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date (1884-10-01) newspaper_issue DAILY SOUTH KENTUCKIAN. 



They ilshcd 

When Iholr h, a. 


Three flshev* went snillnir out Into the East, 
Where the miIIIiik •!  lies' anil the (tailing ill 
lenst : 

Joy ftnt upon eneh piseatnriRl mug*, 

And i hey carried tbelr buit In u J, u, g, Jug. 

They oast In their llne« with the tldo running 

And they taunted the llsh with hilarious 

sunset, from bright rosy 

t, wasg, o, n, e, gone. 

When homo they would sail, thero was no 

Pothey'n^torow hn.ii 'gainst tho t, 1, d, e; 
An our Is u thing that no man unite ratands. 
And they t , I, 1, a, tored tho palms of their 
hands, ^ 

Now, safo on the ahoro most devoutly they 

They might go to n store und 1 , u.y, some fish, 
And proudly eaeh m. n, n, shouhlers his rial 
And bears home a string of smoked burring 
and cod. 

Oh woe to the f, I, a, h, er. who brings 
Aa the prey of tho angler, salt t oil alid such 

Or a ean of oove oysters, and swears that ho 


Every ova, t, e, r, with n line and a hook. 

— B. J. iluroVKr, in Hit llroukli/ii Rogto  


Tho sight ui a lizard crawling over 
tho walls of her house would doubtless 
horrify mid distrust an Aruorican house-- 
keeper, and tliu appearance of ono of 
tho dreadful creatures in her parlor or 
drawing-room might drivo her to tho 
vetge of distraction. Tho sensation 
caused by a nionse is nothing compared 
to what a liiard might do in the sarao 
line. In India, howovor, things are 
different. The housewifely Instincts of 
an English or American woman (hero 
are probably no leas refined than thoso 
of a raroftil woman in thia country, hut 
atill she does not. mind, seeing lizards in 
any part of her house* She na* become 
used lo tho dark tittle fellows, aim 
knows that they are harmless, useful and 

Those house lizards are seldom over 
six inches long. Their color is mottled 
crayish-hrown, which; in its irregular 
lines, sometimes looks like the grain of 
a piece of wood. They are Hat in shape, 
lie elu-e lo a surface, and against a light 
background have somewhat tho appear- 
ance of a miniature squirrel's skin 
nailed lo a barn Moor to dry. While 
ha\ inn a l» ny struoturo, the skeleton of 
a lizard is much of It of a cartilaginous 
nature, not so soft.howcvcr, as to pro- 
vent a quite rapid motion on the part of 
the reptile. The soles of the feet aro 
made for running along or up a hard, 
amonth wall and even neross the ceil 
ing, though in trying the latter feat the 
lizard sometimes gets a fall. Tho little 
creatures aro frequently seen effhsing 
each other on the walls or beams of a 
' building, or playing at bide and sock 
. among the furniture. 

■*tk 1 : "' '* * "' l'attimc, 

tnese and other small insects serving as 
food, and tho dexterity with whieh they 
capture their prey is remarkable. Their 
.■rases of sight, hearing or smell must 
bo wonderfully acute. Discovering a 
fly on the wall, fulry tea feet away, a 
Hzard, will Mar* for it, running at full 
■paqd ami in a straight lino until about 
a foot from tbe object, when it.s motion 
becomes more and more slow and as 
^atcaltliy as a cat's when stalking a 
'mouse. The creature hardly teems to 
*k advance, but gradually draws near the 
', in . . I When within ad Inch of the fly, 
the liraVd's body shoots forward like * 
* flash, the feel still sticking to the wall, 

A pair of those interesting creatures 
once made their home iryyj»»r-aroiiDd an 
American missionary's desk. Tbey laid 
their eggs in an empty wafer box, but 
the young never seemed to linger about 
the old homestead. The parent lizards 
remained, however, for several months, 
and might have stayed longer had not 
one of them been crushed by a book 
tossed upon a newspaper under whioh it 
was hiding. One of this pair was a lit- 
tle larger, darker and bolder than tbe 
other, and was supposed to bo tbe male. 
When not foraging for flies, the two 
seemed to take a special delight in 
watching the desk ownor at. his work. 
They would peer at him from among 
the papers in the pigeon-holes, or from 
the shelves which rose behind tho desk; 
They rarely descended to the desk 
propor when the gentleman was present, 
and only once did tho male muster tin 
courage enough to taste a drop of milk 
placed on the desk for hinl. The usual 
programme was for the little ereal ores 
to crawl stealthily out from their retire- 
ment, advance boldly a few stops and 
then turn tail and scaui| cr back aa it 
half frightened to death. Tbey were so 
•hy that tho slightest move or sound 
would at any time send them to thoir 
hiding places in a hurry. 

Tho bu/./.ing of a fly, caught and held 
between the missionary's lingers, 
would generally bring them from their 
biding places, but they never seemed to 
care to touch an insect which they had 
not caught themselves. They korlt tho 
desk tolerably clear of vermin, and for 
this, if nothing more, would haveMieen 
always welcome to free lodgings. Ono 
day, however, as a sort of warning of 
coming danger, probably, the femnln 
fell from a shelf ami broke her tail off. 
Shortly afterward her mate was killed 
and then she loft. Other lizards took 
possession of the desk, but they did not 
acorn to care try make friends and wero 
left alone.— J. F. derrick, in Congrcga- 


—Thirst and starvation have caused 
the recent death of two thousand head 
of cattle in one drore at Coahuila, 

—The aqueduct pf Washington, D. 
C, furnishes the city twenty-five mil- 
lion gallons of water every twenty-four 

—At a late fashionable wedding in 
England the bride's bouquet, composed 
of white lilies, was large enough to fill 
a big wheelbarrow. 

I — Rural Congressmen will be allowed 
two million bushels of seeds to dis- 
tribute among thoir constituents this 
year. — Chicago Times. 
— A patient in the Nevada Insane 

Asylum grasped his windpipe so fiercely, 
under the impression that a frog was in 
his throat, the other day, that it re- 


Sold tat Uadlag Dealer la Kwry City aaJ Taws. 

His JEWELRY HOUSE Is ahead of anything in the business. He 
has the largest stock of the Latest Styles, and the finest quality of 
goods, and lower prices than any other house. His workmanship cannot 
be excelled, and his experience has been nearly a quarter of a century, 

f big mouth opens and shuts like a steel 
trap, there is a slight convulsive gulp, 
ana the drama of Jonah and the whale 
has been re-enacted, tho fly taking the 
pari of Jonah. Sometinfbs n lizard will 
oako a complete or partial circuit of its 
going above and descending 
1 downward on the prey, approach- 
ing it from below or seeking lo make 
the. attack from some other direction. 

The strangest thing about a lizard is 
it* power of losing its tail and having it 
glow out again, tho second tail being 
shorter and less perfect thnn the origi- 
nal ono. Tho tail is simply a muscular 
appendage into whieh the back Ixvne 
does not seem to extend. It is about 
two-thirds as long as the lizard's body, 
quitn large where it joins the body, and 
'.. gradually tapers to a point A fall or 
• a blow will break il oft, but even when 
biufilctcly detached it will retain life 
for half an hour or more, .squirming like 
ft worm, twisting, doubling up and oven 
jumping around as actively asa minnow 
out of water. This activity grows more 
„ and more fnint till tho tail is dead and 
Stiff. When it is broken into pieces the 
fragments show life, hut of course tho 
power of motion is limited by the size of 
the piec e A lizard, like, all reptiles, is 

Id blooded." so that a detached tall 

•r its parts bleed but little. 

Thoso house lizards' oergs are as 
round as mnrhlos and about the aizo of 
small peas. Their shells aro as thin as 
paper and exceedingly brittle. They 
are deposited in out-of-the-way nooks— 
on the tops of or behind books as thoy 
stand on shelves, in unused table draw- 
ers or in the pigeon holes of desks. 
When freshly laidthcy are of a cream 
color, but become a very pale blue, liko 
well watered milk, as the hatching time 
draws near. A newly hatched lizard is 
an exceedingly lively little fellow; and 
sometimes, when an egg is knocked 
from its resting place and broken, tho 
occupant, after a second or two of 
astonishment at so sudden an introduc- 
tion into the world, will dart away into 
m a place of concealment with as much 
™ agility as if it were fully grown. The 
young lizards enoounter many dangers. 
Large spidors lie in wait for them, drive 
tbom into the oornera, tangle thein in 
webs and suck the blood from the 
oungstors »t their leisure: marauding 
"ick wasps sometimes find the little 
lows a convenient prey with which to 
stuff thoir nests; and there are other 
aid equally successful moans for be- 
reaving tie mother luarda 

The Hague. 

Tho Hague is an excellent "foot- 
hold" or starting point for many places 
of interest lying thereabouts, iwth land- 
ward and seaward. In itself It Is ono 
of the most charming of all the towns 
in the Low (Countries. It has all the 
fresh, brisk air of a seaport, without 
quite so many of tho serious and sub- 
stantial odors of harbor mud at low 
tide that one gets so often in a seaport 

There is also a -quaint, genial air of 
court gentility still lingering about its 
many palatial residences. It is easy to 
see that at one time its dream, its idtal, 
was Versailles. Not any vain attempt 
to outshine its queenly splendors is evi- 
dent; but over much that remains ot 
the !x st part of the Hague of the eigh- 
teenth century -which is a very promi- 
nent part indeed -there is a light, 
flourish), courtly touch that takes onf 
back to tho time of powdered wigs, and 
of patches deftly placed iiear dimples 
and at outer corners of roguish eyes, of 
jeweled snuff-boxes and sedan chairs, 
and the loftiest of high-heeled brocado 
shoes. Yet there is much that is mod- 
ern and Parisian. iThcre is also a good 
fair bit that was built when the Dutch 
bad an architecture of their own. when 
they were making glorious chapters of 
history, when l heir Hags were flying in 
every clime, and tbey wore good bard 
hitlers by sea and land. 

The vague excitement-hunting, mere 
sight-seeing tourist could "do" tho and all about it In a good long 
day, and forget all almiit it before the 
next morning, and lie ready again for a 
similar dose; but to those who have an 
Interest In matters of Dutch history, its 
art, or its past, or its piclusesque, pros- 
perous present the Hague would afford 
pleasant' exploring ground for a week 
or mole. Even the artist, working at 
Siheveningen, would perhaps live 
cheaper and more pleasantly at the 
Haguo— only a few minutos oft by train. 
Selievenlngcn is all very well when one 
has a "purpose," and does not mind ex- 
pense and discomfort in pursuit of it; 
but if the skctcher wishes to exist in 
quiet and comparative economy, or 
even If he wishes his money's worth of 
luxury, tho Hague itself "is the best 
placo'to stay at At least such is my 
experience. Not far from Scheven- 
ingen by the coast— six miles, about— 
is Katwyk, the smaller sister fisher vil- 
lage, and growing up to bo a fashion- 

ablo sea-side resort Katwyk has the | 

samo exhilarating air and movement aa 
Schovcningcn. One is lifted ovor its 
breezy dunes as if with winged feet. 
There is a mad impulse to catch ono of 
tbe tanned fish-girls around her ample 
waist and have a wild careeriug wait* 
across the level sands. Katwyk is much 
more quiet and retired than her neigh- 
bor, while for artistic purposes I think 
it has many advantages. There is moro 
variety of landscape Tine in its environs, 
and quite near lies the village of Kat- 
wyk-Whhin, full of picturesque ma- 
terial. In faot, I found it of more in- 
terest to rae than Katwyk-on-Sea.— 
Harper's Magazine. 



— A chicken rooster entered a lady's 
house the other day, and seeing himself 
reflected in a large, handsome mirror, 
deemed it his bounden duty to go for 
the reflected intruder, and he forthwith 
throw himself against the mirror, shat- 
tering it all to pieces. With tbe break- 
ing of the glass his shadow disappeared, 
and he concluded be had demolished 
his supposed antagonist The noise 
brought the good lady into the house, 
when she found her valuable mirror in 
ruins and the rooster perched on the 
marble slab crowing for victory. — 
—Boston Budget. 

— It is estimated that the average eoet 
to the people is five thousaud dollar* 
for each bill passed by Congress. 

quired some hours to resuscitate him. 

—Cryolite, a mineral which is of groat 
value in the potash manufacture, has 
been discovered in the Yollowstono 
I'aftjt. Heretofore it has been obtained 
only In Greenland. —8an Francisco Call. 

—Parrot-dealers of the East are mak- 
ing money by teaching their parrots to 
croak "Kiss me, darling." Ladies aro 
vory fond of tho feathered tribe when 
they can speak ao lovingly.— Chicago 

—In an English criminal trial there 
are no exceptions, after a verdict of 
guilty, no matter how erroneous the 
law has been laid down or how illegal 
the conviction, there follows no appeal 
except for mercy at the Home Office, 
which is rarely granted. 

— Ont of the twenty-two Boston ladies 
counted on tho piazza of an Isle of 
Shoals hotel, eighteen wore eye-glasses 
or spectacles, and ten had scientific 
books in their hands. The intellectual- 
ity of tho place is consequently most 
pronounced. — N. Y. Mail. 

—The first corn crop of Mexico has 
proved a disastrous failure, and as the 
weather has been too dry to plant the 
second, the farmers have given up hope 
of a corn harvest until next June. This 
will necessitate a great demand for corn 
raised in tho United States. — Chicago 

— Curious wedding cards appealed at 
Guadalajara, Mexico, recently. Thoy 
read: "The rector of the Catholic 8a- 
grario. Rev. Dr. Barbosa, acting under 
authority of tho Archbishop, has refused 
to marry me to Irene Moreno. I have 
married her according to the civil code, 
and now have the honor to offer you an 
invitation to our house on Calle Car- 
men, No. 81. Gregorio Saavedra." 

Writing to a German newspaper, a 
victim of Daltonianisra, or color blind- 
ness, protests against the tendency to 
the exclusion of tho so-called color 
blind from lives of activity in which the 
recognition of color Is an element . He 
declares that, although the sensations 
are difforent, persons afflicted wiih Dal- 
toninnism possess a distinct recognition 
of tbe different bands of the spectrum, 
and are consequently as capable of dis- 
tinguishing color signals from each 
oi her as persons with normal vision. 

—While Washington was President 
tho Congress Springs, at Saratoga, was 
discovered by a member of C ongress 
from New York, who was gunning on 
the site. There are now fifteen to 
thirty springs in tho vicinity, not very 
different In character. The Congress 
Spring is still tho most celebrated. Tho 
Hathorn Spring, discovered about thir- 
teen years ago, has become its princi- 
pal competitor. For nearly a hundred 
years Saratoga has been celebrated, and 
continues to be the most remarkable col- 
lection of mineral springs in tho United 
States. —N. ¥. Tribune. 

—The principal feature about a China- 
man's costume is the fact that nothing 
ever fits but his stockings. His clothing 
consists really of three or four shirts or 
garments made after the fashion of a 
shirt, each opening in front and having 
five buttons, a sacred number. These 
buttons are never »n a straight row. but 
in a sort of semi-circlo half round the 
body. Tbe outer garments have sleeves 
a foot longer than the arm, a fact which 
affords abundant opportunities for theft. 
A Chinaman's jackets are his thermom- 
eter. He will say: "To-day is three 
jackets cold, and "if it increases at this 
rate to-morrow will be four or live jack- 
ets cold."— Chicago Herald. 

—We think of Wyomlug Territory as 
a desert and of Cheyenne as a frontier 
camp, but a New" Yorker lately re- 
turned from that Rocky Mountain set- 
tlement says that he found there a gen T 
tlemen's club as complete as any in 
Now York, Tho members are princi- 
pally rich oattle owners, many ol them 
Englishmen. Tho club house is illu- 
minated by tho .incandescent electric 
light and acac/from Delmonico's looks 
after the cuisine. Turkish rugs, marble 
statuary, a fine library, rich chande 
liers, tropical plants, etc., adorn the 
interior. He also says that as elegant 
equipages arc to be seen every day in 
the streets of Cheyenne as in New York. 
-N. Y. Herald. 

— Johai tells a story of a gypsy which 
illustrates the happy freedom from all 
the ordinary restraints of civilization 
which characterizes tho race. This 
gypsy was the happy father of a flour- 
ishing progeny of twelve children, one 
of whom a hunter happened to shoot 
one day, mistaking it for bis more law- 
ful prey. To console the unhappy 
father the repentant hunter gave him a 
compensation in money, which he 
deemed approaching adequacy from his 
own point of view, put which seemed so 
magnificent to the gypsy father that he 
ventured to suggest that if bis benefac- 
tor should think of hunting again he 
still had eleven children who might be 
turned to account by a similar advan- 
tageous mistake. —Manhattan. 



Main Street, Opp. Court House, HOPKINSV1LLE, KY i 

On the Hte. Marie. 


the most turbulent parts of the channel. 
Ono man sits in the storn, and wita a 
Mary's River separates American | H j n g. fi 0 ar holds her head in the dash- 

and Canadian territory, and connect* 
Lako Huron with the vast fresh water 
sea of Lake Superior. The river or 
strait is about sixty miles long, and 
is difficult of navigation. Two or 
three miles wide at the mouth and stn I- 
dod with numerous islands, beautiful 
in tho bright days of summer, it nar- 
rows at many points, and opcus out 
into picturesque lagoons. The Sault, 
or rapid propor, is only three-quarters 
of a mile in length, with a descent of 
twenty-two foot, it has no bold preci- 
pices over which the stream throws it* 
its water in foam, but tho river rushes 
down the slope in fury, whirling around 

ing stream, steady as though at anchor, 
tho light bir. h bark rising over the boil- 
ing rapids and its delicate bow part- 
ing the waters gracefully. The art of 
thus managing tho frail skiff has never 
be?n attaiuod, it is said, by any white 
man. The Indian who handles tho net 
peers down into the waters, dips it 
quicklv at the right time, and takes tho 
fish as he is struggling bravely against 
the current. When the fish are plen- 
tiful a score or more of canoes put out 
into the rapids, and the scene is one of 
interest and excitement Shooting the 
rapids is a common amusement to dar- 
ing travelers. Thoy walk up tho river- 

A Drummer Sold. 

nnd among the Kmall'islands which are j ott nk to the head of the falls, step 

scattered in its course, and leaping wild 
ly overmany bowlders. It it navigable 
enough for the light birch barks of tho 
Indians, but only half a conturv ago it 
used to place au effectual bar to the 
progress of largo vessels. Thirty-five 
years since a single schooner sulliced for 
the traffic of Lako Superior, and five 
years later three more were all that 
the comnierco of the inland sea de- 
manded, but the construction of the can- 
al, about twenty-five years ago, at once I 
made a change," and openeda passage j 
for continuous navigation. The canal t 
is a noble monument of engine . i ing I 
skill, commercial enterprise, and wiso 
I iberality on tho part of the Slate of | 
Michigan. It was built by the funds of 
the State, supplemented by a grant from 
Congress of one hundred and fifty thou- 
sand acres of land. It is a mile and a 
half long, seventy foet deep, and coni 
structed of colossal masonry. The 

a canoe with an Indian guide, and rush 
down some one of tho channels. If 
everything goes right all is well, but a 
little oversigTit, in all probability, costs 
you your lite. 

Sault Ste. Marie can bo reached, as 
we have said, in the summer by steam- 
er from the States by Cleveland or 
Chicago, or from Canada by way of 
Collingwood or Georgia Bay. Pasing 
through the canal, the vessels touch at 
Marquette, the center of the iron trade 
of tho district and Keweenaw Point, 
tbe seat of the first and principal cop- 
per-mining town, till thoy reach Su- 
perior Bay, with Superior City, in Wis- 
consin, on ono side, and Diilulhin Min- 
nesota, on tho other, the head of the 
grandest line of fresh-walor navigation 
in tho world. From the Gulf of St. 
Lawrence, through tho rivers St. Law- 
rence, Niagara, Detroit, St t lair, and 
St Mary, and Lakes Ontario, Erie, St 

"I wondor if that pretty girl over 
there is not a flirt," said one drummer 
to another ori an incoming Illinois Cen- 
tral train the other day. 

"She looks like it," said his compan- 
ion, "and what is more, she and I have 
passed a good many happy hours to- 
ge her. I've staid many a night at her 
father's house; but I don't do that any 
more, and if you can make a mash on 
her, go ahead." 

The other drummer went over to 
whore she sat and said; 
"Permit mo, madam.'' 
"Certainly," sho replied. 
"My friend over there says he has 
known you for some time," he continued 
into I 88 lie sat dow"- Sl,c blushed and smiled 
sweetly as she acknowledged tho old ac- 

"Very nice fellow," said tho drum- 

-Do you think soP" said tho woman, 

"Bully fellow, but he ain't very pop- 
ular with tne girls. Don'tseom to caro 
much about 'cm." 

"Don't he?" she archly inquired. 
"Not vory much." 

"But it's different with me. I like 
him ever so rnm'h." 

"Happy old boy! Say, you couldn't 
lovo me a little as his proxy, could 

posits in the neighborhood, and its ag- 
ri"ultural development is overshadowed 
by that of Minnesota But the country 
around is highly romantic, and it will 
always be a favorite resting-place foi 
seekers after sport or natural beauty. 
Wild-ducks by thousands skim ovor tho 
waters, or fly away in alarm before the 
steamer. Hero and there may still be 
seen the smoko ascending from tho 
Indian camp fires curling up into the 
still air, while an occasional canoe steals 
gently along tho shore. In a calm day 
of autumn tho visitor, may in these 
lovely bays or amid the wooded islands, 
imagine himself in the land of dream9. 
— Harper s Bazar. 

The Mulf or Mexico anil Us Stream. 

At the American Science Association 

id ol 

locks, two in number, are among the I Clair, Huron, and Superior, the dis 
largest in tho world, and are wide 't wnc0 i 8 two thousand two hundred 
enough to admit the largest boats in m j| e s. Tho fiwn of Sault is the seat 
tho trade. In winter, however, trade | 0 f a United States fort, but is not ol 
is susponded on this waterway; the muu h importance. There is nothing to 
boats can rarely enter the lake, on ac- brulcl it up; there are no mineral de- 
count of the ice, earlier than the first 
of May, and navigation ceases in No- 
vember, as tho fail storms are verv se- 
vere. Ten years agoajourney lothe Sault 
in winter was an arctic expedition: 
the mails to the fort were carried in 
sledges drawn bv dogs, and. took a fort- 
night on the journey. In summer reg- 
ular steamers, as well appointed as any 
Atlantic fleet, run from Chicago and 
Cleveland, and the travel on them is im- 

The Sault Ste. Mario is historic 
ground. Though these eddying rapids 
passed the first missionaries and ex- 
plorers of the unknown West, the La- 
sallcs.-tho Joliots, the Hennopins, and 
not far from thoir rushing waters, in 
Michilimaokinac. lie tho bones of 
Marquette, the explorer of tho Missis- 
sippi. Hero the fathers established 
their central station, whenco they j 
could start out to visit all the tribes of I 
the North nnd West, and whither they j 
could return when wearied with their I 
labors or in want of supplies. Father 
Jogues pitched his tent here in 1640. and 
in 1671, on the very site of the modern 
town, an envoy of the Most Christian 
King had a grand council with scvoral 
thousand Indians for making a treaty 
of offensive and defensive alliance 
against tho incursions of thoso friends 
of our school-boy days, the Six Nations. 
The river is the only outlet lrom the 
vast lake, but some Iheo.ies have been 
advanced to favor tho con  ture that 
there exists a subterranoan channel, for, 
after all allowances for evaporation, 
it is difficult to conceive that one chan- 
nel can carry off the superfluous water 
lrom such an immcn-e lake, whose 
area is K2.000 square miles, and whoso 
tributaries drain more than twice that 
extent of territory. 

The Indians have mostly been con- 
verted long ago to the Roman Catholic 
faith, the missionary work having been 
begun by the martyr of the lroquis, 
the Fath'or Jogues just mentioned. The 
French settlers and pioneers, to their 
lasting credit, have always treated the 
Indians in the way which, to their last- 
ing shame, men of English blood seem 
unable to comprehend. One of the 
chief occupations of tho Indians on the 
Sault and the various lakelets it forms 
in its course is fishinz. Mackinac and 
speckled trout aro plontiful, but the 

firide and boast of Lake Superior and 
ts adjacent tributaries is the white-fish. 
In the lake itself, with its waters crys- 
tal clear an ! icy cold, it attains the 
finest flavor, and is without a rival. It 
is abundant in the rapids, and at all 
hours of the summer day ludians and 
half-breeds may be seen sdooping them 
up with fheir apparently unwieldly 
gaffs. Two fishermen iorm the crew 
of each canoe, and go right out into 


"Goodness, no!" 

"Well, that's pretty tough on mo; 
but if you think so much of him, I'll 
get up and let him come over and sit 
bv you." 

""Oh! 1 wish you would." The 
masher looked red and blue by turns, 
and got up and went over and told his 
companion what sho had said, and 

"Say, old fellow, you've got her 
dead. She's mushed on you tho worst 
way, and wants you to como over and 
sit by her." 

"Is that so?" queried the other, with 
a satisfied smile, arising and bowing to 
the lady, who beckoned him over to tho 
seat with her. And then ' ho went over 
and put his arm around her, and when 
the conductor came along, he pointed 
them out to him and began to tell him 
what a mash the other follow had made, 
when the conductor smiled blandly, 
and told him to go and soak his head; 
that that was tho other drummer's wife 
and he had known her over since sho 
was a baby. 

The masher got off the first time they 
came up with a freight train and went 
the balance of tho way as live beef.- 
Bloomiuqton Through Mail. 

in Philadelphia, Prof. J. E. Hil 
read a paper on the "Relative Lev 
the Atlant c Ocean and Golf of Mex- 
ico." He exhibited a reliof model, 
showing the western part of the North 
Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and 
the United States, oast of the Missis- 
sippi River. The principal features to 
which ho direotea attention wero the 
fact that tho actual continental outlino 
does not correspond to the present ac- 
cidental limits of land and water, but 
to the ono-hundred fathom curve, so 
that the continental limit is far out un- 
der the sea. Florida and Yucatan have 
more than twice th«r geographical 
limits, while the West Iudies and tho 
Antilles appear as a vast submarine 
continuation of the Florida Peninsula, 
the mountain summits of which only 
appear above the sea. This submarine 
plateau, extending to the southeast, 
forms, with the coast line of the United 
States, a great bight nearly as large 
again as the Gult of Mexico, which 
Prof. Hilgard designated the Great 
Bay of North America. Whatever the 
causes whieh producod tho Gulf Stream, 
they must give rise to an elevation of 
the gulf above the Atlantio in order to 
occasion the stream—a physical fact 
demonstrated by most accurate meas- 
urements. The explanation of the 
stream was that the North Atlantic trade 
winds set tho water of the Caribbean 
Sea against the "Spanish Main" (Cen- 
tral America), deflected northward 
along the cosst of Yucatan, where the 
flow is through the straits between 
Yucatan and Cuba, and thence through 
the Gemini Channel into the Atlautic 
Ocean, thus forming what is known as 
the "Gulf Stream.' The part which the 
Gulf of Mexico has in this is mainly 
that of a reservoir or "accumulator. ' 
maintaining the outflow at a more un- 
iform rate than the assigned car - 
would, admit of without such a 
—.V, T. Evening Fosi, 

A Package of Troubles. 

One rainy night, just as the workmen 
wore burrylng homo to supper, an old 
woman, carrying a large bundle of 
quilts, climbed onto a yellow Souih Bos- 
ton car near tho corner of Dover street 
and Shawmut avenue, taking a seat on 
the inside, and leaving her load on the 
front platform. In a few moments tho 
condiv tor cnino in, took her ticket, and 
went forward to where two men wero 
standing talking with the driver. One 
of them passed out two checks, which 
the conductor punched, and then said: 
"I want you to pay for this bundle." 
"I shall not pay for it," asserted one 
of the men. 

"I never have paid anything for it, 
and shan't now," replied the other, 
looking at his companion in a myste- 
rious manner. 

"If you don't nay a faro on that I 
shall throw it off/' 

"Off with it if yon think it your best 
way," came the reply, at which the 
conductor got mad and hurled it into 
the mud. The men paid no attention 
to the act and continued' to talk with 
the driver. 

"Aren't you going to look out for 
your luggage?" asked the conductor, 
after waiting awhilo for thorn lo get off. 
"Don't know anything about it," 
"It f 


don't belong to 

came the 

Then t"ie conductor gave the bell- 
rope a desperate yank and ran back aft- 
er the bundle. When he returned with 
it all muddy, the old lady just let out 
on him, and he had to coax the two 
men on front to swear that it fell off by 
accident before sho would consent to 
keep quiet — Boston Globe. 

-— ■ — ♦ 

— The Lehigh Valley Railroad shops 
have turned out the large t and strong- 
est locomotive ever bu It in Pennsyl- 
vania. It is a six-wheeler, with uine- 
teen-inch cylinders, and baa been chris- 
tened Samson. 

INSURE YOUR LIFE AND PROPERTY WITH LONG-, G-ARNET T & CO., Office Second Floor S. W. Corner Main & Spring Sts. 

- - 

The Daily South Kentuckian 





Address of Welcome by Xt. Jas. 
BwatMtt and' Response by 
(J, P. C, A. J. Lwely. 

A 1 1 1. I. .UTKNKAM'K. 

'I'll.' brand Lodge Knight* of Py- 
thias of Kentucky wan called to order 
in tin' sixteenth annual session tu»- 
day it 10:15 o'clock a. M.,tiraud   llian- 
cel'lor IM . Wilkins in the ollttlr. 

Knight -las. Breathitt, on behalf of 
Evergreen LaLjc djlivered tbo fol- 
lowing address of welcome : 
JiiioniKi! Kniuiits : 

It is my pleasant duty to extend to 
/oil, tin! delegates to the Grand 
Lodg-uud visiting members   ( tile 
order of Knights of Pythian, a warm 
and heartfelt welcome to our city and 
the hospitality and Knightycourtosy 

I would not boast of tlie charms or our 
maidens, hut thoy are as lovely as any 
to win whose smiles a knightly suitor 
e'er broke ft lance, and in sincerity it 
may he said that ill form they rival 
Venus and' thai they will greet you 
With -miles is dew-dimpled and 
bright ail ever illumined the face of 

Ami finally, without detaining you 
longer frOlU the consideration of the 
Important dutlcathat have called you 
together, allow me ouee more, in the 
nanteol Evergreen Lodge, to hid yon 
welconi"; in the name of the benevo- 
lent and kind, in the name of all wh.i 
love charity, '" the name of those 
who honor friendship and esteem the 
brotherhood of man, and in the name 


W. II 


Newport .-Evan Williams, 
II. Davis, V. A. Loug. 

Paris— J. II. Short 

Owensboro— Qha*. Ilanoy, Geo. II. 

lleiidcison-C. it. Miller, .las. Mc- 
Lebanon Junction— Jeff Well*. 
Maysville— Jim. Hiscr, .In i.W.llill. 
Ludlow— .1. C. Slaslen, J, It llnck. 
Dayton— lVtcr wagiieK 
Uopkiaavllle- II. II. AbormUhr-, 

Bryan H 
A. Young, 
I lin ker.  i. 

upper, A. D. Rogers, J. 

doe McCarroll, C. W. 

ii. I ndcrwood li. W. 
K A. ( '. XI \ rick. Hen 

Thompson, ('has. M. Meaehain. 

Eighteen of the twenty-four Lodges 
In the State are represented, tilas- 
gow, at UlaagOW;- lyanhpo, Win- 
chester: Phantom, Lexington) 
Damon. Louisville; Utopia, Dan- 
ville and Trout, Bedford, arc toe 
Lodges not represented. 


Best Hoar over 1 year old,.liUck or spotted. Silver Cii| 

Merchant Tailor, 

— Ol'fOBlTE— 


See his Una line of 


of all the people of llopkinsville 
bid yon welcome to t he hospitalities- 

of our homes. 

Grand I'aal Chajicclor A. J. Love- 
ly responded on behalf of the Grand 
Lodge as follows; 

l'litoruKit Knuiiiis or EVBHoaai* 

LoiiUt. No. :iS— As the herald of the 
Grand Lodge 1 appear before you 
In olden time the Herald was an 
officer both highly honored and trust- 
ed. When ail army of Knights sat 
down before 1 fortified eaatle orwall- 

I Ml 

,'i fjfj 

6 uo 
:. on 

5 ■ (i 

6 oo 
h UU 
li mi 

$| in, 

ol Kvcivrecn, Lodge, and need I sailed city, he advanced almost to the 
that we us a lodge are prouA ol the , very wails thereof, and by a blssl 
Opportunity and honor of enter- from his bugle summoned those with- 
talnlng so distinguished s body of in to a parley. Being answered by a 
M i 01 i, I bugle call, there would soon appear 

upon the walls or battlements a num- 
ber of the beselged ; to them he would 
convey the request or demands ol 
those without. Having received their 

, replv he would return to the main 
it may be safely predicted that it will My uml tW]Vt . v „„, „ ies8afre lo ,y 

under 1 year old. black. Silver Cii| 
•' S iw, over 1 year old, black. Silver Cup 

" '• under 1 vafir old. hluck, " 

" L iter 6 pigs, under l  months old, black, Silver Cup 

' 11 )ir, over 1 year old, white. Silver Gup 

" under 1 year old, white, " " 

'• So v, over I year old. white, •■ " 
" Litter (i pigs, under (i months old, white, Silver Cup 

" Hoi. any age, sex or color. Silver (iodic! 

Director, In charg'. George Moan* 
Jfeb.ics.— Thdniaa Green, Sam. White. M. V.   »wen. T. c. Gorbla, Sam 
Kox. of Christian county ; T. II. Krfater and T. c. Crenshar, Trigg etiuwty 

Best ,'u k. I years old and over. (tablet 

" K) ears old under I, (i'lblet 

" " under II years. Silver ( 'up . . 

" JeiniPt, :i years old and nyor, Silver Cup . . . 

" " under II J ears. Silver Cup 


II 'St Mule. :t years old and over. Silver liohlcl 

u u ■  years old ami under 3, Silver Goblet. . 

" 1 year old and lor 2. Silver Cup 

" Colt, under 1 year old, Silver Cup 

•' Pair Draft Mules in harness, owned by same parly previous to 

.... in- 


s. I,, Itt'i'h 

os.  \ wcMii iniiiiiiK. 

Buckner & Wooldridge, 

pkohhietous -•■ 

|U) in 

In IK! 

o 00 
fl 00 
."  (W 

. 10 oo 

C oo 
5 oo 



x3:o2=izz^tst7-tt j x^if:, - 

The order of Knights of Pythias, 
alth ough only in its infai.ey, is rap- 
idly marching lo the front rank of 
Brotherhoods and in a few more years 

be second to none In menborahi| 
and equal to any in deeds of friend- 
ship, charity and benevolence. 

Having a membership of over 
one hundred and thirty thousand, 
bound together by the strongest ties 
Of brotherly love and practicing char- 
ity and benevolence in all organized 
and effective manner, the world as 

we 1 as the members is necessarily 

better by reason of the existence of 
the order t»f Knights of Pythias: 
And whatever may be said by the 
uninitiated against the existence ami 
methods Of secret orders it may be! 
justly claimed for them that In mercy i 
I hey cure for the sick ami afflicted and 
that men are drawn closer together 
ill the bonds of brotherhood by their: 
teachings and that by them charity 
and benevolence— twin sisters of good 
—arc nitrtured.doveloped and trained 
for effective work in the world. And 
I believe that at the lUOOtiug of the 
grand assize in the Castle Hall of 
Eternity with angels for the jury and 
the Omnipotent God liimsell the fudge 
and those who suffered in this life 
and were relieved by our charity 
and those who by our beneloovoul and 
kindly offices were made belter and 
happier, as the witnesses, that the 
verdict will be "well done good and 
faithful servants." [t is not surpris- 
ing that the convening of the Grand 
Lodge of an order so great at present j 
and so grand in possibilities for the 
future should be regarded by Ever- 
green Lodge as an event of unusual 
importance; or that we should have 
been on the tip-toe of anticipated 
pleasure for the last mouth, ami, in the 
ardor of our feelings, that we should 
express at this moment the opinion 
1 hat your stay in our mldlt will be 
remembered by Evergreen Lodge in 
after years as the crowning season of 
Pythian enjoyment. 

Vour coming has not only been 
lo  ked forward to by this Lodge with 
anticipations of pleasure, but the 
good people of llopkinsville have 
fully entered into the spirit of the 
day, and have opened (heir hearts 
and doors to you Wherever you may 
go in our little city \ou will see the 
emblematic colors of our order over 
the business houses and homes of our 

October lat. Pair tioblets 

Director III charge, Samuel G. Ulickucr. 
J| mi KS.--.1 no cs BraiUhaw, W. It. Mason, .lames A. 
King, Christian county; ('. W. Ware, Todd coliutv, 


sir Knight Commander. If the an 
twer indicated a compliance, the, 
gules would soon be opened, ami then', 
amid the neighing and pram-iiiy of 
steeds, the rattling of sabres and the 
nodding Of plumes, the Knights would 
disappear within the walls. On the 
contrary, if the answer indicated, u 
iiou-cQUipliaucc, and oftimes burling 
deli mice into the very teeth of those 
without, the Knights would be by 
sub-division placed iu position, the 
aaaault sounded, then woe to the van- 
quished. But it seems that by some 
means or oilier you were cautioned | 
against our approach, for at the very 1 
outskirts of your cily we were met | 
by your delegation, who, to gain our 
good will and favor, offered us the 
freedom of your entire city, and then 
leading us into the very heart ol 
your citadel, where your Knight Com 
inauder, or one deputized to speak for 
him, has given Us still further evi- 
1 deuce of your entire subjection to out- 
will, lint badinage aside. 

Brother Knights of Evergreen, Xo. 
:IS, as the herald of, and in the name 
of the Grand Lodge of the Knights 
of Pvthias ot the Stale of Kentucky, 
I thank you for this more than regai 
reception with which you Jiave wel- 
comed them. It says to us that you 
have a deep bold upon the hearts and 
affections of the people of this section 
of our state. It will buoy up and 
cheer the hearts of such of our dele- 
gate- who represent sections ot our 
state Where our order lias not such a 
hold upon the heurts of the people. 
It indicates to us that you have not, 
Micawher like, "sat with folded hands 
wailing for something lo turn up;'' 
but like true ami energetic men that 
you are, convinced the people by your 
bearing and deportment that you are 
brave and honorable Knights. 

While listening lo the eloquent 
words of welcome that dropped from 
i the lips of him who bade us partake 
of and enjoy your knightly courtesies 
and hospitality, they fell upon our 
i ears like the silvery tinkle of the an- 
gel's harp who stands at the gales of 
Paradise welcoming the souls of 
the redeemed lo the realms of eter- 
nal peace and blessedness. Brother 

Best SU'llon, 

■I years old 
H years old 
"2 vcars old 

anil over . 
and under 
and under 

10 mi 

Coleman. M. II 

I: - , 00 
111 00 

special attention panl o« ttiapeHidu and'tfalo of Tobacco. Liberal 
Advance* made op Tobacco. AH TSbacco advanced on will be liisiired- 
at owners' expense. AM Tobacco no! idvaUCed on will'oe Insured also 
mi owners' expense, unless wo have written orders n .1 In insure. Alter • 
sold it will be held at the risk of tlie buyer. S vie- every \V«dncsUjP 
and Thursduy. 

• Suckling Cob, Silver Cup 5 00 

" Mure, I years old and over. * 

" •• '.I years old and under I ...... 10 00 

" " 2 years d|d and under •) • 10 00 

•* •' [year old aud under . 3 W'OO 

•• Suckling Coll. Silver Cup 5 00 


Beat Blooded Animal of any ago or sex, Pitcher, 23 00 

Certificate* of Pedigree required. 

Dire, tor in charge, George Means. 
JtmeKs.— Darwin Bell. W. ,t. Bacon, of Christian count) ; Win. M. Tay- 
lor, of Todd county ; Win. Cardwell. of llopkin- count) ; A V. Loug, ll9p 

The Committee will also get on Pedigree. 

Jt'liuKs ox Sw kki'si akk.s.— W. I'\ Buckner. .lames S. I'arish. John ' • | 
Willis, Christian county; W. .1. Loving and C. W. Ware, of Toddcouuly. 
Fastest Trotter in Harness for two year* "hi and under three, 
in trot liest two iu three. mile heats, five or more to enter, three 
to fart. 

1-t Premium ■ 

• ,l .. R6 oo 

3j » ; 2.1 o i 

GENTS,' lilDINt. KlN'ti. 

Xo one cx  billed. 

Best Cent Kider. Silver Cohlet *K» On 

Director id charge. Dr. B. s. Wood. 


East Side Htdn St., 


— A full and Climp 

Supplies, Paints, Oils, Etc 


3 ME J± C^I-X-, 



Xo one excluded 

I years old. 

1 Best Boy Rider, Silver Cup . 

Director In 

To be dressed iu 


o,ium, . under IS 

10 l f i 

barge, Dr. B. S. Wood. 
Cutch-weight Kuuhtag Race, free for all. Kive or more to enter 

and three to go 

1st Premium 

•M\ " : 

mile heals, best 2 in 3. 


Brandies, Wine, Champagne 



ID. leod-g-ers. 



Knights, we again thank you. 

people, and wreaths of . 

and Dowers to make our city attract- The tfrand Lodge was then called 
ivc to your eyes, that it may be re- t" order in secret session, and the rcg- 
momborotl by you as a place of true ular business was proceeded with. 
Kentucky hospitality, whose people ThrOO sessioiis-iuooiii.g, afternoon 

and evening — Were held. The 
sent : 




i m m t 


Ul I I • 


\IWaVS on hand ut the 

hzm Hotel Bar. 

J. M. TANDY, Proprietor. 


Programme Changed Each Evening. 
Reserved Seats at Caither\s Dru$ Store, 75 Cents 

fully appreciate vour coming and 

stay and the noble order of which lowing officers were pre 

are honored and trusted mem- P. (1. ('., A. .1. Lovely, Paris. 

 i. ('., D.  ). Wilkins, Carrollton. 
 i. V. O. A. (i. Moore, Louisville 


In the great battle of life, for pru- 
dential reasons and caution's sake, it 
were well, ordjnarilv. that we keep 
out' visors down that we may cou- 
ceal from the iinappreoiativc and in- 
imical the sacred sentiments and mo- 
tives of our lives; but lei us on this 
occasion, one and all, without debate, 
raise our visors, feeling Ihal hero at 
lea».t we shall meet only friends, whose 
hearts are full of sympathy, and 
whose cordial grasp of the hand and 
welcoming smiles will be free from 
any guile. 

Besides the knightly courtesies and 
hospitalities of Evergreen Lodge, 
Which you shall freely enjoy, I desire 
to add for the benefit of our brother 
Knights who have not yet wooed and 
won and united their destinies with 
some noble woman, that you shall 
have tlie pleasure and Opportunity on 
Wednesday night at the banquet of 
meeting the fairest of the fair. I 





Young k Caldwell. 

Mi Bur will be kept open da\ Hid utght during the l"afr. Drinks of all 

kinds and d ilplioiis prepared to -nil the lu»lc of the I taslidioiis. 

Don't fail local) QU me when yoimre iu -I Ily, and enjoy lour-ell 

J. M. TAMfY. 


Carriage Makers 

(I. M. of K., (ieo. W. Men/.. 
 ;. M. A.. Bdward Atkinson, Hen- 

(i. I.  ;., M. M. Sullivan, Ludlow, 
(i. (I.  ;., C. L. Billings, Louisville. 
Sup. Hep., W. W. Blaekwell, Hen- 

Sup. Hep., it. w. Morris, Covington 

0. Trustee, .las. Steinberg, Louis- 

•'as. A. Young, llopkinsville, was. j ffI(K GEUMAJ j,"of Xew York, 
appointed C. P. pro tern., and James ; T(IK NIA(JA1{Ai of Ncw York 
Steinberg, Louisville, O.K.6fR. AS. | 
pre tern. I 



THE PIKKNTN. of Hartrord. 
THE ROYAL,   f England. 

of Kngland. 
THE HARTFORD, of Hartford. 
of New York 


Louisville— A. C. Moore, (ieo. W. 
Menz. C. L. Hillings, Jas. Steinberg 
Win. Xcsclcy, Jas. O. Ames, Wade 
Shcllmau, John Ruby, Win. T. Cobb, 
Jos. Coleman. 

Covington— Morris Swope, W. 0.| 
Kord. T. M. Booth, (ieo. Xanl. J. J| 


THE COXNKCTHTT. of Hartford. 

OVER $60,000.00 FIRE ASSETS. 

AlletsaMMol Property Afalari t ire, Ulgblulnji 
nml WliKl.orTornailws.  0 l Mllolt the busi-. 
iK'ss   l Chrlminn County rimftM kM Bhslnsss 

ofWI K over Bank ..r Dn|iktttSvUI«, 

Tin, Sheet -Iron 

— AND— r 

Copper Works. 

Plain and Ornamental 
Slate Roofing. 


Lowest Prices! 

.V Harvesting Machinery, 

And Dealers in farming Implements 

• i'actiiky. spkim. Street, near mai 


KKK.r i ossiAvri.Y "N HASH, "li HARM TO 0RIIEB, 

Fine Carriages, Rockaways, Buggies, Etc., Etc. 


We make Country Work a special- 
ty. Wc'havc our own Wagon, con- 
sequently, farmers have 'no trouble 
when they have us do their work. 

Suor on Spring Street, in rear of 
Prankel .V Soul 

While attending jh^faA J ersey HeiferS 

/air remember that .Hex J 
Anderxon keeps the FOR oALL. 

choicest lot of fa m i ly , wtti oflur f 0 r, sale to the highest 
Groceries to be foundill bidder at the FAfR GROUND, 
the city and would be 
glad to 1 1 urc you call on 
hint, lie also has a bor 
supplied with tlie best 
Whiskies, W i n e s and 
Fresh Cool Beer, which 
he would, hare you sam- 
ple. He keeps ' on Vir- 
gin id St. 

FRI1 OCT, 3rd, 

10 Fine Graded 
Jerseys Heifers. 

F. L. Waller. 


! • — — . 

The Daily South Kimtuckian. 

omt'E -namuvili.k w„ Bit. Maim imp v» 

WEDNESDAY, uci'nlsiiU 1, issi. 



W. ('. ManuVvillc. l/.ui,ville. 

Miss i.idin i.oikctt. Trenton. 

Miss l.ida William-, llr'iilrrson. 
Dipt. W. M. Korreal, Memphis. 
H. r. christian, Buaaellville, 
Kttiyul .ins. Crafty, ciarksviiie. 
(i. Mi Whin-ide, •• 
" T. K. McHeyuolda, •' 
" J, II. Montgomery, •• . 
T. K. carkutr. 
\\". I'. Tilus, 
It. N. tlai'dncr, 
" II. K. Dibble, 
Hen r'ran.klin. 
" \V. S. Mallory. 
" I. I'. ticrhari. 
A. (J. Acree. 
It D. Caldwell, 
T. IJ. Clark. ' 
" .las. M. Bowllug, " 
*' Win. Klootnanli, •• 
II. II. WillHi.n. » 
" A. I'. Mills, UuUvUlc. 
('. W. ticrman, •' 

Will. Lewis, 
V. II. Dawer*. 
J. A. Vauinetcr. " 
Win. Uabltjf 
J. W Itcvius, " 
MT. C. Qfcinuy, 
Tho*. O. Moore, " 
Jacob Selbert, " 
.1. T. OrWiHj ()w -ii«li( ro 
II. W. Vowel*. 
'' Kd 0. Brown. 

II. A. Moore, 
*' K. K. JewetirHt. Loilln, Mo. 
l!. l'. Uarch, Rinplro, 
W. II. Hook, Sa.lillersville 
Mix* Bculah Settle, of eiatksville, 

Is spending llir week ill tin' tilt} with 
Mis* Mamie Jetuii. 

Prof, Sravy, of Columbia, Tenn 

in llic oily anil will plit\ wild llic 

 '. IIkihI tlurtug i lie Ralr, 

Mis- ,li i. nic Bitter returned Salur- 
lay uiyhl la»l from an extotuuVl rift 
It to rstatvtM i» Bowling CrtJuw. 

Three-Suartors of all the Sowing 
Machines Sold Throughout the 
World Last Year Wero 

Tlioucu -improved KamiB" Ma- 
thine witli Oacillallng Shuttle is t tic 
lair-i production, uimI is Kpoelall] 
adapted i.' all kimWof family sewing. 
It U almost nolaoloM an. I runs so 

lightly that a ehlld eould operate i 1 
fbrhoun without fatigue, haaaliigtl 
arm wiiii ehiindannt! of room ; is aelq 
threading; Itaa a iclf-ae(tlng needle 
ami a ibutlli' Unit ran lie threaded 
wlllioiii removing ii from the ma- 
chine IV, i'. Si... ivton, Agent 
For the Singer Mfg. Co. 
Qrirce - for. Valuta ami Spring 
tlrcets. ItopMtWVillq Ky. 

Up t   the hour ot golug tii |in , ss i 
Maine bad not given lira name of the 
■% Kent tick) minister who (aid himself 
liahlc la it line of *I.UM ami Hirer 

years' confinement in tbeponileitttan 
for marrying him without liccnue. 
The tndianapolii Sentinel now bold* 
T* ly charge* Blaine wiih perjury ami 
propose* in prove it if his eaao ever 
eomea to trial. Blaine swore on oath 
thai he diil not know till the winter 
of tU-'fi) thai hi- alleged marriage 
in the preceding .tune was illegal 
ami void, Tim record -hook of Bour- 
hou count) shows thai Hlainc, on 
Ootobor H, 18&0, went on a bond with 
W. A. MoKitu, wlwn he (MoKlm) 
]iuiTliaseil lirnnmj to marry Miss Sa- 
rah V.. Slanwooi 1 , Mrs. Itlaine's sister. 
Thai wan three months after Blaine's 
alleged marriage, but as the -'obvious 
reasons" il ill nut then exlit, he did 
not legalize the false marriage with 
the deluded girl until six months af- 
terwards, and then alter secretly mar- 
rying her in Piltshurgh. he permitted 
her to return alone to her mother in 
Maine, and lie did not go near her un- 
til a year luter. Does Hi is look like 
Blaine loved the poor, (rutting rrea- 
ture like he pretenda that he did. or 
that his marriage was the voluntary 
righting of (ho wrong he had done 
hoi •'! in his vain attempt to explain 
tlie matter, Mlainchas presumed upon 
the jnteiligoiiofi ni' Ibo public,- Poor 
fellow! lie is an object of pity. 


Vitus weather at last. 

Most of the Knight* will go home 
t i-morrowi 

K. of I', cards printed at this otlice 
on nhort notice 

A "rood delegation from Cluiksville 
came last night. 

Kelly's big town clork keeps bulb 
the itaudard and sun time. 

All visiting Knights are requested 
to register by card in a bo* propuml 
in the Ubntulx Hotel. 

Two special roarlnn filled with 
visilor- from Henderson and Indiana 
will arrive at UtSOthil morning. 

The eoeoinmodattoii brought in 
about I'M Kuighte Monday night, and 
the train gave litem a long and loud 
salute as it came in. 

M. I). Kelly takes the lead in the 
Jewtlry btiaiueaa, you will tiutl 
more real Mechanical skill displayed 
in his works than in any similar 
house in Hie Slate. 

The Louisville Drill Corpa is ijior", 
and the Kvansville and llenderaoi 
divisions will arrive this morning. 
The competitive drill this afternoon 
will lie the event of the week. 

Capt. Murray Drown. His home pa- 
per ^ays : 

"Weinke genuine pleasure in pre- 
teiitiug ('apt. Drown to the people of 
thin district as a man eminently till 
for the position which his partial 
frinids have urged him to seek * + 

One of the Donspiouous traits of his 
character 1b Its firmness, lie is llrm 
in his friendships and linn in the dis- 
charge of any ollicial trust ; and es- 
pecially is he drill In Ills adherence 
to the principles of thai Democracy 
which he believes is the leaven of our 
polltlcaJ Institutions." 

Mr. Young is a Lalfoon man and 
Capt. Brown U a supporter of Clay. 



The New York Tribune is trying 
to deter Itov. Iteiiry Ward Deecher 
from taking the itumpfor Clovelaild, 
by threatening to re-open the Tilton 


sw'B me ibis m a 

The Old ReUable 

I Frankel k Sons' 

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NotWithltaUdlUg thai M. D. Kelly 
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flowcri. • 

Officers Elocted- 

The following offloera for the ensu- 
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It ailed last night: 
(i. I\ J, li.(l. Wilkins.Carrollion. 
•i.e.. A. (i. Moore, Louisville. 

The '-linker l'lace" on the Palinyra 
road, two miles south of llopkilli- 
ville, was sold for rush this week by 
Miss Clem Dttokuer to Mr. Fritz Mei- 
kle, a (ici iiian farmer, of Lebanon, 
Dodge county, Wis., who had been 
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forts of llev. F 1,. llraiin. of tho Lu- 
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0. t (J., c. L. Hillings, Loukivilln. 

(1.  ). (J., J. II. Short, Paris. 

Trustee for long term (J year ) 
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The counties are now busy trott ing 
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county presents Mr. Tom It. Yoi^ig 
for the office and the Local savs of 

"He is | practical fanuee ami biiai-l 
Rett mail ! he is acquainted with the 
value of laud and other propurtv in 
tins district ; he is practical, homrttJ 
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discharge of any duty. Uuio u coilh- 
ly oommouda him to the disti i, t « t a 
man in every way adapted for   Jic 
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the oftlee.' 
Hancock county 

brim-s lorwaj-d 

To the citizens 
Christian and adjoin- 
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■lie Oil Ifussrllville Street, opposite At. D. Steele's Blacksmith shop. 

Will re-open his Grocery at his former stand, 

Corner Clay and Xashvillr Sltvrt-, 






— PBOP 11 I KTORM — 




T. R. HANCOCK, ,„.,„. dmrktvilla. Tenn. 

W. E. RAOSDALE. Sllaimin. Hopkintvill.. 

Liberal Advances on Consignments. 

J 11 Tobacco Insured unless otherwise instructed. 

Be|dajoi Ij 


Doing Yeoman Service in Behalf 
of Democraoy. 

fhe lfr-nt VIce-rrealdent Makes * Xntnble 
Sprvcli ixt Munclf— A Terrilio Ar- 
raignment of Republican l'oll- 
cles aud Methods. 

At Munclo, Intl., on September 0, Ex- 
Governor Hendriok* delivered an intcr- 
estiii"; address to au immense audience. 
In the course of his speech he said: 

There are a few other matters about which, 
probably, I ouiht  o speak t» you thi* after- 
noon. The Kopublicans have pretty niuoH 
given yon and mo up, my ordlnnry fellow- 
cl'izens. They do not expect any more to get 
the votes of tbo natives of this oeuntry, thuse 
that were born hero. Thojr have pretty mtwb. 
Kiven up tho Sweden and Danes, and I bolieve 
thev have eonio down bard and heavy upon 
our Irish fellow-citizens. When they eomn tu 
the ooyalurion that they can »;et Irish vcftsra 
they aro pretty much gone up themselves. It 
will be fiiotlv much a disappointment when 
November comes around. That Is my pre* 
diction. I think, I know It is so in the neigh- 
borhood where I live. Why, I said the other 
day at Conneravllle that an Irishman was a 
natural Domocrnt. That is pretty much tho 
truth For one hundred years he has boen 
with tho Demoorata. Ho remembers the day 
when Know-Nethlngism was rampant In the ' 
country, and that the Demooiatlo party 
was the champion of a free Nation and tho 
foreigner's right to oeouiiy our country alonir 
with the rest of us. I think it Is a bad 
dav when the Republicans have to roly 
fin the Irish vote. The Irish know where 
their friends have been In tho past. Now, mv 
fellow clti/ens. 1 think I can say to you this 
afternoon that our cause will bo succcasrul 
this year. We have a candidate f or Prostdont 
that has home himself with distinguished 
credit and horror in the high olllcos which he 
has heretofore flllcil. He has borne himself 
with crfwllt In the city which promoted him to 
I that citv. He has 
redlt as Chief Mag- 

It Is now twenty-live years that tho Hepub- parly Ims controlled toa nduiiulstrutivo 
ami executive all airs of this country, tui'l It Is 
of the nrst importunce that you ami 1 should 
consider tho question whether that is as long 
as uno set of iiicn onght toe ntinuc Jn abso- 
lute control. In other werls, the question is 
belore us: Ought not there to be a change.' 
Tbnt Is the tlrst  |iiest on that strikes your at- 
tentinn and mine. Hun- liuieli has transpired 
elnee the KepubUean imrlv eaute into power— , . 
and 1 no nut choose to Include in Unit period | | H , the Chief Magistral 
the period ill the war." 1 asu your attention 1 homo himself with arc... 
only for the last nineteen years daring whtoB (strata ol the grflatostof the states of the 
that parly has controlled the Ailinliiisinitivii | (!„(„n. Sub-tantlal obiectlon has not been 
and executive allairs »t tho couutiy. I could mane to his Administration. He Is to-day 

supported by the ablest men of the Itepntill- 
ean party. The Independents of New York, 
of Connecticut, Massachusetts and of Indiana 
say he Is worthy of their support. They have 
many rcasnhs for that support. There are 
better assurances of goad government, of 
American protection everywhere and under 
all circumstances If Governor Cleveland bo 
made President Instead of James Q. lllalne. 
and with such support In addition to thoearn- 
| est real of the Democracy In favor of his 
election, I can entertain no doubt of tho ro- 

not nnil llnires or words to oxpro-8 to you 
the enormous Bums of money .that have been 
collected and tho enormous, sums of money 
that have been paid out. I will refer by way 
of Illustration only tu one year, the last year 
as reported by the secretary of the Treasury. 
The collections and expenditures amounted 
to BUM,! IM.lRAI. Ihn history of those transac- 
tlonB is found in many thousand volumes and 
they were recorded by many thousand men- 
men belonging to one party only. No lloino- 
ornts hnvu been allowed to participate In any ,. 

MUe affairs of the country, lsi oak In sub- | a „i t . A paper I he other day found fault with 
stance. An oeeasiona. Domocrat may have boon 
allowed an Office, hut forthe great purposcaof 
administering the affairs of thu Government 
the Demoorata have been exo uded. and to 
you men the question is presented now. 
Ought there not to he a change.' Who knows 
what is Wrong In the books.' Shall tliey bo 
opened? Shall then* be an opportunity torus 
men to know what has been w rong In the rec- 
ords of the country, so that wo may know 
whetnor it Is well or ill witn the country:- May 
I ask your attention to another Illustration 
on tins subject.' 1 do nut claim that one po- 
litical party, In tho llrst place, In its organiza- 
tion is probably any more honest than the 
other. If we had no political panics in tho 
country, and were going to establish two po- 
litical parties, and were to run a line through 

me beoauaa, with my hat In my hand, I stood 
in tho presence of ray oountrymen and asked 
of them their support, and if they fall to find 
any other charge against mo except that they 
may go to— Halifax, il.aughter.) 

As 1 have stated before, 1 did not desire the 
nomination for Vicc-Preeldent eight yean 
ngo. I did not desire It at Chloago whon with 
absolute unanimity It was conferred upon me. 
but now that I nave been nominated and have 
accepted of the nomination. I come before 
you, my fellow-citizens of Indiana, and any to 
von that mv hoart's earnest, desire Is to r» 
eclvo your support. I will be glad to rooeix-e 
every Democrat's support. I will be very 
proud of the support of my Republican 
friends, of my (Ireenback and Independent 
friends, and when It Is all counted up 1 have 

this crowd, and tho men on that stdo were to „ sort of an Impression, very strong now, that 
bo of one party and tho men on this side of 
the other parly, the chances are there would 
be Just as many honest men on one side us 
on the other, and as many rogueson one side, 
porhups, as on the other. Hut take another 

Ihis party 

step In this thonirht. Suppi 
comes Into power and it boeot 
that it is going to return to po 
years, have the control of the olliccs, the con- 
trol ot the money, and ol the country. Don't 
you see that all the roguos on this side would 
gradually DOOM over and Join the strong tide.' 
Isn't Ihat human nature? And more than 
that— don't you knnxv as th'-y Dome oxer thoy 
would gradually push honest men on this stdo 
back ami back until they would tako control 
ot the dominant party them -elves; To a very 
largo extent that would prove to he the hu- 
man nimno ol the ease. Without discussing 
the question whether the llepub.'leun party 
has been guilty or a great fraud, for I leave 
thai to your own rclleellons, I assumo the 
ground that when a parly has been In power 
exclusively, not allowing the other parly to 
participate in lb.-- aflairs of the Government 
for a long period ot time, thero ought to lie a 
change that the people may come to know 
with Bomo doiireo of ceitalnty how It Is with 
their allairs lories of "We will hax - e It this 
fall."! I oft sir. you are going to have It this 
tall." 1 don't expect, gentlcmou, that all the 
men in oll ce will lie turned out. 1 do not de- 
sire that where a licpuhlican, governed by his 
conscientious convictions, has been in ulllcu 
and baa proven himsclUolic airne and honest 
man m the administration of that ollice, 1 do 
not ask tl,at he shall be turned out. Hut I 
ask that honest men shall lie placed in ollice 
eu.'lieienilv nutner.tua to g:vo the people of 
this conn try Information in regard to their 

I have one step further to go in this argu- 
ment. 1 am trying to establish tho proposi- 
tion that there ought now to be a change. I 
do not know why the Republicans for tho last 
nineteen years have said to overy Democrat, 
you shall have no position in the control of 
the attaiisof the Government. They have 
seen tit to occupy that position, a cruel, pro- 
scriptivo policy, excluding every man that 
did not agreo with them, and what do you 
think ol it, my countrymen? Shall It bo con- 
tinued any longer? (Cries or "No: ") To what 
condition have wo come? ' I reter now to the 
statement made by Mr. Calkins, Republican 
candidate lor Governor, in a speech at lllch- 
mond u low weoks ago. He said we now have 
fluHtKiu.Uiiilii the Treasury. Do you know 
how he came to say ihat? Ho said that by 
way of braggadocio— by way of a taunt to tho 
Democrats. Ho said tho Republican piny 
whon it came into power found an empty 

thero Is going to he a very decided majority 
In Nox ember. I do not believe I have any 
doubt about Indiana. I do not think you 
hax'C. If success for my party does not moan 
better government, cheaper government, a 
... r-~— . more economical artinlnlstritlon of publlo 
tali tshcl allairs. I do not want It to suceeod. hut upon 
r lor twenty ; fniih only I have a right t iask you to try 
once more. This pur'y. when It was In powct 
before, was economical In its administration. 
Ii cost on 1 1- a few millions In the administra- 
tion of Polk. of Pierce, and xvo have come toa 
period where voung men can not add It up. 


The way the Irish are going foi 

Rlaino is altogether satisfactory U 

There will bo a fair yield in th« 

applo crop this year, but not enough tc 
justify a Utrd cidor campaign. 

James G. Blaine recently lost htf 

voice, but he will never bo entirely out 
of dangor until ho loses his power oi 

* Dana is now trying to defend 

Blaine from the charge of Know-Noth- 
ingisni. A fellow feeling makes us 
wondrous kind. 

Tho Progress keeps reiterating 

that ''Cleveland is in a very bad way." 
Yes, he is in tho Republicans' way, and 
anything Republican is bad. 

Tho jeers indulged in by Repub- 

licans in 18S0 because Mr. English 
would not open his "bar'l," have comt 
homo to roost. They now have Jones. 

Logan went to Wisconsin to 

check the revolt from tho Republican 
ticket Mrs. Partington's failure tx 
keep haclf the ocean with her mop w;i* 
nnthing to the tailuro that awaits Lo- 

Hon. Thaddous C. Pound, oh 

Wisconsin, happily describes Blaine at 
distinguished by a" "sort of declamatory 
nwmrT^'^ao^lViMl^Jamm'M | and pugilistic slate-craft." That is it 
the Treasury. Do you want to hear mo He is the great slujiEer of American 

express my opinion of what is a forlu 

naie condition Of the country. Well, It 
is not in having a Treasury overflowing. It Is 
not In the collection from the people of un- 
told millions of monoy that it may bo hid 
awny in the vaults of the Treasury. At Wash- 
ington to-day they are digging new x-aults, 
adding to the old faults so as to Und room for 
putting axvay tho people's currency. It M a 
matter of joy, is It. thai tho Republicans ha.'e 
now in Hie Treasury »-H O.iloo,iiuo; And that, 
gentlemen, is hut of the paper oiirrency of 
the country, and mora. The paper cu Tuncy 
of (he country Is about SuUU.IUMIUO, and of the 
currency of the country there is locked up In 
Ticosury *4fKI,U.l 1.0 10, Do you desire that; If 
60, vote for Mr. Calkins, vole for tho llepub- 
liean candidate lor President, for they boast 
to you that thev hav e locked up f40.i.UM.UIU ot 
your innnev. What right has tho Government 
to i.ikih of the people's money tnst it 
has no occasion to use in tho administration 
of Us allairs' What would lie the olfecl it tne 
taxes were reduced so that Iho money woual 
come back into your pockets and into 
the ohunncls of trade; Don't you 
know Ihat it would stimulate cntor- 
prl/o? Don t you kno,v that It would give 
employment to laborers; Shall I stop now 
and speak of the present condition of our 
country? Four years ago, whon. you know, 
it was flusbor times, and everything was well 
with tho people, wheut xvas xvorth (1.20, ano 
labor was well paid, and a Republican orator 
came to you and said: 'My countrymen, 
won't you let well enough alono? Aro you 
willing to turn a | arty out that has brought 
you suoh prosperity and put n party In that 
you do not know what will bo the conso 
quonce?' And to that appeal the people lis- 
tened. How is It now? Aro men employed? 
Are furnaces throwing out lire and smoke 
that Indicate successful enterprise and indus- 
try; 1 have hero from an Indianapo Is p»| or 
of yesterday evening, perhaps tne best odltod 
paicrof the Republican party In that city, 
the ASICS,;* statement of the amount of fail- 
ures that have recently taken place in the 
country, it is a dispatch from New York, 
that the business failures throughout the 
country the last seven days, as reported to It. 
G. Dun & I o.-and they are great authorities 
on thai subject— number lortbo.Unltod States 
1811, for Canada II. total lift as aiinliist ■! « last 
week, showing an increase of seventeen Isil- 
ures this woek oxer last week. In o'her 
words, it Is s per cent, more for the week that 
ended yesterday than for the week laafore 
that, an increase in failures of 8 percent, and 
hoxv can it lie when there is thiB 
enormous porlion or the people's currency 
locked up in the vaults of tho Treasury? 
Si-n l ihn! money Into tho channels of trade 
and wheat xvon't sell at a begging market for 
centB, 72 cents and ;s cents a bushel. It Is 
50 cents a bushel leas to day than when you 
elected a Republican candidate four years 
ngo who made James G. lllalne Secretary of 
State, and If you have your mortgage to pay- 
or lnlorest upon it, counting u bushel lor II. 
It takes a good many more bushels nowio pay 
the Interest on your inorlgagc debt than itdiu 
four years ttijo. and when you come to pay 
your mortgage oil it will take a goo ! many 
more hundred bushels than it did a good whll" 
ago. They do not suy lo you now, as they did 
four years ago. let woll enough alone It is 
not well enough, It is bad enough. When you 
Bee men out of employment you mav know 
there is trouble somewhere. God wrote It in 
early days of our race that by the sweat of 
his brow man shall earn his bread, but it did 
seem that thero was coun eil with that Divine 
6ontiment that pertians a man should have a 
chance to euro broad by the sweat of his 
brow, but It Is not so now xrith all. There are 
tome that can not get employment to earn 
their bread. 1 have unders'ood that one of 
the establishments In this city that gave om- 

Bloyment not long since to one hundred 
amis Is now closed down. There Is no em- 
p oyment there any more, anil bo It Is with 
the old rolling-mill at Indianapolis, that form 
erly employed hundreds of men. It is silent 
now ns in the graveyard across the way. The 
stimulant nt InDor, the stimulant ot enter 
prise and life, of act lvity, IB dead. It Is looked 
up In the Nation's Treasury, and the Demo- 
crats say a change ot policy to reduce taxa- 
tion will make it easier upon the people and 
the burden lighter. 


Tho latest opinion Senator Ed- 

muni's has expressed concerning Mr. 
Blaine xvas a practical coudemnation oi 
his methods as a public man. He has 
had au excellent opportunity to revise 
that opinion, but has not chosen to do 

No matter who may be responsi- 
ble for the nomination of Cleveland, it 
\s very clear that the country would he 
responsible should he be elected.— Ot'n- 
cinnuli Commercial Gazette. That ia 
just the responsibility that the country 
is anxious to assume. 

A month ago Honorable T. C. 

Pound was one of the most honored 
men among the Wisconsin Republicans 
by their own confession. Now they 
have suddenly learned all sorts of things 
about him. He has committed the un- 
pardonable sin, in their eyes, of being 

— He (Blaine) Ii a prudent, sagacious, 
business man, and ha6 made good use of hit 
opportunities.— KimtUm h'reemm. 

Right you are. Mighty few oppor- 
tunities he has let slip, for turning 
either an honest or a dishonest penny. 
And that's one reason why the people 
are not going to elevate him to the 
Presidency. — Albany Argu*. 

Thousands upon thousands ol 

t'ue more de.eut and respectable Re- 
publicans have fully determined tc 
withhold their support from Blaine 
chiefly for the reason they have become 
thoroughly disgusted with a certain el- 
ement in their parly which comprises 
men like Steve Klkins, Bill Chandler, 
Robeson, Kellogg, Dick Harrington and 
every Star-router in the country. Th' 
Republican mansion is full of vermin 
and there is a necessity for fumigation 
and extermination to make it tit foi 
cleanly men to inhabit— Cincinnati 

—The very spot on which the late 
Czar of Russia was assassinated is being 
marked by the erection of a great ca- 
thedral for which the Russian Govern- 
ment xvill purchase from the English 
pioprietors, for £12,000. the well- 
known picture by Paul Veronese, "The 
Adoration of the Magi." 

— They gave a Tennessee darky 
three pints of whisky to cure a snake 
bite, and then found out that he had 
been stung by a hornet Then the man 
who furnished the whisky had to get 
pay by booting the darky and paying 
a fine of five dollars,— Philadelphia 

— A philanthropic London lady has 
bought land in Manitoba of the Cana- 
dian Pacific Railway, and is to establish 
a colouy of deaf mutes. She Will pro- 
vide an instru ctor in farming, and is to 
expend a considerable sum in that ex- 


—Milk is three percent, heavier thra 
•rater, as a vessel holding 100 pounds 
of water will hold 103 pounds of milk. 
— Prairie Farmer. 

— Eas(ern herdsgrtiss is putting in ar  
appearance in some meadows of Colo- 
rado, and efforts are being made to 
extend its growth.— Denver Tribune. 

— Custard Pudding: Onepint of milk, 
three eggs, three-fourths of a cupful of 
sugar. Beat eggs and sugar together, 
pour on the milk aud bake in a slow 
oven.— The Household. 

—Beef Omelet: Three pounds of boef- 
steak, thrco-fourths of a pound of suet 
chopped tine, salt, pepper and a little 
jage, throe eggs, six Boston crackers 
rolled; make into a roll and bake. — 
N. Y. Times. 

—Parsnip Oysters: Three grated 
parsnips, three eggs, one teaspoonful 
of salt, one teacup of sxvoet cream, but- 
ter half tho size of an egg, three table- 
spoonfuls of Hour; fry as pancakes; 
salsify may be used in place of pars- 
nips.— Exchange. 

—How to treat early tasteless ap- 
ples: Take four pounds of applos 
(weigh them after they are peeled), 
two pounds of sugar, half an ounce of 
einnamon in the stiok, one  |UArter of 
an ounce of tiloves and one pint of vin- 
egar; lot tho vinegir, spices and sugar 
como to a boil; then put in the whole 
apples and cook thorn until thev aro so 
tender that a broom splint will pierce 
them easily. -Boston Budget. 

—It is said" a larger crop of apples is 
raised when a hive of bees is stationed 
in tho orchard. Tho bees visit every 
flower, busily flying from pne.lo an- 
othor, and then passing to an adjoining 
tree. The pollon on their bodies is 
rubbed against the pistils of myriads of 
flowers, whioh become fertilized in this 
way. Many of tho slrnngo modifica- 
tions in the form of flowers are duo to 
insects, the transfer of pollen from dif- 
ferent varieties resulting in hybrids.— 
Chicago Braid. 

—Tho leaking of milk from cows' 
teats arisos from tho muscles of the 
teats not being strong enough to con- 
tract tho orifice sufficiently. Any rem- 
edy that tends to strengthen tho mus- 
cles will scrx'e to euro it. Some milk 
cows three times a day with this ob- 
ject in view. Another* successful and 
simply way is to apply a small dab of 
collodion to tho end of that teat imme- 
diately after, milking. This forms a 
thin, strong membrane at once that 
will prevent nil leakagn and is easily 
removed at milking.— Farmer arid 

—In selecting flour first look to the 
color. If it is white xvith a yellowish 
straw-color tint, buy it. If it is white 
xvith a bluish cast or with black specks 
in it, refuse it Next examino ita ad- 
hesiveness. Wet and knead a little 
of it between your lingers; if it works 
soft and sticky, it is poor. Then throw 
a little lump of dried flour against • 
smooth surface: if it falls like dried 
poxvdor, it is bad. Lastly, s piece some 
of the flour tightly in your hand; if it 
retains the shape given by tho pressure 
that too, is a bad sign. It is safe to 
buy flour that will stand all these testa. 
Theso modes are given by all old flour 
dealers, and they pertain to a matter 
that concerns everybody.— Health and 

Salt for the Throat. 

In these days when diseases of the 
throat prevail, I would advise those 
afflicted to try ray remedy— common 

For the past txvo years I have suffered 
more or less with a vory disagreeable 
pricking sensation in ray throat, as 
though it had splinters in it, and fancied 
at some time or other I had swallowed 
a pin or a lawyer's fish story, ami one 
of the bones had remained sticking in 
my throat. Determined to ascertain, 
if "possible, the cause of my trouble, I 
called to my aid my medical works, 
which aro by no menus limited, and 
under the head of throat diseases found 
it to be a laryngitis, which alarmed me 
not a little. A friend advised me to 
use strong salt water ns a gargle, 
which I have done the past two months, 
nnd my throat is well. I put a heap- 
ing teaspoonful of coase salt (Liver- 
pool) in a tumbler of water and gargled 
my throat thoroughly three limes a 
day, before each meal, and the last 
thing on going to bed, and in addition 
to that, doubled a linen handkerchief 
twice, four thicknesses, wet it with the 
ialt water and pinned it around my 
throat placing over that two thick- 
nesses of dry flannel. 

A friend told me that she always 
broke up a cold in that way, and by 
snifling a little up her nose. 

The gargle is not unpleasant to the 
taste. I also use it diluted to bathe my 
eyes. It is very strengthening, and if 
it is good for the throat it must be good 
for the eyes also. 

For the benefit of (hose xvho have not 
a medical work in their library I xvill 
copy in brief from mine the symptoms 
of chronic laryngitis. "It often com- 
mences with a slight hoarseness and ir- 
ritation of the throat, frequent hem- 
ming or raising of scanty nmeus nnd a 
slight cough. As-jhe disease progresses 
these symptoms increase. In tho ear- 
lier stages the voice is uncertain and 
often breaks in singing or loud speak 
ing. Later, ulceration takes' place, 
generally marked by pain in the throat, 
as if from a sharp-pointed body; the 
discharge becomes offensive; portions 
of lymph, cartilage and even ossifio 
matter are emitted. There is usually 
soreness of the larynx on pressure and 
from inhalation of cold air. It forms 
the so-called ministers' sorethroat. and 
presents every grade of severity down 
so the most inveterate forms of laryn- 
geal consumption.— Herald of HcaUh. 

Minium of a Lovely Lass. 

"I offer you myself, my life, ray all," 
said a widower at the feet of a lovely 
lass. "Will you be mine?" 

"I must ask you one question first 
Did you give your first wife four new 
bonnets a year and eight new dresses 9 " 

"Yes. I gave her six new bonnets 
and ten new dresses every year, for the 
last six years she lived." 

"Then I can not marry you." 

"And why?" 

"Because then you haven't money 
enough loft to buy me more than one 
bonnet and one dress for three year*," 
—Boston Times. 

»-The water lilies of Cape Cod, Mass. , 
aril of pink color instead of white. They 
aro a very profitable plant. An owner 
of a half-acre pond has sold $500 worth 
of tb»m this season.— Boston Globe. 


L CHIATKM— Mr. Jinks, why don't you 
this Hippopotamus Axle Urease in- 
stead of the Frazerf 

Mr. Jinks— Because eur customers ask 
for the Frazer. 

Mr. i 'iik a i km I'd have you know that 
one box of the Frazer costs us nearly as 
much as two boxes of tbe Hippopotamus- 
while we sell them at the same price. 

Mr. Jinks— Butona beat of the Fraser will 
last as long as three boxas of Iks other. 

Mr. Che atkm— That's lust it— by soiling 
this Orrasa you not only make twice as 
much profit, but they have to buy thrss 
boxes of it whrn they would only have to 
buy one ot the Fraxer Urease, 

Li ire is short— only four letters In it 
Thrne-Qiiartoni of it is a "lie" and a half 
of it is an "if." Put this on "file" if you 
would sb "lief."-C/iirajo 7Wf une. 

No effort has over been made to adver- 
tise Lydia E. Pinkhaiu's Vegetable Com- 
pound ou'sido our own America; yet fre- 
quent calls from othor porta of the world 
show that good news will spread. Pack- 
ages of this medicine have even been senl 
from Lynn, Mass., to Ctilna. 

.KHigirl with bangs generally makes a 
noise in the world — at least it annoys a 
good many to look upou her. — louivrs 

f Fhozkh mutton Is sold In England, and 
It Is no uncommon thing thsrs for a butoh- 
er to give a customer the cold shoulder.— 
£ontrrm7f« J Cwftnqf. 

" Rough on Corns." 15c. Askforit Com- 
plete L'ure,hard or sett conns,warts,buniona. 

A soacAMma farce— The performance ot 
an amateur opera singer.— BoXen Post. . 

" Mother Rwan's Worm Syrup," forlag- 
erishness,worms,conatipation,taittelea^. So 

The boat builder is apt to have hla de- 
signs thwarted.— Yonkers Gazette. 

Colden's Liquid Uerf ToDlo 
Cut os chills, fever, ague and weakness. 
Colden's, no other, o( Druggists. 

The question of the hour— What time o* 
day is it if ««.«'..« Courier. 

" Buehu-palbn." Quick, complete cure, all 
annoying Kidney and Urinary Diseases, H. 

False hair does not antedate false 

pride.-TVedifi's HV'A/'/. 

Kvkrtome wanting employment should 
read ad. of Monnonite Pub C... in this paper. 

IT is the successful lrapez» performer 
who generally reaches tbe climb acta.— 
Texas Hi/ting s. 

"Rough on Coughs," lit* at Druirglsta. Com- 
plete cure Coiuths, Hoarseness, Sore Throat. 

■ — a 

A Justice's pantaloons can hardly be 
railed breaches of tbe peace.— Button Bul- 

Beware of the incipitur stages of Con- 
sumption. Take Piso'a Cum in time. 

Should a mustard plaster hi classed 
among drawing materials?— Oil City Der- 

Bklnnv Men. "Wells' Health Benewer" re- 
stores health and vigor, euros t)y*pep«ia,$l. 

Possessed only In Imagination, a gnlnea 
becsmes a far thing.— 1 eiiinrn Oazctte, 

The Greek slave— The college student, 
occasionally.— Boston Post. 

"On," said the gushing Miss Portysum- 
Biers, "how I should like to go hack to th« 
davs nf the re v.ilution. It waa an roman- 
tic  "Yes," answered her escort, "hut I 
suppose you were so young then that you 
don't remember much about it, do ycuf* 
and the freezing look that he received kopt 
biui comfortably cool for the rest of the 
day.— Boston Post. 

As nrlilng x-oid— a h'dlow tooth. . . ■ 
"Won by a bare scratch!" as the hen ob. 
served when she turned up the worm.— 

The broken-down physique of royalty 
is remarkable; from limo immemorial 
Kingi have been mere Bex.— Pittsburgh 
Chronicle- Telegraph. 

"Yes," soid a butcher as he watched a 
dog making off with a big piece of liver, 
"1 believe this is the only business in 
wulcli a man can I ise flesh without grow- 
ing thin."— Drake's Traveler's Maga^ne. 

Enquirer asks: "What do insects live 
on F" Dogs, mostly. — Boston Post. 

a — ■ 

Vek, my son, you defined better than 
you knew. A plumber is really "one who 
gathers plums." And they aro great big 
ones, loo. Some of them are ns big aa a 
honse.— AT. I. Journal. 

How to keep food on an empty stomach 
—Bolt it down.— Life. 

Sinos a seaside poet: "Alone mj lonnlj 
watch I keep." You are lucky. Man 
with the gold three base balls keep ours 
more than three-halfs of the time.— Bur- 
lington Hawkeyc. 

In India girls never marrv before they 
are twenty-live years old. There must be 
a good many girls from India in Ihis city 
now.— Kentucky Slate Journal. 

A MARniEn belle at Barttoga flutters a 
$1,000 fan. With that tan an impecunious 
man could raise tho wind.— 6'ost«n»'M* 

own • 

Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sciatica 

Toolii. ■ 

1 «mli»ro, Backache, llrailarhs. 


Sore Tkroat, 8wr!lla«a, Sprains, Bruises, 
Barns, Hcalris, Frost Hl.r«, 
And All Other BODILY PATNB and A CHUB. 

Sold bTlirninriiiti. anil Dsalan eTcrywhcre. Fifty C«nU 
a bailie. Wre,.||eni la 11 Unaxiaatn. 
fflnnwoni la A.TooltlE a CO. I BilUamre. Hi. . TJ.B, A. 


Moke, XVarte, Frrrklee, Moth Tslrlies, 
Eruption*. Sears,anil all DUflgurrtnmtl 
and Imperfrciloniof the Face, Hand! 
and Fer. and ihclrtrcstmcni. hv Dr. 
.I«h« R. Woodbury. 07 N. Peart 
St., Albaay, K. Y- Send 10c. for book. 

La •» k«. - b-« u. u r u 
m Un. K. i«J.n. Smm. «** 

RllNt. tin tssmsnsst 



Word* of Warning* and Comfort. 

• If you are suffering from poor health or 
•laniiulKhluK on a bed of sletaesn take cheer 
If you arc simply ailing or II you teol 
'xxoak and iltsptritoi?. 
•without oluarly know- 
'ItiK why. Hop till ters 
•will surely oure you. 

If you are a minister, and 
have overtaxed yourself with your 
oaatoral duties, or a mothor, worn out 
with euro and xv.irli, or a man of business of 
lalior, weakened br the strum of your ovory- 
raiy dutinS, or a man p« loiters tolling over 
yoiir midnight work. Hop Bitters will most 
surety 8trong»hcn y ou. 

If you are suffering from ovor-eatlng or 
drinking, any Indlscrotion or dissipation, or 
are young antl growing too fast, u» is of too 

tho case, 

"Or If you are In the workshop, on tho 
Mann, at the desk, anywhere, and loel 
' that your system needs cleansing, tnn- 
•UiK,  ir stimulating, without lutoxlcat- 
Ing. If roll are old. 
Uilotsl thin and Impure. pUlse 
'feeble, nerves unsteady, taculllo  
•waning. Hop Hitters I. ;vbni villi need to 
•give roll new hie, health and vigor." 

if you are costive, or dyspoptlo or mtl-r- 
Inn from anv other of the numerous dis- 
ease* of the stoiniuli or bowels. It Is yo*r 

own fault If you remain ilk If 

you are wasting away with any form 

of Kidney disease, slop tempting death his 

moment, and turn Tor a-curoto Hop Bitters. 

II you aro sick with thnt terrible sick- 
ness, Nervousness, you will liud » "Balia 
In tiilead" in Hop Bitters. 


—If von are a frequenter, or a resident of. 
—a m'asinatio illetrlet, liarrlcado your sya- 
-tern against iho scourge ot 'all eounlrles 
-Malaria, Hpideime Bilious and I liter- 
-mlttont l ev urn by the use of Hop Bitter*; 

or sallow-skin, 
nu fan 1 

Largest In the Market. Sold by Druggists. 



Causes no Pain. 
Relieves at Once. 
Thorough Treat- 

ment will Cure. 
Not a Liquid or 
Snuff. Apply Into 
ostri ls lii vc It 
VERn Trial. 

JO rent, at Pniml"* 
SOreatsbr mallreil.lerM. Sample bottle br mall It), 
oeata. ELT BbOTHKS Drugflata, owrgo, N. Y. 

Remarkable Recovery 

Of a  I.aa-7 of Mlllvtlle, H. ,l..«l» waa IV... 
aonnred lle r ond Hop* of atreovarj llo» 
It waa 


If you have rough, plrnpry. or sallo 
bad breath, Hop^WlW" will aire yi 
skin, rich bl.usl, tho *«n«U sV breath awl 
health. HOQ will be pal,1 for a t-aao thoy wlu  
aot cure or help. 

"Ob, how I do 'wish my skln'Bks ascleai. 
and soft aAyourV said u Isdy tnTi.T IriuuiU i 
"You oasKtsaslly uiaao It so.' siuwcrvd "- 
friend. ' Iloxvr' Imiulrcd Hie Drat lady. 4 

" Hv using. Hop Hitters thstvmakes pu' 
rleh blood and blooming hvalib. It did it I, 
uie. as you obserxo ." ^» ' .„.-' t\J. 

|#-~rfnne genuine without a bnnouof greeuf 
Hops on the while label. 5niiualliliexile,por , Y 
sonmis stuff with "Hop" or "Hops" la their ' . 

Mrs. S. r. Doughertr ta)t: "I had beea a lafferer 
from Dfipepila from the itme 1 waa sixteen reaneld. 
I had coneullrd xarlous phyilclaua ami hern under 
ihelrtreatmenl during mutt of (hotline, hut nndlng 
do relief, had gtxea up la ileapalr of exertiaxtni my 
health rrsiored. A friend recommended Ilr PAVII) 
and have been cured. It's the beat nu-dlrlne I c»er 
knew of, and worthy of the greaieal conAdcncf," 

The abere Ii but one of lbs hundred facta which 
ItRMKIiY u without an equal aa a cure for dlieaaea 
peculiar to fenialea. Hut. If the reader deatrea mora 
ex IdcDce, read the follua tag proof from Mrs Carrie 
Key. ihe wife of Sergeant Key, Co. C, M N. J. Heg., 
who aaya under date of March I, PJM: 

"Two ycara ago my huaband came home In *he 
spring: from Vlrtilnla. where he had bees In charge 
of a arhinarr. Ha waa lakra down with Unlnrlnl 
fever. We were koth alck with It. After n.ntulllng 
our family phyilclan and finding no pennsni-nl relief 
wetrtrdymirrAVOIIITK RKMKHY. and I can eay 

'.  . u...; „, ««u u*« 

medicine of In kind I eter heard of, 

Uve cure for all dlaeaaee of Ihe Ul.-rf. and habitual 
Conailpailon. Ai proof of It g. J. Scare, Si Vlnrland. 
aaya, under dale of March Vd: "I haxa u.rd Ilr 
Ing lo acknowledge II the hot medicine In Ihr world 
for the hewel. 1 ever uaed. and rAVllltlTK itKMK 
[llliinimt excellent preparation for the Ulood." 
Theae are facta which can but convince tbe mint 
ItKMKPY la an bond j , , jkv.ifl.,* which no family 
ahould be without, it i. thg re. nil of it,-- ■ i te in,- 
knowledge nf medicine attained only by the ycara of 
experience of an educated phy.lrlen. II taapoalllxa 
curt for inf..... jri./neyoam Iirer iHtai/i. and all 
Slaraaei peculiar lo frmalei. Trice II per bottle. 


. CTJRE AM. hut aa a tunic and h'allh fnewer. 
. V and for S   ■  ' ami Skin Hi e ... .. and (rouble, d*-- 

Erndent on Impure or lmpo crt»hnl bloo  Swlf.'i 
pcclflc la without a rival. 


"My baby all month, old lirpke out with enmc kind 
of akin bum,, r, and ab. r bring treai.,1 Siem-nthab. 
my family ph).lelan. aaa glrea up to die The drug 
gift n cnmuiendedSalft-a SaeelSQ, and ihe result w„» 
e.grai if.tncaa it wa* mlraruluua. My child aeon 
wen, all traces of the d.aea.1- |. gone, and heliel 
aeaplg." J. J Klltgi.AND. 

Mind, n, Ru.k County, Teaaa. 

Our Treatlae on Blood and Skin Illwaeea mallrd f n 
to applicant!. 


Drawer! Atlanta, Oa. 

H. T. OIBce, !» W. rui St.. between Ith and; 
Area, i Philadelphia nmvr. tan Cbce tnut St 


Health and Happiness. 


Are your Kidneys disordered? 

' Kidney W.trt 1 , ' me fu in my grave, aelt 
err, after 1 had In i-u gleen up l,T 13 I .Iin-Iot. in 
imrolt," M. W. Dtx-eraui, kersanli , I ol«, Ml. Ii. 

Are your nervos wertk? 

"KMnrf Went rurxM m* fmm rti-rTi'iii •■••kn#»»» 
•tr . »fl«*r I wan not . ip*vtc i lo II" Mr* ..ID, 

' . '.1 " HI, I.I. C'aVrUllxM "   ' I )• ' ,'i».|i|. ". 

Have you Bright's Disease? 
Suffering from Diabetes? 

Kidn,.y-Wort HtSeeaoet ., i.l i. I . I ha.a 

ever uaed. ulre. alinn-l lmme.ll.Ui relief." 

Dr. Itaiiitpc. laaWatataaxWea, vt. 

Have you Liver Complrtint? 

sBttsf\!v&" " rhn "" r u,,r ,,taM " 

iJaSrTxxart. Ul. Col. SMh Sal. Ouard, X. T. 

Is your Back lame and aching? 

-Kidney » „rl. il b. llei -u.e.. me when I » 
a 1 had IS roll «■» of bad " ■ _, 
a JL Tnllmage. Ilwaukea. XX I. 

Have you Kidney Disease? 

••Kl«lm.y.xx r .rt made ro-  . -un,l In II. rr ami kidney, 
after year.  f nrunie.i-Mful .1,- tiring, lie worth 
$10 a bus."— Sam'! Uodgea. WiUiaia.lo»n, XXeal Va. 

Are you Conotipatod? 

"lCMn'-y-XVorl ea.-y e.acx^llen. ami cared 
aaa after II yt-ara u.-   f other nvuleinea." 

Xiuon t an el .1.1. Bl. Allaxai, TV 

Have you Malaria? 

"Kidney l.'.-rt ha. done U Iter II, aa any oln.r 
remedy f ha.a uaed In ley || r *^ ,lr * 

ut i. Hero, VI 

Aro you BiliousP 

KMnee xv. rt bi. doneme mere g. »l than any 
otkar r.m-1, Jgj f%%jj£ m ^ ^ 

Are you tormonted with Piles? 

-Kldne. Wert jvr««»e«ll» c«r».l n o Of l.b»ulr« 
ptke. Ilr "W. c. aline rocommriid. .1 II lo«ie " 

Oao. II. met, taahli r it. liank, Mieixaowa, ra. 

Are you Rheumatism racked? 
Ladies, are you suffering? , 

"Kidney. w..rl nis] am el |wUer lr..Ubloa of 
ae.eralytara.Un.llna. Uany 1 1 lemU nee ami eraiee 
M  • Mm a. Uiowreaul, Ida La M..IU-, fi 

If you •would Banish Disease 
-and gain Hoalth, Tako 


Thb blood Clianbir. 



•Tn is"!! Ih»» Jniir- 

i -n bl It1itr  v«iit%*iih0irtwplr« 


' NKW |,An ^OA.r« r.'|i'rfMn 
_ J i wiimi'fiiinr. . Uxv»r rlrr* n lit *• 
i w4 . I*r »a*l Incrra-sM'; Piprrlcm'f I9»f«»r«; 
iri*v Vin f'f. Wrtl#" for rlfUinr* n» f liw». 
A. W Bn i iliMH'K it hUN, t lm ltin-U. Ohlu. 


Foaltlvelv cure SICK HlADACni, Sllleu.neaa, and all LIVIR and BOWEL ComplalnU. MAI.AIIIA, 
BLOOD POISON, aad Skin Ill.ea.ea lONK Pt LL A DOSIl. For C.mplainla thei. Pllli 





General Stores and HorsesDoers." 

hav It, stm 

i orSer Strict- 



rocK Re 

:medy Co., 175 dearborn street, CHICAGO. 

^ |S the TIME. 

To rrevent and cure all "Skta 
Diaeaaea," and to aecurc s whltr* 
■oft and beautiful Oeaaplazloav. nae 

Aromatic Alum Sulphur Soap. 

Sold by DrogglKa. One cake wUI be aunt on receipt 
»t e» »«nl» in any addreta. 

WM. DKETDDPl'KL. Manufaaturer, 9SS Nerth 
Front Streel, Philadelp hia. Pa. 
nege»aaw,n,ilrnr.,t. cconnmlcal LaundrrSoip for 
DCS ■ Washing, ftspcolally Merino. Woolen! anil 
Pmlcnrarmenu (cleans,- " 
whiio_and aweeii la 

greoera and lnt-dsu retailers 


so s c 


BealCoughHyrup. TaateegmKl. , 
_| Uaa In tlpa e. Soldbydruggleia. I 

Btt * HM.iaiAwr.T ?a 





hoM. n Httnd'2nd , Typ 
ice._ Com. 4 B.K.Teleg'h CoUegs, Xi xa i 

A.N. K-E. 6ey~ 

Daily south Kentuckian (Hopkinsville, Ky.), 1884-10-01

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Hopkinsville, Kentucky by Meacham & Wilgus
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