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date (1869-02-25) newspaper_issue          MW      The Organ of the People  and of the Kentucky Bourbon Whisky Trade      VOLUME  1      CYNTHIANA  KY   THURSDAY MORNING  FEB  2 5  1809      NUMBER 25     WHISKY     Distillers      WHISKY     WHISKY     WHISKY        Cincinnati      Distiller   Works     Seed and Plants     Hoop Iron            of        STRAIGHT COPPER WHISKY                  iiiysi  V IBoIlcrliotr    Win  C irliiip   Non     COMMISSION MERCHANTS  BRASS FOUNDERS   lS I A I  imifai f n aM       l ure Bourbon   Rye Whiskies   Iu original packages    Office  No  45 W 2nd St   up Stairs      to I  2 1 1 v      Cin  O      And Manufacturers of   Steam A Water Gauges   Valves  Distillery Work  Ac    Ho  2110 First Front Street    feb24 ly  Cincinnati  j     J  S  Cook   Sons    Van Illustrated     HOOP IIR DTsT   For     esS  While in Cincinnati last week wo   ject the Metropolitan is at your service       went to see Lotta  at Wood s Theatre  j if greater style and equal safety and good  At the close of tiie piece  upon turning j treatment lie disired  tiiere is the Spen       to go out  we were horrified to observe eer    I wlmt  hml it oecurred to us as we went 1 These proprietors having guarantied     in  would have marred our enjoyment personally to us that they would pror  Coopers and Distillers Esc  j for thy evening  had it not indeed com  tect their guests from imposition  and     SEED 11 PLANT     At Cincinnati prices  Cull and see   LONG MO HE A  BRO      feb24 t f      Gray a cr ug    Distillers of   STRAIGHT COPPER WHISKY   feb24 ly  Cynthiana  Ky      I    tEt  GEEEHWALD    FOl SIHtY Hi  HAUIIMi KIIOP    STEAM ENGINES  BOILERS   Copper it Sheet Iron Work    Mill Machinery of every Description    No  24 i  Old No  190  East Pearl St   Dealers in Pure Bourbon Whiskies  Flour              Grain  Malt  Distillers agents  fol 24 1 v j T GGI tSTON A  ENCE  ClIl O        AVID GIBSON A CO     No  32 Vink St i kt    Cincinnati  Ohio    COMMISSION MERC  HANTS      Catalogues Now Ready    Send two red stamps for copies to   J  S  COOK A SON    197 A 190 Walnut St   Cincinnati  O   fel 24 2in      Insurance      Imperial   FIHf HtSORAHCI COMPANY     fel 24 Iv      1       Engravers      OF LONDON      Ford   llutehisoii    Manufacturers and Dealers In     PURE BOURBON WHISKY      fel 24 1 v      Paris  Bourbon Co   Ky        H okotekkempek   co  t  COMMISSION MERCHANTS  And Dealers in     Whisky  Flock  Malt  Grain A Hors     fed  24 1 v Nos  4S A    0 West 2d St  Cin  O         MCILVAIN Si SPtECEL    BOILER MAKERS      Lawrence St   Let  Front it Pearl    t inciuuti  o    Second hand Boilers always on liami   Repairing done with promptness and on     KTBUmilHMa  A CO     Lithgoraphers  Engravers    Publishers    109 unit 171 Knee Street    Cincinnati    61 ow Cards  Bill Heads  Letter Heads      j pelled us as a matter of principle to go in every way treat them kindly  if they  back and forego the anticipated pleas    should fail in their promise we will  ure of hearing and seeing the little char    hold them to account to us  for we will  mer  not trifle with the interests of our read    There is a truth and a right and a  era  nor be made a medium for in i os   fairness involved in all the transactions ing on any one    of men by whatever means or for what  wlv  Ve cannoftoo earnestly call tho  ever purpose they l c brought in contact  attention of our people to the fact that  whether direct or indirect  or to a great  they ought under all circumstances to  er or lesser degree  that no one ran ig    ve preference tohoinedWilere and pro  nore or forego without doing injustice Queers  to those at a distance  Our mer   to himself and violence to a matter of  chants llore ffln and we believe they do     Established 1803       Maps  Diplomas  Portraits Ac   eagraved iu  best stylo  Also Publisher  Masonic A Odd  Fellows Charts and Diplomas  fe  241v      Cash Capital paid up and invested  Funds exceecding fs  000 00c     C  B  COOK    Distiller of   BOURBON   RYE WHISKY    f l 34 It  CYNTHIANA  Kv      J     OlIN L  IM G II    General   COMMISSION MERCHANT    And Distillers Agent    4  i Col  CM in a St   Cin  O    Dealer in Malt and Hops and distillers  supplies  l ol 24 ly      reasonable terms  fel 24Cm  I      J   PE A M A X WELL S j    Patent Steam Pumps       560 000 Invested in the U  S      Stationers      principle      We were horrified at discovering that     sell everything in their line as low us     the outlet to tlie Theatre was so difficult     the suite quality of article can be got     11  K  SIIAWIIAX       MOHR  SOLOMON   MOHR    DM lllere of     Distiller of   PURE BOURBON WHISKY   1 Cologne Spirits  Gin     Boiler feeders  and whisky    pumps made of brass or iron   for hot or cold water aiash  j  bear  high or low wines  of all  sizes  kept constant Ivon hand    at lowest rates  Send for illustrated circu   lar  Cope A Co   sole makers  No  118 East    2il St    Cincinnati  Ohio    fcb24 Iv      Staxaoe  Sanders   Co     Wholesale   Stationers  Printers  Binders    An l Blank  Book Manufacture      IS5 RCaici fct   Cinciunati  O        for at the river especially  when freight   of access  and so narrow and steep and  high  that no trifling accident or panic  could occur in tho audience that would  not surely nsult in loss of life or limb      insurance against Fireeffected on Houses   and no serious one that Would not as       sml Buildings  Merchandise  on Whisky in j   ure y c    t the   ivcB of thc greater num  the    kn0W y   U   Tho r Word  S    HKl f   r              i ii i r   whatever they say    They helped build       j   or of whoever should he so unfortu      the town  they invest their money hero     itnd trouble are counted in  In addition  to that there is another and even better  reason why home should have the pref   You know the dealers here and     rjailF  REPl TATION AND STANDING     nate as to bo present on such an occasion      whether great or small  strong or feeble      man or woman      As we stood patiently waiting for the     Cynthiana  Ky      fetyM ly      COOK   ASHBRCOK     Distillers of     A Keller  BQUK30N WHISKY    Cyntliinnu  It y    feb24 ly    W HIT E     Catawba Brandy mill Whiskies rc diatilksl In j  Cnpia r     To  159  101   1C3 IU  3rd St    CINCINNATI  O    Fine Bourbon anil Rye Whiskies  fel 34 ly      Jims  Elradford  Sr   o    Mumifacturoni of     Hotels      1          which this Company has secured dur   ing the sixty live years it has transacted  business throughout the world  together  with the l yge and undoubted security it   oilers for all its obligations  will  it is bopod          llv   secure for it a share of the public patronage    All Losses of this Agency will ho libor   1 crowd to iuo  c out by the steep narrow   ally adjustsd and prom   tiv pan  here  stairs  we estimated that the house could  John H  LAW  Agent    No  so West Third street    burn up three times while being emptied   Masonic Temple  Cincinnati      and are of the people  They have more       interest in dealing fairly with you than     I they have in taking any little mean     Distillern Works     FRENCH eUHR MILL STONES  SPENCER HOUSE       r  r  f Front A Broadway    CINCINNATI  O      Vo 57 Wslinii SI     or  2nd    CINCINNATI      I Importers of the genuine dutch anchor bran  I I  Bolting Cloths  Portable Mills  Smut Machines  J  j       tebVi Jy      Having made surveys of nearly all of the    Distilleries and Bonded Warehouses iu the  jfith and 7th Districts of Kentucky  I am  I prepared to write large lines on the same  in the above and other first class compan   ies      A  13  lIoLABIKD   Co     Manufacturers of     BRADFORD It SHARP      DROWN    SWENY      Pr s    l Jjdge        130 Y     bistiuep mm      Manufacturer   of Supe rior Oak Tunned l at   clit Slivtehed     Xfar the Suf pension  feb24 tf      Alexander      J  A  MILLER         frioy c       Distillers si ndll ru   l prietnrsnf t In   I  A    Mlllor Chicken  I    oelc   BOURBON   Ami I  urn Hyp  Whisky  Paris   ISnurlxm Co   Ivy   fel 34 ly      LEATHER BELTING    1IOSE AND SUCTIONS    Steam Engines  Boilers and Portable Circular   x  U alnui Street   Hnw Mills  It patent Wheat and t orn Mills       aiHUIMUel t or Moud    Bolt i u it Cloths  Gum and Leu tiler Belting fur  CINCINNATI    Dished to order    Dealers in Lace Leather  Gum BcltliiK  IIoho   333  tnd 335 West Front  Street  amt Packing  teiSt om    foh  lly  CINCINNATI  O        METROPOLITAN HOTEL     Mein S   Bet u ren Front   Second   Cl NCINN A TI  O      REFERENCES   Messrs  David Gibson A Co      CuvsiA Holterhoff      Boyle  Miller A Co    Hslfheimer Bros      Jos  S  Cleneay A Co      Mohr  Solomon A Mohr      John D  Ilinde Esn      Henry E  Harper Esq      John L  Pugh Esq    Februtuv 17          m      W  tJc G   V  Robson      s  198 anil 200 Fust Front Street  J     Distillers Dfan  s     Wm  T 3   CO   AGENT     O WING TO A GUE    our rush wc hav     luce migrates to     AT REDFCTION IN  e determined to r       ou an ovneion like tliis with no undue  excitement orhaxte  And weeould not  hut estimate the effect of a fire behind  the soetns on some nigiit when like this  the houec should lx  jiackoi above  and l elow   the wild rush of strong men  trampling down all in their way  the  shrieks and frantic erics and hubbub  and fierce struggles of an ungovernable j     mob of furious men and women strug   gling like wild beasts to reach the stair   way  only to be pitched down it head      advantage of you  They expect to see  vou again  Now this is not so with  distant towns  There is another reason   when you leave t m dollars in Cyntlii   ana or in any of our home towns  you  have a chance to see it again  The mer   chant or mechanic to whom you give it  for value received will want directly or  indirectly something that you have for  sale  and the very money you paid him   will enable him to buy  Now when  you go off to buy things that you ran  get at home you rob yourself  You help  to that extent to make times hard and  ten to one you get caught in a pinch for     HOME INSURANCE COMP        a few dollars that might have come  long and crushed to death by the frantic j                           back to you a dossen tunes had you list   1 it where it could get hack  This thing      mob behind them      This theatre is only biding its time     I  S  I  AIR  G    C  I   KF IIMOS  J  K KKHX      CINCINNATI  OHIO    CX  PPEHSMIT1 r      Lair  Rednion   Co    DISTILLERS or    Purc Bourbon Whisky      A n l inamifaoturos of tho colobmto   Copper j  Dourboii si ills   villi stoani jHokotM  lei  24 ly      Robson Sz Co       R  MILLS A Co     Dealers in   Revenue Books   Blanks    For Distillers    117 Walnut St   Cin  O      I     S2 PER ZD ATYT      NEW HAVEN      j to go out of existence some fine night       looks small in detached cases  but put     ana conflagration sending totheskiesj     all together it might make a difference     Our accommodations shall lie second torn   f Hotel in the city    Wi A  TIiritRTOX  Prop tr   February 17  18  9 3m      Totil Assets      1 619 070 34      in its smoke and glare  the horrid in      of n hundred thousand dollars in tho     EDITORIAL     cense of thc burning bodies  of a thou        amount of money in circulation in the     sand men  women and children     county in the course of two or three     We advise our readers by all means u      ths   In u  ity Uiorejs strength  and     fcl 24 Gill      Covington      8f  _ Prior       i our people must hang together if all   to tho enactment ofthe In  1 tokeepawaj from this theatre  Incase        Berryville  near Cynthiana  Ky   fed  24 ly      lflti East Front Street     CINCINNATI  OHIO      Seales     3 II I I j SMIT1 1   Wholesale dealers in     ternal Revenue laws  no one outside of of accident  evon those nearest the stair      enerally and each individually would     s Kentucky distillery could have aasur  way     oll   r   not Gficn f K      or would be     do well      1 anee of buying pure bourbon whisky  J     trampled to death by those behind   57 At a meeting ol the members of     Bros  Founders      T  J  lleglhbeii and I5ro    Distil lore of   Bourbon Whiskey    Cyiilliiniin  Ky      Wrou  lil Iron ri  IiiK  Steam Utters an l K  n   i ntl Dislillory work  f  l   4 ly        FAIRBANKS    STANDARD     Ohio Machine Works      ly      Home Dealers      43     15 Broadway    Opposite  Broadway TTotel  j  ManufactureK of   EN   i I X IdS  BOIIjEHS      louring Mill Mu     feb24 ly       Bourbon Whiskey  j Those laws now cotne between the dis           _ tiller and the consumer as an insurance   II holesole Grocers Storage   O m mission   I a guaranty and a warranty  Thus     them  Those near tho center would be     I the Turnpike  leading from Uynthiana     to the Scott lino  via  Cbiinersville  held     doomed without hope  That the city   in tho        urt House in Cynthiana  Feb     Railroad  Hay  M            12  nd 14 i ike Street    Covington  Ky      M 24 1 V      1 1  t for in   AND     H     authorities do not indict this theatre  is J 20  1BC9  the following lxihrd of officers    The mash is put in the mns h tub under   no warn nt th t U is ri   ht and safp   w   re nominated  in l unanimously clect    the eye of an officer of the United State  1 11 a mntt    r f  r tho P   to in      Hakor V  p   Tcbb  aiui   It passes through the still under thcoye   and ho d U P to the indi   nti on and ntettom        Saw Mill  Distillery and  ohinery      C  MFSSER    XVholeaale Dealer in Pure     i     Counter Scales    Of all kinds  Also    Ol POUND MASH BEAMS      AWES 1IROS     5th   Scott Streets    Covington  Ky      of an officer of the United States  It is  barrelled  inspected  gauged  marked      The De Bus Tub    Cooperage Co  Warehouse Trucks  Copying FreB cs  Mon  2    1 ey Drawers Ai    Ac    Xos  fiGO to  ISO ELM STREET  j     seorn ofthe people  without whose  Mntioll was Iim ke tind seconcd that  consent an 1 support such death trap  Mr  Kirtley take the Citair   ean not live for a day  j Motion was make by Mr  Boyers that   o       r  i j it         t 1 1 TT         a committee  Ix appointed to canvass the   Agents for sale of ail i the celebrated Brands deli cr   y an officer of the I mtod     1 1s    Pcn suggested that it   city of Cynthiana for the benefit of our     of Pure Bourbon whisky  Attention giv  states  The marks and brands and ac  1         branded  and when freed from bond      to shipment of Whisky  Hemp  Grain        A       would be well for Kentucky people to   road  carried  Wesley Ammonium      KENTUCKY BOURBON WHISKY    In Bond and Free     feb241y  Cv ntiiiana  Ky      CINCINNATI  O    DISTILLERY   BREWERY   I fcl 24 ly  Work ilnne to nrrlrr      tel  24 Iv      Faihhanks  Morsk A   n    125 Walnut St   Cin      fei io tin    companying official papers designate j TOncontratc   on tuY  or three stopping   Jas   Tcl lw      Ydgglesworth     Hells     D      XT  JUETT    AVhoIcsale Dealer in Puro     BOURBON WHISKEY      M c GOWAN BHOTHltRS    Nos  94   ix  Elm Street    Cincinnati  O   Manufactures of     feb24 lv      Cynthiana  Ky      Cistern  Well  Factor   Distillery      And Steam Pumps  Steam and Water pipe   fitting Ac  f l 24 1 v      I        II ES AV     ORKS   It FI  I      Hughes a hays    GROCERS    And Commission  Merchants    DEAUIilUS 1N   LIQUOliS Nc C J 3  AIN    i 39 Pike Street          ach seperate cask  the name  place      I Near the Kentucky Central Railroad Depot      and district of the maker  and dates of  handling  The benefit of this govern     mental supervision of the manufacture    and trade is most marked in tliis the     bourbon  region   Ever since the first    settlement of Kentucky this whisky ltas     places in Cincinnati so that they could     were appointed      fel 24 lv      FOUNDRY      COVINGTON  KY      and     JEON CUSON    Authorized agent for C  Musser  of  Cynthiana  Ky     For the sale of   PURE BOURBON WHISKY    Tn Georgia  Alabama  Mississippi  North  id South Carolina  fel 24 I v       J  II  MOONEY    Steam Engine Builder   DISTILLERY   MILL WORK   fob24 ly  1 lfi A 1 18 West 2nd St  Cin  O      fel 24 flin      Catalogues sent free  on application    JOHN C  MORRIS    No  122 East 2d St   Cin  O      Safes     X  T  MARTIN A     BRO     Wholesale Dealers in  PURE BOURBON WHISKY   feb24 ly  Cynthiana  Ky      Tjaxe A BODLEY    John A Watkr St   Cin  O      T  IK BOLD  BAUMANN A KIEXZLE   Manufacturers of improved   FIRE   BURGLAR PROOF SAFES   Nos  88  90 A 92 Elm Stkekt  Cin  O      JOHN S  HOLMES    manufacturer of   Distiller Earnin   Brands    Cast steel Stamps  Stencils  Ac     No  10 Pike St   COVINGTON  KY    Orders by mail promptly attended to      Motion by J ts  Tebbs  that every  take for granted that friends in the city   st K   k bolder is authorized to takesub   could be found or hoard of at one or the j seriptions  seconded  and carried  other of them    Motion made and seconded that the   In making such rendesvoux   prefer    shares be  50  carried                  On motion tlir meeting adjourned   once should of course be given to houses i     that are bidding for Kentucky custom  A  Conner  lt vonling Sec y    i een famous  and so real and sure was for  n ovorythinjc tho man w   10 soli   it   f  t     the foundation Of its popularity that to  1         t              loourtriendswhotiax Ibatkand         r  i our custom will treat j ou at least as   ft   to Missouri  we can recommend   dav it is known to the exclusion of all             i        r             well as he who does not  ti  l    old reliable Ohio A Mississippi Itail    Mr  Thurston  formerly of Paris  road  which is a direct  cheap and res   ponsible line  This road makes close     fob24 tf      Lumber      others as the whisky for drinking and  other such purposes  Heretofore  the  public although they preferred  Uour   j bon  whenever they wanted whisky for  1 family or personal n es  could have no  real assurance of the genuineness of     I wlbertison   Alexander    Dealers in     is bidding for Kentucky custom and j                      connections and has every appliance for   keeps his house  the Metropolitan  full   1   j the comlort of its passengers    of Kentucky people  This house charges j     t            FO A ynthiaiui wants more brick   per day and is in cverv rcstxs t fullv     makers and layers  Althoughabund    eqnal to the best second class city hotels        what was given them as such  for the Mc   wrS i   Drow   n a Sweny of the Spencer red houses will be begun withm thirty   country was full enough of unscrupu    Rrc bi    ding also for Kentucky custom  j dil   vs   tlu   rt   is uot  l brit   k lbr   lle at any   jlous men who would brand whisky   Thelrs js n strict  j  first class house   I  rice   M vhanics of all kinds can come     Dressed Lumber      Mann factors of   STEAM ENGINES      1 fcb24 lv      Pine  JTnidork  Flooring  Tiding  Shingle   Ap  7th Rt   Market Spaco  ncarthr Depot   Prompt attention to all orders  fel 24 lv      made any where and of any quality   Old Bourbon  and no one would be  the wiser    The effect of the supervision of the     equal to the best and in point of atton      to Cynthiana without any hesitation      tion to guests perhaps superior to any I       There will be more work done here this     hotel in Cincinnati  Their charges are     season than has been done in the hist     higher than the Metropolitan and al      nve years      Distillery  Grist Mill  and Saw Mill Ma   chinery    fel 2l lr      Pianos     St  Louis      P ECK A VAXIIOOK    COMMISSION MERCHANTS      Dealers in   Puke Bourbon Whisky    Main St   Cvnthiaua  Kv    fcU24 ly       fames  lliimau dr Co     COPPERSMITHS    Nos  l U A 133 Ea it Fr    et    Cincinnati  4        T   IF  BALDWIN    133 West Fourth St   C in      Offers great inducements to I   T7 oif P urillusers of   Pianos  Organs  A Mclodcons      government is displaying itself in this j though in many respects superior to the   pssr Among tlie projects on foot for    region  in the number and extent ofthe i  grand  gloomy  and peculiar  Burnet  Cynthiana are  a railroad to  Carlisle      distilleries in operation and process of its charges are half a dollar a day less  another to Georgetown  various turn     erection  and shows at once two things  than that house  pikes  a new bank  an insurance compa    DlGBY  L XDERHILL   BULLEIt  i first that the demand for Kentucky These two hotels are near each other    ny  a joint stock building company  a   Bourbon is real and firmly established    are near the river  and are near tlu  brewery  a joint stock institution of     and second that the trade will have no bridge  Between them they offer ev  learning  a cooi crage company  another     Manufactnrers of Engine and Distillery Instruments rented so that the rent will  work of all kinds  stn h as Alcohol Stills  pay for them  Send for circulars      Columns  Pumps of all kinds  fcb24 lv      Manufacturers of patent machine made     tr J _l  _bO 33_A_ 3r     spurious artieleso long as they are pro    erything our people  isiting the city bridge  and various private enterprises  HD Snnili Seven Hi Street  tected and guaranteed in dealing in thel could reasonably desire  If to be treated   in the way of building numerous and     fol 210ni  1 8t  LOUIS  MO      fob M cm    genuine        well and save a few dollars  be the ob  costly residences  mills ami tenements         TT  M i    IV             L       jm flu w v   r   A fsi   illi MYii LbS 4 s     WEST   MUSSER  Proprietor s    R W  MUSSER  Editor   Manager      Subscri ption  2 00 p r Year   ADVERTISEMENTS PER INCH    One Insertion    7i cts    Each Additional      50ets   One Year        12 00     C7NTHIANA  KY     THURSDAY FEB  35  IS89      ttf    A certain Paris paper says it is We clip from the Lexington  Ken   will soon outstrip old fogy Versailles    informed by Mr  Keith  the president j tucky Gazette  the following handsome a second Georgetown     all to mind all  of the Kentucky Central Railroad  that j compliment to our young county man   it is the intention of the road to contest who is a student at Washington College   the late act of the Legislature reducing Lexington  Ya    its frieght charges  aiul that if it does At the anniversary of Graham Society   not win   it will amount to a prohibitum   connected with Washington College others we might mention   of toeat frieghts   among otheres who spoke was Lucius I Talk to our people about the necessity     T                Desha  Jr   of Harrison  Co   Kentucky    of a railroad  and nine out of ten will   pon ns V1   roa u a ores ia 1 smia correspondent sends_us thefollow  j readily admit it  but admissions and  paper has no comment to make  Me ing sketch of his speech  Our corrcs  talk without a corresponding effort  have  We c n say now to the Kentuc  pondent speaks in the highest terms of won t help along the enterprise  If our     Carpenters      the railroad towns in the State  and con   trast them with towns that do not pos   sess these advantages  See what the  railroad has done  will continue to do   for Richmond  Elizabethtow n and many     J   3VH  DILL    Contractor  Builder   Walimt Mt   South of Wiirnork  s Stable    CYNTHIANA  KY      8 STls it not a little strange that our  brethern of the press do not  notice the  triumph of the peopleover the railroad   Can it he because they did not assist in  the fight that they are now mute over  the victory  Who are these editors   What are they  TIow comes it that  they have charge of the people s press   and yet are silent in the people s inter     ts  Does a paper support its people   or the people their paper  Which is  master  and which servant    It is pretty good when a paper  can  keep its mouth shut while its patrons  want it to speak  Whenever a news   paper neglects wilfully to express the  sentiments of its supporters  or in any   way grossly neglects their interests  it  loses its claim upon them  and not only  is not entitled to their support  hut de   serves their op  osition individually and  collectively  A community by sustain   ing a piper with its patronage that  takes part against them  or that fails to  take part for them  simply rob them   selves  If the people support the paper  it should support the people  If it sup   ports a corporation with which the peo   ple are in conflict  let the corporation  pay it    and the people also if they are  fools  These must he high and grand  gentry who stand by with their hands  in their pockets  puffing a corporation  that the people say is robbing them   What claims have they upon the people  for support  Who are they  What  manner of men are they   Upon what  meat have they fed  th it they have  grown so great  If they puff the road   let the road puff their pockets    We hope it is not a petty jealousy  against Harrison county that makes  them so mute  Governor Stevenson is  reported to have said that noboby was  making a fuss about the road except  Harrison  Nobody built much of the  road except Harrison  A Harrison pa   per made the fight here  and the Sena   tor from Harrison made the fight at  Frankfort  Good friends do not be  afraid of making Harrison prominent  in your little sheets  She is taking her  true position before the world as the  leading county in Kentucky  and noth   ing you can say will either put her  ahead or set her back a particle  Fear  not little ones    W  _We appear this week as the  organ of the People and the Ken   tucky bourbon whisky trade  These  interests are in no way in conflict but  harmonious and identical  There is  little surplus money in this part of Ken   tucky that is not in one way or other in   vested or interested in whisky  This Is  the leading interest here  and it is mak   ing the country both rich and famous    Its influence is not limited to the pri   vate interests of the distillers or dealers   but reaches in some way every art anil  occupation that is plied amongst us    The erection of another inainmouth  distillery here is like opening another  vein of mineral in a mining center   It increases the demand for labor  and  home prixluec  and brings here to be a  part of our general wealth  the profit  between the cost of manufacture and  sale price  As it is sold todistant buyers   it draws this profit money of course  from strangers  and increases our wealth  and business facilities absolutely to that  extent    Besides all this it increases our appear   ance of prosperity which is as attractive  in a town or community as in an indi   vidual  and in the same way of material  and monied benflt  It encourages in   crease of population  additional enter   prise  new kinds of manufactures and  general public spirit and improvement    Big Cei ab  Harrison Co   Ky     Feb  If   1869    Messrs Editors    As you have   doneagood job in advocating the reduc   tion of high toil on the K  C  Railroad   I wish to call your attention to the high  toll and bail condition of the Cynthiana   Ruddles Mills and Millersburgh Turn   pike road  Having had occasion to do  some hauling over that road last week   I was charged 21 cents per mile for a  four horse team  1 could scarcely pull  the load over the two mile I traveled on  account of the bad condition of the road   I hauled the same load from Oddville   a distance of six miles  with compara   tive ease and on a much better road at a  cost of tollage not quite 16 cents per mile   Now Messrs Editors why is this differ   ence  If it is lawful for the Ruddles  Mills road to charge 24 cents per mile  with its road dreadfully out of repair  it  is all right  hut if it is not lawful  it is  all wrong  By answering through your  valuable paperyou will much oblige the  traveling public  and a subscriber    THOS  A  ROBERTSON      KBPS CONSTANTLY ON HAND EV   erydescriptionofLumber atCincin    ky Central  that whenever it undertakes I the youthful orator and says lie has people want a railroad  and we believe nati prices  Also      they do  now is the time to work for it  SASH  DOORS   BLINDS   and not a day is to be lost  This is our     last and our only chance  Iftheoppor  pur p 0 ses  for sale  H   Utility is neglected it will not present it   self again  There will probably be a              r          greatly distinguished himself 111 College    to prohibit Harrison county Ireiglit from 1 7   0 r   1 He is a son of General Lucius Desha    passing over it at lawful rates  or under an 1 i  roth    r 0 fC     pt  Joe Desha  C  S  A     any circumstances  that it will feel  and   well known for his gallantry during the     quickly  tlie heavy hand of an outraged  and indignant people    In all that we have said about this road   as the organ of the people and defender  of their rights under the law  we have  softened their manner of shaking of it   and have never expressed fully their  bitter indignation and hate of it and its   managers     The road will stand by the law then  if the law will agree with it    otherwise  it will not carry way freight   Pretty  good for the road  If it docs not con   form to the law  if it refuses to carry  Harrison county freight  and afterwards  runs a train through Harrison county   it can have our best hat upon demand    While in Covington last week  Mr   Keith told us he would like to make an  agreed case before the courts  so that the      late unpleasantness  H by the members  of Hanson s  Brigade     Is the maxim  our country bight  or wrong  a justiflable onc     He si lowed the importance of a  motto as a national educator  and  claimed that a true one should embody  the purest principles expressed in the  most unambiguous terms      contest between Bourbon and Harrison  for the road from Carlisle  If Bourbon  gets it Scott will lose it  An earnest  and immediate effort and co operation  l   tween I larrison and Scott are neeesary    the quicker that effort assumes some  deftinite shape the better  We promise  the Harrison Democrat to co operate     ward tills great proposed enterprise       For tho Cynthiana Democrat       He urged a s objections to the one in j heartily with it  and to the best of our  question that it placed  our country  ability  in it   efforts to push for   saperior to the principles which should  perpetuate and protect it  that it erects a  false standard of morality  and sets at  defiance the laws of God  that it justifies  in nations and by the same principle  in individuals that which is  wrong   that it leads to fanaticism  and  under the idea that the trill of  the people is the law of the land  sanctions     lie is also prepared to contract for build   ing houses from thu slump    Having secured the services of a first   class stair builder  he is prepared to put all  kinds of   STAIR WAYS    As cheap as it can be done in Cincinnati      Lima  Line  Lime      Havinng pnrehased 30 000 bushels of  lime  I am now prepared to sell cheaper  than CINCINNATI PRICES   nov 18 J  M  DILL      J  E    PIKE     DICKEY    STREET      Five doors East of Main  deals in Family  Groceries  Confections  Christmas Toys      This is a proverb current in Europe   an countries which runs as follows   By  the road ofby and by one arrives at the I  town of Never   this seems to me ad   mirably suited to the intellectual diges   and encourages the unjust oppression of   Uon of cvery onc in the community who     minorities  takes away religious and 1 ja dilwtly or in  iir H tlv interested in ed    Has  Drgc and varied assortment of cv    politieal toleration  destroys freedom of     tie     wt   nnr ir   v tll   m 8 111 his imc and hopes by diligent   1 J   ucatioual ttfuLirsu During tno p wt year     tention to business  and fair prices to     there have been many indicatons of a       Dor Safe      SPUN     if      For Sale      H aving determined to remove   to Missouri  I otter for sale  privately   my farm containing   237 ACRES   Within one mile of Oynthian i  on t lie Mill   orstyurg pike  It is considered the best and  finest improved place in Harrison county   has a new    Fine Brick Residence    Two storv front and ell  with M rooms and  halls  Ito  outbuildings  fruit and water  cannot be surpassed  The soil is superior   150 acres in blue grass the remainder under  cultivation    This is a splendid stock tavern stand     1  W  MUSS ELMAN   Jantuuy 13  1869 tf      to business  and fair prices  share the patronage of the public      speech and of the press  and leaves the   question between the road and the peo    rights ofindividuals at tlie mercy of the whofajome dissatisfaction with the ex    ple could be decided authoritatively mob    listing educational status of the commit             r  A    ami Of an aspiration after some  or to suit customers    thing better  Recently however  these  Dee  16  1868  tf      without expensive delay  II o expressed  to us a perfect willingness to abide the  decision of the court   which lie could  not help do  He did not intimate to us  the threat made through the pnjicr afore   said    The scaring faculties of Harrison have  been overestimated somewhere in this  connexion  Who has made the mis   take it is not worth while here to sur   mise    O  terrible man   will you indeed do  what you say    JST To our friends at homeand abroad  who have sent as various communica   tions and articles for publication  we  tender our thanks and request a contin   uance of their favors  Sometimes like  the present  some that we would  especially like to insert are necessarily  crowded out  If our friends will please  continue to send nevertheless  and per   mit us to retain their articles and insert  them whenever our space will permit   we will be specially obliged  Those we  have shall appear wheneverer we can  get them in  One particularly  from  Rev  B  N  Carter  of Williamstown  entitled  Recollections No  2     cn  It may lie as well to say here for  the benefit of the new hands into which  wo will fall this week in various parts  of the United States  that this is our  first issue ns the organ of the Kentucky  bourbon whisky trade  that we hnve  heretofore been known as the Harrison  Democrat  of which most business men  of the United States have heard by see   ing whisky articles copied from it into  the leading Cincinnati  New York   Chicago and New Orleans papers  as  well as the country press generally  Tho  whisky cards that appear this week arc  the result of a single weeks solicitation   and but a beginning of what we expect      OYSTERS    the can      ified support to countiy  and therefore  to its authorized governments the minds  of rulers are filled with the idea of their  supremacy  and the result is despotism   that when governients become corrupt  they cannot be changed or brought back  to the right except by opposition    He insisted that this was not a ques   tion of opposition  but of support  that  although a man should not takcuparms  atone against his government  still it is  his duty to oppose the wrong wherever  found  and that common sense and his  obligations to God and man must de   termine the mode and extent of this  opposition  he must not by silence con   sent to error  much less uphold and main   tain it  and   according  to his influence  and ability is he resjxinsible for his con   duct in this regard  that all great revolu   tions had been achieved by individuals   that it was not for any man to deny his  duty  his calling and bis mission   which  are always to maintain the right  And  in conclusion  he proclaimed it false  patriotism to follow and encourage  our  country in the wrong     Our correspondent adds  II  did not  fail to elicit repeated applause  It was In  the depth of winter  I noticed that sev      lamcntations have become more sub   dued in tone and the whispers of a   college  have become fainter until j  there appears to he reasonable grounds to j  fear that they may soon die away alto j  gether  and with them the hopes to  which they gave origin  That this will  not lie the fault of the Democrat  the   vj  ti    ti i a   able and sensible articles which haven    WHITE LEAD  FAINTS   ecntly appeared in its cotums are a suf  1  fleicnt attestation  They strike directly j  at the root of the whole matter  the  primary and essential prerequisite of    any considerable or valuable advance  is an elevation of the standard of home       Howell A  Cleailfniug    Dealers in   5 aaaahau    Oils  Varnish  Brushes  Glass Ac    C 3H Madison St     Covington  Kg      training and a more intelligent coope   nition with the teacher    As there seems to be a vagueness in     K     WE aro practical Painters of  20 years ex   erienee  Parties ordering by mail can rc   011 patting a   IPXTIELIE AE TICLE      some quarters  and in others a contrarie  j V 1   8tool    bci  J  c   1 us    n v   ith j  Y    1   Goods sold as low as they can be bought tit     ty of opinion respecting the educational  requirements of the place  permit me  to submit a few reflections which seem  favorable to the establishment upon a  permanent basis of a city free school   and with it a first class High school in  preference to a college  In the first  place  such an educational provision is  level to the requirements of the major      ity other market   obruary 3  ISfV Mim      Flouring     Mill                  itv  There aro few that hare the time  I   eral beautiful boquets w ere presented bv   mc n   anr   tho salination to com  I   the darling ladies  I may state that Mr  j  ete a n gular   oUegiatc curriculum     Desha sustams equally as high a position j  j ow 1Illlnv of the youths of Harrison   in Ills classes ns 1 1 the debating society    have in tiines   Klst gone forth to   Nay  h  stands even higher  The pw U   of tlu       f Knowledge     pet  ts arc quite good for him to recetvo   whi    h  m   vlllgarly supposed to flow  the Robinson 1 me Med   as evidence by walK If w   ha    sm   h   of his attaining the Ingest degree of gen   eral scholarship among the graduates in  the schools of Latin  Greek and Mathe   matics    The number of Kentucky students here  is about fortyfive  and as a body  they  acquitted themselves handsomely at the  Intermediate Examinations just fin   ished       FOR SALE      many are tlcro who are prepared to  participate in its advantages  As a  I local enterprise  untrammeled by any  1 sectarian bias  and unassisted by relig  j  ious or denominational influence  it j  mast depend upon local patronage  bis  cause students from abroad will natur     ally flow to institutions of greater age  and reputation  to graduate at which  j  will confer some prestige  Then  have  we the local patronage to justify a col  i     O      NE BOILER  20 feet lorvjr  12 i nolle  di   ametnr  o Y     EXCISE  inch   bore X 21 inch stroke    Two Run Portable Prills    One 10 inch stone  the other 30 inch stone    A chest Bolts for Flour  1 Bolt for Buck   wheat or Rye  1 Corn Bolt  1 Vundergrift s     inmt     Colombia  Adair Co   Ky  f  Feb  20th  1869  j  Editor Cynthiana Democrat    I take the liberty to write i to build it up  and render it valua    One Rolling Screen  Conveyers and Eleva    ble  As each individual answers this I  or     Belting  Water Tank  Gearing  Ac       file In 1 1 ic matter of transient adver   tisements  those like things  for sale    which people want inserted a few times  only  our terms aro lower than our  neighbor papers although we print more  and are read by more people than any  of them  Instead of measuring our  space by the line  wo measure it by the  inch  so that any one can estimate the  cost of anything he wants to advertise  by ordering certain matter to be put in  ascertain number of indies for a certain  number of times or months  For an  inch of space one insertion we charge     r   cents  and for each subsequent inser   tion 50 cts  or 12 months for  12 If a pa   per that prints 750  charges   the same  rates even that we do  and we print 1 500   which is the better investment  Please  think of this and count it up    BsS The I legislature has chartered a  branch railroad from this place to Mt   Sterling  anil on to Frankfort via  Cyn   thiana  If we are to judge from the  movements of the of Harrison county  people  we think it will not be long be   fore the road to Cynthiana will be made  The Whisky interests of that county   alone  demand the road  As we have  one of the most productive corn coun   ties in the State  it would be well for the  distillers of Harrison to subscribe liber   ally to the enterprise and urge its early  completion  as when finished  they could  get this great necessary at half the  present cost and trouble  Go on gentle   men of Cynthiana and Harrison with  the good work and ntay success attend  your undertaking    Carlisle Mercury      briefly on a subject which I think your  county as well as ours feels great interest  in  to wit  The Nicholasville Kentucky  and M  Minnvillo Tennessee  Railroad  now being warmly discussed  We  are anxions to build this important road  opening up a market with Cincinnati   and connecting the North and South   making a short and direct line  and a  paying road    which Is beyond doubt   Some 12 years ago  this road was sur   veyed from Danville  Ivy   to McMinn      question in his own mind  so will he he  in favor of or against the proposed move   ment  1 think it is greatly to be feared  that  were all financial difficulties re   moved  which  however  will not lie  found to be the least in the way  and  the  college  placed on a permanent  footing  it would add another to the al   ready too numerous  languishing  equiv   ocal affairs of the kind which we have  in this country   neither college nor  grammar school  but performing  and  very imperfectly  the functions of both          t          1 The article of education issued at which   ville  Tenn   and pronounced good and       I reminds one very forcibly of the Span   practicable  and from some unknown   jsh fHsh   0 u a j odrIda     composed of a   cause it fell  Now our farmers are little of everything and very little of  very anxious for it to spring tip again anything  Almost every villiage in  and we think if Cincinnati and your adj     e State can boast its college  which     confidently promisees to unfold to the  tender tyro  all the mysteries of science  and the whole range of human ph Unso      und in fact every I hing necessary for a good  Merchants Flouring Mill  in good running  order  For further information apply at  his office    Dec  lii  1S 8  tf      joining counties will assist us  we will  build it  It passes through good aver   age counties as the two States have  in  point of soil and coal and oil  As  tobacco and wheat growing counties   we are more than average  and the on   ly thing we need is this Road  Ten   nessee is now building her part to the  Kentucky line  and shall it stop there   I hope and think not  Last Summer  wo voted a tux for the Elizabethtown   K v   and Sparta Road  but this has been  killed by Cumberland County  and  Larue voting against it  Out of five  counties on the route Cumberland is in  favor of this Road  A glance at the  map will show the importance of this  route crossing Cumberland River  at or  near Burksville  Ky    As an old farmer and citizen with     book and concluding with Newton  Principia  But High Schools modast   ly circumscribing themselves within  the limits of their capabilities are few  indeed  like  Eneas  shipwrecked mari   ners    11 Ran apparent nautes in  juryite casto   The great characteristic of tho nation  does not desert us here  as in most other  things  so also in educational matters we  aro too fast  We desire to become but   terflies without first being chrysalides   we clamor for colleges and universities  rivaling Oxford  Cambridge and Heidel   berg and entirely ignore the gymnasia  of Germany  and Eton and Rugby and  the other great primary schools of Eng   land  but  vaulting ambition overleaps  itself  and facts as familiar as liouse      Dee  16  lS68 tf      Tlie Celebrated    GROVER   BAKER   Family Ssiiaf Machine     ELASTIC STITCH    Mrs  Mary E  Hoffman    Permanent Agt   Cynthiana    T     IHS machine is eonceecled to be the  host Machine now in use  and is war   ranted to give satisfaction  Poisons desir   ing to purchase a machine would do well to    hold wordi prove that we are sacrificing K ive 1 10 a 1      n be found on the sec   many others  you will oblige us if it j thoroughness for the sake of outward      nd floor of tho   MTO   E   here   meets your notion to urge this  We are in semblance    earnest  The free school system is to well   known and appreciated to need expla   nation or defense  It is for primary ed   ucation at least  rapidly superseding all  others  Most of the cities of one Com   monwealth have tested it and with dis   As one grand fea      Vcry Respectfully    A da i r Co   Farmer      Twill lie pleased in showing the machine   and where I will l o happy to see tnv    friends and the public generally    Dee  9  1R6S tf       From the Georgetown Times    According to information from the Ten years ago the population of  Internal Revenue Department the low Georgetown was greater than that of tinguished success    tax on whisky has been a decided sue  Paris  our business larger than that of tore of the Christian religion is that the     ss  It is estimated upwards of forty Cynthiana  How stands tlie case to  poor have the gospel preached them    million dollars will be derived from this day  Paris has trebled her population so a distinguishing characteristic of the  Mn ii ou MJroe    source during the fiscal year exclusive of and business  and Cynthiana is going civilization of the day is that the poor   ou   4 r w      the amount paid in on account of wltis  ahead with a rush truly surprising  arc to be educated    Let us keep step j 7th st   Market  COVINGTON  K5  ky in bond  j And look at busy little Midway  that 1 with tho progress of the age  M    November 4  1868 tf          H  SI  SWOPE    Merchant Tailor    Manufacturer and Dealer in   R If I D Y MA DJ s  CLOTH ING     Dor Sale      City Property   FOR SALE      NO  6    Also  One StosiDIc Cottage    Buell part containing 2 commodious rooms  and kitchen  lot in feet front on Locust  Street running back West 200 foot and now  renting for  20 l per year    January 6  1800   3m      NO  7      Also  Oils Gad Frame lose    With 2 comfortable rooms  lot 40 feet front  on Water Street  running bark Hast 200  and now renting for  120 per year    Jauuary   1800    5m      in   Farm For Sale   By Executors      WE  AS EXECETons OF JOHN M   Kimbrough  dcc d  will otler for sale   On Tuesday March 2nd  1869   At the late residence of deceased  one   mile West oft  vnthiana  Kentucky    on the Leesburg and Georgetown turnpike   about   255AGRES   Of land on tho waters of f Tray s run  being  the farm on which deceased resided at the  t ime of death  This farm is in a high state  of cultivation  and the soil is equal that of  any in the State  Tho i m pro vcinentw con   sist of a No  1 frame dwelling  containing     large rooms  a large hall and a portico   and back porch  good servant houses  barn   carriage house  and all necessary out build   ings  Four fifths of the land is suscepti   ble of cultivation  On the place is a large  spring of never failing water  capable of  running a distillery of the largest size  A1  so  a fine young   Apple Orchard    And good well of water    Widow s dower refeased  Possession  given immediately  Also at the same time  and place  we will otter for sale   200 ACRES OF LAP   In Dreitliitt county  Ky   on Millstone  branch of Quicksand river  abounding  with the finest quality of   CANNEL COAL    Also  at the same time and place  about     NO  8    Also  one CiiciSE BaiMii Lot    Fronting on Tax  list Street 100 feet running  back West 200 feet    January 6  l i i  3m    NO  9    Also  one 2 story   Brick Dwelling Eousi    Containing 7 commodious rooms  2 dry cel   lars  kitchen  and servants bed room  with  a good meat house and other otit buildii g   and a most excellent wellof never failing  water within 15 feet of the kitchen door  lot  fronts on Walnut Street 86 feet and runs  hack 217  this house and lot is tho most re   tired and desirable location ill Cynlhiann   Kv   fora family residence    Persons desiring to purchase property In  this city will avail themselves of informa   tion by calling upon me at my office in th   Commercial Bank Building    W  S  1IAVILANI     Real Estate Agent    January 6  lS69 3m      HARRISON COUNTY   FARM FOR SALE      HAVING succeeded G  R  Sharp  Esq    in the Milling business in Cynthiana  Ky    I am desirous of selling my farm fi miles  West of Cynthiana  containing     200 ACRES    in cultivation  130 in blue grass  and  n clover  On the farm is a comfortable   FRAME DWELLING      II B1RHELS Of       WM  m  NOLHTSE    flonse  Sip ajj Ornamental Painter     drainer   aildor  1 Paper Hanger    AND D1JALER IN   PASHTS  GLASS   VARNISHES   Cynthiana  Ky    HAVING established a new shop in  Jones  Row  opposite the Withers ruansiou   I am prepared to do   17UNTIXG   In all its branches  I shall devote ray  personal attention to the business  and  keep an experienced workman at the shop             sir i      ii  Any one wishing paints in largo or small   pli v  beginning with Webster s spelling quantities would do well bv giving mo a                   call    WM  M  NOT USE      In pens andcribson the home place  Also   two yoke of superior work   xon one Bull   thorough bred  five thoroughbred Milch  Cows  with two sucking calves  one yearl   ing Steer  onc fat heifer  two yearling  calves      Five ErojR Mares ia Foal    Seven mule Colts  one work horse  one su   perior one liorso roekaway and harness   nearly now  one self raking  Atkins     Mower   Ilciiper      Lot of sheaf Oats in mow  one superior  cooking stove and fixtures  one superior  six horse heavy iron axled wagon  one su   perior plank roller  with iron rod through  it  double set of carriage Harness  lot of  ploughing and wagon harness and gearing  Flows  Chains  and in fact all necessary  farming implements    T E R  L S     Tlio land will lie sold in throe equal paj    incuts  one third cash  one third in 12  months  and onc tliird in 2 years  bearing  six per cent  interest from date  with privi   lege of paying all down  or at any time  before maturity and stop the inter   est  The CORN will he sold in lots of  ten barrels with the privilege of taking the  whole of it  All sums uniter  20  cash in  hand  over that sum  on a credit of six  months with approved security    J  J  A W  W  KIMBROUGH  Kx rs    Februarv 10  1809   3w    S  M  II IDLER  Auctioneer     fs   ynlhiana News  True Kentuckian   arid Farmers Home Journal copy till day  and charge thisolUee      Containing 8 rooms  hall  and cellar  lee  and Smoke house  Stabling and all other  necessary out buildings  between 3 and 4  acres in orchard of the best Apples in tho  State 1 years bearing  and abundance of  Grapes   Peaches  Plums  Cherries  and a  line variety of small fruits  Also  a   Tenant House    And splendid stock Scale  The farm is well  watered anil timbered  and in a good neigh   borhood convenient to church and school  house  Possession will lie given 1st of  March next  Terms will he made easy     For further particulars apply to my au   thorized agent   V  S  llaviland  ofilco  Commercial Bank Building  Cynthiana   I y  or A  A  DILLS    oil the premises    January 20  1809   5 tv       V No  1     pm    da    1 1     r    D Ml    l p    PAI     111    11 1    1   it    it Ml    ufil     HENDRICKS   ALLEN    Ivdjiteds J uUkr    Cy lit  liana  Ivy      M aying permanently located  iu Cynthiana  wo are prepared to fur   nish   PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS    With estimatosaccoinpanyingthesame  on  short notice  for ail class of   iBTTiiLiDinsra s     for job work  Our motto     Satisfaction Given nt  i  Small Prorits      Give us a call and realize the fact    HENDRICKS A ALLEN    Sept  9  1808      I OFFER FOR SALE PRIVATELY  MY  J  farm containing   152 1 2 Acres    Situated 3 miles South  West of Cynthinna t  on the Cynthiana and Leesburg Turnpike   Said farm is considered one oft holiest of  its size in Harrison county    50 Acres of Timber    Well set in blue grass  the remainder is in  a higli state of cultivation  with lrt Acres in  Wheat  which looks well  There arc 2 nev   er failing springs  besides stock wat r of  great abundance  The house is a   Two Story Frame Dwelling   Double Portico with large hall and 3 GOOD  comfortable rooms  back porch  and cook  room attached  Booms for servants in the  yard  Also  meat house  buggy and lion  house  all in good repair    77   L BARN IS NEW    Having been built in the past year  Per   sons wishing to purchase nr  invited to call  and examine the farm  Mr  N  II  How   land  who resides on the premises  will t k   pleasure in showing it    A general warranty deed made and  possession given 1st March  For further in   formation apply to W  1   or J  T  Hedges   or N  11  Rowland    SARAII E  HEDGES   January 20  1809   tf      Public Sale    OF    STOREHOUSE   DWELLING   In Connersville    Harrison County   Ky      T WILL OFFER TO TIIE HIGHEST  X bidder   if not sold privately before     On Tnewlaj  Mnrcli 2  1M 9    A splendid two story new frame   DWELLING  ST0REH0USEI   The dwelling containing seven rooms  all  furnished otf in good style  For terms Ac    call on mo at Lair s Station    JAM ES K  M EG I B15EN   February 10  1869   td      F  SMITH  J  K  SMITH    F  SIMZITH   SON       Dealers in every variety of   Iron  Steel and Heavy Hardwre    ALSO    SPRINGS  AXLES   WOOL WORK    For Carriages  Wagons Ac     o  1G J ilve St     Covington  Ky    Sept  9  ISOS  ly      THE DEMOCRAT      JAMES M  PARRISH  Publisher      TUCK MDAY  CCU  25                 For llie Ojrntjhluim Democrat    MY WIFE    When I  m overwhelmed with cares    Or sunk in grief  or drowned in tears    There s one who all mv sorrow shares   And weeps with me    My wife    When I m forsaken by my friends    On whom my usefulness depends    There s one whoso friendship never ends  While life remains   My wife    Ttaough slsnder with her poison d dart  Should pierce and wound me to the heart    Thore s one stands ready to impart  TUo healing balm   My wife    When sickness racks my limbs with pain   Or wild deleriums seir o my brain    Thero s one to sooth  when I complain   With sympathy    My wife    Should passion like a tempest rage    Or fiery zeal my soul engage    Her voice will quick the storm assuage   The voioe of peace    My wife    Whon this frial mortal body lies  Vpon my last sick l cd and dies    May she be there  to close my eyes    May heaven reword   My wife    8                           Hkadquartkrs  Ky   Feb   20th 18 19    SaT The Fair grounds and cottago  was rented on Saturday last  to T  J   Campbell  for one year for  200     t  Thore is a gap of mud road run   ning from Broadwclls cross roads to  Townsend  a distance of two miles  If  this gap was piked  trade that now goes  to Georgetown in the winter season   would come here      A  An Irishman in the employ of  Chas  Inis of Fayette  as a drayman  be   came suddenly deranged a few days  since and was taken to the asylum at  Lexington    P   1  uvid Burk sold on Monday last   to Richard Bundy  a lot fronting fifty  feet on Walnut street  running back to  the railroad  for  1 518  part cash  and  deferred payments  1  earing 0 per cent   interest     rt_The Harrison House lease and  fixtures are for sale  Mr  Rowland hav   ing made arrangements to take the   Southern  at Lexington  Hoe advertise   ment        People at a distance to whom we  eend this paper will please rcmiU 2 and  have us enter their names permanently  on our list    For short business cards we charge   15 a year or  10 for six months       John IV  Urmston has sold the  steam engine he advertised in this pa   1 t last week  and says lie has had nu   merous applications since  The adver   tisements of this paper are so hand   somely gotten up that people all read  them    Jts _It will be seen by reference to the  head of our columns  that Mr  Musser  appears this week ns Editor and Mana   ger  To prevent mistakes and delays   all communications relating to the  affairs of the Democrat should be ad   dressed to him       Mr  Nick Moore informs as that  on Tuesday next lie will begin the survey  of the CynthiananndConnersville pike   This is the opening ball for the coming  season of improvements  Mr  Moore is  an excellent surveyor  Whon the  writer of this was a boy lie carried  the  chain  a few days for Mr  Moore while  surveying the route for our railroad         Farin lands are renting from  5  to  10 per acre  A great amount of soil  land is being broken up  farmers are  preparing to plant a large crop of corn    The distilling interests here amply  justify the planting of a great breadth of  land in this grain  They are but in their  infancy and are as sure as the demand for  whisky  which is as sure as the demand  for bread  It is not for us to go into a  disquisition upon the morals of this  question  As an organ of the manufac   turing and other interests hero we deal  in facts its they are and the conclasions  to be drawn from them      E    Hon  I  T  Martin  Senator from  this county  does not remember author   ising the True Kentuckian or any body  eLse to say  that the Legislature would  re eonsider its action relative to the late  very just reduction of way tariff on the  Kentucky Central Railroad  This re   duction amounts to about one third  and  brings the charges of this road down to  something like two or three times as  much as other roads charge    IwP On last Sunday night  Mr  Frank  McMillen  late a gallant Confederate  soldier  was married to Miss Belle Coop   er  both of this county  in the parlor of  the Smith House  It seemed to be a run   away match  so popular in Kentucky   From the appearance of the parties  and  the number of friends who accompanied  them  we have no doubt it will be as  happy a one as the bride was pretty  and the groom gallant      8  The amateur Theatricals of last  week were quite a success   Captain  Jinks   was rendered as well as any  similar piece we have ever seen on any  boards  The orations of Spinolia could  not have been excelled  The  big sun   flower  and jig by Eugene Warnock  were encored on every night  The dra   mas   Boltsand Bars   and  Irish As   surance  were so well east and executed  that they achieved every night that  which alone can repay an amateur  the  continued merriment and applause of  the audience      This society contemplate giving an   other series of entertainments a month  or so hence  and among the plays already  selected is one entitled  Ten nights In a  bar room  dramatized from one of T  S   Arthur s temperance stories    Of every species of exhibition  we de   cidedly prefer those gotten up by the  young gentlemen and ladies of country  towns  Of those the best are those en   gineered by the young ludies  They  never fail  Not only are they more  quick and ready in divining and ren   dering the characters they assuajc thcy  bring also to boar the witchery of their  bright eyes and feminine graces that no  audience of home people out resist     Whenever the young ladies have a bund  in such entertainments  a success may  fairly lie considered guarantied  Besides  the order both of the arrangements and  of the house is understood to lie guaran   tied perfect  on account of the respect of  the people present for the fair actors  as  well as for similar respect  for their   big brothers   which latter we must ail  frankly admit has a softening effect on  the affairs of the world    It takes young men so long to learn  that drinking is not a necessary require   ment of the situation  and this weak   ness is so well understood by the public   that only after a success or two  can  these dramatic associations fairly claim  the public favor    At the entertainments of last week   the music  amateur also  was of an ex   cellent variety and contributed largely  to the enjoyment of the audience and  the success of the plays      fr Theball at the Smith House on  last Monday night was a very superior  affair  Not only was there present an  array of beauty such as Kentucky so ex   cels in  but the happiness of the even   ing was of that even flow that lasts so  well    We noticed with pleasure that but  little drinking was done by the young  men  and almost none by the ladies   At midnight the party moved up stairs  to the supper room where was spread a  magnificent repast so bountifully provi   ded  that the guests  the stray boys  the  attendants and all could not make way  with it  The night freight trains came  along about this time and our generous  host called in the men from them to  partake    One untoward and most unfortunate  accident marred the happiness of the  occasion  A span of nettlesome horses  while crossing the bridge took fright at  n drunken ninn  who brute like lay in  the middle of it  and wheeling  turned  back and ran at breakneck speed up the  street  Two gentlemen were in the car   riage  going over the river to bring la   dies to the party  Mr  Geo  Williams  climbed out behind  when opposite the  bank  without much injury  Mr  Grif   fith was not so fortunate  he jumped out  opposite Wittmun s saloon and was un   fortunate enough to break his leg  The  team brought up against a tressel work  at Peek  Vanhook   Co s distillery in a  general smash    The driver had jumped out in the  bridge when the horses turned  to catch  and hold them which in the dark and  fright he failed to do  After that the  gentlemen were at the mercy of the  team over which they had no control  and perhaps under the circumstances  they did well to come out no worse      Whisky Vc   of the Week    Peek  Vunliook  fc Co   of this pluae will  begin operations to day with a mash of 260  bushels    Henry Thomas  of Paris  lias sold 10K  barrels of liis 4 year old steam copper at  80 50  The reputation of this whisky is  said to be scarcely second to any  straight  copper     Dills A Zilor near this place  will begin  to mash on the 1st of March    Olds  Willmoro A Co   of Nicholasville   sold 211 1 barrels of their makeat  1 10    Carter A McDonald are mashing 200  bushels at their new distillery  noar Chile      burg    The 7 h district consists of the comities of  Bourbon  Scott  Nicholas  Wood ford  Frank   lin  Fayette  Jessamine  and I ineoln     Next after the fith  this  the 7th is the  greatest whisky district in the State    Buckner A Bedford of Paris  sold a lot of  their make at  1 10    Castloman  of Frankfort sold 1 000 barrels  steam copper at  1 25    J  II  Lair  and Gray A Craig of this  county are in full blast with their  straight  copper     The following is a comparative viow of  quantity made in the 7th District in Janu   ary    Bourbon  148 210  Soott  07 91 1  Nicholas   5 630  Woodford  38 910  Franklin  53 118   Fayette  48 283  Jessamine  25 841  Lincoln   4 0155gallons    We are delayed in getting the rot urns of  quantity made and tax paid in this district   the 6th Ky   It will appear in our next    IIooktowx  Nicholas Co   Ky      Feb  23d  lstki      Editors Democrat    I send you the follow   ing items for your paper  Robert Chaney  has started his distillery near this place   where he proposes to manufacture the  best article of straight copper whisky    Jones   Cheatham near here have  started their distillery  with Skiilman  Howard as store keeper  They also  manufacture straight copper whisky      J  G  B    By refference to our advertising  columns it will be seen that the sale of  the Kimhro  farm and stock will come  off on Tuesday the 2nd of March  This  is one of the finest farms in Kentucky  and in perfect repair and cultivation   A part of the estate consisting of valua   ble Cannel coal mines in Breathitt coun   ty  will he sold at the same time  separ   ately  There will also be sold five  hundred barrels of corn  and various  heads of stock  and farming implements   The place is about a mile from Cynthi   ana    BfSuThe Georgetown Times makes a  very sensible suggestion that a Stage  line la  started between that place and  this  and that this be made the point for  Scott county people to reach the railroad   There is already u good turnpike be   tween us  the distance is coni Miatively  short  and the good feeling of the peo   ple of this county and those of Seott  could not be more appropriately dis   played than in joining together by an  established and regular line of travel   The clay certainly is not far distant  when we will be in direct railroad con   nexion with Georgetown  Lot us have  a stage line in the meantime  Let us  have a daily  a tri weekly or a weekly  to start with  There is no reason why  Scott should be insulated from us  IVe  arc in their direct way to Cincinnati and  the East      WAXTED      cords of Wood to be delivered by the  1st of June  for which a  ve will pay     500   the highest cash price    WEBSTER A  February 25  1 869 4 w       d by th  will pa    HODGES      R     For Kent    OOMS on Dike Street  suitable lor office  i or Sloeping rooms    WEBSTER A IIOIIGES   February 25  1S69 3  v      V Boy or young man   to work in this  office  He must he prepare l to maiu   tuin himself until he can earn wages      yen  Advertisements    MJEI5KITT J AI11SOX    Dealer in choice   Family Groceries    As good as th  host  and on fair terms  so   licits a share of the public patronage  at  Fred Robitzor s old stand   on Main Street   Cynthiana  Ky    February 25  1869 ly   AVM  COIaVIN    House  Sign and   ORMKIENTH PAINTERy   Cyulhiana  Ky    Graining  Glazing  Paper Hanging Ac    executed on short notice  at reasonable  prices  feb256m    Ta All f baa it May Com    I WILL pay the freight on all wheat and  corn snipped from Kixert  Mitwhanx  or     ynllitana  to my mill for the purpose of  Grinding  and return Hour  Business at   ended to promptly    A  K  LAIR    Lairs  February 25  1869      JY etc Ad re rtise merits      FINE STOCK AT     Amict     1011      O N next county court day  March 8tli  on  tlie public square at Oynthiana  I will  offer lor sulo  to the highest bidder    ONE BLACK  TACK    3 years old last July  14 hands 1 inch high   and well broke  also    One Thoroughbred KulF     Lord Lennox   3 years old last Spring   bred by Wm  Warfield of Fayette  also   one lino   Thoroughbred Cow     Salllc Duke  by  Duke  of Audrie  12730   out of  Peeress  2  A  H  II  Vol  4  page  508  with calf by the above named bull    W  D  URMSTON   February 25  1869 1 w      Jtrtj Goods      1869   1869       sip zr ii  unto       D  A  Givens      20 main Slrccl      M isrel l an eons         AND    Fixtures For Solo    H AVING leased the Southern Hotel at  Lexington  the lease of the   1 1 a i m ison iiot  se   At Cynthiana  together with all its fixtures  uro for sale  Possession given immediate   ly      February 25  1869 tf     II  ROWLAND      r  j      J  MAC KIMHHOUOH      s     1    n    H      5 1      D    f      MT        n    J    1    tl      It 1     W     E WOULD C ALL THE ATTKN   tion of our friends and the public  generally  that wo have this day redsced  the prices of our   Fail and Winter   Dress Goods  without regard to cost  a  we  are determined to sell  to make room for  our bring  Stoc k  Now is tho time to buy  best quality of   iPZR risrTs    13 4 15  Bleaehud cotton  15al6 4 U  30  25  and 30      PECK   VANHOOK   Wholesale and Retail   GROCERS   Dealer  in   Hardware  c      Keep always on hand a full lino of arti   cles usually kept in a first    lass Grecerv  and Variety Store  including Demarara   Cuba  and Defined Sugars    Rio   Java Coffee      Teas  Syrups  Soaps  Candles  Cordage   Nails  Window Glass  Paints  Oils  Var   nishes  Ac    toe     Chewing     Smoking Tobacco    Cigars of various brands  French Brandy   Slu rry  Port  Catawba snd other wines   all  hlch tiler will sell at lowest marks   prices  wholes    or retail    M ACEREL Nos  1 A 2 in half barrsls and  kitts for sale bv   PECK A VANHOOK    I71XTBA Family Flour in barrels and  Pj sacks for sale by   PECK A VANHOOK    ffff Nails  assorted sizes  for sale hv   lO PECK A VANHOOK    I TUJLLstoek of Builders Hardware  Table  and Pocket cutlery  for sale bv   PECK A VANflOOK        hags Clover and Timothy seed  just re   1 0 ceivetl  for sale bv   PECK A VANHOOK    C l HOICK syrups  S  H  A N  O  Molasses    in barrels and kegs for sale by   PUCK A VANHOOK    C IA N N I I  Fruits  Jellies  Catsups  Piek      les  C ovo Oysters Ac   for sale by   PECK A VANHOOK      W OULD CALL THE ATTENTION OF  the Trade to his unusually large and  attractive stock of     FOREIGN     AND     Bleached   Brown Sheetings   At the lowest rates  Wo desire to call st   teniion of all pecsens who wish topurehass  Carpets  that we are selling all kinds  at  Cincinnati prices    HrusseLs     Covington Livestock   Sarket    Covington  Ky   Fob  22  1809    Editor Democrat    I have tho pleasure    to report tho following arrivals of stock  for the week oiuling 21st  340 cnttlo  240    sheep and 650 hogs    Arrivals of rattle being in excess of  demand  The market has ruled very I  dull during the entire week  We quote  I test butcher s stuff  7c to 7Je  Second   quality 6c  CJc  Third quality  mean      l Cloth  Straw and Mattings  Prices  to common 1  JR  to  5  c  Sales slow and  l  l eases  Oilcloth for table     Hartford 3 ply  th  hest quality of two ply  Hemp  Rag Ac     RUGS m DOOR its      covers  in Mahogany  Walnut  Oak and  Marble colors    Linen Window Shndrst      but few bringingthe highest quotations    About 90 head left over unsold    Sheep in good demand  all offend l e   i tig sold at from 1 to 6Jc according toi Paper Shades  Wall Paper and Bordering    quality             Arrivals of hogs unusually heavy      in great variety    SHOES      J  II  Deters best quality of Ladies  and  Misses  Lasting Gaiters  custom made La     CYNTHIANA markets    Rio Coffee 21 a 30c    Java   40 a45e    Crush   Pow  and Gran  Sugars 20a22c      A   A  W  Lydick rop  rts property  having sold on the 17th inst   at the  sale of Felix Ashbrook  as follows    20 head of two year old cattle at about  7c   gross calves  10 per head  horses  from   50 to  230  hogs from 10 to 12c    corn in crib  3 50 per barrel  sheaf oats  30 cents per doz   all other property at  fair prices    Also for Stephen Lowry  of Fayette   on the following day  his farm of 961  acres  to A  T  Carrich  for  90 05 per  acre  cattle and horses at good prices   sheep  5 15 per head  hogs  10 per hund   red  sheaf oats per doz  31 cents  corn  in crib  2 25 per barrel    Also for William Bumbarger  Tuesday j Star   the 23rd inst  horses from  85 to  162  1 Soap   milch cows from  61 to 119 each  calves i St4mb    21  Oats brought 49 cents per dozen  pw bush    Property of all descriptions sold well  Nails    er keg  lOd   Four months credit  The day was Cement  per bid    rough and cold  with snow and sleet  Flour   cwt    yet the attendance was good  and bid  V   0    0   dingspirited  I         Rice  Cara     The comparative rates of oats and Brooms  per don    corn at sales in Fayette and Harrison as Dried Apples   indicated above suggests its own con    Laches   elusion     Ed  Democrat    ree   A W    f      wr bbl     Bourbon    hisky  per gal      with but very little demand  Butchers  using but few and a poor shipping de   mand  We quote best bogs at 101 to 11c  i dies  and Missex  Morocco and Kid Boots   The whole range of prices for hogs of  usJom  nadc ci ildrc 11 s  Morocco and Kid   all grades is from 8 to lie  But 2 carl T     loads  120 head   left over  I HAT 15 AND CAPS    J  B  FOSTER  Commission Merchant   AlTiTll 1   t   ilo    i   B     j 11 b       n   T     noil under the management of Mr  M   ind Live Stock Broker  reporter for the I shauglmcsy  who will give ins entire  t      tendon to that department  and warrant  satisfaction in every ease  to all who givo  him a call    MEGIBBEX A KIMBROUGH      Cynthiana Democrat      A  Coffee Sugar  Porto Rico    Demarara     Cheese   Molasses and Syrups   Tests   Coal Oil   Tobacco   Soda   Manilla Rope  Buckets  per doz   Brooms     Tallow Candles     18n20    16al7e    17 4 a 19   23 a 25c   85a 1 4 1     2  H a2 7 5   40 aOOc   90a 1 40   9al2Je   25 a35c    3 00a3 25  2 75a8 50   18 a 20c      Off A barrels fine old Bourbon Whisky  of   Ct O hest brands  for sslebv   FECK A VANHOOK    S ALT  100 barrels tor sale i v   peck a Vanhook    February 25  1869 ly      C  A  WKRsTKIt      II  M  ItODOKS     WEBSTER   HODGES      Dealer  In      9al2  e    0al2 c   4 5 aooc   90a 1 00    6 25   4 00     We will continue the Dress Making and  Millinery at our eld stand  in the Stone  Front  up stairs  where wo will be pleased  to see all of our old friends and all others  who desire anv tiling in our line    MRS   KENARD A HOFFMAN    February 25  1869   tf     1TOTICE      A LL persons who nr  indebted to tlie  firm of t uson  Megibben A Kim   brough  must come forward and pay up  immediately  The notes and accounts hav   ing been placed in our hands for collection   Our office is at Dr  Otwell s Drug Store  up  Stairs    T  A  FRAZER A IT  W  SITAWHAN   February 25  1869 tf     Dissolution     4 00 riMIE partnership heretofore existing lie    5a5 75   tween Leon Ouson  Thomas J  Megih        ben  and James Mae Kimbrough  underthe     CFROCKRIES    AND   Country Produce    H aving the large  st and best selected  stock of goods in the market we can  sateless afford our friends and the public  generally   BARGAINS IN EVERYTHIKG   We keep const antlv on hand a complete  assortment of Hardware  choice Groceries  of every description    Bacon and Lard      Choice brands of Flour   ehonper than any   body   Dried Fruits    Field and Garden Seeds    Shoemakers  Findings  Oak and Spanish  Sole Leather  French and city Calf Skins   Kip and Upper Leather    Blacksmiths Aprons    Harness Leather Ac   Horse collars  chains   Haines  Painters and Glaziers Findings   Paints  Oils  and Dye Stuffs  Everything   Everything    February 25  1869      CYNTHIAUA FLOURING     DOMESTIC   Merchandise    Complete in assortment in all Departments  which he offers at the   LOWEST MARKET RATES    Upon the most favorable terms    Shop Made Shoes    AN D   BOOTS      P or Ladip    Missos  Children and  Jonta   to which h  ualls special attention      Hats  Caps    Cassini ers    GRAY S JANES    COTTON YARNS    Furnishing Goods  Ac    D  A  GIVENS    Feb  17  1869  tf     AUCTIONEER S NOTICE      T TAKE THIS METHOD OF SAYING TO  L the people of Harrison and adjoining   counties  that I thank them for the patron   age they have bestowed  upon me as an  Auctioneer abiec I eanioaniong them near   ly two years ago  and that 1 am prepared at  all times to attend the crying of sales and  selling  if property of every Ogscription    My charges shall he reasonable    A register of iny engagements may bo  found at both of the printing offices in Cvn   thiana  Any communication left at the  Post   lllice in Cynthiana will receive prompt  attention    A W  LYDICK  Auctioneer    January 27  1809   tf      BATTLE GROVE CEBETERT1   H AVING fourteen years experience in  the practice of   Gardening   In most all its branches  I am now prepared  to draw plans and stake ae mlin  to plan  and I will take and put through jobs at  reasonable terms  I am also prepared to  furnish all kinds of   Vegetable Plants    In any quantity desired  I also have on  Commission to sell tho best varieties of   FRUIT TREES   Such as Apples  Pears  Peaches  Plums   Apricots  Nectarines  Cherries  and all  kinds of small fruit  all varieties of   SHADE TREES    To suit yards  or sld  walks  a Iso  a first  class collection of the different varietiesof  Evergreens and Orn   mental Trees  and a  splendid collection of Flowering Trees and  Shrubs  Some of these rarities is rather  uncommon in this part of  country    Any person desiring their lots ornamen   ted will do well to give nit a call  My  price will be the same as the Nurserv    THOMAS TOBIN   February 17  1869   lm      NEW MEAT STORE          r     s   HAVE JUST OPENED MY   Xew Meat Store      On West sideof Main Street  1st door South  of Commercial Bank building  I am pre   pared to furnish my customers the best   Beef  Turkeys  Chickens  Ac    Tho public arc invited to call    JOHN SPOHN    January 20  1869 3m         WARNING      HEREBY WARN ALL PERSONS NOT  to trespass upon my lauds  on tho C yn   thiaiiaand Raven Creek Turnpike  eiuicr  by hunting  riding or wagoning through  them  Those disregarding this notieo af   ter this date will have the law enforced  against them  The private pass way  through my tiirin is for my own use  anil  not for the public travel  A word to tho  wise is sufficient    EDWARD II  BURNES     Tnnuarvl3  isfi i   3m       New Goods     E  C WMERR1TT   Main Street  Cynthiana  Ky    EEALEB I3ST   FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC   DRY GOODS   Cloths  Cassimers  Carpeting    Oil Cloths  Mattings Notions   c    ALWAYS IN STOCK A COMPLETE VA   RIETY OF   DRESS GOODS      AND     DOMESTICS      And in fact evorv thing usnallv kept bv  Dealers    R  C  WHERRITT    Sept9tf       HAVING purchased ofG  R  Sharpe his  extensive Flouring Mill in Cynthiana  it iR  now undergoing a renovation and thorough  repair  and with a   Xew Smut Maeliine   We feel warranted in saying that we can  furnish the best  lour for linking purposes  for family use ever offered in this market    is   e     P  111 5    as     mo a11 liabilities of the late firm of      Cuson  Megibben A Kimbrough    18 a20e    LEON CUSON      5 00a 6 00 j   3 00a  7 00     THOMAS J  MEGIBBEN   J AS  MAC KIMBROUGH   February 25  1809      Of the old patrons ns well as the commu   nity at large     Fse Remcmber that the mill is on the  corner of Walnut A Mill streets    T  V  A A  DILLS    January 6  i860   3m      C IRCULAR SAW MILL   JAMES CAH   roll has started a new Steam Circular  Saw Mill  near Leesliok  on the Turnpike  lending from Connersville to Lexington   He is prepared to furnish Oak  Ash and  Walnut lumber of all kinds for building  and wagon making purposes  Persons  wanting lumber will do welt to call or send  orders  Lumber delivered any where in  Harrison oradjoining counties at reasona   ble rates    February 3  I860   3m      Jno  O  I  ay    C ARPENTER and BUII llER   SHOP ON WALNUT STREET    Between Pike and Pleasant     Having finished all contracts  is prepared  to make new ones  and will do all work en   trusted to him with neatness and dispatch    Jan  27 oiu     PURR BLOODED   Berkshire Hogs    T IIA5 E FOR SALE  ON MY FARM   1 near Paris  tlie very 1    St blooded and  most superior Berkshire Pigs in the State   They hav  been bred witli great care  and  descended from the old premium stock of  Berkshires long famous in Bourbon  Pur   chasers can not do better than call and ex   amine this stock    BEN  F  BEDFOBD   October 7  1868  tf      JOHN BANKS    WOULD INFORM THE CITIZENS OF  Cynthiana and vicinity  that I10 has opened  a new TIN SHOP  on   DIKE STREET    Whore ho enn bo frmrul at all time   ready  to furnish those who wjdljcall on him wiui    very article of goods in bis trade  he has  for salo the   Farmers  Boiler    ROOFING    Doneto order  and in t he best mechanical  style  1 am also  prepared to do all kindii of   Guttering  Spouting    And every thing else in the business    JOB WORK   Promptly attended lo  All work guaran   teed  Give 1110 a call  whether you buy or  not    October 14  186S tf      H  D  Frisbie    Ou thiana    Wholesale and Retail Dealer in   O O  A  L     Youghiogheny  Coalburg   AND   Honeywell Cannel    By the Car load  or cart load for   CASH ONLY     A S Is well known  I can and will under   sell any and every o  er eosl dealer   I mean u hnt  r xny when T say I will sell for  cash only  11s I cannot ami will not sell on  time to any one    January 6  1869 6m    PECK   VANHOOK    a u o c 12 11 s     C MMGil     n EALERS in Grain  Bourbon Whisky   Bacon  Wool and Produce Generally   Keep al wavs  he best assortment of PURK  BOURBON  WHISKY    Uyiitlaisuia  Ky    January 20  1869 lv       Professional Cards      w  w   uinBRonai    ATTORNEY AT LAW   Cynthiana  Ky    January o  18t 9   3m      ISAAC HODGES     A T TO R  V E V A T L A II     0     ffii o on l   iko Street between Main nnd  Walnut  Jan  6  69  3m       W  G  BRUCE  I D    SURGEON AND PHYSICIAN    CYNTHIANA KENTUCKY      B esides creneral practice  Dr  Rrneo gives  special attention to Kl KCiKKY   Office  next door to t lie PO8TOFFI0E   where the Doctor mav gon  rallv be found    Residence  at Mrs  Murphy s  on Main   t reot     Jo n   6   69 t f      J  II  Itl   If TB  11  n  IK   Near Cynthiana  Ky    7 ILL ATTEND PROFESSIONAL  calls  Jan  6   69  tf      AY     Ju Ferrin      Attorney at Law     nthinna  Ky    Office in Commercial Sank Building  up Stairs    Will practice his profession in this and  adjoining counties  Collections promptly  at tw tided to  Sept 16 tf     WM  C  MAKSHALIi    Augusta  Ky      c  w  west  Cynthiana  Ky     MARSHALL   WEST    Attorneys at Law    UYXTIIIAXA  KY      OFFICE    North Fast Corner of the  Court House    Mr  Marshall will regularly attend the  terms of the Circuit and Criminal Courts   Pee  2  lfWiS  tf      E  J   PECKOYER    Resident     Dentist    Ci Hre Cur  if  tin and Hke    OVER NOBTHCUTT S DBT GOOD STORS    CYNTHIANA  ICY      A id  operations PERTAIN INC  to the profession executed Seientifi    allv   nil Satisfactorily   Cincinnati prices     1 1 9  ISfiS      JOHN 11  FRYER    Mtofiey at law   And Real Estate Agent    IHT1 KH  KY      fifrOt  1 lections receive Prompt Attention   January 20  18  M    Jas  hi Griffith    ATTORNEY AT LAW    Cj nthiu ia  Ky      O FFICE IN N  E  CORNER OF COURT  House  upstairs    January 20  1 Still   3m      Blacksmiths      A  KONKW      J  W  HO YD      EGNEW   BOYD    Blacksmith ai Wapa Mate    CONKERS I TLLE      HAYING employed Mr  Peter Kramer   a wagon maker  well known to the com   munity and having largely increased our  facilities for manufacturing    W  A GON S    Weare now prepared atshortest noticcto  make the best of Wagons  All new work  warranted for twelve months    I i c  10   1868  8m       WM  M  NOURSE    ttaass  Sip aai Oriaaisatal Painter    Ciraincr  6il lor   Hanger    AND DEAT KR IN   PAINTS  GLASS   VARNISHES    Cynthiana  Ky    It A VINO established a new shop in  Jones  Kow  opposite t he Withers mansion    I am prepared to do   PAirSTTirsTG   In all its branches  I shall devote my i  personal attentipn to the business  and  keep an experienced workman at Hie shop   Any one wishing paints in large or small  quantities would do well   v giving me a  call    WM  M  NOURSE    IYee  1 5  lSfifi tf      1  i u   Celebrated   GROVER   BAKER   Family Sswini Machiae     ELASTIC STITCH    Mrs  Mary E  Hoffman    Perm tr nrnt Ayt   Cynthiana    rp 1IIS machine is conceeded to lie t lie  I best Machine now in use  and is war   ranted to give satisfaction  Persons dr sir   ing to purchase a machine would dowellto  give me a call  I can be found on the sec   ond floor of the STONE FRONT  where  I will lie pleased in showing the machine   and where I will be happy to see inv  friends and t lie public generally    Her  9  1868 tf    H  SI  SWOPE    Merchant Tailor    Manufacturer and Dealer in   REA l  Y M i J E CLOT II I XE    Madison til reot    Opp  7tli St  Market  COVINGTON  KY  November 4  ISfiS tf      I  T  MARTIN      R  M  MARTIN       T IMMR     WEST   MUSSER    I  I 1H IMI1 RN A I ROI ltllTOKS      TIEIRIMIS    The Cynthiana Df mockat ia published  weekly at  2 per annum     Rates of Advertising   run souakk of 1 inch    j One Insertion         75 etr    t Each subsequent insertion     50     Three Months        5 00   Twelve Months   12 00   pec Job Work executed with neatness  and despatch  on reasonable terms      LIQUOR DEALERS      ROCERIES      A 1ST 33     Hardware      Jewelry      Riekel   Rauh       We always koopon liand a very large as   sortment of tiucgold  silverand steel frame      And would call especial attention to onr   TERI3C0PIC PEBBLE GLASS S    In extra heavy silver frames and manufac   tured expressly for us         A full assortment of  Tolin Holland s   celebrated Gold Pens always on liand  and  warranted    We offer to sell at the very lowest prices    WATCHES   JEWELRY   Repaired  and all work warranted  Gold  and Silver taken in exchange for all kinds  of goods    Sept  9  ISfiS  If      JOHN COLLINS    Blacksmith    SHOP    At the end of Main Street near  he bridge    n EWII I  DO AI L KINDS OF BLACK   smithing in the best style    llor sr  Shod SVoiu    ly    And good work done  He solicits asharcof  public patronage    Sept  9  18rt8  lim      PATltlt li IIIILI OV    BLAKSMITH   H0RSES30ER   Corner Pike and Bridge Streets    CYNTHIANA  KY    ILL DO ALL KINDS OF RLACK   f T smithing  in the very b  st manner   Particular attention paid to horse shoe   ing  and will warrant satisfaction  Ncpt91y     John M  Stump    Carriage   Wagon   m iltDKIt A KFJMIRER    near Rocky Springs      WOODWORK and Ironing done to order   Ho is prepared to do all work in liis line in  a workmanlike manner  and on fair and  reasonable tsrnis    Dec  16  1868   3m    Job Printing    Executed Promptly nt tin    Office      John A  Daller     In Mrs  Bents  new building     PIKE STREET   Cynthiana   Ky    I am prepared to do all kinds of   REPAJKING    On short notice  and at reasonable prices   Gold nnd Silver plating done to order   November 4  I8fi8 tf      ALEX  WHITMAN S    Confectioner    CORNER M AIN ST  and TONE S KO   CYHTHIAHA  ZKZLT   K eeps on hand the larges    and choicest assortment of   FRENCH AND COMMON CANDIES    Ever brought to this city  Nuts of nl  kinds  raisins  figs  dates  currants  sar   dines  cove oysters  all kinds of canned  fruits  and in fact every thing to bo found  in a tirst class confect ionerv        PORE BOURBON WHISKY    Wines  Brandy   Builders    HARDWARE     TSTails  Sasli    Sugar    Coffee    Tea    Rice    Soda    BUCKWHEAT FLOUR    Dried Apples      Kentucky Central Rail Road    BP TRAINS    Leave Covington nt fi rtrt  a  m  and 2 00 r  M  Arrive at Cynthiana at 9 15  a  h   and 5 15   p  M    Arrive at Lexington at 11 00  A  M   and  7 00  p  m    Arrive at NicholasviUc at 11 43  A   t   and  3 10  p  M    DOWN TRAINS    Leave Nicholasville at 4 30  A  M   and 12 17  p  M    Leave Lexington at 5 21  a  m   and 1 00   p  x    Arrive nt Cynthiana at 7 23  a  m   and 2 40   p  M    Arrive at Covington at 10 50  A  it   and  rt  IO  p  M    Both  rains run through bet woon Coving   ton and Nieholasvillo      Fount  Directory    T  T  Martin  Legislature    M  D  Martin     J  S  Bovd Judge Criminal Cmirt    J  R  Curry Judge County fhnrt    A  J  Beal Clerk   irruit Court    Perry Whorritt Clerk County Court        W  West  bunly Attorney    M  L  Broadwell V  S  Assis t Assessor   James N  Frazer Sheriff    Birl ard W  Robertson Deputy Sheriff   llarvy Rowland Cnronr    Win   Smith County Assessor    W  15  Glave   bnstahle    City Director      Geo  Lemmon Mayor    Jas  I   Griffith City Clerk    11  J  Baker  City Marshal      Mail Dirccor       MAILS     NORTH CT OSE  7 A  ST  A 2 15 P  SI   ARRIVE     sovrn closk  9 A  M  A 5 P  M   ARRIVE     7 30 A  M  A 2 45 P  M    9 13 A   I  A 5 18 P      INTERIOR   Cynthiana  Broadwell  Rutland  Conners   ville  Leeslmrg  Oxford and Georgetown   arrives Mondays and Thursdays  12 m   DEPARTS      1 P  M    Cynthiana  Oddvlile  Claysville  Havi   laudsville  nnd through to Keutontown   Mount Olivet  Milford and Augusta   arrives Tuesdays and Fridays 12 M   departs     1 p  m    SPECIAL OFFICES   Currys Run and I axton  on Saturdays   Colville  Daily    NKIOHHORHOOD OFFICES    Buena Vista  Scot s Station  and Rocky  Springs  Daily    Cynthiana Office open  7 A  M   closes 6 P   u   Sunday 9 to 10 a  m    H  M  MAGEE  P  M      HE     PEI     ES      COLOMBO   RESTAURANT    Where 1 will at all times keep good things  tosatisfy the palates of the most fastidious    Oysters  Fish  Game Turkeys   f  hiekens  Ac   Ac   and will serve up at anv    time a tirst class meal  I have connected  with my Restaurant  a fine   SA L002nT    Where the best of drinks can always lie  had  My Bourbon Whisky is a superior  article      FRFSIl LAO Eli PEER    Always on hand  My friends aro invited  to call      OHS  Ml  PUTTY      Faints  Color       Washington Flour     NsKenle    Saint Andrews lodge No  IS  A  F  and  A  M   of Cynthiana  meets regularly on  the second Monday of every month    I  T  MARTIN  W  M    Thomas Ware lodge  No  340  A  F  and  A  M   of Claysville  in this county  meets  regularly on the Saturday on or before  the  full moon of each month  Transient breth   ren are invited to attend    THOS  A  ROBERTSON  W  M   Colemansville Lodge No     A  E  A A  M   meets on Satuday nights on or before the  full moon of eaeli month    T  W  Hedge  W  M   Wesley Howard  See      Dec  lrt  1808 31 1      ALEX  WITTMAX      WHOLESALE  HDREM      C yn th i ana  Ky      I  T  MARTIN A BRO      Jan  13  I860  ly      Court Directory    Harrison Circuit Court   Tuesday after   lie 1st Monday in May and November    Criminal Court   Tuesday after the 3rd  Monday in Mareli and September    County Court   Second Monday in every  month    Magistrates  t onrts    Cvntiiiana Precinct    Barritt s Court   4th Monday in December  March  Juneand  September    Weub s Store Pr nn not   Wit hers  Court  3rd Friday in December  March  June and  September    Mullin s Court  3rd Saturday in Decem   ber  March  June and September    Ci aysvii i e Precinct   Rankin s Court  2nd Thursday in December  March  Juno  and September    Hamilton s Court  4th Saturday in De   cember  March  June and September    Colemansville Precinct  Doan s Court    2nd Friday in December  March  June and  September    MeXces  Court  4th Wednesday in De   cember  March  Juno anil September    Rutland Precinct   B urgess  Court  1st  Saturday in December  March  Juno and  September    Hinton s Court  4th Tuesday in Decem   ber  March  June and September    Cason Precinct   Day s Court  1st Fri   day in December  Marek   June and Sep   tember    Vandercn s Court  4th Friday in Decem   ber  March  J line and September    Leesiioroii Precinct   Ford s Court  2d  Wednesday in December  March  June and  September    Arnett s Court  4th Thursday in Decern  ber  March  June and September      Tiros  F  OTWELL    DRUGGIST       vv     C uthiana  Ky    TOULD ASK THE ATTENTION OF    tho public to his large stock of   Drills  Medicines    Pure  W r iTies    brandies  whisky   for mcdical pur _   poses  j   HAIR OILS    PERFUMERY    WHITENING    ROUGES    Hair and Tooth Broshes    Dent rif ices  Toilet Soaps  Fanny Articles   School Hooks  Stationery    Paints  Oils    Dve Stuffs  Window Glam  Picture Frames  and Mouldings  Cigars    Chewing   Smoking Tobacco    And every article usually kept in a first  class Drug Store    Prescription carefully prepared day or  night    Sept  9  1383   tf    J  W  Renaker      DEALER IN     DRUGS    Medicines    Chemicals  Paints  Oils        Vf Stuffs  Ac      KEEPS A SUPPLY OF     Patent Medicines      SCHOOL BOOKS    BLANK BOOKS    FANCY ARTICLES   CO A L     OIL     L si  and Laj Fiitms    Bourbon Whisky  ami fine Liquors for  Medical purposes  in fact  a general stock  of goods and articles usually kept in Drug  Stores  also    CLE ARS A TOBACCO   Of tho best brands      Prescriptions carefully prepared at  all hours    J  W  RENAKER   January  5  1859   fin       liTEST m YORK NEWS      LADIES       l ooEt outn  liook Out       f ook Outn  E ook Out        Beautifies  he Complexion      Gives a Rosy Glow to 1 he Cheeks      A Ruby Tinge to the Lips     Reinovesall Blotches and Frecklos     Tho Best in tlie World        COSTAR S       BEAUTIFI     TIIE   Hitter Sn oot A Ormigo RIomroiiim    One Bottle  31 no  Three for  2 00    1000 Bottles sold in one day in N  Y  City   jAT A 1 1 Druggists in Cyntliianasell it    Or address  Cbafar   No  10 Crosby st  X  Y      C  T  WORLEY      JOS  M  MOSS      Southern Hotel    Corner Broadway and Short Sh eets    Lexington  Ky       CONVENIENT TO ALL RAILROAD  Depots and the business portion of the   e itv      Transient Hoard per Day      m 3 ao     WORLEY   MOSS  Propt s    Renovated  Remodeled A Rofurnished   Sept  9  18rt8  tf    Harrison House    Main St   Cynthiana    HARVEY ROW LAID  Proprietor      rpiu   X chi     IS OLD AND POPULAR HOUSE IS NOW IN  harge of Harvey Rowland  who will at  all times be ready to receive and entertain  guests in the handsomest stylo    SepUltf     CENTRAL HOTEL    Cor  of Pike Washington St    NEAR THE K  C  R  It  DEPOT    Covinoton  Ky    October 21  1308 1 f      Railroad Exchange    Cyiidiiana  Ky    Augustus Wittman    Prop      H aving leased this popular house  from Lewis Pollinyre  for a number  ot ycars  and having cleaned and renno   vatod the same  is prepared to furnish  accommodations to all who may eall on  him    VjuTho bar will be furnished with good  liquors of all kinds  and fresh beer       YGive him a eall  Sept S fiRtf     CYJVTHIAIMA UQV 8 E    F  FA Eli li ER  Proprietor    rpms POPULAR HOUSE Is NOW IN FINECON   X dition to receive all travelers    i g  Tho finest and purest of Liquors al   ways kept at the bar  also the choicest     LAGER   Sept  91808 lv      IE3IEIEEL      Saloons      J  M  fit AKJM TLK  WM  TCUNF H    Clt A IE M YLE A TCRXEli      H AND TAKE A DRINK      rTRAlGMYLE ANI  TURNER WOULD  V7 politely inform tiie public that they  have the finest   Old  13 oui l on   Intli  market  tho most suporh BILAN  DIKS and the ehoieest WINKS  that an  imported  at their fine saloon on iVA    Strcet  one door Kost of Main    TOLU GREIER    Is still with tiiem  and will day or night pre  pare for customers  tiie best of drinks    Sept  9  18l 8  tf     boijrbOei   IMe ani Free Stone Works       Corner Slain ami I ocust Mtrcet     I 3 ar is  Ivy    W  _A_  HILL    D ealer in foreign and ameri    can Sfarble    Monuments  Tombs    Talilcts  Furniture Tops  Flower Vases  Ae   All kinds of   BUILDINC WORK   Done in the most workmanlike manner  of  the best Buena Vista Free Stone    I defy all competition  both in point of  workmanship and price  and guarantee per   fect satisfaction in every instance or no  sale    Jt  Temctery Railings at Manufacturers  prices    November 11  19rtS tf      Groceries      H  MAGEE    SON    G  ROGi   iS   On Hike Street  Uyulhiana  Ky     just under Democrat Ofth e      MAGNOLIA   SALOON    Completely refitted nnd handsome    adorned    is opened to the public       a     Costar s      Religions Notices    At the Catholic Church the second and  fourth Sundays of every mouth  two ser   vices in the morning at 8 and o clock    Vespers and sermon at 7 o clock in tha  evening    Christian Church    Preaching on tho 1st  Lord s day in each month by Elder Samuel  Rodgers  on 2nd  3rd  and 1th by Elder D   W  Case    Baptist Church    Preaching on the Fri   day night before  and the Sunday night  after the first Saturday in each month  by  Rev  Mr  Spilman    Episcopal Church    Rev  Mr  Tearne   will preach in the Episcopal Church the  2nd and 4th Sunday of each month  morn   ing and evening    Methodist Church   Rev  J  W  Wight   man  Methodist E  Church South  Sunday  morning nnd night      Stan d t rtl 1    epa ra ttons   xnn    Coetn r a  Hat  Rnncli A   Exlcrmlni lor    4 oslnr s  tied Rug KxtermfiiRfor    M ostnr s   only pare Insect Powder     Ill Beware    of spurious imitations     AH Druggists in Cynthiana sell them     Address  Costar   10 Crosby St   N  Y    Or  John F  Henry  Successor to    Dem as Barnes A Co   21 Park Row  N   Y  Sold in Cyiitliimia by  J   V  KENEKER      THOS  F  OTWELL  Druggists   January 13  18rt9 lv       N  S  DICKERSON  CIEO  T  WILLIAMS    Dickerson   Williams   Auction and   COMMISSION IMCHMTS   No  3 5 1 ikc St   Covington Ky      JXO  RALLY  Proprieto i     H E OFFERS TO THE PUBLIC EVERY  inducement that politeness  attention  and tha heat of all kinds of liquors affords   Tho best of   ESoiirhoit  iSrantfipx  Wines    Also  tiie choicest brands of TOBACCO     GARS  kept constantly on band  Ope    house day and night  Immediately over   his saloon  is a splendid   ITilliard Room    Tiie patronage of tiie public is politely re  quested    Sept  9  1868  ly     Tt tu care      DEAI Kl    IN     DRY O OOIDS      c     LOTH1XG  NOTIONS  SEPTOLTNE   Coal Oil  Lamps  Willow Ware  Ac      Auction Every Night    January 13  1S09   Cm      OPEN FIRES       Teed no argument to prove their entire  _LN pre eminence over every other moans  of heating in use  Besides its cheerful   ness  which makes an open lire tho most  popular anil inviting  tiie greatest argu   ment in its favor  Perfect ventilation is  absolutely necessary to health  In no  way can this l c obtained only by the use  of an open fire  Our   Circular Back and Patent Dome    is one of tho protest improvements in  grates of tho present day  This shape nat   urally radiates heat in every direction dis   tributing the rays of heat equally in every  part of the room  The shape ofthis grate   also improves the draft  through its entire  concave surface there is a channel of draft  created which tends to free the room from  dust and smoke  and makes the ventilation  perfect  We claim for this grate   ECONOMY    If with the same amount of coal you get  double the heating surface and double tho  licat  it of Course follows that you sure  greatly in fuel  or keep a much warmer  room with the same amount which ftrmer   lv kept vou warm onl r whon  hugging tho  lire   in either ease a greater saving is at   tained  Call and see them  For sale by   H  S  Shannon   Go    Dee  9  18rt8 tf      M0TICE    H AYING this d vv been appointed  l v  the Judge of the Harrison Circuit  Court  Trustee of Win  Thompson  all per   sons are notified of said appointment and  warned not to trade with said Thompson   and all owinghim will come forward and  make settlement with ino  Those haying  accounts against him  liy presenting them  properl v verified  they will be settled    Nov l s  fis tf II  M  KELLLL      Highest market prices will bo paid for   Baton  Fealta  Rap  Yeietats    And all kinds of country produce  W   will only sell the very best of articles  and  on the most reasonable terms  We invito  tiie public to vail and examine our stork   Rememlierour New Stand on Pike Street   one door East of Keller  Welch A Co    II  MAI i KE A SON   November 4  18  8  ly        eveletii      On Main Street      HAVE DISCOVERED TIIE HAPPY  secret  and have im hand every article that  is kept in a tirst class     GROCERY      We have an entirely new STOCK OF  GOODS  and have taken possession of onr  new and elegant Store Room  on Main  Street  We also deal in     Country Produce    And pay tke highest cash price for market   ing    MEGEE A EVELETII   Dee  23  1808  3m            Hardware      HARDWARE    I  YO It HARDWARE  GO TO   LONG MOOR A BRO      For Locks of all kinds   T LONG MOOR A BRO      QO TO     Holts  Hinges     C    iLLKL  Ac   go to     TjlOR A LL KINDS OF BOLTS  HINGES      LONG MOOR A RRO      A     Carpenters Tools    FULL ASSORTMENT AT   LO Ntf MOOR A BRO      A large Assortment of   117ADE A BUTCHERS  SPEAR AND  VV Jacksons  and Essex Files  at   LOXGMPOR A BRO      0     Build in g Ha rd tea re   FALL KINDS AT   LONG MOOR A BRO      A full assortment of   T he best brands of axes  hand   Axes  Broad Axes  and Hatchets  at  LONG MOOR A BRO      Pocket and Table Cutlery   rilHE LARGEST AND FINEST ASSORT   X in nt in the citv  at   LOXGMOOR A BRO      Shoe els  Spades  Picks  Ac    i FUFF STOCK  AT  JA  LOXGMOOR A BRO      Kails  Kails      NUT AND WROUGHT  AT  O LONGMOOIt A BRO    Sept  9  1868  lv      ALEX  MONTGOMERY      THOS  SINGLETON      Montgomery      wholesale and Retail   Dealers in Coal of all Kinds       O FFICE  S  E  corner Third and Main    Streets  COVINGTON  KY   Youghioghcny  Pomeroy  Hartford City   Kanawha  a ml Cannol Coal    Orders solicited at our office  to which  prompt attention will be given and satis     act ou guaranteed  nov23 3m         

The Cynthiana democrat: 1869-02-25

4 pages, edition 01

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  Published in Cynthiana, Ky., Kentucky by West & Musser
   Harrison County (The Bluegrass Region)