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date (1855-09-22) newspaper_issue DOLLAR DEMOCRAT      VOL  II      LOUISVILLE  SATURDAY  SEPTEMBER     1855      NO  52      THE WEEKLY     aJiii t it j        PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY     HARNEY  HUGHES   CO    TElliMS OF ADVERTISING    One dollar per square  of ten lines agate  the first in   sertioo  each continuance fifty cents per square    GENERAL AGENTS    C  tv  Jambs  Cincinnati  Otiio  is our generalagent  for collecting in the Western States and Texas  assisted  bv H  J  Thomas  W  Ramsey  Win  H  Thomas  Thomas  Al  James  A  L  Childs  Dr  Win  Irwin  ami Richard  Locke  Receipts of cither will lie good    John W  Murfhy is an authorized agent for the  Louisville Democrat for the State of Kentucky    N  P  Rhkkolovk  Simpson county  Ky    C  T  Davis  Hannibal  Mo   is a general agent for the  Western States    Jared P  Sharks  Pleasureville  Ky      and property  this time next year will not find five  hundred foreigners left in Louisville    It is useless to shut our eyes to these facts   They are fact   and known to be so by every one  who takes tho trouble to investigate the subject   The Journal s lies will not keep the foreigners  here  nor will our telling the truth about it cause  them to leave  lie is no friend to the city of Lou   isville who shuts his eyes to h er present perilous  condition    Prentice Kating One of his Own Lies    Occasionally it happens that the editor of the  Journal ventures upon 80 palpable a lie that beds  forced himself to swallow the nauseous doseagalD      See with what complaisance the follow acknowl        iRii  r  or niui   icuuitiiuv    r       Washington WrigH t is au agent lor the Democrat edges himself a liar in his issue of    ednesuay    for the southwestern States    S  L  Davis and B  McKinney are General Agents for     the Western States      LOCAL AGENTS    K  G  Martin  Uaysville  Ky    Charles Simpson  Fairfield  Ky    Ryan  llaves   Ryan  Burksville  Ky   W  W  Davis  Butlersville  Ky    S  L  Davis  State of Missouri    A  W  Smither   Monterey  Ky    John Shindler  Shelby county  Ky    M  C  McNew  Boon ville  Ky     II  W  Cook  Cook s Valley  Ky    T  D  Waller  Trenton  Ky     B  L  D  Gutfy  Woodbcrry  Ky    W  M  Bourn  Savern  Ky    George W  L pton  Leesville  Ky     Robt  Armstrong  Fajrview  Ky    James S  Smallwood  llardin county  Ky      John W  Adams  Simpson ville  Ky   A  Ryder  Bradfords ville  Ky    W  T  Ricketts  Beaver Dam  Ky      Joseph K  Hays  Jamestown  Ky    A  C  Cook  Harrison ville  Ky     J   II  Poster  Lafayette  Ky    W  P  Neel  Neets ville  Ky    U  C Hardwick  Madisonville  Ky     Hon  Thus  J  Gough  Meade county  Ky    J  T  Donaldson  Bowling Green  Ky    A  G  Kevill  Springfield  Ky     Dr  S  B  Overton  Mauton  Ky     P  Archer  Lima  ill    P  M  Kerlin  Morgantown  Ind    J  Johnson  Motley  Ky    Micajah Creel Grady vflle  Ky    John Ke    leu ry county  Ky    Jam B Mn    Greensburg  Ky     L       a      Tippecanoe  Ky    it   H  Cm ieosurevilie  Ky    R  Bak  llage  Ky    a  Ben    n  d  Bedford  Ind    O  W       Nicholas ville  Ky    Greenville  Ky    Jan    Bedford  Ky        inches ter  Clartoe county  Ky   Ghc L   Lt iuti    ewhurg  Ind    T  J  Jackson  Carlow  Ky    Robert Colvin  CampbellsviUe  Ky    W  Buckman  New Haven  Ky    J  McCormick  Morganfield  Ky    P  Wherritt Cynthiana  Ky    J S    W  J  Wise  Vincennes  Ind     V  II  Sanders  Columbia  Ky    James Ripy  Lawrenceburg  Ky    T  A  Rodman  Lagrange  Ky    Prank Griffin  Hartford  Ky    H  C  Wilson  Owensville  ind    Wm  G  Cogar  Oogar s Landing  Ky    Wm  II  McAfee  l lviaa  Ky    W  Snyder  Petersburg  Ky    D  W  Malhewson  Murray  Ky    Samuel Parks  Rockport  Ind    J  P  Sparks  Pleasureville  Ky        Spai   P  Settle  Rocky Hill  Ky      W   H  Mason  Shelby county  Ky   A  M  Crockett  McAfee  Ky    Rurnrtt I nvnp  PlnvimuiM L          Burnett Payne  Cloverport  Ky   John C  Lawson  Garnettsville  Kv  P  Ditto  Brandenburg  Ky    Jos  E  Davis  Carrollton  Ky      FRIDAY        SEPTEMBER 14  1855      Of  Among the marvels of hhe times  if any   thing can be a marvel which is connected with the  political career of tho editor oR the Louisville  Journal  is his labored effort to establish the na   tionality of his dark lantern association  The  chief characteristic of his paper is the assertion  and constant repetition of the most audacious  falsehoods  It matter   not to him if the promul   gation of fuch falsely oods bring ruin and desola   tion on the country f so that his sordid and selfish  interests  in connection with those of his desperate  confederates  are promoted for the time    Before the meeting of the Philadelphia Know   Nothing Convention  he was constantly averring  that notwithstanding his Know Nothing brethren  in the North  nad everywhere coalesced with Free    soilers and Abolitionists in all the elections  State  and National  and succeeded by this base alliance  in defeating  for the time  the Democratic party in  all those States   the only party in the country  professing sound National principles  still there  was a magic power in the mysterious workings of  tho oath bound Order  which would sot all right at  Philadelphia    Their conclave assembled  and  after a week s  incubation   nmtnftgr tho use of all the corrupt  appliance  so well un tood and practiced upen  by these miduighl oon  irators  they presented a  p ai          i  ip rdferanr   to Southern j   right   which had  received the sanction of the  Democratic party North and South  With the  aid of votes in the       ention from the District  of Columbia and tho Territories  having no voice  in a National election  these resolutions wcr6  adopted by a lean majority    Thirteen Northern States immediately bolted  the National organization  and since then thoir ac   tion has been approved by State Conventions of  tho Know Nothings in every free State in the  Union    The Know Nothings in the free States have  combined everywhere with the anti slavery party   indorsing thoir principles and voting with them   It is true that Horace Greeley and some of his as   sociates are ashamed of thoir company  and are  trying to kick them out  but hitherto without  success    These are facts known to every reading man  throughout the country  and to none better than  the editor of the Journal  yet he writes column  after column of sophistry and falsehood  in order  to mystify tho true aspect of the case  if possible   and conceal bis infidelity to those whose interests  it is his special duty to defend    To undertake a specific reply to the many noto   riously faDe statements ho is daily uttering in con   nection with this subject  would be the extreme  of absurdity    To talk of such a wicked faction as this saving  the Union of the States  or accomplishing any   thing social or political but unmitigated mischief   is an insult to all sensible and honest minded  men      A Correction   We find that we were in error in re   gard to the duty assigned to the Hon  Humphrey Mar   shall in the programme of the Governor s Inauguration   which we noticed in the Journal of yesterday    From the programme published in the Frankfort Com   monwealth  of the 3d instant  it appears that Col  Mar   shall was expected to deliver an address to the Governor  elect  Mud we have been informed that he was written to  by the Committee of Arrangements  requesting him to  be present for that purpose  It is presumed that the  letter did not reach Col  Marshall in time  and  if it had   we do not think he would have approved the arran 0 e   ineut        We ifiake this correction gladly  as we would not  knowingly misstate any fact or unnecessarily say any   thing injurious to the Courier s correspondent    Our readers would perhaps like to see the  er   ror   as the editor calls it  Here it is  copied  from his paper of Monday      The address tothc Governor elect  advertised in i thi  programme to be delivered bytheHon il  Marshall  was omitted  and with great propriety  Such u proce  dure would have given a panisam tinge to the occa   sion     We find the above in the Frankfort correspondence of  the Courier of the 6th inst  We know not whether it is  a simple inadvertence or a simple fabrication of the  Courier s correspondent  hut everybody with an ounce  or a scruple of brains will perceive at a glance that L is  utterly preposterous and ridiculous  Of course then  is  not a parUcie or an odor qf truth in it or about it  Cot   Marshall was neither present on the occasion qf the tn  u   tcuratum nor was he czpecLedto be present  and we have  no doubt that when he reads tiie above in the corres   pondence of the Courier  if he ever reads it  ho will  turn his handsome lip in lordly  corn of the malice that  ooi l lpa i or of tho beau lua could coin so    j   statement    Now the editor of the Journal  when he penned  the last copied statement  either knew nothing  about tho facts  or else knew that the statement in  the Courier was true  and in either case told a will   ful  malicious  deliberate falsehood  On Monday   he asserts  positively  as one knowing it to be true  that  7oL Marshall was neither present on the occa   sion of the inauguration nor was he expected to be  present   On Wednesday ho said    Col  Marshall  was expected to deliver an address to the Governor  elect  and we have been informed that he was writ   ten to by the Committee of Arrangements  requesting  him to be present for that purpose    This is a small matter  it is true  but it is too  characteristic of tho editor of the Journal  too  much in keeping with his whole life and charac   ter  not to deserve a passing notice      Mrs  Hayne is playing in Detroit   on the  nl V  of the 10th  appeared as Pauline  with L   L  Uou as   iaude Jfelnotte    1   Louisville Theatre will open about the first  of October  with a not  and able company    St uebody in Boston has written a play for an  actrYsffiwho performed hero lasb winter  and whose  perft riame  we criticise J pretty severely   She  or  some friend of hers  has sent us a newspaper review  of ptntof  he pla  markfcd    She knows where  to for candtl criticism   If we had the   entire play  wo might be induced to read it  and  say whjit we  ugtt of it      SATURDAY    SEPTEMBER 15  1855      Sunday last   his secretin yf  reasons assik  the mostiffo     Sl icbs OF iixiORMAKKLAND    MajoY Matthew  Murkiaqd  formerly an  eminent lawyer of Ken   tucky  and late a clerk in the Quartermaster i en   eral s olice  Washington  committed suicide on  ss U supposed from letters found in  Jld ago and infirmity are the only    fcfl  His family relations were of  lilooate character  In a lettor he  left for hi  family  he says   My mind is fully made  up with all the  affection I have for iny family  and  I yield to too man in tho pride that Ientortain   yet for their future good 1 choose to depart   His  body has not yet been found    Distress   Accident    On Thursday of last  week  Hanford R  Chapin  a littlo son of Mr  Cha    Mar shall    P in   ot Me f ua   Ohio  a K ed aix y ear3   W US instaQt    ly killed bjjLalhng from a load of wood  under tho  wheels of tji  wagon  Ho  with his father  were  returning bfiio with the wood  and in going over  a rough pjtjp the wagon received a sudden jur y  throwing hiiyolT  and before tho team could he  stopped  the   ind wheel passed over his back  caus   ing his dea u j  stoutly    Attkmit    tfncfOE of a Byr   Ahoy twelve  year  of a   noC   Ajnes M  r alto     to commit suicide  in Philadelphia  on Saturday   afternoon  by taking laudanum  He was discover   ed in time to apply the usual remedies with effect   and he was revived  The boy had been suffering  from depression of spirits  Tho suicide mania has  seized upon children  too  it seems    Dueling    Two duels were fought from polit   ical causes  in Little Rock  Arkansas  on the 20th  ult  The only wounds received were a ball in the  right arm  and a clipping off of a portion of one  of tho combatant s ears  Tho parties  named Hen   ry Castors  W  R  King  John Ruffleson  and Adam  Brown  have all been office holders in tho State   They surely set a good example to their constit   uents  the people      Grand Mass Meeting    We publish upon our first page this morning  the proceedings of a grand mass meeting of the  Democracy of Trimble county  Ky   held at Bed   ford  on the 10th inst  The preamblo and resolu   tions which we furnish show that their hearts are  in the work  It becomos the Democracy to be up  and doing in such timos  for  in tho language of  their resolution   it is a wanton violation of the  spirit and letter of the Constitution to attempt to  proscribe any citizen of these United States on  account of his religious belief  either by depriving  him of tho right of suffrage  or  he privilege of  holding office     The meeting also adopted a resolution approving  of the proposition set forth by the Democratic  Control Committee  to hold amass meeting at Lex   ington  on the 5th of October next  and have dele   gates to attend    It is time that other counties wore moving in  the matter  and wo hope ere our next issue to hear  from several portions of our good old Common   wealth  Let them at once call their county meet   ings and make all preliminary arrangements for  such a re union of tho friends of equal rights as  has never before assembled in Kentucky    fly But such is not the purpose of the American par   ty  Its principal objects are to suppress demagogueisBi  and to give peace and perpetuity to the Union    Louisville Journal    It  suppresses domagogueism  by gathering in  its rank  all of the vilest demagogue  that former 1  parties vhrowa aiKurboaxd  ami  giXfl3_DQjiCo      by au indiscriminate slaughter of men  women   and children   by arson and robbery   by breaking  up social relations  by separating fathers and  sons  brother and brother  by alienating life long  friendships  and by creating in the community a  general feeling of distrust and insecurity  These  are its fruits  as far as they have ripened  God  only knows what it has in store yet worse for the j 8   x mQDtl   8    future    fly lie who steals negroes  we think  would steal  money  if it could be done with equal impunity    Louisville Journal    We don t know any man who is better qualified  to judge of that than the Connecticut Abolitionist  of tho Journal      A gentleman  resident in  St  Louis  informs  us that a large fund is being raised in that city to  assist such foreigners as wish it to romovo from  Louisville to St  Louis  We think they had bet   ter wait until the blood of foreigners  shed by  their own rioters  is dry in the streets  before they  invite any more there    Danseuse Married   The Russian danseuse   Yrca Mathias  is married to the French panto   ihimist  Francois Ravel  Tho event occurred  some time since  but as diplomacy regulates all  these matters and often enjoimnsecresy  it proba   bly has been thought that the charming Yrca could  captivate more hearts as M lle Mathias than as  Madame Ravel    At Philadelphia  on Thursday  the stock of  the Philadelphia and Amboy Railroad declined ten  dollars a share  under the apprehension that the  Company will have to pay heavy damages for tho  injuries suffered in the Burlington catastrophe     jgf A few days since at the  Star Nail Mill    Ironton  Ohio  was rolled a sheet of nail plate iron  40 feet long  one foot wide  and No  16 wire gauge  in thickness  Its weight was more than 1 000  pounds  and it is supposed to be the largest sheet  of iron ever rolled     gT We learn from the Oregon Statesman  of  July 28th  1855  that the grasshoppors are destroy   ing all kinds of vegetation in the Umpqua and  Rogue river valleys  in that Territory    pgyjohn Donr van was fined two dollars and  dwts  in GharfcjstowSi  Moss   on Monday  for steal   hia own  fooplflA He iiad taken them to be  mended   Bnd stole sjieui vrKbout  paying Ibl  pairs      A Good Charter   Intelligence has been re   ceived by tho Canada that the steamer Star of the  South  of New York  has been chartered by the  French Government as a transport  at  70 000 for     Our friends at a distance think that tho  riots are over  This is a mistake   Law and order  have no meaning here when applied to tho pro   tection of the riglits of foreigners  Not a day or  a night passes over that some infernal outrage is  not perpetrated by Know Nothing bullies upon  inoffensive foreigners  They go in gangs into  their shops and stores  take whatever they please   and tell the shop keeper to  charge it to Sam    They knock down and beat the poor  defenceless  creatures  and then a K  N  policeman carries the  blooding victim to jail  while tho cowardly villains  who beat him are permitted to run at large  What  else can bo oxpected when our City Council have  approved and indorsed  to the fullest extent  the  atrocities of bloody Monday  But  on the other  hand  is it to be expected that our foreign popula  tion will remain in a city where neither their  lives nor their property have tho slightest protec   tion  They are leaving by hundreds  and that   too  of tho very best class of them  The editor of  the Journal may prevaricate as much as he pleases   but that will not alter facts   nor could our silence  affect the emigration  Our citizens should know  the truth  and awake before it is too late    Suppose the exodus continue  and continue it  will till the last foreigner has left Louisville  if  these infernal brutalities are not stopped  suppose   we say  it continue till the entire foreign popula   tion has left us  whjit will real estate in the city be    worth  It is useless to say they will be replaced  by Americans  Deserted cities are not filled up in  a day  nor do people usually seek a city from which  others are fleeing    If any evidence is wanting of the effect already  had upon real estate  it can bo found in all the  sales made during the past month  Only within  the last week the Maxcy estate was sold at the  court house door at auction  It was appraised at  seventy five thousand dollars  and would have  brought that six months ago   it sold for twenty   five thousand  Renta all over the city have de   preciated over thirty per cent  Tho ominous  words   To Rent   stare our citizens in the face on  alarger proportion of houses in tho upper and  lower portions of tho city  than has ever before  been witnessed in Louisville  Four hundred fam   ilies are preparing to leave in one body  These  are the mombers of a single emigration society   There aro several other similar societies  the con   dition of which we do not know  Of this much  we feel assured  that unless some prompt action i  taken by our oitizena to protect them in their lives     Democratic Nominations in Wisconsin    The Democratic State Convention convened at  Madison  the State capital  on tho 30th ult    After preliminary arrangements  and the perma   nent organization of the convention  a  h  voce  vote for Governor resulted 98 out of 144 for Gov   Barstow  tho present incumbent  On the second  vote 108 out of 136 were cast for him    The balance of the ticket was then nominated   as follows    Lieutenant Governor   A  McArthur  of Milwau   kio    Secretary of State   D  VV  Jones  of Lafayette    Treasurer   Charles Kuehn  of Manitowoc    Attorney General   William R  Smith  of Iowa  county    Sup t of Public Instruction   A  C  Barry  of  Racino    Bank Comptroller   Wm  W  Dennis  of Dodgo    State Prison Commissioner   E  McGarry  of  Milwaukio    They indorsed in the platform the Baltimore  resolutions of 1852  and expressed their confidence  in the administration of Franklin Pierce  They  denounced Know Nothingism and the Maine liquor  law    The election takes place in Wisconsin in No   vember  when we expect to hear of the triumphant  election of the entire ticket      A True State    Into whatever excesses the  other Northern States may plunge themselves   California is determined to adhere to orthodox po   litical doctrines  From a speech made by Gov   Bigler  tho Democratic candidate for rc election   at Brighton  on the ISth July  we take the annexed  brief extract    California is true to tho Union   true to the  Democracy   true to the Constitution and the lib   eral institutions of our land  and in September  next will prove to the world that sho  the youngest  of the confederacy  is not the latest lo send back  to her sister States a good report and an over   whelming majority against civil and political pro   scription or religious intolerance  Tho Democracy  will do this good work  but not alone  Thousands  of patriotio and liberal Whigs   those wbo follow   ed tho lead of tho lamented Clay and the great  Webster   Whigs who sincerely cherished the  principles of their party as expounded by their  distinguished leaders  but who have no sympathy  with secret connivings  proscription and intoler   ance  will co operate with and efficiently aid in  the great struggle     Governor Bigler is a brother of Governor Big   ler  of Pennsylvania    JfiT Somo dirty scoundrel mails us a letter from  Jessamine county  in which he ad mits  that the  American party  as Americans  determined to cast  their votes before the low and vu f jar class of Ger   mans and Irish  and wore willing  to resort to arms  in order to carry out thoir rights and principles as  Native Americans  and who can blame them for  wanting to vote before the d   A Dutch and Irish        Honorable Industry    On Monday last  the  sister of L  Kossuth was at Worcester  Mass   for  the purpose of selling laces and similar articles   She resides in New York  and maintains herself  by dealing in rich embroidery articles    Convicted    We learn from tho Paris Citizen  of the 14th  that Solomon Smith  who wus charged  with the murder of Wm  L  Smith   his own fa   ther   in April last  was convicted of tho crime of  murder on Wednesday last in the Bourbon Circuit  Court      Horrible Scenes in China    If there were any doubt about the rotundity of  the earth  we think the reception of tho California  and European mails in our office  sometimes on  the same day  each bringing news from China   and the new in each identical  would be a satis   factory demonstration  The Atlantic arrived at  New York last week from Liverpool  and from her  mails  received here on Sunday last  we selected   among other things  a harrowing account of tho  execution of rebels in Canton  Tho Northern  Light  with eighteen days later news from Cali   fornia  arrived at New York on Saturday  and in  tho California papers wo find the same shocking  details  We quote the annexed paragraphs from  the San Francisco Herald     Execution of Thirty Five Hundred Chi   nese Rebels near Canton   Mr  Silas E  Bur   rows  jr   who has just returned to thiscity  after  an absence of nearly two years  the greater por   tion of which time he spent in China  was an eye  witness to tho execution of thirty five hundred  Chinese rebels  who were taken prisoners in the  battle near Canton in tho month of March last   Tho prisoners were taken to a low marshy island   and there each was compelled to undergo a form  of trial before a tribunal of Mandarins  and each  was sentenced to death by decapitation  One by  one they were led forth to the exeoution ground   a large space covered with sawdust to the depth  of several inches    To give a greater degree of awful effect to the  scene  an elevated platform was erected  consisting  of a single narrow plank  over which each unhap   py victim had to pass in full view of his fellow    captives  whoso terms of existence  whether of an  hour or day  depended entirely uj on the will of  their captors  The prisoners manitested the most   stolid indifference to everything connected with  the scone  apparently as unconscious of their ter   rible fate as dumb brutes going to the shambles   Arriving at the execution ground  the captives fell  upon their knees  and bending forward  calmly   i   i    nf thn ovD  ii f innpr s     A Boston correspondent of the New York  Tribune is unhappy about the condition of the  old Commonwealth of Massachusetts  Tho saints  there  AJ olitionis s and Know Nothings  havo  some apprehensions of a combination of wicked   nesses that is likely to be very formidable  There  are the old line Democrats  small in numbers but  unterrified  that will always fight another day   they include office holders  too  who will not lie  idle  There are the Pierce Whigs  alias old Web   ster men  who scorn the latter day saints  There  are the rum sollers and manufacturers  who will  not tolerate men who have no toleration for them   There aro the negro haters  as the writer calls them   they are the men who believe the white man to  bo as good as the negro  if ho behaves himself   Finally  thero are tho Irish  in frightful numbers    they have been naturalized  but hitherto have not  voted  Now they will come to tho polls in self   defence  against a party that proscribes them and  their xeligion    The writer musters a formidable array of voters  against the patent saints of the old Bay State   and wo earnestly hope his apprehensions aro well  founded  We are for the sinners  against the   Pharisees    No wonder the proscribed classes fly to the Dem   ocratic party  It is tho party against the vice oi  too much legislation  They make laws to suii  men  and don t expect mon to suit the laws  Mora 1  evils they aro too wise to attempt to cure by legis   lation Slavery in the States and Territories is a  terrible evil  cry the modern saints  Well  sup   pose it is  say the old liners   what business is it oi  yours  Who made you responsible lor the sins oi  tho world  But dram drinking is a monstrous sin   Grant it   and wjiai  can y ou do 1   k uo lUOtuOijT oi     Sidney Smith said when he was a youth one   third of the gentlemen of the time were alway   drunk  You may make os many laws as you please  against human appetites  but tho appetites will  not conform to the laws  It is the business of the  fire side  the social circle  and tho church to reform  morals  and legislators can only keep up with these  agoncies  and not assume their duties    But there is another greater evil than rum and  slavery  which the saints aro all exercised about   There is the Pope  and his agents   tho Man of  riin  the beast with seven hoads and ten horns    Now we would suggest that these Pharisaical  hypocrites  as a matter of policy  had better direct  their despotic measures against one class of sin   ners at a lime  and not wage a war of extermina   tion upon all manner of sin at once  This writer  sees the danger  The combination of the pro   scribed will likely overwhelm the His3 and Patter   son saints in a general defeat  We hope so  It  will be well for the peaco of the Union if those  impudent Pharisees are overwhelmed and con  signed in old Massachusetts to the contempt their  deeds merit  They are an anti American  anti   Kepublican conspiracy against the constitution and  order of society   a set of intolerants and persecu   tors  whose scandalous creed and practice are a dis   grace to the American name    fcfjF W e see by the Journal of yesterday morn   ing that the editor has become deeply patriotic   and also vory religious  lie is now exercised not  only about the Catholic Church  but about Mor   mons and about Infidels    The country is in a very alarming condition  and  religion is in danger  We shall not deny that  there are some alarming symptoms in the country   When there are secret  oath bound conspiracies  gotten up in the midst of our government  against  tho constitutional rights of American citizens    when ballot boxes aro Seized and burned   when  polls aro held by tho armed mob of an oath bound  party   when legal voters are systematically beaten  from the polls  innocent mon mangled and killed   their property burned  men  women  and children  consigned to the flames  tho prospect for the State  is not flattering    When so called ministers of the Gospel fre   quent midnight political lodges  and help concoct  political intrigue s  aud wage a political and social  war upon men ou account of their religious faith   i  tfaaa lo against  the xj yiP   rights of then  fellow men  instead of preaching   peace on earth and good will to man   and when   more than all  Prentice turns champion of the  laith  and writes lectures on piety  the prospects  of the Church are at a low ebb    And here we must let our readers sec a produc   tion to which we referred yesterday morning  It  is written in a business like hand  tho writer evi   dently u e  to handling the pen  and signed with  a name in full which is probably a forgery   but we  submit to our readers if it does not breathe the  very tone and spirit of tho patriots and saints of  the party that assume the care of the State and  religion     Jessamine County  Ky   Sept  10  1855   Editors of the Louisville Democrat     Gentlemen  You seem to think that the cry and alarm  you have rai tMl  that the Know Nothings  alias the  American partw  were the cause of the riots in Louis   v lle  is an everlasting stain and deep disgrace oirthe  American party  1 have carefully read your papers  and the Journal on the subject ot tho Louisville riots   as well as having heard verbal evidence from eye wit   nesses of the scene  and 1 cannot  nor can any other  man  tell wlio commenced the attack  But suthce for  me to know  that the Americau party  os Americans   determined to cost their votes before the low and vulgar  class of Germans and Irish  aud were willing  if neces   sary  to resort to arms in order to carry ouifheir rights  ana their principles as Native Americans  and who can  blame them  but a filthy editor  for wanting to vote be   fore the damned Hutch and Irish  who are dictated to  by demagogue editors and unprincipled politicians  I  have always been  and still am  an old line Democrat   but 1 cannot go with the mass of the Democratic party  in support of anti Amencau principles  God damn  you aud your party    KespecUully yours    DAVID RIDGELY DANIEL    Now  when such men as Bloat  Whisky Barrel   the editor of the Journal  and the writer of this  letter undertake to save the Union and protect re  ligion  both Church and State should take the  alarm  It is high time that mon who feel an  interest in Church or Siato should inquire  where in the name of wonder they are going to   Such aro the men who havo taken fright at the  corruptions of tho old parties  and been so deeply  concerned about it that they havo been compelled   for the cause of Church and State  to commit trea   son  by driving legal voters from the polls  and  founu themselves  under the painful necessity to  rob  steal and murder     ho alarm of the editor of the Journal  how   ever  is very natural  The Church and State havo  their troubles  particularly tho former   but they  will survive it ail  There is a newly formed m   perium in imperio that is going to ruin  and its  organ along with it  Its dissolution is clearly  foreshadowed  There is a sort of Americans that  can t rule America  and can t ruin her  either    that is the trouble just now  The desire of ru   ling   the great passion of Know Nothingism   can t be gratified   hence the groans and the fears   They aro getting ready to ascribe their downfall  to a combination of all tho sinners of the world      Grand Mass Meeting   IN TRIMBLE COUNTY  KENTUCKY    At a grand mass  meeting of the citizens of  Trimble county  Ky at Bedford  on the 10th day  of September  1855  p pl  Daniel B  Johnson stated  the object of the meeting  and qn his motion  Dr   John J  Thomasspn was unanimously appointed  President  and Thomas D  Jossec  W  W  Collins   Robert Buchanan  Wpj  P  Morton  and D  S  Lane  Esq   Vice President     Wm  Samuel and fhos  G  Rowland wero ap   pointed Secretaries    On motion  Dr  A  D  Guthrie  Joseph H  Lane   John Shepherd  John W  Stewart  A  H  Talbott   Daniel Tandy  Col  D uiiel B  Johnson  Silas Gate   wood James Mullikin  A  J  Wright  O  P  Jack   son  Georgo Bell  P   ykens  W  U  Lane  Daniel  Penn  W  W  Pierce  Iiaac Greeuwood  B  P  Con   nell  John Morgan  Join D  Miles  John Roberts   sr jNathen Barnes  Dr  Newkirk  Wm  M  Mathe   nez  John F  Butler  and Judge Evan M  Garriott   were appointed a comouttco to draft resolutions  expressive of the feeling of the meeting    The committee having  retired a lew minutes   through their chairman  John Roberts  brought in  thefoliowing preamble aniresolutions  which were  unanimously adopted    Whereas  It has bSieif tho practice  from the  foundation of the American republic  for the peo   ple  upon all necessary oc sions  to assemble to   gether  and give such cxpiession of their opinions  as would seem tit upon all subjects of interesting  momont to their welfare and to maintain the  right of free will in the choice of those who are to  rule in high place   and direct tho destinies of  these United States  is a privilege of inestimable  wprth  though the birth  i t of every free citizen  of this great community of States    And  where     it appc  n that at no former po   riod in tho history of thi   country has any suite  of things becc presfnted lor consideration more  foreboding of evil republic and dangerous     o the tranquility I  J t da lo   dgn      TWei  o a   T   religious bigotry and i   w  n    anown to our people  inn    me age in   wlijch we live    And  whereas  it appears that in the career of a  revolution worthy only tie spirit of anti Christ  we behold the demon ot rdigious fanatic ism  com   bining with tho wily polr ijian in tho mischievous  work of unholy persecute o  unjust to American  citizens  unlawful in thur selfish and unmanly  Imarings upon all  and at war with tife spirit and  gbnius of American freecbm    And  whereas  the peojie of Trimble  with feel   ings of deep humility aui mortifiea tion  are now  brought to behold in tlu first fruits of the mere   tricious workings of suer unchristian though con   genial elements  a total  iisreghrd of every princi   ple of humanity aod lav  by upholding the most  wanton destruction of human life  the spirit of in   fidelity  irreligion and tke perpetration of murder  so cruel as to challenge  with impunity  the most  barbarous of all the aboriginal tribes of savag   for their equals in enormity and barbarity  J    And  whereas  with a strict reliance upon the  justice of an All wise Providence  who has  upon  many signal oocasions  made manifest His divine  favor towards these United States in permitting  the means to exist for accomplishing the great ends  cf perpetuating the institutions oi our justly be   loved country and libei tv of its people    And  whereas  in looking to tho many portions  of these United Statos  wo are proud to recognize  many distinguished statesmen  capublo of filling  any office known to the Government  with honor  and ability  like those illustrious patriots who have  gone bet ore them  at a 1 timos ready to mako person   al sacrifice for the public good in upholding the  to the great principles ot human liberty as promul   gated world through a Constitution conceived in  wisdom and light  requiring no dark insiduous se   cret signs of discord CO perpetuate its blessings to  mankind    And  whereas  tha peoplo of Trimble county  have this day assembled at the court house  in the  town of Bedford  wi b no feeling of egotism or in   vidiousness toward an    but with an ardent desire  of promoting the public good  recommend  to the  consideration of the American people  the claims of  the Hon  Jesse I   Bright  of Indiana  as the man  for the times aud eminfntly fit for tho Presidency    and wc feel no less pride in commending to the  American peoplo one equally distinguished for  high qualification  in the person of the Hon  Henry  A  Wise  of Yirgiuii  as justly meriting the  Vice Presidency oi t United States  thereiore  Resolved   That tnc aid Jesso D  Bright  and  Henry A  Wise be  a d they are hereby  recom   mended to tho American people as men eminently  endowed witfc all tho t ecessary elements to carry  the election of President and Vice President of  these United States triumphantly in November   1856    Resolved   That whhst we prefer the gentlemen  above Dam A  yet we   111 abide  be decision of the  National Doumor ui   Convention hereafter to be  held  and pledge ourselves to uso all honorable  mqans to secure the  election of its nominees    Resolved  That CJg has no power to legis   ato ojxni rht    mi   Tem tones Oi Ifeo l   X 1 fhate   pop  prescribe the qualification of the voters in me re    spective States  and that we will strictly Adhere to  the doctrines laid down in the Nebraska Kansas  bill    Resol veil  That it is a wanton violation of the  spirit and letter of the Constitution  to attempt to  proscribe any citizenof these United States on ac   count of his religious belief  either by depriving  him of tho right of suffrage  or the privilege of  holding office    Resolved   That the policy of proscribing a citi   zen on account of the place of his birth  or because  of his religious opinions  is anti  American  and too   elfish for the spirit and genius of American  liberty    Resolved  That the designs of Know Nothingism  tend to centralize too much power in the federal  government  and against tho spirit of the Consti   tution  at war with the rights of the States  dan  gerous to the perpetuity of the Union  and subver   sive of the liberties of tho people    Resolved   That in the inhuman murders and  conflagrations in the city of Louisville  we behold  the unchristian work of savage barbarity  unnatu   ral to the character of Kentucky  a withering  blight upon the pride of her citizens  and justly  meriting the seal of condemnation from all good  and law abiding people    Resolved  That in fixing the place for holding  the Democratic State Convention  that Frankfort   a fit sink hole for Know Nothings  should be avoid   ed as too long under the selfish influences of po   litical tricksters  whose principles are governed  only by an ardent avidity lor the public crumb    Resolved  That we approve of the proposition  set forth by the Democratic State Central Com   mittee  to hold a Democratic State mass meeting l  at Lexington  as a move fit for the times    Resolved  That A  II  Talbott  Martin W  Rob   erts  Col  Daniel B  Johnson  W  W  Pierce  John  I   Miles  Thomas G  Rowland  John F  Butler   William M  Mathenez  Capt  Wm  Samuel  Dr  J   Y  Newkirk  Wm  Garriott  and Wm  R  Morgan      MONDAY      SEPTEMBER 17  1855        CSjUThe friends of religion have no need to be  alarmed at the progress of German infidelity      whilst it has such champions as Bloat  Red Jacket   Whiskey Barrel  and tho editor of the Journal      Abolitionists    The readers of the Louisville Journal are aware  that ho is an Abolitionist In this oe has always  been consistent  and it is tho only political subject  upon which ho has not steered to all points of the  compass  What measure has the South advocated  tha ie has not opposed  commencing with the an   nexation of Texas and coming down to the Kan   sas  Nebraska bill  What Whig South that fal   tered in his party fidelity out of regard for the   honor of his own section  has not been denounced   The editor of the Louisville Journal has   tv the editor of the Journal  When did he de  I trying lately to alarm the oountry about the   nouncc tho movement of Northern Whigs against   anti religious character of the Gcrmams  So far   of any Southern policy  When did the editor of   th e public seem to be more shocked at the piety of  the Journal fail to make an excuse for a Northern J editor than they are at the infidelity of  Whig who showed his Abolitionism by his votes or   Germans      tdg The editor oi the Louisville Journal thinks  the oountry in an alarming condition  but at the  same time boasts of the flattoring prospects of the  Louisville Journal  So the country s extremity is  his opportunity  When the wicked bear rulo the  land mourns  Just now Louisville is a striking  illustration of this truth      speeches  And where is the Northern man now  who stood up for the Kansas Nebraska bill who has  not been denounced by the editor of the Journal   What is he doing now  Every intelligent man  who has kept up with the current news of the day  knows that the self styled American party North     The Know Nothing party have assumed  the special care of the Bible  Now  why in the  dispensations of Providence has this thing been  allowed  We know that Job was handed over to  the Devil for a time  but why should the Bible be     aro Abolitionist   Thoy aro in every State North   subjected to such an urdeal in these latter days   openly united with tho Abolitionists  except in the 1 Negroes and Royalty    Tho English papers  State of New York  aud there they are anti Ne  1 mention that among the recent presentations to  braska  united with the Abolitionists in the gen  j Q uaen Victoria was the Envoy of tho negro Em   eral movement  j pe ror Faustin I  This distinguished personago is   In Ohio  they support the whole Abolition tick  j said to be as black as ebony      et and tilled tho Convention that nominated it   a  few getting up a small diversion on tho Governor   not because Chuso is an Abolitionist  but because  of personal opposition  Everywhere else they aud  the Abolitionists are one party    The editor of the Journal knows this  Ho is I   not doceived  He knows tbit the American party Thero are at present  say   North is but a portioft of tho anti slavery party  1 Tribune  forty three licensod pa   They havo elected to Congress nono other than j Mting business in that city  ana        irt evnei  Vi  1     The Fair    The Horticultural Society will  open their annual fair on Tuesday  the 18th inst    and continue three days  We have no doubt it  will provo one of tho most attractive exhibitions  ever held in this city     v  New York     t     e teouih  obur       oow in    while  ao ec   nounces Ahulitionlsts in the abstract  that is for  his Southern readers  But with a consistency  thaUknows no wavering  ho finds some excuse to  oppose what Aboiitionists oppose  and some excuse  to denounce men North that they denounce  In  this way he betrays  with a persevering constancy   the under current of his sympathies    Over in Indiana there are but two parties now    the Democrats  who  in their Conventions  speeches   etc   sustain the fcfouth  and the Republican party   including the Know Nothings  Which party has  the sympathies of tho editor of the Journal    In short  the editor of the Journal is now united  in party affiliation with the enemies of the South   and the malignant opponent of the only party in  the free States that stands as a bulwark against  the surges of the Abolition flood  We might set  down his present course to the insatiable desire to  rule America  but the aid and comfort to Abolition   ism is only in accordance with the proclivities he  has shown all his life  The defeat of the Demo   cratic party in the North now  involves the sub   mission of the South to tho demands of the Re   publican party  as it is called  or a dissolution of  the Union  This is palpable to every intelligent  man  The shining sun never made an object  plainer  Men who have not watched the politi   cal movements of the past twelve months may be  deceived  but tho editor of the Journal cannot be   He knows it  He knows it    The other day he wrote a panic making article  on the state of the country  Who aro putting the  country in peril and agitation   Abolitionists  uni   ted with the Know Nothings  Let them be  crushed out by the groat Democratic party of the  North  and the peril is over  What is the issue   tho tangible issue  that is to peril the Union  It  is tho simple question whether Kansas  if sho  cotnos to Congress with a Constitution sonctioning  slavery  shall be admitted into the Union  Show  us the men sont to Congress by the combination of  Abolitionists and Know Nothings who are not  pledged against it  Short us a Know Nothing  State Council that is not pledged against it  Even  New York  the only State where tho Know Noth   ings South thought thoy had a peg to hang a hope       Itor oe  ao j see    ex  u   practices      Aristocratic Humanity    Vast Rypucu    and enormous pretensions to extra humanity ge   nerally go together  The Ddchcss of Sutherland   the great London friend of   Uncle Tom  1   and the  leading subscriber to the petiitiorTof the  Women  of England  for the abolition of aluvaryin America   has just permitted a poor bed ridden woman  with  her new born babe  to be turned into the open  fields  for the non payment to her husband s estate  ofatrifting amountof rent  Humanity  like char   ity  should always begin at home    Deatu Spring   A late California paper men   tions the discovery of a spring in El Dorado county   in that State  whose water flows from a bed of  arsenic  Tho mineral deposit is thirty foot thick   and crops out of the surface of the earth  Veins  in it abound with gold  and specimens of this auri   ferous ore have been shown to the editor of the  Hocervillo American  Tho name of  Death  Spring  has been given to the stream  The exist   ence of it is supposed to account for the mortality  among tho gold miners at tho early period of the  California epidemic    W e had an interview with Mr  A  Down   ing on Saturday last  about the letter published  in the Flag of tho Unidn  It was written to a  friend in Jackson  Mississippi  and not intended  for publication  He admits  of course  that his  quotation from the Democrat was an error  and  that it did us injustice  and says that he wrote  only from memory  We are satisfied from Mr   D  s statement and character that ho did not in   tend to write a falsehood  but trusting to rumors  he mode most egregious blunders    The rest of the letter is made up of rumors  for  which Mr  D  is not responsible  He seems to be   lieve religiously all tho Know Nothing reports   but that is his misfortune      Cbofs in Tennessee    A letter from Sycamore  Mills  Tenn   says    Wheat is so abundant that it  is soiling at 50 cents a bushel  Corn  which   during the past Winter and Spring  sold at  1  will soon be down to 20 cents  it is now pa t being  upon  denounced the repeal of the Missouri com    affected by tho drought  This is the place to live   promise  and resolved that slavery should not profit   if you would live cheap  good board is only  1 per  oy it  This is the practical Uiue  the point week  beef sells at two centslper pound  pqrk and j  the sectioual contest  tho rock on which the ship j other things in about the same proportion as com     cf Suite is to be wrecked  Aud yet the editor of   pared with price  in tho East  But it is a mon        tluA SG    julJ the Journal  vho knows these facts  is telling the i making business to raise them at tho above pr      m ihJn   I   Wm  msneh i  wnyibiDg grow  Ad Iro  ar l fi  t  The lu     o   f  n   b r iOi     A wrivc a  l igh   still growing     A Valuable Invention by a Colored Man  The Philadelphia Sun says Aaron Roberts  a cc  ored man in thiscity  has invented what we thina  cannot fail to prove a most valuable aid to the  Fire Department  It is constructed on the prin   ciple of a telescope  occupying a very small space  when closed  but capable of being extended to a  height of some sixty feet  by means of concealed  cogs  Above this is a branch pipe  made flexible   and worked in any direction by chains reaching to  the ground  Tho machine can be run into a nar    been published in tbe columns of the Democrat  we j row allev  or any confined space  and by attaching  would hide our heads with very shame  and call upon    J     the rock  to fall upon us and cover us from the eyes of   a hose to the fire plug  the water Will belorced to  our fellow men  IVc have stated facts which were inva      falsehoods for  but to mislead      JuUTrU  IcaCTTw   f n VJ _urpa e  b   enemies for iriends  and   acrr  c h        i the bottom Ian     self by her folly    There is an Underground Railroad  on which ne   groes aro carried to Canada  the editor of the  Journal keeps up an Underground Railroad in his  paper  on which Southern interests and Southern  rights are to bo clandestinely stolen away  on  which the South is to bo carried away and deliv   ered  bound hand aud foot  over to Northern  Know Nothingism  to find herself in the hands of  inveterate enemies  instead of friends      Telegraphic    W ashington  Sept  12    The report cf the board of Naval officers  appoint   ed under an act of Congress to promote efficiency  in the Navy  having been submitted by the Secre   tary of tbe Navy to the President  has been ap   proved by him  After a careful examination and  reflection  201 officers are to removed from active  service  including 49 dropped from roll entirely   viz  captains on leave of absence pay  17  on fur   low pay  15  dropped  3  Commanders on leave  of absence pay  21  furlow pay  12  dropped  6     Lieutenants on leave of absence pay  18  furlow   40  dropped  9  Masters  including those in line  of promotion  on leave of absence pay  15  furlow  pay  3  dropped  9  Past midshipmon on furlow  pay  2  dropped  12    The circular orders will  we understand  be is   sued shortly to the commandants of stations  giv   iug details for information of the Navy  and by  which the public will learn of the changes made    New  York  Sept  13    The weather has been oppressively hot for sev   eral days past  and appreheusions are felt that an  unfavorable result upon the public health will be  the effect of such unseasonable heat  The Board  of Health has recommended that a stringent ob   servance of the quarantine be had upon all ves   sels coming from the Chesai eake Bay    The mate of a sohqoner irom Black River  Va    was taken with the ycUow fever a day or twoaince   Soon after arriving at the wharf he was convoyed  to the hospital  and is now said to be convalescent    The ship Charles Brooke  from Mobile  and  bound for Liverpool  put into port   tho Captain  sick with yellow fever  Several of the crew  also had the disease  The vessel has been or   dered to anchor in the outer bay  and communi   cation with the shore  except such as may be had  under the supervision of the Board of Uoalth  officers  strictly prohibited  The captain has been  taken to the quarantine hospital    The officers of tho C  S  steamer San Jacinto   havo been ordered to report themselves to Com   modore Boardmanon the 20th inst  Tbe San Ja   cinto will sail about tho 1st of October as flagship  to the East India squadre   T he J  vasexpectc 1  o  day as ready to  e   chic sand r aw    wa  citt r    m Pcnsac     w e Jloye   the Brooklyn Navy   jOO workme   to iw Am   is   Uncle Sam has his way there it  would seem  if no where else    Stephen B  Munk  an old and well known mer   chant  died lost night in 1 his 90th year    Baltimore  Sept  13    New Orleans papers of Friday are received    They contain no news of interest    The tidings from Norfolk continue to be of the  most terrible and heart sickening character  Tho  official report announces 154 deaths for r the past  three days   Monday 56  Tuesday 63  Wednesday  45  On Wednesday 50 new cases were reported   Dr  Briggs and Dr  Ijeach  of Washington  havo  died    In Portsmouth  on Wednesday  there were 26  deaths and 20 new cases  A great number of new  cases have occurred among iainilies residing in  what was deemed the healthy portions of both  cities  and which have heretofore been exempt  from the epidemic    A meeting of the ladies of this city was held  this morning  to demand that the orphans in the  infected cities be immediately brought here     Large subscriptions have already been made for  their support  Nurses and superintendents have  been engaged and provision made to support them  a year    The relief fund in this city now reaches  20 000  Montpelier  Sept  13    We havo returns from all the towns in the  State except 11  giving Boyce  Republican and  Know Nothing candidate for Governor  8 900 ma   jority      Baltimore  Sept  14    Forty eight deaths occurred during the twenty   four hours ending at noon Thursday  at Norfolk   At Portsmouth  during the same time  eleven  deaths occurred  There is a considerable falling  off in the number of now cases  especially in Ports   mouth  Among the new cases reported  tho name  of Rev  Dr  Walker  an Episcopal minister  is men   tioned  Drs  Webster  of Baltimore  Upshir  of  Norfolk  and Marsh  of Philadelphia  are about  again  Several cases of fever havo occurred on  board the St  Lawrence  The report that the fever  had made its appearance at Suffolk is incorrect    Detroit  Sept  13    The Republican Convention of Michigan met  at Kalamazoo to day  A series of resolutions were  introduced and adopted  denouncing the repeal of  the Missouri compromise   terming the imprison   ment of Passmore Williamson  tyrannical usurp   ation of power  and recommending a general con   vention of Republicans to devise measures to re   sist the encroachments of slavery Ac  Speeches  were made by Gov  Brigham  Senator Wilson  of  Mass   and others    New Orleans  Sept  14    The Grenada has arrived  Geo  C  Buckhouse   Commissionor of the British and Spanish mixed  Court of Justice  was assassinated at Havana ou  the 31st    Philadelphia  Sept  14     apt  Samuel W  Downing  formerly command   the U  S  sloop of war Jamestown  and who     Thu Biggest Lie of the Age    If we ever had uttered one thousandth part of the in   famous  atrocious  unprovoked falsehoods which have     riublu sustained by inconlestible proqf     Journal   A noted liar surpassed himself  according to  common consent  when he said quietly  he was not  accustomed to lying   indeed  never told a lie in  his life  That exploit won the premium  The  one above  from tho Journal  was not in competi   tion at that time      the top  and thence directed at the pleasure of the  operator  Complete safety is thus afforded to the  firemen  and instant application may be made to  any part of a burning building      Negro Insurrection   Judge Watts informs  the editors of the Marion  Mississippi  Republi   I can that an extensive combination or organization    has been discovered among tho negroes near Gar   Better j landsville  Jasper county  It seems that an aged     be appointed special delegates to said meeting    Resolved   That in addition to the special dele   gates above named  all citizens of tho county  favorable to the objects of tho meeting  are re   quested to attend and co operate with them    Resolved   That tho proceedings of this meeting   signed by tho President  Vico Presidents  aud Se   cretaries  be forwarded to the Democrat  Courier   Times  and Anzeiger at Louisville  the Statesman   at Lexington  and Yeoman  at Frankfort  and ask  that the same be published  with the further re   quest that all newspaper   with tho exception of  the Louisville Journal  will please copy    JOHN J  THOMASSON  President      Truth crushed to earth shall rise again    Quotes a contemporary  and stops there   add the other line always  or it may not be true   1 negro  about 65 years old  was at tho head of it    The eternal years of God are hers    he sustains the reputation of being a conjuror    It may take some of the eternal years for some f and the nogr oes were in the habit of applying to  truths to rise at all  The world is not so careful j as a g re at physician or conjuror  who could  of truth as to afford any security for its resur  j   ure ftU ki nds 0 f disease  The facts  so far as  reotion  Some truths crushed to earth have risen j deve loped  are briefly as follows   but how many sleep in the tombs of the past  j   trustworthy negro on a neighboring planta   Bacon says  and he was wise if ho was mean  that   tion  after having received pledges of secresy  re   time  like a stream  boars down upon its bosom the vealed the existence of the conspiracy to an uver         A                 seer  aud requested nun to repair to a certain   light and trifling  while weighty matters sink to j n the midst of a dark  unfrequented swamp    tho bottom  So  according to his opinion  the  J    ri    u     awaited the single stroke of the executioner s  sword that severed head and trunk  body and  soul  There were no shrieks of terror  no supplica   tions for pardon or mercy    American Ladies in Japan   We are informed w a WU1UIU JUUU  by Cant  Burrows  of the ship Lizzie Jarvis  from             Hong Kong  that somo timo before his departure  n l   ko refuse under the cloak of relig on      from that port  the new  had been received from  Samodi in Japan  that an American trading vessol   a brig or schooner  had arrived there having on  board sonic merchants  American  and their wives   and that the Japanese authorities had opposed the  landing of the ladies  When the Young America  left there  the vessel had sailed  No reason is  given for the ungallant conduct of the Japanese   though being famous st icklers for the letter of the  law  they probably urged that Commodore Ferry  had made no mention of women being entitled to  the international privileges mentioned in tho Ja     panese Treaty    S Tho New Jersey Telegraph  published at    Hoboken  smarting under the strictures which the  I late railroad accident at Burlington has brought  i out from the New York city papers  talks back as  follows    I  Wo cannot boast of a murder once a week   our streets aro not filled with prostitutes and     They have succeeded all their lives in cheating  man   perhaps they calculate upon their ability to  cheat the Devil at last      W  Samuel    Thos  G  Rowland    Secretaries      Thos  M  Jessee    W  W  Collins   Robt  Buchanan  Wm  P  Morton    D  S  Lane    Vice Presidents       weightier truths of antiquity are lost   the lighter  only havo come down to ui  Indeed  we have our  suspicions that truth has iared badly in this world  of ours  Tho successful party write history  oon   secratcs its own crimes  acd damns the victims of  its guilt  Who knows what a saint Catalino would  havo been if he had had a Sallust to write his  history  As it is  his memory lies blackened with  crimes      The fellow who wrote the above goes on to speak j sharpers  we have no gilded saloons where flaunt    of the origin of the fights on hloody Monday  and jng  ice and painted villainy         6 J    bolster up tho lust and passions of the grey heaU    says  that no man can toll who oommenced the   ed be have no l ool itc bullies to make or un   attack   i make city officials who servo the dear people  with   Wo strongly suspect that  the author of the lot    o o arm up to tho elbow iu the public trensury                        We cannot boast of enterprising  chuylers    ter was a regularly employed bully  imported here   Swartwottts  Qnderdouks  or spirit rapping judges   by the Know Nothing party to assist them to mur    Our citios do not spend a quarter of a million per  der inoffensive women and children on bloody   annum  Monday      Yesterday evening we had the pleasure of  hearing the speech of Governor Wright  of Indi   ana  in Jeffersonville  He entertained a largo au   dience for two hours on tho great topics of the  day  Many citizens of Kentuoky were present   highly gratified to hear that tho Democracy of  our neighboring State differs in no respects  in po   litical doctrines  from the Democracy of Ken   tucky  Know Nothingism and Abolitionism  the  Governor handled with little mercy  and with his  usual ability  Wo could not give a sketch of the  speech in justice to the author  It was full of  strong points  and therefore well adapted to the  occasion    jggTWe learn  says tho Louisiana Courier  upon  what we consider most reliable authority  that  eighty odd secessions from tho Know Nothing or   der have taken place in the parish of Sabine  during the last few weeks  and that  tbe cry is     A distressing casualty occurred on the Mad  River Road yesterday  three miles south of Ken   ton  The morning express train  bound north    Conductor Ed  Wetherell  Engineer Geo  Bristol    was running at a high speed  and when at the  point named  the locomotive flew the track  aud  the whole train was instantly in ruins  Tho fire   man was killed  Mr  Bristol was dreadfully in   jured   fatally it is thought   Mr  Wetherell was  badly bruised  though it is thought not seriously   and most of the passengers and others on the train  were more or less battered and bruised  but not   we believe  maimed    Tho mishap was caused  it is thought  by one of     We copy the foil  wing from that sterling  Democratic sheet  the New Ilampshi re Patrioto   the 12th inst   received oa the evening of the 14th   This is almost equal to tie telegraph     Maine Election    Total Defeat of the Fus ionite   Saw and Sambo _ Prostra   ted  Xcal Dow Repudiatci Jlbohtiouism Defunct  Fh   naticism Rebuked at its Headquarters  Democracy in  the JbYont    Democratic Maine has    oken in thunder tones  and  her verdict is in favor of lar old and cherished Drinci   ules  Her voice will send terror to the hearts of black  Abolitionists and Disunions everywhere  and fanatics  will tremble at her rebuke  All honor to Maine    The election took place  n Monday last  and was the  most earnest contest thafever took place iii the Fine  So lar as we have heard  everything went     Tree State   peaceably     The returns received show a large increase     and see for himself  TJie overseer did not go  but  the next morning he temk with him somo friend    and went to the spot designated by the faithful  negro  There they saw every indication of a  large crowd having been assembled  horses had  been tied up  fires kindled  and from appearances  they calculated that upwards of one hundred ne   groes had there assembled on the preceding night   They left the spot  and tho neighborhood was  quickly alarmed  Several negroes wore taken up   and among them tho leader  or old coqj uror  The  greastest excitement was prevailing in tho country   a council was held  and it was decided that tho ne   groes should bo hung immediately  ropes were  procured  and the sentence of the council was  about to be executed  when tho crowd relented   fearing lest tho innocent should perish with the  guilty    The negroes were then severely whipped  and  they confessed that the conspiracy extended  throughout a largo section of country  that there  existed several other organizations  which they  called  schools   in the neighborhood  and that  their object was to organize in sufficient force  and  march  increasing their force as they went  to a  free State    No arms or ammunition of any kind could be  discovered  but the negroes confessed that they  wero to meet at Garlandsville next Saturday night     upon Hie popular vote  oat of the DemocraUc party tx  make a start  When asked why they selected  i  i         being far ahead of those  o t ie Republicans and whig   t   at p e as a rendeivous  they could give no rea    the oak planki liud inside the track for a crossing     c e   l  l  results  The liberal   son  and the presumption is  that they intended to   havmg been pressed so near to the rail as to touch D em ocrutic P al have a majority of the members of   3ac     and murder the inhabitants  Two     the flange of tho wheel  thus lifting the engine to  throw it from the rail  Mr  Bristol is known as  one of the most experienced and careful Engineers  in the State  and whatever tho cause of the acci   dent  i t is evident there was no carelessness in the  case  without it can bo charged against those hav   ing that section of tho road in their care  for leav   ing a crossing plank in such a condition as to be  moved    We refrain from further comment until the  whole facts transpire  but can say that  from all  wo can learn from passengers on the train  and  from Mr  Wetherell  who is now with his friends  in this city  it was one of those accidents which    no care on the part of the conductors of the train  could anticipate or avoid    The engine     Patterson    and tender  and all  the cars of the train ara badly used up  The fire   man was a new hand on tho road  and was not  known to any person with whom wc conversed        Democratic paity                     tht  House  and  probably  all the Senators    There is no election of Governor by the people  The  vote  solar as heard  gives Morrill  the Fusion candi   date  in one hundred stfd sixty towns  fShpo    elis   Reed  6 262  whici shows that Morrill lacks 2 2t 0  of an election    The loss for   ugusta  6ii  Ilallowell            Rockland  220  Belfast  fel  Frankfort  3Uo  Biddleford    102  Saco  41  Buxton      white men  they say  havo been among them  but  their names were not known by the negroes  nor  was anything developed which could identify  them  Arms and ammunition aro probably con   cealed somewhere  as such a scheme would never  have been attempted without them    It is supposed that such an organization or     school  exists near Chunkeyville  in the county   w e learn fro  the Mobile papers that the and we recommend that a vigilant system of patrols   bo at once adopted throughout tho county  Sus   picious characters and known Abolitionists exist     ticcuon    loss lor Morrill i  Portland isY 896  Bangor  4g7j  Ausnsia  6B  Ilallowell tol      subscriptions thero ito favor of the Norfolk and  Portsmouth sufferers amount to nearly  1 100  A  physician and fivo nurses wero to be dispatched  at once to the scene of the pestilence  Four phy   sicians and eight nirsos have also been sent to the  scene of distress from Charleston  South Caro   lina    J3PTho leaders of the mob in this city on     Hr There is but one pride pardonable  that i ruining busines men and robbing widows and or   of being above doing a bwse and dishonorable   phans  while financiering tellers and cashiers re   action    I tire to their chateau or brown stono front      LOS UU lit t oi t uu 4  tiuwi wi                    j               to make sots of all the legislative o  muni    still they come   Our correspondent informs us   that tho prospects in that section of the country  are of a most auspicious character  and that the  parish will roll up a majority which will make folks  stare      cipal donkies that happen to visit their  institu   tions   Our banks don t mako a daily smash      Mr Bristol was removed to his home in Dayton  j k the ir followers by   we believe  and how badly he was injured was not     UK   a J r aiouua y T     ascertained by our informants     Sandusky Regis  the flash names of Bloat  Beelzebub  w hisky Bar   ter  HrA   rel  and Red Jacke   It is thought the first name    3F The Agricultural Association of Clarke was given in honor of tho editor of the Journal   county  Indiana  will hold their annual fair in   whom thoy received with acclamation  when they  Charlestown  on the 26th  27 th and 28th inst    proposed to burn a ohurch      among us  and we cannot be too vigilant in watch  ing over our slaves  and thereby protecting them  from the vile influences which are known to exist  in this country    Produce from Wisconsin for New York    Joseph Oloson  of Beaver Dam  iu this State  ship   ped for New York  from this port yesterday  one  hundred barrels  and fifty five fleeces of wool  the  product of his farm  The fleeces weighed from 6  to 13 pounds each  The sheep from which this  wool was taken  are French merino  and were pur   chased last spring  from Ko9er A McAllister  ot New  York  He tell  us that he has a spring lamb for  which he has refused  125  So much for having  good shsep  flftYuKiuicie Sews       mmi sioner was appointed to solicit subscriptions   r the aid of the sufferers at Norfolk and Ports   louth  Over  4 000 has already been collected     nd the amount will be considerably increased    Rochester  Sept  14    Barton s powder mills near this city  blew up  last night with a tremendous explosion  shaking  the earth and breaking glass for miles distant     Four buildings wore destroyed but no person was  killed  the buldings contained about 1500 kegs of  powder    Cincinnati  Sept  14    A committee was appointed to day  by the Cham   ber of Commerce of this city  to collect subscrip   tions for the relief of the yellow fever sufferers at  Norfolk and Portsmouth  Contributions are said  to be liberal  the committee will report at 9 o clock  to morrow    Chicago  Sept  14    Senor Louis de Vidal  appointed Minister to  Washington under the administration of Santa  Anna  arrived at Cape Girardeau  one week from  New Orleans  accompanied by his wife and two  step sons  Ho left on last Saturday for Washing   ton  Do Foster  Vidal s step son  gives it as his  opinion that Almonte  the presont minister  will   bo chosen President of  the now Republic  and says  that Santa Anna will not return to power again   and affirms that thero is not tho slightest chance of  Northern Mexico consenting to be annexed to tho  United States      0TA committee of the Kentucky Horticultu   ral Socioty assembled at the Merchants  Exchange   Saturday  Scpicmbor 15  President Young in the  chair    George Heinsohn  J  B  Anderson  Arthur Peter   John Thatcher  and Capt  Pennington were added  to the committees to fill vacancies    On motion  Dr  Thompson and Henry Nantz  wero appointed a committee to solicit and collect  plants  shrubs and flowers from citizens  for the  yearly Exhibition  to open on the 18th inst   at the  spacious buildings of the Mechanics  Institute   corner of Walnut and Second streets    Henry Nantz was empowered to hire cars and  mon to collect tho plants  and return them after  the Exhibition    The Corresponding Secretaries wero directed to  distribute complimentary tickets to the ministers  of the city  to the officers of the Mechanics  Insti   tute  and officers of the South western Agricultu   ral and Mechanical Association    L  WOODBURY FISKE   Corresponding Sec y  pro  tem    W The pestilent dens in New York  long no   torious as emigrant boarding houses  have been in  most cases broken up by the management of the  Commissioners of Emigration  in securing Castle  Garden as an Emigrant Depot  The Journal of  Commerce says the long ranges of dingy looking  and thickly peopled emigrant houses  which have  so long existed iu Greenwich street  now present a  most forlorn and desolate appearance  The Com   missioners of Emigration havo diverted from them  thoir former sources of revenue  so that in nume   rous instances their proprietors have been com   pelled to close up their business  Tho reform ac   complished has been thorough and universal  sav   ing millions of dollars to the emigrant  removing  that influenoo which was gradually building up   and strengthening a monstrous system of extortion  and fraud  and for which there long seemed to be  no remedy    KgF The editor of the Cynthiana News is busy  repeating second hand lies about tho Democrat   Now wc have n t time to attend to theso retailers   If they have no invention in their own trade of  mendacity  they must take thoir wares elsewhere   We agree that the editor loves lying  but ho lacks  originality    T  F  Meagher s First Cash    It is said that  Mr  Meagher  recently admitted to practice in the  Now York Courts  has been retained for the de   fence of the alleged murderers of Poole       WEEKLY DEMOCRAT    PRINTED AND PUBLISHED ET   HARNEY  HUGHES   CO  H   THIRD STREET  LOUISVILLE  KY      FRIDAY      SEPTEMBER 21  1855      IUOTS IN LOUISVILLE    Wo have published enough to show the atro   cious character of the deeds of Monday  August  6th  and to show that the Know Nothing partyaro  responsible for them    The taking of the polls by an armed mob is tes   tified to by so many reliablo witnesses that it is  idle to deny it  but to confirm still further what is  so fully proved  and to show the extent to which  the suppression of the vote was carried in the  Wards where these outrages have been chiefly  perpetrated  we give the vote of Louisville for  President in 1852      Second Ward       Third Ward     Sixth Ward   Seventh Ward   Eighth Ward     Total       Scott     Pierce     Hotal       669        379         315    290           362    211         352    Sto7         111    239         322    269         362    413    804        27 as       In 1851  at an election for Mayor  when there  was no party race and but littlo excitement  there  were polled in the First Ward  1 024 votes  and in  the Eighth  839  At our municipal election last  April the K  N s had partially begun their pecu   liar practice at elections  and the vote of these  wards fell off  Still  the First Ward polled 536  anti Know Nothing votes and 381 Know Nothing   and in the Eighth Ward there wero 772 votes  polled    At the elections in May last  there wero no Dem   ocratic candidates in the Eighth Ward  owing to  apprehensions of violence  The polls were taken  possession of by the Know Nothing party in the  First and Second Wards  voters were driven from  the noils  houses stoned  and buildings assailed  by the mob  The vote showed the nocesparv fruilfl             rna i    The outrages    t f May were so      ight of in     hi i  i erest fe    t in the more      tant elec     tions that were on hand  a no         s city    en Monday  the 6th of August  we givo    below        Mokehead     Clarke  Total     First Ward   Second Ward    3   380    ill    495         167      Filtn Ward   8ixiii Ward   Seventh Ward     Eighth Ward      m   360   372    261   204   160   113     637    Total      1281       It has been frequently assorted tnat all coulu  vote who would  Let the reader look back at the  vote of 1852 and inquire wnat nas become of the  votes of this city  particularly in the First  Se   cond  and Eighin Wards  Let it bo remembereu  that the boundaries of these Wards have not been  changed  and that the increase of population since  1852 would probably add twenty per cent  to the  number of votes then nulled  The veto in the  State on August 6th was large  and the interest in  this city would have brought out the entire  strength of the voting popu ation  Tho history  of the riots we have published fully explains what  would otherwise be unaccountable and fixes the  guilt whore it belongs  The readers of the daily  papers published in this city are aware that trou   ble at our elections was anticipated  and a briei  sketch of the antecedents of that day will show  where tho guilt lies    Wo shall not now insist upon the outrages of  the previous elections in Louisville   nor upon the  hostility to our foreign population  breaking forth  almost nightly in acts of outrage and violence  nor  upon the deeds of apparently organized gangs oi  rowdies  who made it a business to disturb Demo    cratic meetings  by noise  vulgarity  and insolence   We shall confino ourselves to facts that are un   deniable    The Mayor and Council  and the police  tho  Judge of our municipal court  City Attorney  and  indeed the whole municipal authorities  are crea   tures of the secret organization    The Democrats urged that the Council should  establish two or more places of voting  and many  of both parties petitioned that it should bo done   It was believed on all hands that not more than  half tho votes in the First and Eighth Wards could  bo taken at one voting place  but tho Council   decided that they had no power under the statutes  to grant tho prayer of the petitioners  This in   terpretation of law was arrived at with tho full  conviction that it would disfranchise a large num    berof voters  that it would  nroduo  collision at     the polls  by bringing tog ih an excited crowd   all ebtitled to vot   whilst on   the right who could make theirtaay to the polls by  main strength    This decision seemed to give general satisfaction  to the secret party  They were organized and  prepared for such a contest  and it was the common  boastthat they would carry every ward in the city   although it was well known  and not denied  that   in the First Ward at least the anti Know Nothing   wore in a majority of two or three to one  Such  boasts showed that all wero not intended to vote   All the votes cannot be polled  but we shall vote   was tho common arrogant expression in the K  N   party  The next act of this proscriptive party was  still more characteristic  and was without any  legal excuse  The County J udge  a creature of the  Know Nothing party  appointed the officers of tho  election  and out of thirty  two  he selected only  four Democrats  This satisfied al 1 men that j ustice  and fairnoss were not intended  The conduct ol  Judge Garland was contrary to the universal  practice in Kentucky in former years  and is en   tirely without excuse  Such an act was well calcu   lated to shake all confidence in the moral sense of  men  It was not without design and purpose   What does a party want with all tho officers of an  eleotion  unless it be some unfair advantage   op   portunities of fraud and favor  It was so much  the worse in this case that it was understood that  all the votes could not be polled  that some voters  must be disfranchised  It was in tho power of the  officers of the election to aid ono party in a struggle  of physical force to got to tho polls  and quite con   venient to wink at fraudulent voting  and forget  suspicious cases  The testimony wo have published  will show that a yellow tickot was a sufficient pass   port    In this condition of things the anti Know   Nothing party made an effort that some more san   guine thought could not fail to be heeded  The  central committee for the city passed the following  resolutions  which speak plainly for themselves    At a meeting of the Central Committee of the Demo  cratic and anti Know Nothing p rty of the city of  Louisville  the following preamble and iesolutions were  adopted    Whereas  The public mind is painfully impressed  with the apprehension that the present unusually ex   cited state of political feeling in this city is  ixely  unless  the contending parties shall agree upon souie plan to  secure order and quiet on the day of the approaching  election  and co oper tte  in good faith  to carry out the  same  to lead to popular disturbance and hostile colli  Sion between them  a result deeply to be deprecated by  all good citizens  whether uative or foreign burn  Know   Nothing  American  Demo ratic  or Whig  aud   Whereas  Intimations have been given by respecta  ble gentlemen of the opposition or Know Nothing party   that a proportion from the Democratic party  look i  g  to the preservation of order and decorum during the  day of election  and to secure a fair and full expression  of the popular voice at the polls  would be met by tne  former in a just  amicable  respectful  and republican  spirit  here ore    Resoloed  That it is the universal wish and desire of  the Democrats of L misvide  aud those who act with  them that the approaching election shall be conducted  in an orderly aud peaceable manner  and so as not to  sutfer interference in any way  or by members of either  party with the civil rights aud privileges of any citizen  or class of cit zens    Resolved   That a Committee of Conference be ap   pointed by this Association  to consist of sixt eu gen   tlemen ot intelligence and discretion  that said Com  mittee be request d to communicate with the Kuow  Nothing or American  parry  aud respectfully propose  the appointment  on their part  of an equal number of  Committee men  that these Committees together shall  constitute a Joint Committee of the two parties  aud as  such be empowered and required to devise  adopt  and  submit to i he p rt es respectively  some proposition or  pian of procedure by which the legal voters of this city   of a l classes and pirties may have quiet and peacea   ble access to the polls  and cast their votes without hin   drance or molestation      If this proposition had been met  and tho Know   Nothings had boon desirous of peace  no difficulty  neod to have have happened  The joint commit   tee of the two parties could have presented to the  Mayor the names of a sufficient number of both  parties  well k nown in the city  who would have  kept peace at tho polls  but this proposal was  met by the following reply from tho Journal   fForthe Louisville Journal     Extra Police    The Central Cominmittee of the anti Know Nothing  party have  of their own accord  and without any spe   cial consultation with any committee of the American  party  appointed two individuals from each ward to  make overtures to the Executive Committee of the latter  for an organization of a special police on the day of the  approaching election    While we are ever the uncompromising advocates of  law and order  and while we most solemnly deprecate  any violence at the polls  yet we thiuk the proposition  emanating from the anti American party liable to the  most serious objections  In the first place  the proposi   tion is predicated upon the presumption that violence  and bloodshed are to the results of that day  a fact  which we trustexists only in the disturbed feelings of  the Sag N icht party     In the second place  the proposition is disreputable to  our regularly constituted police  We understand that  the worthy Mayor  together with our most efficient Mar   shal  has already taken active precautions to prevent  disturbance on the day of the ejection  And to sup   pose that they are inefficient for this momentous duty  is to reflect unspeakable discredit upon that arm of the  city s safety     And  in the third place  an extra police would inevi   tably breed disturbance and collision  What could they  do to prevent it 1 Will they make arrests  Our police  are elected by the people and commissioned by those in  authority  who derive their authority to commission  them from the people  None hut these would be likely  to be tolerated in making arrests on that day    An attempt  therefore  by a self constituted policeman  to make arrests would lead directly to a collision be   tween the parties  Our advice  then  is  that we trust  to the regularly constituted arm of the public service   and  if tnat fail  then the Mayor has ample power to  call in requisition the entire force of the city to Sup   press mobs  insurrections  and every species of rebel   lion agai nst the public peace    We hope every good citizen will be mindful of his  duty on that day  the duty he owes to himself  his  neighbor  and his country   and that this election  which  will constitute an immortal epoch in the history of the  Common wealth  will pass oil in a manner that will re   dound to her character at home and abroad    What a comment on the assumed efficiency of  the Mayor and his police is furnished by the his   tory of bloody Monday 1 The reader will see here  but a tissue of excuses to avoid interf erring with a  programme for the election day of a different sort    We assume that the notice of the Journal was  by authority  for that paper is at once the creature  and the master of the secret Order    To show the spirit of that party  it is  proper to look at tho columns of its organ and  mouthpiece  The editor of tho Journal alternately  counseled peace and stimulated to violence   affect   ing to deprecate mob law  he published every exci    u i j Worthat c uld a  t    his party  a niTti vofcc themTKjjiolenee and biix   After publishing an article of great fairness a   moderation  which was responded to by both the  Democratic papers of this city  the oditor sudden   ly issued a sort of exciting manifesto  from which  we extract the following fair specimen of the en   tire production     The general issue Is between Americanism and for   eignism  In this conflict the feelings and passions of  the foreigners are roused almost to fury  Their hate  knows no bounds  Their revenge exhib ts the rage of a  wild beast  Their insolence is unbearable  If they had  the requisite courage and strength  they would drive  forth iino the wilderness every native that refuses to let  them set their feet upon his neck  Surely it is not sur  prising that we  and other true hearted Americans  in a  conflict between such parties  feel a deep aud absorbing  interest in the issue No sound in the whole world or  animated nature  not the tolling of a hundred death   beds  not the war hoop of hostile savages  not the thun   ders of the cannon of an invading army from Europe   would be half so painful to our ears as Dutch and Irish  shoutings on the night of the lirst Monday in August   over a victory of the foreign hordes in our midst  and  over the defeat of the sons of the soil   Journal  July  A    Let the reader cast his eye over the following  extracts  from the Journal on tho day of the elec   tion and the Saturday previous     One of the police officers informs us that he never before  saw hal so many Irishmen as hesees herenow  lie be   holds them hourly in squads all over the city  and he  knows not where they were brought from  Their faces  are   trail ge to him  N o doubt they came both to vote and  to fight  though one of the operations would be quite  enbugh  It is a shame that we Kentuckians should be     THE HISTORY   OF THE OUTRAGE S   AT 1HE   Elections in this City    Aug  6th  at the First Ward Polls      Deposition of Jshn C  Beeman    John C  Beeman says  Went to the First Ward  polls about 8 o clock on Mcnday morning  6th Aug   Found a large crowd aroind the doors of the en   gine house  tho voting place    and saw some men  hoisted over the shoulders of the bystanders and  pushed thus into the house  Saw several men  strike a Gorman on the h d with a stick  At my  intercession they desisted  About fifteen minutes  afterwards 1 saw some men  whom 1 believe to be  Know Nothings  and I have heard no one deny ihat  tney are K  N  s  with sticks charged with lead   drag a foreigner out of the crowd  and strike him  on the head until he began to run  These men     the brewery   that at the first approach of the noise  HI HJHH they went up stairs   one wo tu and five children   pursued him  overtook him  and getting him into   n all  The crowd broke all tie windows  There     v     another struck affiant with tho butt of a gun  which  brought him down  They then left  Affiant got  up and hid himself in a large tub  The crowd  came back and found him there   threw various  objects down upon him   he feigned to be dead   As soon as they left  he got ap and went to a  neighbor s  when the crowd came back  and affiant  saw one just kiudling a fire in affiant s room  and  putting affiant s clothes on  Affiant wanted to  take his clothes   was struck down by them   got  up and ran away  Mr  Ambruiter was not at home    B  GARTNER    Subscribed and sworn to before mo  on the 23d  day of August  1855    F  GOTTSCHALK  N  P     These were taken in German and translated by  F red  Gottschalk       Dep osition of Sophia Ambruster    Sophia Ambruster states that she is the wife of  Wm  Ambruster   that on the 6th day of August  last  she  with her four children  was at home in     imposed on merely because we are peaceable  Our pa   cific reputation has made the foreigners presumptuous   Such are the fruits of goodn ess    From all quarters  we hear of preparations made on  the anti American side for a resort to violence at the  polls  We hear  from a hundred sources  of organized  hiSids of bullies  who  it is said  are to receive extraordi   nary prices for their ruffianly services  We hear of sys   tematic arrangements of foreign born persons  led on  by native born 8ag Nichts 1o take forcible possession of  the polls on Monday morning or Sunday night  and to  keep forcible possession of them until all the feag Nicht  votes shlil l be polled    It was quite extensively said and believed a few days  ago that the Germans generally  from an impression of  difficulty  had determined not to go to the   olls to day   We have now authentic and direct information that they  have determined that they mil go to the polls We are   f  Ud to hear thst they have thus determined  but we  iope they will go with none but proper intentions  Sure   ly none of them can be so ignorant as not to understand   that  if a collision he provoked by them  it will occur   And  if it do occur  there is but one way in which it can  possibly terminate      We are glad that the Germans have made up their  minds to go to the polls to day  It is th ir right to go   We hope  however  that they are going in obedience to  the promptings ot their own sense of propriety  and not  at the instigation of the Sag Nicht bullies and ruffians  who are well known to have organized a lighting band  here for the work of to day  Let the Germans go by all  means to the polls  and  if there is time for all to vote   let them be sure to vote  But we cannot resist the con   viction  that if there shall not be time in any particular  ward to take the votes of the whole voting population   if a portion  for the want of time  must be debarred from  the exercise of the elective franchise  then every con   sideration of courtesy and propriety and right strongly  and imperatively demands that the foreign born citi   zens  comparatively strangers to our country and its  institutions  mere guests  as it were  upon our country s  soil  victims hospitably received here in their flight from  European despotism  should of their own free accord  stan d back until the nitive born freemen shall have re   corded their suffrages  We hope  and we have a right  to expect  that they themselves  in spite of the inflam   matory appeals of selfish and malignant demagogues   will take this view of the matter  It is the n ht view    As a general rule it takes s long for one foreign born     corner between a gate and a brick house  re  sumed their beating  and  upon my imploring  them to let the foreigner alone  some one seized  me from behind  and another one struck me over  the head with a stick  I know nothing that oc   curred immediately after that  After a while I  prooeeded to get my head dressed by a physician   Dr  Krack  While in the Doctor s office  1 saw  several Germans pursued by Know Nothings  some  of them took refuge in the Doctor s office  All  those occurrences took place before 9 o clock  a m    I make affidavit of the foregoing    JOHN U  BEEMAN    Sworn and subscribed to before me  this 20fch  Aug   1855  JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  C    Deposition of S  Davis     1 wont to the First Ward polls between nine and  ten o clock  a  m   on the morning of the 6th Aug   While there saw seven or eight foreigners pulled  out of the crowd and beaten with clubs and stones    I could not get in to vote  Saw several persons  attempt it  but were beaten back  I therefore went  home    1 make affidavit of the foregoing    S  DAYIS    Sworn and subscribed to before me  this 20th  Aug   1855  JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  C    Deposition of W  S  Davis    I wont to the First Ward polls about eight  o clock Mo  J morning  6th August  Dis   ca    v polls    re in possession  he   ii ubout il   persuaded that r   v   ted until late in tho  uing  when the mob had  left the polls   then  possibly  one or two foreigners  might have voted  as 1 have understood they  were allowed to do  by the clemency of some Amer   icans    1 make affidavit to the foregoing    W  S  DAVIS    Sworn and subscribed to before me  the 21st  August  1855  JOHN H NEW  N  P   J  C    Deposition of George Craig    I went to the First Ward polls about 8 o clock   Monday  6th August  and remained there until 10  o clock  I there saw several foreigners beaten  away from the polls with sticks  They were at   tacked even before they had arrived at the polls   I saw one German struck in tho mouth with brass  knuckles  Neither this man nor any other of the  foreigners whom I saw whipped  had given any  provocation  either by words  gestures  or in any  way that 1 could discover    1 make affidavit to the foregoing    G  CRAIG    Sworn and subscribed to before me the 21st  August  1855  JOHN U  NEW  M P   J  C    Deposition of Charles Const cad    I wont to the First Ward polls Monday  6th  August  and remained there until S o clock  1 am  convinced  from what 1 witnessed  that the polls  were in possession of the Know Nothing party  and  that no one could vote unless allowed by that par   ty  One German near me was elbowed into the  street and kept from the polls  for the avowed rea   son that  he was not right on the goose     I make affidavit to the foregoing    CilAS  OLMSTEAD    Sworn and subscribed to before me  the 2 1st  August  1855  JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  C    Deposition of John G  Randolph    I went to the First Ward polls between six and  seven o clock  Monday  6th August  Saw then  that the polls were iu possession of the Know Noth   ing party   1 had remaiued there but fifteen min   utes before 1 saw an old Gorman with his head  bleeding profusely  Don t know who struck him   I saw also a foreigner beaten and run away from the  polls between S and 9 o clock    I make affidavit to thoforegoing    JOHN G  RANDOLPH    Sworn and subscribed to before me  this 21st  August  1855  JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  C    Deposition of Caleb B  Townley    I went to the First Ward polls between 7 and 8  o cloek  About ten minutes after arriving there  saw a German struck on the head with a stick by  the doorkeeper  A little aftorwards an Irishman  Wka struck with what  judging from the blood that  flowed  must have been brass knuckles  This Irish   man  like the German  was merely endeavoring to go  into the voting place along with the rest  And an   other Irishman was driven off  bloody  from tho polls   and had it not been for officer Gilmore  would have  been killed by the crowd  I know that the polls     as I supposed  against Ohris  Meyer s house  which  they Rtoned and injured by breaking doors and  windows  I saw Wm  Riohardson  who gives an  affidavit in the Journal  and who was shot  throw  a brickbat in the window of a house near the cor   ner of Shelby and Green  Just below that place   on the right hand side  these same men attacked  another house  an oilcloth factory  They pro   ceeded thence above the corner of Clay and Mar   shall  and stoned another house   went into it    found there a German  and nearly beat him to  death  Capt  Megowan then persuaded the mob     to go to the polls    ft      j e icHa ofn   i tl vo  o W 0 rican citizens permitting   hose could exercised themselves to bC excluded from the polls by any thought  J or auy reality of clubs  pistols  bowie knives  swords   Trifles or cannon  is too monstrously absurd to be enter   tained for one moment by any man that understands  the American character       ViuericHiJRto sta id bncSc fhr the one foreigner   or the a that no onooAwsi 1 permitted b  attempt to vote while th   one foreigner l   f uiivV nK rioap       them  First Ward to my office  wl     Let the foreigners keep their elbows to themselves to   day at the polls  There s no place for them in the riba     of the natives      The Americana mean to be entirely pacific to day  but  they will vote  They may submit patiently to a great  many inconveniences and discomforts  but they will  vote  They may have to go through rain and hail  but  they will vote  They may find serried hoses of Sag   Nicht bullies and rulfians between them aud the polls   but they will yote  They may have to encounter fire  aud steel  but they will vote      Resolved  That this Association  on the part of the  Democracy of the city  and those Whigs who act with  them  pledge that whatever proposition or plan m y be     agreed upon or submitted by said Joint Commute   will  on their part be accepted and faithfully carried into exe   cution  provided the opposite party shall accept it and  pledge tnemselves  in like manu r to its observance    Resolved  That tne following gentlemen shall be the  Committee of Conference on the part ot this Associa   tion  vz    First Ward  G  W  Dunlap  W  G  Reason   Second Ward  Minor W  Itedd  Dr  J  C  Metcalfe    Third Ward   J  8  Lithgow  John 0  Bullock    Fourth War    T  T  Hawkins  Dr  il  M  Bullitt    Fifth Ward  Dr  K  J  Breckinridge  J O  Harrison    Sixth Ward  F  8 J  Ronald  J mes Speed    Seventh Ward  Henry Dent  T J  Amos    Eighth Ward  W  P  Brown  John A  Miller    And that  should they be met by a convention of the  Know Nothing party  as proposed  they would report  the result of the conference at the earliest moment pos  iible    Resolved  Th it the Secretary be requested to furnish a  copy of these resolutions to the Committee of Confer  ence on the part of this Association  to be submitted to  the Central Executive Committee of the Know Nothing  party for their consideration  and that the newspapers  of the city be requested to publish the same      We have bad great hope that the election on Monday  would he conducted in this city without any violence   We have endeavored to impress upon the public mind  the propriety of abstaining from anything that would be  likely to produce hostile meetings at the polls  We very  much fear  however  that the preparations which we un   derstand have been made by some of the anti American  party  and the incendi try directions which we are in   formed have been given in several iostauces to foreign  citizens i i  our midst by those who should know better and  do better  will occasion trouble and perhaps very serious  disturbances upon the day of the election  A geut eman  rna e known to us on Tuesday  that one gang of thirty  foreigners at work upon the bowldcring of High street  have been directed to arm themselves with pistols aud  knives  and go to the polls iu a body on Monday  It is  not improbable or unlikelv that two thirds or three   fourths of these thirty men are not even entitled to vote   and we regret exceedingly that our opponents are pur   suing a course which can do no good  and may do a  great deal of harm    The 8ag Nichts  including the foreign born population   have sworn that they will vote this morning before the  Americans do  It really seems   little hard that our na   tive born citizens most be compelled  on their own soil   to stand back until foreigners are served  but undoubted   ly a great deal ought to be submitted to  for the sake of    eace and harmony  Patience is one of the human vir   tues  The American people  however  are not  we fear   very richly endowed with it    We have received a letter stating that some of the for   eigners intend to stone the American procession from  the dark alleys to night  But there will be no dark al   leys  Sam s torches wnlmake everything effulgent    The anti  Americans advertised a meeting at the court   house for to night  but they have changed their minds   They have concluded that it would be of no use for  them to undertake to hold a meeting when Sam is ram   pant in the streets  If they give it up  so much the bet   ter for them    They tell us that the American party  skulks from hu   man observation   Just take a view of it to night and  see whether it is a party that looks like skulking from  the face of mortal roan  See if it is n t a party that is a  great deal less likely to skulk than to be skulked from    We k now that you have labored with zeal and fidelity  and feel that victory is yours  But let not your ener   gies slacken nor your zeal abate  Our opponents are  yet hopeful  and will not cease to press their cause to  the last moment They are now pmiing different strings   in contrary directions  Whilst some of them are crying  out proscription  and pleading that Col  Preston s de   feat is certain on account of alleged unfairness on the  part of the uity Council in not giving additional voting  places iu Lou aville  others are trying to intimidate our  riends by the threat that the voters of these wards shall  and will vote  Whilst some are saying that the votes in  thes   wards cannot all be taken  and that the Germans  au l Irish cannot t e induced to put themselves in a po   sition of danger    thers are denouncing as cowards those  Americans who they sav are threatening  to take the  polls   and exhorting the foreigners to stand to their  rights  and witu their shillalahs drive from the polls these  lawiess Americans  So e are proclaiming that the for   eigners are intimidated and will not go  ear the polls   w  list others are nerving them  patting them on the back   hissing th m on  and endeavoring to instil courage in  to them by talk and money  Do not be deceived by  their declarations that the foreigners will not try to vote   We know you will not be lightened by their threats  that they shall aud will vote  to the exclusion of Ameri   cans    It is only necessary to read these paragraphs to  see that the scenes which followed at the polls  were provided lor  openly counselled and deter   mined upon  The advice given could only be car   ried out by violence and blood  its whole tenor  cannot be misapprehended    To inflame the zeal of a party already intoxicated  by its sell  righteousness and bigotry  a torch light  procession was projected and carried out on Satur   day evening  to prepare for tho exploits of Monday   The sun rose on Monday morning  August 6th  up   on a city heretofore unstained by great crimes   to set on deeds of anarchy  blood  and horror  with   out a parallel in American cities  A rush to the  polls was expected  A collision and a struggle  was provided for by only one place of voting  bat  tho programmo of the day was concocted in secret   and only developed as tho day s work went on   Every voting place was in the hands of a mob of  regulators  organized and posted in their work    Tho entrance to the polls was crowded  whilst  the doors of egress  and other fraudulent ways of  access to tho polls  were open to the Know Noth   ings  and the other party excluded  Soon  the cohorts of bullies  with clubs provided be   forehand  and brass knuckles  began the duties  assigned them  Scores of foreigners wero quietly  knocked down  beaten  mangled  and chased from  the polls  Scouting parties of marauders from the  centres of lawlessness  the polls  paraded the  streets  knocking down Irishmen and Germans  wherever found  stoning houses  and dragging out  and beating their inmates    Wo shall not detain the reader with details  that he will find fully recited in tho testimony   To them we invite his attention      I make affidavit to the foregoing    CALEB B  TOWNLEY    Subscribed and sworn to before me  this 23d  Aug   1855  JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  C    Deposition of Raymond Tischingcr     I went to the First Ward polls about 7 o clock  Monday morning  6th August  Saw a German  struck on tho head with a loaded stick  and several  Germans were driven away from the polls  Find   ing I could not vote  I went home    1 make affidavit to the foregoing    R  TISCHINGER    Subscribed and sworn to before me  this 20th  Aug   1855  JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  C    Deposition of Joseph Croxton    Joseph Croxton states on oath  that he went  from his houso to the First Ward polls between  9 and 10 o clock  on the morning of the 6th day of  August  That he stayed at the polls about twen   ty minutes  and in that time he saw as many as  twenty five Germans knocked down with clubs  and alung shota in tho hands of persons who were  strangers to deponent  Then I returned home    was requested to take Dr  Metcalfe s buggy down to  Preston street  On returning  between Preston  and Jackson streets  met a crowd of about forty  persons  all having yellow tickets stuck in tne  bands of their hats  und elubs in their hands     They were knocking down ovory German they met   as far as deponent could see  On coming to the     vWas shouting  firing  Ac  Sl e went down stairs  and was met by the crowd inquiring for the men   saying the whole house was full of men  and they  all must die  She said she bid seen no men with   in  and managed to got oul with her children   One of the party took her bj the arm and led her  through the crowd  Boforo this she had heard tho  report of some fire arms  and understood that a  boy of about nineteen years old fired a pistol from  the brewery towards Groen street   she docs not  know it of her own knowledge  Half an hour  afterwards the crowd came back   they had been  there about half an hour  Tney began to fire and  shout  and in about fifteen minutes the fire broke  out  This was about four o clock  Her husband  was not at home since dinner   left directly after  dinner  and was not there during tho assault   Came while the brewery vas burning    SOPHIA AMBRUSTER    Subscribed and sworn t  before me  this 23d day  of August  1855    F  GOTTSCHALK  N  P   J  C    Deposition  f R  Volt    Charles Volz states thathe was employed getting  a load of malt when the crowd came up Green  street  Affiant left  leaviig his horse and wagon   His wife s sister next weit to get tho horse  He  did not go there   was Afraid  This was about  half past two o clock  Came back later for his  wagon   did not see it wlere ho had left it  Saw  in a room of the dwelling house persons kindling a  fire  The fire was oonsjguiug the bedstead  saw       nP n         yald  aim found his vr   street  At that momeni tho Lafayette    passed by there  R  VOL Y L    Subscribed and sworn to before me    F  GOTlSCliALK  N  P   J  C    Deposition of Henry J  Smith    Personally appeared bdbro me a justice of tho  peace of Jefferson count   Henry J dmith  who  states that ho was coming ip Preston street August  6th  saw a crowd of men mining an Irishman up  Preston street  throwing sUnes at him  caught him  about the tobacoo warehoiso on Preston  betwoen  Washington and creek  knocked him down  and  beat him so badly that he died in twenty live or  thirty minutes thereat ter  Ilia wife was standing  over him after they left hin  She raised his head  up and said   Oh  my husbind is killed   One ul  the crowd struck her in the breast  and told her to   clear out  the d d Irish bitch  and go home  or   they would kill her too    HENRY J  SMITH    subscribed and sworn to before me  this 24th  day of August  1855    J  C  BAIRD  J  P   J  C    Deposition of John Roberts    About 8 o clock  not later than nine a  m  of the  day of the August election  1855  I was at the  polls iu the First Ward  and remained there about  half an hour    When I first arrived there  I discovered the  polls had been taken by a large number of native  Dorn citizens  who seomod to have formed them   selves into a solid semi circle  Not being a voter  in that ward  1 did not go closer to the judges of  the election than about fifteen paces  This semi   circle of persons had themselves so stationed that  it looked very much like it was impossible for any  person to get to the judges of the election  with   out the permission or adiion of this crowd  During  the time 1 remained  1 don t think any person  voted save those who were hoisted and passed over  the heads of those persons vho had obstructed the  passway to the judges of the election  This  seemed to be the plan adopted by this collection of  persons  for the purpose of letting none in save  those who were favorable to their party  I no   ticed many persons  all natives  hoisted up and  passed over the heads of this crowd of persons  to  the judges  seats  1 saw three foreigners  all of  whom 1 believe were Germans  knocked down and  ran off by these persons  1 saw them   the foreign   ers   do nothing but merely attempt to vote    They  the three  were knocked down and kicked   and apparently bruised    I saw several squads of foreign born citizens  standing off at a distance   say 40 or   50 yards    who manifested no disposition  so far as I could  see  to get up a fight or create a disturbance  and  who seemed to bo very much alarmed  It was  perfectly apparent and convincing to my mind that  the natives had formed themselves in this semi   circle for the purpose of presenting tho natural   ized citizens from getting to the polls  and from  what I could see while ttiere  the foreign born cit   izen had no dosire to bring auiJi disturbance  The  three knocked down  wbiffl was at or uo r the  uVn citizens mat 1 saw  there  I came from the  which is not more than 40  paces from the place of voting in the Sixth Ward   1 saw several foreign born citizens badly beaten at  these polls  or rather  near the polls  1 saw a man  go up to a German and commence striking him  over the head  The first stroke had hardly been  made before ten or a dozen persons  all with sticks   blunt at both ends  and about 18 inches long  and  noar two inches thick  were ready  and some of  them struck him some severe blows  This German  did nothing that 1 saw  save hold up bis hands in  an imploring position  I saw several other for   eign born citizens treated very much in the same  way in tho court house yard  I mentioned the  one above  because it was not far from my office   The persons engaged wero all strangers to me  and  most of the leaders  I think  were not citizens of  this city  Ido not remember to have seen any of  them before the election  1 do not think I have  seen any of them since  save the man who struck  the German above named  JOHN ROBERTS    Louisville  Sept  15  1855    Deposition of John L  lleniing    J  L  Homing states that he was about the First  and Second Ward polls on Monday  tho 6th of Au   gust  1855  from about 7 o clock a  m   until about  6 o clock P  M   and saw principally what occurred  during that time    There was such a dense crowd about the First  Ward poll during the morning of tho election  that  I deemed it almost equivalent to an impossibility  for a person to get through the assemblage  and  into the engine house where the votes were being     then went on to dinner   and as I was about  going in the gate  I saw a crowd going into a house  on the corner of Shelby and Walnut  where thoy  raised a difficulty with some Gormans  in which  the Germans appeared to be too many for them   as the crowd broke and run    1 thon went to the corner Shelby and Walnut  with my father  Alex  Gilmore  and he attempted  to persuade tho Germans to go home   but they  said    No  we have been driven from our homes   for they had been stoned   we havo been driven  from the polls  so we must defend ourselves   1  returned down Walnut and went across an open  lot to Marshall street  and met a mob coming from  the polls going to the crowd of Germans I had just  left  where the mob proceeded  and  as soon as they  were near enough  began to shoot   the fire was re   turned by the Germans  I thon left    Later in the day I saw a party of boys who had  been with the mob all day  and wero crying for  Sam  shoot at a German by the name of Laebstctel    During all the riots at the polls 1 never saw a  foreigner strike anybody    WILLIAM GILMORE    Subscribed and sworn to before me  this 12fch  day of September  1855    JOHN H  NEW  N  P  J  t      TRUE   OF THE     corner of Jackson and Green streets  1 saw the taken  1 saw several Germans make the attempt  rwman  thmwi niraiitnM ot k ut i do not know whether any succeeded in pass   ing through  some  I do know  after making all ef   forts they could  withdrew and returned homo   As near as I was able to seo and judge of tho col   lection of persons that were immediately in front  of the door  giving ingress to the voters  the same  persons continued in that position much longer  than was necessary for the purpose of gaining ad   mittance  and to mo  apparently  sufficiently long  to have voted treble tho number seeking admit   tance  At intervals during the morning  up to  about 11 o clock  Gormans and Irish would be seen  coming out from among the crowd with bleeding  heads and faces  and others wero assaulted and  driven away  Men  upon the outskirts of tho  crowd  were lifted up and passed in at tho door  over the heads of those who stood wedged in about  the entrance    During tho afternoon  tho collection about tho  places of voting was very small  and all obstruc   tions of the polls wero removed after the rioting  commenced  I saw no Democrats about the polls  from about 11 o clock a  m   until I left  late in the  afternoon  The difficulty  or the almost utter  impossibility of the Democratic portion of the  vote being taken  is shown in the statement aud  returns of the Judges of election for the first leg  islativc district  composed of the Firs  and Second  Wards    The number of votc3 iu the First Ward is esti   mated at not less than 1 400  But say  for the  purpose of being indisputably within tho compass  of certainty  that there is but 1 300  Out of this  number  383 voted the American ticket  leaving  917 Democratic votes to be polled  Of these 917  Democratic votes  but 86 votes only were recorded   showing that 831 Democrats were excluded  from the First Ward polls on Monday  August 6th   1855    In the Second Ward there are 850 voters  and of  which 384 were given for tho American ticket   leaving 406 Democratic votes  Of tho 466 Demo   cratic votes  but 52 only wero cast  leaving 414  Democratic votes which wore not taken  So that  in the Firstand Second Wards thero were not less  1 245 Democratic votes lost  and taking from this  the 629 American majority  would have given tho  Democratic ticket616 majority in the first district   if the election had been fairly conducted      crowd pursuing three Germans  throwing stones at   them  and crying   Kill the d d Dutch sons of   bitches   Deponent saw no aggressions or dofoncc  made on the part of the Germans in either in   stance  JOSEPH CROXTON    Subscribed and sworn to before me  23d August   1856  J  C  BAIRD  J  P   J  C    Deposition of Dr  J  A  Krack    I reside in the First Ward  Between 10 and 12  o clock  on Monday  6th August  several Germans  ran into my shop to escape the fury of a crowd of  boys  aged from 12 to 20  who were in pursuit of  them  I concealed one German to prevent his  being stoned  Frequently  during the morning 1  saw Germans who were quietly passing along the  street set upon and maltreated by a crowd of boys   opposite my store  witkout any provocation on the  part of the foreigners that I could observe    I make affidavit to tie foregoing    J  A  KRACK    Sworn and subs  rib d to before me  this 30th  day of August  1855    JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  C    Deposition of Charles Heyback     I went to First Ward poll three times on Mon   day morning  the 6th iist rl but could not get to  vote  because fereignen were knocked down  1  myself was run off from the polls  along with some  others    About 4 o clock in the afternoon a mob attacked  my house  broke down tlo doors  destroyed all the  furniture of my bar nxm  and then  proceeding  through may house  smaihed all the kitchen uten   sils   c  They then le t and were absent about  half an hour  when they returned and finished de   stroying what had beer  lift undcstoyed before   There was no shots firel from my house on any   body during that day  cr at any other time  A  hundred dollars were sulen from my house also    I make affidavit to tho foregoing   CHARLES IIEYBACK    Sworn and subscribed to before me  this 20th  August  1855  JOH  K  NEW  N  P  J  C    Deposition of Lewis Wctzger    I was sitting in the yari of Lewis Doll  on Mon   day afternoon  about 2  o clock  when a party of  Americans passed by  and  without a word being  uttered  either by them or myself  some one of them  shot at me three times with a pistol  One ball  struck mo in the shoulder  The physician has not  yet been able to extract it  There had been no  tiring from Mr  Doll s houso  or from any house  in the neighborhood  that 1 know of  After I was  shot I neither said nor did anything  nor did any  of those sitting with me in the yard    I inako affidavit to the foregoing    LEWIS WETZGER    Sworn and subscribed to before me  this 24th  August  1855  JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  C    1 witnessed the occurrence  above related  and  can testify to the same offect    N  OERTER    Subscribed and sworn to before me  this 24th  August  1855  JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  C    Deposition of Berrihart Gartner    Bemhart Gartner states that he was a hand in  the brewery  On the 6th August he tiea d the  approach of tho crowd   hid himself   came out  again   was seized by about five or six men   one  of them held a pistol pointed at affiant s breast      Col  Proston  tho independent candidate  was  some little ahead of the Democratic ticket in this  district  though running uoon it    JOHN L  HEMIMG    Subscribed and sworn to before me  this 15th  day of September  1 55    JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  C    Deposition of William Gilmore     Between 6 and 7 o clock  Monday morning  Au   gust 6th  I wont to the Eir t Ward polls  I saw a  crowd of men who 1 know were strangers in the  city  who lived in Jeffersonville  Ind   as I was ac   quanted with them  These men took possession  of the polls  Some men who lived in Louisville  were putting persons over the heads of theso men  to the polls  1 asked them to put mo over in that  way  but they said 1 could not swim  I saw men  knocking down Irishmen and Germans constantly  up to 11 and 12 o clock    About this time  twelve o clock  I started for  dinner  At the corner of Shel oy and Green streets  I saw three men in a hack  going toward the polls   These were the same men whom I saw leading a  crowd of men  when they returned from the polls      HISTORY   OUTRAGES   AT THE   Election in this City    AUG  6th  AT TUE EIGHTH WARD POLLS    Deposition of Joseph C  Mitchell     I was one of the policemen appointed to keep  order at the Eighth Ward polls on tho day of the  election  Accordingly 1 was at my  post at the  opening of the polls  which was about 7 o clock   in a little while 1 discovered that the Democrats  were compelled to enter at the front door  while  the Know Nothings wero allowed to enter at aside  t         ich a     ithe    o  njust    t j those citizons who had a right to vote  Ac  But  I could effect nothing  and alter an hour or two   being convinced that my efforts to do my duty not  only would not be seconded  but rather frustrated  by my brother officers  I concluded  in justice to  myself  that I ought to resign my position as watch   man  which I therefore did    1 make affidavit to tho foregoing    JOS  C  MITCHELL    Sworn and subscribed to before me  this 29th  Aug   1855  JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  C    Deposition of E  IV  Rutledge    I went to the Eighth Ward polls about 7 o clock   Monday morning  Aug  6th  Soon after arriving  there 1 observed that Know Nothings were per   mitted to enter at a side door  to which they had  access by a back gate on tho alloy  while foreign   ers  who intended to vote the Democratic ticket   wore compelled to wait at the frontdoor on Jeffer   son street  The consequence of this was  that  about twenty Know Nothings could vote to one  foreigner    I make affidavit to the foregoing    ELIJAH W  RUTLEDGE    Sworn and subscribed to before me  this 29th  day of August  1855    JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  C    Deposition of Walter Clements    I went to the Eighth Ward polls about 6 o clock   I remained at the polls an hour and a half  or two  hours  There was an immense crowd around the  door fronting on Joiferson street  and observing  that it did not diminish  1 wont round to ascertain  the causo  and noticed that numbers of Know   Nothings were climbing over the back fence  and  by that way entering the door of the engine houso   by which means they were enabled to get to the  polls  when they were allowed to vote  During  the remainder of the day 1 frequently saw men  beaten  knocked down  and run away from the  polls    1 make affidavit to the foregoing    WALTER CLEMENTS    Sworn and subscribed to before me  this 29th  Aug   1S55  JOHN H  NEW  N P   J  C    Deposition of Alex  Clements    I witnessed the same occurrences testified to by  Walter Clements  and confirm tho same  making  affidavit thereto  ALEX  CLEMENTS    Sworn and subscribed to before me  this 29th  August  1855  JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  C      Deposition of Andrew Meder    I went to tho Eighth Ward polls about seven  o clock  Monduy  6th August  but not being able to  vote I came away  I returned at eight o clock and  came away ase ond time  unable to vote  I then  went again at 11 o clock  and while I was standing  on tho pavement  some one from behind caught me  by the neck and threw mo down  when three or  four began to beat and kick me severely  I had  said nothing to afcy one  nor h d I   7     7  cd any provocation  As soon as I was ullowed  to get up 1 returned homo without voting    1 make affidavit to the foregoing    ANDREW MEDER    Sworn and subscribed to before me  this 29th  August  1855  JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  C    Deposition of A  Khilart    I went to the Eighth Ward polls before six  o clock in tho morning  Monday  6th August  and  remained there until near ten o clock  trying to  vote  but was not allowed to pass iu  In the after   noon  two o clock  1 returned  aud as there were  very few persons there I was able to co in by the  side door  Just as I voted  and while 1 was still  standing before the ballot box  1 was struck from  behind so violently that 1 was deprived of my  senses for some time  When I recovered I found  myself outside  on the pavement  whence some of  my acquaintances took me away  From the effect  ol that blow 1 was not able to eat any food for a  week    I  make affidavit to the foregoing    A  KHILART    Sworn and subscribed to before me  this 29th  August  1855  JOHN H  NEW  N P   J C    Deposition of E  Longherst    I wont to the Eighth Ward polls about twelve  or one o clock  Monday  6th August  By carrying  a yellow ticket in my band I succeeded in getting  into the polls  Once in  1 voted the Democratic  ticket  But when 1 was passing out  several  Know Nothings set upon me with clubs and beat  me very severely    I make affidavit to the foregoing    E  LONGHERST    Subscribed and sworn to before me  this 29th  August  1855  JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  C    Deposition of John Fogarty    I went to the Eighth Ward polls about eight  o clock on the morning of Monday 6th  August  While there I saw four or five foreigners knocked  down and beaten on the head with clubs  without  any other provocation than trying to vote a white   Democratic  ticket  No one could get to the  polls unless he held a yellow ticket in his hand   or was known as ono who would vote that ticket   There is no doubt about the KnowXothings having  everything their own way  About 2 o clock in the  afternoon of the same day I was standing on  Eleventh street  between Market and Main  when  1 saw a largo crowd  among whom was Rhoades   who had a stick in his hand  and Graham  pass by   going in the direction of Main street  From their  manner  1 inferred they intended toraiaoa diffi   culty    1 make affidavit to tho foregoing    JOHN FOGARTY    Subscribed and sworn to beloro me  this 28th  August  1855    JOHN II  NEW  N  P   J  C    Deposition of F  M  Boone    Monday atternoon  the Gth August  I was sitting  in Dr  Bettison s drug store  corner of Market and  Eleventh streets  in company with Theodore  Rhoades  It was about 4 or 5 o clock  I guess  as I  had no watch  At this time a crowd of men came  parsing by  going in the direction of Main street   coming up Market street  These men were armed  with clubs  and were formed in a regular line  As  they were going by the door of the drug store   Rhoades inquired of one of them where thoy were  going  to which the man interrogated replied     We re going round to Main street to tight   The  same reply was made to a question of mine asked  of another man  Immediately on receiving an an   swer to his question  Rhoades went out and joined  the erowd  falling into ranks along with the rest   Tho crowd then proceeded down Eleventh street  towards Main street  several of those who were un   provided  providing themselves with clubs as they  went    In a few minutes some of the crowd returned  with the report that Rhoades and some one else  had been shot  In the mean time I passed up  Market to Tenth street  There I saw several men  running down Tenth street towards where I was  standing  on the corner of Tenth and Market  and  heard tho reports of some six or seven guns  which  were tho first that 1 heard  and from my position  I could have heard if there had been any shots  previously  and saw the dust fly where the shot  struck the ground    It was about five minutes after the crowd left  Bettison s corner before I heard the first roport of  a gun or pistol  When 1 roturned to Bettison s   from my position on the corner of Tenth and Mar   ket  I heard of the shooting of Rhoades  I do not  think more than seven or eight minutes had  elapsed since I first left that place   that is  the  drug store    1 make affidavit to tho foregoing    F  M  BOONE    Sworn and subscribed to before me  Sept  1st   1855  JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  C    Deposition of Dennis Long    On the day of the election  Monday  6th August    I was living in the northeast house  corner Elev      enth aud Main  with niy father  R Long  in ono pf  Quinn s row  About 4  o clock of the afternoon  of that day  a personal friend oame and called for  me to come out and see him  saying that he had  something of importance to toll me  I was up  stairs in my room at the time  I went down  and  George Thompson told me that I had better get  the old man to shut up tho doors of the house  and  keep out the way  for tho fellows were coining up  that evening to make an attack on the row   Quinn s   He then left  and 1 persuaded my  father and mother to leave the house  1 remained  behind  being young and active  thought to escape   Between 5 and 6 o clock 1 saw a crowd break itto  the house opposite  from which 1 am sure thero was  no tiring  and in a few minutes after they broke  into our house and set fire to it  I then passed by  the back roof into Quinn s house  which was ad   joining  with E  Kahoe  and my brothers John and  Patrick  and remained there for an hour  in the  third story  until tho smoke became so suffocating  that I could stand it no longer  1 then attempted  t4j speak to the mob below  when I was shot  re   ceiving five balls inmybody  My two brothers  wore shot and killed at the same time  and their  bodies burnt up  Immediately after that  I ran  down stairs and broke out of the door  Hero I  was met by some one who took possession of me   and led me away to where the cannon was Hand   ing  where I stayed until I was sent to jail  which  was between 7 and 8 o clock    1 make affidavit to the foregoing    DENNIS LONG    Sworn and subscribed to before me  thii 28th  August  1855  JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  C    Deposition of Patrick Scally    A little after Rhoades and Graham were shot   Monday afternoon  August 6  1 saw a German  who  wits riding up Main street on a horso  fired at by  two men who were standing in tho middle of the  street   These men were Americans  I think    He escaped by galloping his horse very fast  After  this 1 saw Gray  then a supernumerary watchman  in the Eighth Ward  run across towards McDon   ald s grocery  and go into a segar store  a few doors  below  and get a gun  and then came anditood out  on the pavement in front of McDonald s grocery   With Gray was another man with a double barrel  gun  which  after raising to his shoulder twice   elevated it once more and fired into the passage of  McDonald s house  Theso two then ran round into  Mrs  Crawford s yard  when I saw them no more   I resontly the mob came and set fire to Quinn s  row  out of which  when any attempted to escape   I saw them fired at  and some of them killed   There were about one hundred persons  counting  men  women  andchildren  living in Quint s houses   I saw people carrying three corpses from the buiH      I saw continued ana noav  ouvw   0  o clock at night  and about 11 o clock the Mayor  ordered the fire to be allowed to progress no fur   ther  I do not know precisely what became of the  major portion of the peoplo who lived in Quinn s  houses  but I know of nine persons being killed or  burned  There were no efforts made to stop the  mob  that I saw  on the part of the authorities   The cannon was brought out and pointed against  Long s corner  around the cannon were standing  men with muskets    I make affidavit to the foregoing    PATRICK SCALLY    Subscribed and sworn to before me  7th Sept    JOHN H  NEW  N P   J O    Deposition of Mrs  Mack    On the afternoon of Monday  6th August  some   time about five o clock  I was looking out of my  window  up street  when I saw Rhodes  with a pis   tol in his hand  pointing in the direction of Tenth  street  He bad hardly raised his pistol and fired   when he fell himself from a shot  from what direc   tion I cannot say    I make affidavit to the above    MRS  MACK    Sworn to before me  this 28th August  1855    JOHN H  NEW  N P  J  C    Deposition of Mrs Mary White    On Monday  6th August  about five o clock  I  happened to be passing along Main street  when I  saw a man picking up stones from the street and  throwing them at the two houses opposite where  he was standing  one of which is McDonald s   f ocery  Immediately after throwing theso stones  heard the report of a gun  and saw this man    whom I have board was Graham  fall  1 then ran  home as fast as I could  MARY WHITE   Sworn to before me  this 28th August  1855    JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  C      Deposition of James Sayre    On Monday afternoon  near 5 o clock  Aug  6  1  was standing near the corner of Ninth and Market   when I heard the report of fire arms in the direc   tion of Tenth and Ma in streets  upon which I ran  down Ninth to Main  and thon down Main towards  Tenth street  When about midway of the square   that is about half a square from Tenth  I saw a man   whose name I subsequently learned to be Rhoades   with his face turned in the direction of McDonald s  grocery  falling immediately after the report of a  gun  which 1 heard  to the ground  And then I  saw a man  whom the people said was named Gra   ham  run across Main street  and kick the door of  McDonald s entry so violently that it gave way   during which act he was shot  He then ran out  into the middle of the street and fell  I had seen  Rhoades early in the afternoon  in a state of intox   ication  on Fourth street  with ayellow ticket in his  hat  I believe that the origin of all the shooting  and killing lay in the conduct of those said to be  Know Nothings  in first attacking foreigners    JAMES SAYRE    Subscribed and sworn i  LeforcKzao  7th S pt    JOHN H  NEW  N  1  J C    Deposition of John Speaker     On Monday  the 6th of August  election day  I  came down Market street about four o clock in the  afternoon  and met with Theodore Rhoades  who  was in his shirt sleeves  between Tenth and Chap   el streets  entered into conversation with him   and while conversing some persons came by where  wo were  and tho conversation turned on Know   Nothingism  when Rhoades remarked that Ameri   cans should rule America  when 1 replied  I never  know it otherwise  Rhoades then manifested  some warmth  and I left him  Continued down  Main to near Twelfth  where I remained some 20  or 30 minutes and returned  Stopped a few min   utes opposite to the door of Patrick Scally  in con   versation with him  when two men in a buggy  drawn by a mule  and a large young man riding  on the mule  came hallooing and yelling up Main   and one of the men brandishing a flag  Some per   son present said that one of the men in the buggy  was Sam McCue  bu 1 1 know none of them tho  distance they wero from me  Thoy continuod up  Main to noar Tenth  and turned round and contin   ued down Main again  I remarked that was a sin   gular man  and said to Scally  if I were you I would  shut the door and keep quiet  Hocommencod shut   ting up  and I continued up Maiu  and left the place   The shooting occurred after I left    JOHN SPEAKER    Deposition of Joseph Gault    Being in my office about 5 o clock Monday  Au   gust 6  my attention was attracted by the sound of  tiring coming from the direction of Main street   I started with Mr  Graham to go and see what the  matter was  When I arrived at the intersection of  Twelfth and Main  I saw five or six men crossing  Main street  towards Quinn s houses  and whon  they were within six or eight feet from the curb   stone  they fired the guns they held in their hands   One of them attempted to break in the door with  a billet or club of wood  After the shooting thoy  went back again  Almost as soon as they got  back I saw them pick up a man  whom I heard afi  ter wards was Graham  I do not remember any  more firing  The crowd shortly afterwards went  towards Market street  JOS  GAULT    Subscribed and sworn to before me  this 12th  Sept   1855  JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  C    Deposition of John Trainor    On Monday afternoon  August 6th  I wm stand   ing at my gate about 5 o clock  or between four  and five  when a furniture car  containing three  white men and a negro driver  stopped just above  Eighth street  on Market  when one of them jump   ed out of the car and threw a number of bricks  and stones into it  and then jumped in again  when  they proceeded on down Market street  one of  them flourishing  as they went along  a revolver   and waving a flag aloft  crying at the same time    Hurrah for Sam   This was a short time before  I hoard the report of fire arms from tho corner of  Chapel and Market  My house  above tho corner  of Eleventh and Main  in which my mother was  then residing  was fired and burned to tho ground    I know of no fire arms being concealed therein  or  of anything else to justify its destruction    I make affidavit to the forgoing    JOHN TRAINOR    Sworn and subscribed to bofore me  this 7th  Sept   1855  JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  C    Deposition of G  W  Ronald    I was standing Monday afternoon  August 6th   on the pavement in front of my office  when I saw  the furniture car referred to by Mr  Trainor as it  was passing down Market street  just below  Eighth  I confirm what Mr  T  says as to the  conduct of the men in the car  in flourishing the  pistol and crying  Hurrah for Sam    Shortly af   ter this I heard 17 reports of guns or pistols fired  in the street at the corner of Chapel and Market  streets  I saw the smoke also of these weapons    G  W  RONALD    Deposition of Mrs  Mary Ann Trainer     On Monday  6th of August  I was living on the  corner of Eleventh and Main streets  About five  o clock of that evening I was standing at my door   fronting on Main street  While there a crowd of  rowdies  with clubs  guns  and sledge hammers  Ac    came passing by  crying out against the Irish with  curses and abusive epithets  going in the direction  of Tenth street   to the intersection of which street  with Main they proceeded   and after remaining  there a few minutes thoy returned to Chapel street   and went toward the market house  Just as they  were going up Chapel street  several shots were  fired from them at two Irishmen who were running   to escape this crowd  in tho direction of McDonald s  house  into which they entered  Tho crowd then  went toward the market house   and in about an  hour afterwards they returned  and began an at   tack on Long s house  corner of Eleventh and Main    From what I saw 1 am convinced that these bul   lies  who were crying   Hurrah for Sam    and were  cursing the Irish  began the difficulties of that  evening by first attacking the foreigners  who  with  one or two exceptions  made no resistance even  after provoked by extremes t violence      I make affidavit to the foregoing    MARY ANN TRAINER   Subscribed and sworn to before me  this 27th  day of August  1855    JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  C    Deposition of Inton Marburg    On Monday  the Gth of August  election day    a  few minutes before the riot began  Theodore  Rhoades and D  Dougherty passed up on the south  side of Main street  the second door below M   O Connell s  between Tenth and Eleventh streets   just below Chapel street  and they advised me to  shut up the doors  that probably there would be a  fuss  Dougherty did most of the talking  as  Rhoades was too groggy  or pretended to be so  to  say much  They went on up street  and in about  throe minutes returned  repeating the advice to shut  the doors  and went up street again  In three to  five minutes Rhoades was shot  and directly after   wards Graham was shot  at or near the door of  tho house the firing was from   the upper building  of the row on the north side of Main street  Gra   ham then walked from where he was shot towards  the south side of Main  and fell on the way  The  mob soon after increased and raged violently  Tho  houses wore set on fire  and the flames progressed  with groat fury   when tho inmates of the houses  attempted to escape many of them were shot   oth   ers were consumed in the flame   About eleven  o clock the Mayor proclaimed the fire had gone far  enough  and its progress was arrested    INTON MARBURG    Subscribed and sworn to before me  this 1st  September  1855    JOUN H  NEW  N  P   J  C    Deposition of Margaret Murphy    Margaret Murphy states that she was residing  in the family of Joseph Keunedy  at the corner of  Market and Chapel streets  on the Gth of August   the day of the election in Louisville  and for some  timo previous thereto   and that sho had not boen  off the premises during that day  That Mrs  Ken   nedy was sick  confined to bed   and that Kennedy  remained in the house all that day   and that Mrs   Kennedy s brother  James Curran  was sick and  confined to bed  and had not left it that day   and  that Michael Hurley was also sick  and confined to  the house the whole of that day   and that Joseph  Allison and his wife boarded with Kennedy   Mrs   Allison remained there constantly   Allison worked  in the country  and came in on Saturday evenings   and  as usual  oame the Saturday before the event   ful day referred to  and remained there Sunday  and Monday  and had not left the premises that  day   and that John Berageu  who worked at the  paper mill  was in Kennedy s house from twelve  o clock that day  the usual timo for his quitting   Vork  and would remain till twolve o clock ai  night  his hour for entering upon his work again  at the mill    She further states  that in the evening of that  day  Hurley and Curran wero in their sick beds   Keunedy was in bed sleeping  Boragen was re   posing  taking his rest  preparatory to going to his  work at twelve o clock at night   and that none of  these men had been off the premises that day  ex   cept Beragen  who came in from his work  as above  stated  about twelve o clock  She further states   that about five  or half past five o clock  John Flinn   who was pursued by a crowd of men  ran into Ken  nedy s house  and no one being in the lower rooms   he ran up stairs  where the inmates of the house  then were  as above stated  The party that pur  sued Flinn  after demolishing everything in the  lower rooms  and throwing the articles they could  not destroy into the back yard and street  rushed  impetuously up stairs  and finding no one in the  second story but Mrs  Kennedy  in hor sick bed   her brother  James Curran  being concealed under  it  escaped their ferocity  and after menacing Mrs   Kennedy  and presenting pistols at her  and she  begging her life  a part of them broke open her  trunks and drawers  and rifled them of all they  found worth taking away  and taking a watch from  under her pillow  breaking open a trunk that con   tained Kennedy s clothes  and burned the clothes  and the trunk  While another portion of them  broke open the door that led up the garret stairs   and rushed up with fiendish fury  where they found  deponent  Mrs  Ellis  and Mrs  Kelly  and Allison   Hurley  and Beragen  who had taken refuge in a  closet in the garret  in hopes to avoid the impend  ing massacre    Tho assailants seized the men  and some wore  for killing them there  and pitching them out of  the window  but others  more refined in their  cruelty  insisted on taking them down and killing  them in the street more decently  and ordered the  women to come out of tbb closet  and go down   saying they were not at war with women  it was  the foreigners  tho men they wanted  They then  dragged the men down the garret stairs  and shot  Allison on the porch  then dragged him down the  next stairs   he got loose from them in the lower  room  ran into the street  and fell near the market  house  They also dragged Hurley down the second  stairs  and killed him in the back yard    They shot Beragen in the shoulder  beat him as  they had beaten the others  dragged him down the  second stairs   he also got loose from them in the  lower room  ran to some one  perhaps a Mr  Gray   who saved his life by taking him to jail    Kennedy had fled his house  and was thereby  saved from their fury  Allison was taken to the  house of Georgo Gowan  and died there at seven  o clock next morning  I do not know what be   came of Flinn  or how he escaped  She states that  Kennedy had six cages of birds which the assail  ants took away also    These men molested no one that day  nor was  there any shooting about the promises  till com   menced by the assailants that destroyed the house      set on fire  while the persons named above  and Mrs   Mullens and her two daughters  Mrs  Ferguson and  her infant  and a young woman who lived with Mr   Long  were in the upper rooms  The flames in   creased  and the heat and suffocation drove those  who could  to the alternitive of endeavoring to  get out  when deponent  the young Longs  and Bar   ney Cassedy  got on tho roof of the tenement de   ponent occupied  they boing connected  in the hope  of concealing themselves  but when they reached  thereof  they found there was no shelter for them   The back yard was full of the infuriated as   sailant   with fire arms  seeking to get a shot at  them  like men seeking to get a shot at a squirrel  in the top of a tree  Tney wore then driven to the  further expedient of endeavoring to get into the  next tenement  where tho flames had not yet raged     and every t ing in it  and killed the inmates as  wove described      She further states  that during the outragos of  tho mob  sho was shedding tears  whon they said   S hut up  damn you  yon are Irish       MARGARET MURPHY    Subscribed and sworn to before me  this llth  day of September  1855    JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  C    Deposition of Mrs  Matilda Allison    Mrs  Matilda Allison  tho widow of the murdor   ed Joseph Allison  states   that she has read the  statement of Margaret Murphy  which she finds to  be strictly correct  and adopts it as her statement   except that she does not know anything about the  breaking open the trunks or drawers  or their tak   ing away those things  as hor thoughts were en   gaged in considering how her own life  and that of  her husband  could be preserved from the assault   and after his sudden murder  in her presence  of  course she observed nothing else    She further states  that at tho commencement of  the assault she and her husband  and some of the  other victims  were silting quietly on tho porch   when considerations for their safety arose  Sho  was of opinion it was best to floe  but her husband  thought it best to retreat to the garret  saying he  was not afraid of their hurting him  as he had  done nothing  and whon the assailants came  they  placed pistols against the sido of her husband s  head  and she interposed her hands botween the  pistols and his head  and begged them not to kill  him  whon some of them said they would not kill  him  They then went to dragging him down  stairs  and in the fuss she fell down the stairs  and  three or four of them ran over her   a shot was  fired  the ball passing close by her head  and if she  had not fallen  would have killed her   and thoy  immediately seized her husband  and attempted to  throw him over the bannisters  but his strength  prevented them  And she has the impression that  they killed Michael Hurley on the same porch  and  threw him over the bannisters into tho backyard   That her husband continued to implore them not  to kill him  that ho had done nothing  that he was  innocent  but those demons were inexorable  and  he was cut and mangled and bruised  as well as  shot and murdered  Dr  Yandell can explain as  to his wounds and death     Signed   MATILDA ALLISON    Subscribed and sworn to before mo  this llth  September  1855    JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  C    N  B    I was then pregnant  and my child was  born the 12th of September  I am now alone in  this strange land  with no connections on this con   tinent  M  A      so violently  thereby to prolong the chances of sal   vation  which they did  by leaping  but God knows  how  from this roof into a window of the third  story of the second tenement from Eleventh street   all but Barney Cassedy  who could not make tbo  window  and had to return to the burning tenement  we left    In this room  in tho third story  we found Mr   Quinn alone  where we all remained till we per   ceived we must bo burned up if we did not leave  it  and risk being shot  We then came down stairs  into the second story  and continued till almost  suffocated with the heat and smoke  Quinn called  out to the assailants for mercy  telling them ho  would give them all ho had on earth if tliey would  spare our lives  But this appoal met no response  biithidcous yells    Donnis Long called out from the back window  for Barney  Seals  as Seals had said to the Long  family the Friday night before  that they noed not  be uneasy  thoy would not be hurt  imploring Seals  to come up and take him down and save him  fear   ing that if he ventured out ho would be shot  whon  oiqg ono of the assailants inquired what his namo  was  He replied Dennis Long  that he never had  done any one any harm  Tho shooting continued   band this pathetic appeal was answered by the poor  youth receiving several bullets in his body  none  of which proved fatal  and his brothers John and  Patrick wore killed by his side  one of whom had  just finished his servitude in learning the business  of a founder  and the other a pattern maker  both  of whom wero exemplary young men    Quinn took up his cloak and went down stairs  to tho lower room  and as deponent mado his  way down  nearly suffocated and exhausted  he  passed John Long at the head of the stairs  where  he lay dead  and Patrick Long  his brother  linger   ing in death a step or two from tho head of the  stairs    When Quinn reached the lower room  where  Reardon  who was also killed  kept a food store   there was a woman carrying out  or endeavoring  to save  some clothes  he got from her a dress  in  hope to disguise himself  so as to escape the fu   ries  but in the hurry he put it on wrong  and was  killed    Deponent oontinued in the house till he was  scarcely able to breathe or walk  and as doath  seemed inevitable  he determined to attempt to  pass out at tho front door  which he did delibe   rately and calmly  and no ono seemed to notice  him but three men who were nearest the door   who looked at him as they were taking a dram out  of a bottle  and said   Hurrah for Sam    when he  appealed  nearly exhausted and senseless as he then   was  to save him  and they conducted him through  tho crowd  up to the corner of Tenth and Main   whence he made his way towards the river  and  was providentially rescued from a horrible death    Barney Cassedy  who was not active enough to  get out of tho lirst burning tenement   by the  way  the young Longs and deponent did  was  compelled to remain where he was  and Mrs  Mul   lins and her two daughters  Mrs  Ferguson and her  infant  and the young woman who lived with Mr   Long  were in the same perilous condition during  this slaughter and the spread of the devouring  element  Some of the assailants inquired if thero  were any women and children in the burning pre   mises  and it was answered there were  Some of   them went to search them out  and brought Mys   Mullens and those who were with her  from the  third  story  They there found Barney Cassod y  whom   they seized and brought down and beat and man   gled  Mr  Rhoades ran across tho street  and by  persuasion aud entreaty saved him from being  killed  he was taken to the jail  thence to the Hos   pital  where he yet lingers    The story of Mrs  Dodd and hor two daughters   that there were men on Long s houso with guns  is  foul and fallacious  there was no 4 gun nor nu person  with guns on the house  nor was there an  person  on the house except thoso above narnud  nor couid  any person havo carriod or used a gun if they bad  been so disposed  how those who did pa a that  ordeal did it  no mortal could tell  nothing but  frensy could over conduct them through it    Nor was there a gun used or tired about the pre   mises on that occasion  nor was there any prepa   ration of arms even for defence  much less to attack  or assail with  that deponent ever saw or heard of   except that he heard Air  Quinn had bought a new  gun  There was no more inoffensive  harmless man   than Frank Qninn  EDWARD KEHOE    Subscribed and sworn to before me  this 14ta  September  1855    JOHN H  NEW  N  P    J  C    Deposition of Sarah McGrow    Sarah Me G raw statos that sho and h ar family  have resided in Quinn s row  between Tenth aud  Eleventh streets  in Louisville  foc  four or five  years  Mr  Frank Quinn  the owner of the build   ings  boarded with her upwards of two years   She states that a good deal of dread and alarm ex   isted in the vicinity whore she lived  in eonso   qnenoe of threats aboui what thd party called tho  Know Nothings would do to tho foreign population   mcbnssqnence of which evory one with whom she  was acquainted  or whom sho heard speak on the  subject  was particularly careful to provoke no diffi   culty or controversy with them  It was supposed  and believed that violenco would be offered to  them by that party    She statos that about two weeks bofore tho  election  a party of this order camo from the corner  of Elevonth and Market  where the Know Noth   ing lodge was held  to Main street  between Tenth  and Elevonth  manifesting violenco by knocking  down individuals  and shooting and riotous con   duct  and tho residents against whom their clamors  were directed bore theso threats and assaults  quietly  knowing thoy could not resist them if they  had boen disposed  and on this oooasion  ono of  the balls which they shot entered the door of a  Mr  Burke  and came near striking a young woman  living in the house  Tho hole this ball made was  afterwards shown by Mr  Quinn to the two watch   men  Joseph Ott and John Gray    The second night afterwards a party of marau   ders of the same order came from the same i     Deposition cf Edward Kehoe    Edward Kehol states that he resided on Eleventh  street  in the back part of the building in which  Roger Long resided  at the corner of Eleventh and   Ua m 4lt a I am w m n     rtf On  nn j  AUT  that     Main streets  tho lower part of Quinn s row      he and some of his neighbors went to the Eighth  Ward voting place early on the morning of the 6th  of August to vote  but when they got there they  found the door and around it crowded by the Know   Nothing party  many of whom  he was informed   remained there all the preceding night  so that he  saw no chance for him to vote  he remained awhile  and porccived the prospects more gloomy  as they  permitted very few but their own party to vote   and ho returned without voting  and remained  at home all day    That about four or five o clock in the ovoning  a  young man  a personal friend to him and to Dennis  Long  came and advised them not to go out  that  they were coming down to stone tho houses  and  that they had hotter keep in and close their doors   We thanked him for the advice  but not expecting  that anything more would bo done than to stone  the houses as thoy had dono about 12 or 15 days be   fore  when they had broken the windows in Quinn s  row  and the windows of the houses of Mrs  Swee   ny and John Kegan  on Eleventh street  And  after finding and taking care of his horses  he de   termined to remain in the house with his family    Shortly jaftor he saw       and others coining from towards the Eighth Ward  polls down Eleventh street  in a buggy drawn by  a mule  one of the party riding the mule  and    waving a flag  They passed up Main to     ward Tenth street  but returned directl y afterwards  and wont up Eleventh towards Market and Jeffer   son again  and soon roturned with the buggy  in  company with a band oi others    They made an attack on tho socond frame house  above Eleventh  on the south side of Main  and  demolished it  afterwards set it on fire  and burnt  up three tenements    They next assailed tho tenement in which R   Long lived and kept a famil y grocery  tho corner  of Eleventh and Main streets  lower part of Quinn s  row  in which tenements were Mr  Rogor Long s  three sons  John  Patrick  and Dennis  and Barney  Cassedy  nephew of Quinn  Deponent was in the  tenement he occupied  adjoining  his wife  old Mr   Long  and wife  having gone to Mr Roach  suppos   ing the young men oould escape any time  not an   ticipating the attack that was made on the premi   ses and its inmates    This house  after smashing up the doors  they     place of   meeting  Eleventh and Market  to Quinn s row   between Tenth and Eleventh on Main  and stoned  and broke most of the windows in tho row  and the  windows on Eleventh street  between Main and  Water  in the house of the widow Sweeny  alsa  breaking doors and the furniture of a houso be   longing to John Kegan  on Eleventh street    She further states that Mr  Quinn informed her  that he had informed the Mayor of these attacks   and that ho inquired of the Mayor if there was any  mode by which he could be protected  and that the  Mayor said  he must protect himself  but he did  not suppose they would burn the houses  but thoy  might come again and do as they h id done  and if  they did  he should be prepared to defend himself     Quinn said he asked the Mayor if he would fur   nish him with arms  the Mayor said no  he would  not or could not  Quinn then said he would buy  a gun to defend his premises  if they attacked him  again  He did bring a new gun home  but he never  used it  nor was the gun ever loaded  nor does she  believe that Quinn knew how to load or to shoot a  gun  Quinn was a remarkably timid  harmless   inoffensive man    The building I occupied stood back frera Main  stroot about 100 feet  Though Quinn boarded  with me  he occupied a room in the third story of  the second tenement from the corner of Eleventh  and Main  and on Monday  the Gth of August   the day ot election   about half past 5 o clock  r   vi    when the assailants began their devastation on  the inhabitants and buildings  Mr  Quion and his  nephew  Barney Cassedy  were engaged in repair   ing a part of the fence in the back yard  which  had boen burned on the day before by accident   Quinn remained at tho fence that he was repairing  till after the shooting began  At this moment   did not see what was going on in Main street  but  the alleys and back yards were crowded with thos   hyena liko human beings in the shape of men   watching and hunting victims  and shooting all  thoy could see    The burning of the buildings that I could dis   cover  were tho corner occupied by Mr  Long  next   to Elevonth street  where the flames spread a oat  raged violently  in consequonco of a quant  cy of  liquor being in it  and the house occupied by  Burns  at the upper end  next to Mr  Qirawford   In a few moments the whole of the middle part of  the premises seemed to bo wrapped  in flames  in   cluding tho houso she occupied  r  nd the assailants  watching and yelling hideously  and ordering that  no man be permitted to escape  but to shoot them   Hor sister  who lived wi  n her  was in hor sick bed  near her last end  am  died the second day after    in this condition  W did not know whether to re   main with her sick sister and be burned up to   gether  or attempt to havo her lingering spirit car   ried through the tiring of the guns and pistols  but  resolved on the latter alternative  and her son  of  seventeen years of age  carried her in his arms  through the ordeal of the fire arms  and bore her  feeble body off   whon the rioters told hor to shut  her d   d Sag Nicht mouth  they were not going to  kill her    After thus having her sister borno off  she deter   mined to go in search of Mr  Quinn  under tho  charitable assurance they had given her  that they  were not going to kill her  and for that purpose  passed along the burning mass  but the heat ws    so great she could not get near   met with Mr  Ott   a watchman  of whom she inquired for Mr  Quinn   and ho repliod he know nothing of Mr  Quinn       Take care of yourself madam      There was no preparation of fire arms about the  premises  and certainly not a gun or pistol fired  that day about tho houses or tenemonts occupied  by Long or Quinn  nor was there any gunpowder  among them  if there had been  she certainly  would have seen or heard of it  If there was a  keg of powder about the premises  or powder m  any other form or quantity  it must have been in or  about the part occupiod by James McDonald   belonged to him    She farther obatos that the furniture and effects   of tho McDonald family  who occupied the upper  tenement of Quinn s row  next to Mrs  Crawford a  premises  were all taken out of the house by the  assailants as she has been informed and believe    and wore all saved  and that nothing on or in the  whole of the rest of the premises was saved  as she     believes  the other occupants lost all they had     number took Mr  Parent on ono side  and wished     she lost all hers  And she furthor states that she hoard Charles  Ostrander or Sanders  a nephew of Mrs  Craw   ford s  say that when he camo there   ho saw that  Mr  Quinn was burnt  and told them the old man  was roasted enough  and to take him out   and he  also said   Now see here  boys  this fire has gone  far enough    swearing they must stop it  and not  bum his aunt s house    SARAH McGRAW    Subscribed and sworn to before me  this loth  day of Sept   1855    JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  C      to know his reasons for loaving the Know Nothing  1 organization  Ho  Parent  told him ho was pres   ent when ho gave his reasons  and heard him  and  he should not repeat them at that time  Directly  after an Irishman was brought in at the back door  to vote  He presented his Democratic ticket  and  was in s tantly knocked down and kicked out of  the door before giving his vote  A man standing  close by mo  the man that had accostod Parent a  few minutes before  who  Parent informed me  was  Graham  afterward shot  in the evening  on Main   botween 10th and 11th   was about to strike him a  blow with his list  1 caught hold of him and told  him he should not strike him again  This gave the  man time to rise to his foet  but  in doing so  was  struck with a club on the head  He retreated to     votod  without presenting himself before the judges  at all  Most respectfully    W ILLLAM ROBERTSON    P  S  When I reached home  I found my chil   dren so much frightened on account of a man hav   ing been shot within a square of them  that I  remained at home the most of the evening      Deposition of Samuel J  Guthrie    On Monday  the 6th of August  1 went eirly to  tho Third Ward polls  for tno purpose of voting   There was such a crowd pressing in at tho entrance  door  that I saw I could  not well get in  I left  there and went to tho Fourth Ward polls  and saw  a man in or near the crowd at the door drop from  his t ocket a pistol  A man that I knew to bo a     Depoatlton of Ed  Fuller     I went to the Seventh Ward polls boforo sis  o clock Monday morning  August 6th  While  there I saw Mr  Gardiner  who was attempting to  go into the voting place  struck on the head with  something that caused the blood to flow very free   ly  Mr  G  intended to vote the Democratic ticket   About eleven o clock I saw a crowd of about twen   ty five or thirty persons on Eighth street  between  Main and Market  pursuing two Irishmen  and  firing at them with pistols    I make affidavit to the foregoing    EDWARD FULLER    Subscribed and sworn to before me  this 29th  Aug   1850  JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  C      whore Mr  Hughes  the junior editor of Demoerul  Kno w Xothing  afterwards told mo ho had taken  I was standing  who caught him by tho arm  audro  k j  n h oulo alld mtt do him change his clothes  so    Ue stod those presonl to permit tho man   vo c i that he mightnot bo known as the same man  f left  I entitled to do so  Ihcy were about to assault him tht Fou ll f Ward lls about 10 uyoc k  with the  i when three of their number intertered  and pre      r             wnen tnree oi tneir nurnocr imiw  F J    intention of going to tho First Ward  As I went    a manning         Deposition of Wm  Traxel    I went to the Third Ward polls about nine   he  streeMook g   l olock  I was pushed back every time I attempt  the state     f afiai     isl tn onthi  On that 1 OAiitil not   n I niir hil 1         bottle freely among themselves  There were  some other policemen pretending to let in the vo   ters and keep order at the front door  who  by the  bye  were doing the reverse  white others were  ranging around in front  distributing yellow tickets   some of them with clubs  I remonstrated with  those at the gate  called their attention to their  dereliction of duty  They mado the frivolous reply   that they let none in the gate but feeble or sick  persons  and that all was going on right  I called  the attention of tho regular watchman to the fact  of that party getting over the fence at the back  part of tho lot to vote  to the exclusion of those  waiting at the door to get in in the proper mannor   He replied he knew it  but could not help it    I had been there some time  aud suppose it was    about 10 o clock  a  m   whon Mayor Barbee came       with another person in a buggy  and stopped in  reefc  looking on  I called his attention to           4 r a s r i v   w ttuaiio  and while expostulating with   e   not t  vote   Indeed  1 1 him on the subject of his appointees to keep order      Deposition of John Hobbs    I was present at the commencement of tho riots  in the Eighth Ward on the day of tho election in  August last  saw the stoning of the house at tho  corner of Chapel and Market  from whence I pro   ceeded to Main street  saw John Hudson  with  whom I was well acquainted  run into the house    on the south side of Main street  pursuing au Irish  j     y     i     man and was with the crowd who rushed in alter I h   s    P e b ytbc  r out gate  Mr llardt  living at   his hat qS  ini   Hudson was armed with a bowie knife  aud   the cOTer ot Ten  and Walnut s e   n    was told  y   formod by himself  had boon knoc o 1   si y e n oW ticket in ms nano  anu alter goiting in    lue siuo or me noau a very violent oiow wun a     a child  I asked bin    t ee n  and To clock    raaw i thMr   Grai nger Democratic ticket  and that as he came  lung shot  and on my face with a fist  I had said   votod   Ho said no that he was going   between ana i OCloeK  i wu w   st Jf d _ out  they  moved him   Excitement was getting   nothing to any one  nor had any one spoken to mo  could t in And here I will remark      was told that I should not be allowed to   vote   I two of them came u an d Vindicated their                  i w f  nt Abo  1   w   oeloca  thinking   duct   anJ the Mavordid not incline to beUev   running trom the Third V  ard with that the polls would be more free  I returned ana  I then proceeded to that place and i entered tho room where the voting place was      I     him        was going up the stairs with his back to tho crowd   when a tull young man  who I supposejtook him for  an escaping Irishman  shot him in the back of the     by Know Nothings that he went in with 1 voted  and as I was walking out  I was struck on     head  Hudson fell on his faeo  and ou 1  turned over on his back  the man who shot him  exclaimed   My God  I have killed John Hudson       duct  and the Mayor did not incline to believe but  that all was going on right  I left for home  and  near the voting place I met Frank Quinn going to   wards the polls alone  apparently as calm and as     his being and Mr  Bridges  of the tobacco warehouse staml  hi J  then   shot him ing against the Main street door of Graff iiVeyd s     tho       mg     house  corner of Main and Tenth streets  when a     riedhimout  was well acquainted with Hudson   and had known him for years  some time since he  was arrested by the watch and held to bail in tho  J olice Court with another man  for whipping a  Dutchman  JOHN HOBBS    Subscribed and sworn to before me  this I 1th  Sept   1855  JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  C    I was well acquainted with the John Hudson  mentioned in the foregoing affidavit  He was for   merly in my employment  He was a man of bad  character  and while working for mo was arrested  and held to bail for passing counterfeit money  I  have soen his name mentioned since in the police  reports  in connection with a broach of the peace  and an assault on a German  At tho time ol the  riot  Hudson s residence was in the upper part of  the city  EDGAR NEEDUaM    Subscribed and sworn to before me  14th Sept    1855  JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  C    Deposition of Edgar Needham    Having heard it stated that a prominent citizen  of New Albany  with whom l was well acquainted   in connection with others  was actively engaged in  the riots at the polls in the First Ward  at the mu   nicipal election in April last  I determined toques   tii him on tho matter when I should see him   a  ascertain the facts in tho case  In Juno 1 had  business in New Albany  and called on tho gen   tlemen above referred to  I asked him if the re   port was true  that ho was guarding the polls in  the First Ward at our Spring election  He replied  il   es  I was over with some more of our boys   straightening up tho Dutch in tho First Ward   sometimes wo go over to Louisville to help the boys  on that side  and sometimes they come over to help  us   I saw the same person with others from Non   Albany in our oity at the August election  I saw  him on the day of the election  and also early the  next morning  He was at the polls at the Sixth  Ward  Ho was armed with a club  and  on one  occasion  assisted in driving an Irishman from the   F ills and chasing him into a store at the corner of  ifth and Jefferson  For tho sake of his family  1 do not mention his name  but will give it to any  one who wishes to make any furthor inquiry    I was present when the mob came up from the  burning of the property in the Eighth Ward  for   the purpose of attacking the Times office  heard  several persons  who  belonging to the American  party  say that the New Albany boys were deter   mined to burn the Times office in consequence of  some severe editorial remarks reflecting on their  conduct  which had appeared in the Times on Sun   day morning  This impression seemed to be gen   eral  and was distinctly recognized and alluded to  by some of tho gentlemen wno addressed the mob   attempting to dissuade them from their purpose   Before any person had addressed the mob  a young  man passed along in front of them  saying   Gen   tlemen  what s tho matter  isn t everything ready   Some one answered   Where are the New Albany  boys  whore are tho New Albany boys    At this  time a sign  a kind of whoop  was given  and was  re s ponded to by some men near the corner of Jef   ferson and Third  Some one in the crowd then  answer    That s them  that s them   In con   nection  7ith the facts just stated  I may add that  the crowd tfho rushed to the court house for mus   kets for the purpose as was stated of repelling the  attack of the Germans in the First Ward in the  early part of the afternoon  passed in their return  from the court house with their muskets close to  the door of my store on Jefferson streot  I cn    deavored to recognize some of them  but could not   And am satisfied that many of them were non res   idents of Louisville  From tho facts hero stated   and from the concurring testimony of others  I am  fully satisfied that muon of the violence and blood   shod which took place on the day of the election   was committed by persons who have no citizen   ship in Louisville  I noticed also an unusual num   ber of young men and half grown boys actively  engaged in conduct tending to disorder and riot  4  n that day  When the cannon was first taken  ou t from tho engine house on Jefferson street  it  wah   seized and dragged nearly two squares toward  the of riot  by young men and boys  before  Naving the legal charge thereof could get  p  io n  Gne of the most melancholy facts  cr n tod with the cloction riots  was the reckless   ness o  humt U life manifested by those engaged  therein    On 10 night of tfcd election  and before the mob  had a emblod in front of the Times Office  1 in   quired of a group of men assembled at the cor   ner of Fifth and Main  and who had just come up  from the wreck of Quinn s buildings  in respect to  a well known citizen who was roported as killed at  the corner of Main and Chapol streets  1 was in   formed by a gentleman who confessed to an active  participation in tho riot  that the gentleman in   quired for was not injurod  but that a man in his  employment was shot  I then inquired of him  how many were killed at Quinn s buildings  lie  replied   That would be hard to tell  but we popped  them down as fast as they came out   Another  man  who was armed with a muskot and bowie   knife  and who was going to the First Ward in the  eai ly part of the afternoon  was accosted by an  acquaintance near tho front of my store  who in   quired where ho was going  The man answered    I amusing to the First Ward to show tho damned  Dutch tu Ct  by God  Sam is about     I am aw ve that crimination and recrimination  as to the ori xnof the unfortunate riots of August  last  can answer no good purpose except so far as  they may lead to An united effort on tho part of  all good citizens to prevent a recurrence of the  same  This can only done by men of all par   ties exhibiting towards e  ich other perfect toler   ance of political opinion  and the broadest charity  as to religious faith    EDGAR NEEDHAM    Subscribed and sworn to before me  this 14th     Two men  with yellow tickets  had  placed themselves  ono on each side of the en   trance door  which was narrow j  leaving but little  space between them for the voters to pass in  I          nS txtum them offer a ticket to a man  who I took to be   Wo retreated to the opposite corner  While there K American  which he threw down  saying  he  I saw three men advance  to the door  two ot whom   had a ticket and went in   voted   While he  were about to strike with their clubs  1 he third   _     a Ye   ill 1116 1 y X lit    v Mlivu uuuu  iuuauii      ill iiil     uauiic uv ui I n uivu    oo iiauu    ivai iul uui   and immediately took him upand with others car   l ua   men with clubs and boulders appearci in between them for the voters to pass i   7     J   tho street  and called out   Americans  tote   tUemoffer a ticUe t to a man  who Itoofc lo he         lefC   q n A mariAiln 11  Bi ill lift th nli  ilntun  a i i nil Vi Ik                 was in  one of tho men  with tho yellow tickets    cau B ht holdof the clubs and said something in a beckoned t   a larg0 man out sido  and told him  low tone  which I could not hf ar   u e y on to  move  that fellow as he cainc out  but here   joined the men in the street  and in a few minutes lu3ed   he w l3 tired   they all proceeded up Mam street  homo days Mr the ghcrjff at tho Third W ard   after  happening in conversation with Meestv u with y     until he _ tout of tho   Hump  Parent  and handford Swindler  I named crowd  j thl   k the voter askod him t0 do   0       the above occurrences  Mr  Swindler directly rc  marked in reply  that he knew all about that cir   cumstance  A man in his employ  who is a Know   Nothing  and the one who had prevented the at   tack  told him it had been previously arranged to  destroy Graff A Weyd s house    Haring been called upon to make a statement of  what I saw And heard on that day and night  I  have deemed it my duty to do so  Respectfully   AARON HEWE6      Who Begau the Biot  at Quinn s Row    The testimony shows that about five o clock  the mob in the Eighth Ward  armed and organ   ized  came up Market street  before any firing was  done  and avowed that they were going round to  Main street to fight  Rhoades joined the mob at  Bettison s drug store  corner Elovedth and Market  Long had been previously warned to shut up his  house  as the mob was coming to attack Quinn s  Row  Rhogdos warnod O Connell to shut up  See  O Connell s statement  published in the certificates  of tho Journal  How did tho mob commence ope   rations  They are ready at their destination  and  must make an occasion  Notwithstanding Rhoades  had warned his friend O Connell to shut up  for  there were drunken meo about  and O Connell had  taken the hint in haste and shut up  two of the  Journal s affiants swear that this crowd was qui te  peaceable  They came to fight   but we hardly  ever heard of such a peaceable company until two  bloody Irishmen came along and commenced firing  at the crowd    But here are two of the Journal s affiants who  did soe a little     Richard Marsh  being sworn  says  I am eighteen  years old  reside on Green street  between Fourteenth  and Fifteenth  Louisville  That on Monday evening   6th lust   about half past five o clock  affiant was sitting  on a porter wagon near the sidewalk  at the corner of  Main and Tenth  The Americans were on the sidewalk   quietly talking  none of them were intoxicated or dis   turbing any one  I observed three Irishmen come from  McDonald s grocery  on the North side of Main street   and passed through the crowd  down Tenth  towards  Market  after turning round in Tenth street  about the  tnue they readied Market  say  within five minutes   they returned  As they returned  and when pacing  through the crowd  suddenly one of the Irishmen  brushed against one of the crowd  and  I think  then  some one struck at him  and  without a word  one ol the  Irishmen commenced firing a revolver  and then the  whole three commenced firing  aud shot at least twenty  times  each of the Irishmen had a pair of revolvers   aud they returned back to McDonald s grocery  where  they came from  there were a number of Irishmen  standing in ami near the floor of McDonald s grocery   The crowd of Americans scattered when the firing com   menced  some running one way aud some another  I  went out Tenth street  John Kay was shot in the arm   Wm  Love in the ear  each of whom I have since seen   and probably others were shot  and the Irish returned  unhurt  RICHARD MARSH    Subscribed and sworn to before me  August lu  le       O  II  ST RATTAN  N  1       Leander Applegate  beiug sworn  states  1 am seven   teen years of age  son of James 8  Applegate  and re   side on Jeflerson street  between Fourteenth and Fif   teenth  Louisville  About half past five o clock  r  m    on Monday  Auguste  I was standing leaning against  the house at the southwest corner of Main and Tenth  streets   I have heard the affidavit of Richard Marsh  read  and know the same to be true as to the occur   rences therein detailed  and adopt the same as part of  this deposition    When the crowd of Americans dispersed  I ran down  Main street to the first open lot  and then went across  to the alley  and seeing an Irishman snap a pistol at  me  ran back to Chanel street  and then ran towjurds  Market street  aud as I l     McDonald s grocery      ran the Irish fired at me from  LEANDEK APPLEGATE      Subscrib d and sworn to  August 10  1855    O  li  STKATTAN  N  P    An Irishman brushed against one of this crowd   aod some one struck at him      Here is a card  published by Capt  Thomas in  the Madison Banner     Mr  Editor  Itseems tol e necessarj   in consequence  of reports abroad having the semblance of being con  tradictory  purporting to have originated from me  that  1 should give an occurrence that I saw in Louisville  during the riots  About five o clock on Monday after   noon  while passing down Tenth street  from Market to  Main  I saw three genteelly  dressed Irishmen walking  immediately in front of me  1 saw one of them put his  hand to his side  as if feeling for a pistol  This excited  my curiosity  and I kept my eye intently upon the  tluee persons in front of me  and discooered not king fur   ther until they approached a crated on tlu corner of nth  and Main  when one from the crowd stepped forward and  struck one of the Irishmen  when a general melee com   menced  About tliirty shots were fired  by whom I  know not  fur at this time I was on the back track in  double quick time  This is all I saw of the Louisville  riot  ami all I have reported  There were other diffinil      I rettysoon another man  who I took to bo a for   eigner  voted  and as he came out a large man   who I was told was a tyrickinaaon   moved him    giving him some severe blows  and  as he ran off   threw af ter him a stone or brickbat  which I un   derstood struck him in the back  but do not know   as he turned the corner out of my sight  Soon  another man  whol thought was a foreigner  went  in  They offered him a ticket  which he refused  to take  As he came out  he was struck by a  man whol had thought was wounded in the hand   as he had it wrapped in his handkerchief  But ho  struck a severe blow with that hand  and a man  on tho other side struck the fellow again  which  stunned him  and as he fell  he was caught by a  man bohind him  and assisted out of tho crowd        There did nut seen  to be many engaged in mis    Toullyiug  and 1 thought the police could have pat  a stop to it if thoy had tried  But while I was  there no effort was made to do so  except in the  one instance  by tho  Sheriff  as above named  I  saw other officers there at the time  and know they  saw what was going on    I then went to dinner  When I rcturnod  there  were but few people at the Third Ward polls  The  street was thronged with tho mob rushing up to  the First Ward  armed with clubs   c  I saw sev   eral fire arms in the crowd  The most of the  crowd had yellow tickets in their hats  or pinned  to their coats  I then proceeded to tho Sixth  Ward polls  and saw in the courtyard crowds of  men and boys with clubs   c   hallooing for 8am   They also wore tho yellow badge  I saw the man  killed under the Know Nothing platform  near tho  court house  1 saw others attacked by this crowd  in the yard  I did not see a foreigner attack any  one  or make any other defence when attacked   other than by flight    SAMUEL J  GUTHRIE    Deposition of Charles D  Blackford    I am a native of Kentucky  and forty three  years of age   in religious faith a Protestant   have  resided in this city eleven years   my business that  of a clerk  About 12 o clock on Monday  the Oih  of August  1 went to the Seventh Ward polls to  vote  1 had no ticket   expected to get one when  I got there   did not get a ticket   went to the  Judges  stand to vote  On giving my name I was  sworn to answer questions  The j udges being sat   isfied of my right to vote  asked how i would vote    I told them I would vote tho Democratic ticket   was told there was no Democratic ticket   and was  requested to name the men I wished to vote for   Not being familiar with all the names on the De   mocratic ticket  I stood a moment trying to recol   lect them  I gave the name of Clarke  for Gover   nor  On doing so a man  he was a stranger to  me  seated at tho clerk s table  said    Sag Nicht  ticket   and my vote was recorded on the Demo   cratic list without giving any moro names  Just  as iny vote was recorded  some ono behind mo told  mo to come out  that others wanted to vote  I  immediately started out  A stout young man   whom I did not know  jerked me rudely  saying      Go out   1 told him I had given offence to no   body  and did not like to be insulted  1 was again  laid hold of violently  jerked  and ordered away    1 again said that I had not offended any one  and  would not be abused  I was then struck violently  in the face with the fist  which was followed by  other blows thick and heavy  from tho crowd  around mo  knocking me down and bruising me  badly  I had neither struck  nor attempted  or  threatened to strike any one  While being beaten   some person or persons interceded  and got the  bullies away from me   and I went to Dick s drug  store to wash  and have my wounds dressed  I  had no weapons of any sort   never carried weajons  in my life  While at the polls  and bofoio voting   a number of yellow or Know Nothing tickets were  Offered Tne  which I declined to take   K ymg  they  did not suit me  I knew none of the men who  struck me  Was not at tho polls  all together  over  ten or fifteen minutes  In speaking even of what  befell mo there  1 made no statement to any ono  different in substance from tho foregoing    CHARLES D  BLACKFORD   State of Kentucky  Jefferson County  set    Subscribed and sworn to before me  by Charles  Blackford  Sept  17th  1855    J  B  KINKEAD  N  P  J C      1 make affidavit to the foregoing    WM  TRAXEL    Sworn and subscribed to before me  this 25th  August  1855  JOHN H  NEW  N P   J  C    Deposition of Coleman Daniel    Some time after twelve o clock  Monday  6th     asked him if ho had  to see if ho   get in  And here I will romark  that I did  not ask a man how ho would vote  nor did I dis   tribute butene or two tickets  which I had in my  pocket  These I gave to some ono in the morning   and I believe near the Seventh Ward polls  While  remonstrating with these conservatives about their  partiality in letting in voters  I did not inquire as  to how or who they voted for  but told them that     August  as I was coming out of the Third Ward j was perfectly immaterial to me  that all I insisted     ties in the city  some of which I saw after they hail  been commenced  Any further information may be had  of certain gentlemen who did some tall running through     day of September  1855    JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  C    Deposition of Eliza McDonald    On MoDday 6th August  I was living in the same  house with Mrs  Trainer  she occupying the front   and I the back part of it    About half past five o clock  Monday afternoon   a number of men burst into my room  where Mr   Barret  from whom I rented my room  and who  with his wife roomed next to me  was   and going  up to him where he was kneeling behind the bed   one of them broke a gun over his bead  and an   other shot him with a pistol  They then dragged  Mr  Barret across the bed and pulled him out of  the room to the porch  and there hung him  While  hanging  one of the men took a cane loaded with  lead and broke Mr  Barret s skull in several places   Some of tho men then took a butcher s hook  which  was fixed in the wall to hang meat upon  and in   serting it in Mr  B  s chin  endeavored to pull him  along with it   but the flesh gave way and the hook  camo out  Mr  Barret died that night at nine  o clock  Mr  Barret had not been out of his room  but once during Monday  whon he went after some  water  which was at three o clock  _ From that  time until five o cl Mjk ho remained in my room   where he was waiting for his wife  who had gone  out washing    Mr  Barret did not fire at any one  I am sure    because he was in my room  and because I know  he had no pistols  nor any other weapon  Mr  B   was a poor  harmless  sick man  unable to earn his  living  being dependent altogether on his wife for  his support    1 mako affidavit to the foregoing    eliza McDonald    Subscribed and sworn to before me  this 28th  day of August  1855    JOHN U  NEW  N  P   J  C    Deposition of Mrs  Catherine Midlen    1 solemnly swear and affirm that I hare never  given any affidavit  or mado any statement that I  have sworn to  in relation to the affairs on Mon   day  sixth August  to anybody or person what   ever    I have been informed that my namo is affixed to  an affidavit published in tho Louisville Journal   I never authorized any one to do so  and know  nothing of the contents of that paper    On that day  sixth of August  I was in the house  with M  Long  who occupied one of Quinn s houses   Along with the other women I went up stairs  when the fury against tho house began  There  was no shot fired from Mr  Long s house at any  time during that day  or on any day  If there had  been any shooting from Mr  Long s house  or from  any of Quinn s houses as far as south of Chapel  street  I must have heard them    Some men with clubs and pistols and knives camo  into the room whore we were  and dragged us down  stairs  CATHERINE MULLEN    Subscribed and sworn to before me  this 15th  Sept   1855  JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  C      Deposition of Capt  Aaron Hctces    On tho morning of the 6th August last  being  election day  I proceeded to the polls of tho Sev   enth Ward  at about 9 o clock  and voted  was in   formed that ono person had been knocked down  there but a short time before  but at that time the     an alley with me  scared pretty badly at the random  shooting  WASHINGTON THOMAS    Madison  August 11  1855    Here is the evidence complete  The notice that  the mob was comiug   its approach  with its  avowed purpose  aud the commencement by an  assault upon three Irishmen    Innocent and very peaceable citizensll    TESTIMONY   AS TO THE RIOTS  At Election on the 6th August   IN LOUISVILLE    In Diflcrent Wards    Deposition of Joseph Ott    Joseph Ott states that he was elected a night  watchman at the April election  and acted as such  till after the August election  when he resigned    That some two or three weeks previous to the  election of 6th of August  he was in the store of  Edward Wilkinson  at the corner of Eleventh and  Market streets  where a conversation was being  held between Wilkinson and Dr  Joseph Bettison  about arms being in the Catholic church on Thir   teenth  betweon Market and Main streets  the lat   ter asserting that arms were in the church  and the  former declaring that there were none there  He  stepped out  and was soon called back  when he  found old Mr  Quinn and Wm  Tier man in the  store  for whom  he was inforwod   Wilkinson had  sent for thq purpose of having the church exam   ined to show that there were no arms in it  and he  was requested  as a police officer  to mako the ex   amination  lie refused  alleging he had no au   thority to make such examination  They insisted   He wont  aud was accompanied by Quinn  made a  thorough search  from cellar to garret  and found  none  and no appearance of arm3 or amunit on  and  so reported    That evening a party assembled  went on  Main  street  shot off  several guns or pistols  and stoned  some of the houses in Quinn s row  particularly the  third tenement from the upper corner  the second  tenement below the grocery storo kept by McDon   ald  and on that occasion Mrs  Loo  who resides in  tno corner house at the corner of Chapol and Main   south siu  of  Main  was shot  as she was looking  out of the tfiedow    The above  u4ement isoorrcct     igced  JOSEPH OTT    Deposition of William Robertson     I wont to the Eighth Ward polls about six  o clock in tho morning   found it impossible to get  in   remarked to a friend  we had better go home  and get our breakfast  seeing the polls were con   tinually crowded with the JCnow Nothings  who  were getting over and through tho fence on the  back part of the lot  I returned again alter break      last  and went to the back end of the lot  stopping  for a time  and saw some acquaintances  with many  others  pass through the lot adjoining the engine  lot  aud up to the voting place  I then wont in  front  and saw men with sticks in their hands  bring up men to the side gate  and strike twice  upon the gate  which immediately opened  and  they were ushered in  Seeing the entrance door  not very much thronged  I tried to get in  but my  patience was tired  I then wont away for a time    returning  found the door closed   for what length  of timo f can t say  As it was now near mid day   1 presented lqysc lf at the door  and whilst there  saw one man snatched away from the crowd  struck   and   moved   as the word was  Occasionally  two  or three iff the extra police would rush in with  their sticks in front of the voters  and roughly  press them back  exclaiming    G  d d   n your  souls  don t crowd this door   Occasionally  a man  with a stick would conic and make his way under  the watchman s stick with one or two following    1 Finally  a little beforo twelve o clock  I was per   mitted to enter the first door  I again had to stop  a considerable time before being let through  and      Deposition of J  C  Metcalf    I went to the Socond Ward polls a little before  0 o clock  I am certain  from what I saw  that the  polls were in the possession of the Know Nothing  party  and that no ono could vote unless the Kn  w   Vothings permitted him  I myself was not able  to vote  While at tho polls I saw a German struck  by an American    I mako affidavit to tho foregoing    J  C  METCALF    Subscribed and sworn to before mo  this 25th  August  1855    JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  C    Deposition of C  K  Metcalf    I concur in the above statement  and make af   fidavit thereto  C  K  METCALF    Subscribed and sworn to before me  this 25th  day of August  1855    JOHN H  NEW  N P   J  C    Deposition of Wm  L  Sutton    I was born in Shelby county  Ky   have resided  in Louisville over 15 years  and am over 58 years of  age  I reside in the Sixth Ward  On the 6th ot  last August  I went to the court house between 2  and 3 o clock  r  m   to vote  At the top of the  steps several men offered mo yellow tickets   the   American  tickot    I declined to receive them   In tho passage yellow tickets wore again offered  to me  and 1 iook one  but threw it down before  reaching the door of admission  in front of the  door several men interposed  and told mo to show  my ticket  1 replied that I didn t show my ticket   They insisted on my showing it  which I still re   fused to do  one of them  in tho meantime   standing before me  with his arms stretched out   so os to prevent me from getting in  Finally  1  told them that I was a Democrat  and intended to  vote the Democratic ticket  The doorkeeper  who  sat inside of the room  then remarked that 1 could  not come in  as they had taken a rule since dinner   that nobody could vote unless he voted the Amer   ican ticket  I then started off  One of the men  who had stopped me at the dour  followed me and  stopped mo  and toid nm to go back and vote  I  started back  He then said   But you must vote  the American ticket   As I was determined not  to do this  I turned and went home without voting    WM  L  SUTTON    Signed and sworn to  this 18th day of Soptem                 for was  that all entitled should be allowed to vote  in order    I went to the Eighth Ward voting place again  about 12 o clock  saw similar conduct  though not  so great a crowd  and soon returned  I went there  again about 4  or half past 4 o clock  saw the same  proceedings  and a limited number of people   Those who had not voted I suppose were scared  off  The doorkeeper called out for voters  when I  believe there were none that Wbuld venture to  come  While I was thus looking on  a buggy  drawn by a mule  with three or four men in it   came down Jeflerson street  one man waving a flag   he others brandishing clubs  They dashed about  here awhile  and spoko of going up street again    t inquired of watchman who thoy were    He told me  When they set out there was not  room in the buggy for all  and the stoutest of them  mounted the mule  and they started up Jefferson    I remained some twenty or thirty minutes after  town  Went up Jeffer   Thirteonth to Market   When I reached Market  saw tho attack on the  house on the corner of Chapel street  Saw a flag  waving in tho crowd similar to that in the buggy  alluded to  As I passed uf on the south side of  Market  a stout man  whom I did nt know  ran as  hard as he could  from towards Twelfth and Jetfer   soo  with a gun in his hands  held in an attitude to  shoot towards the scene of destruction at Chapel   with deep seated anxiety for the onslaught marked  on his brow    1 remained in the Seventh and Eighth Wards  all that day  and did not  during the whole of it   see a single instance of a city offioer  or any one  in authority  attempt to arrest the irregularities  that prevailed  or to promote order by word or deed    THUS  JOYES      polls  I was asked by Asa Roberts to come and see  him vote  I replied that he could go and vote  and  I did n t care about seeing him vote  I passed on  a few steps  when  hoaringa noise  I turned round  and saw Roberts on the ground  about the middle  of the street  and heard the cry of   Move him   when begot on his feet  and saw Roberts running  very fast round the corner of Green street  and  some large man  with a couple of brickbats  run  ning after him  COLEMAN DANLEL    Sworn and subscribed to before me  this 12th  September  1855    JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  C    Deposition of Thos   Jo yes    Two or throe weeks beforo the August election  of 1855  I was called on by a committee of the  Seventh and Eighth Wards to become a candidate  for the Legislature in that district  I replied that  I had no political aspirations  and that I could not  u   a     beacaudidate  Tli i call wa  repeated  I   P   They called again and again  pressing the appeal    10 Thirteenth  down  Finally  I told them that if nothing else would do    1 would try it  but  in confidence  not with an ex   pectation of being elected  that I believed  from  the movements and combinations I had seen  that  no one could be elected on that side  though 1  would become a candidate to enable me to e t press  my disapprobation of the seditious order of Know   Nothingism  to point out some of its deformties   and to endeavor to show a portion of the beauties  and excellencies of our existing institutions which  the Know Nothing conspiracy was calculated to  subvert and destroy  That 1 would not attempt to  electioneer  beyond making a few public speechos   where opportunities would be presented    I know of no such party or society as  Sag   Nieht    nor do I believe any such exists  Certain   ly  if such existed here  situated as I was  I might  have heard of it  or seen it  I visitedj no secret  political society  nor do 1 know or believe that any  such exists in this land  except those of thedestruc   tionisis called Know Nothings    My first act as a candidate was to attend a meet   ing at the lower end of tho lower market  corner of  Eleventh aud Market  when Mr  Worthington   and Mr  Daily  from Indiana  delivered speeches    After they closed  I remarked to the congregation   that I would reply to those speeches the next even   ing  and I would be glad thoy would attend and   hear it  Toward tho close of the speeches of Messrs    Worthington and Daily  some of the congregation  seemed restless  and left the place  and it was af   terwards asserted this party had stoned the houses  in Quinn s row    On tho evening proposed  I replied to the speech   es aud doctrines advanced by Messrs  Worthing   ton and Daily  when tho audience were quiet  and  thoso present behaved calmly and decorously    Subsequently Judge Bodly  the candidate in op   position  and myself  addressed the people once at  the corner of Eleventh and Market  and at the  Rescue engine house  on Jefforson street  and once  at Portland  All was quiet on each of these occa   sions  though it was obvious  from tho confidence  with which my opponont alluded to numbers and  success at the approaching election  and his appoal  to the party to rally to the polls early in the morn   ing  and do their duty  that all had been arranged   and perfectly understood in the lodges or councils    One evening during this canvass  when Col    Preston spoke at tho lower end of themarkot house  alluded to  the Know Nothing lodge or counoil was  in session over tho drug store of Dr  Bettison  at  the corner of Eleventh and Market  It was gen   erally in session on tho evenings I was there   and  some one of tho party in tho lodge was making an  acceptable speech  as the plaudits were frequent   and audible  and it was said that Judge     mado the speech  When the lodge dispersed   about 10 o clock  I saw the Judge with tho crowd    Col  Preston was yet speaking  and two men of the  lodge party took their stand in front of him  and  one of them would occasionally exclaim in a con   versational tone   That s a damned lie     That s  another damned lie    Damn him  why don t he  tell the truth   Then this man would repeat in  the eame  No damned Irishman or Dutchman  should vote    They stood in this posture at least  half an hour  and I kept my position  because I  was desirous to know their names  but no one  passed during that period who could tell me who  they were  Finally  the one who talked the most  began to change his tone  and said that ho was for  letting every  ono vote that was entitled to vote   whether foreigner or not   when tho other replied  vehemently  and swearing  that depended on cir     After this colloquy they withdrew      cumstances   as Preston closed    A few days beforo tho election my attention was  called by a tumult in the street  I ran out   saw  one man lying on the pavement motionless  another   who had beondown endeavoring to rise  got on all  fours  and was knocked down by a blow on the  aide of the head   by a young man  whose name I  believe is Hughes     From the blow  I suppose he  had something in his hand when ho struck  A  crowd collected  two watchmen  Howard and En   low  were pretending to appease those who assailed  those men  instead of taking them io account for  it  I learned that these two men  who were called  Irishmen  had been chased by a boy  apparently 15  or 16 years of age  from a point below Eighth  street  with stones  till ho got opposite to the Re   lief eugine house  whence the young men ran that  knocked them down  I remonstrated with the  crowd for permitting such conduct  went to the  engine house to inquire of tho warden how it hap   pened  The warden was not in  and a young man  py tho name of Badgett acknowledged that he  knocked them both down    On Sunday morning  previous to tho election  I  walked down to the Eighth Ward to see what was  going on  as I had taken no share in what is called  electioneering  except as stated  knowing that  no one belonging to the Know Nothing party  or  in affinity with them  could vote for me  and sup   posing that thoso who wore not coqneoted with  them  and had any patriotism or independence left   would do it  though I scorned to ask any man such  a question  but left him to do just exactly as he  pleased  from the conviction that  in a crisis like  the one referred to  he ought to have felt as deeply  interested as I did  I had  on that occasion  a  limited conversation with several  advised them to  be calm and tomperate  not to drink the noxt  morning or the next day till the election was over   at any rate  to go to tho polls early to vote  and if  the place was occupied  to wait till it came their  turn  and to have no difficulty  Persuaded  as I  then was  that the Know Nothing party would  carry everything they could by intrigue  or even  by force  but I had no conception that they would  import  or permit to be imported  foreign myrmi   dons to assist in adding murder and arson to their  success  It is said that many of the perpetrators  of the acts cf violence inflicted on Louisville  were  from neighboring towns  cities  oounties  and  States  and I saw or heard of no arms or muni   tions    The voting placein the Seventh Ward isoppo      ber  1855  before me  a Notary Public of Jefferson Mte to where I reside  A number of the Know   county  Ay  SAM L B  SMITH  N  P  J  C      f bing party must have roinained there all night      Deposition of J M  Summers    I went to the Third Ward polls about 7 o clock   Every thing was quiet until 9 and 10 o clock  when  a crowd or bullies came and took possession of the  polls  and prevented all the foreigners who would  not vote a yellow  Know Nothing j ticket from  voting  About 2 o clock I accompanied Mr  Stein  to the polls  and endeavored to have him vote   Mr  S  was told that he would not be allowed to  vote unless  he would vote a yellow ticket   But  by remonstrance and expostulating with them  I  succeeded in persuading them to allow Mr  S  to  cast his vote  Ji f ore this time I had endeavorod   by calling the attention of M   Hall  a yatchipap  appointed to guard the polls  to the action of these     from the clamor that was kept up  Early on Mon   day of the election  I saw a fine  hearty looking  man going up Eighth  towards Jefferson  his face  and the clothes on his breast  oovered with blood   I asked what was the matter  He replied that the  watchman or doorkeeper at the Seventh Ward  voting place had struck him with a pistol  and cut  his head very badly  when ho was attempting to  go in to vote  He said ho was going to hunt a  doctor to get it dressed  I did not see tho man  afterwards  When I voted at the Seventh Ward   the door being crowded  I was told I could go in  at tho side door  through which voters passed out   which I did  I found the Judges had the natural  ization papers of a person under consideration   whon a member of the Oity Council  who wo       bullies  to have the matter remedied so that there   standing outside the door or voting window of the  might bo some show  at least  of fair voting  But   Ulcrk s table  seemed excited  and exclaimed to the  Mr  II  refused to discover that any  u     wTODg  though I pointed out to him  stances of violence  demanding the interposition of  tho police    I mako affidavit to tno foregoing    J M  SUMMERS    Sworn and subscribed to before me  this 25th  August  1855  JOHN H  NEW  N P   J  U      Deposition of G  Stein    In those statements of Mr  Summers  concerning  myself  I concur  and make affidavit thereto    G  STEIN    Subscribed and sworn to before me  this 25th  August  1855  JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  G    Deposition of Asa Roberts      anything was I Judges   Examine the man s papers  and vote him  dm several in        l   isgood   I asked him if there was any ne  cessity for his interfering  as the Judges  and those  selected to manage the election  I supposed were  competent without him  He then said there wa    a gontloqian on the other side  pointing to Mr      on his left  Tho paper presented was rejected   and some others  as I was informed  because the  signature of the Judge was not attached to them   though tho signature of the Clerk  and the seal of  j the court were regularly affixed  and the men said  they had voted by them here for ten or twelve  years    I then went to the Eighth Ward voting place   on Jefforson  between Thiiteenth and Fourteenth  streets  did not wish or attempt to go into the  clerk s table  remained outside on the pavement      I went to i r hinl Ward poll   bout IS o clock    oU      Boyd s Commercial College    Our readers  will see in our columns the advertisement of our  friend B  Boyd  whose commercial college ranks  highest in the west  And well it should thus rank   for the course of instruction given is exceedingly  thorough  and no student  who is not wilfully ob   stinate  or naturally dumb  can fail to become an  excellent practical book  keeper    It is altogether a mistaken notion which some  people entertain that to be a good book keeper  requires years  or even months of training in actual  business  We may say we know better  Any  young man of good hard sense can become ac   quainted with the science  with all its frightful  mysteries and secrets  in one good  thorough course   sueh as is given in Mr  Boyd s college  All that  is requisite then  is that he look through the books  of an establishment and see the practical method  employed  and he can do so in half a day at the  longest  then he is perfectly at homo  The notion  mentioned above does not prevail now to so groat  an exteut as formerly  as any one can bo satisfied  who will go through our wholesale houses  banks   Ac   Ac   and inquire  It will be found that eight  in overy ton book keepers in the west  required  no actual experience before taking hold of a set of  books    Mr  Boyd s institution has boon in existence  several years in this city  and has sent forth hun   dreds of graduates   many of them are now mer   chants in this city  as will be seen on reference to  the certificate published in another column  and  signed by some 150 of the principal merchants and  book keepers in the city  As many more names  could have been produced  but it would not have  made the certificate any stronger or more worthy  of confidence    Those of our readers who wish to beoomo thor   ough book keepers  either with the design of fol   lowing the profession for a living  or of taking  charge of their own books  will do well to take a  course with Mr  Boyd      WEDNESDAY    SEPTEMBER 19  1855    Democratic Meeting    A meeting of the Democrats of Jefferson oounty  will beheld at Jefiersontown  on Saturday  the22d  inst   to nominate delegates to attend the meeting  at Lexington  on the 5th of October    Turn out  Democrats  and let us show that   although whipped  wo are not conquered   dlAw2   More of the Riots    The reader will find in our columns this morn   ing the details of the riots in the First Ward   The proof is clear that the poll3 were taken and  kept by an armed mob  that scouts of miscreants  were oentout along the streets to beat Gormans or  Irish  stone their houses  and destroy their prop   erty  They met with resistance at last  about  noon  on tho cornor of Shelby aud Walnut streets   where some foreigners  armed with guns  undertook  to dofend themselves  Then went forth the yell  of distress  Germans wore shooting down inno  cent Americans  The mob collected from all di   rections  and after routing tho Gormans from their  own houses  thoy pitched into a brewery  where  they destroyed the fixtures  burned up the build   ing  and drank up the liquor  and wanted to burn  a church  Whilst these outrages were going on  a  mob proceeded along Jefferson street  spreading  the lie as thoy went  that the Germans had taken  the polls of the First Ward with guns  It was all  a lie  but the guns and the cannon were taken up  to tho browery   not to quell the mob  but to make  a part of it    About this time the editor of tho Journal got  to the scene  and evidently felt happy at the havoc  Sam was making in the frolio he was to take   Here is a part of his doings  as told by himself     We did what we could by our own personal exertions  on Monday to quell ibe violent feelings prevalent in the  city  Eariy in me aiteruoon we went to the First Ward  pods  and  being received with loud acclamations by  tne large crowd mere  we addressed a few words to the  assemblage  earnestly beseeching all our friends to de   port themselves peaceably  to show themselves the  guardians of good order  aud to let no obstacle be of   tered to any political opponent who wished to record  his vote  Having heard declarations from the crowd  mat the Roman Catholic church in that part ot the city  was tilled with arms  and tuat an attack upon that ecu   nce was contemplated  we appealed to them by eveiy  considt ratiun that could touca the human heart  not to  disgrace tnemseives  their party  and the American  name  by the perpetration of such a deed of shame and  infamy  trom tne general response of those present   we have reason to conclude that our humble appeal was  not without its eilect    The editor of the Journal lets out here what was  going on in the First Ward  His vanity  that  prompted him to tell how he was received by the  church burners  and that ho made an effective  speoch  betrayed him into the indiscretion oi  admitting the state of things at tho First Ward  polls    To morrow wc shall give a portion of the hor   rors in the Eighth Ward    We have not all from the First yet  but we  shall have it ie due time      Oakland Course    The race on Tuesday was  ono of the finest that has been run over the Oak   land course for years  Both heats were well con   tested  The weather was beautiful  the track in  fine condition  and the attendance fair  We ap   pend the summary    Thomas G  Moore s b  f  Puss Harris  4  years eld  by Wagner  dam Argentine    John Campbell s s  f  Laura Spillman  4  years old  by Wagner    J  B  Hartley s b  h  Jamos McClelland   by Gray Eagle    Time  3 46 3 42      1 1     dis      Oakland Races    The race yesterday  over Oakland Course  was  for a purse of  150  Heats throe best in five  The  day was cold and disagreeable The course in fair  condition  and Jas  McClellan and Fanny Campbell  were the entries for the race  The latter was de   cidedly the favorite  and money invested was laid  out at two to one  The result justified the anti   cipations of the knowing ones    At the tap of the drum off they started   Mc   Clellan in the lead  On the turn of tho stretch  Fanny went up  and a blanket would hare covered  the pair  until within a hundred yards of the quar   ter stretch  there Fanny s rider let out a length   the horse fell a little back  and on reaching the  turn of tho quarter  his rider mado a brush  but  Fanny shook him off  and led to the score a neck  ahead  Time 1 47    There was but little betting after the heat  for  the horse had no friends  and little bottom  A  fair start was obtained for the second heat  tho  horse leading for the first quarter  when Fanny  made play  collared him  they run locked to the  gate  by she went  leading to the quarter stretch   Mack rallied for a moment  but the lady outfooted  him  and beat him the heat  precisely one length   Timo 1 52    Before the call of the drum  the owner of Mc   Clelland desired fo draw him on account of lame   ness  but was not permitted  and started in accor   dance with the decision in the third heat  and was  pulled up after running a few hundred yards  The  mare galloped around  of course taking tho heat  and race  Time 2 15    SUMMARY  ENTRIES    Jas  B  Hartley enters b  h  Jas  Mc   Clelland  by Grey Eagle  dam by  Boston      John Campbell enters Fanny Camp  bell  4 years old  by Glencoe  out of  Cub           Time 1 47  1 52  2 15       3   The sorry attempt of the editor of the  Journal to meet the crushing proof of Know  Nothing outrages in the Sixth Ward  shows the  malignity of the adder with its fangs extracted   He does not question the statements made  but  hesays W  P  Thomasson s statement is not sworn  to or signed by him  but does not venture to ques  tion its truth  Mr  Thomasson is an old citizen of  this place  and formerly represented this District  in Congress   and the editor of the Journal knows  it would be idle for him to question his veracity   Mr  James Speed is  a very bitter and active  anti Ameriean speaker   according to the Journal   He might have added  too  that ho is one of the  first members of the Louisville bar  has represent   ed this oity in the Legislature  and is a man whose  veracity and integrity no one questions     Col  Geo  Alfred Caldwell  the principal advi   ser aud director of the Sag Nichts party   He is  also amongst the first advocates at the bar  and  formerly represented the Fourth Distriet in Con   gress    F  S  J  Ronald  President of tho  Sag Nichts   Central Committee  No man is better known in  this oity and county  and it is not worth the edi   tor s while fo waste his ink and paper in attempt   ing to impugn his  testimony    Col  Thomas M  Hicks  too  the editor of the  Journal says  was adefeated Sag Nichts candidate  for the Legislature  So he was  and defeated by  fraud aud violence  by a mob of miscreants   but it  is a waste of time to question his veracity  He  has lived too long in Louisville  and is too well  known as an intelligent and substantial citizen    In spite of these statements the editor falls  back upon the oft repeated lio that violence was  provoked by foreigners  There is not an intelli   gent man in Louisville who does not respond   falsehood  to such a falsehood in his heart of  hearts    Then the editor of tho Journal repeats the lie  of the indiscriminate murder of inoffensive na   tive born citizons quietly passing along the streets   No occurrence of the kind happened in Louisville  as the murder of an inoffensive native born citi   zen quietly passing along the streets  There were  only four  Americans   as they are called  killed    Eihoadcs  Graham  Hudson  and Watson  They  were all engaged in the mob    Read the certificates which we publish this  morning  and say what sort of quiet  peaceable  citizens they were  Hudson was killed by one of  his own Know Nothing mob  Graham was killed  breaking down a door to attack the Irish  Rhoades  was with the mob and participating in it  when  he was shot  It is quite possible that when a mob  was in progress  houses stoned  men beaten to  death and shot  that some innocent persons of the  American party wore injured  Perhaps some were   Their innocence  however  has not come to light  yet  The yell was raised that Hudson  Graham   ond Rhoades were shot down whilst peaceably  walking along tho streets  The lie answered tho  purpose   to excite the mob  and paralyze all resis   tance to its outrages  It was like the lie that the  Germans had taken the First Ward polls Monday  ai ternoon   like the lie that the Catholic church  was full of fire arms  like the lie of Tuesday  morning  that hundreds of Irish had collected on  Fil th street  to kill the Americans  These diabol   ical lies were current till they served the purpose   They have perished   but the lie that Americans  were shot down without provocation  whilst pass   ing along the street  is still useful  and all the doc   tors will try to keep it alive   but the overwhelm   ing testimony that we are publishing will drown  it and its authors  Squirm and wriggle  the  Know Nothing that carries a wound received on  bloody Monday  will carry to his grave a mark of  guilt  At least  it will behoove him to prove him   self innocent      Wc understand that at a meeting of the  Directors of the Agricultural Society on Saturday   there was quite an animated discussion upon the  proposition for tho Society to subscribe to the  capital stock of the Brownsboro  Turnpike  which  runs immediately back of the Fair grounds   Though strenuously opposed  the proposition was  carried  and a debt of twenty five hundred dollars  is to be saddled npon tho Society  in addition to  that under which it is now laboring  This Society  has been truly the boast and pride of our citizens  Nor are its admirers and well wishers confined to  the farmers  for whose  special and particular ben   efit it would seem to have been started  All  classes of our citizens  in the city as well os in tho  country  look upon its affairs  its prosperity or ad   versity  with a real interest    We have looked with much solicitude to its man   agement  and take a deep interest in its welfare   and can but feel regret at a step which  to say the  least  must increase the embarrassment of the  Society  by adding so largely to its indebtedness   The individual credit of some of tho Directors  has  in repoated instances  been called into requi   sition to help it from embarrassment  and if this  mode of proceeding   of making new debts before  the old ones arc paid off  is to be kept up  it will  not be long before good and reliable men will ro   use fo assume its management  and tho whole  thing must fall through  Upon this question  there is a good deal of feeling manifested  and  there are certainly two sides to the question ot  subscription of stock in this turnpike road  Tha t  the road  when made  will be a convenience to the  grounds  there can be no doubt  That it will  en   hance the value of the lands belonging to the  Society  to some extent  there can be as little  doubt   and that it may add to the proceeds of  each Fair  may be possible   though we have been  informed that the receipts of last year tor the  Fair proper wore not greater  with this road open   than they wore tho year before  when there was  no access in that direction from the oity    There is a serious question that arises on the  other hand  and that is  Have the Directors a  legal right to make this subscription  Does their  Constitution and their Charter give them this  right  Not having the amended Constitution by  us  we cannot quote that part which prescribes  the duties of the Directory  From our recollec   tion of it  however  we feel certain that the power  is not very explicit  and even if inferrable  it must  be very remotely so  Tho very nature and objects  of the Association preclude the idea that the  business of making roads is to be a part of tbe  duties of tbe Directory  If the Directory have  a right now to help make this road  they will have  the same right to help make neighboring roads  to  radiate in all directions from tho grounds  The  same power which they use now will prompt them   if anything should turn up to cripple the Frank  fort Railroad  to join in it and give a helping  hand  The Society is to a great degree dependent  upon the counties contiguous to the railroad for  the stock which adds so much to the beauty of  their exhibitions  and they cannot ha ve spectators  and receipts ithout attractions  One other view on this side of the question we  will notice  It is this  The Fair grounds are of  much more importanoe to this Turnpike Company  than tho road cau possibly be to the Society   Sound policy would prompt any turnpike to en   courage a project of this kind in every possible  way   as the travel of one week to the Fa r will bo  equal to months at another time  There are  other things oonnected with the subject which we  would like to notioe  but will defer them for the  present  We must say  however  that we fear  this act is unwise  if not illegal  and will set a very  dangerous precedent  besides impairing the credit  and standing of the Society  by adding to a debt  which seems to prove more troublesome fo get rid  of than any person supposed    They arc AU Coming    From present indications the 5th of October will be a  day long to be remembered by the Democracy of Ken   tucky  aud by the Know  Nothings  too  lor that matter   The unterrifled  unbought  unsworn Democracy of  Kentucky will hold a grand levee here on that day    Sam  is to be skinned  dissected  and buried with his  face down  The unrolling of the Egyptian mummy by  Prof  Gliddon was some  but nothing at all compared  with the interesting ceremoi ies which will take place  here on the 5th of October  Come and see    Lexington Stacsman  18th      New Orleans Cattle Market    Jefferson City     Monday Evening  Sept  10  1855     The arrivals to day were only of or Unary and veal  ca tle  The market continues in favor oi holders of  good stock  with an ample supply of common cattle  and a moderate btock of sheep and milch cows  but no  hogs offering    prices    Beef cattle   Western  fine to choice              rough to fair       8 8 50   Attiikapas Texas  etc    fib net 4 50  6 50   nogs    a net Sttl 9 00   Sheep  in lots  p head   choice   Milch cows  t  head  ordinary      choice   Calves and Yearlings      MARRIED    On the 16th inst   in Port Fulton  Ind   by the Rev   Sheets  Mr  Victor Carr and Miss Mary Baxter      On the 18th inst   at the residence of J  H  Oliver  by  tne Kev  Mr  Hulett  Mr  John a  Williams to Mis   Martha O  Conn  both of Jefferson co       8th inst   by the Rev  Mr  Wallace  Prof  C   W  wrioht  ol this city  to Miss Lucy L  evart   of  Burlington        JLouibviile Cattle Jiarket    Monday Evening  Sept  17   The receipts  sales   c   for the weekending to day   have been as follows  as obtained by our reporter from  the books at the yardB    RECEIPT     Newman s  Viasman s  Total    Head    277       Head     Head    142    JlUk S        Sheep and Lambs      420    Left over last week         Cattle      20      SALKS       Beef Cattle    140    142    CuWS              Ofieep and lambs      370    Left over tills week       Cattle        The market has been very poorly supplied in     6   2 7   763     282   6   227   712     We again remind the Democracy of our good  old Commonwealth that it is time all preparations  were made for a full delegation at Lexington  on  the 5th of next month  It is but a little time aud  we shall expect such a reunion of tho frionds of  equal rights as seldom has assembled in this coun   try  It is a matter of vast moment that the De   mocracy should be represented from all sections of  tho State  and we hope they will lose no time in  appointing delegates who will not fail to attend        2 2   dis      I 1 1     Upon appearing at the door  I   by pret Tmuch the game crowd   mkari m  to noma in and vnfcn  I    J u           while the officers and policemen  who had been     Monday  6th inst  Mr  Buck Ratcliffe asked me to come in and vote  and t      tolling i  But   ticket       eonae one without offered me a yoUow ticket    peTmit S   ing me 1 ought to vote tho American ticket  I       when I replied that I preferred to vote the     room  info wh ich  U Snfer    tbe      no tho street  and knocked down   and upon my  u  f   v     th A   Tor     Jrioting had been suppressed  At V   o clock cx    whilst there was pushed aside two or three times  watchman Sago requested Thomas I arent and my  1 by the extra police  who carried in men that were  self to go with him to tho Eighth Ward poll  and voted long before I was lot in  Further   I saw  see him vote  not wishing to go alone  Wo did one man whom I do not know strike some three  so  and weut to tho back cntranco of tho house  i or four men not further than fifteen foot from the  whore we found some fifteen or twenty men armed i judges  and there remained  as if the extra officers  with short clubs  Some of these mon I knew  were all blind or doaf at tho time  I also saw a  and entered info converse with them  One of the yellow ticket passed w tUioiigl  the window  and     Just Rebuke    Tho Huntsville Advocate  a staunch Whig pa   per  this rebukes the North Alabamian for styling  his paper  anti American      The Advocate is sent regularly to the North Alabam   ian  It calls us  anti Americans   Well  we are just  such acne as Henry Clay was  as Daniel Webster was   as Winteld Scott was  and the whole Whig party was in  the last canvass  such as thousands of Whigs  and  such as a large majority of the Southern people now  are   e are not American enough to proscribe an en   tire religious denomination  to bring by inevitable im   plication the charge of perjury against all natuialize l  Catholics  aud to discredit their patriotism  We are  Southern enough  however  to stand on the Georgia  platforn in preference to the Philadelphia one  which  has been broken to pieces by the Order in Louisiana   and sptrued and spit on by tho entire North  wherever  it has seted upon it    tisf  Tho blue bellied Abolitionist of the Jour   nal does not pretend to meet the proof of his  Abolitionism  He can t do it  He knows that he  has labored for tweuty years to sell Kentucky out  to the North  He can t deny it  Ho is now  joined inclose affiliation and sympathy with the  Abolition party  and secretly rejoices at its vic   tories in the free States  Indeed  he has not al   ways had the discretion fo conceal his gratification      rising the cry of move him was raised  and I was  obliged to run for my life    1 make affidavit to the foregoing    ASA ROBERTS    Sworn and subscribed fo beforo mo  this 24th  August  I860  JOHN H  NEW  N  P   J  C      the fence at th  lpw r part of tho lot  and come  into tuo same back door and vote  while tho anti   Know Nothings were kept off  I went to tho gate  and inquired for the officer or person who attended  it  when I was answered by three or four men who  claimed the position  Inside of the gate was a  group  all of whom had clubs  aud wete passing a     Passmore Williamson  who is a candidate  for Canal Commissioner in Pennsylvania  and is  supported by the Know Nothings and Abolition  ists  who have combined under the name of  Re  publicans   is  Secretary of tho Pennsylvania  Society for promoting tho abolition of Slavery   the relief of free negroes unlawfully held in bond   age  and for improving the condition of the Afri   can race   This is regarded as his chief qualifi  cation for office      Cif It will be soen by ono of the statements of  the outrages in the Sixth Ward  that Pat  Tansey   an Irishman  who had committed tho crime of at   tempting to vote at the court house  made his  escape without a beating  Ho was watched  how   ever  by the mob  and tracked to a house on Main  street  The house was assailed with brickbats  and stones  when a gun was fired out of the win   dow  This was sufficient  The cry was raised  that innocent Americans had been fired at as they  were quietly walking  long the street  The police  immediately became useful   they flew to the house  and arrested Tansey  The following testimony  was taken before the Police Court     T  M  Garvey called  Do n t know that I saw Tansey  until late in the day  liras coining down Main  guns  were fired at me from three story houses on the north  side  above Preston  one man came to one window and  a second mau to another window  couldn t recognize  either  one was a tall man  gun was pointed at me   Young Joyce and Ed  Shipp were with me  saw some  men chased arouud the houses and jump the fence   stones were thrown at them   there were five or six  young men with me and behind  saw a gun  but could  notdistiuguish features  it was across the street from me   do n t know that Tausey was one of them  It was before  the firing that the men run around the houses  and the  stones were thrown at them  did n t know who threw   saw some persons picking up stones  saw a man jump  over the fence  was up at the corner  Jackson street    some distance  could n  see distinctly    Au affidavit of the Louisville Journal states the  case thus     Affiant states that at four or five o clock  after having  had his head dressed  lie went on Main street  above  Preston  he saw some Americans with bricks in their  hands  standing about a large building on the north  side of Main street  apparently waiting lor Irishmen to  show themselves at the windows or come out  when he  saw a man fire out of the window with a gun  and shot  a mau m a buggy  who was passing down the street    None of tho mob were arrested   only the men  assailed by it     3   Tho August   Maine  Age  the leading  Democratic paper of that State  of the I3th inst    says     As our paper goes to press  one hundred guns are  being tired in this city  in honor of the triumph achiev   ed over the Fusion dynasty   and we understand the  city is also to be illuminated with fireworks  The vic   tory is well worthy of the celebration    The Portland Advertiser  the organ of the  Know Nothing  Abolition Maine Law Fusionists   breaks out in the following dolorous exclamation     The Election   Singular freak of the people  The  city fails u   Ditto the rural districts  Ditto the rest of  the Slate      REVIEW OF THE MARKET    OrncEor Louisville Daily Democrat    Wednesday  September 21  1855      REMARKS Tobacco  Th  market is well sustained   and an active demand prevails  but the receipts thus  far this week have been light    Groceries  Prices remain firm  with a moderate de   mand    Increased firmness was imparted to day to the sho t  and lead market  induced by th  receipt of dispatches  from St  Louis  quoting an advance in shot of 5c    bag   and bar lead   tc    We have heretofore referred to the recent opening of a  new trade in manufactured tobacco with the city of  Chicago  This tra e promises to grow to a very great  extent  In confirmation of which  we are happy to be  able to report a sale this day of 200 boxes fair and choice  Kentucky manufactured tobacco at 18 30c to that  city    MANUFACTURED TOBACCO Sales of 200 bxs Ky   do do  fair to choice  at 18 30c  for Chicago    TOBACCO  Sales ol 9 onus ai warenouses  viz     8 05  8 60  8 05  6 40  7 85  6 60  7 85  7 25  and 6 30    COFFEE  Sales of 48 bags Rio coffee at 12 ic    SUGAR  Sales of New Orleans fair sugar at 8c  sales  of refined do at 10c    FLOUR  Sales of 420 bbls superfine flour at f6 20   6 25    WHEAT  Firm at 61 05c    PROVISIONS  Sales of 100 bbls mess pork at private  term s  sales of ribbed sides at 12 xc  pkgs extra  sales of  lard from store at 11   12   c    CHEESE  Sales of 100 bxs W  R  doat9X l0c    CANDLES  Sale of 500 boxes star do at 26c  usual  terms  175 do Keller s brand P  T  at l3kc    POTATOES   Sales of 50 bbls uotaixci at  1 15    NAILS  Sale of 150 kegs at  o75 for 10d  and c rrcs  ponding rates for other sizes    BAGGING   Sales of do at 17c    ROPE  Sales o  machine rope at 8 9c    HIDES  Active  Sales of  60 green do at 6c  with  25c 9  hide for commissions  200 dry salted city cured  do at 13c    SHOT AND LEAD  Per advices from St  Louis we  learn tuat shot has advanced 5c 4F bag  and that lead has  advanced   c P tb    TALLOW   A sale of 50 bbls do at U c   nl   flfi       v            lass  10x12      GLASS  Sales of 50   3 51       5 50              boxes B  V  VV  gla   otfJW  50 bxs do  12x18  at  6 25  40 bxs do do  14x18  at     tity  neither has the quality been of the best  The  prospect is  if a greater supply cannot be had of good  cattie  that a number of our butchers will leave the city   Prices compare favorably with those of N   Y  By the  last report from the East  the finest quality only  brougnt lOc  and from that down to 7c    The receipts were mostly from our own State  but there  were a tew from Ind ana  as will appear below  to wit   WHERE FROM    AT NEWMAN S    Ky   S pencer co   Ur  Alci rocakn brought 25 beaA of  beef cattle and 40 sheep  Hardin co   Mr  lioskin   soii 12 cattle and 150 heepand lamb   Marion co    P  Able 22 cattle    Ind   M onroe co   Mr  Hilton 30 cattiw aud 103 sheep  and lambs  Mr  Smith 14 cattle  Clarke co   R  M   Henley 50 sheep  Orange co   Mr  Conklin 32 head  cattle    AT VISSMAN S    Ky   S helby co   Mr Swinney 16 cattle  G  T  Whitney  8 cattle  Spencer co   J  Foley 27 do  8  Oler 3J do  end 50 sheep and lau bs  Jefferson co   H  F  Via    man 13 cattie  W  W  Ladd 0 do  C  Dorsey 7 do   Clarke co   Mr  Quisenbery 37o sheep and lambs  Breckeundge co   Kehrn   Huffman 30 cattle   prices    AT NEWMAN S    CATTLE  Goon fat cows brought 7c  no extra in the  market  this is an advance of   c  Fair cattie 6c  and  rough at 5c    COWS  Sold at from  23 to   0  one at  50    HOGS   Slop fed at b tc    SHEEP A D LAMBS  Sheep at  1 60 2 00  and  w Ub in 0      J    10    icko    at          AT VISSMAN S    CATTLE  Best i the yard so id at 7c  fair at 6Kc to  6  c  and rough at 2 to 2  a c gross    oHERP AiNDLAilBs   One lot of 370 head  for shio   meat to N  U   brought  i 30        J  F  GRIFFIN    GENTUi uiiNis   Clothing and Furnishing Store    No  573  S  W  corner Market and First ft     H AS ANEW AND FASHIONABLE   stock of men s  boys   and servants  Full and  VA later Clothing  to which he invites the attention of  buyers  as U   i  determineu to sell at the lowest prices    Particular attention paid to custom work  which will  be done at short notice in the most approved style   Purchasers are invited to call and examine his stock   se Owl wtf     Louisville Commercial College    B  BOYD  Piincipal    NINTH ANNUAL NIGHT CLASS    F or the accommodation of   young gentlemen  who have not the timo to spare  during the d y  a Night Cuss will be opeueJ Tuesday  Evening  Sept  18  1856  We shall i e happy  therefore   to cooler  itb those who desire to become perfect  BOOK KEEPERS  at our School Room in the post office  building  corner of Jeile 8jd and lnir i streets    This School has been  n succeeslul opemtion some  nine years  and possesses the entire conndence of the  citizens of Louisville  who are willing to admit that in  thu School at least eook Keeping in all its branches is  practically and correctly taugm    Business Hours  9 to 1  aud 2 to 5 o clock during the  day  and 7 to lbai night    1 ekms  in Advance  Tickets for full course in Book   Keeping  Commercial Calculations  Penmanship   c     25  sel8 o lwI     Baltimore Cattle Market    Baltimore  Sept  2d  r  m    There has been a slight improvement iu beef cattle  and  the most of the 800 head offered  were sold at 3ja 43fc  on hoof  being equal to 7 f 8  c  and averaging  3 81   gross  there is an advance of about 12c 1  hundred    Hogs scarce and in demand at improved prices  sales at  8  9c  Sheep in moderate demand  and steady at last  week  8 figures  sales at  3 00 4 00 head    Foieign ittai keb    Liverpool  Sept  7    Cotton Market  Brown  Shipley it Co  s circular  quotes cotton as dull  at prices from l 16 Hd lower   The decline is mostly on uplands  Sales of the week  were 56 000 bales  of which 7 000 bales were taken by  speculators  a id 5 500 bales for exportation  Orleans  fair7  d  Orleans middling 6   6 6 16d  upland fair at  6Xd  uplands middling 6  d    Dennistouu St Co  quote Orleans middling at 6 d   and uplands fair at 6 d  The sales of Friday amounted  to 6 000 bales  The stock of American cotton in port is  345 000 bales    Flour  Market is steady  price stiffer  but not quota   bly higher  Wheat  Market closed steady at an ad   vance of 1 to 2d  Corn has advanced 1 shilling  market  closed dull  Bacon has advanced Is and the market  closed with an active demand  Lard has advanced and  the market closed with an active demand at 57 60s   Consols for money are quoted at 90 4 90     The accounts from Manchester represent the market  dull  but prices unchanged    Brown  Shipley   Co  s circular quotes flour steady   and prices  though stiffer  not quotably higher  Western  canal flour 40 g 40s 6d  Philadelphia and Baltimore 42s   43s  Ohio 43 43s 6d  Wheat closed steady at l 2d ad   vance  white wheat 12s 6d  Corn advanced Is  but cia   sed dull  white corn 44s 45s  yellow 39 40s  Weather  favorable  accounts as to crops continue flattering  but  wheat the least so    Richardson  Spence   Co   and others  quote bacon  advanced is  market closing with active demand  Rye  steady  prices unchanged    Brokers  circular quotes ashes dull  and no change in  prices    Bigland   Athya report naval stores as closing gene   rally with an active demand  Rosin 4s 2d 5s  Spirits  turpentine 35s      London  Sept  7    Baring  Bros fc Co  s circular report ffon market quiet  with au active demand  Welsh rails on hand quoted at  jG8 6s 8 15s  Welsh bars  8 5 8 IO3  Sugar closed  steady  with a fair demand    Money market more stringent  The bank has advanc   ed its rates to 4 per cent  Consols quoted at 9   9o   for money and account   American securities steady    and prices unchanged      Louisville  Sept  17  1855   We  the undersigned  graduates of the Louis   ville Commercial College  of which B  Boyd  is principal  being at present engaged as book   keepers in this city  take pleasure in recommend   ing Mr  Boyd to the publio as a teacher of the sci   ence of booa keeping  in every way worthy of con   fidence  and wecfieorlully commend the institution  to the favorable consideration of those desirous of    acquiring a thorough knowledge of accounts     John 8  Cain  Louisville Gas Co   John D  Til   ford  general book keeper Northern Bank of Ky    Louisville  Jas  H  Huber  firm ol Huber  Barret    Co   formerly book keeper for A  B  Semple A  Bro   hardware merchants  and for A  D  Hunt A   Co   bankers  Mr  Phillips  Louisville and Frank   fort Railroad  E  E  Levering  firm of Webb  Gill  A Levering  J  E  Sutcliffe  firm of Sutcliffe A  Hughes  druggists  Main st   Benj  Kennedy  at  Belknap A Co  s  iron merchants  Main st   Chas    G  Smith  at Wm  Gay s  corner of Main and Sec   ond sts   Wm  Murton  firm of Evarts A Murton   Maiost   Jas  W  Stokes  firm of Jno  M  Stokes A  Son  Main st    Jno  H  Poyles  at Dumosml A  Co   8  Wall st   W  H  C  Drydon  firm of Patton  A Dryden  Third st   Phil  E  Gray  Franklin In   surance Co   J  W  Shallcross  at Jno  White A  Co  s  No  508 Main st   J  C  Blancagniel  at S  G   Henry A Co  s  auctioneers  Mainst   Wm  F  Win   lock  at Durkee  Heath A Co  s  Fourth st   P  M   Conly  at C  Hagan A Co  s  Main at   Wm  L   Shallcross  firm of Shallcross A Guy  Market st    M  B  Chappell  at A  D  Mansfield s  corner of  Main and Third sts   Vincent Cox  at Wallace   Lithgow A Co  s  corner of Main and Third sts    Samuel Montgomery  merchandise and produce  broker  P  C  Newman  at Piatt  Bucklin A Co  s   Main st   S  P  Dick  firm of S  P  Dick A Co    Sixth st   Smith Crabb  firm of Crabb A Judah   Main st   J  L  Schroeder  at J  H  Schroeder s  28  Wall st   J  ii  Stackhouse  Courier office  Third  st   J  Werne  at John Kitt s  Main st   J M  Gor   don  at G  Self  8  Market st   N  L  Johnson  firm  of Parr A Johnson  coal doalers  Market st   S  M   Merwin  formerly of the firm ol Glore A Mcrwin   Benj  C  Weaver  at Fox  Storts A Co  s  Market  si   Wm  Douglass  at the Kentucky glass work   Co  s   Geo  K  Patton  firm of Patton A Dryden   Third st    W  C  Hall  firm of Brent  Warder A  Co   Main st   Emmer Moore  at C  F  Hawley A  Co  s novelty works  Main st   John R Gaines  at  Marshall Halbert s  Main st   R  F  Ilebb  at Wm   Kendrick s  Third st   H  M  Moos  501 Market st    Wm  S  Bradley  at Walker A Cuminerford s  Jas    W  Fosdick  Third st   John D  Baker  jr   at I  L   Hyatt s  coal dealer  Third st   Geo  S  Riley  firm  of Mrs  F  Devinney A Riley  Wallst   A  W  De   vinney  at Mrs  F  Devinney A Riley s  William  II  Steele  at Gill  Smith A Co  s  Wall st   George  Harbison  at A  Harbison s  471 Market st   Thos    J  Carey  at II  Carey s No  69 Fourth st   Chas   McGrath  at Rashaw A Roper s  Main st   W  O   Gardner  at Gardner A Co  s  Maiust   J  U  Wal   lace  at Terry  Oglesby A Co  s  406 Main st   J  J   Harbison  at A  A  Gordon A Co  s  Main st   Geo    S  Stewart  druggist  corner Fifth and Market sts     J  A  Guthrie  at Fox A Co  s  441 Market st   Chas    A  Baker  at Green Self s  Market at   Jos  Huber   jr   at Jos  Huber s  Third st   Charles Brumaker   lirm of Francis A Bremaker  grocers  Market st     H  Johnbocke  firm of Johnbocke A Bro   Market  st   S  L  Wormser  Market st   between Fifth and  Sixth  Samuel W  Hammond  tobacco warehouse   Green st   between Eleventh aud Twelfth  L  Leon   ard  at Waters A Co  s oil and lead factory  Main  it   J  T  Lewton at Wm  Lindsay s  Main st   T    B  Hitt  at Neal House  Thos  L  Curter  formerly  at Tucker s  at Tucker  Brannin A Co  s  bankers   las  L  Lewis  at Lewis A Bro   s  Market st   J  A   Wharton  furniture dealer  Market st   Jacob L   Sinyser  at Smith A Smyser s mills  Phillip Straus   corner First and Market sts   Wm  Stuart  firm of  Stuart  Bondurant A Co   Third st   II  D  Mathis   at A  M  Taylor A Co  s  Third st   G  W  Smith   at Smith A Wyatt s  Market st   Amos Fox  at J    X  Jabine s  Fifth and Jefferson sts   Benjamin D   Kennedy  Insurance office  Mainst   W  L  Biggert     it National telegraph office  F  M  Minter  Market  st   A  H  Schroeder  No  2S Wall st   William S   Shemweil at Samuel s clothing store  corner Fourth  ind Market sts   P  E  Odair  Stato tax collector   W  Wyatt  linn of Smith A Wyatt  Market st    Thomas Justa  No  64 Fourth st   George E  Funk   Centre st   W  F  Thoms  at A  D  Hunt A Co  s   Main st   F  M  Atkinson  corner First and Jeffer   son sts   H  M  Love  at S  F  Brow u s  Main st    L   G  Parr  firm of Parr A Johnson  Market street   Byron Bacon  at S  J  Evan s  Broadway  N  S   Glore  Market st   C  H  Fink  at Marshall Hal   bert s  Main st   F  Lindsley  at C  Proal s  Third  st   F  M  Garret and G  S  Garret  No  14 Wall  st   Jas  F  Bickham  firm of Bickham A Elder   Market st   S  S  Meddis  Jefferson st   Wm  Grif   fith  firm of Joseph Griffith A Son  Fifth st   Isaac   G  Lacy  lirm of Bunn A Lacy  Washington st    Jas  Bradley  at Colsten  Hall A Co  s  Main st    Wm  H  Henry  formerly at J  G  Matter s  Main  st   Edward Knight  Market st   between Fourth  and Fifth  H  Mulholland  at J  C  Mulbolland   Main st   John T  Thurman  lumber yard  Walnut  at   P  H  Walker  pork house  Jefferson st   Chas   Stone  firm of Stone A Bro   Main st   D  E  Stark     t Smith A Smyser s  Market st   John Owen  at  Allen  Brown A Co  s  Main st   Jas  Richardson   first clerk steamer Sultana  Edward Woolfolk   first clerk steamer John Tompkins  George Lloyd   first clerk steamer Lone Star  O  T  Atkinson  N    0  Breckinridge  John Eastham  Thomas H  Fowler       F  Hull  G  A  Ilorrell  John K  Moody  Jas  C   Rudd  River Clerks  Chas  McQuinn  R  B  George    H  N  Conklin  Wm  Purdy  James S  Rankin  and  Ferdinand Griffin  Teachers of Accounts    d2A wl     WEEKLY DEMOCRAT      TUESDAY        SEPTEMBER 18  1855      fctTYVe commence this morning the publication  of a correct history of the riots of bloody Monday   We begin with the outrages at the Sixth Ward  polls  The votes wore taken in the room where  the Circuit Court is held  and the occurrences de   tailed took place in the oourt house and in the  yard  in the centre of the city  They were wit   nessed  and aro related  by men well known in  Louisville and in this Commonwealth  Nor will  any one question the truth of their statements   The facts are not unknown here  but to persons  abroad they are neoossary to a just understanding  as to who were the authors of the damning deeds  of the 6th of August  Wo shall not offer any  comments until the proof is beforo the reador   Let the world judge  however  after reading these  statements and affidavits  who took violent und  lawless possession of the polls at the Sixth Ward   Remember  there were no provocations here  not  even resistance  A mob  armed with clubs and  brass knuokles  by terror and violence beat and  drove legal voters from the polls   and they did so  without any interference of tho logal authorities   Indeed  to all appearance  the exploits of the bul   lies seemod to give general satisfaction to the  Know Nothing party  We have not heard of the  least effort made by any of the police to atop  theso outrages  They made themselves useful  only in one way  as soon as an unoffending man    waa beaten nearly to death by an armed mob  tho  police would fly in  hastily seize the bloody and al   most lifeless victim  and convey him off to jail    In this way did the officers of the law play into  the hands of the mob  It was the business of the  regulators to boat or kill a foreigner who offered to  vote  and then it was the business of tho police to  degrade him still further  by carrying him to  prison    v But  commonts hereafter  The deeds of the  Ygixth Ward were conflned to the polls and their  vicinity  They accomplished their end and design   the suppression of the anti Know Nothing vote   The deeds in tho other Wards  particularly tho  First and Eighth  commenced only with such as  were witnessed in the Sixth  and were followed  by what we shall give in our subsequent issues   It is the first time that lawloss ruffianism ventured  its operations at this place of voting  The locali   ty is in the halls of justice  surrounded by offices  of the legal profession  the voting place of many  of our best citizens  And yet here was the mob   early in the morning  shouting and yelling for   Sam   Marshall  and Morehead  with taunts  and  jeers  and insults  until they worked themselves  up to the crimes detailed  establishing a system of  terror and violence   oven using the police and the  jail  in accomplishing their purposes    We shall show that the same things were going  on all over the city   but even these atrocities were  thrown into the shade by the atrocities of the  evening  brought on and carried on by the same  party    Let any brazen faced liar undertake to deny  these statements  The daring of bis mendacity  will be derided for its impotenoe  The witnesses  are too well known in this Commonwealth to be  contradicted       g  Tho Bourbon Fair commences on the 25th  of this month  and will continue four days      Races    Our readers will bear in mind that the  Lexington races come off on Monday  the 24th   Great sport is anticipated    Complaints are made of the scarcity of  groceries in different sections of the country bor   dering on upper Red River  The articles mostly  needed aro sugar  coffee and salt    The Snake Stokv    The editor of tho Buffalo  Express says he has seen the contrivance by which  the author of the Snake Story in the Republic   heated his imagination   He merely says it   holds about a pint       A Natural Result   A stage coach left Con   way  N  H   a fows days ago  with six passengers   all of whom insisted on riding outside  for the  purposo of viewing the scenery in tho notch of  the White Mountains  through which they were  passing  The stago was overturned  and some of  tho outsiders were badly bruised  although not  fatally inj urod  An open wagon is the best vehicle  to pass through the Notch in    FKmTSOFDuttNKENNESS   Wm  Smith  who was  lately tried at Boston  Mass   for attempting to  drown a boy  who had 1 laughed at him  while  drunk and staggering through the streets  has  been sent to the Penitentiary for a term of eight  years    Fog Gun at San Fbancisco    A twenty four  pounder gun has been placed on Point Bonita   north side of the entrance of tho Bay of San  Francisco  California  and will bo fired at half hour  intervals   at tho hours and half hours of San  Francisco mean time   during foggy weather  night  or day      True History of the Outrages   At the Elections in this City  August  6th  at the Sixth Ward Polls    Statement of James Speed   Esq    On tho morning of the Oth of August  I went to  the court house to vote  It was between six and  seven o clock when I got there  The polls were  opened in the Circuit Court room in the court   house  The voters were let in at one door and out  at tho other  There was a great crowd at the door  of admission when I got there  After voting  I  went to my breakfast and returned to the court   house at about eight o clock  Before breakfast  the crowd seemed orderly   there was very little  hallooing and noise  When 1 returned after break   fast  it bad increased in size and become very noisy   Soon after returning  I went into the court room  where the votes were being taken  and remained  there till near ten o clock    W hilst in the court room I beard a great deal of  noiso in tho passage  and evidently the noise of  lights    From the window in the court room I saw the  crowd  a number of boys and men  chasing a man  whom I took to be an Irishman  The man was  bleeding from his head  Tho pursuers were throw   ing stones and brickbats at him  This man ran  from the east end of tho court house toward Sixth  street    About ten o clock I left the court room and came  into the passage  There was no one in the passage   The man at the entrance door was crying   More  American voters   I passed to the eastern en   trance of the court houso  and saw the crowd pur   suing some one down Fifth street  I stood in the  door some minutes and looked at the crowd  It was  composed of boys and men wearing yellow tickets  in their hats or pinned on their breasts  and having  short  heavy clubs in their hands  From that door  I passed back through the passage of the court   house and out of the front door to my office  which  is on Centre street  and nearly in front of the court   house    1 had a full view of tho crowd from the street in  front of my office  By half past 10 or 11 o clock  the crowd had become an uncontrollable mob  I  saw it chase and beat many foreigners who went  into the yard  The mob moved about the yard  yelling   Hurrah for Marshall    Hurrah for Sam    Some time before I went to dinner  which was at 1  o clock  I saw a man whom I took to be a foreigner  knocked from the top of the court house steps   The stops are ten or fifteen feet high  When he  fell  ho got on his knees and raised his hands as if  imploring for mercy  He was pursued down the  steps  and a man commenced beating him with a  club  The man ran toward Sixth street  the crowd  pursuing with the cry of  Move hind   Kill hind   and throwing brickbats at him  He was caught  by the mob near the corner of Sixth street and  Court Place  and many persons were beating him   when Capt  Rousseau interfered and got the man  off  I ran over to see the man who had beaten the  pursued man when on his knees  1 did not know  him  The mob returned to the front and east of  the court house  yelling  Hurrah for Marshall    Hurrah for Sam     Soon after dinner  at 2 4 or 3 o clock  a mob of  boys and men came out of the court house armed  witt muskets and clubs  and moved up Jefferson  street  I inquired of a gentleman who came up  what it meant  He said that the Germans of the  First Ward  to the number of 200  armed with  double barrel shotguns  had taken the First Ward  polls  and those persons were going to re take them    1 said with emphasis that it could not be so   that  it was a false report  He replied that he was as   sured of its truth  and he evidently believed it to  be so    From that time till noar six o clock crowds of  boys and men were passing up and down Jefferson  street with badges and clubs  yelling  Hurrah for  Sam     About five o clock a crowd came down Jefferson  street  having an Irishman in custody who was  covered with blood  Just behind tho two men  who held the bleeding Irishman  a man walked  with an iron pitchfork on his shoulder  When  ear Sixth street  the cry of  Move himl kill him    was raised  and instantly the mob took after a small  well dressed man  who ran up Jefferson street and  into the court house yard  He was overtaken  near the gate to the yard and beaten with clubs    1 sa  y one man striking at him with what I took to  be an axe helve  He was knocked down and crawl   ed under the Know Nothing speaking stand that is  in the yard  The  uan with the iron pitchfork  was amongst the persons  and I thought ho used  it  Alter the man had been beaten till he could  not stand  two of the inob took him upon their  shoulders and carried him to jail  1 he mob fol   lowed  shouting  Make the damned scoundrel  walk   Dr  D  W  Yandell  who saw the man  just before or at tho time they were shouldering  him  said to me that he was dying  or would die    Just after sun down I saw two men bringing an  Irishman to jail in a buggy  I thought the man  dead  and so did Dr  Knight  who was with me   Soon after  a company or mob with muskets passed  down Jefferson street  having a banner flying in   scribed to this effect   Americans must and shall  rule America     Tuesday morning the crowd again gathered  about the court house yard and was a mob  I  saw several bloody men carried to jail on that     rested his flight  Here ho was knocked and beat   en and cuffed about by the mob  with heavy clubs   till the crowd closed in on him and prevented my  further view  In a few minutes I saw his mur   derers return along the route they had chased him   bearing his mangled  bloody  and apparently life   less body  with snouts and exultations and flour   ishing of weapons  to the jail    I do not know what becamo of this man  but I  have heard that he died  I understood that Dr   Yandell  who saw him  said that nothing could be  done for him  that he would be dead in five min   utes  He had the appearance of one already dead  when he passed my office  This is tho man that  was said to have been stuck with a pitchforkjbut  I did not see that  This man gave no provocation  for tho assault  and from his dress and appearance  seemed to be a genteel  well behaved man  I did  not  during the day  see any foreigner give offence  to any one  or even attempt to defend himself when  assailed  they uniformly fled for safety in great  alarm in every instance that came under my ob   servation  In fact  no dpfeno  was possible  for  they were but scattering individuals in the midst of  a raging mob  armed and acting in concert  During  the entire day I did not see a police officer  or peace  officer  or one of the municipal authorities  attempt  to save the life of a human being  or to arrest a  single offender  or quell tho riots  Late in the  afternoon  when Quinn s houses wore in flames   and the mob were at work in the Eighth Ward  I  saw Mayor Barbee walk from the direction of the  jail or the Police Court  where a large crowd was  assembled  and approach Capt  D  Stone  who sat  on the fence in front of my office  and quite an an   imated conversation ensued between them  A  large part of the crowd gathered about them  and  I did not hear what passed  but learned afterward  that the Mayor was ordering the Captain to proceed  with the cannon to tho scene of conflagration  and  that the Captain was asserting that if he took out  tho cannon again he would shoot  Mr  John Bell  and others told me this  At all events  soon after   wards  1 saw passing my door  going in the direc   tion of the burning at Quinn s houses  the cannon  and a squad of men under command of Capt   Stone  and about a dozen men with muskets  the  whole under the command of Col  Monserrat  and  immediately preceded by a largo banner inscribed    Americans shall rule America   borne by threo  men  This was the banner borne in the Know   Nothing procession on the preceding Saturday  night  and its motto was one of the rallying cries  of the mob on Monday    1 was in no ward during the day but the Sixth   that 1 now remember    GEO  A  CALDWELL      Main and Tenth streets  at Graff   Weyd s some   August  I would respectfully submit tho follow   person hallooed    Clear the way there  Ameri 1     cans   which attracted my attention  This person  leveled a pistol at the window shutter of Graff    Weyd s house  and at the same moment some per   son took hold of him and stopped himfroin firing   Ho with the pistol pulled  exclaiming    Why not  attack the damned Dutch house   and again ex   tended his pistol   but the person who had stepped  him from firing at first  again prevented him  and  at this moment a crowd came up Main street  hal   looing    For the Times office   and the persons in  the street joined them and went off up street      1 arrived home from tho east in the afternoon   on the day of the election  and about four o clock   p  m   reached tho court house yard  adjoining  which my law office is situated  Voting was then  in progress at the court houso   tho Sixth Ward  precinct  As 1 entered the inclosure  and before I  had got quite to my office  my attention was at   tracted by a noisy disturbance on the southern part     the polls  in tho court house  the doorkeeper   thinking  probably  I wished to go in  remarked    Baker  I know you  you are a Sag Nicht  you  can t pass me  nor no other Sag Nicht   I then  told I had voted in tho Seventh Ward  and did  not wish to go in  To which he replied   It don t  matter whether you have voted or not  you  couldn t pass me to vote   I then went into tho  court house yard  While in the yard I saw for   eigners driven from the polls with clubs and stones      of the court house  fronting on Jefferson streot    There also 1 saw a couple of fighters assail a Ger   Thc building so intervened that I could not at first I man  ono of whom struck him over the head with   l J     u r r    41 n   n f ni f nn  a   nnn tarinA AP tLpnn limnj ATpl U 1 Till n   fit tLo     cane twice or threo times  exclaiming at the  time   You damned Dutchman  leave here   when     VA T  Atv vu seo what was doing  By receding a few steps from   The houses in Quinn s row burned slowly  and where I then stood towards Jefferson street  I per              might have been easily put out had there been an ceived one man was being knocked down  beafland the other fighter also struck him  and bad it not  effort to have done so  Thero were several firo 1 kicked by a crowd which seemed to number about been for the timely interposition of Lapt  Rousseau   engines present  but I saw no attempt to stop tho seventy five persons  or at least as many of such a   I feel confident the old man would have lost his  in said rnw crowd as could get a chance to aim a blow at the life  JAMES H  HAhhlv      Russian batteries  came two large columns of the  enemy  marching in quick time  about two hun   dred yards apart and exactly parallel  a short dis   tance from the river  and in a lino with the bank   As they wound and twisted  mounted and descend   ed  following the inequalities in the ground in long   compact masses  their bayonets glancing in the  sunlight  they looked exactly like two huge ser   pents creeping rapidly along  their scales glisten   ing  and their prey in sight    The Russians plunged in tho river and forded it  at once  then had to pass over two hundred yards  of smooth greensward  exposed to a flank fire from  the Sardinian artillery    Murder    The head of the column had hardly     come up dripping from the water  when they found zens  in the county  were here on Monday acting     flames in said row    1 was at no other voting place during the day of  election but the Sixth Ward    The Democrats  before the last election  at   tempted au organization by forming a Democratic  Club Association in each Ward  with a Central  Club  composed of delegates from the Ward Clubs   The Ward Clubs were requested to make reports  onco a week to said Central Club  of which I was  President  If there was any arrangement or plan  to have any other than a peaceable and fair elec   tion  it was unknown to mo   nor do I believe any  such existed    A Mr  Norwood  from the First Ward  stated  the week before tho election  at a meeting of said  Central Club  that he feared  unless our naturalized  citizens could have some assurance of protection  they had been so beat at the May election  that  they would not come to the polls  Ho was re   sponded to by myself and others  that all we could     assailed person  I halted for a moment to seo if  sorno of the many would not do something to ar   rest the violence that was then directed to this one  person  I  in an instant  perceived that there was  no disposition manifested to protect him  but  on  the contrary  he received a blow from about ovory  man whose proximity favored him with an oppor   tunity to inflict one  I immediately ran to his re   iief   begging  as I approached  for the assailants to  desist   not to kill him   Don t murder him      Pressing through the crowd  which was thinnest on  the side at which I approached  I reached the as   sailed  and endeavored to rescue him  by getting  between him and the assailants  begging them not  to strike him any more  I now had my left hand  upon the assailed  a dense crowd was pressing from  tho opposite direction  I  with the assailed  was  borne eastwardly toward the stand erected for  public speaking  endeavoring to keep my hand     do was to rely on the protection promised to every upon the assailed  and to hinder with my right  citizen by the laws and with this the whole subject L 1 a     was dropped  I would further state  all of the  meetings which I attended of the Democratic  party were open meetings   no doorkeeper  no  sign or password to enter  and no pledge or oath  taken   and if there are such organizations as Sag   Si ichts  they are unknown to me  From what I  could learn of the feelings of tho Democratic  party  or at least I did not despair myself ef a fair  election until 1 saw the appointment of the officers  to preside at tho polls   but when I saw twenty     hand tho effect of the repeated blows aimed at him   receiving several pretty heavy jars upon my  right arm  We had now approached the platform  alluded to  the crowd had now accumulated to my  loft  wholly surrounding my position  I felt a  heavy blow upon my left arm  which  on turning my  head  I saw had boon been inflicted by a man with  a handkerchief wrapped loosely on his right hand   and was evidently aimed at tho assailed  I per   ceived I could not shield him from the rapid suc   cession of blows aimed at him  I endeavored to     eight Know Nothings and four Democrats appoint  push him under tho platform  when he was knocked  ed  the conclusion was forced on my mind that   beyond my reach  and being let go  fell backwards     morning    The foreigners did not come to tho court house  in squads  but singly  I did not see them with  sticks and clubs  or any other arms  So far as I  saw  they were orderly and well behaved    After I came out of the court room and saw how  the foreigners were beaten  I advisol all that si oke  to me   some two or three   not to make any effort  to vote      1 did not seo a  feigner when attacked do any   thing  other than make an effort to escape  In   deed  the attacking mob was so overwhelming that  the foreigner had no chance      Opening op the Boston Artisan s Recrea   tive Union    The temperance reform in Boston  has taken a new and more practical shape  in tho  establishment of the Artisan s Recreative Union   This institution aims to open to the artisan cheap  uvonues for rofinod and eiovated recreations  even   ing schools to educate the young workingman  and  by ignoring the use of all that intoxicates to dem   onstrate that social enjoyment does not eventuate  in social and moral debasement  Tho means for  attaining these ends are found in providing spa   cious rooms  elegantly decorated  and devoted to  reading  music  conversation  and wholesome re   freshment  at a comparatively trivial cost  Tho  central rooms of the association  in Brattle streot   were opened with a festival  at which Mayor  Smith presided    fFor the Louisville Democrat     Know Nothingism and Slavery   Dr  R   J  Breckinridge    Messrs  Editors  Isee that you and the Journal  are battling away on the question who are the best  friends of the South  the Know Nothings or the  Democrats  Dr  It  J  Breckinridge is considered  as the great Ajax Apollo among the Know Noth   ings of Kentucky  standing second only to Prentice  in their ranks  He has written one famous letter   besides making  livers and sundry speeches on the  subject  whioh have been lauded out of all measure  by the K  N s  He lately wrote rather a furious  letter to Senator Sumner on the slavery question    taking  as was supposed  extreme grounds in favor  of the South  As tho reverend gentleman has  placed himself in the political arena  and seoms to  aspire to he a loader of the new party  it may not  be amiss to examine a little into his antecedents  and seo how much he is to be trusted by the South  in the coming struggle  His letter to Senator Sum   ner would indicate that he has turned a  complete  somerset in favor of the South  In October  1834   a letter from his pen  was published in the New  York Evangelist  of whioh the faruous Abolition   ist  Joshua Leavitt  was then the editor   extracts  from which 1 here send you    f Letter of the Rev  It  J  Breckinridge to the N  Y    Evangelist  Oct  13  1834     J  Leavitt  then editor     I do believe  and have long and repeatedly   maintained  that slavery is a sin to him who in  any way supports it  In support of this opinion  I  did  in 1830  stake and lose in Kentucky  whatever  political influence years of previous and not un   successful effort had socurod  and in 183   I did re   fuse to sit as a corresponding member of tho Sy   nod of Kentucky  after that body refused to say  that God s law condemned slavery     I havo continually held that this whole nation  and world are bound to use all lawful mesrns to put  an end to slavery everywhere upon earth  and that  to do this  we aro all bound to use leg al means  where they exist  and moral means always     That the Congress of the United 8 tates has  power to abolish slavery in the District of Co   lumbia  no reasonable man can doubt  that this  power should bo exercised without delay  every  humane man ought to admit   Ac   Ac                I firmly believe   that tho 9th section of article  1   does expressly allow Congress to regulate  and   if need be  to prohibit both importation from for   eign countries and emigration from State to State   of the persons intended in the words   i  e  a laves     These extracts will show that the Doctor admits  everything that the most rabid Abolitionis ts con   tend for as to the power of Congress over th e sub   ject of slavery and the expediency and pre  priety  of exercising that power  His brother Know   Nothings from the free States will doubtles s quote  these sentiments upon him  and what can he say  in reply  Will his brother  Prentice  tell u  what   he thinks of them  KENTUC  ti Y            General Scott has subscribed  10     princi   pally in cash   to the Norfolk sufferers      Statement of George A  Caldwell    On the morning of the last August election I  went  shortly after six o clock  to the court house   the Sixth Ward polls   in Uouisvillo  and after a  little delay got in  and voted  and remained there  awhile  and then went to breakfast  Before 1 left  the court house  which was about eight o clock  a  considerable crowd had collected in the hall or  passago from which the door opened into the room  where the votes wero taken  After breakfast I  returned to my office  where I remained till a little  after nine o clock  I then walked out into the  streot  and in front of the court house  The streets  and court houso yard presented a scene of consid   erable bustle and excitement  and among the first  things  that attracted my attention was an Irishman  flee   ug bare headed from tho east end of the court   house in tho direction of Fifth and Jefferson streets   pursued by men shouting furiously  and hurling  stones and brickbats at him  I then learnod that  an irishman named Tansey  nnd perhaps others  with him  had been previously assaulted  when  trying to get in to vote  and had only made their  escape from their pursuers by leaping from a door  or window in tne west end of the building  some  ten or twelve feet high  I did not see this    1 had not been on the street long till I saw other  foreigners fleeing from the court house  pursued by  crowds armed with olubs and atones  Some of  them were cruelly beaten by numbers of men with  heavy clubs  In one of these affairs Col  Thornas   son was struck a severe blow  while trying to rescue  one of the victims  I was near his office when he  returned to it  and witnessed tho crowd that fol   lowed him to his door  By this time the court   house yard and the adjacent streets presented the  spectacle of a furious mob    In view of the extraordinary state of things  I  advised such foreigners as spoke to moon the sub   ject to go home and not attempt to vote   nor do I  think that many did attempt it after ten o clock   riutne tirno in the forenoon  1 was with several gen   tlemen on Centre street  just in front of the court   house  when hearing a noise  I turned and saw a  man falling from tho top of the court houso stops   head foremost   ho lit about half way down the  stepson his head or shoulders  and turning a som   erset  tumbled to the ground  The steps aro some  ton or twelve feet high  and when the man at   tempted to rise ho reeled about like one badly  stunned and bewildered  and assisted himself up  by a tree or post  In the meantime  a man from  the top of the steps was pursuing him  shouting    Move him   and renewed his beating as soon as  ho reached him  The beaten man  who was a Ger   man  then fled from his assailant  in the direction  of riixth and Market  pursued by his assailant and  a number of others  who flocked in from all direc   tions  shouting   Move him   and hurling stones at  him  A short distance before he reached the gate   flying in great trepidation  already badly beaten  and hotly pursued  he was met by a man who  knocked him down  and the whole oroivd rushed on  him with their clubs  My view of him was then  obstructed by the mob  and I saw no more of him   hut learn that ho was badly beaten  This man  was a harmless  inoffensive German  who has been  for many years a retail merchant in Louisville   When this occurred  1 think Judge I irtle  Judge  Nicholas  Judge Bullock  Mr  James Speed  and a  number of others  were standing on Centre street  aud saw it    From that time forward there was a complete  reign of terror  large numbers of men  armed with  bludgeons of various kinds  gonerally  short heavy  clubs  and decorated with the yellow tickets of  the Know Nothings  were parading the streets   shouting for  Sam   for  Marshall   Ac  I saw  from my office door  which is in full view of the  entrance to the jail  many mangled and bloody  foreigners  dragged and borne to prison  In the  afternoon they began to circulate false reports   such as that the Germans had  with an armed  force  taken tho First Ward polls  and crowds were  seen rushing to the court house to procure arms   which  it was supposed  tho military companies  had deposited there  I have understood that mus   kets and a cannon were taken to the First Ward   but of that I know nothing personally  Some  time in the afternoon I was sitting on the porch in  front of my office  when I saw two men that I  supposed to be policemen  coming down the street  on the opposite side from where I sat  leading to  jail a man all covered with blood  and apparently  very badly beaten  a number of the mob accom   panied them  some behind and some before them   Just as they got in front of my office  one of the  crowd knocked or pushed a German  whom they  chanced to meet  off the sidewalk  and struck at  him as he fell off with a hatchet  and then threw  it at him  and springing after him  shouted   Move  him   The German ran for his life up street  pur   sued fiercely by his assailant  and many others   with clubs and stones  yelling as they ran  The  German ran through the south gate of the court   house yard  and up towards Fifth street  his pur   suers increasing in numbers at every step  and  many rushing in from both sides and striking at  him as he passed  till he reached the corner of the  stand  where a xnan seized him by the hair and ar      Statement of W  P  Thomas ton    W  P  Thomasson states he lives in the Fifth  W ard  On going to tho place of voting  his atten  tion was arrested by Richard W  Ronald charging  the keeper of the side door with partiality in let   ting political friends go in at the door and refusing  to let others   the reply of the doorkeeper was not  heard  but a person who stood on the sidewalk in  an audible voice spoke out in substance  if not the  exact words   Do as you please  Sheriff  and you  shall bo protected   This person 1 since learn is 3  member of the City Counoil    On returning to my office  a young man  thought  to bean Irishman  was seen running from the court   house  the place of voting in the Sixth Ward  pur   sued by some half dozen men and boys  By run   ning across the street I got between the parties  and stopped the pursuit  the man running into Ja   bine s drug store  In a few minutes the cry of   Move him 1 knock him down   kill him     was  heard at the court house  looking in that direction   there was quite a commotion in the crowd  num   bers were running after a German  who seemed to  havo been roughly used  A stone was thrown at  him with much violence  passing within a few  inches of a child who happened to be on the side  walk  The pursuer  I supposed  escaped  but in a  few moments the cry was heard   Here he is  move  him   kill him     I went to his rescue  he had  how  ever  in tho meantime  boon badly beaten by sever   al  A young gentleman  an Irishman  standing by   happened to remark   It was a pity to beat a human  being that way   Instantly he was set upon by  several and overpowered  When in that condition  a largo young man  said to be an Assistant City  Engineer  came rushing through the crowd and  struck the young man  whose back was towards  him  several severe blows  In trying to prevent  his being further hurt  some one from behind  struck mo on the right cheek  which feled me to  the ground  On gaining my feet  and offering a  reward of five hundred dollars to have the man  pointed out who struck me  the rioters gave a  screeching howl  accompanied with an upraising  of hands  and left  This all occurred by ten  o clock  A  M    Statement of F  S  J  Ronald    On the morning of the late August election I  was at the Sixth Ward polls before 6 o clock  a   m  The polls were opened about 6 o clock  there  was a considerable crowd there at that time  pro   bably 80 or 100 persons  I entered the Circuit Court  room  where polls were held  with the officers of  the election  Mr  Cocke  the clerk  recorded the  votes with great rapidity  and when the voting had  been going on about an hour  it was announced  that 130 votes had been taken  which clearly de  monstrated that all the votes in tho ward could be  taken without any difficulty  I went home to break   fast  and immediately after eating returned to the  court house  found everything quiet and orderly   except the usual crowding to  et in to vote  The  persons present were mostly Ij  now Nothings   About this time I observed a good many persons  going to the polls at the door appointed for per   sons to come out at  I went to the door and offered  to go in  fctjt admittance was denied me by the  doorkeeper  whe    I learned was West  he inform   ed me that was the door to con c out at  I told him  so I supposed  but I had seen him admitting per   sons in there  and supposed I had as good a right to  go in as others  he then angrily inquired if I wish   ed to miff a fuss with him  I told him I did not   but I would inform him as an officer he should act  impartially  I saw the doorkeeper repeatedly dur   ing the day admit Know Nothings through this  door  and refuse to admit Democrats    Shortly after this time  probably about half past  8 o clock  several Irishmen came up to the polls   and amongst them was Tansey  They did not  seem to come together  I think thero was one per   son who came in with Tansey  he asked me if I  had any tickets  I handed him a Democratic ticket   he asked for another  and in a few minutes re   turned to me and said he wanted two more tickets   I handed some four or five    The crowd of Know Nothings had nearly all  voted  and those persons endeavoring to get in to  the polls were principally Democrats  as could be  plainly seen by their tickets  as the Know Noth   ings had yellow tiokets and the Democrats white   So far as I saw them  Tansey did set seem to bo in  a hurry to vote  and I requested him several times  to go in   ho said he would wait until tho crowd  was out of the way  At length he went up near  the door  evidently with tho intention of going to  to vote  About this time there was notipore than  fifteen or twenty persons standing close up to the  entrance door to the polls  a large majority of  whom were Democrats  There was a large crowd  in the passage hallooing for Sam  Marshall  and  Morehead  Just then 1 saw the doorkeeper at  the other door   tlx  o one for coming out   admit  several persons  and walked that way to remon   strate with him on his conduct  vue  l heard some  on exclaim   We will take these polls    or  We ll  clear these polls   Immediately there was a rush  of peopje past me   Tansey and some other Irish   man running  and a crowd pursuing with sticks   short and heavy  a od some of them having metal  the end of them  They rere not ordinary     uuder the corner of the platform  his head ranging  towards my feet  At this moment a man with a  hatchet in his hand approached the assailed  who  was prostrate  holding both hands over his face   and raised tho hatchet as if to strike him on the  hoad  Two men now intervened between me and  the assailed  I reached over their heads  and aimed  I believe a statement of the disgraceful conduct   t   ue hatchet  I got but partly hold upon     fairness and honesty were not intended nor de   sired  F  S  J  RONAliD    Testimony of Thos  M  HlCKS  i oho toas the Demo   cratic nominee for the Legislature in the Fifth  and Sixth Wards      which occurred under my own observation  and in  my own ward  at the court house  on Monday  the     the arm of the man holding the hatchet  when two  others got a full hold  and arrested the blow  Tho     6th August  1855  due alike to all parties  but more p rostrato man waa then picked up by four or six  especially to all good citizens of Louisville  Bo       0rsons an d borne in tho direction of the jail     tween four and five o clock in the morning I re   paired to the court house  for the purpose of     persons   did not follow    This is about what I saw  and  I may add  felt      making some arrangements to distribute tickets  ij   l loW on my j 0 f t evidently inflicted   The polls were not yet open   I passed through the b SOU10 h ar d substance concealed under the hand    I  n  t nn till  nlatfnpni  in I otVi rCrm fit PPAt           I 11 il L  1 I  J   CC     lobby out on the platform on Jefferson streot  and kerchief on the hand that inflicted it  It differed     Statement of Andrew Jarvis  Market street  be   tween Fifth and Sixth    I went to Sixth Ward polls about 11 o clock Mon   day morning  6th of August    When within three or four yards of the entrance  door  l was pulled back and then struck in the  face  knocked down and beaten badly  I had not  opened my mouth to a living soul    I make affidavit to the foregoing    ANDREW JARVIS    Subscribed and sworn before me  the 31st Aug    1855  JOHN H  NEW  N  P  J  C    Statement of Patrick Mulcahy  Fifth street  near  Jejferson    Standing in the court house room  Monday  6th  August  conversing with Mr  Callahan  two men  came up to us with yellow tickets in their hats   and one of them taking hold of Mr  Callahan   told him he must come and vote  Mr  C  repliec   that ho had voted   That makes no difference    this man responded   you must come and vote the  yellow ticket   And straightway one of the men  took hold of Mr  C   who is a very small man  on  one side  and another took hold of him on the oth  er  and tearing his shirt over his head  in that  way they nulled him along    I went up to them  and remonstrated at such conduct to a man who  had voted  and therefore could not vote again  when one of them struck me in the face with a  knife  judging from the cut it inflicted on my nose    I attempted to defend myself  and in an instant I  was attacked by a crowd  As long as I could  I  stood my ground  and l continued to make defence  until Mr  I  Harris interfered  when a general fight  ensued  and I was enabled to get out of the  melee      1 make affidavit to the foregoing    P  MULCAHY    Subscribed and sworn to before me  this 31st  August  1855    JOHN H  NEW  N  P  J  C   Statement of David Wright   of the firm of Wright   d  Bridgford    I went to the court house to vote on Monday  morning  I got to the door about half past eight  o clock  I was there  I tlfcnk  nearly an hour  try      Letter from Trimble County    Bedford  Ky   Sept  12th  1855    Messrs  Editors   1 take my seat to write you a  hasty letter about this good little State of Trimble   Tho Democracy of this county held a grand mass  meeting here on Monday last  all of which you  have learned before this from the resolutions  passed  which I understand have been sent to you  forpublication    The very best of spirits prevailed throughout  the whole of the meetiug  I have never  in all my  life  seen such zeal as is manifested here by tho  old line Democrats and Whigs  Mark it  there is  not much grass left here upon which the goose can  I graze  The oldest and most retired  quiet citi      themselves in the midst of a storm of round shot     jrapo  and shell  bent upon relentlessly  unrelax    ngly  mowing them down by the score  and cover   ing the survivors with clay and gravel  But I  must do these survivors justice  and say that they  bore up right gallantly  marched firmly onward  and upward  passed the canal  though the water  was breast high  pushed some yards still on the  precipitous side of the hill  though there every  wound was mortal  for all who fell rolled helplessly  down into tho aqueduct  and wero instantly  drowned  but at last halted  turned  and fled   nev   er stopping till they reached the river  when they  got sheltered under tho banks and amongst the old  willows  An officer remained for some time alone  on tho declivity  vainly urging the men to follow  him    Reinforcements came to the Russians  and they  made      could be expected until a report was put  culation that the Democratic ticket was ahead in  the Fifth Ward  and that it was a close vote in the  Sixth Ward  when a cry was raised    Move the     entered the crowd on my first approach    After the man who was assailed was borne away    l remonstrated in somewhat positive terms against    such brutality  I was informed that he was one I          and believe the   stood my ground  and saw officer Seaton make   latter statement  that this man was not one of     some effort to restore order  but saw him make no  arrests  This outbreak occurred between the hours  of nine and ten o clock  a  m  A party of these  bullies took possession of the platform on Fifth  street  I wont out among them  and saw them  offer yellow tickets to every man who came up the  stairs  If they were refused  some of the crowd  would ask them who they voted for   if for More   head  well   if Democratic or Clarke  they were  moved or knocked on the head  I laid my hand  upon the shoulder of one of these men whom I  thought I knew  and inquired what was the cause  of his hand being in a swing  to which he replied  he had bruised it  Judge my surprise when  in  less than five miuutes thereafter  l saw him knock  down an Irishman with the saino wounded hand   and upon it a pair of brass knuckles    A friend of mine  and a gentleman  called me out  and desired to know whether I was armed  to which     those who had been shooting  nor was he under  arrest  but spoke to some ono who was under ar   rest  when he was  moved   and treated as above  stated  JOS  B  STEWART      Statement of M  Kraft    Being called on to state the facta concerning tho  assault made upon mo at the court house in this  city  on the 6th of August last  I certify that I am   by birth  a German  aged 48 years  in religion a  Jow  my business that of a dry goods merchant   have been in this country twenty one years  nat   uralized in this city in 1844  whore I have lived  ever since  at this time a resident of the Sixth  Ward  Between 10 and 11 o clock on the morning  of the 6th of August election  started to tho polls  to vote  my wife suggested that I should stay at  home for fear of personal injury  told her not to  be disturbed  that I believed no one had anything     take theso polls  and clean out the damned Irish     One of them who so came in knocked down an  Irishman who was near the east door of the court   house  They tumbled him down the steps  and  escape from arrest  i f r0 m the platform  They then made a rush at  i t or a uiiom Tansey and Feeney  two Irishmen that were in the  passage  Tansey and Feeney both ran towards the  west end of the court house  tho crowd pursuing  and shouting  Both Tansey and Feeney were  quiet and orderly  Neither of them were noisy or  misbehaving in any way    DAVID WRIGHT      BATTLE OF T CHERNAYA    Brilliant Description of Bloody  Desperate Work      and     Our readers understand  we presume  that the  battle of Tchornaya was an attempt of a Russian  army  60 000 strong  to force the lines of the allies  on tho Tchornaya river  which is the boundary  or  i frontier  of the territory hold by tho allies in the     Crimea  The annexed from tho correspondent of  I replied I was not  nor had I carried arms but on i against mo  and that no ono  I thought  would at    the lxmdon News is a most splendid battle pic     _  _ j     tempt to injure me  As I entered the court yard      one occasion in Louisville  within a period of   nearly a quarter of a century  He gave me one   fell  in with  of his revolvers  and insisted upon my acceptance  in a manner which left no doubt upon my mind of  his friendship   The gentleman is a Know Nothing  and an honorable man   I repaired to the court   house  Some three old gentlemen inquired of me if  they could got to the polls other than through the  dense crowd at the door of admission  upon which     neighbor  Mr  Tite  he asked mo  where 1 was going  saidl was going to vote  he  said he would go and vote too  went to the polls  together  as 1 ascended the steps of the court   house a man handed mo a yellow ticket  took it   and put it in my pocket  and said nothing  had a  white one in my pocket that I intended to vote   on entering the voting apartment a stout man    I directed them to the door  stating that several whom I did not know  followed  saying  he wanted  old gentlemen  from ago and infirmity  had been  I t0 see how that Jow would vote  went to clerk s    amo g nVwL  Ubl          CM tho gorge  hrough ich the Tcbemaya p  ties   tho admission of these entire strangers to me  a  rough looking customer  who had heard all that     turc     Tim Battle Field   To give you anything like  a correct idea of a conflict which  though fought  out  considering the number of the combatants  in  a very small space  derived agreat deal of its inci   dental importance from the nature of the terrain   it is almost unnecessary to call attention to a few  of the loading features of the well known  now so  often described  district around Balaklava  If  you descend from the northern side of the plateau      had been uttered between these men and myself   called mo to an account for it  He had a yellow       my neiguDor voiou nn  y x tueu mnwy   the gorge through which the Tchernaya empties  and presented my papers  Judges said they   itaeU s in   the harbor  and follow the banks of the   river for a short distance upwards  you find your  self in a narrow valley  with the heights of Mac      name   know me to be a voter    I voted the Democratic ticket  and immediately       I    i B U U1G nautili  Giioj  m via tuv uvikuw ui   aun    V aH Svmic s farm rising abruptly on your left  like tall     was raised   Move him    I hastened to the door     ticket in the riband of his hat  and a club in his   fronting Jefferson street  In the act of descending  hand  From his language  I was convinced that the steps was kicked by some one  and fell tumbling  he was about to strike mo  I stepped back ami   to the bottom of the steps  some ten or fifteen feet      drew my pistol  stating if ho raised his stick one  inch I would shoot him in his tracks  A young  man of good address threw his arm round his neck   stood between us  and backed tho bully into the  crowd  1 shuddered at the idea  that in a moment   more I would  in all probability  have taken a life  that I could not restore  and which act would be to  all time a source of bitterness to me  hence  I re   turned the weapon  and went unarmed the balance  of the oay    I saw unoffending men knocked down in the  court yard  and stoned off the yard fence by these  bullies  and no attempt made to arrest any one of  them  although 1 saw some of the police within  reach of the offenders  Such unprovoked and  cowardly attacks upon peaceable citizens  who  came to the polls to record their suffrage  I trust  never to behold or hear of in future  The passes  to tho polls were thus fully taken possession of   One stoutly built man ascended the steps  and was  met above    How do you voto   I did not with  distinctness get his answer  when he was struck   and staggered  got upon his feet  and passed  through the crowd  dealing out to his assailants  some heavy blows  He was soon overpowered   and while in the act of throwing him over the ban   nisters  Capt  L  H  Rousseau mn up  grasped tho  man  and saved him from further violence  Here  permit me tj say  from years of acquaintance  I  havo ever regarded Capt  Rousseau as a highly  honorable and brave man  but never until last  Monday did 1 fully appreciate his noble worth   His deeds of daring throughout the day were most  worthy his well known character    From 2 o clock until the close of tho polls I re   ceived but one or two votes  in fact  I may say from  the time the polls were taken in the forenoon I got  but few votes  I gave yellow tiokots to two whom  I believed to be my friends to carry through the  crowd  They went in  discarded the yellow  and  voted the Democratic ticket  for which I saw them  knocked down on leaving the court house  and no  arrest made for these outrages  Between 2 and 4  o clock  p  M   I called on from 30 to 40 of my  frionds  and urged them to go to the polls  promis   ing to protect them  but to no purpose  Most of  these voters are by birth Americans  and all ro  spectable and orderly citizens engaged in busi   ness  There are   if I am correctly informed   some  28 of my friends on Jefferson street  between Fifth     Before I could rise several men kicked and beat  me soverely  bruising me very much  and knocking  out one of my teeth  I got up and tried to get  away   was knocked down again  I got up and  tried again to escape  bleodtng freely from my  wounds   stones were thrown at me  but none hit  me   was met by a man who knocked me down  again  I rose with difficulty a third time   heard  some one say    Let that man alone  he has got  enough    am told it was Capt  Rousseau  I got  home  a short distance  as best I could  covered  with blood  had my wounds dressed and took my  bed  Did not speak an unkind or disrespectful  word to any one the whole time  and not a word to  those persons who beat me so severely   was glad  to escape with my life  M  KRAFT    Louisville  Sept  17  IS55    State of Kentucky  Jefferson Cou ny  set    The foregoing affidavit was subscribed and sworn  to before me  by Meyer Kraft     K B  KINKEAD  N  P  J  C    Louisville  Sept  17  1855    Statement of B  F  Baker    Having been requested to give a statement of  such incidents as caino under my observation on  the day of tho election  I would state that I voted  at the court houso soon after breakfast  The  crowd at tho ontrance to tho polls was very large   While waiting for an opportunity to vote  an Irish   man was pursued through the hall of the court   houso by an angry crowd  but escaped by making  a dangerous leap through a barricaded door or  window  1 was admitted into the voting room  through a ride door   found the votiDg going on  quietly  and  so far as I can judge  there was not a  foreigner in tho room  After voting  I went to my  store  on Main street  and remained until after ten  o clock  a  m   when the various rumors of assaults  and disturbances induced me to go to my residence   which is on Jefferson street  opposite the court   house  and from my front steps commands a fair  view of the public square  There 1 remained un   til eleven o clock  P  m      cliffs on the sea shore  and on your right a row of  I small hills  extending with great or less intervals    between them  on to Tchorgoun  Beyond them    is tho plain of Balaklava  whioh is broken in its  contre by a somewhat similar line of eminence    1 but in this instance so small as hardly to be enti     tied to any better appellation than that of mounds      It was on these last that the Turkish redoubts  wero thrown up  which were so precipitately      abandoned by their defenders on the 25th of Octo   ber    Position of tile Armies   On two or three of  those  which lie in a cluster on the side of the plain  next Inkermann  and directly facing the Mackenzie  Heights  the road from which passes between them   have encamped for some time past three divisions  of French  On the side next the Tchernaya tho  position was defended by a precipitous and cscarpe  descent  on which some stunted brushwood still  remained  but which in most places  stripped of  the soil by the rain of ages  presents but the white  masses of the chalk which plays so important a  part in the geology of the whole district  on the  sido next Balaklava the descent is comparatively  easy  On the summit rested the right wing of  Liprandi s army on the 25th of October  and on tho  southern side were planted the great number of  tho batteries which mowed down the British Light  Cavalry    The Coming Attack    For some time past ru   mors havo been afloat each night that an attack in  force along the whole line would be made on the  morrow  For a long while  however  these appear  to have had no better foundation  than the fact   which seemed pretty well ascertained  that the  Russians had received large reinforcements  and   from hearing so many warnings  which time did  not justify  as is usually the ease  the French and  Piedmontese  both  1 think  fell into a state of  greater carelessness than if they had never re   ceived any warning at all  Still the air seemed  thick with omens    How the French Slept on it  and What the  Sentinels Saw    The Turks remained under  arms all night  but  strange to say  the French   who were most of all interested in the matter   seem to have given themselves no trouble whatev   er about it  but went to bed and slept tranquilly  A     Another Charge    This time the Russians  displayed more pluck and resolution  they fell to  be sure by the dozen  but they never wavered nor  faltered  climbed on slowly and laboriously  and at  last reached the crest of the hill  and came out on  the level  When the head of the column attained  this point  the Zouaves  who were lying down be   hind the ridge on tho Russian left  jumped up and  ran off to join tho main body  posted near the ar   tillery on the center of the plateau  and at the  same moment the whole of the French  the artil   lery included  retired about a hundred yards be   foro the advancing enemy  The firing had ceased   except broken and puny file firing from the as   sailants  who now  unable to form in line  and  mixed up in disorder  doubtless perceived they  should have either mounted in line  or halted and  deployed before coming out  on the open ground  above  For some moments I though the French  were about to give way and retreat  and the Rus   sians bocome masters of the height    IIo was soon convinced of his mistake  however   The Crisis  The Tug of War   Ono could  s e them  the French  it is true  falling back on  all sides  and closing up into a small round mass   but in the twinkling of an eye  this mass opened  out like a fan  two black lines shot from it on each  side across the plateau  the center undivided it   self  and the next momenta sheet of flaino broken  from the whole line  followed by a cloud of smoke   and the crash of the musketry fell on our ears in  a long  continuous  unfaltering whirr  like the roar  of a waterfall  drowned every sound by the mightier  thunder of the artillery  which had made half a  wheel to the right  and raked the crest of the hill  with a tempest of grape  Strongly as one sympa   thies might be engaged for the French it was im   possible to repress for the moment a sentiment of  pity as one looked upon the crowd of Russians  looming out through the smoke  as it rolled across  them  feebly returning the fire  unable Vo advance   afraid to retreat  ten thousand deaths in front    ten thousand more behind  help and hope no   where  They paused for a few seconds  seemed to  hesitate  but were speedily relieved from all em   barrassment as to the course which they should  pursue by the advance of tho French  whose cheer  rang merrily through tho morning air as they level   ed their bayonets and rushed to the charge  The  Russians gave one  hurrah   as if they intended  to come up to the scratch  but instead of sui ting the  action to the word  they wheoled about and flung  themselves down the hillside in complete disorder   the Sardinian artillery again playing upon them  as before    The Field after the Fight  The Horrors  of War    The scene whioh presented itself on  the river bands below the canal  was something  fearful beyond discription  much more fearful than  the ordinary horrors of a battle field  The canal   itself was choked with dead   most of whom had  doubtless fallen into it living  after rolling down  the hill side  and found repose in its muddy waters    broken muskets  bags of bread  cartridges  one  dark red stain on tho white chalky gravel  often  alone marked tho spot where tho men first fell   and in a moment afterward tumbled back to per   dition  Many had fallen after scrambling up to  the brink of the aqueduct  and ere they had time  to cross it  and if not caught in the bushes  rolled  into the plain  breaking their bones in their descent   and lay there as we passed  shrieking in agony and  imploring us to kill them and thus put an end to  their suffering  Never did eye rest upon humani   ty in forms so mutilated  defaced  and disfigured   as these unhappy wretches  who lay writhing there  in their bloody rags  their faces so plastered over  with gore and dust that neither wife nor mother  would ever have rocognized son or husband in  those hideous masses of mortality  Some  but  they were a small minority  sought to draw them   selves to the shade of the fow hushes that skirted  the river  somo sought to hide their heads from  the fiery heat of the sun under their tattered gar   ments  and others lay with faces upturned and  ghastly  their limbs still trembling in tho last quiv   er  and the flies already burrowing in their  wounds  Men shot down by any sort of missile   and   lying where they fell  gory and mutilated  thougn they may be  is a sight to which one soon  gets habituated  but wounded men who have been  rolled over a rough soil  and their bones broken in  their progress  is one of those sights that one rare   ly witnesses  and which he who has onco seen  never wishes to see more  On toward the bridge  the dead lay thicker and thicker  On the banks  of the river about it  and in the river itself  they  were  heaped and piled   mostly fine men  in the  prime of life   many with a vieun grognard air   which bespoke long years of serv ice  Nearly every  one had a brandy bottle  eithor actually in his  hand  or lying near him or broken under him in  his fall    The London Times correspondent thus speaks of  tho way the Russians moved into action     The rush of the Russians was splendid  With   out losing time with firing  they advanced with an  etan scarcely ever seen in Russian troops  Some  French soldiers of Camou s Division  who have  during the winter guarded tho trenches towards  the Quarantine  and have had nearly daily skir   mishes with the Russians  assured mo that they  never saw them moving on in such a style  They  were new troops  belonging  according to the pris   oners and wounded  to the 5th division of tho 2d  corps d armee lately arrived from Poland     The correspondents of the London papers think  it very strange that the Russians wore not pursued  by cavalry at loast      zealously iu behalf of Democracy   amongst whom  was Dr  John J  Thompson  their President  the  late Senator for Trimble  Oldham  and Henry  counties  Age and ill health had forced other  gentlemen into retiracy  but Democratic patriotism  has given him new life  The firo of Democracy  yet burneth within him  and forced him before his  neighbors to tell them of the imminent danger of  their country  and to warn the youth of the coun   try to flee from darkness into Bright light  And  well did ho talk to them  convincing all by his  plain common sense remarks  that though age and  ill health had greatly debilitated the body  the  i orous mind and patriotic heart were yet left   The President was followed by the able and pa   triotic ex Representativefrom the counties of Car   roll and Trimble  who led off in one of the most  able  argumentative speeches  it ever has been the  good fortune of the writer to hear  Indeed  Col   Daniel B  Johnson surpassed himself on that occa   sion  showing the fallacy of Know Nothingism    and that the whole thing was against the spirit  and genius of this government  It is useless to  undertake to describe the speeches of Dr  Thomp   son and Col  Johnson  and other gentlemen  on  Monday    I wish the sensible Know Nothings of vour  city could have heard the speeches of these hard   sensed farmers  on Monday  Surely  they would  havo deserted their sink holes after so much good  light  delivered in such plain Democratic style    I mean the sensible Know Nothings  not those  brainless little fellows  with hairy lips and tight  breeches  whose only ambition is to curl the hairs  on threir lips  to drink brandy smashes through a  rye straw  and to halloo  Hurrah for  Sam     Let   the Devil and the Know Nothings have them  and  Bill Pilcher flung in for good measure    The people here havo commenced rolling the  Bright ball  and are determined to roll it over every  Know Nothing sink hole and cavern  and through  every dark alley in the land  reflecting Bright light  into the foggy and benighted minds of tho ten   ants who inhabit these places  This done  surely  they will be   Wise   VIRGINIA      Population of Chicago    The present population of Chicago  by the enu   meration iust completed  is EIGHTY THOUSAND  AND TW ENTY EIGHT   an increase since 1850   of FI FT f  ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED  AND EIGHT  or 120 00 per cent  These facts are  without parallel in tho history of the growth of  American cities  But the end is not yet   there is  no known reason why this ratio of increase should  not be maintained for twenty years to come  at  the end of which time our population would ex   ceed that of any other town on the continent    New York not excepted  This is loud talk   but  it s true    We copy from the Journal  of Saturday evening   the following abstract of the population of the  three divisions       South Division   North    West       1850   12 677  9 168    6 780     1855    30 096   24 601   25 831     28 620 80 028  That the increase of Chicago in population for a  series of years may be seen  wc append the census  of the United States  as also the State census    POPULATION OF CHICAGO    U  8  Census  State Census    In 1840        4 853 1845          12 088  1S50      28 620 1855        80 028   The following is a comparative statement of  manufactories in the different divisions    Manufactories  North Division            118  South           27   West   109   Total  254   Value of Manufactured Products  N  D    1 431 200  S  D   4 975 300  W  D   3 421 200          9 827 700         165 730       75 495         159 228     During the day there were  0 most   dreadful   alotonol0 ha S eu r8d   A fri que wentont to the pitrol  rumors constantly in circulation of the number of I   nrint9 ni   hr aml nn     Americans who had been killed in the upper wards   A number of boys came  ilVI  armed themselves with muskets  and marched up  to 7   Soon after a party of men  also armed     3 and Ut m M r hTvfb nrcie  0  he street id Third  inc uding three in the hou 3 e  f S dTTo  sl 5   ng    d rusheJ on after W  H  JohMtoD  Ksq   also James McCullough  marchcd in th   e8ame direction    Ac   Ac   who did not or would not vote  m conse      mrpose of fighting  The crowd  Tansey and others to the end of the court house  next to Sixth street  shouting  Move him    Kill  them   and such like hurrahs  but returned in a  moment and said they had jumped off the pas   sage on to tho pavement    The crowd ran down the steps leading to Jeffer   son street  but returned again to tho passage of  the court hou9e  hallooing  Hurrah for Sam    Shortly after this I saw some of the same crowd  knockdown and beat four or five foreigners with  out provocation whatever ueen by me  and two of  them not offering to go in to the polls  but were  standing quietly in the pass age near Fifth street   It was with great difficulty any person could get  in to the polls unless they exhibited a Know Noth   ing tioket  and I know of several persons  Demo   crats   who took that ticket in order to gain admit   tance  and saw one man knockod down as he came  out  and was cursed and abased for having ac   cepted a Know Nothing ticket  and then voting  for the Democrats  I saw aWput this time a man  whom t did not know  but was told his name was  Wisly or Westby  go up near the door and knock  down a small man whoc  I took to be a foreigner   he fell and several in the crowd proclaimed   He is  an American  and has a yellow ticket   and some  one said these mistakes would happen  as they  could not always tell  I saw one or two of the  police rush up to protect this man  which was the  only time I saw them interfere during the day to 1  protect any one    I was now satisfied Uiax uc naturalized citizen  would be allowed to vote the Democratic ticket at  the Sixth Ward without incurring a risk ef being  beat and abused  and advised all I saw to go home  and not vote  Mr  Rogers  an Italian  wholivesat  the corner of Centre and Jefferson streets  came in  to vote  Some person walked up to him and hand   ed him a Know Nothing ticket  and told him to go  and vote  He came to me and said he did not  wish to vote that ticket  i advised him to go home  and not vote at all  which ho did  I  aw soma fif   teen or twenty foreigners knocked down and beat  during tho day  In no instance did I see them  attack any one  or resist when attacked by others   but endeavored to save themselves by flight    Feeling satisfied I could bo of no use or service  to the Democratic party at the polls  and not wish   ing to get into a difficulty  I left the court house   and did not return to it again until after dinner   at which time there were but few persons voting   There was a largo crowd in the court house yard   and very disorderly conduct  and I saw two or  three foreigners chased out of the yard by the  crowd      during the night  and on the other sideof the river   WibftSS fou in      ambusca i  e   and w r mad   p r n       nnA march   1    ers ox ept two men  who escaped and gave the alarm    but even this was treated as one ot the ordinary  incidents of night duty in presence of the enemy   About an hour before daybreak the sentinels in     quoncoof the disorder at the polls  But the most  inhuman of all the acts of tne day was reserved  for the afternoon  A gang of rowdies had in keep   ing and tow a poor man all bloody  taking him to  jail   for what offence I know not  As they rush   ed past my door I went out after them  When  nearly opposite the southeast corner of tho court   house  a genteelly dressed foreigner  I believe an  Irishman  was coming up the yard  He turned out  to give the pass to the mob  when a part of them  cried out  Move the d  d foreigner    and in a mo   ment ho was knocked down and beat almost to a  jelly  One of the demons cried out for a hatchet  to cut off his head  Ac  One had a pitchfork   whom some present statej he stuck into the poor  man  At this moment Wm  G  Stewart  Esq   the  generous and humane lawyer  having just come  into town  ran into tho crowd  pushed them right  and left  and cursed them for a sot of seoun lrels      Ac  This was the most unprovoked attempt to   J ai       I saw no assault committed until about 5 o clock   about that time a large crowd passed around Jef   ferson 8treet on tbo north side  led by two men who  had a prisoner between them covered with blood   and followed by a numerous crowd of men and  j boys  armed with bludgeons and brickbats  and  I one with a pitchfork  and another with a shot   Wm an 1 S un   When near Sixth street they met a well  k e turned out    i  d One of the crowd struck him a   blow and raised a cry of  Move him  he ran into  ihe court houso yard  and attempted to shelter  bimself under the stand erected for public speak   ing  but was knocked down and beaten to death    The stand and benches in tho vicinity w f ere oc   cupied at tho time by a number of gentlemen  but   so far as I could see  none of them made any at   tempt to protect him      Those who killed him immediately took up the  body and carried it  with whoops and hurrahs  to     murder a poor unoffending man 1 ever beheld    There were many more outrages committed  such  as knocking down and kicking Mr  Cudmore into  the door of my store  at which time Hon  V  P    Thomasson was struck  in an attempt to rescue Mr    CudiLore  an assault attempted on Mr  Hampton   an honorable and woodman  Ac  As I did not wit   ness the origin or commencement of th se and  other cases  1 leave them for others to detail  Permit me  in conclusion  to say I pec the  above with feelings of sorrow  mingled with tho   most painful regrets  No man can feel  muct less _   express the horror I have felt at those bloodj oc  tho Sixth Ward polls  when and where I saw sev      In conclusion  I would say that  during tho whole  time from 11 a  m  to 11 p  m   1 saw but two for   eigners  except those in custody of the police    I have several Irish and German  in my employ   all of whom  when I spoke to them about voting   previous to the election  informed me they did not  intend to vote  for fear of getting into difficulty    B  F  BAKER    Louisville  Sept  17  1855    Statement of J  B  Baker    On Monday morning  August 6th  1855  1 was at     currence8  nor can I ever think of theso scenes  without a shuddcv  If l have uttured one untiuth   or done a particle of injury to any man or party i n  the above  I beg he will do mo the favor to call  upon me and convince mo of it  and I pledgi my  honor as a man to publicly correct it  I will ko in  November next a citizen of Louisville twenty five  years  Many of my best friends arc among mr po   litical opponents   gentlemen whom the good and  wise of all parties respect  nor have they thought  the less of me for being a Democrat   If other evi   dence were wanting to prove this fact  their heirty  support in recording their suffrage for mo on Mon   day last ought to suffice  I venerate religion  I  have no feelings of unimosity against any order   nor can I believe religion was given to mat to  quarrel and fight about  but to escape to a better  and happier world after death  My Democracy   founded as 1 firmly believe it to be upon the Con   stitution of the United States  with an abiding  confidence in all constitutional acts of Congress      Having some business with M H  Bridges  of       Toda s Warehouse  at the corner of Seventh and  Main streets  I walked down there  I was there     in all the business and social relations of life  at  this timo  an   thus far  forms the whole sum and     until late i n the eveuing nd ivhile there thTsh   I substance of my religion Hence l can nerer be   ng commenced in Quinn s How  at tbo corner of    rayed against any O rder  or do knowingly any     Tenth and Main streets   there wore as many as  fifteen or twenty shots fired  but who they were  fired by  or who commenced the fight  I cannot say   as I was somo three squares off  Mr  Bridges and  myself saw the shots from the same point  Mr   John Barrett  Mr  George Barrett  Mr  Geo  Gill   and myself walked down to Quinn s Row after sup   per  about nine o clook  On passing the corner of     party injustice      Kespoetiully    THOS  M  HICKS    Louisville  August 10th  1855    Statement of Jos  B  Stewart    Being called on to state what transpired of a vi   olent  or disorderly character  at or near the polls   during the progress of the election on the 6th of     eral persons chased down the court house steps and  run off the ground  Hon  Wm  P  Thomasson   in one of these onslaughts  threw himself between  the assailants and their victim  thus saving him  from iurtaer harm  Brickbats were hurled at the  man  but luckily did not hit him  A little later  in the day another person was similarly chased   when Mr  Thomasson again interfered  and in  the melee was knocked down  About 10 o clock I  was standing near the door of the polls in the  court house  when I observed two or three persons   who appeared to bo principal fighters at the court   house  standing close to the door  when one re   marked to tho other   Izet s go and hunt an Irish   man   the other said  No  wait here  there will be  some here after awhile   I then left the court   house  and shortly after Mr  Mulcahy  an Irishman   and grocer on Fifth street  was beaten    I would  in conclusion  remark  that I am a na   tive born American and citizen of Louisville  and  am induced to make this affidavit in consequence  of the report of the Committee on Police made to  the City Council  which says there was no dis   turbance at the polls  J  B  BAKER    Sworn before me  a Notary Public for tho cit   of Louisville  Jefferson county  and State of Ken    tuekv  this 21st August  1855    M  MURPHY    Notary Public  Louisville  Ky    Abatement of James M  Baker    4fter voting at the Seventh Ward on the 6th of  August  I went to the polls of the Sixth Ward to  see how matters progressed there  At the door o f     front of the bridge thought they could perceive  shadows gliding past them in the darkness  and  fired  There was no reply  and silence deep as  death followed  about the same time a few shots  were heard from the hill occupied by the Pied   montese outpost  butasthe utmost stillness prevail   ed afterwards on every side  no precautions were ta   ken till just as the first streak of light made itself  visible on tho horizon a sharp fire was opened  from a party of skirmishers    The Conflict in Earnest   On the sideof the  French  tho tete de pout was assaulted in great  force  and carried soon after the enemy s first show   ing himself on the ground  notwithstanding the  heroic resistance of the 20th Regiment of the line   which in one battalion alone lost twelve officers   The bridge was now occupied  two batteric   of ar   tillery were brought across  so as to swedp the  road leading between the two heights towards Ba   laklava  and a strong column was pushed on to the  assault and mounted the declivity  Strange to  say  although Gen  l elissier had received full  warning the previous night  he refused to believe  in an attack until it actually commenced  and con   sequently no dispositions wore made  and nobody  was ready  The Russians had already reached the  crest of the hill  while the French were still asleep   many officers were awakened by the round shot  passing through their tents  a sergeant had his  head taken off while writing the orders of the day  for the division    This took place just in the gray of the morning   which the smoke of the first struggle converted  again to darkness  After a pause    The Curtain Lifted    Both sides prepared for  a renewal of the struggle  the sun came out from  behind the hills  tho smoke rose  and the valley of  the Tchernaya lay before us like a picture  The  tract of table land lying at the foot of McKenzie  heights was covered with masses of cavalry  in   fantry  and artillery  About 80 guns were ranged  in a cresent outside the bridge  and thundered un   ceasingly against tho French position    How the Allied Cavalry Looked   The  Pomp op W ar   Below  on the plain  along the  hollow on which the English light horse died so  gallantly last winter    every turf beneath their  feet a soldier s sepulchre   were ranged the Eng   lish and French cavalry  squadron after squadron   extending back nearly to the Turkish redoubts   ready to act in case the enemy should force tho  Piedmontese position  and attempt to debouch up   on the open ground behind  The pennons of tho  Lancers fluttered gaily in long lines in the fresh  morning breeze  and when the sun rose high in  glory and poured down its rays full on the plain   making scarlet look redder  and steel and brass  brighter and more resplendent  gilding the hill   tops  making the tents glitter  and rolling smoke  and mist in great packs up the valley towards In     15   We publish the following rich specimen   The name is a forgery  as wo have no subscriber of  that namo thereabouts  The writer is a good  champion of religion  good as the editor of the  Journal     Tapp 3 Branch  Jessamine county    two leagues northeast of    Nicholasvillk  Ky   Sept  13  1355    To the Editors of the Louisville Democrat    Gentlemen   Having been many years a reader  of the Democrat  and never having been displeased  with its course until the recent election just  passed  I beg leave to inform you  in this hasty  note  that I will not any longer patronize a damned  paper that has  from the commencement of the  canvass just closed  falsely misrepresented the great  principles of the American party  and the rioters  of your city  I have looked in vain to see some   thing from your paper that I could believe  but all  to no purpose   and I repeat that I cannot consis   tently support men  whoso only aim is to slander  and misrepresent true American principles  I have  belonged to the American order over eight months   and before my connection with this party I was a  Democrat of the Jackson school   my first vote was  oast for that distinguished statesman  But the  principles of the party now and then arc as much at  variance as hell is to hoaven  This truth is ac   knowledged by all enlightened men  and would be  by yourselves wore you men of honesty  With  the so called Democratic party my connection has  long ceased  and I trust in God it will remain so    for to be associated with damned Catholics and for   eigners is perfectly preposterous  Romish priests   and indeed I may add  all Catholic foreigners  that  seek our shores  are sworn enemies to our institu  tions  this they have repeatedly avowed in their  damne 1 papers  and for Americans to place these  damned wretches in power over men born among  us  is a principle that I strenuously oppose  and  will  so long as God gives me strength to do so   In conclusion  I must inform you that I have been  greatly provoked at the silly st  S in your damned  paper  At this moment  ip casting my eyes over  your paper  I find numerous articles denouncing   in unmeasured terms  your patriotic fellow  citi  zens  who for the first time cleaned your damned  city out on Bloody Monday    I havo written moro than 1 intended   but when  I think of damned foreigners  my old Virginia  blood boils in my veins  and I trust that more  damned Irish bodies may be found burnt into cin   ders  tho next hunt  Respectfully yours    ARMISTEAD BALLARD      Great Fire at Honolulu  Destruction of  the Varieties Theatre  Police Station  Ac    By the brig Metropolis  which arrived here on Wed   nesday  from Honolulu  wc have proof slips of tho  Polynesian of July 14th  TJhe only item of news  relates to an extensive fire  whioh took place in  that town  on tho evening of Saturday  July 6th   The flames wore a t observed issuing from the  Varieties Theatre  Within two hours  that build   ing  the police station house  and the stores of Mr   Cohn  Ahfong  Chinese   and Watts A Co   were  totally destroyed  By pulling down some of the  adjoining buildings  the progress of the flames was  stopped  The Bethel church was at ono time in  i mininent danger  The Chaplain had given up the  building for lost  and called on tho people who  were in the belfry gallery to come down and save  their lives  The door nearest to where the fire            a r       d    j  ai  was raging  was very much charred with the ex    kerinann  the scene became one of passing splendor   tremo hoat      1          jaj My w  u Had the Chapel actually ignited  tho probability   19  that the conflagration would hftve spread and  destroyed every building  laige and small  between  King street and the water sido  The damage done  is estimated at about  25 000  This is the most  destructive fire that has happened at Honolulu    California Chronidc  Aug  18 th      Total           Value of Live Stock  N  D       S  D             W  D  y       Total   404 148   Chicago Tribune    CST  We find the following in the N  Y  Herald  of the 12th inst     Letter from Col  Kinney    San Juan Del Norte  Aug  18  185ov  My Dear Maury  l have just completed tbo  purchase of thirty millions of acres of the most  magnificent country in the world   a country which    I venture to predict  will  before many months   teem with the enterprising and industrious masses  of the United States and Europe  Messrs  Shep   herds aud Haly have disposed of their entire right   title  and interest in the celebrated  Mosquito  Grant  to me for  500 000  and I shall proceed at  once to invito that emigration which is needed for  the development of its unequalled resources   There are three hundred miles of seaboard belong   ing to it  and further back an elevated table land   healthy in climate  and capable of producing every  staple of the tropic or temperate zones  Sugar   coffee  tobacco  cochineal  cocoa  are producod in  abundance  in addition to tho substantial supplies  of cattle and grain required by the exigencies of  a large population  Much of tho land in tho in   ferior extends along the banks of the San Juan  river  the navigable highway of inter oceanic com   merce  whence produce can be shipped  without  change of transportation  to any j ort on the gkAo    I need not say anything of the mining resources    The old Californian  who have lately been uj   there  say they are the best in tho world  and a  large accession is looked for from tbeir State   Tho coal of Boca del Toro  towards the Southern  boundary  which has boon opened of late  is so sifc t  uated  on account of the deep water  that stear a    ships of the largest class can como alongside  load up without further trouble  I hope  there   fore  that you and your friends may be ear  4 y upon  the ground to share in tho prospective advantages  of this vast addition to the field of American en   terprise  Excuse the haste with which this is  written  and believe me  truly  yo ur friond   VI  L  KIN NEY    AYER S FILLS      A new and singularly sue    cesafal remedy for the cure of all Bilious diseases    Costiveness  Indigestion  Jaundice  Dropsy  Rheuma   tism  Fevers  Gout  Humors  Nervousness  Irritability   Inflammations  Ueaoache  Fains in the Breast  Side   Back  and Limbs  Female Complaints  dec   fee  In   deed  very few are the diseases in which a purgative  medicine is not more or less required  and much   ick   ness and su tiering might be prevented if a harmless but  effectual Cathartic were more freely used  No person  can feel well while a costive habit of body prevails  be   sides  it soon generates serious and often fatal disea  es   which might have been avoided by the timely aud judi   cious use of a good purgative  This is alike true of  colds  feverish symptoms  and bilious derangements   They all tend to become or produce the deep seated and  formidable distempers whica load the hearses all over  the land  Hence  a reliable family physic is of the first  importance to the public health  and this Fill has been  perfected with consummate skill to meet that demand   An extensive trial of its virtues by physicians  profes   sors  aud patients  has shown re ults surpassing any   thing hitherto known of any medicine  Cures have  been effected beyond belief  were they not substan   tiated by persons of such exalted position and charac  ter as to forbid the suspicion of untruth    Among the many eminent gentlemen who havetesti   tified in favor 01 these Pills we may mention    Dr  A  A  HAVES  Analytical Chemist  of Boston  andJ  State Assay er of Massachusetts  whose high profession   al character is indorsed by the  Hon  EDWARD EVEltEX T  Sen   or of the United  States  1   ROBERT 0  WINTIIROP  ex Speaker of the Hr uae  of Representatives    UBC   ABBOTT LAVVRENCK  Minister Plen  to Rag  an d  tJOHN B  FITZPATRICK  Catholic Bish  0 f n no 8    ton  also  01 1 08   cityVrcdirccd bv T   N   PraCtiCal Ch     ffiUl   of York   Hon  W  LTMaRCY  Secretary of State     WM  B  A8TOR  the riches   man in America    S  LKLAND St CO   Proprietors of the Metros  Hotel  and others  1     Metropolitan     as well of passing interest  VYe looked in breath   less anxiety for the renewal of the conflict  The  combatants had taken breath   their blood was up   for hundreds on both sides lay already stark and  stiff on tho river sido    The Russians Came On   From behind the   cloud of smoko that naturally hung around tho     Did space permit  we oouid give man   hundred cer   tificates from all parts where the Pills have been used   but evidence even more convincing than the experience  of eminent public men is found iu their effects upon   These Pills    ke result of long investigation and study   are offered to the public as the best and m ost complete  which tho present state of medical scienc e can afford   They are compounded not of the drugs themselves  but  of the medicinal virtues only of vegetabl e remedies  ex   tracted by chemical process in a state of purity  and  combined together in such a manner as to insure the  best resalts  This system of composition for medicines  has been found  in the Cherry Pectoral and Pills both   to produce a more efficient remedy than had hitherto  been obtained by any process  Tfafj reason is perfectly  obvious     hile by the old mode c f composition every  medicine is burdened with more oy less of acrimonious  and injurious qualities  by this each individual virtu      1   desired for the creative effect is present  All the inert aud obnoxious qualities of each substance  employed are left behind  tho curative virtues only be   ing retained  Hence  it is self evident the effects should  prove  as they have proved  more purely remedial  and  the Fills a surer  more powerful antidote to disease than  any other medioine known to the world    As it is frequently expedient that my medicines should  be taken under tho counsel of an attending physician   and as he could not properly judge of a remedy with   out knowing its composition  I have supplied the accu   rate formula  by which both my Pectoral and Fills are  made to the whole body of practitioners in the United  States and British American provinces  If  however   there should be any one who has not received them    they will be promptly forwarded by mail to his request    Ur all the patent medicines that are offered how few  would be taken if their composition was known  Their  life consists in their mystery  I have no mysteries    The composition ot my preparations is laid open to  all men  and all who are competent to judge on the sub   ject freely acknowledge their convictions of their In   trinsic merits  The Cherry Pectoral was pronounced  by scientific men to be a wonderful medicine before its  effects were known  Many eminent physicians have  declared the same thing of my Fills  and even more  confidently  and are willing to certify that their antici   pations were more than realized by their effects upon  trial    They operate by their powerful influence on the inter   nal viscera to purify the blood and stimulate it into  healthy action   remove the obstructions of the stomach   bnwelB  liver  and other organs of the body  restoring  their irregular action to health  and by correcting   wherever they exist  such derangements as are the first  origin of disease    PREPARED BY   JAMES C  AYER    Practical and Analytical Chemist    LOWELL    MASS    Price 25 cents per Box  Five Boxes for  1   sold by Sutcliffe   hughes    r J  B  WILDEK   BBC     Louisville    And by all dealer  la Uedlelae everywhere   deedfcwta     

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