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date (1922-12-28) topic_Temperance newspaper_issue BEREA PUBLISHING CO. 


MaaauMiuuT ■asajtas 



T*m v **# . mr4 to tjfr© Interests of ttie Moun 


Our Threefold Aim: Te five 
the N«wa of Bm , n d VieMtyi 
To Record the H.ppanlng, 
Berea College; To be of 
to all th. 



Suggests to France Formation 
of Reparations Commission. 





or May Un Soldtors To Protect 
Regime Against HooHH Mob 
In Scan* of Rlote— M.^e, of 

Body of International Banker* Would 
Claima If Plan 
France Raieae 
Guarantee Queation. 

Rhrevepnrt, Iji .— Company A, Na- 
tional liiisrd, of Alexandria. 

Washington. I cc. W» Th* United 
Stuns government lian suggested hi 

tin ly t* I'K'llller I'm in ill •■ ul 

Kruiiiv. the establishment ul mi liilvr 

nit " iiin I'UIUUIlHalnll In llicillllte nD till 

MMBI ion uf rrpai at imia ruWtasaavaB !• 

liiiiiiiiim to tilt- MUefartrea   f ii it 

MMMM coinrnmd t lie uiimuiil of n- 
paiulivua ( ierinuhy vii'l t c utile li 

Commission of Financiers. 

Thla seMaaalaBtea win Im afjawed 

uf ilia kivvii-bi ■aaarterl in Mm 

world. II H aa learned ■■ l lal rH 1l»ll| 
tiui III. me.hiMl uf l In- makeup of tin 
niimmoHi.Hi willi COUM Hi whn h 
Ha MBHBBM would be iIim*u. am. 

I In 

out M llila proposition. Mini 
la thai Ai.iI.hmm 
cuinmulll' Mlotl li 

the tinned mmm Um willingness t 

'ieriiuiny to ■BMa' by Hie dci iB.on ul 
audi a ( oiiiinlaKion. provided thai Ifci 
Dinted Slam la Hullalled the C — il MI 
alou will tie fomesl in aurh a »« 
aa lu aakun Just ami fair treatnicni 
for (irrina.iy 

France Still Skeptical. 

Ttiia irmaiive ai i aplBBra by Oif 
many la mudr In the faie of the t*Yl 
thai the Ur.lled Siaiin la strongly 
imiuiilinri t   i in- principle ilial tier 
 .i.i.» uiuat pay up tu Hie exlcni •   
'it ability Pnuaft has aa yet giver 
no assurance nlmli-vcr thul the mcdi 
atlun of audi a ennunlsMliHi would In 
satisfactory |« her, b«l tiua countcrcC 
*lth formal BBorlea, to Una cfTc. t 

I liability assur 
we have, anymore than w. 

many would pay 

aatarmNMaJ by the 

just ami fair? 

mule to Morehouse Pariah, while at 
Now Orleans a machine gun company 
was preparing to leave for thla city 
to re-enfurre a mrcrpsny of national 

guardsmen af Maaraa The troop 

movement followed the recovery In 
Lata 141 Kourrhe. near here of bodies 
of two men Relatives anil friends 
purity Identified the bodies aa being 
those of Unit Danlcla and Thomas 
Itii hards, missing alnre ihey were k'd 
n.-iped hv hondci| men four month* ago, 
It waa re|M rli d here The order for 
the moh'llr.allon of the additional 
troop* in me anon after the establish- 
ment of the authenticity of the re- 
port thai Lake I* Fnurche had given 
up the hodlea after having heen dvna- 
mlled hv men of tinestaht'ahed Identify. 

flovernor John M Parkei. at Ralnn 
Ilmige. d'rectlng operstlona of the | 
mllltiirv ter t aa, rfetiaed M illvnlire Hie 
algnlflranr* of the rail for reenfnrre- 
menta or the next move of rhe elate 
In the program he haa outlined to 
ferret out and punlah the memhera of 
the hooded nmh reaporalhle for the 
ahiliictlnn of five Mer Raajga cltlrena 
la«t AagWI and the aUet-'cd murder 
of two of them. 

1 j i ■ ■ • alocka   f Kuna and ammuni- 
tion hnve heen rc|Hirt«d In be atornd 
In realilcnci'* and atorna by cltlrena 
of Mer Hotiire and the aurrnundlnK 
rommunlty. reaultlne from the report- 
ed • -' !■' ■' tie of hoaille campa dur- 
ln( the four miuitha alnre the kid- 

Raatataaca la 



J. R. Robertaon. Pi 
Hiatory and Political 



Lmiivillo, Ky., Dec. 26.— Public 
In ullh workers in Kentucky aoon will 
1 1 auirmer ted by the addition of five 
s.-initary inspectors who will be irrail- 
uoted from the School of I'ublii 
liculth, operated join Jy by the State 
Hi ard of Health and the Univeraity 
• f Louisville, in January. These 
men all will be aent to countiea out 
in the State, and the Board of Health 
| ni w ia proaevutine; inouires to lean, 
erpc-cted when (tie where they are most necdi-d and 

( Ol NTT 

Mm |ltal illMa. Ky., Dec. 24.— Thos 
Gdldsimth, 5. r   years old, a farmer 
livir.K ten miles we t of here, was 
shot and killed almost instantly thn 
afti i i nn OB hi.- farm. James Mar 
cum, . 0, a ncifchoor, is accused of 
the crime. 

Then; were no witnesses to the 
killing, so far aa has been learned. 
Accorilmir to the county authoritie-i 
Gold: nnth was feeding hoira and was 
•land. iik near the pen. Marcum is 


Bu-dette Allen and Myrtle Carte, 
■ laughter of John D. Carter of Car- 
tcrsville, were married in Jellicn, 
Ti nn., last Siturday. They return- 
ed to Bt 
v.ith the 

Todd, returned to Cartersville, where 
they will 

wishes of their many friends in Wes: 


Rev. Carl E. Voftel and Mrs. Vogel 

A pood deal of interest is beins; 
shown in the prospective visit to the 
U. S. of Entile Coue. Thla French- 
man is e .led for his skill in helping 
people to health by means of sug- 
tre'tion. He lives at Nancy, a place 
in the recent war zone and with his 
v.lfc he remained there during the 
whole war. He is a pharmacist and 
accummu!ated a small competence in 
that occupation. In the practice ol 
i his psychological healing he charge* 
no fees at all. His patients are 
largely peasants, but he receives 
many of high social standing. It is 
estimated hat he receives forty thou- 
sand seekers for health each year. 
' It is interesting to note, on the evj 
Of the visit to Ame-ica, that he got 
his start here by taking a corres- 
pondence course in hypnotism which 
he intended to use as an aid to his 
*»©!■. as a salesman. His manner of 
life is very simple and ho seems to 
tv posfessed ul a real desire to help 

The Civic Federation of New York 
city has just appointed a committee 
of one hundred, of which Elihu Root 
ii the chairman, to consider the ques 
ea, and af er a short visit tion of America's a.titude toward in- 
groom's sister, Mrs. C. H. ternational affairs. As the object of 

this investigation it is stated that 
an effort will be made to see how far 
and in what manne- the U. S. xVuld 
participate in interna', ional affairs. 
This is one more evidence of a 
changing public opinion. It may 

Ucgi 4 to have walked down the roaj ar «' K° in K to I ' oor Fork - K y- next h » v  ; its political features, also, 


they can he 
Each of thee men, in 


Two Bandit* Fnc on Four Armad 
Ouaida and Escape With t^oo.oou 


la Aakad By Waat Virginia Btvauty 
Who Enters Suit In Waeh- 
on Court 

lirtivrr, His IB After llrlna  a 
'our ariuet j'tiai^l* at the entrance ' 
the Oeiiver Inniuh of the Inn.. 
Siali-a mini mid fatally wounding oin 
nf them, two liNiidita ~ -aped III a 
iioinr cur with m strong Imii contain 
■ tijl t'JUI.Ual In J. tolls S. miI'L" 
S aa the titlark that the guards hard 
ly had tlnv In return tire on tin 
'lundlta whin ttiev had dl*iip| eMred 

niarlea UBBMa, H'e guard who wai 
ahnf. died in a hoHpltal a few boun 
aflrr the rubbery. 

state', warrants railing for arrest of A here 
a number of men believed to have . , 
been the ringleader, of the lw oded 

•AHItaMl ta*«tfltMS^Mataflt Ml l" l^iU, '• , technical and theoret- 

h. l! I. bjM serve aa a precaution " al studies in the School of Public 

against a probable outbreak Spe- Health, last su 
rial Investlgaiora of the ttopartment tual work 
nf Justice, working under the direr- , m , tlf . j t . , ti , . . - r in one of 

Hon nf the Oovernr. are MM to ^ , 

an Inmmp'ete Hat of membera of the 

In connection with its pTsent in- 
gation of the places where thesi 
men are the most badly needed, the 
Slate Board of Heal h also is Con- 
di. ding an investigation to aee what 
is the general need fur aanitary in- 
-1-e. tora. in order that, if it is found 
desirable, the facilities offered this 
class of public health workers in the 
S.hool of Public Health may be ex- 

and shot deliberately at Goldxmith. 

Man UM wa-s brought to Shepherds- 
ville by Sheriff Lawrence Ruby and 
charged wi h murder. He refused to 
discuss the killing. It is said and ol i 
grudge caused the trouble between the 

uiek to hold a revival meeting. 

An event of more than passing in- 
terest this week was the marriage 
o;- Tuesday, December 26, of H. 

tv.o men and they had 

there is an insurgent element ir. our 
digress now that is gett ng under 
way for something. However that 
muy be, l here is some hope of a 
change that will be more creditable 
to the U. S. and the part she is cap- 
able of playing in world affairs for 

peaking to one another for years. 


not been ^' un cy, of Stephens & Muncy I um 

L«r Co., to Mrs. EUaa Browning for | the gppd of mankind. 

i.ierly ol Perry county. ___ 


Mr. Muncy has lived in Berea about 

2' i years and is widely known. The 
bride is a sister of Mrs. John Fowler 
Of West End 


Washington Mrs Alma O Smythe. 
well known In New York, rhlcago and 
Washington aa a member of a prom- 
inent Went Virginia family, caused a 
sensation when she araieared In the 
lKstrlrt of Columbia Supreme Court 
aa her own attorney, accntnpul led on 
ly by her fox terrier. It was the 
nmt time In the history of that august 
tribunal that a dog had faced the 
presiding Judge. 

Mrs Smythe, who Is kmnm aa a 


I u red 

big moonshine nil 
by Sheriff Elmer 

Is were cap- 


and posses Saturday and Sunday on t, Id him to leave al once. The 
aaaatjf, kai brought suit for $tno.«k  -lack's Creek near the place where at anger reached for his hip pocket. 
I Mgalnsl la-lghton Taylor, former ae -- l.i.wrerce Hnnkins killed his brother, La aria ordered him to raise his hand. 
3 SENATORS FACE CONTESTS r"t»ry l*_lta late Senator BafaM Pen K.nbry lli.skii.a. last week. No II, was ahot when he failed to do it. 

Nn weapon was found on hint. 

Princeton, Ky., Dec. 25. — A verdict TAYLOR— FORTUNE 

of self-defense was returned by a M*. Lu i. F ort une and Elden Tay- 
  i rimer's jury inves igating the ilay -I ,„ r surprlst . d their nmny MaWM on 
nig of a stranger by William Lewis, Thurs d ay , December 21, by motorin •; 
at the Lewis home. u , Riehmond and get ing married. 

It was shown that the stranger ob- (The Rev  Grecn Stot . ke - 0 fficiateJ. 
lamed a meal at the home of Mr?. Mi „ K ortune is a successful school 
William Laaria, after which he drew | T , r fc„ ()f Berea  and Mr Taylor   
a chair up infront of the grate. He prosperous young farmer of Newby, 
and after a time Ky . After a brief honeymoon they 
' sa ' | will be at home to their friends at 
Newby. Their many friends join in 
wishing them a happy and prosperous 

was told to leav 
h' walked to he barn, where hi 
down on a pile of lumber. 

William Lewis followed him. 

ruse, uf Pennsylvania, alleging a ato 

King of Utah 

of Mataachu.ctta. 
and Mayfleld of 
Ana ■ arvjsta. 

Washington, Dec Ifl— dnieaia la 
the in it Semite for the aeats of Sen- 
ators aaatW Masaadiuaelts and 
Klna of Utah probably will be atarteil 
jy I he foea of eui h. It naa earned 
here, with aome cliam-e that the mo- 
leal agalaal Senator King will be aur- 
eeaafnl. Ms., the senate leaders are 
•are that there la Utile rbanre for the 
•eating af Senator elect Mayfleld of 
Texaa who haa ai knowledged a SB  
• lion of the atale law of 
hla primary campaign. 


len k1*a. She charge* that the de- 
fendant forcibly kissed her when she 
called al Hie Lite Senator s olllce In 
May. INI 

Federal Action 

Houaa Paaaaa tha Appropriation 
New Arma 


Washington. ■ »«. 
tart the 

dent IO Call 

Washington. Investigation of war 
contracts by the ln«partment of Jus- 
tire la to reach a apevtaeular climax 
within .'to day a, w hen a aeries of aulta. 
civil and crlinhial, aggregating approx- 
imately SUNMNNMMU. will be filed 
iDdivlduals and corporallonf 
of |raaa Irregulantlea. Tht 
of the IHipartment of Juatlc* 
program was revealeil at a bearing 
before the House Judiciary Committee, 
Investigating linpeacbmenl rharget . ., , . ... I( . ... . 
brought against Attorney (leneral U»r 1 ' ' * H 
ry I 

whisky was found, but a large quan- 
tity ' of mash. Sheriff Deatheraee 
In n ed around a while and discov Ted 
a worm concealed under a cliff. B  • a 
stills were d'stroyed and the 
|.i ii-ihI out. One of the stills was on 
the farm of Col. Oorge I'helpa, back 
on the rear end of the farm. Col. 
I'belps notified the officers the 


Tuesday n.orning about 1:.'!0 a 
F.rd car stooped in front of the 
Tavern Garage to ask fur 

he got wind that someone was en- j gasoline. Mr. French, w ho was on 
(reaching upon his property and the|(!uty at the garage, went out to take 
■ aid followed. The other still wui'cure of the rustotnera, and ju t as 

In the p-esence of a number of 
friends on Christmus morning, James 
G. Baker of Btassfield and Miss 
Agnes Ijawsun of Berea were united 
in the holy bonds of matrimony at. 
the home of Dr. E. C. McDouglc, who 
olliciated. The groom is 

The political conditions in 
have come to be i 
as a result of the change in the | 
dency. The new head of Poland re- 
cently elected. Narutowicz, waa as- 
■BM mated aoon after his election. 
I- was claimed by the t.ative Poles 
that his success was due to the sup- 
port of Jews, Russians, Ukranians 
at d Germans. The legislative body 
lia.s a majority of Poles, and they 
made conside-able of a demonstra ion 
Bl di. approval. It is not believed 
the assassination was brought abou: 
by this body, but they caused an 
opinion su h(Stile to the president 
tHat it was taken up by that element 
which always is ready to strike at 
|t vernment in any form. The actu- 
al ansa; sin was an ill-balanced and 
mentally deficient man of no 

In a recent letter, the traveler, 
1' rank Carpcn er, gives a consider- 
elly different view of the industrial 
son of SB4 financial conditions in parts of 

found on the farm of a man named 

Moore, officers said.— Richmond Rc'- 


In the 

bill without a rec- 
ti now goea to I he senate. 
Mil prut Idea S.T2S laW.UlU for 
during the ttacal year 


Uhtcago. - William A. Hither, for- 
mer attorney of the Chicago Board ul 
Kducallun ami prominent follower ul 
Governor I ■ n Small and Mayor Wu 
Ham Hale (*llig Bill") Thoinpaon, an 
eunvlrted of ronsplrary to defraud the 
board. Hla punishment waa placed at 
from one to five years In prlaon and u 
Una of $2,000 Henry W Kaup. a reil 

In the 

Finals la Playad 


l .iwieii" Hoakins w'll have his 
examining trial for the killing of his 
Irther, Embry Hoakins, Fridty 
norning nex*. This date haa heo 
set by County Judge John D. Good- 
laa fur hearing of the fratricide. 
Iloskitia haa been in jail here since 
the tragedy. He claims sell defense, 
and it ia understood that a number 
uf eye witnesses to tha affair s.t r 
that he killed hia brother after the 
kMUMT had fired 

he inserted the gas tube in the tank 
the car caught on fire and the wh( le 
top, including the cushions and part 
ot" the fixtures, were destroyed. 

It is reported that the car was 
owned by John Soard. of Rockcastle 
county, and was occupied by himself 
and son, Dan Gabbard. Link 
and Jim Bowling, all of 

The Ford was left in front of tha 

Mr. and Mrs. Curt Baker, and the 
lovely bride is a daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. John Lawson of Berea. After 
spending a few days with their par- 
ents they will go to Ohio to reside. 
Their many friends BJtstl the happy 
couple a long an 



Whitesburg, Ky., Dec. 24.-A re- 
|.rt from Beaver Creek, north of 
Lakes. I., ie on the Knott county border, 
Rockcastle ' stated that Arland Bales, formerly 
of this county, shot and killed 

Europe f-om those mostly prevalent. 
Ie France the peasant rlaas are add- 
MH to their farms and are laying up 
money in the banks as never before. 
The depositors have doubled in num- 
bers since the war, accordins; to this 
writer. Altho the debt of Franca ia 
le.rge, about three-fourtha of it ia 
held by the people of that country 
and is not an immediate burden to 
the government. Of Germany, he 
soya, that her money ia of littL- 
value, but that aha has the real 
w.alth in form of factories, rail- 
roads and other means of produc- 
tims. He believes that there is a 


BY Ai 


Thomas Johnson, a farmer of that j a* *i ^ of camouflage. Thia d es 
section, as a reault of an old grudge, "of fit in with the drift of opinion 

It is said the men met on the road- I t,,d »y. 
side and fought it 
to have fired 


Ky.. Dec. 26. 
Margaret Harl, 48, died as a reault at! JUL 
a gunshot wound at the city hospital trial 

Johnson H 
firs' shot, 
lodged in 
He will be given an examining 
Wednesday. Both were well 

Pec. 18.— Any perac i aur- 
i a aulrlde pact la guilty of mur- 
der, arrordlng lo a derlalon handed 
down by the lord chief Juallre In aen 
tearing l.lolen Hymonda lo dealh for 
the murder of (lladya Wall. Hymoudi. 
and (lladya agreed to coiumll aulcldt 
by throwing (hern selves la fruai of a 
train. Rhe waa Inst. ally kilted and 
h. let both leg. 

Pltlsbnrg, Penn A dinner party at 
the home of C. h Kehn, In honor ol 

Kdneard Peterson, tiad a tragic nnala| ,h ™ Hal Ml rye laar. night by her fill from th 
While Ibe laat course waa being served I brothe", Sylvester Slater, 13, who charged, the 
Peterson excused himself. "I want to 
put a piece on the player-piano," h« 

explained. A nn nt later the note! 

of "l^l the Heal of the World (lu By ■ 
Then the report of 
with a 

leaning against the piano dead. "We 

lose the aight of the aye. 
to the father uf Um girl, the »hu... 
ir.g waa entirely accidental. 

a* 10:30 o'clock tonight. 

Her husband, Charles Harl, farmer 
of thia county, thought he heard 
chicken thieves in the hen house 
about 7 o'clock. He got his shot gun 
and stared to investigate. He laid 
his gun on a chair as his wife enter- 
ed a door. Mr. Harl said the gun 
chair and waa dis- 
load of shot striking 

waa claaning Lia rifle, and accident- li - wife in the right thigh, inflicting 
ally diachaiged the gun. The girt i a large wound. 

waa taken to the City Hospital in Harl ia survived by her hus- 

ihis morning. According band 

known in that section. 


■ but Carpenter haa always 
regarded a keen observer ia hia 


Eltxabethtown. Ky , Dec. 24.-E'- 

Thomaa Slater of thia city, was shot 

going on ui 
Moscow recently on the question of 
disarmament. The neighboring a ataa 
udjoining Russia were invited to be 
I if. cut. The Russian propoaition 
waa to cut down all armiea sevanty- 
rive percent, and it was 
a principle by those 
Ruaaia. back kj the last 

ir   the move nt for disarmament 

and could now re um to such a pol- 
icy with advantage all around. Prob- 
i-l'ly noth'ng that she could do wou.'d 


Ky., Dec. 24. ^lohn 

ty-one years in the State Penitenti 
ary for killing hla brother, Toby 
Luwsni Tuby Lawson died of a 
fractured skull, caused, it was al'eged, 

by a blow from a club wielded by | »erv* to give bar a better standing 

John l-awson, 
self defense, 

John Lawson pleaded 
The Comm "wealtn 

i wife. 
| h. ur. 

amour th - old powera than juat i a 
a i eduction in fait aa wall aa prin- 
ciple li would be to 
a gna- benefit from I 

aa the army la a bui 
(Coatuiued on page aight) 





the Issuance of tav exempt 
mi urged hy the President snd Su rf 
tsry Mellon, was postponed 
the holidays.   i  i .  n«-nr • of 

Inllnn hM it was beaten 


•ovemor Parker of Louisiana 
Cats Out State Troops in 


Prsassent Conault* Flft**n Oaverner* 
an PrerilkHlan Inferaement— Rlt- 
aMa of M.ryimd in Oppoeltlen 



TURE- WALLACE aay* th. 
farmer* af 
will gat aarween II, 

OKNATOR LA DP of North Dakota 
Republican, haa Introduced a 
resolution calling for an Invest sal i 
by lha adnata foretga affalra ronunlt 
tee to aecertaln (he true stat* of af- 
fair* In Nlcanu: i. the facta concern 
Ins American occupation of that rr 
public. In 1910: why American force* 
still ara quartern! there, and "thr 
connection between certain New York 
commercial houses and tha Chamorro 
Clan government *f Nicaragua " The 
raa«lutloD set forth vatioua criticisms 
of tha Amarlcan policy In Nicaragua 
declaring that 'no state of war exist* 
between the fnlt.-l St*te* and Nlcs 
which would Jnatlfy tha par 
of our mllltar 
• territory of a friendly 
neighborly nation ; that "tha M 
five departmant ha* no conatltutlonal 



ly than priaas af 
la thia true af 

your locality? 

ann. wh* haa promlaad to squelch 
the Ku Klus Klan In his atata. took 
■ia flrat radical action In that Una ia«t 
weak when ha ordered a company of 
IB* National Guard to 

and tha 
tta* *■• Mid i-l ba 

rate o laat Angnet which the author 
anabla to 
i of tba town were 
kidnaped and two of them lfaj. Watt 
Daniel* and Thomaa Fletcher Rich- 
arda. have not bean saan alnca. Tha 
man whe war* releaaeri aald tha kid- 
naper* "looked Ilka what wa know of 
tha Ku Klax ■• they had hood* and 
robe*." Thar* wa* • rumor Wednes- 
day that tha bodlea of tha rnlaalof 
ate* had bean found and that thin ac 
counted for tha calling out of tha 
troop*. Anothor explanation of tha 
gwvernor'e action waa thct real den t* 
of .Tana. In La Sail* pariah adjoining 
Marahoaaa parish had passed resolu- 
tlon* asking to ba "relieved from tha 
expression af tha Klan." 

At tha recant confaranc* of go**r- 
nor* In Whit* Bulphor Spring*, W. 
Va.. Governor Parkar sought to ebtaln 
aaauranca of co-operation frera 
executives In hU war on tha 

il appropriation bill, car 
1 rylng a total of 132". im  «»i am! 
providing for an enlisted personnel af 
SB.nOO man. was passed by the house 
on Monday. If Inclnda* a request 
that tha President negotiate with for 
elgn power* relative to limiting con 
etructlnn of warrraft under 10.000 
tone, though Repr.sentstlve Mondel' 
told tha houae Mr Harding needed •* 
urging and would start tha negotls 
tlon* "when he deem. It wlaa and 

way home fr-un England, havlnc 

for IS of the governor* at 
eon In the White Hi 

tha prohibition law. Fourteen of 
•greed with tha President that i 
area must b* adopted for rigid en 

f orc#f*J4*ii t vt til**. Vol  t f aid lot 
ather. Governor Ritchie of 


sd law 


Ritchie asserted. "Our peo- 
ple *r* Imbued with a line traditional 
respect for law and eetabllahed order, 
•ad wa ware effectively solving tha 
temperance question by local option. 
During that method, whan tha people 
af a community wanted prohibition 
they actually got It. 

"The Volatead law changed all this. 
Our people. In the main, regard It aa 
•n unnecessary and draatlr federal In- 
fringement of their atate and personal 
right*. The lack of respect for law 
and the actual lawleesness which have 
resulted is deplorable. The only rem- 
edy I see Is to recognise that the Vol- 
atead law Is destructive of the rights 
of the *fate« nnd to turn the whole 
question back |* the states, so that 
e«ch may settle It In accordance With 
lha «lll af lla im n people." 

These were cited us the chief de 
fects lu prohibition enforcement : 

1. Federal prohibition officer*, nutn 
baring 4.000, are not sufficiently nu 

of tht 


thus helping 
to relieve the flnnnctni dlatrew af Eu 
rope. The administration. II I* under 
atood. Insists the repsratlons settle 
menf must be made without s can- 
cellatlon of the allied debts to this 
country. England nnd France appear 
to think this cannot or ahould not 
be done. Mr. Harvey's advice In the 
matter Is regarded as »sluable and 

The European nations are skeptical 
concerning an American loan, and the 
French especially dislike the Ides 
that Is said to be under consideration 
declaring It bear* the stamp "Made 
In Germany." Thomas W. Lament of 
J. P. Morgan A On. asserted In New 
York that the American people have 
no Intention of making a loan to Ger 
many because that country la not In 
a position at the pre Bent time "to In 
aplre our people with confidence to 
buy Ita bonda." At tha same time Mr 
Laroont stated condition* under which 
he believed a German loan might be 
floated In this country at eorae future 
time, not a large loan, but enough to 
enable Germany "to get over the hill." 
These condltlona were, be aald, tba 
settlement of the repsratlons prob- 
lem and the fixing of a definite aum 
would be aware of 
on tba 

& I'ntll the national gov 

"ruin running' 
will be difficult. 

4. State enforcement laws In many 
atalea are too lax. 

5. Federal Judges are too lenient, 
t) 111* nu-iro; press is Ion 

prone to treat prohibition enforcement 
with levity. 

I'realdent Harding said he would 
call Hnotber conference next year, to 
governor* and that a pro 
of federal and stale cooperation 
b* mapped out. 

aid) meaaure .outlnued (he flgti 
k* U • seuate, some trying t   for. e II 
•side for conalderatlon of the N»rr1* 
•gii  iiltural financing bill and ..iIi.ti- 
enilt- .mi w.g to kill It entirely. Amw,_ 
tha lull were M Kollar of Tenio* 
see, who Introduced tin amendment to 
•llmli m» tlm entire t:o\eniiuent ul  
•action; H ' l King of l ull who Intro 
guivd a ■ i ■grapaaxaf uhoiuioa of tin 
shipping hoard snd trunMfcr of Id- 
function* lo tba Depurtimut of Com 
mere*. ... 

come with thst a 
for the siipervlsl. 
Including the sdin 
uiany's customs, 
advanced 1 doubt If 
lent a aum eufflclent to 
reparations debt." 

UNTIL the allied premiers gather 
In Parla on January 2 It will not 
ba known what course France will 
pursue In regard to ssnctlona agalnat 

Germany. At present Premier Poln 
care Is standing firm. Tu American 
correspondents he said Prsnce would 
not accept any change In the treaty of 
Versailles calling for the evaluation 
of the Khlnelaud within leaa than tha 
1.1 yeara s| ei'if1ed In It. He Indicated 
that hla government was strongly op- 
posed to any aolutlon of the repara 
tlon* question which Involved • ip.-n 
slve French sacrifices, snd thai Ger 
msny muxt give new guarantees for 
future payments In order to obtain | 

One result of the rumors of ym.-i 
lean help waa the sudden r*M of the 
mark In Berlin. The people rxpci t. .1 
to find price* correspondlnnly redu- eil 
but were fooled. 


MILK the ex| erts at l.aua«nne 
ere drafting the Near Km»i 
treaty the conferee* continued 
to wrangle over tne plan* for the 
centred of the straits and certain oth 
*r matters In dispute. Tchllcherlt, - 
hWpisslal eoneem'ng lha |iunlanelle» 
were turned down (lutly by I be allies 
und the UtiH-lans Ibreateued to lake 
their dollrat:* und go home The Turk 
Ish plan was greally st variance with 
that of Hie allies, but Lord Curxon 
waa vexed bWSMf It was so long de 
lajedatol Ins. -le i the allied scheme he 
taken aa the basis for discussion The 
Kiik'H-l i .iii u ei| h. vere languiige to 
laiii.t rash., and Unit gentleman was 
consider affronted and aald Tur- 
I key wouin not submit to be thus 'in- 
to the ahlp *ub I Istad k* laWa* snd hla colleagues 
were worried by news from Aniiora to 
the effe. t fhwl fl* 1*1*1 Itaoiif Hey had 
told the mi 1 1, .no I assembly til* 'lurk 
Ish gov ■ nin. ni vasaM not yield M 
lint ish lltatuptl io run tha "ateuin 
roller" over thei md that It atood 
sipiarely a* I In. Turkish nation. ill I 
|.ai t. Nine! f.-ars thut If lis* yield* 
loo fur any ■graeini nt be may luake 
will ba kj tha asseuihly. 

It was announ e l in Angora thai 
the Chest, r ■rojael for railroad *M 
in eastern Anatolla snd for 


f'emhs. Martha 

Ib?an i Herndon 

IH-sn. B. P 


The following to a list *f thoa* who , linn |ngham 
have not paid their Tsrv is Tu for 

1922. Will proceed to collect Janu- 
ary 1. 1923. 

B* st A Robinson .fl4.8'' , 

.li ku. Frank 6.9^ pta^ p.. fc, m 

King Bros 4.9' |kn*lgf ( Gilbert . 

P. nnington. H. C 9.9 ' I)ud | eyi Serild* 

Watkins. L A 7.7.. P , urn m » e i n .. 

Seal. T. H 4.9 1 KMj „ w H 

Here* Cemetery 79.06 Ftrm „ lV Abr.ey 

Mix re, J. E M 40 French. Caleb 

Kinnard. Jess S.fil r - r , n ,. ni (j. W. 

Ti us, Myrtle 4.12 Kr| m . ht Wesley 

Welch Stores 87. M fj^jfi^i J O 

Welch. John W. 
Hnrrison, B. F. 

9 12 



80. 1 1 

11 ' 

I^gsdon. ('. W. 
Jrckscn. W. T. 
Ji hnson, J. E. 
.li nes, I .aura 
at K. Church 

npcvv, r 

V.hite. Mary . 
Flv^molp, C. C. 

Wyatt. E. E 

Cosby, R. A i 

Christian Church . . 

C'ark, Wm 

Graded School 

C. mbs, H. C. (1921) 
Clarkston, S. R. 
Dean, B. A. . 
Hibbard. G. G. 

Hall. Sallie 

Kvans. Mary 
C.abbard, B. H. 

Steel, J. C 

Dean, Jno. F. . . . 
Lewis. CD. 
Snence. Robert 
B. Bank .V T. Co. 

Scale, S. R 

Anderson, J. K. 
Chrisman. R. H. 
Corwin, E. K. 
Union Church . . 
Scrivner, J. A. 
Anderson, T. R. . 
Baker, Mary . . . 
Crews, Major 
Bi ker, J. W. 
Hardin Heirs 
Baker, J. H . 

Lake. Ed . . 

Jackaon, Jno 

Wyntt, Mrs. T. P, 
BurdetU; & Moore 

King, Lee 

S.t tie A. Smith 
Welch. Mrs. S. E. 


*«••*• ■ 

• ■ 

Galloway, Wm. 

Gay, Colson 
Gay. D. C. 
C.odbcy, L. J. 
Gntt, J. E. . 
Grant. Dave 

• ••a •*•• •*••• • 


6..M» I 
13 S.i 
21 45 I 

**l Hsrrison. B. F. 
' ' ' '^' 4 . Hawkins. Jas. . 

Hibbard. G. G. 

GrifTK H. G. 
Hall. Sallie 


22 68 H ggs. J. C. 

• •   • • a 


• •*•• •••*••• 


8 8) 

I * • f **••••• • 

•  ••••• 


• f *•••*•• • a 

(••■*••• a 

• a • • • a a 

• • ■ a a ft a •**••** a a 

■ ••*#•• •• 4 aeae** 

• •••*••••• ****** 


Hirschy. N. C. 
I'clland. K D. 
Ho!\ C. R. 
Houk. C. E. 
Hudspeth. W. H. 

HufT. Andy 

Hurst, John 

Hutchins. R. G. 
Isaacs, Andrew. . 
Jackson, Jas. A. 
Johnson, J. E. ... 

Johrson. J. W 

Jones, Frank % . 

Jones, Frank 4 Wife 

Jcnes, Laura 

Kindred, Luther . 

King Bros 

King, Chas 
King. Lee 
Lake. Ed 
Uke. Geo. 

a* a**a** 

• •••*  •*• 




1 63 


• ••••••**• 

• *••••■••• 

i a • a • • • 

• •*•••*• 


• ••••••• ••■•aa 







Fastest Pursuit Plane in World 
Gives America War Mastery of Sky 

Skaletaw Vi*w of 
Purtait Plane. 


The test performance of a new 
Curtiss Pursuit Plane has caused a 
sensation in the Army and Navy ser 
vices. Kver since the Pulitxer Race 
st Detroit, in which a new all Ameri 
ran motor Aniahed in the first four 
places, it has been expected that 
military planes of a super type would 
make their appearance at almost any 
•ime The actual performance of the 
•irst pursuit ship of a series surpssses 

In many respects, this aeroplane is 
a departure from precedent. It uses 

the same Curtiss motor used in the and taken out of storage, ready 1 
racing ships at Detroit, It is equipped 
 ith wing radiator*, the most radical 
idvanee in the art of cooling a motor 
-ince 1WI7. and which reduce* the 
resistance of the sir almost to lero 

I aglB* Water I. CooUd by Win* 
Radiation - Diagram I »* €•(•• 
How Water la Pwapod Through 
T.ny Groov*  in Wing Sorfac* 


S9 60 


The follower ia a list of those who 
have not paid their city tax for 1922. 
Will proceed to collect January 1, 


Agee. A. 0 3.18 

• *••• •••••■ 
■ ••*••*•*••• 

• p •••••••• a 1 


■ • a • • • • • 

■ ••••••a*** 



Allen, C. W. . 
Ambrose, B. P. 
Anderson, E. J. 
Anderson, T. R. 
Berea Motor Co. 
Bicknell. Paul 
Books, W. H 
Bowman, Geo. . 
Brock. L C. .. 
Buckley. O. D. 
Burdett t Engle 
Bush, Frank 
Baker. J. R 
Ball, G. W. 

Ballard. Clyde IM 

Ballard, John 4.27 

Bartlett, E. H 1.69 

Campbell, .lobe 1.69 

Chasteen, Wm 1.69 

Chrisman, R. H 112.05 

Churchill, D. C 1.59 

(lark, C. H • 1.6^ 

Clark, Wm 16.2U 

Coddington, Ed 1.6k  

Coffee, Sam 1.59 

Cook. Robert 1.59 

f'ornelison, Horton 
Cornelison, P. ... 

Ijirrabert. Joe . 
I.imli. it, Wm. 
Lewis, CD. . 
IxKkhart. W. A 
Lockin, Earl . 
Logan Heirs .... 
l/ngan. Hugh ... 
I^gsdon. J M. . 
McAllister. C. N. 
Mi 1 "Hum. D. B. 
Mclntir*. Walter 
Matheny, F. E. . 
Maupin, Frank . 
Merritt, Tom 
Miller, R. T. 
Montgomery, W. P. 
Mo ran. Fee 
Lake*, John 
Muncy, Henry . 
Osborn, C. E. 
Pennington, H. C. 
Powell, Tabitha 
Preatan, Frank 
Pullins, A. T, 
Rsmbo, W. R. 
Reece, R. 

Reed. Joe 

Reynolds, Geo. . . 
Richardson, Ryan 


» •••*•••••••* 4 



a* •••••••*•••••* 

• ••••■•••••••aa* 

* • a * • • # • t 

• a • • • ■ • • • a * • • • «  | 

• *•*•• • a a 4 

1J 9 
1 5.i 

• ••••••• a • • 

■ •••••*••**••• 

• •••*•••• 

• a*. ••••••••••.• 

• •*• ••••••*••  



Richmond, Jess 1.69 

Richmond, Sam 1.69 

Ritter, G. V 1.69 

Robinson, Lund* 1.2 i 

Robinson. M. M 27.82 

Rcbinson. Walter , 1.69 

Roebuck, D. A 1.59 

Harrison, Roy 3,97 

Ralston. R. H 7.6.1 

Rutherford, K ..50 

Sams, U. G 3.18 

Scale, ftS. R. 49.47 

Scale. T. H 


Cosby, R. A 24.0:i 

1.59 Settle, Geo. . 
•80 1 Shearer, John 


•nd fly on twenty four 
hours* notice. 

This machine I* also stated to h* 
the flrat real fighting ship of all 
American construction and design 
These features were expected The! While tests are not completed, exner 
construction, however, is said to po«- 1 opinion is that it is not only On 
«,..s also, a new feature in that the| fa-test, but also the most nowerfu 
'•flti're machine can be »tor*d 'or a fighting ship in rxistenca in any na 
' t wen t y years, if 

1 •••••* 


• •■•••• 





The following is a list of those who Jones, Prank 
have no*, paid their Graded Scho. 1 Hardin Hair* 
tax for 1922. Will 
lei January 1, 


Agee, A. O. . . 
Altom. Lucy . . 
Ambrose, W. J. 
Anderson, E. Z. 
Anderson, Mrs. 
Anderson. D. C. 
Anderson, J. R 

I -aura 

J. w 

8. .. 
J. E. ... 

King. Lae 

King, C. L. 

King, C. L. A La* 

. a t) f  * • * f •aeeaaae 
a * * a a • • •••*•*••* 


• a a • a • a 

1 • • a a • • • 




• •••••••a 

Allen. C. W 

Ball. Mr*. G. W. 
Baker, J. W 

linker. J. R. 

Bavifle. J. H 

Bender, E. A 

Berea Motor Co. . 
Berea B.  t T. Co. 
Burdette A 

Botkina, Dr. D. R 

Btock, I. C 

Byrd, Mary H. . . 
Chriaman, R. H. 

Craws, M. J 

Corneliaon, T. D. 

Cosby, R. A 

Coyle, Thoa. H. . 

C«yle, I. G 

Clark, Wm 

Cunningham, John 
Dean, Mrs. E. P. 
Dean A Herndon 
Dean, John F. . . 
Dean i Chrisman 
Durham Heira ... 

Kmbry, Anna 

I tench, Wea 

French, Caleb ... 
I'rench, (J. W. . . 




I* wis, C. D 43.4- 

I^ wis, D. J t.43 

lister, Mr*. L. 0 19.07 

lis khsrt. W. A 4-77 

I --can. Hugh 3 Is 1 

Ixigsdon. J. M , Dr 6JU 

Lambert. Joe 1,71 

Umliert, Wm 4-2( 

lakes John 

Maupin. Sadie 

Miller, R. T. 

Montgomery. W. P 

Moore, J. E 7.42 


• . . . ■ . . 

McCr**ry, H. C. 
2.R.; Parks. Molly .... 
1.06 ! I*ul!ins. A. T. 
.110.02 Ki.mbo, W. R. . 

12.16 Olmatead. C. F. 

2.11 Parka, Hugh F. . 
Petrey, J. O. ... 
IVnniman. H. M. 
I'inniman, Hove . 
l ennington, H. C. 
Kcece. R 


• ••••*•• a • a 









• •••*aa**** 


• • a 




4t Abnty 

Q AllltlKL NAIM TOWICZ, th* r* 
***» .eiitly Inaugurated presi j.-nt of 

Short. Sadie 1.20 

Shutt. C. N. 

Simpson, Grant 
Spence, Robert 
Strachan, W. S. 
Strachan, Wa 

Steel, J. C. 
Stivers, J. C, 
Strong, J. E, 
Thompson, J. C. 
Sheets, Thoa. . . 
Tevis, Sam ( 
Tcvis, Sam . 
Titus, Myrtle 
Turner, J. B. 



• ••*••••*••* 

• ••■•••■•■••a** 



• *•••*•••••,••• 

a a a 

(/•.inert, J. O. 
Gi«y, Cotton . 

(*uy, I). C 

(s-oost'y, Albtrt 

CrifTin, H. G 

Hall, Sallie 

Haley, J. M 

Harrison, B. F 


• ••••*.. 1 .(V  



8.37 H. bmaon, W. G 3.18 

1.06 Kohinaon, M. M„ Dr 36.01 

28.16 Shee a. Thoa 

5.3 j Sama, U. G. 
|Jfl Stale, T. H. 

6X8 s *»l«. «• 1 61.41 

IM *«•«'•. BngfM w 10.07 

in I Mil * Beat 8.48 

7.95 ^iii'th. Robert H.4§ 

14.84 Spence, Robert F 6.90 

1.69 ^1 ink, l-.nia 11.20 

3.97 Mmi, J. C 

11.00 Th.imp.on. J. C 


• * 


• •*•••••••••* 





sent tl.a real Vogel, C. K. 
an. u al laaeia | Viars, Wal'er h's v  

*•*. •••«•«*..., 




Poland, paid the i^iialty of high po- 
riUta lu ■ country where ractaj and 
rellKloii. anliiiohiiu-a aluaya have 
caused strife and Idoodabed ||a was 
murdered by tin artist who la aup- 
posed to have been the 10..1 of the 
faction led by tieneml Haller. HI* 
opponents sal.l he was elected by the 
votes of the Jews and Germans and 
that he did not r*4)fi 
Pole* Last week tba 1 

h|| » as called t. , ti,er to i-booae h'a , Voae, Frank 1.5l  

•in cessor. Stanislaus \Vo|. I,-, howikl u _ w lafJ 

.. .. u . i....».^. . .1 walker, u, W J.OM 1 

hub elected to the perilous |a sltlon. I „, 

He Is u friend of Padei.-w ski and sue- W r ,,lkt ' r ■ 
ie«Hled the planlat as acting prim* niln Walker, Raymond 

'Vallace, K. B. . 
Wat kins, L. A. 

1™\KNVKK was Murtled Monday, and 1 Waugh. Karl . 
**" ibe fedeml law force.* through- 1 Welch 4 Heat 

Welil,, Jno. W. 
Welch, Jno. W. 
W. l. h. 8. E. 
Weir, II. L 
White, Mary 

Witt, B. F 

Vagfaj Walter 

Viyutt, K. K 

YVyatt, Geo 

Wyatt, Mr*. T. P. 

■jU I Htrndon, J. W., Jr. 

Hibbard, G. G. . . 
Holland, Chas. B. 
Howard, John 
llur.t. MatUe 

1.5;. I- sacs, 

Istac, Grace 

1. j. a . . 

L)f Uis* S 

Tow. ry. A. C. * Ang.e 

wutkuiH, la ran 

Welch, S. E. I- state 106.00 

82.65 Welch, Jno. W 41.34 

3 71 Welch A Park. 63.00 

17.06 y *"-■».. Jno. W. * Co 109.1S 

15.3*. Wren, G. L. 

Wyatt. U. S 

,H Wyatt. Mr.. T. P 

2 1. 1'l ^ "H. E 

4.JI Young, K. E *.12 

7.42 V.itt. B. F. 



out the country :.r..u*ed. by the bold 
exploit of aeven tuaaked bamlin who 
stole $-.l«MS«» In paper currency 
.vbl.h was lielng transferred fi mi the 

Denver mini tu a r.aarve I k dell* 

bad ■ re- 
k'uarda of 
» of whom tli.y killed 
III an 


band was led by Hoy IX 
robber, who e*  uped from Ihe 

Wttmm Leaven»„r,h In Jan.. MM, I Wyatt, U. 8. 

'Wynn. E. C 




Berea College Hospital 

Bed Kq...pmrnl and Servare *l lowest t ost. Wsrds tut Men and lor Worien 

in Child-birth. Ey. No.e 

in and mil an e*labli binriii. which is » Irirnd 111 need, 
siui in ol all the propl*. 

K..a«ai II CslUt, M I) , I'bvtlriaii 
llaai an l i in 11, M il , I'liy-ftd. .an 

I'saaLli H.tav*. M I), I'byiiri.n 

Mis.. Ki.i/aiis-ih U l.awis, K N , Suprrinlradriil 
Miss I.AILA KoaiNsoN, K N , llrad Nurie 

Kalet for hoard and room of pnvair palirnu will he |ii to 



to Tne.r 


Wa.i..u*l..ii. I.ei.eial VV.hmI Mi 

I., mm »' "»• i" 1 ' 1 ' 

. gov 

u ii 

WaaMtejMi i ii emhmm teMan 

me rem reasons »PJ IM general l«u» 

■•i dm nini mmmi si taking tin aaal 

1lo U MM IHUVIWl of tile I IIIVer»lt) "I 

lvuiinjivuiiiu i   valet iii  arpl atorMa 

BJ II. i' university MtlMfHlM MN Ulan 

■ raw .i„.. 

I be dispatches BS Hi,. sut.jr.t Iron 

i .ii' Philippine* while totrlf \ "  utiii i' 

Bias i mn| u • i* ■ 1 1 • - 1   Inilf .1. 'Unite III 
I .rum I ion i SRI truing II." whys BPd tin 
I hei i fiirin. 'I lir puhlle Muni will. I. 
(PSBBfl 1 1 inn ii" Island* I* '" ""' i 
MM Ilii' legislature .mil MM OllMt gov 
ernimuiul linn Iiiih t) in Mm I " i ■ i i i • 

|ilm*H liuvr failed i 1 1 fuii' ii i" 

.mi n ipuled. mul Hint Ihi' gltPPtMp 

there I* limn il 1 ' 1 MM| I" rl"i|" 

linn* critical thai UPBJPrpI W"'"l 91 
peeled II MBM bp Therefore hi- b 
i" May until Ins J. ili I* .1.. lu- 
ll mi nm in liv easier In \\ iishlnglui 
i . • !. lulu res sou-, presumably correct 
BPPft com cruing Philippine HMMn 

imii ii ii (Mb i^i i mmi n h 

|fW Mull within Mi.' administration Hi 

lag in Pyaattealoa iPBtMc tofuiipp Mop 
n denied, imt i hart are certain thing* 
Mhiiii ni.1. fear* bmps Ump gRaai » 
mul artera MM) katkrrs t,. M rass**** 

Ma Nf  i rai WowBTi decision " * »• 

cme home yet awhile. 

Organit jtion for Independence 

rwta u ■ ■■ . " in waaa 

.hgtun w Ii* mm* ilhi-i i I'tTiiri In in neriir. 
liilependcuce f..i Mu' rin|ii'|.lii.'ii inn! 

.•i'..ii-i.ii  iu MactadH Mm effort*  i 
ika atapppt g evsru* i appprpl TIM 
Philippine » aaaasMaMp ,,f in.i. ismten. ■ 
inula the Press Bulletin In 

glnii. an IIIUMl • Mt.-.l Journal with a 

«i emulation «f laMM aagaaa 

i lit* papar, aa i* BRBaeaareaJ, aa Ha 

first page. I. miii monthly in mem 

iMfi of praaalBial i ItMesai 

I lo Ujm aaVMra ef Sail) sad 

se4Uj Bewapppn s 1 

The desire of Hai commission whirl 

•-lit* and publishes the Press Bulletin 

- nf raajfaai ii atees Ma**) mmu* 

pal Mir I'lilllpplni' It Is keeping 
ullve lli* campaign fur audi independ 

■ ma ami II addressee Itiu'lf .llri'illi 

la men iI*t* "I emigre**. F»r mhih 
n iapB aa other. Mm aaJPoestea ..f Uprbb 

•tiule hidepeiuleiire fur MM IkImihIii 

'link tin'-, hsai ii kattat cfea fur mi. 

t llaWaMM uf HmMI |in»i;r»i hi I iu«i' M 

ika rcHuiin. i f Mm rvcatf aiacnaa id tin 
i nUaal sim.u 

rtn-rt' In imllilni: In kIiiiia i.ii tin* fn -i 
"f IIiIiikh Mini Mu' agaajgjtl] aJpfpag 

m ■RBfg of raAgraaa art' pasaa fk*ac 
ii.ii- to Pttillpptna I a da pa w l a a r a Mmp 

ira thr paaajMaafl ol tin* paaaaaj| mn 
k'ri-tai, Imt MM l".l.'|i 'ii'li'i iiiumln 

*Ua) gpggaMkjIi ka M aaaa MMI «hnt it 
Inlavpaata ii« Mm "ptaajfaaMvka'ajr M 
ika pparpj alactad kodjf apppa a ppa 
iraaalaMM i»r i rtUllpptea (Mill ■% 
irkark will pivt- Mm i*:m;(l* HMtf bvlp 
aaajpaapg aJpaM aa* - f kBP4. 
It mppm in in Mm lapprpl bttm W 

tl, it, town HMj| OaBPTPl W....1I kgPfBPBa 
t..» that mil imiI  niimi kg "'i N|Ml 
ill MM ilti.rtH nf ilir IWRPBaptP lib 

TIk-i* waa a 

Willi the n 

.(TnrtK of Mm iPda p a B rt p pr i gropg/i 

rviiriiwnlallvin In MM Ml] nf Wpaklag 
•un. TIM 0MaMBt*l frliniln «n  lliat b« 
I* a iimiI'-k'.i Igklat mu. i uiii iiuvt 
III* way nr kimM Mu- rPMBaP wny. 
Vlaw of tht Administration. 
I i.f vli'w nf Un' prt'st'iit iiilinlnlslrH 
MPB In WaHhlliKtiin PgMPtBkfc] i mmt  ' 
'Hair I'lilllpplni''|«'ii.lrnre la un • 
ipimitlunuhly Mi- Hiiiuf vlow un Mint 
.id by former rn-tddrnt Taft  Abeii 
kg .*nu' bark from the loinpl.-lhui ggl 


It la kiMiWU itelliillely thai tbp ail 
uilulalrutliiu iM'lli'vrM tin- Klllplima un ! 
nut ripe for Imb-pi'mlcm-* and tbal It 1 
..ill. I be Utile xlmrt of fully lo gtvt 

MfcMI tbal ■Mfk from the \l.  v | ii 

•. 1 1 I'd would i .-nit iu llwlr IhmIiik Mill 
liberty quI.-Vly elllier nt their owe I 
or nt tbe liMinla of BPPM PPapPg 
pou Hie Uland, 


latMl In M.e eMrly part nf 
Tpff'i admlalairailna. 
uliort ggpgPM oa and the I'realdent dw 
alred lha  the nenm* Mlif tjld «lve aunr 
Mnn hefure adjnuriimeol to the art for 
reilpriHHl triule relHllnna with  'ao 
ada. The annate tulked Ihla meaHiire 
lo deiith ami It waa nerenmiry to rail 
an eitra neKsInn nf roPgraaa In the 
*prlng to  ni ore Ita eiiiiriiuent Into 
law. Cnninlii later killed the mi'.mure 
Thin yinr It IPMBg likely that It or 
der In prevent the piiiwiiKe of rertalB 
II leiiHiirt'M, or In Pgdjgg In Pgfffg 'he "'nil 
Ini: of an e-iirw MBMaBi IhPfB «lll he 
let I. ...«.• n timid of oratiiry and neur 
kTBtPPJ whlrh will droiAn the other 
IpajgMa lAhtrh nt I .'nil a gggglPB uf the 
aagjg le 

Whan Congrem Quota* Poetry. 

iiuinry reaapfi ItaaH in WaaMtajpoa 
parkapg afla ww timn glgpvlMM I' 

PVP not mi hagg agaj Mint the PHI Id 
Igrptofl i.f RrBPta BBd ROMPg "iiil'lnl 
MM . '.inner)" l" un lire ggfgg ..f rl • t 
Bfti « IMi v.l.l. Ii In kpM IPBBtPn and 

Mfayaaatilatlaai in lafjlalaMtM iBpcthM 
in aMa* i" paaaaM Mii  kfl or that 
hill friaa kefag a pat tad] Ma inw 

CbnRfMa kPnwi kagj i., g^ata |M.etr\ 
nnd other Milnit when the PfMPMI 
■aaNM ra IM MMMppI M ju«nf.v the 
uae of Tha Hiiaaahwli r.....ii pf 
I'oeiry," ..t Ii. lU'ii TkkjM raaaj 
Ureiil Author-.,' or ImmiWi. nf like kind 

narg n| I lime Itepr ntnll.e 

A rl aa t a Aajrfkai pTMpi   f Atakaaaa 
wka «nv prgHpj rraafraaa la ereit a 

inoniiineni M l a r iM P k ollrlen. pa of the llevohitloniiry »nr. Riive 
liN MtMumM aitkM MM BM Pf Hve 
Ikaaa, "Mm wklta -mr ..f paar-a." "The 

t.wei'1 flower of kapa and fnlth." *Bd 
•the Urea of .-arnaae nnd tapflk' 
Then Itoproseiilatlve Wiley wen' 

galrkl) from ryBHaa "with kaaaa* 

rraajMM fkleg upon him" nnd "the 
dread •umnii.n  . ' nnd "the rainbow nt 
glory naajnakag the rh b flower ol 
■PtSRkgftl fold" to n dapi riptlon of 
Mary CMBdlaf, H BUMdaP of the Itevo- 

lution. n BaarrlpMaa a* pVaara by Soi » 

MM of aBPtkat waaapp nt least a few 
.I'liri before Hpff| w'n*. born' 

"She opened bei mouth with win 
dorn an. I In her MkJBg wai the Inw 
"f klniln.".« She looketh well to the 
Way* of her hounehold nnd 
i tie kPPPd of kPMPBPB" 

Claud Ston*'* Ebullition. 

I'll another orrnnlon Itepresentntlve 
i bind I' Stone of Illinois BPad prnae 
nnd p..elr\ In ul . nil .iimil pnrta In es 

gcaaaing hN dfaaapavraJ of nn nrthie 

written I.) "tie Willluin Ihi.Mird llnle 
lii'.'ollii lion kpg It that Mr Stone'* 

dlaappeoTal araa ibpapd by bmM men 

of the time, hut It wun with Hoint'f hint 
like hMMM Miut the limn* re. elved the 
"Kim ihoiililerlni;" nnd the "bugle 

raDlag" of Mr IMMni adkJrggg 
The HMBitlaan BtPftad in with 

"We are roinlna. Father Abriihntn. a 
hundred IMpPpM *" and then 

rapaaiad Iwaatj rkyt ka a j cal im.-M apd 

|„ K with ■ u'uni HBleam.- ' wlndlBg 
BtrapR*,' '.lo'.er deep" and "ro-.e* 

Then raaaa "the rtaaM of 

with Jo.'." ami Mplkj 
"Night '1 enfol.leil kBPPlW and the 

aahraa gatkaaad m" it la only 

proper to -ii. thai tbeae eluilllth.n* of 
BBpHMT dP] wre not all Intended to 

r. pawaa Mbm Bbrm at Mm tniki were 

for Mm MH gPffiMB  f apppBHtSfl Mffji 
l.itlon. hut In the main when hou*e 
.mil Bennte ft nt" the fleld of poeale 
they reimiln Mure to rultl.iite the 
flow er of 4giP] 

Orcb   n ii iime NIcMMi LaRBwaatk 

of Ohio (who ma) be the liepuhli. un 
lender In the next bullae of repreaen 
tatlveai fell Hint be must itnp u flood 
of orator) in order Mull the lum** 
might eel . low n .. biialneis |a It w an 
thut Mr I. nth dared the 
BBfJM "f n ro|p'iaiie who wus druw 
Inc on the BaaTrMPM for nil klnd-i of 

kappfllBl. not to m. kapthV 

i,n. I rose to  ii\ M.l  hluntl) 

"We tune heel Ment. Mr 

but pillion." Inn. rpgaad M he n vlr 
tue We MM irt." 

A vole MBPRll* waa tuken on thr 

Nd Real Naval Power Possible Without Both 
/ Navy and Merchant Marine 


U. 8. Navy. 

Thr I int. .I State* j* a world power. Her mm- 
fnerr-e ia apread o*er Hie aeven *eaj». Tlie pronperity 
of her pi-opl* i*f«afa1 Wfm lier ex|Kirt« ami her im- 
port». By no ktlPtol of the iiiiaKitinlion ran ahe be 
uid to have P gptBgd cyrle of trails. For a nnintr\ 
doing the biiaini'Mi t tint our iniinlrv d *'«, for a 
, , country the pn.-f.enty of fHMfg people depend* on 

V ^"'/V an' h hiiKinoaa, it i* a moid danjrerou* thinp to have 
4gPM W our rarryitip; tra ! died hy fureiirn hotfom*. 

C\ J| U " s ' w *y l ••' :he itule| . ndeiui' nf mil 

country. Tin re is hut one wny we  -an la- properly 
iBdppeiidiiii and that i* to la- st'lf-aulVn ieiit. We oaniuit he wlf-ullinrnt 
MUM we have a merchant marine of our own. We pgaaof. Mag a mcr- 
chnnt marine g| „„ r own union* the p r . nt ship suh-idy hill or gBM 
legtalgttbfl of a like nature i« pn**ed. 

tfltij of our i Hi/eiiH reftiao tc aee tin* undenfithla fact It il dinVu]| 
f..r Ih in In follow the cMil of cn»f- mul elTect whirh produ" - it. r*« r 
exiimple. to a fanner in the vMpf lakk ..f Illinois ,, r |,,wa it |g ppfleall 
to CXpfBia Ihg BtgajgaJt] of an Amernun BMfUMBl RMfinp, Ha BSporta 
his wlieiit, hiiwiwr, mid our i x port.- J ppp B d gpot) ihipa, 

\\.' have not p4 our own men hunt BMritM. Of a n ptit* w have 

I.. d.'|a nd gyaB the men hunt marine of other lountri. i. Quite naturally, 
f iirt',1, those ntlicr 0DB8 trM will simply limulle mir j.'i»iiIh when it 
i* to tin ir advant'ioe to do *o. Should war hn ak. rikWaU Buy *triti". m y 
«n-e. this merrhant maniir wmilil cen-, |g M availahle, and our isnlation 
would at mni' follow, with it  coincident flMkMaffi 

Vo real naval power t- porailll w Miout Mil a regular navy nnd a 
PMtxMal mnriiif. The Ml are imli -oluhly linkiil, nnd cither ia crip- 
•W wit In. ut tl ther. 


$8,795,641,889 From 42,230 
Estates Left to Fortunate 
Heirs in That Time. 


by th 

t* It 
af 1351, 




2 M 

KN liarneaa rl»er* and tunketliem 
Some d*y they will con- 
tinue the experiment* beifun by Benja 
MB Franklin and 
lt*elf. Tbey have 
rlectriclty in another form ti  

uwful.' l-n.nnmil'leil' It II 
ly destructive. 

Temper I* highly 
ergy. Allow ed to lake Ita o»n courae. 
It la capable of do 

Controlled, kept In cheek. a.:id 
rvrted Into uaeful chunnela. It II 
an tie turned Into 

•PaMaara cenKe* n. be a 

virtue" »:i  etT.'.the 

The B|M'e 'he« In the present *e»»loB 
of Ihe sennle. where uni|uc«tl«nahly 
attempts will be imide to delay certala 
MajMalkaa, «lll In large part 
der* of 

It la not to be 

If It 


them up. bin the work 
al proteetlna an nule|.. n.lcnoe which 
la In no way aecure It |h uriced. wouliJ 
eaaj tlila aaapVBBkaBi a lot of money 
mid II might be nereaaary ahorlly In 

Into the isi I, gfgto, 

Of course there are oilier viewpoint, 
■Mi the matter here There Iiiih beer 
ii sir. .n* element In fPRQgppg for yean 
i Mi ll lui* dealred Hint the I'lillipplnei 
he turned Iimmc to slilft for tlieiiiaelve* 
Much Talking in Senate. 
Aa baa bii'ii noli'd from time to time 
.'icrytMjdy in Wiihhliigloii expfrts that 
the *horl kckrIoii of congreaa will be i 
'iiiiiiitlve iMie. ea|MM*lally in the acnate 
Iteinf la previilenl Hint Hie Mkji "' 

lie slriHI^ Will be use. I III lltlelllptH tl 

.en I Ihla iticaaure mul thai iiieaaure 
not by lb. r..r.-e« of orator, hut g| IhJ 

Fnuii the Ktandpolnt of the fellow 
who own* n little place In Ihe country, 
life I* reul life I* earnest. 

It appronrhe* the aeaaon when the 
lure of MpkMj and flahlni; and mr 
denlnK beKlna to fade; when one looks 
back on the many happy ore .alona. the 
great flood of company, the scorea who 
came lo *it and eat and enjoy, and 
went away tilled with happll.eaa. 

Truly. Il hu* been a wnnderful »ea 
■on. Heaven he thanked Hint we have 
so many true frtende. We won't aee 
'em aidiin until early next summer 
but we bad 'em Juat the same. And. 
for that we are grateful, aa we *lt la 
silent retrospect. thinkliiK over aad 
over of the fun we bad, Idly aortlag 
the uii|«ld bills. -Hlchuiond Time* 

If ynii have . hl«h temper It I* 

that you have energy., lamruld 
na n never aet angry or eictied. 

But your tita of anger, your explo- 
alona of temper, are aheer waate of 
the enerar that la stored up In you. 

They lose you your friend*. They 
destroy your Judgment. Tliey bring 
about consequence* which you cannot 
fariBBI and fmui which you may never 

ii.. i   s, your teni|M r a* men har- 
lies* the eneray that la atorcd In mnuii- 
tain torrent*. Kuiploy the "pep" that 
now goes to waate when you fly off 
your handle. In attacking your Job. 

If you have got to Ret excited, iret 
excited pa/pg your work. If you are 
bound to mad. act mad at your 

-elf tor not a  nij IIsIiIiik mure than 

yap lire ui compllsbliig. 

NntliitiK iuiportant I* ever done with 
..ut PBpegP. And If your energy la «l- 
'"'■e.l to run away, aa doe* the unroll 
(rolled stream, you will have none left 
with WPtrk lo do the great 
which »PP have planned to do. 

Temper, kept within bound*. 
U dlreile.l. will mm ■ »""  far  * 

' I'ermll'te.l to • blow' up"' It will keep 

him In itlnual trouble, in. 

In the poor house If he Ii 
enough to eaeape Jail. 

"•" ••'• " »» taka at*** ) 

7 0unce Hen Lays, 

but Cannot Cackle 

roil Mnhiird. Wash.— Whnl I* 
belleviil to be the mnallext pro- 
ductive hen in the country I* 
owned by ISIen Mliler of thl* 
Blaca The chicken wan one of 
ii l.r.Mid of Kh'xle Island pullets 
hatched early in the year. Out of 
I."., \2 were normal »l/.e and the 
...I.I .me never grew larger than 
sewn ounce* Today this illinin 
utlve hen. smaller than the tlni- 
e*t l.aiitain, Ih trying to lay egg* 
aa Industriously aa it* iMafP. 
Tlie dwarf hen 1* healthy, well- 

farpaaSi but tasaa* cackle, it 

has Hiil three agPJI ■ bout a half 
Inch thick »o far. 

Not a Bad Oueaa. 

"Why do tbey ra *e luck big cottoi 
crops now they doa't uae cotton foi 
hose or fabric* for ladle*' dresaeaT* 
ulked Blink*. 

"Ob, tbey need II to make men * all 
wool aull* out at probably." rvpllet 
Jlnka llprlppafcl I nquirer. 

two Ship* Enter Mobil* Bay. 

Htatlallm of Hie port of Jjloblle allow 
thai more than MID veasels 


■y S. *. 

Has a Man Like Thla 
to You? 
Symptom*: Good atyle. good 
looking, looks unlike anything 
but a clergyman, yet he la one ; ha 
la tha Irrefulariat regular feller 
you aver knew. Awfully funny, 
awfully Jolly, quite fllrtatloua, 
wear* good looking civilian tog- 
gery, doaan't want to put a 
damper on people when he 
roniei around Saya he, "I would 
never have my wife mix up la 
pariah tnattera. 8he muat have 
har own Job and not take inlue 
over even aa la the caae with a 
broker* wife" Talk* of hla 




Preecrlptton to Hla Bride: 

r    ■  an antidote for I'arlah 
*k lireen. Vou'll naad It. It 
will be your conatant duty to 
help la parish alalia. 

Abeorfc Thla: 
There Are Oreat Olfferenoee Be- 
Parlahlana and Parla- 



Total of 27,000,000 Ton* Large*t Yel 
Reached— More Oil Ship* 
in Service. 

l oinlon - The total laBBBPP Pf mer- 
chiint vessels afloat at the end of last 
June holding Lloyd's claaaihVntlon reg- 
Isier. exi-eeded ^7.0t»).Wl0 ton*, the 
Mgkaal llgure ever recorded, accord- 
ing to the annual report of "Lloyd's 
Rpgdatar af Shipping." T" these fig- 
ure* *h"Uld he added Sat vessels of 

1.. ".J4.oi:i tons under the heading of 
"class contemplated," whirh brings the 
aggregate to lii..'1'J.". vessels of Js.T.'si,- 
OBB tons On the first total MU ves 
sels of lATtaJkal ton* are British and 

4.1. M irf ia,PSS ( aWT ton* belong to "Wher 

It 1* staled that disturbed politlral 
ami economic conditions, disorganiza- 
tion of exchange* and stagnation of 
international trude, provid kMjPPtP 

aipiaaartaaa for the saasfcaaad fulling 
"ir iii iklpaaiMiag. 

Vessels of all type* of construction 
Intenilisl fur bulk oil carrying and 
built in the lust twelve month* 
amounted to toi or l«»i:f.V tons. The 
fur oil i nrrying 
Is shown by the fad that the 
of these vessel* 
l^TSLSSl ions iu July. 
IMS, M SeVaaVSM t'-n* It. July, llC^. 

DltHagJ Ihe year SSJ veaaela of 
UaKJaJS tons were fitted for burning 
oil fuel, whereas Iu July. I'.IU. the 

Washington. Inheritance* a* a 
Ject of 

Knr thl* 
of the In 
ternal revenue bureau, recording the 
ban- fact* of the estate* whi.h are 
transmitted In the United States nr. 
nf nlisnrtiing Interest. No personal 
iletnll* «re to he found. MtMBB, un 
der the law. Bo such facta may be dl 

The figure* Be not reveal how thi 
fortune* were kepPMPtMS, They tell 
no stories of newsboy* who helped old 
ladles across crowded atreel* and 
later woke up millionaires because the 
old Indies nn fheli dt-athheda remem- 
bered the kind deed*. 

Billion* Go to Heir*. 

What the llgun s pa ahow Is Hint In 
the period from Septetnher. ll'Ki, to 
January, lirjl'. the latest for which 
*tat 1st Irs have sagR compiled. ^J.J.'!!! 
estates passed to fortunate heir*. The 
total sum bequeathed stagger* the 
Imngltiatlon. It amounted to $H,7H.\- 
(Ml.HMll The average Individual would 

con r himself lucky If hla morning 

mall Informed him that some old 
u.i.les will had left him $1.1*10. But. 
within this brief period enough 
money wa* Inherited to make 8.78T. 
millionaires. Th" atttn. If averaged 
among the rerlplents. would give each 
. fortune of about MSS*Na\ which 
I* enough for a man to live upon all 
his duys. Forty-two thousand persons, 
enough to populate a jrood-slzed city, 
all were made rich through inherit 
ance In this perlnd. 

The beneficiary doe* But get the 
whole amount nf the bequest, for the 
stern vlsaged treasury tax-gatherer 
ateps In and takes a share which, In 
some cases. Is as much as one-fifth. 
The total lax paid on these liequcatl 
of nearly tVyOOOJMMIM was |SB1,1SB,' 
323. The smaller estates bring Hie 
average down so that fur the whole 
bulk the rate was only fl.t'.t | er rent 
on an average, or un uvernge tax of 
aptj tBJBJJFMI per estate. The big 
estates ure those vvT.lrh pay the great 
est taxes. For instance, the average 
tax paid on the i state* iu the group 
of aio.00o.000 ami over, waa more thun 


• Lesson T 

ifh#r of y ' ifi r. Rihia  in the) Mrtoa^jjT 

Inatltiit* nf rntraen I 

f*Of** 'tar tit ' • 1 T Wa»pr|»fn fSjRWRnait^T 

the lleuies for July. II 

Mat tons 

Levelopinent of the u«e of Internal 

CpPihuallon engines ia c tnented on. 

Iu July. Wfci there were J»7 motor 
TT — Il of SfSjei ton*, while In July, 
ISlt, there wen' l.tCI) ve.seUl of 
l.:.4J.ltk» ton*. MltPPMj OH more than 

It 1* a curious fart that the heneft 
clarle* of will* greatly dislike to give 
up to ihe tax collector any part of 
the sum Inherited. In spite of the fact 
that It Is a gift for which 
no labor has I n performed. 

The Inheritance tax la levied on net 
estates, that Is. what remalna after 
the deductions pptaaMMs under tha 
tax luws are made. The eatates listed 
in the period under review were 
brought down M a net figure of $5.- 
407.«73.M1 and the tax levied upon 
that sum. 

Many Deductions Allowed. 

Deduction* are of various charac- 
ter*. In the first place there I* a 
specific deduction of ttoO.OOO for all 
» states and n" one who leave* less 
than that sum hus hi* bequest* cur 
tailed hy the tax 

For the period under review there 
were '..en such estates having a gruso 
value of S4."17.471 .•_ M .at. 

The statutory iledurtlorii include 
charitable, pulllc and almllar be 
quests. These took jCilM.4fil.UH7 from 
the taxable total during the I'.Hil 
period. The law provldea that prop- 
erty recently inherited hy the dece- 
dent and which, therefore, hai recent- 
ly paid an Inheritance tax may be ex 
empted. The amount coming within 
thla category was »H7.582.902. 

Funeral expenses, debts unpaid at 
the time of death, and the expense* 
of the. ndiulnlitrntlun of 


OOI.nnN TFXT The Bplrtl of th* 
I/nrd la upon me, be. hum- he h»th anointed 
■n* to pre.rh the auspel In tlie poor.- 
Luke tltS 


the  Ju*rter. 

JUNIOR TOPIC J aaag Went About Do- 
ing Hood. 

How Jesus Mlnlster-it tn the P**gPX 
s.uni- i -|)*r*i-if risti. s of Jehus' ittnlptry. 

Slnee all the lesson* of the quarter 
save one are from Luke, and Hie cen- 
tral and unifying theme la Jesu* 
Christ, a profitable way to conduct 
the review, PI BBBfaatM in Peloubet'B 
Notes, would he to assign the follow- 
ing tuples to the member* of tha 
claa* to make a brief report ti|Min: 

L Christ's SJ J aPlBl to the World. 

2. Chrlsfs Helpers and How He 
I sod Them 

3. Christ * MfM* I'ower *n.l 
He ■aarrlaaS It 

4. Christ's Methods of 
T. Christ'* Love In Its 


ft Christ's 
Showed it 

7. Christ's 
With Them. 

H. Christ's Pity for Sinner*. 

II. Christ s Passing Through Human 

10. Christ as a Missionary and aa 

11. Christ's Relation to the Father. 
11V Christ's preparation for tha 

Climax of His Life 

Another way would be by summar- 
izing eaeh lesson, stating Ihe out- 
standing tuple mid tearhing of ench 
lesson. The following raPjpglSPBJ 
are offered : 

Lesion 1. The birth of John the 
Baptist, whlrh from the hiimiin stand- 
point was Impossible, was announced 
to hi* father, /.urhatiaa. For hla ua- 
liellef he was smitten with dumhneaa. 
Qad experts of hi* servant unqiiee- 
tinned belief in MMl He promises. 

Lesson 2. Jesus was horn In Bethle- 
hem just as the prophet had foretold 
some 700 years before, and at the ng* 
of twelve years he consciously en- 
tered into the services of tlial's ' 
Though conscious of His divine 
and mission. He lived a life of 

Lesson 3. John the 
Istry was a preparntlon for 
Mj of Christ. He 
repentance and . 
upon the Impenitent, 
preacher. • he 

part of 

j wa* consumed by the 
classification "n.lminlitratUe ex- 

not * dying one. F. B. Merrltt. 

say* the 
In the inlted 
Increase of ap- 
proximately |BJM over the number 
ten year* ago The Increase has been 
brought about. Ihe assistant couinila 
alouer «ays, by improved housing con 
illtl.'UK slid in. teased hospital and 
medical facilities There are 7s hos 
pltala at the In. Han reservation* and 
avhoola and IM Bl alclaaa; 81 nur»e- 
and 7t  field inntr. ns are employed. 

"We are pSMBMkl 'u our ludiun an.' 
Iiuhln- school* is '."•«' In. Hsu children.' 
Mr. Merrltt **)  and are aaklng foi 
llicreaaed al'I'C l" nit i"iia to ultimately 
place every Indian i hild In achool*. on 
the theory thai education. MMkM 
and sanitary living condltloua win 

thla l»DHt rj period there 
a eatates which muat have 
been equal to the treasure of the 
Count of Monte Mate Twenty-three 
Inheritance* were In a class de*erlheil 
aa "110.000,000 and over." How great 
are the aums the short word "over" 
covers Is not revealed, but aome ol 
these estates must have been va*t for 
a fax of $02,108. US was paid on them, 
an average of umre than S4.000.000 
each. The gnat* total of the 23 es 
tate* wa* $'. ui ui: i;;i.'. — more than 
half ■ billion 

The millionaire clan* la (utttrleiitTy 
numeroti* to funilah plot* for no end 
of romantic alnrle* of will* and heir* 
In the claaa listed aa bequeathing 
$7o4).000 to $1,000 000 were 382 daca- 
dent*. leaving pro|ierty worth $31*3.- 
427.810.— Frederic J llaakln In th* 
Dally New* 

^ j provide a noluti. u of the Indian proh | Jj^JJ^ 

Church Built in a Day. 

Woodbury. N. J. Beginning work 
early In Ihe morning un bure founds 
tloaa, a liuadn/d uu - completed * 
church building k«/e In one day. 8erv 
held IB Ihe 

Lesson 4. Jesu* Christ after III* 
baptism was led by the Spirit Into 
the wilderness to be tempted of the 
devil. The purp'we was to test the 
renlllv of the Incurnatlon. The re- 
sult was complete victory — a demon- 
slratlim of III* nhility tn save to the 
uttermost all who trust Hun 

Leason 5. Isaiah foretold the gold 
en age upon the earth when Christ 
will reign. 

Lesson 6. While Jesu* was here He 
heiileil all kinds of diseases and cast 
nut devils. He authenticated Hla 
mission and proved His power to for- 
give sins l.y miraculous deed*. •^x- 

Lesson 7. Jesus taught the dla- 
elples the prlnrlplea which should 
govern In Hi* kingdom. Only tho*e 
who have been hurtT from above can 
•I've their enemies. 

Lesson S. While 'tn Simon * houie 
at dinner, a woman who had been a 
notorious sinner anointed Jesu*' feet 
and wl|ied them with her hair The 
sinner - * gratitude to Je»u* for for- 
giveness Is meusured hy Hie appre- 
hension of sins forgiven. 

Laaaan t. Jesus went forth through- 
out every city preaching the gin. I tld- 
Ina-s of the Kln K  !«m of Hod. Tlie fict 
of salvation for sin* SMaBJkS a 
I* truly gla 

itloo of tha 
hla task before them, and with power 
to perform supernatural deed* to au- 
thenticate their mission Those who 
reallie the blgneaa of their task will 
earnestly pray that the I^ird will 
aend forth laborer* Into III* h»r*e«. 

L«**on 11. Je*u*' reply to the quea- 
tlon of a certain lawyer, "Who I* my 
neighbor?" show* that the all Impor- 
tant consideration 1* not "Who ia my 
neighbor?" hut "How run I ahow that 
I am a neighbor?" 

Leiaen 12. A certain rb-h man In 
Ida perplexity over his ataaBPl'tf de- 
cided to provide larger store* and Bat- 
tle down to a life of eeiisuou* Indul 
geuce. The one who laya up treaa- 
urea on earth and i* not rich tow -.r*J 
Hod 1* a fool 

Consolation, Love, Faith, Hope, Life. 

May 1 V i amlle on every 
pain, ami laMP put her balm on every 
wound that life hears' Slay Faith 
ptlBPfllhrp vou a.. In your unavoidable 
trial* and Hui* whUpar through all 
■arrows thai lata terreatrtal life of 

"-re shinlnw of the Life that 

Kill before 
•taut mutual charity a 



things have a ruB  
n ui „ youfsjelvaa, 
. multitude al 

DR. J E. 

Bank * Tea* Cs, 

Rerra, Ky 
OnVe Phose 117 


Noil'T Public 

Phone Ho. 49 



in .11 



hour* H 12 a. m . 1-4 p - 

Leeated in 

No. S 


Jewelry Store 


Pine Line of Jewelry 


Thank You 

for a 
year of 


May You 


of happiness 
and success 
in the 
years that 
•re to 

your shoe* 
repaired by 

Rivers & Hubbard 

Short Street 

Lady With Larga Acquaintance ' 

who U employed in ready to wear depart 
mentor who U dressmaking can become 
established in her own buinness and ere- 
ate a worth while income without com- 
petition. We will send you from fifteen 
to fifty new »tyle dresses kuiiable for all 
occasions, e»erjr month; constancy ex- 
changing unsold models for new styles. 

give bank ref- 

raf PawaUr PricW. Hi k Class Dmmi 
2» Waat 35th St. Maw York City 


We thank our customers for the 
patronage that has been given us 
the past year, and hope we may 
merit a liberal share in 1923. 

We are giving the prices on a 

time a 

Let us supply you while 
our stock last*. 

Queen flour... sack 90c, 4 sacka 3.50 

Krrfio sack $1.00, 4 sacks $3.80 

Mary sack $1.10, 4 sacks $4.30 

Ltxing on Maid, it is just a litUe bet- 
Try it once 

...•••..«••••••■•••... sac k $1.10 

da.-y feed sack $2.10 

f * i sack $*..00 

N-. 2 1-2 sweet potatoes, kraut. 
Hominy, pork and beans ..15c can 

No. 2 tomatoes 12c can 

No. 3 tomatoes 18c can 

No. 2 1-2 peaches und apricots in 

good syrup 30c can 

No. 2 Del Monte and Silver Bar piM 

-pries 30c run 

Michigan navy beans Ill It. 

Cal. mixed pink and red beans. 10- ft. 

Col. red kidney beana 12c Tt  

l.itna beana 12.' lb 

I', and  i White Naptha soap. 6 c bar 
Sugar, the good cane ..12 lbs $' 
Bulk ' , . 13c tT  2 lbs 25c 

Aunt 1'ancake Flour 

• 17c pit., 3 pk. * 0." 

Log Cabin M . I, Syrup ....40c pint 

fUmyg Busy 



Local Page 

New. *f lUrea sad 

Dr. Dnnald Edwards of Louisville. 

Ky.. is 

days with his 
Edwards, of 

Miss Alber a Norvelle, who is ona 
of the teachers In the Blythedate 
S( hools. New York rity, is spending 
the Christmis holiday* with he- 
home people in Madison county. 

Junior Edwards, who is studying 
law it Louisville, it at 

Paul Munry is home for 
days from Williamsburg. 

where he is in th  


W. Va.. ! 

nd Mrs. Mtv 
Magce. workers in the Krenchburg 
« hool, Frenchburg. Ky., are in Berei. 
for a few days rest and visit. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Baugh left Be- 
rt a Tuesday night for Kyrock, !t . 


Miss Nora Azbill and R 

were invited 

ilny at Mr. and 

Fstill s reef. 

R. Boyd Baker and family are 

v ; «iting the r friends and relatives in 

Corbin, London, and other points. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Mullins gave a 

delightful dinner at their home on 
t. take charge of a ho-,s, (h( , stmit ^ ( rumber of 

K ' guests from Mt. Vernon and Bcrea. 

Monday. Christmas Day. 

f(r the 
Orr of 


in the folleg 


E. H. Sexton stopped 
few days visit with the Reinhart's 
this week on his way from Lyrcl. 
Ky„ to Cornell University, N. Y 

Herman Hirschy is spending the 
holidays with his father and mothe- 
Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Hi-schy. 

Mrs. O. C. DeGroodt of Kingsville. 
0. is spending a few weeks with her 
son, Paul K. DeGroodt, Mrs. Dc 
Grood". was a former resident of Be- 
rea. Mr. DeGroodt developed th" 
fa r m now controlled by F. O. Clark. 
She brings greetings from J. R. Mu'- 
h t, who was once at the head of the 
garden department, and well 
btred for his work on the 
Mrs. DeGroodt is living at the Tav 

Miss Olive Sinclair, who is teach- 
ing at Welch, W. Va., is spending the 
h Inlay season with her mother and 
sifter, Mrs. Sinclair and Mrs. Peel: 
She has many friends here, having 
been a teacher in the Academy for 

The West Union school anC Srn- 
• Joint Christmas 
laat Friday 

I urning. 

Mrs. Marshall Robers of Franklin, 
C , is visiting her brothers, Will and 
I'ave Parsons. 

Mr. aid Mrs. C. H. Todd viaite! 
Mrs. Allen of Cartersville. Sunday. 

Mr.. J. A. VanWinkle was MM 
t„ Hamilton, O.. Saturday, by the 
i.lness of her daughter. 

Mrs. Nettie I'off and children visit 
ed relatives in Altamont this week 

Will am I'olf, who is working in 
I'ayton, ()., wns home for the holi 

Justice Jackson, who is working in 
\.,.„li.g Gulf. W. Va.. spent Chris - 

Thos. Nelson, Frel 
B Wilson, Ralph Lephart and Ralph 
Woods were among the former Beren 
students who were in Berea during 
the holidays. 

Paul and Dwight Bicknell, who MS. 
students of State College, Lexington, 
Ky., are spending the holidays with 
their mother and friends in 

Mr. and Mrs. Robe-t F. 
receivirs; the congratulations of many 
friends over the arrival last Saturday. 
December 23, of a little girl, Helen 

Town students are requested to 
start registration for Winter Term 
on Saturday of this week. They will 
begin at the Secretary's office n 
Lincoln Hall. Office open from 8:3« 
a. m. until 4:00 p. m. 

Edgar Wyatt was home for Christ 
mas vacation. 

Mrs. Jim Jackson, who has beer, 
quite ill at her home on Chestnut 
street, is improving. 

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Felix Pen- 
nington on Friday, December 23, a 
daughter. Congratulations. 

Miss Geneva Horner, who is teach- 
ing in the Kenvir Schools in Harlan 
county, is spending the Christmas 
holidays with her sister. Mrs. Csrl 

The Misses Celia and Lura Hvatt 
of Mt. Vernon were in Berea Wed- 
nesday shopping. 

The Misses Jalette and Genev, 

rig arrangements to 
take a business course in Berea Co'- 

Mrs. Towery of Beattyville is 
visiting with her daughter, Mrs. Jessi 


Jesse McKinney and family motor- 
ed to Lexington Wednesday to visit 
reaves and friends there during 
the holidays. 

Friends of Dr. A. F. Cornelius ami 
his wife, Mrs. Cornelius (nee H**e) 
Emerson) will be pleased to hear 
they have located permanently at 
Pine Bluff, Ark., a city of 30,000 pop- 
ulation, where the docor will prac- 
tice medicine. Their address is 122 ' 
Poplar street. Pine Bluff. Ark. 

Jas. Fngle and family have 
to Berea. Judge Kngle is to 
e«.i duet and run the store owned l y 
Claries Smith, the merchant on 
( bestnut street. Mr. Smith will 
Uuvel as salesman for Anderson Du 
line Varnell of Knoxville, Tenn. 

Miss Rachel Norvelle, who is .. 
student of the Kentucky State Nor- 
r. al School at Bowling Green, i  
for vacation, visiting with her 
sister, Alberta Norvelle. 

Paul Edwards, who H 'tudymg 
den «stry in Louisville, is so  ndma- 
* * I Christmas with his pa-ents, Dean and 
Mrs. Edwards, at Berea, Ky. 

Neva and Ray Chrisman are horn* 
for the Christmas holidays. 

Mayor Gay, who has been ill with 
a cold, is improving nicely and will 
scon be back in the bank making th* 
piblic confident of the future and 
happy in the present. 

Jack Webb is home for the Christ- 
mas holidays. 

The many friends of Mrs. Lou Hen 
son, who was stricken with paralysis 
Ins' year, will be interest'! t.. 
of her condition, which remains 
the tame. She ; - at the hoiie of her 
 !»ughter-ii. law, Mrs. Sallie Hanson 
Wyatt, tenderly cared for by her 
granddaughter, Julia Hanaon and 
Mrs. Wyatt, Julm's mother. 

J. W. VanWinkle has arrived in 
Btrea to spend Christmas with hi  
family here. 

The people of Berea who were 
awakened Christmas mo-ning by the 
joyful singing of Christmas carols 
are much indebted to Professor Ed- 
wards and hoce who were up at that 
early hour to help him. 

Mrs. A-thur Reece and son, Jack, 
of Pennsylvania, are spending the 
holidays in Berea with Mrs. Reeces 

and Su » IJowHIyn of 

Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Isaacs of Win.- 
ton were hc-e Sunday to see her 
mother. Mrs. J. H. Jackson, who in 

very ill. 

Mrs. Coffey left Tuesday for t 
visit with her children at Humble. 

F. L Jones and family from Dan- 
ville spent Christmas with Mr. and 
Mrs Estill Jotes. 

Kee arc 

Herman Robbins 
school in Louisvilh 

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson 
Cincinnati are visi ing h  
Mrs. Welch. 

Mr. and Mr. Felix 
m unce the arrival of a 
Ur, Friday, the 22nd. 

Miss Beulah Parsons is spending 
the holidays with her aunt, Mr? 


.. J. 

who is attending 
is home for the 


Most people are in a hurry when they enter a 
bank. They want to transact their business, 
and get away. 

Here in the Berea National Hank, we offer 
otner elements ot me nanning service irienoii- 
ness, courtesy, efficiency but we never forget 
the importance of promptness and speed to the 

Our organization is experienced and efficient 
-and our MEMBERSHIP in the FEDERAL 
RESERVE SYSTEM enables us to handle col 

Berea National Bank 

J. L. GAY. Cashier 



Woods of 


are in school here. 

Bessie Orr, he little 
Mr. and Mrs. Orr of 
too aick to be out. 

Edith Frost is home from 
IVrk, 111., for a few weeks visit. 

McCoy Franklin, a graduate of Be 
rea College, stopped over for a brief 
stay this week. He is on his way to 
New York city. 

Mr. and Mrs E. G. Walker and 
Mrs. Fish gave a delightful dinn-r 
party to a number of their friends 
at their beautiful home on Cen er 
stieet Tuesday evening. Those pres- 
ent were Rev. and Mrs. Earl F. 
/.curler ard their two little girls, Mr. 
a"d Mrs. Benton Fielder, Mr. and 
Mrs. James M. Reinhardt. and E. T. 

Think This Over 

Eoolish people often throw awav shoes when they 
look worn. It costs money to replace them. Wise 
people have the old ones repaired. It saves the price 
of a new pair. Economy is always better than i 
vagance. Bring your shoes to us foi 
aatisfactory results. 

Announcing that A. E. Orr of Cen- 
ter street is the duly authorized sub- 
scrip ion agent for the Berea Citiien, 
and also the Literary Digest, Ladies 
Heme Journal, Saturday Evening 
Post, Country Gentleman, and the 
Atlanta Constitution. 


ccasion of the past 
was a party given Wednesday 
by Dean and Mrs. F. O. 
Clark to a number of their friends 
Games were played during the early 
par. of the evening and later refresh- 
ments were served. 

This is a reviaed edition, brought 
ripht up to date, of a valuable his 
tory of the world, for reading and 

The work is published in twelve 
volumes, contains ten thousand pages 
* t° printed matter, a thousand illus- 
mtions and five hundred maps made 
especially for this series. 

It is the latest and finest history 
M the market and every subject || 
tieated by a rpecialist in his field. 

Professor Rnbertaon was a memh r 
of the Editorial Board and ia author- 
ized to take orders for the set. 
Price $86 to $150, according to the 
bieding. Payments in cash or one 
me at increased price. 


E. L. Thoma 

Short Street 

Berea, Ky. 

If January 
New Year 

not too cold, some 
lay last untii 

Short St., Phone 172 

We need more room in order to 
carry out our plans for 1923. In 
order to get room we are going io 

ware etc. 

Enamel Dipper 15c 

| Enamel Wash Basin 2V 

! Enamel Sauce Pan 20c 

Enamel Milk Pan 20- 

Enamel Dish Tan, 10 qt 4.V 

Tin Bucket: 

— gallon . 46c 

lty gallon 30c 

1 jrallon 26' 

Brooms, Mops. Oil Cans, and Tubs 

Strainers, Pie Pans, Funnels, etc. 
We must have room, and we ne  I 

the money. 

Don't forget that we sell Barring 

ton Hall, Gait House, Maxw. 

House, and Yale Coffees; also coffee 

in the bulk from 20c per Hi to .; 

per lb. 

Have you ever tried our 

The charge for ads. in this column 
is one cent par word, payable in aJ- 

vance. Minimum charge for first in- 
sertion, 25 cents. 

WANTED- Store girl. 
New System Bakery. 

Apply at 

We thank you for 
your kind patron- 
age and wish you 
a happy New Year. 


Short Street % 


FOR RENT— One H-room house 
and 6-acre lot on Chea nut atreet. 
See A. F. Scruggs, Main street, Be- 
rea, Ky. ( P 27) 

FOR RENT -Small cottage; also 3 
oms for rent. For particulars call 
Depot St., 

Wm. Mam iii.i has a good Jersey 
Bull at his barn on Center street, He 
rea, Ky. Your patronage solicit* t. 
Fee $1.00 at the barn. (p28  

Strictly Fresh Eggs 
For Sale 

Call or Phuoe 

Mrs. E. W. Lockio 

2. Ber... Ky. 

FOR SALE— Best quality *oy bean 
hay, baled. Richer than clover. $2o 
pe- ton delivered. I NEED A FRESH ; 
COW. James Watt Raine, phone ML I 



• " y 

A full blooded Airdale dug, 
months old. Fuzzy faced 
as u«ly as any dog yo'i 
1 don't want h.m-but my 
Notify A. Y. 


This is the Market Where Even a Child 
Can Buy to Best Advantage 

You can write your wants on a slip of paper, let your 
little child bnn« it to us, and you will Ret exactly the 
kind of meat you ask for the choicest cut we have. 
Doesn't that appeal to you as the best of reasensfor 
buyin« your meats from us? Try buying where it is 

WUder's Market and Grocery 


Robinson Hospital 

Krrea, Ky. 

Kates for private room 
with board and care 

$1.50 to $3.S7 per day 
$10 50 t. $25.00 per week 

1 OK RENT— Five room appart- 
nient, recently furnished, facing 
street, bath room, water and lightv. 
Front and ha. k porches. Obert Hafe 
«l   enter street, phone Ufi. 
Ky. (p2C  

Ma, Ky. 

ute 2, Be- 



bay t addle h ir«e with black mane and 
tail, white upot in forehead, an I 
white ankle on lift hind legs. About 
!'! hands hiph. Disappeared from 
the lot at my home m 

Anyone having a claim against the 
i stMe of lA-vi I ..n t , deceased, is 


m ming into your home during the 

h ih lays and ( instantly each week for ''' " ''V """'""I to p eiient name to 

a year will mo-, benefit an-t  ";'""' *~}?«_ 
real enjoyment to a whole family - *"" ' w,dow do-eased, also 

s. hool children as well -than any- l  ^»»""u»' o that sh • will 

thing else you could buy for the same J 'am against .ler 
money. Fifty-two iisues- one each »"" , '°' 'd date. All claims 

week for $4.00. A E. ORR. apecial ,m " ,t M P ru P« r  y wined. 

Ewell 1'itUnan, Executor, 

(•MM Dreyfus. Ky. 

Z * 



♦unity newspaper published svery Tbarsday by 
B«RRA rum IRH1NO CO. (I 

Vocational Education Demanding Right-of-Way 

MAKKHAIXr. v a I   .mn Ml Mr JASIBR M HBNHARtrr. IMM Mitm 

■alar*4 at    • mioftV. at Kt . aa K— 1 r 

la»« mall aialtar. 

Oaja rmr, • .»•: »l« nwmika. atraata. Uwaa n.. it. Hrn 

a rayaal* In advartr* 

fttfttiVw. Tttr A i» »t ''iri I Aeeearlsatrrtti 

The Crime of 

Now Ihat the Dyer Anti Lynching Bill in dead, it in Incumbcn'. 
upon the state ai d county authorities of every lUtf in the Union 
to RM every le K al MM within their power to IM I 
of in hlot'cd from the Ame-ican life. 

There U not • civilized nation under the su 
after year on ROT record* H tint of lynchings a« great aa that of 
the United Su *. Punishment of crime ia a aUte and county 
ma'ter aid ahould M a itate and county pride. Kvery human he- 
mic, alien or citizen, hlack or white, who lives within the bound- 
• riea of the United States, ia entitled to the protection of the 
lawa that arc on the statute hooka of the varioua states. Wt.  n 
a criminal has been brought before a court of juatice, it ia proper 
that hia rare ahould be Riven a thoro investigation. He ahould 
be treated an a human, and if found fruilty beyoid any rea 
doubt, Mafia* the penalty that goes with hia crime. No 
or K rou P °" individual* out wide of ronniiiuiea ifuviTn- 
■u honty, \ .. a nirht to jropardi/r the property or th* 1 
life of any other individual; and any peraon found guilty of mal- 
treating any other person, whether it be under the hood of the 
Ku KJux Klan, or a ma: ked face, or in the open daylight, ahould 

auch case*. 

Thia iaaue of The Cititen conuina a letter from Robert R. Mo- 
ton, I'rucipal of Tuskegec Inat.tute, act ing forth the status of 
lynchmg in the United State, during the past year. It ia humil- 
iating to know that fifty seven persona were lynched. However, 
it ia gratifying l   learn that ae\en fewer were lynched thia year 
than laat. 

The right of the a'ate to make ita own lawa and puniah it* 
own crimea haa never been denied; and according to I'rinriiial 
ktoton'a letter real earnest effort to protect priaoncra waa exerted 
by many officera where lynchings were attempted. More lynch 
inga were prevented by efforta of the officers than were com- 
mitted thru the overpowering of officer.. That ia a a ep in the 
right direction, and there is no other inatitution in America that 
ia doing more to establish the proper relationa between the blacka 
and whitea than Tu kegee Inatituta. 

The Oiticn wi.hea Tu* kegee I intitule continued and growing 
aorceaa, and at any time we ran be of aervice we are willing to 
raiae our »oire in behalf of great inatitution and in protest 

ia mn on a haphazard plan ia that 
of houaekeeping. Poor houaekeepin* 
ia not found only among ignorant 
people. Many of ua have been chag- 
rined and disappointed at the mc h- 

calle.| intellectuala— people with col- 
lege degrees and high aoclal atand 

Home Making and Farming call for Specialised Training 

The term "vocational education" ia 
new to a great many people — in fact, 
it ia new to p-actically all of ua. A 
(treat many people in the paat Just 
pu ked   ut a profeaaion and in a more 
or lea. haphatard way began to ply 
their trade. If he happened to b* ■» 
doctor, he aomctimea went into the 

uiider airing buaineaa on '.ho aide, f r ir.g, of culture in the academic 

it waa a very profitable buaineaa in tranches, but with no aenae of value* 

crnnection with hia major profeaaion. in building up a home. In the first 

If he choae U  be a teacher, he con place, they cannot cook a decert 

vinced the local truatee that he coul 1 meal, and if they were wor h a mil- 

n-Hd and cipher, ard he waa given 'ion dollar." could not tell the cook 

the home achool. If he preferrel hew to do it. In the aecond place, 

bb.cksmithing, he learned by the they do not know the art of derorat 

trial and failure method un il he be ing a home, and the more money they 

rrme aome kind of a blarkamith. If huve to spend upon it, the more 

hi failed to temper the ax properly gl idy and unsightly it becomea. 

v irile welding on a new blade, he Then the question arisea, "la hon.*- 

eharged to had lurk or the dark ff making a acience?" It moat aasureo- 

tht moon. Moat of oor pioneer pro- I) ia, anil one that no girl shoul I be 

fesriona were filled in the same way, al'owed to finiah college without 

and the good people trusted to a kind msste-ir g. The highest misrion of 

It ia regrettable that aor 
moat important profeaaiona 
are still conducted in the same way. 

I: is within the memory of our youn." 
men that the Science of Ag~irul ure 
lierame recognized by people other 
than the Schools of Agriculture. 
Farmers in 

of the grl who 
of life ultimate 

Winter, the Time to Go to School 

ia the moat favorable aeaaon of the year for attending 
It ia the shut in aeaaon when the great out-of-doors haa 
the leaat attra. mn -when a warm, coay room ralla for continued 
occupancy and long nighta are conducive to atudy. It ia under- 
stood that the average peraon ahould apend from one to two 
lours in preparation fur each recitation. It ia difficult to -i  this 
during the sun. hut when the nighta are ahort and the rooma arc 
hot Winter ia alao the time when labor on the farm ia 
l-roductive. In moat localittea it ia conaidered th 
of the year -the marginal period. 

The way a peraon uaea hia marginal time almoat alwaya de- 
termine* the character of the peraon. Some of ua do moat of our 
reading and mental expansion during the marginal time uhe l 
we are not occupied at the routine of making a living. The 
de iny of thouaanda of young people thruout America will i . 

aa her 

ambition. If she ia still 
living in the hopeful atage of life, 
her highest hope ia to build a home 
With thia premise fundamental to 
the life of a woman, then is it no; 
reasonable to ask that ahe ahould 
y places plant their atudy in a scientific way the art of 
to the condition making a home? Standing on the 
of the moon. The rcientfiic farmer pinnacle of all the profeaaiona today 
doea not plant hia po atoea in the are the Church and the Home, and 
moon he planta them in the ground, they a-e the profeaaiona that make 
The unscientific fa-mer will not de- UH leaat requirement, of thei. 
horn hia ralvea during dog daya, for leaders. 

h« rlaima it will settle in their head. Berea College, wVh ita many other 
He doea not aay what will settle in departments of education, realizes the 
their heada. He haa just followed need of better Agriculture and bet- 
the aupera ition and allowed hia con- te- Home Makers. It also realizes 
duct to be governed accordingly. The that the purauit of scientific studies 
scientific farmer, by process of stud) along these lines gives inspiration 
and analyaia, leama when the condi- aid viaion. These s'udies determine 
tion of hia soil is right and the sea- the ability of young people just as 
son proper, then he plants his seeds, much aa the atudy of the claaaica and 
Science in Agriculture does not mathematics; and if young men and 
teach you that all the old method.i y  ung women are not able to master 
are wrong— but it teaches you the them, they cannot expect to rise to 
reason why all the old aucceasful great hc.jrh a in other linea. Let us 
methoda were aucceasful. It ceases become nation -builde-a by beginning 
to become supe-stition and guess with the two greatest needs of our 
a acience. pierent day— Better Homes and Bet 

Another important profeaaion that Ur Agriculture. 


School of Berea College has 
One ia Newer tot 

Bye. Old Year! With 
steps and slow 

You slip into the darkneaa and the 


The vague and Shadowy myth* of 

Long Ago; 
And where the SUence of the vanish - 
^ ed years 

Kreaka into voice upon the windleis 
a bore 

*.'  u enter peaceful havens, ne/ci 

To toa. upon the tempeata of wild 

Hut there are furrow, sown with 
your old seed 
To burst if 

in my heart are 

That raptured hopea of all your 
gallant d ad, 

No other year can give to my de- 

Thc bells that toll at 

To cull the yeai away, 
They lure my heart in dr 

To fields of ycatcrday. 
0 little churchyard clustered 

AkuiiisI the swaying pine, 
I'o New Years morning" whisper 

To your heart aa to mine? 
 » little loM Beloved 

Long absent from my knee, 
There i.i the churchyard quiet 

Do you grow old wi h me? 

» husuiMii for other days, as we see 

orly the bright and happy ride is r;- 
u i inhered. But that ia the wonder 
•J Ufa The sorrows fade away, but 

v ish to remember only aueh abi.lng 
things as love and faith and gladnes* 

and beauty. Le* ua therefore put , w ' 
these thinga into the year at ita bo ! w  " '»» 

We are booating for Berea. We 
want the buaineaa men in Berea to 
get the buuneaa. We want them to 
prosper, of course we do. We be- 
ll, ve in cooperation. We believ. 
thai if you work with ua and we 
work with you, the year 1923 will be 
a proaperoua year for ua all. 

If you are disaatisfied with the 
.oil of paper your publiaher ia put- 
ting out, remember that it ia not all 
hi* fault. He ia doing the beat hj 
can with the amoum of money you 
hnxe invested in him. You do not 
want your local paper to lie support- 
ed by advertisera in neighboring 
towns. This is bad busmesa. It pulls 
l«ople away from Berea, and it 
doesn't look good to those in other 
pert, of the country. 

This leads ua to say that The Citi- 
zen ia getting out for distribution 
th-uout thia locality a very attractive 
almanac for IfHk This almanac Rjttf, 
be distributed to every Citizen sub- 
si riber in Madison and neighboring 
counties, and to every family in Be 
tea, and alao there will lie free dis 
tiibution of these almanacs to peo- 
pli in the outlying iieighho'hoiid 
who are not readers of The Citizen 

We want this uluianuc not only tu 
Kignalize the « nergy of th • Berea 
I'uhlishirg Company, but we want i' 
to atand for he buainesa enthusiasm 
•J the people of Bereu. We do not 
wunt thi* almanac to contain only 
advertisements from business men in 
Richmond mid neighboring towns. 

When our reprct entative culls on 
v u for an ad. in the nc\t duy or au 
foi this uluianuc, get one ready fo 
him, and if you are not now a sul. 
si rihcr for your local paper, atar 
the New Yeiir right by sending u.t 
 rur subscription at once. 

Assuring you of our sincere wishe- 
for your prosperity and happtnes- 
•luring the year l'JJt, we beg to re- 

"The education of a child properly 
begins with hia grandfather." That 
quo ation cannot be taken too literal- 
(T. altho it is true that inheritance 
pluya a great part in the training ot 
children. We have recorda of edu 
crted men and women who cannot 
point to a single ancestor whose ed- 
ucation was obtained in the conven- 
I ii nal schools of the day. Because 
y  ur father M grandfather did not 
go to school is no reason why you 
ahould not harbor an ambition for an 
education. In tru h, It has been only 
a few generations since all of our 
fathera and mothers were colonial 
pioneers without formal education. 

The history of aucceasful men up 
at ts all preconceived no iona of the 
"fixed" p!an of getting an education 
or getting ahead in the world. 

Some will tell you that the day of 
great adventure in business is pa«t 
vorld is so 
tape as to 
make it next to imporsible for a new 
P«rson to break thru. Others will te'l 
you that your education depends up- 
Ion the a art you have gotten, and if 
| you have not kept the prescribe I 
grades in achool ab-east with your 
growing yeara, you should not try for 
There is no 
in educational pursuits for 
the ambitious boy or girl. If you 
have reached your seventeenth birth 
duy and are s ill in the grades, you 

just laugh at the philoaopher who 
tells you that it is too late to be- 

Time and space will not 
It enumerate th« 


A very Important department in 
Berea College is the Foundation 
School, for it deals with the funda- 
mentals of education and eliminates 
a lot of children's play that is neces- 
sary in the average graded school tj 
keep the youngrters still. The stu- 
dents of the Foundation School are 
past the restless period. They do 
not require busy work to keep them 
still, for they are young men and 
v i men with a conviction of their 
needs and have found a place to 
meet those needs. 

If a young man has more years to 
hi.s credit than he has grades in 
school, it is no hardship in Berea, for 
age is not the main consideration. 
Ambition and desire for an educa- 
tion are the great requirements. Do 

i you desire to improve your educa 
' ion ? Do you crave to get away 
from home for a few months and get 
acquainted with other people? Do 
you wish to get into a crowd of young 
people very like yourself in age and 
purpose? If you can say "yea" to 

j ali the above questions, there is n 
place in the Berea Foundation School 
for you. 

.Look at These Prices 

Ford Touring Car $298.00 r. o a * 

This is the lowest price at which the Ford Tour 
inn car has ever sold, and with the many new im 
PT°*— including the one-man top, it ia a 
Digger value than ever betore. 

Ford Runabout $269.00 * o ». 

Where can you find a greater value than the Ford 
Runabout at tftantw low price. Time saving ab- 

Ford Sedan $595.00 * • * 

At the new low price the Ford Sedan represents 
a greater value than has ever been offered. It pro- 
vides closed car comfort in a dependable quality 
a minimum cost. Your order place 
 t delivery. 

Ford Coupe 

$530.00 f o b 

The world has never known an enclosed car of 
this type at a lower price. No car at any price has 

Place your order now to insure early delivery 
Term, if 


gasoline filling station is now in 
Indian Gasoline and Havoline Oil. 



Short Street 

Berea, Kentucky 

Rev. Earl F. Zeigler. 


sermon at 11. Subject, "Yesterday, 
Today and Tomorrow." 

At 7 p. m. there will be a special 
musical service in the auditorium. 
H. E. Taylor will play several organ 
numbers, and Professor Rigby is 


All who were present last Sunday 
evening enjoyed the beautiful candle 
light service given by the choirs of 
the church. Sunday-rchool children 
formed a processional with the elec- 
tric cardies and placed them around 
he balcony balustrade. Concealed 
choirs sang the Christmas carols. 
The organ, the solo by Miss Baker, 

Everyone of the children were made 
happy by presents, and the parents 
were not forgotten. Mr. Bender, the 
superintendent, and his wife are U 

the Sunday-rchool Christmas tree, and 
Mrs. R. H. Chrisman especially 
thanked for getting up such a beau 
UM program at auch ahort notice. 

united to make a service of 
beauty and very worshipful. 

On Tuesday evening Prof 
Raine'a Sunday-school class of gills 
gave a Christmas play before a 
crowded house. The scenic effects 
were well done, and the story of the 
play a distinct message. A short so 
cial period followed the play. 

Mrs. Cowley and Mrs. Griffith's 
classes are planning some hing of 
pn gentry in the near future. 

The Junior C. E. are expecting new 
books for their work banning with 
January. They are making Ann 
pi ogress. 

The Sunday-school entertainment 
01 laat Saturday evening was well 
planned and as well carried out. 

and Santa Claus made hia usual ap 

Mies Blanche Weir entertained n 
number of her friends last Friday 
evening at her home on North Main. 
An enjoyable evening- was spent by 
the young people playing 
pulling candy, 
to quickly, but thia is the 
pointed by the 
for all student parties to end, and the 
fun had to come to a close, to the 


at Union church will discuss "Good 
Reaolu ions for 1923." A remarka- 
ble article in The American for Jan- 

Lodge No. «17 F. 
& A. M. elected the following officers 
fo: the ensuing year, December 27, 
1 Q 22: Leon Lewis, master; W. C., S. W.; W. B. Jones, J. W.; 
D. N. Welch, treaa.; E. T. Fish, sec.; 
M. D. Bowling, S. D.; L. L. 
son, J. D.; W. S. 

Juatice Holmes of the U. S. Su- 
preme Court, speaks of the necexaity 
among all men of correcting "the 
ignoble excess of noble 
There is a wise and true 
Most men are righteous in 
pilling motives, but as we 
splendidly aflame with our cause, we 
arc prone to forget that even a good 
cause does not jusUfy 
ance or insanity. 

Speaking of a certain famous per- 
sonage, a very just man said the 
| other day: "His ideal is splendid, 

Institute, Ala., 
Dec. 31, 1921 

Dear Sir: 

I send you the following 
lynchings for the past year as 
P led at Tuakegee Institute in the Pf 
purment of Records and Research. 

j Mon-oe N. Work in charge. I find 
not including those killed in strikes, 

' riots, etc., thst there were 57 per 

I sens lynched in 1922. This is 7 less 
ill. hi the number 64 for the year 1921. 
Tl irty of the persons lynched were 
taken from the hands of the law, l'i 

I fr»m »nd 17 from officera of th. 

law outside of jails. 

I also find thai there were 68 in 
-tallies in which officers of the law 
piewnted lynchinga.. Fourteen of 
thise instant ca were in Northern 
Slates and it we"e in Sou'hern 
ttllM, In 54 of the cases the pris- 

. ■ , IS 

li or one-third of those put to death 
wen- charged with rape or attemp ed 
nipe; 6 of the victims were burned 
t.. death; four were put to desth and 


change the old year, I 
we wish to 

aken. In the 4 other instances, 
u-nied force was used to repel tho 
wi uld-be lynchers. In 10 instance , 
ei'imetioia carrying penitentiary sen- 

l n hers. 

^ Of the^57 perrons^lynehed in 

against those burned tJ 
deuth were, murder, 2; rape, 4. 

The offenses charged against the 
whites were: murder, 2; fighting, 1; 
charges no! reported, 3. The 
against the Negroes were: niurd *r, 
9' murderous assault, 4; rape, 14; 
ut tempted rape, 5; killing officer of 
the law, 3; horae stealing, 2; being 
i- tiinute with woman, l| no special 
cra-ge, 2; killing man in iltcrcation 
It striking man in quum l, 1; ribbing 
and striking a woman, 1; cattle steul- 
ing, 1; uaing inaulting language, 1; 
for being a a rike breaker, 1; mis 
li ken identity, 2; indecent exposure 
of pi -son and frightei lag woman 
BJkj .hidren. 1;; office, 
of the law, 1. 

The nine states in whuh lynchings 
occurred and the number in each 
State are as follows: Alabama, 2; 
Arkansas, 5; Florida, 6; Georgia, 11; 
l„.u ma. 3; Mississippi. I| Oklaho- 
ma, 1; South Carolina, I; 
2; Texas, 18. 

The Christmas tree and the Christ- 
mas program given at the Christisn 
ihurch Monday evening waa a greV 
success. The program was good l m i 
beautifully carried out. The 

uory shows that men in middle life j but it is impractical; it will Lake the 
can learn as well as children. It u world a hundred years or more to 
not too late for anybody who will to catch up with it." Ah, but how poor 
be "changed into another man." and drab a thing life would be if now 

the thought of the world a noble vis- 
ion of something better and truer 
than is contemporaneously possible 
Thank God for th 

Are we too 
licve that a 

if we be 

To Our Many Customers 


May others be as good to you in 
the approaching New Year as you 
hnve been to us in the year that is 
now slipping away. Our policy *o* 
the coming yenr, as it has be«i in 
the past, is to search the wholesale 
markets for the goods that we are 
si-re will give our customers the 
aervice and satisfaction and to 
lie goods at the 
and share th-so 


J. M. Coyle & Co. 

Berea. Kentucky 

Chestnut Street 


Mr. stebert F 



Ml Jnnfcor Clebe For 

la.t Year 

Paint Lk*. Ky 

Dk. IS, 
Mr. Robert H. Spers'e, 

Rerea. Ky. 
My dear Mr. Spent c 

Our 0. P. W. Mub mcl this after, 
noon »t. the school house for their 
meeting. While ii 


G. W. Bra cher reported to the 
f'runty Agent today that he had a 
ccw which wan failing in her milk-- 
only giving I quart* a day. He bo- 
g*n to feed her soy bean hay, rn | 
addition to the small corn, ami in a 
few weeks she was giving around 'J 
gallons of milk • day. '•Raise and 
fed more soy bean hay," says Mr. 

Now   the time to l.ogin plana for 
the cow feed next winter. Ever  
farmer who like* cream in hia coffee, 
a glnss of milk to drink and is keep- 
ing a tow and owns a pieae of 

14 should raise soybeans 

ralna Sparks, president; Inis Hutch 
ip», flu pmliltl Lillian Hutchins, 
secretary, and Arthur Kidd. leader 
Von will probably think that to re 
organize with only 14 members i  
• It t come down when last you 
mt had learly 10. but we are worl-- 
n| Icr ipiulity instead of quan- 
,ty. We hope to have one of the 
i«ft working dub* in the county, am' 
I am going to do my best to mak. 
ire O. P. W. Club one that you will 
hf proud of. 

We invite you to our business 
meetings, which will be the last l'ri 
.'r.y af crtioon in each month, betrta- 
r.rng next month. 

When the weather opena up so we 
  an, we are expecting to put on some 
more (rood entertainment*. 

Yours for a good club, 

Lillian V. Hutchina, 
0. P. W. Sec 


The following people, af er discust,- 
irg poultry with the County Age"!. 
.!. i ale. I to keep a complete reco-d of 
their work and report monthly !o 
il.i County Agent so that they may 
kMM and others may know what 
hero i- in poultry raising: Richard 
l ••!!, Berea; Carlo* Mi Hone, I - 
IM I '-': Mrs. .John Kindred. Heron: 
1. I McQu". n, Kerea Star Route W. 

C. R-'- 



I Parsons. Rercu R. 2; J 
Holds. Betca; and Mrs. I 
nut, BffM Star Route. 

J. R. McQueen recently pun hased 
frm-o bred Leghorn cockrels to head 
his flock of Brown Leghorns. Mr i 
and Mrs. McQueen made wonderful i 
in their pou'.nv 

Mr. R. F. Spence, 
C onnty Agent, 

Orlando. Ky., 

Pec. 22, 1922 

I ,ar Mr. 

Our club met at Covi sch  1 hou-i 
IHcember 15. \fter aonga and prayer 
the minutes were road and approved. 
BMM of the club members made 
short talks and some interesting ' 
talks from farmers. We received a 
icqueet from  . farmer for admission 
u.d membership to our club. He is 
JS years old. We didn't know what 
to do about it. please advise us. 

After all business was taken care 
of the meeting was given over to Iht 
farmers who are in the county 
achievement contest. They gave M 
p:ivileg» of a cha' r ™n.n for the club 
vork. We aeleetcj Earner Bullock. 
Yours club 

Others who wish to keep poultry: 
records for MM and retelve informs 
tion along the line of poultry rais- 
ing call and sea County Agent | 
Spence and he will furnish Poultry | 
Calendar, report blanks, report cards. 
I ullotins, etc. 

All the farmers and their families 
living on Berea College land spent 
Wednesday. December 27, in Herci 
attending their regular annual meet- 
ing and banquet. An excellent din- 
' er was served by Beics JVdejte. 
After dinner there were interesting 
talks from President Hutchins, I. H. 
( hesnut, John Kindred, Prof. F. O. 
• lark, H. E. Taylor, and others. 

One of the interesting things M 
th© program was the announcement 
of prizes given to the farmer who 
made the most progress during th-? 
year. First prize $15, J. R. Mc- 
Queen; second prize $10, John Ander- 
 .n; third prize $5. Richsrd Burnell. 
were made for a fsrmers' 
one day out of each month, 
for January, February, and March. 
The school will be held in the Berea 
College Vocational Chapel with mov- 
ing picture slides and demonstrations 
oil farm and home conveniences. All 
the farmers within reach of Berei 
are invited to these meetings. 


Hay And Grain 

Corn No. I white T8' r7SHc. No T 
white 77^t 774c: No. :t yellow -*« 
784c: No. 4 white 7.- 4*r7«4c ; No 1 
yellow 7T.4'.i7«V: No 2 mixed 77* 


Wheat No. 2 re.l si 41 4 1 .42 : No. 
3 IUMHO1-4014; N.». 4 $l..coi :t74. 
Oats— No. 2 white Tstfr .»4c : No :? 

white 4n » Ii I!'. : No °. mixed tBH 
U lit. : No :: ih.v.I 4»4 U 111. ; No I 
while 47W4S. 

Butter, Eggs And Poultry 

Butter -Creamery .Vl  j . Vic , Da ry 
fancy )*► ■ : packing stock No. 1 2*-; 
aacklaa, Btod No. - is.-. 

Eggs— Extra flrsis Me; fresli fir-t .« 
Uc : onBaaaj Irai - I2«-. 

Use poultry F»tl| 4 ll.s and oxer 
17c; under 4 11- i:tc; roosters 12c; 
fryers I lbs i ml over Hi. : hen tur- 
keys HI lbs and over .Th ; old T.«n 
turkeys H  lbs and over Mr; yung 
Tom turkey. I   :i.s mid over :k"« ; 
gee»o, choice $B*\ 

Live Stock 

Cattle Sleers | I t.  eliolce $~Q 

11; fair to S«;.i7 ; common to 
MOB; ions peed ta cBesee MBBfl 
(J: canaers *l..*s» o J ; st.x-k steers 
*4..'-» i7: stock heifers Kt : k*1H'* . 

I'ulves li I to . lo.i.e $12(1 12. 

fair to (aad MO IB; common and 
large $49? 

Sheep  ; I to choice $."i0 "?nl ""»: 

fair to uo.m| $MJ&BBj .ommon $191; 
buck.- M9SJB; B«M  " H»alw 
MBJOQ i» : fair la a I $11B U "si 

Bogs Haav) *v.*si ; rkotra paefcan 
noil bat chars $BJB; mMm MlM] 
heavy fat -o«s »ti'u7; Unlit shippers 
MsW; $$8* HIU pounds and less) 

Somewhat Monotonous. 

Some men are too methodical In 
their habits, and so are some horses 
Twelve months hk   s horse fell with 
Its owner near Hlaiiehvlew, Qtieens 
land, and the rider fractured his left 
thigh. The other day the same horse 
fall agsln at the ssrae spot and th  
aauie rider fractured th* same thigh. 


It is our 

The National Repu' 
The National 

to otter THE CITIZEN with any of 
at a much reduced price: 

Regular Pncr fUgg 0«er 

$1.50 I 
1.50 I 

is an 

Regular Prks 

The Courier-Journal —daily $5.00 I 

Lexington Leader - 
The Lexington Herald - daily 
Southern Agriculturist 
St. Louis Globe Dei 


inuti Enquirer 

$5.00 ■ 
1.50 i 

$6.00 [ 
1.50 I 

$ 50. 
150 . 


$1 50 

Clubbtni Offer 






Dr. Grant Does Not Like Divorce Canon 

Katherine MacDonald 


(•or two years the mnrrlsire of 
Rev. I»r. Perry MMUMf Ornnt, rector 
of the Rplscn| al t'hurch of the As 
censlon In New York, to Mrs. tilts l»e 
Aeosts l.ydlt: bus been blocked be 
two husbands 
two years Or 

of his church which forbids the remar 
rlace of either baft] to a dlvor.c el 
MM where the divorce Is gflMtd for 

(Mil 1 li*.- la. u.1 I .k tl 

iniiu. iiiy. in wohii   .ise nie 
tlon does not npply- fo the 

t»n tl of he ceneral I i 

My of the Raiacapal ehaara the ret let 
ren. w.d his a'tack. Khlns out a pre 

pared Interview in wMcB I Mefta4 

the ennon Invads* the civil egthoftty, 
and besides MVBan the biblhnl In 
Junetlon on which It Is based |s ef 
doubtful Hiithentt, Ity tmd expn W II 
.lewis!, custom rather than a 
truth, tie concluiled : 

"The real ipiest'on Is Wbetbei IhenllHJ or s. 
institutions: sn eecHte eonccptien or the eii*il 
the 'lend or the living " 

nAl Pi;MN(i3 

!M in the MM 


Handsome "Kstit" MacDonald. th* 
"mom" st-ir, oil born in P ttsburgh 
m 1892. Sh* rscsived bar early edu 
cation thsrt, sftsrwsrd attending 
Bijirsvllle coHtg*. Her screen carter 
begjn. without previous stage saptri 
met in iupport of Douglas Fairbanks 
m a popular production. She *s five 
fret, e.oht inches tail, wslght sbout 
134 pounds, has light hair and large 
blus ty*s 8h* is considered ont of 
th* most beautiful woman in America, 
o*? i iXnOMt f  sit T h# A m# r i c in 
ty " 

Long-Sought Contented Man LMscovered? 


«f the 



WWW DAI  l \   N Kits 

LI ITI.K BOCK, ARK. — A eha- o ter 
Istlc letter from Wood It ilawater. 

araeMeal of the RaJanaMat bank of 

Morrllton and one of the . st known 
members of the Arkansas r.mklnK «* 

eerfatloA, Is poMMaM by Oeaaeaaeea 

snd Klnanee. a hanking pul lieatlon of 
New York The letter d.-ellnes an 
offer of Mr Rainwater to beciune a 
member of the staff Hnd Bfti .mt fully 
the reasons for rejecting II. •■ i*Ter 
Mr ltalii« titer's letter fol|..\vi: 
"I.ear Mr I'rice: You request my 
services to help .silt QaajMssfaa and 
nuance. I   ouldn't think of It. I 
live Id s little town In Arkansas with 

41 of the finest folks on earth, about 
IBS! Mtjre e^ual to other Inhabitants 

"I have a private alt day bank that 
l ets me all I can spend 1 wind It 
up Monday and It run* mull Saturday 
without my attention or work I fish 
twa iaya a week, piny golf ilinv. and 
. los.. up on Thursday for the benefit 
of my ajlrl stenographer, and play the 
tlddle all day Sunday 

•1 have six. friends here snd can 
see them In fifteen minute. You have 
about Baa In New York and yon 
esaMel llnd them In s monih. 

••A« s.s.n as jrou die yoiiH com. 
by bars and forever kick yourself $8 

it nothing but high building*, trn' 

lb- . ops and strangers. 

' Mr I'rice. It's a dirty shame a fin. 
fellow like yourself has fo live li 
New York on a treadmill Come ne 
down to Arkansas I'll give you my 
obi. ken  ind egg profits or my bank 
profit* either Is as much as you . an 
spend Resides, ynn oifh live with and 
know furly one of the finest 
earth, besides oilier thlnge 


I • 1i»n a) ■am 

. ' - III 

— I n 

i mi* 1 

I^ovesickne^ss May Be Described as the 
Universal Disease of Man 


[ Ttrill im$ ti, a}' 1* described as Um univereal dis*'ase from which 
every man or woman suff. rs at least once— usually more than omv. Being 
in love is an obsession with perfectly definite and 'discoverable ami 
mental reactions. * 

Lovoii km ss in it* se.-ond stage— when love is gratified — is/the most 
glorious form of health. The individual's organism is working on a 100 
per cent basis, and under the influence of that stimulation can accomplish 
tasks which under any other circumstamvs would appear too diflicult 


I believe that if man and, woman could fall in love every year they 
would find the secret of ternal youth. 

Supposing a young man ia in love with a girl he cannot marry. lie 
must fall in love with a i?'ri he can marry. If he adorea the boss" daugh- 
ter and she ia destined for a European count, let him find some other 
young woman with red hair, or dimples, or a beautiful throat, or the 
physical fetish, whatever it may be, which was the real inspiration of 

He will find it eaay to transfer his anVctiona to 

In love there it always a substitute juet aa good 

Raaaolu \ oiler, bus coin- 
suicide rraai sheer bore- 

Bored, KiUs Himself 

Naples.— Life is not always ex- 
ciUug enough nvn for members 
of the dread "I'amorra," and ooe 

of the uiost n rlous Cauior- 

rista, tCujteiilo Volier, 

nun- had a 

rl, wife, but she 
husband's violent 
■ pauious. and dl- 
u ml her Income 
niter promptly re- 
married, till* lime a poor and el- 
derly Italian woinau whoa* af- 
fection* be believed would last. 
In spite of bat age tliey lasted 
loo lou*. and Voller j 
friends lu law N afj t ai | 

Volter for 
wealthy J'reie 
tired of her 
deeda and fiat 
vorced herself 
from him. Vi 

SI I Ml I It lepend 
on . rainy day * 
The ill I red anM tn  'Hislderate insn 
or woman Is NfSjeoaee enough st any 
time bin when there I* rain In the 
air saw Bead underfoot IM or she I* 
Mettle*)!) unendurable 

fine has to be e»|Hscia!ly careful In 
walking in a erow .led street when pe 
rtsatrlaaa rarrj "|M-n umbrellas and 
. oiisi.ierable fort.enran. e and *•• '«! 
nature sre re.piliv.1 when by .bHiee 
mofher prrMSB'a opened uinhrelln be 
..ones tawaasM la y  ur veil or In the 
trimming aa  otir bat fiaaM wel um 
brellas sr.- likewise dltn ult to man 
age. espe. 'tally tn BSjMtf 
It.- on your guard lest they lean or 
•Irlp agaln-i ra«Jt nelghhor When en 
(••ring h pill. II. plaea — * ltl.r*ry or 

i**laara1 or rlaaveB f»r aHssasaa 

wto ie Ikare i  aaV) way !•• leave a wef 

uiubrellH In the vestibule or the rn 
Iran.  • hall do mi by all mesne In 
many depurimeni stores a b  y with a 
I.e. bfcsj n.ek Is placed at the d..ors 
r,.r \ our . PSIVeSSSMSt a and slf hough VOa 
are eat reipnred to i heek your wel um 
bratll 'here Is usually the desire that 

roe will Take the few asMMtoaal 

minutes thai are lie. es««ry for this op 
eratlon ami so SVoM annoying other 
people with your wet umbrell* 

In many homes there I* in umbrella 

■vxaptaete m the rsetfiMsn* and svhaa 
entering you can very conveniently 
leave your wet umbrella there Your 
I uhOSf I eaa also ha slipped off In the 
vestibule In other houses there Is sn 
satrasVS hall In SrhseJl It Is more en 
wnlent to deposit VOIir Wet Ulllbrells 
and ruhbers but whatever you do. do 
not cling to these wet possessions 
when you go Into th* living quarter* 
of the bouse. [ 

If friends come t« your house on s 
rainy day It Is only the psrt of h-spl 
fallty fo offer aid tn removing their 
damp garments and In 
take a -hair 

ror th« neietsi'i f»»t t» 

Th* thousnt was kind la Hi 
Of a itcsas path 

TH0MI of ti« who are n.4 bee keep 
er* will not feel thai II Is econ 
omv to ii— much honey la cookery, no! 
rather as a aweet. snd as an oeca 
slonnl treat; however, Ihose who have 
It la abundan.e will enjoy a few of 
the dishes made famous by the wife 
of Msurl.e Maeterlinck who ha* writ 
ten very ent.wlnlnlngly of MM Ml sad 
It* habits 

Honey snd Sour Milk dinger Mrssd. 

Itlend one cupful of honey, one half 
i upful of sour ml Ik and one half cup 
fill of butter, two well beaten eggs, 
two cupfuls flour one half teasp.s.n 
fill of cinnamon the same of salt, one 
and three ipiari. rs teaspoonfule of 
s.Mla. one-half te. .spoonful of ginger 
Heat the Ion.. ,.nd butler and when 
..list at |he boilmg point remove from 
the tire and add I he sour milk and 
the eggs and dry ingredients Itake In 
a si t and out with a thin n-lng 

Baked Apple* With Honey. 

fore large apples till curb cavity 
wild b-nev and t. p with niertw of I 
M Hake In a moderate nret 

IVi.ra are ajae sMMaM (it 
lemon Jul.v with the honey) baked In 
this way 

Ham Cured With Hoosy. 
T« every Tsi |s unds of ham use a 
brine of four pounds of nierse salt, f 

on m e ..f saltpeter, two pound* 

of honey and two gallons of water 
Masai sraB, aoar avav the bsm* and 

let Ihaat stand for sii weeks. They 
will he found in flavor 

Oatmeal Hon*y Bread. 
To a cupful of rolled oats add three 

. npfuls of hot w iter, half a cn).ful of 
I . ne  a t il.lesp. smfiil of hotter, a 
I. asp. h. of ul ..f salt When cooled t» 
blond heal add I dissolved yeast cake 
stir In flour till a suitable dongh for 
kneading ha* ben made liaise again 
and make aria 'wo liaise 

i.gsln snd bfaab with one i.'.i-i n 

fill of loner 'wo tatilespoonful* 

of milk just batata roiag into the 


Money Is a n ifural sweet and I 
he given to rhlldrea to aatlsfy the 
.raving f..r sv.eets whl.h la sat oral to 

loin when preserved with 
Served with wh iffe d i ream they 
the most del.-, table dessert. 

If you have ai.epled 
for a certain day and It 
rainy you 

to keep you from being 
by ao doing you would 
dangerlng y 
Id  mi kr 




■ y John Ksndrick Bsngs 


L'BT s* wh.n day* *r« . hill and 

Tl.* warmth *f . ra. ktlng h**rth* 

Ro when th* liuui* of fluom *pp*ar 
Th*n la th* I 
And Willi It* 

• hill 

Of worry, i sr«. and pre**nt III 

 « I.. NsCBBM BSMjBBaaSftl 


M l hop* your llttl* boy 
a lie " 

"I don't know. I do 
h* t.lls a lot ef 

. •• 

You look un- 
happy, old man. 

I am. I am 
el moat as un- 
happy as a wom- 
an with a s*cr*t 
that nobody 


LouievicLa, by. 

aad fall m 

M, 1922 

East Kentucky Correspondence 
News You Get Nowhere Else 

Ht  MMPNflHM t'uMiaa*sl oni*« mnrd in «   by its writer Toa nam* 
I* n..i for suhl. ration, bat at an aruVsra of saoti ( Writ* Mainly 

Rio Is Well Called Magnificent If Only for Its 
Scenic Surroundings 



Carlco P.O. Rinir of Normal, III., 

Cariro, Drr. 2ft.- Christmas went pending the holiday! with his Kilter*, 
off in thin section quiet and nicely. — Mra. W. D. Parka and Mrs. Tlitna 
Mm. T. J. Paubua ia no better.— W. Ruthc-ford.- Mr. and Mra. Jan. Hul- 
H. Evaira of Moorea Creek took Ron and daugh er, IVarl. snent 
Ctlli — dinner with ft R. Roberta. Christmas with Mr. and Mra. Rich- 

base Him., ia pUm in* on moving nnl Park".— Mra. Chai. MrOord and hy the two peaks, Corenvn l,i and Tijucn. in disclose.). 

To northward Iht Organ mountains, tome six thousand f«-I in 
height, doM in ii|»iii llif bay. One is in an inlaml w», with an amphi- 
theater of l.lKKl Mis, Rut the first great sttgtl nnpre— nm is I'ao tie 
V- Mir known the world over as Supir winch jaunts -kvwurd 
nearly fourteen hundred feel. It is a marvelou- ml r.   4ti  t ion It a 0Ml 


But One of Grcnt Misun'ler" 
standings" Is Conclusion of 
Phelps-Stokes Commission. 

10 Indiana thia spring. -Messrs, Uoyo dsughter, Mra. G. V. Calloway -nd 
Powell and Hoy Spa-ks took Chrlat- dsughtcr are visiting their mother 
mi« dinner with S. R. Roberta — Tho Mra. K. N. McCormick, at Slate Lick 
Christmas tree at th ' school of Mist Mr. Ramett and family spent 
Mary Moon- on Klark Lick waa well Christmas Hay with their mother, 
attended and there were presents for Mra. Parsons, where the other mem- 

•or for the next year. All remember all had a merry time.— Mrs. H. M 
regular time, the first Sunday in Snyder ia viri Ing her daughter, 
January, and come. -We are having March, at Richmond, at 
the moot beautiful weather for win- Mrs. Thena and Jack Rutherford 
ter Mr. and Mrs Void Woods are Merit the week end with her sister, 
waiting Mr. and Mrs. Willie Splvev Mis. W. D. Parks - H. J. Parks and 
of lavmgston thru the holiday!. — Mr. family left Friday for Lexington and 
May Robinson has moved down the Richmond, where they will spend 
river to the Robert Noe place.— El- Christmas and Holiday!. — Mr. Phil 
mm Martin waa visiting hii uncle's lips of Rockcastle county moved to 
laat week. Robert Tuaaey, and Ove the house vacated by Joe Cox at 
Tuasey. Jake Angel is spending the Slate Lkk.-One more week of the 
holidays In Paria.- Orbin Smith i! *M ycaT. Here is wishing all the 
drilling • well for the Bond A Foley leaders of Th" Citixen, a 
Lumber Co., near Whoo en. We un- and a happy New Year, 
derstand that Curt Steel, who whs 
operated on, is improving mcely. 

Hio ,le Janeiro would well deserve to be railed magnificent if only 
because of it* serine surrounding!, which are superb beyond description, 
eita has been aick but is improving To paraphrase the familiar strawberry aayinR. doubtless (1(h) might harr- 

made nn fe hen ut i ful surrounding! 1 , for a city tint doubtless He never did. 
From the MMn of landfall the eye of the traveler by sea is keyed to 

expertatiot,, but with the unfolding, of the scenic panorama there is POTENTIAL STRENGTH IS VAST 

revelation upon revelation, until the fullness of the splendor of the 

bay— dotted with one hundred or more islands and the city, dominated Aftfr T fn Month , ot . n , eni | V# 8tudy 

Experts Declare That Nativea Are 
Worthy Beit Effort! of the 

New York. — After a ten months' in- 
tensive atiuly of the hygienic, eco- 
nomic, sum liil and religious condition 
of the nutl\e Afrienn. an InternHtionul 
commission of expert- In educational 
and missionary work lins reuclied the 
conclusion that Africa Is the "Cnntl- 
nent of Ureal Misunderstandings" 
rather than the "Lark ••ontlnent." ami 
that the country's vast potential 

all Pro. John Ri se will be our paa- !•« s of her family were gathered and city. 

Of caajtBtj every visitor to Rio de dan iro make- the trip to the top 
of Sugar Uiaf by the aerial cable ear at least oiue. Time and space 
appenr to be eliminated in this speedy jonrnrv IhflWgtl the air and the 
eventual reward in the way of the bmiid new unf.dded at the summit 
is too much for word*. One has about h- little to Mj as when one looks 
into the yawning gap of the (Jrai-I cam,,,, of the Colorado for the firot 

After the ready response and moat 
Rockford beautiful and effective cooperation 

Rockford, Dec. 24. — Fine weather shown on Thanksgiving Day, when 


Drip Rock, DM 

24.— Mia* Viola think 

JUs fir Christmaa holidays— almost Urn 

of feed and wood, aa it ia lure to be 
» cold by and by.— Tobacco stripping 
I as been all the go for a few weeks, 
(lay Lick, Dec. 25.— Christmas  ^ rvera | f r0 m around here have add 'old and young, and community sing- 
with i the warm sunshine makea us BiJ are we)) pissed w j t h the price. [ ing. it was not surprising to have 
f a real spring day.— There T 0 ba C r. 0 at 35 cenU ia a good price.- | over three hundred people attend the 

one hundred and seventy-five people 
enjoyed a real Thanksgiving dinner 
set in the church houae, a Thanksgiv- 
ing program, given by the achool, 
athletic stunts entered into by both 

Alcorn of this place and Ww*t Tt» was a Christmas tree at the Eatri lgc ,, rcle Ne ,. on Northern 0 f this pla-e entertainment and Christmaa tree at 

«!ver Creek church on Friday night, 
December 22nd, given by the achool 

He was very old. 
laid to rest in the 

• her were quietly married Thursday sihoolhnuae which pleased the chil j.jj i, ft week- 

r.orning. Rev. John Tipton perform- dren very much.— Mr. and Mra. Geo. j^^ing we , 

.•d the ceremony Mrs. Abbie Thomp Puff entertained to dinner Sunday ^ , ir „ cmeU , ry 

son and Jo. haa I Mh were married several of their friend, and relatives . : Th , WM ,„ ent , rUlnlnen t , t Wal- 
Saturd.y at Irvine They left for Mr and Mrs. Dan Botkina and lit 

rtonJ. Ky., to make their home—Roy He ion, Lewis Walker, ipent Sunday 

Williams has moved to the houae re- wi h Lewia Botkins and family. - 

cen ly varaUd by Bud Isaacs — Tom Mrs. Anna G Williams and daugh- 

Ri.krr haa moved to N. H. Isaac*' oil ter, Addi , spent Christmas with rel- 

place. Nat Harrison, deputy sheriff. MtVOi at Nina, Garrard county.— 

«m th-u here the other day lammon- Mrs. Ida Huff spent Monday with her 

irg people to attend court. Ha al   uster, Mra. Carrie Owens, in Bere*. 

arrested J. E. Sparkman and Mua - Several from here attended the 

Cora Umhart and put them undei ( .iriitmai tree at Wallaceton Satur- 

b. nd. They are indicted for living d.y night -Bill Baker and famiW 

together unmarried, also uncle Cart were visiting relatives hen- Sund.-v 

Fiwler waa arraated for living with - Manuel Hulcri ia doing iomi Ml 

Martha J. Roe* ur married — They pen try work for Smyra Collins.— 

have about got the church re pari re J. Rev. Wm. Lamb, who has been sick 

Mr. and Mra. A C. Alcorn and Roy for sometime, la 
U Isaacs viaiUd Mr. and Mra. Rey 
B. WiOWana. Sunday-Mr. and Mra. 
Wei ley Foa of Foxtown viaiUd Mr. 

The program 

to be onjoyeJ 

nut Grove schoolhouse Friday night, by everyone, and especially the last 
with good attendance, and a nicely number, which waa a pantomima of 
filled Christmaa tree. Several i "Silent Nigh'." Of course every 
-icfjrms and dialogs and good aing- 1 body enjoyed Santa Clans In his new 
ing. Everybody seemed to enjoy the apparel, eapecially each member of 

o.caaion.— Old Mra. Orval Cope, who 

so long, died December 22, and was 
buried the 24th in the Scaffold Can  
cemetery. Funeral services were 
conducted by Rev. J. W. Lambert of 
near Borea. 
friends to 

Sundr.y s- hool 

to let luck 

be hi* 

The children of the school were so 
| Ailed with the Christmaa spirit that 
She leavea a hoot if , 'hey took great delight in buying n 
mourn her loas. Mra. 1 ' esttit each for some other child. 

Cope waa a good Christian woman, 
and was loved by all who know her. 

came to Kentucky at the close of the 
CM War. after losing oil of he 
property by Are. She once was a 

Walnut Meadow 

Walnut Meadow, Dec. 28.— Chriit 
M . . . „ . . maa treea have been in full bloom 1 » tout hearted roman, plowed oaen on 

.lay n*0C— Mr and Mra. Kud Isaacs F rid , y . T odd achool gave an hillaidei, and. in fact, did all kinds \*M »«nding him a Christmaa gift in 

and children and Nat Harrieon vialt- , . . . 

Every child attending school received 
at leaat two preaenta, and those who 

Rev. E. T. Cornett, pastor of the 
Silver Creek church, having been sick 
for some ttoM the church and school 

ed Mr. oad Mra. A. C. Alcorn today. 

-Mr. and Mra. Tom Baker spent one 
night with Mr. and Mra. N. H. 
Isaacs taio week Pall Isaaci viaite i 
Roy B. William! Thursday night 
Uncle Jim Co« ia on the aick liat- 
N.xt Sunday la church day at Drip 
Rock. Everybody come. The Sunday 
-i ho. U at thia place are prograoaing 
nicely with C. C. Carroll and 3. O. 
Sparka superintend Ms — A happv 
New Year to alt the 

entertainment Friday which waa ex- 
ceedingly good, also had a Chriitmas 
tree with preaenta for all the school 
. hildren and all outsiders who cared 
to put tofts on. A Christmaa tree at 
(•lades church Sunday morning, one 
at High Point Monday afternoon. - 

•I hard work; raised a large family 'he form of a raah contributien 
of her own, then another of grand Several members of the Sunday- 

children, all of whom are 
Well, it 

got ready for Chris tan aa without any 

moonshine. No one pastes ahoo'ing 
or hollering. You can go to gather- 

W T. Anderson ia suffering with his " f and not even be molested in the 
ankle which he hurt lome time ago 

- Mm. W. T. Anderaon, who hai beer, 
doing private nursing in Berea, ii Sadie Baughman of 
Kichmond ii ipending the holidays 
with her couaina, Mo.tiio McGulre 
and Maud Vaughn. — Mils Golda Mar- 
Clover Bottom, Dec. 26 We are tjn  ^ i§ teaching school at New- 

school volunteered to write him a let 

Aa next Sunday ia the time for the 
Sundoy-achool to elect officera for the 
I iming year, everybody in the com 
munity ia urged to come out and 
leaat. Dont know that all the shin j '• kp Part in the election 
en are gone, but they are surely ■ Uend thruout 'Jie year. 

scarce.— Whooping cough is some 
bettor around bere.-Floyd Rich l as 
gene to Hatard to apend Chriitmas 
with his parents.— Mra. I. A. Bowman 
ia with her aon, Bob, for a few days 
Qui * a crowd waa at Rockford t j 

huvirtg a warm and bright lu iny byi u y an j ner brother, Leroy, of day and all enjoyed a good time — 
• hristmaa. Wo would much rather n  rtB( are visiting their aunt, Betty H*22 is passing away. Let ua all t). 

The school ia progressing nicely, great int«   nt on the part of the 
tudenta and fairlv good a' tendance 
The Community League having 
missed ita laat regular meeting, on 
account of very Inclement weather, 
will have lota of business to attend 
to at i a next tegular meeting, on the 

have had a big mow. Chriitmas ia Qmm, _ Casper Ogg is home 
passing with acveral Christmaa trees ( hr i.tmas; also Miss Mary Moore 
and entertainments at the school-.. „, ,, n ding Christmaa wi'.h her paren 

for' and make 1923 a better year. Make|* e,ond Thuraday evening in January 

Miaa Zela Dean had a nice program -|Hpj ,. uIa Fortune was marrieJ 
ard a r«ol nice tree for her arbool Thursday to a young farmer of New- 
children at Durham Ridge, Saturday (l  Ky — Carr Freeman is home and 
—Carlos and Dallas Axbill gave a ,,u nn i n g on going to rchool again 

a vow and hold to it. We wish Tho W * no P* tn,t more of the commun 
New Year and •M win come ou ' and line up with 
ti e League which ia 


Most everybody in thia community 

party to the young folki in honor of tHl , »,j n ter._C. C. Chrisman is hack has passed from their regular duties 
Ola Bengo from Midland City. III. f ,., m Ohio-Will Burnell haa moved and en 
at their home on December 25 which i|ltl( thl , ir now home.- Mrs. L. C. s, i-it. 
the young people seemed to enjoy.-- (.-j,,},, who was so aick ia very much 
Mr. and Mra. Fred Poindexter of Lex b» t u' r . we aro glad to aay.— Edd 


.■nr. ana «ara. rmi i looueaier oi i,ex b,tt«'r, we ara glad to aay. 

ington are visiting their parents. Mr. K .ml.»ll. who has been living, 

and Mra. Sherman Se'tle, during (liSt two y  . ari| on q b An| 

Christmas. Kernel Kngle has return- f arn]( pronounced inrane 


Paul Revere, Betsy Ross and An- 
thony Wayne wore all born on Janu- 
ary lat Seems like New Year waa 
intended for an 

ngcl s 

ed home from Ohio, where he has „, nt tf  Iit xinKton . j t i emveB hij 
b en employed -Mr. and Mra. Dewey wjf(  „ ld ftve , it 4t . cmMren in moit 
Smith took dinner with Mr. and Mra .VstituU' cin umstanees.— Misa Ka'e 
Kola-rt Smi h, Sunday -Uncle Har- Kindred and brother, Addis, of Rich- 
din Azhill, accompanied by Ola Benge, n)on j i are visiting their relativea, the 
is viaVing at the old home place with shocklcya and 
his child-en, Plenum and Francis, |; n „ j, very H j,.| t ut ln ia 
thru Christmaa. from 
School haa b«'guti again 


at I»ng 

Bianch with Misa Gertrude Abramx 
as teacher. Wo wish her success 

with the school, as we have had Pittsburg. Dec. 23. Leonard Sand 

trouble in getting a U'ucher 'o finish »n, who was hit by the train Friday, 

our school We wish every reader of the 15th, has returned home fro'n 

The Oldest Man 
in the World 

' A 

The Citixen a happy New Year. 

Ike I .•" don hospital. He 


nicely. M'l. Rebecca Browning of 
COUNTY has moved to Pittsbur« to 

Sl.te l ick *■§  with her daughter, Mra. W. T. 

Slate Lick, Dec. Christnius \oung Mrs John Wardroup is ve-y 

I ay looked more like a spring dav poorly with consumption at this wrii- 
tbon 2oth of December. The West ii if KveryNaly is expecting a fine 
Union Sunday achool had its closing time at the Methodist church Sutur- 
exercises Friday by giving the chi!- duy night at the Christmaa tree. - 
dien a Chris' mas tree, winch niaue The death angel visited the homo of 
the linle folks happy. We invite nil Mrs. Kliira Owens. Friday night. Do- 

Jusl ps't if a tkull, two molar trctb and a ilii^h hour' 
Pieced lognhrr ihr\ insde — what? One o  the must per- 
plexing iny ieriei in the study oi human hiitory. 
U'rir these the rcrnaim oi an ape-likr man whi 

lived MQytM rears ago? 

Icxeasissi kWlleva ihai ihey were; they call him 
(lie "Dawn Maa,'' and out oi the record embedded 
in the rock» ihey have rrcomiructed tbc rondi- 
Up Hunt ot his life. II. iw he killed his food and 
true the taw flrah Iroin ibe honea; how he mar- 
ried and ksajghl and died! How litlle hy aWt he 
clawed and cluhbed hit way up lo aMMOf! »\n 
the ktOSSSi It it a fascinating, gripping ttory, but 
il in only one of a tbout.ind  loiie  lhal tin   ii 
~ lid ill lint greatest book ol modern umr». 

H. G. WELLS' "Outline of History" + 

Offered you at On*. Third th* Original frict / 

/ voter 

if the hIM-ry of the • rl.I hut 
•liir* uf tl»» M0, the- isfcthtoo 
l   furs   i r) l hj i' ii uo| a 

t.ut .u.wi. mm 

i t tV#" 4." »5/**W **/ *• n 5* 

And I he HI VII M of Ml \ 11 us loo e 

Wttu b«tti.. saxt is* Ua«i. of lawi htas a it »«m mm: a«- 

t* sV St tsl '«'St . la in. , i m*t i  ir h.  a« l^F * 

kMU Mm  m .o I r1 .«ii4 »*•*» M'titia 4lnb I * r,« w 



K • m . ,M I t i \ ... 4., 

MM ' B Iti.' ».mi»: t»J Si*r . bpi.I charl. «n««»i- . 1 \.i«lrun, jjr r 

Knil.s ti"l «."•«' '■ Klian C. mlir liw a .. | »u i:,ll|.u »•:■ 

N. or • dull • I. \,,. r , 

I'm, I.. . i klian I . l i, ,l" Akl 

i aittBct. 

^iltlod. 41 It- 
P I • I ' 

,'il.r mf ! i 
tat.- atviart ot attiirta 
tr, «i iti rt-sultr 


thj (. Hila r 22. and took from them thei- 
 eo- fether and husband. He is »urvl«od 
plo are aick with colds: W. D. by a wife an.l four daughters. They 
Parka, M-a. James Burnett. Oliver have the sympt.thy of all.- Coal bu.«- 
McCormick, K. M. McCormick, alsijinrsa ia slow in Pittsburg at 
tho infant child of Mrs. W. M. Rub- 'en the account of bad roads. 


4g I trill .in, r „i j »..ti itc In i 

(T 4n wl II , tuatk Ut.i.ifl.r lor 

ua  a« « • . ii, k .... .i H.,,... .. • up y m Ls m HLJf 'jm! vss'JZr.T.'t. 

w.ri4 i.«u h . i hi. / ti«l «i»tl iklt trJtf. 

rt r v 

t4 rij ..-h, I li. Ifea Its! 

■end No Monax 

U*r  . i II. i ■ I 

Vuur r.., . iS H 
...I'. i   
Tot Maf 

i as K U, w 


titj i , , , , " r i ...^ l i. l !ia.t*t«»»y' AL o   ji' » 
n-..di.,...u.»i..,ri V /», iuti .* .a* ..j... ....j . 

strength In raw materials and the de 
velopment of Its native peoples MkMN 
lie einphiislxed Instead of Ita junK'es 
and aavngery. The report of toe .-on. { 
mission has been published by t:ie t 
Phelps Htokea fund. 

More than miles tltrough | 

west, aouth ami e |uutnrlM Africa ■ 
were tniversed by the eomnilsiMon ' 
I iiC the fall uf r.'jo and following win- 
ter, scores nf schools and mlsslona aup- 
ported by churches of America and 
Kurope visited. Colonial otttclals and 
Ktiropenn trudera consulted and native 
chiefs Interviewed In the flrat effort 
ever mnde to secure a comprehensive 

The personnel of the commission In- 
cluded Dr. Thomas Jesse Jones, chair- 
man, writer of the official report, who 
Is director of education of the Phelps- 
stokes fund ; James Kmmun Kwegylr 
Aggrev, member of tne Kantl tribe of 
the Gold Coast ; Dr. Henry Stanley Hoi 
lenbeck of Wisconsin, for twelve years 
a medical missionary: Mr. and Mrs 
Arthnr W. Wllkle of Scotland, mis- 
sionaries of the United Free Church of 
Scotland, and the Rev. John T. 
or the Canadian Congregations 
In Angola Leo A Roy of New York 
City, an 



duatry at 
efforts of 

courage the support of missions, there 
are four of such Importance as to re- 
quire consideration In any effort to 
evaluate the educational possibilities 
The flrat of tlieoo misunderstandings 
r. lutes to the wealth of resource*, and 
natural scenery; the second la con- 
cerned with the healthfulness of the 
continent and the promising possibili- 
ties of sanitary Improvement ; the third 
haa to do with tho Isnprovablllty of tbo 
African people; the fourth with Euro- 
pean ond American Influences." 
Wonderful Physical' Resource* 
Dr. Jones points out that tho Im- 
mense and varied physical resources 
of Africa are practically unknown to 
the civilised world, largely because 
tho researches so far made havo bean 
for private or government use and 
tho results have net been published. 
"There Is sufficient evidence of poten- 
tial wealth." be says, "to convince 
tho most skeptical that Africa la the 
undeveloped treasure house of the 
world." The diamond fields of Klm- 
berly. tho gold ridge of Johannesburg, 
tho coal mines of Rhodesia, the Ka- 
tanga copper plateaus of Belg 

the country's natural wealth. Ev 
colony Is said to have some of 
precious metals In forms snd qua 
ties profitable for commerce. A n 
ber of colonies, also the Republic of 
Liberia, have Immense quantitlea of 
water power. The forest and agri- 
cultural possibilities have scarcely 
been touched and animal husbandry la 
ovea less developed. 

"Afrlcs's reputation for unhealth- 
fulneaa waa the result of the tragic 
experience of those who entered the 
continent without knowledge of con- 
ditions or Indifferent to the hardships 
always attending the entrance of 
pioneers Into a new Held," the report 
sets forth. "A fair cninpurlxon of 
AM. ,i with ottier parts of the world 
Will undoubtedly show that Africa 
will respond to p odern methods of 
sunltatlon In exactly the -nine way 
as continents of similar climate, eco- 
nomic and social conditions." 

In further discission on the health- 
flilnetm of Africa. Doctor .tones makes 

chanta an.l government 
living with considerable safety and 
comfort Meinbern of ttie education 
commission were repeatedly Impressed 
by the lafM of Kuropeai 
cans who have lived In these 
for many years. 

"In one American mission 
Just where the Conno river 
the equator, the commission saw four 
American families with seven children 
all in good health. In another station 
on the lower Congo were ivni Ameri- 
can missionaries unit their wives who 
have served an average ef fortv years 
In that region which Is notorious for 
malaria and sleeping' slckin -- Neur 
by tint also a station of Jc-nii h'uthors 
and Itroiliers who hud lived In the 
rejitoa for over twenty-five years. 

"The health experience of Hie com 
nil- .ton la nioal reasMuring to Irsvol 
ors In Africa. This party of Amen 

••sn« sml Kurnpeims. with one native 
Afrlraa. traveled ." •«   miles for tea 
months In coast snd interior regtona 
absolutely without lllnesa frors any 
African cause The only precautions 
required were helmets In the tropica 
dully quinine In mnlnrlnl regions snd 
boiled drinking water where the sap 
ply wa» not supervised " 

Natives Respond Readily. 
"The Imprnvahlllty of the Afrlcaa 
people Is clearly shown hy their re 
sponxe to the efforts of i 
eminent! nnd conunerlcHl 
tlona. Africans occupy positions of 
Importance In every colony 
There are 

It la i 



Inrgely entrusted to young Af 
men. The mechanical operatlona on 
tnllroads und In construction are more 
and more being taken over by Afrfcsn 
workmen. Every mission gives em- 
phatic testimony to the value of the 
native teachers nnd ministers. In view 
of the Inadequacy and Isck of adapta- 
tion of educational facilities It Is great 
lv to the credit of the native African 
that he has been able to achieve the 
success observed Is every colony. 

"Nor are the possibilities of the 
Africans to be Judged only by those 
alio have entered the ranks of civil 
"■'ion, whether In Africa, Kurope or 
'.■■erica An adeqnste study of those 
tvt.o are still In barbaric nnd primitive 
singes will more and trfore reveal tho 
fact thin the present condition of tbo 
musses of the African people la nor- 

p'es at the sume stage of t 
Their : 

native music, tbelr forms of 

substantial evidences of their 
to respond to the wise 
civilization i 
In the develn 

The progress of all peoples ta do- 
pendent upon co-operstlve relation 
ships with other peoples, snd tho In- 
fluence nf the white race on Africa haa 
sr far been, on the whole, good, are 
opinions of the commission 
In the report In discussion 
pean and American inline 
tracts on the subject follow: 
White Influence. 
■ have thought that tho In 
fliiences of Europeans and Americans 
have been more for evil than for good. 
Seme have thought that It would havo 
been better to leave the African la his 
natural condition. Few have realised 
the importance of tho movements that 
started and the 


of "Bur» 


people still persist In too many 
of Africa. It Is, however, tbo oa  
phatic conviction of the educatloa 
commission that the gains that havo 
come to Africa through the white sxaa 
are far greater than the losses. 

"Among tbo most convincing evi- 
dences of this conviction are those oft  
talned from a study of the portions off 
Africa now ruled by European nations. 
The elements of life that reflect tho 
chungea Introduced by the white 
groups have boon tbo Improvement off 
physical well-being. Including the dor 
crease of sickness and death and tho 
attendant suffering ; the decrease and 
often the elimination of tho power of 
witchcraft, a form of oppression ex- 
ceedingly general and cruel ; tho I 
throw of inter tribal slavery, tho 

"Africa la i 
the great mass of her people will al- 
ways live cloae to the soil snd derive 
their sustenance from the products off 
the still; but they require more than 
Instruction In agriculture and animal 
husbandry. Personal hygiene and 
community sanitation, the simple 
handicrafts of the kraal or tribal vil- 
luge, an appreciation of privacy ha 
home life und decency In dress, leader- 
ship In developing suitable recreation 
for the tike of leisure time, an appre- 
ciation of tbelr own history, folk lore 
and music." Such Is the curriculum ot 
un "adapted" ediH-atlon which tho ra  

Mule's Kick Fatal to Boy, 15. 

Poplar Hluff, Mo. — A few hours after 
he wua kicked In the stomach by a 
mule, Joseph 8  horenbourg. fifteen 
veurs old. died at his 

Away From Satan 

Helfaat. — Whistling in cburcb 
instead of singing, us a stimulant 
of the religious spirit, bus tieen 
Introduced at revival meeting* 
here by Kev. W. Nicholson. 

He Insists on (tie meu In his 
congregation wl.lsiling the well- 
kuowu hymns, and leads them 
through all the verse* until he la 
satisfied that Ihey are putting 
their heurt Into it. 

The effect of several hundred 
men all whlstllni: at once Is rath- 
er ear-plerclug, but t uorLs 
tliem up to s fervor which th* 


"lain Street of the South" Gets 
Aid Front 


Afford Coast to Coast Highway 
■lien to at Least 15,000,- 

Now C  UHd. 

Washington. P ('.— Recent action 
ay a county In P':lnhoma In voting a 
..oad lasue of aoornl thnn 
-anti dollars to construct a link In th* 
liM i i, hw .it la concrete evidence of 
.he enterprise which ia to give the 
ountiy another road. 
It la a ion of the kind of 
•o-opcration on li e part of states and 
aaajajtieje, thnt Insure* succraa to the 

project fostered ny me nrganisatioa 
known aa the Hijhwsy aaaorla 


This put art. tv of travel by motor 
ha* bean termed the Southern Mala 
Street of the United "tatae. Ita pre- 
motera assert that It will be the flneat 

acenlc route from coast to ceeet aa 
wall aa the ehortest. from Waahlagtoa 
to San Diego, Cal., It will measure 
8,000 mllea. whl. h la 300 ro lea leas 
than any other mute R.en'.iaiiv ft 
la aald. the Lee highway will he at- 
tended from Washington te New Tork 
city and from San IMego to Ban Fran 
claoo. giving It a total length of S.700 

It la 

to at 

I.\0it0.non people, approximately 
of our continental poputn 
will contribute materially 
to the development of a aone at leaat 
100 mile, wide throughout Ita entire 
length Till* la regarded aa of far 
in. .re bnpuil—ra than the facility It 
will offer to tin ennnera and other, 
tourists to trnvpl from the Atlantic to 
the I'n.lflc through much of the moat 
I'catit I f nl «. en.-n In the country aa 
well as o\er a . oinparatlvely eusy 

Every Mile M.iy Now Ba Used. 
P\on tol'e of •' .■ ron.l Is m « a on 

nected np hlrnway. tney announce, and 
ran he traveled any day la the year - 

In fart. It la all In dally use ft it 
estimated that approdmately 80 per 
of it la graded and that all the 


war la of the type knoara aa water- 

hound macadam, but thla will be re 
placed nltlmately with aclentlflcally 
built pavement 

from altnoat every county aeat along 
the line there la a stretch of thla mod 
ern pavement extending In either di- 
rection and In aoine Instancea thla per 
tnanenf roadway Is conllnuoua for 2'ifl 
mllea. Tliere are. of conrae, ..reaka in 
Ita continuity, lint the association is 
now negotiating u construction pnv 
gram under which the road authorlt'ea 
of the varloua stnies and countlea will 
«• ..penile to cfaaja aP the gaps It la 
hoped that (Ms. I .in he ai i iimpllah.'d 
Within the n.-xt twa years, assuming 
thnt condlllnns continue favorable 

The Mfjhwaj runs southwest 
fin.n vTaehlngtoa tf*v*Tatag the valley 
of Virginia, theatre arew) to cross ihe 
Mississippi rher at Memphis. From 
Memphis It runs N I Ittle Rock Ark., 
and f.'iinws tna magrt l fr t'f wl Mai W»erl 

vallev ..f v.Hitl ern I »l.lnlioma. then on 

f&rongh w eat ern Tenaa, southern New ! 

Mealco, A 

The mute from the Mleelealppt on la 

practically one of the flea tranerontl- 
nental llnea aurveyed by order of con- 
gress during the period Immediately 
{.receding the Civil war when it wa* 
readied that the territory gained aa a 
reault of the Mexican war and by th* 
acqnlaltli.n of California could only ba 

a* II 4 t fc I . I .1. I I h a* § t i m tfk 

C'liPoiHiniPii rnrt'i'iC'i iinov of irnnufHri* 
teflon linking the I'actflc coaat to tha 



The hlghw iy 
rivers and streams f  
anv other road In 

mountain and vallev 
usual beauty and mrlety. 

Along with the construction of tha 
mad the l,ee Highway aaaorlatlon pur- 
poses ihe carrying on of an education- 
al cnmpnlim In a) hit I the hlatory. geog 
raphy, literature. Induatrlea. natural 
resource* and ultra, tlona of the rune 
irinrps'il h\ the highway will be made 
generally known TMl will fit Into th* 

-• I Bg Ameriia flrat" propaganda. 
Naturally the business element la 
everv communis ..long Ihe line Is In- 
terested In this program, and la co- 

■j'THtlne In ever « hie win 

Begin the New Year Right 

JAN. I. 1923. is the day of all days upon which you 
should open a savings account at this bank. Let the 
turning of a new leaf in the book of time signalize 
the turning of a new leaf in your book of life. Let 
this new leaf of yours be on the credit side of the 
savings ledger of this bank. See that your narrnvis 
written across the top of that page, and every majWh 
add something to the column of credits that r 


That's What They Get Who Trade With Us * 

Start with the New Year if you are not already in the ranks £ 

I^ M 





$10.00 to $79.50 


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65c «o $3.50 


$1.50 to $12.50 


$1.50 to $19.50 



$1.50 'o $15.00 


lOcto $1.00 

Traveling Bags 

$5.95 to $12.50 

Beautiful Black English Broad- 
cloth Coats, Venetian Lining, all 
sizes. SPECIAL 


Hand Made Waists $2.95 

Silk Hose, all Colors $1.00 

Silk and Wool Sport Hose $1.25 

Chamoisette Gloves $1.50 

Fitted Suit Cases $14.50 to $27.50 

Sport Hats $1.95 

Gloves $1.50 to $4.00 

Silk Sweaters $4.95 


Pushin's Fashion Shop 


"Exclusive But Not E) 









Berea Bank and Trust Co. 

J w 


K DKAN, ( 


For Sale or Rent 

Having decided to move to the farm I 

havi recently pwchwd, I trill v II or rem 
the property in Beits, Ky., on Cenlef St., 

where I now live. The dwelling is a two- 
storv. Q room, plastered, frame building, 
furnace heat, electric lights, toilet, ami 
bath. ( ii..  i| i ..on. garage, and all neccen- 
sary out btl i l d inga The lot has a front 
ats'«'   f 75 f» and is 200 ft. deep. I also 
have 4!^ acres of creek bottom land in 
js'rass just outside of city limits that I will 
sell with this property. I am oStfing this 
property at a jjreat bargain, and will sell 
on easy terms it terms are desired. ("an 
give possessions January 1st. 1023 


58 Center St 

Phone 75 


"Thf Qood (Mil Oaya" wo whuprr 

As MaWMVy spina ita tlrram. 
Atd all th.- tUm wondira 

Upaa our vision ifliam; 
Th.- (;.hk1 Old Pays." h..w l-voly 

In their unstained delight, 
Their raptures safely harbored 

I)y altara p'ire and white. 
Bttt h' w uliuut the New Daya, 

Thut call a  ruas the anowT 
Ah. hli hely let ua follow 

heat days 

To where their rosea 
Th. New DayV are the 

If we will ..nly aee 
They turn int . the Old Day. 

That sinK for you ami me 


Two of M 
in Cur.oua Col 
In Old Churclk. 

Vienna- — The 
chapel of the I 

Chun-h of the 
date, from HO*, 

The new year does not depend for 
lajaaaM upon the man who makea elab- 
  rate plana for the 36. r   daya to rome. 
but rather upon the one who limply 
11 tenda to do hia very beat every old 
day, in whatever aaaaaa along. Andintc 
Ins aajaaaaj in well -bemit and well- 
doinif, ruther than in the thinif done. 
Nothing ia small U» the man wh-  
fa.e» all thin« in thi. biff 

In the hush of the New Year the 
heart of the aad and atricken world is 
whispering now: "Rin K in the Christ 
that ia to be." Only so can the con- 
fusions and disturbances which now 

h. Id the world ever be corrected, and 
he duubta of men healed and turned 

i. lo Joy. 

s   callee) ' 

MafJM mA Conrt 
v 'urusi'iM".. which 
• ■!:■» na tha hearts 

of all the Baaahe*l of tke houae of 
Harmhunt Wha hn e .tied during the 
last 5ta  years save two. 

The eioeptlons .in- the henrta of 
the Ions lowt Ar. ''.luke John, who la 
Dow Judlclonaly s«» to hare per 
tahed at aea MTa il.aa thirty years 
ago. while on Ma »ay Oape 
Horn In a aalln.t; i  

The other haaft si. aeat at that of 
Kmpreaa KII?hI.. iI which was plen-e l 
at Geneva by the slllletallUe file of 
her Italian anar. hist aaaassla. She 
had exacted sMal la-fore her end s 
aolemn promise fiom her hu 
under no in. ea ' 
mil the dl.|»rsal of 
It waa a very 

the amicl M death overtook a 
of the MaVM of 

In a .liver urn In the 
Loretto chapel of the Church of the 
Auguatln.-s. the li-»ela In another all 
ver urn helms n-le^sted ta the crypt 
of the wouderful aM Cathedral of 8t 
8tephen. while the real of the thus 
aadly mangled remains repoaed In th. 
vaults of Ua 

Our lives run with the years awav, 
I ■ w soon our story ia of Yeatarda/ 
I God givea us this one glory— only one 
Love but begins when Tlma at 

Chriatmaa colics 
j and the 


Ufa gat busy 
slopping early. 

vesting the gold of 
f. rget the 

to the o 

And bar 
wa can 


Every New Year 
pleading wistfully fo 
One Another," 

comae to ua 
ua to 

"Free" To Member 


Washington - Pree seed 
to defeat IB the House 

John W. I.angley. of Kentuc 
llcan, to add an appropriate 
000 to the aggrlcultural ap 

when aa 

ky. Baaejfc 

« of KIOO, 

bill for distribution of aeei 


bera of Congres. was vota. 
to 71. 

1 down. 74 



Will B. Withdrawn If Fr, 

Waahlngton. I»is '£\. American 
troops will be withdruwa promptly 
from the Uhlne If Kianev oreuptea th. 
Huhr. It waa lean.. . I I nun a high MU 
clal of the 

(Contiouad froaa page 1) 

n industry. Tins report cornea aa 

Only three months more and the 
recrry little baseball bat will ba plav-la strange .ontraat to the 

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