meal and one 

of whito or bultcil flour. 

make by the usual proi-es*. Nottiu- 
is superior to BosUm brown bread 
botio and bxith biiihling. TbU is 
I out of rye meal and ix rn nuxiL Bnk^ 

' bean.*, hxi, have a eimsidcrable •‘"I'nkJ 
of tliese lime salLs and shoulil hi- 
i your Libles, hot or cold, .at Icmq 
i three tiiiu;s a week. Tlie teeth six  uS 
lie at le; live times a d:t«f3 
. AVithniit this the particles of 
' which coiilain acids aoj .otlherc, 

  gnuinally into the enamel. Use rn^'- 
i tiio or other gr.-xl viaji i»ii the lirusk 
! Powdereil eluilk and castile soap ibi^E 
the I'.entifr ix'. In bru*hing 
, tectli always tM-iis'u up and down 
I the inim insteiu) of :ioi-oss, or. to el^K. 
' tile icetur, iyi Uio actii:d wotxls of t^ 

. lecturer, “UrusU away from the gi^ 
uid on the grinding surfaces of yJE 
tectli.” — A’.tang Argus. \ 







Nx a; 

Tho ELDBEOOE “B* is lold with the 
guarantee of being! the BEST 
that can be KAOS. 

lealers Wutci li DMCcuKei Ttmtnr. 


363 end 360 WABASH AVC^ 


CoiD nercial College 

Cm^pssti Bast Basines* CoBsgs is tbs VfsrM. 

' 'Wk* — - ill ■l»rr "il TI 

Kxj liltlis. Sir #4 Bwwk-lbsevisc a*4 

B ue tHi e I MwasCtaw. K#0# 4£m4wsle« Iw 

ecMw In Teech^e WF«U BetAliM 

VMire^iw*f6di4i T«lile6. ena K— t6.e*wa$ 

^ w re^iii iw m 4ig rwiwow. nveHaerr ■Mfw.eweai 
Tyy^WitHib^ h TflsgyskT, 

Orw.$eeywa O ef»^ie $« w»r ae fm 

^ ~ T M tlk_ rrn‘u l e i l njtff- f 



iilA CKIN AC. 

Summer Tours. 

Fe.laco Steamers. Lov 

Taui Ttls. pm Wwk 


*-^**^» III 


t.V.; ;!L 

t -■ - 

— ^Teacher — Can any boy tell aa 
I whxi time tb, son rises m.w? Si 
: Bv-y (sbidB mul paximptj -Jtts. 

BBBUte fiilher calH» ilitii tHat ha 

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