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date (1884-04-01) newspaper_issue 


APRIL, 1884. 


from till* oflliT Urn Smtu-Wfekly 
Sumi KUNTfCKU.s, Jiopkinr«vilU'« Ky.,«mhle- 
votoil In ttm bUMiiu'XM inlert'ntrt of Croftnii iiiMi 
Norlli CliriKtiaii comiiy. 


Tlio prv.xH IX I lie )(i'pat mcdiiiiii 
rlii'(m|r|i M'liirli biisiiicsH men eonimu- 
iiiciilu with the [tiililie. luid the uhjeet 
ut' this joimial i.x to set lui'tti the iiiu- 
tei'itil interestx 1111(1 viirioiiseiiteriirisex 
of the towiiof (h'uftoii. We tnixltlie 
(.'(iniiKit will he foiiml a true 
e.xpotieiit of Cfoftoii atid 

CROFTON, KY. y at 8 hecii postmaster, express agent lias separate apartments for eaeli 

and depot agent of the plaee, and lie hrancli of his business anti it is very 
makes a faithful and eflieient ollieer. in every respect. 

A Town whose Growth has There are two 'mail and e.xpress cnoKroN toiiacco wokks, 

been Phenomenal. trains daily. A. II, SiJ. K. Croft, rroprletoFH. 

The only hotel in the town is kept . , .T . ... 

‘ lilts 18 one ol the most convenient 

■ , ' II. ,^Voodson, and is a tobacco houses in this end of the state 

The Metropolis of ^0^i!l ChristiilU — Her bplmulii} J)lncc for travolcrn to be cn- for Htrlpn and leaf tobacco, 

rious Entfr|iriSfS aild iLStitulioilS tertained. It is a large two-stor^ frame building 

FiCViCWCd There are a number of groceries l®''S® enough to handle a niillion 

■ , , , , , pounds or more. They have bought 

and dry goods stores, one under- ‘ , , . , . 

very largely this season. The house 

takers establishment, two black- gives employment to a number of 

her InisinesH. educiitional, iirofes- laivci » cBuiuiisiiint.iii, iwo uiaca- gjyg,, employment to a number ol 

siomil and social mailers. ICvery de- Hpf History IllijUircd lllto, Ilf f .MvOlltsgCS Dis- ”'"’'1* shops, one wood shop and a hands, is in full blast, and is rapidly 

cussfd Olid Her Mereoutile liitcresto 
Laid Before the I'ulilie. 

.1 Towii that has .issoiiied Commercial Im- 
porlaiiee in a Single Decade. 

Iiarber shoii. 


T 8 Y Jtt 

— TIIK— 

A. n. LONU 

imriment of her iinlustries will be , . .. ^ ... .. , liarber shoii. prizing and putting it on the markets, 

found lolumns. CUSSfil 000 tier .ilcrcautlle IntcrcstS , , They handle their tobacco on the 

It IS 111 order tliat licr iieo|ile miiy Laid Bffore tllC I uhlic. . siimirc and guarantee every hogshead 

have a jiaper of ilieir own to rciirc- The medical fraternity is well rej - to come up to sample, therefore have 

•sent ilicir interests, that we have resented by Dr. .1. li. Jackson, Dr. no trouble in getting top prices. They 

called the t;ofi ii.;ii into heing. We . -n , . , , i i,,, W. A. Keith and Dr. J. W. Howe. Ifct their tobacco principally from 

trust that it may accomi.lish the ' «ffCidl llll- dtizens of Crofton as a’class 'bi« action of country and have no 

ends for which it is intended and POrlailce ill a Siujlc Dccadc. , , , ’ ’ trouble in buying from theirneigh- 

promote Iheprospcritvofallits pa-  '0*l*ii|( le “"'I ‘o hors, from the fact they pay fair prices 

irons. strangers and try to make visitors to m,d all the contract calls for. Mr. 

Mkaciia.m & Wii.or.s, I.a)calcd on the Henderson division the town feel at home in their midst. A. li. Croft, the general manager, is 

I’ublishers. of the I.ouisville & Nashville rail- As business men, they are wide- * "'orth who carries the 

JL - jL ' ■■■ _ . road, in the northern portion of awake and progressive, but careful business on in pcrlect order; asevcr  

, . . I .. , part of a machine has a spccilied work 

^ - . . . - (Jiristiau countv, Kentucky, about and exact in their transactions, and , , 

V .    to do so It is in this establishment, as 

(4 » fourteen miles from Hopkinsville, is the man who can swindle them in a there is clock c-xactness in every de- 

— TIIK — the little town ol Crofton, to whose trade must get up early in the morn- partinent. 

^FMI WFFl^l V interests this journal is devoted. ing and stay up very late at night. a n'ToNO 

OLItII irLt-lxLI Kifteen years ago what is now the As a result of their prudent and _ _ 

South Kentuckian, l"-“i- -‘'vortl.y Imslness habits, many 

way station, and so it continiied for of the merchants have accnniulatcd inodioushou8c,bu8ilyengagediure- 
U n j ' T j T Ti r'v several years. In 187J several stores snug little furtiiiics. Probably the handling tobacco, in which business 

^ 1l . |,(,(i a],|n;nred, one after another, and wealthiest man in the plaee is Mr. ,T. he stands in the first rank. He rc- 

On Tuesdays and Fridays. ,„e,.ci,ant. Only a few 

. , , . , 11 ,..., county principally and places it on 

Every Subscrioer weeks ag« lie lost ins store-house „„j,ki„«villc market for sale. He 

ATI Ac. A f7n a't. 'be station was incoriior- and stock by fire, but is making ac- is „ow serving his second term as 

A I Sw XX Y iliAib a town, being called Crofton tive preparations to open up again in jailer of.Christian comity and makes 

(IIVKN A TK.'KKTKUEK! honor ofthe.Croft family, who another house. a faitliful and eflieient oflicer. 

. Th e following list of preiiiiutiis l"oniinent citi- The young ladies-wc must speak woodso.n s dispensary. 

■ zensand who are now in the front of them— are prettv and attractive, 

L , , r,. . , . To get a cool glass of the elegant 

WlH{DAY,KfUTOIlKi:4TII,1881. » ' enterprises of and most of them have been taught ,aj,er hcer and a first-class mint-julep 

IriiicfiiriKhrorgmi „«j the town. » by their good mothers to be useful i„ the now-approaching-fast hot 

w TIIK TOWN STAIITKI). "’e" Ornamental, and can at- summer days, is something the, nia- 

' » sciioiarshir lu isiiiitviiic UiisiucM tui- village grew ranidlv and it liousehold duties and grace jority of the people wish, and where 

i. Ic«e. .. w * **  1 ‘ ilip imilor with cniial facilitv 8»eb luxuries can be had is what 

' . »' soon became noted for the progres- '  they desire to know. For the benefit 


rniLiHiirj) at 


On Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Every Subscrioer, 


»  soon became noted for the progres- they desire to know. For the benefit 

; iioniiie flow ....''r.."'.! 10 sive spirit of its citizens, and in a ' ' of all such persons we wish to state 

s h iliic 10 c,,,v years it had become the princi- JAn. u ciioft.oknkkal mkkchan- in this issue of the Crofton Courier 

I ,.»l town of one Imlf of of the **‘*''- ‘hat Mr. F. A. Woodson lias just 

» pible 10 

. •« ^4ii (rWhpdl mTow ... 5 

10 MU lUt 6 pal town of one half of oiio of the 

i OoM IVn nn«l lloMer . . 5 

HjmoiiH & 

finest counties in the State. Such is 

opened one of tlio .sa- 
in noticing the liistory of Crofton i„(,„g i„ ti,(, town, on Main street, 

W ^ ■ ’ 'be brief liistory of Crofton, and ill at the present day, no one deserves ,vhere he lias a large stock of line 

ij j eleven years from t lie date of its in- »iore meed of praiso tliaii the subject I'.quors, wiiio.s, brandies, cigars ami 

111 siivsr i'iii  ,M s cor|H)ratioii we find it a tliriviiig '** “•''bde, ^ a native ol this tobacco, and lie takes tliis metliod of 

’ ! town willi a noiiulnlioii of 'haO or (MX) *’'“*’ 0 , a true Kentucky gciitleiiiaii, i„vitiug liis friwids tlirougli tlie 

, • 18 Kiufsiii fniri Iiff liuuoiis 3 tou 11 w lilt a popuiiiiioii oi .,A) oi ,kw n,„l one of tlie best liiisiiiess men of ^ • . . 

t«jr.i! II..Y 11 ..... « , , ,...,, .. ..I “‘w Ol me ucst men ot (^),.uiton Councr, to come and sec 

BmBii mix Lis»r« » souls ami a siihstiintial class ol eiti- thiscoiintv M'c were licst elmwn .. ... , . 

* W Unit liox CTgiirs 3 11118 umnii . w c wuc Hist SHOW II ||||n_ ijy 13 m, elegant geiitleineii 

jiKiiicitiiii s zeiis, who are delermined fhiit tlic through his store-room, situated on ami will greet you one and all with 

# • *» ■(•■v Vrimi'li I'finilv .» .. . ..... M..!.. a ...i - ,• i ^ e . »   

/ 2 zciis, Who arc (iclcninnca tiiut llic throu jh Ins store-room, situated on nmt will g 

I '' ■ 'I'c be Mabi street, where we found the a -‘smile.” 

liKli.»nniH.K Uruii... I s cheeked lu the years m come. floor groaning under the weight of 

' •' »***iicunw W iisiiiiiirtiili" luiihct 1 dry goods, groceries, paints, oils, 

, ,1' ' ‘rlNdUUw^t" llioi', Ini'iily-llvc Iillicr lire- TilK S( IIOOL KACILITIES. • hiiilders’ h-ii-d w-icc nt,' llo •iIbi  „ , 1 ,. . 

linuiiS!vi^hVc#cU,.wm bl’ »il,loi|,innU UUllUllS liaidwaie, etc. lie also Groceries, X 

* , iiie^si iir-»yif*«e over »;si(i« iriiiiir vsiiishie (.'roftoii Academy is an cxeelleiit handles a full hue of farming imple- 
' ' 'prllrlci*, wiiW li Will U‘ given uwnv toourim ^ 

'7.',e,,i,,»..f.i.s,.-.imii,.««niis,sin,,i..ri..ii,.t i'l-litutioi. of learning, aiid alK)ut llo I"®"'"-, I'as been cngagcHl 

• ■' v''*1?l-,’",ri' l^orTiTiiKNTtr^^^^ I "'■ I'l'l'ils arc lii dailv iittemlaiico ‘'"smess lor tears, and his trade 

i\' . . . . extends all over the iiortherii iiart ot 

floor groaiiitig under the weight of 

dry goods, groceries, paints, oils, j. j . nix on, 

builders’ hardware, etc. He also Groceries, XVlitsktes, UraiKlies unit XViues. 

 tiiuhU‘ the)iri *u ninl n 

fk*r crHi aii'l evi*i*y  nu* of the valuable 
nr'iiiluMiH mriiiioneil alMive. 

Tlio .SOI Til KKNTl'l KtAN U puMifliefi 
^ke II week himI fiiniMhrH ItM'iil new m fre^h 
''^(1 rcUlibt*** A»'t 'tovf* not ivlia»li from the col* 
unino umri' enterprifllHii cnn(eiii| orane(«. 

Our iitnn of iloiiiK bUAiueM linn ohUIvimI un  
5eru)»uloti8 ami even nui* emnniOf* a year, ninh u ativanee ami ! p,. e p it T„yi.nni is llio nrincni'il liurtliern part Ot 

I * ■ " ^ " t|,ceou„,y, ifo is in fact the Icad- 

(Sell iiiiu (•vis'msm iif\!ie' viiuiiiiiie i * • the school and Mrs. Kate ^ eargiii juj, spirit in everything conecriiing 

is ill charge of the music de|iartmciit. the best interests of the town that 
ni-siSKss ixi.rsTiiiKs, etc. 

he siill'ered heavily from a .severe eoii- 
A largo ciislom mill, owned and Haj^i-mlon, that eonsiimed his store 

In strolling about Crofton in search 
of items of interest for the Ckoktox 
Cduiiier wc dropped into tlic cozy 
store of J. J. Nixon, and after ex- 
plaining tlic object of our visit to tlie 
gcnl.ll iiroprictor, wc gleaned Hie fol- 
lowing; Mr. Nixon has liccii thus 
engaged forthojiast 2 years in selling 
staple and fancy groceries, wines, 11- 

hnvu eoiiTliirisl llmt we (Ik lillslnessim Ihe , , ,, , ,, , , ’ , . , , , (1 IKU'S. clgafs alul tobaceO of all IllC 

isyijilJ^iKss primi(|iie-. • operatcil hj J.i. .lames K. C roll, is uiid goods, but he soeiired another , 

isj^yni.niKss pniu:i| ie-. • v.pei.n.,, ...i. ..uiii..- ... ...i.mi, .r. uiiii ^uous, uiii iiu seeuieii iinuiiier 

* hm 'jiriwM'S* yi!('L''|K-r''nh("^ oiic of the leading establishments of house and is now in full blast with 

, !Vii“'iiiw*ripii(ms'’iiniSV'''' »'i*'''ifl «■- the towii, 811(1 it does an iiirmeiisc bran new- goods, and is daily rceciv-| 

(y“v(- )iisii(iui ((iieiiiimi (ii((l nsx-lpi» siiil il(k. _ i„jj coiisignmoiits. Ho xvill 

eu wiliiH.- fiirwdisicii ujHin receipt (if the sill)- busiiicss. ® ® . , . , clerk, aiul IS ever Oil Hie alert looking 

-(•rlplluii pncK. .S.inplw iToe. Csll on or ail- put tip a lieW Store lit a short while . X ... 

, MEACHAM AWILGU8, larger than the oi.e destroyed. Mr. 'o 'l.c wa.i sof his eustiimers. It you 

Hopkiin.m., K)f. runs a grist and lath mill. Croft also owns and runs the Crof- ungut 11 s tie ton enn 0 

, , s. . * • ii • *11 MM no better than by calling on clever 

^ There arc three tobacco factor cs, ton steam floiiriiifr mills. Iheseare „ i „.:n i.Lf ...... 

i^xTT^ n /-\T-»x^xr «T-« •. 1 •*! i‘ J J. Xixon, who Will treat you like 

OXJR JOB OFFICE ami a large nmoiint of business is with new machinery, are ^ j.*| ■\vheu vou come to town 

I.c..n,pune in every «s,Hs t. amt wc doaii ,,oiic bv rcbaiidlcrs of tobacco. Tlicsc I'owcr, and have a capacity , j ' 

Unit* ot Jot) Hint 1 ainphlct work, with nent- • of turning OUt toill* barrels Ot floill* “ , _ . 

ness and (llspatrl), ot llic lowest price*. Wc factories liavc done much to build UD ) xr  -) e. I a TK . i ) .1 o 

make H. penalty of Aaohor s,,«a« Haps ai.d „ , ‘ ! «'• Croft lias a fine new If you have never taken the South 

piii'er Fionr Socks. Send forsaiiipics and prices, 'hc town. flre-proof 811(1 hurglar-proof safe Kentuckiax trv it tlifcc months for 

SSND FOB SAMPLE 00F7. Mr. C. M. Day has for a miinbcr of I large oiiotigh for all his busiucss. It | fifty cents. 

choicest brands, ami the stock he car- 
ries is second to no other house in 
C.ioftoii. Mr. 0. A. IVest is the chief 
clerk, and is ever on the alert looking 
to Hie wants of his customers. If you 
want anything in this line yon can do 
no better than by calling on clever 
J J. Nixon, who will treat you like 
a king. 'Wheii you come to town 

If vou have never taken the South 


W. H. Maritti. 

TUI? PDflPTHM rrillDIPD l’®**®*'*®*^ implcincnls and luniiture of nil 

Inlj UllUr lUn UUUillljrii Ofavastamonnt of oiicr^'y ami so- kimlf, of wliidi they make a special- 

V ^ alieadativencss, it was but a short ty, ever brought to this city. IJy 

CHOI'TON KY Al’ItIL 1884. until they became a leadins their close atteiition to business, po- 

_ ^ , ‘J. commercial circles, lly tlicir liioncss to customers, pure soods and 

THE DKiiG Tn\nt'. dovotioii to their trade, promptness eheapness in price, they have bmit 

' in every dealing and otiering nothing up a trade widch e.\tends tiirongh- 

w. H. Ma rlin. but A No. 1 goods to Uicir customers, out tiiis and adjoining counties, and 

The commodious, iiandsomcly fitted they have succeeded in building up wherever their goods havebeenin- 
dru"- store of W. 11. Martin, on Itail- enviable reputation tbrougbont trodneed they have given entire sal- 
road street, is unqnestionably tlic Christian county. The building occu- isl'acilon. Tliis is one of t lie repre- 
loading house of the kind in Crofton. pied by these gentlemen is a commo- senlative houses in tiiis brancli of 
Of all "tliat pertains to the business, dious frame structure, weli adapted trade, and we would advise our 
he has a thorough knowledge and lie h  "‘® purpose for which it is used, farmers and the public generally, 
uses it to the best advantage, llis "'®'* slocked with the latest style when wanting anything in tiiis line, 
shelves are tilled with all the drugs dross goods, fancy and staple giocer- to call on Messrs. McCord&liro.bc- 
cssential in a house of this kind, and *®s small hardware, and the tore pnrcliasing clsewliere. . 

♦iw.;.. w wiiM-intiul manner in which they are put upon — s 

their absolute pinit) is uaiunita. ^ ‘ \ utMSKV kaul Jt c’o„ iiakiiku.s. 

In the department devoted to pro- "'c shelves and counters cannot tail i 

prietary medicines, which have to attract the eye ol the passer-by. complete witlioiit ai 

proven the most ellicacions and se- Their trade is a very extensive local shop and in this respect 


11. a EELLT, 



-l.S TIIK- 

ciired the widest popularity and sale, o"® «"‘l ‘h®y are known by nearly 

No town is complete witlioiit a I 
good barber slioi) and in this respect 1 

Irofion is fully up to the rci|iiire- 

arealwavs tube found at iminiifac- every man, woman and child in the „nhe times, llnniscv Karl 

turers- prices. No house can make a locality as being honorable and up- ,„.ti.s|'s of the i 

finer display of toilet articles, such nght dealers. I'lic tarmers and pub- and riglit well do tliev serve! 

as tine soaps, tooth and nailbrushes, lie generally could do no better than n,,. , living public. They are i.olite'; 
etc., and these are otlered at (irices by calling on llrasher & M ost wlieii m„i and merit a good pat-j 

as low as the lowest, llis accuracy in need ol articles in their line. It is i.uua,;!. fnini tliose who appreciate ii| 
for componnding prescriptions can uo trouble to show go.als, whether ni/.or and a clean shave. j 

not be disputed. In addition to this ‘.von buy or not. ' “■ I 

lie carries a lull line ol taiicy grocer- I bouts rs. the ouillotisb. 

ies. This is tlie leading drug house I yiiE i-ionkek nuco stoke. 

ies. This is tlie leading drug house 
in Crofton, and we take great pleas- 
ure in eomnieiiding Mr. Martin and 

Long & llrtiHlu'i’. 


During the French Revolution, k (en- 
illotoniste named Sohlaberudorf, who , 

Western Kentucky. 

The next lionse we "sited was the ! P0«®“®*1 oousidemble ability as a writ- , 

, , ,1 ,.n , I, ,,,,,, I -lu® u®-'i uoiiso wc visneii was me, ‘ 

llis piiic dings to all those dcsiiiiip I . ,• «. er, by heartily esmiusiug the cause of 

niiviliinir ill bis line. I’rescriptions 1 ut'canged store ot Messrs. _n » 

anything in his line. Prescriptions | .nmtsomety rrangea spire ot Messrs. , that emanated from 

carefully compounded, both day and j ‘'s ^ illvN r n I «“. rendered himself obnoxious to 

night. All orders proniptiv attended j ‘“""® stiuctuic K)xl. leel, tel ^ dictnUon of that 

night. All orders pi’oinpllv attc 
to, either x»ersomiUv or by mail. 

, , , ^ 1 f t 1 . ' Bobespierro, aud at tUo dictation of that   

adapted to the purpose tor wldiwi it - ; , 

. , , , , fieroo leader waa mcarcerateiU 

IS used, with a lull and rompletci wt x 

. ... r 1 1 / a- I • I When the death-cart, one moming, 

stork ol pure, fresli drugs, (of wlurh! . , -1 . i # « 

, * ' \ \ • came to the prison for its load of those 

Sl^Call and see him 
when in the city. 

formed him that such was the case, and |j?jLOUIS\MLLE &NASHVILLE R.P 

I IS used, with a lull and roinnletci .... 

* 1 i. r 1 1 / a. 1 • I when the death-cart, one moming, 

JKSSK KKiTii. stork ol pure, fresh drugs, (of which ! . , -1 . i # « 

r. ivi , I » . . , . came to the piisou for ite load of those 

. , . . I thev make a spcriallv,) notions, etc., : . a» a   * i i ..i- 

OeiitTHi Merchamiin** ami Fitrm!n«: im- ; * , , ... . , who Were tliut day to bo moroileBSly 

• which thev are oneriiig to their many ' , • oti. • #. . 

piemeiitH. I . .... : butchered, Schlabemdorf 8 name was on 

• i customers at prices within the rcacli *i_ i- * « *1 m.., :«:i.« i- 

• ^ nV' buV!ie“s'*as’^^^^^^ ' formed him that auch was the ease, and 

III llic business, as is indii.itin in this line of trade bore for • • ••• i-ia-i 

.. . I I- . ..m.i 0 ' "“'I lieu. loi ho dressed himself for. his Inst rule very 

the head lines ot this uititlc, tom neriod of ti years and liayc. by tail* iiai ^ \ 

paratively spcakmg, wit.i hut a kw , .u.nling, ami m.lhii.g hut i^tidions as to his personal npiwaranoe 

oariied dollars lieu, g possessed «t ■ ^ goods hciig o lie red by Ihem, | _^iU. ^ His ls«U. however. 

tacT and gooiUmsiiicssipiali h alums extends he could not ttml Hero.tbere.cvory- 

ollermg to Ills customers nothing but J, I,,,, „f where, assisted by the jailer, he looked 
geiiiiiiie arlicles, and by close atteu- , j,,,,,,), ^ept by these for them to no avail 

tioii to husiness aud low P''®®N i'® jf,;i,||emeii are of the very best ipiali- j “ 1 am quite willing to h« oxeonted," 
stands to-day in the fiimt '"'iiik iil , wcll-kimwii said be to the jailer, after their fiuitleaa 

( rotloii s best and most subslaiil clover gei.tlemeii, and all imrlies search^ " but really I should be asbami'd 

iiiercliaiits, witli a trade extending wishing to purchase pure drugs or to go to the guillotine without my lioota. 
all over this section ot couiilij. *1"* notions would consult their own in- Nor do I wish to detain this excursion 
stock of goods embraces ®yei’  thiiiir ' the above named party," smiling grimly. ••'V7U1 it make 

pertaining to this branch ol business, : ^.^^1 both in : any difference if my execution is de- 


Through Trunk Line 

from a five cent fail to a balidsoiiie ,j„alitv ami price. : ferreil till to-morrow ?« By that time I 

silk pattern, all of wliii'li be has mark- ’ shall probably suoooed in finding my i 

ed down to the lowest notch. i j, a. i.kwis. boots." 

The building occupied by Ibis cii - 1 | •  I don’t know that it will matter par. 

orgctic gentleman is (K) x 24 feel, and stapiu nn.i Kancy onicrric. ■ ticulorly when you are guillotiniHl,” ro- 

contaiii.s one of the lai-gcst stocks of ' j plied tho functionary. “Buppoae we 

goods now ill town, and be is daily . Niue years ago the n®utlciiiaii ,hen?” 

receiving new- goods of the latest . "’hose name stands attlio bead of this ^ “All right,” aud the jailer allowed 
spring patterns. To desiring ® 'licle, embarked in tlie grocery bus- . gghlaberudorf to remain, not nnwilliug- 
aiiy article in the dry goods depart- j iuess in Crofton, since wliicb lime be ly^ as, owing to his universal good-hu- 
ment, wc coiiiineiid the house of has been actively identified with llic | he was especially liked by jailor 
.Tesse Kcilli, where you will gel full hiisiiicss interests of the town aud is ' and prisoners. 

value for the money invested. j well and favorably known tbroiigli-! The following moming, when tho cart 

-- - out this portion of the comity as an ’ drew up before tho prison door for its 

xvooDsovs hotel, ' uiiriglit and honorable dealer. He “batch" of victims, BclilalxTndorf— 

r. .. «• 1 1 . I . - ‘kceli.soii hand a full and com plele , dressed cap-a-pie— stooil waiting the 

Istoi k of staple and fancy jfrocerics, I Bummoiw of tho jailer to take hi» place 

This hotel for some lime lias beeir hardware, tinware, cutlery and gen- j therein. Bnl his name was not called 
under the siipervisionofC. 11. Wood- 1 oral mcrcliamlisc, which he sells as that morning nor tlie next nor the 
son and since bis coiims'lloti with it, j cheap as any bouse in town. Mr. ,1. , fourth, nor, indeed, ever again. For, of 
it lias taken the lead, and .sland.s to- ' ih I.cwis is bis assistant in conduct- course, it was believed ho bod perishod 
day the leading hotel of Crolton, lug the store, and the public will lliid the original moniing. 

where tlie weary traveler can find |,im a polite and accommodating Till tlie sway of Robespierre had end- 
sweet and peaceful rest. 'I'lic rooms ' Kalcsman. ®^ 1*® remained in prison ; then be re- 

quality and luicc. 


St4i|»le Hiid KHDcy Grt)c«*rlcit. 

goods now ill town, and be is daily . 

witho ut Change and with Speed Unrivaiei 


From St. Loali, KTioivillt tud Droderioa. 
to Ibo 


TlIROl’On nuniKM from alMift rilirf lu 
K«*htin« and ('hatlanooga, uaklag dlr« ct coo- 
nrctiuni wlib 

JP'u.llxxiaxx Wallace Cara 

For Atlanta, Saraootili, Macon, JackiuoTlIta, 
and point* In Florida 

t'onnFCtton* ar^ made at Gutbria and Na*b. 
vllinforali point! i 


In rulinan Palace Caro. 
PMIpniUTC Seeking homo on the 

kllflluilAn I U Hnc of this road will 
receive epecial low retee. 

Aceoii of Ihii Companj for ratee, route! 
*e.. or write C. P. ATMORt. G. P. L T. A. 

•• Loultvillw. Ky. 

C. 11. AVoo41h »ii, l*roiM'le(or. 


sweet and peaceful rest. 'I'lic rooms ' salesman, 
are large and well ventilated. Ills' — ■ 

not alone in meals that Me. iVoodsoii n. llav Mrcoitn & iino., 

e.x'cels. Ills beds, as we have reason to ' 

■ . , , . Dry (loodH,  froc«‘rioH and Deiipnil 3Irr- 

know’, bciiij; lirst-class in every r !- , oimndUo. 

spcct and the Woodson hotel pro - 1 

serves an air of elieerfiilnesa wliicli ' I" calling attention to the many 
is felt by every stranger witliin its braiiclies of industry of Crofton in 
gates, while the fare set before the columns, none stand more 

j gained hia liberty, aa did the real of 
: thoae, once priBoiiera, who.HO licada bad 
j not fallen lieueath the blood-ataincd ax. 
j — Youlh’i Companion. 


Upon examining the biography of the 

atro ns is the best the market atl'ords ' prominent tlian the well-kimwi, .... 

liatioiis Is lilt SCI anouis. i greatest prose writers of ancient anil 

M'lifi Hit to C*l‘OflOIl llOUI*C ot II. C/lllV AlOL/Ord iv # Ai 

1 lie oxasioiiai visiioi lo c.ioium, as , . moilern times wo find many of them 

, , , . 1 . .^1 • UAWUCIU biUJVO V. V aawva axaiaasy x/a asxx.iu 

well as those who arrive hero by ; who hiu-e been conneeted in this line ^ave Wn litUe men. One of the great 
train, will find such accommodalions j of trade for a period of 1.1 years, and 

at the Woodson hotel as are not ort'er- 


poets of Atliciis was so small that bis 
friends fastened lead to bis sandals to 

cd by any other house in town. Let , tlirongliout this and adjoining conn- 

our friends try itand be convinoed. ties for their upright and lionorable 
It is located on Railroad street. dealings. 4 he large and coiiiinodi- boohed as to be compared to an interro- 

^ oils building occupied by this enter- ggjjon point Abbe Qaliani was the 

HK.vsHEK & west, prlsliig fii'iii is well adiipt(“d to the pjottiest Uttlo harlequin that Italy ever 

- purpose for wliieli it is used, and Is proilucod ; but upon the shoulders of 

stocked with one of the finest selec- that harlcqain was the lieml of Macliio- 

Iii 1878 these gentlemen com- tioiis of groceries, hardware, queens- yeim Moore, tho Irish poet, was so 

nicnccd the mercantile business liere ware, glassware and a complete line small that OcKirgo IV. onoe threatened 
in selling dry goods and groceries of ready-made clothing, agricultural to clap him into a wine cooler. 

Aud Pope wo-s so small and 


Dry OoodH and OrncerlaN. 


I —TO— 


i ins m swASi m 

— THE— 


— TO— 

j Memphis, 

Hew Orleans, 

and all points in 


iickiis an cow os Sals, 

Call on or address 


Louisville, Ky 

CUOI'TON, KY., Al’UIL, 18H4. 


Dr. .lohii It. Di'iiku is down willi 
tlic mru.slcs. 

Mr. W. M. Walkrr is solliiij{ out 
ami will luovr lo To.vaa. 

MIkk lairy KfrrrII, of Maclisonvillo, 
is vi. ilin); fricmis in town. 

Jlr. Ili'cil KouHliaw, of Hopkins- 
ville, was in town la. t week. 

Mr. lien Xi\on is (|iiit(! sick with 




Croflon boasts a lawyer in (be per- 
son of .Mr. L. It. Salmon, who is also 
ent(aee (1 in tbe iiisiiranee Inisiness. 


was a temoie one, uui ne uure u 


Sales by llaneoek & Fraser, April; oyery well,” he said, in husky, 
I7lb., 18tl, ot 91 blubs, of tobaeeo as haven't-had-a-drink-in-two-hours tones. 

enKauedin tbein-suranee bnsiness. , , . , “You have stamped with the iron heel 

2 .ibbds. eoniinon and good lugs, of scorn upon the tender violet of my 
If yon want pn))er bags or Hour oo g a'l. budding love, but some day, when your 

sacks, Menebani & Wilgiis, Hopkins- (;S bbds. eoninion and good leaf, children — littlewinsomebratswithsun- 
vllle, will supply yon at city price'*. .iiT 7.) to 12 00. ny smiles and an assortment of colic 

vliu*. Will Hiippiy you at ouy |inr(w, 7.  to 12 00. ny amilea and an assortment of colic 

We arc imlebtecl lo our yuitii'r Market lirm on all ^rnulcK. that will keep you up three nights every 

friend M'. II. Marlin for emirlesies Sales bv (lant & (laitlier of 09 liluls. w^-are climbing upon your knee un- 

iind favors in gelling out tbe Cor- us follows: til you are m danger of becoming knee- 

29 libds. good leaf from J|i9 0(1 lo 
12 (KJ. 

22 bbds. eoniinon and medium leaf 
from )ii8 (Kit oil 00. 

18 bbds. bigs from it!7 (Kilo 8 00. 

I sprung, you will perhaps remember. 

“ I with a tinge of sadness in the reoolleo- 

In eliibs ot tour the South Kk\- " ' , , tiou, how yon toyed with the love of a 

TUCKIAN will be fiirtiisbed«t*l.,-,()a 1 -Ws. eotninon and niediuni leal i„y,i, cook county heart, and 

year. Two papers a year for the prieo K) to , ). threw forever over a young and happy 

of one. l‘l' ls. lugs from (Xllo 8 00. ths black pall ot a disappointed hoM 

X I A\ oodsoii. ol Spriugliebl, has on eommon ami medium lugs. 

luiM u msiiicss lonsi, lue, inn Sales by Aberiiutby & Co., Apr. 10 until they lie shriveled and blighted by 
will open up a grocery and saloon 

.1 eutajh. 2(1 bbds. inediiiiii lo good leaf from I bet that I feel pretty tough about it. 

Kvery subscriber lo Ibe Sumi- ♦SIKltollO). j I have seen my beautiful ami stately 

Wkkki.v South Kkntuckiav gels a 17 bbds. low leaf and lugs from ship of Hope, with its tall, shapely 

('rol'toii remind w iiu! verv iiiueli of tieket in our premium distribitliou. ^ Oo t(  S (K). 

a limited monaivby.— it is so close lo elsewhere. 

Kmpire. A\'o have tiie best ot|iti|iped job of- 

Wby is a rerlaiii dry goods linn lire in Ibis serlioii and we eaiiiiot be 
ill ('rofion like tbe voire of a donkey e.veelled for Ibe ebeapness and iieal- 
iii the Oeeiilciit? llceunse it is llray- ness of our work, 
sbn.i .iiid Wist. Hymi want tbe news lieforc it gels 

masts and towering aiugs of snowy can- 

Market strong on good leaf and vas, that sailed away so buoyantly and 
good lugs. Kasier on eoniinon lugs. , br((Toly over the sbimmering sea not 

' many months ago, come back to me a 
Sales by llnckner & Wooldridge BLapeless wreck — the bipering spars that 
.Vpril l i and 17 10  Hbds. lobueeo as ^ ,rere so white and clean now jagged and 
• ; broken, and to them clinging the dark 

l i Hbds. Medium to good i.eal •'fl 2- , seaweeds, while of the sails that rivaled 

Since Ibe uvoidii|Hds ot Mr.f.rotl, so old that it becomes bistorv. take L L ^*9 L -5, j the clouds in fleecy purity there remain 

tbe nierebant, is lilllu less than tweii; the only pilpor ill (ho county tliat 10 * only blackened Bhreds that flap difamally 

ir  r*. tik i.k rr kl ks r/i I _ al. • •_ i _ t 

ty linvidred weigiit, (inelmling feet 
and a big dinner at Womlson's). per- 
haps lie sbonid be ealleil Crofl-lon. 

Dr. .1.11. .laekson is a very baml- 
some Ilian, and was never noteil for 
lengib of e'irs, _yel be resembles a 
gidd’ng innie in ibis resperl if none 

.\llentiiin is called lo llie adver- a faitbfnl reprcs 
lisi'inenl in ibis issue of I.. It. ness inleresi ( 

Jsalinon. He desires lo sell bis inter- mirib Cbrislian 

e "'1' *" Tbe .South Kf.muukmn is the on- M oket n 

from ofNlxon-s. His lilie to same jy Senil-WVeklv paper jniblisbed in sold ‘lids we 

Von, long and eoelinmms (:i„isli«n or .adjourning eonniies. If „,i, 

use and oeeuiialinn. before it gets p|.,nters, lii, 

Mr. .Marlin's fre(|iienl I ri|is lo Hoji- old and stale, take it. ingofil lib 

kinsville were a long while iinex- Croflon lias no el, nivlies at |,resenl, rbnling big; 
pbiine.l. Some said bis ere, lit l„vd |„„ ,.o„(,.a,.| |„ build « bouse of sj.,i,.s i,v i 

r„n out HI lbeC,„li.m bash bouse worsbiii for Ibe .Metbo, list .leuoinina- l(r,„„l 17 ol 
a,,d be lieal bis way lo II, e eonniy pim (,^.,,,1 

s.'al .for Ibe purl of riinidng up u ^.ju supplied. ,„'pj 5j 

keeps alneast of ilie times. ' ’"k •'» 7.), i,  7.7. 10 .70. 10 .70,1 n the moaning wind, whose voice seems 

10 7,7, 10 iTO, 10 00, 10 00, 10 2"), 10- to sound the requiem and dirge ot my 

W'e are grateful to the people of -j:,, lo .70, 9 8.7. 9 9.7, 9 9.7, 9 90,  i-' dead and buried love. I have got the 

Criilloii lor llin liberal niaiiiier in f;,)_  )  ) (|f,_ 75 ^ p gp ,j 75 ^ ,j 0 , 7 ^ ' boss wreck, and don't yon forget it” 

wkieb they have ei.ionraged us in p 41 J, p 0 -,, p jy, p p iy_ p p., Lilian looked at him steadily fora 

gelling out Ilie CnriiiKii. (K)_ p 07 , p p ; 7 o, 9 moment “Do you moan these words 

The Croflon (.'ouniK,: is not as hi- ''• “ked. 

a.s a barn .loor, b„, it will be found « '' '• : " 

a f„itl,i„l rem-...,.„i,.,iv.. ii„. h,,.;. • ' '"‘ds. eoniinon lo good ltigs.'(709 I'.w, passionate tones. 

Ollier—   aeb 1 1  a .laek's-son, j,..j a barn door, bill it will be found 1 

a faitbfnl representative of the busi- 
ness inleri'sl of tbe melropoHs if 

lo 8 cy. 

8 Ilbils, Trash and ilaniiiged.jfC 09 

“ And do you really love mo so dear- 

loO 90. 

Market rules strong and linn, we 
s dd Ibis week for Mr. C. Ilo.xley 
of Ibis l•,lmlly, om* of our largest 

“ Well, I shonld gasp,” was the re 
ply, a pearly t" ’ glistening in George’s 
off eye. 

“Then," said Lillian, twining her 

planters-, bis e'r.’,p of tobaeeo e.mrisl- "I will roost on 

ing of 9 at lO .eiils round, in- '^7 

eludin'* lugs. I I 

" ® ‘ I let a man who can talk like that go out 

tiales by AVbeeler, .Mills & Co., Apr. ' of the family."— CAicaj/o Tribune, 

' 'liming np u . ^.ju - 

board bill. These forim-.l ibeir H it 

ojdiiions from watebing liiiii cat Savi  a ropy of tbe Couihki: ami let 

wbeii be got lo town ; olliers looked your deei-mlanis exhibit ii to the bis- " 

wise but said notliing. I’ossibly the lorian of 1981 us “ibe first paiK-r ever ' ' ' 

last referrwl lo are rigllt. piiblisbed in Ibe rily of Crofton, when 

.... , , , ,, , . the place was onlv ti small town." Mark 

Silnnli-d ns i; Is. midway iH-twecn ‘ 

Ibe place where Ibe snn risns nml XIr. .Tobn M. Dniin. of Ibis jilaec, it' detek 

where it sets, also e,|nally ilislant being urged by Ids is to make 

from the soulbern dipper and tbe the rni'c for sberilTon the Deinoeratir “Mu 

polar star, belnir no further from Ibi- Ib-ket. \o man in Ibe eoniitv is belter “Yea 

tiales by XVbeeler, .Mills & Co., s\pr. 
1(1 anil 17 of IIS blnls. 

9.8 bb'Is. nie.linni to go, d leaf ji.S 00 
lo 19 .79. 

Each year 12,000,000 heads ot cab- 
bage find sale in tbe Philadelphia mor- 

18 blnls. I'onimon to liicliiini leafl kets, nml 6 , 000,000 are converted into 
f 7 7 i to 8 27. i kraut. 

12 bbds. eoumion togixsl liigs^O 80 ^ *■ 

XIarkcl strong and iinelianged. 


“Must I really go, sweetheart?” 
“Yes,” replied Lillian McGuire, plao- 


Mollie had a little ram, as block as a 
rubber shoe, and everywhere that Mollie 
went, he emigrated! too. 

He went with her to church one day — 
the folks hilarious grew, to see him walk 

-•enter of ilie earib titan are lAnnloii. qnallllcd lo llll Inal position lliaii XI,-. ing her shapely white hand in his, and ■ de“'»e‘y '“t® Deacon Allen s pew. 

N.-W York ami (iarreilshmg. Crof- Dnibi. lookw into his face with a tender earn- ' . Tl‘« '^®»«*y deacon quickly let hia 

ton -an be appropriately .-ailed Ibe eetness that showed the true womanliness ' sf''® 

.-o.ning town of ils inmn-diate viein- . ' ^ 'Voo.lson is poln-e her nature it U better, far better ,®kristian kick between the sad brown 
i‘ . Sim-e o'le Cross is biealeil a, ministers jofij^thof us that we should part for- ®r®®’ ■ v 

ll.erein. l.-l no man remark against '7'’''® ® "'® violators of the law. over,” but as she spoke the hot tears ol Tlus landed rammy m the aisle; the 

Its r,.ligio„. an.l while Nixon and '''■• 7""'V -la'iieson is town marshal pain welled up into her beautiful brown deacon followed fast, and raised his foot 

D,-akee.,nlinne lo do bn.iness, ibe "‘“k®" « lf®®'l "" 1 failbfnl eyes-those eyes that brxl witched with i ' ‘k-** fi«t kick was his last. 

spiritiud eomlition of tbe (own must their bright glances and dreamy tender- 1 For Mr. Sheep walked slowly back, 

In loil. Tliccoiuincivial imiiortiUMM* Vmi ran always of a (own nesa so many men — and with a little ® tis said, and, ere t le deacon 

of the iKiint sboiiM not be over- by the way ils eilizens palronue tlieir sob of pain Lillian’a head was bowed j ®®“kl retreat, it stood him on his head, 

lookeil. It is only a few miles local p:i|,er. The Croflon iiicrclianis, ''pon George W. Sifapson’s shoulder in i The congregation then arose, an went 

fi-oni Ti-adewiilei-, a sireain imnle witlnnit an e.veoptioii, have aid, , I ns *n ecstasy of grief. j tor that ere slmcp. ^vem wel- -. 

navigable by ael of Congi-ess, nml i« in our ell'oi-ts to issiio a paner devoteil “Couldn’t you put a ten-year Umd ! leoted butte piled them u aheap. 

Iml one Immlred yanU fi-oni a sirenm lo llieir interests. ®n yo"r bill, darling?” asked tbe young ; Then rushed they straightway for tho 

w 1 ii«-h runs eonslantiv , luring wel ,, man, l ending gently over the little head i ^®®'"  ,7 7“ 1°“^’ 

w.-aihe,-. A small lake- gives easy ‘ '’"l•l'''(’s the county will, | that was pillowed so trustingly justnn-:»"^y ®t™®k the hmdmost man, and. 

w 1 .i.-h runs .-.mstantlv .luring wel „ .. man, Ix-nding gently over the little head i ™ * 7 .*^ 

w.-alher A small lake- gives easy ‘ "'C comity will, that was pillowed so trustingly justun-:»"^y ®t™®k the hmdmost man, and, 

eoimniinb-alion will, the bri. k-var.i. "r'jl,''" » is loft car ; “I eertuinly ought to ; n a m . 

and fiirnislios niinierons pollvwogs ;‘''®'''"7*'n:ir X Brown, deputy slier- have as good a chance as a Chinaman.” minister hod often heard that 

will, „l-,.-es ill wliirh to .iism.rl .i«iler. all hail A low moan of pain imd a convulsive 1 ‘^“‘kieBS would subdue the fiercest 

themselvi's. from our lown. ami they arc all men shako of tho litUo head was thu only re- ke»«t. » Aha 1” he says, “ I’ll try that, 

wlio do credit to Ibe place of their sponse. game on you.” 

... . nativity. j But George was uot, to 1 « denied so ke kindly, gently called t 

This is an important year in Ibe 
bislory of Ibe'i-oiiniry ami every eili- 
reii slionbi lak   a good papertokee), 

bin, ,-om-er„i„g,-„rrent events. ‘!'[777.Vr‘'ir U ■'.le’iT.rt’^LIT lliaii lifted her head and looked at ^**k kind and gentle words he came 
Ibmieinber Ilie South Kkntitkian, . - ‘‘7; 'krtgiitd tspc- gtcadily. “Perhaps ” she said in *kat taU pulpit down, saying; 

.he leading newspaper of Sou, invest- """If a... tasty job “Bammy, rammy. rammy, 

mm Keiitiieky. is publisl„-.l twice a ''®'k, st^i as .-aixls eiiveb-iK's tetter drop if a house fell on you. ' but Ibe- *eepy in the town.” 
week for only ♦ 2 . 0 ;) a year. "(mis. etc. X\e have now two The ram quite dropped its humble air, 

printing pre.-*ses ami H.i-co job pn'ss- , 4,1 and rose from ofi ito feet, and when the 

Amob oflinv masked men broke Jirof 1-k i.T T ®«“  I ®ver accept .your proffered kt he was beneath the hindmost 

onenllieiail at .Tacks, m Breathitt ''' 7  «kk of n oik in he various ,1c- love, for I am a packer’s daughter, and 1 , 

op, II III,. J.lll III .laiKSOn, It, ,a, Mill n-i,- |„n„ta 011 , ■ hns moss (I...- ... .. . ’ . As Uo alint nnf ..j 

To nieot ll.einereasimr .Imn-.,. Is ,.C “C«n I not 'liave one hoiie ?” I" 0®“®- "‘““J- "m; tosee 

inr.-lias.-dn“XIo,ter.i,d, prcss.ofihe , , , , . With kind and centla word» n. ' 

Aldcn make. It is ilesigned espe- 
i-ially for doing limit ami tasty job 

.„.,.^p ...St .,ann«r.v. i„ , be State, and at prices as reason- 1 this premd beauty* bad been makmg'’a I • baby at the public meet- 

Kilbiiri, ha .1 killcl eight me,,. ..pj. | ^ 1 suggestion, it ought to 

Vo oftmcci Oui^ 

public meet. 



Wnr do ducks put their heails under 
water ? To li piidnte their bills. 

Society iiooplo, not engaged, repair 
to summer resurts in order to re-sork 

“ Paib o’ dice lost ” — ns the youth re- 
marked after on unexpected visit from 
the professor. 

lln said her hair was dyed, and when 
she indignantly exclaimed, ‘ ’Tis false 1" 
he said he presumed so. 

To THE cockney Nero may not be 
looked ujaiu as a hero, but every cock- 
ney makes of his hero an 'ora 

An .\merican optician has adopted a 
reiiresentatiou of the sun ns u trade 
mark — probably on luicount of its siieos. 

PvEKY one should be charitable in 
iudgment. "She is insup|Mirtable," said 
Talleyrnud. Then, fearing he hud gone 
too far, he lulded : “Hut that is her 
only defect." 

At the close of the sermon the minis- 
ter iHicamo impressive, liaising his 
voice, ho said: “ Judgment I judg- 
ment I ” and a small buy in Uie vestibule 
shouted, "Out on first." 

New Yonx has an artificial flower- 
maker named "OinorL” That's the 
question generally put by the bar-tend- 
er, and tlie miswor will in time produce 
^tiflcial flowers on the answerer’s nose, 

A MARRIED lady declined to tell a 
maiden sister any of her troubles, say- 
ing : " When ignnranoo is bliss, ’tis folly 
to bo wise." "Yes," replied the sister, 
" and I’ve come to the oouelusiun that 
when singleness is bliss, 'tis fully to be 

"What did you say the conductor's 
name was?" "Qlasi — Mr. Glass.” "O, 
not" "Bit it is." “ Im])ossihle — it 
can’t l e,” "And why not, pray?" 
" Bocauso, sir. Glass is a nou-couduoU 
or." [Deafening applause from the soi- 
entifle passengera. ] 

A PAsnioNADLE Now York belle Ixiast- 
ed, on her return from Euro{)e, that 
while there she had some of the most- 
celebraUsl men at her feet. It is mors 
satisfactory to employ a first-class 
chiropodist than to goad your 1m that 
to profanity when be uses his raxur.— 


A man living in Wood gulch was 
climbing a fence, and while in the act 
noticed a crow a short distance from 
him jumping back and forth in an ex- 
cited manner. He kept quiet with a 
view of ascertaining the cause, which 
soon made itself apparent. The crow 
was having an encounter with a large 
rattlesnake. The snake would striko re- 
peatedly, but the crow would evade him 
every time, and finally flew away, when 
the gentleman, on making an investiga- 
tion, found that the snake’s head was 
picked to shreds and was quite dead.— 
Klickitat ( Wyo. Ter.) Sentinel, 

ate HER EDUcATioy OF irosf Jtjr. 

We need higher culture tor those 
women who do not enter the professions. 
Our system of educating the girls, ns s 
rule, is very radically false. Thera are 
notable exceptions, but the rule is the ] 
following, that the object sought to be 
jained is socomplirlimeuts rather than 
I lolid knowledge. Women are taught to 
play the piano and to use the French 
lauguago. The,' get a smattering of 
many subjects, a.i intellectual grip on 
nardly any. Even knowledge ia given 
diem as an accomplishment — that is, not 
for its own sake, out to make them ap- 
pear pleasing. To be blunt, women are 
educated so they may please men. The 
fault is less with the teachers than with 
(he parents, who create the demand and 
' ibtain the supply in our fashionable 
ichools. All this ought not to be. Our 
education of girb sliould be more prao- 
cical, more sohdly useful than it is, 

I Every woman, whether she needs to 
enter a profession or not, should lie so 
trained that she can enter one, or at 
.east perform some useful service fur 
which society will remunerate her. 

I Every girl should know that she can 
support herself if she desires to do so. 
If this were the case, women would have 
greater independence and freedom in 
I choosing their husbands tlian they now 
have, and the knowledge that there is 
an alternative open to them would cause 
them to enter married life on a footing 
of greater equality than is now accorded 
to them. There would then be fewer of 
those unhappy marriages into winch 
young women allow themselves to lie 
hurried fur fear ot falling a burden upon 
their father or Uieir bruthen ; fewer of 
i those coses in which a woman says 
. "ves" at the altar when her whole soul 

Russian vital statistios show that th« 
population of Russm increases bene 
rapidly than that ot any other state in 
Continental Europe, except Holland and 
Denmark. The figures are from the 
Statistic Annual ot the Russian Empire, 
and they apparently show that tlie Rus- 
sian population doubles itself in fifty- 
eight years. The period in otlier coun- 
tries is as follows : Denmark, 56 ; Hol- 
land, 67; Germany, 68; Aiutria, 95; 
Switzerland, 99; Italy, 141; France, 
165. The births per 1,000 inhabitants 
are : In Russia, 49 ; in Germany, 43 ; 
in Franc i,’26. Tlie death-rate is higher 
in Russia — .H7 per 1,000— than any 
Euro]ieau country, exoejitiug Hungary, 
Thu mortality is greatest among chil- 
dren. Thu death-rate of infants of 1 
year old is in Russia 1 in 4, in France, 1 
in 6 ; in PruHsio, 1 in 6 ; and in En- 
gland, 1 in 7. The muit remarkable 
contrast between Russia and the rest of 
Europe is the comparative absenoo of 
illegitimacy. The rate per 1,000, legiti- 
mate births, which in England is 01, in 
Italy tiC, in France 73, in Germany 
83, m Swetlen 96, m Denmark 110, 
and in Austria 1‘24, is in Russia 30. 

An author says it may be regarded as 
an establUhed fact that apples will keep 
butter in moist or damp cellars tlian dry ^ 
ones. But that depends altogetlior on 
bow many small boys tlirre are in the 
family. It isn't so much in the humid- 
ity of the cellar as in the gorgeahility of 
the boy. 

T» twattt wmio i pftlMwaw- 
Bald h«, ** I dG hm 
T bU vableW b*ih toQir«: ** ' 

^How, Thi |UMT 
** 1 wlllt" be added, poliiUns M 
A TMUIellug p«s*l; 

' ** It muat be a(\ for doo*t foa 
Thai PuUiuAU-Alry cbannel f** * 
s-JleiM Brnffne/. 

Accobiiino to Dr. DoUuney, "slsopwf’^ 
frequently coiupqw veri)0 or diytlimioB'- 
language wliile they arc 
right side. Tliis verse, th(mgh'kt4lli]£^' 
correct enough, is absoliiiely ■ritliifr'^ 
sense." This explains the genemof E,i . r 
great deal of iHxd^y whidli flo^rits way 
into a newspaper offloe. ’ /• *■ 

Dr. Bandeneld Carter speaks of 
several cliildreu who were sent into a 
garden to work during one-half of the 
school hours, and who outstripped those 
who studied during all the hours. H€ 
says also that some men die of stupulity 
artificially produced by neglect of tal- 
ents with which they ore endowed. All 
successful men are said to have one 
quality in common ; they are thorough- 
ly in earnest and do not allow them- 
selves to be beaten. 

The Ministerial bill against drunken- 
ness about to lie considered by the 
Dutch States General limits the ntmiber 
of public houses to one jier 500 inhabit- 
ants in towns of 60,000 souls, one per 
400 in towns of 80,000, one per 300 in 
towns of 10,000, and one per 250 in all 
smaller places. It also forbids the siqi- 
ply of intoxicants to children under 16, 
and imposes from one to eight days’ im- 
prisonment for supplying intoxicants to 
persons alrcatly drunk. 

" Prisoner, ’’ says the J udgcvsuietely, 
to the scoundrel who has bteu brou^t . . 
up lieforo him on the charge of murder-, 
iug the wife whom ho ha*l aboodbutdYdr 
many years—" prisoner, what can you 
plead in justification of your atropiona 
crime?" " Well, you s« e, your Honor, I 
did it from the best  if motives. I wished 
to save myself from the shame of biga- • 
luy, and to place myself in a iiosition to 
make the other woman my lawful wedo. 

“Pat," said a gentleman who was 
fond of using high-sounding phroauiv, 
ology to his man of all work, " I am 
ing to town at 10 o’clock, and shall wco^|^ 
out the cucumlier beds in the interim. ‘ 
"Interim?” thought Pat. "^at’s a 
mighty quare name for a garden, &ny- 
how.” " Is Mr. Smith at hoiaej" Hslp^ 
a visitor, who called shortly afterward. ' " 
"Yea, sorr; yo’ll find him at work in 
his interim there bey ant,” announced 

Stediif.x C. Spenx'E, a young farmer 
af Kingston, N. C., met Mrs. M. E. 
Waller in the road. After bowing to 
her, ho said she must kiss him. The 
lady indignantly hurried on, whereupon 
ripeuoe followed, and, despite her strug- 
gles, kissed her. She mode complaint, 
and Spence was arrested. He was trieil, 
and sentenced to thirty days in Uh  
county jail for kissing another man’s 

moons * no. 

The monument of Victor Emanuel, 
which is to be erected in Rome, will 
cost 10,000,000 francs. 

The Crofton courier (Crofton, Ky.), 1884-04-01

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Crofton, Kentucky by Meacham & Wilgus
   Christian County (The Pennyrile Region)