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date (1868-04-18) newspaper_issue 

» * 



Warren & jSEartin. 

•m th. ««rm«r of Jackson and Kentucky su., 
(up stairs.) 

1 l 


Hickman Directory. 

Attorney* at Law. 
T. O. Uoalder, Handle £ Tyler, 
Kinsman, B. R. Walker. Johu 
La.d.rlule, Joha W. Cow^ill. L. 
■ iehol, Oscar Turner, J. G. Smith, Troy, 





Rates of Advertising. 

One square, ten :i ies or less, one inserting 
$1.50; each subsequent insertion f l c. 
I Square 2 months, 
" 3 . 

Drs. Gourley & Corbett. Carter Blau- 
t»s, B. C. Catlett, A A. Fans. 

Dry Gmodx. 
J. .Anffterg. Wm. R. Kennj, E. Case 
IC»., Wolf k Plaut, J. H. Darls, J. 
fi. Hubbard. 

Drug Store*. 
C. A. Holcombe, W. R. Walker. 
% WhoUsils Qrocert. 

Millet k Ronjhac, V. A. McCutchen, 
B» C. Bail.y, % Ledwidge. 

Saloons. Heinz. James Parker, 
Witting'. John Seinouesc. 

Hardware ami Tinware. 
IT. P. Harness, S. N . White. 

Commission Merchant*. 
Bondurant k Drcwry, Overton. Steele 
* Co. 

Kirk p rtrick k Bro. 

Cigar Manufacturer. 
Franei* Miller. 

Wagon Matiufacturer*. 
H.rtwiek k Baltzer. 

L.sis P.rsoas, B. Case. 

Phillip A. Kaiser. 
tm  .4*wbro f '!pist. 
H. 8. Campbell. 
^ Barber*. 
Margraff A Co. 

Fruit Tree Xurtery. 
#e.rg« £. Rogers. 

Blouse and Sign Painter. 
Thomas II. Jones. 

Express Companies. 
Merchants' Union Kxprrss; Southern 
Express; Overton. Steele k Co., Agents. 
Furniture Store*. 
W. Bartoldus, Charles Oswald. 

Marble Works. 
B. C. Ramage. 

Sato Mill*. 
9. H Dodds, Tom.W. Collier. 

Flouring Mill*. 
H. M. Robinson. 

by . Book*, 
i. H* 

Insurance Agent. 
Samuel Landrum. 

Livery Stable. 
Wm. B. Piumnier. 

Watchmaker and Jr.icelry. D. Walker. A. Plaut. 

Boot and S?to* Shop. 
Gsorge Wehujan, Casper Sohm k Co.. 
Julius Press. 

««6 »  . 

2 " I " - 

u -v. ■ e u ■, m 

« S " - 
■  6 ** 

It J'  €4 

t " 1 »» 

• I A .1 

II • J II 

« «■ . 
" 12 
Fourth column 1 month 

14 2 " 

II £• 

6 «' 

it ii ii *, 

Half column 8 months 
" 6 " 

H 12 •' 

One column 2 months - 
•  ft - 
12 «' 

5 00 
7 l    

10 00 
IS 00 

6 00 

0 (HI 

18 00 
18 00 
25 00 
9 00 
13 00 
18 OO 

25 do 

S." oo 

l. r   oo 

2m 00 

•jr. oo 

35 00 
50 00 
40 00 
.55 im) 
75 00 
00 OO 
tK» twl 
140 00 

i nkoi.i. t,.i -N ri.iu. 

UT r vTHI R li V VS. 

flag ! 

the eveninar when the storm came on. her 
mother came after her. The sergeant bad 
offfered to send a m;m back to the cmup 
liiiii it.« i i   the with his wife, but she preferred to re 


brv't-tc! jturn aloue. feeling sure that she sttouiu 

Let it Host o'er the land; let it flash o'er the 1 meet with no trouble. The way. how- 

... . jever. had become dark and uncertain. 

Lm u out of tie dust-let ,t wave as of | and ^ c ha j^ t the ^ BaA wandere d 

v Vh.-'n its chiefs with their clans, ! • !!' to th« e^^of tbt; im.r:tfs, where she 

u TTie 


NO. 18. 

Terns of SBMcription t« 

T II E HICK M A N' C O L* R I K I . 
$3.00, Invariably iu Adranre. 
Hub* of ten. to the umi p«st ofli«'i  f2 te. 

Addcets, Publishers H(vkmax C« aiaa, 
ilicknian, Ky. 


around it and swore, 
That never! — no! — never, thai banner should 

.As feag as the heart of a Celt w as irs shield: 
While the hucd ol a Colt had a weapou 10 

And his last drop of blood was unshed on 
the field. 

Aooounclnsr C 

For State Officers 
For County " 
For Mun'iioal O 



(10 00 
8 00 
- 6 ot) 

Notices of th**nbove character will be in- 
serted free of charge. Ohitui_ries and trilj- 
utes of respect inserted at *l OO per square. 

ftaJT Advertisements in Local Column * 1 
for four lines or less uud '20 cents lor each 
additional Hue. 

ttaif Voluntary communion ; ons, cn:'.t-iin- 
ing interesting news, solicited from any 
nuarter. News letters from Western Ken- 
tucky and Tennessee eap t eeJa try desir.-l. 

had sunk iu TTie mud 

" Oh, goptl Jerome.'' cried the little 
one, seizitfg the man's hand, "caul you 
hear her? She will die if you do uot 
come and help her!" 

At that moment the sentinel fancied 
be heard the wail of the unfortunate 
woma^ Lfoette', the good, the beaati- 

ful, the tender hearted Lisotte w::s in 
langer, and it was in his power to save 
'ier. It was nut in his heart to withstand 
and the wrongs of three i the pleadings of the child. lie could 

go and rescue the nurse ami return to. 
his post without detection. At all events, 
he could not the childish picador. 


)e so 
dishonor in the 
I loved him in 

Tlie Nashville and »orttowe»lr 
em Hiiilroatt. 

The Governor of Tenucssec and " Se- 
nior Editor" of the Knoxville Whig, 
Vim** 11:111 ,,JVtJ hi ' U in , publishes in his paper of the Stb instant, 

horning cntne dull a'pd gloomy with f a lengthy eorrespohdeuce bctweeu b'.m 
and at aajg^arly 1 self and Judge Hawkins relative to the 
affairs of the Nashville and Northwest- 
ern Ruilrojul. The animus ar d evident 



Lift it apl wave it high ' — lis as bright as 
of old J 

Not a siaiu on its green — not a blot on 

gold I 
Though the woes 

hundred long years 
Have drenched Brin'a Sunburst with blood 

and with ttan — 
Though the cIjuJs of oppression enshroud it 

iu gloom, 

.4nd around it the thi'hdors of tyranny 

Look aloft ! lip.ic v-i clouds drif 

on high 

Erin s dark night is waning, her day dawa 
is nigh. 

fiu" sleet and snow 

Jerome Dubois was led 
h.s fate. The place of ejEeution 
bei M fijiai up hi a low, bnrreq spot 
M 'l ' - ' «^Hk nd thi division 
■Wing utf^tcd to witnesn the 
 uni-hiiidjt. They haa 
than half the dis 

pprpose of that individual mav be plainly , fr j ue8 t „ 
inferred from the following iulroductory ap ostle in a 
sentences : 

this c-»rrc ponflencc occurred, 
i recently, the   iovcruor has ap- 
new set of Directors on the 
fhe Sta:«\ feeling called upon to 
the passage of a late act e\i- 
ct to dctitio the powers apd 
iitiite Directors in the railroad 
of this State. In selecting 
Board of Pirec 

Anotlicr R(»liglt u. 


From the Evening Post. 
Yes2erdaaaa«iat&ibfi! and 

the BOtifb 
and Fou 
Edgar, o 
II mna nit v 


Attorney at I^a«, 

AND ' 



WILL promptly attend to «ll businr-- 
entrusted to him in Southwestern Ken- 
tucky and West Tennessee. 

he would turn baok. He did uot fear 
j death, but he feared dishonor, 
j " Jlark ' ' uttered the child. 

Ti.-- .-.dJier^isA^i. and plainly ' 
! he voice J^l' .s Krn lafe, calling 

p r laAsv V ; ' On 

i-k^B^P^TiMk to the arm \ .h in th ■ 
s..t: ^Tr^^ss. Portuoatel] a turfttflong 
grass li^td been within her readi, by 
which means she had held her head 
above the fatal mud. It whs no easy 


le to the thought of meeting the 



IB* bat „h;i]l tliO do with the 
n.ikflal the sergeant who had. 

ad him back to th 
- 1 ijiticd tl.o  • iptain. . 

Ilv •^sjti'b' 

esAti  u thereor was %he -• ' 
U ]■ I 1 the word •4V 

c ifti.'. .« lips wfen a - in of 

■iasrfenvalry came d:ushing, dire^l 

calmly reading 
mu^ie stand is not, 
an absurd or ludicrous 
l nt an apostle, of whatever appearance 
and style, ought even in the ninctceuth 
century, to ptc*!?nt such enrursr con- 
victions as would be a fiatisfyitijr substi- 
tute lor the popular religious creeds. 
C'omtc was a mathematician of rare 

ability and patience, a successful student 
tors on the part _ J . . 1 . . . , 

it. n . », tn I °« the logic id induction, and au aedte 

re. the (tovernor lias souLrut to .., r . .. , 

linen who were not stockholders, and e "J" ° nd Tca : nm:r °P°? ^ P^'losophy 

» would be likelv to act .mtiartiallv i lj t j^T - J" each of tbc,e three dc- 

look elo-lv nhcr the i£±*^4j*m*^Ub*UkU***JB*d6 valaaj 

»t -vi — r ' ! o 
thiuk otherwise. He has at least selected 
men who will harmonize with those liav 
in? charge 
ing war upon 

ireiJ^inder the management of its effi- 
of'-ient i fti :erj. If the out* do not pro- 
duce .confusion and anarchy by a war 
IAJ, the road may be expected 

claims to a position among the foremost 

U will ■ I -i. ■ «llll uu T - l.t-i t* 1 ' . , 

tre of th. road, instead of mak- ! ******f f bl * ^"f™t«»B promoted by 

Spoa it. The road is now 1,0 w,,a i dre * n, f h ' s P er, ? d ol 

decay about taitb and worship. 

The process by which those who. like 

Mr. Edgar, accept every thing Comte 

wrote or fancied, "as a whole, ' preach 

their doctrines, is to present clearly and 

forcibly these of his speculations which 
have real value, and then demand the 


i £ i in. 

To to 

8. A. TVLKR. 

Lift it up! lift it up! the old Ranncr of 
Greeu ! 

The Wood   f its sous has but brightened its 

Kiieen ! 

YVhai I though the tvrmi has trampled it 
d* m xi 

Ar» its folds no: emblaxoned with deeds of 
renowu ? 

What! though for ages it droops in the 

Shall it droop thus forever ? — No! no' God 
is just ! 

Take it up, take it up from the cyrant's f.ul matter to extricate her from the niirV 
trend, pit, as the wo.kntan had to be very care- 

Let hiiu tear the Green Flag— we will snatch J f u f t J,at he did udt himself lose his loot- 

XuAK^xhtrJe 11 bleed saoor forefathers At «««g^Bafocver she wasdrawn 

h\ed, forth, and hi^pa her forward to Ota 

And we II tow by the Just in the grajes of ; po-i 

our dead. w • "Who comes there?" cried a \oice 

from the gloom. 

A " tvVant hBTsbed— U * bW Whicl ' th ° i " Heavens !" gra?p.-d Jerome, stoppinj das|pj forward to thepotut 

• and trembling from head to foOfc own^ompauy was stalioned. The rattle \ tory, read iu connection with flic above I*_   s the conception which the educated 

JPKe division was quickly I it th „ r , uyi . 
Tour hollow square*, while j ||( " )r ,],.(,., ,;.',! 

is:e its liu-iuess and Usefulness, 
ff'cvcr. the conteutious parties are 
upon the destruction of the road, , 
t them continue their reckless warfare. ^P ,: ' n  ; e ^ -rcjcdon of the whole 

and take the co„seonences. One thing "l*" W^', T ^ ^V* 

is certain and we spent now bv author- • ,hat tl,err 13 nA 8, ] l * h '°f K ' al UU ".V bis 

rmor Will not he intimidated *S» % * m " ? ota sl*\ a ihi » Co,,rso - £ »■ 

even possible to accept the entire " I^ s 

c-.'oaut ouieklv cut the cord that i ~' rr " jject of worship. The substitute for a 

his .lbows behind him, and then The "i'l'^^d extract from the L iter De ; tv in hi8 , ystriJ1 ( . 1;)im3 , Q be nothiug 

forward to the point where his of Judge Hawkins ou behalf the Direc- more than a figment of the imagination. 


lVe know a girl, says Ranch, so indua- 
trious tliat when she bus uothing else to 
do she knita her brows 

It. is when a ltnssiun husband ncglee'.a 
wife for a month or two she 
et alarmed at bis indifference. 

rothor Han- sod two other 
hunting von day next week; 
e woodcock koto von stone 
we kill tcu out ol de nine, be- 
u got in. 

nits Ward was fend of telegraph - 
d studied it for nmus'-ment. He 
as a very good "sender.'' To the tele- 
gra m of n California Lecture Committee, 
"What will Jr H  take for 100 ■T , ' {s7 ' 
Arfemn* promptly replied, '^Brandy 
uud water." 

Judy rcfiresonts a gentleman at dio- 
ner lading up a horse shoo out of a soup 
tureen and saving. ••Ron n.y soul, tbis 
is t« o badl This i* the second time the 
cook forgot to take the shoes off." 

that ]*• 

A fisbermsn sought Mm sooTTTrn^rTamT" 
wanted a ' liuo strong euuugb lu calcb a 

Jones complained of a bad Fnicll about 
the post office, and ssked Brown what 
it co*.ild be. Rrown didn't know, bat 
suggested that it might be caused by the 
dead letters. 

lira Jenkins," said a litt.c^eigh- 

bor girl to tlmt ludy, '• mother ssy-i you 

will oblige her with a stick of fire wood, 
fill this crutc with vinegar, put I little 
dab of soft soap in this pan, and pleaue 
not let your old turkey roost ou our 
fence no more." 

A man was brottght before Lord Mans- 
field, charged with stealing a silver ladle, 
and the counsel for the er.Wu was rather 
severe upon the prisoner for be'uig an 
attorney. M Come, come. " said bis lord- 
ship, •• Jon't exaggerate matters , if tl •• 
fellow had been an attorney he would 
have Stolen th* Mkelni well as the ladle." 

l!y the thousands of famishing loved ones 

c. L. K IM-I.F. 


Collectors. Real Estate Agents, 1 That 


ffiejr~ Will attend promptly to all basineai 
entrusted them in Southwestern Kentucky 
aud Northwestern Tennessee. 

Special attention given to the i:;vostiga 


comes there'.' 


Who died in the ditshes, wild howling for 

And we ll vow by our heroes, whose spirits , j ock 3n J h k that aHO ,l„. r ^th,^ 
And ;  each eonffialess. h ,d b, eu P 1 .* 0 * 1 at khe P 1 ' h * d K it ' 

The. relief had com 
wis'll fight tho oppressor through dan- ^seut ! * 

ger and dead, "Friend with the countersign!" be 

\nd cling to the cause which we glory to , auswere d to the last cill of the new sen- 

WCit, . 

Till the gleam of our steel aud the shock of   

our lead, 1 H 

repeated the of rit. l:etry bad commenced, and the 
Prussian's were vainly endeavoring t  
Jerome heard the cliek of u musket' breas the squares of the French trooj s. 

churacteristie effus-ion, will show the 
present slate of the case. It 
Jomu ject whi.di requires and ^! i ■ 
weapon with w hi. d. arm himself, an*l thorough attention thr.'u^^plit. j. 

prestttly be  aw a Prussian oflieer, not : on d we give this much of tlie matter as 

we find it in the official and personal or- 

Vonce a long time pack ago," says 
a Dutchman, " 1 vent to mine able orch 
mind forms of humauity as a whole. No j ard to glime a bear dree to get some 

theriog scorn j beaches to make mine view b!um pud- 
lation of that j ding mit. but ven I got ou do tob'ermost 
idolatry which worships idols made by pranch my foot schlipt from de lower 
his system, the maiiufac- ! most limb mit my leg on both sides of 

man sneaks wiih ; 
8 a * ub - than Comte of th 

ii' a 

iu bis 


,1. tnst he 
"ti that day — sell 

ordered to advance, and whet 

S pec»al attention given 10 mo ghjk „ y ^ tQ Q{lr foe3 that we nieant w , m( h(J haJ • the coulll  . T ^, n ue loulK 

tion of Land titles, and the purchuso and * . , . f. e- 

• i r K^-i v ru.o ritee"'.lv wesui.i — himself in the presence of the officer 

sale jf Ileal Est ate. L.lec.oty. Thai we d lift ttn the C.reei, and tear .lawn ., , r V - « - !_..__• »_ i t 


Ewing k Co., wholesale grocers and ! 
..mmissioti merchants; L. L. Coleman, 
wholesale druggist: Paul, Tavei A" Hau- 
lier, booksellers, stationers, bookbinder-, 
and job printers; 11. A. Hvsttiigton, 1 _ 
dealer iu fine WMtom made clothing and \1 of 
geutleaiMi s furnishing goods. Hotels — y u(lr terly and Justices t 
?t. t'leu i. S to eny House. .**Iansiou House, 
Xisholson House. 

Memphis rinrr'Ton r 

Jones Bros.^artmeil A Drury. cotton TJiekmrn. K; -J S IC ' -1. 


whim i m 

Attorney s at Lun. 


T"ILL practice together in all the t 

j T5iat we ? lift U P tbe Greeu . and tuar n the -uard. In a few 

C - I told bis story rand bad th  

hurried words b? 
rtie/»r beei 

Lift up the Green Flag! oh ! it wants to gc 

ight have ulb 

- r 
the tr 

far off. reelin 
Dulois , v 
wouH sell his own 

it iu behalf of France — and sell it as 
dearly as possible. But he. was not 
ueeded where he was. He knew tbe 
:" i Prussians could not break those hollow 
1'iares: so he r de away thinking to 
unfile French cavalrv, with 'whom he 

i c i_» o * c r i 

irv to a 

tar coup rush into tbe deepest danger. Sup 


fuller discussion of it hereafter 
Hawkins says : , 

I hoped and believed thai, under a ju- 
dicious and economical management, 
with the assistance of the aid recently 
tendered by the Legislature, the coin 
puny would, at no distaut day. have to 

hand. Rut 

ture of the idol is simply transferred 
from hand to mind. The cod is still ad- 
mittedly the creature of the worshipper. 

Who 1 i i it a remedy for the 

Judge degradation? 

liesides the system is self-destructive. 
This conception of humanity, whatever 
it w is in the mind of the philosopher 
himself, is necessarily, so far as it finds 
any real place in the lives of his follow- 
ers, a iip tafdivsical notion. Rut by the 

der venco tint like to stove mine outside* 


and iu the Courts of 
Claims prompt I  c 



| excepted— 

d reuiiiiiinces 

Full long has its lot to wander and roam. 
It has followed the late of iis bobs o'er the 

But its folds, like their hnjiesynre not faded 

hag. furled ; 
Ltkf a we.n ? winged bird to the East and 

It has tiitisd and lied! — but it never shall 1 

Till, pluming its p iniena, •( sweeps o'er the j 

—  S| * - t 

\ ti a -pec. Is to the shores ,of its a! 1 home then permission wa 
: '«aiA, his storv 

An Irishman down Easi, describing 
the prevalence of duelling, summed u. 
with — "They even fight with daggers in 
a room pitch da T k." "Is it possible?" 
was the reply. "Possible, sir!" returned 
Pat, ' why, I've seen them." 

"What's tbe reason you have thu 
wrong side of your stocking turned out? ' 
said Jim to Pat one day. "The raisou 


to rest where it was. Rut there were poswg that the heaviest fighting must ,,,,.,.'r and discharge the liabilities of the historical law of the three states, ^ * ; - p lt ,. 

others present, and when ordered t. gire be open Nehrung, he rode hts horse in gtote on account of bonds issued to it. ,,ur *PO*n* makes the very louu- . ^. . • , ■' .1 

up his musket, be obeyed without a mur- 1 that direction; when he reached .t he and insure a rc ili/.ati  n of the just ..nd J ltl , n upon human progress, every great j ' 

mar; a»d silently aeeompaasied the offi- found he had been mistaken. Fpon [reasonable ezpeetations of the road; and nacnt *' conception passes through three rcuiali* Cianibilna; Ut-ll Id I 


eer to the camp, where he was put in a slig at eminence toward Hagelburg the i , this end I liave entert iiued hopes that 
irons. enenyhad planted a battery ol heavy ere tbh) tbe road would have beeu re 

On tbe following morning, Jerome guns, supported by t-.i » regiments of stored to the company, to w hose hands 
Dubois was brought before a • « urt i.tar- int uitu and already with shot and shell j, W otild. to ■ 
tial under charge 0 

w _ • — - si- 4 - 

1 Intviog deserted iinnvafa.c damage had bjen d^no. 

s'gTaDAetT ,, liim~to teli.after.5c battery had 

been opened? an 1 
veryquH Kiy maue up h : s uiiad that it 
lt.u-. be taken at all hasards\ 

Take that battery,*' he said to a 
col jtol of cavalryi ** thea the battle is 

Ihbois heard the order and saw the 
lice was danger enough. 

i to be tbe fir-t 




rips, the theological or fictitious form 
the metaphysical or abstract form, and! 
the positive or scientific form. Now if 
the notion of a Cod (a to pass from the j 

factors .-nd commission merchants. 
#ir.'- -r Xo.l A Co., forwarding and 

€ My Ofiicera. 
Mvyir — Sam 1. Landrum. 
CUm Judge. — J. H. Davis. 
Cierk. — J . H. Morehead. 
JftHnnsal. — Pat Cunningham. 

Count} OOtcera. 
CVartty Jndge —K. R. Walker. 
County Attorney. — H. A. Tyler. 
Circuit LVarf Clerk.— W. n. Brevard. 
County Court Clerk. — Jno. A. Wilson. 
Sheriff.— Wm. Herriu, office at City 
■ all. 

Deputy Sheriff. — Henry Campbell, 
eftce with J. A. Lauderdale. 

C.rener. — M. L. McJilton. 

Jailor.— G. W. Stubblefield. 

Magit'ratc*. — District No. 1, E. G. 
Kimbro, Jacob Bushart. Constable — 
tieorgo Morris. District No. 2, Owcu 
Mil.s, and Alfred Naylor. Constable — 
Wm. H. Roper. District No. 3, J. W. 
llays and John Boyer. Constable — 
George M. Wiibourn. District No. 4. 
J. N. Hawkins aud R. Cross. Con- 
stable— L. Everett. 

County Asteuor. — "Wm. Hubbard. 

//. & Auetsor. — T. C. Buck. 

U. S. Rev. Collector. — H. C. Catlett. 

Judge*. — Court of Common Pleas. 
liWCrossland. Circuit Court— E. I. 
B a nock. 

Commonwealth'* A'tot^y. — J. TflOO. 
Agister in B&kruntcy. — Charles 8. 

Ambers:; fsMsaff's. A'j/ — K. A. Uobinson , c 
Co., Was. F. Bullock; Cincinnati. O - Harden 
.S. Wilson, Philadelphia. 1'a— J. H. latup- 
bell k Co.. Helton, Sibley & Woodruff. 
f ? hlo — 1». t 

Where its ft- 1 torleas folds, o'er cash tnoun- 

tarn and phtiti. 
Shall wave with a glory that never shall 


Attorney at Lnn, 




Aiorneys ani Counselors At Law, 



WILL attend promptly to the collection 
of Claims, to tbe investigation of l^nd 
Titles, purchase and sale of Real Estate, and 
the prosecution and defence of suits in 
Southwestern Kentucky, Northwestern Teu- 
nessee, and the tidjacent part of laissouri. 

Office in Millet's Block. [dec251y. 

Sale and Livery Stable. 


Wm. B. Flummer. 

Horses. Baggies and Flacks kopt constant- 
ly on Land for hire and sale. 

Thankful Tor patronage heretofore extend- 
.4 and solicits a teontinuauce of same. . 

Ma^L'.:K M. OAR^IER, V. T. NOLL 
Formerly of West Tenn. # ansville, Ind. 


t'ornardins and Commission 


«' »»i *• •  j . 

and Special Railroad and StettmBoaf 
'Agents, Xo. 0 Suitth W ater Street, 


1*9* Liberal CASH ADVANCES made on 
sousiguiaents of Cotton, Tobacco, Pork, 
Vlour, &o. SfiecuU attention given to EuyiTip, 
SMi-tg, and Filling Oriiert. 

Wm. B. Benny^s 


Quick Sales and Small Profts ! 

alii; rx 

bhoM, Ha's. Trunks, etc. jsuo ly 

Ths h;ghsst cirh price pail Tsr furs and 
tsuatrv r redu»r 

j. a. SMITH, 

Attorney at I^avi , 


Solicitor^ inChancery 

Troy, Tenn. 

OTECIAL utt. tition given to collecting, 
J/S and to th'. investigation of Land Titles. 
feblS— ly T.. 

h.h'MLi  raa 

rs tiik corxTits or 

axi  gra r/  

ThU he did in a few words, but the 
court could do nothinir but pass sen- 
tence of death : but the members theiv 
of all signed a petition pntvimr that In 
Take it up! take it up* h^sr ft buck home mitrht be pardoned, and this petition was 

afar. . sent to the General ol the division, bv 

That^banner must blaa. 'mid the lightnings whom j, was elllIorst .J atIl ] s0 , jt up to t J R . sure j y au ,i 

Uy .vouVha'nds ou its fo'.di-!ift your gate ■ Marshal. at tie fatal 

lo the sky, 

pointed by your Kjcrellenev. po Mpon e d 
of rneii living' alon^ the line of the road 

iiin-t nt' whom have been long and firvor- 
a!dv knuwri. and have lotiir been itleiiti- 
fie 1 with the interest ot the State ami the 

fde; I Jell In XrH 
» oi k. 

Iu twenty third street, near Mcdis«'ti 
avenue, is a jpunftHng house, patrouixej 
exclusively by females. With tbe kiuJ 

t, .... . . flt \ sICMl ' 

^mt^loa or* .out tuad^ra we uil 

lorm 01 t omte's ideal 51 surrogate hu- j j t ; 8 a m „^ t . anprctentirms l^lirf 
■ u.-.Mty. must not every positiynt lo,.k : h0U8ei t i, e entrance scrupulously cle«n, 

uo ditfereut ajiieaiuncc, 
an those adjoining, save 
fitCtOI ihc bliiidV are all tightly ebocd. 

m V M I Ul/UOCf ItlC t ill J «. 

upon the latter as a inerv trati-i.ioo stajte ; ;llu ; prestntin^ 
to its final t'.rm ? And what can the j emtenially thai 




.1 . btti in this well -rounded hope 1 1;,w - ,ll  ; f ln £\* I-roposition to which, as 5n? tbe we arc admitted by a cor- 

• I /•..bwkAa LihikaII eAIKaiLAp* b II ws T. .  H  -v n« r *v a I " a * a 

neeesii y 


betterj, he kept a.  near^o pg* of the State in this ronil are sul jefted 

Lefebvre was kind and ireuerous to bis j the ieadcr as be dared. Hall th( dis- to t ] ie humiliation ot seeing tkemeetvee 

have been disappointed. And now the 
men seleeted.and appointed by your Br- 
eellenev to jruard and protect the inter- 

Comte himself teaches, all pnenoniennLj eoulS ] y a ,.,, art .| e d woman, who'aets ha 
are to be considered as finally reducible, j j auitress (j„ oue ^ ol - ^ j,^ is a 

superb painting of Leda and the Swan, 
on the opposite side is auother paintin.-, 

And swear that you'll bear it triumphant or 

And shout to the clans, scattered far o'.r the 

To join iu the march to the land of their 



almost to 

tult, but h 

tanej bad been gained, when from the discarded -and feet aside, their counsels 
not overlook so crave an error as that hilljauie a storm of iron that ploughed J wholly disregarded in the menage men I 
committed by Dubois. Tbe orders given in: dlv r inks of the Freoelii j t  f the road, and themselves prueticall y 

to the sentinel had been very simple, i Tb:   "loiicl fell, his body literally j denied the right tfi perform the duty to 
and foremost of .every necessity was tbe tm ni.i pie oes by a shell that oxpbjajfd ; w i k j c h Vt)U UStf i E ned them, or to dis 

. ud under which it must be the perpetual I 
though forever un.satisticd, effort of 
science to bring them. 

Iu the audiences of yesterday it was 
evident that the curious for new tiling! 
predominated over the disciples seeking 
truth ; and that, even among the few 
who hope to learn, the critical or de- 

And wherev.r the exilss ncath heaven's j order forbiddiug him to leave his post I agalfct his bosom 

equally good of Venus rising from tl e 
sea. Amending the .stairs, we are uther- 
ed into the parlors on the first flotr. 
They are elegantly, even luxuriously 
furnished. The person who Cited up 
these rooms aiust have had exquisite 

to sorrow and 

broad dom 
Have been tasted to sn p^ 
roam. 1m 
They 11 bound on tbe sc^Knd away o'er the 

They'll march to the music of " Home, Sweet 

until properly relieved. To if certain 
extent the safety of the whole army 
rested on the shoullers of each individ- 
ual sentinel and especially upon those 
who at night were posted m arcst the 
lines of the enemy. 

M I am sorry,'' said the gray-haired 
THE   OM EMVi:i  SEXTIXEL. old warri-.r. as he folded up the petition, 

land handed it back to the officer who 

, A cold. st6«uy nisht in the month of ; pre?ente d it. " 1 am sure that the men 
March, 1S07, Marshal Lefebvre, with, 
twenty-seyen thousand French troops 

Tie point upon the Peninstrta now 
reacfed by the bead of tbe sesatKng 
coluau was uot more than a hundred 
yard] wide, and it was literally a path of 
deatl, as the fire r^welvj| heavy gnns 

t expbsakd ■ w hi c h you assigned them, 

^ Uhar-e the high trusts confided to their structive d.spositmnsgetier.i ly prevailed. (a8tc . The paintings ha.i K iug out on the 

hands Under existing eircuinstanses I he teachings ol (. omte and his apostles I wa j| 9 are rare un d valuable, but the most 

.i „ ,„„.„«n„,i limJ k&in .ihiBni willavailto unsettle the coufi fence or 
ire compelled to stand tsa^in silence, . 

c^k day f. v 




their teachers fiud oue 

had invested Dantiez. The city was 
garrisoned by seventeen thousand Rus- 
sisn and Prussian soldiers; aud these 
together with twenty or thirty well arm- 
ed citizens, presented nearly double the 
fores which could be brought to ths as- 
sault. So there was need of the utmo-t 
vigilance on the part of tbe sentinels, for 
a desperate sortie from the garri.-oii 
made unawares, might prove calamitous. 

At midnight Jerome Dubois was placed 
upon one of tbe most important posts 
iu the advance line of pickets, it beinc 

meant no wrontr, and yet a genet wrong 
was done. " He knew what ho was doini 
afed ran the ri^jBBKhe.was delected — he 
has been tried a^mKueuiiu u. He must 
suffer !" 

They asked Lefebvre 
the condemned. 

'•No. no!" the marshal replied ijuick- 
lv. " Should I see him aud listen to his 

with folded arms, and witnc 
day the destructiou of tbe mteTests they , 
OfctwelvA heavy guns ar( f expccte d to proteot. without the ! convert who would join them in fashion- 
wasurued upon ijgf TlVf..b.nel had ,,.,wer to arrest the arm of the destroyer, i ' n ? ane r '. lfter their uotK.ns, the social 
fallei. and very Hoof three other officers am , t0 gee the cre d it of tbe State para^ | aud religious world. How can it be 
!n idown, without i v/0 d, ;in d the pockets other people otherwise, when extensive knowledge 
commis sioncd leader. Tbe way was j pi urj d, 

if be would see' 


TVkTOB t 11 1 OKU AX 

N D will st tend promptly to all business 
entrusted to hit* care in said connties, 
ud also in the other counties ]% this Ju- 
dicial District. 

tfjfT .-Jddress either PADUCAH office, or 
BLA.NDVILLE, Ky. [augSl— tf. 

HTCK.MAX, ! ! 

OFFEKS his professional services to the 
citizens of Hickman, and vicinity. 
mar2'J-ly . 

umg succeeding bis 
the interview with 

a narrow strip of land rising above Marshal LcfeM»9^as made known to 
the marshy fiat, called the Peuiusula of him al ,d he was no t at all disappointed. 
Xebrung. For more thau au hour he j He blanied'tio one. and was oulv sorry 
pand his lonely beat without bearing : tuat j ie na j uot died ou tbe battle field 

If that column was rented, 
d the" Prussiau infantry charged over 
the Peninsula, the result might be cal- 
amitous. _ 

r. it. see' A man in the unjl^fcii of 
story I might pardon him. and that must a _ French prieate. mounted up 
not be done. Let him die that thousands l'iil lu,r.-e caparisoned in 
mas be And, Pruaaian aiaff o%  

The time fijwdfor the execution of j and a br igh t sahe. 
Dubois was 
trial. The 


a coonui.ssionc J leader. The way was , pi un d erc d without tbe power to pre 
beeoUng blockaded with the dead men ! vent it 
and lie dead horses, and tbe head of the | ' j w j 9 |j niost respectfully to call your 
column stopped and wavered. attention to a conceded fact, that the 

^hrsbal Lefebvre from his clejuj^d ^ ar |y completion of the breech read from 

H untin"don to Jackson is a matter of 

- iw tiii- and his heart rhi^|^i 

anything but the moaning of tbe wind 
and the driving of tbe rain. At length, 
however, another yum! broke upon his 
c.ts. He 'sr^TpjwWwd listened, ond pre- 
sently ho called-^ Wiio s there? " 

The only answer was a moaning sound. 
He called again, aud this time he heard 

" I have tried to be a good, soldier," 
he said to the captain. ** I leel that I 
have done no crime that should leave a 
stain upon my name." 

The captain took bis band and nssnr- 
ed hiin that his name should be held in 

something like the cry of a child ; and ' ref T cet ' , . D „ . _ • , „, 

" . , . - J . i i_- Towards evenins ricrrc \ n.lant 

presently the object came toward him .. . . - c , :1 , '.. Ja «,* 

* *• .i i i \v i • l.n with his wife and child, were admitted to 



Pay Residence at MRS. ANDERSON'S. 
upf20 — ly. 

from out of the darkness 
emphatic movement, he brought bis 
rrvTrprv ' musket to cliarge, and ordered tbe in- 
lLKa " truder to halt. 

" Mercy !" exclaimed a childish voice. 
'• Don't shoot me! I am Xatalia. Dou't 
you know me ?'' 

" Heavens !" cried Jerome, elevating 
tbe muzzle of his piece. u Is it you, 
dear child ?" 

Ves ; und you are good Jerome. Ob, 
y«ru will come aud -help mamma. Come, 
bhe is dym?." » 

It was certainly Natalia, a little girl 
only eight year.* old. daughter of Lisettc 

With a uuick^ , . 
u tsi.- the prison 

hrniiolit. hia ' 


Drs. Gourley & Corbett, lwxaij^r income's 


Having formed a oo-partnership. offer their 
united professional services to the puhlic. 

Over TV. R. Walker's Drug Store, 
d251y HICKMAN, KY. 


own rcg;uieH-f, and was iu the army iu 
capacity of nurse. 

•• Why, bow is this, my child?" said 
Jerome, taking tbe little one by the 
arm. " What is it about your mother?" 

" Ob. good Jerome, vou can hear her 
now. Hark ! ' tjk 

The sentinel bent linear, but could 
bear ouly tbe wind and the rain. 

'• Mamma is in the dreadful mud," 
' said the child, " and is dyiug. She is 

OFFICE — AT HOLCOMBE 3 DRUG STOP.l! not . (ht „ aw:, y- 0h   1 cau hcar hcr 

' crying." 


with, as 
wrought up 
manned j^n. . 
the interview. 

■ ^ i 


his was a visit which 
lly have dispensed 
lings were already 
Men that almost uii- 
but he braced himself for 
and would have stood it 
like a hero, bad not little Xatalia, in the 
eagernoss of her love and gratitude, 
thrown herself on his bosom mid offered 
to die in his stead. This tipped the 
brimming cup. and bis cup flowed freely. 

Pierre and LisejA'k new nol what to 
say. Tin y v ^ktid, ; and they 

*'ould have wilr^rly died" for the noble 
fellow who had been thus condemned. 
Later iu tbe evening came a compan- 

vital importance to the State, in euab 
ling tbe company, by an increase of its 
business, to pay the interest upon the 
State bonds. And in this connection, it 
must be remembered, a Receiver has no 
to build a road. All he cau do is 
nd manage a road already built. 

and much logical force are brought to at- 
tack every thing men have held dear, aud 
when nothing is offered them as a substi- 
tute but a religion withe 
worship, without a Go  
morals and culture v 
immortality ? 

 /oiil«ln*t Get 

In the year 134&. 
excitemeut in the us 
Dnehnm, old " Aunt Saily H 

conspicuous, and the one that first strikes 
the eye is the painting of Ary Sehafler, 
of tbe gambling scene from Bulwor'a 
play of " Money," and for which, it is 
stated. August Relmount has offered 
(20.000, and 9tu refuted. 

Seated around tbe room and at tbe 
gaming tablo are a uunibcr of ladies, all 
of whom are dressed in the height of 
fashion. Tbe players arc flushed with 
it the dealer, in hcr Pom- 
bnlf revealing, half cou- 
ple bust, sits calm and col- 
_ kes in tlrj " chips" with tbo 
st sang froid. Ever and anon eouie 
ycr, when a heavy bet is lost, calls 
wi'.e. which is speedily "-applied by 
an atteutive and demure looking Hebe. 
| Demure ! Yes. but it is tbe demuranesB 
I of a cat. 

would weigh uigb outo two hundred 

pounds, -oo up,"' aud one eveninc in of 'f f at - 0ff '" d h t cr .*"d she ouickly 
ands ot the company is now so , ,„,.,.,;„., •„, ,h e midst of a warm season!"*' 1 ' 1 hlluW ? uU that she has claws, 
it can do nothing. S of exhortation, she arose aud said : rh:it ,a,1  '  at the cwn,re table, s'jiii.^ 

also agaiu. most respec 


Oh. brethren and sisters, bless tb,c between Auonyme and Aspasia, inbe 

our attention to the fact that the l, 0 id, I U soon get away from this wicked | wiu ' " f °" e of the most wealthy mer 
has never accepted the State wor id . l m to m-a-l tbe Lord iu n M***** 1 coul11 ,el1 y uu Ler nauie - bul 

red by tbe act of December ttf w davs. My faith is powerful j. tru „.,. ! fa'cs mu*t never be told out of school. 

»t u 


in the condition that the . qi, yu y powerful strong it is. So strong, ' I Observe that young lady, with a bonnet 
restored to the company. ! con Yj u „ed the old lady, extending heri no ,ar l? er thau a *-' oc!£,e shcl, » * uJ Bi *' 


tond'uioQ never haviuir 

be o) 

com - 


*" w,t h. eousecitiently the^jftcred aid I ou t 
i££^geo accepted, and the issu^. c 

motioning them like a goose » a - k t brown ribbons ; the on. who is 

that it does stieai »s if I 

such bonds to any oue is wb-dly 
tborized by any law, and being is- 'The minister, who was as great an en- 
without authority of law and the thusiast on '-going up" as the old lady, 
"the company, they constitute eucouraged her by exclaiming: 
bu the road or liability upon! -Try, si-tor, try ! Perhaps you can 
the company. Rut being ad j fly v if y OQr f„ith is only strOug enough." 
t one hundred thousand dollars ; *• Well, I can," she exclaimed, "I 

know I cau, and I will." 

She was standing near a window which 
was raised on account of tbe oppressive 
heat — lor it was summer. With her 
handkerchief in oue baud, aud her fan 
iu the other she mouuted the seat, and 

now taking off tbe diamond riny to stake 

hi oh Will 1U~» UM , 

hotter aud gave himself up to the officer 
in charge. First a surgeon was called 

nds of the State had been is 
Receiver, in order to meet 
on which must come, and to 
c interest of the State ou ac- 
of said bonds, I procured the adop- 
f a resolution by tbe board pledg- 
the company, in the event the roed j gave a leap into 
"hould be restored to the possession and • motion of the arms 
control of the company, to assume ell heavenward. Rut. 
liability on aceourt of the bonds, in so | Wil8 too |„ Ut h for 
far as they had been applied to the pur- j gravity of the au 
poses for which they bad been designed, came with an euon 
as lul'.v and to tbe same exteut as ii . UU "elie erunt. sbakin 

I ~ C I 

o witbsW 
infantry th: 
port were swept sway 
battery was quickly turned up 
who had shortly before beeu th« 
ws, the fortune"^!' the day was decided 
Trie Llussiaus aud the Prussians — r 
foot, and dragoons, such as wer# uot 
taken prisoners — had lost mu 

than they bad gained. ... ... 

Jerome Dubois returned to the guard , they h - a( , 1 t p „ a ,. e epted by the company wi H, th^cuncneslon. 

ion, who, if he iived, would at sometime j lo se3 w h a t should be done with him. 

iieucral of 


Dr. Cstlttt ess be found st aiikt at i*« 
| re,H.eaee ef Pt. ReVi.sea. 

Ry degrees, Jerome gathered from 
Xatalia that her father bad taken ber 

ouf tvj»1i him in the inviiiing. aud that in 

company, at your special request I pre 
seuted vour views to the 'Board, ant 


stated the terms upon which ym had an- 

return to Jerome's boyhood home. First , qq ia colonel applied to tl e 
the condemned thought of his widowed j Liigade. aud the geugral of brigade ap- 
mother aud he sen: hcr a message of pjied to the genera M' division, aud the 
love and devotion. Then be thought of j ^noral of division ^^plie^to 31arsbal pente( i y OU r 
his brother and sister. And fiually he . LofebVre. stated the tei 

thought of one — a bright eyed maid — j •• yYhat shall wc do wii.h Jerome Du- j nouDoe d to me your williugn^^to turn 
whose vine-clad cottage stood upon llie boisj t over the road to the compan and not 

Seine — one whom he bad loved with a[ God bless him !" cried tbe veteran 1 w i t i,it an ding all the terms dictated by 
love such a? great hearts alone can feci, j .general, who bad heard the wbde story, 
' Oh, my dear friend!" he cried bow- •• r*fl pardon him to day and to-morrow 
ing his head u].on bis bands; "you need . X * 1 1 promote him." 

not tell them a falsehood; but if the j And Jerome Dubois, in time, went 
tbiug is possible let then: believe that I j Uimsclf to seethe loved ones in France; 
fell in' battle." j and when be went he wore the uniform 

Hi? companion promised tint he would . 0 f #capta:ti. 

apd delivered to its oflic«rs. She arose, folded her wing", and with 

I wish also again, most respectfully, to j g rea t meekness sueaked back into her 
state to your Excellency, that having had ' £eat evidently disappointed, 
an interview with you touching the ques- 1 'f he ae xt evening some of the young 
tion of a restoration of the road to the sa iuts asked her : 

•• Aunt Sally, why didn't you fly lasl 
night, when you tried so hard?" 
" I couldn't 

t the right flop,' 
the meek and conclusive reply. 


W. S. Hrttchiugs, ot St. Louis has in- 
you in that interview were promptly and ™ a,C(J * Hying machine, with which he 
cheerfully complied with by the Board, expects to be able to navigate the air at 
the road still remains in tbe bands of the ! h ' 8 .pleasure. J he inventor has so much 



The speaker who "took the floor" has 

been arrested for stealing lumber. 

faith iu it, that he proposes to make au 
ascension in a balotrn at St. Louis, and 
jump out at the height of two thousand 


an- cgg«. is the daughter of an ex. J udgo. 
Ah! our wealthy merchant's wife i» s 
loser; see. she rises from the table bitinp; 
her lips till blood comes to conceal ber 
emotions. Come, let us nway. Such 
sceues do not m-»ke our opinion of poor, 
weak human nature the more exalted. 

Is it any wonder that wc so freemen lly 
sec rewards offered for lost diauprid 
rings, uccklaccs and bracelets? IT we 
had the power of Asmodeus, wc would 
see these •• lost' articles in the ssfo of 
soma gentleman who has for bis sign ths 
1 Lombardy emblem of three balls, 
thirst for gambling will be satisfied, 
money must be obtained. Yes, yss, 
right. " There avo more 
aven aud earth then are 

hose who work hard he' - 
dom yield themselves entirely up to 
fancied or real sorrow. When grief sita 
down and folds his hands aud mourn- 
fully feeds upon bis tears, weaving a fun- 
eral pall this** little exertion might 
sweep away, the stroug spirit i  shorn of 
its might and sorrow Incomes our uiaa- 
t r. VYheu troubles flow upon you dark 
and heavy, toil on with the wave— w.. - 
tie not with the torrent — ruber seek b : 
occupation to divert the d irk waters ti. . 
threaten to overwhelm you. in ths thou- 
sand channels which the dut es of life 
present. Before you dream of it these 
waters will fertilize the present and giv. 
birth to fresh flowerf — (lowers that will 
become pure ami holy in the sunshiu 
ths? penetrates to the path af duty. 

S.iCV in Wnabluftton. 

li. Webb, in one. of Lis tetter* from 

P It O 

s p i: c t 

or nit 

u s 

T.'u rroyovd Cltcnge. 
17. The shareholders in this organization 
will be many times i:iorc numerous than 

T\ 'aafciugtoo to the ^ew York Tribune, JJa^jonal TeleSrapll Company, \ those of any "other telegraph company, aud 

1 »*■- people he ! ' 

thus describes some of the 
meets :it the Ft-deral capital: 

Of whisky inspector* awl reveuae 
officers — men who distrain on a gnat ju»d 
swallow a carnal — who hold their pesi- 
tion by uncertain touorcs, and hare 
char^c/to explain away,   here an army. 
The woes of these innoients would fill 
xoliirucs, aud the tender fatuity with 
which they relate them is especially 
charming. One of them, who is said to 
h ive rrado ^ 100,000 .-ineii May last, nail- 
ed ate at Willard*s the other evening, and 
unbo-omed himself in a sort of ooafi- 
deutbl hari-kari. He had m;:de o ifh- 
in$r, he said; indeed, he was out of pock 
ct by virtue of his office, and 
initly re^i^n if permitted 
an honorable manner. 

But he strongly objected 
with evene shndow of suspie 
on his c haracter. Had he not been vi 
tuoashe might now he happy aniTVcaltk 
On oce occasion, while invetti/ntinp the 
business of a distillery, he was surprised 
in going to his ofliec by a large envelope 
!yiup on his desk. How it g»t there n-  
cue knew. Opening it he found to his 
h a : ; il RiaaceiJ 

fl.Ot'O notes. Of c iur 
know from whence the; 

Organiied unJer the Laws of the Slate 
of New York. 

1 hy *.Le Katiotta! Tele- 
d by Congress ht its 
recent session, and approve*! July 
21, lsW. 

Franci!!*^* eenferre 
graph L»iw pn«st 

CAPITAL STOCK 810,000,000, 
In 100,000 .Shores. Par Value U 0 each. 



Vice President 


Secretary ..r. 

Cencrnl Supcriut. 

OF TtlK Ift.Mr.lNT. 

Ueorgo li. Senter. 

Robert Squires. 

Frederick Prcutice. 

G«-orge H. M alter. 

indent EH. N. K yes. 

ward N . Serrell 

ten new scrip 
e ho did not 

came, but he 

Ertrrivr e*   mm ittkr. 
Ben Holladejr, Oaerge B Scuter, Robert 
Square*. Juhn M Jaycox, Fred'k Prentice, 
George B Walter, I'uiah Mood, Charles W 
X,.l !e. Erastus Coruing. jr. 

l'rincipal Office of 
way, New York. 

the Compan 
Komi..- Nos. 



7, ss. 

It will be sjen by the statement heroin 
contained that the organization of 
patjy was a necessity gTowjiur 


h^d suspicions, (Joins down to the dis- 
tillery he charged the owner with the 
outrage, and demanded either explana- 
tion oi au apology. The man denied all 
knowledge of the money ; but convinced 
that .ao aud uoue other was the 
petty -,iv fl 

the head of a whi-ky barrel and 7 
The end was not there. 

Suuio days atterward the joke was re 
peated ; this time the monetary inelosure 

being aeeompanieJ bv a note, statin*: .The e»ils inseparable from 
that a like amount would arrive in the | a «' d dangerous monopoly 
same mysteiious manner from an un- «ruua .nd 
known friend and well wisher, if he 
wonh^hut consent tejBhDt hu eyes • ' 
and nW worm out the secret* of the stiii. 
.Again he sought the distillery owner, 
aud again forced the money into his 
*• in J- notwithstanding his protestations 
of i riiorauee, emphatically deelariug 
that another experiment of this kiud 
would meet with prompt and severe pun- 
ishment : he would report no attempt at 
bribery to the Government. This had 
the desired effect, and he was not again 
troubled from the same quarter. .'bt»ll 
he was not safe from like persecutions at 
other hands, and from time to time again 

had he been approached with iuduee- j °n subscribing, and eubsro, icnt cnl'.s. not to 
ments to betray his trust. exceed lt« ptr cent r*r moAth, will be 

U7 » ■ „„,„._ ♦„ i„ii „ t made by the E»ard of Direct - f». from lime 

 \ hen lovely woman stoops to lobby— t   ^ as bc 

what should be done with ne.rf Keally, { uni y ,„ 

construct and equip the 


ph facilities at rtasonabT* 
C-mpttittvn versus Jfowp«lff. 

1. The whole telegraph system of the V . 
States is now in the hands of one compmiv. 

such a gigantic 
are already num- 
lief cau be toiui I 
only in legitimate competition. 

Distribution of §IH% 

2. It is proposed that the benefits of this 
company shall be enjoyed, not hy a few fa- 
vored persons, but by the bttaine*. men of 
the country, iuterest it is iliiUlgJlOll 
to promote, and whose liberal patronage 
will insure its success. To this end il is 
decided to place the Stock at all commercial 
points. It will be distribute I to Hunkers, 
J/ercbants, Manufacturers, and others in 
limitei amounts. 

The Capital Stort. 
(3.) Is Ten Millions of Dollars, divided into 
shares ol One Hundred Dollars each. 

Call — 1Iju  to b? Madr. 

ill be interested in its business aud sue 
cess. We shall establish only direct trunk 
routes required by the business of the coun- 
try. We shall incur no liabilities beyoud 
our means in the treasury; and we hope by 
energy, economy. dis) :itrh. and careful 
mnnagi meiy^tu be enabl id to compete snc- 
uPv ^fh the present c-u- 
..'y^d to lurnurh the public chea] er 
and better faciliiies of telegraohic coinmun- 

The Prorptet. 

18. The business of telegraphiug is In its 
infancy. Il must rapidly increase iu the im- 
mediate future and yield still greater re- 
turns. The biisine*- of the Southern Stales 
ha»big been suspended during the wt»r wilr" 
soon be re-established. Lines of telegraph 
arc projected aud in process of OOOBtroCtion 
i to Europe, Asia, and South America, which, 
when completed, will at once materially add 
to the telegraph business of the country. — 
The pro] osed luutes of our range are an- 
nually becoming more and more populous. 
Cheaper rates and more rapid, certain and 
lelial.le facilities will greatly popularise 
the telegraph and insure its sulm it ut ion for 
the mails' for the purpose of current 
mercial correspondence. All these c 
eratious point to our f#iure as a 
ant one. aud plainly show that t 
golden opportunity for inaugurat 
graphic enterprise of the cha 
magnitude of the one now propos 
An Kcdaordtnary Ad van to ^ 

10. tin the application of The 
Telegraph Company, Congress at 
•eoaion enacted The National 
Law, which is printed herewith. The 
ing consolidated monopoly opposed tha I 
sage of this law with all the influence^ 
uld command, but the publit 
■ A " "ow :l 


Complete Hs(:il»liMliiii€ut 






Corner of Wabash and 

^ri.EASntK IN an»ooncu* 
 ls and patrons that the^ 
i rettiiy for busiu 

L»er\" beJ 

J. AlfilM, 

Western Kentucky Pioneer ! 


Has " eet in th? business for twenty-five 
yt ar  in this place, and KJ m o u nce s to the 
citizens of Western Kentucky and Tenneatee 
that ir will sell as low as the lowest, the 
foilou iug lucrehandiae : 

Dry Goods, 40 


liOOTS AXD .*»liO»S. 





Q l' E E N S W ARE, 


teyprise will! a grant of the most valuable 
franchises ever conferred upon a Telegraph 


The National Telegraph Company 
accepted the terms of the Litw. J»lj- 
I860, by filing their written accepts 

the Postmaster General of the Halted 
§tHf . s 'u!'«oribers should in all easei 
mit funils to the Treasurer of this comf 
Frederick Prentice, Esq., No. 2t  Pine 
who will send by return mail recei 
the same. All other communications 
be directod to George It. Walter. Se  
National Telegraph Company, i»4 Broad 
New York. 

Whenever subscribers desire so to do. 
they can pay at once thirty-five per cent on 
the full amount of their subscriptions and 
rec.-ive certificates of stock issued by the 
company: and in all cases were thirty-five 
pef oOnl has been paid in, and the Treas- 
urer s receipts returned, cerliiieates will be 
issiifd to holders of the receipts, or their 

4«roeerie» aikI Fui 


1 X, AT. 

and al • n\ 

n this ill i 

c » . all 

eS, Onus 

., . aud as 

jf AND A 
& t ec te .l aifort- 
V~TSWt. SaJ l!»s, 
an I Pistols yf 

ill* • • " i r mrrises 
' m [cverythiup usually 
' meats. ^ 

rtn;ent of 



CQJfMJSSIOX£?k8 A O ri ftfc  

adm r, 1 Fuhon comI ^ n 

1 pleas court.* 



Awarded thehiphest Premium at ihs~Exhi- 
bitiou of tin- St. Louis Agricultural 
and Mechanical Fair. 




Comnilulon Merrtianfte, 






Memphis, - . - TfnncMfe. 

RB8PlBCrm.LV inform :h« eit liens ef 
Western Kentucky and West Tennessee 
that they are still in business, and will gits 
prompt and faithfnl attention to all busi- 
ness entrusted to them. may 24- ly 

a. dbi ar. Mem- 
phis, Tenn., Lato of 

». carthkll. I»te of "» 
Williams, Carimell I 

& Co n Memphis. Ten. j (. Unioutown, Ky 

Cartmell & Drury, 

Cottoi Factors, Produce and General 
4 on: mission n ml Forward- 
in*; ^forehantn. 

200 l roni S.I.. b  ». Wi»liln K ion a'Aftnms, 


N. B. — We give our Personal aitenti 

''otton am 
Mao, to filling 

the sale and shipment ot (''.tsou uudVll 


I don't know, unless to mnke it one of 
the cmlitions of granting her request 
that suo will we: r an uubccoiuing bon 
net the reet of her life. The pressure 
•*liich is broasht to hear beneath deli- 
cately gloved bauds is really y mazing, 
Uydmulic force is scarcely a eireum- 
&tancc in comparison. There is a power 

uo calls will be made 

to supply 
lines: but 
after the ono per cent 
is paid until the entire qsipital stock shall 
have been subscribed. 

Aetval C'tpitol Required. 

S. The company confidently believe thai 
thirty-live per cent of the capital stock will 
construct aud fully equip Twenty-five Thou- 
sand miles of Wire, which will connect all 
the commercial centers and important pi a - 

the Administrator 


Your nttentton is called to the papers 
accompanying this, and a prompt resporse j Juue, ]*C t«, or they will 
*. Ooe-peret of the stock will be .required ■ ia^noecasary to ensnre a certain partidpa- from prosecutin.,* their 

tion in the benefits of ibis orgauizat: in. f 
Extract from ibe United States m « at 

Urge, vol. 10, page 24'J, as follows: 
An Act t , establish certain Post Roads and 
for other purposes, approved 
March a, 1S53. 
Pope 2-15, sec 3 — And be it further eriact- 
Ra mda utid part ■ of 1 

^d the same art 

clared Post Koails. 

ler's hrs & cr's. 
crsons holding claims against 
te of S. L. Fuller, deceased, 
to prove and file the » 
at my oSoo In th/city of Hick 
or before the second Moncia 
be forever ba 
collration *eak»t 

of said decedent s estate. 
T. li. C.OALDEK, 
2m Master Commissiontl. . 

MASTER com.vjssio.\j:r S XOTJ /■:. 

behind th : throne which only the throne j irf the United States. This opinion rests 

cau re.ilize, anJ t'le number of shorn 
Samsons is something mar\eIous — more 
than one ~trt!w.irt memb* r t/t our (Con- 
gress is bound by seven green withes — 
seventy times seven, in filet. Office or 
honors for themselves, their relatives, or 
their friends, is what these ladies ask, 
and if" they have beauty ami bras?, they 
seldom aek in vain. 

A w itnan interprets a man's " no" by 
her own construction of the monosy)la  
ble, and falls back on the parable of the 
'injust judge and the fair petitioner for 
tit aaearanee th-t she shall win after 

i 'h wearying! But «s Heaven gt u- 
eraHy .-.cuds almonds to tb who nave 
no teeth, aud rains ri^» into baskets thnt 
are a t ":..)v full, so it happens that the 
w- man *M really needs is sent away 
e i ; p --handed. A c.t-e war- told me of 
ope «bo came last spring to obtain, if tent ot t 
possible, some plaea in the Treasury', i amount 

. /*! b«* ut. tr% t\\r\ n^Ta.v* nn/l I S 1 04 K t 1* 

upon ttio most reliable estimates and re- 
sponsible offers to construct aud equip the 



Fulton comiton 
eas court. 

Jane Simpson's adm'r, 

Jane Simpson's hrs & crs 

ALL persons holding claims against the 
•state of Jane Simpson, deceased, arc 
hereby notified t   prove and file the riaie 
with m# at my ofiice in the city of HirkDitn. 
K\', on or before the second Monday in 
TSuue. lMl . or they will be forever !.irr*.l I 
from prosecuting their collection •■ .-a. re- 
nt's estate. 
T. 0. GOALPEtt 


8. In all cases the net earnings of this com- 
pany will be applied to t he pn.\ mem of divi- 
dends on its capital stock, and in no event 
will earning be. diverted to the construc- 
tion of new lines. 

Master Commissioner. 


7. Wttb the stuck in hands of tiv»; active 
business men of the country, exerting their 
influence to augment its business, and will: 
a ranpe of Tweuty-fi ve Thonsand Miles of 
Wire cquiped and in operation, the company 
believe that, at reasonable rates, the busi- 
ness will pay liberal dividends on its en- 
tire c-n ital stoch. 

itfiifit' for, ihe li'H'f. 
(8) May be found in the enormous profits of 
every considerable telegraph line operated 
on this contiueul. The present telegrsph 
monopoly has "water' 1 
tent of over one thousand 
paid in; and Hi 
us intlared. satisfi 


Jn« liaunon's 

AS A^Tto aid in the construction of Tele- 
graph Lines, and to secure to the lioveru- 

ntem the use of the same for Postal, MUi- j Jhe Administrator of said decedt 
tary. and other purposes. 

B r if enacted bt/ the Striate and Ilcute of U?p- 

rettnfu'.iret of the United S&tm of Ai-"riea, in 
Comjrets ateembled, That any Telegraph com- 
pany now- organized or which may hereafter 
be organized, under the laws of any State in 
this Union, shall have the right to construct. 
Maintain, and operate lines of tcleprat U 
through and over any portion of the public 
doaaaia of the United States, over and along 
any of the military or ^ost route- of i .,■ 
United States which have been or may bere- 
after, bo declared such by act of Geegress, 
and over, under, or across the nnvij; 
water.- of Ihe United Slates: Provided, That 
s'tvh lines of lelegrapb shall be «■   H n- 


James ilannon s adtn r 1 B , 

r ult  n cotatuoti 

eas court. 

Carriage aker s, 

Exchange street, 
II 1 1 'KM AN, . - - - - KT. 


neatly done ot short notice nnd on the most 
reasonable terms. jau4 ly 

X I lilBilllll), 

nr.At.KR iv 

at the 


LUK1 KAesuai IS 


•'4T * 

The yearly sales of Wheeler & 

Wilson are equal to the sales 
of nil other Sewing Machines 

[From lh« SePFhtinc American. - ] 
We use the WHEEtES S WILSON, and 
pronounce it without a rival. 


410 North Fifth st., 
nov23 — ly. St. Louis, Mo. 



ALL person's holdiug claims against the 
estate of James Hannon, tlec-'ssed, are 
hereby notified to prove and tile the ani 
wit h inc at my office in ihe city .if llieknsn, 
Ky.. oti or before ihe second Monday it: Jite. 
!"-'  . or they will be forever barred Bi.tu 
;•. ...-ecutinjt iheir co'.lectien a;z:iiust tbeiJ- 


• s stock to tbe 

per cent on 

ii it nays, on 



m u ti- 
ll opo- 

Her hasbtMad inu been in the army, and ( 

ho reduced by hardships eucountere.l in ,. ra tive lines cow one rated by the m 
Libby Prison as t i be incapable of leav- J \j t nnd subscribers will pay for our 
:njr hi" bed. Her only brother was %\\- 1 only tht exact cost of out lines. 
■ din cue of the battles of the Wilder-, Additional Mtmtoae. 

Dean. She was left with a sick hnsband 0. The existing telegraph monopoli:s have 
nnd three children to support. Little never sought to supply a. le ( iy tho de- 
little she pir'ed with her few va!u- i ml *" ,l for ,he Ui * vl lue ««b3graph, »«ofc 
des ftW the support of her familv, un . "»ve they attempted to atiiuulate such 
., , - ., rr » *« "   ! demand by an increase of facilities an 1 n 

ul Bhe finally was compelled to pawn her reduetiee of rates. While their facilities 
Lusb'tud 8 sword. i have remaiue 1 about constant, their rales 

Without friends and without money, have steadily advauced, unui the use of the 
it was impossible for her to. obtain "a telegraph has come to be a prodigious tax 

upon the commercial necessities of thecoun- 

 r tin 

if tele- 


res for 
not be 


certainly she must have 
all things considered, it 

hearing, and 
thought that, 
was a pretty hard life 
story came to the ears of a kind hearted 
and it f)nential gentleman, whs) at once 
took her to the Assistant Secretary oi 
the Treasury and demanded, rather tltttn 
asked, a place for her. One was m ide. 
Lot it. -amf: too late. The husband died 
S'von after and the misery and humiiia-' 

f .ii she bad undergone so wore upon the j ]M si :ge fit'Europe and Ataeri 
wife that she siekened aud died during 1*° hnre been thought of by 
the  "i aimer. 

Il is singular how rapidly time pa scs 
in Washington. No one does much, and 
few accomplish anything. I speak, of 
course, of visitors; yet no one has a 
leisure moment. In the morning there 
is breakfast to be got. and that, in itself, 
is no small job. Along tr*vard noon the 
ladic* and all must uo up to the Capitol, 

and skj^iish around ihe two Rouses, 
and through tho Halls, chnttiug with 

friends, and w. tchiug the occasional bear 
fights ou ihe floors. This at us itnes tbe 

try. An advance iu rales is their uniform 
expedient for limiting tho amount of their 
Fortunately, her business to their restricts I faoiliti i. 

Jnercated Fticiliiic* and Loner R ■ 

10. Every intelligent man knows that tin 
enterprise founded upon the necessities of 
trade has s healthier and m .re durable basis 
when it aims to do a const u at ly\ increasing 
business at fair rates ibau wbeu t ri 
merely a restricted business at e.xorl itatfl 
and ii4crca»injr rates Tiie succes." : cl e in 

a seems never 
the telegrnpb 

mooopolists. H is believed that if ten 
.times the present teli'grophic facilities were 
burnished to the public at one-tenth of the 
present rates, iho increase of bnsiness 
would justify the change. 

Our Drnjjored Tclet/raphic Rang'. 

11. Trwiik lines throughout th» United 
States and Territories, which shall ultimata 

ly connect with lines to Europe, Asia, uud 
South America 

ll'Arn to be Done. 
VI. Within one year from the tirac 

the oohtpauj 



equally d 
aud bre^k 



9 receptions and 
rMKMta. As lor 

capital stork is subscrib. 
pect to haie Inishul twe 
miles of wires oT the bes 
ed w ith in.-irumcnts of ti 


ty-Svc thousand 
materials, e'|iiip- 
I latest imiirove- 

■trnetOd and maintained as not to 
the navigation of such streams an 
or interfere with the ordinary I 
such military or post roads. .-In. I any 
said Companies shall have the right to t 
and use from Sstch public lands lue i.e. 
sary stone, timber, and other materials 
its posts, piers, station", and other nee  
uses in the construction, maintenance, 
operation of said lines of telegraph, 
may pre-empt and use such porti 
unoccupied public lauds subject t  
ti..:i through which hs said lii:« 
graph may be located as may be 

! for it stations, not exceeding forn 
each station; but such stations si 

I within fil'teeu miles of each other. 

Sec. And be it further enacted, That 
telegraphic communications between th * 
several Departments of the Government of 
the United States and their officers and 
agents shall, in their transmission over the 
lines of said companies, hare priority over 
all other busin^Ki. and shall be sent a; nut s 
Mfivd hy th. -ter Oeii- 

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted. That the 
rights and privileges hereby granted shall : 
not be transferred by any company ncting I 
under this act t., any corporation, associa- . 
tion, or person: Provided, however. Thru the 
United States may at any time after the ex- I 
p. ration of five years from the date of the i 
passage of this act. for postal, military, o. 
other purposes, purchase ail the telegraph 
lines, property, and effects of any or all of' 
said companies at on appraised value, to be | 
ascertained by five competent, disinterested I 
persons, two of whom shall be selected by 
the Postmaster General of the United States, 
two by the company interested, and one by 
the four so previously selectc L 

Sec. i. And bo it further enacted, That 
before anj Telegraph company shall exer- 
cise any of the powers or privileges con 
red by this act, such company snail file tl 
written acceptance with the Pcstmastor " 
eralof the restrictions and obligations 
posed by this act. 

Approved, July 24i Ii. 1808. 

nistmtor of said decedent - estate. W 
T. 0. GOALMiR.; 
fobSfl — 2m Master Comsaisaionejk 

Southern Esprsss Compaq 

£ pom 





Upon which h* will make liberal advances 
iu cti«h when in store for shipment, 


NO. 210 C II U R C II 


N A S II V 1 L L K, T B N S . 

PERSONS arriving at .Vashville from 
Hickman. Ky.. and all intermediate 
i points on the Aashvilie and JVorthwestern 
, Kailroad. will find it to their iuterest to call 
st Dr. *L. L. Coleman s 

\i:li MONEY and Freight to 
lOint* in the United States and 
'territories; also to all points in Bul'Ope. 

s«M2 A^ots 


Monumertal Gift Associat 


Titket-Il lderi to Control the Dra rii^ 
an be deposited 

Eagle Mills, 



near the ChattanoogaT)epot, where every 
variety of 

Tlio jNXost Complete in 

South-western Kentncky. 

kinds of Western Produce 
Plantation Oidere. ^ 

tSfS.Oi det « and 9 '"aolieirrd^ 

Ktri.R To — liondurant at Prewry. J. L. I.ut- 
trell Ilickman, Ky. Halliday Bros., Cairo, 




- ^i' 1' an .,   KY 

fine Vesting*, Fine 
Cloths, aud a superior 
Dress Goods. I invite 
chase to come and examine, 
certain to satisfy them. 

dec2'i ly 

Cassiiaeres, I!rea4 

steek of Qeetleasse • 

all who wish te  ■*- 
and I will so 



at Whining s old staH Clinton St.* 

Lager Beer. % 

JOHN M.Mo.N KMi inform, tbe publie 
that he has opened a Coufeotionary house, 
iu which he keeps til sorts of Groceries, 
I.i-juors of the very best qualities, Candies, 
Oysters, Nnts. Flour, (bsl Oil, and the usual 
variety kept in such es tablishments, which 
he is prepared to sell cheap, and would ho 
thankful for a liberal share of patronage. 

janl 1 — ly 





VBAl.r.U. IN 

Italian and American Marble, 


AVINO received a fine 
and Italian Marble. I 
fill all orders. Call and examine 
Orders f 


lei of American 
am prepared la 



m the country promptly filled. 



cultivated and for sale, at the 

1PPLE Trees, select vsri- 
ics. adspie i to this climate. 


eight miles from 
Dver«!'iirg Kuud. 
apirZ— ly 

Ilickuisn. Ky., ou the 



I erty t. 
j Anion i 
One fi 

tIEl for Tick. 

ifter the Drawing. il4»'..'.i47 in P 
i be distributed in * :'MMi Prises, 
; the Prices are one fine Fruit K '-n. 

House and I.ot Jo'i.WvO 

io P«H Farm... 1 

000; Improved Farm 
y; 1 in Clinton, and 1 tf|.' 

B- II. M. ROBINSON, h.i vin? pnrehas-, Dnt')*, 
ed the above Mills, announces to the 
public; that the MiKs arc now in "complete 


and will hereafter be ran te rulariy nnd to 
their full power. The best quality of 


always on hand. 

The highest cash price paid for Wheat. 

juiyoly Proprietor. 

JfaiicineB. Paints, Varnishes. 
(Jilt, lfyc Stuff* ; the finest Toilet 
Articles, Unir Brush's, Combs, 
and the Lett 

rs- n 



Washington county. Ill; several valii'ibi 
city lots in Centralis; 1 Piano; 7 Bewtl 
Mtu hincs: ll) Knitting Machines; •_".' »i; en 
prizes. No priies of unknown articles 
■ I' ^^t% 


decided that 
come off on the Sit 

I".-i\  iiif^Bti t positive] 
of April, #868. 

Single Tickets $1. A liberal dipcouut 
allowed to Agents and getters up of clubs. 

ived too lata for the Drawing 







O A V tot he eii isens o 
Sty, thai tin y are' 
kind of work in their line 


and vicin- ' 
_ U d»" all 
on short ndlice 
by ibis market. 


nd Shoes kept on hand for sale. 

DP.. COLEMAN is a physician of twenty- 
five years experience. He has an office 
a' the Drug Store, and examines sad pre- 
scribes for patients, 


*is cheap a  can be doi.... 
IR1NG of all kind solicited. 

Stock mny now be subscribed in this c 
pany at their nftice in ihe city of A'ew Y 
or at Main street. Louisville, Ky. 


(thus saving to them a professional fee) for 
al! classes of diseases except those of a 
private nature. 

He has for many years made the later a 
SPECIALITY, and has devoted himself most 
mm _ . * A ..... J assiduously to the discovery of the speediest. 

R vQLIA Si* LOON safest, and sureat remedies for them. Hs ban 
iViiatsai l**.*_«.w»'*v treated with remarkable success the peculiar 

JDiscases of Females, 

Manhood's Debility. Self-abuse, 
Nercuus Debility, Sexual 
Infirmities, and all 






whole range iu successful 

Certmniif of Sneer* 

' ir. iu : 

mcnts, and the 
time is Cperatiou. 
tn» laws I 

that it] 1 3. Itj s provide.! thai evexj 
Zl'JL l lLU'J*?J.'i * r,.ir.i'r.r td* 
- . business furnished by'himself, pay 
much like the re?td ?nia of any other nually; thus, the stock being widely dis- 
place. Biakintf il! the money they ran oft ] tribui»d, and every stockholder having a 
*trani_'ers. and lcniontin^ the good old { special interest to augment the business of 
time?. Newspaper uoi rcppoudenL-) spend j 
a jrood f-h irc ol their tt me in cookintr tip 1 



int-c in hot water, the 
publi'-hin^ it. So. take 

news, v nd the I 
rt nEC«i'ience ot 

it all 1 '^.K $ ii- 'V be said that a cheer 
hi' stated society i xista, and that it is 
emphutically Rood to b-j here. 

To heat enrpet : T'se matting: for cool- 
ness it heats carpets. To make a wiudow 
blind: Fill it up with btieks and mortar. 
To prevent the creakina ot the door: 
Nail it up. T   obtain sleep: Ha 
ing but " codding" acquaintan 
keep up your .-pirifs : Place tin 
era ou the rool cf the houses. 

the company, success is deemed inevitable 
Ditrribution of Director*. 
14. To secure in the management an equit- 
able repr- Mentation of the slookholders 
throughout the country, the large commer- 
cial centers wil! be represented in its Board 
of Directors, and local agents will be ap- 



HICKMAN. i : • 


pointed «. 
holders i 
ope rati or 
eral in it 

nm- n lation of the stock 
Otis localities, and the 
thus become gen- 
ivell as its busi- 

A S'oteh barber, who wns much gircu Act UtluW ] 
to dr-.ui driuking, was oue day shaving j 
a custenier, who. finding the famea of 
the whisks} too much f. r him, io the 

Ohio River Salt Cotup 

A LARGE s.tpply of S A LT, LIME, and 
CEML'NT, and heavy 


Barber Shop. 




xens of Hickman and vicinity, that 
are prepared f..r Shuv i up so l Hair Dressing, 
or t uttiug, with ne»tne»s and dispatch. 

Also, Sliaiupooiiing and (Jair-dyiug. 





raphic en- ; 

€i R O  ' i: It I E s 

absorbed j 
rd sec- 

onfers | - • ' 

franchises Sugar, fbiTec and Molasses, etc., constantly 
a separ- I on hand. 

[See the I 


at lils ticVjPrck building on Jackson Stree^. 
Keep constantly on hand the^st qwsMi} 







Wardrobe*, Bedsteads, Rocking and 
Easy Ch'iirs, Mattresses. 
I'fr.. / ■ 
8*^- Wooden and .M-t.-iliffl 
on hand and at reduce 

there is scarcely a .State in the t'nion which 
has not furnished him with patients whom 
he hns invariably cured. 

Patients who cannot come to Aashvilie 
can have the remedies applicable to their 
disorder sen! them, securely put up iu the 
least possible compass for safe transporta- 

ladies need not he«itate to apply for ad- 
vice. A personal interview is not always 
necessary. All correspondence is confiden- 
tial. Instructions through, the medium of 
correspondence for the proper administra- 
tion of mediciaes is, frequently, all that is 
necessary. sept3   — 6b. 











ETV Old Sj/ft'm. 
10. Under it tcljgra-jhic companies have 
been oYganixed by a few wealthy capita] 
these companies have been '-on sol Mated nn- 
BiKMJeol the job lost his patieucd, and ' uVr one Board of Mnaegoment; they are! 
excl.iin.ed, "Th it honid drink !" The! made np of opposition cor.. panics. v»iih par--) 
barber repiicd, etMphatically, "Ay ay I allel, lateral, snd useless routes, i 

sir, it d:-es uiek' the face awful tender. ' - : mftintain - T »" ir , '«. w ' Jti ' ' sr ? " ' 

I they employ a multiplicity ol otheers who 

, ». , ■ j receive large salaries: vet thev par large 

l V7 ,on JS Adaia remain in Para- dividends. With their capital stock "largely 

oire 'dure be f'nnsd?''  i kcdao aduiir- J watered, vmonntiog now In the aggregate 

lo Forty-i wo jrillions of Dollars, t hey seek i 

*br« ii  ar BDOa e of her lorinc rrti?b2iid. 

1 HI he got a wife," un - wcrvd the hns- 
bfucl calm'v. 

io monopolize the' businrss at 
rsies, and thus benefit the few 
pen*- vf i-.   nr. 

exorbitant , 
a: the ez-  


■' s 


Gold Pens & Jewelry. 

Watches, Clocks, and Jewelry REPAIRED i 
aud warrarss^l M : VOL nr. \? US 
uisde ler, for marking 

Barrels, Boxes, {;c, 
Email Plates 
for marking all articles of cloihiug, 

."52 l iilou Street, 



LIUS FREITZ hss opened a new BcerJ 
corner rii^mi and Cumberland 
He also keep 

JACKSON sTawrf, 


Repairing done at shortcut sotice 


street, uti.ler 
Pigs Fee 


Oysters, Sardine&J 

,. - I •■! a ' dee v to the i 
of workmen employed, .' 

Capitol Saloon, 

Ji-IIN C. HEINZE, - - Proprietor, 
Street, Hickman, Kentucky. 

t iM.\(rs :uei,l£:x:. 

Manufacturer and Dealer in 

Havana and Duniftic Cigars, 

To,,s, XotloilS, IMsPii 

Clinton Stre•^ 
HICKMAN, - - - IT. 





Overton, Steele & Co., # 




Corner Church and Spruce Streets, near 
X. it- C. and X ,t- A r IF. Railroad^ 

XaMliville. Tenn. 

npilIS house is situated in the most pleaa- 
1 ant ]iart of thecitjr, excellent accommo- 
dations, nnd entirety f ee from the bustls 


St. Cloud Hotel, 


I and repairing done wi;h neatness and dis- 
pateh. jan^ b" 

*'»!e. by 

Keep constantly on hand a superior qual- 

;y of 

Wines nnd tiqnors, 

the best of 

and th« finest brand of CIGARS. 
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Xo. 60 North Colics Street, 

ZSTasKvillo, 'W - Tenn. 

nov2 — Km. 

Cltvreh mid Summer Street, 

J. Wiiibourn, Proprietor. • 

! Cuslivillc, Tenn. 

scpt!4 — Ij 







ptI4 — iy 

Xii^ Orders sent Ij mail 
prompt attention. 

rill receive 



Xaaliville. Tenai., 

Market Street, North Side Public Square. 

JAS. R. BRUCE, Proprietor. 

THE utmost care given is Ihe comfort of 
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"W arre n & !M ar ti 11 . 

Oa the comer of Jackson and Kentucky ets.. 
(up stairs.) 



APRIL IS. 1868. 

Tlic Railroad War. 

Iii our l;it«t issue we made mention of 
a suit institute! by the city of Hickman 
r*. GeD. W. P. Iuuio, Receiver of the 
Nashville h North western Riiilroad, 

we enn not now tell. We are confi- 
dent that the suspension of the trains 
is only temporary, and feel certain. 

officer, amounting fn a noj»lf»,.t or To | a . 
tion of the law by which he shall qUjify, 
it is the right, nay the duty, oftheCtyn 
cil to notity hini of the fact, and ij| ow , 

The Itupoaclimenl Trial. 


Gen. Thomas reappeared ami corrected 


wherein our city made application for au ; °P"»°n of 'those best authorized 
injuuetiou to prevent the issuance of the ! »P«k th * 1 rc * a] * r tralDS W,U 
State bonds granted by the Legislature * umed ^^ nic ncxl week 

whatever the result of tbc pending suit 
maybe, that Hickman must continue 

the tcrmin/T) of this road. I* is the i Council has no alternative but ti ,de- j ,nke possession of the War Department, 

and he answered : " He will make no 
opposition. You present the order and 
he will retire." I expressed my doubts 
aud he remarked : " 1 know him better 

him reasonable time to obey th« l« w . , mistake in his testimony. He said, the than you do. He is cowardly." (Laughter 
Upon hi* failure or refusal to do a  the I Presideut had told him 

to i 

| clare the offi 

The f 'hxnee. 

The h-.ipe of electing a Democratic 

)'rc»i lout at the approachiu 

ail that is left to cheer th 

five people of this country, 

wo fail, every principle 

will be crushed in the madi 

or.restrainod m. rch of R..dtcali nX t ' t, ' 
.... .. one 

eieetiona in the North, yet »™ i^*^^,,.^.^ 

►ionaily brine us gleams of hopVT and 

clow and filed awt.kenintr 

j cut to a 
imuM those people to the dangers 
wlnon suiTuutid the country. No man 
ran tell the contingencies which may 
arise between thi« time and November. 
Tho strides of Radicalism, and the 
chauges of circumstances, constantly 
occurring, pass the comprehension of 
our oldent and wisest uieu. Upon the 

rcmaiu as it is now. i. c., that the elec- 
tions in the Northern .States are free and 
uotramellcd, aud the Southern States 
remain excluded, the figures give good 
hope for the triumph of the Democracy. 
■NVo give the official majorities in States 
which weut Democratic at their last gen- 
eral Sections, ami which, therefore, we 
may reasonably calculate to go Demo- 
cratic in November : 

California 7,438. 

• 'jnneciiaut, l»GOO. 

Delaware 1,21*. 

Maryland, fl,«tt. 

Kentucky oe\4HU. 

New Jersey l'i.o' 4. 

of Tennessee to the new Browulow di- 
rectory into whose hands the road 
has been placed. Because of this ap- 

civer, order- 
Vto cease run- 
d reinov- 
nto Tenn- 
fbe withdrawn. 
P«ed to this place 
our relations, 
imnitdiatilv with- 
give him assurance 
again be instituted. 

The business interest of the town de- 
manded an immediate compliance with 



rdner, for^ Jk **■ 

not to " go and m the Court.) I then be;r rcd to be ex- 
. 1 1 ..... . «...» »» ■ ... y » . , 

vacant, and elect 
Uana)*U.  r (•barges   \ no 

office aan oalftr 


guilty of no oft. ia. uiisdcmeanor. He 

as he swore yesterday, but to "go and 
take charge of it." 

At this jkoiut Mr. Stanbcrry said "Call 
Lieut. («en. Sherman," and as that dis- 
tinguished officer jumped up from a scat 
and went forward to take the oath, the 
naileries rose almost aw ,.. n.-t aud levelled 
a hundred opera glasses at him. He was 

The Wliarfase «fMC«llon. 

Mr. Editor: — Que reads with sur 
prise aud regret so feeble a defense of » ! was not legally subject to "im~»achiAot 
false and untenable position as that with or puuishment for liavin" Joi! 

which Mr. Gardner, the self appointed j j f execute a proper bond ha* ad 

Wharfmaster of the -ity. has favon d m — v cn ' oth.-r th-,,, ,  !• '„ ■ , Whir a "- J |» '"il u«^m. :md gave h,s ev, 
the public His attack on the City We bad no,.. ... ... S.„ ^"^^"^^ wUh a ^ea.and pre- 

Couucil may be treated with mdifler- fi()( j wifh j lim 
ence, and certainly of itsPlf would never 
have provoked, or merited an answer. 
But the wilful perversion of their posi- 

tion as regards his connection with the j 
office, be assumes to bold aud cxer " 
in defiance of their authority ; 
gross misrepresentation of tbei 
ings on that question, requi 
tion. Disclaiming any per 
trover-y with Mr. Garduer, « 

in hi* honesty, aud cflk 

and won M b« 

was allowed to go, 
isttner in the vast 
usual preliminary 

eiaion, so far as he 
II confidtif e t|, a t reached every 
^ aud thut j auditory. Alter tl 
he bad a deep and abid^njeuso of »is \ ( . ucstio f 1H , , Jen . Sherman announced that 
i. an.l would, be tru«aad t ^ e President had tendered him the posi 
rights and interest .iff the tiu „ 
uows, and it Wall 

•  :it 



his request, and a great pressure to this briefly as possible to give the 
effect was brought to bear upon the City 
Council to revoke their action. The 
city being only oue of the party to the 
suit, of course, could not order it stopped, 
having no right or power t 

of his semi-official connection* 
city government. 

It is known that sometime »WS 
John C. Steele became the purchase 
a portion of the River Bank where 
nharl'UoaL* 0 f Overtou, Steele & 

of Secretary of War ud interim 
, twice during the month of January, m\d 

that he had deeliucd it each time. He 
then Stated that, before and arter Mr. 
Stantou s reinstatement, he hud con- 
versed with the Presideuj^lativc to the 

War Office. W 

The defence asked him what the Pres- 
ideut said about Mr Stautou's return, 
m -o a ud if the President did not say that bis 
object in removiug "Sit. Stanton was to 

cased from an answer. I gave the sub 
ject more refleetiTO^ and gave bim my 
final answer in wTAeiiitr. I think that 
letter, if you insist on knowing my views, 
should come in evideuco and not parole 
testimony taken of it. Bat my reasons 
for declining the office were mostly per- 
sonal in their nature. 

Mr. Henderson submitted iu writing 
the following question : Did the Presi- 
dent, on either occasion alluded to, ex- 
press to you a conviction, resolution or 
determination to remove Stanton from 
his office ? 

Wituess — Tf by removal is meant re- 
moval Ui) furrr , he never couveyed to my 
mind such au impression, but he did un- 
mistakably say that he could have no 
more intercourse with hiui iu the rela- 
tions of President aud Secretary of War. 

Mr. Howard proposed the following 
question in writing — You say the Presi- 
dent spoke of force ; what did he say 
about force ? 

Wituess — I inquirad, supposing Mr. 
StaLtou does not yield, what then was to 
be done'/ " Oh I" said he, M there is no 
necessity of considering that question 


not even citizens of 
adopt a course to her dictation, and 
hence could only agree to withdraw it 
upon the part of the city. The Coun- 
cil appointed a committee of three of our 
citizens. Mayor Landrum. Judge J. H. 
Davis and Fr. Hellner, with instructions 
to proceed to NasrrCiHe aud investigate 

the condition of affairs, and if possible i surrender her right to wharfo 

, i ,; . . boats will pay bun. Of course the 

to make arrangements for the immediate 

■Jj^WecIe ■ TPK9 

not assert any right to col h ot for his 
own n e the wharfage to which the city 

may be entitled by virtue of her charter 
aud the ordinances thereuuder, but does 
claim, that the city must forauu her 
claim to wharfage of all boats th 
prefer to use his private lauding, 
than any public oue provided t 
city. Iu other words, it the eit 

*J, ne D- t the law iu the Courts, tc? to all of Ob the nreseutation ol an order he will 
which the prosecution objected. retire. 


Is that a full answer to 

there any hard.-hTp, anything 
able to him, anything unreasonal 

resumption of trains. 

This committee proceeded to Nash 

not reasonably be expected to pay ; )nim 775-- uMic im , Bl . % , Adm 

Bye* smce iu incorporation the oit, 61 w   m jL\ w * in makinc the agree 

taken legal advice, we had rCL 

fLUiu to the last effort the rights of 
bartage iu defiance oT the 
indall priv .to iodAWaa"- 
1 this. w«* it just or rea- 
ect that we should not 
at an cuU to an arrange- 
woiild perpetually distrt 

;   }' a 

^Nnse astouishment ot mauywnarors, Mr. Henderson proposed twe fol 
tl« Chief Justice said the evidence was qwe ation IB writing : Did you give any 
VwaiUe, aud, at a subsequent stage ot ol mion 0T advice (u the President on 

either of these occasions in reference to 
the legality of the principle of an ad 
interim appoiutmeut, and, if so, what 

The Hazard Powder Company, 




IN kegaof 25 lb, 12} lb, 6} lb, and in canis- 
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cipal brands are as follows : — 

" Electric" Gunpowder, in canisters 1 lb 


"American Sporting" in canisters of 1 lb 
ant] kegs of ti| lb each. 

Duck Shooting, in caniatcrs of 1 lb each. 

Kcntui-kv Ritle, in kegs of 25 lb, 12) and 
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Mining and Blasting Powder, in kegs. 

These Powders have stoad the test of mare 
than twenty-five years" trial, and are guar- 
anteed to give the moat thorough ratiafac- 
tion. Tbey can be purchased from all deal- 
era in guns and sporting materials and from 
our local agents throughout the United 
Stales, or wholesale at the office of the com- 
pany, No. 89 Wall St., New York. 

A. O. Hazard, President. 

Taos. S. Port, Secretary. 

"Impoutant n~ jtice. 

A BEUT1FUL illustrated book, worth a 
thouHand dollars, sent free to auy ad- 
dress on receipt of 2o cents, by addressing 
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Place. Aew York City. 



Great Remedie*. 



Arkansas Heard From. 


Stonft Poist, White ce., ^Irk., May %%\ «i. 

Da. Johs Bvti^— Dear Sir: Laat February 
I was in Louisville purehaaing drugs, and I 
got some of your Sarsaparilla aud Cadr-u 


My »on-in-law, who was with me in tka 
■tore, has been down with rheumatism for 
some time, commenced on the Kilters, aud 
aoou found his general health improved. 

Dr. Gist, who has been in bad health, tried 
them, and he also improved. 

Dr. Coffee, who haa been in bad health for 
several years — stomach and Mver affected - 
he improved verv much bv the usa of your 
Bittera. Indeed the Odron Bitters haa 
given yon great popularity in ihia aettft- 
ment. I think I could sell a great luaatuj 
of your medicines this J^l— especiallyaf 
lyourCedron Bitters and'cTtraapariHa. flrip 
"me via Memphis, cura »r Bickelt auu Neely. 
Respectfully, C.B. WALIitR 

Davidson's Thomless Black Rasp- 

ORIGIN— How and where to get plants, 
« ill full dirajagaaa i f prolitable 

beyond our authority in requirijW!*'? 

of hiui ? We had delibera,cd ' s *^ 1 "o the proctediu«s, -ave his reasons why it 

was admissible. 

A lonr argument arose, during which 
the couft»el were aj^^|b iiti 'ut, liittcr 


nient w.£ 


rja wroui; in making the agreeiient;, has, by virtue ^oi the authon- |:(illl ,f» in b ,. eaU ; lljr it = w; , s -\, U r own 

and. at ,'nnes. pers. 

Messrs. t'NHal 
from tie decision of 
and tke vote was awaited W' 
est interest. It resulted yeas, ; nay 
28. The following Republicans voted to 

villc, and on Wednesday telegraphed j |y conferred upon her by the Legi,la- W harf.naster to sit in judgment «* us 

the' 0 Kentucky, collected wharfage, I . 

HJftris and Pillow, at Memphis, 

an extraordinary course of eon 

New York 

Pannsylv an in, 

Total Electcral vote. P». 

The county electious in Indiana, (13 
electoral votee) Nebraska, (3) Ohio, (21) 
and Oreyon ^3 ) show democratic ma- 
jorities, aud gives us 40 more electoral 
rotes This makes the total Democra- 
tic electoral vote, 138, while 124 is ouly 
ueccsaary to a choice. 

Besides, the Democracy will closely 
contest the States of Minnesota, Maine, 
Nevada, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and 
Kansas, as tbey are gradually approach- 
ing the Democratic line. 

The hope of the Democracy is bright, 
if a fair election is permitted. If. how- 
•«\cr, Trcsideut Johnson is deposed, and 
Mr. Wade and Congress rush iu the 
electoral votes of the South, or place 
Kentucky and Maryland, or other Demo- 
cratic States, under martial law, the case 
ia hopeless for the Democracy aud for 
the country. 

The uurepresonted States have 70 bors . iu 1 
rotes, which add to the 217 of those now 

suspend proceedings until further notice 
from thciu. 

THE sriT. 
The following notice of an applica- 
tion for an order restoring the posses- 
sion of said railroad, equipments, etc., 
to the company, and for an injunction 
was served on Friday, the 10th iust.. 

It is true that it was coutested 
by Mr. Jo. Keith, but a compromise , ' 
prtocuted the litigation reaching a tiual 
or satisfactory settlement. The Coun- 
cil could not assume, consistently with 
their duty, to surrender without contest 
or mature iuvestigatiou, a right of the 
city so long enjoyed and so important i 
and valuable. Hut they wished to act; 
with care and deliberation, and, if possi 

advice did you give, or what opiuion did 
you express to him f 

Mr. Bingham — That we must object 


Mr. "Butler — That question has been 
overruled once to day. 

The Chief Justice put the question to 
admit the evidence of what the I resident the Senat amI the y e nate refused to 
sakf, to-wit : Messrs. Sherman. Anthony, ; a4 j m ; t ; t 
Cole, Fessenden, Fowler. Grimes. Mor- 
Ross. Sprague. Sumner, Trumbull, 

arttSrhose interests are directly a 1- 
e^pbrrho^o of the city which he daiius 
to represent. Certainly, Mr. Gartner, 

admit it. 


Van Winkle and Willey. The impeachment trial to day lasted 

The-sul»-taiitial quiMjaain was put in a , but twenty minutes. As soon as the 
half dozen different iMtf. and. although Court assembled. Mr. Kvarts arose and 
it could have done neither you or the j defence labored hard, every time the \ announced that the absence of Mr. Stan- 
city any barm for vou to have com* for- ! »nd nays were called, they were de- | bcr^ras caused by sudden 
ward when requested and change** the jleated by from five to seyen votes, 
form of your bond, while all cai see supposed effect of the oyeu- ruling. 
it fits exactly with the interest- and 

wishes of the other side, siuce h; in- 

I This decision is looked upon as a sub- 

j sists that our agreement is still in iorcc. 

Istantial reversal of yesterday' 

ble, avoid trouble and litigation aud cx- , , , , ^, 1 „ L _ 1 1 aud rules 

unon Gov ltrowulow Secretary Fletcher. 1 • j- s • and would by all means have you hold u " . 

uponoov. Diowuiovi...uru»rj peiise by^iaieious eoiuprotuiso. . . ... tl: n versatioti h 

aud the Ccmptroller and Treasurer, of 


the State of Tennessee : 

NaaBVlLLK, Tenn., April 10, '68. — You are hereby notified 
that the Nashville and Northwestern 
Railroad Company, the city of Hick- 
mau, of the State of Kentucky, a cor- 
poration of said State, A. I). Kingman. 
O. F. Young, J. H Dodde, Thomas K. 

   n n.'^fc-ation of this elaini by Mr 
Steele, theTouncil were not fully ad\i- 
ed as to their rights, or the proper course 
to pursue in the premises. They were 
also induced to believe practicable a 
compromise with him, by which he 
should be allowed reasonable compensa- 
tion for keeping the landing in repair 
and the use of his boats, and the city 

but it will be seen all the con 
This may all be very ! versa tion neld with the President on the 
tl y consistent with the r- 'noval of Mr. Stanton was subsequent 

to said removal. It destroys pretty much 
all of the evidence which the defei 

ou to the office 
proper and perfet 

duties of a public officer, and yoa must 

so regard it or you would not count. t to * th f evidence which the aetenee 
occupy such a portion, but v»u u.u,t h ''" -^'"ed, «"d will shorten the trial 
» V_ ! i„ several days. It throws outthetesti- 


Bemty of Memphis, Tennessee, 
orders restoring the possession of 
said railroad, and its equipments, prop- 
repic«eutcd, and it will give the whole i ert y aD  i effects, to said railroad cotn- 
oolle(;e U17, and make 15'J instead of'pauv, ot which Michael Burns is Presi- 

tat u . , rl« . tf CuluraJu 1 Sfi«f. an. I ror UTlts ..f i iii it n «t H»n «.».V-.;n 

, i, , .. !••_„•„ I inir and restraining the Goveraor of Ten- 

shall be admitted into the I nion prenous B , 0 n e a . , , .1 

1 . ,| nessee. the Secretary ot Mate, aud the 
to tbc election, the aggregate number of Comptroller of the "State of Tennessee 
electors will be iucrea-e l to 320. It will • from issuing any bonds ot the State of 
tb :n require 161 to elect. Uuder this Teuuessce, which may be due to said 
»ii w d the case we can ouly hope for a ' railroad company, or authorized by law 

to be issued to the same, to  \ illiam P. 
limes, or auy oue of the defendants here- 

le.o'.atiou in the minds ot the people to 
•oir.e to our delivereuce. 

Tbe Connecticut Election. 

The Democrats elected their candidate 
for Governor in Connecticut at tbe re- 
cent election by an increased majority, 
hut the Republicans eoosole themselves 
by the fact that they have a majority iu 
both houses of the Legislature. This 
docs not give them auy reason to hope 
in tbe Presidential election. In Con- 
necticut jwpuhition does not elect Repre- 
sentatives bat (wens do. Each towii in 
the State is entitled to am-o Representa- 
tive. A small town of 200 voters has 
two Rvpresentatives, while larger towns 
■with 10.000 voters have two, and no 
more. The Republicans earrya majority 
of the smaller towns, and^^^ueutl 

coutiuue to receive her wharfage as here- 
Gleesou, aud other stockholders iu the . 0 

Nashville and Northwestern Railroad to, I ore ' ,. 

. . . . c 0 . . „ r i In the meantime pending our uncer- 

Compauy. and citizens ol the State of ; . ,. . * , • . . 

„ ,J ' , ... .-,t 1 _ r taintv on this point, and the uegotia- 

of Kentucky, will, ou the loth day of , . -.. 1 .' ... .a: t 

. ... •" , » H 1 1 tions tor compromise ^t^ these coiititct- 

Apri , instant, apply to the Houorable . . r 

t 1 i- .1 n- . •*. i' . fk ... i»fi interests, (for which a special com- 

Ju l-;e of the Distiict L'.urt, at Cham- r • . 1 1 .1 }• 1.1 

mittee was appointed by the Council and 

conferred with Mr. Steele «iu several oc- 
ca-ions:) it was important to both par- 
ties that the wharfage should be collect- 
ed. John C. Gardner, a member of the 

firm of Overtou, Steele Si Co., was pro- 
posed, mm unanimously e.ei ten ti iturf- 

WMtteT of the   i'y. and at once accepted 

the office, executed a boud which at the 

time was approved by the Council, and 

he was steer* in — to fuithfuUf discharge 

tht tlutft nt ills tij'hr ti  icor ding to ilti 

hurt r"j»t(ntin i tin tunie. 

Now, at, or near this time, the Conn- 

not be unkind towards us if we are coin 
pelled to regard the matter in a different 


niony of important witnesses, jet to come, 
and is looked upon to- night as a great 
disregard ^inn-ph of the impeachers. despite the 
effect that Sumner and others voted for 

our instructions, you defy our authority 
Heretofore we have believed that we 
were invested solely with power to con- 
trol and appropriate the city revenue, 
and we have beeu so foolish as to believe 
that our officers were somewhat and in 
some trifling matters subject to oar con- 
trol. You sublime iu aspiration soar 
above all restraints, and your exibrra ut 
dignity mounts higher th in the icource: lu " 

_ r •'. a 1 1. i^ood of the service ot 

Iroiu whence it flowed. It IS truMS you 5 _ . , ^ 

alled'-e that tbe Council overlooked the ' ' " ''. r - 
u,,!^, v -1 ^ - liothar than 

it. Hut neither our acceptance r sp- | P 

proval could give it validity in dfiauce 

of law. You declined positive^ to 

amend your bond. W e asked yol for 

no additional security. We teideicJ 

, cil lor tbe reasons stated bad a-'reed 
matter named, aud reauinug ssid times tu t?. 1 . i- 

. it- .11 11 1 1 k« with Mr. Steele, that peudmg : 

to deliver the bonds already received by? . ' r. o 

• • .1 rr  c • 1 v 1 as a nope 01 compromise eoul 

him to the Treasurer ot said .Nashville' 

and Northwestern Railroad Company. 

Tbe h 

will be nia_. .-i 
States C lrcuit C ourt for the District ot , - . . . * 

.p . v 1 .:n„ directed to deposit the money iu some 

Middle Tennessee, ;it .Na-hville, against ... i- . » • 1 1 • 

sale place subject to a leiral dceis 

such time 

you all the time you might desire. 

If you differed with us as t» tbe 

necessity of this step, deferetice t» the I "TT' , 
. , ,.- e _u iti . with the i'roident 

body ot men ot whom you held your 

the admission of such evidence. The 
'ourt has adjourned till Mouday noou. 

Monday's proceedings'. 

Kxamination of General Sherman was 


Mr. Stanbery asked : If after the resto- 
ration of Stanton, did you form an Opin- 
ion as to the desirability, or as to the 

the office of 
*.arv ot W ar beinir filled by an- 
S tan too ; if so, did you ex- 

f to tho IS niiiil t 

Obieetion was made and aruued at 

length by Managers Bingham and Hut 

ler, and Stanbery and Kvarts. 

The Chief Justice again exprc s.- r| the 
p!niun that the witness could answer the 

and severe 

illness, and that owing to the arrange- 
ments of the evidence which had been was impossible for the remainder 
of tbe counsel for the respondent to pro- 
ceed to-day. In accordance with his re- 
quest the Court adjourned. Messrs. 
Sumner, Wilson, Chandler, Drake and 
Howard voted ^Pinst an adjournment. 
As Mr. Stanbe^ continues quite ill to- 
night, it is not probable that the Court 
1 will proceed with auy evidence before 

The impeachment managers met at 10 
o'clock, A. M., and had Gen. Sherman 
before them for an elaborate preliminary 
examination, to see if his evidence could 
be of any u?eto the prosecution on cross- 
examination in open court. 

After a severe questioning. Gen Sher- 
man adhered to his maiu tc tin»ony of 
yesterday, and declared that the Presi- 
dent never, in tbe slightest degree, in- 
timated to him that be intended to get 
possessiou of the War Office by force, 
or to do anything beyond what he stated 
to the Court yesterday. 

The Manager*, therefore, decided not 

to call Gen. Sherman as a witness. Ue 

l«-f» fmm tn«* W.I t.. ..l,_l.« ... Mm* l.iw 

duties as member ot the Indian Peace 


Mr. Stanbery's continued illness prc- 

C~( A. BULKLKY, Granville, Waabinn- 
/. ton county, N. Y.. dealer iu old 
Rend 2 red stamps for circulars. 

Every Body Head TIiIb! 

R SNOWED Cough and Lung Keme.iy for 
the cure of Consumption and all dis- 
eases that lead to it. Read what Dr. I oran 
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Smhtghmmm, Logan co., O., Aug. 14, '67. 

Messrs.'j. N. Harris & Co: I will say that 
I have been deuling in medicines for the 
last fourteen years, and have never before 
totiud preparation* that would have never 
before found preparations I hat would equal 
your "Perry Davis Pain Killer" anil "Al- 
len's Lung" Balsam." They not only sell 
very rapidly, but give the most perfect sat- 
isfaction iu every case th:K has come 10 my 
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they posses* valuable medicinal properties, 
I freely use them in my daily practice. Ks- 
pccially have I used the '-Allen's Lung 
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cess. As an expectorant it is most certain- 
ly far ahead of any similar preparations I 
have ever known. The "Pain Killer" is 
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and many families in this vicinity would aa 
soon think of being out of beef or bread ns 
without a bottle of " Pain Killer' in the 
house. Yours, trulv, 


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"harge, by addressing the manufacturer. 
Geo. L. Browning. 2D Market st, Cainden, -V. 
J. The manufacturer is a practical farmer. 

S5. 10. $20, 30, $40. $50, " 

TytKMlBM Club List now ready. Choice 
_J varieties (Jrape Vines at wholesale 
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I JT. V. Descriptive wholesale price and club 
I list aent free, .^ddrass John W. Hanmorc, 

1 t*n% HI, .Vp«l., 1 rgh. .V. Y. 


OF all sizes, for fruit boxes, milk cans, 
bains, railroads, stores, gates, cattle 
yards, fee. Strong, safe, durablo and do not 

,ill, upon which thisa P „lication! whatcou / se to V™.™ * D ," all   
made, will be filed in the United j ^ controversy Mr. Gardner as 1 the 

William G. Browulow, Governor of Ten- 
nessee ; A. J. Fletcher. Secretary of 
.State; G. W. Blackburn, Comptroller 
of the State of Teuuessee ; M. P. Clarke, 
W. P. Innea, E. A. Otis, D. E. Daven- 
port. Frank Ilvbergcr, G. Jamison. II. 
II. Thornberg.'O. F lirown, B. F. Whit- 
ley. J. W. Paramore, A. E. Alden, i. 
A. Edinundson, Clay Newland. 1). B. 
Clifle, H. D. Grant, W. A. Steele, and D 
G. Ogden, to 
dressed. Hauhis & Pillow. 

J»olieitors tor complainants. 

A. I). K I.M.MAN, 

bhould be 

; office, should have prompted your ac- 
pe ol compromise could be en- . ' . ... \_ * e • A 

J, r ,1 l , , , .. n • tiuiescence. A Iter thus retusing it cor 

tertaiued, or they should 1 u 1 1 y conclude ' , . ... . 

reet your bond as we politely re^m-ii 1. 

aud which correction we regarded is in- 
dispensably necessary to qualify yiu as 
au officer, nothing short of your own 
i assertion, and the fact itself wouldhave 
■K  us in-lit v. you would btll as- 
sume to be Wh 1 rt master, or cou««3t to 
exercise an office uuder such crcu in- 
stances. We gave j-ou, we believt, two 
or three weeks to reflect well upoi the 
matter, and days in advance you were 
fully advised oi \fl*at our action tould 
be. We claim of flbnrse that youilleg- 

wriiten question sent forward bv Senator' vented the President's council from nro- 
Koveidy Johnson as to both interviews ceeding with tbe oral te-timouy. Th 
th the President. I time was consumed by Mr. Evarts in tb 

Senator Johnson then offered to put | presentation of docunienta ry evidence, to 
this anestioo to General Sherman : When 

had made appoi 
without consulting the Senate. 

Mr. Stanbery will probably be able 
on Monday to proceed with the trial. 


Purtuti Rrad thil Important I.ttttr— J\rw STS 
Intrrtited in iti Ci-nlenf. 

Miio.Li.rows, April S^i 

Mr M. L Dnplaa writes: 1 do nst knaw 
thai Bull s Worm Deitrojer needs any m-.rt 
recoiiimendationa than it haa already aton- 
ed By its own merits, but will atate that mj 
little son, aged alsjut thrca years, was se- 
verely attacked laat fall and wintar with 
light spasms, or perhaps more properly tta. 
lasting from half an hour to one and a half 
hours; at the same tiiue the child had •trans; 
symptoms of worms. My physician— oaa 
of the best in this part of the country— 
hausied all his skill and the Materia Mediaa. 
to expel the worms, aud entirely failed I* 
bring any. 1 thought "John Bull eoald 
do it, and gave the child the content* or 
three boxes, in triple doses, night and morn- 
ing, with happy results. Tho child haa nol 
had a spasm for over three months, and in- 
stead of the bloated muss that b» waa, he ia 
now well and hearty. 'John B"ll did it.' 

Yours, truly, M. U DUPLAN. 


Kixcsto.m, P. O., Meeken co., Min., Apl. 7, «*. 

Ma. Jonx Bri.L — I earSir. I moved f row* 
Kentucky to this place. Ti.o stores I no 
none of your Worm Beatroyer for sale. They 
are greatly needed here iu Minnesota. A 
trial is all that is needed to giTe them a 
reputation. We can't do without iheia. Do  
send soma on this way. 

Vouro, aincerely, D O ARBoWOOD. 


Cat abieii 


EL ftlTClIIB ft CO- .Vewark. A* .7. 

I^««:.s always Kresh.— Prof. Hall. 4»* 2nd 
y j Arc. A'rw York. I 

gal uccision as 
to the rightful owner thereof. We as- 
sert that that agreement was understood 
by every j^enjber ot the Council to be 
merely ^pTporary, a mere act of courb - v 
to bim au our part without uuy consid- 
eration therefor from him whatever, and 
at any time, 00 reasonable notice, liable 
to be revoked. Can auy man find what 
Mr. Steele agreed to do iu the matter ? 

the President tendered you the office of 
Secretary of War ad interim, January 
J7th. 1868$ did heat the time of making 
ruch tender, state what his purpose was? 

The question was objeUed to and sub- 
mitted to the Senate, and the yeas and 
nays re.-ulfed 'Jli to 22. So the question 
was put and answered yes. 

Witness said that at the first interview 
nothing very definite was said by the 
Presideut or himself. Dunne the second 
conversation the President expressed a 
wi.-h to have the constitutionality of tho 

hns preserved by his 

the effect that previous Administrations j process at j cent per doxt-u. JLOtxi faaea 

. 1 . *•_ . . . 1 eggs for one man which were sold as fresh 

bad m;.de appointments aud removals . Tl ■TTi • . • 

eggs in February. — [Scientific .tmoncHii, 

viug. 31. 18117.] County rights, S.VK). In- 
dividual rights in uusold roun'ies, 


Fresh Arrivals at 

rraut, \\ . A. Steele, and P. , , * , . A . . uo r!"ht, aud to protect the intereits ol 

i .u: ' • „ j lie had no money belonging to the city, . -7 ' ^ . , . 

whom this notice is ad- 1 _ . ft T • « - J ' the city, we were bouud to act aud "ive 

. / diuin?^ w ^"' ve f-eeti thou:-ln5? J ■ H- PODDS, 
h»rc tbc Legislature, in opt^ j monopolism, it is ' ^iios. E. Glkesom. 

popular voice of tbc State ;WltW^*«' , -|;P^ w „ niatie Mort 

consequence of this auti-llepublia^s^^riu. the' ', : fl ,T Memphis, ou Wetl- 
and Buti-Dcmocratic system of el^trn^^;^,*-^ 7 iii-t., which resulted 

Representatives that they are now iu the 
Mi-ijoiit;. iu the Legislature. 

# — — 

TtiK ClRfl tT JflltiSHIP. — Judge A. 

H^toou. oi Graves county, a candidate 

in the demand of the petitioners being 
granted. The telegram from the Hick- 
man committee was received by the .So 
licitors aiter tbe iujuuetion had been 

, grauted, from which faet. and because 
for the Circuit Judgeship in this district, ., ^. ,, 

. " 1 _„ there were other parties to the applies 

addressed our citizens on Wednesday 

last. He made a very favorable impres- 
sion aud has many warm friends in this 
ronnty. He has the manners of a per- 
fect gentleman, and is recommended by 
bis legal friends aod supporters as emi- 
nently qualified and deserving the posi- 
tion tor which he is a eaudidate. 

Tuf. Padueah He-aid announces thai 
Col Oscar Turner will not be a candi- 
date for Congress in this district at tbe 
snorkelling November election. From 
corrver- ation with friends of (.'ol. Turner, 
we arc lead to believe the Herald's state- 
ment unauthorized. Col. Turuer has 
not consented to make the race, but h 
Inendfr iu this county are hopeful 
prevailing upon him to submit his nj 
to the Democracy of the 

The State of Teunes 
thirty-five million dolla 
if it could get an equitable settlement, 
with the U. S. Government would be 
more than $100,000 ahead. Tennessee 
is gOTcmed by tbe Radicals, while Ken- 
tucky ie ruled by the Democracy. 

rw Wednes lay last, in a debate in the 
V. S. Fecate, 3Ir. Cameron, made a fierce 
si lark npon John W. Forney, accusing 
bim of bain; a defaulter Ui tbc extent of 

tion, the order to " suspend" could not 
be recoguized. The consultation of the 
committee^ was, therefore, barren of re- 
sults. We understand Gcu. Iunes ex- 
pressed tbe utmost wiilingiMBja^s) re- 
sume running trains tt**-H«fl BtAtkI 
w;is taking measures to this cl^Bi^rheu 
he received notification ot the injunc- 
tion. being granted. Thus tbc case now 
stauds. Jndge Trigg will open Court 
in Nashville, on Monday, the 2  th, and^ 
it is said will at that time, either turn 
the road over to the company or ap- 
point a Receiver. 

It remains to be seen what Judge 
Trigg w^Bnflk action in the o;ise will be 
the whole of the applica- 
bc taken out of the 
ntrolers, and if 
d from receivlug 
rstand, Col. Iunes 
for want of means, 
to stop Trr^fnTid altogether. 

So far Hickman haa 
fortunate sufferer 

ind we were making no claim ou him 
whatever. Our agent and officer, how- 
ever, was about to claim aud collect 
mouey to which Mr. Steele asserted g 
right, aud we agreed that until we were 
further advised ou the subject we would 
not use this money, but keep it on de- 
posit, and there it remains yet subject to 
a lesal decision as to its owner. Wheu 
and by what means was this arrange- 
ment ever to termiuate it neither 
chose to bring suit ? And so fa 
Steele declines to sue us, aud 
to give us uo reasou to tun 
sole object of the arraugemen 
can scarcely be called au agree 
contract where oue sides con 
and the other nothing — we n 
compromise and time to take 
vice and investigate what action we 
should take. 

Now this being s temporary amuse- 
ment of courtesy b«rrt*t*Xhjyis and Mr. 
Steele, should have" appoarei 
resolution of the Couucil iu the 
of instructions to our Wbarfn 
whom the charter gives 
direct in his duties. N 

Hut by a misunderstand' 
part of tbe City Attorney, an 
fess it, by a culpable oversigl 
part of the Couucil, these 
this agreement, w.-is ineorpor; 
bond itself, aud thus written 
was accepted, approved, uud Mr 
ner declared Wharfmaster. 

Thus far Mr. Garduer aud ourselves 

tenure of office law decided. He also 
ally ■ u.-u.p an office to ^^h'f^y^u" ! ,i ao , ai d to witness that if he accepted 

the position of Secretary of War ad in- 
terim, Stanton would make no resistance, 
because be knew him to be cowardly. 
Witness srave no positive answer, but 

the city, we were bouud to act aud give 
public notice of our action. It was 
painful to us, but unavoidable. We 
h one yet a prosecution will not be noces- 
^M.o.iuaintain our just authority, and: 
the^iterests of the city. A public offi- ' 
« er should do nothing contrary to t 

o ts*M 

r ?pre- 

s ot tbe commuuity he 
You must admit that wharfage 
laterial value to the city, aud 
it is the duty of every city- 
tain that right. * 
wuu think of the City 
r in the City L'ouu- 
either shoulal take 
y on Behalf ft! the 

Do yr y 
Steele Uas 
? Who in alb 
man most desires you to reuiaiu 
master at the present time, au^ 
terms uuder which you iutei 
minster the office ? 

sent it in writing. 

Mr. Henderson fmWFc question : Did 
the President, ou either occasion, ex- 1 
p.e-s a firm determination to remove 
stantou ? 

W itness replied that tho President 
never expressed any intention to use 
force, but seemed determined that their 
relation should eeaso. 

Mr. Howard asked what die? the Presi- 
dent say about force 

Wituess repeated ^friic said before 


Corner Clintun and Jackson street*, 




in relation to tbe 1 
that Mr. Stautou 

Mr. Henderson asked whether witness 
gave the President auy advice ou this 
subject ? 

Senate, without division, refused to ad- 
mit the question. 

Mr. Johnson then offered an .iddftinn- 
I al question : Will you state what he said 
as to what his purpose was. 

Objected to, when the Chief Justice 
I ruled that the question was admissible, 

Our large stock was selected with great 
care, aud can be sold at prices lower than 
they were ever before offered in this mar- 
beliet j k et . B pl 18 


j - j as it tended to show tbe report of the 

ii sCu President's action, and^u expressing his 

^ opinion, remarked D|™ i ' 5 ' 

?5r not bound by the sa 
iJ^*Waty  at Ml' 


gome verv plafn 
of tfeis subjedf ; es- 
sona less charitable than 
es might possibly look upon your 
and intentions with invidious 

agree about the facts, and here he close.-. . 

his statement of them, forgetfid that i thuS wrwU = 4° u 143 ore than we 

rou . 

half the truth may possibly involve a 
grosser prevarication, thau direct false- 
hood itself. 

The City Wharfmaster is an officer 
appointed or elected by tbe City Coun- 


^,ANi fii like love is born blind, and 
s^Wld oe 

'The^stopp 1 

, cil. Ho is required 
tbc un- bon ,j tne su l lstilUcC 0 f 

the trains has caused gleom aud gen 
eml stagnation in business, and our 
Jittle eity to 4ay presents tbc appear- 
ance of a lifeless interior village. The 
lash is bcld over us by both the op- 
posing parties in this railroad war. ant] 
affairs have become so muddled, that 

to execute a 
which is pre 

age of j scribed by an ordinance of the city still 

in force. One of the essential features 
of this bond is tbat the Wharfmaster 
shall pay into the Treasury at stated in- 
tervals all funds collected by him as 
such. Never can he be said to hold the 
office fr^k a/ ' without the execution of 
this boiK. His being recognised as 
Wharfmaster by the Couusil, or the 

we cau do nothing, and don't know [ public, and his exercue of the duties of 
?\ O,00rt. Two of Forney's friends rc-fhow to do that well. We have »ub- 1 that office, cannot of right entitle him to 

plied that the 9441,000 was abstracted by 
l'.tr'ti.y's cleric, whose written confossjon 
of tho feet Forucy bad. Hut Cameron 
did not bi 1, .-. f tl,,.. 

scribed and paid proportionately more 
stock to this road than any other par- 
lies, and oar people should now derive 
•oat* benefit from it. 

it, or confer it upon him without a strict 
compliance with the law prescribing the 
terms upon which it shall be held. 

If then wc discover any informality, 

What lb- remit of affairs will be, 'error, or defect in the boud of a public 

so represented. If love never 
sees a vice, slander never sees a virtue. 
It can never make others what it 'wishes 
tbem to be, but always makes itself what 
it desires to ntilke others. It strikes at 
others, but itaMblows rc-oil upon fbown 
head.,. It is PdoAhat bites the biter 
It - .*\, wryJfr. t-aAk to suppose iLne\er 
bi^ej'finv m" ' ls^^'or. like a serpent, it 
may fasten its fangs upon another, and 
do it but too successfully ; though it 
generally ends like the scorpiofl, by 
thrusting its venom into its own head. 
But it is a poor consolation to know tnat 
be who has killed another, dies it laat 
by his own hands. 

'his Court was 
estrictive rules 
me of a differ- 

HjLili c 

| opinion, remarked f^Bfc 1 
2[l "ot « ( . ,un d' by the sa^^Pe 

io admitting evidence iS*o 
ent character. 

Witness — The question disked me 
seemed to restrict me so closely to M the 
purpo-e" that 1 endeavored to confine 
uiy.-clf to that point alone. The first 
day on the first interview, in which the 
Presideut offered me the appointment ad 
interim, be coufiuejh himself to general 
terms, and I ^jave JpMKP definite answer. 
Tbe second intervMrwP»h tbe afternoon 
of the 30th, (uot the 31st, as the ques- 
tion reads,) was the interview during 
which he made the point which I have 
testified to ; and, in speaking of referring 
to the constitutionality of the bill known 
as tbe Tenure-of-Office act. it was the 
constitutionality of tbat bill which he 
seemed desirous of having decided when 
be said, - 'If it could be brought before 
the Supreme Court properly it would not 
stand half an hour." lie also spoke of 
force. I first said that if Mr. Stanton 
would simply retire, although it was 
aguiust my interest, my d sirc, my per- 
sonal wishes and my oflicial wishes, I 

J. W. LOAN. 

National. .Varine and Fancy Flap .Manufac- 
turer, NoR7 West Pratt straet, 
Raltimore, .Vd. 


M.*!rxmirTT?TlTZ9  T y tbp MassaehnSrrTW 
Arms Company, Chicopee Falls, Mass. 
These celebrated target and sporting Rifles, 
which for convenience, accuracy and pene- 
tration, have secured a reputation beyond 
that of any other brecch-loadi ng arm; may 
be obtained directly from the Manufacturers, 
on the most favorable terma. Circulars 
with description, price list and Target Rep- 
resentations, will he sent, oa reqnest by let- 
ter, addressed as absve. 

ItoaDENTOW.t, S. J. 

Furnishes the very best Educational Advan- 
tages in connection with a pleasant home. 
Hoard aud tuition $2  8 per year. For cata- 
logue address Rev John M Brakeley, A. M., 



SEELEY S Hard Rubber Tru«s cures Rup- 
ture, retains the most difficult with safe 
ty and ease: never rusts, breaks, moves or 
soils; always new. Sold by all Druggists. 
Send for pamphlet. 134" Ctiestnut St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

XHE dist inguisheil race horse and stallion, 
sire of Muggins. Duke of Orleans. Mary 
Wynn, Chickamauga, and others, will make 
his next season at my stables, at One Hun- 
dred Dollars. 

Mares carefully kept during the season at 
live dollars per month. Marcs failing to 
produce may be returned gratis next season. 
W. G. HARDING, Nashville, Tenn. 





  ' H .A MI'ION 


Self Rakers, Hand Rnkers, Droppers, and 
Single Mowers. 

Warranted superior to all others, 
for descriptive circular. 



for Weaving Face 
Side I p. 


by us, under HEY SOLUS Patents 
for Tempering .Vtet-le. possesses the follow- 
ing superior qualities. 

L They arc tempered the same in the cen- 
ter as at the edgea. 

They hold a fine cutlery temper until 



Rrad tit Captain t Letter and th* L tUr ir»*  
Mi* Myth r. 

Bkttov I5 A aa*  Ks, Mo , April 3n, 

Dk. Jons lit li. — Dear Sir: Knowing taa 
efficiency of your Sarsaparilla, aud t lit baal- 

iag aad btatMal aaadniea it possesses, I 
send you the follow ing statement of my caa -: 
1 was wounded about two years ago — waa 
taken prisoner and confined for aixiaaa 
mouths, lieitig moved m*  oftaa, my woiinili 
have not healed yet. I have uot sat ap a 
moment since 1 was wouuded. I am shel 
through the hips. My general health ia 
impaired, and 1 need something ta aniak 
nature. I have more faith in your Haraa- 
parilla than in auy thing els«. I wiah that 
that ia genuine. Pleas* express iu* half a  
dosen bottles, and oblige 

Cut. C. P. JOHNSON, 

Rt. Laiiia, Me. 
P. S. — The following was written April 
80, 1865, by Mrs. Jennie Johnson, mother af 
C«pt. Johnson : 

Da. Hi ll— Dear Sir : My husband, Dr. C. 
S. Johnson, was a akillfnl surgeon and phy- 
sician in Central New York, where be -lied, 
leaving the above C. P. Johnson to my care. 
At thirteen year* of age he had a chroaia 
diarrhea and scrofula, for which I gave hint 
your Sarsaparilla. It ccued him. I hava 
for ten years recommended it to mat,y in 
New York, Ohio, and Iowa, for sorotula, 
fever sores, and getoeral debility. Perfect 
success haa attended it. The cure* eff ete4 
in some cases of scrofula and fever aorea 
were almost miraculous. I am very anxioua son to again have recoura* to roar 
Sarsaparilla. He is fearful of getiffc a 
■purious article, hence his writing to yew 
for it. His wut£ri* were terrible, but I be- 
lieve he will recover, tjk 




• - -a; 


the iron is worn out. 

8. There are no toft spots in them. 

T4. One of these Irons will out wear four or 
HE Bridesburg Manufacturing eompaay, fire i ronB , on ,pered tbe old way 
are prepared to furnish their new im- h Tbey are sold at tbe same price of ether 

proved Looms for weaving goods face side j irons. 

up. They also offer their well known cot- 
ton and Woolen Machinery, including their 
New S.- It'- Acting Mnles for Wool, at reduced 

f.l'-T!; J V! ,lrs ^; , • N °' 05 N ° rlh fr ° nl ,treet ' j «r* to anoVthcir"cii*tomer»'to" t ry 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

6. Every Iron is warranted to poaseas the 
above qualties or no sale. 

We hereby authoriie all Hardware Deal- 

our Irons. 

Goon New*. — If you want cheap home- 
made Furniture, call on Ckarlea 
hit new building. 

restored in four week*. Success guar- 

Da. Rccoan's Essence eX Life restores 
manly power, from whatever cause arising, 
the effects of early pernicious habit*, self- 
abuse, impotency and climate, give way at 
once to this wonderful medicine, if taken 
regular according to the direction* fwhieh 
are very simple and require no restrainst 
from business or^pesnre.) Failure is im- 
possible. Sold i^Bottlea at $8. or 4 quan- 
tities in one foJrJ. To be ha 1 only of the 
sole appointed agent in America, 

HERMAN GEKITZEN, 205 2d ave. K Y. 

rui^ht be willing to admiuister the office 

, r ! tni ,i j .v.. .i. «my. iiepou mil xtroauwav, aev ion. 

ad Then he supposed tbat the Sen j  U|u £ £ f pvtlculjml . % ld „ DrUjC . 

Ty EFORM FOR LADIES.— Mad. Jumel ■ 
X\  "Mammarial Balm" and '^Patent Breast 
Elevator," developes the bust physiologi- 
cally. Depot, 5*07 Broadway, New York 

and if not perfeetly satisfactory, refund 
[•rice paid and charge Irons back to us. 
Every Pi. am. 1bo5 made by u* bears our 





Steel, Tempering Work*, 

Auburn, A* Y. 

Establishment — .Vanufactures French 
irr mill Stone*, Portable Grist and Flour- 
ing mills. Corn mills and Feed mills for 
Farm and Plantation u*e; Smut machines 
and Separators, Improved Turbine Water 
Wheels, Proof Staffs, Hoisting Screws, 
Spindles. Flour Packers, Iron Bolting Reels 
an J mill Picks, with every description of 
mill Gearing, from the best patterns now in 
use. Constantly en hand a large supply of 

• s».aM. at : poiut was yielded, aud I made this point jjist 3 and Ladies furnishing stores every- j Bolting Clotha. .4ddre*e. 

J.upj.a.-.i.tH Mr. Station will nut  idd— ' where. h , JOHN T. NOVF, Buffalo. N. V 

roa tiii ci ii or 




Tha proprietor of this eelebrated medi- 
cine justly claims for it a *uperiority over 
all remedies ever offered to the puhlle for 
tbe *afe, certaio, speedy, and permanent 
cure of Ague and Fever, or Chill* and Ftver, 
whether of short or long standing. H • re- 
fer* to the entire Western and Sonthweit- 
ern country to bear him testimony to the 
truth of the assertion, that in no case what- 
ever will it fail to cure, if the direction* aro 
•trictly followed and earried out. la a 
great many case* a single do*e ha* bee* 
sufficient for a cure, and whole faaiiliea 
have been eured by a single bottlo, wiia a 
perfect restoration ot the genvral b alth. 
It i», however, prudent, and in every eaae 
more certain to cure, if it* uae ia continued 
in smaller dosea for a week or two after the 
disease haa been oheoked, won «sp«oially in 
difficult and longstanding case*. Usually, 
this medicine will not require any aid to 
keep the bowels in good order; should th* 
patient, however, require a catliartle medi- 
cine, after having taken three or four loee* 

?lJ. b * To|,ic ' * 8in S ,e d »"* « f BI LL .V VKO- 
ETBALE FAMILY PILLS will be xiffcieat. 
DR. JOHN BI LL S Principal Offirs 
No. 40 Fifth, Cro«**tre*t. 

Lamiasrilhai hy. 
. a»^. All of the above remedies for aale 


SATURDAY, : : APRIL 18. 1868. 

Divine service. 

Mrtbodist Chi ncn.— J. B. Harris, Pastor, 
•ervioes every Sunday till A. M., and 7 P. 

M. Sabbath School— 9 A. M. — W. L. Mc- 
vmtchen, Superintendent. 


Services at the Seminar? in Hickman, on the 
in each month by W. 1). Wkakk, 

Council I*i o   ■« diuga. 

E. Robert, is our regularly au- 
thorised Agent for the Courier. No. 13, 
Viae street. Nashville, Tenn. 


Hickman, April 13, 1SC8. 
In pursuance of a call made by the Mayor, 
the Council met Monday moruiug at Id 

Present Mayor LanJrum. Councilinen Mil- 
ler, Freni. Lauderdale, nud «*ase. S7."i 

Mr. Freni offered the following resolu- nppare 
tiona which were adopted : j of town they pot into a fight, which was 

Whukas, the manager, an ! controllers | witnessed by some of our citizens from a 
of the Nashville an l N •rth western Rail- 1 distance, //oily heat Morgan severely 
road have removed all the rolling stock and ; with a pistol, inflicting three serious cuts 

upon his head, and rendering him for a 
time helpless and insensible. The titi- 

est and most wicked that has occurred SPEOIA.L 2STOTIOIES- 

in this community for years. ^ 

tfolly and Morgan, itappears came to For Circuit C.erk. 

„. . . Vj . „,. We »rc authorized and requested to an- 

7/ickmau in company, and during Thus- nnnnc( . jnifN C. GARDNER, »« » candidate 

day associated together. During the j for Circuit Court Clerk, at the ensuing Au- 
day Morgan had a horse s.dd at the 
highest bidder, for which he obtained 

Books! Books !! MILLET & P.CULHAC, 

Tlie parties letjutowu together in 
jnt friendshtaW In the outskirts 


gust eleci ion. [mri-ld TT S just received the follow ing books : 

We are authorized to announce W M . A. 1-f 
BREVARD, the present incumbent, jis a AL |ORI  )G R A I'll Y OF PKTKR 

: £2 00 

candidate for re-elect ion to the office of Cir- 
cuit Court Clerk. M»2$ Id 

zct.^ hurried to the scene of the difficul- 

cars belonaing to the s: me to Union City, j 
and have ceased runuing the same to this 
place; and, whereas, we, tl.e City Council, I 
are willing to do anything that may bet 
properly done to secure the same, therefore, 
Fulton Democratic Committee. J Resolved, By theCity Council of the ofty Morgan Tw^s down, helpless, and Holly 
The Democratic State Central Committee   of Hickman, that Samuel l.undrnni. Fritz 

' TIelner, ami J, H. Davis, be, and they are 


and when they reached the grounds. 

For Circuit Judge. 

We are authorized to announce Col. E. T. 
BULLOCK „8 a candidate for Judge of the 
Circuit Court in this District, at the aj - 
proachiug August election. 

and requested to nn- 
of Graves county, 
a candidate for Circuit Court Judge in this 

We are authorized 
nonnee A. R. BOON, 

ClRTWRltJHT price, 




at Frankfort have appointed the following 
Executive Committee for Fulton county : 

A. T' ler. Chairman : George Wnr- 
rsn. John A. Wilson. O. S. Miles, W. B. Mc- 
Conne'l, James H. Craig. 

Tm Grand Jury ot this county was 
^charged on Wednesday the 15th iti t. 
They found but four indictments. 

*%R PtAOtf^f the firm of Wolf & 
Plaut, has jnst returned from New York 
city, where he baa been for the last six 
week?, engaged in buying, a stock of 
goods for his bowse in this place. All 
his friends and customers who will now 
• all on him iu the right way c: 

Thk River— The Ohio was falling 
•dowly at Pittsburs. on the loin. The 
same date the Mississippi was risi'ag rap- 
idly at St. Louis — 20 iochts in 84 hours. 
All the rivers above S»t. Louis are also 
reported as rising rapidly. The Teunes- 
sec and Cumberland swelling slowly. St. 
Ljjttis papers ^[ irehend a considerable 

tfe mcxTMJL — Btslit ms. — Patent Bee Gums 
ready-made, and made to order, for sal* by 
Charles Oswald, ar the very lowest price. " 

beatinir him. Upon their 

hereby appointed a committee to visit Nash- 
ville, Tenn., and confer with the managers 
and controlers of the Nashville and North- 
western Railroad, and sai l committee is 
fully authorized and empowered to do all, 
and everything necessary and proper to be 
done, to get the said managers to resume 
and continue the running of said road to 
this place; and that sai l committee report 
their proceedings herein to the Council. 

The Council then adjourned to 7 o'clock, 
this evening. 


Hickman, April 13. 

RFi.l LAR ■■■MRU 

Present the Mayor, couricilmcn Brevard, 
Case, Frenz, Miller, and Lauderdale. 

On motion, the reading of the minutes of 
the precceding meetings 


e peti^RRjES- 

\ l v * ■ rt T tllf 

for san»e. askitg to hold enclosed certain 
public grounds iu Obion street, they ac- 
knowledging themselves tenants at will of 
the city, was granted. 

On motion Major Lauderdale was allowed 
to hold enclosed a part of Obion street. 

ilujor Lnuderdale denied having any of 
Obiou ftreet under fence, but said if he .lid 
have any. he aclc nowledged himself a ten 
ant at will of the city. Adopted. 

Capt. Handle appeared in bt h ilf of J. S. 
Hubbard and made protest scainst his as- 
sessment under the r |uaiiiatioit law, but | 


//oily fled, and was pursued by them. 
Being pushed pretty close, he took the 
back water, wadiug waist deep to escape. 
A party from above headed him off and 
effected his arrest. Upon examination 
neither pistol or money was found upon 
his person, and while th" pleads guilty to 
the fiirht he denies takiut; the 

Judicial Dial 


at the ensuing A ugust 

For Sheriff. 

We are authorized and requested to an- 
nounce OWKN MILES, as a candidate for 
Sheriff of Fulton county, at the ensuing 
August election. [inrll — td* 

We are authorized and requested to nn- 
money. | nounce JJ'M H. ROPEK. as a candidate for 

as| HjADLKSS HOKSKMAN. : $2 no 

Also a great variety of fjfi" 




AND offer for sale, at the lowest prices a 
complete slock of 





II A TS, and BONNETS, dr. 

H. Walker 

d]-:a leb j x 

Be was brought' before Judge 11. R, Sheriff bf Fulton county, at 
Walker, where, by agreement of counsel, 
the case was continued to to-d ay at 10 
o'clock, a. m. Failing to give 
was coinmitfed to jail 

Later. — A new grand jury wa-* cm- 
pannelied yesterday, and at the time of 
writing this th-» ease is being tried be- 
fore the Circuit Court. 


August election. [feb3Se-tw. 
He nro au.^K'ze.1 to announce WILLIAM 
bail he HLKK1N, tit, 0 #s«nt incumbent, as a cim- 
1 didate for re-e^ction to the office of Sheriff 1 
of Fulton county, at the ensuing .August 

1 get our prices before purchasing 

' election. 


Piiints, Oils and Dye Stufff. 


i lx-l iist l i«tii  . ,lu«lKf J. 31. 


h. WniToJs'lt We o bs ef n e in your ~* 
p"j cr of the 11th inst.. a notice of a call 
from citizens of Marshal county upon 
Judge Jo. M. Bigger, of 1'aducah, to 
become a candidate for Congress iu this 
District, at the approaching November 
election. Believing that we reflect the 
will of a majority of the Democrats of 
Fulton county, we beg through your 
paper to make knuwii our endorsement 
of that call, and to add our opinion as to 

Hickman Chapter. 

Arch Masons will hold their rejntlar 
r" Folltril WEDNESDAY^, \ 

 -0! I l \ 1 

: : K 1 

Fulton Lodge. 

SON S hold their regular meeting the 

Second Monday I" every montk. 
joni 1 1 J. H. ROL'LH^.C, Sec y. 




Ala, May 1 
ron S80 t 




t will come to 

•Judge Bi i.loi k. — We are authorized 
to announce Judge E. I. Bullock, as a 
candidate for Circuit Judge at the ap- 
proaching election. His eminent ability 
and character as a lawyer, and extensive 
ac4ua.iut.1uce throughout the district, 
renders any word from us unnecessary. 
During his present occupancy of the 
bench he haa won the golden opinions of 
the bar and of our citizens. 

Circuit Coiht. — Circuit Court has 
heen in Fessioo during the past week. 
Judge K. I. Bullock, presiding. All 
the Commonwealth cases have been con- 
tinued. Iu the case of the dtatc against 
B. E. Finch, the defendant was allowed 
to give bail in a boud of $5,000 for his 
appearance at the neit term of the Court. 

i^ixty Common Law cases, of no pub- 
lic importance, have been disposed of. 

Next week, J. S. Hubbard vs. City of 
Hickman. Johu Cr.ibb v- 11. E. Larkiti. 
«5. W. L. Marr vs. F., and 
other cases of iuterest will be tried. 

ght to ♦T'olnmbus. Miss. I 

on being .|ue9tiou l v M t e Council, refused to j the eminent fltno^s and qualifications of} have flPn troubled for aejvaral years with 
answer and show cnuae. ' Judcre Digger for the position. We .indigestion; hare had to take pills every 

have for years observed his eonrsc in uikI.i for ten o 
the various public positions be- 
I their names were earsed from the list. I stowed upon him by our people ; and j 

j Julian Nail made oath that under , the , tiouie of u* in other days were not his 
equalization law he ht.d but $500, and his ' 


^Kci lVKDand for sale low for cash a fine J f 

lot at family Groce 

Se To 

und the ji /^ 
I  1.\ •* f ane Jt« 

l)r. Klanton, J. Aniborir. and J. C. Maddox. 
appeared and made oath that under the 
equalization law they hnd nothing, and 

were not 

quaitzauon taw ue i.hti nut ^ou, auu nis - litio!1 | f TWni \^ an d ng bear testimony 

assesstment was hxed at that amount. I * ., j c -.C 

Mr. C. Le.lwi.lg« appeared and made oath to t!,c ™T**n*J, earnestness, and faith- 
that the raise upon hi* store and real es- I fulness, with 1 which he has always dic- 
tate was too high, and should be reduced. I charged his duties. Wo believe that he 
tin motion his store was reduced from $lo00 w j|l reflect the political sentiniifft of our 

^ people, and that his record as a public 
I mau entitles him to the honor. Trust- 

6ft een years, and iu Pel 
1HH4. I was attacked with general 
paralysis. I was confined to my rsom for 
the balance of the year ; and, in fset, con- 
tinued in a very weak and nervous condi- 
tion until Some t»o months sin. e. wheu^I 
wasnitt under an Iperat ion. ami your Ccdrou 
i;itt*s for Ljflftvtittllt. 1 commenced im- 
proving rifhr^fcy. nod am | r.-tty well re- 
stored. Yours, truly. 



8elf-s -i«iiii^ i 

A LA ROE lot of Self 
just reeei»ed by 
is tar superior to anything ye 
qairing no wax nor border to ma 



ys on hand and for sale cheap. 

I" ARRIVED— of New Orleans 
and oO sacks choice Coffee. 
- . .'Satisfaction in all cases guarnnted. 

may.*) Millet block. Hickmnn, Ky. 


Represents the follow iuo; 1Xo. 1 ( ompaniea 

150 from S^O() to $5  . 

N. L. Nelson asked that the rai«e placed,, , 
apon his lot be reduced ; which, on motion, | Mr. Editor, Whether Judge Bigger 
was reduced to $1,000. 

Capt. Randle in behalf of Wm. Martin's 
heirs asked that the raise on J lot 17 be re- 

Krroi'H of Youth. 

A Gentleman who suffered for years from 

Fresh  «:*r«!eai Neeclw. 

Jarden Seeds just received, and 
wholesale or ■» i I. ^fck 

ihRESfl Ga 

j. ii7^Tvi¥, I P. HARNESS I CO 



rels Cliff 

TE have just receive. 1 100 burn 
Lime, which v.e offer for sale. 
Also, slot of Cement. 

auglT— tf. MILLET & ROULHAC. 

MUTUAL BENEFIT. Newark. New Jersey, Aasetta, 
MUTUAL LIFK. New York, Assetts, - 

NKW FORK LIFK, Aamftto, 

HARTFORD FIRE IN8URAN0E CO., Hartford. Aanto, 

net cash Assets, Julv 1st, 18r57, 
UNITED KIKE AND MARINE, Covington, Ky.. Asscfta. 
UNDERWRITERS! AOENC Yf»Newy York, cash Assets, 

$14.00(r,d00 0» 
".K»0O (l00 0» 
8,0«K .000 00 

l,TM,]i8 32 00 

1.076.383 Si 
3UO.OO0 00 


We publish below a partial list of the names of persons insured at the akare 

A sencv : 

duced: which, on motion, was reduced from 
$600 to $3o0. 

Geo. M. Wilborn, agent, for Finck Jk Co., 
asked that the raise upon lots loo and 106 
be reduced; and on motion, they were re- 
duced from Sl'-Joo to $800. Also, for self, a 
watch from $lOO to ?40. 

On motion, the Doard adjourned to Tues- 
day evening. 

If icant AX, April 1-1. 

APJOt asm DBdra. 

The Council met pursuant to adjourn- 
ment. Fresent conucilmen Miller, Case, 
Freni, and McCutchen. 

The Mayor being absent, councilmeu 
Freni was called to the Chair. 

P. C. Ctinni ngham. s'ree' commissioner, 
presented his account for the «ame : al«o. 
an account tor lights and fuel for city hall, 
amounting 10 $32; WBdeh being approved 
by the F 1 tiunce committee, were ordered to 1 
be oaid. 

A. C. Hotules an ncount of *" for snrvey- 

, , , i Nervous Dehilitv. Premature Kvcay, and all 

be your choice or not. that you will give ^ t . ffp( ,,, , f vnuthfM , indiscretion, will for 
publication to tfiis call for the consid- tBe y^^p „f RU 'ffering humanity -end free to 
eration of the voters of this Pistrict, we ' »H who need it, the recipe and direction* for 

I making the simple remedy by which he was 

subscribe ourrelves • respectfully, 

^ l'n.Tov. 


cue*d. Sufferers wishinjr to profit by the ad- 
vertiser's experience, can do  r. by toidrusA- 
ing, in pe 

m a v i 

rieel contldetice. 

4'2 t'edar ajurcML -V. 

PKU.KR is 

HtckMAS CouaiRR OrricE, I 
Saturday, April 18, '68. / 

COTTON. — There has been considerable 

demand for Cotton the past week, and our 

nuyers are now paying -?lc, tax paid, for 

Hickman middling. 

Telegraphic Market*. 

 "cn T.ifk Wurhet. 

New York. April IT. — Gold was lower, 
opening at 13&§, and . losinp at 1-1^^. 

t'orrov — uuchanced ; middling uplands 
closing .(iiitit at dlic. 

dialiintl m a rk 

Pehsonal. — Uf the disttngni.-hed 
visitor* to fiur t.'Wii during the week, we 
acknowledge calls from Boo, Oscar 
Turner, of Ilalbrd. Judge J. M. Bigger. 

of McCracken. J «3ge A. K WWbe, of ft^^^Z*^ ' V$ r^nr^&u^ eu^V.m, ,1 .J 

 irAve . and Gol. G«w. W . Silvertocth. ba paid. C ; Gold 1 38 bnj ing 

The Council then adjourn- d to Friday m 
eveuiug, April l'' :h. 

J. H. MORKHF.AD, Clerk. 

to coxsuai PT I \ BS. 

The Rer. EDWARD A. W 1 1. SON will send 
(free of charge) to all who desire it, the 
prescription with the direction* for making 
and using the aimplc remedy by w hich he 
was cured of a lung affection and that di Sfl i 
disease Consumption. Hi-  ouly object in to 
benefit the afflicted and he hopes every ■■f- 
fever will try this prescription, as it will 
cost them nothing, and may prove a bless- 
ing. Please address 

No. K»oifouth ik'coud street, Williams!, rg, 

N. v.   aayaiy. 

Gi-oceiies, Books, & Stationery, 

m ots, 



P, Si — A pamphlet containing th" b' 
ClNCissAti. April IT.— Flour— family at llBltie d prescription ina-v !*• ..hi ained free of 
*l0»Touil: Wheal firmer, $2 58; Corn doll: CM1I1 jr t . t „i st , the R.-medv properlv compouud- 
" r ear or shelled; CV ttotl dull, at | ^ of W. K. WALKER, Drnggiitt, 

Hickman, Ky. 

Oi lets. 




II HEM AX, ■ - - AT. 
Particular attention paid to Filling 



Tenn. and Mo. Iron, Steel and 






and all kinds of 


Our fricud. L. iJalbvaith, of Hiikuian. 
is hero, and we acknowledge he should 
have called, but having failed, we re- j 
■Metfully extend to hitn the invitation, 

Kl Ku:x Kaiu into Lvk.ntlcky. — 
We are informed that .1 sound nuuiber- 

.si. M,»m%m yiixrUct. 

St. Loms. -4pril 17. — Tobacco. 
H.-raps fiOaal OOj lugs 4a! : common 1 
medium do 10al2; good shipping le 
factory dried leaf 8*18; dark filler 


Information gnnrar.teed to produce a Iiit- 
c 1""' 0 ' uriant growth of hair upon a b:ild head or 
1*", ' laardless face, also, a recipe for the removal 
if 12*14; ; 0 f pjniples. Blotches. Eruptions, etc., on the 
1 skin, tearing the same soft, clear, and beau 

m itu 


•1 Oswald's Furniture Manufactory. 

oa tho teore uf the good will we bearj of ^ rf a Ku R , ux K , an from 

^*' m - m [ Teueoaee, made a raid into Kentucky at 

PaoNrrst-ss.— Persons having Furniture ! ai»d in the neighborhood of State Line 
repaired can sare time and money by calling Station, ill this county, on Friday night 

last. The appearance of the tquad, it 
is said, vouched for by the depot agent 
hat place, who is recommended as a 
pestle man. The Klau were 

1 — 

dressed in loose gown-, with a horrid 
black cowl covering their faces. They 
made no halt at the Station, passing 
quietly and interrupting no one. The 
uegroes of the neighborhood are terribly 
excited and alarmed, and gave various 
aud some incredible .stories of their 
operations duriug the night. It is said 
they weut to the residence of Mr. John 
called for a certain negro at 
: work on the farm, who hearing inquiry, 

black wrappers Cialo; bright leaf lbajo per 1 , }rill rnn b „ „r.,,j n H,l without charge bv ad- 
10D pounds. . dressing THO£ F. CHAPMAN. Chemist, 

Cotton— r.ilaSOcAr middling. L  , 828 Bi"o*dw*y, N. V. 

*l | ll Market. _ai^BW«i^B^BaaMaM' 

Mkmphis, April ll.— Bacon— shoulders 1!: |ii (,| LtEt LOI I.S» II. E.I 

clear sides l«*c; Corn $1 00; Lird l'Jc; Hay I 
$17 00. 


man, and  l* iiu»lii  PackteCl 


MMHB in 

fine fr-+nr-i Vt?p Cl««*V5«n» frr*- 

tlernen's ruraishing Goods, 

\uslit III*-, Tenn. 

ir.nrlt — 3m. 

Tiir Hkfcman — We re 
grot to observe that some indiscreet per- j at tnat P' ace   
..„,s are amusing thcinselres by posting!' 
orders about town as eminntiug from the 
Ku-K'ux Klan. One, to which our at- 
tention has been called, orders " all fhe 
ncicrocs to leave town," and another is 
addressed to nu enterprising and worthy 
citizen, orderiug him "not to employ 
any negroes," and giving other fnstruc- 
ttons as to how he should conduct his 




business, under certain penalties. This 
is ull wrong, and eitremely foolish, and j Shepherd 

calculated to do the community seuous i wor ' c on 1 

. . „,, • t \.„^ j I we suppose in that terrihiy hollow voice , 

iniurv. The persons issuing these ord- 1 " _ , • , . • J 

, , P .» 1 neculiar to Ku-Kluxers, winch it is said, 

ere we do not suppose have any further r 1 ^""" ' ' 

... m . ^ j : t.„ „„. sounds like an echo from an emptv coffin, 

object thau to enjoy a good joke and, . . I 

. . . . , u.i • .» attempted to ni.ike Ins escape fiy running, 1 

hiugh among their thoughtless associates; 1 

but their action greatly misrepresent our] 
%people, aud possibly might cause trouble, j 

Our people have no desire to drive the 
•negro irom^iir nud.-.t, or to take any 

uudue advantage of them. Those of 

them who go to work, attend to their 

and was fired upon by one of the Klan. 
The uegro wart permitted to make his- 
escape, and their action indicated that 
they only inteii led to frighten hitn. 

We have it. thnt at another place in 
the neighborhood, where there was a 
number of uegrocs congregated, the 

|_ he elgeant pas«enser MeatnT, 


J. B. AltCHLR. M...,ter. 

Going down will pans HICKMAN every 
SUNDAY EVENING at 8 o clock. c„ ir !( r up 
will p»« « HICKMAN every WEDNESDAY 
EVENING, at t* o" Clock. 

WSf Orders promptly filled aud all way 
freight attended to. 

ran — 8m --tgents. 

own bubiucss, and obey the laws of our 

I Klau made their appearance. Some of 

j them dismounted aud approached the 

cabiu where the negro meeting was iu 
vice to the colored people is to pursue' » , . , , 

i.rnirress. One of theui opeut-d the door, 

in Li* sli*» */i 

SUU  and towu, should and will be pro 
tocted iu all their just rights. Oar ad- 1 

to pursue ' 

ibeir daily employment quietly aud iu- I' r, t ? ,L   - "* w "" 

, , . ^ ■* — ; • and bafbre tb« 

dustriously, and to pay no regard to 
these orders from thoughtless aud incon- 
siderate persous. There is no such thing 
as a Ku Kiux Klan in Hickman or Ful- 
ton county. 

Our citizen?, al?o, desire to encourage 
strangers and worthy citizens to locate 
' with us. anxl will ^extend to them every 
courtesy anJ cucouragemcnt. 

robes. The negroes wilted; and a death- 
like silence prevailed. Iu a moment 
four stiilwart Klansnien. masked and 
robed, stood by his side. The leader, 
raising his long bony finger meaningly, 
paid : 

" Boys! the Ku-Klux would befriend 
you! (Jo to work; be prudent; be in- 
dustrious !"' 

At this the four assistants stepped out 
of the door, and the leader tappiug him- 
self three times mysteriously upon the 
breast, suddenly disappeared up the 

We shall not vou' h for the existence 
of the Klan, nor that tho Klan did 


t il AS. A. 


For i.\ ii n«i Hie, MempbAa aud 

F.egnlar Weekly Packai 

TH K majfuifieeut new ,-ide- 
wheel passetiger steamer, 

JOSH V^TURoop. Captain. 
W. V l UW. Clerk. ^ 
Leaves HICKMAN for Memphis, M(rsr 
IWBDNESDAT SIGHT at lo o clock ; and 
I leaves HICKMAN for Evausville every 
ISATDBDAY NIGHT *t 10 o'clock. 

Connects at C0I11111I015 with Mobile & Ohio 
' Kailroad. and at Memphis with Southern 
ltail**tid'. New Orleans Packets; and «it)i 
Vielffriuru. Arkansas and \\ hite River l':ick- 
ets. ANiaau lie with Louisville  c 

Ev:in«v i^BL'k . ts. and with the K & C.' 
I'.nilinanH ^BVpointu North and Kast. 

' attention pnid to Killing 
Orders fot^H^/. Also, all way and pi**) 
tat ion business. feb*2»-iJm 


Sockaollors, Stationers, Book Binders, 


J O 11 PBIIT 6 V £ s - 

it* Union Street, 


QlCHOOL noOfyg at Eastern prices: Law, 
Me.lieul and Miscellaneous Hooks; 
Hank Books foi 'Court Ofloors; Merchants, 
Banks, ami lusurance Companies. 
AH Work done in the most substantial 
! Winner, and ;it prices as low as elsewhere, 
i mrl4--:!m 


m r aS^ *ai  ac: 
Grates, Tin, Copper 


^ J o b W o r k 

one to order, such as Guttering, Roofing, etc. 

all kinds of 
Etc., Etc. 

(next door to V. A. McKutchen s Store,) 
Illckmnn. Ky. 


Wholesale and Retail Dealer iu 



Oil Lamps, and Lanterns, and a general as- 
sortment of Tro'^Lions. 

Joseph S Hubbard, 
M I Samuel McCartney & Co, 
Henry M Robinson, 
M Hertwick k Bro, 
A D Kingiinin, 
Maj John A Lauderdale, 
Julian Nail. 
Frank B.-trtiddu^s, 
William (vuthrie, 
Mrs Annie L Robinson, 
I r H H Wilson, 
V A McCiit. hen, . 
Albert F Kinney, 
Mrs Helen Wilkius, 
liOuis I'crson, 
N Borksdale, 
J A Plant. 
Datiiel F liapalgec, 
Rev Tho- •! Hutchison, 
Wade II Pyle, 
James tJ MeMarray, 
I Andiew .1 Lswsoa, 
William II  »;ir.lner. 
Jobn R M-   iehee, 
Albert^ Anderson, 
Carl MsrgrsJ^ 
, John Sent ones. 
» William D Corbett, 
anil 1* Walker, 

By na m ,t Pro, 

I Wilson yt Bacon, 
j William McCluskey, 
A bra in A Patton, 
Fritz Senise, 

Thomas C Buck, 
William A Brevard, 
John C Steele, 
Benjamin C Ramage, 
Charles A Holcombe, 
Robert Helleu, 
B R Walker. 
Holcombe & Thompson, 
Francis Miller, 
Wolf & Plaut, 
Lane & Mallory, 
Fritz Ilellner, 
John Witting, 
Ji Rosenberg, 
Mrs Marv L Burnett, 
Mrs K Wilborn, 
Andrew Jackson Lodge, 
Walter I Powell, 
tlohn C Heinzc. 
Dr Daniel Whits, 
Ji.-hua Dodd-. 
John L Lnttndl, 
Henry Huntley, 
Benj F Kasley, 
Carry St Patton, 
Charles Baltzcr, 
Noah L Kelso u. 
Kdmund W Stephens- 
Maximilian Hertwick, 
Alfred C Barry, 

( 'harlas t Jswaid, 
William T Osborn, 
Jnbn A Wilson, 
Kliphalett Case, 

Edwin K Warren, 
(jeorge M Wilbsrs, 
Johu 11 Davis, 
Wm L McCutchea, 
Markus Kertuer, 
Warren *  Martia, 
Joseph M Whits k Ca, 
J A Carruthers it Co, 
Augusta Margraff, 
William B Beaay, 
Tyler k Murphy, 
James K Lane. 
Mrs Barbara Troutwiae, 
W R Walker. 
South'n Bank of Kr atasky, 
Jnmes P Chcathaoi, 
MrsS A Roulhac, 
Mrs B C Baltzer. 
Lane C Reavis L Sob, 
B^uj D Irvine, 
Wm (' 

Mrs Harriet II Thomases, 

Mrs II Frenz k Sob, 
Robert W Kaslej, 
James A Overton, 
IKnrv M ilobin*os, 

M \\ u\r, 

Taylor Jl Wiley, 

Peter W Mott. 

Uiaa Bllea B AuJerssa, 

A li T-ylor, 

L Fletcher. 

Mrs Miigaliun Btinek 

Richard Owens. 

Parties desiring POLICIES OF INSTJRANCl 
notice in either of the old r« liable companies. Tcpr 
application to him at his office ou Cliutou street. Hickman. Kv 

jaulS— tf SAMUEL LAN DRUM, Agent. 

n obtain the same on »her» 
•nted ) y the uudernignsd, ky 


A VINO reliable workl^i employed, I 

engage to do JOIS WORK, such as 

oofing, Guttering, and Repairing. Country 
produce taken for goods. 

Clinton street, Hickman, Ky. 
.i«n_'o— ly. 



JSififelpan, Kentucky. 

Dealer in 

Col. Oscar Turner for Congrcaa. 

'Mb. Editor : — As it seems that the 
time for discussing the merits of candi- 
dates for Congress' has arrived, permit 
me. through the columns of your p^per, 
lo present the name of Col. Oscar Tur- 
ner, of Ballard. I think if Col. Turucr 
will consent to make the race, he will 

have little or uo opposition He has actna !Iy appear, but 
been a bird worker in democratic ranks 

his life, and has never 
forward for office, unless at the call of ncgroe 

the people. Of his high order of ability, ; neighborhood gi' C the above statements. 

and peculiar fitness for the position in *~ ■ 

these trying ti r.c , we arc all quite; Robbebv and AssaL'LT IPOX THE 
t.'iniliar. We think Paducah ha3 had j Highway - .— On Thursday last, a young 
all the office, nearly long cnou-h, | man n: , mc d James R. Holly, was ar- 
though she has many able men, y et shc j - t e w - 4 i iTMIl PT A 

should not ask a monopoly o* offices, j rc » ted u P on tlle thar * e of assault with. 

Pure Drugs, Medicines, 






A. 0. Kw Hrxat Kwimq 

E W I N G  fe li O., 



Nos. 14 and 1C South 
nov2:- tf. 


Practical «fe Scientific W atchmalcer, JewtMat, 



(Sign of Tin: mo watch,) 

Spring snd Summer Styles of 

 1K PioO'I -OUII Will „, _ .„ li •♦ " I "J iiiiiinci., ... « " " 

 n*d*A at asi fctti n " \7~ i ' ,ery '»  »u. ""'I can tbeiefore warrant it. 

uimm' 1 1,   ^HiaOKH V ■?"Jl. l'lirticnlar attention (riven ts all 

»KS.UH - - iaaaxs .Vos'Hjy-* ki " d of JOB WOKK »iul KKI'AIRl.NO. 

,atp.-t RtvfeR 


Sibbons, Flowers, & Dress Trimings, 





Corn ! ! 

Corn ! ! ! 

thrust himself ' tru,hful gentleman, and it is certain that j for Medical use 

and soma others iu that I 

Patent Mrtliciiies, 

of all kinds. Also, 

Fancy and Toilet Articles, 

such ns COMBS, BRCJSiTES, ITandkcrcliief 
RxtraetS, Roiipe, Lilly White, Pomodes, Huir 
Oil, Flarorinc Kiiracti for cooking, and 



Near Oyerton, Steels & Co'a Warehouse, I 

/^WARLES OSWALD has removed his fur- | 

baildiac, and au- 
recei%°ed a larga 

\_y nitnrs into his sew 
1 nottnee" that he has just 
stock of 

coubistiug of 

drobes, Rurcaus, 
steads. Chairs, 
ininj: Tables, WasbataneV, 


greater pnrt of bis Furniture it dirbi 
factuted hv himself, an i under bit own in- 

counties of 
11 the ) est poss 
He keeps ols ' 
of the Left luali 
fancy wares. H 
B*- s .. Jewelrt 1 

tern KcniucVr sod the idja'slog 
11 torts of Wstch Rod Clssk wsrk 

(8, Watches, Spectacl.-s and Jawslr^ 
red manufactures — as also an asaortmeRt it 

desirous of purchasing to gi ve bim s smtt. 
'sorts r«"i ai red upon the shortest notice and at low prices. 




s conWant' 
land under the "Cdcaisn Orrica/* 

Ii£ etalic Coffins, 

Wooden Coffins, tit verr low rates. 

J^n 1 he ilentuDit 

KOm'" B ye * r WMSTvaterthan wceou^ 

rr*at r (lc- 
mndc pat- 

t sizes then maUv; anticipating 

for Ear an l S helle l Corn, at to maniifa» lj^i- ltfO to 130 


11 si KORIVSON ' per day, of 9 


itoT* we 
of the 

•'Fair Wariiing." 

LL persons indebted to Drs. Gourloy i 
Corhett are respectfully requested to 
forward and settle. We nre in nee I of 
and compelled to hare it. Those in- 
d will save cost aud trouble by coin 
yinR with the request. Those who are 
unable to pay would gr ea t ly oblige by coin- 
ing forward and closing their accounts by 
note. '-A hint to the wise is sufficient. " 
j»n4-tf 1 UOURLRY & OORB«TT. 

Ws iruarautee the nperaUon of 

"(will lir e, an. I offer as rete] 

while there arc talentcdand worthy pen- iuteut to kill, aud robbiug a man by the 

Ceiacn outside her limits capable of fill- Da me of John Morgan. The at-t was 

ing tho Con-rcseiooal sca».. At any • tonilllitted iu £ a!il J/ickman, in broad. 

event, wc tPtcud to hnn? fj^rar Turner » , .. . , , . , 

2 . .. ,. .. . - ' I , open day li.'ht, aud it the charges shall 

iut# iho L"da, if. he can Lc pr«vi'ilcd on ' , 0 

tw uijkc tL-- rucc. iA'DOtTOa. sustained acrordiug to the re ports in 

I, Igetutt, A i ri! 14, 

' circaLstiwn, the .a.c b one of the botd- 

and a variety of Wier articles such n« are 
ii«unlly kept in a first class frug t tore. 

I reac:rlpllOMN — Having had consider- 
able experience in 1 he Drug Business, Phy- 
sicians. and all others may rely upon having 
then* tilled with care ami accuracy. 

tW Country Merchants and others are 
requested to pive ne a call before purchas- 


many thousands) that have been 1 
i 1 a a a. aas^ f Itiey'may be foumt. Neither labor or exi ense has 

i.„ 1. J Oven spared to make our NKW C1IAKTEK OAK a 

f^fiAi*. (»WALD nnnnunees that he ' I nrtklM' irntT 

1 - just received a large stock of FIN I lOOlllAG ITOil, 

FT RN1TCRE— the largest and finest st 
ever received in this town — which he 
purchased at very reduced figures and 
sequently is prepared 10 sell ou very lo 
terras for cash. 


CHAIRS, etc., eg 

Ml of the uisat ap: loved style aud 'jualitf 


V. A. MT I T 1 1! !• N, 

Transfer Agents 




- ^ 9 


and we offer it to the trade as the BEST CON- 
operutiiw tlNlKINU •* tjpVK in the market. 

In addition to our BRUESSIVB STOVK BrSI- 
VESS, we arc r^a^nvjo o!t r t   St ovf Oealers^ 

most complete JB^Um-jkof .Mi & ytt^inners* 
stock in the W(sBi'«r i%an«remn:i 1'.- Jvuh the St. 
I^ tiis niailiplRSJ 1 _ iiHsill^J"^'*" ^- ^Jtve libri-at 
discountx Ui larffeburers oT t itENCH STAMPED 
TINNED IRONWARE, and Tinners' Supplies. 
Having recently reduced the prices of all articles of 
our OWN MANUFACTURE, we believe dealers and 
' housekeepers will And it to their interest to 1 
for Catalogue and Price List and examine ot 
before purchasing elsewhere. Address 


St. Louis, Miitsart. 

Sold by 

j fcicf Sold by all stove dealers. 

' in a 1 1 Tin 



and dealer in 

YT4TINES, Liquors. Tobacco, Cigars, 4c. 

 Y corner Cliutou and Cumberland sis, 
Hickman. Kr. 

Orders promptly filled. 

Spti4 ly. 


Vfe hAe tl 
constantly ou 


larjre Warehouse, we are uMf aaa- 

MA SALT VOMl'AXT an« Lee# 
ell st lowest prices. We also keofi 


i to supply our customers. Llbcrnl advances msde on Produce in store for shipment to ew» 
1 friends in -A'ew Orleans or New York. Orders lor any kind of merchandise. pr.s»p.»r 

' filled, when accompanied by the esah. oe 18 

h7c. bailey, 







will open his 
on MOV DAY, 
at bis School House in East 

, E. W. ANDEI_ 
t regular se-sTon, 

the 28d inst 

Kates of tuition the game as at Fulton 
CouutT Seminary. Kor further inform 1 


HICKMAN, KV. P r © d n  • e K • r « h«« t 

WATf'HF.S neatly repaired and ararrnnt- 
ed. old Colli and Silver taken in excliance. 

tion call on him a"t his residence or schojl at lli- Hu board co.uer. Witi VVol* at Plaut. j 

M*r21— lflft* ^nr*s t » 1 


%*A ly 

W//r//. I SA LE 1 V// R t T i JL. 
o 9 a- S a r v C KY a t a k m r, 

1 T ickiiia 1, v. 

Hickman courier (Hickman, Ky.), 1868-04-18

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Hickman, Kentucky by Warren & Martin
   Fulton County (The Jackson Purchase Region)