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date (1884-04-07) newspaper_issue 



Associated Pri 

[Reported apedtlly ioi 

S^uoBson, auctioneer, was a , 

Htiiscesg. Twenty-four head ' 

■i3,‘255, an avoraRe of $552 25. 1 Halton Postoffipe,-.a «iil 
M Gilroy, Fingara and Sweet ' northwestern pnri'^l^ 
^^0 ore BO old as to be practi- ! that Ham Patterehn, a. 

the other twen{y-one head i *rom his bed on Sunda: 
CvtavoraKe of §625.50. The 1 killed by a mob. * It i 
I'B'’iho sales in detail: terson and his })rother3 

5iay BtalUon, 22 ye»rs old. by 1 eoandalous reports a’ 

— WK SELL — 

More Clothing 

— THAN" ANY — 

House in Lexington 

The Monongahela RIv^H 
Pittsburg, PA„"'May^ 
probably closes up the trai 
nongahela River. Jbeeph i 
mines, second poo!, will s: 
morrow, and the works of 
which have be6n idle for 
oh account of a reduction 
will not resume until the fal 
The miners of the fou(th p:^ 
a strike, and the operatives' 

paragus, New Peas, Tomatoes, 



Third Concert Will Take Place 

First Baptist Church, ThureiU)^ m 
May I5th. I 



t . Organ Solo From 

Mr. R, do Roods. 

1 HcGregor’i Gathering (Scotch) 

Mra. Rutherford. , 

.1. Rule Britannia (English) . 

, Mrs. Peilclus and Quartette. 

I. Violin Solo From 

Mr. Jacob U evenhart. 

|i. The Wanderer— Ballad By P'etV 

A   Mr. 0 F. CroxtoD. 

». Edie Darling— Song and Chorus WlllmOjl 

i MIm Lindner and Quartette. H 

* (With obligato cello hy Mr. do Roode.) 

7. Stephanie Garotte (for Pfano) Czibulka 

Mist Nina Young. 

(Organ Accompaniment by Mr, de Roode.) H 
S. La HarMillatse (French), W 

Mra. C. H. White. » 



V. (Quartette— Come where my lore ilea dreaming. 
Mies Lindner, Mrs. C. H. White, Mr. 8. A, 
White, Mr. Croxtom 
 0. Wearing of the Green (Iriih), 

Mre Rutherford. 

I.. Adagio Cantabile, from BeatboTou’i TrioOpue- 
ilS, for Piano, Violin and Cello. 

' Mias Peter, Mr. Loevenhart, and Mr. de Roode. 
tS. Ghtribaldi'e Hymn (Italian). 

E lejyschl ainiKbein (German), 
4iiij^«*MI a Lindner. 
iollirSolo-SceUB de Ballet. 

  Hr, Jacob Iax venhart. 

y Old Kentucky Home, goodgiflht. 

[rs C. W. White and (Quartette, with obli- 
gato collo hr Ut.'dsKMta, • 

IS. The Star Snaagled nmser (Ameika), 

Mri. Perkini ahd Quartette. ^ 

Tht large Concert Ggand Plano which will be 
uied is from the eelebraied factory of Kranlab A 
Bach, New Yorlf. 

BeeerTed seata, 7t centa. Can be secored at Ur. 
~ - sthre. General Jidintl- 

ver^ bay mare,' 14 years old, 
•dam sister to Ruric, by Imp. 
S Maj. J. S. Clark, Lc.vington, 

black mare, 8 years old, by 
ilam by War Gance; B. J'Trea- 


ki, bay marc, 8 years old, by 
Ian, dam Lautana, by Capt. Ei- 
Kreacy, $850. 

kind, chestnut mare, 7 years 
K Dance, dam Saratoga, by 
Rt of St. George; F. Waters, 

no effort toward a final 
consequence of the generar* 
towboats will be tied up for^ 
and the crews discharged, 
ners will be thrown‘'but’ of tj 

Jesse James’s Slayer sH 
St. Louis, May 6, — A 
special from Richmond, .MV 
Charles Ford, brother of’IW 
slayer of Jesse James, ship 
through the heart Sunduy mo^ 
instantly. No cause is aspii.'tj[ Citv, May 6.— A i(l 
been received here by IlobuM 
nouncing the suicide SuD{|Bd 
Richmond, Mo., of his bi^9 
the slayer of Jeese James. ■ 

^ We opened this week a full stock of 

De Beges. Nuns Veilings, and, 

Call and see them at the ! 

Capt. Stevens. |M 
Lowdon, May 6.— The Africffl 
tional Association has given S 
Yens,' the Irishman e.Tpelled  41 
British Array, a commission to  J 
thouHand Ilupsars for service ini 
go country. Stevens is hopefull 
results from the acceptance by to 
States of the Association flag, it 
the alliance of the Society with 

ol^! George; J. L. Turner, $6w. 

mare, 5 years old, by Imp. Stra- 
(4iliB, dam Lequin, by Imp. Eclipse; J. 
L.'^rner, $400. 

^ %Uok mare, 5 years old, i‘t»y Imp. 
Slhtchino, dam Kelpie, by Imp. Bonnie 
Gotland; Milton Young, Le.xington, 

Chance, chestnut eolt, 3 years old, 
by War Danoe, dam Perhaps, by Imp. 
rSmfMhin; ^ot g-A:-Ja ul ese i s ^ -L— tngsen, 
fl^O. ' 

Gold Ban, chestnut filly, 2 years old, 
by Impj King Ban, 1laiu .Cicely Jopson, 
• * •• " Kichardeon, $525. 

', 2 years old, by 
im Fannie Moore, 
lexander, Farming- 


r Henry BertsA'i 
Mon, M oenhs 

L Diamonds aid fine watoliQl Rt bargaine. 

I One W. Shtbbr, 

' Fayette National Bank building. 

^ V V  ***! _ . 

\ Our Mr. George Lancaster i; in Nqw 
. \ork and sends us new goods daily, 
\mongst other things nice black dress 
f goods, black and changeaM().pilks, beaded 
^Ijroilt8,laoe8, and gimpe^ Also anotbar 
large lot of ladies’ muslin'' underwear in 
domestic and imported gilods, cheaper 
than the material can be bought in this 
city. Goods have gone off with a rush 
the past tew days, and wo found it neces- 
sary to make a third importation to meet 
the wants of our constantly increasing 
■ trade. When you want to see nobby fans 
and parasols, be sure to call at 

Appleton, Lancaster & Duff’s, 

Silver and table ware. Finest goods at 
reduced prices. Otis W. Snyder, 
No. 8 North Upper Street. 

Dr. Edgar will be found at his oflSco on 
.Short Street during ofiico hours. 

Dr. C. W. Norris of Mason County, 
late of Norwalk, Ohio, will oooupy bis 
old office, 49 North Broadway. 

Your eyes tested and spectacles fitted 
to all conditions of sight. 

Otis W. Snyder, 
Optician, No. 8 North Upper Street, 

Newspaper Boxes. 

The Postoffioe book store has received 
a cargo of newspaper and letter boxes, 
which will be sold at reasonable prices. 
Every one who subscribes for a daily 
paper or who has his mail carried to his 
home should by all means purchase one 
of these valuable boxes. 

. ' Announcement. 

We are authorized to announce Col. 
W. C. P. Breckinridge as a candidate to 
represent the Seventh Congressional Dis- 
trict in Congress, subject to the action of 
tho Dfimocratib party. 

Dr. Pewlay, Homeopath, 32 Market 
Street, opposite 'Library. Office hour’s 
2 to 5 and 8 to 10 p. m. 

A Barber Shot. 
MusKAliEE, I. T., May 6, 


been r^oived hero from Webbeifl 
twenty-eight miles from here, thstl 
ored ptber was called out of biM 
Saturday night by a stranger, whd 
fwwwhwJ ta he shirred. -A few W 
late^he .barber was found deadU 
Btrloet, having b«pr^ihotJ|j|l||£^^ 

p Leader of Low Prices, 

lo East Main Str. 



announcements f) 


Fo# Nlierir. / I 

Mr. J.Jfa'W, 

M » --Midldate/or8hertffo( Faj.-u. -^nlx, 

are authorixed talfiiSIlrf A-n»plKor us i 
lale for u)DBtable from tli - V^,,,,h Dfjirler 
I acd Fourth Wards), subject^),,, action of 

A Star Attractiini't T1 

|» Drama, 


SuAKiii, May 6. — All is quiet^^^Th? 
troops left. Accissions from friendly 
tribes are increasing. Five hundred 
Gawazi Bedouins aid Col. \Vantley in 
forming a cordon between Assouan and 
Don.gola. Patrols were sent to oppose 
emi.ssarics sent hy El Malidi to the 

Suburban Resort 

by Lightning; J: 
ton, Mo., $1,025, 

The Witch, bay filly, 2 years old, by 
St. Martin, dam Witchery, by Waverly; 
George Clay, Lexington, $4.50. 

Chestnut colt, yearling, hy St. Martin, 
dam Misfortune, by Gilroy; W.S. Barnes, 
Lexington, $775. 

Chestnut colt, yearling, by St. Martin, 
dam Gillyflower, hy Gilroy; Thomas 
Clay, Ky., $260. 

Chestnut colt, yearling, by St. Martin, 
dam by Waverly; W. S. Barnes, $410. 

A Dnu««li/..iUi;n «/ OuId.iV 
^ • pro.Iac»d here ® 

Ijwstftvns Lfivifk K 

Frank L. (jouilwin’s 

I« now open for the entertainment of giieala, and 
ovory thing requlalte lor tlio comfort and pleasure of 
the public baa been provided. 

Miller a 
ti jn, In 
third and 

dramatic CO 

The Invincibles. 

Tubher Curry, May 6. — In tho Invin- 
cible case Thomas Moran testified that he 
and two members of the Invincibles were 
promised ten pounds apiece if they would 
murder a parrish official, in addition to 
money to carry thein out of tho country. 

A Heavy Suit Decided. 

Shig;veport, La., May G.— hjudge 
Beardman, of the United States Court, 
has decided the heirs of Thos, 
Scott their suit against the city of Shrew- 
port to recover $86, 000 with seven p^ 
cent interest since 187.” . 

iThe Restaurant 


Klcgant ( oMtiimeB, Superbly Mon 
ApjwiutnientB, Tecutlng will 

Popular Piieea of Admisalon— 7,S, 
No extra cimrgo for reserved aeal..^ 

T7IGH SA LE— Brick hoiiae, containing four 
and kitchen, cellar and elelerii, aom . pii i 
Ireea. largo garden, lot 11(1x37(1 feel deeii. 
f'.’COO, or will excbaiigo for small cotiaao. 


.Dolicaoies of the Season 

The Methodist Conference. 

Philadelphia, May 6. — Tho Methodist 
Conference reassembled this morning, 
Bishop Warren in the chair. 

The report of the Woman's Foreign 
Missionary Society states that tho society 
has had great success during the past 
four years. 

Tho motion that superannu.ated minis- 
ters be considered disorderly when they 
go into tho pulpit of another church with- 
out the consent of the pastor, was re- 
ferred to the Committee on Itineracy. 

On motion of Rev. Mr. Castor of Ten-' 
nessec the matter of change in the dis- 
cipline BO as to read “The holy catholic 
and universal church,’’ was referred to 
the Committee on llevisals. 

Tho resolution of Amos Shinkle of 
Kentucky was adopted, to the effect that 
a committee of seven be appointed hy the 
Bishops to consider and report tho best 
methods for entertaining the General Con- 

Tlio motion of Rev. T. 'V'. Neeley was 
carried for reference to the Committee on 
Itinerancy of a series of preambles and 
a resolution referring to the need of flexi- 
bility in tho term “ministerial service,” 
and asking that tho committee be instruct- 
ed to take tho subject of limitation or non- 
limitation into consideration and report 
what changes, if any, ought to be made. 


XpOK. '-ALL— Brick house, alui««t new, cnnlain- 
^ liig six rooms, hall, two ))orthes, ccllar.clitirn 
Iron maiillea through tho house. Lot «x7W. L i. 
callou cood. Price i'i.SSO. Amdv to 

1$ DOW op 6 D, aikI Dinner and Supper 
be served oa short Dotice. 

H Sixrooms, KIUST AmiARANCE OF Till* 

X; center hall, front veranda, back I orph ortiHr* vi., wr luu 

""••Tr',,,,;.,,,;. • LEIIIETOS BliAfflATIC CO. 

F or SALK-Double frame house, containing IN 

eight rooms, two ilore rooms, front veranda, ... ww ^ 

IHtifortTr’er Mr. H. L. WILLIAMS’S 

m^nuiuber one parlies. Prjee NEW AND C’HAU.MING PLAY »(F 

S^telal alteulion given to Picale and Excursion 
(J^tlee. Tho grounds are handsomely improved, 
ana a variety of amiiaemeiils for young luid old— 
Lat^ Tennis, Croquet, Dancing, Roller Skating, Ac. 
Ariiiiguments have been made fora 

Why Not Co-Operate in Mercy’s Work, 
Supreme Courts have decided and 


xpou bALE-Two-slory brick house, conlalnliig 
J- 8i.v rooms, si le hall, double back p..rcli, larg? 
c . stern, stable. Lot 4.1x1 8S feet .to ?0 foot pavi'd 
alley wation number one. Frico 

1 . T. AMI1K0 .sk. 

Ij^OK SALE— Two frame re«idencpa on Broadway 
X’ and two on Second Street. By 


A^d regular games will bo Several dl«. 

tiiKulelipd playerd have been engaged and are ox • 
pf.tea in a few days. 


Fur cast of characters sec small bills. 

Parties can order meals by lelephnno and find 
tlem ready on reaching tho grounds. 

DOR sale 

n . I ^ Ihie buihllng lots, 

i. centrally located and in tho niburhs Hy 
1 . T. AMHRdSE. 

L'ORS.ALE— .V liiic suburban home, containing 
I about Hi acres of land. Niimlier one Improve- 

"’'G'S number 

CUV Improvemculs, just outside of 

’ 1 " ® "* ‘®»l'’‘“ ‘. And 103 acres of 
number ono laiid, one mile from Vcrsaillw, Kv. 
Frame nnd brick bouse of 10 rooias, two latte to- 




Bntucky Association 

Produce Market. ^ 

Cincinnati, May (, ' 
Flour Urm; family fl iOg.'i 00, fancy $5 19^60. 
Wheat quiet at $1 OOtlkl 07. Corn firmer at 
57c. Oats strong at 86c. Ryo stronger 66c. 
Barley firm; extra No. 8 fall SOc. Pork firm at 
$17 00(S17 75. Lard firnier at $8 75. Bulk meats 
quiet at t   75(^S 36. Bacon stronger; shoulders 
T%c, clear $9 50. clear rib $9 87. Whisky auady 
at $1 11. Butter easier, prime creatuery 76c; 
choice dairy 27. 

CHiCAeo, May 6. 

Flour In demand but not higher; spring vhcat 
S3 60@5 00, patents $0 50(^7 00. Regular wheat 
active and strong, closed firm; May O.'ic, 
doted 93^, June 94c, dosed 95^c, July 
dosed 96)^c, August »5o, cloaod 94c, Seyteui- 
her 94c. Corn active and etrong at 53^c cash, 
52 4o May, 65K ! June, u7 ^o July, 68J^,c Aug- 
ust. Oats quiet and steady at Sl%o cash, SI) 
May, 82J^a June. S4Hc July, ypajjj 

Punishing a Democrat. 

Last Sunday there were teu saloons in 
the oity where a man could go and get a 
drink. The only saloon-keeper out of tho 
ten who was arrested was Mr. John W. 
Lell, probably the most enterprising busi- 
ness man in Lexington, and a man who 
also gives employment to more people 
than any other man in Lexington. lie is 
also tho only ealoon-kcsper out of tho ten 
who voted tho straight Demooratio ticket 
at the late city election. 

Reception to Students. 

The members of the Youne Men’s 
Christian Association and tho Woman’s 
Christian Association will give a recep- 
tion to the etudente of the throe male 
colleges of the oity on Friday evening, 
May 23. 

I'^ho members of both associations are 
requested to extend personal invitations 
to the students of their aco|unintanoo and 
to be present on that occasion to assist in 
receiving them. 


Will bo postponed until Monday, ‘May 
19th, Offing to the death of a relative in 
the family of Mrs. Henrietta Morgan. 
Parties so desiring can have their money 
refunded ^ returning their tickets to 
Barnes k Co. 


second JiANDROt 
1 WAl.S— At the corner of Sh..rt anil Wa 


A Bank Failure. 

New York, May 6. — Tho Marine 
National Bank has closed. One year 
ago the hank purchased Booth’s The- 
atre. Tho Clearing House is considering 
the euspension. It is thought tho failure 
is a bad one. The capital in the hank is 
$400,000. Its statement September 22 
last showed a surplus of $130,000; undi- 
vided profits, $62,345. John D. Fish is 
tho cashier. 

A visit to the hank discovered some 
fifty disconsolate depositors standing in 
the pouring rain around the closed doors. 
No admittance was given to reporters. 
No notice was posted on the door. The 
bank opened at the usual time this morn- 
ing, but before noon closed abruptly 
without assigning any cause. The stock 
market way very active and there seemed 
to be some connection between tho fail- 
ure and oonditien of affairs at the Stock 
Exchange. The depositors, judging from 
tho appearances of those about the build- 
ing, are a well-to-do class. An explana- 
tion is promised for this afternoon. 

Quarter-stretch Badges for seven days, the entire 
mooting, at the low price of 

owner needs money and will sell low. Apply to TnuiiNr)- April 26th 

^ npr2i-lw TANNER A .8 Ha’KP, -D owner can get hy | 

V Tiif K 1 ,'.V, — — ler this advcrtlaeinint. 

OK hALE— A hnndsoiuo building lot on the npr8U-3i; 

Fifth Street, east of Umestune, 

175 feet front and 200 deep, adjoining tlio now two- 
story brick dwelling of Rev. S. G. Penlz. Apply to 

■pIOR SALE— A farm of 176 acres In Jessamine 
r: Nlehuliisvllleon tho 

panvlllo pike; has dwelling of two-sli ry brick in 
iront wltli frame “L.” Outhonaca uiid fenrlnff 




1 hoardeia. (»ood roouir. 
Ap^ly III No. 8outh 

J Aiup-or vounu men to tiike nico ploaFiin 
J work nt Ihpir home; to l.'Va day eusilv muut ; 

AihlreBs  . 

Uim) A (0 , U)X 64, Dubuque, Iowa. mny’J 

Tuner and Repairer of Pianos 
and Organs, 

IVT T" loan— W e have J.l.non to loan 1:1 
iVl sums (if not less than $l,(Ma , well secured by 
llrsi mortgage on real estate. Interest 8 iicrccnt. 

payable seml-annuallv. 

rocm . I'AN'NEK A SHARP, Agcnls, 

MO No. 16 North Upper Street. 

ccL U ARNKIMUER a CO, Real Estalo and tV- 

jiV. leci lug Agents. Our special attention wl.l 

be given to (he tolicclltin at.reots and claims nf Sil 



48 N. Upper, cor. Church Street 


Orders by mall receive prompt attention. 




A Man WO has Lived Eleven Months 
VVitlNearly the Entire Skull 

the LEXiy 

_ FOR THE — 



■ ■■ 

While te Age reporter was in Dr. Eu- ,,r t t O n TJ 

bank’s otto yesterday, for the P»!?oae of S. F. WILSON, 
seeini; thi dentists’ clinic, Dr. Chisholm, 

wTnto’w b”k nwui of Dr. EubonU’Bof- LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, 

fico, wher he was introduced to Dr. W . janW-iy 

B Woodfl, a young dentist of Ilartsell, 

Ala. Dr.Woodall led the repoter to a cor- _ ^ fj TT.T.T’S 

nerofthe-oom.where sat an old gentle- CATARRH LLY & 

,1 nn ivlwj t 50 years of ago. With hiH head n 

“i^fu^y lovercd with a shawl “This is J. g J | 

Ufc unci ,’’ said Dr. W., Mr. T. P. 

JiWtodalUf Ilartsell, and (uncovering a *,ined 

1 ^ ^ stomach ^ C^-#oex be h.ld in his hand) here is the skull jHEj\Dj“®e, 

IV Once rested upon his head. ^Jingjil other 

DITTfc 1 The ii credulous look of the reporter pfAYFEVERW^ ^ Atio#.. 

^11 I ti4 Doctor to continue ‘Come ^ 

■ ■ „ with us ;o 0 .xford’s photograph gallery, V / u 

KeireiiernUon lor Etifeoblod Sjsteiiis, intend to hare my uncle’s pho- ^^^^Bnorsie 

’.n!it“mViu"‘lmr)br. "“.‘^,. 1 . A Whiloon the wa, to the Rallery the fol- S;,^LlKKbl o  


•.rrmml requirement which nialccx H.uitetter » 3 jjnijg ij^d been allllCted many years Into the nostrils It J|;;0 of c^arrhal \ 



iJIhaa gained 


^ ^ing all other 
O^|tloila« An i 
undoubted n 
'^SHeonTODient ai 


I HAy'"FEVE[{ Apply ! 

Apply by the 

by aui^lulaisuuna Deulers aenerally._ 

The only known specific for Epileptic Fits. •Tjl 
Also lor Spasms and Fulling Blckucsa. KerrouJ 
Weakness It Instantly relievos and cures, tlcansei 
blood and quickens sluggish clreulatlon. Neutra- 
lizes germs of disease and soves alckncis. Cures 

wim epilepsy, w ao oivb.-ft ... -   causing neauny ^ 

when he was attacked with an epileptic fat ,ore.^ 

and fell, his head lying on the glowing , , ,on,oj „( taste and smell. Benc^ 

ugly blotches and stubborn blood sores. Kllmlnatea 
BoUi. Carbuncles and Scalds. t»-I'crmsncntly and 
promptly cures paralysis. Tes, It is a charming and 
healthful Aperient. Kills Scrofula and Kings Evil, 
twin brothers. Changes bad breath to good, rcniov- 

and fell, his head lying on the glowing an'd smell. Benci^ 

eoa s in the tiro place. At the lowest cal- realized by a 

LutiL, he mu^. have remained in this 

postion fifteen minutes, lie was first dis- ache and Deafnesn, or any kind ^ 

c'ovired by his wife, who was in the last me^br^ana^rH 

eta;es of consumption, though very weak, mail, regisierca. stamps recetved. • 

Bueeeded in dragging his head from the ely brothers, Druggists, Owego, n 


‘A physician was summoned, who, up- J ^ 

on xamination, found the skull so badly ^ 

buned that he pronounced the injuries fa- ■•■•I ri R J7  

tal. Thkleft eye was destroyed and a 

porum of the loft ear burned to a crisp. ^ 

My nolo continued to live, and in a short l^_ _ __ -- 

whil his reason was restored. In about 

eigh minths, at which time his wife died, -A^W***- ■» 

he vas able to walk around the house, /wi 1 


lng the cause. Routs bilious tendencies and makes 
clear complexion. Equalled by none In the delirium 
of fever. A charming rjsolvcnt and a matchless 
laxative. It drives Sick Headacbc like the wind. 
gyContalns no drastic catbartlo or opiates. KcUeves 

rhe brain of morbid fancies. Tromptly cures llhcu- 
■nattsm by routing It. Restores llfc-glvlng proper- 
ties to the blood. Is guaranteed to cure all nervous 
•disorders. tJyRellablo when all oplatea fall. Re. 
freshes the mind and Invigorates tho body. Cures 
dyspepsia or money refunded . 

Diseases of the blood own It a conqueror. Endorsed 
InwrlUngby over fifty thousand icadlag clUicns, 
cl^rgyiDen ami jiliysicianii iu U. tie oud Europe. 
prKor pnlc \^j all Icadlnf? drupglsta. $1.50. (13) 

For TeaUmoDlals and circulars send stamp. 

The Dr.S.&. Richmond Med Go. St. Joseph, Mo' 

D, SrocTKNBiutmi A Cl).. Agouti, CMcago, II 
rnav2:4-D**o lA\VDm 



Thtf kull had lost all vitality, and several 
and makes morhs after the accident, it began to sep- T I 
acdeiirium Xhc physicians re 1 ' 

the* wM. remove tho skull. Knowing that 

8 . Relieves deatt would be certain if it remained in 
the ondition it was on the head, I pro- 
curd a tile and saw and removed the skull 
in peces, as they became loosened. The 
wor was commenced in December. 1882, 
andwas completed in March, 1883. As 
the-kull became loosened a membraneous 
curcsBhcu- subtancc formed, and now serves, in a 
lug proper- me sure, to protect the head, 
sii nervous ,jjy jg 55 years of age, and 

rndf’en^^ apears to enjoy good health. He can see B„t1 
vey well with his remaining eye, and »)   “  
su ers no pain from tho removal of the made. 
TTJSIS skill.’’ 

U 2 IM it the photograph gallery tho old gen- jans- 

**1^1/ * tlman was placed in position, and the 
)r. Endorsed biidagcs removed. He wore a cloth next T»«d 

Isk^^tiicns, t,the head, and over this two caps and a / 

IlfiO. (13) 9 awl. . - . L j la 

istamp. The membraneous substance Which had H 

Inennhlll/ firmed underneath the skull could be I 

,11 painly seen. It resembled an unhealed ^ 
' him, and where the skull had been re- 

ed from pver the left eye the ■o«rs 

nairif. 07.H «till bloeiine. In lKi. ^ 


see But co to your (Insist or merohan' 
and abottleof Wills’ World Worm ' 
the most  .*fflcient uiul pnlatahle worm 
made. It U put uti in delightfully 
sticks of candy, autl tlie Utile ones love 

gen- jan6-Su,Wd,Fr4Wkly 

T».de M.rk. MKBWIN’8 SPEC 
The Great English 

'/itW I* a positive snd certain 
Weak Memory, Loss of Bra 
' ^ er, Nervous Exhaustion, 
* Cl Weakness, Impotency, anc 
» loss of power of the Gene 
Igk gaos; und all diseases that 
mSA a sequQDoe of youthful * 
|f(gre Taking, or the excess of mitured 
as OnlversBl Lassitude, Pain In the 

. I of Vision, Premature Old AgPj 
nohl .uai that land to Insnnjt ~ 


disordered liver, 


arise tJuee-fonrths of 
the diseases of tho Lurnuu race. These 
lymptoms Indicate iholr exutciice : Loss of 
Bowels uotUve, Sick Ilend. 
else, fullnsaa alter catGitf, aversion to 
xertion of body or mind, Cructatloii 
r food, IrrlUbllUy of temper, I.ow 
ptrita, \ feeling of having neglected 
“"tc^ty, liixiinesi, Fiuttering at the 
before the eyes, hichiy coi- 
red C’ONSTIPATIOMr and do- 

and thbT^^af.a remedy that acts directly 
■n thoUvor. AsaUver mcdlctno TOTT’S 
LLS have no equal. Their action ob tho 
Kidneys and Skin Is also prompt; removing 
iUl Impurities through tlioso three “ aenv- 
engera of tlie aystem,” protluclng appe- 
tite, sound digestion, regular stools, a clenr 
skin and a vigorous bodv. TCTT’S PlEEb 
taiuso no nausea or giiping nor interfere 
with dully work and arc a perfect 



‘T have hod Dyspepsia, with C'onslipa- 
tlon.two years, and have trleiVtcn different 
kinds of pills, and TCTT’S are tho first 
that have done mo any good. Tliey have 
cloiincd mo out nicely. My appetite Is 
splendid, food digests readily, and I now 
have natural passages. I feel like a new 
man." W.J . EmVARDS, Palmyra, 0. 
b'oldoTfrywliere,aite. Offico,« MurmySt.,N.Y. 


Gray Hair or Whiskers changed In- 
..tantlv to a Glossy Black by a single ap. 
•plication of this Dti:. Sold by Druggists, 
or sent by express on receipt of $ 1 . 

Office, 44 Murray Street, New Yoi'k. 

wAjStWo‘ holes probably Mf w 

r taken. thaim^^flfinieTyf^^Y.stvwi tm.i T.aA; 

'sku]l,s^KCffUBWWv^nt together with »pjbklliw{ iteauty, to the ehc%r 
wiw/i^ihrm the 'right hand. ' . IflS ' 

ihe sfi»l was reiROVed from the bead, druggists at $1 per package, or 
ty Dr. jllodall alone, iiud it was an ojJ six packages for $s. All by mall, 
erutiu^r which many an eminent phjsi- ‘"aa^F'iupardJuh^^^ 
uian,Aad it been performed by him, m’ght which win be mailed free to every 
well (claim renown - applicant. Address all communi- 

wei^iaim renown. cations to the sole manufacturer, "ttsrisklag. 

1718 truly wonderlul that tho old gen- THE Murray medicine co., 

tlcmaolivcd— that he is now -alive and Kansas city. Mo. 

has had his photograph taken, while hold- gif,“’eVe“ry''wff uiVn-VdFJsu-kWkJy* 
mg his own skull in his hand. It is more 
wonderful still that his mental faculties 
are perfect; that the bruin retained its life 
and reasoning power, after the skull had 
been literally burned from his head. — 

[Daily Iron Age, April 11. 

A Dangerous Case. 

« «  • Ro( HESTER, June 1. 188i “Ten 
Years ago I was attacked with the moat 
Intense and deathly pains in my back and 

“Extending to the end of my toes and 
to my brain 1 

“Which made me delirious ! 

“From agony. 

“It took three men to bold me on my 

Kofl of fimaa ) * 

ittTrs ha 






■sick Headache and icllcve all tho trouHea Incl- 
•dent to a bilious state of the aysleni, such as Diz- 
ziness, Nansva, Drowsiness, Distress after eating. 
Pain In tho side, Ac. While their most remark- 
able tucceia has been aho-wn in curing 


Head sehr.yetCarter'sLitUo Liver Plllsare equally 
-raluabla la Constipation, curing and prerentlng 
this annoying complaint, while they also corrcM 
all disorders of the stomach, atimulsto the liver 
and regulate the bowels. Kvun if they only coiod 


Ache they would be almost priceless to those who 
tml'crfroin this distressing complaint; but fortu- 
nately their goodness does not end here, and those 
who once try them will find these littleplllt valu- 
able in so many ways that they wlllnot be wUling 
in do without them. But after all sick bead 


Ii (hobano of so many Uvea that hero Is where wc 
maka our greaP boast. Our pills core It while 
otbendoooL , ^ 

Carter’a Little liver Pilla are very small and 
very easy to take. One or two pills nukea dose. 
■They art strictly vegetable and do not gripe or 
porgo, but by their gentle action please allwho 
nsethem. m visit at )I5 cents; five for fl. Sold 
by dmggisti everywhere, or sent by mail. 

4UBTEB KEDICniE CO., New York. 

[the wedfing of the Rao ofCutoh 34,00() 
people .were fed on the first dayj^n the 
I seeoBi^ 37,000, and on the thiril, 36,000. 

owes, Faystts National Bank, third So 



’ i 

on the varia- 
inF helms gradu- 
ipB, inolining to 
takes place in 
;.hat its cause u 

buon have been 
•nea in the shell- 
tic coast, and there 
the early lists oi 
of the country, ot 
ere on the seaboard 
ore^ the discovery ol 

i of the Japanese is 
ohes. Climate can 
for their smallness, 
•ate, though snbject 
Tho use of charcoal 
ing may afifeot theii I 
them to inhale the I 

.' ■ j 

of a cold-blooded 
creased by artiiicia] 
y bad weather frogs 
e tho water entirely, 

) the surface for air. 
gan be kept for years in 
animation and re- 

once in a dilemma 
probably never forget, 
bout art he ventured the 
t can never improve na- 
t that moment some one 
I cried out iu a gruff voice, 
'Well, then, how do you 
'd look without your wig 
is a wonderful thing,” said 
to his friend Dan Watts, 
of what a fellow’s head can 
gigantic, sir — gigantic!” 
ve often heard your friends 
a very fine memory, Jack.” 
ired) — “Well, that’s very 
have a pretty good memory. ” 
o you think you can recdl 
larsl lent you three years 


How One Dog Cared for An^ 
Was in a Wall. ■ 
Before the thaw Mark SamM 
dog Shep. Shep was last sA 
with Sampson’s . other dog ^ 
cruet of Bennett’s hill. Spot cm 
but then Shep could not be fou^ 
made inquiry of every mao aO 
  met, but could bear nothing oS 
* dog. Mark would rather have.?4 
' He traveled three days on snowM 
■ could not hear a word from SQ 
. night, coining home late, hungry d 
I after hours of unsuccessful seafjJ 
threw himself upon the bed, aiw 
j the sleep that followed Mark drfd 
dog was in V. P. Bennett’s old ifi 
; oned well. He dreiiined the sid 
. twice. H 

I Mark haiPno faith in dreaui^ 
j please hie wife he went nnd look 
in the well. In the bhicknestJ 
see two stars. The well was,^ 
deep, and dry. He spoke to tliim 
he could see two stars nioviofyJ 
could hear no voici, ouflie flW 
stars in tho bottom of the weilj^ 
two ayes. Then Mark oried^D 
well!” threetimes. Markisnmro 



cornings of tlie New York, 
n i and Western Railroad for 
ws j'^UXl.OOO. 

lx na. Nlinrea-iii | r»| or(lou. 

ia State Lottery Company 

I hereby certify that we superoist 
yements for all the Monthly and 
iiiiial Drawings of the Ijouisiana 
dttery Company, and in person 
and control the Drawings them- 
ml that the same are conducted 
nesty, fairness, and in good faith 
(ill parties, and we authorize the 
ng to use this certijicate, with fac- 
*)f our signatures attached, in its 


Who Killed Gen. John H. Morgan? 

Inlookigoveryourpaper this morning, “^hioh made me delirious ! 
while stopping here at the Union depot. From agony. 

waiting for the train to take me to Agen- , “ “J 

cy Ford, to my father-in-law’s forty-second ... . / 

wedding anniversary, I notioe the question „ Doctors tried in vain to relievfe me. 
asked, and answered, as to who killed , a 

J.aokson at Alexandria, Va. This reminds opiates % 

me of how history has it recorded that a .,.?** effect. ■ 

man by the name of Andrew Campbell After two months I was given 
killed Gen. John II. Morgan, which is , „ „•,,? , . 

false. was shot at Greenville, heard a neighbor tell what Hop Bittlrs had 
Tenn., in widow Williams’ vineyard, in °"®® “““ *^"® “*® 

the act of making his escape, while sur- ®®“®' , ^^® ‘^.®®® ®.®®®‘^ 

rounded by companies I and E of the Thir- f ®“®® ‘®. 8 ° hunting through my System 
teenth Tennessee cavalry. Henry South- , , , j, , 

er, of Wilksboroiigh, N. C., and John C. , ‘‘The second dose eased me so miuji that 
Elberson, of Pickens district, S. C., shot I «lep‘ ‘wo hour.-, something I hed not 
at him simultaneously. Neither kneiv  jone for two months. Before I hacJ used 
who he was, as Morgan was ,n his shirt hvo bottles, I was well and at wofk, ns 
sleevesj, and hud nothinc on to designate could, for ()ver three 

him as an officer weeks; but 1 worked too hard for my 

Soutlier claimed that he had killed a strength, and taking a hard cold, I was 
man in the vineyard, and described how *?'‘®“ ‘* 1 ® 1 ‘®"‘® and jrtinful 

he was shot before ho saw him. 'The fence ‘'heumatism all through ray svsteitithM 
around the vineyard was torn down, and known. I called the do«o* 

this man Campbell took Morgan on his and after several weeks thei left 

horse in front of him and carried him out ® “I'PP'® ®“ crutches for life, apAwS, 
to where he met Gen. Gillem, who under ^“®‘ 

tho impression that Campbell was the man case, and he said Hop Bitters had cured 
who killed him, reccommended his promo- “'“I would cure me. I poohed at 
lion, und secured for him a Lieutenant’s h m, but he was so earnest I was induced 
commission *‘^® ‘bem again. In leas than four 

Capt. S.‘e. Worthington and Major '^®®k» ^ ‘brew away my crutches and 
Wilcox, of Emporia, Kansas, and Major kent on using 

Dowdy, of Onaga, Kansas, were all ofti- ‘be bitters for five weeks, until I became 
cers in the Thirteenth Tennessee cavalry, well as any man living, and have been 
and wore present when Morgan was killed Jo** six years since. It also cured my 
and are all living witnesses to this fact, wife, who had been so for years; and has 

J K Davis ^®P^ children well ana hearty 

—[St. Joe (Mo.) Gazette. ' ' with from two to three bottles ner vear. 

The Kentucky Lawyer Advancing. 

The Kentucky lawyer is slowly evolving 
into civilization. When he disagrees 
with the Judge on the bench, instead of 
shooting him as formerly, he is willing 
to compromise now by taking it out of 
him with a horsewhip. In the course of 
anothar generation or two ho will be 
satisfied to make faces as a means of ex- 
pressing his contempt for the Court's 
opinions.— j Philadelphia Times. 

Weddmifs in India. 

A graiJ wedding in India is roa ark- 
able for flany things but no featurs o.* it 
is more extraordinary than the uniTersai 

InsorpoTSted In 18«8 for 25 years by the Legisla- 
ture lor Educational and Charitable piirposee— with 
s capital of $1,000,000 — to^ which a reaerve fundof 
OTer $650,000 has since been added. 

By an orerwhelming popular vote Its franchlae 
was made a part of the present State Constitution, 
adopted December 2d, A. D., I8T0. 

The only Lottery ever voted ou and indorsed by 
tho people of any State. 

It never scales or poatponea. 

ItN Uraiici Nlotrlo Nnmbnr DrawluKs 

tahti plisca ni.mltly, 

168th Monthly Drawing. 

Capital Prize, $75,000. 

lOO.lToo Ticketn at Five nollarn Each. 
FractlonM, In FitthH in | roportion. 


1 CaplUl Prize $T6,000 

Capital Prize 25,000 

1 Capital Prize 10,000 

2 Prizes ol $0,000 Ig OOO 

6 Prizes of 2,000 10,000 

10 Prizes of 1,600 10,000 

20 Prizes of 500 ' jo!o6o 

too Prizes of 300 20,000 

300 Prizes of 100 80,000 

600 Prizes of 50 25,000 

1000 Prises of 25 86,000 


» Approximation Prizes ol $760 6,750 

9 Approximation Prizes of 500 4,600 

9 Approxima ion Prises of 250 3,850 

1967 Prises, mounting to $266,500 

Applicsilon fur rates to clubs should be mads only 
to tho office of the Company to New Orleans. 

For further information, write clearly, giving full 
address. Make P, O Money Orders payable and 
address Registered IsOte'S to 

__ New OrleaiiH, La. 

POSTAL NOTES aad ordinary letters by 
Mall or Expre-is (all sums of $6 and upwards by 
Express at our expense) to 

.31. A. DAVPIIIN, 

„ . New Orleans, La. 


607 Seveiilh SI,, Washlnirton, l .  ). 





Office and Residence: Main Street, op- 
posite Phoenix Hotel. 

Teeth extracted t all houri of the day or nlshl. 
tau6-8AWtf ^ 

with from two to three bottles per year. 
There is no need to be sick at all if ttese 
bitters are used. J. J. Berk, £x-Sqper- 

“That poor invalid wife. 

“Sister I 
“Mother 1 
“Or daughter! 

“Can be made the picture of health I 
“with a fsw bottles of Hop Bitters! 

“ Will you let them suffer f” 


Architect and Superintendent ol 
. Buildings, 

ii more extraordinary than the uniTensii — and;- 

hoipiulvy by which it is attended. ^REaLESTATEAGENT. 
the welding of the Rao ofCutoh 34,000 



Eonei, Cattle, Sheep, Doge, Hogi A Fonltrjk 
For Twenty Years Humphreys' Veterinary 
Speclflcs have boeu use l by Farmers, elork- 
breeders. Horse Il.R.,Travel'e Hippodromes 
Menageries and others with perfect success. 


A. A. Cures Fevers and InllammatInn.MIIk 
Fever, Spinal .Meningitis, Hog Cholera, 78e. 

B. B. Curea Founder, Spavin, Stiffnesa, 79c. 

Cures Distemper. Nasal Discharges, 79c. 
D.D. Cures Buts or Grubs, Worms, - • • 79e. 
K.B. Cures Cough, Heaves, I’neumonto, T5c. 
F.F. Cures Colic or Gripes, Bellyache, 79c. 

« ,J. curesall DliOBsei of Digestion, • - 
aterinary Case (black walnut) with Vet- 
crlnoty yianiial, (330 pp.), 10 tmUles of 
Medicine, and Medicator, - . • • • B( 

• • 79c. 

• 79c. 

Ac. 79e. 

• - 7Se. 

, uuuiu near do yoio^l, oUC tie 
, stars in tho bottom of the weilJ^Ssheil U 
I two ^es. Then Mark oriedjJljjMn fe I 
well!” threetimes. Mark isn* I^|R)okn I 
in common conversation, and^henje yal U 
\ be makes the woods and hilll shJte.'^ ItM 
, loss than three minutes a stelld^Srean ori 
) boys were seen going up BenHBtt’ 8 *lill. 

• A line was brought’ and George JLulsell 
) lowered into the well. When^Grarge 
I reached the bottom he found Sh^t.^^!^ 
1 almost to death to see liim. Hpjqii 
in tho well four days nnd nighttyN^I 
, wasn’t hungry, but was nwfullyAl^^^l 
hunger had been stayed in thi^B^^H 

While he was lying at thej^^^^^l 
the old empty well. Spot 
around Mr, Bennett's every 
breal^fast and every evenin 
supper, when he would iilwayb£|^^H 
a liberal amount of food. In 
of the well the boj who went^^^^P^^ 
bucket was surprised to find 
hie number of bones, nnd a p^Hl^twS 
' of well-preserved meat, whicfl^^jlongly* 
had been left over from SpotlHast m’enl| 
The path leading to the wellB*ph  Spofl 
! had made, completes the stofl|yie had 
substantially remembered hlB^pan^n'' 
, who had the misfortune tojO ^^to inHe 
well, — [Lewiston Journal, 

Bodily Loca'ion of Human 

Dr. B. W, lliohardson, in 'f^AsAffi- 
ad, treating of felicity as a sX^itarJte- 
searoh, observes; “The center of thefll|)- 
tion of felicity is not in the brain. ThtfoM- 
I ter is in the vital nervous system, in the 
great ganglia of the sympathetic, lying 
not in the cerebro-spinal cavities, but in 
the cavities of tho body itself, near the 
stomach and in the heart. We know 
where the glow which indicates felicity is 
felt, and our poets have ever described it 
with perfect truthfulness as in the breast. 
It comes as a fire kindling there. No liv- 
ing being ever felt happy in tho head; ev- 
erybody who has felt felicity has felt it as 
from within the body. We know, again, 
where tho depression of misery is located; 
our physicians of all time have defined 
that, and have named the disease of mis- 
ery from its local scat. The man who is 
miserable is a hypochondriac; his affection 
is seated under the lower ribs. No man 
ever felt happy in the head. Every man 
who has felt misery ..knows that it springs 
from the body, spe^s of it as an exhaus- 
tion, a sinking thd^, fie is broken-heart- 
ed; ho is failing center of life; he is 
bent down becauseA^ the central failure, 
and his own sliouldm, too heavy to be 
borne, feel as if oppressed by an added 
weight or burden, under which ho bends 
as though all the cares of the world were 
upon him to hear him down.” 

Commenting on this the Lancet says 
that, in other words, felicity is a physical 
result of a brisk and heal hy full circula- 
tion of blood through the vessels supply- 
ing tho ganglia of the great sympathetic 
system of nerves; and whatever quickens 
and at the some time frees tho flow of 
blood in these vessels particularly, engen- 
ders the feeling we call happiness, 'fhis 
is the fact, and we believe it explains the 
action of many articles of food and medi- 
cine and medical appliances. It, more- 
over, explains and oonfirms the truth of 
the maxim which wo have so often recom- 
mended for general adoption: “Be briskly, 
not languidly, joyous if you would bo 
well.” This is the converse of the doc- 
trine that happiness is an affair of the 
heart and stomach. A comfortable, as 
contrasted with an austere, mode of life is 
the most natural, and therefore tho 
healthiest and the best. Wo sometimes 
wonder why those who live by rule, and 
tremble as they live, laboring to eat and 
drink preoisely what is “good for them,” 
and nothing else, are so weakly and mis- 
erable. The cause of failure is that such 
persons are over-oareful: life is a burden 
to them. They have no ‘‘go” in their 
mode of existence. One-half of the “dys- 
peptics” we see, and whose sufferings wo 
are asked to relieve, would be well if they 
were happy. Everything in life and na- 
ture acts and reacts in a circle. Be happy, 
and your sympathetio ganglia will have 
the blood coursing through them with 
the boundfof health; and this quickening 
of the pulse, if it bo produced by “good 
cheer,” whether at the table or on the 
moniitain side, will, in its turn, produce 
happiness. Felicity is tho outcome of a 
physical state, and that state is itself en- 
hanced by the sort of cheerfulness which 
often ooDsists in being happy in spite of 
oircum stances. 

Fancy Wark— Narrow Crochet Edge. 

Make a chain   of ten, turn. 1 . 3 
double in forth chain, 1 chain, 1 double 
in first. 3 chains turn. 

2. 3 double under the one chain, one 
chain, one double under first stitch of last, 
roiv, 4 chains, turn. 

3. 3 double under the one chain, one 
chain, 1 double under last stitch, 3 ohains,' 

4. 3 double under^ the one chain, one 
chain, 12 double under the four chains, 
one single under first turning place, 

5. 1 chain, 1 single on top of first double, 
one chain, one single on next double, and 
and_ so on all the twelve, 2 chains, and 
begin at the first, putting tho three (louble- 
under the one chain or loop instead of 
in fourth chain. — [Southern World. 



fl. QOMI^A KLT, ex-VeUrinary Surgeon 
ft^t'rench (iovernmetft Stwl 

I rroMil’irrt in I’lr* b««t VoU 
I ra'Mico « r 1 lor tiio 

Twenty Veiira* 


:int, Swoony. Capped Hock. Strained 
ink*r, Wind PuITb, all Skin l iaeaKi'Kor 
111 h, ull InnumxuutiouM, nil Throat Dlf- 
inunourt from Spavin, Ulmrboiie. end 
norn. Heinovos nil BumTich or Blom- 
* iHhe‘ .and lunny other (HuoaacBimdoilniGutHof Her: os 
and (^uttle.W’Vr Hiiperlor to n b'ititerorenrtprizj tlou 
Uiueij^iuIoll'ucU, never Icuviuif Kcur or L^omiFU. 


]iro hu‘o ntoro uctoiil rceuits a \\ho!o bottlo 
or ppuvlu euro ^.vtiiro ever imido. 


p er holtf 


ftl tOBivufqiliriliictioii. PitooSI.."0 
F K"Ul I'v ('.r ■ or smt By cx]'?' -- 
■Kiiil, uifi i.ul Ulrootiou] lor Its u;o. 

m. LA^"MCE, VfiLLlArflo Ji CO. 

“ ohio, 

/mjSorVr* «f' Proprir.lon f jr ihc V. S. and Canndi^ 

“ oct3-Tu,Th,SaAWkim 


ilark St., Opp.Goui1llouse, CHICAGO. 

tnr (rraduate. 0^The Oldeat Apcelnllat 
nited Statea, whu«o life lonu EXi’EniENCB,. 
method and pure medicine iobure epkedx 
MANENT CUBES of all Privato7Chrftnic and / 
Diaeasea. Affections of the Blood, Skin. r 
r'a,vluddeV, BriipUotiN, Ulccra, Old 
4\vcllliiir orthe01andM,Soi*o Mouth, 

1, Iloiio Pallia, pormanently ourod anoA 
2u from the system tor life. 


I V U V J^osHcSf Sexual Decay, Mental 
hyylcal ireafenraa^ FaUinyKMemory, - 
^ycB, Stunted Development, Itnpedl 
o Marriage, etc,, from exceaaea btyany . 
tpeodily, safely and privately Cured^Q 
iDff, Middle-Affcd and Old men. and all 
d medioal skill and experience, commit 
Atonoe. His opinion coats nothing, andmaj , 
i save future misery and shame. When inconvenient i 
ato visit the city for treatment, medicinos can be sent ^ 
▼I’verywhere by mail or express IVce Trom obaciv * ' 
Tutlon. ia self®ovident that a physician who 

gives his whuie aiicntion to a class of diseases at* 
tains grc.ut akin, and nhyiiciansthicnghout the ^ 
country, Irnowjng this, frequently recommend difficult ’ 
cues to the Oldest Speelallat, by whom eveiy % 
known good remedy la used. «^Dr. Bate’s^A., 
Age rod JExpcrIttiice make his opinion of au***^"* 
preuie Importance. ii7”Thosa who call see no' 
one but tho Doctor. ('on.^ltationH free and aacredly. 
®®n“dentlal# Caseawhichhavefaitedinobtainin * 
relief elsewhere, espncially solicited. Female Di 
eases treated. Call or write. Hours, from O to 4 
4 to A; Sundaye. lO to l9,tQutpE to. Hr 
SENT Free. Addreu as above.^afijflli^ 

r FREE! 


A. fcvorlt. preMTlptlaa of 
kaost nottff Mid successful speclmllsts In the IT. & 
(DOW retired) for tbo cure of Nesmoua Seblli 
XioslJTatihooa.treaknetmniiaifeoau, — 
lDpliUns,.ledeovolope/Fao. DtugslslacuiflU 

Addiwn DR. WARD a CO., LoalsIiBa. Mo. 

nPllllllMORfHINE HABi 

Ul I U KAN'K, vf tho Uiqiiincf 

If ■ll(im«i,no\VDlTi raii llumcfty wtiRnbm 
any one can curr lilnfseirquirUj and pnlntrssly. For tnutlmjl 
alAie and eiiilmYomiMiis from mviMcHl iiien.Ar.,»(J()reartl 

11. U. kAXK, a.3l., fi(.U.,iqOFiiltoubl.,M«w York City. ^ 


Whoso debility, exbanate 
powers, premature deou 
and failure to perform lltV^s 
duties properly are caused by 

W errors of youth, etc.. 

^ W J (ji will find a perfect and lasting 

^7# re.Ht oration to robust hcaltfi 

f j/L k find VifforutiN manhood in 


Yi-iKta r •r^'^^eithor stomat'h drugging nor 
instruments. This treatment of 
]y Nervoua Bobllliy and 

anccesstul bec'nnse bn^rd on perfect diagnosis 
new mid direct melhoda ami ab.^lnto thor® 
ou^hiicna. Full information and Treatise free (’onRulting rhyaicirm of 

MARSTON REMEDY CO., 4GW.t4thot,NcwYork 

^•A^al esis"?i5,rffl 

'an (nfa/Hbis cure lor I'ilni. 
kPrice 311, at drurriati, or 


from Youthful laprnden?c. ransiog m* 
rterrooi Debility, mental and Fbyst« 
cat Weakness. \ aluable infnrmatloii 
lorhomocnre fk*«e. Used23yrartKii  . W m 
nsaifiilljr. DrJLU.OUo,Uux::;:,Chii;ago 

ElKtrlc Appll»c6i ar, tent on 30 Days’ Trial. 


W HO are suffering from Kiavous Dibiutt, 
Lost Vitautt, Lack of Nbbvb Foscb an  
Viooa, Wastinu Wbaknvssbs, and all those diseases 
of aPtnsoKAL Natvsb reiulilng from Asutis and 
OTBBB CAUtBS. Speedy relief and complete resto- 
ration of Hkalth.V looR and Mamhooo Ouaiuktkkd. 
The grandest discovery ot the Nineteenth Century. 
Send at once for Illustrated Pamphlet free. Address 




frit‘i3J r.iiiiiKiTnnnn 3!i3 f:Tiinjiii)i'. iTiT xi iraTrtn^ 
|ii!T Ti!Min3iirmirnTNawnTrMiHTT,)7T;3f)7^^ 

e i4U-jiii,wji'iH)iT'a,ii»nnr.)i)n7',iiv rnnHJi.i)itj 




I Im- ilKl.T -r Rofrenera 
» i iiiudf i vjuesHly for 
^ f 4*i’un ( ■ di'iaiigvinen^'' 
ol Ml geiUfiMtlV ' organs. 

  w Tlioi IS iiotiiiKukt about 
y ] till.- Iiislntment. the con 
f J l‘'iunil Htj-etfili of ELE 
. 5 ^ T ' I ( n V t*eriiieating 
y Mirough tho nurtK musi 
M **Mt.M‘i them to healthy 
.1 I)   ID r confound 

I'J I I' with KIhu'IC Belt®. 
1 I II. . nro ail llln 

! I f Ml. h“iMl to t H*. ItUfoi 
kl III- mSK sfM'cilU* purpose 
ubu'iimKnti. nddivsR Cheever 
idiiHon ht , Chicago, ill. 


I - ...'iTi'*'' I'C'pIcvmenl durinff 
iBPiUNO .ml RCMHRR. ABdnw 
. I C M riiKriv«!Co..Clncinluffro. 

^Humphrey’, Vel.rlD.ry (330pp.)Kut 
tne bj null on receipt of price, 9U cents. 
tV-P.mphleli lent free on appllctlon. 

In attempting to supprasB a riot of the 
striking laborers in the South African CAN NI AK£ ptS 

ammoDd fieldB, the polico killed several urtuuijfs. ^ 

^ 1 * A* ^ • . * • AJ. iav*car ." JL Co. 'uvvl$..:at$. J* 

Of the rioters. 


■ • '   Advice to Mother 
Are JOQ dieturbed at night lAd nroken ol*your 
rest by a sick child sutrering and crrjng with pain 
)f cutting teeth t If so, send at oiicOhd get a bot- 
CHILDRBN TEETHING. Its valijMi incalcula- 
nle. It will relieve the poor little sl^rer linmedl- 
itely. Depend upon it, mothers, there is no mis- 
take about It. It cures dyseuUry and dlarrha-a, 
'egulates the stomach and bowels, cures wind colic, 
loftens the gums, reduces inflammation, and gives 
tone and energy to the whole system. MRS. WIN^ 
TEETHING Is pleasant to the taste, and^ theprM 
sciiption of one of the oldest jmd best f em^e nurse^ 
and physicians in the United States,^HB is fol 
lale by all druggists throughout the woiliJ PricI 
iS cents a bottle. ^ \ I 

So You Will Find. , 

"Benson's Capcine Porous Plastorsl 
highest degree reliable,” says Dr. Kff 
York 25c. 1 

theytv 1 tn“tu^t*^^^^^^^^^ true^llepublican orpunization of the 

oue ^hysiCy a vegetable mixture, acU and^QlHte as 9 has existed sincc ISG*') and has 

eii'ectuaiiy cures. 2.5 cents. At all Druggie I bce® reproserited in every National Con- 

I have suffered from Catarrh to sucit vention sjnee that time, 
an extent that I had to bandage my head The rt^olutiona f^o on to say that the 

Virginia Republicans. 

D, April 30. — The straightout 
State Convention met at 
About 120 delegates were 
)t|Kisre than half of whom were 
d. \Iohn F. Dezendorf, Chairman 
[e Committee, called the con- 
order and explahted that the 
had assembled in response to 
the National Uepublioan Com- 
added that a so-called Ue- 
nventioD had mot here a few 

I nd placed in the held an elec- 
with but a single men on it 
ever voted the Republican 

, 0 nine was made Chairman 
mention, after which the usual 
I were appointed, 
ckhan, Chairman of the Com- 
ilesolutions, read the platform, 
unanimously adopted, 
resolution cites that the Ro- 
of this convention represent 
epublican organization of the 
has existed since ISO,") and has 
I bee® repTbsented in every National Con- 



ow of Values. 


^ '^ellKor Haggard's Equalization Bill. 

Reaction is as ihevitable if the comm A VThe most important bill that has been, -m W »i -» ~ 

meroisl as in the physical world. Pusi- or will be, considered by this Legislature, TJk-ww .rufi-i- A • J* 

ness has its seasons of ebb and flo«r as 1 is Senator Rodney Uaggard’s bill to ore- ITl. 11 L 11211 litillf)Tiri IX T.1 ATI 

have the tides. Periods of undue commer- 1 ate a State Board of Equalization. Mr. ^ IjXCl Llvf ll® 

cial activity Jre'succeedcd in regular^- 'Haggard is competent to discuss and ere- T miTtVTT t ^ 

der by oorresponding periods of depiB- ate measures bearing upon revenue and i-U U V iJ-rL.!!,, KENTUCKY, 

Sion. As equilibrium is a fundamenftl | taxation. lie was Sheriff of Clark County CHARTER P V V T TT a x 

law in nature, it is equally so in tradej I at twenty-one years of age; he is a careful , U A Ij, 

An undue expansion of heat sets in vie- 1 and most excellent lawyer, and is a atu- LOSSES PAID SINcte Its ORGANIZATION 

lent motion the cooler air, prodiioing c4: dent in all matters pertaining to revenue - „ »oao ,904 7 *. 

clones which devastate and destroy, at;| and taxation. Ilis bill, referred to above, • PerilUineilt Or Silikiiio- I iw.n 

in like manner an artificial stimulus ia 
business generates the mania of speculA 
tion which culminates in disaster. To iA 
nore the law of equilihriuin is to eous 
danger. Calms succeed tempests as natil 
rally as day succeeds night, and businesn 

Ilis tall, referred to above, • Pmmineiit Or Sillkillf,' f^llld Liliiitod to   100 000 
the aenate in a few days. 

depression follows speeuiation 

and taxation. Ilis bill, referred to above, ■ PprilUlIIPnt 0 
I will come up in the Senate in a few days. | 

^ Mr. Haggard is opposed to an increase in 
. the rate of taxation. 

He believes that the true theory at pres- ■'•WiliE, 

entto be considered is an increase in our I V w^nlciA’^ 
assessed values. The assessed value ofi liioi.i! 

-All I) 0 ss(*s Duo to Date Pai^^^ 

aSWproperty in Kentucky is less now 

II. II. liKTIzX.R, Spprotfiry find Trrtm. Tlf m ir ii 

B'lW AI'J-IS«*\,CJ»wlil«‘rSrcoiid NKliGiniriiiuili, Aiidllor^ * ^ " 

)n'Sir™vut.Tv“"”"^ «eu,il„r(;h„r,er,Bv-I.,vs.nd Blnnk., No. 4S9 West J.V 

much certainty. The present era of lowfs.)(),000,0(k) than it was fifteen years ago. ! fe«fn Aceite. .Seud Iw charter, Uv-I_nvaa 

prices is only the working out of a natu ^'his fact alone argues a serious detect in I augso-Tu’Thiy ,• nirrivn a . . x. 

nil law. A great shrinkage in values has Aur system of assessment. The hill nm. i ‘ ‘ Lri’er street, l-exington, Ky, 

not alone mtcurred in, the United States, ' yosed by Mr. Haggard is a fair I 

but throughout the world. ' Lidoption of Illinois law, which has | cm -a— 

The primary cause is over-production, sheen in suocesssul operation for six | ^Ijf Ol J W T* TST^ 

Supply has greatly e.xceeded demand. 'yWirs and which has steadily grown in ' a Jl ® I M * © B m 

Production has been forced beyond con- Ipopuhirity with tho people. The propos- : ^ ^ 

sumption and the law of eqiiilihrium has ed bill in no way interferes with thepre.- i ^ 

been violated. There will be no genuine ent county boards of equalization. It pro- j We hm-o tbn i - . 

swing of the pendulum toward higher and Wdes that the board shall consist of the I Amene i .trfd . t n*’ =his cny of the liiu-'t TAILOR-M ADE Clothing 

more active markets until supply and de- fAuditor of Public Accounts and one per- i well ss mv'fnfin,. mVi ® I'^fi gurment to he trimmed, made to lit as 

mand arc in more cqiJal relation. [son from each Congressional District, who i ' ‘ clothing, our pri e.s are do pci- t 

Ujijier Street, I-exlDglon, Ky, 

to quiet the pain. I was advised by Mr. Natioiml Republican declaration for the 
Brown, of Ithaca, to try Ely’s Cream full pa^Jjent of the public debt was ap- 
Balni. When suffering with Catarrh or | plic'.rble to the States ns well as to the 
cold in the head I have never found i^s i OencAlJ5Wernment, and therefore con- 
equal. — C. A. Cooper, Dan by, N. IT. (Ap';| dcinn Pjifsldent Arthur in forcing repu- 
ply with finger. Price 50 cents.) ; Virginia. 

I have used Ely’s Cream Balm for dry ^ They* also condemn President Arthur 
Catarrh (to which every Eastern perBon. ruthless violation of 

is subject who comes to live in a high alti- ®. '7 i' 

tude.) It has proved a cure in my case, proclaim for Blaine and Lincoln, hut send 
-B. F. M. AVeeks, Denver, Col. (Easy delegates lo Chicago uninstructed, recog- 
to use Price 50 cents.) “'“'•'"K ‘h® f“®‘ ‘hat the naming of candi- 

luu e datos sl.ould bo practioiilly left to the 

I feel very grateful for the 'vonderful, gt^tos rm.uired to furnish electoral votes, 
mres that have been perlormed with Ely s resolution is as follows : “Tho 

Cream Balm. I have had Catarrh in its, 'n, orrow over the tragic death of 

worst form for the past 25 years and have Pre’si^ont Gartield oasts a deep gloom 
used everything I could hear of. l oom- oyer'^heTRenublican party of Virginia, 

mand arc in more eqiJol relation. [son from each Congressional District, who j 

This e.\citenient has ’run its course. Its) shall possess all tho qualilicatioiis of an I 
effects, however, are still felt. Our mar- ^mior. This hoard is to convene in I 
kets must have time to clear themselves Frankfort, say May 20 , where the county | 
of an excess of production before trade ists are to be tabulated and laid before ! 
resumes its natural tom^and eondition.JRA ||^ni. Then the work of eqaiilization be- j 
better equalization of srfpply and den™i ;Wis, treating each county as a unit. Tor I 
must be established. When this -ip doric jjonvenience taxable property is divided 
there will be ii reaction. ' three classes : lands, personal proper- j 

What of the future? and town or city lots. By inquiry, r 

It is encouraging. The widcspreai«^'kres[;ondence, examination of tho Ac-' 
pression was not due to a financial p^uc^^tor's books, communication orally and | 

usea everytning i couiu near oi. i com- oyerlheTRenublican party of Virginia, 
menced using the cream Balm and I con- wH^vjiltto him for counsel and encoiir- 
siderit the best thing I ever triTO. I „^«,„oT7andaUhi8hour,thefirstoppor- 
recommendit toevery one aflheted^J, tunity in general convention, we tender 
B. Kelsey, 3- Broad Street, New Vor^ pj. 

’ &^ld ouTOnoero sympathy, and assurance 

; with an example of his faith and for- 

Tiie Kentucky Legislature will adjouru lj,Hude ^^^re the treasurers of his brave 
•n the 12th inst. Therefore if our peopljb^ prulWit utterances.” 
in'end to secure any legislation which i The Public Lands, 

will enable them to induce the Kentucky ‘ April 29.-— The House 

Union Railroad to ruo to this city, it is Com'missn on Public Lands agreed upon 
high time they were moving in tho mat- a bill to i^eal the Pre-emption and lim- 
ter. The Legislature will not meet ber Cultj* Acts and amend the home- 

again for two years, and by that tune the upon^provides that every home- 

road will, in all probability, bo finished, stead •apitflant shall make a final proof 
as it is already under construction, and b^two or^table witnesses of continuous 
It will then perhaps be too late for Lex- residence upon and cultivation or perma- 
, ' HAL A . nent imnrovement of his claim for four 

.ington to do anything.^ The advantages gonseoutIVe years next sucoeoding its en- 
ho be derived by the city from this road, try. The proof shall be in duplicate, one 
ID ease it should come here, are too ap- set to be filed in the local Land Ollice and 
ilarent and have been too often recited to the other to be forwarded to the General 
L . .... , T • A Land Office. If within one year of pres- 

sed recapitulation here. Lexington 

•n the 12th inst. Therefore if our peopl®b^ pru'd 
in'end to secure any legislation which,'"" 1 
will enable them to induce the Kentucky ‘ 

Union Railroad to run to this city, it is Coinmiss 
high time they were moving in tho mat- a bill to i 
ter. The Legislature will not meet 9'?'*^ 

resumes its natural ton/i 5 an l condition.!^ || 
better equalization of sifpply and demmSi ;j 
must be established. When this -is doric Ij 
there will be a reaction. ' I' 

What of the future? I 

It is encouraging. The widesprea(i^^% I 
pression was not due to a linan'ial piWcL 
It was simply the natural tendenoj||Ci-| 
ward equilibrium. Prices h.ive reachf'd 
thoir lowest Icvbl. Tlie excess of supply | 
above demand is being gradually reduceiiV 
Markets are tending towp.iii a l■nrl^cution^ 
of themselves. They -^ill be*iiilloweiri 
sooner or later by iin advance which will,^ 
impart new life and activity to all depart- 
iiients of trade. * ^ ^ 1 

It takes about five years for values^ I 
ebb and How from their highest to^heiou 
lowest, and from 1879 to 1884 tliim 
period is included. It-is probable, th'ei’l’^ 
fore, that wo are on the eve of anoibflr i 
coinmci'cial wave that will lift us tonhiglw^ 
degree of prosperity, to be succeeded ns'L 
before by a corrcspsnding deoline— J 
( American Grocer and Dry Goods^hrbnS 
cle, Apr. 17. V 

t all possess all tho quaiilications ot an I A I ’ # r' i 

icior. This hoard is to convene in j F IflG LjUTP fAi r iPryAnf" 

fmnkfort, say May 20, where the county RlC^dllC 

ists are to be tabulated and laid before ! 


onvenience taxable property is divided wAXy * Jl-J JLw -/tt. 

nto three classes : lands, personal proper- [ 

b, and town or city lota. By inquiry,! » t\ 

wres[;ondence, examination of tho Ac- ' , ^ Our L nilCtr 6 n S lJ 6 pcirtm 6 nt W 6 OffSF th 6 “ 

litor’a books, communication orally and | naUdSOniest lineS Of BoVS’ and DhlldrPTl’c} Plnfln 
1 writing with officials and other citi-ling' to be qppn nmrwhiiira 
ens, the board ascertains tho basis of ^ anyWHePe. 

I aiue upon which the .Assessor in each • 


■leffer.son county may tho 1^1 i 

ids there at .'!o per cent of their i 'jioves, Jdosiery, Neolcwear, Hats, UdTibrellas Col-- 

a /uU line o; eVery- 

■r cent of their fair cash value, and so j ^ HiaKe^ a gelltleinaD S fUll OUtfi t ill Staple" 

^ through every county in the State and novel designs. 

jjfch Assessor may have his own system ° 

;limd. --f 

recapitulation here. Lexington 

Immigration Irom England, -f 
In Blackpool, England, a popular 
lire was delivered recently by 5b-. vV ajW- 
man on the desirability of Kento*ky as a 
point of emigration as contrasted with tbj 
northwest and other points .in Amcricjl 
The address was not characterize^by in 
perhole of expression, hut the plifc^^B 
of Kentucky’s superior advantiig3|[|fl8 

nn'adc a fatal mistake in allowing the t^gt be filed and no notice given, suppoi-t- 
1 Kentucky Central extension to leave her cd by affidavit made before some officer 
^to one side, and she cannot afford to authorized to administer tho oath, char- 
, j‘z .1 raiLi’j A fiiRK aiiti spemfving fraud, either in the 

make a second mistake of that kind. A Secretary of 

committee was appointed by the Chamber the Interior shall cause patents to he is- 
of Commerce nearly a year ago to attend sued on the entry. But if contest bo tiled 
to this matter. These gentlemen should affidavits made, or if there be from any 
. 1 -.L . .u„ cause reasonable ground to suspect fraud 

go to work without another moment s de- shall direct the 

'lay- Commissioner of the General Land Office 

I scssment on all taxable property. 
State Board of Equalization is pro- 
sd from reducing the rate of taxa- 
In fact, no one will claim that any 
ty is assessed too high. The board 
ly raises the rate of taxes in Jeffer- 
County from 30 per cent to 60 per 
ami places it on an equal footing 
Oldham County. These counties 
fivcn as an example, without any 
ledge of the system pursued by the 

us, a farm which has a fair cash 
|Vmue in Jefferson County of SlOO an 
acre is assessed at i?33. A i'lirm in Old- 



No. 50 East Main Street, 

Wo keep the best Shirt in America. 

Lexington, Kentucky. 

Sole .\gpnta for Wilson Bros. apSD&W 

home for English emigrants wfere^ oint- ham Connty which has a fair cash value 
cd out in a nioderate way that enlist dthe 0 PS 6 O an acre is assessed at ?36. The 
hearty heliet and favorable opmioi) 1 f the board simply raises the assessment on 
vast crowd assembled. This is the fruit tbo Jefferson Connty lists up to the same 
of the well considered and judioithis steps rate  as the Oldham County lists, 

taken by opr State geologist, Mr. John Xhfc is done in n simple inan- 

Proctor, for disseminating in partsof Eu- „er* The Sheriff is instructed to 

rope a knowledge of our climate .Hjnd re- addRo every list the per cent that has 


simple in 

The Kentucky Union Railroad. 
Within a few days a new and iinan 

in the case, the Secretary shall direct the 
Commissioner of the General Land Office 
to make investigation thereof. 

Tho act of March 3, 1879, requiring 
publication of the intention to make tinnl 

rope a knowledge ot our climate .wd re- addRo every list the per cent that has 
sources. 1 he efforts of the geologioal bu- bee^ found necessary to equalize the 
reau aie the befunniogofa work thatcannot county taxation with all others. In other 
tail to rapidly increase the prosperily and words, the man in Jefferson County is as- 
niaterinl wealth of the State. The thoice spssed upon a certain proportion of tho 

For Fine Fresh Candies, 



 , Lemons, Bananas, 

swerable argument in favor of Lexington proof six weeks in advance of the event, 
securing the construction of this impor- is repealed. 

of fields in which to distribute immigration 
literature has been most felicitous, and 
has resulted already in an accession -to 
our population of a people, industrious. 

fair cash value of the land, whatever it 
may be, and tho man in Oldliam 
epunty is assessed on the same pro- 
pjirtinn of the value of his land 



tant railroad has been made public. 

Representative Cobb was directed tore- 
port a bill and au ',iorized to ask its pas- 

the fact that Mr. Huntington is negotia- under a suspension of the rules, at 

ting for tho L. and N. Railroad from Lex- the first opportunity. 

ington to Louisville; and when ho has ab- The~New South 

sor'iod — as ho can do if ho wish — that , j ... 

” » There has seldom appeared a more ht 

important railroad, he will control three tg|.m m fuofg than the one "Tho New 

of the four roads from Lexington to the South.” Half of tho oldest, most popu- 

Ohio River, aid instead of having three luf®*! u"d productive section of the country 

important trunk lines of railroad com- I'aB changed a few years from a l.aro- 
iiu|juri«iii, iiuiiB. ..ucD u u vu Dial, luxurious, easy going life into one 

peting for our business, there will be but that rivals any Northern State in indi- 
two. The Kentucky Union, as an inde- vidual energy, invention, and commercial 
pendent lino from Lexington to the At- activity. That this chanp is mainly due 
, . J .ii u • 1 11 • tothecommunicationandrelationsafford- 

tantic seaboard, will become invaluable in managements of the 

maintaining low rates of freight. Stupid- Southern railroads can not bo questioned, 
ity lost us the Kentucky Central exten- It is comparatively a small matter to the 
sion. Don’t allow a repetition of that sui- Southern planter, miner, manufacturer 

Meeting of Stock Men. 

... V or merchant what the fluctuations of tho 

oidal policy now. ^ York stock market are, but he is 

A Meeting of Stock Men. thoroughly awakened to tho infinite im- 

^ portance of transportation facilities, and 

The request of Colonel Bennett Young very naturally favors, in every possible 
that the prominent men of the increase of such facilities, 

State meet him at the Phoenix Hotel ui particularly by corporations which, like 
Lexington Saturday next, to discuss the Louisville and Nashville, not only 
firoject for a large stock show in connec- igggen rates, increase capacity, ani im- 
tion with the Exposition, has met with a pj.^ye equipment and service, but are 
hearty response. IIo has received a large ^i^^ys foremost in aiding any enterprise 
number of replies, showing groat interest promises to extend knowledge of the 
in the movement, and the stock show will attractions to labor and capital in its ter- 
prove one of the most interesting. features New York Bulletin, 

of the enterprise. — [Louisville Post. “ * _ 

• 7 The Art of Sealing a Letter. 

Free Turnpikes. There is a great art in sealing a letter, 

The,system of free turnpikes Ims^ b^^^^ W candle, the stick of sealing-wax 
in operation inVevoral States of the Union daintily engraved seal are now re- 

fer a number of yeaw, and has been found quigites of the fashionable writing table. 
^ work to a charm. They stimulate travel, When seal, note and candle are ready, do 
ind consequently increase trade. Ihey | y thrusting the end of tho wax 

ire kept in repair by ^^oneral taxation, Jjjjq jJjq iiame and conveying it in a 
ind each taxpayer in the county pays his flaming splatter of wax to your envelope 
axes once a year when he pays his tax- plenty of time to do it. First lay 

is. This has always been found to work ggj^j right to your hand, so that the im- 
krell, and the communities where it ob- preg^ion niay bo square and not wrong 
lains are universally prosperous and yp^ Then hold tho wax considerably 
leealthy. ^ , r n above the flame of the candle, not close 

The Lexington Chamber ot Lommorco enough to burn. A burnt wax makes 
has inaugurated a movement looking to brittle, streaky seal, and is hard to 
the establishment of free turnpikes in mnnago. When the wax has gradually 
[Fayette County. A committee him been goftened, apply it with a circular move- 
lappointed to confer with the County ment of tho hand upon tho note. Rub 
jCourt upon tho advisability of that Court jj well around and down until you have 
‘buying all the turnpikes in tho county a proper circle and of sufficient thickness 

__ J 1 .:^.. r*AA • . . .. . m. 

moral, ingenious and fru);al-^^.’ people whatever it be worth more nr leas per 
that can exist in peaceful eonlteiit^^ipoii note. Assuming that no lands in the 
rugeea hills that the average Kentuckian State are assessed at tlieir full cash value, | 
would despise. Pine Hills in Laurel coun- whether they are worth S150 or 825 an 
ty and Hernstadt, are miniature Switzer- acre, under this proposed law the owner 
lands, with scenery that rivals that of of valuable land pays upon the same per 
Switzerland in beauty if not in granduer. gent of value as does tho owner of poor 
The hills are covered with vineyards and i„nd. ft is equitable and simple in all 
fields of Brain, tho quaint Swiss architect- details. 

ure soinewliat iiioditied by American ira- 'phe enforcement of this law will bring 
provements, the quaint Swiss manners sufficient money to meet all demands, 
and customs, and the Swiss themselves— a nnd can lie made immediately available 
little phleKraatic they may be, but a stur- fo, the assessments of 1884. 
day, useful element — may all bo seen in 'f(ie oost of this proposed board is very 
these and other colonies. It is greiitly to iptle. The members get S5 a day while 
be hoped that our L;!gi- laturo will vote a they are in session — and a month or six 
larger appropriation to tho survey this weeks will suffice — and a secretary the 
season than ever before in order that the sane amount. For this small outlay tho 
laudable work of inducing immigration to State will receive a large increnso in her 
our State may he carried forward more revenue without raising the rate of taxa- 
extcnsively. — [Clark Couuty Democrat. tioa. 

Temperance and Longevity. \ * Huntington’s Plans. 

At our “Social Science Hall.” whore   /t is rumored in railroad circles that C. 
wo discuss many subjects, Col. R. and D'lluntington is negotiating with the 
myself were called upon to present our T- ■sville and Nashville people for tho 
views upon the “Conditions of Longev- rhiTOaso of tho Lexington branch of the 
ity.” Louilvillo and Nashville road. This 

Col. B., a devotee of good dinners and braifUi is sixty-seven miles in length, and 
wines, said : extejps from Lagrange, on the main stem 

“Ladies and gentlemen : I have given of tte Louisville, Cincinnati and Lexing- 

apr 6 No. 5 West Short Strc« 

A Gr.and Carnivali HANIKA* 

3Nrjfx.TioiM*?v^ Iron FoncoOx, 


wiuL uE HELD AT j S|ti'ini;ti(‘l(I, Ohio, 

-rTT^/'-v-TN-r A -\T-pv -Q A "Dir pIcaNurc in annouucini,' 10 tlie cilizeus o 

W vJVjJJi-l/VlNiJ X XxiAiJN L-Xiiislon mill Ci-ntial Ki nlucky that they hav. 

I opi-neil II lir.-im h oflire nml n.-imiilt- room, at 

TI«Nli!lil of FrWoy. Mo, -’M. t. J:",!; 

A Gr.and Carnival 




Hart Memorial Association. 

no special attention to tho subject of ton Jivision, to Lexington. If Mr. Huii- L A" W 

Longevity, but I will repeat a newspaper tingon secures this piece ot road he will lerent nmiun; nml every udy who H-rvtn »-iin i- 
, . !• 1 r   . 1 I- _:ii u..;in r.„... I .. i: . d reused In Iho costume of the nnUon which she 

anecdote which I can but believe you will build from Lagrange to Louisville, a dis- dressed in iho costume of the nnilon 
agree with me sets this matter in its true tanci of about twenty-five miles, and ‘^‘^■K^pru’eof admitiauce will bo 10 
light. Two very old iiu-n were called as thus secure a through line Irom Newport cemn for children uuder twelve yc-a 

I In the ennie iMiildint' I'lirmcrly occU]iied liy the 
I Tniiieeriiil I’liiilltliin? Company, where wo will Belli 
j the follow iiiR goods lit factory prices, viz.; 

, Flft.y-foui' Diflcrout Stylos of 
Plain ami Onumiontal Iron 

CCI 1 I 8 , ai d 0 

ccnin for children under twelve yc-ar.s. Only 11 • We line - especial lii-signs liir Court Houses, I’nrkj- 
wTtnesses in a oiiao involving an ancient Newt to Now Orleans ‘ J'/iy^-(j’£;'‘^^TRlcTLY N hool iionses and (Vinetcriv.., 

land title. One of them having given his lib Chesapeako nnd Ohio Load now will be coudueied ON THE stjUAUE, ami tiie en^ * " ‘"'® '''‘””" 8 - DrlvenndAuto- 

testimony was about to step down, when torm.nates at Lexington, and tho ears tertaimuent will be euch as has never beeu seen in ‘uatio Drive (iuu-j. Ili-initiful Crestlngs lor Ua 

the J udgooskod : over that lino are run into Louisvillo over ''’?;S7™"i,eing made to have nxoursion train, ; p '""I ’• 

** *lIow old arc you?’ the l^xington Branch and niain lino of from the ndjoining towns, ami if the weuthor is l ^*hni,anil liiwor tirnRuu*nt 8 ,Li|?litiiiun I'odsp 

tc Judgduiskod : 

“ *How old are you ?’ 

“ -One hundred and four, my lord.’ 

Louisrille, Cincinnati 

‘“How did you contrive to live so Divkion, under a traffic arrangement of 

o! 1 .1.. 'i i.»ni 

Lcxinilton pleosoot » aoenoof henuly will bo preneiitcd meli 
,. lid is seldom witnesseil. 

igeiuent ot \VUI papers who feel kindly to the Memorinl \r~ 

Weatln r Vonea, (ia, Pipe and Stair lUiling, Irot 
Stair.,, Hilcli I’o.s!?, Tree Guards, Guard and 11a- 

the Louisville and Nashville. The Chesa- sociaiinn advertise this 

‘“By strict temperance in all things, peake, Ohio and South Western Hoad, 

r. InM.l ' wlitMli iu iVlr. Iliintinfrfnn'H ftrnnnrFv. Kn. nn»« R-«r 1 

uuuiy 10 ineraorini ti-t i i 

matter, and thereby aid inl®®®^ Railing, Window and Cellar t.iiards, Sid. • 

I ladles of Lexington and | 'roll' liriiting, illuminuiiiig Sidewall: Grating, Ver- 

my lord.’ wliieji is Mr. Huntington’s property, lic- 

“The Judge, a warm advocate of gins fit Louisville and extends to Mein- 
temperanee, cast a glance of triumph at phH,'Icnn. _ A short line elevated route 

Judge, a warm advocate of gins fit Louisville and extends 

a group of young men, and the witness has been built across the river front at 
took his seat. Louisvillo by Huntington, nnd conse- 




and making them free. 

Then do not apply the seal. The wax 

The State, the county, and the city each cooled so that it would not take a 
individually owns already stock in each impression. Hold the envelope 

iif the said turnpikes, and would proba- ggjjjg distance from the iiame, then 
bly donate it for the purposes named. jj y^yj. apply the seal. 

The remainder could be bought for area- qqjg result should be a clenr-impression. 
enable sum, which would be immediate- 

toot Ills seat. iiouisyiiio _ uy iiuniingion, nnu conse- tpv-f.w ycars.riiKl-.ioneGuimls.WiieKlowei l'otStauds.IrohWircUiif- 

“When the other g)ld man had finished qucntly it is readily seen th^ the only | „„vu„i/ca MouM.-rs- Kiddies, Wire Barrel 

his testimony, the Judge thinking to break in this hue of road beuveen New- i,,,p„rtcci 75 c®. tIL Line, fSkk; 5 du.«iy’a V.ue3!P Covers, .sicel wire (•asttng Brus 

deepen the impression made by the first port News. V a., and Memphis, Icnn., is Double Tracing Wheel, worth "Sets., Krkk. Thk Masons' .'iimd ami (ir.xvel Sere™,, 

man, asked : between Lexington and Louisvillo, a dis- ahovKooous would cost jrrso. WuoivKTUiisi 

.. r r 1 r ■ . 0 -1 ’ L- 1 ALL 1- IIKIS of chargo If you aiibscribo for Mo««l jr s o .... 

“‘How old are you, my man !’ tance of about ninoty-nve miles, which Maniiiioiii Niar FiiNhioiUonrnai, a large Superior Lift and Force Pumps 

‘“One hundred and seven, mv lord.’ gap it is proposed to close by the pur- e»-column Journal, with fink covbic, giving uach . . , t .. . rx 1 

« -Ilo, did ,«u™.riv. I.U.. lone) oh„. ot it. pi... Of toad ,.t.„.d to and 

tne young men in the gallery listen ana 8 8 Jr...... fin at- ®“® ® 0 “talnlug aovcral select and original "'‘'rk futnlslird onaiiiilic-atlon. Hrst-dafaworkfur- 

leam how a man may live one hundred ine Huntington roaa down the Mis- stories, household receipts, InatructUms to voung nished on short notice. Satisfaction gu irantced 
.nd Sp.«k up loud, my .U,wpi Ko.^ ^ M.mpl.b 

INew UricanS, is now in couret ot draping, etc ; l» fact, and that is wortli morethan at our otliccand tnniplp room aiirt 

;ciiiU2}. I ftiidu Vulu'iiiis aiul wrought niid cai* 

— __ j liriU'kt'ts, Cliain , Setlous, Vhsob for Klower; 5 p 

uvi't 1 1 ' I Jitid Wilt* Sluhlo Fixturoil, llBTik 

NM-etNKi.! Calendar CI.OCK, , 4 '..,,*.., . rs , , . 

A large siaed and fully ' '’"'‘‘'f L.-iliug, trliuped Wire Wimlov. 

wurrautod lor 4ve (Jitards, .lowo.i ro' (tuRrdK, Wire Move nml (iiat» 

ly amply repaid by the increased mate- My Wife’s Nervous Affection, 
rial prosperity of the county^ "We had ceased to hope that my wife’s 

Bu^len^ 7 Amica S«ave. nervous affection could be cured,” writes 

Rev. J. A. Edie, of Beaver, i^a. “Many 
Tho Beet Salve in the world for Cuts, physicians failed to do her good, but  S'a- 
Bruises, Sores, Uloors, gait Rheuiq, Fever j^aritan Nemne has cured her.” At 
Sores, Tetter. Chapped Hands, Chilblains, druggists 

Corns, nnd all Skin Eroptions, and poei- 

tively cures Piles, or no pay required. It Elephant trainers say that animal ox- 
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaotion, hibits groat terror at the sight of a mouse, 
or money refunded. Price 25 eon ts per 'This isn’t the only raspect in which the 

1 prosperity of the county. 

Bucklen's Arnica Salve. 

lenrii now a man may live one nunuri-u, 1..10- storlcB, uousehuia receipts, instructloni! to viuing uislu'd uii short notice. S.-itisfaction gu irantced 

.nd Sp.«k up loud, my .U,wpi Ko.^ ^ M.mphb 

JNew UrlcanS, 13 now in coursi, ot draping, etc; lit fact, and that is worth more than «'’crj body to tail at our (ample room anrt 

“ ‘Well, Judge, I have kept myself full construction, and ns tho work is being any other six journala combined, at only ja.OO a cxanilnc our goods, whether von wish to buy or 

of good beef, chewed and smoked tobacco pushed rapidly it will, most probably, bo »«t. You tan 11 , 0 ., see for youmclvea 

all my life, and I hain’t drawn a sober ready for the iron horso in tho early fall, tint number of the Journal ili tho above-named w W. HAMILTON, Ucucrul Agent, 

breath in a hundred years.’” With the purchase and building of tho goodsFaKK. Wo want you »o show the Journal to W. U. i^NYLKU, SoUriiing Agent. ai»ri 3 

When Col. B. had reached this point, pieces of road referred to, and the com- We kn”w n/ey !_ ^ ' 

“Here, Here,” was heard on every hand, pletion ot tho road Irom Memphis to repay us lor the present given you. Addres.s, J_) Ji PrOCLfiT* Iw Tl Ti R 

and the Colonel took his scat in a storm Now Orleans, the Huntington lines will 1). \V. moody, at w. gih at., ’ 

of applause. 

Horsford’s Acid Phosphate, 
liivHinnbleiiMaTonie. ciso'o, as Huntington owns the Southern 

Dr. J. L. Pratt, Greenfield, III., says: It Faoifio, and controls tho lines forming 
is all that it elaims to be— invaluable as a the intermediate links between tbo East- 
tonic in any case where an acid tonic is terminus of that road and tlie 

extend from Newport News to New Or- 1 '.s.-If YQcsKNDii.ootoguMntercLg^^^^^^^^ — 

leans without a break, and it mi^^ht be with 'fhl eend the entire outrtt to be examined before a •w 

propriety said all the way to San Fran- X E»TTA.Ia 

CISCO, as Huntington owns the Southern npr27-Diwnrm 


box. For sale by C. A. Johns. ‘ animal resembles a woman. It can’t go 

.. - — r- . — ? • . any distance without taking a trunk with 

The morals of the city are improving, .j 


Crescent City.— [CiDoinnati Enquirer. 

linn   tu .■.''*'''’”•‘.*'■1 

«ii VrA 


Ko. 107 l*a EnMt Main Ntreet,*opiK elt, 
Phoenix Hotel, 







Observer & Reporter. 

Ottice: EboAps irie^LexiBgtou. Hy 

Terms of Subscription. 

DAILY PRKSa, Id advance, one year, J6 00 

DAILY PRESS, when delayed, one year.... 10 00 
WEEKLY PRESS, In advance, one year.... 1 00 
WEEKLY PRESS, when delayed, one year.. 3 00 


Per aquare, or ten lines, solid Nonpareil, one 

insertion $1 00 

Subsequent insertions, each 60 

Si ecial rates for greater space and lo nger time. 


Wedneadny Mornliii;, May 7. 18H4. 

Pay Up. 

Notices lire sent this week to all sub- 
scribers to the Weekly Press who are in 
arrears, and we hope they will promptly 

In Jefferson County and the city of 
Louisville it is the custom of the Demo- 
cratic party to send their delegates to 
State and District Conventions from the 
Legislative districts. Wo think that this 
would be a good rule in Fayette — the 
( Democrats of the city meeting in conven- 
tion and selecting delegates, and the 
Democrats of the county meeting in a 
seft^rate convention and selecting their 
delegates. This would insure a fair rep- 
resentation and prevent a repetition of 
the performance of the late County Con- 
vention in which a “cut and dried" pro- 
gramme. fixed up the night before the 
Convention, was pushed through, against 
the evident wishes of the county Demo- 
crats. Another reason why it should 
be done is that it would 
place the county Democracy in a position 
to act as mediator between the city fac- 
tions. We make the suggestion in the 
belief that the best interests of the party 
would bo advanced by independent action 
in these two Legislative districts. 

From appearances. Democratic ascend- 
ancy in city and county is very se- 
riously threatened. The bolt of the can- 
didates for city olfice.s has jeopardized the 
safety of those who may seek county of- 
fices. The revolt against party authority 
and parly usages is bearing its expected 
fruit. Unless something is done, and 
that at once, the Democratic party in 
Fayette County is gone, hook and lino. 
The action of the Legi^ature in sus- 
taining the bolters has intensi- 
fied the discontent to such a 

degree, that it is almost impossible at 
this time to restore harmony in the party 
ranks. The Legislature could, with one 
strike, perform this part, by repealing the 
City Charter affecting elections, and giv- 
ing the people a chance to elect their city 
gm^eers in August, liut so much is hard- 
«P/to be expected of the body now sitting 
in Frankfort, and so we suppose the party 
will drift on, without leadersliip, to defeat. 
One disaster will, perhaps, do what noth' 
ing seems now capable of doing, reunite 
the party, and that event appears to be 

' Confirmed. 

The 'Senate on Friday confirmed the 
nomination of Charles II. Stoll to be Col- 
lector of Internal Revenue for the Sev- 
enth Kentucky District. 

Death of Dr. R. H. Gale. 

Dr. Robert II. Gale, formerly Superin- 
tendent of the Central Lunatic Asylum 
At Anchorage, died Friday, at New Lib- 
erty, Owen County, in his fifty-sixth year. 

State College Commencement. 

The annual address delivered on Com- 
mencement day in the chapel of the State 
College will be made this year by the 
Hon. J. C. Beckham of Shclbyville. Mr. 
Beckham is recognized as one of the 
ablest members of the present General 
Assembly. His elocution is graceful, bis 
demeanor modest, his style scholarly, and 
his thoughts vigorous and well defined. 

Meeting of Stock Men. 

Col. Benaett II. Young of Louisville, 
President of the Louisville Exposition 
Company, was in the city yesterday for 
the purpose of meeting our fine stock 
breeders, in order to induce them to make 
an exhibition of fine stock of all kinds at 
the Louisville Exposition next fall. He 
was met by ijuite a number of the breed- 
ers, all of whom promised to exhibit 
stock at the E.xposition. 

Kentucky Wheat. 

The Department of Agrinulture has 
favorable reports from Kentucky touching 
the condition of the winter wheat crop. 
Kentucky is one of the earliest States to 
get her new wheat in the market, and her 
crop is looked to with a good deal of in- 
terest. The statement furnished by the 
State Department indicates that the de- 
mand for American wheat in the coming 
year is likely to be quite equal to that of 

last year. _ 

 ‘I” and “J." 

At the time when no “J” appeared in 
the alphabet, and it was used inter- 
changeably with the “I," there was 
suflSoient excuse for writing these capitals 
alike. Now, however, there is no such 
reason for so doing. _ It would be a 
desirable rule to adopt, in printing offices, 
when setting type, that when the letter 
appears in copy written entirely above 
the line it should be invariably Uken as 
an “I,” and where it drops below the line 
it should be recognised as a “J." This 
rule will also be found to bold good with 
printers when ordering sorte of these chsr- 
oekeil from the type-founder. 

On our eighth page to-day will bo found 
a striking and instructivs illuslratiou of 
the comparative wortli of the various 
kinds of baking powders now in the 


Oui Republican Brethren. 

LouisviiiK, May 1. — The Republican 
State Conicntion met here to-day at 12 
o’clock an* effected a temporary organi- 
sation, ant adjourned until 3 o’clock. 

The corvontion again assembled at 3 
o’clock. iValter Evans, Commissioner of 
Internal levenue, was elected permanent 
Chairman without opposition. Speeches 
were male hy delegates, and the 
conventios adjourned till night, when 
the Comuittee on Credentials made a 
minority and majority report. There 
followed* general row and disorder that 
was almost a pandemonium, and to which 
Congressman John D. White contributed 
largely. The majority report excluding 
the Blaine delegation in the contest from 
the Fifth District was finally adopted. 

The Convention reaffirmed the princi- 
ples of the National Convention of 1880, 
and inilorscd Arthor’s administration. 
It looked with pleasure on the record of 
thoRenuulican party, and denounced the 
Democratic Congress for precipitating the 
tariff discussion at an inopportune time 
for the business interest of the country, 
Free tobacco was favored. 

A decided sensation was created by a 
resolution attacking Chairman Walter 
Evans, offered by J. D. White. The reso- 
lution congratulated the country on the 
defeat of the whisky bill and said : “ We 
regret the disposition of the Commission- 
er of Internal Revenue, hero present with 
a regiment of officeholders to control the 
Ctnvention in the interest of Presi- 
dent Arthur, and we denounce their 
action os hurtful to the best 
iaU rests of the Republican party and 
contrary to the letter and spirit of the 
Civil Service laws.’’ 

Mr. Evan^refused to entertain the res 
olution and there followed the greatest 
confusion. The resolution was finally 

It was decided to send the delegates un 
instructed to Chicago. The name of Wal 
ter Evans was proposed as a delegate for 
the State at large, and White again bitter 
ly denoimced Evans and the men nomi 
nating tfim. 

At 1 o'clock the vote was taken for del 
egntes at large. The vote is taken by 
countiea,and the delegation will not be 
known till after 2 o’clock. The candi- 
datfs in the lead represent the Arthur 
and anti-Arthur elements. 

Ln'isriLLE, May 2. — The Republican 
State Convention met again this morning 
and elected the remaining delegate at 
largo. John W. Lewis of Washington 
County was chosen. The delegation now 
stands: Walter Evans, W. 0. Bradley, 

C. C. Culbertson, and J. W. Lewis. 

The following is the district delegation 

First — Capt. Ed Farley and P. C. Bragg, 
for Arthur. 

Second — J. F. Moore and Judge Lands, 
for -Arthur. 

Third — H. L. Ilazelipand Allen Allen 
worth, non-committed. 

Fourth— Gid P. Jolly and Ed Ililpp, for 

Fifth — John Mason Brown and Silas F. 
Miller, for Arthur. 

Sixth — Joseph A. Scarlett, for Arthur, 

D. M. Comindore, for Blaine. 

Seventh— Wm. C. Goodloo and Richard 

P. Stoll, for Arthur. 

Eighth — Robert Boyd, for Arthur, Geo. 
Denny, Jr., for Blaine. 

Ninth— G. M. Thomas, for Arthur, Dr. 
Bradford, for Blaine. 

Tenth- Andy J. Auxier, for Arthur, J. 
C.^vcrsole, anti-Arthur. 

Eleventh — R. A. Buckner and II. G. 
Tripble. Arthur. 

Patent Roofi 

A Hroposed Substitute for the Morrison 
/ Bill. 

W'A.sHixtiTo.v, May 2. — Representative 
George L. Converse of Ohio will intro- 
duce in the House at the earliest oppor- 
tunity ail amendment or substitute fur 
the Morrison tariff bill. The features of 
this proposed measure or Amendment are 
as follows : The wool duties of 1867 to 
he restored, except as to carpet wools, 
which will be placed on the free list, 
with some twenty other articles. 
The metal schedule will be equalized by 
reducing the duty on some articles and 
increasing on a few others. The tobacco 
interest tax will be abolished and provi- 
sions will be made for giving alcohol to 
manufacturers free of tax. The manu- 
factuerers who manufacture for export to 
receive rebate on their raw material equal 
to duty less ten per cent. A reduction of 
ten per cent to be made in favor of goods 
imported in American bottoms. 

William Neal Brought to Mt. Sterling. 

Mt. Steulino, May 1. — The 11:30 train 
this morning brought William Neal here 
from Grayson in cus|ply of Sheriff Arm- 
strong of Carter County. Neal, who held 
up manfully until the verdict of the jury 
was rendered, now looks disconsolate and 
gloomy, and his countenance wears a 
look of sullen despair. He will remain 
in jail here until the 18th of July, the 
day of execution at Grayson. 

A large crowd was at the depot to-day to 
see him arrive, and the streets were throng- 
ed with people eager to see the notorious 

Business at the “Newcomb" has in- 
creased to such an extent that the clerks 
(Messrs. Simpson and Hyde), use roller 
skates, thus avoiding the usual delay of 
offioo work. Hereafter bills will be pre- 
sented promptly. — [Davenport (Iowa) 

1 have been working my new Vo. It 
Osborne, and it is the best Binder,! eriSr 
saw. It is light draft, handles tU gnftin 
to perfection; it is strong and arable. 
The Osborne is cheap at rny priefl d 
Rocer Gannon, lycxingtoii^iiy. 

Having just completed my havest with 
a No. 11 Osborne Machine, I dil heartily 
and cheerfully recommend it tj any one 
wishing a first-olass hinder. Think it 
justly entitled to the reward oPmerit it 
received at the late Lexington coHest. 

R. M. SquiRES, Lexingtob, Ky. 

The new improved Twine-Biniler, No. 
11, 1 bought of your agents, is ni)w work- 
ing in my barley. It gives De great 
pleasure to say it is doing first-cltss work 
in every particular. No clotcging in the 
backers, and so fur has missed nooundles. 
It is all right. ( 

Eu R. Willson, ShelhyvilU, Ky. 

1 have cut 140 acres of grniu 'with luy 
new No. 11 Osborne Twine Binijkr, and I 
ilever saw so good a binder., Without 
there was a fault in the TwiAe'it never 
missed a bundle. 

J. D. Howard, Lexingtod, Ky. 

I have cut forty acres of wheat witli my 
now No. 11 Osborne Binder. Have nut 
missed a single bundle. 1 think it is the 
best machine I ever saw. 

T, II. Rouert.s, Payne’s Depot, Ky. 

I have out about 150 acres with my 
new No. 11 Osborne Binder, and it never 
fails to tie. It never chokes or stops for 
anything. It is the liglitcst draft binder 
I ever saw. 

James Walker, Lexingt^ji, Ky. 



Lorenzo D. Molt, Jr.'e Fire and WAr^o^?lo i 

ing Paint is one of thenost useful Inven" ' ' 

age. It is guaranteed impervious to JS 
protection against fire. It isn preserv-" 
and Metal, ft Is WARRANTED 
roof from leaking. It Is very durable 
It will not crack or scale off. 

It will stand hot or cold. 

It makes a beautiful roof. 

It is cheap, considering Us utility. ^ 

Wright, Griffin A Wilson, o( PelerbllW 
having purchased Mott’s patent for thmRi 
Kentucky, are prepared to paint roola (and g 
tee them against leaking), at sb^^rt 
sell the exclusive privilege of using this pain 
cities and counties all over the 8wte. I’lill ' ' 
mation can be bad by calling on JOHN C. U. 
FIN, a member of our firm, at the officeftf DODO 
A SLADE, No. S9 Short Street, Lexington, Ky. 
mayl-StFrSuAWk M 


sired by George Wilkes, dam the 'dam ffl Katie 
Jackson, by Cadmusf Katie’s 4 year old record— 
with but three months training— g:35k; private 
trial bettor than 2:80; will make toe present season 
at my farm. Car View, ii miles north of Georgetown 
on the Cincinnati pike, at « 

Fifty Dollars the SejfSon, 

^ s 

with the prlvilego of breeding untiUIoYomber 
Mares proving not to be in foal can bejRuffled fro 
of charge next season, MM • 

Pktoskey is 4 years old this Sprll|Ps«a deep 
blood bay, lull 16 hands high, with a flue head and 
ear, hne style, with a deep shoulder rlinning hack 
well; bass short strong back, ribs dose to hips 
with a large set of round hips and buttock, wlih 
fine heavy tail, extra stiUe and rnurcimith a 
set of legs, and stands on them well. 

Petoakey was only trained the iiiq&th of Qcto^ 
ber, after serving 100 mares and can tro^aill 
pace, the twogalla combined, fnalerihairan-"* 

lion in the State of any age or breed^I wll 

$200 in gold for the fastest of his get^M seasJWo 
t e trotted at 8 years old, at the Lex^nn a^r,;td 
be governed by the National Rule^p 
Good grass at $1 per week; but not -be re- 
sponsible for accidents or escapes, shlld any occur. 

Stallions for the Seasoif of 1884. 


'With Yvaving: plume has perched upon the Osborne’s 

Time tried and true she Yvears the blue in a most trlum  
, pliant manner. 

As true as steel, upon the field no equal yet has met her. 

From a lage number of Certificates Yve select the fol  
loYvlug, given alTer the harvest of 1883 : 

I have finished my harvest with my 
new No. 11 Osborne Twine-Binder, and it 
filled your (iiiarantee in every particular. 
It ifl 80 simple in its construotion that I 
had no use Tor the assistance of an expert. 
The machine is lieht draft and stroni; in 
its make. 

W. L. Lewis, Lexington, Ky. 

With my new No. 1 1 Osborne Twine- 
Binder, I have cut thirty acres without 
choking or fiiilini; to tie a single bundle. 
It is strong and simple in all its parts. 

Edward Mitchell, Lexington, Ky. 

I take pleasure in stating that the 
Twine-Binder, No. 11, has proven itself a 
most admirable machine. It is difficult 
to imugine that an^ machine can do its 
work in a more satisfactory manner. 

Kctherford Douglas, Lexington, Ky. 

I used iny Osborne No. 11 Twine- 
Binder, through my entire harvest with- 
out any trouble whatever, and think it 
the best Binder on the market to-day. If 
you want the lightest draft, most perfect 
and durable Binder, purchase the Old Re- 
liable, No. 11 Osborne. 

D. J. Hume, Paris, Ky. 

My new No. 1 1 Osborne Binder proved 
to by all you claimed fur it. I out eighty 
acres of grain with it without it ever fail- 
ing to tie a bundle, and I did not have a 
man in tho field over sixteen years old, 
either on the hinder nr as shockers. Did 
not need an expert at all. 

W. L. Atkins, M. D., Lexington, Ky. 

The Great Coacher and Trotter, dark brown, 16)^ 
hands high. Can trot a mile In 2128. 


FInen has a very coachy appearance, and was 
never defeated in the show ring at any of the Fairs. 
He liaa proven liimscH to be one of the finest 
breeders in the State. Five yearlings of bis get 
sold last season for 8StO each, one for $600, and one 
two-year old for $800. These are paying prices and 
rank with the get of atnllloBa at $100 per season. 

The Great Sweepstake premium Saddle Horae, 


Red bay, 15^ hands high. 

Twenty Dollars to Insure. 

Sired hy Diamond Denmark, hy old Bisek Den- 
mark, by the four mile race horse Denmark; 1st 
dam by Garrett’s Black William; 2d dam tvhip. 

Mark Diamond has been a premium horse all his 
life, taking premiums as a saddle and park horse 
wherever shown. He was winner at Chicago and 
Peoria, HI., and St. Louis in IBs! and 188i. He Is 
a fine breeder of fancy saddle and harness horses, 
and his colts sell readily st prices ranging from 
$J00to$600. Une of hla colts won first honors at 
St. Louis in tho model ring In 1833. beating some of 
the finest horses In the world, including the great 
show mare Lady Dejarnette. Mares taken care of 
in any manner desired, reasonably. Mares left at 
Adama’s livery stable on Wednesday or Saturday 
will be taken nut and returned when done with 
burse. All hills on mares for keeping due before 
their removal. Money due in all cases as soon as , 
the mare Is known to be in foal or parted with. 
The two above stallions will make the season at 
my farm, eight miles from Lexington on Todds | 
roiul, near Athens Depot. No responsibiltv (or ac. 
cldenta or cespes. Address T. B. MUIR, . 
marS.Wktl Cbilosburg, Ky. 

In the Lead. 


iERMan re 

Rheumatism,*^r/euralgia, ScWica, 

Lumbago. Baekacha. Haadacha, TooUiicna, 
SoreTlirnat, ■wwllluc*. Mprttlas, Bs-wlsca, 
Uurns, MpsiIsIs, Ys-ssat Bites, 

Boldbr Urusztsl. .04 D..l.r..f.r/wh.r.. ridyCsttUS bMUs. 

(a.inwOTi.A vuuaLaaaoo) ■•uu«.«,M4.,c.fcA. 


New^dgraithic Pictorial History of tbe Krent SMArhUofthe 
W(»M. By Medical Director Shippin. 0. S. N. Addreu 
|»C McCiUAOY 4 GO., W. Fourth St., Uinclmati, Ohio. 

The Osborne for 1884 

Has all the merits of thrt of 1883, and many new and 
valuable immovements that keep it in the front rank 
as -the Gold niedal Harvester. 

De LONG & CO., 

19 and 21 Cheapside, 

Lexington, Ky., 

The “St. Paul,’ 

with all tbe latest improvements, will bn on sale In 
this city the present season. Its performances tbe 
past season ranks It with 

The very Best of Binders. 

Persons expecting to buy a first-class machine will 
find It to lliclr to examine tbe superior 
qualities of tbe St Paul before giving tbelr orders. 
Will have competent experts, and full supply of ex- 
tras. Give me a call. J. W. CHRISTIAN, Agt, 
aprlGtomaylWk Lexington, Ky. 



rivHISday personally appeared before me, a Jus- 
J. tic. ol the Peace for said county, Leslie Nutter, 
and mode oath that on or about the 16th day of last 
October, a pale red cow with black nose, about 8 
years old, came to bis premises on tho Mount Ho- 
reb Turnpike, 8 miles from Lexington. II. E. 
Hurst also appeared before me, and waadnly sworn 
and appraised said oeur at tUrty-five dollars ($36), 
' H.E. HURST. 

Sworn to before me on this lltb day of March, 
ISSi, by Leslie N utter. 

mara. W4t JOHN KEARNEY, J. P. F. C. 

SVOW IN USE-^36,989. 

Agents for the Osborne, and dealers in all kinds of Ag  
ricultural Implements, Hardware and Farm Supplies. 


Atl perions say their cooils are the tiest. We ask you to ex* 
smiiie our iBsprwved Keller PoslUvw Fov«« Feeia.tiralB. 
Heed awd FertllUtiia Drill and nut Bay Itakea. They 
are as good as the tiest, and can be sold as cheap. All are war. 
tamed. Circulars mailed free. Nwwark MtlOhlneCo.s 
Newark, Ohio, Hastem BiiuchHouH, wrintewa, 14 

may 7 iunefiWk 

The Celelfrated Bissell Chilled Plow. 

Messrs. De Lodk and Oo. are the Ken- 
tucky Agents for this celebrated plow, for 
which there is a great demand. They 
ave ftmnd it necessary to nJdress tbe 
bllowihg letter in response to the many 
nquimKmade in regard to it : 

^Texington, Kv., Feb. 13, 1884. 

To rm Earmep-h ok Kentucky: 

Gentlonen — In reply to your inquiry 
in re garX to tho merits of the Bissell Im- 
proi^^^illed Plow, would say that we 

these plows thoroughly tested in 
the^^^during the last season, and our 
judf^Rnt, based on a careful comparison 
with*e most noted Chilled Plows now in 
use, is that they are superior to any chill- 
ed plow on the market. 

We take pleasure in submitting in cor- 
roboration of our opinion, a few of the 
many favorable comments we have re- 
iceived from some of our best farmers who 
have used the Bissell Plow, and whose- 
judgment cannot he doubted. 

Yours truly, De Long & Co. 

Walnut Hill, Kv., Fob. 22, 1884. 
Messrs. De Long & Co. 

We, the undersigned, saw the Bissell 
Chilled Plow at work in a very heavy 
and rough piece of sod laud, and can 
certify that wo never saw as good work 
done by any other plow, and in our 
opinion there is no plow in the market 
that can equal it, considering the light- 
ess of draft, &e. Preston II. Eastin 
Geo. G. Perrv. 

E. Bailev. 

Lexington, Kv., Fob. 25, 1884. 1 

Me.ssrs. De Long & Co., Lexington, Ky. 

Gentlemen — The Bissell Plows we ' 
bought of you are all you claim for them. 

We have used other makes of plows, but 
consider the Bissell the best chilled plow 
made. It does good work in sod, and 
cannot be excelled in stubble. For p 
general purpose plow, it is tho one to buy 

Yours truly, H. G. Smitiier,. 

Midway, Ky., Jan. 5, 1884^ 
Messrs. De Long A Co., Lexington. 

Gents : — The Bissell Plow I bought 
you gives entire satisfaction, and I co 
aider it the best plow on the marke 
being o( light draft and doing perfec 
work. Yours truly, J. L. Cogar, 

Le.vington, Kv., Dec. 24, 1883. 
Messrs. De Long k Co,   

Gents : — I worked the Bissell Chilled 
Plow tho past season and think it the bc^^, 
plow I ever handled, and I have used 
other noted makes of chilled plows. It is 
light draft, and turns and pulverizes the 
ground perfectly. Y'ours truly, 

J. E. Smith. 

Muir.3, Kv., Deo. 24, 1884. 
Messrs. De Long & Co. 

Gents : — I am plowing with the Oliver 
and the Bissell Chilled Plows, and the 
Bissell is the best of the two, as it turns 
the earth better, pulverizes it thoroughly, 
and is much the easiest handled, and as 
light draft. I have never seen a plow 
that 1 liked as well, and the points on tho 
Bissell last much bettcr.than on the Oli- 
ver and do not cost so much. 

Yours truly, W. S. Hamilton. 

WooDKOKD CouNTV, Kv., Jan. 14,1884. 
Messrs. De Long k Co. 

Gents ; — I have given the Bissell Chilled 
Plows I purchased of you a severe trial 
in all kinds of ground, both hard and 
soft, and found them to do the work in a 
most satisfactory manner, pulverizing the 
ground well, and turning it in the best 
manner, and being very light draft. 

Yours respectfully, 

R. H. Wasson. 

Pine Grove, Jan. 17, 1884 
Mes.sus. De Long & Co. 

Your letter came duly to hand. Htv- 
ing used the Bissell plow in tho field vith 
the Case and Oliver Chilled, 1 do not Itsi- 
tate to say that it is built better ind 
stronger than either of these, runs li|ht- 
er and makes a better turn of the oil. 

I am pleased with it. 

Yours respectfully, 

W. II. Hendersw. 

Danville, Kv., Jan. 10, 1811. 
Messrs. De Long & Co. 

Dear Sirs: — The Bissell Chilled How 
I bought of you has been used by iifi in 
sod and wheat stubble and does ipod 
work in both. My timothy sod was tim- 
ed very well. Yours truly, 

John M. Van Mbtep. 

Lexington, Kv., Jan. 4, 1814. 
Messrs. De Long & Co. 

Gents; — I am now working tho Bissell 
Chilled PloW) and have also worked the 
Oliver. The Bissell does better work and 
is lighter draft. John C. Rogers. 

Pine Grove, Kv., Jan. 14, 1884. 
Messrs. De Long & Co. 

Gents: — We worked tho Bissell Plow 
last season, and also tbe Oliver Chilled 
Plow, and we liked the Bissell the best, 
and can highly recommend it to farmers. 

Moore k Stef.i  

F. T. BattailE. 



jur ohildr 

NG N( 

Give your children Smith’s WorirjlPil. 
Catsiibof the Bladder. 

BiuY^RLi* t-ley in an Arctic Para- 
'di\®ni^lled by Hebrews? 

The folmwir^ letter was received by 

StluKing, IrriUtloD, iDfl.nim.lion, .ml ail Kid- , 
icT Compi.ints, cured by “liuchu-p.iiMu" $1. the Free I ress yesterday. 


Is Renowned as a Pure and Effeetive 
Hair Dressing in Every Quarter 
of the World. 

Please^my the enclosed “warning” in- 
to your i^||m tjiat I read with so much 
pleasurer^K^ cut from the Sunday Ar- 
gus of ye^^M^published in our city. It 
brings trj^|sWy name of the great- 
est philJ^^K*of his day, whoso theory 


BOTAL (Absolutely Pure). . . .HIHHHii 
CBiNT'8 (Alum Pow^ffli . . 

BUHTOUD’S (Phosphate) trMh .■■■■■■ 
H1I(F0BD*8, when fresh 

Wes1  En( 

I OF TI|| 



CHABH (Alum Powder)* 
AWiZ nW (Alum Powder;)!; 

For thirty years it has been a favorite with the | (orimmI)h of our earth is gradually ClBTEllND’S 

.AnI.. ttnil n tenilcr with the trade. The name “t’o- I ft... 1 a*. aa 

people and a leader with the trade. The name “Co- |,gin„ pr„y,j, true to the letter. 

I'OAlNK” has become a valuable property. Bujnett AjIF.RIcrs SymMS. 

4 Co. have established their sole right to its use in ^ „j 

several suits at law, thus p.oleeting the puhl^nd ^ 

themselves from imposition. article, which, through- 

The superiority of Bubnktt’s Flavobino I.x- . r.u „ ”• 

* ® ' , ,, , , , ou^^Bwohe firm belief of the writer in 

•I'BAtTS consists in their perfect purity and great ' . , 

’ r r j ^ wBPi^alffu the “Symmes theory,” which 

sireng . isjf-nong Other things, tiiat the earth is 

CONSUMl*TIOX tTBEO. oplkand habitable at the poles, as is the 

An old physician, retired 1^®*“ re^n for a considerable distance around 

had placed in his bands by an Bast India 'JHon- * 9““ - o i. 

ary the forniiilft of a simple vegetable reiu^^B|K»r tlAli. Mr. AlUCriCUS SyiUines 18| we 1)6- 
thes|ieedy and periuanout cure of Cousuug^i, ^ gon or grandson of Captain John 

Bronchitis,, Catarrh, Asthma and all throa^nd o„„,mes who first advanced the 

r.ung Attocllons, also a positive and radical ctSaior «^es aymmts, wno urst, uu UDi,eu iiio 

liervous Ueblllty and all Nervous Compllfliils, theory. 

after having tested its wonderful curative powers in Mr. Svmmes begins by asserting that 

thousands of cases, has felt it his duty to make it , ■ V i ju- i.i -a.i 

known to his suflering fellows. Actuated bv this Licut. Greeley and hts party are “located 
motive and a desire to relieve human suflering, f in q country where there is more game 

ritWnorrmlfF?^^^^^^ En\“lis1i" with’ lull than cat^ be found any where else in crea- 
tUrectioDs for prepariDg and using. 8eot by mail tion. Flentj ot mu8K cattle range throD^n 

being prov^’ 

FIOMEEB (San Franciaco) 


SNOW FLAKE (Qrofl’a, St. Pnul)j 



BINFOBD’S, when not fruh. .. | 

AMtllEWBACO, (contains alum), 
(Milwaukee.) “Uegal.”* ....* 

Bl'I.u (Powder sold loose) | 

Manufacturers o., Doiirs, Blinds, Flooring, Ceiling Mouldings, Sairways, Man- 
tel.s, Frames, M'eatherhoading, Bee Hives, Ac. 




j White and Yellow Pine Lumber that has never been in river, and the 

j Best 18 inch White Pine Shingles ever Brought to 
I Lexington. 

I These Shingles, are. heyoml ((uestion, the best on the market. W'o have also a large 
! stock of I’oplar. Chestnut and Red Cedir .Shingles, of every grade, at prices to suit 
everybody. IIV iri// imt lx tiud-r suhl liy any reliable house in Lexington. We 
also manufacture and keep for sale tlie celehrated 


Our catalogue of useful information tti the building public and bee-keepers sent free 
to all. We are sole agents fur the Cfiunties of Woodford, Clark, Scott. Franklin, 
Jessamine and Favette for 

naming this paper, W 

by addressing with sump, oamitif this ^p«, w. country thatcome down from “Syram- 
*seTi™Lw *onia.” 8*s w'ell as geese, dueks, partridges, 

— • rabbits, deer, fcal, snipe and plover.” 

A Fair Offer. [I3 ),(,«, therefore, no fear forth© Greeley 

Tue Voltaic Belt Co., Marshall, Mich., party if their ammunition holds out. 
otfer to send Dr. Dye's Voltain Belt and “Let me warn those now going Into that 
Appliances on trial, for thirty days, to country,” he says, “to take plenty of aiu- 
men. voung or old, uillieted with nervous munition and guns rilles and shotguns 

lost vitality, and kinilred 
See advertisement in this paper. 

Thousands Say So. 

debility, lost vitality, and kinilred —and they may live there for years in 
troubles. See advertisement in this paper, perfect safety. 

- - — - - Yet Mr. Symmes does not believe that 

Thousands Say So. thig ypliof party will succeed in reaching 

Mr. T. W. Atkins, Girard, Kan., writes : Lieut. Greeley, for the reason, as ho inti- 
‘1 never hesitate to recommend your mates, that it is in charge of a scientific 

Electric Hitters to my customers, they greenhorn. “More than two hundred ex- It la composed arc pure and wholesome 

. . .• r :A owl IIaIT- I A \To_aL ...j ..11 

give entire satisfaction and are rapid sel- 
lers.” Electric Bitters are the purest and 

BCMFOtUD'S. when not fresh.. 


As to Purity and Wbulcsomcncss of tho Royal Baking Powder. 

“ I have tested a package of Royal Raking Powder, which I purchased In the 
open market, and find it composed of pure and wholesome ingredients. It is a cream 
of tartar powder of a high degree or merit, and does not contain either alum or 
phosphates, or other lujurious substances. E. G. Love, Fb.D.” 

“It It a scientific fact that the Royal^aking Powder la absolutely pure.” 

^ “II. A. Mott, Ph.D.” 


“ I have osamtned a package of Ro.val Baking Powder, purchased by myself in 
the market. I find it entirely free from slum, terra alba, or any other injurious sub- 
stance. He.nut Mobton, Ph.D., President of Stevens Institute of Technology.” 
“ I have analyzed 1 package of Royll Baking Powder. The materials of which 
It la composed are pure and wholesome. 8. Dana IIayes, State Assaver. Mass.” 


I The best and clieapest metal roofing made. Circulars giving full information, 
I prices, ete., lurnislud on application. Address, 



CariKUiters Work of iill KimH, Main, ami on Water Si 

Promptly attended to. LEXINGTON, KY. 


pedilions I 
retuHiOT i 

8 have been sent North, and all 
1 in safety except two — Sir John 

best medicine known and will positively Franklin and one other that were not yet 
cure Kidney and Liver complaints. Pu- found or heard of. Experienced ice cap- 

rify the hood and regulate the bowelsj^o 
family can aftbrd to be without tl^-”. 

tains, and not scientific ones, were sent In • 
charge of them.” ’ 

They will save hundreds of dollars in doc- Mr^ Symmes went to Cincinnati to ex- 
tor’s bills every year. Sold at fifty cents plain'the “Symmes theory” ts Captain 
a bottle bv C. A. Johns. HalUbut the latter would not listen to 

s' t • B . i_ _ _ _ 1 1 . I_ * -fl* 1 

r even take a little book he offered 
Tho lemon which yields tho finest flavor him^ the subject, “and the consequence 
is grown in Messina, and it is from the was^ lost his life by insisting upon doing 
flavoring principle abstracted from the withtiis sleds and dogs what he could have 
rind of this fruit that Dr# Price prepares done^ far better with his vessel.” 
his Special Flavoring Extract of Lemon. M^ Symmes, on the author! 

Whil*! other Lemon Extracts in the Symmestheory, andofProf. Nor 
market have the taste and odor of tur- Captain Wiggins, Mr. Seahaum 
pentine. Dr. Price’s Extract has its in- taifll’uttle, paints a glowing piol 
ton se lemony taste and smell. people and products of Symmzo 

M^ Symmes, on the authority of the 
mmes theory, and of Prof. Nordenskjold, 

market have the taste and odor of tur- Captain Wiggins, Mr. Seahaum and Cap- 

pentine. Dr. Price’s Extract has its in- tail? I’uttle, paints a glowing picture of the ting that they have any Wue. Al 

ton se lemony taste and smell. people and products of Symmzonia. The Vt to be avoided ss dangeroua. 

. _ _ _ people are Hebrews, and have a currency 

A well-spring of joy in tho household of, pounds, shillings and pence. Hedeeply ===■ — ^ — — - 

is Wills’s World Worm Candy. Reliable, regrets the refusal of the Government to York’s Bad Whisky, 'f 

mild, effective, and entirely free from any place one 0 the reUef vessels at h.s d.s- ^ experience has beenTj^^ng 

objectionable ingredients. It has never posal, to extend her trip from the point j , It is a wise man whof knows 

It la composed are pure and wholesome. S. Dana IIayes, State Assaycr, Mass.” 

The Royal Baking Powder rccolvca tho highest award over all competitors at 
tho Vienna World’s tiposillon, 1873 ; it the Centennial, Philadelphia, 1876 ; at tha 
American Institute, and at State Fairs throughout the country. 

No other article ol human food ha( ever received such high, emphatic, and uni- 
versal endorsement from eminent chfmlsts, physicians, BCientists, and Boards ot 
Health all over the world. • 

Note. — Tho above Diagram illustritcs tho comparative worth of various Baking 
Powders, as shown by Chemical Analysh and experiments made by Prof. Schedlcr. 
A one pound can of each powder was ttken, the total leavening power or volume in 
each can calculated, tho result being a?Indlcated. This practical test for worth by 
Prof. Schedlcr only provco what eyV observant consumer of the Royal Baking 
Powder knows by practical experiewfl that, while it costs a few cents per pound 
more than ordinary kinds, it is far mon economical, and, besides, affords the advan- 
tage of better work. A single trial of. the Royal Baking Powder will convince any 
fair minded person of these facts. * 

^ * While the diagram shows eomof t the alum powders to be of a higher de-wce 
«f strength than othei powders rankM below them, it is not to be taken as indica- 
tlng that they have any value. AU alun powders, no mattv how toh their strength- 
art to be avoided ss dangeroua, t 

Jt i.*’ Ion: cMId lo lenrn to pronounre Wht*«ttwoni ihmil»noluii(liTaloO(lUtlr 5i licard 

Hi siirlu H'.tl Ut iMtm ctly u UiouBaml Ore»»k or seen Is Iht* tu‘‘»*tu(ly li up ’ t»y th♦’^uI oi’u 
wokI' ’.vHiHiui with one of Uiem Ihe nOlaMc itlctlonury which mioiild he ever ui Imiul. 

ihooKhi tvlu' h [{ is desItfiHHl to emltody. He . liy thus taking one word at n lime while it m 
imiy aU*. n;omorlze tiie syiionviini of ih^se wonN ; a'WfM’tated with Ihe ot»ject or tlu» thontfhi whitrh 
and *iiil lie iinahh- to Iniflllaently expr»*s.s ihe ' it is di*slKne(t to cui’vcy. It ni;iy ho really leumed 
 imp't  -st thoU’.tht »n the svmhols which have as N\ell as inomorl/ot!, nliiu-s; wiiihihI effort: 
ticen htu hi d. while to umlerinke nienmnip a dtir.eii oi illly 

Thiy L muoh like ine iisiml ycluhd proce; s of such word;: In a irsson at schtiol w'.iuid losuli in 
mMnonzin'; a'li^iraci word-i and d-fliiltlmH. the jr‘cu*n»il iflnii ot ii elef* rn'»o|wh rafhej 
rtiildn-n tire comiM lh d Uj loaru to pronounce, j ih: :i uvaihoiie kcov/ledcc. Not t'lily dm*s the ac 
,spi-H and (h’lli.e tlmilsaiMlM of wor-is wldcli 1 cuhndunr’i of nseh-»*  iulih’..di destroy II. e 
remain rlniosl lUiintellLhle and useless ehl.d's nin'tilio!) lo learn uml hl'*thlMt tor know I 
to them UH so mony unroinpreheiidt 1 riiine.'*e fdj;e,l)iu It (iiu n ! l' conHlltution. 

ehann’iPi*v. No iueiiu*rlxe«l word is n««eful I 'I In   )h a very Arrrve evil oi oii:- pn sert .vhool 
e%eep III h fa i’ as U« n)oiinln|( lieclear- ' •.viii-h ntiHi he appepeiii to every Snfelli 

ly iKiilei'Mloofl* For lh(  ineirninK of wor(lH|i;ent itiiU';hiuil p - 1 on. ]:’n  mt :nra:cii;i,. 
we muHt cniiKUlt a sttindanl dleliontry. j hie evil ^•e?•.lll l b«' rm fitle.i \\ n’.e :i (.Ictnuiery 

In viesv oftlio iuct that corri'c't s  etliiP 4 and ‘ of any Vfmd is not to In* lom.ti in one hout   l odI 
proiiunclnilon uml u know!' d.'e ol t:ie 8ii;nit]- iii te;» l e et»ui;Uy t v T. Heme, to 
cuncre ol word^ In iretpienl u?»c Is He createst . need in nenrlv.vtry hum!', rhe New Arm rlran 
educntiomil nri'nniplishnieni, the tiniortunee of Dlctlonurv and r«no|K i «lni..i • f l'.- eful Kriov. t  
R Nuliotiul Standard IhelioLury In every lu U'*“- editu hus tnen pi'ejturtMi lor i:n pri ss a: sn cnor- 
hoin can scurt'eH he over « slim’ UeU We' cum.oi inous expeii'M*. Kvery word In ctmtmori inii’ 
think well, lu'k rtu“oilv or wide iiitelliuihlv correctly sm iled, plionelluilly | Mmounceil ..mi 
wilhout hu.lnu lUNjnired .such adl.''tlunary know]- eoinprehoii'lvely ihdlncd. 

• * * * I ointiined with the dlrtlor.nry Im an cTceedln/’v 

c(tu»‘ ol thc luiuimire to he i inplo'vtil. 

Tile place loriirhild to Ix'ttin tins dirtionary valuable Reference ri)ihpemliu;n of ri’ Uf 
hnuieli of his etiuc.ition is at h«»iue. If this fact ICnowledje, einhrndh^ s4 dil?eienr stihjetris This 
were duly appr**cM:erj, the averiure inlelllKetice vnsi amount, of intorimiUun is a’luortl jh 
ol the iiaium would be (lounhHl In live year8 by a hnpnrlaiit im tlie dh tioim‘  I'sdi can be oh 
revdlmlon of our present d -pIoraMe prones^ of t.’iined nowhere else hT les limn hve liuiC'i the 

im*mor.’.(:lnK ahs'.-aci jind im-.imm;!-’;:. w(jrd.. 

pn.M* (A the hook. 


1.— .Autournphs of u!l ntK uml ef the I ntted .States 

General Putnam’s Wedding Ring. 

All of our readers who are familiar 
with the history of the Revolutionary 

uoou ... - — , lino Tliio ' woere 10 gel a goou arinii in txew lork. i\Var will reiueiiilier General Israel rm- 

where it has once been used It supersedes „„pko’ time and ! If he buys whisky at the Hoffman, . nam, one of the greatest soldiers of his 

...k .j. 

all uruggiBW. “SYimnes theorv'* centii for a ^lass of npiritB tlmt tustes iiko writer had the pleiisuro of seeing the 

" I ’ tnYmAvtolGD peppen ami water. At Delmonioo*H he | weddint: ring of Mr. and aMps. Putnam, 

A Wide Awake Druggist. ^hnlp f^TnpHiGnn ns wpH ar the name worse; and there is only one I which sealed their merriage vows in ITHS. 

Mr. C. A, Johns ia alwnys wide awake j c ij brand of whisky in alV tho Brunswick and has been in po.sscHtiion of relatives 

in his business, spares no pains to secure _,-_a._ .„^„l i ^ tn th/  stock that is worth drinking. Iritheuau of the fi.mily since the death of that es- 

the best of every article in his line. He wh(^se country would be held up to the on Broad w.iv I tiinahle ladv. A daughter of General 

all other med 
all druggists. 

cents for a glass of spirits tliA 

like writer had the pleasure of seeing the 

tfi ir mvaiiim; (1  Himii'Mi a.1 Luw.. i.r ili.. iliil.r.iii 

htUlCH o( tin* rninll. 

•' li-M of Scripture ..f .Murmhly. mi l \hf 

HH-l U'tVV h* I'TO* HV«Ta»(0 JIUHllMT of Vt-.U • illl.V'iU- 

aids the enthusiastic advocate of the | 
“Symmes theory:'* i 

- , . „ . *;.v,«,«LvLf ;i«mArini:-Fo peppen ami water. At Dolmoiiioo'H he ! weddint: ring of .Mr. and AMr^. Putnam, 

A Wide Awake Druggist. f^TnpHiGnn ns wpH ar the name worse; and there is only one I which sealed their merriage vows in 1738. 

Mr. C. A, Johns is always wide awake j c ij brand of whisky in alV tho Brunswick and has been in po.sscstiion of relatives 

in his business, spares no pains to secure _,-_a._ .„^„l i ^ tn th/  stock that is worth drinking. Iritheguu of the fi.mily since the death of that es- 

the best of every article in his line. He decorated saloons on Broadw,iy,timable lady A daughter of General 

has secured tho agency for the celebrated , on„r.rPtin and vnntiirp whisltv is atrdeiou.. \ It is also more ' I’utniun presented tlie ring to .Miss Eunice 

Dr. King’s Now Discovery for Consump- or less sharp and peppery in the mirr - sn- Tyler, iier si.ste, -in-law, about the l.e- 

tion. The only certain cure known for -i - pvniorers into tho n^rth ! )ire.~ent century, in 

Consumption, Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, rnrr. ni rnil.ire«« 1 Fieally good and nutritious whiskv ht to , whose pos.e..sioii it remained until aliout 

Asthma. Hay Fever, Broneintis, or any some of tho hotel»; aLsiJnT the 1 1850, when (»he iruve the little keeptnike 

affection of the Throat and Lun^s, Sold 'awmmpa thonrr hh fhn ' *^*^*o^'^** the east and west sies of! to .Miss Orpha K. Clement, of Vermont, 

on positive guarantee. Will give you a „ni “ - ..f.p. 7u„ .:„h ' town, and at a considerable distani from now the wile of Dr. C. M. Dinsmoor, of 

Trial Bottle Free. Regular size SI. To^h latitude Is paSed I ‘he tashionahle avenues Better Thisky , Omaha, Xeh.. in whose possession it has 

■ “ ,„:ii o~n,i n,,, on ernp. Can be houglit in Second and Ihnil ave- been for the past thirty-four years. The 

The manufactuters of Dr. Price’s Cream ^ \,„a;npa.i emninnni- nues, in neigliborhoods infested wi|h ten- 1 ring is a slender hand of eliased gold, on 

Baking Powder are rewarded by having n __j n„. cment houses and swarming with corner either side of which is a fair sized dia- 

accredited to them the reputation of man- -ho hnnnr niid irlo- loafers and incipient eriminals, tAan on moml. In the days when this piece of 

iifaeturing good articles. It must not be __ ,i,„ a:- " Broadway or Fifth -\venue. It le.sts lo jewelry was made the feat of placing sets 

supposed that those who are willing, at ^M- eymoof, geeins to have no better ®®nts a glass, and is usually served over a in solid gold had not been discovered; 

the cost of reputation and for the purpose ’ ’ ‘ l- p-nt sloppy bar by tho owner ofl the shop, eonseiiiicntlv, the diamonds arc placed in 

nn success than did his ancestor, Lapt. J • ..... ,1 ... „p 1 ,i 

on positive guarantee. Will give you a 
Trial Bottle Free. Regular size $1. 

lerc IS only one j whicli sealed their merriage vows in 17o8. 
tho Brunswick and has been in po.ssession of relatives 
g. Ititheitau of the fi.iiiily since tlie death of that es- 
on Broad w.iy 1 tiinahle lady. A daughter of General 
t is also more ' Putnam presentcii tlie ring to .Miss Eunice 
intheminysa- Tyler, iier sistPi-in-law, about tlie be- 
took Exdiauge. ginning of tlie )ire.~ent century, in 

t.i* thf UmU’tt suit-.. 

2 —An AI| Ii:i|m tuMil lUl nf 
}’lir»i**»'. Worn.s iiH'l 
l’r'»m m.o|*th liin- 

•^uavvH. wlTh tf» ir meuiiinu' (l  


fi _.v rniunlet*' li-M « f Scripture 
ri’nt t-r NfltllCS. HH-1 ]|it v 1 “ I'TO* 
nnuiu'o them, im tM'Uii nil ii 
in !ti»* ApfKryphH '-*1 

4 — .VIpiliitH'tluil lA(^l **t .Atiieri* 

«*:tn (ictur.’iphti’Hl .Siimc-i, with 
tlifir PnimiHc.iitiuii, Hvrivutioii,. 
ttiui Muuniii’4- 

S.— I^^|•lllar NHniP-* nf Stj»|.-* um| I 
CilicR, as • IIhi Ucvp ”Ki y. 

SlGhc Stair, ■■ “ iliior irr Stalr.’^ 

“ Motiimiriital I’lty, ” el ., iiiid 
w)»y !m » ullr.l 

41 In FroHoiiiice HiltlcnU 

Honlx (ilx pavr^L 

7. — -Muiiy Vjlimhle SiiptresUoim- 
on How lo Spriik witli Klctfaiicrj 
aud‘ i2 t 

8. — of n Airrat iniinlMT of, 
Slsiik' uiul Vuluur Wiinis ni«i 
Phru-^c - 1 * I)** avoide I (24 putrs). ! 

R— Vhc Dri’liirulioti  if liule- ( 
pcndMiico. in full. I 

10.— Tlir .' t» Siirner.s of Itie ! « ■• 
laratiNn of Imicpriitlrncc, with 

h.ivin ; pi.iRk) ini’itPinuiis air 
•f Hpuanis. hv ( !h iai I'rlisus of 

14.— Insolvriit. AssiATHHirnt ami rst nt 4. 

r*.— V. lur. in I'nitt il .^lut4•(* 
inoHrv t* •-{ HoliJ UM 1 

. ilvrr r.'in-* ill ('irciPHlittn. 

2' .— T.-i'I' f--r .vckoiiin.: hiN’r- 

. H nn.i i.i j.rr criif 
vs t»f llir iljllerril! fr-MIl uHr U..V t. )..».• yrMl’ilr-'in #1 
lintl. lo • J ^ ' 

•liiriHhlv. mi l ‘.hr 21 — Wricltts •tn l Xodsur**' of 
• t.f vt-.a'i • iiiiy -111 ‘ t'l - ''i.ilr-l tf'-; all • othi-r • -mu 
lo live 11 in- 

22 - ir I l!i«p r  . r 

.\iurn ’il i tiil «'f Ihr rmlf- l .-I’i’ • 

I 14'.*2 l’‘*l I pa;t • . 

I 2:i.— II '’.I’lH if I .r pr.i.ii'iy; N • 

I tl'Mls t»f thr- V. I'll! Niinir* '• 

j I..-, t (r ^ ^ 

I Mrasur- - III iml. 

Vyffl 2' .— V«M’.iDnlar\ n! Ilujim ’s 

civiH 4 an lot ■rr-tin ;4 niuJ I .••tii 
^5^01 l!.\pianjtii"n of :il" SVortlM uii- 

. A" T«niM in ruch n- 

■ I 'y " A  \ V a I '  I’ r ni.” •' u r o k ' r ’ 

I ' ‘'h- rks.” ’• l»;n , i,f Urae.r, 

“ Ih’.iftS," ‘ KIrrt’n r!'l“ ” t’or** 

I * '"'**'^'* * tnvoirr, 

i '"'H'r'’*!! V..,-) 1'U‘jtrV, 

' plan, 111.. --\*r I" Wm-l- aiul 
1 r-T.n- II ril Oil .'sl.ilis. p’l-. I I I p,cj“0 
27— riirisUin oii' ”M\en" 

Naiio.’it of .Men iiU'l ii,i;ivini( 

’ ar oM up '.'I tho itoir Drrnatioii. 

.w aiKl I’romm'-iGiion of o\*-r . ‘"U)t 


their States. Anrs, an«l tIiiiu of nite, fr« m one y. ar oM up ‘.o the Hoir 

D“Bth; /\LS() a Kar-tiinlle of u^eitfp 

their Hknatures (Autographs). 

Ii— nrhtri. Krvetmes. Kxpemli. 

U — The foUHtitiiliou of the ture-*, Impcrt.- anti Exports of 
I'nltril Staten. *n full. varli»us Nuiion.'Aof ihe WmtM. 

12 —Each yiur'jj I’rpvM, ft;r 53 
yeara, of Wheat Flour, Com. 
cotton, Beef, lluiniii, Butter. 
Sueur. Coflue, Bar uiui Pix Iron 
aii't Coal. 

I’rpvM, ft:r 53 n.— Hi- Am ire of i-a-li .Nation 

Flour, Corn. , of the WorM, their tiuiniK'ris aud 
uiniii, Butter. I Antmul Cost. 

IS.— S'nilonnl Pehli, Kipeutll- MiC'jr!*llniii» 

and I’remm-iaiion of over . ‘"*ot 

2S — Alirirllt (i eo^' r II p h I c a I 
.Sanieoi of Cnunirir-. Citie-*, aS*:.. 
etc . ami their nHtne.  . 

2P.— Hiiw tu urRah’Z*; ulel iNui 
duet ruMlc MeeliUk’-. 

turejtnnd Commerce of Nations— 

13.-Populationof ihoOSOToirn*: Aimiuul for euch inhabitiinl. 


3II.— CtUlVenient Tah'e-. for H -ek 
onim; Wmic.-'. 


thJ cost of reputation and for the purpose p"V 

of gain, to impose adulterated goods on ‘1''* 

i! ur ij i, ..o„ Symmes, in making converts to tlie 

the publ.c, would hesitate to use injuri- s;,„,„„;,beorv.-[Detroit Free Press, 

I u * I ai i! ai u Vi. aI ^ i: ....v . A stutulaM nnd rollnhlo 'diitfoimry mich ra wa old of hucIi n book us the New AmcrlL'ii 

sloppy bar by tho owner ofi the shop. C 0 n 8 e(|lientlv, the illllIQOndS are placed in offer is wonli more to any Aoiwcholder ihan any nr'*, if it hml been MipidleUloincm lu 

When _you . find a saloon, inlNew _York solid _ silver on top of the gold. _ _ During i; .SS.'r^u.^ui'r “nr- 

ous adulterants. 

that glitters with cut glasrt polished | the 14.1 years of its existence this little 

‘ woods, and heavy gilding, am|manned by j heirloom has elianged owners hut three 

Protection and Wages. (liddy har-tendei's, look out foriits whisky. 1 times, and. it is needless to add, is highly 

The reason the whisky in th| east and i prized by the lady on whose hand it now 
How fallacious is the usual table of wa- west side places is good is fceause the | rests. fhe diamonds are valued at $25 

=============“ Protection and Wages. 

One Amongst Many. ti r n • • 

T th Editor A stolio Times. How fallacious 18 the usual table Of wa- west side ^ 

V”.!. "• i^'„r Vo."!!!)!. c„». lOAo ges, as drawn up without any explanation people who patronize Uie saloolis drink it ! each, and it will be seen the ring was quite First. 

On the night Of tho lUth ot hept., 18bd, phe surrounding circumstances, may be habitually, find know the dilfcrance be- : valuable 145 years ago.— [Johnston (Nev.i 
-midnight, It was-a night dark as Ere- ^^own by a few examples taken from the tween good and bad 8tuff.-[C(r. Inter- 1 Journal. * rZ'y pal 

bus. while the air seemed fraught with of 

omens of Rreat eyenta, a you^n^ man Stood gn in official returns. The lowest average - 

in tjv porol' of the home of his nativity; d„iiy is given at two dollars per A Sot 

.V*. 6 Ka r.ill Hiiali rat Ani»l«v vn n*a Krtrt.l * a ^ ’Z' a. 

K rovidc such a w« rk for his child is df prlvli K million Unit It Isiiffordcd ut the non’’ tul pri-'t'ol 
Im of a riRMliil prlvlle«c which ts alwolutcly $1, posipnid ; nr live coplm poslpiud lor unly«- 
worth n hnndicd tli)U'  Its cost. Thorn arc men, .Vsfc t of your Iriondn to htiv oiio and Urn., 

not a fow, wh.i would Kladlydlvp ovon aihousaiid I Kot your o   n hook froo, ail iioalnald and war 
•oUart, fur what would have been learued by the ' ranted u  give aulbiiacUou. 


A Sound Test of Conversion. 

in the full flush of early manhood; a da^^hT^lighLr^tTwoVnd dVu A story of domestic trouble wis told at i J '^irahout ?he 'V r nmnbL* 1.1 

figure commanding and handsome; h.s u/gU day consisting of nine hours ofl the Woolwich Police .Court jesterday | 'I’hose L houSh7L ^t home the 

face beaming with enthus^ ^his^ sounds weTl. Yet the average which _ teaches a useful 'tuoral. A wile ! before he killed them.^and fed the 

I each, and it will be seen the rint was quite First. We 4»ffer the Wkkkly Pbkbs for one year (and it may be a renewal, in advance, o- new sab- 
1 I... vki« 1 r / Vntr \ scribcf) and the itew American Dictioniiry End Coiiipeiidium o( Useful Knnwleiige, postpaid, lor only 

; vaiuanie H*) years ago. | •JO^Bion ^i ev. | n 5 f)^ Kvery subscriber should at once send in their renewals for one year lu addition to the time al- 
i Journal. * ready paid for and get ti^iuost valuable book ever off'ered for one dollar by paying only «* 0 cents extra. 

1 Every reader who is not ^subscriber should at once send In his $1.50 for the Iniok and I’rksh for one 

j Water for Poultry. ^Second, We will mail the Dictionary iwstpaid as a present to any subscriber, Postmaster or »Keui 

j V farmer houirht last fall thirty turkeys ^ho*h®l]«t*uduaoueuew8ubscrilH}rfor the Wkkkly Pkkss. Such subscri'oen may he for the paper 

and had about the sauio number Oi his Third. We otTer the Prkk.s for six months and tho Dictionary, postpaid, both fur only $1. The sub- 
I own. Those he bought he got home the tubscril^r in this case must be NEW. ^ , 

, _ U.A i.iiL. r ... J c^A * 1 ..-. Fourth. We will mail the Dictionary free as a present to any p-*rson who shall send us four order* 

day oetore nc Klileil them, and led the (or the lK  0 k ami paper in aecordance with our ♦bird otter. This otter includes ?5 worth of one of the 

whole Hock whut barley they would eat, cheapest and best books ever published, and worth ot the Pkkss, all for only $4. 
i Kn 4 rbo nfpiinAfA Kiriia IrnAw tvbprA Fifth Subscribers who are iH arrears to the amount of $2 and over. Will receive a copy of the Dir- 

I DOl me Hirange DirUH urn not Know wnere Nonary free on the payment of their indebtedness. This offer is good for thirty days. 

I the water was and did not dnnk. Ihe Address all orders to U. T, DUNCAN, Lexington, Ky. 

U. T, DUNCAN, Lexington, Ky. 

man of 17 years, surrounded by wealth, *I • e 1 o»n l iie»»irpil tn Hava her huahnnd liAind nwpr • ne Kme»l ineiu, ana tea me (or the iKwk and paper in aecordance with our ♦bird otter. This otter includes ?5 worth of one of the 

rpianda and all 4 liat irnAM tn inntcA thiu Hfn ®itming8 of seven workingmeti are desired to nave her hushraa boind over whole Hock what barley they would eat, cheapest and best books ever published, and 82 worth ot the Prkss, all for only ft. 

Irienas ana aw laat goes to maKC mis IWe (Jyg hundred and seven dollars, , to keep the peace. But how had the ; ^ . al ^t-,.nirA hinla did^nnt know where Fifth Subscribers who are ia arrears to the amount of $2 and over, will receive a copy of the Dir- 

The average number of persons in a fam.-, a simple explanation to offdr. l.s wife , j^ov were not fed but were 

bidding hia mother good-bye. hhe had ly i, returned at five, and the average an- ! neglected her household duties'(n order with the e.xnecation of finding the ! 

athebanother^^^^^^^^ nual cost of living for such a family at five ‘oRo to hear Moody and SanD land the ! ConilHiSSi01iei*’S SulC. CLjnolec ^ T limher 

vXweresa^d hundred and three dollars leaving the admitted facts certainly ind.flfffcd that | q.^e home birds had empty crops, but the fayette circuit court ky Oningieb OL l. UmDer 

veils were8aia,wora8onovewere8poKen, pgy there must necessarily have beenjnegleot. Ig. ]. fy, I u 1 fayette circuit court, K^. | cz 

SL^fhnrM^hMfsV^^^ tobesetasidoforarsinyday. It is little For the wife went on Wednesdartmd. o tliat in dressing them^an incUion ha^d J»»e. Dudley-. AdminUtmior, riHimifl, 

£l7na^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ .ihoreday and on Friday. ‘Jhj4 times ],„ ^e made in tho breast to remove « , , , , 

Northt scene changes to the 19th dav P” T-‘’ “ n I the dry grain-half a pint or more from »’ 

ofLnuarrisrrraHh’mvL ingman u compelled to depend in a mens- Balguy s sententious precept. fowl. If the crop had been empty 

Se Tov7^'SVv h^ DC ure upon what the other members ef the perhaps ma;y be added. Emot.onarelig.on „„ wound would have been made on th1 cU. eTe«d .nl!e 

thousands d^th^^** family can earn to round off the made- seems curiously 6pt to unfit paple for hut only tho inwards drawn out. der.igned, as 8i cdal Couimiisiuusr ul e 

ilrs The quate sum which he receives. The labor the plain of life. Only he other -fhe conclusion was that tho only reason o" 

stricken down- h!s aimnir frainn nmiiilv ®f wo™en and children 18 barely enough to ‘^^y perhaps a sincere soldier turkeys had full crops was because MONDAY MAY 12th 

consumed by disease aid fn a short while ij*® Salvation Array— was coFicted of {|jgy drink water. Apparently ’ ’ 

his soirit nossed over the dark- rivpr and s®®™* that Judge Kelley having paid his subsoriptioosoufof stolen ^|,g jjrain would not have passed to the (County Court day), win sell, to ih» high: 

1 J P- . 1 • * ® omL river, ana ggn equal some of the illustrations drawn funds. And instances of the sane kind pU.arj the oron until water had I'l tro«t of the new Court Uou.b door 

hts body interred in_a strange land, “ R„„u„d hw «a,nnle« tn. are too common. “Are* vou sue vou are ? •" i-exlngton. Ky., «ho». ihel 

breast to remove 

thousands. Siikuess had invaded their 
ranks. The sute^ot of our sketch was ?f„omenai 
stricken down; his strong frame ropidly iifg , 

consumed by disease aid m a short while , r, 

cause, entered at the February Term, 1884, the un- 
dersigned, as Special Commiasiuuer uf ^aid Court, 

We are prepared to till orders of Shingles, Lum- 
ber, i nclni8 Maferlnl, and Cord W'ooti. 
Parties will find it to tbeir advantags to send to a* 
I fur prices before purchasing elsewhere. Address 

James a. mouke a co., 

Kings Mountain Station, Kj., C. 8. R'y. 


his snirifc nofised over the HavL- fJear onH y-v ...o ;rram would not have nas.sed to the I 

his body interred in a atranpa land can equal some of the illustrations drawn I funds. And instances of the sane kind gizzard from the crop until water had, 
ms oouy inierreu m a strange land, tmm IVaa tmdn Rnirland hv examnles tn- are too common. *^Aro you sue you are p^^a tt r rr i 

(County Court day), will sell, to the highest bidder, 
in front of the new Court House door on Main 

r . ^ T\ . . r i* i trom free trade Eu^lanu uy c*i»uiuicb iu- 

hTTL ken from protectionist Amerioa.-[N. Y. 

he go on this journey. Death had con- iig.„u ^ 

aoripted and enrolled a large company ol ' — — — - 

tho brave boys who had left their homes. Relics of a Roman Temple. 

Inhere friends, their all, a few short months y„jg, church at St. Swithin, at 

®After twenty-one years, on the 22d of '’"•“L" 

. .*k ’ ” • ” ^ '' Ainnil HfnnA altar ovinonflv nalnnflnnfr trt 


Send six cents of post- 
age, an I riH-'eive free, a costly 
box of goods which will helj* 
all, of either sex, to more 

England by examples ta- are too common. “Are* you sub you are been taken to moisten the food.-[J. E. Z. „®Sck m", Amerioa.-fN.Y. converted?” said Mr. Spurgeoirto a dc- o«oeirre“.T^ 

jraid. vout housemaid. “Please, sir, Pthink I 

o I- ““ I " D “ w. . am, for I sweeps under the bds. Her 

Relics of a Roman Temple. „„„ r- . 

V test was a sound one. — |St. imes s Lia- 

Under the church at St. Swithin, at zet(e. \ 

After twenty-one years, on tlm22d of g^,, Egg and Chicken^ breakfast, gruel for luncheon, gruel for .Tn'iJ.rr 

April, 1884, our Boldier waa taken from temnlp whirh hud nppiinipH Hia aaiaa ^ Our tour Mile correspomicit is respon- dinner, gruel for Pundolcful (a joim M. Carter and others, and being the same 

his resting place, which the kind and '^*1 u sible for the followinff well a tested facts noted burlesque writer— thJu^jh you tract jijintly owntd by James A. 

Uw.:«,w UnX } ^A ®He. Professor Hubner, of Berlin, ag. j luiiowinK wen awsiuu iulis k:.« James Dudley duriug the liMimo of said Dudley, 

lovinj; hands of strangers had marked gj^ng *[jg raUo to the end nf tha second or 1 *n the egg and chicken line: wouldn t have thought it to look at him contumiug by aciuul survey two hundred and 

ir.t-' Ruling Passion. — Doctor: “No, A Ol^ TjA^T^ 

^5" ray dear sir, we must keep ourselves quieJ ^ ii U, 

for tho present. No stimulants nothing situated in Fayette County, Ky.. «n the turnpike 
more exciting than gruel. Gruel for road leading from Hryunt's station to Hriar Hill, 
breakfast, gruel for luncheon, gruel for 

)0n- dinner, gruel for Pun^olctul (a Jolm M. Carter and others, ami being the same | 

^ tract jointly owned by Jam( s A. Crinstead and } 

mar 26 -Wly 

l"74d^ tSLTaKus moT^^ ^ the“end‘;f7h:=d‘or I in the egg and chicken line: 

Chilton Allen Sandusky sleeps in the gcrTp"t!oM on\*h^^^^^^^ j"! i key hen whhihV°er8is”t8XI7h ^ no®t®7. there not a Society 

beautiful Cemetery at Lexington Ky., SiZ for the\ 7 " for ‘h® Prevention of Cruelty to Anl- 

his native State, by the side  )f old com- existence in the davsnfthe Roman Mrs Jno. Aldridge has a chicken hen male? — [lunch. 

rados, in the Confedorato burying-ground. j which laid five eccs in one div. — 

Thus time, the great antidote of sorrow, ^a/oJnoerning whL’ tLre L'no°**oth« Ambrose (Bro^vstcr) HallLs a black “Terapora Mutantur.” — Snookson : 
makes us forget, to a great extent, that inf„nation-the curator mdiculm m duck, which lays only once aweek, when “Yes, Hastings is a charming place, and 
a oruel war tore our beautiftil land to tomp^-warden The X. «rl7en,e.t she lays seven eggs at a time. This is a has quite a peculiar— a-and half-melan- 

a uru 4 ;i war luro uur ucoubtiui lauu lu rpL * A 

pieoea and brought sorrow to our house- the Vemple bv C. Anti8tius'*VX7inufi new variety of ducks and arg one wish-'oboly interest lor r 
holds. But still the tears thxt dimmed a soldier wL had thrice held that office’ '"K t® buy will address .Mr. tail at Mo- with the Conqueror, 
the aged eyes of our soldier’* mother, _ eiuinai omoe. , Bostonian (late from 

— rousing himself suddenly); “Ah! my thirty-four (an) acree three(3)roo l» ami nlne(9) 
dear Doctor, why is there not a Society ,, u. i i , i 

- *, * f. p . . I y This farm will be sold on a credit of six, twelve 

for tho 1 revention 0. GrucItJ to Am- anl eighteen months, e iusl instalments, and the 
tnal8?“— 'I Punch. imrchaser will be required lo (xeciite Ml three sale 

* bonds for the price , with approved personal secu- 

_ „ X*. 1 rity thereon, bearing six jar cent interest per an- 

^^Tempora Mutantur.’ — Snookson: num from day of sale till paid, and snid tmmls win 
“Yefl, Hastings is a charming place, and [cranin a Ten upon the laud* soM, and will have the 
, * ^ J L If 1 force and effect of judgiHPDtB, 

Kna • vxAAiiIta* a n n H Knll_nxaion_ .. . .. v.. 

the aged eyes of our soldier^ mother, 

told in language not to be inisUken, that Samuel H. Clemens, “Mark Twain” ' MrrElien Hall ^ must have been very trying I We came wemamitaturethoW 

our mothers never, NEVER forget is a member of the Rev. Mr. Twitohell’s went upon the nest for ten sM(»cssive days over with the Calnis-Douvres.” (S. tries ble Evaporatore for facto 

oburoh in Hmford, and so was the late without visible result. On kiling the tur- to look foolish.)-| Punch. 

ni„«.rra» (treedera ex-Qovernor Mtrsfaall Jewell. But the key Mrs. Hall secured a hat fill of eggs. porator. bare no equal; 

« « O rV-i «. L higher up” in the For facts call on C. Lisle.-[Crark County Bolt of the Blaine Men. lJ.,h'wor7h.e.‘;‘ 

Mr. R. S. Withers, of Fair awn Stock church, as the humci^ expreLd it, and Democrat. J Louisville, May 2.-The Blaine men them\t ?]iSinabS n 

!^.nhVoScT’in ^St jS^ 01 iCinTnid ‘ The latosTTU^from acU the watcrs feel as if they were counted out in the for, 

nufn-niirp that I USB it on e’verv- is to tho effect that Miss MarJ Anderson, convention as regards the Louisville dele- p.ieuu 

riiino Lvnnlf horses mv neirroes Kverv- fho donafiana hilt tho-ir collect tho accomplished Kentucky Stress, has gallon, and a bolt this afternoon was the mari«-Wi8t 

'f Ss r = 

Kinney’s store. 

Mrs. Ellen Hall had a turl 

has quite a peculiar — a — and half-melan- 
oholy interest for me. We came over 
with the Conqueror, you know — Fair 
Bostonian (late from Paris) : “Ah, that 

r hen which must have been very trying! We oame 

went upon the nest for ten sa*cssive days I over with the Calnis-Douvres.” 

Bluegrasa 6reedera. 

muoh confidence in St. Jacobs Oil, tho Mark 



e uaiiio We mauufaturo the Wir.lam. F’rull and Vegeta- 
( 9. tries ble Flvaporalora for factory u.e. We also make tbe 
Bldwell Patent Fruit Flvaporator. for a medium 
aize; we make two isizeB of the latter. Theae Eva- 
porator. have no equal; they they aell on their 
merlta We are not obllgi-d to cut on price, to com- 
pete with worthies, maclilnes, parllea are glad to 
me men snt them at reasonable prices, 
f in Send for lliustrated circular. 

• *“ 'I'® JOHN WILLI AMS 4 SON, 

ille dele- Patentees and Manufacturera, 

was the marJC-WlSt Kglanazoo, Mich. 

f V J?J!P ! ,'J'P 

MO. auMle MlIlnB ourClnua4 New 
Faaaioiaa maid DcMalvr BaattlM oftkeWorM 
Wrtuto J. C. JiCwnivdkCo., Uaeluaitt.  N ■ 



■ bkAok. New ctlition.— New Inn lini(S.^New illustrstiuas 

■ from new Ueki|;iik. Suiwrbiy gt tten up, Same low price. 

Adapted to all cla»iet. mUs at Aftents doine bie 

work. nxcxLLINTTRKMS. The hamUomest prutpecUia 
erer intied. A) |dy now, 

Wm. r.AHRitTHON ACO.. Lctinetun, Kentucky. Alac 
other irrsod new books and Bibles. 


at homo without pain. Bo«k 
of particulars sent Free. 

,B. S. WOOLLEY, M. D.. AUaota, Qa. 



[Special to the Courier-Journal ] 

Frankfort, Kv., AprU 30. — A foqr 
net drama, entitled “Lanpbouriie,” by 
Mr. H. L. Williams of Lexinuton. %va» 
presented to the public for the tirst time 
at the Opera House in this ciiy last uittht. 
The attendance was lar^e and composed 
chiefly of the younjter element of society, 
nearly all of whom, ladies and j;ent!e- 
inen, were attired in full evening toilets 
for a hop, which took place after the per- 
formance. The drama, which was oriiti- 
nally written by the author for a parlor 
play, is conventional and without a par- 
ticularly strong feature worth remarking 
upon, but is withal very entertaining and 
'juite a creditable production for n young 
and untried author. It was acceptably 
rendered by the Le.xiiigton amateur com- 
piany, of which the .Misses Hill, nieces of 
Gen. John Morgan, Mr. Stoll, and Mr. 
Sayre deserve especial mention. The 
ladies of the company were costumed in 
a greater number, variety, and more ele- 
gant toilets than the actresses of a [tro- 
fessional company. 

About 1 1 o'clock the Lexington com- 
pany and friends and the ladies and gen- 
tlemen of this city assembled at the Capi- 
tal Hotel ball-room where M’olf & TrostV 
band discoursed music for the dance. It 
was a oomplimentary testimonial given by 
the gentlemen of this city to the visitors 
from Lexington, and was in all respects 
a most enjoyable conclusion for the even- 
ing's entertainment. The following ladies 
were present: 

Miss Kussie Hill, Le.xington, black 
velvet, point lace; diamonds. 

Miss Lucy Hill, Lexington, pale blue 
satin, striped over dress; pearls. 

Miss M’Cauley, Lexington, lavender 
satin and brocade: diamonds. 

Miss Florence M'Cauley, Lexington, 
rose silk, Florentine lace; rubies. 

Mrs. Alex. Gratz, Lexington, black 
satin; diamonds. 

.Mrs. Jerome Sellers, Lexingtorf, purple 
satin en train. 

Miss Grainger. Louisville, pink nun's 
vailing, silk trimmings; gold. 

Miss Nannie Beckham, Bardstown, 
white satin en train; diamonds. 

Mrs. Kehoe, Maysville, mode satin, 
crimson trimmings: diamonds. 

Miss Georgie Bowman, gray cloth and 
velvet street dress. 

Miss Willie Bowman, gray cloth and 
velvet street dress. 

Miss Belie llenseley, black silk street 

Miss Susie Kodnian, while nun's vail- 
ing; natural flowers. 

.Miss .Mary Brown, St. Louis, white silk 
lace: diamonds. 

Miss Sallie Sneed, [dnk silk; diamonds. 

MissJosie Gray, cardinal cashmere; 
natural flowers. 

.Miss Katie Green, merino street dress 

Miss Lena Stewart, white mull lace; 
natural flowers. 

Miss Hose Stewart, cardinal silk and 
cashmere; natural flowers. 

Miss Li/.zie Barret, Louisville, black 
silk street dress. 

Miss Agnes Draue, rose satin, brocade 

.Miss Stites Duvall, gniy satin, street 

.Miss .Mamie Scott, merveilleu.v lace 

.Miss Lutie Stanton, black silk. 

.Miss Annie 'I'homas, street dress. 

Miss Flmily Thomas, street dress. 

Aljss Hardie, white mull and lace; 

^Avimpfollowing gentlemen were present: 
.Messrs* ,^ny re, .Skillman, De Hoode, .Mor- 
gan, Stoii, Headley, I’atterson, Williams, 
and Bruce, of Lexington. 

How They Stand. 

According to the latest estimates, the 
llepublican candidates for President have 
instructed votes as follows : Blaine, 278: 
Arthur, 231; Edmunds, 52; Logan, 50; 
John Shermam, 17; Joseph B. llawley, 
12, doubtful, 15. 

Will Resign. 

The Louisville Post is informed by its 
Lexington correspondent that the old 
members of the Board of Asylum Com- 
missioners will resign after their business 
us such has been settled up at the next 
meeting of tlio Board. 

Fire in the Country. 

The residence of Thomas Clark, si.x 
miles from this city, on the Kichmond 
turn|)ike, was accidentally destroyed by 
tire Weduesday night about midnight. 
The house and contents were a total loss. 
Loss about 81.lfl)0. Insured in the Trans- 
atlantic for $5.50. 

The New County, 

The new county of Knott, to be formed 
of portions of Floyd, Breathitt, Perry, 
and Letcher, will contain about eleven 
hundred voters, and cut some tiguro in 
future elections. It is named in compli- 
ment to the Governor, and ought to be Dem- 
ocratic to the core. If there was pot al- 
ready a Proctor in that vicinity, we would 
suggest Proctor as the best name for the 
county seat, and would then have a Proc- 
tor, Knott County.— [Frankfort Yeoman. 

The CoUectorsbip. 

A Wasbiagtoti sjpecial to the Louisville 
Commercial of the 30tb ult., says ; 

“The President to-day sent to the 
iflonate the natpe of C. H. StoP as Col- 
lector of the Seventh Internal Revenue 
District of Kentucky. The appointment 
creates little uomment here, us it had 
liepn generally conceded that unless the 
Peosidont should ask the withdrawal of 
Collector Swope’s resignation the place 
would be given te Stoll.” 


Mr. Dory Veal and Mies Ruth Grimes, 
both of Fayette County, wore married at 
the Athens Christian Church yesterday 
morning, by Rev. Mr. Keene. The bride 
was attired in a steel colo'red traveling 
dress, and made a beautiful picture, while 
the happy groom showed to advantage in 
the regulation suit of black. They were 
the recipients of a great many bs^tiful. 
presents and departed OD' tHeh-' i rid^ 
trip, followed by. the lorw and best wislieS 
of their many friends. 

Gr.vysos, April 30. — There was a 
crowded Court House to-day when Wil- 
liam Neal was brought in for sentence. 
.Many expected he would make a confos- 
siun. He made a statement in a full, 
clear voicq. speaking about twenty min- 
utes. He said: 

“If the charge was true it would be 
right. 1 have no objection to your 
ruling. As to the jury, they were sc.ired. 
I will tell you of my whereabouts on that 
Chr.stmas Dav. I am uneducated and 
awkward, but will try to tell it in my 
own way. On December 23 I left my 
house at 1 i’. m. to go to the mill; was 
working for Mr. Russell, as he well 
knows. At 1:30 i*. M. Mr. Culbertson 
and I commenced our work and worked 
till six o'clock. Mr. Culbertson wont 
homo for supper; hhd my supper in a 
bucket and eat at the mill. Mr. Culbert- 
son came back and we went to work 
shearing and wheeling iron, working at 
that hard labor for the pittance of one 
dollar and a half a day, to support my 
wife :ind children — and now I am con- 
victed by the evidence of that lunatic, 
George Ellis, and I say here, I am inno- 
cent. I went with Mr. Culbertson to 
tbo 'upper furnace at live minutes of 
twelve o’clock, where we washed. Mr. 
Culbertson is mistaken; be did not use my 
towel that night. 1 left the mill at ten 
minutes after twelve o'clock, went to my 
house, about oue-half to three-quarters of 
a mile away, carried my lamp and bucket, 
uot home about half past twelve o’clock, 
ate inj lunch, took olf my clothes, and 
went to bed with my wife and child 
and slept there until awakened by my 
wife and .Miss Martha Hood; went to the 
burning house and rendered all the assis- 
tance 1 could. 1 am as innocent ns any 
man or child in this room. On Christmas 
morning 1 left home about nine o’clock to 
go to my father-in-law’s. .My wife had 
been wanting to go on a visit for about a 
month. 1 told her she could go during 
Christmas and New Year. I wanted to 
see my brother-in-law and father-in-law, 
and told her she had better stay at homo 
that day, and go and spend New Year’s 
with her folks, and I would come after 
her. I went to sec them that Christmas. 
I do not deny being there on that road. I 
met John Hensly, Isaiah McAllister, and 
Joe Bartram at Chinn’s toll-gate, beyond 
the cemetery. While standing there with 
Hensly ard Bartram I saw two ladies 
standing in a back yard at Simmons’s, 
but at that distance could nut tell who it 
was for certain, but thought 
it was Mrs. Simmons and .Mrs. 
Carroll. .Iftcr talking • a short time I 
started on my way for my fatber-in-law'.s, 
and came to Keys’s Creek, niet and talked 
to Joe Blankenship, his wife and sister-in- 
law; went on down the creek and met 
John Rice; gave him a cigar and talked 
with him; his two sisters were standing in 
the door; went on until I passed Jake 
Burke’s house; he came down to the road 
where I was. 

“Now, as to Alexander Chaffin. Chaffin 
was not there when I was talking to 
Burke, but he came down to the fence 
just as I started. He says I spoke about 
an axe and crowbar being used to kill the 
children. That is false. It was not that 
time, but at another time. It was on the 
morning after New Year, when I was 
coming Irom my father-in-law’s, tiiat I 
talked to him about what I heard about 
the axe and crowbar being used to kill 
the children, as Mr. Russell there and all 
orhers know. Every one was talking 
about it at that time. I have no money; 
I am a poor nlan. I am condemned to be 
suspended between heaven and earth. 1 
expect to like a man. I ask ray 
life to be spared; if not, the day will 
come when I will bo vindicated of the 
charge I am accused of. As to what .Mr. 
Heflin says, I have no doubt every man 
thinks himself right. I am innocent; I 
know I am right. Mr. Russell there 
might think he is right, and Mr. Camp- 
bell might think is right. As to .Mr. 
Heflin, I can’t say that.” 

Hero Judge Rice interrupted him, tell- 
ing him it would do no good to abuse any 

Neal responded : “No, I do not w:int 
to abuse any one; I am too luucli of a 
man to do that, and have more principle 
than to try to abuse any one. Mr. Prich- 
ard says an innocent man will bo bold — I 
am an innocent man, and am as bold as 
.Mr. Heflin. 1 may be standing where I 
have no friends, but I say 1 am innocent 
of that terrible crime. 'The truth maybe 
blamed, but cannot be made ashamed. It 
can’t be kept a secret forever. When that 
grent day comes, both rich and poor. 
Judge and jury, must melt as one, and 
there all will be known. 

“Then it will be proved I have not only 
been prosecuted,, but persecuted. I was 
raised right; I have a good father and 
mother. I am poor; my father and 
my father-in-law are poor. There are 
men with money and power to work 
against me, and can do more than I can. 
Wo are all to go before our Judge, where 
every juryman and every man will have 
to answer. The day will come when 
the guilty persons will be caught. 
AVhat good will it do to take iny life 'f 
It will not avenge the death and can’t 
bring back the children. 1 have not 
liad a fair and impartial trial. The 
Judge has ruled right. I leave*my good 
wishes for him. As to the jury, after 
all the rambling evidence produced by 
the Commonwealth, I leave it to His 
Honor if there were not grounds for 

Judge Rice then passed sentence, fix- 
ing Friday, July 18, as the day ho should 
be hanged. Judge Rice said to Neal 
that he surely bad been ably and zeal- 
ously defended, and all had been done for 
him that was possible. 

There was no excitement. Neal asked 
to be sent to Lexington, but the Judge 
said the Mt. Sterling Jail was secure add 
was the most convenient, and he would 
make the order that he be removed to 
Mt. Sterling Jail to-morrow. Neal eats 
heartily, and at 4 p. u. was taking a nap. 
He seemed to be as cool as any person 

The Hindoo beggars pursue their call- 
ing on horseback A writer says they 
will «tand all day before a house nnless 
fcDreu’ alms, abd are quite capable of 
pM.Amng anybody who tries to fun away 
from them. 

ibd j^^ign bress^ods! 

Have now on sale the most complete and elegant stock of 

* I- J I 

Silks and Fine Dress Goods 

They have ever oft'ered the public and at prices never before known In this city. 

Satinstat 40e, worth 75, Surah Silks at 75c, worth $1.25, Summer Silks in Stripes at 
42Ic, Summer Silks in Stripes at 50o, Summer Silks in Checks at42jo. Summer Silks 
in Checks at 50o, Black Gros Grain Silkg frbai $1.(X) to $3.50. Elegant Khadamese, 
all silk, at $1.(R1 worth $1..50. Also just opened a full'Iine of 

Black Dress Goods, Henrietta Cloths, Tamise Cloths, Satin Berbers, 
Blaretz Arnuires, Albatros Cloths, and many other new 
and dosirabm Dress Goods, 

•HrWe are determined to iucrca*e our pales tbl^SprioK, sod all onr goods will Iw sold at the lovea 
cash price. All aiders will be given prompt attenUun. bamples sent ou application by letter. I 

MRS. HERNTION is still in charge of our Dress Making Deportment, and having spent several weeks 
in New York visitiiikf the Emporium uf Kashion, can furnish 8tyle«« taken from the latest Paris and fier* 
lin Models. Her work is guaranteed in every respect. A. B. CHINN «k CO., Lexington, Ky. 





Buggies, Carriag^ 


In their conatruetion the bes?of „„ 
all the vital parts of iron work and 
strictly second-growth wheels; none „ 
dyed cloth is used; best paint, and fin. 
ishingly low. Write to dealers for C 
amine the work at the Repository of 

tc., ever in Lexington. 

^nl is*usAl throughout— steel axles, steel tire 
clips and bolts are made of best Norway iron 
’ fines^No. 1 hand-bufifed leather and wool 
I witra|pgli8h varnishes. Prices are aston 
jalogi^Wrioes and discounts, or call and ex 

The Cattle Disease. 

M’asiii.ngto.v, April 30. — State Veteri- 
nary Surgeon Bridge, sent by Gov. Patti- 
SOH to examine cattle said to be attacked 
with pleuro-pneuiiionia, says the disease 
is a catarrhal affection and not pleuro-j 
pneumonia. In three cases that proved 
fatal the disease had reached the lungs, 
and doubtless could have been saved had 
the true nature of the illness been known. 

Lynching in South Carolina. 

at St. Albans took Scott Hill and Brown- 
low Hill, two of the robbers who shot and 
killed Albert Woods and mortally wound- 
ed A. J. 'Woods, near St. Albans on Mon- 
day night last, and hung them to an elm 
tree just west of the town. 

The olKcers succeeded in escaping with 
Charles Spurlock, the other member of 
the gang who have been doing so much 
robbing and shooting lately. They all 
uonfess the crime of Monday night. 

Election of Railroad Directors. 

Coi,UMitu.s, 0., April 30. — The stock- 
holders of the Central Ohio Railroad 
Company to-day elected the following 
directors : James II. Collins, Joseph B. 
Swan, Columb;is: I. W. Hall, (Quaker 
City: Daniel Applegate, Zanesville; Wal- 
ter B. Brooks, Rsbert Garrett, Osman 
Latrobe, James W. Jenkins, Joshua G. 
Harvey, Baltimore; Wm. II. Clements, 
Morrow; David-J Lee, Zanesville; Orland 
Smith, Cincinnati; G. J. Foraker, New- 
ark. The present officers were continued 
for the ne.\t year. 

Oklahoma Boomers Arrested. 

St. Loi'.is April .'lO. — Late advices from 
Indian Territory say thatCapt.Carroll and 
Lieutenants Stevens and Slay, of the 9th 
Cavalry, have arrested some fifty Okla- 
homa boomers during the past week, and 
that arrests will he made till Oklahoma is 
cleared of intruders. Those who have 
not been in the Territory before will be 
escorted across the line, and warned 
not to return; but those whose presence is 
a second offense will be taken to Fort 
Reno and prosecuted before the II. S. Court 
at Fort Smith. 

Appointments and Confirmations. 

W.ASiiiNGTON, April 30. — Postmasters 
confirmed — W. II. Tritts, Carlisle, Ky.; 
Robert M. Cravens, Princeton. Ky.; Jos. 

I. Dorsey, Fleiuingsburg. Ky.; John F. 
Hall. Fulton, Ky.; John Duncan, Somer- 
set, Ky.; Lewis Lambright, Middletown, 
0.; Chas. M. Keyes, Sandusky, 0. 

Nominations — Henry W. Cannon of 
Minnesotta, Controller of Currency, vice 
Knox, resigned; Jas. A. Connolly, Il- 
linois, Solicitor of the Treasury; Chas. 

II. Stoll, Kentucky, Collector of Internal 
Revenue for the Seventh Dislriet of Ken- 

Kentucky State Colored Convention. 

Louisvii.le, April 30. — The State Col- 
ored Convention assembled again this af- 
ternoon. • 

A committee reported on resolutions re- 
questing the delegates to the National 
Convention to support any measure for 
the amelioration of the condition of the 
colored race. 

A resolution was adopted protesting 
against the unequal school facilities in 
the State, aod approving the sentiments 
expressed by Judge Harlan reuarding 
civil rights, and protesting against the 
disposition of the Rcpublicau party to 
make them hewers of wood and drawers 
of water. 

Delegates were appointed to the Rich- 
mond Convention. 

True Merit Alone 

has given Allcock’s Porous Plasters the 
largest sale of any external remedy in 
the world. If you have b *en using other 
kinds of plasters, one trial of “Allcock’s” 
will convince you of their wonderful su- 

A Disastrous Fire. 

K.U.AM.AZOO, Micii., April 30. — County 
Poor House of Van Buren County, lo- 
cated near Hartford, thirty miles west of 
here burned to the ground at 2 o’clock 
this morning, and fourteen inmates per- 
ished in the flames! Names of patients 
limned arc James Johnson, old. sailor, 
eighty-eight years old; Henry Baker, deaf 
mute, aged forty; ' Benjamin Bogardus, 
aged forty-six, a man named Sawyer, 
insane, lately removed from Kalamazoo 



ROBERT WILsSn, if!. 42 West Short Street. 

CiiARi.ESTO.v, S. C., April .30.— A moy asylum: man named Sargent, over seventy 

66 BnoAUWAY, Room 52, 1 

New York, March 2, 1883. ) 

Having been cured of a severe attack 
of rheumatism of the neck and shoulders 
by using Allcock’s Porous Plasters, I feel 
it my duty to strongly commend their use 
to any one similarly afllictcd. For a 
period of several months I had exhausted 
many other so-called remedies without 
obtait^ng the slichtest relief. Finally I 
applied one of Allcook's Porous Plasters, 
and found myself almost immediately 
cured. I consider them a true blessing. 

Faithfully yours. 

Jahes R. Ho.shek. 

A Circus Sneak Arrested. 

Yesterday morning iv water-carrier 
with Sells's circus, named Joseph Tracy, 
was arrested here on the eharge of com- 
mitting three robberies at Winchester on 
Tuesday night. He robbed Charles Brum- 
baok of a gold watoh and $30 in money, 
George Garrett of $50 in money, and 
Whit Hampton of $25 in money. He 
picked the pockets of Hampton and Gar- 
rett, but he held up Brumback with a 
pistol while two other men went through 
him. The robbed parties came here yes- 
terday and Brumback recognized and 
pointed out Tracy to Capt. MoMurtry, 
who arrested him. Tracy had $103 on 
his person when arrested^ but the watch 
was gone. He offered to pay for the 
watoh if the parties would let him go, 
but this was declined. He will bo taken 
to Winobester to-day. 

years; Fred Eelienberger. cpileptiu, aged 
seventeen; man named Meyer, over sev- 
enty; Peter Bolden. Also six females, 
Deborah Degravitt, over seventy; Mrs. 
Curtis, insane: Caroline Shearer,, aged 
! thirty-live; Caroline Long, aged thirty; 
Mrs. Wilson, and her daugiiter aged ten. 
The building was of frame and burned 
very rapidly. The above were all in one 
wing. Most of them smothered in their 
beds, but several were found together. 
Only one body was found recognizable. 
Forms all that could be found of the other 
thirteen were put in one ordinary coffin 
jox. The first known of the fire were 
jrics of paupers, and that wing was then 
^ in flames. The building contained 
^y-five paupers, the remaining thirty- 
)ue escaped, and all the hired help. Loss 
(|n||buiiding $15,(KJ(I. Insured. 

, Sensation in Toronto. 

[ Toronto, April 30. — A profound sensa- 
ion was caused here through the discov- 
ery of two powerful dynamite cartridges, 
with wire and fuse attached, under the 
Aroww Lands Office, Parliament buildings. 
Vi thorough search this afternoon dis- 
digMl two more cartridges under the 
SBpg\ approaching the Speaker’s Cham- 
bos, these having also wire and fuse at- 
tadicd. , The dynamite was placed in po- 
sitien to'-day, ns the cartridges could not 
have failed to be discovered had they 
been there before. Excitement around 
the Parliament buildings reigns supreme. 
The cartridges, are about six inches long 
by an inch and a half in diameter, and 
are labeled .Etna Powder Company, 
Chicago. Two shells appeared to be 
newly oiled i|f) keep out the moisture. 
One of the cartridges would have been 
sufficient to lilow up the wing of the 
b^iildings. Tne miscre:ints must have 
bcei disturbed, as the attachment was 
fouid a short distance from the cart- 

Pittsburg Trade Notes. 

FiTTSiii RCj, Pa., April 30.— The Gal- 
vanzed Iron Manufacturers of the 
Uni;ed States are in session here to-day 
for the purpose of forming a National 
Association to protect their interests. 
Every gilvanized iron manufacturer in 
the couitry but one was represented. 

The window glass trade is improving 
steadilyand prices will be advanced ten 
per cent to-morrow. An unusual num- 
ber of irders weie Ulled yesterday and 
to-dny ly contractors who are taking ad- 
vantageof the situation. 

Coke producers report great improve- 
ment in trade since the formation of the 
pool. The dero.^ ad has increased so 
much in the j.list few weeks that the 
prodtetion, which has been restricted by 
limiting the output to five days out of the 
week, has been increased to its fullest 
capaolfy. A further advance in prices is 
untioi|ated In the next few dsys. 

Sruth American Items. 

Bu)no  Ayres, via Galveston, April 
30.— A heavy storm is prevailing. Thir- 
teen nentimotres of rain have fallen— 
morahnn has been known for fourteen 
yeas. A number of houses and walls 
Jiavi fallen, by which four children were 
kill^. The rivers have overflowed their 
bank, inundating many villages. A great 
many cattle are lost. The Argentine 
guntjat Parana broke from her moor- 
ings and is in great danger of being 

RkJanero, via Galveston, April 30. 
—A ising of slaves has taken place in 
Varggi. ,They assassinated a rich pro- 
pricte; and are committing a great many 
urime^ ' 

—Many of the bitters and quauk nos- 
trumspf the day are also advertised for 
Cunsu! ption on the plan that the only 
thing lat the “stuiT' wont cure is the 
avaric ms, ignoble greed of the proprie- 
tor. ! on’ t bo deceived. The best remedy 
for stnsgthening the lungs, soothing all 
irritatiep, and stopping the cough, is Dr. 
Wisiar'l Balsam of Wild Cherry. It has 
cured idtny whore physicians had 
given at hope. 

— “01. I do feel 80 nice !'’ said a young 
girl of Nineteen years. “1 don’t feel as if 
I had athead or stomach, or anything.” 
And yet headaches, backaches, stomach 
aches a d many other aches, swellings, 
sores, el !., troubled her before she took 
Dr. Guj lott's Yellow Dock and Sarsapa- 
rilla. his remedy restored her to per- 
fect health as is indicated by her clear 
complixion, smooth skin and bright eyes. 
It willrelieve all ailments peculiar to fe- 
male Ife. ' 

— Iblpitation or rapid beating of the 
heart, followed by periods of complete 
cessatbn, is caused chiefly by nervousness 
and bid blood. If the diaease is neglect- 
ed it is liable to result seriously, espeojally 
at a time of sudden excitement. Purify 
the bltod, strengthen the mueeular and 
nervous system, governing the heart, by 
using Dr, Guysott's Yelloir Dock and 
SarsapBrilla, and you will soon be rid of 
every trace of the affection. 


Limestone ami Sliort Street, opp. the the Jail, Lexington, Ky., 


CarriascH, Rockaxvayn, BuKg:ieH, Phaetons, Road 'Waif. 

ons, Sulkies, &c., &c., * 

° handsomest styles. Satisfaction guaranteed in 
every respect. Repairing by skilled workmen done on short notico. I invite al 
persons wishing anything in my line of business to give me a call. 


marZS H4W 




Have. They have the famous eight-foot 

Deering Binder&Harvester 


Engines and Threshers, 

Plows, Cultivators, Harrows, &c. 


SEED of all Kinds at BOTTOM PRICES for CASH. 





Elst £tl3lis]3.edl X82S. 



Pianos and Organs 


Wo keep the Largest Assortment of Pianoi and Organs in Central Kentucky, 

Can’t be undenold. 



If instrunajiis are bought, rent will be applied ae part payment on same. 


t / ..V. X 


8 and 10 West Main Street* 




An Italian Love Story in Which Figure a 
Oonntess and a Street- Musician. 

and join in * e ctiorus of “Aux armes, sense or ineir owner s marKon indvin’.:- — lortiiring me!" lie criea angniy, r or me portrait was Uiai or ileppo's 
Citoyens!” ality. The square, broad chin gave thPisting tlie,liand from liis neck and fatlier— her lover among tlie hills one 

The gold-piece was not all spent for proof of vigor and determination, but mq^'ing a little distance off. “1 am only summer years ago. and the locket she 

. 0 ^ _ • . i_ .i. _ ...i.ta.v ^...1 n rk\nr Korr.*.... «...i . . . i . » • . s • * t .0. -ar i* 


AifoNO the results of a journey across 

How cold and graythe skies are, with ‘"It ii* o’SR J nJ^ d.ay he stood 
never a glimmer of sunlight for two ti,e gateway of the pahice. 

weeks past 0 Dio mio, can this be ^he (’ointesa^aj^ain came out, but slie 
Italy in summertime, with breezes was ah)il*Bhe approiichedlleppo, and 
sweeping down from the lulls with the p„t ),ejiKgloved hand on hisshoul- 
freshness and sharpness ot winter. N-, ,,e,. ligTiffTOuch sent a sudden thrill 
flower-girls around the founlains-eyen Slender frame, and involun- 

the crowd in the 1 incio dwindled to a tew taril\^^Rye?drooped before her steady 
uraiitl carriages and fewer pedestrians. ' 4 

Little lleppino, standing the gate- ‘-You are here as 1 told you, as I 
way of the great I arnese I’alace, gruir.; , jj^ew you would be,” she said as if talk- 
bles to himself about the weatlier, aiiil^ g,jfUy to iierself. 
draws his ragged jacket closer on Jii^ Then she appeared to remember the 
slioulders. -objecLwhlchhadpromptedthisobedi- 

1 et he is not so little— one should calF o,,ce, and drawing from her pocket a 

him slight— a lad of barely 18 "'ith . goi,t piece she offered it in sileuce. 
swarthy cheeks and strong, sturdy, yet , Timidly, hesitatingly, lleppo regard- 
slender limbs, gracetiil as a young deer | gj it. Home inexplicable feeling urged 

S slender frame, and inyolun- 
ye? drooped before her steady 

taril\fliW-yes droi 

‘ You are here 

■s word. showed perceptibly when in repose, 

ffhe next day he stood The brow was low, and gently receded 
again by the gateway of the pahice. beneath the hair, which fell over it in 
The Cointesj^again came out, but she wavy masses. The eyes were deep and 
was aloil^lBue approached lleppo, and lustrous, but burning ever with a dim, 
gloved hand on his shoul- monotonous light, as if the hauteur 
-ouch sent a sudden thrill which overshadowed her whole counte- 
^uder frame, and involun- nance had its abiding place in them, 
'drooped before her steady The head was well shaped save for the 

His voice sank into a whisper. My 
lady came over by the lireplace, where 
he stiiod, and took his hand in hers. 

knowledge it. 

Now all her dreams were over, the 
luxurious future with him gone. .Hhe 

“Ami that is what 1 want— an honest took his face lietween her hands and 
heart," she said boldly. Then she laid gazed at it with a look which he remem- 
his head upon her bosom and kissed his bered ever after, then pressed him 
thndihiiig temples again and tigain. tightly in her arms and kissed him as 
Ah: how sweet to be loved like that! if they were never to meet again, and 
All his life long he had dimly dreamt these kisses were the last .she could ever 

Sooiling the desert with water from the 
lea are therefore hopeless and mislead* 


Thi remarkable discovery has been 
nade by two German chemists that the 
!ife principle is capable of producing 
‘hemicnl effect npon salts of silver, 
riiey report that living organic cells 
.’easily reduce solutions of silver, but 
he action ceases when dead uidls oi'e 

fact that there was more behind the ears of t'upid's coming. Why repulse it iK’stow upon him, then thrust him from mbstituted for the living ones, 
as 1 told you, as I ! than one usually finds save in those now'/ her and said that he must go. 1 .p, »v rHiT »fii t it II 

s,”she said as if talk- I completely given over by Nature and So forgetful of the world-wide differ- Obediently llepi.o took his departure, jung’ tlmt' the ™ of ewth 

habit to material pleasures, 

ence between them, oblivious of what little thinking that when he came again 

Ihit it seemed as if there was a sense the future might bring, he gave himself he too wouhl liud his dream broken, 
of restraint— of instinctive repression up to the delicious intoxication of this and the of the villa gone, 
upon her as she stood in the (iresenceof suddenly-awakened passion, and was Ves. gone; for she could not slay, now 

that poor little beggar, and hesitated 
ere she tried the effect of her soft, se- 

nearer Paradise than he had ever im- that she knew the truth. IJetler that 

JJK. vox j BiTscii, oi Halle, mam- 
:ains that the cause of earthquakes 
nnst exist miar the earth’s suiface, and 
loes not reach a greater dejith than ten 
 r fourteen miles. They must be pro- 
luced, he believes, by the increase and 
lecrease of volni e of rocks under the 

when he moves; with eyes of deep blue 
which seem to look away beyond the 
noise and clamor of a city to the peace- 
ful mountains, where there is rest and 
(luiet and the eternal snows. 

His old battered cap covers complete- 1 
ly the dark hair which curls lightly over 
his head. The brow is a trilla low, the 
mouth is ratlier large, and the lips too I 
thick, but there is a beauty of expres- j 
sion in the eyes forever looking to the | 
distance, and a gentleness of gesture i 
and a subtle grace of motion which I 
show that a dropof pure patrician blood 
mingles with the common stock in his 
coarse purple veins. 

He has been playing for a party up in 
the Via Mascherone, and one of the 
gay ladies there paid him with a kiss 
instead of soldi. And now lleppocurses 
himself heartily for not refusing the 
one and demanding the other, for kisses 
will not buy the supper he is almost 
starving for, and soldi would. 

However, it is over, and he will not 
iday there again. Those grand dames 
liave no sympathy with such as he— 
how could they, when they talked so 
openly of their hostess ruining young 
Prince Fernv, just come to his majority, 
and everything spent within the year'/ 
Well, he was glad now that she had 
not given him the siddi, since it was 
not absolutely hers to give; you see he 
was too young to reason very correctly, 
and he did not appreciate kisses. It 
was past 4, and so oold. lliit it was 
(«lder yet in the little garret-room he 
called his home. .Should he go on to 
the Piazza di Spagna, where there were 
generally soma Americans and English 
inside of Piale’s Library, who always 
listened when he played'/ Or should he 
go to his garret'/ 

While in such indexision the doors of 
the palace opened, and a lady with two 
gentleman came down the steps. 

She was tall and dark, with a haughty, 
indifferent look on her handsome fea* 
tures. Her eyes were half veiled with 
their heavy lashes, and she kept them 
on the ground as she came along, but 
she smiled once at something one of 
the men said, and 0 how cruelly the 
lips curled even at a light jest. 

Half w.ay Uv her carriage ^he sudden- 
ly stopped, for her eyes fell on lleppo. 

“Merely one of the lazaroni,” said the 
man with the blonde beard, and opened 
the carriage door with a low bow. 

“Mon ami, I will look at him if I 
idease, and as long as I please,” an- 
swered the )!uly imperiously. 

“Chere Comtesse,” the man replied, 
with a shrug of the shoulders, “don’t 
for worlds get that malady which is so 
unfashionable for your sex— philan- 
thropy. It comes to women 

him to reject it, but tlie other would feeling emanating fre 
soon bo spent, and times were dull, and which often strove w 
so many would proffer kisses instead of ers within her for supremacy, cast a 
soldi, as that grand dame did yesterday, softened inlluence upon the wayward 
though why he could not tell, being a woman of the world, 
modest lad and placing no value what- With a far different manner from the 
everonhiswonderfuladvantagesof face one she had intended to assume she 
.and ligure, and— and so he would take glided towards him, and spoke, and told 
it, with many thanks and blessings on him he was welcome. 

ductive beauty upon him. Home subtle and live. 

feeling emanating trom the better spirit “('arc, caro,'’she kept murmuring be- 

agiiied it possible fora mortal to be he should believe her false to the vows , oitluonee of chemical 


which often strove with numerous oth- tween her kisses, and so Heppo took they felt for each other was unnatural 

she had so pas.-h’Uately plighted than "orces, aud by concussions dne to the 
that he sliouhl know why love such as ; spelling of lissurcs in the rocks. 

I It has lately been notiewl that liquors 
kept in colorless Iwittles exposeil to tho 

. the beautiful giver. Hut his face burn- 
I ed hotly as his lingers closed upon it, 
.'J.® I and he saw that she still gazed at him 
1 as steadily as ever. 

' ‘I i "Will you come to me to-morrow'/’ 
she asked abruptly. 

• “Will I come'/” he answered earnest- 
the I ^ c(»ne and play 

kiss anything you tell me, for 

irses gratefulness.” There was a pas- 
sionate ring in his voice which seemed 
isses I’lcase her, for she smiled— not the 
most ’*”'**•’ given the day before to 

the Hoccaccio-like story which the gen- 
not yellow had been re- 

iines ’'“'(I*’ full of gentleness, 

I and— Hepi^ thought— compassion. 

Ill so “Very ^Bll,” she said. “See that you 
■ do come, j am not accustomed to— to 
iritv disappointed.” She had almost 

•C'lr'^ said disobeyed, but something in his 
h'ld strangely inclined 

iv'is towards him, and she could not be 
m he to— the 

others. Hesides, he was not in bondage 
yet, and he might rebel. 

Was '^'*® evening Heppo 

1 he towards the spot indicated 

n to 

were lady’s villa was a long way off 

1 i , from the crowded Pincio aud the streets 
Wivs h'*”**' familiar to his foot- 

id he paused uncertain 

whether he hkd found the right road or 
 rs of "®‘’® t'oaiing out of 

i two ffatsway which opened into a garden 
dense with trees and shrubs, in the 
. ^ midst of which Heppo could discern a 
^fea* stonehouse. 

with ^^® “f f*'® card. Surely this 

them *^*'® would not venture 

f but while the richly-dressed gentlemen— 
” - nobles, may be— were lounging around 

Wue «'®Kate. 

Finally they shook hands and .sepa- 
, 1 rated, aud .two came down the shady 


id the “Diavolo!” cried one, who was evi- 
ed deafly ninc.h intoxicated, for his gait 
was unsteady aud he clung to his com- 
•« T panion for evident support. “What's 
, the little rascal doing'/ Cospetto! but 
we'll take him back with us and have a 
,i 1 dance with my lady before the ball be- 
don’t *5'"® to-night— eh, Marco'/” 

1 is so ^ ''® ®”® addressed as Marco looked 
liilan- lli^PPo closely, and asked why he was 
!„ * there at that hour and where he was 

He gratefully kissed the hand she world!" he answered, the sense of his 
gave him. then held it in his own a mo- poverty falling more heavily upon him 
ment, and seeing she said nothing, rais- than it ever had when he was almost 
ed it to his lips again. «tarvir,g. She answered nothing. Some- 

“I— I iiaye come to play a little,’’ he thing in his tone seemed to ring through 

counge and kissed her in his turn. and sinful. ..kept in colorless Iwittles exposeil to tho 

A e shall live together always,” she “He will love me still, though he will'^gi,t goon acquire a disagreealde t«.sto, 
said softly. "Nothing shall ever part curse me. shethiuight: "butlove Mould while those contained iu brown or green 

us now. 1 have a fortune for both, Ro at once aud for'all time if I confess- bottles remain unchanged even if placed 

Heiipo— you will not deny me the luxury ed.’’ in direct sunlight. The efl’ect is due to 

of sharing that'/” Ho the villa was dosed, and my lady the chemical action of light, and liquids 

“Hut 1 have not a scudi in tlie whole went awav to Paris. Heppo's lieart was liable to similar change should be pre- 

“Hiit 1 have not a scudi in tlie whole 

ventured timidlv. 

She started— Hie inlenlness of her loii' a'm. 
look vanislied. She slirugged lier shoul- "You are very dear to me,” she said 
ders and smiled-the smile that Heppo preiently, at length, looking into ids 

liable to similar change should be pre- 
world!" he answered, the sense of his broken. Hut, as she had said, he loved lerved in red, orange, yellow or green 
poverty falling more lieavily uinm liim lier tlirmigh everything, and would not bottles— these colors excluding the 
tliaii it ever liad when he was almost believe Imt that she would soon return Jhemical ray*. 

etarvir.g. She answered nothing. Some- to liini. i iNSECTsareeudowedwith much greater 

thing in his toiieseemed to ring tliroiigli And she did return, when he leastex- musculur energy, in proportion to their 
her licart like the echo of a voice heard peeled it, when tie was thankful «ze, than other animals. Had a man of 

with age — like religion does. We all . 4 .., n , , 

ucuevo JUU lU UC UlUlCl OV. liu oil- pi , 0 till! In,l 

due manifestation of the (piality I have f„r bajlli thm ” said the 

mentioned destroy that belief.” X hL stXi Hrst ‘‘ Ve’ e 

The other man-the one with dark “““ i ««t spoK* '» nrsi. we re 

rtf prellv niuch the same ourselves— eh, 

hair and tawny skin, iiiaunitorm of And we we’ve hepn turned ofT 

bine, with white and yellow braiding, 

such as the Garde Isnperiale of the . vli r * a it 

Second Empire used to wear-laugbed sent for me, and so I am 

bnitallv and struck Benno with his “"swered Heppo boldly, en- 

nruuiiy, amt strucK Jieppo wiui ms deavoring to push past them. 

' “Victorl” cried the Comtesse. sternly, „ one called Marco ciiught him by 
“I’t have him abused, and I will [**® s 'ouldei and held him at arm s 

Ihelr l„.«hty, indifferent l.n,„or, and ? “ 

liirnoH fhotn full nn llAnnn Ttpr hanH “OVCr inOUglll. Slie U lailCy SUUl ilS JOU. 

did not like and eoiild not liear to si-e. 

“Eh liieii. are you so soon tired of be- 
ing idle'/ Then play me something— 
what yon will.’’ 

She sal down on a low sofa near and 
motioned Heppo to proceed with his 
self-imposed task at once. 

His lingers and liow Hew over the 
strings of the violin with loving toucli. 
Hut a strain from an old song of his 
early home in the moimtaiiis hronght 
a bright color to my lady's face and a 
sudden quiver to her voice. 

“Where did you learn that'/'’ she ask- 
ed, interrupting him with a gesture of 

••oil. fur, far off. in .Serra— in Tus- 
cany, iniladi, when I was a little lad.” 
he answered, and went on. 

When the music ceased he looked at 
lier questioniiigly.and when she did not 
answer he asked if there were others 
she would have him play which she lik- 
ed better, but she only shook her liead. 

“Don’t 1 please you, iniladi’/” he ask- 
ed, disappointedly. 

“Yes; blit that is enough. I don’t 
care for mountain music. When you 
come again have something else, mon 
enfant.” I 

He did not imderstaml her French 
phrases, and he did not like tl.e hard, 
metallic sound of lier voice, which had 
been so gentle and sweet in its greeting, 

■ but lie only said; ‘‘When shall 1 come 
again'/” She considered for a moment, 
then answered; 

“1 am at home every evening at tliis 
time. You may— may coni" ;igaiii to- 
morrow.” Slie waved her hand with a 
careless gesture, then turned her back 
on him as lie left the room. 

Hep]io went away Ihoroiighly satisfied. 
How kind to let one little tune pay for 
the two gold pieces! And then how 
good she had been to him, though tq be 
sure luff' Inimor had been so quick to 
change. Hut tlicn one can never de- 
pend on a M'oinaii’s liuniors, and Heppo 
bad not played among tliem tla-se ten 
years without finding that out. * 

■ But she was different from those in 
the ViaMasclienme- he took apeculiar 
satisfaction in repeating that to liimself, 
tliough he eould- not say in what par- 
ticular, circumstantial evidence being 

facj witli an earnestness which some- 

for her jireseiiee. 

Tliree years my lady passed quietly in 
Faris, when a great fever broke out in 
the lower ipiarter of Home, and jioor 

wlilt abaslied liini. “I cannot bear to Hetqio fell a victim to it. 

let mu leave me." Hut midiiigbl came 
in. iuid she hud to send him from tier. 

Strange that the man who laid sar- 
caslieally advised her to invite Heppo 

t'lien he left she was still standing to call on that gloomy day before the 

tix feet muscular power proportioned to 
that of a Ilea, he could leap more than 
100 feet, and lift a weiglit of 10,000 
pounds. A species of beetle supports 
lOO times its own weight; aud another 
baa been disoovered which is stated, on 
good authority, to have gnawed a hole 
A an inch in diameter in the side of an 

by ilie lire-place, and she stood there 
formally an hour after. 

Mhyhadshe yielded to this strange 
infitimtion'/ Simply because he re- 
minded her of a first love, dead now 
am. sleeping in a green valley by tlie 
nonieni hills of Italy'/ Because he 
hroight before her a shadowy realiza- 

palace gates was tlie very one to tell her canister by the power of its jaws, 
of lii.s misfortune. Yes, the Baron with Ix 1850 the Hoang Ho River, of Chm 

tlie blonde beard tiad lint just returned sroptied into the 'Yellow Sea; uoj|r hi 
from Home and brought her news of tnouth is dry, aud the river lias^^^ 

-in fuel, so very Ital- 
Well, t saw him drop 

tioi of what a little child, born toiler down on the Corso, and they said he 
ammg the Tiiseaii .Mountains some "'I's taken with the fever. .So they 
eigl'iteeu years ago miglit liave beeome. hiimtled him off to the liospital, wtiere. 
hadhe mil died, as the iieasant woman he is dead now, 1 presHine, with not a 
said, witli wliom she left him'/ Slie r((f? on him lit to sell for the masses his 
raised her liead deliantly as such doubt stands in need of." 

tiymglits crowded on her memory and All her maternal feeling— so long 

trom Koine and brought her news ol moutu is ary, ana me nver 
Heppo. ‘‘You rememberthe little ra.scal channel opening to the Gulf of jPRRle, 
with tlie wonderful eves .so deep, and nearly 300 miles north of its former out- 
dark, and-and -in fact, so very Ital- let, and the stream turned aside from its 
ian, moil amie'/ Well, t saw him drop old bed at a distunoe of more than 300 
down on the (’orso, and they said he miles from the coast Tim is the last of 
was taken ’with the fever. ‘ .So they many changes, back and forth, r^ord^ 
Inimtled him off to the hospital, wtiere. Chinese dunng the piat 3,0W 

he is dead now, 1 presmne with not a The changes bepn in floods 

rag on him lit to senior tlm masses his 

soul no doubt stands in need of." „ 1 . 4 1 4 n 

All iwir 1 1.^4W, JiATURES fiat that soon or late all 

said, witli she left him'/ Slie rag on him lit to sellfor the masses his‘'cnnl^ied ,m lier' menmry'S '"aIi"' herll^nal ‘XIm long J-®. 

htLl harshly, and stn.ek lier\iand crushed and strangled l,v other passions 

lireidy on the marble maiileh aii.l v()iv- -rose .strong within her siirro the execution of a stem de- 

•i that slie would marry liim. come as she listened, i itlerly she reproach- ^ prematurely cutting short their 
\!li:it would. c‘‘  »*rselt for not having told liim. tor n; Mnnuifii Tnrin 

T.'C desire of jHissessiiig liim was so not having kept liim witli her and sliar- 

oree by prematurely cutting short their 
own existence. Dr. Morselli, of Turin, 

has given some curious and interesting 
facts and statistics concerning suicides, 
from which it appears that the victims 

stroll ' upon her that she mistook it for cd tiei fortune with liim, though in a fects and statistics conoerning suicides, 
a different love than that which law- 'lifferent way from the one they had from which it appears that the victims 
fully slie slumld have for him. Hut she planned together. Hut she woii'.d go to of self-destruction are rapidly becoming 
was blind tlieii, and did not know, or nnH nurse liim tlirougli tlie fever, more numerous in nearly all civilized 
would not. and bring him li;ick witli her, wliether oountries. In France, for instance, dur- 

Tlie next evening lie came at his the world laughed and sneered or not. ing the quarter century from 1827 to 
usual hour, but the eharm of the old It was just sueh a day as the one on 1862 the annual number of auioidee 
violin had departed, ami they only sat " hicli they had first met the Comtesse gradually increased from 48 to nearly 83 

violin had departed, ami they only sat "'•'■(-’H (I'py Incl lir«t met the Comtesse gradually increased from 48 to nearly 83 
and talked of their future. de Cliarneau reached Home, ami drove per million of inhabitants, and the num- 

Thev would live in Italv always mv stmight to Uie hospital wliere Heppo btr in later years is statt'd to be 160 p«t 
hulvsaid-was it because she eouhl not "'as. Tl.e .attemlant.s made way re- million. -The causes which lead to sui- 
faee her old coterie in I’aris with such spectfiilly for her, whispered among mde are of course various— climate, r^ 
a youlhfiil husliaml lieside lier'/ Or was themselves, when they saw her bend hgiou and family relations being condi- 
it tlial the wines were less adulterated, that it might be her 

amltlieolives hada richer llavor ami -Vnd it was. Hut Heppo did not Dr. Morselli finds that during the change 

tear was purer there than erosV 1 e it- il® knew that the kisses t® spring suicides are 

im .111 «ii.T [mu 1 men m.tii .ii i u».i me „ more numerous than at otlier Seasons. 




the latter, for one must he 

of old were falling softly on him once 
again, and her dear eyes were mutely 

diariialile in such filings, ami 1 am “’(king pardon tor that long neglect, 
ciiaritahle, lor 1 am a man and can be ii® raised himself willi effort-for he 
80 toward women, which one of their t®r more so tlian any 

own sex caiiiiot. 

tliouglit or knew— and wound Ids arms 

more numerous than at other seasons. 
Very curiously, suicides are more fre- 
quent everywhere during the first third 
of any mouth than in tlie second, and 
during the second third than in the last. 
Protestants are fkr more inclined to sell 
destruction than Catliolics; men than 

She laid so much to say of her plans, neck, and kissed away the women; unmurried than married; the 

of lier vague desires for dreamy rest "'hich came very fast now. young than ttie old. Suicides are most 

and ease forever witliin sight of the 
blue ilediterraiiean. that she had little 

leisure to give to tliouglits eoncerniiig 1 1®**- J’®® "'oiild comeback. 

Heppo's past liistorv. ami sliglit to And you are here, and in your arms I 
be (luestioiied on her own. c®®teut. Why did you go'/ 1 care 

be questioned on her own. 

Hut one night it occurred to her to 

apk him if he had lived long in Serra, 

“Hut Miladi sent for me, and so I am 
going,” answered Heppo boldly, en- 
deavoring to push past them. 

The one called Marco caught him by 
the shoulder and held him at arm’s 

“Sent for you, did she'/” he ejaculated. 

strong against her, for the house smelt ^^^lK)se mountain music had so displeas- K‘'’® me— your love till I die.” 
fearfully of tobacco; and then that bijiv ed her at his first visit. Ske looked on that pale 

ars wliicli came very last now. young than ttie old. Suicides are most 

“Caro— caro, ’ he murmured leelily, fi-eipient umoug brain-workers — such as 
do not grieve tor me. I bad such faith professional men, soldiers ranking next, 
you I felt sure you Would come back. Drowiiig and huiigiug are most often, 
ml you are here, and in your arms I the means cnqiloyed by suicides, 
n content. Wliy did you go’/ 1 care =? " . 

w. A ClndniiatUn’s Trick, 
id that IS all 1 ask— all that you can 

ve me— your love till I die.” A Cincinnati man went to St. Louis 

She looked on that pale face now^ advertised to teach telegraphy to a 

not. You will be with me to the end, 
and that is all I ask— all that you can 

turned them full on Heppo. Her hand 
was outstretched to his— he saw^ a gold 
piece shining in the cold, gray light. 

He flushed deeply, he knew not why, 
for he had often taken gold before, why 
should he flush then— he, a poor little 

With brutal roughness he thrust Hep- 
po from him, and the two went on 
laugbing boisterously. 

Heppo looked after them wonderingly 

drunken fellow who had spoken to him “j cannot remember much, to 
near the gate — well, lie could not com- ,hefe when I was so young,” he said, 
prebend it all; but he would not wrong ‘"ilow young, Heppo’/” 
her by so much as an evil thought. “\\lien I was 5 years old.” 

Not only the next day did Heppo go “And that was ’/” 

to the Comtesse deCharneaii’s villa, but “Over twelve years ago.” 
many days thereafter, and the gold Her memory also wandered b 
pieces were plenty, and he lived like a tweljte years and over, but the 
Prince among his ragged comrades. “I spect was not a pleasant one 
do not like such smell of smoke around,” motlier is dead,’’ he continued p 
he said one evening when the atmos- ly. ‘*I can’t remember her, I 
phere was unusually stilling and close, was very good to me, aiul wh 

I cannot rememher much for I left illumined with a happiness which all 4 'y reference to her a 
A caimoi leiiiLiiiiKi iiiiii 11, loi 1 leii. , . i.nnl.l i situation ; tuition, $'2i , on easy terms, 

ite when I was so young,’ he said. her strength and fortitude loiUd not , , ’ 

disturb-no, she would not dare to tell j ‘"“I applications from sl.op 

him. Let him die as he said-content, !‘®'’4,.! “'..I'li.**®”! 

Hut she took him in her arms and 
held his bead on .^er throbbing breast. 

Her memory also wandered back for and moaned to think that in tliat last 
twe^e years and over, but the retro- hour there could not be perfect truth 
spect was not a pleasant one. “My between them. Was it so after all wluat 
motlier is dead,’’ he continued present- a holy fatlier once said to her— that we 
ly. ‘'I can’t remember her, but she make a heaven or hell for ourselves on 
was very good to me, aiul when she earth’/ Perhaps. She thought so now. 

Xniini*ir«*fm9h * ihpn^hr'^i"nnnr'^’iim*n “^® ®®ulJ iUlt Comprehend their words “I cannot play where the fresh air does died the priest took off all our furniture The shadow deepened in that dreary 

hPi* rnr wluiqp anlp idpa of livinir vv'is to — then passegon to tliegateaiul alongtlie notcome.” There wasnotthe slight- topayforthe masses he was goingto chamber, for the day was closing fast. 

i'imtiip’thrniii*h thPQtippfa thp.inv inniT putli bordered With yellow aiiemoiies estfaulttobe foundwiththe atmos- say, and so I Mas left witti nothing, and Heppo lay very still; she could scarcely 

EuVS ,;,! oi o', s 

, Art Ahe footman seemed to know him, 

“Ihere will be another for you to- 

morrow,” said ray lady, looking at him |®" 

for a moment “Will you come’/” 

for M'ith tlie utmost deference the man 
ushered him into a small salon, and 

“Ah, Miladil” cried Heppo, “I will ‘ “““ 

play for you night and day for this, but '"® 

I cannot take it and not play.” rm®' . .-i 4,4 4 i.,„4 

_ . ... i J 'I’lirt nni*r\rtf xtriia ML*a artTrrtut valVAT*. 

“6 D avaloV’ m^ dark '^’''® ®‘'‘''P®’' ®®ftest velvet 

rri?'*'”’ s,;'':rrosri.'~ 

‘‘Give him your address, chere amie, I ®e®n ®‘» » ®‘r‘'‘«R® ®^ ®t®l® t«k®cco 

* . ... ' tramrriAdI rrt »rtfhrt** niwl Tna 

vagabond!” j of xNature Mas M-anting. Instead, there 

‘‘Give him your address, chere amie, I ®e®n ®‘» » ®‘r‘'‘«R® ®^ ®t®l® t«k®cco 

in case he would like to call,” said he ! P®*:^®'®® '®‘®8*®^ together, am the 

of the blonde beard, ironically. | atmosphere of the room was very close 

“I’ll take you at your word, Baron,” ?®PP® ®®‘ ®®‘‘f ®‘’ comment 

phere of the villa after that. ®®SS?(1 my M ay to 

In his dull way he saw that she strove mak^iy living w 
to please him, to gain his favor and “dtjd have yoi 
friendship, though why they sliould he you qf that time'/' 
of any consequence to a great lady like He hesitated, 
the Comtesse he could not guess, and breast a small on  
did not trouble his head with vain im- tial It. cut on one 
aginings. arms, lie opened 

One night lie Mas later than usual. A man past the pri 
noisy croM'd around the Church of 8t. brow ami short, ci 
Clement detained him, and it was past disclosed in view. 
!) M hen he entered the small salon. Little did Heppi 

begged my May to Home, where I could hear him breathe, though h.s lips M'ero 
mak^iy living wii.i my violin.” by her clieek. 

“4t|d have yon nothing to remind For an hour he did not stir again or 
you qf that time'/" she asked idly. Rive one sign of life, tlien lie opened liis 
He hesitated, then drew from his eyes and murmured: “Caro— caro, hold 
breast a small onyx locket with the ini- me; hold me—  lo not let me go,” and 
tial It. cut on one side under a coat of gave a stifled cry, and hid his face in 

; time continued it so that each one 
I thought she was the one favored pupil 
I who was learning the art ami wonld get 
! the situation. Hut after meeting each 
3ther oil the stairs ami about the liuild- 
ing seTeml times tliey grt-w suspicious 
Mid began to press him for that sitiia- 
:ioii. Then he slid out with their money. 
He hiid long hair ami big teeth, which 
‘.he St. Louis imimrs say is their reason 
;or thinking he came from Ciiieimiiiti ; 
3llt ho was so aeoenipiislied u talker 
tliot tile women forgot liow ugly lie was. 
—Fi'xf I'rrxH. 

He hesitated, then drew from his eyes and murmured: “Caro— caro, hold Led by Lncr*. 

breast a small onyx locket with the ini- me; hold me— tlo not let me go,” and •' No Cigaret-Charley,” she said, using 
tial It. cut on one side under a coat of gave a stifled cry, and hid his face in the name by whiah he was known among 
arms, lie opened it, and the face of a her bosom. Then she knew that the the wild, reckless set with which he os- 
man past the prime of life, with low end had come, and that the cliild mIi:c1» sociated; “lean never be your bride.” 
brow ami short, crisp curling hair, was ( ke had abandoned in that uiiliappy “ Pansy — Miss Perkins," said ^gin- 

disclosed in view. , I't“® taken from her now, ami her aid, in those deep, thrilling tones ot his, 

Little did Heppo imagine m'Iio it real- iirms were empty, for his soul had tied. “ I cannot— indeed I cannot let you go ! 

when he entered the small salon. Little did Heppo imagine m'Iio it real- 

The heavy chandeliers were ablaze ly was, but the Comtesse knew in that 

with light, and she stood directly un- I one glance, and sat as if turned to stone, 
derneath them. She was dad in a ball j “They said he was ray fatlier,” said 
costume of creamy satin with rare Heiipo softly, “but the time is far off. 

A At JVX* MV JV/UA VVVAU* A.SM1\^SI  A X A. 0 1.1 fTlI . \\ a iw 

said the Comtesse and drawing a card ®® I'*at unfavorably. There was in- jewels flusjung on her breast and arms, and lie never came to me, and so I can 
from her pocket she gaVe it to Benno. y‘»' “kly a smell of tobacco in the _ few Beppo paused on the threshold as that not tell. ” 

from bet pocket she gaVe it to Beppo. ’“imuij 
“There is my address. Come to me *'®®®®® 
the day after to-morrow.” ‘ 

Then she got into her carriage, and ®j ®‘.® 
the men followed laughing. Beppo •'"® ®vic 
stood motionless for a long time. Should tj,- 
he come there again on the morrow, and ^ 

would she be there also, and would *^® ®® 
there be another gold-piece, which was ^®® I®^® 
most important of all'/ ®® ®®‘ 

one glance, ami sat as if turned to stone. in any cemetery in Italy was 

“They said he was ray father,” said HePP® but in a certain corner of 
Beppo sof tly, “but the time is far off,, in the great vault where 
and he never came to me, and so I can- those of his mother’s race forever sleep, 
not tell.” And tender boughs of cypress wave 

houses where he played, and sometimes vision of beauty met his gaze 

the granddames smoked before bis face 
and drank iced wines and sherbet with 
the avidity of troopers. 

Hut surely my lady did not do those 

Reverently he kissed the portrait, above it; and the wind, liowever liarsli 

smiled, and stretched out her hand to then closed the locket and replaced it and boisterous elsewhere, seems tern 

him, and blinded, bewildered, he Ment among the folds of liis shirt, 
slowly towards her. The Comtesse did not speak. 

the avidity of troopers. I slowly towards her. The Comtesse did not speak. She 

Hut surely my lady did not do those jie bowed, and said bashfully: only sat there silent, with the same j Heaven, 

things’/ “All, miladi is so charming!” Hut pleasant smile of indifferent curiosity 

He caught himself specjulating as to | that was not enough for her. Deeply on her handsome face, but her heart 
the probability of her having done so or i in love with Heppo, she longed for the had almost stopped its beating in Hie 
not, and straightway took up his violin admiration which only love can give.- dull terror which the portrait in the 
and ran his linger over the strings and “i want to be charming— to you,” she locket brought to her. 

pered here to gentle murmurs M liicli 
Sl,e sM’eep over it like soft refniins from 


The Public Debt. 

Washinoton, May 1. — Decrease of 
public debt during the month of April. 
j5,235.075; decrease since June 30, 1883, 

mimi imiWllMlID VA Mitt , - . ,, .. * 1 J I * « UUUliU UVUIl UUilU^ IrllW SMUtlVat VI AA.VIIM. I I" — — 

Then he sighed. Ah, no. Doubtless ™® ^®® ,f®® | “I want to be cliarming-to you.”she locket brought to her. J5.2.35.073; decrease since June 30, 1883, "Look ot this, n 

she would forget It was only a whim bummed a little air from * igaro to | murmured, and drew him to her, so It seemed as if she could not breathe. $87,060,474; cash in the Treasury. .39'J.- Pansy openei 
of mv ladv’s to be charitable. It was from his mind such disloyal . near that he felt her hotbreathon his She arose and went over to the window, 754,206; gold certificates, $101,1 16,‘200; languidly at the 

,A^ !•« 'i.. X- . 1.1 t.1 i_ . thoilfflltn towards On6 who haUl &lr6&dv i fnrphplld. *^\Vhv will vnii tmf. iitidpr« imd TtpnrvA frtllrkivpH hoi- A pnnvnlaivo aM.a.  S:1 1A Q7.1 OQl. MPrwTtflip?'* aho 

(luite likely such a whim would be thoughts towards one who had already forehead. “Why will you not under- and Heppo followed her. A convulsive silver certificates, $116,374, ‘231; certifi Tootsie?” she murmured. Drawing 

nuicklv supplanted by others less noble been to him a benefactress. stand’/” she said, her .arm resting ca- sob burst from her lips, but no tears cates depo.sit, $15,023,000; refunding ccr- himself up proudly and holding in one 

•indcood ’ The velvet curtains at the lower end ressingly on his neck. “Caro, care, why came from her eyes, and her face was tifioates, $‘298,450; legal tenders. $346.- hand the Mper and in the other hie pan- 

Still he must wander somewhere on ®I the room were carefully pushed aside, ' are you blind to me’/” as impassive as ever. Tenderly he laid 681,016; fractional currency, $6,983,107. cake hat, Reginald said in proud tonee : 

the morrow and the pavement by the mid in their dim shadow stood my lady, j Never n’ind to her beauty-oli no. hei head on his shoulder and kissed the “ It is a notice of mjr promotion to the 

irreat nalace was much the same as any. '*®*^ eyi^ll on the slender figure Could he be blind to lier love, so freely j wavy masses of dark-brown hair. Then 
The French Embassy were occupying by the win^wlth the same intent ex^^ . 1 all self-control deserted her, and she 

silver certificates, $116,374, ‘231; certifi 

Stw one moment — only one moment !" 

How that rich voice rang in her eav !' 
Despite horadf it moved lier strangely. 
“■Very well,” she said, "I will stay.'* 
Darting hastily to the hat-rack in the 
front hall, Reginald fumbled for a mo- 
ment in the npiier left-hand pocket ol 
his ovwcoftt and drew therefrom a piece 
of white paper. Betuniing to the par- 
lor he knelt beside the fattteuUon which 
Pansy had thrown herself in an agony 
of g;rief, and kissed away the bitter tears 
of pain and sorrow that were welling up 
into the beautiful brown eyes. 

. “ See, my darling,” be exclaimed, 
Mgerly, placing the paper before her. 
“Look at this, my precious one.” 

Pansy opened her eyes and gazed 
languidly at the paper. “What is it, 
Tootsie?” she murmured. Drawing 

•with the same intent ex- offered, too? 

. 4  .« « a 

i pmsdon wl*jch they had regarded 

Offered, too? • all self-control deserted her, and she Atlant.x, May 1. — The Republican 

j A deathly paleness came upon his yielded to the terrible emotions which Convention met at noon, about 14 dele- 
face ns he raised it to hers and saw in swept over her guilty soul like a torrent, gates present. Gen. James Longstreet 

Georgia Republicans. 

voiinir Frenchmen going and coming i *dm the pre^a|| uay. . race ns ne raiseu u lo tiers anu saw m swept over her guilty soul like a torrent, gates present. Gen. James Longstreet 

who liked much to listen to martial I *^*'® * wdBian of apparently 26 or the depUis of her eyes a passion such a.i Hot tears of joy for the son so unex- called the body to order. T. S. King waa 

miisie in time of peace especially, when 27, but in reality much older, with fea- he could not lielieve he was capable of pectedly found— tears of rage and dis- elected temporary Chairman. An ad- 

ruav Vnujd make Wh' oiffarets at eaaa tures which would have impressed even inspiring in a woman so fAr removed appointment for the lover so suddenly dress was made by Jonathan Nororoas on 

an ordinary olj^|j|ier with a sudden from him. “Y^ouare playing with me torn from her anxious grasp. the necessity of reform in politics. 

“ It is a uotice of promotion to the 
ribbon counter. Hearofter my salary 
will be $12 per week. Pansy, my 
precious one, we are saved.” The girl 
looked at him lovingly, “ You bet we 
are,” she said, and her arms were 

She was a wdiian of apparently 26 or the depUis of her eyes a passion such a.1 Hot tears of joy for the son so unex- called the body to order. T. S. King waa !!f5! i i 4 T* 
27, but in reality much older, with fea- he could not lielieve he was capable of pectedly found— tears of rage and dis- elected temporary Chairman. An ad- ““.“irteen-mch 

■n eostaoy of paasion. 






„ . . , ; i j „„„ Mr. W. J. Hendrick of Flemingeburg, 

Bneinees is booming in Lexington now. ^ 

The race track’ will be in very fair ^ j jg terrifying crimi- 

order to-day,,- _ n^lj Winchester. 

The dentists are a very fine looking Baldwin of Maysville is 

body of men. ' taking in the races. 

The dentists and the turfmen hare Jack Chinn, the noted turfman, is in 

about filled up the city. ^ ^ gjjy faces. 

Meeting of the DemocraUc organiza- j,|. p ,j Vanceburg, Ky., is 

tion at Lell’s Hall to*night, Phoenix Hotel. 

The witnesses in the “libel" prosecu- jiegg„ q yf Uusgell and W. II. Halt 
tions have been summoned. yt Sterling, Ky., are in the city. 

The carpenters, masons and house jjjgg pannio Powell has returned from 

painters are now having all they ean do. ^ Sterling. i 

Kentucky Republicans need expect no Bosworth took a run down 

complimentary copies of Mr. Blame s oincinnnti yesterday. 1 

, • . ?'is8 JEmma Cook of Indianapolis is j 

The sun showed his face yMtei- relatives in this city. I 

day, very much to the delight of the ^ 0 !. W. C P. Breckinridge is attend- j 

Mr. W. J. Hendrick of Flemingsbnrg, 
Ky., is in the city. 

lion. C. J. Bronston is terrifying crimi- 
nals in Winchester. 

lion. W. W. Baldwin of Maysville is 
taking in the races. | 

Jack Chinn, the noted turfman, is in | 
the city for the races. j 

Mr. F. H. Hull of Vanceburg, Ky., is 
at the Phoenix Hotel. 

Messrs. C. W. Russell and W. II. Halt 
of Mt. Sterling, Ky., are in the city, 

Mias Fannie Powell has returned from . 
a visit to Mt. Sterling. | 

Mr. G. W. Bosworth took a run down 



x.ciituuajr , V, 11 1 • • . ir. u.  v. iiosworni rooK a run uown ^ 

complimentary copies of Mr. Blame s oincinnnti yesterday. 1 

, ?'is.sJEmma Cook of Indianapolis is { ^ 

The sun showed his face visi:ing relatives in this city. I 1^1 BB 

day very much to the delight of the e.g^.^inridge is attend- j K I M V 

tur men. , . -ii- ins Circuit Court at Winchester. B B ^ 

\ . .R ■ DnWflFP 

C. S. Bell, .)r., had strawberriM ot , g,.fi„u,)y iJi forgone time, is convalescing. B^JUP wV 
yesterday that measured five inches u.j- I WWW V MB i 

circumference. N. Y., is visiting Mrs. W. J. Loughridge. AbSOlUtClV PUFCs 

The State Demooratic Convention meets „ o ,i j n u- 

,t«n I ovincton will he Mr. R. S. Henderson is in Baltimore 

at Frank or - y. • g attending the Southern Baptist Conven- tm« powder never varies, a marvel of purity, 

well represented. * ” itreDglh and wholeBomencss. More economioal 

iQ liaYmnd ft Hnnhlp hit nnd than the ordinary kinds, and cannot be boIcUh com- 

Moths 18 beyond a , Snuirp D 11 S’liTron*^ one of the best P®tltlonwUhtbeinultiiudeoflowtc8t,«hortweUht, 

will unquestienably have a long run.— &tiuire u. s,iiiron.s, one oi iiio oest glum or phoephHte powder.. Sold only In cant 

1 Vew York Bail V News. follows m the county, was in the city yes- Soyal Bakiso Powdub Co.. New York. 

yesterday that measured five inches in' 

The State Demooratic Convention meets 
at Frankfort to-day. Lexington will he 
well represented. ♦ 


. OP A olaiRABLE 

Ci ty Residence. 

Wishing to di.po.6 ol rov properly in thecityof 
I Leziagtnn, Ky,. 1 will, on 

Friday, May 16th, 1884, 

I At in o'clock, A. M„ oU'er at puhlic .ale my real- j 
deoco. now occupied by W. K. Murray, and.llu- 
i ated at No. 89 North Upper Street. The pVoperty 
ha. a frontage on Upi er Street n( about 45 feet anil 
extend. h.icl: in the direction of Mill Street about 
; 1S5 feet. The building I. a 

I Modern Two-Story Brick, 

I Containing eight room., hail and kitehen. lias dry 
cellar, and an exeellant datern. Having been huilt 
but about three year., everything lain excellent 
repair, and con.idering the conveiiienee of the loca- 
tion It is one of the most desirahle rebidcncca in the 

P.rliea wishing to examine the property heforo 
day of .ale cun do so by calling at t he re-iidence. 
Term. easy. MBS. O. C. KUSBY. 

At the .aine time ard place I will lell my 

lIoiiNrliolcl anil Kitchoii Fiiriiltiirp. W. K. .MUKKAY, 


Railroad Men, 




I Oeimine Wue Flannel Suits^ 

Such as your yo„ to wear, warranted 

to fade, at 


S01.D EleSEWn^RE AT $ 15 , 00 . 




I New York Daily News. 

The newspaper libel cases are set for m ^ . . a rr 

the second day (20th inst.) of the May . Mrs. C. R. Tyler left yesterday for Cin- 

term of the Circuit Court. "''I* 

Mr. A. Fleming is reporting the pro- , p 

oeedings of the Dental Association for Mr. \V . W. Smith, proprietor of tho 
the Dental Monthly Magazine, of Phila- Snuth House Cynthiana, will be in the 
delphia city during tho races. 

There seems to be trouble brewing in Taft of Cincinnati, and Dr. Peabody 

the penitentiary. There is a collision of of Louisville, are stopping with Dr. 

authority between the Warden and the during the convention. 

f^nmmiaainnerH Mrs. Sam T. Rupard, who has been 


Tell the diildren t» cut out and save the conic 
silhouette picturee oa they up{ ^ar from issue to 
iosue. They will be pleased  iith the coUecUpn. 


City Residence. ®^®^dway Prescription 

ON TUESDAY, MAY 20th, 1884 

authority between the Warden and the during the convention. 

. \t 0 T Ti ] 1.- 


Mrs. Sam T. Rupard, 

.The evil that newspapers do lives after visiting friends in Lexington, has return- 
theV, as is shown by tbe libel suit at ed to her home in W inchester. 

y . ,w__, ._L.v I 


Broadway Prescription Store, 


^ Chocolate Syrups, Cream Syrups, Fruit Syrups, 

The Purest and Most Delicious that can bo be made. 

Lexi^ton against the Daily Advertiser, 
wbiv^T^pirod some months ago. 

Lell is one of our most enter- 
prising and successful business men, but 

. — 1 ... J : .1 aLa itnlrai in 

.Mrs. Lewis Rash, who has been visit- 
ing her daughter, Mrs. A. K. Martin of 
Winchester, has returned home. 

Mr. G. W. Wainscott, the Democratic 

ua he did-not vote the bolters’ ticket in Councilman, who has been very ill for 
February, he is prosecuted under tho some time, is slowly convalescing. 

Sunday laws, while others go scot free. 
J. A. Lail & Co. are having a hand 

.Mr .John Ycllman, who had two of his 
fingers cut off in the twine factory some 

some stone flagging pavement laid in time ago, has been very low with fever, 
front of their business house in tho Mr. Keith B. StubMefield of Louisville, 
St. Nicholas block. All the other mer- re..,;ntly of this city, was in the city yes- 
chants on that square should follow suit, terday en route to Winchester to visit his 
~ ” fftthsr* 

Free Admission for the Ladies. * -a qi i i u* r 

, Little Mariruente lyler, daughtep of 

Messrs. Suuonds and White, managers ^ Tyler of the State College, who 

of the races, have decided to admit ladies broke her collar bone a few days 

aUax -r. ooi» urvr- fi Aa rtf ftharfrft ..... 

This space is owned by 

to tbe race s this seasor free of charge. ago, is getting along nicely. 

, Cremation. Capt. Will Ev. Spencer. Mr. E. C. 

Tho English Parliament has refused to Piatt, and Squire Bernard Dowling went 
license cremation, but the Kentucky down to Covington yesterday to attend 
Legislature has granted a charter to the ‘he funeral of bishop loobbe to-day. 

— ® . r • *11 r«i  11 m l^_..A-_. _P aL* _?a_ 

Of cftuiTc wf* mpftq tbo fatnonn &nlmol appear is 
ou tho luUrl «)i c\ery Kemiiuo )iackagoof DlaV 
wcUV Dull DurJium Smokintp Tobacco. Ev*4 
dealer kii-pB thiH. the heet Smoking Tobacco ma*.?. 
None Kcuiiiue without trade-mark of tho ^ulJL 

iiiiiiimim 1 1 1 II  1 i.i M 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 n 1 1 It n I 

New Carpets. 


Ataboutllio’clock, M., wo will offer at pnbllc (ale BlUC Lick, Comri’fiSS Dpoil Hnek iriiflini.ii i 

the rosKlence of the late B. W. Grave., on the cor- VVrK n.wl wrlll ‘‘"‘I POP«J«l’ M»iera I 

neroi Broadway and I’lne Street, Lexington, Ky. ’ ' ’ tllRlI^Ilt bjxtJlC gilHoil lllld HI IfOttlOS. 

The property front. 187 feet on Broadway and ex- 4 pnMPrVTl? T Tvt' r.r. 

tend, hack to a broad .Ircel. The residence and 87 I LE 1 L Ll M!. Oh 

feet front, containing Httble, and nil outbuildings, PuFC McdicinCS. Toilet GoorI«! TTino e 

well and cistern, and all modern improvement. Ch4moU Vbfn.T  ne Stationary, SpongeS, BrUShes 

will be .old in one lot. The remainder of the Gt! GOamoiS SkinS, &C., at LoWCSt PriCCS. 

IW feet front on Hroidway, will IH, Mid in two lot. TELEPHONE 174. JcJlNS’S PHARtVIAnV Tl'I PmiAMr- , 

of so feel each. The house contains twelve room., jyy miwia » . TELEPHONE 174. 

and la in llrsl-clasa order. Partiea desiring to ex- - , _ ^ 

amine piemites cm do so by calling at our office or Ok 

tbe residence. Terms easy. fm TT ® Jl 

aprtJ-td DODGE A SLADE, Agents. ^ B 


^ dost: ID i s ]p 1 ^ y 

Cremation Society in Louisville. 

E. T. Porter, of this city, in company 

do the effete monarchies of the Old World with Geo. D. Mitchell, of the Paris Adver- 
lag behind the free commonwealths of the tiscr, left yesterday morning for St. Louis, 
New. Kansas City, and other points West. They 

will be absent two weeks. 

-ru PI 4 f .b M( «?"i Pb • Mr. John Rutherford, with Pearov, 

The Elders of the Mt. Sterhng Chns- Oukes & Smith of Cincinnati, left 
tian Church have made out a list of sug- Birmingham, Ala. Mr. 

gesttons to bornelison, which embrace an Kutherford is one of tho finest salesmen 
apology to Judge Reid, the Clturch, and .Ur road 

the public. Cornclison furnished a writ- -,,, ’ 1 - 1,1 r tom • . 

ten reply. He asks for time fo consider Mr. Harry E. Bucher of Wilmington, 

the prWitions, but says if forced to Delaware, has taken a position in Mul- 

r r .   , , •  . * ,w 1n*i*u A of f«nl aotr Mi* l-CiifthAr ifl nn orf.iaf 




A A rA T T T- -u T- T- o Sattcriis, New Woolens, New Grena- 

MOOUETTES ^ I ^ ^ ara^ls, New Fans, Embroideries, Gloves, 

1 - 0 , Jerseys and Hosiery. Also a beantifnl line of 




HAUCK’S Brussels Tapestries, 

«^\A/allTrk 1 ^ 


answer now ho would say no to all. 
Recorder's Court. 

leo’s Art Gallery. .Mr. Bucher is an artist 
of considerable merit, and, as he is with 
one of the first photographers of Central 

The following cases were disposed of Kentucky, we predict for 
before Judge Alford yesterday: cessful carew in Lexington. _ 

James Daily, filed away with leave. Funeral Services. 

John Washington, dismissed. of Elizabeth P. 

. Berckner, dismissed. Capt. W. P. Da- 

Harrison Morton, dismissed. 

t 3-Ply and Ingrains. An immense stock 

^ Oil Cloths & Wall Papers. 


For less than price of the material. All the New Trimmings, Beaded Laces, and a 
WAIST MM nvp ^"'■‘‘“''.'','‘"‘1 “ed Se‘8- Be sure to ask to see the MODEL 
whi/h i hi .b’ can save much labor in fitting, and 

w T “? own drosses to secure good fitting gar- 

ments. We buy in largo quantities from first hands for ogsli, and are prepared to 

irive bariTAinfl m a dnnot.f»«ani.x n..n * ’ w 

U1 aL j . . WX..XVV. VU.U euvo IIIUUU luuor ID DuiniT, aDQ 

w T “? .““'‘® ‘•'®''’ nwn drosses to secure good fitting gar- 

"’..''r.”:'! fcr»r“in7n"“ »'■ - - 

Appleton, Lancaster & Duff. 


Aiitl Siipcrntsic 

J W. Lell. keepmg open on Sunday, 

continued un 1 0 - ay. ing at 11 o’clock. Friends of the family 

City vs. John Buhr, continued until incited to attend. ' 



Mr. Lester Wallack has 

Stocks and Bonds Quotations. 

In “Moths” iMr. Lester Wallack has Tj*® 

. , , J .1 „ . .!,• are ftirnlahed to uihy R. H. COURTNEY, Stock and 

found a bonanza, and the ^success Ot ^this Dond Broker, corner Short and Upper Streets this 
play is as pronounced as it is merited, city: 

Rose Coghlan Ims never appeared to bet- N„„hernXnt oi Kentucky m’ 

ter advantage than as its heroine, and National Bank, First 126 127 

Miss Adell as Lady Dolly, and Mr. Levick National Bank, second 

as Lord Jura have proven to be de- National Bank, Exchange 1S7H 160 

cided acquisitions. Apart from the ex- National Bank, Fayette 14 s iiso 

cellent acting, the play is tastefully and F^teT.' K’ofXnK^^^^ ' 

sumptuously staged, and derserves the Lexington Gas Company 120 ISO 

prosperity it has acheivcd.-[New York ?/®”s“Vlfng“n?c“rTe7con’my Com^^ “ 

Mercury. pany— Mary Mine Par 

- Lexington .and Carter County Mining 

The Woollev.Pre.ton Suit Company— Music Mine 75 

me Wooiiey- Preston suit. .leiliio Mining Company 75 Salea 

In the case of R. W. Woolley against Klixabethtown, Lexington and Big 
Wm. Preston and others-an action to BuildfuVA*liJcTailor^^^^^ Par 

compel the defendants, as trustees, to sur- Building Association, ‘2d class Par 

render and convey the legal title to a ^wTue'Eac^tOTy Par 

tract of one hundred and forty acres of F'air Ground, p'erpetuai Membership.. 26 

land near Lexington, which was owned Fair Ground, Regular 40 45 


Ordiirs Promptly Filled. CINClRfl.4TI. 0 

The Spring Races 

All the New Stylo*, in both (!hpap and Fine Good*. ^ 

iDcludiuRwany Novoliies ami. Designs not to be FELIX 91cELHOXK. 
had elsewhere. 



3Vfl:-A.Y 'ZtJa 

CLOSE MAY 14ih. 

ee^ Piatt, Innes & Williams. 


Nobtiikrn Bank ok Kbntccky,   
Lbxinqton, Kr., March 29, 1884. J 
Thoanuuai meeting of the sUmkholhers of the 
NortLern Bank of Kemurkv. for the election of 
seven Direrlore for the ensuing year, will bo held 
at their Banking House, in the riiy of la-xlngton, 
Kentucky, nn the first Monday In May, 18S4, being 
the fifth day of said month, coinniencing at 9 
o'clock A. M, ; and at tlio same time and place the 
question ol theucceplance or rejection of snactof 
the General Assenihiv of the Commonwealth ot Ken- 
tucky, approved sixtii dav of March. 1S84, for the 
extension ol the charter of said Bank, Ac., will be 
voted on and determined. 

By order ol tho Board. 

mar29-D.tWiil W. 1). BOSWELL, Cashier. 



Steam and Gras Fitters, 


SOO Horses will Sftart. m. hartstein, 

Upper Ntreet, Uexinalon, Ky. 

I Money advanced on Diamonds, Gold and 8 v 

Brass Baiul in Atten(Ian/(f 

n..v fj • ~‘“e- AIm Gun. and Platoix may22-DAW ' ' 



H A R 

by Mrs. Wonllev, mother of the plaintiff, K®ecoTc Light Comfin’i 20 

at the time of her death and which she Broadway Real Estate Company Par 

left ill trust for her ohildren— Judge Sim- m.- i , 1 d. 

rail yesterday decided that tho Court had city of Lexington o's, for a. and M. 

no power to compel the trustees lo surron- v 

der the legal title to the property and or- itefundiugl?!?!’. 


dcred tho petition of plaintiff to be die- City of Lexington S'a, for Floating 
missed.-fLouisville Commeroial. F««Go’ciunt’v6'VM’i^is.\\-\-::"::: 

J E T H O, 



Fayette County 6's of 18S5 ,.... Par 

Fayette County 6's of 1888 Par 

Installation of Pastor. Fayette C.unty 6's of 1881 Par 

The installation of Rev. William. S. KSymteCountJo'^ of m 

. Fulton by tho Presbytery of Ehenezer, as FayoUo County 6's of isju 101 

pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church rJylulcoZly 6'sof 1 m 

of Lexington, will take place in that Kayotte County s's ol iss6 gs 

church on this, Wednesday, evening at 7i 

o’clock. Fayette Conaty 6'a ol 1M5, tor Court 

'rite Moderator of the Presbytery will House ■. Par; 

preside and propose the constitutional Pur 

questions, llcv. Dr. Thomas Fullerton of Fayette tiount’y ’o's of ’iM7,"for c’o’urt 

Erie, Pa., will preach the sermon. Rev, "’I 

I. ’cj. ’l vV 1 f rv MI i- Fayette County 6's of ISSS, for Court 

Dr. Stephen Yerkes of Danville, Ky., Rouse in 

will deliver the charge to tbe pastor. Rev. street iteiiway ^nda..... . so 

M * . . . T.rtiilw«r 4 1 la fitnainnall avwl lawInivAaM 



Street Railway Bonds 

Mr. Walton of Covington, Ky., is to de- : 


^ ^ ^ en'IccliOR of the most thrilling per- 


^ ^ .a e««apee, romantic iDcidonts, hand -10 hand 

Purchased by lie from the herd of R. McMIrhael, Btrugglw, peilloua Journev*, daring raid* and bold 
will rerve a few cowp deeds on doth sidks during the Great Civil War. 

_ ^ N®, .like 11. FroniHOly lllnsIrMcKl! 

^ OutBeliRHil AddreRB 

-a. FOR.SIIEE*.lIc.'lfAKIN,«lncliin«ll ,0 

JETHRO la of good form, color nnd slxc, and has _ ■rpl-D*Wlm 

been awardeil the first premiums as follows : — 

Two-year old, Lexington, iSSl. sa^ *W 1 aM 

Best escutcheon, Lexington, 1882. U O 1ft llTI VI M JirT ■■ 

Head of herd, Lexington. 1882. ^ , JlHi F K I T1 S 1^0 

Best calves, l.exlngton. 18S2. 

Three-year old, Louisville, 1882. 

C. H. C. SAYRE, T A TT .OP .Q 

One mile from town on tho Versailles Turnpike, A**XJ_lvyXliOj 


n ^ Closets, Gas 

tswKLL Cashier Oil ChandcIiers, Lamp Goods, Iron, Lead, 

»swKLL,ctmhier. Gum SewcF aud Flue Pipes. Every discrip. ’ 

^T71Tr (T7^ Plumber’s Gas and Steam Fitters 

r 1 ( 2 Pj, Materials kept constantly on hand. 

^ llTo. 15 North laimostone Street. 

S” paints, glass, 

. A large variety A 1 1 1 • j 

“^'maSSTDAwt' Brushcs and Painters Materials. All 

sizes of Plate Glass a Specialty. 


DARING Step Ladders, the best in the market. All kinds of ready Mixed Paints. 

_ Painting and 'Paper Hanging Done as Usual in 

moat thrilling per- First-class Style. 

For any of the above articlee call at 

I - .1 J r  -q MW. A «ei« 4 l  »UU UUlU 



Boarding and Sale Stable, 

Renovators& Dyers Corner vine and Mill Streets, 

New Bulte nude out of old onei. 3 j ©3cing:t on, K. y. 

Cutting and Making of all Kinds , 

of Clothing. , ",«, Propo*® to keep “ Arst-clnss Boarding and Sale Stable. Persons having horsoe 

to sell or board, or any other kind of stock will find it to their interest to give ua a 
On ?%**• between call. W. R. Cromwell will superintend the stable. James Soully will be found ever 

Short nnu uhnrch St reels. yeady to make any kind of a trade a man wants. Country people Zing to th. o^ 

Fexlngfton, - - Kentucky. * 

All work warranted w»ll dona. novl8-tl JAMES SCULLY & CO. 

Pools, Pools, Pools. W. R. CRoAfFFF, Superintendent. apr 5 

Sold night nnd morning at No. 20 Lime- HEP0RTMT ^itHribillN THE PR ICE OF | 0 ne ounce Botilet reduced irom 1 5 cis. to 1 n ceTiT 

liver the charge to the congregation. 

Tbe public is cordially invited to at- 

Eastman and Short Consolidated Mlp- 

ing Company Par 105 

Gold and Silver King Mining Co....  , Par' Salea 
Market quiet with but a limited qusotity of aeeu  
rities otTerlug, 

C. H. C. SAYRE, T A TT .OP .Q 

One mile from town on tho Versailles Turnpike, A**XJ_lvyXliO, 

may6-Dlw ^ 

D.L. Procter, m d.d.dTs Renovators& Dyers 

Old Things Made New rities offering. — ^ _ 

Mr. U. L. Hone, the piano and organ Lexington Markgt Houae. 

repairer nnd tuner, with Smith & Nixon, ^ “»®^“ •Irlolnand porter hooa. .(uel .teak., 18 
48 North Upper Street, is decidedly the '^Choicebeef iteakwlthroaitl2 itol5operlb. 
best workman in the city. He bus made *****' P'®’®*' ®*®  round .teak, s to lOo 

a study of the business for a munber of vealio,i2  to l5o per lb. 
years, having worked at the trade onder 5fring lamp n^to 200 mi ib. 

the most expert tuners and repnireis of 8hoaV*i» to*i 2 WpM iK ' 

New York, and it is wonderful with what Pork steak, a^.aiuage 12 s te iso Mr id. 
ease he takes an old hull of an ‘irgati or iJSi***™'/* ^ to 1*0 per lb. 

piano and makes as good an instrument Bntt« so i^oMrib. 
of it 08 a new one. Every one who de- Kggei2 4tai5cMrdo.. 

■ires a piano or organ well tuned, or who -SnSIdcten'iwKwc’eMh. 

wants an old instrument made info a new Vegetable market much improved in quality and 

one, should call on Mr. Hone. He con variety. New Irl.h Mtat^, enap beane, cucum- 

•* TT„ „ f , J ben, caullflowera, raddisbe*, lettuce, onion., and 

do it. He gives a sweetness of tone and vecetabiei generally. t *« •. aim 



per lb. ' 

Choice b«f .teak with roaitls)^ to IScperlb. 

Good beef, platea, etc, and round .teaka S lo lOo No. 107 1-0 Eont Main Street, opponJt 

aiit veal 10 , 12 « to 150 per lb. fboonl* Hotel. 

Baring lamp 16^ to 20o mi lb. 

Ifntten 10 to l%o Mr lb. " ' 

Private Boarding 

Bacon ride, .nd ham. i2  ; to I 60 per lb. 

Lard ID to 12)io per Ib. 

Bnttar 80 to 85o per lb. ' 

DreHod^urkeya^o m*' lb. MRS. ARBIS WICKLIFFF 

-Drtued cbickene 86 to 40c each. i 

Vegetable market mueb imprOTed In quality and gy SOUth Broadway. 

Elegant Aecommixlntlonii for both 
transient nnd permanent* boarders, 


volume to an instrument which renders 
bis work superior to all others. 

Freeh fi.S 5, 8 to 10c Mr Ib. 
^ported by Markatmaatw, 


New Suite made out of old one.. 

Cutting and Making of all Kinds 
of Clothing. 

Ntaort nnd Chnrrh Strcels, 

Oppclte Wllam A Ca ’. Livery St.ble, 

Ivexlngfton, - - Kentucky. 

All work warranted w»ll done. novl8-tl 

Pools, Pools, Pools. 

Sold night and morning at No. 20 Lime- 
stone^ Street during the races. 
may3-3t H. 0. METCALF. 


■l mf Jivb Ounce botiio. reduced from 25 cis. to 1 5 cents 

Wm JM I Htl Five Ounce bolllet reduced from 60 cl 8 , to 25 cent. 

wB RR 1^^ B m B HH The puhlic mud not accept any but original rooils 
W In   ®‘t ed by u«, a  lire irritation, are worll.l"*,.'^ * 


iiie puniic raufi noi arcepi any nut original goods 
I bottled by u«, a. lire Irr itation, are ivortliloss. 

lGh' 8 S 6 broughMannfactiiriiigGo.,Nawlforl. 

Lexington weekly press (Lexington, Ky.), 1884-04-07

8 pages, edition 01

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