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date (1900-01-27) topic_African_American newspaper_issue 3f..."y -  :■-l'■^- 




Men. noi P«rtjr; 

Fearless, ladepeadnt u4 HMCst. 



Great Fire 

Sale Now Open 


;tock Marked Down 

iWlKMl) ♦ v*^!' did and nobody ever will h«Te tbe 
at BDch iiae good^ at tlie 

Low Prices Quoted 

Twfiitv-tife SakHMMK insure prompt eerfiee.. 

 'ob(Hdspx*-liang:ed. ^ 
X(, (7(M».!s ht^nt on approvaL 
I^OfHNts 8tdd on credit. 

Early pnrebasi'ra will iMTecbOM^ and we wiii ]r% 
(»niy twenty people in at one time, and aeieet 

iliost' uearest tbe door. 


Spirit of tiie Priiss. 

USMimlffky Mw goftanior goea for 
the Ijaehm with % rmgmnf and 

BDggests that the LeKialatare eoaet 

laws whereby the connty in which a 

a Ijnchiog takes place shall pay to the 

family ot the victim a large enm of 

money as iDdemnity. This will otop 

the bosiaeaa; for the lliaaissippi hoos 

ier doB't wsai to be taxed for kilUag 

Negroes,— Mobile (Ala.) Preai. 
* * * « * 

blind 'to his beet interests, but 8o pre- ' AJl^^^J Oj. ^1 a ^ " ^ i 

jadiced and choek foU of caa.edne.s Aaler S OLOCK lllUSt D6 ReOUCdQ 
thtft. »m if he ■eta the «iod Im a H». 

iblisiie^ in 



I.N. Williams, 

Opposite Opera Houb. 

I /our £rM // Sight 
h Failing, 

Fos Old Gold and Silvsb. 

0. R. KING, 


Graduate Optician, 

Kmp9 a Fun Lim •f Jwnhj. ^ 

CLOCK and 


k*vn1«ia4«  l with BmxiB'^ 
far the Feet. 

^'KKIehtinit with Pnitectloii 
I Iw Vimr Pedals. 

It's a Matter 
0' Honey 

To yon lo trade with es. We can 
gaarantee you satief actioo in eyery 
respect Our sroods are carefully 
Mlecied and are the best to be had. 
Onr Preocriplioii Departmeat rc- 
ceives oar special attcntioc, aa 

Aeenra^ and Preeaaion 

Constitme our Motto 

We haye an especially #ee line 
of Pefunes and Toilet Soap*: 

Mouotat-n Violet. 5c 

ButlermilkSuap 5c 


Coops' Drug Store 


Telkphone 455. 

'"f Mm nil.. I , 

'? ''"I'lct'irg 

liny 8 and Over- 
Woaien — real 
. real discour- 
aii*l iiubl»en for tbe 


'«fTw*aJhr; hard oo Shoes, 
' H viai . .ir puida at tbie 
!iiMde for. 
• s ine of tlie 
!"i,ahie sbapee 
i lit heavy welt 
^  •) wear duriug 

• ' tW year 

" rii 


•t I^eather, and 

''*^|»» hil! sitMtk joat the 

Mardi Gras. 

Thia year\ feBtivitica at Hew 
Orleaofe occar 

F«^brnAry 21 to 27. 

The pr^paratioiiR made hare 
never bacneutuiUHL ilouod 
trip ticketalo Mebile and New 
Oricaoa Tie liw 

J"*' Cme aud give 

Shoe House 

^^«8t )laiu street 

Will be on 8 le at Ooe Fare 
for the Boun'^ Trip, with lib- 
eral return limi's. The train 
service is the finest i« the 
Suiitii. ThrouKh Pnllmaa 
DrawineRoom WIee i g 
Cinciniiaii to New O leans 
daily withon* change. Vwli- 
biiled Limiie*! Trains. Fine 
Gaf; Pa /ar an4 Oh—rM^U»a 
Carn on the day traaM. «ee 
Books and Map*. 

W. p. SlNlBfWN, «. P. A 

If the Negro can mannge to be a 
friend to himself his future is secure 
He aaat leara the valae oi tinae and 
money. To waeU rither is (qiwUy 
foolish. There are traits which we 
must leave o£F. Mean, little, petty 
jealuusies cause much of our present 
condition. Let us be men of honor, 
or gM oot of the wnj ted let men ot 
boaOTooBM by.-— Selma. (Ala ) Record. 

R. C. O Benj iiii u. the able editor 
ol the wide a«vade Lexiugtou Stand- 
ard defines tLv stars and stripes in 
tide eonatry thaa: **8tan an for the 
whlteeaad-^trlpes are for ihe blaeks.** 
If the blacks will only learn to se in- 
dependent, they can stripe the whites 
also with their ballots Urge them to 
action. Brother Benjamin. — Pioneer 

Press, Martinsbarfi:, W. Ya. 

e e e • • 

Tbe N^ro who has not ta blm the 
business qualiticatious to earn a living 
is a dependent, a pauper, and is ul- 
desireable as a citizen, no matter how 
much useless infurmatlon he may have 
lying looee ia hie eraaiam. bne 
tniaMe with as as a raoa is that we 
sia not enough interested in ourstsnd- 
iag among other races. We are t )o 
easily satisfied and not very anxious 
to get far away from the old land- 
Boark. Wa diaes wall, we look wall, 
aad talk wall; hat ia fartoomauy 
cases that is all there is nothing be- 
hind it. We need good stores and 
business houses of. every description. 
We most get money.— BUoxi (Miss.) 

The Negro who thinks he is "actio' 
like de white fo*ks" and who refuses to 
patronise Negro establishments, is a 
fooL A whttamaapatroaiaeahiii owm 
laaairet. Wha ater^hsaid ota.white 
woman talkiaf^ about not sUowiag a 
white dressmaker to sew for her, or s 
white shopper refusing to buy at a 
white atore, or a white teacher refus- 
ing to read a white newspaperP No- 
body, aad Bobody avar wiU. White 
paefle have s a as e. They know Uood 
is thicker than water, and so knowing, 
they act along this line. The Negro 
does not need to talk so much of race 
iove; he needs to shut up and work, 
and subaeribefor his race paper. — The 
Amerieaa Gaide. 

« « • • • 

R. II. Fitzhugh, General Manager of 
the Colored Orphan Industrial Home, 
of Lexington Keatucky, aod iswell 
kaowB for lite loag aad a w l a a t labors 
in behalf of the race, argues at length 
in tbe Lexington Standard that the 
Negro of tbe South, except for the so- 
cial barrier and its natural effects, **i8 
already asfreeajid uabaaadodnaany 
maa ia tha land. Aa aa agriaaltarlst 
or skilled aaeliaaic '^ he says, "he has 
not only an open, unobstructed field, 
but his eervioes are in suob unavoid- 
able demand that, to a very great ex- 
tent he coatrols the scale of wages 
aadar wUeh ha is employ^" .He 
also aigoes that ••it Isoaly the ▼idoas 
and idle of tbe race who get into 
trouble.*" It must be admitted thai 
tbe South is the natural home of tbe 
N« gro. Those who urge bim to scat- 
ter over the Tarious States of tbt* 
North aad Soath overlook the fact 
that his industrial opportunities are 
almost entirely eliminated in these 
far-away sections, except in a few iso- 
lated instances With the superior 
opportunities portrayed by Captain 
Fitzhugh, there should ba a MuM 
fatara for the Negro ia the South.— 

Deaver (Colo.) Statesroaa. 

• • • • • 

The Negro newspaper is tbe blaclt 
man's only forum where an imparUal 
hearing is guaranteed. It is not a 
luxury, but one of th« most pressing 
necessities of this age The Negrc. 
who refnses to sustain an honest race 
journal is blind to his best interests.— 
Colored American. Washington, D. C. 

Mora thaa thi*. A Negsawhoia- 
fUsa to lustaia m hoMstiaae journal 
is MaoftiB than otherwise, aotoaly 

if he sets the good ia a Ne- 
gro joaraal, ha pialanda that ha do«8 
not see it, stnd is never so happy f s 

when engaged in the nefarious work 
of crippling the influence of tbo papfr 
and speaking ill of the men, who make 
aaeriBeesthat the race may h: ve this 
most t-ffeetiva champloa of tha rights 
and liberties of a long oppreased aad 
proseripted people —Tbe Progress. 

Two Omissions. 

A Negro preacher had just conclud- 
ed tbe ceremony which united an old 

Negru in matrlQiOttyJof ^^^^J^WiM 
tiflM 1 
The silence which 'usaally follows 
an ocqisioD of this kind was brokM 
by the preadiw in hiscil irt to relieve 
tbe ftmbsrraasmeot of the attendants. 

"It is usually the cubtom," he paid 
''for the preacher to kiss the bride, 
brt this time we will omit.** 

The groom gave bis young wife a 
healthy smack and turuiug to the 
preacher said: 

Parson, it am usoally de ease fer 
de groom to givo his parson somothin'. 
bqt die time wefll omit" Aad he 
walked away* from th» astimisbed 
pfeacher with his biida on hi 
Memphis Scimitar. 

Office of Williamson & Son. Contractors 
Mr. L .uIb Adier — D^-ar 8ii: In order to make the necessary alter- 
ations in w.ur store in lime for your Spring Clothing Basinets we must 
CO to work by February 1 Pt^sSe arraage to give us pomrmioB bj 

thst date and oblige your, iru-y, WILLl AM-ON A SON. 

. . , ^ ^^^^ ^ ^ 

(Dicwied by J. K W.) 

To Make Roc 

for the Workmen 

Popular One Price Shoe Corner 

Wo havsb thaiafote. SMdo prieco that will heat any ever nasMd hi 
Lasington tor saeh Htrietly Beliahia Maheo 

Of the 

They Salatod the,Flair. 
A Negro color eeigesnt of tbe For- 
ty-ninth iDlautry gave some while 
coldiers of the Forty-second a lesson 
in respect for the flag, in Honolulu. 
A large crowd of white soldiers stood 
St Hobron's corner to see the colored 
regiment go by. Thsj did not notice 
the flag at all. Tha eolor SMKsant 
rihsd ■!» to tho erawd. 

**AMyiMi Aaorionn aolditirf" de- 
manded be, 

• Yet/' they said. 

"Tbofi talmelhiillag and bo:qaick 
«bout it** 

In a jiffy all caps were ofl and tbe 
salute was given. A white oomaiis^- 
ioned officer wss on the sidewalk. His 
cap came ofi with thrmt and lie ihow- 
edihatho fait tho jmaiea of tho re- 
bnh»— HatmihMi Ehg 

Modern Footwear 

Bunched in Five Lots Now ^ || Worthy 

Ladi^ Shoes $0 95 fl 15 $1 » $1 80 12 15-$! 50 to $3 50 

Mwmb' Children's 35 65 96 1 15 1 35 50 to 2 50 

Men's 10 95 $1 15 1 40 1 80 2 40 2 90 3 50 1 25 to 5 00 

Bojs^Shoes 75 96 1 25 1 50 1 75 1 00 to 2 50 

Ask for the Price that You Want 

For Samples see onr Show Whudows y.m pass by. Ou speeml 
inmdo nt one half and oven oa e - t h ird their value ara 

Bargain Hunters' Odds and Ends 

Cincinnati. Jan. 25.— At the Main 
Street Colored Baptist Cburcb, Coving- 
ton, Tuesday night, whea Bev. Peter 
Vinegar, of Lexington, who had been 
invited to preach a special sermon, 
staggered to the pulpit, a stout "mam- 
my" in a front seat exclaimed: 

"Stt down, you ole fool. You's 

Pastor Vinegar paused, clenched his 

fists and roared: 

'If I am drunk I'm not—" and he 
used a vile epithet. "How dare yo' 
make such insinuations? To' ain't got 
the sense of a rabbit, 'deed yo' ain't. 
Uruok. I i8 a virtuous man, an' lives 
with mah own wife and brothers an' 
sisters. There's powerful few in dis 
heyar chun.h which can say the same. 
An" dat ain't no lie." 

Men aud women arose indignantly 
and a movement towards the pulpit 
was made. 

"Keep quiet." yelled the preacher, or 
I will contaminate tbe eatlah congrega- 

TJie threat averted further trouble. 
Aa attempt will be made to have Vln- 
eie:ar dismissed from the ministry. 



ADLER'S, Coi. Mfr: Streets. 

On all Goods 

Is in Progress 

Via Pkee All Garments in Oar 

Cloat and suit Departinent 

« Curly Hair 





T TftH wonderful hair pomade U the only Mfe 
•f iin-p.-iratloii In the world that mAkes kinlty kair 
fTsiraitfht »a thown above. It noaritbc* tbe •ealP. 
n « . . nt« the hair from f.-xUinjf out and makes It 
! crow. Sold OTri- 40 years ajidus^d by thoasaiMa. 
auarranted harinKs*. Te^tirnoniai3 free on re- 
Hfauct. It was Ua«t fitut prrpai ation ever sold for 
fiiknitafetMimc kinky hair. Beware of imitatioBS. 
fl Oet ike Ortatmal OmhIm^ Ox Marraw, 
•name never 'xUa to keep tbe kalr pliable 
utiful. A toilet n«**alty for laoiea and 
■ The irreat ad- 


r s theg'ena 

or.d b^auli. - , 

piiifleinen. Kletfantly nerfnmed. 
vaitiaarei^r this ■nonderfnl pomade l» that ojr ita 
^:^e you can str^lzht^n hair at ko«e. 

0» ioK to lu sa|.erTor an fla«tinir quality It If the 
■iMt economical. It ig not p« .ibU foranybody 
(Tpr^Snce a Preparation eoiial to n Fulldlree- 
Uon» with every bottle. P^7L«eo«itt. Sold by 
itfiMier* or teaH an aa;Sa PoaM. 
Honey Order for " 
I your name aiwl 


I Honey Order r°^|^*^* yfy| ^,y*y 

h Avsb* 

Price Cut. 
Day this Week. 
Garment in our big stock 

Jackets, Golf Capes, 

Tailor Suits, Skirts, 

C30 USr THIS gaAT.TT. 

Hawkins & Sweeney 

9 West Main, Lexington, Ky^ 

£ditor and Publisher. 

TO m FouncAKt BmuaoKa, 

Aim fjlIWIMA I. Jth 

^ 10 


VkaBtMdikrd mtblialiw wbat ii pi 
rmratdlca of raop, enlor or an, every Rat- 
orday mornmK  «t 60 Wcii Moia alragt, 
Laiington, KaotQckj. 

Vatlers of bin ho, narriafca aad dwtlw, 
and of charch and society entertainmenir, 
will be publiahed free, bat ihcf muHt be 

SnbftCrlberH chaneinK resTSence with- 
: out noiifync tbis office will be charged 
for pap«ni fi iipg lo cM oMraa vWtker 

received or not. 

AuonirmuuH articles stand no chance of 

ineertion. Sicn yuur name. 'It will be 

detacLed in type, if dmired. 
DeltnqueDtli, for three months, may 

expect their paper to be 1op|wd wIUmwh 

farther notice 

Boslnesil mstien pertaininj 
riM«ld be addrear«d lo The 

to the paper 

CJommunicatlonH fur publication mast 
reach uh not later than Tharaday. 

•t tbo LtxinKlM 
audi Mtacr. 

Write proper names plainly; othw words 
«an be deciphered. 

Do not permit your modesty to prevent 
.yoo writing about yoanelf, if yoa ttnk it 
-will interest the public. 

Do not hesitate .to stop us on the street, 
 be yoo man, woman or child, to give us an 
item. We want local news and you can 
^UMt\j nmt OS in gatiiering it. 

It 18 impossible for the editor, with a 
Itaitt and growing law practice, and other 
■udtitwdiBooa duties, which often take him 
away from Lexington, to cover a city of 
85,000 people, nearly half ot whom bdong 
to tlwiaie0ic|Mcaented by thia joomal. 

baturday, January 27, 1900 

JK  bhiAbobiueht vow. 

As tte eloM of tkm put year we 
IpTOMiMi to oolaifa the Standard to 
Msa Its prawBt aiaeat the besinniog 
•«CtkliyMr. Mtfotiatlope to this end 
ia pragnet witha Pittoborg 
tOMipply OM iUU^Ifeedj printed 
of tho world, bat the 
fciBO of white popwlMSCDM op from 
40 to M per OMit, owhig to a trast 
kavteg o o t a ared Um wood palp from 
whkk H is aado, Md It wUl be im- 
IMllUoto IMMMO tho sixe of the 
withovt iMioaalBg the price 
II snbioribera woald 
Wo mnst now give 
soolliotortHpw e«Bt,aBd lot him 
■MilynuiUokpoCto ooiloet each 
jlttoim from eity mbeeriben. bat 
a kmdiod taU Um to wait until 
tho moaej to pay for 

itkatfo to make a aowpaper, 
m other ■oaioee. The 
ntoaaanl ^oald aotllTO oatho potroa 
.fliga Ik 1^ from the race it represente. 
Till linmiilililr in a city of 16,000 
Jltgio*b Mvronaded by doaeely pop- 
■loled towaa. bat it is tnm. Were it 
«o4 for the liberal patronage of white 
the job printing from 
who givo p goie roa ce 
«a s raee olBoe, the peper woald soon 
bo oompeilodi to oaace pa blication. If 
yam an aot aehamed of being bom 
poftroaiao tho white m o roh e n ta 
liiottloo in your race paper 
Thij an your frieads; they want 
Do aot, however, neglect 
owa tradeemea who adnctieai, if 
Hmj an la the same line. 


or giggling at the gate with an idle 
dade, and tlie mother at the washtab 
or^ooh store. Is a sorry sight. When 
itanlDMbolliTria aad laay it 

This thiaf oflDIiag oar boys ^ith 
Greek and Latin is a eriminai waste 
(tf time and money. There Is no real 
otit. The child should aader- 
tiw food— eatil prfa^ln of a 
oommoa eelmol oduoatioa, thea lot 
him. or her, take the hand training. 
It's not necessary, however, tbat young 
people may know how to do any given 
thing — aa carpenteiing, blaokamith- 
li^, printing, eerring, cooking — bat 
that they maykaowtho ybIoo oI work. 
Hand tralaii^ qniekcas mental fac- 
ulties that no sort ot mere text-book 
drill awakens, and this is one of ita 
chief blessings. Hand education helps 
to koop tho hiaia halaaeed. 

Than an some old ioglea who will 
have no indastrial fjaohiag in their 
schools. We hsve eome spch in Lmtx- 
iogioD who in order to make the un- 
lettered parent believe that they are 
leaned, toll them that work-teaching 
and hook-teaehing caa aot go oa to- 
gether. Soeh toaehere an ahaolately 
too ignorant tu nnderstsnd that the 
greater the educational needs of any 
people the greater their need of not 
only being tsoghl books, but of J)eitjg 
taught to naake a living. 

Wo have la iiho Standard ofleo a boy 
of 16 who goes to school in the fore- 
noon Slid works in the afternoon. He 
is well up in the common school 
branches and understands the rudi- 
meata ot Laiin, rhetoric, and aJgebra, 
hat tho kaowkdgo ho gaiaa aa a type- 
setter, deciphering, punctuating and 
correcting the spelling of scores of 
different kinds uf manuscripts, the 
privilege of reading over two huu- 
dnd a«w papers from theioading ciiies 
of tho IsAO, tho iaatraoUoas given 
him la both tlio press and composing 
rooms, correcting proof, and coujing 
in contact with prominent men from 
all over the country, is worth more to 
the boy in wSx wo^ thaa the Latia he 
leans la the eehoola la ids years. 

la faet, this young printer is better 
posted in general affairs than are some 
teachers, for they read nothing but the 
ordinary text- book and rarely come 
A contact with anyone except their 
pupils. Than la alMolatoly aothiog 
in tho Latia basiaoei la tho ooouaon 
schools but a waste of public money 
and slanting the growth of the child. 
Latin is a dead language. ,L«t it sleep. 
Mo nation speaks it now. The mental 
disoiplino it alfdrds oaa Iw obtained 
in the great aeramlilo lor daily bread. 
As a foundation for Englisli, if a boy 
enters a trade or profession requiring 
it, he can study Latin privately after 
leaving the publiQ^ school, or in some 
higher iastltuttoa of leaning, bat do 
not fono it oa him otherwise. 

Qoeen Candace Coart L O. O. C, 
hold thoir iaftiatory and degree 
in^ oa laot Thaiaday night. State 
Worthy Mad Ooaaadlor. R. a 
Benjamin leotand and gaverinstraev 
ions on the degree work. This Court 
is presided over by Mrs. Ella Header* 
soa a asis t ed by aa able corp of officers 
aad aa oannt and latonsting set of 

maka thoir Goart tho baaner oat^ Aha 


At the faceting on Thursday night 
after the degree work had l)eea gone 
through, tlie table was set and every- 
one praeeat enjoyed a samptoas re- 
past. A namber of thd bnthon of 
Blue Grass IxNlgorK. of E., who had 
beea invited were present and not 
only ate but cl joyed thenselves gaz- 
ing and smiling at the good looking 

Education is a good thing to have. 
It is what tho Hogn moia ttopnsnt 
batmaeh dopoads 

thft sort of education. The av 
girl prefers the attention of a 
gaitar- playing youth who has no 
visible means of support aad who 
travels oa his shape, to thon of a Oi 

It noma tote 

• ^•oathmot 


The result is tbat the non-workiog 
msn, after be marries, has to be sup- 
ported by his wife. Thon !■ a mrt 
St odaeatloa that ia to te h^pt f ar 
fgtm w aehoolo. It atterly spoils 
^tofli. AgM p o aaiia gatthopiaao 

AmoagttemaloTiillonwon Unth- 
on ThompsoB, Nelsoa, Haootoa aad 

several others. Liswyer Smith and 
John Snowden who are members of 
the Court were there also. Of coarse 
J. 0. Jackson was there for when ever 
it la aaaaaaoed that tiben is going to 
be aomothlt g to oat, Jaekaoa la eare 
to turn up. If there is one thing that 
Brother Jackson enj')y8 more thaa all 
other things it is free eatings. 

Indoatrial Clab Foattval. 

"Oh, child, new-bom denizen of life's 
great city, upon thy head is shed the glory 
of (he cciliBfiil SMmiag*** 

Tho editor of tte Staadard la as 
happy aa a h^ aaallowor that aoda 
and bendaia ttebneaea.** His first 
born, three years ago was a boy ; and 
now His a girl, and she tips the scales 
at ten and a half pounds. 

Dr. J. M. AUaa la the genUemaa 
wte aariated tte littlo atranger in 
makiag her advoat iato thia world. 
It is a question after she grows up and 
finds out what a terribly Vioked world 
this is, whether she will thank the 
Doctor for the part he played in tte 

ybObtte littlo -gal" 

is here and the mother, who is resting 
easy, desires to return thanks to the 
efficient trained nurse. Miss Cleek 
of the Good Samaritan Hospital. It 
la aald by tte ablest physioiaaa of thIa 
dty ttet Mlaa Gteak ataada la tte 
front rank of her profession. 

Mrs. J. W. Valentine, Mrs. Greea- 
bury Jackson and Mrs. J. Alex. Chiles 
were among the guests who attended 
tte dotet of Uttlo Miao Staadprd 
Mn. Chilaa bow haa ohaigo of tte lit- 
tle tot while the editor is out trying to 
collect subscriptions to tey grael aad 
Ewaddling clothes. 

Miss Ben jsmin*s little brother asks 
ttet ate te ehriateaed Ulliaa Allen, 
la hraor of hia firat ewoetheart aad 
fsLVorlto playasato, LUliaa Chiles, the 
little daughter of Lawyer Chii«-s; and 
of Dr. Allen, the good man whom 
Master Robin says brought him a 
darling slater. Already congratula- 
tloaatenbegaa toooasola. A whito 
frioad haada aa thaw III 

The event of the week waa tte* sec- 
ond meeting of the newly-organized 
Industrial Club held Monday night, 
ostensibly for the purpose of tioishing 
up ite bosinen left ov«r from New 
Year's Day. bat, strictly speaking, for 
the avowed purpose of analyzing the 
contents of two Isi^e pails and three 
large platters. The buckets proved 
to contain oysters fresh from their 
ocoaa iMd, aad the other receptacles 
three largo tarteya whon iattmiing 
days were over. If tte toUo had beea 
a garden p|tch and one had goae over 
it with a two-horse mower it could 
not have i een thicker strewn with 

Ttea than waa fat *poaaam with 
sweet potato trimmings, a pidr of real 

'coons baked to a turn, pickles sweet 
and sour, chow-chow, and other del- 
icacies of the season, constituted a 
feast fit for the festal board of royalty 
and oao loag to te nmamlmrod. 
There waa bo wine. Tte long taUe 
had seating capacity for forty-one 
persons. Among tte aittiy feasting 
throng were: 

Henry White, Theodore Riohardsoo, 
An inw Scott, Sam Uadorwood. Glark 
Pepper, William Haydea, M. T. Oay, 
George Goodwin, John Brown, Green 
boune, James Scott, Porter Jack&on, 
George Hart. John Tyler, Samuel 
lieo, Andrew Brown, Howard Miller, 
Saanal Smith, L. C. Smith, Henry 
Lyons, P. Ij. Parridi, Frank Boekaer, 
George E. DePrad, Ed Williams, Ed 
Dandridge, Willis Coles, Thomas Mc- 
Clure. Zach Jones, G. F. Kassell and 
IL L. Cuuningt&am. 

A whito ama of Laslagttm, wte has 

had many kind worda for Negroes, 
and often taken their part agaihSt 
carping critics, says that it is not so 
much the "color line" as it is the 
•*odor lino" that eaaaea him to ho\d 
alo(rf twm tte raeo. Somo Negroes 
atiak— yoa, that^fttteword-i-aad aatae 
do not. Those wte do should not be 
sparing of soap and water. Wash well, 
wash often, or get somebody to scrub 
you. Tterein much ot the virtue lies. 
Hall aba Ihila try aoatraliaing per- 

*^0wa8 a great eompoHer 

And editorials he could write, 
But he could not compose his youngest 
When he walked hsr 'voaad at night." 

The d»nger of conceding political 
righte to the Negro is not half so great 
as tte. daagar of withholdiog them. 

Senator Morgan of Alalwma has 
made his quadremial speech on the 
Negro queetion and lias covered him- 
self with tte aaaal lafanny. The 
pnianaee of aaeh ay'logiatle grym- 
aaato as Morgan and Tillman of South 
Carolina in the United Seoste is pain- 
ful infliction upon the Nation. They 
don't read and of coarse is not inform- 
ed, aad tte aooaar than aiacompoops 
dia aad go to L tte hotlor it wlU ' be 
for tte Natioa. 

Some one snggeHts that the United 
States make the NegroeM a present of 
the Philippine laiaade. Tte Standard 
eeartlly eoneara. ' Let aa take (he 
islands, go there, establish a govern- 
ment, then sell out to England or 
Germany, and roturn tease aad loaf 
all summer. 

tte rallriiafi eompan- 
iea took certain Nfgroes on exeandons 
for pay. This wintt-r the city author- 
ities are taking them tottesoap house 
for oothlog. 

Tte Nogro waata pvoteetioa tet to 
get it he mast pr^'U^ himself aad re- 
gard any man or pact v an enemy wte 
im ped e s iiis forward daroh 



Do You Want tho Boot? 


Famous Lexington Boor. 


Your Home Brewery? 


Both in Quality and Flavor. 



Blue ifirm Grocery CompT, 

Maine Corn 8c, Winter Laxnry 10^ a 
Tomatoes, 4-lb can 8c 2-lb can 6c. 
Blackberries 7c, White ('berrieM 25c. 
Bartifett Peara ISc, Califoroia Peacbca 18c. 
Uitle Nell Peaa 6e, Wagaer Peas ISe. 
Maine Mince Meat, per pound 10c. 
Flour, Patent 25-lb 55c Family 25-lb 50c 
Best B. & H. AHparagus per pound 30c 
Bojai fialuog Povdw per pooad 45e. 
Osadsased Mhh pcreea lOS; 

Armonr's Ciinned 8nnp« 10c 
Oxtail Miiclc Turtle Consomme, 
K( 8toa Baked Beans per can 7c. 
Surcniaah, (loro and Beans, per caa 9e. 
California Evaporated paadMS Psaad 10c 
Riisin", Lnyr 12\c, Muscatel 19c, a 
Prunes, Turkish 10c, California 7}e. . 
EvaporAted Apricota per pound 20c. 
QysCen qoan 25c, CraobMriea quart 8^. 
Oraaxea. Lemons, Apples, Potat( 

67 Esst Short. 266 Esafc Main and Corner Hpriog and Maxwell Sureeta. 
TelcphoM 466. Gooda Mivavad Fkomptly. Lawlaia ia Low Pi 


Hotel and Restaurant, 

Rafes Reasonable .... . . Beat AUaataon to Oncats 

411 W. FIFTH ST J. WHITE, F^. "" runT Q. 

Onyt 0»t CHAnac or CMts Ciwcihkati to Sah fmmmmf ^ 
4 D*vs El Rotfi 


and an Texas and Southrwestem Piointsare 

easily and quickly re::cheJ via New Orleans 
or Shrevqwrt, over tlie 

Otieeti m £mcem 



From Cincinnati and the Nortii. 

8o Milts Shotter than any Other Line Cincinnati to New Orleans. 
Vestibuicd Limited Trains, Through Pullmans, 24 Hour Schedules. 
Only O.^ Change Cars to Jactaon, Vicksburc Hottflton, DaUas, 
San Aateohs t4ic 

MAwnovTn K_ 

Ar 9h«lbyv1ll«. 
At La'reneeb'c. 
Ar Versailles... 
Ar Lexington . . 

■OP an. 
Jjr Leitinifftoa . . 
Ar Veraajlles. . . 
Ar La'renceb'ff. 
Ar Sbelbyville.. 
ArX oatsTiIle_^ 


^ Stain 42 

yg la 




No. IL 




Loui v::^ 
Lv Larnrbr^' 
arBwBiB. I 







BTA Ti oaa. 

'^r Louisville 

XaOpoB Lt Loni^vil a' ia«Wm ' 
aaipm Lt VmUm a' i22 i 
rOSpmiAr Nlrhlvill a1 »S2 
a(l6pm Ar Ku hmriU I.v iSf , 
I A r I rvme Lv . [ 

_! Nor^s^ 

Ar LCT lngt oa ui 

Ar KnoxTill*. 

Ar AshAviile 

Ar Smvannah 

Ar Jacksonville 

Lv Chattanooga 

Ar Atl— ta 

Ar lfa i— 

Ar JaeksonTlUe . 

Lt Chattanooga . 
Ar BirmtaahaM. 
Ar Merfdlaa 

Ar New Orleans. 



1"  "PT. 11, 

• VaHj III 
i'.S.ipm l;l 

  Wam i 

No-,1. through s'erpin^r   ur t.i Ja.-u 
via Letington Chait-inooca nn l Jrsup 
Na 8. tbroiiKh sl^-fninkr 0 'i- F. 'mwv,I;».j,i 

DlnKbam, via Lexiiii;iun .m.l ' ! 
No 5 (rea observailon i li,»!r-iar Lmn-r 
ta Lexingioa 

No. ft, fre* obaarvatton chstr eitrT.euM^ 
Na S. tbrooKhaleeptngt^ar JnrUMnT.iic I 

it-tlaaa onarh— LaziBstwa to Luuisniit 

I 8alsvUla.l 

wrnmrntm ▼cwsmms aaa OMncttavg 
■aa wianr - ]loa.sraMl«eaily.eicefiSu^ 

saaS aad frvlM Sally. aaeaptSaaSw^ 

tDally exeapt Sunday. Othar ua:ns j m ooltti 
Wa^iaalaiL D. C Wm.ih|B(t«. & 
W.A.Tuaa.O.P.A. WM.H.TATi.oa AtiFi 
Waablagtoa. D. C 


4.-40 a. m. 
7K)5 a. m. 
3;00 p. n. 

EzprMfl U:V  L 

AccnmnKxlation H.:!5p. 
Exprcw 10.45 1. 

(Mi9*Hlb DiviMo) 

7H)6 a. m. Aocommodation 8:25 
b:45 p. m. Accomaiodatioa (kS p. i 


8.36 a. m. Fast Mail 1  :')^ l i 

Mpwas IteMaU 


(Ciocinnati Southern Ky.) 

LveLex North Bound ArrO 
*i:10 aai^... |. Aaqpseial....,7.45i 
7:30 aa...Bloe Gra« Ysai...lO:Ooi 

•^•66 pm Local Vestibule ...M] 

*&05 pai ..,.JSl. O. Limit«il IX } 

Arr Lex 
•9:56 am 
•10:45 am 



.Local Vestibnio. 
.Q. sa SpeciMi. 

. .4311 

Trains ssaM (•) rum daOr.  » 

daily except Sauday, as noted. 
Finest train sarvice in tbe  Suatk 

tibnled traina and Parlor Can. 
W.aM »8AH. DiqpslTielHtilK 



Frsaklbrt (lye) 6:30 a m 3^)6 

(airj 7:20 a m 414 

Paris (We) 9:20 a m 530 

QeortMown (arr) ... 10:40 a m 6:30 
Fkaakfortiarr) .....11:55 a m 73)| 
g IK Bines. O.P.A., Fissfchrt. 

Lr.LeB. Depsfiaim. Lf.J« 

7:45 am Daily 

2:25 pas...I i7ex Suud-y 

Ar. Lex. Arriy^ls. Ar.J» 

©-.SO am Daily U^' 

Mft pm. .JAy aa Bmni*j 

J. BL Bkrr, Geacral MasiRt^ 

Scott, G, P. A. 
Leaiacion, K^, 


TIME CARD EFl K.tTl\ f J ' 

Time at Lexibg' '    


7:10 a. Si. Hialoa 

8:40 p m. Washington Ex^r*-- 
8.'26 a. m. Loaisyille exi rrts U'-''- *" 
11:30 a. F. F. V. Limii«l 

MO p. m. Mt. Sterling Ac. 
M t. Sterling secommodation ^ 
except Sunday. All other traiss 

^ Oipeltessaief fksaix Hfli*'' 



ip Uusretarian Setilem-nt uf Coltege 8tndeiit8 


^, ^] icky families, and from the North, with Normal and 
trial v   rk which reaches all claatea. Location and managemeot 
jjjJ^*»e:u.leDt's expemM wy. f WM O «a bl  . For partkmlarB MMfWi 

^ T Fairehiid, LL D.. Heeretary, Berea, £y. 

Ilie American Mutual Aid Association 

Of St- TLoixLb, Ib/Lo. 

Pavs Accident, 8ick and Death BecefiJs Weekly. ^ 
It will pay you promptly whenever you get hurt. 

It is the Best Compaay for everybody to insure in. 
Frae MadiHa Att— tioa to its MambM 

Call on GEO. H GUINN, Oraganwr. 

7 to 8 a. m. 

7 W. flhwffgtr— t. 


Prps.rii ti ons from aoy Phyddaa Aeearataly Filled by RkilM PhamadM. 

Pure Drugfs, Patent Medicines, 

Toilet Articles. Etc. 


IhAIR store. ^^I^BkoP^ 

W/gs, Hair Smrhches, Waives and Bang; 

fltirRepairin£r at Lowest Prices. We carry a fall Line of LADIES, MISS 
lESudCniLDKKN'S, Corset and Waist. Belts and Buckles, Hair Pint. Pom- 
\pm,  i le Combs and Neck Combs. LATEST STYl^ 


K Mwth rpper StfMt;, LBXimTON, KT. 

Jl, Dresser, 

Fknislm Wi|gi at inaoHUeiiiiieM. Abodoes 


and is not excelled as a ^ 

^ 60 \vi»t Ma^^^^ Chiropodist- 


., WATER STUtflS. 





(j LANCE at their bandaomely cqaipped and well alockod 
Ktore in the Tory heart of Lexiogtoali throbbing ooowmt- 
 :ial center, and an ioauiry about prioM will ooBYiMO 
everybodf that k ia to. thor adfMMMEt to taido thm 

Kveh has been said iii the papers of late abont 


"f^^y give iiim all he can carry for little money. 

£l^^ IiE you buy elsewhere remember that they never fail 


to cany a large stock of Fresh Fish, Chickens, and oyston 
io season. Their line of Canned Gooda. Dried ¥rut» and 
Staple and F«My GnoariM. (^gan Mid TnbMOO, 

is ap-t(Hiate and will be 


for themselyes. 

^^^H will work wonders. They have a special price on the 
beet Coffee in the market. II you are a wise person 
isokiog for a store where you c%n buy everything in the 
Cioeerr baa at the MtnM6Md le prioea yo« ihoirid odL 

^•ROGERS & CO. teflSeet 

II yea btvejriiilon itm olb r tyfas el 

whom yon are not aahamed — 

If you stTe or attend a social function 
eitb«r at home or abroad — 
If zoo go to other towns oa a asispoaof 
■ia sss or pltasa i a — 

if yon buy or ssU hsasss aad lots, huids 
and live stock — 
If yoD kBMr er hsar ol n asairfage, Urth 

If yon know the whereabouts of former 
citixens — 

— Beport names, facts and figures briefly 
to Am efioe on a postal card, i^ mcssinfltir 
or pensaal eall, fsr paUieatMia. 

Saturday, Janiiarar 27,1900. 

Gooifo DaPlrad la pat a 

Elder Bowen of MiUerabufg 
the city laat week.. 

H. Faga aad Maij H. Harria 
bgr Majeiatrato Giw 

Jaaaaiy la 

Ministar W. F. Woasaek of the Con  
stItMliaBMMat GhflatiaB Chnrch ro- 



Mrs. Hattte Byrd who died at Cov- 
ing, on this week was brought to this 
city for bariaL 

Mrs. ^. W. Redd who has been in 
Covington for several wo^ past haa 
returned home. 

Bov. W. L. Johaioa of tha Ooagro- 
fatkmalChareh ia a wida-awaka paator 

aMl lataUoeUially np to-dato. 

It is reported that Mr. Henry Tandy 
has left the Methodist church and join- 
ed the Savaath Day AdToaCiats. 

Albert Brook and Flora Matthews 
and Daniel Williams and Lou Whalley 
secured licenses to nuurry laat week. 

F. a OaldwaU aaya aoi 
hifl Biicht-hawk man fioi 
in thoiaarof WBddy 

oaa stoto 
bar atobla 

Susan Steele, aged 40, while peeling 
potatooa Thursday at liar hoaMb l 7 
Deweea e t rao t , fall from a ohair to tha 
floor dea d. 

The funeral of Mrs. Sallie Washing- 
ton was conducted by Bev. S. P. 
Young at tha nridMce of Mr. Lewis 
Shorao, ISl Upper street, Taoaday. 

West's Big Miodirel Jubilee of fifty 
people "will be at the Opera House 
Tuesday, January 30. A spectacular 
faataia wilt be tha ••Stoirmlag of Saa 
Jaaa Hill.* 

Mr. Elijah Chinn of Cincinnati was 
in Liexington Wednesday and Tliurs- 
day on a ylait to his faiher. Isaac 
Chinn, who ia "^^^ oiek at hia home, 
419 north Markat atrtot. ' 

Miss Sarah J. Jones, the white lady 
barber, has moved from South Broad- 
way to the Clarendon Hotel Building, 
as is attested by some neat cards she 
ha* had printed ia tha Staadard^s 

George Boatright and Will Xaoaj, 
just entering their *teens, love nice, 
fat chickens. They are accused of 
raising some — from the roost of Char- 
ley Tyler. They are nadw boad to 
thaOreatt Ooart. 

Prof. J. E. Wood, the Danville edu- 
cator, known to many in Lexington, 
^s an aspirant or Delegate from the 
State-at-Large to the National Bepub- 
UoaaOomathmatFUIadalpUa. Ha 
■tampad iraalatilj laat 

Mra. Bleu Daniel of 10 East Fifth 
street g^ve birth to a fine baby boy at 
10 o'clock Thursday morning. The 
fact that the new-comer was a son, 
instead of daughter, waaa glad aar- 
priaato tha faiyiy aad friaadi. 

Mra. Friaeilla Walker has arrived 
home from a visft to her sister, Mrs. 
Sallee, at Detroit. Her son. Charlie 
Walker, who has been at school in the 
Miehlgaa m^ropolia, previona to his 
ilhMso, lataraad hoaM w|thhar. Ha 
hasabaady teprofad. 

Alex White, aged about 28, shot and 
wounded Dora Bradley, his mistress 
at Nicholasville Monday, and then 
blew out his own bralaa. Ha had bant 
UTiag with tha womaa peaeaUy for 
aoraral yaara bat oC lata beoao^o in- 
sanely jealous of otiMr maa. Be diad 
fool dieth. 

Fred Shreve, 17, drove a hog worth 
over %it belonging to his employer, 
Jamoa Simpaon, to tha dtj aad aald 
it, pookatfag tha momj. StaaUag a 
hog worth fi, aad over, is a peniten- 
tiary offense; under that amount is 
only petit larceny. The same applios 
to a CMtlf oTor and i^idor fSO. 

•Bev. George W. Boiling of Elizabeth- 
towa iHn bo ia Laziagtou next Mon- 
day Jo aariat BiT & F. Toaag !b hia 
ibvlVal aanrloaa at tha Unt Baptist 

Henry Davis has a wife who neglects 
to cloae a door, as many another care- 
less womaa doaa. Ha ohaaflaad her 
rather roughly aad Us mothsg la law, 

an appendage which every weU-rsgn- 
lated family ought to have to prevent 
life l eooming monotonous, had him 
arrested. vNow he is sorry that he 

Tho mootlaff of tha Married Ladles 

Social Club, which was postponed 
on :;ccount of the death of Mrs. 
Lizzie Toung, sister of the President, 
has been set for Monday night, Feb- 
ruary li. at tha realdaaeo of Mra. 
Prifeoilla Walkar, 58 GamphaU strast. 
A full ' attendance Is desired as tho 
election of offioera will bo a part of 
the business. 

Brutus Clay and George Gay will 
Bianaga aaothar Ooaoart aad Cakawalk 
at l4Miiaa HaU oa aazt Taoaday aight. 
January 80. Masters Plutus Perkins 
and the twins will again illustrate the 
poetry of motion to breathless spec- 
taters, and they won't i e small 'taters 
either. Song^i by Woat End Quartet 
and atraiaa by Baat Bad Striag Baad. 
Admiadoa 10 cents. Refreshments 
wfU bo served by Mra. Carwoll. 

GUI Gordon will manage a hop and 
Cakewalk at Ladies Hall Monday night, 
Jaaaary 29. Maater Lorastar Taylor 
wiU isad, aad IMoer wttl bo .laady to 
walk against aayone. Music will be 
furnisbdd by Casey's String Band and 
there will be liue refreshments. The 
Klondike girls will be there but they 
will not bo as oold as that region. A 
ha a da o ma eaha aad two bottles of 
wine will ba awarded; prises oaa bs 
seen in Straus' window. Admission 
16 cents. Jerry Lewis will be ticket 
seller and James Gay floor manager. 

Bnssell School, each grade sepai^ 
ately, hava iMoa lookiag iato tha sam- 
ara of a photographer thia wash All 

these pictures should be preserved for 
future generations. It will be inter- 
esting to the child of forty or fifty 
year^ hence to tell of the time when 
grandpa and graadiaa atteadod Bns- 
sell SehooL -Prof. Boaseli, Ua oorps 
of able aaaistants, and most of his 
pupils, may then betakiug thfir last 
long sleep. Upon the back of each 
group should be written the date ol 
taking and the aaaia of 

MarahanTiylor; If, Uaek; sad Tom 

Nichols,. 14, white, have been arrested 
for taking lead and brass fixtures from 
the Lexington Plumbing Compaoyauu 
copper wire from Davidson'^ bicvc.t 
doctor ahop Sunday. Monday liigh- 
deteotfvoa arraated £d Pey toa aad 
Lewis for taking $86 worth of oopp  r 
from the Kentucky Copper ai.d Iiol 
Works; also Ed Hall and Frank 
Johnson for taking brass Gxtureb f r . u. 
tho old steam fire engine stored in tL . 
abaadoaad work hoasa. ThsseN«^io 
boys mast waat tago to tha.Befurm 
School. They may aot Sad It such an 
attnetive place as some may think. 

Porter Jackson, farmer, says two 
ladiea have lately come to him for 
ooSas, ooafaaiaf his aasM with that 
of Fanar a 4aBksna, aadsrtahan aad 

liverymen. Six years ago, when the 
firm first started in business, an old 
lady approached the young man on 
the street, saying "Allow me to con- 
gratulate you, my boy. on engaging 
so astoaslYdy la yaar aaw baslasss " 
The individual name can not w^ be 
changed except by act of the Legisla- 
ture, but the firm might be reversed 
to Jackson A Porter, especially since 
tho laaidsat member, although the 
jaalor. Is so popalar aad 

Huna for tha PyiMaaat 

At a^Kgular seesioa of Btne €rrass 
Udga Ho 11. Kolghuof Pythiap, held 
MMd^ aight Jaaaaiy 18^ a raaola- 
tloa waa aaaaitMMuly adopted giving 
the Standard all of the priatlag ftyr 
the Ledge for a period of^ one year. 
The Standard returns tiianks, and in 
this connection desires to state that it 
a aplaadMly equipped job printicg 
as wall snppUai with lrs^«lass 
material aa aay ia Laalagtaa. Thara 
is no reason why the other "Lodges of 
the city should not emulate the action 
of Blue Grass Lodge. Build up your 
raoa oatorpriae. Our job patronage 
coBMo afaaast wholly from Hegroea, 
or doea not ooiao at alL Tho asoia 
printing yon bring to this oflice the 
better able we will be to defend your 
rights in the Standard, the organ of 


Mlas Sasia Lsjtoa of .Ohio street 
paaadharhoBso to tha Maeao Qab 
aad its f rieada Mday evoniag nf hMt 

week. The officers of this popular 
social organization of the younger 
set are W. W. Wallace. President; 
Henry Qathrlo, Ssoretaiy; aadBddie 
Shiaghtsr, Tkaaaarar. Other asam- 
bera piemen c wt^re J. O. Showes, Will 
Merritt, Ben Richardson, Will and Rob 
Roland, Will Harden, Gaz and Sant 
Showes, Gar and Ed Jackson, Charley 
aad Jaka MoGoy, Rraak Williams, 
Hoaaloj aad L. HUL Their girl 
gaeste were Susie and Ella lioyton, 
Ella J. Shoes, Sarah Bridges, Katie 
Carter, SueE. Martin, Mattie Graham, 
Nettie Brooks, Nellie Wilson, Martha 
Carneal, Mary Sight and Mary Curd. 
Bofr a ah maa ta weta aorved just before 

Idttla 8] 

At the last regular meeting of the 
Little Sparrow Juvenile Lodge officers 
were elected to positions as follows: 

Maiden Princess — Mary A. Tatman. 

naaaehd 8eoiatary~Ena J. Shores. 

Beoordlag^S i erat ar y— Vfaria Hayea. 

Treasurer — Emma Price. 

Youthful Master — Sheltoa TatSMm. 

Chaplain— Ella White. 

Inside Doorkeeper — Dow Russell. 

Outside Doorkeeper— Willie Fisher. 

Thia aaefnl organization is a branch 
of tho powoifal aad popoihtr Ualted 
Brothera of Frioadship and Slstsra of 
the Mystersous Ten. It Is beneficial 
to boys and girls and has a large and 
increasing membershi( . The regular 
meetings are held the fourth Monday 
ia eaeh m -ath. Tha aawly aleotod 
oAetrawlll bo iaetallad at tha Feb- 
roary' meeting 


Elder Samuel Buckner of Bourbon 
county is prol abIy the oldest Negro 
preacher in Kentucky, says the Paris 
News. He joined the Christian Church 
aadbr BMor Joha Bogars who bapdaed 
bias. Ho haa heard Ahriaadnr Oamp- 
bell. Barton Stone, aad other noted 
ministers, who have preached at Cane 
Rtd^e Chnrch in bygone days. Elder 
Buclcner is between 80 and 90 years of 
age and la tho father of 11 ahlldraa. 
Hastnipvaaohsa whsa thawaathsris 
aot tao bad for him to fill an engago- 
He was raised by Walker Bnckner's 
grandfather. Elder Buckner says h^ 
never was in court but onoo and then 
as a witnoas. 


TaaUthafaaHsef theloeedaaehievery- 
tUag bat untidy or soiled liaen. A dainty 
man draws the line on iliM— bat out be 
clothes-line, for the leU nit draw that. To 
look faassaealassly aeat aad pressnuble, 
and have your collar, taS or shirt ifio- 
proachable in rnlnr nr lack ef noleff ead 
finish, bring it to 

Kentucky Steam Ijaandry, 

W. N. CROPPER, Pbopkictdb, 
18 and 15 Sonth Upper Sliest. 
Tklcfhomk 210. 



And ( onnets, and are fully prepared 
to furnish the trade with anything in 
the Millinery Line, at the Lowest 
Possible Prices. Don't forget thia 

Mo. 38 iVest Main Street 

Call andaeotheiistoekaiidasmpaii 
piiess bafiofla haji^. 




fcmt stylM of 

B«winc iSachinaa w«) mAanfactar* and ttiair 
pncM bcfw* yoa porchaM any other. 

TK n MK SOnU HONK 81, 


THE STAN Da IV 1' West M.viy. 

JNO. W. 


The Grocer, 


la Head QaaiTers for SpriDg 

Siaiftle and Vaiiej C^roeturiML 
PHONB 51f , 

L. H. SaiincLers, 

Sanitar) Plumbing and Gas Fitting. 

6d EmI JItia Siraet 

Aboat Oar 


If there is one thing abo^e another for 
which Baaaett'a Shoe Store ia known it 
ia the rsliahilitt aai westhef oar feat- 


We have no room for shoddy ahoe^i, 
together with cheap woikiaaaahip — the 
kind that alwayr giree troaUe to the pnr- 


Our footwear is more carefully made in 
everr particular— the material is carefoUj 
aslsiled the saakiog is carefully done— 
the d ssi g as are artistic aad apaidaleb 

This kind cos's a little more in the be- 
ginning, bat i« mnch cheaper in the end. 
Bnt oar prices are reasonable and it always 
paya la iaspest oar geeds aad ast ear 

Men's Shooi 

Of proper weight for eold-dcy 
ing. High grades makes-' 
priced. $3 is enongh to pay. 

WomeH'g 8^Mi 

t H rta Oom offer sore pro- 
tection aaainat eold r-idewalka and the 
cl II ' f Ml ainda Many^tylc^ saaay 
k*n.!^,-$l.liO, t?j 

Boys' i^iitH 8 

7 h*« kind lliat will Maud all kiods of 
thuojpiog and banaipg. hWod ia the 
b^ l i i ai MlH well \Am hm^ t^ 
aawewtttsMjoo. fl Ml fl A fLM^ 


Girts' fibow 

W ea t^ retty, well-baih, Mia farass^ 
Tire and for good lookn. They are 
eos? to wear — and easier to bay. iXM^ 

$2.00, $2.50. 

Orli»*r ^l)o«»* 

Wce.ooea for toddlen ' iotn — warm felt 
aad doih one^ tor older feet— an licre 
ia picaij. •'Bw/ihlBK  ■ leelaeeg 
tolls it aUi«Wici. * 

S. Bassett 
& Sons 

Lincoln Lodge  A Masoos, Na 10, aicels 
First Friday in each saonth. John L. 
Tandy, W. M.. J. W. Colsmsa, Ssenlary 


Tkt people ol th* B. &,j 
mn wpaMng of gnrng • eoooert, m 
koBor ol their new hall. Kr. G. W. 
Drooler ii ioini^gerr 

We^ are pvood to know that the titk 
ia (Mu aiiigfcbwhBQj are isiproYiog. 

iMMHil ClffilY HAIR STRAIOrr. 

VotlslnK Mii6^ m tr. PwRI^It flw Tery beat prtp«^ 

to pare nd harmlMB tkflt K tnuk oe asM evcfyagrwRB 
perfect MiiifaeUoK It ianraa tte talrwken tard aa4 

i i  » m «»Kfrom brvUctawoff ana taBtac onl l 
der»4t Mft, jMlabte aad aUky. noartahmK the rooto aad 

alt ren !w« l Me «od vifior, oftca atartlBC a new 
and rmtorlnx tiie katr toHa a laiBl eater. Poll 
•a with each bottle. Pita ttmA ■•«Mli.«r 
ttiMSOcbomnforSl. aemAwnmerkffmkmmmfmm 
|tdaror rrsbrterr^ Mter. Write ytmt mmm mm ■#  


171 AuardMit St.. CHICAOCT 

Louis Zinzer 

Would Like to Get 

Ed Cheaaote to atort a real estate 


—Every body to bring their printing 
to this office. 
—J. Fb Bavtoa to give oar dtfaens 


Stoves Carpeto 



4« tMl 48 NorHi Uiiimr 

0^ Golden Bule 
Coal AND FeedCo^ 

Goal aad Feed m both 


BcmM Qualities, 
Full W^eights. 
Reasonable Prices. 

CSall at tb«r plaoee of baeioeai 

iel -auention fa giwm to all 

telephone 435. 

A. W. REDD, 



Gurry School, 
Urbana. Ohio. 

baildtagi end beautifal location. 
The be«t schmtl in (he North for colored 
people. Normal, Mosic, Liierarj, 
TiMolocieal, Sbonhaad 

Expcrieaead MedMie 


iShorthand, Typewrit- 
iag and BaiiiDen in one school jear. 
BoardiDK Departmeoi connecle l therewith. 

S. W- B, CUBBY, FzisoipaL 



fSBSt tieocge Street, OaciBBati 


Lunches 'cil^Z 

flsorg** Rslictr, Proprieliff 

at all hoiirs. 

F^^i"^ All Prieat 
FITTI90 Cheap aad good. 
tlOT WBAR 15 priae each 

M tet lain WVMt 

- S«t a oopf oMtOm Baadred Die- 
tSagaleked Inaders** at this offioefor 
Sftoeato Ftertndl aad eheteh 

to Tfall the par- 
eata of the ehl]dieai~thij taaah. 

— An i^nt in every citj, town aB  
Tillage in Kentnekj; alihetaloteto 

a good worker. 

— The citj to have better streets 
end eldewalka in all neighborhoods 
Hegroea live. 

who poff aad btow ahoat 
pclde patnmiae a rasa eatorpriae 
la pt rfe r e a i i i to wmj othet. 

— Certain Chnrch people to think 
more of Christ and ehont lose of their 

neighbor's private business. 

— Mmes. Jackson & Hatha way's 
miilinerj atore crowded with onslo 
aeera mwmrj Satarday night. 

r-Ftoaoaa owini^ mdie thaa three 
noath^ eahierlptlea to Idadty pay 
the eaaM hsfoia IMbraaiy 1& 

— A large and lucrative patronage 
for George Hart, the Colored Orphan 
Indnstrirl Home shoemaker. 

— Goodloetown, Branch Alley and 
Chicago Bottoms rolled into one large 
ball aai dumped toto the KeatMky 
river ler paMaeafiaa 

Oirtela paicato to ted o«t i^re 
their daoi^tere spend e great deal of 
their time, much to their disaraiUt, 
sometimes to their dishonor. 

— A eontract with every secret so- 
ciety in Lexington for one year*s 
priatial^ Waeaa save yoa mei^y- 
The K. of P. haeataipaij eoatnwIeiL 

Oae haadxad IPegpRsea with from 
$60 to $100 each to lake ehaiee ia the 
Caban Land Copipany. In fair Cnba 
a few blaek doUaif briag alftfge white, 

— The Indnstriftl Club to prepare 
to eatertaia distiognished ▼isiUm to 

eleo treat the  ibtte to 

Ho«M CaralraL 


— Oar school teachers and ministers 
to writing new iueas for the better- 
ment of the race; each wonld bf 
gladly received and pnblished free of 
charge. Sign yow aaaie. 

— Every r ea der to oeMI tUe dat aad 
maU to J. W. iTaieiittee fO Weet Male 

street with a twr-cent stamp for frer 
sample of the best Laundry Bluing in 
ibe merket. It will pay yon to send 


— ^Tlie Colored ^gricnltural and Me- 
chaalcal Aeaoeietloa to establish som  
real hailaeee eaterpriee ta whiiAom 

yonag men and women who have 
finished their schooling could find 
profitable employment and become 
tiQtive and qieful factors in the body 
politic, working out the future salva- 
tion of hQndreds of able Mlads, skill- 
ful hands aad lagenttoiis htalae whieb 
wttiwM ooneetgaidaBee a^ BMtaria* 
aid from soma eoaiea wUl dwiadk 

' Gniounuxi, Omo, | 

H. & Brooha, the Fraaana lap- 
reseatative. of 625 WalsateHaev ie 
sufiering with rhnaitatism 

Mr. 6aiith haa latuaad oa hie raa 

again after a week's illness 

Mrs. Kemp is still oa the 
and does not seem to imprcve. 

Mr. and Mrs. Underlain left for 
WasbiugtoB when thej wiU nside in 
the tuiuie. 

The Thirty-second Anniversary oi 
Ziou Baptist Sunday School was held 
last Sunday alternoon. The priuci- 
pie speaker 00 the prograai was Hon 
W. H. Fhihaai. a teadiag Negro 
lawyer of Cjaeiaaati, aad tonaarly a 
la em h e c of lha Ohio ^i^ gM a tiie 

Mi; AltK Madfaea af 788 West 
Ooort anraei fa 9«ito la at hfa 

Thatoaeial of W, & Ttiidafa took 
pfaea at the Epfaeopal Ghaieh Taee- 
day Januaij 88. Ha was bufad with 
Pythiaa hoaon. 

The Evangelist Freed is halpiag 
Dr. Cony la hfa lavival bm 

Mrs. 8. B. May weather haa SMfed 
her residenee 10 913 Joha H 

Mrs, Fannie Butts has retorned to 
New York City, after a two weekt» 
stay with Miss Miimadufliaith of 428^ 
Sixth street. 

Miss Nora Gross, teacher at Wash 
iugton. Kj.,who was visiting her aunt 
Mrs. Nora Taylor, has returned to her 


Mr. Samueh Clark ia very much 
improved in health. 

The Elks will give their first grand 
ball on January 31. — 

Bev. Porler of St. Louis preached 
his farewell sennoo Sunday eyening. 
He has been helping Bev. Harris in 
aHiai If asu 

] Baptiauig was a put of the ■(^ioe 
i^ Zion Chueh last Soailay avfiping. 
ChtiiiWMi two happy seofa niiad 

CoMUtatioa 8inot ;Christiaa 

at It a» m.eai 

7JD p. m. Pkaier asesihiff Wedeewiay 

night at 7i« eltt»Bk. M. F. 

Gaaa Ghapal, M. & Udereh, conMf of 
0awc«aaadLocke'stieala. Sooday ccbool at 

»a.Bs., PveMhiof atU a.a».aM*P* 
Biiv. U. C 
iOOPs e e w atreBi. 

Aflbnrj M. E. chareb, corner High and 
tfualh MUlaueai*. Order of ssrvfasK IhH 
day sckoel 1MM  ». m. Preaching 11 a. m. 

aud 8:00 p. ni. ^knDger8 welcome. J. M. 
Kuw pastor. Bwiit^-' 260 East feihori 

Pilgrim Bapiint Church, comtf Mill and 
Walnut street.". £•▼• Kichard & Adams, 
p«M. Haaday Seheel «J0 a. as. Fneeh- 
lug at 11 a. lit, and 8 p. m.; alao every 
Aedneaday aigau Frajrer m a st i ng Friday 
uighU ~ 




Regular $12 

to $15 Suits 

Quino Chapel, Akican Malhodiai Epis- 
copal— Evana 6(reet, Yelimantuwn. bun 
d»y Kciiuol y a. BB. ttervieca 11 a. m. and 
8 p. m. ClasB Meeting oa Xeesday aad 
Friday aights. Bev. W. a Jeass^ pealor. 
51 Lee Stret- 1. 

FintCoBgrcgaiioBal Chnrch, West Short 
Mrsti. Bev. H. L, Johaaaa, pastor; icsi- 

tienoe 216 West Second street. Sunday 
school at 9:30 a. m.; Mra. E. K. Johnson, 
auperinicndcat. Song aud prajcr aerTioe 
Wedaesdav at 7d» m. Christiaa En- 
deavor Society Snadiiy at dsWfwSk Alt 
areiariled lu thsie 

Thaia^tal athUflf On 

are doUg-fOod wuric. 

D.^. Cfark is repiMtiBg the 
Bnjal Bshefir and life fiMoraaoi 

Hello .Gto^naatii Thfa fa thaLas- 
ingtoa Staadwd. Oar eqllaetor wilt 
ba orar In a Jmt dayn, please be read} 
topay Bbd for your subscription op 
to d«% aad kindly oblige. Good bye. 


Owr Oosiatnr CowetM. 


Maodoxyille. Kentucky, 
Jamiary 22, 1900 

Mr. Eliiah Morton is quite ;!l yet. 

Mi8 John Holemen is able to be 
out again. 

Mr. Robert Warfield is progresring 
nicely in his grocery. 

The I. B. & S. T. Lodge is very 
dutiful to her sick members. 

Sunday was a very nice day, and 
people gaUiered- at church same as 

Onr Sabbath School is improving 
nicely, new officers were elected for 
this year. 

The Standard is highly appreefated, 
in this ooannnaity, and anny speak 
of taking it. ^   



January 16, 1900. 

As there yet remains aplaoecalleu 
Nicholasviile we desire it to be hearo 
trom. -It isthe unly anii-eiectric ligb. 
city ia the State, and on account o  
Its poor lights it is sometimes called tht 
ightuiug bug villia^e. We live ii 
hope ol having eleetifa- lights if th# 
0oard of Conncilmea will eear deaidfr 
that the eity is finaaehdly able to af • 
lord an.alaatffa-%htplaat. 

fioY. J. W. Clark, pail^ of Bap- 
(fak chnreh has orgaaised IhaT.F. 
b. W., whi^ meets ayevy Saaday ai 
dnoTetoek: Mis. F. R Dangherty, 

First Baptist Oaieh, 
l e»ecs streets, Lexington iLy. Order of 
services Uundar school 9:30 s. m , Preach 
iu« at 11:30 a. ni., 8.00 p. m., l:*r«T«r oieet- 
iog OB T e as da y »ad Tkaisdav eigbu; 8. 8. 
Teachers meatiog, Satntday afierooou at 5 
p. m., Church iu«etint(, first Thursday 
night in each month. Strangers cordiallj 
iDviicd to legnlar aaeviess. liUv, % P. 
Yoaac a JJL peeler. BssidsaselAOstiell 

Pleasant Green Baptist Church, comer 
MazweM aad Fatienoa sUesM^ Leziacion 

Kt. Order uf Servicer Sunday school 
9:30 a. m., Pnsaching 11:30 a. m. and 8 p. m. 
Choir practice Thuntday 8 p. m.. Preach 
inc Wedaesday 8 pw as., Firaycr saaatiag 
Miaf 8 p. Literary Tueaday 8 p. m 
(Jommnnion the fourth Lords Day 3 p. m. 
Strangers and friends are invilcd to attend 
Uev.J. JL 



AIS Of rEftlNH 

some exceed 'Dgly 

ITniedeemed Diamonds 


Ladies' and Gents' GOLD-FILL£D WATCHES, Biagi^ Jeaeliy, £u; 

Money Also Advanced 


D. ADLER & SON, "i^^^^uTk, 



Mills Co. 

MesMa. M. D. Mebham and D D 
Arnold haea letnned to Wiibertoroe 
O., wLete they will attend sehotd. 

Prof. James Mclahaas will close hi* 
8ob iol Friday at Keene 

Mmb R. B Martin hm rseofisved 

from a short illoefs. 

Miss C. 6. Browu will ret am to 
Indianapolis in a few days. 

Mr. Pieman Block and wife por- 
chosed the grocery store of Giliiert H 
Miller last week, and are eelling at 

roek bottom cost. 

J. O. Leviogston will remain in 

CuIm until Spring. 

Mrs. J. W. Waide entertained h«r 
Sunday School t-lase from six to eight 
Saturday evening at her residence on 
MainGrtoa Stnat, : 

Bev. J. Ml Tamer, tl^ Presiding 
Eldar p r ea ch e d a Toiy iatseesting ser* 
Mweuiay ai A. M. S. ahwah, 

BiMWm Bttllwiif « 

^JODTUERN 'baILWAT with coi- 
tions, presents the most superior ochednles^ 
through carservice and transportation ar- 
raafssisBls aeacraUy, eteT alsrii to the 
traveler to Soothem Resorts. 

DocBUS-DAUiT Tbains from Cincinnati 
and Lottisvilie, in connection with the 
Queen AC V ssesat Beals^ via ChelUlioaga, 
Jesap and The Phurt flieleas 

Ihsuuoh Suupivo-Cab from Cincio- 
uaii to J ackaonrille, with convenient ooo- 
uections from liOoiByille^ vie Kaoxfille, 
Ashefille and Savannah, TUa ia the 
iceaic Route thruairh the Moaotains of 
W'rsteru North Carolina -"Tbe Land oi 

Alec through Sleeping-cara from St. 
Ltouis to JackMoavilk^ ia rnnaaclioa with 
he L. E. A 6t. L. 'Kailroad, (Air Line,) 
'la Looiafiiie; aad through Sle«ping cart  
from Ksnaas Ciijr to Jackaonviile, ? ia the 

C F. & A M. BailrvMS, ia noaatctioa 
tfirmioghauj, A tlania, Jraop and The Plant 
■ jMmm, The iaai Kansas Cily-Jacksou- 
vilie Li m h ed. e«ly thirt y s ig h t boete fMt 
^anaae City to JackaooTille. 

All Agents of Coonecting lines sell 
ituoogh Winter £sGtusion tickets Tta TUE 
•OUrHBBN RAILWAY lo th4 Resorts 
J Fkmda ^ ihe^lSeath. , 

Maps, schedales^ booklets and informa- 
iioa mailed free to any sddretts by 
Aaai.GeaLFsssr. Acsat. 

C. A. BAIRD, Loniavilie^ Ky. 

Trareling PaMcnger Agent. 

A IHtfilielit Ride To Memphla. 

The ChesapC'tke aud Ohio Railway can 
Aar its peiroas a new trata service to 
Paducab, Mempbi( , New Orleans and olhvr 
puinia south that will prove satislaewwy in 
ever J t expect.. 

Tbe F^st Bapfcas trala leaving Lexing- 
ton at 8:20 a. n., daily coaeseis ia the Ua- 
ion Station in Loui»Tilie with th« Illiaoi« 
Cebtral Lioiiicd leariog LooisTiiie at 12 
o^dodt aoow arriving at Memphis Kh&O 
p. m , aaaM mnmmg aad alBew Oriceaa at 
lOM a. m., next momiar. 

la addition to tbe regular Vestibuled 
service, this traia will carry a Puliman 
ToofislSlssfarwhick wril laave LoaisyiUe 
ererv Mopday and Friday and ruaaii^ 
tlrongh to San Frascicco with out change 
Thia ursinia in addition to the Fast night 
Liaefaavifcl^i^ille et t:4Q p. m., fpr 
MemphH alifw Orieaaa aad eU 1^ 






  1 ' ^«ajr 



Take pleaaare in aanooncing to the onhlic that they have made « xpense 

rhsy hava Haw Osrrlagaa, Sarreys, Traps Baggies, and first-class Morses. 

In tiie TJzidiQrtaJs±ng IDeiDa.rtrxient 

Their stock is large and complete in every partienlar. and they invite u i 
.pection of their goode aad a eoaparieoa elPrieee with any other hooa 
the elty. They gaavantee perfect sarvlea la mj fliparfssL 





44 MwtaiiiaMMoiMi 

mm, Licf mm 
am mai 

t Nke Onter 


Fine Kui£  
Pictan^ FHseb 

DON'T FAIL Tj^ ^^^^ stock m^*^ « »^»«^^ 


EHM i reasonable, pi i«*^H ili'^ 


Wtheeilf whahava peiew to Sui' ».«  

Our Motto Is Oliaritv. 

Charity begins at home, so we. yo?r home Undertakers and Livt- rvn 
at home in order that we may bee kelp to onr many friend 

htht to as. ' We are doing 

atiktly lor oeiaelvea sad 

11 bo* 

WeJbi^ 0ur torn mt^ii th^ hugr«^ 
tbe World aid cwi 86U at tlie Jerj Li*wr8t i'rw*^^ 

We can laraish yoa wit^aavthing in the Uodertakcff's liaa. The bc»t * ''^j^ 
furnished yoo lor fooerab. We make no delavs when railed l.^oa, * 

for hire with the verr best driviuK ho 

Give oa a call. 

44 West Vine Street, 

Lexington standard (Lexington, Ky.), 1900-01-27

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