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date (1850-01-01) newspaper_issue  OL  31     TMISDA V AND FRIDA V      NUMBER 16     WIND UP OF OUR REDiTIDN SALE   September the Fourth   Is the Last Day   KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRICES     I   4      ODDS IN CLOTHING TO CLISE  OUT     J  i  tui           I rfiit     o  J          III Odd L oal  1  Ml       Unen Suit  l  Mi   Blf Stock of Suits Ind   Pants at Cut PrlcM   I1J     I and IM U l  Sunt fur l      i  10 00 6 76  1 00 Md IS OU 8 7ft     M no Ft u        and 2  ti   3 00   i r o      1 tMl               for  n AO    J i        i 7       1 50   I 1 1        4i      Also Boys and Children s  Clothing Just as Cheap      Men   Underwtar        ii  I Rdrrwear 4 lc   J K  IT iieri ear  Oc   Ties      lU cent Tick iio at M cfnt    Sft cvnt  lie   to at 2U cenia   Drufgeti    II 1 U i i ruKKe    11  OU   IJ OO I ru C ceU H 75   Big Lot cf M tii K ObMp for Caah      Ti Uian Up Oor Lavos   tS eeat   1ft f cat   10c   10  aU   2 Ve  2 tc  2  io  lOe     LawD    1   ceom    t     14 atata      10 eaatf    IJ    05 aaata    Iress iiQo           04       08a    laitlsga       Ifta    Suitiaga     15e    Liaon     200    PaMi       08e     TlMl DiMtl    ftOe aod ftOc Tabla Danaek  42c   40e   I   3  c   3fte     25c   2fte     19e   50 aad  iOo Towalt  4 a   fta  6e aad 7o HaMborg 4 atnta   1     f 1          It   Dress Goods Cheap For  Cash     wmmm the date   Don t Take My Word For  This But Come And     THE PLACK  POR BAMAINS       HENRY  TONE                                                                        I             H A                      J     MARION   KSNTUCKY     A Ftw Low Cut Shoot Loft   Shoefl          Mi Ladies Low  2 50    2 00     1 75   1      2 2     l   0  1 60  l Sft     1       Low cuts for Men    f4 00 aad 05 00 Low 0 U  3 00   iJ   tO    2 75   2 75 and o UO   l HU   2 00 and 2 25   l ftO   We have  jood Shoes for Fall  and Winter  Buy the Best   The Brown    ibc Sox      at two pair fnr 2  i oentx   II  UO S h i r t U 0 at  0 75   75  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tiio  i  inrd Mr   lamp  io Waah   world aa Kea ueky rartlj goea away iiogton the dav the hpecial   eaiioo  f  in  t  jadgneat of aat ooe of tbe Ooagraaeitfdioaraod aad after   Ymii     taaperaaee deaiaad SutO Vide pro   MMUm aad rigid eaforooatM of   prr cnt local option lawn    The Aaaociatioo was delighted to  have aa fieitora the folleviag brotb    ern   Dr  H  B  Tajlor  of the State  Ho rd i d Mi  ion  Pr Maddoi  of  the  Minuter i Aid Society  l r J   r  Midyett  of the Ohio Valley  College at 8lur  i  Pr      W   Ktii ht  p  tor at Miiri  nfifld Pr    V  P  Howell  of the Cyclone Sec   rftarT nf State Miaaioaa  aad Dr  J   A  M  II  I  repreaeatiag the Wea   crii liic i rdcr   Walnut  jrovc i hur  h and coDiiua   aity are aa ideal plae  and people  for an   xoeiatioo and abundantly  proviJcil for the  vniifort aotl pleaa   ure of all tbat attended    Tbe paelora aad loetaeagen re   turo lo thfir cburche  with renewed  leai and purpose tn rxtemi the kiog   doio of our Lord and his Christ    Tbe oieotiag aeit year will be with  Crookel Creek ebureb aear Marion     Sunday School aoioa waa plaoned  aad eonailtce appoioied to srrance  for Boetiag Ifth Saadav lo Ootoh  r   R  A  L     rioa  ti Tabaretiloato Aaeootatioa  la tk Slat  which have beeo en   gaged fur the paoi few weeks ia  perfeoiing plans for tbe orgaoiiaiioa  of a Stalo Aaeoeiatioa  hae aaaoiaood  that all preparatory irraDi emeDts  liava been made and a conftTcnce be   tween repre eotativei  frotu ea h  eoaaty ia tka State will ha hold lata  in September  at whiah daialta   loD wiil he taken    Twu  MiQur conferenoaa ha a  already hoea held betweea off eart of   the  iI Aaaoeiation  wlmh h Te  already been organized  aud the  Sepleiuber meetiag waa arranged in  order that tbe aaeds of the Sum  night be eoaaidered  from the view  point of the citiiens of every city  and i oanty  The proposed neeting  will be i eld ia Leiiagtoa aad a Tery  interestiop and inNtruclivo   roL rnm  has been arran  ed  it is said  which  will cover a period of two day     Some of the beat kaowo specialisit  of tlif county will be invM ii ai d tbe  Dumber uf spirited laytui o  a  well  an medieal men  who bare aignified  tbcir ioteDtioD of atteDding  ha   already inaared a niosi iotereatiu    ooBveattoa      tbr     Mr     Uilie  lsnw    wifr     h i  New Y rk aad AtlaDtic Cut       f U pr   f taiive Jaiuen of the First return to iheir home in Marion     at LexinQlonror  BIscBSSIOD ot Tuberculosis    The Joint Conjuiittee from tbe va      WOMEN AS TEACHERS AND     wiYiinr     Neo are Uelul as Teacbers  lo be  Tm M WiMi  all TblDgs     Krery year the percentage of fe    ale taaehera employad ia the eoai    moD school  in DiTieaa county in  creases while the peroeatase of malert  correspoadiogly declines  What is  true in Davieae it traa ia every eova      meat and tha larger part of it too la  more favoraUa thaa otberwiae    One of the liesf editorials We have  reed on the anbject of woman s great   alaa ia tka adaaatimi of ahlldraa ot  the laad waa pnated ia tbe Mempbia   Cotnniercia  Appeal  The following  are paraKrapha from the editorial   aatiea     Why abottlda t a woman be super    iotcnienf of  chool   Why shouldn t  a woman be on the board of cduca   tioa    Nioe tenthx of the pablie aohool  foarbor   in Mniipbi  are women   NiDe tenihs of the trainuig the child  gate ia tbe home it froB the Botkar      Say  My  farB r wkea in town  conir around  HCBBAlu      l i  triet of tha  bine graea  State   wajf aaeily aeeouat for ber poputan   tv auioii   tbe nieBiber  of ibe Con  gri  jasl coDlingeai in Watbingtun     Mra  JMita haa baea aa offeial  k Mt a  nearly sii years  wlwch period     ov  TH ber laarried life  Sb   in one  ot the eiost faoinating wuuicn in  p  b4iiB life and tboroagbly enjii       abont the  ir  t week in September      A braadleeiHig oi The    Baptii  at Vakiut  irove     The Ohio Ui er    M e  aiioD luci    with Walnut Orora Baptiat ebarrh   AiiL   l tb  19tb  aad 20tb  Tha   itiir iH ii torv Hernion wa  presclwd iiy  Kid W  C  I icrce froia the aom     tv in Kentucky i d what is true in  X    ebool would maraly U thaoOB   Kentucky i  true in every state in   plinn nr of tbe borne   the union  Varioua causes are as  j yi   are useful aft teaahers  to be  aigned for this ehaaga la the ratio   troe  bat woBea  all tbinga eoaaid   of teacbera ae regard     x  Some   ed    on pi sh m  re than mea do   contend tbat the salaries paid teach   f      y f   j     iivpo i    era are so low tbat they have failed  o prevent married women firotu  to attract tbe bok who qualiiad   t Mbiag ib the tehoala   tbpn    lvo   fnrth   teacher I vnestion  A married woman who bas reared  and they have foughl other pur  uitB hal f a d  ien children is better fitted  in whieb the retarae for tbeir tarri    teacher than if she had na chil   cet are more rcBaaerative  Tbia la   if      Bodoubt trii  in manv in tani e    be          the Ceti  r    ion l nea ons in Wa h           fft Ma 1  2H 1     1   i ilon  IVfT  Imt    rn       h  Mr    p      i      j   r  d b of   ti  Mr  Jaui o  Mrs  Jrikincn was Muh  Kittb TboBaa of Marion  aae of the  bi   t eniKH country ridera iu tbe     Kt4i  faiiK d for U   k Tfewdiaeo  iiiic dearly Iuthm cvurytinn  tliak   taJtea oae oatdoora and awaapa via    tery ker way OB tbo tcnui   courts or  galf rfnkit any tiiin  ber fancy die   lates  la the past fow yaara  Mrs    lamea haa nidaa but liulo baoaaae   f ill health but she is a floe Jadge    4 kor     aii l of women   two traita  Kentucky uevcr faila lo give m a  dowry to ite eoaa aad daaghiera    When Mrs  Jamo  was jast sii  year  old her father  wbo was a  promt aent Metbodiat minister      ably prexentirii  it in  Aiii4iMrit   Kri sdib of Cnaiiiiand and  Breadth of l roiui  c  The ros iin    tof the reporte froB the aharehte and  enrol lipg tbe members ocenpied the   reniaiiiinL  j Srt of the forenoon   The reports show a gratifying pro  great along all tha liaoa of ehareb  work  The membership increased  over U t year 2riK and the coDtribu   tioux about t iOO 00  while peaee aod  harmony prevail aBoag the ehareboe  tcenerally  Much Miciioaary en  thuHis n wa  awakened by tbe Ntir  ing addrei ses of visitor  and me D  here aad oaa yoaag Baa aspraaaad a  eall to missionary work abroad   Tba report aad daaaaaaioa oa     I  WELD ON       A life insuraice polic v in   5c spring  of c mfort and   ntisfactiuii to the man insured ami  M to his w ife  He iinows that the wife wiH kave at least an   even start with bhe world   55 Sht  knows that her home ami chiKiren will be pro      tectt il if he rs taken away  Nov   is  he l   st time to secure  a pohcy  Next year ii will cost you more  or it may be too   IP YOU REE IT IN THE POLICY  IT S SO    Every line In the Prudential Policy is Guaranteed    If I kave anjlhing to you w hea do you want it   Now  orintwohro months  I am roady NOW  I will tell   you a 15 payraent life policy for less money thaa yau can  buy a 20 payment life in any asnual dividend Company  represented here    Send Post card today for Rates at Yonr A e    C  E  WELDON  Agent  Prudential Llf  Insurance Company   H Phone No  237  MARION  KENTUCKY        cause the teaobors of Kentucky have  boon a poorly paid elaaa  Tbe maa  with eduoatioa aoffeiaat to toaeb lo   the     bool  hs  accomli ib d enough  to better his financial coiiditioD in  other ftelda  tberafore he abaadoaed  sehool work and left the traiaiag of  the I bildrea of tba aoaatry to tbe  women    Woman bat eo well proved her   fitnc   for tbe training of yoatb  tbat nio i of tbi  flate  have eeaaed  to liiuit ber uset i i ei s afloog tbat  line to tbe aoboolruom  but have  made ber eligible to the otfioe of     A Floe Apple    S  S  Gaaa  of near Marion  waa  exbibittag a ftoa appla Wodaead    from ooe of bia young tiees  thai  mcs  orod flftr en incite  ia diameter  and weighed twenty two ouoeea   The appio waa a baaatlfa  oae mi   aid to b  a Saa kaapar aad af splaa   did lavor      Is Aa Old  fleb  m      Ailanis  Qa   Aue   it  A seal  uBcontirnoied rebel waa dieeovaxed  I today  He h Got  O  N  Baaa   af     oMuiy M h  J suiHTintcad  nt  So  e jj  i       q    B ewa leoeotlg     states have even made her eli ftyle to  I tbe office of atate aaparinteadent of     asmf a Sau   y    lonel en ike gov   rrnor 0 staff aed the adjuennl geaeraS     pul li  in tru  iiQ i  and in Boat j tba old eeUtar bia aaBBieaiaa   s ai  s rbo is allowed to sorfe on the    ogp her with tbe oath of slUiriaaae  board of edMcaiiou aad wounty j o  orgia and tbe United S atee   boarda of axaBiaara    Col  Saaaaay araaad tha ward    Wae     Itccentiy Mra  Klla F  Tounc        aired lij  an experienced tracber   was ohuseo superiDiendoot nf the  Ohiaago aahoola  The plana aot  only has control of Cbicatro    great  school system and tbe  ev r ti bun  dred thouaand c lill     whic i  attaad tkaB  but w i I draw  the salary of II iiiiii i vear  Tbe  aeleetioo of Mr   V m      b  j lare  aha IB to fill ia causing wicb com      wheravar it appoaraA la Idw ragiAa    tioDi for the nniform aad subHtituted  the word  gray   Then he erased  tbe oatk to  ko Ua ilad Sutee eaaati   tution eatiraiy aad wrote     d am a Sonfedernte soldier  still  on parole   ud while pledged not to  sgain I ear arma againal tha Uottad  Stataa  I ba a aavar takaa tbe oatk  of allegiance and whila Qod givaa  ma lift  1 aavtr will        NEW FALL GOODS   Arriving DatiyI WE HAVE   NEW FALL GINGHAMS     SHOES    I      For Men  Women  Children  The Best Kind   FOR   The Least Price     BOYS PANTS KNEE PANTS      A Qreat Opportunity    For Money Saveing   Clean Up of Summer Goods    Desirable Goorisl Odds and fnds  Priced Bclou trte Cost of Production   I You Can Malie Your Dollar Go f arttier Here  I   School Suits     F r Boys at 2S       per cent Dto        count        K      Low Cut Shoes     At Cost     Yandell   Gu enheim Co       The Twicc 4 V   c k Record Pms  TlESDAVS  V D FRIDAYS   N  E  CUMEi E4itur  r 4 Pubksbcr      ruiif yiL     One DoiM tb  Ymt  r  A     ncc      CAi H a                  Ljc is Ft    a        r  aiiT9      Announcements      We are autnor zv i   ar nuurice  Jui  v THOS  J  NUNN   u  a oar dila r f  r Appellate  Jid   th   K     A   el   late Cujrt l   j r c        jt   to  the action of  Part   In      ure    thej do not me n to Bsk  lilt   r ce without  DBoaBciiK                 I Not BBDT f our r M n  rc liktlj       f Bsm Iff dec iTci tj the tceouou th t   lec i   oi otlj t laiarr  bat   trv tppctrioi  etorj f w la   im ker      mmUt dtritfr the kot aoithii of taia Loai rill  ptpen failarM and   the        P  withont otcrrth a  evilt of local opiioa io rarioa    o       joa cao  tat doa t dcprire jour fanu and eosatie  ia Keatuckj  It     ilj of IM  Tbe faailiet wko bm it kaova that    orker oa the tuff of   haTt       ickDea  than tho e  b   thcM pap r  i  a ai ta 4 to the   do aad the f   5   to 93  OU a aoatk oi difcreaitin  tti  caaae proh   i  bafiee beaitb naek cheaper thaa tioa aad of all efforti to elimioaie ir       y zt to a doetor for it  Water it talooa  The  ee   aatt to parpert i      ot good ia taiDBer vithoat ice  eoae froa the vari u  tovsa It      Buj  t ani b  healtblv ani hippj  doubtful whetLer  V  rreefesd       ou bav  r  after  i  u tt   ck  to Koe  to tbeae town   x a  f be d      vbv not bur it aad avoid the tiek   t i  for the defaii  parpv   of Sn     Be t   iaff aad fiiioi  fact  tbai vill aake it   appear ih t the  aiooa ia aeeded      aTe a t  t  Tbe  i ao i  paid to       THE flUZER FAMILV Of NEAR OALTON  KENTUCKr      do in a akiD2 hose lea aat than aoT  Th  sff cao aad it take  toed ioar  tci sake io  i bread  We are cla       to   T ty   Sour if iB d     V   tne Dtroocatic        V         1 o nrrt Tuesday       r more to     Tbe Oracle at tU   a be  cld  fM deb  oa Sep     tk  It uke   le  to r a a  xetpaper      yoa stolid r  p r   f tftea Tbey  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favor lota   option whieh it it ao  trviag to di    eredit  1   The deaperaiioi  the aaftal fear   I that has aeiied tbe foreea that iMek    the aalooD in Keotackj i   ev    o   Ieoaraciag  Thej teem to bate    i       i      the aeaae of deeeaej aad to hatreeaati             t      aatiea te the wiada  They are Tery   4   j     oj  n S2 re  and very  K  t o   t i firetit   r       at 3te  faot   Their inj t gifted aiv  cad putur  t    pr  j   fn    r      h T  leatertaiat n  all  whea hit irreTcr  ieoacluded f r   t     o i r   rtr   eoee aodblaapbea T do Dot  boek b    o hare then  hoae ai a faaiH re     bv         which he C  n   al  t          arjuaent i eb ai e  h  ae r ar W t n K  1       t     ueaie of phraae  It ia  o t crati 1        heti th  ab w    t  r  wa   fv c  to fin   how eeneraliy the b   j _   iir  i  ther  ar  f w parrot    ru  a  pre    taod   for the pr   t      K               rtoa t            of th   rampa ea a  ain t  a       i                  t       eTfS dcaea rhildrea     ih i     to e Il       T            i  a bapp           r      iTi  t u  aitrrr i oa  with     r   acaber pre eot aad la  pice   i i hcal h   T             ai r   Au   I     r   S      1 7    Litiie  l born Jan     f   t  l  th    lb     bora Jao tat  I tlf Ur  T  Auhi     n aK fc hIy rt p ri  j pbyaieiaD f  Mar   II  aaU pre iirat of the boari   fb aith  b rB Not  l iih  l x            i  K r    h  iHll Jn     III POWL     our     1      Mary J     the fatii r  Tho  A  KrajT   Jaa m la i  1  i    Ibr a it  r  Yrtt r  t  iro  March JUh   Kitiy H b ra J ioe lltl  an9 Matttc H bora   td  j  rd       r i   1   Ut  T     r     1     1        1   I   HI     CASTORil      r  r I      iren      The Kind Vou Have   Always Bought       i  naL3iaolBoi tsi      iKTMit IS  tnmgn     vss inc  VvX  DUi8SBrttr  Optum Mivpi  nar lKnL  Not Narcotic    A r j  Jli JcfiME2ZCTDr   yw  w      I Ap     Res d  roTCiiiHl r   tion   Soijr Sttsach Dtarrmj   n 3 uLossorSLLiP     TuSmk Si ium i  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of the city  n w f r  r  A  a ril rul     e   airv t r    rf    rj 4y L  te    reaaoaably iatelligest aad reaeoeabi     tr je tD h  conTieiion   H  f      jT Otly make  mi take  but       On   i T I wa  utaadia      little raiirta i ii 1 od  Laj ctrj   the Caaadiao Pa  ifie wh o 1 f  i  n   a cbaooe cjoreraatioa w   mai   w V      i      i   t     f r 1       la    n     aou wLca he letrne  I wa   r  ni     Wir    j i   hi  hoa i         a    V in               r thr   1  Ha   wa  f a     ti ail and Utoi    lh    h   tv iig I  eof  oor   J iry held iha  the ki  i     Mar  n   V     Ath months wM   J5 Doses  J5C1WTS     Ou ra eed urtdrrtbe Food i     In   Use  For Over  Thirty Years   CASTQRIA     are hoDe t oaef  Tbe   ouipliiL  Qi Loaiavillo  the Irai i Beatioa he aaked was not  u tified   j of the Baptiat World 18 aeither ill  B  M    timed D r il    a     d f  r ah   j  all  a conntrT edit  r re  eiven ia ihu  world I  oeeatioDa  praiae and a     in     There have beeo four m irder   H   ier   r  witirn a few  Ja    an l a  nuoiber of  hootiag  where the uo  lar       of eritieiaa  Olategew     B 3ht e      I prediet that the tim ia ael tar     I ateadj atrea   I TiBea   I Aacik Mr Waiieraoo  oae of    the greatest aad brightest aea of hit   i   i j   i tor of the leadiOj  poli i   cai pap r f the raited   tatea  i  the far West but other aectioos of  lirtiag to lead the IUt  rat  to  he ooiotrj ari  oing to take an  o    T  t  rv aud the peopie    f KentnccTi     1   w          to  i  ID hi    aod for tbe   lo n          0  1  Ilkt   Bat the people of Kentueky ar    l   F   p        Kentreky aad the    arooaed aad for a eertBiaitv  the luao   8oBth are aow doinar    or politieiaa faToriag the  alooB I W  H     k     Ry    iotereat acaiaft the intero t f trc  m m m   overwheliuins  majority of tbe i rt itl  icommoti people  will be foraad to   take hi  aaat ia Um imt      How aboat that bie life  tn  jraoi e comranT that th   Citiieo   Life people are feraiog  Uf eourae   I laid hiB what vaa heiag doae    tima alaoet died froa the voaad    II aeaaded rery  traare t   hear  uch It i  the worat reiga of Uvleaaaeaa  a qatatioa way ap ia the Casadiaa that tbe city la  Ln  D for y ar      lef  ated JefT  r ADviI r    f  A  hy It        re of          ia   hut 1 1   nj o it         1  aiuea     ooper      I      t           r   to n   nder pitjhed Wedaeaday aad Craft  y      rii  10 the ahuloat k abc  a  r   d IB atteadaaec at both  gBue      aad tbe city i  thorouuhiy arouaed  aad aatiooa to do aeaethiae to check     diataot whea aot oaly the people of i the reiKB of crime    Will you kindly uof thi     t that  the moat killings and tte n o   aw   laaaaeaa It where the Boat wli ly  ia aold      Qo to Uayaea aou Taylor a   ehool books      for     FORSALK   Aa    lage 10 Marioo on W   I Large lot  k loi citteru       rootti   t      1      uc      sisco  CardiQ       r          rd n ani  I      0 a  M  coih of the View   aeighborhood  were aarried We aae    d s aftiroKfO at the hoBC of R T    W  T  Uakley  tbe ofteiatiag aiaia    I Bot  are popu ar youOk  people of   that   io    od I ave aBiueroaafriea4a   wh   h t    throu      fe      tl in  a taeocatfal joanaf     I     M  i  Mm  m    j    i i                                                        HB                 1              w        fc                       k           OUR STORE IS NOT     CIRCUS     But we are showing more genuine values than you will And anywhere else in the county  We are closing out V    I   all Summer Goods at Prices that will save you money  These  prices will not continue much longer  as J  M the time for Fall Goods to come in  is almost here       Iff you want a good Suit of Ciothos ffor less monoy than you could buy them Wholesale w    eomeeee what you een get from ue  We have eome broken lote  that you oan get for     al meet your own prioe      extra   riains in Laccs Mi Em    broideriw   If you want to sec the best value  in Extra Pants you 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luillenery    Ilaynea k Taylor hava a complete  rii  f iK hool bookM  tabl U  peneila  i     oiir offiri  a   lea itii  i it n  ili  it    ending ihv Iaslilut t aod We found  biai a oeartaoaa atatar gaatlaaiaa  aad ara aara ka aMkaa a good taaabar    Sebeol liookx  aebool pencil n   c  p ink  bo tftK  drawing  pa  iT  nehool  aeachola  iitra Hi and I TorjihiuK your  ebild ia likaly U aaad at J  H   Orma a dnigatora  Mariea  Ky       1  Itiabop  a promiaeat luer   iliaiii  if   rayni  w   in the oity  jyrnli rda  and wbiK hum paid ua a  ehildrea pleaaaat oall      SAVK YOI K I KACH HKKDt   ASnSKKT  II  COCHRAN ft CO    FOU FUlC K       Mr   f S Hr     il and dauichtrr  Mi i  Kub   uf  Viva  Okla   arc the  gueau of friaada ia thia eity    Habbard a raataaraal  riKhi    To pn  re your obildroa for tba  opaaiag day of tba aehool  Sept  li   iro to Ornie   and liavr hini help     1 li   lia  will  thrj need    II iiM  r l H Koitauranl    F   luliut Kohl aod wife  uf Lci   iagtwa  raturaad boae after a viaii  to kia pareata kera laat weak     I   j  A her went to Blaokford   M  nda   relurniog Tueadaj     V  II    i  ilicr  our  M jiiil r l  k  r  und ri  Uurant ui4U  had buMUciiB in  Kvanaville Tueaday     Ir     li  I  ivr r  turi       ainrday I       l indle aod daughter    ir  111 houit  where th  had jc  nc 1 Anmo Mai  of Kvao viilc  lod   and  p  rrhaae ber fall ii  oci of inilleaery           r in of N  a hiii  t  n     IM     I u r r F   f  rum  1  111   i  ic     l  Mmh     I   t    mviv  int i  ol thi ii m HT   Mm  Heary llaaimack tbia week      I     1 Terry n  ar town    Ml   Florence Mai Hur t  of Stur      nrrived Tm  day       p  iii  a few  i k  with Ml   Mal   lle Miaaer       i  ItKN r n  iral 1   I U T of    I   111  Id Kait Marion  liw  W   Oakley  tf   Miai Hettie Bob Akia  of Priaoc   n  IS the gaeatof Mra  Oua Taylor          nut know   toy Mili r   ill  I  fiood aa I  Witt a Little    rlv Kiierv  the faiBoaa little liver  rli i  oiiihII  gautle  plea  ant and   in  pillit with a rtpntatlOD  Sold by  ir ii  i i t    Sept 1    1  K  KaooD arrived Tuesday to  oin Mra  Baeoa ia a riait to bar  ureata  Mr  aad Mra  J  A  Moore    When you waat aehool booka          lablelB aad   V Tytliinu  your   tiildri n need to fit theui for the  school room  go to J  H  Urme   i ruggif t  MarioD  K     Mr  aod Mra  W  B  Yataa and   children  who have been atlcndin   iiK titni  at Boaaio  111   rataraed   li lii    i lir ilav      J  N  BoatoD  nur lumborniaD    who ha  the cuiitrn  t i   l iiiid llic  bea    m til     rl  1 tiii I ri  Ks li fia   I li iti li  al StiUk i  III iity Tu   i iy    l r John li  IU uuld     uf ltla  L  furd  waa in the oity W daeaday    W  K  Cruco  of Crayne  waa ia  UiWB Wedaeaday    Henry Dunn ami family and Mra     1    S MM    nri  mii iidiiiL  th   canip   iiicidiii  al lliiiriiMiic liii uii k     110 III c  li I    ive away every  other Saturday at my atore  Thii   eaaa gooda at tke very lewaat eaah     ri  v and be lldo   a   hance to win  fiv dolUrii 10 oaab Yott Biay be   t x  lucky uoc    A  8  CAVIMDBt    Mariaa  Ky    Wbo is Billy Joel s   irlend     II our  FrHud   will f ivo bia  name wo will take pleaaure in wait   iac oa hin aad ia makiag anootb   he kii  ity plasoit la hia tkeolocy    Ivb had three friaada  yoa kaow   Wbieb one are yooT     W  J  BitL    Sii4a  ScHool llooveotlon   Koi p it on ynir  nuid and don t  fail to   oiue  Till  dayit are to be  two red letter daya  Moaday and  Taeaday  iIk  ia t two day  of  AufiUKt  KiMini ih Patix  l rc idcot  of the rniuu cuuoij Sunday hchuoia   Will ba bore  aa will be Rav  U  W   Itankit  pastor of thr ruiintain Ave   Mriliodi t rlmn li nf I adiii ah  and  I reMdeui ol the i ouniy Sunday  aehoala  A good tiaie ia expeeted     On or aflcr S  j li inlior I  mi  i  pariit   waniini  Miai k Locust Fcnco  I o tx can   ct iiu iii 7 feet in regular  ieaittb  bat will eut aay leoirth    If V  u war j    v opeeial Irnifih ori        plai i  y iiir  r i  r al otu c lor   fiirllicr I ai iii iii ir  itiid pMt i   call on  or write    J  L lUnkin   Ford  Ferry  Ky      a re  d to uae their influen     to have  Kcv   M  L  Dfer returned to thetu  tbia fall for bin aecond year    J  K  Havaa  a preaiiaaat and  v  rv hi  hly respaatad i itizon  of  Madi oiiville  and father lu Mrit  J   M  Stone  ol Sturgia  died at hia  hoaa Moaday aigbt after a liageriag  illneta of  several monilis  The re   mama were brought to Sturgia Wed   neaday and interred ia the beaatiful  Pythian Ridge eematary  v   H   M  Voiiri     of Mnr   anfi ld  is  attendiuK tiic Scatlo cxpoaition    Mra         Joaea  of 8p9ttaTille   Ky   ia the gueat of her brother  M    K V a ti i and family    It  S  Kaalin  uf Hcodcraon  at the  head of the Aaaoeiatioa of eharch  Laymen of thia conference diatrict   delivered a  piiTidid lecture in ibe  M  K  church at Siurtcia Sunday in  the abeeaoe of Bro  Dyer    B  Lindle  of Karlingt  n  wan the  KUe t of hi  brother  Dr  W  ii   Lindle  last week    Woodford Sttith went to Kraaa   vilic lait week to parehaae aew film  for hi  niovinir picture tnaihinc    T  H  Vouog  one of the meet  proaiaeat aitiiea of Morgaafleld   aoeoapaaied by Ude Yoaag  were  paoenirer   on the aoatb booad train  Tuesday for lUwsoa    Mra  C  8  Loag weat to Ceralcan  Saturday  Misii   u usta Long re   turning home with lu r  uiidav     Mf   K Segravcst enlcrtaincd Kev   J  C  Midyett and wife and Miaaea   lewd and  Mienc Midyett and lU v   H Ki I ropirt iii l will  of Arkansaa  at  upper Fridiiy evening     Chaa  M  Itaria  Cheater DaTia and  Mr   Kate Wilcox  visited relatives  10 llcDder  on Saturday and Sunday    Jud e bandrum and little daugh   ter  of Calhoun  have heea the guerta  thr p  t Wfi l ot hi  dauL hter  Mra       11  Kill   He will return this  week accompanied by hi      HOW LISTEN      Come to the     AIRDOME j   The Popular Home of     HIGH CLASS MOTION    PICTURES And ILLUS    TRATED SONGS  S    Program Phang d Daily       i   KEEP THE HABIT       Yau will alikaya fM a a aw t l i l wi naaf aai tha price  n tthln raaak af aN      AIRDOME j   Sc ADMISSIOIMIOc I     aad W  B  Wiaatoa  weat to Caaey    ville Sunday where they took a caso   liue launch for Tolu to viMit the  dai ghtcr  j campmceting at Hurncaoe  If hile     It re to attead   Uarriooaa Sal      X   a   a                                    8TURCI8      Ml    Miiiu Ueiduu  ioriiierly  Tulu  now uf Kaat Hi  Louia  ia riait   log ber frienda and rcUtiTea iu thia  count    tnd itttendiog the oanpaieeU   ing at II 111 ricaue    Major W   II  Iluyt  uf Sturgia   afie   pleaaaat week  a viait to frieoda  ia Mariou and Critteaiea counij    returned home Tueaday  While  here the Major viaiied kia old com   rade  J  M   Maek  Walker  wbo   Hcrved with him dunoxthe eifil war    and who fought itulc by aide at the   l real battle of Fort Donaldson  The  Major while here  called at the  Kecurd I rciM offioe before leariag   for home      Miaa Beaaie  wbo haa been the guest   of Mr   Klli  d lrinL  tV c  uiiiiiier      lr  4  I  V  Kunyau and dauftliicr    Mi    Lottie  of lleniihaw  and niece   Mia  Hallie Yoaog  of Padaeah   vi iied frlrud t here Wedaeaday    W  W Picr   n  for th riy ilircc  yearv  preHidcui of the HauL of  Sturgia  with bis good wife  arrived  N  F  cli ircb it Stiiru is  haa been for a few days visit  They returned  eonductioK a            I ll revival  cr       o               to assist in tbi  ad   of vice at Kuttaw  the home of dear  ui tinent of the reecot heavy lo   of   good 1 1127 000 by lire of W  W Pieraon    Ir   after which they will return to     l r  1  L B ir at Mtm    Rev  M  L  Dyer  paaior of the     there they visited ih     xravc of Ford   the celebrated de pi rado wbo was  killed and buried there in  The Teachera  Institute open Mon      Several weat from  the campmeetiag at  urday and Sunday    Robert Thomasoa paased throuvh   this M Ctioii Sunday OB runt  tO   Axalea to spend a weak with bis  brotkar  Kd TboouMoa    Herman and Raymond Boucher     daynoraiag with a large auaber 1  I            T Kl  ert Wilaon    Oscar Thomsson and family spent     Bro  Coward who  with hia  wife  were so univcr  a lv loved by  the people of Sturgix  but for the  past nine monthaao efllieled from an  attack of blood poiaon  as to have  been near dc iib for iiio t of the titiic   T ie thou htfulncait of Hro  l yer in  holpiug a nan ao worthy will not be  iorgottea by the people where ever  he is known  for which he already  haa bis reward  aa thirty souU have  ibccn brought to Chriat dariag the  time    BoAKD or StBWAmDa    The Ho ird of Stowardn of the M   K  cburoh at Stugia met laat week     tlicir Hplciiclid hotiie on  NVashiogton  a e   to remain permanently    G  B  Simpaon and party of  friends weat to  Provideaaa fair last  week IB hia flnc auto   Two negroes had a shoot ine at thel  lihatt Saturday night from which one  may die aad tha other it ia awamp   s buit ap stnmp a boa aad Boa eonie    at a buH    Mcasrit  J  I   licdgca  Fred Al   lowav  C  B  Rina and little sdh  O   C   Juirey  A  L   Irady   1 W   Kaulina  Wm  WilliamK  Dan Bishop       present    Manager of Mines  W  H  Cun   aiBKham  it back from a protracted  visit to hia home ia Marylaad    NAblSUHiAL UtMOCKAliC CALL   The whole conitnittce ot the Py   cuabuig and Frances preciacis are  i   uetted to meet at Caldwell Spriags  at 2 o clock Saturday Sept  4  V m   to nomiaate aaadidatet for taid pre   cinots    0  BoAZ  Chairaaa   W  O  WiOKn      Saturday night and Sunday with  falker a famiU      bia     I     STARR      Oh  but we need rain  rain   Tot iicco will soon be ready to cut      Frayer mcetiiiir every Saturday  night and bunday school every Sua   day evening    Miaaes Eva aad Aaaia Taylor will  leave for Mitaoari ia a few day    Apple and peach cutting  i   the  order of the day iu this sc  tioo    Several trom this place attended  the aaaocutlaa at Bmb last waak    C oiiie on  yc WaahlBgtOB paopU   we ahall be glad to aee you      There ara maay imitatioa of De   Witt s Carbolioed W ith Hazel Salvt   MeWitt i 18 the original  He sure  you get DeWitt a Carboliied Witch  Haial Salyt vhaa yo  aak far it  Il  it gatd for aata  barnti and bruiset   and is especially good for   ileit  Sold by all druggi to  Sept 1     chool Tablets     PEIMCiLS  PENS  iNK    LUIMCH BOXES  SCHOOL BAGS  COLOR CRAYONS   SUPPLiCS  CUPS   ETC      Fobs      Uxatift fir  W     9m     IW  ii   wmi f iii ri At   pt 9 1      Av  pdl  tftkik ttc   ftr     4K9 v i    t HO V     M N r tiM     mENBNES   swndiiHURBS                K    w j M  7 s fW t  f       It a      iff    M M tw   Vv    k   Tf  tk iVf        l f J 4         MMr       1     At     NEW SALCI      r         if    Jvcs    i  wir     AT      y M     r   w v  M W        AT t  a X  tifc         ar MM fW    a       tva                    t r  s Or  II  Ravdin  v       vei    m        Ii Ik V          K            a c jiMM   a a M   n             V       r          4k l      vw     Ta lor     MarkMi   Kentuck               11      i     i       m              v   a k Xc  m        Efi Eir  IN  um       Kevil k Co      fuVir    tTi t         V       a               7     BelieTvig that the people of  I bekitcrated in the organittlln   Citizens  National   Life  Insurance  G mpany   tku thtej WANT tuch a compaBy    I a company bf      fer  tbe   to date Tbe work of gttting  MoMUy  JuIt 26   4a4          1          i J          c   9                         ri       rt   O     a                      F  W  NUNN      I     I        yy                   f     Si       I         s             rirst ueek Aujust 2   106 960 00   Total Second ucck  u ust 9    200 240 00   UU  THird ueek   ugu   9    345 000 00   Total f Mfth ueek  August 23    469 460 00   ir  0l ARC nTCRCSTCD  FlU OIT  i D NUIL THIS COtPO       7   to      tr         IT         Nat  v  l L  iT i ssi  Eance      

The Louisville examiner: 1850-01-01

24 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Louisville, Ky., Kentucky by Paul Seymour
   Jefferson County (The Bluegrass Region)