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date (1899-06-21) topic_Temperance newspaper_issue I 




C.riiktiM tilt ml, 3(00. 

DmM || tit llti 

«tt if tH Hum, SeHol. »d Firm 

SO c i Tur. 

VOL. 1. 



NO. 1. 

I * 


The Citizen 

T. fl- PASCO, 


Fabian** ..  *» mm~ m 

I C. W. Ootid, ft, arm*! here Bet 
urdsy from Am Arbor, Mieh. He 
will spend iIow.nI 


Miaa Mar; Dw Rankin, of Ptquu, 
O., ia vialtinf Miaa Jennie Hanson. 

mn. m.y. 

Kan km Thorn* iinaiat warn: Miaa 


This paper airm to bring 
the best reading to 'very fire- 
fide. Reading is a great thing, 
nut it snakes a big difference 
what you read. 

Ths Citiiw brings, first of 
the news— not every tale 
crime or horror. !-ut the im- 
t news — the news from 
ashiitgton and the State 
pita), from our woldiers in 
off islands, from our neigh- 
* everywhere. For the 
oung folks we have a story 
nd a Bible lesson; for house - 
rives, a few new ideas each 
reek which should lighten 
heir labors; for the farmer 
ome valuable hints which 
wall help him to make more 
rom his land and cattle. 
We propose to get the best 
I dea   that can be found on all 
1 1 m h practical and important 
fnatters and paws th» m « round 
ong our readers. The re- 
rces of Berea C ollege are 
for its students alone. The 
l-ditoi of this paper u n at any 
lime step into the largest Col- 
legr library in the Suite. ind 
has engaged sevrhal of the 

Miaa Marfan* 

It alW 

in, i 

ea r e s direet- 
for a viart of 
ralatiraa at Parte, 

a* T O 

The*r mill haa baaa aold 


  it T I'uh. waa 
 o Mr Williaca 

of Part 
married on Juaa 14, 

a vtoM froai Mr. T  
Mrs. E. B. 
frost Auburn, 

ara - o T «, 


tending hie heaaineee. Hock an indue 
try abould pay wall Bar* end will be a 
decided ad ran Ufa to the town If 
i employmnat could 


played again their 

with a 


of Phi Delia thea 

■peach of "Wrjlaey on 
ad by the Km* 
Frederick, of Alpha /Mi, 

FUirn, H 



College to tales 
»f special departments in 
tper. Those who are via 

LThe CrrrzcN 
t is going on in t 
week it will 


Mr 1, W. A anas l.ft Mosday for 
Arisen* where he goes to try tha ef 
far* of the nliattli oa hia health. By 
hia departure Mr. Welch loaea a vary 
lark. It ia hoped that tha 


Rapt art Church 

Nannie Martin. 
Term, died 

' 9 

daughter of Mra. 

seriously ill for 
She » 

imzsi* b pledged to no 
'it is every man I friend, 
for the thinp* which 
all — temperance./ 
kindness, ent 
d education. And W 
' who believe in these th; 
subscribe for Thi Citi/em 

tton of the Music 
Depart man t. 
Amoog the feaata of food thiafa of 

k.bntTToTui Mu. 
earn. Brat in order of 
day aight There waa a food 
aace of student*, bat only a few citi- 
aana knew that a free concert waa to 
be fives, and ao many mi need a food 
Tmb Crfiam will haaeeforth 
loaf fait want by giving due 
of aoeh pa*...* event* 
Owiaf to tha illoaaa of aome of the 
member* tha eihibition waa larfely a 
piano recital. Mrs. Msrah and Miaaaa 
Todd, KitoU, Millar, Yooum, ami Pad 
rendered a larfe and varied pro 
of piano forte mueic in a vary 
acceptable manner. Miaa FJiott's vo- 
cal aolo, "Thou'rt Like a Flower," 
effective, and Mr. Pope'a 
™ awhly 

Mr. Maaa-a 

the rapt attention of all 
waa diaappoiated when a vijroroua re- 
call failed to aacure an encore. Mr. 
Mana'a work aa a violiBiat ia alwaya 

a talent ia 
well known in Berea a ad Clay County. 
We are fled to five to our mad an in 
tbia iaeue a poem by thia young mao. 

After ■ charming piano aolo by Miaa 
Todd, Miaa MagfieJoaee fare a 
inf rec,UtK« of j^funn^poas^ry 


The oration by O. B. Tibhe of Phi 
Dal IB on "Monument*" won the tin 
of a buret of applauee ia 
of ita delivery aa the or. to, 
gave a maaterty tribute to John O 
Paa. Mr. Tibbe ia hia ability to haa 
die an audience ehowe great promiae 
of becoming aa elective orator. 

Bar** audience* have learned to an 
tu-iput* eagerly Mr. Mann 'a violin ao 
the aolo with which ha 

I entertainment waa no 
exception to hia uniformly hifh atand 
aid of excellence. President Proat 
ua with the 



When in need of Furniture or anything 

pertaining to Our Line we respectfully solicit 

your patronage 

Polite and Courteous attention and 
Satisfactory Prices, our only Motto 

Prompt attention given to Undertaking 


and Irvine St. Richmond, Ky. 

When you're in Richmond 
do not fall to call on 

J" OB'S, 


Main Street Confectioner 



Baccalaureate Sermon to 

A crowded houee greeted the Rev. 
W W Atterbury of New York City, 
preached the Baccalaureate Ser 
a Sunday 

i conduct 
Wm. Good ell Front, Ph. 
President Geo. T. Pairehild, 
Jfd the Rev. John G. Fee 
Luke Ml 49; Tarry 
til ye 

OB high" 




Smith Building, Mair Xr+U, 

Richmond, Ky. 

. ..*«. SSaBBj x.a*. 


E. B. McCoy, D. D S., 

You can't fat your 1 
inky if you use the 

Por sal* only few 

P. F 

ftVa Bubaoriptioa lwt of The Rr 
fUr haa bean pewehastd by Tin 
ti/ n and we hope t'at the atu 
tat* will feel even a bvrler iateraet 
'% tha new paper than U.«» ever had 

thaold. It haa at lea« two point* * m  th*r year 
It ia a and it 
reek IB the year. Taa rjh Bm » v and Mr* 

Will Walk in* ia employed in asssa- 
four milaa aouthaaat of Sanaa. 

Ha walks back and forth every day. 
-vidautly ia sot afraid of work. 
Katmer Hudaoo who left Berea laat 
April for employment in Footeuelle. 
Wyoming, ia enjoying bia new work. 
He bopea to come bee* for achool in 

qoejitte* which ara aatirely 
ag ia tha other. To be a food 


t ita power. Thia ha doaa by up 
ing it at all tinea He ia inter 
eated ia thiaga about him, aad he ia 
juat, merciful, and Inn in hia deal- 
ing.* with other* Finally, he must 
be willing to work. We muat not be 
filled with the idea that any kind of 
bou««t labor ia diahonorable. The 

For the best 

Livery Service 
ao to 




r The very beet hemlock or omit kshif 
All kinds of boot e*nd shoo repairs 
The best and rhsspm lin«* of BiMes 



nxaa navar takaa ■ va. ation and it ,j to their father s houae, where three 
II aerva aa a weekly a»wa letter ; tllBaa a day they are feaating oo Ed 


npeakur einpbaaizetl the fact that all 
The prodigal and hi* aiatar, Jaiuee citilWB , ooBthbute, by aome 

kind of. 

Baker, have return 



lie anstiar 
lev H II Panaiaaaa « ipaadiaf 
Uw day. .a Urwa. 

Ufa. Proat retunted Halirday from 
trip to New England. 
W D. 8saMh foaa to U  Bib** Ia 
'ts, Chtasfo, for tha summer 
11 tVaSsOoddbaftoa  • s| 
Tfskeka ia Jaffaraoovilla, lad. 
**. L. rhn-deobur. of 
  - i. 

ahp f 

L - 

diet Hall last Sunday 
ad bar right ahoulder 

dev. M. J. 

reck for a month'* n t 
itliyaH and frianda in Ohi 

lira. .1. A Allen, M 
d Lottie P. Woodford, of 

wia't early garden vegeUble* 

Our wataamad ooti temporary, Tkt 
I'nntaynipk baa again changed adit 
ore. Judge Tipton goaa into tha 
ice and T. C Adama ia at 
tha editorial balm again 

Kaakin and Haaaoa and 
Maaara. C. L. Haaaoa and R. E. Pad 
dock aa joyed a vary 
at s houae party with 
of Kingston, ktat Friday 

All will be interested to learn that 
Fee haa ao far recovered that he 

Even a 


Itie E 

Hubert Soott, of staryavill 
«1 Saturday to 
ita bii uncle, Rev. kt K 
i.y. R O. .Met'lellaud, of 
l ,ws.    bio, ia tpaudinf a I 
I ,, fuaat of Mr. aud Mra. O i Aras, 

if • B 
£t B*«k for the 

s. - 

I'aunimai bi 



ty will 

ing the Y 
at the 

In the EaaayOnrtaat in the For** 
try CUaa, the fir*  pnaa, Hough't 
ElemenU of Porcatry, waa awarded 

Ky. Tha second priae, Bryant't 
Forest Tre* Culturiat, waa won by T. 
T. Bimmona of Florida 

Prof. Q H. PasfB, of Kliott Inati 
tuta, Kirkavilla, Ky , i* aaid to bean ap- 
for tha Berea achool tbia year. 
Kate I'oddiugtou, who baa taught 
the school ao faithfully for aevaral 
years, eeeme to be the logical oaadi 
date for the poaitiou of I'riucipal 

Misa Paircluld autertaiuad a few 
friends laat Saturday, iu SflSSS of Mis* 

Annlvnrsary of Literary Soci- 

tbe annual eihibition of the Literary 
laat Friday night The 

if a newspaper had in- 
formed tha general public of tha lit 
arary faaat that waa offered. 

After Miaa Mary Hoopaa of L. L S. 
bad entertained 
with a 

Bella of Scotland." Prof. L V. 
offered tha opening prayer 
Homer ktartia, 

^"wZ? Wood, Baras'a 
popular soprano soloist then 
the Dawn," by Cantor, winning gen 
tocuus applauee. The Irat oration 
was by D. P. Whits, of Alpha Zsta, 
on tha subject. '•Shall we Expand T" 

which will It you to bear a worthy 
part in life. It seems a waste of time 
to kaap at it month after month. 
Why not take a abort cut through 
achool or college? But the command 
ia, "Tarry ye in the city (tarry ye in 
Berea— which ia your Jerusalem) 
until what ia lacking for your prep 
nrutiou for your work ia supplied. 
You will not loaeby it; a right start 
is three quarters of the journey. You 
have a day's chopping in the woods; 
is the time lost that it takaa to sharp 
en your axeT Tarry ye in Berea un- 
til ye be clothed with the needed pow- 
er for your work. 

But we have not yet got to the ker 


The Photographer, 

Flu Pbotojnpbs tt Rusomble Prices 

Y'iftrt about Berea a $peeiatty. 

\ will make thsffOftf suit of yours 
look like now. * * j* j* j» 
Clothing Cleaned, Repaired and 


al, and abould be adopted (1) 
sake of our uavy, {'!) for our oommar 
cial internet, (S) for the Christianizing 
of the dwellers in the uew territories. 
Mr. Whita haa a clear strong voioe 
and a good presence The impassion 
ed close waa too highly wrought. 

Miaa Ida L. Brooks' recitation of 
"Aunt Nancy's account of a Fashion- 
able Recital" waa a good example of 
the moat valuable type of public 
•peaking the oouvereatiouel style. 

The Maudoliu Club made a deoid 
ad hit with a »electiou oalled the "Bex 
auberuna March'' and the audience 
would uot be satisfied until tbey 

for their work. They 
attempting the moral conquest 
of the world. The additional resource, 
for thia eonqueet waa yet to be given. 
They muat wait to be "clothed upon 
with power from on 
greater portion of the 
given to thia thought 

To the graduating class My friends 
to whoa it ia any privilege to aay a 

have I 

aim of tbia 
College, in seeking guidance and in 
■pi rati on for you from the text I 
have chosen T It matters not what 
your calling is. If you have but one 
talent God asks for but the faithful 
use of that one Remember that 
though your lives and lipa apeak the 
massage it ia the power from on high 
f""'.y 1 which gives it tbc efficacy All ia as 
* nothing without this. 

Tarry if ueed be ere you go out to 
work until you have aome humble aa 
auranoe of thia divine bestowal. Sank 
it in earnest prayer, such prayer aa 
John Knox offered whuu on hia knees 
ha cried to Uod, "Hive me 
or I die." Se.-k it in 
not for your own honor, but forOod'a 
jflory, recognizing yourself a* his in 
itruuiont, aud submitting yourself to 
liis guidance. Then from time to 
time as you prueeoute your life work 
you will have need of reenforcemeul 
of that ,*.wer from on high. 

It is True 

Tailoring uf our Clothlec, but II adatlu of II. 

For Spring and Summer 

We offer tkt most beautiful Use of ^^^mm^ 


in this 

a our line of 

Do not ffcvil to 



ant ol Dentist rj 


y— University 

or Oinoinnavtl. ^ 

Central Ave. andOourt St., 
c5inoinna.ti, Onto. 

The College was organised in IB46, and the 46 Annual Winter Sea 
sion begins about October lUtb IHW. Three sessions of six months 
each are required fur graduation. Thia is the Brat Deutal Collegu 
eatabliahed in the West. It ia co educational, and has a teaching 
corps of i went y instructor*. It* buildiuga are modem, and well ad- 
apted to the requirements of modem deutal education and ita vJuik'n 
d (  | tioual Spring and fwwODSSBSa  u Clinical 

iK aud Fall Courses 
U. A. SMITH. D. 

are uiisurpanset 

atructiou are iilao f i*eu. Paaa are { 
tiou aud Auuouuce muni, addieea 
I HI tiurtteld PUBS, CbMlBSS**^ Ohio. 

For lufonua- 
O. M. , Dean. 




T o Pavt  MM hi i 

nmKA. \ T 


In a Tinlon that rails with th. railing dag. 

I tread the lanea and the pallia or tort: 
An 1 Ihe vlllar* green wh.rr I u . ,1   

Anil the village folk. I aee once mor* 
Ah. y* •« th»r* by Ihoaa purpla bora 

My townefola i«»ln. of tho.e childhood 

who Itndrd mum 

Ha lliail In • M« home upon the hill. 

A long way hark from (ha village atreet. 
And alia In ■ rot with « crumbled am. 

In a tangle of mradow-awe*t 
T h r r»- w+rt* inornt rtff it 1 01 1 1 ■  up to t*w«* 



Thara wara hnusrh.rjilng robins amoag 
tha laavaa. 
Thftt rnllad If tha four o'clocfce atapt too 

I mat him al tlmaa on my schoolward 


And shivered a bit at hla froaly how. 
Thai ha saw ma at all I am much In doubt. 

Or thought ma a ahaap or a mooly row! 
But waa thara a momant before tha ball? 

I stopped al tha gala wharf tha lllara 
• raw. 

For a sprig of har aouthrrnwood to amall. 
Or a crlmaon roaa with a haart of daw! 

Bulterfll**. humblabaaa, birds and boya. 

And any lltlla girla In ahakara quaint, 
frolicked about h.r with r*vsl and n/u«c. 

Whlla aha hrsmrd on ua alt Ilk* a dear 
old aalnt. 
O cowl, white hiatal O atarrv phlox! 

O port ulara and larkapur blua' 
O bachelor* buliona and hcllyhorka- 

And pan. lea' How well I r. member you" 

I"T* .b»*rd ha discovered 

ne mlalaid 

Soma atellar fugltlvea brought to bay. 
And a comet due In a thouiand yeara 

In tha latter part of (he month of May! 
1 know ahe discovered a world of ch  . r 

For Borrowing aoula lha! har pathway 

Thai her heart waa a gnrd.-n where all tha 

lx ve'a^rr»en planta flourished, untouched 

You'll read hla name In tha text hooka writ. 

With a learned ireatln* on solar spot* 
H- . r.era! Ah. the rklldr. n ram. mber It ! 

Fashioned and framed It, fwrfet-me-not V 
They say whan I mention my native town — 

■'Why. that la the homa of Profeaaor J "" 
But I think of my friend la In* I'd .'.»»., 

Who planted roaea 10 give away! 

I remember he gave me aome sag* advice. 

Tha morning I left for my home afar. 
And tha benefit of a snrle precise. 

Aa warm as the baa me of the polar star- 
But aha! Ah! ah* broke with a tender hug 

On mv frantic wreatl* with uars and 

And left on my lap for a railway rug. 

An armful of fr.icr.mi. Tealhery pinks' 
-Emm* Ilarrlck Weed. In Youth a Com 



Haatiljr looking from man to man tint I 
encountered mine, he point**) 

I With Death: 

By P. Beaufop. 

■ Wa aTaaPWa t 

rAHY^a- neat-tell atori 
I Aat «H^«dofd  

*" '''«T^fcBaaaa»»t* 

Ueree t**aFthe *V 

I be 

tell stories of son- 
delivera nces 
r*»grte loilin 
of miraebjf, atill en- 
dured, bjei I doubt greatly whether any 
man eier caane go close to the dread 
shadnyv and causped la ao marvelous 
and yet so simple a manner as did 1 
alHiut »rn yeara ngo, when I was con- 
nected with the secret sen ice depart- 
«p„, of Sco. land Yard, and waa looking 

the anarchists, who at that time 
/were causing- the greatest anxiety by 
their activity in the direction of vio- 
arnce and crime. Of the eacape in ques- 
tion let the lines that follow speak. 

The terrible explosion at Edinburgh 
had just taken place, whereby main 
persona had lost their lives and mnn.  
'more been injured, and on all sides one 
heard rumors of still more awful disas- 
ters in store. 

One afternoon, early in Junuary, the 
chief summoned inr to his room, and 
•aid: "Mr. Harrington, I understand 
you expect to achieve a (rood stroke to- 
night, if I am not mistaken." 

I amiled as I made answer: "I have 
every confidence of doing- so. Hy as- 
suming- the character of an Irish-Amer- 
ican anarchiat, 1 have discovered some 
very uaeful in formation. Above all, I 
base unearthed a very horneta' nest in 
Boho. kept by a, Rusaiau r alias 1 
Merkovaki. Hy arresting* the nun 
fngnd in that club this evening, w * 
■hall, in all probability, secure several 
gentlemen who an- WHtitrd in conga* 
Hon with the Ed in burgh trouble. 

"I will tell you mv urrangenienta for 
tills evening. There is to tat* n meeting 
•t the club of which I haw spoken be- 
tween eight and eight-thirty an. I by 
nine o'clock it la to he assumed that 
every man will be in his plncr. I also 
•ball be there in my role as a partisan 
of the league. Send a iu|ii H d of men to 
this address" (nnd here I handed him a 
slip of paper bearing the information ) 
"at nine o'clock precisely, and let them 
arrest every individual on the prem- 
laea. They had better take me us well, 
for appearances' aakr. Thla will dis- 
arm any auspicion on their part that 
there are informers in the camp." 

"I see — I see.' he answered, quickly. 
"An excellent plan. Mr. Harrington." 

He then jotted down the various de- 
tails necessary, and I went about my 
ordinary vorationa until day should 
wane and It would be time for me to 
take my way to the anarchiat club |sj 
of a member of that terrible 

who calls himself K.,l 
kactire him. and gag 
him at once. He la a apy an accursed 
spy in the employ of th* llrltlsh govern 

I sprang up from my aeat In order to 
defend myself from the brutal arms 
that closed round me. but the battle 
was an unequal one. Two minute* 
later, bound, gagged, and helpless, I 
waa pinioned to the wall, the cords he 
ing drawn so tightly round my cheat 
that I could scarce breathe. 

The men slowly returned to their 
seats, talking in excited whispers 
After a pause. Menaknff raiaed hiahaml 
to proclaim silence, and said. In a deep. 
omiBoua tone: 

"Comrade*. 1 owe yon an explanation 
of what has just occurred. Know then 
that during my visit to Edinburgh I 
have learned several things of litnl im- 
portnnre to the cause. The first Is thai 
thla man Wtthera is a dangerous spy. 
and that his acquaintance with us has 
lieen an official trick which in a frw 
minutea we ahall repay heavily.** 

He paused, and then continued: 

"The second thing I have iliscovrrcii 
is this: that at nine o'clock to-nighl 
the house will he raided, and every man 
of ua present arrested." 

A hoarse crv rose from the men. and I 
could not repress a slight glance of 
amazement. Menskoff understood my 
expression, for he came towards nir. 
nnd atriking me in the face said, wasp 

"Aha. then, my good Mr. Withers 
you do not know, evidently, that we 
also have our spies among the police 
force even as you have yours among 
ourselves. Our own informer* are as 
watchful and as clever as yours, and hy 
thrir agency haa all thla knowledge 
come to me. What think you of it, my 
friend; what think you of it. hey ?" 

He struck me again, very brutally. 
The malignity of his glance and the 
harsh, set faces of I he ot her men show g*j 
me only too plainly that I hud small 
merry to cx| cot now. 

Slipa of paper were handed round the 
table, and each member was directed |o 
Ipacrlhe Ihereon what should he my 
punishment Then the slipa were hand- 
ed to Menskoff. who glanced at them 
with a gleam of satisfaction on his face. 

"Edward Withers." he said, address 
inuj me. after a pause, "the sentence 
written by each member of this meet- 
ing consists of one word. 'Death.' Make 
ready ; your time is short." 

The anarchist went to the corner of 
Ihp room wherr he had deposited his 
portmantrnu. Hastily opening the 
bag. he took from it a small bomb with 
a clockwork apparatua attached, also 
a tiny clock of common appearance. 
Ha* ing deposited these on the table be- 
side me. he addresaed his comrades. 

"My good brother*." he exclaimed, 
talking in a quick, eax-'lable fane, "now 
that yo.i Sxve pronounced, I he sentence 
iesth ilJaJaaAgJJBBpterVs-a^ls 
l^a-a-ye^^rw'Twtrw «, se 
carTred Into effect. . 
then, thia bomb- I obtained it a: our 
factory- at Edinburgh, together with 
the clockwork gear by which the time 
of exploaion can be regulated. With 
thia little bomb I shall blow our friend 
to pieeea, and it will Isa well now if you 
bid him adieu and leave ua toge'her. 
You wilt alao do well to keep in hiding 
until the present activity on the part of 

"You are admiring my little 
yon not'.'" he asked, grinning ao 
ly that hla black gnma aickeajadj 
sight. "Well, it may intercat fwm 
know, good Mr Withers, thai ycl 
I are the only two persons ,,, the vc 
w ho shall ba«e had hii\ use for it. *, 
I bought It in Edinburgh only |hie 
morning, little thinking that its cnreri 
would end so soon." 

Then, tapping the timepiece gently, 
he exclaimed: "Karewell, little   ha-k. 
Ho thy work well and send this cur to 
hia reward. Mr. Withers, good night. 
I wish you a pleasant journey to the 
new couatr  you are about to ilalt. 

With an Ironical bow he glided from 
th* room, shutting and Iocs hit the 
door after him. When he hud n llred. 
I shut my ryesnud tried tol iink. 

Escape waa out of the i|iic t:i.n. I 
could not mo»c mi Is, mis were lied sc 
tightly that already crump waa sell- 
ing my H nib*, and to utter a cry for help 
waa impossible. A do/en times I 
cursed my action In having instructed 
the chief to semi no mrii to the house 
until nine p m . for had they come ear 
lier all would hnie In^en well. Hut then 
how was I to have foreseen the horrible 
events which the night waa tlewtinetl te 
bring forth ? 

The clock pointed to ft:. in, showing 
that the whole dread scene through 
which I had pushed that eienlng had 
consumed bar- Iv 25, minutes, though 
naturally Ihe a|iace of time had aeemett 
like hours. Eight thirty. ... In Zf 
minutes more, the inrxoinble clock 
ticking out the minutes so patiently 
would haie brought its minute hand 
■ oiind to the fatal atrokr. the homr 
would explode and then. ... A feel 
ing of nausea rose ia my throat as th* 
hideous reality lient Its horror into my 
hrnln. and I strove with all my might tc 
shut out the thoughts which over 
whelmed me. 

Eor the first ten minutes the agony of 
wniting was softened somrwhnt hy th' 
hope that something might hap|M-n t. 
save me. Hut when the ten minute* 
had passed, my aaiul grew sick, and a 
dull feeling of resignation took hold ol 
my being. My time had comr: mv 
course was run: my hour was at hand 
l.ct me face death like a man, foe in 
spite of my profession, I retaine- 1 some 
of the instincts of manhood, nnd I re 
solved to meet the end as quietly at 
though a thousand eyes watched rtn 

Eiiteen minutea to nine. . . . The 
minute hand seemed to linger a long 
time, nnd a sudden hope raced thron'rh 
my mind that prrchancr the chsrk 
might stop. Hut a second later f law 
with a |umg that my fancy had de- 
ceived me Xor the cruel hand moved on 
and now. O llenien, another minute 
waa registered! 

Thirteen minute* to nine! An 
feeling shin retl through my hi 


■ i*. nina Faeia Waate Plata by "Jwtee 
Qalherew fay Mlatlnaarlaa Aaawaaj 
CMeaarw'e roreta* Popalatlaa. 

TI.eae field notes were made by work- 
er* in the Itaptist missionary training 
\ In a part of t hlcago w here I'olea, 
ins. Itohrmians and Syrian* 


a large part of the |Kipnlatlon 
large aggregations of foreigner* are 
found in our most populous American 
cities, ami are constantly fid by fresh 
arrivals from Kuro|w Educating those 
renters Is bkr making butter with a 
stream of fresh rreani flowing Info the 
'hum, or like awerping a floor over 
which a stream of mud is crawling. 

I here group tin cases and make 
general statements Isirne nut by 

I. I'ubllc school trncl.*rs find the aft 
ernoon sessions marked by an incr« as* 
of stupiditi and tardiness. Imrstiga- 
tion prove* thia la largrh due to Isrc 
diinking at dinner (i. *.. the noon meal) 
or to going to the saloon to get brer 
for patents. 

f. The love of beer la encouraged In 
rhildren that they may he more will- 
ing to go for it. 

.i. Wherever Ih-i r is rommonlv drunk, 
tolsacco and the cigarette abound, anil 
it ia difficult to discriminate in the 
results of these, and lm|sn*«lble to sup- 
press one and allow the others. 

4. Drunkenness among hoy s under 1C 
yean, of ngr is ao common as to atartlc 
the most phlegmatic riti/rn. 

:. M m i indeed most of th* enaea of 
dwarfed and stunted growth which w* 
see among tin  cry |*Hir are directly 
traceable to doses of liquor given in In- 
fancy or to "mistake*" made by a 
drunken phrsicinn. One pitiable eaae 
cornea to mind that of a young man 21 
year* old. hut as helpless as a Italsr 
c.f three months. Life was not taken, 
but w ho will acpiit that drunken doc- 
tor of the charge of manslaughter? 
Tbla division of rrspontihillty Is a deli- 
Is ua e»*ry- 


day passed quickly *nough, ab- 
• a* I waa with other interrating 
mattera, and shortly before right I 
went to my lodging*, ami having aa- 
•umed my uaua) disguise, took my way 
to the dub. I entered. 

Klowly the gloomy room filled with 
the awarthy, evil-looking member*, and 
•t length the meeting waa complrte 
•are for one man, a Rnaaian known aa 
Ivan Menskoff. He waa expected to re- 
turn that eienlng from Edinburgh, 
whither he had gone on bu*iue*a con - 
net ted with the brotherhood. I'reae 
ly a alight murmur ran rotund the roc 

what abated." 

Obedience to thia man 
able. One by one. th 
and »low!y left Ihe 
giving me a look of hatred aa he went. 

I perfectly understood Menskoff 's 
design in resolving to destroy me by- 
mean* of the bomb instead of taking up 
hia revolver and dia|s*tihing me then 
and there. The exploaion would bring 
the houae to the ground, damage ad- 
joining property , and would lie in eiery 
way the beat "adverti*ement" that the 
cause could obtain, whilat at the same 
time all other informera would tremble 
when they learned the horrible fate of 
one of their body. Verily, a fiend's de- 
*i  a. and worthy of him who ileiiseil it. 

^ lieu the last footsteps of the re- 
treating men had dird away, th* '»"'- 
archist Iraned over the tcble where ihe 
deadly apparatus was placed and sin-. - 


ly ailjuated II. Then turning to me, In 
exclaimed, with a malignant biugl 

which waa aa hrutul aa a blow : 

"Sec here, my good friend, see here. 
I hair left Ihe bomb and the clock in 
such a position that you are ImiuimI to 
sec both, and as the handa of the clock 
creep on, you will have the felicity of 
knowing that . ... h minute I* carrying 
yni nearer to the end. And nun. shall 
I tell you, my f rientl. at what hour, nay, 
at whut minute, I hate timed thia lit- 
tle plaything to cxpliHle?" 

It waa lin|M snible for me to convey 
my desire to know, for I could not mme 
my bead or ojien my litis. Howeicr, 
Menskoff apisrarcd to consider an an- 
swer superfluoua, for, after a minute's 
interval, he laughed again und cried: 

"I have act it to explode at ten min- 
utea to nine. . . . Why not before'.' 
Simply because, good Mr. Withrr*, it 
will add tenfold to your torture to re- 
member that had ten iniuutea more 
been given you, you would have been 
rescued by your fiends from Scotland 
Yard. . . Aha! I aeeyou 



jaeiaa strode tqto Ihe 
I brow* wife. » «:,ti acted , 
Ma W.WJI t4»(ai«a««d 

You appreciate the trudcrnese of uiy 
little plan." 

The fiend apoke the truth. The ter- 
rible cruelty of hi* scheme burned into 
my brain, it waa hard, unmistakably 
hard, to be done to death at all- with 
many houra elapaing between myself 
and piMiatble rescue. . . . but to know 
Ibat ten minutea would mean life, and 
the absence of them death. . . . ah, 
that waa refinement of agony which a 
man muet be in my place to thoroughly 
ami properly appreciate! 

he anarchist gave one more glance 
he apparatu* to aee thgt it was a II in 
1 then turned toward the door, 
tad, however, to ■ here I waa 
tvBd greeted w« 

shores of 
utea more! 

My eyea began to swim, a red light 
waa In them, burning them like Mv* 
coal*— a thousand firndbh voices 
buzzed In my ear but nho-e them al 
there rang out the tick-tick of th* 
clock, every second bringing me near* 
and nearer to t brand. 

I trieil to grasp a pray er, but my lip* 
were parched and could not have moved 
even if the gag had not held them rigid; 
I tried to frame a silent supplication tc 
th* Almighty for deliverance, but my 
mind could not work coherently, and 
the rntrraty languished unmade. A 
feeling of measureless drspair rnvol- 
oped my soul, and th*n. as the minut* 
hand of the liny clock glanced towanli 
the fatal figure, a faintursa clutched 
my being, a white mist was in my eyes, 

ray senses. 

Whrn I recovered, the room waa full 
of policemen, and Inspector l,riersoi, 
one of my best |ials. w ns kneeling beside 
me. holding sonic liquid to my !jps. Ilia 
fat, honest face was full »f *yni| athy 
r.a he exclaimed, cheetily: 

"Drink that, Mr. Harrington, and 
don't try nnd lulk till you feel a bit bet- 
ter. Th*re!" he added, encouragingly 
ns the raw brandy brought back a sem- 
blnnce of life to my cheeks- "you're 
'.siking Inciter already. ... Hy 
tieorge! you'ie had the narrow. h t 
squeak that mno eier had in thi. buai 

"The bomb, th* bomb." I asked, faint 
ly. "where is It? Whut has la-couiccl 
it? Why didn't it explode?" 

The ins| ector pointed to a bucket ol 
wuter In the rorncr of the riaim. 

"The bomb is there." he aliswereil. 
quietly, "anil ran do no harm now. 'I he 
rascals hair e*ca|srd. laid luck to them. 
Did they tell w.u at what time they had 
set that little bit of machinery to ex- 

"Moat certainly they .lid," I made an 
swer, as 1 »lowly raised myaelf from 
the floor; "at ten minutes to nine pre 

"Then your escape la all the more in 
■xplicablr," returned the lns|sretor 
"for wr did not arriir her* until ninr 
..'clock evartly, as sriungnl with you." 

"I am aa amazed as you are." said I. 
"surely the clock could not have been 
It wak quite new. for the man 
told m he had purchased il 
only thia morning in Edinburgh." 

On hearing these words, luapeclor 
liriernou uttered a low whistle, and au 
illumiuating Intelligence ahone in hi* 

"tirret Scot!" hr excl.iimni, slapping 
hi* knee. "I ace it all:" 

"See what ?" I shouted, mad with ex. 
rlteinent. "See what?" 

''Why, the explanation of your salva^ 
lion. You sa.v that i lock wa* nought in 
Edinburgh Well, y ou may not know It,' 
but it so happ'ns that Edinburgh lima 
Is just 13 minutes la-hind the London 
hour, and to that fart, Mr. Itirtlag UiB, 
you owa your life thia ev«i 

Aud 19 It waa -ill 1J i ia, 

downfall to deaptir berauae of hopa  

leaa poverty. 

Th* training school mission workrra 
hare aneh age and experience in other 
I" hl«. many of thrre at public school- 
teachers, that their oplnJems should 
have weight. 

All concur In th* following: 

1. It la not wise to present a pledge 
to a school or rlaaa and ask signal urea 
from all at once. Personal inatrtirtln% 
should precede aach presentation. 

I. Pledgee agalnat tha ua* of hrcr. db  
tilled liquor, tobarro and profane ot 
filthy s|H*rh should presented 

S. Pledge* for 
-1 will try, with Ood'« help, not to uaa 
or to help nae," etc. 

«. In caaea where It I* prnlmhlr the 
child will lie forcid to break the pledge. 
Ins moral welfare I* beat ruhanccl ray 
total alwtinence teaching without the 

In my own heart two wiahe* have 
if row n *■ I have studied these and simi- 
lar case*. One Is, that there might be 
a weekly mother** meeting to each six 
mothers; and Ihe other, that pipes be 
laid ao that In each a publi* foun 
lain or faucet would aupply rold, Al- 
tered, drinking water, and that In each 
two ..r three block*, by payment of a 
|.cniiv . a pint of hot water could b* ne- 
cured. by which, with use of tablet*, 
•oup. malted milk or chocolate, or with 
tea. anyone, with a speed c.rresiiond- 
Ing to our sense of "rush," could pre- 
|vare a nourishing, stimulating bever- 
age. Mr*. M.I Ihirnkam.lnlnlonRlf- 


I* a tlgaiast « a*apal S   la 

Slew tae 

Waal  .a ' 

The A nt i sskien league haa ln-gun 

a vlgnroiia campaign In New York state. 
Ilev DP. J Q \ Henry haa resigned a *uc- 
resaful pn. tot ate In I hlcago to arevrpt 
the siiperintendency of Ihe New York 
branch of the league, and under his 
Inspiring leaderahlp It la confidently 
expert-' that inneh effectlie work will 
Is* done The " nral gun" in thia new 
onslaught on the enemy waa fired at 
I'oughkeepsie on Sunday . May It Rep. 
resentativea of th* league, including 
Dr Henry, were In Poughkeepal. 

( hiratii 

where. Take thia case A young man 
cume home intoxicated: his mother 
kpoke reproachfully, a quick blow fol 
lowed. The next day the son "cam* 
to himself." Who killed the mother 
whose liody was rolsrd for *!ie grair? 
Wa* it lha son who Lad n him*eU 
to the devil ye»l*rday? Were ngt those 
who had aided him in thia 
laxrtnrr* In Mial murtlrr? 

«. The. Saturday 
hare, each week. Instances of children 
whose cloaks, hoods, shoes or mitten* 
have gone to t!i* |Miwnsbop, not for 
bread, not for coal or rent, but for 
I iq no. In many, many alsudea ( I can- 
not say homes) more is sag nt each week 
for In-, i than for bread, more each 
month thnn for clothing. 

7. The women in these nrlghlior- 
hood*. as a rule, drink Im er as an ac- 
cepted rule of life. Il should la- remem- 
bered most of them come from coun- 
trica where Isrcr and mo are not 
olasaed as intoxicants, nnd their eyea 
have neur la-en opened in this coun- 
try to the relation of U-tr drinking and 
drunkruness. eases were found 
where women, despairing in their hope 
lesa iKivert v . look to heav y drinking a* 
a sort Of blameless siiHide. while the 
husband went on with In, accustomed 
daily dram. One case is now a matter 
of deep anxiety and pray r. A husband 
w hose driiiikt. mirks hud drugged hia 
family through poverty, hnmrh-aanrs* 
and hhauie. reformed, hoi the wife who 
had struggled and prny*d for yrara 
to woo bin. lan k to sobriety - in an hour 
of aberration. I am sure got drunk, 
ami is In-day u confirmed inebriate. 

Among these people there isa lague 
idea thai the government is the only 
source of help. lh - only rrs|M nsihlr 
power to be cursed. Thr government is 
aomethiug over, but quite apart from 
themselves, und while buying Hun Iser 
iney wail: "Why doesn't the mayor 
or the hratl at Washington put a atop 
to this awful' getting drunk?" The 
week preceding election la one of added 
funds in many homes where there la 
a voter. The week following ia one 
of quarrela, arrests and suffrring. Ia 
it atrangr that t hese cmbil lercd ninth 
era bear children predisposed to riot 
and anarchy V 

The mission worker* from this school, 
ill women, have little to do with the 
me* on Iheae field*, mile** some father 
falla sick, commits suicide or ia arrest - 
ad. so these son a deal only iuilire. tlv 
with the principal transgressors. Not 
all poor iMMiple In Hi*** neigb 

that day in numla-r sufficient to man 
nil the pulpits in the eltv. and now 
the ram|Miign will In- continued along 
various lines The plana and object* 
of Ihe Aati-hahNin league are explained 
by Dr. Henrj in a letter to thr New 
Vote*. The league ia a national organi- 
zation. D !*rgnn five year* ago In tha 
state of Ohio, and haa now spread into 
.1 atates. where *J men are demting 
their entire time anil energies to th 
prosecution of this wtirk Da motto 
ia The Saloon Must 0c*" and ita ultl 
mate aim the total destruction of the 
open grogshop as thr • enter and elta 
4 -jL del of the corrupting and benumbing 

17   k J r^TO;' IXmiz :l r tTJi^^A r 

1 \^s -a lie aanwswxanee n warns in anil turoagv 

I t\Tw 'he •hurt-he*, making Hiera a* nre-aa|. 

ration* the rrs|ionslbl* agrnta. local 
and In a Mate-wide way. lor teinaap. 

a nee reform It maintaina that tgat 
Christian people are primarily th* Paw* 
Indian* of the public ronarleme. that 
they must set the pace of cli ic refnr*** 
ami that the problem of Ihe M*M sa- 
loon will neier he solved until tha 
I 'hriatian fore** can be '.rgaiilaeil, e**V 
solidated and hurled agalnat thla chief 
enemy of I hrialian 
government. It I* 

In ill 

EvU Dispositions 
Art Etrfy Shown. 

iptaf At fA* 

Aiif an r**f Al AW aWVeaf cnmtt mi to 
jAam a/ acao/uU. rVrno/ri. rfc, 'n 
chTjrtn mi y*wng »erW'- Ttktn to 
time H cmnbt t**dit*ttdhi eitfng Hood' $ 
Ssr\Ap*H0i. u Oa. l A a '$ Gndttti Mrdi 
cine. H ta»j/i**# tndinriihn tht blood. 

Weald llrav * lha Hnrrera al th* lieep 
W..I4 Make a KriaM 


Ah* was s vity plump woman Th*** 

are people ah.. ..v 1 1. . » a I nkf to I.* 

jest •• plump, hat the woman hrrsetl is al- 
ways thinking oi ways ami m*ani by which 
her apf)ear*nr* 1 1 diamelar and nrcumfrr 
enea may la- leiiii. evl, and anything that will 
appareatly increase ah* regaida with a dia- 
llh* that ia bill-, short of abhorrence Hut 
ll there it huig that .he dialikra ami 
than her rottifaHsble plumpness, K i. lha 
Water. Aa, a lira .mr nav. ua • ateanier ia 
a Ing, thaie wxi a eelliaioa, sb* waa rirn 
nv.r* aabapp) 'rum most Mat** art under 
each eireimni aa.a., though it waa related 
aftrrwaril th.l as* Isrhaii-d with great cool- 
■eat. Theie aTta lortunaie'v aa more serl- 
oui result Imaj the colli.toa than srvrral 
hours drlav. hat no one waa quit* aur* !• 
that time what t he next inmate would bring 
forth thr I  ■*  and of Ihe vv nun with Hi* , 
comfortable p ii'tipn***, like the gisvd hue- 
band ilial he wo, immedraiel) alter th* «c- 
rnlent found iiie preaervais, and in a mat- 
trr *l fact vr .'artad to aasui his wif* te 
put on* on. Hui »h» rei ul*d a ith iarh hor- 
ror thai for a aVanent h* wai not aur* bat 
tl.e  h.a*  kaddepnvad kei ol hei wnsea. 

"Put oa one *l thaar tiling.*'' ah* almost 
ahnrked. "N*v*r! Jwd look at that lal 
woman over there with ol them ua 
She l»..kt a p ari * i t eight 

An.i ah* t l ia W t **H Hie life pr**rrvvw oa 
..rturar (hat .he bail 

■vaalr'a l.aal 

Contain. IAD 
made t 
in ramp 
Spania 1 it.J 
'ana, Mavailli 
sin. a ■ t he aian 
   r of 

II t..nv engraving*, 
takrn of .Mir Araiy 
nil in actual sen u e, 
Hun IkmIs, I aha, Baa 
pea. An hitect tile | 
re «ad . uatoau il the peo- 
lalaada Put urea of oar lle  

rvN-a Ihri 

Uenrrat t hai . ■ Kit, 

aal'apt Charia* King, thrsuthorl 

mg ikuow a 

HolsiOB, goo** v.: I. Mil**, Schley 
Hhallar, Brook*, i . r i Hmupa f 

I •fhi'er.. Cavalry. Artlllet v . Infanlrv . Sh.|si, 
Rifle prsctare, rxp*ai*h Kildiera, laaurgeala, 
OeehaaaviMr. Tampa, laiat 

Karewell laMtidw Hoax. II ••pit* 1 ,., I'lara 
Itartnn. H .ugaJ H*der*. Sanliag i. San -luan. 
Mam: 1 lb* tk' aldal W , Die i nil ulsv and, 
Manilla i 

rhe Acbata I Hxw inches, wr.gha 11 
•unci*. Larva ted I Ml Aaaat coaled |a|»r 

"• ' ■ I KKat hV a*ur address a tk* Cawed 
Alate*. I'aaada or Mei ■ i I r VI cents in 
itani|M er ram, la cover |s..t*gr and |wrk- 
4Xv|. I opy an he *een at im ticket ofR. a 
af lha lug Eaur Heat* 
Order al oryvv, aa the r,1it,,,n n limited 
Addreaa WMRKKS ' I.I Si II, Ueneral 
Psaa.-i.ger »i . Tsrhel Agent, "Uig four 
K «i»."Cli 
Mark AW 







the sole 

they are the foes of the saloon and 

willing to stand together U|Min thi* one 
Issue- the destruction of the open 
dramshop. It emphasises the enforce- 
ment of law. It aeeka to drive the 
liquor business bark within the lim- 
it* of license and law. and to create 
a public spirit which w ill demand legis- 
lation ao full and i-omplete as will not 
only curb but drstrov i he open sal. on. 
In Hie enforcement of law It aa-eka, aa 
a rule, to work only through public 
i fftWr* who are elected ami imid to 
tsvrfortn such duties. Un al league* 
are organized in eiery church and per 
manent organizations effected in every 
community where It bi poesihle. Th't 
mrlluHis of thr leajur appeal to the 
grtieriasity of husinraa men. so thai 
financial aid baa niier Isren wanting 
with which to conduct « tlgorous and 
victorious crusade. The tanqoiaiv 
headquarters of the league in Ibealatc 
of New York will be at Pougbki-e|Mie. 
In Ihe fall it ia ex|arctc | that perma 
netit headquarters will Im- rq *ned In 
Ihe city of New York. -Chrlatian at 

Olney, HI., which haa not Isren without 

aa Id SO year*, haa gone dry, 
Many ^p^hjBaaai 



Ha loon keepers are th* government'* 
recruiting ..Ulcer* for the great army 
of American drunkards -The Corner- 

If wr church members worked aa 
hard for tiial aa the saloon keepers do 
for Satan more rAulta might be aeen. 


The Herman Aasociation Against tha 
Misuse of spirituous Drink* b*s issued 
a circular to t lie student* of Hermauy 
aakiog that the compulsion in th* corps 
and verciua to drink beer be done away 

Th* report of the I ondon tc nitM-rance 
hoapital show* that during Ihe year al- 
cohol was a. i ministered in that inatllu- 
Hon to only Ave caaea oal of a total of 
over (.000, including out patient*. Of 
th* Ave caar* four proved fatal. 

Erom a bushel of eoru a distiller gets 
tour gallon* of whisky, which retail, at 
»1A; the government geta At | i. th* 
» gra AO 


ba*d. so .hajv. 
-hlawlra th*** 

The Real P n aeilplkaa far 
BBS r*rar I* t. hotel* af Oane* s Tarrstri 
CmixTus-c. It laWmply lr n*ndqal*la*l 
at No cure— aopav Price.?*) 

lae Isapanlalllp. 
•Altaya a git - Mrreated in • maa. if I 
iaa't hawlagg ,1 and u| uint *yrd, ahe ui 
as -haaaV** as a Ureek god."-X. 1 

- . ■ m a. ■ 
T. tin a a .is la Ow* asag 

Take I axasUeailrom.. Omulne Tsblex*. A 
druggial* ref utfi una ey If it fails to lur*. laV 

rrelln." tK ******* 

^^rgin:.;.::,":,;.'' 1 ^ ^ ,o 

A Story o\ Sterility, 


•*Dka« 1 
ago 1 bega 

ia. PiagHAM-Two ycat 
having such dull, heat 

nt na In my 
were profit   and painful, 
troubled * a 
patent medajinea and 

one of youi hooka, I wrote toi 
Ing you mv trouble* und aak 
advica. Van answered my 
promptly end I followed thedlraotloi 
faiUifully, and derived so much bctaol 
that I cam .t pralae I.vdla K. Pin 1 
ham* Vegetable Compound enoug 
1 now nnd myself pregnant and -ha' 
begun ita use again. 
It e nough. "— M aa. CoBa, C 

MaXjUalaU, MlUL 

s — 



trr intemperate or laser drinkers. Not cent*, the railroad get* oae duller, tk* 

on* jj^j jy^lSssS I mStSmTSSS M '*°' nuA * 

•wara _ 
birth to ftor children, and 

miscarriage. I bad falling of 
leucorrhuA. pains in back and legi 
dyspepsia U a nrrroua trembling I 
the sUiiiuiak. Now I hare none of thr* 
trouble* aid can enjoy nay life. Yon) 
medicine haa worked wonders fo| 
n- "— Itoh 8. BAjkaataurr, New   

»«aw-«s- «  ♦ f | 

Crtalral hallway 
tk* l i.e. i tilaira 


 *a ao mutt rkaa |.«„ las. 
laawi upua haviag it. 

♦ •* », 

  » »*» 

H ika aaarM la******! imtuJ 

iiLijia. ■-- in, 


Ky . Jul IV Thiof. look 
more warlike oow than ever la (lay 
county. Slace tke troop* have Uft tha 
feudl.t* have tkaeovDty to thesa**!***, 
and will ao doaht battle It out at th* 

A Bew f.ctl..„ la 

out a 

I tkat ka waa "leaHa' 
ttf tha Bekere." will 


•hoot and ma. I'm afraid to tall now. 
but whm wa g»\ all prepared I'll Ull 
who ha U aad drop him myself. 

"Tliey triad to kill aaa la Maaeheeter 
tha Irat nlf hi I weal there. A Bew*. 
paper correspondent waa talking* to 
ma and 1 waa etsntling- bahlnd hli 
rhalr. 1 haard ao*B*lhlag behind ma 
Just aero** th* faara In tha f ardaa and 
saw Tom Watt, a colored man, point- 
ing a pistol at me. 

"I aat down la a wladow ao ha 
roulda't fat at aaa. Deaf h Whlta waa 
mskinaj tiaras to him. I got my broth- 
ara tog-ether and wa waat right than 
toCoL Wllllama aad aaked klai for 

rmnr-nT. Ky.. Jaao ttv-Ahsat M 
ipanlea. receatly 
heavily In tka 
on (ha charf* of 
to •  

all tho, 
Kentucky and 

•ay that had tha Judgment of the 
been aflraed all foreign 
mpaalaa would hare wilh- 
wn from lha Kentucky laid. 

FaA»mroBT, Ky., June IT. -Tha ro- 
ot Mate Inspector I.e.t.r, who 
i tent by tka governor to Knott 

* a?" A 

band of 900 regulator. I 
thelaw-abldlaf ama»la. Forty of 



aettoa providing 


1b* »«"tr Ceasi 

I s*. ».irn, Ky., Jaaa la. — Citixeas 
of Ihli county ara enthusiastic over 
tha fact tkat a corpa of engineer* be- 
gan at I)urgla Wednesday and will 
I a geaaral auraay of th* propo*rd 
railroad extension from llur- 
Mid.lle.boro. touching 

Leeway lor war 1* still 
Ian county. Ther* ka* 
murder, hut every o 
feudlau kaap their 
and hare 
kaap away 

IA -Tha 
In Har- 

armed. Tha 

a nUn taUe BUtls* 

owtKaanan. Ky.. Jaaa IT.— Ro*coa 
Naota. *oo of Curtl. Nanta. of thl* 
oounty. while playlag n 
pulled a lumber pi I* oear 
Baa waa willed. 

HaaDBaooa, Ky., Jaaa IT. 
Ilodge'. tobaoao hou*e at Nebo, 
Win. county, burned at boob. 
145,000; in.uranoe, ga.vooo. 


villa, having la cu.tody A I, Ua*. Wiley 
aad Jim Bakar. who will ba jailed at 
liarbouraeill*. Tha body of Tom Bakar 
  takeo to tka old family buryiag 
I at Crane Creek for laWrnaot, 

UwBMToa, Ky.. Jaaa 14— J. W. Mat- 
ford ka* a aalf oaa day old that weight 
,la Are feet eight t.che* in 

lee. at C***. 

raanaroar, Ky., Job* 17 Cot. 
Bradley ha* not th* power to declare 
martial law la tha county of ( lay. 
where a reign of terror exist* a. the re- 
mit of tha a*M**lo*tioa of Tom Itaker 
la*t flatarday, bat I 

of coat. Th* 

tan oot ba restored aod 
indictment tried, a .pedal 
ion of th* legislature would be tha 
oaly remedy t ndcr th. present Ken 
tacky law th* governor eaa not evca 
appoint a apeclal judge until the regu- 
lar judge haa refused to *it and tha 
cir.-uii clerk ootiaea him that the mem- 
ber* of th* bar have fat ed to elect. la 
day county the circuit clerk Is a mem- 
ber of the White faction aod. If Judge 
Kversole ihould dectlo* to sit, h* 
woald prsrtlca ly have tbe aeleclloo of 
kls successor. If an extra session 
were held the county of Clay would 
either he abolished and divided up 
among adjoining connties, o- the gov- 
ernor would lie given power to appoint 
• penal judges at will and special 
grand Juriee from other eountlea to go 
to a lawless county and investigate 
aad And the indictment. 

Tbe governor Kriday night declared 
to ba false the special dispatch sent 
out from Islington Thursday that he 
waa equipping soldier* la Kaatern Ken 
tucby to go to Harlaa oounty. The 
condition there ia much better than il 
la ia Clay 

■sarr.l Fialut 

Lot'iavu.i a, Ky., June 14 — Distillers 
wb* ara independent of the Kentucky 
Distille ri es aad Warehouse Co. are 
planning to build a anutaal coops rags 
— *• '» '«-'"l)l. The whisk v bar- 
rel famine, wattes started shortly after 
tka baurboa treat waa fn m»d «■ 
tlatsea The price of barrels Is ao high 
tkat many distillera nave limited their 
production Thia they say is due to 
the fact that the combine contracted 
for the output of the large cooperage 
concerns sod practically control* th* 
barrel market la Kentucky aad else- 

sad Chris (rsft engsged in a quarrel 
la the presence of William Maggard. 
Haggard took aldea with Moore, when 
Craft palled a pistol and shot Maggard 
to death. Craft aacsned. but was fol- 
lowed by a furious mob. and if caught 
•111 probably be lynched, a. exc.te- 
ment ia high. 

Ceaaaefeae Feaaa Oalltr. 
FaaaaroBT, Ky.. June 17. -In the 
Called State* court Thursday Thomas 
J. Rudder, of Owea county, was con- 
victed of counterfeiting and sentenced 
to lea yeara' imprisonment- Rudder is 
aald to be a member of an orgs n I sad 
gang la Owen county. 

Mersee »•■« — » aatrmsa. 

FaAaaroar, Ky., June 14— The 14- 
year sentenee of Alex. Pence, of Madi- 
son county, waa affirmed Wednesday 
by the court of appeals. He killed Smith, whom he thought was 
too Imtlmate with his wife, who wai 
10 yeara old. Peace being AO. 

Mr. Sir mi in.. Ky., June 14 -Th* 
annual meeting of the General Associ- 
ation of Kentucky Baptists began here 
Thursday. The Baptist churches are 
entitled to a representation of 1,100 

*S*M* Veestta* A «Xr «.. !. 

FasKaroBT. Ky., June 14— The court 
of appeala Tuesday amrmed a judg- 
ment against the la A N. Railroad Co., 
whleh (Wee •14000 damagea to 

W. X atusact We*. 

Hi. ii momv Ky., June 15 W J. Mtl- 
nsrl of Versailles won the junior ora- 
torical contest at Central university 
Tussday night 

14 -H I). Hay net. 
of the I'eri. Dl.tllling 
H. Trimdle. of Paris. 


BMbtss Orawaed la a Tab si Water. 
Vbbsaillsb, Ky., June 14— The two- 
year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Joseph Poa Tuesdsy fell in a tub of 
water aad drowsed. Last March an 
bab* of tat 

(Ppectally Adapted from Pslotihet's Notes J 
(X»M R7N TEXT.— Thai Is a faithful ear- 


meal— Inleraatleaal Seaway Be baa I 
Lmhi far Jaaa BS. 1 BSw . 

■Innsra 1 Tim. 1:14 

I knew a man who went a thousand 
mile* and back, and supported hlmseilt 
at great expense, to ba with Agssalr ■ 
few week* at hia summer school at Pen 
Ikes*. An hoar with th* great 
lit would 
and ei|.m«c To 

the* .tody with nim and of Him 
Happily we do not bar* to go to J odea 
Ha says: 'I will come to you and main 
my abode with you.' aad Xo, I am with 
yon alway, even onto th* end at the 
world,' either aa to tint* or spaoa. 

It I* not Ash wa experiment on, a* 
did Agassis, but souls, ourselves. Bo 
there can be bo more Interesting 
•tudy." — Bishop H. W. Warren. In H. ft 

Ia our lsst quarterly review wt 
udled th* first ten chapter, of John 
by chapters, giving a suggestive title to 

It will be 
titles first, aad tl 
malnlng chapters 
Brat diagram contains the title* si 
given In the lesson* w* hare been atndy 
Inf. Ill* second leaves the 
tuch title as th* 
may Barren upon. 

One needa to not* not only the titles 
 f the chapter*, but the progreea of tk« 
levelopmeot of the mission of Christ 
John does not attempt to write a biog- 
raphy of Christ, but brings to our view 
certain salient points, milestones ol 
progress, eeaentlal features to the 
presentation of the work of Christ, tak 
tng for granted that wa know the lift 
of Christ aa recorded In the other Ooa- 

by chapters. 

ss given In the two reviews. After the 
:1s a. reviews, tbe outline of the boob 
nay ba put on the blackboard, and th* 
proper tltlea called for from tha school 
and written In t heir plaree. Then drill 
tbe school till every scholar shall bare 
■he outline of the Gospel Impressed 
upon his memory. 


The Sunday School suggests 
the two following method a of review: 
"Natoi-ai .atioslty as to what la 'com 
 »g nest' may %i taken advantage of la 
arousing and homing tha Interest. 

"A teacher In the Woodland Presby- 
terian Sunday .chool ,t . .'.'ledelphU 
Mi». Fred rira L. Ballard, recoaruisar: 
this la reviewing laat quarter's ■ — fc- 
in her class of young children. rWTe 
wrote nearly 40 simple questions, cat* 
me on a slip of paper about six Inchest 


Long Island Is *n undiscovered eona- 
try to a frest number of people. Very 
few re* II re that the little line shown 
on the large map Is one hundred and 
thirtv-foiir miles long and of varying 
width* up to twenty Ave mile*. Few 
realire that It was tbr first section of I 
the I 'piled State, settled by colonial" 
from ImUi Rnglsnd sn.l Holland, and I 
that thrli- towns are today full of pic 
tureaqiir hansee. beautiful avenues of 
trees, In f*ct with all l» 
He. and In addition the 
Hon* of the 

While the South 
of Ita length Is almost lerel. the North 
Shore I. billy and heavily wooded. 
Every portion of the island Is well 
suited for man's abiding place. It has 
In a most marked degree the three 
greet necessities of life and civlllrstlon. 
Good Air, Good Wster and Good Road*. 
Th* western section (Queen* and Naa- 
ssu Counties) Is crnsaed in every direc- 
tion by tbe best of macadam mads; 
• it hundred miles hsvlng been built 
within three yeara. The eastern end 
of Suffolk County has excellent made 
consisting of macadam, gravel, ahell 
and country roadi running through the 
wooda or along the ahore. Flatting, 
bunting, bathing, yachting, cycling and 
re all Indulged In under most 


see Waawaa Wb* Bee 
■a i.aaraai at tbe treat 
Tbat Peae* Had Tame. 

It was 

ia th* midat of the peace nihil 
wss i he traeiest mdivid 
viaitor got ia on him, 
what waa worse, aat down snd »h i» • 

sad ths editor 
town, but the 


Pheke Aaa «Ve* Oreatlr Worried 
Over the Aetleaa ef tke 

She u only • little black picksninny who 
lives down in (reoixis. She is under a doien 
years in age and until a ahort time ago had 
Mssed sll of her life on s rursl plsntstton. 
Traina and their attendant movrmrnta were 
utterly anknns n. Indeed, what Phebe Ann 
knew of anything nutaide of that plantation 
would not make the beginning of • primer. 
She waa being educated for a nouae eervant 
and hence waa not permitted to roam to any 
sreat extent. She wa* busy about tbe big 
home all day and at night retired to th* 
(hack wt apart for her family. 

Along in the araaon, for tome good rea- 
son, it hecsrne necc**.ry for the family lo 
move into • city. The little negro girl was 
wanted, for ahe had much akill in nothing 
the childish woes of the heir to the eststea 
So it ass decided thst she mast scrompsnv 
the ei| edition. From the time she entered 
th* rsrnsge to nde to the rsilwiy ststinn 
Phebe Ann w*a in • stste of suppressed ex- 
citement. She Ml beside "Mia* Amy," ss 
•hs called her miatreas, and with •taring 
eyes took in sll ihst psssed without com 


When eh* wa* taken into the train hrr 
wonderment waa smuaing. She sat gin- 

Srrly on the cushions, looked out of the « , n . 
ow snd generally aeemed uncertain con- 
cerning (he possibilities of the future. She 
wss silent until the trsin commenced to 
move. Then her fear took shspe. She us 
the landscape paaaing rapidly before her and 
bsr evea filled, her lip quivered snd she 
•Baled audibly. 
"What, the matter. Phebe Ann*"**k* l 

"Ok, Miss Amy." wsiled the pirksnnimr 
"wash all dest houses and trees s-goin' *tf 
A. A east oa '.be floor waa ihe only means 
1 0 | j DC -k. 

gathered araasrt her la the 

*j— hi. tsatjsrt Ike J 
•seat Ckreawlc 


Inner hand, 
by one la their nam bared order and **- 
ittstvaa of thought Tha A rat q nestle*. 

drawn eras anawcred before drawing 
another. The echolar who Drat an- 
swered the queetlon correctly, or mors 
correct lv than others, kspt the slip. So 
ths method proceeded until all the slips 
were drawn, each scholar making aa 
effort to have tbe larweet number of 
alips at tbe end. The teacher waa not 
obliged to anawer a .Ingle question her- 
self. She saya tbat there waa tbe beet 
of fechng throughout, and tbat the 

Once, while I Used In the City of De- 
struction, which Bunv.n describes, 
thara came to me John 14:14. who 
troubled me greatly because bs 16:8-11. 
At first I 11:10. because I r0:0. Then 
fame voices saying ll.fTj ll:3S. 46; 
17: IT. Then I joined the noble band 
described In Act* IT: 11. Here I saw a 
vision of 14:1 and Rev. II, and found 
there not only Rev. gJ:l-5, but John 
14:17, and IS: 11, and 13:11, and 13:14 
And my aoul longed for these things. 
Then I said: Where la the path? And 
B voice answered 14:«; and I aald: 
Who ►hull guide me? And the vole* 
aald 10:13. Then I aald: I am not fit 
to go there. And the voice aald .1:3, and 
1:3, and 13:3. And I said: What do 
they do thereT And the voire said, 
13:14, 13; 14:13; 15:11; 1T:1I, 11. And 
I aald: Ixml, how ahall I do these 
things? And the voice replied 13:4, T. 
Then the voice naked me 11:16 (f. e). 
and I replied M:M and 11:16 (m. c). 

Bess's Haras Blasts.' 

The fairest Joys bloom where the bite 
terrst tcsrs have fallen. 
Even in private we are overheard by 


Carmel faith lead* to Cartnel victory. 

It doea not change tbe truth to look 
at It with colored glasses. 

Th* man cannot help being an op- 
timist who la looking to God all tha 

It ia the goodness you are looking for 
in others, that will Oil your own life. 

Instead of loving only thoa* who 
lova us we are to lor* 
and the unlovable. 

To help our 
■nd contact. 

Every man that will not allow God 
to regenerate him It becoming degen- 

Tke Naltr Old tseatleaaaa. 

A soldier In Manila, who waa ordered 
lo the boepital at Corregidor, waa on 
the beach one morning when be saw a 
particularly natty old gentleman carry- 
lag a can* coming toward hla. Th* 

•t ranger waa ruriou* about th* hoap.tal 
and about the fighting with the FUI- 
plnoa. For two hours they talked aad 

th* old gentleman concluded by 
log a map on the sand of tha bays aad 
Inlet* about Manila and th* position of 
ths fleet. It was only after the parti 

that t^eoldler^i 

■naiag frtea. 
dr -peptic, with a 
"1 Bart all over ani 
•un rise, to morrow or not 
noualy ill. Imjocoaelv.fl 
eallv ill. I n 
toms. but don't 

d donTi 
r or not . 
I'm jocosely, flippantly and farei- 
m going through all the symp 
.n't mean one of them."— Wash 

Rut I'm not ■*  

His rrarllee. 

"Say, you knew Deacon Hardwsy's boy 
un to the cit) to study med 


Hen, who went 
icine, didn't you 

"Oh. yea; I 
about him*" 

"He killed himself day before yesterday." 

"You don't aayt What was the matter? 
Couldn't he git no outside practice ?"-C'hi 

It should be remembered to the everlast- 
ing credit of the men that when a womsn 
no men rlsim thst they 
I to her.— Atchison Globe. 


I.IVK «-10. K 

i iNciiSATi. J ias 17. 
-('•Ill}, common*  •) * I at 

Sets t tnrchera. 

i Al.Vr.s r'.irugoud llirht 

no i - « oarse a i.i baavy 

U led packers'bi sk.ppers 


I .MM- -| i.'K--vi inter jMtsst. ... 
(ill «IS -Wh.-si--ft.. JreU... 


] r-ii 

No. Jmlve.l 

-Prim -  o Choice.. 
I- ION -HeeePork 


vyim v 
oKaTk- « 

N 1 ft 

Oti - N» t. 

Kv No t 
PM- »V I * 

l.i d . 
n. . : i- i; i h.. . 

Prime In cb  t.e ere. mrrv 

APPI.K- -- 'tao!re u. r. n, 

I1H A li K» -N*w. p-r bbl 


winter • Bleui 

Whe.i N .' red. ... 

Ctllc.x.i eprinx 


OA. -Mi »...' - 

PiiRK— Mrs 

l.AKi — aaxafJ 

NKW YllllK 

KI.Ol'R.-Wlnier patent 

WHKAT--No. ; rat 

(UKN--NV. !BII d 


OATS- al led 


I.AKI --Wsstera 


Fl OI'H--Puanllv 

UHA1N-- Whest. No. i red 


Cora -Mixed 

list.- No I sBlie. 

• so 

a on 

1 09 
1 « 
t I. 

I Is! 


4  0 

 s .S Ii 

Sii 4 

u I 85 
..   s* 

U • 01 

a 7 .0 

j ;i 


• 2 s 

■ t s& 
«ll H 

•   a; 4 
, -. i - 
u II 

• -' 

« 4 ti 

a i u 


K\e- Vc t »e-lern . 
Tl (J • K rsi quality 

- -WesKra 


URAIN Wheal N : ■■ i 

Core- No 1 raised 

O.I'- No. : mlatd 


KUH'R Wloler p lent 

URAIN Wbsat- No. trad 

torn Mixed • ees • 

4 IX) 

4 IS 

I 1* 

ossal is 

signs of remaining, none of which the editor , 

•uliGoB^'hBt'eanu'aak^M an hi 

"What i* it?" lespcmded the editor, with- 
oat looking ap from hia work, which ia al- 
ways a aign that anybody ought to under- 

"^in t this a peace jubilee we're having ia 
thia town?" 
"It rertaialy ia." 

"And the peace jubilee i* a eelebratioa of 
peace, ain't it?" 

"And peace mesni that war is off, wall 


"Of . nurse it does " 

"And thst th* oliva branch is hsng- 
ing low. and that everybody is falling 
on everybody elae'a neck, and that every- 
body ia glad ths wsr clouds havs rolled by, 
and that good fellowship ia now prevailing 
everywhere, snd thst every bosom throbs 
responsive to ths geotle coo of the dove, snd 
thst everybody is wesnng whits wings, snd 
that there won't be any mors ecrapa, and 
that everybody ia kissing snd tasking up; 
it mesns thst, don't it?" 

"Kisctly." responded the editor, ple«aed 
to discover so comprehensive a knowledge 
from audi an unauafiected quarter. 

"I thceaght ao," asid th* viaitor, rising. 
"Ill go b»rk home tell my wife about it. 
When I left there an hour ago I don't be- 
lieve ahe knew it had happened. Qood- 
morning." And th* viaitor went out before 
the editor had time to extend hi* *ym- 
pethy.— Washington Star. 

A distinguished historisn writes, while 
referring to this nstion's sdvent as a col- 
onising power, that we represent the "cen- 
tury 'a political conscience," and that our 
influence for good ovrr European sphere* 
will be immense. Thi* result wa* just ss 
inevitable ss is th* cure which follows the 
use of Hostetter'a Stomach Hitter*, the 
great remedy which ia found in every home 
•nd drug store throughout the country. It 
care* indigeation, constipation, overworked 
kidney and liver, sllsys nervousness, sad 
tone* up the whole system. 

Overheard In a Cemetery. 

Boyle— I am strongly opposed to crema- 
tion. I think it is carrying things entirely 
too far. 

C'oyle— How ao* 

"We would then be compelled not only 
to earn^uur Uving but to urn our dead."— 

A Dalalr Baasaser Bath. 

For a refreshing summer bath use aoft 
water. Make a dozen or more cheese cloth 
bags. Fill them with oat meal, and finely- 
•haved Ivory Soap, add a little powdered 
orria root, mix well, and tie up securely. One 
in a (ub full of warm water will make a 
bath, and render tbe 
a* velvet. 

He— If I were rich, darling, would you 
love me more than you do? 

She — I might not love you any more, Hen- 
ry, but I know I woald look forward to our 
wedding day with a degree of impatience 
that never seems to posses* me at present.— 
Kvemng New*. 

tmm Cssa 4BwS ; 

Ingfer*. Ill 
Coras. Bwalea 

God help me to keep from under the 
thumb of the ma*  who rigidly observes tha 

For stocking, and mittens for the chil- 
dren, dye the wool with Putnam Fadeless 
Dyes, Hcsrlet. Csrdinsl or Turkey red. Each 
time you wsah them makes them brighter. 

If one friend's sdvice doesn't auit you, 
keep on ssking your friends until one give* 
tke kind you want.— Atchison Globe. 

Piao'a Cure is * wonderful Cough medi- 
cine— Mr*. W. Pickert. Van 8irlen and 
Blake Ave*., Brooklyn, N. Y , Oct. », 'M. 

Some people demand that the world not 
only be patient with iheir foolishness, but 
that it .pplaod.-Atrhfion Globe. 

HalPa latarrk 4 

la a Constitutional Cur.. Price, 7Se. 

Some smart men a re fool* for ret 
only — Chicago Daily New*. 

When a river ha 
float* a lot of stork 

When a river haa * ran on ita hanks it 

L. A. W. Bulletin. 


cad Ac&e? 

Arc your nerve* weak? 
Can't you flecp sell? Pain 
In your back ? Luck enerry? 
Appetite poor? Digestion 
hat.- Boils or plmplet? 
These ire sure signs of 

l-rom what poison*? 

From poison* that »r* al- 
way* found In constipated 

If the conrents of th* 
bowel* are not removed from 
the body each day, •* nature 
Intended, these poisonous 
substance* are sure to be 
abtorbed Into the blood, al- 
ways causing suffering and 
frequently causing sever* 

There If a common sense 



They dally Insure an 
and natural movemet 
the bowels. 
You will And that the use of 

«jars i|wr Mil 

4 wltb the pills win hasten 

recovery. It cleanse* tha 
blood from all lm[ 
Is a great tonic to i 

Our Medical Department has no. 
Of th. moat eminent rhv»' 
lb* I'nlted Mate*. 

Wlrl^Sv^tt.^f^.v 1 .. 
•atI tbout MtL A ddrtMl . 

e "- j» 

^*4x3 a^^a^^a»!^aZ^aaZLi 3awL*m 

i n m m *.**.*.*.**** **** * . 


i Valley 
I Truth" 

• j la m illustrated joaraal daseribtag 

Varied ReStMU-CCAor tha Arkaaaa 

or Tree copy 
slao for information ahoat 
arekera' excursion Ikkswa 


A. H. K.-l 

wan WBtrriNu To 


Factory Loaded Shotgun Shells. 

" Leader " loaded with Smokeless powder and " New 
Rival " loaded with Black powder. Superior to all 
other brands for 



Winchester Shells are for sale by all dealers. Insist upon 
having them when you buy and you will get the best. 




IfeDhjatt., s 

EafMila tbe Bottls, 

satin TtBtaiAg EaVIJ. 

TEETH1KA ReHeia Ito 
Bowel Xg0M of 
CUldrM ef ilj i|fc 

. v 

i 1 

Teat Im 



Clay County. 

  nfj toff thli l rf*»rtmrnl nnM re- ..-h tb» o |. 
i or on RataMsv prrmUni date of imm - 

Owsley County. 

OwnUy County in situated in the 
Southeastern part of Kentucky, 
among the foothills of the Cumber 

I All* 1 Mountain* 

The south fork of the Kentucky 
River flows through ths center of the 
county, giving sn opportunity for the 
transportation of timber, mineral snd 
agricultural products, to other msr 
kets in other parts of the county. 
Fanning, mining and logging are the 
chief occupations of the 

Tobacco and sto* 
tied on to some eitent with good 
success, vegetables of many different 
sort are raised eitensirely in all 
parU of the county and stored away in 

ready market for them, eicept a few 
which are freighted to neighboring 
towns, and generally traded for gro- 
ceries) or dry goods. 

There has been in the school., of 
Owsley a alow but substantial impror- 
ment for several years as is proven by 
the interest manifested by all classes 
of people. This is true in s marked 
degree of Owsley's teachers, who are 
aea body, wideawake, intelligent men 
and women, who utilize every oppor- 
tunity to better fit themselves for 
their work. 

The people of this and Jaokson 
County have shown their appreciation 
of two of these teachers by electing 
them as County Superintendents. 

South Fork. 
The results of the 

Sunday-school hss 
ing nicely here. 

Elijah Lewis and 1 
were married recently. 

Crops are promising but 
are behind with their work on 
of the frequent rains. 

haa moved his stand down 
mouth of Otter Creek 

The trouble at Manchester 
not affect this part of the 
cept in the way of 

Ed Frederick waa at Manchester 
serving on the grand jury. He re- 
ports thst most of the important work 
of the grand jury was completed be 
fore the court was adjourned on ac 
count of unexpected trouble. 

Wm. Stafford, our postmaster, is 

must be intending to compete with 
the galling gun. 

Pearaons' New Pledge. 

Everybody is interested in Dr D. 
K. Pearson*, the great friend of edu- 
cation who in doing «o much for the 
young people of this region. He sj 
! orn in the mountains of Vermont in 



John Roark, son of Timothy Roark. 
fell out of a mulberry tree last Mon- 
day and broke an arm. He fell 
about twenty feet and was so badly 
hurt that he may die. 

Mrs. Ella Burton of Crane Creek 
has t een very sick all last winter and 
spring but is a little better now 

Mr. Frank -Spurlock and Miss So- 
phia Mc Collum are to be married 

at Booneville, May I'.' and 20, have 
been announced and the applicanta The Clay County Feild. 

1H20, and became interested in Chris 
tian education 
with Mary Lyon. 

When be had by great 
gacity made his fortune he selected 
a few collages through which he 
might help young people to an edu- 

In the South hs selected Be res whicn 
be visited in U6. and made his first 
pledge. •When Berea will raise 1150, 
0110 for endowment. I will add 160,000. 
I make this gift to all humanity, and 
especially to the loyal people of 

This money 
and when it brings in interest the Col- 
lege will have some sure income. 

He now writes (April '99) that he is 
so woll pleased with what Berea ia do- 
iug that he will ,/« the mm thing 

raited k| Ma* R«t» R. i -«- 

Ths Spice of Llfs. 
An old army song 

for break fsst 
for dinner 
Beans for supper 

After such a diet three times a day 
and three hundred and siity five days 
in the year, the appetite fails 

Variety in cooking renders palatabls 
the most common food. Did you ever 


I hy Mm Ruft II VSSN (Van Ik 
Nsrmtl twr-artmont Hen* i nllerr 

it is important that 
his own work and understand hia own 

It is now near the time when all 
over our hilla snd   alleys work ia to 
begin in the sohonl-1 


h» s o. si.. 

lur*. S ■•• "ollet* 

| ness aiming to mak. good men and 
women by a process called education. 

Now if this work is to succeed, par- 
ents must do some definite things. 

earlier in the i 

in June or early in July given a i 

the weather gets so bad and the 
ten so high thst more than half of 
children are forced to stay at 

are looking for schools 
The weather ia 


Frankfort about the Clay Co Feud, 
which are printed on the third page 
Corn crops that seemed to be so far of this paper, need some correction 

behind are coming up to time. 

were last harvest 
While Mrs 

Rebecca J. McPherson 


Mr. Mark Oarrette, who brought a 
pretty little woman into hia home last 
week, surprised not only hia home 
folks, but a majority of the girls who 
i rjfffcing forward to the day when 
lire in I 

and explanation, and we add here a 

of this sad 

It was hoped that the Howard Bak 
er feud in Clay County waa ended but 
the recent term of circuit court at 
Manchester reopened it Judge 
Eversole petitioned Governor Bradley 
for a militia guard, and a hundred 
men under Col. Wilson together with 
a Oetling gua were sent to 

June 7. The 

In this way Berea will be made able 
to carry out its great plans for help 
ing all young people toward an edu- 

He is not willing to help any eicept 
thoee who help themselves. Again 
and again he saya, "Every student 
must pay something— he must show 
that he valuea an education. It does 
no good to furnish a free lunch." 

There will soon he a million young 

happier and more useful because of 
what Dr. Pearsons has done. 

Dr. Pearsons always selects for 
himself the colleges which he will 
help, and it is useless for others to sp- 

ty different ways in which potatoes 
may be prepared and be appetizing? 

Kggs are eggs so long as they are 
boiled anil fried, but a perfect omelet 
may be called an egg dream 

The secret of a perfect omelet is to 
never use more than six for as* home 
let. Separate the egg sad beet brisk 
ly with a fork or wire spoon, never 
with an egg beater. The yolks should 
be beaten until foamy. Then add one 
poonful of milk for each sgg. 
it the whites until they will Hand 
alone. Fold the whites into the yel- 
,ow sddiag salt to taste, pour into a 
skillst in which a tablespoon of butter 
is melted but not brown. Cook until 
the botUim is browned, which can be 
ascertained by lifting the edge with a 

cake turner. Turn one half of the the W »J" to teach your children 

How much mere ia a go 
worth than a porn one f 
Well, of course that depends 
v kinds of 

a colt ia i 

more than a calf md a calf more than 
s pig or a lamb But is not s first 
claaacoltor calf »irth much more 
than a scrub, worth more to keep and 
worth more to sell' There is but one 
anawer to that question and no ons 
will try to argue for the other side. 

Moat men, when they have a choice 
between a good article and s poor ons 


to hare Are months of school before \ M th , MDHI ^ wj „ uka the ^ . 

there on time the first day and every 
day of the term Let nothing but se- 
rious sickness keep them out of school 
while their class mates go on learning 
things that they must do without un 
lesa ths teacher takes extra time to 
help them 

The teachers are seeing saors clear 
ly svery year that they must have 
special training for 
that they must read 

and all the while think 

omelet over tbeotherhalf Serve up 
on a hot platter at once. 

Useful Hint*. 
1. Melted butter will not make 
good cake 
t A pinch of salt added to the 
of eggs will expedite the beat 

3. Nutmegs should be grated at 
the blossom eud first. 

4. The juice of an onion can be ex- 
xcted by cutting the onion acmes 

the grain and grating it. This gives 
a much more delicate flavor to soups 
and salada thaa the chopped onion 

6. The disagrees bl»- - dor of boil 
ing cabbage or onion* can be avoid 
ed by boiling a smell quantity of via 
in a cur. 

A. Cutting warm bread or cake 
n^kas it bad. If it must be cut. heat 

but if the price is just a little higher 
for the Utter article, though it may be 
worth ever so much more, how many 
men do we Ho i who will pay the dif 
ference aad take the beat f Toosaany 
will take that which asanas the eheap 
est at ths time, though in the long 
run it is sure to prow, the dearest 

Now how does thia apply to the 
fanner who has a calf to raise f The 
milk that the calf will take, the grass 
he eats, the fodder and corn it take* 
to winter him will be i 
for the poor, scrub   
grade About the only difference will 
he in the cost of s sire of good build 
md hr»t rate breeding. "The male ia 
Of course ths teacher's first duty half the herd . i» an old and well prov 
when school opens is to put e^ch pu n | aayiug among «t.a-k breeders snd 
pit into the classes where he can n '% «,,„„ expanded a little it 
the most good The State Course of ttna : atartiog witfa ths  

of cows iu any neighliorhoud, the pur 
chase of s good bull of any standard 
breed means s crop of half blood 
calves for (bia added expense Now 
ws.t till s trader comes in who is buy 
ing up s bunch of steer* to drive 
down into the Blue t trass to fesd. and 
see how much lietter a price he will 
pay for those half breed steer* than 
for the ecrulw be finds in the 
next valley. More than that, if the 

half blood heifers oAhet crop will 
soon Uks the places of the old cows 
ami then a generation of three quarter 
the result, and now you 

haa the news of what ha haoTt^'* thoroughly before cutting 

7. A spoonful of I 
tar in 


V and then you may go 
to church and home with the preacher. 

Quite a number of people hare are 
planning to go to the commencement 
at Berea Collage the 21st. May they 
have a joyful riait, as it is the first 
day of college Life for quite a 
of them. 


inThis^tioJof the country. 

Wheat crops are very good 
year and are ready for harvest. 

The weather is very favorable for 
farming; with plenty of rain 


Owsly is coming to the front with 
good roads as there has been one sur 
veyed up Doe Creek, which will be 
completed this fall. 

Rev. Mr. Ramey conducted the ser- 
vices at the White Oak schoolhouse 
Sunday. There was a good turnout 
of people from different localities and 
all seemed to have enjoyed th« 


Mr. T.J. Flanery started for Berea, 
the 19th inet. and, after attending the 
Commencement exercises on the 21, 
he will return with his two sons and 
daughter who have attended school 

Jackson County. 


Dr. Robinson started last, week for 
Madison County to visit his friends 
and relatives who are scattered along 

i A number of our people are prepar- 
ing for a pleasant trip to Berea to at 
tend the Commencement «' Berea 
College, which promisee to be an 
eveut of great interest. 

Mr. Isaac H Bowman and son have 
been for sometime iu the lower end 
of the county engaged in hauling 
lumber over Big Hill to the Ken 
kjjsjkj Central Railroad. 

"Try, try again" is the motto of 
four boys who are going for the sec 
oud time to the examination at Mc 
others havs |oined them and 
.iao-iitea long liat. 
Mr. II J- Anderson, a hustling 
sewing machiue agent has lately beeu 
among us, visiting relatives, and talk 
,ng machines. He is a brother of 

for trial, was begun. They 
ware charged with waylaying the Ho- 
ward party on Crane Creak April '98 
and killing Burch Storm and Wilson 
Howard and wounding "Bal" How- 

Arguments were presented to the 

oourt on the motion for a change of 
venue. Saturday the motion waa 
granted, whereupon court adjourned. 
Tom Baker was out on bail anU left 
the court house with the boy JiV to 
go to his tent in the court-house 
He reached it and stood just witlhin 
the flaps of the tent talking to hia 
wife when a bullet struck him killi 
him instantly. The smoke issuing 
from a window of Sheriff "Bev" 
White's house across the road showed 
that the bullet was fired from there. 
Investigation revealed a Winchester 
barrel still warm but ths man who 
had used it had escaped through the 
window. No arrests have been made 
up to date. 

Judge Eversole has been, called a 
way by the illuees of his mother but 
his substitute. Ju lge Cook, has ad 
journed court. The case is transfer- 
red to Barbourville. Both aides are 
heavily armed iu large numbers and 
more trouble is feared. 

The war in Clay county is a 
tragedy greatly to be deplored. No 
one can deprecate it more than do 
the majority of the people of that 
. It is by no mean, just to 
it aa a crime upon the peaceful 
honeat, law-abiding people who hap 
pen to live in the region where theee 
deeds are perpetrated. Let us rather 
join hands with them in bringing 
about a condition of things which 
will make such deeds impossible. Let 
the thoughts of our young people be 
turned to other subjects than "honor" 
revenge, revolvere *Bnd passion. Let 
thsm become interested iu education, 
industry, music, and religion. 

We aim to make the uews from sur 
rouuding counties a special feature of 
Tat Citizen, hoping to fill thia page 
with County correspondence. \u 
unusual amount of College uews this 
week baa made it impossible to give 
as much space to thia department as 
we would like to use, but we expect 
in the future to devote this page, in 
to neighborhood uews 

ifron! outside of 

It is evident to all that the newsy 
paper is the paper which will be read, 
and so we want the 

Jackson County Helps. 

Congratulations are good, but such 
letters as this are better. Mr. Truett 
of Maulden. now in the regular army 
in Cuba, will be remembered by sis 
many Jackson County friends We 
copy from a letter which President 
Frost received from him laat week : 
Battbbt "I," 2nd Artillery, 
Havana, Cuba, June 11. 1999. 
Mr. Wm.O. Froet, Berea, Ky 

Dear Friend:— 
Having heart! of your wonderful 

and fifty thousand dollars in accord 
ance with the pledge of Mr. Pearsons 
of Chicago, and hearing of his making 
another pledgu of fifty thousand on 
the same terms, I will say that I will 
promise to pay to Berea the sum of 
one hundred dollars l|100) on the 
as the first pledge. 
P'v't Robert F. Tbcett. 

Seem' Ghosts. 

Folks used to tell me scarey tales 
'Bout seein' ghosts at night. 

Things that would utter awful waila 
An' go dressed up in white. 

Wuz deepened into black. 
I've listened 'till those stories made 

Cold chills run up my back. 
Once, when I'd been a doin' wrong 

V sinnin with my might, 
As I wuz whiatlin' right along 

The road for home at night, 
I had to pass a holler 

That was haunted, so folks said, 

Everywhere that I would 
1 saw a thing before me 

A lookiu auwnge u' white ; 
An awful fear crep' o'er me 

'V I most died outright ! 
I wuz ao weak V so afraid, 

I could but wildly stare. 
Till my imagination made 

A mighty demon there I 
It glared so fiercely o'er me 

!t looked I know not how 
Then calmly out before me 

Walked a neighbor's old, wl 
Wheu folks do wrong of Nick jia' paepa 

Round rooks, n' trees 'n' poets ; 
A guilty roitnieiict 

A feller 

study for ungraded school* will be a 
great help aa a guide But ouc mint 
know each child aud what be can do. 
aud that ia not always seeu st once 
It sometime* bsppeustuat the book 
in which a pupil has   een reading is 
eo hard that he cannot poasibly un 
deratand the words and ao cannot 
possibly I earn aa he would if the book 
were auited to him. If the teecher 
esse some better thing to do thaa to 
use that particular book for a while, 
be sure that he is doing it for the real 
good of the child and sot because he 
wants to "put him beck." A good 
teecher is just as anxious to have the 
children get on in their work as any 

It ia true that teachers do not know 
everything, but they can do more with 
what they do know if parents encour 
age them to use their beet judgment . 
If teachers get acquainted with pa 
i they all 

hare something worth looking at. 
The farmer with that grade of stock 
for sale never has to hunt the market. 

lock looked up , 
re it ia ready to ( 
r of the poor   
er to take his/ 

■ I 

the work in 

9. Good management is 
than a large income 

Here are a few health rales. They 
are credited to a celebrated French 
physician who says that by observing 
them a person may be perfectly 
strong, bselthy. and beautiful, and 
will live to a great age. This may be 

but they will not \ og mxmt M d 
follows them n ,ore earnest and 

Don't drink tea or coffee. Let vour school begin 

The buyers have such stock looked up 
and bargained for before i 
more, while ths t 
stock ia hunting a buys 
animals at hu own .once 

What is true of horsed cattle is tree 
It and help of horses. I know of a county is a 
ach district ""•tern state where a few years ago 

, . the horses were nearly all smal 1 in ana 

will goon in away very different from an(i otUm quality A few 

what we see when everybody finds wide awake men saw that there must 
fault with everybody else. lie a great demand for heavy draft 

You are all aiming at the eeme hoism for the cdy mwkete ami l*gan 

to import Percheioi. and Clydesdale 


thing and you will 


"Drink pure water. 
•Eat plenty of fruit ' 

it. viait it. encourage 
to you all. 

, your girls 

J* "•* 0h of wealth 

it, and sr - 


to ths 

MAR. it kS I 




s Is bs 
r io be 




Over SO teachers. 700 students (froni SO states). Itt.OOO bowks In the Library. 


For those MOT sufficiently advanced to gat a teacher's cert III. ate 

I. Trade Schools : Carpentry, Housework, Printing two years. 

II. Model Schools, preparing for Virtual and the advanced courses 
For those sufHclentl) advauced te get a teacher's certificate 

III Farming and Agriculture - two years. 

IV. Domestic Science —Sewing, ('ooking, etc. two yeara 

V. Normal Course for teachers three years, with practice teaching. 

VI Academy ('ours., four years, fitting for College, for business aud for life. 
For these more advanced : 

VII, ( 'o I lege Courses Classical, Philosophical, aud Literary. . . 
L-t Oepurtsnsats : 

VIII. Musk- land Organ. Choral (free). Vocal, Piano, Theory. 

IV Berea Oeneral Hoepital Two years' course in the care of the I 





is a 

Berea places ths best education in reach of all It is not a money making institution 
free gift. It aims to help those who value education and will help themselves, and charges a 
to meet sxpeuaes of the school apart from instruction. Students must also par for their 
! (U weeks) may be brought within S24, about half of which must be paid in advance. 

The school iseudorsedby Baptists, Cougregationaliste, Disciples, Methodists, Presbyterians, and good people . f 
.all denomination* There are no saloons Iu Berea. IW infwnuxHtm^ or fritndly adriee luidrett the V i 

l'r, -i.trnt, UKU. T. FAIKCItlLD. I.L. !».. Berea. Ky. 


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