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date (1892-04-28) newspaper_issue 


iek horse II 

::i t l.ehln 1 -a 

Madisonville, Ky. 

Capita! Stock, - - - $50,000. 

!'^ ,'"i »" , .ln.Vj"'J*i»Mii.« Sund.y u-l.oii .. 

u..»:r.ilr.palt' I (Radii, act, 

••at .. r .lb*  'T M « i v, ill, 

nthcV tile I ..txipod ou" 


•• • J««»l   »..« LI. al 

drv rattle from mi II, r. .at. " nt a few friendly Indians, who were worn oat 'u tht t almost perpetual run 

••■(oycrting! I hear™ u voice auv. '..all a* the beat of terms with thc whites, day and night ' .r forty miles, lie 

—i . — .1 ..„.:„;„., which feelings on the purl of lli. ir niyht, 

'*P «4 TM alarm 

•I, atraii 
II If It would a I moat tear my 

win lit. »«ri. mo .a head from lay shoulders, '.ted. green, 
l mm taau-M-r. while iS ,„ n | K . r | llJN t ( (In-.luil U-foro my .•yen. 

tnrf tnttl'— Involuntarily 1 sot my chin har-L con- 

a-..t |. ..'.»•.••! ■■■■ - -.. Ir-ictm r «:i • muscles until the l.m.-r 
itiftta B»Ve woes to re- jaw was llxe.1 and c Blend ad. I Ml 
something slip on my neck as l did 
jn»iT n mi »•"" this, and thu .train came aim.. I en- 
un.l mush made ol com tirely on my chl:i. Hack of mv head.- 

; u % 

.■clings arr phi 
my memory plainly, 
that they were oapei 



JANUARY i, 1892. 

ASSETS 1135,000,000 

Liabilities.4p.ct. 110,000,000 


Tho Oloso Call of a 

alarm was quickly founded 

*I-ho advance, lino of civilization at „Ion? the valley. A (rood force of 

time was the month of Lycoming l„.vj mm hurried up to m .»t »h„ .... 

k, now within the limits of Wil- 03.?.. and to take a 1 

isport At the has.- of the moun- tloa. Hut thuir • 

tl n lived a young friendly Indian needed. \V1|pn the 
n mod 1 loot- pool, .vho mu.1- a fair 

needed. Wlpn the Indiana found that 

siar-liyea re nalned with his Quaker 
frljudi. About two weeki after the 
event. JOsl atded ha ami two of tin- 

Hi eeattcra Hi. benntli • oa Mary 


Pa, Btory of Falta.ul Kite] 

.Hied until It 

■ab'.v of Ih, Indian ..f the V..-..I. Mi nlv there wasasm.,1 " a ' ''ad a.-i.ah, r 

those days, but they had a little pa- vol let of rlUe idiots, and poor .Star-Kyr. ' 'j""' an ,» ,tvo °* ' ho Ham 
paw that was a wonder and a delimit f,.;| dead in hi, track, w.l it word or "'» b,,u w . .... 

then she e 
her wage- 
debts. We 

her to save 

t wore bulging from 
1 my throat was » 

IhlBfl warm, which rushed to my 

Prominently placed in the cenUr of lri |» an ,i wa , . O ffoea1 

a festoon ol r.ll.-s. knives: .1.1 earln.^e ...| llst ,|„.„ ,,„.,,. 

belU la till! amoking-r 11 ..f my friend «fc—.. 

Lawrence, the,.- I, alight walking 

bout, with winch i . connected a .lory wrong" ma 

worth relating. The boot of Iteelf Where s his 

would never attract more than passing hla 
attention, anil that ..nlv I. -cans.. ,.f it. 

Of the worth of the 

with It I will l, t ,.„ 

. to .11 the whiu-a in tho 
incut- Even the f m.le.t in 

Unni: they ever saw with the „,„,„ „„. „. arl , ».o' lloia Ijvllan boy 

T their own children, of ( ur Larini f his while friend, from 

had (froal. bi-. lautriihiK slaughter. 

Iia'f-ro.y checks, a nr.s.. Within an hour after the dastardly 

' " have adored and acl ,.f assignation a doicu bravo sot- 

th. He was th,n. were on the trail of Hie mnr.lcr- 

Stor-Eyrs. «.,», u v0 In number, a* IndicaUd by 

about two years their tracks. The lonif alndca showu 

migrated U  the by the moccasin tracks showed that 
far up tho ' 

with a Uoury linger 
myatury to ine thai 

my nearly 

my life. 

"It waa just after I ha.l flnishe. 
oerone :ii;-ht and iva. altUair be 
Ure with my briar-nut 

fully twenty ra 

haddikapiK ar. il. she hastily look,-,: ..  ,1. stance had been covered, one of : 
abont. called him. ami then hurri-.l .lie men saw a gl. miner of light In a ! 
,...t ..( tha ho n.e to renew the search. I tt e valley some d.staneu ah-nd. It 1 ' 
Hhc ha.1 hanliy pnsia-d the door wh. r. ir«a cvklaal that the ladlana. br"— 

Three year, a^o a friend sent me a 

lpcnt a coon try pnpea\ 1 touted 

iat I'aliic'a ha.l 1 eon arreted in Win- 
 ola for bi;-a::iy and w 

a Ihroii.rh the .kin The ' 

. ...onc.'oi Aan.uinn- 1 wi." M r | o».ii "'Evening, ati-anger/ ho said, 'any 
C»«n ol Atpil. 1 ).,. 1 ).,.,... 'v 11 II a ■lection I .inv .topping a hit and takin' 

■ if hi.hor.e'-. ba.-l  and stalked up to »* »• 

1 hadn't any. I was plail to s.-e 
anyone, lie lie I the horses' h -a I . to- 
gether and fa.'c in d them with a lariat 
to a piu. lly and by Ids eye cau.'ht 
the on tlx- lock of .1 line Winches- 
ter which bcion :ed to me. 

Nice gun, lento 1 yourn,' he re- 
- • to trader' 

n't thought of It.' I « 
taken almck by the 
e pro|Kisition. '"' 

aUMil mo.vere „„ y „ , ri . K,i|.,u, ,1. and ls sid.-s ther.. Eye.! 
finally, the day About!.-,, day. after this episode. i„,„c 1 up sally; ho recognised the 

. , Heel I'.sd nn.l Mu,lia-.Mi.,ua w.-is- slid- 

his groaned as they risjked slowly and 
rhythmically, and the rhythm was uc- 
ccntuatod by their four feet striking 

Ishlng his story, 'wan 

"Vc»i but Haten." They knelt be- |he , t thc 0 h 
side him to catch his word., for ho wa. r^Uin- chair. Her cl.a , 
er idea lly dying. 

■ W hen thc war party returned," he 
sal 1, slowly and painfully, "they knew, 
of course, that Siar Eye. hail betrayed 
them. They bound inc. Mlnnawaqua 
inciter .' lie alwaya apokc In Eag- and my three young children to stakes. 

intending to burn us all. Older In 
"atar-Sye. tan t sc. ." dlans, with one or two chiefs, urged 

True . rough, ho mas totally bli. d, that we knew nothing about the act of 
though ih - b'a;. 1" iron, cvoslookaa' star-Eyea 'n^tho end there was 

Thos. D.Walker, 

Alia. "Old Joker." 
Is sill! la Ik. lo.d wiili tcomplel. nock at 

gfeO es, 1 fostings. 

• OM Joker" ha. marked hi 
That everything it bound to go. 

lajw Cs.M Sai-b. akd PaoriTs SmaI-L, 


to you for the rille 
up, bufll c, .me round all right 
ridln' him bard. Couldn't slop, my pjt 

make the roynd-up 
and ll have to pu .h on now w ith o 
What do you say -la It a go." 

ra,!ii-l| and resting i 
riding the black, 
had been gone over 
„ . decide, of hor .-men cut act 
I should have h -sitate.l. having pull-d up short as they saw no purs oil them, and the „,„„„.,..,, l-.t 1 it mvsolf. «.-..' to go to tho wtth 

black ssiles. bowed a-, how ...e fe'ler IlU . T ,., wreak,.! their and kill Star-Eyes 1 wa, ,,WI» W w 

-•-♦ had rid bun had worn I Mr.,- vonifraIu ., ,,y blinding the iui.ment aee. pl in., term, to .ate Mlnnawaqua 

' and used em. too el.ll.1 and then stealthily returned him and my three little ouca. Vuu Jibow 

I hour lat. r u. started back along T,„. settler , were will with rage the rest." 

on w |,en thev beard of it. Some of them 

rest wt . ri , ,-ager for an expediliou against 

trail, f 

and my late companion bad ridden 
»way, carrying the riUo with him. 
"Tho next moruiug 1 made .111 early 
1 hadn't anything to carry be- 
" ' haversack and my rolls',' 
the black horse got over 
dollglitod my heart. I'm 
_ of a horseman, as you 
know, and pride inyaclf that I know a 
piece of tlesl!' when I »ee It. Well, thc 
than fullilled my expecta- 

Well, we got him, Jll... 
uiem, 'and he's hanging 
near thnr Mei  . trail, lie 
'bout the black 'fore we strung loin up, 
and I «•   y' got him,' pointing 

'ill. »h' : '"a 

hil'rehi'll U 

A letter of thanks t-i her brought a 
long reply Anne was living In a pen- 
Iteniiary town, worksng and waiting 
for Patrick to serve his terra, which 
was nearlng completion. 

His trouble, had made a good man of 

marry her when he 
forgiven hiin and 1 ' 
"1 -that was all. 
And so they t 
re, and she wr 

ls free. She hail 

"No," came faintly from the dying mB 

Indian. "1 might .hoot myaelf. but .„ 

not Star. Eyes There wa, no bullet f „ r 

in n.vt-l'oot's rille 1 deceived them." / 

Suddenly he raised Ilia head, turned llo | 

his already glassy eyes toward thc bri 

of the 

family. Including the mid. her, wore 
about to ma!.,- a journey t.. the city to 
visit their friends, and it c. ; . .u.-rgested twinkling atara. . 
that Minnawanua an 1 li r blind child ward and said: 

should accompany them In order Hint ' There la Star-Eye. now! Do you 
said Jim, who was tho man Ih.- lattar s eves might be examined by see hlni? lie la beckoning to me. I 
clihat, 'and we como »ear an oculist and treated If there was any must go to him!" 

bad mistake.'" -fcVancIa prospect o» re storing the sight. Then his head fell hack, hie hand 

illiains. In Hetroit Free It was a t.ilinn, Journey in those dropped he wa. with hla boy. -Pull- 
ilav: on liorsebaeh all tae nay to II. tt 

..... ,1. IA ...ImlCr.. ...... 

adelphia l'im 


leVii«7be»\lic^ the 1. a eminent .s.-ulist Examination show, 

aside riblj 


alway. a burden-bearer. 

Scarcely a word wa. .aid by him 
from hi. tint greeting until lio aald 
good night, yet somehow hla wooing 
progrvaaod an 1 prospered ' 
they  vpq» tairotlicr to tin 

chufedv i worn.— mat -mat was sweet agon." 

Tbua uneventfully enough their ' She Bent me a photograph of horaelf 
courtakip ran on for more than a year, and husband, bravo in bridal finery, 
whoa one day Anne told me that she They stand hand in hand and look: aa 
waajfolng to leave me because she was ■ »tl« and awkward ns only brklal 
to be married. couples cun look in a picture. With n 

I rcmonatrated, urging her extreme bit of sentiment that has a touch ol 
youth, out she wa. "mosWoizhteei],' pathos in 1! Anne wears her old -,v«l- 
sho said, and Patrick I10B ulreialy ding gown. It is short in the skirt and 
rented two beautiful rooms and had cruelly tight in t'.... vvaiat aud slicves - 
nibbed them for her. and he was for the Anne of to,luy is no seventeoa- 
king money at his trade. So 1 said year-old girt. 

more but helped her in her plans ' Hoth her face and Patrick's ahow 

ml... 1 hey 'were marrled-Jnst n t them last. The corn-colored mustache 
iday time— and a proud and happy which was Pat-iek s glory had diaa( - 
1c was Mra. Patrick, possessed of poured, and his head la too closely 
1 co.y little rooms, with a stove, cropped for beaaty, but there ls an 
chalra, an alarm clock, a bed, a earnest cxnre- .ion on his face which I 
like, and wit ch promises better things, 
for poor, faith.*..; Anne, And k bollevo 
that she will . be havpy. for such eo»- 
atancy must touch Pat. i.-K's heart 

There Is nothing that heals a broken 
heart like time, uulcs.. It lie a Josl 
lover, come back penitent and tender 
and true, and n 
had both.-Ma. 

Cur., .'uano* baa aged eonsiderabh hnhling d...e to th with th- lids ...uence of love Bever weariea. 

... tl. - :.. tf.-.vv.-..r.but he i. -.till.... »t* u very ho, object, pn.bnblv p ,.!, v  „, lt „ m pr ,„ )f . 

.f the in id distin ruish-d en-.. a red-hot iron .r a supcr-h-ated . , . . ... u„. heart of love to 

in t'i-s-,.t-. II- ha. a tall. stra. ' . st,,,,-. It v.-.,-. not the Ur-l ease known * e ^. t , |U' hieak 

™ E SSW»Jtt csbntraT. ; and! I* 


the most re; 
the senate 

idhil"r'e .t towpair tl 

u could nceompli h w 

ch'1.1 to distinguish 1-cU.een ligli' and 
|„U shad.'. Ho coul.l dl.tngui..h |K-rsoiis 
. o( only ly Iholr valces. 

I Ten years pauM I an I the line of act- 
1 tlem -nt re .ehed further up th- vaHoy. 




 -V V 1 . . 1 . 


w £iS?B2Kg" x j^jjStl* t.? a,.. 


sii U|V« FlrH Si . Evuxlll.. In 1 


Brick-layer and Stone-mason, 

Ail order, receive prompi aiieatiou, and 

known on earth. 

LOTB does not boast of the battlea it 
has fought, nor scratch its scars to make 

Lovk n 

r keeps her neat and says 

The ,:nd 11. family moved a dc?.en 
miles abnv.s to tlio month of Pine LovK 

i-re-l:. and ricctfoot. v.-ltli three ehil from a purse full of gold coins to 

dieii in alditiuli \o the nearly blind! p„t in the collection basket. 

hoy terinined to move westward Till: love that ls right Itself will nol 

spend much of Its time In l.s.klng foi wa. getting on. and I noticed 
that tli^waa growing^thin and white, 

"once" qucatloncd her a little. Was 
.he well? 

"Oh, ye., well, only tired: not ao 
-Biry tired, juat some tired" 

"Waa Patrick good to her?" 

"Oh,j- cua"— lut she must be going 

ae« rae about Anne. Patrick, ,he told 
and Anne "an 

cunsiiues man, ami ioiu uer 

both.-Marle More Marsh. 
Chicago Graphic. 

-Askitt-"tVh:at, In your 
thc moat indispensable qi -' ! 
a poet'."' Nowitt— "*- 
fortune. "- N. Y. Sun. 


PAr.tHKW*iii pronounces hi. name 

Tbk grand dnke sf Kailen is a great 
fancier of carrier pigeo:in. 1*^ has de- 
voted much time in raising and training 

Kkv. Mil MoXkii.i.. the Scotch Moody, 
is said bv the London papers to havo 
IMtMXMla year to c«o to 


V ears. 1 heard a swish llboye my Ails , v 

InsUnt felt myself bu , 
s.- s back bv ' ... 

1 h.mdr-d lights danced 

, before my eyes and the black horse 
' ! ^ - y :Til«X£. TUB tru.y .„ 

It I- .veil f. 

t' thing I reuienio-r \.as 

m fond- forty miles away. 
V like a It wa .n sad - 

» .v.thnlllhe - 

lo pra ■ )i.,| ,. ores. I, 

iiHCpologl/.e n„m the Iva 

rnak , atbi eat jkflR 

,i eonversa fr....i. i of fourl.-.-i 
' .'•*.••••', 

t-tpal issams of their 
supply aud de y.i..l- r f..a. Iv and in the 1,.. 1 hold , the . ity of New York 

puny, of Philadelphia, the Res! Star ajad -Oh. no; she wouldn't hear when we 
American line, of -t.-ftuieis will make ..h d to Ull he, an' now she w.m't ,„ 
oni-sin -l ied n fine exhibit in the trans| orta, ' talk noao Mas, Why. I was " '*" ,|„n builvrtng. The, will ahow, he- there to dinner onct. an' Patrick kc T^" 

, tueea, aa artoa: . evwc la dmadi. aa' when he went out ',, 
And and • x:- t repr.sluction of the prln- 1 aaya. I'alrlcli. he'. t.r«tty drujak, ain't ™ , 


■n mm 

BEE PUBLISHING COMPANY. o( lh( . rouol  mrrl nt „ 
THOS N. BLACK W R PRATT, purpose ol paining the n  

THt lKSDAY AI'KIL »8, 1891 
.Y..r^iri iljrio..KsDC. 

pose the coming man will be a Democrat. 

bat partv no* has a majority in the 
board Our choice would be some good 


1 •■■ •» only wbin anaMcd lor by »l  


legrily ii in every way unquestionable, 
man who cannot conduct hi. personal a 
fairs properly and successfully ou K bt n, 
aspire lo so i 

asible. if not a Republi 
and a good one. let it ba a Democrat 
of rn unimpeachable character. 


an : ,r  . Professor Banaen is a special- 
ist in ._nj;ii..ges. Tbe classes in French 
and Gorman, and cvtn Latin. 1 -e taught by 
the inductive plan, that is, they learn the 
language by using it The 
forms us that thousands of people in the 
great cities, of all ages and callings, art ne w 
by this system, 

., a, i, ,, persued 

to converse from the first day in tbe new 
idiom, just like a child starts with a limited 
vocabulary, learning words and inflections 
as they are used in tbe conversation. 
Professor Bansen has a class of about 


There are many possibilities and prob 


j Many favored sons, pressed forward by 
With Ibis issue, The Bin lakes a^aww ' lnejr coos ,i tuenlt ana admirers rise to the 

meet with tbe approval of its patrons. I after having their 
Tbe past two years and a half Th« Bit P ubli c «"«" mlo oblivion 

Its changes of form is due to the natural 
course of events. New and additional 
preis facilities enables it to appear as il 
does this week enlarged 

Its change, politically, from Independent 
to Republican, is due also lo the same 
natural course of events As strongly as 
it has always in time past adhered to its 
independence politically, it will now up- 
bold Republican principles and advance to 
its utmost ability tbe doctrine as tangbl 
by the Republican Party. 

Tbe moral tone of this paper will re- 

ish the visitor, by there 
1 they converse with him in Ger 

te method is used in French and 

sen, and let us say right here that the study 
of German is fast, from an ornament, be- 
coming a necessity for every person Who 
wishes lo be well equipped for any of the 

I want to tell you that the 
volume of goods that daily 
goes out of 


Stepping in the beginning Latin classes, 
others through various machinations and we are astonished to hear the scholars read 
intrigues Thus are some of our states- Ci-sar. and the professor explained to us 
men brought into closer contact with the that Ibey are the so called suductive 

people al large method here the student is indeed lo see store, speaks III IIO uncertain 

Tbe present stains is peculiarly interest- for himself and to find oat all the peculat- 
ing, this being the eve of conventions ties of the language, and after each lesson terms of where the best good:' 
Democracy is in a predicament. the newly discovered facts are, put together 

iu its ranks, in some in form of a giammer lesson Language 
ihe electoral votes ol study in this form is indeed not tbe toil- 
some labor it used to be in our days, it has 
the fascination of discai*ary and creates a 

Mi, X bj 

id Hiil 

party He has, however, been most bit- 
ter!, antagonized by Hill, bis most formid- 
able opponent, who commands through 
that corrupt and powerful organization— 
Tammany-rbe delegation from New York, 
wbicb it must be acknowledged is a potent 
factor in securing the no 
man's unsavory record is 

sire in the student to^ft more and n 
: Ihe veil which cover* the nnknovtn 
,or,ob«rva„on induced g fully 

for the least money arc to be 

The old adage that "water 
will seek its level," is no more 
a true saying than it is that 
people with cash will go where 
they can find good, reliabli 

The 8T. BERNARD DRUG STORE Competition 




Patent Medicines and Perfumery, 


Hair, Tooth, and Paint Brushes, 
t^irct^ and Oil». 



Out of Sight! 

We Distance ALL in the Race for 
cellence of Goods. 

Read About Some of the Good Things We Offer: 

First-Class Turn-Outs at Reasonable Rales. 8 


M-MY KIGS AKE THE HI ST IN rHE CITV -ttl traveling men 
Stable «nd Office on MAIN ST , near Depot * ISAAC DAVIS. 

Tbe Nor.ual Training Ccpari 
ame implies, is designed especially for the goods the cheapest 
ng of teacher.. 

tribute its share toward supplying that 

This issue is herewith submitted to its 
readers to draw from their own con- 
clusions, giving credit where credit is due 

Hte| I 

Waltm R Pbatt, 

stomary, I believe, to have 

e myself to few words 

ing voted fcr Blaine, will be shelved (i.) A 
Campbell retains Ihe sting of defeat from ; methods 
the recent gubernatorial campaign in his (j.) 0 
own State. Carlisle \n geo«;-.apfiically unlit these b 
and Palmer an impossibility. The nearer teacher. 

Gor- the teaching of teachers how to teach The 
«ork as here conducted, consists of 

theoretical study of principles and 

□ al , 

editor of T*« Urn, I take gaeat pleas 
in announcing to the public that I shall 
uphold tbe principles of the Republican 
Party, because I deem them to be tue best 
interests ol the country 

I shall at all times favor the perpetua- 
tion of right ; the open condemnation of 

With the much needed assistance of 
the senior editor I shall endeavor to 
present to the people every Thursday, 
the columns of this paper, a succinct t 

Thanking my friends for former 

Editor Dana, of the New York Sun, 
says the Democracy is confused and bedev- 
iled by Grover Cleveland and tbe Mug- 
wump Republicans. It is not his enemy, 
Ckmeland but his friend, David B. (Pres- 
idential B ) Hill, that is bedeviling the 

cago. in 

Or one of tbe misguided souls who ar  
tramping from the State of Oregon to Cbi 
Illinois, it can be truly saidV i: 

JIB. H. is pushing a wheel barrov, 

containing the camping outfit of tbe whol. 
parly, and is keeping pace with the others 
who unlike their wheel barrow companion 
arc traveling empty handed 

vision of the training teacher. 

From the necessities of the case, this in- 
volves the most careful preparalion on the 
part of those preparing to teach, and re- 
quires a most thorougl 
subjects to be taught. 

Besides the merubei 
class, this department consists of a model 
or practice school and a kindergai 
model school 
numbers it has 

We make no great, big blow, 
because our store is not filled 
with wind. 

It is filled with the desira 
ble goods of this life— Goods 
that will make you feel better, 
do better and look better. 



JV1«ji-t« .t   W.| », \ y. 


And everything -Ise known to the trade, 
physicuin* prescriptions tarrjullu ilompounhrb 




In Patterns exclusively 
Our Own. 

and when united, the Kepubli- 
suffer defeat. Two important 
ent themselves The "tariff" 
and • fr«e coinage of silver. " 
They are vital. Th. Ki 

It upholds the gi 

lection, and declares in favor of the present and at the opening of the present term was 

monetary system, with judicious modifies- removed to Chapel Hall, where class rooms We admit, don't make the 

^" «y»»° w «»»« 'heMcKinley schoolrooms in this part of the cout, , , ,. 

ipidly growing into public favor; Kvsry teacher in Western Kentucky ought W nssi»n«"j» 

to visit this room. To note the ease with tasty garments, such as you 1 1 4 

which the discipline of the room is main- ' _Lj 

tained wii' well repay a visit, not lo speak can always find at our store, 


admit, don't make the 
or woman, but everybody 


T 1 . F»li_*«ic to Buy Wii^l^t, 
The Grit t^ iS _-ll Wi^l .t, 

The Sand t    U » Kiulit 

Bedford Cords, 
Glorias, Etc. 

:@:@:®:®:®:@ :®:® : 

— ■ WE HAVE 

Cotton Fabrics, 

Shautong Pongee 

Cotton Bedfords, 

And m ■••utifol Mm of 

~ SCOTCH aid FUaCH- 
Sopljyr  Bingt,ams. 

A. (i.KKl Drew 
Eft-lie* Id eat IOt  
1  cj: i- pair. 


time, and Alger is practically out of 

A Visit to One of Hopkins County'! 

if learning of which Kentucky 
I visit to this institution and 
ion of its system of training 

hen be came here to look over Ihe pros 
peels. Among other things that he said h 
I do, was to bring with him 

and experience as well as social qualities 
he has fully kept bis word 

objective work is made the basis of ail are a great auxiliary. 
53 ^JSJ^^Z And now. while The Bee I 
ofcnUd-mind a^ i'jdataUpQitint «r»fcept and a n nature are donning 
their new 



They Fit Well, Wear well, and are made on the 

ted to the needs of each 

individual child. 

A short tall- with President Stoaks 
brought out the fact very plainly that the 
school must soon have more room Nest 


Opposite Court Hobsp, 

Madisonville, Kentucky, 

anwealth. Let' 

._. for Catarrh, Diphtheria, Canker 
mouth and Headache With each^ bottle 

of the community r^j^^jX^-^ 
pending upon nothing but hard wo.k and Sold bv St Bernard drug store, Earling- 
ability of bis faculty lo carry out Ins I too, and Geo King. St Charles. Ky 

promises be has from the first day ear- -■ . ■ 

• even hi, most confident friends. , »—  £» * *™* " «*•»■ s 

. , . , , , , , livery stable lo gel prices His 

school started with nearly a I 

d enlarging the building and grounds During these pretty days, you 
buiidingsTt^an'fiV" Schools rarely don't want to get behind the 
^"re^Tcan dWeT.t^adh a^ThiT ! P rcccsJlion . but fall right into 
msure that with good buildings ican i me an( j march right into our 

Ihe school pay running expenses. I 
However, let me say that no one should ad. Store, where yOU Can get the 

'^I^^^^^ImJ!! 1 !*^ 0 ^ choicest of everything at prices 
Z^tZ frViSrS *.t cannot and will not be 
oney making institutions." met by any other 

Let the people 1* earnest in this matter j ' ' 

and it will soon be seen what can be done in 
ihe way of building up an institution 

Ihy of our praise ^n. that will be a £]RY ♦ BQDDS 



"O. PC." 


Kid Button Shoe, in "Opera" and "Common Sense" 
Warranted Solid throughout, at Si .00, 

House in the County. 

"NrVe have Oentlenien»' 

MNftbb LftTeST STYte 

Twbmty years ago a 

students. All tbe department 
Elocution has recently been 
whon/are paid out of tbe pre 
Professor Hanson Boring u 

very stable to get 
Best work and low prices at this office 

i reputation as a teacher and coll 
Ite. and of sor add to the school much infli 
re have yet tbe first 

ig tbe students and having large 

tf You can't feel well if the blood is not 

lhe right Try Lightning Blood Elixir It is 

»" °f an herbal compound, and acts directly on 

f tbe tbe blood and glanular system. Il beats 

Thomas' Oilbam, Morrntown. O , says: 
» n ,o : -My daughter was delicate after having 
cent the measles. Two bottle, of Lightning 
wide Blood Elixir improved her health so much 

» at work The Frank 
e lin Literary Society, consisting of mem- 
at the same time it beautifies the newly bersor the school, has a membership of 
made portions of Ihe cily I here these im- over forty in number, 
provemenlt are being made In such an ex- The faculty al present consists of Profes- 
teat that the profits of the one about son Charles E Stoaks, K H Bansen. H 
balance the expenditures of the other J E. brooks ud H. Boring. Miss Eli/a 

This is beyond question tbe m 
cessful Cough Medicine we have ev 
a few doses invariably cure the wor 
of Coush. Croup and Bronc 

tbe development of the great iron 
thoughout the United States, this sta 
taring its due proportion Much n 
in consequence, has been kept out 
nt ol those ei 

■ were shown lo the president's office 
d from there we accompanied him to his 
citation room Here we heard what might 

ioc, 50c and ft. If your luags are sere, 
chest or back lame, use Shiloh's Porous 
Plaster Sold by St Bernard drug store, 
Earlington, and Geo King, St. Charles, Ky 

March winds bring colds, coughs, sore 
throat, hoarseness and bronchial troubles 
All druggist, guarantee Lightning Cough 
Drops^o cure all these ailments, and Rev 

If you will call and see us 
when you need a Hat, a Pair 
of Shoes, a Suit of clothes, I 
some Dress Goods, or Dress 
Trimmings, or anything in the 
Dry Goods, or Notion line, 

we will convince you that we fj 90 ffl ^ 



can furnish you. suit you, fit 
you, and send you away smil 
ing, with the satisfaction of 
knowing that 'you have the 
best bargain of your life. 


McLeod I DUIifl. 



ml* 0 







■ . 

In Patent Calf, Cordovan, 





r 1 

n o  




properly applied, is perfect and has no good 

• le. The Gregg Electric 
Im are the only ones it 

Big luducements to Good Agents, 

| SiiniDier Coat and lest? 

Also a Big Line of — 1 

White Vests and Summer Trouser 

We call them Tailor-Made, for they fit and weaicC 
as well as any tailor-made goods. 

SUIT! sot rtiirsan III 

nt.r-Oce.u Buildup tnilng"! 

BlStiOF & 


"Bl) Dnbustrii nx tTbrinc." 

H U Stewart, James L Bo 
] lYrc  r.innili K hain. ) K Mct;ri-v 
irv l rrv,n.ii! | II S-.tnhartt 1-hr 1 

' -ami 

PWariaon. M P 
• R LonR. Kobrri 
ShacMford. S 
linr*rt V Fi.k. T II 11; 
Redding. 0 A I'ritrhett. 
Pillmoii. Owen Niibrt. 7. T Crai K . R«l , 
LaSoon. H A Niibat J D Sory. W H 
Coleman, C M Niabet, John Armslr 
B L Adams 7. T Buchanan. Ike Newr 
R T Rauas. W K J F Steven 
S Burcbfield. C F Cavanagn. G W Nil 
Walter Bourlaod, Jim William., Eu 
Stevens. Henry Murphy. «Cy bcoii. J, 

lownSn'jX J M Shar. 
nin K h.-,m Ri 

I Long, ] F K 


business Uriefs. 

II '. ( . ,M  Lro l handles 
old reliable bra nds "J' /four 
and every barrel gukiran- 

Blended Java Coffee at 
Hannkk & Fl'.;ate's. 

Give your stock a dose of 
Gardiner & Holeman's Con- 
y. jim Bourtan'd iienry  riuheti. dition Powders occasionally, 
and they will always be in | 
good order. 

If you want a good surrey, 
buggy, spring wagon or road 
'. cart cheap, call on Madison- 
ville Saddlery Co., next door 
to Oldham's grocery, Madi- 
sonville, Ky. 

Best $ i. oo spectacles in the 
world at 

W. C. Hoi.linckk's. 
 u UfPtt CUU i i.n 

E M Manner, Wm Pritctaetl 

Ed Oaburn ia in F 
Dr T. W 

Esquire Key. of Webo, wai in town last 


ity Sati 

ill,- Cab' fe. Jf 


We don't mean to intimate that they are 
offensively loud and glaring, that I hay are 

SS t T 1 -  I   K M EC N T. 



and it's the right kind of 
happens to be made i 

The shoe that is handsomer has yet to be 
made, the shoe that i« better can't be made 
■nd the shoetha*t costs less wouldn't be 
worth buying at any price They are aa 
much of a luaury for the pocket l ook as 
they are for the feet It doesn I give us a bit 

he wearer, for when an 
Iwear can he offered for 
be about time to look for thfc m 

iter in 



Mfchaei I.Lg. oi 
RntMvDU several . 

insi .ners n-w nnr. havn Iwen put down! 
'Squire Head has had the contract and has 
dona satisfactory w,.rk in every instance 

Soda Water of unsurpassed 
excellence drawn from a new 
and costly fountain, at Gardi- 
ner & Holeman's, Madison- 
villi-, Ky. 

A fire company should !*• organiwd and 

wn.-r Let it lie dune and done quickly, 
he disastrous dree of last year in the 
 wn should seivj as a warning The cost 
I such as compared with good to 1* done 
; nothing 

White lead, oil, varnishes, 
olors and brushes, all strictly 
irst-class, and offered very 
»w at Gardiner & Holeman's, 
ffadisonviUe, Ky. 

miversary of Oc 
was celebrated la 

As I am only in the watch 
and jewelry business, I can 
and will give watch repairing 
prompt attention. Satisfac- 

Good seasons and abundant crops havi 
placed the farmers of Hopkins County in - 
comfortable condition \\Y tl.ul t, 

note the easv financial poMlion and ll i 
gradual advancement of ^onr fanners 

sid.-s l.ving lilli rs of the s.„l ^ Tin ^ slionl,: 

progress ol the county. The farmers ar  

II. to begin Septemlier aSth and 

ttm of this exhibition is laiijcly 
the disposition and en- 
*n by those engaged in 

be enlisted and sufficient enthusiasm fhowo 

' '"weTnpT our" rural "dlia "ns'will Income 
inte.-eated— exhibit their fine slock, poultry, 
products of the field and anything 
that will tie a source of interest and amtise- 

1 he in^kgrrunni promises something 
novel The fair this year will not he a 
monotonous repetition ol former exhibi- 
lions, but ;. County show worthy of patron- 

"S he premium list has been increasd fifty 
is in the prop- 

has tK-rn inaugurated Do not fail tt 
lend your County Fair Show you 
mnlv pride by being present Kemerr 
-'— »S, 29. 30 an 

Wegner's Patent Buggy 
Jack and Oiler for sal'- at Mad- 
isonville Saddlery Co., next 
door to Oldham's grocery, 
Madisonville, Ky. 

p by the He, I. Medicine Co , Weston, 
a I was suffering from kidney and 
ry trouble, the physicians said they 
do nothing more for me I look 
mdahalf bottles ol Lightning Kidney 
-iver Kemcdy and am perfectly well." 
■|e by all druggists 


Parlies desiring paint would 
do well to call on Gardiner & 
Holeman, Madisonville. They 
have a complete stock and 
will quote you the lowest 


I Cran.l K'Ton. III.IIIMI, ivirupr. . u - 

niue and the Gray," by K. J. Harndon 
a— Serande. "Pleasent liream." by V S. 

"T-Lovy Polka, by J. Levy. 
4--Oancing in the Barn." by Belger. 


a home look 
lan finely car- 
thc way. have 

xtensive line 
nt call at your 

,-ou them, 
& Co., Center 
c. Ky. 

i Unit If. a 
sure you 

xldlery and, 

tr." Yes, but it 
 ur trade. We 
nil best stock in 

i. V. VANN..V. 

every descrip- 
:tom prices, at 
■addlery Co.. 
'Jham's, Madi- 

Oculistsand- Opticians, 





Tr nt all Dise.w of the Eye. Perfoim 
Operations, Insert Artificial Eyes, Etc 
Eyes Carefully Tested and the Best Quality 
of Gold, Silver and Steel, Flint Glass and 


W» have one of the Finest Test Cases in 
America, aud can Overcome any Ilifliculty 

r Open-Air concert, next 

have an elegant pair 

 L. H. PAGE,  

Contractor and Builder, 


cUy' 1 '* The Mad r r,onvdie laundry d.»', yV.',,,'" ,' ,', ,."'„: . 'iV^&'wtch^S 
woodwork. It is an infant industry, the trains and tra.k at ciitical aaata. 
«uecesa of which de^nds largely upon lo o,„ y„nn K tr.Mul )ahn Malwaey, eetaeover o» . 

largely upon I 

1 cal patronage and gr««l will If you wou 
have our town couched and insure the 
prcsperity  * t »r w wking men and bocne 
#nlcrpri»e», support and patronize lorn 

Me Lend ran ,v 
one  ntieJe—pu, 


at prices lower than ever before They u 
, the best system in the world for testing t 
, eyam and as one e e is often stronger th 
ihe other they bring the weak eye up to 
level with the best one. which is of gn 

Ml tb» Christian Church last Sunday, while 

»ro I. T Cherry exhorted his 

,.ign at lha Methodist Church. 

•The followi 
lb«iiiflerent 5. 

Pn»t.ylarjan Methodist .79. Cumber- 
land Prcbyterian 82, Baptist 109. Chris- 
tian 141. 

Bishop F. U. Dudley, of the Episcopal 
Church, will preach at the Methodist 
Church, on Monday evening, May id 
Dudley 4. ower , of Henderso 

II I..M SllNl.l.,) .11.1 l,li.ll K l|l l| 

tbiaiuuuU) il ill siivci HuuU, 11 ^ 

fflt 1I.IIIIS nt ft., t  t J!s C... Il 'mi- .'i 

Coiih Iius Vamli-lbilt, W. K. VanJrrl 
Hiiiiiniitlon, .1 lit-- M-4I.1HK 1 .tin 

■ if I v 'if ' 1 M- "'I' 1 " ■ 1 '"■ 

1 n\ Ii..- n,-i known ' - 

Vannoy's big stock. At this 
itlar store can also be found :\ 
g line of Carpets, Oil Cloths. 
Call anil see these n » ils 

Ilanner ti Fugate for cfoap 

Beware of imitation Plow 
Points and other extras for 
the "Oliver Chilled Plow. 
The "genuine" poiuts and 
other repairs are for sale only 
by J. B. Harv) v, 

Madisonville, Ky. 

PfGood Work Guaranteed. 
Write for Terms. 

j W . 1— I. Miinh-e, 




It has just come to our ears | 
that certain parties in town 
handling Eastern Puggies are f 
stating ^o our customers that | 
the work we claim as our own 
is nothing more than they 
handle. We want it distinct- 
ly understood that every word j 
of it is false, j We will give ] 
♦500 to any one that will find 1 
a jolt put up by us that is not j 


Clear Through 

from the trimming clear down j 
to the wood -work. We do j 
handle a few Eastern Jobs, j 
but always buy and seii them I 
ready finished, and always f 
sell them as that class of work, I 
and never as our own make, f 
Our customers may go through 
our shop an4 see ihe work j 
from begining to ending, and 
judge for themselves, and see 
who has lied. 

We make Buggies, Surreys j 
and everything needed by the 
public. Cottie and see for j 

Patterson & Riggiii, j 

At Old Shop Carriage Shop, j 
Suothof Court House. 

XV. £5. R  8c Son, 

»Dnlgs and Patent MeteK,^ 


Main and Center Streets, . . . MADISONVILLE, RY. 

if! DR. JUDD'Sis 

Electric IBelt ! 

My Electric Hells 

are the lightest, staples., i 
:ity than any other Supers 

Offered for any Machine that 

wnx no as great range or work 


Vertical Feed Sewing Machine 

"^onlyT^^ 0 ' 


vjhc Visitors: Miss Emma Porffbf Cov- j ^J^™" ^u^IJSH fijoliw TOiiJ'roiJ 

Biiainbam. Ala . is visiting her Mtor , thar. . '^-"^Jj ll 3»;f .ff '"«,£!' ' h .T 
jMn. J . N I Taliaferro, Mrs Sir! Glenn ^^ ti™ T,i,'. .« V.", . 1.1m ^ i . 
TmX Wisi Mary An lers„n, of Springfield. Z",*^^ ."Lic'tun .Sen, . .„-».  •■ ■ - ... 
,T«in . are visiting the family of Mrs. ^) 1 - 

5 That Mrs. Nannie Morton has the 

, est Millinery ever brought to this 
city. See before buying. We take 
| pleasure in showing. 

Mks. Nannie Morton. 
1 Madisonville, Ky. 

[ Ladies, before you purchase 
I "that new spring dress" in 
spect our stock of serges, Hen 
riettas, crepons, chevious, al 
batross, mulls, zephyr ging 
hams, silks and many others, 
with trimmings to match. J. 
T. Alexander & Co., Center 
st. Madisonville, Ky. 

II ;. a. MoLeod's line of 
toj&W, articles, ptffu-merfi, 
tailiv.s pocket -ttooks unit, euinli.s a lift brushes 

it unexeeUed. 

Dry Goods, Notions, Clothing, novel rit-.s is i;i.\ss ani   ji i-.ksswa 

Boots, Shoes — everything that a an» kvbrythino in season in  .i 

family uses tonnd at Mrs. Morton's. cfeK " is 

Agents for Butterick's Patterns . _ " 

We reeve each month new fash PAUL M. MOORE, 

If you want a neat jam-up 
harness or leather-tree saddle. 
Madisonville Saddlery Co. is 
the place to get it. Stand- 
next door to Oldham's grocery, 
Madisonville, Ky. 

The choicest; products of 
American and French pcr- 
iumefs, high-class soaps, the 
finest complexion powders, 
and a complete stock of nil 
other toilet goods, at Gardiner 
& Holeman's. 

tabler'sph c 







Has led all Worm Remedies. 


bold KVi:iiYwni:iiK. 

known for IS years as the BE8T 

1 l .',„ , |,i if i.i.hI.'i oi sk. lrli ol invention, 1 

' Bc^'and atlcntlon iV'«p run'™r«Re^ To"'™™!!." 

.'m,s ,,m.|'mi , fulV, ......... ,i.„ .,( .,pplir:il,i.,ts K f. 

|. ni l,, tn, I f.i, ^.iu,,u ,.. .11 I..,.,,,, s. eny-uslt 

^Ma^ AT*. andjMlMijra MtaalU 


nd fa 

B/aoson. ol a 
k»ca.|arr7ed § lewrldays witb Miss abw 

^^t, rte na^—j^ Ha«aj „ 

If you want the hest photo 
you ever had made try Hard- 
man, Madisonville. 



Jf rientihr Jtmerifan 



s the War Eilflj 
Jas. l AvVtii, 

' ' c -i 


Soldiers Disabled Slice the War Willed 



A Cure for the Ailments of Man and Beast 

A long-tested pain reliever. 

lu use is almost universal by the Housewife, the Farmer, the 
Stock Raiser, and by every one requiring an effective 

Mo other application compares with it in efficacy. 

This well-known remedy has. stood the test of years, almost 


No medicine cbest is complete without a bottle ci Ml-stano 

Occasions arise for its use almost every day 
All druggista it-d dealers have it. 


pi C.n Live . Long Without COUNTRY 
Food But Mux Have Drink COUNIKY 

"mM* ,,,„„„ journal. | THE BATTLE. 

A horsrcart live twenty-live days with- 
out -.lil had, merely drinkin; him Ket overw 

abused, and particularly lor the want of ' New York State, Mid : "1 
siifficieni drink in warm weather, and the thusiasm among Republican 
consequences will always be injurious growing out of their eari 

image of frequent watering certain harbinger of our 
sesare watered every hour, j We have the votea to carry the Slate 
; while they are at 1 any presidential election if we 
work. It is plenty of water that supplies lh e m together There wasn't the 
ev»i~iation or perspiration and keeps 
down the temperature 

What old fogy methods amount to m-y 
be seen by the change in medical practice 
to roan Twenty years ago a person hav- 

allowed but little water to drink, and trien 

friction in any of the cities or counties 
where I am acquainted between individual 

objective point in every Republican s mind 
was the defeat of Hill and his methods, 
and the result was a Waterloo It is rath- 
er difficult to say at this time anything 

prescrilie all the iced wate 

daces are applied to red 
the temperature of the bio 

Use common sense and ht 

Don t think it is a horse, and capable of M'Kinley Well Pleased, 

enduring any and all things A driver who '» a newspaper interview Goi 

sits in his wagon and lashes his worn out Kinley is credited with saying on the 

half-curried, half-fed and half watered suit in Rhode Islaud immediately after 
team should never complain of any abuse 

he may Receive from his master or em- "I have received 
ployer. for he is lower in character, harder Governor Ladd announcing that Kepubli- 
in sympathy and less noble than the brutes ons have a plurality on the Stale ticket, 
he is driving, and deserves, in the name of anc1 3 majority on joint ballot in the Gen- 
all that is human, the same punishment of eral Assembly which insures the return of 
a criminal. Senator Aldrich He is a very able man, 
— lnd failure to elect him would 

where a careful' The issue in Rhode Island was purely 

How Girls Learn I 

Alphabet Sparks, of the big newspaper 
clipping company, tells ate he has lately 
had an odd eiperieiice in his peculiar line 
Ha has had orders from *7 5 to *i 5 o a week 
inti orders for twenty clippings from young 
ladies, or ladies who prefix Miss to their 
names and who are in the original big list 
of the Four hundred, on the most extraor- 
dinary topics for young ladies to be con- 
sidering—dogs, horses. Monte Carlo, pug- 

Kendall's Spavin Cure. 


Kendall's Spavin Cure. 

Kendall s Spavin Cure. 

:„o^cS oun ■ Ki •* , *•'•"»'• ,, * 

When to 

The matter of when to plow depends 
upon the kind of land, and the farmer 
imself ' On some farms it 

not I* disturbed until well 
Sandy soils need not be 
ill, but late fall plowing of 

—Philadelphia Kec 

Doing yom 
the best me 
m dilligently I 

and in following 

How's This. 
We offer One Hundred Dollars 
for any case of 
by Hall's Catarrh Cure. 

F, J Chknev 4 Co , Props , Toledo. (). 
We the undersigned have known F. J 
Cheney for the last fifteen years, and be- 
lieve him perfectly honorable in all busi- 
ness transactions, and financially able to 
out any obligation made by their 

West St Triux, 
Walding, Kimman* Ma«vin, 
Wholesale Drnggisls. Toledo, O. 
Hall s Catarrh Cure is taken internally, 
acting directly upon the blood and mucous 
surfaces of the system. Price 75 cents per 

amount of the wonders of foreign lands ; 
but very few writers -and si 

able ones -tell us of the marvelous secrets 

of our own. Every intelligent youth 

Will you heed the warning. The signal 

,1 Hie - 

and enjoy it, but until 
slave. If you are working for a worthy, 
end by the best methods, you 
joy every day's work. 

5 There is an old proverb, that says 
•It is not time lost when one stops to pray 
or to feed hi. horse " The trustful spir.1 
the truo heart, and the prepared mind and 

erwork 1 (errlb | e disea5a Consumption. Ask your- 
success ■ p^iygi jf you can afford f or lne 0 f av . 
1-iJirect- 1 jn(5 5QC (c run |ne jjji an( j do notr  i n(! f or 
nsi era- 1 j ( We ^ now f tom experience that Shiloh's 
Cure will cure your cough. It never fails, 
so and I Tb - u exp | ains wny more tnan a Million 

it down Bottle. were .oid 

croup and whooping cough at once 
Mothers, do not be without it. For lame 
back, side or cheat use Shiloh's Porui 
Plaster. Sold by St Bernard drug store. 

1, and Geo. King, St. Charles. Ky 

(I) wise men who learn from 

having had placed in his hands by an F ast 
I Indian missionary the formula of a simple 
1 the vegetable remedy for the speedy and per- 

. . (3 J Catarrh. Asthma and all throat and Lung 
tools, who never leant at ail. Don't let Affection., also a positive and radical cure 
for Nervous Debility and all Nervous Com- 
plaints, after having tested iu wonderful 
curative powers in thousands of cases, ha. 

rial 1 

in Australia ; but how many are aware 
that there are thousands of natives in the 
United States just as expert with the magic 
club as are the bushmen ' All have read 
of the feats of the jugglers of India, but 
how many know tout there are as good In- 
dian jugglers within our own budndaries 1 
How many young Americans could say 
when seme traveler recounted the exploits 
of the famous snake-charmers of the 
Orient. "Why. yea : we have tribes of 
Indians in this country whose trained 
charmers handle the deadliest snakes with 
impunity," and goon to tell the facts in the 
case ? How many know that there are In- 
dians here who dwell in huge six-story 
of their own building ? How 
v that the last witch in the Uni- 
ted States did not go up in cruel smoke 
above old Salem, but "" 

craft is fully believed in ? 

8.K Anuria", Cau. Co., Oal.. Feb., Me. 
My !»,,-. I.1y.-ar».,l.l, «u «  a IT acted l y It 


than to be sorry. 

3. Look over th 
all the possibilities 

| be prepared for all * ™» —-i 
probabilities Don't work and plan j English, with I 
the day only, but for all the time ; nor »» 1 * 

yourself only, but for everv one who ! "'"  « »» P. ■ . r- r - 

' , , ■_ ' vol , Noyk. 8aoPower's Block. Rochester. N Y. 

I by addret 

by the number of days to run, separate the 
rigbt hand figure from the product and di- 
vide by 0 

Five per cent -Multiply by number of 
days and divide by 72 

Six per cent —Multiply by number of 
days, separate right-hand figure and divtsW 

by 6. 

Seven and three teeth, per cent — I 
liply by number of days and double th 
amount so obtained. On (too the mi. i 

Eight per cm 

iply by number of 
ays, separate right hand figure and di 

Ten per cent — Multiply by nnmber of 
ays and divide by 36, 

Idly., serrate right-hand figure and di- 
id, by 3. 

L R. Woolfolk, 


Books and Stationer]/, 
Picture Fram*s and, 
)Va/l Paper. 

Pianos, Organs 

Sheet Music, etc. 

Every Baby Uuggy new and lowest cash 
price, at 


Complete line of Lamps. Lantern, at 




Complete line of School Books. Sup 
and Stationery always on haoJ al 


guaranteed at L R Wool/oio'i. 
When wanting Fishing Tackle n 


Dolls! Dolls! Dolls! 

If yon want any sue doll, call on 

T^'woo^Koui'a 01 * *' 

Base Ball Goods at L R Woolfolk's 









Always in stock a full line of ELEGANT DRESS 
GOODS. Our line of goods in this department were 
never before so pretty, or so cheap. 

Ginghams in quantity and quality that will surprise you. 

Cashmeres and Challies in great variety and cheap. 


The finest line of WHITE GOODS ever offered to 
the people in this section of the country, and which will 
be sold at exceedingly low prices. Call «qd see them. 


F lannels of every description and of every grade, at prices 
never before offered in this market. 

Large variety of Underwear. Ladies' Summer Un- 
derwear from 25c to 50c. 


A full and complete assortment of beautiful RIBBONS 
and LACES. The best selected and largest stock of 
these goods to be found in Hopkins county. 


In this department we have no competitors— the small 
dealer follows in our wake. Here you can find anything 
and everything necessary to the well-being and comfort of 
the most fastidious. Call and investigate. 


Full and complete line of FINE BOOTS and SHOES, 
ranging in price from $1.00 up. 

Special line of MUNSELL'S SHOES— best made. 

Prices to Suit One and All. 





We carry the largest line of Groceries, Canned Goods, 
Glass and Queensware, and miscellaneous articles pertain- 
ing to a first-class grocery. 

Fresh vegetables of all kinds in season. 


Steam Laundry and Dye Works. 


Carpenter, lontractor * Bmlder 




INet * s.j,. ,  Drag Slerej 
Railroad St , EARUNSTON, KY. 

^ ^Chil d ren's hair^ mtlng^^eCMOl)^ 1 


We carry an extensive stock of FURNITURE, and 
can supply the wants of all. Small orders receive the 
same prompt attention as do the larger ( 


Country Produce of all kinds taken in exc 
goods. If you have poultry, butter and eggs to sell, bring 
them to us. We pay the highest market prices. 


St. Bernard Coal Co. 

Bee (Earlington, Ky.), 1892-04-28

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